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File: 1488079612956.jpg (14.7 KB, 300x300, U5.jpg)

No. 258245


>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler

>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which prevents her from saving for her japan trip, expects fans to donate to her patreon to fund the trip
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>UPDATE: Finally going to Japan. Avoiding education. Meanwhile PEI locals have spoken out. Stay tuned.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Link to original thread:

No. 258246

Not only is that really fucking weird in itself, but didn't she also start dating Tristan around that time, anon?

No. 258248

Didn't soneone say she got with trisrin to get with Colin or as a placeholder until he broke up with Gillian? Maybe that's why she says it's ""problematic""

No. 258249

Also I can't stand her burger analogy. A person into jfashion not going to Japan doesn't make someone a poser. Jesus Christ, Jill. Maybe that's not what you meant but it's essentially what you said.

No. 258252

LOL connects pretty well with what she said here herself.
I was digging through her tumblr today and she is pretty obviously very insecure about both herself and other girls. She labled herself as pansexual but acts like one of the "I'm not like other girls" and is so increasingly judgemental. Around the point where she gets into Lolita fashion she does start to put on a false sort of positivity about not judging others but it's really still a part of her no doubt

No. 258258

There is so much I can pick apart about this video it's a joke. Her getting on a high horse about AA and sweatshops is such a joke. If you care that much Jill, you better stop giving forever21 and Claire's your business! (Which won't happen)

No. 258259

I'm still skeptical but I cant wait for more deets. Not trying to sound like an ass but some things that dont add up for me.

-all these interests, mario kart, etc is all details we've heard from jillian through her videos
-Why would Colin go out with her after all of this? Is he that desperate for the puss?

No. 258260

File: 1488080301768.png (768.39 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-02-25 at 7.28.…)

Why is she so obsessed with money? I'm seriously so curious? She emphasizes brand names so much and made a point about how her goal in life is to… make money? And she's complaining about the price of the university she want's to go to? If you need financial aid you'll be able to get it, but we know you have enough money for it because you're able to save up for a trip to Japan. Like you can work and go to school at the same time if you want your spending money

No. 258261

*It's unreal

No. 258264

I dunno, a lot of people who are into fashion are into brand names. Look at /cgl/, everyone is talking about brand names all of the time. It's not an uncommon mindset

No. 258294

I don't see why an anon would go out of their way to fabricate drama about a no-name snowflake like Jill. I can totally see her doing all those stalker-y things tbh, I'd assume people who live in an isolated place tend to be more socially retarded and she was probably also the only alternative, weird kid at her school, and lanky white guys are the ideal tumblr bf to have.

I think Colin is dating her because he went off the deep-end himself with all these different styles and Jill must be the only one on PEI who is similar. I feel like he has low self-esteem.

No. 258299

I can see it being real too, but of course I'm skeptical since its the internet. Cant wait to see the screenshots though, I'm excited for this milk

No. 258300

>Working a 9-5 job would be awfulllll

What a rotten, spoiled brat.

No. 258301

anyone who puts up with her insulting them must have very low self esteem (also the jaw problems?)

No. 258306

Does she think that being a designer wouldn't be a 9-5 job? Like does she not realize the effort she would have to put into it, and she's already complained about it being too hard and getting "disenfranchised" by it

No. 258307

I know where you're coming from anon, I'm a seagull and appreciate brands. But Jills version of it is like… on steroids. Like the time people told her the too faced eyeliner was garbage, but she bought it anyway and defended it to death. Like she worships them SO much, I've never seen it so intense

At least on /cgl/ people can admit when brands fuck up or make hideous dresses. Or how Moi Meme Moitie has been going down in quality vs when they started. At least they are freaking logical about it

No. 258309

companies that put appealing kawaii stickers on their stuff and make pink sweets-named things can never make mistakes anon

No. 258313

File: 1488082654813.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, laug.gif)

No. 258314

samefagging >>258309 >>258294

i agree it'll be funny, but at the same time dragging Jill for shit she did as a 14 year old would be reaching, unless she still does the same stuff today

No. 258316

Did she really just admit that she went out with tristan because colin was with gillian? you can't say things like that when you still have vids of your ex on your channel for monetized views, what a cunt.

If she's willing to do that to someone as great as tristan than she clearly wouldn't hold back on colin's friends.

No. 258327

>Around the point where she gets into Lolita fashion she does start to put on a false sort of positivity about not judging others but it's really still a part of her no doubt

I definitely agree with this, especially now she has a bigger following she keeps trying to convince her viewers that she's some sweet positive angel 24/7, but in the same breath she makes those constant bitchy remarks in response to what she reads here, it's just comes off so fake, and it's really telling. It makes me feel like she must be a really petty bitch in real life.
She's always been judgemental and elitist, whether it's about her sexuality or clothing brands or the music she listens to etc. I know she was only 12-16 when she said/did a lot of shitty obnoxious things but I really don't think she just woke up one day and decided to be some beacon of happiness and light like she wants her viewers to think she is. I honestly don't think she's grown or changed at all. She's still a petty spoilt brat that gets handed everything, only now she's legally an adult. Looks like Tristan dodged a bullet.

No. 258331

File: 1488084526234.png (241.19 KB, 910x512, Screenshot 2017-02-25 at 4.19.…)

Didn't post this one before, but it's relevant

No. 258350

She mentioned doing a collab with a youtuber in Japan, who do you guys think it'll be?

No. 258367

Cathycat is my best guess

No. 258373

so her mum has to chauffeur her daughter around Japan for playdates, precure children's shows and movies, and gimmick cat cafes? Poor Louise. Fuck.

Jill tried to make it sound like this trip was planned around "giving her fashion inspo" for her career, but all she's going to do is go to shibuya 109 and spend the rest of her money on weeb garbage. This girl is such a joke, if I was her mum I'd feel bad for being tricked into buying her shit all the time.

No. 258375

I literally do not understand her Japan trip. She's barely a weeb and only watches Mahou Shoujo, and mostly just precure. She left Japanese fashion. And she seems to have no interest in historic Japan, shrines, etc.

Even if her hype for Harajuku is strong again in recent months, shes going to be extremely disappointed when she goes and sees its not how it used to be. All shes going there to do is buy Precure merch, watch a movie in theatres, and a live precure show…?

No. 258396

File: 1488090416740.png (170.51 KB, 378x330, YouWish.png)

Fuck you Jillian, TsumTsums are the best. Sorry for your shit taste.

No. 258397

Two ugly unloved cows with no fashion sense for the price of one.

No. 258445

LOL this reeks of the early 2000s when everyone was a fake bisexual

No. 258448

It just really annoys me how she keeps saying she can't go study something she's supposedly so passionate about because she can't bear the cost or the emotional burden of living alone. She has had multiple jobs so surely she could get hired at some part time retail job in another town as well. Also, shared apartments exist so she wouldn't even need to be alone OR pay full rent.
Girl just doesn't want to commit and tries to make excuses for it. It's like deep down she knows she could never get into fashion school, much less have the patience to actually finish it.

No. 258527

Ok, this I do not get:

Why doesn't she take sewing and tailoring classes? I don't mean at a uni level, but at a hobby tier level. Surely there are courses for that.

Most, if not all, fashion/clothes designers who are in and out of university I know that have been successful have at first taken a vocational degree in the practical aspects of cloth design.

She has the time and opportunity to take sewing classes. If she feels inecure about leaving her home town and thinks she can make it without a degree, she needs to learn the bare basics and learn them well.

Of course most fashion desginers don't make the clothes they sell themselves, like any brand, but if she's going for this whole DIY vibe, might as well do it right.

Yes I know she doesn't have the temerance to actually work on improving her skills but every time I see her ridiculous self made clothes I want to take scissors to them.

No. 258546

>I'm genderblind

k e k

No. 258575

This is hilarious considering how many selfies she posts now. Someone should send this too her lmao

No. 258580

kek she's backed down from every school she's ever been "passionate" about "definitely attending" and it's pretty clear that she's questioning having the motivation to work in fashion at all. She keeps mentioning "what if I want to do something else art related" because she realizes fashion is an intense commitment both for education and career prospects, and usually those two things are intertwined.

It's completely possible for Canadian designers to get their college or bachelor's degree (with student aid) in a good city here, and then move on to Europe/NYC to further their studies with government grants. At least two of the schools she's considered have sent designers to London/Paris/NY fashion week and won prestigious awards. She's just pure lazy because she's knows it'll consume 100% of her life to become that successful.

She should really re-evaluate her priorities because originally the Japan trip was planned due to her obsession with Bunka. She needs to get over herself.

No. 258597

At least taking informal sewing classes outside of an actual degree plan would help her to improve without the added pressure of grades, but even that seems like too much commitment for her. And even in those courses you receive constructive criticism, which might be too much for her fragile ego.

If she actually did go to a design school I would imagine she would end up like that viral video of the art student destroying her project when people politely critique it lol.

No. 258644

this is such an "im not like other girls" post near the end. sure jill, its all other women who are unstable, and totally not just you…
no wonder she has no girl friends.

No. 258677

I watched it and that's not her saying she supports sweat shops, she is annoyed that American apparel is shutting down because it sends a message to the industry that they'll only be able to succeed if they employ the use of sweat shops.
American apparel uses US based sweat shops though so I have no idea wat the fuck she is talking about.

No. 258685

Pretty sure this was confirmed to be a skit, but same principle. Jill couldn't even handle someone telling their friend that she didn't like her hair colour; she'll be torn to shreds in art school.

No. 258961

File: 1488159720252.png (274.22 KB, 750x1037, IMG_9884.PNG)

The fur is the same color as her hair

No. 258973

Shorts in Canada … in February … alright then Jill.

No. 258982

pei-fag here, it's actually been pretty warm for february recently, that being said it's still too chilly to wear shorts

No. 258984

She also might just never go outside. I often see people super underdressed for weather when they're just running into a heated store and then back into their car.

No. 258986

Same consistency, too

No. 258987

I actually kinda like this. Muted pinks look good on her.

No. 258988

*Hair and makeup is still hideous, though.

No. 259003

Why is she posing in cheap flower garlands with the sale sign in the background? Cringe. This is why her only friends are Colin and her mom.

No. 259189

Didn't Colin cheat on his previous GF with her and she cheat on Tristan with him? I thought that was what happened which is why she doesn't want to talk about it (because it makes her look bad).

I don't think cheating makes you satan but intentionally going after someone (especially as hard as she went after Colin) while you know they're in a relationship is shitty.

Also, she clearly has zero understanding of the fashion industry. if you're a DESIGNER, you typically don't sew your on clothes unless you're like Etsy level (in which case I don't think you can really call yourself a designer). You need to know how to sew in order to design garments that actually function and make samples, but then you send the specs to a factory that produces the items for you. you don't sew every piece yourself.

And thinking that bags/jewelry/shoes would be easier? Is she insane? Those are totally separate skill sets that requre extremely specialized knowledge and equipment. Why do you think people aren't making their own custom shoes in their homes? Even bags and jewelry that are anywhere above Etsy tier require tons of specialized equipment and knowledge for metalworking, sculpting, heavy-duty sewing for leather, etc. Unless by "jewelry" she means the cheap plastic shit she wears now.

No. 259230

AA paid their sewers $10 an hour and most of the workers at their LA factory were undocumented immigrants.

if you're working full time, $10 an hour is $1600 a month before taxes, which is what you can expect to pay for a decent one-bedroom apartment in LA. SHe's full of shit if she thinks that's "ethical."

No. 259237

Just finished watching her video. Does anyone else feel like she's making a lot of… contradictions? She talks about her viewcount in previous videos, but here she says she doesn't want her follower count to get too big. She says that party kei is something she just her own style that she just "threw together" but she made a whole blog post about it?

Seriously. Another anon pointed this out, but she's going to be disappointed when she sees Harajuku is just full of tourists. She's not going there for "fashion inspiration;" she's going there to fool around and buy shit.

She also has no idea what the fuck she's talking about when talking about AA.

No. 259614

She replied to the comment on her channel about the story saying there was "too many people involved" and it was "complicated" so she'll wait to tell the story in 5 years when they forget lol

alright pei-chan, time to spill the milk

No. 259636

File: 1488207326201.gif (412.94 KB, 320x216, giphy (1).gif)

I have a cousin, who is about Jill's age. He designs clothes and has his online store. He has no formal training and zero sewing skills, so he just sits down with the people who will produce the pieces and they arrange everything together. It's just that simple.

Sage for blog post.

I'm just sitting here and waiting on the milk… But I think it's all bluff.

No. 259782

The whole Party Kei FB page is constant Pixie ass kissing, and "alternatives" too pure for an actual style

No. 259820

File: 1488230853378.jpeg (242.26 KB, 1241x2119, image.jpeg)

from one of her ex friends on PEI. kawaii lifter!

No. 259821

File: 1488230970174.jpg (15.38 KB, 236x296, 464efe64f215060a1cabe098f73333…)

No. 259822

This isn't my screenshot BTW. we have a Twitter DM group about her. A few people in it are from PEI (I am not). Here's what the girl said:
"we used to be fairly close. i knew a lot about her but jillian tends to overshare. it definitely wasn't an equal friendship or anything. she's definitely a hoarder, back in middle school she would hoard dolls and littlest pet shops. and i remember that a few times she would steal things from me- just small toys or stickers- and tbh, i ignored it because i hate conflict and i didn't wanna ruin our friendship. i think her old boyfriend is who introduced her to lifting, but a lot of kids here in PEI do it, even though there's not a lot of huge department stores."

No. 259823

the spacing between the bubbles make me think this is fake… that just doesnt happen.

No. 259829

File: 1488231500116.jpeg (166.55 KB, 1240x1605, image.jpeg)

I thought that too but mine does the same
Does it depend on which iOS you have?

No. 259830

I get spacing between my messages like that if I don't send two back-to-back.

I mean, I also think it's fake, but I'm just sayin'.

No. 259831

hmm quite possible! mine looks fairly different

No. 259832

I sent those messages back to back. I haven't updated my iOS in a while though, that could be why? Idk, mine's always done that. But I agree, I'm gonna wait until more milk comes up.

No. 259833

Again, could just be phone differences! Mine will leave a space if I wait longer than 30 seconds between messages, but if I type two immediately, there is only the very tiny space like between these:

>im way too nervous to do that lol!

>i don't wanna go to jail

No. 259877

If this is real, Jillian, if you have tons of money for daily/weekly shopping then you have money to buy a sweater. I suggest that you stop wasting your money on crap you don't need and saving it for living expenses.

Just imagine Jillian being caught for shop lifting, and crying about being hauled off to jail (not like her parents wouldn't get her out right away).

No. 259880

i know a lot of friends who shoplift just because. one of them seriously lives in a mcmansion. isn't theft linked to mental disorders anyway? i can understand stealing to survive, but petty theft is different.

No. 259893

Idk I know stealing is nothing new but ~lifting~ is really popular right now in the tumblr crowd, with a lot of blogs devoted to posting their shoplifting hauls. A lot of them do it under the guise that big businesses don't mind, but that doesn't mean they aren't potentially making someone lose their job over their new clothes and makeup. I feel bad for employees who have been fired over kids being dumbasses.

No. 259910

By "old boyfriend" i'm assuming the punk guy before Tristan?

Such disappointing milk

No. 259924

jill lift yourself a new sweater so you don't have to wear that raggedy ass pink one on the daily

No. 259935

PEI anon, are you going to talk about how Jillian harassed you??

No. 259954

Makes me curious just how much of the stuff she shows off from her hauls are actually stuff she's stolen?

Rip Jill

No. 259956

Is this the bitch that works at Claire's? E-mail them evidence of her lifting and her ass will get fired.

No. 259957

You can't shoplift from an online store.

No. 259972

it would be funny if it's actually true that she shoplifts but still chooses to financially support a jackass like jeffree star

No. 259973

I've seen her do hauls from actual stores and shit, its not unreasonable to think its possible.

No. 259974

maybe that makeup pallet her mom's 'friend' got for her or the friend that got her the value village sailor moon toy was just a cover up story

No. 259988

kek anon you're right, those stories were stupid and useless so it's feasible

No. 259990

Hey, that's me! I didn't post the shoplifting thing. However, i've heard about it from friends but i personally can't confirm whether it's true or not.
Anyway, I'm currently working to get my associate's before I graduate highschool so I'm a little busy right now. I was gonna post today but I forgot that I had volunteer work to do! So I'm not gonna promise a day that I'll post- just sometime this week, no clue when.

I know that this board is (rightfully) skeptical about proof. I have some IG and FB messages, but a lot of the hard stuff went down in text. So I'll post screenshots of those, but how do you guys suggest that I 'prove' its her (without giving away her number)?

No. 259993

Am I the only one super bothered by this? Not just by the shoplifting but the fact that she always talks in her videos about how innocent and non confrontational she is, like "poor Jillian with anxiety can't go to work without blue hair such a precious little bean uwu" but she does stuff like this? Her 12 year old fans are so deluded thinking she's all positivity and kindness when she's a thief and who knows what else what.

It would make sense, a lot of her stories seem pretty far fetched. I frankly wouldn't be surprised if a lot of her stuff in her sephora/american apparel/h&m hauls were stolen. Not sure about the sailor moon toy bc where would she find that in a physical store unless she stole from conventions, but the clothes,makeup and all the crap she buys from michaels/homesense, no doubt is probably stolen. Would explain how she can afford to do so many hauls and still save for Japan.

No. 260000

>Anyway, I'm currently working to get my associate's before I graduate highschool so I'm a little busy right now.

Associate's degrees don't exist in Canada. Better luck next time, anon.

No. 260012

Hey jill just because you think it's impossible to get educated beyond high school doesn't mean it actually is

No. 260015

literally 2 seconds of googling confirmed you're incorrect about this anon

No. 260017

File: 1488253529685.png (196.07 KB, 1852x420, lol.png)

Not Jill. Nice try, though.

Except I am correct. You can get diplomas here, but no one uses the term "associate's."

No. 260034

>Receipts-anon is Jill or Kate because they're drama whores
>Receipts-anon is telling the truth
>Receipts-anon is trolling Jill (prediction: Jill starts featuring her actual store receipts in her haul vids soon)

I'm fine with any of these being true. More lulz for all.

No. 260041

It's possible they moved to BC from PEI? Or even just call it that for convenience sake.

No. 260047

They said they were in PEI. And no one calls it that for convenience sake. I've had to explain to friends of mine what an associate's is because it is such an unused term in Canada.

No. 260139

Why are you giving us so much personal information about yourself? Just say you're busy. Either you're an idiot, falseflagging to hide yourself or I'm going to start tinfoiling that this is a long game vendetta

Even if she has lifted since without the support of her friend I don't believe she has the stones to do it enough to fully 'fund' her haul posts. I bet it's only when the opportunity arises. Jill is too uwu anxious and lazy to do it regularly when she could just spend her mom's cash and she sticks out like a sore thumb in most shops anyway

No. 260172

it's ironic that she work at claire's, it's like the place where all edgy teenager shoplift

No. 260246

Yeah, I refer to it as an associate's because I'm not native to Canada (New York) and I'm just getting my credits before I move back to NY with my mom. Realistically I won't be getting it this year but I'll be pretty close and it'll save me some time.

No. 260294

Am I the only one honestly surprised about her shoplifting? I mean maybe it's because not many people around her do it so I'm not used to it but it doesn't seem like something she would do, she seems to love spending money on impulse and she's always about and she's about supporting the fashion industry and wanting to be a designer one day so why would she do that? What if in the future someone shoplifted her clothes from her store?

No. 260296

Yeah I don't know, there's no proof these screenshots aren't fake.

No. 260305

I don't know, dude. It didn't surprise me at all.

No. 260315

I'm surprised. I always felt like Jill's biggest flaw was that she was annoying but nothing malicious. Shoplifting is something else.

No. 260406

File: 1488303927261.png (1.37 MB, 2835x2560, Screenshot_20170228-003501.png)

Disregarding the discrepancies between the text bubbles, I still think this is fake as hell.

The biggest give away to me is how her icon is not inline with the text bubbles. Pic related on the left is a screenshot from my own phone where you can see how the icon is inline with the text. I found some other examples just by googling around. None of them show the icon in the way it is displayed in the lifting texts. Another thing I noticed is the name is not displayed in the middle, its more to the left.
Also side note who the hell is Alyssa, we all know Jill has no friends beyond her mom and Colin.

Another fact that is off to me is that her icon here is fairly recent. Less than 3 months ago. Do you really think she would be dumb enough to say this over an easily screenshotable-format? And would her so called "friend" really have a falling out with her and become her ex-friend in this short amount of time.

No. 260417

File: 1488304821359.png (Spoiler Image, 155.14 KB, 750x1087, IMG_9900.PNG)

Alyssa was part of the ~queer cool kids~ group Jill tried to be a part of. Pic related is from her Instagram (which I had been ironically looking through last night)
Found a pretty fimilar outfit, but this is from 2015, Jill's is from 2016

No. 260418

File: 1488304862647.png (194.88 KB, 750x1102, IMG_9904.PNG)

Sorry for spoiler
Here's Jill's

No. 260425

lmaooo thats literally the same exact outfit Jill wears all the time. wow so //original// Jill

No. 260426

File: 1488305241209.png (135.74 KB, 750x1099, IMG_9905.PNG)

Getting her hair done at a salon

No. 260439

>that brassy yellow at the top
>those burnt ends
>that republican lesbian haircut


No. 260441

I'm guessing she's going to get it all dark colored so they had to make it somewhat uniform first?

No. 260442

Those ends look obliterated, fam…
She needs to give that shit a break.

No. 260451

So Colin's ex-best friend is native to New York?

Didn't Colin graduate before Jill though? I know for sure Tristan graduated in 2014 and we've already seen prom pics with the three of them from that year, which makes me think Colin graduated at the same time, or maybe in 2015.

Why would his best friend be younger than all of them? Jill was in grade 10 when she first met Colin. This was like 3 1/2 years ago, how would you still be working on high school credits?

Tell me more about going to school in pei anon

No. 260469

not pei anon but it's the same as most places across north america. it's likely anon could have a failed a grade or decided to repeat their last year of high school again, it's not uncommon to do so.

No. 260477

Yeah but they're already claiming they're completing a "dual" associate/high school degree which doesn't exist in most of Canada, especially in pei where the education options are basically none.

No. 260483

Still looks 100% better than usual, which is sad.

Love that she can't resist putting glitter on her face for 5 seconds, either. Just gotta be le quirkyxD and I bet her hair stylist indulged her like she's a 5 year old too.

No. 260489

Lol Alyssa claims to be ftm trans. She uses 'he' pronouns and takes pictures with a packer/fake penis while wearing lingerie/makeup. She then proceeds to shame the "cis" for not understanding. I've literally never seen a more self-hating cis person be so in denial that they're normal.

No. 260493

File: 1488309663723.png (151.51 KB, 750x1092, IMG_9907.PNG)

Gave up on prerecording videos, only doing three

No. 260497

when i was in high school my friends were younger then me. im assuming the school is small too (i have no idea how big pei is but they don't have a forever 21 so i assume it's small) so the kids are closer.
also, i think the anon was talking about college credit, not HS. my sister is doing the same thing too (i didn't have the option, i did AP classes though).
i don't care as long as we get something eventually.
at least this thread is active again.

No. 260532

File: 1488311458002.png (43.96 KB, 360x206, hmmmm.png)

The spacing between 'bag <3 you should try it' and the surrounding lines is off. Pretty badly marked with red lines, but the space between the lowest part of the 'g' and the heart emoji is almost non-existent, which never happens. If anything, the line above should be more spaced apart as phones usually do to accommodate for emojis.

No. 260556

File: 1488314366320.jpeg (64.89 KB, 640x526, image.jpeg)

I tried sending the same message to myself as a test, and it definitely does make a weird space with the emoji heart. I'm not 100% convinced of the legitimacy of the screenshot, but at least the formatting seems like it could be legit.

No. 260572

I'm calling fake because of everything everyone else already pointed out, but also because who the fuck puts a RL friend in their phone under their internet name, let alone the specific URL? It'd be semi-believable if it were "Pixie", but "pixielocks"?

No. 260573


isn't that instagram messenger though?

No. 260574

I'm pretty sure it's instagram messenger so it's showing her instagram username.

No. 260912

File: 1488335101149.jpg (419.68 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_9913.JPG)

No. 260914

was just about to post this too, anon. she looks so haggard for a 19 year old and has the smuggest face ever

No. 260919

Those eyeliner wings are as stubby as she is

No. 260930

That outfit looks better on Alyssa, >>260418
Jill's looks like some Great Value version.

No. 260931

Why does she always do that hideous top knot thing that emphasises her receding hairline? Even if it is professionally done, it looks as patchy and badly blended as ever.

No. 260955

File: 1488338867024.png (147.1 KB, 750x1033, IMG_6117.PNG)

Oh Jill, you will never be Kammie.

No. 261088

Her ends are SO damaged. She needs to stop the bleach and seriously invest in some oils.

No. 261156

I imagine the hair dresser screaming insice because they don't want to do it but need the money

No. 261193

When is she actually leaving for Japan? This is going to fade so badly because she doesnt know how to care for colored hair.

No. 261194

Her hair looks terrible :( her pastel rainbow hair (tho not great) was still leagues better than what she has now. The colours are so dark, ugly, and will clash with all of her clothes

No. 261216

I'm guessing she got it so dark so it won't need redying while she's in Japan, but yeah this was a bad choice.

No. 261240

March 5, I think.

No. 261282


underrated post

No. 261331

OT but I saw this pic and how her mom had did it. How did she get it to look faded? I'm not going to do this myself but just wondering about it.

No. 261353

White conditioner makes pastels

No. 261355

File: 1488387139986.png (95.65 KB, 747x1042, IMG_9921.PNG)

This is her finished birthday outfit

No. 261358

Yikes, what a mess.

No. 261372

Those pink roots are awful.

No. 261373

How long has that grubby candy necklace been sitting around her bedroom now? Disgusting.

No. 261382

She kept saying this shirt wasn't finished but I swear this doesn't look any different than the version she had going before

No. 261383

This is the worst thing she has ever worn, hands down.

No. 261397

my thoughts exactly holy shit whyy

No. 261401

Even her chin looks gross

No. 261412

>"small" happy birthday baby

Nothing about you is small, Jill.

No. 261417

I'm so triggered by the line over her eyebrow, what the fuck is it and why? Her whole "style" is so bad

No. 261431

It seems to be a deep crease she has had for a very long time. In photos of her a few years ago like the blue hair one that was the last thread photo, the above-eyebrow creases were already there.

No. 261433

ion and manic panic both make pastel color diluters, no need for conditioner! Conditioner mostly just makes it harder for the dye to attach to your hair, giving you streaky uneven coverage

No. 261478

her face is so damn lumpy here wtf

No. 261480

she looks autistic

No. 261481

wow this is such a drastic decrease in quality from two or three years ago when I started following Jill, I'd actually feel really bad if she didn't use to be such a soiled and condescending brat back then. Also the fact that she is still privileged as fuck to be able to travel to japan within 8 months of graduating HS without having to stress about any bills or responsibilities, living comfortably in her parent's 3-storey home with the arrogance that she doesn't need to take her future or school seriously.

To be real she has more than enough time, money and any resources she needs to maintain a quality online shop/collection and improve her personal style or creative presence to be taken seriously as a fashion influencer.

If I had one piece of advice for her, it's this: just because you think your style is "different" and "quirky" doesn't mean your formula for success in the industry will be an exception. Everyone follows the same road to success: never-ending hard work and relentless motivation, strategizing, networking, economic/technical/artistic skills from actual internships or entrepreneurial experience. You gotta know and play by the rules before you break them.

No. 261493

And she's going out in public dressed like this? I know we mock Jill for putting off school but if this is the best she can do, no wonder she never applies. Deep down she must know this is awful. Maybe it's a sign that the fabric store closed down if all she's gonna make is shit like this. I just can't think of a single good thing to say about this, she looks like a mess. I don't think I can think of a single outfit as bad as this. Yumi King is more skilled.

No. 261498


Ya for all the crap yumi does, ATLEAST she can sew

No. 261511

This is just embarrassing

No. 261535

File: 1488401338742.jpg (134.09 KB, 893x573, ss (2017-03-01 at 12.48.33).jp…)

randomly googling around for new content and found this.
I know she'd mentioned her online store a few times (the one separate from spreadshirts), but I'd never seen it.


No. 261537

File: 1488401416668.png (1.96 MB, 1890x1380, pcgreenbrooch2_original.png)

yikes those resin bubbles tho

No. 261540

File: 1488401493521.png (1.09 MB, 1765x1228, pchipin1_original.png)

No. 261542

File: 1488401613711.jpg (311.82 KB, 1792x1405, pcpixieribbon3_original.jpg)

hooooly fug. I thought from far away she made this with a tin button like how she usually sells at artist alley. BUT IS IT LITERALLY MADE WITH PAPER???

No. 261544

File: 1488401687793.png (1.86 MB, 2200x1457, pcpixiebadge2_original.png)

No. 261546

And she's selling that for $20. Lol

No. 261547

File: 1488401775208.png (1.5 MB, 2200x1457, pcyellowbrooch2_original.png)

No. 261549

File: 1488401822516.png (1.14 MB, 1296x1336, pcyellowbrooch1_original.png)

her resin makes me want to die

No. 261550

File: 1488401897954.png (2.28 MB, 2200x1457, pcpinkbrooch2_original.png)

No. 261551

It literally looks like cancer… like it looks like a teratoma but instead of hair & teeth it's fucking cheap-ass glitter and plastic gems.

No. 261552

File: 1488402001503.png (993.28 KB, 1366x1280, pcpinkbrooch1_original.png)

No. 261553

who is paying $10 for those hand bands, i'm sure you could find similar cheaper or make it for like 3 bucks yourself??

No. 261554

Me too, cat. Me too.

No. 261555

Im resting at home with a really bad cold. And this made me laugh so hard I almost puked. 10/10

No. 261556

File: 1488402190712.png (1.08 MB, 1417x1233, pcbluesequinbow_original.png)

So for these sequin things did she sew them or is she just reselling them?

No. 261557

File: 1488402258713.jpg (316.59 KB, 1811x1405, pcchokerpink1_original.jpg)

No. 261558

File: 1488402333871.png (16.6 KB, 628x482, storefaq.png)

her store faq
>Your answer here
>I every tuesday!!

No. 261564

File: 1488402480995.jpg (48.05 KB, 700x430, ss (2017-03-01 at 01.07.40).jp…)

No. 261575

File: 1488403154469.png (513.22 KB, 1358x664, Untitled.png)

her stuff was so overpriced, did people actually pay her this much??

No. 261593

File: 1488404162947.png (137.67 KB, 1176x586, feedback.png)

No. 261598

Aw, feel better anon.

Also, her resin is triggering me. It looks so bad. She needs practice before selling that trash.

No. 261599

this is completely fake. i go to another school on pei and i have seen both her and alyssa. alyssa is a really good person and would not shoplift. alyssa also uses they pronouns and i know that jill would never risk being politically incorrect by disrespecting that.

No. 261607


Probably reselling. She work at Claire's, right? This looks like the stuff you find in their clearance section, so I wouldn't be surprised if she takes items from there and resells them at a higher price.

No. 261616

This was made before she worked at claires, she hasn't made anything for this shop in a long time (likely because it's all shit no one wants to buy)

No. 261660


Hi Alyssa

No. 261670

anon has a point about the pronouns, I don't think it makes her alyssa by default

No. 261678

I'm not doubting you, but Jill doesn't seem like the one to keep the total politically correct front in a pm, seeing most things she does is just for show

No. 261685

She already uses nb pronouns for colin though so it wouldn't be a stretch

No. 261792

Yea but a message only one person is supposed to see, is different than youtube? I mean, you're probably right she could, though.

No. 261901

File: 1488436754154.jpg (855.75 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_9925.JPG)

Found pics from the stylist

No. 261957

She glued pom poms on a Tshirt. Isn't this what little grade school children do as crafts?

No. 261961

The bubbles and unfinished edges…!

No. 262009

Tbh to me this looks more scene kid than party kei

No. 262014

This doesn't go with a SINGLE colour she has in her entire closet what the actual fuck?

No. 262020

i think if she braids her hair so it'll be wavy, it will look cute

No. 262045

File: 1488469471427.png (217.5 KB, 390x435, this bitch.png)

>To be real she has more than enough time, money and any resources she needs to maintain a quality online shop/collection and improve her personal style or creative presence to be taken seriously as a fashion influencer.
This so much. I'm amazed by how badly made and overpriced these accessories are.

>gross color
>jagged edges
>huge bubbles

>shitty pleats
>flimsy paper "button"
You can do better than this Jillian Vessey

No. 262105

>those bubbles
>the edges
>randomly thrown-in half-submerged jewels

I know others have mentioned this but seriously, why would she think this garbage is good enough to sell? wtf are they even supposed to be? These look like practice pieces, not like something she should actually be putting in her store.

Maybe I'm just being overly salty because I'm a perfectionist, but it makes me so angry when people try to profit off things like this with obvious flaws. To me, it's like spitting in the face of people who work long and hard to make their art/crafts as good as they possibly can when people like Jill pump out half-assed crap for money no matter the faults.

No. 262107

I think it also devalues the cost of skillful crafts because people look at that and think "well I could easily do that myself" because it's half-assed, so they assume that similar crafting or artistry also takes no time or effort.

No. 262109

And this is now what she says she wants to spend her life doing instead of making clothing, because she's too lazy to create clothing. Yet she can't even be fucked to put the effort into creating a quality accessory (not to mention how she thought bags and shoes are easier to make than a shirt or dress, wtf?)
In addition, you'd think she would have figured out by now that all you need to do is find a good company to bring your designs to and they will manufacture them. I've seen plenty of young people who, on a whim, just start designing clothing and having their designs produced and sold in significant numbers out of the blue thanks to good planning, marketing and networking. Jill has supposedly spent years fixated on fashion but can't even figure out what newbies do in a number of months, before she just gives up and calls it quits.

No. 262125

Not the colours I'd go for but Looks cute to me. Obviously so much better with her roots done and all evenly bleached/toned. Tbh that shits hard to get right at home without fucking up your hair. She needs to stick to this and it'll look fine. Anyone can slap on some rainbow dyes and get away with it.

No. 262126

To be fair, from what I hear lolita is pretty expensive.

No. 262129

Hi, a Lolita here. This is completely over priced for Lolita. Brands don't even sell bags for $200.

No. 262131

It's probably in CAD since she's from Canada. That brings the bag down to $150USD, which still is overpriced but obviously not as bad.

No. 262149

File: 1488479506512.jpg (378.99 KB, 800x550, hate_20pin_original.jpg)

Absolutely shocking. The quality is dreadful, the rosette is a flimsy bit of card and badly glued paper. She has the money, buy a button maker Jill. The ribbon is uneven and not sewn properly.
The HI clip is terrible, stick some tulle on the back of it at least Jill with some sequins. Would have looked hideous but not this overpriced mess.
The Resin is just….no words. We can buy a decent handmade resin necklace from an infinite amount of stores for cheaper than this. These pins are god fucking awful and shoddy.

Pastelbat is selling practically the same item in better quality and cheaper. Its just laughable.

No. 262164

Still not worth that much, I've seen them on closet child for $70

No. 262196

Oh, I agree that it's still overpriced, but I figured I'd point it out since the Canadian dollar is so weak atm.

No. 262236

File: 1488488806948.png (177.99 KB, 750x1117, IMG_9928.PNG)

No. 262243

Why does she /always/ wear her hair like this? The line around her head is never even, the little "bun" at the top looks weird, and she looks so much better with bangs.

No. 262245

File: 1488489432397.png (165.6 KB, 750x1072, IMG_9929.PNG)

No. 262246


Yeah, it is this expensive. The prices seem right to me

No. 262248

File: 1488489549317.png (171.2 KB, 750x754, IMG_9930.PNG)

People still draw fan art of her with bangs because let's be honest she looks much better with them

No. 262251

I hate how such an annoying individual gets beautiful art drawn of her.

sage for jealousy kek

No. 262256

I thought her hand was a growth

No. 262290

That artwork is super adorable. Jill wishes she was this cute instead of saggy and yellow.

No. 262296

Island girl? Does she mean pei? Do they call themselves island girls? (I wouldn't know, I'm in the US) usually when I hear "island girl" it's usually referring to girls from the carribean

No. 262300

She should give these buttons away to her fans for free in a giveaway or something

Idgi she likes to draw, why not get a button maker like another anon said and make cute art buttons, it's so easy to do those well.

No. 262375

File: 1488502728597.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

What on earth is she making

No. 262379

Probably rice krispy treats or popcorn balls. Something like that.

No. 262382


Yeah… That's what I'd think too.

No. 262384

>sticks of butter
>straight sugar

i think she is making tea again

No. 262385

And she wonders why she's fat now.

No. 262386

File: 1488504361183.gif (139.64 KB, 500x281, regular show-oooooh.gif)

Good one, anon

No. 262391

I think thats meant to be her hair line, they've drawn baby hairs if you look closely

No. 262393

Peeps are gross.

No. 262397

I love peeps but that's fucking disgusting. One's enough and butter? Ewww. No wonder she turned into a heffer.

No. 262443

File: 1488514544792.jpg (87.94 KB, 1142x544, ss (2017-03-02 at 08.14.31).jp…)

umm I posted the original pic and no, these are ridiculous prices for those pieces. Especially if shes charging is USD, but Im not sure about that. Especially the two dresses. They are common, old, and not sought after. They are easily $150 most in value. The dresses by the way
-Whip Showcase
-Etoile Twins

Look what I found on lacemarket literally right now. For not $236

No. 262447

Not sure about PEI but I live on the West coast. I hear people call themselves islanders if they are from Vancouver island (Victoria, etc)

No. 262461

What are you talking about I live in Victoria no one calls themselves islanders.

No. 262479

Yeah…My uni roommate was from Vancouver and she never called herself an islander either lmfao

No. 262486

Do you mean Vancouver or Vancouver island ? :^)

No. 262534

File: 1488535525039.jpg (234.86 KB, 697x823, ss (2017-03-03 at 02.05.03).jp…)

I think i vomited in my mouth a little…

No. 262535

File: 1488535596436.jpg (146.64 KB, 639x859, ss (2017-03-03 at 02.05.41).jp…)

Do you think this shop reached out to do a sponsorship with pixie?
If thats the case and I was the etsy seller, I'd be a little peeved that she posted this on her side account instead of her main

No. 262536

File: 1488535630388.jpg (153.57 KB, 920x594, ss (2017-03-03 at 02.06.52).jp…)

No. 262537


Oof, sorry for the repost.

No. 262538

File: 1488535718386.jpg (234.3 KB, 915x596, ss (2017-03-03 at 02.08.13).jp…)

No. 262542

Diabetes is so party kei UwU

No. 262635

File: 1488558250089.png (267.75 KB, 750x1099, IMG_9935.PNG)

No. 262645

That looks really cool on its own, of course I know the deep colors don't match 90% of her outfits but the bun itself looks nice for once.

No. 262652


you can see the bun wrap thing peeking out from under her hair

No. 262660

>goes to bed with a full face of make up

No. 262663

Guess that sort of explains why she looks so haggard.

No. 262668

Fellow anon from Victoria. Me and most people I know call ourselves 'islanders' and those from Vancouver 'mainlanders,' especially to people not from the area. If you say "I'm from Vancouver Island" most people will hear 'Vancouver' and that's it.

No. 262703

File: 1488568610366.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, C5341D09-B7CD-4B7C-94F2-07D17D…)

Slightly OT but I just looked through the party kei tag on Instagram for the first time and goddamn there are some messes in there. I don't even know what's going on with the glitter in the center pic, she somehow managed to make it look worse than Jillian does. It amazes me that people actually follow her for anything but milk.

No. 262768

File: 1488575064246.png (779.87 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She put peeps in tea…

No. 262771

that is vile, as expected.

to be fair, most of these girls look like they're 12/13 years old, maybe 15 at the oldest. they can get away with it because they're at an awkward maturity stage. basically, jill dresses on the same level as her 12 year old fans who don't know the basics of anything yet and are just experimenting with random things they see online.

No. 262773

Honestly peeps are good in hot chocolate and usually you only need one. But tea? Sounds terrible.

No. 262796

I swear she is just doing this to get a rise out of us. No way anyone could drink this and not want to throw up.

No. 262799

why the fuck would you put any marshmallows in tea

No. 262816


J-Jill…if you're here, tap twice

No. 262878

File: 1488584232621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 859.43 KB, 1336x4460, dBASSAl.jpg)


No wonder she is becoming so fat.

This is one of the most disgusting things I saw. She is one step closer to become like this like other ˜Kawaii fellow~

If you are reading this, please Jill, try this recipe!

No. 262882

God, I am so fucking jealous of the fact that she has all these amazing resources in life and continues to be shit to herself. Jill, your aesthetic is unhealthy.

No. 262920

/ck/ is a fucking trip man.

No. 263214

Eh at least it's a rice krispy treat and she's not actually eating a cup of peeps and melted butter like I was afraid she was. A rice krispy treat can be nice once in a while, but the extra sprinkles and marshmallows on top seem like overkill, and I hope she shares this with friends and doesn't just eat the whole thing herself.

Ok now that's really gross. Just because something fits your aesthetic doesn't mean it belongs everywhere, Jill.

No. 263222

She used peeps to make rice crispy treats instead of regular marshmallows?! I'm getting diabetes looking at this.

No. 263223

File: 1488646246861.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

I sleep in my makeup too.

No. 263224

I don't even drink tea and this makes me angry.

No. 263231

Full on eyeliner, eyeshadow anon? Stop that, that'll age your skin

No. 263240

File: 1488648266573.png (694.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0952.PNG)

Did anyone notice that shes privatised/deleted most of her videos? I think she deleted most of her haul videos

No. 263242

File: 1488648283869.png (665.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0953.PNG)

No. 263248

They're all still there for me ?

No. 263250

nevermind, i refreshed her channel and her most recent stuff is back up

No. 263258

colin is her only friend it seems. her mum is also her 'friend' but i noticed she treats her more like a developmentally disabled child than anything because she never says no or gives any form of critique. she probably ate that crap and patted jill on the head for such a good job

this is how you get an eye infection and premature wrinkles

No. 263265

No. 263268

>"i will have a designated birthday day in tokyo!"
holy shit. you can tell she was a snotty kid from this sentence alone. this is peak attention whoring

No. 263274

As a fan of her and a long time contributer to this thread, I am bitterly disappointed with everything about this video.

No. 263287

That mouth thing in the beginning… oh lord.
Her face looks even chubbier than before, looks like the rice crispie treats and marshmallow teas are doing their job.

No. 263290

This was tragic from start to finish.

No. 263291


Maybe Colin's a feeder

No. 263294

That's why Jill is looking so bad, along with her 'sweet' teas.

No. 263296

I couldn't get through that video. She's so annoying. Why does she sound like that?? Why is she always saying cheeky and making weird noises with her mouth?

No. 263297

As someone who sews as a hobby, her self made shirt triggered me so bad. It's not fitted right and the fabric she chose is horrendous.

No. 263300

File: 1488656329317.png (627.87 KB, 499x568, VjzdRgB.png)

No. 263304

it looks like Party City raped her and then pissed and shit all over her passed out body wtf is she thinking

No. 263307

In the caption she says she's "so excited to shoot" - what I took from that is that she's going to do proper photos/videos for her channel/instagram and she's just posted this picture on her side account to show off that it's coming? I don't know, that's my interpretation.

No. 263308

god this outfit is so ugly. Also that skirt somehow looks uglier than it did without the clear mesh ontop of it. How does she look at this outfit and think it works? Especially as someone who claims to be really into fashion? I'm getting secondhand embarrassment thinking of her wearing this walking around Japan. Or even just in public

No. 263319

Everything about this is awful. The outfit is awful, the accessories are awful, her makeup is awful. And she's going to wear it in Japan on her "designated birthday day'' I swear she wants to look like an embarrassing tourist. She looks like a clown.

No. 263332

File: 1488661807738.gif (447.94 KB, 500x273, party_city.gif)

>pic related is definitely jill's reaction to this comment

No. 263337

Everybody likes Party City, it's just that sensible people aren't willing to let Party City violently rape them… in public, no less.

No. 263354

File: 1488663706092.png (162.82 KB, 326x381, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.39…)

I tried to see how you could clean this up. I tightened the top, added sheer sleeves, shortened the skirt etc etc. No the best edit, but its slightly better.

No. 263359

still looks like an autistic womanchild tbh. you can't fix this mess

No. 263364

Whats important is that u tried, unlike her

No. 263365

While the outfit is horrible and poorly made I feel like she could get away with it if she didn't wear it together. Like the top with a pair of plain shorts or the skirt with any other top. Together it just looks like an eye sore.

No. 263367

That skirt woould look good with a motif shirt and a jacket, this kinda shit is popular right now.
Does anyone know boards japanese girls go on to bitch about foreigners? I remember some anons bringing up she was regarded as a horse face wannabe, Im curious of what they will say of Jill. She is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 263374

File: 1488665862106.png (110.91 KB, 536x617, FFT9Yda.png)

Does anyone else find it really strange how many of Jill's followers suck up to her when she very clearly looks like a clown? Like surely, they can't all be as blind as she is? Are they all trolling?

No. 263376

Psssssh Yes Jillian proving to the world curves are sexy. You can't even see her fat here, she looks like a lego brick.

No. 263377

File: 1488666027280.png (495.53 KB, 884x704, FixiePixie.png)

I love trying to fix pixie's outfits when she posts these videos, really, I think the thing that makes this outfit impossible to work with is the pom poms on the top. I tried to fix it, and just by making the top more fitted, and taking off the pom poms, it was a major improvement. Making the skirt knee length would make her look taller and slimmer, and ditching the dollar store crown for a simple headband would make her look like less of a child.

No. 263385

samefagging, but another question is why the fuck do her followers fall over each other to compliment and validate her? She doesn't even bother responding to any of them, so what's the point (it's not difficult to @ everyone in one post and say "thank you," Jill.)

No. 263388

File: 1488666684089.gif (1.05 MB, 186x433, 1488666064947.gif)

i could't even sand her talking til the end, i know she's spoiled and idc but this is so next level all the closeups and the confidence kek GIRL wtf it's ok to accept yourself but this is next level clown fashion

ALSO i can't with that fucking ugly dog, i love dogs and adorable or retro stuff but that shit is horrendous ew now even worse as a "bag"

No. 263399

It's unbelievable she's looking like such a hot mass but was trashing old photos of herself recently when she looked so much more put together back then

No. 263401

How warm is it going to be in Tokyo when she goes? Maybe she'll be covered with a coat and the world will be spared from this.

No. 263406

I assume 'hot mass' was a typi but it works just as well lmao

No. 263408

Jillian's fans are just so far up her ass it's unbelievable. Maybe it's because they're probably all 12-14 year old weebs but they can't be serious right? There's always that one top comment of "can't wait for you to open your own store!!1!!1!!" which is ironic because she's never going to get anywhere in the industry making this kind of clown kei and putting off school, but it just doesn't add up.
I always wonder if her fans think she's special needs or something judging by the way she dresses and acts? There's no way people could look at the stuff she makes and praise her for it otherwise right? She looks like an absolute mess but somehow has over 50k subscribers, they can't all be that blind as to think this looks good, but then again there are 12 year olds on youtube who think Yumi King's aliexpress bdsm diys look good so who knows. Maybe they all just have extremely low standards.

No. 263446

Her whole situation reminds me of Florence Foster Jenkins, who couldn't sing but everyone sucked up to for the benefits. But Jill gives nothing back.

"Lol boopidy boo I'll be comming out with a cheeky video later meh meh merrrrr boopidy boop"

Ain't cheeky Jill, you're supposed to make content, or you're not a fucking YouTuber.

No. 263454

Lately it's been about 13-16 degrees celcius. All the actual Japanese people here still wrap themselves up in winter coats and scarves, but I'm Canadian like Jill and generally don't need a coat since this is like a cool summer day in Atlantic Canada lmao.

so unfortunately you'll probably see a lot of her outfits. Even if it was cold she'd probably force herself outside without a winter coat just for the *~aesthetic~*

No. 263488

Gotta love that cheeky belly chub!

No. 263501


Actual working clown here giving imput
>>sage for that not really mattering this is all nit picking and opinions

I like the overall color palette tbh, thats enough for some people and I see why some her fans are gushing. Kids would love it. I don't think it's that horrible.

The socks are kinda annoying b/c they don't fit the pastel pallette but hey it would work for some clown outfits.

That top has the fit of a pinterest tutorial diy no-sew top for your American Girl doll. It a rectangle!

The strap of that not-purse dog purse is going to ruin/knock off a bunch of those pom poms just from walking around.

Also cheap pom-poms have like no wear life, unforgiving lint gathering and complicated to wash. If you wear a jacket with that top, forget it!

Skirt.. it would look so much cuter if it was fuller, I would have gone with a circle skirt instead of a pencil. If her waist/hip ratio is anything like threads op pic, the top layer center back seam (assuming there is one, there should be) is going to take some strain and maybe start splitting unless it's stretch.

Hopefully the top layer of that skirt is some quality soft sheer because eslatic/fit gathering with cheap synthetics is fucking scratchy and painful to wear.

This whole outfit will probably last 1 or 2 wears total while still looking new, if she only made it to wear for her b day then whatever.

No. 263505

File: 1488680768501.png (183.33 KB, 750x916, IMG_0030.PNG)

She got crayons ? For her birthday?

No. 263507

File: 1488681133263.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x450, 1N0UjV3.jpg)

No. 263510

What's wrong with crayons?

No. 263511

is she into ddlg now

No. 263515

I mean, she is an artist, you would think she would get/want something more high quality and professional, not something used for kids to color in placemats at restaurants…

No. 263538

The purse is just a toy she tied a string to??

No. 263542

Looks like she got some precure stuff as well (if you look at the left side)
Tbh excited to see everything she wastes her money on in Japan. Leaving tomorrow how exciting

No. 263555

"Little" confirmed. Probably into ddlg too.

No. 263568

She's just hitting that stage of her life where she's realizing that her childhood is entirely behind her, so she's desperately grasping at straws to stay in it.

No. 263569

I'm excited and dreading it at the same time. Her visit to the Precure dedicated store is going to be the cringiest, followed by her watching a Precure live show and realising adult fans do not attend them.
It's going to be glorious.

No. 263591

>her watching a Precure live show and realising adult fans do not attend them

I just googled this and wow. There's little girls getting up and dancing around in the aisles. Is she really going to follow through with that? Combined with her little pom outfit people will think she's a mental midget. This is like the equivalent of a brony going to a MLP live show. At least the non-autist ones have the sense to know what kind of audience things like that are intended for.

No. 263605

Just looked it up too and it's not even the seiyuus, just random people in costumes jumping around to a backing track for kids. I can't believe she's planned her whole trip around seeing this show for 5 year olds. People are going to look at her and think she's an actual autist, extra points if she wears that embarrassment of an outfit she made. I lowkey hope she vlogs the day so I can cringe.

No. 263607

File: 1488699050975.jpg (614.92 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_7511.JPG)

I kekd so hard at this…Kat/Hello Batty (who is a huge SJW) made this post about Jeffree being racist for putting nikita dragun in blackface for his ad and how you can't call yourself a feminist if you support him. Jill comments about how she's "disappointed" as though this is the first time Jeffree has done racist shit. You know the only reason she's not either defending him or ignoring it completely is because Batty is efamous and she's trying to dickride.

I'm curious if she'll continue to use his products in her videos and defend him other places.

No. 263666

this outfit makes her look like she's built like a brick shithouse.

No. 263667

I think you're giving her too much credit

No. 263668

Really bothering me that the pom poms in the before pic aren't all placed in a straight row or pattern.

Good work on the after pic tho it still looks like pastel vomit but way better

No. 263670

Jillian get a bra that fits. Your boobs shouldn't bounce like that in a smock

No. 263687

Being tan count as doing blackface now?

No. 263695

File: 1488724367322.jpg (59.82 KB, 634x635, 3402780800000578-3582878-image…)

I don't know what tan counts for you but that isn't a tan. This is the person in question, she has medium olive skin. She's obviously been heavily edited in the photo to be dark for whatever reason. Whether you think it's blackface or not, it is viable as being offensive. Colourpop has also edited hand swatches to be a weirdly dark (the palms were also brown) so honestly shooped dark skin in the makeup and fashion industry is messed up.

No. 263700

Eh, i'm black, but this shouldn't be considered blackface. He isn't saying he made her a "black women", and he just used makeup to darken her skin considerably, which seems to be the point. Blackface would be more like making her into an insulting character/stereotype of a black women in appearance. Obviously he is not trying to do this (what would that have to do with anything?…). Geez,
use your common sense sjw and stop getting offended so easily. It looks fine to me.

No. 263701

Not an SJW type here but what rubs me the wrong way about this. Is instead of hiring a black woman, he rather pay a white woman to work. I don't find the image offensive thought tbh
>sage for further derailment of the thread

No. 263714

File: 1488727256303.jpg (30.65 KB, 410x681, 291705_536997546329102_8235113…)

Fairy kei / Spank! has already done the 80's kid-stuff theme way better…

No. 263721

File: 1488728950502.png (56.38 KB, 750x317, IMG_0033.PNG)

>complains about not being able to afford uni
>spends $300+ on getting her hair colored once

No. 263723

>calling me an sjw because I brought up the idea that it has the possibility to be offensive to some people.

Because it's fine to you then I guess it's okay? Blackface to you I guess is only delegated to minstrel from years back so there's no point trying to argue otherwise. You're missing the point anyways, because Jeffree has always been controversial and someone like Jill should have denounced him and his brand months ago.

No. 263758

How do you know thats the true price and she didnt just lift it instead

No. 263762

>imagining stubby Jill trying to run out of a hair salon, hair products flying

No. 263763

If Jill posted a pic of herself in that exact outfit she'd be ripped apart don't kid yourself

No. 263775

File: 1488733813333.png (222.56 KB, 749x1017, IMG_0036.PNG)

Bringing that fucking dog with her

No. 263776

Her confidence is what kills me too. she thinks she's hot shit.. like wtf.

No. 263778



No. 263780

File: 1488734316239.png (486.33 KB, 467x555, uE5FJyq.png)

sorry anon but her being asian doesn't mean ugly outfits will suddenly look good
cover her face up and lmk if you still think it looks better than Jill's

party kei and everything related is hideous by nature, and only excusable if you're a kid who wants to play dressup, imo (for example, Jill's followers).

>""""strap"""" aka lace ribbon no longer on the dog

>that dirty, worn out savers sweater again

why do you not have more than 2 sweaters in Canada, Jill? I think she's just bringing it because we all agree it's ugly as sin but she wants to prove the haydurs wrong

>who rolls up their p/leather jacket up like they're folding a sock?

>all of her accessories and jewelry are dollar store plastic items or children's play accessories that will go green within 1 wear from claire's

No. 263781

No. She would'nt because I think anons would recognise its Spank. Like before we found pictures of her attending a fairy kei meetup and the outfit she wore for that did actually suit her.

Mothership Vessey and Colin kiss the ground she walks on. With the added cherrypicking of comments on her channel, the confidence has become plain old vain. However when shes made fun of for her looks(like what happened at Forever 21) it brings her close Jillian only matters world crashing down.

No. 263782


>entire body is tan

Hmm… that is not what blackface is, new gen morons.

No. 263783

Only to idiotic sjws

No. 263784

I thought she was asian…

No. 263786

Kat is the same as Jill and only cares about things that personally affect her. She has been called out for wearing a bindi numerous times and doesn't give a shit about it.

Anyway, they're both ignorant fucks.

No. 263788

It isn't even a bag, it's a toy dog on a fucking strap so why is she taking it??

No. 263798

Someone please tell her to eat or bin that fucking candy necklace. She is triggering me.

No. 263819

Um what the fuck are you talking about? Wearing a bindi is totally fine for Indians ( maybenot Indian-Americans or what have you). Anyone who says otherwise is a total SJW fuck

No. 263846

Sage for blog but oh man do her items and packing style give me much nostalgia from when I was a five year old. My mom would take me to Florida for winter trips all the time back then. I had a bunch of those play purses. The type that you get from toy stores and such and they were made of plastic like that. One time I tried to pack my things myself and my haul looked exactly like Jill's! I stuffed a few of my plastic purses to the brim with my own handmade plastic jewelry and pastel toys. Mom made me put them all back because I packed too many. Pretty sure my clothes were pastel hot messed too bc 90s.
Is Jill's mom gonna tell her to leave the toys behind too? Haha. She's such a little.

No. 263849

It's part of her super special birthday girl outfit, anon!

No. 263854

She looks…legit…special needs

No. 263857

I'm just waiting for her to find out about the iron fist care bear collection. It's really ugly (so it is probably just her taste) and would appeal to her love of 80's kids toys

No. 263859

Sage for OT but Kat/Hellobatty isn't Indian or Indian-American.

No. 263871

You're a little too late anon, she has the iron fist Care bears wallet

No. 263874

I misphrased my sentence. I meant Indian people from India don't give a shit if other people wear bindis. To them, Bindis are like another kind of fashion statement. They don't have a special religious or spiritual meaning. So whoever Kat is, it's fine for her to wear a bindi. The only people who care about bindis are SJW types, not actual people from India.

No. 263884

Sorry, I forgot about that. I though she would have gone for their shoes or sweaters considering half of her outfits involve weird shoes and that one ugly sweater.

Didn't Jill grow up in the late 90's/early 2000's? Why is all of her nostalgia about 80's stuff? I would have thought she would be all over webkinz and Lizzie McGuire, not care bears and puppy surprise.

No. 263897

>Bindis are like another kind of fashion statement.

lol no

No. 263900

No. 263903

can you stfu about this already, ty

because of the tumblr aesthetic anon, hannah montana and other shit from 2006 aren't vaguely nipponese and 'kawaii'. jill has been remolding her entire personality and identity around shit she sees on a website, which is why shes so shallow

No. 263912

>one woman's ignorance about her own religious symbol therefore means that symbol loses all significance

again lol no

No. 263913

She grew up in the early/mid 2000s. You can hardly say someone born in 1998 remembers anything about the 90s.

No. 263922

just because you grew up in the late 90s or 2000s doesnt mean you cant have grew up with stuff from the 80s tho, like carebears are still on tv

No. 263930

cool story anon, we're talking about jill here, who got into care bears a few months ago. stop derailing to defend your interests.

No. 264003

File: 1488762630268.png (105.3 KB, 750x1058, IMG_0041.PNG)

This is pretty cute to be honest. I'm glad she's going to put some effort into these videos, even if they are just going to be of her acting like a classic weeb in Japan

No. 264006

File: 1488762693964.png (152.89 KB, 750x1040, IMG_0042.PNG)

Also though Jill why? Why on a Starbucks frap. That's not self care that's self destructive

No. 264011

diabetes uguu ^-^

No. 264021

Is she drawing with a mouse or something? How does she always manage to make the faces so lopsided?

No. 264042

Is it faster to travel east to Japan for her?

No. 264063


I live like an hour or two away from Jill and I've always travelled west to Japan, stopping in Toronto or Vancouver.

Most of the mega cheap, take 4 different airlines, flights are east though (down to america, & through europe), maybe that's what she's doing.

No. 264078

No, she's stopping in Toronto.

No. 264096

Ugh she does not know how to pack. Wow.
The jacket rolled up in luggage especially bothers me for some reason. Like that shit takes up so much space! She should wear that one on the plane not just to save space in her luggage but also so she can use the pockets to carry things she needs close at hand (phone, passport, etc.). And why the toy dog in luggage too? More wasted space. I understand wanting to bring a stuffed animal on a trip, but gosh if you can't fit it in your carryon it's too big. I hope she's keeping like socks or w/e in that "celebrate" purse. She probably isn't though. It's probably empty. Everything else is packed stupidly so why not.

No. 264143

It's alright but she really should work on improving her art. How can someone fuck up such a simple face? She did great on making her cartoon face look just as jaundiced as her real face though.

No. 264148

Kat is Burmese, wearing a bindi is part of her culture

No. 264150

She has Chinese family who went to Burma to escape China. She isn't Burmese in ethnicity.

No. 264162

This is completely OT now but whoa I thought she was a Mexican/Californian latin mix this whole time.

No. 264173

Wait… is this really the kind of thing she's going to see, or did I look up the wrong stuff?


No. 264176

It is.
It's ridiculous she's actually paying and planning for this. They do those shows (at a smaller scale) in department stores from times to times, and as a precure fan I admit I'd love to stumble upon one of these public shows to snap some goofy pictures when I'm there, but this is really ridiculous.

No. 264248

At first I thought the precure shows were like the live sera myuu (sailor moon) shows which I definitely wouldn't mind seeing if I travelled to japan.

But I get why you guys are tearing her apart after looking it up. Mascots and actors are really not the same thing.

No. 264251

File: 1488815541726.png (175.43 KB, 750x1048, IMG_0047.PNG)

She's leaving

No. 264252

File: 1488815584999.png (124.98 KB, 750x1059, IMG_0049.PNG)

Of course she would have in flight wifi

No. 264255

I agree. I totally thought the same thing.

I also agree. She doesn't look Asian at all to me

No. 264257

She kinda looks like her old self here without all the stupid makeup. Bad brows really make a difference.

No. 264261

>that tumblr nose

No. 264263

File: 1488817664835.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

ngl fam, I'm excited for all the lulz we're gonna get from her Japan adventure. Do you think she'll get culture shock like that one Lolita (lor?) who went to yoyogi park and didn't find any fashionistas?

No. 264308

i'm picturing her marching up and down takeshita dori crying that no street fashion magazine photographers are flocking her

No. 264434

It's absurd how cuter she is without all that party puke on her face.

No. 264592

those poor japanese airport staff probably see so many disgusting weebs coming in every day

jill takes the cake for planning her entire trip (worth several thousand $) to see a toddlers precure show and shop for 2 weeks, absolutely nothing else related to japanese culture is planned, just shit she does at home already but in a different country. i find this so baffling and completely retarded, its like a pricey troll attempt. in reality shes just so spoilt and stuck in her bubble that it all seems normal smfh

No. 264766

File: 1488896757652.jpg (120.81 KB, 616x932, ss (2017-03-07 at 06.25.38).jp…)

Shes officially in nippon

No. 264767

File: 1488897959559.gif (936.07 KB, 400x225, milk.gif)

And now we wait.

No. 264776

I don't know of it's the dark brows or what but this girl's face looks so old..

No. 264790

Ew, what's up with her hair line?

No. 264798

File: 1488902295253.png (1.23 MB, 1260x680, rly.png)

Looking at her plan for japan and I think most of the things can get done in a much less time than she actually planned. I mean idk how much time she spends in a shop you def visit more than she planned. So curious about her stay and actual experience there.

No. 264802

It's a shame it doesn't seem she will be seeing any of the more traditional cultural or scenery aspects that Japan has to offer (shrines, onsen, mountains and shores, etc.)

No. 264839

gdi jill. I think it would be fun for her and her mum to go to an onsen together, I dont know why she wouldnt plan that.

No. 264848

She did not want to go because they wouldn't let her put bath bombs in the onsen

No. 264853

Would it kill her to properly pronounce the place she's been so "obsessed" over?

Fuckin kek

No. 264855

Why is she planning multiple full days in Harajuku and Shibuya 109? Like ya I went multiple times but it was always in addition to doing other things. I really liked Harajuku so I'd usually go at the end of the day after I'd done whatever else I was doing, but didn't dedicate a whole day to it. She has no idea what she's doing and is going to waste a ton of time.

Also, her poor mom is going to be so bored!

No. 264861

Looks like some pink hair dye in her scalp.

No. 264865

She's already going to Harajuku tomorrow. I wonder if she expects everyone to be dressed up like Lovely Lor did, specially on a weekday. I'm pretty sure the only dressed up girls Lor found were chinese tourists, and she mistook them for (japanese) harajuku girls.

If it disappoints her, how is she going to spend the rest of her travel? she barely planned anything else…

No. 264871

Lor's realization that Japan isn't full of girls in lolita and j-fashion might be one of my favourite things ever. The fact that she got so dressed up to go to a place that hasn't been popular in over a decade and then said that no one was dressed up only because of the heat makes me laugh every single time.

No. 264873

File: 1488914402780.png (164.32 KB, 750x933, IMG_0065.PNG)

The fun begins

No. 264878

File: 1488915138016.png (56.13 KB, 858x190, Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.30…)

I'm glad they can't even figure out the bathroom fan.

Also, she's doing a video with Sharla.

No. 264882

I actually just came to ask if anyone else noticed sharla commenting on Jill's last video kek

I knew that Cathy cat invited Jill for a collaboration years ago, so I figured it would be her but guess not

No. 264883

Love how she claimed to be decent at Japanese but can't read basic instructions.

No. 264884

But that is all kanji so I can't blame her, she probably only thought she'd need katakana and hiragana. Also though her and her mom are both a mess this is amazing

No. 264886

File: 1488916143965.png (37.6 KB, 750x180, IMG_0066.PNG)

Omg Jill your poor mom

No. 264887

Here, let's help her out, since she definitely lurks.

Jill (and Louise), this is the panel to control the vents in the bathroom. Japanese bathrooms use vents to warm the room, dry clothing, as a fan, etc. The scale is a timer, so you can set it from 30 minutes to 10 hours. The part in the middle with the larger light and smaller light are for whether you want it on high or low (high is big light, low is small light, makes sense, right?). The four settings are clothes dryer (orange), heat (pink), cool fan (green), and ventilation (blue).

Sleeping on the floor is pretty common in Japan, so I don't know why she's shocked. But I thought they had rented a whole apartment? Why not get one with two beds?

No. 264890

>bed is a comforter on the floor

no fucking shit? did she do 0 research before tagging along with her daughter to Japan?

No. 264891

I think we both know the answer to that question. She 100% put faith in her daughter who is so into Japan that she knew what she was doing. This trip is going to be disastrous for the both of them.

No. 264892

My guess is that they were trying to save money on their 3-week trip and didn't bother paying attention to the size of their "apartment" relative to Canadian terms.

No. 264893

I don't doubt that, but it should have listed how many beds were available or if there was other furniture. They used Air B&B. There are pictures on there! It's just so inexcusable.

No. 264906

I don't understand why Jillian was so desperate to stay in Harajuku that they couldn't stay in a hotel. They can obviously afford it and we all know they're not there for cultural experience.

No. 264914

I'm strongly betting it was Jill's idea to stay at an airbnb as well in order to seem hip, as it is what most youtubers who visit do. Goes with her poor artist persona

No. 264916

Because she's lazy and wants to be 2 feet away from shops so she doesn't have to go very far. It's going to be hilarious when she realizes that most of the shops aren't her style or can't fit her, and she's catered their entire trip over staying near them.

No. 264930

File: 1488921605305.jpg (112.74 KB, 911x683, bed.JPG)


in the last thread it was mentioned where they stay so I guess this is how they sleep.

It's actually a pretty nice place tbh.

No. 264946

Jill think of your mother.

No. 264952

Why does peep ass get the bed?

No. 264957

is it literally just a comforter on the floor or is there a futon?

No. 264961

File: 1488925361252.jpg (108.32 KB, 500x333, IMG_0068.JPG)

I'm sure it's a Japanese futon

No. 264963

Seriously Jill. Don't you want that authentic Japanese experience? Then get your ass on the futon.

No. 264967

File: 1488925596242.png (124.87 KB, 1440x960, F0548F50-694A-44A8-AF7A-AC362F…)

So this is the exact place?

Because there's also a couch here apparently. I've slept on worse couches so I don't see why this wasn't a viable choice.

No. 264971

>not knowing what a futon is

No. 264974

In some of the pictures, the couch is there, in some it isn't. I'm guessing it was taken out and replaced by the futon beds.

No. 264978

This seems like a really cute place tbh. But I can see how spoiled ass Jill and her mom would bitch and moan about it.

No. 264982

it has like a perfect 5 star rating on airbnb, they're spiled cunts

Don't like it? then why the fuck didn't you guys get a hotel room? amateurs

No. 264983

Wait, so she's sleeping on the elevated bed and her mother on the futon? Wtf, Jill?
She should be the one sleeping at floor level, not her aged mother with back problems.

No. 264987

Her mom complains as much as a child. If you look at her facebook, it's all just complaints about everything. Packing, the plane ride, the cab ride, the place they're staying, etc. No matter what this place would have been like, she would have complained.

No. 264988

>It's going to be hilarious when she realizes that most of the shops aren't her style or can't fit her, and she's catered their entire trip over staying near them.
I'm waiting for this to happen, there's plenty of nice hotels in Shinjuku or Chiyoda, even in Shibuya. But no, Princess Harajookooo party kei Jillian has to stay near Takeshita Dori even though she'll probably only end up going there once or twice, and as a result of that her mother has to sleep on the floor. Louise is going to get nothing out of this trip but an empty wallet and back problems, not to mention the secondhand embarrassment from her weebish daughter. Jillian is like 19 and it doesn't look like she's letting her mom do anything she actually wants to do in Japan, the least she could do get her ass on the futon and let her mother have the bed.

Honestly if I had to go all the way to Japan just to follow around Jillian to all her precure party kei weeb stuff I'd complain too. It doesn't look like Jillian wants to do any actual sightseeing, and she plans on taking her mom to a fucking maid cafe. I don't blame her for complaining. It seems like sleeping on a futon is the only actual Japanese culture she's going to experience on this whole trip.

No. 264991

Don't forget that her mom is going to have to go thrift shopping with her daughter and her daughter's new internet friend, and then sit off to the side while they record videos together. Tragic.

No. 264992

True, but at the same time how do you not know what the place you're going to stay at is like? Did Jill just book everything and not tell her mom anything? Fucking bizarre

No. 264993

Her mom booked the B&B, not Jill, which makes this even worse.

No. 264994

it looks like there are two futons why doesnt she just stack them

No. 264995

Okay thats 100x worse, wtf at this family

No. 265009

Omg Screenshots pls

No. 265025

File: 1488931149519.png (355.08 KB, 1527x927, complain.png)

She mentions the cab here >>264873 along with complaining about the room, and complains about the mattress >>264886

But here's some more screenshots.

No. 265026

File: 1488931284429.png (171.13 KB, 750x1103, IMG_0071.PNG)

She's up!

No. 265027

Is Louise actually Jill's maid?
>busy day baking and decorating for Jill's birthday celebration
Louise, you will be celebrating your snotty daughter for the next 3 weeks already. There is no need.

Everything about this is sad.

No. 265028

Same. Most fashion is dead in Japan. Fruits (magazine) is shutting down. Jill is going to be so disappointed.

No. 265030

>starting her trip with shopping
Are they just bad at traveling? It makes so more sense to not shop till the second half or end of your trip so you can be sure to have enough space in your bags and money to spend on museums or actual experiences and not just physical objects. This trip is seriously just a spending spree for Jill

No. 265031


No. 265033

How old is this girl again? She has visible forehead wrinkles and sunspots, along with saggy jowls. Those genetics have not been kind.

No. 265035

File: 1488932047080.png (452.82 KB, 459x540, HMjxjUL.png)

anons, this trip is everything we thought it would be. god bless.

No. 265036

She raises her eyebrows way too much in her photos. It's why she gets those lines right above her eyebrows along with her forehead winkles. I think she's trying to open her eyes more to have that uguu animu~ look but it just causes her face to get distorted.

No. 265041

I feel bad that she's only 19 and already has those eyebrow lines

No. 265042

oh god she's wearing that gross sweater again. When will she learn that if she keeps wearing it with her other pinks or pastels it's going to keepi looking gross and dirty

No. 265043

It doesn't even look pink anymore. It's closer to the purple on her jacket than the pink on her jacket.

No. 265044

the whole outfit on her yellow toned skin makes her look like a corpse tbh

i wonder how bitter louise will be at the end of this trip?

No. 265046

From my own personal experience travelling, with family especially to a whole different country where you don't know the language or the culture that well, is extremely stressful and makes it very easy to strain relationships. So I wouldn't be surprised if Jill gets a few less presents for Christmas this year

No. 265050

File: 1488933544300.png (11.73 KB, 274x123, Capture.PNG)

No. 265052

Wow, what a surprise

No. 265053

>mailing stuff back
retarded, but not an unexpected thought process from her

idk how many clothes she brought with her to Japan because her suitcase packing skills are so awful, but wouldn't it make sense to pack less clothes if your ENTIRE trip is based around clothes-shopping? like, you can just wear the crap you buy there?

No. 265060

Canadian airlines tend to charge a lot for taking extra luggage. It might actually be cheaper to ship things back. However, doing both is just a waste. There's no need to buy that much stuff.

No. 265064

I'm sorry, but it's a Japanese conbini. Is she convinced it's the holyland or some bullshit?

No. 265066

>Japanese 7-11 Experience
>Buys orangina , yogurt, and bread

No. 265067

oh my lord anons I have stayed in that airbnb. my partner and I went this xmas and ive stayed in that area a few times (it was my partners 1st time so we picked an easy place.)
also the fashion in japan is actually pretty on terms with the trendy goth styles you see now days- very low key and slick or 90s style. jillian is going to look like a fucking idiot even at places like candy stripper or 6% dokidoki

No. 265068

If her whole trip was going to be based around shopping, why didn't she only pack a few outfits and buy more IN JAPAN? She makes zero sense

No. 265083

All the girls in my comm ship stuff back from Japan when they travel so..? I dont know if its unreasonable or not, never been. Also Canada-fag so maybe our airlines are shit. >>265060 I agree doing both is ridiculous. I heard from a girl in my comm who got the extra luggage in japan to fill with stuff, that the first extra one is free coming back from Japan. Idk any of the details though

No. 265085

Maybe deep down she knew nothing in Japan would fit her fat ass kek

No. 265086

Is it as terrible as Louise makes it out to be? Kek

No. 265097

its a typical japanese apt and basic- shes a giant bitch for making her mom take the futon though. its super clean and the host is super nice, so it'll be shit if they leave a bad review.
whats boggling is there are a shitton of airbnb nearby that have regular beds- my first time in tokyo we stayed at one with modern bedding and it was perfectly fine so idk why they did this…

No. 265099


Why the fuck did Jill drag her mom to Japan with her? It's not going to be any fun

No. 265101

She doesn't have any friends to go with.

No. 265122

lmao why not go alone at that point

was she really unable to convince Colin? seems like she's relying on her mom's money more than anything

No. 265136

Her mom didn't want her to travel without an adult and pair for their hotel/probably is paying for food as well

No. 265139

Jill says she paid for the flights, and her mom paid for the B&B and will also be paying for food.

No. 265158

>didn't want her to travel without an adult

that's pathetic. people younger than Jill travel with other people their own age and ~no adult~ (is 18+ not an adult now?) all the time

No. 265159

I'm sorry but Jillian's been an adult for a year already

No. 265190

Y'all are forgetting the easiest counterargument to that, and it's that Jillian lacks any kind of real responsibility and, toy collecting interests aside, really does not act like an adult

No. 265238

Tbf 19 is technically a minor in Japan, I'm unsure of curfews though

No. 265243

this is something I can't criticise Jill for.

>sheltered, never traveled in her life

>going to a foreign country for 2 weeks with <10% understanding of her plans, the language, culture, etc

it's not the same as sending your teen off on a plane to visit her extended family in a different country. Even if she took Colin instead of her mum, it would be intimidating and neither of them would know what to do if something unexpected happened.

No. 265254

Colin is like 21 or 22. The two of them are old enough to figure out travel in another country. If an emergency happens, they can call their parents. But they can take a plane, check into a hotel, and buy shit. It isn't that difficult.

No. 265260

This. Traveling isn't some big huge scary ordeal as long as you're not going to 3rd world countries and shit.

Jill could have done a tour with other kids her age through EF college break or something but she'd never do that cause their tours wouldn't give her enough time to shop and do other dumb shit

No. 265264

what bugs me way more than Jill needing to take her mom with her (which i get, it's a foreign country and she's sheltered, dependent and a spoiled mommy's girl) is that as far as we know she'll be dragging her mom with her to all of these boring shopping sprees and kid shows and meetups. It comes off as selfish, especially considering how much money her mom is probably burning on this trip. Like, she's not a fucking weeb Jill, go take the train to your shitty precure movie and let your mom go to a shrine or a hot spring or something actually nice and culturally interesting???

No. 265265

File: 1488949698573.jpg (190.51 KB, 720x960, IMG_0081.JPG)

Her mom put up some photos

No. 265266

File: 1488949731876.jpg (169.82 KB, 960x720, IMG_0082.JPG)

They went to a cat cafe

No. 265267

Jill and Colin being over 18 doesn't magically grant them adult skills and common sense. Are y'all forgetting who this topic is about? Jill is literally a toddler and Colin is a secondary enabler. Neither of them are responsible or mature.

No. 265268

Sage for samefag, but she didn't even bother to clean her fuckin shoes for her big fashion outing

No. 265269

File: 1488949907487.jpg (115.68 KB, 720x960, IMG_0083.JPG)

Ironically had them cleaned at the airport kek those are just some gross shoes

No. 265274

You don't have to be that mature to go shopping in another country. It really isn't that difficult.

The dollar store smiley face stickers are awful.

No. 265275

ugh every time i see her out in public looking like that i get so embarrassed

No. 265279

It seems like Jill needs her mom more as an ATM than as a authoritative guide. What will she honestly learn from traveling other than having her mom do everything for her including hailing a cab..

No. 265301

to be fair, if you're trying to have more money for shopping 7-11 would be a good place to cheap out for food. And iirc they're also the cheapest place to convert currency.

I don't understand why they can't just share the bed?

No. 265302

I don't think they're shitting on 7/11 as much as they are mocking Jill acting as if it's a big deal.

And it's a single bed so they probably both wouldn't fit.

No. 265303

Was just pointing out how she's emphasizing that is ~so Japanese~ but isn't actually trying any food that's Japanese. 7-11 has a lot of options in terms of actual Japanese breakfasts but why try what you don't already like

No. 265308

she bought this last year

No. 265344

THIS. This sooo much. I understand she doesnt have many friends she could go with but jfc. Remember that post of her mom saying she wanted to do some of the more cultural things in Japan? Especially for taking nice photos, like at a shrine. She could have been more thoughtful and planned a few things for her mom to enjoy.

No. 265357

File: 1488972074626.jpg (281.96 KB, 928x596, ss (2017-03-08 at 03.20.57).jp…)

No. 265358

File: 1488972162910.jpg (113.96 KB, 839x593, ss (2017-03-08 at 03.21.29).jp…)

No. 265377

So she's already bought a bunch of shit in harajuku and laforet within a few hours. Her trip feels pretty much done already.

Youd think that she would pace herself and her spending if shes really been waiting 3 years or so to do this.

Does anyone know when she's leaving japan?

No. 265378

File: 1488977898647.jpg (145.62 KB, 925x445, ss (2017-03-08 at 04.57.46).jp…)

No. 265379

File: 1488977955002.jpg (136.06 KB, 930x597, ss (2017-03-08 at 04.58.27).jp…)

Took me a sec to figure out it was her feet in the background lol

No. 265386

Why is that nail so weird? I thought she got them professionally done

No. 265396

Right? And it wasnt that long ago either. But in this photo it looks gross

No. 265418

the 18th or 19 iirc

because the woman who does them is a hack

No. 265419

File: 1488985862954.jpg (88.53 KB, 960x720, 17191350_10154913017361405_752…)

I can't believe they ate burgers for dinner in Japan. It doesn't even look like a good burger.

No. 265421

There is so much unique and different food in Japan for them to try and they picked the most American food they could find…she really could have just stayed home and shopped online bcs she's not doing anything really unique to Japan

No. 265427

I think her mom should go do what /she/ wants to do while Jill is w/ Sharla or Cathy or whoever else.

No. 265428

Shoe shine booths are for business people wearing black or brown leather oxfords/loafers/mayyybe boots. Not cheap plastic pink shoes with foam soles… like, that guy can't do anything for those shoes.

No. 265429

Wow. Jill, you are actual neighbors with America. Go there for a burger. It'll save a lot of money on a plane ticket for halfway around the world.

No. 265430

As much as I hate defending Jill: not everybody likes all food. And you don't have to be head over heels for japanese food to go there or be interested in Japan.

I don't eat ramen and takoyaki and sushi every day.

Jill's been pretty clear that she's not really interested in the traditional cultural experience or japanese food experience, she just wanted to go shopping basically so I dunno why you're all surprised.

No. 265433

i agree. japan isnt sushi every day. a burger is a burger. no big deal

No. 265444

Imagine Jill is actually your daughter and you being proud of everything she does.

No. 265446

If they end up not eating any Japanese food or not very much, my guess is that either Jill or her mum is a very picky eater.

I want to go to Japan with my husband but he HATES basically all asian food and is a super picky eater. I'm going to be stuck eating Wackdonalds and curry the entire time Im there lel

No. 265447

>the shopping bags

Im so giddy to see all the shit she ends up buying. Im sure she wont spoil all of it though until she gets back and can make a proper haul video.

No. 265448

I bet they're only going to eat sushi and none of the other food Japan has to offer

No. 265464


I dunno, I'm not outraged that Jill is having a burger but it makes no sense to me.

I don't think that Japan is sushi every day, but there are some more "normal" foods to try. Like tonkatsu, yakiniku, or curry.

Personally for me, eating is the #1 part of traveling, and I don't care that much about anything else. So it looks like Jill and I have way different priorities.

6% doki doki is horrendously overpriced. Seems like the type of shop for Jill.

No. 265500

If I was visiting Japan, and it was my first day, the first meal I would eat would be something I know and am used to. Just because you just got there and you're settling in.

No. 265504

Yup, you don't want to give yourself diarrhea the first week in Japan.

No. 265509

I'm well aware that Japanese people don't eat takoyaki every day, but there's a step between an extremely American burger place and eating octopus.

Yep. This is my point. You don't have to go all out, but there are so many foods unique to Japan that are worth trying. Hell, even Japanese versions of westernized food, like how they do pizza or spaghetti are worth trying out. Plus lots of places do burgers with Japanese influence! I just don't get it.

You aren't going to give yourself diarrhea from eating new foods unless you basically live off of chicken nuggets or something, which is what I'm guessing is true for Jill.

No. 265511

Should have paid more money for business class and stayed for less time

No. 265514

should have not gone and spent the $3000 on plane tickets and $1500 on the airbnb and who knows how much on food on buying clothes from home

No. 265561

File: 1489006803941.jpg (160.59 KB, 927x593, ss (2017-03-08 at 12.59.49).jp…)

No. 265564

File: 1489006861024.jpg (200.61 KB, 922x594, ss (2017-03-08 at 01.00.16).jp…)

No. 265573

I don't know about other people but I get an upset stomach just from traveling, without eating any new foods or anything, just traveling upsets my stomach.

Not that I would eat a greasy burger as my first meal either, but I understand wanting something familiar as opposed to trying something new.

No. 265577

When can we expect the first video about her trip? Didn't she said she wanted to vlog everything? I want to see this cringe fest in action tho


I can't say why, but I really don't like she smiles here. it's so unsympathetic.

No. 265582

This is the equivalent of a child playing in the box a toy came on, over the toy.

Why is she so excited by 7/11?

No. 265594

I don't blame her, I was her age the first time I went to Japan and going to convenience store made me kinda giddy since they're really different from what I'd ever seen and it's mostly Japan-only food. However I did not stop to pose and take pictures.

I don't know if it's the lighting in the store but her face looks particularly old there >>265564

sage for blogpost

No. 265602

File: 1489010577072.png (67.04 KB, 750x420, IMG_0091.PNG)

Today is shopping round two

No. 265608

File: 1489011074396.png (71.75 KB, 990x252, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.10…)

Her mom can't figure out how a store can sell more than one item.

No. 265610

why not just walk, it's not far

No. 265616

Literally one stop to Shibuya by the only train that goes through Harajuku lmao how are they so clueless

No. 265649

I'm actually excited for when she gets back and does a haul. I want to see all the shit she wasted her money on. No doubt with each item she'll tell a 10 minute story though

No. 265658

Does their wifi block google and only lets them access facebook and instagram or something, lol. Idiots, seriously.

No. 265664

isn't shibuya 109 pretty stagnant these days?

No. 265678

So many stores have closed down there lately. New stuff does open up but I don't know if it's fast enough to replace what closes.

I'm sure she will go to Wego again, and she will go to Spinns. She will look at Ank Rouge and Swankiss, but she can't really fit into them anymore so she will probably just get accessories there. Liz Lisa and MARS aren't her style (though again, I don't think she'd fit them). Maybe she will buy a Samantha Vega bag. And since she's now BFFs with Sharla, I'm sure she will go to Moussy.

No. 265684

File: 1489016380066.jpeg (53.87 KB, 500x333, 5433400.jpeg)

>big day traveling by train
>3 minute train ride

No. 265685

It's literally one stop away… You're telling me that Jill had time to make a full planner for the trip (>>264798) with a shit ton of stickers and sparkles, but she couldn't take 5 minutes to print out a map of the JR line…?

No. 265763

Oh god. I have only been to Japan once, and I'm about to go back in April and she is doing this trip ALL WRONG. The JR system is literally so easy to figure out and it seems like they have done zero research beforehand on how to get around. Also is she even going anywhere outside of Tokyo?? If not she is gonna get bored real quick because Harajuku and Shibuya are fun for a day unless you plan on partying.

No. 265774

They're super close to 2 big Yodobashis and she seems so lost? It's not even that off the beaten path, I'm sure Jill would love it for the toy floor so she can buy all the crap meant for 10 year olds.

No. 265775

The trains are super easy. I'd never travelled by train/subway or even bus until I went to Japan and even I could figure it out.

There's literally signs above every platform that say where the train goes, and if you're freaking out that much or are going to a small station that wouldn't be written on the sign above the platform you can literally open google maps, type your destination station and it will tell you which line to ride and which train, if you need to transfer, sometimes even the exact platform # will be written for you.

No. 265782

Those dirty fucking boots!!

No. 265784

I would be massively embarrassed if my only friend in Japan was my mom tbh (and i love my mom)

No. 265786

google docs didn't have that feature i guess lol

No. 265788

I was just thinking that. Like, that poor guy probably tried his best to save those pink disasters.

No. 265791

They're in Japan, not Mexico.

No. 265801

it looks like she's streaking underneath that pastel jacket

>when your only experience with mexican food is taco bell

No. 265817

>what is montezuma's revenge

No. 265836

Wasn't she planning to go to cat island? If they can’t figure out how to get around an electronics store or go from Harajuku to Shibuya then that's really going to be something.

No. 265867

File: 1489029280835.png (145.15 KB, 750x967, IMG_0096.PNG)

No. 265868

File: 1489029332378.png (195.05 KB, 750x1086, IMG_0093.PNG)

From what I can see in the background it doesn't look like she's bought much in the ways of clothes

No. 265869

File: 1489029360151.png (168.65 KB, 750x1076, IMG_0095.PNG)

Last one for now

No. 265870

whyyyyy does she look so haggard all of a sudden, more than ever

looks like a bunch of tacky weeb stuff really

No. 265873

pffft oh man I wish I could hear her try to speak Japanese

No. 265879

Because she doesn't edit photos before she posts them to her spam account. Her main insta has all of its photos carefully edited before they're posted.

No. 265882

i wouldn't be surprised if she actually doesn't like strawberry flavored things that much but still eats them because they're pink

No. 265884

Anyone knows what's her mom's equipment? This is such a great picture, quality wise.
But the model… Blerg.

No. 265890

That confetti glitter literally makes it look like there's a rash under her eye.
And by ordering in Japanese she means just reading the katakana in a bad accent even though they're almost all english words anyway?

No. 265893

That's basic katakana. Come on, it's not even difficult to order that shit.

No. 265895

Pretty much!

No. 265919

File: 1489036003424.jpg (76.24 KB, 720x960, 17190624_10154915645541405_950…)

Jill is trying stuff on in Swankiss. If there aren't any Swankiss clothes in her haul when she gets back, we can confirm that she's too big for the store entirely.

No. 265924

Wait patiently anon, the pretty cure store will be a RIDE.

No. 265925

The poor shop staff. Also wtf is on her head?

No. 265929

That literally looks like a thrift store nightgown, and I buy a shit ton of thrift store nightgowns

No. 265952

File: 1489041157728.png (163.38 KB, 750x1053, IMG_0098.PNG)

No. 265953

File: 1489041205492.png (165.92 KB, 750x1090, IMG_0097.PNG)

Im still so weirded out by the fact that she's spending just days shopping

No. 265956

File: 1489041684672.png (138.9 KB, 750x1090, IMG_0099.PNG)

No. 265964

So she can still fit into swankiss, but she picked the ugliest things they sell. That skirt looks like something Yumi King would make and that sweater is going to be grey in a month. I'm guessing she couldn't fit into their nicer stuff? Or she just has really bad taste.

No. 265976

anything with an elasticated waist doesn't count imo

No. 265990

yep I've seen tourists in Harajuku with their dads/moms and even though it's kinda cute it's also pretty sad since they are always weebs and the parents are ofc normal… just gives the vibe they couldn't find any other company to come with them, you'd think they'd like to travel with friends who are into same shit

No. 265999

I feel like that outfit is do-able, but not by her. Something about her is so anti-cute. Everything she touches turns to shit.

No. 266003

now that you pointed it out, the difference it makes when i scroll down so that i just see the outfit neck down without all that rainbow mess and eyebrow wrinkle is ASTOUNDING

No. 266006

I would love this outfit, she's not right for it all. But I can see the shop girls trying to hide the "peeps"

No. 266019

File: 1489057689734.jpg (214.4 KB, 929x483, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.07.57).jp…)

No. 266020

File: 1489057778441.jpg (119.96 KB, 807x594, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.08.40).jp…)

No. 266021

File: 1489057842127.jpg (193 KB, 933x568, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.09.10).jp…)

No. 266022

File: 1489058006576.jpg (180.02 KB, 929x595, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.09.30).jp…)

No. 266040

File: 1489061139633.png (22.96 KB, 844x190, ss (2017-03-09 at 04.03.47).pn…)

I had a SS order open and with the closure of Mahoustukai precure the merch for it was on sale for really cheap. I picked up some toys and was just looking at youtube videos for what I bought.
Scroll down to the comments and lel look who I found. This is on the video for Cure Felices Flower Wand

No. 266043


So she's had a sakura drink from 7/11, a sakura drink from McDonalds, and is going to get a sakura frappuccino from Starbucks. And she's also had strawberry popcorn and a strawberry parfait… What the absolute fuck. I let the burger slide because at least it was a normal meal but come on.

No. 266048

Those nails already look terrifying and absolutely horrid,
What the fuck Jill.

No. 266051

I agree that elastic skirts dont count, but lmao its stretched so hard the cute lace up details just look like a distorted mess Holy shit i am loving these insta posts.
hot messTM for the next couple of weeks

No. 266052

Also shes in Japan yet her make up is even more terrible than usual. This is such a wild ride.

No. 266054

I dont like this top at all. It doesnt really suit her "party kei" aesthetic and it feels more like that elegant sweet style (liz lisa, etc). The thing that bothers me the most about it is it makes her shoulders look HUGE. I think its from the larger silhouette the sheer polkadot fabric on top gives

Skirt is cute but too small for her, the band is way too stretched lol.

No. 266058


Did she just come to Japan to try sakura flavoured drinks or something?

No. 266060

>nice stuff

Well that's your problem right there. Of course she's going for the tackiest brand imaginable. Totally suits her.

No. 266077

she literally had this on her itinerary lmao

No. 266079

Imagine paying $80 for fucking polyester.

No. 266082

Swankiss has cute things but the quality is absolute cheap shit, sage for no contribution

No. 266083

That's almost $110CAD. Holy shit.

No. 266095

Is this special? You can get those literally anywhere.

>jill has bad taste
Well, we knew that.

No. 266104


that sweater is going to fall apart before her japan trip ends, knowing how she just throws her clothes on the floor.
how to be a fashion designer:
>buy clothes that you obviously will have trouble washing
>buy shitty polyester for $100
>also buy it so it only goes with the one other specially-washable polyester skirt for $100

who cares as long as its PEENK AND FLOOFY, amirite? its ok because Louise the house maid will probably wash it for her.

im surprised Louise didnt call her retarded for buying that. I guess the whole family has no concept of prices, quality, and overall worth of things, just get everything you want all the time with no forethought

No. 266108

I think it was just the fact that it's labelled "strawberry", anon. She's easily amused.

No. 266113

Honestly, I think she looks cute here. It's a well balanced outfit and it suits her more than what she usually wears. It's like a balance between her old lolita style and party kei.

No. 266117

It's a lot better than most of her outfits, It's just that stupid looking face that she makes in all her picture that bothers me

No. 266123

File: 1489075788566.png (63.18 KB, 750x349, IMG_0100.PNG)

At least three hauls to look forward to!

No. 266125

If someone irl asks her what she saw at Japan, all she could say rn is mcdonalds and overpriced tacky polyester. Kek

No. 266143

Yeah I kinda like it too, because nothing really clashes too bad. That skirt looks pretty cheap tho, not sure but it's probably not worth the pricetag.

No. 266159

I'm hoping that she will actually run out of stuff to do early like a lot of people have said she is likely to do. Maybe that way if her mother could stop freaking out over tiny things for a second, they could actually then spend a couple days going and doing something special and see real unique cultural sights and/or go outside of Tokyo

No. 266170

I hope so too. But on the other hand, I feel like diverting from her "carefully planned" itenerary would make her have a panic attack. It seems like she's less interested in having experiences and more interested in material things she can take home.
I think everyone here is cringing at her trip because it seems like a waste, but this girl is so shallow that I guess this is perfect for her.

No. 266206

Kinda sad to think that she probably wanted to buy a lot more from there but all she could fit were the t's, and the stretchy skirts and sweaters.

No. 266209

File: 1489085813731.png (48.48 KB, 614x279, IMG_0985.PNG)

In response to her photo of her first time in 7-11 somebody asked "are there none in Canada?" I grew up in a small ass town in BC and we have one. Is there really none where she is?

No. 266215

I tired looking it up, I don't think they're any 7-11s on PEI, and I doubt it's somewhere she would go while on vacation to anywhere else

No. 266216

What's on her right arm? Is it a bruise?

No. 266222

I've only seen them in western Canada, there isn't one on PEI or any of the Atlantic provinces as far as I know

No. 266224

File: 1489087705529.jpg (125.47 KB, 720x960, IMG_0102.JPG)

No. 266227

The strawberry camera is upside down and the honey camera is on its side. It's making me uncomfortable to look at.

I don't even think she coordinated the outfit herself. It doesn't look like it goes well - I imagine that the shop girls probably picked only the cheekiest of pink pieces from the plus-size/elasticated section, regardless of whether it coordinated well or not.

Nice nose.

No. 266230

I would love to see Jillian in a completely different style, or just different colors like black or neutrals… I don't think she can pull of the whole pastel kawaii thing - not that many white girls can, anyways. Imagine how she'd look if she dressed more her age and not like a five year old at a birthday party.

No. 266244

We have TONS of them in Toronto (Ontario) and all of the smaller towns outside of the city. I've never been to a city or town in Ontario without a 7/11

No. 266281

I can't judge her for that, though. At least this are things you can only get in Japan.

No. 266344

File: 1489098496231.png (260.32 KB, 750x1033, IMG_0106.PNG)

No. 266346

File: 1489098537524.jpg (577 KB, 1333x2000, IMG_0104.JPG)

Her mom is really a slave for her

No. 266347

>shopping at h&m and lush
Why Jill

No. 266348

man I thought she looked cute her for a second and then those horrible shoes and socks.

No. 266349

Hilarious that both Jill and her mom are complaining about their feet like they never walk around back home

No. 266350

if you crop out the face and the shoes you ALMOST have an acceptable looking outfit??? also lol at the white people behind her and their expressions

No. 266351

to be fair they don't live in a city and probably arent used to walking everywhere. Plus they don't use that treadmill they have. I thought Jill bought shoes specifically for walking in japan

No. 266353

File: 1489099985398.png (67.16 KB, 750x335, IMG_0107.PNG)

Oh but will Jill be able to stay under that?

No. 266359

why is she wearing that sweater with the dress?

No. 266360

I'm pretty sure swankiss is one size

I think Japanese 7-11s and convenience stores are supposed to be nicer than other ones

No. 266366

"Managed the train"
One stop by the only train that ever goes through Harajuku

Lord these people

No. 266370

It is sad that she's ONLY shopping but at the same time I'm not gonna deny that I'm enjoying watching her do it

No. 266403

Tbh I don't think the 7-11 thing is too bad, konbinis are a "thing" since they tend to be way nicer and have a wider variety of products, services, and merch that no other 7-11 outside of Japan has. So they can be kinda fun as a quick stop for a browse and a snack. What is bad is her trying basically nothing that's actually adventurous or uniquely Japanese, smh.

Also the thing about the 800$ tax limit is so bizarre, is that a Canada thing? You have to fill out customs forms on the return flight to the US too and even though there's technically a limit on how much you can transport without taxation it's not like they search your bag or demand receipts or anything. Unless you're sketch, but mama Vessey gives off painfully normie vibes so they shouldn't have to sweat it.

I'm loving her moms FB tho! It's hilarious to see all Jillians weeb without the pink filters and u wu nonsense

No. 266420

File: 1489106197345.png (52.14 KB, 560x338, Untitled.png)

No. 266421

I think that law is in place to deter people who come to different countries to resell stuff.

No. 266435

>You have to fill out customs forms on the return flight to the US too and even though there's technically a limit on how much you can transport without taxation it's not like they search your bag or demand receipts or anything. Unless you're sketch
I think it's the same as this in most countries tbh, They won't check unless they think you're reselling things you got tax free. I don't know why Canada has a limit of $800, but Jillian probably needs it. Only thing is you're not supposed to open and use cosmetics or food etc. to prove they're souvenirs or that you're taking them back with you, but no one is going to stop and check through Jillian's tacky haul of ugly pink sweaters, especially since she (probably) has a canadian passport which is where the reciepts would be.

Why does she have legit grey on her nose and under her eyes? Invest in some concealer Jill.

No. 266473

File: 1489113504303.png (2.14 MB, 1630x1200, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.3…)

more boring food

No. 266475

File: 1489113578995.png (2.45 MB, 1870x1204, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.3…)

she's going to be 50lbs heavier after this trip

No. 266487

How can someone constantly eat and drink all of this sweet stuff? I get having a little every day or even splurging on vacation, but doesn't she feel sick after a while?

No. 266565

Oh lord, she's visiting the Pretty Store today.

Also I find it funny that 6% and galaxxxy do snaps of customers yet neither seem to have snapped her.

No. 266648

if her mom's shoes are anything like her's it's no wonder their feet ache

No. 266650

Even if she doesn't, it's not difficult to lie on customs forms.

No. 266655

If this isn't the moment that teaches Mama Vessey to say no, nothing will.

No. 266663

yeah taking off tags and saying it was stuff you packed isn't really that difficult though i guess it's harder to lie if you're bringing home multiple suitcases and shippipng stuff to yourself lmao

No. 266693

Look how stretched the elastic on the skirt is. kek

No. 266698

Why can't she use hairspray or gel on those flyaways? jfc

No. 266699

The looks on those white people's faces. hahaha

No. 266700


No. 266706

File: 1489124293236.png (225.98 KB, 750x1087, IMG_0108.PNG)

$207? What all did she even buy?

No. 266707

H&M I kinda get since the items are different from country to country but Lush?? Just get that shit in Canada. It's all just shit in the end anyway.

No. 266719


No. 266722

Her face holy shit that dress isn't even big enough for her head.

No. 266724

I can live vicariously through her horrendously irresponsible shopping addiction and I kind of love it

can't wait for the hauls, here's hoping she doesn't spend 2 hours talking about each piece of notebook paper she bought

No. 266725

Jfc how can someone spend so much on precure? This haul will be something for sure.

No. 266727

Saying how much you spend on things is actually incredibly shameful in Japan. So lol

No. 266734

I'm not here to bash Jill's middle aged Canadian mom for not knowing how to navigate a gargantuan Japanese electronics department store, my American parents struggled with those as well. You have to pay really close attention to the signs and it can be kind of mazelike and overstimulating.

No. 266743

Despite everything I'm enjoying reading about this trip, she looks so damn happy. I just hope her mom gets to do something she wants.

No. 266762

Me too. Jill is so fucking annoying and dumb but honestly, I'm happy she's happy?? I dunno, I'm having fun watching her overspending on stupid crap she doesn't need. I'm very doubtful she'll give her mom a day to do something she would like to do, Jill is pretty spoiled.

No. 266768

I doubt her mom is ever going to get to do anything, by the looks of her facebook she's not even going to get to go to Shinjuku in the 2 weeks they're there.

No. 266772

Same I love to laugh at Jill being a tasteless idiot too but all she's doing right now is enjoying her wealth. She's wasteful and dumb but she's not hurting anybody, and her pictures are cute so it's nice to see a person being happy
Hopefully Jill being happy makes her mom happy by default

No. 266797

I live in a smaller city in Canada and we have a asian grocery store chain that sells this shit. Green tea kit kats, popin cookin, pocky midis, all that weeb shit. In Vancouver it's even more wild, they have an asian mall with all kinds of weeb stuff like purikura and daiso, I even remember buying obscure blind boxes, and they have a really cool asian night market and China town.

No. 266801

It's not that she didn't know how to navigate it. She just didn't understand that a store could sell more than cameras.

No. 266810

I'm also happy she's happy. At least she's being nice and sweet and not a little bitch about everything.

No. 266811

Seems kind of easy tbh if she was getting some of the toys. The new compact from Kirakira is 4600 yen along iirc

No. 266815

>from Vancouver
>know exactly the mall your talking about lel

Its Aberdeen Center in Richmond for anyone that wants to take a look. They have multiple purikura machines which is fun and a gachapon store with tons of official Japanese toys. The gacha store is really scalper-y though, so a lot of stuff your better off buying online. Theres also a really cute asian cafe thing that serves honey toast and waffles and shit like that.

I dont understand Jill buying LUSH and pocky tho, for real.. She could have easily found those things when she makes trips to Montreal like she usually does. Im really surprised they havent been to some of the more quirky/touristy cafes yet like Kawaii Monster Cafe, Pom Pom Purin Cafe, Q-Pot Cafe, Milky Way Galaxy Cafe, etc etc

No. 266822

Monster Cafe will happen soon anon
>Aberdeen Centre
Ot but every time I see UK place names recycled abroad I cringe, why are so many places named after small parts of a grey and rainy island?!

No. 266823

Do you know what colonization is? What are they teaching you in school these days lol

No. 266828


I'm happy I keep seeing greater van area people. Sage for no contribution.

No. 266836

Because rain island colonised all these places

No. 266853

File: 1489148892022.jpg (149.81 KB, 929x599, ss (2017-03-10 at 04.28.09).jp…)

No. 266854

"working my ass off" lmao jill you've depended on your mommy literally your whole life.

No. 266867

Ohhhh my god she's nineteen years old taking (more than) a gap year. I'm 25 and my parents would never take me to Japan, even though we travel internationally relatively regularly there's no way in hell they'd let me pick a destination and plan a trip entirely around shopping and anime, even though I've been openly and obnoxiously obsessed with magical girls for fifteen years. And I've been working my ass off for ten years, out of college for five.

Saged, obviously.(don't blog)

No. 266883

I gotta say I like seeing her act passionate about Japanese fashion again though since most of the brands she is shopping for there are so much cuter than what she's mainly been wearing lately. Jill wearing more Swankiss, Galaxxxy, etc. and more actual decent-quality pastel accessories instead of party store decorations sounds great.

No. 266892

I''m pretty sure she already got the new compact for her birthday so I wonder what else was there that she had to buy.Like most of the things in the pretty story are for kids and less for collectors.

No. 266900

That's actually a wego bag, the logo is clearer in another pic

No. 266915

File: 1489159490725.jpg (215.46 KB, 922x588, ss (2017-03-10 at 07.24.36).jp…)

No. 266916

File: 1489159548659.jpg (168.29 KB, 921x589, ss (2017-03-10 at 07.25.16).jp…)

No. 266919

File: 1489159675449.jpg (188.47 KB, 927x591, ss (2017-03-10 at 07.25.40).jp…)

No. 266920

those forehead wrinkles. girl you are 19.

No. 266922

Jill, if you want sky high brows, get a brow lift. You will have less wrinkles and you could get your mom/maid to pay for it just like she pays for everything else.

No. 266953

As I said before, I don't think she raises them for her eyebrows. I think she wants to make her eyes appear more open.

No. 266959


>>"working my ass off for years"


No. 266970

That topknot hairstyle is most unflattering shit, WHY she thinks it looks good at all

No. 266981

It would be 1000x better imo if she left some hair down for bangs or even used clip in bangs

No. 266983

>working ass off for years
>lives with parents and japan trip was paid for by them while she spends all her money on useless shit and garbage


No. 267000

File: 1489172600045.png (17.93 KB, 320x466, Lil_DeVille.png)

No. 267002

Dont flatter her.

No. 267079

File: 1489181188147.png (203.84 KB, 750x1057, IMG_0116.PNG)

Guess who's up

No. 267080

File: 1489181232259.png (226.67 KB, 750x997, IMG_0117.PNG)

No. 267087

i just can't with those disgusting shoes. for someone so into her 'image' it's like -GIRL- dirty grubby fucking pink wedge platforms (all day every day) plus walking around in them in Tokyo and complaining your feet hurt. wouldn't a person like this who wasn't a complete sham have loads of different shoes.

No. 267088

File: 1489181609900.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

So if that dog is her "purse"…where is she putting all the stuff she's carrying? Is her mom carrying all her stuff for her? I feel bad for her mom

No. 267091

She does have a ton of shoes, but they are all like that. They all have weird heels or platforms, none of them (that I remember) are really conventional and comfortable

No. 267092


this skirt makes her look even bigger, that birthday crown and those dirty shoes give such second hand embarrassment. how can you call yourself an "style expert" when you can't even take proper care of your shoes??I also wonder, how do you want to walk in such shoes all day long? no wonder she complains about her hurting feet. I have so many questions.

No. 267093

I fucking hate those clown shoes. they never fail to make me frown

No. 267096

Is she really doing nothing but shopping?

No. 267097

She looks younger in this pic. Maybe it's because we can't see her forehead wrinkles and she's not giving the camera a shit-eating smug look.

No. 267098

Shopping and eating!

No. 267099

For someone dropping so much money on clothes, she sure can't dress for shit.

No. 267101

File: 1489182323214.jpg (86.02 KB, 830x597, 1324.JPG)

her followers also start to wonder if she is dong other things than shopping and the precure things

No. 267102

This would be a pretty cute larme outfit on anyone other than her (minus the shit she has on her head). The poor skirt looks like it's going to give any moment, the shirt is stretched out to the max, and the filthy shoes… I have no words. Everything about it is unflattering. Someone needs to tell her, just because you can squeeze into the clothes doesn't mean they look good.

Also is her mom just there to take awkward pictures of her outfits on Takeshita street every day? I get she's a photographer but how embarrassing, even the tourists in shot look weirded out.

No. 267105

Don't forget the green socks. Honestly are they the strawberry socks she bought yesterday. I just don't understand how someone can wear pink/white and then choose green socks
This larme outfit is the best she looked in a while and she had help from the sales assistant to put it together.

No. 267107

Didn't even notice them until now, was she out of clean socks or something? Not that that would stop her judging by the sight of her shoes. I also just noticed the dog "bag" why doesn't she just buy a regular stuffed animal bag? It's just so stupid and pointless, she's literally lugging around a stuffed animal on a string and she can't even carry anything in it. What a mess.

No. 267108

i feel kinda grubby/dirty just looking at her sometimes. like, if i were her i would need to go scrub myself raw in a bath for several hours + shave off all my hair and start over from this hot mess she has created.

No. 267109

i guess those are the strawberry socks. my eyes instantly go to the gross shoes and in this case socks too but perhaps unfortunate in this case that just the green part shows. not that any socks would redeem this situation but i'm guess thats what has happened. and if we all saw this, SO SHOULD SHE HAVE WHEN SHE FUCKING PUT IT ON.

No. 267110

i've actually started to feel genuinely sad for that dog bag. the poor thing looks so bewildered at the destiny that has befallen it.

No. 267111


Anon slow down, your samefag is showing. Not that I don't agree with you that she looks grubby though.

No. 267113

This outfit is so busy. She should focus on one thing (the "birthday girl" theme, dog theme, strawberries, or whatever is on her shirt) and sprinkle it tastefully through her outfit, kind-of like you would do with the motifs in a lolita coord.
She also needs to start wearing things that fit and flatter her body, but that can wait until the learns she doesn't need to wear her entire accessory bin at once.

No. 267121

apols for samefaggotry.
my pent up feelings just came gushing out.

No. 267122

File: 1489184574849.png (128.79 KB, 1250x936, IMG_0208.PNG)

5head ahoy

No. 267123

>She should focus on one thing (the "birthday girl" theme, dog theme, strawberries, or whatever is on her shirt) and sprinkle it tastefully through her outfit, kind-of like you would do with the motifs in a lolita coord.
Ironically she made a whole video about this back in the day, she should really watch it and take notes from her 15 year old self. Oh how far she has fallen.

No. 267124

so if she's got her birthday crown and dog on a string with her today, does that mean today is her "birthday day" in japan? are we not going to see the dreaded birthday outfit she made?

No. 267125

File: 1489184841149.png (54.12 KB, 750x248, IMG_0112.PNG)

Says here in her plan that she'd be at Akihabara today, but apparently they're not going till next week. I wonder what they'll be doing today then

No. 267129

I hope so, no one should have to see that outfit. It probably looks worse in person than it does online.

Hopefully her mom put her foot down and they will get to see some gardens or shrines or something along those lines

No. 267132

This skirt is basically a much cuter version of the one she made for her birthday outfit

No. 267134

It actually kind of reminds me of the monstrosity that was her prom dress.

No. 267141

File: 1489185799559.jpg (189.2 KB, 928x466, ss (2017-03-10 at 02.43.08).jp…)

No. 267142

File: 1489185869350.jpg (145.09 KB, 926x592, ss (2017-03-10 at 02.43.53) (1…)

No. 267150

her planner wasn't concrete. she wrote out days to give an idea of how long everything would take so she could make sure everything would fit rather than it would be specific days

No. 267151

>Hopefully her mom put her foot down and they will get to see some gardens or shrines or something along those lines

This is what I'm hoping for but her mom seems like a complete pushover so far. Jillian might throw a tantrum and burst the elastic on that fucking skirt if it's not a day of constant toy stores and junk food.

No. 267152

Her face looks so saggy from the sides. ouch

No. 267153

She's probably making her mom hold everything. I feel bad for her.

No. 267155

Pixie, please invest in some bangs!!

No. 267157

Those hearts on her cheeks look like she's bleeding from her eyes..

No. 267163

Why didn't she stand on the mirror platform for the pic?

No. 267165

File: 1489188772464.png (85.31 KB, 750x498, IMG_0119.PNG)

Kek I'm so excited to see how this play out
>also switching trains ohhh nooo
>people who never use public transit

No. 267167

I honest to God can't imagine spending thousands of dollars to travel internationally just to… shop. Sure, when you travel you always end up buying shit anyway. But for it to be you're #1 reason for two weeks straight just boggles my mind. Especially when Japan has such a rich culture too.

idk fam, it just screams spoiled cunt to me

No. 267169

Louise having to sit through a show meant for literal children. Wonder if she'll notice that her daughter is the only fan in the crowd over 8 years of age.

No. 267171

File: 1489189235316.png (87.49 KB, 750x500, IMG_0120.PNG)

Looks like Jill isn't in control tomorrow though, I hope she's able to handle it

No. 267181

File: 1489189898286.png (26.67 KB, 750x169, IMG_0121.PNG)

Did she ever actually live in England? Or had she always been this dense?

No. 267183

>not even visiting shinjuku when staying in tokyo for 2 weeks

No. 267185

The person commenting on how they have to switch trains, what. How is the concept of taking multiple trains confusing? I don't understand these people.

Also, meeting up with your friend to go to a shrine after you spent the day taking your adult daughter to a kids' show doesn't scream "more calm and beautiful Japan" to me.

No. 267186

Shes in JAPAN
Shes been to SWANKISS (and multiple other stores but Swankiss is famoose for their shoes specifically)

No. 267197


She looks like a toddler whose mother let her pick out her own outfit for the day. I still can't believe she goes out in public like this, how is her mom not embarrassed 24/7.

No. 267198

If trains are so confusing for them why don't they just take a taxi everywhere? They can afford it, or is hailing a taxi too much for them?

probably can't fit into their shoes, isn't she like a size 8 or 9 US? Either way no matter how many shoes she buys she treats them like shit and they'll be filthy in a few days.

No. 267199

am I the only one who thinks she looks really bad with bangs. Like she doesn't look great with her bangs up but I still find it an improvement. I think it's just me but she looks weirdly more masculine with her bangs down. Not so much now she doesn't have yellow hair but she looks like He-man

No. 267204

she looks good with bangs if she doesn't have her hair super short. otherwise it crowds her face too much and makes her already chubby face look even shorter and wider. but when she has in extensions or her hair is grown out to about her shoulders, bangs really help her because they hide how she scrunches up her forehead and her hideously dark eyebrows

No. 267208

She's started to blur out/edit out her forehead wrinkles, kek. Hi Jill!

No. 267211

She looks a million times better with longer hair in general tbh, she just keeps cutting it shorter and it just makes her face look rounder and it does her no favours. She also needs to stop doing that ugly half top knot, it looks awful on most people but she especially needs the extra layers framing her face.

No. 267219

File: 1489192389357.png (2.25 MB, 1100x1148, 1439879198054.png)

Like >>267204 said, she looks best with long hair and bangs. She does look good in general with long hair, though. This is an old picture but even though her style was soft grunge Tumblr, it still looked a 100 times better than the mess it is now.

I wonder what she's going to do when she really looks too old for this kid's stuff. She's on a fast track there, with her wrinkles and all. Maybe she'll end up like PT kek.

No. 267220

Apparently you've never met a lolita

No. 267222

This is basically what all the jfashion youtubers do honestly. Or just any youtuber who's into fashion and makeup.

No. 267226

File: 1489192869934.png (1.37 MB, 1200x948, Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.39…)

even the illusion of having long hair helps her out like in this picture where you can imagine her hair being pulled away from her face

it's the length just around her chin that ages her and makes her head look huge

No. 267247

Good on you Louise.

No. 267255

File: 1489195282079.png (181.13 KB, 750x1109, IMG_0122.PNG)

Wearing a kids shirt

No. 267256

File: 1489195330692.png (25.07 KB, 674x180, IMG_0123.PNG)

And making her mom wear one too

No. 267262

Can we all please stop acting like Jill is brainwashing her mom or forcing her to do all of this? Louise has babied Jill for her whole life. She's encouraged and rewarded this behaviour. She's been next to Jill as they do all of this stuff together. If she will go to an anime con with Jill, she will wear a tshirt to see a show her daughter likes. Louise is just as happy to do this dumb shit as Jill is.

No. 267277

there is more dirt on those shoes than before urgh

she specifically bought those pink slip ons with the fluff on top for this trip but has yet to wear them

her face looks like its made of dough, and yes undoubtedly louise is carrying all her shit while jill prances around buying stuff.

excuse you anon, there is simply not enough time in their busy lives

No. 267328

File: 1489202881453.png (211.04 KB, 750x1035, IMG_0124.PNG)

No. 267329

probably wouldn't let her with those dirty ass shoes

No. 267330

This is basically what all the jfashion youtubers do honestly. Or just any youtuber who's into fashion and makeup. >>267326

No. 267332

double post sorry.
This is so cringy but seeing her so happy and unapologetically enjoying herself there is kinda nice.

No. 267338

I feel so awful for her mother, she has to sit through hours of japanese children cartoons (live show and movie), all in japanese. are they even going to understand any of it?

No. 267358

Why is she so embarrassing?

No. 267374

jill logic: paying $3000 to see a $5 children's event

No. 267381

I just can't see how this is enjoyable. I'm a huge weeb who's loved things like Pokemon/Digimon since I was young, but I can't imagine going to a similar live action show for 5 year olds, especially when I don't speak Japanese.

No. 267383

I don't understand how she's so obsessed with a show for literal children, like it's one thing to collect the wands but surely she knows these kinds of things are for people literally 10 years younger than her. Why can't she just like idol anime like a regular weeb?

No. 267384

>Why can't she just like idol anime like a regular weeb?

Or how to tell someone has no idea about anime in one sentence.

No. 267388

That's that thing. This is no sera myu. This is literally a half assed show to keep kids entertained for half an hour. Hell, even a Vocaloid live show would be better than this and that's as weeby as it gets. She's as cringey as a brony about precure honestly.

No. 267393

The facial reactions in the backgrounds of these outfit pics are giving me such life

No. 267395

But isn't a US 8/9 considered a large?
I'm just going off my knowledge of knowing I'm a US 7.5 and have bought some BtSSB booties that were a medium (which are 7/8 size wise I believe?) and they fit perfectly… so she shouldn't have a problem with a JP Large shoe I would think.

No. 267403

As someone who's a huge precure fan even I wouldn't go to the live show. I'm only a year younger than Jill but I'd rather set myself on fire than be as cringy she's being.

No. 267406

No. 267418

My friend's daughter was watching the English version the other day. I asked her what she was watching (I figured it was Precure but I'm not familiar enough to be sure) and she seemed kind of embarrassed to admit that it was Glitter Force (what the English version is called on Netflix). She's 7. I'm pretty sure it's because she thought I would think it was weird ( I was just like "oh it's Pretty Cure") but lol. I wonder what all the moms with their kids thought of her being there.

No. 267419

thanks for the blog

No. 267425

it's really not that strange, honestly. precure has a large following outside of just kids, a lot of my Japanese female friends like it a lot. I mean the extent to which she's into it is questionable, sure, but liking it in general isn't really seen as weird.

No. 267426

Because it's fun Anon, it's not her liking things that's cringey it's how materialistic and shallow she is.

No. 267427

File: 1489218574860.png (67.59 KB, 921x168, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 6.18…)

>for children between the age of 5-9
>often 2 or 3 hours long

No. 267444

File: 1489221826466.jpeg (126.81 KB, 1200x675, C6nRPPMVoAAnYQc.jpeg)

Here's a photo from today of the show she was at…

No. 267448

Because that looks like the changeroom, and you have to take off your shoes before entering them in Japan. Just imagine her stepping on there with her filthy feet and the assistant flailing frantically to get her to take her shoes off.

No. 267458

Definitely not. I'm a size 8, and trust me, I've tried to squeeze into cute shoes I see here that only go up to a size L and they've never fit comfortably (if at all) I wear a size LL which only certain stores here carry.

No. 267464

File: 1489232108534.png (730.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is worse than the tea

No. 267471


She's gonna weigh 400lb soon, I'm completely convinced she's a feedee

No. 267475

It looks barren…

No. 267489

Is she ever going to eat normal food while she's there? All she's had so far is sugary drinks and dessert food. Even if she doesn't like Japanese food, at least eat something slightly healthy. At this rate she won't fit in any of the clothes she bought during the trip.

Was she really this excited about this bleak looking show?

No. 267501

lol wow there are so many jelly fatties here. get a job and you can go to japan too, bitches

No. 267503

I can't imagine being almost 20 and sitting through a 2-3 hour children's show if I didn't have my niece or nephew with me.. Jill is really freaking weird.

No. 267504

I'm feeling secondhand embarrassment just from looking at this picture.

No. 267505

I doubt anyone is jelly about having to go on holiday with their mom because of having no friends irl watching stupid children shows and buying clothes they barely fit into

No. 267507

Oh, fuck me!! Jill, stop with the marshmallow garbage and eat some real Japanese food.

No. 267514

Go back to your Instagram crappy live Q&A's Kate

No. 267525

Im into lolita and its a huge reason I want to go to Japan myself. But I cant understand Jills logic of it being the ONLY reason shes there. If you are spending so much money on plane tickets to be there already, you're best to make sure you are seeing as much as you possibly can there.
It truly baffles me that so far they are doing very VERY little other things besides shopping

No. 267526


No. 267527

Probably cant fit them tbh. Im a size 9 and no way in hell do any asian shoes fit me. The only place she and I would be able to buy shoes is the Bodyline store kek

No. 267531

File: 1489245691632.jpg (178.29 KB, 924x591, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.21.09).jp…)

No. 267532

File: 1489245761200.jpg (157.6 KB, 926x486, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.21.42).jp…)

No. 267533

File: 1489245850785.jpg (145.42 KB, 928x594, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.22.54).jp…)

No. 267534

Wonder if she'll eat this too

No. 267535

File: 1489245919439.jpg (169.91 KB, 929x444, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.23.11).jp…)

No. 267536

File: 1489246033430.jpg (147.74 KB, 923x594, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.24.24).jp…)

No. 267538

File: 1489246177688.jpg (103.83 KB, 926x504, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.24.42).jp…)

No. 267539

File: 1489246253837.jpg (123.63 KB, 811x594, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.25.09).jp…)

No. 267540

File: 1489246369779.jpg (145.37 KB, 884x593, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.29.51).jp…)

No. 267541

File: 1489246422406.jpg (244.79 KB, 928x595, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.30.12).jp…)

No. 267542

File: 1489246489595.jpg (176.14 KB, 927x591, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.30.34).jp…)

No. 267543

File: 1489246537715.jpg (101.35 KB, 930x523, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.33.36).jp…)

No. 267544

File: 1489246627612.jpg (154.82 KB, 928x594, ss (2017-03-11 at 07.35.14).jp…)

No. 267553

So they met up with Louise's friend to eat marshmallow pizza and do more shopping??????

No. 267558

Stop sucking each other off

No. 267564

How is it any different than other 20-somethings who are obsessed with Sailor Moon? I heard Precure is a pretty good magical girl anime, and they have some darker, more serious seasons. I also heard it has great animation.

No. 267571

We know, Jill. We know.

No. 267574

It's a good little show. Jillian making sounds about how OHMYGODAMAZING it is annoys the crap out of me and how materialistic she is about the show annoys me to no end. The shows good though and a lot of people here have said they collect the wands and merchandise too(myself included), only we don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on something that should cost $5. What I will say is that she will use this Japan experience to quote "trump" other fans of she meets them. They mention they like/watch the show and she will instantly be out with "well IVE seen a cheeky LIVE SHOW in JAPAN I was so JAZZED".
I'll be interested in what she brought though, probably mainly shit compared to the Japanese girls into the series who buy badges/keychains/figures. I'm betting on at least 5 coloring books.

No. 267578

Her mom really is her only friend… Wow.

No. 267591

Nothing about her trip has been remotely interesting so far. I know people have different tastes, but I don't get how her followers are fawning over her crying about being jealous that she's in Japan from what she's posting. All we're seeing are strawberry flavored foods (go to any Asian market for that), "trendy" polyester clothing (forever 21), and character merchandise. You can buy all this shit on the internet. You are so boring, Jill.

No. 267592

Is her hair like incapable of growing now do to all the bleaching? Because it would be nice to see her grow her hair out but I know she won't stop dying it anytime soon. Kinda makes me miss the days she'd wear wigs in her videos.

No. 267600

oh boy

No. 267605

The only "interesting" thing Ive found out from Jills trip is I had never heard of the character Pickles the frog >>267541 and I like him. But instead of spending thousands of dollars to find out about a new character toy, I'm just going to keep an eye out for him online :^)

No. 267606

Honestly you, guys are acting like Jill is brainwashing her mom to enjoy all of this.. I'm sure her mom actually enjoys it. Seeing her daughter happy probably makes her happy.
(Blog, but).. when I was younger I was super into bands like Fall Out Boy (lol), Muse, etc. My mom got into it to just because I liked it, and we would buy meet and greets together, go to nearby cities for concerts, etc. And I never forced my mom, she just did it because I was her daughter and she was invested in me. Just like she was invested in my other sister, too. And now both me and my sister have moved away and are independent.
Will Jill moves away? Who knows honestly.. because it seems she doesn't want to. I loved my parents, but always wanted to be independent. Jill lacks that. I wonder how long it'll be before she moves away.

Also, I doubt any of her friends had enough money to travel to Japan with her. She inly has one friend AFAIK which is Colin lmao, I don't know what his job is but it's probably some retail job. Most people travel with their parents, and then their SO when they're in their 20s with a more stable job.

No. 267607

It really mustnt or she keeps it cut short for preference. She keeps talking about how she wants to grow it all out to the same length from when she had a mohawk before. but her mohawk was when she was 13-14. So I dont understand how it hasnt grown out by now…

No. 267609

unless she's chemical burned her had to a ridiculous degree it'll still grow, this will be by choice, or because the bleaching is damaging the ends so much they have to constantly be hacked off

No. 267617

At this point it's probably snapping off at the ends with how often she dyes it. Like obviously her hair is still growing from the root, but she won't gain any length if her ends are breaking off from overprocessing.

No. 267627

At first I expected this to be something put out by a legit makeup brand and then I saw it was a child's toy. Of course.

No. 267628

lol no one even cares about her new video

No. 267632

File: 1489260005893.jpg (125.66 KB, 2000x1000, o-LESLIE-KNOPE-facebook.jpg)

old post but fucking kek

Her face looks horrible in some of the recent outfit pix and I agree with the anons saying her hairstyle ages her unflatteringly and unnecessarily. Something about her features and expressions (squinting and brow raising) and character makes me feel like she has a grandma face. She reminds me of Leslie Knope, too, physically and mentally, but in a really bad way. Also, OP pic ist super cute imo and always shits on any new content. I'd like to take her money and give it to a thousand hungry families in need and not leave her a dime tbh (but that's just me)

pic related

No. 267633

So I'm guessing the person who was claiming to know Jill personally was a fake. Honestly that's really disappointing. There has to be someone who knew her personally or at least went to the same school as her that can share deets

No. 267645

Can confirm I've met her in meets/cons a few hours away and there's been other anons with the same story or I recognize their location from when they describe meeting her. A few of us obviously have her personal fb or irl mutuals because i'm not the only one to leak caps.

But is anyone lurking/participating directly from pei?? that's the question

No. 267648

this makes me,, uncomfortable

No. 267666

Can I just say I was actually really surprised with the color pigmentation of this for a kids makeup…?

No. 267667

She has severe anxiety, I thought? My sister has severe anxiety as well and she could never do something like go to another country by herself, even if she really wanted to go. Having someone experienced do things with you that you are anxious about really helped my sister overcome some fear.
I think it's quite unjustified to judge jill for something like who she went with

No. 267688

>she has severe anxiety


What's with these random jillstans popping out of the wood work this last bit

No. 267698


At this point I'm actually worried about her health… Eating to fit her ~aesthetic~ could prove detrimental in the long run.

No. 267705

>"rainbow dash is my least favorite pony."
That's a surprise considering her hair.

No. 267706

File: 1489271694812.png (268.04 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170311-143131.png)

Bets are up if jill will pick this up or not lel

No. 267711

eh it doesn't really look like something she'd be into. too natural

No. 267719

File: 1489272505787.jpg (114.06 KB, 768x960, 17264322_1718687771478544_5333…)

better image of her photo from the precure show

No. 267727

Bit cringe but overall super cute tbh

No. 267732

First Pixie video I've watched in a while, did she upgrade her equipment? The quality of this looks really nice compared to her stuff 3-4 months ago

No. 267747

those anime masks are fuckin creepy

No. 267759

Agreed also her outfit here looks fairly simple and cohesive, not too bad

No. 267785

I have severe anxiety. I'm in Japan, alone, right now for the second time.

It would have been cheaper for Jill's parents to pay for anxiety medication and/or therapy than a second plane ticket/food/accomodation in Japan lol.

I'm starting to honestly think that Jill's mom is one of those really clingy moms though. Is Jill an only child? I have a cousin with a mother like that, won't let her do anything on her own, keeps her very sheltered.

No. 267786

afaik she has a brother

No. 267791

the face of an autistic womanchild

No. 267796

Why did she even go on this trip? She could have gone to a asian grocery, stalked up on food, ordered some things via an SS and then opened up youtube videos of city scenery

No. 267801

she posted pictures on the precure forum on her trip to the precure store.

No. 267807

File: 1489280776089.png (48.57 KB, 1045x139, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.0…)

'From now on I wish to only be addressed as The White 19 Year Old Woman Who Spent 200$ in the Pretty Cure Store'

please stop

also saw this in the chat and 1) seriously slow down on the sugar and 2) SPERSHL NIHON FUROTSUTO FURAKUSU ERR1

No. 267863

she was actually gorgeous (by my standards) here. It's been a journey seeing her go from irrelevant lolita to complete lolcow. Thanks for the ride Jill.

No. 267887

ngl, i'm surprised by that myself.

No. 267893

Holyshit, that last line is so beyond embarrassing.

No. 267907

i've met her a few times. she's actually nice once she stops putting on her persona but it's really hard for me to take those moments seriously when i then see her on insta five minutes later calling everything "cheeky" and making gimmicky faces lol

No. 267910

File: 1489293064299.jpg (88.12 KB, 720x960, 17201278_10154927317036405_472…)

jill's awful new backpack from wego

No. 267911

that hungry butt though

No. 267912

I hope she isn't planning on wearing this in public when she gets back to the US…She really is looking like an autistic womanchild.

No. 267916

That thing is cute as a stuffed animal, but not as a backpack. That kind of shit barely flies outside Japan's subculture. She's cringey.

No. 267925

Good lord, the family jowls.

No. 267926


from the way she takes care of her shoes, that thing is going to end up as a mess

No. 267928

this is exactly how she would attempt to relate to the local comm

>"hey guys i have more money than you yay!!"

It was a bit more insulting when she was 16 without a job but it's just as cringy now.

No. 267929

The artist (Esther Kim) just sold a ton of them at her sale in LA

No. 267954

wonder how that dog purse/stuffed toy with a string tied to it thing feels now

No. 267963

It's also a thing in the U.K. too since the artist collabed with lazy oaf I bought one of the shirts

No. 267999

glad that people who buy tacky clothing are here shitting on pixie lmao y'all need to look in the mirror

No. 268000

Go home, baitchan.

No. 268004

How can you even compare scummy, spoiled Jill to Leslie Knope though? Jill has no drive or motivation to do anything other than drink hot marshmallow water and work at a crappy jewellery store.

No. 268005

it's not bait. lazy oaf is just as tacky as the shit jill wears

No. 268018

Her brother is at college and is self-sufficient. Jill is just a leech.

No. 268023

>self sufficient
>getting discounted uni while his parents pay his bills

No. 268026

File: 1489312033313.jpg (116.13 KB, 960x720, 17265243_1719324724748182_7630…)

Not exactly about Jill but I cant help but kek at the fact that the store used an IKEA detolf shelf on the left

No. 268028

At least he's going to uni, that's more than one can say for Jillian who can't even finish a portfolio for whatever excuse.

No. 268029

File: 1489312880210.png (228.36 KB, 1720x1560, Untitled.png)

Posts from Curecentral. I left the header on from what thread their in

No. 268030

File: 1489312955041.jpg (126.8 KB, 810x596, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.02.22).jp…)

No. 268031

File: 1489313017740.jpg (138.36 KB, 931x447, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.02.48).jp…)

Oh no wonder the pants are so ill fitting >>267910 I guess she bought them in japan

>pixieespam@a_real_fake They're re-purposed vintage from SPINNS in Harajuku!

No. 268032

File: 1489313082307.jpg (146.79 KB, 810x598, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.03.59).jp…)

No. 268033

File: 1489313148113.jpg (117.75 KB, 931x448, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.04.38).jp…)

No. 268035

File: 1489313210749.jpg (176.66 KB, 926x594, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.05.31).jp…)

No. 268046

File: 1489315618960.jpg (157.64 KB, 928x591, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.46.30).jp…)

No. 268047

File: 1489315687774.jpg (194.36 KB, 929x593, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.47.17).jp…)

No. 268049

File: 1489315750704.jpg (184.4 KB, 927x595, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.47.51).jp…)

No. 268050

File: 1489315850489.jpg (247.92 KB, 931x595, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.48.31).jp…)

No. 268051

File: 1489316008725.jpg (156.81 KB, 808x594, ss (2017-03-12 at 03.49.00).jp…)

No. 268052

File: 1489316058093.png (96.22 KB, 298x935, the more I look at her profile…)

>three consecutive posts
Lol she doesn't know how to use forums, how typical. Lurk moar Jill

No. 268058

File: 1489317634685.png (71.25 KB, 1201x392, ss (2017-03-12 at 04.19.35).pn…)

This reply tho…. She could have taken the shinkansen and gone to other cities on her trip instead of only staying in tokyo

No. 268059

She should have gone to Kansai instead of Tokyo. With Nara, Kyoto and Osaka, it's a tourist' heaven, and the Precure store is bigger too apparently.
All that just because "hurr harajuku".

No. 268061

Idk man, taking a plane is often cheaper than shinkansen (round ticket is around the same as a one way ticket w shinkansen).

But I agree, if your go to japan not leaving tokyo seems very wasteful. But maybe she just wants the kawaii dream, and all you need for that is tokyo.

No. 268065

Did you not read:
>I wonder what all the moms with their kids thought of her being there.

No. 268087

Jillian is amazing. Bunch of ugly salty ass bitches here. Lol She has incredible style and is famous. What have you jealous heifers done other than tear her down? ;-) She's going places, and you can all hate till the cows come home.

No. 268093

shes going literally nowhere except shitty shops and a shitty life back in canada but okay jill

No. 268094

I know this is baity as hell but I just want to point out.

Are you surprised that anons like this kind of thing? Really? Because Jill started with lolita and so she had a large alternative fashion following. I'm sure tons of girls who lurk this thread are into jfashion of some sort, so idk why you so surprised normie-chan.

No. 268102

Hi Kate

No. 268105

Her SO isn't androgynous though…Is still delusional again? So being androgynous means you can only like 'masculine' things?

She's so tumblr, it hurts.

No. 268106

Wtf is that thing on her face??

No. 268107

Holyshit, are they actually getting some culture enrichment?? Probably forced on by Jill's mom.

No. 268115

Honestly, this outfit would be cute if she changed her dirty ass shoes.

No. 268140

new jacket, new shirt, new jeans, new bag. check. SAME SCUZZY GRUBBY FUCKING SHOES. check.

girl. they ruin everything you wear. even if she just wore a pair of cute white/pink sneakers it would be fine.

oh and went to temples and shrines. bought jellybeans. awesome cultural experience twas.

No. 268145

How it's worded it seems she's trying to pass him off as a girl

No. 268153

No. 268155

I think the outfit would actually be considered good by Jill's standards but then you see the fucking shoes

No. 268165

I guess she didnt want to go to shrines because it doesnt get her as many likes and comments on instagram lol

No. 268167

I really hope she's actually eating a proper meal between all these surcharge sweets.

No. 268168

File: 1489334422900.jpg (79.44 KB, 686x960, fringe.jpg)

No. 268169

What is this

No. 268171

Did this girl seriously wear those busted shoes to her graduation? Also those cartoon brows and mismatched earrings…

No. 268173

probs her high school graduation. Good lord she looks like a middle-aged soccer mom.

No. 268183

File: 1489336368483.png (941.88 KB, 911x638, Capture1.PNG)

is it just me or did she crop out her butt?

No. 268194

not just you. totally did.
well observed tho.
half those jeans were wedged up her ass yesterday and somehow here mentioned it. hi gill!

No. 268196


No. 268197

i need to stop drinking.

No. 268203

Just because I want to be fair to her supposed mental health problems doesn't mean I like her.
I don't know about you all, but I want to at least balance out my assholishness a little with some empathy

No. 268204

you can be into altfashion and avoid super cringey shops like lazy oaf you know

No. 268205

Oops I replied to the wrong thread >>267688

No. 268210


I thought she would stop lurking while she was on vacation to give herself a break. I guess not though :^)

No. 268221

I agree. Too many A-Logs going after both of them. Yes, her outfits are eccentric and she likes kid stuff, but she's not harming anybody in the long run.

No. 268226

i can't believe this is a real photo that i saw with my own eyes

No. 268227

Her eyebrows are shiny

No. 268240

I respect her ability to unabashedly live the way she wants even when if it's cringe

No. 268290

File: 1489349990763.png (54.86 KB, 584x333, clocks.png)

Ive always had my clocks set like this on my computer since I use shopping services for both China and Japan, as well as waiting for jfash releases.

Its just coming in extra handy lately when I want to check to see if Jill would have started her harojoooko day yet

No. 268291

she still hasnt worn that shitty outfit of hers, has she?

No. 268301

I'd respect it a lot more if she financed it herself instead of leeching off her mother. She sure as fuck isn't paying for this trip and all the plastic and sugary crap she's buying with money she earned herself. If her mom likes buying her daughter presents that's nice, but I feel like Jill ought to practise some restraint if she has any respect for her mother.

No. 268330

File: 1489353931860.png (312.78 KB, 550x542, Capture.PNG)

looks like she's meeting Sharla today

No. 268347

So yesterday when they went to "explore more traditional Japanese life" they went to one shrine and then Jill managed to buy ice cream, PreCure gummies, jelly beans, and gachapons.

Yes, such traditional Japanese life.

They need to stop pretending this trip is anything more than an excuse for Jill to spend thousands of dollars on shit she doesn't need. There isn't anything cultural about what they're doing.

No. 268364

We all knew she was going to shop all kind of crap tbh and it's not the best plan to travel that far just to do shopping… maybe she's not interested in the culture of japan, most anons are annoyed because most anons are weebs who like anime and idolize japan…
Too bad she has a shit taste in fashion and all the crap she buys looks tacky on her body, and her idiotic way to pose for selfies, girl you look STUPID and old, It's okay to have small eyes bitch.
Her mom is not a victim, she likes to spend her money on gillian so what
I enjoy looking at the stupid shit she buys kek wasting money on stuff that's not gonna last her cause she doesn't take care of anything

Also get rid of the disgusting shoes, buy a pair of pink doc martens, you can use boots with most clothes tbh

No. 268370

Holy shit I never realized how much the old hag looks like the used up version of her daughter. I'm so sorry for your unfortunate face, Jill, not even kidding.

No. 268372

The worst is that, with Jill's track record concerning fashion changes, she probably won't give a crap about this stuff in a year. I get that a lot of people get into new trends and whatnot, but a whole trip to buy things she'll be sick of by this time next year is kind of depressing.

That being said, it does seem like she's having fun so at least there is that.

No. 268375

Anyone give me the run down of Sharla? Ive heard of her in passing but I dont know much about her tbh

No. 268382

She's subject in the jvloggers threads a lot over >>240048

No. 268383

I (and most anons) don't think there's anything wrong with taking a trip and spending some time out of it shopping. But travelling halfway around the world JUST to shop is so wasteful. Save the money and stay home and buy more shit online. She just wants the brownie points and to be able to take selfies in Harajookoo.

No. 268387

Jill is a selfish bitch and uber wannabe with no self identity. So no wonder her jaundiced ass felt the diar need to expend her poor idiotic mother into bankruptcy over this bogus vacation
of self discovery for her cunt borderline retarded mongloid daughter.

No. 268404

why you gotta insult her mom though

No. 268430

They aren't going into bankrruptcy lmao. Her parents are upper middle class

No. 268434

Is Jill's father in the picture at all? The way Louise clings to her daughter like this makes me wonder.

No. 268438

She just posted a photo that said something like "can't hear you, too busy being a cool kid in harujuku" then deleted it kek

No. 268439

Scrap that, she posted it again

No. 268442

Yeah, it's creepy. While he actually dresses pretty okay on his own, she probably wants him to dress in 100% pink but still act 'agender' or whatever bs word of the day she is using. He would look really nice in long coats or blazers tbh. I dunno the name of the male japanese fashion, but it's very sleek.

No. 268450

Yes, her dad lives with them. He's a prof at the university nearby

Jill and her mom are just extremely close. They've gone on plenty of vacations together over the years

No. 268452

So post it, anon

No. 268457

File: 1489364267654.png (781.92 KB, 817x611, piziee.png)

aforementioned photo of her being a 'cool kid'

No. 268462

Once again, decent outfit, but those shoes RUIN it. I'm mad they're YRU since i love that brand. hers are beyond saving, however.

No. 268463

they'd be alright if the soles weren't made of whatever and so easy to stain. or lived with someone who looked after them better. i'm eh on the outfit, i prefer her tackier items tbh, but i'd wear like the pvc skirts with a black top sorta thing, she does too much/

No. 268466

One of her best outfits in the past couple of years, and it still looks fucking awful lmao

No. 268469

Idk why but it really bugs me she didnt flip her pass case right-way round for the photo

No. 268471

File: 1489365358539.jpg (136.46 KB, 927x592, ss (2017-03-12 at 05.35.42).jp…)

No. 268472

File: 1489365407849.jpg (168.84 KB, 808x592, ss (2017-03-12 at 05.36.37).jp…)

No. 268474

She really loves name dropping brands, huh

No. 268475

it's literally all she's known for

No. 268478

A pair of plain (Preferably white, but light denim could work) skinny jeans and better shoes could probably save this outfit. Those pants are horrible though.

No. 268488

Not defending her but I like when people do that, just in case there is something I'm interested in and want to know where it's from.

No. 268494

Sorry but people complain when these bloggers don't say what they're wearing/where they got it from, and then bitch when they do as well?
I don't know squat about this girl, but if I followed her, I would appreciate that she didn't think she was such a special snowflake that she had to keep it a secret where she got stuff from, like certain other personalities have done from this site.
Sage for total faggotry.

No. 268504

No your right, people on this thread are just amazingly picky sometimes.

No. 268521

Same tbh

No. 268523

I think the obsession with brand names is more annoying with Jill as opposed to other bloggers because Jill is known for being materialistic and caring more about brand names than actual products. Like when she bought the too faced eyeliner just so she could say she had their eyeliner, even though it had really bad reviews and all her viewers told her not to buy it. When she first started making lolita videos, it rubbed people the wrong way because she was 15/16 and using all the brand she owned as a way to "one up" people and get popular on yt instead of just making good videos without that motive. Even now she talks about only making videos she sees as lucrative. It's clear she has no real love or passion for anything besides money/views/brand names and that's why it bothers people.

I actually like this outfit from the waist up, but the heart patches on the jeans look odd and the overall style of jeans just makes her look bigger. I think a slimmer fit would look better, and not to mention better shoes. They're a completely different shade of pink to the pink on her jeans and on her jacket, and they just look out of place. Why does she insist on wearing these dirty clown shoes with all her outfits? Some of her tokyo outfits have been decent but those shoes just ruin them all.

No. 268524

She looks cut ehere. Face-wise.

No. 268526

these pants look like a Jill diy project..

No. 268530

I think her outfit when she went to go watch the precure live show was cuter.

No. 268534

Shoo Kate shoo.

No. 268536

>WE have been watching her for years
It is… incredibly creepy how much her mom is invested in Sharla. I am getting pageant mom vibes big time.

No. 268539

So far that has been her best outfit, and I think that is because it was so simple. T-shirt, Shorts, and a Cardigan. Remove the Rainbow stuff because it seems like a last minute addition and clean the shoes and it would have been really good. She just needs to learn to dress a bit simpler, and not try to be the most unique looking person in the room at all times.

No. 268541

>She just needs to learn to dress a bit simpler, and not try to be the most unique looking person in the room at all times.

This x1000. if only she didn't focus so much on standing out and being different. She could still have interesting outfits and styles without looking like a straight up clown. I'm not sure if it was this thread or the last thread, but someone posted a bunch of photos that follow the 'party kei' aesthetic but look a million times more polished and put together than Jillian. If she really took the time to coordinate outfits taking into account colour/motifs/silhouettes etc. instead of throwing on the most name brands she can brag about, and however many shitty accessories, she'd actually look pretty nice. Right now her style is a hot mess because she's so desperate to look quirky and interesting, but when she had a strict set of rules in lolita she looked pretty good. Also growing out her hair and cleaning her filthy ass shoes would go a long way.

No. 268561

this trip makes me wanna go to japan so bad but i have no one to go with and my parents wouldn't want to do fun stuff (they're lazy) and my bf is too broke and i don't have any close friends who want to go

even if i could scrape together a few grand i'm never going

i resent jill so much, sorry for the blog

No. 268568

so you're jealous of a shallow weeb with a shopping addiction? get it together anon.

whats with the surge of anons defending or deeply hating on jill lately? she's cringy to keep up with but you could say that about any "eccentric" youtuber, nothing special. are there a bunch of vendetta chans who aspire to be like jill here or are jill and her anti-bullying friends trolling

No. 268573

no i don't hate her, you got me wrong.

i don't understand the point in shopping the entire trip because you can do that online for much cheaper than an entire trip, and she's just buying useless junk like $30 puzzles for a shitty anime. the fact that her mum is paying for like 90% of this makes ppl feel naturally bitter

i don't think the anons itt disliking her life choices want to be her… she's just an annoying person who is very easy to criticize.

No. 268598

File: 1489385695227.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4398.PNG)

is it just me or did her face become really meaty already ?! also.. whats the weird thing she does with her eyes in her selfies lately. it looks like she was cutting onions.

No. 268602

she's probably super bloated from all the sweets she's eating

No. 268626

These style pants are really in right now in Japan and have been for awhile but they only suit really thin small girls… cute but most people look awful in them

No. 268627

do you mean the make up around her eyes? it's a fashion trend some japanese girls do to give themselves a sickly/translucent look and it can look really cute but she's using the wrong shade and applying it horribly on top of that

No. 268633


no i literally mean her face looking fat
i know about the aegyo sal thing (correct me if i'm wrong) but i think it looks better on asian girls

No. 268647

they're in style in the west too lol mom jeans aren't some special japanese thing

No. 268665

No I meant that specific type of jeans. But that styles popular in the west right now cause of Japanese and Korean fashion being popular…

No. 268668

File: 1489399899642.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0058.PNG)

No. 268669

File: 1489400007308.png (766.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0059.PNG)

No. 268673

Those jeans look so unfortunate on her.

No. 268675

>little baby

You're a grown ass woman. This is so cringe and creepy. It would maybe pass if she looked very young but she looks 30 more than anything.

No. 268676

hooray, the two girls with the most annoying voices on youtube are collaborating… great.

No. 268678

sorry but no. they're popular in the west because 90s fashion trends are making a resurgence

No. 268686

Sweetheart Korea and Japan might be one of the last places fashion trends come from

They are repurposed vintage levi jeans for fucking crying out loud so shut up pleb

No. 268691

For some reason the fact that she just had to put the Harajuku text in there is really amusing to me

No. 268694

>Sweetheart Korea and Japan might be one of the last places fashion trends come from

I agree with you on the jeans but I don't think your full statement is true. There's a reason why Tokyo is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. But the trends that actually make it out of Japan aren't the crazy things that weebs latch onto.

No. 268699

It really doesn't matter where the trend originated from, the jeans look awful on her. That kind of fit always makes chubby people's legs and waists look even more full. And the heart patches look cheap, aside from just being plain ugly. She really doesn't know how to dress to flatter her own body.

No. 268730

File: 1489411365918.jpg (161.46 KB, 827x589, ss (2017-03-13 at 06.22.31).jp…)

No. 268731

File: 1489411439282.jpg (210.35 KB, 931x593, ss (2017-03-13 at 06.23.00).jp…)

No. 268732

File: 1489411509210.jpg (134.69 KB, 807x596, ss (2017-03-13 at 06.24.17).jp…)

gdi jill shes wearing that candy necklace

No. 268734

File: 1489411594063.jpg (132.79 KB, 928x595, ss (2017-03-13 at 06.25.20).jp…)

No. 268735

Dude, the 90s mom jeans have made a comeback in the US for quite some time now bc grunge came back into style fashion-wise. Know where grunge started? Seattle. If anything this is a trend that spread from the US.

No. 268736

This pic dedicated to Kate?

No. 268739

She looks like a 30 year old trying to be hip with the kids…

No. 268741

>those forehead wrinkles
>at 18
It's time to stop making that stupid expression, Jillian.

No. 268742

Will she ever stop making this face or does she just look constipated 24/7?

No. 268743

A lot of "coolhunters" work in Asia and send content to the West

No. 268745

i'm wondering why is every single instagram post of hers being shared so y'all can take the piss out of her? she's actually not doing anything wrong. we all know she loves buying pointless shit, we all know she's spoiled by her mom… but she's just living her dream in japan and tbh you all sound jealous lol. save up and maybe you could do the same! all you need is a job at claires!

No. 268746

one of these days she's going to get glitter in her eye and go blind. she needs to stop using craft glitter

No. 268747

I feel like a broken record but it really is SO BAD.
With her forehead wrinkles, awful eyebrows, badly done makeup, sallow skin and the overall saggy meatiness of her lower face, all I can think when I see her pictures is wow, she looks pretty good for a 40-year-old. She literally looks like a less wrinkly version of my 47-year-old aunt at a carnaval party. How? How does she make herself look so bad when she's only a teenager? She looked fine in >>267219. Is it just the bad diet? Did marshmallow tea give her jowls?

No. 268748

I just had a weird thought, but do you guys think Jill has ever had sex with colin? I can't really see her ever being that physically intimate with someone lol

No. 268756

File: 1489415657318.png (167.41 KB, 750x1093, IMG_3160.PNG)


No. 268758

Mostly the eyebrows I think. Skinny, dark, really high eyebrows make you look a lot older and does nothing for her saggy cheeks. If she went for a more korean styled brow with a softer lighter colour it would make her look younger. She really needs to stop lifting up her eyebrows so much, going to give her tons of wrinkles.

I just had lunch I don't need this mental image. Somehow I notice anything romantic or sensual between them, they seem more like friends than lovers tbh.

No. 268763


No. 268766

What part of "I agree with you on the jeans" do you not understand? Did you just not read the first sentence? The mom jeans are definitely s 90s trend. But trends do and have come out of Japan and other parts of the world.

No. 268767


No. 268768


Isnt sharla like 31 or some shit? I dont know whats weirder, an 18 yo hanging out with her or a middle aged woman

No. 268770

I don't follow sharla so I had no idea she was that old. It's sad that Jillian looks so much older than she does.

No. 268774

hold up. first off. who refers to themselves, in the 3rd person, as little baby?
second, for sure weight gain in face.
third, people who post things like "why do you post her pics just to criticise them" are kinda missing THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS SITE. and lastly.
i like the round sunglasses.

No. 268803

They only look decent on cute skinny people to be fair, Jill is just chubby and looks middle aged
Her head looks like a thumb

No. 268808

>hold up. first off. who refers to themselves, in the 3rd person, as little baby?

It's very cheeky

No. 268829

lol. It wouldn't surprise me if she was actually constipated 24/7 considering what she eats.

No. 268840

those look like wall decoration gummies

No. 268859

They're all on the same maturity level

No. 268875

File: 1489429544849.jpg (34.58 KB, 200x200, ngbbs50a314941daa4.jpg)

No. 268881

File: 1489430330909.jpg (1.11 MB, 960x720, 17309219_10154932294396405_513…)

They are literally at fucking TGI Friday's for dinner.

This whole trip was so unnecessary, holy shit.

No. 268883

No. 268885

Have they not eaten a single local thing since they've been there?
Double-sage for samefagging

No. 268891

Also very ddlg

No. 268898


at this point I would be pretty embarrassed to be in a foreign country for a few day by now and not even shown an attempt to try some local and traditional food. I actually expected them to float everything with sushi pictures because JAPAN but as much you see of this trip, it's only for the #aesthetics.

No. 268908

jill is giving off major kailyn wilcher vibes here. eating chicken strips with fries and a sugary drink at a shitty american chain restaurant in fuckin japan. this is a toddler's palate. try new things for fucks sake

No. 268912

how long are they on this trip?

not sure how much more i can take of this tomfoolery.

No. 268913

another week

No. 268920

Ok Im convinced one or both of them are super picky eaters if this is what they have been eating. Sweets and western food only…

No. 268927

Her mom looks like she's screaming for help on the inside.

No. 268929

picky eater, picky tourist (allergic to culture and sight-seeing), just in her style anything trashy goes and spends copious amounts of money on anything

No. 268930

picky eater, picky tourist (allergic to culture and sight-seeing), just in her style anything trashy goes and spends copious amounts of money on anything

No. 268935

A lot of us live in Japan or have visited, so it's not really jealousy. And that jealousy argument in general is really old. Cows and snowflakes and their stans use it all the time, but we all know you can make fun of someone and not want to be them.

No. 269033

personally one of the main reasons i really want to visit japan is the food, because unlike sparkly animu toys and harajookoo clothes u can get on fucking taobao, authentic japanese cuisine is something you can only get in japan (yeah you can get the westernized versions of sushi, etc here but it's notoriously different and a lot sweeter to suit western tastes). i'm not pissed at jill for getting to "live her dream", i'm with the other anons who are pissed that she's wasting SO MUCH of her time shopping and eating ~kawaii shit she can get at any local asian market when she could actually be doing some really cool stuff that is culturally unique to the country she claims to love so much

sage for repetitive non-contribution lol

No. 269062

I've been to Japan too so I'm not jealous of her 'living her dream', I just find this whole trip cringeworthy and embarrassing to watch. I'm not someone that travels mainly for food (like other anons have stated) but I am somewhat disturbed at how many sweets she's eating, that marshmallow pizza makes me want to vomit a bit in my mouth just looking at it.
I really enjoyed Japan and would love to go back, so maybe you can call me 'jealous' of her being there, but I'm sure as hell not jealous of the shit that she's doing. How does she manage to make 2 weeks in a country like Japan look so vapid and boring? TGI Fridays? Really Jill? This is the big Japan trip she's been dreaming of for years?

I think anons are just bewildered at her stupidity. All she's done is buy tacky clothes, and if she keeps eating that amount of sweets, she's not even going to be able to fit them by the time she gets back. Sage for no real contribution but it's just so frustrating to watch her fritter away her time and money on shitty clothes and sweets in ~harajookooo~ every day when Japan has so much more to offer.

No. 269065

How much longer till this thread reaches it's limit? Will the next one just be called Japan trip III because I've been having a hard time finding these threads

No. 269068

I also feel like she could be eating Western crap but at least with a Japanese twist - if you want a burger, go to MOS burger or get a sandwich at a cute cafe. Hell, she could even go get pizza and have it be a completely different cultural experience because Japanese pizza will often have weird toppings/gimmicks. Its just the total laziness and unwillingness to even venture out of her/their comfort zone that's baffling…

No. 269082

Agreed, nothing wrong with wanting to check out how Japan does Western food or whatever, but TGI Fridays, seriously? Tokyo has so many great restaurants, it's such a waste…

No. 269112

im hella jealous and could go but i have no one to go with

No. 269120

Hell even McDo would be a better option because there at least there are fun country and season specific shit that is always fun to try and generates good clickbait for videos.

Isn't McDo full of Sakura themed shit right now because it's spring?

No. 269127

this is disgusting, i've had a ramen craving all week i wanna slap them

No. 269131

I'm lollin so hard

No. 269136

If you scroll up, right at the beginning of her trip, she binged on a bunch of seasonal drinks and snacks from places like McDonalds. Lots of Sakura drinks and strawberry flavored sweets. It was honestly depressing because, yeah, she's at least trying Japanese takes on Western food, but…I dunno, it pains me to see this girl travel to a place like Japan and just eat the same shit she could have had back at home/the same shit from back home with a small, Japanese ~twist~.

I'm also depressed by the idea of going on vacation just to shop. Even if you're obsessed with jfashion, you could do the same thing at home and order online.

When I travel to new places, especially places that are incredibly different from my every day "world", I focus on experiencing something new and different. I want to meet new, different kinds of people, I want to experience a new, different culture, I want to try the food, I want to be immersed in the city and, sure, part of that involves shopping and eating kawaii uwu snacks, but this girl basically spent thousands to spend two weeks in Tokyo doing what I could have achieved by going to the Japanese mall in San Francisco for an afternoon.

It just irks me like nothing else. I'm equally irked by foreign tourists coming to SF or NYC and treating the city like one, giant shopping mall for a week and giving zero shit about creating new experiences and memories. It's just all so shallow and sad, but that sums Jillian up pretty well.

No. 269139

I went to Japan alone and I was fine. If anyone bothered me I just smiled and kept walking like I didn't understand English

No. 269148

They have the yaki burger (aka the yucky burger) right now which is pretty good. It might be mildly entertaining for her.

No. 269150

I used to work at an store at an outdoor outlet mall and we got so many foreign tourists who literally came to America just to shop at this one dinky little outlet mall. I never understood the appeal.

No. 269151

I'm not sure about other countries but in the UK it's quite normal for people Jill's age to go on holidays that aren't about cultural experiences. A lot of people I know have gone abroad just to go drinking, smoke weed, chill out at the beach or just outright relax in a foreign country. I know it may seem like a waste but if they have the money to throw away on a trip like that then why not? As disgustingly cringey as they both are, Jill and her mum seem to be having a good time at least.
Sage for not contributing anything.

No. 269152

I get the shopping in the states/specific countries in some cases. For a lot of people brand or even simple clothing is extremely cheap in the states (or to flip it, you can get weeb clothing + items a lot cheaper in Japan) so people will plan trips around that.

Obviously there's a difference between going to like, a place with culture and history like Japan and just shopping, especially if it's your first trip there and just going to a city that has great shopping (Orlando, Fl is a good example, outside of the theme parks it's boring as fuck for tourists but there is amazing shopping so people will let their kids roam the parks and they will spend thousands in the outlets)

No. 269174

I'm from the US, and I totally agree. I think lots of

For one thing, I feel like I visited a bunch of historical touristy sites with my parents, and I don't feel like going to them that much now because I feel like they kind of run into each other. Like when I went to India a few years ago, I didn't visit the Taj Mahal or go the an ashram. I spent most of my time eating, stuck in traffic, visiting the mall, walking around, drinking, etc. Even spent some time shopping for Indian clothes (at the mall). So I guess to people who are obsessed with yoga or whatever, they would have been mad at me for "wasting" my trip, but I think I still had a great time. Also look at all the Americans who love to spend tons of money on Caribbean cruises and British people who like going to Ibiza. And people who spend their entire trip holed up in a resort. Not everyone likes to travel for a cultural experience.

Still I do think some things Jill has done on the trip is downright weird. Like, going to TGI Fridays? Wtf

Maybe you shouldn't worry so much about what people do? Most people in the world are like Jill and are "bad" at travelling. Not everyone is going to be some authentic hipster traveler like you.

No. 269231

going to a country with nice beaches and gorgeous weather to relax is a bit different than what jill is doing. going to a resort and relaxing and drinking all day is the point of going to a resort (or a party island/whatever). those places are advertised and meant to be enjoyed in that way. it's not like a resort has much to offer besides food, drink, and spa services. but japan? they have an entire culture outside of their door and they can't bother themselves to do anything but buy pink clothes and eat american fast food

No. 269233

Does she not use makeup glitter??

No. 269239

She uses makeup glitter as the base and then puts craft glitter on top.

No. 269242

File: 1489462796185.png (2.69 MB, 1866x1200, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.3…)

Yeah Jill, go ahead and keep buying these. I'm sure your teeth and waistline will enjoy it.

No. 269247

also an entire trip to the caribbean can cost like $2000 for one person, with flight/hotel/food/alcohol

jill and her mom probably spent more than that per person on flights + hotel, not to mention food and shopping

its stupid to waste so much money going to japan (flights from where she lives are like 1500) if ur just gonna sit around and eat burgers like lmao go to america instead

No. 269248

Is she wearing the birthday skirt?

No. 269249

I don't think so. She put tulle over the birthday skirt.

I think she decided to not wear that outfit because she knew how much she would get mocked for doing so. I'm sure she will justify it by saying she was just so excited to wear her new clothes that she couldn't wait so she chose to not wear the bday outfit.

No. 269251

I'm embarrassed for them. Burgers again??

No. 269289

Not even a burger, she's eating plain old chicken strips, that's kiddy food. If you want fried chicken try some karaage or chicken katsu because at least that's Japanese.

No. 269290

Haha. Why don't they try that toy slot machine sushi restaurant where 1 plate = 1 chance to get a toy or something like that? Damn you bet if I was there I'd be going to fucking Jiro's. This is so disappointing

No. 269299

So she's in mandarake, any bets on how many expensive wands she'll buy just to brag about?

No. 269301

I think she will buy one expensive/vintage wand, either Sailor Moon or Doremi, and then a bunch of cheaper newer wands from PreCure.

If she's willing to buy them without boxes, you can get plenty of the PreCure wands for about 2000-3000yen. In box, probably 4000-5000.

I'm expecting 4-5 new wands in total. Plus some other shit like figures, keychains, towels, etc.

No. 269302

File: 1489475342882.png (2.98 MB, 1874x1198, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.07…)

And here's purchase #1. Two figures for $120.

No. 269303

Maybe I'm a figure snob but those look awful and not worth $120. Sage for OT.

No. 269306

Expensive plastic toys she will never use that will collect dust on a shelf forever + will be more embarrassing to own as she ages
What an investment!

No. 269308

collectors like stuff little used/as near to mint as possible. honestly a figure collection ain't that embarrassing.

No. 269315


Well you could Jill. Easy.

I trained watching precure when I was small. I watched Mew Mew power but the whole series wasn't dubbed, this was on the same channel so I watched it. And honestly I really hated it, I never once understood what was going on and found it annoying af.

No. 269316


No. 269322

What's even funnier is I remember an anon posting that she should go to mandarake. Unless she knew already about its existence she def lurks here. And if she did know idk why she hasn't bought merch online from them before. You know instead of overpriced bootleg crap

No. 269338

File: 1489483538151.jpg (68.02 KB, 720x960, 17190503_10154934766881405_612…)

they went to @home cafe tonight

No. 269359

How can you go to Japan and not try ramen, or traditional sweets?? TGI fridays?? REALLY?? I went to Tokyo 5 years ago and all I wanted was traditional food and visit traditional places… geez…

No. 269360

not everyone wants to do the same thing on vacation

like come on guys

No. 269404

Yeah, I understand that to some extent. But even if she doesn't like the stereotypical traditional food that comes to mind, there are still hundreds of options that would be more rewarding than Starbucks, McDonalds, and TGI Fridays. And there are literally thousands of things to do in Tokyo that don't have to be as traditional as visiting a temple, but culturally significant in their own way or at least unique to the city. There are so many opportunities, that it seems like she's purposefully avoiding having a cultural experience outside of the bubble she's created.

And maybe if she had said upfront, "I really just want to go to Japan to shop. I don't want to visit many places outside of these shopping districts and I don't like Japanese food much," I would be less bothered. But she's made it seem as though she's having an authentic experience when it's literally all garbage

No. 269419

Uh, ramen is Chinese. I don't get why it's considered a Japanese dish now, just get Udon.

No. 269420

It's been a Japanese dish for over 100 years so maybe you're just a little behind grandma. Regardless, it's more Japanese than T.G.I. Friday's.

No. 269433

These are old figures rly but I believe quite large? Still, the figuarts of them are so much cheaper.

No. 269447


The difference is the experience, Anon.

When you go to a country with a culture far removed from your own, you should try to experience it in an authentic, exciting way. Jill is literally just going for the pop culture crap she could just order online, she's not even really hitting any of the real otaku hot spots that any anime travel site would reccomend, and Harajuku has been dead for nearly a decade now, so she's literally only getting a tourist experience.

She didn't even go to Mandarake until someone here mentioned it (supposedly, but I wouldn't put it past Jill), and any weeb worth their salt would make one of their stores a must-see.

You can google little out-of-the-way traditional restaurants and see reviews and how accesible they are to foriegners. You can find all sorts of interesting sights to see that are off the beaten path on the internet.

I don't even hold it against Jill that she fell in love with that 711, because Japanese combinis are oddly charming nd unliek what we have here. Hell, Mickey-D's sakura flavored foods and teriyaki burgers would be worth a try there, but she's missing out on so much more.

Like, Jill is acting like Japan is her kawaii playground made just for her and nothing more.

No. 269456

File: 1489498335099.png (832.68 KB, 828x613, wwww.PNG)

so I guess she realized how ugly the pom pom shirt she made was

No. 269461

And still those shoes…

No. 269488

IMO this is her best outfit so far, everything actually matches for once and there's no unnecessary accessories.

>>268457 really bothered me because the ugly purple shirt didn't go with anything else and the pants were unflattering. Her Swankiss outfit would've been nicer if the skirt was made with better fabric (that organza looks too stiff and cheap)and the dog "purse" was ugly.
Maybe being in Japan is slowly improving her taste level

No. 269502

File: 1489504080483.jpg (60.45 KB, 960x720, 17265239_10154934928436405_851…)

jill's most authentic dining experience so far has been at jonathan's, an americanized diner with lots of italian influenced dishes

congrats jill, i guess

No. 269513

i'm now certain she packed that fucking dog bag purse plush toy on a string thing in her suitcase at the expense of at least one different pair of shoes

No. 269524

File: 1489507007606.png (57.03 KB, 504x236, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 16.0…)

No. 269548

fucking called it kek

No. 269551

File: 1489510679158.jpg (182.7 KB, 933x600, ss (2017-03-14 at 09.57.20).jp…)

I cant blame her for being excited about manadarake tbh. I want to go there when Im in japan and Im sure I'd impulse buy something

No. 269552

File: 1489510715592.jpg (155.27 KB, 928x593, ss (2017-03-14 at 09.58.19).jp…)

No. 269553

File: 1489510769298.jpg (120.01 KB, 810x595, ss (2017-03-14 at 09.58.54).jp…)

No. 269555

File: 1489510822126.jpg (88.92 KB, 927x593, ss (2017-03-14 at 09.59.56).jp…)

No. 269557

File: 1489510901749.jpg (97.68 KB, 720x960, 17308914_10154934926566405_394…)

No. 269559

File: 1489510975797.jpg (85.07 KB, 960x720, 17342649_10154934926671405_804…)

No. 269560

File: 1489511032829.png (1.26 MB, 1350x900, aaa.png)

I guess they went to animate

No. 269573

This outfit is worse than her birthday outfit (rip). I'm convinced she's only wearing those grubby shoes to spite us kek

No. 269579

She looks like a technicolor hobo

No. 269582

I find this so strange because Jill used to say her favorite food was curry? I don't know if it's just where I grew up, but curry is far more of an out there food then most Japanese food? No clue what sort of curry she meant, but most are pretty flavorful and there are so many types

No. 269588

Curry is not ~out there~ lmao, where the fuck are you from?

No. 269594


I get some people are picky eaters and not everyone has the same palette as me, but going to Japan and constantly eating burgers is really irksome. Even if you don't like fish, not everything in Japan is super weird. Like I've said earlier in this thread, you can try ordering stuff like yakiniku, gyudon, tonkatsu, or yakisoba. Or even fucking okonomiyaki, which is basically Japanese pizza.

I don't mind that Jill mostly went to Japan to shop and be invest in children's cartoons, but not eating any Japanese food is really pissing me off for some reason. Probably because eating is my favorite thing to do in restaurants.

How is ramen Chinese? I've been to China several times and I've never eaten ramen except for instant noodles when traveling. Or maybe I ate ramen once when I went to a Japanese restaurant. Whop de doo, basically all noodles come form China so whatever. Even if there's tons of Chinese people who eat ramen on a regular basis I don't know about, Japanese ramen would definitely have a more distinctive flavor.


I don't get people who collect anime figures at all.

No. 269597

File: 1489513805497.png (352.84 KB, 397x745, pray for louise.png)

i couldnt help myself

No. 269599

More out there then only getting burgers and tgi fridays. It's typically way more flavourful than stuff like yakisoba or even sushi

No. 269602

>one of the maids said she watches my videos
I'll take Things That Never Happened for $400, Alex

No. 269606

File: 1489514561426.jpg (65.57 KB, 640x960, 17192039_10154904461221405_121…)

How did we miss this birthday photo of jill

No. 269609

File: 1489514720579.jpg (58.62 KB, 640x960, 17097465_10154904461216405_864…)

No. 269611

File: 1489514785407.jpg (133.72 KB, 720x960, 17190519_10154934929986405_338…)

No. 269612


This would be cute if Jill was cute

No. 269615

just what exactly is going on with her left boob in that pic?

No. 269618

ITT: Jealous weebs who are mad that spoiled little Jillian isn't spending her time in Japan the way they want her to.

Honestly, just go to Japan and do what you want instead of uploading every single photo of hers and analyzing it so deeply. At this point we KNOW she's obsessed with hideous clothes, shopping, cheap plastic shit and has bland eating habits. We KNOW her mom is enabling her to be this way. We KNOW she's gonna continue buying shit right up until she steps onto the plane home.

It's just so painfully obvious how many of you are seething because you wish you were in her shoes instead.

No. 269619

I'm guessing this was supposed to be an artsy photo of Jill walking through town but it just looks depressing. Even the rainbow colors look dull.

Lol Louise probably bragged about Jill being a youtuber and the maid played along like "ah! yeahhhhh, haha"

No. 269621

>This would be cute if Jill was five


No. 269622

I have family in Japan and have been so jealousy isn't the issue. I just enjoy being a petty fuck - why are you on lolcow if you don't like it? You do realize the point of this site?

No. 269623

Personally am the most or one of the most un-jealous of Jill people on the earth and I only come on here to chuckle at her antics. It's not deeply offensive or mean but AGAIN who is missing the point of the site? If you don't like the style of commentary we give then why do you come here, we didn't say this is a fan association page, what actually do you want us to do, swoon over all her pics?

No. 269624

Why does this picture scare me

No. 269625

Cos of her boob.

No. 269626

You, "anon". Stop namefagging and learn to answer the posts properly.

No. 269627


Holy shit learn how to use a board.

No. 269631

oh fuck yeah sorry, I always forget about that quick reply thing.