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File: 1492394780840.png (844.75 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_2017-04-16-13-57-53…)

No. 292881

one >>55077
two >>171004
three >>190985
four >>220048
five >>254820
six >>276683

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

newest milk:
>visible arm infections
>showing off her birthday loot and fast food while simultaneously begging people to buy her shitty art
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>short on rent
>publicly advertising her tumblr which is full of heroin posts in the "like" section

No. 292887

File: 1492395211723.png (172.94 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_2017-04-16-19-11-50…)

No. 292889

Don't forget she somehow spent her grandmothers 1 million dollars she got 3 years ago within a year.

No. 292893

3 trains?? working?? yeah okay. Lurch is probably still throwing his floppy mistake of dick around on facebook

No. 292894

File: 1492395640059.png (135.09 KB, 750x824, IMG_2435.PNG)

No. 292901

Why would she cry about having a splinter that she can't get out due to not having an incredibly basic item that you could easily go and buy for like 2 dollars in 10 minutes total

No. 292907

>petit mail

But seriously. He probably nodded out for a minute Luna. Absence seizures are barely noticeable, especially for two addicts.

No. 292912

Right? Or probably just overdosed but knew it would be too great of a FB status to pass up for sympathy.

No. 292951

File: 1492401092835.jpg (16.19 KB, 236x236, IMG_1318.JPG)

>short on rent in the middle of the month
>imblying Lurch works to do anything but score dope
>cries that she's making "below minimum wage," but this isn't somehow better than getting an actual min wage job?
>working so hard = sitting on her ass getting high and watching tv
>rarely eats but somehow fat??

jfc dudes

No. 293165

lmao bitch I guess it's time to vacuum shit stained carpets

No. 293291

File: 1492456599975.jpg (1.09 MB, 1420x2209, Screenshot_20170417-131420.jpg)

Can't pay rent, but willing to pay for a set of nails….I want to punch this bitch.

No. 293298

Even tho they are so cheap anon?!?

No. 293299

Bet you she lifted them

No. 293301

oh whoa, what the heck
does she have hair growing out of the back of her hand?

No. 293306

It's not that uncommon and she seems like a fairly hairy girl (mustache etc)

Ofc she wouldn't shave it, being a sasquatch is part of her aesthetic (and it's not like she even manages basic hygiene)

More fearful in seeing how disgusting those nails look after her make up application or a day in her grimey life. If they don't all just break off

No. 293307

>fan tips
>didn't even file the fucking tabs

WHY they could have been alright looking otherwise?

No. 293313

Isn't it obvious that she was too high to remember to steal a nail file (and tweezers) when she lifted the fake nail set in her local drugstore?

No. 293334

As much as I don't like her, no need to A-Log.

Most people do.

No. 293337

I have hair growing out of the back of my hand. Lots of Caucasian women do, especially if they have Mediterranean ancestry. I don't think it matters how much body hair Luna has.

No. 293348

Ahh okay, it's genuinely something I've never seen before in a girl. I didn't mean it in an "oh, gross"-sort of way. Sage for OT.

No. 293355

File: 1492462831905.png (2.03 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-15-58-51…)

Money for a manicure, but not rent??

No. 293359

File: 1492462925659.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-15-59-06…)

A pic of Swamp Monster spacing out staring at a wall… Ok? What is the point of this?

No. 293360

LUNA for the love of everything that is holy, PLEASE clean your fucking septum piercing. Shit is so crusty with foundation and emo tears.

No. 293362

File: 1492463175463.png (894.47 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-16-03-05…)

Using the CVS vouchers she gets from the church on make-up instead of food for herself/cats or toiletries, this girl has her priorities straight!

No. 293369

yet she'll keep doing those nasty foundation lips

No. 293374

He looks so doughy

No. 293376

She has foundation on her eyelashes. Why doesn't she just cover that with mascara? Ughhh.

No. 293380

Ewwww whyyyy did I zoom in??? That septum peircing is gnarly!! It looks like it's caked in crusted snot and foundation. BARF.

No. 293381

Imagine how rank that ring must smell….

No. 293420

File: 1492468292065.png (81.41 KB, 716x760, Capture _2017-04-17-16-40-31.p…)

A drug addict working in a hospital? Okay tuna.
She dumped a bunch of shit on her Tumblr today.

No. 293426

File: 1492468629827.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1924.PNG)

Love me some cakey make up mhhhhmhmhm

No. 293428

She probably cant even twist the ballls off anymore holy shit

No. 293429

File: 1492468805823.png (1.69 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-17-38-55…)

Comin down off that crack high Luna??

No. 293443

Id cry too if I just smoked my last few crack pebbles and didnt have money for more. Wonder why she's hiding tho. Maybe there are some under cover FBI vans outside her apartment that are spying on her.

No. 293451

File: 1492470013594.jpg (353.67 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ookp75Gc4z1w3kwovo1_128…)

No. 293456

That's a fucking AA/NA coin lol!

No. 293458

She probably has it from when she was in rehab for weed kek.

No. 293474

File: 1492471671931.png (272.13 KB, 1080x624, 20170417_182715.png)

New banner, kek.

No. 293477

File: 1492471827255.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-17-18-24-53…)

Yikes, Tuna needs sum more drugs!

No. 293516

Yeah its becoming really obvious to tell when she's dopesick and when she finally gets drugs. Tuna, you might as well just talk about your drug addiction out in the open. The good and bad parts of it. Its relatable. You may lose teeny bopper followers but you'll gain a ton of followers who have been there, im sure. And if youre worried about not getting cute useless shit sent to you in the mail anymore– look at it this way. Addicts help out other addicts on Tumblr all the time. Someone I know was sick af, had no money and no place to go, and a Tumblr friend of hers took her in and they got high together every night.

No. 293523

This bitch is sooo dumb. If she's gonna lie to get money, at least try to keep your story straight!! You can't beg for rent money one minute and then spend money on fake nails and talk about possibly getting acrylics the next. Acrylics are so expensive and so unnecessary like just buy some nail polish and paint your nails like everyone else. And I like how she tries to justify the useless shit she buys by saying it was "sooo cheap". All that shit seriously adds up.

No. 293532

Those love handles he has old man body lmao

No. 293548

She's still hiding her abscess arm. Guess she doesn't wanna go thru the trouble of trying to photoshop it away again.

No. 293607

is this a self portrait? i spot dem big areolas

No. 293623

Oh jeez, sounds like her "BPD" is acting up again.

No. 293634

File: 1492481170566.png (14.49 KB, 711x223, Capture _2017-04-17-21-04-12.p…)

Yep, she's def having a "bpd episode". Wonder how long it'll be this time till Lurch shoots her up and she's all happy again.

No. 293646

I really want to see the abscess I know it's gross but also why doesn't she put cute hello kitty bandaids on it that's so ~aesthetic~

No. 293664

FUCKING BARF. Her makeup is so fucking bad, how does one manage to fuck it up that bad? The worst part is that with ligh/no makeup she looks nice and a little cleaner, yet she CHOOSES to cake her face everyday in this fugly style. Just like she CHOOSES to be an addict and live on a fucking shithole with a sea creature for aesthetic purposes. Looking at her makes my skin crawl.

No. 293678

What the fuck is this gremlin?

No. 293687

Lol she deleted the crusty piercing photos

No. 293710

Lurch must be late with their morning fix. Luna it's not a personality disorder when it's only present during withdrawals.

No. 293717

Must be out at his "job" where he has to take three trains, a plane, and a rocketship everyday to get to. Tuna how does it feel to know hes out there taking care of his addiction while youre at home dopesick and losing your fucking mind? Lol.

No. 293718

File: 1492488269894.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9754.PNG)

looks like Tuna is gonna bring someone down with her. Wonder if she sent her pictures of her pig pen before hand?

No. 293722

Kek more like "brown dirty fart with hippos and shit stains"

No. 293725

unicorns and rainbows and cotton fever and piss jugs

No. 293729

>a pink glittery cloud with unicorns n rainbows
Lmfao nah, far from it. Isn't this rigormortis chick a recovering addict? And she wants to live with tuna…? Nice judgment. Matthew would never allow her to move out and get a place with someone else anyways.

No. 293731

Sounds like a Tuna poem.

No. 293732

luna looks like wendy from breaking bad. she'll probably take that as a compliment tho

No. 293743

Omg the reality show is gonna be real I'm making popcorn
Lol is she gonna move in with her outside of the city in fucking mamaronek??? In their "side room" omg girl you have no idea what you're getting yourself into but I bet it's gonna be amusing af

No. 293744

This has been posted so many times lmao it's so true tho

No. 293828


Please don't tell me those are like 8 or 9 fucking track marks on the back of her hand…

Luna. Girl. Get help.

No. 293845

File: 1492509747882.jpg (33.63 KB, 600x600, Chunk-Tuna-in-brine-425g.jpg)

No. 293910

File: 1492522921649.jpg (127.12 KB, 788x859, ew.jpg)

Have we talked about the stuff she likes on tumblr?

No. 293953

Yeah she's a sucker for drug blogs and "misunderstood" school shooters

No. 293955

File: 1492531115640.png (262.52 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-11-34…)

so she posted this on fb and screen shotted it and posted it on instagram with an extra caption

No. 293956

File: 1492531167778.png (816.56 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-12-22…)

No. 293958

File: 1492531288157.png (188.58 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-10-17…)

No. 293967

Ew that comment reaks of self righteousness

No. 293969

Didn't she literally have a million dollars and she didn't use any of it to help her dying "dad"

No. 293996

Does she sit at home all day dopesick while Lurch is out running drugs?

No. 294000

No. 294005

Wtf? Does she understand Eric Harris was… a high schooler? "Choke me daddy"? So she basically only is interested in guys if they're 40 year old heroin addicts or 17/18 year old school shooters.

Where is all this about a million dollars coming from? I really follow Tuna and have been for a while and never heard anything about a million dollars. Do we have some sort of proof?

No. 294006

stop trying to let everyone know how 'decent' you are, loonie

No. 294027

shes so sensitive.. but also likes school shooters

No. 294032

File: 1492541467072.png (89.7 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-11-44…)

No. 294033

File: 1492541526253.png (103.18 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-11-18…)

No. 294034

File: 1492541595908.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_2017-04-18-05-10-00…)

No. 294116

God her hand looks like the surface of the mooon, if it was infected

No. 294162

It looks like she finally cleaned her piercing?

No. 294164

File: 1492553029832.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0682.PNG)

>short on rent

No. 294165

File: 1492553051868.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-16-49-16…)

No. 294166

how does she not realize how horrible her lipstick looks? more crack confidence or something?

No. 294168

Gross, does she not see the long dark hairs stuck to her hand/ds in this pic?

No. 294171

she only describes the things about people that make her seem more ~unique and artistic~ she doesn't even go into their real personalities or why they were important just "he looked like jim morrison" "got kicked out of the hospital bc he wouldn't stop smoking and drinking" etc

she doesn't give a fuck about any of these people. she's just using their stories to build up her aesthetic

No. 294174

Honestly I don't understand why she puts makeup on everyday if she doesn't even leave the house. But silly me, as if she ever washed her old make up off

No. 294189

File: 1492556977170.png (363.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170418-160835.png)

No. 294190

Damn she is on a roll today rehashing old sob stories. Like, boo-fuckin-hoo Luna, a dude touched yr boobs in highschool, shut the fuckup already.

No. 294195

File: 1492557985627.png (184.6 KB, 710x1177, IMG_2461.PNG)

>new outfit to wear til it rots off my body

No. 294197

File: 1492558087050.png (267.09 KB, 750x1040, IMG_2462.PNG)

I think this is her worst yet

No. 294199

This looks like shit.
"Hey guys, low on rent this month, will sell this at a discount for $150 + shipping!"

No. 294205

I'm curious about the head peaking up on the bottom????? What

No. 294215

maybe the Lovecraftian horror at the top was supposed to behead the person whose head is at the bottom but they went "fml" and beheaded themself instead? I don't even know…

No. 294219

File: 1492560903458.png (433.25 KB, 499x596, girl.png)

that first photo though…

No. 294221


I wouldn't want it on my walls, but I honestly think her art is pretty interesting. I suppose it's the mentally ill form of outsider art. I don't know, I just see a lot going on in them and like to try and figure out what the hell she's thinking when she paints them. I always wonder as well if she paints them when she's high. Like, I wonder who the queen is, and if it's Luna's head who was cut off, or if the Queen is Luna and she has two heads/faces, and has cut one of them off, or what.

No. 294222

Agreed, Anon. She has good composition and uses colors well. She does have artistic ability imo.

No. 294224

I think her colors are well chosen too, even if her overall composition would be better if she planned ahead a bit, I find her art kind of interesting, I think it's very biographical.

sage for art-fagging

No. 294230

It bothers me she doesn't even try to mix her own colors they're all factory made

No. 294269

she said when she was documenting the 30 minutes she took to paint it that it was inspired by basquiat and anna nicole smith

No. 294277

File: 1492566185154.png (328.03 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-20-41-02…)

No. 294278

No. 294288

no one wants to fuck your man, tuna.

No. 294294

He probably tells Luna that all these women online are coming onto him.

No. 294295

That top is covered in filth and makeup. oh my fucking god

No. 294297

File: 1492567855655.png (234.68 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_2017-04-18-19-01-34…)

No. 294298

File: 1492567918588.png (122.39 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_2017-04-18-19-00-01…)

No. 294300

File: 1492567979461.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_2017-04-18-19-04-02…)

No. 294302

File: 1492568050473.png (756.61 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_2017-04-18-19-01-46…)

No. 294303

File: 1492568130546.png (491.44 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-04-18-19-00-50…)

No. 294304

Why does she want it in 3xl? She's not a skinny girl, but that's going to be huge on her.

No. 294306

i cant even imagine them having a conversation together

No. 294316

>he was a bad motherfucker hide me in your jacket
>hide the drugs in your ass

Sounds to me like she's whoring herself out for drugs and then actually keeps them in her ass on the way home incase she gets mugged or stopped by the cops. Sick.

No. 294317

Either that or Lurch has had her hide drugs in her ass before.

No. 294318

>underrated post
I choked on my drink.

No. 294329

The weekend? Evil dad must be taking her/paying for it. Im sure she'll get some "rent money" from him too. Hope she steals some food from him this time instead of face cream, his clothes, and his dead mothers jewelry.

No. 294361

File: 1492576089115.jpg (24.18 KB, 540x304, IMG_7029.JPG)


>hide the drugs in your ass

No. 294452

>I ain't tryna fuck your man
>Everyone knows he's my number one fan

No. 294466

Lunas like one of those pesky mall kiosk people. Wandering up to you like "Love your outfit. You got any money to donate? Want to buy a painting from me? Special price for you. No? Okay but it'd really help me a lot.."

No. 294471

She can't even read her work once over to edit it
>stomach bile

No. 294475

File: 1492606166517.png (262.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2466.PNG)

No. 294476

File: 1492606320082.png (100.52 KB, 750x754, IMG_2467.PNG)

The captions on this are gold

No. 294478


No. 294481

File: 1492606985948.png (214.72 KB, 234x542, Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.01…)


No. 294484

She wants to be a nurse? FFS. I can't imagine anyone less suitable than a drug addict who lapses into "panic attacks" at the slightest provocation. Or no provocation. Also, almost as important about not being a skeevy drug addict, you have to actually care about other people.

No. 294490

>my body feels like it's crumbling

It's because you're fat, Tuna.

No. 294492

Lol. When she said she wants a job at the hospital I was legit thinking a janitor/cleaning job. Doe she think you can just go apply to be a nurse? Tuna you have to get certified for it. Which requires some work and commitment. You'll never make it. She prolly thinks 'well I can shoot myself up, so id be good with needles id be such a good nurse'.

No. 294493

how true this is makes me gag

No. 294505

Tuna you'll never be Toopooh, stop trying so hard.

No. 294508

Did she post this on her Tumblr or is it something you just randomly found?

No. 294510

She probably thinks a hospital pharmacy is like a buffet and that no one keeps track of the morphine.

No. 294517

It's on her Tumblr she posted 3 memes but this one was obv the best

No. 294518

File: 1492612008035.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2469.PNG)

The other two

No. 294519

I didnt see it? Did she delete it? What did the hashtag say?

No. 294521

File: 1492612089474.gif (5.65 KB, 100x38, https://68.media.tumblr.com/31…)

Also this gif showing how cute heroin is

No. 294522

It's literally still there right now I just screenshot it

No. 294525

File: 1492612278335.jpg (168.3 KB, 757x676, tuna.jpg)

She's rapidly gained weight over the past month. I wonder what's changed.

No. 294530

Lol and she says she barely eats. Lay off the donuts and McDonald's.

No. 294548


I can kind of believe her that she's hungry all the time if she's eating so much crap. She should just start cooking, she's home all day anyway…

No. 294594

She cries about how fat and disgusting she is and that she wants to be a "model" >>294475 , while simultaneously shoveling down fast food and donuts. This girl won't put work in anything, no matter how badly she wants it. She just waits for someone to "fulfill her wishes" for her. She's so motherfucking lazy.

No. 294618

File: 1492620744130.jpg (474.2 KB, 512x512, 02d273df-fa08-444a-8385-4aa72e…)

No. 294634

This is why no matter how scuzzy lurch proves himself to be i dont fully feel bad for her. She puts more effort into complaining than the amount of effort required to get whatever it is she wants to get done.

No. 294651

It's because she does drugs and takes pride in not eating. nice reach tho
First picture she took of herself, angled perfectly. Second picture she didn't. Angles. Crazy concept hey

No. 294652

Umm no. She's clearly chunkier in the 2nd pic.

No. 294656

sometimes she gets more bloated and swollen, all these drugs she takes must fuck up her sodium and potassium levels and I'm 100% sure she has hormonal and water retention problems

No. 294660

Lol alright if that makes you feel better

No. 294673

This is the best. And it was the first thing I thought of when I read her "poetry"

No. 294674

hey luna.
its clear she is larger in the second pic just look at the upper arms.

No. 294690

File: 1492631602471.png (1.72 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-48-59…)

No. 294691

Sooo clean and neat.. ugh.

No. 294693

>i've been cleaning all morning
Well, the background begs to differ.

No. 294698

I think I have bad taste because I kind of actually like this dress. Is it new? I don't recall her wearing it before.

No. 294703

File: 1492633133112.png (2.06 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-19-15-17-43…)

Oh god, why??

No. 294705

File: 1492633224058.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-49-32…)

No. 294710

Holy shit, why would you pose like this? All the dimples in her feet and thighs are going to give me nightmares.

No. 294712

Thanks to this thread im going on a long bike ride with my border collie and only eating cucumbers today

No. 294713

>I just cleaned you guys!
>carpet looks like someone has fucking given birth on it.
>also, nice ring pimping

No. 294714


I thought she didn't watch 13 reasons why. kek.

No. 294719


her feet look HUGE AS FUCK, ewww

No. 294725

i loathe how she always expects things to be given to her all the time, obviously the concept of saving money for a short time until you can afford it yourself is foreign to her!!

No. 294733

does she own anything that doesn't have hair stuck to it

No. 294742

I agree

No. 294745

This is straight up unsettling

No. 294748


In the first one she's lifting her arm, in the second it's resting against her body, of course it will appear larger. She doesn't look heavier to me.

It actually looks somewhat clean here?

No. 294760

File: 1492638078731.png (960.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9905.PNG)

Dat crust, doe.

Your standards, rethink them.

No. 294767

yes. she bought the red and purple dresses today for $4 at a church thrift shop apparently, announced it multiple times on facebook and instagram

No. 294785

What the fuck is above her top lip?

No. 294802


I have to admit, I think she does look pretty cute here. That dress does it, I guess. Her cleaning skills, not so much, though.

No. 294804

i just wanna take a salux cloth to her face and scrub all that crusty makeup off, my god

No. 294814

Foundation caked on a blatant mustache.

No. 294818


#Triggered by the fitted sheet that's moments from pinging off their nasty mattress.

It's a new set of sheets but there's a red (blood?) stain on the blanket already…

No. 294823

Damn, that's one thick mustache. Why does she keep it like that??

No. 294824

It actually flatters her figure. she's chubby but it's not like she's an incurable apple shape like Dakota or something. she could dress in a way that flatters her, but she wears those stupid fucking halterneck style tops and gross sweatpants all the time.

It's kinda like PT, people like Luna can't can't over the fact the shit they like isn't the shit that suits them.

No. 294851

File: 1492646621669.jpg (51.12 KB, 300x259, IMG_3535.JPG)

No. 294862

File: 1492647929562.png (4.12 KB, 603x107, luna.PNG)

she whingest about having nothing to eat and going days with out eating, begging for someone to order her pizza or give her money for food… now this? which is it luna!!

No. 294866

She's both? Eat fast food junk, then not eating at all. Choose dammit

No. 294870

Honestly her habit of binge eating junk food, then starving herself is only going to make her gain weight more than anything.

No. 294871

Poor Tuna, life is hard when you want to make it seem like you have a eating disorder for ~speshul sad bby gurl~ points but you can't stop stuffing your grimy face.

No. 294884

I just bought the same damn bedspread as her because I didn't recognise the new one as it's clean! Dammit Luna clean your damn house!!

No. 294892

Kek, I can see Tuna playing a murdered prostitute in a Law and Order episode.

No. 294898

I can see Luna as an actual murdered prostitute in a few years time if she continues this shit..

No. 294907

I was in Mamaroneck this morning and I'm pretty sure I went to the McDonald's Tuna has been going to despite being ~super impoverished~. Anyways, some of the towns in the area, even the really rich ones, are empty and isolated. I wanted to give Poor Luna the benefit of the doubt. But… Mamaroneck is surprisingly densely commercial. There are streets lined with small businesses and chains. She would easily get a job if she tried.

Why are she and Lurch living where the cost of living is almost twice as high as the U.S. average? There are cities nearby where they could have a smaller rent.

Unrelated but did her parents go to rehab in the city or upstate?

No. 294919


No. 294920

Because their living situation is not and has never been as dire as shes made it out to be. Shes an addict that hasnt resorted to selling any of her pricey electronics, a lot of things dont add up if you believe her dramatics.

No. 294930

She doesn't want a job. Shes too fucking lazy. She mentioned getting a job that was just 2 blocks away from her, but then never mentioned it again. Worthless cunt.

No. 294933

Imagine all the hairballs around her room.. Her and lurch both have long hair and you know that room has never been vacuumed. Probably gets all tangled in their feet and then they drag it into bed and under the covers where it gets even more tangled in their feet when they sleep. Ah, comfy.

No. 294940

File: 1492657958079.png (52.54 KB, 720x519, Capture _2017-04-19-22-11-49.p…)

No. 294980

Of all the things to bitch about

No. 294995

id understand if her feet were calloused and dirty but they're gross cause they're large..? are you ok?

No. 295003

Don't take it personally bigfoot anon, her feet are indeed both huge and gross.

At first I thought she was quoting placebo lyrics. Kind of surprised she never leeched onto that band what with the addiction themes and all.

No. 295079

seriously anon. not to mention the information she is giving about these deceased people is entirely disrespectful.

No. 295215

File: 1492702659959.jpg (47.41 KB, 1200x630, leave_him_t_shirt-r17b2192ef29…)

No. 295220


everything in this room is so gray and musty-looking, i wouldn't be surprised if the place is moldy af and affecting their health along w/ the rest of the shit they subject their bodies to

No. 295237

File: 1492705345107.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_2017-04-20-09-20-08…)

No. 295238

File: 1492705483725.png (815.45 KB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_2017-04-20-09-20-40…)

back to aesthetic drug posting. wonder when the heroin pictures will start

No. 295239

Yayyyy blog those drugs, tuna!

No. 295280

Was that the one where she was having a panic attack during her shift and Lurch had to come to her work and give her a shot?

She probably got fired for her shenanigans. I used to work with a junkie who would pull similar shit. She thought that no one would know that her "little breaks to calm herself down" were really a cover for a fix. She lasted about three weeks.

No. 295330

i believe she got fired from that job for getting caught stealing from a cloakroom when she was supposed to be working on a mural.

No. 295341

File: 1492718863537.png (640.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170420-150627.png)

>RIP new friends

No. 295342

i doubt she'd start blogging about heroin on her main blog. she used to post pill pics on her old blog but heroin probably isn't cute enough for her to post there ha.

No. 295348

No that was a while ago like years and he had to send his friend to shoot her up at this office job she had during the summer in high school where she got paid to do basically nothing.

No. 295349

That was also another job lol

No. 295356

well her likes have been full of heroin posts a few times and she posted a meme making fun of her heroin addiction so i wouldnt put it past her

No. 295359

How does one take a pic like that, see it and decide that they're gonna post it?
Like, why does she have 0 self-awareness?

No. 295366

File: 1492721675218.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_2017-04-20-13-41-57…)

No. 295372

is this bitch unable to apply any cosmetic products correctly?? Jfc, those cuticles are swimming in nail polish.

No. 295375


omg this makes me want to puke, was she nodding off when she was painting those dollar store false nails?!

No. 295379

Jfc her semptum piercing is covered in shit and her skin is so fucking filthy. Vom.

No. 295380

File: 1492722669397.jpg (9.09 KB, 200x210, 764645.jpg)

Those fucking nails

No. 295381

File: 1492722725070.png (1.74 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-20-16-11-31…)

No. 295386

File: 1492723166377.jpg (180.8 KB, 1200x1272, PicsArt_04-20-04.17.21.jpg)

More "poetry"

No. 295387

>I wish I had fame
Luna. You say all these things but put absolutely zero effort into working towards any of it. Beauty takes work. Money takes work. Fame takes work. Shit, even happiness takes work. But all you do is sit around, growing progressively crustier, and contributing nothing to society. Nothing you have is the fruit of your own labor, you take from others pockets and can't even be arsed to give so much as a thank you in return. She's so useless and needy it's giving me a headache.

No. 295389

might just be cuz i'm baked but i liked this one

No. 295391

>im so proud of my track marks

Her face is so fucking crusty. Like bitch, have you ever heard of exfoliation….?
Her nails make me think of that comment someone made about maybe she has really bad vision. How do you fuck up so bad painting nails..? A 7 year old can do a better job…

No. 295398

File: 1492724466616.png (624.33 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-20-16-40-24…)


No. 295407

File: 1492725450561.png (755.18 KB, 716x928, Capture _2017-04-20-16-42-48.p…)

Whys she trying to cover the name on it? It clearly says Schumacher. If it was Matthews im sure she wouldn't bother covering it. It bet its Rodgers. Whatta cunt.

No. 295434

File: 1492727117842.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1964.PNG)

Honestly I'd believe her if she said she found this in the rubbish

No. 295461

As someone who majored in Computer Science, she doesn't know a goddamn thing about any of it. What are you gonna do, Luna? Slap some Lisa Frank stickers on it and give it heroin?

She's a joke.

No. 295462

File: 1492729769996.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-20-18-07-59…)

No. 295463

File: 1492729816419.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-20-18-08-05…)

No. 295465

>idk what it's gonna end up looking like

Like an unusable piece of garbage that you happened to paint pink and stick in your filthy room for ~*~muh aesthetics~*~
What a cow.

No. 295467

>baby will you please take a picture of me hiding under the blankets so i can show my followers what a mentally ill snowflake i am?

No. 295470

The Xanny on the nightstand is a nice touch. Take a little more Loony.

No. 295475

It's shit like this that really makes me wonder what the actual fuck is she thinking. Like…why?? Is this supposed to be artistic or..?

No. 295477

File: 1492730833549.png (109.88 KB, 256x193, 56456456.png)

This just fucking kills me

No. 295479

She posted those 2 pics on tumblr with the caption "this is mental illness" like its some psa/statement, when in reality she's just high on xanax and whatever else and thinks she's pulling off some ~cute mental illness aesthetic~

No. 295486

Did she.. paint over the vents?

No. 295488

Yep. And look at all the paint on she screen. She clearly gave no fucks. She's probably gonna cover it in stickers or her shitty art n try to sell it for like $400 lol.

No. 295492

If this is what chief is putting up with, no wonder why he gets so angry.

No. 295497

File: 1492732032447.png (205.01 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_2017-04-20-16-43-44…)

No. 295498

File: 1492732104651.png (118.52 KB, 1080x846, Screenshot_2017-04-20-16-43-34…)

No. 295505

Why do daffy cunts like this admit to doing stupid shit all their lives but then blame other people for not thinking they're good? It's nobody else's fault that she doesn't feel safe, damn.

No. 295506

Haaaha. Lurk much Tuna?!
Get clean and leave your creepy pedodude. Stop living for aesthetics. You could be more than a worthless lazy junkie if you wanted to, but you clearly don't. You have to work to change shit for yourself, it isn't going to just magically happen. Grow the fuck up.

No. 295507

Also, NO ONE views you as poor. Youre a spoiled cunt who lives off your "evil" dads money. But you sure do like to pretend to be poor!

No. 295512

I mean, we only call her a junkie loser because, yeah. She is. What has she done to prove otherwise?

No. 295522

File: 1492734257765.png (1.72 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-20-19-23-23…)

No. 295530

UGH TUNA! Just clean the crust off your damn septum piercing instead of trying to hide it, you can't be that lazy……!
And Wtf is going on with her lips/mouth. I think she just ate a chocolate donut or something and got chocolate in the corners of her mouth and then took a selfie. She keeps embarrassing herself when she gets high.

No. 295531

I think it might be stray chunks of that nasty brown lipstick she always wears.

No. 295537

She has such beautiful bone structure in her face. I truly believe she is overwhelmed and feeling completely hopeless, but can't break the "aesthetic" pressure that she is comfortable with enough to even try and get out of it. She doesn't seem like a completely evil bitch and it's so sad that she lives this way.

No. 295552

I wonder what kind of personality she had before she got addicted to dope/drugs.. Did she think her dad was "evil" back then, or was it something Lurch drilled into her brain? Was she always a desperate, lazy attention whore? She seemed completely different/normal/happy in he older pics with friends.

No. 295561

> ugly marks on my arms and hands

Well, yeah girl

No. 295564

God what was she even trying to do to those nails look at the pinky etc

No. 295570

she didn't do heroin in high school I don't think

No. 295571

This was just post her senior year

No. 295574

dude…me too…when she repeated that one line twice got me

No. 295579

I hope she only wears that ring for ~aesthetic~ pics. Otherwise it'll be all nasty and caked with gunk in no time.

No. 295587

This annoys the shit out of me so much she is such a joke

No. 295589

Why is she covering those cute freckles with that gross foundation? Her skins looks good here, instead of like wax!

No. 295590

Is that blood on her pinky?

No. 295593

I wondered that too. Its either blood, nailpolish, or her lipstick.
Or maybe paint from some painting she did days/weeks ago.

No. 295596

Ew it could also be bruised from injection since she obv uses her hands mostly these days

No. 295597

I think people have said that she started doing heroin when she got with Lurch?? So if that's the case, then I followed her for a little before all that and I'm pretty sure she's been saying her dad is "evil" since then too. I just remember her always talking about how her mom did drugs and she just spent a lot of time in her room like she did now.

No. 295600

Omg I paint my nails pretty messy too but I'll always clean it up before I go anywhere, she has zero self awareness, it's so weird?? I'm constantly bewildered by the stuff she so confidently posts.

No. 295617

she doesnt go anywhere though

No. 295620

gross hands/nails/septum aside, she looks so much younger when she isn't caked with foundation. all that makeup ages her so badly, her natural skin is freckly but that isn't a detriment and she looks so much more like a person in this picture

No. 295625

I agree, she does look Alot better without the caked foundation. I can understand feeling uncomfortable without having makeup on though, but she could get a BB Cream. Its light coverage and its mixed with moisturizer so she wouldn't look so crusty. And she needs to stop with the ugly matte lipstick and get some lip balm– they make dark colored tinted ones. I know she lurks here and says she doesn't want peoples advice but TUNA WHY DO YOU WANNA LOOK SO CRUSTY?

No. 295666

i understand the feeling of being uncomfortable without makeup too, but i also can't imagine how uncomfortable it is to have makeup caked on like that. i just wanna take a little paint scraper and scrape that thick layer of foundation off..

No. 295671

Are her undereyes permanently like that? Jeez.

No. 295674

Why? It's not like you do anything remarkable, Tuna. You're a loser wasting your life on drugs and being a wannabe, who would ever look up to you? In terms of this site I guess you could be considered infamous at the very least, lol.

No. 295686

Stealing all her neighbors plants now that it's spring…

No. 295691

this made me sad because i really like her and just think shes fucking lost. i wish shed drop chief and get her life back on track. she does have potential. if youre lurking, know that some anons do root for you, luna.

No. 295695

Looking at her eyes here and hands in previous pictures, I'm guessing she just shot up and leaked down her hand… ohgod, then sloppily high-comped down a chocolate doughnut and burped while taking this essential photo. :(
This girl needs a real talking grandma to verbally kick her ass into cleaning up.

No. 295698

File: 1492751732126.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1282, tuna.png)

cleaned up dear tuna ever so slightly— nothing unattainable, just evened out the makeup, removed dirt/grime/what looks like blood, and straightened the piercing. disclaimer, I don't know much about editing, I just desperately want to fix her up a little

No. 295700

This is great, anon. She looks so sweet and fresh faced.

No. 295701

Wow. Nice job, anon. Subtle but a big change.

No. 295736


Really good edit! I wouldn't have even picked up on it if it weren't for ne being used seeing her filthy.

Keep up the good work anon!

No. 295741

She could be so pretty if she wasn't a filthy druggie

No. 295778


wow, great job anon! you're talented, it looks so natural!

No. 295785


she has a nalgene thats a pretty good water bottle.

sage for off topic water bottle posting

No. 295799

Wonder where she stole it from. Maybe evil dads house.

No. 295822

I look at it and think WHYYYYYYYYYYYY would you post that shitty, grimy, scuzzy picture of yourself. It's like she has no shame or embarrassment filter at all.

No. 295823

According to her poem, if I am reading it correctly, because it freckles are trendy now.

No. 295826

Bet she steals this edited pic and uses it

No. 295862

File: 1492786453819.png (188.02 KB, 750x1062, IMG_2477.PNG)

>guess I got a birthday card
>more gifts
>thanks no one

Hate her

No. 295873

>I already have a bunch of film because I got one and it arrived broken

So, why didn't you take advantage of the fact that amazon will always believe buyers and return it for a non-broken one?

She's just pre-empting comments about how she's lying about having no money, which she is, because that film is pretty expensive. It's not as bad as Impossible but you're still shelling out 89p/$1.14 per photo. It's only cheaper if you bulk buy, but you need to have £20/30/50 to drop at once.

Instant photography is a really fucking pricey hobby.
>Get out of my hobby reeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 295882

that or she shoplifted it and "got as a gift" is her new "found in the trash" kek.

i know for a while best buy had those pink cameras and rolls of film out on display

No. 295910

She's showed her cart on Amazon tho so you know she's ordering it

No. 295959

File: 1492797396458.jpg (497.5 KB, 2048x2048, 9D6680B0-CCC3-47A2-8A3D-C88941…)

This response on this post is so real but of course she doesn't acknowledge it

No. 295960

File: 1492797441714.png (1.59 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-21-12-54-35…)

No. 295962

File: 1492797541502.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-21-12-54-54…)

No. 295963

File: 1492797628380.png (1.77 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-21-12-55-16…)

No. 295969

Good lord why is it so rancid and yellow?!

No. 295971


She doesn't clean her makeup brushes which probably is the reason it looks grey. Or her highlighter has some grey undertones in it. Either way this highlighter is NOT meant for her skin tone as it makes her look ashy

No. 295973

Eeewwwwwww wtf is that? I feel sick

No. 295980

Everything this bitch owns is covered in a layer of grime and everything meant to be white is a nasty off-yellow

No. 295992

File: 1492801496158.png (877.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9909.PNG)


No. 295993

File: 1492801571813.png (89.03 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_2017-04-21-09-19-52…)

as if tuna would last a week working 20 hrs a week even.
if she thinks her life is the worst it can get i cant imagine what ahe thinks about people who are homeless with mental illness and addiction and their evil daddy doesnt pay for their phone and rent, strangers on the internet dont give them tons of useless crap.
she has no idea how easy she has it

No. 295994


Yes yes, he's clearly very lovable. I am not sure if he addicted you to smack, but he keeps you addicted to smack instead of trying to get the two of you mental health services and the two of you cleaned up; he allows and encourages you to wallow in your own filth, and wallows in it with you; he mocks your dreams and gets angry at you for seemingly nothing. He withholds affection. He's literally old enough to be your father. Yes indeed, he's a love for the ages.

No. 295995

File: 1492801634710.png (96.57 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_2017-04-21-11-58-34…)

No. 295996

File: 1492801753657.png (950.69 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_2017-04-21-11-58-53…)

>wahh im so upset my life is terrible
>ill kill u rapists i still have on my friends list for some unknown reason
>ooo i feel great i should post a titty pic

looks like some crack confidence to me

No. 295998


She's trying to channel The Bride in Kill Bill or something.

No. 296001

Im sure shes referring to the awesome withdrawals/mindfuck her polydrug addictions cause but holy shit… Can luna fathom going through all that AND having to work at least 20 hours a week? Thats another level of drug addiction suffering uwuwuwu she cant tap into.

No. 296006

I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

No. 296009

She is so fucking privileged she has no idea

No. 296011

she's always had a raw artistic talent and a pretty original style, although her recent stuff keeps going downhill (i blame the hard drugs) but this last one isn't half bad. looks like her new pastel pink-haired self beheading the old blonde her. this paired with the stuff she's been posting lately makes it look like she's trying to get her shit together. emphasis on trying but i really hope so

No. 296025

File: 1492803684355.png (35.77 KB, 750x403, IMG_2487.PNG)

Fuck her

No. 296027

I think she will be like this until she dies.

No. 296029

of course she has a jeffree star product. of course. how poor.

No. 296032


By the looks of this she has that "black highlighter

No. 296067

It looks like she held the compact up to her cheek and smeared it around. Extreme highlight doesn't compliment the texture of her skin.
Will she get a toothpick or something and clean up her nail polish? She's a mess.

No. 296068

File: 1492808669331.png (98.38 KB, 750x733, IMG_2490.PNG)

No. 296069

Isn't their 3 year anniversary and his birthday coming up? Weird how she hasn't mentioned either at all

No. 296096

Luna, nobody cares about your facebook confessions. Get a therapy & stop trying to be so opressed.

No. 296107

Wonder what combo on drugs she's on. Or if she just got some fire dope. Wow poor her she really does have a hard life.
Lol how she thinks noone would survive a week of her life. lifes rough when your pedo bf gets you started on heroin and doesn't care enough about you that he just lets you sit at home sick everyday. Welp at least he "loves you". What a joke.

No. 296109

Uhh.. Yeah guys, "be afraid" of this wimpy bitch who cries when her bf is questioned by the cops.

No. 296110

Ambien makes you do some weird shit you wouldn't otherwise do when sober. Placing my bets on that.

No. 296149

File: 1492817186589.jpg (112.27 KB, 750x661, image.jpg)

nope, looks like it is matthew's, i guess she just doesn't want people knowing his full name. side note, i saw this because she seems to unknowingly be taking/posting "live" photos, which record a few seconds before and after the picture complete with audio. when you click and hold you can see them moving.

No. 296247

she looks like lurch in a wig in the middle right photo god

No. 296266

This post is sad because it shows that there are people who see past all her bullshit, and STILL want to be her friend, and she blows them off to suck up to aesthetic addicts.

No. 296280


Nah, I bet if questioned about the status she'd say it's because she takes "prescribed medicationzz she needz and ppl label herrr!!"

No. 296282



No. 296289

File: 1492828817442.png (181.37 KB, 749x1030, IMG_2497.PNG)

>bridge troll

No. 296313


No surprises there

No. 296331

Ah yes, the dope was fire. Good show

No. 296374

File: 1492834260121.png (1.25 MB, 1296x1138, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 12.0…)

In tuna's likes today. Is she doin meth too now?lmao it wouldn't surprise me

No. 296403

Live pics on Instagram? Or fb

No. 296436

I dunno man, she's probably right. If I had to live a week in that filth den with that creepy old dude rubbing up on me, I'd absolutely 100% could not make it.

No. 296497

File: 1492846197611.png (643.54 KB, 719x933, 20170422_032904.png)

No. 296513

damn she is gunna lose circulation in her lower half

No. 296547


on tumblr

No. 296626

"Hey frank can u pose with me for a pic for my tumblr?! need 2 show my teen audience that i know k00l older ppl like u UwU~"

No. 296628

File: 1492874075792.png (717.84 KB, 1049x774, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 1.11…)

No. 296634

File: 1492874674846.png (58.79 KB, 697x418, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 1.14…)

guys enjoy this embarrassing piece of prose about how edgy and badass she is!!!


Luna; I award u 100 GOLD EDGE POINTS for this pOEM. u r truly a broken angel. in retrospect; love the subtle humble brag, STINKS of self-righteousness so props 2 u for that, well conveyed. Horribly contrived and forced. wreaks of desperately wanting to be acknowledged as a victim. I can name a few people who wish you'd just shut up, pass out, and stop victimising yourself/using drugs to define your (lack of) personality/individuality. did u know u can have a personality outside of ur mental illness/addiction? 10/10 edgy as all fuck would read again.

No. 296638

File: 1492875685144.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1971.PNG)

She left the house everyone

No. 296639

File: 1492875725481.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1972.PNG)

Forgot the caption eh

No. 296643

I wonder what horrible tragedy she'll talk about on all of her social media accounts later
Every time she goes out, something dramatic happens, or she "finds" stuff

No. 296646

I feel bad for her. It's not like I'd ever give her money but it's also not like I think she's living a great life, she's a junkie ffs.

Depressing and sad. Getting clean is not easy and she's basically trained her brain at a very young age that she needs to be on some heavy shit in order to live her life.

sage for opinions

No. 296648


You think? She has track marks on her hands, it's a safe bet.

No. 296649


ugh benzos are the worst, especially recreationally. they are so impossible to kick. the only drug i would never, ever do.

nice pill box, tho

No. 296650



jesus, disgusting.

No. 296653


she's a junkie, junkies love sugar, the image of the skinny heroin addict is only real if you're super fucking poor and all your money goes to dope.

all the middle class white kid addicts i knew were varying stages of normal to overweight. this one girl used to shoot and eat pixy stix all day long; nasty.

sage for blog

No. 296655

Can't wait for her to complain about her evil dad after he showers her with money and gifts and nails (full set of acrylics is like $50 minimum especially in the city, she's in manhattan). I wonder what precious family heirlooms she'll steal this week!

No. 296657


if you want to see addicts helping each other out, reddit is the shit.

does luna keep narcan on her? if not, someone should send her some.

No. 296660


I can't believe he keeps her hooked up in Mamaroneck. Rent is expensive there. When they eventually leave that place it's going to be a fucking biohazard, sucks to be their landlord.

No. 296666

I feel so sad for her. She's filthy and she probably stinks to high heaven of cat piss and who knows what else but she seems oblivious to all of it.

No. 296693


I've gotten on and off benzos multiple times in my life for fuck knows what reason. The way Luna is acting is benzo addict to a T. It really fucks with your emotions, even more so than straight forward drugs like meth and heroin.

They're VERY dangerous to get off of, so if she's really taking Xanax as much as she mentions, she's kind of fucked unless she very carefully tapers. And we know she isn't going to do that. Sooner or later she'll have a seizure during W/Ds, it is inevitable when abusing benzos.

Waiting for the "woe is me, also give me money" post when she is hospitalized, if her bf even calls paramedics.

No. 296700


goddamn it, meant to link to >296649

No. 296714

she writes here >>296634
>tweaking is accepted if it's adderall
kind of sounds like she could be

No. 296720

Everytime I see a gif or video it looks like she just took a hit of crack or meth cuz of the way she moves and looks and breathes etc
She always looks so fucked up. I doubt anyone can take her seriously irl. She probably doesn't make much sense when she talks, like Matthew who literally mumbles insane shit in the couple videos we've seen.
I wish she would take advantage of IG story more, that'd be good milk.

No. 296722

I hate this stupid bitch. People that take Adderall for ADHD that actually NEED it and it's junkies like this that give people who take it like they are suppose to and legally.

I really hope this cunt gets a wake up call soon. Godspeed, you piece of shit.

No. 296734

File: 1492888384980.png (553.09 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_2017-04-22-12-08-03…)

No. 296736

File: 1492888435893.png (143.28 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_2017-04-22-12-10-18…)

No. 296737

File: 1492888491949.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_2017-04-22-12-10-56…)

No. 296738

File: 1492888691208.png (587.89 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_2017-04-22-12-14-46…)

No. 296740

>like by lil_fever
Never forget.

No. 296754

Smoking without a roach or filter is so fucking gross. Just roll up some cardboard ffs.

No. 296769


does she always smoke marijuana when she's at her dads?

No. 296777

Cuz he has weed and he smokes weed. If she ever has weed its most likely taken from her father.

No. 296803

I wish or of her "friends"/teeny bopper followers would ask her why she has to stay with her dad every weekend. Either its cos Matthew doesn't want her around once in a while or she just goes over there to suck money out of him. But shed probably be like ~uwu~ I like spending time with my evil dad.

No. 296816

She definitely goes there for money and gifts etc it's essentially a vacation from her vacation life

No. 296829


She's one of those people that brags about high school years & years after they graduate. The last time she ever worked hard on something was probably a 10th grade book report she got a B on. She was never "that smart smart" kid. She put minimum effort into school and probably hasnt read a book since middle school class reading.


>the summer that i fell i fell in love with my ex was the summer of blue boogers

so poetic.

No. 296849

>Was she always a desperate, lazy attention whore?

knew her blog in 2010-12. yes

No. 296899

Another person she's guilted into buying a painting from her so she can buy more drug and donut money.

No. 296915

If she has cash, why doesn't she go to an actual good donut shop? She's in the city, she could go to donut plant. Dunkin donuts is shit.
Sage for being pretentious about donuts.

No. 296917

trying her hardest by using drugs and escaping to a fantasy life on the internet for likes and reblogs. that sure is some hard work at managing a personality disorder. jfc

No. 296929

File: 1492909204265.jpeg (36.8 KB, 340x254, 704CC43D-5158-4E4B-9B7B-650D2A…)

sure luna, because we all know it's your personality disorder that's ruining your life

No. 296933

Dunkin Donuts probably fits her trashy aesthetic so teats why she likes it.

No. 297026

Tbh, had a peek at the guy's fb and he looks like a junkie too. I feel like the painting might have been more of an exchange if anything.

It's probably so she can actually shower once a week. That and the gifts/drugs/shit to steal.


No. 297036

On her tumblr she says shes known him since she was a toddler. With her moms drug abuse history it wouldnt surprise me if she was deliberately hitting up junkies of the past like how she latched onto chief the sea creature.

No. 297043

I mean, he'd be a big step up from Lurch even if he is a junkie. Still seems older, but looks more hygienic, has a cleaner apartment, and seems to have a job/band. I suppose he's better looking too, but I mean it's not difficult to compete with chief.

No. 297046

File: 1492926830141.jpg (99.53 KB, 620x435, IMG_2845.JPG)

how does this monkey look like lurch

No. 297054

fucking kek :'-)

No. 297060

holy shit i couldn't put my finger on it before but this is exactly him

No. 297076

fuck lmfao

No. 297109

That poor monkey didn't do anything to deserve this

No. 297200

File: 1492952278453.png (117.4 KB, 749x1135, IMG_2511.PNG)

She's so obsessed with her ex she never met and has been broken up with over 3 years. I wonder if she talks to Lurch about him lol

No. 297214

File: 1492953883584.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1976.PNG)

On today's episode of " Please look at my trackmarks"

No. 297215

Welp, looks like her abscess is clearing up nicely.

No. 297220

Still looks like there will be a gaping hole scarred due to necrosis.

No. 297224

Cute face and nice hair. Girl, take care of yourself.

No. 297227

File: 1492956866321.png (297.17 KB, 749x1117, IMG_2512.PNG)

Just scrolling through my ig feed and was like "oh this is what Tuna's heart looks like"

No. 297230



It looks like flipped the image? Her abcess was on her left arm, but that ugly ass alien tattoo is on her right.
She's still hiding her abcess and trying to fool us.

No. 297233

You're right, it's on the other arm. She's not trying to fool us though, she just took a picture in the mirror.

No. 297269

File: 1492962237683.png (129.03 KB, 731x1110, IMG_1981.PNG)

Get over yourself tuna

No. 297271

File: 1492962326149.png (213.05 KB, 750x1194, IMG_1982.PNG)

hahahah oh boy !!!!!!! Looking great lurch

No. 297277

File: 1492963130834.png (209.48 KB, 750x1109, IMG_2514.PNG)

Good god there's so much wrong in this photo. Did she rub actual dirt and/or cigarette ashes on her face?

No. 297280

File: 1492963351372.png (136.5 KB, 750x1113, IMG_2515.PNG)

Girl, that shit ain't even PRIME

No. 297281

This photo is thoroughly hideous. Girl, rethink your life (and that awful black highlighter).

No. 297282

The track marks on her hand look like they've blown her veins

No. 297283

File: 1492963642909.png (127.76 KB, 750x876, IMG_2516.PNG)

Her hair actually looks nice n clean here but it's probably a filter

No. 297291

I swear only Luna is capable of making it so that a highlighter DOESNT EVEN GLEAM/SHIMMER like it should. I'm beside myself. Clean your damn brushes!

No. 297294

this is the real reason you shouldnt do drugs. blow this up and post it in schools

No. 297298

The smashed up mirror in the background makes me feel so fucking uncomfortable. Why keep it there? It's just going to slowly chip away and leave glass shards on their floor.

No. 297303

File: 1492966234315.png (122.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1206.PNG)

the comments. she's soo embarrassing holy shit

No. 297308

File: 1492966570985.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-23-11-50-04…)

No. 297311

File: 1492966673890.png (550.95 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_2017-04-23-09-37-48…)

why wouldnt she buy it with the 100 dollar gift card she magically had.
I wouldnt be surprised if that guy traded her a painting for the amazon gift card, the timing lines up.

No. 297312

File: 1492966709264.png (2.45 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-23-11-49-02…)

Lol she keeps reposting this

No. 297313

File: 1492966793470.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_2017-04-23-09-38-05…)

>so hot


No. 297314

File: 1492966861468.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_2017-04-23-09-41-40…)

posted the exact same movies 3 days ago. there is nothing to this girl besides appearance and materialism. she is so boring and shallow.

No. 297315

File: 1492966932181.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_2017-04-23-09-41-29…)

No. 297317

Why would you wear these, let alone post them online? Now I'm sex repulsed too. Thanks Tuna!

No. 297320

These pictures remind me of pregnancy announcements.

No. 297322

She looks like she's posing with a corpse.

No. 297332

Makes me wonder if lurch smashed it in anger

No. 297339

how long have these schmucks been """""""engaged""""""" anyway?

No. 297340

File: 1492968750293.jpg (63.48 KB, 600x360, face-weave-elite-daily-1.jpg)

jesus fuck have some decency you damn leech

No. 297342

File: 1492968851345.png (480.56 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-04-23-10-26-46…)

she just posted a 5 min long video of her haphazardly painting the computer while music plays in the background, sometimes she looks at the camera to check herself out and she seems to have random hiccups?
then she posted a video to instagram of just the computer but it was so shaky and oddly zoomed in at so many parts I cant imagine shes remotely sober.

No. 297343

File: 1492968879844.png (525.76 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_2017-04-23-10-27-10…)

No. 297344

File: 1492969101196.png (186.67 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_2017-04-23-10-24-08…)

No. 297345

sexy fiancé


I think you meant to say "nauseating".

No. 297382

File: 1492972811750.png (2.11 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-23-13-37-57…)

No. 297387

It looks like she has to physically keep his hands on her because he doesn't even want to touch her.

That and I'm wondering if they buy/steal new clothes to replace the old ones they can't wash.

No. 297388


Heroin gives you hiccups

No. 297396

Lol how she dresses him up how she wants him to look so it works with her aesthetic. Hes nasty as fuck and he also looks repulsed that hes touching her.

No. 297399

The toaster was bound to catch fire eventually with all the dead bugs and bug feces in it.

No. 297405

Literal granny panties…

No. 297407

File: 1492975484971.png (890.42 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_2017-04-23-12-21-50…)

No. 297420

File: 1492976858278.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-23-14-44-49…)

Yeah, it does look dumb. Get a job Luna and get clean, wtf are you doing.

No. 297421

Whose idea was it for them to be "engaged?" For those who actually know Luna, why does she think he is a decent man? I get that he gets her heroin fixes for her, and maybe that's all it takes for her; but by pretty much ANY other metric he's a piece of dogshit on the sole of life. On multiple levels.

No. 297424

File: 1492977019527.png (1.91 MB, 1088x866, mygot.png)

Her disgusting roots look like she put a mud mask in her hair and never washed it out. Especially with those little black dirt spots in her hair strands seriously wtf is this?

No. 297432

looks like preschooler getting grip of finger-colors

No. 297433

Thrifted underwear

No. 297436

Sage for the YouTube video posted and derailing, being off-topic. The reason why I posted the video is because those are kids,teens and young adults from my country that live their life being abused, starving, not having where to sleep and get influenced to end up doing drugs, I'm sure this happens in the US as well.

I've been lurking Luna's threads for a while now and there's something I would like to understand. Why would you choose to be such a train-wreck? Why would you get so obsessed with such a self debilitating aesthetic? Why would you choose to be living with the grossest man in the grossest house possible while being addicted to drugs? It's not like she didn't have other options, she's not poor as she makes herself out to be for the sake of her aesthetic. She had and still has a dad supporting her even after her bad life choices, it's not like she was an orphan living under bad circumstances and being influenced to get into heavy drug use and live such a miserable life. Before starting heavy drugs she wasn't suffering of any of the mental illnesses she claims to, probably now she does suffer of some of them but they are consequences of her own actions. It's not like she was a misunderstood genius trying to find a boost in drug use, I've seen most of her posts (even the ones before she started heavy drugs) and she never posted anything note worthy or smart/ original. It's not like she was some socially isolated autist that couldn't make friends or fit in, she used to have friends. It's not like she's extremely unfortunate looking, she is quite cute actually. It's not like she didn't have any direction in life, was completely void of any talent, she enjoyed painting and as some other anons said she isn't untalented and could probably get so, so much better with her drawing style, she could have been a well-known artist on tumbler and still follow the same aesthetic without ruining herself completely.

The point I want to make is that, there had to be something wrong with her from the very beginning because if there wasn't she wouldn't have chosen to be such a mess. I'm not trying to defend her in any way, I'm actually curious to understand what's happening in her head and hear other anons opinions and armchair psychology. She's living the idealization of herself, she's living her own fantasy life. But why would you choose your fantasy life to be such a shitty mess? Most people that idealize themselves do it in a positive way or live in their own world where everything is fine and nice so they can escape the harsh reality.

This may sound weird but in a way she reminds me of onion boy because she is so obsessed with herself and the way she pictures herself to be but is not. She is an average white girl living in the US that grew up with a normal financial situation, I do understand that her parents are addicts and that's not the norm but her dad seems functional and she could afford therapy, getting better. She isn't a poor lost and extremely abused soul like she pictures herself to the public. Onion is a 30 year old man-child that's not able to give a valid argument or create any original content, yet he believes he's some hot and smart dude that's a debating genius. Shit, even onion made a book all about himself like Luna makes all the paintings centering a girl picturing herself. But even onion puts himself in a good light, not a bad one. Is she a narcissist? But why would she put herself under such a bad light? Is this what her drug addicted mother has teached her?

Again, I'm not trying to defend her. I'm also really mad she idealizes mental illness when there's people who struggle so much and yet still try and put effort into getting better. There's people that seriously need the meds she's abusing ( adderall, xanax).

No. 297441

No. 297443

God why doesn't she paint something on the screen instead of showcasing how messy her painting is

No. 297457

Why does she think Facebook is an appropriate place for her awful biographical poetry that no one gives a fuck about? It's so cringey.

No. 297460

how can she find him attractive?? i really hate how he wears those shades every where like you are inside why do you have them on i just hate seeing him

No. 297480

File: 1492982586082.png (133.78 KB, 750x1026, IMG_2521.PNG)

Love how she can't even thank people for compliments (let alone monetary purchases) she probably wants to scream at all these nice seemingly caring people "YOULL NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!!!" And post a selfie with a caption about bpd

No. 297485

Those lunch lady arms ..

No. 297489

Good ol dope hiccups

No. 297510

I appreciate the conversation you're trying to have, but this just ain't the place for it.

No. 297520

Lmao that's what I was thinking the whole time like damn girl you ain't even trying to be flattering. Also her looking at the camera at herself while she's painting, I imagine she makes most of her paintings while watching breaking bad on repeat or whatever and really doesn't pay attention

If (when) she decides to try to sell that thing cuz she painted on it like a child I'm gonna laugh so hard

No. 297531

I don't understand how she can find him attractive in any way. There isn't a single picture of him where he looks normal and he has the the most bizarre taste in clothing. Also only the worst kind of tacky grunge pleb would get a nine inch nails tattoo.

No. 297702

It's grosser when you realize he's nearing fifty and is so fucked up in every way he can't even talk right

No. 297710

Theyre probably fuzzies because she lives in bed and never washes or brushes her hair.

No. 297718

File: 1492989387068.jpg (23.98 KB, 342x262, IMG_2524.JPG)

I wonder if she's seen grey gardens, minus the raccoons, add some heroin and she's big Edie

No. 297723

I speak from experience– she probably isn't even actually attracted to him anymore. She thinks hes hot shit because her brain is fucked from the drugs and because hes "the one" to bring her drugs/shoot her up (which she romanticizes the hell out of). If she ever gets clean she'll look back at pics of him and think… 'Omfg I can't believe I used to think he was hot'

No. 297740


It's true. Why do you think women addicts stay with bfs who abuse the shit out of them? When you're on drugs this long your mind is fucked 24/7 until you get clean for a while.

No. 297957

File: 1493017342893.jpg (207.95 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_oow4jgEvOA1w3kwovo1_128…)

how fucked up is she to think this is a good picture? truly fucking spooky

No. 297964


No. 297965

i guess we gave her enough shit about her bad winged eyeliner that she decided to just not put any eyeliner or mascara on the top portion of her eye at all.. lol

No. 297980

Agreed. Sage for slightly off-topic, but my mom needs xanax for anxiety disorder. Even though she's in her 60's and never abused a drug it's really difficult for her to get because of people like Luna who think it's Kool to abuse. Ughhh I wish druggies would just use street drugs instead of stigmatizing the people who actually need/use these drugs for their intended purposes.

No. 297986

File: 1493027517905.jpg (89.6 KB, 640x783, boho.jpg)

>>That wavy hair, those natural freckles

Too bad Luna has such shit style. She'd make a cute hippie/boho girl if she lost the weight and stopped piling on pounds of makeup. AND she could still use heroin and fit in with the "original" aesthetic!

No. 297996

Andddd the award for most repulsive couple goes to! But seriously wtf they look like theyd stink to high heaven. Lurch looks like one of those pedos that lile to hangout infront of schools. RANK

No. 297999

Um… Does she do white eyelashes on purpose? It looks so fucking bad, ew.

No. 298011

File: 1493034507291.png (12.99 KB, 720x218, Capture _2017-04-24-06-42-11.p…)

A poem about how she just smoked crack.

No. 298015

File: 1493034888705.png (361.68 KB, 715x580, Capture _2017-04-24-06-46-31.p…)

Its so gross how she shoots up and just lets the blood run everywhere.

No. 298016

Honestly I'm not sure, but I feel like her eyelashes are that color due to her drugged up and sloppy application of foundation.

No. 298017

File: 1493034966883.jpg (17.72 KB, 327x327, cross-eyed-steve-buscemi.jpg)

No. 298018

How else do you suggest she creates the pictures for sympathy points?! And seeing how all of it is dry enough to crackle… eugh.

No. 298022

File: 1493035579765.png (92.16 KB, 652x902, desperateforsympathy.png)

Don't worry kids, she only just shot up some dope.

No. 298042

File: 1493041909409.png (150.89 KB, 750x541, IMG_2530.PNG)

She loves Keith Haring so much, doesn't she know he was legitimately anti-crack and he painted this on a wall to bring attention to the issue of crack in the city at its beginning in the 80s..

So cool Luna.

No. 298050

File: 1493044137435.png (216.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2531.PNG)


No. 298051

File: 1493044162891.png (779.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2532.PNG)

Still barfing

No. 298055

hes wearing that god damn hat and glasses in every pic

No. 298059

>the assholes claiming we met before i was 18
Ummmm, didnt she herself say that he was her moms drug dealer and she "always had a crush on him" but they didnt date or whatever until she was 18? So duh, they did meet before she was 18. Tuna stop trying to pretend that Lurch isn't a nasty creep.

No. 298063

all her reasons for loving him are related to him giving her drugs. kek.

No. 298068

Sometimes I like to pretend it's a "weekend at bernies" thing, like he's really nodded out but she puts the glasses and the hat on him but props him up for selfies

No. 298071

File: 1493047600539.png (170.06 KB, 750x1334, luna.png)

Not that it's important, but there's no way he's 6"6'.

I think she never specified at which age they started dating. But I remember all the posts where she described how mean/ horrible he is to her. I wonder how her life would be without him.

No. 298075

Might have already been covered but - where's she from? Long Island? Those are the first people to refer to going to Manhattan as "the city".

No. 298079

That track mark on the back on her hand in the left pic, geez, not trying to hide it now. Also the state of that filthy fucking sink, and she says every other day that she's cleaned up the place?

No. 298094

KEK thank you anon

No. 298097

She's from the same place she lives now, mamaroneck. Which is outside NYC.

No. 298107

Ew, I can't believe I share a birthday with her scummy boyfriend! How can someone fawn over such an ugly human being. That goes for both of them. How can they kiss each other without throwing up?

No. 298113

Have you ever seen their faces when she posts selfies of them kissing eachother. Lmao. It looks like theyre both holding down vomit, or like they're being kissed by their great grandmother or something. Kek. Not romantic at all.

No. 298115

File: 1493054140661.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1485579043022.jpg)

Oh god cannot unsee now

No. 298138

Between her fucked up hand and how nasty that sink looks it's a wonder none of them have had an gangrene episode yet.

No. 298140

The infections may eventually lead to that especially Chief cuz he's been at it so long. People often get it In their fingers and toes first (if they don't amputate) because you body has literally cut off circulation is and is pretty much protesting the helping of that body part.
Didn't she used to say Chief had Diabetes? lol I wonder why.

No. 298167

Sage for OT but my psych practically throws xanax at me. So do most psychs in my area. You're nearly guaranteed to get a script for it if you go in an complain about panic or anxiety. It's literally the norm to be xannied up around here

No. 298197

File: 1493067943114.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-15-55-57…)

No. 298198

File: 1493068031732.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-15-56-05…)

No. 298201

File: 1493068106746.png (1.66 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-16-04-06…)

No. 298212

For god's sake the blood stain is still on her hand,look at that ring (lol) of blood around her actual ring, bitch can't wash her own hands properly now? Fuuuck.

No. 298217

What was she supposed to wash with? >>298015 all they have is shaving cream, a nasty plug, and water.

No. 298221


I get that Loona is a poor excuse of an e-begger, but refuses to actually do anything to help herself, but I wonder if her engagement ring is actually real?

No. 298227

What do you mean real?

No. 298232

Sorry, rephrasing. I wonder if it's a real diamond ring.

No. 298243

File: 1493071833651.png (1.57 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-17-09-31…)

Pt 1

No. 298244

File: 1493071962682.png (1.44 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-17-09-36…)

Pt 2. This seems like way more than $25, and how many times is she going to bring up this mystery surprise giftcard??

No. 298246

File: 1493072333409.png (802.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1815.PNG)

No. 298249

Lmao I'm so sure Tuna Fish… why not just OD on your precious heroin honestly idk any addicts who have killed themselves other ways..

No. 298261

File: 1493074079063.png (940.28 KB, 716x1062, Capture _2017-04-24-17-40-54.p…)

Oh my god she made him take the veggies and hoarded ALL the chicken to herself what a greedy cow. Also, is this her bedroom?

No. 298269

Lmao and she ate Lurch's meatloaf last night! Ok girl

No. 298270

hair dye = $10
camera = $58.87
shorts = ????
pink fuzzy slippers = anywhere from $16 to $40

No. 298272


i mean, the camera and dye at least were from amazon and she said the $25 was spent on etsy

No. 298274

considering he has health issues there's a strong chance he just can't eat the orange chicken because it's unhealthy. either way tho, i don't understand how she can cry about not eating enough but then buy take out all the time. i hope one day she's ACTUALLY poor.

No. 298275

Girls like Luna are a dime a dozen, at least in terms of your perceptions of her past, etc. Go to any inpatient rehab and there will be tons of 19/20 year old girls on the same exact patch. Drug addiction isn't super cut and dry. Most of the addicts I've known personally were rich kids.

I'm one of the people here who actually likes Luna and I'd really love to see her turn her life around, sadly I've seen this story before and I know where it ends.
sage for blogpost

No. 298278

samefag but Matthew gives me bad vibes for sure. Its NYC, there's gotta be a younger, cuter, nicer junkie out there…..

Luna if you go to inpatient you could get clean for awhile and meet Prince Junk Charming. It happens!

No. 298279

shut the fuck up, this is her FATHER IN LAW, not her "evil dad"

No. 298285

spoiler tihs plz plz plz
like oh my god luna why would you put a bloody track on the internet like that

No. 298287

Poor Roger is so thin, I doubt the guy is getting enough to eat. Even if the orange chicken is unhealthy, he should be getting some kind of protein and not just eating rice and green beans, what the fuck.

No. 298289

I can't believe you wrote this much just to say you can't understand how people become drug addicts.

No. 298290

You sound triggered. Twas a mistake lad. Don't die over it.

No. 298291

>>I'm also really mad she idealizes mental illness when there's people who struggle so much and yet still try and put effort into getting better.
How does she idealise it? She lives in filth and spents most of her time complaining about her shit life.

No. 298299

Mm no girl those shorts ain't gonna fit you don't pretend they do, pls

She definitely glorifies her "moodswings" which she blames on BPD but it's definitely whether she has drugs or not. Easily documented.

No. 298305

she lives in filth and cries about her life, but she romanticizes the life she lives, and in turn she idealizes it. she acts like getting high, making paintings, mooching money off of people, and having a "fiancé" that helps shoot her up is dreamy. and some of her dumbass followers start believing that too and think she's cool.

No. 298322

I never see her act as if it dreamy to have a mental illness, she's always suicidal, begging, or upset about something and constantly laments that if it wasn't for mental illness she could be more normal and stable. She does idealise Lurch, which is another matter, but that isn't the same thing as her idealising her mental illness.

No. 298327


from her instagram post of her amazon cart, I did the math and she had a $100 gift card, she "splurged" 25 of her own dollars to buy trash off etsy. Obviously short on rent. Obviously starving.

No. 298329

File: 1493079950160.png (219.78 KB, 750x1195, IMG_2552.PNG)

Already cringing about the chola look she's gonna try to pull

No. 298332

She doesn't know what a sports bra is does she? Luna please a cropped wife-beater isn't a sports bra stop it.

No. 298333

lol ok go ahead and buy one of her paintings

No. 298335

Ugh she's going to look fucking awful in those shorts.

No. 298339

How on earth does she know those will fit her, her hips, thighs and granny ass are the biggest parts of her
Why doesn't she just thrift some jeans and cut them ??? She's senseless

No. 298360

File: 1493082324114.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-20-04-08…)

No. 298364

Wtf I'm positive she didn't force him to take all the green beans…chill

No. 298368

Lmao tho. Her two pieces of broccoli on her giant plate of white rice and sauce drenched fried chicken.

No. 298371

I feel so bad for him look at his skinny legs.

Also he better watch out. I can see tuna trying to get all weirdly close to him because she has an obsession with Anna Nicole Smith.

No. 298377

Has she worn that nasty collar since she got it? Jeez

No. 298381

File: 1493084688254.png (142.78 KB, 750x1119, IMG_2554.PNG)

>fear of exposing my arms

What do you mean Looney Tune?

No. 298384

So he's renting but she hopes to get that place after he dies? Lol ok, you can't just take a rental contract over like that.

No. 298393

>im so fat I don't wanna show off my arms and legs this summer
>I can't wait to get my new dress and clothes that I just bought for summer

Shut up Loona stop trying to turn everything into an uwu problem. Get over yourself.

No. 298401

Do we seriously have a Luna stan in here now?

No. 298410

First anon appeared triggered enough to seem so. I'm on the fence about the second. No clue if the step dad has a diet restriction or is just vegetarian? It looks really weird that he's just eating green beans and rice for sure…

No. 298411

Honestly even if he's on a strict diet, green beans and rice aren't enough for an ailing old man like Roger. The poor guy needs some proteins and healthy fats. He's clearly very underweight, which only makes Luna's two servings of orange chicken look that much worse. Especially with her habit of how she's constantly starving. I can't imagine Roger is getting enough to eat.

No. 298420

I feel so fucking bad for Rodger. I wish he'd move to a retirement home where he'd get everything he needed and wouldn't get his checks sucked away from him by 2 greedy junkies.

No. 298422

any vids of him speaking?

No. 298473

Why has she been covering her mouth in like all her pictures recently??? Such a weird pose.

No. 298475

>>this will b mine someday
Jesus fuck I hope this greedy lazy bitch doesn't get his place. She goes over to steal and shit and leech money from her E V I L dad then goes home to her shit cave and waits for him to die. Tuna doesn't deserve anything she's so ungrateful

No. 298480

Is Luna an only child? Here's hoping her dad has someone else to leave it to when he does pass. God knows it's not like Luna could afford the rent.

No. 298486

I'm guessing he owns it, but hasn't paid it off yet (mortgage).

No. 298519

She's realised how nasty her teeth are but still won't brush them or she's got some gnarly sore on her face.

No. 298522

yes, she is. still not sure how their relationship actually works. she's been saying that he's abusive for years and seems to only interact with him for his money.

anyone heard any updates on her mom recently? it seems like she's cut all ties with her after moving out. that whole situation was weird too, luna used to talk all the time about how hurt she was that her mom stole part of her inheritance for heroin/crack but there's been no mention of that for months.

No. 298524

File: 1493102265285.png (878.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4795.PNG)

No. 298534

She has mentioned visiting her before, but I'm not sure how recently she has visited her last. She spoke to her around her birthday, a week or two before it. I vaguely remember Luna bitching about her mom not wishing her a happy birthday even though it wasn't even that close to her birthday yet.

>vandalizing animals
Yeah Luna, that sure is cool!

No. 298548

File: 1493108273314.jpg (487.28 KB, 1080x1080, 1493108181700.jpg)

She isn't even trying to hide it anymore

No. 298561

she's been talking about getting her nails professionally done, how is she going to avoid the "aww what happened to your hands?" question when she inevitably does get them done right after crying about rent lol

No. 298568

Sorry for triggering you into thinking I like Luna. I still think she's a piece of shit, I just don't see in any way how she portrays her life as "dreamy" when she makes it very clear that she lives in a disgusting hovel with a pedophile who looks like a statue, and is always uploading selfies of herself caked in dirt, and her art is shit and could be a million times better if she wasn't on drugs and just worked at it. She's like a walking advert to take care of your mental health. If anyone thinks her life is dreamy from what she posts they must be fully retarded anyway.

No. 298573

There's that damn peace lily again.

No. 298581

Poor guy needs to be in a home, not living on a bare mattress in filth.

No. 298598

Thanks, anon.

No. 298600

I'm pretty sure se have a brother?

No. 298603

The art/music scene in Bushwick is full of addicts. Heroin/coke at about 50/50.

Hypothetically if she COULD afford the apartment, groceries and all other services (ex: $7 for one wash at a laundromat) would blow her the fuck out. Just move to Sunset Park or some shit.

No. 298608

jesus fuck that was so cringey. her worst work yet.

No. 298614

File: 1493124801749.png (186.17 KB, 750x1080, IMG_2555.PNG)

For a second I thought that was her belly and she was showing off that she was pregnant omg I need to go back to bed

No. 298617

>this place will be mine one day

does she not realize that she would have to pay the $2100 rent if her father died?
she keeps talking about all the shit she'll get once members of her family die. it's so fucked up.
I'm sure all she's thinking about is selling it all for drugs

No. 298629

File: 1493128733833.jpg (198.66 KB, 1069x1501, _20170425_155656.JPG)

No. 298642

you are not alone, I saw that when I was half-asleep and was so fucking confused as to what in the world I was looking at lol

No. 298656

It's not in every picture. She's still posting 20 pictures a day of her ugly mug and hovel farmers just dont feel like posting all of it here. She's covering her mouth to show off her nails I'm sure.

No. 298665

lol what a fucking retard, I thought her dad owned the place so she would actually inherit it but it appears not

No. 298674

Any saved videos of her voice?

No. 298699

Yeah brah, go back and read the threads we are not your slaves

No. 298704

At least she stopped wearing that stupid ass baby necklace.

No. 298715

What does she mean by chin rub?

No. 298716

Someone send her out to pasture already with those cow tits. Fucks sakes.

No. 298718

I think she means chub rub, autocorrect possibly? Its the only thing that fits contextually

No. 298720

The reason she's so obsessed with her family members dying is because of her Grandma though - If you were given between $100,000-$1million in your teenage years, I'm pretty sure you'd be a work-shy junkie waiting for inheritance to roll around again too.

It's kinda fucking sick tbh, I bet she has better memories of wasting her grandma's life savings on drugs than she does about her actual grandma

No. 298722

File: 1493139402382.png (221.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2556.PNG)

Lmao you fucking losers

No. 298726

File: 1493139896431.png (924.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2557.PNG)

No. 298727

File: 1493139915525.png (106.64 KB, 750x932, IMG_2558.PNG)

No. 298734

PCOS could explain part of her weight issue though. usually women with PCOS als have insulin resistance which is a pre-stage for diabetus. with insulin resistance you easily put on weight eating (too much) carbs. also explains the new stretch marks on her arms and side of the breast. cutting down on sugar and carbs as well as regularely exercising would solve the problem though.

im thankful there isnt anything else visible in that bathroom. dont wanna know how filthy that is.

thats the hideous jeffree star highlighter i guess.

probably actually washed it for once

No. 298738

File: 1493140851361.gif (238 KB, 200x150, wGg0y_s-200x150.gif)

>yellow stains

No. 298739

Imagine how much Luna's life probably wouldn't suck if she was still with Tyler, they were so cute together. Taluna 2013-∞

No. 298742

wow. pathetic.

and poor ppl don't have $100 bills, luna

No. 298743

>in his slipper
>looking up and down the streets

Obvious drug money! Lol he hides it in his shoe. And he wears his slippers to go score dope. And how can she mention a hundred dollar bill when she talks about how she's starving and can't make rent. Lol pathetic.

No. 298746

It must be a new one anon. Remember, she "threw out" the "old" peace lily?

No. 298748

Luna, whered you get a hundred dollar bill from?

No. 298752


I'm suprised Matthew lets her post all of this stuff tbh. He's a old dealer, they're usually paranoid about the internet in general. It's pretty obvious why it was in his shoe after all..

No. 298769

I don't think she shows him everything she posts and Matthew is really really dumb

No. 298780

she's fat cos she's a junkie and junkies crave sugar

No. 298802

File: 1493150211281.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2174, 20170425_155451.png)

Safe to say she was drugged tf out when all of this went down. She over exaggerates to high hell. If her finger was that badly mutilated she wouldn't even be able to sleep from her low pain tolerance.

No. 298815

i'm not 100% sure but i think i remember luna talking about how her grandpa pays for her dad's apartment? so maybe she's hoping that he will keep paying for it for her when she "inherits" it

No. 298816


>nodded off for 5 minutes

fixed it for ya, Luna

No. 298818

File: 1493152416003.png (1.13 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-25-15-31-27…)

No. 298819


oh god, the blood ring around her finger, the shitty nail polish and all that dust and hair on her press on nails… this is too much

No. 298824

i dont follow luna anywhere and i was wondering if people ever call her out on saying she has no cash or food but then she always seems to be buying something? like isnt this the 3rd time shes had an amazon giftcard that shes sudddenly discovered

No. 298825

I love how she low key tells her followers she caught a nod. Only she thinks that's a legit comment to post. Its not normal to fall asleep for a couple minuetes mid task.

No. 298847

i always thought junkies looked like kate moss

>hair clotted on her thumb

usually i see myself as someone with a strong stomach, but in luna's thread i can be sure to projectile vomit everytime i see a picture of her.

No. 298848

File: 1493157875910.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-25-17-03-14…)

Ungggggg.. Want that pw soooo bad lol.

No. 298871

Ugh, she is such a slovenly creature.

No. 298877

If they do she like, just doesn't respond. I don't think anyone has successfully confronted her.

No. 298879

Check some of her old user names and see if they're private I bet the password is painfully easy to guess

No. 298884

lol the way she prefaced this made me think she was gonna say some crazy shit like she punched a ho hitting on her man or got chased by the cops but omg god she's so pathetic it's too much girl

No. 298886

Her fight? I'd pay to see that. I imagine its hard to throw hands when you're nodding out kek

No. 298914


it started as a rumor in one of her older threads from a long time lurker. it has never been confirmed through proof:


No. 298942

Soooo.. She fell out from drugs and then burnt her finger on a hot crack pipe? Congrats Loona your so cool.

No. 298967


Woah. Luna. Holy crap. I've been following Luna for YEARS now, since before she'd fallen down this rabbit hole and when she had basically no followers on tumblr. She used to suck up to tumblr famous or well-known people who's aesthetic she was ripping off. It was embarrassing.

I wish I had kept her pictures from back then because she was so different, she actually looked decent and much thinner and healthier than she does now. I feel sick looking at what she's become. But I'm not surprised.

Luna was always a stupid cunt, though. For a brief period of time she had a personal blog on tumblr that was different to her main URL. She gave the password out to people she was mutuals with I think.

She mostly used it for weird semi-nude pictures, talking about how she wanted to die, stupid god-awful poetic writing, and so on. I remember one post talked about how many different drugs she was on at the time and she listed them like 1. Nicotine 2. Weed 3. Klonopin and so on and so on and it was like 10 - 15 drugs at one time? Fucked up. I couldn't believe it.

She gave me the password for it because we were mutuals and I obviously acted like a fan of hers which she loved lol. I no longer follow her because I just gave up after a while.

She did talk a little bit about that ~million dollars~ on it and hinted or implied that she didn't want to save or invest, or do ANYTHING responsible with it, because she planned on being dead before she turned 28 anyway. So she might as well live it up and making people jealous. I wouldn't call what she is doing living mind you. She pretty much only talked about blowing the money on stupid crap - as a way to justify her day to day expenses and autistic financial habits probably.

It must be said that Luna has always lived in a dingy hovel, worn ugly-ass bag lady clothing with a few nice dresses thrown in here and there (most of them end up covered in shit though), had worn out second hand furniture and basically no wealth to speak of. So I don't know if she's a compulsive liar or what.

It was a milky trainwreck though. I miss her personal blog. She deleted it one day without warning and I used to check it all the time. My guess is someone leaked one of the sickening nsfw photos of her crusty ass and sagging tits.

No. 298972

Which blog was this I've heard this all before

No. 298976

Honestly with her "blowing all the money" , if you look through pictures of her from around when she was with Tyler, she had a lot of clothes (she rarely ever wore the same thing twice), and I remember her shopping at Trash & Vaudeville and other expensive subculture stores. Totally crazy.

No. 298980

I don't remember the URL for it at all sorry :/ It was only up for a little bit, like a month or two maybe? She didn't say why she deleted it either.

true, maybe she was exaggerating how much she had, because she did look far better and less like the embodiment of dope fiend in poverty back then. But I still cannot possibly imagine her having 1m. I could be wrong though.

No. 298983

I still have a feeling like higherthanheaven.Tumblr.com could be her. Could never guess the PW tho.

No. 298985

File: 1493173115932.png (258.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2565.PNG)

I hate her so much

No. 298995

File: 1493174148712.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170425-020531.png)

I liked her old stuff better for some reason

No. 299002

I have. I called her out on instagram because she was going to buy useless shit on amazon instead of saving her for rent and she blocked me after commenting back saying something about how "poor people deserve nice things, it's a treat".

No. 299003

File: 1493174521923.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170425-020807.png)

No. 299004

Oh hells bells. Sometimes when I feel bad about myself, I think of Luna in pictures like these and get fucking scared and hit the gym hard.

Luna has potential to look decent, she just goes out of her way not to. She must have the most rancid breath from all that sugar, cigarettes, juice and crack.

No. 299017

Is she big boned or something?? Her body is huge and her head is so tiny.

No. 299019

"Big boned" isn't a real thing, but she's probably an endomorph, yeah. She's also rather tall for a woman, and quite overweight, so her head seems smaller than on an average person or a small/petite person.

No. 299023

She's also suckin in HARD from what I can tell. Probably puffing her ribs out

No. 299035

File: 1493177625964.jpg (21.82 KB, 656x488, 10204587.jpg)

her bedding is so NASTY

No. 299040

File: 1493178826996.jpg (127.05 KB, 716x1273, IMG_3868.JPG)

Bad phone shoop. Fixed her brows and made her skinny.

No. 299042

>she actually looked decent and much thinner
she was never thin, followed her blog back in 2010

No. 299045

nah she still fat af

No. 299047

gb2 mpa

No. 299051

That poor little bralette.

No. 299053

File: 1493180097719.png (736 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-26-06-10-55…)

oh look, another photo of luna that i found.

No. 299086

>she actually looked decent and much thinner

She was never thin. Good job outing yourself as a liar.

>I remember one post talked about how many different drugs she was on at the time and she listed them like 1. Nicotine 2. Weed 3. Klonopin and so on and so on and it was like 10 - 15 drugs at one time? Fucked up. I couldn't believe it.

Are you retarded?

Like you obviously are, seeing as how you're making up boring stories on this shithole of a website, but damn.

No. 299104

yeah ia, that anon seems fishy. i don't remember her having "no followers", she was always popular on tumblr…………ppl would suck up to her tbh.

and i dont think she had a pw protected blog, at least not back then. some of her friends had personal blogs but they never made them private, just gave the url to ppl who asked

this anon needs to give a timeframe if what they're saying is legit. i'm speaking for 2011-12 here

No. 299108

File: 1493192697760.png (23.5 KB, 720x268, hahagreat.png)

Tuna your chest aches from smoking crack, not from being sad kek

No. 299113

Probably a stupid question but is she playing dumb for pity points or is she really this oblivious to what all these heavy drugs are doing to her body? Amazing.

No. 299114


this is so infuriating. BPD is hard to deal with but it's not a fucking excuse. Luna, you're shitty because you are an asshole - not because of BPD.

Get in DBT and stop the self-medicating and you'll be amazed how much better life gets. Don't wanna turn this into a blog post, but I can't stand whiny fellow BPDers who don't even attempt getting help.

No. 299120

Some junkies who aren't entirely out of the closet do this. Shoot up/smoke up/gobble down a handful of pills but it's mah anxiety/heart problem/Venus in retrograde, never what they just took.

No. 299187

Big bone is a real thing but you can really only tell on regular sized people. If someone's thin but wide they are probably big boned.

Has she just never had a bra that fit her? I know small chest girls can get away with braletts all the time but luna is far from small chested and needs that extra support and lift. What is it about Tumblr girls that makes them scared of the underwire?

No. 299192

are u retarded? stop trying big boned to happen, it's not going to happen
bones have nothing to do with amount of fat and muscles, you idiot

No. 299197

"big boned" people still look skinny. I know a girl with a BMI of around 18 and she is tall and has a wide hip. Like noticably wider than other girls despite her weight. And you see it, but she still is skinny.

Luna is just fat. Look at her double chin and her lunch lady arms.

also sage goes into the email field, newfag

No. 299198

I think anon is talking about frame size, which is definitely a real thing. Bones aren't all the exact same size across every human being, some are wider and thicker than others. Also a reason some ana chans look spoopier than others.

Luna has a wide frame/is big boned as hell, but also fat as hell so you don't notice it as much. If she were a healthy weight she'd still look like a big girl due to her frame.

Also sage your sperg outs.

No. 299199

please show me a skinny, big boned girl. thanks.

No. 299208

Jesus christ have you never heard of the term broad? Khloe Kardashian for one. She looks like a fucking man because she's so broad, despite being skinny.

No. 299209

File: 1493218375810.gif (30.7 KB, 621x431, image002.gif)

>what are body types
I believe anon means body frame. like, someone who is wide from the front but a beanpole from the side
I don't think anyone here believes that "big boned" means "I weigh 400 lbs but I'm big boned! 200lbs of that is bone I swear!

No. 299214

Big bones are real it's your skeletal frame and you can actually measure if you're large, med, or small boned by measuring your wrist width and compare it to your height I think (we did it in my middle school health class)

No. 299222

I understand everyone's argument but everyone is missing each others point and both right and wrong. Yes noones bones are the same. THERE IS such a thing as bigger boned but by very little size differences. Big boned does NOT MEAN you're 40 50 or 200lbs overweight. That's when it turns into the commonly used excuse as to why an individual is fat. Now please stop derailing with this ridiculousness thank you.

No. 299237

wtf khloe kardashian is not skinny??

big boned or not, luna is still fat.

No. 299244

Can someone photoshop this and make her head a bigger, more proportionate size? Kek

No. 299246

Yes I completely agree I wanted to add that too. Big boned spam asside… Luna is not such by any means. She is definitely overweight. Her unhealthy eating habits and staying home all day are not helping her case.

No. 299248

File: 1493226940486.jpg (57.23 KB, 500x333, e2d98e7c-9b8c-4267-b4fc-ad6816…)

No. 299249

File: 1493226959713.jpg (174.37 KB, 452x750, 2a4c258c-a5aa-4ed9-a547-fb31dd…)

No. 299250

File: 1493226989697.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170425-020821.png)

No. 299252

She looks like she hasn't lost a pound her body is just beat the fuck up now

No. 299256

Never seen a teen in my life that needed a breast lift more then a 42 year old mom with 3 kids but then along came tuna

No. 299257


God, she looks particularly awful here. How high do you think she was she when she put that outfit/makeup/hair together?

Also, I know it's been said before, but why the fuck do they live where they do if she's just going to complain about rent all the time? Girl, move upstate and pay a fraction of the rent. It's not like there's not heroin there. Her shit makes no sense.

No. 299263

I legit thought it was pixielocks for a second….

No. 299271

what was she thinking here hahah i prefer foundation on lips over this

No. 299278

I think she's still in high school here or shortly after she smoked weed still then and dressed like a ~*funky art chick*~
That brassy hair is unfortunate but she's spent a long time lightening her hair which I believe would be pretty if she washed it but it's literally dirty dishwater colored cuz it's so filthy always. She has a working shower and loves to "smell nice" and use cosmetics I guess it's an aesthetic thing and she only wants to use lush bath bombs to cleanse herself (ew) you can find all sorts of cute aesthetic bathing products on Etsy that are cheap af she could cleanse herself and be all aesthetic and take a video of her shaving her troll feet but at least then she would be "clean" (that is not the right word)? Her dad would probably take her to the store to buy whatever's top shelf at Walgreens I just don't get it I get high a lot still and I've always loved showers when I'm fucked up and feeling clean ? Like I can almost understand how she can't control how filthy their environment is but she could at least clean her body…

Sage for too damn long and rant with the feelings, hygiene passion, etc

No. 299296

Kek shaving her troll feet.
I think she said she hates to shave but does in some areas anyway. Maybe cause lurch complained?

No. 299303


>she only wants to use lush bath bombs to cleanse herself

The thought of all those essential oils, butters, and glitter mixing with her natural stank and crusty old makeup makes my stomach turn.

No. 299314

The yellow tone of her hair and solid black eyebrows gives me nightmares

No. 299325

I second all of this. I've never been into drugs but I know a lot of people who are that actually bathe? And make an effort into looking human ..

Sometimes I wonder if Lurch is repulsed by her, she looks like she stinks and she looks gross. Maybe hes the one who doesnt wanna have sex and she just says shes sex repulsed to play into her ~mental illness~
he seems really stupid but then again, he does seem to have her wrapped around his finger.

(Sorry for bad english, not first language)

No. 299334

File: 1493237246504.png (134.02 KB, 750x1078, IMG_2574.PNG)

Her eyebrows were legit so scary then I'm glad she covers them with her bangs because she never ever got good at doing her eyebrows and they're still dark n scary she would totally still be filling them in black on her white 3 week old caked foundation face.
She could be the monster in a horror movie I swear she's really scary looking sometimes and it's mostly on her own accord, (like most of us have said, she could look nice if she cared for herself) she really should just not be allowed to use make up or something she's never even watched a tutorial video she just thinks she's doing really nice classy aesthetic make up and ITS NOT

Speaking of troll feet
>going to wear these til they rot off my body

No. 299335

Your English is not bad at all compared to some of the shit we see here.

No. 299365

File: 1493240578110.gif (317.13 KB, 400x747, Unbenannt-1.gif)

i did my best. and when you actually do, you realize how fucking massive she is.

No. 299394

Khloe Kardashian is definitely thin and is held up to society's standards of beauty I'm pretty sure ???

No. 299395

File: 1493245077334.jpg (61.52 KB, 469x700, IMG_2578.JPG)

Like if this is fat, please kill me.
Go back to MPA

No. 299398

Nobody said she was fat, she was given as an example of a girl who was thin yet "big boned"/broad.

No. 299403

she has a normal weight, but she is curvy.
she is not skinny.
i said, khloe wasnt "skinny", thatswhy khloeanon is triggered.

No. 299418

You made her look like a bobblehead.

No. 299430

File: 1493250709858.jpg (644.2 KB, 2400x3600, hpse_fullsize__107495042_Maria…)

Khloe is not thin or skinny. That doesn't mean she's fat, necessarily. I would call her chubby or curvy. Maria Sharapova is an example of someone who has a very broad frame (especially her shoulders) and who arguably is "big-boned" but is nonetheless thin for her frame.

No. 299480

Welp I guess her body just can't be saved.

No. 299496

Occasionally, well not so much anymore, she find an outfit that makes her body look flattering but like I said, once in a blue moon.

No. 299509

File: 1493263939279.jpg (46.51 KB, 255x275, 1460580576373.jpg)

her hair is absolutely disgusting

No. 299663

File: 1493303918490.png (49.34 KB, 750x503, IMG_2583.PNG)

Is she actually complaining about going to bed?? I'm so confused.
She makes everything in her life out to be this huge dramatic terrible event. It's really nasty.

No. 299670

it just seems like that because before her head looked so freaking tiny compared to her body.

No. 299673

i thought she's saying that she can't sleep well for past four days

No. 299675

That what I thought too. What's wrong tuna, too much crack and no dope to make you nod out? Lol too bad. What happened to your prescribed sleeping meds? Sell them all for drug money? Kek

No. 299681

She's obviously talking about not being able to sleep. In fairness, if you've ever not been able to sleep for four days it's a horrible experience. Its just hard to have sympathy for her because she does drugs.

No. 299683

She looks underage here, gj commenting on her tits.

No. 299699

She's not underage then she's 18 when she was "starting college"she always had a TERRIBLE sew in probably cuz she was in Brooklyn and she could get such a shitty weave for relatively cheap

No. 299702

Even harder to be sympathetic when she gets prescribed sleeping meds, which she immediately sells for crack and dope.

No. 299707

I feel really sorry for anyone who sells prescriptions meds to buy crack. I don't think that's an unusual level of empathy to have. I don't like Luna but "haha she can't sleep because she's a drug addict" is boring milk.

No. 299715

I feel no sympathy for someone who has access to make their life better and doesn't, you can't sell your prescribed sleeping pills for heroin and then complain about not being able to sleep

No. 299721

If you can't feel sympathy for someone unless they're acting in the way you personally think they should, you're probably making your own life really difficult and shitty.

No. 299723

different anon
Any sympathy/empathy had for Luna is long gone. I've been following her since Hipsville and she 100% did this to herself and completely refuses help. Why waste sympathy on someone who's already resigned to dying from their lifestyle?

No. 299731

I have zero sympathy for this cunt. She's living the life she wants, probably minus some ugly ass aesthetic clothes that she wants. She loves being a "poor, struggling addict". Even when she wants to kill herself because she's out of drugs and has no money she feels cool that she's living this lifestyle.
She can reblog all the "don't glamorize drug use" posts she wants, it doesn't change that she feels like a cool little junkie.
And she low key loves being called a junkie. Its her aesthetic.

No. 299764

What especially irks me about Luna is how she constantly laments about opportunities not falling into her lap when she does jack shit to work towards them. She's so in-fucking-sufferable.

No. 299773

Low key luna stanning or are you always such a downer?

Yeah, I'm on the "no sympathy" side of the anons. Her situation sucks, but she has had so many opportunities to escape this lifestyle and lurch, she doesn't actually want that though. She doesn't actually want to get better, she just wants to be one of those cool, hot, famous junkies. She wants handouts, an easy life, she doesn't want to actually do anything beyond that. I'd feel sympathy for her if she gave me any reason to, but her posts about wanting to get better are always "I want to be famous", "I want to be hot". She's transparent and shallow.

No. 299780

Yeah she's literally stringing herself along, waiting for relatives to die so she'll get inheritance and then she thinks she'll be set for life. However, she's a junkie and any money she gets will be blown thru quickly. She thinks she has it tough now, wait till her dads dead and she has no inheritance or income. Matthew will drop her immediately for someone who can contribute to buying his drugs.

No. 299782

Cant feel sympathy for her. So many people need sleeping meds and she sells them for her own "medicine."
She scams her followers for money and gifts as if she doesnt have enough shit. She talks trash about her father who obviously helps her out in some way. Seems like she benefits from everyone around her (except her disgusting boyfriend) but its never enough

No. 299802

I know she's not underage here and i don't think nearly nude photos of an underage girl can be shared here or anywhere but anyone correct me if I'm wrong.
Gj for assuming. Get facts straight before you go for someone perhaps.

No. 299830

File: 1493320954165.png (130.53 KB, 750x916, IMG_2584.PNG)

Lol she got that dumb camera with that expensive ass film just to take selfies and I'm assuming also photos of her bedside table/nasty room.

No. 299835

Wasting all that expensive film on hideous selfies.

No. 299842

the return of the baby necklace kek

No. 299854

lol she worked out that polaroids are really low quality and make anybody look good.

Also a baby has fallen off of that crappy necklace, there were 5 before.

No. 299855

File: 1493323399806.png (432.68 KB, 457x450, Capture.PNG)

Good lord there's a bad mother on TV that looks just like Luna and I can only look on in horrified fascination. She took her infant to drug deals and everything. Prostitution, drugs, stealing, etc.

It's like Luna in the future.

No. 299859


>no money to even eat you guise

>$50 - $60 camera + expensive film "FINALLY"

you can only choose one luna

No. 299860

this looks pretty cool to me

No. 299867

its ok its from an amazon gift card that she found in the middle of the street with the exact price on it

No. 299873

I don't think I've ever seen something so masturbatory.

No. 299884

File: 1493327739643.png (179.09 KB, 750x976, IMG_1355.PNG)

>takes selfies with her instax which is pretty much what most people do when they first get them
everything she posts/captions/writes is so fucking contrived and orchestrated to build up the image she wants to have. her intentions are so transparent.

No. 299888

way to waste $5 worth of film on your crusty mug, Tuna. at least be fucking creative and take some pictures of your neglected cats.

No. 299893

File: 1493328548643.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2585.PNG)

Called it

No. 299905

so girls, bets are now open:
how long until she sells the camera for drugs?

that looks like a transexual. also kek
>It's like Luna in the future.
dont think she will make it until that age

No. 299910

>how long until she sells the camera for drugs?
i give her a month, though she's gonna complain about it for ages on every goddamn social media saying she sold it to buy groceries or some shit

No. 299912

lol is she gonna put those pics of her room up in her room? she doesnt go anywhere why does she even need this you already have an iphone tuna

No. 299914

She's gonna sell it when she runs out of film for it probably.

This looks like pictures you find on the floor of a crime scene, also that layer of filth on those plushtoys, yuck.

No. 299918

Fucked up the exposure on the second one, she can't even point and click an instant camera properly.

>how long until she sells the camera for drugs?

Why do anons keep saying this, has she ever pawned any valuable possessions before? I mean her iPad and iPhone haven't been sold and she has junk fucking everywhere. The electronics are pretty much the only things she owns that would get her a decent hit when she's dopesick.

No. 299921

Im with you on this. Also - is it she never hocks her crap because shes that lazy? I believe it

No. 299922

File: 1493331980514.png (164.55 KB, 640x737, IMG_6016.PNG)

hi luna! remember when matthew was chatting up that fake facebook profile and adding a bunch of girls that he paid way more attention to than you?

No. 299923

File: 1493332014231.png (180.34 KB, 640x816, IMG_6017.PNG)

No. 299926

File: 1493332049892.png (110.3 KB, 639x667, IMG_6018.PNG)

No. 299936

someone already posted all of this, girl.

No. 299937

Already posted 3 days ago, anon.

No. 299950

How cool they started dating the day they "met"

Doesn't she know there were people around while she went on and on about him at that time??? How she knew him through her mom for a while? We posted evidence not far back when this was originally posted (ya girl ur late)

No. 299963

My bet is that she never sells it bc she is a greedy lil hoarder. She will probably just whine about running out of film once she's done taking pictures of the same 4 corners of her rat den that she has posted all over her instagram the past year. Bitch needs to go outside.

No. 300019

She even goes outside some times but like just to the train n shit she needs to do anything interesting Fuck when she's in the city why doesn't she ever go to the Met? If she loves art so much and all her idol artists she tries to rip off, they have art there!!! She posted that photo of the Keith Haring Mural which actually exists in the Bronx (I think it's the Bronx?) and she goes there to cop but doesn't try to check that out? She doesn't care about art she just wants to be a famous tortured artist but not work hard lol

No. 300028

because she is fucking lazy and devastated. gosh she nods off writing the description on an instagram post. how do you expect her to actualy do something?

No. 300032

You're right. I just can't imagine living a life where you're not excited about anything ever besides heroin.

No. 300054

Instax comes in packs of 10 or 20, she's blowing through the film like it's nothing. If I was as poor as she is maybe I'd be trying to save film by not taking 5 pictures of the same thing, but that's just me. Sage for unimportant.

Also, not that it matters, but instant cameras aren't really intuitive to use, especially if you're too young to have used them the first time around. I wouldn't be surprised if she fucked up 3 or 4 more photos while trying to get these shots.

No. 300056

why is she announcing this on social media? its like a big thank you to her BF who doesnt even have FB. like he's not even going to see it

No. 300057

this is kinda sad :/ i got one of those instax cameras years ago and used all the film to take photos me and my mates doing fun stuff together and seeing her buy a camera JUST to take photos of herself is like..erguh. lonely :(

No. 300071

can you fucking punctuate please? jesus christ i can pick out pretty much all of your posts in this thread because they're virtually unreadable

No. 300082

Lol ok

No. 300089

aw yeah i cried too

No. 300090

Chrissakes take your sperg elsewhere and stop talking to yourself.

No. 300101

Only one of these is me so I'd imagine you think you're talking to someone else? Chill out bro, stop acting so triggered.

No. 300105

File: 1493347859778.jpg (43.9 KB, 407x405, IMG_2588.JPG)

No. 300136

~ attention ~

No. 300146


I sincerely don't understand this foundation on upper lashes and lids, mascara and shadow on lower lashes and lid thing she's doing.

It's extremely puzzling to me.

No. 300319

Makes her look even more lopsided and downsy than she is

No. 300375

Id guess she is too high on drugs to realize how hideous she looks. Or she thinks it's some new trend she is creating.

No. 300427

soo time to catch up on the luna gossip..

that's what i was thinking! I mean we can agree she's not monet but she's also not completely void of talent and taste.. it's a pity all her paintings are hurried, i bet if she took her time and looked up anatomy they would improve a lot, but i guess you can't expect that patience from a junkie

looks like she wants the shirt for lurch? maybe cus his birthday is coming up? idk

she def gained some weight.. look at hear breasts they seem a lot larger too. but maybe just because shes getting her period.. if she's even getting her period with all that shooting up??

why does she even buy these, its not like shell ever wear high heels anyway

i really wonder who gives her/lurch all that xanax. every fucking doctor knows you dont prescribe them more than a few times because they're so addictive.. maybe shes copping them too

does lurch actually take her photos? because to me it looks like shes alone most of the time

yes luna, go to therapy!!! do yourself a favour

kek. cant unsee it

wondering if lurch wears beanie and sunglasses in all of lunas pictures to ~*keep his anonymity*~ online.. cuz you know all chicks would want his dick otherwise

she looks drugged af in almost every single picture. luna why..

luna if you lurk here LAY OFF THAT FOUNDATION!!! it looks like a mask and does you no favour at all! your skin is actually pretty good despite the shit your body has to deal with!


honestly with her mum being a junkie i'm surprised she even made it into college.. it's really no surprise she went down the same road, considering she knew nothing else from home

out of curiosity, where do you live? cus i live in europe and no psychiatrist ever will prescribe you benzos more than once. the health system here is hyper-aware of addiction

thought the giftcard was 100$? smh luna stop trying to tell us ur poor

kek at her keeping the meat to herself
>no lining on mattress
>razor on the floor

jfc i'm triggered. kinda mad that a woman who doesnt own soap in her house just spends dollerz on useless shit while i've been thinking about buing a polaroid camera forever but didn't because they are so expensive. maybe i should just do the tuna and waste my money lol

No. 300428

oops that got long, sorry haha

No. 300457

I never understand why people comment on shit that's over a week old.

No. 300458

Anyone else curious how many doses a day she needs at this point, how much it costs, and how the honest fuck she has the money for all this shit EVEN with lurch around? If she wasn't so lazy ailing and "sex repulsed" I'd assume she was a cheap prostitute..

No. 300469

I highly doubt she's sex repulsed, and I do think she's whoring herself out. She probably is grossed out from having to fuck gross dudes for drug money, and she calls that sex repulsed because its some BPD aesthetic word she seen on Tumblr.

No. 300478

Nah, dope makes people lose their sex drive completely, known fact. Luna was telling the truth when she said that about both Lurch and her. Lurch couldn't even get it hard for one picture to that facebook chick, lol

No. 300480

Lol but then that would mean she has to work for her money. I highly doubt she's hooking, the bitch barely leaves her house, and she's so gross looking and probably smells really fucking bad, I just cant imagine someone wanting to pay to fuck her. Lurch is probably disgusted by her, she definitely doesn't seem his type, he likes fake looking bimbo strippers, not dumpy granny panty wearing stank ass Tuna. God, imagine how bad she must smell, like rotting fish and sweat I bet.

No. 300491

stop. no one gives a shit what u think

No. 300510

I agree, I highly doubt she's hooking. She does not work for anything.

No. 300517

I've heard that Tuna and Lurch spend $100 a day on heroin. Unsure if true, I have no idea how expensive a heroin habit for 2 is, I think it was mentioned in an old thread. But Lurch said to anon during the catfishing they weren't doing so much heroin at the time, and were doing more uppers and LSD.

The fact Luna lost a load of weight, then gained it all again, suggests to me that they started doing other (possibly cheaper?) drugs for a bit and now they're back on heroin.

No. 300523

Not only is the daily figure unlikely, they don't (or she doesn't, at least) seem to do it every single day.
Luna seems to pull the self-loathing IG spam when she hasn't had a hit. The spam can last three days or more at a stretch.

No. 300541

Yeah but she always seems to get a hit cuz like an hour or two later she'll be all "full of love" and painting, "cleaning their room"(whatever that is code for) or taking 50 selfies. She does this p much every single day. If she was dopesick that wouldn't happen.

But I've never had a heroin habit. I'm pretty sure she gets high on something like a minimum of 2 times a day.

No. 300550

File: 1493406430982.png (37.62 KB, 750x271, IMG_2595.PNG)

Apparently witchycrankypoo is still up and this is their banner

No. 300566

Pretty sure lurch acts as a middleman for drugs which means he gets to grub and grime off others buying drugs while he has the direct connect. Lunas eyes are almost always pinned and hooded in her pics. Theyre getting heroin daily somehow

No. 300573

File: 1493408017428.png (237.38 KB, 1080x1920, 1490556979957.png)

yeah this is where I got the $100 from, misremembered what she wrote obviously. My bad. $40-80 a day is still pretty incredible though.

That number is from a few years ago, surely she'll need to do more to get high now? Although she could be lying in this screenshot and exaggerating for hardcore points. Or she was binging on her grandmothers inheritance when she posted that and they've had to cut down in recent years.

She's not just doing heroin tho. She's definitely on either meth or crack too, which I imagine is cheaper? We've been seeing her tweak out a lot recently.

I wonder if the reason why we're seeing more track marks on her hands is because shes injecting meth and it's more "moreish" than heroin, so more injections are required. She also mentioned on her angelhair tumblr waiting to pick up LSD, so she's not exclusively doing heroin for sure.

When she's "cleaning" she's 100% tweaking on something. When she's being emo, she's sober but I think that only lasts for a few hours while Lurch is out getting drugs.

If you're going by her Tumblr, I'm pretty sure she gets high in between her once-to-twice-a-day dopesick posts. Lurch is out doing god knows what a lot of the time and might take a while to come back. The biggest indicator of whether they have money (therefore drugs, junkies choose drugs over everything) is whether Luna's desperately sharing her artwork around with reduced price tags.

As an aside, does anybody know what the fuck the whole "Lurch has a job" thing was from last thread? Pic related, old screenshot. Is he just selling drugs around the city? If they're picking up random drugs, it would make sense that Lurch is just buying whatever he can find cheap, in the hopes he can resell some of it and cover their usage.

No. 300585

yes, "work" = drug dealing

No. 300588


In the area she lives in, meth is fairly sparse but crack/cocaine is plentiful. But it's also terrible quality. It takes a lot more crack to stay high for a day considering after a hit you'll want another in 10 minutes. I'm gonna go ahead and put my money on stuff like Adderall because it's cheap and super easy to get.

>Lurch is out doing god knows what a lot of the time and might take a while to come back.

Definitely out hustling for drug money.

I do believe the $40 - $80 a day habit for two, sounds reasonable given the pricing in NY.

No. 300597

No. 300602

He's a runner for sure

No. 300605

If it was pills like adderall she'd show it off for sure, she's a sucker for pill porn.

No. 300620

File: 1493413555059.gif (958.02 KB, 500x283, anigif_enhanced-buzz-20558-143…)

No. 300621

File: 1493413842729.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-28-16-09-15…)


No. 300623

>Sage for OT but my psych practically throws xanax at me. So do most psychs in my area. You're nearly guaranteed to get a script for it if you go in an complain about panic or anxiety. It's literally the norm to be xannied up around here
>out of curiosity, where do you live? cus i live in europe and no psychiatrist ever will prescribe you benzos more than once.

fellow european here. i have the same experience with most psychiatrists, although some family doctors dont give a shit/dont know better.

I wonder if it has to do with the us-american legal system. Because I guess you cant get sued for someone that got addicted through the meds you prescribed, but you can get sued if you didnt prescribed them and didnt treat the patient adequately?

wouldnt she constantly go into cold turkey from not getting heroin?

maybe lurch is whoring his ass out?

at least there is no crust at the piercing this time. i view that as an improvement. If she didnt look half dead all the time, she could be cute.

she should write a book, like a life story of her and what she experiences. arent people all over books about drug addiction? but then again this would mean actual work for her and continously working on something for months.

No. 300626

Is this her clean face? Also that black drip down her neck wtf how is she do dirty

No. 300628

>go into cold turkey
anon please stop

No. 300629

Who would want to fuck Lurch for money?
I can believe Luna being able to hustle up some money by fucking some desperate old guy but Lurch? No way!

No. 300634

I don't think English is their first language, chill

No. 300636

$20 is $20, ya know what I mean?

No. 300641

Look at the fucking color difference between her nose and her crusty foundation…

No. 300655

File: 1493419006626.png (1.05 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-28-17-29-53…)

What's wrong Luna? Those presents you spoiled yourself with didnt make you happy? Or are you just dope sick? I bet Lurch is pissed you blew all that money on stupid materialistic junk and he's avoiding you, probably at the strip club right now enjoying a nice pair of big jiggly areolas while you rot in your shit den with your sick and dying father-in-law. Tbh I'd want to kms if I were you too.

No. 300666

File: 1493420406364.png (123.98 KB, 748x753, IMG_1082.PNG)

No. 300667

File: 1493420457600.png (186.9 KB, 750x755, IMG_1081.PNG)

No. 300668

Hes probably made she didn't get him anything because he has to be somewhat as equally nasty and materialistic as her or else he wouldn't hoard so much crap

No. 300669

She looked gorgeous here, she needs to go back to this look :(

No. 300672

Ok I kind of love this even tho she looks nasty I feel like the aesthetic is achevieved and the look is campy and glam and weird.
She also looks like she might have a soul in this photo.

No. 300680

That's one hell of a moose knuckle.

No. 300687

You don't need to particularly want the sex to have it in exchange for money. That is probably most prostitutes. (Not that I think she's doing it, much too temperamental and lazy, jus sayin)

No. 300688

Lol ok, but c'mon anon, this is Tuna Fish we're talking about here, be real. She aint suckin dick or ridin anyone's johnson for money, that takes work! Like, I know you want Tuna being a hooker to be a thing, but it's not realistic, lol.

No. 300691

Wow, she looks like a late 60s burlesque queen/ trashy readers wives centerfold here. She needs to go back to this look asap. I love it!

No. 300694


always with the juice

No. 300695

File: 1493423651186.jpg (51.23 KB, 445x666, jayne77.jpg)

It's a good look for her. It reminds me of Jayne County.

No. 300696

>sperging over one misused proposition
Are you okay, anon?

Who is that behind her?

No. 300723

i just gagged

No. 300724

that black drip is probably from crying with mascara on. i bet she just wiped the mascara off her face and put on more foundation
>>300655 she always makes posts like this when she hasn't gotten high in a bit. how sad

No. 300741

File: 1493429379526.jpg (805.52 KB, 1434x1805, Screenshot_20170428-212705.jpg)

The mentally Ill broken butterfly is the most cringy aesthetic there is. How is this not pathetic to her followers???

No. 300748

File: 1493430154710.jpg (2.89 KB, 83x70, IMG_3068.JPG)

I cannot unsee what is seen.

No. 300760

Is it just me or does that ring look stupid as fuck in her nose? Its too big. Im surprised she got the other crusty ring out.

No. 300773

Her mouth is so unsettling ew

No. 300774

She is only 21 and had the world handed to her on a platter if she actually did get a million dollars from her grandmother's passing. How the fuck is she gonna deal with actually being sick and having real problems when she is older.

But yeah, the cringe is strong. I actually don't mind Ginger because it's never a play for sympathy for her and more of a complete immersion in some aesthetic for the sake of art sort of thing. Luna and the rest can fuck right off.

No. 300796

She was always so fucking ugly, even before the drugs, she had stupid little beady eyes.

No. 300813

>out of curiosity, where do you live?
Florida, surprise surprise.

I'm prescribed 1mg xanax 3 times a day, so I get 90 and a month and have for over a year. I've even told my psych "I usually only take 1 a day, if that" but he doesn't lower my dose. Honestly I'd bet lots of money that my psych is on a ton of xanax himself, in addition to at least 1/3 of his office staff… sage for blogshit

No. 300833

lol r u srs

No. 300835

at least she had a look going on. now shes devolved into some kind of puddle

No. 300836

The usa is very benzo friendly, when i finally sought help from my massive (largely doctor prescribed for insomnia) benzo nightmare i relied on the ashton manuel for tapering advice. Its a uk page and i believe it comes from their acknowledgment of benzo addiction.

No. 300837

Point being my own doctor saw no reason for me to discontinue benzo use and i had to seek out alternative means to stop my own use

No. 300879

sorry but why does everyone here think she smokes crack daily? like do we have any evidence of that o nah. she references her H addiction in a round-about-way but ive never seen her ever reference crack. has she mentioned using/love it or something? did someone see crack smoking paraphernalia in the background of her photo ?

No. 300882

If you read a little more you'd see it was just speculation. No one is out right saying she does crack but guessing because it is a cheaper drug to get.

No. 300883

File: 1493458901435.png (124.72 KB, 640x814, IMG_4008.PNG)

From her likes eyeroll

No. 300916

File: 1493468703448.jpg (28.3 KB, 275x112, 1468871337624.jpg)


And I don't see someone who thinks crack feels great and has easy access to it only doing it once. Also she posted a pic of the flower that comes in a crack pipe when you buy one at the gas station.

No. 300918

photo for ants.jpg

No. 300922


I wish she would open her ask box

No. 300947

That would be her end of her tumblr kek she knows damn well what would flood her inbox

No. 300962

>Let today and tomorrow be better than the last

Waiting for drugs/money? Ooh its the weekend she'll go suck some money out of her "evil" father now. Stupid cunt.

No. 300970

File: 1493480255752.png (201.95 KB, 750x1084, IMG_2605.PNG)

Ok cuz you NEED clothing.. like even if you are poor, Tuna, the last thing you need is more clothes. You get new clothes every week. Don't deny it. Other people deserve those clothes. Your room is already filled with giant trash piles of clothes if I was Lurch I would hate you too for constantly bringing garbage home.

No. 300973

File: 1493480402548.png (159.99 KB, 716x958, IMG_2606.PNG)

Does she know you so well that she gave you that box with the intension of you filling it with drugs and parafinelia? Or did you tell her you'd put your precious plastic baby jewelry in it?

No. 300977

God, this is really grinding my gears. Does this bitch even know how little she deserves that? Fuck Tuna honestly.

No. 300987

>i could never smoke crack, how trashy
>now dope on the other hand
I want to give her a smack upside her head.

No. 300988

I wonder why she's never ~found~ lip balm in the middle of the road yet. She fucking needs it.
Yikes, what an asshole. Tuna, just get around to doing some laundry for once. You don't need anymore clothes.

No. 301000

File: 1493485637209.png (15.44 KB, 492x162, up.png)

No. 301020

File: 1493486538470.png (1015.6 KB, 720x1222, 20170429_132058.png)


No. 301025

I know she's 'compensating' but wouldn't you still be really skinny if you regularly went days without eating?

No. 301026

In a sense, yeah.

No. 301030

Crack isn't cheap. That's a sort of rumor that started, but it's only slightly cheaper than cocaine itself.

No. 301031

Tuna why you lyin'. No way you went five days without eating. And this isn't compensating, this is typical junkie diet. Its what you regularly eat.. Its not like your treating yourself to it. Jesus, eat a motherfucking carrot or something.

No. 301032

You just know shoes gonna eat this all in one sitting kek.
Ew imagine her Cheetos-chocolate-soda breathe combined with her regular mouth rot smell.
Cheeto plaque– so sexii.

No. 301033

It's a real good way to fuck up your body's insulin levels and develop diabetes. Can't imagine the havoc her body must reap with low blood sugar and then suddenly get a shocking spike like that.

>Cheetos Snack Packs x 4

600 calories, 360 from fat alone.
52g carbs, ~4g sugar.
>Kit Kats x 2
420 calories, 180 from fat.
54g carbs, 42g sugar.
>Devil Dogs
170 calories, 60 fat.
27g carb, 20g sugar.
140 calories.
39g carb, 39g sugar.

1,330 calories.
172g carbs.
105g sugars.

And I'm sure that's not all she'll eat today.

No. 301048

I like how she has to say she hasn't eaten in 5 days just so she can post this and feel a little less like a gross fatty.

No. 301060

>gets clothes that she doesn't need from church
>gets vouchers from church and uses then on makeup and candy

This pathetic cunt. Doesn't she get that she ISN'T POOR and shes taking away clothes and vouchers from people who actually need them? Poor, struggling people aren't worried about their aesthetic, Tuna. She's such a piece of shit, honestly.

No. 301066

I wonder what kind of sob story she tells when she goes to get the vouchers. Something like "uwu its so hard to hard to find a job with my horrible bpd and cotton eyed Joe knee."?
I wish she'd get in trouble and get put on probation where she'd get drug tested and forced to get a job.

No. 301072

Sorry if this has been mentioned already, I can't remember. But do we know if she's actually been diagnosed with bpd?

No. 301091

File: 1493493518878.png (701.2 KB, 822x601, crustytuna.png)

wtf is this 'contour'

No. 301093

File: 1493493691082.jpg (134.98 KB, 957x1300, lol.jpg)

dat muddy contour

No. 301097

the amount of track marks on that hand alone oh my god…

No. 301099

File: 1493494143211.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1390, Screenshot_2017-04-29-12-21-04…)

whats the look? homeless crackhead who is oddly materialistic and deluded into thinking she's classy? because thats the vibe im getting

No. 301100

File: 1493494199808.png (266.79 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_2017-04-29-12-22-11…)

No. 301103

File: 1493494296435.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_2017-04-29-12-22-22…)

so the old lady patricia who constantly gives her things is her highschool friends mom?

No. 301105

No fucking way, are my eyes deceiving me or does she STILL have that dried nasty blood on her hand?

No. 301107

i'm pretty sure someone asked this like a week ago.
it's either dried blood or scabs from all her track marks

No. 301118

File: 1493497356624.png (1.68 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-29-15-18-20…)


No. 301123

OMG I was so focused on her terrible makeup I didn't even notice…Track marks are NOT aesthetic Luna ughh

No. 301124

I actually really like this look, if you put a different person's head on it, or Luna changed her hair/makeup/accessories to be more feminine and natural looking.

No. 301133

File: 1493498662258.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2607.PNG)

The tracks on her feet… idk why but shooting up in your feet makes me cringe even more

No. 301145

Holy shit, you can see how thick her foundation is where it's worn off around her mouth.
It looks like fucking paint.

No. 301151

and the fucking streak of greasy highlighter. so nasty.

No. 301165

She's such a fucking grub. I have a strong desire to exfoliate the shit out of her face. The blackheads on her nose make me shudder.

No. 301167

Sage cuz blog, feelings, OT

I have been feeling really shitty about myself and who I am etc. but when I see Tuna I'm just like omg it's not so bad. Like I look like shit rn, no make up or nail polish and I'm wearing bed clothes all day cuz I'm feeling so shitty I'm bed bound. (Which she claims to be a lot.
But I scroll through here and I'm just grateful that my face is clean, so are my sheets, my drug of choice is just weed, and I'm wearing clothes that have been cleaned relatively recently.

Is it fucked up that I get this validation from these threads /Tuna's Eternal Fall To Rock Bottom? Probably.

No. 301170

I wanna do a pore strip on her whole face so bad

No. 301175

Girl, it's okay. I look at Luna's social media whenever I'm too lazy to hit the gym and instantly feel better. That's life though. We all find motivation and validation from looking at others.

Sage for emosh

No. 301177

File: 1493502593026.jpg (94.14 KB, 960x1280, FB_IMG_1493498900299.jpg)

>deadass these are the best. got them medium length this time. i swear they're better than the salon imo

No. 301180

What the fuck, Luna. Are you really that disgusting, you can't even wipe your thumb before you broadcast this?

Her hands are so vile and dirty, how can anyone live like that?!

No. 301181

right, like one of those thick charcoal masks…it would pick up SO much…it'd be like putting a strip of duct tape sticky side down on a sandy beach…

No. 301191

Those fucking pores. Imagine what one nose strip could get off those.

Did she seriously wipe her ass with her hand because that's what it looks like. Either that or emptied the cat's litter box with them.

No. 301220

I'm guessing those are not track marks, but flea bites.

No. 301229

lol @ luna using this to justify her own pathetic e-begging. i went to the persons page who this came from and theyre awful too. the world doesn't just give you hands outs!!! God this tumblr generation just expects to get free money just for existing!

No. 301231

i've read the last 6 threads dude, just looking for some clarification. you salty

No. 301234

pretty sure than tan flower sheet thing is supposed to be white. gag.

No. 301238

every time i see this bitch's grimy ass nails with the polish over her cuticles i gag a little just uuuugh i feel for whoever has to do her acryllics she's apparently getting clients with nasty habits/obvious drug use are the WORST to work on. especially the addicts, i've had people jump around and jitter and not know what to do because they won't keep their fucking hands still.

No. 301242

If she ate that in one sitting, that's my entire days calorie allowance holy shit. Almost 1,500 calories.

No. 301244

Is that… what is that on her fingers… it looks like… feces?

No. 301252

It's my mom's birthday too anon. ;__;

No. 301265

everytime i look at Tuna's makeup i need to take a bath
she'd look so much better if she didn't fucking cake her face in foundation OR used it as lipstick and just put on some bbcream and lipgloss and stopped trying to do those catwalk eyes bc they look awful on her
then again that's asking too much from someone who doesn't even bathe let alone learn how to do her fucking makeup right

No. 301267

Luna's entire existence triggers me

No. 301304

lol I thought this was a weird couple foot-picture with Lurch from the thumbnail, those white shoes make her feet look so manly

No. 301308

File: 1493518310450.png (925.94 KB, 720x859, Capture _2017-04-29-21-10-24.p…)


No. 301314

>wearing cotton walmart undies with that

No. 301315

empty the cat litter box? what's that Luna asks

No. 301317

Rodger probably has to clean the cats shit box.

No. 301320

That's okay, cheap Walmart granny panties go with the church-basement -nighty aesthetic.

No. 301364

theyre press on

No. 301367

File: 1493526527021.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_2017-04-29-21-24-09…)

No. 301368

File: 1493526561787.png (812.42 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_2017-04-29-21-24-13…)

No. 301369

File: 1493526634861.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_2017-04-29-21-25-20…)

No. 301370

If you told me this was a posed corpse I'd believe it.

No. 301371

I'm honestly GLAD she's wearing something under that. Shit's skeevy. I doubt the church sale washes the clothes before giving them away. I always feel gross and grimy touching goodwill clothes nevermind putting them on my naked body without washing them!!! I swear she's gonna end up with scabies or fleas someday soon if she doesn't already have one (or both), especially because she drags so much shit in from the street/trash.

No. 301372

File: 1493526780920.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_2017-04-29-21-30-47…)

No. 301373

File: 1493527077805.png (1.11 MB, 1684x688, Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.3…)

her body is pretty gross and confusing

No. 301374

Seriously, secondhand clothing can be pretty fucking gnarly sometimes. Looking at Luna makes me fucking itchy.

No. 301375

Has she went a day without getting clothes? This is totally ambien-induced purchases.

No. 301408

I can't imagine the shit she does when she takes ambien

No. 301426

Did she tuck a top into her bra to make it into a crop top? Kek.

No. 301454

I might have missed something at some time but didn't she have those weird clownish fuzzy shoes she fawned over for so long ? Why does she keep on getting things and then never broadcast it ever again ?

You'd think she'd keep them for as long as possible as she claims to be so poor. Did she sell them for crack money or just got bored ?

No. 301462

As if she owns one, they probably shit and pee on that filthy carpet

No. 301475

File: 1493551686511.png (160.02 KB, 745x1112, IMG_2017.PNG)

That mountain of clothes is ready to fall over her any time

No. 301503

i know that, i was talking about the supposed acryllics she's getting "soon"

No. 301512

Tuna those shorts don't really fit you… Theyre all up in your crotch. Fucking nasty. Just because Theyre American Eagle doeant mean they look good on you.

And yeah its just a matter of time before she gets scabies from not washing thrift clothes. Apparently it's pretty common.

No. 301513

Hey guys, she lurks here and takes our "unwanted" advice– she finally got a pushup bra for those saggy granny milkbags.

No. 301516

Good. No shame in having saggy boobs, just have enough sense to not show them off to the world - especially if you're wearing clothes that age you. Get some good bras and you're good, I can't believe it's taken her this long to.

No. 301518

File: 1493560295360.png (41.66 KB, 717x354, lolok.png)

Drug addicts aren't disgusting. People who lie, manipulate, cake foundation all over their nasty crusty face and post it all online, get addicted to drugs because they think its cool, live for aesthetic, and use people are disgusting, Tuna.
You make drug addicts look so bad.

No. 301534

File: 1493562048500.png (101.4 KB, 750x938, IMG_2610.PNG)

She's planning a shower and bragging about it as if it's normal to only shower once a year.

No. 301538

She sure is "cleaning the apartment" alot these days kek.
And wow the only thing she has to do today is dye her hair and shower, what a rough life, I wouldn't last a week.

No. 301549

File: 1493563636655.png (149.03 KB, 750x940, IMG_2611.PNG)

Judging by the filth and the fact that she showed it off in a few pics yesterday, I bet she got that Hello Kitty at the church sale. She probably ripped it out of the hands of an actual child cuz she "needed it".

No. 301557

Lol as if it isnt implied one washes their hair after applying hair dye

No. 301561

sage for blogpost but i'm a very hygienic person and i've contracted scabies before (from a shitty ex) shit is TOUGH to get rid of, even for a clean person with a washing machine like me. you have to wash eevvverryything fabric every day until the scabies are gone as well as treating carpets and furniture and mattresses. if they ever get scabies there is no way they can keep up the hygiene necessary to get rid of them and it makes me ITCH to see those piles of dirty second hand clothes in every picture. they might as well just burn it all down in that case lmao

No. 301566

Well actually, you're not supposed to wash it.. just rinse it.

No. 301577

it's bc she's materialistic af

No. 301579

Maybe she realized how fucking ugly they are and now theyre just lost somewhere in The Piles.

No. 301580

I know people have already pointed out the grimy hand - but specifically, look at the dirt and sweat encrusted palm, the crusty brown thumb, the gelatinous blob on her ring fingers nail

No. 301581

Don't worry, she'll "find" them again one day.

On another note, realistically, what's she gonna do when she wakes up one day and Matthew is actually dead. His heart is probably all fucked up, any infection could actually kill him. He definitely has hep c and developed a seizure disorder due to his drug addiction that's been going on for upwards 30 years. What would she do? I don't think it would scare her straight one bit.

No. 301587

he's like 35, his drug addiction started in his teens i think so not 30 years more like 15-20

No. 301599

I forgot and thought he was in his 40s?? I guess she was just like literally 17 when he was courting her and that's why he seemed super old.
35 makes more sense.

No. 301603

Poor baby HK is going to get filthy like the rest. The larger ones are telling her to leave while she still can.
Seriously though, how do her plushes get so grimey? Does she wipe her ass and blow her nose on them? It makes me sad.

No. 301605


The truth is, either of them could OD at any point. Being a new addict won't save her when they get h cut with Fentanyl. If they're mixing benzos with their opiates, they might not even need a cut batch of h. Benzos and opiates potentiate each other and are a huge cause of accidental OD.

The longer this goes on, the more inevitable it becomes. Unless she gets clean, but I doubt that will happen because this is truly her entire life. It doesn't even seem like she has an addict friends in real life which is just sad.

No. 301611

Seriously who would she even call? Her mom whose been clean for a year to beg her to do drugs with her? Or move in with scary dad.

No. 301616

Wasn't there a picture of Lurch's DOB on a hospital bracelet that Luna posted for aesthetic points? I seem to remember the year of birth being '79? Still makes him in his 30s, but late 30s.

No. 301618

samefag found it, Lurch is 38. >>173541

He's getting to an age where his junkie lifestyle is catching up with him, it's not unreasonable to think he won't make it to 50. I don't think he's at risk of dying any time soon, unless it's from hitting his head during one of his seizures.

No. 301626

Fuck my friend died like 2 weeks ago due to accidental mix of medications during a med change along with some fucking cold medicine like not even high just sick and alone. And fucking scum like Lurch gets this nice long life (in comparison). Fuck both of them.

Sage for a fucking blog post

No. 301632

File: 1493576769863.jpg (41.2 KB, 959x958, FB_IMG_1493573204632.jpg)


nah i get where you're coming from, really does take the fucking poss when a waste of space like lurch gets to have a (happy? lol no) long life and be a scumbag in the process

sage for replying to blogpost but photo attached still shocks me b/c that's what luna has the potential to look like, marginally better if she just practised normal hygeine and didn't shoot up nearly every day

No. 301640

That small hello kitty are the ones they sell at Jewel/Walgreens for about $5. I'm thinking she stole it.

No. 301645

this will sound really salty and it probably is lol but im glad that she makes herself look so awful because it seems like being beautiful and seen as attractive is one of the only things she cares about like she just wants to be popular and thats it

No. 301664

She's trying to pretend she isn't still striving for that high school popularity she never got. Though she had more friends then than she ever will.

No. 301673

File: 1493582606468.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_2017-04-30-12-58-47…)

No. 301674

File: 1493582704828.png (305.09 KB, 589x434, Screenshot_2017-04-30-12-58-47…)

No. 301676

File: 1493582785410.png (579.33 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_2017-04-30-12-57-57…)

No. 301677

File: 1493582926500.png (182.84 KB, 750x930, IMG_1439.PNG)

i didn't even notice this the first time i looked at it but look at the crook of her arm. this bitch really just shoots up and lets herself bleed everywhere without cleaning it up. fucking vile.

No. 301681

Omg no, I think that's part of an infection/the abscess she's been hiding. Haha we see you Tuna Fish.

No. 301682

Am I blind or are these clearly not press ons?

Holy hell that infected looking wound on the inside of her arm. Is that the one that used to be a gaping hole that she had to get the antibiotics for? Horrifying.

No. 301689

> sweaty


No. 301701

These are press ons, she's talked about it non-stop and no salon would paint all over the cuticles.

I have to admit that I am imPRESSed by how sturdy and professional they appear minus the terrible paint job. I'm really surprised her false nails haven't popped off or gone crooked yet.

No. 301706

So does she go braless because she desperately wants to be like her tumblr thot idols who are skinny A cups and don't need a bra? like what the fuck. this isn't cute.

No. 301714

I think she's used several pairs

No. 301716

File: 1493586565470.png (208.63 KB, 750x1103, IMG_2619.PNG)

She recently came up on a push up bra that finally makes her tits look normal (pic related)
But what she is wearing is a negligé which aren't intended to be worn with a bra because it's meant to be slept in. However, I doubt the person who made that night gown in 1980 meant for it to look like that/with those tits.

No. 301725


>makes my boobs amazing


anything looks better than the national geographic tits you're normally rocking, luna

No. 301726

She's totally that one 'friend' in high school who would completely blank you if it meant she could sit at the popular girls table.

No. 301728

File: 1493589568308.jpg (48.76 KB, 440x290, IMG_2621.JPG)

No. 301731

**literally her aesthetic is high school mean girl but she thinks she's still "down to earth" with the losers but they hate you too

No. 301748

File: 1493592342330.png (913.16 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_2017-04-30-15-24-32…)

I realized that her instagram library goes back to 2012. anyone have any idea approximately when her gramma died and she inherited money?

No. 301753

File: 1493592399841.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_2017-04-30-15-39-21…)

It's weird seeing her stuff clean.

No. 301755

File: 1493592535366.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_2017-04-30-15-36-22…)

No. 301758

what the heck this bitch has a macbook too

No. 301764

Stickers on her /MacBook/ from Wacky Wackos and AYP, that shit ain't cheap, being poor must be soooo hard Tuna.

No. 301765

I'm willing to bet money on Luna having misplaced that mint green Polaroid camera, and that she's too fucking lazy to look for it, so she bought a new one.
God, she's rancid.

No. 301766

Is that some sort of ID on top of the book on her nightstand? And why does the boxspring look like someone's been murdered on it?

No. 301767

>>her aesthetic is high school mean girl

Um where do you live where Luna looks like a high school mean girl or like this >>301728

She looks like she'd hang out with an outcast group, and that also seems like the "look" she is going for.

No. 301768

File: 1493593157280.png (236.61 KB, 750x1086, IMG_2623.PNG)

I'm sure they were arguing about not giving you money for dope. Poor thing.

No. 301771

I think her grandma died when she was younger like 14 but she didn't get her inheritance til she turned 18, 3 years ago

No. 301775

>i rarely ever take benzos anymore!


No. 301778

wow i didnt even notice that. shes so spoiled, materialistic, and disgusting. needs a good smack of self-awareness.

No. 301780

so there's a daughter schumacher? she's lucky to have gotten rid of them all

No. 301783


Huh…what am I missing here? I highly doubt she lost it, and that's the same one in the photo as the one she just bought.

No. 301788

That pic was from 2015 and iirc the one she just bought is pink.

No. 301803

Um, no, Luna. He doesn't see you as a daughter. I'm sure he sees you for the smelly parasite you are.

No. 301810

File: 1493597591406.jpg (264.59 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_op78b5h02P1w3kwovo7_128…)

he is just beyond repulsive

No. 301811

File: 1493597660673.png (186.04 KB, 355x505, idiot.PNG)

in luna's like

but guiizz remember how much luna HATES it when people romanticize and glamorize drug addition? fucking kek she is worlds biggest hypocrite

No. 301812

File: 1493597760135.jpg (18.56 KB, 640x480, scooby-2-03_12.jpg)

No. 301814

File: 1493597924716.png (110.02 KB, 250x243, 1466556015313.png)

fucking kek anon

No. 301815

he looks like a rapist

No. 301821

File: 1493598617625.png (359.76 KB, 944x564, lmao.PNG)

lmaaaooo this post on her iG from fucking july 2015. lUna you spoiled fucking brat!!

so she already bought herself one of these in 2015, trashed it, broke it or lost it, and then bought another one this year! The way she treats her physical possessions is the way a rich spoiled brat would. i grew up poor and i took the BEST POSSIBLE care of all my possessions because i didn't have many of them. she probably lost the camera under a hoarded pile of church clothing that she doesnt fucking need. greedy, grubby little bitch

No. 301822

if you take the high road about your addiction then surely youre not included in with the ~other junkies~

No. 301823

she said she never got it but she did, it appears in some of her later photos

No. 301825

TBH this is the best photo of him I think I've seen
Looks normal for once

No. 301827

his eyes are just so empty and soul-less…

No. 301835

but luna will hop over to her dads place in the city and soak her crusty ass in his tub and steal his weed, ungrateful bitch.

No. 301838

File: 1493602404203.jpg (47.04 KB, 634x438, ca78cda04f50382ced0c6fce809fc1…)

She looks like an orangutan trying to suck the snot out of his nose for nourishment.

No. 301839

people will hate me for saying this but he reminds me of trent reznor here

No. 301841

What the hell happened around that mattress that it ended up staining the carpeting that badly? The whole thing needs to be torched.

No. 301842

I totally agree

No. 301844

How old is this photo? Compare this to what he looks like recently and it's like one of those "This is what you look like on ___" drug PSAs.

No. 301850

its from her instagram, maybe 2015? so it's an older photo of chief

No. 301853

Lol luna what a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from your own addition. Drinking is normalised, Heroin isn't. That is the current state of affairs. No matter how much you want dope to be normalized it's not gonna happen.

also, its like she is arguing with some imaginary person in this. like pretty sure everyone thinks getting black out drunk is pretty scum baggy. Same goes for nodding off. both scum bag moves, except with nodding off you might never wake up again. can you see why people hold alcohol and heroin to different standards Luna? you can die from doing dope once, you won't die from getting black out drunk one time in your life. For fucks sake Luna, stop trying to draw comparisons between your dirty fucking habit with intravenous drugs and a regulated, taxed substance sold in bars.

you beg online for money for toys and junk while spending $80-$100 a day on you dope habit and then compain you can't afford rent. Luna, if youre reading this, you are just scum of the earth

No. 301856


I can't find it, but pretty sure there are caps ITT of her saying that the first one "arrived broken", but she didn't bother to follow it up w/Amazon or w/eva. How is she actually even this wasteful with money so consistently?

No. 301859

Holy SHIT. So it was this clean when she moved in? What the fuck happened? Shes a hoarder and it rubbed off on Lurch too? Fucking disgusting.

No. 301868

No, they were hoarders before. It was actually more disgusting than now, and roger hoarded gross things like old porn VHS. Luna had to deep clean just to get to furniture and rearrange. Obviously she's not like that anymore, definitely due to the heroin but. Yeah. I followed her then and the apartment was crazy gross.

No. 301869

I like how shes whining about how shes scared of being broke and homeless and then right below is her post about her new nails. I know fake nails are only a new dollars and wouldn't really put a dent in the rent, but along with the rest of the useless shit and drugs we all know she spends money on… She should really stop talking about not having rent money.
And "poor people deserve nice things too".. Uh, not when you put them before rent and bills that you "desperately" need money for.

No. 301870

Oddly enough this same thing happened to me. Got rid of it with tea tree oil soaks. I was lucky. Sage for who the fuck cares

No. 301871

Lol I think I have the same shirt that shes turned into a crop

No. 301873

Apart from the whale thighs and hair grease she actually looks really nice here

No. 301874

It's not really normal to constantly drink and get black out drunk though…

No. 301875

And different colours by the looks of it? Oh wait, that's just the layer of filth that creeps over everything you own

No. 301876

Its like she has to keep repeating "im thankful for Matthew and his father" so she can try and trick herself into actually thinking that.

Or its something Lurch drills into her head.. "You'd be living on the streets if it wernt for us".

No. 301878

does he ever like her posts about him?
i know he uses facebook but i always imagine him as someone who would call it "the online"

No. 301879

she is defs trying to convince herself she is happy and fulfilled with her life with lurch and his dying father
lurch doesnt have fb. he deleted it after someone from lolcow posed as a hot babe who wanted his dick. go read the last thread or two.

No. 301880

exactly! it's not ok to black out drunk, it's no socially acceptable. it's also not ok or socially acceptable to nod out from fucking shooting up heroin. i dont know what point she is trying to make. 'other people are worse than me!111" perhaps?

No. 301882

he doesnt have FB. that's why its even weirder for her to post these heart-felt statuses… the people they are about can't even read them.

No. 301883

oh thats what i meant like he knew how to use it as opposed to having no knowledge of how to use the internet

yeah i guess its just to show off that she has a 6' 6 fiancé

No. 301885

it's an EBT card

No. 301894

if she got her money when she started dating lurch its almost probable he was dating her for the cash and sex and doesnt actually like her at all.

No. 301902

Yup. Trashy junkies like these 2 latch onto whoever can get them their drug money. They don't give a shit about people, they just use whoever they can.

No. 302046

this pic actually looks like a clean, somewhat attractive version of the lurch we all know and love

No. 302048

tbh the apartment looked rancid before luna moved in. mismatched furniture that looks like someone got if from the trash, the dirty carpet, that disgusting stained mattress, also theres cardboard on the wall?? and why are there shoes on that armchair?

No. 302052

i dont really believe the grandma-1mill$-story, because heck, where should that money come from, but it would explain why she can't handle money at. all.
like why would you spend so much money for a camera when you know beforehand you wont buy new films anyway..

No. 302055

it's pretty hard to believe, but that would explain the absurd quantity of money and drugs she was buying at the time without e-begging. Plus, she talked often about her mother stealing money from her, it may have been the money she had inherited that she was stealing

No. 302071


Agree, I don't believe it and there was never any proof. But it's believable that he got some kind of money but even 100k would be a lot of money and would still make sense. Heck, even 10k.

No. 302094

Weirdly, he looks better without the glasses.

No. 302099

Noooooooooo thats an old pic, before he completely turned into a swamp monster.

No. 302181

File: 1493663009963.png (43.91 KB, 750x263, IMG_2628.PNG)

No. 302218

Is this old or did she post the same thing again?
Does she wanna know how much attention she's getting or is she trying to find out who "checks up" on her just for milk.

No. 302228


No. 302235

File: 1493667972979.png (211.41 KB, 750x1111, IMG_2629.PNG)

She's developing an infection on her hand..

No. 302238

~ a e s t h e t I c~

No. 302242

Tunas getting so fucking boring. All she is is track marks and ugly outfits. Same old, same old.

No. 302244

At this point we're just waiting for her or Lurch to be buried alive under an avalanche of church donation nighties.

No. 302254

Her super unfocused eyes are almost looking in two different directions?!

No. 302272

File: 1493672290915.png (201.18 KB, 724x1031, IMG_2631.PNG)

She looks good here but I'm gonna blame it on the filter.

No. 302310

>infected wound
Im not exactly sure if i want to see that, but where is this coming from? did she posted a picture of it once?

when I read her thread on here I always wonder if it is possible to get any more disgusting and nasty. And I always think "No, it's not freaking possible. She has hitted rock-bottom."
And then there she is, surprising me again.

are your eyes and asshole reversed? She looks like a cheap tranny with a five o'clock shadow that never got HRT and has some kind of weird debilitating syndrome.

No. 302315

As for the infected wound.. There was a gaping track hole on her arm in one of her selfies and she's been hiding that arm ever since. She was just on antibiotics but she oddly didnt broadcast what they were for.

No. 302317

her infection has been brought up time and time again throughout these threads. it'd take you 10 seconds to control+F and find the posts. why are people on here so damn lazy?

No. 302318

"good" for luna standards lol

No. 302322

she looks good in this pic because she's actually got some colour on her lips, and not just smeared them with foundation. she looks alive for once, it's crazy how different she looks when she tries, because imo luna is very naturally pretty but for some reason she thinks its cool to look ugly and dirty and "grunge".

No. 302323

Yikes, those roots.

No. 302324

lol glad I'm not the only one seeing a transexual hooker in that picture.

No. 302339

She doesn't look good. Youre just tricked into thinking so because you can't see the bumpy blackheads on her nose and her foundation caked moustache.

No. 302340

File: 1493678064844.jpg (168.54 KB, 1200x1265, PicsArt_05-01-05.32.23.jpg)

She looks like a monster.

No. 302351

It looks like she's got a gargantuan nose. Has she tried to put tan on? Or is it just the shadows?

No. 302363

I said I blamed it on the filter okay

No. 302364

It's not her usual bright lighting and with 50 filters so I guess she looks darker. It's really unappealing.

No. 302365

I wonder whose arguing? Lurch and Roger? Either because roger doesn't want nasty junkies around anymore or he doesn't wanna give them his money.

No. 302383

I love this "everyone's arguing, time for some glamorshots" attitude. Iconic.

No. 302410

File: 1493683364350.jpg (54.91 KB, 908x595, 987654356789.jpg)

>my grandma escaped the holocaust

wait what ?
is this legit?
this honestly is 50 shades of fucked up.

No. 302416

Junkies exaggerate so much, take everything she says with a grain of salt.

Also, just because your parents are addicts doesn't excuse you from your shitty behavior.

No. 302421

She's so cool, mental illness is in her blood guiizz.
Her being a piece of shit apparently has nothing too do with her drug use! Its just her inherited mental illness. Hallelujah!

No. 302424

I have a really difficult time believing that her holocaust escaping abused granny whose husband commited suicide had 1 mill sitting around to give Luna when she died. Sure, her dad has a pretty nice apartment that he's renting, but 1 mill? I get the feeling it was more like 20k and Luna or anons were just exaggerating.

No. 302425

>~tragic backstory~

No. 302427

Lol looks like someone is dopesick.

No. 302440

Tuna takes her family's individual tragedies and co-opts them into her own personal son story. Anytime she lays out the laundry list of family members she has that have suffered I can't help but roll my eyes.

"If you aren't feeling sorry for me I better remind you of all of my inherited pain!!!!! Send me money!!!"

I'm sure half of that stuff is exaggeration if not outright fabrication. Holocaust, suicide, missing and presumed dead, etc. Whatever.

No. 302445

Dirty chola aesthetic

No. 302475

File: 1493687149779.png (52.67 KB, 527x480, Selection_259.png)

lmao found this comment of hers on somesones facebook.She's replying to a selfie someone uploaded with the caption 'I love the drug addict look I had goin on without the drugs'

No. 302478

yeah definitely cross eyed here

No. 302481

addiction ruined your life so….maybe get clean?

No. 302491

This stupid bitch acts like she owns drug addiction.

No. 302492


Wow Luna, it's almost like other people have been addicted to drugs too. Being an addict isn't unique, it's not even interesting. So please, for your own sake, find something else to define your life by.

No. 302493

File: 1493688245263.png (286.52 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-01-20-22-09…)

Hmmm, seems to be a lot of arguing going on today. Her and Lurch are probably dope sick and trying to suck money out of Roger and Luna's dad.

No. 302497

Lol she's so pissed because they can't come up with any drug money.

No. 302516

>wont be able to sleep tonight because of that phone call

So she won't be nodding off tonight because her dad won't give her money, then? Lol so predictable.

No. 302520

then why do u go visit your dad every weekend???? if he is awful cut him out of your life. i did with my dad!

No. 302521

she has used one of those beauty apps. i have the same one and it does the same shit to my face as it does hers. shes using Beautycam or something. i recognise it from the way it smooths out her dark circles under her eyes.

No. 302523

She deleted this off her Tumblr. Wonder why. Maybe they came up with dope money and she's ~*~full of love~*~ now.

No. 302547

she is one of those people who uses her experiences - sorry not even her experiences!! other people's experiences - as an excuse to be all 'there is no hope for me i am doomed from birth'. life is what you fucking make it tuna. i came from a rough upbringing too but it isn't the crux of my existence, i pulled my shit together and didn't form my personality based on other peoples tragedies and my childhood…

No. 302570

File: 1493697740576.png (114.54 KB, 716x530, Capture _2017-05-01-23-01-21.p…)

No. 302573

>Welp couldn't get dope but good thing I didnt sell all my ambien. Hopefully I don't wake up all night and have nightmares because im withdrawing.

No. 302608

I'm definitely curious about all that. I'm a heroin addict now on methadone and I haven't gotten high in 2 years. whenever I look at luna's shit or at this thread I wonder how much they cop, how much they need to get high.

I wonder how often she wakes up in withdrawals and how long it takes her to hustle up money. well, for Lurch to hustle up money I mean. I'm sure if she isn't begging for donations on fb, she isn't doing shit to get them cash.

No. 302616

I honestly feel like it's one anon with a weird crack cocaine fetish. for a few threads now, I keep seeing comments like

"I wish she would post pics of her crack"
"she was definitely on crack in that picture"
"what's wrong Tuna, no crack?"
"I wish she would post a pic of her crack pipe"
"I should msg her and tell her I'll send her money if she posts pics of her smoking crack"

No. 302622

she did mention something about trying crack (and loving it? maybe im making that part up but i feel like she did) in her old drug blog

No. 302637

The theory is that Luna's too proud to admit she's a crackhead, because of how much she used to trash her mom for doing crack. I think there's an old screenshot in the last thread where she badmouthed it, saying heroin was ~so much better.

But we've seen that bitch tweaking. Last thread she posted a video of herself literally eye-twitching, hair jostling, full-on tweaking. >>284627 is the video, tell me she's not on uppers. She hasn't outright admitted it, but the evidence is there.

Fluctuations in weight, not eating for 3+ days in a row, "cleaning her room" every other day, moving furniture around for no reason. >>181036 - Smarter anons than I say that scrapbook picture is 100% proof Luna has done crack before. The plastic flower, using the glass it came in as a cheap pipe?

Bitch is definitely doing some type of stimulant. Might not be crack though, we could be assuming the worst and she's just doing Adderall or something, seeing how she was whimsically reminiscing about her blue snot the other day.

No. 302639

File: 1493704161295.jpg (283.17 KB, 1500x1500, lolu.jpg)

samefag, couldn't find the exact pipe the flower is from, but it came from something like pic. They sell these things in like every gas station apparently so it'd be hard to find the exact one. I much doubt you need those pipes for anything other than crack.

No. 302641

you're not making it up anon. someone literally posted this a few days ago (granted it's tiny af). but it's from her old drug blog and she said she tried crack. and knowing luna and seeing her tweaking, it wasn't a one time thing. >>300916

No. 302644


not gonna lie but i really love her taste in music

sage for being a fag

No. 302645


didnt she mention earlier that she hates uppers?

No. 302647

Hates uppers unless its crack lol >>300916

No. 302648

she's definitely done crack before and she said she loved it, so its kind of just assumed that she does it at least every once in a while. also, in the fb messages lurch was having with the chick catfishing him, he mentions doing coke (who knows if he was actually smoking crack tho and didn't want to say that bc coke sounds less intense). >>302616 is right though, there definitely seems to be one or two anons that sperg out about her doing crack when theres no way to be sure and it's annoying to me. i'd bet its just an occasional thing for her.

she said in this post >>300916 that she's not big on uppers but that she liked coke when she'd done it before and when she tried hard (aka crack) and it scared her how good it felt and how much she loved it.

No. 302660

she's so fucking up herself lmao, luna you need to stop acting like you're an authority on addiction. it's also very telling that she needs to tell everyone that she's an addict without explicitly saying she's an addict, because then her fb friends will wise up that she's a junkie and not donate to her rent/dope fund. although if they haven't figured it out by now they're dumb asf

No. 302662

how fucking hypocritical of Luna she says bullshit like this all the time!! Hell, tuna has had.. what, 3 or 4 blogs literally DEDICATED to romanticizing additction and drug use! Urgh she is infuriatingly blind and lacks self awareness. Like Luna LITERALLY BASED her own style around 'heroin chic' icons like courtney and kurt!! god she can go fuck herself

No. 302666

two things. one - Luna needs to get the fuck over her childhood. you're 21 now. even if you don't act like one in the slightest, you are a full grown adult. time to start coming to terms with the fact your childhood was what it was & cannot be changed. your parents are people too - flawed humans just like you, who are trying to make it through life and make mistakes too. it's a weird thing to come to terms with but it must be done. you're not little baby luna anymore, no matter how bad you wish you were. not everyone is always out to get you.

two - Matthew will never marry her. if they stay together she will be one of those long term girlfriends who tells people he's her husband. maybe after like a decade of that, he might consider making it official with her. despite the fact that Lurch is disgusting, I truly believe that HE believes he can do better than Luna

No. 302685

No. 302693

>>whenever I look at luna's shit or at this thread I wonder how much they cop, how much they need to get high.

>>I wonder how often she wakes up in withdrawals and how long it takes her to hustle up money. well, for Lurch to hustle up money I mean. I'm sure if she isn't begging for donations on fb, she isn't doing shit to get them cash.

Same here anon. It would be fun to see a documentary on the day in Luna and Lurches lives. It just all seems so surreal and detached from most people's lives.

No. 302696

W-wait…So people don't buy these for the cheap fake roses inside? Seriously never saw these before, but would have assumed it was just some cheap nicknack that no-one buys.

Sage for slightly off-topic

No. 302711


I'd be interested to see the real life she has, not the glamourised one she posts online. I wonder how much she and Lurch fight over dope, I wonder if her relationship with Roger/her dad is really like.

I'd actually love to be a fly on the wall in her apartment but I'd probably catch hepatitis from just being there.

No. 302713

Maybe they make it for that purpose and its just disguised as useless crap?.. Who knows..

No. 302720

File: 1493729979167.png (905.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2648.PNG)

Girl don't you already complain that you have PCOS? So you're gonna go the ER for what? They're not gonna give someone with tracks all up n down her arms and hands any pain meds.. what is she on about? God she posts for pity all day long and literally begs people in the comments for their material objects (see the photo on the bottom). She's so gross.

No. 302721

Correct, only used for crack pipes, and at this point manufactured pretty much solely for that.

No. 302742

I'd love to see Luna on Intervention but to get on that you need to have someone in your life that gives a crap about you enough to want to see you sober.

No. 302758

If her parents are arguing they're probably talking about her because idk why else they would talk if they hate each other
And if they're arguing over her it's most definitely about her drug addiction/what to do about it cuz despite how much she romanticizes her parents hating her it's really likely that they don't hate her and actually love her and want her to not be on heroin, at least. Especially if their both ex addicts. Luna probably makes them really sad.

>lol my parents are awful

sage for conspiracy theories

No. 302783

File: 1493737481279.png (97.74 KB, 275x240, 1469206368085.png)

I'm not one of the anons who keep insisting she does crack, I just take it as a given now, but have you guys forgotten all her crack photos/stories/poems? They start in the first thread…

No. 302784

File: 1493737546440.png (8.22 KB, 275x54, 1469146799195.png)

No. 302785

File: 1493737633532.png (26.79 KB, 275x97, 1469146651211.png)

"Smoking hard" is slang for smoking crack cocaine.

No. 302790

Sorry for quadruple samefag, but these are called "glass roses". Here in the US they're sold behind the counter of convenient stores along with Chore Boy (steel wool used as a filter in the pipe). Though many stores as of late have been pulling these off of shelves, it has been a long running loophole and these are strictly used for smoking crack, disguised as some nicknack. It's been a long running joke between my spouse and I and if we ever see one when we're out and about, we buy one (they're less than a dollar) for the lulz. Neither of us use drugs, but we knew many people who have and its just a dumb tradition at this point. Sage for blog, but I figured this would give a little insight.

No. 302792

File: 1493738277825.jpg (10.19 KB, 184x141, antpost.jpg)

Why do you do this?

No. 302800

Im sure the only reason she hates uppers is because the comedown is a bitch.

No. 302801

Sorry, I just went back to the first thread and saved them. I'm on mobile, didn't realize the size. These were on her old blog though, where she chronicled her drug abuse down to posting photos of needles hanging out of her arm. I would encourage anyone new to go back and read the first few threads, Tuna is one of my favorite cows and its quite a wild ride.

No. 302803

File: 1493739787892.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.47 KB, 640x1136, 1466925516054.jpg)

Whoops, dropped my pic. Spoilered because ew

No. 302804

Is Luna that fucking stupid? She hasn't figured it out by now that you get stomach cramps when you're withdrawing..?
Is she planning on doing to the ER being like, 'look at my trackmarks im clearly withdrawing, gimme some nice painkillers'?

No. 302807

Seriously, opiates make you very constipated and withdrawal causes diarrhea. She just needs some Imodium/a day on the toilet and she should be all set. Way to broadcast your bowel issues, Tuna!

No. 302816

Ready for her to post 20 selfies of her sitting on the toilet all day

No. 302832

This is an old pic but..
Lol at how light that shot is. Does lurch only give her baby shots?

No. 302839

He definitely controls how much she gets and his shots have been bigger than hers yeah but also they don't do tar heroin they have white China in NY

No. 302859

Wonder if he makes her go on tolerance breaks. It would mean more dope for him but she would think "uwu he cares about me hes making me take a break".

No. 302866

I assume they argue about drugs constantly

No. 302893

File: 1493750213857.png (2.09 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-02-13-35-05…)

Just another gross pic of Tuna to add to the collection.

No. 302925

>are your eyes and asshole reversed?

Literally the first thought that came to mind when I read that post. Thank you

No. 303000

check out facebook page of that girl, she's crazy as fuck

sage for ot

No. 303021

File: 1493762568948.gif (2.19 MB, 320x362, tenor.gif)

to anyone who is a newfag to the luna threads, read the old ones, they are so worthy and milky

No. 303120

File: 1493771327304.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-25-41…)

insta story

No. 303121

File: 1493771352851.png (824.86 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-14-41…)

No. 303126

she's out here selling anything she can to get money for dope it seems like wow

No. 303127

Wouldn't this come in handy for traveling to her dad's? They're that desperate for cash I guess.

No. 303135

Considering that she didn't post 30 selfies at her dad's this weekend but did post incessantly about everyone arguing I wonder if she's selling it because her dad cut her off. In a petulant "fuck you dad. won't give me dope $? well I won't bother coming to see you!" kind of way.
sage for speculation. she might not have gone to her dad's bc it was apparently Chief's birthday/their anniversary. barf.

No. 303171

I wouldnt be surprised if she stole this and it isn't activated at all. Or yeah, her dad bought it for her and now she's that desperate for dope money. She'll tell her dad she lost it and then she'll get another.

No. 303174

Yeah, it's probably stolen. I hope no one is stupid enough to buy this from Luna.

No. 303183

Lol looks like her dad is sick of her shit and wont give her cash anymore. Def. what all the arguing was about over the weekend. Bitch probably complained to her mom about it and she's the one who started shit between her parents and then whined that they were arguing.

No. 303201

Lmao what is she gonna meet someone up in the Bronx like what?

I bet her dad saw how fucked her arms and hands are/realized how deep she is in addiction and is def trying to cut her off and she's probably horrified cuz he's suggested rehab, probably her mom too since she's suddenly involved and supposedly clean

No. 303202

She has a thread on here (wouldn't you know it kek) Bitch supposedly killed a cat and smoked its ashes. Not surprised her and Luna are friends considering Luna keeps that damned ugly "Peace Lily" around the house >>>/snow/273351

No. 303205

I don't understand why she is selling this, but not her ipad/iphone/macbook/camera(s) etc…My guess is Lurch stole it and gave it to Luna to sell for him. Or, Luna had an argument with her dad and made up the excuse that she is too poor to visit, and he gave her this card kek She'll pretend it was lost or stolen, shoot it up her veins in an afternoon and then cry to ~evil dad~

No. 303206

Is Matthew still going to "work" daily? He's getting his fix but wont let her have any unill she "earns" it/comes up with some cash for the both of them?

No. 303216

His "work" is running drugs in the bronx/around town, that's how she met him.

No. 303230

I know, but doesn't he gets drugs out of doing that? So he's getting his daily fix (maybe just enough to not get sick) and he's not sharing and making dopesick Tuna come up with money so he can get high. kek. Yeah tuna he loves you so much, you should be so thankful.
Still have no sympathy for this gross bitch tho.

No. 303233

Does Lurch actually take the methadone he's given daily? Or does he sell it? Because methadone stops heroin from working, Lurch might not be able to take the hits anymore. That might be why they're taking other drugs? And why Tuna's having to beg for smack money more often now? I swear the past month or so, she's been really desperate.

I know they usually make you take methadone at the clinic when you pick it up, to prove you're going to take it and not just sell it for smack. But there are ways around it, I wonder if Lurch is actually taking it.

No. 303248

Lurch is on methadone…?

No. 303258

Tuna mentioned that he goes to a methadone clinic every day by train, when she was talking about his seizures and e-begging money for a cab. I can't find it on here right now though, there were some nasty photos of Lurch's cut up head though?

No. 303261

File: 1493787898874.png (457 KB, 684x558, kf.png)

couldn't find the post but found an image of it on kf

No. 303264


she wrote on her drug blog they take methadone they get for free to make the withdrawals better when they know they dont have money or heroin and have some, but she seemed thankful he had some so they probably sell it usually, if he even goes to the methadone clinic daily. its probably just code for his drug running again.

No. 303290

they dont actually go to the clinic to get methadone though, see >>154007 lurch just had a friend who would give them his when they were in withdrawal. the way she describes it in that post is literally horrifying and clearly they weren't selling that.

that post was made to lilcherub1996 which was her main blog where she wasnt explicit about being an active addict so im 99% sure "taking the train to the methadone clinic every morning" was just another one of her lies to get people to pay for their drug habit and transportation to go drug running.

No. 303292

sorry for samefag but by "that post" i meant this >>303261

No. 303337

good fucking god anon, I missed that methadone screenshot the first time. I feel so fucking grossed out by that.

>tfw so dopesick you suck on a cotton ball that's been in a 72 year old Hep C patient's mouth.

No. 303344

lol why would you assume she's being honest. when e-begging's involved, it's prob a lie

No. 303394


im going to vomit everywhere thank you both

No. 303421

Why are his hands always so damn puffy looking. Gross.

No. 303427

File: 1493818951617.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, DsdVe5jhHWNC8.gif)

>tfw so dopesick you suck on a cotton ball that's been in a 72 year old Hep C patient's mouth.
memo to self not to eat when reading luna's thread

No. 303449

this is exactly what i think happened. she tells dad that she needs money for transportation, so he buys her a metrocard. she throws a fit abo