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File: 1523343836816.jpg (322.35 KB, 1242x1397, 1523342016583.jpg)

No. 551438

Hi Shayna, we just want you to get better, learn some decency, fix your puss and rash scoured pussy and to start sleeping on a real bed!
The Story So Far
Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular. (while still having minor followers >>>/snow/548764 )
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Definitely lurks the threads about her
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 ,
>>487913 , >>487926 , >>487927, >>487935 , >>476771 , >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1997 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy. She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment" but never a bed
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Has a n(ew) GF in a 9 hour difference time zone
⦁ "Dates" a 60 year old man she calls Sir
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally
Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight but still insists she's smol and skinny uwu
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress. Sleep on a pink(piss and shit on) rug on the floor
⦁ Previously filmed with hardtied and insex >>>/snow/547159 (I'm not quite sure what else to say about that subject)
allows minors to follow and comment on her instagram
⦁ claims she was a child model and a ballerina dancer (was this before the "abuse" of being grounded?)
> 100% lurks >>>/snow/540546
http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

Previous Threads
>>>/snow/538195 there really is a lot of golden milk in this thread

**4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.**

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

it is recommended to not be eating while viewing this thread

Don't infight and sperg for shit's sake that's the reason the last thread maxed out in 2 weeks

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

(if stuff is missing i apologize if you want key things added to the next thread it helps to put "NT" in post name -just a suggestion)

No. 551439

>>>/snow/538195 previous thread

No. 551447

File: 1523345501895.png (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 995x500, prey for pascal.png)

starting this thread off with some good will for our fallen chameleon brother pascal. why Shay subjected him to rank pussy exposure, no one knows. only god can answer his prayers now.

No. 551451

File: 1523346149431.png (Spoiler Image,893.61 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-04-10-02-40-55…)

I'm going to vomit.

No. 551462

There's… There's poop on that handle.

This is what happens when drugs and depression win. I almost believe she gets off to these threads, she's so shamed here and that's her big thing.

No. 551465

So much warping on that middle photo

No. 551491

Eh it’s just her bad act, the shame, all of this eats at her… just pushing it away, pretending to enjoy. how could she possibly deal with all of it. Too delusioned to feel or realize much? So much air/stupidity in her head (alongside depression) that it’s hard to even care?

In extra awe tonight with this sauce pan Tangled fiasco. Just put yourself in Shay’s shoes for a second. On the musty piss and shit carpet (bed) in that ill fitting PartyCity Halloween costume, Where do you go from here? Like, in your life? It’s over

No. 551494

Re reading and yeah she probably enjoys our threads here immesenly. Addicted to the attention. Giving her some emotions, a hobby. Loser

No. 551522

File: 1523360459309.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-044003.png)

Another blog dedicated to bashing shay on tumblr
Url is Atleastimnotshayna

No. 551525

She's posing with a fucking pan, what the fuck is going on?

No. 551538

That's not the only thing she's going to do with that pan

No. 551540

I mean, are you even allowed to sell porn or sell anything with trademark (disney) items in it.

No. 551541

cosplay doesn’t fall under copyright infringement

No. 551546

Cosplay and selling porn with trademarked characters are two different things. It would be one thing if she made her own outfit but she's literally wearing a Disney costume and has that chameleon character in the scene with her

No. 551551

it’s still considered cosplay. weather she’s making porn, posing for pics, whatever and making money off it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t fall under copyright infringement.

No. 551552

because if that was the case, there would be many a professional cosplayer out of an income.

No. 551553

I am dead omg wtf is this??? Girl noo not the frying pan handle though…

No. 551555

I’m still waiting on that “amazing” content from the MV Loft. Guess that’s never happening.

No. 551557

No. 551571

JFC she was born in 97, she is not 21 yet, she has even stated this in the past few days. she bought ribmeat for her 20TH BIRTHDAY LAST JUNE.

No. 551572

WOW you are stupid.

this is talking about using the animated copyright image and tweeking it a bit or making porn out of it. this is NOT referring to cosplay.


No. 551580


Generating profit from using protected characters is precisely what violates trademark and copyright.



Is she marketing her video using any of Disney's protected names or phrases?

No. 551582

dude shut the fuck up and go get a DMCA takedown then. stop ruining the thread you fuck.

No. 551586

Tangled hasn't even been relevant in years wtf

No. 551589

she is not a business and doesn’t make costumes. she’s not taking an exceptional amount money from Disney by making it.

go whine somewhere else.

No. 551590

File: 1523368449189.png (223.48 KB, 800x1064, Screenshot_2018-04-10-06-49-13…)

No. 551597

File: 1523368794712.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.56 KB, 314x565, pascal.JPG)

No. 551598

File: 1523368832335.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.26 KB, 409x106, haha.JPG)

using her ~feels~ to play the victim game

No. 551601

its amazing how much better she looks when she wears clothing that actually fits and flatters her figure.

No. 551613

Wow I hope she didn’t actually pay 70$ for that shitty costume… Will she break even to cover the cost of her shitty props in her videos lol?

No. 551615

I have a feeling that these threads are going to move a lot faster now that’s she’s supposedly doing all these shoots and scenes and fucking herself with shit covered frying pans, I mean, she’s putting out a ton of content. Wonder how Shayna will feel in ten years when she looks back at this happy time. My guess is she’ll wonder why she didn’t go to trade school and learn plumbing or something, but what can you do.

I totally think Shayna reads here and gets off on the humiliation aspect of it. Is it true she stole the Rapunzel idea from us?

No. 551616

lol calm down you sound like you’re frothing at the mouth

No. 551621

Whoever wrote the post, two things: her pussy is covered in boils and pus, not puss, and ‘golden milk’ is really funny because I’ve seen that used as a euphemism for, um, well, you know. Piss.

Are we positive Shayna doesn’t post with us? She’d have to drop the bimbospeak, but sometimes…

No. 551625

She actually did go to trade school. For graphic design I believe.

No. 551628

Just in case, because I have a feeling that at some point she’s going to try and change her name so she’s not associated with this as closely; I feel like we should start archiving pages when we move on. Here’s a link to the last, amazing thread: http://archive.is/j60h2

As for the Dolly Mattel IMDb, can anyone edit that? Asking for a friend.

No. 551631

Oh, dear. Thanks. Well, I sort of wish she’d gone for something that could make her money after she ruins all her available orifices, but hey! Something is better than nothing, and she can always use all that money (?) to go back and learn how to repair tv’s.

No. 551639

Can you imagine being Shayna’s dad and seeing all this creepy ‘I fucked ur dad’ business and now the shoot for Hardtied? Even if she’s not actually being abused there’s no way a parent could look at that and feel anything other than absolute horror. What an awful child she is.

Hopefully she has other siblings who won’t grow up to be such utter disappointments. Really sad. No one wants their daughter to be infamous for ramming the handle of a cheap, pink frying pan into their dry asshole and hawking their wares on tumblr.

Shayna, please invest in some Fleet enemas. They’re very cheap. I’m not interested in seeing your shit covered toys, or your shit-stained asscheeks. Shitty Shay.

No. 551641


Or maybe that’s one of the three upcoming shoots that was talked about at the very end of the last thread? I feel like she’s too disposable, even for MV. Her aesthetic is getting creepy and snuffy. All this talk of rape vans and medical humiliation, etc. She’s just so nasty.

Does anyone know if she’s a hybristophile?

No. 551673

really? when? she graduated high school almost three years ago and always goes on about how school is dum

No. 551681

Just grow out you fucking pubic hair at this point, it can only be an improvement.

No. 551685

Do you even speak English or are you just retarded?

No. 551694

I know you can get into a lot of trouble if you're a Disney party princess without their proper permission, since your making money with their character.
You'd think making porn for money would be the same thing

No. 551698

>>551694 Shay is hardly making money who cares

No. 551705

File: 1523379151943.png (150.61 KB, 720x616, Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-51-18…)

Yeah, okay.. Lol

No. 551712

There is a fine line with how it can be marketed. Frozen = not ok. Anna and Elsa = Ok cause they are just names of people who happen to look a very similar to characters in a Disney film. Shay using Rapunzel is ok however using Tangled would probably not be though.

No. 551715

there are some people who are in the process of learning english. don't shame them for practicing, how many languages do you speak?

No. 551724

God those bags under her eyes…does she ever sleep?

No. 551739

Holy shit that thing glows red like Rudolph the Reindeer's nose on a Christmas morning. Why why whyyyyyy won't she let her pusssy be for at least a week and get it checked.

No. 551743

That pair of underwear looks actually pretty cute on her. Just cut her head out of the pic and she looks fine.

No. 551758

I can only imagine all the gross things those panties have witnessed in the past 3 years since buying them kek

No. 551767

Shayna makes a lot of decisions that she will probably regret when she gets older. So do most people, but she puts herself out there for the world to see. I think she needs mental health help, and she has serious self esteem issues that she ignores and pushes down deeper and deeper like the frying pan handle in her ass. But yeah, when she's 30 and no longer a cam girl, I wonder how future employers will feel about her weird "porn" videos, particularly this one. Rapunzel is a children's book character. This makes me uncomfortable, I hope the best for Shayna. I wish shed go see a therapist.

No. 551769

File: 1523384070230.png (973.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-111417.png)

Surprised she still has her cat

No. 551770

Shoving a frying pan up her ass dressed as an 18 year old movie character is pretty tame compared to peeing herself on a training potty or the child rape fantasy video she's made.

No. 551792

I speak English. It was about 2 AM when I typed that. Still can’t see or understand what your fucking problem is.

The infighting is so ridiculous and uncalled for lately, I’m out of here

No. 551836

in the video that cat looks sooooo done with her dumbass

No. 551837

seriously, there’s been like 2-3 anons just constantly instigating absolute bullshit. I wish they could just get banned, they’re constantly derailing.

No. 551838

tbh the worst imo was the Donald trump vid where she literally encourages his sexual assault comments. but she is taking a loved children’s character and just assassinating it. Who the fuck thinks sticking a frying pan up your ass is sexy?

No. 551880

it really is nice underwear.

I think she's comfy with her routine of dry fucking her ass and using a hitachi with a different outfit in every solo vid, and im getting the vibe she just needed an excuse to buy this nice, romantic, slightly off-brand bra and panty set. I wonder if she writes this stuff off as a business expense. I also wonder about her tax shit because she insists on circle pay payments without anything written in the notes. Probably trying to evade self employment tax responsibilities. kekki

camming is all about having a unique gimmick, and teasing, holding off the goodies, as long as possible. I used to resent people giving advice, but this is getting too dismal and bleak. Shay, if you read this, try investing less on themed props and costumes and try honing in on your dirty talk skills and interactive techniques. Or leave the field.

No. 551886

I actually think that’s the bra and panty set she got from angelic fever when they were using tumblr girls to get their brand out there. So she got it for free, and another one that has a Barbie patch on it with pink fur.

No. 551945

Between that and the ‘you sound like Shayna’ it’s getting ridiculous in here. There’s also a lot of low grade bitching about what the proper way to think about her is, and that’s annoying too.

No. 551951

Apparently some people do because they’re talking about it. Whether or not you like it, how about you stop trying to steer the thread in the direction you want.

No. 551962

Nitpicking her appearance is against the thread site rules lol
Just enjoy the milk people need to stop infighting

No. 551982


>getting the vibe


No. 552010

Right? She's literally giving us gold, some of you are so obsessed with hating her this way for this thing
That's why she's not giving a shit for this thread anymore, youre just bitching like high schoolers. Hit her where it hurts, she's a "public figure" who's showing herself fucking her own ass with cookware!?! Daniel Tosh would eat that alive lmao she's a walking/breathing travesty.. Sit back and enjoy the self depletion and misery as she realizes her decisions are for life

No. 552034

I’m not posting a pic because she’s underaged in them but remember how she said she “shaved her head to look ugly after she got raped” ? the REAL story is that a lot of girls were shaving half their heads at the time. It was just a trend within the emo teen community. But get this: she didn’t even shave half like the other girls. She was too scared. She shaved a tiny patch and that’s it. A while later she shaved more but still never even half and she ended up getting designs shaved into it and shit so it was clearly NEVER an attempt to look ugly after an alleged rape. She was simply following a trend at the time.

No. 552106

File: 1523404780149.png (447.28 KB, 1454x784, shayprincesspoints.png)

Her living situation reminded me of this meme, what am I missing, anons?

No. 552112

the cotton batting clouds, or whatever they are, covering the baseboards, and fairy lights that I'm amazed haven't set said cotton afire yet.

pretty spot on, otherwise.

No. 552119

This is. The best thing. I have seen in a while. The detail is incredible. I urge everyone to spend a few minutes looking. Amazing. Thank you anon.

No. 552120

File: 1523406223611.jpeg (368.17 KB, 1242x985, CF530DCD-DDDF-4B5F-AE10-832029…)

Shockingly no one bought the pan handle fucking yet.

No. 552140

the pink pressure cooker! crusty and unwashed, on the floor plugged into a wall socket, maybe by the door on the right?

No. 552146


She probably think that this is such a cute and quirky video that will trend but ugh… The quality is literally shit. She really needs to re-market herself

No. 552155

Is $12 reasonable or is it a little on the inexpensive side, as far as porn clips go? If I were a camgirl resorting to shoving a frying pan up my ass, you better believe I would paywall that shit as much as possible.

No. 552159

In terms of the incredibly over saturated manyvids market, that price is accurate. She can try to charge more, but then it REALLY won’t sell. Sure she’s fucking herself with a pan handle, but it’s still the same old thing. If she wants to sell for more money she needs to really step up her game.

No. 552169

File: 1523409497311.gif (2.92 MB, 400x400, 3CB3DE25-3C9F-4F47-975D-A39F08…)


No. 552170

New definition to the word panhandling

No. 552173

Ribmeat poking her head out of the doorway having enough of her (literal) shit

No. 552179

why would she choose such a convoluted premise over the very obvious "repunzel gets seduced by rescuer" or "repunzel seduces tower visitor to try and get rescued" idfk

No. 552193

No. 552205

The photo of "sir" slayed me.

Has anybody noticed her notes going down? Could swear she had a lot more notes/reblogs a couple months ago.

No. 552234

That’s…not quite how it works. This is exactly the counterargument some of moo’s whiteknights were trying to make during the MyOppa scandal.

I’m sure Disney wouldn’t go after Shayna because they have waaaaay bigger fish to fry and who gives a shit about some no-name like her, but they could make a legal case against her if they wanted to. Shayna is trying to make a profit off of Disney’s legally owned design of Rapunzel, and on top of it, she’s doing it in a way that tarnishes Disney’s rep. If Shay were in some generic uncopyrighted Rapunzel outfit, on the other hand, that’d be legally fine.

No. 552244

This is so amazing seriously. The bugs, the pressed face stain on the glass, the one shit covered egg.
The detail is immaculate. I want more things like this in the thread.

No. 552262

Does anyone have access to her snap for screens? Apparently she shot with another girl today who gave her industry tips.

No. 552280

agreed i’ve seen these made for other cows but this is the best one yet.

No. 552304

She tells people not to put comments in the payments so she doesn’t get banned for selling adult content. Literally every cam girl does that. And no cam girl reports their taxes lmao even tho when you sign up for manyvids,mfc,etc they immediately tell you about reporting your taxes and how to get the w2. Shayna wouldn’t even know how to file taxes anyway lol

No. 552370

Are those… chunks of her hair that fell out?

Just needs the cotton "cloud" garbage! I really appreciate the dirty carpet… thank you anon

No. 552464

Lemon stealing whores has a better plot than this.

No. 552465

I’m surprised that hardtied even had shayna back for another shoot considering she was so disastrous in the last one with her fake crying and whining and all around terrible acting

No. 552499

Y’all are forgetting this shit is low-grade, bottom tier. Of course they’ll use her again

No. 552506

File: 1523454556933.jpeg (278.73 KB, 719x1280, BE3A8B9E-C289-4161-876D-8DA87B…)

No. 552507

File: 1523454576828.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, B25BCD71-B07F-4E4F-9E16-C768F6…)

No. 552509

Not to whiteknight, but if our whole thing is ~we want you to get better, shayna~ (which a lot of us genuinely do want to see happen) wouldn't it be counter-productive to archive every little thing she does and put it at the top of search results for her name?
I don't like this girl but it seems pretty hardcore since the only person she's hurting is herself.

No. 552516


Saying she only hurts herself is a stretch. Her porn literally caters to pedophilia which does hurt actual children and she has done/said other things that are harmful to many different groups of people with no remorse and she’s more than happy to admit if, too.

No. 552527

I think her DDLG stuff is disgusting but she's an adult and not producing any content with children in it, blaming her for any harm that the people who watch her content might cause a child is a stretch.

No. 552535


Unless she was a sfw blog with lots of minors as followers which then changed to a nsfw blog with minors still as followers.

No. 552539

Yeah I agree, besides who can actually watch her smut and be slightly convinced she's underage? Her beat up pussy is a tell tell that she's an adult, and I think pedophiles are probably going to want to watch literal child porn and not age play. "Catering to pedophiles" I hate that term because only one thing caters to pedos, and it's not age play, edgy tumblrinas.(infighting)

No. 552551

Her underage followers are still not in her videos? If you're implying seeing the content of her blog on their dash is genuinely harmful to anyone underage, even that's debatable. Unless they adapt her typing style, then I 100% agree lmao(infighting)

No. 552571

This thread is a dumpster fire ever since the hardtied shoot release. Lotta people up in this shit shilling for Shayna and her manky pussy. Y’all need lol calm down and jesus too.

Feels like Dynastia is in here but who knows, lol

No. 552572

I’m soooo tired of reporting posts

No. 552575

Do your parents know you’re a pro porn whore, we get it, you love it, we heard you the first twenty times

Anyone in this thread talking about lol it’s not that bad lol she’s just doing lame regular shit lol lol lmfao is shilling and shitposting on behalf of this trashy whore, we see you.

No. 552576

Shayna please stop, those imaginary life facts are getting out of hand

No. 552580

He did get banned from KF for a month, it’s possible, he does like to troll here. He admitted to being in the GC thread to shit things up, it’s similar.

No. 552588

File: 1523462318793.jpg (43.84 KB, 192x634, capturesmall.JPG)

person asks for advice
gives long winded advice riddled answer about how she doesn't give advice

really idk how she gets dumber every day

No. 552591

she should find a different line of work because she doesnt want to pay sex workers for advice? ummm, what?

No. 552592

and lol shay, you literally became a sex worker after posting nudes for free on tumblr and then going with the sex work trend. you didn't this out or make a calculated career move. idk why she speaks like she DIDN'T use tumblr as a jumping off point.

No. 552608

I’m confused, shouldn’t she have crossed her eyes like a retard? Missed her opportunity.

No. 552610

these are so old

No. 552619

So which other thread are they posted in? What’s your point? I don’t obsessively track this ho’s movements as you appear to, so it’s new to some of us.

No. 552622

>You disagree with me so you're a porn whore and a shill
Whatever makes you comfortable, anon.

Is she implying that she isn't in a dead end career wise and basically unemployable?

No. 552629

Some scary cunts in this thread, this is the most disgusting thread on lolcow

No. 552645

whom? those porn/whore/ddlg apologists?

No. 552650

Lurk more newfag. Let’s all stop derailing all over the place also. Exist in peace and enjoy the overflowing milk of late.

No. 552651

News to me that "no camgirl reports taxes".

Manyvids and MFC don't give W2 forms, they don't withhold social security or state taxes, but they report all model income to the IRS.

Camgirls have to file 1099 taxes, not W2s. It's technically self-employment, so you have to put aside money to pay taxes when you file. MFC mails 1099 forms automatically after you make over 600$ in a year, and they report your checks to the IRS. idk where you're getting ur info. I doubt shay-gnar is making enough for them to go after her tho.

No. 552653

uhhh wow fucking relax

No. 552657

well a lot of cam girls don’t because they don’t make enough money to need to file taxes on it.

No. 552668

you said that already
so where is it

No. 552690

BUDDY. The definition of lurk moar is I’m not gonna go fucking searching for you. If Shayna posted something in the last like year, you can bet it has been posted here in one of the numerous threads. We’ve all read through every one. Go look and you’ll find it. If you’re too lazy to that’s not our problem. Stop being a little twat. Contribute new shit or stay quiet while others do.

No. 552693

Jesus Christ. Here. >>>/snow/404700. The second or third thread. Learn to fucking look

No. 552755

i love you

No. 552874

File: 1523480704616.png (551.71 KB, 1451x784, shayprincesspoints.png)

Updated version! Glad everyone enjoyed, ngl it was too much fun making this and I got a little carried away. Also yes, those are clumps of her hair, anon.

No. 552889

ha! Brilliant. I wouldn't have the patience to do something like this.


No. 552977

File: 1523487619039.jpeg (597.35 KB, 1242x1221, D1CE696D-BDD4-42F1-AF8E-970E39…)

She linked to this as “her website” on tumblr…

No. 552988

It's beautiful! So observant and haunting. These threads have always speculated on what her apartment looks like zoomed out of her camming corner and you've finally made our speculations come to life. I also like that shayna isn't in the pic like the original femanon room memes. It makes it more bleak and eerie and makes me think of a plumber or someone entering her apartment when she's away because the landlord sent him to fix something, and this is what he's confronted with. It's been said by some that true art immediately provokes an emotional response, and you've certainly achieved that here.

No. 552997

lol it’s not even her website it’s just a model page on hardtied

No. 553040


Can the 2 bit game be far away?

No. 553101

this may be ot but it bothers me so much that she's literally rehashing the "barbie doll/now with real parts!" thing now that trixie mattel is relatively 'mainstream'. she was always into the pink stuff but it was never this much until recently.

No. 553174

File: 1523501811580.png (189.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180411-195643.png)

Y'all she showered (allegedly)

No. 553176

I hope she showered before it too.

No. 553178

she stopped going by bambi when she started faking all her dry ass orgasms

No. 553190

File: 1523503737123.jpeg (921.52 KB, 1242x1621, 1D740641-31C1-48B2-964A-5EE90C…)

This is. The dumbest shit ever. And the kind of guy she tries to hit on. He pulls a ski mask, some faux leather gloves, and a passport out of his bag. What even.

No. 553280

There is truly nothing doll like about this big, hard faced ho…

No. 553282

Thank you for this masterpiece

No. 553290

seriously, take her face out of the picture and pose her nicely and she looks good. not sure why she can’t fogure it out for herself.

No. 553304

No. 553307

Hair honestly still looks terrible. Lol

No. 553318

KEK this thread is on fire

No. 553357

>>553313 holy shit anon

No. 553379

She shooped her body look at the wiggly lines in the background. Of course you like it when you make it what you want….

No. 553385

lmao this is brilliant

No. 553474

is this the imageboard version of it’s not my job to educate you? i’ve been posting here from the drop, but who the fuck is so far up shayna’s ass that they would even remember those two posts? sorry but i come to the threads for fun, not to raaaaaage like a tard. good to know a simple question makes your fucking heart rate spike, get over yourself BUDDY.(infighting)

No. 553507

Y’all are always so quick to claim photoshop, always reaching. Don’t like her but that’s what your body does upside down like that (done this type of suspension once or twice) the lines aren’t wiggly the fucking backdrop is shit

No. 553513

Dbzhss LMFAOOO BYEE(???)

No. 553522


so… again in English?

No. 553669

Incredible, anon.

No. 553690

That picture of her hanging upside down just reminds me of when slaughtered animals are hung like that at the butchers lol not sexy at all

No. 553697

File: 1523565926629.jpg (45.87 KB, 270x450, keepdreaming.JPG)

lol wow this girl is delusional. some days she calls herself "fun, personable, loves to talk!" other days its "im a sad little girl i don't wanna go outside send me money" and lol @ "cute baby face" okay shay

No. 553699

the second part is just her personally stroking sadbaffoon's ego, saying she was "so inspirational" to shayna. shay you got into this because you kept getting anons from people asking you to be nude, and you did it and then were like OH WAIT IM A SEX WORKER NOW

No. 553701

File: 1523566381323.jpg (28.56 KB, 323x427, Smells-Like-Bullshit_o_99704.j…)

>baby face

No. 553705

I'm really sad nobody has made a pansexual joke yet. Lc

No. 553744

>im not a 5'11, 110 lbs bla bla bla
something tells me that she's just saying ''''hmm :cc as a kid i wanted to be a tall woman'''' just so people can feed into her delution (or maybe so she can send herself anons) and say, ''''no shay ur a qt lil 4'8 baby with a 17 inch waist''''

>hot short bod with a cute baby face

bruh. stop it shay. just because you say it, does not make it true.

also these models she said she wanted to be like as a kid, are probably always gonna be elegant and beautiful. while you aren't and never will be cute and small. you'll always just be a haggard, dirty hoe.

No. 553768

it took a second, but you evoked a stupid giggle. kudos.

No. 553774

>baby face
>hot short bod

Lol maybe because I said she was big and hard faced >>553280

Shay you're sooo average and pathetic. Find a hobby, find some friends.


You're awesome

No. 553783

File: 1523571553085.png (116.77 KB, 720x396, Screenshot_2018-04-12-18-18-33…)

Gag lmao

No. 553786

She really is gross. Imagine having a daughter as a parent and she turns out like this. Who is she even trying to cater to , porn wise?

No. 553795

if the plastic bag is over her head, then I have a new appreciation for them as well.

No. 553797

doll fetish/bimbofication/ageplay/“extreme” bondage.

No. 553800

the rest, definitely, but the bondage seemed relatively tame to me.

and not just for insex. wonder if she has the slightest as to predicament bondage? or will she stay with the basics, and convince herself she's the Most Extreme Ever?

No. 553837

well that’s why extreme was in quotations.
Tbh though her hard tied shoot definitely falls into the genre of extreme bondage.

No. 553839

most of the things she did in the hard tied shoot were not something a beginner would do, be real.

No. 553865

right. you're right. been a long ass day already, and stupidly conflated ecperience with fact.

sooo…. yeah. >>553797 is, in fact, pretty well correct.

No. 554007

LOL!!! That's hilarious Anon! haha! She's so gross she's still going to use it for food. Think about all that shit in the crevices and ridges of the handle. Vomit!


She has incredibly large feet. Her hair is also soo fucked up here, it's difficult to ignore the 7 inch chunk differences. I wonder if her face will look better in this shoot. I'm sure she's learned how hideous she looks wearing a gag with her 5 chins.

No. 554038

File: 1523585116207.jpg (37.14 KB, 252x313, 3820019375.jpg)

That was fast.

Someone on tumblr… I already feel bad for that person. Everyone already knowing how gross she is, proof of her diseased pussy and delusions of grandeur plastered by herself everywhere. Most likely someone looking for clout anywhere possible & willing to ignore this fact. It's unlikely someone wouldn't already be aware of it, even if she sits that far away from her camera and tries to hide it with light / contrast settings. Even on 480p, those boils are obvious, and depending if they've been able to read one of her idiotic and pathetic posts that are drowned out by her constant reblogs, it's not going to take long for someone to realize how pathetic, delusional, and unhinged she is. She has better chances away from tumblr, yet she's probably counting on the notoriety from thinking she's "tumblr famous", even if it's for being sad, gross and having a nasty vag.

No. 554040

And every two weeks she says she's not going to use tumblr anymore but focus on Twitter…. Yeah right

No. 554041

isnt her current "girlfriend" a chick from tumblr?

No. 554061

Yep. I wonder if that post was about her. They’re currently long distance cuz she went back to Europe or whatever?

No. 554064


Yes anon. Aside from Colleen, the only people she has in her life are people from the internet. She'll talk to you if you buy her stuff, if you stroke her ego, and if she doesn't see you as competition. Her last "girlfriend" is also from tumblr, Shayna described her last girlfriend as "tall and hot brunette", but ended up being fugly brunette the same size as her. http://archive.is/gpH4p (photo) Shayna also said she was cheated on when she walked in on her and her bf fucking without her. She has obviously learned and now is with a gf that is brunette and very heavy and who is currently on vacation out of the country. Shayna has mentioned several times she likes being the only blonde, the smallest, shortest, etc in a group or else she insecure. It's fucking sad how insecure she is. her gf now
>>517149 (photo)

No. 554068

Yeah I’m pretty sure she “broke up” with her “girlfriend”. I don’t think shayna is very good at relationships in general

No. 554484

File: 1523631802501.jpg (24.37 KB, 268x304, victim1.JPG)

going real hard playing victim today.

No. 554485

File: 1523631836221.jpg (13.17 KB, 274x169, victim2.JPG)

such ~*emotional trauma*~

No. 554488

File: 1523632246668.jpg (54.02 KB, 272x596, lmao.JPG)

lol, "its so annoying when people ask how much i make"

broadcasts to everyone that she claims to make 55k a year


shes such a hot fucking mess

No. 554509

File: 1523636024267.png (508.43 KB, 720x1061, Screenshot_2018-04-13-12-06-22…)

tells people to purchase her snap hat if they want advice on getting into the industry

bitches about girls who think they're special enough to deserve getting into this business like it's hard or something

No. 554512

LOL @ the tag thoughhhh

Shayna you’re the worst at taking criticism, even if it’s constructive criticism. So who the fuck are you to talk?

No. 554514

lmao, must be a crazy new feeling, being wet. kek

No. 554523

I just saw the preview for this vid and just…wow. She fucks herself dry, gives dry weird handjobs. does this bitch just hate any kind of lube or what


No. 554524

File: 1523637685037.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 9617E75C-F667-45C6-A19C-68FC60…)

If she’s making so much money why in the world won’t she invest in Botox for those terrifyingly deep forehead lines?

No. 554528

god damn she’s fugly

No. 554529

damn bitch fix your brows, drink some water and put some fucking chapstick on your crusty ass lips, learn to cover your dark circles. then maybe you won’t look so old and repulsive.

No. 554530

her insex shoot got leaked on like 4+ sites the DAY it came out. but yah I’m sure it’ll really help boost sales and get her more money.

she’s so stupid I just can’t.

No. 554537

shayna, apparently. She’s been trying to do the bimbo thing for over a year and still can’t do her makeup enough to cover up her damn dark circles. BASIC ASS makeup involves covering your dark circles. shit shayna just watch a fucking YouTube tutorial maybe.

No. 554546

Yeah, because your cam "career" definitely won't be over by the time you hit 26 Shay.

No. 554550

with her face looking older by the day, she won’t make it after 23 if she continues

No. 554551

there are times where she posts about how she thinks she’s a “sex worker positivity” role model to aspiring sex workers. it’s so fucking pathetic and transparent.

No. 554552

>trying to gatekeep sexwork

No. 554617

tbh, i wouldn,t fuck my ass without lube for that much. a lot of entry level jobs pay that much if you're fulltime and have a certificate/degree

No. 554630

Also a big thing she doesn't even think of in her stupid lies:

The 'longevity' of her career.

She already now looks like she does and she's in her 'prime'. Her not taking care of her main assets (hohoho) is beyond ridiculous. It would be like being a jockey and entering a race with a dead horse.

Even if she made 55k last year (which is utter lies), she won't do that in 10 years. But if she'd work a normal 'gutter' job with little education required, like say being a shop girl in a vape shop, she's not only learn something practical but also earn more money with the years as she's rise in the ranks.

Nothing she offers is unique, interesting or pay worthy in the long run. If she's at least offer highly tailored videos she might have a slim chance but there is no way with her current work ethic and 'conditions' she will achieve that.

It would be alarming in how much a shit pit she is if she's have any kind of common sense or even a shred of being likeable. But she is vindictive, petty minded and lives in utter denial.

Better people deserve our sympathy.

No. 554728

>a lot of entry level jobs pay 55k a year if you have a degree
I think "a lot" is an major overstatement lmao

But otherwise I agree, in a few years all she'll have is a damaged sphincter and no marketable skills.

No. 554868

it depends on the region, but still, 55k is like, middle class. shes literally wrecking her colon for zero fame and credibility. sure some porn stars do have success later on in life (nina hartley) but lets be honest shes not going to be one of them.

shes going to end up with a shit bag taped to her side for a few cringy ass videos and no decent employment. evne if she just worked a bland retail job, she'd atleast have a resume she could show to future employers. who the fuck is going to hire someone whose resume is "fucks self on camera with no lube"

No. 554881

i have a feeling shes going to have a short burst of success, it'll seriously go to her head, and she'll crash and burn almost instantly afterward. she thinks shes already famous and flawless. shes going to be one of those girls that experiences a bit of notoriety and then just goes straight downhill.

No. 554888

File: 1523662856160.jpg (36 KB, 313x566, infernal.JPG)

from her shoot with infernal restraints. more dingy rooms and rusty metal. so hot.

No. 554955

honestly this has potential to be a cool set. just not with shay in frame.

No. 555240

Kek how about simultaneously making thousands and paying thousands for a degree and education… to obtain a career making plenty of thousands and bettering the entire world… Shay wyd? Looking fugly, stupid and dry fucking your ass on your dusty floor? Oh, your bed*?

Stop projecting!!! YOU are the miserable one!

No. 555247

That pretty much already happened lmao

No. 555249

if people like scat porn maybe they like low quality porn with uggo tweak bitches like shay

No. 555250

the "less" she makes it the better lol

No. 555255

She's made less than 300 views on her last 3 videos… Whereas her other videos are hitting 800/900 views lol seems business is slowing already

No. 555285

With a vagina like that I’m not surprised. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have any creativity at all. She rides on poorly constructed stolen ideas.

No. 555452

File: 1523718683845.jpg (11.89 KB, 243x120, wut.JPG)

proof that she shaves in between waxes.

she just doesn't give a shit about how her privates look.

No. 555465

File: 1523719803741.jpg (14.08 KB, 451x99, trolling.JPG)

trying to make it look like she doesn't lurk here and is "too famous" to care.

No. 555466

>does anyone else with puffy pussy lips find shaving impossible

No. 555469

lol if she actually had a pussy like that she’d know plump/puffy pussy lips actually make it easier to shave tbh

her pussy is like a dumpster

No. 555474

Every time I begin to feel a little sympathy (only because she doesn't know how stupid she is) I'm newly amazed at how rude she can be for no reason. A lot of her asks are fake, the flattering ones, but why is she so nasty to others sometimes? Yes, her supporting women shtick is complete bullshit. It's how she convinces herself she's a popular mean girl who can afford to shit on others and be seen as cool for it. I just don't get that post where she completely castigates some young chick for daring to ask questions. Maybe that's how she releases her frustration at being mocked and laughed at and insulted. Just shit on someone you see as below you for some weird reason? Like if she was genuinely nice, she wouldn't be nearly the cow she is. Just very misguided. But it's the delusion too. Idk it just sucks that her personality is so iredeemable. I would like to see her do better and stuff like that shows she would rather feel superior in the moment than work on her personality. People can be loved who are much bigger or even less pretty than her because they have a good attitude.

Also how fucking dare she talk about trauma, that boils my beans quite a lot. She threw her family away for nothing. She must really just have a damn low IQ.

Anon who did the princess points picture of Shay's apartment, it's amazing, great job! There was a whole thread of those I saw here, it's a great art form.

No. 555593

File: 1523732893347.png (717.35 KB, 998x1663, IMG_20180414_120758.png)

rolls eyes so hard they get stuck in the back of my head

No. 555614

I'm so fucking humble

I'm so humble that I make people pay to be my friend on SOCIAL media platforms

I'm so humble that I stay constant in drama

I'm so humble to laugh at other people's porn

I'm so humble by telling people how to live their lives and obtain money

I'm so humble by getting onto my job platforms and demanding people pay even though I get naked in 30 seconds

I'm so humble talking about how humble I am!

No shayna, you're a gullible loser who believes they're too privileged to be a working citizen so instead of learning about taxes, learning social education, experiencing life…. You sit like a fucking cockroach on your own floor and demolish and chance of a real and happy life. Your face looks like it's been ripped from Lazy town and your poor body looks like Hank Hill. You look like a rat, you probably smell like one too, your nails are a breeding ground for so many infections, your boils are nasty and your porn only sells to be a goddamn comedy for people. You're the epitome of the butt of the joke especially with your lack thereof. I'd be ashamed to be your friend in fear of your; racist tellings, lack of hygiene, battle between whether it's hot or not to shove a frying pan in your asshole or dirty panties in your cooch. People laugh at you because you're a lame ass amateur who isn't cut for this business. Cool you can get your nails done, hair did and buy some cheap shit on Amazon…… Any working/income receiving person can. You're doing nothing significant with any of this. Pam Anderson was significant, Paris Hilton was significant, Brittany spears was significant.. You're in your early 20s and already so washed up and haven't made one thing that's gotten you any closer to that fame spout.

No. 555634

wow guess you couldn’t tell that was a very obvious joke

No. 555657


Shayna likes to pass things off as a joke when she actually really thinks it.

No. 555663

I agree with this anon. It was a obviously a joke.

No. 555678

the sarcasm was extremely obvious.

No. 555684

File: 1523739740964.jpg (48.92 KB, 806x806, 1516462676967.jpg)

No. 555693

Alright anons but that was clearly a joke. No need to reach when she posts shit like >>555536 and >>554539 every day.

No. 555739

oh geez just imagine her with lip filler. still not taking care of herself, not drinking water, no chapstick. super chapped but extra noticeable. no one needs to see that.

No. 555825

Imagine considering getting lip fillers and a boob job when you don’t even own a bed

No. 555840

god does she just fully associate having a conventionally sexy female body and enjoying sexuality with being stupid, or am i just being sensitive/reading too much into it?

No. 555858

Bimbos (what Shay wants to be/claims she already is) are conventionally sexy women with exaggerated features (big lips, white blonde hair, huge tits) that are stupid or ditzy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she was taking it seriously

No. 555864

She should fix her hank hill ass first

No. 555865

File: 1523758775370.jpeg (28.46 KB, 620x382, 058A65DE-F421-4014-869D-BEFE2C…)

In the realm of extreme BDSM that Shay seeks to belong in… those are the tiniest bruises ever.

No. 555866

File: 1523758797244.jpg (10.64 KB, 273x185, whattheshit.jpg)

do my eyes deceive me, they look like shit spots

No. 555867

File: 1523758910189.jpeg (173.53 KB, 1242x632, 8704CE24-6CC6-4135-B483-BE0F21…)

Fucking wat.

No. 555872

Shit spots?! They look like the beginning stages of leprosy

No. 555890

>I’m 2 lil 2 get impants!!!!
Meanwhile anachan Stormy is walking around with…wait for it…implants.

No. 555963

I'll admit maybe it's the angle or lighting but her tits look smaller
Or she's just gained weight more and it hasn't gone to assets of her body lol

No. 555998

So we can start calling Shay a porn whore next thread, good to know, what a class act! /s

No. 556110

File: 1523796709944.png (14.29 KB, 266x525, uhh.png)

I feel really bad for this crush. I thought she was done falling for people. Watch her cry about it again in 2 days.

The delusion is real.


Also, she would look ridiculous with plump lips with her chipmunk cheeks, 5 chin/ neckpudge.

No. 556119

I think by "2 lil" she meant "too young", as part of her little girl act, which is honestly even worse

No. 556215

Wasn’t she all torn up like 2 days ago over a breakup? And now she’s crushing again after she said she never would? She’s bad at this.

No. 556216

Sorry 3 days ago.

No. 556228

i think she’s trying to be sarcastic about the feelings being gross. it’s a ~quirky~ thing for a lot of girls to be like “ew feelings!” when they obviously have them. it can be cute but not in her case.

No. 556259

It’s pretty clear that her porn persona and her real life have collided. It’s been obvious for a while that she now sees her porn persona as her true personality. She’s totally delusional at this point.

No. 556420

I haven't followed Shayna for the last (i think) two threads and don't plan to follow further (because she's literally pig disgusting) but I have to ask: Does she stick that frying pan up her ass?

No. 556436

No. 556446

man, this chick's whole life is a spectacular public service. My life may still be a bit rough, but at least I'm not her.

Remember: No matter how low you may get about your life, if nothing else, at least you're not fucking your sore covered ass with a frying pan for all the world to see. Forever.

Keep doing you, Shayna.

No. 556501

She's just bragging to seem more appealing to lolicon wizard creeps, lol

No. 556557

so she shaved before she went to a hard tied shoot. how many times have people told her not to do anything after shaving or waxing?

No. 556846

File: 1523855848441.png (268.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180415-221731.png)

No. 556847

File: 1523855861765.png (918.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180415-221739.png)

No. 556855

Thank you. As in the past, Shayna does and doesn't dissapoint at the same time.

No. 556860

tinfoil time but i have a nagging suspicion that she exclusively answers her own anon asks. i sent her a few very flattering asks and a few that involved paid requests i thought she'd jump on considering how much she begs for money. i didn't see any of them getting answered.

No. 556899

File: 1523861575482.jpg (77.07 KB, 897x801, 97822293.jpg)

Not a paper bag, but definitely an improvement.

No. 556901

File: 1523861650075.jpg (41.51 KB, 513x471, 87433.jpg)

her crush

No. 556903

File: 1523861866992.jpg (26.41 KB, 699x299, 84938.jpg)

Delusions of grandeur.

No. 556912

File: 1523863710531.jpg (101.85 KB, 550x1206, bahaha.jpg)

Bahahaha!! Oh the trolling is real!
She's so fucking delusional.

She only answers anons that make her feel good about herself and ones where she thinks she can come up with something she believes is clever or funny. What's even more hilarious is the fact that she revels in this, completely oblivious to the fact she's only being trolled & made to look sad pathetic. She can't help it.

It's entertaining to see her answer asks that stroke her ego, but are intended to expose her for being dumb and self absorbed.

Especially when she attempts to answer with her hypocritical, illogical, ill formed, ignorant thoughts that just confirm her stupidity. It's just so cringey to watch her when she thinks she's being smart or clever. It's even more cringe than when she tries to act cute or sexy.

She makes an ass out of herself. But like she's ever going to be able to NOT fall for shit that stroke her ego, even if it's really to just watch her act stupid.

No. 557005

can she stop with that bread knife?

No. 557213

it’s probably the only knife she has, kek

No. 557219

File: 1523898391916.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, CF90DA46-9A42-409B-8813-047E9A…)

She posted this right after I sent her an anon suggesting she get her buck-toothed smile fixed and liposuction to define her figure so she doesn’t look like a little boy. At least we know she sees them

No. 557291

File: 1523900730878.jpg (14.37 KB, 409x123, edgyyy.JPG)

kek, so edgy and hardcore

No. 557352

Imagine Shayna flicking the bean to the name game.

No. 557395

File: 1523906804913.png (751.25 KB, 720x1145, Screenshot_2018-04-16-15-25-43…)

So it's a versatile pan… Who knew Lmao

No. 557675

File: 1523943371598.jpg (33.75 KB, 513x306, screenshot-1037634.jpg)

confirmation on her age.

No. 557677

File: 1523943522701.jpg (127.3 KB, 513x660, screenshot-9383662.jpg)

the "harassment" against her.

also lol @ the trolling

No. 557701

that woman looks like a 40 year old realtor

No. 557730

I think we all know what scenes she was flicking her bean to

No. 557746

Dude, it's just a theme. It's not even really rusted metal or anything, Insex and Kink.com just like their sets looking like some creepy fucker's hideout.

No. 557881

ugh are you the anon that constantly comes in saying “it’s not thaaaat bad”. Please stop.

No. 557885

They need everyone to know how much porn they do/watch, they can’t help it anon.

No. 557890

al I can hear is “it’s a hard knock life” playing in the background as a read this. she over exaggerates and acts like she didn’t thrust this upon herself

No. 557947

its pretty hilarious that she did this whole half ass re-branding nonsense, yet has only changed her name on MV, Twitter, and Tumblr. real solid re-branding there.

No. 557969

She’s been on cam for over 30 minutes and has only made 5 tokens lmfao

No. 558016

Guess you don't know how to get caps

No. 558058


That was literally my first comment on this site, my dude.

No. 558319

Learn how to sage, my dude.

No. 558745

Bahaha!! Such an increase on the amount of people trolling her recently. I bet you she thinks they're real. Lol. Can you imagine her stupid ass realizing the "nice" anons she gets are really to expose her delusions & stupidity.

No. 558813

File: 1524064696383.jpg (48.61 KB, 465x411, weed1.JPG)

No. 558815

File: 1524064705744.jpg (56.14 KB, 463x472, weed2.JPG)

No. 558816

she literally had just posted about how tobacco makes her sick, then posts her sparking a blunt.

No. 558869

Blunts don't always have tobacco in them though?

No. 558875

The blunt wrap is made from tobacco leaf tho

No. 559015

File: 1524078405237.jpg (16.38 KB, 437x182, kek.JPG)

does one shoot, calls herself a porn star. kek.

No. 559063

File: 1524082894449.png (182.11 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2018-04-18-16-19-51…)

doesn't have a clue as to why people don't like her

does this shit

No. 559097

File: 1524084566014.gif (1.38 MB, 540x304, giphy.gif)

You'd think that person would've sent that ask off anon or atleast post their username so Shay could see the tribute blog.

No. 559119

#150 on MV is actually…really good. She sells at least 2-3 vids a day, why wouldn’t she be making enough for rent??

No. 559156


She's being trolled. Shayna's an idiot.

No. 559167


The compulsion to validate that she has rent to prove herself and to others she's not sticking cookware up her ass in vain… Such a sad, pathetic life that she has rent and can smoke and thinks that's something special… Like your sticking shit in your nasty ass & pussy, and it's plastered all over the internet, for the trade of your dignity and pride, you should have a whole of a lot more than bud & next months rent. Fucking pathetic. Her reality: Still no bed. Pussy looks gross & smelly. At least she has bud to smoke to forget about it.

No. 559174

File: 1524089365633.jpg (479.89 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_17042018_1906_MyFr…)


Caps from her camshow

No. 559175

File: 1524089387845.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.36 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_17042018_2010_MyFr…)


No. 559187

lol her videos on average are around 10 dollars 3 of those every day would only be around 10k per year which probably isn't enough for rent in most areas. i can't imagine she makes thousands of dollars on her snap either since it's a one time lifetime payment. i'd say she's probably not making a decent living

No. 559188

lol it was first $500, now it’s $700? Okay shay

No. 559189

So she's selling the custom vid a guy paid her 700 bucks for for 14.99? That seems kinda shitty lmao

No. 559190

she probably makes enough for rent between the idiots that send her money on square and her MV. she obviously doesn’t have enough for a bed or food half the time because she’s always begging for it. It’s just that rank #150 isn’t that bad on MV and it means you’re making at least $1000+ monthly.

No. 559191

or she’s too dumb to even know who that poppy is

No. 559194

Lmao “set up a studio”, you mean you’re studio apartment shay? Where you don’t even have a bed. Keep living through your delusions.

No. 559195

if i were that guy i would've at least paid the extra 10 dollars or so to make the video exclusive to only me lmfao

No. 559198

as long as we can agree she isn't making anything close to a decent living lol

No. 559206

File: 1524090632003.jpeg (229.38 KB, 1242x2068, 2E6756BA-56FD-4E54-A1C9-39A257…)

She’s so stupid. If you click on EVERY OPTION it still doesn’t add up to even $600. Nice try, shay.

No. 559207

File: 1524090657073.jpeg (233.8 KB, 1242x2050, 4D65D9BF-0CC2-4DBF-9563-8A7DFA…)


No. 559238

And she claims it was only 7 minutes of her "gaping her asshole" which doesn't include most of these options.

No. 559436

File: 1524095213869.png (638.23 KB, 986x381, shayhands.png)

"my hands are so tiny uwu i'm insecure abt how smoll they are i'm such a lil baby uwu"

No. 559476


"2 tinks ppl first notice abt me r how long mi nailz r and how tiny my wrists r when they grab it 2 look @ thm"

i'm a good 4-5 inches taller than the height she claims to be, pretty big boned and definitely not slim and even my wrists aren't as thick as hers.

No. 559484

It's fine to mention that one has small hands, wrists, feet or whatever, even though I have no idea why anyone would randomly mention it. But saying shit like "uwu look how smol I am" reeks of insecurity and usually do not have small bones, hands, fee and so forth.

I fucking hate all this weeby small anime-loli-waifu-"paedo"bait shit.

No. 559504

File: 1524098302734.jpeg (515.83 KB, 1242x1342, 26C2CFF5-E3C7-44D9-91D9-5452A6…)

…she legit used the same emojis to send this ask to herself as she used in her reply.

No. 559558

This is so pathetic and sad

No. 559575

JOI is easy if you know how to act. Shayna doesn’t so it’s extremely difficult for her kek

No. 559655

She can't do joi but can be a femdom? Wouldn't that technically go hand in hand? I may be wrong, but if you can dominate a man around you should also be able to tell him how to please himself… Girl… Get a new job

No. 559660

File: 1524108435156.jpg (17.12 KB, 355x355, witchfingers.jpg)

>smoll hands
Shay, your hands literally look like this. You have big, creepy, long alien fingers and those neon pink talons aren't helping you any.

No. 559686

there’s nothing wrong with having long fingers it’s just get nails that accentuate them rather then extend them. She just keeps getting them longer and longer and it looks awful. If she kept them maybe short to medium length it would actually make her hands look nice. Why is she so bad at accentuating anything about her that is nice? She’s like a trash fairy, everything she touches turns to trash, including herself.

No. 559876

File: 1524134457311.jpg (54.42 KB, 620x406, JwURy2N.jpg)

No. 559891

Lol exactly what I thought anon.

No. 559919


It's funny she said that, because she's also said the opposite, that she's insecure that her hands are "so big and long", and that's why she likes getting manicures.

A majority of the statements she makes are just of her attempting to convince herself & others contrary to the actual truth. e.g. her height, how much money she really makes, abuse and trauma she's endured, asking if people sell mattresses so she can "sell hers", even tho she doesn't have a bed. etc… It's quite telling of how deep her delusions go, how painfully insecure she is. Also, she never fails at displaying her stupidity. She thinks she's being clever, but it's transparent and sad as fuck. She always contradicts herself, it's like she forgets what she wrote about the same subject weeks or even days before.


She's an idiot. Shes just getting trolled and is too oblivious. Most likely she knows they're fake but answers them anyways cuz they make her feel better. Bahaha it's kinda sad, how long you think she's gonna realize that they're not sincere.

No. 559926


She really shouldn't have shaved for the shoot her shit looked disgusting, and still looked like she didn't shave for a couple days.

I wonder if production put her in the thigh high stockings or if she did. She's mentioned several times before that she doesn't shave her legs.

She really needs to get over NOT wanting to bathe, shower, wash her hair, keep up with hygiene etc if she's going to do attempt this "bimbo barbie aesthetic". Her grandma face, double chin/pudgefuck… neck, or lack thereof is already working against her. Being unclean and grimey goes more with her old hippie stoner look.

No. 559933

File: 1524142384230.jpg (69.53 KB, 782x523, lol.jpg)

"irrelevant drama from a year ago"

lying about being abused by your mom and other "traumas", bad business practices getting involved in drama with your stupid hypocritical opinions then crying when it blows up in your face… what exactly is this irrelevant drama she's referring too. Bc, being a delusional, hypocritical, ignorant LIAR is always going to be relevant.

She wants people to get over her disgusting, nasty, rancid pussy,. Girl, so long as you make it your career showing your body parts, and yours happen to have pus filled boils, pimples, and outbreaks, it will always be relevant.

Girl who shows off her pussy for a living: "omg don't talk about my pussy, get over it"

Also girl: OMG! look at my new video ft. my disgusting pussy proceeds to plaster content of said diseased orifice on every platform

No. 559937

File: 1524142800548.jpg (48.8 KB, 516x318, y77492.jpg)

She really isn't self aware is she. The way she describes herself is just as ridiculous if not more mortifying than this shit.

No. 560015

im confused. shes not talking about herself shes talking about asshole tumblr men that call themselves doms.

No. 560019

i hate how anything she does gets swept under the rug and considered irrelevant but she'll bring up receipts on other people from last year, 2 years ago, and more. but when SHE messes up, everyone needs to just forget about it.

No. 560130


ngl this made me giggle a bit

But Shay brands/describes herself to be exactly what these wannabe incestuous doms are after. If that's what you're saying, 100% agreed

No. 560192

File: 1524168236541.jpg (43.87 KB, 542x498, kek.JPG)

LMFAO check out the fat neckbeard she's into. its the same guy in >>553190 "youvebeenwarned" KEK.

No. 560194

File: 1524168263586.jpg (621.2 KB, 1020x1717, neckbeard.jpg)

her new neckbeard crush

No. 560208

Don’t forget methhead!

No. 560211

I just puked in my mouth anon

No. 560215

His lips are bloody like he sucks on them

No. 560218

“ Why are you trying to fuck children” she asks as she dresses up as a child Home from school and masturbates over a children’s training toilet. Vile.

No. 560229

File: 1524171604549.jpeg (Spoiler Image,690.75 KB, 1242x1102, 45B66933-96AA-4DBB-A295-D39DB0…)

I thought we were making headway on the healthier vagina front… and then… this.
Sugar. Vagina. Rubbing sugar in and around vagina. Why.

No. 560230

shayna is probably attracted to crusty lipped neckbeards like him. they can mush their crusty lips together and encourage each other to drink less water.

He’s such a wannabe tumblr dom, it’s really pathetic. He takes pics of his dick and puts them in B&W and acts like they’re artsy, kek. He wears black gloves and makes a fist and adds some stupid caption about not behaving. It’s so pathetic, good to know this is the type of bottom of the barrel scum Shayna goes for.

No. 560234

Maybe she'll get an infection and finally go see a doctor for once.

No. 560235

ugh, more of the same routine bullshit with her annoying baby voice. How can people stand to listen to that and find it attractive? And can someone explain why half the videos she said she was going to make, she never made?


No. 560236

If you watch the trailer it has a wrapper on it.

No. 560246

Listening to her gag is hilarious. What a crusty mess.

No. 560253

She gets like not even half an inch and she gags lmfao. Her blowjob faces are soooo unattractive too

No. 560266

as if some dude in a ski mask isn't just as cringey as a dude in a suit, it's okay when she likes them lmao

No. 560269

Touché. Didn’t notice. But also she masturbates while wearing the candy bikini. Aka sweats in it and rubs it against herself. So my point remains.

No. 560272

well it’s not like she gets wet or uses lube or even cums, so you don’t need to worry about the candy dissolving or anything while she fucks her dry cooch.

No. 560275

lol you can see how filtered it is too. low contrast, slightly blurry. yah, it’s filtered.

No. 560276


No. 560277

I think she’s had her hair like this for the past 3 days. kek.

No. 560315

yet another video of her lying on the floor (bed) fucking her own ass. I thought maybe if she was blowing the dildo against the wall she might go doggy anal, but no, nothing new ever comes from this content creator. it's always pink always missionary always gross af

No. 560342

File: 1524181562797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.08 KB, 1096x677, A3A7DCE3-C89D-452A-97C6-E14B95…)

I am legit confused by what’s happened to her face over such a short period of time..

No. 560347

alcohol, dehydration, bad skin care, horrible make up.

No. 560358

also the usual meth

No. 560362

I don’t think she does meth but she does sleep on the floor and drinks alcohol regularly

No. 560374

Looks like meth head lol

No. 560433


Fucking gross. Now to think of it, Shayna's never been with a hot guy. Like not even once. Either a guy smaller than her with a baby face, or this gross fat fuck. Dear lord, his tumblr is an embarrassment. I wondered what kind of desperate person could ever resort to Shay, and this explains it. Fucking gross/. They're perfect together. lol

Another proof she has no taste. & is just pure white trash

No. 560435

not really. frequent meth users typically have noticeable sores on their faces and arms from picking, at the very least.

and her vag sores don't count.

she just looks like a haggand lush who sleeps poorly, and doesn't take care of herself.

No. 560436

File: 1524190441086.jpg (46.4 KB, 664x522, baghahahah.jpg)

Sooo she posts this: >>559937

Yet she's dating this…


No. 560439

oh dear. if you need a good ab workout, i recommend scrolling thru his me tag.

"try me, i dare you"


His hips are wider than Shay's & he def always skips leg day.

No. 560472

Idk Connor was decently attractive

No. 560474

Doesn't have to be smoking it. Couple be extra methy MDMA.
Been there experienced that.

No. 560476


but you don't need to be smoking it to get the meth bugs under yr skin, either.

i still think she's just a filthy drunkard.

No. 560508

Can her damaged hair be linked to heavy drug use maybe?

No. 560511

No, just heavy bleach use. If she actually took the time to care for her hair it wouldn’t look as shitty, but that’s asking the moon from a girl who shits out plastic Easter eggs.

No. 560572

everybody reacts to drugs differently. she definitely looks washed out and tired which can be attributed to drug use, however numerous other things can contribute to aging the face like smoking, excess alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep, even all the exhaustive scenes she’s doing with hardtied could be a factor. I think something could be up but I wanna try and see if I notice any features that are caused by one specific factor

No. 560579

i dunno about down there, but up here, even the bloody weed's apparently laced with fentanyl, so, really, who the fucks knows what all she's doing.

i mean hell, she could be one of those people that thinks railing jib makes it the same as doing coke: aka, no big deal.

she legit looks like some of the washed out street whores in my neighbourhood. and NOT the 15 year old ones fresh off the bus from the east coast.

No. 560583

coke or stimulants like addy or vyvanse could have similar physical effects to meth. her erratic behavior could also stem from any of those drugs. i think she’s most likely on uppers but it’s near impossible to guess what kind

No. 560586

What would the point be of lacing weed with fent? The fent would burn right off. Just google it, it's bullshit.

She does look like a crack whore though.

No. 560587

No. 560592

File: 1524206363102.png (141.58 KB, 720x653, Screenshot_2018-04-20-02-36-40…)

She's doing great guys, it's all good. Kek

No. 560630

Business professional

No. 560632

File: 1524214378576.jpg (15.15 KB, 524x195, 5562e.jpg)

she said she's been drinking, and she's already posted this.

#youvebeenwarned KEK!

No. 560654

is he gonna give her another bread knife?

No. 560730

File: 1524233187327.jpg (23.03 KB, 559x407, barf.JPG)

barfing endlessly

No. 560772


she def takes xanax. she's been posting pictures of it with glitter and pink filters and I think she mentioned using them once. there may be screenshots in previous threads

No. 560777


No. 560786

that’s not proof she takes them though. plenty of girls post those pics for “aesthetic” reasons. Not sure how drugs are “aesthetic” but alright. She does talk about how she really wants to be drugged and “taken advantage of” aka she WANTS to be raped. It’s not consensual non consent if the person is drugged or drunk. If the person can’t say “no”, it’s rape. Really creepy that she talks about all this “trauma” she claims to have yet openly discusses that she WANTS TO BE RAPED

No. 560795

File: 1524239739346.jpeg (60.06 KB, 640x360, 76646833-9AF5-4D6E-94F6-85230F…)

Holy shit remember when she was actually somewhat respectable and gasp cute?

No. 560802

File: 1524240891814.jpeg (475.27 KB, 1242x1138, FF508427-6E52-493D-96AE-4F7DFB…)

buys candy bikini for $20…

No. 560807

sells it for $80. kek, if it actually got cum on it or any sort of wetness from her cooch some of the candies would be disintegrated by now. Here’s an $80 wrapped lollipop and brand new candy bikini.

No. 560808

File: 1524241001169.jpeg (928.06 KB, 1242x1538, 5F249E26-7FF7-47FC-A549-E890E0…)

No. 560818

omg those claws are INFINITELY better than the pink witch hands

No. 560819

File: 1524241581065.png (6.04 KB, 516x142, last420.png)

she posted this an hour ago so I went to her archive to see what she was posting a year ago. truly she only reblogged one pic of her and colleen with bongs, nothing else about 420, but I am honestly shocked at how different she looks even just after a year

No. 560822

File: 1524241800483.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, oneyearlater.png)

same anon posting a pic so yall can see the difference. she actually looks alive and like she's enjoying being sexy. she looks like a cute (young) adult, not like she's trying to cram herself into the space a 6 year old would take up.

sage because it is an old pic. but I had to share because damn, she has aged so much in one year.

No. 560831

right?! they actually make her hands look nice.

No. 560833

i think its because when she was first first starting to post nudes, she actually put effort into it. now she just churns it out for the sake of saying she has something new. i think she actually used to enjoy this at one point.

No. 560835

her body looks nice too, like she goes outside and walks upright for more than 20 minutes a day. now she just sits on her floor slouched over drinking sugar wine and smoking weed, while begging for money.

No. 560846

Anon, it's just a plain knife to her. Don't be mean, you know she can't afford bread!

No. 560877

I feel like you guys are looking at a completely different pic than me because she looks haggard as fuck in that. Her face especially still looks like a 40 y/o chain smoker and her body is untoned and couch potatoey, malnourished and maybe even just slightly underweight (tf are those chicken legs).

No. 560886

what are you on about? she looks fine in the old pic. Not everyone can be absolutely fucking perfect and up to ridiculous standards.

she's never had a soft face, but she looked a million times better a year ago.

No. 560901

I'm going less on facial/physical features and more on the expression she wears, the light in her eyes, her body posture and everything else. also her hair lol but other than that I tend not to critique her for her looks, she just has to learn what works for her (because she clearly doesn't know already.)

plus I just think the stuff she posted a year ago was cuter. she wasn't surrounded in varying shades of pink using filters that wash her out in every picture and video. she still looked like a person a year ago. maybe she's trying to go for dolly now. but tbh she just looks like she's slowly fading away

No. 560987

File: 1524259256867.png (8.4 KB, 313x244, sad.PNG)

honestly? how was her ex even abusive? oh wah he didn't want to use his money to buy your lazy ass some pot.

No. 561033

I do think she had potential to be cute. Her body used to look more toned, which helped her look more athletic and mask her lack of curves. Her hair was cute and more flattering when she left it curly and more natural too.

It's kind of crazy to look back on old pictures and see her looking semi healthy and cute. Having decent furniture and nice things. All this "hard work" she has put in and yet she's way worse off now than she ever used to be.

No. 561086

File: 1524272254681.png (726.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-20-17-57-08…)

Have you guys seen her new 420 video!? Omg her voice!

No. 561093

Looks much better without those awful curled bangs tho

No. 561156

Honestly black suits her so much better than those awful mismatched shades of pink.

No. 561159

I can't get over how many self asks she sends. Of all the cows, other than Mira, she has the most obvious/recognisable writing style when it comes to them.

No. 561165

Her poor hair..

No. 561176

Wow she looks so much better in black without those idiotic pigtails and ridiculous bangs. She actually seems kind of cute? This sort of image suits her much better than 6 year-old themed pink pedo shit.

No. 561181

who gave this 12 year old boy a bong

No. 561183

True, the hideous dollar store barbie dress pink looks awful, even her hair color looks awful in general,if she wants to keep the blonde she should tone it or put a more silver dusty blonde color, I'd say for her to go dark brown, get a perm and take care of her curls and get oil treatments as well as go to a derm and get lactic acid facials, get a better diet, hydrate, and work out more, Then reinvent herself and either for for a "bookworm vintage" aesthetic or mediterranean beachy vib aesthetic but she probably wont listen, maybe some but i doubt she would change her entire aesthetic just because I said so

Her makeup as well, lose the cat eye, white eyeliner + light rusty eyeshadow and mascara with possible eyelash extentions since she sucks at false eye lashes, then bronzer but minimum high lighter if any at all because the one she uses looks ridiculous, matte natural brown or red lipstick would look better instead of the 2007 14 yr old Britney spears fan pink

No. 561198

the WHAT? fucking vile.

No. 561200

How weird. She’s actually charming here.

Is there something not right going on? Did the earth shift on its axis or something?

No. 561204

I know she can never redeem herself just for all the rapey nasty kink shit but if she were to dress like this again and use her real voice she would be 10 times more attractive.

No. 561205

If she did this she would make so much more money. She looks so much less sallow out of pink. She needs to go ash blonde, red lip, wear black, stop the liner.

You’re welcome Shayna.

No. 561208

It’s depressing me how cute she seems in this vid. She’s a dork. I feel like she needs to stop the drama and like, go outside with friends or something.

Being a cam girl looks fucking sad.

No. 561253

> side bangs instead of the curled bangs that give the illusion of a mia kalifa level forehead for some reason
> no godawful soyboy open mouth fear grimace
>flattering black instead of sickly pink
>dressed in a way that makes her seem laid back and low maintenance instead of a deranged babywoman

it's crazy how much she fucks herself over with her usual style choices

No. 561272

Besides her ridiculous hair she does look cute here tbh… if it were all up in a bun would be way better. She needs a serious cut to get rid of all the damage, then to start dressing like her old self. Black makes her look so much better

No. 561289

her hair reminds me so much of an anime character lol. bangs and a spikey bun thing on top

No. 561311

Her face looks just as horrible as it does right now but her hair looked kinda nice I guess

No. 561379

she's pretty cool in this vid, had this been my only encounter with her i would have thought she's a normal fun person. i feel like she will snap out of this phase in some years and become a normal functional adult. all this other stuff will haunt her tho, no idea how she will bounce back from the cringy, problematic shit which will forever stay on the internet for everyone to see…

No. 561392

If you cut out her head I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a twink or a chick.

No. 561393

Lmfao @ her smoking that blunt literally right after she made a post talking about how tobacco makes her sick.

No. 561435


yeah, bitch has always been ugly and I'm sure if she posted this recently everyone would be pointing out how Haggard she is.


she's ugly anon. Nothing about this picture is okay (other than maybe her hair)

No. 561446

you must have a seriously skewed idea of what an average female body looks like.

her face doesn't have anything to do with her body.

No. 561452

lol nit picky anon is back everyone.
We get it you think she’s ugly no matter what, move on edgelord.
Get some new milk or leave your nitpicks out.

No. 561534

wait… isn't that bigger pink bong the one she "broke"? I remember she made a post wanting people to buy her another one cause her old bong broke.

No. 561562

File: 1524336412756.jpeg (105.84 KB, 1242x591, 5889A0DE-4D1B-4F14-8452-A7F57A…)


No. 561565

This guys looks strange from the nose down I can’t see his eyes making up for the rest of him

No. 561569

So if I post my login for my throwaway manyvids account will one of you download this candy cunt video and post it? I’m at work and don’t have access to a computer

No. 561589


WTF, he doesn't look heavy enough to have a full-on crotch pouch like that but somehow it's there.. and does he really think that's a good shot

No. 561591


No. 561598

lol she really loves going for super ugly fat asses so she can look better compared to them. what garbage.

No. 561603

Yeah, if it’s a calculated move then she def looks better by default but wew, he’s fucking gross. I’ve never seen her talk about being a chub chaser before.

No. 561605

Lol she picked him because he’s sending her bank, I’m sure $$$ has a little something to do w/ it.

No. 561620

How does this even happen? And is it me or does he dress like a teenage fuck boy from the year 2009? These people have to be on drugs

No. 561626

I'm still trying to understand the lump of fat that is near his junk… Yeah… no one is jealous here.

No. 561631


it's called a FUPA and I've no idea why he's put the waistband of his boxers UNDERNEATH it.

No. 561656

I love that her "fans" constantly lurk here?? Like… Let's just tell everyone about these forums.. And hey, while we're at it, we can go back through the Really old threads for proof on why this cow is gross lol
Makes sense.
This is her money plot, us "abusing" this "sad and helpless little girl" shtick.. Makes me wanna move forums so she can't lurk.

No. 561657

I dunno. I mean sure, she may be slightly more attractive than he is - if you don’t see her leprosy cooch - but she’s a bottom-feeding, lazy, stinky slag. They make a rancid couple, but I think they’re perfect together.

No. 561672

That is a capital F fupa, damn. How does that even happen.

No. 561709


please do move forums so you can not-sage somewhere else

No. 561710


he's using his pants like a push up bra for the Fupa, i feel sick

No. 561711


imagine her disease ridden cunt mushing up against his fupa (sorry to ruin everyones day)

No. 561720

Oh god, the hair and that fat pubic area, why would he expose that?

No. 561723

Are those even pants? They look like leggings? What a beautiful specimen of tumblr's "daddy doms". Leggings, fupa, bitch tits and all.

No. 561725

isn’t fupa fat upper PUSSY area? Tbh idk why he thought that was attractive, it makes him look like a fat trans man with a huge pubic mound vagina. men shouldn’t have that much excess fat around their dick. I bet he has to lift it up and wipe around his fat folds when it gets sweaty.

No. 561727

Why would he ever think its appropriate to post that picture?

No. 561729

That’s it - I’m out.

No. 561730

File: 1524349258574.jpeg (129.32 KB, 503x833, 28942054-C1DE-4B5B-9C0F-55458B…)

wow he dresses like a fucking 15 year old from 2006 and thinks he’s hardcore.
Kek x10000000

No. 561731


Fatty upper pelvic area

No. 561732

bitches about saging w/o saging

Sorry, but I'm pretty sure it's been said by multiple others as well.. Saging doesn't work on mobile, cry me a river. Not my fault this site can't function properly.

There's a sage in the email, as always, guaranteed it won't show

No. 561733

He’s gonna help shayna with picking her boils and she’s gonna wipe his sweaty fat folds he can’t reach. disgusting love.

No. 561734

File: 1524349486877.jpeg (101.21 KB, 768x1024, 14836ED0-F48C-4D30-AF9B-BBC33A…)

so edgy with your dollar store ski mask. its cool if you call yourself a dom though.
He’s just like every other cookie cutter wannabe tumblr dom.
A sad, fat, mid thirties man going through a midlife crisis and still using tumblr to wave his dick around and pretend he’s a dom. How fucking pathetic.

and lmfao he’s doing the retard arm. durrrrhurrrr, you and Shay are retards in love.

No. 561740

Sage works on mobile, you just have to remove the space your phone puts after the word. Lurk more

No. 561748

She looks pretty cute here, I'm surprised. She really could be a good camgirl if only she weren't so lazy. Oh, and if she got her cunt cleared up.

No. 561772

File: 1524352947925.jpeg (Spoiler Image,707.51 KB, 750x1152, 6265DC87-E9E2-442C-AD42-D524C8…)

It’s like I’m looking at a cyklops

No. 561823

idk, in my experience a lot of girls in college cam, have friends and styles and personalities outside of camming, and aren't total degenerates.

it's not being a cam girl, it's just being Shayna

No. 561866

new monsters inc. looks great!

No. 561896


Pretty sure this look combined with her new HxC boyfriend, Shayna will have a look transformation. I'm thinking leaning toward more edgy-pseudo goth chick. It fits.

No. 561913

Now you gals just sound so men repulsed. In my opinion, I find him cute and really attractive, but he’s lowering his standards, and if they ever meet, Shayna will probably pull the same thing she did with her previous bf/use him. Hate me all you want, because I don’t see him as disgusting. Also it’s weird that people see the dude as “edgy.” Is it the shirts he wears? Dude does not look edgy.

No. 561914


No. 561915

who asked

No. 561918

No. 561920

hey look shays splenda daddy is here

No. 561925

>you gals just sound so men repulsed
No kidding. >>561913 doesn't sound like a regular farmer at all, but hey, at least fupa-daddy figured out how to sage?

No. 561928

it’s called standards, which Shay has none. He’s a pathetic wannabe tumblr dom, in his mid thirties still hitting on girls over tumblr. But yah let’s feel sorry for this dude.

No. 561948

lol that gross thing looks like a hernia. and who takes selfies in public bathrooms? someone who wants to touch shays disgusto vag I guess

No. 561969

File: 1524371573608.png (316.95 KB, 752x782, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 05.3…)

>i find him cute and really attractive


No. 561974

he has very delicate looking hands.

No. 561981

does he really think this looks menacing or cool in any way?

No. 561982

I was gonna say that

No. 561985

OMG this is awful??? how could he think this looks good - How long until shes flown out to film b/g content

No. 562056

He is literally a 30 year old man who listens to bands like Chelsea grin and thinks choking out a girl during sex is bdsm

No. 562121

Those are some Magic Marker-esque tattoos

No. 562137

Groceries found a new camgirl

No. 562143

File: 1524409801821.jpeg (843.08 KB, 1242x886, FDB72406-02D9-4247-ADBB-B39AE4…)

Throwback to when she had a bed

No. 562147

the bed looks so cosy too, how can she not miss that?

No. 562150

The room in general is cute and cozy

No. 562167

its covered in sickly pink and would do better as a child's room. as an adult thats not a relaxing space in the least.

No. 562168

it was never hers to begin with. it was part of the room she was renting, it came with a bed.

No. 562171


meh to each their own, i'd chill in there for sure. Know where i wouldn't chill? Her current floorsit (can't call it a bedsit) hellhole.

No. 562176

His hands are so dainty, I feel like he'd have trouble even wrapping his hands around her neck to do that.

Relaxing is subjective, it's a vast improvement over what she has now.

No. 562177

shes sitting in the corner of a studio apartment sitting on a fuzzy rug that shes pissed on. idk how or why she gave up a bed in favor of that.

oh wait you gave it up because those people were abusive, too, right shay? just like everyone else you dump, they're abusive so you want people to believe you're such a strong person for doing it. suck my fucking toe shayna.

No. 562190

No. 562193

that description
"dolly shoes up two hours after getting waxed" WHY

No. 562208

yah shay go get your cunt smacked and punched right after everyone and their mother has told you NOT to after waxing. Just keep deluding yourself into thinking it’s razor burn that you can’t fix. In 5 years I don’t even want to know how rekt your cunt looks.

No. 562214

tbh i feel bad for her vagina. having to be attached to a dumb sack of shit that doesn't understand proper hygiene practices.

No. 562229

"She'd specifically asked for face bruises"
Girl, love yourself, geez.

Also her poor vagina, as per usual.

No. 562252

she has a nice voice. She could be tumblr famous if she did this as her 'thing', in my opinion.

No. 562301

he looks like jonny, taylor nicole dean's bf in this pic. kek

No. 562303

this look is soooo much better for her. idk why she tries the pigtails little barbie bimbo look. it does not work with her, she doesn't have the face, body or personality.

No. 562462

LMAO HONESTLY, he seems to have the same "cool hard dude" attitude too theyd probably be bff's

No. 562502

Jonny is a fucking wreck but you gotta admit he still looks better than this midlife crisis tumblr dom

No. 562511

She looks like a rat. Girl, fix your piss-coloured hair and ratty teeth.

No. 562676

nahh taylor and johnny will always be worse, shay and this guy play pretend rape but johnny is a literal rapist and taylor laughs abt it
but this guys dress sense is on par w his lmao "how do you do, fellow kids"
sage for derailing apologies

No. 563000

Too bad she didn't pull the trigger while it was inside her.

No. 563073


Match made in the applebees dumpster.
They're actually perfect.

No. 563134

File: 1524498812748.jpeg (404.33 KB, 1242x2095, 65E42E9E-8B5E-4D1A-9101-FCC869…)

her prices fluctuate so much across her sites. this is pure scamming behavior (1/2)

No. 563135

File: 1524498848190.jpeg (472.25 KB, 1242x2089, B78BF52C-DD05-4E3C-89D3-33878E…)

(2/2) customs are way more expensive on her IWC page.

No. 563253

she looks like a legitimate methhead now jesus. it’s honestly sad seeing pictures of her from her stoner blog days. she looks like the emaciated shell of her former self

No. 563258


The sites might take a different cut from the sale, so Ines more expensive to make up for the fees?

No. 563260

That candy bra.

I didn't know I could feel sorry for an object. It looks so dejected and sad and limp. How can CANDY look LIMP?!

What kind of anti-sexy sorcery does have?

No. 563290

I wanna hold her down and cut her hair off to one length… Like omfg, bish it looks bad! Stop it! Wonder how far down the rabbit hole she'll jump before she understands rock bottom???

No. 563300


IWC gives the models 100% of their listed price, charging the customer an extra percentage to cover the processing fees.

No. 563523

she fucking sounds like that Penelope character from Saturday night live.

No. 563571

soooooo edgy. ugh please just stop this bullshit shay.

No. 563575

File: 1524523188146.jpg (22.04 KB, 226x256, theydidntsaythat.JPG)

curious as to where the person said she can "pull off whatever she's feeling" which is such a load a bullshit kek

No. 563627

File: 1524527027678.jpeg (140.91 KB, 1242x389, C4FF90AB-F651-474D-BF82-35501E…)

“her own cum”
Since when has shayna ever cum in her videos? this is laughable.

No. 563635

>here comes shay with a bowl of cottage cheese

No. 563642

she’s probably gonna stick a spoon up her cunt, scrape the crusty discharge from her vagina and consider that eating “spoonfuls of cum”

No. 563653

I fucking loathe you for these visuals anons

No. 563681

File: 1524530403796.jpeg (41.68 KB, 480x480, 3B0A2277-301E-4A78-BEEB-904EF4…)

No. 563692

With her bread knife hahaha

Please kill me

No. 563767

What the FUCK is up with those shoes?

No. 563776


No. 563781

This post makes me never want to come back to this thread.

No. 563895

File: 1524542252986.jpg (6.27 KB, 200x200, delet this.jpg)

No. 563982

Her teeth always looked bad but the way they look lately got me convinced she’s on somekind of drugs. they seem to be eroding

No. 564099

File: 1524549690957.jpg (7.68 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

Thanks anons I hate both of these

No. 564295

File: 1524580586240.jpg (24.37 KB, 243x299, barf.JPG)

but shes so gay guys, remember

No. 564329


No. 564331

File: 1524583327347.png (Spoiler Image,177.1 KB, 225x298, Screenshot_2018-04-24-11-19-46…)

I just…. What the hell is this face??? Lol

No. 564335

so they’re in a long distance relationship? how long do you think it’ll be til they meet up?

No. 564339

lmfao does she think that’s cute

No. 564340

I give it a month or less before they meet and breakup. kek.

No. 564342

And after they break up she’ll talk about how horrible and abusive he was to her, like all of her other significant others.

No. 564359

File: 1524585251239.png (145.55 KB, 720x679, Screenshot_2018-04-24-11-51-33…)

Someone come snatching this hoe from the internet and toss her back into the dumpster fire she crawled from.

No. 564372

she used to make fun of fat girls too. Now she’s ripping off a porn genre based off fat chicks. How can someone be this idiotic I just don’t know.

No. 564376

File: 1524585941999.jpg (19.93 KB, 223x321, umwhat'.JPG)

wait…what is she trying to refer to? tarantino is known for aesthetic violence, not exceptional length.

No. 564390

File: 1524586580309.jpg (20.4 KB, 489x160, kek.JPG)

oh yes your windows movie maker skills, right.

No. 564413


She probably confused Tarantino with Kubrick. Her last few brain cells are just barely hanging on.

No. 564428

Who is she kidding? If this were true, her videos wouldn't be barely audible most of the time. She can't produce or edit content for shit. Not to mention, she does the same thing in every video and she still can't figure it out.

No. 564448

Between the comment of being able to produce/edit the work and then actually witnessing her "work"; It's almost like she's purposely making below bare minimum content and selling it half-assed to prove some theory that you don't have to put a lot of effort in to this type of work.
Seems like her, no? Do barely minimal tasks and be rewarded like the tard she is.

No. 564472

she apparently studied film yet doesn't know the difference between Kubrick and Tarantino. KEK.

No. 564476


looks like >>563642 was right. she goes "time to dig in" and you can see her dry ass pussy. you shove that spoon up your dry cunt and eat some discharge you vomit queen.

No. 564493


a WHOLE pizza?! Jesus christ, the most extreme thing she's done so far…

Doesnt she get the munchies?

No. 564495


jfc – wasn't she having it done pink next?

No. 564500


look at those giant dark circles under her eyes, daddy needs to buy his drugged up "baby" some concealer.

No. 564505

ooo yah you lick those dry panties. so hawt.

No. 564507

on the contrary, she paid for it to look like that.

No. 564508

She wouldn’t know how to use it properly if he did. She’s barely gotten the hang of eyeliner

No. 564519

when you’re already thin, blonde, and stupid, you don’t have to put much effort in to get idiots to buy your content. being conventionally attractive makes it extremely easy for her to half ass everything.

No. 564553

File: 1524598374562.jpg (8.1 KB, 209x241, 16296490.jpg)

No. 564557

she's also a skinny white girl. we have a much easier time finding business in the porn industry because every other race is considered a fetish rather than the norm. that's a big part of why she has success and it should def be acknowledged

No. 564579

squidward is definitely sexier making that face.

No. 564587

she acts like she had such a struggle breaking into the industry. When she knows she had it easy because she had a ton of followers, and is conventionally attractive. People were asking her to post nudes and shot already saying they would pay for it. She acted like she built something from scratch but she really didn’t. All she did was appeal to her idiot tumblr fans, then continue in the industry by using what’s most popular at any given time. Currently it’s ddlg, little girl, bimbo, pink, early 2000s aesthetic. Once that becomes unpopular on tumblr she’ll change to conform once again. She was a stoner blog when it was popular, too. She’s just an unoriginal hack leeching off of popular trends, acting like she has a shred of creativity.
Men will pay for skinny blonde white girls any day, no matter how disgusting or trashy they are.

No. 564597

File: 1524601807000.jpg (158.21 KB, 720x588, 2018-04-24_16.28.35.jpg)

But guys she had it so rough lol

No. 564604

she always says shit like this. then the next day she’ll give out advice. then 2 days later she’ll be like “fuck you pay me for my time bitches I’m not giving you free advice.” The. The next day she gives more advice.

Stick to your fucking story for ONCE, Shay.

No. 564630

File: 1524605197135.jpg (171.03 KB, 731x1280, sloppy.jpg)

this is an old pic, but why does she work with the SLOPPIEST riggers? if you're gonna suspend someone, you need to evenly distribute the weight. on one leg the ropes are bunched up really high on the thigh, while on the other they're somewhat spaced out. dumbass is going to cut off circulation.

even the guy she worked with at Insex was sloppy AF.

\saged for old pic\

No. 564637

…ok but rope, even when done well and properly, can and WILL cut off circulation. Especially with futomomos like you see here. That’s how rope works. It’s normal.

But yes, agreed. Insex and other such kink sites generally have pretty awful and unskilled riggers. Worse than the guy tying her here.

No. 564642

i should have specified. i meant cutting off circulation to the point where it can cause damage. if you concentrate the rope around one area of the thigh as opposed to keeping it evenly spaced [during a futo suspension like this], you risk damage to the artery and nerves. basically, not the good kind of cutting off circulation.

No. 564648

Shay u have no business rting goth Charlotte she actually built her own name and brand she worked hard despite her circumstances of real abuse and addiction. U didn’t do shit but take bad selfies u don’t give out tips just to be a cunt shut up damn.

No. 564652

File: 1524607243991.png (51.1 KB, 344x314, shay.png)

I couldn't resist….

No. 564654

brilliant, anon.

No. 564670

is she losing weight? she looks thinner

No. 564700

Me and a few friends just got the best laugh! Next thread picture maybe?

No. 564704

Bonjour Louvre? Yes I just saw this masterpiece come get it right away thanks

No. 564714

please definitely make this the new thread pic next to a better quality of the original.

No. 564718

nah. she goes on like 2-3 days benders where she just drinks and smokes and eats minimally. then when she’s going through a binge she eats like a fucking cow, asking people to get her pizza and sushi and ice cream. So she’ll stuff her face for a few days and then go back to her 2-3 days alcohol binge.

So when she films during those alcohol benders, she looks thin. Other times, she looks bloated.

No. 564741

File: 1524612991126.png (82.55 KB, 706x445, shay.png)

No. 564748


holy fuck thats incredible

No. 564750

jesus that's creepy. next thread pic

No. 564753

OMFG this should be a meme, like this drawing of her is a perfect meme for anything hahaha
The original was just a quick clip grab from that new lovinglyhandmade bs video, but I'm all for the recreation hahaha

No. 564761

anon this is a masterpiece. a modern day american gothic. i love it

No. 564768

holy shit someone please submit this to her or her goth wannabe middle age boyfriend.

No. 564789

even better. I wholly approve. as per the American Gothic comment, I can easily see a Hitachi Wand or some shit between 'em in lieu of a pitchfork.

I'd love to see their opinions on these hilariously accurate portraits. i could kind of honestly see her mistaking this for genuine fan art.

if she didn't lurk here more than I do.

No. 564790

If we're being honest anon, she's probably already lurked here and seen it lol

No. 564813

File: 1524617877476.gif (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 540x304, ohdeargod.gif)

"spoonfuls of cum" huh shay?

have fun eating your own vaginal discharge, moron.

No. 564817

Well I'm never eating clam chowder again

No. 564821

she said she came 10 times, and this is all she got from it? im starting to believe she doesn't understand the difference between having an orgasm and female ejaculation.

No. 564849

I feel like this is a genuinely disturbing depiction of the human psyche and it should be a banner

Told you guys, cottage cheese

No. 564857

File: 1524620510617.jpeg (154.5 KB, 821x615, B34636C3-24C0-4DBB-887E-02C1AA…)

No. 564859

This isn’t even cum… it’s just discharge…

No. 564876

Why is it… clumpy? Strategically placing the spoon over your vagina. That's so sad when you call yourself a "pornstar" yet the sight of your diseased vag offends people.

Her new hair makes her look even more like a grandmother. It drowns out her face. Wtf does she do this to herself. Like she already has the deepest set forehead wrinkles and butchered clumpy hair, why are you going to damage it more and make yourself look more like a grandma. kek

No. 564881

File: 1524623138461.png (6.56 KB, 515x224, 4093.png)

She acts like it's a big deal… it's only $100, put it in the fridge. Grocery trips solo averages out to 100-200. I've gotten groceries and then out to eat after several times. It's not a big deal. It's so telling and pathetic wthat she actually feels the need to express how much she spent on groceries and/or that she actually went. Congratulations?.. Now go get a bed and some soap.

No. 564896

File: 1524624782387.jpg (67.25 KB, 537x841, butt.jpg)

I noticed when she's talking about herself she always just says "fucking my butt", "butt stuff", "fuck my butt for money". Always focusing on anal even tho she does both penetration. It's sad that even she wont acknowledge her own nasty vagina. Avoiding is just acknowledging. It's so transparent. Can you imagine making that your career, yet the one thing you're known by is having a gross vagina. She knows that everyone knows how disgusting it is. So if she doesn't say "vag" it's like her avoiding it and staying clear of any criticisms even tho, it makes it more obvious that she's aware of of how nasty it is. So aware, to the point that she's made a concious decision not to even use the words, and to keep the words "pussy"/"vag" away from her to keep attention away from it. So far away from the girl who used to talk about her bush 24/7.

No. 564902

After seeing that spoon covered in whatever the hell it's covered in.. It's painfully obvious why she says she's "fucking her butt" and only shows off clips of objects shoved in her over-edited Anus.

No. 564926

File: 1524628965985.jpg (62.58 KB, 576x960, IMG_20180424_235623.jpg)

No. 564930

That's literally discharge from a yeast infection. What the hell, Shay?

Women's "cum" is typically more translucent and not… chunky. She basically just confirmed that her vagina is diseased. And what's worse is that she actually ate her yeast infection discharge on camera?

No. 564945

my Mike n' Ike's just turned to ash in my mouth. That's vile.

No. 564964

Jesus fuck I was so close to vomiting. Shay, please no.

No. 565066


There goes my appetite for the rest of the week.

No. 565084

wtf she is just eating a banana with a spoon. That is not cum.

No. 565090

her body is fine, as for you claiming she looks like a haggard 40 year old. Just Stop,

No. 565093


I'm pretty sure it's just normal discharge, not infected. But yeah, its definitely not cum.

No. 565095

lmao that was not her picture that was someone making fun of the stuff on the spoon

No. 565101

"Normal discharge" shouldn't be chunky and white. That shit she has in the spoon looks like a discharge caused by a yeast infection.

Yeast infections are very common, but also very easy to treat. We just saw her put a lollipop up her vag last week. Wrapper or not, that alone would be enough to cause an infection.

No. 565104

normal discharge changes throughout the menstrual cycle. after ovulation discharge can often look like that, thicker and whitish, like milk or runny egg white (some docs even say cottage cheese but that makes me wanna hurl.)

that being said, it can also be a sign of infection if it's accompanied by pain/itching/irritation. which is not unlikely based on her activities. but I just wanted to clear it up that white discharge does not always mean infection.

No. 565105

sorry but it's definitely a yeast infection. normal vaginal discharge is only slightly white-ish, and its smooth without clumps. discharge/wetness after cumming is completely transparent.
if your discharge looks like that, pls get some vag cream. yeast infections are no big deal and everyone gets them with different symptoms but this bitch literally put a dirty spoon up her infected cooch and dug out all the crusty residue and then put it in her mouth. where does she get the audacity to sell shit like this???

No. 565113

File: 1524656394516.jpg (48.4 KB, 543x960, 1485130260757.jpg)


No. 565143

I'd say it looks more like mild bv. most likely from her dirty sex toys. I would get it after sex and it was pretty symptomless aside from excessive white milky discharge that pooled out sometimes(vom) no itching or anything so I didnt even realise I had anything wrong until my doctor tested for it.
makes me laugh to see all these girls going on about ~creamy girly cum~ when that shit isn't normal

No. 565177

Usually I'm not for tinfoiling cow's health issues but a yeast infection or something like that would make a lot of sense. They aren't always painful and can give you little sores around your cooch area that are similar to what we've seen with shay, though it does usually at least itch a little.

I don't understand how none of these sex workers can be assed to see a gyno or something, y'know, insure the goods a little.

No. 565179

Even shay knows you have to shower before the gyno, so she's definitely not going there. She also definitely has no insurance, and probably doesn't even realize she could go for free, especially in the area she's in.

No. 565180

Low key still wondering how she gets all that wine when she isn’t 21? And says she doesn’t really have friends in Seattle? Is her gandpa getting it for her or is she 21 already and just hasn’t said anything?

No. 565194

she probably just has a fake ID. they're pretty easy to obtain.

No. 565344

discharge is normal. This is not from a yeast infection. Healthy vaginas naturally create discharge. Learn some fucking anatomy.

No. 565346

Kek no it fucking wouldn’t. Putting a lollipop with the wrapper on won’t cause a yeast infection. Jesus Christ people.

No. 565349

Hey dumbass you realize that’s not shay right?

No. 565354

No. 565363


Clearly? Issa joke honey(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565393

it makes no fucking sense and derails the thread. Take your bullshit somewhere else.

No. 565452


She starts this video sounding like a deranged mouse, and at the end her voice sounds completely normal. I hate it. I hate that she can’t even be bothered with consistency in one video.

No. 565481

File: 1524685489987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.66 KB, 978x550, 778F9EC4-C7B7-4F0A-838A-CB28A8…)

Someone please do a count of how many videos she wears these socks in. Also her body does honestly look pretty cute here just saying.

No. 565482

Looks like she deleted? Screen cap next time.

No. 565484

I mean, if you find fridges cute, anon…

No. 565563

File: 1524689319855.png (946.92 KB, 1066x1128, lmao2.png)

it's still up anon, you just have to be logged in to watch it

No. 565573

File: 1524689683258.png (958.74 KB, 1090x1136, brush ur teeth shay.png)

No. 565660


Honestly, on some level she probably still thinks its ~taboo lol regular girls dont "do anal" obviously, but shes a KINKY girl. and kinky girls like butt sex!

its shock value shit

No. 565664

File: 1524694658087.jpg (39.8 KB, 509x363, k94u.jpg)

Acknowledging her known reputation as delusional w/ a gross pussy & how low people think of her. That's basically what Shay-Gnar, Dumdolly, Dollymattel, Shayna means. He's basically also acknowledging that he's dating someone embarrassing and someone he's ashamed of… but he's "happy" guys. So sad when you have to put in a mini disclaimer… "i know she is.. but im happy"

so sad

No. 565667

File: 1524695048553.png (461.49 KB, 500x525, tumblr_inline_p3rijk3z4z1tprjf…)

really wish she would stop making this godawful expression all the time

No. 565668


>before i even got here

Trying to put distance? Lol.

Even this fat-fupa-fuck is ashamed of Shayna.

& She's too fucking stupid, shit goes over her head and reblogs it. Like girl… read it again, he's not defending YOU. He's defending HIMSELF. Not only that, he's acknowledging and AGREEING with the negative shit about you.


No. 565837

ok wait am I imagining things or did she used to say all the time that she was a lesbian and hated men/dick…. and now she's "dating" this dude?

No. 565856

She also many times has said she is going to stop falling for people on Tumblr

No. 565881

She has no friends and tumblr is the only place she can make friends

No. 565989


He sounds so reserved and bored. I feel sorry for Shayna. I know he said he's lucky and happy but it doesn't sound like it. More like he's with her cause nobody else was available. Can't believe he didn't say something nice and personal about her.
I bet he will break up with Shayna once he will find someone that he's interested in for real.

No. 566270

File: 1524758996697.jpg (15.73 KB, 244x148, liar.JPG)

she has PTSD from all her traumatic experiences, kek. does she enjoy making light of serious mental illness or something?

No. 566298

she lookin like a plank my dude

No. 566334

Those bangs (and hairstyle generally) are not doing her low hairline any service

No. 566357

lmao he looks like someone hit him hard and he tries to regain his breath. pay attention to his small hands.

also why do some adults write like this publicly

No. 566361

found more of her vids. she gets punched in these ones http://motherless.com/06AB729 & http://motherless.com/DB483ED

No. 566369

God, her body language just screams 'I DON'T FUCKING WANT THIS'. And not in a sexy consensual non-consensual way.

No. 566392

People mastubate to this??

No. 566393

File: 1524766833793.jpg (74.66 KB, 800x598, 6HLMOnh.jpg)

He looks like this meme, I can't

No. 566400

Shay TOTALLY didn’t send this.
God she’s so obvious, and attention hungry.

No. 566415

And those wrist

No. 566422

Do people really consider this porn?

No. 566432

there is, unfortunately, a market for everything. Lovely Shayna here proves guys will get off to anything.

No. 566468

If I were him I’d never do scenes with her, she refuses to listen to him and she ends up making him look like he’s got no control over her. She’s a shitty sub.

No. 566499

i dont think shes refusing to listen. i just don't think she can take as much as she claims she can.

No. 566504

damn drop what lip tint youre using king(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566514

sooooo this girl STILL doesnt have a bed? yet shes referring to herself as a pornstar. k?

No. 566819

her plug fell out at some point and honestly i can only imagine what stench came from it

No. 566823

File: 1524796064650.png (103.35 KB, 294x174, Capture.PNG)

No. 566824

ear lobe or butt plug?

i refuse to subject myself to her 'porn'.


No. 566825

Ear plug sorry anon

No. 566827

File: 1524796224109.gif (Spoiler Image,2.82 MB, 511x374, uhm.gif)

real professional shay

No. 566849

He loses his patience with her a few times, she’s beyond unprofessional.

She’s retarded. I’d never work with her. At least with Insex she was properly restrained and couldn’t fucking move, what an idiot.

No. 566851

huh. here i'd kinda hoped she'd been told to run in circles or something. y'know - kinda like duck duck goose, but more duck duck smack.

guess i'm not smart.

No. 566875

This looks like it’s from a low budget horror movie what the FUCK EW SHAY STOP

No. 566879

Charlotte didn’t used to be that way… she actually helped me start up my camming career back in the day, before she was even in porn

No. 566881

does he say anything to her? I really can't be bothered to watch Shay get fucked.

No. 566975

File: 1524813183267.png (623.37 KB, 1080x1824, 20180427_021020.png)

Potential Shay transformation on the horizon? Honestly, it would be a huge step above this dumb bimbo pink puke bullshit she has going on now.

No. 567007

Ntayrt, I couldn't hear what he was saying most of the time as he kinda mumbled stuff to her, but he looks annoyed a lot when working with Shayna. It just came off as cringey and I felt second-hand embarrassment watching the videos. Shayna seems really unprofessional to work with. She fidgets around, does dumb shit like >>566827 which seems to piss the guy off more and seems really uncomfortable in scenes like she can't tolerate what the guy does to her.

No. 567033

She must mean 2006

Does anyone ever actually put their dick in her vag in those videos?

No. 567088

File: 1524836705993.jpeg (224.21 KB, 1242x981, 77889F11-5C48-4BB6-9F4C-4F565A…)

Is he describing Shay here or what? He says he doesn’t like girls that fake being a lg in the dd/lg aspect but that’s exactly what Shay is doing. you can’t seriously watch her videos and think that annoyingly high-pitched “baby” voice is real….. these two are way too perfect for each other. Both pretending to be hardcore into the bdsm scene, i’m Sure when (or IF) they ever meet up they’ll both be too awkward to do the things they talk about on their posts back and forth with each other.

No. 567110

>Goth gf
>Warped tour
Lol, I don't think any self respecting goth girl would ever associate themselves with emo shit.

>Girls that try to act little and clearly are just trying to get attention annoy me to no end.
That's literally every girl into DDLG though. Do these people have no capacity for self reflection? And yes, Shay is definitely one of those hoes.

No. 567176

that’s so classic wannabe tumblr dom posting. if he knew jack shit about consent he would know that someone who’s drunk can’t consent, so that’s rape buddy.

No. 567189


He's prob most likely talking about facetime.

LOL. I'd say I can't believe Shayna's with a loser…but I can. I'd at least thought she'd pick someone that would inflate her ego, rather than bring it down, but she's obviously is oblivious to reality. I'd be so embarrassed to be seen with that guy.

TBH, they're a perfect match. Wait until Shay realizes how he takes away points and just makes it more apparent that she's white trash with no taste.

You gotta ask yourself what kind of person would get with someone like Shayna. Someone who's willing to overlook that nasty pussy and those boils all over her ass. Then think what kind of person would get with him… It's pretty dead on.

I don't think he'd leave, I mean look at him. ghahaha, he's disgusting.

As for her, once it dawns on her that he's a loser, I doubt she'll leave either, she's really good at these delusions of grandeur.

Wait until she realizes they're both being trolled with all those questions in their ask box. I still can't fathom how stupid she is and how she isn't able to decipher what is real and what is just trolling. Doesn't she realize it's like a freakshow, roadside attraction.

Everyone come look at the guy who's willing to to be attached to someone with pussy boils, grandma wrinkles, fucked up hair, who lies about being abused. KEK

No. 567216

File: 1524848146638.gif (285.49 KB, 280x210, fupa.gif)


No. 567225

not even trans men have pouches like that wth is going on around your genitals

No. 567254

no PIV sex. but that's not uncommon in fetish videos like those ones.

No. 567255

getting drugged, raped, and KILLED. shay, be fucking careful when you go to meet this guy.

No. 567265

both him and Shay don’t seem to understand consent. You can’t consent when you’re drugged or drunk.
That’s rape.

No. 567309

The “fupa” is gonna give me a heart attack

No. 567336

do days go faster on your planet, Shayna? Because you seem to be taking this kind of fast.

No. 567345

File: 1524856400038.jpeg (79.42 KB, 750x763, 8B5802BF-BFFF-4B0A-A889-383FA0…)

She won’t even answer how long they’ve been together so it can’t be long

No. 567367

This is nothing I’ve seen this girl cling so fast in some cases she doesn’t even know what the person looks like

No. 567377

and it always ends badly for her. let’s take bets on how long it will take for them to break up and her to claim abuse.

No. 567379

they’re both serious retards. If he was an actual dom he’d know that a bdsm relationship doesn’t happen overnight. Or even in a week. It takes time to develop.

Tbh I think they’re gonna crash and burn by next month.

No. 567381

Maybe he'll "accidentally" choke her. God that girl is stupid, don't meet fetish strangers from tumblr pls

No. 567387

this guy is like the kind of guy that 14 year old girls worship when they first get into their alt phase and buy their first choker

No. 567394

There really isn’t any real doms on tumblr. Not professional ones anyway it’s all a bunch of wannabe amateurs who think ddlg is bdsm

No. 567402

The average tumblr dom suffers from anxiety and depression which has nothing to do with being alpha male. Please correct me if I’m wrong

No. 567406

wtf, this is really disgusting.

No. 567410

This gif is so gross and cringey.

No. 567424

she always says shit like this after she’s been lurking and you can tell it affects her self esteem so hard

No. 567432

File: 1524863142720.jpg (55.29 KB, 564x543, consent.JPG)

i thought this dude said he had a really busy job? why is he always on tumblr?

No. 567439

God he’s like a male version of Shay

No. 567457

He is loving the attention

No. 567521


I hope they both get STD tests. Seriously! 30+ yr old male who's reeks of desperation like him, matched with Shayna's pussy and ass boils. They should at least do some STD tests.

Also, I wonder if he's paying for her trip. LOL if SHE is. All that sugar talk, and she gets stuck with a broke FUPA Hot Topic poster boy. They are so perfect for each other.

You guys can't be too surprised she hasn't waited. Remember the fat ginger fuck from last summer? She went all the way to Cali and fucked him and all she got were shitty gifs and a photoshoot where she was overshadowed by the other girl & looks like a gremlin.

This guy is a joke. It's the biggest confirmation that Shayna is trash and lacks taste. She can't even get with a single hot guy. He wont even defend her, instead he defends himself. He keeps reiterating that he "wasn't here" for the drama, and keeps acknowledging how low and pathetic people think she is. It definitely shows that this guy hasn't been on Tumblr long. What can your excuse be fore wanting to get with Shay, other than being oblivious or absent for the trainwreck. I actually feel so bad for her.

Like it's been said, the only people who deal with her, are pathetic dumblr whores looking for any type of validation. Or people looking for some sort of clout, thinking she's widely known in a certain part of a community on tumblr. Even tho it's for being a COMPULSIVE LIAR, having bad business practices, and having a gross pussy. So bad, that even customers feel cheated after buying her content after seeing her vag only after buying it. Like that's so fucking sad.

I wonder what this guy is gonna say once he sees her nasty snatch in person. Like is his ego too big that he'll dump her, ghost her, or will he not want to be the butt of a joke so he'll ignore it. Kinda makes you think what kind of mess he's got going on down there if he's willing to touch hers. CRINGE

No. 567530

wait! how have I never seen this ginger fuck threesome gifs/photoshoot? is it on her blog?

No. 567537

"uwu im a dumb bimbo baby"

gets with an old ass man who still actively uses tumblr to enjoy goreporn for the edge factor

Theyre hxc drug-using kink freaks guise, its not a phase anymore. Kek

No. 567538

Nobody, no one, would ever worship that thing. He totally looks like those weirdos that smoke cigs at the mall entrance and hit on every girl that walks by.

The delusion is real. He totally is loving the attention, even tho it's negative. Like it really is like a roadside attraction/trainwreck. Mr. Fupa Pussy Boils. I'm still so dumbfounded. One look at this guys tumblr and I'm getting an ab workout from laughing so hard.

She looks like shit in EVERY photoshoot she does. Like always, she rarely posts it, so you have to go look on the ginger's blog. She posted one from her "shoot" she's got a lollipop on a bed, and looks hideous. The rest of the pics were on the other girls IG. The gifs were on the ginger's tumblr, drowned out by gifs and pics of him with other girls he took that SAME WEEK. hhahah! The pics should be in old threads.

No. 567553

Of fucking course his cat is named Draco

No. 567554

File: 1524872696013.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.02 KB, 715x969, 4622.jpg)

When you strategically have to cover your disgusting pussy and ass boils with a rosary. & Call your FUPA hot topic loser dom "god" in hopes that the edginess will take attention away from the fact that you are legit known for being the most pathetic, delusional sad sap in your irrelevant corner of tumblr where your name is synonymous with disease ass/pussy outbreaks and lying about being abused.

So she has no time for petty things, yet she goes out of her way to answer those anons , and take the time to take a selfie whilst positioning her hand and props to hide her disgusting snatch.

What kind of of person who does porn has to hide their vagina? Like seriously Shayna should listen to her mom, she knows best. This line of work isn't for her.

No. 567558


She does this shit every so often. She did this before with the whole "fuck your dad" thing, now she's on this "god/lord" bs. Like I know she's trying to impress Mr. Fupa, but she just looks and sounds like a fucking idiot.

No. 567560

her nails look terrible wow

No. 567566

Her nails never look professionally done. Her cuticles always look like hell even after she just got her nails done

No. 567576

Uhhh Shayna you might want to stay away from this creep unless dying for snuff porn seems appealing.

No. 567660

They're going to be a fantastic couple, both haggard and overused garbage collecting likes on tumblr in the year 2025 lmao

But for real, his profile says 30 something… That's not cute. You're literally displaying to the world that you're almost 40 with no real goals or career in sight. Probably working at an AT&T in Michigan or something along those lines.
God… How is it her "job" to sugar… And she's always picking these broke fools?? Shes a laughing stock among real sugarbabies

No. 567890

Broke fits her aesthetic

No. 567893

I think the
>"you never wake up"
bit implies he doesn't care if you're even alive, never mind consenting
>username: youvebeenwarned

These people actually want to die or??!

No. 567902

Lol. She wants to be set free

No. 568014

don’t forget he loves meth lol you have to work at being a fatass on meth

wonder if this is the first incel for Shay? no way this guy isn’t a total virginfat

No. 568026

File: 1524926063735.png (147.53 KB, 720x656, Screenshot_2018-04-28-10-31-57…)

sex toys are my job and idk how to use them hehehehehehe

No. 568027

File: 1524926138978.png (165.43 KB, 720x811, Screenshot_2018-04-28-10-32-15…)

Still begging for a new camera, but now its so we can laugh at fupa1080 hi-def

No. 568030

File: 1524926617081.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x348, ohlord.JPG)

No. 568068

ooooooo I hope this produces new milk so bad

No. 568076

isn’t that the Jewish chick who weirdly defended shayna’s hitler comments?

No. 568081


No. 568087

File: 1524932334192.png (22.61 KB, 768x546, badbaffoon.png)

just for a reminder. this was an ask that mia answered.

No. 568176

Her followers are probably broke or underage

No. 568182

And the other 90% are bots/inactive

No. 568193

she’s been doing this for two years now and really has nothing to show for it. Her fan base is pathetic

No. 568321

Followers don’t mean shit on tumblr. If it was Instagram or Twitter she’d probably have more loyal ones and less porn bots.

No. 568351

File: 1524951570252.png (263.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180428-143841.png)

Get ready to cringe

No. 568609

File: 1524966071943.png (10.94 KB, 309x359, shay.PNG)

interesting how she's on Mia's cam and not her own (probably because Mia actually has reoccurring customers unlike shay). I don't have the time to watch the stream sooo if anyone has got caps

No. 568617

I can't do caps. but I can do quotes. standing and mia is in frame and dolly's head is cut out: "Shes so short. I'm jealous" yes we know shay

No. 568620

they got tipped to make out with each other and Mia was trying to get it started and shay just delayed for like two solid minutes by laughing and moving away whenever mia got close

No. 568643

but she's totally *~*GAY*~* you guise! she loves the vag. Pay no attention to her disgust at having to touch one. She's just playing coy.

Her various daddies over time have nothing to do with her lesbianess.

No. 568649

They're on cam.

Shayna is super annoying on cam. She acts so obnoxious when she's with other people. She also keeps looking at Mias tits. Constantly comparing herself, sizing up competition. Shayna is also constantly backing up so she looks smaller next to Mia. It's fucking sad. She's been covering up her vag too, but that's nothing new.

No. 568657

whats the link

No. 568658

No. 568660


watching it through my phone so ill post caps later when i physically cannot bare it any longer

No. 568661

File: 1524968924885.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.01 KB, 728x672, lol.jpg)

After Mia shows of her vag, Shayna backed up 4 feet to bend over, so far away, but you can still see how gross her snatch is
and her usual boils.

Shayna keeps sitting trying to nonchalantly push her tits together to make them look bigger. She keeps staring at Mias tits, you can tell Shay's super insecure. (pic)

They're doing a shower!!Mia is smart. She knows Shayna's rep of not bathing, clever way to get her to clean her body before having to touch her when making content.

No. 568663

Did it stop working for anyone else? It says her webcam is off

No. 568666

File: 1524969071342.png (Spoiler Image,865.73 KB, 1068x1359, Screenshot_2018-04-28-22-26-54…)

No. 568667

File: 1524969089077.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.29 KB, 750x547, 6C6904D3-58B5-454B-B6A9-C13688…)

Mia got up for a second so of course Shayna needs to show off her glorious pussy

No. 568668

File: 1524969106131.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.36 KB, 750x535, DA0A8ABF-01F5-4970-96BA-8BC002…)

No. 568673

File: 1524969141879.jpeg (Spoiler Image,38.06 KB, 362x502, 6A5A7681-EA5F-4CF0-8236-5793EE…)

Something about showering - yikes shay loves bathing

No. 568678

They muted guests

No. 568682

they were transitioning to bathroom and stopped broadcasting for a moment, they're back now

No. 568684

File: 1524969371740.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 750x1334, 94D13B11-FC9E-47BC-89C0-A9E91A…)

Looking super awkward next to her friend after bregrudingly getting into the shower

No. 568685

Spoiler that shit

No. 568686

I hope they plan on showering cause that's gonna be fucking nasty if they plan on taking a bath

No. 568687

not even she is purposefully not standing in the water LOL she even said she felt "slimy" and mia responded with well you need to use the soap

No. 568688

shay commented on how good mia’s boobs looked when she bent over. she’s i’m so insecure it’s almost sad

No. 568692

the way she keeps scrunching herself to make herself look smaller is so fucking pathetic. like her insecurities of her saying "i only want to be the smallest, youngest, shortest" is so true. She's going to be keeping her arms close together just so she can make her tits appear larger. This is sad. Like if you have to back up several feet to show ur pussy, she needs to get into a different line of work

No. 568694

she keeps covering her nasty pussy because the sores are turning super red in the shower

No. 568698

update: shayna is now rubbing soap all over mia's pubes and scratching them with her talons

No. 568700

and all they really did was stand in the water
nice shower 10/10 really clean

No. 568702

File: 1524969901587.png (Spoiler Image,882.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180428-214006.png)

Her downstairs situation is still pretty horrific.

No. 568705

someone asked if she escorts lol

No. 568709

shay was dancing in front of the camera but made sure to close her legs often and try to cover her infected crotch lolllll

No. 568711

File: 1524970158132.png (Spoiler Image,477.82 KB, 838x626, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 10.4…)

she took her hair down, and it legit didn't move out of the ponytail shape its crusty as fuck

No. 568720

I had no idea her voice was that deep..

No. 568725

I swear I was just about to say that. It’s really deep. It’s nothing like those videos.

No. 568733

File: 1524971351651.png (Spoiler Image,165.06 KB, 404x378, 2018-04-28 (5).png)

No. 568735

File: 1524971401023.png (Spoiler Image,176.23 KB, 407x405, 2018-04-28 (9).png)

No. 568737

the bumps spread so far out wtf is happening

No. 568738

She'd have such a nice body if she actually fucking took care of her shit

No. 568739

shay grow your bush out or do what syphilitic ladies did back in the day and wear a merkin

No. 568744

Is it like…possible to have genital acne? Maybe she is allergic to the toys she uses? That can’t be from shaving… does she itch it a lot? What happens down there. What the fuck. STD? Who would work with this?

No. 568751

I wonder if Mia is going to have the balls to touch that… I honestly would have canceled the show after the shower..

No. 568757

File: 1524972053982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.34 KB, 750x889, 5ADA95A5-DA2D-4081-9F3A-507DE0…)

Shayna and Mia were making out and for a little and Shay kept trying to bite Mia’s upper lip, I think? I’m honestly not sure. She really tried to suck on it for like 10 seconds for sure. It was as unnerving as it was unsexy.

No. 568771

She was probably worried her hair and makeup would be “ruined”

No. 568773

I think it's from the never-ending cycle of waxing/shaving with bumps. It's basically an infection that hasn't gone away and won't until she 1. stops shaving/waxing for a while and 2. gets on antibiotics

No. 568797

They started the show in the bath together, then moved to the bedroom, then to the shower. I didn’t get caps but yeah they were sharing shay’s nasty infected bath water

No. 568829

I came in part way and the water was definitely brown/yellow, not sure if they used oil or a bath bomb or something but I was grossed out. I feel like tomorrow they're going to have to escalate to more than just kissing and then using the hitachi for like 30 seconds on shay at the very end. it's happening again at 8pm EST tomorrow

No. 568837

so much discoloration you cant even tell she shaves/waxes. give your cooch a rest girl.

No. 568840

She actually looks good in this picture. She should really dump the cutesy little girl aesthetic and adopt a more mature look - it suits her much better.

No. 568915

It’s so damaged.

No. 568924


That’s definitely a personal opinion because to most of us she still looks just as wrecked/tragic.
At this point I don’t really think there’s anything she could do to turn herself around from this crash and burn she’s become. I want to feel bad for Mia that she has to deal with/touch Shays disgusting snatch, but she thrusted that upon herself over the course of feeding into her delusions, so it is what it is kek

No. 568936

Holy shit, I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad? But didn't she just get sugared? Who would touch that? Hopefully some conversation we're not privy to went on between her and the person that dared to go there. There is hope for you, Shay. Get some help.

No. 568976

Shay needs to start using low quality webcams more often because she looks pretty cute in this screencap

No. 569051

her hair actually looks nice here.

No. 569167

These kinks usually involve pretend sleep usually the person is not actually unconscious so this is very creepy

No. 569191

Shay has talked about wanted to be drugged so she goes unconscious and doesn’t feel anything. That’s rape, and that’s creepy.

No. 569196

File: 1525020592257.jpeg (Spoiler Image,601.98 KB, 1242x910, 6D81ED83-68DC-429D-864D-7D4896…)

From last night, wouldn’t let me post.

No. 569202

That just blatantly screams she doesn’t like sex. She wants to have sex, but not feel it? She wants to be unconscious… what do we know about Shays upbringing? I feel like she was probably molested in her sleep or some shit, it happens often

No. 569205

Covering up her sores kek the other girl’s looks godly in comparison

No. 569211

Lol yep - her casually putting her hand over her leprotic cooter is the first thing I noticed! Can’t hide those butt boils though.

No. 569213

It was pretty hilarious when she was purposely slouching to look smaller next to Mia.

No. 569221

File: 1525022631396.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

No. 569226

she does it because it’s trendy and idiots on tumblr think it’s edgy. we all know she lied about CSA.

No. 569521

File: 1525045638770.png (173.21 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_2018-04-29-19-46-40…)

No. 569529

Her lease is somehow almost up? That's not a lease lmao

No. 569547

she could have gotten like an academic lease which could be jan-june or something

No. 569572

she is on cam! bumping so others can see and come take screenshots, my computer is a step above a toaster but it's gonna be a good show. here's the link


No. 569600

File: 1525048998015.png (Spoiler Image,343.56 KB, 566x518, 2018-04-29 (5).png)

big ass shoulder boil

No. 569602

File: 1525049063008.png (Spoiler Image,212.4 KB, 302x492, 2018-04-29 (6).png)

tried capping it where you could see it sticking out, but believe me that thing was protruding.

No. 569604

mia did a closeup of shay's crack and the WHOLE thing was acne lmaaooooo

No. 569606

Yeah, it was awful. I took a screenshot (and some more that i'll post asap)

No. 569608

thank you! I'm sorry I can't contribute much but I'm watching it too lol

No. 569609

File: 1525049609083.png (Spoiler Image,323.18 KB, 633x501, 2018-04-29 (20).png)

shay's asscne

No. 569615

File: 1525049740949.png (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB, 1750x1050, 14516687169512685147.png)

Ew…I need a shower

No. 569619

The burnette looks happy and like she’s having a good time, but Shay just seems so forced like fck
Are you seriously that secluded Shay, you’ve forgotten how to interact with friends?

No. 569622

lol at least she is acknowledging her giant back zit. she had to change the angle of her phone to record on her snap chat so it wouldn't be full on bacne

No. 569636

shay kissed her and then right away went "im gay"

No. 569637

how can you justify making porn when your parts look like that?!

No. 569653

File: 1525052455430.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.19 KB, 1129x924, B244B267-F804-40A5-A70C-FDE1B2…)

slouching like usual, and being insufferable on cam

No. 569685

kek mia is making her shower again

No. 569686

Mia is barely touching her ass kek not even her own friend wants to touch it

No. 569687

File: 1525054547201.png (704.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot (21).png)

lol one of the ppl asked her how tall she was, then said "tall af" and dolly looked so triggered

No. 569689

mia is like rubbing herself in soap and dolly is just sitting there barely under the water with no soap or anything

No. 569694

She's probably super insecure with her makeup all coming off in the shower kek she did once say that she was insecure without makeup in older threads (notice how Mia is basically wearing almost no makeup)

No. 569697

She doesn’t exactly look comfortable being touched by a girl

No. 569709

File: 1525055338496.jpeg (217.2 KB, 442x786, 96FE4F3F-C93D-49CF-BE85-9B423D…)

No. 569711

File: 1525055480022.png (158.33 KB, 720x724, Screenshot_2018-04-29-22-30-00…)

No. 569721

Is her tumblr boyfriend sending her anons inquiring about his chances of banging other tumblr sluts?

No. 569755

You know this shit must drive her insane.

Like when Shay got all jelly over him asking the tumblr hoes to request for follows. >>567162

No. 569783

File: 1525063928054.png (110.9 KB, 720x405, Screenshot_2018-04-30-00-51-26…)

You all are freaking her the hell out lmao

No. 569793

Shay, real talk. Learn to separate your character from the real you. Stop dating shitty tumblr doms and other gross losers. Stop basing all of your friendships, relationships, and interactions with other people, around sex if you want people to value you than more than a disposable sextoy. Stop pretending you are happy with this life when you clearly aren't. Stop looking for other people to fill that void.

Also, for the love of god, just let your bush grow back and trim it? Take care of yourself, let those sores heal and buy a goddamn bed.

Sage for bullshit. But come on already. You are doing this to yourself Shay.

No. 569796

File: 1525064620070.gif (Spoiler Image,12.69 MB, 667x434, 0DBA6A97-ACF5-44B3-A21F-7EB417…)

I come bearing gifs

No. 569797

File: 1525064692604.gif (Spoiler Image,3.19 MB, 750x421, 96D59116-BCF7-4024-BECE-7A7733…)

No. 569800

File: 1525064998888.gif (Spoiler Image,10.6 MB, 750x421, AD13FE31-C497-4CB6-8BBC-5EFA96…)

Shayna is such a huuuuge pain slut! Lololol

No. 569802

File: 1525065099341.gif (Spoiler Image,5.4 MB, 667x750, 9E8975FE-7069-4F3B-8A7D-386F27…)

You shake those thunder thighs shaynut

No. 569814

serious question does she have an std? i'm new to this thread and am very confused and grossed out

No. 569843

Shay looks like she's about to puke in that girls mouth, has she ever seen two people french kiss before?

No. 569845

File: 1525070946672.jpg (2.37 KB, 225x225, Download.jpg)

No. 569870

File: 1525072978298.gif (Spoiler Image,15.87 MB, 667x750, EF56E3F0-8C68-40E9-8EE6-E50C51…)

I forgot the best one my bad guys

No. 569876

Okay now I’m personally offended lol, like I’m a pretty unknown Camgirl and I did a photo set EXACTLY like this last year that has always been one of my better selling, I mean she literally stole the pose and position of the cross from the rosary lmao, unoriginal enough to steal someone’s only popular idea(no one cares)

No. 569880

Lmaooo she has to be drunk or on something

No. 569884

File: 1525073928037.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.04 KB, 694x554, IMG_20180430_003830.jpg)

No. 569907

they both took multiple shots and bong rips so yes she was

No. 569983

I don't know the other girl but she has nothing to be jealous of with the saggy mediocre tits the other girl has. They aren't that much bigger but they are 5x saggier. She's got a really bad case of long but not round tits. Looks especially sad and deflated in >>568684 makes me wonder how low the standards are for camgirls.

No. 569987

her boobs are normal, cam girls look like normal people not like porn stars. this threads about shay anyways no need to nitpick all camgirls appearances

No. 570192

Those fucking nipples

No. 570193

File: 1525107384528.png (120.48 KB, 720x527, Screenshot_2018-04-30-12-54-15…)

Sis making sure she gets those coins lmao

This bitch paid for her trip to Florida, is using mias camtime and customers… The only money she's made is selling that snapchat BEFORE she got down there kek yeah okay you "hard worker"

No. 570203

File: 1525108945655.jpeg (234.97 KB, 750x1176, 321D862E-58FC-4032-90E9-6CFFAE…)

Even when she’s sending pictures to her “daddy” she uses the baseboard set up. She doesn’t even want him to know how bad it probably is in that apartment

No. 570235

Hahaha that gimp mask balaclava!, how could anybody have sex with somebody wearing that squint eyed open mouthed monstrosity (still talkin' about the woollen facehat here not youvebeenwarned btw) without collapsing in hysterical laughter?? Much menace, true scare hahaha snort

No. 570358

File: 1525119610463.png (1023.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180430-131916.png)

Lol those tags
I guess kind of thankful he is slightly changing her back from her pink baby bimbo ways

No. 570361

even her own bf agrees she looks better with black clothing.. I wonder how she feels knowing he prefers her old pics considering she's admitted to getting mad when people prefer her old look.

No. 570363

File: 1525119991439.png (413.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180430-132544.png)

Tag only has 2 pics, calm down Shay. Ur just acknowledging he likes you better as a "goth"

No. 570372

She looks so much better here tbh. Her features are way too harsh and mature for the cutesy, pastel, baby bimbo look she keeps trying to push.

That pink shag rug already looks so discolored and matted. Gross.

No. 570443

File: 1525125721846.png (3.79 KB, 330x163, okay.PNG)

Why is Shay acting all emo when she's at her friend's house? idk it's weird that she's not all excited anymore like she was prior to going over. It's gotta probably be awkward considering Mia lives with her boyfriend so Shay probably feels left out when Mia is done camming

No. 570448

god she needs to learn how to shave her pussy the right way… like girl. too many razor bumps. youd think she'd know since shes such a 'hardworking sex worker'

No. 570505

She does not shave she waxes and sugars get it right

No. 570510

she waxes and sugars and shaves to fill in the gap.

or is that the joke, and I totally ruined it by explaining it?

No. 570524

she looks good here. go back to curly hair and stop pushing the barbie bimbo look, pink is not your colour.

No. 570580

File: 1525133712618.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180430-171501.png)

Those nails though

No. 570647

Sleeping on that blow up mattress at mia’s must feel amazing compared to her sleeping on her rug

No. 570790

What in the fuck is Shay doing? She legit looks like she’s going to vomit at the beginning of that loop, how does she ever think she looks good? Or even act as though she likes her ‘job’.

No. 570798

I wonder if she would try to fuck Mia’s bf. Would Mia kick her ass out?

No. 570857

File: 1525158493956.jpg (26.1 KB, 600x338, download (3).jpg)

Aside from her regular boils and pimples, It looks like she has scabies. If she sleeps on the ground in her apartment, it's likely. Did she even vacuum since she moved in? GAG!

No. 570942

She’s so bad at taking nudes which is incredible cos it’s literally her job, the second photo is ok but the first one? The angle her lower body is at looks weird as fuck LEARN YOUR ANGLES SHAYNA

No. 570998

I wonder what she did with her cat while she was away? I hope she didn't just fill up her cat's food bowl before leaving and left it at that.

No. 571034

File: 1525189579450.jpg (53.15 KB, 502x351, stalker.JPG)

when you tell people you have a fantasy of being stalked and raped dont be surprised when people take it too seriously. how stupid can you get shay?

No. 571137

When did the “rape” occur?

No. 571143

Looks like a man ass, even her vag looks like a set of balls

No. 571152

it's sad seeing her with mia bc its so obvious how pretty mia is.. it's crazy that mia is even friends with shay. nobody comes to mias cam shows to see shay. shes so gross i cant even explain it

No. 571186

? how do you KNOW she was lying about any CSA or rape claims, When reading about her that was my first thought. She is clearly not right in the head, and is being exploited. I don't care how annoying or how much of a cow she is, but accusing someone of lying about sexual abuse is just a really shitty thing to do.

No. 571191

That's what I'm saying. No one has an ACTUAL proof of her lying about being raped, it's all speculation based around what she posts/says. EVERYTIME someone points out the fact that there is so factual evidence to deny her claims y'all say "well on the other thread" or "well she said/does this" but no ACTUAL evidence.

No. 571200

im not the Anon you were talking to, but do you really expect someone to trawl through lots of posts, when they just want a simple answer to a serious and delicate Topic?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 571204


Victims of CSA, rape and so forth often do that "Kind of shit" to themselves, Why? I do no not know, but their is a link. I would rather WK a sex worker, than be one said cow desperate for fresh milk ( aka more misfortune) Nothing Lulzy about young women getting taking advantage off.

No. 571227

She's an adult who makes mistakes and has gone out of her way to put herself out there. People have tried to help in the event that maybe that's all it is, but she doesn't care, so why should we?

No. 571228

Dumbass. Control f or "find in page" can help you not scroll through 1200 posts holy shit use your brain

No. 571229

Wasn't someone in these threads saying that when Shay claimed the rape and shaved her head because of it, that all she did was follow a fad and shave a small patch of the side of her head? That person said they went to school with her and that it was all around their high school that she cheated and cried rape so connor wouldn't leave her?

No. 571246

File: 1525208544541.jpg (280.69 KB, 500x500, bb4.jpg)

We've been over this so many times already. She never got raped. She cheated on her boyfriend and claimed rape afterwards so she wouldn't have to take the blame. And the "CSA" she's talking about was just her mom grounding her because she was worried about her daughter (Shay kept misbehaving and being a brat in class and shit like that).
There are either links in the last thread or the thread before that proofing that she's acting like just trying to raise your child is CSA. She's a spoiled stupid brat and would just rather fuck herself without lube than get a real fucking job. The most trauma she's seen was that dumb BDSM porn she recorded.
Also for fucks sake, you're making a joke out of real CSA victims by saying shit like that. Just stop

No. 571288

File: 1525211238898.png (230.9 KB, 720x532, Screenshot_2018-05-01-17-46-19…)

Well im officially disgusted.

No. 571293

File: 1525211540436.png (135.31 KB, 720x586, Screenshot_2018-05-01-17-50-47…)

They don't know how shaynas racist you guys. There are people who genuinely don't know that she perpetuated the idea of fucking herself with a black/tan dildo while wearing trumps face. Wow.

No. 571329

Hey Shayna, please go to mtv.com/casting-calls and try to get yourself a reality show. If you're going to act a mess like this you might as well be getting paid for it. I'd love to see a "True Life" episode on this whore

No. 571350

File: 1525215533861.gif (Spoiler Image,606.29 KB, 540x304, whatkindofface.gif)

this is from her new vid "airborne barbie"

I'm not sure why she thinks this is a sexy face.

No. 571358

Her facial expressions during anything remotely sexual always come off looking very… handicapped.

Tbh, she has a nice stomach and her boob shape/size is really nice minus her wonky nipples. Is there anything she could even do to fix her absolute lack of hips? I imagine exercise would help with her butt to some extent, but her hips seem like an impossible fix.

No. 571360

man… i feel for whomever uses the can after her.

No. 571361

is this the first time she’s ever actually even been penetrated on cam (besides dry fucking her ass)? im surprised tbh

No. 571364

she does, I don't know why so many anons act as if she's deformed or whatever, she just has small hips, not everyone is gonna look like a sex doll

she can try corseting or tight lacing, hip abductors, hip widening yoga, etc

doubt she will though, small hips aren't a huge flaw or anything unless you're constantly trying to emphasize them

No. 571365


It's hilarious how some of you guys call below average women "so pretty" just to shit on a cow.

No. 571405

I actually feel sorry that people are calling her attractive. Like maybe for a basic chick shes attractive. For her "career choice" though? She's mediocre at best. Her teeth are uneven, her tits aren't high/flattering enough and she has no flattering figure. Is that mean? Then maybe she should pick a different career path. Her looks are her money maker… She's supposed to be a smoking hot babe with some assets and she doesn't even have that. Ive seen beautiful plus size girls pull off the bimbo aesthetic and kill it! I've seen flat chested girls with no bootys pull off the dominant aesthetic and do great! Its all about looks in this field and I can't even imagine someone giving this girl a second one lol
/saging here just in case it doesn't show up in the email field/

No. 571411

File: 1525218869217.gif (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 450x253, sointoit.gif)

oh shay, you look so disinterested.

No. 571412

"this is how girls look in porns right Mia?"

No. 571415

I kind of feel bad for Mia. She seems like shes actually into it and enjoying herself. Shay seems so uninterested in even just kissing. If you were going to be disinterested the whole time why even bother wasting other peoples money to go down there in the first place, Shay?


"bloopers" aka, Shayna not caring

No. 571418

File: 1525219197164.png (112.71 KB, 251x228, Capture.PNG)

real cute

No. 571420

File: 1525219237229.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.21 KB, 340x270, BS.JPG)

Mia is such a scammer though. $15 for a 5 minute video?! what kind of bullshit? she even said its just them kissing and goofing off, no action. and if you look at her page its a common thing. she has 3-5 minute videos for $10+ which is such a rip off.

No. 571421

are shay's eyes open? creepy.

No. 571422

At least mia doesn't look like she wants to vomit and smells like piss? Like that's pretty sexy compared to lil ol shay

No. 571423


lmao is she faking her moans as a joke or is she really trying to be serious here? i can't tell.

No. 571428

File: 1525219681409.gif (Spoiler Image,2.66 MB, 400x225, idontlikegirls.gif)

totally believable. kek.

No. 571523

File: 1525227014023.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.42 KB, 487x871, eww.jpg)


You know how dirty air planes are. Especially plane bathrooms. Yeah, show yourself touching the nastiest surfaces then smearing it all over your gross diseased vag.

I am concerned for the people who go in after her, not her. Smearing her nasty diseased shit everywhere.

No. 571528


Don't have a problem with Mia, but they both looks so gross. Can't blame Mia for trying tho, she had to host, put up with, and touch Shayna. She needs to be compensated for her time and sacrifice somehow… 15 for 5 is too much for anything these 2 did. Who wants to laugh and look at some awkward shit, the farthest thing from hot or sexy. G on G is great, but they both failed fucking miserably. In theory it could've sounded good, 2 dumblr girls, both looked disheveled and unkempt, one blonde, one brunette finally meet, diff looks and customer base. But it was like mustard on a pancake, painfully fucking awkward, and jusg really gross.

Just so sad, Shayna tried sooooo hard, and still always gets overshadowed by someone who doesn't even try. Shayna's faces, and weird body movements ruined all the content.

No. 571532

File: 1525227967965.png (11.51 KB, 258x316, wtf.png)

lol!!! It's all about having no taste and buying cheap materials and poor quality from random place you can afford. Doesn't matter, as long as it's pink!!~ kek.

Slip on your pleasers? She already looks like tall awkward lungren goon, she doesn't need to wear stripper heels out. She's so tacky. She looks so weird in heels anyways. I've yet to see her in a single pair that looked decent.

No. 571536

>her tits arent high enough
Uhh what? We all hate shay here but her tits look perky and good to me, its her only good feature if anything, what do you expect anon her tits to be on her collarbone?

No. 571538

its funny cos shes shown off her shoe collection and even said some of them were too high for her to go out in public in. why even have them? oh ya to make it look like you have a glamorous life when in reality youre shitting out easter eggs onto a piss soaked rug for $5

No. 571540

pfft, sacrifice? please. mia has been over pricing her content since she first started. she didnt do this as charity she did it because shay is her actual friend. her content is just as boring as shay's, but at least she uses lube ffs.

No. 571541


Can you imagine trying to collab w/ her nasty ass. Mia is so much more feminine and delicate, and much more smaller than Shay. It would make more sense if Shayna was the one who was wearing the strap on. She's got mannish features and just much more suited being a Do than Mia. Regardless if it's her personal aesthetic of not.

>part time goth girlfriend.

haha! She's finally realized she wasn't special and he's been talking to other girls. Trying to pretend she's down with it, acknowledging she know's she's only part time, when she was literally hanging off his ballsack a few days ago… before he talked to all those girls.

so sad

No. 571556

Gahaha, it was clearly meant to be ironic. I agree there tho, Mia's content has always been the same the only difference I've seen is no/socks, no/glasses. Shayna already knows she has to compensate for her gross boils on her vagina and ass with her props and shit and her low prices. Mia has a customer base and regs on cam, that Shay doesn't, but Mia also doesn't beg like Shay does for shit.

They both just pet each others ego. Didn't Shayna say "a girl who is doing great in the industry reached out to me, and sees promise in me" about her? Regardless, it turned out super awkward, not sexy, not even cute. What a bust.

No. 571577

File: 1525230834643.jpeg (507.9 KB, 1242x1505, 45ED19D1-A4D6-4051-B468-1D9C1B…)

oh no

No. 571636

File: 1525235080403.png (85.25 KB, 592x698, wtf.png)

No. 571638

I really think she's gonna get targeted by a serial killer someday because of how often she meets strangers to get roughened up. She needs to be careful.

No. 571647

She really isn't a virgin anymore since she gets fucked a woman. Or does she only count fucking a guy as losing it

No. 571663

that would be quite hilarious tho

No. 571666

so he’s into rape? like actual rape? wth? um…edgy?

No. 571681

Please, dear god, no.

No. 571697

Honey, she hasn't been a virgin in ages. She's just saying that to sell herself as ~innocent~ and 'pure' to her neckbeards.

No. 571776

Mia's tits look like such sad deflated balloons. I've never seen that level of sag without volume

No. 571818

And everybody clapped.

No. 571822

anon probably expects tits to be perfect globes stuck to the front of someone that hover there defying gravity. like how some boobs look with implants. just floating and perfectly spherical. lmao

No. 571825

that's literally what tits look like when someone bends over. you must have never seen that before

No. 571843


And that man was Albert Einstein

No. 571852

File: 1525274747910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.31 KB, 233x406, 465EF314-4816-4767-A325-E8B6B2…)

Why does she look like she’s constipated

No. 571871

did we give up trying to figure out what her mental state is because this is just so fucking bizarre
who does she think shes making this shit for? how does she see this and go 'oh yeah i look fine, my nails look good on me and i smell like anything but a rodent'
Not to bring up old shit but are we sure she's not doing anything but pot and an occasional stimulant of the not meth variety? Is she really just that stupid/delusional/disconnected

No. 571873

She probably is with how shit her diet is kek
Side note, those disgusting bumps are visible even in this low lighting. Her vagina just screams infection.

No. 571880

She’s definitely all kind of delusional

No. 571881

is she really fucking herself with those gross ass nails

No. 571885

she looks like a subby twink doing something for her dom kek

No. 571886

she looks like a subby twink doing something for her dom kek

No. 571895

File: 1525280717234.gif (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 450x253, 24BA270E-E9BB-4A7D-A4CF-51D942…)

She’s so into it, everyone

No. 571901

Here’s a really awkward “trailer” for her strapon vid. She looks so uncomfortable.


No. 571947

Gay for pay good look for tweaker shayna

No. 571999

Shayna was never raped. I am SURE and I do have proof. However, that story about her cheating on her boyfriend and crying rape when she was caught is ALSO completely not true. When she first shaved part of her hair (which she claimed came right after the rape) she was dating someone named Dom.

No. 572022

wanna share that proof?

No. 572033

No, don’t really feel like providing proof, you can go back and read through her threads, have fun.

No. 572034

If you want a Mia thread go make one and stop shitting this one up by WKing for Shayna.

No. 572038

All the faces she makes are so awful!

She needs to practice her fuckfaces in a mirror, I s2g. Or watch someone like Stoya and copy her or something, idk. Shay is so low rent compared to almost every other camgirl I can think of. Even Stormy lives better.

No. 572045

File: 1525293373063.jpeg (61 KB, 640x303, 4076FC1E-134C-4686-9462-CDCEFB…)

Proof that she has zero friends in Seattle cause she’s gotta fly back home just to have someone to spend her birthday with

No. 572046

File: 1525293478945.gif (6.36 MB, 359x202, 3CD877DB-ABAB-4FB0-B64F-85A575…)

Stoya is the cutest bug in porn holy fuck yes Shayna you should feel ashamed because you’ll never look like this. I’m sorry but I’m in love lol

No. 572048

File: 1525293884763.gif (764 KB, 500x280, EED6E7F5-D11C-4BCD-A370-95A666…)

Haha I only said Stoya because she’s the first girl who came to mind, but if this became a mini Stoya thread it’d be funny, Shay will never get to that level of success. Do you think Shay knows what an ultimate failure she is?

Here, in love anon, have another one. Shay, watch this girl’s facial expressions, I don’t think it will do you any good, but at least we won’t have to look at your mentally handicapped fuckfaces any longer if you can get it sorted.

No. 572074

File: 1525295577980.jpeg (45.11 KB, 512x384, 1CD0A8DB-31B2-4830-AC9A-9D41C7…)

No. 572094


Everyone focuses on her shit tier faces, but her body language is pretty bad too. Force a quiver or something, anything, other than laying there dead as fuck.

No. 572101

(Not sure why someone answered for me lol??) I can’t share proof without revealing who I am.

No. 572178

In general, Shay behaves like she's only ever watched people on television and she's trying to imitate them as well as she can.
Which isn't very well at all. >>569870

No. 572231

While her faces look better than what, let's not pretend that this stoya is doing a great job either.. that shit looks fake too lol

No. 572232

*look better than shayna
Damn autocorrect…

No. 572251

yeah seriously I mean she looks pretty but that is SUCH a fake sex face. she looks like a pretty actress. I think natural sex faces are at least a little ugly.

No. 572262

Looking at the gifs she looks sexually unexperienced. Like she’s never kissed anyone ever

No. 572268

Shoo, go away Shayna

No. 572270

she almost looks scared to kiss another female. she doesn’t look aroused or interested. turn your head or something shay lol it’s just a kiss

No. 572310

>and I do have proof
>I don't feel like providing the proof
Then why say that you have proof

No. 572344

File: 1525317928284.gif (754.21 KB, 350x185, 78D7E06A-DA26-4A03-85D7-622F10…)

lol w/e half the reason she’s so huge is precisely because she’s not a fake but i guess all the porn pros who frequent the thread don’t think so gosh i better agree with you and um
no not everyone looks like a mongoloid when they come, sorry, but it stinks like summerfags and infants in here.

No. 572350

yeah. she's 'huge'.

you type like she does when she sends herself glowingly positive asks.

No. 572354

oh my god i’m talking about Stoya being huge not Shayna lol this thread is ridiculous

No. 572360

sorry to break it to you but this is a shayna thread not a stoya thread. ridiculous.

No. 572377

File: 1525320286242.jpeg (28.26 KB, 320x192, 737055DF-D423-473C-9BC2-33A636…)

I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to correct other people’s mistakes in here. My god, I’m so, so sorry! I sure hope there’s some way a sad, bitter bitch like you could forgive me for such an unconscionable error, oh, hell; maybe I should neck myself rn? Right?

Stay clenched, cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572387

Stop derailing.

No. 572397

she is really too stupid. but hey it’s a first step! if we know she’s looking in the mirror, she can start practicing on her fucklooks and appearing less retarded next time she dryfucks herself. get to it shayna, you have a bunch of gifs here to help you. even the nene pic will be a move in the right direction.

No. 572604

File: 1525349309251.png (9.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9A1C4F19-B63D-46F9-8A0C-995A11…)


No. 572606

File: 1525349765955.jpeg (117.33 KB, 1242x587, 6C8C2E8E-1F44-40D0-A9AA-CE432D…)

can’t help but think it’s bc of shaynas downstairs situation and also bc shay doesn’t like girls lol

No. 572607


deedee get out of my laboratory

No. 572637

File: 1525354172287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.4 KB, 750x409, 3BA32E19-F0A3-488D-A6BD-744DBC…)

I made a meme

No. 572667

File: 1525357301298.jpeg (214.65 KB, 1242x1584, 033E81B8-6AC7-49D3-91C7-9C59B7…)

that’s literally a children’s walmart dress.

No. 572672

lmao it says "fit and flare" but on her it's just a "fit"

No. 572704

Idk how much more obvious its gonna get that she's making money off of the child-like image… Im sorry, but this girl needs help. I couldn't imagine myself walking in to a store, seeing something for young girls and going "omg that would look so great in my porno! The old guys will go nuts for this!"

No. 572707

File: 1525362730898.gif (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 540x304, 5bc12df3-00bd-4d23-aed2-56d0ed…)

That's why there's no pov, because the girl can't even ride one!
Shay, you've embarrassed yourself. Go home and leave it to the pro's

No. 572710

fuck at least Mia's pov previews have better angles… How has Shay not figured out what camera angles to use?
omg shay is sooooooo gay that she couldn't even eat some pussy? weak.

No. 572723

She is not sexually appealing at all she’s just a goofball. She can’t pull off sexy. She has this mom who hasn’t had sex In 20 years kind of vibe.

No. 572729

this trailer is just sad. she looks like a scared teenager having sex for like, the second time and trying to be sexy but failing. this is not porn, idk what this is.

No. 572734

It looks like a twink having a go for the first time hahaha

No. 572750

oh my god in what world is this sexy she looks like she’s taking a backwards poo

No. 572770

Mia has put content out in her bed with her bf, but she couldn't use her own bed for shayna??
I don't blame ya girl, i wouldn't put her near my bed either lol

No. 572774

“they’re threatened” by WHAT exactly shay??? Your boil covered puss & ability to dry fuck yourself on the floor of your studio?

No. 572776

to be fair I wouldn't allow Shay to fuck in my bed

No. 572782

damn what a bitch. she straight up said “you should be thankful we made content” umm? Excuse you?

No. 572807

Have you guys actually watched the preview though? It’s so much worse than the gifs https://www.manyvids.com/Video/716067/Getting-Fucked-in-Florida/

No. 572811

yah it’s really awkward. If this was like blooper footage or something It’d be whatever but did they just do this in one take and were like that looks amazing? I mean looking at Mia’s stuff though it’s prettu half assed too, with fancy editing thrown on top to make it seem not so bad. Damn these two can’t film.

No. 572817

File: 1525374747245.jpg (16.29 KB, 334x231, AB_jane_angela.jpg)

Shayna looks like a stiff lay kek. For being a sex worker she sures lacks skill in every area. She can't even suck a dildo

No. 572821

it's like she can't even move her hips. she looks sooooooo awkward. plus the dildo is only 3.5 inches it shouldn't be that hard to ride at all practically just have to bounce on it it's so short

No. 572833

Shayna can’t bounce her hank hill ass. I’d love to see her dumb ass try though, kek

No. 572837

hank hill or not, it's just about moving your pelvis, and having the quad strength to hold your body up. having any kind of muscle tone or strength… no wonder she can't do it.

No. 572858

Look at that huge hand omg. Fucking slenderman

No. 572874

makes me think of Bette Midler in hocus pocus, kek

No. 572926

File: 1525381625320.png (Spoiler Image,736.93 KB, 640x1136, DAF2F714-BDAE-490D-AAEC-EA6377…)

Everything about this reblog is so fucked up. Another blog she follows has several gifs of an actual child jerking off a grown man. Not posting caps for obvious reasons.

No. 572985


wow the noises she’s making makes it seem like it actually hurts her to have vaginal sex from all the terrible shit she has going on down there

No. 572989

File: 1525384347259.png (134.28 KB, 720x460, Screenshot_2018-05-03-17-51-30…)

Today on "Shayna's fake story time"

No. 573045

Why does she move like it’s the most painful thing?

No. 573051

You can even see Mia's hand pull Shay down on it.

No. 573097

and that woman…..was Harrie Tubman

No. 573102

wow, this is so sad.
what kind of imbeciles actually watch something like that.

No. 573104

the fuck is going on there. she is so bad at kissing? the other girl is hot though.

No. 573109

aaaaaaaaaand I wont be able to sleep tonight. thanks anon.

No. 573168

This is hilarious, more things in this thread like this are needed

No. 573202

she thinks it's a haul

No. 573209

File: 1525396483907.jpeg (148.37 KB, 746x1106, 82952AD4-F718-4262-A7D6-E2D8EF…)

the caption on this is so laughable I have nothing to add

No. 573212

Are they even real prada heels? I've looked online and cannot find those specific prada heels (unless she bought some super cheap ones cause the ones I found are well over 600 dollars)

No. 573219

doesn't this bitch wear uggs and clothes with misspelled words on them from china? u have no style unless white trash is one……….

No. 573220

99% sure they're fake, this bitch is cheap and tacky

No. 573232

lmao, she really thinks pink on pink on pink is stylish. wow.

No. 573235

File: 1525398399782.png (291.28 KB, 1275x653, shoes.PNG)

I found the shoes ! although the site I found them on said they were slightly used sooo… I think she bought used prada (here is the link just in case anyone wants to see https://www.tradesy.com/i/prada-black-suede-wedges-size-us-7-regular-m-b/1713125/ )

No. 573236

I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a vaginal, yeast, or urinary tract infection going on. Normal women can get those things from stress, diet, or even cleaning too much; I can’t imagine that Shay takes proper care of her vagina, considering that she shaves and waxes the daylights our of it and never lets her skin rest.

No. 573242

pink beret AND pink visor? Worn together?
Where are the photos of her wearing this becaue wtf, pixielocks creates better looks than this and hers are atrocious

No. 573374

File: 1525411738905.jpg (17.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

good find, anon.

(what a dumb fuck tho, these just look like Jeffree Campbell Night Walks, which she could have gotten new, in any color, for like 40 bucks. gotta feed that rich+famous delusion tho)

No. 573383

I don't image she'll be able to walk in these or anything similar. But hey, not being able to walk in heels fits her dumbass shaky leg Bambi aesthetic she loves bringing up.

No. 573384

I said "heels" but I guess I should have said platforms because these shoes have no heels, kek

No. 573397

I thought these went out of style years ago

No. 573430

i dont think she can afford a place in LA lmao. Even on the outskirts of LA in the suburbs and valley, its like $600 for a shared room mate(s). Apartments are super small and people are selective on picking a tenant. They want to see proof of income and employer info sometimes. If she wants a place to herself, especially in the heart of LA's city, its only more expensive. plus how is she going to find time to move her shit, and find a place knowing her laziness. i smell bs

No. 573440

File: 1525424286738.png (129.93 KB, 1249x860, used.png)

They absolutely did, which is why they aren't on the Prada site and why they are affordable for her right now. This particular Prada wedge was released in their Fall of 2012 collection. So literally second hand, nearly six year old shoes.

I found an even cheaper listing for them too. Only $175.

Yeah, she's pretty delusional if she thinks she could afford a decent place in or around LA. Not to mention, any decent place is going to want to run a credit check and want proof of employment.

No. 573444


They’re hideous and tacky

No. 573555


Those have high ankle straps. Hers have mary jane style straps.

No. 573612

File: 1525447830553.jpeg (145.73 KB, 1074x1473, Screenshot_2018-05-04-11-29-22…)

She prob found then at a local Nordstrom rack or something

No. 573622

knowing her she probably found them at Marshalls and it’s some bullshit knockoff like her “women should be resected” shirt, kek

No. 573625

Moving up in the world, is Shayna. Now she gets penetrated on cam for money. Wonder how this will play out? Brazzers?

No. 573626

What the fuck does she mean he only messages her on kik?? Are you a side hoe Shay?? Do you need to be hidden?

No. 573646

He’s such a mess that I’m sure he doesn’t feel the need to hide her. But her saying that shit about kik messaging is just…weird.

No. 573699

Bitch really thinks she’s famous doesn’t she?

No. 573715

If she was actually famous she wouldn’t have time to complain so much

No. 573763

if she was actually famous, she wouldn't have to point out the she is famous.

No. 573971

How would she even know this for sure, though? They haven't even met in person yet. He's all over other tumblr hoe's blogs, I can only imagine how many dms he's been sliding up into. She's straight up delusional.

No. 573990

There’s probably a pattern we haven’t picked up on yet. But this isn’t the first dumblr she’s hooked up with. She’s always pathetically clinging on someone

No. 574009

Anybody know fupa’s actual age, where he’s from etc? Saw thirty ish somewhere

No. 574027

File: 1525482927069.jpeg (120.1 KB, 750x857, 582156D2-CF4C-44F7-8967-89EB9E…)

OKAY on one hand I’m glad it looks like they’re meeting on neutral ground because this guy is so creepy.

But how sad is it that she has to meet her boyfriend ( that she’s obsessed with but also knows for a total of 7 minutes, mind you) in a hotel room. People meet their long distance partners all the time and visit them and integrate them into their lives. What is even happening here? I can just imagine Fupa living in a basement somewhere surrounded by empty axe spray bottles and photos of women he’s victimized.

No. 574038

As someone who has held shayna’s hand, they ARE tiny. Those god awful nails just add 4 inches to each finger

No. 574039

so context to this or no. who are you because this sounds like a self-post

No. 574046

File: 1525485242048.jpeg (210.64 KB, 1242x439, 1C6F0071-F82B-43DA-A84D-F7AF4F…)

and again on things that never happened

No. 574069

This just isn’t normal

No. 574085

That's so fucked up. Yep, he's going to hit you and so will the next ones and you'll pretend to get off on that or whatever until the day you finally snap.

You just know Shay's mental health, subconscious included, is just like a burning, rotting black pool.

Blogging but… I dated this one guy who I'd ask to be rough with me and he never ever would. Just refused to hurt me /be rough etc. Sometimes irritating but looking back… says a lot.

No. 574087


No. 574092

>this cheap shit

Her face or ?

How many tries/shot did it took for her to get this picture?


>some ingredients 2 make food

Milk and cereal? Or noodles and pasta sauce? She truly looks like she eats a box of Cheez its everyday

No. 574129

Lord. I'm honestly surprised she isn't putting on weight with a diet like this. Does she purge? On stims?

If she is just lucky somehow and has a decent metabolism as she is still young. I can't wait to see what's going to happen when her metabolism slows down and she starts packing on the pounds like sooo many other camwhores have.

No. 574221

she is gaining weight, anon. it’ll catch up to her very quickly.

No. 574237

It's the same anon as >>571999
They are talking out of their ass
Pay them no mind

No. 574240

Will she ever realize that the more often she says that random people approached her on the street for no reason, the more unrealistic it gets? Most people are just trying to get their errands done and don't give a shit about people in front of them in line. Especially not Shay because she isn't even that eye catching in the first place. She just looks like a homeless junkie everyone tries to avoid talking to most of the time.

No. 574243

Hey, at least afterwards she won't have to lie about having been abused anymore!

No. 574262


I love how these supportive messages are anonymous; self submission couldn’t be more obvious, ffs.

No. 574280

I went to school with her and I’ve been watching these threads for a while, holding back. That’s why it’s coming off so weird like “guys I know her!!!” I have just had enough so I was spewing information without much thought. But I don’t care about outing myself anymore. It’s wrong to lie about rape and abuse, it’s wrong to use racism and actual incest to sell porn and it’s wrong to hastily make up a story about CSA simply to justify your kinks. When she was in middle school she would lie about anything and everything. She was known for being a liar. She lied about little things as well as about being psychotic, pretending to hallucinate and hear voices (although she had no idea what being schizophrenic meant so she would end up seeming more POSSESSED than anything else). She’d pretend to be bulimic by dramatically running to the bathroom announcing that she had to throw up. She would say that she’s anorexic even though she ate normally in front of people. I remember she would pretend to hallucinate and get memory loss from weed. She lied about being raped multiple times throughout high school. She would just intermittently accuse people of raping her then drop it completely. This was something she was known for as well. (This is my “proof” that this particular rape she refers to often on tumblr most likely never happened. Although I don’t know for sure, when you lie about something 10 times you begin to lose some credibility) i don’t know about this older man she claimed to have been involved with when she was 15, but as far as I know she constantly had monogamous boyfriends throughout this time. I don’t understand when this would have happened. I even heard that she would pretend to have some sort of disorder that made her pass out when she got cold??? It gets real weird. She had no shame, she would publicly embarrass herself because she always needed something to be “wrong” with her. She lied about having to have multiple surgeries, which actually was one of the few things that everyone agreed was true but it clearly isn’t considering her obvious lack of scars. She lied about being bullied. If anything she was a bully. She would call the teachers cunts to their face and just act so bratty and rude and unpleasant. I remember when she “shaved her head” and realistically she shaved a tiny section of her hair in the front off because some of her friends shaved half their heads and she was scared to do that. I think eventually she ended up with half her head shaved but she certainly did not do it as a security blanket because she had just been raped. She would go and get designs shaved into it so it was clearly not an attempt to “look ugly” as she claimed. That is a BOLD lie on her part. She also even used to lie about consensual sex that never happened. She would go around telling people that she fucked her friends and they would just be like ????. This crazy bitch even lied about being kidnapped and held hostage once. She only brought her rape/abuse story to tumblr when she turned 18 and became a sex worker. It literally was just to justify her creepy ddlg kinks. Knowing what I know I don’t believe anything she says. Also she is at least 5’6 LMAO

No. 574290

I don't wanna step on your toes but do you have proof that you know Shay in real life?
Yearbook pic or something?

No. 574297


i went blind trying to read this, use paragraph breaks next time please

No. 574331

File: 1525526205672.jpeg (143.42 KB, 640x876, 63447F7E-FE29-4F01-AE55-3938A4…)

Reblogging pics of her old room from the last apt to make it seem like she has a bed currently. Nice try shay, you’re not fooling anyone.

No. 574355

Ohhh, please, please get verified somehow. We need a leak from Shayna’s past to spill allllll that tea. If you had a yearbook and could send pics to the farmhands it would be amazing.

No. 574436

Yes please verify!!! This is milk and would pretty much confirm everything lol

No. 574458

File: 1525540565484.png (Spoiler Image,607.01 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_2018-05-05-13-13-24…)

Imagine wrecking your vagina with a wine bottle with a screw on lid and inanimate objects that aren't the opposite sexed gentitals for a couple hundred dollars kek

No. 574504


I agree, Middle school is like 10-14yrs? no offence Anon, but was this a regular school? or was it a school for kids with behaviour issues? I went to a British Boarding school, and I spent time at a regular Brit comprehensive school and if she was at either schools, she would have just been bullied and made fun off, esp at the Public School I went to ( a very famous person claimed she was bullied at that school) When I was teen I was so facinated by US schools, When I used to visit Family in the US, people were either facinated or took the piss out of my "Posh" accent. sage for blogpost, but seriously how did Shay have a group of friends when she was running around pulling all these kinds of stunts? Were boys not afraid of her? or were they not aware that she was making up rape and sex rumours? What were her parents like? did she come from a broken poor household or a middleclass comfy home? was she smart or stupid? Were you suprised she ended up a lolcow or was that her destiny? and WTF were some of Middle schools kids shaving parts of their heads? so many questions. Post MOAR Shay school stories Anon. Got to admit I am still curious about US schools, school seems to be centre of fun as opposed to UK, where focus is on Grades, and everyone getting along ( In Boarding School they acting as loco parentis in a sense so mental / physical well being was monitored) No way shay would have lasted at my school.

No. 574509

I am pretty sure Shay wants people to know that she sleeps in a pink rug on the floor instead of bed. As a part of Puppy play or some shit. My guess is that is her bed and she slipped up and forgot she was supposed to be pretending she slept on a rug next to a cage. I think the only "Truth" that slips out from these types of cows are accidental as everyone fuks up lying all the time.

No. 574514

Britfag again, but you don't have uniform in your schools, so what was Shay's dress sense like? was she ordinary or did her attention seeking ways appear in her dress sense? when did start the Stoner/ weed stuff? was she considered attractive at school? popular? she has the kind of face where it hard to tell if she was attractive or plain, were you friendly with her? or those within her social circle? In Yearbooks don't people have things written about them?, if so, can you recall what Shay's was? Its always interesting when someone from a lolcows past turns up. Hope you come back and spill some tea Anon.

No. 574516

Anon here. I never got a yearbook but we are friends on her Facebook account that hasn’t been active since 2012 and only has ~500 friends. I can post proof of that if that proves anything. In middle school/early HS shayna was a scene girl. All the scene kids were fucking crazy and dramatic and we’re “bullied” to some extent for it, but she went above and beyond. Her parents are divorced and from what I’ve seen/heard they’re both very sweet people. She used to claim that her mother was physically abusive which I don’t believe but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t emotionally abusive. I have no clue if that claim is true or not. My honest guess is that it is true but not to the extent shayna claims. Not letting your child smoke weed is not abuse contrary to what a lot of bratty tumblr minors may think.

No. 574519

This is rich coming from Shay considering she used to rave that she would fuck married men. No one wants to look at your bf, shay… trust me..

No. 574523

does she realize that her bright pink nails/bright pink everything makes her skin look dirty? like in this pic her hands look gray and dusty. this shade of pink is 100% not her color

No. 574530


post the facebook or screenshots. it’s bizarre to have never gotten a yearbook throughout middle school and highschool, but not impossible. were you in the same class as shayna at any point?

No. 574544

That's not bizarre at all. I grew up in a lower-middle class/working poor area and the kids who got yearbooks were always in the minority. Lots of parents simply couldn't or wouldn't afford something like a yearbook.

No. 574545


WTH she seriously looks like a Middle aged mum when she pulls that face.

No. 574554

I don't think it's so much pink, she can pull of pink but she almost always chooses weird hideous shades of it, not to mention it's always solid

No. 574555

Scene Shay?! Did she have the teased hair? Please post old selfies from her Facebook. I'm intrigued

No. 574556

Wtf, is that her hand? Why does she look black?

No. 574569


woah has she met up with this guy? This is giving me chills, I legit have some concerns, Just how much of an "act" is her Dumb Dolly? I mean does she do any safety screening, have protective measures in place, or is she seriously gonna hook up with dudes that sound like they are serial killers?

No. 574623

ugh her nails are terrible… they gross me out

No. 574635

What the fuck is with this lighting this can't be her

No. 574694

File: 1525561058451.jpg (94.45 KB, 720x1238, _20180505_155519.JPG)

She looks so gross and weird in this pic. Idk if its just me but her teeth look so yellow. She also looks like a middle aged woman in this photo.

No. 574713

if i didn't know any better, i would've thought the other cam girl was communismkills

No. 574720

she looks like a weird caricature. or a cartoon. she reminds me of rick and morty for some reason. but like in the creepy way

No. 574835

Wash yo feet girl

No. 574840

Honestly, the dress doesn't look bad on her, she would pull off blue much better though

If only she toned down the trailer trash hair and weird cartoony makeup and learned to take a damn bath, I just wish she'd get some self awareness for once and realize this aesthetic is NOT for her especially since she doesnt bathe, doesn't work out, doesn't diet, doesn't know her colors and whats flattering for her

She should just dye her hair brown, get repairing treatments, maybe a perm, and either stick with the tomboy/grunge stoner aesthetic or go for a beachy aesthetic

No. 574861

File: 1525580663228.jpeg (87.56 KB, 750x598, F82BF8F7-2E14-4572-BED2-B2D46C…)

>lots of hair
>its really thick

is she joking? i think she naturally had thick hair before she fried it all off

No. 574915

She doesn’t leave her house and her feets are black??? Girl take a shower and iron your dress… your job is posting pictures online :s

No. 575045

File: 1525617360991.jpeg (75.52 KB, 750x981, 28182933-2EE9-4B79-9B2F-0E05D0…)

No. 575050

File: 1525617977723.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x2101, 150C2208-DAA0-4CBF-9B2F-EBC310…)

No. 575053

File: 1525618130964.jpg (57.46 KB, 574x960, 544507_372729636104355_1891751…)

her profile is public anyway so you can easily see her photos

No. 575054

I just personally don’t feel right about posting pictures of a minor, even though she’s 20 now

No. 575055

She must have locked it down fast. Only one public photo now.

No. 575064

She actually looked like a baby there?? wtf happened

No. 575066

I was expecting her to look terrible but she actually looks really good in these pictures. Wonder what went wrong.

No. 575073

are you guys kidding she looks like a trailer trash mess in this pic.

No. 575080

God it’s just sad. How did she become what she is now? How did she age so fast? Can smoking excessive amounts of weed at a young age cause it?

No. 575084

What a poor attempt at blocking out her last name lol

No. 575087

Having a terrible diet/lifestyle will do it pretty quickly

No. 575098

I wonder what Shay could do to reverse it? Do you think if she ate healthier, maintained a normal sleep schedule and dropped the awful makeup, dyes, boozing and drugs she could look healthy/her age?

No. 575124

File: 1525625538897.png (116.96 KB, 620x315, a2c.png)

You didn't even try

No. 575125

I think her eye bags (or face wrinkles in general) are kind of a lost cause to be honest. I don't think her skin could bounce back no matter what

No. 575127

Vitamin e maybe

No. 575135

That's the ugliest dress I've ever seen. It needs to be cut into a maxi and given some kind of print, otherwise it's just boring trash. It doesnt do anything for her figure and makes her look like shes 3 foot tall. And the hairstyle she has with it is just god awful. I live off minimum wage and even I can get better crap than this for <$20

No. 575138


You could literally just tare those off and she'll be lying in a heap bleeding all over the place. Fake nails and even long nails are a liability

No. 575142

it’s nice to know that her face has always been incredibly punchable. she probably came out of the womb with a similarly retarded expression.

No. 575151

Couldn’t she fix that with a small amount of injections? Sage for irrelevant blog but I have eye bags like that, I think they’re genetic because no matter what I do, how much I sleep or how healthy I am, they never go away.

No. 575152

File: 1525627860592.jpg (323.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180506-103032.jpg)

No. 575160

Lmfaooo okay shay. naturally thick hair is not the same as severely damaging the hair you have and frying it with multiple bad bleach jobs. sure you’re natural thick hair on top from the roots but beyond that your hair is so damaged it would take a lot of time and money to get extensions and blend them in your fucked up hair. So no, it’s not because your hair is “too thick”. Plenty of thick haired girls get extensions all the time with no issue. Your hair is just damaged beyond belief and getting it to blend would take a while.

No. 575161


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 575162

Lol does she think people can't see her hair or something

No. 575163

ahhh we need to choose a new thread pic, who’s got ideas

No. 575165

i vote for either of these

No. 575167

Should be next thread pic

No. 575170

does she bleach her entire head each time she goes every six weeks i assume..
a root touch up shouldn't take four hours.
shay has yellow/blonde hair and isn't toned at all. so even if they do it still shouldn't take four hours.

also i vote >>564741

No. 575171

maybe it takes four hours to comb out all the knots and mats in shay’s straw hair. it’s probably so damaged that it just absorbs every product without effect, including water, so it likely takes ages to dry under the hair dryer. most people coming back from the hairdresser have glorious looking hair for at least the first day, but even though shay goes every six weeks, we’ve never seen that from her. some hairdresser is making a killing off of helping this idiot destroy her hair.

No. 575172

I vote >>564741 as well. It’s just too perfect.

No. 575174

the day after she goes to the hairdresser she doesn’t wash her hair for like 3 days so it stays like that kek

No. 575175

ah yes; lest we forget the straightened mess upthread with those awful greasy, plasticy looking rolled bangs and bandana to cover up the breakage. shudder

No. 575177

the bangs are just the worst. I’m not sure how anyone can think those are cute at all.

No. 575194

it is still up. im not sure if i can link but just search her name on google and it'll give you an archive with her account url in it

No. 575208

No. 575212

I'll get the new thread going later in the day and yes I'll do the painted art pic

No. 575238

Oh my god, what is wrong with her? This is proof that she looks better as a brunette. Fuck lol she makes herself look so ugly why?

No. 575242

File: 1525635619917.jpg (43.23 KB, 640x429, 560178_365302323513753_1777833…)


No. 575244

File: 1525635723636.png (13.43 KB, 517x183, Capture.PNG)

Also a major yikes.

No. 575247

This is slowly sliding into "posting unrelated family members" territory again…
Or at least that's how it started last time

No. 575248

File: 1525635966559.jpg (47.03 KB, 574x960, 293982_270409309669722_1075839…)

caption : iw0n't black 0ut.

No. 575249

No it isn't

No. 575250

And these pictures have been posted before in one of the last three threads

No. 575252

Just please stop before posting pics of her step-sister again alright?

No. 575254

Theres nothing on it really, just her being a teenager.
Found that status funny seeing as how- look at her now, 6 years later.
No ones posting the link to it, find it at your own will. I'm personally not posting anything else, just funny how far she's come.

No one be an idiot and post her family's name, address, etc again.

No. 575255

Shayna selfposting in order to get the thread shut down?

No. 575257

This is honestly confusing to me. She looks so much prettier without that blonde making her skin sallow.

No. 575262

File: 1525636495663.png (33.34 KB, 720x300, 20180506_155442.png)