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File: 1548653480408.jpg (55.27 KB, 731x1024, KCZVTKB.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

Welcome to our new experimental board, the following topics and cows are to go here instead of /snow/ or /ot/:

• Cosplay or costhots
• Lolita
• J-vloggers, k-vloggers
• drama related to any individual or group with an obsession with Japanese culture or a particular trend
Global rules apply. Any threads created that do not fit the above criteria are subject to deletion.
Racebaiting will not be tolerated
Threads not dedicated to drama can go to /ot/ for discussion.

File: 1646681365315.png (129.08 KB, 300x300, ah4S3Ab.png)

No. 199783[Reply]

Because the other OP's were incompetent tourists.

>Cutesy anime voice V-Tuber streamer on Twitch

>Claims to have CVID, an immunodeficiency, milks her viewers with sob stories about it
>Has gotten a surge in popularity after being shipped with a British youtuber living in Japan
>Suddenly starts getting money (over $500,000 in the last month from her subathon) where she's noticeably better
>Acts and tries to sound like she's 18, when in reality she has a daughter and is in her 30's
>Married and divorced a supposedly abusive husband
>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter

>Supposedly had her daughter doxxed as some others claim, which is why she deleted tweets and archives related to her, but I've yet to see any evidence of the doxxing
>May have HIV and not CVID, as the treatments are very similar. Would line up with her story of having an abusive husband, apparently making her daughter a rape baby

Interview from 2018:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 285394

anyway fuck ironmouse come watch my stream https://www.twitch.tv/perindigo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285527

There's this clip of Ironmouse talking about her income from streaming and family. She talks about her parents, specifically her mom and her 'sister' a few seconds in. I have no idea if it's actually her sister, seems more likely the 'sister' is her teenage daughter that she just covers up to her audience.

No. 286048

File: 1678859870017.jpg (23.01 KB, 448x463, Screenshot_20230315-055513_Chr…)

How do people know this is Iron Mouse?

No. 287026

They don't. Some guy found an image of random latino girl with the tube in her nose and that was it.(sage your shit)

No. 287553

“may have HIV and not CVID” faggot you of all people should know there are drugs that make HIV positive people live completely like a normal human being. Maybe you should stop ramming your anus with your uncle’s aids ridden dildo and start getting on that drug?

Its funny how you don’t believe her when she said her voice is natural and she has CVID. But you suddenly believe her 100% when she said she has a daughter. So do you think she is a reliable source or not? Too retarded to make up your mind?(sage your shit)

File: 1679177316164.jpeg (156.34 KB, 1125x2060, 1675715058499.jpeg)

No. 286668[Reply]

>Previous three threads:
DID edition >>275598
The 120 Days of Sodom >>>/w/268839
Rehab Edition >>>/w/245729

Venus Angelic Summary:
>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him. Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Recent milk:
>Messy break up with her 45 year old already married Fiancé Ken in which both of them were exposing each other online, break up started after venus got drunk and stabbed Ken which lead to a fight between them and him trying to expose her on social media in broken horrible english. Later Venus doxed Ken's private phone number on her instagram story to her thousands of followers. After this they continued shading each other and posting about each other on instagram with Ken alleging Venus was a prostitute and showing her spam calling him and sending him pictures of her self-harming. Their drama ended which many anons suspecting because ken wanted the law to get involved for venus leaking his phone number and her evading paying taxes.
>Now Venus is trying to find another zaddy she can mooch off.
>Venus posts pictures of her self-harming on instagram.

Most recent milk:
Venus claims she is not suicidal after suicidebaiting >>275600
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 287517

Her teeth never really looked good to start with. She was always getting comments on how yellow they were years before this alcoholic saga began. Besides everything else she does to herself I do think she has poor hygiene. Of course, now theyre fucking black, which makes the way they were before seem great in comparison.

No. 287518

File: 1679509742867.jpeg (54.33 KB, 1170x829, 87F7DCA5-DA04-484E-BE61-F5F1A3…)

“I love your teeth” I really hope that’s sarcasm. Maybe she will film a video about going to the dentist and explain/lie why they are messed up, just like her stomach surgery video. She’s not doing too good.

No. 287529

one of the worst things about addiction is ending up fucking religious(sage your shit)

No. 287531

i'll admit that I am surprised at how clean her place seems to be. I would not have expected that

No. 287533

you have no idea what you're talking about. This is literally what almost all fashion bloggers do because 99% of them can't afford to hire a daily photographer

File: 1678682453856.png (1.36 MB, 1598x1056, jvlog.png)

No. 285708[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/w/273177
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD [Connor/Garnt/Joey]: >>>/w/18113



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 287539

Shut up about ozempic. If you want it so bad, go do it yourself.

Duo girl sets sell. She was probably cohersed into by Sola.

She's just like any other girl who complains about her weight.She's not going to go out of her way to go to another country to get medication.This tinfoiling about ozempic is ridiculous. Anons hear a buzzword now every fat cow is apparently getting it. She's not even in the US or even mentioned interest in it.

No. 287540

I don't think you get how Sharla views expert medical advice - in other words, she doesn't take it seriously. So why would you expect her to dismiss taking a medication that easily allows weight loss just because it "might" make something worse with her thyroid. Her doctors have told her how to adjust her diet and lifestyle and she thinks it's BS. So explain to me why exactly she suddenly starts to listen to actual medical advice?

Nah, Sola isn't reactionary, sensitive and unbalanced whatsoever. Perfectly normal reaction.

No. 287541

Sharla just got back from Los Angeles where 99% of the clinics giving out prescriptions for these drugs are. Look up the thread, anons posted about it.

No. 287545

I honestly didn't think the Sola freakouts would start this soon but there you have it and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

This is approaching Norm-level shitty rude subscriber interaction. Sharla sure does know how to pick em huh.

No. 287546

kek at her ending her tirade temper tantrum with "peace"

File: 1678660455677.png (505.61 KB, 653x719, jill.png)

No. 285667[Reply]

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 287528

i agree, she is to much of an attention hog and this would get her a lot of sympathy points.

No. 287530

inb4 long ass twitter rant/rampage on villainyswells because sweet little jillian isn't spiteful enough to say what she really wants to say on main

No. 287534

Or she will make a Twitter account for the flora alt, or post acting like flora to go “boohoo I’m sad but soft”

No. 287547

That'd be hilarious considering the rants Jill has gone on about how evil and icky nsfw Precure stuff is kek

No. 287552

Some cows in her situation opted to stay quiet because they didn't want to acknowledge lcf as legitimate or let us ~come between them~. Both the Pettubers around Emzotic and IIRC the Creepshow art friend circle were like "let's deal with this in private and not let them win" because it's always a good sympathy ploy when it's random hate comments, but admitting that your own friend posted on your threads is a different level of humiliating. She might come out with it waaay later when it's no longer relevant.

File: 1632790810529.jpg (362.06 KB, 594x746, snowgoestojail.jpg)

No. 174607[Reply]

Post your overdramatic cosplay cows here. We've had scammers, skanks, and self-posters galore! Now we even have murderers!

Don't post old milk. Don't post without caps.

Previous Thread: >>>/w/131435
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

Please redirect Hall of Shame costhots at their respective threads here:
Momokun/Mariah Mallad - >>>/pt/850544, her calves >>>/w/92925
Belle Delphine - >>>/w/165079
Venus Angelic - >>>/w/124470
Sarah SpaceMan - >>>/w/79174
Usagi Kou - >>>/w/119140
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 287485

She probably said reasons why she's leaving, made joke comments about it, and probably got reported bc uwu don't insult other countries. Same way you can't openly criticize Russia and China. They ban you because it's bullying.

No. 287486

She probably said reasons why she's leaving, made joke comments about it, and probably got reported bc uwu don't insult other countries. Same way you can't openly criticize Russia and China. They ban you because it's bullying.

No. 287487

I'm curious as well. She must of said something about another country/place that was racist af but now she's playing victim. Hope we get to find out what she said.

No. 287488

What an idiot. All these coswhores are exactly the same now.

No. 287489

What an idiot. All these coswhores are exactly the same now.

File: 1676243318676.png (599.6 KB, 582x608, Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 3.51…)

No. 281505[Reply]

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer aka Jillian E. Valentine) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays until she was kicked out for photoshopping her pics and lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey), causing her to get kicked out/leave the community.

Moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. During this period she claimed to have a mystery degenerative illness characterized by periods of blindness, and tried to legitimize this by falsely claiming multiple family pets as "service dogs." She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer, and added archery and horse riding to her laundry list of talents.

After Frozen 2 came out, she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer (Elsa Frozen) on social media and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She was determined to be seen as a cutesy Disney princess, and as a result once again changed her personality to match. She became a complete scandiboo, claiming that she was a practicing Norse pagan (despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon) and hinting that her Guatemalan father may not be her real dad. She made frequent reference to being unable to feel cold, and to experiencing illness due to the heat in the summer. During this period she acquired a prop gecko as a pet (it was only briefly showcased on her socials) and a white horse with blue eyes which she named Nanok.

Next came a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon) and claimed she was related— never proven.

This skinwalk gained little traction, and she briefly shifted her focus instead to full-time 'equestrian,' giving us such gems as: the time she bought a stallion straight off the racetrack >>>/w/122283, the time she burned the shit out of her scalp with horse shampoo >>>/w/148779, the time she roleplayed as her gelding on facebook Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
216 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 287451

File: 1679480387961.jpeg (33.56 KB, 828x296, 521ACE3F-5089-4C15-9928-7AA682…)

Same anon, Idk why she would update her Twitter bio without securing the social media for her new “company” because there is zero web presence of whatever this is but I’m guessing it’s fursuit-making, because “night shift” muh cop but also werewolf pun. She made her first ever fursuit head in a week using someone else’s base and now she’s a “business owner” kek

No. 287498

Kek literally any sign of her making something of her life is good enough for me
How the hell is she gonna afford the supplies tho her credit card got stolen

No. 287505


It's been a minute since I looked at her linktree and wishlist. She has 4 wishlists filled with at least $2k items in addition to her neverending kofi for vet bills she has no intention of using the funds as advertised. It blows my mind how entitled she feels to receive money and gifts, but does absolute fuck all in return for her "friends" /followers. She lives in a 6 figure home under her parents roof at almost 30 years old. There's no excuse to be this old and this useless.

No. 287507

Even funnier that she doesn't make good on promises. Has anyone ever been confirmed to receive their ask for all the donors she begs for?

No. 287542

Someone mentioned about two weeks ago here that those who entered haven't received their gifts yet. We know those prizes never existed. It was a ploy to get new followers to her dead socials.

File: 1498836006448.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, sdld52CI.jpg)

No. 27657[Reply]

There hasn't been an active thread for her in a while but since she's completely re-branded and still putting out content, here it is.

>Known for her aidoru days

>Pee scandal
>Still lives in Japan
>Trying to be a successful youtuber, DJ, singer and model
>Still does drugs (?)
>Went from literal loli pedo bait to 5edgy3u baddie type

Past threads:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
616 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 287016

Literally 1/3 of the melody of Cherry is taken directly from haschenparty, its the main hook of the song.

No. 287121

This honestly feels really inspired by the likes of Ayesha Erotica, but with none of the charm.

No. 287311

File: 1679449131663.jpg (217.45 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230321-183809_Ins…)

She said it was a remix

No. 287399

I don't think she understands what a remix is. She sampled the song, yes, but it's not a remix? Also, the filter abuse has her hair looking like a cheap party city wig here, so thin and shiny.

No. 287445


Give it, give it to me now
Give it, give it to me now
Yeah I got a pretty pussy
But I got a dirty mouth
Give it, give it to me now
Give it, give it to me now
Fuck my guts up

I'm [?] that you would kiss me (please just don't stop at my lips)
I'm more than just a little kinky ([?])
It would make my heart whole
If I could be your onahole
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(learn to embed)

File: 1679450510723.jpeg (376.13 KB, 1284x1240, 94A041D7-D029-415D-A74D-F13C22…)

No. 287328[Reply]

Amina du Jean, also known as Aminyan, is the first black idol in the Japanese entertainment industry. A native of Detroit, Michigan, United States, she loved Japanese culture as a child. She started taking private Japanese lesson when she was 12. She was also a fan of Japanese idol groups. She moved to Japan and ended up in sex work and is now married to a man 20 years older. Best known for her beef with micky and Barbie.

32 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 287484

NTA but yeah, you seem a bit “jelly”

No. 287492

This whole thread is trash but this this is pretty hilarious

No. 287497

File: 1679504082814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.71 KB, 1284x2073, 3A691E42-80E5-4BBD-AFA6-69E1A2…)

They definitely ddlg role play in the bed room. Idg why she tries to deny that it’s their kink when that’s the kind of porn she’s been doing for years.

No. 287501

It’s funny how all the ex internet idol cows(Venus angelic, Yukapon, amina,keekihime) are in their mid 20s or nearing their 30s are still on this nymphette and daddy shit. Mid 30s is going to be a really milky time for them.

No. 287516

This slut belongs in the DDLG snow thread.

File: 1676878703964.png (9.74 MB, 3502x2300, lc lolita thread 14.png)

No. 282703[Reply]

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

Sacramento Comm Drama
>20dollarlolita made a video basically accusing sacarmento comm mods of power tripping and vendetta banning frilledcriminal plus others in the sacramento comm >>281489 >>281530
>one of the mods claimed the ban was due to repeated rule violations - never gave any warnings about bad behavior before the ban >>281523 >>281549
>drama summary: mods allegedly banned frilledcriminal from comm without saying anything, some of her friends/the comm members got upset at the mods for the random ban, 2 weeks later mods gave reasons for the ban and friends of frilledcriminal claim lots of the reasons were apparently falsified/never actually happened and that mods kept switching up the reasons, mods also banned comm members who spoke up about it, mods then proceeded to try and get the comm members who spoke up banned from another comm in the state (bay area comm - they were unsuccessful)
>list of sacramento mods from the facebook >>281553
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
593 posts and 126 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 287309

sage your milkless shit no one cares

No. 287343

i posted >>287216 >>287218 and >>287233 and i’ve never been involved in any online comms or discords. i just feel strongly against pedo apologists like dollsmeat, toastchan, beck.

No. 287537

Are you aware this is a gossip website? People are talking about her or you because you keep doing milky shit like pissing on streets, posting nudes on your normal profile or wking your deranged behavior as normal here.

No. 287544

where's she posted nudes anon? scrote mindset

No. 287551

This and the rest is the most manic shit I've read in a while. It's also the exact same typing style and word choice as >>286641 , >>286593 and the other white-knighting posts (everyone is obsessed with me, I'm getting under your skin, it was funny etc).

Repeating "scrote/moid mindset" everytime someone discusses your actions doesn't make you fit in any better.

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