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No. 1[Reply]

Welcome to our new experimental board, the following topics and cows are to go here instead of /snow/ or /ot/:

• Cosplay or costhots
• Lolita
• J-vloggers, k-vloggers
• drama related to any individual or group with an obsession with Japanese culture or a particular trend
Global rules apply. Any threads created that do not fit the above criteria are subject to deletion.
Racebaiting will not be tolerated
Threads not dedicated to drama can go to /ot/ for discussion.

File: 1561425567316.jpg (1.07 MB, 1200x1200, kabukiho.jpg)

No. 54862[Reply]

Because the people in the Lorena thread requested to stop shitting up the thread, I figured I could make this thread. Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.

Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.
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No. 145932

Why are escorts who are much hotter are letting themselves get bullied by this obese cow is beyond me.

No. 145948

“Lawful permanent residents can lose their status if they commit a crime or immigration fraud, or even fail to advise USCIS of their changes of address. The short answer to your question is yes, you can lose your green card.“

No. 145954

Yes! Queen Charlize’s website is back up. Don’t let her bully you Charlize!

No. 145955

Kitty is gonna be furious kek

No. 145966

File: 1618838791420.png (8.04 MB, 1125x2436, 9D590559-D1CD-4FE0-9507-2A9D74…)

God she’s fat

File: 1614265512959.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1600992275397.png)

No. 139494[Reply]

Previous thread >>90367

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 145725

Right? And I'm pretty sure these excuses she's using are things from the lives of the people she's harassed all these years. It's disgusting.

No. 145733

File: 1618696627403.jpg (199.46 KB, 1079x789, Screenshot_20210417-175534_Twi…)

And now she's back to suddenly having bipolar disorder and BPD. Lol The bullshit never ends with her.

No. 145760

Queen you’re just PMSing. Like why is she so insane lol

No. 145765

File: 1618711993618.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1920, 21-04-17-22-10-14-149_deco.jpg)

She trying really hard to push the whole "I'm soooo mental ill omg" bit so people won't try to hold her accountable for anything. Oh, and for TikTok clout. Which will definitely blow up in her face.


No. 145965

File: 1618838565047.png (15.28 KB, 600x161, dumbassbitch.png)

Of course she defends Titty Twitch Streamers because she wants to be one. She's always flipflop on her "morals" because she's the one who leaks her own nudes and still passing them out to this day.

File: 1599409962984.jpg (600.27 KB, 828x1211, 1599343750478.jpeg.jpg)

No. 111582[Reply]

Dakota's last thread maxed out & locked, use this one to discuss her attempted comeback alongside her eternal frenemy, Kiki.

>Dakota Rose Ostrenga, went viral on Tumblr in 2011 for heinously photoshopping herself into a kawaii pedobait animu pickme before pickmes were even invented yet

>Previously nothing more than the tagalong younger sister of MySpace scene queen & starfucker Kiki Kannibal/Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga AKA Sperg-chan (>>>/pt/333878)
>Signed to Bravo models in Japan, who unintentionally revealed her real face and tanked her ability to model for anyone afterwards, so she spent the next 5 years as a blogger posting fake selfies while inexplicably living luxuriously, also going on TV to talk about going viral & deny plastic surgery- while wearing a mysterious and basic ring & going to high end model parties… all without doing any legitimate modeling work (that isn't shooped or blurred out)
>Lived like an upper class sugar baby in a huge apartment in Shibuya, ate in luxurious restaurants weekly and received many extensive gifts from unnamed, unpictured friends she never mentioned or showed off again, in addition to barely working or blogging. She also received random, expensive gifts from her "roommate" at the time like a limited edition PS4, jewelry, and a bicycle.
>Kota carries on like this, flaunting her lifestyle on Instagram and twitter. Anons here on LC catalogue her posts, as she goes back and deletes a fuckload of pics after Sheinagate, because prior to that she was getting thousands of dollars' worth of clothes, accessories, and gifts from her mysterious friends, including Sachico of the brand Malicious.X, who invited Dakota to dinner at an upscale traditional restaurant just to deliver her a bag by hand. Dakota immediately deletes the pic once LC anons notice how much Sachico swag she's received going back years, some peices costing several hundred USD.
>when Sheina gets busted for visa fraud, Kota suddenly flies home that July, removes the 5-year mystery ring. Kota quietly returns to Japan later, pretending nothing happened while starting collabs with small time Instagram brands and artists. Her lifestyle prior to Sheinagate is now just a happy memory for her.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 145927

Hirari, yeah what happened to her?? I just checked, Hirari still follows her but Dakota unfollowed Hirari. When they were BFFs kooter did live in a puny little closet room with sliding glass doors and got jobs with her friend group semi regularly, and she did live in Japan. Hirari being half white, American and a gravure model probably opened a ton of doors for kooter professionally if she was willing to use her body to get jobs behind closed doors the way Hirari likely does, despite posting nothing but fat girl clevage shots from her bed or couch and awkward, unflattering health spa promo pics for free procedures.

I guess she maybe was living with her and she had to put her foot down on the freeloading and handouts, so kooter abandoned her & now she's looking for another dumb young model to use and dump just for Japan tags and fugly gaijin jobs for her Dakota Rose persona she won't give up on. It looks like Dakota can't work at all in Japan without the help of a younger (gravure) model.

No. 145930

It was never confirmed that Scott bankrolls Dakota, but common sense basically proves he didn't. They filed for bankruptcy just a few years before she went viral, and lived like broke pigs in trash who wore exclusively knockoffs and cheap taobao crap until they started deleting everything and rewriting Dakota's history to be Japan-friendly and hard to find proof of. Scott had a good job, but he also has 2 disabled adult children and a wife to support aside from Dakota. He only went with her and Kiki to Japan when Dakota was first signed (likely part of the deal) and when Kiki was there for 3 months claiming to live there as a student with Taku, and he could have been there for work if he stayed the whole time with her. Plus, if Scott were paying for Dakota to live in Japan, there would be evidence of that stability- as the original photog and curator of their personas, I can't believe he would let his golden goose fall so hard and so obviously on his dime.

No. 145938

They hired her because of a friend of hers, and they barely used her after her first few pics came out. They even completely redid one of her best pics with a male Japanese model right down to the pose and tracksuit, so clearly they started looking to replace her pretty quickly and dropped her just as fast. Yet another in her long line of good jobs direct-booked based on fake, shooped pics and favors.

She only still follows girls who either barely ever acknowledge her or are helping her, her old gravure idol friends, and a bunch of young random models in Japan. No more YELLO, Ayastella, or any of those rich, successful Japanese friends she used to get so much free shit from. Makes me feel like homegirl is using IG to stalk up and coming Japanese models to cozy up to for work & an excuse to fly back to Japan for museum/shop/car selfies. All her weirdly lesbian fawning over her female friends in the past was only ever for girls who helped her get work or took her shopping and out to eat.

No. 145946

Even her smaller jobs drop her quickly, the American Police show is still filming with that Aiku guy she posed with last year who she follows on IG. I guess she's still trying to get back onto that show through him to build up some pattern of repeat work that doesn't exist throughout her entire career, despite her being way too old and outdated for it to matter. "Dakota Rose/Kotakoti" is now little more than a decade old imageboard throwback from that refuses to realize it's been a cliché for the last 5.

No. 145963

File: 1618835470298.png (465.8 KB, 574x798, Screenshots_2021-04-19-08-30-3…)


>6 months of inactivity

>suddenly back in Japan with a new friend, going to galleries again
>ugly, cheap and tacky new necklace and earring to replace her D charm and fugly pentagram

It's hilarious how she follows her own obvious escorting patterns so bodly even after they've been pointed out here several times. Whatever cheap jewelry she's wearing signals to the world whwn she has a new victim to manipulate and extort another handout from before she gets dropped and the cycle starts over again. Does she not realize after the Rizin job that all she's doing is advertising the fact that she can't work as a model without fucking it out of someone more successful and/or younger than her? The lack of awareness of how bad Dakota's strange posting habits make her look as a model is so classically Ostrenga.

Ike/Aiku is still doing the American Police show and posting in his cop outfit, which I guess is why Dakota latergrammed this pic in hers with the Saitama pics. She fucked up by not realizing that she isn't wearing the same eye makeup in the Red Bull uniform pic as she was when she did actually go to Saitama. She posted a Red Bull selfie from months ago bc Ike is still posting about being on the show, yet no kooter in his pics or anywhere to be found in her uniform. She posted an old selfie to make it look like she's still on the show, but likely isn't.

Ike/Aiku and the white guy she did the first episode with went to Saitama on April 6th for work in their uniforms, but kooter posted her uniform selfie on the 13th, and she isn't in any of Ike's IG lives with the cast or tagged in any of his pics since last year. Her Saitama trip was unrelated, but she wants to make it look like she was there for work on the show. Also, it looks like they replaced her with another blonde gaijin, picrel.

Quietly dropped and pretending she wasn't until she has a new gig- also classic Ostrenga.

File: 1617152339502.gif (617.97 KB, 768x768, ezgif-3-0abd1afdaa0f.gif)

No. 143253[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/w/127283

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 145878

She probably just rips out her pubes like everyone else with trich & no visible bald spots

No. 145949

These are not good portfolio pictures. Yes, they're cute, but they look like outfits from Shein, laying on the floor. These pictures don't show if the gartments are well constructed or if they have a nice fit on a human body, so they have the same value as a sketch.

No. 145950

She's so selfish… She proposed the tattoo idea to her classmates so her tattoo would match with other new tattoos of hers. She's always forcing everybody into her aesthetic.
Remember when in those videos of the Moonmist Girls she would talk in the name of the group and she would speak in singular instead of plural? She doesn't know how to actually be part of a group.
Or when she HAD to be Frenchy in Grease, and the little girl in Mary Poppins… and then she made a video with her mom explaining how other kids in the musical were mean and jealous and that's why she had to leave.
Like, gorl, it doesn't hve to be everything about you, specially if you're in a group.

No. 145951

also…how on earth are they going to match? doesn't she only get her tattoos done by helena darling, i doubt her classmates are all going to get drive to halifax or whatever to get it done, unless i just don't know how class tattoos are supposed to work

No. 145960

It's like when she got "matching" cat tattoos with her mom, she will just do her thing without matching the resto of the group eventhoughit was her idea.

File: 1586017367792.jpg (961.53 KB, 1401x1315, 00457.jpg)

No. 87873[Reply]

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 145796

Thinking "a lot of it doesn't fit me anymore" means "I got real fat during lockdown, which is why I'm not on camera anymore."

I wonder how much of her "outgrowing kawaii" has to do with her being isolated from that community.

No. 145902

Also at one point she had bed bugs.

No. 145929

I’ve never looked at her depop before but I’m surprised she hasn’t deleted all the comments underneath the couple of shitty shoe listings since she tries to censor everything.

No. 145941

Idk, they’re a US 4 and I feel like she hasn’t been that size for a WHILE, way before lockdown? Do we know what size she is now?

No. 145944

Not to mention that she is notorious for not following through on patreon rewards. I used to be a patron of hers back in the sailor moon skit days and she would make excuses constantly about why my packages were late, or they got “returned” to her.

File: 1615313802329.jpg (764.75 KB, 1080x1350, 1613215514882.jpg)

No. 140775[Reply]

Before Posting/Lurking: All things featured in this breakdown are factual and documented through public web archives. If you are posting old cosplay photos, please check previous threads to avoid reposting. No tit/chest hole nitpicking. No cowtipping. No doxxing of ex-Kou Klan or anyone else related to Lori or Kevin. Yes, we’ve seen the pockybox, dj ranmas site and the con interview. Archive your links & sage when applicable.

Previous Thread: >>>/w/132036

Lori Lewd (Lorena Cerda) is a 35-year-old costhot and batshit kinnie from NY. With 20 years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. She got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. Lori has since dropped her Usagi shtick and settled for a short-lived Zero Two skinwalk. Over the last two years, Lori has amassed over 100k followers and secured brand partnerships with multiple online boutiques and jewelers. She is currently clawing her way into a Dolls Kill partnership by running herself and her lover into debt. Our story follows the lunatic hag and her bishie prince, Kevin Hanft, a 27 year old BNHA cosplayer and general douche.

Vintage Milk:
>She is known for abusing partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape and suicide, mooching off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.), manipulating those she deems “beneath” her into false friendships, obsessing over better cosplayers, sex workers and artists and lying about nearly everything under the sun.
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Goes through husbands like pantyhose and typically only marries for housing and money.

Condensed Milk:
>Suicide baited Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 145942


Serial killer vibes.

No. 145953

It's funny how her face here is twice the length of her other pics and her legs are twice the width. Like a completely different person.

No. 145958


I'm not sure which vid is worse, but they're both discusting.

And we know this bitch lies if anyone asks her how old she just turned before buying her "birthday" messages. If she even sold anything.

I noticed that too. You can see her thighs warping as she moves around.

No. 145959

Everytime I hear her blast music from her speakers makes me kek. I love how she can waste her money on cheap aliexpress shit but paying to up the quality of her OF vids or even save up to buy better quality clothes, naaaahh.

No. 145964

Why does she have like,,,, a lego hand for labias why is there so much space ew what the fuck

Also kek at the hip and waist filters flickering on and off

She gets more depressing and cheap looking by the day

File: 1618358027263.png (1.38 MB, 800x1200, actual garbage human being2.pn…)

No. 145212[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/w/118444

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer (which isn’t a thing). Just another instance of pathological lying.

After Frozen 2 came out she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer on social media (Elsa Frozen) and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She really wants to be seen as a cutesy Disney Princess now, and as a result once again changed her personality to match.
She has become a complete scandiboo, claiming that she is a practicing Norse pagan despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon.

While she has continued to play out her scandiboo fantasies, her newest obsession is a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon). She is now doing everything she can to make her appear like Jade/Elizabeth. This includes dying her hair black and jade green and making awful tiktoks of her singing/trying to appear badass. Her new fake personality is the same as Jade: tough badass who can fight anyone but is uniquely talented.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:

> Faking a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 145785

"I felt the prettiest when I was a fake Scandinavian princess with ice powers. It made me feel a connection to my mysterious lilywhite fake Viking father, who hails from the frozen fjords."

Of all her hair colors, white was the absolute worst, followed by that faded salmon pink.

No. 145835

She thinks scowling to the extreme makes her look like Liz Gillies but it just makes her look like she shat her diaper

No. 145898

these thin eyebrows look horrible. I prefer her mud-caked arya ones to this

No. 145914

Eh, it's okay. It's annoying when people on here focus on bullshit instead of despicable shit Stef is actually doing, but whatever. I learned about her being homeschooled at a different con. She was talking about how she was homeschooled after she got so badly bullied that someone stabbed her. I thought she was talking nonsense because she had something to drink, now I realize she's just insane. I'm pretty sure she's like 24 now? Still no accomplishments and just getting older.

No. 145920

She's written about that stabbing before on her Instagram, says she still has scars from it. Maybe someone else can find the cap.

File: 1561342080166.jpg (85.93 KB, 640x960, terry.jpg)

No. 54749[Reply]

>36 year old self proclaimed "famous" cosplayer
>a narcissist
>can't take any sort of criticism, screenshots and posts any hate he gets so his white knights can do his dirty work
>talks about being "so busy" with his fans at cons despite generally walking around alone
>tries to stay relevant by joining popular fandoms such as BTS
>thinks his drag-like makeup and cum hardened wigs are god tier
>can't seem to lose his virginity so he decided to label himself as asexual
>when he isn't stroking his own ego he is fishing for compliments
>cosplays mostly underage boys despite approaching 40

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
476 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 145889


I don't believe what they're saying when Terry does cringy ass videos is illegal. They're basically saying sexualizing minors, which Terry is on the brink of doing is wrong.

No. 145891

god you are a fucking retard and this isn't the place for it begone

No. 145892

lmao what a narcissist.

No. 145896

File: 1618782907052.png (2.95 MB, 2160x1520, nasty.png)

Surprised none of you have mentioned this yet.
Yes be in awe of Terry's beautycam/Snow 40 y/o man thighs

No. 145904

I looked up the exact code that was listed. It does not say anything about fictional characters. It’s disgusting yes, but not illegal. If it were actually illegal then a hell of a lot of cosplayers, fan artists, and fanfic writers would be in jail right now

File: 1610219405612.jpg (974.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210109_110605.jpg)

No. 131435[Reply]

[It seemed most anons agreed to having thot and regular cosplay threads merged together, so this will be the first one]

Post your drama filled cows from cosplay or costhottery here. From scamming with never posting paid for content to getting pity points for your victim complex to the occasional self posting cow.

Read lolcow.farm rules, follow them; don't cowtip, don't post old milk; if you aren't sure if something has already been discussed read the current thread & previous thread at least. If you're a pull refugee: learn to integrate.
We don't care about your views on sex work. Don't post without caps. We don't care who said what 'you heard this from'. Nitpicking is not allowed. It derails. No vendetta posting. There is an existing thread to sperg about photoshop in snow which includes cosplayers already. >>>/s/1059519

We don't care if they aren't wearing a mask in photoshoots. Dressing as a fictional character as an adult isn't milk. Keep your waifu and 'but the kids' pearl clutch sperging to yourself. Please post real milk. Don't bring up old milk just because you're bored.

Previous Thread: >>>/w/88208
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
528 posts and 174 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 145599

The main reason I've unfollowed people that I found via hashtag
(black cosplay month, blm, etc) is when it turns out that they rarely post actual creative content. It has nothing to do with not supporting a movement and everything to do with whether that person is interesting on a personal level, outside of any social movements. If I follow someone for creative content, I want to actually keep seeing that content. Not a bunch of woe-is-me BS about how the world is against them and they deserve so much more fame than they have.

>You can tell which cosplayers don't fully support issues

Please, no. That's a convenient way to demonize someone for unfollowing you. People unfollow for a huge variety of reasons, usually based on whether they vibe with the particular individual's content. No one is obligated to follow ANY individual to prove that they "really care" about an issue, and equating your personal account to whole social movements is obnoxious. You aren't the embodiment of all social justice, where unfollowing you somehow means a person isn't woke enough.

No. 145613

> You can tell which cosplayers don't fully support issues when they reblog once, but yeet out when people they follow spam retweets and you see it on your timeline constantly

Why is cosplay now just as much about how progressive and woke you are as it is about what you make an wear? I can't think of any other hobby that has such a prominent "and must regularly post activism" requirement, or else you don't deserve attention for your actual cosplays.

No. 145655

pretty privilege is such made up bs too. like even the most bare minimum cosplayers that get popular have decent makeup and editing. or if they don't, they know how to use the filters to make people think they did. They're just asking for trouble trying to cause infighting over something that people have no control over.

No. 145773

wait, Yaya Han still follows her tho. Yaya is better than me, I'd 100% be done with someone who whined about me unfollowing them lmao. please get over yourself soon

No. 145836

I get what she means but this is one of the reasons I am looking forward to conventions coming back. even though there's a ton of people looking to be the next viral thing, there's a little less of that when you can "be seen" at a con as opposed to being popular on the internet and trying to get paid to dress up lol

a lot of people want to follow those who post progress updates, detail shots of cosplays, and professionally done photos regardless of how you look. if she's not sharing a lot of content, there's no reason why a cosplay-focused account would continue to follow her?

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