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File: 1552184426766.jpg (124.89 KB, 667x567, lB3cGOA.jpg)

No. 39353[Reply]

During the last thread, Sabrina moved back to Germany, attempted to fix all the bridges she burned, and wrote a long-winded tell-all about bullying in the weeb community in which she bent over backwards reaching to blame her lack of success on anything but her own mediocrity, vagueposting about several friends, exes, acquaintances and competitors who all nastily worked against her through intense slander and intrigue to hinder her growth as an idol. https://archive.is/RGEUc >>>/w/38433

Further recent drama:

>suddenly turned asexual and nonbinary >>>/w/13463

>claimed to have split personality disorder/DID and 7 alters >>>/w/13544
>claimed breast cancer and epilepsy http://archive.is/hss7b
>came to lolcow to speak out about her ex forcing her to work as a sugar baby >>>/w/13589
>got a nose job (and blamed that, too, on a handful of specific haters) >>>/w/38433
>started selling full nudes via Patreon which she now promotes on her instagram >>>/w/33121
>trying to break into more degeneracy like foot fetish >>>/w/38278
>released a new music video which is the epitome of cringe >>>/w/38427
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No. 179417

Anyone knows what happened to this cow(necro)

No. 179447

Wondered the other day the same thing. Sabrina was once my fave cow to follow. Maybe she finally realized that "it" will never happen for her. No career as a lolita fashun model, singer, actress, ytuber, writer, cosplayer, e-thot, troon and god knows how many other career paths in which she failed. Sad to see that >>150658 never re-uploaded her vids somewhere …

No. 181962

anon i check this thread hoping for your post. where are the vids why did you forsake us? himezawa is an eternal cow, it's like when Zeus immortalizes outstanding or weird people/animals by making them constellations in the heavens. There's a himezawa in the stars, acting cringe for eternity. We must have these videos for posterity.

No. 205779

Sorry nonnas, I completely forgot I posted here. For the off-chance someone might still see it, here is what I have. Unfortunately it's only until November 2020, when she already deleted some stuff:

(Farmhands pls no sage-your-shit ban, this is for archival purposes)

No. 205788

omg thank you sooo much. I can't wait to get home and download this. Himezawa was truly a favorite cow for me and I miss her crazy lack of self-awareness. Somehow I think she must still be on the internet somewhere, but she did a big disappearing act & idk where to look. Whatever happened must have been more than a break-up

File: 1643491632841.jpeg (171.29 KB, 399x564, A8C992BD-4CEA-4F55-A4E4-3F9A6A…)

No. 195505[Reply]

This thread is for discussion of any cosplay communities/fandoms/trends you find embarrassing or cringe outside of your average costhotery. Any talk of Patreon, Onlyfans, or generally skimpy cosplays should be taken to the Costhot thread. Every few months a new insufferable fandom or trend pops up and overtakes the cosplay landscape — let’s talk about some of the ongoing ones.

Current fandom examples:
>Genshin Impact
>My Hero Academia/BNHA

Current trend examples:
>cosplay tiktoks with bad lip syncing or shitty dancing
>paper wigs
>cosplayers covering themselves in glue and rolling around in garbage
>wigs so crimped they look deep fried
>drag style makeup for every character

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 284222

Anon, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know if her contract was even voided. Leaving doesn't automatically void a contract. You baby cosplayers are morons.

No. 284229

File: 1677804654498.jpeg (249.89 KB, 828x824, B1A22C3C-D728-4DC6-968D-E3C32D…)

Someone sounds angry

No. 284234

Yeah, people are harping on her like idiots thinking she should speak out when its not her damn place to do it. The cosplay sjw scene is fucking trash. They don't use their brains. Same fucking reason she CAN'T speak out about it. A contract doesn't magically dissolve if you leave/separate from an event.

No. 284442

This. I don't give a rat's ass about Yaya but legitimately what can she do? We know that she knows it was a scam but she has a public image to uphold, and publicly shitting on a legitimate business (as fucky as it is) that she had a contract with is not it for her brand. Ragging on her for not saying anything does nothing except make those people look like dumbasses.

No. 284446

These people don't think of legalities and think in anime logic.

File: 1654587495263.jpg (691.83 KB, 1280x720, tttttt.jpg)

No. 218113[Reply]

Discuss TrashTaste and their friends in Japan

>part 1/3 of Garnt's wedding has been completed. There will be 2 more so all their friends & family can attend.
>Joey struggles with making content because of his previous coomer persona.
>Connor debuted with a vtuber model with IronMouse and continues to harem every man/woman
>Karen is on hiatus from vtuber duties to attend conventions/events as her real persona
>Aki goes through a quarter life crisis with tattoos, piercings, and is trying to distant herself from TT&friends
>PewDiePie is having the time of his life in Japan

-Aki being fat is not milk
-Chris/Sharla anons stay in >>>/w/216275
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No. 284159

[link redacted]

No. 284187

This. Most of these claims come from people who wanna shit stir or fabricate things as an excuse to shit on their cow of choice as a way to cover up the fact that they don't have substantial milk on them and are just petty themselves because they don't like that Aki is a fat weeb living in Japan.

No. 284238

do you have any source aki is unpleasant and fake (unpleasant, yes I can understand, but fake? she can't fake anything) or are you the nonna that has a hateboner for aki?

No. 284239

>doesn't post an image of said evidence
are you new or just lying?

No. 285165

nah I would bet towards the opposite. Aki doesn't publicize it but her friends tag her in their outings and these people aren't big content creators. So either she's looking for actual friendships/connections - which implies the inner TT crew are fake as fuck, or if you want to be critically cynical about this - she only hangs out with people beneath her in social following to push herself up.

File: 1643233201659.jpg (273.65 KB, 1280x737, tumblr_4464f10a88220ef6197c7fa…)

No. 195091[Reply]

Previous Threads:

Notable Cows:

>uses garageband for a majority of her music, knows nothing about music theory
>Deletes own songs without notice for attention, "muh depression"
>Swarms of 13 y/o fans who idolize her
>horrible tumblr art
>claims to have DID, now, apparently.
>Has deleted most of social media
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 284946

I like the direction GHOST went with the music, actually. I like the theming of the song very much and the art is charming, reminds me of ferry somewhat.
BUT. This song has zero fucking flow. The lyrics rhyme and then they don't, there are weird breaks and lines that just simply do not fit with the music. Lyrically it's a fucking mess and it makes it so jarring and really, as you said, unlistenable.

No. 284948

Agree, nona, the video looks cute but the song itself is very unsatisfying to listen to. Also the lyrics sound like literally any other GHOST song, it's like a 14 year old opening a thesaurus for the first time and thinking saying big words makes them sound smart.

No. 284963

I might not be one for taste, but I genuinely enjoy her previous songs. Like, Scapegoat is genuinely good. But I am also a person who listenes to generally hard-to-palate music like industial.
But that thesaurus-writing horribly sticks out when half of the lyrics don't match with the melody well. Usually her word-vomit style is oddly charming to me because it meshes with her discordant instrumentals well and is even stylish to a certain degree.
Making songs that don't rhyme is a very hard thing when you have a genuine melody and refrains that make you expect the next line. You are held in suspension and every outcome of that expectation is utterly dissatisfying and breaks the whole reason for ever writing a song - making a piece of art that flows naturally and gets stuck in your head because of how memorable and satisfying it is.

No. 286510

File: 1679082872433.png (2.6 KB, 212x111, image_2023-03-17_125400396.png)

Sorta stale but Ghost has been bitching a lot about their old fans lately, they even made a tweet about it a while back and complained about reuploads of their old songs which they AGREED TO in the first place (but then they deleted the tweet because of course they did). This has got to be the 10th time they've done something like this. Make up your damn mind

No. 286656

Shit like this makes me want to reupload The Wonderful Human Body just to get on her nerves.
I also think it's funny that she hates her old fans and constantly attacks anyone who dares to say they like everything from Communications to Arc and Say.
Probably a popular opinion at this point, but I fucking hate Ghost's new songs. Like, a lot. Her old songs were, for the most part, better in every way except for mixing because she used to actively use music theory and eventually threw it out the window to replace it with brownie points and """humor""" that appeals to straight TIF 12 year olds and nobody else.
It makes me sad, she used to tell actually good stories with beautiful art and you could tell her work had a heart back then.
Damn, now I'm pissed. It's like she became close friends with her fans and made them her entire personality.

File: 1673583536784.jpg (469.73 KB, 1633x960, 1673541044493.jpg)

No. 275598[Reply]

>Previous threads:
The 120 Days of Sodom >>>/w/268839
Rehab Edition >>>/w/245729
Unwashed Goblin Edition >>>/w/228548
Desperate for Attention Edition >>>/w/209369
How to Get Away with Murder Edition >>>/w/193333
Witchy Mental Breakdowns behind the Combini Edition >>>/w/174930
Alcoholic Witch Edition >>>/w/159989
Jirai-kei Japanophile Edition >>>/w/144045
Onlyfans Plasticine Queen Edition >>>/w/124470
Sugar Daddy's Cat is Judging Your Life Choices Edition >>>/w/110858
I Have Never Been this Happy!!! Edition >>>/w/105252
Jiraikei Onna & Corn Dildo Edition >>>/w/101360
Baby Beenos Edition >>>/w/98843
BDSM Queen Edition >>>/w/95405
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 283953

File: 1677631701755.jpeg (170.26 KB, 791x1288, D913F8CB-A967-4649-B4EF-26AA6A…)

Not a subscriber but her OF seems to be abandoned. This “limited offer ending Mar. 5” was posted the day after pimp zaddy told her via DM to fuck off and never contact him again. There doesn’t seem to be anything since then as far as I can tell.

No. 283973

I'm not going to make some tinfoil based on a few days of not posting. We also don't know if she's sending mass PVPs which wouldn't show up under the counters. Doesn't she also do these sales every month?

No. 283976

File: 1677649106785.jpg (104.4 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20230301-063304_Ins…)

No. 283977

HAHAHAHA she trying to date into money (yes Japanese med students make money.)

No. 283981

Why would she even share this lol
You don't have to be a med student to see something is off about her

File: 1655759543252.jpeg (117.4 KB, 790x500, himeahri.jpeg)

No. 221835[Reply]

Previous thread >>188016
Skyleigh Quick Arzoomanian or Himeahri is a 25 year old jobless cosplayer who has been desperately trying to get people to believe that she is half or part Japanese for almost a decade now. Her uwu Japanese larp began when she started cosplaying as Ahri from League of Legends as a young teenager and since then she’s been wearing animal ears and photoshopping herself to appear as an Asian caricature.
>sells backpacks and clothes with 2005 deviantart fanart of Ahri and says it’s her
>Has gotten procedures to “slant” her eyes up
>Her ex friends came out with statements saying she was a pathological liar, slept with their boyfriend(s) and was lying about being Japanese (aka shit she has been known for since the beginning of time)
>Depression and suicide baiting over the call outs
>Skyleigh makes 2 statements sperging about how she is Japanese by presenting 23 and me results with allegedly photoshopped Japanese results from her new step father who is 20% Japanese
>Claiming to only photoshop “a little”
>Trans girls and girls saying they want to look like her
>Crying about her ex friends and how they were the uwu bad lying ones
>Sperging more about not wanting to be friends or around people who do not blinding defend/wk for her on call
>Claims past GoFundMe Korea Plastic surgery page was just a “joke” despite screen caps saying she really did not like her appearance hence why she started begging for money
>Asking her fans if they would be interested in subbing if she made an Onlyfans
>majority says no
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 283679

File: 1677433433895.jpeg (200.92 KB, 828x1485, DB70518E-5AAC-4C49-8AF2-6F48D8…)

>desperately trying to sell boring ass prints after getting rid of the small amount of scrotes who bought them from her following
Skyleigh, you can’t have your cake and eat it. She got a following by being a gf stimulator like Pokimane but took it up a step by actually dming, voice chating and gaming with her scrotes and that gave her a following of crazy and loyal scrotes. After her ~IDGAF BF REVEAL~ Those scrotes left but they were the ones buying her shit.
>car date photosets
Again, she got rid of your scrotes who were there for the gf stimulator schtick and she keeps churning out that kind of content? Skyleigh is pretty fucking stupid if you ask me.
Skyleigh is a professional victim kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 283683

Sage your shit.

No. 283685

Her taking photos isn't milky. It's okay if a cow has no milk, you know, nonna. You don't need to act out like this because you have a vendetta.

No. 284798

File: 1678275896769.png (614.52 KB, 1462x731, 4fc2c50a-e083-480b-b64f-ee7735…)

Late to the party, I know. But I'm guessing she's trying to do Koda Kumi/gyaru style shading on her nose as her wide nostrills can make it look round at times. But she's failing at it making it looks so weird. Also, putting the pictures next to each other you really see how ridiculous wide she shoops her eyes. It makes Koda's eyes look round and western in comparison kek.

No. 284888

Anon, its just makeup. People who aren't asian do it too, who aren't gyaru.

File: 1669226369857.png (8.38 MB, 3874x2300, 1669201554842.png)

No. 267569[Reply]

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / LOC leader (Instagram: revelation_kitty)
>larps as being against predators and fetishists in lolita despite being a former pornstar and working at some gross fetish club (likely still currently works there too along with being in the fetish scene) >>266812 >>267068 >>267081
>known for lurking and posting in these threads: edited herself out of a thread OP before >>265060
>is a member of/involved with some weird degenerate vampire larp cult that may traffic girls – cult has ties with abusers, rapists, and stalkers >>266582 >>266600 >>266609 >>267083
>is friends with known pedophile groomer sainte and interacts with him on her personal fb/ig >>267082
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1194 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 282702

I love how you're describing people on the receiving end of hearing about someone's mental illness as "victims." If you're that fragile, do you never leave the house?
And post the screenshots then, censoring everyone's information as needed, or quit bullshitting.

No. 282705

heads up this thread is a few posts away from being full/locked so I made the next one: >>>/w/282703

No. 282740

Was the victim you? Sounds like utter retardism from you guys. Nice way of outing

No. 282747

Why even bring it up, if its not your story to tell and you and your friend aren't comfortable sharing any details at all? It really just reads as you continuing to stir shit. This is a gossip board but everyone here prefers actual facts to tinfoil and hinting, either bring something solid to argue your case or accept that the ok outside community hasn't seen proof of anything other than Frilled being annoying and mods being incompetent.

No. 283366

File: 1677192938875.jpeg (463.78 KB, 1242x1629, ECD9B2DA-D2C4-4A65-8FDB-0C03A3…)

They’ve recently made attempts to be active again after not posting since last year. A sad attempt at keeping as many remaining members as possible. Other than this there’s no mention/announcement made addressing the situation

File: 1645051747728.jpeg (443.7 KB, 1013x1800, DFBC8A99-29DF-46B6-82FB-D9F6D6…)

No. 197693[Reply]

Previous Thread (#5): >>173567
(#4) >>163459
(#3): >>155594
(#2): >>95156
(#1): >>82304

>Instagram: https://instagram.com/eeveenicoledavis
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/eeveenicoled
>Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nicoleeeveedavis
>OnlyFans: https://www.onlyfans.com/Nicoleeeveedavis
>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/nicoleeeveedavis/

Nicole’s 2022 thus far has been: unemployment for months, hours a day posting word salad tweets about scrotes deadnaming her, and being too embarrassed to show her body anymore due to her weight gain

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
404 posts and 112 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 283254

She's not even trying to hide it anymore kek. Probably because the scrotes she interacts with are hardly worth the effort and are only there to engage with her "content".

No. 283330

She just had a whole stalker situation come up again and you want her to, what, show off where she moved? I honestly fail to see the issue here.

No. 283367

That's not what anon is saying. They're pointing out the fundraising for a family friend never received an update, but she's happily going into detail about using scrote money to fund her move only a month later.

No. 283432

literally no one asked that kek

No. 283561

Just so other anons know, anon posted then deleted a photo complaining about how Nicole doesn't take care of her snakes even though they mentioned how she cares for them >>283177 expect that in a few days with the usual vendetta stuff surrounding this cow. I should've capped it.

File: 1677063023642.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x400, 1677062463286 (1).jpg)

No. 283140[Reply]

She actually gets her viewers to pay for these "cosplays". Essentially just a really cheap wig and then makes it a sub-a-thon stream to extract even more cash out of her viewers. She's been money grabbing a lot more recently as well, making a patreon (with some expensive tiers to watch her react to a tv show), locking all her streams to sub only mode and asking her viewers to buy her gifts constantly. Her mods are even told to post the gift link frequently in her chat that is essentially the same 5-10 people that always turn up stream.(Shit thread.)

No. 283151

File: 1677072012083.png (157.05 KB, 614x541, Untitled.png)

OP delivers something potentially spicy? I searched her and found this tweet from a few days ago. It looks like she uses bots to promote her stream. I found the part where it happens and.. The streamer has a few choice words to say about her!


No. 283152

She does seem like an Amo wanna-be like the streamer said

File: 1674722036489.png (148.03 KB, 300x300, kimi.png)

No. 278737[Reply]

Kimi/Kimani aka LilEcchiGirl

• 23 years old Florida native
• Cosplayer/OnlyFans Girl
• Asian Fisher
• Supports pedo-baiting, EA-baiting, cosplaying in children's uniforms, and as underage characters in a sexual manner
• Guest for Waifu Expo 2023
• Falsely accused Youtuber HeavenlyController of SA when all he did was drink with her and invite her over

>Was recently exposed online for having wishing further suicide attempts on another OnlyFans girl @cyberstephanie (whom she supposedly was buddies with personally.

>When group chat logs were released, it was evident that Kimi and other OnlyFans girls in the mix were all bullying, bodyshaming, accusing others of being racist (while capitalizing off of asian fetishes), fatphobic, and just unnecessarily mean.

>Kimi proudly encourages others to reach out to her in an effort to dox other successful OnlyFans girls out of pure hatred and jealousy, all while pretending to be buddies with the same girls she supposedly cannot stand

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
308 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 279484

>honestly sounds like general costhot stuff
Seeing as this thread has quickly devolved into costhot general with a sprinkle of Himeahri I agree.

No. 279486

Pretty much. It's covering so much and a lot of it is just because OP has their name in the issue, but she's barely the focal.

No. 282467

I can vouch for Kimani being a huge piece of shit and a liar.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 282503

then explain anon

No. 282979

I was wondering if she would get a thread to be entirely honest. She went under the radar for a long time. I just wanted to clear fact-check her info since she claims to be a doxer or whatever, her last name is Serrano, not Ortiz. Take it with a grain of salt but we dated in high school. (Deleted but wanted to add more) when we dated she lived in Davie but moved to Texas, idk where. I saw in the website that she posted a pic of her great grandma but does anyone have the pic she posted?

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