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File: 1689477028129.jpg (518.67 KB, 1202x906, Terry lighting.jpg)

No. 303389[Reply]

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809
Thread #4 >>208755
Thread #5 >>229285
Thread #6 >>261505
Thread #7 >>284431

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Aro/Ace cosplayer who is actually a 40 year old man that lives alone in his 3-4 story townhouse in Maryland. Although he has typing abilities equivalent to someone having a stroke, he makes a six figure salary, which he blows on video games that he never plays, cheap costumes from China, and attending cons by himself since he only has "fans", not friends.
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No. 315177

File: 1702489622231.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1284x2279, IMG_9127.jpeg)

No. 315185

Non con-goer here but even I get that this is a expensive as fuck list.

No. 315189

File: 1702506897194.jpeg (541.68 KB, 1284x2233, IMG_9128.jpeg)

No. 315201

Isn’t this just a common scam? Scammers just send random people requests and hope they are dumb enough to bite. Bet if they chose a white zoomer profile pic he would send money no question asked

No. 315251

File: 1702587321099.jpeg (369.54 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_1723.jpeg)

But Terry, you’re the one putting yourself in debt. Just stop buying cosplays and video games.
Besides, he’s said before that he hates spending money on his friends. Wouldn’t even pay for food for them. The only time I can recall him buying anyone anything is when he got shoes for that Asian girl. This doesn’t pertain to him.

File: 1427687856399.png (850.71 KB, 599x578, inuashley.png)

No. 161914[Reply]

Ashley thread, because we really needed one.


Sorry about your face, Ash.
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No. 314131

>I’ve been experiencing unimaginable pain and suffering and emotional trauma living a torturous dark existence in what is basically solitary confinement

>I can no longer do the only thing I could do to alleviate my extremely stressful daily existence, which was to read

Her main focus on this whole thing is vision loss. Does she know you can still go outside even when you're blind? Or listen to audiobooks if she misses reading so much

No. 314138

Hellen Keller would be all "this bitch.."

No. 314152

Thank you for this info, anon

No. 314790

File: 1702127455132.jpeg (534.92 KB, 1290x2145, IMG_0622.jpeg)

Literally every day it’s an update like this

No. 314835

If she really needed the money, she'd sell all the weeb crap in her closet. Despite being aware of her eye condition, why was she wearing circle lenses?

File: 1542426054741.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

No. 8303[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 314783

That's old milk anon.

No. 314806

you're right, sorry, but it does bother me that it seems like everyone's forgotten about her pedo history.

No. 314807


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 314831

Nah fuck omocat they still haven't sent tonnes of the backer rewards. I didn't even want the game anymore but if you missed the tiny window for refunds before the game was released you were shit out of luck

No. 314897

I worked with several people who would do shit like this in my current job, say they're being exploited when the managers would tell them to please, not work in secret during bank holidays and weekends and until 10pm just for them to go on sick leave without any warning for several months or even years as a result and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else. I can't believe that tranny is making me feel bad for omocat right now.

File: 1701134892610.jpeg (248.46 KB, 1179x1179, BE17FD35-DE4E-4B3D-B596-6CBD72…)

No. 313551[Reply]

Thread for posting itas, whether it’s Redditlitas, TikTok zoomers, or Instagram
Just post some fucking itas!(shit thread)

File: 1698380004599.png (1.44 MB, 932x1186, 1698288048337.png)

No. 310853[Reply]

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more nowPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 313595

sage for sperg, but i genuinely wonder how many of these DID fakers will give themselves tulpas and see what is it like for real. but you know what? Jill would never. she is too lazy to do tulpa forcing and putting enough of effort in her larp to get a tulpa.

No. 313609

They'll move on to the next grift when this one stops paying the bills.

No. 313611

If Jill dumped Steebie, left the damn province and made new friends her life would improve drastically. Missed opportunity to live in a big Canadian city and use her influencer status for decent content.

No. 313615

its like playing house with someone and they get mad if you don't remember all the rule they set.

she deserves no friends tbh

No. 313618

In the clip she also says she googles her symptoms so now we know why she comes up with all these medical terms. Someone who is some sort of hypocondriac should never Google what's wrong with them

File: 1456005967663.jpg (142.92 KB, 1440x2034, 12168308_10156554874105483_160…)

No. 16634[Reply]

23 year old weeb that makes youtube videos regarding anime. Actually makes intelligent points but is a snowflake and grating in a few ways.

>claims to actively respond to fans but constantly ignores their questions in regards to if she's dating Joey aka The Anime Man even though she CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him and uses language like bbz when referring to him.

>constantly posting fat tits
>uses a sexy and thin anime drawing representation of her for her video thumbnails contrary to how she really looks
>constantly talks about hentai and tentacle porn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1HVMnw-610qx54iEiWk7A/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akidearest/

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No. 313392

Anon, if you read my post again you'll see I was speaking in Aki's favor.

No. 313395

I’m skis case it was holding pee but I was talking about the rise of egirls in general telling the world about their UTI. I know some girls just get them no matter what they do, but I know these egirls in particular, don’t take care of themselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 313397


Oh come on, she lives in Tokyo and not some bumfuck inaka and usually films around fancy parts of town. She can find tons of normal clean bathrooms, just go to a coffee shop or something.

No. 313398

That's not the issue.

No. 313505

why was this banworthy what happened here(take it to meta)

File: 1652244788875.jpg (473.81 KB, 1076x1767, Screenshot_20220511-004048_Ins…)

No. 212106[Reply]

Continual containment thread for Dakota Rose Ostrenga, AKA "Dakota Rose" of 2011/2012 Tumblr viral fame.

>got her initial modeling contract from Bravo models international from a Skype call modified with After Effects based on her viral Tumblr selfies of her photoshopped into an entirely different person

>spent the next 5 years ignoring everyone in her age group for 45+ year old businessmen, despite many people trying to throw her a professional bone after her career flop, her jewelry line flop, and her embarrassing herself on national TV
>When Sheina got booted from Japan, Dakota's easy ride also came to an end & ane never went back to her previous lifestyle of living well off, alone in a 3LDR, in Shibuya without working while spending ¥¥¥¥¥¥
>Recently admitted that she has spent the last 2 years in America, wether in Florida or California with Kaka, who knows
>Not much activity other than posting obvious pics/clips from the States, but with Japanese captions as Kaka starts slowly leading for attention on IG
>Other than trying a few JP IG based brand sponsorships for things Kooter clearly never interacra with, like a skateboard. Likely trying to keep any JP fan base she still has left
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No. 317464

did she not wash her hair or did whatever product they put in get fucked up? ew

No. 317490

Because she's not a model for those magazines. You do realize most photogs are freelance, right? This means they shoot with whoever, regardless of their published portfolio. Anyway, not like this is milk as usual, its just more artsy photos that some anons personally don't like.

No. 318323

This looks like a free test photoshoot with a photographer, not actual work.

No. 318403

I think anons forget the point of models sometimes.

No. 318535

sage for non milk, but I wanted to settle the "why isn't she doing anything about her thin ass hair to make it look thicker" discussions. I've been in Japan for about three years, and one of the weirdest compliments that people give here is "your hair is so thin!" It's actually a beauty standard here to have hair that looks like the hair of a toddler, extremely thin but without bald spots. Hair like Dakota's is actually really desirable lately, which is probably why she's not making any efforts to get extensions or make it look thicker, even though it would really balance her strong features and make her look a lot more feminine. I imagine that it must be the number one compliment that she gets. It goes along with the Japanese obsession with looking youthful, thin hair is considered youthful and feminine/cute.(derailing)

File: 1689254617197.png (12.32 MB, 3648x3072, lolita threadpic 16.png)

No. 303212[Reply]

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

Melissa / NLO member (Instagram(s): _seraphonline, melomelo1013, Twitter: _mly1013, Blogspot: neverlace)
has a huge hypocritical meltdown on her blog over hatestalking making the community unsafe for minors while also admitting in the comments she and her pals (some of them minors) befriended known pedophile sainte, doesn’t see the irony of her discord vendetta hatestalking document that she made and kept updated plus spammed in the threads constantly
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 227 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 312364

The lolibrary discord has gone to shit since all these fatties joined and started using the server as their own personal blog.

No. 312464

File: 1700094096446.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.77 KB, 1280x1524, tumblr_b67d4473ad20a9ab4841efe…)

That is not a female.(troonfoiling)

No. 312466

I bought a dress from this seller, and it’s got stains. Other reviews, too, have indicated they’ve had their dress stained. What is the deal with LM sellers being lazy and dishonest with their listings?
https://egl.circlly.com/users/carmine(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 312467

you can literally see the outline of her vagina anon please take your meds

No. 312471

That's isha's (roundmidnite) new LM. She had a post on her lolita meme account about leaving her dresses on the floor in the last thread

File: 1687312899634.jpeg (257.16 KB, 960x1410, 1660593188659.jpeg)

No. 301141[Reply]

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has (now smaller) breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl; is recently a conspiracy theorist and self-claimed communist
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
78 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 317570

maybe she’s dressing more minimally for her commie cosplay?

No. 318680

File: 1706487941707.jpg (406.32 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20240128_192546_Fac…)

Not milk but she has been posting in decor groups on Facebook.

No. 319041

File: 1707190561889.jpeg (282.16 KB, 828x1353, IMG_5010.jpeg)

kelly’s started showing her face on her feed again, but can’t seem to find a hairbrush. for someone trying to sell painting courses, she really dgaf about professionalism…

No. 319682

Her hair looks so greasy, she really isn’t putting effort into herself now.

No. 319713

Latereply but she looks way better with her natural hair color, the bright colors made her face look so harsh.

File: 1458234369659.png (144.75 KB, 446x319, tumblr_mbt2m19rxA1rwpfak.png)

No. 17713[Reply]

Nozmo (zeeenya and junjouprince on tumblr, punkblues on twitter) is an artist that eventually rose to internet fame with her (ongoing) webcomic "Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet", after publishing a bunch of unfinished comics on SmackJeeves across the years.

A huge weeb and fanartist as well, Nozmo has dabbled in many fandoms (most notoriously Free!, Yowapeda, Miraculous Ladybug and YuGiOh Arc-V) prdoucing fanart and doujinshi that she put up for sale.

Around September 2015, Nozmo dropped off the face of earth… along with the money of all those who several months prior had preordered her Free! and Arc-V merchandise and never received it.

A new, one-shot comic by Nozmo was posted on her SJ account around November-December 2015. She did not try to contact any of the people waiting on their purchases, nor did she resurface on any of her social media. She simply uploaded the comic without any kind of notice and disappeared again.

Eventually, things started to move, people started to investigate. Some came forward claiming that it's not the first time Nozmo has done this, that there are fans who haven't even received their rewards for backing the TAPV kickstarter (2014). Baseless (?) rumors have it that Nozmo has spent part of that money and the earnings from the Free! book preorders for a trip to Japan.

In December, someone was able to find Nozmo's sister on Twitter, who explained that Nozmo was overwhelmed and scared by the situation she herself created by procrastinating. In February, only after being prodded again, Nozmo's sister stated that the fanbooks and everything are there, they just need to be sent out, that Nozmo has refused help with that from her and the rest of their family. (Caps of the exchange here: http://tapvfans.tumblr.com/tagged/the-nozmo-situation) However, nothing happened since then and Nozmo's sister abandoned her twitter after a few weeks.

Earlier this month, a different tumblr user was able to come in contact with an RL friend of Nozmo's, however, this person stated that Nozmo won't reply to their emails, nor did she pick up when they called her. The friend has however confirmed that refusing help is a weakness of Nozmo and that they're sure she'll Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
417 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 298041

At least I'm not the only one dealing with feels about it still.

Wonder if there's anyway to convince her to start up again like a patreon goal, but I'd say after all this tapv might be kinda traumatizing to return to.

Worst part is my favourite character was a minor one so there's precious little content to revisit

If anyone wants to reread Tapv here's the link

https://archive.is/20170802235343/http://toddallisonpetuniaviolet.imgur.com/(sage your shit)

No. 298096

Anyone have the copy of book and willing to part ways with it?(don't bump this thread unless you have evidence of new drama)

No. 302939

Yes but it’s autographed with my name in it, how much would you pay for it nonnie?

No. 303219

about $30 plush shipping?(sage your shit)

No. 312096

Anyone has that zip file? I would really like to read TAPV minicomics.(lost newfag)

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