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File: 1643185034012.png (2.37 MB, 1378x1378, Untitled3_20220124170742.png)

No. 195013



Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays mainly as Saber from Fate as well as random My Hero Academia characters to cash in on that hype train. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on porn and only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local Round1 screeching at Kevin to win her pretty princess toys lest he get the hose, again.

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Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Claimed ‘super abusive’ parents were the absolute most evilest pplz evar and she had to constantly be living on someone's couch to flee the violence
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.
>Has only ever worked as a cringe cam whore and retail worker (unkown sex shop in WA then Forever 21 in UT)

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Lori half-asses a call to action for all paypigs, mistress LARP tbd >>>/w/182390
>Everything Lori has ever done to anyone was actually THEIR fault and she's victim !!1! >>>/w/183167
>She tags Netflix in a Facebook post trying to get her own "tell all" cosplay expose. Really. I'm not joking. >>>/w/183383
>Lori has decided she is a permawhore since her broken spine only allows her to shrimp up in 9 inch stilletos for hours on uncomfortable plastic chairs and hardwood floors for Only fans, work is forbidden, so sub up. >>>/w/183980
>Tick tock, another ferret is sick but oh look at her nails! >>>/w/184028
>I know it's hard for plebeians like us to understand, but Kevin will never be a "one dimensional" cosplayer. He's also a Hypebeast faggot and shackled to mall goth culture. >>>/w/184091
>Lori hijacks another person's vent post to talk about how she was victimized by boolies in high school and how her YouTube exposed video clout would be insane; but she's too cool for that so she's swimming in her piss vat of a public pool. >>>/w/184325
>The most liked comments under her posts are making fun of her KEK of course she never catches that >>>/w/184810
>The blocking game is still going strong >>>/w/185042 stronger than ever actually
>Spoiler: Puck is dying and here is where the money grift for his death began >>>/w/185258
>More sob posting to get pitybux >>>/w/185334
>Kevin looking like chewed up bubblegum; giving complete wigger swag >>>/w/185847
>Kevin cooms more over his Gvapi than he does his own "perfect gf" that "works so hard" >>>/w/185857
>Kevin seethes on FB about being a balding fugly manlet chained to a scammy hag >>>/w/186126
>The farms totes doesn't get to him
>Lori now resorts to BEGGING people in her Reddit posts to not report her shit-tier spam posts she calls "cosplay" >>>/w/186201
>Kevin is NOT SHORT they just have TALL CEILINGS >>>/w/186257
>Boo Hoo can't buy a Christmas tree cause of """"""vet bills"""""" so cough up your holiday bonus, homie! >>>/w/186282
>Kevin is too retarded to figure out how to post directly on here so he goes boss mode on his Instagram stories, successfully alienating everyone else who hasn't a clue what he's chimping about >>>/w/186473
>Lori really wishes she could have Lady Friends but women are just such bitches and Lori is way too good for that nonsense >>>/w/186989
>Lori is finally getting wiped from cosplay subreddit a for posting her ugly garbage porn ads >>>/w/187262
>Here we see the two with new digs yet they're STILL hurting for vet bill money…. >>>/w/187878
>Trigger warning for real, animal neglect and abuse: Last seen footage of the ferrets. It's disturbing how sick they look >>>/w/188895
>Ferrets are dying slowly and in excruciating pain but Lori needs new nails so, sub a dub dub! >>>/w/189173
>New boots! Ferrets? Who? >>>/w/189277
>Lori legitimately looks like a gremlin fucking hag >>>/w/189529 belongs in a bog somewhere, far away from civilization
>Kev is always in the background of her pictures cause they don't have a bedroom KEK so luxe! >>>/w/189685
>Lori is literally dying of depression. And you're laughing? You think this is funny? >>>/w/190189
>More wahhhhhhhposting for steak money, stfu and choke on your tears >>>/w/190317
>Instead of putting down their ferrets, they decided to milk the death and set up a new GFM to gyp people into giving them shoe money >>>/w/191028
>Lori projecting about her own habits of abusing and cruelly neglecting sick and dying animals >>>/w/191106
>Behold: the black void where Lori's heart should be >>>/w/191198
>Dressing up in garbage and LARPing as a whore is all Lori's uwu autistic traumatized little brain can handle and enjoy doing 1!!1! >>>/w/191728
>Kevin flexes his cheap little crafts and laments "the good anime" with classics like My Hero Academia and fucking Fire Force, thinks "modern" anime "fell off" >>>/w/191849
>Jeremy (some retard sub) keeps buying Abuela gifts, Kevin better check her phone! >>>/w/192151
>Lori now believes she is Marin from Dress up Darling >>>/w/192884
>Horrific new Looni video drops, if you watch this you will die 7 days later >>>/w/193235
>Kevin really wants you to know he has a homie that cares and he got new shoes! Totally not just him lying about buying a pair of shoes at a pity discount! >>>/w/193515
>Bree from Bisou Lovely backtracks on her word like a worm and reposts Lori, Abuela must be begging like a little rat >>>/w/193647
>Lori posts one of her many zinger videos to get back at the farmers accusing her of Photoshop, you're all insane and lying! She's perfect potatoes! >>>/w/193689
>Lori is now carrying the I'm Poopin torch, officially >>>/w/193694
>Kevin Spederline thinks Marin was made in the likeness of Lori despite the manga predating her fried roots and ghetto press ons >>>/w/193741
>The whole time her ferrets were dying and she was "working", she could only think about giving us cringe content, aw <3 thanks! >>>/w/193944
>I don't know what to say about this except Kevin looks like a rejected Square Enix character >>>/w/194103
>Kevin definitely did NOT get $300~ shoes as a gift >>>/w/194142
>Lori's "entire family died in the last few months", give her money or fuck off. Glad you're showing your true colors again, Whori! >>>/w/194528
>Lori tries her hardest to get back into cosplay subreddit a but nobody wants her sewer water looks >>>/w/194715
>Kevin is so heartbroken over his whole family dying that he bought MORE STUFF! >>>/w/194951
>Reminder: you're the problem and Lori is a victim who has never killed any animals or hurt anyone and you're insane! >>>/w/195001

Now that all her meal tickets are decomposing in the apartment dumpster, what will these two dolts do for money? Work? What are you insane?! Only one way to find out. Thread #14 begins!

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Lori’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:
https://usakou.tumblr.com/ (recently found)

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.
>Homie homie macaroni/potato
Psychobabble that dribbles from the witches gaping maw

No. 195046

lori os legit overweight. shes not a deathfat but gorl is getting close…..shes also horrendous to look at withoit her shoopchan. shes a human disgrace(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195054

File: 1643214607839.jpg (87.53 KB, 720x1029, IMG_20220126_092916_540.jpg)

She has to be trolling.

No. 195063

There’s 100 posts left in the other thread retard now the old one is just going to be bumped for ages since it won’t lock

No. 195064

She genuinely believes they look alike. I guarantee you the "people" that said she looked like Marin don't exist and she's just trying to ride the wave like she did with Zero Two. Seriously the only thing that kept her account afloat was DitF fanart and fan boys. It's the only reason she has followers. If she was just being plain Vanilla, forgettable Lori, she would be a literal who. DitF is never coming back so now she has to sink her play doh talons into the flavor of the week. Same system she's had forever. Wait for a pink or blonde haired waifu to drop, make sure it's the most popular series and waifu out at that time, start dressing like her and try to play the "oh we just NATURALLY look IDENTICAL because SHE IS ME!!!!" game. I'm convinced she does it so she can "cosplay" online and irl without doing anything. She's a lazy hag, she's getting too porky for her characters of choice too.

No. 195072

Considering Lori is old enough to be Marins mom.. that's creepy as fuck.

No. 195074

Fits her because she would be the kind of raging narc mom that tries to one up her younger, prettier daughter. She'd only look like Marin if Marin had Mariana's trench level smile lines, eye bags, crows feet, a long flat philtrum and meth mouth. Oh and the soup bowl chest. I wonder how much longer she will be able to breathe with all her smoking and deformity.

No. 195098

>Because Marin looks like me

Someone needs to take abuela to an eye doctor.

No. 195115

File: 1643248651372.jpg (572.72 KB, 1075x1433, 20220126_195124.jpg)

Lori's delusion is more and more pathetic. I cant believe she actually thinks she looks like Marin, but is so desperate to sell her hideous pics she's aware of her lies and sticks with it.

This looks so much more like Marin than Lori could even if she was 20 years younger.

No. 195127

still shooped to hell but you're still right, even all the filters and meitu in the world can't save looni at this point kek

No. 195171

Why didn’t she photoshop her flippers so they looked more like normal feet?

No. 195186

refuse to say hi cow, it says hello for itself by this stage. it is a two-headed e-fame obsessed hydra so you never know if it's an L or a K

kuukow/this girl didn't photoshop her totally normal feet because she doesn't have a pathology about it like some people do. also looks like she's a way more accurate cosplayer in just a wig and bikini where some women wanting to be marin have to photoshop and delude themselves into oblivion while their pets die around them.

No. 195193

File: 1643304616805.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20220127-092830.png)

Are you trying to say the two anons quoted could be Lori or Kevin? Doesn't make sense to me. They'd rather call everyone ugly losers than try to actually blend in and stoke flames. They're too stupid to play that game.

Kevin's goodies finally came and he's been skating so much! They both seem really just shattered by the deaths in the family. Normal grieving stuff.

No. 195194

File: 1643304714810.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20220127-092859.png)

I'm on mobile so I can't webm but he posted him doing tricks to some god awful Dorian Electra song. His taste in everything is fucking abysmal and grating, just like Lori. Perfect match made in hell.

No. 195203

This delusion is getting scary - a woman nearing 40, convinced a fictional teen is inspired off her sole being. Just a bizarre thought process.

No. 195206

God he really looks like he is in his late 40’s or a crack head

No. 195215

that skateboard alone is $77, the grip tape is about $20. looks like the ferret fund is being well spent

No. 195219

At least the balding man sees some daylight once in a while. Without a hat, the slightest breeze will take Abuela's hair out like a kid blowing on a dandelion.

No. 195223

Dude is GAUNT, what the fuck? Lori is eating all the food

No. 195229

istg thought that was Lori, the only thing that made me realize it was Kevin was his feet being smaller than hers.

No. 195243

Not L or K, sorry nonnie. They do come in here sometimes but Kevin is so obvious because of the sad way he types and tries to indirectly wk.

No. 195247

File: 1643334705078.webm (2.35 MB, 720x1280, istg thought that was Lori.web…)

Here it is
>the only thing that made me realize it was Kevin was his feet being smaller than hers.

No. 195249

He's so mediocre its hilarious. He always looks like hes going to fall when he lands.

No. 195272

His lack of confidence shines through his skating kek

No. 195274

File: 1643350146039.jpg (90.03 KB, 720x1187, IMG_20220127_230738_071.jpg)

Lol Lori opened some Dollskill packages in the lobby of the Hardware apartments to make it look like that fireplace is hers. I'm surprised she hasn't gone on about "my fireplace" like she has about "my pool."

No. 195282

He is flailing around because he doesn't have any muscle or flexibility. You can bet he already injured himself trying to do these stupid videos. His skateboarding is the equivalent of his "music".

More of Lori being 40, sneaking pictures in the public areas of an apartment, opening up a package of polyester meant for someone half her age and faking like she isn't homeless. Chances are somebody is going to see her and get candids at this rate.

No. 195298

We just need our vet bills covered guiz!!! Ignore us buying new shit all the time. That CAN'T go to pet care.

No. 195302

This explains why he frequently injures himself skateboarding >>160133

No. 195332

She posted a video of who I think is puck, trying to prove he's fine but it looks like an old video from the last apartment. Anyone able to confirm?

No. 195336

On mobile rn so it’s hard to tell, but it at least seems from the same timeline as the dollskill openings? She has the same set of pink nails in the dollskill video and ferret video. All the videos/photos could possibly be from long ago though.
Tinfoil, what if she got a replacement ferret to save face?

No. 195344

oh if only narcissistic psychopaths like her could be jailed for just being that

No. 195352

She will likely end up a crackwhore in a jail cell downtown because this grift is falling apart as we speak. No need to wish.

No. 195368

I don’t understand them. They live in a shoebox, are completely content using kev’s parents money and scammed money, and do nothing but consume. They don’t even think to spend the money responsibly or on something that will better themselves. It’s so bleak. It’s stressing that they literally don’t think of anything else other than buying stuff.

No. 195373

It's not even usable stuff. All of their junk is outdated by 10 years the moment it enters into their doghouse.

None of Loony's junk is wearable outside because it's plastic or polyester, or fake hair to cover what's left her bald head after bleaching. None of what they get is resellable because it's ugly or stuff like dirty underwear, plus all of it falls apart after she stretches to get into it with her press on nails.

This is why she's always seen wearing Kevin's sweats and those plastic sunglasses like a methhead when outside. She can't even afford clothes.

No. 195397

This comment is exactly what I was thinking. It's such a sad cope that they buy all this garbage and live such a shitty life instead of using their money for a place with a bedroom, real clothes and things that are actually useful. They put themselves in a loop, live shitty, shop to cope, keep living shitty because we wasted all our money. People like this are their own worst enemies. In the very near future, it's going to get worse for them. Let's face it, they cant pretend to be rich ever again after ebegging for that vet bill/rent money. Whatever they do have goes to useless decks and ugly dollskill junk. This lifestyle never ends well for people who are this poor and live this way.

Their stuff is hideous. They have terrible taste. Economy furniture from Amazon can look good if you pic the right thing but they pick the tackiest junk, from the ugly pink vanity and clear resin chair to the mismatched blue couch and rustic coffee table. Nothing looks right. The cheap fur rugs look so confused. You can really see Lori's cheap style in everything they own.

No. 195398

File: 1643415319235.jpg (347.17 KB, 1064x1917, LuxuryHomeEssentials.jpg)

Don't hate anon, she's unaffordable. (but like, still sub to her OF for the low price of some change).

No. 195401

File: 1643416571629.jpeg (917.43 KB, 1125x1827, FBCB4A9C-8AD2-4C11-A4DE-02687C…)

KEK. Okay Lori.

No. 195407

It goes well with her tacky dollar sign earrings, kek.

Bet this is her excuse for being unable to hook up with anyone other than Kevvy. He's the best she can pull even with her legovag out on the internet and they're both broke.

No. 195417

Even her pillow is telling her she's broke.

Stop wasting your money on cheap ugly shit Looni. Your poor.

No. 195494

File: 1643481075181.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20220129-102730.png)

So I guess one is still alive somehow but the way she's just like holding it to be like "LOOK HATURS BA DUH DUH my baby is fine" like girl no we know it's gonna be crusty, oily and dehydrated begging for death in like a month and you'll still be begging for money. Also didn't she say she lost ALL her family? Implying even "Sweet P" (pictured) would have been gone too? She's playing games and thinks she's slick

No. 195495

The fucking discount stripper boots on the kitchen counter - they really do live in some nightmare Dolls Kill/ Squishmellow hoard.

And yet still the same pose, the same facial expression, the same outfits every time. It’s literally no different - but somehow still getting worse?

Where does Kevin even store his own hoard of bad streetwear/ old cosplay/ and numerous skate decks now?

No. 195504

Lori..still as fat as ever(sage your shit)

No. 195513

I always assumed he used the kitchen cabinets for storing his stuff since that seems to be where he's taken photos of his boards, etc before.

No. 195540

This makes sense. They can't afford basic kitchen supplies or food. Remember when the paltry lettuce thing was something they got excited over?

No. 195552

File: 1643508316359.png (1.32 MB, 809x1329, Screenshot_20220129-180012.png)

The grimace KEK. She smiles like a dog baring teeth in aggression. Fitting.

No. 195557

She truly has gotten so wide and squishy oml and she’s the heifer that wanted to call other women fat? She may not be obese but she’s definitely been packing on weight lately. And that awful cringe she’s making wowza truly thriving

No. 195559

This is how my meth head cousin "smiles" in all her pictures

No. 195561

I think she’s been chubby for quite a while now, but she’s been hiding it by sitting in that same pose and wearing long sleeves. It’s pretty hilarious to see her skinwalk Marin though especially with that forced smile. She strikes me as someone who has never genuinely smiled so her expression is awkward as fuck.

No. 195562

She's all wrinkles, veins and feet. Stubs for legs and no tits even as she's packing the pounds. You can even see where she clones out the body wrinkles and shadows around her crotch.

No. 195572

She’s trying too hard to look like that Marin character. Girl, you have to fix your haircut and color to even think about looking like her.

No. 195576

Budding lunch lady arms. That clone tool fail is sending me near her crotch and her stomach. Show dem rolls if you're really about it.

No. 195578

Even in the thumbnail the pink eyebrows and eye makeup are so garish, she'd look so much better even in this vague approximation of Marin (wrong hair color, wrong bathing suit but you know what she's going for with the pose) like please… stop with the pink makeup it makes her look OLDER even…

No. 195581

File: 1643530781495.jpg (57.14 KB, 720x889, IMG_20220130_011654_224.jpg)

Lori needs $500 because her and Kevin already spent through the $400 they received from GFM donations.

No. 195585

File: 1643537910130.png (807.77 KB, 1440x1149, Screenshot_20220130-021740.png)

No. 195591

She really thinks her male donors would be OK being called whales? Men are dumb but come on

No. 195599

Kek, Well this is a fail. She still just looks like someone's desperate Mom.

No. 195604

ironic…bc lori is a whale herself

shes sure no size 0-4. and without her precious shoopchans…shes as plain jane as they come(unsaged nitpick)

No. 195606

I’ve never seen a bigger cry for help in an animals eyes

Probably the bathroom or hidden somewhere by the public pool.

Those fuckin stompers omg. And as someone who didn’t care for the weight nitpicking I have to admit she has definitely packed on the pounds. I guess it’s inevitable when all she eats is Burger King and Red Lobster. I think the only reason Kevin didn’t get fat again and has remained a gaunt husk is from the same reason his hair is falling out- the stress from living with Lori the shrieking banshee.

No. 195614

He does look stressed. I think he looks like he aged ten years recently. I noticed we no longer see kawaii animu boy" pics from him. I dont think the filters can make his long gaunt face look the same as he use to shoop himself.

I'm not surprised she gained. Shes always starved herself to loose then gotten fatter. This time it's really noticable. I dont care about her weight either, but I think she probably stress eats just like Kevin stress starves.

No. 195657

In this case it means someone who drops a lot of money on her consistently, she’s not calling anyone fat.
And can y’all stop sperging about her weight? She gained weight but she’s still far from fat. I think she’s nuts too but at least nitpick something that makes sense.

No. 195659

Shes absolutely fat, she has 0 muscle mass. Also learn to sage

No. 195660

At least try to have better bait.

No. 195666

By Lori's own standards, she is fat. If she saw another woman that looked just like her making more money, she would have a psychotic break and sperg on every account about how fat and jealous her "copycat" is. I think anons are forgetting that Lori thinks anything over 100lbs is pudgy and gross. Did we already forget what all the girls she called ugly and fat looked like? Probably shouldn't take it personally or argue about it because it's really just directed only at her. If it really bothers you what anons say, report them for nitpicking or bumping with no milk.
New Challenge: Lori don't make everything about you or the animals you neglected to death for one day. Lol. I'm sure when you watch any movie with any female lead with pink or blonde hair, it's like, totally literally you. Get over yourself and post vet bills being paid, hag. Nobody cares about what you think. Where's the money?

No. 195670

Or don't comment on her weight because the difference is like 10lbs. Fat for her, but its nitpicking levels from some of you.

No. 195676

I kinda have to agree that the fat sperg shit is getting tiresome in these threads. I know the point is to piss Lori off because its fat by her standards, but I'm willing to bet some anons here are built like that sans the dented chest. The way some anons act on this site makes me question what a "good" body even is and it's even more jarring/hilarious when you go to /g/ and check out the fitness thread or girl crushes thread and, shocker, the latter is filled with hyper femme women who have wider curves than Lori. Like, at this point is it just a bunch of unemployed anachans like one anon said or is it hamplanets hoping she blows up to their size so they feel better about themselves? Either way, I thought chest and weight sperging weren't allowed. At least one is mentioned in the OP.

inb4 hi cow because that's how this shit be at times

No. 195678

It's just low effort nitpicking and bait.

No. 195687

Agreed. Remember when she used to hashtag her pictures "under 100 pounds"? She doesn't do that anymore because she can't kek

No. 195697

I’m glad I’m not the only one tired of the low effort “she’s fat!” posts. It’s beyond overdone and uninteresting, plus it’s basically a guarantee the same people harping on about it are fat fucks themselves.

No. 195698

tinfoil, do you think Kevin is the source of the unsaged fat comments?
i've long suspected he comes here when he's mad at Lori to get out his frustration on her.

No. 195705

I don't think so because I think it's the same person posting similar unsaged posts in the Victoria Bella Morte thread about how she's fat/overweight. I don't read many threads here but I assume they're doing it in other threads too. It just seems like a bored troll.

No. 195707

Hey fatfuck did you forget how to sage like you forgot how to portion control? No one fucking cares about your feelings. Lori’s a fatter bitch now get over it. Her shoops are bad and only show how much wider she is now. She may not be overweight but she’s fat in her terms.

No. 195715

Beyond delusional to think Belle or Marin are anything like her. She must be seething about the official Marin being cuter, younger and thinner than her.

Anons feeling personally attacked are just outing themselves. It's about Lori and her pride in her weight. I also believe Kevvy tries to derail like >>195698 said, he knows first hand how much she shoops and contorts herself to look thinner.

No. 195719

It's either Kev or Lori, they bait posters into going NO NO SHES NOT ACTUALLY FAT ITS ANONS WHO ARE THE SECRET FATTIES!!!11
Bet it makes her feel better for ten whole minutes from her sad life.

No. 195721

>people sick of the same low effort posts are outing themselves

Funny how that wasn't said when people got tired of chest nitpicking or even over in shatna's thread when people got tired of vag and zombie tit sperging. You'll still get a ban for either of those because a resounding majority got tired of it because it's not milk. I don't understand this 'no u' reverse psychology bullshit some of you pull in order to justify skirting rules, but whatever gets us to 100 threads faster I guess.

No. 195738

At this point, I'd give my left nut to see current candids of her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195740

I buy it. It would add to their incessant bullying claim and its flat out floor level bait that would make her FB homies mad. She never posts biting posts or comments because they're always accurate and fly over her head. She cherry picks to feel smarter and paints her haters as stupid despite her being literally retarded. Also Kevin does nothing but skate and seethe over being too poor for new shoes.

No. 195746

Good lord, more people posting about how they hate the "she got fat" comments then there are "she got fat" comments. If you dont cur, dont reply.

Btw, bitch looks fat.

No. 195758

I'd be willing to bet I could pick your faggot ass up over my head and toss you over a railing. Get some fucking interesting material instead of bumping this topic with lame junior high screams of being fat. You dumb autistic fuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195766

File: 1643615682547.jpeg (402.39 KB, 1242x2286, 7980BBFF-0214-4524-83AF-7E45DE…)

Imagine begging for money every other day and weekly because your too lazy to find other ways of making money. Of is clearly not working it’s time to get job! No one is going to pay/tip you!

No. 195767

Aww did abuela banish you to the kitchen floor again

No. 195775

Kek I love when Kevin spergs here, he knows we're the only people who will pay his tard rage any attention

No. 195777

I don't know why Kevin gets pissy with us. Lori and his shitty life choices are the reasons he's a college drop out living in a shoe box and living off of mom, dad, and charity.
I've heard couples tend to look alike after X amount of years together, but, you aren't supposed to adopt the same lazy narc attitude. Congratulations, you played yourself.

No. 195789

Considering Lori uses Kevin's accounts to look like he's defending and promoting her, this could also be her posting as him so he takes the heat for her anger about being fat.

It's a Monday, too. Time for Kevin's unblocking? kek

No. 195807

They come in here to defend her against being called fat but they ignor being called scammers. What pathetic lowlifes.

No. 195808

I know next to nothing about Photoshop but could the reason she looks like such a chunkster in some pics but not in others be partially because she's shopping the seams and lines of her body so drastically? Could she be trying to make herself look thiccc but just fucking sucks at it?

No. 195810

File: 1643651339733.png (733.45 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20220131-094536.png)

Kek. Mrs. We Aren't Friends Until You Sub To The Spicy changed her mind since she isn't getting attention anywhere anymore. Her likes on all platforms are plummeting and she can't afford likes AND new clothes. Nobody is gonna buy it, Abuela. Nobody wants to like your posts cause you're creepy and fake. I'm glad they stopped by to defend Lori's waistline and not any of the other things going on. Which, btw, Lori is still a fat, ugly scammer. May every seam on your child slave labor clothing pop as you try to put it on, cerda.

No. 195811

No offense anon, but really? Editing herself fatter? Do you even know this cow? She's clearly fatter and shops herself to be thinner. All of her thinner pics have indication of that and since you say you dont know much about it, as someone who does, it's really obvious. Some pics of her fatter only stay that way because she couldnt effectively edit herself thinner, but she so self obsessed she thinks it was good enough to post.

No. 195814

You're right, I know she shops herself thinner in her sitting pics but the standing picture she just posted is so bad. I don't know why she bothered posting it. She looks so boxy. I have no experience with shop but I am a painter and shading and lines can make things look way different so I was thinking maybe the extreme shopping and taking the shading and lines away was affecting how fat she looks because that last pic in the black bikini is bad.

No. 195818

It's because she's trying to make it look like she's the IRL Marin, who actually has wider hips than Lori. It's just another skinwalk that she thinks she can play off as being "the real, canon Marin bc they based her off of me uwu"

No. 195819

Did she shop most of her chest hole out? It looks much less extreme than usual. Or is that just a side effect of her getting fatter that it looks less extreme?(learn2sage)

No. 195824

Fucking kek, grandparents with dated memes get more likes than her and they don't nee to beg.

She erases the chest hole shadows in most pics, or wears clothes or angles hair or her phone to hide it. On the poor attempt at Marin she put the phone right where the hole is because there are no clothes to hide it. She looks like she has concave tits because of that pose.

No. 195832

File: 1643666294083.png (1.9 MB, 1052x1765, Screenshot_20220131-135027.png)

So much is wrong with this.
>Play-Doh thick acrylics in hi-vis pink
>terrible cat screen print bikini
>dated and overpriced Catwoman print mesh crop top that looks like Amazon garbage
>Blown out lighting
>90° angle waist shoop, believable
>terrible saturation that discolors her and washes out all the color in her "outfit"
>those stupid socks she wears every other photo
>nothing is truly styled, shirt is crumpled and fresh out of the bag
>that horrid background with the ring lights visible always
>cheap Ross rugs that also look straight out of the package
>the shot is crooked
>the Zero Two eye makeup
I really don't understand why she goes out of her way to look worse. She used to dress at least a little better in 2014-2016. Everything after 2017 is a crime against fashion. If Dolls Kill is actually supporting her peddling items on IG they are fucking themselves over. It does just look like Lori trying to force her way into it though. She's so desperate.

No. 195834

Samefagging to correct myself, it's not a mesh top. My eyes deceive me. It looks like a cheap nylon or some other flammable shit fabric.

No. 195835


No. 195836

Girl - the point of a ring light is to clip your phone into the front . . . . She’s so outdated. Constantly has a death grip on that phone as if for dear life.

No. 195838

File: 1643669957164.png (1.68 MB, 1440x711, Screenshot_20220131-145815.png)

No. 195841

Boo hoo - learn to cook instead of stuffing yourself with take out. Your SlenderMan-lookin’ bf could use a few more meals too.

No. 195842

Lori sees only through her eyes. She thinks it looks good. She thinks the 500 different faces look good too. She doesnt care or notice that it never looks the same from picture to picture and she doesnt care. She thinks she looks hot, so it gets posted. Everything she does is from her blinded perspective about herself. She never makes sense, as long as it fits whatevers in her mind. She wants to look like Marin, a shitty pic of her in a black bikini is enough for her to believe she looks like Marin. If she sees it and she puts it out there, shes delusional enough to think others will see it too. She's not right in the head.

I think she pays for all that DK shit. Has anyone noticed if they ever posted her again? I think they dropped her ass.

Get a job

No. 195855

I'm certain she's never gotten an actual manicure at a salon and she's just been buying cheap $5 amazon acrylics and trying to pass them as a salon set. Because at least file that shit before supergluing it on, Lorena. Jeez.

No. 195863

The one time her broke ass went for a manicure was when she tagged the place to bitch about it in hopes of a refund because she could barely afford it for real. Her nails have looked DIY and crooked ever since. Bet she has Kevin helping her glue it on, kek.

No. 195901

File: 1643715200917.jpeg (208.81 KB, 1207x705, 4D2F1AFF-B28A-4889-958B-9AD596…)

This hot pink nightmare set are 100% press ons. They haven’t changed in months and look identical to these. $2 seems more her price range.

No. 195932

Sounds right since they're barely scraping by. Kevvy has been spending his parents' money on weeby skatefag stuff instead of her junk, so she's probably screeching at him every day for not bringing the subs.

The ferrets are clearly not being treated with any of the money they scammed. The grift will probably continue with a new pet and a new community that doesn't know about their animal abuse.

No. 195933

calendar stats

Shortest time unblocked= half day
Shortest blocked= one day
Longest unblocked= 2 weeks
Longest blocked= 3 weeks

More time is spent blocked. Tinfoil the reason Kevin is unblocked is so that he can be blocked. Can’t block him without unblocking first. Kev is safe on Tuesdays because Monday is the day of reckoning. Tuesday is a good day for him to escape.

Food rent and pet bill begging is very reminiscent of early Luna scams where it was all code for drugs.

No. 195936

File: 1643741708211.png (1.53 MB, 905x918, Screenshot_20220201-103628.png)

Remember this is what Lori looks like now without filters KEK she's back to this weight and really thinks just sucking in the waist with Photoshop is going to hide it all. Shes built like a box and her only curves arise when she sits down and arches herself in a specific way. Sad!
Yeah. I'm putting money on it being weed and food money. Shayna blew up the same way by never leaving the house and just eating and smoking copious amounts. All Lori likely does is sleep in, smoke a bunch of weed, eat, shoot and swim then go back to sitting on her ass smoking and eating all night. Kevin doesn't look fat anymore probably because he can't afford to also smoke and eat like she does. All his extra money is clearly going to skating. What's a better drug to do when you hate your life other than weed? It's like a time travel drug that makes you dissociative. Perfect for people like Lori who hate themselves and their lives so much they don't want to even think about it, just consoom and pig out.

No. 195937

Are you on crack? This picture is filtered to hell and back.

No. 195938

The body, nona. Not her face.

No. 195939

File: 1643742497995.jpg (236.45 KB, 1070x1427, img_4_1643739919084.jpg)

I'm a little surprised this hasn't been posted yet, possibly her worst outfit to date, makes me nauseous looking at even the heavily filtered version

No. 195942

You absolutely can't keep insisting some trendy anime gal who likes eroge gothic lolitas is based on you if you wear this kind of crap lmao. She truly has no taste, I almost wish she would become a gyaru to skinwalk Marin better so she would be slightly less painful to look at.

No. 195944

>“I’m not like other girls - I know what comic books are!”

She needs to grow up - this is really pathetic at her age.

No. 195953

Calender anon you're the hero of these threads

No. 195955

She's so performative that even if she was into comics and nerd stuff like she projects, it comes off as forced and fake. Her taste hasn't changed since the 2000s either. She's completely stagnant and clinging to "nerd cred" for male approval and money. Even that's falling apart. It's abysmal and frankly like you said, pathetic when you're approaching 40. If you're about your interests you typically don't buy into the cheapest normie cash grabs using your favorite characters. But, I dunno. Maybe it's to play into the whole trendy teen thing she tries to do.

No. 195958

File: 1643752493653.png (769.59 KB, 2889x1280, novdecjan_calendar.png)

Calendar pic anon here with some updates for calendar stat anon!

I think November was their most blocky since I've been keeping track but Kevin stayed blocked all of December and Lori has kept him as a follower since Jan 2nd.

Maybe someone guessed correctly about the reasons for the blocking/unblocking and it made them butthurt.

There's two of us now lol

No. 195966

File: 1643759074736.jpg (100.03 KB, 720x1159, IMG_20220201_164328_669.jpg)

Here's another old man skater update from Kev.

No. 195981

At least she actually looks like she has tits here, despite the love handles. She'd probably get more "subs to da Spicey" if she posted more pics like this and not her weird half baked cosplay with a sunken in little Swedish boy chest kek

No. 195982

ilu both, calendar anons

No. 196005


Kek, bet Kevvy didn't give all his parent's "Christmas money" to her so she kept him blocked all December. This explains the sudden ferret scams in December.

Lori is so pathetic she has to psyop her roommate for his parents' money, beg online, and scam people. She doesn't learn because she is still dirt poor.

No. 196007

File: 1643811979155.png (355.8 KB, 1517x760, uQKb1DfYarkn.png)

Lori posted these cope statuses around 5 am about how she isn't old or ugly and how she's "made it."

No. 196008

actually, Lori is the one that posted many times in her 20s about how weird and gross it would be for someone to cosplay after 25. young Lori is bullying old Lori from the past, lel

No. 196009

The self-hate and coping from both of them must be off the charts in that little apartment. Loony can't even post a normal photo or go outside because she's so old and fug that people would laugh at her while she tries to shop at stores for teens. #madeit

No. 196019

I really don’t even get why they stay together at this point. I bet they don’t talk or have sex anymore, and seeing as Kevin has been skating a lot again, he’s probably walking on eggshells around her. So, she’s pretty much taken over the apartment for herself.

Also, the ship has long since sailed when Kevin was Captain Save a Ho and supposedly had to “defend” Lori against her “haterz”, so what’s the excuse now for why he can’t kick this bitch to curb where she belongs? I know it’s hard to be rational when you are in a dysfunctional relationship, but at some point he has to see she doesn’t love him and that they are where they are because of her. He was doing relatively ok when they got together, and looking back, he could have had a good hustle going on in the cosplay community.

No. 196021

Maybe Loony changed all the apartment info or accounts to her name so that she takes money from him more easily. The fact that she kicks him out of the apartment and he lives in the kitchen is topkek.

The GFM looks like it's in his name but I wouldn't be shocked if the money goes to her account instead. She already uses his name and accounts to beg online and promote her, so she looks less desperate than she really is.

No. 196022

They are likely locked in a lease they can't afford to break and Lori probably holds all the money including whatever scraps are given to them by family. Kevin is trapped and Lori projects that she is the one who is trapped because she knows in all ways she has advantage over him. This is Kevin's first real long term gf, first time moving out, etc. He's fucked.

No. 196023

The bitch was up stuffing her face at 5 am, bloodshot and haggard sharing high school posts thinking she's owning people. I bet that if you lined up everyone who ever shit talked her here, we'd all still be better looking and more functional than that crackhead. I think she would kill herself if she found out a lot of anons are under 30 and not ugly fat basement dwellers like she thinks. I'm pretty sure she still thinks all anons are just ancient haters from /cgl/ she knows personally.

Oh, Abuela…It's much worse than that.

No. 196031

i really think Kevin is the more abusive of the two. the fact that he clings so tight to Lori for some reason, also his shit saying Lori "forced" him to cut his leg despite that never being her MO before, etc

also remember, he is the one who frequently rages out on social media. Lori only ever pretended like she was above it all.

also men are more abusive and aggressive by nature.

No. 196034

Kek what the fuck?

Abuela, is that you? Please tell us just how abusive all 110 lbs of him are - we need a good laugh. Cut up anymore of his hoodies for ghetto crop tops lately?

In all seriousness - they abuse each other pretty equally. Neither can be considered better than the other - but Lori has no excuse since this isn’t her first relationship. She never learned - and he didn’t grow up.

They’re both shitty people.

No. 196038

Kek she's projecting. Loony had the upper hand from the jump and cheated on him multiple times.

She groomed a virgin sped mormon and has always held the power in their relationship. She can walk away but she doesn't because she needs his money and accounts to post as.

The blocking calendar speaks for itself.

No. 196039

WK harder. Both are insane and even his old friends have testified he was never this unhinged til Lori ruined his life and relationships with his family. She's made him worse by thinking he was just another young dog that would sit down, shut up and take it, so what's your excuse for him being the worse of the two? She chipped away at him by pulling her insane shenanigans and bleeding him dry for money and grunt work for her "career". Taking a schizo homebody ex-Mormon who's never had a real taste of being independent then expecting him to not flip when you cheat, steal, lie and make him push your porn is ludicrous. Even a coomer who is independent would snap after being walked on. If anything, he's been beyond patient and forgiving. She's lucky he doesn't beat her for Christ's sake. I get what you mean by men are historically worse, but there's complexities to dynamics like theirs. You WKs act like him ranting in an anime group and threatening to kill a random stranger on FB is equal to the years of psychological games she's been playing with him. They escalate each other, Lori is the main instigator and Kevin gets spun up cause he was already seriously psychotic. You feel bad for a bitch that's driving a psychotic manbaby to his edge intentionally? Man bad and naturally hold power above women, sure. But let's not act like the age difference and context of their experiences with being adults on their own don't matter in this. There's so much to be taken into account, too much nuance to leave it at "Kevin bad" or "Lori bad." Both are emotionally stunted freaks who only know love in terms of buying affection and extreme emotional torture. If you really want to decide who is more culpable - it will always be Lori. She instigated everything and broke his boundaries and trust repeatedly before he ever went off the deep end. That was what started everything going to shit. Crying wolf for a cheating psycho just cause she's a woman is some weak shit. Women can be abusive and aggressive. Doesn't matter if the bitch is a midget and 100 pounds soaking wet. She can still hold the power in this dynamic, especially if she is the older one with more life experience AND fiscal control over him.

No. 196040

>the fact that he clings so tight to Lori for some reason
a classic tactic of narcissistic abusers is to make your target completely obsessed with you, and then pull away, which makes them even more obsessed and desperate for any crumbs of your attention/approval

No. 196041

how can you see the calendar, know lori and her past, know kevin was a virgin shut in, know she's a raging abusive cunt and still say kevin is the abuser here lol just say you hate men, think hes annoying, see yourself in lori and go

No. 196042

Well some of the ancient haters still look good and have degrees, money and huge homes so shes fucked no matter whose laughing at her disgrace of a life.

No. 196047

Well put, to add she has well over a decade, hell over 15 years of being an old drama cow. Her antics are screen shot and filmed for our amusement. Both are scummy broken people with mental health issues that need looked at. Both bring out the absolute worst in eachother. I don't see any real admittance of issues, they just are constantly stuck in the loop of the narcissists prayer.
Now, tbh, I don't want to see them get better. I'm just here waiting for what ever charity that's keeping a roof over their heads to go away. Then the real comedy begins. It's playing out like the weeb reverse Tuna and Lurch.

No. 196051

>I'm just here waiting for what ever charity that's keeping a roof over their heads to go away. Then the real comedy begins.

Same. They're reaching the bottom of their barrels with the dying pet GFMs where they scam unsuspecting old people on facebook since they can't scam scrotes anymore. They're running out of grifts.

No. 196053

does anyone know why she takes mirror selfies holding her phone upside down?

No. 196055

Makes your head look smaller and your bottom half longer/more plump looking when angled. Her legs look long cause she does that angle. Without it she has fat stubby legs and no hips.

No. 196089

File: 1643859851502.png (3.52 MB, 3240x1770, FerretMoneyOutfit.png)

Looks like Kevin used some of the ferret fund and bought some stupid pants to go with his "gifted" black and yellow shoes.

No. 196092

With how much Kev combs over his hair, there's gotta be some receding hairline that he's hiding.
I wonder where Lori goes when he takes these pictures. Does he wait for her to go to the apartment pool or lobby to take these? When she's asleep?

No. 196093

please feed the kevin, he looks so strawlike in all ways here

No. 196094

File: 1643860857537.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20220202-195945.png)

"Homie" bought a pet bed since the hag blew "pet money" all on stripper shit. Grifter.

No. 196096

File: 1643861357115.jpg (55.44 KB, 720x692, IMG_20220202_210800_088.jpg)

She added this XS cosplay to her wishlist the other day.

No. 196109

Their kitchen is so bare it looks like he’s posing in an IKEA display

No. 196110

They're both bald from bleaching and their struggle meals. Countdown until he wears her leftover 2cent aliexpress extensions.

Someone should watch these items disappear from the list and when they appear in a photo. Kevin is the only one buying off her amazon list probably for the unblocks.

No. 196116

Did Kevin delete his Adolla Skye Facebook account? It's giving me a broken link error.

No. 196118

I'm legit concerned about how skelly he's looking…

No. 196122

This is giving off some ‘my drug addict son came home and is demanding money’ vibes.

No. 196128

This picture is a mess all around. The cum jacket, his piss yellow dirty qtip hair, the ugliest dollar store looking pants I've ever seen, the hand-me-down phone with the popsocket which still hasn't been replaced (can't afford a cheap popsocket kevvy boy?), the angles to hide his balding forehead and short height, etc

Such a disgrace to Zelda. Y'all think his bed pulls out of one of those cabinets?

The delusions, KEK. Kevin looking super skelly probs because she's eating all the food and slowly morphing into a heifer. Giving Kelly Eden and her skeleton man a run for their money. Why do all of these cows follow the same formula?

No. 196130

Why is her hair so ugly? I know that this is the way Lori would style it for her sailor moon cosplay but why has she kept the same hair style for over 10 years? Those bangs are like a freaking helmet.

No. 196133

the bangs hide her forehead wrinkles.

No. 196153

He has more chemistry with Gudetama than he does with Lori. Even his hand placement looks more natural holding it than when he awkwardly puts his hand on her back or her hip. Gudetama is giving more facial expression than she ever does.

No. 196157

File: 1643896783391.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.47 KB, 603x600, C87A9997-C3AE-4ED8-A0BC-4C777E…)

I can’t explain it but Kevin looks like Leann Rimes if she fucked Soulja boy

No. 196161

that means he blocked you

No. 196194

I can see it kek

No. 196199

He claimed that the ceiling is "too tall" in >>186257. This doesn't look very tall, Kevin.

No. 196206

can't wait to see her cram herself into this and wear her mismatched zero-two makeup and forgo getting the proper wig.

No. 196207

File: 1643925474209.webm (2.74 MB, 994x1228, screen-20220203-134214_2.webm)

homie homie macaroni

No. 196209

File: 1643926836673.jpg (32.53 KB, 720x435, IMG_20220203_151728_151.jpg)

This is cursed. She's been trying this homie homie macaroni catchphrase for a couple years now.

Meanwhile, Kevin is upset at people. I wonder what happened.

No. 196211

Oh no! Did he fall out with the kids at the skate park?? Maybe they made fun of his new yellow pants.

No. 196212

Aww, farms hurt his feelings. I wonder if he realizes all the vitriol they get isn't the average experience and …. is for a few reasons to put it lightly. What he really wants to do is directly address us but Lori would stab him and key up his new grip if he sperged again kek. I guess general middle school misanthropy is the closest he can get.

No. 196218

Kevin realizing he has no friends and the kiddies at the park don't want to talk to a creepy old man.

No. 196222

Love that he's thinking about us and had to specify that he's not talking about family. Topkek.

No. 196227

Sorry for this dumb q, but is there some context for this phrase? Is this an OF thing? (I know she's been doing it forever but it's so meaningless and stupid)

No. 196230

Like the kind of awful people who wont work and scam people out of money online? Yeah, that's pretty disgusting.

No. 196231

Yes because both of them are good humans? They’re both horrible humans abusing their animals and each other. Don’t contrite society and are vain. >>196094 wow somebody pity bought you something for your animal. Maybe you could get a job and buy actual pet needs so they stop falling ill. >>196089
This outfit is horrible. And these bare kitchen photos are really sad for some reason. Why are they wasting their money on such stupid things. >>196007
Nobody called her old, she herself hated “older cosplayers” nobody cares how old she is or looks. It’s not something that actually matters unlike getting a job and affording your own bills. Functioning in society. They brag about the dumbest shit. Even if somebody “looked old” they would still be attractive, and what matters is your quality of life and how you treat others in life.

No. 196235

It will always be weird to me that this is her catchphrase. Are people still into random-access humour?

No. 196236

Yeah, every homie who subs to the spicy spaghetti gets bonus exclusive macaroni.

No. 196245

File: 1643955682109.jpg (441.54 KB, 1079x1513, Screenshot_20220204-001932_Sam…)

No. 196260

Kek! Putting the monster in monstergirl. Gotta love those filters, shows the true form if you catch it. Terrifying.

No. 196263

I live for these filter glitches. I can't imagine how much worse it is in person.

No. 196267

File: 1643986314016.jpeg (45.01 KB, 500x500, 10D68364-BEBD-4172-84D2-9D238D…)

No. 196274

File: 1643990631908.jpg (431.99 KB, 1073x1908, Screenshot_20220204-170159_Ins…)

No. 196277

LOL the hand in hair "made it through" pose. Kevin is my fav cow.

No. 196278

Why mention anything at all if you don’t want to talk about it?

No. 196279

This is how junkies sound when they get back from a big pickup with a new dealer

No. 196280

Ah yes. The “we let our ferrets die” pose while wearing the pants he spent the vet money on

No. 196281

he looks like he just snorted the last of the adderall to take these pics and now needs to beg for the next fix before looni finds out and reeeees at him….

No. 196285

Something gives me the feeling it's only going to get worse.

No. 196297

Anon I just thought the same thing. I dont think these two have any clue how bad it's going to get for them when their wells run dry.

No. 196304

File: 1643999616784.png (320.56 KB, 1079x1732, Screenshot_20220204-102657.png)

Once a lazy pig, always a lazy pig. Even before her "disabilities". She will never let go of her dreams of starfishing for some chud who will fly her to the Bahamas or whatever and buy her everything she wants. If you don't work to save up for yourself, how are you going to get that vacay, Lori? Just being a prostitute for some old man? Spoiler alert: you will likely never even leave Utah and if you do, you're just going to end up somewhere worse like New Mexico or Montana. Kek. Why even taunt yourself with beach dreams when you're exiled to living in HUD in buttfuck nowhere.

No. 196305

god, it's a real mystery to me why these two fuckheads bleach their hair in such a disgusting way..who wants to have this fried crispy mess on their heads? at this point they should just shave their heads and wear healthier looking wigs

No. 196309

setting the stage for their next grift now that the ferrets are gone

No. 196310

I made a poll for us to speculate the next grift, I think I covered almost all the possibilities? https://strawpoll.com/o86rcsp1o

No. 196312

That lifestyle requires getting used by an old rich man lori, that’s the part you’re missing. Oh and being young too, you’re too old for an 80 y.o sugar daddy -physically.

No. 196313

Yeah right she wishes. Just stay in your apartment and keep flaunting your concaved chest you leech.

No. 196314

File: 1644002348489.jpg (99.46 KB, 956x1138, glitch.JPG)

Pause the video and manually drag the slider and right after the transition at the 3 second mark, watch the frame of the mirror wobble, and her thighs ripple. Also, watch how her chin keeps changing sizes frame by frame, lol.

No. 196315

File: 1644002939137.jpg (87.97 KB, 720x452, glitch2.jpg)

truly the beacon of kawaii beauty.

No. 196316

File: 1644003069049.jpg (207.53 KB, 1500x1000, where-is-pig-island.jpg)

I mean…there IS an entire island in the Bahamas that is well known for its wild swimming pigs.

No. 196318


No. 196327

Her IRL face is an old person of walmart as seen through a funhouse mirror. Even with filters maxed out you can tell her face is super droopy and saggy.

A sad reminder of Lori's sad empty life with no friends and experiences. People less than half her age have already done all the things she's still wishing to do.

But what do we know, according to her, she's made it in life!

No. 196330

I AM LOSING IT OMFG this legit made me laugh out loud, holy shit anon

No. 196331

File: 1644008287757.jpg (11.04 KB, 480x360, heyyouguys.jpg)

Just realized what she looks like.

No. 196333

File: 1644008625672.jpg (12.34 KB, 259x250, DPqv4PdUQAAweCP.jpg)

and a little bit of Squidward.

I'm going to make it my new task to frame by frame crop shit from her videos. Prepare yourself.

No. 196335

File: 1644009435763.gif (621.36 KB, 550x352, tumblr_04b88b6611eebc4bd5a25ab…)

No. 196339

File: 1644012846761.webm (7.02 MB, 996x1614, screen-20220204-133429_2.webm)

She looks more and more like a mom stealing her daughters clothes every day, literally looks like she raided her 15 year olds closet. It ages her so much it's so funny. Young people don't wear tacky shit that's out of fashion like that. Her age shows hardcore. Street walker chic

No. 196340

She looks like a tranny, Jesus. Busted.

No. 196342

That black outfits style and fit screams 2002. The shoes, the top, the cut and fit of the pants. Imagine wearing this same shitty style for 2 decades.

No. 196345

File: 1644018017144.png (824.24 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20220204-153857.png)

Amazing, Kevin gets to spend V-Day with his fiancee while she chats with other men all day for money. Maybe then they can use those $10 tips to share an entree at Applebee's! Winner winner chicken dinner!

No. 196356

top of the kek to you

No. 196357

she really needs to invest in a green screen or try to change up her “set”. no effort whatsoever…

No. 196360

3500 pieces of content with 7800 likes total… isn't that only 2 or 3 likes per post?

No. 196362

Is the apartment complex swimming pool the 'turquoise waters'? kek

No. 196363

That's friggin sad!! What a life.

No. 196370

This is seriously disturbing and not the least bit cute, though. She rocks back and forth like one of those creepy stick insects and then completely spergs out at the end and jerks like she's having a seizure. It's horrifying.(sage)

No. 196371

she really isn’t sexy, at all. too calculated.

No. 196378

So overall she got on OF 7800 likes for 2900 pics and 503 videos which means she gets on average 2.3 likes per post. Thanks lori for the info kek

No. 196380

the amount of times the mirror frame changes shape is almost equal to the amount of times her face changes shape in this. i thought i was having a stroke.

No. 196405

File: 1644094552547.jpg (63.33 KB, 720x709, IMG_20220205_135406_358.jpg)

One of the coomers released a bunch of "new"(?) leaked Lori OF content. Not sure how much of this matches the crap that's already on insta but here's an unsatisfied customer that Lori called a troll lol.


No. 196407

File: 1644098839080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.6 KB, 1080x1440, 1080x1440_c88709854b7b8a20e8a3…)

Prepare your eye bleach, there's a 5 min masturbation vid coming and it really made me retch

No. 196408

File: 1644098874959.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.98 KB, 1080x1440, 1080x1440_3b7c4e8d060887253bbf…)

Lego vagoo looks discolored as fuck compared to her skin bleach filter

No. 196409

File: 1644098909003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.56 KB, 2448x3265, 2448x3265_0365e319849f62f994d8…)

The face…. Why.

No. 196410

File: 1644098953003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 782.2 KB, 2448x3265, 2448x3265_d0c694b1fae296926c2a…)

More of her fucked up mug and clone tooled stomach

No. 196411

Lmao thanks anon. These are pretty bad.

No. 196412

NSFW sped porn, sorry I have to use this because the web is too large to upload and streamable isn't working for me. Also they could take it down, this will likely stay up though.

No. 196413

File: 1644101391326.jpg (21.33 KB, 411x323, lmaolori.JPG)

This about sums it up.

No. 196415

File: 1644102048551.png (Spoiler Image, 979.75 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20220205-144303.png)

This too

No. 196416

Nice hemorrhoid, very spicy.

No. 196418

Only watched a bit of it but it looks like a special needs Belle Delphine fan making porn, very awkward and weird.

Also we need an update from Kev since Lori is now showing full vageen and masturbation videos. He is usually not happy about actual porn.

No. 196420

I just checked and it was put on the other farms, so archived for all eternity now.

No. 196421

How is she this bad at making porn? My god. Also kek at the roast beef slices she calls a vagoon.

No. 196422

Ratfink smells cheese

No. 196423

All of these pictures are a few months old, I'm sure. She has the dots under her eyes, so this was during her very short-lived Belle(2021) skinwalking phase.
This is a really creepy video. Her chest cavity is even worse in motion. Why is she slapping her thong straps and slapping/clawing at her socks?
>am I a perfect anime girl for my homie?
>oh senpai, do you wanna see me cum?
>such a tiny vibrator. can take it wherever I go!
>Am I gonna cum for you senpai?

No. 196424

>dry as a bone
>you can see it become more and more irritated
>grinding non-existent vibrator keychain into her mound, misses clit half the time
>masturbates like she's trying to polish a parquet by hand
>horse whinnying
>vomiting cat face
>god awful "dirty talk"
>literally scraping and pulling at her inner labia with her talons
She's been studying Moo's porn! Just like her videos down to the fake orgasm and eye fucking herself instead of the viewer. Now it makes sense why she gets no subs. $50 for this absolute horeshit acting and filters. Was Kevin jerking his little dick in the bathroom while she shot this or was he crying in the kitchen watching the whole thing?

No. 196426

I want to vomit thinking about how stank that chair and room must be. Ashtray pussy + cheap perfume, bleh. Bet she didn't wash the keychain, her hands or wipe the god damn Hobby Lobby chair before doing this too. She's so gross. I always think back to that girl at Spencer's saying she "just looks dirty".

No. 196428

She might’ve done this while Kevvy was at the skate park. He might have not known thatshe did this.

No. 196429

Well, now he will and it's up forever. Even if Abuela wanted to get it removed she'd have to take on Josh Moon and his autists. He'd sue them out of the HUD apartment they leverage just to fuck with her. I wonder what he's going to do when he checks this or kiwi LOL

No. 196434

Shes dead eyed the whole time and isnt even trying to pretend its remotely pleasurable. I cant believe she loaded this and thought “Yup, sensual as fuck!”

They must be desperate for cash though since miss “Im too good for porn and you cant afford me” has now resorted to posting….this

Oh Lori honey, its time to quit your dayjob

No. 196435

He knows and has to leave the apt to do it. He's forced to post links to her OF all day and she probably convinced him it's the only way they can make money to buy more consoomer shit because they're "too good" for actual jobs that pay more but wouldn't hire them, kek.

Does anyone have the "I'm too good for porn" pics? Someone should combine it with her horse face for the next thread OP.

No. 196443

File: 1644116814669.jpeg (170.77 KB, 1242x685, 01FA0321-3D05-44A5-A53A-4A9BB3…)

Couldnt find the post but dug up this quote that didnt age well

No. 196444

File: 1644117360789.jpeg (479.17 KB, 2048x1536, C40BDC74-78FB-45AF-B4E7-0BA61C…)

And these gems

No. 196445

File: 1644117412563.png (270.59 KB, 686x296, skweezy.png)

okay but why does she look like if you ran skweezy jibbs through a bunch of filters tho

No. 196446

Pictures you can smell.

No. 196447

I love that this bitch tried tucking her fucking floppy labia in. But idk if that's nitpicking so

I was thinking she did this while he showers but skate park makes a lot more sense.

No. 196448

This aged well. She can't even average 5 likes per post. Begging every day. Turns out nobody wanted to see your divet and axe wound besides loyal oldfag simps and leakers. Everyone else leaves.

No. 196449

Fantastic, when did she post that?

No. 196450

Found it in her fourth thread here


No. 196454

File: 1644123974190.jpeg (55.93 KB, 1280x833, 6DD93438-B9FD-417F-A77E-60CE64…)

No. 196463

I have no words for what I just watched. She has to be on the spectrum. There’s no way she isn’t. Either that or she’s perma drugged out of her mind.

No. 196474

Desperate times call for desperate measures lol the piggy bank is clearly empty, so to try and make ends meet she put sad attempts at porn are on the menu

She absorbed all the ferrets she killed, thus becoming mother ferret

No. 196475

File: 1644159163812.jpeg (350.55 KB, 1640x1579, 4B75DAD9-F904-4C12-8B80-A07B17…)

This bitch really can’t help herself.
>d-don’t be a booly! Just be nice it’s not hard!
>the wind blows the wrong way- mega cunt mode activated

No. 196479

I thought she didn't body shame?

No. 196481

Seems like an oddly specific sperg, is she talking about herself in the mirror? Surprised there was no reaction from Kevvy on the leaks of his fiance tucking like a drag queen.

No. 196493

This "porn" is as fake as her pictures. She shows no arousal. Its so awkward, like she doesnt even know what to do. You can see better shit than this from girls that blow her out of the water in the looks department for free. Anything she makes must be from one time subscribers who un-sub immediately and just cut their (ten dollar) loss.

No. 196494

Lol is this supposed to be a dig at Soni or Mariah? She always brings up how fat they both are when she's vague posting about them. Probably shouldn't be squawking about flabby upper arms when you're about 40lbs past your prime and counting. Just sayin'.

No. 196495

I wonder if Kevin realizes nonnies and strangers on the internet get more sexual interactions from Lori than he does. Sad when your fiancé gives more sexual attention to strangers on the internet than to you, isn’t it Kevin.

No. 196496

File: 1644177242073.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20220206-114905~2.p…)

Her engagement is plummetting. She used to get 5-7k per post now she regularly falls beneath 1.5k and maxes at 5k if that. Followers keep growing but nothing else does. How much money has been pissed away on bots alone? Reposts by companies don't even help her engagement… OF isn't any better either post-leaks. I'd assume people stealing her pics are making more selling them than she does currently.

No. 196497

Empty platitudes are always posted by empty people. "Be kind", while she's insults someone in the caption she wrote herself. I dont think this one is ever going to get it.

No. 196498

Boring! Do something different Looni. This fug shit hasnt worked for you yet. Someone needs to read her the definition of insanity.

No. 196508

it looks like they just throw bleach on their whole head of hair each time rather than just bleaching regrowth/roots. def a DIY job since they can’t afford to get it done professionally at a salon…

No. 196522

i feel like she's on drugs bc i always remember Lady Gaga saying something about before she was famous, she would do coke or whatever and sit in front of the mirror and do her makeup and hair over and over

all Lori does is do her makeup and put on outfits and take the same pictures over and over. she doesn't go out, there aren't even any pics of her at the store or anything??? it's just so weird like she never does anything NORMAL. even other OF thots will post pics at starbucks or some shit, god damn

No. 196523

Last time they left the house an anon talked to a cashier that said she saw her irl, girl said she looked her age and way different. That's Lori's worst nightmare. Repeat testimonials of how old she really is and how fake her pictures are.

No. 196525

She really can’t grasp that one of the major reasons she is failing is bc she clings to that fake persona. Bleached hair, pale skin. Looks like shit. Everyone can see it’s not really her. Gd just be yourself.
>>196475 Her upper leg fat has been spilling out the sides of her thigh highs. Is she serious? Stop shopping yourself and let’s see what you really look like you fake ass bitch

No. 196526

She really has no place talking about fat and sag when her mantits are running away from each other and her face a jowly mess without Meitu. If she didn't shoop her waist on top of twisting sideways to fake having one, it'd be more obvious how she doesn't fit into her tacky outfits.

No. 196527

and that bleached hair and pale skin is through whitening filters. lori's hair probably looks more yellow like kevin's >>196274 and her skin more tan. she looks ridiculous enough with filters, she must look even crazier without.

No. 196530


She bitches about every fast food joint on facebook or twitter, wouldnt be surprised if shes not welcome at any of them anymore.

On top of that she has no friends to invite her anywhere, and no job or hobbies so nowhere to go to even meet new people. Not like she cares since she thinks every woman is jealous of her “vampire looks” and “totally gyaru teen bikini bod”

Ffs get a job Lori. Ive literally seen a woman born with one leg work at Sephora if she can do it so can you.

No. 196535

speaking of kevin sharing lori’s content, has he done that recently? I haven’t seen recent mentions of Lorena on his instagram in a while. It just makes me wonder if they’re living more like forced roommates now than engaged lovers.

No. 196539

File: 1644211129131.png (2.95 MB, 2190x1203, SadSk8r.png)

He has not. In fact, the ferret GFM was the last thing he really shared on behalf of Lori. He just posts crappy skater content like this now.

No. 196540

His head is so tiny lmfaooo

No. 196542

I wonder if he's finally given up and just wants to do things for himself now?

No. 196543

Looks like he read these posts, he's back to plugging for her on Reddit again.

No. 196546

He's wasting his time if it's even him doing it anymore. She got kicked from the only group giving her attention, they bit the hand that fed them, literally. Twitter is dead for her too. 19k following but can't even get to 500 likes average. Same yes men reply over and over with the same emojis and 4 words. How much longer do you think she's going to play pretend?

No. 196547

honestly i am just waiting for the inevitable break up saga when she finds some other cuck to leech off of and rebrands herself for the umpteenth time. i see no reason why she would stay much longer with a poorfag like kevin. but then again, i may be proven wrong and they will to continue to live and love in destitution for the future. idk you can just tell they aren’t close anymore and hanging on by a thread.

No. 196548

She would need to find someone even younger and dumber than Kev. She doesn't have anything to offer either. She's almost 40 and struggling to make anything consistent through sex work. All she has to her name is her tacky shit and maybe a bank account in the red. Plus the next idiot would need to have money. She won't waste her time on a broke dude. At very least he'll need a rich family or some sort of connection to something she wants. Men with money can seemingly have anyone though so I doubt they'd pick Lori's psycho saggy ass. Maybe someone who pities her enough?

No. 196550

Lori has zero chance in any life improvement. Not only with men but also with money. Wouldn't be surprised if she and Kevvy have been trying to get jobs for years but pretend it's beneath them due to the massive amount of sheer rejections handed to them.

Between their empty CVs and employers doing a quick google, things are looking bleak. All you can find is that they're abusers and scammers so they can't be trusted to do anything. That's before you realize her vagoon is out and Kevvy is a sped making empty threats all day.

No. 196557

Probably not because if he did that would be newfound levels of sad. Imagine shilling your fiancés porn knowing you don’t get any action yourself. Homie needs to grow a backbone.

No. 196558

i just can’t see them going for another five years, especially if they’re struggling financially, but then kevin will probably spring up and they’ll have some retarded wedding down at the courthouse to prove us wrong.

i don’t think either of them have even tried applying for jobs lately.

No. 196560

>mother ferret
kek anon

No. 196565

File: 1644248864521.png (772.51 KB, 720x2465, Skatereon.png)

Remember when Kevin said he was going to make a Patreon for his cosplay prop making? Well he finally made one but it's for his old man skateboarding tricks that he barely lands.


No. 196567

he should have a tier you can pay to get demos of his singing tracks

No. 196569

Someone please inform this retard he lives in the United States and the dollar sign goes before the monetary amount, not after.

I'm not surprised to see he went Looni2.0 and is trying to sell a product he doesn't have. Another waste of time to further bury them financially.

No. 196572

The anon who said the piggybank is empty called it >>196474 They're both scrounging for pennies everywhere they go and failing.

No. 196573

I love that both of them feel like masterminds for putting what they think is "milk" behind a paywall. They don't understand that even if we never saw Lori's vagina or Kevin's skating ever again, they'd still be milky as fuck to watch. Lori really thought she was a genius for doing real porn and charging $40-$50 per video so "farmers" would have to support her. I bet she even thought it was working up until the leaker on the egirl forum. Hell, she might not even know and think she's still slick. All these decisions have done is made them harder to support. Nobody, aside from the same small handful of people who pity them, will pay for anything. Even then the people supporting them now will probably only be able to afford helping once cause these two retards think they're worth thousands a month to watch. Kek. Ship is sinking and the water is rising but they act like nothing has changed.

No. 196574

this is so stupid.

No. 196575

File: 1644260893010.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20220207-110639.png)

>sad saggy ass, can't even make it look better when she's contorting her broken spine
>lighting equipment takes up the whole hallway to the bathroom
>Kevin's bedroom can be seen in the back
>dirty pillows just thrown on the ground
It just gets worse every day lmao Lori you fucking suck at this all your photos are so ugly

No. 196576

File: 1644260973697.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20220207-110624.png)

miccostumes sending her free shit is seriously all she has going for her right now how sad is that

No. 196578

Bedroom? that’s the hallway I’m pretty sure to the bathroom

No. 196579

why can’t they arrange all the plushies nicely?

No. 196583

File: 1644262342160.jpg (81.62 KB, 900x600, East-Hardware-unit-582-1.jpg)

Based on the floor plan I looked up online and this picture of a studio apartment in the same building, the white door is a bathroom, and the "hallway" is a recessed area where the washer and dryer are.

This unit seems to be the same one except the kitchen island is in a different position

No. 196585

All that pink she looks like a baby hippo without the cute charm or graces. shes a flat out landwhale

No. 196586

>the "hallway" is a recessed area where the washer and dryer are.

You can also see Kevin's laundry in that area. Lori doesn't even wash her clothes.

Their room is less than half the size of the pic you had, it must be a nightmare for them to have no privacy or even a bedroom. Even their kitchenette is just Kevvy's room.

No. 196588

I say bedroom because it's the laundry basket in the hallway/kitchen. I know they don't have a bedroom. Does anyone on this site get jokes anymore? We established two threads ago that it's a studio.

No. 196589

That would be extra work beyond Lori stumbling off her air mattress and blindly throwing on lingerie and heels. She couldn't give less of a shit.

No. 196592

File: 1644265339376.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20220207-121809~2.p…)

the hair…

No. 196593


No. 196594

Now I'm even more curious as to what they sleep on….

No. 196595

kek i was watching it this morning but forgot to post.
>claims he had another video review of these shoes that was just him rambling so be wanted to make another one
>proceeds to ramble more
>nitpicks things about the shoe no one cares about like that the toe box hurts if he laces up the tongue too tightly and the ankle bit is “flip floppy”
>brags about having “strong ankles” despite hurting one because of the shoes and not his technique
>stares into the camera like a sped immediately after for a good minute or two
>um um um um

my takeaway from the video is he’s kind of slow, not articulate, and has strong ankles

No. 196596

My favorite part is him explaining how he went full Karen on the Nike outlet and got a refund for his bunk shoes he bought…. From an outlet. So much for Kev being above Ross and outlet stores KEK.

No. 196597

Oh my god his voice is so deep and he looks so old here. This is an adult man that only wears anime and hypebeast clothes

No. 196598

The guy doesn't even have an ounce of charisma. How come people like that think they are entertainers?

No. 196599

File: 1644267814387.png (1.25 MB, 1079x1207, Screenshot_20220207-130314.png)

He sounds like Mordecai. He looks so old and dehydrated.

No. 196600

File: 1644268639889.png (626.41 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20220207-130908.png)

Samefagging to add context. He goes on about how good they are, then talks about how they made him roll his ankle, that made him not like them, then he praises them for the aesthetic and impact soles after saying they were not comfortable. Flops between "had a bad experience I don't know how to feel" to "it's really good, awesome for this." Follows up a day later saying he returned them despite it being a 7/10 in his words. Even said it was good skate shoe for beginners. He can't make up his mind on one pair of shoes, wonder what his internal monologue is like when reflecting on their relationship. This video seems boring as ever but it's really a microcosm when you strip the consoomerism and just focus on him. People are fascinating to me and Kev really is such an open book, I love this. Check out that nervous eye shift at the very last second after he said peace. He's not even comfortable recording himself in his own home about something as banal as shoes.

No. 196601

Is he missing a tooth?

No. 196604

Ewwew is right Cerda

No. 196605

She erased all the wrinkles on her mouth from making that ugly expression.

Good analysis. Also they keep outing themselves as poor and selfish scammers. He can't even lie straight when making a video multiple times, that you bet the people at the outlet probably think he's a scary junkie and they didn't want anything to escalate.

Lori probably tried to take it, kek.

No. 196606

The broken off bleached to death hairs on that jacket are disgusting. I thought it was pet hair at first but I think it's actually hers. Gross.

Top Kek for posting this anon!

>This breathable mesh stuff

That's called polyester genius. Learn high fashion or die loosers.

Let me get this straight, a new skater should wear an inferior skate shoe? Wouldnt they better off with a better shoe so they have more support and grip on the board?

Kevin is like a little kid who just discovered something. If a person wanted skating advice they could turn to the website of any pro skateboarder, like Tony Hawks Master Class and really learn about the sport. Why would they pay some nobody for unproven advice.

No. 196607

This post makes me think he's one of those people who orders a meal at a cafe/restaurant, eats 95% of it then demands a refund due to quality issues (wallet issues) just a hunch.

No. 196608

i think they shop a lot more at outlets and warehouses than they let on because some of his shoes look like the rejects that get sent to places like dsw.

No. 196609

He learnt from Lori who did that at restaurants and nail places. They're too poor to pay so they hope to save by pretending it was not what they "paid for". Hope they're blacklisted everywhere.

It seems when they do shop at outlets, it's the only time they go outside. The rest of what they have seems to be illegal knockoffs like when he got shoes from a guy on instagram.

No. 196613

File: 1644278987272.png (431.13 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20220207-160345.png)

Kek she's lurking everything. Scrotes and farmers alike have pointed out how lazy she is reposting sometimes even the same exact photos over and over cross platforms. She brings nothing new to the table and wants to cry about how eXhAuStInG it is to play dress up, SESTA/FOSTA hellscape my ass. OP is retarded and Lori, keep coping because you're a lazy pig who can't even be a bottom feeding e-whore. You struggle and complain doing the most basic of things. You will never succeed and you're burning alive right now. Your money issues are so transparent and you beg incessantly. It's not laws or meanies demanding too much of you, it's your lack of any work ethic and constant munchie cop-outs to avoid doing anything other than smoking weed, sleeping all day, eating shit food and LARPing as a teenage insta influencer. You're washed up and incapable of producing anything worthwhile. Quit while you have a chance to prepare for your next major breakdown. Your asses will be teetering on the brink of homelessness if you keep it up. So keep making excuses, your skin not ours!

No. 196615

File: 1644281807428.jpeg (18.58 KB, 272x392, 52534AA9-3A60-4793-8223-598BEE…)

Yo does she have pink eye

We need a gif anon to make one for the end of this video when he says peace. You can see failure in his eyes omg

No. 196618

Kev looks a little…inbred. It's worse seeing him in motion.
Lori has a middle tooth, and Kev has a gap kek.

No. 196620

>Kev looks a little…inbred. It's worse seeing him in motion
Wow you weren't kidding. He looks like h3h3 in a mickey deer wig.

No. 196624

File: 1644284382626.gif (4.27 MB, 462x270, ezgif-7-6e4d9b9ecf.gif)

Your wish is my command.

No. 196634

Kek! The eyes at the end are to sad. He couldnt even hold on to hope till he turned off his camera.

No. 196637

i wonder what is it with these spacey expressions.

No. 196639

like a robot shutting down lol.

No. 196643

File: 1644294329608.png (2.58 MB, 2201x1195, GonnaBeLit.png)

Today's Kevin story roundup.

No. 196644

weirdly aggro

No. 196647

No one will want to sub to him because he will just promote Lori every chance he gets even if people wanted to join his patreon. How annoying is it to follow someone and all they do is promote everyone's stuff but only sometimes their own. Lame as hell

No. 196651

File: 1644297690772.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.89 KB, 800x593, 5AA11D75-1058-484D-BFF4-EF63D1…)

i just want him to cut off the combover or just dye it a different color because it’s giving 1990’s donald trump.

also i know jackshit about skating but his form is terrible and he looks like a 13 year old boy flailing around when he does his “tricks”.

No. 196652

File: 1644300269351.jpg (135.66 KB, 720x1166, IMG_20220207_230058_094.jpg)

We can tell.

Seriously I don't understand this new bragging about eating crap while ballooning up like she is. Is it a fetish thing? Is she trying to brag that she can afford to eat in excess now?

No. 196662

She's trying to compete with Moo. She's getting up there slowly topkek

No. 196664

Ty anon ugh I’m so glad Kevin’s back!!

>like a robot shutting down

No. 196667

No one will sub to him because he has nothing to offer and if they do sub it will be for month after they realize they paid some dude ten bucks for nothing, just like Lori's subs all do. Two peas in a pod

No. 196670

last thing she needs is cheese….lori needs to get an ED PROnto. shes fattychan. getting to moomop status soon. i cant wait for it

No. 196672

My sides, anon. Looks like he just remembered that Lori is going to physically beat him for making videos.

He doesn't look like he has "strong ankles" or form. Literally no talent or ability in any of these pics. He probably posts the few flukes he has when he isn't eating pavement.

No. 196675

I think so too, I see an average guy skating around. With the amount of talent out there why would anyone pay him? Skating came back during the lockdown too so you already have all the middle agers doing it since the early 2000s and now a new crew of younger skaters too. It's a great hobby but I dont see anything there he can make money off when so many people do it and there are so many pros out there, especially in the US that are putting content out on their own websites.

No. 196678

Does he not know that shoes go to an outlet because they have issues like stitching and everything else he mentioned?

No. 196679

File: 1644335974487.jpg (92.42 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20220208_085656_755.jpg)

Kevin's explanations for why you should give him money on Patreon are hilarious.

>I'd like to think I have a pretty different approach to skating and content.

>all my skate "hacks" ppl have been asking for.

No. 196680

Samefagging but I'd be interested to see him get a fairly ok following on his patreon, at least more than Lori's subadubdubs, and see how long it takes for her to try and take it over because she works so hard and deserves it

No. 196682

It's truly bizarre that he or Lori think they provide value with their content. In order to be successful at these ventures one has to already have an established fanbase. If Kevin had been producing actual, routine (like uploading on a schedule like every successful content creator) skate content for an established amount of time and gotten a following from it, it might make sense to start a Patreon with skate stuff. But they just expect people to throw money at them for nothing.

Also, in all of Kevin's little videos he posts he always looks like he just barely lands the trick.

And then in most of his captions he talks about what a failure he is/how it took forever to get it right/how his bones are creaking etc. like he just sounds like an old man complaining about skateboarding. Why would anybody want to pay for that?

He's learning from the rest of the cows with the "people keep asking me for" shit. No, Kevin. Nobody is asking for this lol.

No. 196687

Aw, him and Lori think they have fans. Cute. Nobody has ever asked either of them for anything guaranteed.

No. 196692

Is this cursed link safe to click from mobile?

No. 196697

I mean, it depends on your definition of "safe." It's a 5+ minute long video of Lori masturbating. She snaps her underwear several times and shreds her stockings according to KiwiFarms (I couldn't make it through the video). There is full vag and terrible ahegao face.

No. 196698

holy fuck I'm at the first frame and it's already horrifying. Why does she make that face?
Is this retard-fetish? Humiliation? she also moves in order to accentuate the chest deeformity on purpose. I bet on the mentally retarded fetish content saga. Reminds me of Luna

No. 196699

I clicked and it was safe for me. I didn’t download it though. Anyways farmers summed it up pretty well, it’s really cringe to watch. Not in a funny way, but painfully awkward way. Worst part was her scrubbing her vagina with the keychain in a way that it didn’t look like it was doing anything, and the blank stare and fake moaning.

No. 196702

>instant regret and disappointment crosses his face

So I guess we know how Kev really feels about his life. He can't even do a peace signoff without reacting to it. I feel like people would probably enjoy watching him and Lori's unfiltered life on Youtube if they ever want to start vlogging the screeching fights and sleeping on the floor they do every day, but they're both too proud for that. Just saying Kev, people like watching messes like Trisha, all the most popular Youtubers are disaster zones, you might even make money from the internet finally.

No. 196703

He and Lori are way past delusional. Nobody is watching their shit content other than themselves and people coming to laugh at them.

They can't even name one of their invisible fans or homies because they don't exist. They're too busy sperging out and being assholes to anyone who isn't a bot.

It's the same as when they both claim people in Utah are complimenting their "high fashion" when they go outside.

It's a massive cope for looking like homeless druggies that would get followed around in a store because people know they're trying to steal. I can imagine sales people trying to intimidate them into leaving because they both are shifty eyed even at their best.

No. 196706

File: 1644344726576.jpg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-02-08_10-17-09-389.…)

It's so funny that her posts that look like the perform better are actually just inflated because the same coomers keep liking and sharing on their alt accounts. I bet she begs them to do it and gives them freebies so she can prove the haters wrong about "poor engagement". We see right through you. The only people supporting her are freaks that look like that suicidal fat fuck from Full Metal Jacket and troons from her wonder years. She can't even get nerds like Kevin to share and buy her shit cause her only demo is geriatric pedos and transvestites who want to pass like she does KEK. Warning: never look into her "simps" profiles because you will want to file cybertips against these absolute degenerates. Half of them are like I said, trannies and they have little girls or furry shit all over their profiles -or- they're clearly someone's uncle or grandpa that only posts pictures of porn actresses and weird fetish memes. God. Does she not worry about these people stalking her? Like, she's worried about farmers but not the grown men spamming her posts that pretend to be "sexy" women and girls? (Vom.) This is who "pays your bills", Lori? I'd kill myself if the only people who liked me were porn sick chomos

No. 196714

What sad attempt at responding to farmers.
>I'm pretty involved
>I have a different approach

Kevin might have bought himself some views.
>some break the 1k mark

My favorite, is he holding his best shit hostage till someone pays him? Wants money but never proves he's got any skills other than some average skating around a skate park. Kek
>If I get support
>I'll do some uncommon trick tips
Sure you will Kevin.

Always Frankie Fajardo on every post, same cut and paste emoji response and often the only response she gets. A bot or an account paid to like posts? Either way, yuck.

No. 196715

What the fuck am I looking at? Retard porn?

No. 196716

Those posting patterns look like bots, anon.

No. 196720

Why the fuck does he fill his head with all this shit but cant go get an associate or trade degree? Lori and Kevin dont have the money to post new good content and have it become something. You need something for start up, you cant post test shots and armature vids and think people are going to pay you Kevin. If you know the difference between these sneakers then time was spent learning all that. What a waste, why not spend that time actually making something out of yourself with school and get an actual job. Then you can buy sneakers and boards and whatever other garbage you want. That's how people live. Are they so in denial about how life works? I know he use to go to school, good lord Kevin go back before it's to late!!

No. 196721

File: 1644347331024.webm (Spoiler Image, 8.73 MB, 996x2160, screen-20220208-103425.webm)

Okay mobile is practically unusable for me today and I accidentally deleted lol. hell, if you need people to upload webm on this site then make it less of a fucking nightmare. Here it is again if it will post even. This is my tenth try.

No. 196724

Basically. She gets all her pointers from 2D porn because she's got hentai brain worms. She thinks acting like a mentally challenged, squirming rat faced abomination is hot because animu girls yelp, squirm and make that cat puke face. She wants to cash in on the 2.5D but fails to recognize she's a haggard white (sorry 'colored') "girl". Makes me realize all the men that said the sex was great were coping cause they stuck their dick in a psychotic sped that can't even masturbate correctly. Her porn is sad to watch cause it really does feel like she's trying to mimic a retard being forced to do porn. She calls it cringe but it looks like a sex crime on film.

No. 196725

Does Kev know she's doing full nude porn now? I'm under the idea relationships are fine with OF thots and stuff, especiallybecause men in general will still look at other women anyway, so why not monotize someone else too (double standard), some couples are just mature to know its not the same as cheating and its disclosed and open… But do you think Kev knows Lori started doing full nude? Like damn, that's kind of something to tell someone. Especially because she's been so against it. I'd be pissed if it was or if nowhere if I was him.

No. 196726

I'm betting on him not knowing. She likely does this while he's skating because otherwise he'd have to sit at his desk or in the kitchen and be forced to tune it out. If she blocks him every month I doubt she wants to let him see her doing sex acts. They definitely aren't intimate anymore and it's visible through body language in photos. She's always been a sneaky, lying cunt to her husbands because they're never ~worthy~ or doing enough for her. I wonder if she's found a new tool to cheat with since Rikki is out of the picture. Kevin's home less than he has been in years so I bet she's comping at the bit to take advantage of his absence and blind faith in her despite proving she's a cheater and hates him.

No. 196727

she looks like she's angry and psychothic. I think she's on drugs, coke is too expensive for her, even badly cut one, so I finally buy the speed/adhd meds tinfoils of the other anons from the past. It really is scary to look at. Really bad vibes, the squalor, the anger, her delusions fueled by drugs and the painfully bad and pointless "acting". Just wow. This girl is a blackhole.

No. 196728

Yo this. I would literally sub to watch their daily life vlogs. It would be purely for the lulz but a view is a view and views become $

No. 196729

well he definitely knows now if he is still lurking here or kf lmao.

No. 196730

>it really does feel like she's trying to mimic a retard being forced to do porn. She calls it cringe but it looks like a sex crime on film.
Ayrt and that is exactly what it felt like to see it. I've seen disturbing stuff on the internet but if I didn't know it was Lori I would be submitting a tip because she looks like she's being abused in this video, not filming herself willingly.

No. 196733

Must be hard to balance your broken spine on a cheap chair to hide your stomach pooch. Also lol at her trying to keep her labias tucked in so she has an uwu loli cunnie. Can't hide the fact you have a normal 36 year old vagina. Embrace yourself, Lori. You just make your Lego hand lips look further apart.
Giving them cash is a great idea anon, in fact you should just bankroll both of them and piss away your money every month. Totally gonna show them what's up.
Resentment, boredom and disgust with herself are truly the only options you get in this video. She hates her body, face, "job" and life. She couldn't genuinely smile in her porn even if she was fucking the man of her dreams. Her misery is palpable and calling her a black hole is so accurate. I would pity her being trapped in the poverty loop of sex work if I didn't know how awful she was. If anything her taking the Moo route and doing a 180 on porn when she's bleeding money is a fitting fate since she seethed about her and being poor so often. I love how with each passing day she is more and more like the women she hates. Her disgusting talons grinding at her genitals even reminds me of Moo. Birds of a feather will despise and be jealous of each other, I guess.
I think he's stopped for now because if he was, he'd have a tantrum about what farmers are saying and posting. He's chimped for days over less before, I can't imagine these comments wouldn't push him over the edge. Especially the leaks. Lori just shared a post about leakers and scammers ruining sex workers livelihood very recently but not after anons leaked here. I'd wager the fallout is coming soon. If it doesn't.. maybe this is Kevin actually learning to shut his mouth? Maybe Lori beat him hard enough and starved him into submission for good kek.

No. 196734

She's probably still stuck in that internet thing from 2000's when people thought skinny and pretty girls liking junk food was hilarious and quirky. And yeah, no need to point out that she's not skinny and pretty, she obviously thinks so herself.

No. 196738

File: 1644349696369.png (726.15 KB, 720x1603, KevPatreonAnnouncement.png)

Got this from the other farms, didn't see it mentioned here. In his post about the new faggoty patreon there are interesting hashtags


No. 196739

File: 1644349725244.jpg (75.62 KB, 970x143, Screenshot_20220207-101741_Bra…)

No. 196740

he seems pretty depressed, i legit think he’s given up trying to defend her and has just stopped caring about her and even himself judging by the rapid weight loss. he’s too proud to admit that all those friendships he ruined for this psycho were for nothing and i feel like he’s making a weak attempt at regaining some independence but failing due to how isolated he’s become. he just needs to suck up his pride, admit he was wrong, and move on with his life because nothing is going to change her.

No. 196742

Do we think über famous lewd cosplay model Lori Cerda will be at any summer conventions?

No. 196747

Agreed. Their whole relationship was predicated on the love story in a literal cartoon. He wanted to be Hiro and fix a vilified woman who's been a poor neglected thing since birth. The sob story is clearly bullshit and he's probably realizing now that she will only get worse and he's better off living for himself and his hobbies. Lori is in for a world of hurt when he comes to.
Absolutely not. She's probably still haunted by the candids from AX years ago. She despises her real appearance too much to be caught again in 4k. I can picture Kevin going out to cons again while Lori stays home and copes with something like "cosplayers are vile, mama don't want that drama" or "I'm focusing on my work not hobbies uwu" but we all know it's cause the suits won't zip anymore without stitches busting.

No. 196753

Omg yes, please let the troon saga begin!

No. 196754

File: 1644356430497.jpg (188.44 KB, 1080x1920, 273591153_439289131279529_2428…)

No. 196756

The most pathetic part is that he doesn't know anything about fashion or sneakers. He has zero vocabulary and like Loony he is woefully uneducated. He can't even form sentences, much less a basic commentary on a stupid shoe.

Do these tards not look around themselves? How can they look at other sneakerheads, skaters, SWers and OF thots and believe they're somehow on that same level? They never even had decent looks to fall back on for subs or fans, but are deep in denial about how ugly they are.

No. 196757

Post it for his 0 patreons? Okthen.

No. 196761

Ayrt when did I say I wanted to give them cash? Subbing to a YouTube channel to watch cringe content doesn’t equal bankrolling, faggot.

No. 196764

>Do these tards not look around themselves? How can they look at other sneakerheads, skaters, SWers and OF thots and believe they're somehow on that same level?
I don't think they do look at others in the way you're describing. They've seen others be successful at the things they want to do, but I don't think either of them has taken the time to actually study why those people are successful and apply it to their own flopping content. Admitting anyone is better at something is a serious blow to the narc ego. Instead it's probably something along the lines of "god I wish that were me, I'm so much better and deserve so much more attention and money because (animefag/homie macaroni) makes me special." Not that being a sex worker or sneakerhead skater is real work, but you have to put in effort and research to improve at anything, not just keep doing the same thing poorly over and over and hope someone with money notices you. It's not like the things we make fun of like Lori's haggard face or age delusions or chest cavity are really what's preventing coomers from sub-a-dubbing. There are ugly old sex workers who make money, and there are ugly inbred-looking male youtubers who make millions. If these two spent half the time learning to be likable as they did on Meitu they might be able to scrape together a living wage between the two of them. But it'll never happen. If Lori had ever made any serious attempts at growth she wouldn't still be producing quality milk in her advanced age.

No. 196771

If people won't pay to see your fiancee's flaps then why would anyone want to pay to see you suck at skating? Kevin makes no sense he just sees Lori being a retard and follows suit thinking magically that will make them money. Lol, no. Plus he's advertising basically to family, sneakerheads, the teenage boys he skates with and farmers. None of us are going to pay you shit. He's better off doing the daily vlog thing tbh at least that's something multiple people have legitimately asked for not "people asking for" whatever vain shit he wants to do to make up for him destroying his youth and life pre-Lori.

No. 196775

I really don’t understand Kevin. A lot of people in narc relationships have a breaking point. Lori has crossed his boundaries so many times regarding what he wants in a relationship. She’s cheated on him multiple times too. Even with being groomed by her so young as a naive mormon boy, isn’t there some point where enough is enough? Perhaps he hasn’t seen the porn yet, but that seems like the sort of thing he should understandably be mad about and break up over. Lori doesn’t care about him or his feelings and disrespects him constantly. He needs to move on and kick that hag out. Or move in with his family, even if that would be awkward after they warned him about Lori.

No. 196779

I agree but I'm considering that if she isnt sleeping with him anymore he doesnt mind letting her sell her vagoon since it benefits him if she makes some money. Yeah, I think pride is also keeping him from leaving for sure. There's to many "We told you so's" on the way out and he's not ready to handle that.
Or he just still thinks shes amazing and calls her his fiancee and is blind to how awful it would be by actually marrying her. Haven't heard them talk about it in ages or set a date, nothing. Hes better off since it would tie him financially and divorces aren't cheap.

No. 196782

That too, Tinfoil but what if they’ve already broken up and just don’t want to announce it online and want to keep up the charade? They already are more like roommates than engaged, and Kev doesn’t even acknowledge her as his fiancé anymore. It would explain why he doesn’t care about her doing porn now. It’s totally stupid to stay together for appearances, Kev could have an actual bed and not the kitchen floor to sleep on if he just dealt with the hurt pride, but they’re both obsessed with ‘da haturs’ and have their priorities backwards.

No. 196784

The housing must be in his parent's name but would Lori try to pull a fast one and claim they're common law to try to take more of his family's money when she's kicked out?

His family just needs to cut him off. They probably have set a date for his cutoff, my money is on when he turns 30.

No. 196786

As far as online goes they seem to be engaged still.
If they have a cosigner (his parents) maybe Lori could have put it in both their names? Especially if she whined about her disability the apartments may have been put in a corner by her Karen ass.

No. 196787

Yup, I really think their holding on to save face. I do wonder if he feels bad for her though. He has options. Where would she go?

Lek utah is one of few states that still recognizes common law. What would that even play out like if they separated. They have nothing.

No. 196789

That’s what keeping up appearances is. It’s possible that they’re already broken up. They’re already more like roommates then engaged, or in Lori’s case, parasite and host. Even in their few couple photos, Kevin is barely hovering his hand over her, and Lori is only staring at herself and ignoring him. It’s like frenemies being forced to take a picture together.

Lori wants to take all of Kevvy’s shirts to cut up kek.
Seriously though, she would have nowhere to go. She has no savings, no friends that would let her crash (not that they would accept, she would stay forever and an anon already said she’s a nightmare kek). She would be homeless and maybe become a streetwalker.

No. 196790

>parasite and host

Their haunted faces in their respective videos says it all. They have dead eyes.

Loony attacking her tucked legovag while staring at herself in the camera, compare to then Kevvy looking like Lori is screeching at him as she re-enters the doghouse to block him. They both can't even hide how bad their situation is.

No. 196795

it's mean but…i can't feel sorry for her if she ends up streetwalking. people like her ruin so many lives and she's a monstrous person who has never once owned up to all the shit she has put people through just so she can have a roof over her head and a little bit of clout to her name. she doesn't deserve anyone's pity. sorry not sorry.

No. 196797

Lori will be fine she has so many work uniforms and shoes. She can do it, working highways and in snow might be tricky though. Hoes never get cold or whatever.

No. 196800

I dunno, with Kev being nonbinary now he might fight for some of those hooker shoes during the common law separation. It would complete his faggy fits. They’re close to the same shoe size anyways right?

No. 196803

The only thing I truly have a question about in this nasty vid is where she got nylons that strong to survive her retarded clawing? Mine run like hell if I catch them on anything. Is this a fetish, like awful in a separate way?

No. 196812

These photos (and the master action video) just look like she smells bad. Where is the kittyfag lurker? Can we get rikki or someone to confirm this is what she’s actually like in bed? Her behavior is erratic and not “sexy” at all, just imagine her demanding sex from Scott and this doing this bizarre movement. It is frightening. Why would anybody in their right mind upload this on the internet? Does she just stink up the place the moment Kevin leaves?
Literally nobody asked for ANY (skate or cosplay) advice from either of them. They are the last humans on earth who should be giving any advice for anything. They have failed at life in every way (Kevin can still make a come back) their online attitudes are so stuck up. It’s so bad for business. Putting in literally no effort and expecting to gain from it somehow. They’re both insane. >>196624
The light in his eyes snaps off like a robot. Fucking sad.

No. 196814

>These photos (and the master action video) just look like she smells bad.

lmfao it's the truth though. i don't recall any of her boyfriends or ex-husbands complaining about her technique so much as her wanting sex at weird times or too often. i may be wrong though as it's been a while since i refreshed myself on her early years. she's trying to copy other egirls and it looks strange because she's not cutsey, she was more attractive when she was just herself, a straight up bitch. these girls always want to roleplay as cute and innocent when they're all mean as hell. if they just stuck to their lane they would be way more successful, but i seriously believe they think everyone is attracted to uwu soft pink little girls when there are plenty of dudes looking for a domme to stomp on their balls and emasculate them.

No. 196817

At this point, Kevin is going to catch up to Lori in years of being a do-nothing moocher. He's already hanging around local skate kids for clout and 30 is creeping up. Not that 30somethings can't have hobbies, usually those that do have some sort of life or stream of income that isn't their guilty feeling boomer parents retirement fund.

No. 196834

File: 1644426402332.png (337.09 KB, 1079x1215, Screenshot_20220209-090314.png)

Hi kev, we know you're seething and Abuela won't let you sperg. Any of the "lies" you're talking about can be traced back to you or her directly. Whining about us and lying won't ever make that go away. You did all this to yourself KEK

No. 196835

File: 1644426542168.png (977.05 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20220209-090257.png)

Looks like vlogs are out of the question.

As for Lori; she's pretending she posts anything new or exciting on her OF. Bleeding money and pretending she has new content, as always. Pissing away her money on bikinis and shoes. She's gonna be fuckin homeless KEK she will NEVER wake up and realize what a grave mistake she's been making for so long

No. 196840

Kevin, sweetheart, nobody thinks you are anything other than ‘regular’. Anons on this thread have been trying to tell you this for literal years. You’re halfway to self realization buddy! Now that you have come to terms with being a regular person, ask yourself what it is regular people do for income. Come on bud, you’re almost there, I know you can do it! Reeeeally use that brain power, I know it’s hard.

No. 196844

I wonder what made Kev mad this time.
>I can do anything I want
All the posts saying he should kick out Lori and leave?
>Come up with new worse lies
The tinfoil about them only keeping it together for the internet, but not acting like a couple at all irl?

No. 196845

Right? Way to out himself as a delusional cow. He thinks he needs to give everyone the celebrity run down like he's anyone but Kevvy the eternal caregiver of miss Usagi Kou. They're both low on the list of best cows anyway lmao. The audacity to have that much confidence and for nothing. Embarrassing.
Likely the porn, comments about her cheating or wanting to leave, comments about them being split up and him being trapped got to him and made him mad. Whenever he gets heated we know we hit a nerve. He laughs of lies except for when the "lies" are truths he didn't think people could tell from across the world through photos and video lmao

No. 196847

>I can do anything I want.

Pee on any cosplays in the kitchen lately? Let Loony rip up your clothes lately?

Loony's tard porn hit a nerve. They spend all day trying to prove they're actually rich and unbothered. They couldn't be more transparent with how much they're desperate for cash, hate each other and easily triggered.

No. 196859

I love that Lori thinks her begging is advertisment. She classifies that as working to promote herself when all she does all day is beg, post selfies, take selfies and stare at herself in her phone and 5 different mirrors. Such hard work. Being a narc must be exhausting.

No. 196866

File: 1644434609110.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20220209-111814.png)

Okay so he linked the full video he posted to Patreon on his profile publicly. What's the point of the paywall if you're going to publicly link unlisted videos?

No. 196867

Video in question is here. Zero confidence or style as a skater. Not fun to watch and doesn't have the skill to be anointing himself as a tutor or helpful skating YouTuber of some kind.

No. 196868

File: 1644434775375.png (94.38 KB, 1051x704, maybe this.PNG)

might be the reason why he's pissed, I was catching up on the thread and saw this

No. 196876

So he pays the bills with his wage I'm guessing. Bankroll your whore gf so she can LARP on your dime, flirting with other men and fooling around behind your back. Kevin is such a cuck. "Trauma" my ass, don't want comments on your scummy behavior? Don't be scamming liars then you won't have this problem. He's gonna snap when Lori finally leaves kek he's such a delusional battered bf he's doing this just for him to get fucked over big time. I can't wait for that meltdown. You know Lori will broadcast the whole thing so online speculation makes it worse for him. Kek. It's a shame they have no friends I miss when DMs we're leaked that shit was insanity. I bet it's exactly the same if not worse.

No. 196878

He says right there the money went to his fiancé, not the ferrets. Slip of the fingers there eh Kevin?

In the same GFM he said he can’t/isn’t working due to having to take care of Lori. So which is it? His job he posts nothing about, or a lie to cover up they spent that money on more tacky garbage?

No. 196883

>That 4k went straight to my fiance, and I paid for my things with the $100 allowance she gave me out of that, that's MY HARD EARNED MONEY I make at MY JOB promoting her onlyfans!

No. 196884

What part of being a pet owner does he not understand? Don’t get pets unless you can fucking afford them.
Kevin having/not having a job depends solely on what battle he’s trying to win. Looking for free handouts from unassuming people? No job, wehweh poor me. Trying to justify being a consoomer faggot? HAS A JOB U KNOW NOTHING HEARTLESS IDIOTS!!!

Can’t wait for the last ferret to finally die so they don’t have an excuse to scam and the poor thing will be out of its misery. It will be better off in ferret heaven anyways.

No. 196886

They are such liars. They never spend 4K, the beg for pennies and I garuntee they dont have enough of a credit line to charge it. A good income is required for even a 5k credit line. People like them would be lucky to get a few hundred with a high apr. So 4k in cash when they rented a studio shit apartment? Yeah, they are liars and they probably used that gfm money to buy garbage like shoes. What shameless little children.

No. 196887

Kevin could be done with all the “trauma” if he just posted the 4k vet receipts. Farmers would eat their words and Kevin would be champion of the internet for totally pwning the haturzzz.

But he never will because they don’t exist. All the ferret money went to shoes and until they post receipts I won’t be convinced otherwise.

No. 196890

But in the GFM description which was just a few weeks ago, he said he didn't have a job and can't work because he needs to take care of Lori & the ferrets. So this makes no sense

No. 196892

Well shit, he sucks! I could watch my ten year old cousin skate better. Kevin looks like an old man here trying to be a kid. No form, doesnt catch the rail well, weak grinds, shitty kick flip, flailing arms and unstable landings. Who would pay for this? It looks like hes trying to learn than in any position to give advice.

I wouldnt be surprised if he accidentally hurts himself trying to prove "his skills".

No. 196893

>admits money went to Lori and not bills by Freudian slip
>whinged about being unable to work a "lower paying" shitty job cause he had to watch the ferrets while Lori worked
>now suddenly has had a job the whole time and has been buying his goodies with HIS money
>can't use HIS MONEY to pay for bills
>apparently they make enough to pay 4k on bills out of pocket but still have to beg for food money along their haul posts of hundred dollar shoes and stripper garbage
>works a "job" but has time to film skating, refilm, edit, post, promote and make new paid sub accounts during normal work hours all day
>Lori posts about half her day consisting of swimming and dressing up or eating
>somehow they are hard working honest people TOTALLY not using that money for fast fashion garbage and takeout
Make up your mind, Kevvy. You can't keep your lies straight and you post damning evidence yourself constantly. You have no job, you're fucking scamming people and laughing all the way to the checkout line at the outlet malls like the scroungy poorfags you are.

No. 196896

File: 1644443138401.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20220209-134238~2.p…)

Lazy as usual, everything in this post has been posted before. These are months old. She's not even that skinny anymore. Must be getting to her that she looks worse each day.

No. 196898

Those scribble tattoos are a laugh everytime I see them.

No. 196899

>weird synchronicities

Like the state of events appearing related in an important way? Or two things happening in conjunction?

Everytime Kevin writes something he proves how dumb he is. How is someone able to pin a synchronicity on you Kevin? Please look that word up so you can see how stupid you are.

No. 196900

The way she moves in all her videos, but especially this one, since it's not even sped up, reminds me so much of Britney Spears IG vids, where she's just constantly cracked out and pacing like a maniac. This chick is definitely abusing Adderall, just like Britney and it's super obvious

No. 196901

He has no form or style, even his off key singing is better. You know he's all busted under his dropship clothes from trying to do these stupid stunts. It's beyond comprehension that he believes this amateur hour phonecam clip is content worth paying for.

Fucking kek, just outing his and Lori's lies and ferret scams everytime he speaks. Once again this cow can't even keep his lies straight and it's clear they're killing their pets and using them as props to beg for cash to buy tacky shit.

He mentions 4k like it's some big number multiple times when they've never spent beyond a few tenners in their lives. They've been getting handouts from his parents for years. Their patreon levels show what level of money they normally spend, which is in the tens.

If he had a job he'd show us a paycheck with pride the way they did with fake ferret bills. Show us, Kevvy!

No. 196902

Yeah, that's a mistake of someone who doesn't read, has only heard the word, and is guessing at how it's spelled. Assuming he meant "eccentricities."

No. 196903

File: 1644446672480.png (382.43 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20220209-144035.png)

Kek scrotes are annoyed with her, is this why she bitches about people being dEmAnDInG and rude? Because they expect the bare minimum and not the same photo over and over, forever? Time to switch up your shit, hag.

No. 196904

Pretty sure he meant idiosyncrasies. I love when Kev tries to use big words and fails.

No. 196905

File: 1644446972544.jpg (39.38 KB, 720x661, IMG_20220209_154812_498.jpg)

So there are at least a couple of people who are encouraging this. Is this another local guy? Does Kevin expect the teenage skaters he hangs out with to pay for his patreon?

No. 196906

This makes more sense than my guess >>196902 in context, thanks for decoding Kevin's nonsense, nona.

No. 196907

he is so passive aggressive…

No. 196908

Yep. Don't know if they're all local though. He's gonna pull a Lori and answer questions on his spicy only. No free advice for haters.

No. 196914

genius! yes, you're right.

No. 196915

I would pay an anon to persuade Kevin to gradually start uploading seductive pics on OF. Would be so funny

No. 196920

don’t put this out into the universe anon, he might actually do it.

No. 196933

File: 1644465633544.jpeg (470.65 KB, 2400x1418, grumpgrump.jpeg)

wtf are these outfits?

No. 196938

She tries to make herself look uwu pale and blonde with the filters but it overexposes the clothes. We've already seen how dark their place is and how piss yellow their hair really is through Kevin's pics.

Is that the only purse she owns? No homies to help her get a high fashion or die bag?

No. 196941

looks like she’s going to check tickets at the super bowl.

No. 196943

Looks like she bought so many bacon egg and cheese she couldn’t afford bleach for her roots.

No. 196976

File: 1644503456119.jpg (77.34 KB, 720x1040, IMG_20220210_072958_518.jpg)

The delusion… The only people who care about Lori are on here and KiwiFarms. Nobody else knows who she is or cares.

No. 196977

What is she even talking about lol

No. 196981

What influence Lori? No one knows who you are. She must be either really deluded or seriously depressed that the only people who give her any attention do it because she's such a joke.

No. 196983

you'd think she would influence someone to pay to fix her chest dent, or get her rent money, anything useful.

No. 196986

She has no influence anywhere LOL does she think sailor moon is "her" influence? She's contributed nothing to society and all she does is copy girls twenty years younger than her. Fat cope, Whori.

No. 196995

Chill guys, she's saying she's not shrinking herself anymore that's what the fatties say when they refuse to lose weight, she's saying she contributing to the obesity epidemic by eating her bacon and eggs the other day.

No. 196998

I guess she’s back on her kick about being the muse subject for whatever uwu teenage anime girl she thinks she is again and the rest of the internet is so super jealous of her.

No. 197001

>does she think sailor moon is "her" influence?

No. 197006

At least she got one thing right- she is 100% an Esmeraude. That would be an accurate skinwalk.

No. 197008

It has to be because the sentiment of the image doesn't make sense with her talking about influence. Usually when she says that she means "my poof face is catching on" or shes created more elf egirls or whatever. If she really thinks people making Sailor Moon memes is because of her and not the huge anime market in the Western world, she's beyond help and hermetically sealed in her delusion.

No. 197014

"Her" pouf cheeks. She should tell that to the hundreds of photographers who have countless professional pictures labeled pout, pouf or puffed cheeks" pictures all over the internet and can be seen by any quick internet search.

She's invented nothing and influenced no one. Every version of herself has always just been her jumping on some style. If anything she's the farthest from being an influential person because she's not defined in any way. She just rebrands whenever she's bored, or moves state.

No. 197020

>If anything she's the farthest from being an influential person

She has nobody to influence because nobody cares what dated trend some old and rough looking nobody jumps on, especially when their personality and content is shit. Her followers are nothing but bots paid for by Kevin's parents.

If she was an influencer or model, she'd have income and a reason to improve her unfortunate looks. She's going to be forever begging for ferret coins and posting meitu edits of her prolapsed duckface "pout" because she can't afford cosmetic surgery.

No. 197021

She seems to believe with full conviction that at least three (not sure if she went that far when she was dressing as Emilia) different anime characters are directly based on her instead of her skinwalking them, so it's a pretty safe bet that the delusion never ends

No. 197026

she needs to stop huffing her own farts because she cannot seriously believe naoko takeuchi was inspired by her in anyway. she was 5-6 years old when the manga was first serialized. what a nut.

No. 197028

File: 1644526799427.jpeg (266.62 KB, 1442x810, mangadelusion.jpeg)

"Naoko shouldnt have followed me around and made a manga out of meh XD haha"

No. 197029

File: 1644527385763.jpeg (33.23 KB, 320x223, 26E17077-4437-42BD-888C-50959C…)

No. 197036


That long ago and nothing has changed in her skinwalking. Imagine being retarded for longer than some people have lived.

No. 197038

File: 1644534953583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.98 KB, 720x1123, IMG_20220210_161506_161.jpg)

Now she's calling herself "Marin 02". They've been on Reddit for a year and none of her posts have taken off. Nobody wants your shit, Lori.

No. 197040

>>197038 how is she not perma banned from all these cosplay subreddits yet? Nothing she posts there have ever been remotely close to a cosplay, not even a bikini cosplay.
The only thing that is 02 is the horns. The only thing thats Marin is…nothing

No. 197041

Does she think cosplay is just porn now?

No. 197043

She's been banned from all the cosplay subs that have rules but r/cosplaybabes has next to no rules for posting. It's just "18+, name the cosplay and cosplayer" and that's it. They don't have any rules about how it has to actually be cosplay which is why she got banned from r/cosplaygirls.

No. 197051

She has no idea how to be ‘sexy’ - literally looks like she’s disgusted by her own content.

The combination of lazy/ desperate/ outdated ages her even more.

Dunno what’s worse - Dressing like an AliExpress returns bin , Or dressing like Walmart trash about to steal a pack of press on nails.

No. 197052

File: 1644541953024.jpg (574.97 KB, 1097x2370, Picsart_22-02-10_17-11-43-898.…)

He doesn't wanna look like everyone else KEK

No. 197053

How can’t he see how utterly ridiculous he looks? You can update your personal style while at the same time remain original. Not that I think this is his personal style to begin with but I do think he just looks dated. Same applies for Lori

No. 197054

This is literally so LAZY, she doesn't resemble either character but mashing them together is stupid. The pink eye brows make no sense with the blonde fried hair. >>196976 IF anything she has influenced people to be thankful they are not e-grifting failure trash. She has no reach or influence what-so-ever. Nobody gives a shit about either of them, if they did… don't you think they'd have actual money and stop begging? >>196933 I will never understand her "Style" choice, it's like sweat pants going to walmart mixed with a leotard that's ill fitting. >>196834
They have unfriended everyone and do not "Do social media" (other than her horrible photo sets she reposts to ebeg). He posted their personal life multiple times, over sharing about every aspect of the relationship publicly. They DO owe people explanations for their shitty behavior and lying about their animals/ conning people for money.I think everyone in this thread is "more regular" than either of them in that we aren't shamelessly acting they way they do. Anybody can "do anything they want" but there are general consequences to bad actions in general. Anything posted here can be traced back to his own post sharing this information. >>196835 Yet again posting a young aged character along with her OF shilling. disgusting behavior. Nothing changes with these two morons and their stuck up attitudes.

No. 197056

>Skateboarding is about doing whatever you want.

What does any of that have to do with him being poor and using Lori's leftover bleach?

Hope his hair continues to fall out. He styles it like this because like Lori and her crooked bangs, they're balding and trying to hide it.

No. 197062

The constant kissy-lip duck face cringes me out so bad. But the moment she stops making that face her top lip disappears and she looks her age. I have to wonder if she walks around in public making that face.

No. 197064

Yeah it’s so strange when she doesn’t poof her cheeks out now. We’re so used to her photos with the round puke face, that seeing her real, gaunt, long skeleton horse face is jarring.

No. 197065

She toned it down after Kevvy leaked a pic of her on the kitchen floor doing that face from the wrong angle on a skateboard or something. Was a thread or so back.

No. 197067

No. 197069

That's one of those stupid quotes that people put over Sailor Moon graphics, that's not even something Esmeraude ever said.

Kind of like what Lori does. Shares random posts and puts a stupid quote of hers that doesn't make any sense nor has anything to do with the post over it. Topkek.

The only reason you're not shrinking anymore is because you're expanding rapidly like Violet Beauregarde. Might want to ease up on those bacon and eggs, abuela.

No. 197072

File: 1644554156007.jpg (83.97 KB, 720x1117, IMG_20220210_213453_705.jpg)

Even coomers at the leak site hate Lori's overly shooped content.

No. 197073

Is lori like sex repulsed or something? She doesn't fuck kev, she cant masturbate with those nails and she clearly doesn't know how to use a vibrator. What's even the point of going down the OF route if you don't enjoy creating that kind of content

No. 197074

That a mexstache?

No. 197080

How it probably went down is Lori convinced Kevin 10/10 times she came and then she decided she was a really good fit for the job. She genuinely thinks she is hot enough to just get showered in money for doing absolutely nothing at all.

No. 197083

To be fair there wasn't any actual proof that she never fucks Kevin, it's just a running gag here. I don't think he'd stay with her if she didn't, men have needs after all.

No. 197084

Bet his needs are only satisfied when the bills are due and his mommy and daddy cover them.

No. 197088

Wasn’t there that incident where they publicly argued because he asked her if they were ever going to have sex again and she said no? I think that’s a big reason why a lot of us assume she withholds

No. 197089

Shes a narc, she uses sex as a weapon. It's her carrot on a stick for Kevin. It's a pattern with her at this point. He's complained about it and she spins him talking about it as abusive. It's really clear projection so I don't think it's even a gag anymore lol.

No. 197090

Yes, that's why that specific word "withholding" keeps coming up too, because Lori posted on FB that Kevvy was yelling that at her

No. 197091

Because Naoko REALLY followed around a fucking black haired Chilean 6 year old while coming out with sailor moon for idea of a Japanese girl with blonde hair. Usagi is actually created from the personality of the creator. The manga first came out in 1991. What a delusional bitch she looks nothing like Usagi at all.

No. 197093

Naoko sailed the seven seas on her quest to base a story on an unassuming soul. All hope was lost until Naoko finally reached New Jersey, the armpit of America, and found Lorena Cerda, the speshul girl w a middle tooth and chest cavity big enough to fit a transformation brooch. From there, everything clicked and Naoko was SO inspired!!!

No. 197101

>I don't think he'd stay with her if she didn't, men have needs after all.
Pretty sure i read this line in a shojo manga kek

No. 197111

There was proof. Hope someone has the screenshot where she literally posted it herself.

No. 197133

File: 1644611271309.jpg (2.57 MB, 3464x2932, Picsart_22-02-11_12-23-17-523.…)

Eating your money is a great way to stay poor. You're 36 years old learn how to cook and meal prep if you're hurting for "food adventure" money to the point of asking. Also gigakek at her going at like this. She really does dress like a crackhead and just wander into takeout places alone. Imagine this walking into your work and being a cunt about an already discounted order of crab wontons and an egg roll. Dressed like a child hooker, probably bursting at the seams to mention how she does modeling on only fans and has soooooo many followers she could complain to about the horrible service.

No. 197134

Pic on the right literally looks like our Terry in white chicks whiteface makeup pretending to be Lori holy shit

No. 197141

It looks like she's changing her makeup a bit to reflect her new skinwalk

No. 197144

Are her bangs real or clip in? either way they look terrible and don't blend in with her head or hairline.

No. 197145

he is so negative. he’s never going to make anything of himself if he can’t take any kind of suggestion whatsoever.

No. 197148

Not really, she always does the pink eyebrow and eyeshadow at least to "make the haters rage lul" at her own expense lmao

No. 197150

guess kevin isn’t paying for her meals anymore.

No. 197160

The coat looks like something really old from a donation centre, not very uwu high fashion.

The meitu chin shrinker is failing, so she crops out her face and puts a sticker on the chin in these. That's on top of editing out the wrinkles and shadows around her mouth from making that expression. You can tell her face is horse sized IRL because she has no cheekbones in these.


You could be right anon, the black roots aren't visible here. She and Kevvy are on the same bleaching schedule but she's been posting old pics all week.

No. 197161

damn —- i work in the sneaker industry (his collection is really basic, nothing impressive) and my partner is a professional (paid and sponsored) skater friends with employees and sponsored skaters for companies that kevin has bought boards from in the past.

most of the boards he posts now are not really skating quality, they’re more just meant to be “wall art”. not sure what kevin’s “end goal” is with skating but his skate videos show he’s clueless about skating, has no style (both for fashion and skating style) and overall just posts forgettable clips. general consensus for a quick group viewing of some of his skate videos was “these are embarrassing” and “why post these?”

No. 197162

Inb4 Kevin cries about art decks having multifunctionality, he doesn't care if "skaters" don't like his style cause he isn't like everyone else kek.

He fucking sucks at skating the only people rimming his ass are dudes 6-10 years younger.

No. 197164

his technique looked really bad in this video.

“I'm filming so much these clips are coming
out almost dailv instead of weekly. I'm sure
this will fluctuate depending how busy I am.
This week I learned crooks on rails which is
what I'm most proud of I've been scared of
them for years. I tried doing some fakie too
bc I'm m terrible at other stances. It went ok.
Got front bigspin back boards on lock with
new board, and am starting to catch my tricks
higher, namely lasers. Super stoked on this
week's progress but I'm a little burnt out and
need rest. This video has been on patreon for
a few days, but I'm not going to lock my
content behind a paywall.
My first uncommon trick tip will be on lasers,
it will release on vt cause I'm nice, after that
I'll upload those to patreon first then yt a week or 2 later.”

No. 197166

I think it's really funny Kev takes the car all day and night to skate and leaves Lori's broken spine ass to walk to downtown for food KEK do that more often Kev make her work for it

No. 197169

He isn't like everyone else bc he dresses like an outdated scenefag from 10 years ago. For his age he has zero skill or knowledge about skating or sneakers becuase he can't afford anything decent. He's delusional thinking people would pay him for the secret spicy skate knowledge, kek.

He just follows whatever Lori does thinking it will get him money because she lies about it bringing in money, too. It's been made pretty clear they both are deep in credit debts and only pay the minimum each month for their afterpays.

No. 197177

God if he believes what she's making is good money he's so retarded and trapped forever. Other people on OF have at least scammed their way to houses and cars by now. I've seen worse shoopers make way more. They're so hopeless.

No. 197179

You're so generous, nonnie, thinking that they could actually afford a car. Why do you think he skates? That's the only way he can get around anywhere, Lori probably walks or takes ubers kek

No. 197182

they did have a car at one point or at least kevin did. i wonder if they still have it.

No. 197183

Lori has no car but kevo has one thanks to his parents.

No. 197185

You can bet they're looking at how much money Moo has and believe they're just temporarily embarrassed millionaires who just need to follow her steps. The fact that an anon posted that Loony was copying Moo's porn is disturbing.

No. 197188

Kek that was me and I'm right though. It's like she absorbed it through hate watching her thread or something. Vile stuff.

No. 197191

Even that's old she's much more haggard now. Coomers say they wanna see but they'd run screaming from our dear Abuela.

No. 197199

it’s absolutely WILD that he thinks anybodys gonna subscribe to his patreon to see his shitty clumsy skating.

kevin if you’re reading this yes there IS a difference between low quality skateboards meant to be hung on the wall vs high quality boards meant for actually skating. sad that you don’t know that.

No. 197241

>secret spicy skate knowledge
Thank you for the morning Kek Nonnie!

No. 197256

The fact that she's been this delusional for going on nearly two decades is just wow..

No. 197272

File: 1644689473913.png (671.53 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20220212-100824~2.p…)

Fuck off Lori you don't care because you spent the money you SHOULD have used for pre-emptive care and end stage treatment on garbage. You killed them with your own greed and neglect. Boo fucking hoo. You prolonged the poor things suffering for some cheap shoes and lingerie. Your absolute refusal to accept what you did makes you a heartless cunt. We do hope the death of the animals you let die gets to you, hag.

No. 197296

Honestly, do they even post about the animals unless it’s using its using them to beg for money?

No. 197297

Someone with an extensive kill list of animals she abuses and uses for pitybucks would of course be posting something like this. The GFM is still up.

No. 197304

Nope! They only ever make an appearance when Lori is directly called out by Facebookers or farmers. She'll post a cherry picked video of her last ferret looking happy and energetic, spam her story with pics to show what a good pet mom she is then they disappear until afterpay is due. It's routine at this point. Pretty telling with each couple billing cycles she loses another ferret kek. They're literally her only true money makers. She's made more off her aboose lies and GFMs than she has with her total net OF earnings. That's why she clings to those accounts for dear life then closes them and makes Kevin do another so it looks like it's a new emergency and not an ATM for her bullshit.
The gfm will stay up too well past this last ones death for "mourning donations" cause it's so hawd for her to deal with all the ~family deaths~ she NEEDS more lingerie to cope, we just don't get it. Her depression and grief is literally killing her and the only remedy is dolls kill.
She's beyond PT delusion cause at least she came to realize she would never make it and got a job and life started. Lori would never. She'll be homeless Marin 02 Saber before she ever gets a job like us peasants.

No. 197308

>family deaths
Sad, since I cant recall her ever saying she was going back east to see her actual family. But she so sad about her money maker dying.

No. 197309

> That's why she clings to those accounts for dear life then closes them and makes Kevin do another

I don't know how GFM works but is that why Kevvy runs the new one? Does GFM not allow multiple funds?

Explains how the money was going mostly to his wannabe skater shit instead of Loony's trash and they are fighting more lately.

No. 197318

besides the constant blocking/unblocking are there other definitive proof that they’re constantly fighting?

No. 197322

leaked pms and texts between him and lori from friends often showed them fighting/post-fight fallout and lori threatening to accuse kev of “rape” if he left her or told family about her behavior. also her constantly terrorizing kev back when he was working was pretty memorable.

No. 197323

what thread is that on, how have i missed all that? ugh. time to scroll through it all

No. 197327

File: 1644733842423.jpg (68.23 KB, 419x576, 1559851399497.jpg)

on the very first thread nona, picrel for you my love
he's still with her and my god is that baffling

No. 197333

holy shit thank you and apologies for asking to be spoon fed i need to start from thread #1 apparently

No. 197349

i never could really figure out what this meant before but does "the rape needs to stop" and "you're using our event to blackmail me" refer to them doing some weird kinky roleplay sex where daddy kevvy rapes uwu loli lori because if so TOPKEK they are both so porn/hentaisick … her heaving cat ahegao face from her "totally uwu pr0n" is still burning in my retinas…

No. 197351

Nona I’m in love w you. These replies are chefs kiss

No. 197352

Luna. Lena. Isis. Shiro. Suki. Pan (missing in action). Puck.

Fuck you, Lori. They deserved better than you. They were never your family. They were props for attention.

No. 197364

no, it’s Kevin calling out Lori for her abusive behavior (the abuse needs to stop), then her showing her true twisted side saying “yes, your abuse (to me) needs to stop, you’ve been raping me”. which as awful as kevin is, we all know is not true. she’s tucked up for wanting to falsely accuse someone of that. even kev. for the event, not sure what they could be referring to. maybe some cosplay thing?

no sick role play here just Lori being her psychotic self on full display.

No. 197367

It's like she doesn't even have a soul. She's been on the prowl for the next animal to add to the bodycount, and next person to grift for some time.

That's how I read it, too. They don't roleplay. Lori is being an abusive and gaslighting cunt, not much different than her regular posts to people she doesn't even know.

No. 197370

I'm pretty sure the event was anime expo

No. 197374

Anon, the event they are referring to is the role play, not the message. Duh.

No. 197391

File: 1644789885885.jpeg (30.42 KB, 251x320, DF06A16A-824E-443E-AA73-C28080…)

don’t forget this gem

No. 197392

I always wondered what he means by "extorting money" and "blackmailing". It implies she has sensitive info about Kevin he doesn't want getting out, and she requests money for her silence.

Could he have actually sexually assaulted her? He IS just as crazy as she is, he cut his own leg open remember

No. 197394

Honestly he probably doesn’t know what either of those terms mean or how to use them in proper context given how often he misuses other “big words.”

No. 197402

I think the blackmailing is >>197327 her threatening to scream rape against him

No. 197403

Now someone needs to post the FB screenshot where Lori passive aggressively accuses Kevin of doing something over and over after she said no and then he comments that this is about her withholding sex from him after he is the best bf ever.

There's so many greatest hits of their relationship.

No. 197405

File: 1644823830624.png (182.04 KB, 1080x472, B767E12F-907D-4D96-B677-8D5033…)

1 of 3

No. 197407

File: 1644823964437.png (340.6 KB, 1080x845, A4CE61D1-585E-401F-A68E-594519…)

No. 197408

File: 1644824125761.png (707.45 KB, 1080x1920, F1DA7C2B-FDAE-4DC8-93AF-7C5D68…)

No. 197412

and yet his stupid ass continued to stay. absolute dummy.

No. 197413

Anon, you’re supposed to use post links. Read the rules.

No. 197426

File: 1644850601589.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.74 KB, 463x640, 9F1E9098-62EA-4A12-97B1-349DA0…)

he’s back to halfheartedly plugging her lewds on his insta.

No. 197429

File: 1644852794108.jpg (17.24 KB, 287x227, 1527732138761.jpg)

Since all this old milk has been posted I was going through thread 1 again. Truth be told,>>197413 is correct, we need to be posting links. However, I want to remind us all of what Looni looked like 3 to 4 years ago with this candid so we can all remember what she really looks like.
I know we like to poke fun at her aging looks and silly shoops but Lori really is extremely editing her pictures. She looks nothing like her blurry abominations and looks very mature for age, even a few years back. Aside from what she looks like, the actions of doing it are sick.

Lori, your pedo edits are very disturbing and pander to the lowest people, like people who objectify children. We know your not ashamed, but you should be.

No. 197430

Cuck Kevin directing pedos to his """fiance""" (KEK) so she can flirt with them and claw at her dry ass vagoon for them while he has to sit in the kitchen and watch. Awww maybe the two of them can walk to the Dave and Busters down the street afterward and he can win Abuela a plushie with her OF money! If he's feeling extra valid and rich they could even split an onion ring. Romantic. Enjoy other men lusting over your girl, Kev. She's probably already fucked someone behind your back this year.

No. 197435

She def looks pushing 40 so I believe her age for sure. Why she tries to look and act loli is beyond logic.

No. 197436

Lori only thinks she looks young cause she compares herself to haggard sex workers like Shayna and Moo who look 36 at 24. Lori thinks she's loli by comparison because she's not seen a real woman or teen girl irl for probably years now. Also Lori thinks the filters are her face and that she looks like that when the phone camera is off. So.

It's really, really sad that she thinks she looks young or good for her age with all that starving and smoking. She looks older than she actually is and the clothes make it worse. She could maybe be pretty if she let go of the little loli thing and went back to her artsy Mori / boho thing. Maybe.

No. 197438

anon they replied to and yes you get what i meant, i understand lori is aboosing kevvy kek

No. 197446

I was just looking at cosplayer of her generation I was like wow I can’t even imagine what Lori really looks like these other girls didn’t even smoke and I know they take care of them selfs growing older is only part of life it’s nice to see them age so gracefully Lori on the other hand is in a midlife crisis and really hates her self she looks nothing like her self in these new photos she goes on about how natural she is but pretty much wears a mask of some one else

No. 197449

kek. that doesn’t make sense. kek.


No. 197453

File: 1644871966926.png (30.89 KB, 878x172, daymet.png)

comment on Lori's IG post from 3 days ago - "You are still as beautiful as the day I met you"

From @thepavos https://www.instagram.com/thepavos/

No. 197460

She looks angry all the time. Her only expressions are looking scary as a “joke” to try to be cute? And the intense look-away-from-the-camera eye with a straight face. And now she has learned the duckface.
There is no joy or innocence in her expression whatsoever. That’s why she looks like an angry old lady.

No. 197472

File: 1644883726388.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1937, Screenshot_20220214-160638.png)

Cope harder Lori never loved you in the first place LMAO she cheated multiple times and suicide baited you, she's not your Marin she's a parasite and a hag

No. 197476

Between those texts, Lori's angry expressions and their recent videos, they're looking like a textbook DV couple.

No. 197478

I got these screenshots from the other farm.

No. 197513

Ok but it’s old stale milk that is years old now and has 100% been posted here. If you dug through the other farms to repost it here you could’ve dug through previous threads listed in the OP and used the links like you’re supposed to. Don’t be lazy, kiwi.

No. 197522

File: 1644937825030.jpg (80 KB, 720x976, IMG_20220215_080853_949.jpg)

I love this. "Give me money because I chose to be a sex worker and it's hard." She really thinks people owe her just for existing.

No. 197527

I've never seen a pretty girl fuck her life over so much before. She could be married right now to one of her old Mamorus, or fucked one of their richer ugly friends and be living a good life with vacations and her ferrets care paid for by someone else, for real.

Instead she is e-begging, and is unsuccessful at it!! Incredible

No. 197529


Have to wonder what her old Mamochans think of her “success” now.

No. 197533

Yep, that's the narc in action. Give me money because I said so. This is what happens when you spoil a piece of shit and they grow to be almost 40. They don't change they just get worse. Kek.

No. 197535

File: 1644944683256.png (713.56 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20220215-090303.png)

The spoiled bitch cries again. Lori, everyone bankrolled you in your hay day and you yet again have found another retard to bankroll you. You cause all your interpersonal problems yet expect everyone else to apologize… Psycho..

No. 197540

Honestly how has Lori never had her ass beat irl I am legitimately wondering

No. 197541

I guarantee she has, judy not for a long time because she never leaves her house.

No. 197543

Nobody wants to fight a bitch who would just curl up and cry for her daddy. All you gotta do is kick her in the chest and she dies immediately anyway. Not worth the paperwork and court case.>>197540

No. 197545

File: 1644949715997.jpg (89.16 KB, 1024x704, cringe.jpg)

No. 197546

File: 1644949769051.jpg (306.94 KB, 1000x669, before.jpg)

she is not even bad looking, if she would dropped the crazy PS and editing(stop posting old pics )

No. 197548

Can you autists stop reposting her ancient moonie pics already?

No. 197550

The milk will milk themselves there's no need to repost photos we've already seen.

No. 197559

Anytime someone posts what she actually looks like some shit tier old moonie pics show up talking about how "pretty" she is.

>post pictures of someone from 20 years ago
>not even that bad looking

Not that bad looking when they where half their age means average middle aged person now. Geez. Have you seen her latley for real? Yeah she's just fine, or would be if she didn't dress like a candy coated hooker. Put some regular clothes and hair on her and she's your average lady. This bitch right here >>197429

No. 197560

No. 197563

A new low, she's not even an actual sw, just an old saggy faced catfish who wants money "just cuz".

All the old pics are over a decade ago and shooped like crazy, it just wasn't as obviously shooped. It's no surprise she has issues with her real face today.

No. 197566

If someone is trying to prove she use to be attractive, they chose the wrong pictures.

So Lori's hair was always a fried mess apparently? Looks like yellow straw with showing roots has been her preferred look since she was young. Never change Lori.

No. 197568

Lori has never been spoiled anon. She's always been 100% poor. No one has ever lavished her with anything, not even any of her "husbands".

No. 197570

She's been married multiple times and still no grown up rings to show for it.

No. 197572

Not true, read the old LJ posts by Ender/the Kous

No. 197573

You couldn't be more wrong. She's always had shit tier Walmart taste but that doesn't mean she wasn't spoiled with whatever she wanted. If she wasn't given everything on a platter from her "sensei" or mamochans she would throw fits and manipulate whomever until it was hers.

No. 197575

You mean the $60 ring from the hotel that Scott bought her? Or living in someone's parents house and forcing her boyfriends to buy her unending deserts? Or mooching off her friends and leaving her shit all over the bathroom or burning their carpet with her cigarette butts? That kind of spoiled rotten?

Where's her real jewelry? Nice place to live? Designer clothes? Designer bags? Vacations?

Right, shes never had any. Ever.

Show me one pic of this woman living well. There are none. Every stage of her life has desperate living off part time work, mooching off others, old cars, shit job and garbage costumes and ugly cheap clothes.

Some of us know this dramz. Lori has as always been poor. She has never had whatever she wanted. Unless what she wanted was bottom of the barrel and thought using people for peanuts made her spoiled.

Forcing a place to stay, free food and garbage like lotions isnt spoiled. It's sad and pathetic and only someone who has never lived comfortably or is poor would think she was spoiled.

No. 197577

A tantrum for taco bell isnt spoiled, it's being a bully. Back then everyone was young so they gave in to her, probably so they could stay in the group of friends. But she's been dumped hard by everyone because she was a monster to deal with. I dont see anyone spoiling her, especially not her cuck bf Kevie who couldnt even give her a bedroom, or Christmas that wasnt bought on afterpay.

No. 197581

File: 1644979307907.jpeg (211.03 KB, 1080x1350, xjfjdifjdk.jpeg)


No. 197583

The waist edit lol

No. 197588

all her content looks the same. forced poses while kneeling on a cheap faux fur rug on the floor and weird duck lips. cheap aliexpress bikinis. why anyone would sub to that when there’s no variety in content is beyond me.

No. 197590

that's why she doesn't have many subs kek.

No. 197591

this thread is starting to turn into another shayna thing…too many catty sex workers lurking here bitching at your competition…it is so obvious. some of you are posting on her instagram as well trying to poach followers…

No. 197592

not sure who youre referring to but im 100% not a sex worker at all and I doubt there are others here as well. A lot of the people posting here have known her for a long time because of the cosplay comm, but sure go at it.
>poach followers
Does she even have any legit non bot ones lol there's probably almost none that are real people/not farmers/not bots.

No. 197593

basically this. there's not been a notable shift in tone in the thread at all.

No. 197597

She's living out of a dumpster and still manages to be in debt. She will be hand to mouth at the age of 50 at this rate and we can't wait to see it.

Only Loony thinks that her dusty edits are in competition to anyone, or that she has followers.

No. 197608

She spoiled in that she is getting mid 30s and her only clock in job was that one part time gig at forever 21 YEARS ago. That lasted all of a month or so. Her existence is always reliant on someone elses dime. She seems to be ok with this. She was a dumbass to not latch onto a tech student groupie from cons in the early 00s. She could have been a trophy wife had she of lowered her standards or expectations of an IRL Mamoru. Could have had a husband or ex that would shell out proper money for dental or health care, alimony, anything.

No. 197614

sorry but shayna and lori is competition to no one

No. 197637

You wish. Lori has no followers to poach, "anon".

No. 197638

She's screwed now, all she wants to do is rob cradles. She would never realize she's below average and settle with a rich dork. She always has to have the ~young prince~ everyone wants.

No. 197644

What the fuck are you all on to think that she could have settled with some guy early on and be set for life? Lori has always been a batshit piece of work. She has no one in her life to turn to because she fucked up all her relationships with people. Most of all, she’s not even hot enough for people to put up with her psycho antics. Bitch is done now.

No. 197645

File: 1645031754305.png (393.37 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20220216-091411.png)

Lori: Like my stuff homies otherwise you're literally hate criming a sex worker
Also Lori: shares this

No. 197646

This, lol. She was never hot to begin with. A solid 7 by troglodyte east coast con dweller standards but a forgettable 5, if that, to the rest of people. Tbh some of her senshi back then were cuter than she ever was. Idk all their names but her Chibiusa (I think that was the character) and Mars always looked better than she did even with the party city costumes on.

No. 197648

Exactly. Lori never had a chance with anyone near money or sense. Delusion to think she'd be with someone good looking, too. If she ever had a chance, we'd have seen it.

She has done nothing but cycled through bottom of the pile leftover, broke, untalented men that nobody else would touch.

Kevvy was one of them, a mormon accident found when on the prowl and desperate for someone to who she could manipulate to pay for her.

No. 197654

Had Rikki actually wanted Lori, Kevin would’ve been a no-go. Hence why she cheated on him multiple times in the beginning of their relationship. I would love a Rikki update and hear his thoughts on Lori and Kevin the hot mess express.

No. 197658

File: 1645036244449.jpg (187.41 KB, 920x1966, Picsart_22-02-16_10-29-05-695.…)

In other news Lori is absolutely tanking. Nobody wanting her hag asshole on V-Day hurt her feelings so she hasn't been online. Imagine your own "fiance" doing nothing for you AND you get no business for your porn either despite "working so hard" to advertise. Looks like you got no homies and no simps. Looking forward to the 3-4 pity likes that she'll beg for after I post this to prove that she does have customers. Kek. Every day she gets new clothes and shoes, opening up boxes of what's essentially burnt money and washing the rest down the drain before begging for ramen money. How many thousands have been wasted now just in the last 5 months? Likely more than the 4k required for the ferrets is what I'd guess. Good thing it all went to tacky landfill fodder you can't resell or donate anywhere even. Good call. Not like the disgusting bitch ever let's go of anything. She's a pretty princess hoarder to make up for her super sad poor abused baby childhood (my ass).

Your most solid financial option at this moment is to jump ship and get a fucking job, you pig. Work at an old lady store like Michaels or JoAnns and complain about your back so you get less physical labor. Be a spa receptionist, literally anything. There's so many jobs for lazy people that allow you to stand or sit on your ass doing nothing but mindless crap all day. And you can keep your Kiss press ons! I know she would never make a smart decision like that though so I look forward to the homeless homeless food pantryoni arc.

No. 197666

This matches her previous relationships according to posts, where she looks for the next easy target as things fall apart with the current.

Tinfoil here but I think the few consistent likes were Kevin himself. From the pattern on Reddit, Kevin and Lori used alts to like their posts.

>How many thousands have been wasted

All of her stuff adds up to a few dollars and probably come from aliexpress. Wouldn't be surprised if she's selling some of the used-only-indoor items that were bought with afterpay, like shoes or boots. I think it would take at least a few years to reach thousands, but she's actually a lot further in debts.

No. 197672

Those dollskill shoes are not a few bucks lol, they're always between 100-500 USD. At most they're on sale for like 50 and only if they sold really poorly. She gets the most expensive ones to flex. That adds up over time considering she has quite a few pairs. It may have cost cents to produce but it doesn't mean that she isn't a dipshit paying hundreds for cheap crap.

No. 197681

She's using afterpay to fund those overpriced shoes and probably sells them afterwards. They don't have enough space in the tiny unit to keep everything, if there even is a closet. Their stuff is probably in the kitchen cabinets.

No. 197688

File: 1645050210794.jpg (154.81 KB, 1080x510, 20220216_161807.jpg)

Here's little derail nonnies, but I was reading this article in The Cut published today about the current shift in fashion trends and this little snippet just reminded me of our favorite cuck whose still in denial about how outdated their asses are. Its a chuckle.


No. 197708

How does she have the money to get waxed? Lori bleaches her own hair and uses press-on's because she can't afford salons. Is this the one thing she spends money on? Or does it herself?

No. 197720

Looks like she does a bad job of shaving. That's the cause of the dark discoloration in all her pics.

No. 197721

Exactly how is liking a post bad for the "artist?" I don't get it. Lori is trying to say hitting "like" is bad now?

No. 197729

don’t know how OF works, but does it actually show her subscriber count on there? either way the lack of likes on there is sad… but not surprising. would really be curious to know how much she makes from OF a month

No. 197739

It’s a common complaint on tumblr from some ungrateful, out of touch whiners. It doesn’t “kill their reach,” it’s just not giving them the exposure of a reshare that they feel entitled to. Don’t know what the hell Lori’s on because she’s not even getting likes.

No. 197741

Bet she's posting that as the excuse for why she has no likes or engagement.

No. 197742

>I think it would take at least a few years to reach thousands
Go to Dollskill right now and see if it takes you more than 5 minutes to get your cart over $1k. I agree they must abuse afterpay. Maybe that factors into the blocking somehow?

Complete tinfoil, but I think most payment apps don't let you have multiple purchases you're paying off, you can only do one at a time. Could Lori want to use Kevin's card/account to buy stripper platforms because she's still paying off her last haul, but can't because he just bought his own ugly shoes and now neither of them can spend beyond their means until their past purchases are paid off? Then fighting and blocking as a power move.

No. 197763

So embarrassing. And yes to the hoarder comment. She will always remind me of the hoarder lady from labyrinth.

No. 197767

we are saying if she had a functioning brain cell, she could have married a tech nerd early and had her life financed like she wants. it's very easy for girls even uglier than her to marry some rich nerd and bully him into paying all the bills, women have been doing this since time began

No. 197782

File: 1645114849494.jpg (35.98 KB, 720x443, IMG_20220217_091926_521.jpg)

She can't even convince men to buy her shit. What makes her think that women are going to fall for her "women support women" bullshit?

No. 197783

nta but you're forgetting that she doesn't stay married to anyone long and was married early multiple times. Even poor nerds without money dumped her.

A few brain cells wouldn't save her then, and she has even less now.

It's funny she says this while never supporting anyone, male or female. Even Kevin would make more money than her from men on OF at this rate.

No. 197784

She's said this so many times lol. There's a very good reason you have no friends Lori

No. 197792

I know for a fact she was legally married to Louis but was there ever any evidence she was legally married to the ponytail guy? I cant remember his name. I dont think any of the other guys wanted to actually marry her.

No. 197795

She wants women to make content with. She's trying to jump Kev ship and be a lesbian for porn money. Fake ass bitch I see right through you. She despises other women and will be absolutely evil towards them unless she can use them for male attention or money.

No. 197801

Actually it’s a Facebook thing. They have some new algorithm. If you heart react a post it pushes it to people’s feeds more but like reacts don’t apparently. Business pages have been talking about it but I don’t know why Lori is. Her shit will tank no matter how many “heart reacts” she gets. Do something original already Lori kek

No. 197817

File: 1645129791760.jpg (2.2 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-02-17_12-27-59-484.…)

The anon who says all the simps she has are troons is so right. The only people willing to have her name attached to them is these sex pests. They probably think she's stealth when really she's just an ugly woman LOL.

No. 197820

I thought I saw a wedding photo where her hair was dark and natural, wonder if she was still legally married to Louis and that's why it ended.

Birds of a feather. These are the only homies that follow because she will never have female friends.

No. 197823

File: 1645131986934.jpg (3.56 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-02-17_13-04-45-075.…)

More ugly ass pedo pandering outfits. Cope harder you're not a teen anymore, you're about to be 40 pretty soon with nothing to your name and no friends. Your blown out scratcher tattoos give away your age btw. Might want to just start editing them out. They date you 30 years

No. 197828

Lol I almost capped this same thing, anon. Every reply (or almost) to Lori's "I need more lady friends" status is a tranny.

No. 197833

“Supportive” being the key word. She will only entertain a shallow one-way friendship if you sub to the spicy and literally support her. This scenario always plays out the same with Lori and her “friends”- someone unsuspecting genuinely wanting to make new friends, and then there’s Lori, pretending to give a shit about the other person until it’s not convenient for her personal gain any longer. She will only be your “friend” if you publicly worship her on a regular basis and financially support her. No thanks.

No. 197837

File: 1645140060236.png (163.69 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20220217-151629~2.p…)

Came here to say this. She's already being a cunt. She made it sound like she wants people to make content or Collab, then she just tells them to make their fans subscribe to her first. She puts herself as the greedy whore she is immediately. Also kek at the tell your sexy lady friends aka don't forward this to any uggo of your kind.

No. 197838

Oh lori, your bikinis arent the problem. Also shed absolutely seethe at hanging out with another bikini 10-15 years younger than her

Kek of course. She doesnt really want homies, she just wants others to promote her lazy neon pedo porn for her

No. 197840

This is a all time low come be my buddy but you better pay me or tell people to pay me she really is burning all the bridges to anything that was left kek

No. 197843

Lol exactly. And a couple of days ago she posted the "tip your sex worker friends today just cuz" status which seems pretty pointed to this new group of "friends" she has now. Pathetic.

She should move into a shared apartment with other tranny OnlyFans losers like this and ditch Kevin lol.

No. 197850

>replying to tranny
>”i don’t discriminate”
>implying she clocked the tranny
>implying she knows the tranny’s “lady” friends will also be trannies
holy shit kek you don’t say “i don’t discriminate” unless there was a reason to discriminate them

No. 197853

What an entitled bitch, openly asking for free shares to other trannys, kek.

This. She was already mentally discriminating against them for her to say something like that out of nowhere.

No. 197907

File: 1645208706682.png (766.18 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20220218-102237.png)

Kek keep running Lori your life and mental problems will always find a way to get worse. You can try ignoring everything but it's all just going to come crashing down sooner or later

No. 197922

i think this is it crashing down.

No. 197926

Remember those times he said he looks like a sexy anime guy?

No. 197928

>implying this adult loser owns a car and does anything besides play dress up all day
She shoukd get a job if she wants to be busy so badly, it might do wonders for her bank and mood.

No. 197933

Trying to act like she has a busy life outside and places to go, kek.

They have meth faces without filters. There's no way they look that sunken without drugs involved.

No. 197934

File: 1645217226285.jpg (45.45 KB, 640x1138, 274124226_949868585657468_3031…)

Lorena posted this on her Instagram stories lol

No. 197949

Kek as if she’s done anything else for the last 37 years.

No. 197955

So she's finally admitting it. Yeah the longer she waits, the harder it's going to be when she smacks the bottom.

No. 197988

That's all she does all day. Just say you want to get paid to do nothing but exist in g strings. She's so fucking lazy but insists she's busting her ass so hard she needs to nap during the days to get through

No. 198058

File: 1645295628470.jpg (91.45 KB, 720x1043, IMG_20220219_113113_927.jpg)

Lol she's crazy. The reason she has no reach is because she drove everyone away by being a terrible person. Likes are "hater energy" lol some girl named Kara gave her a like anyway.

No. 198060

>any behavior big or small that doesn't boost my reach is an act of hate. hater energy.
Okay. Good to know you've made 0 progress mentally since 16. You've been crying about people not licking your ass being haters for decades now when really they just respectfully decline to vouch/promote you. People mind their business and like photos and somehow in Lori's psychotic mind it's an attack on her livelihood.

No. 198066

She really is unlikeable. All she ever talks about is her “spicy”. Who would ever want to hang out with her if all she’d do is beg and demand you buy her shitty content and share her spicy. It’s not genuine that she wants friends. If only she’d drop the “cute” act and just act herself she at least wouldn’t come across as retarded as she does. Oh well, here’s to another 40yrs of cringe bikinis

No. 198067

She wants someone to dump on and manipulate money out of. Bottom line.

No. 198069

The random likes on the post make it obvious that nobody is reading and just giving pity likes, kek.

No. 198070

what the fuck lmao, conceited bitch

No. 198084

File: 1645317747688.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20220219-164102.png)

The toes + roots and cheap costume we've seen a million times kek, too broke for your Walmart bleach bucket Looni? Go beg for burgie money and make a new GFM maybe then you can fix your brittle straw you call hair and your ghetto ass press ons.

No. 198085

The stringy fake hair looks so sad. Literally everything in the pic is a fabrication. Why does she do that with her ugly toes again?

No. 198087

the cow costume + toes out of the fishnets is her signaling she is aware she has a lolcow thread

not sure why she does this as it just makes her look special needs, not cool and edgy getting one over on the haydurs

No. 198089

Lori looks like she had more than one "burgie" already.

Signaling and proving how sad she is. Having a thread here is something to be ashamed of imo. She makes a joke out of herself with outfits like this and probably doesnt realize how degrading she is to herself.

No. 198108

File: 1645334389923.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20220219-211848.png)

"Cosplay is on hold" aka the hag left him no space to do anything and refuses compromise to let him do what he wants

No. 198110

but he’s not in shape though as we’ve all seen? lol

No. 198111

Why is she still trying to promote herself of facebook. No one under the age of 35 actually uses facebook seriously kek

No. 198112

Read: Cosplay permanently on hold because Kev lives in the kitchen and the rest of the space is dedicated to lori's thot photoshoots

No. 198116

File: 1645340386894.jpg (74.78 KB, 720x934, IMG_20220219_182032_374.jpg)

You're right, but Facebook isn't the issue. The issue is Lori. Nobody wants her lazy shit. She's had this Reddit account for a full year and has never, not once, had a successful post in any of these thot communities.

It really is sad seeing her degrade herself all over the internet for pennies but here we are.

No. 198119

Gotta train to get rid of his muffin top!

0 likes even with her and Kevvy liking their own posts.

No. 198147

The problem with Reddit is she's posting her potato quality photos in a list of younger hotter girls with better style. The people browsing those threads already saw hot young women with giant bobs and then they see Lori with her flat body, no curves and weird outfits whose pictures are clearly blown out. You get no real skin texture or anything, it's all very artificial and manufactured looking. There's nothing there for anyone to stop on. Even uglier girls get more attention because their photos are realistic and show the actual body and skin.

And yes they have multiple accounts to upvote themselves, especially when she falls into the negatives. Its amazing that shes so stubborn she's still wasting time on this.

No. 198153

its just so crazy to me that you can get to your late 30s and not realize what it is men like, when you are basing your life around attracting them

No. 198170

She can't even take the hint that even when her "porn" is for free, nobody wants to see it.

No. 198173

Her porn is just so bizarre. And reddit scrotes are disgusting creeps that are only interested in barely legal. She would probably be better off doing some sort of "milf" dom thing, since that's the only moid porn category that she somewhat fits into at this point. Or maybe she could try to do fetish shit with her chest, there's some degenerates into deformities. If she really wants to make money doing OF then she needs to realize what buyers would want. She thinks that her weird neon retard schtick is sexy and assumes others do too.

No. 198175

You all have it backwards. She doesn't care. All she cares about is showing up the fat uggo bitches on lolcow. She's aware she is hopeless and clueless but one thing that keeps giving her a reason to wake up and live is lolcow. Think about it. Any time she begs for money to do content she brings up wanting to "make more cringe". She needs money to "get more costumes so the haters can rage". It goes on and on. At this point she cared more about showing us up than she did making money which is why her broke ugly ass is begging so hard now and she looks like garbage. We are her life. We're the only people who regularly give her attention or talk about her, so since that's the case she just throws herself into it 100000% because she knows deep down she's just making a fool of herself and it won't work. It's almost like she's convinced herself that the games she's playing now ('trolling" farmers) are going to be more lucrative than actually trying to make good porn. Sad. This is your life and this thread is your only mark on the world, Lori.

No. 198176

>All she cares about is showing up the fat uggo bitches on lolcow

This is so true and if you think about it makes her even more pathetic than being a failed "influencers turned sw". I wonder if she just keeps at it because she knows once she goes off line and out into irl theres no where to turn. Square one with the detriment of being 37 with nothing to show for it other than an online history that will damage any attempts if any potential employer ever looks her up. And yeah, I think showing up is what's shes living for but eventually even this will disappear on her.

No. 198182

File: 1645390710978.png (2.35 MB, 1059x1729, Screenshot_20220220-125705.png)

hiding the gut+ that awful blur making her fingers disappear KEK any man that is attracted to this CGI nightmare deserves to die alone with erectile dysfunction

No. 198189

I don’t know what sunscreen she uses but her skin tone BRIGHT PINK kek

No. 198192

I can see why mainly trannies like her content. The weird bikini obsession is very tranny-like (they gush over bikinis, skirts, and undergarments all the time). Her style is also a mixed mess of random shit, just like how troons dress (just one look in the mtf thread shows the weird outfits they come up with). She's probably goals to them because she's just as ugly and poorly dressed kek

No. 198193

They think she passes really well that's why LOL she's coped about it before on FB, don't have the post but it's a few threads back

No. 198197

File: 1645399221704.jpg (12.32 KB, 230x196, tumblr_static_6u2a8relx9c0o0kw…)

Where to even begin, the blur, the fact her crispy hair doesn't match her extensions.. the eyes.. gives me pic related vibes

No. 198198

She did and she called them "creatures" too, trying to make it a compliment lol. It was something like "People think they're making fun of me by asking if I'm trans but have you seen some of those beautiful creatures?"

No. 198202

kek, surprised none of those troons called her out for not saying that they're 'real' wahmen.

No. 198228

File: 1645422152407.png (663.21 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20220220-214055~2.p…)

It's totally not cause you're lazy and a moocher

No. 198230

You can suck in your fat and do all kinds of distorted poses to hide your fat Lori, but it'll forever show up in your poof face and fat upper arms kek.

Watch her take pics hiding her upper arms now

No. 198236

She's behind other people her age, but she's also wildly successful and rich and doesn't need a normie job because she is fine to just do OnlyFans

you've posted both, which is it Lori?

No. 198242

People overcome trauma all the time and go on to lead wonderful productive lives. If you recognize you've been effected by a negative life experience and choose to use it as an excuse to do nothing for yourself, then the problem is you not the trauma. Lori will blame anything and anyone but never herself.

Share this post to a woman whose survived abuse and then went on to write a self help book, or a person who was previously suicidal and now has a doctorate and councils at risk teens. See what they have to say about the "I'm traumatized so it's an excuse to be a lazy asshole" card. Or even just the person who had a bad childhood and now has a degree, family, property etc.. people move on. If she's so traumatized she's admitting with this post she's to dumb to not let it ruin her life.

Of course it's all bs, a different repost everyday with more excuses about why she fails in life when she never even tries.

No. 198243

Ok but wha trauma tho. I find this hard to believe.

No. 198246

She made claims about her family many years ago but there's no receipts so it can only be a tinfoil. Whatever shes referring to she probably has no trauma she couldnt work past, but there is a chance she had something in her childhood. It's never been explained the real reason she's estranged from her family. People dont just seperate from their family for no reason. I know people say her brother, but that's not a reason not to see or talk to your parents. Still tinfoiling but why haven't they reached out to help her? She's no Daddy's girl, that's for sure.

She needs to pick her ass up and stop making sad excuses for living like shit tho.

No. 198247

Her brother has had serious drug problems. She never mentions her mother but she still has had a relationship with her father as recently as before she moved to Utah. He was sending her money for her old car and other expenses.

No. 198253

So she says yet none of it has been proven or is reason for her to be traumatized. If she is still in touch with her Father I guess her family is fine with her living her adult life like shit and if their not then she probably ignored any plea for her to take better care and do something with her life. I know the area she's from in LI and most people from there live pretty normal lives. It probably wasnt her parents dream for her to be a failing ethot.

No. 198267

Her ex Scott mentions in the breakup manifesto >>24606 that Lori claimed her home life and mother was toxic.
>”So things eventually get to the point where she moves back in with her parents. From what she's told me, that household never really was stable, and I believed her. I'd never been there, so how could I question it?”
>”So while she was at home, all she could talk about was how batshit insane her mother was and that things hadn't gotten any better from when she was kicked out of the house.”

She could just be using it as an excuse to get people to care for her and play victim, though.

No. 198268


Lori claims that her mother is super religious and controlling. Her mother doesn't like tattoos or dyed hair.

No. 198277

That thread was a fun trip down memory lane.
Lori's body looks way, way fucking better now, holy shit. I will give her that.

But at the same time - I really can't believe the degree to which she photoshops the ever-loving shit out of her face. Come on, Lori, with the "people say this isn't my face but who's fucking face is it?"

It is NOT your face. I never realized just how much she shooped until now.

No. 198280

>batshit insane
>super religious
>kicked out of the house
Something smells there. So her "crazy" super religious mother kicked her out at a young age? Hard to believe it was for no reason. But she let the druggie brother stay? I know sometimes people have weird circumstances but that makes no sense. If her mother kicked her out it was probably for something serious and not just because she was religiousor strict. Saying her mother is crazy but giving no real explanation to someone she was close to back than like Scott sounds like more of Lori's bs to get what she wants. I'm sure the sob story worked on people's parents and she got free roof and food and freedom from her "crazy" mother to do whatever she wanted. She's a known liar so who knows. Of course she would paint herself a victim.

A totally different face. It's insane. She looks nothing like her edits.

No. 198295

File: 1645483984685.png (2.47 MB, 1080x2228, Screenshot_20220221-145143~2.p…)

-Alyssa Edwards voice- BACK ROLLS!?

No. 198298

Every week a new excuse for her failure and non-starter of a life.

Her stories are always the same. She always claims she's a victim of something even though she leaves a body count and people who want nothing to do with her wherever she goes.

It is quite obvious nothing has changed and she'll be 50 before we know it, still stealing money and free boarding from people. The question is who is next.

No. 198303

Dont quote me on this but I remember reading a long time ago that her mother threw her out for her having lesbian proclivities or something of that nature

No. 198310


Wow, those fishnets are literally disintegrating at the elastic wtf

No. 198311

at this point I'm convinced she's purposely not editing her back rolls to push the narrative she 'doesn't edit uwu' but photoshops the living shit out of EVERYTHING BUT her backrolls.
For example… Her backrolls are kind of the focal point here. With the lightning and where the cam is even aimed.
She does that sometimes. Edits everything but one ''''flaw'''' to prove to the haters she doesn't edit.

No. 198312

I do recall the same story having been told, however she got married after or around said activities so its all highly unlikely and just some bs she made up for attention at a time when it was less common to come out comfortably. She clearly isnt anyway since it's only men she's used for ages and no female relationships in sight.

No. 198313

she dated a no hormone FTM that called itself Ender for awhile. in fact she used Ender recently to retweet her onlyfans lmao

she also cheated on Ender with Ender's own brother

No. 198315

iirc that was back when she was dating her first Seiya (Kelly?)

No. 198325

It's so crazy how all those trainwrecks of people turned on Lori and "exposed" her and then all ended up forgiving her later on and acting all miffed at people who asked wtf was going on lol.

No. 198350

Lori attracts low iq retards with almost as little shame as she has. It's no big shocker.

No. 198353

KEK at her arching and there still not being an ass despite a poor attempt to edit one there also

No. 198359

She only "dated" Ender because she had done all the versions of Mamororu she wanted to and needed another Seiya after Kelly was no longer friends with her.

Pretty sure I remember Kelly being around while she was married to Louis because I remember all 3 of them being together at some con one year.

No. 198360

Tinfoil but my theory is Lori was a problem child and her mom tried to keep a tight leash on her. Lori wasn’t having that. She concocted a story that mom was mean and kicked her out since mom was the only person to ever tell her “no”.

No. 198374

If Kevvy is anything to go by, this makes too much sense.

We've seen that she will lash out at anyone who disagrees with her and doesn't give her money. Especially if it's whoever is providing.

No. 198404

She was also seething when Kelly dated and lived with her arch nemesis Zan and they made stunningly beautiful Sailor Moon cosplays.

No. 198423

File: 1645568265521.png (1.13 MB, 1382x936, Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 1.59…)

"I have some old cheat codes but a lot of what you see is me learning new tricks."

Get a real job, Kevin. You're 28 years old.

I wonder if Kevin is scares parents at the skate park by loitering during normal work hours as a single, childless adult man who dresses up like a cartoon character.

No. 198424

All his captions are about how he's a sore old man trying to get back into skating, he can barely land the tricks he does do, and he thinks people should pay him for advice lol. I can't get over it.

No. 198430

The worst part is that this is around the time when skaters decline, they get older and can do less than they could from teens-twenties. It affects people who do it often and doubly so for people who took long breaks. Kev is only going to get older and worse kek.

No. 198454

>subscribe to my spicy for cheat codes on something I know nothing about

Imagine being this retarded. Hope more skatefags make fun of him for trying to charge for this.

No. 198499

28 going on 40. He looks haggard. Lori has sapped all of his life force.

No. 198510

File: 1645638238568.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220223-094205.png)

~no edit no filter woke up like dis~

No. 198519

Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if she sleeps with makeup on - she always looks like she has a film of grease on her when she forgets to blow out the exposure of her boring pics.

No. 198526

I wonder what her thought process is on how she decides which face shape she’s going to choose each day.

No. 198533

i mean - that could be but it’s also apparent she’s gone through some sort of abuse - maybe she was a problem child with a personality disorder but it’s hard to imagine someone turning out the way she has without any sort of trauma in her past.

No. 198534

File: 1645655741870.png (737.78 KB, 1504x1082, XUfBo2hCfp2.png)

Here's a collection of comments that haven't been posted I don't think: complaint about the cheeks, Lori is going to start selling her socks, confusion on Lori's gender, and someone asked if she uses her chest hole as a food bowl. Lori always goes weeks between replying to people on Instagram and then she'll catch up on comments across several posts. She really is so lazy.

No. 198536

That moo moo drag KEK. Lori you are such a bitter hag she lives rent free in your head doesn't she?

No. 198538

Lol I didn't even realize that at first but you're right. That's hilarious.

Also she mentions eating anything she wants and her weight staying stable which seems like a rebuttal to all the farmers noticing her getting bigger.

No. 198541

I thought this too but if she was the only one who was estranged it does say something about her as an adult. She was the one who claimed they threw her out so that implies her not being close to her family wasnt by choice. Looks like the entire family is dysfunctional.

Still no excuse for being a lifer in the asshole department. Especially since she's aware enough to claim trauma and post about it.

No. 198543

Took me a minute to understand what is Moo related, she must be so angry that despite everything Moo has it better. Loony can't even afford a place to live or dentalwork, much less surgery.

No. 198545

Bet none of them would pay for her OF.

No. 198556

File: 1645672352993.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20220223-190312.png)

Where's the armpit you shooped it out of this plane… Also kek at 'egirl' Lorena, you're middle aged. Accept the fact you're just a middle aged woman playing dress up for troons and pedos.

No. 198567

pretty sure she was SA-ed / molested as a child, explains the pedo baiting, baby voice, and the inability to really grow up. it’s kind of all textbook and indicative of some type of sexually based trauma as a child.

No. 198600

Agreed. Lori is shit, but her family is also notably shit because they've always bailed out her druggie brother and welcomed him home with open arms. Not even wking the cow, but there's a thread over in /g/ where anons have similar experiences growing up in a home where way more was expected of them while their brothers or fathers barely had to do shit or got away with everything. So I'm a little surprised that people itt are acting like this doesn't happen. Especially in a trashy northeastern household with clear machismo culture given that they're Latinos.

No. 198610

File: 1645721792403.jpg (112.27 KB, 720x1183, IMG_20220224_095501_634.jpg)

This looks like a loose fitting diaper on her chest. Why did she get this? Maybe they sent it for free.

No. 198614

Maybe she trying to say she got big boobs

No. 198624

She uses so much fake hair, cheap clothes and angles to cover herself, but anyone with eyes can tell she's built like a man.

No. 198627

She might as well just use the breast plate again if she wants bigger boobs. Everything about her is fake anyways like you said. The hair, the nails, the photoshop. What’s one more thing. But I guess she’s trying to ‘troll da haturz’ by continuing to show off her chest crater.

No. 198629

Her poor attempt to hide the lunch lady arms kek cope harder Lorena

Was this ever confirmed? It could have been another sob story she made up to get people on her side

No. 198630

Hallmark of cheap Chinese clothes, always 2x larger than the tag size

No. 198631

Not buying it. Shart wasn't molested and she roleplays being raped as a baby. No proof of it or anything even hinting at Lori having been molested. Her "trauma" is likely jut living with family that uses drugs and hates gays and lesbians.
Built like a literal man. Looks like Kevin stole her weave and clothes KEK.

No. 198636

I’ve met Lori through Kevin at a con and I can confirm without the filters she looks very haggard. The hair was beyond friend and at the time it was still pink. She definitely reminded me of Donatella Versace. Horrible makeup skills mixed with bad skin complexion from years of poor nutrition and smoking. I can’t even imagine what she must look like now, years later, under the filters. Meep.

No. 198637

I dont think it was ever confirmed, but how could it be? I think it's just another story she told back in the day. Apparently she said it to quite a few people, supposedly the Mother knew which family member did it and threw her out to cover it up. No proof but it could explain why she's in a constant state of regression but she's cunning enough to use people, so it's unlikely. Most likley they are just all problematic and her relationship and life trajectory is a result of shitty upbringing and poor life choices.

No. 198638

Samefag but I'll add she was telling this story at the same time as the "my mother hates me for being a lesbian" story. Likley neither were true.

No. 198641

File: 1645733132022.png (421.29 KB, 1080x1004, Screenshot_20220224-120257.png)

Hi Kitty

Pic rel is why Kev got a job, so he can pay to hang out with his own fiancee KEK(hi cow)

No. 198647

where does he work?

No. 198653

Kitty met Lori through her affair with Loris ex Rikki, retard. Nice job catching a ban for nothing!

No. 198654

It's been speculation that he must have a job for a long time and I bet its someplace really shitty so he keeps it a secret.

No. 198668

Probably an amazon warehouse, that's the only job he ever mentioned.

No. 198671

On the GFM page he literally said he can't have a job because he needs to take care of Lori and the ferrets

No. 198679

I will always find that excuse so fucking hilarious. That excuse he rode so hard and the ferrets died in their care even though they are both home 24/7

No. 198688

Even through the filters, her makeup always looks crusty and her eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush look like a child's coloring book, so this doesn't surprise me but the confirmation is still amusing

No. 198707

I wish the anons who say they saw her had pics or video. The last known sighting was someone who saw them looking old and haggard at a teen's shop in a mall.

No. 198710

not a recent sighting, but i wish i took a pic when i saw them at AX in 2019. lori wasn’t unattractive, she seemed like a handsome older woman. just not a nubile young loli she tries to come off as online. looked kind of out of place in her crazy neon pink hair and cosplay, like she was a mom doing a family cosplay. she def has stronger and sharper features than her current shoops. thin lips, beak nose, and pretty sunken nasolabial folds. but i’m not gonna lie and say she’s ugly, she just looks her age. i didn’t see kevin. she was waiting and furiously typing away on her phone.

No. 198712

samefag - sorry, to clarify i saw kevin but not up close. he was across the lobby. i was in line next to lori so i was able to get a better look at her.

No. 198753

File: 1645803874468.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 201.05 KB, 1080x1440, FMUHYvOWUAAJy8S.jpeg)

This sticker she used to cover herself looks like a fart cloud coming out of her ass.

No. 198755

It only has 3 poses, huh? I don't even think foot fetishists like her disgusting gobbo toe pics. She's so unattractive. The energy, posing and editing just makes it 10x worse to look at. She really needs to find a job because this isn't going to last or end well. Never does for wannabes trying to do sex work.

No. 198760

Foot fetishists don't like this sort of shit. They like paying for girls whose feet don't remind them of gross Gollum finger with hair and crust between the toes. Usually they'll request pedicures and well-manicured painted nails, sometimes specific shoes to show off the 'elegance' of a well-shaped foot.

Lori's feet are not sellable, even if she tried to 'pander' to a community that has pretty high tastes, but I guess she thinks foot fetishists are bottom-feeding neckbeard scum, not people who have tons of expendable income ready to throw away. Her toes are long, wonky and misshapen, her nails are chipped and uneven, and there's visible callouses, dead skin and other gross nasties from someone who doesn't put any care into their work and thinks it's "good enough" (sound familiar? Oh yeah, that's her entire 'modelling career').

Reference: Used to make bank selling feet pics for a while, got to know a lot of the insider info. If Lori starts painting her toenails and wearing things like kitten heels and sandals then it's confirmed she lurks, because she's never bothered painting her toenails before.

No. 198768

File: 1645808677613.jpg (1001.2 KB, 1000x1333, Kitagawa.Marin.full.3560661.jp…)

She's doing the stupid peace pose so she can say it's a Marin cosplay. Predictable. Now for the next two years this hag is gonna wear cheap school uniforms, black bikinis and the same shit lingerie to pretend she's Marin irl. Please, please, please Lori go as Marin to the next big convention in your area. Line up with all the teenagers cosplaying her so we can see how irl Marin you are.

No. 198769

She must be very wrinkly and veiny on her feet and skin to be erasing all of it and recoloring skin on top of it all.

Her size 10 manfeet and their misshapen poses are abhorrent. The fact that she can't even afford a pedicure shows she's once again barking up the wrong tree.

No. 198771

That was the first thing i noticed. Her feet look dried and her toenails look hastily and unevenly trimmmed. And her toes spread like that make her look like a sped. Total opposite of the manicured and well groomed feet foot fetishists prefer

No. 198786

File: 1645827320592.png (595.3 KB, 1187x2214, cuntsofafeather.png)

someone called out Claire Max for being one of Lori's flying monkeys

like attracts like

No. 198800

File: 1645841674875.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2634, Screenshot_20220225-181223.png)

Learn to cook and get a job.

No. 198802

File: 1645842610792.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2939, Screenshot_20220225-182733~2.p…)

Short vid of her walking in her hooker boots. Looks like Abuela is struggling in them

No. 198805

this isn't even e-girl shit. bitch is so out of touch.

No. 198810

File: 1645850555613.png (955.44 KB, 1072x856, Screenshot 2022-02-26 044154.p…)

what is this thing? did they finally leave the bed out?

No. 198815

she likes to drape blankets over tables/stools and put plushies on top.

No. 198818

Looks like the dildo table.

No. 198820

i feel like we can literally dissect all the shit in the background of all her pics.

also insane that she literally has no other backdrop except for this sad 50 square foot of living space

No. 198822

it's not hard when she has no space and like 3 possessions. she probably shoves her piles of clothes into a corner when she takes these.

No. 198823

>we can literally dissect all the shit in the background of all her pics.

She rotates the same worn out costumes and props, and the plushy piles with rugs and rags to hide clutter keep growing.

She's so broke she can't even afford any basics, not even a bed.

No. 198830

File: 1645876182055.webm (1.94 MB, 718x952, 274488377_468653944959976_1491…)

No. 198831

those cheap aliexpress heels are probably unstable as fuck, not that she could walk in them otherwise.

No. 198833

let's not forget she was friends with anti semite and nazi camp visitor kelly eden too. claire is trash and people talk shit about her in the kelly eden fellowship of the rainbow thread, rightfully so

No. 198834

Her new poses hiding the lunch lady arms are hilarious

No. 198836

She's had the same "set" of pink claws for the entirety of 2022, Lori uses 5$ plastic press-ons confirmed

No. 198850

>to a community that has pretty high tastes, but I guess she thinks foot fetishists are bottom-feeding neckbeard scum, not people who have tons of expendable income ready to throw away

Let's be real, all sex buyers and fetishists are bottomfeeding scum, foot fetishists are not some elite breed of respectable humans with high standards and taste like you present here kek

The main problem with Lori's content is it either looks comedic or like someone is coercing someone with learning difficulties to do sex work, not sure either is what most sex buyers are after

No. 198851

"someone" when they listed her usernames exactly as this thread does, at least post your cowtipping in the right thread next time

No. 198855

Love that she made Kevin take this

No. 198863

File: 1645898255338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.67 KB, 720x1121, IMG_20220226_105509_714.jpg)

Okay what the fuck. Did she make her toe look like the tip of a penis on purpose? Is she trying to trick people into thinking she's a tranny?

And yet again, 0 upvotes because nobody on Reddit is interested.

No. 198865

>who is that
Exactly, no one knows who the fuck she is
>flying monkeys
Lori has no flying monkeys. Anyone who is involved with her is only in it for themselves. Flying monkeys want to stay in the good grace of the narc. None of these people are close to her like that. Bet they would drop her in second if it benefited them.

No. 198866


It's foot fetish pandering. That position shows some sole and between her toes, well, it would if it wasn't uselessly censored

No. 198871

Why censor when you post what's on the forbidden soup uncensored on your Instagram? Very smart.

No. 198876

I saw both of them at anime banzai in 2018 or 19, I can't remember the last time I went. They were sitting on the floor talking to a girl in a spice and wolf cosplay. I was waiting for someone in the bathroom but I overheard Kevin saying "yeah we fight sometimes but people make it seem like it's much worse than it is" or something similar.
That always stuck with me lol. They looked fine but very different face shapes from their pics.

No. 198878

File: 1645905959820.jpg (882.4 KB, 1077x1438, Screenshot_20220226-135849_Duc…)

So she's Marin in the black bikini until she puts this cheap ugly dominatrix outfit and blow up devil horns on? She has no cohesiveness to her choices. You can tell she just puts any random shit together she can get her hands on. The quality of the items in this pic are Halloween store throw aways that most people wouldnt even wear to a Halloween party. This is some sad shit.

No. 198881

File: 1645908223885.png (526.18 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20220226-124150.png)


No. 198893

Looks like a peen when scrolling by, maybe she's fueling troon speculation because that angle has more potential paypigs.

No. 198903

File: 1645926788781.png (1.39 MB, 988x916, foodmoney.png)

Lori is 36 years old, capable of working a real job, and still begging for food money.

No. 198904

File: 1645926882468.png (1.03 MB, 976x804, moneygrab.png)

boohoo poor Lori lol

No. 198905

why do her arms look so ridiculously long?

No. 198936

Abuela slipped getting out of the bathtub?! Ay dios mio somebody Venmo her $10

No. 198944

Please tell me how this meme isnt racist? It clearly implies that food from other cultures has cat meat in it playing off the old idea that the meat in your chinese food is cat. I thought we didnt make "jokes" like that anymore.

No. 198945

where the hell did you even get this idea, its just a cute picture of cat with hot pot ingredients how are you reading so far into this ?

No. 198950

its so sad she cant evem shoop herself skinny

No. 198952

Your wrong. It's not just a cute picture of a cat. It was long speculated that chinese food in america was made with cats from back alleys. The picture indicates the same type of cooking utensils, vegetables and spices used in asian cuisine.

It's not just a cute picture of a cat. You just dont know what your looking at. I'm not reading into anything although, Looni is stupid and may have also thought it was a "cute picture of a cat" but it's not. It's an insult to chinese Americans, known or unknown to the poster.

No. 198956

NTA but even if she did know she wouldn't care cause "Chinese people eat cats" are jokes Lori would still laugh at. She's a piece of shit.

No. 198957

actually it looks more like she's trying to copy those retarded youtubers who cook with their cats in every fucking shot.

No. 198958

I am so fucking tired of you retarded woke twitter sjws who draw these outlandish conclusions over everything.. I wish new admin would do a purge, you're like a disease

No. 198972

>>198952 fuck off white saviour

No. 198984

you gotta be a troll surely

No. 198991

guess what? Chinese people DO eat cat and dog…. dog especially in the winter. They literally have a dog meat festival anon jesus christ go back to twitter

No. 198993

How did she hit her head that badly? Either from shaking for a video and hit her head on accident or maybe another physical fight with Kevin? They have been known to get physical and why would she mention the head trauma in her public post randomly ? I haven’t checked the thread in a while and they’re still up to the same bullshit and doing nothing good with their time. Kevin’s YouTube “trying to relearn to skate” was really sad.

No. 199070

Nah - probably fumbled and tripped in her chinese express stripper boots. She’s about as ‘uwu graceful’ as a horse spazzing in an electric fence.

No. 199078

File: 1646083741941.jpg (126.34 KB, 768x1280, IMG_20220228_182516_180.jpg)

I haven't seen this posted before, this is probably from 2013. Honestly, it's kinda sad how it seems sometime ago he was a normal emo otaku boy with dreams, now he's just abuella's plaything

No. 199081

I could be wrong but I feel like that's quite a poor level of literacy for 19, I guess Kevin's always been a bit retarded.

No. 199082

This is sad. If he hadn't got caught up in Lori's bullshit, he'd likely have graduated by now and be on his way to a more successful, fulfilling career.

No. 199083

i was going to post the same thing, he just comes off very simple here. like maybe a 12 year old or freshman in high school.

No. 199084

Can nonnies please stop simping for Kevin already, he is and always has been dumb as a box of rocks and just as stubborn. He and Lori deserve each other

No. 199085

This was posted so many threads ago. Lurk more and sage.

No. 199088

Been posted before but it's been awhile. If you go to one of those links (I think general Ed) you can read a paper Kevin wrote about why he loves anime.

No. 199095

if he was smart he wouldn't have been with her to begin with. people make bad choices because of themselves, not others.

No. 199101

He writes like a 6 year old, the parts with "big words" are from a template. We already saw he can't spell now and seems he couldn't back then, either.

Not a chance if this was written when he was 19, kek.

No. 199137

You haven't been the community college if you don't realize that a lot of people have worse writing skills. I think his writing is okay for that level because it is rather fluid and has minimal grammatical issues. That's American education for you.

No. 199143

Wow, what state are you in? This would be considered potato level writing at a com school by me where a lot of locals go to grab their first two years before transferring to a university. Kevin's paper is tard level writing.

No. 199154

This. Plus it's been like ten years while he only got worse, so he's now below tard level both in thinking and writing. He and Lori are a perfect match in terms of mental acuity.

No. 199158

File: 1646159578535.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20220301-103136.png)

Amazing work Kevin you're such a smart guy

No. 199159

File: 1646159614908.png (472.45 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20220301-103154.png)

How is he a real person?

No. 199161

Wtf does this have to do with cosplay?

No. 199163

File: 1646160964494.jpg (116.66 KB, 719x1113, Screenshot_20220228-090141_Ins…)

Found on the other farms.
Kevy's big mad that shit post accounts have more followers than him.

No. 199178

He's trying to imply that grip from a skate shop (Zumies cause he doesn't shop anywhere else kek so local) is cheaper than buying sandpaper to sand your foams and such. He's just being a retard thinking he found a cool tip NOBODY knew. It's a waste of grip to be honest.

No. 199183

oh lord is he one of those guys who bitches about posers but shops at Zumiez instead of local skate shops where the money actually gets put into the skate scene? That just adds a whole new level of retarded hypocrite to kevin's stats.

No. 199192

Kevin, just superglue normal sandpaper to a popsicle stick or whatever it is you want to hold. What a brainlet

No. 199197

Funny how he immediately proved >>199154 right with this absolutely ingenious "hack."

No. 199200

He sands his fucking PANTS haha oh no it's retarded

No. 199207

Wow do we have to pay 4.99 for this sage advice/hack? >>199078
That is so sad. All of his hopes and dreams thrown out the window for a lego vag harpy. She broke his computer before, cheated, cut up his clothing, posts vague status about wanting to leave him, blocks him on IG constantly. Flirts with men for pennies behind Kevin’s back. We know he’s not happy about this, remember when he got upset lori joined herself into some lewd groups that he wasn’t in? I can’t wait for the milk when they break up.

No. 199213

File: 1646189195887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.07 KB, 720x912, IMG_20220301_190817_900.jpg)

Someone posted fan art of Lori, which she retweeted lmao. Not even close (forgot to spoiler image, sry)

No. 199227

the boobs are too big, the concave chest is missing, and there isn't razor-burn or rash on the vag. it almost looks as dough-y as her though, same lack of shading like her smoothed-out filtered photos.

No. 199231

I lurked on this and on a separate post she called Lori her 'amazing friend' so my bet is that this is a mixture of Lori asking for it, The artist thinking Lori's numbers are real and wanted to use her for clout, and this just being a piece the artist was already making and decided to try and claim it was Lori (Just like how Lori claims her random garbage shoots are 'cosplay')

All she draws is degen shit and then whines when people point out that it's just porn so they really are birds of a feather

No. 199249

Wh… what? Nothing about this looks anything like her. Not facially, not the body, not the colors… it just looks like some generic coomer gamer art

No. 199267

All the got right was her massive Lego hand labia and even that needs a few centimeters of clearance in between them. No chest hole or anything, she just traces the same coomer body bases then wings the rest of it to vaguely fit her subject. Nice. Good to know ugly as fuck porn art is made by degenerates of both sexes. Embarrassing.

No. 199268

Somehow it looks like a man's torso with tits and vag pasted on, with jutted out hip bones and giant thighs instead of women's hips. It's as uncanny and tranny-like as Lori's shoops but otherwise has none of her traits. Too bad the feet are cut out. If it had giant hobbit feet it could have got some extra Lori points.

No. 199280

File: 1646247582514.jpg (132.96 KB, 800x900, Screenshot_20220302-094656_Bra…)

is that anon who paid for her shit still around? looks like Lori finally dropped a more nude set, or so she claims. is this the start of her slippery slope into real porn? how long til she is riding dildos on cam just like Momokun?

No. 199285

Yeah she spammed this across 6 different subreddits. Absolutely zero engagement.

No. 199291

Agreed, makes me think she didnt draw it for Lori but had it and said it was her because she saw wings, elf ears and pink hair in Lori's posts. It's ugly regardless.

I can almost garuntee the lower Lori's likes drop the lower she'll sink. >>199285 is right about no engagement on the subreddits and her IG likes are at an all time low.

So much for model/influencer. I guess she wanted that sex worker title so bad she's willing to totally debase herself.

No. 199292

File: 1646256386183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.02 KB, 1440x1542, 122725_web.jpg)

she has the face of a mole rat…..very fitting.

No. 199299

Bookmarking this moment as the beginning of her end arc. Full blown amateur porn with a person will probably come in the next year if she can manipulate Kevin into doing it. Can't wait for the horrific, pathetic clips she shits out for literal change. The more she shows and the harder she edits, the less money she makes and likes she gets. Her value in that market is free falling. She should have known all the money in porn is made at the beginning and it's all diminishing returns from there until you're begging for food money. Which… She's been at for months now so I can't imagine she will do better than she is now any time soon. Kevin posted about needing a "think" on his roof, I wonder if he's finally realizing his money pit of a "fiancee" isn't going to love or care for him ever? Maybe he sees that her "job" is literally just to get her sexual satisfaction and feed her narcicissm? I can only hope but hey Kevin is so far gone maybe he's contemplating how to grift more gold Gvapi pants.

No. 199300

File: 1646259203593.jpg (2.14 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-02_14-12-59-092.…)

Dropped my pic, my bad.

No. 199301

This is just so ugly - like not even in a trashy ‘Penthouse’ style, just in general an ugly photo. The pose, hair, makeup, expression, framing - it’s all just . . . bad.

I was gonna make a joke - but it’s legit sounding like Lori shoo’s Kevin out of the apartment - guess it’s less awkward to go mope on the roof.

Better than standing in the kitchen while Lori practically shoves the phone into her vag now for less than pennies.

No. 199302

>beginning of her end arc
That's exactly what I thought. The caption is so pathetic too. The tone just sounds like shes giving up and saying, "if I do porn, will you guys pay me then?"

No. 199306

Sage for nitpick but everything physical about this photo is just terrible. She could put in minimal effort and take better photos for her sets. The makeup/ expression/ everything is just bad. Not to mention is that Kevin’s pink hoodie she cut up that he used to love? He got kicked out to the roof to “think” while she’s posting naked photos behind his back. Even if they went up there together it’s still sad that they don’t do much together beyond that. >>199299 agree with this nonnita, it seems like the end is coming for whatever “career” she had. They’ll have to get another con going to make money soon because her selling porn isn’t cutting it for them financially. Her modeling just gets worse and worse as she ages and the filtering doesn’t help. Can we get a break up saga already? How are these two narcs living in a small apartment and not fighting 24/7?

No. 199307

To think this is the same Lori who called people stank hos, skanks and sluts for doing exactly what she did in the past and does now. My how the might have fallen. Her "previews" now are just her full on beef pics with a sticker. That's when you know she's desperate.

No. 199311

There is no way anyone thinks this passes. Tinfoil but abuela needs some reading glasses. She overdoes edits with the melted eyeball enlargers, smoothing and recoloring skin to hide wrinkles and shadows on her deformed body. Coomers scrolling past think it's a troon because the tells are in how little you can see clearly, other than the massive gag inducing manfeet.

They've worked every grift, killed every animal, used up every excuse they've seen others do. They will probably rotate back a GFM again because they're still busy being tards consooming garbage and buying bot followers. The breakup arc would truly begin when Kevin's parents stop supporting him.

Interesting that she thought she's above it but can't even make a dime, kek.

No. 199313

File: 1646272361506.jpg (162.05 KB, 1080x821, 20220302_195139.jpg)

Kek, this ho bag admits shes a slut.
Nice fiancee you got there Kevin you cuck.

No. 199317

She has poor choices for stickers. It looks like a queef. Another one she posted earlier in the thread looked like a fart.

No. 199384

File: 1646341087091.jpeg (686.44 KB, 828x1522, F6FC1FD6-6933-48FA-A36D-12CF2E…)

No. 199385

Cope more Kev.

Just digging that hole deeper and deeper the more he cusses out cosplayers, and for simply enjoying the hobby. Never understood why he chooses to blame others (the industry? Kek) for his own failure - then pulls the “i’m an adult now” card.

Man child claiming his own hobby is childish. Hilarious.

No. 199389

>No one showed interest in commissions
Kev, you barely made a handful of costume accessories. How is anyone supposed to believe you have the skills to make things for other people? How is anyone supposed to know you "love" your craft "almost more than anything" and will put time and care into giving them the best quality and durable pieces you can provide, if the ones you make for yourself are barely photographed and the shots from the single shoot you took are photoshopped to shit? How is anyone supposed to know what your specialty is as a maker when you barely post the things you've made, and all you post is shooped tacky outfits hauls, begging people to fight you because you look like an irl anime character and not a sloppy inbred meth head, and complaining about money and likes and evil Moo? Kek he's such a retard.

No. 199390

>no storefront
>no samples
>no purchase information
>no branding
>no space to craft

Does he even have equipment like a good sewing machine?

Why would people buy something from someone when they dont know you have it for sale? Telling people in a few posts you make or sell cosplay isnt enough. Who even saw it that wanted to buy cosplay let alone from Kevin. Being good means nothing and with China as competion selling decent cosplay at rock bottom price you need to bust your ass to sell cosplay. And you can't say "people want custom made" because cosplay is huge now and there are all kinds of buyers. Hell back in the day I use to offload my used cosplay on ebay, he hasnt even put anything any place someone could buy it and build any real reputation.

What a self entitled little tantrum. Even Looni knew to put her garbage up on etsy. Why does this guy think he's so talented but something is blocking him from being successful when lazy and stupid are his only problem.

If he's talking about just cosplaying himself and not just commissions that's sad. You dont need anyone to support you to participate in your hobby, you just do it.

>nicer place


No. 199391

>I can't even work in my unit it's so nice

A home without the space or comfort to work in is not "so nice" it's clearly unsuitable for purpose, what an excuse.

No. 199396

He wasn't good at cosplay. I hope the retarded Kevin thirsting nonitas who keep frequenting this thread realize that they're inflating his ego and that's why he made a post like this. The dude was always a loser and a creep. Stop fucking acting like he's a victim.

No. 199400

File: 1646351459403.png (440.6 KB, 1440x1104, Screenshot_20220303-154924.png)

"content isn't available"
What is he talking about here?

No. 199401

File: 1646351866859.png (508.09 KB, 1440x2677, Screenshot_20220303-155722.png)


No. 199402

Kevin Hanft secret criminal saga?

No. 199403

Sounds like they used to burn the leaves they'd rake from the yard in autumn, not that deep

No. 199406

Which is it, Kev? You have a spergfest about how you're going to do what you love without worrying about the hat0rz, then have an absolute bitchfit about not doing cosplay that you love more than anything because people don't pay you for it? I thought it wasn't all about the likes, buddy.

Rants about how he can't spend money on a hobby because he has bigger bills but then proceeds to buy guapi garbage and animu skateboards he can't even properly use. Grow up, Kevin.

What a petulant child he is. So glad he and Lori found each other so they can't impose themselves on anyone else. Absolutely made for each other IRL soulmates.

No. 199407

He is SO fucking jealous of people who make a living on cosplay/crafting. Just like Lori is super jealous of professional whores like Momokun. Truly two peas in a pod

No. 199410

The last part about their apartment was an unintentional dig at their own place. He can’t craft at his place, not because it’s “nice” but because he has no fucking room. Finally she showed where her pc is, right across the room from Kevin’s >>198802 they are cramped in that studio because they don’t know how to utilize their space. Especially not using their windows to make the space seem bigger.

No. 199411

I noticed her pc cramped in that tiny corner too. Her stuff takes up most of the room. Its pathetic he thinks a nice place is working on his boards in the kitchen because there isnt any place to go.

I bet she never goes out, despite her shoving him up to "his roof". They must feel so suffocated in there.

No. 199422

Such a nice place but they have no furniture or a bed to speak of. Just computer desks plus Lori's dildo table and vanity. Are they just sleeping on the floor? Is there a Murphy bed?

No. 199425

“Literally all these crafters” where.
The only ones possibly making hundreds of thousands of dollars are Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han and it’s doubtful that they’re making that much a month. Maybe in a year. Most crafters have a day job or sell lewds to finance their hobby, they’re not making money because of it.
Where did he get this fantasy world idea of how the world works? Even if he had tried to do commissions, he sure as hell wouldn’t be making hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year, let alone a month.

No. 199433

>crying because people don't want tard-tier commissions from an unestablished nobody
>blames being unsuccessful on other cosplay men existing
>wastes money he doesn't have on shit to look like a skater but can't skate
>equates likes to success
>cosplaying is a hobby but is stress because he sucks at it
>kicked out of his own tiny one room apt by lori so she can shoot nudes

He's such a whiny bitch. The cope of it all.

Tinfoiling those posts were Kevvy himself. They were always consistent in what they said, and sometimes dropped something about him that wasn't posted before.

It's obvious they are always spying at more successful people all day. Because they're both retarded they can't figure out why other people aren't begging for ramenbux like they are.

No. 199453

He's basically pissing up into his eyes screaming about how nobody cares cause he didn't get insta famous for his foam crafts, am I reading that right? Fat scroll of cope with a twist of seething. Work harder then and focus on your craft instead of selling your Harpie's nudes for literal change. Maybe if you committed to something aside from the leech hag you would have a life and something to be proud of. You chose your fate though, now lie in your bed. Have fun never getting to that point again, never being featured or hired for anything, never travelling for cons again, making friends through cons, all of it. Lori has squandered your creativity and drive and put you in a smaller space depriving you of what makes you happy just so she can poof her face and go "HAHA HATERZ IM IN A LUXURY APARTMENT MOOMOOS" Was it worth it, Kevvy? Aren't you just in love with your life and home? I wonder what he will do when he drops skating again. Will he just sit out on the roof or curb and wait while she fucks herself for random men? Kek. What a fucking nightmare life.

No. 199454

it could be an air mattress

No. 199456

File: 1646414527461.png (268.18 KB, 941x392, sorry duder.png)


Oh, is that why no one showed any interest in commissions, Kevin? There were a few comments for your DiTF stuff way back where people showed interest in commission, but your darling Lori smacked them away. Very supportive.

No. 199462

Kevin isn’t even good at cosplay, the only thing he is known for is his drama kek say his name in most cosplay circles and you’ll get crickets.

No. 199466

This! She wanted a prop slave and was a cunt to everyone who was seriously going to pay him for his work. He could have made moves that way but not if Looni can help it. He deserves this for letting her walk all over him. He won't ever admit that though despite clear cut evidence.

No. 199467

Exactly. Or all the times someone was interested in a commission or with help building and he replied harshly to go subscribe to Lori's OnlyFans LOL. He sabotaged himself time after time.

No. 199474

Sometimes I wonder how deep cognitive dissonance Kevin has when he keeps "supporting" his gf by spreading her pictures that are shooped to oblivion. Like does he ever look at the pictures and then at Lori and regret every life decision he has made that brought him to this day? Or how on earth does he cope?

No. 199479

File: 1646431098373.jpeg (273.22 KB, 1136x1200, EFEB4428-779D-4A30-B305-8B6CF1…)

He’s an idiot. Deep down he must know, but he’s terrified to act on it because it means admitting what a jackass he’s been.

No. 199487

No. 199509

There were many pics of the air mattress from before, it had a huge dip sinking in the middle.

Now they seem to put it in the bathroom or along the window when she's taking photos.

His cosplay never went beyond beginner level. Like Loony and her shoops, his stuff didn't stack up in details, durability or craftmanship.

not sure why feels entitled to the money from niche buyers who can easily find professional makers who are reliable and not retarded.

No. 199524

File: 1646451055529.jpg (62.11 KB, 720x644, IMG_20220304_202602_898.jpg)

Kevin posted some clips of him failing to land skate tricks and this is his caption. It seriously cracks me up how he wants people to pay for tutorials on shit he can't even do. If he had presented this as "old man relearns old skate tricks" it might be interesting to watch his progress but he started out with the "subscribe to my patreon" and doesn't even know what he's doing. Why would he think that would be successful?

>I stuck a few off cam

Sure you did.

No. 199535

he’s not even hiding the fact that he’s directly responding to what is posted on here. he might as well just come on here himself post.

literally nobody cares about your mediocre skating. no skill no style. might as well be watching some 13 yr old kid post skate clips. he thinks he can monopolize the anime skate niche when there’s actually cosplayers and and anime fan skaters that are far more established and interesting and skilled.

what a sad existence literally being shoved into a corner of some tiny studio apartment with nothing going on no goals no nothing. while his “fiancé” posts equally subpar content on of with zero engagement. is there a way to see subs on of like patreon?

No. 199554

File: 1646478011939.png (465.6 KB, 462x507, kevvy_tongue2.PNG)

Everytime he falls over in the vid he makes these pained middle-age noises, kek. I also noticed he has this autistic habit of sticking his tongue out while doing tricks. It makes for the most hilarious screengrabs. Pic rel.

No. 199555

File: 1646478486796.png (971.07 KB, 656x764, autistic.PNG)

No. 199558

His hair looks thin and receding here.

No. 199560

Oof. Hes one wrong landing from piercing his tongue with his teeth. Also, his hair is a god damned travesty.

No. 199573

How ghoulish

No. 199580

Eww no wonder Lori won't let him touch her. Imagine looking up at this haggard chimp going at it. Tard tongue dribbling into your chest deformity while calling you his loli waifu. Vomit inducing. If I had to share a space with Kev I wouldn't even give him the kitchen. That ogre belongs in a closet. Out of sight, out of mind. And you can't really blame her for kicking him out of the house while taking her gross nudes. How can one feign sexuality with this creep in the corner staring you down, whining about engagement and begging you to unblock him and shoop him into a hot anime guy so he can get some scraps of homie macaroni?

No. 199583

Legit looks like a tard here
Do the kids at the park entertain Kev and say his tricks are "cool" because they think he's special needs?

No. 199596

Oh god, YUCK! He looks like he aged way beyond his years.

No. 199598

You can tell this old ghoul is completely uneducated and untrained on any sport to be having his tongue out. Just begging to have his face fucked up. An absolute never-was in the skate park, not even a has-been.

No. 199606

Guess Lori didn’t let him have the bleach for his roots this month.

No. 199610

I've said it before and I'll say it again: no matter how nasty, retarded, manipulative and horse faced ol' Lori is, I still think even she could do better than kev.

And that's no compliment to Lori, I seriously think any woman could do better than him lmao

No. 199619

100% agree. this man doesn't have a job, is balding and an idiot. he can't even make Lori's zero two horns anymore because they have no place to craft

so of what use is he. Lori just find someone else and have him kick Kevin's ass and eject him from the apartment. I'm dying for homeless Kevin saga

No. 199621

That may be the saddest part of all of this: they’d still be better of apart.

Mommy and daddy would welcome Kev home with open arms, for all we know. I think they skipped town, but they seem financially sound. They had a garage apartment Lori stayed in.

Lori, despite whining about being kicked out of her childhood home, apparently lived with her parents for a time before moving to Salt Lake with Kevin. Both have safety nets. Miserable ones, but they’re miserable now anyways.

No. 199643

No she couldnt. None of her relationships ever lasted and no one else ever wanted her long term.

She lived in Washington befor Utah. She hasnt lived in NY for years. She has no real relationship with her parents and she wasnt "kicked out", that's just bs she told people after she ran off after her first marriage.

No. 199646

Kek, she got "married" how many times? Not even her relationships with girlfriends lasted. Anyone clinging onto her believes she has clout with her bought followers on insta and zero engagement.

No. 199649

File: 1646545134444.png (829.05 KB, 1439x1696, Screenshot_20220305-213840.png)

the irony

No. 199650

File: 1646546194811.png (781.02 KB, 1540x928, Kevedit.png)

Kevin landed a skate trick again. Pic on left is his caption before the edit. Pic on right is his edited caption plus some comments. Shoutout to the benis for filming Kev.

No. 199654

lori self-diagnosed autism era?

No. 199685


lol calm down kev, you aren't an irl Shonen protagonist. you are a random old dude hanging with the teens

No. 199693

Does she realize her conscience shares things like this as a form of admission? Like, we all know she thinks she's the victim and has never done anything wrong, only "reacted" to what happened to her, but she's continually sharing these posts that detail exactly how she preys on other people's kindness and insecurities. It feels like an unconscious admission of guilt she will never recognize. Probably cause she's a violent narc but also cause she's really fucking stupid.

No. 199699

4 views. KEK

No. 199778

File: 1646678499531.jpg (93.19 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20220307_112147_986.jpg)

Oh ffs Kevin, none of your teenage skate buddies want to see this, much less pay for it.

No. 199779

>the only reason me, a nearly 30 year old man, can skate is all thanks to my 40 year old whore of a roommate that makes me sleep in the kitchen
You love to see it.

No. 199780

Any of what, Kevin? Have no job? Leech off of your aging whore roomie?? Have no prospects or acheivements to speak of? What is it that he's doing actually? No followers, no patrons, nothing. So what IS he doing besides sucking off of Whori's deformed teat?

No. 199785

jesus christ get a job Kevin

No. 199788

People don't do porn on twitch Kev. Sounds like someone got blocked again. What happened to the calendar anons?

No. 199791

Calendar anon here. I haven't done a calendar for January, February, or March, because Lori unblocked Kev on January 2nd and he has remained on her list of followers since then. I wonder if they finally saw the calendars and got butt hurt about being called out because they completely stopped the behavior since January 2nd.

No. 199795

>uncrumple your panties
It's so weird how Kevin in particular can never ebeg without being extremely rude and trying to get ahead of the comments. Even stupid coomers aren't going to give money to someone because her bleach fried human q-tip insulted them

No. 199798

>uncrumple your panties
It's current year and you think people will gasp at your "fiancée" doing porn on OF? Your Mormon upbringing is showing. Twitch thottery isn't even risqué anymore. American culture online is so past that. Also way to out that coomers could get more out of a twitch streamer than Lori's porn. Excellent ad, Kev. Are you trying to fuck her over?

No. 199804

He probably is - though unintentionally. But sometimes his adverts for her read like jealous/ paranoid projection.

If she ever did succeed (which is an impossible fever dream) as an e-whore - she’d dump his ass quick. Then where’d he get his manic ana-chan uwu animu gf fix?

No. 199809

Her picture quality is beyond bad. I'd deem this picture unusable let for an advertisement. I'll never get why with all the countless pictures out there that are such high quality of actual hot young women they use these potato quality edits to promote and think it will get them subs. This picture is so bad it would deter me from subing because I wouldnt waste my money. Even a 1980 porn rag has better quality.

They never learn and wtf? Unbunch your panties? Anyone looking for porn doesnt have bunched panties. What a looser Kevin is.

No. 199810

Was just going to say the same thing, anon. What is he doing? “Sub to my fIaNcEe’s spicy Lego hand to get content less hot than what you find on Twitch.” He’s such a fucking idiot. His only reason for not having a job was taking care of the ferrets but they’re all dead now aren’t they? Get a job Kevin. It’s much more rewarding when you can buy your own shit.

No. 199834

inb4 Lori tries to do ASMR shit on twitch to try and stay relevant in the e-thot world.

No. 199839

Agreed, jumping on "been there done that" is Lori's style. To bad no one can see the real her so we probably wont get that treat.

No. 199851

I believe that a subscriber can see how many subs an OF user has. But no one here has ever been willing to pony up the $10

No. 199856

not if she chooses to hide it. Only she can see it

No. 199858

Sounds like they moved from blocking on Instagram to blocking on facebook and kicking him out to the roof or skate park.

What's also retarded is him thinking his audience somehow would give a fuck about an ugly nobody catfishing.

No. 199867

How awkward for his Utah skate park kiddie friends to see this man advertising his 'girlfriend's' Onlyfans. Awkward for cosplay followers too since she doesn't really cosplay and neither of them are active in the community. How do coomers feel about a 'boyfriend' advertising the thots Onlyfans? It's just off putting all around. Anyone could tell something is not quite right about it, obvious desperation and blown out same pic over and over aside.

No. 199891

>blocking on facebook
Ayrt, this is what I think is currently happening. I'd have to dig through screenshots but several months ago Kevin updated his FB relationship status to say engaged (remember when they'd change that status multiple times a week too? Lol) but he recently either removed that or hid it altogether. I also notice that whenever Lori posts anything on FB Kevin is always first to heart react but only if he's not blocked. Otherwise he won't be in the list of reacts at all, and he hasn't been reacting to any of her recent stupid statuses. I'm sure Lori IS the reason why Kevin skates all day but not in the way he thinks. It's because she kicks him out to make her horror porn.

No. 200033

how many kids are following him that he has to write 18+? idk how to word it but it gives me the creeps

No. 200170

File: 1646844701916.png (2.35 MB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20220309-084720.png)

It's really depressing a grown woman can't post a photo without editing out normal skin creasing where limbs move. I know she does it cause it makes her look heavier if she doesn't edit it, but those thighs and upper arms show what she tried to hide with the clone tool down there. Doesn't make sense. You can't keep editing your body 20 years younger forever, with the amount of shit you have to hide Lori you're better off just going full V-thot and hiding behind a 3D model. I can't imagine she would be famous but she would at least be a little more successful if she didn't edit herself into an abomination, right? There's got to be a market for human looking 25-35 year old women. I refuse to believe that Photoshop abominations only make money.

No. 200184

Sounds like a new way for calendar anons to start tracking! Kevin pretending he needs to skate or go outside is a massive cope.

One boob going in a different direction than the other, legs and arms different sizes from each other, retarded face to hide how sunken and old she is. Hope we soon get candids. She must be crusty as all hell to be hiding this much.

No. 200188

Wow, she got fat

No. 200190

Lori probably eats all the food that they buy and leaves Kevin with scraps. She takes over the whole house and kicks Kevin outside; I don’t see why she wouldn’t be territorial over food too. It would explain why he’s so scrawny (plus the tinfoil that he’s on drugs)

No. 200193

Don't forget the heavily warped bikini ties hiding her love handles and the hard divots on her thigh where she pulled them in. Kek. Skelly queen is dead, flab-chan is back. She probably eats to cope in between her "exercise" doggy paddles and sitting on her ass flailing in water and that's why she's ballooning. Eating processed fried crap and sleeping all day.
Yup. She's been food insecure before so she likely is. Plus Kev exercises so he will naturally be smaller than Lori. She's going to snap once he's skinny and she's fat.

No. 200195

I believe she's taking all of Kevin's food, just look at him. He's a ghoul now.

Meanwhile she's blowing up, people with manfeet like her are built to get huge at that age anyway.

No. 200196

she would 100% be more successful, there are literal eldery women creating only fans content, super fatties get paid to eat, she could even go full Peggy Hill and use her giant stompers to make foot fetish content.

the sky is the limit if you are going to be a whore and yeah maybe she wouldn't ever be really successful, but she could make more money for sure if she at least uploaded higher quality unedited pics and videos.

No. 200197

File: 1646850567768.jpg (101.32 KB, 719x506, Screenshot_20220307-113118_Ins…)

you guys come on already, Kevin looks gross and haggard but he is far from skinny. he's put on weight just as Lori has. look how wide he is in this pic

No. 200198

im sorry but kev is still hot

No. 200199

File: 1646851365222.png (205.36 KB, 316x326, just_a_filter_uwu.PNG)

nice warping there lori. Another example out of millions where you badly try to shoop out how fat you are. This time, it's to make your head and shoulders smaller and who knows what else.

No. 200207

File: 1646853177838.jpg (84.54 KB, 1024x768, ba8.jpg)

C'mon now. Get some standards.

No. 200209

> Still
Implies he ever was

No. 200210

Um you need glasses. Or maybe you just have bad taste. Kevin looks like some kids Dad is trying to relive his glory days.

A blurry warped mess as usual. Nice catch nonnie.

No. 200235

There is a market for older/mature looking women and it is femdom stuff. It would 100% suit her and she could easily rake in simps. But no, she insists on the kawaii loli shit which doesn't suit her at all.

No. 200247

File: 1646864774193.png (2.13 MB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20220309-142104.png)

The waist warp on this is hilarious. She's not even trying. The sink and counter warp inward and her hair randomly bends inward right at the waist. The hog is so lazy she uses auto sliders instead of trying to pass it as real. Lori is truly a dollar store bargain bin e-girl. Radiates chain smoking welfare hag energy.

No. 200259

Her body is is not bad for a woman pushing 40 imo. It's normal that the skin loses definition and elasticity and you get puffier if you don't strictly watch your lifestyle and exercice routine (which Lori clearly doesn't give a shit about). She just needs to accept her age and move on.

No. 200263

Your not seeing her actual body, she's edited to the max. Look back at her frumpy con pics as 02 that are unedited or pics like this from years ago. >>195936 She's an average dough mess for 37 with no kids she kinda looks like shit.

No. 200271

Nta but its almost like a mid 30s woman looks her age sans the meitu kek

The nitpicking has been stale for so long. Are we allowed to talk about shitty things she does as opposed to pretending that women nearing middle age are supposed to look like anime characters forever.

No. 200280

the pooch —! how is even her hair extensions ffrrriiiiedddd af?

>>200259 i want to agree but tbh hard to say what her body really looks like with a this shooping. i agree that she should just accept her age and the way she probably looks irl without trying to shoop herself into adolescence.

>>200271 we wouldn’t be nitpicking if she actually just accepted her age but the fact that she’s almost 40 and trying to pass herself off as an uwu 18 yr old animu bb is just super sad.

i’ve seen kevin mention sobriety after addiction, does anyone know what he used to be addicted to? …cuz it kinda looks like he’s still using tbh. he’s super haggard and gaunt.

No. 200282

Here I saw this pic and my first thought is he's looking more like Lurch everyday

No. 200284

I love how they repost her but cut out her face. Kek

No. 200306

Even trying to see through the filters, she looks fine for her age. But that’s not saying much. Go to any gym, or any climbing wall, yoga studio, etc, etc. You’ll see fit, mature women who look better than her filtered version, even. She has such a warped view of the world. Shes less fit than many women her age that have careers and/or kids, but she chooses to just compare herself to con nerds and SLC Mormon moms.

What shitty behavior? No one can stand to be anywhere near her anymore, other than Kevin. This thread would be dead if not for her and Kevin’s cringy refusal to accept the aging process.

No. 200310

She looks a bit older than her age probably due to smoking. There is something going with her mouth which causes her to keep doing that facial expression, maybe to hide smoker's mouth and nasolabials.

She got so many other defects that she tries to hide which brings the keks. Most women her age have health and dental care, and take care of their skin and hair. She eats garbage, her skin is dehydrated, she's bald without the cheap extensions and has missing teeth.

No. 200312

File: 1646887822299.jpg (290.4 KB, 1440x2732, Screenshot_20220309-234751_Ins…)

Why did she think this looks good?

No. 200348

Can you blame them? As a company, they want to acknowledge the people that promote them. If they don't crop her, the focus would shift from their product to people laughing at or speculating on an overshooped clown face. This is the best compromise.

No. 200350

kek, how embarrassing. She really does look like a clown though so who could blame them.

No. 200394

File: 1646935760303.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1856, running_errands_outfit.png)

Lol I love how every cow pretends like people ask for their content. I'm sure everyone asked you to post this outfit, Kev. I wonder if Lori will cut up this hoodie into a shitty crop top like she did to his favorite pink hoodie.

No. 200396

Anyone else getting tired of his “skater/ghetto/street” talk or whatever the fuck it is? It’s like the same as when parents try to “be cool/hip/rad” in front of the kids.

No. 200399

This looks like one of those low quality AI generated faces kek

No. 200411

>a lot of people ask to see my faggy pink outfits
>in reality he's rushing to post something before Loony cuts it apart

He and Loony don't even have friends, so who would ask? Just people laughing at their continual attempts to look relevant in unwashed fast fashion while being grown adults.

No. 200417

He just decided to totally blur out and melt his face kek

No. 200435

Well now that we saw how hagard he is >>199555 he has to try and prove us wrong ala shitty edits Looni style.

No. 200439

His hand is so much more defined than his face lol he’s like a ghost evaporating

No. 200442

Danggg she got fat. Doesn't even have to poof her face much anymore for it to look round as hell. Her eyebrows are fuglier than ever too

No. 200443

File: 1646962498764.jpg (Spoiler Image, 962.46 KB, 1024x1024, EWZwV1WWsAAMhkv.jpg)

Give it another couple of years and she'll have evolved into her final form, the dreaded AI generation artefact "side demon"

No. 200454

Look at his fucking neck, the editing app crafted him a whole new skin color

No. 200460

Just realized his neck here and Lori's here >>200312 have some distortion happening around the chin area too.

Kek they're such speds, him skating with his tongue out and Loony's granny duckface are a perfect match.

No. 200506

File: 1647014696603.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20220311-080330.png)

If anyone needed definitive proof Lori is fat this was 30 lbs and two years ago. KEK

No. 200508

Samefagging to correct, actually 4 years I'm stupid

No. 200521

Pictures like this really show how deluded she is about what she looks like. She has no muscle tone and looks very round in the middle and butt. If you look closely it appears we might be seeing g her thigh cellulite through the thin fabric too. She has the facial features of an average middle aged woman. When she edits her pictures at this point is she lying to herself that she looks like the edits? That's some serious dysmorphia going on. What a weird obsession, especially since the edits dont even look like her when she was young.

No. 200529

God could she just buy something that fits her that outfit is so stretched can’t see much of the detail She really believes she looks like her shops lol

No. 200535

>no curves, not even pear shaped
That's almost half a decade ago and we can tell that she's bigger now whenever the filters are failing. She must have had the slimming functions on the app maxed out for years.

So much for being the skinny and smol loli uwu she claims to be. She really is just like moo, kek.

No. 200549

>no tits
>gut poking out farther than ass
>calf to thigh ratio
but shes totes a 100 pound uwu eternal loli everyone no filter we have big eyes and anime dorito chin irl !1!1! haterz back off

No. 200550

“Can’t skate in them cuz I can’t skate”

Fixed it for you Kev

No. 200567

Cant blame this one bad convention hall lighting Kev

No. 200568

She really has zero room to have been judging other 02 cosplayers shoes. Those are so ugly omg

No. 200574

File: 1647040510545.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1467, 835E807B-A270-4734-992B-CFB8E6…)

She’s getting the classic Moo donkey Kong thighs

No. 200578

File: 1647042005269.jpg (101.65 KB, 720x1006, IMG_20220311_162858_977.jpg)

This was a good find from the other farms. She pretends like she has a cute round little butt but she just has a long back. Sad.

Sometimes pics like these on Facebook show up that didn't before. I just went looking and found a video of Anime Expo where Lori is a highlighter pink haired Zero Two on a motorcycle for a few seconds. I don't remember seeing this video. It isn't as funny as the one where her and Kev are doing "the pose" but you can still see her actual face shape in this video.


No. 200583

It looks so retarded when she shoops out every natural shadow and crease. The standing leg should at least have some shadow or creasing near the pelvis, but because she smooths everything out and color corrects, it looks like a giant fat mass. Getting rid of those shadows is making you look worse Lori.

No. 200590

She looks deformed KEKKKKK

No. 200598

I am so confused by her proportions in this photo kek
Her crotch and ass is almost at her fucking knees???? Lollll

No. 200613

long torso + short legs + weird perspective made more visually confusing by shooping out all the dimension

No. 200639

It feels like I’m looking at those pics that are supposed to simulate you having a stroke

No. 200642

Amputeechan stands that way because she has no thigh gap when standing normally.

No. 200690

Miss XS-XXS only is looking very Medium

No. 200691

Indeed. Cows love vanity sizing. And lying.

No. 200698

File: 1647101869939.png (321.02 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20220312-081714.png)

I'm struggling to believe she's hard for food money or necessities

No. 200704

File: 1647103013835.png (2.19 MB, 2444x1432, irl_anime_girl.png)

Lori is in anime groups desperately trying to convince ppl that she looks like any of these characters. I'm embarrassed for her.

No. 200711

There’s so much wrong with this. Once again switching from flexing how luxurious her life is to barely making it day by day.

Also, is she really trying to equate cramming her massive clown feet into her tacky shoes, posing in unnatural positions to feature her chest cavity and uneven neon pink press on nails while putting fart cloud stickers over her blown out stained butthole, puffing out her jowls and trying to clench her Lego hand vag lips together so she can spend her days filtering the shit out of it to make her look like a blurry shooped blob to someone actually busting ass at their job all week?

Kev, it might be time to take Gramma Lori to the old folks home. At least she’ll be among her peers.

No. 200717

so disgusting how she repeatedly compares herself to underaged characters when miss thing is pushing 40…. 38 next month right looni?

No. 200720

Delusion is a hell of a drug. As a porn sick weeb she has nothing to flex aside from "naturally" looking like sexualized drawings of kids and teens. Fucking vom. Get a hobby and therapy, you overgrown freak. She's on par with PT's aidoru cosplay queen dreams. Not even if you were the last gremlin bb on earth, Lori.

No. 200734

I might be in the minority, but I like my job. It might also partially be that, being in my late 30’s, I’ve reached the stage in my career where I wouldn’t consider taking a job without PTO and other benefits, so I can sit on my ass or indulge in my hobbies without worrying about paying the rent on a charmless shoebox apartment.

But in Lori’s defense, you can’t miss what you’ve never had, eh?

No. 200736

File: 1647123040386.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.59 KB, 750x1284, E86B6036-1598-4F67-9190-FC8B33…)

Speaking of which, this character is 15. And she posted a second image: a close-up of her and the character’s crotch. The Farms have met maddddddddd.

No. 200737

Everything about her is so blown out and tacky. Looks like a fried beach mom who chain smokes two packs a day and only drinks pop. FYI Whori anyone can look like a coomer drawing if they Photoshop themselves, you aren't special and you don't look like a fictional teenager. You do look like a dusty slag though! I gu