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No. 105252

Read lolcow.farm rules, follow them; don't post old milk; if you aren't sure if something has already been discussed read the current thread & previous thread at least. If you are a coomer: shut up plz don't waste thread's 1200 replies with thirst.

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo (a notorious cow in her own right >>>/pt/666399 ) created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community.

>At 19 Venus away from her mother to marry a japanese guy named Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. Marriage reason? visa of course. She did end up into a divorce and made a video badmouthing him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite). That concludes on how nobody thinks she really loved him.

>For a short time, she joined a v-tuber project under the name of MALICE, got a minor role in AbsoMetal theatrical play and was the face of some small media company -which she tried to claim as her own. Needless to say, her performace in all these projects was mediocre at best. During this time, she faked alcoholism, lesbianism, mental problems and suicide baited her followers for asspats.

>After divorcing (or splitting up, who knows) she began posting on IG about "business meetings", hotel rooms, riding cabs, showing off LV and Coach items along odd mentions of blowjobs and masturbation in her IG stories. Later, anons discovered her Pater profile under the identity of "Lilian". An unedited selfie she didn't posted anywhere before confirmed it was indeed hers and not someone else using her pics as a catfish.

>Enters "Ken" her new sugardaddy/boyfriend. "Ken", according to Venuses claims, did illicit things to a child. She made an entire insta story about it instead of reporting to the police saying "nobody would help her with the case". Sketchy? Incredibly. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.

>After this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic.

>At that time, Venus announced her Onlyfans and currently is doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been SOOO HAPPY!!! like she is at the moment. Her half-assed R18 content features cheap rental costumes, cheap dildos, cheap love hotel rooms, internet cafes strip-teases, sex toy reviews and so on.

>Enter Manager-san. Either Manaki kicked her out or she's fucking a new guy (aka Manager-san) for a place to stay, it's unknown. Manager-san seems to be the one behind the camera, planning the tip menus and streaming schedules since she's incapable of do something steady on her own.

>Venus went back to her habitual suicide baiting tactic, hoping it would make her worried simps throw pity money at her. The reaction wasn't well received and she had to apologize for it, trying to pass it as a prank. The latest live stream went awfully bad, confusing noises made the viewers worry about what was going on between Venus and Manager-san off camera. After that, she's only appeared on June's (a gaijin AV actress she was going to do a collab with) and an unknown japanese photograper's IG stories. She's been radio silent on her own social media after the most recent developments.

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 105254

File: 1594835423059.jpeg (147.33 KB, 274x500, 139FD011-B992-4991-A608-763B94…)

No. 105256

What's actually "the mental hospital"? Her pimp's hovel?

No. 105257

Already deleted again?

No. 105261

File: 1594841322934.png (Spoiler Image, 345.79 KB, 757x464, 4.png)


I joined the onlyfans in the beginning coming from these topics to provide screenshots and stuff, for fun but the horrible reactions and generally making things worse when I post has been a real turn off, it's actually making me sympathetic towards Venus??

I hope she gets the help she needs and feels better.

No. 105262

>this time I’ll do my best I promise you uwu uwu
Girl, this excuse is getting old

No. 105263

why am i not surprised
i don't know how some anons are feeling hopeful about venus again, but even if this isn't just some dumb excuse and she seriously wants to work on her mental health, this pity party approach is not the way to do it. it's getting so old that it's not entertaining anymore, just eyeroll inducing

No. 105268

Oh please. She's going to make lewd content in a mental hospital? She's so full of shit. More like her "manager" kicked her out and she's struggling. Venus and her mental state is hardly believable when she claims to be working on her well being.

No. 105269


who did it better? Weenos or Shaytard?

No. 105274

I could be reading ot wrong butbshe said she's going to make alot of content for the next two weeks to make up for going to a mental hospital for over a month.

No. 105278

Going into a loony bin in Japan? Might get kicked out of the country when they let her out. Japan doesn’t exactly view needing a stay in the crazy house as positive.

No. 105281

I may be tinfoiling but… if your mental health is really suffering why wait 2 weeks to check yourself into a mental health hospital? I don’t imagine there would be a waiting list?
I don’t buy it, I’m not trying to make light of anyone’s mental health but I think she’s either having something cosmetic done or she’s using her simp bucks to escape ken 2.0

No. 105283

cosmetic surgery or court

No. 105284

u don't suddenly get kicked out of the country just because u were hospitalized, get a grip anon. your deportation boner may be raging but that's simply not how it works.

also why would it be specifically one month? idk i haven't stayed in a mental hospital so i may be wrong, but i imagine they don't admit patients for a specific time but rather they would be released when they get better…? … idk

No. 105286

Many mental hospitals have a limit of how long you can stay for. It can be anything from a few weeks, a month or several months. Depends on what your doctor/therapist thinks is best and your opinion also counts. Especially if you have the money to pay for the service provided.

Honestly I think this is a massive cover up for something more. She'll have a month "off" due to apparently being hospitalised, in Japan, a country that doesn't give two shits about mental health. She's blatantly lying.

No. 105288

>Many mental hospitals have a limit of how long you can stay for.
This. Also
That's probably the time she has to wait until there's a space opening up for her. It doesn't strike me as odd at all, unless she's in acute danger of killing herself today.

No. 105290

Nta, but yet isn't there a possibility of doctors doing a sort of background check when diagnosing her that could end in her medical records? Certainly they won't call immigration on penus, but in the long run it could risk her visa renewal or whatever. /tinfoil

No. 105291

everything medical is also delayed by covid, even in japan

why am i not surprised the tinfoiling has already started

No. 105294

Color me skeptical. If someone is having a mental health dysfunction severe enough to require a prolonged hospitalization, they would be admitted to the hospital immediately, not sent away and told “come back in 2 weeks.” She’s so full of shit.

No. 105300

well no. some people need to get their shit in order before going to a facility for mental health. not everyone can just drop everything and go get help. especially people that work. i know it doesnt apply to venus but maybe she was given that grace period or there's a waiting list. put your tinfoil hat away.

No. 105301

If Venus's next mental health journey is legit, it just shows that being an OF thot definitely isn't making things better for her. If anything it's becoming worse. That "I'm so happy and confident in my body by being lewd & I love you guys and my newfound friends uwu" mask is falling drastically.

No. 105302

This. I don't give a fuck why she's going or if it's even true.

To even state it shows she isn't happy being a cam whore. She's becoming Shayna v 2.0 now with more instability.

No. 105303

Weird how she only posts that information on OF, where no one cares about her mental health. What about her fangelics on Instagram? Kek

No. 105304

It could give her issues with renewing her visa.

No. 105305

What better way to have more money thrown at you when you milk your mental health in front of hundreds of simps who will take pity on her massively and think they're helping her greatly…Fangelics can't provide that kind of support. Shady bitch knows exactly what strings to pull.

No. 105307

a good chunk of the IG tardgelics are minors, they can't give her money that easily.

No. 105311

This is probably blogposting, but whatever. Waiting two weeks for a space at a mental health treatment center is not weird at all. I spent about 3 weeks at an inpatient center in December and 3 months doing outpatient treatment after discharging from inpatient. There is often a wait list and it's not uncommon to have to wait for a spot to open up. In fact, it would be more suspicious if she were to be admitted immediately. I had to wait about a week and half before I was admitted. These types of treatment centers are nothing like the psych ward in hospitals, which is what people typically think when someone says they are going to a "mental hospital". Hospital psych wards typically focus on emergency care, when the patient is an immediate danger to themselves or others. They don't necessarily "treat" your specific mental illness, they just focus on minimizing acute symptoms and making sure that you don't hurt yourself or others. The kind of treatment that Wenoos is talking about is nothing like an actual "hospital" per say. Usually it's a house where however many patients live together, and they provide different kinds of "classes" throughout the day in order to learn how to better handle their emotions/symptoms/impulsivity/etc. There is usually a large emphasis on sobriety, as well.

Weenos seems either uneducated or she wants to make the whole "mental hospital" thing sound more intense than it is. Sounds like she wants to glamorize and make it sound like some kind of "Girl, Interrupted" bullshit.

Anyways, if Venos is serious about this, then good on her. However, I can also see this becoming another "quirk" that she eventually tries to capitalize off of. "I'm so crazy guys, I went to a mental hospital". She is almost certainly going to exaggerate and glamorize her story.

Keep this in mind of she tries to share some over-the-top "crazy people" stories after she's discharged. People who exhibit acute symptoms do NOT stay in these kinds of facilities. They are immediately sent to the emergency psych ward at an actual hospital (which these type of facilities are NOT equipped to treat). A roommate of mine started exhibiting psychosis while I was in inpatient, and they sent him to the nearby hospital right away.

Sorry for this long rambling post, I just wanted to give people a better idea of what this kind of treatment looks like, before Venus starts making up all sorts of dramatic stories (a.k.a. lies) about her experience.

No. 105321

Hahaha imagine if you were going in for treatment and for yourself, and then Venus Angelic was there too

I can’t sympathize for her because she is so sleazy and I feel like every single thing she says and does is a lie to exploit others. I don’t feel like she ever genuine in any way.

No. 105324


can't help but think that all this was only an eventuality when considering her mother. imagine being constantly denied any sort of stability in your youth in favor of being exploited and moving from country to country to pursue some "real doll" fantasy

seems like shes got a hard road ahead of her but i hope shes able to find the support and help she needs to make it a bit easier along the way.

honestly, i feel like she just doesn't know how to communicate normally anymore. its baiting and attention-seeking, for sure, but i don't think she's had a normal enough life where she's been given a chance to speak outside of these terms.

No. 105325

>honestly, i feel like she just doesn't know how to communicate normally anymore. its baiting and attention-seeking, for sure, but i don't think she's had a normal enough life where she's been given a chance to speak outside of these terms.
I don't think Venus is some poor innocent angel, but she's clearly fucked in the head from her childhood. She might not be lying about needing to go to the mental hospital. But wtf is she going to get out of going to a Japanese mental hospital when she can't speak the language? All this time I've been advocating for her to go back to Europe and live somewhere where she can try to have a normal lifestyle. She's never going to solve any of her issues living in Japan.

No. 105327

If only Venus wasn't such a dumbass and desperate to live in Japan. She could take a page from Ella Freya's book, who returned to her home country when her health declined, except Venus has nobody in her life anywhere and will cling on to that weeb dream even if it means living miserably for an eternity.

No. 105328

File: 1594869327699.jpeg (578.9 KB, 1242x1566, 01664AE1-0665-4DBC-B59F-E3A9B9…)

June confirmed she’s “checking in” to a hospital

No. 105329

cringe you got stockholm syndrome lmao

No. 105331

Oh, right…she’s sick enough to require a month-long inpatient stay at a “mental hospital” but it can wait for two weeks, no big deal? That makes no sense. It’s total bullshit, Wenus-style.

No. 105332

She claims she’s going to a “mental hospital,” not some “facility” where you make an appointment two weeks prior to checking in

No. 105333

2 weeks. Probably telling her to isolate for it and the room gets 14 days to stay clean too. Im thinking the 2 weeks is forced due to COVID

No. 105336


Yes, and what I'm saying is that she's not going to a "hospital" at all, unless Japan is completely different, but I doubt that. My point is that inpatient treatment for non-emergencies is much different than hospitals, where she would have been immediately admitted and typically your stay only lasts a couple days max. Saying "hospital" just makes it sound more dramatic. She loves to embellish her stories.

No. 105337

It's very clear that you don't actually know what a mental hospital is. That is the correct term for it. Likely she's going for an intensive inpatient program, which you do have to sign up for in advance. My local mental hospital had a waiting list and took 6 weeks before they got me in. She's lucky hers is only making her wait 2.

No. 105338

So she reckons. Venus has lied and twisted stories for so long while playing victim it's difficult to believe she's actually going to this "hospital". June really is gullible and blinded by Venus's narc charm.

No. 105339


So Pimp-san has put her in a mental hospital (or somewhere) as punishment for her behavior (aka beginning to out him)

Thanks to OP for the new summary.

No. 105341

She can speak Japanese fine though?

No. 105342

Samefag, I'm hoping this will be the end to her OnlyFans career since it has honestly been really disturbing so far.

Remember her claims "happiest I've ever been" "dreamed to do this since childhood" and now she's allegedly being committed (but not before taking more nudes).

People who don't think she's being exploited are blind.

No. 105354

this pimp story is fake dummies it's so cliched and obvious. yeah he hits her when she's livestreaming, not like, any other time. It's just like her alcoHolism and bpd stuff, it's based on reading fucking stories

No. 105355

Nitpick but June's emoji use is so jarring. What is the wet emoji doing after the first word in a sentence about Venus checking into a mental facility kek?

No. 105356

>when she can't speak the language?
What kind of newfag are you. She speaks Japanese. Her speech slurs and she mostly uses simple grammar but she will be perfectly fine. Also she's been to japanese hospitals before.

>All this time I've been advocating for her to go back to Europe and live somewhere where she can try to have a normal lifestyle.

Makes sense that the crowd who thinks there's anything for her in europe are also newfags. Europe has advantages but at this point she has nobody anywhere and administration is as complicated and usually less efficient than Japan. She could go to Switzerland because she is a citizen but she'll just end up homeless or in a shelter if she does because her dad wants nothing to do with her and the cost of living is so high that OF won't cut it.

She's stuck.

No. 105357

They're actually 'nervous' sweat beads. Think of old manga. When the characters get nervous, they sweat out beads of sweat just like that.

sage 4 newfag

No. 105359

Thanks for clearing that up, I've only seen them employed by thirsty scrotes. Still find the positioning a little odd but that's a pointless nitpick

No. 105361

>venus as in venusangelic??

uh? like.. who else? is this an american thing to answer like this? her speech comes off super odd sometimes.

No. 105363

I took it as she was confused someone was asking about a porn video with Venus when they were never planning to do one. There’s a Japanese porn studio called Venus and label that I believe June worked with. On the other hand she has never worked with Venus Angelic.

No. 105376

I tried posting here yesterday after seeing the post on Pull about the mental hospital thing, but the old thread was full and no new one then, but it's old news now, so…

Anyway, what im wondering…

Firstly, keep hearing how they don't take mental problems seriously in Japan, so wondering what their mental hospitals would be like over there?
Secondly, if she is that bad, why have to wait 2 wks b4 can get in?
Things don't add up, and there are more questions than answers.

So right, there's a waiting list, but they can't think she's that bad or she'd be admitted immediately? Is it even true?

If it's true, why doesn't she just say what the treatment is actually for? Like the name of the actual condition she is being treated for. Or maybe they want her in there to assess her to find out just what it is that is causing her mental distress.

And the bruises, could they have been from some invasive beauty 'treatment' she might of had? She's so hung up on her appearance that it wouldn't surprise me. afterall, she's hardly likely to come out and say that she had some cosmetic procedure because she's so insecure about her looks, and probably takes it on board all the shitty comments she gets from people hating on her for some reason. You hear about cosmetic procedures that cause bruising so it's not too much of a stretch to wonder it that could of caused it.
I don't know what to think anymore, if she is genuinely suffering mental health problems enough to have to go into a stay somewhere, then i hope she gets the help she needs, but not sure if she'll get that help in one of those places, you hear about people who come out in a worse state. But maybe it will be good for her.
But like i said, more questions than answers, only time will tell.

No. 105379


Six weeks is about right where i live too, sometimes even longer, I'v heard people say they had to wait months b4 they could get in somewhere for mental health problems even when they were really bad with it.

I read about how in mental hospitals in japan they tie people down even when they are no risk to hurting themselves or anybody else, so i hate myself for wondering, but what if this is some sort of 'story' for her Only fans? She's already done Dr Venus, maybe there will be pics of her tied to a bed being the cute mentally ill girrl, maybe im being cynical, but why hasn't she said anythng on her Instagram? That is the place where she usually posts about her mental health, even if its only in a story on there.
Not everyone on instagram reads gossip forums and certainly not everyone on there is on Only fans so her longer term fans is not going to know and must be wondering where she is and why she hasn't posted anything on there for a while.
Eveything is so vague and uncertain, and it makes me think there is something else going on behind the scenes and that this mental hospital story may be just that, a story.

Whatever, I hope she can get herself sorted out for the better for her, and the best for her life ahead.

No. 105387

Ah yes, it’s the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Venus Angelic, milking the internet for pity points and victim status. New and improved version: rope in a new group of marks who haven’t seen her do this shit over and over. again. Bonus: this group PAYS!

It’s kind of brilliant,actually. And no, I’m not saying she planned it out like some kind of mastermind. But this is how it’s playing out and I’m sure she’s delighted with it, lapping up pity points and LARPing as a poor brave little victim, AND getting paid this time around! SCORE!

No. 105389

It's the gastric surgery saga all over again. Penus must be salivating with the YT and OF bucks she's going to rake in soon.

No. 105394

Am I the only one thinking Venus is going for some kind of cosmetic procedure & lying about it being for her mental health, since we know she lurks here and loves to pretend she's improving while she's finding new ways to ruin herself. That would make sense why she's going in two weeks from now & probably plans to stay offline while recovering.

No. 105395

>What kind of newfag are you. She speaks Japanese. Her speech slurs and she mostly uses simple grammar but she will be perfectly fine. Also she's been to japanese hospitals before.
I don't think her fluency is anywhere good enough to be receiving therapy in inpatient treatment. Or I'm not sure how else she is supposed to get better.

Also you think it's better that Venus stays in Japan doin OF for the rest of her life?

No. 105399

File: 1594924092683.jpeg (82.16 KB, 400x481, C4B6BF61-D947-493B-AB08-0CB19F…)

It kind of irritates me how naive and blind some people still are at this point.
How much proof do you need to accept the facts? Venus is a manipulative liar and it really shows.

Some even think those grey stains in the purikura photos are bruises because someone hit her.

Maybe you should take a second look at those photos. June has also some grey stains. Just a few but that’s enough proof because it’s the exact same color. Just take a close look at June‘s right hand.

No. 105400


I'm fully prepared for her to reappear with a pair of backstreet bolt-on tits and a story about how she got a deadly breast infection at the mental hospital that required cosmetic repairs.

No. 105404

File: 1594927984173.jpeg (18.63 KB, 320x155, 572D46F0-924C-4430-B15B-8EAD52…)

Obviously most of the gray shades are just the shadows in these pictures. But, as the first anon pointed out, there isn't anything that's blocking the surrounding light that explains the presence of a shadow there next to her nose. Also, it has greener undertones than the other, more blueish/purple shades of gray.

No. 105411

Would if her going into a mental ward is court ordered, that's why she has to wait 2 weeks. like when your sentenced, the judge sets a date for you to go to either jail or mental hospital. innocent by reason of insanity.

This is one of the things I really hate about venus, she only says pieces and makes everyone guess and make up their own theories which then everyone believes is the truth.

No. 105412

File: 1594933118961.png (723.11 KB, 932x516, asdfg.png)

In a recent video her skin looks grayish and unhealthy without the warm filter on. Definitely not bruising.

No. 105413

Onlyfans will pause all of your subscriptions if you're inactive for any length of time (like a month) so, she logged back in and posted about being admitted because she had to keep making money, not because she wanted to spread fake rumours about herself.

The guys who pay money and sub there want to see her tits and jerk off, not read about her drama. There's even guys in the last thread furious that she hadn't posted in a week saying they're cancelling (muh precious $6.99) so it's a turn off for them.

It also makes no sense for her to post it only on her paygated Onlyfans site, if she wanted it to spread she'd post it on Instagram or Twitter than relying on the handful of anons here who repost her stuff.

No. 105414

she could write everything that really happened 100% and we'd still do that anyway and think she was lying though, that's what these threads are now..

No. 105419

the bruise is in the same spot, same shape, every picture she posted with june. you retards that have never seen a real black eye can't tell what it is, its a bruise. coupled with her pallid skintone and eyebags it may be hard to swallow the abuse pill but lol…
she disappeared at a significant time immediately after these photos surfaced and shortly after suspicions of her tripod manager yelling and smacking her on camera.
now shes going into a facility.
there is something fishy going on and she put herself into an abusive situation. yall are blind

No. 105422

While mental health is not taken seriously by society in japan, the mental health care available is not that different than that of other countries. The doctors are still educated.

No. 105428

Because shes not warm undertoned.

No. 105437

That is a black eye with the bruising on the nose clearly she was punched by pimp-san’s right knuckles. June also confirmed it is a bruise. An anon posted a screenshot of June’s comment about it

Isn’t Japan also known for gender discrimination towards women? I mean, don’t shut off the possibility she is being abused and assume she’s lying all the time. She’s a girl basically alone without family and friends in Japan and is a NEET on top of that making it easier for pimp-san to do whatever the hell he wants with her.

I’m not whiteknighting her and I hate her for looking down to people with normal jobs saying she’s got too much creativity but have only managed to post absolutely shitty content. There’s a line between critizing her stupid actions and blindly hating her.

No. 105453

File: 1594954961952.jpeg (203.84 KB, 1522x1130, 3C3F2E2C-9448-4265-97E1-C63596…)

OMG look you guys, she has TWO black eyes in this one! Poor Wenus!

No. 105455

Can we ban the likely scrotes who keep trying to act like this is some genius scheme when it's clearly your standard abused/coerced woman? The most likely answer is usually the truth. Woman in sex work being treated like shit is not an anomaly, it's the most likely consequence. Getting to stay at home in your pink bedroom and take kawaii pictures (i.e. belle delphine) is the exception to the rule, hence why it garnered attention. How are 99% of sex workers treated, though? Like Venus or worse. This shouldn't need to be explained. There is no financial or social benefit for Venus or her pimp to have a "fake abuse narrative". As anon above said, if she doesn't log into onlyfans for a month subs are paused. So she won't make money from this.

No. 105456

I can't believe you posted a photo with a fuckin' shadow under someone's wrist circled as a conspiracy!!

Do you understand how light works? Venus' face should not have a large gray shadow next to the nose. The circled wrist is away from the light source. Jesus christ. Ban the scrote shitting up this thread.

No. 105458

that's naturally what happens when one lies a lot

No. 105460

June said it was bruising, though. What would she gain from lying about Venus?

No. 105467

True, but even Belle has a pimp-san so who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

No. 105469

This "pimp" talk sounds like a bunch of scrotes who saw one too many movies and think that Wenoos is some kind of street hooker in the 70s. Sex work has changed since then, literally all it takes is a camera/a webcam. Clearly someone is helping her take photos, and she is probably rightfully paying him for his help. She could easily fire him and decide to do this stuff on her own. She has people who are safe to talk to and ask for help (like June). The whole Weenus damsel-in-distress fantasy that keeps being perpetuated here is getting old. It just sounds like a desperate effort to take all accountability away from Penus and shift the blame of her pathetic endeavors onto some fantasy Yakuza pimp-San. She's a big girl, it's time she stands up for herself and fires his ass if she doesn't like him instead of posting pathetic subliminal cries for attention. No one has a gun to her head, she just sucks at communicating her needs and people are going to continue to take advantage of that until she shapes up and learns to use her big girl words. And as long as WK's keep responding to her indirect cries for ""help"", she will never learn how to speak up for herself, because she is used to getting attention and what she wants by acting like a poor little child. Hopefully she learns some communication skills in this "mental hospital", because she is horribly stunted in that regard.

No. 105470

I for one am not one of the anons who thinks Venus is in distress. I do think she's dumb enough to be bossed around by a pimp because she's too lazy and unmotivated to market her own sex work independently, and if it wins her sympathy points in the process then all the better.

No. 105472

the person who saw too many 70s movies is venus, that's why she made this outdated storyline just like she made alcholism and the 90s bpd-chic bpd one

No. 105474

ye, those grey spots are called shadow

No. 105476

Right lol not even Belle is excempt from the "my bf is now my pimp and i'm in denial" reality. She started off taking thotty selfies, signed with a management company, and is now shoving dildos up her ass and selling condoms. There's literally no way Venus's situation isn't grosser. All her videos are so focused on typical Japanese porn fetishes, not even the kawaii costhot gamer gf almost all solo sex workers get into because they have a WESTERN audience. Venus has a WESTERN audience her Jap manager obviously has no experience catering to.

This isn't some basement hooker in chains scenario, it's literally what happens to all sex workers who hire help to get more exposure once their simps get bored. Venus simply isn't the exception. Doesn't make her a helpless clueless prisoner either. Just… a greedy idiot.

No. 105478

File: 1594965961883.jpeg (336.24 KB, 1440x1253, FEBF0B56-3FB0-4E53-8612-D60B77…)

Wow you sound angry. Calm down.

June didn’t confirmed anything. She said „you would have to ask Venus herself“.
Even IF that one stain is a bruise I’m 99% sure she did this to herself. Crazy women do things like that. It’s nothing new. Some women do really cruel stuff when it’s about money and Venus is one of these women whether you like it or not.
June said there’s definitely something going on and I would never doubt this for a sec because something weird is going on with Venus constantly for almost 2 years now and it’s people like you who enable her shitty behavior.

How is it even possible at this point people take everything she says for granted.

„….now she is going into a facility guys“

No. 105488

Venus always has an abuse story to tell when things don’t go according to her plans. Why would this time be any different? She’s clearly trying to build a foundation here so she can switch to a new personality easily and get pity points on top of it. The best way to predict future behaviour is to look at past behaviour.

No. 105492


It's most likely she simply fainted due to a combination of hunger and alcohol and bumped her head into something.
Drunks fall and fuck themselves up all the time.

No. 105493

You have clearly never been admitted to mental hospital anon… but you sound like you probably should be.
It's completely normal for mental hospital to wait a couple of weeks to take a new patient in, often beds are full and pretty much everything is delayed due to quarantine. She might be waiting for a psychiatrist referral to go through.

It would only be immediate if it was involuntary (meaning a psychiatrist has seen that she's an immediate physical danger to herself or others).

No. 105497

Ok, but can you please stop ban evading already?
No one wants your shitty tinfoil contributions.
I agree that Venus got herself into this abusive situation and should know better but you must be absolutely unhinged yourself to think it's normal for crazy women to punch themselves in the eye so hard that they give themselves a blackeye….. for money?
If that was true then why wouldn't she hit her right eye since that should be easier because she's right handed?
then why don't people who selfharm go make money off it?

No. 105504


No. 105505


Seem like I should have explained it better but after reading the last question of your post I think it’s a waste of time. You are hopeless und dumb af.

No. 105507

Nta but learn to sage your pointless insults. I'm glad we dodged your explanation, you sound pressed calling someone hopeless on an imageboard… and on the Venus Angelic thread of all places kek

No. 105510

Oh please stop crying.(infighting)

No. 105512

Yep. Can’t believe people are still taking the bait even after she admitted “it’s a trap and she just likes to make people worried about her”
People like her are the modern digital versions of Eastern European street beggars. They would either self harm, sometimes even mutilate their arms or legs (or the street gang controlling them would do it) and manipulate passerby’s into giving them money. Smart ones will create abuse stories as a street performance to garner sympathy and collect money from the audience.

Venus is doing exactly the same. She will get simp tips on onlyfans and sympathy from the naive anons on lolcow. You know the saying, and idiot and his money will soon fall apart.

No. 105518


Except that the "fake abuse story" is not publicized, it's just something clear to observe if you're paying attention. It's not at the forefront of what she's posting. So how is she going to make money from this? How will she make money from going offline for a month?

Weird how the scrotes are so ready to believe she was downloading porn at aged 4, but when presented with evidence of abuse they will make up insane theories like she punched herself in the face/it's makeup/it's a genius scheme. You believe whatever suits you, huh.

No. 105519

I think this is a female anon and not a scrote, but you realize what you're saying here, right?

>No one has a gun to her head, she just sucks at communicating her needs and people are going to continue to take advantage of that until she shapes up and learns to use her big girl words.

>And as long as WK's keep responding to her indirect cries for ""help"", she will never learn how to speak up for herself, because she is used to getting attention and what she wants by acting like a poor little child. >Hopefully she learns some communication skills in this "mental hospital", because she is horribly stunted in that regard.

Like where is she gonna gather together the literacy/public speaking skills in between her pimp making her take lewd photos for onlyfans and the asylum?

No. 105523

Maybe she's feeling afraid to ever tell the whole truth about anything now because no one ever believes her anyway. Like maybe she was telling the truth about Manaki, even though people didn't want to believe it, because he's cute and appears nice and he 'saved' her. I don't know, and the fact is, no one else knows either, but some people act like they do, accusing her of lying over everything , just because she said what she said about Manaki and no one wanted to believe it. I liked him too, but you can't always go by that, someone can seem super nice and be different behind the scenes, I know someone who I always thought was one of the nicest people you could meet, but he's a bully and a control freak behind closed doors. I'm not saying that Manaki is a monster, nothing like it, only that there may have been truth in what Venus said, but no one wanted to believe her, so because they didn't want to, they just didn't.

Whatever is going on with her, I am worried about her and hope she is going to be alright.

No. 105524

Well now that Weenis has, apparently, signed off her latest venture (OF,) she can get back to doing what she really loves. Namely, NOTHING.

No. 105526

For Christ’s sake anon. How is it not publicized?
She had the fake performance of being hit during a live stream on onlyfans, and then she let June post her photos with a questionable bruise on her face. And now she just announced on onlyfans that she’s taking a break because she will soon go to an inpatient mental health treatment center.

Real abuse victims or mentally ill peopel don’t have time to think about monetizing on their situation. They don’t run to their online simps the moment they are accepted into a mental health center. June would have stayed quiet about the subject of Venus really wanted that.

No. 105527

Feel sorry about the millions of domestic violence victims who stay quiet because they have nowhere to go and they are too ashamed to ask for help. Venus is just a con artist who is trying to manipulate people into having sympathy for her and apparently you’re taking the bait.

No. 105528

I'm not here to continue going in circles arguing the points that have been argued to death already so not discounting your opinion anon. I'm just here to point out Manaki looks like a goblin. He's really low-tier gaijin bait, I've never heard anyone say he's cute out of anything but potential pity kek. Soz for useless contribution.

No. 105530


Well I remember comparisons being made to Suga of BTS, saying Manaki looked like him, and Suga is really cute… so, well I guess Manaki is seen as cute too. I thought he was quite nice looking, not as nice as Suga, but still. And no I'm not into the whole BTS fandom myself, but just going by their looks, I don't really see how anyone can say their looks are not nice, and Manaki looks similar to that whole aesthetic.

No. 105531

Venus is a compulsive liar & manipulator and she herself said she enjoys playing victim and that to make sure to not fall into her "trap". This is exactly what she wants. A pity party for "uwu poor Venus".

No. 105532

Another worrying thought occurred to me - how do we even know that it was Venus herself who posted that message on her Onlyfans?

No. 105533

>So how is she going to make money from this? How will she make money from going offline for a month?

Come on anon, you can't be this naive. It's the very same scheme >>105389

No. 105534


please, it was proven that she lied about Manaki and she deleted the video right away

No. 105535

So if everything Venus claimed about Manaki, Margaret, Ken, and whoever else was actually true, how does any of that justify or excuse her ending up like this after several years of being safely kept and cared for by those same ~eeeebil abuser manipulatorz~? At what point did Venus ask for help from anyone to get away from Manaki? She didn't, because she only had shit to say against him when he started asking her to grow up and act more like a wife and less like an overly sexual stepchild. He threw her out once before as a result of it, but took her back in before she could end up exactly like she did because he STILL cared about her wellbeing even then, but once she started feeling safe again she began acting out & started her OF, likely because her Pater sugaring saga proved she simply isn't cute enough to be paid to exist & run wild like she truly wants.

No. 105536


I just don't know, anon. But I'm still worried about her though, until I see that she's safe.

No. 105537

No anon don’t fall for her trap. Reread her quote on the thread image. I think she’s just bored of OF for now and wants to pull a Belle Delphine.

No. 105538


Yes, maybe, you're probably right, but I can't help worrying about her, I try not to, but knowing how alone she is in the world and how her mother treated her, my heart goes out to her.

No. 105540

File: 1595003890200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.53 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20200718-023225__01…)

Oh, never saw that anon. Definitely disagree, I think that's just kboos thinking all Asians look the same, or any Asian dick is a good dick. You're obviously welcome to think he's cute I just don't get it with or without Snow. Also kek at Venus' face creeping into this pic.

No. 105550

With all of the chances and opportunities she burned she deserves this at this point. She sorta emancipated herself but choose to not better herself

No. 105555

youre an idiot lol, knowing the difference between eyebags and a bruise that extends donwards and is discolored isnt that hard. take it from somebody who has seen and had them. this photo is obviously eyebags and june basically confirmed, whether you want to see it that way or not, that SOMETHING happened, resulting in a bruise.

No. 105556

ya, definitely. manaki never looked very handsome in any way. Also, venus looks more… joyful? idk how to put it. you know, compared to this >>105453 or any other OF pic.

No. 105561

>what is sarcasm

No. 105573

Why are you on lolcow if you're such fangelic? Like I'm genuinely confused as to why you'd be on a thread dedicated to making fun of her and pointing out all the shit she's done and/or caused.

No. 105582

not the anon, but I strongly dislike Venus and also feel a lot of empathy for her at the same time bc I think she is suffering

No. 105589

I wish she’d just get off the fucking internet, stop sucking people into her endless dramas and get a fucking job.

No. 105596

You think the other cows here are not suffering?? There are cows here who had way more of a tragic life and past yet no one mentions that to excuse them and no one shows them any ''empathy''.
There are cows here who were raped,schizophrenic,anorexic,druggies,poor,alchoholic parents..and the list goes on…..but out of all those cows you want to keep empathy for Venus who other than having a controlling mom, has lived a quite sheltered life and had many things handed and given to her.

No. 105602

The person never said that no one else is suffering or that no one else matters. I can't believe you guys get so upset about people showing basic human empathy… that's crazy

No. 105608

File: 1595064895228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1012.09 KB, 1078x1954, Screenshot_20200718-022611_Ins…)

The face is so blurry I can't even recognize her

No. 105609

She is not putting a warning on her posts. She just put on a little warning on her bio. And you can read many of her underaged fans commenting.

No. 105610

What for? If they're reading the message then they've already seen it the picture

No. 105612

I mean she could just make another Instagram account, if she wants to follow this path. I ask myself, why does she post this pictures with her old account, where ofc she has followers from her old days?

No. 105613

She deleted her Instagram story where she was holding her breast.

No. 105614

she posted 3 pics on her story or just 2?

No. 105615

File: 1595067404562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.05 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20200718_121537.jpg)

No she did not, there it is.

No. 105626

she kinda looks like a downie

No. 105627

File: 1595080962059.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 5A7AD134-CA74-4A08-BD8C-730661…)

i thought she was going to a hospital for mental health, why is she posting pics of her grabbing her tits.
> tissue for jizz

No. 105632

i thought the shirt was some cute flower pattern until i zoomed in and realised it's the dumb hentai face shirt every ethot has.


No. 105639

by guidelines its SFW for Instageam. You dont need CW, pearl-chan.

No. 105641


I didn't notice at first, but yes it's one of those ahegao face shirts that are everywhere.

No. 105643

How do we know that any of these new Instagram posts are actually posted by Venus herself? They could be posted by anybody. Something doesn't add up. She usually tells he fans on Instagram whatever is going on with her, before she mentions it anywhere else, so why hasn't she said anything on there about the mental hospital thing? It just seems odd that she is saying nothing on there about it, but instead is posting things like she is feeling perfectly alright, with upbeat images and selfies [that remind me of Margo's selfie nude that time] and she just looks happy and content which can't be the case if what she said about the mental hospital is true. I mean those pictures have probably been taken a while ago, not now, and I know something was posted here showing that she said she would be posting things already taken in the two weeks leading up to her going into the hospital, but until she comes out and actually shows herself in an up to date video talking about it, then how can anyone know it is really Venus herself posting anything?

No. 105646

jesus christ anon, you're right, the big scary pimp who kidnapped her learned english & hacked her iphone with her severed thumb!!

if only we could rescue her…

No. 105648

She probably said that so people on onlyfans will stop complaining about her not posting daily.

No. 105649

I knooowww, right? It can’t be poor lil abuse victim Wenus posting this shit, it just CAN’T! It must be that evil man who is abusing her!!

No. 105650

Thanks for the laugh anon. You can’t pound common sense into “worried aunties” with a hammer.

No. 105651

Imagine being this retarded and not thinking innocent uwu Venus isn't capable of posting trash. Oh wait, she that's what she does and she doesn't care how tasteless she is or how much of a cunt she's now being towards the majority of her fanbase that aren't the thirsty kind who pay to see grapes covering her pussy.

No. 105654

They unironically believe the "I'm still a virgin my tiny smol loli vag is too small to be penetrated uwu" OF post is 100000% true lmao

No. 105657

Who cares, you can't expect the internet to be a safe place, children should be supervised

No. 105660

i don't really care, my issue is she didn’t change the settings of her IG. is she really that inept with a computer?

if venus was some fat pimple faced bitch she wouldnt have so many stans. people still have fall for this uwu kawaii smol girl who babbles like a retarded baby schtick.

No. 105661

If she wanted to make a thot name for herself, she should have started anew and left VenusAngelic behind to rot in a kawaii cesspit along with her underaged fans. But no, the only thing she does is post "no minors" on her normal social media they all follow instead and thinks that'll do the trick. She's a fucking twat.

No. 105663

She wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as much money or attention if she separated her OF shit from the VenusAngelic persona. She knows the quality of her NSFW work isn't up there, so she needed something of a boost (even if that "boost" is coming from engagement from children). Just pure greed on her end.

No. 105666

File: 1595104095510.png (16.97 KB, 507x134, 4A1DADC8-0ABC-4CD6-ABDF-C9D6ED…)

From an old Margo thread.

How ironic, your dottir ended making a living off shoving plastic vegetables up her crotch…

No. 105669

I think the best thing she could do is seperate her instagram account. Her still fans will follow her, but what is she doing now? Crying out loud, because people are critical about her sudden nude picture on her VenusAngelic account. What did she expect?

No. 105674

How sad that her selling vegetables on a market would be a much better outcome than her current situation

No. 105680

Venus is intentionally allowing minors to see her sex worker stuff and even consciously pushing it onto her IG mindful of their seeing it, because as a child someone exposed her, sadly, to sexual reasoning, sexual ideas etc. and her attitude is "since this happened to me, well, fuck you it should happen to others too".
It's abhorrent but when you aren't 'in the world' and are left floating in your bubble, your worst abhorrent impulses don't get checked

No. 105682

guys you are reading to much into this the reason she is allowing minors is just so she can have more views.

No. 105687

when you write about jizz tissues etc. in your IG story, while fully cognisant of the fact that 11 year old girls are reading it, you are certainly on some level turning over in your mind what this will read like to them. And you are noticing that this will familiarize them with concepts that are adult and the likelihood of damage/danger that comes from having that familiarity too early. And you're deciding 'yep. haha'

No. 105689

You give venus way too much credit. She's vapid & dumb, not some cunning sociopath. She just wants more views, regardless of who/how.

No. 105694

Mental hospitals in Japan don’t do shit to help you, especially when you’re a white person surrounded by crazy Japanese people.
They merely offer you to join group activities, but when you’re not in the mood to be around people or you’re just tired from depression they will leave you alone in your private room. The doctors are afraid to give you a share room because they don’t know how the other patients would react to you. A doctor and one nurse will come once a day into your room, ask you how you are, write it down and leave. Most patients will try to avoid you. You wake up, eat breakfast on a separated table, go back to your room that doesn’t have a TV, eat lunch alone, go back to your room, eat supper alone and go back to your room.

No. 105704

the decisions was made to damage kids - i'm not suggesting it was the goal - you're right, it's views. but the decision came up along the way and you can't say she is just too dumb or vapid to see the choice - she has been made aware.

No. 105707

mte. she has 200k on her ig account, of course she is gonna stay promoting on this one (even though half of these are inactive i bet). i highly doubt she would get even 10k on a lewd new account, she would only interact with creepy 40 years old that barely interact or like pictures and it would only be embarassing for her.

No. 105708

are people still paying for her OF?she basically had two weeks of free money.how do these simps pay her when she doesn't post

No. 105711

venus is a dumb bitch who likes playing dumb, but shes not malicious. she was already damaged at a young age so i doubt she cares what she exposes to her younger fans. i dont care to get into a debate about it, i just find it cringe seeing 14-17 year olds defend venus

No. 105713

>but shes not malicious
[unsupported claim] sounds like a hangover from having been a believer in the dolly image

No. 105714

>Creates a character called Malice to try to express herself online closer to how she naturally feels
>durr she's not malicious
it's not even the point. If you run someone down while negligent driving and you were thinking, i know this is dangerous but eh i don't care - don't worry this anon will come and give you a character reference based on your scripted youtube character

No. 105715

>> shes not malicious.
Are you serious? After the shitty way this little bitch treated her visa hubby, lying, smearing and slandering him all over her SM but she’s “not malicious”?

How new are you? She’s every bit as malicious as her psycho mom and then some.

No. 105718

you're reading it too deep in my opinion. like anons already said, it's the views. but i get why it isn't helping her cause. It's unappreciated views that she gets. And if a lot of her fans are too young to own a credit card or something, then that means they won't join her OF. despite this, her adult carrier cheering fans are themselves ethots or vapid folks, and they aren't the one subcribing to her OF.

Lol like, Venus' been cheered by mikealla in japan in one of her posts on insta. I doubt she subcribed to the OF though.

idk how sociopaths work. Like if you're born with or acquire it if growing up in an unhealthy environment. but stuff like marriage for visa then divorce after getting it when the guy clearly liked you, exposing a pedo, i.e. the Ken guy, but not reporting to the police, and claiming that you could only not sleep SOME nights… the general "as long as i get views" even if fanbase isn't the appropriate one, the ongoing cringe, the uncanny 'sexy" pics… i could go on, but there's something sociapathic about it. Or delusional at least.

May i ask you why do you know this so well? That sounds awful i can hardly believe it. Also i believe there are a lot of english speaking if not foreign psychiatrists in Japan. it seems that way at least when i do a quick google search.

No. 105719


So weird, this reminds me of Asian men's humor. She either isn't the one posting or she's repeating a man's thoughts

inb4 the pimps WK appears: when has she ever posted specifically praising jizz before on Instagram?

No. 105722

You're grasping at straws because I grew up around asian men and this wouldn't qualify as asian men humor

No. 105727

I find it really scary that some people think what she is doing is empowering and good for a women. She is just working for guys to let them jerk off, that is not empowering at all and it is definitely not freedom. Her fans are even saying that she doesn't need to care about her underaged fans. Well of course she is responsible of her fans, since she started with different content and now she just shows them nudes without their consent.

No. 105734

Wonder if someone in her life forced an intervention? Or if Venus pleaded insanity like Margo said she wanted (to avoid some type of unspecified legal issues imo probably related to Ken) or if she's just making it up to cover for whatever is actually going on? Like surgery or a court case or jail or deportation even? Remember she allegedly did the brain scan and emailed Margo about mental illness in the family. Did shady work with Kitano, had a pater ad and the whole Ken thing and using a child's sexual abuse to bolster herself. Ever since Mana wanted a divorce and kicked her from her pink little room, something odd has been going on.

Completely agree and she started showing signs of this pimp story only after her mom claimed she was involved with Yakuza. Seems fake or like a cover up for something. Looked like she was trying to hold back a smirk in her live stream, where she was supposedly "scared". Who knows.

>clearly she was punched by pimp-san’s right knuckles.
Maybe she got drunk and fell? Or had cosmetic work done? Doesn't mean "pimp-san" hit her. She could also just have really bad dark circles and lied to June.

Don't forget wishing for his death (he should be put down) and laughing about it with her followers, as well as slandering him on Kizuna Ai's channel, after he seemingly took her back in for a bit (assuming she wasn't just using old photos).

No. 105736

I doubt she has anyone left in her life who would give her an intervention. She pushed away people who cared for her well being, and kept those who enable her shitty behaviour. She probably disappeared for a week because of her court hearing, and they decided to commit her into a mental hospital. Venus is not the type to actively change herself for the better, so she definitely didn’t commit herself. She wouldn’t be able to continue her uwu kawaii lifestyle in there! Also I think she used the majority of her OFs income to pay for her court fees. It explains why she needs the quick cash grab and why she still looks like a cheap homeless prostitute.

No. 105737

File: 1595152446189.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1125x2436, 5F92B4B7-1673-4A38-A4FA-125855…)

Guys she is feeling better, what a relief

No. 105740

That doesn't even look like her.. the shooping is getting out of hand

No. 105745

I wonder what she thinks when she looks in the mirror?

I wonder if it is possible to be so disordered that she actually thinks she looks like this, with some “touch ups”… or is she cognizant that’s this doesn’t even resemble her face?

No. 105746

She looks like a 40 year old mom with those glasses, fluffy hair and turtleneck sweater…

No. 105748

That is the least sexy pose I have ever seen. It's like she was randomly caught touching herself while changing & tried to play it off as randumb.

No. 105750

I pity all these incels that follow her at this rate. At least we had proof that some of them won't subcribe again to this shitfest. She really is the most pathetic thot I've seen in a while. I wanna bet she won't do what she said and will end up not going to the mental hospital.

No. 105751

I think her “my Heath is better Now” comment is her way of sneaking out of doing any treatment

No. 105755

It is, she does it all the time as part of her attention cycle.

>Pretends to stumble into risqué behavior innocently due to abuse

>spirals while shirking off any real help or guidance & laughing at ppl who try to help
>hits rock bottom by herself & realizes she dun goof'd
>"moment of clarity" post where she promises to get help/treatment/reach out
>incognito mode while she finds a new simp to leech off of
>returns, "I'm all better now, guys! No need to change my behavior at all or get treatment, doctors all say I'm fine!"

She's gotta be BPD or something, because nobody else is addicted to self destruction and drama to this degree without some sort of mental or addiction factor.

Hell, maybe Venus is just addicted to attention? Addicted to making people worry over her & think she needs help, wants to be coddled and taken care of but DOES NOT want to be told to do or not to do anything.

No. 105757

you can see through the scribbles that she’s still wearing underwear, so it’s not even like she’s censored anything major lmao

No. 105760

my theory is that whenever she's drunk, she'll post something. then next morning she gets this unavoidable feeling of being trash and does on some kind of rampage. that's what alcoholics do.

No. 105761

she shaved her panties. nice

No. 105762

>is getting better
>frazzled as fuck hair

just stop bitch. youre desperate and its pathetic

No. 105763

Prime health advice from Dr. Beenus:
if you feel like shit, just shave your pussy

No. 105766

Sad how this is what she wants to look like but can't actually be in reality. Oh well, her simps don't care as long as their fap material is convincing enough.

No. 105772


Makes no sense. Children aren't the ones paying her on Only fans, adults are.

No. 105773


What nude picture? I haven't seen any nude pictures on her Instagram, if that's what u'r talking about.

No. 105777

>>after he seemingly took her back in for a bit (assuming she wasn't just using old photos).

"Assuming" being the operative word here! That is the thing though isn't it? It is all just assumptions, but people act like the assumptions are reality, and until anyone knows any actual truth, it might be wise to just wait and see.

No. 105783

Nta but I think they mean the boost in engagement her 200k follower account gets her (some of which being children) attracts more coomers that will pay for her OF by getting the images out there.

No. 105784

That's par for the course in any lolcow thread, anon. Tinfoil and assumptions until actual milk flows and either proves or disproves the theories.

No. 105785

I cant believe anyone would think masturbating with dirty ass chopsticks is sexy and a turn on. she's so disgusting!

No. 105786


I haven't used chopsticks in a very long time, but if ever I do now, I will think of that post. Oh well, good job I don't hate her I guess.

No. 105789

Get well soon Beeenus

No. 105790

Where tf is she doing that

No. 105792

File: 1595177727231.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1775, 20200719_105124.jpg.1a5e83f52b…)

her instagram

No. 105795


Since when does Venus not know how to apply false lashes?

Every time she posts it feels like a puppet posting for her, and the pics and captions keep getting weirder and more disconnected from anything that makes any sense.

Venus is falling further into the Uncanny Valley as a sex worker than she did as a "living doll", and it's starting to get very unsettling. These last few OF posts really do feel like someone is controlling her accounts, giving her really weird & bad advice or maybe both.

No. 105796

>masturbating with a chopstick
Jesus christ what how would that even feel good I am cringing myself inside out

No. 105797

I'm starting to think there's something developmentally stunted about Venus, like maybe if she went to public school she'd have been placed in thise special classes with the kids who masturbate in class and eat paste… because so far in her OF saga, nothing she's done OR said while trying to be sexy has actually been sexy. I can't tell if she's retarded, pretending to be retarded, or being puppeted by a retard without the first clue about female sexuality… or all three.

No. 105798

Can you anons stop complaining about her content not arousing you or being sexy to you when you're not even the people she is marketing towards, so obviously it won't appeal to you.

No. 105799

Food and bacteria aside, 99% sure even she's referring to actual chopsticks, not the cheap wooden shit you get from 99cent chinese food places in america.

No. 105800

It's not just about it not being sexy, it's about her "sexy" content being downright fucking cringey, creepy, and wtf on top of not being sexy. Atns not even in an edgy way, sex worker Venus is just…. sad and pitiful.

No. 105801

You'd be in big trouble if you were caught selling shitty US chopsticks in Japan. It's so culturally rude to rube the sticks together because they take pride in even throw away pairs. I'm with you on this one, anon. Chopsticks being used sexually or in hentais is a kink you don't see or hear about often, but it is a kink that does exist. Just another one for her check-list for guys to buy. She's pretty smart grabbing these niche ones and running with it. It's making her bucks and it's making anons insane lol

No. 105802

That's cool and all, but she's making money and people are genuinely buying her content too. Aside from the scrote no longer here and demanding praise for every post he refuses to post because we are "bitches", no one is leaking much either. Compared to how many people leak Moo's content, she's doing not bad.

No. 105803

Actually we know for sure that she lived at Manakis again for a while. She posted a semi-nude pic in which shes playing animal crossing New Horizons in her old room. As you probably know this game was released this year. So yeah.. it's proven that manaki let her live with him again for some time.

To adf, if you are interested:
She too posted around that time that they are good and are going to make a vid together, posted a pic from his car (by the looks of it, no proof this time) and someone said here that this dude (sora the troll or smth?) said in a stream that shes married. (They probably, no proof, still are because where would she have her visa from and as far as I know you can't do sex work in Japan with working/education visas, but with spouse visa you can.

No. 105804


Yeah, Japan's cultural significance of chopsticks totally makes it ok to post in English on her IG for her western audience to visualize her shoving chopsticks up her muff.

What's with the bulk of Venus threads acting so brand new about everything?

No. 105805

Guys, she's just trying to get attention like always in a bad way. Or do you really believe that she masturbates with chopsticks? That's ridiculous.

No. 105806

She also hasn't been back there since she left again, and has since stated publicly that she was getting a divorce. What's your point? Wherever she is, she's obviously under someone's thumb.

No. 105807

You do know…that is an actual fetish in Japan..right?

No. 105808

It's been a month. If people can't get the hint that they are following an over 18+ girl's Instagram who has been vocal about doing sex work for over a month now can't handle this post, then that's too bad. Hearing anons want to baby her audience is so retarded. No one under 18 should even follow people over 18. Her page says /18. Pearl clutching is real here.

No. 105809

It's a fetish like more Japanese fetishes. Chopsticks specifically started as a torture type kink along with shibari usually. It's niche, but there is a crowd. The people who are into using utensils for teasing and foreplay will buy into this.

No. 105810

I do want to say though that I am wondering what will happen to the fans who sign up specifically for that one thing of content. Will they leave after a month or will they stay even if their kink isn't covered. She's doing a wide spectrum of stuff, so she isn't known for anything specifically. That is good and bad marketing at the same time because no consistency could be an issue with keeping subscriptions.

No. 105811

No one is leaking anything because there is nothing to leak. Didn't you read the thread? Her last post before that was the stream (leaked), her excuse (leaked) and her up date (leaked).
We don't want to see her naked, we just want the milk anyways. That's why we asked the anons that are subs to censor her spicy parts.

No. 105812


In the tv series Sugar Rush, (I have the dvd) they showed the main protoganist, 15yr old Kim, masturbating with an electric toothbrush, as though it was the most normal thing in the world for girls to do, and I was like, what? Does anyone really use them for that? Oh well it was made back in the noughties I guess, but point being, if electric toothbrushes can be used by girls for such practices, then I suppose chopsticks could be too, though I'm not sure exactly how, and I think it would hurt jabbing away with chopsticks, unless they jabbed carefully and gently maybe, but it's not something I would like to try, what is wrong with just using your own fingers? Or, if you must do it, something made specially for the purpose of female clitoral stimulation? I mean she goes to enough sex shops, at least according to what she has said before, so why use chopsticks? Or am I just taking it too literally, or missing a joke?

No. 105813

..The point of chopsticks is to pinch the clit and nipples, possible earlobe and tongue pinching. You anons need to look stuff up before assuming something about certain kinks and items used in kink situations. She will probably have a dress lifted up with chopsticks too.

No. 105814

yea as far as we know she hasn't been there for about 1/2(?) months now. That's right but the anon i tagged claimed that we don't know if he took her in again after she left Ken. That's what i was answering to. I think too, that she lives with pimp -san now after that pic where hes seen as refelction in the Tv wearing underwear.

Her public statement that shes getting divorced was one year ago tho and she told this youtuber in the beginning of this year that shes still married. So what's your point? Mine was answering someone who didn't now that she still had connections with Manaki.

No. 105818

Must have made a bomb in sympathetic simp bucks when she announced she's going into a mental hospital soon, so now she's miraculously "improving" already. Venus really is a pathetic and insufferable cunt.

No. 105822

Don't cut yourself on that edge, Penus.

No. 105823

oh honey… no…..

No. 105826

Kinda makes it seem like it was just an excuse for not posting so her simps stop being upset. She posted the mental hospital thing shortly after her subs started to complain about the lack of posts.
Or her mental health declined because she didn't post and therefore didn't get validation.
Let's see what happens in 2 weeks.I'm curious.

No. 105839

You can see more in this picture than any other picture (she’s pulling the panties up and they basically wedge inside her outer labia, so you can see that completely).

No. 105843

I'm voting for the former, personally.

No. 105851

venus lost like 2000 insta followers since the last two posts. I can only imagine it going far below if she continues this road.

No. 105856

Nta but no thanks anon kek. Some of us prefer not to be ~knowledgeable~ about fetishes, let alone one that autistic.

No. 105864

For every follower she loses on Instagram is another paying cuck gained on OnlyFans. She's gone beyond caring about her Fangelics now and majority of the latest comments are that of disappointment. Venus continues to come out with vulgar shit and thinks she's comical when really it's just embarrassing. Even more hardcore thots keep that shit off Instagram because it's not the place for it.

Curious to see how this "mental hospital" story works out. The simps sure ate it up but her other social media followers don't have the energy left to pity her these days.

No. 105865


NTA but you severely overuse the word "autistic", can you pick a different word? It just sounds so weird in every context you use it. Fetishes are not autistic.

No. 105866

by that logic she would have made 2000 OF followers? kek. tell me if i'm correct, i'm genuinely curious.

Also, i won't be cowtipping in any way, this is only a question but isn't sexual related content on insta against their policy? i'd be careful if I were her but at this point she seems too ill to think properly.

No. 105868

There are worst things than picking boby parts with some chopsticks for kink.

But Venus really wrote it down in a totally unsexy unclassy way, i get why anons and the people in her insta got the image she would actually shove them up into herself.

No. 105871

She was nearing 1,500 subscribers when she was first starting out in OF as she posted about getting to 2k. That's definitely tripled since then I'm sure.

As for Instagram, they're hit and miss with sexual content. Occasionally they cleanse their platform of trash and that's about it. Which is probably why Venus is carrying on this way on there because 90% of the time they don't give a shit.

No. 105873

no guys, you can't see how many followers someone has on OF.so who knows maybe she has only 500 but she is lying about having more to show herself more "successful"

No. 105874

NTA but jesus fucking christ just stop

No. 105877

You can but you have the option to hide it from public.

No. 105887

somehow i can't believe she has 2k followers. There were like 30 people watching her last stream… but then again her stream time is awfully unscheduled with her fans most of them westerners. hard to tell.

No. 105888

I don't think you guys realize just how dormant most simps are. Majority don't interact outside of liking and even then you can get like 15% of your following throwing likes out. Most of them just wait for updates and, if they can and are able to get scripting software that isn't blocked on OnlyFans and other sites like this to work, they archive because of some creepy obsession that they have to horde all these photos and videos.

No. 105889

Her last non-generic Instagram caption/seems like veenus was from about 24 days ago. The next ones are all generic, and now we have pivoted to weird where a sexual reference is shoehorned into any normal statement:


No. 105892

For the someone else posting theory, this is a German girl who worked as a model in Korea. Her agency ran her Instagram account and posted as her with generic captions. Video is "Why I stopped modelling" where she talks about it.


No. 105893

This is a very good description of how lurkers and simps act. They behave more like one filming a wildlife documentary than a fellow human.

No. 105896

No please! Not this again. Don‘t you think it’s time to accept there is no big bad guy who controls and abuses her? It‘s all coming from her crazy sick head.

No. 105897

File: 1595233497875.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

>the horrible reactions and generally making things worse when I post has been a real turn off, it's actually making me sympathetic towards Venus??
Don't fall for that trap, anon. I made the mistake of feeling bad for her when she finally escaped her mother and got real about her illegal weight loss surgery. I thought we finally got to see a genuine person come out of her shell, and I liked that person. Then she deleted all the videos that made her relatable, left her visa marriage, kept treating her friends like crap until they all left her, started suicide baiting her porno streams, and generally kept repeating the same old cowish behaviors as always.

If you want to feel sorry for a grown woman whose insane mother absolutely ruined her, that's understandable. But don't think feeling sorry for her will help her become a better person. I hope she gets help too, but I'm not naive enough to think this time will be any different from the million other chances she's thrown away.

How are farmers "making things worse" though haha

No. 105900

File: 1595239148150.jpeg (463.72 KB, 1101x2300, FB2057F1-1FB4-4AD8-B90C-2A3D33…)

I was scrolling through her OF pictures and one of them is a screenshot from her end that shows her message count etc. The rest of the pictures from this set are just regular pictures, but then there is this one that is her screenshot.

Doesn’t really reveal anything but is sloppy I guess?

No. 105908

This is starting to get really weird ngl, the sexual jokes posted on her insta are too much out of touch + the slap from her japanese pimp/bf on her random livestream was quite troubling to say the least, but I guess that's how sex workers work kek

No. 105911

I never was on OF si idk if it's different there, but the amount of messages normaly doesn't give a clue about the amount of people who wrote her. On whatsapp/Discord etc you could get 6 messages from one Person and it will count as 6 messages, not 6 different chats. I wouldn't be surprised if some of her simps or people who tips her wrote multiple messages instead of one long one.
We don't know how often she checks them too and if she answers everyone or just the ones that tipped her.
She has around 10k active followers on insta (people who like her pics) and i really doubt 20% of them are subscribed to her OF. Her youtube channel is basicaly dead since ages and i guess the people who like and comment there are mostly the same as the ones that follow her insta. She probably had more subs in the beginning, but her posts got less and this month she posted, what? 1 Pic? I bet some already unsubsribed or are about to.

No. 105916

It's counts per account and she replies to everyone even if they don't tip.

No. 105920

but it's not so much that I'm falling for her BS,I mean I can identify that easily

Just being on the onlyfans site and seeing the stuff that really happened, compared to what is reported or imagined here and when I post a pic or comments here it just feeds the fire of tinfoiling and ridiculous nitpicking.

Like most people here I miss how the threads used to be

No. 105921

I mean there is literally a guy making the themes and taking all the photos. Venus normally gives up any new project after a week, so even the fact this has gone on for months proves it is being managed by someone else.

I think if you wanna whiteknight for anyone, don't choose a random pimp. Kinda embarrassing for you to be out here stanning a pimp.

You can be critical of Venus while still accepting the situation is very weird, there is an unseen man involved, and their interactions seem very odd and unhealthy. She also recently had an unexplained bruise and black eye on her face.

No. 105923

But but it's so empowering and is such a confidence booster with how creative sex work can be anon!

No. 105924

Ayrt this is the first time I've posted in this thread. The only thing more autistic than shoving chopsticks up your vagina is your blind assertion you somehow know individual anons.

I can't tell if she's just being sloppy or this is some kind of meta joke nobody understands.

No. 105926

its reasons like this that I dont get why anons flip out at lack of engagement. They normally dont engage. The ones that do are hoping to be recognized and pampered for their support. She has lots of subs, just deal with it. Lack of comments or likes mean nothing in SW.

No. 105928

Not really.

Smart ones are never face out, they advertise independently on reputable platforms, and once they fill their bag they leave the business for good. They never share their income with a pimp, manager bf or whatever you name it.

No. 105929

She could have stayed under the radar but she chose to plaster her nudes all over the internet. There’s no going back from internet nudes.
June is face out doing porn, but at least she’s signed with a company and probably making big bucks steadily.
Or Venus could have become an escort and stash her cash quietly. Look at those escort girls on tag for instance, at least a couple of them make enough cash to flaunt their loubs and designer clothes. They never show their face and don’t get involved in drama like Venus.
She could have done the same. But our beloved Venus had to add a couple of other mistakes to her track record.

No. 105934

>>The only thing more autistic than shoving chopsticks up your vagina

Well I had to laugh at all the autists over on pull all totally mystified how she could insert chopsticks into her vagina, when really, if she actually does it at all, she probably just teases her clitoris with them. Has no one thought of that?

I'm guessing it's a Japan thing, probably occurs in hentai or something, that is her influences after all and where she gets most of her ideas from it seems.

No. 105935

Can't believe anons itt are splitting hairs about whether she's shoving the chopsticks inside herself or just picking at her labia with them.

Like trying to separate the corn kernels out of a heaping pile of horseshit. Just stop, lmao. This is pathetic and would get anyone laughed at regardless of how she's using them down there, period. What's next? Sporking? Lmao.

No. 105947

File: 1595285000509.jpeg (270.4 KB, 1235x1256, 11A71744-9846-420F-B189-58FF92…)

>>Or Venus could have become an escort
You keep forgetting what she looks like irl. Here she is playing at being a bar “hostess” for a video. With that face the only ‘clients’ she could pull in would be the oldest, creepiest, nastiest and cheapest bottom of the barrel guys. Online porn is really the only feasible SW she could pull off.

Also in-person escorting would require her to (at least) shower, wash her hair and put on clean clothes regularly, which is too much effort for Wenus.

No. 105949

No one cares if you think she is ugly. You anons have got to get over that her appeal isn't meant for you. Holy shit. Have you not seen the slags who are escorts aside from the top 10 advertised on sites or some shit?

No. 105951

She certainly was a escort of some description given when her supposed Paters profile came to light & the mystery men in her life while flaunting her luxurious accessories. Then somewhere down the line she thought completely showing the Internet her vagina without a professional agency nor management to represent her was the answer to all of her problems. Now she's going down shady lane and a mental health spiral. Venus is absolutely clueless.

No. 105953

>>flaunting her luxurious accessories.
That just proves my point. A successful escort/SB flaunts big-ticket items. All Wenus had to show was a sad drab LV scarf and a tiny cloth Coach bag- more like a wallet actually. I’m not saying she couldn’t be an escort, I’m saying she obviously wasn’t a successful one. No guy is gonna pay big $$ for a greasy bedraggled hobo-looking specimen like her.

No. 105958


I'm still impressed that people actually think this was anything other than another cringey attempt at sounding sexy. She doesn't know her asshole from her elbow.

P.S. I laugh every time I read the OP note about thirsty OF freebie chasers fucking up the post limit, as though that's what's doing it.

No. 105959

There was another pic of this video up in the thread. what video was it? It's on her yt?

I can't but cringe when "pretty" foreigners in japan end up taking the kyara/escort path. It's such a humiliation. way to say you've gave up on finding a real job or settled for the lazy "carrier options in japan for foreigners are limited" just because you can't bring yourself to study japanese further than mediocre conversational level.

No. 105960

Oh she definitely wasn't a successful one at that and probably pissed that she didn't get to live the lifestyle she wanted, so she turned to OnlyFans in the worst possible way. Successful escorts and sex workers have their own homes, finances sorted and market their name the right way. Venus doesn't have shit and still hops from one accommodation to the next when she's not in a generic love hotel having photos taken by her "manager". Making simp bucks and not even using it properly, what a surprise.

No. 105968

Nta but no1curr you think she could be a muh successful escort kek. Anons think there's evidence to to the contrary >>105953 >>105960 and I'm inclined to agree.

>Have you not seen the slags who are escorts aside from the top 10 advertised on sites or some shit?

Soz anon your escort knowledge far surpasses ours, I will bow to your obvious superiority kek.

No. 105969

Ah, yes, if Margo could pick up johns, why Venus couldn't?

It was titled Hostess for a Day, something like that.

IKR? coomers can't integrate for shit.

No. 105974

>> flaunting her luxury accessories
You mean that Venus was flaunting that one crappy LH scarf and cheap Coach bag kek. That’s all she could score with the greasy hair. The successful escorts I see on Twitter and tag have expensive lingerie, wear loubotins and designer stuff.

No. 105978

she doesnt even appeal to herself with all that filter bullshit

No. 105980

File: 1595303883968.jpg (85.36 KB, 1080x829, 20200721_115539.jpg)

Venus made a new ig account @venusdemonic
Likely for her 18+ pics.
Starting to think that the hospital thing is nothing but an excuse…

No. 105984

File: 1595305834785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 792.68 KB, 810x2018, Screenshot_20200721-122930_Ins…)

New ig update

No. 105985

Venus? Hospital baiting? How could she??
Kind off a better solution, not like this will stop the comments, but at least she can delete the entire account whenever she decides to not be pimped by fatty-kun anymore.

No. 105986

“Waaaahhhh! People being mean to me for flashing my pussy at unsuspecting teen fans who subscribed to me for cute content! It’s not like I could have given a warning beforehand and made a proper new account to separate my childhood photos from my cum dumpster self-proclamations!“

Well, it’s about time, bimbo. You could have saved yourself the time and stress if you just listened to the first hundred people who said you should separate content for those who did not consent to seeing your butthole.

No. 105989

File: 1595308798289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1078x2062, Screenshot_20200720-221913_Ins…)

venus new post in her2nd instagram

No. 105992

Always the fucking victim.

Just like you said, she could have separated the content right away when starting OF. But she refused to do that, in order to get as many pedos/simps onto her OF as possible and debuting her sex work with that pandering pic. Only now, AFTER she got what she wanted from OF, is she separating content, and on top of being a greedy fucking sociopathic bitch, is ONCE AGAIN, playing the victim. Piece of shit.

No. 105993

Despite being underweight, she still shoops her body/waist/hips smaller. Messed up

No. 105994

What did this dumb bitch expect when posting her thot content to a mostly underaged fanbase who followed her originally for her weeb living doll in Japan content? It would have saved her alot of grief if she had just done this in the first place. What a moron.

No. 105995

This is logic the parents are using against Adult Swim, lol. She says 18+ and parents should minitor. Instagram vs the search engine they have access too should be a bigger concern. Actual porn is on instagram, anon. stop babying her fans. Most are your ages, just there to bitch the same repeated things in here. We already know we have a cowtipper too.

No. 105996

She wanted all the advertising. We're talking about a woman who had no qualms in USING the sexual abuse of a child to aggrandize herself. She knew what she was doing. She just didn't care. And now she puts on the poor bullied victim act and shifts blame onto her audience, as she always has to blame someone else for her greed and short-comings

No. 105998

I hope she gets the same comments there, salty bitch with her trashy nails and weird stubby fingers that she keeps showing off.

I can’t wait for another week to pass and the mental hospital is never mentioned again, lol.

No. 106000

Trashy hostess nails. Given how unhygienic she is I can see bacteria and yeast growing in between the tiny cracks. Yikes

No. 106003

Sage for OT but did yall hear about PULL shutting down?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106005

It's probably her attempt at flexing

No. 106006

can some one post pics or proof that she had a Paters profile. every talks about it like it's a fact . but nobody post proof

No. 106009

Tbh the way Peter talks and tries to dig for info, I'm certain it's our local cowtipper simp who keeps in contact with Margo and shit. Why focus on one specific poster too when she has other repeat commentators? It's always some unsaged anon mentioning it too.

No. 106010

still posing in a generic love hotel making ugly edits on her face i see.

can't stop but thinking she's using the meme wrong. it's a cringe thing to attribute it to yourself.

ew what's with the residues close to her cuticles? hope she didn't pay more than 3000 yen for this. even the stones are glued on wonky

No. 106011

File: 1595313570179.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x2436, 629F34AE-9444-4169-A7A2-E149FF…)

No. 106012

She keeps failing sooo badly It's frustrating. The shitty nail polish, the freaking uncanny face expression. holy shit anons.

No. 106013

Jeeeesus Christ does she think this is attractive?!
Those grown out gel toenails are staring into my soul
And that skinny fat shapeless bod

No. 106014

It was posted in previous threads, the sugaring edition one or around there

No. 106015

No. 106016

She went with a fake name and nationality? oh honey…

No. 106017

If she's going to smooth her frumpy legs and face into oblivion, she should really smooth her crusty, wrinkly looking toes too. Just looks weird to leave them out

No. 106018

Feel like I'm gonna throw up

No. 106019

Why are you editing these over?? Not a simp, but you realize it fucks with the whole point of milk, right?

No. 106020

I don't feel comfortable posting more than that. Sorry, anon!

No. 106021

what's pater? looks like tinder to me, why's everyone saying it's for escorting?

No. 106022

thank you

No. 106023

how many subs do you think she'll get on this one?

No. 106024

well, just search paters and google translate anything about it https://jsbs2012.jp/matchingapp/review/paters.html

its an app for finding a sugar daddy lol

No. 106025

Can we stop with the conspiracies and just deal with the facts? This could be anybody, anon. Wtf Even an alias.

You have to be 18 to post here, anon.

No. 106027

i don't think it's a conspiracy. looks like her legit profile, this is the way she'd write in japanese and she was posting luxurious dinners on her insta at some point, hanging in random hotels and got the branded purse and scarf too. Also the ken story. anyways, it was pretty much proven she had a sugar daddy phase.

No. 106028

ok, but the main profile picture on the paters account was one she never posted unedited publicly…the only version of that photo she ever posted was an instastory with text scribbled across her face, so no one had the original. except venus, obviously. the paters shit is all fucking old news, it was clearly her. not like such an app would be below her anyway

No. 106031

ugh those look tacky as fuck

No. 106032

You’re dumb as Hell. It’s as >>106028 wrote. The profile contained unedited versions of photos that ONLY Venus would have because they were never posted anywhere in that form.

Where else do you think she got her money when she split from Manaki? Certainly not from a dead channel and not from a normal 9-5 job that she thought she was too good for. Use common sense.

No. 106033


>I'm closing the comments because y'all can't behave

>Here a new pic, let's try opening the comments

The internet addiction bites hard.

No. 106038

she will forever take shitty angles

lmao people have wanted her to make a separate account since the beginning, she can stop playing the victim

No. 106040

it's just the one, the same one, feet to camera/head far away, every single time - there must be some reason, something about what it hides, her scars i dunno

No. 106046

She’s copying the weird hentai angles anon because she’s pandering to Japanese male fantasy. Plenty of gravure idols and sex workers pose in these weird angles in Japan. Besides that your average Japanese girl has a skinny fat body, very slim but with some belly pooch. Conventional poses look very unflattering for this body type, which Venus also has thanks to butchering surgery and a shit diet.

No. 106048

idk if shes pandering to japanese guys…..her fanbase is mainly weebs

No. 106051

Her fans are as idiotic as here, they don't need babying. But when you're choosing to be thot and market your OF content on your normal social media thinking it's "okay" then that's a problem. This is the same fanbase she's had for years and ate up her living doll gimic & continue to idolise her until now. It made her lose followers and every post now is full of same predictable comments. Now she's playing victim because of the "haaaaters" against her being a hoe and it's all her fault she fucked up.

No. 106053

can we get example pics to show us why these angles are actually "pretty japanese"? tbh i think her photographer is just an amateur and a shitty one on top of that. Never seen this much exaggerated angles in any ero or idol magazines and elsewhere

No. 106054

And weebs want their weirdly posing, ana-chaned foot fetished porn. That's the joke, they consume whatever Japan has to offer.
Sage because OT

No. 106055


::sigh:: Here we go again…

Anyway, granted, her outfit leaves a lot to be desired here, not exactly appealing, but her hair and face looks fine. She looks pretty.
I would've liked to see more from that event, but I'm guessing she got drunk and so maybe it was too cringey to publicise or something?

No. 106058

We get it, you buy her content, doesn't change that she looks rough as hell without all the filtering and photoshop.

It wasn't a large event from my understanding.

No. 106059

>>We get it, you buy her content,

Um, no, I don't. Just seeing a picture and thinking the girl in it has a pretty face does not mean I feel the need to sign up to their Only Fans. And I'm a female anyway and not gay, so I'm not interested in that, just tired of seeing someone post a picture as "proof" that a girl is ugly, when it proves only that she looks pretty, which in turn proves that beauty is subjective and what one person thinks looks nice, someone else doesn't. And really, so what? It doesn't matter, ppl like different looks, that's all.
Anyway, I wonder how long she will keep both IG accounts going? Seeing as how she can't seem to stick to anything for long.

No. 106061

Venus panders to overseas weebs who watch her because they think Japanese people give a shit about her, just for being there and speaking good-enough Japanese. They help Venus complete the fantasy as she LARPs as a tormented Japanese schoolgirl-turned-sexworker.

No. 106063

This. Venus used to say bra shopping was shameful & she'd never date, yet without any discrepancy she went right to whoring out for money using the same persona. Not even just nudes- trashy, fetish pandering, low quality content that looks more creepy and awkward than sexy.

No. 106068

you think people buy her shit because they think japanese peope like her?

what weird delusions do you suffer from?

is that something you do? you like stuff based on wheter or not you beleive other people like it? thats fucking pathetic

No. 106071

Marvelous lack of reading comprehension, but go on being so personally upset by something so trivial.

No. 106080

I don't really find Venus fugly, but the stark contrast that she creates by editing her photos so much just makes her incredibly bland and maybe somewhat below average in unedited shots. Being in her twenties she could look a lot more youthful, but the botched surgery and her terrible eating / drinking habits and probably psychological problems did age her prematurely.

I guess she would get clients, but not the ones she wants. kek
Also, her laziness and inability to organize her life definitely would get in the way.

No. 106081

There’s always a sheep who bleats “well I think she looks PRETTY!” as if saying it often enough makes it true. Guess what, it doesn’t. People can judge her unedited pics for themselves, your highly invested protestations can’t make your fantasy come true. She’s aging like milk and is the spitting image of her mommy.

No. 106082

>> the botched surgery and her terrible eating / drinking habits and probably psychological problems did age her prematurely.
Don’t forget those unfortunate margo genes.

No. 106083

Did venus just delete her new @venusdemonic Instagram?

No. 106084

Yeah I think so

No. 106085

Seems like it. Just wanted to ask the same question.
First time she made a good decision for her mental health (with restricting comments) and she doesn't even keep it up one day, lol.

No. 106086

Maybe Pimp-San didn't appreciate such a good decision

>but the 12 year old fans! They must see the sexual content!

No. 106087

Tbh it was my assumption that she made the second account bc she literally lost more than 3k followers last night alone. Making new accounts whenever she lost subs was her problem solving nr 1 with youtube too. She propably expected more people to follow the new one.

No. 106096

File: 1595362605698.jpg (23.38 KB, 948x381, MxUkB58.jpg)

Yeah she did lol

No. 106097

$5 says PULL users went crazy and mass reported her new one because she followed their criticism about protecting all these imagined kids they were crying about previously.

Because they couldn't complain about that anymore.

No. 106100

File: 1595364335383.jpg (Spoiler Image, 678.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200721-214336_Chr…)

PULL is actually gone now
Sage cuz OT

No. 106102

Nah,she probably deleted it herself. Reporting on Instagram does nothing unless there is boobs or vegana fully exposed.
Venus is impulsive. It wouldn't be the first time she created a new profile and deleted or abandons it a short time later.

No. 106104

Agreed to 2. Even if they would delete it for that one pic it wouldn't be that fast lol. She deleted it herself.

No. 106106

The way Venus wrote That long ass complain then she added «  here pic of my nails » is kinda aggressive, kinda makes me believe she was in crisis

Probably the comments from the other account said you should not listen to haters and got mad that she shouldn’t
Like we should be grateful she post
I think in her mind she is like idol(ESL)

No. 106128

Why the fuck did she delete her second Instagram account?? Didn't get to have the majority of her Onlyfans creeps to follow it or something? Sad bubu beenus,better stick to posting on your main again.

No. 106129

Both June and Venus know well enough to work at a company though. June worked an office job in Japan for a few years. Are you forgetting about the wor culture there? Even Japanese girls do prostitution for this reason. Also, being a white girl in Japan you can make big money doing hostessing/escort/sugardating. If you're going to do that anyway, why not move to a country where you are more wanted.

No. 106130

>Both June and Venus know well enough to work at a company though

No. 106132

I meant to say they know Japanese well enough to work at a company.

No. 106135


hello, earth to anon? knowing the language is not enough to be employed somewhere lol.

No. 106137

It’s likely she just disabled the account rather than delete it

No. 106142

What are you talking about? Venus never worked a single day in her whole life.

No. 106144

This. Venus is so predictable and can't focus on multiple things or new ideas she has to follow through with. Her newest IG is another example of it.

No. 106149


Sometimes it is tho lol. Japanese companies are stupid and will sometimes employ women for their looks despite not being able to do shit cause they're under the impression that they can train and mold the person into an "ideal employee"

No. 106159

Absolutely. She once wrote an email to margo where she said she was on the likes of someone as successful as Trump, special, eccentric, creative or whatever wording she used, while bashing Mana as someone generic, reserved, copying her etc. She totally thinks she's all that. Remember, she's too good and creative to work a real job like all the rest of us filthy plebs. She needs to show her boobs because that's so creative. /sarc

I don't feel too bad because there are other sites for a large majority of the people discussed there that former fans will eventually find if they need to. The only one missing that bothers me is that Mikan Mandarin thread. There's barely any mention of her on lolcow and she has strong PR with her deluded fanbase. There was so much good information there, exposing her for the fake bitch she is and all the shit she's done. Shame the Elon Musk thread is gone too lmao.

No. 106160

It's just that one anon who constantly whines about the thread, rehashing the "she's so pretty here we go again" crap. She's not pretty. She's average to slightly above average at best. Her unedited features look rather plain, her wide jaw being the most "unique" aspect about her. She also looks rough for her age, with some unfortunate body proportions. That anon can personally think she's pretty and ignore she aged like milk (as there always will be some who do), but constantly rehashing and complaining that most anons don't find her gorgeous on a GOSSIP site meant for criticism is ridiculous.

No. 106167

no, i read that perfectly fine. if you meant something else then you are too dumb to express yourself properly.

you unambiguosly wrote:

"Venus panders to overseas weebs who watch her because they think Japanese people give a shit about her"

actually delusional

No. 106171

I can understand why Venus is attractive to certain crowds. Some people don’t have high standards or expectations for themselves or others. Venus has decent facial features and she’s not overweight, but she doesn’t have anything else beyond that. She lacks other attractive features like confidence, intelligence, fitness etc. Even though she’s not ugly, Venus just doesn’t have the exceptional beauty that offsets her lack of positive traits.

No. 106192

Maybe the beleif is that if a trainwreck like V can squat out a living in grorious nippon as a halfass sexworker, any unwashed weeb can do it?

No. 106197

I think she deleted her venusdemonic account because she knows her autistic posing and tryhard sexiness will only attract a small portion of her fans/simps. By posting her OF crap on her main account she can pretend her “work” is popular and rely on her simps/batshit fangelics to defend her. Its not even the minors in her page issue, its just a majority of her fans dont want to see her OF crap.
She did the exact same thing with that cringy Malice thing. Bitch is impulsive and dumb as fuck.
When did she say shes going to the loony bin? next week?

No. 106199


wtf how could all of this happen in literally ONE (1) day?

No. 106203


Gawd, hope they don't all turn up over here, whining about 'minors' on Venus' IG and derailing with all their pearl clutchy moral crusading. Wonder why Pull went down anyway? I know there was some sort of petition going online to get them closed down cos of bullying or something, but wouldn't that also apply to any gossip forum like here and Kiwi farms too?(take it to PULL thread in /ot/)

No. 106209

Entropy increases.

No. 106221

For some reasons I wonder if the end of Pull will affect Venus’ “career” in a negative way.

No. 106232

I think all the Japan cows will fall off now, all PULL was basically just a club for wannabe Mean Girls to pick apart other mean girls who are prettier/happier/more successful/whatever they wish they were. PULL 2.0's creation was a mistake.

No. 106237

Are you implying Venus is pretty, happy and successful?

No. 106243

Im sure she has times where she feels that way at least. I highly doubt she's feeling miserable 24/7 and actually feels confident in sex work. Some of her videos and stuff show it and she's still new to it all so not like she won't be awkward. Lolita modeling is nothing like cam or thot modeling but she's been getting better and most of her poses are actions are 1:1 taken from manga in their POV type of drawing style when you see a girl on the page in a hentai. Those are always warped angles and contort the body weird. But she keeps having episodes and I have to agree, I think someone is lashing out behind the scenes. I think the divorce didn't go through because she hadn't been a resident long enough in Japan for permanent residency without an actual job through the country. The manageror whatever might be why now she's able to leave manaki because she can claim this her business. It explains the LLC that was filed too.

No. 106269

It will affect negatively this thread that was already getting worse

No. 106287

Venus stalked PULL, here, and KF. With PULL gone, she’ll just bring her attention here; dont think she cares about KF

No. 106295

Look at this Video !!!! They are exposing Venus Angelic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106297

I'm implying some of her young, dumb, naive followers beleive that/anything she says or posts.

No. 106298

Pathetic people. Also clearly a self-post.

No. 106300

Who the fuck is that dude in the middle? Is he supposed to be the pimp?

No. 106301

No. It's a dude that got angry that Venus blocked him so they made a video about her.

No. 106302

Bunch of Turkish kids self posting

No. 106312

Try to use reason before going on a tinfoiling sperg.. if you check the channel you’ll see that it’s just some irrelevant Turkish girl.

No. 106318

It was an honest question tho. I don't even know about Venus blocking some rando.

No. 106354

again use your brain. we wouldnt know about venus blocking people because no one has spoken out about it

No. 106360

Aren’t here also the same except that cow could went too far as they can. Lolcow is much more cruel and brutal af, they don’t talk about morals here and you’ll only get called as “moralfag” if you do. The only reason you’ll get banned is that if you’re out of topic.

No. 106362


In English?

No. 106367

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it here anyway. Just someone talking about her OF.

(Saged cos not sure if it's relevant.)

No. 106371

Kill your fucking self immediately. Today

No. 106372

Do you guys ever imagine what people who post here look like? It's actually pretty funny to think about

No. 106376


Why? For posting a video that I found on Youtube that is relevant to the person who this thread is about? I couldn't find it here so I posted it. What is your problem about that? At least it is posting content, not telling strangers to kill themself when they've done nothing to deserve it. You kill yourself, now, because you sound like a nasty piece of work that the world would be a better place without! Now go off on one about it, because people who like to dish it out usually can't take it when they get some of it thrown right back at them!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106377

Good copy pasta material

No. 106378

Sometimes, kek. I think there are a couple of anons who share similar features with Venus who get offended every time we call her ugly. Or anons who are ana chans themselves who find the skinny fat aesthetic attractive.
I couldn’t care less if Venus wasn’t a cow, her unattractiveness stands out to me simply because of her manipulative personality.

No. 106382

Long ago, there was once a selfpost/rating threat in /ot/.

It went about as you'd expect. Sage for offtopic.

No. 106399

The thing is, Venus would stand out more if:

she wasn't of course editing her face to oblivion (take notes, a simple dark circles editor is fine, a complete touch up of your features is wrong. making habits of showing your true features does wonders); be more sincere, have confidence; stop wanting to look asian; take care of your body (less drinking, good diet, not even workout, a simple yoga/meditation does the trick, skin routine); you know what, pardon me for being a shit, but smiling once in a while in pictures would look nice, especially coming from a sex worker, you're supposed to be selling joy at some point right?

her menhara personality is the reason why she's going down.

No. 106401

then they have no self confidence just like venus, otherwise she would filter herself to look half nipponese

No. 106515


Kindly shut the fuck up.

No. 106540


You are sick. Spend some time off of the internet and learn to be a normal human. Does anyone like you? If they do; would they still like you if they saw what you do on the internet? Also, that was a really dumb reason to escalate like that haha

On topic: Venus posted a few pictures on OF today… one of them complaining about leaks. She says she has taken some videos this week but isn’t sure about posting bc or leaks.

No. 106544

Whatever you say miss smarty-pants. :P(:P)

No. 106547

Why would you even say that?

No. 106548

Lmao calm down. It’s never that serious.

No. 106550

What a change of hearts. Not long ago she said she doesn't care about leaks because she "does it for fun and not for the money".
She could anger some fans with that. They pay her for pics and they surely wont accept that she doesn't post because of potential leaks.

No. 106553

I don't think Venus cares about leaks as lkng as she get attention, but Manager-Pimp-san would.

Also, her "Don't worry about me bc i lpve playing the victim, don't believe me" thing is starting to feel weird since she went from being online 24/7 to barely posting agter that + the on camera slap and bruise. Her June collab with June mever happened & June isn't speaking about it, but maybe Venus dropped out bc Manager-Pimp-san didn't want anyone else having control over Venus's SW money?

Dumb, young, vulnerable woman in a foreign country + sex work + needs a place to stay + no family/friends = predator bait

No. 106554

File: 1595587793144.jpeg (82.76 KB, 948x473, 18967628.jpeg)

Yeah, because hookers are known for always being 10/10.

No. 106555


Good Lord. where was that taken? Do hookers usually stand around like that in the streets in full view of everyone, or were they being rounded up by the police? Sorry, but I thought it was meant to be illegal. Not something I know anything about really.

No. 106557

It's "illegal" but like selling drugs, until someone actually ptrades drugs for $ all you're doing is talking. It's not illegal to stand a corner, get in a car or drive off with someone, but if you go off with a cop & take his $ or a John reports you to a cop you get busted. Otherwise, it's basically out in the open like that in shittier areas.

No. 106560

Shouldn't she be wearing furs and black leather boots? then this song would make sense. Has some only fans pictures at end i think.

Doesn't look like anything new to talk about right now.

The venusdemonic instagram link still doesn't work, If she's not going to be using it after all then why just leave the link up on her main instagram? Perhaps she just deleted that first picture but intends to put more up later? Whatever, it seems a bit sloppy to leave the link there when it doesn't go anywhere.

No. 106561

i think you will find that its in the nature of pictures not to show what something looks like irl.


songs just about sm in general; and since venus kept talking about how she enjoys sm, it apparently got the guy who made that video really fired up.

i guess some people fail to see that when she talks about sm and how she is into some really dark stuff, she means really tame softcore sm; stuff that most people would barely consider kinky

No. 106562

Isn't that one of her old Bodyline dresses? Is this an old video?

No. 106563

It's like, after being with Margo for so long and pushing this pure, virginal weeb image that she still kind of tried to push when she first got with Manaki- now she thinks she's going wild, but really all she's doing is fetish-hopping the tamest ones for views and looking posed and awkward while doing it.

She's definitely got a puppeteer working with her behind the scenes.

No. 106565


It's a new video, but includes an old video and new pictures at the end, some of which was posted in here from her onlyfans site.

No. 106569

shit's creepy af

No. 106574

Not to minimod but dear pulltards ITT: please learn to integrate. Stop taking other anons' insults and banter literally.

No. 106604

Why do so many anons here not read the thread?

Junes already revealed why the collab is on hold. It's because Venus allegedly checks in the mental hospital (this week or next).

The whole account was deleted, not the picture. So she surely won't use that anymore.

No. 106618

I doubt that was the original reason. Venus announced the collab with June on June 1st, and here it is going on August. Venus only posted that she was going to a mental hospital a few days ago.

More than likely, June's company simply didn't want to deal with Venus.

No. 106638

nta but it was inevitable that the Pulltards would come flocking here once their site shutdown. Here's to hoping that they wont shit up the thread too much with "omg y are you guys so mean sad face"

No. 106646


Why would anyone want to integrate here?

I get there is an established oldtard culture of being "edgy" by insulting others, but I can't imagine that persisting if younger people arrive.

No. 106650

not the anon you're replying to but I'm 20 and I don't have an issue with Lolcow culture. I'm sorry your website got taken down but come on now sis, this aint PULL. No one cares. If you hate the site so much, why are you here? Make your own site if it bothers you that much(derailing)

No. 106659

Pretty sure it's the latter lol. Imagine fearing for your reputation as a pornstar because of Venus. That's fucked up

No. 106668

As if those old japanese pedos, that June panders to, could google in english who this butchered alcoholic mess is. I think they just realized how unprofessional she is, or maybe they also belive the hospital thing.

No. 106685

i don't think june's company is even aware of Venus. They weren't going to shoot porn, they were gonna do a simple cosplay photoshoot. I don't think that this requires june to ask her company permission.

This takes me to another question. i don't believe Venus even has her own company yet? if she does then it maybe the pimp's one. If she's making up to 20K a month, i gotta say she isn't showing it off at all. I wonder if they cash out in the pimp's bank. Still not so sure about Venus's residency status in japan. if its just some kind of visa even a spouse one, maybe it wouldn't be so bright to cash out all the money in her bank account. they monitor this in japan because of how their tax system works, and your area public office or whatever you call it (yakusho) is at some point supposed to know where you're working because they deal with revenu. If she's not dealing with this money stuff carefully and if it isn't true that she's already a permanent resident, then she could face, maybe not deportation but other problems.

shut up anon.

No. 106688

If you google her name in katakana, there is some results. But also the surgery articles comes in the first page of google so i don't think that's very selling.

No. 106694

I doubt she is making 20k a month. She hardly gets 100 likes on her photos on Onlyfans. The most I have seen is almost 200 likes. I have friends who get 2000+ likes on each of their photos and post on OF. They make tons of money and tips. But Venus’s page doesn’t seem like it gets that much interaction. Barely any comment, tips or likes.(blog)

No. 106702

This is in Germany. Paying for sex is legal here, unfortunately. There's street prostitution and brothels everywhere.

No. 106703

really? are you the anon subscribed to her OF?

how much is her OF again, six dollars? if she has at least 2k subs than she's making in theory somewhere near $15 000 tips and menu purchases included right?

No. 106706


That's really surprising. I had no idea that sort of thing could openly go on in Germany. I thought maybe it was somewhere where it was maybe illegal but in one of the eastern european countries, don't know why I thought that, but surprising that it is so openly done in the street. Is it like that in other european countries? It wouldn't be allowed in the UK, and I'm sure America wouldn't allow it. I'm surprised at Germany, I thought that was one of the most civilised and law abiding and responsible countries on earth, where someone could go to and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that everything was right and proper and all the trains ran on time and rules had to be adherred to and just everything is very efficient, at least that is how I always hear it is in Germany, always sounds like an ideal place to be. So surprised.


I'm surprised to hear her OF is still going, seeing how inconsistent she is with everything else she starts and doesn't continue with, Makes me wonder if someone else is running it as she is maybe mentally incapable at the moment?

No. 106707

>>The whole account was deleted, not the picture. So she surely won't use that anymore.

Seems you're right. Why did she even bother making it in the first place? How long was it up? A couple of days? It looks so unprofessional and inconsistent. She has left the comment up unaltered on her nails picture explaining what she has done, started the new account and left the link there to it, but then deletes it and doesn't bother to explain anything or alter her comment on that nails picture. Is she trying to confuse her fans deliberately? Maybe she is just not thinking straight at the moment and losing track of what she is supposed to be doing. Or perhaps someone else wasn't happy with her having the venusdemonic account and deleted it?

No. 106711

Could it have been deleted by IG for any reason? Maybe she tried to buy a tkn kf fake followers and her account got banned?

No. 106712

You simps understand that porno companies are still businesses that hire and employ people who, no matter what they do, have to be reliable, punctual and at least somewhat professional? If Venus acts IRL in business meetings the way she does online when she doesn't get her way, then her current lifestyle makes a lot more sense. I wouldn't want to try to shoot porn with a grown ass woman who throws fits whenever she's pulled out of her smol Japanese loli schoolgirl headspace and told to act right.

No. 106713

If she stays offline during her supposed hospitalization yet her OF keeps updating, then I'd be… concerned.

No. 106715

She literally said that will happen>>105261
She's definetly being under someones direction. This lasted for too long, it's somehow organized and she didn't buy anything with her money.

No. 106722

>>she didn't buy anything with her money.

How would anyone know what she spends her money on though? I mean unless she comes out and says what she buys, how would we know?

No. 106725

I said that she doesn’t have that many followers as she said. It has to be at least 300 or 350 followers on her page but barley about 200 like her photos. I said my friends have 2000+ followers on their page not on Venus’s page.(ban evasion)

No. 106734

No. 106739


"Love her forever"!? Dedicated to her so shouldn't it say "Love you forever"? As if she'd even see it anyway.

No. 106765

File: 1595712738459.png (146.59 KB, 516x706, map.png)

Germany has a long tradition of social welfare and sexual tolerance (though the Nazis reversed some of that temporarily). Germans are generally pretty laid back about social deviancy so long as you do as your job and behave properly in professional settings.

>She says she has taken some videos this week but isn’t sure about posting bc of leaks.
Weird thing to even comment on, what's she gonna do, shut down her OF because some people make the content available for free? That's like shooting your cow because the cat drinks some of the milk.

No. 106775

It's a typical thot excuse to gain symp bucks from simps.

No. 106783

Venus said she was going to get help for mental health issues I guess she lied again for sympathy. I feel OF has totally corrupted her people should boycott her OF account until she really does get help for her meantal health.(newfaggotry)

No. 106787

It's going to update, she already said she was going to schedule posts (meaning, they post themselves) during her time off and a lot of her recent posts already look like this, so I expect that will continue.

We can't tell if she lied yet because the upcoming week is when she's scheduled to be admitted to the hospital, not now.

Venus admitted the Venusdemonic Instagram got deleted in her Instagram story, so it looks like it was mass reported after all.

No. 106795

Yea let's just boycott the entire internet, it is such an evil thing and corrupts people!! Lol what a muppet

No. 106802

there was a least another anon subcribed to her OF that said there was a post where she claims she's reaching 1500 subs, and that was at the begining of her OF.

No. 106803

she hasn't show any signs (except crappy nails) that she's buying anything. like no brand bags, no fancy dinners, no new apartment. (there was a picture of her with boxes in a new place at some point, but it looks more like she moved in with the pimp). anyways, sugar daddy episode venus was at least showing signs of little revenue.

maybe she does only have 350 subs like >>106725 said. kek that's about 2k~3k assuming the tips. that's what you make at a good part-time job.

No. 106808

File: 1595735265330.jpg (315.23 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20200726_124403.jpg)

here's the screenshot this anon didn't post.

why would insta bother about banning the new insta then let her post the same stuff on her main?

also, this doesn't have anything to do, but why aren't threads bumping even unsaged? am i the only one?

No. 106815

pretty sure actually releasing the content is a better way of making money and you are a moron for thinking that leaks aren't a major issue for most online sex workers.
so ye, you need to learn the differnce between reason and excuse.

here's an example, you talk shit, so i have reason to believe that you are a moron, thus i dont need an excuse when i write: stfu you incel moron.

No. 106817


On May 13th she said "OMG! We hit 1000 members! When I started out this OnlyFans I didn't even expect to reach 3 digits and now we're here! "

On May 24th she said "What "milestone content" would you like to see at 1500 followers? And at 2000?"

No. 106831

Same here, the thread is stuck on page 4 even though it has new replies…

Also, I think her other account was removed because it looked like spam - it had only one pic on it, and 3000 followers. Nothing to do with adult content, hence her main still being up.

No. 106846

Maybe farmhands put the thread on autosage because of the constant derailing and newfaggotry. This thread has been a bigger shitfest than usual lately.

No. 106852

I'm pretty pleased about this myself, would be even better if every new venus thread got locked too

No. 106858

considering the ratio of anons that follow the rules vs the anons that don't, then the anons that do are more frequent, thus i don't really mind if this thread is bumped. actually i don't mind any of them being bumped because of the margin for threads this site allows.

No. 106866

Unless she reads her thread on lolcow, then she might I suppose.

>>Germany has a long tradition of social welfare and sexual tolerance (though the Nazis reversed some of that temporarily). Germans are generally pretty laid back about social deviancy so long as you do as your job and behave properly in professional settings.

That's fair enough I suppose. I think Germany seems a very efficient and civilised country.

No. 106868

>>Venus said she was going to get help for mental health issues I guess she lied again for sympathy. I feel OF has totally corrupted her people should boycott her OF account until she really does get help for her meantal health.

No one can just come out and say "Get back to PULL" anymore, because now they can't! So it looks like lolcow might get inundated with former PULL users. Expect lot of talk about 'morals' etc.

>>Venus admitted the Venusdemonic Instagram got deleted in her Instagram story, so it looks like it was mass reported after all.

By whom though? (Apart from the rabid PULL users that is!) I mean what could anyone justifiably report it for? She only had one post on there, and that was nothing that anyone could complain about - apart from the aforementioned PULL users, but they don't count, I mean no normal person could find anything to report that one post for, it wouldn't make sense. Instagram would surely think why on earth would anyone want to report that? And what for? (I know PULL users would invent all kinds of 'moral' reasons, but let's be sensible and logical here for a moment.) I wonder if Venus herself decided to delete the account and just said that as an excuse, because there is no logical reason why anyone could have reported that one innocuous picture and get the whole account deleted and even if they did report it, I can't see that Instagram would have taken any notice of the nonsense, surely they would evaluate it and see there was no reason for anyone to report it. I think she might just have changed her mind, or maybe someone else connected to her, decided to delete it. Doesn't make much sense either way.

No. 106871

I think she deleted it herself and now she tries to blame it on others as always

No. 106872

Autosage, likely.

No. 106874

Venus deleted it herself when all her fans didn't migrate in the numbers she wanted, so she's gpnna keep banking on sexualizing the innocence of her Venus Angelic persona until it's fully ruined & she hits rock bottom with nothing.

Just like in her "favorite manga".

No. 106878

File: 1595773631797.jpg (552.46 KB, 1037x1477, Screenshot_20200726-222625_Ins…)

Instagram update.

No. 106879

Okay white knight, calm down we know you're upset by the slow pace of her releases.
Yep that's how it is.

No. 106881

That thread needed to be put on autosage as soon as it has begun to attract thirsty cheap scrotes. Since a lot of them are newfags unable to use the catalog, maybe it will discourage the most of them.
And with the aforementioned PULL close-up it was the right thing to do imo.
So, as an humble lurker who was tired of going through a tone of wk sperging to have some tiny drops of milk, thanks farmhands!

No. 106906

File: 1595785622050.jpeg (432.49 KB, 690x1228, 96662F9B-F0C8-4B66-A650-C10D5B…)

Apparently nobody cares, because she’s getting like 3 comments and a fifth of the likes on her recent pics.

Also, is she posting old pics, because that looks like her room at Manaki’s again…

No. 106913

>>106906 She supposedly gave that bear away in an art contest… more lies

No. 106915

She also deleted the original caption on the nails pic, she seems to be trying to backpeddle HARD

No. 106916

Recent three pics since her outburst are so jarring next to all the “lewd” crap she was spamming up until now…

Anyone who was there for the uwu kawaii shit is either long gone or doesn’t have as short a memory as she hopes. There are better kawaii instagrammers out there without the drama, who cares about this basic bitch anymore.

No. 106917

Has Venus ever actually socialised with Japanese girls? Because it seems that she mostly hung out with Western weebs or screwed around with Japanese men, but she never had any local friends.

No. 106932

It looks like a latergram to me. These are the curtains and the pink wall of her old room, isn't it?

Just Manaki's cousin I think.

No. 106934

She has it set so only the people she follows can comment on her post. By doing that it brought her engagements down and the photo doesn’t get push out to others as it would normally.

Also I think her lewd account was mass reported
It happens to other lewd models who really didn’t show anything too sexual but because so many people at one time report the accounts they instantly get the attention of Instagram and they will just take it down without really looking at the accounts. It was this huge problem that all the lewd models had not too long ago. Lots of pages got deleted because of the mass reports and many lewd models where about to give up.

No. 106951

Her instagram didn't get deleted, she removed it herself. She never wanted to make a second account, so she just created one for a day and made up the excuse that it didn't work (aww not her fault), and there's no reason for her to have a second account for her lewds.
The perfect excuse for her laziness. Soon she will do posts on her main saying she misses posting lewds on insta, and what do people think if she decided again to post them on her main. And she hopes everyone will be like "aw poor venus, since instagram doesn't allow you a second account, of course we don't mind if you post here "
Just like she planned.

No. 106953

Too bad her creepy silence after Anons started tinfoiling about her not having full access to her accounts or money creeped everyone out too hard to recover from >>106934

No. 106973

I still really reject this notion that Venus is somehow planning all of this like an evil mastermind when there's 4000 posts about her laziness, plus you give her way too much credit, she's not that smart.

Everything is a clusterfuck because it's actually a clusterfuck.

No. 106974

She posted a photo with Fuuko Yagura once, though I doubt they’re friends or anything

No. 106982

Holy fuck, for someone trying really hard to seem integrated you come off as incredibly obsessed with PULL. Calm right down with the aforementioned pull sperging KEK. Or don't, because I found it mildly entertaining.

Thank God farmhands autosaged this shit. The only slightly milky point of interest in the last 24hours has been the anon I responded to, and yet I'm sure there's more grasping at straws to come. There always is with Venus threads, of which now I'm a contributor kek.

No. 106998

Can you guys stop arguing with each other for no fucking reason at all and post Venus milk in this thread only? You're literally filling this thread with nonsense that takes up too many wasted replies til the thread eventually has to be locked for a new one.

If you literally have nothing necessary to contribute to this page then kindly fuck off, we're not signing up for your random ass drama bs.

No. 107003

>>Also I think her lewd account was mass reported
>>It happens to other lewd models who really didn’t show anything too sexual but because so many people at one time report the accounts they instantly get the attention of Instagram and they will just take it down without really looking at the accounts. It was this huge problem that all the lewd models had not too long ago. Lots of pages got deleted because of the mass reports and many lewd models where about to give up.

So, were they being reported for not being 'lewd' enough, as in false representation or something, or mass reported by weird moralists objecting to anything even remotely lewd?
Venus has so many obsessive hater freaks that follow her around and will never give up that it wouldn't surprise me if those weirdos all reported her at once trying to get her new account shut down. Then again it could be her herself who did it. I'm hardly caring much at this point.

>>Holy fuck, for someone trying really hard to seem integrated you come off as incredibly obsessed with PULL.

You seem to think both of those posts you're replying to are by the same person. They're not.


Wasn't this picture with the Rilakkuma bear part of her Only Fans banner a while back? I thought it was at the end where she is showing herself only now. I don't subscribe to it but thought it was posted here, maybe not, I don't care enough to want to scroll back pages to look, it's not that important, but it just looks like it's the other end of the banner.

No. 107021

Venus got a lot of criticism and people confused about some of the pictures of her in recent times, well just browsing and found some images that make it obvious where her inspiration comes from. I think people have been too harsh in criticising, as they are mainly looking through western eyes so unfamiliar with this type of imagery, looks like it's quite mainstream really.

No. 107023


The weird angles with the feet being a case in point.

No. 107024

Venus deleted the VenusDemonic account herself, as she always planned to. She only made it in the first place to delete it later & pretend she has to use her Venus Angelic persona for sex work.

No. 107027

Mainstream among fetish cartoons I guess. But Venus is a real woman, and those angles are unflattering as hell to someone who hasn't been drawn specifically to accentuate that angle.

Venus would be better off following the styling of other costhots, not cartoon women.

No. 107028


I notice the shrine maiden features quite a bit there too, and people were accusing her of sexualising that as if she had alone done that, and it seems it's quite commonplace, so all the criticism was really unfair, when she lives in Japan and has been there long enough to be integrated into their culture.

No. 107054


again she probably didn't even think about it that deeply, she just went to donki and picked out some cheap sexy costumes she liked

No. 107071

Living in Japan for <5 years so you can fuck gaijin hunters for gifts and quick cash does not integrate you into Japanese society in any way.

No. 107073

She hasn’t “integrated” into anything.

Her Japanese is passable at best, she doesn’t contribute to her local community or the economy by having a job or friends or relationships or any kind of life outside of whatever hovel she’s currently squatting in, and she has no interest in education, volunteering or even culture (outside of her precious porn shops and hentai comics). She can’t even take care of her own health.

No. 107076

File: 1595882631754.jpeg (137.56 KB, 658x989, E50D4B1A-CC9B-4319-A8D6-FB7E0B…)

…and then went on to embarrass herself and everyone in the room by getting sloppy drunk wearing said ‘shrine maiden’ costume. That’s how she does integration.

No. 107078

She won’t keep up using her main as a “photo diary”. She has nothing kawaii in her life anymore - she’s living in a filthy hole surrounded by cardboard boxes and crap, and without the filters she looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. The bear picture probably was an old pic, and the only other thing she posts are her trashy nails.

I give it a week.

No. 107080

>she has no interest in education, volunteering or even culture (outside of her precious porn shops and hentai comics)

This. She's only there to sit on the White Pedestal.

Exactly this. The ability to fake the kawaii glitz & glamour life of ease she took for granted with Manaki is gone, and nothing she can do from now on will bring it back. She literally had everything she wanted handed to her for nothing & destroyed it bc her entitlement makes her think she's special for existing.

No. 107099

there were new photosets? cuz these cartoon angles look nothing from what venus posted before. exploiting these "anime style&angles" don't seem that hard to do anyways. i'm telling you, venus ain't that clever and her photographer seems unexperienced with modeling photography. she doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 107101

the poses in special eds link are to show the feet for feet fags there's putting the camera at your feet but not showing the feet OR up the skirt is not really hitting the fucking mark is it

No. 107121


Thanks for the info, SPED

I don't think her recent OF feet pictures have been posted on here… but she looks just like those examples. She has some where she is pulling her panties off with her feet and they are pretty good!

No. 107130

oh my.

her leaks are all over the place. like first page of google. we'll know why if her sub count doesn't increase.

she should get hired in a company soon or get contracts because this OF thing won't last long.

No. 107133

I hate it here.

No. 107139

nah..? if you google image search venus angelic and leak /onlyfans/tits etc. there's not really anything and it's hard to catch because new irrelevant shit keeps loading as you scroll but at the bottom of the page it says some results have been removed with dmca

No. 107143

don't know, for me ibradome. com comes in first. and all her recent shoots are pretty much there.

then you have lolcow just by googling her name without even typing "leaks". And that's not to say kiwifarm and pull while it's still up. Also google image etcetc.

anyways, point is her newds aren't hard to look up.

No. 107152


Maybe I used the wrong word in 'integrated', I mean more she has absorbed their culture and aesthetic preferences, - putting it bluntly she knows the sort of thing they like, those that are into the anime thing, that is. She is catering to that aesthetic, why though anyone would find that weird feet thing attractive, with those weird angles, is beyond me.

No. 107154


The four examples shown in the link, of pictures of a shrine maiden, the lewd pictures they show, prove that it is already sexualised in their culture, so accusing Venus of doing so seems unfair as they made it sound as though she alone was responsible for doing that, and also with the similar Touhou character, (sorry, I'm not into anime, but the fuss made about that when that character is already sexualised in Japanese culture) so all those accusations do indeed seem unfair.

>>I hate it here.

Um, where? Do you mean Germany, or lolcow? LOL

No. 107155

mm no a lot is actually missing from that website, I'd say 100% of the preview stuff on the feed is up there, along with the free stuff she dm'd everyone, but the PPV sets and videos are not.

No. 107156

oh you meant that on google, not google images, is a site that has a few scraps but you have to make an account on the shady site to view. yeah you're overreaching

No. 107166

what's with this weird hate of legalized prostitution? It gives women a chance to make a fair living off of it, security, health care (at least here in Europe) and a pension. You'd prefer hookers standing around on the streets? Because it's happening either way, legal or not.

On a different note, I still think Venus tried escorting before and failed miserably. Posting nudes online is definitely a step down from putting out privately (and being treated for dinner + drinks).

No. 107167

Totally agree on the step down even though it seems like It's quite an unpopular opinion.

Being an escort, if done well (picking your clients, safe surrounding, privacy, etc) can offer you some good luxury. But ya escorting also requires you to be a good conversation, always looking beautiful and if you allow sexual relations, you must at some level be good in bed. Now i don't know about Venus's skills but she seems pretty much like an awkward mess when looking at her internet personality.

Camming, OF and other, these only allow gooey unwanted folks to simp, jerk off, or laugh at you on the internet.

No. 107169

She's catering to whatever she thinks will get her money because she knows people get bored quickly of the same old thing on a loop. All she's doing is going to porn shops and buying or renting whatever costumes she likes that fit whatever niche she's trying to get money from.

That, again, has fuck all to do with integrating/acclimating to Japanese culture. She's a sex worker pandering to niches, she can do that anywhere in the world.

But, she wishes she were Japanese because she wishes she was an anime princess with a perfect kawaii life instead.

Venus's interest/"love of Japanese culture" is basic day 1 shit that she hardly ever brings up or shows off, unless it's to bring more attention to her for being sooo knowledgeable about the culture and language, which she can only pass for in front of foreign weebs who can't speak Japanese and get all their cultural info from anime, manga and tumblr.

Venus doesn't love Japanese culture, she loves pretending to be an overgrown kid & Japan is the cleanest, safest country to live in that still shamelessly indulges that shit for ephos/pedos.

No. 107170

This thread is on autosage due to imbeciles like yourselves. Nobody cares about your pickme opinion, this is the Venus thread. Integrate or go to Twitter.

No. 107173

The thread is in autosage because of all the nitpicking about her body, looks and motives.

No. 107196

Yeah you guyz, only “she looks so PRETTYY!” is allowed here. Any other mention of her actual potato-faced looks is NITPICKING and makes her stans very upset.

No. 107202

I think she was a failure at sugaring because she is nothing that sugar daddies want - arm candy to show off, well groomed, educated, good conversationalist, and like you said, good in bed if that’s part of the service. I think she thought she could turn up to dates with bed head and yesterday’s makeup and be showered with Coach purses for nothing. She’s uneducated, poorly groomed and mentally unstable, possibly also illegal (if not now, then soon). Nobody’s going to pay for that embarrassment.

No. 107228

No, more like the endless nitpicking about shit she will never acknowledge or change is pointless & causes threads to fill with literally nothing but bitter anons clacking away at their keyboards, mad that Venus has the audacity to post her body online without acting ashamed of her flaws.

Yes, she looks like malnourished, reheated death- but after the point is made 20 more times it goes way beyond beating a dead horse. Nobody cares how she looks that much unless they're emotionally invested in either Venus herself, or the kaweewee Japan life she pretends to have.

No. 107229

she's white. that's more than enough for asian men lol

No. 107230

> her other account was removed because it looked like spam - it had only one pic on it, and 3000 followers. Nothing to do with adult content, hence her main still being up.
It's either what this anon said, or she's lying and backpedaling. It's the perfect excuse. After a few months of NOT separating content because she's a greedy, amoral whore, she finally does (only when she reaches an OF following amount she's satisfied with), does she then make a new account, followed by lying it was taken down, so she can promulgate the narrative that she "was responsible and separated her content and meanies deleted it when she tried so hard."

It's actually not such a big deal to release leaks. Most of the people who search for leaks weren't planning to pay for them in the first place, hence why they even searched at all. And those that do plan to pay but are currently too broke, will pay her as soon as they can, so it makes no difference if they see leaks or not. It's possible she looses a few desperate scrotes who'd pay if there were no leaks, but that number is negligible.

No. 107231

I think she shared a screenshot (or it was an OF follower) and she had 800 then

No. 107271


This is basically what you said but slightly more specific - she announced having 1,000 OF followers on May 13th, and was setting goals for achieving 1,500 or 2,000 on May 24th.

My expectation is that a lot of the original 1,000 were people who are following her OF for alternate reasons (front row seats to a train reck, internet hype, long term kawaii fans, youtube fans, curious, etc.). [[TMI but I pay for her OF bc I have followed her my whole adult life and IDK how else to maintain this habit.]]

Her expectation seems to be that the numbers will keep rising… but given that most of those categories I listed have nothing to do with interest in her adult content,I suspect her numbers are going to drop dramatically, and never rise.

No. 107286

Her OF debut was only as successful as it was because she spent the previous 10 years acting like bra shopping was shameful & she'd never have sex bc she's just ~too pure an innocent uwu~. The only reason sex work makes as much money as it does up front is because men love watching a good girl turn into a camwhore for something she could have gotten herself. That's why sex work is such a taboo: it's hailed by toxic idiots as empowering for women, but it's not bc you're letting a man pay to, in his mind, defile you or take you down a few pegs. Once that novelty wears off, they simps get bored and find a new first-timer to follow and pay to pose topless with cumdump signs in their mouth.

The appeal of sex work from the consumer perspective is watching the reveal & downfall, then watching them keep trying to stay relevant and fresh while knowing full well they'd never get the time of day from the girl IRL.

Sex Work is extremely toxic because it's inherently misogynistic, but bitter feminists won't ever acknowledge it bc they can't face the fact that despite being "sage" behind their screens, they're still catering to the shittiest men using their faces (and sometimes legal names) to sell nudes and porn od themselves that'll be online forever.

It's only "worth it" if you're lazy, insecure, too good to work, and have no long term plan for your life past 30.

No. 107287


*safe, derp. TLDR online sex work is basically long distance stripping/prostitution for shit tier men.

No. 107288

>>That, again, has fuck all to do with integrating/acclimating to Japanese culture. She's a sex worker pandering to niches, she can do that anywhere in the world.

Yes, but my point still stands, that she is in Japan so knows the type of thing that is popular there, so is catering to that demographic. I expect if she was living in a different country, she'd be trying to cater to what was popular in that country.

The problem, for her, is that she has a largely western audience and some of those might be the weeb types who love kawaii culture, but some who do, know nothing much about what else is popular in Japan, the sexualised stuff, and they are a bit shocked and disapproving of that, because it is so alien to what they are taught is 'good' or 'bad' in the west. Hence why you get a lot of people from the west trying to change what happens in Japan, even though it is not their culture and nothing to do with them. And that is why so many of them criticise Venus for what she does and accusing her of allsorts, when really she is just doing what fits in in Japan, for that sort of thing that is.

No. 107289

She's not catering to anyone. She's just acting up hentai plots 'cause that's all she knows about sex.

No. 107292


Well yes, that too. But would she still be doing the same if she wasn't in Japan? If she was living in a western country, she could still be into hentai, but it wouldn't be so easy to get hold of, and so she may not be able to be so precise in what she wants to represent. I'm not even sure if some of that stuff would be legal in some western countries, or indeed in many other countries, but it is in Japan, but then there is truly horrible fetish stuff (not Japanese) that seems easily available in the west, and yet they are shocked at a bit of Japanese anime stuff that doesn't fit with their principles. Like they don't care about some real life horrendous animal cruelty, but object to cartoons, or Venus cosplaying that Touhou character because the character is meant to look about fourteen or something.

Whatever, would she still be doing any of what she does if she was living elsewhere? - {I'm not saying she should be living elsewhere; Just wondering if she would be doing something different if she was?}

No. 107310

wtf is this?

this thread is for venus milk, idgaf about your retarded incel rhetoric, stfu and get out.

No. 107316

There is no milk, hence the sperging. She hasn’t done anything interesting in days. The only interesting thing still out there is the mental hospital talk - I’m still waiting to see if she says anything about that (it’s coming up on two weeks since she said she will be admitted).

No. 107345

Offtopic but: read about prostitution on Terre Des Femmes.
Almost 2/3 of women have PTSD from it; 3/4 would stop immediatelly if they could; and a huge amount of them is neither having social security and falling victim to violence and rape.
Prostitution needs to be regulated like in Norway, in order to empower women. Because most sadly don‘t like what they do and we have to acknowledge that.

No. 107349

>most sadly don't like what they do

oh no, how sad lol. who gives a flying fuck what they like or don't like to do? what about a receptionist who doesn't like to deal with a stupid guest, what about a cook who doesn't like making a certain dish? it's their choice of profession. nobody cares whether they like doing it or not. unless they're chained to a radiator or sth they should be able to quit and do something else.

also this shit should be in ot. there's already a sw thread iirc.(derailing)

No. 107354

>unless they're chained to a radiator or sth they should be able to quit and do something else.

This is definitely an incel posting.

No. 107364

3 separate OF posts today:

Two of the posts are individual pictures. In both pictures she is dressed as "Sexy Summer Miku" in a bikini with pool toys. "A video is coming tomorrow! I will be testing a love potion (it did work…)"

The other post is her bent over with her butt and stuff at the camera. She has some sort of toy and says "Help me, something got stuck!"… but there is a heart sticker covering it.(imageboard)

No. 107384

This is an image board

No. 107388

That's too bad considering that nobody is posting images, including you.

I won't be posting pictures that are supposed to be purchased. Just ignore me if you don't care about verbal updates.

No. 107392

first of, where is the sw thread you're talking about? i agree talking about sex work would be derailling the thread. but there's no milk at the moment so i guess people are just making points about sex work related with what venus did and said in the past.

also, i agreed mostly with you. for first world women. for third world women then you're completely off track. there is a lot of unpriviledge people out there so i couldn't talk for them.

but ya if sex work makes you miserable then start building yourself somewhere. most people don't like work: they like the environment, the colleagues, the pay and the benefits. before doing sex work, question yourself if it's not because you're a woman-

Venus doesn't like work because she has no experience and never tried anything even before saying that normal work is "uncreative". it's very ironic since she's the one that's uncreative.

why bother posting anything if you sympathize with her so much? saying that she posted new content without anything cringe or related to her being a mess isn't milk.

No. 107402

why are you even here? fuck off.

No. 107403

I’ve added more content than you, so hush

No. 107404

There is no milk anyway, so a description of her OF is better than nothing, or I suppose I just shouldn’t bother

You don’t have milk either

No. 107409


I think it would be a bit off putting for people walking past that line of prostitutes posted earlier in this thread. I mean it just looked like a normal street scene otherwise, and I suppose if kids grow up around just seeing that I guess they're just used to it? Not sure about that, but I would feel uncomfortable seeing that, as I wouldn't knowingly want to go along a street with a load of prossies all lined up ready for action, and like the original poster said, they are not exactly that much to look at either so must be the lowest end of the market for that sort of thing? But I'm just speculating as it's not something I know much about, but that would be considered shocking in GB and doubt the authorities would allow it, but maybe Germany is more forward thinking in that respect? I'm not sure what to think about it really. But well, Germany is a good country I think, all that aside.


I notice she keeps changing the cartoon picture on her Instagram, but I didn't think it was anything worth mentioning before, as not exactly interesting.
I don't know why she doesn't make some more Youtube videos, along the lines of the two new ones by Belle Delphine, they were really good and Venus should be totally capable of doing something similar, we know she can as she used to make well put together videos.

No. 107411


my bad, it was /g

sw discussion goes there

No. 107412


Well, so long then, I guess, because I won't be going there as not that interested in talking about that sort of thing, but I didn't mind the short conversation about it in here.
(Still can't get over that line of prossies though! LOL.)

No. 107413

what's going on here, are you guys answering to the right anons??

No. 107414


Um, yes, I was.

No. 107415


At least she's still doing something then, Hope she's okay. It's difficult isn't it? If you post images from Only Fans, some people complain that it will attract men looking for free pics, but if you describe what is there but don't post pictures, that is wrong too. I'd rather hear about how she is doing by reading about what is happening on Only Fans, would be nice to see some pics, but I don't mind just hearing about what is happening there, at least it is news.

No. 107416


Well, anyway, I just had a look just to make sure there was nothing new and found a new video, not from Venus herself, but she speaks in English in it.

No. 107419

Isn’t she meant to be banged up in a mental institution by now?

No. 107425

because all videos happen in real time on youtube

No. 107429


Just post the description and cut out the porn, ffs. We can't trust you because anyone can say shit here, proof is needed.
A good example of safely posting is >>105261 you can even cut half her head so we can check if it's not something you pulled out of your (or someone's) ass

No. 107430

File: 1596126406333.png (1.04 MB, 606x895, chrome_2020-07-31_00-26-47.png)

Look at her greasy hair. That's not cute at all.

No. 107431

She looks like she was on a week long bender, jesus christ

No. 107433

“umm…I do videos about japanese porn” god she is so awkward. There is literally nothing attractive about her

No. 107434

That's awkward as fuck and her channel isn't even about Japanese porn. What's the point of claiming it is?
I doubt she watches any, let alone obsesses over it like that video suggests. She's so painfully tryhard and cringe.

Her unkempt appearance (did she pluck her eyebrows very asymmetrically?) and crazy eyes don't help the impression she makes.

No. 107440

I was not prepared for this level of cringe

No. 107442

To entice people to sub to your patreon/onlyfans.

Thot 101.

No. 107443

She's very cringe. She's trying so hard to be normal (aka chill/funny/witty), but she sends the complete opposite vibes.
The way she moves when talking (side to side) obviously says that she's very uncomfortable and wants to go away.
Also i've seen a few more videos of this guy, he tends to say the same stuff to other girls he talks to (you're good at english/japanese, you're pretty/fashionable), but she's the only one he said that she's "interesting"….
You can take the meaning "interesting" in a bad or good way, because well, she does seem very off compared to other girls, especially compared to girls who do sex work. She's obviously disturbed in her mind :/ Even without knowing her you can tell.

No. 107444

>>107409 I'm from Germany and I can tell you that the way prostitution is handled here is terrible for women. First of all most of these women are not german but east europeans. They do this job because they are very poor and have often debts or medical bills and that's their only way to pay it back. Also there is a lot of human trafficking involved. The politician thought by making it legal they can keep the criminals away. These women have to register, they need to pay taxes for their work but get also health insurance and they can sue if they're treated badly by a customer. In reality it didn't work out. They want to remain anonymous,
they don't want to pay taxes because they desparately need all the money and many of them are still controlled by pimps. I think all of this is really disgusting because all of these women who came from poverty and are really vulnerable in a foreign country can be sexually exploited by men and now these men can't be punished for that because it's legal.

No. 107445

The Margo is shining through her eyes already

No. 107447

(not milk)

No. 107448

File: 1596136710483.png (Spoiler Image, 400.54 KB, 537x943, 1.png)

since you linked to my post I guess I'll help out

looks to be her unused remote toy from the livestream and she censored this herself

No. 107449

File: 1596136852129.png (Spoiler Image, 823.89 KB, 732x829, 2.png)

lewding an underage character who isn't even human? let the pearl clutching begin

No. 107450

File: 1596136915330.png (Spoiler Image, 894.28 KB, 734x833, 3.png)

she didn't post the video today like she promised so I have nothing further

No. 107452

I can’t even at how filthy those fake nails must be.

No. 107453

looks like the intro of low budget jav

No. 107467

It hurts how aqward she is. Those eyes are even more uncanny with that facemask.

She's almost smiling in this one. Kuddos to her I guess.

>>107449 D-Don't summon the gachalife pulltard and her endless reeckening about sexualising minors, anon…

No. 107496

she gonna have to change location pretty soon. those love hotels are getting a little grim.

these are sad pictures. especially considering she's pretty mentally unhealthy rn.

No. 107497

To be fair It's pretty damn humid rn in Japan so white people hair will look like this even if showered and blow dried in the morning. plus she seems to have thin hair which doesn't help. but the black coloration on her makes it look extra dirty i agree.

That interview was naaasty.
>I talk about japanese PORN on yt
>ya, PORN lolz
>japan has pretty good PORN [thumbs up winkwink]
>ya japan has better PORN than switzerland

No. 107506

This is so awkward… in an uncomfortable way (not a cute and shy ^___^ way)

That guy tried to make small talk with her, and even gave her really easy topics (her home country, what she is drinking). She is either so socially incapable that she couldn’t talk to him, or is so narcissistic that she didn’t give a shit, and just wanted to mention porn constantly.

Is she capable of talking to someone?

No. 107508

But seriously, what did she want to achieve here? Did she want to appear as quirky and ~unique~? Did she want to hook up with the reporter guy? Or it just simply amuses her when people are weirded out by her? Or she genuinely thought that she's funny?

No. 107519


That all sounds terrible. I wonder if that is one of the reasons that HIMR went to Germany? maybe he knows about all of that and how easy it would be. I doubt he went there for any reason other than something to do with 'cereal' (his name for sex, if you don't watch his channel, but there has always been a sort of connection with him and Venus, being that they are aware of each other, he likes her and she once said she would like to do a collab with him.)

No. 107520


Well, I almost regretted posting it afterwards, on re-watching it. It's like all she wanted to talk about was Japanese porn and how good it is, much better than any other and much better than Swiss porn? What? I mean she hasn't lived in Switzerland for years, (not since she was a child, surely?) and so how much would she have seen (unless her mother was showing her) of Swiss porn? Unless she has been actively seeking it out in Japan, and why would she? Unless to specifically compare to Japanese variety to talk about in the video, and as this guy seems to go up to people at random, probably not likely.

I felt bad for her as she seemed so awkward and unsure of herself, though at first glance I thought it was nice to see her looking seemingly relaxed and happy. But all the cringe talk about porn, I was like, Gurl, stop, you're embarrassing yourself, and I felt embarrassed for her on re-watching it. I don't know what the interviewer guy must have thought. I notice someone in the comments say something about her having 1.8 million subscribers or something, and he replied that he was surprised too to see that. He described her as "Beautiful Swiss Youtuber" and said she must be very popular with Japanese men, but she said she didn't know or wasn't sure.

Also I felt sorry for her as she felt the need to keep saying her channel was only for 18+, probably as a result of all the harassment she got from the pulltard freaks going on & on about 'kids' watching her channel, when really, most of her videos could be safely watched by a five year old and all she has to do is to put 18+ on the adult themed ones, but the whole channel?? Most people are going to be thinking why the Hell would that channel be classed as only for adults?

The video was posted a week ago, and her nails are the up-to-date fancy ones she has now, so it is obviously pretty recent, so at least she is out and doing things and sounded not too bad just awkward, so it's good to know she is not just holed up in a room somewhere, she certainly didn't look like she needs to go into a mental facility, but I know you can't always go by that, as people can try to act alright while hiding the hurt they feel inside.

No. 107523


To be fair though, I watched it again and it looks like he's edited a lot out of it. so she maybe wasn't actually talking about porn as much as the video makes it look. I would have liked to hear what else she talked about that he felt the need to edit out. It could just be that he edited the video in such a way to make it look like she talked about porn more than she actually did. I guess he wanted to emphasize that aspect more to create the impression that that was mainly what she talked about.

No. 107524

File: 1596204220530.gif (2.18 MB, 346x432, 54c.gif)


Haha yes, they had to change Miku's age to 18 for the western market when the Vocaloid was first released on the western market.

Anyhow, I think she looks good as summer Miku, I'd like to see her cosplay Rotten Girl Miku for Halloween, and the Caine Ca (Calcium) Miku, though I think she might find that one a bit difficult.

No. 107534

Not really, Miku is 16 everywhere and that is exactly why Miku fans sperg constantly about her age. If she promotes this shit on instagram she's never going to hear the end of it, Miku has one of the most rabid sjw fanbases at the moment

No. 107536


Well I think she'd find it difficult to cosplay for caine ca version of miku because of the mechanics involved that she would have to use for it.
IIRC, Miku's age when first released was 14, but they had to change to 18 for the western market, because they (especially america) were so scandalized by it. I remember the early days and how many MMD videos there were showing Miku as a sexual interest or her indulging in sexual activities. A bloody cartoon, but the tards are so outraged by the slightest thing and pearl clutch at so much. They just want to ruin the internet for everybody all over the world and make it just how they want it. How anyone could get their knickers in a twist over a mere cartoon character is beyond me. The same people who often just turn a blind eye to animals being abused for real and real life cruelty of animals being filmed for perverts who like that sort of vile sickness. - For some reason, the sjw tards seem to regard that as not as bad as a sexualised cartoon girl.

No. 107537

It's mostly about preventing the slippery slope of sexualized minors trying to look older just to be sexual for personal gain. The US has a huge problem with minors dressing and acting older for sexual gains and mid-20s women trying to look and dress like terns or younger to recapture that same esthetic.

I know there's a huge pedo push going on in the western world right now, but jeez, make a goddamn thread advocating for underaged nymphet cartoons being sexual in mainstream western media if you're so passionate about seeing that kind of thing.

No. 107649


I, for one, don't give a shit about seeing that kind of thing. I do give a shit about animal cruelty though, which sadly is happening in REAL life for sick perverts who get off on it.

Teens have always tried to look older and people out of their teens have always tried to look younger. It is just the way the world is. Not caring one way or the other does not make one advocating for pedos and anyone who suggests so is as sick as the pedos they complain about and constantly obsess over.

No. 107650

>>>>107449 D-Don't summon the gachalife pulltard and her endless reeckening about sexualising minors, anon…

Haha, too late, she's already here in>>107537. Never shuts up and sees it everywhere and brings everything back to it.

No. 107652

So anyway… moving on, someone felt the need to post this on Youtube, don't quite know why, they seemed to not realise, or care, that they showed their typing out comments on screen, just the live stream where people claimed she got slapped. Not sure about any of that, it almost looks like she's acting at one point, acting scared purposely, I don't know what to think about it anymore than I did the first time I saw it posted on here, I don't know why the poster bothered uploading that now. But there's nothing else going on, shouldn't Venus be in the mental hospital now?

No. 107653

There is some funny shit posted by other people about Venus, but this has to be one of the funniest, even though they never intended it to be. For anyone who wants to look like her, you just have to watch the video apparently. LMAO.

No. 107702

Well said, anon I salute you

No. 107710

“Trying to look younger” is one thing. Trying to look like an underaged child is something else. And trying to look like an underaged child while doing slutty poses and flashing their pussy for the camera is what people are objecting to.

No. 107762

File: 1596352383282.jpg (553.48 KB, 792x1505, Screenshot_20200802-151207_Ins…)

When is she going to the hospital?

No. 107765

she won't. she was pity hungry.

No. 107767

she really needs help though; look at them nails. definitely severe mental issues

No. 107772

Here's a fresh example of how incoherent she is. See how there's no.. logic? Imagine her trying to get a job and her application says
>I am a good worker, because I'm not. I really hope you don't hire me but I'm scared that you won't. I'm don't. I'm i'm

No. 107795


So tell me, anon, what is your stance on real life animal abuse?

Why would she be scared to post food pics? Surely even the weird obsessed pp tards wouldn't be able to find fault with that? - Oh wait, they probably would, so I think she's being falsely optimistic if she thinks those obsessive weirdos would ever go away and give up with their self righteous 'moral' crusade.

Plus, I don't see why Instagram would have had any problem at all with so called 'lewds', as many people post far more 'lewd' stuff on there than Venus ever has, and anyway, the 'lewds' that she already posted before are still there, so I don't think Instagram itself had any problem with anything she posted. It was more likely the aformentioned tards intent on reporting every little thing she does as part of their crusading. Why doesn't she just tell the truth about it? The only reason Instagram would have had a problem is because of mass reporting from the tards, and if she is fed up with the stupid comments from them (and who wouldn't be?) why didh't she just block the worst offenders? Surely not hard to do? And no mention of the mental hospital she is supposed to be in now. Surely that would get pity points? Anyway, at least this picture is good. Even if edited, she looks well and healthy here. -And dare I say pretty?

No. 107796

File: 1596384513671.jpeg (194.12 KB, 1242x559, 2E42BEB2-505F-470F-BDFF-68EC00…)

She commented this on her last post and like… wait for the right people to gather? Knowing her fan base has always been majority female under 18? She’s only ever promoted to them until OF and is now trying to make it seem like her fall from grace this time is thanks to them, freakin sociopath

No. 107797

Also, still not “hospitalized” teehee

No. 107813

isn't that photographer-san? >>104731

No. 107816

Venus’s lewd account got banned because it’s not protected by her verified badge. It’s easy to mass report any account that’s not verified and get it banned by Instagram just for barley showing a little bit of lewdness. Most of the lewd models where having this problem at the beginning of the year and their accounts would get banned over and over again by people who where just hating on lewd models/ Cosplayers. That’s just how social media works, if something gets reported by enough people the platform will instantly take it off without properly reviewing it because soo many people had a negative experience with the post.

No. 107819

To be honest you can change your name on onlyfans so it doesn’t matter that they showed their name on the video, they can just change it any time.
Plus the person that uploaded the YouTube version isn’t the same person that uploaded it to here. I know the person that did it here because I saw them upload it.

No. 107821

What's with these random people posting videos about Venus on Youtube? This one seems pretty accurate, except, hair colour blonde? I don't think her real hair colour is blonde, but whatever.

No. 107822

File: 1596390808489.jpeg (355.94 KB, 1078x1622, F08C4CE0-2266-4508-9E3B-2191B1…)

>> she looks well and healthy here. -And dare I say pretty?
For the fucking millionth time: this. is. not. what. she. really. looks. like. Not even close.

Also, funny how she has internet access in the “mental hospital.”

No. 107823


Well, if you want to look like her… try this(not milk)

No. 107824

This is hilarious, quote:
"This subliminal gives you:
Her big, doll like eyes
Her small, slim nose
Her pale skin
Her long, straight, silky hair
Doll-like beauty
Her lip shape and size

Recommended for faster results:
Plenty of water
Subliminal boosters
Listen daily
Listen 15 minutes to an hour per day

Good luck!
Im actually going to use this subliminal myself, i will update if i get results in the comment section "

I'm wondering if these idiots are posting these hoping to get a mention on lolcow. lmao

No. 107827


Hard to believe that we're in the year 2020 and there are so many prudes in the world. You'd think we'd gone back in time to the middle ages, or Victorian days when piano legs were considered disgustingly sexual and had to be covered lest men got lewd thoughts at the sight of them.

No. 107829

>>Knowing her fan base has always been majority female under 18?

But who "knows" this? I'd think the majority of her fans were around her age or older, as they grew up along with her and many of us were watching her from when she first started on Youtube, about ten whole years ago, do you think we are all under eighteen? Ridiculous assumption for anyone to make.

No. 107830

Tbf, metric data from youtube is (was) public and..literally just following her since the start shows a vast majority were under 18 females because she pandered to the very popular jfashion at the time, which of course also attracted guys wanting to bang her uwu doll like persona as well.

It's like wondering why lolita (or the confused, "kawaii" fashion) is popular and getting another surge of it and thinking it's NOT because of underage girls/barely adult.

No. 107832

>>following her since the start shows a vast majority were under 18 females

Yes, but they won't be now, that is the point. If anyone was the same age as her when they first started watching, they would be 23 now. I don't know why certain people keep going on about it. Most people watching her for years have grown up along with her.

No. 107837

Have y’all not been following why her posting her shit lewds on insta has been a problem for the past two or three threads

No. 107851

always the "victim". She's such trash.

No. 107852

She's just pulling the victim card. She most likely deleted her account because she cant stick to anything and is too greedy for subs/money and it's the perfect excuse to blame her meanie audience that's bullying her and mass reporting. And she's not "scared" of posting food pics. She's playing the victim like she ALWAYS does, so stop white knighting her all the fucking time.

No. 107855

Yeah, it's pretty gross to me too, but Venus is a sellout who only values money, and money overrides all morality and integrity for her. Plenty of people like this unfortunately, especially sociopathic people.

>Also I felt sorry for her as she felt the need to keep saying her channel was only for 18+, probably as a result of all the harassment she got from the pulltard freaks going on & on about 'kids' watching her channel, when really, most of her videos could be safely watched by a five year old and all she has to do is to put 18+ on the adult themed ones, but the whole channel?? Most people are going to be thinking why the Hell would that channel be classed as only for adults?
Her damn fault for being so damn greedy that she didn't age restrict ANYTHING AT ALL until she got the subs and money she wanted. I mean this bitch used the sexual abuse of a child to bolster up her own image to the public without any regard to said child. She deserves no sympathy, and I hope people keep giving her shit for the vile things she does. It's nice to see her brain dead fans finally noticing all the contradictions, although she had to literally admit she fakes abuse stories to worry people and make them fall for her trap in order for some of her fans to see through her manipulative bs.

No. 107888

>>Yeah, it's pretty gross to me too, but Venus is a sellout who only values money, and money overrides all morality and integrity for her. Plenty of people like this unfortunately, especially sociopathic people.

To me, the worst sociopathic people are the ones who see nothing wrong with the torture and abuse of real animals for sick perverts who enjoy seeing it in videos, but think the so called sexualisation of a cartoon anime girl is the most terrible crime that threatens the moral integrity of the whole world.

Abuse and death of animals for perverts who enjoy it? - Oh yeah, that's nothing.

A cartoon figure that might be termed sexualised in some way? - Oh no, that is the most terrible thing ever and the whole fires of Hell need to be visited on anyone who doesn't outright condemn it!

Please tell me that weird control freak hag banging on about their so called 'morals' is not still here with their pathetic double standards and blatant hypocrisy.

If Venus had done a horrendous squishing video on her hamsters, the moralfags going on about cartoon girls, would probably be cheering her on, you go girl, it's okay to do things like that, but as long as you don't dress up like an anime girl who might be :gasp: not even 18 yet.

No. 107889


Don't they allow internet access in those places then? Plus, she could have already have some pics ready to post so even if she was in there, would they take her phone away? I don't see why they would. She's not a prisoner if she was in there. Presumably she was a voluntary patient. Also, is it possible to reschedule posts for Instagram like you can do with Youtube for videos?

Or maybe she just hasn't gone in there at all. Maybe she's spending some of her Only fans money on living it up, and will be back on track posting whatever again when she needs the money.

No. 107914

weenus uploaded a q&a video about her only fans
> “what made you start? uhhh an overconsumption of hentai content”
stay classy venus

No. 107919

I can't believe she's actually encouraging her impressionable fans to go into online sexwork as if it's nbd.
Also, slightly ot but is Venus' thread no longer bumping?

No. 107920

Wow, is it just me, or does she look sick here? It's either the lighting, or her skin has a yellow-greyish tone. You can also still see the bruising below her right eye.

I know that those are fake glasses, but she could at least cleaned them before filming…

The content of the video is just the same as always. She's "happy" and loving her work (or so SHE says….).

Oh, and "a lot of my friends have stopped talking to or about me, but I have found new friends."

Btw, she calls herself "onna pet" now. It's not really much different from her "doll persona", though…

No. 107921

It’s on autosage. Might be because this thread attracts PULL refugees.

No. 107924

I can clearly see black eye…At first, it seemed as a shadow from her glasses. that’s weird she didn’t even to try to hide it with make up.

No. 107925

yeah the black eye is definitely there… do you guys think she had a nose job maybe?

No. 107926

I don’t think so, Margaret’s nose still on it’s place

No. 107928

her teeth are in such bad shape. from all the puking she has done in the past?

No. 107930

i don't even understand what she is saying

No. 107932

Damn, she looks rough in so many ways, and she acts like a complete lunatic. It's unbelievable that there's people who still support that. I can't imagine being so blind. Surely these must be trolls egging her on to see her burn?

Nobody who likes her would upvote a video of her looking extremely ill and acting like this.

No. 107933

The tv screen in the bg is so wobbly because of the heavy filters she uses on her round face kek. Why doesn't she just get surgery

No. 107935

why does she look green

No. 107938

>PULL refugees

Why are they still here when the PULL site is back on

No. 107940

Dumbass, PULL is only up for one more month for archiving the threads.

Geezer, no wonder she's supposed to go to a mental hospital. She's freaking lunatic. Also, the fake moaning was so awkward and her speech so slurred. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually was a drug addict or something. She's nuts.

No. 107941

She reminds me of a hamster in the video, a very sick and dying one. Her teeth are so ugly and yellow does she even brush her teeth if she was so comfortable walking around with greasy hair then I guess she barely takes care of herself in any other way. Also the fact every sentence in the video is about loving sex no matter what is so cringey and it is so obvious she is being a hardcore tryhard to appeal to her simps. She doesn't even have a personality outside of "I love hentai so much i embody it" now. Almost makes me feel bad for the female fans that followed her when she still had some semblance of being somewhat normal.

No. 107943

what is an onapet? She keeps referring herself as one. This bullshit self confidence Venus is irritating. She's still at the weird guys house with the clutter and cat.

No. 107944

i like how she shut down the nudity question.
just putting it out there, i know some here pay for her of; there is a reason jav are censored, it is illegal to distribute uncensored nudity in japan; there are some exceptions (linked to distributing exclusively to foreign market afak), and i dont believe of is one of those exceptions.

No. 107946

an onapet is something like a living sex sleeve, a real life fleshlight. like a person whose only purpose is to be used for masturbation and sex.

No. 107947

"onna pet" as in "onna" (japanese for woman, female) + the english word "pet". It's like calling herself a living doll, but wanting to sound more adult-like (although that doesn't really work).

No. 107951

File: 1596497117912.jpeg (264.61 KB, 1724x1136, E16C3419-5D12-4CB2-98E5-65FBAD…)

Weenus’s sexxyy o-face.

Looks like she’s still shacked up in the same dump as a couple of months ago. Same TV screen and brown and white checked box thing in the lower left corner.

No. 107952

File: 1596497196023.jpeg (370.54 KB, 1135x1536, 607F4C26-D042-4095-81A7-C31F67…)

Same place minus the boxes. Guess she’s unpacked since this one.

No. 107960

She looks like someone's old horny auntie. Ofc her 'fans' are a mix of trolls and sex workers. No one would want to be in her shoes right now. I don't get why she continues to broadcast her embarrassments online for all to see.

She's trying to act like those fucked up girls in hentai who were raped then brainwashed into being a sex machine. No one acts like this in real life.

No. 107967

Didn't she also have what looked like a cigarette burn in another picture. I'm just tin foiling here but maybe her newfound "onna pet" persona is a little more real than we think it is. Also I feel sorry for that poor cat and I thought about the whole shane and his cat shit when she referenced her own vag and the cat gross.

No. 107975

Jesus christ, she can't even finish a sentence. All that baby doll brabbling made her speech pattern go into all sorts of directions. She probably doesn't even realize what bullshittery she's spitting lmfao.

No. 107978

It’s onanie (masturbation) + pet. Used to describe the person/content you masturbate to basically.

No. 107982

File: 1596517684394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 693.53 KB, 809x1679, Screenshot_20200804-130706_Twi…)

From twitter

No. 107984

Oh no ‍♀️ please tell me she’s not back with manaki, poor guy has had enough hell(emoji)

No. 107986

File: 1596520643185.jpg (39.67 KB, 330x585, 0kcNhje.jpg)

An interesting update from June's insta:

June is giving tips on how to work for AV companies and she mentions that they restrict even personal projects, so this might have to do why she didn't collab with Venus. Just a theory.

No. 107987

Dude is an asexual loser who realized when he finally got the attention of a real 3D girl and got to try to be intimate with her, he actually is more obsessed about the idea of loving an idol or 2D girl instead of actually being with someone. This doesn't even have anything to do with Venus right here. He was creeping on her while she was underage because of his obsession with idols. Stop feeling bad for Manaki. He's a fucking creep and a classing Japanese NEET in the way he cares for himself. Obviously he actually works, but he's a creeper and socially awkward.

No. 107988

This isn't even a secret. You can't even have AKB members of a song group date and if they do, it makes national news. I don't doubt the same hard handed rules apply to all aspects of jobs over there, especially ones involving women working and using their body, voice, whatever it is, to be independent. The contracts you sign for JAV and idol groups in Korea and Japan are literally insane. Some even follow you after you retire due to NDA parts you've signed.

No. 107992

>since the cow is bad, people around them are necessarily their victims and therefore good
take this fucking kid-logic trope back to pull.. or .. just nowhere then i guess haha

No. 108005



Exhumed, more like.

No. 108007


I don't know why she has such a thing for wearing glasses. They really don't suit her.

No. 108012

Is she posting regularly on onlyfans? Or she quit like everything she does?

No. 108017


Why does she look so yellow? She looks like a granny in this video

No. 108019

File: 1596551928883.jpeg (641.49 KB, 3338x1500, E3DA6B66-E5A1-4B3E-98D9-B1F01B…)

The difference from the thumbnail to what she actually looks like in the video is catfishing on another level my god

No. 108020

>generic animu avatar VS Smeagol

No. 108026

They date, it's just kept EXTREMELY private.

No. 108032

idk I think glasses help you read words but I might be wrong

No. 108035

How is it even possible to look deadly sick after photoshop and millions of filters?
How is her skin still greenish? Lmao

No. 108036

Do yourself a favor and leave Manaki alone.

No. 108040

Manaki is a naive socially isolated and awkward guy who got sucked into the borderline vortex and emotional black hole that is Weenus. He’s the perfect doormat and enabler for an emotional vampire like her and he doesn’t have theballs to cut her off (which he really needs to do.)

Margo can only dream of latching on to a sucker like Manaki. He’s a narcissist/borderline’s dream.

No. 108042

File: 1596562174184.jpeg (268.71 KB, 1742x1099, 4913A923-F12F-49F0-95A6-046ADC…)

>>How is it even possible to look deadly sick after photoshop and millions of filters?

Poor hygiene, shitty lifestyle, junk food diet, alcohol and bad genes.

Those brown teeth are the final touch.

No. 108043

Is she drunk in this?

No. 108045

You can tell me many things but that girl is high on something.
She's slurring every single word, her movements are slightly erratic and her eyes are unfocused. Well, she may also be drunk.
Additionally it's pretty obvious she wear the glasses to "hide" her bruise, otherwise they would be a pretty weird fashion choice (the ring light is SUPER visible).

If that's what happiness looks like to her, Venus has probably not known many happy people in her life.

No. 108086

i think so, in the beginning the bottle she holds up is cheap conbini wine and it looks like its almost empty

No. 108087

File: 1596599440360.jpeg (214.42 KB, 1197x1063, F0243DA7-E6F4-41DA-B1BF-CE89B3…)

You can tell it’s wine from the video?

No. 108092

Diff anon, yeah it's pretty easy to identify what she could be drinking, especially in Japan.

No. 108093

1. That video is pure cringe. She is so fake and a bad actor. All the "jokes" were terrible. Literally every single one. She just doesn't have the charisma to be an edgelord.
2. She doesn't answer anything genuinely, it's just fake edginess and cringe.
3. As usual, she plays the victim. Alinity should take pointers from her.
4. Thinks being chuuby is a detriment on Onlyfans (not if you don't think it is) which implies she does think that.
5. She recommends not doing it only for money. LOL. Okay, Venus.
6. Continues to pretend she's a super mega ultra hyper sexual deviant.
7. That cat HATES her. And I don't blame it given the way she's treated animals in the past.
8. She's promoting her OF on a lot of her old video links, like the voice acting one, now at 2 or 3 million. Very thirsty for more scrotes.

Also, Venus' previous Hentai store video skyrocketed in views. Any idea why? Seems odd.

No. 108097

That's bullshit Venus spewed to save face and play victim. Of course she's not going to admit to visa fraud, marrying a guy just to use him and get to Japan, not loving him or wanting to sleep with him. Hell, if anything, she probably abused him (we have evidence of her repeatedly berating him on camera and an admission that she tried to sleep with someone whom she didn't state was "her husband" when she talked about her first time while being with her husband at that stated time. And there is the pater ad, sleeping with girls etc).

Also, at first she said he made comments about her ass. Then when they divorce, he's an asexual who only likes anime girls. What a retarded lie. And of course she was "gay" for a while too. I don't give a shit about Manaki, but don't forget the slander video she uploaded. The things she said were proven to be lies. She's a pathological liar. She even admit to using the wine as a prop (which was obvious enough without needing to be admit) so people would think she was drunk (thus vindicate her from backlash). Manaki didn't leech off her. It's been proven he had a job and maintained a job for years while with her. Manaki tried to talk sense into her so she doesn't get the illegal surgery. Didn't want her to dress in lolita all the time (so no, he didn't want his prefect little doll like Yumi Kings husband). Manaki put up with her shit countless times, defended her, provided for her, gave her a little pink room she could do whatever she wanted in etc etc. She was clearly the neet. Manaki might be a weird loser otaku, but he's not some master manipulator that Venus painted him as or a fucking asexual.

Venus has publicly stated that Manaki should be put down. PUT DOWN. Beyond gross to say and you trust the bitch? This was when Manaki wanted a divorce. She is a bitter and hateful whore, who says anything to make herself look good. She even shades her friends in her latest video and if you notice, she goes on and on about receiving "hate from the haters" on all her SM. She's once again, trying to emotionally manipulate her audience into feeling sorry for her, hoping she'll get more supporters for her OF crap.

I feel sorry for Manaki up until the divorce. But if he backed out of the divorce and puts up with Venus after everything she's done and remains complicit in visa fraud, then that's on him, unless she blackmailed him, bullied him or emotionally manipulated him into submission. I'm sure Venus plays victim on the regular. The slander video must have been embarrassing enough for him. Enough he got off the internet. And interestingly, never slandered her back. That speaks miles on his character. I don't necessarily like him, but anyone that gets involved with Venus will likely be used and painted an abuser the moment Venus doesn't get her way.

No. 108098

Venus killed at least two of her hamsters and was proud it was only two. Venus manhandles her cat all the time and it clearly hates her (see her latest Q&A). Venus uses animals for views while pretending to give a shit about them. You have no idea if the people calling Venus out don't also call out animal abuse or find it abhorrent. What a massive cognitive bias in your thinking. And Venus' sociopathic behaviour has nothing to do with cosplay and cartoon figures. There are so many things I could list, but I'll just kindly remind you of the kid. The kid Venus shamelessly USED, exposing his sexual abuse to her audience, without any regard to him (he was just a prop for her third "abuse" story) so we could all, once again, pity poor Venus (who knowingly dated a pedophile if her claims are true) and did not care. Your post is laughable.

No. 108099

Remember she has her own view of beauty guys. Her beauty is unique and special like her. And she doesn't care about other beauty but then proceeds to ask her audience what's their beauty, too dumb to realize the blatant contradiction in her attempt at sounding woke and inspirational. Until she read it while lurking on her threads and quietly deletes the post kek.

No. 108105

File: 1596616386526.jpeg (223.88 KB, 1114x1458, 63E9F6C2-56C4-400B-AC0E-0C3744…)

New OF video posted. Venus tries a “love potion” that is supposed to make you horny

No. 108106

File: 1596616710486.jpeg (207.67 KB, 1118x1229, 73247141-5102-4C8C-B2E7-DAA610…)

The video is structured a lot like her older YouTube videos where she tries Japanese products. (She introduces herself [“hey everyone it’s Venus!], talks about a product that is supposed to make you horny, then tries it).

No. 108107

File: 1596616863859.jpeg (210.27 KB, 1125x1237, BD523271-D23F-4EA9-8680-AB9D31…)

She looks really skinny, but otherwise seems put together and coherent (compared to recent content)

No. 108109

well, can't say it's false advertising, if you pour something wet on yourself, you will instantly get wet.
not sure if that's the intended way to use it though.

No. 108111

This must be one of those pre-recorded videos she mentioned when ahe claimed she was going to a mental hospital. Maybe she's really just going on a 2-week bender?

No. 108116


Yeah, but I think she wears them just for show. She said before she has a kink for glasses, I thought the ones she wears are just clear glass. But even if not, you'd think she'd get some that actually suit her, or maybe just wear contacts like many people do who don't want to wear glasses, but it's cos she already said that's her main kink, which seems a bit weird, but still… lol.

No. 108117

She killed two of her hamsters? I know she abandoned whichever ones she had left when she broke up with Manaki, but I never heard about that.

And maybe she’s continuing to film OF stuff in the mental hospital, I wouldn’t put it past her to fetishize the fuck out of that, too, haha

No. 108118


The weird moralfag going on about cartoon girls being 'sexualised' was asked outright more than once, what was their angle on real life abuse of animals being filmed for sick perverts who get off on seeing it, they chose not to answer. I'm pretty sure if they cared about it, they'd not be slow to say so, they're certainly quick enough to come out of the woodwork at the thought that a 2d cartoon figure might be portrayed in a sexy way. Their silence speaks volumes.(stop)

No. 108119


Well if this still is taken from a video, it's not edited with photoshop, but her face still looks like it's been edited, according to other people's views who always say her pictures have been edited when she looks this way. (Pretty, that is!) lol

No. 108127

Of course the video is heavily edited. The filter she's got going on here made her rattails morph into her round face. You can clearly see that here >>108106
Her head is also super small because of the filter kek

No. 108135

STOP. We got it the first time you wrote it. You're just derailing at this point, blog-chan, since you're the only one bringing "anime girls" and "evil pearl clutchers" at any occasion.
What mods are doing?

No. 108139

She has made comments under her recent youtube video, so she definitely has some internet access. I suppose you could still have internet at a mental hospital, but I can't imagine Venus benefiting from therapy if she is still on the internet.

No. 108140

I thought the consensus was that the hospital visit was/is a lie while she takes a break & lets some of her online critics get bored.

No. 108141

Once the mods autosage an active thread for constant derailing they basically just let it sort itself out I think.

No. 108143

This type of bruise can be caused by undereye fillers too. She does seem to have a little less eyebag

No. 108150

From what I know of mental hospitals you’re not allowed any internet what so ever so I think she’s just lying again for sympathy

No. 108151

You don't have to be high to slur and she always slurs. She doesn't speak english fluently. Even in Japanese she slurs.

No. 108159

He is so desperate to defend his love for his waifu

This "mental hospital" thing is a lie.

I wouldn't be surprised if she had word done on her face. She didn't learn anything from her botched surgery.

No. 108164

I'd be bummed out of she had done a cosmetic procedure to her face other than lip filler. She desperately needs that

No. 108166

>i'd be bummed out if venus made a bad decision
stick a knife through your eye

No. 108168

Yeah, referring to Manaki as a “pet” that had to be taken to the vet to be “put down” repeatedly is some seriously hateful shit. Publicly degrading and demeaning someone as being sub human/less than human is vile.She’s a nasty lying little sociopath hiding under a fake wide-eyed innocent little girl persona.

And that instagram post talking about some kid’s mother “giving him head” along with a photo of said kid? Even Margo never stooped that low.

No. 108183

what shes doing right now is called grooming/s*xtrafficing since shes promoting being a SW to underaged and they will see her and might also become a sw… not that it is hightly immoral but also illegal.?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108184

Why are you giving out your email for everyone to see? Use sage jfc

No. 108188

I thought she used them to try and hide her eye.

No. 108191

Her fans think doing OF miraculously cured Venus of her BP, ADH, anxiety, body dysmophia or whatever she claimed to have. No need to be Sherlock Holmes to found out that most of her fans are mostly anorexic and depressive. Venus might be trying to promote her OF and prove to her haters she's happy with her choice but as a result, her video is just encouraging girls to start SW.

No. 108193

isn't the cat she is holding in the new video the same cat as the one that appeared in the background of a few videos back when she was living with ken? maybe that guy she lives with now is ken and not some new guy, that would also explain why she moved in with him that quick, because she lived with him before

No. 108196

The constant derailment of these threads is caused mainly by the moralfag. Why are they still here???


FFS, how many more fucking times you going to repeat the same shit? Give it a fucking rest!

No. 108197


You're the one who's been derailing these threads for months now with your constant obsessive moralising, I recognise your writing style from PULL too, and on Venus's Instagram.

Is it your religion saying you must go forth and crusade? Where is the love? I see only hate.

No. 108199


I wondered if it was the same cat too. But the apartment looks different. but didn't she show a video recently with a load of boxes around as though she'd just moved into somewhere? So she & whoever could have moved somewhere else and obv they'd take the cat with them.

No. 108201

it could be the case that she and ken moved into a bigger place together, that would explain the different apartment and the boxes. im pretty sure its the same cat, also, having a pet is not that common in japan as it is in the west - meeting two different guys in tokyo that both put up with her and both have a red fuzzy cat? what are the odds lol. nah im pretty sure she lives with ken again

No. 108208

where are the videos she is at this "ken"'s house and the cat

No. 108210

You forget a there are centers where you check yourself in and they do allow internet and wifi and connectivity to the outside world. not every rehab or mental hospital has no outside contact news. Especially self-checked in ones.

No. 108232

She uses Snow app.

No. 108238

File: 1596746811807.jpeg (363.93 KB, 1114x1536, 424DB489-B95D-43AC-AAC8-706978…)

>>didn't she show a video recently with a load of boxes around as though she'd just moved into somewhere?
This is what you’re thinking of, from when she first started OF. It’s the same place as in her latest video, same TV screen and box on the floor at bottom left, just minus the other boxes.

(Bonus: her flat droopy ass.)

Who knows who she’s shacked up with? Creepy photographer guy, creepy manager, Ken, whatever. Don’t think it matters that much at this point.

No. 108240

she has moved house,she mentioned it weeks ago on her OF livestreams.

She's either posting old pics or just sitting with the same stuffed toys in the new location

No. 108247

File: 1596753069818.jpeg (118.23 KB, 709x831, 31787EAC-7164-4AD4-9B29-231E47…)

I don't think thats the same cat. One's lighter and has more white markings. Still, both cats are avoiding her like the plague

No. 108248

I think the bottom cat is marshmallow presscat for snidel?

No. 108252

ugh, grandma vibes in this one.

No. 108258

>>108238 is an old pic, from June. It’s the same place as her video posted 3 days ago.

No. 108263

File: 1596765501360.jpeg (291.9 KB, 1897x1223, ADAFF07C-8217-447C-A817-C28915…)

No the bottom cat is the one from the first hovel she moved to after Manaki kicked her out last year. The one she used to do her drunk livestreams from, under that same framed picture on the wall. That screenshot is from a video last August of her eating hot peppers. The cat used to wander in and out of the frame from time to time.

Pretty sad that a year later she’s still broke and holed up in another crappy room somewhere, with no life and no future.

No. 108264

File: 1596765845810.jpeg (263.94 KB, 2048x1303, 3319B6DA-3960-4E20-B463-C1BC56…)

You can see the bottom of that framed picture in this one.

No. 108267

File: 1596767441694.jpeg (417.63 KB, 1228x1685, DA1173F2-AEFA-471B-8FBB-2522C0…)


No. 108268

File: 1596767547044.jpeg (307.64 KB, 1058x1645, 9DA98DD2-27C2-4ADB-B1B3-DFFF25…)

No. 108277

Wtf happened to her right arm?? They shooped it thin as a stick compared to her left arm.
Tbh it's a sign if animals dislike people like those cats dislike Venus kek

No. 108281

sinewy wrist and the nails makes me think of pans labyrinth thing

No. 108288

Ngl those pictures are really pretty. I like the background

No. 108296

Me too. I like the atmosphere in these two a lot. Kudos to Takahashi

No. 108302

File: 1596793446944.jpg (45.6 KB, 768x480, Venus and cat 5.jpg)


That poor cat. It also featured in her other, earlier mukbang video

No. 108303

File: 1596793565799.jpg (72.42 KB, 768x480, Venus and cat.jpg)


This is from the earlier video, the cat's expression is priceless!

No. 108304

File: 1596793619158.jpg (42.6 KB, 490x655, Venus' cat.jpg)


LOL. Gotta love that cat!

No. 108306

File: 1596793856923.jpg (57.92 KB, 768x480, Venus with cat 3.jpg)

At least in this one, the cat looks more comfortable. If I remember right, someone asked in the video what was the cat called? and she said "Cream". I thought that seemed a funny name for a cat, but guessed it was named so cos of it's colour.

No. 108308

There's something wrong with those arms…

No. 108309

That cat has seen some shit

No. 108311

I legit can't stop laughing. What the hell is that cat staring at lmao

No. 108312

I was about to comment the same lol. The cat's got the thousand-yard stare

No. 108313


Haha, yeah, it stole the show. It was looking at the plate of hot spicy food she was eating from, when that David guy kept donating money for her to eat even more, until she finished the lot, she was suffering but just kept eating it and the cat was aware of what was going on and looking like it was thinking OMG, how can she? The cat is so cute, I hope it is well and happy and not too truamatised. LOL.

No. 108314

File: 1596798149713.jpg (69.91 KB, 768x480, Venus and cat 2.jpg)


It's down in the corner, still staring. lol.

No. 108319

File: 1596802986943.bmp (1.18 MB, 572x724, Judgementcat.bmp)

Repulsed cat is repulsed

No. 108336

If she wants to take the sex worker route, she should look up to someone who is way more successful like Alice Cookie. (Please don’t tell me that she should pursue higher education because she simply won’t, sex work is a more realistic career for her)The relationship between Alice and her “boyfriend” is questionable, however she looks like a very reliable person, manages her schedule, has routines, takes care of her appearance with regular hair and nail appointments. She showers Nobu with affection (or at least she’s a good actress) and announces how grateful she is at every chance.

Even escorts on Tag, or at least some of them have a similar frame of mind and avoid statements that could be damaging to their reputation.

No. 108343

Legit thought that cat was photoshopped in, it’s glorious!

No. 108344

I’m dying! Even her own cat is judging the fuck outta Venus’ life choices.

No. 108345

Munchkin cats always have the same sad expression. lol They a high commodity in Japan. So many people specifically pay for them or straight up orange maine tabbies, but shots like this are always priceless because of it.

No. 108348

arisucookie is a sex worker?

No. 108351

Sugaring is a form of sex work, no?

No. 108352

I thought sugaring was a type of waxing

No. 108353

She looks okay here. Did she get Hyaluronic Acid fillers?

No. 108355

File: 1596824844149.jpeg (250.23 KB, 1791x1388, 7808BE03-F662-41D2-ABF0-92E78E…)

That’s a pose she keeps falling back on- gazing up to the heavens pretending to be inspired.

No. 108356

File: 1596825278133.png (2.29 MB, 1791x1388, dsdsdsddddddd.png)

No. 108359

Topkek anon.
She manages to look very frail and doughy at the same time.

No. 108360

She doesn't look inspired, she looks mentally disabled kek

No. 108364

She wish. Likely it's just bloating, that pic is from the time she bragged about having a drinking problem.


No. 108371

Being bloated actually looks good on her rather than those saggy cheeks

No. 108382

File: 1596838648781.jpg (23.52 KB, 640x480, z_e61207a5.jpg)

she really seems to develop this village slav look more and more every year

No. 108396

because im new here… i used to be a fan now i dislike everything about her im disappointed of her lies

No. 108405

She lost weight but she also uses beauty apps which change her face/body shape and facial features. This video looks similar to her tik tok stuff, so she's likely making herself appear thinner/smoother etc with an app

She looks gross and super creepy there. Lay off the editing geez

Well she's def living with someone. She doesn't have a real job so I don't know anyone in Japan who would lease to her and I doubt she saved up enough to purchase a house. Probably living with whomever is the photographer

No. 108407

Imagine living life shacking up with any sleazebag that has a roof. Supa kawaii life!

No. 108414

Kawaii hobo sex worker, uwu~

No. 108415

File: 1596879938725.png (617.02 KB, 750x1334, C1D191A2-A0F6-40A7-8882-B135D2…)

So she has ADHD now?

No. 108416

this is before OF so i don't think so

No. 108417


Attention Dependent Hypochondriac Disorder

No. 108419

this is like how you'd satirise the delusion of mania.
>omg im so productive - i've got soo much capability, i can even help other people at the same time. effortlessly! [4 seconds later] zzz. waaa. i kms

No. 108420

Moving forward, I see her rotating through illnesses to justify her laziness, slobbery, and refusal to do anything except fuck for a place to live. It's like Venus wants to be this tragic, abused little babu who is also considered a cute little dolly by everyone while she does whatever she wants without consequence. No decent, sane person who just likes cute stuff would ever end up like this, Venus seems to fetishize sex work in general, like she gets off on being so trashy and having to do OF and live with her photographer. Her life with Manaki was objectively a thousand times better according to everything the typical kawaii weeb could ever want, but she was bored with that and chose to be a sex worker hobo for fat old men?

I'm starting to think that Japan attracts broken, sexually repressed girls and messes them up even more. All the most "successful" white weebs in Japan who didn't publicly marry to stay there all ended up failing out into sex work, back to their home country or just disappear. They all seemnto get exactly what they want, then completely unravel in their mid-20s.

No. 108421

I mean, has she EVER mentioned ADHD before? Like, even once? Can’t believe this bitch.

No. 108424

File: 1596885402030.jpeg (59.66 KB, 640x640, 278DE26F-A30B-43AF-858D-E1C0AD…)

Someone on KF mentioned that she’s some kind of idol for the “traumacore” aesthetic now.

I googled it, and I literally cannot believe that that is a fucking thing. I hate Tumblr.

No. 108426

on Facebook, they're called Sanrio-hoes, basically just thots decked in cutesy kiddie stuff, pretending to be sexually traumatized or sexually adverse while also starved for affection/attention. It's something about being seen as vulnerable and innocent while also being a degenerate whore, but without the culpability of just being a whore.

>it's not my fault I'm broken uwu! I wasn't loved enough!

>I'm a grown adult responsible for myself, but I need a daddy to pay my bills and fuck me for the rest of my life while I explore my sexuality online for attention!

I finally figured out what disgusts me about Venus now- she's turning mental illness and sex work into like a fucked up security blanket for never growing up by pretending to be too retarded and "damaged" to not be a degenerate. The only thing wrong with Venus is laziness, selfishness, entitlement and a total & complete lack of self awareness or accountability. She's not mentally ill or suffering, she's living her life the way she wants to- like a lazy, oversexed NEET.

No. 108428

>She's not mentally ill or suffering, she's living her life the way she wants to- like a lazy, oversexed NEET.

Adding: not just that, she wants to live like a lazy NEET whore but without ever being called a whore, (unless it's on her own terms), and without all her fangelics calling her out for being a whore. It's like she wants to live this nasty SW life while still being perceived and idolized as the pure, cute Venus Angelic persona she used to have (which is also why Venus Demonic was deleted so quickly- her gimmick only works when it's attached to degrading her Venus Angelic persona. Nobody cares if Venus is just another whore, but whoring out while clinging to her VA persona is gonna keep getting her attention in all the wrong ways.

No. 108429

It's like Venus is using her sexual repression throughout her teens to justify her sexual deviancy now that she has her freedom… Problem with that is, people who were sexually repressed don't usually act out the same way as people who were sexually exploited…

No. 108430

File: 1596889719838.png (1.62 MB, 828x1792, FBA9EF7B-E404-4D72-8FCF-B102AE…)

“angry dms”

No. 108431


I've not heard of Alice Cookie, but June Lovejoy who she is meant to be doing a collab with at some time, seems like a good person, as June seems to have her life in order, enjoys what she does and always seems happy and willing to explain her work to anyone who has questions about it.

No. 108432

That just shows how a "real" grown up person should act, not like Venus. She is just getting mad/sad(?) for everything..

No. 108433


LOL. Reminds me of those poses that that astronomer, or physicist whatever he is, guy always does, Brian Cox, where he's always in poses like that gazing up at the sky.

No. 108434


Or maybe she's trying to locate the planet Venus in the sky, or waiting for her spaceship to arrive to take her back to whatever planet she came from. lol.

No. 108435


Cat worship? LOL.

No. 108436

Let's be real here- June and Venus aren't gonna collab. This is a standard industry move when you announce a collab with someone who ends up being problematic or risky to collab with. June is protecting her and her company's image by casually shirking Venus while pretending to be concerned for her wellbeing.

Because Venus hates it when people call her on using fake trauma to justify her excessively public sexual exploration phase. She gets mad, makes up fake illnesses and lies about what's going on because the only involvement she wants from her followers is praise for whatever she's doing- no criticism, constructive or otherwise.

No. 108437


June announced in an Instagram comment recently that the collab is on hold until Venus is "ready".

No. 108438

Lol, I’ll bet it was about the ADHD thing.

I wonder if she will eventually just give up on insta, given that “angry dms” seems to be the norm for any of her public interactions now. She’s already cut back on it quite a lot.

No. 108439


She's always had hate, she used to get loads of it back in the day but she never took any notice of any of it, she just carried on as usual as though she was completely unaware of it, or totally unaffected by it. I used to admire how, as someone so young, she could just ignore all the haters and carry on in her own sweet way as though they didn't exist, while much older Youtubers would go ballistic and show themselves up in useless rants at the slightest little criticisms that they couldn't take. Venus got a ton of hate back then, but just ignored it all and carried on regardless, it seemed so sensible and mature of her, and I figured it was maybe because she must be a very positive and happy person and that was why she was successful at what she did, because she never let the haters bother her.
But as someone said, it seems now it was because her mother was controlling things and pulling the strings, and in that aspect alone, she was right. Venus should be just doing the same now, as letting herself get all hot and bothered about it, just shows immaturity and inability to cope with online criticism, but to be fair, she does seem to get more than her fair share of it, so whatever.

No. 108441

File: 1596893163746.jpg (39.73 KB, 484x435, Venus Angelic.jpg)


She looks good throughout that whole video. It was when she first started looking really sexy. Up until then, it had been like she was afraid to look good in a sexy way for fear of what people would say, because all they wanted was her dolly image, but this is when she first started showing herself looking like this, and I don't think she'd ever looked this good before. It certainly suits her far more than the frail, pointy chin, thin faced look she tries to emulate. If she wants to embrace being a full, sexy being, she needs to stop trying to look like a half starved waif.- And yes, I meant to say waif, not waifu in case anyone was wondering, lol.

No. 108442

Yep, outstanding move on June’s side. She’ll ghost Venus smoothly while not publicly degrading her or offending her fans. Good for June, she seems too professional to be affiliated with Venus.

No. 108443

File: 1596894348997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 198.65 KB, 2048x1366, 0924D03A-5314-4D52-A90C-3D1FD8…)

What happened to her mouth tho..?

No. 108444

File: 1596894487943.jpg (25.67 KB, 679x382, Ee5uEfbU4AA7egU.jpg)

If this is recent, she's back at her old place maybe?

No. 108445

Looks like angular chelitis. Probably due to vitamin deficiency because of her poor diet. But good lord, could she not edit it out??

No. 108446

The other photo she posted with this, it’s not obvious. But heck, that’s really cringey, she could’ve edited it out I mean—

No. 108447

File: 1596894861485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 4096x2731, 1.jpg)

She looks fed up and skeletal.

No. 108448

File: 1596894899596.jpeg (12.25 KB, 202x235, 6D7EE8AE-04D4-4E30-B0AF-421694…)

Looks like herpes on the sides of her mouth or dehydration maybe

No. 108449

I don't sub to Only fans so don't know how it works, but on her Only fans page, it says "Available now". Does that mean she's on actively on there herself now? Only isn't she meant to be in a mental hospital by now? How can she be posting pix on Twitter of her wearing today's underwear and being active on Only fans if she is meant to be being treated in a mental facility? I thought she meant she was going to a live in place, not as an outpatient?

No. 108450


Or engaging in some disgusting sexual practices. I mean people who are addicted to sex activity, if she is. Dread to think where her mouth has been.

No. 108451

Because she’s a liar, and she doesn’t even care about her own mental health, much less making her lies believable anymore.

No. 108452

All those horrible retweets she keeps doing on her twitter of other women, it's the type of thing that men like. How can she just like what the usual horny man would like? The next thing we know, she'll be saying she's a man next.

No. 108453

As another anon pointed out, it might be angular chelitis. Herpes is not symmetrical like a.c. Could be malnutrition due to eating disorder or botched surgery, stress.. it could be a combination of different factors if you put her unhealthy lifestyle into consideration..

Those huge feet and hands tho. Her anachan perception doesn’t realize that being too skinny makes her big white girl feet appear even bigger and more Gollum-like. This is unsexy af. Only closet pedos and other ana-chans would find it attractive.

No. 108454

I’m really concerned about Venus’’ situation. After seeing the livestream with her manager and now the black eye on her newest video. This girl needs help.
I almost want to find out a way to contact immigration and get her out of wherever she is with force. There’s no way she’s staying in Japan legally. I’m pretty sure sex work is not okay in any type of visa.

The only way there’d be ANY hope for her to get help is out of Japan, but she’s obviously too messed up and is convinced it’s the only place she’ll find happiness.
Does anybody know how to go about contacting immigration?(cowtipping moralfag)

No. 108456


You can't interfere in her life like that. Keep out of it. Ffs. You're a stranger to her, they'd just think you are insane. There is absolutely no definite proof she is in danger, it is all just speculation and all could be staged anyway. Somewhere between the two extremes might lie the actual truth, but nothing is concrete. Stop obsessing over her and get on with living your own life.

No. 108457

She’s an adult, she’s making her own choices. She could use her OF money to go to night school, get a decent job, get therapy, but she chooses not to.

Why do you think you know what’s best for some girl on the internet that you’ve probably never met, anyway? Even if you were fluent in Japanese and got in touch with the immigration authorities, do you think she’d thank you for getting her thrown out of the only place she’s managed to have some kind of continuity? Would you have her come and stay with you? Because she has no family anywhere else willing to take her in.

Just drop it.

No. 108458

Just sit back and watch the trainwreck. She deserves everything she gets. She’s going to end up exactly like her mom, a scummy grifter whore with an ugly potato nose face

No. 108459

1. Stop being a worried auntie.
2. Take a deep breath and check the thread pic once again. Venus preys on people like you and loves it when you fall into her trap
3. Immigration doesn’t give a shit. Hundreds of Eastern European women are married to J dudes to be able work in nightlife or soaplands. Venus is just one of them, it doesn’t make her any special because of her long expired kawaii uwu act.

No. 108460

You sound like an obsessive creep with no boundaries

No. 108461


I worry about her too, but unless there was any real concrete evidence, I wouldn't dream of interfering in her life, like that person is suggesting doing. She might have mental health problems, but so have people all over the world, at least Japan is a decent country to be in, more suited to her personality than Europe or America, where I don't think she'd be happy at all. It is not Japan that is the problem, it is whatever happened in her past, or perhaps even what she was born with, for all anyone knows it might even be true what her mother says about her being a psychopath, I don't personally believe that is the truth about her, but just in case there was even the remotest possibility it was true, you are just letting your mind run away with you.

If i thought she was in reality in any kind of danger, i would want to do something to help her too, but it is nothing definite.

And anyway, how does anyone know that an anonymous person on the internet wanting to get her out of Japan is not just wanting to do it to get her into their own clutches? that anon could be a weird stalker creep imagining they are in love with her and wanting her all to themself. there are enough of them around after all, so many creeps desperately in love with her. You're doing her no favours, even if you're a genuinely nice and caring person, step back, leave her alone, let her live her life how she wants right now, she seems to be doing better than she has been at other times. now is not the time to unduly worry, please note, I care about her too, but don't interfere with her life, she wouldn't thank you for it.

No. 108462

how the fuck is getting venus deported during a pandemic helping her in any way?

you just want to hurt her, fuck your false concern and meddling. her life would be even worse if she was forced back, she'd end up moving in with margo who would soon put her claws back in.

No. 108465


Well, you asked, and you've seen the answers that have come in in just a few minutes. Just drop it. Leave her alone. If I thought she was in any real danger, I'd want to do something, remotely, to help her, but you are talking about "force". That doesn't sound good. It's a good thing she is in Japan, out of reach of so many nutters.

No. 108470

File: 1596905573131.png (7.47 KB, 568x79, retarded.png)

> The only thing wrong with Venus is laziness, selfishness, entitlement and a total & complete lack of self awareness or accountability.

It's the only thing she has consistently done since forever,kek. She wasn't lying when she said she wanted to be retarded forever.

No. 108474

>>her big white girl feet
Yep. She really is Gollum-like, all pasty and stringy and curled up, with those big old gnarly feet hanging out.

No. 108477

from when was that?

No. 108481

You can see she has huge joints too. Her knees look colossal. Her anachan uwu body is not her natural state, I feel like if she exercised and ate more she could look more athletic and live to her full potential…….. but we are talking about venus here.

No. 108482

don't forget the Gollum hygiene, like she lived in a dark cave all her life not knowing modern conveniences like shampoo

No. 108483

she looks really good here

No. 108485

this is the weirdest way to say underweight I've ever seen

they're not huge they're just joints

No. 108502


I remember her mentioning ADHD quite a few times over the past year or two. She said her psychiatrist diagnosed her with ADHD. It seems pretty plausible to me and would explain why she's continually using schedules, diaries and various schemes to try and organise herself but just can't seem to stick to it. With occasional bursts of intense but unsustained activity.

No. 108508


love those shit stains on the pillow, with the infected mouth corners they really add to the nasty NEET aesthetic!

No. 108509

>bursts of intense activity
completely false

No. 108510

illegal images aesthetic

No. 108511

Weird body proportions aside she looks so uncomfortable
But sure she is so comfortable and happpyyyy

No. 108512

What is she even holding in her hand?

No. 108513

I'm just waiting for the inevitable revelation that Venus was pimped on OF by fat TV reflection guy who is now running all her accounts so she can't replace him with another Manaki.

No. 108514

What are these poses, though? So low effort for something she supposedly “loves” doing. 250¥ cosplay costume, tired bored expression, covering her body (you know, the thing she is trying to SELL) with her arms again, weird mouth crusts, posing like one of the Hartley twins…

What little she posts of herself on her insta now looks completely at odds with this mess. It’s like they’re two different personas.

I think it’s just her awkward pose plus the ribbon around her neck.

No. 108516

forgot to unsub to her OF this month but I will definitely unsub next month. She doesn't post anything on there and she posts more on twitter all for free.

No. 108520

When was her last update? People were saying that the mental hospital thing was her way of getting out of updating it, maybe that’s true after all…

No. 108521

Aug 7th but it's a reupload of a picture that she had posted on instagram (now deleted from IG) and she posts very randomly even though she's supposed to upload daily. I'm just annoyed that she doesn't post on OF when she is clearly posting lewd pics on twitter.

No. 108523

Why are you annoyed? Now you can see all her lewds for free. You’re dumb for subbing to her OF anyway

No. 108524

Retarded question

No. 108528

Maybe she's trying to use lewds to gain more twitter followers?

No. 108529

File: 1596981095259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.02 KB, 1080x1027, 20200809_215041.jpg)

Is her face looking that bad(from bruising or whatever) that she can only post snippets of her body nowadays.

No. 108532

Most likely - her insta is cancer now with all the angry comments and messages, so I think she’s trying to move to Twitter because she doesn’t get even one critical comment there. Plus, she can lewd it up all she wants without having to worry about being reported for it and get better exposure to other potential collaborators.

However, she’s probably going to kill her OF and lose subs from that if she doesn’t strike a balance between free and paid content. But I don't think she's going to be able to keep up posting on both platforms for long anyway with her “ADHD”, so it’s a moot point.

No. 108533

File: 1596985698953.jpg (39.06 KB, 679x453, Ee5x-CLUEAAj76V.jpg)

Another pic on twitter from the tartan underwear set of pics.

No. 108534

To me that looks like she have malnutrition. Considering her fucked surgery before…. very likely. You can get these cracks on the side of your mouth from iron deficiency.

No. 108535


So I can't help wondering, is she in the mental hospital or not? Why post pics like this on twitter for free, when she could be getting paid for them on OF? Seems so inconsistent. She said something about so hot in Tokyo right now, she wants to take all her clothes off, but that pic wasn't even taken now, she just pulled it out of her album.
And as for the 'pajama' one, those undies she's wearing look too hot and uncomfortable to be wearing in hot weather, surely it's better to sleep with nothing on at all in hot weather like this? Even in usually cold old Britian, it's too hot to sleep with anything on, and I understand japan is really hot and humid. Who wants to go to bed wearing close fitting undies in hot sticky weather like this?

No. 108536

That’s just awkward sales patter for her dumb simps, anon. She’s not sleeping in that any more than she’s getting an education or therapy.

No. 108539

She she's backposting like every person does who does thottery and posts teasers as every thot does to bring people to their onlyfans. I'm a little confused where you can't separate the model from what she wears IRL to bed. lol Do you not know how thots work or something? What does heat even have to do with enticing simps with comments that sound lewd and equating it to
>And as for the 'pajama' one, those undies she's wearing look too hot and uncomfortable to be wearing in hot weather
These are for sets. No one is actually wearing anything to bed and that tartan is thin polyester. You can tell from the white backing. It's thin, not real tartan.

No. 108543

She always has her pants up high to cover the huge scar from her botched weight loss surgery

No. 108544


Can't help but feel like she's testing the waters out on Twitter to see if people will respond as badly as Instagram

No. 108545

>>Do you not know how thots work or something?

haha, well, actually, no I don't know anything about that, I didn't even know what a thot was until I looked it up, lol,. I suppose I'm a bit naive and tend to believe stuff, and all i could think was, foolishly, that she had taken a picture of what she was wearing just before she went to bed, and I was thinking how hot and uncomfortable it must be to wear something tight like those undies in hot sticky weather.

No. 108549

She's asking the nurses from the mental hospital to take those pictures for her duh

No. 108551

File: 1596992784844.png (145.84 KB, 720x676, Screenshot_20200809-200541(1).…)

No. 108554

cant really disagree with this one. id rather fuck for money in a decent kind environment than have a shit workplace and shit benefits if at all from it

No. 108559

Pearl clutchers will always hate people who do sex for fun and actually enjoy it, so Venus has a good point. I'm kind of glad she understands that and isn't as big a prude about it as Moo was and now she's showing her asshole.

No. 108563

Even if the rabid pulltards and brokenhearted fangelics doesn't report her account there, she'll have a tough time on twitter anyways, there's a ton of healthier-looking jpn costhots and sex workers offering better and lewder content for free.

No. 108565

You underestimate the sex worker positive space that she already has a leg in over there tho because of Akigaki or whatever the girls name was. I dont know if most of them know about Venus though because they are all involved in weeb shit, so no doubt theyve come across her online at one point, but she will be fine on Twitter.

No. 108583

Didn't she say her Mom lived off of her youtube money? I was pretty sure she said the same about Margo after she ran away as she she said about Manaki later on. Or am I remembering incorrectly?

I still don't belive 100% her account was reported. She has a history of making new accounts and leaving them almost immediately and another account for "sexy" content was what people wanted, so how many people would report it? Also, it was deleted, idk, mabye 5 hours after she posted it? Instagram isn't that fast, even if they just delete and don't look over the problem.

No. 108585

Yes, you're right anon.Apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all: Margo said Penus stole money from her and her grandma. Penus did the same, both Margo (partially true tho) and Manaki (not true at all) lived off her money. There's a pattern in their lies.

No. 108595

This would have more credibility if it wasn't coming from someone who never had to work a day in her life and she wasn't using Margot the professional leech as an exemple to prove her point. In her case, how she could speak of betterworking conditions as a SW? She seems to live in a dumpster and she doesn't feed herself.

Still waiting for her tragic story about her hospitalisation.

She definitely deleted it herself. People on Instagram saw through her bullshits so now she's trying with Twitter where she's still showered her with compliments. Good luck because that won't last.

No. 108605

Why does she keep posing like this, flat on her back with her arms and legs all drawn up and twisted like a pretzel? Does she think it’s “shmexy”? She’s beyond clueless to the point of seeming mentally deficient.

And put some chapstick or something on that crusty mouth ffs.

No. 108608

she has to cover her scar because she doesn't know how to use photoshop.

No. 108610

>Good luck because that won't last.

For sure, Twitter is mote fickle and faster paced than Instagram x2. As soon as her OF subs get mad about paying to support her whike she posts free lewds on Twitter, the tides will turn.

No. 108611

It's one of those virginal, fake-shy "don't look at me" poses.

No. 108615

So I guess the “mental hospital” is another thing that will Never Be Mentioned Again (like that ‘Company’ she formed with “updates every week on my Youtube channel!”)

She’s a fucking psycho.

No. 108628

SW is just as worst. it's an industry that constantly requires you to go deeper in uncomfortable places. It's an industry that is only giving it's best money to novelty girls and girls that are willing to go FULL pornstar. Girls like Venus who don't even own their own platform and only do OF or patreon, past 30yo will need to be good at it and consistent like camming almost everyday for like 14 hours. I can't imagine how sore these camgirl bodies must be after this kind of session. It doesn't even assure you reliable revenue too and you don't get any kind of health insurance if you get really sick or break an arm. It ends up fucking with your sexuality and concept of privacy too.

Venus is leeching off at her photographer's, which she obiously fucks too. She is safe financially because she has him and It's only once he's gone she will truly strungle with her SW.

Don't fall in the trap of thinking SW is easy money and lifestyle without all it's grim background.

No. 108637

Penus concept of sex work is sucking her totally gay non straight manager's dick and taking mediocre pics in donki lingerie at cheap love hotels. For someone who claims that SW was her childhood dream, she sure didn't any research during all these years.

No. 108655

Brittany Venti does a pretty good job at exposing the lies of the Sex Worker lifestyle. If anyone wanna know more about that stuff just search her youtube channel.

long story short : you have to be in real need of money/mentally ill to think sex work is actually good. Venus is probably a bit of both.

No. 108668


It's odd that when you're on her twitter and click on her instagram link it takes you to an old twitter account of hers with a picture of her with that Anastasiya Shpagina girl who got all shitty about a video Venus and her did together and she threw a hissy fit thinking she didn't look too nice in it and wanted Venus to delete it.

Anyway, Venus seems to be almost taking about her mother here with respect, like she is defending her or something.

No. 108669

>>she has to cover her scar because she doesn't know how to use photoshop.

What??? Venus, who everyone is always going on about how she edits everything, and you're saying she doesn't know how to use photoshop?? Either she does or she doesn't, can't have it both ways.


I guess she sees that pose a lot in Japanese porn and anime pix and so she is trying to replicate it.

No. 108670


June Lovejoy doesn't seem at all mentally ill or desperate in any way for money and seems like a really good ambassador for sex work as she appears to thrive on it.

No. 108672

File: 1597069954704.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.4 KB, 679x453, Ee5yX0AU0AE4nRn.jpg)

How many more with the tarten underwear? She captioned it:
*rolls around*

waits for head pats

No. 108673

It's called an exception, as with every thing, not the rule. SW isn't generally someone's first thought of work with options available to them or mentally capable of handling them.

It's only "modern days" when people see thots blow up on OF/Patreon do they think "easy money!"

No. 108674

She looks concerned more than sexy.

No. 108685

She edits her pics and videos with snow, not photoshop. Do you even the thread? You don't have to do anything if you use snow, only small changes sometimes. For photoshop, which she doesn't use, you need to have some level of skill. So yea she doesn't know how to use photoshop but heavily edits her pictures AND videos (because smb claimed her recent vid is the evidence that she really looks like that). Those two statements don't contradict each other.

Idk why so many of her wk still want to aruge about her editing. She doesn't even look like a real human or herself in some of her pics.

No. 108709

I (want to) believe that SW is compatible with good working conditions - if you do it not by impulse, lazyness or greed but after careful consideration and a good mental health. You can do it just because you love sex and giving pleasure to others. SW could also help you to pay your studies.
Sadly most of e-thots like Venus just started OF etc just for male attention and easy money. All those girls aren't even poor, never knew hunger and still living at their parents house. If I was a prostitute that do SW because I have no choice for make a living, I would be kinda sickened to see girls choosing to ruin their lives for those trivial reasons.

No. 108738

> For photoshop, which she doesn't use, you need to have some level of skill.

All you need is click Filter>Liquify and morph your features in any way you want.
As for smoothing out skin you can learn that in a 5min youtube video, again, with a couple clicks.
I'm sure a lab chimpanzee could do it if they tried.

No. 108748

Of course a lab chimpanzee could do photoshop, but we're talking about Venus that's too much work for her

No. 108806


Jep that's what I meant with "some level" of skill. Venus is too lazy to learn something usefull even if it's a 5 min task. On Snow you have to do basically nothing, It's similar to snapchat.

No. 108819

Let's be real for a moment, sex work is Venus' only real option to ever make a good salary. She didn't even graduate high school, her CV is a blank page and she has the attention span of a common house fly. The only proper jobs she could do would be grunt work, and even then she would not shower, be late and stop showing up in a week once she gets bored. She has no ambition and would never be willing to work towards a goal, she wants instant gratification. At least when you do OF, you have a lot of control over the final product and are able to do sex work in a safe environment, unlike prostitutes and sugar baby who have to meet up with strangers.

Venus is only successful because she already had a huge following, though. Her content isn't all that sexy but a lot of her followers just want to witness the trainwreck or give her pity bux so they stick around anyways. A random average-pretty white girl in her early twenties is never going to pull such numbers. The internet is absolutely saturated with free porn,you'll just be one more bitch to fap to. You likely won't make a killing but your porn will still be out there and potentially screw you over later in life.

No. 108826

NTA, but I wonder what options Venus has once she gets a bit older, or what sex workers tend to do once they age out of porn. I mean she is only 24, but she is already editing the heck out of herself to look younger.

No. 108835

I totally agree with you. OF is probably the safer place to do SW for Venus. It is not she had not any options in the past to do something with her life. She had a lot of time and money but chose to spend it doing nothing, not even a good therapy (because let's be real the therapist she always talked about never existed just like her hospitalisation she supposed to be having now). She is not even doing OF seriously. She has no schedule and she still manages to botch her pictures. As for her new money, she must not spend it wisely seeing the filthy background of her pictures. Either she's giving to pimp-San or she's buying jirai onna cheap clothes etc. And if miraculously she's saving up, it must be because she have another stupid idea like her surgery. My bet on face fillers.

No. 108850

All this plus she has delusions of grandeur about what she is and what she is capable of (YouTube star! Owner and CEO of her own Company! Bar/business owner and operator!) just like her mommy. Grunt work (the only thing she’s qualified for irl) is waaayyy beneath a Star and Public Figure like Wenus.

And going back to school to qualify for an actual career or profession is way too much work, which she is incapable of and derisive towards anyone who suggests such a thing. School and work is for peons, not famous people like her.

No. 108863

All her pictures look cheap and shady, same as always with penus. Is she every getting kicked out of Japan?

No. 108872

File: 1597207804716.png (114.63 KB, 720x751, Screenshot_2020-07-27-12-38-25…)

I'm a bit late to the "did venus delete her second account or not" argument but in the first PULL Discord, a user named Qualle actually said that she had reported Venus' second account and had a screenshot showing that Instagram had taken it down based on her reports. I don't have the screenshot of her gloating about doing it but here's the one where she posts the message.

No. 108879

I wonder what she will do next after this OF shit? I’m probably wrong but I feel like it won’t last long. She’s is just so awkward and looks more and more fed up with this kind of stuff and It really shows.

No. 108880

Maybe going back to paters or whatever the site was called she used to use before OF

No. 108882


I'm sorry, but people like this Qualle retard are despicable. Nasty sniveling little snitches. What do they get out of it, except for some perverse satisfaction of 'getting' someone they are obsessed with in a hate filled way. Let's be totally honest here, there was no real concrete reason to report Venus's second channel. She did what the nasty little 'moral crusaders' had always said they wanted her to do and made a second account, but then that wasn't enough for them, they had to go one step further and then get that shut down. After all, her having that second account for more adult related content gave the nasty little obsessives one less thing to criticise her for. And that is the main thing they want to do.

And please don't say Oh but they are only protecting the chilldrennn because I don't believe that crap for one moment, when her second account was solely for the adult stuff anyway.

I'm not a bit surprised that it was one of the retarded moronic cretins from PULL that stuck their filthy little oar in.

Now we have less to talk about here in Lolcow, I was looking forward to see what sort of thing Venus was going to post on her Demonic account and to see if she would really be consistent with it.

And I thought it was against the PULL 'rules' anyway, aren't they not supposed to interfere in any way with the real life exploits of any of the cows?

No. 108885

>And I thought it was against the PULL 'rules'
The rules were to restric this kind of idiots. I guess this speeds up a little her burned out process.

No. 108888

I have no words for this video, I’m still not past the music she plays in the beginning saying she’s an anal queen

No. 108894

Holy smokes…

She reminds me in this video so much of her mom.. this wannabe-funny-crazy -attitude..(namefag)

No. 108902

Kyaba or soap land.

No. 108903


Oh god I hate the sex jokes

who is the intended audience? Women will cringe at the tryhard sex jokes and no man would sit through a makeup tutorial

No. 108905

Even Margo's crap makeup tutorials were funnier than this

No. 108906

tbh i myself am an analqueen as well. not entirely sure what that entails, but it sounds rad

No. 108907

Her fans'comments are cringier than the video itself. "she looks so happy" "it's her real self"

No. 108908

Oh man…. one step closer to being locked up in a madhouse

No. 108912

Exactly where she was supposed to be this last couple of weeks anyway….

No. 108944

File: 1597266669838.png (139.23 KB, 520x700, Screenshot_20200810-232353.png)

No. 108949

File: 1597269944123.png (195.07 KB, 520x875, Screenshot_20200810-232256.png)

No. 108961

too lazy to even go to the doctor

No. 108963

I`m was thinking it was funny, and the make up stuff was informative. That irritadets myself. Im the traget audiance? i, confused…

No. 108964

Still more endless leading to justify her absences.

No. 108965

she has no excuse to miss a doctor's appointment, it's not like she's super busy with a career or has a life at all. can't even be bothered to reschedule like a grown-up and stoops to wasting people's time. lol this bitch has no tact

No. 108967

your comment is so dumb, is it your first day in the thread? You seem unable to conceive of self-sabotaging. She says right there she missed it on purpose To Fuck Things Up.
You would tell some suicidal person 'oh you cut your own arm, you slipped like a silly baby! You need to cut paper like a grown-up'
Not that i'm defending venus - she's suffering but causing more damage 'than she's worth'. So I think her channel should be COPPA'd but im not going to tip
Part of venus wants to get better but there's a huge fear of being better which would mean having to take responsibility and face having to live in the future these actions have created. That fear says says no god, just sabotaging it double down till something breaks

No. 108968

File: 1597277971262.jpg (135.65 KB, 794x1024, 20200812_191611.jpg)

She's really active on twitter I'm assuming she's given up on Instagram

No. 108969


I was still subbed for the cringe but this was such nuclear cringe I had to unsub.

This feels like watching an Amy Winehouse gig in the downfall years. It's not even funny any more.

No. 108975

lol why the passive aggressive attitude here?? No sane people wants to read about your mental breakdown baits. Get help.

This is only another countdown until the next “im so mentally ill i wanna die, im going to the hospital tomorrow” bs.

The worst thing is that she would get some empathy if only she was actually helping herself and not using it for attention and clicks to her whore page.

No. 108976

File: 1597279766811.jpeg (263.75 KB, 1926x1159, F944F51D-6B81-4B03-89FE-5001D9…)

I couldn’t even make it past the first minute of this shitshow.

No. 108981

Are you kidding? Nothing about that video was informative, she was talking shit for 9 minutes straight.

No. 108982

It looks like she wants to make people mad on purpose

No. 108983

The video is it supposed to be funny ? Or to make people mad with her sexual jokes or to make sex work normal to kids like she is saying do this with your lips like you are giving « blow job » Or she wants to go viral so bad .. I’m confused why then she cries when she gets hate but continues to piss people off

No. 108986

Needs subtitles

No. 108990

venus just get a nose job already instead of photoshopping your nose so much. My goodness its not even the same girl

No. 109003

A Benus video could be informative if your English skill level was zero, yes

No. 109004

if you sit through it the video does answer why her boobs are suddenly bigger and why her face was like a grey yellow color from earlier criticism.

but you do have to sit through it.

No. 109013

It's obvious she's copying George (FF). Remember her YT favs included FF, HIMR and Kanadajin. She dyed her hair to a similar color as him. Often sports greasy hair and looks disheveled, like him. Attempting his type of humor (well not really, his was much better). Showing off excessive drinking (FF is known to drink). Talking about sex a lot. She even tried singing before and guess what FF does now? She's been copying him for a while. She probably thinks her OF is as 'crazy' and the equivalent of approaching ppl on the street in a pink suit; that it's eccentric. But this is the worst video I've ever seen from this manipulative bitch. She has no charm, charisma and humor is not her forte. This is incredibly unfunny and cringey. Why doesn't she just stick with her strengths? Her strengths were vlogging. She could show off love hotels and talk about Japan. She could talk about hentai, porn or review some products, without the tryhard FF edgy humor. She sucks at it. It's as embarrassing to watch as her videos with Sora. I remember a while back when she had short black hair she also used to copy this famous Japanese girl too (who's name I forgot).

Anything Margo posts is funnier because she comes across as this weird crazy lady due to being in her 40s, whereas Venus just comes across as those wanna be edgy/quirky try hard tik tokers.

No. 109014

Yeah she did. Another contradiction. She just uses her mom when it's convenient to bolster herself up because it still bothers her that people don't respect her for her disgusting sex work. I don't see why they would when she 1. sold her sex work to underage fans 2. changed without any regard to her old fanbase 3. cared only about her paypigs and only interacted with them 4. And most importantly, shit on real jobs being beneath her and putting other actual hard-workers down calling them uncreative etc.. She was obviously lying about Margo. Margo had to have been working in order to pay to start up the channel, all the props etc. She's manipulative af and shifts narratives whenever it suits her.

No. 109015

Or editing. Remember she edits and airbrushes all her photos. She probably tried to make her mouth look smaller/thinner/less wide.

No. 109016

She looks terrible there. Also she was using beauty apps and a ringlight so she still looked different from her irl self.

No. 109017

She gets exactly what she deserves for being a lying, manipulative, slandering Margo 2, not "more than her fair share." Please.

No. 109018

you can't hear anything and can't even see the color of her makeup because of the poor lighting.

she did the undereye shade that asians do to pop their eyes but on white girls it just makes them look more tired. or it looks like dirt.

terrible eyelash installation. terrible jokes. depressing Japanese love hotel. breast padding under awful sailor slut top. the ethot anime shirt… also she looks kinda hangover or drunk. Can't tell. Whatever juice keeps u thriving Venus.

i don't know why this is a thing. 2/10 for the effort of getting out of bed i guess.

No. 109019

Victim mentality. She thinks if she cries publicly enough, she will amass her remaining white knights to fight the "haters" and "angry dms". God she's such a bitch. She would have been getting "angry dms" for years now. But only when she needs pity, asspats and respect for the sleazy sex work does she, once more, will she pull the victim card. She cries victim in more instances than her mom. It's actually pathetic.

Yeah, I question her Margo story. Margo's a bitch just like Venus, but I certainly think she embellished her "abuse" story, same way as she fabricated it with Manaki, her Vtuber manager and possibly Ken. She's not above making things up or embellishing things. In regards to Margo, first she had us believing that she did all the work, editing, concepts etc for the channel, probably to divert hate and justify taking the channel. Then she calls her mom her 'momager' and leaves a comment on the Primink vid in support of its bias. Along with shamelessly plugging in her socials - followers and numbers seemed more important to her than her "trauma." The Primink vid states it was Margo who forced Venus into YT and forced the doll persona/other concepts. So in agreeing, Venus was contradicting her story. And of course, this "forced" girl continued with the doll + kawaii image and YT well after leaving. She also claimed isolation, yet Margo has plenty of pictures with Venus outdoors, with other kids, people, going to school etc. She embellished her abuse 100%. We know she lied about Manaki, so why not about Margo? She had us believing that Margo leeched off the YT, yet now claims her mom worked 12 hour shifts at some point in time. She is trying to justify her sex work so yet again, the narrative changes.

No. 109020

Why would it get taken down though? Is it actually against guidelines? Because from what I know, OF content is against IG guidelines, so it was rightfully removed (although it's stupid to say make another account then report it). That said, Venus should have never used her IG for OF stuff in the first place. But money trumped morals. Venus should save her OF stuff for OF only, (not shamelessly use her IG to promote sex work) and her IG stuff for her kawaii fanbase. She stopped giving a shit about her OG fans since they're not her pay pigs.

No. 109021

Not really when she has a history of EDs and many other things. She's a whore. She just can't stand being called one. Contradicting her Margo story as well.

No. 109023

No, don't tell us or anything, we shiuld all totally go give Beenus more views!

No. 109027

…Zoom in on that milk carton and see how warped and wavy it is. kek.

No. 109028

File: 1597319853438.jpeg (48.17 KB, 629x488, 9F9C74BB-0153-4D78-9D28-08E303…)

Why does she always put her eyelashes on half way down her eye instead of on top like you’re supposed to do, because of this they always look wonky on her and lopsided

No. 109030

File: 1597320481023.jpeg (366 KB, 993x1280, 19AA0154-9576-45B7-8B88-D16CFF…)

This is a more accurate version of that image she highly edited

No. 109034

To be fair, this is not really contradicting herself - Venus wasn't on Youtube money since she was born after all. Not saying she is not lying, but it's perfectly possible for Marge to be working "12 hours a day" and then quit her job and leech of after Venus started gaining attention (and money).
Again, I'm not saying she's not lying, just that it's not really a contradiction at all.

No. 109040

haha anon you did great. i would've broaden the shoulders but Venus also happens to have a huge head so, may be accurate.

No. 109045

damn bro she looks like a feral child if you turn it black and white lol

No. 109046

File: 1597336136577.png (Spoiler Image, 75.66 KB, 1024x467, AC04356C-854A-402D-9271-B3F3D5…)

sage for tin foil but i really hope that pose is just an innocent neko paw

No. 109050

Yes anon, it's just a failed 'neko' pose.

No. 109055

Don’t Marina Joyce her that’s fucking annoying she’s just doing random retarded shit as usual

No. 109059

I think the reason she does these sarcastic /trolling videos is so that she doesn’t have to feel bad or face the facts that she really isn’t that popular or well liked anymore. She can just shrug off negative comments and downvotes as people who just “didn’t get it!”, were “trolled”, or “couldn’t handle her edge”.

I mean it must be hard to see that your popularity as a 23 year old you tuber is literally about 1% of what it was when you were a teen and had mommy’s help (she would regularly have multimillion views, now she is getting closure to 30k-60k)

No. 109060

Agreed, it gives her an excuse for failure, and one last chance to be an edgy Belle Delphine thot instead of a failed jvlogger. She has nothing to lose, really. But it is a shame, I liked her content back when she was posting reviews of Japanese goods like snacks or starbucks or whatever, even her makeup tutorials were fun and not badly done by and large. I'm a dumb weeb so I liked her stuff along with the rest of the Japan vloggers who you could live the "kawaii" life vicariously through, but Venus was too lazy to keep it up. I've got to imagine most of her audience was like me, and now they're just watching some girl spiral. It would be sad if she didn't just do it to herself, but she obviously just wants to make the quickest buck with the least effort.

No. 109098

File: 1597371903692.jpeg (343.24 KB, 2036x1357, CA20DE02-4C83-47EF-BACA-E8D897…)

Her latest offering on Twitter.

No. 109101

can anyone explain the fucking colors? is it piss-blind editing or why are her eye-whites red and around them is big yellow stains?

No. 109103

I wonder if her life would be better if she went back to her mom. I know her mom is batshit crazy but at least Venus didn't have to prostitute herself

No. 109104

She doesn’t “have to” prostitute herself now.

No. 109105

that coffee or caramel or whatever looks like fucking diarrhea

poorly applied foundation

No. 109107

It is kinda weird.. she abandoned Instagram and only fan is getting ditched slowly ..
and she is putting her photos on Twitter for free now ! and she is back doing YouTube
But why promoting onlyfan when she doesn’t post that much

No. 109114


The cycle is moving. She's probably getting disillusioned with her former hobby so she either updates her OF sporadically from now on or straight up ignores it till the next time she feels like going there

No. 109116

I wonder what do her subs in OF think about her posting sporadically

No. 109120

maybe if she keeps it up, pimp-san will beat some sense into her kek

No. 109125


she's probably already fed up with posting nudes in my opinion. it doesn't seem like she likes posting her boobs or show more, she does it way less now.

maybe she's trying to be viral on the internet again just so she can go back to posting her edited face and "cute" bs. i mean that is all that is important to her: to look kawaii.

and look at her twitter, only edited "kawaii" faces. no super osé stuff unless it's a retweet pic from another e-thot. she's basically using them to attract more followers.


remember belle delphine didnt update her patreon for a year and still has subcribers.

No. 109126

She always seems to use sarcasm as a coping mechanism when she receives a lot of criticism.
This video is her pretending to not care about all the things people say about her although she's clearly butthurt.

People say she's been looking sick and yellowish lately so she purposely slathers her face in yellow conceiler. Then she calls herself weeb a couple times because that's what others do. Paints sad eyebrows on her face while mumbling something about her sugar daddy because people think her manager is abusive or she always looks traumatized in her porn pics? Slutty seifuku, twin tails, making herself look younger and calling herself a loli because she gets shit for sexualizing underage characters and editing herself underage. Lots of forced cringy sex jokes because people keep telling her porn is not a good idea, so she has to double down. "Dumb" slut and lol I can't count joke because she's just a poor high school dropout. Etc etc

No. 109127

It’s just really quiet there, even when she does post there are just a few comments… usually at least one is an awkward gif of spongebob or some other shit that is supposed to be funny

No. 109129

what annoys me the most is how she literally says, she wants to look 'loli' ; this is gross.

No. 109132

This. She's ruining herself at warp speed due to none other than her sheer lack of self awareness.

No. 109133


I think the only reason she went to OF to begin with was because she thought she would go viral there. It seems like Venus thinks that every time she hops over to a new platform, she should immediately take off with no effort because she's just the kaweewee-ist European woman to ever expat to Japan for a cocksucker visa.

No. 109154


Well have to disagree there, she looks gorgeous in that pic. It's a shame she doesn't embrace that full on sexy look instead of going for the half starved anime girl thing she usually has going.

No. 109155


What is that even meant to be? Sauce? Syrup?

Anyway… https://twitter.com/i/status/1294274683773173761(imageboard)

No. 109156

She looks like PT.

No. 109165

Take your thirst for greasy Venus somewhere else please

No. 109168

Post a cap not a link dude

No. 109181

it's the fucking lamb sauce

No. 109188

File: 1597435894175.jpeg (179.32 KB, 1640x1130, A3E6FE47-1997-479E-9267-F64805…)

It’s just a gif of her squeezing her boobs.

Why she can’t be arsed to wash her greasy damn hair once in awhileis beyond me.

No. 109190

Can’t even see her boobs, between the hair all over her shoulders, the bright lighting and…the fact that her hands cover them completely, lol. I can't believe how basic and boring it is.

I know it’s only $6 a month, but come on…this is the career she boasted was more creative than YT and gave her more freedom than a regular job. She doesn’t need creative freedom if she has no creativity in the first place. Pretty sure she’s only getting paid for OF now because most people forgot to unsub…

No. 109191

I love how she can commit to getting new tacky whore nails every week, but can’t drag herself to one inpatient appointment.


No. 109195

Because the whole point was gaining sympathy to gain more OF subs. Literally all beenus has ever done and what most thots do.

Either that or fake illnesses.

No. 109196


She wanted a job with freedom to slack off

No. 109198

File: 1597441068653.jpeg (343.64 KB, 1113x1847, D28BFD92-8607-4E77-9D69-DC4B05…)

No. 109199

File: 1597441099281.jpeg (321.85 KB, 1125x1878, 36D2B90E-B92C-491A-8431-7B2359…)

No. 109202

File: 1597442808215.jpg (85.85 KB, 741x439, stinker.jpg)

tangent, sorry:
venus reminds me of this greasy weeb from a youtube video where people were interviewing tryhards in nyc. about her fashion she says 'i think i look ..cute (about to say kawaii) and a little bit, japanese' (you can see her obligatory asian boyfriend, the poor fool).
A year or so later she was in Japan for real! (doing hardcore JAV with her hair bleached, squeaking in an insulting impression of jav girl moans and by which, funnily enough, sounding a lot like venus 'voice')

No. 109203

Their name is Amelia Earhart. (no relation to the pilot)

No. 109212


I like how she is considering a 2nd account when she can't keep up with 1

No. 109217

any link about her?

No. 109220

Nothing she’s done so far is even remotely lewd, so I’m dying to see what her definition of “hardcore” is. She needs to shut up sperging about what a “pervert” she is, stop going ADHD and creating 59765 different accounts and just do her effing job on the one account she already has.

No. 109221

File: 1597471522118.jpeg (45.56 KB, 340x520, 8ADFAD01-C058-4144-A444-20D1BB…)

Just google “Amelia Earhart jav”, loads comes up.

She looks like Venus in the pic other anon posted (like she slept in a trash can), but at least she seems to be enjoying herself now she’s in porn.

I’m starting to think that getting into AV is the only thing that can make Venus a normal human being, judging by June and now this girl…

No. 109222

fucking lol, her OF is already not worth it due to the shitty quality, she should just add more content without upping the price. she already had to lower the price on her picture sets cause obviously no one is interested in paying a premium for those blurry, terrible angles.

No. 109231

Yeah, no lol Amelia hasn’t been active in a long time and wasn’t even that popular in Japan. June was normal before she started porn and just likes sex. She, unlike Amelia and Venus, had worked in a company setting and knows how to function like a normal fucking human. I know porn gets a bad rep, but I really wanted Venus and June to become friends because June seems like she could have really helped Venus. Venus’ personality is now just this e-thot thing and it’s boring as hell. You can like sex and have other fucking interests.

No. 109232

>other interests
venus has never had a single 'interest'. you're slipping into thinking her as a person, rather than a shell held approximately together by an occasional weak craving for attention

No. 109235


Even if June had taken Venus under her wing & got her aigned up at her jav agency, Venus wouldn't have made it there for long. Aside from her problematic image and behavior, her problem isn't that she's too awkward and gross, it's that she can't hear criticism or advice that isn't what ahe already wants to do or be. Venus wants to run through life doing whatever she wants without consequences or responsibilities, and thinks low-rank sex work/escorting will grant her that but it never will. One shoot with June where her company is telling Venus how to pose or what to say (and we know they wouldn't Kotashoop her kawaii face onto her real one, she doesn't have that kind of power), she'd post a long winded rant about the aboosive and controlling agency restricting her precious creativity and jot letting her be as pervy as she wants in her own way, or making her look bad, or any other number of bullshit excuses.

I, personally, think June & her company saw that coming after watching her behavior on IG and Twitter and decided to quietly forget the collab.

No. 109238

I don’t think she would make it as an av idol for the simple fact that she wants to be seen as Japanese - both June and this other girl are playing the busty blonde American girls. That’s what they want in porn with a western actress. Sad as it is, she could get into that business more easily if she quit the Wapanese shit (or at least kept it to a personal account) and marketed herself as a blonde Swiss mountain girl.

No. 109239


That wasn't what she said recently, someone asked her about the collab with Venus and she said she is looking forward to it and that it is still on and will take place once Venus is ready.

Speaking of June, she was so prolific on IG posting a few pics ever day mostly, but hasn't posted anything for a week now. Maybe she's taking a little break?

No. 109240

Even collabing with someone who clearly cares about her, on a project that she’s supposedly motivated by and looking forward to, wasn’t enough to get her to go to the fucking hospital.

She will never be “ready”.

No. 109243

She said on Twitter she was being stalked and taking some time off with dealing with that and overwork apparently.

She straight up fucking lied to June telling her she was going to a mental hospital lmao Venus sucks like Venus can be an ethot whatever but Jesus Christ why does she have to lie about mental health stuff. Personally I’m glad the collab ended Venus fucking sucks.

No. 109245

>>taking time away from social media to deal with health/mental stuff

That, right there, is a healthy thing to do, and Venus should be learning more than porn shit from this girl.

No. 109247

I'd bet money June's hiatus has at least something to do with Venus being a total emotional vampire.

No. 109248

Venus is currently live on YT.

No. 109249

File: 1597502203074.png (1.78 MB, 1760x1176, Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.3…)

Venus is live with "Animal Crossing Switch Unboxing". She just got back after leaving the stream for a couple of minutes. So far, she's turned on Animal Crossing and has been debating about whether to play in Japanese or English.

No. 109250

The girl's looking good. Is she back at her old place?

No. 109251

File: 1597502540194.png (1.13 MB, 1260x770, Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.4…)

Posting this face she made as she was adjusting the switch behind the camera lol.

She showed on stream she's drinking Kirin 48 vegetable juice and talking about it.

No. 109252

What’s with those hollow cheeks…

No. 109253

Is she wearing a wig? It looks much thicker than what her hair usually looks like.

No. 109254

Her stream seems full of Arabic speaking people. I never knew she had so many fans in the Middle East.

No. 109256

As usual she has no idea what she's doing, and is wasting time trying to connect things without a clue as to what she is doing.

No. 109258


And looks like she has a sticking plaster stuck to her neck.

No. 109259


She said she scratched it a little too hard. I'm not surprised with those nails!

No. 109260

She “scratched herself a little too hard” she says. I see pictures of her on here but damn seeing her live is something else. Her skin is grey.

No. 109264

Can't find the longer stream now. but this is still here.

No. 109265

Given that someone on KF basically confirmed that pimp-san beat her ass in that previous stream, I really doubt it.

No. 109267

I believe this isn't a recent video, she must have made this when she first started getting the OF money, but she didn't upload it till now

No. 109268

It’s from a livestream that literally just happened.

No. 109269

The longer one is there again now, but keeps disappearing.

No. 109270

>> someone on KF basically confirmed that pimp-san beat her
No one has “confirmed” anything. KF is a hysterical pearl-clutching group of middle aged women whe get all themselves all worked up imagining scenarios where poor widdle Weenus is being abused yet again!

No. 109271


June joined the stream at one point apparently but I didnt see the comments, they are turned off, venus's hands were shaking she said, she said she's a shy person and was nervous seeing so many comments. I haven't watched it all, she said she would like to live in Switzerland cos its her home country, she said she will do makeup tutorials again. She has a dermatologist apparently and is satisfied with her skin care routine, looks like she may be back at her old place, she referred to something being in 'her' room.

No. 109272

Back at Manakis, or the rented hovel?

No. 109273

She is shaking so much
she looks calm and answering this time for real and not overly sexual

No. 109285

June was in a collab with Venus in June (the month)… she was the one in the tickling video that you can buy on OF for $30. Venus randomly sent that video in messages to her OF for $5 this week.

(I don’t have access to it at the moment, so someone else please post it :P)

No. 109286

I can't believe shes back at manakis place afreakingain! where is he? why does she go to hotels and then back to this house. Wtf is going on?

No. 109289

File: 1597520686803.jpeg (164.46 KB, 1074x1005, 8260E406-B9F3-4A45-9366-021CAF…)

That unfortunate Margo-mouth thing she has going on just gets more prominent all the time. I hate to think what she’ll look like when she’s Margo’s age.

No. 109290

That’s not manaki’s place. There was no brown sofa in her room there.

No. 109291

File: 1597521672301.jpeg (701.06 KB, 3342x2030, E8BE3AC0-0B84-49FF-9509-E44BE7…)

Her face reminds me of the mike wazowski meme kek

No. 109296

Why did she get another switch with another ACNH game when she already played it months ago on Switch Lite? Waste of money

No. 109298

That was a nice stream, i missed seeing her talk normally

No. 109301

remember when a subscriber was supposed to win the switch lmao

No. 109303

Classic Weenos.

No. 109305

Holy shit, you're right. It's 100% the same Switch

No. 109306

File: 1597530857429.png (1.12 MB, 1516x604, sc.png)

the wallpaper on the right looks the same, pretty sure she's back at manakis

No. 109307

Too bad she removed it because I would love to see real evidence of what you claimed she said . Now we can't speculate upon a fact, just a rumor.

But if what she said is true, then I really hope she means it.

I prefer seeing her like this than what she turned her self into lately. Even tho she's too boring as a person to follow, doesn't mean anything about her personality. She's not a people's person, obviously. I hope she will understand this. Being an introvert is not a crime.
She's fking shaking during stream. So when she says she's a shy person i really believe her. A shy person SHOULD NOT OPEN ONLY FANS.
That's obviously not something she really wants to do.
I hope she understands there are other things she can do besides youtube or OF.

She is intelligent enough to do lots of things, she doesn't have to be super popular to feel good enough about herself. Most human beings are not known or popular, and they lead a normal life, not necessarily happy, but not necessarily bad either. I hope she understands one day that life is not just black and white, its a spectrum.

No. 109308

I can't believe she would use being shy as an excuse to her shaking when in the video with mikan she was also shaking like crazy. you can tell when she was holding the thermos thingy

No. 109309

File: 1597532111542.png (5.7 MB, 1125x2436, 2E54BB75-1841-4F3A-B9B1-8D733D…)

and these pics also show brown couch when she was at manakis

No. 109310

File: 1597532172951.png (406.26 KB, 548x788, house.png.23dfb6224354be7d1567…)

No. 109312

Maybe they are not divorced and he is okay with her doing only fan .. as long as she doesn’t have sex with other men

I don’t know people with open relationship they confuse me

No. 109314

Venus seems so nice apologizing and saying thank you to her fans in the stream

She seems happy

No. 109316

I was asking myself the same questions. Surely looks like a wig her hair is soo thick in this. And her cheeks look so weird. i think there are only 3 options: 1. surgery, 2. filter/wrongly applied blush, 3. weight loss.

I'm pretty sure they are not divorced. She obviously has a visa which allows her to do sex work and we know she doesn't work for a company and didn't get a visa through that. As far as i understood from discussions on here and pull her only other option would be a spouse visa as you are not allowed to do sex work on a working or student visa.
But I don't think they are a couple anymore. He probably just takes her in if she has nowhere to go and stays married so she wont get deported, that simp.

No. 109318

She has been shaking for years. I have a neurological condition that causes the exact same hand shaking (size, frequency, etc.). I've noticed it in her hands consistently since she was a teenager. That sounds creepy… It has just always made me feel less alone to know that Venus probably has it too.

Essential tremor is what she seems to have (it is the most common neurological disorder known, and causes shaking hands. It is usually diagnosed after 50, but for some reason it is also common to get it around 14-17)

No. 109320

Remember that random channel with horror let's plays and Venus in the title? I guess we can confirm she's kind of relevant there…

She's mentioning her home land… Can we hope for her to get back? Fuck yes please go back V.

No. 109324

File: 1597539580978.jpg (589.98 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20200815-175801_You…)

ok so whats this bandage on her neck?what kind of injury you can get there? it's a wierd place for a bandage.

No. 109325

Skin tag removals..hiding blemishes, some jaw line surgeries etc.

Doubt it's an injury.

No. 109329

File: 1597541645188.png (208.36 KB, 500x298, tumblr_nf75k9yngg1tjfh12o1_500…)

>she could get into that business more easily if she quit the Wapanese shit and marketed herself as a blonde Swiss mountain girl.

Pretty sure she has brown hair naturally.

No. 109332

>She is intelligent enough to do lots of things
Completely false. PULLgelic teenager fuck off and drink bleach today

No. 109335

No one said she isnt naturally brown haired just that she could look good blonde and could market herself as a blonde

No. 109338

You are always telling people to harm themselves “today”, but nobody here even likes you or wants you to be here

No. 109341


>The girl's looking good

>That was a nice stream
>Venus seems so nice apologizing and saying thank you to her fans in the stream
>She seems happy

Oh yeah, sure, she seems like she's doing just fantastic and not at all fumbling around in self-perpetuated misery.

No. 109347

Can be just allergies.doubt it's a big issue/injury

No. 109350

Are you that bitch from pull who permanently complained about Venus greasy hair for almost 2 years?

After all her shitty behavior it’s her hair that bothers you the most?
Seriously wtf is wrong with you?

No. 109356

look at her nails, it's recent, she just got them done black.

No. 109357

her shaking can mean she doesn't take enough calories/has a poor eating habbit. looking at her pictures, this can be part of the case (besides having dringink problems and other things ppl say abt pimp-san)

No. 109368

>>Too bad she removed it because I would love to see real evidence of what you claimed she said . Now we can't speculate upon a fact, just a rumor.

The video is still up today and the live comments section is back, so if you don't mind scrolling down through them, you should be able to find the bit where June comments, I just don't have time myself to do it right now. I guess Youtube takes some time to process a video or something and for the live comments to show up again.

No. 109370

>>I was asking myself the same questions. Surely looks like a wig her hair is soo thick in this.

Fake nails and fake hair, well I guess we can see where some of the Only fans money is going. (Not saying there's anything wrong with that!)


She said her hands were shaking because she was so nervous at so many live comments all coming in at once and she couldn't read them all, and the fact that she hadn't done a live like this for quite a time. I can understand that, I'd get very nervous too, she said she's a naturally shy person, again understandable to me.

>>Remember that random channel with horror let's plays and Venus in the title?

Not sure. Do you mean those two video game videos that someone posted where one of the players seemed to be called Venus Angelic? (Maybe deliberately named after her or just a coincidence.) I didn't see any horror related stuff.

>>ok so whats this bandage on her neck?what kind of injury you can get there? it's a wierd place for a bandage.

A love bite maybe? I wondered about that too, I didn't notice it until people started asking in the comments, and she said she'd scratched herself, easily done with those nails I would have thought, so it makes sense I suppose. Then again,she could have just tried to cover any blemish or mark with make up or concealer and then it would not have shown up at all. Maybe she wanted people to notice and comment on it, so maybe that is why she put a plaster on it, it wasn't even a skin coloured sticking plaster but looked like one of those with characters on that you can get for kids, like Hello Kitty or Disney characters, whatever. She must have known that people would notice it, so if she really didn't want anyone to, she'd have made sure it did not notice at all, she knows there are people who see the slightest little thing and comment on it, so it's not like she would have thought no one would notice. Maybe she likes to see people speculate stuff about her?

No. 109373

shes such a liar. she's been doing youtube and livestreams since she was little. how does she expect anyone to buy that crap and how can anyone buy that crap.

No. 109377

She looks like those old Japanese ladies working in JAV porn / Soapland and wear a wig & get fake nails to look younger lmao

No. 109380


It's sure as hell better than hearing her talk about her cum obsession, dickhead.

No. 109382


She seemed nice and natural in this video, (false nails and hair aside) and more like her old self. There will always be people who criticise her no matter what she does though.

No. 109439

your dick must be fuckin all gnarly and shit now you're like 50 years old so even venus would be horrified to see that dude. This isn't a fucking fanpage, get it?

No. 109440

The person writing Venus is 'nice' and 'natural' and her hands shake because she's 'nervous' is a 50 year old tranny welfare-case from England that plays with barbie dolls

No. 109457

Credit where credit is due. She's better when she's not calling herself a hardcore anal queen.

No. 109459

no surprise they've been wk penus for the last 2-3 threads

No. 109471

This isn’t a fan page, but it also isn’t a dedicated hate page either. Not everyone has to have the same exact opinion as you do. I’m sorry that you seem confused and so offended by this.

No. 109490


Amuses me how these haters always assume anyone who straight up doesn't hate everything about Venus must be a man. It just says more about them and their mindset than anything else.

No. 109491


Holly fuck those shaking hands. Someone fist a burger down her throat.
Aside of her evident anorexia, this is nicer than cumpdumpster-chan. But she's way, way too relaxed compared to her old days. Probably due to her ana-chaning.
The room lacks a lot of her kawiwi stuff. If it's simpana's house then she sold part of her things?

No. 109494

I saw Venus at a local store recently. She bought some groceries, one of those shitty "fit" juices and (I think) potato chips. After leaving the store I followed her for a while but I lost her somewhere around the Yoyogi Park in Shibuya. If I ever see her, should I approach her? Maybe I should offer her sex for money to see if she's really a prostitute?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 109495


Don't you mean should you offer her money for sex? Why would she want to pay you for sex?

No. 109496

You can get into serious trouble doing something like that in japan.

No. 109498

Fuck off. This is a gossip page not a forum for actual stalkers.

No. 109499

The amount of insanity in here is frightening. From crazed obsessed haters to creepy stalkers, it has them all.

No. 109502

She looks almost exactly like Margo in this screenshot, damn.

No. 109537

this is a fanfic as well, the closest point of Yoyogi Park to Shibuya is Harajuku around the station area. They've never been there or they're some dumb tourist.