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No. 199602

Previous threads:

She's pregnant and moving.

Keep Taylor discussion in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:
https://www.instagram.com/toat.co(shit thread/ shit OP)

No. 199615

You couldn't be bothered to do an update or bio of last thread?

No. 199618

oh im sorry should we just wait for someone else to write a whole essay about an irrelevant pregnant lady in MLA format for you and go another week infiltrating other threads for no good reason?

No. 199629

Still extremely triggered, if she is irrelevant than why can't she be in the ex-jvlogger thread since she is an ex-jvlogger? She's still more interesting than most of those people tbh

No. 199632

if the OP is such a problem for you, why didn't you make your own instead of bitching about it nonnie? You're so much better than ex-model taytay, how dare she hire a nanny. You are so much better.

>why can't she be in the ex-jvlogger thread

the taylor threads were put on autosage/labeled containment because retards like you sperg about the same old shit. Nobody is telling you to stop, you're free to do so, but do it in your space retard.

No. 199652

This thread blows and so does the bitter anon who created it. She's not "moving," you moron. I'll make a new one later.

No. 199680

Thank you nonny!

No. 199688

Thank you!

No. 199700

Wow, it’s like all of this wouldn’t have happened in the first place if Taylorspergs weren’t lazy idiots

No. 199763

> You're so much better than ex-model taytay, how dare she hire a nanny. You are so much better.

Calm the fuck down

No. 199786

So, are we staying in this thread or is anon no.199652 really making a new one?

No. 199792

If that anon doesn't make one I will make one tomorrow, Taylor's about to give birth judging by her recent posts.

No. 199861

sorry, I'm at a work conference and haven't had any time to myself except for 5 minutes here and there. Can you make the new thread? I didn't mean to not deliver

No. 200070

File: 1646798435950.jpg (840.31 KB, 1079x1452, Screenshot_20220309-130019_Ins…)

She's in labor now!

No. 200071

Can someone make a new thread already? The baby is going to be saying it's first words by the time the next thread is made at this point. Or actually post in this one?

No. 200074

She’s in the labor, posting literally from delivery theater giving people updates.
I feel so sorry for this kid, since literally he was created, through his development inside her and even delivery day they give him no privacy.
Her friend Jess seems much more classy about her pregnancy and delivery. No talking about mucus plugs, water breaking, not informing about the delivery while it’s happening.

No. 200079

I really hope she keeps the baby out of her content as much as possible.
That said, delivery is boring af until the very end, so if she wants to post from her hospital bed now, whatever.

No. 200082

File: 1646805910879.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, E0C5C3BC-2CAD-4DF2-AB3C-075341…)

Taylor is in the hospital for “labour” but is only 2cm dilated lol. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a false alarm or something. 2cm isn’t even active labour… you generally would not go to the hospital that early. She could literally take 20 hours or more to progress to active labour at this stage so it’s recommended you stay home until things get more intense. Plenty of women stay at 2cm for days or weeks. It’s not really considered “in labour”

So it’s either going to be a while or she’ll end up back home. Or she’ll get a c section or some sort of intervention to speed things up I bet.

No. 200087

Hope it’s a safe delivery and health baby either way. The women’s body is still wild to me for what it can do in almost a year

No. 200089

Hong Kong hospitals are retarded when it comes to birth. 100% chance they'll keep her there, add in some IV with pitocin and break her waters, and then force a Csection when she hasn't had the baby in 24 hours because then she'd be high risk. She should have just stayed home and waited because honestly they treat birth like a factory line here in Asia.

Any bets on the baby looking more like his fug-face dad or more like Taylor?

No. 200093

asian genes are strong af. the baby's gonna look like his dad. but every hapa mom i know doesn't understand that newborns eyes are blue and then later change to their real color, so they make a big deal out of their eyes and say they look like the white parent.

No. 200098

this is so true, I remember when xiaxue had her baby and was always pointing out the "superior mike genes" with blue eyes and eventually had to start photoshopping the eyes of the baby to keep them blue. She did have to give in eventually, but it was so embarrassing.. I doubt taylor will go to that extent but I wouldn't be surprised if tom was obsessed if the baby had lighter eyes.

No. 200099

with all the surgery and fillers she's had it can't look like her no matter how strong her genes come through kek

No. 200100

for what it's worth, American hospitals are like that as well. Once you check into the hospital, they typically do not let you leave until you give birth. That's why a lot of women wait to go in until their contractions and labor progresses. I can understand why she went right away though, what with this being her first and being away from her family.

No. 200104

I don’t… if you research how to have a natural vaginal birth (which she obviously wants because she specifically said she doesn’t want a c-section scar) then you wait until labour has progressed and not go into the hospital to be pumped with synthetic hormones, which is proven to prolong labour and make the birth more difficult. She has also had her waters broken for her which is a big no no unless you really NEED to. I can see her needing a c-section after this because she’s just mindlessly accepting any suggestion from the medical staff to ramp up labour. There was no reason for her to rush to hospital as far as I know. I’m just kind of floored why she hasn’t researched this?

No. 200105

File: 1646820304561.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, B4DE5445-1797-4CD5-8BC3-A6D1A8…)

Where did she say she had them break her waters? She said in her story her water didn’t break yet. Apparently today is her actual due date though so I wonder if she’s just trying to get the baby to come on her actual due date because she thinks that would be so cool or whatever.

And of course she didn’t research because she’s a complete airhead. I would not be at all surprised if it ends in an unnecessary c section or some other intervention just to speed things up for the doctors

No. 200106

File: 1646821421939.jpg (882.71 KB, 1079x1745, Screenshot_20220309-191838_Ins…)

She said it herself. Its quite common in Hong Kong that they burst your waters right when you qualify for the delivery suite. They want you in and out in a day because birthing hospitals are always crowded, even private ones. I wonder why they admitted her so early considering they think she's progressing too slowly enough to give the oxytocin.

No. 200108

Huh I can’t see that story and I can’t see her husbands account. Does that mean he blocked me??? Lol I don’t recall ever interacting with either of them.

Yeah she’s like definitely going to have some issue with labour now that she’s gotten medication and had her waters broken early… so stupid. Seems like she’s desperate to have the baby come on her exact due date because she’s a major control freak or something. Kinda weird to care more about that then the actual health of your baby.

I’m going to make a prediction already about postpartum: she’s going to try exclusively breastfeeding but give up within the first month (probably the first week but I’ll be generous) because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and a lottttttt of research to be able to breastfeed successfully, and she will switch to combo/all formula and make some emotional heartfelt video about how sad she is to stop breastfeeding but her mental health was too poor and she had/has the baby blues/PPD or something. And then make a million posts/stories about how fed is best. Also there will definitely be some post about her “changed body” with the same type of crying about it but also trying to act like she’s confident and loves it and the hard work it’s done to provide her with her son or whatever. That cliched type thing every mom influencer does. And a lot of body check pictures of her stomach shrinking back down to super skinny within the first few weeks.

No. 200109

She didn't care to get a baby carrier until the very last minute, so I highly doubt she made any research about labour. She's really going in blind. I didn't except much from her in the first place. She probably can't wait to finally give birth and be done with this whole pregnancy thing, so at the slightest indication of labour she run to the hospital. Her idol Valeria Lipovetsky was the same. I used to follow her back in the day and she run to the hospital every single day in panic because it was past the due date and she took every kick as a contraction or something. I'm sure if Taylor was in Canada, too, she would've been sent back home every time like Valeria until she was really in labour.

No. 200112

same, keep newborns out of social media
man I love kids and want to have my own but god, pregnancy is and looks fucking disgusting, not looking forward to having that gross pregnant "belly" , it absolutely baffles me there are women who like making a photoshoot for that stuff

No. 200123

Gotta have those ✨complications✨ for her sympathy content.(don't use emojis )

No. 200125

kek at how none of the anons that said they’d make a better thread delivered

No. 200126

> because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and a lottttttt of research to be able to breastfeed successfully
Famously cave women, and all women in the past did ‘a lottttttt’ of research. Come on nona, I get that you’ve got your panties in a twist over taylor, but women are able to breastfeed without getting a bachelors degree in it kek

No. 200129

It’s been a couple of hours and no updates from either of them. I was assuming she was going post about her progress and how she’s feeling at that given moment. Hope everything is alright

No. 200130

I’m hoping that too. Hopefully she is just resting and preparing for labour. Though with the amount of intervention that has already been done in such little time I do find myself checking to see if things are ok

No. 200132

She's probably still only barely dilated. Labor can take a long time, especially for a FTM. She wasn't in active labor when she got there and even with oxytocin and having your water broken it can take well over 12 hours to get to the hard parts.

No. 200135

the thought of taylor kissing her her newborn baby with those grimy matte lips she won’t get in front of the camera without after hours of labour is so gross to me lol(sage your nitpick)

No. 200138

To be honest is it strange she’s all done up like she knew she was going to go into labour today. Tinfoil but maybe she had a planned induction and that’s why she’s sitting in hospital.

No. 200140

she said in the last vlog that they were going to induce her bc of the baby's size.

No. 200143

File: 1646834357619.jpeg (181.74 KB, 827x1635, DDEDFD7F-C041-4403-B92A-AF96AC…)

She posted a few hours before the hospital pic that it’s her due date, so something was most likely plan out for that day

No. 200145

It's actually common for IVF pregnancies to get induced at 40 week. Idk why she would hide getting induced though. Maybe to avoid the crazy crunchy moms coming after her.

No. 200146

So unoriginal that she copies other peoples Tiktoks wow

No. 200147

The whole app of tiktok is basically just other people copying each other for what ever is popular, nothing ground breaking

No. 200148

File: 1646835132846.jpg (400.61 KB, 1189x722, taytay.jpg)

She's getting induced as planned.

No. 200152

You taysperg tards are the worst of the idiots

No. 200160

What lmao

No. 200162

NTA but I assume FTM = first time mother not fakeboi

No. 200163

OH LOL. The terfing is so intense on here lately it’s hard to tell kek

No. 200165

What’s holding you back to leave nona?

Something is fishy about her. Did she forget she gets induced? Why did she not post about it today but only in the vlog. And why the hell did she not do her own research. I remember her flaunting books on her stories especially about IVF but did she ever show a book about pregnancy or soon to be moms?

No. 200168

When your water breaks, it breaks. Why air at home when you could be in the hospital getting catered too? A lot of women don't get that luxury. Just say you don't know anything about labor.

No. 200173

You mean the pseudoscientific book about "eggs"? Lmao

She was asking for contraction tracking apps in her stories. She's totally brain dead.

No. 200174

She has to show every detail to prove she's doing stuff for you, anon?

No. 200179

there’s nothing luxurious about sitting naked in a hospital gown hooked up to a catheter, IV, and two fetal heart monitors unnecessarily for hours on end. dead ass tom has absolutely no reason for being there so early either. he should have peaced out and slept properly for the time in his life while he had the chance but instead had to play tiktok photographer for his brain dead wife

No. 200181

File: 1646845439538.jpeg (198.96 KB, 1125x1077, DB047BCB-5E9A-48A1-8F74-A1503D…)

Daddy Warthog’s life choices flashing before his eyes

No. 200183

No, but its better care than most places. Some won't take you unless your in labor. She has her scheduled so she gets stuff anyway prepared for birth, but doctors rushing around for an emergency admittance. You knew what I meant, don't know why you're nitpicking replies.

No. 200189

File: 1646848246340.jpg (713.67 KB, 1079x1923, Screenshot_20220309-095012_Ins…)

Figured I'd post it before an anon spergs out about pregnant women eating fish.

No. 200201

I just hope her child is healthy and she takes care of it. Maybe grows up like Yumi King.

No. 200202

I was honestly expecting way more updates about the labor, considering she brought tripods and shooting stuff to the hospital. Tom has also been extremely quiet on Instagram.

No. 200214

She’s in labor you fucking morons

No. 200218

what's wrong with eating fish when you're pregnant?

No. 200220

I hope you never have kids if you don't know how to use google.

No. 200222

Usually if it's farmed, it's fine. Open fishing, I wouldn't risk the parasites and possible mercury percentage, but for the most part, it's only dangerous if you're living off it, but you have Polynesian women with most fish diets and they are fine. It's just myths at this point considering advancements in food safety.

No. 200223

File: 1646857329299.jpg (155.84 KB, 1079x406, Screenshot_20220309-122207_Chr…)

It's fine

No. 200231

>I’m just kind of floored why she hasn’t researched this?

t. her whole pregnancy.
This was discussed before and it's raw fish that poses an infection/virus risk during pregnancy. Baby Tom is nearly out and it's cooked fish so she has nothing to worry about.

I think it makes sense for a birth like this to be induced and carefully monitored, though as far as I've picked up from other mom vloggers and comments, is induction is risky and creates longer labors, versus waiting until the last minute and delivering naturally.

No. 200236

The cave women lived with bigger families amd tribes and had access to the knowledge and the safety net of their friends, mothers, aunts and sisters who would all help each other. We don't have this today

No. 200237

It's not safe to let a pregnancy go on for too long and have the baby get overdeveloped.
There where a couple of cases in UK papers recently about mothers who died because they were refused an induction after carrying past term. They ended up having hemorrhage induced heart attacks/ brain damage and died.

Taylor's baby was already marked as delivery ready size/development wise weeks before the full term.

No. 200245

No. 200254

Exactly. That’s what I meant.

A lot of advice nowadays goes against breastfeeding, like trying to train your baby to sleep through the night and pressure to just give up and formula feed at the slightest difficulty breastfeeding. A lot of people are ignorant about it and so they give up because they think they have a low supply or something when they’re actually fine. Also back in caveman days they obviously didn’t have formula so it’s not like they had something to fall back on lmao


Jesus you sound retarded and clearly don’t know anything about pregnancy. So many people here are confidently claiming things that aren’t even true.

Her water didn’t break naturally though it was broken for her. Those are completely different things. She didn’t have to go this early. The average FTM gives birth 5 days after her due date.

No. 200260

Dear god I hope the kid favors his moms side in looks because DAMN Tom looks busted every time I see him

No. 200265

File: 1646870573921.jpeg (223.39 KB, 828x1134, 57553CA0-A47F-4DF6-BDAF-A46638…)

This just in: the baby is here.

No. 200266

Looks just like Tom

No. 200268

Leave it to Taylor to give birth with that gross overdrawn lip lol

No. 200273

Oh come on anon it’s just a cute little newborn, no need to nitpick it already

No. 200274

Man, she was mostly fluid, damn. I feel like that usually happens, lol. Second babies tend to be like 8lbs+

No. 200277


Oof, they all look hideous. Especially porker Tom.

No. 200278

He looks like Tom, as expected. It seems like everything went fine and she has a shortish labor, so that's good!
Two of the influencers I follow who've given birth recently had difficult or long labors and complications, seems Tom bought good medical care for her and luck was on her side.

No. 200291

>Jesus you sound retarded and clearly don’t know anything about pregnancy. So many people here are confidently claiming things that aren’t even true.

You sound illiterate for getting so angry about me telling someone to google it. There's also heavy metals like mercury in many common larger fish like tuna, which you could, y'know, google.

Let the bb be. All newborns look like sad little raisin people. You can't really tell what he's going to look like yet.

It's honestly tragic. Like imagine her explaining to her kid one day how it used to be trendy to apply a clownish amount of lipstick.

No. 200293

The heavy metals aren't as rampant as it used to be thanks to safe farming and cooking. Maybe you should Google instead of perpetuating old wives tale myths. You sound absolutely retarded.

No. 200295


Poor Tom, any time someone says baby looks like dad its automatically perceived as an insult lmfao

No. 200316

Their eyes look like they're saying "now what?"

No. 200319

Cmon you guys it’s a fucking baby, it didn’t ask to be born into this mess. chill the fuck out

No. 200326

taylor keeping it classy as always shoving her phone in the labor nurse’s face as they try wheeling her out of the ward. she really can’t stop herself broadcasting every moment (but also made time to redo her clown brows and lips before going live)

No. 200327

Jfc, she’s gonna look back at those pictures one day and feel so bad about that clown mouth. She looks insane.

No. 200328

oh course she'd have a good looking newborn when most babies come out looking cone headed and pickled

No. 200329

Dude, stop being retarded in public.

No. 200332

I think with the recent social media obsession the poor nurses are not even surprised when new moms are too busy filming and taking photos than focusing on the baby and themselves.

No. 200334

Ok I was shaking my head this whole time during the past 24h. As expected she couldn’t stop filming and posting on Ig. Tom looked like he regrets everything and even after birth Taylor couldn’t stop filming? Felt pretty bad for the hospital staff. I mean I’d understand if they would have done this whole thing as some sort of private diary but well, it’s Taylor after all. Glad she had a short delivery but oh boy that baby looks already like Tom kek

No. 200339


Oh no I'm losing sleep because some edgelord idiots on lolcow keep calling me retarded. They didn't find a way to magic heavy metals out of the ocean so I'm good taking precautions, but you do you! I feel bad for your kids if you have them! You would probably encourage them to eat paint chips because lead paint was so long ago.

Eventually even the karjenners learned that broadcasting that amount of detail was over sharing. And none of them were ever live posting their births.(infighting)

No. 200340

>All newborns look like sad little raisin people.

thank you! please stop sperging about a newborn's looks, babies shift around quite a lot, only time will tell.
and nonnies, don't fool yourselves, it's taylor, of course she has beautified the babie's skin tone with some app

No. 200341

File: 1646907509486.jpeg (298.91 KB, 827x1470, 3769B11D-983D-4709-B8B6-AE45A2…)

Is she even the bio mama??

No. 200342

Wtf retarded comment is this? Did you expect it to have blonde hair or something?

No. 200343

My take on this is that she will be making a whole episode about the labor/giving birth. She said on many occasions that she was loving and following Jenn Im's journey, and Jenn was quite graphic making a video of her literally giving birth. I would not be surprised if Taylor posts something like that too.

No. 200345

Yeah pretty sure you’re right. She’s going to milk that topic till the very last drop. I just hope that child can grow up without having a camera in his face 24/7.(sage)

No. 200352

Sage for no one curr but I really hope they don't rely on strangers on the internet or Google to figure out every little thing about raising him. And don't shove a screen in front of his face as soon as they can. I hope both develop the proper parental instincts, but I also know they're both quite immature, all about social media, and will most likely have a nanny do the majority of the work. I honestly cannot imagine Tom changing a diaper.

No. 200354

she didn’t post for over 24hrs and has only shared 2 pics. are you okay

No. 200356

My reading:
Baby: happy
Tom: emotional at seeing Tiny Tom
Taylor: Slightly crazed due to pushing out Tiny Tom (though it all went well) and a bit relieved

No. 200358

Tom already seems obsessed with the baby, bless him
Like anons have said, babies change appearance a lot, you can't tell what he will look like until later but generally non-caucasian genes will be stronger (Taylor's a slav technically, being Polish)

No. 200366

Yeah, that famous Polish last name, Richard. Please, anon.

No. 200377

Filming is one of the big things people do in the ward. It's so clear so many anons have never been pregnant or knows no one who ever was.

No. 200379

She's Polish on her dad's side iirc, it was in a video but I couldn't tell you which one. Pretty sure she refers to her grandpa being Polish on several occasions.

No. 200382

I hear that the first time and I follow her since years. Pretty bizarre considering her WWIII incident kek

No. 200383

stfu and stop repeating this retarded gotcha

No. 200387

How's it bizarre? It's her ethnicity?

No. 200393

kek it is a retarded gotcha to say that even normal people take pictures and film things during a huge life event like the birth of a child? As of right now nothing to do with her birth seems milky, even if she did have a scheduled induction and lie about it. Women who sprout their own mungbeans lose their shit when other women don't want to give birth in a big bath tub full of placenta surrounded by chanting grandmothers. And god forbid they don't want their nipples bitten to shit trying to breastfeed, either. I hope Taylor was dosed up with the good shit, didn't feel a thing during labor, and chooses formula immediately.

No. 200395

If it was scheduled, it would explain why they told her to come in once the contractions started just to prep and keep her comfortable when she was only 2cm. I don't really see how there's a lie in that. Anons complained about how early she went but that's on par with scheduled deliveries. That's kind of how they make sure the baby is coming in time. She never said anything about not being induced the day before either, but thats what you're supposed to have happen. It's not just for medical emergencies.

No. 200400

"Kinda weird to care more about that then the actual health of your baby."
From what you write, I assume you have some birthing experience. I have as well. And after that, I am more inclined to not be too judgemental. You don't know what is going on. You don't know what the situation is. And then just projecting that she cares more about being in control than the health of the baby is just mean and absolutely wrong and not helpful to any mother. You don't even know whether she agreed to have medication or having her water broken. Sometimes it is standard protocol. Sometimes you are so overwhelmed or pushed by the nurses to do interventions. Really, blaming the mother and assuming all ill intentions is just stupid. She is a first time mother who probably relies and trusts her doctors and nurses to know what is best.

No. 200401

no, you bleated this all over the last thread, about how we are all bitter barren virgins with no knowledge of the miracle of pregnancy. Just stfu it's fucking annoying

No. 200402

i forgot it until now, but i remember she called her grandpa the polish word "jodju", i dont know how to spell it because i'm not polish, its in her vlogs when he died

thanks for letting us all know she's polish, what does it have to do with anything? lmao you say that like we couldn't already tell she's fucking white and it somehow required clarifying. her specific flavor of european doesnt make a difference with regards to whose genes will dominate, yes obviously will probably be his side that's stronger

No. 200404

Interesting how sharla or any of her friends commented. Except Joice kek

No. 200406

Why? You act like they are all bffs, but Taylor barely lives or creates content with any of them because she isn't in Japan.

No. 200408

The kind of people who act like breastfeeding is magic and women should labor at home in the dark with no painkillers are "miracle of birth" shills, not me, nonnie.

No. 200416

Micaela posted a bit on stories

No. 200419

Imagine thinking medical advancements to make labor easier are a bad thing lol

No. 200423

Lol yeah, why give your baby the food your body literally creates for optimum nutrition when it could make your boobs hurt. Are wet nurses still a thing? Raising children should be as hands off as possible.

No. 200428

pretty sure ayrt was annoyed by
>It's so clear so many anons have never been pregnant or knows no one who ever was.
not the stuff about labor

No. 200429

I don’t want to see anyone imply ever again that she didn’t earn her lifestyle. Who among us could endure it?

No. 200431

Anons itt having never seen a 100% Asian newborn kek
The baby looks mixed.

No. 200432

She said in that video that he liked the way “dziadziu” sounded so he used that, he isn’t polish. She also mentioned he was a bit quirky and would do stuff like that.

No. 200433

She'll probably breastfeed just fine. Anons here have no clue about BFing and babies. You don't need a thesis on the subject to feed your kid. Some people just take to it better than others and than can be the case for her too lol its not like they don't have money to shell out for professional help and all the supplements and import foods to help her lactate. People just want to see her fail so they can shit on her for using formula.

No. 200440

>People just want to see her fail so they can shit on her for using formula.

Formula is "failing"? You know we don't exist to be tradwife of the year right? Growing Tom's baby is sacrifice enough kek, who cares if she breastfeeds or not.
I don't know why people are so crazy about this topic, I've seen people going off in comment sections about this (elsewhere, not to do with Taylor). As long as the baby gets nutrients who cares how they get it?

No. 200453

sage goes into email field

No. 200468

File: 1646978706126.jpg (60.43 KB, 720x523, IMG_20220310_230256_084.jpg)

Tom is proud of tough mother Tay for pushing out the baby and wrote about it awkwardly on his Instagram.

No. 200471

File: 1646984542235.jpeg (290.14 KB, 827x1017, A222AD1F-7156-400D-9E38-58C2BC…)

“Hang on, let me just spray my hair first, so it’ll look glamorous after giving birth”

No. 200472

I know she's smiling, but her chipmunk cheeks make it look like she's disgusted.

No. 200476

Her job is finally done , now off to the gym to get rid of pregnancy weight gain and passing the kid to a nanny !

No. 200478

Good for you TayTay.

No. 200479

Ah yes.. Tom coming trough with them compliments

No. 200502

I still get the vibe that she is disappointed about the fact that it turned out to be a boy and not a girl.

No. 200514

You call that glamorous?

No. 200530

>Pretty bizarre considering her WWIII incident kek
Polish people don't have embarrassing brain farts?

No. 200548

File: 1647028436357.jpeg (815.23 KB, 828x1312, 2B688624-A44F-4EBA-A0C6-A4B162…)

Does anyone know if this is common food to get it he hospitals there?? Or is this some weird, rich-only spot. US hospitals feed literal slop. Her pre-birth meals look wild

No. 200552

private birthing rooms do have this. even in the US. and i don't mean like a regular one, a private one is different and expensive. hk has similar health care to the US.

No. 200554

Ngl, that looks really good and healthy.

No. 200555

They do but she didn’t edit it out of her video meaning she’s just dumb enough to not notice

No. 200564

You have to remember that a lot of these countries like Japan, korea, China.. The places these vloggers decide to live, tend to have universal healthcare, so the country is paying into the system to make sure they have meals like these available. The healthcare in the US is funded so minimally, usually through subsidies by the gov and the people already treat staff like shit if they aren't treated like royalty. There's a reason why other countrie's 7-11s look amazing compared to the US too.

No. 200575

HK does have universal healthcare, but I don’t think even if it wasn’t Covid-crazy times in HK she would use a public hospital. No way she would share a room with 11 other women and have Tom sleep on the bench.

She was in Matilda International Hospital at the Peak. I think she chose it hoping to get a room with balcony (amazing views), but someone was already there. It’s actually not the best-best private hospital in HK, at least two others offer better packages and care.
They stayed 2 days in private room, with vaginal birth, epidural, induction, assuming they run additional tests on baby, took the cord blood etc. it’s around 70k HKD or nearly 9k USD.

No. 200580

Private and public clinics in Hong Kong are night and day. You definitely get what you oay for which is why people with money
go there. Options for those types of meals whereas a public hospital would be a lot more traditional (congee, stir fried vegetables, etc)

Not just food, but patient care too is better there.

No. 200595

Maternity wards in the US are also not shared rooms…. wtf are you taking about? Even public ones.

No. 200597

In Hong Kong public hospitals have shared maternity wards. That’s what I’m talking about. If you want a private room you need to go to private hospital. Public hospitals offer private rooms only to certain types of services like immunology, microbiology etc. but HA does not list maternity as one of them. So of course she won’t share one ward with 11 other women and their families. Private birth costs less than her two purses.

I don’t think US wards are relevant to this.

No. 200600

File: 1647050766026.png (448.59 KB, 2160x1620, 8B640016-DD72-4E36-ABA7-1D130D…)

Wow, the prices for having a baby at this hospital cost almost as much as her IVF procedure.

No. 200601

Why does it matter if she used a public or private hospital for a room anyway? She has the money for it, so good for her.

No. 200608

It was regarding someone else’s post about the food she was served in the hospital. Just scroll up.
I don’t think anyone who can afford it would chose a public ward over private hospital.

No. 200625

File: 1647061604099.jpeg (618.74 KB, 1242x1552, 3F35A0DF-96BC-45C7-9CEF-E64112…)

Could be such a cute pic but.. well Tom..

No. 200628

they're shared in that you go in and out and they throw the next woman in immediately but go off.

No. 200633

Hnnnnn not him holding her like a prize animal at a state fair with those soulless eyes.

No. 200635

How the hell do you guys expect him to look? Her abdomen and body as probably still sore and sensitive, so he's not going to smother and squeeze her. He looks like he's being gentle and they both look normal as hell too. I don't get where anons read into the relationship this much.

No. 200640

How does she survive in Hong Kong wearing warm clothes all of the time without sweating to death? Highs were upper 70s today! You can take the girl out of Canada but you truly can't take the Canadian out of the girl kek

No. 200643

She’s only taking taxis/rides in the car with MoneyBag so she’s in AC controlled environment all the time.

No. 200647

One of the perks of being skinny is you don't sweat as much as bigger people.

No. 200649

He looks deranged and she looks a bit like a hostage but go off I guess.

No. 200654

joker lips and chipmunk cheeks with frozen face

I hope she sees one day that actually being able to emote will make her look younger than all of this stuff

No. 200655

The amount of wk's on this thread is just out of control.

No. 200657

He looks psycho as always and you not noticing that makes me worry. Why are you here and not in her comment section to kiss her sore ass?

No. 200659

sorry about your autism nonna

No. 200667


Lmaoo, the baby came out looking like his dad, wanna bet how long until Taylor starts censosring or photoshopiing his pics?

No. 200668

You're just being ignorant, medical advances when it comes to labor are for the doctor to have an easy job, not for the mother. If it were for the mother's comfort, we would still be birthing at home on weird postures; not laying on a table after being shoved oxitoxins to make it faster. Ask literally anyone with kids.

No. 200672

>universal healthcare, so the country is paying into the system to make sure they have meals like these available
Lol you are full of shit. I live in Germany where we have universal healthcare and the hospital food is unhealthy trash. You get slices of bread with processed deli meat or cheap cheese in the morning and evening and dinner is usually some sort of overcooked mush. Relatives who care usually bring homecooked meals every day because the food is so bad.(learn2sage)

No. 200680

THIS. In Spain the food is also shit af.

No. 200681

File: 1647090707288.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, F42D04BE-B07B-4F08-8968-B73D44…)

She’s brave. The last thing most women are thinking of immediately after birth, when their vulva/vag still feels and looks like somebody kicked it with a steel toed boot, is having another baby.

No. 200685

The average bill for a birth in a regular-ass hospital in my state in the US is $14,500, HK 113527.76. Damn. I’m going on vacation to pop one out.

No. 200692

Not even just that…how many times did she have to do IVF? That seems like it really sucks too.(sage your shit)

No. 200694

She probably enjoyed being pregnant, a lot of women do. They even have a term for it and it can cause PPD.

No. 200702

> can take the girl out of Canada but you truly can't take the Canadian out of the girl kek

She's said this a few times, she prefers wearing winter/fall clothing but HK weather is not on her side
>He looks deranged and she looks a bit like a hostage but go off I guess.

tbf they look like that in all of their photos, not just this one. >>200668
>If it were for the mother's comfort, we would still be birthing at home on weird postures; not laying on a table after being shoved oxitoxins to make it faster. Ask literally anyone with kids.

This is an interesting point, I don't have kids but the birthing process seems geared in the favor of the medical team, to use a gross analogy I imagine it's like trying to shit lying down. Clearly other postures other than being on your back, spreadeagled would allow muscles and gravity to help out, but it's understandable to do it the way they do for easy access.

No. 200705

the amount of nitpicking over a couple who just had what looks like a pretty normal birth is retarded. Taylor used hairspray, Tom is proud of his wife and child. What a couple of milky freaks right!?

No. 200708

I hope Taylor and her man are good parents to their son. Congrats on having a baby!

No. 200710

Because of how complicated births can be, a lot of at home end up going to the doctor anyway. It's safer and cleaner in a hospital. Hospitals also offer other forms of delivery and, even on your back, you do get up, walk around, try crouching. This is stuff they do do. If you've never been pregnant, or have been in a room, maybe don't try adding your opinions when they are wrong factually.

No. 200713

It looks like she had an epidural pretty early on. My guess is she wanted a pain free birth all along. That said, there are no positions other than lying on your back when you can’t feel you legs.
Hospitals are different everywhere. Some only allow you to birth lying on your back. I know this for a fact for a good friend of mine.
And the food can suck in countries with universal health care. I couldn’t even eat the slop they served me in a Canadian hospital and I’m not even a picky eater.

No. 200718

>Because of how complicated births can be, a lot of at home end up going to the doctor anyway.

ayrt, if you've seen that cursed thread in /snow you will know how wrong at home births can go, read at your own risk, I do agree hospital is best.

No. 200721

Nonny please… I am trying my best to forget.

No. 200728

…what thread? Curse me

No. 200729

The hard part (injections and collecting eggs) you only do once. After you get your embryos its easy to just pop them in and seeing if they take. Don't they have like 6 more?

Probably just on a 'new baby high' rn. She went through her entire pregnancy with her worst symptom being that she needed to take a nap with her dog every afternoon and then had basically an ideal birth on her due date, so its not like she could be scarred from the experience. Once she's taking care of a newborn/infant daily she'll come back down to reality.

No. 200731

Yeah and it's great to be pregnant with your first due to all the attention plus peace and quiet. But, when you've got no help with an annoying toddler and the novelty has worn off for family/friends/followers, then it's not so cutesy.

No. 200741

Except, postpartum your hormones are out of control and most new moms feel like they are burning up and sweat like crazy.

No. 200747

The Kiki splrergchan one

No. 200757

The thing is she has help with the baby. Already heard the helped when she was pregnant, and even today in her IG story where Tom watches Sharla on YT both of them are in bedroom but you hear someone moving dishes around in kitchen.
Having someone doing all the housework for you makes it much easier. Who knows, maybe the helper also takes care of the baby at night - that’s why there was formula on the counter. That is just my speculation of course, but the fact is she’s not a regular working mom that also looks after her home.

Good for her, I mean I don’t think anyone who can afford it would rather do these things on their own, but let’s also don’t pretend her situation is difficult when it’s easier than for most of us.

No. 200763

Might have been her assistant tbh

No. 200764

I doubt it. They left hospital two days ago, in the middle of covid craze in HK right now I don’t think they would allow any visits.
It’s not the first time we hear third party in the background. But who knows, I may be wrong and you can be right. My bet is on live-in domestic helper tho. Very common in HK.

No. 200765

Chinese always hire after birth helpers to cook and clean. Even people who aren't rich.

No. 200767

I reckon >>200718 means >>>/snow/1446741
Just remember you asked to be cursed.

No. 200768

Live in domestic helper is different from ayiy in mainland or the confinement nurse. HK law requires employer of the DH to provide them with a place to live while most aiy work per hour and don’t stay with the employer. Same with pui yuet - the confinement nurses. They can be rented for the confinement period but they don’t do housework, they only focus on help with the baby and helping mother to recover; they prepare food, Chinese medicine, help to take care of the baby throughout the night. After a month they usually move on. That’s why I suspect they have a live in domestic helper to take care of the other things that Taylor nor the nurse would do.

No. 200776

They aren't live in.

No. 200777

Nobody would WK if you low IQ spergs stop bumping the thread to the front for everyone to see.

Sage goes into the email field. Sage is love sage is life.

No. 200778

In Hong Kong domestic helpers are live in, that’s literally one of the requirements to hire a DH in Hong Kong and is written on immigration department site.

No. 200780

Why do they have to be an immigrant? You're making a lot of assumptions with no real proof to back it up besides "heard someone doing dishes". Please.

No. 200785

nta but almost every apartment in hk has a live in helper room in kitchen. women from the philippines come on work visas for them.

No. 200793

the immigrant is a fact: there are no local domestic helpers mostly due to cost as it is much cheaper to take in a foreign helper, there’s a special visa for domestic helpers (called - you guessed - Foreign Domestic Helpers Visa) who are primarily from Philippines and Indonesia, rarely but not limited to Sri Lanka, Thailand etc. and they are pretty common around households in HK, even not the rich one. They do the chores, cook, take care of the kids in exchange to (often) minimum wage, 1 day off a week plus public holidays, a place to stay in the residential address of the employer.
I don’t know if you want to portrait me as someone who has some prejudice or whatnot, I’m just telling you the reality of HK society (domestic helpers making 5% of HK population, not giving them enough credit and recognition in society - cannot get permanent HKID etc).
I don’t get why you seem so upset about this. I don’t support having domestic helpers but many families working till late hire one to live with them. Having Taylor to do the same thing wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

No. 200799

We don't even have any proof they have a live-in and not just someone who comes by during the day or a temp nanny or even the HOA they pay towards by living in the complex they have which usually offers services like these daily or weekly. Like damn, you are jumping to conclusions when there is nothing to back it up besides assuming she has one. Either post proof or stfu because no1currs otherwise.

No. 200801

If you lived in HK you would know all the suggestions you mentioned don’t apply in HK’s reality. Of course there’s no proof she has a helper because that would be bad for her image of hardworking wife and blogger, but before Tom’s identity was revealed people were also speculating it’s not her money she’s spending on Japanese apartment or business class flights from Asia to Europe. Later on the truth came out, she wasn’t a boss babe and successful model, just had a rich dude behind her. Knowing her patterns it is quite reasonable to speculate about her having help, which wouldn’t be anything weird in HK.(tinfoiling)

No. 200802

Anon, post proof or stfu.

No. 200805

And nobody would have to read your bullshit either just stfu

No. 200807

Bubzbeauty had a helper come when her son was born in Hong Kong and I dont recall her or her ex ever saying she lived with them. She came and went. Its normal in Hong Kong and a lot of other Asian countries.

No. 200809

That’s a “pui yuet”, not a domestic helper and she’s taking care of mother and child for a period of month where mother should stay in confinement to ensure speedy recovery, she does not do ordinary housework.

No. 200811

it would be retarded for her not to. even people who make min wage can afford one.

No. 200812

What the hell is wrong with you. This Anon is giving you super accurate information and facts about a culture you are clearly ignorat about and you are just so dumb. We do not need proof of anything, she clearly has someone helping at home (and has had it for a while), and this is not a bad thing at all.

No. 200813

I guess you nailed it. Anon thinks it's a bad thing to have a DH, that's why they don't want to even assume princess model trophy wife Tay Tay has one.
Hell, I live alone working 6 days a week 9 to 6 and I would totally get a helper if I could afford it.(namefag)

No. 200814

anon clearly isn't from hk, nor knows anyone who is. i have never met anyone without a live in housekeeper and members of my family have had multiple at once in the past. having them isn't just common, it's uncommon not to have them, especially if you're wealthy.

No. 200820

Not just a rich boyfriend at the time, she was also using her dad's credit card. I wondered how she could afford all the shopping and business class flights, especially to visit her family in Canada. Then years ago, in one video where she visits her family, her dad joked about taking back his credit card. I’m surprised she left that part in, but she’s not very smart.

No. 200828

Prove she has a domestic helper and not that then. Jfc. You keepderailing without any evidence. It's not even milky if she had one, so why does it matter? Good, let her have help. I hope she has 20 nannies too.

No. 200829

>They are giving you facts
Okay, now this is an imageboard, so post proof. Anon can't even do the bare minimum and post this "i heard dishes and water running while THEY WERE IN THE BEDROOM!!" video. Okay, then post that shit. I don't care if it's culturally accurate, its not proof they have one without posting the proof. Either learn what an imageboard is or don't post. It's in the rules that this stuff needs proof otherwise it's derailing tinfoil.

No. 200833

Can you post that video? I highly doubt this is something anons would've overlooked years ago.

No. 200839

calm down, retard.

No. 200840

Because anons want proof?

No. 200853

Anons? more like a single WK Anon with such a sad life that has been monitoring the thread 24/7 for about a month and has nothing else better to do.

No. 200857

there's nothing to prove. we're simply stating that it's a high probability that a rich bitch in hk has a live in maid because it's so fucking common. it's not even tinfoil, just common sense.

No. 200918

How is it whiteknighting to ask for the basics for posting? It's derailing as fuck with nothing to prove it, so why not wait until we SEE something. This line of talking is going nowhere. Wishing she was holding a poor sad underpayed forced labor immigrant in her house doesn't make it magically true.

No. 200933

Honestly I haven’t watched a HK vlogger that didn’t have a nanny or hired help, what’s the issue? Even the low-tier influencers can afford them

No. 200964

It's a non issue anyway. Why does it matter if she does? You also can't prove its not just some poor, Chinese woman who just wants a wealthy family to pay her for services?

No. 201001

Can this WK get a grip? Why are you so pressed about the nationality or her domestic help? If people who know HK culture know who is highly likely to be in that position, it's bizarre to keep insisting WE CAN'T kNoWw, STOP ASSUMINg! It's a gossip board, sweaty.

No. 201006

Nta but are you ESL? cus I had a stroke trying to understand the point of your post.

No. 201011

Damn y'all are so rough on her and her NEWBORN, it's clear to see which spergchans are singleless fatties here.

I get tom isn't hot but he isn't as ugly as everyone makes him out to be. Him and Taylor look sweet together and proud of their baby.

I get being jealous of their excess wealth as an ex-pulltard but attacking their baby is unnecessary imo

the things I would do to live like this-

No. 201014

Anon just stfu. It’s clear that you’re here to wk her, but to tell us that Tom isn’t ugly is next lvl retard shit

No. 201017


Learn to read anon, hes not as hideaous as he's made out to be. He just looks dogshit uglier standing next to Taylor

Hoping we get her next vlog soon, I'm still curious about the narrative she'll go after or if she will stick to only posting photos.

I'm also curious if she will post herself in actual labour- which seems to be the new mommy YT trend

No. 201024

No one is whiteknighting her. Get a grip.

No. 201043

How much you get paid?

No. 201050

>Wishing she was holding a poor sad underpayed forced labor immigrant in her house doesn't make it magically true.
Keep your prejudices about domestic workers to yourself. No one said anything about a poor, sad, underpayed, forced labor immigrant. If you actually red the info that other Anons wrote about domestic helpers in HK (and in other countries in East Asia), you would already know that is not the case.

No. 201054

There's nothing wrong with Taylor and Tom having a maid and help with the baby. The problem is Taylor's history of pretending to do things she doesn't do and taking credit for other people's work, like pretending to support herself and live in a tiny apartment, or pretending to be a girlboss and design clothes. Anyway, I'm relieved the couple that thinks there's nothing wrong with putting a 12 or 13 year old girl in a bikini alongside porn models in a magazine for middle-aged men didn't have a daughter. Tom should follow the advice about dieting and exercise from his own magazine so he'll live long enough to see his kid grow up.

No. 201063

Anons did. Read upthread. They an anon keeps says all helpers are forced when its not true.

No. 201075

Learn to read. That was me and I didn’t say they are forced, I said they are indeed often underpaid for work they do. 6 days a week and morning/evening of their day off - FDH minimum wage for that is 4630 HKD per month with food and room provided, while HK min wage for 37.50 HKD per hour which would give would be around 9K HKD per month if you think someone works 10 hours per day 6 days a week. This is also why they are no local domestic helpers really because as I said it is cheaper to hire FHD.
No one said Taylor would treat her DH the same way, maybe she would pay more or give her more space to live. But the fact is these girls work long hours, get little time off, the rooms that are given to them are often just remodeled kitchen storage with a bed (saw few of these looking at the apartments and all estate agents would say the same thing: perfect for the helper).
You don’t seem to grasp the reality of Hong Kong that other anons and I try to explain to you.(derailing)

No. 201084

You said in the cosplay thread they are forced from other countries and basically sold into servitude. Don't backtrack now.

No. 201086

What cosplay thread? I don’t know what you’re referring to but the only thread I’m ever writing in is Taylor’s as we are both foreigners in HK.
Don’t pin that on me

No. 201094

meds now

No. 201096

This isn't milk. Stop talking about it in general. Jfc, anons.

No. 201131

rip to all her “normal” content. I have a feeling it will just be baby baby baby from here on out.

No. 201153

She did just have a baby

No. 201163

I'll take baby content over her pregnancy content any day.

No. 201167

Be careful with what you wish.

No. 201183

Haven't been following this for like a year… Has it been established what Tom does for a living? He must be absolutely rolling in dough to afford a maisonette in a place HK.

No. 201194

Go to the previous thread (linked above) and read its description.

No. 201389

it could be all the filters and editing that you know taylor’s putting on them but that baby looks jaundiced in all its pictures. if you’re reading this and you’re white don’t come for me, it’s super common in asian babies and many of us needed blue light therapy for it.

No. 201391

File: 1647447354198.jpeg (237.67 KB, 828x1209, 78C0C440-1787-480C-86E3-854D40…)

Dunno nonny. Looks normal to me. Her caption though? She seems to be so unemotional.

No. 201397


dunno how it's in other countries, but here there's no way they'd let a baby home until jaundice clears away

No. 201400

damn so many idiots who don’t know shit about hong kong are on their soapboxes in here kek

No. 201402

No1currs about the nanny stuff. It's not milky.

No. 201415

First of all learn2sage, second as someone who works on a NICU, that baby is not jaundice. I see it every day. The hospital would have never let him leave with a high bilirubin. Stop with the baby nitpick.

No. 201420

All her content is lifted from other influencers, I'm sure you could dig around and find one week with you posted as a caption by some other mommy vloggers

No. 201428

Is it true IVF the parents can choose the genes they Want to design their baby? I read stuff about it but didn’t read deeply. I wonder.

No. 201429

It is true, but not in every country. In HK for example, it is against the law.

No. 201438

Doctors don’t follow the laws if they are paid or in private clinics

No. 201460

Yeah, sure. In any case, Taylor and Tom wanted a girl, so if you are thinking they might have gender selected their baby, you are wrong.

No. 201467

Oh my god lmao, ypu are legit lnsane. Please get help. Ostrengra behavior.

No. 201485

This never happened. Stfu

No. 201566

File: 1647535623040.jpg (416.6 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20220317_173844.jpg)

is this emotional enough for you nonny? Or do you require a specific character count, some extra sappy key-words perhaps?

On another note, it seems she got quite lucky and has a rather easy post-partum. Or maybe its also cause she has all the recources and help in the world and doesn't have to worry about anything.

No. 201583

This is sweet though. What more do you want?

No. 201613

That’s what i wanted to hear! Thanks nona

No. 201650

I'm honestly so excited for the new Taylor baby content, she's grown a lot throughout the years and her content is constantly improving. I'm curious too if she will be more mature or motherly, she has an intense motherly vibe even in her dolly/weeb era.
I honestly feel like I'm one of the only nonnies excited but I love baby content too. I don't think I could ever do mommy vlogging but there's nothing wrong with wanting to video your kid and have those first steps recorded.

Her baby is so beautiful!! Huge congrats Taytay. Its been a pleasure watching you grow

No. 201680

Gosh nonny calm your tits

No. 201698

Being a mother doesn’t make you a great mother. Literally tons of people have children so what and yea filming children showing their face when they can’t consent for views and pleasure of parents is not right at all. You either a fan from pull or get paid to come here and say compliments. I won’t want my father to be like eww san who enjoy underage girls and a gold digger as a mother.

No. 201699

Go to her page and call her taytay

No. 201703


Ok Taylor

No. 201737

It doesn’t matter what Tom looks like (although to me he looks like an average Asian man), Taylor is so beautiful so the baby is gonna be so cute. Asian whitoids are usually very attractive especially when the mom is white and dad is Asian. He’s gonna be so so so cute and I’m so happy for Taylor

No. 201738

I’m so excited for that too. I love her and the baby is super cute

No. 201743

Are you lost? And can you get lost somewhere else?

No. 201747

god please, yes

No. 201789

Then all of the Asian men you've seen were in their 50s or older.

No. 201804

Major kek @ the other nonnies getting upset we won't circlejerk hate for her when she's done nothing milky in the past years. >>201743
Nonnie you realize lolcow is a discussion forum and not a hate board right? She may be in /w/ but to pretend she's been milky since the scandal is wrong. Get your head out of your pussy anon.

It's been almost a month since her last vlog, she'll probably post within the next week.

No. 201813

Lmao she posted about her baby "loving to sleep with his arms up" as if that's not the most common way babies sleep and the ONLY way babies sleep in his age (unless swaddled).

No. 201814

Did Princess Tay herself grace our ranks or something? What's with the sudden influx of fangirling and baby worshipping?

No. 201820

File: 1647643778700.jpg (791.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220318-154729_Ins…)

We've always been here nonnie, it's just gets pathetic watching y'all hate on a newborn baby and try to milk whats dry.
Imageboard newfag

No. 201822

File: 1647643946033.jpg (886.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220318-154838_Ins…)

Her last meal before she went to the hospital.
She listed the bottle of Rose but I'm assuming she didn't drink it because there's only one wine glass. I couldn't see Tom as a rose drinker though and we know how she was already with eating (potenitally harmful) foods.

Dry milk for our ex-pulltards to speculate on

No. 201825

File: 1647644317256.jpg (542.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220318-155644_Ins…)

Also can someone tell me if she has replaced Rosie or if Rosie is still alive? I also don't think Teacups live very long.
Her last post on Rosie's instagram but she still tags in photos (last Rosie tag was February)

I honestly wouldn't put it past her to replace rosie and not tell anyone.

No. 201831

Most are "hating" on TayTay, though, anon, not the child. Sure there has been little real milk recently, so we resorted to formula (pun intended), but it doesn't mean you should waltz in with your ass-licking - you can do that 24/7 in her insta comments, she'll appreciate it.

No. 201832

Didn't she say she won't be "working" this month? What's up with the sponsored story?

No. 201872

Probably pre-made, she ‘has to’ keep posting for the algorythm so having a month worth of backlog gives her room to ‘not work’.

No. 201888

>>201820 just tell me how much you get paid to post things like this. No one hated on the baby but calling eww san average looking and taylor a miss world, get your shit together.

No. 201889

You are insulting asian men by calling this pervert an average looking guy. Go kiss their ass somewhere else. You look like a joke posting here we know you aren’t fans but paid by our hard working boss women and her dear husband.

No. 201903

posts like these are obviously bait and trying to get the thread into autosage. She obviously didn't drink the wine, Rosie hasn't been fucking replaced, and her baby is a baby. She's milky enough, but not every single day, like plenty of other cows. It's funny how people feel the need to WK so hard instead of just ignoring the thread.

No. 201904

Thank god he looks more like his mother now

No. 201924

Don't be this fucking retarded

No. 201954

lol, he's definitely unattractive, but "insulting asian men" haha wtf

No. 201977

File: 1647729710317.jpg (661.8 KB, 1600x1200, 2022_03_19_19_34_57.jpg)

Why the fuck would she ask inappropriate shit like this? Like, you is gonna answer that and of what value is that information to anyone? And why was she posting all this anti-belly dismorphia crap while she was still pregnant? In a copycat fashion that couldn't be lazier than this? So many questions…

No. 201980

all those social media kids are fucked anyways. It's a huge privacy and safety risk, exposes them to grooming and pedophilic psychos and doesnt give a shit about their consent. No idea how parents can abuse and sabotage their own childrens wellbeing like that with their braindead use of social media. I will never understand people who unconsentually show their kids, or at all.

No. 201981

File: 1647730038005.jpg (455.31 KB, 920x634, shopaholic.jpg)

People who sell their childrens safety out for their own attention do not deserve to be parents in the first place.

On a different note - is this crazy bitch every going to stop buying shit for her baby? Is this some over compensation scheme? Wtf it just never ends, and I thought the offspring was gonna cost Tom afterwards, not her lol.

No. 201993


first time moms tend to over buy stuff in general

No. 202036

Where the hell are you getting that from this photo? I swear you anons don't see her post something for 2 seconds and suddenly she's the worst mom. Anons complain she doesn't post them complain when she does part. Pick one. If she took a photo of a bottle, does that mean her baby is laying in the street because it's not in the photo? Must be. And like >>201993 parents overbuy and they kind of should.

No. 202081

Fuck. off. "you anons" "Anons complain…" God you are seriously retarded. You know, _you_ don't have to read this thread, especially if you have no reading comprehension. ayrt was talking about the baby's privacy not the fact that the kid is not pictured enough.

No. 202088

The truth is, it's not for the baby, it's for herself. I don't think mini Tom needs most of this shit. She just uses the baby and her "nestling phase"/"pregnancy brain" (I wonder she will call her impulsive decisions now) as an excuse to buy useless shit.

Also, bold of you to assume she's not spending Tom's money.

No. 202089

Why do you hang out in this horrible place filled with blind haters anyway, dear anon? No one is forcing you to stay or defend TayTay or her baby.

No. 202090

Lmao, the baby pointed a gun at her and said "I won't come out unless you organise the pantry and do it with this (link to Amazon) list of baskets, racks and trays, and label everything with this (link) label-maker.

No. 202097

Yeah like her « organisation » is gonna last with a newborn who needs constant attention…at least I laughed at your comment !

Looking forward to him puking all over her pristine designer white couch and Dior plaid!

No. 202100

I think all the labels are for the nanny/helper. Why would you put a label on a clear jar of farfalle?

No. 202128

Because it's the aesthetic culture for kitchen organizer vloggers, tiktokers, mommy people. This has been so popular since the beginning of the pandemic. I think it's dumb in general because why not just use original packaging because now it's double space Taylor has to make for the "fill up" extras.

No. 202129

shhhht, how dare you! Remember that if you don't post proof that she has a nany/helper the "anons" will jump on you.

No. 202132

and why exactly would the nanny need labelling for a clear jar of farfalle? This is getting ridiculous. As the other anons already said, it's just for the aesthetic and it will last precisely half a week.

No. 202185

I thought so too about the labels, she even put a cooking time label on the jar of pasta. One one hand it's good she organized her closets to make it easier for her staff, but the fact she had those closet labelling/clear jars/baby cabinet labelling/etc makes it pretty clear she has help and expects them to be doing the majority of the dirty work.
inb4 someone restarts the argument of "it's normal in China" "you're jelly because you don't have staff" I'm not a fan of indentured servitude however "normal" it is and all the Westerners watching thinking she's doing everything herself are getting misled.

No. 202219

God this thread has become a shit show for wk's. Calling Tom an average looking Asian man kek dude looks like Dr. Slump and y’all out here saying he's “not that bad”.

No. 202223

It's not as uncommon, actually. The first time I encountered domestic workers and nannies from less well off countries was TayTay's inspo 3.0 Valeria Lipovetsky, whose kids are effectively raised by nannies while she's busy maintaining her "teenage" face and body. I sincerely hope Taylor is a better mother.

No. 202224

Actually, there's a joke that once you get your hands on a label maker you start aimlessly labeling everything around the house. I think it's the case with Taylor. Plus it's a "organised lady boss" aesthetic that's been around for a while.

No. 202232

Calling eww saw average looking is the biggest insult toward asian men i swear. Taylor and her dear money husband are here trying hard. Maybe taylor should take care of her baby instead of posting her baby on social media and coming here trying to shower herself with compliments. Once again the average looking dude had me kek

No. 202235

Don't know why, but I got the feeling next kid is gonna be using a surrogate, and that she's gonna make a toooon of videos about the topic. Mark my words.

No. 202249

having yellow fever is a disease.

No. 202266

Posting for 15 minutes and you assume she just leaves the baby after that because social media is done for the day? Some of you sound so damn stupid. Wtf do you think mom's do at home all day with newborns?

No. 202383

I'm super against her putting her baby online, but seriously - new borns mainly sleep and if she has help at home she has more than enough time to update her social media.

No. 202389

It makes sense considering her economic status (via Tom) however I think she would have a natural birth again, and then hand it to the nanny for the next 18 years, a process she has already begun.
Motherhood is pregnancy and buying things for Taylor (happy to be proven wrong, but that's the vibe I'm getting so far)

No. 202440

There is nothing wrong with Nannies. I think you've confusing her status for that of someone actually celebrity.

No. 202444

Yeah her collection of (iirc, an anon figured it out) handbags worth upwards of $20k is a totally normal thing all women have, not to mention literally the entire rest of her stash, paying for ivf in the top clinic, a home worth millions, I truly am confused and Taytay is just a regular mom!!1

No. 202445

Samefag, how about we save the circular arguments about how rich Tom is/how ugly he is/whether having multiple staff you conceal from your followers is normal/etc because taytay wks will never agree on these topics. All I can say is I hope she pays her wks well.

No. 202466

What’s the fucking name already??

No. 202480

It will be decided by a Chinese sorcerer/fortune-teller on the next auspicious full moon. Because "chinese" tradition. /s

No. 202482

my prediction is it’ll be Lennon, the only name Tom pushed for on screen in the vlogs even though Taylor was only interested in it for a girl’s name four years ago. an out-of-trend trendy name for cool idol of Tom’s who was knowing for beating women.

No. 202504

That would be so fucking stupid considering Jenn Im JUST called her baby Lennon. It’s obvious that Taylor follows her non-publicly, so to copy her baby name would be a peak offensive Taylor moment.

No. 202514

Or realize all of that discussion is nitpicking or tinfoil to most anons, so yeah. Lets stop.

No. 202529

She follows her quite publicly - posted a few stories about how inspring her journey was to her (or talked about it in her videos, now I don't remember).

No. 202589

What's the situation like now in HK with China tightening its controls and the c-gov's support of Russia? It can't be good for Tom's businesses.

No. 202591

Tom’s main businesses are beautyexchange and mensclub which weren’t impacted by COVID nor 2019 protests. In fact having HK people trapped here due to horrendous quarantine requirements and constant lockdowns could even increase traffic on his websites because HK people have run out of things to do so they just browse online.
His BE business is probably the most popular in HK among its type and doesn’t require coming to office so WFH or not it didn’t have much impact.

No. 202613

I'm curious too. I say either Lennon or Jude because Elbow-san

No. 202649

Sage for tinfoil but I've said their next kid will be sex selected since she wanted a girl so bad. She'll travel to a country that allows for that.

No. 202690

That's not how that works and it's illegal, idc how much money they have. It's a humanitarian violation. No one will do a gender specific vial baby where she is because it's also not guaranteed and she won't adopt. What bad tinfoil.

No. 202691

Do some research anon. It’s legal in some countries. There are special agencies that will help you find a clinic in a country where it’s allowed to choose the sex.
So, not a tinfoil imo.

No. 202729

She's not going to get a genetically altered baby. Why are anons even trying to speculate something so far in advance when it's known to be illegal where she lives from the get-go? At least have any semblance of logic when it comes to making tinfoil.

No. 202752

Okay can people calm down for a hot second, we know Taylor (or actually Tom) really wants a girl, but she’s not going to get a genetically altered baby or commit a “humanitarian violation”. For one she already has embryos on ice in hk, sex selection would just be taking some cells from them and do genetic screening in the lab, which is illegal in hk as we know. So she would either need to transport those embryos to another country (don’t know how that will work keeping them at -190C) or start the entire ivf process over in another country. No way they will go to that length or be able to hide that fact (as if she would ever express how strongly they hope for a girl)

No. 202783

Shit up anyway. This isn't even happening

No. 202839

File: 1648095441698.png (5.18 MB, 1125x2436, 8948A7D3-FAE1-468C-8F45-9A631E…)

why hold and rock your newborn son when you can cart him around the apartment? much easier on those flabby arms, and nanny can do it too. you’re not supposed to leave babies that young sleeping in strollers/carriers

No. 202850

I think anons just want to think that Tom wants a girl because it just fits his creepy personality already. I think he wanted a boy. For one he bought baby jordans before they were even dating, those were boy shoes. He didn’t buy a little girls dress or shoes. And since he doesn’t have parents anymore and he is the last living male (as dar as we know, ok) I sure he wants to make sure to spread his blood line with a boy.

No. 202853

Have you never seen someone indoor rock a child?

No. 202867

I was quaking when I saw this story. The level of absurdity! I have NEVER seen people stroll their kid around the house. Never. What's the purpose? Just carry him in your arms. He's not heavy. Gosh…

No. 202868

That stroller looks like it can fly to space lol

No. 202869

he literally said he wanted a girl multiple times in text and in her videos

No. 202870

Change of topic. Now that the bebe's out, when do you think we're going to start getting the "back to bone skinny" "journey"?

No. 202878

No one is talking about a genetic altered baby? Where did you get this strange idea from? Taylor had multiple eggs fertilized and then the "healthiest" embryo was picked.
It is possible to test the embryo(s) created through IVF before one is implanted in the uterus for sex and then she could - if she was in a country that allowed this, just pick an embry with the sex she likes. There is no genetic alteration involved. Just google "sex selection with IVF"

No. 202882

I bet it's already a part of the upcoming ~fertility journey~ vlog.

No. 202883

I don't buy the wanting a girl thing from Tom at all, remember he is mainland Chinese where female children were systematically aborted or abandoned due to being considered inferior (and thus not worth breaking the one child policy for)
For sure he wanted a boy for lineage purposes as you said.

No. 202884

I think the genetic selection stuff was an anon trying to strawman, as you said, sex selection is a standard process (if legal in that country) it's not some futuristic science. Elon Musk has mainly male children and is open about using IVF+currently has a surrogate pregnancy going with Grimes' IVF baby. The sex ratio is roughly 50/50 for natural births, so he obviously selected for males, I'm sure that's common wherever strings can be pulled.

No. 202886

wanting a boy is poor farmer shit as a retirement plan. Most modern demographics or middle class and above prefer girls overall because they're better behaved. We know this because girls get adopted out more than boys. I think everyone agrees he wanted a girl because he's a creep into cute shit and probably pushed taylor into the loli idol cringe. I bet they'll go to thailand or canada to make sure the next baby is girl lmao

No. 202887

As soon as humanly possible would be my guess, but she might not upload about it until she’s confident again. Idk how much her body has changed though.

I’m starting to think that he would have been happy with either sex, he just wanted a baby, but it’s really Taylor who was dead set on a girl. She was clearly sad when she heard she’s having a boy.

No. 202927

sometimes babies are weird and only like certain things like being in a stroller, or a carseat, or having the person walk around but never sit. I know of people who cannot get their child to stop crying unless they drive aimlessly around town until it falls asleep in the car.

No. 202945

I don't get why you are so schocked about that. Not all babies like to be on the arms of their parents for so long, sometimes the stroller helps to calm them down and fall asleep.

No. 202946

Is no one going to talk about the new vid? So we finally got a confirmation that they hired a Pui Yuet, that there is going to be a video from the actual birth, that Tom was always prepared to be a father but somehow wanted to buy a a duvet and pillows for the crib and did not now you need a car seat to leave the hospital, and that they have way tooo many clothes and outfits for a baby that's going to outgrow most of them in no time.

No. 202949

Oh, and that she thinks languages are so important and wants the baby to speak 4 languages yet she did not learn proper Japanese or even tried to learn Cantonese in the many years she's been living in Asia. Good job.

No. 202950

What was up with the way she pronounced "L's" in this vlog? It was drawn out and sounded slightly like an accent. I wonder who she's skinwalking now

No. 202951

At some points it kind of sounded like Chloe Ting, specially when she used a high pitched voice.

No. 202960

she keeps talking about having a poo yet. not very cool considering most of us are vehemently against poopy dookie fetishism. this is getting out of control, her pandering, to the male deprave. I can't stomach this anymore. it is digusting and cruel to her feme viewer to have to endure such fetishstic contents.

No. 202961

She can't even pronounce basic French words, despite growing up in Canada and working as a model for awhile. Pathetic.

No. 202972

that is so absupoopley true and sad scary for white women all acrosst Asia Minor

No. 202984

Don't you know? talking about shitting is soOoOo relatable. Emma Chamberlain used to talk about it all the time in her earlier videos.

No. 202999

Lmao, so Ew-san was fantasising about kids going to school and whatnot and Taylor is about doing things one at a time, they compliment each other, yada yada yet they were totally unprepared for the baby? What a couple of morons.
Also, "ew", the confinement nurse (and her furniture) is ruining her nursery aesthetics, so "we'll" have to wait till that tasteless woman moves out and TayTay makes a grand reveal. Pfff.

On the confinement nurse, she claims she labelled everything, so "whoever is handling the baby" knows where everything is, but why would ENGLISH labels help a Chinese/Cantonese lady? Plus, not everyone is so stupid to not learn where everything lays after looking for it a couple of times.

The fact that a white woman, who never gave two shits about Chinese culture agreed to stay inside and follow strict postpartum rules is just absurd in the first place. Am I to believe that little princess TayTay will walk around with dirty hair for a month? Lmao, no. She almost called the rules "ridiculous", but shut midway and called it different or smt, can't believe she left that part in the vlog, lmao. She also referred to the baby as "she" and still let it in the vlog. May be she referred to the doctor, started the sentence with "she" and changed her mind and talked about the baby's size instead, but even then it's a stupid thing to leave in the video. If anything, it shows how bad she is with expressing her thoughts.

No. 203007

I wanna know who is making her follow these rules, since Tom's mom is dead and his sister lives in France. So is he demanding she do the confinement month? Or who is, if not Tom?

No. 203013

My mum used to push the stroller around inside the home because it was the only thing that would put me to sleep. Babies are all different.

Why would you put a video of yourself pushing out a baby on the internet?

No. 203031

I think she is only following these rules because it gives her content and something to whine about. When has she ever done anything the easy way when doing things the hard way lets her be poor suffering gweillo mom in a foreign country.

No. 203043

she also mention that she gained 40lb and that she doesn't plan to bounce back yet because she doesn't want to (sure jan) and the piu yuet is making her eat more and high calorie food

No. 203044

pretty sure in some vlog when the eggs were in a petri dish Tom call the eggs his 'little daughters' or 'baby girls' or something like that so thats why people are saying he wanted a girl. It's just that taylor gave the stronger 'fuck my luck' face during the reveal

No. 203075

IDK, I feel like if I just skipped to the Q&A at the end of the video I wouldn’t have missed much. I already saw most of it with her Instagram posts and stories. At least it wasn’t a complete waste of time, I had her vlog on in the background while I was doing something else. I don’t even care to know baby’s name anymore if I have to sit through another half hour of boring vlog.
Also, agree she is doing the confinement and pui-yuet as it makes content material.

No. 203080

getting real sick of this plastic white woman as the Voice of Chinese Culture instead of what she really is, the voice of her pig husband’s personal beliefs. what a special, brave snowflake she is for confining herself (aka sitting on her ass being as sloppy as she feels like while a woman of color cooks and cleans and slaves over the baby.) I bet taylor fucking reeks right now even if she is showering (which, duh, of course she is. stay tuned for the thrilling update where she couldn’t bring herself to follow through on 90% of the confinement rules but Learned So Much from the Experience)

No. 203085

They were pushing the stroller inside because Taylor and baby are not allowed to leave the house for a month

No. 203091

File: 1648192995215.png (311.38 KB, 864x347, Screenshot_20220325-102150.png)

for the umpteenth time
among other places he mentioned it (picrel)

he mentioned it multiple times, seriously, these are just two examples

No. 203095

Who gives a shit lmfao

No. 203096

I am sorry but the Pui Yuet figure is not so different from a Doula. She does not clean the house or do any domestic cores (except cooking). She is basically there to take care of the baby and the mom. In so many cultures this caretaker figure exists, so I do not get why you seem upset about them hiring one. In so many cases the mom of the new-mom adopts this role, but as their families are not around, it makes sense that they have hired someone.

No. 203097

>while a woman of color cooks and cleans and slaves over the baby
She is a white girl in Asia and it's a Chinese thing, did you expect her to hire a white Pui Yuet?

No. 203106

Taytay whiteknights started their shift I see

No. 203110

And in many other (modern) cultures the new parents divide the load and take care of the baby on their own, believe it or not, but many couples live abroad, away from family. She's just a pretentious bimbo that chooses to stick only to the rules that benefit her. How come the open kitchen, that is not OK according to Feng Shui (her words, not mine), acceptable, but she HAS TO hire someone to take care of her newborn for her? How convenient!

No. 203112

most domestic helpers of any kind in hk are from the philippines. this is how these women escape poverty and trafficking in their home country. hkd is so high compared to pp that most women who return can move into a safe area and have a high quality of life. fuck i hate people like you.

No. 203115

>>203112 In which case her Pui Yuet would understand and speak English. Yes, Taylor is a convenient guailo, wife of a rich Asian husband. She follows the Chinese customs when it suits her to have content for her videos presumably.
It seems there is a constant power dynamic and I wonder how stable their marriage really is. She seemed so smug when she said she “succeeded” her husbands expensive sports car and the baby succeeded his fancy coffee machine which is a direct extension of her. Taylor often struggles for power In her videos. There was another time when in their new apartment Tom was visibly angry about not being allowed to have a toaster on the counter because Taylor doesn’t like to see cords.

No. 203122

I believe the baby is coming out haunted

No. 203141

I hope this baby will finally push her uninteresting ass into irrelevancy so I don't have to keep seeing her bloated face on the first page anymore.
Just like Yumi King.
Women past their model phase popping out babies for financial security is super boring.

No. 203154

I'm American and I don't know anyone who is expected to do it on their own. Family typically helps out. Your mom may come over to cook, help clean, watch the baby while you bathe. Friends and family may stock your refrigerator and freezer with homemade food. Your sister might come help and give you some time to focus on you and get some sleep in.

I have friends and family in other countries and it is the same way there too.

They always say it takes a village to raise a child.

Some of you guys seem really out of touch.

No. 203170

Bruh, the baby’s already out

No. 203214

oh fuck

No. 203225

I'm livid with the fact this thread situation smells way more like The REAL milk is kiki's comeback along the way.

Thank you taylor and her spawn in advance.

No. 203229

File: 1648264236448.jpg (277.62 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20220325-220332_Chr…)

Her Pui Yuet double wrapped her abdomen and she says her uterus is already completely flat, aka showing us her bounce back body. I have to admit the showing off was faster than I expected.

No. 203253

Taylor had the easiest birth of the handful of new-mom influencers I follow, I do think the fact she is quite physically fit, eats well, and is always going to the gym is a factor here.

No. 203254

If you're already pretty fit, this is normal. She didn't gain that much weight either even though she still ate stuff like pizza a lot from the looks of it. She has a fast metabolism and everything, so she got an easy mommy body that wasn't trashed by using the excuse "Im pregnant"

No. 203282

Her hair looks pretty clean too (does ginger water leave your hair like that?) and I am pretty sure watching TV is not allowed by traditional Chinese norms, sooo… definitely not following the confinement rules at all.

No. 203285

wow,I can't believe someone who is fit (and not let herself go during) and not a fat landwhale actually bounces back so fast!
reminds me of all those lardasses that keep attacking fit instagrammers because they're sill skinny after giving birth cause it's nOt HeAlThY

No. 203298

She was so busy flaunting her "flat uterus" that she forgot to photoshop her flat ass. Lmao.

No. 203300

No matter how skinny or fat you are, your uterus won't shrink in an instant. It really doesn't depend on your "healthy" eating or "fitness". I'm sorry, anons, but if you wanna fight for skinny instangrammers' "rights", this is not the right topic. But you know what really helps to lose pregnancy weight and extra uterus muscle? Breastfeeding.

No. 203301

No, no, it's THIS organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, chemical free, all natural, ginger extract $1000 shampoo that my confinement nurse approved.

No. 203314

What are you supposed to be saying, anon?

Most modern women over there skew the tradition as most even leave the house. Even Bubz Beauty didn't follow all customs when she lived in China and had the same confinement thing. No one sticks to the tradition 1:1 anymore.

No. 203319

lmao was just thinking this. what happened to her K
lim k ass she had the whole time she was preg?

No. 203320

File: 1648307034687.png (672.65 KB, 1080x1619, IMG_20220326_160015.png)

So she is actually doing the retarded, misogynistic, toxic ass "chinese confinement" and already promotes herbal teas and being locked up from fresh air, cool.

No. 203333

File: 1648309803336.jpg (669.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-084918_Ins…)

She's posting a photo she took anon. Seems more like people have sent DMs and have asked about it in general, so she's posting a website's breakdown of what its supposed to do and be about which is exactly what she is doing if you didn't cherry pick screenshots.she's saying exactly what it is. Like anons have said, probably won't even do all those things and calling HK air "fresh", she's better off inside lol

No. 203334

File: 1648309867213.jpg (618.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-084902_Ins…)

These aren't just because of the uterus, this is common in other cultures as well because your organs do get displaced with birth and being pregnant. It's no different from how alike for posture courses came in handy it's came in handy in the Renaissance.There's just things people do because it helps organs and bones and it doesn't have to do with going to be skinny

No. 203354

I'm really sick of the incessant WKing in this thread. Confinement and having a private live-in nursemaid sure isn't normal or achievable for most women.

I saved the videos where she unnecessarily shows her breasts being pumped while talking about her oh-so-normal puiyet

So, Taystans, want to tell me why it is necessary to show off the milk being pumped out of her breasts (complete with sound) while telling us how she has someone cooking and caring for her & the kid around the clock? A breastfeeding pic or video would be a tender moment. Pumping is…not.

No. 203359

No one can tell me Taylor did not do this 100% on purpose - though for what reason I don't understand. Pumpin milk takes like 15-20 minutes, she would literally have 95% of the day to make a short instagram video that is only minutes long while she is not pumpin milk.
I don't understand the reasoning behind this. I would not mind (or cared) if she actually made some video about pumpin milk and showed the process in it, but making a video about something else with your milk pump attached to your breeasts is just completely weird.

No. 203372

Well, in case you forget SHE'S a new mother that just gave birth and is pumping to feed her baby!!1!1!!

Sarcasm aside. Because it's literally the only thing she does. The rest is on the CN.

No. 203374

Sigh. I'm not surprised. She's a goop believer after all. She'll drink shit if someone told her it's good for her "health"

No. 203376

I was cosplaying TayTay's justification for her breaking the "strict rules".

No. 203377

File: 1648316762302.jpg (339.19 KB, 1079x904, Screenshot_20220326-104133_Ins…)

It is in Chinese culture. Stop comparing Chinese traditions to basic bitch Western ideas. She's not over in Canada or the US. She is respecting Tom's culture. Why is this a bad thing? No one is WKing her by piinting out facts because a lot of us don't tinfoil or add context to blunt posts like >>203373 when its just pumping. Going out of your way to sexualized it is your own creepy issue. Normal people don't look at breast pumps and think nipple play porn.

What she is doing is normal as hell for most Chinese citizens. There are even poor people helpers, you don't have to be rich like Taylor and those who can't afford use family and friends instead.

No. 203381

She is respecting Tom's culture of pseudoscience and retarded traditions. She is a Western woman with a sister who is a nurse. Why the fuck does she need to do confinement? Also she barely says whether Tom demands this or not. So you are the one assuming it is Tom and jumping to the defense of this classist practice every chance you can get. It would be better for TAYLOR to explain her reasons for doing it (aside from all my rich HK friends did it).

No. 203382

You know, you are really fucked up, Chinanon. I wonder how it must be to watch this site religiously and defend pure China-loving Taytay and her devoted feminist husbando night and day. Do you get recognition for your service to the Chinese people?

No. 203396

Whats it like to tinfoil to this extent?

No. 203403

Lmao, she's body checking already. But if course it's not to bounce back, it's to help her "heal".

No. 203410

I definitely wasn’t ready today to see her literally pump her tits and watch the milk come out. Jfc who posts that??

No. 203412

it’s nice to see she hasn’t abandoned rosie

No. 203414

for fuck's sake! all she had to do was crop out the nipple bottles. wtaf

No. 203418

isn't that rat due to die soon?

No. 203421

I don't know if that's normal, but I find it really weird that the pui yuet is sleeping in the nursery with the baby. Is that a rich people thing? I would be uncomfortable with the baby bonding to some stranger instead of me, or even letting a stranger be with the baby all night with no supervision, and just… having no privacy at all in the nursery (both for mom and pui yuet). I also thought mothers/parents commonly had separation anxiety, especially the first few weeks. Also lol at her pretending to be happy about "gaining a few more pounds" while on the confinement diet.

No. 203425

there's no way she is gaining any weight imo
she is on a strict diet and not allowed candy or chocolate, she said

No. 203426

To be honest, the baby still bonds with Taylor. I think some anons are under the impression that she's locked away from her own kid too, but she's been with him, you can see it in videos and I highly doubt it's only for videos.

No. 203442

compression garments are actually highly recommended by doctors after pregnancy. I don't know what kind of rock you've been living under or what third world country you are reporting from.

No. 203492

Japan too, you’re not supposed to take the baby outside for at least a month. Traditionally the mother returns to her family home, gives birth, and then her mother/family takes care and helps for a while before she goes back to the husband. Not all follow this, and it is becoming less common, but it still happens.

No. 203527

>compression garments are actually highly recommended by doctors after pregnancy
Most people posting here are neither old enough to have had children of their own nor old enough to have mothers in their friends circle so normal mother things are alien to them.

No. 203528

Holy shit, will you stop already? Showing off her flattened stomach is the bizarre part, not the compression garment. Just like pumping is normal, but casually flashing the milk containers attached to your boobs isn't normal. Staying home and having help with baby is normal, a live-in 24/7 nurse controlling your diet and enforcing confinement rules isn't normal.

No. 203531

Compression garments are a part of post partum recovery. It makes sense that she mentions them and shows her own and also talks about why they are needed. The breast pumps didn't bother me since you don't actually see her boobs out and exposed. Stop being so triggered by stupid shit.

No. 203532

No. 203569

Why is it weird? You guys gotta stop fetishizing any skin you see someone show. You can barely see most of her stomach anyway because she's wrapped up. She's not trying to body check or ana check, she was pregnant for 9 months. Most mothers marvel at the disappearance Of the belly and some of them even wind up in postpartum depression because of it. Going out of your way to say that it's some weird sexual thing and that's weird to show off your skin it makes no sense

No. 203570

Literally. A lot of the parts just altruism into vendetta territory. It's so embarrassing to read here and see "SHES DOING NIPPLE PLAY BECAUSE SHE WAS PUMPING!!" When it looks like she's producing milk which is she doesn't pump, some women gotta do it every hour, it becomes so painful. But if course, logic isn't most anons strong suit.

No. 203573

don't even bother. this is one of those retarded anons that doesn't know how common live in help is in hk. every poster reeing about her pui yuet or only associating it with chinese traditional norms reads as a sjw.

No. 203585

Exactly. And just because something is "normal" it doesn't mean it has to be flashed on camera. Peeing and pooping is normal too, so is brushing your teeth or shavingy your armnpits - just like pumping milk as a mother of a baby.
But if you absolutely need to take a 30 second video for your instagram account, you could pick the 86430 seconds of a day during which you are not doing any of these things or you could simply position your camera in a way that only your face is visible - it's not like Taylor hasn't done a million videos like this. The disturbing part is that she absolutely deliberately WANTED the milk containers attached to her boobs to be visible in the video and I can't wrap my head around why she felt the need that tenthousands of poeple needed to see that.
Is she trying to appeal to some weird sex fetish I don't understand? I sshe trying to overcompenaate that she is having trouble breastfeeding naturally? I don't know. But I know it's not normal behavior for sure and all the people here who think the rest of us are some teens not knowing a thing about adult life or parenthood (spoiler: I bet I could be a mother to most of you here agewise) and only our lack of understanding is making us question Taylor's actions, please tell me: When you were having a baby and pumping milk, did you also film yourself while doing it and upload the video to a public social media platform with over half a million followers? Becaus eI would not even send a video like this to my family.

No. 203593

If she wasn't uploading, people would be freaking out and assuming she isn't breastfeeding even if she said she was because the tinfoil would be she's doing formula. She's can't win anon, this is why people are explaining normal shit about what she's doing. Being this mad about being called out about it says a lot more about how you and other anons have nothing better to do than try to derailing what she does into milk when it isn't. It's so creepy that you try and see it as sexual and fetish material and her trying to pander to coomers when she isn't. That's the biggest, creppiest fucking thing you can think of. You probably also think breastfeeding shouldn't be done publicly just in case someone WILL sexualize it. You can't use that as an excuse to tell women and people like Taylor to hide all this behind closed doors.

Also those milker canisters, those are a new type of milking device. The suckers stay attatched and you can walk around and do things while you pump. God forbid you ever get a new mom in your work space and you probably make her go to the car or the bathroom to be out of sight/out of mind for you.

No. 203598

They'll make her stay in the bathroom bc they believe breastfeeding "is like pooping and peeing".

No. 203609

Even if she wants she would not or the internet would lose their shit over a mutt. Influencers live for the people but they literally have different faces when the camera isn’t on.

No. 203611

Taylor is living the rich thing that’s why someone will take care of the baby and she will hold the baby only when it’s clean and relaxed to enjoy the good moments together. People complaining about being parents only because it’s tiring working and doing everything and still taking care of children but would be fun getting help and enjoying happy fun moments with your kid. Taylor doesn’t even work and still acting she need help like she go to office all day and 6 days a week. The privilege of this women is amazing.

No. 203613

You are right anon

No. 203614

Guess what no matter how much you try to not sexualize boobs the reality is will always be sexualized so yea it’s very weird posting a video talking while being milked like a cow. No matter how much women fight about breast not being sexualized, it’s never ever gonna change. I don’t like that as well but you gotta learn to accept reality and it’s uncomfortable seing an other human’s milk being milked in front of you. It’s supposed to be a private moment between the mother and her child not a content for attention.

No. 203615

you are fucking insane. your defense of Taylor pumping for half a million people is that "people would assume she wasn't breastfeeding otherwise." No one would assume that and no one here cares if she feeds her kid formula. You (both?) are like attack dogs, making wild assumptions about what "anons" think about pregnant women and breastfeeding. Fuck you, propaganons. Go suckle from Taytay's tit if you love her so much. You probably creamed yourself while watching the milk come out, because you were so overjoyed at her blossoming motherhood. Psychos.

No. 203617

In this context, it shouldn't be, grow up and stop acting like a scrote.

No. 203619

a woman feeding a baby is not the same as showing milk dripping out of your boobs into bottles, yeah. If she were explaining the machine or something, fine. She's not. She wants to show everyone that she is pumping like a working mother despite being home in confinement with the baby all the time (so it's not like she needs to be pumping much at all). But she wants to larp as a normal "working mom" while living a life of luxury. Sometimes I can't tell if she is dumb or autistic or both.

No. 203621

Take your meds.

No. 203622

Taytay fans need meds for coming here and constantly defending their privilege hard working taytay

No. 203627

I’m a women and definitely don’t want to see someone’s boobs or any private part like this, it’s uncomfortable and weird. Men will always sexualize women no matter how hard we try to prove elsewhere. Milking herself in public on internet in front of many strangers is very weird. A mother will take care of her child in private and no need to prove the world something. Some things are just supposed to be private no matter how natural are like the anon said people don’t fart in front of each others even everyone does because it’s uncomfortable and nasty simply. I don’t get this women and her husband at all. Breastfeeding, sex and list go on are natural things and good but doesn’t mean we want to see it in public.

No. 203628

>wants to show everyone that she is pumping like a working mother despite being home
Dude, for the last time, if you're going to larp as a woman at least read a thing or two about how our bodies work.

A breast is not a fucking faucet, you can't just stop and start it at will. The milk leaks when the breast is full, regardless of location or employment status. Stay at home moms pump because you can't feed an infant by force just because your milk is running and the milk is going to waste. For some mothers it takes time for the breast to be full enough for a feeding and it does not align with when the baby is hungry so they have to pump it to use it later and use the milk from the last pumping or formula in the meantime.

No. 203629

>I’m a women
>women are cows
>eating is a private practice
>inappropriate for polite company
>eating is like farting and fucking

Ok, so I see I was talking to a scrote after all.

No. 203630

Except pumping is not something for working moms only. It might shock you, but full breasts are not comfortable and pumping helps to relieve discomfort and in case there's little milk, stimulate more milk production.

It doesn't justify her stupid live milking show.

Next time we know it, she'll be broadcasting her birth footage without blurring, because "it's natural" and "all women do it".

No. 203637

Not a fan, rather someone quite shocked to see how prehistoric some of you sound. I agree with the anons that said you sound like the kind of people that think breastfeeding is "dirty" and should not be done in public. I really don't get why seeing someone with two milkpumps unsettles you so much. I am moslty always critical with Taylor's videos and behaviour (I am the Anon that posted about the last youtube video), but I do feel some of you are just trying to find milk (no pun intended) in every single second of every single story/post/video she posts.

No. 203639

I'm a woman and the ayrt. My point is that she doesn't have so much to do that she needs to film an ig video while showing herself pumping. You cut off the part where I wrote that she doesn't need to do it as _much_. Maybe I was wrong about that, but I'm not the only one to think it's weird. I'm not a scrote, nor am I going to let shills here tell me their opinions of Taylor are the only right and feminist ones.

No. 203640

Well I don't agree with equating breastfeeding with sex or farting. But she isn't breastfeeding. She's pumping fluid out of her breasts into bottles.

No. 203641

Sir, female biology is not opinions and feminism, it's reality.

No. 203646

why is this thread is full of bitter cunts acting like karens? nothing milky about her post other than literal breast milk.

No. 203648

She didn't pull her tits out for all to see with milk dripping. You sound so stupid.

No. 203681

I think this is a combination of Taylor generally being a bit dumb and not thinking there is anything odd in showing your breastpumping casually to half a million followers, and partly her being the Most Instagram Mom Vlogger Of Them All since she exists to compete with other influencers and you can't get more New Mom Vlogger than vlogging while you milk yourself.
She also might be overcompensating since her mom tasks include: holding the baby while taking photos and breastfeeding, her helper is doing everything else. So she has to make a big deal of the things she is doing by making a point of panning the camera down to show her milk bottles.

No. 203701

Tbh not even the first person i follow who has prayed this stuff. It's mommy vlogger shit. It's common as hell. Anons need to get over their aversion and weird sexualization.

No. 203735

Sexualizing breast milk is peak moid behavior, gtfo. Breast milk is what breasts are for, and mothers shouldn't have to hide it just because men are disgusting perverts who will jack off to literally anything. Women are still fighting for the right to breast feed and pump milk in public, i hate to say it but it needs to be "normalized"

No. 203743

Begone, scrote. Nobody cares what you coom to, go play with the other overgrown childbrained porntards on reddit.

No. 203744

File: 1648463038577.jpeg (963.96 KB, 1125x1821, 4C5E0B88-8D85-4B82-B6A4-630885…)

I just have no words …..

No. 203747

I came here to post this kek I cringed so hard who does she think she is

No. 203750

Why do some feel the need to post every intimate detail of their lives? Like I’m totally okay with not seeing the birth of someone’s child thank you very much.

No. 203755

>and there to attract sexual partners

She didn't show her tiddies for one, and for two no woman has a choice about what her boobs look like, classic moid brain thinking that they think we dial "sexy" up and increase breast size at will to attract partners.
As far as men are concerned all our feminine/sex related traits are "for them" even though we did not choose to have them, it's simply what we look like.
And if a woman has a partner and is not seeking one, surely her tiddies would shrink inside her body based on this logic? Since that's what they're there for and they performed their function? It's not just a part of our bodies that simply exists and its main function is in fact to breastfeed?

I blame Taylor's dodgy pregnancy tiktoks for the weird scrotes that pop up in her thread these days.

No. 203756

Wait did she make her assistant vlog her birth??!

I predict another thousand scrotes will sub to her channel after this video.

No. 203759

Pedos out here really be thinking an infant eating is sexual activity and "nipple play" that evolved with the purpose of giving them an erection..

No. 203762

Secondary sex characteristics- exactly, and so are beards, the Adam’s apple, a deep voice…I mean I wouldn’t mind every man walking around with a plastic bag over their head so we didn’t have to see those, but nobody is suggesting that. So shut the fuck up. Western society somehow chose to sexuality breasts and NOT sexualize beards etc, but they aren’t inherently sexual. They’re there. to feed. your baby. Period. Idiot.

No. 203765

uh anon, you realize humans are one of the only animals that get breasts like this right? they denote fertility in women, they're not "literally just for feeding the baby". and eastern societies at points in history also sexualized them. the thing that's not sexual is the breastfeeding. tons of things that express fertility are sexual like large hips and thighs, which is why they were considered so taboo.

No. 203766

>eastern societies
scrotes in east =/= society

No. 203767

if this is all you took from my post, you're more retarded than i thought.

No. 203768

Exactly. They keep arguing that women should hide bc it's a seXuaL chaRacteristiC, but for some reason they have zero problems with men openly displaying all of their secondary sexual characteristics including literally swinging their cocks (the literal sex organ) freely in loose pants and not hiding their cock outline like women are forced to hide the fact that we have nipple outlines under a shirt.

No. 203769

where the fuck do you live? plenty of women show their nipples in shirts.

No. 203770

what are you people talking about. She didn't post any pics of her baby bfing

No. 203774

I wonder what made taylor come out of her modesty shell with this pregnancy? She used to always be so covered up before, especially in her Japan days.

No. 203782

You sound retarded. “Secondary sex characteristic” doesn’t mean sex as in fucking. It means sex as in male and female. As in differences between males and females. Longer upper arms and hyperextended elbows in women are also secondary sex characteristics, those are not sExUaL or things we have to hide.

Birth vlogs are fucking weird though. Like birth is such a private, intimate thing (and no intimate doesn’t mean sexual for any retarded anons out there who don’t know basic English). Seems weird to show it to millions of people for money, just so people can gawk at you like an animal in a zoo. I guess when you plan your birth rigidly and doll yourself up and knock your pain senses out with medication it’s easy to look great even while giving birth and she wants to show off how easy it was for her.

No. 203788

No matter how women try to fight for things. Some things will never change actually things got worst, we have to many incels and weird alpha male who are trying to normalize rape and feel oppressed and getting violent with women nowadays. Feminists fighting to free nipples and normalizing things will never change the fact that men are just fucking perverts and will always be and now we get more harassed in the street than before. That’s the harsh truth. You are just lying to yourself and it’s not gonna change her video is weird because it’s on the internet and it’s supposed to be a private thing. If she cared about her baby she won’t need to film stuff like this knowing will get different reactions and different weird viewers watching her. Influencers are hungry for attention and content more than anything else they sold their face and privacy for money and 15 minutes of fame and stans keep defending those people.

No. 203792

No one has been stanning or WKing her this whole thread. I hope anons keep being called out for stupid takes like yours. Showing off yoir kid and motherhood isn't new, vlogging about it isn't either. Does it hit too close to home because you used to watch her or something? Get outside the /w/ bubble and look at other mom vloggers. Ffs, bubs breastfed on camera too, but no one freaks out about that even though hers was her actual kid attatched to her tit, but its okay because blanket. Whereas milk is milk. Not a nipple, tit, or kid in sight. Just say breastfeeding or milking makes you uncomfortable to see when its not behind closed doors or women aren't ashamed (because they shouldn't be).

No. 203794

Just to add, take your personal "men harass women more than ever" and just go. I don't know why you're adding your own personal experiences of men harassing you and acting as if someone breastfeeding is the issue. continuing that type of line of thinking is exactly why no one actually gets defended when when men harass them constantly. Don't blame a woman breastfeeding on men harassing people. That's so fucking stupid. Go terf elsewhere. That isn't Taylor's fault or issue that men, in general, harass women and in turn we should all hide. I think you're in the wrong thread for that discussion. Try /m/.

No. 203800

File: 1648483844505.jpg (701.69 KB, 1079x1767, Screenshot_20220325-113419_Tik…)

Birth used to be a public display. Its private for people who care in the western world. So many people invite families over and make it a special time.

You have people now try and cream as many people into the delivery if possible, cameras right up the cooch To get every detail to show the rest of the family that wasn't able to show up as well as any friends or maybe your boyfriend. It's not private like you think it is. You guys are adding personal satisfaction they're adding personal subtext to Taylor's situation which has no bearing on her situation. There are tons of mothers and families who literally show you every detail. She showed off a milker. Calm down. This was days ago anyway. Moralgrounding stuff that is common,just because you personally don't want to see it, doesn't make what Taylor does less common compared to other moms. This is the whole rolly cart issue again when anons thought she was crazy to have one when yeah, even stores sell feeding and changing station stands like pic rel. Most of you have no idea what motherhood is besides what you see on tv and it really shows.

No. 203803

The fuck is wrong with her.. that’s such an intimate moment and she’s going to post it on social media.

No. 203806

gotteem gotta get her schnatchaholics anonymous contentimus Maximus GLORY BE THE RICH TURD! THE RICH TURD, CHINESE HEIR EXTRAORDINARE

No. 203809

I'm with you, nonny. I'm pregnant and want only my husband in the delivery room but like 50% of the women in my family had a lot of people present and took photos and video. I'm gonna have to insist that family not barge in because it's some peoples' natural impulse. It's not that uncommon. She's not even the only influencer I've seen post this much for followers, feels like quite a few of them document the whole process and post their whole birth story to Insta and Youtube.

No. 203812

Seriously. Most anons ITT dint watch existing mommy content or have stuck with weeb style vloggers tea channel ones who don't always show stuff. For gods sake, go after the girls on YouTube who teach you how to lactate without children just to breastfeed gross scrotes. Anons just have tunnel vision and tv to go off of, but apparently that's being a whiteknight by pointing it out lol

No. 203813

Just like how family and friends probably saw your videos.

No. 203824

Something you consider private doesn't mean someone else does. But let's let tv shows also show breast feeding, pumping, and birth on main cable, but definitely don't let real people.

No. 203829

Filming the birthing process and sharing home videos has been normal since the 90s. The hospital staff have had over 3 decades to get used to it. Acting like it's some recent trend that the instagram influencers have invented and only happens online is really showing how sheltered and disconnected from their own families and adult women in general some people on here are.

No. 203835

Taylor's video is going to be a copy-paste from Jenn Im's video. Mark my words.

No. 203838

How dare they not be locked behind closed doors. The amount of un-mommy things that people would speculate otherwise is the other side to this. Its just fake outrage.

No. 203839

All the videos are the same. Every birthing one from any influencer lol

No. 203905

This, you can practically smell the sappy montage of negative pregnancy tests, telling people about the pregnancy, and bare belly shots as the nurses count down from 10 while she pushes the kid out. It's basically a birth vlog trope now kek

No. 203909

"Culture" is just another word for "patriarchy", nonny

No. 203946

Interesting how some of you constantly throw around the "You wouldn't understand, you are all too young / you aren't mothers" card.
Guess what? All older women and motheres aren't an united like-minded being that have to agree with you.

No. 203949

Pointing out the fact that 80% of what she is doing is exactly what other people post and due after babies and during for vlogs is your own issue. Don't blame anons for saying the obvious is common just because you don't see it.

No. 203960

it's one, maybe two people max. the poster is really weird and obsessive.

No. 203968

File: 1648562951236.png (2.95 MB, 1125x2436, D9B027D9-B92A-4441-A8EF-73458C…)

her vlog is out now

No. 203969

File: 1648563053601.png (2.62 MB, 1125x2436, D082E272-F9F2-44EA-A3A8-AFE8DB…)

oh man,….why ?!

No. 203972

No. 203976

File: 1648565355772.png (1.09 MB, 1620x2160, 07F9C917-D412-49A8-A8DB-D77029…)

Also her vlog schedule is out. Milking her baby for every video she can make of it.

No. 203977

Men, asian ones included, are not very good looking nonnas. Calling a man average looking is not the praise you think it is. He is not ugly or good looking enough to look twice at, he's an average, chubby, middle aged asian man one wouldn't even notice on the street. The anons calling him cute are also super weird and need to fix their issues and start loving themselves.

No. 203978


No. 203979

yellow fever anons always embarrass me. also anons are always thinking average means plain, when in reality it means the average person who is basically unattractive but not ugly.

No. 203980

It feels like they believe normal asian men are just like the boys in their yaois and k-pop groups and are trying to cope when they see what they actually look like kek, insult towards asian men my ass.
These seem like they could all fit one or two videos, but the more content the better for the creators wallet I guess. At least she won't be too bored in the confinement

No. 203982

She just had a baby. What do you exoect?

No. 203988

I can't lie, her birth vlog made me tear up a bit. Congrats, Taylor.

No. 203993

Same. They seem happy and I'm happy for them. She made labor look easy breezy.

No. 203994

File: 1648568810737.jpg (142.93 KB, 700x369, dfgfdgdfgdf.jpg)

I didn't know you could have an allergic reaction to an epidural or that it would give you a lazy eye

No. 204001

No one care if you are happy for them. You sound like how pulltard talks. Go to her page and tell her this, that’s where most comments like yours are.

No. 204002

lmfao @ single catmom's seething ITT

No. 204003

What are you fans doing here i don’t get it

No. 204004

I assume most people (like me) are on here for actual lolcows and come across Taylor's thread in the process which is basically just people nitpicking someone who hasn't been a lolcow in years and doesn't do anything milky ever. Like woah she got married and had a baby WHAT A COW! lol she is probably doing better in life than most people here and you are giving off some real jealous vibes. Imo the posters in this thread have become more cowish than Taylor herself.

No. 204009

Pointing out the spergs apparently makes you a WK. Careful. Being unbiased and neutral instead of walking all over anything she posts and making up random nitpicks means you're a fan. Can't even say congrats on the baby.

No. 204011

It does seem like she has some really high pain threshold, it really makes sense now that she was not bothered by all the needles for IVF and could go at it by herself. The baby is really cute… but all babies are very cute

No. 204015

I thought it was pretty unemotional and the vibes were kinda weird. The only sappy part was the predicted montage (100 points nonnie, you literally saw the future) but thats just cinematography and not real life feelings. Felt like taylor couldnt be herself in such an intimate and life changing moment. Maybe bc she was literally performing for the future-birth-vlog and for her moneybag husband. The last part with the text in which shes thanking the staff and then 'thank you to my husband' cracked me up, i dont even really know why. I just dont get these two together. Its a cute baby tho. I hope she wont regret it

No. 204019

Ever since PULL went down this thread got invaded and became extremely active with fans from there. The only time this thread was good was spergchan era.

No. 204022

There has been milk even in the last year, with shady tax stuff going on with TOAT, Mens Club continuing to use minors (using pics from their social media) despite Tom's promises, but it got glossed over for completely petty unmilky shit.

No. 204026

well yeah, an epidural is injected near the spinal cord, so its not surprising it can cause reactions like that, i even heard of someone having bells palsy for a year after an epidural, but its a small risk to take for pain relief

No. 204027

I would love an unmasking of your posts, anon. You clearly post only in this thread and in the meta thread when you were mentioned there.

No. 204029

I watched the video; she didn’t go natural and did have an epidural. If it had completely worn off she would have been in ALOT more pain. I’ve had two babies and with my second, the epidural did not take into effect in time. I had my son in 10 mins. She edited the video to how she wants her viewers to see. I’m not disregarding what she went through or her tolerance to pain but I can tell you that looked like her epidural didn’t wear off completely.

No. 204030

Why are moms so elitist about whether someone does or doesn't get one? Does going through more pain apparently make you feel superior? Sage your stupid takes. No one cares about your kids like they didn't in the last thread.

No. 204035

Dude, she literally filmed her allergic reaction to the first dose, the point it wore off and the doctor acknowledged it happened, and the following 45 minutes of pushing after that.
I dare say an actual doctor doing the delivery is a more reliable source of whether it wore off or not than an anon saying "it doesn't look like pain to me personally".

No. 204037


A year long facial paralysis is actually a huge risk to accept for short term pain relief.


Bell's Palsy can be very emotionally and mentally draining and can completely destroy a person's self-image.

I'd rather be in pain than risk paralysis of any degree.

No. 204038

You never know how will you react during childbirth. There's so many women that think they want to do it totally natural and feel everything, yet at the end they decide to take the epidural just because the pain is unbearable. Evey woman is different and every labour is different.

No. 204039

Good for you? Unfortunately for you, science has advanced so women don't have to just deal with pain to prove how strong they are and those cases are very small in number and rare.

No. 204040

Same for PMS and cramps. I can't believe how many women around me "endure" it because it's "natural" and how it's supposed to be.

I mean, humans used to live in caves "just fine", why don't we keep doing that, too.

No. 204048

> I’ve had two babies
Then why are you being such a bitch and gatekeeping birth. Shit sucks and hurts

No. 204049

Kek can confirm, had that shit and even years later it haunts me

No. 204053

The shaking is completely normal, idk why she's such an attention whore.

I threw up after shaking, and my nurse said it was normal.

No. 204056

Sucks for you

No. 204075

Can the WKs who insist Taylor is a perfect angel who hasn't been milky in years while she just spent a small fortune conceiving and birthing the heir to her creepy husband's disgusting empire go back to IG and yt comments? Are people seriously that dumb? If she's so harmless and unproblematic….. don't comment on and contribute to her gossip thread and keep it alive lol?? Do you all share one Tay-centered braincell?

No. 204080


What is she doing that is problematic right now? People are talking about now, not before. She hasn't done anything controversial at all in months. Pumping your tits when there was women on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube doing the exact same thing, as the social norm has switched over in the past decade to women who have babies not being ashamed of doing normal mother stuff publicly. Literally the people complaining sound like scrotes. Maybe stop nitpicking.

No. 204107

It wore off during pushing. She probably was in pain, but during that stage you don't scream your lungs off anymore (which is mostly movie stuff anyway), you just concentrate on pushing that baby out. Source: two natural births. And even if the epidural didn't wear off completely, so what? That is not milk or anything. It's just a birth vlog not a discovery channel birth documentary.

No. 204116

She's not a cow because she's problematic; this isn't twitter. She's a cow because she finds a new person to skinwalk with every phase of her life and never has an original thought of her own, yet she tries to pass off her skinwalks as all her. Remember that she caught the attention of her moid by looking like Dakota and only started getting viral videos copying celebs on her youtube channel. Her constant attempts to stay well-known stem from her having no personality of her own and always co-opting someone else's life. That's why she's a cow.

No. 204117

Who is she trying to skin walk now?

No. 204119

No one said she isn't a cow. I'm asking about what is she doing that's cow behavior right now?

No. 204126

K..Ko..Kotachan, is that you?(hi cow)

No. 204128

Does anyone really think her and Tom will last? The way he acts and talks like a child is so bizarre to me.

No. 204129

You mean with an accent?

No. 204133

Jesus this thread is a shit show full of wk's. If you want to congratulate her then go to her fckn Instagram page you retards. If you want to tell blobby Tom how cute and semi attractive he is then slide into his dm's, but stop bothering people on here with your Asian obsessed bullshit.

No. 204134


No. 204146

File: 1648631334061.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2057, A00FAD2A-67EB-46A2-BCF1-CCEBFE…)

I’m dying from second hand embarrassment.
I wouldn’t want any of my family members posting pictures like this online. Imagine your wife or mother posted a picture in her adult diaper to show off the wrapping for… whatever the reason is.

I shouldn’t expect much from her since she showed has her embryo transfers, miscarriage, literal footage of her giving birth (I get sharing this with family who wasn’t available to be with her but not her 1 million random subscribers), now this.
Good for MoneyBag that he isn’t a serious businessman otherwise this would look so bad for him.

I just feel sorry for the child. I’m sure the One Who Is Yet To Be Named is loved by them but this is Internet, when he gets older his friends can show him videos of his mother giving birth to him or in adult diaper.
It’s not just Taylor, I’m weirded by mommy bloggers in general since they all seem to forget to draw the line between what should stay within family online and what can be shared.

No. 204148

…and it's not like she couldn't show the wrapping with pants on.

No. 204155

I am sorry to sound like a wk but heaven fucking forbid someone posts about what can happen to women post partum, yeah it's kinda cringe but it's literally just a photo of her in diapers many women have to wear after surgery or post partum and a weird looking compression thingy.

No. 204159

They have to and it’s OK, that’s just part of PP, but what crosses her mind to post it for everyone to see? What is her reasoning behind it? What’s the point of it?
What goes through her head when she takes a picture like this and decides as a public figure this is a view she wants to share?
I know many mothers, I’m trying myself too, and I can’t imagine what would be the circumstances of me or anyone I know to take a pic like this and make it public.
As I said, it’s not only Taylor but mommy bloggers in general. Just because something is normal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to show it to public. Same situation with MoneyBag’s destroyed underwear - why? What is the reason?

No. 204165

Don't try to argue with WKs. Every bizarre attention seeking stunt is going to be defended as healthy and normal and you must hate women or know nothing about pregnancy if you have normal human boundaries.

No. 204169


"Literally JUST a photo of her in diapers"

For heaven's sake, please stop pretending like this is either completely normal or like Taylor is so brave for sharing a big taboo secret about (post)pregancy no one before ever dared talking about!

It's not a secret that women can lose complete control of their bladder and sometimes also bowls after a natural birth as well as during the last part of a pregnancy already. No decent grown-up person would ever take a photo of herselv in diapers and post it for the whole world to see.

Once a month I fucking bleed out of my vagina and have to wear sanitary pads or tampons. It doesn't mean I have to show it to the world.
"Oh, it's literally JUST a photo of my blood soaked tampon"

No. 204173

That's the part that's weird for you instead of the fact that he's old enough to be her dad? And way too old to be having a baby? He'll probably be dead before the kid even turns 30

No. 204177

>he's old enough to be her dad
isn't he like "only" 12 years older than her…?

No. 204178

This is bleak kek, why would she promote her video with this image

Legs akimbo in the thumbnail, stay classy Taylor.
She used to be so modest with the turtlenecks and never showing any skin, as other anons have noticed. No judgement, just strange to go alll the way the other way and post this on her fashion vlogger channel. I guess this is the start of the mommy vlogger arc.

No. 204179

The diaper is for bleeding not cus she "lost control of her bowels lmfao"

No. 204180

i mean, yeah that's also weird. but it's going to suck for her to have to take care of a baby AND a man child.

No. 204190

Most women wear them up to 3 minths sometimes 6, after birth. Definitely anons who know zero about birth or pregnancy but they want to argue that they know what they are talking about lol

No. 204191

You sound insane

No. 204194

Most women wear them but don’t post pictures in them for thousands of people to see it

No. 204195

She isn't showing pictures of the diapers content though, so it would just be like showing off your menstural cup or tampons, which is literally fine.

No. 204198

File: 1648654032486.jpg (555.68 KB, 1079x850, Screenshot_20220330-082551_Ins…)

A lot of women post photos. Youve been told over and over that what Taylor is doing isn't out of the norm. You just follow the wrong people. Went to instagram and 3 posts from my search of post partum. The anons who claim they know about kids are the biggest joke.

No. 204201

File: 1648654284421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 674.8 KB, 1079x1542, Screenshot_20220330-082901_Ins…)

This one even has 8k likes and was 2 years prior to Taylor, but yeah. Everything Taylor is doing is not normal and isn't just coming from clueless anons. This is stuff that all moms have been posting since 2010s when social media really kicked. Do anons know they have to be 18 to post? It's like a lot of them never took a health class.

No. 204204

And? I said not only Taylor but other mommy bloggers have that weird need of posting everything - birth with details, their PP underwear, pics while pumping milk. It’s all normal but to most people this is an intimate thing that should be shared with closed ones, not randoms on the internet.

Just because they post it it doesn’t make it normal. Imagine your boss or your customer find these pictures. I wouldn’t take a person like this seriously.
It’s normal and completely natural to pump, to wear special underwear, to breastfeed, to lose control over bladder. It just doesn’t need to be a public matter.
It’s not like she’s the only person that ever did this and she needs to enlighten us.

No. 204207

Yeah and before that it would be only things like facebook and home videos, photos.. Digital age. I dint know what you're looking for anon. You just sound like a nitpick who can't stand seeing the after birth ugly side of motherhood. Just say they should ask hide until they look normal again.

No. 204224

The only thing I can think about is that she’s probably happy about wearing them, not just for practical reasons but also to keep Tom away from her kek

No. 204230


And it's informative. The wrap helps with the displacement of organs as she heals and her abdomen attempts to be normal after losing 7lbs+ from baby and water and palcenta and the diapers are because otherwise she'd be bleeding everywhere. I wonder how long she will be in them. It depends on the tearing and how quickly her cervix and all that heals. A lot of this isn't even taught in health classes and girls who have been watching her for a long time are in the age where they also will be getting pregnant or have already had kids in their lates 20s or 30s. The content is changing because she's getting older, but some anons hate that idea and don't think an adult in their 30s should be making content that even TVs show.

No. 204232

1. These are not diapers, but pads for after birth in underwear form. In the US, you get them from the hospital and they are indeed very practical for the first week when bleeding is still very heavy.
2. Bleeding after birth is normal for several weeks.
3. Sex should be avoided the first 4-6 weeks until everything is healed.
Really, many here are really nitpicking and searching for drama when there is none. You can complain about over-sharing, but I can't see milk other than what she has in her bottle.

No. 204233

>I can't see milk other than what she has in her bottle

Love that and agree. Oversharing isn't chringy when it's normal shit, anons just don't like seeing it coming from her.

No. 204237

>A lot of women post photos. Youve been told over and over that what Taylor is doing isn't out of the norm. You just follow the wrong people.
>The anons who claim they know about kids are the biggest joke.

Who do you think you are? "You've been told" - yeah, by you. Why are you here? All you do is samefag and WK with your "stupid takes" and insults for other posters here. "Anons demand" "Anons think" "Anons complain" - you give yourself away in every post. Not to mention you can't seem to post without making errors. It's so fucking annoying opening this thread to see you lecturing everyone on babies and women, telling us all that we are ignorant misogynistic children because we didn't expect to see milk bottles attached to tits when we opened IG. You twist what people say into the most retarded shit, I stg. Go stan Taylor on her sites and gtfo.

No. 204238

another of your fucking obsessions - posting incessantly that we only have information about motherhood from television. Where did that come from? What a bold and bizarre thing to assume about the posters here. I could link to all your posts about "TV motherhood," but why bother? You'll never respond to it because you know I'm onto you.

No. 204240

What exactly has been whiteknighting? Pointing out you're wrong? lol

No. 204243

I have never seen a woman choose to push milk bottles attached to her breasts into an unrelated 30 sec IG story. I follow other mom bloggers, including Taylor's skinwalking obsession, Valeria. She never did that either.

I have seen mothers explain pumping. That is different.

I have yet to see a spreadlegged photo of the mother wearing a ton of makeup and pushing used to advertise a birth story. But according to you, if one woman does that, it's common and no one can question it.

You whiteknight by repeatedly stating a straw man: "just say pregnancy makes you uncomfortable and women should hide away until they look normal." Literally no one here believes or expressed such a misogynistic thing. You are not the sage queen instructing us all.

No. 204246

I am not the poster you are talking about but girl, chill. Just because we are not unnecesary hating on someone does not make us a WK. Her content is absolutely normal and what you would expect from new-mom/childbirth content. She posts these kind of things because she is a public figure and lives from that. I would personally not post it myself, but I understand why public figures do it and I don't think is a sin. Some of you should really go back to your cave if you are not prepared for this century.

No. 204248

Why do you keep bringing up skinwalking? Take your reddit spacing and fuck out of here. You clearly have an vendetta. Also there are so many women who freak out about not looking good while going through birth. She didn't know she would start diallating that day, she work up and di her hair and makeup and then they called the doctor. use your fucking brain.

No. 204249

File: 1648662054364.png (589.9 KB, 1178x890, Scr.png)


>I have yet to see a spreadlegged photo of the mother wearing a ton of makeup and pushing used to advertise a birth story. But according to you, if one woman does that, it's common and no one can question it.

You don't really spend much time on Youtube, do you?

No. 204250

That anon is a fucking joke. I swear they are trolling.

No. 204262

How involved is Tom in his talent company Studio 54? Are any of the influencers in 54 actually famous in HK? There's barely any info out there about the agency. I don't get how they can recruit anyone. https://studio54.hk/

No. 204264

Go read other threads

No. 204270


No. 204292

he looks at least mid 40s, maybe even 50. i wouldn't believe if he claimed to be younger than that. 15+ years difference is old enough to be her dad yeah

No. 204295

Already did, there's hardly anything except that it's Taylor's agency, Tom owns it and it's in the same offices as his other businesses including TOAT, and that's why I'm asking. They're supposed to represent influencers, yet they barely have an online presence. Other than Taylor, all I recognize is Alan Choi, the Mens club hk editor, since idk hk celebs/influencers.

No. 204312

Tinfoil but sometimes I think the incessant whiteknights are Taylor's sister or something, they are so overly invested in convincing a bunch of anons on lolcow.farm that everything Taylor does is normal.
She has switched genres from lifestyle/fashion to mommy vlogger, and the sudden switch to intense oversharing about every aspect (tbh the story posts with bottles attached, the diapers, the spreadeagled imagery, this didn't have to be shared and is vastly different from her old content)
It's obviously going to be jarring to longtime followers which the wks don't seem to understand.

No. 204313

offtopic but what's with the obsession with muh unmedicated natural birth, getting some tradthot vibes from those titles and descriptions

No. 204316

Yeah, these are the types that feel superior because they pushed a baby without the help of doctors and modern technology. They want their "hero mom" medal. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Says more about their lack of self-esteem and real achievements, than anything.

No. 204318

Could her highness herself, since she has a lot of free time on her hands right now.

No. 204337

one of them is ESL imho. But I do think they are paid shills or friends.

No. 204345

No. 204366

Even if it wears off, you will still be paralyzer between your legs. Your contractions will hurt a lot but you won’t get the ring of fire.

Epidural isn’t some simple drug that suddenly stops working. You’ll feel when it’s wearing off, but like I said it’s a very slow process.

No. 204367

Girl really glammed herself up with makeup before posting a diaper photo

No. 204374

Do you even know what the ring of fire is? An epidermal doesn't stop that at all. What are you even talking about? The back and vagina are 2 seperate places and the kids isn't coming out the back. Her eye was normal by the time pushing came, it wore off which she mentioned and didn't want a top off before birth.

No. 204375

That much pain you aren't screaming anyway. Tv actually dramatizes it for the most part. It's so hard to breath enough to scream during pushing because of all the pressure and focusing. Most women don't scream like it's a damn horror movie, it's mostly loud grunts, whining, crying (but not like crying crying, this is anguish crying) and exasperated painful breathing. No one full on screams.

No. 204376

No1currs are your two ugly kids. Good job on learning to sage, but stfu about your stupid children already.

No. 204377

something I’ve always wondered too, but what is the obsession over if someone gets an epidural or not? Like if you don’t get one your more “badass”? A few of these anons should head over to the Alice thread because god damn

No. 204383

File: 1648702367893.jpg (201.54 KB, 2048x1538, 1626181921956.jpg)

Pregnant nona here. I'm following a bunch of mommy vloggers since I'm a first time mom and follow Taylor as well. She's not doing anything that the other mommy vloggers don't, it kind of comes with the territory to overshare and tmi within these spaces. In one video I saw, one vlogger took off her pants to show her c-section scar and her full unshaven bush got exposed. You kind of lose that "shame" after going through so much bullshit and body horror through the pregnancy, so being in diapers or taking a video while pumping isn't strange to see if you're the target demographic.

No. 204387

are you seriously tinfoiling his age right now just to claim he could be her dad, which he obviously isn't?

No. 204390

People over the age of 25 don't give a fuck about age differences. That's literally a point where you can start thinking congintaviely about whether being with someone 15+ is a logical choice unless it's a serious trap issue.

No. 204391

Please stop confusing the internet and what attention seeking wannabe-"influencers" show to millions of strangers with what is "normal". Nothing is normal about that.

No. 204392

So millions of people doing it isn't "normal". right. Get over yourself, anon.

No. 204396

It’s obvious there is anons here on the defense of taytay and her average husband, it’s very suspicious.

No. 204401

A bit ot but I’ve also been binging pregnancy vlogs in general and I think it’s really healthy women are showing the gross and untalked parts about pregnancy. Shit like perennial tears and constipation etc. I think discussing Taylor’s shady business is fair but being a prude and puritan about how she shits out a baby is not it

No. 204404

But anon, it's "not normal". Giving birth and shit is as normal as possible. People still doing the age old misogynistic "Don't show boobs, gross, babies, no female diapers, post partum, no way" is pathetic and somehow defending Taylor. Some anons have blinders on with their shitty takes without using their brains and not putting their person takes in to their posts.

No. 204408

You keep forgetting she lives in quite conservative society. She’s married to a local man. People here will talk shit about her behavior, like it or not.

No. 204409

Why don’t you all go to therapy, I can’t believe you tards are still obsessing over Taylor lol

No. 204413

lol you are probably either a young teenager or a man

at least you sound like it

No. 204442

kek anon did you think they meant that he is literally biologically her dad? are you esl? it's just an expression to say he is significantly older than her

No. 204454

Still no one cares about your ugly kids and your easy peasey no epidural because you're better than Taylor, blog posts. You bring up your stupid 2 kids constantly. Go take care of them. Maybe take them outside so you're off your computer. Stop comparing Taylor to you. It's fucking weird.

No. 204466

I’m not the same anon and yea no one should mention their private life here but calling kids you didn’t even see ugly to make an argument makes me terrified of someone like you. You probably the type who find smelly mutts cute because they look like they smile with their mutant damaged jaw, the type tend to hate children along with it.

No. 204470

I doubt men are here unless the sassy queer one. It’s just many women find pregnancy related stuff to be terrifying so to see some women sharing it is weird. When you have money like Taylor, pregnancy isn’t so bad when you literally afford many things to make pregnancy and recovery easier compared to your average woman. Mostly it gives Taylor content now to milk every part of it, the poor child will grow up one of those family youtube channels exploited by their parents for views and revenue.

No. 204471

she needs to rub that baby’s head or he’s gonna have a cone head

No. 204473

What was easier? She didn't do anything extra unless you count being able to go to the doctor.

Your kids are probably ugly too.

No. 204476

I don’t have kids smartass nor i want to but kids aren’t ugly. That’s just sick how you talk to an innocent human being.

No. 204481

Anon, no one cares. The anon might not even have kids and is making it up to try to pass their point off as important. If it's not directed at you, move on, you're fictional if you think all kids are cute. Get over the fact that ugly kids do exist.

No. 204482

Also NTA who made >>204471 comment.

No. 204484

File: 1648745703024.jpg (127.71 KB, 495x370, 1633648209195.jpg)

What's with all the pearl-clutching outraged zoomers in this thread? Did they stop giving sex-ed at schools or what?(derailing)

No. 204487

Jfc Taylor is a "hip" desperately clinging to youth tradwife. She's not posting these things to destigmatize the gross and messy parts of pregnancy and being a new mom, it's all for attention. Her brand has literally always been about getting as much attention as possible. While seeming uwu so relatable. There is nothing noble about mommy bloggers oversharing. No one else sees that kind of content unless they are seeking it out. If you're a new mom or soon to be mom, how does some HK trophy wife posing in postpartum diapers and her live-in maid wrapping help you in any way?

No. 204490

Yes, it is suspicious. There isn't another thread on lolcow like this one.

No. 204493

Telling an anon to stop talking about her children isn't the same as saying you hate kids. Stfu

No. 204494

You just admitted it's not content for you.

No. 204516

"It's all for attention"
Isn't that motivation for every social media personality and all these daily life vloggers? It's all about their life. And still there are enough people obsessed about them as we can see in this thread.

No. 204522

Millions of people aren't doing it. That's their point.

No. 204527

Yeah they are. Pregnancy and everything that comes with it just isn't always filmed for others to see. Those who do, aren't just some niche minority. In the 60s it was outlandish to even say pregnant on tv. Imagine if your moralfagging really meant anything and people should never, ever normalize Pregnancy things. You gotta be a scrote. So larping.

No. 204555

I do hope you don't have kids or do some research before you get kids. You don't rub a babies head to form it. A babies head will still change in its first year and the form looks totally normal for a vaginal delivery.

No. 204558

my head was shaped in a mold like one of those square watermelons. all you natty headed babies need to get off it. we exist(learn2sage)

No. 204575


No. 204579


I'm not even the target demographic and I was not offended. I have no desire to have children, but it is nice to see women normalize things like wearing those adult diaper/panty hybrid garments.

No. 204588

Absolutely. Since anons are just foaming at the mouth because they think nitpicking what's normal matters

No. 204701

Same. I didn’t know you bleed that long afterwards. But honestly i still think she went tmi with showing herself like that but I’m not appalled because that’s just het mo

No. 204733

Tbh, you're in diapers a good chunk of your life as a woman and normally it in general seems good to me. I'm waiting on her to do something milk worthy.

No. 204737

what the absolute fuck

No. 204739

i honestly just hate that she's like "uwu motherhood is such a blessing and so easy" no shit, you're rich and don't have to work.

No. 204747

I think she's referring to pads (sanitary napkins) as a part of those diapers. That's the only resolution I can come to about it.

No. 204751


I don't know why you guys are perpetually bothered by her socio-economic status. She's rich. That hasn't change in years. That alone is not milk.

I don't mind her motherhood journey. For some people it is easy and for some it is hard, regardless of external circumstances. You can be uber rich, have all the support in the world and struggle with PPD and feel disconnected from your baby and depressed. You can be poor but find a sort of fulfillment in being a mother and caring for your child.(learn2sage )

No. 204752

I just think it is nice in general to normalize those adult panty/diapers, not just post partum women wear them. There is an unnecessary stigma surrounding them, just like the stigma surrounding panty liners, tampons, and pads. I also appreciate it when people with ostomy bags vlog about their day to day lives and struggles. I don't wear the diapers, nor have an ostomy, but I appreciate anyone who works to destigmatize those things.

No. 204753


I don't know why you guys are perpetually bothered by her socio-economic status. She's rich. That hasn't change in years. That alone is not milk.

I don't mind her motherhood journey. For some people it is easy and for some it is hard, regardless of external circumstances. You can be uber rich, have all the support in the world and struggle with PPD and feel disconnected from your baby and depressed. You can be poor but find a sort of fulfillment in being a mother and caring for your child.

No. 204756

Don’t know why you can’t fucking sage

No. 204768

nah, if you're rich you can afford a therapist/psychiatrist and get your PPD treated quickly. are you taylor?

it's not that she's rich it's that she's not being honest. she probably has a nanny and is getting adequate sleep because of it.

No. 204791

If not a baby, most people would use family. You're nitpicking stuff that isn't controversial and not even only for rich people. Babysitters are in that same category then.

No. 204808

hetmo as opposed to homo? wtf

No. 204809

Oh the privilege taytay. This thread always have a defensive anon replying back to anyone doing any critics

No. 204811

Not everyone has family or at least family available for them. Many people don’t have grandparents alive nor parents or siblings available because people have to work. Taylor is a girl boss founder of toat who have to work hard and still take care of a baby, it’s really hard that’s why she is down to earth and very relatable. She worked hard during her modeling time as well that’s what happen if you want to afford all that you need to work hard like taylor and kim k.

No. 204812

and that's on god and tom's foreskin

No. 204820

And some people like Kim K literally never look at their kids. Literally nothing she's done so far is showing a nanny, just the one month lady. I don't know why you're being sarcastic when I'm talking about people who can reach out for help. I'm not talking about people who have their whole family tree dead. Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 204841

I hope you are being sarcastic? Taylor never had to "work hard" in all her life and nothing she has now comes from her "working hard". She married a millioniare and what got her there is her looks, not any hard work.

Shit like this seriously pisses me off. You have no idea what "working hard" means. Getting up at 4am, because you have to be at work at 5am, unloading trucks for 4 hours and then go to your university courses right after that every fucking day. That's working hard. Smiling for a camera once a week is not.

No. 204843

That was sarcastic come on you are on lolcow and don’t get the meaning of that?! It means opposite of what Taylor did because in her privileged world she think she is hard working which is not because people like her have no idea what real struggles are but still complain same goes to kim k when she told women need to work and people are being lazy. That’s why taylor relate to the Kardashians and rich privileged like her but she is more worst she like to act relatable down to earth girl for her viewers and her stupid fans believes that since her fake glamour model time who was bought by her sugar daddy tom.

No. 204851

kek, great post. Sad that some can't recognize sarcasm

No. 204865

lol I legit thought you were serious until I saw the comment about kim and "working hard"

No. 204903


I did sage.

Ah, yes. Because PPD goes away with the swish of a magic wand.

You can get treatment, therapy, and medication and still suffer. Not to mention the other hormonal and emotional changes women go through as a part of childbirth.

I'm not defending her, but it's weird to get mad seeing someone enjoying motherhood.(fail sage manifestation)

No. 204911

The post reply is to an unsaged sperg and you did it again. Stfu

No. 204914

there's literally no indication she has PPD so why are you talking about it? Sage your non-con posts.

No. 204926

Taylor is so lacking in turmoil in her life that people are now imagining what if she did have post partum depression and how her wads of cash definitely wouldn't ease this imagined problem whatsoever

Let's be real, the relatively easy birth and post birth experience has everything to do with the wads of cash.

No. 204927

It's also all she's done for the past almost 2 decades. Do you expect her to go out and get a different job? She does get paid and sponsorships, so it's technically a job. Especially in 2022. You can't separate what she does from the cash because that's how she makes her money. Everyone keeps saying it like that isn't the thing she's been doing.

No. 204929

Kimono Mom is 2-3 years younger than Taylor. She and her husband have an age difference similar to Tay and Tom's, but they couldn't be more night and day.

No. 205015

agree 100%. this whole "teehee i pushed the baby out without an epidural (lbr there's no way she felt everything after one hour, i couldn't walk for more than 3 hours after my epidural was out) and motherhood is just sooo easy and amazing" makes me gag. i feel like her young supporters are going to look at this and think the same.

No. 205067

Did you even watch the video?

No. 205080

The childfree reddit Karens seething and writing fanfiction in this thread are actually funnier than Taylor at this point.

No. 205102

Plus, she really was the only one taking care of the kid. Her husband is the breadwinner of the family, working from early morning till night, so she really did all of the house chores AND taking care of a newborn.

Princess TayTay could and would never. And her dead-brained WKs here would say KimonoMom had help from family and friends.

No. 205104

File: 1649013920423.jpeg (18.28 KB, 214x234, DB115571-CE46-4C29-86D0-EEB02F…)

kimonomon hired me from preiod of 20019-2020 to help disguse pedofileia ring in CZ I got to keep revenue from 12 vlog upload during preiod and kinomen aven stell me to say "Taylor richterd is a ghostie white hoe" compensation for me to say with my own voice was only cz400, this is handwrite sease and desist from Tomhas Lippe ssy that I have bring grate dishounor to their unborn fetid despite ifv fails a gift from god?(turbo autism)

No. 205109

Your Reddit formatting is so obvious, I can tell when you post, quit it. I can clock your posts.

No. 205111

I need a translation of this post. Like not the letter, the post itself. Either my brain is dead, or this is really poorly written.

No. 205114

None of us need a translation of that retarded attempt at humor. It's more WKing.

No. 205118

File: 1649017950956.jpeg (212.17 KB, 1200x800, 8E15706D-5C92-449E-A980-CD475E…)


No. 205119

File: 1649018131707.png (653.82 KB, 471x858, Screenshot 2022-04-03 223048.p…)

Oh, nvm then. Chaning a bit the topic, did anyone see today stories? I thought she was on a pretty restrective diet… I guess some of you will say that she probably has not eaten any of this food, but it does not really make much sense to do this sponsorship at this time, while telling the world that you#re following this Cinese Confinement rules + having a Pui Yuet care for you.

No. 205134

ritz carlton, so relatable! Why would anyone in HK get Singaporean food from the Ritz, lmao

No. 205157

She's not restrictive as far as quanity. It's about what kind.

No. 205186

yes, she said could feel everything while pushing because the epidural "wore off after an hour"

No. 205190

She didn't get a second dose, dumbass.

No. 205200

I was wondering about the baby and language in the last thread and it wasn't writing fanfiction. Pretty sure absolutely no one said the baby couldn't understand English, especially growing up rich AF in HK. It's more sad that Taylor has barely any knowledge of a language her child will likely be fluent in and communicate with others and his father with. Every language has nuance and I can't imagine marrying someone like Pedo-san and being barely able to hold a conversation, let alone having a child and struggling to speak to them in one of their native tongues. And like maybe she should work on her language skills? Sad you have so little going on in your life that you find that to be entertaining Karen hysterics though.

No. 205210

Plenty of children are raised in mixed couple relationships where they learn the language of both their parents that the other parent can't speak, so that's not a problem and I doubt it will be a problem in the communication between Taylor and her son.

I find it more bothersome in general that Taylor permanently lives in a country where she doesn't bother to learn the language. That's not common/normal for sure. But I guess since she can get along with English there to well, she doesn't feel the need.

No. 205229

Tom's English is also pretty bad for a businessman

No. 205239

It is also pretty telling Taylor doesn't have local friends who would speak Chinese with her. Bilingual people will introduce new words and idioms in their language through normal interactions. It is pretty bleak to see Taylor's lack of interest in being independent enough move through the city she lives in unaided.

No. 205244

This entire thread is just people speculating about what MIGHT happen in the future or what Taylor MIGHT be doing right now with absolutely zero real info to base this on. Instead of just writing nothing in this thread because nothing is happening or worth discussing you have to write fanfiction about future problems she is totally going to have according to your fantasy. It's just really cringy that you are so desperate for things to go badly for her in some way. I truly think it's jealousy.

No. 205260

It's no one's fantasy. It's not writing fanfiction to wonder what a scenario like 2+2 will equal, please get a grip. No one is cursing your precious Taytay by wondering if her lack of interest in learning local languages could effect her ability to communicate. Her husband's lack of interest in communication with his trophy wife and child is also telling. Maybe 2022 is the year he expands his vocabulary beyond babe, but let me not speculate, that would be fanfiction

No. 205276

You are easy to spot by calling her taytay. Your tinfoil is bad. Nothing you've said had even happened. No one is defending her either and calling out ridiculous headcanons of "what if.." when nothing has hairbrush yet, it's derailing as fuck. Produce facts,not off the walls tinfoil you sperg.

No. 205277

We don't know that though and she had been in videos where she's learning words from her camera helper or someone in a store taught her what something is. She's even asked Tom how to pronounce things in videos before. Her and Tom will never, ever be fluent is each other's languages. It's not realistic, even with studying.

No. 205286

fuck off, white knight. You lower the IQ of everyone here

No. 205290

Do us all a favor, explain why this is white-knighting to you when it isn't white-knighting? how are facts WKing when you're just looking to ignore what she already did?

No. 205291

kinsmen sent me(sage)

No. 205292

did they call you dubyuh bush in skewl because you had a bitchin large bush

No. 205293

it's pointless arguing with you. You police this thread and contradict every single thing people say, firing off your tired insults about whether we are pregnant or know pregnant people or what ethnicity we are or how everything is normal in China and we are all just so ignorant. It's mind-numbing and idk why the hell you are on this site. I can pinpoint more or less when you started coming here with your bull-in-a-china shop "takes" on every minor thing people here criticize. You got obsessed or you got hired shortly after Taylor announced her pregnancy. And since then you shit up this thread and act like you are the sole arbiter of Proper Opinions on Taylor R. And since your asked: nope, you aren't spewing facts. Taylor speaks 0 languages aside from English at any measurable level. Asking someone how to pronounce a word isn't speaking a language. Neither is knowing a couple phrases.

No. 205294

correcting myself: *pregnant women
I originally wrote HK people, sorry for accidental troontalk

No. 205295

You realize there are way more than just one anon who has pointed out that anons complaining about basic stuff and tinfoiling out the ass, literally doing nothing for the thread, right? You just made it clear that no one was whiteknighting. You just don't like being proven wrong and being told these fanfiction speculations are bad.

No. 205298

What is wrong with this threat lately?

No. 205304

how have I made it clear no one was WKing?

No. 205305

Whatever it is, it makes me miss sperg-chan

No. 205310

She's lived in HK for most of her adult life and hasn't bothered to learn the local language yet. She lived in Japan for years, had someone coaching her in the language and appeared in two TV dramas and still didn't bother to learn the local language. This isn't sperg-level tinfoiling. Does Tom's Velvet app still exist today and what does this say about Tom? Just that he runs BE? https://hittt.blogspot.com/2014/05/1264-m1_4114.html

No. 205328

that's exactly my point you fucking moron. learn to read.

No. 205331

seriously, wtf is up with this whiteknight who patrols this thread lmao they have no life or are obsessed with taylor. either way, mental issues for real

No. 205333

>I can't imagine marrying someone like Pedo-san and being barely able to hold a conversation, let alone having a child and struggling to speak to them in one of their native tongues.

My first impression of Taylor and Tom, before he started to be shown on camera and when she was in Japan, was she was quite lonely. She has her family and friends, online and off, but in terms of having a conversation with her spouse it just isn't there. It's always the "awkward ha-ha ESL laughing and pretending you understand each other", it seems intolerable for that to be your long-term partner. Although I guess they have "not giving a shit about their partner's first language" in common.

No. 205375

holds mirror
I don't anyone here can point fingers to others about being obsessed. (or as the saying goes, point one finger to the other person, three fingers will point back)
Find real milk. This thread ain't it.("holds mirror"- level of autism)

No. 205383

This isn't milk. Imagine nitpicking learning a language.

No. 205417

we're criticizing not learning any language, learn2read. She's barely literate in English

No. 205492

lol thanks for that mods

if you care about milk so much then why are you reading saged threads? this will bump when there's milk dumbass

No. 205553

Calling everyone who calls you out for being a nitpick a-log who is obsessed with a lolcow beyond what is healthy a whiteknight doesn't make it true or you any less sad to behold. Just saying.

This is a phenomenon that happened with many lolcows, where the people in their thread start to become bigger lolcows than than the thread subject just because of how personal your grudge against them becomes. Touch some grass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205570

Suck my ass, mod. It's your job to moderate this thread and you have been doing a shitty job. Don't blame people for complaining about the quality of the thread and the amount of unnecessary nitpicking and a-logging if you fail your job of being a janny.(farmhand applications are open)

No. 205614

Who is a-logging here? I'll wait.

No. 205621

Hello Taylor.(hi cow)

No. 205639

Every time I come to this thread expecting actual milk, I get disappointed.

No. 205738

File: 1649308684548.jpg (341.59 KB, 1080x1925, IMG_20220407_091552.jpg)

This dumb bitch is gonna give me stroke. Boohoo, I can't go outside because of confinement. If you want to go out, do it. They are not going to jail you. Ffs.

P. S. Her hair looks fresh and clean, I didn't know ginger water was such a nice shampoo! /s

No. 205741

It's called cabin fever. Even COVID fucks had it when they were home. She's following tradition. It is like you are in jail, anon.

Also what with this random sarcasm sperg about the hair? Her hair looks fine.

No. 205743

>She's following tradition. It is like you are in jail, anon.
She is following A (stupid) tradition that is not HERS. If she is having cabin fever and wants to get out she should get out. Period.

No. 205745

Anon, this isn't even specifically a Chinese tradition. She married into a Chinese family. She lives in HK. Stfu.

No. 205748

Re: hair
That was the point. It looks great, which makes it hard to believe she really didn't wash it since birth.

No. 205758

Ugh. Hate the pretentious problems.
As if she ever followed any other Chinese tradition. They didn't even have a Chinese wedding, so why the sudden need to do confinement?
Also, did they stop tight binding her or however that was called?

No. 205759

You only bind now and then, its not a constant thing. Its supposed to help the abdomen gently form back to shape. The muscles are torn and there isn't anything in here to support how stretched out her muscles were. its also to help slowly reorganize your organs even thought they won't go back to the same place anyway. Its an on and off thing. If you guys literally know nothing about any of this, you gotta stop nitpicking it.

No. 205760

I wish I had such a sheltered life that I had to create problems for myself and "solve" them heroically. Unfollowed her today, she's turning into a typical mom vlogger. I mean, kids are cute but I don't wanna see stories with your baby's pooping noises, thank you very much.
Anyway, I'm over this cow. I'll check back in a couple of months in hopes of real milk. Peace.

No. 205765

Anon, then her freaking family can follow THEIR tradition if THEY want to. Stfu. She cleraly isn't happy with confinement, so it's just stupid.

No. 205767

Not OP, but she looks very much happy with confinement if you ask me. She just has to show some level of discomfort, so it doesn't look like she's having "too much fun" with it. I mean, she's literally sitting at home 24/7. The most effort she puts into childcare is feeding and pumping, the rest is on the nanny. Doesn't sound like a bad thing to me.
I only wish she was honest enough to admit the true reason behind the whole schick. The idea behind letting the mom rest after childbirth is actually very good and should be normalised, hiring help for it is, too, especially since she can afford it.
But, no, she's following a "tradition" and following a bunch of rules she doesn't understand. The same way she was using "Chinese medicine" to treat her acne and trying to get pregnant, before going back to modern treatments for both in the end. I wonder if she gave birth in Canada as initially planned would she have done the confinement.

No. 205793

So where's the HK family enforcing this, Taystan? Do you mean Tom? Tom's parents are dead and his sister lives in France.
>If you guys literally know nothing about any of this, you gotta stop nitpicking it.
Hey, autist, the anon >>205758 simply asked a question. Cope, seethe and dilate somewhere else, especially if you're the probable hikkomoid here >>204733 who called sanitary pads diapers. A woman would never say this:
>you're in diapers a good chunk of your life as a woman and normally it in general seems good to me.

No. 205798

The baby looks so cute in her new video. Like a little doll.

No. 205801

So uhhh out of the 20 or so videos she’s put out so far I’ve seen maybe one of Tom holding the baby and one of him interacting with him. It’s all Taylor :l what does he do all day?(:|)

No. 205803

PS5 and jacking it to Men’s Club girls in that home office they built him with a twin bed in it

No. 205809

the drive home from the hospital in the latest vlog seemed so sad and lonely. taylor’s crying after apparently holding it in (why??) until the drive, clearly emotionally overwhelmed, commenting on the trees and sky and how beautiful the world and her kid are. then there’s tom up front in the mercedes like “it’s the hormones” and nothing else. no empathy, no support. like yeah no shit dumbass, think about what your wife just went through and indulge her a little while she weeps in joy over your newborn

No. 205818

It was the hormones.. She probably didn't want to sob around the hospital people but birth can be traumatic your body goes through hell. And he's driving. The fuck you want him to do?

Everyone hates you in thread. You go on wild tangents and add your own context constantly because what's posted isn't milky enough for you. Stfu already.

No. 205821

huh? context?

No. 205825

Slow down there, WK-san. You seem to be the only one who's triggered.
I think you mistook this place for TayTay's insta, fuck off and comment there.

No. 205826

The baby is cute. Jfc.

No. 205831

>It is like you are in jail, anon.
Jail is living in a multi-million dollar home and getting meal deliveries from the Ritz? Even before she had the kid, she was confined to her home in HK and Tokyo most of the time after she stopped regularly working. Of course, she had fewer responsibilities back then. How is Rosie responding to the baby?

No. 205836

No one calls her TayTay. Make it more clear you're from her Insta, fag. All the other anons call her Taylor.

No. 205860

She and her husband seem happy and I'm happy for them. The baby is beautiful. Taylor has matured a lot and I don't really see any purpose in her continuing to have a thread here. She has not produced real milk for years and it's sad watching the colossal reaches anons continue to make about her. inb4 second generation sperg-chans begin screaming at me for having a different opinion.

No. 205862

she married a man child and it's only going to get worse from here. i cringed when she had to use those needles in her stomach for IVF and she was already terrified and he said "wow that is a REALLY big needle!" why the fuck would you say that?

No. 205865

then hide the thread and fawn to her on her IG, literally no one cares whether you are happy for them or think their baby is beautiful. It's not like anyone should be evaluating the aesthetics of a newborn or kid anyway

No. 205867

Only 14 minutes! Nice!

No. 205878


Is it really that strange that Taylor's social media focuses on Taylor?

People who follow her are there for Taylor, not Taylor's husband. A pic here or there is fine, but there's a limit.

In no way do I want to see a bunch of posts of him, cute baby or not.

No. 205888

This isn't a place just to hate on the cows anon, it's to discuss them. If you want to make sure everyone only shits on a cow constantly, go to kiwifarms. Anons saying the baby is cute isn't whiteknighting or killing the thread. Hide the thread if you can't stand other people's opinions about the damn baby.

No. 205898

>I don't really see any purpose in her continuing to have a thread here. She has not produced real milk for years and it's sad watching the colossal reaches anons continue to make about her.
yes, cry cry, horrible anons attack innocent mother goddess Taylor

>then hide the thread, literally no one cares whether you are happy for them or think their baby is beautiful.
Right, it's repetitive blogposting fangirly shit about how a baby looks. Even if it were ugly as sin, it would be retarded to discuss the looks of a baby because almost everything about a newborn changes. And this thread isn't about how pretty Taylor birthed a pretty baby and is so pretty, wow!

>Anons saying the baby is cute isn't whiteknighting or killing the thread.
It's repetitive non-con sometimes unsaged posting about the looks of a newborn baby. "just like a doll!!" "so cute!!" "beautiful" This thread isn't about the baby. It's about Taylor, the pedo apologist and fake hardworking girlboss who cares only for herself and her rich friends, and her grunting pedo-pandering scrote who makes money by paying low wages to his female employees.

You also just said above >>205860 that you don't want her to have a thread and it's sad to you what "anons" post about her. So you (singular or plural) minimod, derail, and infight whenever someone posts actual discussion.
>not milk
>Taylor hasn't been milky in years
>this thread ain't milk
>only milk in this thread is in the baby bottle
So many complaints, over and over, about every minor topic people discuss here in saged posts. I hope you cop a longer ban for your deranged behavior.

No. 205901

I'm not the same person as >>205888, TayTay-anon. Keep malding tho. Your long, furious, desperate screaming for some kind of drama is funny and is the reason why I keep checking this thread. I love your novels. Keep it up.

No. 205909

Your mental instability is really showing, nonnie. I get that her mere existence triggers tf out of you, but it's not that serious.
It's okay to wish her happiness sometimes while also giving criticism to the dumb shit she does.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205936

Out of sheer curiosity, why do you guys hate on her so much? She genuinely seems like such a kind and lovely person.

No. 205943

They honestly want her life.

No. 205949

Basically this. Her greatest crime is being a little airheaded and vain and being tone-deaf in some instances in the past. Most "complaining" about Taylor is really just about Tom. Tom did this, Tom did that, Taylor's husband is X Y and Z. I would say that these vendetta-chans would be better off just making a thread for Tom, but they won't, because it really and truly does seem to come down to jealousy of Taylor's lifestyle. The PULL bitches here need to realize that Taylor has changed a lot over the years. People are allowed space to change. She does not produce milk any more. That is just an objective fact evidenced by the way that these threads have had absolutely fucking nothing interesting or of substance for ages. Just a lot of hysterical screaming from nonnies who ran out of things to say about her years ago. It's boring as fuck. I wish her well in this new journey, and knowing that just saying all of this will piss a few of you demented bitches off brings me great pleasure. Seethe.

No. 206011

You mean how the mutt respond to a threat taking the source of food. As long taylor feed her like before the rosie will be fine. Now you can rest anon.

No. 206012

If you think so, what are you doing here. Since taylor got pregnant this thread is filled with taytay saviors. She must pay you well.

No. 206013

Taylor’s goal

No. 206020

Let PULL out of it. Pull has removed Taylor from Snowflake status a few months back. Much less hate and jealousy and more boring there, compared to here.

No. 206038

>The PULL bitches here need to realize that Taylor has changed a lot over the years.
>Just a lot of hysterical screaming from nonnies who ran out of things to say about her years ago.
It was only a few months ago that Mens Club was creeping on 14 year olds again and linking to their social media, probably without their knowledge, and neither Taylor nor Tom have fully addressed what happened with Mens Club. All they did was downplay the amount and type of content about minors, give a non-apology apology, and promise to change, which never happened. I noticed that their "fans" have also gone to other places and peddle the false narrative that the 13 year old and other minors uploaded their photos to Mens Club themselves and that there wasn't much or the content wasn't "that" bad. You wouldn't happen to be part of that same group of fans, would you? Mens Club is how Taylor affords her IVF treatments, her lifestyle and her kid.

No. 206049

Jeez, if some of you dont want to discuss taylor as a snowflake just leave this fucking thread and go like her pics on insta.
Shes still a content creator that puts her life (and now her child) on the internet for money and attention. Discussing her antics is fair game. No need to defend her.
She will always be a little snowflake because she likes to portrait herself as a hardworking gal boss when she is not. Some of us see beyond the facade and find it interesting to talk about what is really going on. Maybe shes not the milkiest of all cows but shes also not your relatable best mommy friend from next door, she doesnt need you to wk her. Let people talk about a lonely rich bitch with a sleezy husband, its called entertainment, baby.

No. 206065

So go take your meds and make a thread about Tom, then.

No. 206068

I missed that, definitely a moid. He really thinks wearing a thin pad for a few days a month equates to "wearing diapers for most of your life"
definitely never seen a vagina or had a conversation with a woman irl

No. 206071

File: 1649455468121.webm (2.22 MB, 480x854, taylorr.webm)

If you watch carefully you realise Rosie takes a sip of Taylor's breastmilk here, the dog is making actions like she just licked or ate something right after going up to where the baby is breastfeeding

No. 206072

Are you mental, anon? Seriously. This is not even funny.

No. 206074

Primary example of why anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together hasn't taken this thread seriously in years. You are going to be hospitalized for straining your back with this reach.

No. 206095

File: 1649462464998.png (2.08 MB, 1440x1821, dogs being dogs.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor didn't notice, but I have a dog (same breed but bigger) and recognize the behavior, you can see the dog's tongue a few times in the clip. Hope Taylor is paying her wks well since one of you springs up in reply to literally every post ITT, it's starting to look a little desperate.

Dogs are just gross and will eat used tissues and stuff if they get a chance.(tinfoiling bestiality)

No. 206100

Why are you trying to be gross about an accident? The dog was smelling the baby at first.

No. 206104

Because they're desperate to reframe something completely benign as a deliberate and deeply evil act by Taylor. In other news, status quo for this thread.

No. 206108

do you really think she's the bubbly person on camera 24/7?

No. 206119

You can't see the dog's tongue there, and even if you could, it is nowhere near her nipple, not in that screenshot and not any other frame of the video. God this thread sucks. It is by far one of the most pointless and lowest quality active threads on the site right now.

No. 206122

oh my GOD??????? it's literally licking her nipple

No. 206123


The dog wasn't anywhere near her nipple.

Breastfeeding requires a proper latch.

Meaning the entire nipple and most of the areola is inside the baby's mouth.

Only the very edges are visible if at all.

No way for a dog to lick a nipple that's already in the baby's mouth or get milk that's on the baby's tongue.

The dog smelled then pulled back and sniffed further away from the baby's mouth. Lingered for a second and pulled away.

Rosie probably was curious about the smell of both the baby and Taylor's milk, but she didn't taste it.

She smelled it up close then immediately began to sniffle, clearing her nose.

Some dogs will engage in similar scenting behaviors when they smell pregnancy, menustration, and other things.(unsaged dog and nipple sperg )

No. 206127

Look at where the baby's mouth is. The dog's mouth is nowhere near her nipple. If you want this thread to survive so bad, Taytay-anon, you'll need to come up with actual milk, not astronomical reaches for something that isn't there. But you won't do that, because you can't.

No. 206130

Stop being fucking weird. It didn't lick her nipple.

No. 206132

File: 1649482257266.jpg (383.07 KB, 1080x1903, IMG_20220409_092814.jpg)

To no one's surprise, she's back to body checking. Sorry, I mean, outfit showcasing.

No. 206134

She's talking about pants. By your logic, every mirror photo is a body check. Stfu.

No. 206157

File: 1649503199000.png (1.52 MB, 1792x828, 0D4E5D23-CF23-4823-9BAC-BF2985…)

People like you and >>200108, >>203403, and >>203229 (though tbh these comments all sound like the same person) keep insisting things about Taylor's body and you have been proven wrong every time so far. Compression wraps after your organs have literally been fucking displaced for nearly a year is completely normal. You act like she's tightlacing a corset. If she were as concerned about body checking and giving the appearance of rapid weight loss as you keep saying she is, I don't think she'd have done anything like show the camera her soft postpartum belly the way she did in her last video. Taylor has actually been way more candid about her body during pregnancy than I would ever have expected for her, knowing how cagey she could be about it in the past. It's a sign of maturity and it's nice to see her not try and hide it.

No. 206171

mods are cracking their whips in this thread frfr

No. 206172

It's really crazy how getting married and having a baby is such a hugely triggering thing to so many anons on here, despite being the most normal thin in the entire world and the reason you are all alive and here today.

Idk if it's mommy issues or jealousy because you think that that will never be you, but it is truly fascinating to behold the amount of seethe and cope in this thread. If I didn't know better I'd think I was reading the hateful comments of trannies and moids who are jealous that they can not give birth.

No. 206173

She isn't wrapping here as I am the anon who keeps mentioning organ displacement, but she's just marveling at herself imo. Not even body checking. She was s living body horror for 9 months. She's also just showing her pants that cover her leftover skin. I don't know why anons keep reading into things like this when it's not milky. It's okay that not every post she makes is milky. Forcing it into a box until anons can call it milk though like >>206095 is fucking tiresome at this point though and weird.

No. 206181

File: 1649514157692.jpg (588.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220409-072132_Ins…)

Thank God she went out

No. 206216

Postpartum wraps are known in the US. You can search for postpartum body wrap (I think a few years back they were even advertised by the Kardashians). Girdles are more comfortable, though.

No. 206218

? Where did I say anything discouraging wrapping? I'm pointing out she isn't wearing one in the photo, so bringing it up is useless.

No. 206222

You're right. I misunderstood. Nevermind.

No. 206228

We got the mutt nutter expert taking notes from the billion pet pseudoscience industry. Dogs will eat the shit out of you with your shit and would find it delicious if they got the chance, rosie’s breed is so weak no need to even talk about it.

No. 206246

I was responding in part to the other threads I tagged, >>203229 mainly. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I know she wasn't wrapped in the pic I posted. That's why I posted it.

No. 206323

I finally watched the new video and this screenshot is from 10 days postpartum. She's already trying to fit into a normal pair of jeans. Instead of "showing" her soft postpartum belly, she exclaims "so close!" and yeah, it comes across as an overt bodycheck or humblebrag. Fucking ridiculous and unhealthy to show yourself almost buttoning jeans 10 days after birth.

No. 206349

File: 1649601777163.jpg (660.36 KB, 1079x1453, Screenshot_20220410-074313_Ins…)

There's been plenty of shots where it's not after a wrap.

No. 206392

Your meds are waiting for you to take them.

No. 206401

While anons fight over decoding Taylor's "motives" behind unbuttoned jeans, I'd like to point out how her refusing to buy maternity wear was stupid and short-sighted. Had she gotten several pairs of pants made to fit a pregnant body, she would have had options to wear for a photoshoot, instead of struggling to fit into pre-belly jeans.
Did she expect to bounce back immediately and not ever need maternity clothes shortly after giving birth? Did she ever research about postpartum period and recovery? Also, the lack of proper maternity pants is even more short-sighted taking into account that she (in her own words) plans to get pregnant again in the next 12 months (ala her mother).

No. 206404

It will sound mean, but it's rather optimistic from her to expect the next pregnancy to occur easier and most importantly naturally, because her hormones are somehow more balanced after the first successful pregnancy and birth. Good luck to Tom's senile and lazy sperm. I can't believe he seriously gaslighted her into believing that she was the sole problem behind their infertility.

No. 206407

I assumed baby 2 would be ivf also, it kinda seems like a …bad idea to try and have one naturally considering Tom is mid-forties and unfit. He gaslit her good.

No. 206420

It's jeans
Calm down. You sound so stupid.

No. 206449

I like her arm hair

No. 206458

He's a healthy man in his early forties, what do you mean, anon? In all seriousness, it's really sad that Taylor was gaslighted so much. I wonder why their doctor said nothing about it. I mean, Pedo-san's sperm couldn't do the job when placed on a tray next to an egg, in favourable conditions, it's obvious he's ALSO the problem…

No. 206480

Something interesting I picked up about Chinese culture from a Chinese native vlogger I follow, in China they have quite an old fashioned culture in terms of money and marriage. It's relatively normal for a girl to establish how much money a suitor has on a first date "will you buy me a house?" and a man's social status is directly linked to having a family, and being able to provide for said family. (Aside, also having mistresses or being able to provide for more than one woman is also viewed highly, which subverts the tradwife thing somewhat)
Hence, baby for Tom as part of his status, and the IVF clinic not mentioning any (obvious) factors his spunk played in their fertility goals. It would be a big blow to his status to imply he was unable to provide for a family, or have a family since that is considered the entire purpose of relationships/marriage in China.
I'm a eurofag so I can't say this is absolutely true, but it was well explained by the vlogger and would explain why the clinic and Taylor herself made herself the focus of their "difficulties" rather than suggest Tom was the cause.

No. 206514

I mean it's also considered an embarrassment in China to be Tom's age and never married before anyway, so I'm not sure he cares much about the traditional ways, or else he would've been married 20 years ago. He would've been referred to as a "leftover" basically all the time after his late 20s.

No. 206515

Yet he made her follow all these stupid pregnancy and postpartum superstitions and rules. He's either following traditions selectively, or Taylor brushes it under the rug.

No. 206517

she probably did it herself. non-chinese aren't expected to follow those kind of things and generally traditional families don't respect non-chinese in marriages. him marrying her is looked down on to begin with.

No. 206535

Most are selective. This isn't the 1600s. Most family do pick and choose because some of it is insane. Staying inside isn't bad though. The mothers health is compromised, the baby hasn't been around germs, COVID.. like it makes sense right now

No. 206541

lol yea i dunno why people think this is tom's doing, he's never shown to be superstitious and/or traditional, he's too busy running his pedo company. So far it doesn't seem to faze him that he has an ivf baby, did a courtroom wedding ceremony so he can grab some canadian real estate, wanted a girl instead of a boy. He's not traditional nor secretive. Taylor is obviously doing confinement so she has something to complain about for content; simple as that

No. 206553

She did it for video content lmfao i dont get why some of you can't get this through your skulls. Tom probably wouldn't give 2 shits if she chose not to do it, he seems pretty cool with doing a lot of things the 'north american' way anyways

No. 206556

She says she has cabin fever once. Calm down.

No. 206560

yes? why did you quote me? does it look like i said anything to contradict that?

No. 206573

So because she's not Chinese she's expected to just not have respect for traditions? You sound so dumb right now. She's in for a month (or less as she's been out a few times the past 2 days). You guys act like this is some big issue when it isn't even just a Chinese tradition. This is an old wives tale thing too. Jfc.

No. 206574

So the puiyuet is still living with them. I thought she's supposed to leave when Taylor is "allowed" out. This is confusing.

No. 206579

Can someone familiar with modern Chinese culture tell if this confinement thing is popular among young Chinese?
For example, in my country we have our own tradition, where the mother and the newborn have a special regime for 40 days after birth, but it's mostly considered outdated for people my mom's age and above. Even my grandma didn't follow it, because she was working and could only get two weeks off. It is still a thing in some very rural areas, but the great majority regards it outdated and doesn't even consider following it.

No. 206582

why should she respect any kind of retarded tradition, «you sound so stupid» anon? You really draw your sword for every post critiquing your queen, pathetic

No. 206583

You can respect any countries's tradition, but unless it's affecting someone else there is absolutely NO reason to follow a tradition if you obviously don't like doing it and Taylor obviously didn't like staying inside.
For example it's tradition to take off your shoes in Japan indoors. Obviously you should respect that tradition. It's rude to the houseowner to put street durt all over his floor.
But what negative effect would it have on others if she didn't stay inside for a whole month? Exactly. NONE at all. "Respecting" that tradition would mean she respects if other woman want to do that. But following the tradition yourself even if you don't like it? I don't see the respect in that.

No. 206587

oh god
https://www.instagram.com/reel/CcMTTAiATD8/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 206619


Lol. Motherhood is gnarly.

Baby must prefer that side so the supply is higher. It will even out if she switches him to the other for a bit.

No. 206620

Shhh, don't tell her, let her have a reason to whine (and feel special).

No. 206621

that thumbnail, just why
I guess boobs get clicks, right?

No. 206623

It is not popular but common, and it’s not followed really strictly. Just don’t go out, don’t wash your hair often, eat fish soup and drink medicine. There are hardcore version of this when mother just holds the baby for feeding, doesn’t bend, doesn’t wash her hair, but most young girls - especially from big cities - won’t do it.

Most also won’t have a live in pui yuet, it’s usually mother or mother in law who helps around and they are gone when the first month passes. It’s convenient for Taylor to have pui yuet living with them as she can enjoy motherhood to the fullest: no sleepless nights, just playing and bonding with baby.

No. 206628

tinfoil, but is it just me or does the baby not look asian at all? it looks full caucasian

No. 206631

Nah, it's a typical halfu baby. Just wait a bit, until the dominant genes take full effect. I was a blond, blue-eyes baby, but now I have black hair and eyes, like any other Asian. My mom's genes took some time to settle in. I guess it's the case with most mixed kids.

No. 206638

She made 1 comment about staying inside. It's not that deep. She's not dying.

No. 206641

It can affect the baby. What part of the mother going out and baby getting sick in a covid society don't you get right now? Even if you don't like it, right now makes sense, even if it's just keeping the baby home. Her and Tom could really kill the baby if some dumbass had even just a cold and one of them brings it home. It's not just about staying home, it's about germs until the immune system kicks in. It's not always good to just force a kid to ensure gems, less than 2 weeks after birth. The mother is compromised with her immune system because she just gave birth too. It's not just a tradition, it's about health too. A lot pick and choose from the traditions. This idea that she shouldn't partake makes no sense. It's also not hurting anyone to stay home either, so I don't get the complaints. She went out when she felt like it in less than a month. Why you still complaining?

No. 206645

It doesn't seem like theirs is live in, she just seems to come and go.

No. 206674

Pui yuet are always live in as they need to look after mother and the baby 24/7 throughout the month - especially through the night so mother is rested and the baby is well taken care of, changed, fed etc.
Taylor herself mentioned she won’t do room tour yet as pui yuet’s bed is inside and she can’t organize it the way she wants it yet.

No. 206694

If you can't see the difference between staying inside to avoid Covid and staying inside because "Chinese tradition demands", then there's no point in arguing with you.

No. 206695

Speaking of the puiyuet. It's been a month already, isn't she supposed to leave?

No. 206696

Now that the confinement is over, how long do think it will take her to post the video about the hard and challenging rules?

No. 206716

Her friend Jessica still has her pui yuet despite the baby being 3 months old so I won’t be surprised if Taylor keeps her pui yuet for this long. However it’s not usual to keep most pui yuet this long.

No. 206722

Miniso mermaid ney rule the world, indeed…

No. 206723

Fucking autofill, this doesn't even make sense!

No. 206756

That is indeed a tinfoil. You can't tell what a child looks like from a one month old baby.

No. 206759

it’s gurugossip/reddit tier sperging. get ready for when the baby starts walking and talking and anons begin foaming at the mouth because the child isn’t reading shakespeare and doing triple axel jumps at x milestone so clearly it must be intellectually challenged and neglected.

No. 206778

Or stop changing subjects after someone explains the why. The confinement has real reasons behind it for health of the mother and baby. If you cant read that I also said due to covid its a good idea in general and you can't see it as seperate reasons, you're the problem. Stop trying to make this black and white when there's multiple reasons why it's beneficial.

No. 206818

File: 1649840013379.jpg (572.91 KB, 1080x1937, IMG_20220413_123807.jpg)

Wow, she was really not prepared. One would think this is her first year in Hong Kong and she is not familiar with the climate or that she has no family or friends with kids to consult about baby clothes.

No. 206823

It’s literally like 30 degrees in hung kong and she has her baby dressed like that???? Poor thing. I hope she has the air conditioner blasting like Antarctica and that’s why he’s dressed like its 8 degrees out.

No. 206845

I hope she’s fishing for free shit and brand deals… otherwise poor baby

No. 206866

People prebuy baby clothes or gift clothes. They didn't think it's get hot that fast. They had time to buy cooler clothes. Idk why you're trying to find milk in this when it's just normal shit that happens when a baby is living in general.

No. 206872

We get it, Taytay can do no wrong but anon has a point. She should be able to gauge Hongkongs climate by now. Or at least buy some cooler clothes for her baby or maybe take his sweater off. Endless possibilities but this one makes for the cutest photo (look at that mAtcHinG sEt) and the most woe is me insta caption.

No. 206883

The fact you keep calling her Taytay is really cringy, anon. No one calls her that. Obviously she's going to go buy cooler clothes. She's not going to sit there and wait until she gets free stuff. She probably didn't even dress the baby, the helper did.

No. 206890

Shit Why i can’t see posts on this thread. It’s lagging or it’s just for me. The posts show up for few seconds then disappear . Is there is any anon like me and even someone reply i won’t be able to see dammit

No. 206892

Got hot too fast? Sis, she said it's never really cold in Hong Kong in the first place. She just likes dressing like she's in Canada. It's fine if she's dressed like it's freezing outside, but that doesn't mean her baby has to suffer a heat stroke, too. He wasn't born later than expected or something, which could explain clothes not fitting the season. She knew when to expect the baby and had the time to buy proper clothes. The same way they realised only mere days before the birth that they had no car seat.

No. 206896

Most of these look like brands sending old after season stuff for free as PR and yes, there is a difference between a normal car seat and one that can fit a newborn. You guys are reaching so hard for any marcrel of milk.

No. 206907

We know she doesn’t give a shit about environmental issues and does fuck all every day, so she probably just sits in her airconditioned castle all day wearing sweats and hoodies. What a surprise it must have been for her to finally find out she lives in a sub tropical climate…

No. 206912

Ayrt and yeah that's what I'm saying. She should know by now that it's usually not that cold in HK

>>206883 I'm not "taytay-anon", but nice try. I'll continue calling her taytay and you can continue seething and wking.

No. 206922

>No one calls her that
May I direct you to her Twitter, @iamtay_tay or her IG @taytay_xx ? Bitch calls herself that. But you've called 4 different posters "Taytay anon." Too bad you suck at making connections between posts; I've never called her taytay either.

She's fucking stupid and cannot accept that HK summer always starts earlier than in the west. But an anon mentioned a long time ago how she spends all summer in heavy sweats. They must blast the AC.

No. 206923

They had no carseat, period. Why are you talking about a newborn carseat vs. another kind of carseat? Fact is, they did everything last minute. The closet is full of clothes the baby will outgrow before it is cool enough to wear them. And so on. But Taylor can spend days organizing her pantry for the pui yuet and maid. Printing labels. Making tiktoks.

Cost for 28d of a live-in pui yuet with good English in 2018 was about 42k.

No. 206924

Now that anons mentioned baby clothes, watch that dumbass buy shitton of baby clothes for two months olds without realising how fast babies grow and a month later whine again that he outgrew them.

No. 206930

No one in thread does. It's like the anon who kept calling Moo "MooMoo". Her name isn't TayTay, newfag

No. 206960

This is the most pointless and dry thread I’ve ever seen. She isn’t milky…. Why is this even here?

No. 206979

Why are you even here? I don’t get anons crying about the thread. You know you can leave?

No. 206981

This is why I am p suspicious of this relatively sudden horde of WKs and defenders, esp those who won't answer questions and treat everyone on this site as a homogeneous group. There are tons of boring or non-milky threads on lolcow. I don't post in them to defend the cow; I accept that thread isn't interesting to me and move on. People posting in defense of a cow are really weird, because why bother? But Taylor's WKs are almost as dim as she is. They take every post as a nuclear threat.

No. 206984

The going home outfit she had for him really puzzled me as well. She's in HK, why is the baby wearing wool?!

No. 206989

Go to meta to complain. Idk why you're shitting up the thread because anons call out the dumbass reaches people make.

They are inside right now and back then, the baby was just born. Even hospitals dress them warm.

No. 207022

There are some truly terrible threads on /snow full of nothing but shitposts every day, but apparently the fairly reasoned, thoughtful discussion that happens in here is a problem

No. 207039

Thoughtful?!?! Ok. Carry on

No. 207040

If we got the carseat last minute, that's an oversight for sure. However, the rest … she got clothes, breast pump, cremes, diapers, nursery renovation, nursing pillow, all well before. I didn't see anything else short notice. And the rest … oh well, nesting stuff to create content. With some of the comments, btw., it's easy to wk even if you don't want to because it is so obvious they never had kids. First baby and you always have too much or buy stuff that doesn't work for you or the baby. That's things you find out with the first baby.

No. 207042

I hope that "we" was a typo lmao

No. 207043

Why would you make a separate thread for Taylor's finances?

No. 207044

Thank goodness, best mother award winner Taylor did what she was supposed to do to have a baby. I guess none of the tiktoks she watched featured a car seat, that's why she forgot, and proper clothes for newborns in Hong Kong for that matter. All of them, though, most likely featured ~labels~ and whatever other useless shit she bought "for the baby".
It's actually a blessing for the baby that they have a puiyuet, at least someone with brains is taking care of him.

No. 207048

>it is so obvious they never had kids.
This is one of your favorite "arguments," WK, and it's wrong. You can have a kid and think Taylor is ridiculous at the same time. Most parents remember to get appropriate clothing for their baby and a carseat, regardless of all the other stuff they buy. Taylor knows what HK weather is like, she made a tiktok about it once. Meanwhile, we get another video of her dressing herself (in summer clothing) and some dubious claims that she only used ginger water to clean her hair and body for the whole confinement period.

No. 207049

This is not how genes work. The fact that you can tell in most cases that half East Asian kids are half East Asian is not due to "strong genes" and those genes did not need time to "settle in".
It's just more visible in a mostly white background, same as a half-white kid is more visible in a mostly East Asian country.
The number of times some dunce spews nonsense about "asian genes are strong" is scary. Y'all didn't learn about genetics in biology?

No. 207050

I was blubbering watching this because of the guy's gorgeous voice and the sweet video.
Wanted to check out who made the cover to make a similar video for my best friend's newborn…
Tiktok is full of the same video by hundreds of new moms.
(the guy's great, though: https://www.tiktok.com/foryou?feed_mode=v1&is_from_webapp=v1&item_id=7068285022356262150#/@louisiiiofficial/video/7068285022356262150)

No. 207055

Omg, they fucking baby is inside of the building right now and I highly doubt all her wardrobe is furry outfits. We saw that in some of her PR shit anyway. She's trying to make a post to get fans to interact with because interacting = money and more sponsors and keeps people invested. You are reading way too much into this when it's literally a post just for interactions sake.

No. 207089

File: 1649990552700.png (2.13 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20220415-053218.png)

So she put her baby in a thick winter outfit just so people would interact with the post? And you know that 100%? how? If she's not lying about most of the clothing being gifts from friends and family, I wonder why they all chose to get the kid such heavy clothing. Some of the knits look larger, but who knows how fast he'll grow.

No. 207103

File: 1649994196488.jpg (882.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220414-204117_Ins…)

The nanny probably dressed it and they are inside, the AC is most likely on so warm clothes inside isn't going to cook a baby. There's no milk here about the clothes thing. It's a mommy blogger thing and literally how she did stuff before the baby.

No. 207106

Yes. Now complain that she's using him.

No. 207116

what is the point of your photo? Those look like summer clothes to me. Taylor was the one complaining about how she doesn't have summer clothes for the kid. Kind of interesting how you have some explanation for every thing she does, though

No. 207117

She has clothes that aren't winter clothes. Hence the whole post being just for interaction.

No. 207121

No need to be a know-it-all, anon was literally sharing her experience as a half-Asian kid. In her case it took time for her "Asian" features to show up, doesn't mean everyone else's should too, I agree, but it's not a reason for you to dismiss another person's experience.

P. S. Learn to sage.

No. 207145

File: 1650020201359.png (6.5 MB, 1125x2436, C192786D-9F2E-422A-B525-D35EA7…)

1 month old babies wake every 2-4 hours around the clock, this shouldn’t be new to them. translation: the help is spending the night with our kid anymore. dumbasses.

No. 207154

I'm more at their solution. Are they going to drive around in a car every time he doesn't sleep well? Wouldn't walking around with a stroller be a better idea?

No. 207176

Many people do. It's not a smart solution but oh well

No. 207179

This is something that even happened to me as a kid. This is something parents have done so much that is a joke on tv.

Both work and sometimes neither do.

No. 207193

It was, I'm neither Taylor nor a stan. Taylor is just one of the previous jvloggers who I actually never really watched. But with the lack of any jvloggers nowadays … and this thread is just to hilarious to not read.

No. 207204

In a comment under her recent dressing video on Instagram she says the Pui Yuet is staying for another month, though this is the first sign of exasperation we've seen from Taylor so maybe she's on reduced hours for month 2.

No. 207206

Or even with the puiyuet around she still HAS TO spend at least some time with the baby. The puiyuet won't be around forever, she has to learn to take care of her child. Although, I can totally see them hiring a nanny first thing after puiyuet leaves.

No. 207213

So I just caught up on her last 4 videos and something that was bothering me is how she depicts Chinese culture in a very outdated way which a lot of westerners tend to do with non white cultures. Like the confinement thing and obsessing over the symbolism of things in Chinese holidays and traditions and kind of making it out to be this weird mystical thing instead of just a culture. She always completely ignores modern day Chinese culture and only talks about ancient Chinese culture. For example in her video “ Waiting for Labour…” she explains that her kitchen does not meet Chinese standards and would be considered bad Feng shui, she says that most Chinese people would just rather keep the smells contained (which makes perfect sense) but then emphasizes the more “traditional” outdated reasoning which includes it being “bad for wealth and health”… you can even hear Tom scoff at this. Why not talk more about what Chinese culture is like in the present? It reminds me of the “magical negro” trope which I’m not going to explain just look it up but it just gives me an icky feeling. Not to mention it seems very exploitative to constantly use Chinese culture as content for your videos and monetize off of it. I know it’s not a big deal I’m not saying it’s a big deal it’s just a small nagging feeling I get when I watch her videos and this is the place to criticize safely right?(nitpicking)

No. 207216

no one cares anon stop nitpicking

No. 207217

So when there’s a legit thing to criticize her about no one cares but going on and on about conspiracy theories about her baby’s race is what you like to talk about? Ok should have known people who still use the word “retard” would not be open to real problematic behavior

No. 207219

Agree. I think that's the reason many of us here don't buy the "Chinese tradition", "confinement" schtick. If she really cared about Chinese culture she would've started with learning the language first and communicating with the Chinese/Cantonese people around her to learn the actual cultural norms, instead of reading about it on dubious English-speaking, sensationalising, prejudiced sites. I mean, she could ask Tom for starters, but funnily enough he doesn't seem as invested in it as she is (understandably).

No. 207220

Thank you for having a normal reasonable response to a critical comment on a website created to safety openly air our grievances with influencers

No. 207221

Agree! Honestly, I think that the "Chinese culture" stuff is a mixture of having something interesting to talk about and a convenient excuse for getting help during the first month. Her mom's not there to help her, so she was obviously going to get help. And that's fine since she can afford it. But she might have been scared that the more critical of her fans would judge her for not being there for her baby 24/7 like us poor people would have to be

No. 207222

File: 1650058183056.png (874.57 KB, 864x227, Screenshot_20220416-001434.png)

This is an articulate and accurate critique, anon. I have had similar thoughts but struggled to put my finger on why it was so troubling. Maybe I chalked it up to her clickbaiting all the time, but yeah - why use the confinement stuff for clicks if neither of you believe in it? Why make stuff mocking HK superstitions when you're still abiding by most of them? Her clickbait phase was really obnoxious too, picrel. Wow what a nice traditional Chinese wedding outfit you already know you won't wear. (Decision to basically not have a wedding had already been made.) And don't get me started on the AMWF tag she was using for awhile.

Still her hands-down scummiest culture shit was making two videos defending Tom's website, which still has girls aged 13-16 on it. In those videos, she "explained" "Chinese culture" to viewers and said basically it's ok to ogle girls as young as 12. Those videos never got posted to bilibili bc she knows they are bullshit. You can still watch them via archive.org (she took them down)

No. 207223

She’s been doing this long before she even got pregnant though. Idk if she just wants to come across as cultured and educated on Chinese history or if she sees all as a magical fictional ya novel-esq magical world that she can live in like a princess in a fairytale or what but it just irks me bc it comes across as though she thinks Chinese people are not logical or just normal people ever but instead sees them as like mystical wizards lol

No. 207224

Agree. There's no excuse for her to learn at least basic to intermediate Cantonese.

No. 207225

I think she also high key likes appearing smart, informed and knowledgeable, and likes explaining things, but since in reality there's nothing she can teach others, being dim-witted, she resorts to sharing things other westerners might not know about - e.g. Chinese culture. I would very much like to know her demographics. I'm sure it's mostly composed of white girls her age or younger, that's why her ignorance flies under the radar.

No. 207226

Oh god yeah I remember all that. The fact that she thinks it’s just “Chinese culture” to be child predators is really racist and disturbing.

Tbh i always got the sense that she kind of liked being ogled by older Asian men and liked being fetishized. Obviously she played into looking like a child to be appealing to these men. And even to this day I think she enjoys being a trophy wife so clearly she never really stopped getting satisfaction out of being objectified. Which I guess if that’s your kink then fine but come on, don’t defend predatory behavior when it’s with actual children or no consenting women

No. 207227

Good point. Explains her constant attempts to turn to traditional Chinese medicine whenever modern medicine didn't give instant results. I'm still laughing my ass off remembering how she ended up having a baby with the help of IVF, instead of miracle Chinese herbs and "qi replenishing" foods (and the quackery based Egg health book), as she initially tried.

No. 207228

A friendly reminder to sage.

No. 207229

What does that mean?

No. 207230

Put sage in the email box, ffs. Read the rules before posting.

No. 207231

She clearly does a lot of that to entertain her viewers. And possibly to feel like she is making an effort to "fit in" while simultaneously mostly hanging out with other US/Canada people.
Also, as opposed to her Japan days, where apparently the concepts of dango, manju and daifuku were unknown to her, she now has more sources of tradtional tidbits around her. But as always with young people living in a particular culture that has modernized, those things might be relayed as incomplete stories and there is no information about whether young people actually follow these things.

My husbands mom is from Eastern Europe and they have many superstitions the older generation adhered to but that doesn't mean that my husband and I will follow them in our house once we have kids.

No. 207232

The egg book seems to have some truthful points in it.
It just does a poor job of distinguishing between really well backed points and those that are methodologically weak.

No. 207235

>Tbh i always got the sense that she kind of liked being ogled by older Asian men and liked being fetishized. Obviously she played into looking like a child to be appealing to these men. And even to this day I think she enjoys being a trophy wife so clearly she never really stopped getting satisfaction out of being objectified.

You are definitely right about that. She didn't even delete the disgusting comments off her fb page. She happily gave an interview and did videos for menclub, posed with stuffed animals on her bed and edited her face to look 12yo. It's a whole… thing with her. There's some old posts about it here >>>/w/37811

No. 207236

>making it out to be this weird mystical thing instead of just a culture

I find this way of representing "foreign cultures" interesting for two reasons (as a person of mixed culture/heritage/first gen immigrant etc, but white)
- The stereotypes actually get enforced by the "foreign" culture (in this case China) specifically for tourism reasons, rather than a true reflection of everyday life, which feeds into the notion this is "real" rather than exaggeration. Every country has a tourism industry which generates much of its annual income, thus whatever is novel about [place] will actually be intentionally highlighted by its native people for moneymaking purposes.
- There is never any self reflection in regard to perception of other/foreign culture (in this case Taylor making content for fellow English speaking Westerners) where they consider their own traditions and customs and their meaning in context of what they observe from other cultures. Western culture has Christmas, Easter, Christianity, like we are not exempt from weird rituals, our weddings are very strange and clinical in comparison to other cultures (the plain colour schemes, the white dress, other cultures have much more beautiful colourful wedding attire, Western weddings are quite strange in that regard)
Nevermind all the social heirarchy stuff that goes on which barely differs from the Indian caste system. But it's only novel and weird when someone who looks different from you does it!
- vloggers and the like never seem to integrate with the culture they join and seem to keep to that stereotypical "for tourists" view even when married to a native like in Taylor's case.
Taylor is respectful, I think, but the above tends to be true in all cases.

No. 207237

The Egg book was totally pointless though, because her eggs were already fertilized. She didn't redo the whole process, just had another frozen blastocyst shot up there. The dr even said nothing was wrong with Taylor's uterus or hormone levels or anything; there was probably some fundamental or chromosomal issue with it. That book was another way to blame herself and basically blame women for infertility issues. I don't even believe she really has PCOS, since she never had more than a single cyst at a time and she never had a real diagnosis (I'm 95% sure she diagnosed herself or got some quack to say she has it.)

No. 207238

>anon writes long, thoughtful view on Taylor's videos regarding interpretation of culture by Westerners
>wk: no one cares stop nitpicking

Anon's post was the opposite of a nitpick (which could be defined by, say, someone complaining about the shade of blonde Taylor's hair is or similar small details) and falls more into socio-polical commentary, but go off, bestie

No. 207240

Cmiiw, but she was reading the book before IVF. I'm convinced back then Ew-san's geriatric sperm had more to do with their failed attempts than Taylor's alleged PCOS or egg "quality", plus they weren't trying consistently.

No. 207244

The fact that she couldn't get pregnant initially could be due to old man sperm. But just as likely due to the egg quality.
But with their IVF, the fertilized eggs were tested, which excludes chromosomal problems and makes it more likely the egg would take. So that excludes the "bad sperm" hypothesis.
But there is still a chance it won't take.

But it's still ridiculous if they actually never got Ew-san tested. Was he scared his pride would be hurt if he's partially to blame?

No. 207246

Ew-san's sperm couldn't fertilise the egg even when placed near it in a lab environment, so it has everything to do with sperm quality PLUS possible egg problems.
Anyway, he totally thinks Taylor is the problem and made her believe that, too.

No. 207247

This has been argued so much. who fucking cares at this point? No one needs another back and forth of who is at fault and why.

No. 207257

I saw her Pui Yuet started her Instagram account after taking on Taylor as her client, no doubt with the help of Taylor. Who knows, maybe it was Taylor’s idea. Only 2 posts as yet but both are videos. One of the videos on her new Instagram shows a visibly annoyed Taylor trying to have a photoshoot while the Pui Yuet is doing exercises in the frame.

No. 207266

I agree it's dumb to argue now.
I was just saying that the ones they implant during IVF are already fertilized and tested.

No. 207285

She didn't look annoyed and she wasn't the only one in the room with her either.

No. 207287

I know a fake smile when I see one. She was irked.

No. 207288

It was fake because she was taking a photo. I don't think she even noticed that Carol (?) was exercising behind her.

No. 207294

I'm nearly positive she read it after their first embryo didn't stick. She was highlighting full paragraphs from the introduction

No. 207295

when onl 2 out of 9 eggs get fertilized via normal ivf, that's pretty dismal news for swimmer quality. more of her eggs were successfully fertilized via icsi and icsi is actually recommended for couples with male factor infertility. It does not improve egg quality problems

No. 207320

She's always done and had that close lipped shit eating grin. Stfu.(infighting)

No. 207321


No. 207325

Does anyone like you irl? You sound miserable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207333

Every time I watch her story’s, the old lady is doing Taylor’s job kek like is she just holding her baby for the gram and the rest is up to her nanny or?

No. 207335

Well, that's exactly her purpose. Don't let the confinement bullshit trick you. She's a high payed nanny/cook/housekeeper. I'm sure Taylor will keep her for as long as possible. Watch her stick around till the baby's first birthday lol

No. 207337

Anyone really surprised? Didn't we all know Taylor wouldn't be the one to do the actual work?
What I find really disgusting however is how the fact that Taylor constantly films her during work (cooking, preparing bath…. ertc.) means that Taylor apparently has nothing to do and could do the damn job herself and it's just lazyiness on her end.

No. 207338

How dare you! She was pumping and being a mother! It's hard, tasking work! /s

No. 207368

File: 1650157675678.jpg (729.29 KB, 1079x1878, Screenshot_20220414-204111_Ins…)

Ngl, I like this saga. It's cute AF for her.

No. 207371


I wonder when this greedy bitch will start profiting off her hafu child and forcing it into modelling?(sage)

No. 207390

Nothing cute about dusty old men having kids. Imagine your dad being old as hell already when you get to grade school. Everyone will think it's the grandpa

No. 207395

this isn't a fan site. not sure what you find so cute about it all.
he also has been eating like crap, burgers, fries, busting out of his underwear and blaming it on sympathy weight. imagine getting your designer babyyyy and ceasing to take care of your own aging body. It's pretty wild to realize how old Tom will be when the kid graduates HS.

No. 207403

I don't get the obsession over Tom's age.
It might still be different in different cultures/countries, but around me the age for getting children is shifting drastically and it has become pretty common for woman to get their first child in their late 30s/early 40s nowadays, so the fathers are usually in their early 40s. Actually I don't know any woman in my circle of friends who got a child before 35. With overall life expectation also constantly rising, it's not surprising that people decide to get children later. You pretent like he's 70.

No. 207408

well I might be biased, my father recently died, age 58, sudden heart attack with no warning symptoms. I'm in my late twenties and a fucking mess over it. They actually want to have three more kids btw, if that weren't some big goal for them, I probably wouldn't have posted this.

No. 207410

>and it has become pretty common for woman to get their first child in their late 30s/early 40s nowadays,

Not for women, women's fertility drops after 35 and the chance of complications increases. I recently searched after seeing something mentioned in this thread, and found several recent news stories of late 30s/early 40s women dying in childbirth from a heart attack.
Older male fathers in age gap relationships has always been a thing, but let's not pretend 40 is a common or recommended age for a woman to give birth.

No. 207411

Samefag as >>207410
I'm so sorry about your dad, anon ♥

No. 207415

thanks, nonna, sorry for my blog

No. 207418

This isn't even a new story, fuck off. And, once again, you mistook this place for her insta. If you have nothing to add except for praises, you can easily do that in her youtube/SM comments.

No. 207435

Sperm quality also starts dropping off after 40. Old people having kids is a bad idea from either side.

No. 207437

These are are the people who need to find literally everything wrong with Taylor and Tom. It's not enough that he runs a sketchy website. He also needs to be way too old to have kids.
Newsflash, 45 is not that old, 45 year olds have kids all the time.
And sperm does not magically jump from good to bad at a particular age.
Same for women over 35. There is plenty of research suggesting that there is no fixed "cut off" age. Silly.
Yes, it gets harder with age and progressively, there can be more complications.
But like, chill. She's a skinny and healthy, vitamin popping early 30s woman and Ew-san is in his early to mid 40s. Not geriatric.

No. 207438

it starts dropping off. It's not jumping off a cliff.
There's enough to dislike about him but he's not a 70 year old having a baby.
He clearly has been wanting this baby for the past 5 or so years and he'd have been 40 or so then. That is completely common nowadays.
What are you all, teenage moms?

No. 207439

He might not be geriatric, but his sperm surely is.
Anyway, this topic is getting stale. Let's move on.

No. 207446

I don't see how your wise and "scientific" points contradict OP's words, but go on, I guess.

No. 207447

File: 1650206466082.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20220417-173645.png)

kek at this frantic jogging with the stroller and a mask on (while on their private outdoor roof area?). Basically a classic postpartum ana plotline. Complete with chubby Tom filming it for social media.

No. 207454

Damn you can see her behind jumping around while she’s jogging

No. 207459

How is this ana..? What a reach.

No. 207464

It was the day prior, what are you talking about?

No. 207469

Quality aside, men's life expectancy is 75. Having a kid at 45 means a man will most likely be dead before his kid even hits 30. It's irresponsible and selfish.

No. 207471

But you know. That is life. How could he have gotten kids earlier? Make a 20 year old Taylor pregnant? The complains here … Life is not get married at 20, get the first kid at 22, second at 24. Life doesn't go like a script … not everyone has found a partner they love and have a career to support a kid (kids are expensive) before their 30s. And yes, fertility of women decreases and risks increases, but that doesn't mean you couldn't or shouldn't get kids if you want. You can have trouble conceiving at 20 and no problem at 40. It's statistic, not a given.

No. 207473

Lol. It is not ana. But looks ridiculous running in the circle WITH the stroller. She could put the stroller in the middle and run around in circle.

No. 207475

I loled, too. I mean, the aim was to show how much she enjoys (and juggles) being a mom and a pet owner, but ended up looking stupid, not to mention how it's not a good a idea to run around while pushing a stroller.

No. 207477

Every once in a while someone throws something in here that is so absolutely ridiculous I don’t even know where to start. Lots of kids lose a parent for whatever reason by the age of 20. Many people live well into their 80’s now. The life expectancy in most first world countries is about 83 or more. But people die of disease, accidents, etc at any age.
By saying someone is “selfish and irresponsible” to want to be a parent at 45 is absurd. This is not only common but accepted in my country. Kids can have a happy and normal life with parents of any age.
I’m not defending these 2, Tom is immature and I don’t like his pedo tendencies, TayTay is desperately clinging on to some status as trophy wife/mommy blogger/content creator. I am losing interest in her content. There are far better family vloggers out there.

No. 207478

>it's not a good a idea to run around while pushing a stroller
This. Everything else aside, she should be more careful with the baby. It's not a doll, geez.

No. 207479

Can we please stop rehashing the age and having babies debate? Taylor and Ew-san could've had a baby five years earlier or five years later and still had fertility problems and still be unprepared to be parents. Talking about risk factors and norms in your counties or statistics for fertility's correlation with age don't change the fact that they had trouble conceiving for one reason or another (let's stop rehashing that, too) and that Tom will most likely not live long enough to see his grandchildren. His life, his choice.

No. 207490

Women are always shamed for everything. Men also semen quality drop with age but somehow it’s always blaming women about it.

No. 207498

amen. That's my main issue with this whole circus. Taylor made it about herself as a woman ("I can't make him a dad!") when there were so many signs his sperm were a huge factor. The biggest sign is that icsi worked but normal ivf barely did - the firat embryo that didn't stick was also a normal ivf embryo. I'm sure she wanted to hide his issues but it's this whole gross handmaiden thing. Then on top of it we see menclub and TOAT sharing office space, employees, and web registration, so her business is completely intertwined with his sick men's mag. They both have issues and need psychological help, but rich people tend to pay people to say what they want to hear. Why? Because money cushions every fall for them. The free stuff and staycations keep coming their way, friends will always be there, they don't need to work in any real sense, and they have a luxury place to live. They don't fix their psychological issues because the consequences can always be solved with money. Prime examples: turbo-ivf since the few times they did PiV it didn't work, private hospital birth, live-in nurse + nanny.

No. 207500

Reach much?
Life expectancy in Hongkong is higher than that and they are rich. It's more like 85+
You do know that life expectancy is based on averages and it does not mean that he "most likely" will croak at 75.

No. 207508

Many new moms jog with the stroller. She's not going over roots in the forest. It's an even pavement and she's slow.

No. 207510

Wtf? It's still not safe to jog with a newborn in a stroller. Just imagine how shaky it is. I can't know if his head is fixed and supported enough in that stroller, but even if it is, it's still not a good idea to jog with a newborn onboard.

No. 207513

the thing's barely shaking. it's not shaking more than during a walk or car ride.

No. 207525

Taylor's insufferable for the many, many reasons outlined in her threads, and I really don't want to come across like I'm WKing her; but jfc some of you anons are reaching with this pregnancy.

Early human babies were raised by literal cavewomen and exposed to god knows what kind of conditions in that cave, fucking kek. Babies for sure can be in their comfy strollers while their mom jogs, and it's an incredibly common sight to see— especially in metropolitan areas of the U.S. The stroller isn't even shaking very much. Are you going to wrap your child in fucking bubble wrap?

No. 207529

The fucking reaching. Many new moms jog with their stroller, it’s a great way to exercise and get back into shape. There are even specially made strollers for it. She has an expensive stroller, I’m sure her baby is just fine.

No. 207533

You're an idiot

No. 207534

It's not about shame, an older woman has a higher chance of literally dying in childbirth, an older father has 0 personal risks. Most people are now aware that male sperm quality drops off, it's a frequently discussed topic in this very thread. But suggesting it's fine for women to wait til early 40s(!) to give birth is misguided at best, considering the physical toll pregnancy takes on even a healthy, younger body.(sperm derail)

No. 207541

imagine actually defending gross grandpa scrotes having kids, especially with much younger women. nasty all around

No. 207543

She had a kid with his shown. Who fucking cares at this point? I don't know why people are nitpicking it. There's nothing milky about it.

No. 207550

She just posted some videos on Instagram of them out without the baby. I couldn’t imagine leaving a baby that young with a babysitter. Like, 3 months at least maybe. She’s literally eating in the car so it’s not even a date lol

No. 207551

Imagine not beeing a 14year old child, but actually in your 40s. But don't worry, as you will grow older and also wiser, you too will at some point realize that people in their 40s aren't "grandpa scrotes".

No. 207553

File: 1650268437283.jpg (482.54 KB, 1080x2122, IMG_20220418_115131.jpg)

First, it's not just a nanny, but his primary caretaker - let's be honest the only thing Taylor does is take photos, occasionally stroll him around the apartment or smt and pump milk for him.
Second, she went to cut her hair, not a date. But, I agree the caption is overly dramatic. Newborns sleep most of the day, it's not like she can't squeeze in a dinner in silence while he sleeps.

No. 207554

You're absolutely right, but they aren't young and healthy as 20-30 years old either. Let's stop pretending that having a baby in your 20s and 30s is the same as 40s and 50s.

No. 207555

I thought the haircut was for rosie

No. 207556

Ah, you're right, I wasn't paying enough attention.

No. 207560

Good for her for getting out of the house. That’s what the caretaker is for. Some people have their family do the same.
Staying at home with baby 24/7 just makes you stresso and depresso(sage)

No. 207584

This was in the middle of her stories. Its just a quiet lunch break. They are eating anyway.

No. 207593

i can tell you don't have a kid

No. 207594

And let's not pretend that there are advantages and disadvantages to having kids in both ages. You may be a bit older, but 30-40 is really not old and you can run around and play with the little kids like than you are in your 20-30. And you are usually more financial stable and most likely more advanced in your career. In addition, your relationship may be more stable because you didn't get your kid after a few years of being in your relationship.
Stop shaming people for rational decisions that they took or were taken for them. There is not only one right way to live your life.

No. 207596

She is rich enough and just should buy a jogging stroller. Normal strollers are not intended for faster speed. I don't know the model she bought but if it is not made for jogging, I would not risk it if I were her.

No. 207611

>but 30-40 is really not old
Tom is 45+. It's Taylor who's in the 30-40 range.

No. 207628

The baby has only here like a month and Taylor is already back to her usual behavior, outside shopping / eating (Restaurants stopped offering dine-in services due to corona in Hongkong, that's the only reason why she is eating in the car), exactly like I predicted. I don't know a single mother who even wanted to leave her baby alone so shortly after birth and didn't she say like only 2 days ago that they drive around without cause just to get the baby to sleep? But when they actually had a reason to drive around (not any urgant reason), they leave the baby at home?
I really hoped Taylor would prove me wrong and actually change and not go about her daily routine with someone else taking care of the baby all day but, oh, I guess not.

No. 207675

?? She's gone for a few hours not several days after birth and its been a month. What drugs are you smoking??

No. 207691

I mean It IS a little odd to see. I’ve never seen any one irl or online get all dolled up to go out and eat food from a fancy restaurants just days after they had a baby. A lot of moms go out after like three months of being practically glued to their baby and you always see posts like “first time wearing make up and going out in 3 months!” I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a break but I feel like she doesn’t need a break yet especially when she has help….Taylor is just really into luxury and can’t go a few days without dressing up and eating expensive food.

But to overanalyze… I noticed Taylor likes playing up the “rich trophy wife” character, you can really see that in her videos when they were living in an apartment in Hong Kong waiting for their new house to be done with construction. I felt like she was being a little prissy and acting like a rich celeb wife when she was going to see the apartments progress. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she likes the idea of being a rich mom who never takes care of her kids, leaves all the work up to the nanny and never gets her hands dirty… does that make sense? Like I think she actually wants to be that stereotype and sees it as glamorous.

No. 207705

>admitting you're in your 40s and browsing/posting in a gossip thread about a jvlogger but apparently wiser than everyone else here

>A lot of moms go out after like three months of being practically glued to their baby and you always see posts like “first time wearing make up and going out in 3 months!

Yeah that isn't #goals. Like how the fuck are you defending being trapped in the house for months as the superior option here. Taylor has every right to go and get takeout or whatever people are complaining about here. Suggesting you need to be chained to the cot is scrote thinking. I think Taylor is very lucky to get the help she does (staff and money) but whether she has that or not, the accepted role that a woman needs to essentially be housebound until the kid's at school is regressive bullshit.

No. 207706

First you guys bitch that she's inside and now she's gone from the baby too soon like jfc, make up which way you want to nitpick because you sound like a vendettafag at this point.

No. 207707


Its been a month

No. 207716

keep bitching, everyone, because the sooner we can abandon this thread and its retarded OP, the better.

No. 207731

As if you know the stats.
It's well-documented that there is risk at both extremes. But by extreme they mean actually over 40, not like 32 or whatever Taylor is.

She's in her early 30s, ffs! Would you prefer everyone have kids at your age (which I must assume is like 15?)

There are particular complications in each age group, which is why doctors look out for that and pay attention. It's not like we live in the 1320s, ffs.

Chill your beans, geez.

No. 207732

Stress on the "40s and 50s"

These are dumb kids calling Taylor a geriatric mom. And Tom borderline grandpa.

Even after 35, the change in prevalence for birth defects is a gradual. It's not like you turn 35 and BOOM, all goes to hell in a hand basket.
Science education seems to be at a peak low.

No. 207733

>being trapped in the house for months

I hope you don't have kids, ever.
How is it "being trapped". It's the kid she's been trying for for 3 years.
You know, they are portable. You don't have to stay trapped in the house… what the actual. What sad reality do you live in?

No. 207745

>These are dumb kids calling Taylor a geriatric mom.

Literally nobody said this, she's obviously young and healthy. People are only talking about Tom who is supposed to be around 45?

Your boomer typing style is so obvious
Literally learn to read, the anon was talking about the usual 2-3 months trapped in the house situation that happens to new moms as ideal, rather than shitty which it actually is. Sorry your scrote keeps you under lock and key, though

Race to the end!

No. 207748

Through all this I will never be able to understand why Taylor chose Tom when she could have had a good looking rich Asian guy. Before someone says “Taylor couldn’t get that this is the best she can get” who do you think rich, attractive men are dating? Models. Rich asian men often want white models too, she could have done so much better. I saw a girl on instagram the other day who is married to some ex kpop star. Pretty, skinny white girl, same vibe as Taylor but she doesn’t even have the “blonde foreigner” halo. If Taylor likes older guys she could have found an actual good looking older asian dude, they do not all look like Tom. It’s just wild to see someone who could have had a cute, wealthy husband, choose to procreate with someone as unattractive physically and personality-wise as Tom. She either has really weird taste or super low self esteem and wants to ensure she’ll always be leagues better looking than her partner.

No. 207753

I think it's the last part, she strikes me as someone with low self esteem. She is genuinely shy and uncertain sometimes in interaction with peers, all we see is her emulating endless trends, and other influencers, but her real personality is quite mild. Let's say an ex kpop dude, he's gonna have a personality which is quite intense and hard to handle, and of course other girls vying for attention. Tom is very two dimensional, so easy to handle, and you don't have to worry about anyone stealing him, kek. I understand it, though I agree that Taylor is definitely attractive enough to do better. I hope she had a wild phase before her asian businessman phase, because it would be a shame if she never had a romantic relationship with someone actually attractive, it does make a difference.

No. 207761

she may have low self esteem but she is also completely obsessed with herself and has been forever. You don't have an IG full of pics of yourself and not have some kind of self-obsession. Even her post about her grandfather's death said "I know the last thing you googled was me" or something. It's really fucking weird. You see this in how she acts with other people too - it's the Taylor show 24/7, regardless of what else is going on. I wonder how her family dealt with that as she grew up.

No. 207763

Most people do.. It's how social media works and literally the only way people chronical themselves anymore. what do you think photobooks looked like before the digital age? people had tons of photos of themselves and selfies weren't just a 2000s invention.

No. 207765

Most people do not in fact have 99% selfies unless they're seriously pathologically self absorbed or it's specifically a fashion or fitness account or porn account, etc. What are her fans even fans of exactly? She's not a working model, all she does is flex crap that she gets for being a handmaid to a rich creep. Her content was so bland and empty she needed to have a kid to get the creep off her back and have something to post about. It would be nice to have her money but what a sad existence.

No. 207774

File: 1650362254140.jpg (91.91 KB, 702x759, Screenshot_20220419_125639.jpg)

Opened Instagram this morning and almost fell off my chair wtf

No. 207775

I think it’s probably much easier to leave your newborn behind to hit the town when someone else (pui yuet) has been taking care of him since he was born

No. 207776

jfc, does she not know that she can dissolve fillers? or does she thinks she looks good?

No. 207778

I'm shocked she was getting botox and filler during pregnancy, tbh. And before any WK starts reeeeing, she absolutely was. she had no range of motion in her forehead, eyes, or eyebrows.

No. 207779

True that girl from ig apparently had a lot of girls super mad at her for a while, i think she got posted on pull which is probably why
Taylor breaks down over people pointing out her pedo husbands website, the absolutely unhinged amount of hate that would come her way if she was dating someone actually hot or famous would probably be unbearable for her personality type
Remember she was in a Japanese drama with some Japanese guy who is somewhat popular I think, she’s definitely been exposed to other models/actors in Japan and China so you’re right it would be a shame if she never had that experience, but something tells me she didn’t. Even before she was in the kawaii taytay era she was with Tom, maybe I sound stupid but what’s the point of all the bs that comes along with modeling like EDs and getting fillers/surgeries, always feeling older than the next up and coming girls, being critiqued for your looks etc. all just to end up with a lumpy toad…

No. 207790

Imagine marrying into a family and culture that places heavy emphasis on filial piety and they don't acknowledge her. She's like the concubine and the shu offspring.

No. 207796

Except she never wanted them dissolved, quite the opposite. I'm sure the hardest part of the "confinement" was no botox touch up opportunities. Prepare to see her newly filled in the next couple of weeks.

No. 207797

That's her curious/innocent face. Yikes.

No. 207798

What if she she never aimed to date a young, handsome man? She wants to be the beautiful one in the couple and no matter how much she fucks up her face with fillers, next to Ew-san she'll always look pretty (and young) lmao

No. 207812

>Your boomer typing style is so obvious

Sorry for having an education. I'm 29, fyi. But you do you, child.

No. 207816

boom hearder, boombastist

No. 207833

>Holy shit what happened to her face
She going to say this was an allergy to a bee-sting again like before? kek

No. 207843

I never said it’s a good thing I just said it’s unusual to see a new mom leaving her newborn but tbh I feel like that’s how it should be… I think both parents should stay with their baby for at least three to four months before leaving it alone with the nanny. And if I’m being very honest I think it should be like 5 months…

No. 207853

I agree that parents should take turns taking care of the baby, but I don't think that's your point.
I disagree that they shouldn't be allowed to have fun without it every now and then. I don't understand your logic behind the baby's age, too. A 5 month old and 5 years old deserve the same amount of attention and care from parents, so why should it be OK to leave the baby with a caretaker at 5 month old and older, and not ok with 4?

No. 207858

IA. also there's a much higher chance of SIDS at such a young age when the baby is being watched by someone else other than the mom. i wouldn't risk it at all.

No. 207892

You can leave if you want. Taylor police dans are always here on defensive mode or it’s taylor herself goal is to make the thread gone.

No. 207948

Not everyone can be stephanie michova

No. 207974

I meant that I will make a new thread with a better OP, not that I don't want a thread

No. 207984

I can tell you are a zoomer from this post alone

No. 208080

I'm in my late 20s, anon.

Go through anyone's phone and even the fattest girls have selfies. Cameras specifically market the from facing camera just for the feature and biometrics. You've got to be joking if you think even back in MySpace that people didn't use vanity to their advantage. I don't see how Taylor's timeline looks different from any other blogger doing the same thing she's done for 10+ years. Usually all their timelines look the same with selfies/vacation spots/food they buy/sponsor gifts. It's the formula.

No. 208094

>even the fattest girls have selfies
The rest of your nonsense blabber aside, what do you have against "fat" girls, dear mature, 20-something year old from MySpace?

No. 208114

The front camera is for communication, mainly? Like FaceTime and other video calls.
Isn't it like shite quality compared to the real cameras on the back that are for taking photos?

Also, no, not everybody has selfies. Diversify your circle of friends.

No. 208131

I've taken a handful of photo/video of myself in the last year (and I'm around Taylor's looks, it's not because I don't like to see myself but I can see myself in the mirror just as well), the kind of people who take and post photo/video of themselves every day are insecure and seeking approval. It's common, but so is editing your photos to look like a robot, or getting lip injections at 19, common doesn't mean healthy.

No. 208133

Didn't say there was a problem. Im using it as an example.

Most bloggers like her do though, so don't know why that matters.

No. 208182

I don't know what you don't get selfie WK. If you think it's normal and admirable to only post photos of yourself flaunting wealth and having no direction in life you probably are just as vapid as Taylor. Just because a bunch of other empty headed people do the same thing doesn't make it a good thing.

No. 208205

File: 1650545168948.jpeg (221.59 KB, 1125x2019, 00EB45B8-2491-4E58-8A54-1DF33A…)

this is absurd, who told her hot baths were out the entire pregnancy?

No. 208233

She looks horrendous kek

No. 208243

Calm down. Wasn't even WKing. Unless you don't blog/vlog, of course you won't have as many selfies but the people who produce content like her, do. It's not arguable because its true.

No. 208273

I think she meant hotter than a certain temperature. She was bathing with a thermometer throughout the pregnancy.

No. 208274

But do they film themselves on the toilet? I recall Taylor did something like that.

No. 208275

I see tikotkkers doing it too.

No. 208315

Calm down and stop telling people your opinion is the only right one to have. Everything is debatable because your word is not Truth.

No. 208316

That is a thing pregnant women are commonly told. It's less about the bath, more about the temperature of the water. It's just not supposed to be above like 102F. And I'm guessing many women choose to be extra careful.

No. 208317

but but but "it's not arguable because it's true" >.<
That is one of the funniest replies I've read in a while.(emote)

No. 208323


They tell pregnant women to avoid hot baths, saunas, and hot tubs because early on it causes birth defects and later causes fetal stress.

They tell you that baths should be around 98F or 36C, which isn't a hot relaxing bath in my opinion. It's warm but turns lukewarm very quickly because it's barely above body temp.

No. 208330

I was told up to 100F but also avoided it like Taylor. Not milky in the slightest.

No. 208337

You need to be 18 to post

No. 208341

Not to mention the hot water would sting right after birth too, so she's had to wait to heal also. Warm water is definitely the most she's been able to do in general.

No. 208348

File: 1650594955025.webm (869.45 KB, 480x854, taylor desperate for attention…)

Taylor made a lovely little clip for the anons uncomfortable with videos of her milking herself:

No. 208383

Tbh, pretty funny

No. 208401

Classy Taylor as we know her

No. 208410

Finally a cow that quenches our thirst for milk, although a little literal.

No. 208420

this song is one of the stupidest mommy blogger reel trends i stg. the lyrics are “POPE is a rockstar, take all your clothes off” and they’ll all pair it to footage of their snotty Mason on Mikhaeyla taking a nap. leave it to Taylor to apply it to an even dumber reel lipsyncing the wrong words to her udders

No. 208434

OK, I'd like to apologise to anon, who said she was milking the pumping theme (pun not indended) . I thought you were reaching, but no, you were absolutely right… Also, people in her comments keep suggesting to pump the "lazy" boob more, yet she's pumping both in all videos and keeps complaining about lack of milk. Talk about dumb.

No. 208436

Something changed on her face, but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 208478

There are millions of videos of people using it as 'Go little rockstar'. I don't know what the hell planet you've been on, but the trend is literally 'Go little rockstar'.

No. 208544

You sound like a moron with your b-but the trend is… sniveling when anon already pointed out everyone's getting the lyrics wrong. idk what planet you've been on yeah not the same planet as you clearly, who thinks we need to watch and copy every moron on tiktok who gets a lyric wrong or we're not doing the "trend" right. Get a grip.

No. 208550

Yeah, they know. anon was pointing out taylor couldn’t do the already-cringey trend right. she took an emotional/heart-tugging meme the mommy bloggers use about their babies milestones and shit and sung along to it lovingly to her tits instead

No. 208559

People have used it for rooting on their one good arm working because they are an amputee. It's not a mommy thing. It's about something just doing better or well and it's her tit in this case.

You clearly don't know the trend then, anon. Everyone mishears it as 'Go Little Rockstar'. That's why it's a trend and it's not used in the context of 'pope' unless someone memes the Pope specifically which they have.

No. 208567

I'm coming over there right now and taking your phone off you, anon, how many of these damn tiktoks have you seen to be this familiar with one single trend on tiktok that you know every possible iteration of it

No. 208570

It's literally people just mouthing or using 'Go Little Rockstar' as it's misheard and using it in various instances and contexts. It's one of the most popular trends. It's not niche and the joke is the fact it's misheard, so when people do look up what the OG source is, it's a shock. It's not some puzzle.

No. 208581

File: 1650694855918.jpg (435.84 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20220423_081338.jpg)

The autism in this thread is astounding. Have a picture of Taylor bodychecking instead so we can move on from the tiktok trend sperg.

No. 208587


Her underwear looks tight on both her stomach and thigh.
It's indented.

Even if she refuses to buy maternity clothing, she could at least buy a few the next size up and be comfortable.

No. 208594

Let me post the WK response before they get here. "It's literally her showing her belly. You can tell she's not uncomfortable with it. And read the caption, she's definitely fine with the way she looks". Lmao.
Place your bets. How many vlogs later will she tell all teary-eyed how she was stressed for not having her perfect (stick) body back fast enough?

No. 208598

Doing wk-chan's work for her, I definitely predict a fitness phase where she gets extra skinny again in 6-12 months, once she's out of the breastfeeding obsession phase

No. 208599

"Fertility treatment, two rounds of IVF (…) Thank you body". Thank you for what? For not being able to reproduce naturally? O.o(O.o)

No. 208602

For surviving the starvation period that followed the failed attempt. Lmao.
Seriously, though, she was pumping hormones into her body, it's not an easy feat to deal with.

No. 208603

File: 1650718071796.jpg (338.53 KB, 1080x1925, IMG_20220423_164626.jpg)

You called it, anon, spot on. She's looking through fitness activity options already.

No. 208605

Oh, I'm sure the breastfeeding won't last too long, unless someone tells her it's the best way to lose the pregnancy weight, but seeing how she ignores breastfeeding advice, she will stop breastfeeding right after she copycats all the tiktoks on the topic.

No. 208613

She was being made big meals. Wtf starvation are you talking about?

No. 208617

Go away, WK-chan.

No. 208624

I’m sure she knows breastfeeding is the fastest way to shrink your uterus and lose weight. She seems to get most of her info from TikTok, Instagram and her family. I’m still surprised she never mentioned any prenatal classes, but then she hired someone to do all that hard work for her.

No. 208626

The original caption just said "6 weeks postpartum". She probably added the rest so she wouldn't look anorexic

No. 208634

Nice catch, anon. Too bad there's no screenshot, would've been epic! Not that I was convinced, but at some point I started giving her the benefit of the doubt. But nope, Taylor is the sane old Taylor.

No. 208636

I unironically think she looks way better with a bit of weight on. Too bad she's hell bent on looking as skeletal as possible.

No. 208639

whoops sry thought i saged

No. 208648

Bodychecking is not something you publicly post. That shit is some extreme insecurity that you do for your eyes only. You literally take photos of your body from every angle possible, even angles you would never see yourself in. And then compare them later to see your "progress". That's what real bodychecking is.
Saying she's posting her body for likes would make more sense.

No. 208651

You comment was predicted and posted already lol. Scroll up. Posting photos to compare results is exactly what Taylor is doing with these posts and she has been doing it for ages.
P. S. Wait for the rest of the pics or even a video from all requested angles in the next vlog, dear anon.

No. 208655

Yes, to show off her body. Which is not really what actual body checking is, but agree to disagree I suppose.

No. 208683

Man, you guys really read into shit.

No. 208718

File: 1650772739095.jpeg (172.88 KB, 1095x1130, 1C82E7E6-9570-423A-89B3-E25EDF…)

No. 208724

File: 1650776425457.jpg (235.49 KB, 1440x1800, carol.jpg)

"Carol" seems to be cooking up a storm every day as well as looking after the baby and Rosie, she seems happy though so Tom's money is going to good use (I feel like calling her Carol is offensive though, reminds me of that Kimmy Schmidt episode where they give the Korean nail artists random western names)

No. 208727