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No. 209757

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her husband, Tom Lip is a successful businessman. One of his companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Apparently there were a lot of parties with girls though: >>129120 and help navigating hostess clubs in Japan >>129123. Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to make money from Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her. Tom has denied any responsibility for Menclub’s content and continues to employ the perverted author of all the underage model features. The perv continues to comment on underage girls’ bodies and gets paid to do so. An anon found an article advocating that men date underage girls in the archive.org record of Menclub: >>126757

Most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for BeautyExchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (He finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor has started her own business, TOAT, which is a complete rip-off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop website, right down to the code, which her web designer copied and pasted from goop >>121540. TOAT is meant to be a lifestyle website, but is rarely if ever updated with articles; those that exist are practically useless. The real purpose of TOAT is to sell overpriced basic clothes with a huge mark-up for shipping and give Taylor the opportunity to be a model without actually having clients book her. Taylor refuses to discuss whether the cheap-looking products sold on TOAT are made ethically or where they come from (but she toured the packaging center! Because that’s important). Among her eternally sold-out products are a number of knock-offs, the most notable being the bee earrings sold by TOAT (rip-offs of Chanel’s bee earrings). Interestingly, TOAT is now the owner of the domain menclub.hk, and it seems Tom’s employees are listed as employees at TOAT. Yet there’s zero evidence of TOAT being registered as a valid tax-paying company in HK or in Canada. TOAT is now dead: Taylor’s reasons for this include “you guys wanted more sizes” (other than ‘one size’), “you guys want to know where things are made,” and “COVID caused many packages to get sent back.” Oh, and she abandoned TOAT to become a TikTok star.

Taylor still manages to be relatable after “giving up” modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, getting free staycations from luxury hotels, going to expensive restaurants, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom. Thanks to the miracle of modern science, she finally accomplished this hard and tasking goal.

She got IVF during a pandemic despite barely trying to conceive naturally, and after an embryo stayed in her for 2 weeks before jumping ship, she and Tom decided to “take a break” from IVF for a year. After begging people not to ask if she’s pregnant or tell her she looks pregnant, she started a fake-out “infertility series” in September 2021. After telling people it wasn’t a pregnancy announcement and using her friend’s stillbirth to wring more sympathy out of her followers, she announced that modern science had in fact located water on Mars – wait, no – an embryo stranded in her uterus. So the series was all a ploy for clicks after all, no surprise there. We were treated to many handmaiden-esque shots of Taylor injecting herself and crying over her “inability to make Tom a father.” Meanwhile, savvy anons pointed out that the result of her IVF cycles revealed Tom’s sperm are fucked up and can barely fertilize eggs even when trapped in a petri dish with a bunch of them. Taylor yelled at a cowtipper who accused Tom, who is “in his low 40s” kek) of contributing to their inability to get pregnant.

Taylor R's infertility documentary series ended in March with her inspiring and not like any other mommy vlogger's, birth vlog.
Now she's busy milking her Chinese confinement, while actively advocating for it and demanding respect for a culture she totally doesn't exploit for clicks. The other exciting content she likes to post revolves around her breastfeeding struggles and breast pumping, the biggest contribution she makes for her newborn son, who seems to spend most of his time in the arms of a confinement nurse.

Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/

Old links (no longer updated):

No. 209764

thanks, anon!

She seems to have her own posse of whiteknights defending her here (maybe just two or three). It's good you made the thread this time.

No. 209766

Nice thread nonnie

No. 209791

Thanks for no 'new milk' section. What a shit thread.

No. 209792

Way too early OP theres 100 posts left on the last thread keep using the other one until it’s locked >>>/w/199602

No. 209794

Adding, you didn't even mention she had her kid and nanny and confinement. Like damn. Make a thread, but don't leave out all the updates since the one before last.

No. 209795

I think people are keen to leave the last thread which has a shit OP, I agree with them.
And the new updates are at the end of the summary.

No. 209796

Could even label it >new milk. Too busy adding in the anons totally legit tinfoils though.

No. 209806

where are those added?

No. 209809

Tinfoiling about his sperm for instance. We don't know its true what anons are saying or if its right it was Taylor. There was no reason to add it because there's no proof to back it up. Even mods have given bans regarding the talk of it, so why even add something that's been bannable for derailing the thread? Seems fucking stupid.

No. 209816

That was in the last thread with a decent OP. I know it's a sensitive topic for you, though.

No. 209990

>She got IVF during a pandemic despite barely trying to conceive naturally, and after an embryo stayed in her for 2 weeks before jumping ship, she and Tom decided to “take a break” from IVF for a year. After begging people not to ask if she’s pregnant or tell her she looks pregnant, she started a fake-out “infertility series” in September 2021. After telling people it wasn’t a pregnancy announcement and using her friend’s stillbirth to wring more sympathy out of her followers, she announced that modern science had in fact located water on Mars – wait, no – an embryo stranded in her uterus. So the series was all a ploy for clicks after all, no surprise there. We were treated to many handmaiden-esque shots of Taylor injecting herself and crying over her “inability to make Tom a father.” Meanwhile, savvy anons pointed out that the result of her IVF cycles revealed Tom’s sperm are fucked up and can barely fertilize eggs even when trapped in a petri dish with a bunch of them. Taylor yelled at a cowtipper who accused Tom, who is “in his low 40s” kek) of contributing to their inability to get pregnant.

>Taylor R's infertility documentary series ended in March with her inspiring and not like any other mommy vlogger's, birth vlog.

Now she's busy milking her Chinese confinement, while actively advocating for it and demanding respect for a culture she totally doesn't exploit for clicks. The other exciting content she likes to post revolves around her breastfeeding struggles and breast pumping, the biggest contribution she makes for her newborn son, who seems to spend most of his time in the arms of a confinement nurse.

which part of all this is milk exactly? i'm confused

No. 210009

Leave, wk, or familiarise yourself with the rest of lolcow. We gossip about cows here, and generally whatever a cow does is milk. You don't need to have robbed a bank while holding 15 baby ducks under one arm to qualify, this isn't a freakshow, it's a gossip site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210018

NTA, but you gotta stop assuming lolcow is just a gossip site. We ask for proof and actively push against tinfoil here, even says in the rules, unless you have real proof to go off of. Take this to meta at this point, anon. Not everyone is a WK for calling shit out. This isn't kiwifarms or PULL. If you want somewhere to gossip and make reaches and even tinfoil about stuff mods have told anons to stfu about, go to one of those sites. In fact, go to somewhere like 4chan or Sankaku forums.

No. 210019

>barely trying to conceive

Literally anons adding their own tinfoil headcanons to the fucking bio in OP. Jfc, these anons are as bad as the Nicole bitches.

No. 210039

Is that you, Nicole-chan? Got bored of backseat modding the Nicole thread so you moved here?

Unfortunately we lack the ability to personally survey Tom's sperm under a microscope, so you can screech for proof like proof-chan in Nicole's thread all you want, but it is a gossip site and all we can judge from is what is publicly posted online. We aren't private detectives. The point of these sites is to allow comment without having a cow's army sent to your profile. For example in both the Pixielocks threads and the Kelly Eden thread there have been documented times when the cow took a disliking to someone's comment and got that user nuked from the internet.
Kelly got her flying monkeys to spam hate on some girl's tiny account and she was either deleted or deleted herself, Pixie got a TikTokers account deleted for disagreeing with her about DID shit.
That's why sites like these exist. Take your whining to /meta but you miss the point of cow threads if you think every comment needs evidence attached to it. We are allowed to have fucking thoughts about influencers with millions of followers without morons like you screeching for proof.

No. 210047

If even farmers are calling you out, then you need to start and reevaluate your own actions. Annoying other anons is not a good look nonnie

No. 210052

File: 1651308065990.jpg (103.02 KB, 979x741, IMG_20220430_092309_506.jpg)

I know, anon, these WKs are ridiculous. Here's the proof, anyway. We discussed this without any frothing whiteknighting back in September and October.

29 eggs harvested from Taylor's kawaii ovaries
14 in the "natural" IVF group
15 in the ICSI group (ICSI shows no additional benefit for female-factor infertility, it's only helpful for male-factor infertility: https://www.hfea.gov.uk/treatments/explore-all-treatments/intracytoplasmic-sperm-injection-icsi/ )

Of the 14 eggs in the natural IVF group, only 2 were fertilized successfully. This ratio is abnormally low.
Of the 15 ICSI eggs, only 11 were suitable for the process. 9 out of 11 were fertilized successfully.
The embryo she lost was from the natural IVF group, and the dr literally said it must have been a chromosome abnormality or something wasn't right, because her hormones and uterus were all fine.

Is that enough "proof" WK?

No. 210054

Thank you Anon! I remember this was discussed back then without any issues.

No. 210072

(posting WK-chan's reasoning before they arrive)
That's all speculation! Show me their medical documents that state that Tom's the reason behind their infertility. Otherwise, you're just assuming things. This place is for discussing hard facts only! For example, Taylor's kid's cuteness and beauty, and the benefits of Chinese confinement!

No. 210081

If it wasn't for the insane people who write fanfiction about Taylor abusing her baby and beating the help then there would be no discussion happening in this thread at all because she hasn't done anything milky in a year. Having a baby through IVF is only milk to /r/childfree shut-in losers.

No. 210098

But why couldn't it be her fault? If an egg refuses to Stratford to the wall, it won't grow. It comes down to the egg, not the sperm anyway. You're not a doctor anon, so no one gives a fuck about what you have to say to try and say otherwise what Taylor and her doctor said. The baby has been born, it was successful. What more do you want or if an old discussion? Move the fuck on.

No. 210101

>everything she does is with Tom's money
Come on, anon.

>lied about when she started IVF

Anons trying to make their own headcanon timeline doesn't magically erase the unposted times they tried IVF before announcing it on videos for people. Not seeing it before 2021 doesn't mean she didn't start in 2018. Imagine being that retarded to assert as fact in OP.

No. 210103

Imagine being retarded enough to try to WK while contradicting to the cow one's trying to WK for.
You're reaching for too much, WK-chan, chill. The only one cares enough to nitpick it again is you.

No. 210108

Oh I'm sorry. That's right. Make up milk and base it off of one thing posted. My bad.

No. 210117

>If it wasn't for the insane people who write fanfiction about Taylor abusing her baby and beating the help

Please post links to the posts alleging this. You are extremely triggered by the very existence of this thread. Why is that?

No. 210124

So absolutely everything in your post is a lie. Nobody ever said the first two things, and nobody gives a fuck the child is an IVF baby. You're probably the same person who said this in the last thread, gotta keep shilling those strawmen.

No. 210133

This is getting so retarded

No. 210196

File: 1651366663153.jpeg (121.99 KB, 654x246, DEDB44E7-1CC8-42A5-9BF9-ADD256…)

>generally whatever a cow does is milk

…No? Literally no? That's not how good milk has ever been defined here. Are you new here lol

No. 210198

>nobody gives a fuck the child is an IVF baby.

The OP of this very thread spends an entire paragraph lamenting about that exact thing, but ok, Second-generation-sperg-chan.(shut up about the IVF baby)

No. 210208

The fucking anons who think this site works as a free-for-all like kiwi need massive therapy. This site requires proof and off the rails tinfoiling to create false milk 'bc the core would do that' isn't fucking milk and not based in reality to a situation.

Just bc anons want to say the treatment didn't start in 2018 doesn't change the fact it did. Im tired of all these threads in/w/ being detailed by fucking autistic anons who think correcting with facts is the same as being a whiteknight. Can they go back to kiwi and their discord gossip guru bs?

No. 210215

The treatment, in the cow's own words, didn't start in 2018. Taylor literally gives a whole timeline of her ivf "journey." They were married in November 2018. There was no infertility treatment in 2018, they didn't even start trying until 2019.

No. 210217

She said 4 years didn't she?

No. 210218

Before she said 3, girl can’t count or she just wants to make it more dramatic. She herself gave the timeline, saying they started trying with beginning of 2019 and that moved onto IVF after few natural tries. She also confirmed one year break in fertility treatments after failed attempt in 2020. It’s in her videos.

I don’t know what you try to achieve here.

No. 210219

File: 1651378260989.jpg (626.45 KB, 1500x1200, BeautyPlus_20220501070746603_o…)

anon just can't allow any negative thing to be said about Taylor, probably in their propaganda contract(what did I just tell you)

No. 210237

It's getting like the Nicole thread
>sperg: post proof! We need to see the semen!
>Anon: posts proof from the cow
>Sperg: this is retarded nitpicking!! slams the report button

What's most amusing is the whiteknighting took a big tick upward after the birth, to coincide with Taylor having fuck all to do other than milking herself since her nanny seems fantastic. We'll probably see less of it now she will revert to a cheaper nanny.

No. 210242

/w/ has a specific sperg that has a meltdown if you critique any aspect of a cow. The /w/ sperg is most often seen in the Nicole thread, but my suspicion was that they were originally the sperg in the Erin Painter thread. Once they shit up that thread beyond recognition, they moved on to the Belle Delphine thread, where they demanded their queen Belle was not a whore. Their next appearance was the Nicole thread, which they similarly sperged about any criticism the cow received. I've seen almost exact comments from the poster in a bunch of different threads and now they're here kek
It's also funny to think about how the only threads they make appearances in are of girls who are at least slightly above average (besides Erin Painter)
Probably a scrote or a woman who feels inferior and makes up for it by wking for women who don't know she exists.
And even after old admin leaves new admin continues to enable these wking spergs with their shitty biased farmhands. They don't even try to hide it with their catty redtexts.

No. 210253

File: 1651405966081.jpg (385.69 KB, 1080x1924, 20220501103710.jpg)

Let's agree to ignore WKs, dear anons. If you see a bullshitter posting over and over, stop responding. That should make them leave.

On a brighter note, Carol is leaving today, prepare your popcorn.

No. 210261

File: 1651410492744.png (2.24 MB, 1438x768, Untitled.png)

So, Carol has helped her during all this time with the baby, took care of her and the baby, and what does Taylor do in return? She "cooks" some cold food for her even though she knows Carol is not a fan of cold food and believes cold food has some negative connotations. Seriously, we know Taylor can cook, is that the best she could think of? I feel it is a bit disrespectful towards Carol.

No. 210262

Yeah, it left a bad taste in my mouth, too. She could've made one of her oven roasts or soups or whatever, but, no. She had to make a salad and a cold drink. It almost feels like she's taking her "revenge" from Carol for making her only eat warm/hot food for a month.
P. S. Ew-San was changing diapers in the stories. I guess he can help when he wants to, after all.

No. 210270

Cold FRUIT, anon. She thinks eating cold fruit is bad luck. Wtf.

No. 210272

Just call him Tom. Don't give Taylor and him retarded nicknames because tbh Ew-San sounds like it WOULD be a name.

No. 210282

that was a sloww diaper change from the parent of a 1.5 month old who should be filling like 10+ soiled diapers every 24 hours. you can tell he hasn’t had to fumble through a middle of the night change yet if he’s readjusting tabs five times at turtle speed in broad daylight(diaper themed nitpick )

No. 210284

File: 1651417709874.jpg (705.06 KB, 1079x1894, baby.jpg)

Are you really nitpicking the speed at which Tom was changing the baby's diaper? You don't need to change a baby as if it were a Formula 1 race. This really isn't proof he hasn't done it overnight either. I don't get where that conclusion makes sense lol

No. 210285

Because it’s not about being grateful or thanking Carrol for her help, it’s all for the reactions and engagement on her stories. Taylor thinks she’s a fucking comedian, sticking the camera in front of her hired help as usual. there can’t be any private moment that might get a laugh from her fans

No. 210288

>>210284 it was just an observation from another new parent/person with a bunch of friends with babies. at that age baby boys will pee like a fountain when they’re exposed to cold air, and babies that age have pretty messy/projectile shits so yes it is a little like a pit stop lol. it’s just weird seeing such a concentrated effort changing a diaper when it’s usually second nature by then

No. 210289

he was taking his time because the baby is chilling with him, doesn't seem like anything happened as you said regarding any defecation or urine. The concentration, if you watch the video, is the sticky tab on the wing not coming off so he can stick the diaper down.

No. 210294

No, anon. Cold FOODS. It is something about the Ying Yang balance which is translated into cold and hot foods. It has to do with traditional Chinese medicine. There is tons of info if you actually look for it or if you knew anything about Chinese culture.

No. 210296

She didn't say that though. Where else is the cold food thing, because all Ive seen is her not wanting cold apples with peanut butter. Did she say she refuses in general at all to eat anything cold?

No. 210299

>Let's agree to ignore WKs, dear anons. If you see a bullshitter posting over and over, stop responding. That should make them leave.

Can we take this sage advice? This anon was WKing during the MenClub reveal too. They are never going to change.

No. 210306

Ntayrt but that’s actually super common in hk or china to not have anything unter body temperature. They also give you like warm water at restaurants in the summer. Nothing is cold or cooled there.

No. 210307

So isn't is safe to say that anon is just assuming its cold because of the food itself and not that it might be room temperature and not cold?

No. 210317

Second this. Plus Taylor complained about no AC and no cold food rule during confinement.

No. 210319

That's bc its about keeping the moms temp a certain level.

No. 210320

She liked the salad, 9/10, not the shake. Clearly not scared enough to not try it. She liked it. Wow, what great milk.

No. 210325

You make it sound like she's keeping her hostage like a puppet.
I highly doubt the help would agree to be video recorded if she didn't want to. She has her own IG as well so I'm sure she doesn't mind the 10 Taylor followers she will get from it.
And how can you just assume that Taylor treats her like shit and isn't thankful?
We literally only see like a 1% snippet of her entire life with her.

No. 210334

I didn't see that in OP's comment, though. Of course Taylor is thankful, Carol has been a great help to her and she'll have to look far and wide to find a substitute.
It seems like the purpose of the video and the cold meal was not as much aimed at thanking Carol, as to create "entertaining" content. If I was given food I'm not a fan of as a thank you I wouldn't feel appreciated, quite the contrary. Anyway, I'm sure we'll get a longer clip in a future vlog, mark my words, she'll milk this as much as she can.

No. 210366


Uh huh

No. 210371

who fucking cares except for you? none of that is milk. none of it has ever been milk. why are you so obsessed with pinning down a calendar on her reproductive organs? why does it matter? how is it drama?

No. 210375


That extreme cautiousness by Carol was being enforced specifically around the pui yuet rules. It doesn't mean the woman lives her entire personal life avoiding cold food, wtf. This thread has some of the most demented reaches on this entire site, it's insane. There's 1 or 2 very obsessed anons desperately trying to turn every microscopic detail they can overanalyze about Taylor's life into some kind of drama and then there's the rest of us watching you like zoo animals, like, "Where will you throw the poop next?" except it always lands on your own face(s).

No. 210376

File: 1651450150043.jpeg (505.65 KB, 1125x1963, 7C01D154-78A6-4F06-ABD7-8C2335…)

we can all agree that taylor (or taylor’s team?) runs Carrol’s instagram account, right? what do you think will happen now that she’s out of the house?

No. 210390

>and then there's the rest of us watching you like zoo animals, like, "Where will you throw the poop next?" except it always lands on your own face(s).

I want this in banner form

No. 210396

Why would it matter?

No. 210399

The IG story of Taylor crying because her Nanny left gave me the feeling that she’s realizing that she has to handle her child all by herself now, or at least until she’s hiring a new one kek

No. 210405

This is an imageboard

No. 210407

Literally thought the same. It's more that she realises now she has to be mommy mommy not only for 5min each day.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 210415

For me it seemed more like Taylor was crying over losing another "friend", because hired workers seem to be the only "friends" she seems to have other than her instagram-famous-"friends" that basically just use each other for clicks. I am sure they will get nanny to take care of the baby soon, so Taylor will get plenty of help with the baby. But how she worded, like losing someone to "share laughs" with and be with her during her "most valnurable time" (hello? How about your husband?) rather shows me that' she's lonely. To Carol this was just one of her jobs. She does this 12-24 times a year and moves on. But Taylor probably thought this was some kind of special friendship.

No. 210428

Yup, it was the same with her assistant and it was the same with her Japanese friend circle. She throws money at people in hopes of getting a genuine relationship. Outside of the girls she was living with when she was a model she has no real friends at all.

No. 210431

i haven't looked up taylor in a while and wow did she really have a kid with that elbow-san pervert? did he at least take an english course or is he still doing the ooga-booga-babeee speech?

No. 210450

It's a well-known cultural thing.
Do you need a special story on every type of food that she refuses to eat cold because you seem to have difficulties extrapolating based on the fact that we've only seen her refuse cold apples?
How many examples do you need from each food group?

No. 210452

You care a little to much if her helper eats cold food or not. Why is it even so important to you? Even if it turns out taylor lied about something so stupid? Why does it mean?

No. 210454

>Why does it mean?
anon here asking the important questions

No. 210455

At this point I read this thread for the cow anons, and the wild reaches. Taylor will have her milk in time, but the anons grasping at anything is hilarious. COLD FOOD, IVF BABY DATE, THE WHITE NOSIE, SLOW DIAPER CHANGE, THE HELP IS CONFINED IN A BASEMENT HELD HOSTAGE MADE TO EAT COLD APPLES. Everyday it’s some reach. But when it gets called out anons blog like “All my friends have babies and I’m a new mother” “My sister just had a baby and she said” Yeah sure Jan.

No. 210463

They are PULL leftovers who miss it way too much.

No. 210467

Remember the insane nitpicking over the baby nursing station cart too and how "No one actually uses these" when its common as fuuuck. They try to turn anything into milk. They do it all over /w/ and you can tell which anons they are bc of how ridiculous the tinfoils are each time.

No. 210512

Why would Taylor or her team be in control of her IG? What is this reach right here?
Carol most likely just saw this as a good starting point to launch her own IG and grab some easy follows

No. 210518

Rational anon here, but I think they are confusing managing with helping set up her account. It's hers after she leaves. I don't see why Taylor would have control either. Doesn't make sense.

No. 210524

Nope, he still talks like a child

No. 210528

Nah, she just fell under the influence of a typical influencer, who thinks it's their life's mission to make everyone an influencer, too. That's something I noticed with many vloggers/youtubers/etc, not just Taylor. I used to follow a renovation channel, that kept persuading their friends to vlog, too, and in the end their friend circle turned into a vlogging Bermuda triangle where whenever they all gathered together everyone was filming a vlog. Ridiculous. Same happens in other SM, too, I guess.

No. 210529

I have trouble seeing how Carol will keep up with the insta content making, though. I don't think many clients will agree to let her film in their space like Taylor. It will most likely be a hobby for the free weeks in between schedules.

No. 210533

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bad business model to post TikTok or reels every day? I don’t think anyone except ADHD’ers and Zoomies like the idea. It’s so hard to pass enough and correct information in short 10-15 second reels to your viewers. People who are hiring a pui yuet are mostly financially stable Milennials and as a millennial myself I know that most of my friends hate the idea of over sharing on social media. Maybe it’s just me but when I see doctors etc post on TikTok they lose all credibility.. I hope Carol does not lose potential business over this because she seems to be a sweet woman and she is passionate about what she does.

No. 210535

God I hope Carol is okay out there on the streets after Taylor has ruined her career and burned down her house and also broke both of her kneecaps. It's honestly amazing the amount of bullshit you can get away with in Hong Kong if you are internet famous and your husband runs the biggest sex trafficking ring in the country, allegedly. I hope on day he authorities will stop this monster from ruining more lives and take away her baby before she feeds it cold food and it instantly dies from the thermal shock to it's little body.

No. 210538

Ignore the WK troll, anons. Ignore the troll.

I don't think she'll keep it up anyway, but time will show, I guess.

No. 210542

she's like those people who watch too many skincare routine videos on youtube and then end up narrating their routine at night. Except, she is doing it for real for a few weeks

No. 210576

She probably won't unless it's brought her business.

No. 210577

She's been doing that for over 10+ years, anon. Hate it, but posting is kind of her job. She won't get royalties from Tiktok if she doesn't post often, sponsors send her things and she puts them in reals.. How is it a problem when it actively still keeps her relevant where its important? Maybe if she was drastically losing followers or be an issue, but nothing she's posting is controversial either.

No. 210578

KEK, literally laughed out loud at this

No. 210587

I’m talking about carol not taylor

No. 210596

That's possible considering that the actual PULL discord channel for Taylor is boring.

No. 210597

Just FYI, because I think that anons confuse that here. The hot and cold in traditional chinese medicine is not referring so much to the actual temperature, but to the characteristics of the food itself. E.g., ginger is considering very hot, even if eaten cold. Peppermint tea has cooling properties, although it can be served hot. It is more about how the food affects the body and ying/yang, etc, and so on.
Just google a bit for tcm hot cold food or similar.

No. 210603

Salad isn't so much a staple in Chinese cuisine, but its cold bc its uncooked. Cooled cooked lettuce is fine. It's not that she avoids hot food like you said, its about the type of food and how its prepared too. Anons just want a black and white reason because it makes Taylor look like she's being insensitive and a fucking cold drink and a salad won't kill her and she did volunteer to try.

No. 210633

>a fucking cold drink and a salad won't kill her and she did volunteer to try
Wow, whiteknight much? I actually live close by to Taylor and soon after she posted the image of the salad to her story I saw a hearse pull up to their front door and they carried out a Carol-sized body bag. I'm pretty sure Carol has perished after eating the cold food. RIP sweet angel.

No. 210652

Ironic when it's the humorless taylor stan whiteknights themselves that are writing the crazy reaches, guess they don't know how the internet and SEO works. Nice if one of their no contribution troll posts shows up in the google page summary for this thread, very helpful, sure Taylor will appreciate those words being associated with her.
The only person saying insane shit is you, wk, give it a rest.

No. 210654

Sure jan

No. 210656

We shouldn't have told the wks in the old thread that this one was in use already, should've left them to reply their witty jokes to themselves. There was some 100 posts left there.

No. 210672

1. that's not how SEO works
2. you can just pay google to remove results
3. I don't give a single fuck I am just making fun of you

No. 210682

I fucking knew it. Work for Taylor you end up dead.

All jokes aside, if anons were patient Taylor will bring milk in time. But everyone and there mom wants to make not even nitpicks, but crazy reaches with no base. Reaches if based on anything it’s a fairy tail or some myth. It make you all look like a fucking joke. Then calling people wk, for pointing out how actually retarded you are.

Ooo the dangerous salad, diaper changes so slow it’s child abuse. Fuck he probs hasn’t seen his kid in weeks. Actually Taylor spends only 1 hour and 36 mins with her son daily- I got all that info from her socials. ABUSE! Oh don’t even get me started on Taylor trying to destroy her babies hearing so she can make YouTube videos about her disabled son. Make for better click bait videos of course.

Crying wolf this much makes everything you say invalid. Makes this thread a joke, when there is real milk and she does something shitty or questionable call that shit out, be thankful for the milk. Learn to be okay when the milk is dry and not loose your minds.

On a real note you do you, cry wolf or whatever. Fuck mini mods. I’m just here for the show, but wanted to point out somethings I noticed.

I do think there is 1-2 REAL wk in this thread, but haven’t seen them in like a week if I remember correctly. I feel like a lot of the “wk” that clearly arnt, are anons from other threads making fun of this one. I do also notice 3-4 PULL retards grasping at ANYTHING. People wouldn’t make jokes about your reaches if they were just so dumb.

Anyways don’t worry retards, I am also slightly retarded for even makin this post. I’m not spell checking it either. Just hoping this would help you think.

No. 210721

I just come here to read all the schizo posts, the only milk in this thread is the posters.

No. 210766

Wtf does ADHD have to do with this? Are you okay?

No. 210858

wrap it up guys. we're not allowed to criticize holy "Tay Tay" here. it's equivalent to calling her a murderer.

No. 210958


No. 210963

Literally, that wks insane extrapolations went that far
>Anon: I observed Carol doesn't like cold food and Taytay gave her cold food knowing that
>wk: omg you're saying Taylor killed Carol??/!!1

The state of her fans (or friends, considering the jvloggers thread is 90% jvloggers posting about each other)

No. 210985

File: 1651757138580.png (1.07 MB, 1207x1132, shadmannips.png)

oh my GOD!! I did NOT think her tits would SAG and GROW like this immediately after labor? whaat the fuck? Looks like a whole ass shadman illustration with those giant nipples? inhumane

No. 210990

Are you actually retarded?

She’s clearly pumping milk under there.

No. 210992

Baby's name is Levi

No. 210994

A basic ass choice out of the top 10 most popular baby names… Groundbreaking.

No. 210995

Levi Lip…

No. 210996

None of that happened.

No. 210997

Did anyone else feel weird when she was holding baby’s face so it faces the camera when the kid tried to look on side? Later on she stopped, but it gave me “accessory” vibe, just like with Rosie.

No. 211002

What kind of name is Levi?

No. 211003

You sound retarded and underaged. fuck off

No. 211004

Literally living in an Asian country yet giving your kid the whitest ass possible name… of course

No. 211005

why is the babys head flat in the back?

No. 211006

she was supporting his head….it's a baby.

No. 211007

another tactic used by Taylor's shills is to write ridiculous "parody" posts, pretending to be normal farmers. Only they think their low-IQ posts are funny. The Shadman fetish reference is meant to evoke the anons who wondered why Taylor constantly showed her belly and now her pumping apparatus, because some felt this was weird/fetishy. Our WK and shills can't tolerate any criticism of Holy Mother of Lip, nor is any opinion valid except for their own.

Just in case anyone misunderstood the post.

No. 211008

Here you are, and yeah, one of her stans wrote this retarded fake post.
>Wow, whiteknight much? I actually live close by to Taylor and soon after she posted the image of the salad to her story I saw a hearse pull up to their front door and they carried out a Carol-sized body bag. I'm pretty sure Carol has perished after eating the cold food. RIP sweet angel

No. 211011

I WAS NOT expecting Levi. Sounds like a weeb name. My sister had twins and named them Leon and Levi. She didnt ever watch anime. Shes a disney girl. It was purely coincidence so that I can live with but Taylor referenced AOT in the video oh my god.

Also Tom is mad ugly you can't change my mind. Even if hes nice and a good husband amd even rich. Hes dog ugly.

No. 211012

You do realise he also has a Chinese name that is most likely going to be used while he lives in Hong Kong?

No. 211014

it was clearly a joke?

No. 211017

Most HK people in their daily conversations use their English names, especially young ones.

No. 211019

Its definitely an AOT reference

No. 211020

So plain but i always find it weird when people give jewish names although they’re not part of that religion

No. 211025

Anyone wanna summarize her new video?

No. 211026

Not even a stan, diff anon. Yet I thought it was pretty funny. Don’t think they are her fan either, but what do I know. Could be.

No. 211027

it is actually a pretty common biblical name. I personally like that it is old fashioned and not some stupid new aged shit with a goofy spelling.

No. 211028

Baby jeans sponsorship in 3… 2… if

No. 211030

File: 1651766931794.png (1.11 MB, 1207x1132, shadmannips.png)

I'm serious
you're insane and your words representing the average farmer is doing "them" dirtier than the anons who see shadman shit when its obviously just an absolutely normal thing to film your giant hanging udders like this(saggy tit sperg)

No. 211031

Sorry but I can never watch a video with Tom in it. I find myself grossed out the minute he appears.

No. 211032

This isn't a fetish thing. Stop being a scrote.

No. 211035

Ignore the troll/wk. And sage your shit.

No. 211036

I honestly think it's Taylor

No. 211038


How is Levi a Jewish-exclusive name???

It's Judeo-Christian and is found all over the Bible. Is he not the son of Jacob and Leah? That is in the Old Testament. Did he not found the Levites? Is he not the grandfather of Aaron and Moses?

Taylor is a white girl from Canada. That she is at least somewhat familiar with Christianity is not unreasonable. I would say it's hugely likely given how many of them are Catholic and, if not Catholic, Protestant.

You guys will really nitpick anything. Even when it makes no sense at all.

Anyways, sorry for the blog. I'm saging it.(didn’t sage)

No. 211041

the fuck are you talking about, its not like she named him some super jewish shit like schlomo, plenty of non-jews are named levi, do you get butthurt over people naming their kids john or mary too

No. 211042

Are you actually retarded? Those aren't her boobs, they are the breast pumps she is covering with her shirt. Holy shit the combined IQ in this thread wouldn't even reach average.

No. 211044

You're really telling on yourself by calling herself "Holy Mother" over and over, like you think people treat someone who is a mother better and are jealous of that. Go back to /r/childfree to cope about how much you hate people who have kids and don't forget to feed your furbabies.

No. 211045

I wonder what postpartum surgeries or procedures she will get, I feel like that will be the first real milk we get in awhile.

No. 211046

I was interpreting what the anon posted, if you can read.
The bigger issue is that Cantonese has no 'v' sound so this is a difficult name to use in HK.
Please link me to any other time an anon wrote "holy mother."

No. 211047

you're still out here denying it HUH? muuuhhh

so that's why they call virgins schoolgirls in menskkklub

No. 211065

Tom is an otaku and they've even run articles on Attack on Titan in Men Club. They definitely got it from there.

No. 211070

>another tactic used by Taylor's shills is to write ridiculous "parody" posts, pretending to be normal farmers

It reminds me of Mei's campaign on /snow to fill her thread with disinformation and spam.

No. 211074

The only question I have is: why is she filming a video while milking her Knockers?

No. 211100

Well, if you ask this question, her stans will be on your ass for 100 posts and you will be accused of hating lactating women

No. 211101

go watch the video you 13 year old virgin. jfc

No. 211122

Because she is really in love with the idea, I guess. She can't "brag" about anything else related to motherhood, not by the time she was filming. Plus, it was novel to her and she probably felt fascinated by it and didn't stop to think if others would like to see it. Has she lost any subscribers yet? After switching genres again?

No. 211123

Did she really name her baby (partially) after Levi Ackermann? Has she watched the anime? Levi had a very hard and tragic life. I would never mention naming my kid after him, sounds like a bad omen.

No. 211129

> and then there's the rest of us watching you like zoo animals, like, "Where will you throw the poop next?" except it always lands on your own face(s)

anon i’m fucking crying

No. 211136

File: 1651792720505.jpg (589.55 KB, 1080x1921, 20220506015714.jpg)

She looks like her old self here. Is it me or she has toned down on the fillers/botox?

No. 211144

lol exactly. leave it up to this bitch to ruin one of my favorite characters.

No. 211153

She can't raise her eyebrows and still looks like a pillow face. The IG story is shot in such bad lighting and/or with a filter so it's impossible to see any normal facial lines anyway. Not sure how you can remotely say she's cutting down on anything.

No. 211158

You had me until you wanted to be spoonfed

No. 211159

Well I think that’s a good point and I’m considered a “wk” for literally no reason besides pointing out dumbass anons

No. 211160

She’s the whore mom, that’s why she named him Levi. Sorry I’ll see myself out.

No. 211171

the name existed before anime. it's a normal white name. who cares

No. 211175

If you're that upset that people have real names that fictional characters also have, then seek help. You sound like a weeb.

No. 211176

If you claim an anon is writing something 'over and over' because she's 'jealous of mothers' you should have proof. That's not spoonfeeding.

No. 211198

I think the problem was not that she named him after a character, but that she named him after a tragic character. But whatever, in the end, it's Taylor, she probably just googled "Levi" and read the first two search results and didn't care to read further on the character.

No. 211213

You have to be over 18 to post here

No. 211217

Imagine being such a shut-in weebfag that you hear the name "Levi" and think of anime instead of jeans. Can't relate.

No. 211218

No normal person knows who your faggy anime character is.

No. 211219

Omfg did any of you even watch the video? She made attack on titan references like two to three times. It’s not even a big deal, who fucking cares. The kid is named Levi, and she likes the show.

No. 211220

Bruh I’m not that anon who made the stupid holy mom comment. Just was sayin you almost had me.

No. 211221

Majority of people in this thread are underage

No. 211222

Who the fuck carrrreess. Are you seriously gate keeping a dumb anime?

No. 211224

Weebs legit have holes in their brains the size of anime titties. Once you start seeing anime references in normal everyday life shit and think normal people are naming their kids after anime characters you should probably consider suicide cause your brain is terminally rotten. Absolutely beyond saving at this point.

No. 211236

she literally said it

No. 211239

take your meds

No. 211248

Levi isn't even an anime name only. Doesn't matter at all.

No. 211251

File: 1651840503416.jpg (116.88 KB, 1078x596, Screenshot_20220506_141922.jpg)

My guess is they heard or read the name somewhere, googled the meaning, saw that it was "joined together" and whatever she blabbered on about in the first few minutes of her video, decided it fits and then the attack on titan shit started popping up. She probably thought it would be quirky to include it in her video because she used to be this kAwaIi mOdeRu in japan and had lots of weebish fans. Not sure how many of them stayed after her moving to HK tho.
Anyways, the weebs crying in this thread about her ruining their precios AoT character need to touch some grass. She doesn't even pronounce it the same as in the anime.

No. 211254

File: 1651842077387.jpg (329.32 KB, 1880x940, ABV_Header_Levis_1880x940.jpg)

Levi is a biblical name, she explained the biblical meaning and it's also the name of a fucking multi million dollar jeans company. Both things that are 1000x more known to the average person than some dumb fucking anime. And yet nobody is saying "OMG she named her baby after a pair of jeans!" because you are all fucking weeb NEETs who don't go outside and have lost touch with the real world. Thankfully none of you will breed and give your children retarded anime character names since that seems to be at the forefront of your brains. The lolcows really are coming from inside the thread nowadays.

No. 211256

File: 1651843425138.png (1.05 MB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20220506-153610.png)

she spent a lot more time telling us who Levi the anime character is, she didn't say jack shit about the bible figure or jeans

No. 211257

File: 1651843481584.png (1.12 MB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20220506-162155.png)

big strong rugged alpha moid, chinese warrior rawr titan soldier

No. 211265

Wow, I don't know who's more pathetic. Anons who gatekeep a fictional character or anons who foam in the mouth discrediting said anons. You know you all sound retarded, right?

No. 211266

She really turned into a mom vlogger… Time to unsubscribe. No idea why I kept following her in the first place.(not an airport, no need to announce your departure )

No. 211267

File: 1651848210762.jpg (224.09 KB, 1080x1903, 202205060315011.jpg)

This look is priceless. Oh god, I've been laughing non stop.

No. 211268

I think I’ll hold out until she starts giving advice. First, there will be a “10 things I wish I knew before I gave birth” video, maybe a “Things I got for the baby and didn’t need or use” video, then a video about giving advice to new or expectant moms. The YouTube algorithm loves this kind of content.

No. 211270

Retard, watch her video first before you come here with your bullshit

No. 211273

did people really forget this bitch is a weeb? watch the video.

No. 211286

the way she had that watery, airy tone of voice that trustafarians and academics often take on when she went on about the anime was kekworthy

No. 211296

Your all so fucking retarded. The weebs sad abt her naming the baby after a anime character, and the anons who are trying to say she didn’t - you clearly didn’t even watch the video. It was pretty clear she did name him after the character. WHY DOES THIS MATTER?! It’s funny, but that’s how far this should go.

No. 211297

No one’s is saying that it’s from jeans, bc Taylor went on and on about the aot character and how he’s is strong and shit. Those are some quality jeans tho. Naming a child after a clothing brand would be something else. Her naming after a anime character is cringe, but that’s what she went with. her words…

No. 211321

Good lord. If I saw this face at night, in the darkness, I'd freak out.

No. 211322

Lmao, imagine what would happen if Levi grows up to be a makeup artist or a stylist or anything not "strong soldier". I mean, just give your baby a beautiful name, don't try to make a fucking prophecy out of it or force the child into a mold since day 1.

No. 211324

Chill, guys. She would've come up with lengthy essays about the "deep" meaning behind the naming process, regardless of the name choose in the end.
E.g. We named him Brad, after Brad Pitt, so he grows up manly, tall and handsome. It actually means "broad, wide", so it symbolises the broad array of cultures in our family, coming from different parts of the world.
Or. We named him Leo, after Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo means "lion" and he was born in the year of tiger and lions are the closest thing. Plus lions are strong and brave. Etc, etc.

No. 211334

Weebs are always angry

No. 211351

File: 1651904565844.png (552.91 KB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20220507-091846.png)

You made me think of the narcissistic rambling "about" page for TOAT. This is how you know Taylor never really learned how to write. Somehow she missed the irony of selling One Size sweatshop clothing while waxing idiotically about how wonderful it is when clothes fit "to a T." https://toat.com/pages/about

picrel is just a small part of a cringe essay about the name. I kind of wanted something like this for Levi, sad we just got it orally. Taylor's obsession with naming gives me big Elizabeth Holmes vibes.

No. 211358

This is so cringe-inducing. She made it into a literal dairy entry, bleh.

No. 211396

It's just a name. People did this with Marylin Monroe (not her real name), Daenarey (whatever the GOT name was), Peter for Peter Pan, Christopher for Christopher Robin, Gigi recently for the Hadid sister. Naming something out of pop-culture isn't new or alarming and this name existed before anime anyway. Saying what inspires it doesn't make it less of just being a name. You guys are nitpicking this to death.

No. 211426

Love how the wks went from "How dare you suggest Taylor would name her son after an anime character! She's not a disgusting weeb like you!" to "How dare you gatekeep Levi and condemn Taylor for naming her son after an anime character!"
Saying its cringey to name your kid after an anime character is not the same as gatekeeping an anime character and Tom is a real weeb. Taylor made her money and fame pretending to be a weeb.

No. 211453

she thinks that since her baby is hapa that he's going to look like an anime character.

No. 211473

I don’t know who you think these “wk’s” are. It’s just a bunch of stupid anons, they aren’t even white knighting Taylor.

No. 211474

How do you “pretend” to be a weeb? Your gate keeping anime yourself then getting mad about gate keeping? Imo anime is retarded.

Just make it make sense

No. 211475

She pandered to weebs, I guess, by pretending to be into some aspects of the culture.

Also, liking anime makes people weebs? Let's just find a dumb term for every cultural thing from every country to make fun of people who like it

No. 211483

the way you hate taylor so much that you have absolutely no radar for sarcasm or humor is so fucking funny. you are like an alien who has never experienced human culture outside of her videos

No. 211495

How is me callin you a weeb even equivalent to what your suggesting? Get over it, it’s not like weeb is saying the n word.

No. 211523

you guys are missing the point. anons up thread were pointing out she did it for weeb reasons and other anons defended her, claiming she named him after jeans when in the video she talks about the anime. the wks are getting ridiculous now. bitch is a weeb and just because the name isn't inuyasha, doesn't mean her stating she named her child after an anime character isn't cringe, because it is. especially since in the video it makes it seem like she's only learned about the name because of the show.

No. 211555

File: 1652010051188.png (643.43 KB, 626x624, 1651757112211.png)

Reposting from last thread bc anon posted this nightmare fuel of Tom? If it's actually him? My gosh I didn't think he could get worse looking without the glasses but here we are. Taylor certainly made a… Choice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 211556

I would literally rather die poor and alone than have a child with this
Why do women do this to themselves what a peculiar life path

No. 211558

Your terrible jokes which fall flat every time doesn't mean the anons who think you're an unfunny tard have no sense of humor, it means you're an unfunny tard. Joking about (what seems like a nice) woman dying, haha so funny anon!! It must be us with the sense of humor failure and not your chronic retardation at fault here.

No. 211559

He looks so bad from the side. There's a bit of subtext here where Taylor would rather go through the trauma of ivf than shag this guy repeatedly, understandable really.

No. 211562

um… You said "how do you pretend to be a weeb", if you are the post I replied to.
And I explained what people meant. Namely, that she pandered to weebs.

You have the reading comprehension of a badly trained goldfish cracker

No. 211563

ew, it's worse without glasses and from the side!
She "fell in love with his intelligence" she said. I loled so hard. Sure he might be but how would she know when he talks the way he does?

No. 211566

Your jokes aren't funny and don't scream sarcasm.

No. 211573

kek, she fell in love with his bags of cash and he wasted no time getting her promoted on his sites.

I saved this post because I thought this nonna really hit the nail on the head about their "conversations" - she was probably just sending him her shopped dolly photos and he was gushing:
>holy fuck, I can't imagine having all this concern for the wife of a dude who expressed from day 1 that he like kawaii childish women. A guy who dates his employees. Taylor said she spent hours talking to him everyday. Given his abysmal command of English, how much do you want to bet that she sent him kawiwi selfies and he said "whoa babe like princess" over and over?

No. 211582

How much money does Tom make? I’ve been trying to find it in past threads

No. 211593

We don't know that (I think?), but we know that he could afford to buy a second home in Canada that they would just use for 2 or 3 weeks a year instead of renting a hotel or staying with Taylor's family that cost several million dollar. So, if someone can spend a few millions just to have a second home for 3 weeks a year, then I think it's safe to say, A LOT.

No. 211604

>How do you “pretend” to be a weeb?
Are you not familiar with Taylor's career in Japan?

No. 211606

I think anime and that type of Japanese influence did have some interest for Taylor, but she wasn't a full weeb or obsessed with anime like other thots like Venus and Momokun. I never got that idea from her dabbling in it to see if part of that community would be interested in that content. about this time was when dances with the characters were all over the place, especially in Japan. Treedance used to be one of the biggest reupload pages on YouTube for NicoNico posts doing the same things. I wouldn't call it a weeb phase, I call it a product of what was trending in Japan at the time. We already know she was trying to be popular over there, but she didn't know which avenue to take aside from realdoll-like posts [which even she fell out of that too], and then realized life vlogger things were more popular than focusing on niche groups that would give her spurts of attention.

No. 211612

Anon asked what I meant by Taylor being a pretend weeb in the past. She wasn't into those anime/fandoms, she was just using them to market herself at the time in Japan. She had a whole team of people (her agency, Japanese teacher, dance teacher, cameraman, editor) to help her create her weeb persona. I'm not condemning her for doing it. Just pointing out the ridiculousness of anon calling everyone who thinks it's cringy that Taylor named her kid after an anime character a weeb when that was how Taylor used to market herself and what got her internet famous. Anon probably has no idea about Taylor's career when she first moved to Japan.

No. 211616

I wonder how many posts are made by Kiki.

No. 211617

I myself said it was cringe she named her kid after a anime character… you missed my point entirely. Then got all butthurt I used the word “weeb” wrong. Didn’t even realize it was so offensive, and you keep trying to disprove she is a true anime fan. I just think anime is retarded. To each there own.

No. 211618

Also esl, so I don’t understand what I did wrong? She is a weeb, your a weeb too bc you like anime and saying who is and isn’t a true anime fan. Stop acting like I’m using the n word, and I’ve read all her threads. You assumed so much from such a small post. Yeah she can be a bit poser at times, but she is still technically a weeb. Stop bitching about who you can and can’t use the word

No. 211619

Holy fuck you don’t need to be Momokun level to be a weeb.

No. 211630

Jesus, anon. I get you're esl, but I think you could've understood if you read more carefully. I've never even said that I like anime and I never called Taylor a fake anime fan. I was just pointing out how ridiculous it is for Taylor's defenders to call other people disgusting weebs for simply calling Taylor cringe when Tom is a real weeb and Taylor used to market herself as one. That's all. By pretend weeb, I was only referring to the fact that Taylor, with a whole team to coach her, marketed herself as a weeb when she first moved to Japan. Are you familiar with early Taylor? She's admitted that much of that persona of hers was manufactured. I wasn't criticizing it.

No. 211641

Taylor is a pretend weeb solely because her only real interests are Taylor Swift (because of the same name, no less), the Trashdashians and trending youtubers of the given time. Period. Everything else is a "phase".
P. S She obviously doesn't watch anything other than youtube and tiktok, let alone anime.

No. 211695

And you come to that conclusion because..

No. 211696

File: 1652102526224.png (1.44 MB, 1880x1040, weebs.png)

This thread stinky of filthy unwashed weebs.

No. 211704

You know what the w in /w stands for right, anon? Why are you surprised to find weebs in a subforum specifically made for weeb cows?

No. 211998

They are just bitching, don’t act like the anon is retarded. She is right. As someone who watched anime in the past, I hate almost everyone in this thread. You guys are weebs

No. 211999

You guys were fighting anons day and night how Taylor isn’t a weeb.

No. 212310

File: 1652336816970.jpg (4.7 MB, 5000x5000, 1652335138554.jpg)

Ask and you shall receive. Can we put the name debacle to side now? She listed all the (equally lame) reasons behind it. The woodSy feeling had me rolling on the floor, ngl.

No. 212317

Lol you ask to put a debate to the side that no one’s even talking about anymore

No. 212322

lol, what are you talking about? weebs and bebe's name was all we have been rambling about recently. but, i agree, it has gone stagnant.

No. 212400

First of all why is she sharing such sensitive information? Does she think that she's a reality star like Kum Kartrashian who monetizes every part of her private life? I hope Taylor's baby is healthy bc abnormal chromosomes are not a joke.

No. 212538

Its IVF.

No. 212708

File: 1652544644229.png (575.46 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20220511-143606.png)

What is the red string around Taylor's wrist? She's been wearing it constantly along with her expensive designer jewelry. I can't be arsed to see how far back it appears but I've noticed it in tons of IG stories since she gave birth.

sage bc it's a question

No. 212714

Probably a red string of fate thing

No. 212715

Sorry, just looked it up. Yeah, looks to be red string of fate. It can symbolize multiple things such as marriage, good luck/fortune, health, longevity.. Just basic stuff like praying is for Christians and their rosaries. Supernatural fiction believers.

No. 212732

Crazy people who call their mutts their kids and dress them with overpriced clothes is an other delusional believer kek and the list go on.. and btw taylor seem into superstition and not religion which is more strange because she is from canada and yet she follow weird hong kong traditions and superstition.

No. 212740

It's not about religion. Religion and spirituality are different. It's like a good luck charm. You're reading way too in to it.

No. 212746

only catholics use rosaries. fyi.

No. 212752

The red string bracelet is also a pro ana thing.

No. 212757

Anon, no. That's shitty tinfoil.

No. 212773

she "follows" them for the clicks. it's not rocket science.

No. 212815

She also believes the super-healing powers of Chinese medicine, goop, feng shui, fortune-telling and every other thing not based in science or logic. She's just that kind of person, there's a lot of them around you, if you pay attention.
Btw, I'm surprised she didn't mention the fortune-teller who said she'll have her first child in the year of tiger.

No. 212816

they paid two fortune-tellers to name the kid, kek. Rich people flush money down the toilet on a regular basis

No. 212821

Oh, right, good point. What's his Chinese name again?

No. 212953

My Chinese friend has a red bracelet for luck. She offered me to braid one. Maybe the lady that stayed with her for postpartum made one for her. For luck.

No. 212967

File: 1652682467756.jpg (134.58 KB, 565x952, Untitled-1.jpg)

There it is again. The definition of "hard work" of a woman who never had to work hard in her life and has no clue what it really means.

No. 212968

Fucking a fat ugly old man is hard work, I suppose. I certainly wouldn't have the stomach for it.

No. 212972

She's talking about pumping milk though.

At least now whe know why she keeps showing her breasts and pump into the camera at every chance: She thinks it's "hard work" and wants aknowledgment for it.
(I am not saying it's a piece of cake. But it's hardly the definition of "hard work" for normal working people. Tell that to a nurse, or a cosntruction worker or just an university student who has to work late shifts at a restaurant to pay for his education.)

No. 212985

I was keking more at her woes over spilled milk. Girl, it's not like you pumped them dry. Just breastfeed the kid instead. Pumping is not an "obligation", especially if you are at home 24/7 and are the one who takes care of him.

No. 213003

imagine spending fifty thousand dollars on a live-in baby expert and failing to absorb the concept of wake windows almost three months into it. all the problems she brings to her insta stories lately are like listening to a mom 2-3 weeks after birth. had me rolling when she thought the baby was sleeping through the night too

No. 213008

Does she not get enough validation from Tom?? I mean, he only married ber bc she was copying the "living doll" Trent and by now she's married him and had a baby with him bit still seems so… terminally insecure and alone? Like her only friends are image based. Not that I feel bad for her or anything, I'd love to be in her position and lay around all day pretending to have real problems.

No. 213017

It is an obligation though. Even if the kid is around. Since mothers produce more than needed or not enough.

No. 213021

Taylor seems to think triple feeding (pumping, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding) is the way to go when really she needs to figure out which way she wants to do things or the baby’s going to decide for her when it chooses tits or a bottle nipple as it gets older. it’s not like Tay’s gotta get back to the office in six weeks and needs to build a freezer supply. she’s pumping like crazy because it makes her feel busy and hard working when really the advice she seems to be following for breastfeeding is for actual working moms who will be returning to jobs outside of the home

No. 213027

Every time she talks about something sewww hard in her life, she’s sitting there smiling and laughing about it. Which makes me think like girl it can’t be that hard. Can’t ruin her perfect image I guess

No. 213033

Being a mom isn't a job?

No. 213035

no, it's being a mom

No. 213110

the post literally says "returning to a job OUTSIDE of the home". nowhere does anybody disparage being a mom. calm down.

No. 213114

She’s probably also pumping really hard because her boobs are fucked and the comments told her to pump more on one side to fix it

No. 213482


No. 213501

Ngl, gotta agree. I'm glad they got a cute baby and not some backwoods looking Gollem creature.

No. 213660

From what I saw from her last videos, I believe it is from a jewelry brand called Messika.
It’s a cord bracelet with a jewel on it.

No. 213745

File: 1653035185951.png (750.17 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20220519-162810~2.p…)

everything about him is repulsive
her desperate need for attention and vapid praise is repulsive too

No. 213746

File: 1653035283344.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220519-162728.png)

Motherhood: pity me for having the baby I allegedly wanted

No. 213747

File: 1653035374003.png (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220519-162735.png)

Did Taylor mention she is pumping and breastfeeding? Because someone is drinking from her nipples. Did she mention that today?

No. 213760

why does she have to say it like that? she’s so fucking awkward and he’s a lumbering troll. no wonder they gave up conceiving naturally and went on breaks from eachother so many times

No. 213775

No. 213793

File: 1653057788617.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20220520-174149~2.p…)

No. 213823

First of all, who the fuck asked? Really…
Second of, I did not need to know that she uses her breastmilk as antirash cream for the baby.

No. 213857

no one, this is just what she does when she’s shilling her #ads and afflinks

No. 213896

File: 1653083970534.png (967.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220407-101216.png)

Sometimes I wonder if she is aware of these threads or just that dense to post something like this obliviously. Nice Tom the Wardhog quib.

No. 213900

She's joking about it because that's all old guys and babies do.

No. 214019

the sweet sweet sponsorship money asked. I'm pretty sure no subscriber ever wondered what Levi's skincare routine is.

Also, it's a common home remedy to put breastmilk on rashes. Are you just grossed out by the most natural things in the world?

No. 214266

You should maybe so following her. Just existing apparently triggers you. She's doing normal mom shit. Maybe you need to not follow new moms or mommy vloggers.

No. 214312

I was wondering if it’s true women who suffered from acne get clear skin after pregnancy and some women never had acne might get it after pregnancy. No influencer like her talking about this somehow

No. 214316

Probably because her skin isn't that bad to begin with. Some discolored red spots, but thats typical of white girls because of how pale they are. She never had a big crater face or perfect perfect skin either. She's just basic dry complexion.

No. 214332

I suppose many of her followers did and many will unfollow her, because this is not what many followed her for in the first place. On the other hand, she might gain new followers after transitioning to mom/family vlogging.
One way or another there's little to no milk to be discussed in the first place.

No. 214337


Probably both. moms will follow, people grossed out about anything a woman naturally does, will unfollow.

No. 214342

Or maybe some people just aren't interested in mommy stuff?
Nothing to do with being grossed out, just not everyone is interested in children or having them and that's perfectly okay.

No. 214344

That's fine, but mostly referring to the reeeing anons do in here when it comes to milk and discussing diaper rashes.

No. 214360

no one mentioned diaper rashes. ever thought about not reading this thread?

No. 214456

Making fun of anons, anon. Read the room.

No. 215701

There are so many attractive, wealthy Chinese men. Why did she go for this literal pig looking ass?

No. 215885

File: 1653832911977.png (6.36 MB, 1125x2436, A9E8EEB9-7562-4303-AB38-EDC06D…)

has literally all the time and money in the world, plus her new baby, and still puts her clown makeup on to bitch about not being able to do skits for validation from twenty years olds on insta all day anymore(unsaged nitpick)

No. 215911

She looks fine. Take your meds.

No. 215943


Yeah boohoo her millionnaire life is so repetitive…thank God she's doesn't have to work a bullsh*t job like many of us do, just to survive.

No. 215944

Why do you think she can do better? She's insufferable too, just maybe out of his league looks wise but they're matched on intelligence and everything else. He's the best she can do and she knows it

No. 215948

She's cute but her man's an ogre. I hope the baby doesn't look like him.

No. 215951

The fact that she is once again smiling and laughing about it makes me think she never struggles. She probably has Tom or a nanny get the baby when it cries so she can fix her makeup

No. 215956

Kek anon men don't care about personality, only looks. She was very pretty before the fillerface, plus the novelty of being white, she could've gotten basically any Asian dude she wanted. Tom must've just been richest option.

No. 215963

she looks like she got topped up again

No. 215971

>she could've gotten basically any Asian dude she wanted.
You've clearly never lived in Asia.

No. 216002

You're really gonna deny that lots of Asian men have a fetish for white women? Mainland Chinese men in particular are desperate for any kind of women because of the gender imbalance.

No. 216069

>Mainland Chinese men in particular are desperate for any kind of women because of the gender imbalance.
There isn't a real gender imbalance in the Chinese total population. The "imbalance" is in how many children given birth were officially recognized as a real person by the government. Families would have multiple children, but during the 1 child rule usually the first son was given citizenship/rights, and the other children were treated as non existing by the government.

No. 216109

By your logic, since there is only a "reported" inbalance due to only the first child being registered as citizen, that would mean that overproportional many people got a boy instead of a girl as their first child. Doesn't make sense.

No. 216112

>by your logic
It's an actual phenomenom dipshit.
You don't think that some families just didn't report their first few female children before getting a boy to register? The chained up chinese women sold to all those lonely village farmers came from somewhere, no?

No. 216115

lol the cope. Both asian men and women are thirsty for whites.

No. 216117

jfc the state of her face, it's so sad to see yet another pretty face ruined by fillers when will it end?

No. 216118

And your point is? Many different races of people have a fetish for something anon, people even have a fetish for trannies and morbidly obese women. That doesn’t mean they are all rich, mentally and financially stable, compassionate potential husbands who will treat their wife like a human being. If she could find a better alternative who is open to splurge on her, she would.

No. 216123

>>she could've gotten basically any Asian dude she wanted.
If she could, she wouldn't be with Tom.

No. 216144

she isn't with anyone else besides Tom so why are you idiots racesperging??

No. 216164

Imagine thinking a pedo manchild is mentally stable

No. 216284

You know what is a phenomenom, "dipshit"?
Countries where women are valued less than men having a much higher abortion rate for female fetuses, thus causing an imbalance between male and female population.

No. 216291

You're acting like there are better asian men than Tom out there. They are all this terminally autistic.

No. 216295

Offff I didn’t say that, read. I said people having fetishes doesn’t mean they will be good partners.

No. 216588

File: 1654095170345.jpg (741.12 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20220601-075135_Ins…)

Honestly looking forward to these new vlogs and lifestyle she's gonna have with the baby. Its a different video type when its with babies. I dint want kids personally so watching Taylor over the years and now this is going to be a refreshing change.

No. 216603

Both of the babies' expressions are killing me.

No. 216753

Taylor's kid looks a lot like Tom here. good luck

No. 216824

go post your fangirl shit somewhere else or at least sage it

No. 216834

I cannot believe this dumbass is seriously talking about her baby's explosive poo on insta stories and it's not one or two sentence thing, it's a detailed description. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting. I will spare you the screenshots. Some things should never be put online. She has no boundaries.

No. 216835

Her friend's kid is scary…

No. 216847

I noticed nobody posted the video of her showing off her postpartum belly and stretch marks, probably because it doesn't fit the narrative of the thread about how Taylor is soooo insecure about her body. She literally squished her belly and showed that she has a realistic postpartum body.

No. 216852

No one is fangirling. Its a discussion board. Get over it.

No. 216853

Then post it. This is an imageboard. No1currs about nitpicking stretch marks, only you.

No. 216864

File: 1654174061000.png (1.67 MB, 763x1312, poochair.png)

No. 216865

You mean one single stretch mark? No one cares.

No. 216866

posted only so that everybody will go "noooo, you look amaaaazing!" lmao

No. 216883

?? Its another changing table. You don't like the word poo or something anon? This isn't milky.

No. 216892

File: 1654180205078.jpg (612.92 KB, 1079x1907, Screenshot_20220602-071827_Ins…)

Not much of actual milk with her lately, but the kid can lift his head a bit which is good. She's just doing her mommy stuff. No new vlog yet though either. I wonder if these might be monthly uploads now since she's been busy with tiktoks.

No. 216998

Nitpick I just find it obnoxious when new moms talk so much about their baby's shit. Sorry, was there some miscommunication that left out how tiny humans are incapable of potty training and so piss or shit where ever they please? What is the obsession with scat among mom vloggers I will never understand.

No. 217025

because what comes out or your own child is not gross to the parents and it directly tells you if there's something unusual/wrong with your child, the baby can't talk but its shit is an immediate meter to determine health/nutrition

No. 217080

It's a few months old. What are you on?

No. 217086

Baby looks like elbowsan

No. 217107

>poop isn't gross to parents and it tells a lot of health info about baby and–
Disingenuous reach and I don't think you're dumb enough deep down to believe that in contexts like these.

What are you saying?

No. 217109

are you incapable of saging your fawning baby updates?

No. 217114

No one said anything about fawning over a baby and its an update about what Taylor is doing. This isn't a hate site for your shits and giggles. Its about updates too. Hide the thread if you don't like it. She had a baby. People will discuss it.

No. 217133

I feel like even in the 90s early 2000s before the internet age we have today when moms gather- poop and pee isn’t a off topic thing. It’s not very uncommon and a huge part of having a toddler and baby.

No. 217146

if isn't milk, it gets saged. And yeah, the last unsaged posts were unsaged milkless baby glurge. It's not a neutral update thread, read the rules of this site.

No. 217189

Take your complaints to meta.

No. 217529

I'm starting to see Ew-San in him.

No. 217542

Levi is starting to look like Tom which is concerning, but yikes at that other baby

No. 217611

asian men don't have a fetish for white women. there is a saying in china "riding the big horse" referring to fucking white women but it doesn't mean they want families with them. chinese men think white women are too masculine, have bad skin and smell(no offense to my white kweens).if they want a foreign wife they go for other east asians or south east asians

No. 217615

You didn’t even get the saying right

No. 217641

That's a saying in Korea, not China. And it's bullshit either way, how do you think so many white women are able to easily find visa husbands in all 3 east Asian countries? Because the men there are thirsty af for them. Ukrainian mail order brides are popular with Chinese men as well. You sound like a delusional Asian girl lol

No. 217664

sounds like i struck a nerve lol i'm not even asian chillax.
it's true most asian men think white women are too intimidating(both physically and personality wise, white women are too confident and assertive and physically more masculine too), you can watch countless interviews with japanese men(for example this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pthnFIbdIE0&ab_channel=NobitafromJapan) most of them want to date japanese women or just east asian women in general.
there will always be thirsty men who lust after anything. there are men with bbw fetishes out there but most asian men don't prefer white women over asian women just get over it yellow fever femcel!!>>217641

No. 217665

File: 1654449267850.png (601.83 KB, 897x664, lmao.png)

No. 217666

File: 1654449350028.png (740.88 KB, 1003x667, Screenshot 2022-06-05 201545.p…)

yellow fever white girls seethe

No. 217667

File: 1654449858707.jpeg (970.02 KB, 1242x1763, A08B083C-BE6F-461F-AF9F-4097AB…)

isn’t it a thing that Asian women don’t wear deodorant though kek

No. 217668

east asians have a gene mutation that makes their sweat odorless this is why deodorants are not that common there

No. 217674

most of them don't have that, it's recessive.

No. 217681

I saw this in a different youtube video sometime, Japanese think white people (particularly Americans referenced in the video, maybe because they are the most common tourist) are sweaty, hairy and smelly, so funny. Also I have read elsewhere that East Asian men consider white women to be whores, generally speaking, like white women are featured heavily in mainstream US porn which is easily available, so they sorta think that's how we are irl (t. white woman)

However there is status in marrying a pretty model of any race, Taylor's appeal (and other trophy wives) is in the status of the woman and her specific beauty, rather than their race.

No. 217682

depends on the country. 90 percent of koreans have the said gene mutation but numbers are different in china and japan and even less common in southeast asian countries

No. 217684

I completely agree re: Taylor just being a pretty model. It really had nothing to do with her being white, per se, I'm sure. She was very pretty pre-fillers, and was a successful model. That's a status symbol no matter what race, no point in sperging out over whether or not had white girl fever or whatever. Whether he did or not is irrelevant because he's married and knocked up a white woman, now they're bonded for life. Truth is Tom is still a sleazy little pimp of sorts, maybe not directly responsible for his website's creepiest shit, but certainly accepting of it. Taylor I can believe didn't have a major opinion one way or another, Tom is definitely a meal ticket/visa to stay in Asia that she's probably come to love in some fashion, ergo the baby.

No. 217689

File: 1654455656060.png (218.68 KB, 1023x1051, ethnic-preferences2_custom-2bc…)

Not to sperg too much about ethnicity, but Asian men are literally the only men who do not rate Asian women as most attractive on dating platforms. The beauty standard in every Asian country is to look as white as possible. Light hair, light skin, big eyes, petite nose, long legs. All things that Taylor has. She is a model in Asia because she fits their beauty standard and has the most desired traits there. How can you seriously cope about the fact that Asian men aren't into white women when that is literally the beauty standard??

No. 217690

the fourth one.. kek?

No. 217691

anon they just want white skin and taller nose. they don't want to be white they have always had those things as a beauty standard even in ancient china.
being pale was always popular and asian beauty standards are the opposite of what westerners deem beautiful. they do not like harsh facial features and facial hair and want the girl to look innocent and soft. they like baby faces which most white women do not have(i'm not saying this is the case for all of them obviously all women of all races can have a baby face but it's usually more common in east asia)
and east asians are pretty collectivist and stick together, they do not like foreigners cause of cultural difference too and most families want you to marry someone of your nationality!
also asian men are on the feminine and short side and that's why they like latinas and asians cause they're still more feminine than them. makes sense to me(race sperging)

No. 217692

It's not a cope, it's just a generalization on either side of the fence. Of course some asian guys like white women, and some would never date a white woman. Those stats are just from dating sites (is it specifically the OKCupid study?) which doesn't really account for the preferences in, let's say, Asian men in Asian majority countries. Long story short this is really just a derail on either side. Tom is an Asian guy with a white woman, so clearly sometimes it happens. There are also loads of asian guys with asian women, so that happens too. It is just a random race-based derail that at this point doesn't even have much to do with Taylor since they've been married for a long time and have a kid together. Clearly they're at some level "into" each other at this point.

No. 217696

The reason that you don't see many white female/asian male couples is because white women don't usually go for Asian men and also Asians are a lot more traditional and race-mixing is frowned upon. I think most Asian men would chose a white woman if given the choice between white and Asian, purely based on looks. Just like most Asian women would chose a white man as well. White people are considered the beauty standard almost all over the world.

No. 217703

i would disagree.
asian women are considered more attractive by men because of their feminine features and petite bodies. most men are attracted to youthful features and asian women are the most youthful looking race

No. 217708

That’s bullshit. I smell many stinky people and their armpits mostly in this summer heat and i wish they wear deodorants because it’s sold everywhere now.

No. 217709

File: 1654460562077.jpg (35.14 KB, 650x971, deepika-padukone-people-in-tv-…)

Please anon, white people are not considered the beauty standard across the world, mighty kek. You must be trolling or you genuinely have no knowledge in this area. Don't confuse colorism and unrealistic beauty standards, where non-white countries often have a standard of paler skin as beautiful, as actually preferring white people.

No. 217713

You should stop reading articles from internet and turn it to facts. Men who are attracted to youthful features are the same types who will creep over a 14 years old girls. Normal men like women as long she is pretty for him and physically attracted to her and his type because normal men don’t like being around someone who would make him look like a pedo.

No. 217715

The majority of women in Tom's Men Club have been East Asian. In fact, they're obsessed with Japanese women.

No. 217716

Because of the porn

No. 217718

Stay on topic and stop derailing about race.

No. 217755

File: 1654476892272.jpeg (341.07 KB, 1170x1975, 6A73C320-186F-4D10-A48F-4857B9…)

I know some mother’s lose filter on what should and shouldn’t be on social media, Taylor seems she never had one in the first place, but after telling us a story of her child’s massive crap, now not only she served us with another story how her dog crapped her bed and she slept on it, she even put her child next to it and took a picture.

Poop is normal, pooping is normal, posting about it on SM isn’t. Especially when it involves a child. Half a million random users on IG are not your family Taylor.
I swear this poop is bigger than her brain.

No. 217761

Yeah, the story was funny without the gross image. I used to have a dog and would pick up shit all the time but this was gross

No. 217774

I could forgive the story about the diaper (grudgingly) but this is nasty. I'll wait for WK anon to come in here and explain "its relateable mommy vlogger shit" "just say you don't like dog feces and move on" "go touch grass"

Maybe Rosie should go touch grass.

No. 217775

does she not know how dangerous pet poo can be for kids? They can go blind or even die from a certain parasite. https://www.ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk/resident/pets-pests-and-pollution/dog-control/toxocariasis

No. 217778

I don't understand how you could sleep on it and not notice the smell. I think a lot of her oversharing and poop humor can be put down to her three braincells working overtime due to brain fog, in the comments to one of her reels she admitted everything (e.g editing) takes her longer now

No. 217787

She's so dumb how can she place her baby next to dog shit?? Even her son is already tired of her BS look at his eyes

No. 217797

You'd notice if the dog had it and no one is smearing the baby with it

No. 217799

It’s still freaking disgusting, you don’t need to smear it on his face to find it at least slightly disturbing and irresponsible

No. 217801

what the fuck?!
talking about your kid's poop is normal (with the appropriate people), showing it is going a bit far (unless it's actually odd and you want to show your pediatrician) but putting your kid next to your dog's shit and posting it??? what's wrong with people?

No. 217803

Because Taylor only has 3 functioning brain cells, after lying in dog poop, inches away from a baby, she thinks “this would make a great Instagram post and people will think I’m sooooooooooo relatable!”. She then proceeds to pull out a camera and leave baby next to poop just for clicks. Any other normal person would take baby away from dirty gross things and start cleaning up the mess.
I have taken care of many small dogs for friends and it’s just what they do if they are not very smart. They poop and pee everywhere.

No. 217806

File: 1654526193455.jpeg (353.31 KB, 1170x1975, F4E788A3-3496-4200-A1E9-AA17E5…)

Either her sheets were already stained or the poop went really close to the baby.

No. 217807

Smearing a baby with dog poop is obviously deranged and something only a retard would do? Leaving a baby near enough dog poop that it could flail it’s arms and touch it for a stupid sm photo is something a stupid and irresponsible person would do.

No. 217813

Even the baby looks like he's so over Taylor.

No. 217820

I was pretty horrified. I have a small dog (5kg) and she would never poop or pee anywhere she or I sleep. She has only had an accident inside in the kitchen, when she was ill. I cannot imagine owning such a poorly trained dog.

No. 217824

Yeah, she's always been a pretty bad and indulgent dog owner. IT really doesn't matter too much when it is just you and some small dog, but when a baby becomes a toddler and starts wanting to grab the dog and mess around with it or pick up it's toys and treats, probably only a matter of time before Rosie nips the baby.

No. 217825

I love dogs and was kind of nervous when she picked rosie up and brought her so close to the newborn. Like I think there's a better, more careful way to do that.

If your dog is truly revenge pooping in bed, then there are going to be serious issues when the child is more mobile.

No. 217846

the dog is probably jealous of the baby. dogs will act out like this when that happens.

No. 217866

Cats too. They will pee though instead.

No. 217870

Her mutt obviously wish to shit on the baby. I hate how people expose children to dogs without their consent. Just because someone is a nutter not everyone have to be around dogs. We all know how dogs smell great and clean animals but the industry tried hard to shove to our throat about how great they are just for sticking with someone who feed them. Sorry that’s off topic but i feel bad for The baby laying next to dog shit and posting him on social media all without his consent. That’s some great love to allow your child near poop not any kinda of poop but a mutant’s poop and think it’s a great idea to post it. I try to understand how taylor think sometimes. Is she airhead or i don’t know.

No. 217871

Every dog owner think is better or responsible that’s why usa dog attacks is a pandemic alone just reported cases alone but we know how media love praising them. They used to bash cats but now they found a way to make money from them so no more bashing.

No. 217873

Anon, shut up. No one needs consent to be around a fucking animal like a domesticated one. Especially within the family home. You also can't prove the dog was trying to even do that on the baby, let alone probably before Taylor even got in bed, didn't noticed, and then went to sleep with the baby. You sound stupid throwing around consent as if this is some sexual issue.

No. 217880

You sound offended anon Just because you love dogs you have to know not everyone does. everyone like something or not and the problem with many dog owners they expect to shove it to everyone’s face. Some people have dog phobia and many literally take their mutts everywhere here in the west. Somehow a domesticated animal that harm people more than any other animal. Check statistics the most harmful animals are mosquitoes, snakes and dogs let’s not about diseases and yea many were family dogs well trained and never did anything wrong before but instinct can wake up anytime. I don’t expect a poodle can do harm but imagine big breeds. Many parents left home came back and found a tragedy. Check many cctv people walking minding their business and a dog unleashed or pack of dogs attack their victims. It’s not always the owner fault like many try to blame because of the worship of dogs. Studies found the more we treat dogs nicely the more they see us weak and vulnerable. Attacks have increased recent years. You can’t deny facts and statistics they try to hide. I used to love dogs also by the way and let’s say now i turned to cats but if someone is uncomfortable around them or don’t want to be near it they have every right and no need to be offended just because i think they are domesticated animals. Dogs are filthy animals and yea exposing them without someone’s consent mostly a baby is abuse and same goes to anything else. In America it’s so normalized and just because something is normal now doesn’t mean it’s always the right thing.(dog-induced autism)

No. 217883

Sorry off topic but is there an update of yumi king?!

No. 217895

The way Americans obsess over dogs is insane. I agree. Dogs should not be near a new born either, that's for sure. They're filthy animals and most are untrained. This kind of behavior from her dog shows she needs to keep the dog and baby seperated.

No. 217937

As an American I can totally agree, friends and family let’s there gross dogs lick there newborns faces and even some agressuve known dogs. I love dogs but we are stupid people

No. 217942

I somehow doubt you're American

No. 217943

So who wants to put a bet on how long before Rosie either mysteriously disappears or gets rehomed because she nipped/shat on the baby.

No. 217983

You wanna derail it I’m an American or not? We love our doggos. Pretty sure most users on this website are Americans.

No. 217986

Nah, she'd rather make thousands of stories then videos about the struggle of living with a "jealous" dog. If time allows, she might even try some hoax training methods (e.g. burning sage for garbage bin trauma) to tame the uncontrollable monster that is Rosie.

No. 217991

exactly! his arm can easily reach that far. ew, Taylor

No. 217993

this! I have a dog, my family has dogs, my friends have dogs. And I don't know of any of them pooping in anybody's bed.

No. 217994

lol, baby will be ok. that dog has barely any teeth left.
She's not the smartest animal and the puppy mill she came from didn't breed her for intelligence. neither did Taylor raise her well

No. 217996

So she has to wait 18 years and get the kid's consent in written form? tripple copy?
No I get what you mean. There's obviously a way to introduce your baby to your animals in a more dignified manner. But it's Taylor. Dignified?

fyi, consent is not just a sexual thing. Posting kids on social media when you don't have a private account and the whole world can see your baby/kid is an issue of consent.

No. 217999

Your English isn't great

No. 218079

Stop talking about America. Taylor isn't American, she's Canadian. It's clear some of you have never been to southern Europe, where pet dogs can sit in a café with you under the table and every small town fuck has a loyal dog.

No. 218080

That's pretty universal too.. It's massively popular in Asian countries. Probably moreso than even in America and the damn UK. I don't even understand what the issue is? It's gross, yes and she shouldn't have posted it, but omg. If none of you have had a pet, or any kind, who has shat/thrown up on your bed, lucky you. It happens.

No. 218119

Ahh, the white knights came.
Most of us have pets that even sleep with us in bed, doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog or cat. The issue is putting the baby so close to dog’s shit that he can reach it just for the sake of pictures that shouldn’t even be a thing to post in first place.

If you’re not seeing issue with this then you either have three brain cells just like Taylor or you’re her equally brainless fan girl.

No. 218157

It’s clear that you have no clue about what you are talking about. People think cats are cleaner, but they are absolutely not. They will also piss and shit for revenge. People seem to think cats are clean animals, if that’s true then why are pregnant women not allowed to clean a litter box? Also there is the hair balls which are super disgusting and gross. I have had both cats and dogs. I would say dogs are cleaner if they are trained well. Also, you can’t really train or bathe a cat. They lick themselves, which is not the same as bathing or cleaning.
Some small dogs are so stupid they would never survive without a human to take care of them. I remember Taylor posting about Rosie peeing and pooping on the floor years ago. It’s obvious Taylor spoils that disgusting glorified rat. She’s brainless herself so how can she manage a brainless inbred lap dog?
I used to love dogs too but I have been bitten too many times by badly trained dogs. I blame their idiot owners every time. Cats are a whole other set of issues.

No. 218180

No1currs about your obsession with her dog. Move on.

No. 218192

Stop your dumb, barely coherent sperging. No1currs.

Also, women shouldn't clean litterboxes of cats that go outside because of toxoplasmosis.

And where the fuck do you live that you've gotten bitten REPEATEDLY?? What the fuck, dude?

No. 218195

this. the only issue with the dog itself is that she's a bad pet owner and her dog is clearly acting out because it feels neglected due to the baby.

No. 218196

What's wrong with you. Not a single person cares about your blog.
You're the idiot who wrote that Rosie drank Taylor's breast milk, aren't you.
get help

No. 218201

Your samefagging becomes very obvious when you use the same tired “no1currs” response. Taylor letting her baby pose next to dog shit is both milky, and completely retarded and gross.

No. 218208

Topics that always set off the userbase of lolcow
1. tall girls vs short girls, who has it better
2. Cats and dogs (there are threads on /ot for this exact purpose)

Best to just stop interacting with this topic because rating cats vs dogs is not even on topic anymore, Taylor doesn't have a cat and her tiny pup is harmless except for the shitting in the bed kek

No. 218217

Not the same person, not sure how you came to that conclusion.
People let their dogs run loose here. Often, it’s the big dogs that are better. The small ones like poodles and chihuahuas bite more. I don’t have a preference of cats to dogs. Animals are just dirty, period. They lick their genitals and buttholes. It’s not a good idea to let animals that close to a small baby with a underdeveloped immune system.

No. 218245

Sorry I have horrible grammar, does it matter much on a gossip site? Should I spell check everything for you anon?

No. 218355

> her tiny pup is harmless except for the shitting in the bed

anon is over here hyperventilating about the demented rat soon biting the baby with it's toothless tiny mouth that can barely get through cooked chicken

No. 218357

grammar is not spelling.
your English was not ungrammatical as much as it sounded like an alien trying to pretend its American

No. 218363

I don’t really care what you think. This is derailing to a whole new level. Some people have disabilities, and I don’t really give a fuck I’m a little retarded at times. Don’t really give a fuck what nationality you think I am either. So have a nice day and go fuck yourself, you fucking faggot. Jesus fucking christ, you’re such an asshole.

No. 218364

Why my first post was such dog shit, is because I didn’t reread anything, and just posted right after typing. Didn’t spell check, you know? As in spelling, because spelling and grammar aren't my strong points. Don’t know why you feel the need to assume and target other anons to derail a thread to a whole new level. For fucks sakes I’m derailing, because you’re so fucking annoying. You are aware people in American can have dyslexia? Yes anon people are cable of having learning disabilities, and use gossip forums all at the same time. Crazy world we live in. Please kill youself.

No. 218370

It's time for everyone to calm down, have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, there's a good nonno
not any of these anons but this grammar conversation is derailing

No. 218488

so do certain humans
So many things you still have to learn about the world

No. 218489

lmao. from "I don't care" to "you suck because my feeeeelings!" in 2.7 seconds

No. 218490

Hey, at least "dog shit" is very much on topic.

Taylor produces so little milk (metaphorical, she wants us to know she's working hard on the actual milk), people have to entertain themselves somehow.

No. 218505

I see you are one of these people who think their pet is their actual baby. Do you also identify as a pet and use those pronouns instead of she/her/hers? Woketard.

No. 218508

I'm laughing so hard.
You have the reading comprehension of a gerbil.
I made a joke about some (hopefully) adults also licking genitals and buttholes. Assuming you're too young to get the joke, your reading comprehension makes sense. And possibly also your fear of the dirty, dirty animals!
Also, what the hell are pet pronouns? Take your meds, for the love of god.

Sorry for derailing. Anon needs help.

No. 218785

> It’s not a good idea to let animals that close to a small baby with a underdeveloped immune system

That's your misguided idea of pets and babies vs. Scientific consensus:
Actually children who grow up with pets have less allergies than children without, because pets are good for their underdeveloped immune system - It helps them train and develope an immune system.


No. 218792

I don't particularly like Taylor's dog, it looks demented and I'm against these idiotic breeds and their puppy mill origins, but babies and dogs can co-exist without any major problems.

Anon is a weirdo who claims to have been bitten by multiple dogs and has weird notions about them being dirty.
I wonder if they know that the bacteria in humans' mouths are more varied and worse than those in dogs' mouths and that dogs' saliva is actually highly unproblematic and antiseptic.

No. 218810

I'm sure they are more popular amongst pedophiles who are into childish bodies, but most men in most of the world are attracted to big breasts and butts, something asian women are lacking in and why the rare asian women with big bosoms are all porn stars and you can buy stupid breast-enlargement creams and products at every corner in Japan. Sorry asian nonnies, but you are stuck with autistic anime nerds who have yellow fever and pedophiles while Chad picks a white stacy with blonde hair and big boobs.

No. 218828

File: 1654781258716.png (64.06 KB, 500x522, not-even-bait-at-this-point-20…)

No. 218874

There are many jobs here where people get routinely bitten by dogs: Bylaw Enforcement, Letter Carriers, Couriers, the people who go house to house checking gas and electricity meters, groomers, Park Rangers, etc etc etc…You just called all these people weirdos.
Anon also defended a dog shitting in the bed next to a newborn because the sCIeNcE shows those babies have a stronger immune system.
Animals are dirty. Kids are germ factories. Kids get sick all the time. You don’t have to be OCD or autistic to know this. But go on, y’all know everything.

No. 218881

Someone got their boards confused. this isn't 8chan

No. 218882

>Animals are dirty. Kids are germ factories.
Wait, so now you're saying she's endangering the dog by putting that germ factory next to him?
(for the record: this is a joke. you seem to struggle with the concept. Kids mostly start getting sick more when they are in daycare and such due to more exposure to transmittable diseases.)
Get help, nonnie. I am sorry that you are a mail carrier who encounters too many dogs who have a grudge against you. Your life must suck. But we do appreciate your service!

No. 219081

Just stop engaging the dog sperg. please

No. 219161

And you really believe that? Kek the pet industry is billion worth industry by pseudoscience always stating studies that actually have no real evidence to make you consume and provide. Plague viruses always come from some animal we might live like the middle age laying near animals with shit to have better health. You have no idea how much we are harming the environment keeping pets but you won’t find any of those reports unless you dig deep like digging to the deep web, that tells you something.

No. 219163

When you have a huge industry of profit you can hire people to tell you it’s scientifically good for you like cosmetic industry for years lying about many products and swear they are miracles of anti aging and got away with it which make you buy and try many products and if if you don’t receive the results they will tell you because your body is different or you did something wrong in your lifestyle because it’s dermatologist tested right.

No. 219164

If a human bite you it won’t kill you but if a dog bites you do need to do vaccine and do check in hospitals because real researches discovered that dogs have a type of bacteria called Porphyromonas gulae which is known to cause periodontal disease. Anyone who say dog saliva is clean need a reality check and can kiss their dog mouth without trying to create stories. I have never seen a big scam industry like the pet industry and how they get away with many things in the name of pseudoscience, just in USA alone they make billions of money from people believing this cult. I used to be one yea who cares. You need anons to do deep research and then come to conclusions not only what they fed us.(dog sperg)

No. 219174

Human bites can very well be dangerous from bacteria on the teeth. Even leading to death. Are you fucking retarded? Why are we derailing?

No. 219190

It’s hilarious when we are comparing humans to dogs in the very first place. What a time to be alive kekekek

No. 219229

You make a lot of assumptions. My life is pretty great, thanks for checking in.
Internet bullies who constantly attack others have lives that suck. I hope you feel better about yourself one day.

No. 219250

Dog sperg has issues. Just ignore it and it will stop (maybe)

No. 219251

How were you bullied? By people pointing out that you have a weird issue about dogs?
And now you're calling out "big pet ownership" like it's the cosmetics industry? Calm down. You're not bullied. People are calling out your BS.

No. 219267

Not the same person. It’s probably 3 different people here that you are arguing with. OP’s brought up some good points but you refuse to acknowledge them. Maybe stop generalizing when different people disagree with you. Ignore, move on….

No. 219277

You know that you are replying other people as well, not everyone think or live like you and no need to get offended because someone have different views over things. You can do whatever you want with your life but you can’t shove it to someone’s throat. It could be religion, culture, mutts, veganism etc.. Anything else you can’t just shame others because they don’t want to live the lifestyle you do. The fact you keep defending dogs show you worship them yea and that sorta of a cult mind.

No. 219361

like anyone cares about your dumb sperging. Stop taking shit on an imageboard personally, dumbass

No. 219423

No1curr about your personal stance on dogs, the industry at large or your sense of individuality on an anonymous gossip imageboard. I'm embarrassed for you both.

No. 219490

People who miss PULL, just create like a subreddit or something

No. 219506

No one is saying anything anymore but you keep replying to them because you care maybe. Almost forgot about taylor.

No. 219546

feels like the beginning of the end of this cow’s career if she can’t come up with content beyond name reveals and lying in literal dog shit

No. 219618

It has really become quite content-wise the moment Carol left and Taylor actually had to take care of her baby herself.
I think this will go on for a bit and then she'll eventually get a nanny and then haunt of us content how she makes her nanny dance or eat food she doesn't like all day.

No. 219632

As much as the nanny caused some debate, Taylor is not the kind of person to thrive as the sole carer of a newborn (can't see Tom doing much since he never did much in general except his job) and they have the money for one, I honestly don't think mommy vlogging is her thing after seeing her attempts so far
>awkward milking videos
>look at this dog shit in my bed(!)
>baby kicks me when I breastfeed

It's just uh awkward I guess? Like not #goals which her brand aims for. Someone posted in one of these older threads revealing that the persona Taylor adopts is basically a very desirable and specific type of lifestyle for some Hong Kong women to aspire to, which is a bit lost in translation to eurofags like myself and americans I bet, but she has always emulated a specific lifestyle which other people wish to have, I'm not sure anyone would aspire to be like this current brand of momvlogging.

No. 219661

That’s a funny view point, weren’t you the anon shoving dog views down everyone’s throat?(stop with the dog sperging)

No. 219662

I'm actually surprised she hadn't gotten a nanny yet. I was sure she would hire one ASAP, even if she kept the nanny secret. No idea why she hasn't yet, but it's backfiring on her "career".

No. 219734

didn’t her husband’s birthday cake have bitcoin all over it last year? maybe they can’t afford one now lol

No. 220789

Not milk but that baby looks like Tom. And all the brainless followers going "omg, he is gorgeous and looks so much like you!" to Taylor.

Also, god, I hate when people call mothers mama like it's some title. Kids can call their mom mama, stop calling each other that.

No. 221069

Well yeah, white genes aren't often dominant. I bet as he ages he will look even more asian like his dad.

No. 221079


Genetics is a bit more complicated than saying "white genes aren't dominant". The fuck does that even mean?

No. 221091

This is an imageboard newfag nobody posts Instagram links

No. 221231

Sick burn, man.

No. 221242

>Genetics is a bit more complicated than saying "white genes aren't dominant". The fuck does that even mean?
It means that there are different versions of a gene that are called alleles. Dominant alleles show their effect even if the individual only has one copy of the allele. For example, the allele for brown eyes is dominant, therefore you only need one copy of the 'brown eye' allele to have brown eyes. In other words: If you have a parent with blue eyes and one with brown eyes, it is more likely the child will have brown eyes than blue eyes. It doesn't mean that the child can't have blue eyes or even green eyes - Just that the outcome of brown eyes is statistically more likely. Yes, genetics are complicated. That's why a Asian % white mixed couple could have a baby that looks all white. But it IS the more unlikely outcome.

No. 221248

This. Almost all hapas look more asian than white, most of them don't resemble the white parent at all which is pretty sad if you ask me. It's kind of like throwing away your genes, Taylor could have had some very beautiful white babies that look like her, but instead her babies will all look like her ugly husband.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221347

Throwing away your genes? Are you some royalty anon? I didn’t know it’s so sad. You know if white genes were superior they would have probably been dominant and not weak.. i’m white myself but you know maybe like many people better to just enjoy this short life and stop worrying about things like this because we all gonna rot underground with a grave and some won’t even have a grave. Nor your genes or this thinking will matter. Taylor managed to find a rich dude to enjoy sad life over some broke white dude with beautiful white babies like you want.

No. 221391

not to derail, but no, there is not one allele for eye color. Eye color is actually very complicated.

And while everything you wrote is fairly correct, the framing is often the issue. When a brown eyed and dark haired British guy has a child with a blond and blue-eyed French-Canadian, nobody talks about the brown-haired "race" being dominant. So I take issue with that since what I meant is not that the baby looks Asian but that he specifically looks a whole lot like Tom and not like Taylor (as all her fangirls claim).

No. 221393

1) That is completely incorrect. What a silly thing to say. Like, you can tell that people are partially of Asian descent in many cases, but you can also clearly tell that they are also of other descent and, goddammit, genetically, it's still half of the genes from mommy and half from daddy.
I and a bunch of my friends are half East Asian and unless you are blind to small distinctions because all East Asians and even half East Asians look the same to you, you can clearly tell the influence of the white parent. I don't automatically get my dad's lips and nose and left pinky because he's Asian. Of course half-Asian and half-White kids also resemble their white parent.
You need some grade school education on genetics. You must have been taught creationism in school.

2) What the hell?! So you're actually a white supremacist and that's why your perception of genetics is batshit.

No. 221432

FFS, are you really that dumb or just hopelessly racist?
You do realize that there is no biological, genetic basis for "white" and non-white? What you see as race is a random collection of genes that were chosen as group-defining. There's no reason why the shape of your lids or the color of your eyes or skin should count for more than literally thousands of other traits.


No. 221522

I married into an Asian family living in Europe, so there is a lot of mixing going on here. While absolutely every single one of the mixed children inherited the Asian parent's dark hair and dark eyes, none of them look really fully Asian. Actually most of them seem to be very difficult to place and they get asked often where they are from: We've heard guess from "Indian, Eskimo to Mexican". As explained above - Genes responsible for darker hair, skin color, eye color are more likely to be inherited than lighter colors. But that's the genetics responsible for color. The same would happen if an european person with dark hair and dark eyes got a child with an european person with blond hair and blue eyes. The outcome that the child will inherit the dark colors is more likely, but it has nothing to do with the "race".
All other traits from the parents will be distributed at random.
Also, what child grows up to look like an copy of exactly ONE parent? The child will not grow up to look like his father.

No. 221540

Same here.
I'm half Mongolian, and then part Russian & part French.
I look most like my French-Russian mom but also get placed as all kinds of ethnicities by people who meet me for the first time.
And yes, I guess I should have a word with my light haired blue-eyed mom for throwing away those precious genes. \s

No. 221546

stop race sperging and blogging and derailing. If you respond to racebait, you give the idiot attention. report and ignore.

No. 221610

Most half-asian and half-white children look asian. They might be a bit lighter than the average asian, but they would never be mistaken for being white and any white person would just class them as asian. Taylor will probably go through life having to tell people that yes, those are her biologically children and not adopted children, because none of them will look like her. They will all look asian.

No. 221617

Most people who are not sheltered like you are aware of the existence of children of mixed background, white-power-san.

No. 221688

Do you know that some asian are very pale. So you think all asians have the same skin color? And white people all have pink skin? You sound very ignorant and probably never left your town of precious rednecks.

No. 221689

Who hurt you

No. 221794

There literally are towns in the Midwest that are populated by white people from just one single racial background, sometimes even down to a couple of waves of migration from geographically very restricted areas. So I do think you're spot on about this anon.

Since Taylor is from the Toronto area, where many East Asian Canadians live and she currently lives in Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure she won't be spending a lot of time explaining to people that mixed-background kids exist.

No. 221975

Do you realize that maybe, just maybe to Asian people these half white kids look “white” because being Asian and being white is all relative and we judge things from our perspective? Half Asian kids still somewhat resemble their Caucasian (or other race) parent and unless you’re face blind you should be able to tell that
White people, half Asian people and even (!) people from other races can all be beautiful white power-san.

No. 222017

This makes too much sense and serves too many facts for some people to get it.

No. 222021

Taylor is from a small town in Ontario. She bought an apartment in Toronto, but she never really lived there. Many of these small towns are predominantly white. Look at her family, do you see anyone besides Taylor marrying someone who isn’t Caucasian? Chances are someone in her large extended family is racist.
Her kid already looks a lot like Tom. The only thing I’d be worried about is Levi picking up any of his parents bad behaviours, especially Tom’s.

No. 222137

Literally, her best friend is married to a person who might not be what middle America (and possibly Canada) defines as white.
Also >Many of these small towns are predominantly white. Look at her family, do you see anyone besides Taylor marrying someone who isn’t Caucasian? Chances are someone in her large extended family is racist.
Your point being?? Why the hell should she care that her family is predominantly white? Or that some shitty distant cousin might be racist? Would you?!

Many people are the first ones in their family to marry someone from another background. Times change. Start thinking like a modern human, nonnie.
There are parts of Europe where different denominations of Christians didn't marry among each other like even 50 years back. Would you say that a catholic marrying a protestant today would be a big shock?(enough racesperging)

No. 222277

I was thinking one of her grand parents or parents. Taylor has made it very clear she looks up to her elders and how family is so important to her, so she absolutely cares what they think. Of course interracial marriages put a strain on many family relationships. My family both in Canada and the USA are very mixed going back 3 generations and just try to tell me there’s no tension among other family members. It’s something you learn to deal with when you fall in love with someone your family may not approve of. I will stress that grew up thinking mixed families are totally normal but for many old school people not so much. I never mentioned anything about religion, not sure why you brought it up. If Taylor is religious, she doesn’t really mention it, so what is your point? For people who are deeply religious today, are you telling me they are fine with their close family or even themselves marrying someone of another faith? Again, I hardly think religion was an issue between Tom and Taylor. Maybe it was for their families, but we likely will never know.

No. 222279

No1currs about your family. This is about Taylor. Take your racesperging elsewhere.

No. 222287

I mean, we've had people make fun of Taylor for having an ugly baby that looks like his Asian dad from the day he was born, we don't get to act shocked the thread ended up attracting white supremacist spergs …

No. 222301

There's nothing definitive to suggest that all of Taylor's kids will look like their dad, but it is true in a lot of places in the West if one is the parent of a mixed race child, especially if the child resembles one parent more than the other, people will often assume that the kids are not biologically theirs. But that's a stupid reason for someone not to have mixed race kids

No. 222349

Has Taylor got any injections/work done since the baby? Was she still getting fillers etc while pregnant?

No. 222471

Chinese people are way more racist and against race-mixing than white people. She lives in China. She will absolutely get shitty looks and comments from people when she walks around with her mixed child that looks nothing like her. Some people might assume that she is one of those rich white women that adopted a little Chinese baby cause they think it's bougie. I'm sure Tom's family isn't thrilled about it either. There's a reason there are so many jokes about "broken branches" and "grandparents cry".

No. 222491

lol, his parents are dead, so I'm assuming grandma and grandpa too. And his sister's kids are mixed. I'm sure his family has gotten used to it over the past 8 years or however old her kids are.

No. 222492

Her grandparents are on record being ok with it and they're not gonna be around forever (some aren't anymore). Her parents are also clearly fine with Tom.
I'm sure the fact that he's a millionaire who'll provide for their daughter who doesn't have an education would also make more racist people be fine with the situation.

No. 222564

I’m sure Taylor’s parents are happy she’s not their responsibility, they gladly shipped her off to asia as an anachan teenager with no life goals or ambitions beyond ~Modelling~ as an extreme response to being a little fat kid. go back to any blog with Taylor’s family and look how done/checked out her parents are with her. she’d be a total mooch in Canada sitting on her ass at home spending daddy’s money instead of Tom’s

No. 222579

Mixed Chinese/White kids are popular in modeling and entertainment in China. See Eileen Gu. Chinese with black ancestry/dark skin are another matter.

No. 222614

I sense that Taylor got a ton of favoritism while growing up as the "pretty model" sibling. She acts like everyone should continue to kiss the ground she walks on, especially in the vlogs with her family. It's hard to explain why, just she always shows up to eat, sleep, shop, and not help at all with whatever celebration is happening. She interacts with her sisters' kids in weird ways too, basically just buying them shit.

I think when she was larping as a teen, she really fucked up her psychology further. The sole decent thing about her having a $40k+ baby is that she now has something in her life that isn't dependent on her physical looks. Since she obsesses about her appearance and stupid trends/influencers constantly.

No. 222642

> I sense that Taylor got a ton of favoritism while growing up as the "pretty model" sibling.
Not really. I think it's just that she's the one who's there for a week, while the others live there and see each other every day.

> She interacts with her sisters' kids in weird ways too, basically just buying them shit.

That is what she does with everybody. Her friends, her family, kids.

No. 222672

I noticed her a couple times telling her nephews "don't tell mom" and undermining some of her sisters' parenting. That pisses me off more than whether she showers everyone with gifts. I guess we'll see how Taylor reacts when someone does the opposite of what she wants.

No. 222752

Isn't that a typical "cool aunt" joke?

No. 222893

Wow nonnie sounds like you just hate her for her. That’s ok, no need to clutch your Sunday morning pearls over a aunt pulling the “chill aunt”. It’s not like she’s giving them weed and tell them not to tell their parents. If anything as a aunt you want to have a close relationship to your nephew or niece, it means they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with issues if they’re unable to with their parents.

No. 222944

ntayrt but p sure you can hate obnoxious behavior like that without "hating Taylor for being herself." Her nephews are really young, we're talking about toddlers not teens. It's not that hard to be cool and still respect what the kids' parents set as rules. Deliberately going against that is selfish bc you care more about whether a toddler "likes" you than about respecting their parents. Every kid has to learn "no." You just redirect their attention to something else instead of giving them endless candy.

No. 222976

Wow, you can read a lot into like 5 seconds of a youtube video.
That's why one would assume you just find anything to hate about her. You have no idea about her interactions with her nephews outside of these few seconds.

No. 223003

They live in HK, not the mainland. What you're saying is only true for the mainland, they are super xenophobic there. HK cares way less

No. 223070

Some anons like to pretend to be worldly by extending their limited knowledge of 1 or 2 cultures to the whole world.

No. 223386

File: 1656308919861.png (4.31 MB, 1125x2436, 06E06618-287F-45ED-B486-582563…)

so autistic, so anorexic

No. 223389

Actually went and looked myself, but she's talking about how she had this idea of what postpartum was going to look like and it wasn't this magical bounce back that all these women on social media and movies make it out to be. She's being body positive as fuck. Get help.

No. 223424

I hate this narrative of "my brain so foggy" with a passion as someone who had a kid in grad school and managed to somehow complete my work and be a mom.
but how is she autistic or anorexic in this?! I get it, there was a formula shortage, so you're trying to create some milk for everybody.

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