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No. 257769

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her husband, Tom Lip is a successful businessman. One of his companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously.

Taylor herself has started her own business, TOAT, which is, alas, currently completely abandoned for pandemic and motherhood reasons.

Ever since her successful carrier(s) faded, she focused on her IVF "journey", more about which can be found in previous threads. The said journey resulted in a new carrier - one of a kind and never seen before family and childcare vlogging! Along with it came mini lectures about Traditional Chinese medicine and post-partum confinement, presented as universal truth and law.

After noticing a decline in interest to the new content, she suddenly remembered that she had many cultural shocks when she first moved to Hong Kong a decade ago and started making reels and TikToks about the newest trending topic, accompanied by walls of text explaining the said customs.

Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/

Old links (no longer updated):

No. 257771


lol I’ve seen her weeb facts but are they even true or just a copy & paste of other TikToks?

No. 257785

Idk why people hate on her so much, other than her creepy husband she’s totally benign and she’s obviously naturally good looking.
Where’s the milk?

No. 257793

She originally gained the attention of LC for skinwalking Koots a few years back. I don't think anyone here hates her they're just here to observe and use her threads for infighting kek.

No. 257822

go look through old threads or old jvlog threads
basically got famous for being a failed idol in Japan. Did a bunch of a cringe bizarre stuff that caused a lot of second hand embarrassment. After she failed, kinda pretended to be a self made influencer when in reality was hiding ceo bf funding her.
BUT she moved past all that just settled as a housewife/mom. But I think most can sense there's just something off about her/them that you just can't put your finger on. Always has been that way.

No. 257841

>naturally good looking
And you wrote that under the thread pic with her bee stung face?

No. 257842

Then don’t visit this thread. Don’t you know how lc works?

No. 257847

Latest video. Very boring and pretty much useless. Noting interesting or remotely milky. It's obvious she posted it just for the sponsorship.

No. 257875

god her face. the brows. the total lack of expression. it makes her look so off. if she likes working as a model or 'talent,' she needs to stop doing so much. idk if it is just me but it makes her look older because she never looks genuinely emotive.

No. 258041

No. 258123

I dont hate her at all, she's just vanilla but…
>naturally good looking
She doesnt look natural at the all. Plus she has a pretty average look, nothing to write home about.

That's such a good way to put it like there's something not quite right about them but what it is is hard to pinpoint.

No. 258200

Nta but I personally think she was pretty good looking in the old modelling shots before she had her Koots/idol phase. Granted that was a long, long, time ago before all the procedures that gave her a pillow face.

No. 258268

Her face honestly looks fine to me and I like that she's bland tbh. Unlike someone like BubzBeauty, Taylor didn't get boring or at least got re-interesting. TikTok probably helped her with that a lot and now with mommy-content, she's got a whole different crowd.

No. 258281

she's never been more boring than now. She only gets viewers now because she can be a good white woman supporting traditional Chinese stuff in HK. No words about anything controversial, heavily pushing pseudoscience about how confinement is a miracle that even cured her acne, all the late content about "shocking" HK practices. It's clear she and Tom have a deal with the government in some way. Natalie stopped being her assistant because she wanted to take a political stance. It must have been maddening to stand there filming a ditzy white woman get worshipped for being rich and pretty, while HKers lose their freedoms. She doesn't have a new crowd. She has the support of pro-Chinese government. It's part of why she did her whole preg journey there too, even though they had/have an apt in Toronto where she could have gone for months to be with family. Granted maybe taking Rosie would not have been possible, so it can be explained that way. But imagine going through all those treatments and birth without a single female relative or native speaker around. Not ideal and actually baffling that she never expressed concern about this.

No. 258285

Go away, racesperg. Personally don't watch her because she's white. Highly doubt it's why a lot of people watch her. It's about vlogging about a different country, not the fact she's white in a different country.

No. 258312

do you understand how China benefits from a 'pretty' Western woman, wife of a local rich guy, glossing over the serious censorship and problems of the puppet HK government while embracing Chinese traditinal medicine and fortune telling and confinement? It's a boon for them. It is a kind of propaganda. There are some interesting academic articles about the different tactics used for propaganda by Chinese gov employees. One involves leveraging a foreigner and showing how China's way of doing X is superior. For example, we got exactly zero complaints from Taylor about the covid response in HK despite the obvious issues with how it is being handled. whatever. I'm not a racesperg. I just find her whitewashing of everything and lack of charity disgusting. Her husband is the same. Wasteful and entitled.

No. 258314

and they have a tie with a HK cultural gov office (fuckin laughable), who sponsored in part that awful French video. Another anon brought it up. I mean, she was never genuine anyway (or just completely self-absorbed) so why not be disingenuous for Chinese bux. I guess no one is surprised.

No. 258322

Most of her fans are from 10+ years ago. Stop shitting up the thread with your race shit

No. 258339

I am so sad this new thread was started before the autistfag went on to reveal Taylor as a Chinese Government Spy. Would have made a great thread pic.

No. 258362

she's the least genuine person i've ever seen tbh. and her relationship with tom and fetishizing asians is sketch

No. 258545

Fetish where?

No. 258655

"my hapa baby!" "our mixed babies hehe!" "what it's like in an asian family!" no one says this shit except her

No. 258694

That's not being racist though on her part because it is true for her. You're trying to find reasons to be upset.

No. 259086

no one's upset you schizo. it's obsession with asian people and it's weird.

No. 259186

>But imagine going through all those treatments and birth without a single female relative or native speaker around
I think she videocalls family and friends very often, and the staff she has shown in videos speak English.
She seemed to latch onto her pui yuet quite hard though which I think shows how much she misses irl family in these times.

No. 259223

Weird tinfoil by anons to think she ignores her family 24/7 just because we don't get videos or stories about them

No. 259229

I don't think anon meant that, rather being away from family members who could help and support her with childcare. Carol seems to be filling in that role. You just can't babysit through a videocall or ask for advice any moment with the timezone difference.

No. 259247

So is the issue that she has help? In the US, childcare outside of family is so common due to work. Probably same with Canada.

No. 259272

Not physical help - mental and emotional support and someone you can seek childcare advice from.

No. 259320

New, first-time mom needs proxy help/advice. Shocker.

No. 259324

Fuck off or learn to read.

No. 259517

File: 1666173631225.jpg (396.21 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20221019_130138.jpg)

I guess the girl boss era didn't end after all.

No. 259526

File: 1666182149362.jpeg (338.28 KB, 1125x1949, EB52AE2D-192B-460A-A9B6-37C694…)

rise and grind~ it’s hard work window shopping on taobao to upsell wholesale polyester pants again

No. 259532

The main reason this is baloney is because note how specific she is about HK. She doesn't really mention China as it is now. If she were mentioning China as a whole, I might be willing to share the tinfoil hat with you, nona.
Lmao you are not around many white women who have mixed babies, then.

No. 259735

File: 1666257081345.jpg (597.34 KB, 1080x1900, IMG_20221020_113559.jpg)

Lmao, did she absolutely have to take a blurry, scary AF selfie for this?

No. 260034

lmfaooo girl Levi is not kissing you he's looking for a nipple. probably hungry

No. 260046

Kid was chewing on his finger, she removed his hand from his mouth and he went for her nose but she thinks he is kissing her lol

No. 260051

Well, he definitely didn't mean it, babies that age don't know what they're doing - mostly copying what adults do, but someone has to tell her you're not supposed to kiss your babies on the lips (weird anons DON'T fucking jump at this, it's for health reasons).
What was more meh for me was her constantly glancing at the camera. You're supposed to enjoy "cute" moments instead of trying to film every fucking thing that happens in your meaningless life.

No. 260075

It makes me cringe when parents kiss their kids on the lips ew can’t do nothing but eyeroll at her shit it’s so obvious she only wants to look perfect to the outside world. Has she ever shown how EW-san is interacting with the child?

No. 260118

Is her husband still a sex trafficker?

No. 260151

yeah he thought it was a nipple, kek
I agree about the constant obsession with the camera though. Sick behavior.

No. 260162

It's a baby and people do this with their pets.

No. 260166

yeah, there's some videos of him interacting with the child. but he has no idea how to take care of Levi without Taylor around. in one of her vlogs where she went to disneyworld, she had to continually check up on them and tell him what to do.

No. 260243

>he has no idea how to take care of Levi without Taylor around
Or is this because the only time you see him interact is when Taylor is filming him? How the hell would you know this outside of what is posted?

No. 260292

I also never kiss my dog on the lips (?) or would let him lick my mouth it’s weird and nasty

No. 260305

This must be burger bait or something, it is incredibly normal for a mother to kiss her infant on the lips. I know physical affection is saved only for members of the polycule in the US, but in most parts of the world no one questions a mom pecking a BABY, not even a kid, on the lips. Nitpick like that and I see the WK’s point. Now Taylor can’t love her son but she also can’t be frigid with him. No winning for a mommyvlogger i guess.

No. 260312

I don't even know how that was even whiteknighting. This shit isn't milk, was never milk, and anons like >>260292
just throw things into the thread and hope to God something sticks to be controversial. I don't take anything posted by these idiots as serious, but they get so pissy when you question their dumbass takes.

No. 260314

I meant in general, the WKs in this thread that say Taylor has no milk anymore. I agree because the reach to make something out of a mom kissing her baby is absolutely retarded and is a sure sign she isn't milky at all anymore.

No. 260318

derailing and infighting, nice. US ain't relevant here.

No. 260320

compläin in meta, whiny nonna

No. 260409

lmao did you not even read the rest of my comment? watch her video where she goes to disneyworld and has to leave tom alone with levi. she has to tell him how to do everything before she leaves.

No. 260427

As moms usually have to do. Doesn't mean she doesn't trust him, extra worrying when you're away from your baby makes sense. Is this really an issue?

No. 260461

It sucks, but it's sadly completely "normal". There are even terms for it- "Weaponized incompetente" or "Paternal Unerperformin". Many men can't do the simplest tasks regarfing household and childcaring. Either they don't bother to learn, because it is considered the "woman's task", or they deliberately don't do it correctly or pretend not to know how to do it to avoid having to do a task. :(
Does it make it better that Tom seems to be a man like this? No, absolutely not. But it is certainly not a fault that's exclusive to him.

No. 260463

I can't type. Obviosuly it is supposed to be "Weaponized incompetence" and "Paternal Underperforming"

No. 260464

Who cares if it's his sooper special fault or not?

No. 260487

Men think the deal is you birth, raise and school kids, do any housework, cooking, whatever that is needed, and asking them to help is akin to, in their minds, changing the deal they signed up to.
Of course men pretend to be in a partnership (with words only, no actions) since women do actually need help from their husbands and would be unwilling to commit to marriage and kids if they realised they will never get any true effort at help from him, but the men never intend on actually helping and find any request for help insulting, and breaking the terms of the deal they wrote and signed in their head kek

Same as when women look for boyfriends and dates, the deal the man thinks is happening is a very convoluted search for cock and sex, and all the other stuff about relationships, shared interests and feelings is just some frilly act you have to go through to get the true deal which is actually "want cock? tick box Y/N"
Men just spend their lives maneouvering around women's complex frills and pomp when the deals men make up in their heads and think we agreed to are very simple and not great for the woman.
This is why "weaponised incompetence" is so across the board and rarely punished. Pretending their conscious, lifelong choices are an "accident" when they never intended on doing any of that work. At least in Taylor's case Tom has the money to hire help if needed, most women are just left with zero help and struggling.

No. 260488

She gave him instructions and over freaks out when she's not with her child. This isn't sure conspiracy about Tom. Parents do this to teachers too when dropping kids off and with nannies and anyone else not them.

No. 260663

File: 1666533186201.png (2.21 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20221023-225059.png)

Is Levi wearing a face mask?

No. 260664

Looks like it kek is this regulation in hk? Maybe because of the pollution?
Had to kek at her grandpa butt in these pants

No. 260681

Plus her arms give away her age. She can pump her face all she wants, but it's the small things that give away the truth.

No. 260691

No. 260694

Kids under the age of 2 are exempted from mask requirements. She didn’t put a mask on him before they all got it, I guess she got scared about his health and decided to mask him up. It’s not uncommon to see local kids under the age of 2 in shields and baby masks.

No. 260698

From what I've read and heard, it's not recommended for babies to wear masks.

No. 260714

Yea isn’t he still in the rage of sudden baby death? I mean he’s not gonna die in her arms but it’s a time frame where the breathing of an infant is very vulnerable isn’t it?

No. 260727

Why don't you guys Google at least even a little? As of yesterday:
>People who do not wear a mask face a fixed penalty of HK$5,000, or a maximum fine of HK$10,000 if they are found guilty in court.

This is in HK. Not China, HK. This includes children and babies, so what exactly do you want them to do and Chinese/HK CDC has nothing to do with US recommendations and they also don't have to follow WHO guidelines either. Here is a guideline from a health sector in HK: https://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/health_info/poster/30141.html

>Face mask (including surgical masks and cloth face coverings) is not recommended for children under the age of 2 years without supervision.

>For newborns and young children under 2, there would be a chance of suffocation or other health risks if face mask is not properly used. In addition, young children like to touch or pull the mask on their face which increase the chance of infection.

Baby is supervised and it's fitted just fine, so probably won't suffocate. This isn't milky. What a reach and for what?

No. 260744

ah stfu already. No people who aren't in HK like you know about this.
>This isn't milky. What a reach and for what?
Did you miss the part where the person who posted that simply asked a question? You need to get a real job and stop whatever you think you're doing here, because it's really top autist

No. 260747

oh and did you inspect the "fitting" of the mask? You are so weird. How would you know how well it's fitted. All you needed to do was tell us that in China's satellite state, babies have to wear masks, and the rest of us could live without your defense of poor little Taylor

No. 260754

>simply asked a question
>someone escalated it to sudden baby death

Yeah, explaining the law and the fines makes sense.

No. 260766

yeah, someone above asked about SIDS - literally "sudden infant death syndrome." It's fine to explain the law, it's dumb to REEEE about how everything isn't milk and how dare people not have a finger on the pulse of HK regulations. What's more interesting is that the outdoor mask mandate has been in force since 2020 and Taylor has violated it plenty of times.

No. 260859

Imagine if dolly taylor from 2016 saw this one lugging a baby around hong kong while they both wear masks, do you think she'd believe that was her future?

I kinda expected Tom's cash to make it more of a luxury affair for Taylor (more help, specifically) but she seems to be taking on a lot of work.

No. 260944

She looks nice here though, why would she hate herself

No. 261015

Well no, probably she wouldn't have anticipated a global pandemic necessitating surgical masks for certain countries. So yes that would be a surprise, but having a baby 6 years later and looking pretty decent wouldn't be some huge shock nonnie. I think she's living a pretty nice life for a new mom, with some help but she does stuff herself as well. Honestly she's just not that milky anymore. The fact that her lifestyle is funded by Tom's creepy (or at least formerly creepy) online magazine empire is bad, but Taylor herself just isn't milky. She's often cringey, as much as any mommy vlogger or white person in a foreign country vlogger, but that's it. I'm sure 2016 Taylor would think her baby is cute and be glad that she "bounced back" quickly, body wise.

No. 261018

The search for milk like >>260663 and >>259735 the past several months is just… so confusing.

No. 261110

the dolly childish thing was a phase. her passion was always appearances and blogging and that remains even with a child so i'd say she's pretty content. she's statistically late to have a baby anyway, most married women will pop out a baby at 25 and enjoy it just fine.

No. 261130

Get over her age already at which she had a baby already. It's fucking stupid to hear other women force this young mother idea on other women. Countless people have kids over 30. You sound like a scrote with your logic.

No. 261192

Nope. Not nowadays anymore. AT 25 mmost women are still going to university or just started at their first job after a degree or job traning.

Couln't find a worldwide chart, but in the EU the average age is around 30 with multiple countries like Italy or Span where the average age for women to get their first child is after 30. So Taylor's age to get her first child is completely normal.

No. 261232

Handmaiden anons give me such embarrassment. Scrote groomer logic drilled into them about young mothers, gotta feel bad for them.

No. 261397

i feel bad for you if your husband can't even take care of your child on his own. please don't reproduce.

No. 261401

Do everyone a favor and never tell your husband anything, but 'Goodbye' if he watches your child alone. Don't remind me about milk in the fridge, or remind him he's holding the baby a little wrong, or that he overdressed her and will overheat due to it..

Anon, be realistic.

No. 261457


Anon needs to prove that her nigel is special and a totally competent dad and not a manbaby like 100% of men actually are, try it and see kek. Just leave him and the baby to their own devices and hope everyone is still alive when you return.

No. 261491

File: 1666818468454.png (263.05 KB, 1370x757, lihkg.png)

Tom dated Cynthia Ip, aka cynbunny, whom he promoted from a blogger to BE editor, before he started dating Taylor, who was also being employed and promoted by his companies. There was a question about his prior relationships being intertwined with business. Yes, it's something netizens noticed.

No. 261494

File: 1666818990037.png (753.06 KB, 816x612, cynbunny and tom (relationship…)

commenter writes "relationship"

No. 261499

So? How fucking long ago was this?

No. 261504

Well I read the old thread and someone linked to that forum but didn't say who he dated >>>/w/246785

No. 261506

I wish taylor would go full anachan and tell us her diet and exercise practices in detail. I think she looks great

No. 261544

File: 1666827208908.jpeg (952.29 KB, 828x1385, 4B0F6095-C76F-42E9-865B-219147…)

I generally don’t post in the Taylor thread, but my eyes rolled back into my head when I saw this story post about clothes that can “grow through life with you”. This outfit is less than a year old. I know that she’s gone through different body changes with her pregnancy but having some clothes that fit before and after a pregnancy would not be even slightly novel for most women

My least favorite Taylor videos have always been the ones where she’s cleaning out her outlandishly massive wardrobe that’s overflowing with every single micro trend that’s arisen in the past year, throwing away sacks of relatively new clothing. It’s such an insane spectacle of waste and reckless consumption and it really bothers me that she presents it as a normal lifestyle choice to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

No. 261570

File: 1666836619211.jpeg (162.6 KB, 721x1067, 88F8FE5D-B566-4941-9446-EE9D65…)

also rolling my eyes hard at the “outfit that follows you for a lifetime~” less than a year after buying it. she’s really giving sister wife/long lost duggar from the back though

No. 261574

This looks fine? Kek

No. 261615

Lmao, I keked, too. I mean, she does have clothes that she has worn for years, but out of all of those she chose an ill-fitted skirt that's not even a year old.
At least she doesn't pretend to be a sustainable, vegan kween.

No. 261616

An ugly man using his position of power and wealth to get women who are way out of his league? Wow shocking.

A golddigger who married an old ugly pedo takes wealth for granted and lives frivolously? Shocking.

You guys are really surprised by either of these things?

No. 261617

No, just pointing it out. I mean, that's what gossip is all about - pointing fingers, judging and making fun of other's stupidity. Join the fun.

No. 261620

I applaud her for wearing such an unflattering skirt despite her warped body image

No. 261623

that office environment must have been weird. Cynthia and Taylor made a video together, even (sailor scout transformation, now deleted). But imagine you're in a position bc you're dating the boss and then he hires the next woman he's salivating over? And during/after the breakup you have to act normal?

I think there is no way Tom grew up dirt poor either, HKUST ain't cheap for a poor family and he's got pics of himself with a new Audi and getting expensive room service in France in 2006 on fb. His sister married a French guy, so she is clearly well educated too. His wasteful and entitled attitude, esp buying random shit, is that of someone who didn't worry much about money. Designer t-shirts, all the camping supplies they bought and never used, two fucking condos in expensive cities.

No. 261626

As bad as it sounds, but "poor" is a relative term. For today's Tom his beginnings might seem "humble", although many people could only dream of being that "poor".
Same way as Taylor was "fat" as a child. Some people just live in a bubble and view the world through a very narrow, privileged lens.

No. 261634

Considering the issues she has with her body, she is likely counting the days until she can be ana again. Calling it now she'll get a mommy makeover lipo or tummy tuck procedure and pretend it was just diet and exercise.

No. 261638

Oh,, I'm sure she will at some point, but given that she's planning a second pregnancy in the nearest future, I'm not sure how wise it is to get it now.

No. 261641

is it just me or does it seem like her posture changed after her pregnancy? her shoulders seem pushed back or like she developed some forward head tilt. genuinely curious if this is some change that can happen with having a baby

No. 261647

Nah, I think it's because of holding the baby. She doesn't seem to have it when she's not carrying him.

No. 261651

File: 1666860789993.jpeg (9.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Kinda funny cause she's more close to being in toms league than Taylor, she must have been absolutely pissed when a white blonde chick came along and snatched him, we all know a creep like Tom will always pick whoever looks closest to an underage foreign doll

No. 261652

File: 1666861063771.png (1.87 MB, 796x1925, Screenshot_20221027-015556.png)

Looks closer to toms age too, don't get me wrong she's still better looking than his toad ass, but Chinese women settle for ugly rich men all the time and don't really consider it "settling" due to money being super high on their criteria.
If I saw them walking down the street I wouldn't really look twice, where with Tom and Taylor it's so obviously a sugar baby situation, you just know she's repulsed by him sexually, as she should be

No. 261673

File: 1666875923235.jpg (67.65 KB, 540x810, 0520-00315-002b1.jpg)

yeah though she looks cute to me (I date women) - I'm not attracted at all to Taylor, but that could be her aggressively hetero, bimbo demeanor + her gross defense of Tom's businesses. And Cynthia seems to have had an education + actual hand in running businesses (not sure how well or badly, though). lmfao I saw that Tom gave a "speech" at HKU just like Taylor. He probably got asked again and decided to let Tay do it. The more I look at old Beauty Exchange pics, I see a lot of big jobs Taylor got because of being with BE.

They met via Gary Chung, I guess. He did Taylor's makeup for some job
or maybe this tutorial, but he also was involved with BE from the beginning. picrel: https://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/lifestyle/20120520/00315_002.html

No. 261711

She has a kid to carry and waddled around for almost 7 months.

No. 261753

Her pointy ears are cute.

No. 262004

Terrible example to use purikura photos to compare. >>261673 modeled vs oversized granny wearing farquad haired >>261652 is a better comparison. I've noticed a very clear trend where only white people in these threads are told that they're wearing ill fitting clothes or that they look too dowdy, then you got this bitch lol

No. 262026

for many years Taylor only posted edited bug-eye photos, but anyway I think one of the two women made that collage to promote something by BeautyExchange, I remember seeing it on FB.

Quit racesperging and being mean about her clothes, this is not her thread and based on her normal look (even in 2011), I don't think she's wearing that thing seriously or by choice. Why do you keep calling her a bitch, too? Her existence and past don't make her Taylor's "rival," the situation just says a lot about Tom and how he doesn't care about making a toxic office for everyone. But we knew that already, toat has BE and MC people working for it. Tom must have paid or someone owed him a favor, since that dead website was mentioned as a top HK site in some 2022 list. Like hell it is. It's meant to be the Tay version of Goop, no HKers would read it or shop the nonexistent inventory.

No. 262046

Anon seems genuinely unhinged. I think both women our out of Tom's league if it wasn't already blantanty obvious. Why are they so insistent on putting her down to make Taylor look good?

No. 262062

She'll put it off until they're done with having kids.

For sure she might claim she had a procedure and downtime due to pcos or endo ala Chloe Bennet then come out skinnier in a few months with an endless stream of body check photos.

No. 262064

Didn't read that as racesperging at all. Gotta agree. >>261652
This is a terrible, ugly, unflattering, cut. Ugly trim. Looks like Mikan made it. >>261544
Then you have Taylor in something that fits, shows silhouette, not overly baggy and stylish (neutrals are popular AF in these countries). Anons do this a lot.

No. 262068

Isn't everyone on social media body checking by the logic If they're posting full body photos?? This is only count if you're turned sideways

No. 262073

>only white people

You are comparing a photo taken under cheap fluorescent light and 7(?) years old to an edited photo taken with a good camera yesterday. So someone got a bad haircut and color last decade. There's no reason to shit on her just because she was with frogman before holy Taytay. You are gross for doing it and need to work on your internalized misogyny.

No. 262074

>neutrals so popular
fuck are you blind, anyone can see that the baggy dress pic is really old.

No. 262087

Doesn't change it

No. 262315

Are you stupid? I'm "just asking" the same way you "just asked" if posting full body pics is body checking.

No, normal people who just post full body pics of themselves aren't "body checking." That isn't what body checking is. People say this about Taylor because she spent the majority of her pregnancy wearing outfits, PJs, and workout wear from her pre pregnancy days and would always post either the date she got the outfit (to prove she can still fit into her pre pregnancy clothes during pregnancy), or post a side by side comparison of herself in it before pregnancy and during pregnancy to show how she can still fit into those outfits.

I can't stand the fake obtuse Tay defenders.

No. 262335

She posted those Before & After pregnancy to show you guys how big her Belly got.

No. 262368

File: 1667026489986.jpg (558.84 KB, 1080x2034, IMG_20221029_104349.jpg)

Sure, Jess, and she didn't freak out when she didn't bounce back in a matter of weeks and kept whining about having nothing to wear, because shockingly most of her pre-preg clothes didn't fit her etc. Tbf, she still haven't found peace with her "new body" till this day, proved by her recent post about the difficulties of motherhood reel.(hi cow)

No. 262369

PP body might also mean the stretchmarks, missing the feeling of carrying the baby, weight gain, loose skin.. It's not always wanting to be skinny, anon. Grow up.

No. 262377

she has one stretchmark. use your brain.

No. 262387

File: 1667046072509.jpeg (417.42 KB, 1125x1970, 71D6430D-4A1A-4AB1-96C9-B82105…)

imagine being hired as taylor’s camera person (but never spoken to or acknowledged, we made the mistake of buying a friend once already with assistant natalie) and your assignment is sitting on the floor with this family in their sweats while they gut a pumpkin. what a weirdly private/family thing to have a stranger over to your house for to make ~content~

No. 262394

Who cares? A camera person is exactly what the job says. This isn't done random job, its something that has existed even before vlogging. Trying to make it weird only makes you weird, anon.

No. 262400

No one has a camera person around almost daily to document family/private moments. Get out of Taylor's ass.
Sure, there's no milk in op's post, but there's nothing to defend either WK-chan.

No. 262425

Vloggers do. Get over it. It's her job. Weird nitpick when it's exactly as it should be because of what she does. I hope they get fired now just because you clearly hate them existing. Bring real milk, not this weak shit.

No. 262657

is it not carol behind the camera?

No. 262659

Anon didn't even post the video, so it could just be a tripod for all we know lol

No. 262695

“Make sure it’s straight, babe” lmao she’s always talking down to him. I really wonder what their relationship is like when the cameras are off

No. 262714

not our fault you can't be bothered to watch the content you are commenting on. Once again, this is not a place to archive Taylor's social media. Watch the shit where she posts it.

No. 262838

How's that talking down to him?

No. 263201

people archive shit on here all the time lol how else do you think we have receipts?

No. 263214

Micro-milk. Guess who finally admitted to having a nanny/domestic help. I thought she would never disclose it.

No. 263217

Receipts and reposts of useless reels are different things. Especially if there's no milk.

No. 263227

Lmao. I keked more at her "busy day" that went well and she did everything on her to-do list. All of that with the nanny taking care of the baby for the majority of the day. I guess she's indeed back to her "girlboss" era, oh, sorry, it's been updated to "working mom".
It seems like that they have another bathroom for Levi (or guests). I don't remember her showing it in previous videos.

No. 263244

And? It's not like she was hiding it. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. She's taking care of the kid for the most part, a maid or helper isn't any different from a family member doing that exact same stuff to help around the house and help the mom. Also yeah, rich people have housekeepers.

No. 263264

>a maid is the same as a family member

No. 263303

You’re so obvious. How much does she pay you?

No. 263310

didn't she just post a story on instagram about how ~~~hard~~~ being a mom is? yet this video she looks like she has it so easy, especially with a nanny. i find it such bullshit when people talk about how it's hard being a mom.

No. 263323

The fact that you equate struggling and doing everything on your own to having it hard as a mom is really sad.

No. 263345

Lmao. Is it not? How about having to go to a real job so can provide for yourself and your family - not making silly videos a couple hours a day, AND taking care of a baby WITHOUT "like a family member" domestic help to do the house chores.
I'm not saying everything in Taylor's life is smooth and easy, but most of it is, let's be real. Her whining about the difficulties of motherhood is in the same category as her complaining about the difficulties of making business choices for her "brand".

No. 263357

>its not like she was hiding it
she literally was hiding it all this time lmfao

No. 263387

She doesn't have to struggle like that so you need to calm down. You sound like those parents who said they had to March through the snow to get to school.

No. 263445

lol truly. she’s got a “domestic helper” so someone’s cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby and picking up rosie’s shit all day so taylor can find time to jump rope on the roof and play pretend work. ~hectic~ working mom life alright

No. 263446

Of course she doesn't have to struggle like that. No one should struggle like that.
The point is that her constant whining about her "hard life" as a "working mother" is inadequate when comparing it to what other mothers go through on a daily. She has a very sheltered and comfortable life, but likes to pretend that it's some kind of challenge and she's a hero for living it.

No. 263447

I can't imagine being such a pick-me like you. Holy shit.

No. 263484

Either you don't know what pick-me means or are a rare breed of dumb. Try harder, WK-chan lol

No. 263576

lmao yep. and I don't think Levi has ever cried once on camera, he's a very calm baby. must be hard having constant good moments with your child lol

No. 263579

Lmao, watch her edit two seconds of him crying into the next vlog/reel to prove how hard it is.

No. 263580

Jokes aside, I love how we keep predicting her moves months before she actually reveals it. The breastfeeding saga, the nanny/dh, the working girl boss mom act… When is she gonna start crying about not being pregnant again? It's about time.

No. 263591

Who the fuck cares? It's hard for her personally and I watch her videos for her, not to imagine how a working class mother raises her kids. I don't understand what you imagine people watch Taylor's content for. It's obvious she has money, a lot of people like watch
ing rich people go about their lives.

No. 263598

kek tom ate dog treats

No. 263599

Because she's literally just doing everything that other vloggers have already done. You guys aren't predicting something when it's literally what people do.

No. 263616

why are you here

No. 263626

Too bad we don't have PULL so tards who think this is a fansite would just stay there.

No. 264570

jump rope with covid, don't forget

I bet nanny got covid too

No. 264571

I bet it was a hidden ad for the treats. I love how Taylor needs someone to do 'artistic' laif-out ads for her and then just leaves the shit on the counter for the help to pick up Lazy twat. Same reason she dumps clothes on the floor.

No. 264826

File: 1668028329948.jpg (5.79 MB, 3162x7905, 1667932892025.jpg)

Lmao, talk about first world problems. Tom "canceled" Taylor's stupid (and wasteful) birthday cake tradition and asked for a simple cake. She's literally sulking in her stories lmao. "Good" news is he allowed her to order a custom one for Levi's birthday, which begs a question - who's the cake(s) really for, Taylor or Levi/Tom?

No. 264907

First birthday is probably a smash cake and yeah, being upset about a tradition you were looking forward to sucks. I'm surprised no one's upset that she has to plan her own birthday and Tom's birthday and the baby's birthday. She shouldn't have to plan her own birthday. If Tom is still expecting her to plan her party or whatever she wants to do but not let her get the cake she wants as if hes in charge of the party when hes not, hell no

No. 264991

Yeah, instead of a cake costing hundreds of euros, she got one from Joël Robuchon that still cost about 70, plus whatever the customization cost. Just for them, you know.

The two huge artistic cakes during the heights of the pandemic were the absolute worst though, what is the point? Tom basically said they tasted like crap, no wonder since they let them sit for a week or longer without refrigeration. so it all got thrown away.

No. 264993

>no one's upset
one person posted. she didn't talk about her own birthday, iirc?

last two years I thought Tom did stuff for her. She got a designer cake one year, and he takes her to dinner. He always gives her spendy presents. dw she'll get some designer bag or jewelery or ugly sneakers

I have screenshots of the cake she bought him, will upload at home.

No. 265001

Then why did >>264826 say that she was upset she had to get a plain cake, but the baby could still have a fancy one?

No. 265035

Because she WAS upset that he didn't want a custom cake for his birthday and she now has to wait till March to get to get "creative". She didn't mention her own birthday though.

No. 265199

I'm still with the anons who think that cutting off a tradition like that is kind of really gross on Tom's part. Especially if hes making her plan everything for everyone's birthday at all times. For all anon's no he might have control over everything financially including her income.

No. 265202

Agreed. She definitely wasn't expecting it and probably looked forward to the preparations or already had ideas in mind. Otoh, it's a life she chose. I hate to blame women, but in this case, I have little empathy. In the grand scheme of things, it's really not a big deal. She was just asked to find a different toy.

No. 265204

Yeah I'm not mad that she's mopey about it. She's probably one of those people who plans things out way advance too because the stuff that she does, things like cakes, reservations, and with how COVID lockdowns are in HK and China, do need to be ordered like months in advance to be prepared.

No. 265225

quite often she waits until the last minute though. In Japan it was becoming a real issue, she only had one option for some custom cake she wanted because she waited so long to do it. Then she was even late to the party on top of it. It was either Mimei's or uh… that other jvlogger who likes Pokemon… not Sharla. Anyway it was for that vlogger.

No. 265229

What? "really gross on Tom's part" ?T WTF. It's HIS birthday. It should be about HIM and what makes him happy, not about creating content for Taylor's instagram. If he doesn't want a big fat ass cake that's way too huge for 2 people, that costs hundreds of $ and but tastes like crap, that's his right and nothing is "gross" about it. If my husband kept gifting me stuff I don't liek I'd also tell him and I think I would have every right to do so.

No. 265267

>this one time we have documented
So..not all the time and not usually.

No. 265279

Jesus, does she pay you for nitpicking to WK? She quite often does struggle with time management and planning, the most recent (major) one being the baby car seat and the whole spiel around it. I'm not gonna rehash it all, the old threads are there, feel free to comb through.

No. 265282


No. 265304

File: 1668192999321.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1937, Screenshot_20221109-131552.png)

yeah I agree!
here's the cake she got, my internet has been sucking sry for delay

No. 265306

File: 1668193114716.png (2.01 MB, 1076x1943, Screenshot_20221108-163635.png)

wah wah look at filler face
she probably didn't order it in time, so it didn't arrive on time.

This L necklace is not making me think of Levi, Taylor

No. 265342

It was Mimei's cake. She designed and tried to order it less than a week before the party and got turned down by several bakeries. Also didn't help that she couldn't speak Japanese and wanted it to be vegan, even though Mimei isn't vegan. Then Taylor and crew took those embarrassing af birthday photos where they shoved the birthday girl to the back.
Not to mention he funds her entire lifestyle and career… and probably the one paying for these cakes.

No. 265346

I gave one example but there are many. Most of her lookbooks were made way too late. Clothes that she used, people wanted to buy them and they couldn't, since the season was nearly over. As someone in fashion, who knows how seasonal trends and retail works, she definitely should have done better.

No. 265347

oh hey thanks. I remember her ridiculing the cake too.

No. 265408

Lmao, the contrast between their reactions. Taylor acting like it's the ugliest, most boring cake on earth, while it's a fine birthday cake.

No. 265409


As a decorator, that random foil in the front, hanging over like a sad piece of parchment, looks terrible. if it was flaked it would make sense, but the only gold is the other half parchment on the back and the candle. The board isn't enough to balance it out. Taylor is right, cake looks pretty underwhelming.

No. 265413

This one actually looks edible rather than the custom novelty cakes that cost $200 that they leave to sit on the counter for weeks. That type of icing used for novelty cakes is known to be inedible, plus imo it's tacky to have novelty cakes with characters on them (like something for little kids only) so this is an improvement

No. 265426

she could literally have made a decorative cake herself if she wanted to get creative. All he didn't want was another mess of fondant costing hundreds of dollars. But Taylor doesn't want to do it herself because she has to be the "perfect partner" on IG. That means no cake fuck ups.

No. 265429

She wanted someone else to spend hours bringing her tacky "creative" ideas to life. The same way she was being "creative" with her five-years-old level of nail "art".

No. 265433

Who's to say this didn't cost the same?

No. 265440

anon above said this one was 70€, I remember the fondant ones being hundreds

No. 265441

samefag but I fucking loled when she put all her husband's favorite shit on a cake and it was all like… money. He likes money. And stuffing his piehole.

No. 265447

>cake review
"delicious chocolate cake from famous chef"

not a review

No. 265451

Taylor never said a price

No. 265474

could have been free like all the other shit she gets. but she never says prices, anons look them up, so what is the point?

No. 265515

Now its suddenly free. Stop making shit up.

No. 265593

go to robuchon's site yourself and check the price, u sloth. Taylor's word isn't worth anything so no one needs to rely on her for a price.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 265620

This is an imageboard

No. 265633

What does it matter how much the cake cost? Tom is obviously the one who paid for it, like he's paid for everything else, and it's his birthday, so she should be getting what he wants. It apparently also tasted better than the cakes that Taylor used to get, which is more important anyway.

No. 265650

Point. Just another instance of Taylor blowing a molehill into a mountain. Doesn't she see that she's in the wrong here? His wish for his birthday is more important than her "creativity"?
Falls into the same category as her complaining about him using the "decorative" towels, even though she didn't bother to warn him about them being "decorative".

No. 265654

Like anons said, if he has control of her finances, she should be allowed to do whatever she wants with her side of it, especially if he wants her to spend money and plan everything else about the party, but not the cake. I get it's his big boy man birthday, but giving her control and then telling her she can't do anything about it, even if she did it out of her own revenue, if fucking controlling. How do you anons completely keep bypassing this part of it?

No. 265655

Samefag, but post these caps about prices and where they said it tasted better than any other cake. You anons keep saying all this stuff, but refuse to ever post photos about what you are saying and instead nitpick stupid shit like >>261651

No. 265663

No, what's controlling is giving the birthday guy the cake that YOU want and not the one that they wanted when it's their birthday, even when they pay everything for you. He just asked for a simple cake my god. She doesn't care about the underage girls on his site, so why should anyone care she couldn't have the cake that she wanted on someone else's bday?

No. 265674

Stop bringing up the girls. This was 3 threads ago now and nothing new about it. You just pull random stuff out of your ass to try and derail current conversations. She most likely planned a cake out, as she planned the rest of his birthday, and as a tradition last second cancelations suck. Deposits get lost for pre-ordered cakes like this a lot of the time. It's like all the extra logistics go right over your heads. Yes, Tom wants this and that, then he should plan his own shit and not change his mind last minute like the total loser he is. Focus on one topic, anon.

No. 265678

where did she say it happened last minute? It just didn't happen. So fucking what.

No. 265682

>stop bringing up the girls
mods, just remember who this poster is. All but one of those girls' underage pics are still on his site. Several under 16.

This poster justifies pedophilia to defend their favorite cow.

No. 265683

I'm not defending the exploitation of Russian and Chinese girls. Stop trying to turn this into something it isn't. I don't live in either country, but I know there's nothing anyone here, at least in the US, who can do anything about their age laws or what is allowed. Japan banned that shit, thankfully, and we have every right to criticize Taylor for not being more upset about it, but she has absolutely no control over it either and there's nothing new about the topic to discuss. Bringing it up constantly just seems like a weak attempt to change topics.

No. 265685

You're acting like Taylor is being abused and exploited because her husband merely wanted to have a simple, good-tasting cake for his own damn birthday. The minors on Tom's site for middle-aged men are a better example of someone being exploited and Taylor's lifestyle and projects are partly funded by revenue from that site. So why should we care that Taylor didn't get to design Tom's birthday cake this time?

No. 265701

>You're acting like Taylor is being abused and exploited because her husband
I didn't say that. Usually in traditional countries, the household has one finance. She isn't in America or Canada, you need to remember that. And because she's a foreigner who is living in HK, even if she's married, there might be contingencies about having a shared bank because of her being a foreigner. This would mean, yes, she would need access to the account and he would most likely be the account holder.

I'm done talking about the girls. I care and there is nothing I can do, you can do, or Taylor can do. Parents need to stop giving these obvious pedo modeling companies, but for some of them it's all the money they can make and at the expense of their children. A lot of them know what they are doing and it's disgusting and not right at all, but unless something new comes up, there's no point to keep bringing these poor girls up and bringing the thread attention to it. CP gets posted to Lolcow constantly, we don't need scrotes trying seeing the mention of them ITT and then go to comb Tom's website for material just because it's legal on Tom's side. >>265685

No. 265708

sorry for inconveniencing you by reminding you that this woman made two videos defending her husband's website, lied about her involvement and promotion on it, and blamed "one person" for all the bad PR. She put herself in the middle of it by defending her scrote. many times. and saying how great he is. fuck them both.

No. 265712

I have no idea what you're trying to say. Taylor has always entirely depended on Tom's money, even before they were married. She's depended on his money because she's never worked and earned enough to fund her lifestyle, which includes buying expensive custom-made cakes, and Tom is the one who's provided her work in the first place. What is so evil about Tom asking for a simple cake that actually tastes good for his own birthday? He made her "job" even cheaper and easier on her! lol

No. 265713

Her promoting the website/magazine isn't the same as her knowing about these girls and every article that existed. Also her defense of it being legal there is a valid. It's shitty, but it's valid because their crap laws allow this. Also yeah, if one person did the article they should get shit for it. You guys know Tom probably doesn't have a single hand in this magazine besides being a shareholder and probably his title, right? Call it defending, don't care, but he probably had no involvement in it either. All around the whole situation sucks, but Taylor can't do anything about it. Also, I never, ever see anyone have this same energy when UK/US/CAN children are photographed in bikinis for magazines and only now are people questioning tv shows showing kids/teens in bathing suits either. There was more uproar about the sprinters in the Olympics having cameras at their crotch than anyone ITT actually caring about any kids involved in exploitation. This is beating a dead horse at this point. You all could literally report the website to Google to have it removed from searches and taken off the website in certain countries due to censorship, but no anons actually care like they say they do. You have options, but let's absolutely only blame Taylor.

No. 265714

Acting like she doesn't make money is a pretty bad joke, anon.

No. 265721

I said she could never afford her lifestyle with what she earns and in case you didn't notice, her lifestyle requires millions in USD which she doesn't have. She wouldn't have been able to afford those custom cakes if she was paying her own expenses.

No. 265727

No..It doesn't cost millions USD for live in HK, anon.

No. 265732

Her flat in Clearwater bay is easily 70 MLN HKD which with stamp duty etc would be around 900K USD. And that’s for flats without rooftop access in her estate, so I can only assume having a huge rooftop will generously raised the price. The Canadian flat is over 2 MLN Canadian dollars. They drive a large family tesla, she owns multiple high end bags including few Chanels. When she’s flying anywhere she flies business class. The anon who posted may used millions as a figure of speech but her lifestyle is not something she would afford without Tom, even as a semi popular YT. In fact without his money she wouldn’t even be this famous as he bought her not only freedom to do any content she likes but he also gave her huge push on his platforms, especially Beauty Exchange.
No way in hell she would achieve it on her own.

No. 265733

what part of "her lifestyle" don't you understand?

No. 265734

almost everything you've written is incorrect. Go do some research. They knew. It's not just kids in bikinis. It's talking about girls' breasts and cup sizes. There were articles advocating for dating underage girls. No, we do not blame Taylor for those articles, but we blame her for defending it.

She accused one person of targeting her. The employee who writes about underage girls a lot never got disciplined or fired. Taylor was presented to their audience like a teen until Tom snapped her up.

People reported the site. You don't have the slightest idea about anything bc you are so far up this pickme's ass.

No. 265735

God I know. This is low-balling it all too. They custom renovated the apartment. They wear designer tshirts, have a designer dog, and now a designer baby.

No. 265742

Im using kids in bikinis as a norm in places like the US and in magazines.

No. 265744

23000HKD is like $6000 USD. Shut up.

No. 265748


1 million HK is just about $128k USD. You don't need much to love in China and designer is actually cheaper there too due to manufacturing. Some anons really just assume shit about HK, huh?

No. 265750

I live in HK. Designer goods are cheaper in HK because there’s no tax on them, not the manufacturing. China has luxury goods tax and they are more expensive there, that’s why prior to Covid you had mainlanders visiting SAR for cheaper luxury products.

You two/that one WK try to paint it like Taylor would live same lifestyle without Tom and like anyone can afford it. As I said, the two properties they own are already few millions USD (2.18 mln CAD and more than 70 mln HKD), all her luxury purses, their clothing, jewelry she has - engagement ring itself was ridiculously expensive, so is the wedding band. Not counting Cartier and Tiffany bracelets. Even their kid wears Burberry that he will outgrow in a month.

The median household income in Hong Kong dropped to $27,100 - that’s like 3500 USD. While Taylor and Tom go for omakase for 5000 HKD per person. I’m sure she as a model would earn that much. And she’s so different from all the white models in HK I’m sure without Tom’s help she would be able to raise in her fame. Beauty exchange owned by Tom - biggest website for women in HK - had nothing to do with it, nothing at all.

No. 265752

No one said she doesn't have money through Tom, but if she wanted to live in a nice place, renting, in HK with her money alone, she probably could and she gets, and did get designer stuff, before Tom for free because of modeling and whatnot. Taylor was never a poor bitch. I'm glad someone else agrees that Tom really doesn't have much to do with it until she married him and then their household became shared. Taylor would absolutely be fine and living it up in HK without Tom.

No. 265754

She wouldn’t. She would live OK lifestyle but nothing remotely close to this. She herself said she lived in a shared model apartment. She haven’t finished any school. Without Tom’s help she wouldn’t be this popular to upgrade her living from model house. If he didn’t help her out she wouldn’t be the living doll dancing in front of Tokyo tower - he even helped her to move to Tokyo agency. Without his financial support she couldn’t be choosy about the jobs she wants to take as a model. Without his help and beauty exchange she wouldn’t be popular in HK and thus wouldn’t get said sponsorships.

How all that would be possible for Taylor without him? She’s pretty but there’s thousands of white models in HK, she didn’t have any quality that would make her stand. It was BE promotion that put her name out there. Otherwise she would still be doing gigs for 68 clothing or instant pasta like she did prior to being with him.

No. 265755

NTA but this is completely untrue. Her work as a model was sporadically mid and low paying at best. Only when it was secretly backed by Tom and he was funding her wardrobe and lifestyle did anything remotely designer enter her life.

She was in HK to secure the bag and he was always her best option. If she truly would have been living it up without Tom, she would have secured a higher net worth man who isn't a complete toad.

No. 265759

Saying she would be comfortable without him isn't far fetched.

No. 265762

she would have aged out of modeling by now and she's too lazy to work any kind of real job, so… no. and even if she did work, she doesn't have the skills or education for anything above min wage so still no. she chose to be a gold digger instead for good reason.

No. 265764

Sounding a bit biased, anon. You basically say she will be homeless because she has no skill which is such a blatant reach.

No. 265774

>if she wanted to live in a nice place, renting, in HK with her money alone, she probably could
All the asiaboos and weebs who turn to prostitution suggests otherwise, being a white woman in asia is not actually a mealticket and a lone traveler needs a partner from that country for various logistical reasons as well as finance. She has never been able to afford renting on her own in Asia, Tom has been there the whole time

No. 265798

not homeless. living a very basic life, paycheck to paycheck without any luxuries is more like it. not sure why you are trying to act like she's a very hard worker who would pull in tons of money to live a luxury lifestyle like she does now… that's just never been true.

No. 265818

That seems unlikely.

No. 265819

No, she'd still have to share an apartment with other models. She didn't regularly work and models don't earn as much as you think. Not only that, Tom was not only responsible for getting her work, but also largely responsible for how her youtube channel was able to grow. She had a team and he covered costs of travel, hotel stays, outfits, fake apartment, fancy meals, beauty projects, cosmetic procedures, ingredients and supplies for her cooking and diy videos and other content. He's responsible for almost all of her Japan content and she would've have moved there if it wasn't for him. Don't forget she now has a kid she'd have to pay for.

No. 265823

>she would've have moved there if it wasn't for him.
she wouldn't have moved there if it wasn't for him.

No. 265825

100%. The one anon insisting she's a millionaire model despite being on the older end of modelling age when she met Tom is delusional and needs to stop.

He had his whole team supporting her because she couldn't be assed to learn the language or do work that didn't fit the outdated living doll aesthetic she was chasing at the time. Tom even paid for the fillers she got that a wk insisted was allergies and totally not the fuckup of a doctor who doesn't know how to work with her bone structure.

No. 265837

I don't think $123k USD a year to live luxury is the same as 1Mil.

No. 265851

>moving goal posts
>no idea how much luxury costs

123k is not anywhere near enough to afford a lifestyle, kek. Funnily enough, even if you summed up all the model work Taylor ever did without Tom, she still wouldn't pass 100k after agency fees.

No. 265873

Sure, anon.

No. 265908

anon why do you keep insisting this without explaining why you think so? what kind of job do you think she would have had that would've allowed her to live a luxury lifestyle on her own? again, she would have aged out of modelling, so what do you think she would even be doing for work?

No. 265910

Nta, but she probably would have gotten a job working for her family. Don't they own a car dealership or something?

No. 265913

Let's put it the other way, why do you assume she'd have no modeling career or acting in the influencer suave as a stable job? She was an influencer before Tom too and with a following. Taylor existed before he was in the picture and she wasn't irrelevant at any point unlike Kota.

No. 265919

NTA, but I said it before: before Tom she was just another white model in HK doing instant pasta commercials or clothing shows. She wasn’t even remotely as popular as you think she was. Her fan base started growing when they started dating but he wasn’t officially in the picture. Then together they moved to Japan where she started doing full dolly content in fake room in the apartment he rented for them and paid for. He helped her get to agency in Japan, found people to help her to get jobs without speaking Japanese. In meantime he was promoting her on BE, organized “fan meetings” in HK, paid for trips to Europe which she used as her content.

Now it’s your turn. Why you think she would be this popular without his backing? Yeah, she would probably return to Canada and work for her family as she has no formal education, but I doubt she could make any interesting content without financial backing from Tom and the fact that she is living in Asia which is exotic and interesting for her audience.

No. 265920

yeah let's put it another way… why would a pretty young woman have married an old fat ugly pedo, if she could have lived a life of luxury without having to do so?

No. 265921

I thought she started to get popular with a very niche crowd back when she had a column in that teen fashion mag?

White foreign girls are a dime a dozen though in the Asian market. Taylor isn't some rare unknown Russian backwoods beauty, but she does have a pretty enough face that works well with editorial stuff.

No. 265927

You guys keep ignoring how the influencer space became like it is. Even without Tom, Taylor was using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.. She was already in the space, popular from the dolly modeling and makeup videos. She wouldn't have gone away and probably could have picked up her own sponsors because of it. She most likely would've been fine without Tom. Surprising, I think she has gotten in less trouble because of Tom. I don't think she would've been a make-up influencer, but probably a haul influencer and that's been popular in the last 10 years and still considering fast fashion. Probably start her own brand or something and then just exist. You don't need much financial backing to get free clothes and stuff from companies if you are just making hail videos. I could also see her trying to travel, probably become a Jvlogger since she used to hang with Sharla and everyone in that space seems fine off and have money to travel constantly.

And sage your shit.

No. 265928

Yeah, but certain girls do get popular over others. Models like Gigi Hadid are dime a dozen, but there's only one Gigi Hadid. There's a reason why certain girls stick out and Taylor was big on social media and was in the news and stuff. It doesn't take much to be more noticeable than the other dime a dozen models as long as your name is viral at some point and hers was viral serval times.

No. 265931

You keep ignoring the fact she was in HK - it’s not a typical market. There’s a saying 新屎坑 三日香 - new sh*t hole smells good for three days and that’s the span of attention things have in HK. Just because she’s in news one day doesn’t mean she is big. HK gets a lot of random news like girl crawling on the side of the building trying to leave her room or people filming gay couple who had sex and forgot to turn off the lights. It gets on the news and then no one remembers it. Her biggest news was her cosplay on otaku event. Wow, definitely career changing moment.

Also, keep in mind Hadid had their family backing up them, just like Taylor had with Tom. If you want to believe she would make it as big on her own, then do so. Knowing HK’s environment and reality I can say without Tom’s help she wouldn’t be even remotely popular comparing to any local KOL.(learn2sage)

No. 265934

File: 1668500582183.png (658.28 KB, 682x673, Screenshot 2022-11-15 092155.p…)

zipper? no. That was via Tom, too.

A good comparison for Taylor is looking at Elyse Sewell from ANTM, who had a successful career in HK and other Asian countries. Her LJ is still up. She was a bona fide model, tall, thin, interesting bone structure - and they were already telling her she was too old and to lose weight in Japan (at age 20-21).

It's a little bit before Taylor's time in HK but not that much earlier. Do you imagine Princess Tay went to castings like these below? I highly doubt it, she was already dating Tom in 2013 and in one of those Apple Daily features, she said her boyfriend (prior to Tom) was Asian and in the financial sector.

https://elysesewell.livejournal.com/5450.html (Japanese agency calls a rail-thin 5'10" woman fat)
https://elysesewell.livejournal.com/314.html (horrible Japan castings with teenagers)
https://elysesewell.livejournal.com/93215.html (ice skating casting)

https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/27795924.html (if you're finding these awful pictures of her everywhere, see Elyse's comment:
>Barf, fuck that! I even told my agency I thought I should be getting paid more for that job, and now those pics are fucking everywhere and hideous.

No. 265935

exactly, I'm so sick of all this derailing and licking Taylor's asshole. Go adore her on her own social media. She got where she is via connections, an old guy who likes women who look underage (or are - how old was his previous gf when they were dating? sus) and riding the already-expiring dolly trend.

No. 265936

aka not in modeling or in Asia, since that job doesn't come with a visa. Taylor benefited from Tom in terms of him continuously securing her visa as well. Maybe she would have qualified for her entertainment visa regardless but normal models have to keep working to maintain that visa. They wouldn't be turning down jobs because they couldn't wear circle lenses. That is the behavior of someone whose visa is not connected to work.

No. 265937

Everything being brought is hypothetical on both sides anyway about what her future would look like and how much she might make, so what the fuck is the point of the convo. Haven't seen anyone defend Taylor either. You need to calm down.

No. 265938

models don't get tons of designer goods for free, anon. You sound uneducated.

No. 265939

When they can flaunt it on social media, yeah they do. She already does now and she does the same thing we've been talking about which is just utilizing social media. That's why I said even without Tom, I think her early time on the internet would be enough for her to keep gaining followers. She was doing the dolly stuff early online and it was getting popular, even if the group was niche, but she didn't keep the that style either and started doing lifestyle stuff. She kind of reminds me of Roxxsaurus a little in what she probably would have turned in to except because she actually has experience modeling, probably not as low budget and SHEIN experience.

No. 265941

She wouldn’t have designer stuff to show off if it wasn’t for Tom and thus wouldn’t be able to get luxury freebies in first place if it wasn’t for him getting her LV and Chanels she’s been showing off in her trip to Paris videos, for which he also paid for.

No. 265951

lmao that trip where she pretended to be a normal single teenager, just shopping at designer stores and eating lobster. so relatable.

No. 266023

>She was an influencer before Tom too and with a following
>her early time on the internet would be enough for her to keep gaining followers

Before Tom, she wasn't an influencer at all. She would post short fetus filtered Kota-lookalike clips and that's it. Anything notable she did is traced back to his company, including him paying for her "dolly" aesthetic which was dead on arrival. She shifted gears to copy top youtubers, while behind the scenes Tom paid youtube thousands monthly to ensure her videos were promoted and showing up as recommendations. What you're seeing is the result of a ton of Tom's money and not Taylor's influence.

Taylor wasn't on those channels before Tom. He shot all of her videos that weren't on a tripod, paid for the apartments she was shooting in, and funded the content in them including the "dolly" stuff. Designer brands want to seem aspirational, and only after she showed off having a more luxury life was Tom's company able to land her influencer work with those brands.

>Probably start her own brand

She literally did that with her overpriced dropship taobao and goop copy pasta. Even with Tom's massive backing it still went nowhere because she has no real sense of style and her fans are mostly poorfags living vicariously through her, kek.

No. 266035

>her overpriced dropship taobao and goop copy pasta. Even with Tom's massive backing it still went nowhere because she has no real sense of style and her fans are mostly poorfags living vicariously through her, kek.
All true, and also she only stocks one size fits all stuff which is obviously going to be unfashionable and look shit on most people. So like beige, baggy jumpers and coats for $200 aren't gonna fly off the shelves, especially when the fashionable nerd girls online have all been using aliexpress, taobao or whatever since 2015 to get whatever novel piece of polyester shit is trending on Instagram or tiktok, they're not gonna pay $200 for anything.

No. 266038

NTA, but those colors are pretty much all the rage and even buildings are following those patterns. I don't know when color is going to be cool again, but the whole minimalist movement in Asian countries and the aesthetic surrounding it, I don't see going away any time soon.

No. 266049

She spent years in Japan yet still couldn't figure out how to take the subway. Do you honestly think she would've been able to secure her own sponsors and run her own businesses?
Really, nothing more needs to be said. What's with all the WKs in /w/?

No. 266069

toat never fails to make me laugh. She even talked about "to a T" meaning a perfect fit. Which no one-size clothing is going to have. (https://toat.com/pages/about) Then the site and IG went completely dead. Guess it was too much work to write vapid "articles" to keep up the facade when the clothing wasn't selling. toat is just an embarrassingly narcissistic shrine to Taylor.

I think it is very telling that there are virtually no traces of actual customers wearing the clothing. She paid a model in Canada to promote the clothes and gave away stuff to Sharla. That's… it. I think I saw one review total.

It's also illegal to sell knock-offs, which she was doing.

No. 266074

no, it wasn't zipper, it was an actual Chinese fashion mag I believe. She had like, a little column where she would answer questions, etc. I can't remember the name though. It was before she left for Japan, and wasn't a full-on dolly clone yet.

No. 266076

Oh no, how dare you?! She's working hard night and day right now, learning new things and experimenting while she designs her new knock-off collection. And the lack of content and production was because of COVID and maternity leave and… and the one-size-fits-all is because she's a small, handmade business that can't make too many (i.e. more than one) sizes. /s

P.S. Watch her churn out a vlog about her working hard after reading all of this lazy princess talk lol

No. 266079

File: 1668550990720.jpg (236.1 KB, 709x895, xrZ873a.jpg)

ok, I found it. She had her own blog section in the Hong Kong version of Vivi magazine. She actually had a nice sense of personal style back then and should have stuck with it.

No. 266092

Tom was involved with Vivi HK at some point and owns the digital version now. In any case, a little column isn't enough to cover rent each month. Nonnies don't understand the cost of things or how much a non-supermodel realistically makes.

No. 266113

Post his ownership so we know how its his company. I don't see just being a shareholder, if that's the take, as owning it unless he's 51%

No. 266114

Her Canadian family is quite well off, but maybe not as extravagant as Tom. I looked for the video when she went to her fathers wedding but she took it down. I clearly recall her giving a tour of her father’s new luxury house, which he had custom built. I also recall her father joking about taking back his credit card from her. At the time she was also flying business class to visit her family and buying expensive gifts for her friends in Japan.

No. 266116

In Japan she was already with Tom for a while

No. 266117

Tom paid for her flights, the gifts for her friends and their home in Tokyo.

The father made that joke to prove he wasn't paying for her lifestyle, because even though he runs a dealership he can't afford to bankroll what she was doing. At that time Taylor was still hiding elbowsan's existence and pretending she was on her own. It's only when Tom's face got leaked that the threads here exploded.

Her family is working middle class, they never went to private schools or are part of society. Modular homes built on low cost land in Oakville is peanuts compared to houses in the actual city. Nothing wrong with it but they aren't as well off as you might think.

No. 266130

>She most likely would've been fine without Tom

I think she would've been too, but I think Tom was the worst thing to happen to her for the sake of her independence or having a normal 20 something year old life. Pre-japan/tom she had a pretty normal life - studying nutrition at hk uni, normal apartment, etc. I don't think there were other youtubers like her in HK so i think she would've done well on youtube and modeling.
BUT then post-tom, she got so spoiled she didn't even know how to use japanese public transportation lmao. And then later completely lacking the self-awareness that she's the top 1% and her whole 'girl boss' sounds retarded because she easily gives up and moves onto new business/career endeavors funded by tom. Never experiencing loss or hardship like a normie. She hasn't touched grass since she was like 22 or 23 kek

No. 266134

What do you mean she didn’t know how to use public transportation ? Like she didn’t know how to read a subway map??

No. 266137

Elyse is old news and she used to be so condescending in her blog. Not even her close (!) friends from ANTP was spared and she spoke out later about it
Elyse had fans because she found some success in east Asia but if you read her blog she has an attitude and makes snarky remarks about other models in auditions

No. 266138

Elyse made a snarky blogpost about Adrianne and also ratted her out to her agency. Everything is on Reddit if you want to google search

No. 266143

she was an actual north american model chronicling her career in HK. I don't give a crap about Adrienne, who is kind of a hot mess. All you have is A's word against E's, so what.

She is old news but left HK just as Taylor arrived in 2010. This is what I am talking about. Her experience in HK and Japan is not irrelevant to what a normal model would have gone through in 2010. She was very candid about the standards and procedures, what model apartments were like, how her agencies were, the fact that she was living with 13 and 14yo models and called old/fat.

No. 266144

samefag but why do you think I care if she was snarky? It's clear she was very honest in her blog and yeah, she had a successful career in east Asia. That's all I care about. Model apartments sound nightmarish and there are so. many. accounts in her blog about how young models were sexually assaulted, spied on, taken advantage of. By agency people too.

No. 266150

Tbh modeling market in Japan is still pretty much the same as underage Russian girls still travel here for modeling work, live in questionable conditions in tiny apartments and model for bridal or lingerie which should be reserved for at least women in their twenties.

But that’s not an industry secret. Everyone knows that. A quick walk in Omotesando and you’ll see a bunch of underage girls being transported in company car to their next audition.

That doesn’t justify Elyse’s condescending attitude against other models who auditioned with her tho. She made a mockery of many Russian girls and even an American girl if you prioritize “actual North American models” in East Asia…

No. 266151

Because you’re comparing Taylor to her. At least Taylor never made public snarky comments about her coworkers

No. 266159

no, I am using it as a guide for the industry Taylor was walking into. Elyse did editorial, high-fashion (runway), and commercial shoots. I don't think you understand the spirit in which her book and blog were written: all names were hidden and she wrote about the realities of what she experienced: agency ppl walking into apartments at all hours, puke-covered toilets, sketchy neighbors, communal van rides all day to castings. Taylor never described anything like the grueling schedule Elyse experienced. So it is relevant. Sorry I bumped your favorite cow by literally just citing a candid English description of the realities of modeling in east Asia. I don't prioritize NA models, it's just a no-holds-barred account of experiences IN ENGLISH, which is the primary language on this board.

No. 266161

a mockery of whom? aside from Adrienne?

she made fun of herself just as much as she did anyone else.

No. 266163

>a normal 20 something year old life

She was a grown adult in her mid-20s when she met Tom, plus she was openly seeking out higher net worth men to marry, not date, before her short modelling stint in HK fully dried up. Regardless of how Tom looks, both of them are a match in terms of intelligence and this is the life she wanted.

No. 266184

You do realize that just because she stopped modeling doesn't mean that completely raised any opportunity she might have had in the future if she hadn't gone with Tom, right?

No. 266194

Heh, this argument about Taylor and Tom is odd to me. We’ve hardly known of Taylor prior to toms assistance. PULL was the first to notice her back in 2013 listing her in the “kotaclone” thread before giving her a thread of her own. 2014 she suddenly started travelling first class for concerts and luxurious shopping trips in London and Paris. Despite Taylor giving us her own timeline of when they were dating, I think they were seeing each other casually prior to 2014. You just don’t fork out thousands on some girl you hardly know unless it was some sort of sugaring relationship.

A lot of people here and on old PULL have admitted that they only liked Taylor’s content due to her luxurious lifestyle, and no doubt a large sum of her fan base is the same. Her OG content of before Tom hardly got any traction and was boring ( health related or beauty related). She was terrible at marketing herself, and only after meeting “tripod-San” ( Tom ) did she start to grow more. Long story short, Tom has been helping her for at least as long as we have known her for, and she likely was like Kota in the early days where she had financial help from her parents. At least 50% of her growth and fame can be credited to Tom. Without Tom she would have been no different then other kawaii girls fame/follower wise and still modelling the odd catalog gigs. After agency deductions and bills she would never have enough to go on shopping sprees and luxurious trips like she can now.

No. 266196

Personally knew about her before PULL because of her social medias. The fact that multiple non's keep denying that she had an existence is really stupid. She had a good amount of following as well.

No. 266212

Taylor was living in a shared apartment with other models prior to moving in with Tom. She was not living on her own, supporting herself. Most of what's been described here is after she'd already already moved in with Tom. She was already with Tom when she moved to Japan. All her viral and popular vlogs were produced with Tom's wallet and help, and sometimes with a professional team he hired. She doesn't have an education or street smarts, can't run a successful brand even with Tom's help, and without consistent modeling work or viral videos, what do people think she could've done successfully to be able to earn enough to live comfortably?

No. 266227

ok. which ones?

they officially started in 2013 but I am sure there was something earlier, probably overlapping with Taylor's other bf. I can't prove it though. She said in this video that they first made contact in 2012: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Cs411H7fe/ (can't find a good spot to screenshot, but it starts around 0:45). She said she had already fallen in love with his personality before they even met in person lmao. Sure.

No. 266229

Anon she had a youtube and instagram. Stop being retarded.

No. 266245

Ain't denying her having an existence, but she would not have a large following without assistance. No 500k IG following nor over 1mil youtube. She probably would have never moved to Japan either since that was with Tom's money. In Japan, she met Sharla and the other Jvloggers and used them to grow her following even more. She really wasn't that big or known in 2012-2013. She wasn't even a popular "living doll" outside of 1-2 article mentions from China… Doesn't even pop up much in any "human doll, human barbie, living doll" searches. All you see is Valaria Lukyanova, Kotakoti, Anastasia, Venus, Angelica Kenova, Justin Jedlica and PixieFox. ( But if you click a Kota pic, she has one or two pics that popup in the pic-related section ). Again, she'd likely have a similar following base too that of Kota's (100k ) and a slowly dying modelling career, as the living doll trend died in 2015 and she was past her prime (25). She'd have a humble modelling career as a catalog model and a slow growth to her followers. Girl has the personality and creativity of a wet paper towel.

No. 266250

Why? Why do you think that? Literally, why do you think she would've been unpopular as the only dolly blogger in HK at the time? You literally go from 0 to 60 without any explanation as to why she probably would have become irrelevant. She had a following. The fact that she had it early before vlogging really really took off, it's a great indication she would have still remained popular just like everyone who was vlogging early.

No. 266252

pull found her before she had an IG. Her YT was pretty bare.

No. 266253

lol did you watch any of those early kota copycat vids? She has 0 personality and just eyefucks the camera. I'm talking about the early vids - ad for laser hair removal, skinny princess cupcakes, big eye makeup, messy sailor moon hair one… many were BE vids anyway.

No. 266258

Did you miss the part where I said she has zero personality or creativity? She wasn't popular in any of the trends she clung to, anon. Her living doll stunt didn't blow up until after Tom got her an apartment in Japan, expensive lolita fashion, modelling connections, and Japanese tutors and became her living tripod. She even got god-awful facial fillers at that time. Before that ( before Tom) nobody really knew her name, and she was never even mentioned globally like other dolly girls.

I didn't say she'd be entirely irrelevant or unpopular but would have a slow and very basic following count of around 100k on IG. Youtube would be even more of a flopper if she didn't develop some personality/creativity(she still doesn't have any to this day). Her old YT content was crappy tutorials and a voice-over done in a monotone voice.

No. 266270

She didn't have any following prior to Tom, literally none. All this wishful thinking about her imagined success is pointless aggrandizing because she wasn't a vlogger or on youtube until he was in the picture and buying her the cameras and gear to shoot with, kek.

No. 266272

I’m not trying to be mean but has she had Levi checked for hydrocephalus? His head is huge

No. 266307

So the idea she would've kept gaining popularity is somehow out the window kek sure.

No. 266320

Noticed it immediately when the first pic dropped. Unfortunately it’s from pedodad. Warthog genes + her penny wise forehead =gigantic headed child.

No. 266323

NTA but it seems you're struggling to realize Taylor isn't anything without Tom's money. It's also his money and company that slowly built her audience and expanded her reach over many years.

Tell us one notable thing about Taylor that isn't related to Tom's money that would make her popular and relevant. Even for a cow she's boring and niche.

No. 266330

>We’ve hardly known of Taylor prior to toms assistance. PULL was the first to notice her back in 2013 listing her in the “kotaclone” thread before giving her a thread of her own.

I don't think PULL immediately listed her as a kotaclone, because she was noticed and picked up on when she was still normal and making videos about her normal hong kong life. I think she was in online personalities and was well liked when she was normal and milkfree. But when she cringed out and skinwalked kota, she later got her own thread in snowflakes. I don't remember too well, but I think her hong kong videos were doing fairly well at the time as a newb, there weren't any other influencers like her in hong kong as opposed to an already over-saturated white girl youtuber market in japan

No. 266332

some babies just have larger heads. If there was reason for concern, he would have been checked for it already.

>>her penny wise forehead

seethe more.

No. 266346

They were and then she started selling out according to anons when Tom stepped in. He wasn't always in her life in HK. Anons just refuse to acknowledge the possibility of her being fair off on her own because they aren't interested in her

No. 266366

The pay must be good, huh? WK abound in this thread lately.

No. 266395

Seriously. Admitting to being a PULLtard and wking in the same breath used to be a bannable offense back in the days here.

No. 266397

File: 1668700003573.jpeg (89.83 KB, 900x301, 0FDAB670-F574-4173-959C-BBEBA7…)

Couldn’t help but to notice how much weight Tom has put on. He doesn’t have the excuse of getting pregnant, but man has he let himself go. The hair doesn’t do him any favours either.

No. 266404

That's sympathy weight, you hater. /s
For se reason he only gained in sympthay but seems to have no plans to lose it like his wife.

No. 266405

OT, but that cardigan does nothing for the outfit. Zero. Not pretty, not stylish, not functional.

No. 266421

I still remember when he posted his ripped underwear while cawing about sympathy weight

No. 266429

wooo look at her YT in April 2013
I just see Tom-promoted BE content and getting ready for her move to Japan. She and Tom met in 2012.
https://web.archive.org/web/20130422114058/https://www.youtube.com/user/taylorr1488 (mods: can't really effectively screenshot what I'm talking about, since it's like multiple things? But isn't an archive link helpful?)

So nah she didn't have shit before him. All those views come from the videos BE promoted. If she had gotten them organically, people would have clicked on the modeling videos, you know, the ones with 800 views at the bottom.(decade-old milk)

No. 266432

This is an imageboard and all this is hypothetical. You guys need to calm down about what could have been and being so pissed off about anons discussing it. This has been such a derail because
>nuh uh she would've never been good on her own
Let anons discuss Taylor and Tom. No1currs about your massive vendetta and shutdown of the topic. We get it, she has Tom's money now. We are talking about what-ifs he she never had.

No. 266433

what is the fucking problem with posting an archive link? It shows a lot about what her YT looked like then, dumbass

No. 266435

you're the one who wants to stop discussion, I visit this thread once a week or so and come back to your massive whinging

No. 266436

No, pull mainly fixated on all kawaiii/anime/ goth or extreme shoop girls. Taylor’s following didn’t start to even exist much until she started the dolly trend stuff. Someone that followed Taylor’s fb page listed her in the kotaclone thread ( I remember because I lurked pull frequently, especially those kind of threads because I was into the trend then) her YouTube back then was pretty dead with views less then 10k per video at the time. PULL found her to be a interesting comparison to kota because she was everything kota dreamed to be. Tall, skinny, pretty and a actual model. I honestly think the original thread for Taylor was low key made with the intention of pissing off Kiki and kota. Wasn’t until she got fillers,shopped heavily, faked a kawaii voice and constantly lied about small petty things that shit turned sour. That was a also when sperg-chan ( Kiki ) made an appearance.

No. 266437

Seethe more about her gigantic forehead? Okay I will, it’s funny lmao

No. 266438

She has some weird attraction to unattractive men right? I knew a girl like that and it’s because she had severe self esteem issues

No. 266439

in that video about her engagement, she said her last two bfs were Tom's age and 5 years older than him. ick

No. 266440

No one said she didn't have a life before Tom. Her #1 fan here is claiming she could've lived very comfortably without Tom's help, but there's nothing to suggest that's true. Even her youtube success has been through Tom. She might've had some followers pre-Tom, but not enough views and sponsors to live well or even on her own. The whole point of this discussion was the fact that she's complaining about Tom's birthday cake when it's Tom's birthday and his money, and she's not some victim being exploited like her WK here makes her out to be, and ironically, some of Tom's money has actually come from exploiting minors, which makes the poor Taylor argument even more stupid.

No. 266453

File: 1668718579249.png (753.28 KB, 1898x695, FB post in 2014.png)

i was looking for something and found that ONTD article that was basically info collected from the Farms. clicked on one of the links and realized that Tom and Taylor were in a relationship when MenClub drew attention to an article about Taylor's (and other models') upskirt photos. i'm not sure if the article blurred them or not, but i bet a lot of men jumped onto hk forum sites to get the unblurred ones.

If anyone decided to publicize upskirt photos of me, i would immediately leave that person. How she stayed after that, i have no idea. And no it doesn't matter if Tom himself wrote the post or not, Taylor is named in the text of the post…. i know not every woman is the same, but how do you endure that kind of disrespect if the event was so traumatic for you (as she herself stated it was)?

No. 266492

This were good YT numbers at the time

No. 266493

Uh, not the only anon who's said this, but okay??

No. 266507

Pretty sure she's just a gold digger who wanted to make sure that she'd never have to work a real job, so she looked for easiest route to achieve that. She seems to be one of those girls who cannot even imagine herself having a real job, much like Venus or Yumi.

No. 266527

OK, anon, you're absolutely right. Taylor had a stellar carrier before Tom got into the picture, she would have been very successful and lived a life in luxury just like now even if she hasn't married Ew-san. All thanks to her wits and talent and genius youtube/SM content. Happy? Now fuck off.

No. 266532

Anon, no one said she had a stellar career. You really need a xanax or something. Anons are just saying she would've been fine and considering her market wasn't big at the time and she was one of the few white vloggers in HK, she most likely would've gotten big there even if she left modeling and just did YouTube. This isn't that big of a deal. Stop being so pissed that anons don't agree with you and freaking out about about what actually happened. YouTube having 10s/100s of views around that time were good numbers. Millions didn't become the norm for most people until years later when streaming really started off and cable began to wane.

No. 266535

stop pretending like you speak for a majority here when you samefag constantly

>take a xanax

calm down, take your meds, get help, touch grass reee

No. 266536

with all due respect to this mod, i didn't start that discussion but copped a ban for showing in a saged post the state of her YT. i don't understand why this is even 'old milk' (it's not, which is why i saged it). Kinda feels shitty to contribute facts to a discussion i didn't start and get redtext shamed for doing it. i thought proof was important: contribute proof, get banned.

No. 266562


Where are they? Zero people have agreed with your samefagging on the false narrative you keep pushing with unrelated points and zero proof.

She had no views on her dolly videos until Tom started paying for them to get amplified. It has nothing to do with cable when most her fans and viewers are ESL SEA weebs who don't have it anyway but gj trying to connect unrelated points again.

No. 266565

No one had been samefagging. The entire thread isn't just 2 people.
Also proof he paid for promos? Proofhe paid for her plane ticket to China even lol

No. 266588

Ask Taylor for the receipts when receiving your next payment lol Or is it Tom who pays you? That would make more sense.

No. 266592

>tom paid for everything
>we can't prove he paid for everything


No. 266604

Different anon, I don't know about the promo crap, but I do know it was heavily speculated about the Europe trips. The first-class flight, 5-star hotels, 10k shopping sprees and luxurious cafes or restaurants coupled with concert tickets just seemed out of Taylor's financial reach. She wasn't big on Youtube back in 2013/2014 and a catalog model's pay could not cover such expenses.

I think it's pretty obvious what was covered by who as Taylor always shopped at cheap af places on her own credit card. Fast fashion is cheap and where Taylor frequented, and expensive Chanel or luois Vuitton was either mentioned as a gift and/or Tom was with her buying it. As for current right now Taylor, I think she could afford it on her own… Just not back then. TBH I think Tom covered most heavy expenses and some until Taylor got her footing and was financially well off on her own.

No. 266608

This, seriously. It's like the weird nerds and Elon meme but with a niche cow who is a big nothing without her husband's money.

Wk-chan what do you get out of derailing the thread?

No. 266640

Wait, so anons have only speculated,yet assuming everything is by Tom lol

No. 266646

What makes more sense - that a man that owned flat on the mid levels and now has 70 MLN HKD (9 mln USD, not 900k like mentioned before) along with 2 MLN CAD can afford business class tickets from Asia to Europe and Canada, luxury hotels and shopping sprees or that it all can be paid by a catalog model from mid-class family (keep in mind she does have 3 siblings to share family money with) that lives in shared model apartment, and has few thousand views on her mediocre videos? Cmon, you need to be delusional to think she could have had that lifestyle on her own. But if you want to believe she would be this successful on her own then go ahead. If you had any idea on reality of HK KOL market then and now you would know without Tom’s money and promoting her any chance he got she wouldn’t be this popular and thus wouldn’t be able to afford any of those things.

No. 266647

Both sides are purely based on speculation. There will never be any proof unless Taylor herself post bank statements and admits to having Tom help her. Ps this goes both ways. Anons can’t prove that she hasn’t either.

No. 266665

It's not about what makes sense, it's about what's true. Anons are saying he was important from the moment she moved to HK which I highly doubt. This completely ignores the possibility that she was getting popular there on her own without him. The fact that he apparently owned everything she was ever featured in is such a reach, anons didn't even back up information about >>266079 him apparently also owning Vivi magazine.

I'm all for saying she couldn't have gotten anywhere without him if it weren't for the fact that that's not entirely true. Multiple anons have stated that when she moved to HK, being one of the very few vloggers who were white and modeling there at the time, that she started to become interesting. The same way other vloggers did the same thing in Japan. It being HK doesn't negate that it happened to her too but somewhere else. I think over time, with publicity, Tom took interest in her, but to say that he paid for everything from the get-go seems such a reach and just an overblown vendetta

No. 266670

I noticed that cardigan too. Comfy, but looks surprisingly cheap and is a randomly thrown together outfit. I'd wear that kind of cardigan on a lazy day with jeans and t-shirt.
Doesn't really go with the shoes and skirt.

No. 266672

He is posting on his IG back in 2019 how they just launched online version of Vivi HK that he already owned in print.
She wasn’t getting popular without him, that’s the thing. She was mentioned here and there but not more than other white models. OK, she was a white vlogger in HK but with not big reach, HK is not popular place to be interested so most of people outside of HK based on probability wouldn’t notice her. Japanese and Korean vloggers for sure, but HK is relatively small and the coverage options are limited.
In fact her popularity didn’t grow until she moved with Tom to Japan - which he sponsored. Prior to him she only made commercials for instant pasta, underwear store, some shots for magazine that no one cared about. He met her during one of those shots which she confirmed, they connected and somehow from that point her promotion on beauty exchange, men’s club etc began and she became more recognized in HK.

No. 266679

No one says he's been sponsoring her since she landed in HK, wtf. Anons are saying she was a mediocre model with miserable following and started to take off only after he employed his connections and started giving her more visible platforms and gigs. Whichever anon said 100s of views on Youtube were a big deal back then, sure, but no one made a carrier out of it.
There's no "possibility" she was successful before him because that's obviously not true. She could afford to live comfortably, sure, but having a massive following and living in luxury is a bigass stretch.

No. 266680

The wks are pretending to have no idea how much things cost and how little money Taylor has ever made on her own in her whole life because she barely worked.

If it was easy to make money doing what Taylor did, every tard would be doing it. Instead the sad reality is more like this >>265774 for the weebs who have delusions about being a white girl in asia.

No. 266691

Everytime I pass this thread some anon is trying to reinvent Taylor's history like anons aren't old enough to remember kek.

No. 266692

That and saying anyone who points out the actual history must have some vendetta when they simply happened to be around during some of the board's greatest moments like spergchan.

No. 266696

her early modeling (2010-2012) was abysmal but I do chalk it up to her agency not teaching her better. So many gaping mouths and vacant eyes. She's improved a bit but now frozen her face so badly she cannot convey emotions

No. 266715

Her blank, emotionless face with an open mouth is her trademark thumbnail face now kek

No. 266748

The partial open mouth thing is a staple for models. What are you on about? Its prevents your chin from wrinkling unless you want to leave everyone up to digital editing.

No. 266749

Anons admitted HK is always cheaper, for luxury too.

No. 266753

Sure but you still have to do it in a way that doesn't look bad or awkward which she did not know how to do

No. 266756

Gaping fish mouth and overly opened or squint eyes seem like the go-to for everyone. Can't tell a difference lol

No. 266761

anon, when you defend taylor from even the tiniest subjective opinion, you seem like a shill. why does everyone have to like everything about taylor for you to be content? that's never going to happen. hide the thread and go like her IG posts.

No. 266778

Zipper was via her agency Satoru which had been her agency since her first time in Japan which was incidentally also her first time working abroad.

No. 266800

>She could afford to live comfortably
Even that's doubtful tbh.

No. 266840

Can you hear yourself? Cheaper LUXURY. Even if it's cheaper, it's still nowhere near affordable, I'm afraid. And given the property prices and crisis in HK she could never afford her current apartment. Hell, with her "successful" carrier all she could afford was a shared flat.

No. 266845

Did you live in HK in 2015, anon? Do you have any idea the cost comparatively?

No. 266850

ntayrt but there are plenty of sites giving information about historic rental prices, don't be daft. So you've lived in HK, then?

No. 266853

File: 1668903299874.jpg (128.52 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20221120-011219_Chr…)

No. 266855


Anon, are you not following this convo?

No. 266856

I see, so HK was a cheap and affordable city prior to 2019, when it was the most expensive in the world?

No. 266859

File: 1668904033827.jpg (240.12 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20221120-012556_Chr…)

here's the Mercer index for 2010. HK is #8 most expensive in the world. https://www.cnbc.com/2010/06/29/The-Worlds-Most-Expensive-Places-To-Live-2010.html

Stop lying to defend your waifu

No. 266871

dang she hit the wall hard. not meaning this as an insult. just objectively. speculatively, her career is over.

No. 266885

Just ignore that one wk who pretends they can't do a quick google and pretends "anons" agree with them. They don't realize this isn't a fansite.

Even Taylor talked how she was literally living in shared apartment squalor until Tom came into the picture. It's just that she hid the truth about Tom being her partner for so long in hopes of looking successful.

No. 266947

Anons don't even like hypotheticals discussed, damn

No. 267019

What’s the Chinese tradition regarding housewife? Is she gonna be stuck in her home with a child and never get a real job? She probably would regardless, but I’m wondering what her excuse will be.

No. 267059

Well, according to her, she's already a working mother, so…

No. 267148

File: 1669019932245.jpg (172.06 KB, 543x973, Untitled-1.jpg)

No milk, but is this a mother thing?
Because I think watching toddlers eat with all the drool and food smeared over their hands and faces is pretty much the most unsightly thing about toddlers after dirty diapers.

No. 267150

Probably a mom thing but absolutely nothing that has to be broadcast on your social media. People have no boundaries these days.

No. 267156

Maybe she's happy because her baby can eat food and chew it. As a new mom it's important since it's a proof he is healthy. At this stage a lot of babies start with food allergies, digestive problems.. Or simply start becoming picky eaters.
No one likes a baby drooling all over the place.(learn2sage)

No. 267157

Its a baby.

No. 267165

Yeah, it's totally a mom thing. I'm so thankful that none of my mom friends post it online. Taylor made me appreciate them more.

No. 267186

You don't say? I thought it was an armchair.

No. 267190

it was absolutely disgusting seeing and hearing that baby gnaw on her story. gross af

No. 267194

This was absolutely stomach turning. I should not have watched.

No. 267200

He’s a cute baby but yeah it’s gross. I’m a mom and I never once zoomed my camera in on my sons mouth while he’s eating. Shits weird

No. 267235

video of the act here https://emalm.com/?v=K7wAX

don't come at me, it's late and i don't have time to figure out video embedding rn. uploaded it to an anon vid site

No. 267239

I miss the days before tranny drag makeup influenced all makeup styles, alt and mainstream

No. 267240

Same. Omg, I don't know what I was expecting, but it was worse than that. Put trigger warning on gross things like that or smt. Jesus. Some thing should never be posted online. This is one of those things. Ew.

No. 267261

This does not look like a YouTube link. Anon's, even without the embed, do not click. Youtube links look like this: https:/ /youtu.be/CODEFORVIDEO

Wait for anon to learn2embed

No. 267272

I clicked it. It's the uploaded IG story. Why would it be a youtube link…

No. 267275

Oh well

No. 267291

statistically, you are incorrect, sir. kindly go back to your middle school homeroom.

No. 267293

I feel bad for you because you've clearly never come close to being in a relationship.

No. 267299

How can you tell his weight gain based on those pictures? His face just got uglier and fatter. He somehow aged a bunch in 2 years. His body looks the same.

Also, Taylor's face is the exact same in all three. that is some top model skill!

No. 267305

Why are you writing witty retorts to month old posts kek?

No. 267319

Oh don’t feel bad for me. My husband is able to watch our own kid without being spoonfed everything

No. 267325

Lmao, can you be more obvious, WK-chan?

No. 267663

Nta, but they are right.

No. 267840

>Also, Taylor's face is the exact same in all three. that is some top model skill!

This is bait, anon. Do I need to explain it to you?

No. 267847

They aren't wrong that good models are able to keep the same poses/faces exactly. Bait or not, she does know how to do that lol

No. 267857

Lmao, what's this random convo about Taylor's modeling "talent"?
Are we rewriting history again since proving that she would've been a billionaire on her own didn't work? Lol

No. 267859

File: 1669310196631.jpeg (594.4 KB, 1121x2008, EE3F062B-8810-462B-B398-F60120…)

lol okay taylor, makes sense. how could a child possibly learn their native language without nanny? as long as they’re married these two are never leaving HK

No. 267864

y'know what makes that easy? Freezing your fucking face and injecting it with shit!

No. 267909

Well, if Tom talks to him in Cantonese at home all the time and he gets tutored, he can learn that in Canada, too.

No. 267910

File: 1669329034712.jpg (349.99 KB, 1080x1884, IMG_20221124_210123.jpg)

Oh, look, her highness finally bought bigger jeans. Took her long enough lmao. I love how she always says she does not care about her body, but every time she mentions it, she stresses that she's "appreciative" and "chill" with it NOW. I mean, I thought you were over it since day one…

No. 267916

Why does she want to move back to Canada? I thought she loved HK? It’s not like she’s close to her family

No. 267938

If i come from a developed democratic country i will not want to stay in a country where i can’t speak the language, expensive and being taken by ccp and make my child grow there unless coming from
Some shithole then you have no better option.

No. 267944


Taylor’s in for a rude awakening whenever she does move back though. Taylor’s entire worldview of “Canada” is downtown Toronto and the hick town her family lives in a couple hours down the highway (more like 3-4 hours now with the urban exodus to Niagara.) Ontario’s kind of an overpriced shithole to live in in a post-covid world that she’s totally oblivious to.

Everything besides the money that makes Taylor think she’s special means jack in Canada anyway. There’s no “career” in it. No one cares about the content of some white 35 year old has-been catalog model from Grimsby with a high school education. Her “international couple” schtick is tacky and borderline racist and wouldn’t last a minute over here without people calling her out on it.

No. 267968

While I don't think she necessarily ISN'T close to her family, I do think she romanticizes the idea of family a ton. She's always waxing lyrical about cooking her grandma's recipes, crying on FaceTime with her family, and her vlogs back home made it look like she gets on well with her siblings. I don't think she loves the reality of her family - because otherwise why would she live so far from them and visit so seldom, even pre-COVID.

I think she just really loves the idea of a big family, the aesthetic of having everyone around, cooking and wearing matching clothes. She's someone who is far more interested in how things look in pictures than how they really are in reality.

No. 267973

File: 1669375564665.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20221124-192244.png)

No shit, Sherlock, everything changes. But basically this thumbnail shows everything is still the same.

Look at my plasticky face and tell me I am so beautiful, not a day over 21, so wholesome, so perfect! Is this about my son? You'd never know from the thumbnail!! It's all about me.

Rosie was bought from a Chinese puppy farm selling horribly disfigured teacup poodles. Because we have money to burn, let's get her an unnecessary DNA test.

No. 267974

double post but
lmao the random arrow pointing at Tom. Did Taylor find out he's not Rosie's father? wtf

No. 267981

lmao they're saying it because the OP said Toddlers

No. 267994

the distinction doesn't matter, smartass.

No. 267997

New vlog. A snooze fest.
Did she really need to do the stupid DNA test to realise that Rosie needs a check-up at the vet? Isn't that a thing you do regularly anyway?
Also, the fuck is she pretending that Rosie could be a mix? You got her from a popular breeder, of course she's a purebred mutant.

No. 268033

Anyone have a summary? She keeps acting like her marriage is perfect so I’m surprised she uploaded something like this. Idc about Rosie’s part

No. 268050

just like any other time it's just clickbait and she doesn't talk about their relationship

No. 268057

they were sleep-deprived. that's it.

No. 268058

Yep, pretty much this. They realized that once they have a baby they have to talk about something more than which hotel they'd do a staycation at. And it's hard work, people. The baby is crying and we have responsibilities. wow.

No. 268063

Not sure how pointing out that his body didn't change much while his face did is WKing. But there, you got to use your cool lingo once more. Go, you!

No. 268064

Yes, please explain how that's bait. Bait for what?

No. 268065

It's not a convo about her talent. It freaks me out that she looks identical in all three pictures.
I made a snarky comment. Some anons didn't get the snark. And the world keeps on turning.

No. 268071

when you can't move your face because you've fucked it up with filler and Botox, that sure ain't talent, you insufferable WK

No. 268073

Nothing, really. They had a fight because the baby didn't let them sleep and they were tired. She didn't even specify what they quarreled about, only said she he told her to stop seeing him as an opponent because they're in fact in the same team.

No. 268103

why the fuck would she put a 1-week postpartum pic in the background of this ask? It has nothing to do with the question or her current state

No. 268105

sorry to samefag but that nostril gaping above is really unflattering, damn.

No. 268172

To show the "horrendous" condition her body was in and to fish for compliments on her "hard work" getting to her current body.
But I agree, that had nothing to do with the question, OP talked about 1 year postpartum, not 1 week.

No. 268284

I dunno what it's like to have a baby, but I'd assume the mom would be too exhausted and busy to be taking those kind of photos (and you know she didn't just pose for a quick one) just a week after giving birth.

No. 268317

You forgot she had a "helper" - do everything for me while I rest - for the first months and has one now so she can "work", which is - taking photos from every angle. I wonder if she'll be like this for the next pregnancies, too.

No. 268625

Don’t they have a nanny? Idk how you can be too tired when you’re hiring someone to watch your kid while you can nap or do whatever else

No. 268627

not just a nanny in the childcare sense, a domestic helper who does all the cleaning and cooking too (so taylor can cook separate chicken meals for instagram ofc)

No. 268652

We don't know that for sure. Also we don't know if it's even live in which is what people have been tinfoiling. For all anyone knows she only shows up 4 times a week.

No. 268690

watch her latest video? The nanny starts work in the morning and takes care of Rosie and the household too. We don't know if she sleeps overnight but does that really matter? Stop defending your beloved cows from every perceived slight. Tom definitely doesn't need to be at the office all the time but can't be arsed to help out either - it's all part of their plan to have designer babies and let other people do the bts workbof caring for them.

No. 268705

she said herself in her stories awhile back that the helper cooks, cleans, takes care of the dog and nannies the baby

No. 268706

Having a nanny is actually still completely normalised in Hong Kong unlike the West, particularly for the very well off. There's nothing out of the ordinary about someone who lives the lifestyle Taylor does having a full-time nanny.

No. 268734

Didn't say it was. I said assuming she's there 24/7 or that she's a live-in is dumb.

No. 268735

I think it's why we've never gotten a real tour of the home, not even after all this time.

No. 268745

Always a WK in this thread I swear to God

No. 268778

Who? Sorry other anons want proof before pretending there's someone living there 24/7. I've had nannies and they'd only actually come like 3 times a week. Nannies aren't a big deal, especially in a country where it's expected, even in the poor communities [God forbid you hear about that since you seem to think this is only a rich person thing]. No different if a parent or friend was helping out. Calling people whiteknights because you don't agree with them sure shows the thought processes you have.

No. 268806

No one said the domestic helper is there 24/7, stop playing dumb. But she is indeed there most of the day - from morning till evening. The only time Taylor has to handle the kid without help is the night (when he's sleeping) and early mornings, that's it.
P. S. If you don't wanna be taken as a WK, stop justifying her every move and nitpicking and exaggerating comments or taking them completely out of context to prove a point.

No. 268809

>No different if a parent or friend was helping out.
Um, parents and friends don't get paid, it's not their job to be there when my (nonexistent) baby wakes up or to clean my (existent) dog's poop. That's an insane comparison to make. Stop trying to make a fight about everything. If it's normal even in "poor communities," then why did Carol have to do her whole confinement herself? Was she poorer than poor?


No. 268869


No. 268913

They should get paid. Free labor just because your fam and friends is shitty. You're taking up their time. Do you really expect not pay people who you know to babysit? Take advantage of their help? Holy shit, thats worse. Also Carol, that was her job. She's employed for that. She did it with other mothers too, but okay. She was a slave, apparently.

No. 268938

I have rich friends from HK and they definitely have domestic help there during the working hours. It's a full-time job for a lot of people there's nothing strange about that situation so I don't know why you're screeching for proof when it's practically a given in HK for the well off. And no one is saying it's exclusively a rich person thing, it's culturally normalised like it was in the West decades ago, but naturally it would be strange for their domestic help to not be there a lot of the time considering how well off they are.

No. 268943

hey, learn reading comprehension, you have misconstrued not just what I wrote but the tone of it, because you want to sperge again.

I asked why Carol had to cook and take care of HERSELF during confinement, with no help from anyone (bc she could not afford it). This was stated in a video you probably didn't even watch. Watching the content is too much to ask of such a low-grade derailer, I guess. So is the English-speaking Carol just that poor? I mean, wow if so, she must have really turned her whole economic life around, learned English, took all those classes, and gotten all those certifications, all since she gave birth, and she doesn't look very old.

No. 268990

Carol is an adult. No one called Carol poor. They said even poor people have helpers for babies the same way Taylor did for her pregnancy and that it's not just some rich person gimmick because they are lazy. This forced pity on to Carol is stupid, it's been months. Anons really, really hate the idea that nannies and anyone helping within a household that isn't direct family. It's so weird.

I'm not screeching about it. I'm asking if anons can prove, according to them, that they are there 24/7. I'm saying they might not even be there 24/7 and even agreed it's not a big deal due to it being so normalized in China and HK and multiple other countries. You have celebrities in China using assistants just to hold a phone or change someone's shoes. Taylor at least seems to pay them and she treats them nice, also from the looks of it, which is more than I can say for a lot of workers. However, anons will say she's overworked and probably not taken care of for some reason, but nothing to back it up.

No. 268996

Give us the pay already

No. 269002

Sorry I don't think going straight to extremes makes much sense. We see bits of her life and we don't even know if things she posts is daily or pre-filmed/shot. The only person I recall seeing in her stories 'daily' at one point was Carol after birth. I personally don't care if she has housekeepers 24/7 or a nanny 24/7. Like other anons have said >>268938 it's not out of the ordinary, especially if you can afford it, but I haven't see anyone around like Carol was. If someone was, anons would've been posting it too, not just complaining every few weeks with the sight of someone, not even knowing if it's the same person from before. No one is saying she doesn't have any help. Just don't think it makes sense to say it's just like Carol again when it clearly isn't, but anons are passing it off like it's true. Can we start logging these appearances then? Lets keep track of this 24/7 domestic helper so we can make sure Taylor does nothing in her life.

No. 269017

To the WK-chan doing her best to beat a dead horse, we never see her assistant(s) either, but it's obvious they are there. Not 24/7, might I add just in case.

Let's stop responding to it. It's just here to stir shit. Let's wait for a better topic of discussion.

No. 269019

Anons have stated multiple times, myself included that we're not implying it's 24/7 but it's conventional for it to be a normal working day. I also have nothing against help, and understand it's just cultural norm in HK and yet you continue to write paragraphs predicated on shit I didn't even say kek. Touch some grass it'll do you good.

No. 269021

you said poor people have nannies and helpers and fuck knows what else in Asia. So normal! even for poors! Except Carol, an educated woman, said herself on video that she could not afford it and did her confinement alone without any help. So stop shilling this idea that every Asian woman, rich and poor, has all this access to help when they don't. And that's where I'm leaving it. You deliberately try to cause fights by misrepresenting what people write and I hope anons continue to report your stupid posts.

No. 269034

>you said poor people have nannies and helpers and fuck knows what else in Asia. So normal! even for poors

I've never heard of people having nannies and helpers being commonplace in asia or anywhere except for the upper middle class.
I think Taylor needs a nanny since she is quite immature and has her influencer business to run and a lifestyle to maintain (e.g. nobody wants to watch struggle content), but it isn't commonplace to have nannies, cooks, cleaners, assistants etc despite what wk-chan wants us to believe.

No. 269037

NTA, but there are approximately 400 000 (based on 2019 numbers) foreign domestic helpers in HK which makes up 5% of HK population. Their salary is now around 5K HKD on average, to hire one she needs to be provided with accommodation and food - outside of her salary. They work 6 days a week with one day off and public holidays off.

I don’t think that people meant poor as in living in cage homes poor. But if a woman earns 15k HKD they would still hire a FDH to take care of the kids after school, cook, clean etc. because then enables her to go to work and have that extra 10K for the family budget.
You need to keep in mind FDH is not a pui yuet - pui yuet doesn’t do cleaning etc, she purely takes care of the mother and child with TCM, looking after the baby at night so mother can rest better etc.
Salary of a helper is 5K HKD on average, pui yuet is easily over 25K, depending on experience and time pui yuet has to spent at your home it can easily go over 40K.

By the fact that there’s many more FDH than just regular nannies (400k vs 10k) the probability of her having a living-in nanny (FDH must be provided with accommodation to be hired) is much greater, but no one can really confirm unless she admits it. Just like she admitted with pui yuet after our speculations here.

Having a helper in HK is not just a rich people thing, with 5 days working week being a job benefit (I kid you not, next to like gym membership you will see “5 days working week” in job listings), irregular hours often overlapping with kids school hours etc. many people who can’t count on grandparents will decide to hire FDH because at the end of the day they will still be bringing more money home. Many apartments often come with a small room for the helper already (not the newer apartments tho, they don’t even have a proper kitchen now).
It’s just very common and part of a local living style that I’m not judging Taylor for having help.

No. 269040

File: 1669769892024.png (887.1 KB, 863x483, Screenshot_20221130-015254.png)

>Since 2003, all foreign domestic helpers are required by law to be live-in.
from here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_domestic_helpers_in_Hong_Kong#:~:text=Comprising%20five%20percent%20of%20Hong,domestic%20helpers%20in%20the%20territory.

She says she employs a "helper." Ergo, the helper is living in the residence.

Why be disingenuous and write all these paragraphs to say that Taylor has to admit her nanny is a live-in helper? You know she is, that's required by law. 5k HKD is the appx minimum salary required by law, not an average.

If you want to know the truth about HK "helpers" and how they are generally treated like shit by everyone, read the wikipedia article and its sources.

No. 269046

Jfc, anon. They aren't always required to love with you, especially if you have someone who is a resident and not just a foreign hire working for pennies. Just get over the help thing already. This isn't milky when it's common where she lives.

No. 269056

>love with you
god i hope not, imagine being by law required to have sex with Tom or TayTay

No. 269058

Don't infight over stupid grammar shit, anon.

No. 269060

it was a joke, sensitive whiteknight

No. 269067

“The average salary of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong has reached HK$5,144, an increase of 2.6 percent from a year ago”. Minimum is below that.

I don’t know why you’re barking at me, I’m one of those thinking she has a living in domestic helper, but that one WK keeps saying there’s no evidence and thus I said until Taylor admits it I can’t provide them with the evidence aside of probability of that happening taking into consideration HK’s reality.

I don’t need to read about FDH in HK, I live in HK, I know the reality of it. I saw helpers tucked into kitchen at children’s birthday party. Or a “room” that was just a kitchen storage with bed. And her employer said “There’s even a window and a fan, and she has her own bathroom”. Which is a guest bathroom. Not everyone is like this, I also know families who pay for their helper’s airplane tickets and pay them full months salary when they are off. But especially local employers tend to abuse their power towards FDH.(derailing)

No. 269072

If you are so used to domestic helpers, then why should you care? It's clear they don't beat or take advantage of them. Anons just don't think they are there 24/7 without more proof. Just asserting it when we don't know is dumb.

No. 269101

Sorry to interrupt the confinement nanny circle jerk, but can anyone tell me if Taylor has normal or crazy parents. I'm fairly new to her. I only know her since the tom years. Just curious about her background. She seems like a good mom.(spoonfeeding request)

No. 269282

I don't know if they're still up but if you go a few years back on her channel there are several videos with her family in them. Just a normal family imo.

No. 269287

There's no reason to discuss and delve into specifics about her family. They aren't milk.

No. 269305

What even is Rosie?

No. 269306

They have been bitchin about it for over a month

No. 269308

A mutant poodle. The test confirmed.

No. 269312

It's not milky when it's common where she is. It's such a boring take, especially when they aren't even being abusive either. Anons think Taylor having a nanny and posting online at the same time means she's a bad mom and that's what they call 'milk'. Jesus.

No. 269318

how the fuck do you know if someone is abusing their help? God, go outside. You are the one beating the dead horse here by asserting it's so totes normal and Chinese while Taylor literally larps as new working mother - meaning, she films YT reels with an assistant while someone cleans, cooks, watches her ivf baby, watches her dog, and does whatever else she asks. Nanny news wasn't unsaged or called milky, you just can't tolerate anything that isn't lavish praise of your princess.

No. 269319

and LITERALLY NO ONE said she's a bad mom, you are trying to start fights here. Take your meds.

No. 269322

Anons saying Taylor is an absent mom is basically saying the same thing. "She doesn't care for the kid, the nanny does, Taylor just uses the kid for photos" is literally what anons have been trying to peddle.

It is normal over there. Get over it. your racism regarding it because it's a different society is showing.

No. 269326

having an issue with glorified slavery of foreign women isn't racism, anon. And yeah, I have an issue with rich exploiting poor women, don't you?

no one said she is a bad mom. Stop trying to infight. Her IG is open for your fawning bootlicking.

No. 269327

Sorry I misunderstood you and that you inexplicably got a derailing ban, nonna. I reread your post and I'm at fault for reacting how I did. Shit's weird here

No. 269376

Yes. Go to the extreme in order to shut down discussion.

No. 269382

>it is normal over there. Get over it.

sorry, you think others are shutting down "discussion"? discussion of what?

No. 269418

Anon give it a break, you’ve been tryin to have this discussion with anyone for weeks. Taylor is not the reason for modern day slavery. She’s annoying, definitely. She’s not the cracker you’re trying to make her out to be.

No. 269419

Anon won’t get this through their head. Clearly lives in the states and doesn’t understand not everywhere is the USA. She can’t grasp the concept.

No. 269421

Pretty sure you’re the same anon, blaming people on tryin to start infighting when you clearly so desperately wanna infight. People pointing out that your off your rocker isn’t kissing Taylor’s ass or whiteknighting.

No. 269488

Your nitpicking about this is over the top at this point. You sound unhinged and stupid as hell to try and make this milky when it isn't.

No. 269516

more than one anon posted about this issue, but I at least am done taking your fucked up bait.

I live in Europe, not that it matters, and you are the one bringing race into it.

No. 269527

a mother has childcare help. reeeee

No. 269538

I don't think anons are necessarily reeing because she has help (some spergs certainly do but whatever), it's more due to the fact that she tries to hide it until backed into a corner or a slip-up happens. All for glorious insta-super-mom credit. But that's just how social media works in the end.

No. 269545

Please kindly fuck off.

No. 269590

They aren't the forefront of her channel. Does she need to video any drivers she has too because they are secret too because no way she walks all the time. You guys act like she's hiding when it's more like its not important.

No. 269638

Before it went off on the nanny tangent, discussion was originally about how Taylor was fishing for compliments when she uploaded that photo of her body 1-week postpartum (when someone asked how she was feeling because they were still struggling 1 year after giving birth) and how it's surprising that she was already posing for those photos when you'd think she would've been too be preoccupied and tired for that at the time. Having a nanny and helper obviously makes it a lot easier for a new mom to do something like that and the whole humblebrag response to a fan who probably isn't as privileged as her was incredibly tone-deaf.

No. 269644

Bait? Race? What?

No. 269652

Nta but thank you for bringing some reason and sanity to this trainwreck of a thread.

No. 269823

three days into December and not a word from Taylor anywhere when half her personality is made up with her obsession with christmas. I can only imagine the meltdowns and fighting she’s having with Tom off-camera right now over her Perfect Christmas Vision not ready to go on day one

No. 269831

The fuck are you even talking about? You have some really weird dysfunctional family fantasy about Taylor and it's really gross.

No. 269864

she is usually fucking insane about Christmas, it's a fair q to ask where the content is. But a bit weird to assume she's fighting with Tom about it.

No. 269866

Her vlogmas content was the best imo, and her near-daily japan videos from many years ago. She thrives when making content daily versus monthly blogging, but she's one of the many influencers who puts it in Stories instead.

No. 269912

The tinfoil is dumb.

No. 270012

anon acknowledged that

No. 270017

File: 1670164962919.jpg (562.57 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20221204_153830.jpg)

The reason Taylor's not in her usual insane Christmas spirit is because she's currently in Canada. She flew there asap after hearing of her Nana's declining health to say her goodbyes. She posted a few stories explaining the situation but I'm too dumb to save and upload them. Maybe someone else could do that.

No. 270029

Nah, no need. She just complained about a cancelled flight and a long layover.

No. 270030

Well, this explains it. Not to sound mean-spirited, but I guess another sobbing session is coming. I hope she decides against documenting and uploading it. I think everyone will understand if she disappears from SM for a while, instead of broadcasting intimate, family moments.

No. 270035

yes, agreed. I have been dreading this bc we barely knew anything about her grandfather but that was like a giant cryfest for months. She is so much closer to her Nana. For her own sake, I hope she finally gets therapy instead of just talking about one session she had and buying self-help books.

I'm not at all being mean here, my mother died last year in her late 50s and it destroyed me. I still cry all the time but I can't imagine broadcasting something like that to people who do not know me or my family for views. And I started seeing a great therapist eventually, that helped a lot as my grief was making it hard to work or see people

No. 270055

Stop trying to turn this into something selfish. Get real help.

No. 270058

No one's making it selfish. What? I was just saying that there's no need to share the rest of the stories because there's no milk or interesting/useful info.

No. 270060

reported for infighting, anon's comment was completely benign, but that's not good enough for this caping weirdo

No. 270103

This is a good take, and sorry anon.

No. 270114

wow, her grandma is dying and she's dolled up as usual and smiling on camera talking about it. she's way too into herself.

No. 270135

bait. that's not the vibe she's giving at all, and I'm not a Taylor stan in the slightest

No. 270161

Just say you hate her already and you don't come here for actual milk. Fuck your bait.

No. 270198

Did you not see her Instagram reel? “Hey guys so I flew over here because my grandma is dying :DD”

No. 270223

you successfully got the WK to ree about hate, congrats. stfu, people don't always look crying and sad when talking about a sad thing. She is wearing normal makeup, and iirc she even did a full face of makeup for her birth, so why would she be there without makeup? (also nana wouldn't recognize her without it probably.)

She looks grateful to have gotten there in time. Just leave it, there's nothing right now, and I think she's ridiculous 95% of the time.

No. 270224

ty, I'm trying to heal from it. Losing a parent is different from losing a grandparent who lived a long life.

No. 270269

don’t care. regardless of all the assumptions you made, smiling while talking about someone who is suffering is fucking weird

No. 270277

NTA, but what a fucking nitpick. She's not jumping around and havibg a good time. She's still posting online. She's still around Tom and the baby before leaving. She's still in public as she's leaving.

She has to pretend to smile. Also, not every family member is going to get sobbed over, even for Taylor. It might not even hit her until after ffs. Anons have a weird timetable of how humans should act at certain times and it's so retarded to argue about it.

No. 270297

I was trying to avoid weird dismissive commentary (like >>270277) about "anons" being "retarded" and poor Taylor and Taylor does nothing wrong and "anons" are all jealous …

BUT also she's not doing anything wrong right now so just leave it.

No. 270298

she doesn't have to pretend to smile but as said above, not everyone sobs while discussing something sad, and there is some reason for her to be relieved (she made it in time to talk to her Nana). So that alone is a reason to be a little happy and it makes sense.

No. 270299

That's not even a smile

No. 270321

she did a bit in other stories but she just seemed to be happy she could talk to her relative

No. 270371

oh but then if she uploaded a story of her sobbing, we would never hear the end of it. damned if you do, damned if you dont.

No. 270379

I think most anons wouldn't mind if she didn't post anything at all and only a couple of shit-stirrers just nitpick for the nitpicking's sake .

No. 270396

yep, agreed. it's also possible not to blow up over someone's dumb comment/nitpick, not that her devoted defender(s) would dare to do that.

No. 270414

nah, that would be way more genuine. it's creepy to smile while talking about a family member dying. she needs to just log off while she's with her grandma.

No. 270446

Exactly. Anons just like nitpicking. The milk os that her grandma died. The unnecessary part is anon starting shit about how they think she looks in a slide and how sad news = she'snot allowed to post/smile/be alive.

No. 270447

The post doesn't have her smiling though. If anon is going to complain about it they might want to post something that actually shows her smiling. And it doesn't even matter. That's not milk. She might not have even been close to the relative which means her emotional state might not be as severe as say someone who actually lived with them and interacted with them constantly. Not everyone in the family cries over the fact that someone else that they didn't even live with died. There's something called being estranged but still loving that family member. That doesn't mean you're gonna be crying and devastated.

No. 270462

you obviously know nothing about taylor's history with her nana, and fuck off wk, we don't need your lectures.

No. 270463

for fuck's sake, she's not dead yet. Can you just stfu and ignore the one anon who posted a nitpick and stop acting like a full-blown retard for one single day?

No. 270476

>stop acting like a full-blown retard for one single day
You're throwing a tantrum.

And what exactly is the history with her Nana? I'm basing this on the fact that she doesn't live in CAN, doesn't visit often, and anons like to say she doesn't interact with her family enough because it's always through video/phone calls. I bet that's mostly towards her parents and not really extended family outside of siblings too. No one is lecturing. You just don't know how to have a discussion.

No. 270493

File: 1670319991139.jpg (169.36 KB, 1284x2282, 317978195_1211415516119377_327…)

Is it just me or do you see panic in Tom's eyes that Taylor suddenly upped and left? I'm actually really glad Taylor has finally visited back home even if in sad circumstances, I think it was much needed(nitpicking)

No. 270498

It's just his eyes. You're reading in to it too much. Most people open their eyes now when a camera is on then.

No. 270499

Nah, you're nitpicking. But this photo made me realise how much Levi's eyes look like Tom's.

No. 270505

The baby is really cute tho to say something positive kek. He’s a total dumplin’.

No. 270530

He is just old and fat u just look sad that way

No. 270563

Her Nana is prominently featured in all of her family and vlogmas content and has been for years. As another anon pointed out she made a huge fucking deal about her grandfather, who was shown on camera a fraction of the time as her nana, dying and publicly grieved about it for months. It's ok to not know what you're talking about but doubling down on being completely wrong just makes you look stupid and clueless.

No. 270569

>Literally asked about the history
>You explained
Kek. You did what anon asked. She's not sobbing, sorry there's not better milk for you or something, anon. Anons said she shouldn't do tat type of broadcasting this time, but if she isn't then she doesn't care and is just vapid in what she does post. Where is the milk that isn't anons just personal feelings? When she vlogs about it or talks about it, is it suddenly going to be "forced and only for veiws" too because she didn't broadcast it enough prior to a video? What exactly are anons trying to find here?

No. 270599

>She's not sobbing, sorry there's not better milk for you or something, anon.
No one said this is milk except one shithead.
>Anons said she shouldn't do tat type of broadcasting this time, but if she isn't then she doesn't care and is just vapid in what she does post.
her. nana. is. still. alive. And her grandfather was suddenly the focus of a ton of crying thumbnails and yeah it came across as tonedeaf and like a way to get views. Sorry that's an opinion some people had. Doesn't make Taylor evil nor is she the first person to have done that. But it came across as weird because she never talked about her grandfather much or showed himthen suddenly she couldn't work for months after he died at an old age.
>Where is the milk that isn't anons just personal feelings?
There is no milk.
>When she vlogs about it or talks about it, is it suddenly going to be "forced and only for veiws" too because she didn't broadcast it enough prior to a video?
No, we know she is close to her Nana. We dread she will do that instead of getting the therapy she needs. And god yes she needs therapy.
>What exactly are anons trying to find here?
your off button.

No. 270602

you said her grandma was already dead, that's pretty offensive and stupid. you must not be much of a fan if you don't know how much content Taylor made with her Nana before covid or how close she is to her. So why are you even here caping day in and day out?

No. 270624

I was gonna say. that baby is really adorable. I hope he has a decent future.

No. 270643

>says no milk constantly
Then what does my input matter either? Ignore what I said. No one needed your giant wall of "I don't like your opinion".

No. 270648

>Posts wall of text nitpicking another anons opinion
>Hey no one needed your wall of text deconstructing mine!!!
This exchange is pure autism to read

No. 270828

kek. taylor must be checking in on them every 5 minutes to make sure Tom is feeding Levi roasted squash with the skin still on and grilled chicken with salted tomatoes and garlic and elbow pasta noodles with cream, or whatever the fuck she gets weirdly detailed about.

No. 270868

I think all of that detailed information was made into a book with "creative" doodles from Taylor herself and left to the domestic elf, I mean, help. Kek I don't believe for a minute that Tom is actually looking after the baby most of the time.

No. 270889

oh absolutely. that's why he said, "I got this." What he meant was, "I got you someone to handle this." He's pretty clueless so I'm glad they have a full-time nanny. less probability of him fucking up and hurting the kid.

no offense to anyone saying the kid is cute (ofc he is), but I always find that weird on lc. If the kid happened to look like a potato, would that be something tragic to the nonnies here? A lot of toddlers and even older kids are uggo and grow out of it, and even if they don't, a lot of ugly adults are amazing people. I guess I don't get how a kid's looks are relevant unless they look abused or neglected.

No. 270898

What a reach

No. 270912

exactly. you know the nanny is just watching the baby while she's gone. he's not even hiking he's surrounded by buildings, wtf?

No. 270953

Not to be a WK, but that’s the peak galleria at the Victoria Peak, right next to it there are few easy walking trails. Most likely he just went there for a walk (it’s not even a hike, just a flat road that goes in circle) that takes like 45 minutes.

But I also believe the helper does most of the work, he just does the fun stuff.

No. 270955

They both probably just do the fun stuff and things in between the helper. I don't doubt they probably still cook sometimes and do things the nanny would do when she isn't around and that seems fine IMO.

No. 270992

I've seen anons claiming Tom is only a few years older than Taylor but he seriously looks old as hell, like 50+. Why do people think he's in his 30s?

No. 270999

I want him to feed the baby chocolate milk or something like that whilst she's gone.(sage your shit)

No. 271001

I haven't seen anyone suggest he's in his 30s, though (may be some braindead fans of hers did, but I doubt even among them there are many). It's always been obvious he's much older than her.

No. 271002

Never seen a single person in all these threads say he isn't older than her and nowhere near 'close in age'.

No. 271111

Has anyone figured out exactly how old he is before? He looks like he's at least getting close to 50.

No. 271120

“He's a healthy man in his mid-forties“ kek

No. 271206

At least quote what someone says

No. 271247

nta but Taylor said this at some point during her ivf journey iirc

No. 271249

He's just ugly for the most part. Debating his age is pointless.

No. 271545

File: 1670686379206.jpeg (484.9 KB, 828x1580, A8870A54-B9E2-42A2-B967-02D593…)

RIP nana i always thought they had a cute relationship

No. 271548

rest in peace, woman i have never met

sage your shit, anon. This isn't milk.

No. 271551

Anons said she was in countless vlogs and was so close to Taylor. How is that not milk?

No. 271553

it is not milk when someone dies. how is that milky? jesus, what is wrong with you?

No. 271554

Always sad when a grandmother passes. RIP>

No. 271555

It's not milk, it's a life update. No one's saying anything disrespectful. It's just something that people who follow Tay's threads would mention. touch grass

No. 271556

RIP, she looks like she was a sweet lady. Sucks she didn't get to meet the baby.

No. 271561

It's a fucking update. Calm down. This site isn't just for talking about shit cows do, its about discussing them too.

No. 271563

Personally would like to see what Taylor had to say about it. I'm glad she got there in time. Can't wait for anons to say she's too happy to exist when she posts in a week.

No. 271566

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 271572

unsaged posts are supposed to be milk. reposting social media updates of cows is not the purpose of this site. Go offer your condolences on Taylor's social media. This isn't PULL and it isn't a fansite.

No. 271577

Anons were nitpicking her smile upthread. Keep up.

No. 271578

Go to meta, fag. Stop being so fucking salty. This is milk compared to complaining about Tom's fucking weight unsaged.

No. 271583

Her grandma is dead and yet you’re here talking about nitpicking.

No. 271585

I'm making fun of the anons who did that. Reading comprehension, much?

No. 271590

then read her post about it and fuck off, stop baiting.

No. 271601

OP here of the update sorry nonnies but I thought its ok to not sage because it fits the recent event of her rushing alone to Canada. Don’t get your panties twisted ok?

No. 271605

You're fine. She's posting about it and what she has to say about someone important and in her old vlogs constantly is important. Anons posted about her flight being delayed and if that's milk, then the actual death of someone is absolutely milk. I don't understand why anon's are throwing a fit about something monumental.

No. 271648

Yeah you’re fine. Anons here are obsessed with “it’s not milk!!!’ ITS NOT MILK!!!!” And it’s getting pretty fucking retarded

No. 271671

This is a very nice post from Taylor, RIP Taylor's Nana. I'm glad she got to spend time with her at the end.

No. 271684

>>271605 Hi! Flight post here >>270017 was unsaged. Non-milk posts are unsaged, as per the site rules. No one said this was milk.

No. 272085

File: 1670909402128.png (9.81 MB, 1179x2556, 87631D07-C086-41CB-BB35-19E226…)

wish they wouldn’t record in a big box toy store where children are walking right through their shots and parents are staring directly at the camera

No. 272094

People look at phones no matter what when you are filming outside and in a toy store, where the baby should be, seems not out of place. People are actually just rude, especially when walking through videos/photos. Most people would go around or walk a different angle.

No. 272128

Did you dislocate a shoulder while reaching there, anon? People aren't rude for living their lives and not jumping out of the way when a vapid influencer films another dumb reel or tiktok in public. do you expect children to protect their own faces from strangers too?

No. 272135

Wow! OP is clearly nitpicking, but your comment is even more deranged. How dare they get into a dumb influencer's shot! Jesus… WKs nowadays just HAVE TO add something dumb to an already dumb argument in order to protect their precious princess.(enough with the whiny derailing)

No. 272159

lol she just posted a reel where Levi is trying to get on her lap and she's repeatedly pushing him away so her dog can sit in her lap. wtf?

No. 272167

Yes. Its rude.

No. 272168

So if someone is stopped on the street, taking a photo, do you say fuck it and walk between the camera and subject too? Most people don't do that.

No. 272217

Nta but be that as it may that child is just going about their business you sperg. If anything filming someone else's kid without consent could also be considered rude, good thing he's not facing the camera.

No. 272237

IA it's fucking weird to film in a public place with a lot of random children. It's not like going to Disney or something where there's an assumption people are going to be taking photos or video, it's a regular toy store. She should know better as a YouTuber and influencer that filming stranger's children without comsent is a faux pas at best and illegal in many situations.

No. 272238

HK is very touristy. It's not out of the ordinary.

No. 272256


I saw that, looks like the dog nips at Levi too?(learn2sage)

No. 272284

File: 1671015039579.webm (2.87 MB, 720x1280, 1D460A6CA02574888AC1DC1587AD28…)

learn to sage

Yeah, she says "no biting" to Rosie. I'm sure this is more or less normal for animals adjusting to kids, but she's dumb for posting it online. She's going to get a lot of nasty comments over this, it's a hot topic like the breastfeeding one. Sometimes I think she wants the mean comments so she can react and get clicks on her "defense" posts. I doubt Rosie's two teeth can injure the kid, but it's still one of those moments you probably don't want online forever. And yeah, Rosie should be better trained or she should avoid putting the dog and kid in situations where jealousy could break out.

I've performed a ritual in the hopes of warding off the reeing dog sperg.

No. 272287

It is. Not to mention little dogs are like this in general which is annoying as fuck. At least they can out the dog. Need to keep an eye on him.

No. 272288

Rosie was raised like a baby, practically, and that's why I didn't understand why Taylor was wearing Rosie more and more often during her pregnancy. If anything, it would have been a time to train Rosie to get attention and affection in other ways. But they were always going to fight over her lap because Rosie was permanently installed there before the baby came. Just odd decisions, I guess she never bothered to educate herself about integrating a baby into a household with a dog. That would have been an interesting subject for a video.

No. 272304

I posted the original cap without the child’s face for their own privacy. in the story, Tom kept recording Taylor putzing around Toys R Us while the kid and then the parent stare right at him for 5-10 seconds each.

No. 272323

So not even a crowd of people lol why are anons so sensitive

No. 272361

Please anon enlighten us as to why you think it's acceptable to film someone else's kid, post it to hundreds of thousands of people, and how disagreeing with that behaviour somehow makes anons sensitive kek? Is it because the small child's rude for getting in the way of Taylor's video in a public toy store? I'll wait.

No. 272394

File: 1671071979539.png (8.78 MB, 1179x2556, 8AE22F48-7003-4F9A-A6BD-36E0BC…)

it’s Taylor’s birthday so Tom orders a cake with a very custom, detailed, specific version of himself, his wife’s dog, and his baby held by an oversized, generic doll-faced Sailor Moon. NOTHING about the Sailor Moon figure has anything to do with Taylor in looks, interests, anything. of all her love for fashion, costumes, and DIYs or her literal (passing) career as a youtuber could make an amazing homage cake! but no, Tom went with a giant anime school girl (aged 15 lol) and inserted himself taking an upskirt photo. happy 34th birthday, Tay…

No. 272396

Looks cute tbh.

No. 272412

She recently was really excited to get a sailor moon phone case at the casetify? event, so she might like sailor moon despite never really talking about it. Also she has a very old video doing a sailor moon hairstyle (you can really see her pre-filler jawline in it and it looks so much better than now).

Just saying this for reference, I also think the cake is stupid and there’s more to Taylor than this. But as a couple they love boiling each other down to single personality traits, it’s because their whole relationship is very surface-level. That and the fact that Tom still obviously wants a kaweewee 16 year old for a wife

No. 272414

Iirc taylor dressed up as sailor moon at least once.

No. 272418

Good summary of the wtf level of this cake. I don't even know where to start.

No. 272420

I hope you're kidding because anon is projecting hard in the cake. It looks nothing like upskirt photography, I don't think it's supposed to look 1:1 like Taylor [don't know why anon thought its supposed to anyway since they are both white girls with blond hair], and I don't even know why they are trying to say this is supposed to be a 15 year old version of Sailor Moon while at the same time saying it's 34 year old Taylor. Go asspat elsewhere.

No. 272424

Tbf, it's hard to find a weeb her age who is not a Sailor Moon fan. It's kinda nice of him to make her look like a boss, while he's on the sideline, despite the questionable position for taking a photo/filming (?).
Watch sulk again because he didn't let her get him a "creative" cake, too Kek I bet we'll get it soon

No. 272428

because it's holding her baby with her dog at her feet? fuck off wk. it's weird, people can disagree with your opinions. Tom has a long blonde hair fetish and got with Taylor when she was doll-larping.

No. 272429

asspatting = agreeing with another anonymous poster. ok then. this is not Taylor's social media. go there and tell her how cute it is.

No. 272486

You sound unhinged to think this is an upskirt attempt by Tom wishing Taylor was fictional Sailor Moon age.

Listen to yourself.

No. 272492

Lmao accurate of their marriage. “Hey babe can you take this picture of me walking? Can you take this video of me getting food? So candid!!”

No. 272495

File: 1671131236362.jpg (618.75 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20221215_110705_Ins…)

It's not even a camera, anon is retarded

No. 272496

File: 1671131305909.jpg (488.94 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_20221215_110815_Ins…)

I love how a moid knows his place

No. 272503

File: 1671135052092.jpg (209.08 KB, 1284x2282, 319956737_393024096339998_4512…)

I actually like the cake for this reason kek
Gonna post some more of these stories here because I think they express the Tom Taylor dynamic quite well
(inb4 not milk, this is saged)
1. The baby seems to have missed Tom's gene pool and looks a lot like Taylor imo

No. 272505

File: 1671135178715.jpg (321 KB, 1284x2282, 319562650_532154588625038_3795…)

Carol seems to come back every so often?

No. 272507

File: 1671135318948.jpg (211.01 KB, 1284x2282, 319844777_698845778274324_8351…)

Actual Tom and Taylor vs the cake

No. 272509

>The baby seems to have missed Tom's gene pool and looks a lot like Taylor imo
Current Taylor or the old Taylor? Because Current Taylor doesn't even look like Taylor anymore. Baby def isn't some hideous thing like some made him out to be tho.

No. 272521

that dog is so annoying.

No. 272526

who insulted levi? no one.

No. 272545

Goddamn that baby is cute. For real though.

No. 272550

she says in the explanation story that he is taking photos, so yes, it is a camera. What did you think it was?

No. 272551

please stop cluttering the thread with worthless posts like this

No. 272553

no one said he wished she was 15. listen to your own misrepresentations.

No. 272555


Anon knew what they meant when posting that description. Otherwise there no reason at all to bring up fictional characters ages.

No. 272567

>Tom still obviously wants a kaweewee 16 year old for a wife
Do we have any reason to think this? Their relationship is clearly very shallow but I don't see anything like that

No. 272568

That's what I was thinking. If anything, he doesn't seem to care. He seems pretty laid back in general. Women always worry about age which since she's gotten botox and stuff, Taylor obviously is, but anons are going to suggest it's because Tom's a pedo, so I don't even know if it's worth trying to talk about this at all. Anons just like posting these dumb takes because it's bait.

No. 272625

When he said in a vlog that he preferred her in her old kawaii doll style.

No. 272643

you really need to calm down, you are such a rabid little creature. Anon is entitled to an opinion and I too would be creeped out by being reimagined as a schoolgirl like this.

On that note, I am sure Taylor has probably never even watched Sailor Moon. It's part of the larp. She did that hair tutorial to try to appeal to weebs like Kotex did. She's never given the impression that she actually has seen the anime or reboot.

No. 272656

she was also in her very early 20s when this 30+ year old man showed any interest in her, and getting deep into her dolly phase. Taylor’s always been desperate for attention and desperate to please. Tom’s stated multiple times on camera he prefers her with long hair, in school girl clothes, in lolita wear etc. I just think it’s sad Taylor got a kiddie sailor moon cake when she’s obviously more interested in other things. Tom got to wear his stupid jordans and dress the baby up like a basketball player on the cake but nothing about the SM motif is relevant to his 34 year old adult wife anymore

No. 272673

Get help. You're looking for milk in a dry situation.

No. 272674

Or she just likes SM and doesn't sperg about it. Sharla likes Pokemon in Jvlog and anons reee about how childish that is apparently.

No. 272683

Sharla also likes S&M and Furry activities

No. 272689

34 year olds can like sailor moon anon it’s exactly her generation

No. 272692

A bunch of anons pointed that out from the initial photo too. Idk why anons are trying to make this something creepy or weird.

No. 272789

i agree. like when's the last time (or ever?) that Taylor dressed up like Sailor Moon? he should've done them as their halloween costume or something. it's like he only thinks of her as the pre-mom girl he met.

No. 272808

You sound insufferable.

No. 272816

stop infighting over someone disagreeing with you

No. 273266

File: 1671989096445.png (745.79 KB, 864x1528, Screenshot_20221224-214359.png)

ffs, even worse without glasses

No. 273267

File: 1671989126859.png (711.22 KB, 864x1446, Screenshot_20221224-214313.png)

No. 273270

Whenever anons get pissy about us pointing out the baby is cute, honestly it's just a reaction to seeing Tom next to the baby. It's very lucky for everyone that Taylor's genepool took the wheel.
There's absolutely nothing standout about Tom, they can't hold a conversation, but Taylor seems happy and so is the baby (and dog) so that's the important thing.

No. 273276

the baby is a baby, no one is pissy. some people start life as ugly babies and who cares ?

No. 273385

Cool, back to retarded nitpicking about glasses but saying >>272507 is a cute cake is derailing lol Anons have no idea what milk is.

No. 273409

Their relationship really is centered around the baby which isn’t good. No acknowledgement of Taylor when he comes out of the room. Even on dates she showed a picture of them just showing baby pictures during the entire date. Marriage is going to fail

No. 273430

unsaged = not milk
sorry I offended you by saying your fantasy moid is sinfully ugly. He can also barely hold a conversation and enables pedos, even to this day (recent mc posts) Cope and seethe.

No. 273461

Sorry off topic What’s mikan mandarin thread please

No. 273744

Doubt there is any

No. 273863

Lol so according to her Instagram she’s already trying to get pregnant again. I sincerely hope she doesn’t, seems like she’s in a rush to have kids and not actually because she thinks it’s the right time. Chill girl

No. 273874

This is an imageboard. No1currs otherwise.post proof.

No. 273905

File: 1672679045546.jpg (605.75 KB, 1080x1898, IMG_20230102_210222.jpg)

Of course she's in a rush! Her healthy, young husband is not getting younger, neither does she, plus she can't wait to make pregnancy vlogs again and whine about the difficulties of motherhood. Place your bets, how early will she start freaking out about not being pregnant yet? I say by March.

I hope this is enough of a receipt for you lol or do you need a documentation of her stories in video format again, historian anon?

No. 273908

Way to reupload just to add infighting.

No. 273924

no one is forcing you to read this thread.

Taylor is fuckin weird.

No. 273925

You need to calm down. She struggles with infertility of course she might complain that she's struggling to get pregnant. You act like this is some crazy thing that wasn't gonna happen. Let her try and have another baby if she wants another baby. How was any of this actually weird?

No. 273927

I'm calm, thanks. It's fuckin weird how focused she is on getting pregnant again without seeming to actually enjoy having a child. It's always about getting or being pregnant (so, about her), not about the child.

>You act like this is some crazy thing that wasn't gonna happen. Let her try and have another baby if she wants another baby.

Where did I say it was crazy or try to stand in her way, kek

>How was any of this actually weird?

It's my opinion, she's fuckin weird and so are you.

>She struggles with infertility

kek, ree

No. 273932

You're speculating a lot here.

No. 273934

call the internet police, then.

No. 273987

Guess that bitch needs the second try to get a girl.

No. 274002

Nta but this is all projection, having a second child reasonably soon after the first one is the most normal thing ever. Having a large gap is more unusual, most people you know will have a sibling with a roughly two year age gap, including the pregnancy itself means most mothers get pregnant again in the first year after the birth.
It makes sense imo to get all the body horror of pregnancy and birth, and the disruption of having a crying baby in the house, all done at once, rather than spread over many years, and give the child a sibling for company.

The weird bit is having a child with someone you can't hold a conversation with imo, she reposted that same clip of her at that park a year before the birth hoping for pregnancy, and making a big "pregnant belly" hand gesture to signal to Tom wtf she was talking about. Having to communicate on such a level with your husband is one thing, but parenting is so complex and stressful and she can't even discuss it in detail with the father of her children.

No. 274014

I kinda think the whole magical end of the breastfeeding journey at 3-4 months was engineered so she could get pregnant again asap. I don't believe for one second that she enjoyed being pregnant or the aftermath, no matter what she says.

reported for bait. fuck off with your misogyny

No. 274019

That's not how that works. Stop trying to make some weird conspiracy theory about a couple that wants to have another baby.
>She stopped breastfeeding on purpose, it was PLANNNNNNNWD
Do you hear yourself?

No. 274020

You're basing their entire relationship communication on snippets.

No. 274025

you're so boring and rabid over nothing. She was already talking about getting pregnant again right after giving birth, which is strange.

No. 274026

Are you a scrote? You gotta be kidding.

No. 274029

If she struggles with infertility, how on earth does she expect to be pregnant in less than a year? Infertility is defined as anyone trying for more than a year. Or is she trying IVF right away?

No. 274030

That’s all she shows. She’s always bossing Tom around or has cameras set up literally everywhere until she captures the rare candid moment (wholesome moments shouldn’t be so rare that you need to have cameras rolling all the time to capture them)

No. 274031

I thought she enjoyed motherhood though? Why would she want to get all the newborn stuff out of the way

No. 274039

Are you the same retard from the jvloggers thread, your typing style is so obvious it's embarrassing. Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy, it's logical for someone who wants to get pregnant again not to? do things that prevent it? not a conspiracy, retard
Apparently your fertility is higher after giving birth, so I think she was hoping for a natural pregnancy for round two
Yeah I think formulating an opinion from "snippets" is fair when she documents her whole life on camera and all we've seen is a very low level of communication. Are we supposed to believe they have deep philosophical conversations but only off camera kek. They clearly get along well but there is an obvious language barrier which we don't need to see a 24 hour live feed to ascertain

No. 274041

I'm calling out anon for acting like stopping breatfeeding was some nefarious plot.

No. 274048

except anon said nothing 'nefarious', just that she could have made a decision to stop at 3 or 4 months for the purpose of getting pregnant again. Pretending it was natural end to breastfeeding isn't some giant lie or evil. though you seem to assume any discussion that isn't praise is slander.

It's gross that she is doing formula advertising now though. Formula is pushed really hard in China and HK.

No. 274061

Good point. Interesting how the baby formula ad went unnoticed here, while anons are busy bitching about a non-issue like a (as of now) non-existent pregnancy.
The ad is double stupid, given that she was speaking about ordering it online not too long ago (if my memory is not tricking me). Speak of hypocrisy.

No. 274062

File: 1672755441249.png (322.66 KB, 864x1239, Screenshot_20230103-125652.png)

Here's Taylor's Enfinitas ad. She got a little blowback in the comments for not clearly marking it as an ad and for promoting formula. China, HK, and Russia aggressively push formulas, there's been studies on how they send women to market formula even in private mom groups on WeChat.

No. 274063

File: 1672755492398.png (310.09 KB, 864x1275, Screenshot_20230103-125537.png)

And here's her bff Jess's ad.

No. 274083

Where? I see no pushback. At least post proof of comments. I don't know why you posted both of their things when both of them are showing AD status, but in different ways.

No. 274085

There was nothing wrong with formula and if someone wants to get pregnant they're gonna stop breastfeeding. You sound like such a handmaiden basically acting like a child needs to be breastfed at all times until they're a certain age. That is not the case. And didn't she say she had issues breastfeeding as well? Why keep doing something that's not clearly working for you and your baby? It obviously also opened up an opportunity for her to stop anyway because she wants to get pregnant again.

So yes, it sounds like anon is assuming it's some nefarious plot for this obsession she has with being pregnant because she apparently needs content.
>Of course she's in a rush! Her healthy, young husband is not getting younger, neither does she, plus she can't wait to make pregnancy vlogs again and whine about the difficulties of motherhood. Place your bets, how early will she start freaking out about not being pregnant yet? I say by March.
That obviously sounds like anon is saying she is getting pregnant just for attention and money without outright being a dick.
>she is on getting pregnant again without seeming to actually enjoy having a child. It's always about getting or being pregnant (so, about her), not about the child.
These takes are insane. Are you blind?

No. 274087

File: 1672767861492.png (383.9 KB, 863x527, Screenshot_20230103-184343.png)

No. 274090

File: 1672768051591.png (376.1 KB, 864x1156, Screenshot_20230103-184510.png)

nah the WHO actually tries to enforce bans on formula advertising so mothers are not pressured into buying a product. Russian and Chinese companies ignore these bans, US probably too.

I'm not all those posters you quoted so w/e. I don't care what women do but I do think formula ads are shitty, especially when disguised as "what my fav celebrity influencer is doing"

No. 274093

File: 1672768521584.png (1.23 MB, 863x1080, Screenshot_20230103-185427.png)

there are a few more comments but anyway there's no reason to be involved in shilling formula in HK unless you just want money.

You can read more here
>The campaigns use emotional appeals to reach out to and build relationships with parents and especially mothers. Evocative brands give these approaches a human face. The advent of social media has made it easier to pose as the friend and supporter of parents; it is also providing companies with a rich stream of personal data with which they hone and target their campaigns.

No. 274097

I have a feeling you're in the wrong thread because you're derailing on a whole other thing. This is not true at all. Formula isn't bad for children. We literally just went over this in another thread on here for Taylor. You're issues with formula aren't reality, anon. Go to /OT/ for this type of discussion. At this point, it's not even about Taylor. Handmaidens and their purity bs over breastfeeding don't belong here.

No. 274099

Commentor can't read. You don't have to say AD specifically.

No. 274100

File: 1672768829524.png (1.29 MB, 864x1590, Screenshot_20230103-185702.png)

final example
having serious issues with bad practices like these makes you a thinking woman, not a handmaiden. Obviously many women are going to use formula and should do what is right for them. They don't need deceptive advertising implying their own breast milk lacks stuff for immunity and intelligence tho(breastfeeding derail)

No. 274103

anon wanted examples from comments so I posted them and explained why some people have issues

I did a project on this subject (ethics/advertising) at uni. I have zero interest in policing anyone's personal choices. Corporate choices are a different matter.

No. 274104

Were you not even here the last thread or something? She outsources her formula. Your tangent is retarded and not even about Taylor anymore. Also, you can add vitamins and stuff to formula which can make it healthier in instances where a NICU-Pre might not get sufficient nutrients from the mother.

No. 274105

You're not posting comments. You're posting extra stuff which has nothing to do with Taylor at all. This thread isn't about breastfeeding and breast milk. You're going on some whole other discussion here which has nothing to do with Taylor.

No. 274108

You called me a handmaiden for posting the comments from her IG and explaining some stuff, calm down. She's involved in advertising formula, that's a choice you know.

I posted the proof you couldn't be bothered to go read yourself.

No. 274110

this is the exact formula she uses, anon. Enfinitas is sold exclusively in the HK market, in fact. It makes specific claims, too.

No. 274111

Yeah, you are.

No. 274112

You do know sponsorship don't mean you actually use the product right. So which is it, does she import in or does she use their own products? Because in the last thread apparently she imports in. This is such a non discussion and it has no issues whatsoever so I don't know why people are even bringing this up and trying to make it seem like this is some bad thing. God save the women who can't breastfeed whatsoever because apparently their kids are gonna die according to people in this thread for using formula. This is so stupid.

No. 274125

I don't have an issue either with formula or breastfeeding. What I have a problem with is her advertising a formula she's not actually using for her child. Sctrach that. I have a problem with companies paying influencers to push literal baby food. It shouldn't be allowed, imo. And, yes, I know every country has its rules.

No. 274148

No2currs about your stance on formula.

No. 274224

You were frothing at the mouth and didn't even read or watch the content, anon? She uses that formula. It may not be made in HK but it is sold exclusively in HK. When you exaggerate and throw a shitfit over a couple anons saying she could have thought twice about the ethics of promoting formula, you come across as unhinged. The baby thread in /ot/ has similar criticism about formula ads. I don't get why you want to police everyone's opinion about Taylor's business dealings, pretty sure it is fair game since she is an influencer.

No. 274251

Even mods are tired of you. Move on already. If you're opinion sucks, that's your fault. Anons can call it out.

No. 274322

I'm none of the posters above, just impressed you don't even watch or read the content you comment on.
>If you're opinion sucks, that's your fault. Anons can call it out.
no u

No. 274449

File: 1673006247725.png (1.37 MB, 864x1506, Screenshot_20230106-110318.png)

I see she doesn't care how gross ew-san looks, but the contrast of her puffy pillowface next to his is depressing in more than one way. Why would you want to share a bed with either of these creatures?

No. 274456

they’re so gross lol. love how their entire date day (they needed a break from what? every other day where the nanny takes care of everything?) including lunch for two and a couples massage needed to be shared with the world

No. 274461

Reported for more non-milk nitpicking. At least make it milky.

No. 274466

it's saged discussion, anon. why do you camp out here and flip out? they both look hideous and creepy

No. 274472

It might be just me, but I don't find Tom gross looking. He looks like any other middle-aged man. But of course, he is disgusting because of his actions.

No. 274495

TBH, same.

No. 274496

Lmao god damn. He looks like he wants nothing to do with her.

No. 274497

bet they only ever get couples massages for this reason. if anyone else touches him she has to be in the room

No. 274519

Plot twist they're a paid provocateur hired by none other than the cows themselves! This is what their nanny does when Taylor has the baby in the morning kek. Inb4 someone takes this seriously like everyone's not already aware their "no milk/nitpicking" sperging is all over /w/.

No. 274524

He's really looking haggard. Can't stand that mop of hair.

No. 274526

if he lost some weight, got a proper haircut, and some better eyeglasses, he would be tolerable looking. As of right now, he looks like an unkempt hikikomori who spends all day on 5ch.

No. 274531

his men's mag caters to those men. but why would taylor look at this embarrassing combination of genetic material (inside and out) and decide yes those genes should get passed on.

No. 274550

She looks good/normal people am here are retarded. Where’s the milk? She probably shouldn’t even be a lolcow anymore, she’s just some basic pretty mommy blogger

No. 274553

this isn't her fanpage.

No. 274559

My thoughts exactly, nonnie. Somebody get this man a proper haircut and a personal trainer. He sure as hell can afford both…

No. 274572

NTA, stfu. Just because someone else is nitpicking doesn't mean someone else can't disagree she looks fine and I think they look fine too. Sorry not every anon has 12 year old gossip energy and mentality. Has nothing to do with being a fan of hers.

No. 274584

if you want to tell everyone how Taylor is such a pretty wonderful mommy blogger, this isn't really the right place.

No. 274605

100%. Sick of witnessing how ugly scrotes who don't take care of themselves has become so normalized that even anons here think he looks decent. The bar is so low.

No. 274621

If you're going to complain about general scrotes, go to /ot/.

No. 274622

She does look nice there. Deal with it.

No. 274634

Because she’s a terrible mom and a shady person.

No. 274654

She hasn't done anything bad as a mom, but this bait says it all.

No. 274687

ntayrt but why do you cape for her here? we're entitled to opinions and you're not the mod of this board.

No. 274688

"looking nice" is not an objective fact. That's just your opinion. So deal with that.

No. 274712

Nice tagging different anons.

No. 274720

He looks fucking miserable. Probably has a few side chicks already.

No. 274729

Welcome to imageboards where the world didn't revolve around you and your posts only.

No. 274742

File: 1673225233670.png (317.85 KB, 776x313, Screenshot_20230109-014511.png)

clearly same

No. 274743

File: 1673225311290.png (320.91 KB, 769x321, Screenshot_20230109-014532.png)

why lie about such a dumb samefag

No. 274744

Stop shitting up the thread, you autist.

No. 274748

stop being mad someone called you out, then. I saw your post in meta. You're the one who hates other people disagreeing with you. "She looks nice there. Deal with it." As if that's some fact? You're deranged.

No. 274751

The fact that he’s angling himself away from her tells a lot tbh

No. 274758

Go infight in meta if you saw the posts. Knock it off.

No. 275155

>mfw you're this anon and you're psychoanalyzing the way someone's husband stands in a photo
He just looks tired and relaxed, he is funding her house, expensive purchases, and ivf baby which is more than 99% of scrotes would do, and seems happy to me, some anons really imagining drama where there is none

No. 275177

all those things are his, too. He thinks pedophilia isn't bad and suggestive pics of young barely teens belong next to porn models. Stop responding to 2-3 day old posts to defend this shitty moid. He has money and that's it.

No. 275179

This isn't about that. Shut up.

No. 275195

>more than 99% of scrotes would do

No. 275208

I'm NTA you even replied to. >>275155 had nothing to do with his magazine. >>275177 Anon just wants to bring up Tom's old milk any time they can. Stay salty and keep ruining threads though, you do you.

No. 275243

he funds his life through the magazine. he wanted the baby and expensive shit too. That's not something he is "funding" for his wife. And the audacity of coming in here to respond to days-old posts praising this SOB. he's a nasty impotent man and will never be your Nigel.

No. 275322

File: 1673490786445.jpeg (55.51 KB, 739x415, 537E90A8-B484-426A-A723-992657…)

was wondering what the cursed doll in m3gan reminded me of and just realised its taylor. the overblown cheeks + lips strike an unfortunate resemblance

No. 275334

This is about the massage photo. The fuck?

No. 275341

>his wife is leeching off of him. He seems happy to me

No. 275373

the joker lines! you're right! kek

No. 275375

yeah, two people live in a house with expensive shit and two people make a baby. she's not leeching off of him, what a misogynistic thing to say.

No. 275382

File: 1673512069662.jpg (99.63 KB, 547x408, IMG_20230112_122706.jpg)

I can't find any difference.

No. 275567

Yeah she’s not leeching off of him, she just buys designer shit, doesn’t work and argues with him about using her “display“ towels. No resentment there at all I’m sure

No. 275630

It comes with the territory. You want a trophy wife? Be prepared to pay for it. Literally.
Tbf, they totally deserve each other.

No. 275641

And whether anons like it or not, her social media presence does bring in money and probably more than regular influencers. Content creation is a job, especially in 2023. This isn't like people saying this in 2002 when websites and blogs started becoming lucrative in a minor sense. So in general, they both work. I don't want to hear from anons how 'totally not hard' creating content is because it is a pain, especially if you have a small team and Taylor seems to have like only one person at home helping film for the most part and most editing is all up to her and that takes time, add that to XXX amount of collabs/sponsors/gift videos. I think it's pretty dumb to say she doesn't financially add to the relationship at all. Tom has money, but I don't think she leeches like anons fanfiction it.

No. 275655

I don't think having a life together and things that are shared = leeching. It's not her house, it's theirs. Their baby. Their shit.

Yes she probably makes a decent amount from her "influencing" - sad world we live in tbh. Comments on her Bilibili videos say her editor/assistant quit so that's why she doesn't upload there anymore. Not sure if that's true or not or how they know, but I've seen it on multiple videos. Other people are uploading and translating (subtitles) because she stopped doing it entirely. I doubt she was really editing much herself. She showed us how she tells her editor/assistant to edit even reels and tiktoks, no way was she doing whole YT videos alone. She still has one or two assistants for filming though

No. 275674

I’m DEAD. She’s identical. Actually identical. I know she’ll view the doll aspect as a compliment, but it definitely is not in this case. She looks made out of rubber.

No. 276253

File: 1674060195722.jpg (247.76 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot_20230118_164204_You…)

picrel, in the latest vlog tom says that he originally bought her a sailor moon cake one year but they were having a huge fight and didn't eat it. in the previous vlog she talks about how they're struggling to be on the same wavelength or as close now that they're parents. this made me feel really sad idk why? I guess I just secretly hoped that tom loves taylor more than he lets on in vlogs.

No. 276254

Sounds like new parents.

No. 276290

I noticed Taylor looked sad in recent photos she posted on Stories, the outtakes from the most recent influencer appearance she did. I thought I was tinfoiling but maybe not, I think as a big family girl she obviously would hope for more closeness now she's had a child, not less. I have a theory most moids don't really comprehend the realities of fatherhood until they get there, a huge task, stress, life derailer and so on.

No. 277574

yeah it was weird to me that they had a big fight in Japan, i wonder what it was about. they usually seem really happy together on camera, who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

No. 277588

Maybe he beats her and the baby and that's why she's so sad all the time in glimpses not from when she's filming herself. Any other tinfoil anons want to throw out there and have it not just be she wasn't posing or smiling for a second? The analyzing is insane when you cap a still in a way that goes with it.

No. 277599

About the colour of the bag she wanted or smt. I don't believe it was because of something serious lol neither of them has the communication skills for serious discussions or arguments.

No. 277611

File: 1674123122956.png (915.46 KB, 863x502, Screenshot_20230119-110622.png)

it was probably shortly before she filmed this video about having a bad day in Tokyo https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1Xs411y7ou

Around 7:00, she has to measure her fingers for rings and she makes a pointed comment about engagement rings and diamonds: "if anyone wants to buy me an engagement ring…" "diamond, please. big big diamond." At the time no one knew she had a boyfriend, so the comment wasn't that weird, but in retrospect it is really strange to say that knowing you have been with someone for more than 2(?) years iirc. Maybe he missed the anniversary or something.

The whole tone of that video was odd enough that people discussed it at length at the time.

No. 277617

wtf is wrong with you? go away

No. 277621


No. 277684

Could've been a bunch of small annoyances between them, not even about them too, that had them in bad moods too. We have no idea what happened. It's so old at this point.

No. 277689

sure, but Tom brought it up in the video, it's human nature to talk about it casually since they decided to leave it in the video

No. 277691

I mean anons tinfoiling the cause.

No. 277737

File: 1674205989441.png (1.36 MB, 864x1520, Screenshot_20230119-225629.png)

I'm sure this mouth-breather has sleep apnea and doesn't use a cpap machine. he's almost always breathing through his mouth when being filmed casually. Taylor did a tiktok about how he falls asleep at random strange times, which is another symptom of sleep apnea disrupting the quality of sleep. Some tiktok fans brought it up in the comments but she didn't reply. If he cares about his health and the quality of sleep that Taylor gets, he should do a sleep study.

If anyone in anons' families is like this, encourage them to get checked out bc sleep apnea over time can cause serious permanent health issues.

No. 277744

Of course, she would ignore it, it's nonsense. Why should she have to argue everything that's just thrown at the wall about either of them or the baby? Even if it's true, how do you know they aren't already treating it? Something like that doesn't just magically go away and if he does something like smoking, COPD can cause mouth breath sounds as well. The tinfoil from people about the most mundane things and pretending it's from a place of concern is so obvious.

No. 277763

you clearly have no idea what mouth-breather means, kek.

>Why should she have to argue everything that's just thrown at the wall about either of them

indeed, that's why they have you

No. 277814

OP said >>277737

>I'm sure this mouth-breather has sleep apnea and doesn't use a cpap machine.

>he's almost always breathing through his mouth


No. 277817

it's an insult, anon, and has nothing to do with "mouth breath sounds." copd? ffs he isn't 70.

No. 277828

Oh come on. He doesn't do anything to her. She looks sad because she's a golddigger who married a fat ugly old man for money. Many such cases of golddiggers feeling some regret later when they realize $ isn't everything in life.

No. 277832

Most first-time parents go through this phase, it's common.

nta just admit you're ignorant of the origin of mouth breather as an insult.

No. 277833

the ayrt is baiting and suggesting something so retarded in order to try to stop any discussion of their princess

No. 277835

File: 1674290075495.jpg (11.27 KB, 273x300, mouth-breather-face-273x300.jp…)

kek, yep

No. 277838

The fact that hideous old men have the nerve to fight with women who are out of their league is so hilarious and sick to me
say what you will about Taylor but her past look was every otaku Asian male’s wet dream, whether or not you personally like it should be irrelevant, it’s obvious Asian men cream over blonde blue eyed skinny white girls who dress kawaii and would kill for her to be their waifu
Taylor could have gotten a better looking rich Asian man easily, she likely chose Tom due to a combination of low self confidence and wanting to always feel like the more beautiful one.
Can’t wait for the weebs to try to defend Asian men by saying they don’t actually fetishize white girls or something, but anyone with a brain recognizes it
So the idea that Taylor is sitting around arguing with a hideous fat ogre and that the ogre has grown so accustomed to how good he has it that he doesn’t even appreciate it is wild

No. 277840

Omfg he is so incredibly fucking ugly. Taylor is mentally ill.

No. 277846

Imagine a world where women fuck ugly richen for a comfortable life….

No. 277851

lmao, believe me, if Taylor had a better chance with anyone else, she would've ditched Tom's ugly ass in a blink. He was probably the "highest bidder", so she settled.

No. 277852

she "fell in love with his personality." Everytime I hear him speak English, I wonder how anyone can stand to listen to that. He can't even speak in full sentences. His Cantonese is less grating, tho. Sad that neither of them seem to care about seriously learning the other person's native language.

I'm sure they got to know each other by Taylor sending pics of herself pouting in little girl outfits and he would reply saying how beautiful she was. Like doll! Goddess! Wow babe.

No. 277875

>and that the ogre has grown so accustomed to how good he has it that he doesn’t even appreciate it is wild
During the pandemic several 8-10/10 beautiful women I followed on Instagram got dropped by their ogres. One ogre has now returned, the other two women (who were married) are still single (and one went full tilt religious after a period of extreme depression)
These men absolutely don't realize how good they have it. I actually don't think this relationship is for life, I can see Taylor remarrying a more handsome man in about a decade.

No. 277881

>Taylor could have gotten a better looking rich Asian man easily, she likely chose Tom due to a combination of low self confidence and wanting to always feel like the more beautiful one

I don't buy that at all. Finding a guy who's financially stable, not a shitbag, under 40 AND physically attractive is like finding a fucking unicorn (especially in Hong Kong or Japan). Being a model/youtuber in a foreign country isn't the most stable or secure lifestyle so I think she was attracted to the fact that he could help to finance a lifestyle she couldn't have on her own.

No. 277882

I remember in the engagement video, the first thing that the moid asked was "is it big enough?"
it was so weird and awkward

No. 277913

Agreed, Taylor did her best but she was past a prime age and she's tall for those countries. He was definitely the highest bidder in the small social circle she had because she never cared to learn the language or integrate.

Even if someone doesn't speak English well, their personality will come out. They both don't have much personality between them other than what to buy or brag about to their friends who are more wealthy.

No. 277924

>Like doll! Goddess! Wow babe.
Fucking kek anon I read this in his voice

No. 278017

Tall for those countries? Asian men don’t expect western women to be short like Asian women, they definitely like the idea of a tall blonde model waifu, in general Asians think taller women are more desirable since being short is the norm

No. 278028

The producers definitely google searched “human doll” and modeled Megan after a Kota / Taylor hybrid.

No. 278037

Tom is a manlet, he's def shorter than she is

No. 278052

File: 1674405462665.webm (3.9 MB, 1080x1920, 319470562_733089201515165_6752…)

kek, i happened to save this one

No. 278056

Another anon put that idea in my head actually, lol, it was quoted in the last thread
>holy fuck, I can't imagine having all this concern for the wife of a dude who expressed from day 1 that he like kawaii childish women. A guy who dates his employees. Taylor said she spent hours talking to him everyday. Given his abysmal command of English, how much do you want to bet that she sent him kawiwi selfies and he said "whoa babe like princess" over and over?

No. 278071

Past prime? So what is a woman’s prime? Being a child? Seriously what’s this incel misogynistic mentality. So women in society should not study or work but find a husband the moment they reach 18 or else past 20 something she is past her prime. Sound like something those pedo scrotes would say.

No. 278084

The age crap is always something anons say, regardless of the age, because dunking on a woman's age is a go-to for insults. It's absolutely internalized misogyny and that's why people like Taylor get work done because of mentalities like that. Anon's most likely know this and they think it's funny to make jabs at it when it's just a waste of time.

No. 278089

I agree with you, Internalized misogyny is definitely pathetic.

No. 278110

I think anon meant her "carrier" prime, as a model, not her actual age, but I guess you could be right, too.

No. 278121

I'm not a fan of Taylor but agree that talking about her "prime" when it comes to relationships is ridiculous. And good models can keep working if they embrace and work with their naturally aging features.

No. 278129

Prime as a working model, she wasn't getting any work and was stuffing her face with fillers in hopes of getting gigs for models nearly 10 years her junior.

No. 278249

>as if Naomi and other models aren't filled to the brim with fillers
>Handid sisters can barely emote at all compared to Taylor
If you're going to make terrible arguments, at least make them better than this. All models do it diet and visit surgeons constantly. What world do you live on? Take your stupid model sperging elsewhere. Taylor was doing fine as a model and now she does it with posts through Instagram without having to run around and get to gigs. Just stop already and find a better vendetta point.

No. 278269

>comparing Taylor to an original supermodel and millionaire nepotism models who are still working
>thinking Taylor had even a little of the opportunity and success they did in Japan of all places, kek

Absolute retardation that Taylor fans keep coming here to wk with the derailing.

No. 278274

Calling people whiteknights makes no sense here, anon. They are using the point of models who are older than Taylor and who have had filler, starvation diets, body checking, and still model too. >>278129 Mentions filler and says younger models were the problem when older models do work so age isn't an issue. There's no reason to derail about Taylor's modeling again. Still reeks of internalized misogyny like >>278071 mentioned

No. 278278

File: 1674459018401.png (664.79 KB, 864x1179, Screenshot_20221223-160641.png)

agree with you
you're derailing to infight and mini modding. not every post that doesn't agree with you is a vendetta. Tay's face is frozen stiff I'm sad to say

No. 278286

anons, please ignore the "Taylor was/is a successful model" troll. We've butchered the topic last time no need to rehash a pointless argument.
Re: Taylor getting "modeling" jobs on insta - it is called being an influencer/instagram model and has nothing to do with the big names anon(s) brought as examples of being successful after a certain age. And even among fashion models the vast majority retire by age 25-28. A couple of outliers and napotism babies don't change it.

No. 278290

It’s frozen because women are not allowed to age according to retards like you. Guess what being a pick me won’t make you special in the eyes of those scrotes. you can dislike her but bringing age to degrade a woman is very pitiful and you don’t make life for any of us better mostly for those who fought for years so you can live the comfort you do now or you would be sold to slave markets and dare to talk you will be called a witch and beat you to death.

No. 278293

Taylor is responsible for what she does to her face, and no one else. The rest of your comment is fuckin weird, idek what to say. Like one anon makes an age comment, others disagreed with it, and then you act liek we all called her a hag when it never happened.

No. 278299

The comically aggressive feminist manifesto dropped over subjective discussion on an imageboard legit reads like larp. I've scrolled past this thread and half of /w/ enough times to assume it's just bait at this point.

No. 278330

Don't bother. The anons that post in here have some of the dumbest nitpicks and takes and all because they care less about logic and because it's funny to make this thread an archive when at the same time arguing with other anons it's not an archive and they can't post 'fan stuff' when it's just posts about her life, but not nitpicking all the way up your ass to get a moral of attempted milk. I agree with you, anon. The desperation to say Taylor isn't a model for the same reasons there are women 30 years old still doing the same modeling she was doing, just shows it's not about the modeling and moreso the fact they just want misogynist views to effect the cows they hate only, but not other women.

The idea of calling women out of prime is so prevalent on lolcow that it's a shame to know it's mostly other women here. That's the issue, but then complain about the same women who go and get procedures because of comments like that, so it's clearly just a shitpost take to bait. Calling it out isn't bait.

No. 278367

i have a lot of trouble understanding what you're even trying to say half the time. Have you tried writing shorter sentences in English? from one ESL to another.

No. 278368

It's just one wk who does fake moralfagging then baits everyone by misinterpreting their posts.

They're legit projecting their own insecurities around age, procedures and work onto other's posts at this point. The fact that they don't even realize how your post was directed to them and think this place welcomes Taylor fans screams ESL.

No. 278369

I'm not even the anon who called out the original prime post. There's more than one person here.

No. 278418

Pretty much spot on, the behaviour is extremely consistent. This isn't the place to infight about your personal insecurities because of a poorly worded offhand comment, it's an imageboard for laughing at cows. Anons aren't a radfem hivemind either and crying this hard over something that would've received a simple "fuck off" a few years ago just makes it obvious they're all new.

No. 278465

man, I reread and the "prime" comment that anon made was absolutely about modelling and not anything else. Moralfag got us fighting over nothin

No. 278469

File: 1674559938562.jpg (556.64 KB, 1080x1719, IMG_20230124_152834.jpg)

I'm not sure if she truly believes in this shit or not, but I'm sure we'll hear a LOT of whining about this as soon as something goes not as she planned.

No. 278546

I doubt she'll remember any of her cute little lunar new year activities a week or two from now. Just like all those brand gifts she gets. Posted and never seen again.

No. 278601

She loves this shit to make her look special nothing more. I always wished she was more interested in the Chinese/HK culture.

No. 278630

Most don't since it's a repetitive holiday

No. 278657

File: 1674678017423.jpg (326.79 KB, 1080x1769, rn39pk7.jpg)

after all these years living in asia, she still can't for the love of god use chopsticks

No. 278664

No. 278709

Anyone else notice how she’s always looking down or away from the camera? Is she that self conscious or is she trying to make pictures look candid

No. 278729

It's not always, so that doesn't really make sense. Most people, when shooting where you can see yourself, look at yourself in the finder instead of the actual camera. Maybe that's what you're seeing.

No. 278758

not sure I see what ayrt is talking about (will check) but come on now, you're going to pretend taylor doesn't know how to shoot properly after all these years? She never had this issue in the past, she isn't 'most people'

No. 278906

Pretty sure if we had phones we have now back when she started, she would be.

No. 279816

File: 1675331108146.jpg (975.42 KB, 1080x1908, IMG_20230202_114427.jpg)

Lmao, not her posting links to boots "similar" to the ones she considered selling. Is she gonna pretend she even tried to design anything?

No. 279838

lmao I know
I wonder why she didn't do shoes, maybe she didn't because you can't sell shoes "one size" straight from the sweatshop

No. 279899

Pushing plastic boots with stolen, unoriginal design marketed as "recycled" "vegan leather" would've been very much up her alley. I wonder why she abandoned the idea.
P. S. That top looks like a literal potato sac.

No. 279911

NTA, but nothing about those boots are original. Who would they be stealing from because there's dozens of designers with platform black boots. These were even popular in the 90s.

No. 279914

I love when this bitch gets dressed up in a $40 polyester H&M ensemble for the affiliate link money and then literally never wears the clothes again. just like we never see her “gifted” items again from the hotels and makeup companies and baby companies after she spams in stories. her apartment looks like a vacant hotel suite aside from the baby clutter and piles of clothes she leaves for the maid to pick up(learn2sage)

No. 279924


No. 279943

does Taylor even use her goop rip off website still? it seems to still be permanently under construction and none of the clothes look like they've been restocked. what even was the point?

No. 279949

I guess she wants to remind people that she's still a "girl boss" and a "designer" and a "brand owner", not a mere influencer/mom/trophy wife.

No. 279961

File: 1675424797986.png (191.13 KB, 805x1484, Screenshot_20230130-132804.png)

her stories lately are a constant stream of working out with some personal trainer, doing exercises with pretty bad form some of the time. But they are all exercises you can do at home with a YT video so idk why she needs some personal trainer to count her reps and teach her how to do burpees (kek). idk why she is doing so much strenuous exercise if she wants to be pregnant again this year (she claimed changing her exercise helped). I normally wouldn't comment on something so dumb but it's been nonstop this week. Like ok Taylor we get it you want your "old" body back. It's not about "strength"

No. 279962

File: 1675424879220.jpg (215.32 KB, 862x1451, IMG_20230130_132708_847.jpg)

Why on earth does she not tie these pieces back??

No. 279966

>idk why she is doing so much strenuous exercise if she wants to be pregnant again this year
Being fit and building stamina helps both the birthing process and the subsequent recovery. That's the actual smart thing to do. Her fucking with her face again before a pregnancy is the stupid shit.

No. 279988

I think she uses those bits of hair to hide how wide her face looks now. No shade, she had a baby and lots of filler so it's no surprise it's wider.

No. 279989

a more sane idea would be to pin them back and do your workout without a damn camera filming your shitty squats, so you can actually do the workout properly instead of worrying about your face.

No. 279997

I'm gonna assume she's trying to get sportswear/gear sponsorship. Or better yet. She already has the sponsorship, but has to build the ground for the ad.

No. 280007

I haven't seen these repeatedly, she just did a going out stream of clips too the other day with no working out and instead a try-on. A big part of trying to have a baby quickly is strengthening our core muscles because of how stretched out and damaged they are after birth. That's probably what she's specifically trying to do with things like burpees which do target your abdonminals.

No. 280017

Wasn't Taylor doing some kind of boxing or kickboxing training challenge with a pro at some point for some kind of campaign years ago? What happened to that? I think it was supposed to last months. She's been making workout videos for almost a decade, but she's never once looked like someone who regularly does those exercises and knows what she's doing, even when it comes to the most basic crunches.

No. 280020

Probably just for a video thing/promote the business. A lot of influencers do that and then move on. Also kickboxing and whatnot became popular when MMA stuff became more prevalent and a lot of people were on that fitness go-go-go mentality. Then all that went away for slow living style influencing.

No. 280025

File: 1675450010650.png (930.42 KB, 864x1474, Screenshot_20230201-103229.png)

it has been constant. I have never seen so many (useless) exercise stories from her as I have in the past 2 weeks. They aren't useful for others because they show mistakes and are not polished at all. Maybe she wants a fitness partnership but there are hundreds of women doing this content better than she can. It seems more like she wants to prove something to her audience. kek throwing on some h&m clothes doesn't change the rest of this content, which is a marked difference from her usual PR packages and staring into the camera.

Taylor is the one who credited her successful pregnancy to her lighter workouts, so I was just citing what she said.

the kickboxing was some place Menclub was promoting. She went like twice and stopped.

No. 280026

File: 1675450265220.png (965.1 KB, 864x1413, Screenshot_20230203-123819.png)

this is from monday
this is from wednesday
picrel is one from today

Other days i didn't even screenshot them because they were so boring and bad.

No. 280029

Having a hard time finding the issues in working out.. You seem to have a bigger issue with her wanting to get pregnant soon.

No. 280030

I don't have issues with either. I'm asking why this is the content she's putting out as an influencer. It was never a secret that Taylor exercised, but when she made content about exercise, it used to be a lot better than this.

No. 280046

Because this content is stuff influencers have always put out.. There's not really a specific rhyme or reason. It's just content to post content and in return, she gets views, and attention, and personally helps her physically because she wants to get pregnant. This is her job whether anons think it is or not. She makes money by posting and getting views and she's probably also filming for a video that will come out in a few weeks too. Her content changes as she changes. She's not going to work out the same way she did a decade ago after having a child.

No. 280048

Imo, she didn't even change her exercise style that much. It's the good old rope skipping and badly executed streching/strength training. She just started spamming workout videos out of the blue and that's what I find out of place. Sure, she always posted her workouts in stories, but no more than short snippets with an "inspirational" text about it making her feel better, not a train of boring vids with detailed descriptions of what is what and how many sets she does etc.

No. 280063

She's looking very thin and has obviously worked hard exercising to get trim again, but imo tinfoil she's spamming the exercise videos so nobody comments about the weight loss itself and her diet.
From all I've read the second baby hits harder so I think she should stick to one, I can see her being devastated about a possible saggy belly and stretch marks (imo I would be too) that she's managed to avoid this time.

No. 280065

File: 1675469332854.png (1.75 MB, 842x2359, Screenshot_20230204-010715.png)

>never heard of a playgroup before
>"waste of money"
>"what could babies possibly learn that young?"
ffs I hope this is an act, Taylor

No. 280089

Honestly you bring up stuff like Gymboree and parents have no idea what you're talking about over in the states. These types of classes are really out of fashion and are only now coming back up, but are honestly useless for kids under 3. A lot of Chinese parents fall into this scam that your kid will be smarter if you attend these classes and listen to classical music during them. Taylor is kind of based to call out the bullshit it is.

No. 280091

I mean it depends on kind of activity honestly, for babies listening to live music with real instruments or having organized sensoric/musical activities is gonna be beneficial, also it helps them to learn being around other babies and children, but of course some is scammy as heck

No. 280096

You can do that stuff at home though. You don't need to spend 3K five times a week. It is somewhat of a scam because no studies really prove it does help with developing any different than being with parents and learning that way. Most of it is words and motor-skills early on until pre-k. I'm glad she's calling out those types of classes. If your child has early signs of a disability I can understand more, but you have to be so careful as to which ones you actually go to use to a lot of purposeful neglect. I don't know what anon's thought was behind Taylor denouncing a lot of the school promoted towards mothers when the children are too young to even realize much until barely even 2 years.

No. 280103

she said she sees Levi is becoming more social and curious through the playgroups, she isn't calling it out. it's hardly rocket science to say that kids learn socialization and other things by being exposed at a young age. This is like basic standard toddler stuff where I live, but go ahead and cape for "based taylor" without watching the content again!

No. 280145

You don't need to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for that though to socialize your kids by going to playgrounds. That's why it's good she's calling it out yes, based. Don't know why you're mad about it.

No. 280150

The anon's point is that if you watch the video she goes on to say how great they are. She isn't calling them out.

No. 280155

Not everyone is going to watch the videos. This is why anons specifically selecting and out of context posting is an issue. NTA, but this post >>280065, if anons aren't caring to watch the video,is misleading and purposely sets the thread up to derail if this is actually all praise about the schools.

No. 280157

the post is mocking Taylor for not thinking babies can learn or benefit from anything at a young age. If you care so much, watch her actual content and stop infighting over a post you don't understand. You're asking to be spoonfed the content of her videos when you can watch them yourself, fucking weird.

Protip: in English, when someone says "I _initially_ thought…" that's usually a lead-in to "but later I found out the opposite!"

No. 280328

File: 1675627742678.png (1.4 MB, 864x1375, Screenshot_20230205-205959~2.p…)

well, anon was right, she is working for HKTB, which is funded by the government.

No. 280329

File: 1675627931385.png (441.39 KB, 864x1079, Screenshot_20230205-211102.png)

some of her other videos were probably sponsored by HKTB also (small HK shops, the French in HK one, possibly some of the food ones).

No. 280332

jeez, human greed has no limits. it's one thing to work with fashion brands and businesses, but to get a paycheck from the government is just another level low. what's gonna be next? advertising the ccp?

No. 280334

I don't think she's a spy, but how is this different than Jvloggers making government sponsored content?

No. 280337

File: 1675630439506.png (670.68 KB, 864x1210, Screenshot_20230205-211654.png)

It's not different except the Hello Hong Kong campaign is pretty much targeted propaganda for the pro-mainland government. There's been a lot of criticism of HKTB and this campaign in particular online.

No. 280338

File: 1675630509719.png (773.88 KB, 864x1271, Screenshot_20230205-211423.png)

Other influencers got backlash for getting paid by them too.

No. 280339

File: 1675630887052.jpg (46.43 KB, 568x335, 1cucd6.jpg)

So you want her to…. rebel against the HK government…

No. 280340

Passing up a couple cringe "model" gigs in a millionaire's household is hardly putting yourself in danger, anon.

No. 280350

um, no? just don't take part in a questionable propaganda campaigns for a quick buck. she's a foreigner in Hong Kong who did nothing to integrate, yet she feels comfortable getting paid by a political movement. I don't know about you, but for me that's shady. I can't believe she's dumb enough to not see a problem with that.

No. 280371

Interesting. Taylor's husband used to complain about China encroaching on HK's democracy on IG at least pre-COVID. I think there were some articles on Mensclub HK complaining about it too back when there were big student protests that got international attention.

No. 280372

considering how the chinese govt operates, it's not really a good idea to refuse that kind of invitation if you want to continue residing in HK

No. 280374

she's allowed to say no, come on. she might not want to go into detail about why, but homegirl just wants the money. more to the point, they've been funding her for awhile. she's a foreigner they can use to show how great hk is despite no free press, no free elections, extradition, etc.
true, it was brief though. Then her HK assistant left because she wanted to be more politically active. One of the board members of HKTB is an editor at HK Tatler, who ran that story on their glamorous condo. I'm pretty sure another one is Tom's friend but I have to check.

No. 280389

The stuff she's promoted isn't really propaganda

No. 280390

Okay, I get it, but so we have proof she's working with them for everything HK related? Normally they have to say if they are sponsored and I rarely see Taylor mention these groups are sponsoring her. Is most of this just tinfoil because I can't find anything besides >>280328 and these aren't really propaganda message or post.

No. 280391

Hong Kong = evil, tourism = genocide, get it now?

No. 280399

>Then her HK assistant left because she wanted to be more politically active. One of the board members of HKTB is an editor at HK Tatler, who ran that story on their glamorous condo. I'm pretty sure another one is Tom's friend but I have to check.
Actual milk, thank you.
They're talking about the HKTB, not HK itself. An Australian pro-rugby player was recently condemned for becoming their spokesmodel and participating in their misleading ads. The HK gov is not what it used to be.

No. 280403

File: 1675653287098.png (760.9 KB, 863x273, Screenshot_20230206-041325.png)

The entire campaign is a kind of propaganda. HK's reputation suffered after the protests and numerous arrests/deaths in 2019 and following. Then the draconian security laws afterwards, curbs on free speech, strict COVID measures imposed by the mainland, and economic problems. The government of HK wants to brush all of this under the rug by rebranding with an emphasis on tourism. Nevermind what happened to those ppl, and what could happen to you - come to HK! Why else would such a prosperous city need to give out airline tickets to entice tourists? It's not necessary for any other city in the world to do this.
China is openly committing genocide, including the most extensive detention of religious/ethnic minorities since WWII. It has stripped liberties away from HK, where press and elections are no longer free. You really are disgusting or ignorant for making light of that just to defend a ditzy foreigner participating in state-funded shit.

Enjoy the cringe launch video. It won't let me embed it bc it was at some point live, I guess: https://www.youtube.com/live/lYIS9DQkAkE

No. 280404

The HK assistant who left was Natalie, she was slammed and ridiculed by Chinese netizens. When I have some time I'll find the comments again but they hated that Taylor had an HK native as an assistant. I… never understood why this was such a problem but Tom wasn't. Never could figure that out. They went through her social media accounts and found indications she was pro-democracy, then insulted her and said she was a bad influence (using slurs against ppl from HK) and good riddance and stuff. It's after 4am so I can't do it now, I have seminar in a few hours.

I want to clarify that I don't think Taylor is really pro-dictatorship, rather she's just hopelessly up her own ass and focused on what she can get. She doesn't mind sitting still and smiling pretty for anyone who will give her a paycheck. Oh wait - what jobs did she turn down in the past? Those jobs where she couldn't put in circle lenses and be a living doll. That's where her line is.

No. 280421

I think this sponsorship is a mix between Taylor having low morals in some areas (Mensclub) plus being in a vulnerable (can't think of a better word) position with a young baby. Refusing government sponsorships would be unwise as a foreigner who wants to stay in HK for the time being.

No. 280428

Yeah, anons are stretching if they think this is some secret Kelly Eden type stuff coming from Taylor. This just seems like her usual gun-ho for any sponsorship because money. This could be super milky, but uts moreso just superficial. Also the ad itself doesn't seem bad. No one is defending China, but Taylor could get kicked out and banned from China eeeeeasy if she spoke out against any of this. Oh well. If this is the case, no one should ever do any ads or sponsorships for any businesses from China, government or not, because >>280391 is saying

No. 280433

it's more of a stretch to suggest that she was forced at gunpoint to do this. You can easily say no thx to a gig. No, she is not at all a victim here.
>Also the ad itself doesn't seem bad. No one is defending China
you know damn well that you are defending propaganda. next.

No. 280434

What's the worst that can happen to Taylor if she refuses to participate in an ad sponsored by the governments, seriously? Lose citizenship? She's not a citizen. Lose her business? It hasn't been running for years. Be sent back to Canada? It's her plan in the long run anyway. I don't think she's an important enough figure to be dragged for it, plus, being a Canadian citizen she can always seek help from her country.

No. 280435

Isn't it easier to take the money, do the silly dance and not get deported kek? Taylor has never been an activist, as mentioned above this is why her and Natalie parted ways since Natalie seemed to be a free thinker.
Literally zero chance of Taylor taking a political stance in this lifetime, iirc she mentioned a "ww3" in one video or some similar mistake.

No. 280436

No? It's easier to say "I only do fashion content, sorry" instead of selling your morals (even if they're almost non-existent to begin with). I wonder what her followers from Hong Kong think of this.

No. 280437

she's never going to be deported for saying 'no I'm busy.' She isn't a victim, please stop acting like it wasn't a choice she happily made. Saying no doesn't require saying why, but you know that.

No. 280438

File: 1675675118288.png (100.9 KB, 864x620, Screenshot_20230206-050129.png)

there are a few scattered comments across all Hello Hong Kong contributors. but HK people will be most in danger from saying anything negative. Most of her audience is foreign, i.e. the exact audience targeted for this campaign.

No. 280439

Her post wasn't even propaganda. Can we move on?

No. 280440

it is. You're free to move on.

No. 280443

File: 1675678564280.jpg (43.28 KB, 743x607, yrtyrtyrtyrty.jpg)

We have some chronically online weebs getting mad at Taylor for not playing along to their young adult divergent revolutionary fantasies in China.

No. 280477

Nice selfie, wk-chan.

No. 280522

The media in Australia and the UK seem to think that it is propaganda work and most of the world recognizes that the HK government is just a puppet of the Chinese Communist party now. HK just banned an episode of the Simpsons because it mentioned forced labor in China and banned another episode last year for mentioning Tiananmen Square. Just within the last 2-3 years, while the HKTB has been doing their ad campaigns, the HK government has arrested many activists, politicians, and students for protesting and/or speaking out against the government. Their police have kidnapped and beaten children for protesting or being in the vicinity of protests. Democracy advocates have disappeared and suddenly turned up in prison in Mainland China. If an influencer started doing ads and IG posts for Russia's TB, they'd get immediately get canceled.
Taylor probably isn't even aware nor cares about what's going on with the HK government and their tourism board, but Tom for sure knows and he and Taylor don't need the money or work.
I didn't know she had fans in the mainland. Maybe our WKs are Chinese netizens. It's sick how they treated her assistant.

No. 280540

File: 1675723398272.png (1.03 MB, 863x650, Screenshot_20230206-233943.png)

ironically, a trial of 47 pro-democracy HK activists began today. Many have been "persuaded" to plead guilty. They are charged with conspiracy to commit subversion for participating in an unofficial election. This is very big news as it is the largest case to be tried under the national security law imposed on HK in 2019. The launch of "Hello Hong Kong" and the buzz about free airline tickets was timed carefully so that media would focus more on HK reopening for business instead of on the rigged trial. Again, Taylor probably is ignorant and not malicious about this issue, but I'm sure that she will continue to work for and in collaboration with governmental agencies provided she gets paid.

China often offers foreigners money in exchange for "non-political" posts focusing on culture or food or whatever. A German reporter abd YouTuber with 2mil subs was offered such a deal more than once, picrel. The text of the screenshot is a government-funded shell organization offering him money to make videos about Chinese art, history or culture.

No. 280579

Your China derail doesn't belong here. Stfu.

No. 280615

Nta but seemed relevant to me. It gives context to the debate anons are having about Taylor's advertising choices. Telling anons to "stfu" just makes you seem like a bitter fan, not an farmer concerned with thread quality kek.

No. 280646

It's not a derail. Honey Badger was canceled by the British and Australian press for doing the same work for the HKTB that Taylor has been doing. Amazon was criticized for filming two dramas in HK. Either you don't understand that the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a governmental organization that's been under the direction of the CCP since the pandemic despite it being spelled out for you multiple times now, or you're one of Taylor's WKs.

No. 280648

>Honey Badger
What in the Hufflepuff hell

No. 280649

Maybe a more interesting topic would be the fact that the places promoted in these ads, like with Taylor's, tend to be closed down and not even active when people visit them through these promotional videos. I honestly didn't come here to talk about China's democracy. Stick to the cow.

No. 280651

it's relevant to the cow, since she is getting paid by hktb and we have retards in here shutting down any discussion of what Taylor does. i don't understand what you mean by places being closed down, can you explain?

No. 280656

He's a famous Australian Rugby player and celeb.
The whole point is that the HKTB is government propaganda and they and their influencers have been criticized for promoting places that are actually closed to hide and distract from what's actually happened to activists, businesses and democracy in HK, anon. It's all part of the same thing. It's not that difficult to understand.

No. 280669

Just explained

No. 280691

>the places promoted in these ads, like with Taylor's, tend to be closed down and not even active when people visit them through these promotional videos.
This is actually very interesting, so they only make those places for advertisement reason and can't be bothered to actually keep them running?
I honestly think Taylor is enough of an airhead to not understand the weight of all this, but given everything said in this thread I hope she moves back to Canada as she says she plans to. It seems a potentially dangerous situation especially for someone who doesn't really understand what's happening. But I suspect Tom doesn't really want to move to Canada seeing as his English is not really at a conversational level, he would still have to operate his business via HK.

No. 280695

File: 1675809594391.png (317.44 KB, 863x414, Screenshot_20230207-232903.png)

She's saying more and more often that HK is her home now, and they are "thinking about Canada in the future." Pretty much a 180 from what she was saying when she declared they had "moved to Canada" and that they wanted their kids to grow up there. I wonder whether all of that was a bluff from the start tbh. Like they wanted to stick some money in Canada, so they needed to get married asap, because otherwise Tom wouldn't be able to buy the condo. Possibly they never intended to live there at all, and rather bought it for the purpose of selling it again. It's a way of getting money out of one country and into another. But idk. It's possible she made all those videos about their "new home" in case there was an examination or audit in the future. That said, I don't know the laws there or how it is for a very newly married foreigner to purchase real estate in Canada. In some countries this is scrutinized.

I had pretty much assumed covid was the only reason they didn't make any plans to return there yet, but it is weird how HK is more and more under the control of China, and Taylor seems totally fine now with raising kids there. So fine, in fact, that she doesn't even talk about bringing her son to Canada anytime soon. She's most eager to get pregnant again, I guess. She said they cancelled plans to go to Canada because of costs, which made me lol. Anytime she says that, you know it's a big fat lie.

No. 280697

samefag just to say that Tom's English is really abysmal and idk why he doesn't work on it more seriously. Even his pronunciation hasn't improved much at all over all the years with Taylor. There was some video where he was struggling to give the answer "Chinese culture day" and I wish I'd saved that story because it was such an effort for him to give this answer despite probably practicing it already with Taylor. idk I felt embarrassed for him

No. 280698

I think one of the reasons (beside Covid) is Taylor's "infertility". She hoped to pop out babies ASAP and move to Canada, give birth there, but now that their precious embryos are in HK and, let's be real, she'll need another IVF, I think they'll move once the desirable number of babies are born. I give them another year or two in HK, then moving to Canada for sure.

No. 280700

File: 1675811428860.webm (2.52 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

she keeps saying she wants four. It's kind of odd to be so fixated on having a certain number imo but maybe the women I know are just not like her.

enjoy this video I saved of Tom being Tom "I'm so tired"
dude needs a checkup, this is a very easy exercise/game to do with a baby.

No. 280702

Tbh is a safer idea. Giving birth over in HK will be cheaper and more comfortable.

No. 280718

I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Also a way to clean his money from his underage sex magazine. I’m not Canadian but I’ve heard this is very common in Toronto. Chinese businessmen buying up property to clean their money.

No. 280721

Lbr it's about how many Tom wants. I doubt she actually wants that many herself.

>dude needs a checkup

Isn't he well over 50? Completely normal for someone so old.

No. 280740

yeah, I guess I was skeptical of a that conspiracy stuff since she did seem to want to live near her family. But now I think you're right… I used to be a normal (not idiotic) fan of hers until some things came to light, and in retrospect I was pretty naive about her finances and luxury lifestyle.

No. 280741

she went to the most luxurious private IVF place and gave birth in the private hospital where they admitted her barely dilated and then induced her? That's not cheaper than Canada and arguably induction for almost no reason isn't ideal (it's just done all the time over there, like everyone knew she would be induced on her due date despite first births often being a few days late). But go on as if they aren't millionaires lmao.

No. 280749

Man your misinformation is crazy. Inductions are fine. CAN and US aren't any better than other countries who do it for women. Some women want to be due on the due date, not a few days after. Money or not, post natal care over in China will be better than over there. Even Japan has better care and real aftercare facilities, not just a hospital wing you stay in for 2 days max unless you got a NICU baby.

No. 280753

mentioning that she had an induction and it might not be ideal = misinformation. "want to give birth on their due date" is a valid scientific reason now? come on.

ok then. doesn't change the fact that you claim it's cheaper to go to the most expensive private hospital in HK vs. a totally free birth in Canada. Keep caping.

No. 280754

Don't listen to that anon, I literally went to a breastfeeding/child birthing class today run by my hospital where the midwife specifically said if you can avoid being induced you should because studies show this is more beneficial for mother and baby.

No. 280758

No wonder the class was free. You got fed some absolute bs.

No. 280766

kek the nonny didn't even say it was free, weirdo

No. 280850

Kek the information was derived directly from health authorities, you just sound butthurt and retarded because your opinion has no basis in realitym

No. 280877

it's a well known fact that induced labor increases your need for a caesarean section. scheduled inductions and scheduled cesareans are by and large solely for the benefit of the doctor attending the birth. he can pencil it in and move on to the next five births after you. ya know how many times a mother in labor gets told not to push until the doctor arrives? gotta make it easy on ol cold hands here. and mother requested inductions and cs are usually because they want the birth to fall on a certain day or number for a reason, not necessarily the due date. especially in cultures where there is fear of numbers (china).

No. 280878

i read a good article about this many years ago, i think on /cgl/

No. 280880

cuz he's old and fat and weak. needs to be more active. being old isn't the issue, but being out of shape certainly is, that's how you get 70yo with a walker and unable to bathe themselves.
needs to be proactive about his health, especially since he has a kid now. imagine growing up, unable to play with your parent(s) for long because they're crippled/obese/out of shape and breath. sad stuff.

No. 280881

Most people schedule those, yes. It's not any more or less beneficial. There's massive healing either way. Stop derailing. Your midwife is not a health professional the same way a doctor actually is.

No. 280887

No1currs. It's not bad. Stfu. I bet you also think epidurals are the devil too because its "not natural". Bad enough we have formula naysayers here too. Handmaidens need to leave.

No. 280889

It definitely IS about being old. It's one of the reasons you aren't supposed to have kids past a certain age (the other reasons being the much higher risk of autism and shit, and the likelihood that you will die early on in their adulthood)

No. 280899

Ntayrt and not judging Taylor either, she may have been advised differently.
>Nature is not perfect. However, when it comes to babies and birth, unless there is a clear medical indication that induction of labor will do more good than harm, nature beats science hands down. For both mothers and babies, it is safe and wise to wait patiently until labor begins on its own.
Read the article >>280878 linked because you're misinformed and blowing this out of proportion.

No. 280901

Please go to /ot/ to discuss moral pregnancies.

No. 280909

you have a lot of nerve to start the derail and infighting, then tell others to stfu, no1currs, my misinformation is best. I also noted how you called HK China, kek. just let us discuss taylor. no one is saying anything that bad, but you can't handle any critical remark without reeing and derailing.

No. 280913

I'm not the anon that started this. It's just getting into infighting now.

No. 280923

>she wants four
I’m sorry for my ignorance but isn’t there a one child policy in China or does it not count for HK?

No. 280926

That's only for the mainland and it's two child policy now anyway.

No. 280933

Plus, having many children was never a problem for the wealthy, you just have to have te means to raise more than one child. Many Chinese celebrities had more than one kid even before the ban was lifted.

No. 280947

I've never heard that, nor is that in stuff I've read (wealth wasn't an exception), but whatever. It doesn't apply to Taylor and Tom anyway

No. 280965

It'll go ot, so I won't drag it, but I remember digging this matter ages ago and coming to the conclusion that you can indeed have more than one child, but you'll basically be "punished" (losing a job if you're working for the government, no promotions, no scholarships for kids etc.) and have to pay fines for "burdening" the country.
So, yeah, one way or another Tom and Taylor can procreate as much as their wallets and fertility clinic allow.

No. 280978

Tom will be in his fifties by the time they have four kids and he's not exactly in shape. He's going to be a senior citizen before all of his kids grow up and could be a real burden, even if they're still rich by then, not to mention the much higher risk of kids having autism if their dad is that old. The couple better have a good plan and someone trustworthy to manage their finances because I doubt Taylor will know what to do if Tom is incapacitated in the future.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281006

Pretty sure he's already in his 50s, hence why they needed such intense ivf. He certainly looks like it

No. 281021

File: 1676009776022.jpg (298.92 KB, 1080x1887, 20230210101251.jpg)

I always get second hand embarrassment when she posts her toddler level doodles for nail art and tries to pass them as some design genius or artistic expression. I'm pretty sure the nail artist would understand if she simply described what she wants.

No. 281022

Nah, he's late forties and he's not THAT old to have infertility problems. Many men his age and older have children without ivf.

No. 281023

As a technician, this is actually very helpful. The same way you show a stylist photos. If there isn't a reference to go off of, something like this helps.

No. 281030

me too, it's always so bad. this idea is especially cringe, with the elbow drawing…
he was def the issue imo

No. 281033

nta but she posted reference photos to her stories. she could've shown those to the nail artist instead, not some squiggly doodles. i know i'm nitpicking.

No. 281034

File: 1676019783105.jpg (377.75 KB, 1080x2049, SS20230210.jpg)

Not the wet sleeves. It's such a pet peeve of mine. Also, is she trying to prove that the products worked by posting before and after photos in completely different lighting? The oldest trick in the book kek(nitpicking over wet sleeves)

No. 281036

It's pretty disingenuous to get all kinds of secret facial treatments and botox and filler, then promote skincare. But I guess a lot of influencers do it. She tries to distract by being excessively open about weird shit like poo, but it's just embarrassing how much she doesn't want to talk about this one thing. It's remarkable how she preaches about dangerous body standards and self esteem while literally obsessing over her body and hiding the cosmetic procedures she's had done.

I mean, she could just avoid shilling shit like lasers and skincare given that she knows 100% that she achieves shitty "anti-aging" via injections. Doesn't Valeria at least admit having procedures? I can't remember. There's only shame in hiding it when you are hawking skincare or devices to your audience - if you're not doing that, then it's not really an issue IMHO

No. 281068

To my knowledge Valeria only admitted to a nose job and even that after denying it for ages. She's recently got an obvious boobjob, but hasn't made any comments on that or the injections.

No. 281081

Oh no, wet sleeves. The fuck is this nitpicking?

No. 281082

It's called up keep.

No. 281090

what is? pretending you're all natural so your followers buy whatever anti-aging skincare you're shilling?

No. 281097

She's shown she gets treatments, it's not a surprise and no one thinks she doesn't considering her content. It's not surprise, but even at home care is necessary. Don't be so dumb to completely ignore that. No one is out getting a facial 7 days a week, anon. Just seems like another non-issue post to nitpick.

No. 281098

i think you know what kind of treatments we mean. the ones that make your face stop moving.

No. 281166


No. 281181

Proof of his age? Or do you just believe what Taylor claims

No. 281186

Omg, he's obviously 40-55. It doesn't matter.

No. 281201

you're the only one throwing a fit and being deliberately obtuse.

No. 281202

There's an amazing tool called google. Use it.

No. 281262

Tom is 46, he was born in November 1976. His Chinese zodiac is a dragon so it's pretty easy to figure out what year he was born in. Source: Tom's Instagram.

No. 281264

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT, 46? I would've guessed something like 65. Men really do hit the wall so hard. He should just kill himself at this point.

No. 281266

He's ugly but doesn't look that old. Calm down.

No. 281267

How much is he paying you?

No. 281270

he looks objectively horrible for his age. The only thing he lacks is copious grey hair

No. 281273

Just like Taylor's age is past her prime, I assume? Weird nitpicks, but okay.

No. 281282

He's 100% the reason why they needed IVF.

NTA but you must be the same tard who misread "past her prime in her modelling career" then started projecting and sperging about age? You seem really hung up about yours.

No. 281284

Would it make you feel better if I pretended it was me since apparently everyone's the same person in here? I was being sarcastic kek

No. 281285

nope, try again. Also anon who wrote that meant modeling, just like trying to be a professional or Olympic athlete in certain sports at age 26 is too late.

No. 281290

Anons don't like it when you don't blame Taylor for the infertility issues.

No. 281294

I'm sure Tom is telling the truth and totally not lying to make it less creepy that he has a super young little wife. Pfft. Not actual proof.

No. 281296

Um, no? I think it was established threads ago that Tom was the reason behind the infertility. Most of the anon here agree with it.

No. 281298

virtually all anons think it's Tom's infertility issue, especially after she showed in a video that his sperm only fertilized 2 eggs the "natural" ivf way. all their other blastocysts came from ICSI, a common solution for male-factor infertility.

but one person here always insists he couldn't possibly be the reason despite the hard evidence to the contrary. I rewatched their infertility ep #1 recently and Taylor said they went to the ivf clinic to start injections after less than 6 months of trying naturally… jfc

No. 281299

There's a whole bunch of them that get mad when Taylor isn't to blame. You probably haven't been in these threads long enough.

No. 281303

link or stfu

No. 281304

control + f is your friend.

No. 281314


No. 281323

File: 1676155420490.png (6.61 MB, 1002x6092, beforeandafterTomreveal.png)

I never see much hating on Taylor saying that it's her 'fault', anons here largely think Tom has male-factor infertility but possibly Taylor being underweight didn't help. So yeah, link me to anons being mad if Taylor isn't blamed, I never saw that.

Enjoy this little entertainment, from a vid made while she was dating Tom (but hadn't revealed she had a boyfriend yet), and then final pic from 2022.(spoonfeed)

No. 281324

Not the busted underwear. I have successfully deleted it from my memory and now it's back T-T Has she ever addressed his not losing the "sympathy weight"?(T-T)

No. 281328

tip - delete your comment and repost without the kaomoji

No. 281360

Go back and look yourself, spoonie. 2 different anons told you it happened.

No. 281387


what can one search to find it then? You're just trying to push a fake narrative - I know you are lying because almost all anons who aren't rabid WKs in this thread thought Tom was the problem. Back up what you are alleging about "anons being mad when taylor isn't blamed" for infertility. I cannot search for something that doesn't exist, and you know that. So put up or shut up.
>two different anons
you and your sock don't count as two separate anons

No. 281406

Ew he posted his old ass ripped apart underwear to proof he’s a fatty? I can’t believe it’s the sane dude who didn’t want to be in her vlogs because muh privacy. He knows he’s too old and too ugly for Taylor.

No. 281579

Do it yourself.

No. 281587

Anon does that post really read as if it was written by him? He barely knows any English kek. Taylor clearly posted that on his account.

No. 281590

You might want to lurk. Taylor posted that and it was in a previous thread.

No. 281592

Tom posted it himself, Taylor shared his story. it was in a video where he photographed it on the table and cawed about sympathy weight. Maybe you need to lurk more.

No. 282044

File: 1676557572256.jpg (553.94 KB, 1080x1913, IMG_20230216_182458.jpg)

For some reason this photo gives me major Taylor 1.0 (sans circle contacts) vibes.

No. 282081

There's something weird going on with the jawline (filter or photoedit?) Look at her distorted ear. Yes, I know she has pointed ears but it has never looked like that.

And yeah it does look like those old pics. She's engrossed in how she looks in her phone camera, little cringe

No. 282121

She looks really pretty here

No. 282506

File: 1676795353486.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20230219-172013~2.p…)

Damn those muffins look dense as hell. I've messed up sometimes with baking and when I put too many eggs or wet ingredients it looks like that.
I always throw them out if it's like that!

No. 282574

She probably maxed out on fruit/vegetables and used too little flour to make it "healthy", but went overboard. The kid's too young to tell anyway.
As long as he can digest it, she can mess up however much she wants.

No. 282575

Looks like sweet potatoes too, not that I'm looking at the recipe, so if they are in the recipe it's great for kids and that mush is like mash.

No. 282618

lol i had the same thought watching this, girl those are raw. not even just a soggy bottom, 100% soggy(sage your shit)

No. 282620

sage non-milk posts

No. 282673

Sage your shitty nitpicks. At least learn any posting etiquette.

No. 282870

File: 1676974609152.webm (14.09 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_5710014479125121_1990…)

Taylor posted this riveting reel about rice crackers feat awkward interaction with her husband at the end, and some tard is in the comments trying to say the term caucasian is racist (based on one episode of a tv show they watched, and as if white/black are not terms steeped in racial history) and Tayor replies that she's learned something new and will research it.

People are really insufferable with their attempts at gotchas, literally dragging out some common word everyone uses to say it's "not accurate" as if "white" was a good literal descriptor (are you white like paper? inaccurate!!1) and she doesn't even say caucasian in the video, she says white. Being an influencer seems so tiring.

No. 282871

Samefag, she says caucasian in the caption (what is she supposed to put there? Anything else starts sounding fetishy or racist like white/asian or white/brown)
Caucasian/Asian is clearly the correct choice) but out loud she says white to describe herself. Their interactions are so dull and awkward, like this is what she chose to share as a highlight. Anyway, people are tarded. I guess you know you're getting it right when people start imagining problems like "caucasian" or anons above critiquing her baby food kek, like you are gonna make chef meals for a baby that will probably all end up on the floor or smeared on his face or the table. She makes pretty nice stuff for him, I bet anons above were eating baby food from a jar or mushy peas when they were his age.(derail, nitpick)

No. 282880

No, not “everyone” says Caucasian, only you North American and other Anglosphere retards do. Russian speakers and people from other former soviet countries would never call themselves Caucasian unless they are actually from the Caucasus countries. I don’t think its rayciss but it does look retarded to me that you all call yourselves this

No. 282917

go fight in her comments then. no one here cares. I thought a fed baby was a happy baby, why does it matter what working-class moms fed anons? weak attempt to start infighting and derail

No. 282939

Based anon

No. 283055

It’s so weird to me how she has a camera filming her opening the fridge. Or unless that was all rehearsed lol

No. 283095

You have to realize that white Americans are a mix of like 10 different ethnicities and won't even know what those are, unlike Euros who tend to be 100% of one thing and know exactly what they are. Identity/how to identify is a big issue for white Americans bc of that and they are never sure what they're supposed to call themselves

No. 283143

This is correct, I'm not American but I'm mixed nationality/race. If you don't identify as 100% one thing it becomes more complex. Americans from Spain, Italy etc have to fill out forms as "white" even though they don't identify as white and are not considered white in Europe, this whole issue goes back to classification, which is a lot more complex than just white/black/asian and nobody is gonna be happy or perfectly fit every box.
There are dozens of comments on Taylor's post about this now, and I get the national pride and gatekeeping from actual Caucasians but a lot of people are just blindly grabbing identity labels that they don't feel match, just because that's all that's available, that can be very limited depending on where you live.

No. 283148

Imo she should've just written a Canadian-Cantonese (Hongkongese) household as she usually does, instead of Caucasian-Asian.

No. 283162

This is an imageboard. Post these "dozens of comments". Also, this is so nitpicky from everyone, including Youtube comments.

No. 283171

they aren't worth posting here, tbh. But there are a ton on IG. This whole topic should have stayed on IG, no one was discussing it here until someone tried to drag it over here.

No. 283441

now that Sharla’s engaged, do we think Taylor will have anything to do with the wedding whatsoever? I still think her whole elopement was bizarre when she was so fairytale wedding and engagement-obsessed. at the same time, it feels more and more like BFF “Shaylor” have drifted so far apart in content and lifestyle that they’re just never going to get together on cam again

No. 283444

She will be the maid of honor kek. That is if Sharla decides to have a wedding.

No. 283481

Her elopement was super weird. If you think about it, she really doesn’t have a lot of close family or friends and I don’t think Tom does either. My guess is they felt bad about that and couldn’t have a big wedding so they eloped

No. 283490

taylor made a huge deal about her family back in the day and was the maid of honor at her sister's wedding. She filmed all her visits home and they all genuinely seemed to get along. That definitely screams close imho. That made her tiny courthouse wedding very strange indeed. But it was so Tom could start getting money/assets into Canada, p sure anons described that.

It's really weird to claim not to want a wedding bc of costs while wearing a giant Tiffany's diamond and eternity band on your finger. As if Tom couldn't afford a party for their friends and family? That's all a wedding is if there's no religion involved.

No. 283520

Remember she said they would have a celebration in Canada that never happened? She has a big family and friends from Canada so I don't think getting a gathering together was the problem, and as anons have pointed out in previous threads, she has about 20k worth of handbags alone never mind both their houses being worth 1-2 million each. She gets probably 1k+ in free sponsorship freebies every month plus regular sponsored posts and videos which pay a few k each time. So she earns a few k every month aside from Tom's money so that really isn't an issue.
So I wonder why they never had a proper wedding?

No. 283541

Didn’t sharla marry already? Recently they posted something with rings. Or was that thr engagement?

No. 283553

Sharla was married to a pretty offline Korean guy for years but they only spoke Japanese together. someone else might have more details about the divorce, I don’t remember much. they spilt after 1-2 years of living in Korea? now she’s engaged to youtuber Chris Broad

No. 283597

She was married to a Korean hairdresser in Tokyo and moved with him to Seoul sometime after they got married, but moved back to Japan by herself in 9.2018 and didn't announce her divorce until 3.2019, when she was likely already involved with Chris since she had couple's art already commissioned by the next month. We don't know how long she was married to her Korean husband because she pretended she was only engaged when they'd already married. We don't know when exactly she started dating Chris either because they hid their relationship for a long time and Chris has repeatedly lied about how long they've been involved. There's speculation that Chris was still with his ex when they got together and became involved by 10.2018, when they were traveling together. I don't think Chris ever liked Taylor and remember him indirectly making fun of her and her vlogs. She and Tom would really stand out if they attend the wedding just because of how different they are to the rest of Chris and Sharla's friends.

No. 283614

Go to Jvlog for this. Or link anon to the other thread. We don't need a recap of other cows because anon wants to be spoonfed info.

No. 283638

That’s so weird. She hardly ever mentions her family or even missing them for that matter. If I had a great family I’d seriously hate my life being in another country away from them.

No. 283780

Anons I didn’t ask for her CV, I just wasn’t sure if she already married Chris. Thanks though.

No. 284009

File: 1677680596763.jpeg (325.5 KB, 911x1875, EA4A8A42-61D7-4780-83D6-8599AC…)

learned japanese eh? she really does just make up her own story as she pleases lol. also laughing my ass off at ditching cantonese to learn mandarin because she thought it would be easier with fewer tones, because of course she did

No. 284019

What's your problem with this exactly?

No. 284022

ntayrt but it's a bunch of lies, I see she resurrected the "I learned Japanese" lie.

No. 284036

Lmao, learned Japanese my ass. She can't even string a coherent sentence or as much as order food in Japanese if needed. Double lmao at implying that she's studying Cantonese now. Parroting Cantonese dish names after your assistant and husband, while making ten mistakes in a two syllable word, is not "learning".

No. 284038

Same level as Levi - does she mean googoo-gaga? Kek

No. 284046

How do you prove is a lie? Back this up.

No. 284053

Anyone who's watched her vlogs in Japan knows she can't speak Japanese. At one point, she did hire a teacher to help her recite lines, but she never really learned to speak the language, which she admitted at 12:44.

No. 284060

No one's gonna spoonfeed you.

No. 284068

File: 1677709714907.png (1.04 MB, 864x1614, Screenshot_20230301-164125.png)

she used to go hard, pretending she did all this shit herself and just got help for "complicated words." All bullshit. From the earliest videos, she had people helping film, and she never knew any of these languages…to any degree of fluency. She would not even be able to pass A1 level.

No. 284090

Literally basing this off old shit. Lol okay. Nice proof. How did that have anything to do with over a decade later? Are you watching her study sessions?

No. 284098

nta but she admitted she faked learning Japanese and just memorized phrases and did a voiceover in the video anon linked: >>284053
She hasn't lived in Japan since like 2016? so why would she have been secretly studying Japanese?

No. 284108

Nothing she's done so far indicates she's lying about learning Chinese. She said her Japanese teacher helped her for her video by going to a cafe and telling her what to say. She didn't admit to even lying about learning it. Sounds more like she didn't know what to say to be able to narrate her room tour due to lack of an entire vocabulary. It's not like she was born in Japan and studied it for years. I re-watched it just to double check she admitted to lying about knowing Japanese at all and that wasn't even the case.(lurk moar)

No. 284136

Doesn't your back hurt from bending that far backwards to WK Taylor?

No. 284155

you're asking to be spoonfed, she has even admitted lying and most of her old posts from Japan imply or assert that she knew Japanese at some level. Her Cantonese is abysmal and she cannot have even a simple conversation in it. It is a hard language, yes.

Mandarin is no easier and I highly doubt she ever studied Mandarin. This is Kiki-level "I know chinese, japanese, and korean" levels of lies

No. 284237

She didn't admit to lying. She didn't admit she doesn't know Japanese. This doesn't even have anything to do with learning Chinese.(whiteknight)

No. 284240

File: 1677811323134.jpeg (203.76 KB, 831x1653, 9A7CC540-C299-4CE5-9564-F1DB9D…)

lol did we touch a nerve taylor? also, which home? the condo that’s been sitting empty in toronto since 2018?