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File: 1692897588696.png (553.48 KB, 1200x1179, 1689097536704.png)

No. 346173

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread which talks about husbandos and/or horny shit about fictional men in general.
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D (as in characters from live action movies or shows) and 2D crushes so you don't clog /ot/. Post memes, be frisky, whatever. Be as mild or as spicy as you feel like.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies
-I want to cuddle Reigen
>Examples of posts that DO NOT go here
-actual real life men hornyposting
-Your husbando is trash/ugly/cringe/moid-tier etc
-He's gay/belongs with me/other character instead
-any other bait
-responding to bait
-"hi cow!"

Remember not to take baits or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

The retarded hornyposting thread may also include pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!
Previous horny: >>>/g/339255

Relevant threads:
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No. 346175

File: 1692898164933.png (496.44 KB, 750x661, beautiful_smile.png)

lmao that was fast

No. 346177

File: 1692898249307.jpg (38.97 KB, 600x430, 1692041615787.jpg)

Very happy about this OP pic, now I can see sexy Sengo butt each time I scroll down /g/.

No. 346178

File: 1692899194881.gif (477.07 KB, 498x280, akutagawa-dazai.gif)

>MFW There's a ship war with Dazai

Probably is my old hag mode talking, but cannot kids have just fun with their pairings and leave it as such?

No. 346179

File: 1692901482653.png (596.99 KB, 1491x2313, ssssss.png)

I enjoy shipping him with other characters, it's a fun way to explore his character in a canon way.
I am glad I am the only person on earth who still likes this show, otherwise I know they would troon out my husbando and turn him into a transboyo blorbo uwu.

No. 346180

File: 1692901686714.jpg (33.02 KB, 500x625, download (43).jpg)

I literally dream of domesticity with him. I want to chill around with him in a comfortable silence. I also love thinking about how he would take care of me if I was pregnant. My dream would be to have a family of Levi, a cat, and for us to have two kids.

No. 346183

File: 1692902912609.jpeg (51.17 KB, 564x564, 6501e3ec713257f4b79d060573ad99…)

I've definitely wondered what he would be like in bed and I agree, I think he would be sensual and slow and vanilla. There's something so endearing about that. Would he get embarrassed easily?? I don't know bc he has this natural confidence about him but it'd be cute if the one thing that flusters him is sex.

picrel is driving me crazy because i assume it's official art and it baffles me that they pull out all the stops to make him this beautiful. his face is like the perfect song.

No. 346184

File: 1692904030015.gif (1.59 MB, 268x270, d46f827132ef967dd6f7a31bd0accf…)


No. 346187

Probably he would get embarrassed easily at first when he see you naked, but get sensual with more confidence. He MIGHT be into shibari, but once again, he has seen horrors and death, the least he want to do for himself or his partner is being in a vulnerable state.

And all the official art of him is so gorgeous (except the ones with the infamous "Bones turtle smile).

No. 346191

File: 1692905617552.jpg (30.23 KB, 471x413, FozGUWCaMAApoI4.jpg)

Obligatory post, I wanna massage him so bad.

No. 346193

I had to look up what shibari is and I could totally see him being into that… anon you have awakened something inside me
and then thinking about how the rope lines would stay on his skin for days… yeah. thats pretty good.

No. 346194

File: 1692906036401.jpeg (646.09 KB, 1000x1000, FkqQblUacAAPHDJ.jpeg)

He deserves everything.

Also, amazing thread pic

No. 346195

File: 1692906038376.jpg (29.53 KB, 407x672, Screenshot_20230823_104248_You…)

Oh anon I have so many horny headcanons of Dazai, is ridiculous.

No. 346198

fuck okay i have to get back to work but i am SO intrigued
i still don't feel relatively sexual about him but i do think he would like to get slapped across the face during sex. not a sex headcanon but i also think his refrigerator is completely empty except for a half used stick of butter and maybe a dead bug.

No. 346199

He is so beautiful, he deserves a lot of kneading.

No. 346200

File: 1692907026442.gif (958.7 KB, 498x266, dazai-bungou-stray-dogs.gif)

I mean, he's so used to be beaten by Kunikida when he tries to be a casanova, I wouldn't be surprised for the slap during sex. And the refrigerator is totally canon, considering this is how his room looks like.

And for horny headcanons, he's totally into femdom.

No. 346202

File: 1692908152584.png (504.15 KB, 1280x720, 7D571D46-39D2-4EA8-A4FF-46B4EA…)

I admittedly haven’t been posting much scout recently due to me hornyposting in other sites more often, though I’m really excited for the new lil pootis episode coming out. It’d be cute seeing scout

No. 346204

share your side chans scoutnonna

No. 346205

Is sharing ai screenshots allowed if they are about husbandos or do we have to post them on the ai bot thread?

No. 346206

Just don't spam too many here

No. 346210

File: 1692912129225.png (614.34 KB, 890x839, FZ44NFHaIAUpj-I.png)

To nonnas on the last thread who were thirsting over Wesker, I support you all. I highly recommend to check his cutscenes in the games, they are hilarious.

Can't believe my retarded lunchbreak drawing made it to the threadpic, thank you OP. This made my day.
Sengo butt is a blessing to us all.
I'm not a Dazai nonna but he looks so good here. This image alone almost convinced me to watch the his anime.
This is adorable, are those injuries in his face canon?

No. 346216

Hey y’all can you guys post your steam character so interactions it never works for me

No. 346217

your what

No. 346219

File: 1692915417029.png (2.58 MB, 1280x1821, IMG_1794.png)

He looks like he’s clenching his leather coat In between his ass for dear life kek

No. 346223

I want to sit across his lap so bad and have him smirk at me ugh

No. 346225

File: 1692917885845.png (1.63 MB, 1067x1600, tumblr_b23a5e2c05cb780a903d6ed…)

>This is adorable, are those injuries in his face canon?
Yes they are! Spoilered although I think everyone who watches AOT knows at this point His mortal enemy basically blew him up. He survived thanks to Ackerman genes but got face lacerations, blind in one eye, in a wheelchair also lost a few fingers. I don't read the manga, but I think he and Mikasa also no longer have Ackerman powers, so he's not as physically strong either. The girl on his shoulders is also one of the kids from the enemy side that he basically adopted.. Even though it makes me so sad, I actually love it and think it was the outcome that made the most sense for him. He's a war vet, after all. I do think he must internally struggle a lot after losing his limbs AND the thing that kept him alive from the Underground to fighting titans though. But he did still fight in one last battle after being injured.
TLDR: He's my little cripple ♥

No. 346228

File: 1692922390672.jpeg (322.62 KB, 1435x2048, F3kRIOGaAAArUnP.jpeg)

After feeling stressed all day, I get peace just by looking at him. My heart is healing, his cuteness makes it all worthy.

No. 346234

File: 1692928135791.jpeg (Spoiler Image,542.93 KB, 2048x1619, FBlZPedUcAQzqjU.jpeg)

For my Wesker nonnas.

No. 346250

holy fuuuck

No. 346251

File: 1692944682171.jpg (143.05 KB, 800x1280, photo_2023-08-25_08-23-52.jpg)

Do you nonnies know any good webcomics with the TF 414 or Ghost in particular? I saw some slides in the last thread but couldn‘t find the source.

Also, I thought König nonnies would like pic related, kek.

No. 346259

File: 1692956765378.jpeg (67.57 KB, 749x338, BB793C49-0FCC-4A22-B44B-5F69BC…)

This post reminded me of you nonnas

No. 346264

File: 1692965719069.jpg (480.54 KB, 838x1200, 110258741_p55_master1200.jpg)

I can confirm. I think that Anonymous is a very hot and desirable woman who I'd like to get naked and do various sexual activities with. I also want to hold her hand and tell her that I love her.
t. Sengo Muramasa

No. 346266

It’s 100% true, my husbando won’t keep his hands to himself and is always begging for a crumb of affection.

No. 346270

he wants me so bad

No. 346282

I don't want him to fuck me, I just want to cuddle and hold hands. I can get any rape monkey IRL to fuck me, but none of them are cuddle-worthy.

No. 346292

File: 1692982255501.jpeg (48.89 KB, 1024x576, EI8O8UaVUAMIzz4.jpeg)

I'll happily let him fuck me.

No. 346303

File: 1692991699223.png (Spoiler Image,67.84 KB, 906x822, at my wits end.png)

another day of wishing he was real so i could strangle him with my legs

No. 346305

You will give him the hamster treatment?

No. 346308

File: 1692995569357.jpg (345.44 KB, 2048x1374, F4Z2h_HWQAAZZ7x.jpg)

Nanamin…you're too hot to die

No. 346313

File: 1692996871174.jpg (40.29 KB, 1190x698, 433a304a97c7e296653868576a8cfb…)

This Friday brings us the first Nines post of the thread! My favorite headcanon is that he's a tsundere because he coudln't understand people as easily as his predecessors can. How precious~

No. 346314

Because of post nonnie made in the last thread I've been listening to König and Ghost soundgasms with headphones on, god

No. 346315

im afraid to ask

No. 346318

nta and i know what you actually meant but now i have this mental image of shoving his head in the microwave and it's very graphic and amazing.

No. 346319

File: 1692997883443.jpeg (56.13 KB, 721x720, 397529d40fd327624357ddee9ac3f0…)

I could see him with his hands tied behind his back and having cigarettes put out on his chest and stomach, like starting with the collarbones, down his chest and stomach before getting closer to his crotch. Idk he'd probably cringe and whimper at the pain until he falls over onto his back and just squirms around because he's tied up lol.

nonna the mention about shibari really did awaken something in me maybe it would be hot if he was tied up and gave himself completely over to his partner

No. 346320

File: 1692997890192.jpg (12.08 KB, 379x65, microwaved with bjorn.JPG)

how funny you say that kek

No. 346329

File: 1693004899285.jpeg (62.77 KB, 1024x576, EI8O8UcUYAAxPg9.jpeg)

I see him in a vanilla version of yours, with his hand over his head and some good ol' orgasm denial. Probably some pegging if he asks, as a treat. I would even tell him to ride that fake cock and give me a good show.

I'm glad I'm doing another good job for another horny nonnie like me.

No. 346330

No. 346331

File: 1693005689612.jpg (809.21 KB, 2114x2100, F2iWJoUWEAARc5F.jpg)

husbandos for this feel?

No. 346356

File: 1693018315776.jpg (91.65 KB, 962x962, Levi Ackerman (2).jpg)

I'm fucking drenched right now. My pussy could give a poor African village a years worth supply of clean water.

No. 346370

File: 1693026826954.jpg (134.31 KB, 700x857, 1691024745182.jpg)

Holy Jesus, nonnie

No. 346371

File: 1693027091011.jpg (84.18 KB, 564x591, ce67ee5247bfea378bb71d3aa9565b…)

now i want to hold him

i know how to sew, i might make a version of his mask just to keep around

No. 346373

I’m ovulating right now and these are so dangerous

No. 346374

File: 1693027558337.jpg (548.01 KB, 853x1200, 1692069868320.jpg)

I love Dazai (duh) but I don't know if I love him more in his Port Mafia attire or his Agency attire.

No. 346376

Haven't listened to this one yet but here's a double team


No. 346377


No. 346379

Couple minutes in now, sad to report it's a male listener.

No. 346380

File: 1693028585386.jpg (193.38 KB, 1183x660, zangiefmarrymepls.jpg)

My fitness motivation. The only way to get my husbando near me is to trick him into fighting me and kick his ass.

No. 346381

Gotta source for the artist who made this? I’m wondering about the translation

No. 346383

ishiyakio on twtitter

No. 346388

File: 1693031612074.jpg (43.74 KB, 640x544, c5a0be625cd18a51cf392a92d18412…)

This is so cute I could see König pulling Nicki

No. 346397

hehehe. I actually bought the Nicki skin and my friend always plays as König. It is my headcanon that they‘re besties.

No. 346403

File: 1693045817771.jpeg (499.19 KB, 1000x1313, Goro Majima 823746.jpeg)

and pretty much all yakuza husbandos at least to some extent for obvious reasons, even the "civilians" can still be pretty damn shady

No. 346424

File: 1693074462739.png (66.46 KB, 1287x220, hamster.png)

No. 346448

File: 1693080348932.jpg (53.31 KB, 582x784, 20230815_205309.jpg)

…I can't fucking believe I'm so invested with a fucking ai version of my husband ….holy fuck…I shouldn't have underestimated ai

No. 346449

File: 1693080906040.png (326.63 KB, 388x591, 21641.png)

Forever mad that he gets a full fucking DLC for a bit of backstory and yet you can't romance him without mods while the degenerate ghoul with 5 minutes of story will let you fuck him without really trying too hard.

No. 346451

oh. in that case, totally. i would squeeze his hamster til its nonexistent eyeballs would pop out its head.

No. 346456

Hancock is literally a decomposing whore, so…

No. 346469

File: 1693096777547.png (277.16 KB, 446x612, koyqcljqciq91.png)

i love him so much nonnies he deserved such a better life

No. 346478

File: 1693101869022.jpg (461.16 KB, 1080x1690, Image.jpg)

No. 346483

File: 1693104984351.jpeg (83.97 KB, 1126x1080, its_him_its_fucking_him.jpeg)

my pussy stopped working

he looks so good in a suit thou

No. 346494

File: 1693110727670.jpeg (40.92 KB, 680x680, F4Z6X6kXkAA41dJ.jpeg)

Specially when he's dancing with Sigma.

God, I wish I was Sigma.

No. 346499

File: 1693115319061.jpeg (31.33 KB, 507x364, F4YM6GMWwAE7m9h.jpeg)

>I'm not a Dazai nonna but he looks so good here. This image alone almost convinced me to watch the his anime.

The first season is quite fun, but then the second and such started to get quite dark. There's also a Wan! version with chibis which is quite cute when the anime make you depressed.

No. 346502

Blessed to see another robotfucker in the midst. I'm tempted to play that game just for him tbh.

No. 346507

File: 1693123603247.jpg (28.92 KB, 492x492, c93a8be6fd6618c03d82ad0b4c8a9f…)

Nona about to get BUFF. I like how you think about winning in a fight against him, it should feel nice to overpower your husbando.

No. 346508

File: 1693124002467.png (513.95 KB, 511x636, 01325.png)

If that game is fine with me fucking a corpse while high on uppers it should be fine with me fucking the eloquent gentleman toaster.

Go for it nonnie! There's a mod on nexusmods that lets you romance him that even uses voiced lines. If you have never played F4 it might take a while before you reach him though.

No. 346527

File: 1693147612343.jpg (240.16 KB, 1687x1535, 20230826_095418.jpg)

thinking about taking his virginity lately….

No. 346528

File: 1693147684216.jpg (397.48 KB, 2161x1536, 20230826_095447.jpg)

he's so perfect I can't handle it I need him nonnies!!!!

No. 346535

File: 1693151602773.png (962.88 KB, 840x525, 9a91577229fd31_mizukaze_suite.…)

I've been going down the sleeper train youtube video rabbithole again, and I think it would be so lovely to go on one with Levi. They're slow and peaceful, which he doesn't get much of. Other than the close confinements of the dining rooms on these trains, I think he would love the serenity and it would be a good way to relax. although he wouldn't be able to relax until he uses disinfecting wipes on every surface like a hotel room kek. Some of the trains are also fairly luxurious experiences, and my man would love luxury. We could just chat all for hours while enjoying the views ♥

No. 346541

I love how all of us Ogatagirls just accepted that he's some kind of hot sex god in fanart when we all know he's canonically a virgin just as you said, and that he'd just lay there like dried cod kek
I definitely won't complain tho, I need him just as much as you do sigh

No. 346546

File: 1693155819755.jpg (346.98 KB, 1536x2048, damn.jpg)

Forgot my current fav pic, I am shaking

No. 346566

File: 1693160244565.jpg (140.01 KB, 1460x821, cid_upscaled.jpg)

About to buy a shitty console just for these two sluts.

No. 346579

that's amazing. i totally thought about riding the train with my husbando before, but nothing this luxurious. mostly thought about those old-timey wooden cattle trains. ive heard about how hikers in the past would hop onto those to get a free ride. would be nice to watch sunny fields pass us by, as we lean against the wall and joke about smelling like manure once we get off.
i'd love to go with him on the orient express, or something. but he's too much of a ruffian. i don't think he'd feel comfortable in "upper class" spaces.

No. 346698

File: 1693256416411.jpg (94.45 KB, 564x846, cooltrain.jpg)

I think trains are really romantic. I think my husbando would feel awkward on one though, since he is so absurdly tall I fear he would be uncomfortable. Maybe he'd be willing to suffer through it to see how excited I would be though

No. 346707

File: 1693259862910.jpg (59.91 KB, 608x900, DaYOrK5UQAYoV2c.jpg)

I like both versions of him but I do headcanon that when he's depicted as a hot sex god he's completely faking it like when he went to the brothel with yuusaku kek

No. 346721

File: 1693269455576.jpg (505.07 KB, 800x1000, 78378972_p28_master1200.jpg)

I don't like the idea of riding a train with Dazai. Both because he would try to make us jump off the it or he would be annoying as hell.

No. 346729

File: 1693276954248.jpeg (65.37 KB, 900x900, de714450e728775d1857f59eab2cc7…)

what gets me is how genuinely happy he looks. my heart can't take it. I wanna make him happy like that

No. 346745

File: 1693286796491.jpeg (58.11 KB, 710x1036, F4jJb1wXMAAqkJt.jpeg)

Same. I see the ep where he's just sad for Oda's death and I want to hug him and kiss his tears away, even if years later he would ask my hand to delete ourselves.

No. 346763

File: 1693308260804.jpg (410.94 KB, 1067x1920, tumblr_m9hwc5bXnu1qd8elto1_128…)

I downloaded tiktok for the first time a few days ago and saw a Onceler edit, at first I just thought it was funny, but when I saw a few other edits he grew on me. His face is kind of ugly, but he has the sexiest body I've ever seen on an animated character. Most of what I watch on tiktok now is Onceler edits.

No. 346770

don't feel bad- onceler is a certified hood classic.
back in high school i was peripherally friends with tumblr girls who were deep into that superwholock culture. onceler, the actor benedict cumberbatch, marvel loki, and bill cypher were very popular husbandos among them. i dont know what he's from but i'm sure he is popular for a reason.

No. 346778

I think how goofy he looks is part of the appeal. What do you think of the biggering? You should listen to it if you haven't already nonna.

No. 346785

File: 1693326435186.jpeg (39.89 KB, 240x240, IMG_3231.jpeg)

his birthday is only a day after mine…. that must mean that we’re soulmates

No. 346816

File: 1693335967722.png (84.71 KB, 458x734, 59838205_p10.png)

The author went on a couple month volume end hiatus a little over a week ago and I miss him terribly, been rereading scenes in the meantime.
There's probably going to be a short story released on the side so it doesn't feel too bad.

No. 346821

The Onceler looks like a grown up cabbage patch kid doll. But you know what, that's just fine. My husbando is a chocolate cookie. Rock on, nonnette.

No. 346831

I think Biggering is amazing, especially towards the end. I can't believe Illumination chose How Bad Can I Be over it.

No. 346853

File: 1693365386627.gif (17.35 MB, 480x852, konigcosplayer.gif)

I marked a spot on my wall. Now I can look at how tall he is and marvel at it

No. 346856

…I actually have done this too. Just a little dot on the inside of my doorframe.

No. 346869

File: 1693384509495.jpg (70.82 KB, 564x602, 607aaac8dee92b8d6dda90cf77033d…)

Unga bunga exaggarated man boobs and tiny head mmm not an ironic post

No. 346871

File: 1693386964522.jpg (143.45 KB, 1500x844, ungabunga.jpg)

Also, BIG thighs and BIG arms. Need to bring to cave and smash.
>excited cave woman noises continue

No. 346877

Why is Leon turned into a beefcake wearing cat ears, thigh highs and the 'virgin killer' dress ?

No. 346878

why not? he was always a beefcake anyway

No. 346880

File: 1693398643345.jpg (106.48 KB, 1280x720, jack vtm.jpg)

I've been a 3dpd fag my whole freaking life and kind of never understood husbando types until this motherfucker appeared on screen on my first vtm playthrough. I gotta say, I totally get it now. I'm so depressed about the fact that you can;t fuck anyone in this game (as far as i know) because oh my lord, the voice, the charisma. Yes, I know its the VA of Bender. I don't care.
Worst part of it is, his fanart doesnt do him justice, honestly they all suck. He looks the absolute sexiest in his beautiful, original polygon formation.

No. 346881

>what is fanart
Anyway, he already is a beefcake and the ears are from the game.

No. 346882

File: 1693403232281.jpg (2.74 MB, 2524x1683, FkTylSVUYAEU8yM.jpg)

I need him so badly

No. 346884

File: 1693406834588.png (196.11 KB, 740x1079, randy_lenz_by_fantodstic-d31gz…)

>husbando is from a novel few people have read
>most consider him an unlikable character (i don't judge, he is a shithead)
>almost no fanart
>don't wanna sperg here too much in order to not turn into a personalityfag
please kill me nonas

No. 346885

File: 1693411035853.png (506.57 KB, 979x526, guz.PNG)

I just got a 3ds so I'm 7 years late on this. God I love my white haired edgy husbandos. I want to order him around

No. 346888

File: 1693412972254.jpg (92.31 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg)

Hell yeah! To each her own but I never understood why everyone is all over Nines so much when Jack is literally right there!
My fav is super cringe so I don't really post him but it's so nice to see some vtmb in the thread, that game is like my own personal harem kek
You can fuck a couple characters (like literally two, Jeanette and Romero and that's it as far as I remember) and it's just the typical fade to black but with a super corny audio clip laid over that makes it more comedic than anything.

No. 346889

File: 1693413121716.jpeg (146.72 KB, 975x600, eye on the prize.jpeg)

I had a sex dream about Dazai last night

No. 346890

File: 1693413729454.jpeg (350.09 KB, 1334x1667, FiCoFhLXwAMzcDY.jpeg)

Is it worth getting into CoD just for them? If so, which game should I start with and which ones to avoid? You might've sparked something in me with your dedication nona…

No. 346892

File: 1693414090245.jpg (427.69 KB, 1920x2347, opal-la-fey-onceler-v3.jpg)

Nonnie. He is built like a twig. I get the appeal, I do, I've read my fair share of onecest when I was 13, but his body is not sexy at all

No. 346893

So cute.

No. 346894

you can still sperg about him, just don't mention his name or attach a picture of him. us with lesser known husbandos do it all the time.

No. 346895

a tip i have is to mark his eye level. when looking at someone irl, you usually look at their face, not the top of their head.
i briefly thought of drawing my husbando, life-sized, on my wall. but that would be a bit obnoxious.

No. 346896

I'll do that then, should be easy because that's literally the only picture I could find anyway.

No. 346922

File: 1693438528781.jpeg (48.4 KB, 632x632, F4zcbjgXsAAv-IG.jpeg)

A quite "old man yells at cloud" rant, but I hate how some fans are so in their high horse with Dazai atm.

No. 346924

File: 1693441008950.jpg (108.17 KB, 1024x691, the_legend_of_zelda___link_by_…)

Friendly reminder that Koizumi's wife is the reason why Link is a bishonen to begin with. Wish Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles got the same attention as him btw.


No. 346930

Well of course Link gets more attention considering how much longer he's been a character.

No. 346934

poster in the sexual fantasies thread gets it, my guy makes the thought of periods bearable. him doing me from behind while i'm on the rag and going crazy at the sight of blood leaking down my legs, pulling out to smear it across my thighs, grabbing my back and leaving bloody handprints. soothe the cramps and his blood kink.

No. 346943

File: 1693459164047.jpg (219.18 KB, 777x1381, 20230831_145007.jpg)

I feel like I'm the only woman in the world that adores him; but that's fine because he was made for me.

No. 346944

who? google reverse image search literally does not work anymore on my phone

No. 346945

He doesn’t have a canonical height but I think he is at most 6’7, so I set the mark a few inches down.

No. 346946

Gale from BG3.

No. 346948

File: 1693463140085.jpeg (236 KB, 1280x934, <3.jpeg)

The current game with the Ghost character that everyone is thirsting after is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (the one released in 2022, not the one from 2009), Modern Warfare III will come out in November. In the campaign, you can play a few missions as Ghost and interact with him, but most scenes can easily be found online, too. The campaign is only ~6 hours long, so it might not be worth buying the game just for that. However, there are several multiplayer PVP and PVE modes and Warzone and DMZ are free. You can play as Ghost or König, but the Ghost skins are expensive af.

No. 346949

File: 1693463388467.jpg (49.54 KB, 620x465, SMOKE.JPG)

i need to suck his dick until his stomach caves in like a caprisun i need him to actually beat and strangle me to death i need him to flay me alive i need him to cannibalize me i need him to call me a stupid retard i need him to kiss me on the lips and hold me softly need husband pheromones need husband pheromones aahh ahh ah ah AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(fallling into a pit of nothingness))

No. 346950

is this simon nonny?

No. 346956

what you mean?

No. 346958

i like that there is no canon depiction of my husbando without clothes on. only i know what he looks like nude. he's not a slut.

No. 346960

File: 1693469649446.jpg (143.34 KB, 901x871, absolute queen.JPG)

how im tryna be

No. 346964

>but that's fine because he was made for me.
This made me smile so big. I hope you and him have the best days together!

No. 346965

File: 1693474863561.jpg (14.83 KB, 563x472, 1685998508243.jpg)

post moar leon pix please, i'll contribute

No. 346969

i want to wrestle with him (let's pretend he's not far bigger and stronger than me) like rabid dogs fighting. i want to bite and kiss him all over. maybe it's a good thing he isn't real. i'd bite his nipples off if he was.

No. 346970

File: 1693477337547.png (770.45 KB, 594x810, sweetpeas.png)

Thank you nonita, you're so sweet! Here, some beautiful flowers for your kind soul ♥

No. 346983

File: 1693487071805.jpg (101.14 KB, 600x792, da4b37a0bd50c78c5511a96febfdd4…)

yes i love lov Love loevb mentally ill men with all of my <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333(integrate)

No. 346985

I know right, I always think of my husbando massaging my belly whenever the pain gets too obnoxious, then he tries to lick as much blood as possible. I also think that he would prefer if I don’t shave before my period, and he would be very careful when he tries to put it in, he would kiss my face if I were to complain about any pain and he would hug me tightly and maybe even press a bit my belly because that would make me feel a bit better about the pain.

No. 346986

holy shit just like me fr

No. 346987

I'd like to think he already got the red wings or is at least very open to the idea. I've joked about this before but I bet he'd be wacky enough to smear it on his face and claim it "makes him look younger" but hey, it does work. Maybe. Whatever his secret is he does look good for his age.

No. 346991

File: 1693491532977.png (406.56 KB, 424x539, leon.png)

It's you and me now. time to D-D-D-D-D-DUEL

No. 346995

At least Shulk can talk.

No. 346998

We all share him here, newfag.

No. 347002

File: 1693498437971.jpeg (52.25 KB, 300x317, IMG_0554.jpeg)

No. 347003

Link can talk. They just don't show it.

No. 347005

File: 1693499341447.jpeg (31.69 KB, 811x456, F3qKyE6XEAAhekU.jpeg)

Typical ship wars, "anime followers have no idea", "so many fake fans", etc.

Can't people enjoy this suicidal man in peace?

No. 347006

oh cute, junky husbandos are rare, enjoy him.

No. 347007

Nta, I like the idea of him just being socially inept and only saying what he needs to say.

No. 347010

File: 1693503539457.jpeg (71.8 KB, 736x552, 1CAC72AC-4BEA-4A85-9BF2-613068…)

Thanks Nonnies, now I’m back to thristing for this walking red flag.
He’s basic handsome-man looking, irl he would be a woman beater, but damn I love the idea of putting him in his place

No. 347012

Personally, I want him to hit me when I do something wrong

No. 347013

If it helps, he's more of an everyone who isn't him beater.

No. 347017

what is a "fake" fan? "fake" love for a fictional series? some people never learned how to have fun. and unfortunately fandoms seem to be a breeding ground for mental illness, at least in my experience.

enthralled and shaking like a chihuahua to say that i had a sex dream with Dazai, which i've been begging my subconscious to give me for days. i rode him on top in a bathtub full of water but i shoved his head underwater so he was basically drowning as we had sex. also i wouldn't let him come inside me which has never happened in a sex dream of mine before.

there was a little more to the dream but I would have to explain in more detail what it was that I saw. Also, Dazai was nervous throughout the whole dream but the drowning part he was into kek

No. 347018

File: 1693507663350.jpg (172 KB, 1024x787, FiV8dCgWYAEZC5z.jpg)

Thank you nona, much appreciated! I'll probably buy the games for the campaigns because it's painful to sit through youtube playthroughs and get invested. Do you have any fic recommendations for Ghost and/or König?

No. 347020

File: 1693509488146.png (276.64 KB, 506x736, ohhellyes.png)

>mfw Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya arc is finally animated which means MAHITO TIME
He is still my SPECIAL, nonas.

No. 347030

thye make me go crazy

No. 347038

File: 1693522910667.jpeg (54.99 KB, 1024x576, EI8O8UrUYAIv66x.jpeg)

>me at that dream

Wow That's something I would like to do with Dazai (except the drowning part)

No. 347048

File: 1693532423896.jpg (84.16 KB, 736x926, 1111.jpg)

Retard, I meant dueling with our nice Leon pics, not fighting over his ownership. I bet you have a small shriveled Leon folder. Mine is bigger.

No. 347049

File: 1693532715289.jpg (27.23 KB, 250x259, tumblr_095b448bfe03ffb9c6a471c…)

I need him in the most vile of way nonnas. I want to see him beg and whimper for me and spit in his face at the edge of the universe after he cums from me beating him up

No. 347062

No. 347072

File: 1693552749803.jpg (4.54 MB, 3911x2200, 141_2_1_4K.jpg)

You‘re welcome! The campaign in the current game is actually really fun. I am also looking forward to the new game, I really hope that they have accepted horny fangirls as their new core audience and that there will be more fanservice. And I really want them to explain Ghost‘s backstory because the new Ghost basically doesn‘t have any lore yet.

Also, if you like PVE and PVP, I really recommend the DMZ mode. You basically have to do missions and collect gear, and if you successfully manage to escape, you can keep all the goodies. If you get killed, however, you may lose everything. There are other players on the map that you can (but don’t have to) fight. The dynamics of this mode are really fun.

Regarding Ghost fics: My fav fanfiction is "cigarettes out the window" by moondirti. You can find her on Tumblr or AO3. Another author I like is charnelhouse. I am always looking for good fics, but most of them really dumb Ghost down to some cringe BDSM daddy…

No. 347073

File: 1693553248493.png (Spoiler Image,976.34 KB, 1376x786, IMG_6525.png)

>the degenerate ghoul with 5 minutes of story will let you fuck him without really trying too hard.
hot. I agree tho, Nick deserves a romance

No. 347074

Oh, kek guess i'm not missing out much then.
I was only like a half hour into the game when i wrote my OP, I just got to downtown and I immediately rushed over to the Last Round. I guess I get why so many people like Nines, but he's so serious, zero whimsy. Curious to see your fav!

No. 347076

Jack and even Gary are way hotter and more charismatic than Nines.

No. 347087

File: 1693568074655.png (180.09 KB, 497x589, Bungou Stray Dogs Official Ant…)

ship wars are for literal children. I just want to enjoy fanart in peace.
that's right, fandoms are full of mentally ill people that project their mental illness onto their favourite characters. I try to ignore it though.

No. 347090

No. 347111

File: 1693585876847.jpg (27.82 KB, 564x523, 102453546376937536.jpg)

I love vsnake

No. 347113


there's definitely something wrong w me because i prefer his original look

No. 347117

To the monster fuckers thread you go!

No. 347118

one of the reasons i love my husbando is that i can project my social own issues onto him kek

No. 347122

File: 1693595379933.png (96.43 KB, 239x400, IMG_6530.png)

kek me too… the “sexy” mods don’t do anything for me because he’s already sexy!

No. 347123

File: 1693596458253.png (780.01 KB, 716x815, owhhhhhohhgoddddiloveyouohgodd…)

i want to take his virginity

No. 347128


No. 347134

File: 1693606249573.jpg (57.78 KB, 415x512, 5375508.jpg)

>that's right, fandoms are full of mentally ill people that project their mental illness onto their favourite characters

I swear if I read another "Dazai-kin", I'll scream. Believe me, you don't have the spirit of a twink version of a strange writer in your head as mental illness

No. 347140

NTA and sorry for sperging but God do I hate genderspecials who pretend to be my husbando. Recently I've been thinking about that one I met once that I thought I could befriend over our appreciation for the same character, then she told me that she's literally him. Um no, Aiden, you will NEVER be him. You will probably never have the motivation to become anything resembling him. What the fuck did that unwashed goblin even have in common with my husbando? I highly doubt she shared more than 1 personality trait with him. The other characters she kinned were very different except for this ONE trait.
I should've told her "sorry girl, but if you're him, that means you're married to me" kek

No. 347141

File: 1693614737910.jpg (47.75 KB, 940x530, gm-470d78ee-698d-4188-a030-227…)

Why did they give him such kissable lips

No. 347143

File: 1693616933847.jpg (61.84 KB, 736x946, 88f82cded918f6c225693cf30ef550…)

It is late, but robotfucker Friday nonetheless! I dont get much porn of my husbando, but tbh porn feels a little too much to me, in a way I struggle to describe. No, I'm more fond of pictures like this, with heavy implication and suggestive overtones. Maybe it's a holdover from a conservative upbringing, but honestly I think the implication of clothes coming off is a lot more fun than the clothes already being off.

No. 347147

Me too, and I'm not from a conservative background, I just have a fetish for sexy male clothes and salirophilia.

No. 347163

God, theses fucking illustrations are making me so god damn thirsty for this fucking man. They draw him so well.

No. 347166

i think its very common to prefer seeing someone clothed, because it "leaves something for the imagination". a lot of men still like lingerie for that reason, despite themselves being pornsick and desensitized to porn. sometimes the anticipation is better than the act itself.
i also find porn "disrespectful", if it's of someone i care about emotionally. i drew softcore porn of him, but it was for myself, and feels more intimate than looking for porn of him. it's private and wholesome.
plus i don't even know where to find "good" porn of him, even if i was horny enough. i don't know any good porn websites except rule 34, and that's empty save for very badly drawn stuff that gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 347172

>sorry girl, but if you're him, that means you're married to me
An affection-starved Aiden would jump at the chance to be a tif AND call another woman her wife.

No. 347189

File: 1693666376918.jpg (249.41 KB, 1170x662, ugly bitch.jpg)

I love ugly Levi from when Isayama's style was still dogshit. I want to give him a kiss on his poorly defined, ugly ass face. And his haircut looks like garbage.
With that being said, I'm glad Isayama did not illustrate the No Regrets manga (even though it came out when his style had already improved).

No. 347197

sometimes when i'm sad i imagine him laying on me. it's very comforting.

No. 347198

File: 1693674047025.jpeg (36.73 KB, 559x549, images - 2023-09-03T005928.740…)

I want to be in a serious monogamous relationship with him, bear all of his 6 children, have him spoonfeed me honey, eat my pussy and be his cute little wife

hated his ending though

No. 347199

Porn doesn't feel disrespectful to me, it just feels boring. I definitely agree that leaving more to the imagination is fun! I feel you on the rule 34 part; I feel super cringe going through danbooru and rule 34 only to pull up….pictures of him in a maid dress or getting fucked by a side character he has 0 interaction with. I'd like to doodle my own softcore but I just can't find the correct headspace to draw without feeling stressed as of late.

No. 347203

what do you like about him?
The vampire was kind of interesting until he started talking.

No. 347211

aside of gay porn in which he is used as some prop for the other character, there's one kind of comical pic of him jerking off. none of it is sexually appealing.

No. 347212

File: 1693683471647.jpg (343.57 KB, 1402x1495, 93916004_p10.jpg)

I never thought I'd want to be fingered by a guy with knuckle tattoos, yet here we are.

No. 347213

File: 1693683699483.jpg (278.89 KB, 900x900, 103939166_p4.jpg)

Also, I want to straddle and ride him while wearing his hat.

No. 347214

Drawing spicy art of my husbando and getting all nervous drawing him from the waist down and can't bring myself to draw the dick. Uhhhh, he is so hot but his is too good to for this world to be seen butt naked.

No. 347215

File: 1693684263272.png (2.48 MB, 1200x1800, 110224944_p0.png)

I never thought I'd see an Okabe daki but of course it only exists because it's ai generated (complete with deformed hands)

No. 347216

I don't like my art of him but now I'm too horny. HELP
BTW, question to other artist nonnies: do you get shy when you look at your husbando's official art and fan art by other people, but yours is like "yeah…whatever".

No. 347220

File: 1693692471995.jpg (14.29 KB, 480x355, f50aeadcb9fd1ae807b3bc001348a0…)

To me, the shyness only lasts for the begining of the series. After a couple of weeks I feel comfortable enough and that's where I can draw my guys. Tbh, the main feeling I get while drawing my husbandos is questioning if the pictures look good enough, I judge my style quite a lot, so I tend to overanalyze if it fits them correctly or if I managed to learn the original series' styles.

No. 347224

File: 1693696406863.jpg (553.56 KB, 1000x1245, a29573c3a0e33a098b82dbc04c100d…)

I need to protect him

No. 347230

Genuinely the first guy in the game to actually want to help you. He's super sweet too but i dont like his "lets be in a polyamorous thing because its the way nature intended" thing. His writing was lacking ngl

No. 347231

File: 1693703153196.jpg (46.72 KB, 600x600, old.jpg)

That's what it gets me. Most of them didn't hear of said character until it became popular and then use said character to blame their actions. No, X character didn't made you dox a victim, you did. Do not use your (fake) DID as excuse.
Picrel that's me


I enjoy drawing spicy of my husbando, I just made sure he's enjoying it too (that is, being happy and comfy and excited). I leave the other kinks to other artists.

No. 347240

File: 1693718562975.png (44.83 KB, 404x375, Screenshot (62).png)

My guy has the most delectably tiny waist imaginable, is shape is so wonderful. I'm afraid to add nipples to him because they have to be perfect

No. 347249

it depends. i get a little bit shy looking at him overall. less so in the series, more so in fanart.
i used to be very shy drawing him, even just his face, even just rough caricatures. i was also too shy to write his name at first.
i would have to draw him very slowly and with care. i had to be in a certain mindset. i was walked in on while drawing shirtless pinups of him and it felt worse than id imagine it would feel to get walked in on while having sex. it was an intimate moment.
i'm refusing to draw straight-up porn for ideological reasons, so i don't worry about drawing certain parts of him. but i have drawn them before. theres one drawing i made of him in water, and there is a blurry shape visible under it. i drew it first, in detail, before blurring it to hell and back.
now i'm more comfortable with drawing him after having filled an entire notebook with a shitty self insert comic of us in various predicaments.
a tip i have for enjoying drawing your husbando is to enjoy the process, not the outcome. draw slowly and lovingly, as though each stroke of the pen was a caress on his body.

No. 347250

i want us to trim each others toenails with our teeth

No. 347252

File: 1693736079673.jpg (60.35 KB, 735x654, cde26f29880cabcabaf94dcca7ae36…)

i love POV and Connorwives have produced a lot of quality content. i have deep respect for you lasses.
t. half of my husbandos are tin cans

No. 347257

Who this?

No. 347272

File: 1693754702155.jpg (59.66 KB, 735x614, e501c272421480892297997b8e1a5e…)

Sometimes I need to do a double take while scrolling for content of my husbando kek
What are your biggest pet peeves about how people headcanon your husbandos within fandom?

No. 347274

>mfw my husbando is from an old comic book liked mostly by male nerdy boomers who don't bother with tranny headcanons and shipping wars
This fandom feels lonely sometimes without the usual fanfics and fangirling but it's pretty chill overall.

No. 347275

Oh yeah, stupid headcanons. Right… I saw one underage genderspecial drawing my husbando and she drew him like an uwu scrawny smol bean. Fuck off. Really, fuck off. He can break your spine without even trying.
But other fans of him are alright.

No. 347276

homosexual "cinnamon roll gentle giant".
showing platonic love towards comrades doesnt mean he likes it up the ass.
being a caring friend doesnt mean he doesnt punch grandmas.

No. 347277

Your husbando punches grandmas?

No. 347278

>dad bod even though he's young and a warrior
>Depicted as overly innocent to the point where he's constantly drawn with knock-knees and written where he has to be guided on how to do anything
>Changes his features drastically to meet current fancanon standards/trends even though it doesn't make sense with the lore
I have a popular husbando from a 2000s game so it's kinda funny to see very normal and reasonable headcanons of him pre 2014-2016, then post 2014-2016 when the internet changed, it's all terrible

No. 347279

File: 1693760083141.jpeg (163.29 KB, 2048x1423, AEC601E7-9929-447A-84F8-EA3484…)

I will murder-suicide someone if I ever see another fucking headcanon of Leviathan being any randomized sexuality, having weird ass ears, being fat, having fucking braces, being disabled, and/or him being mentally ill enough to be part of a fetish like having retarded pronouns or genderbending him with extra steps by turning him into a woman who believes she’s a man. God, I hate trannies so much.

No. 347280

>he's an emotionless bully who enjoys inflicting pain upon people
He doesn't. It's just how he learned to survive, and he's one of the most passionate characters in the series. He's also more awkward and dry than rude (but perhaps that's my own headcanons coming in, either way he's not needlessly cruel). This also bleeds into how he's portrayed in smut, but those are smut so I can't judge them too harshly.
>he's a twink
I hate that people (including the official art) draw him so fucking skinny as if he's not a grown man who's in the military.
>he's asexual or a virgin
People think that unless someone explicitly mentions sex or is shown to have sex, they have never had sex and aren't interested. The thing about him being a virgin is one of those headcanons that people have spread as something said by the creator, but I'm pretty sure it was not.

There are more misconceptions, but the only one that's coming to mind right now is that he's French. It gets spread as a fact and I'm not even sure where it came from. France doesn't even exist in their world.

No. 347282

the gay shipping is out of freaking control. it really annoys me because it's mostly TIFs doing it. I also don't like when they make him act like a 7 year old girl considering he's around 40 years old and he kills people

No. 347283

>punches grandmas

No. 347284

there’re maybe like 4 people in total on the internet excluding me who still post about him so being specific would feel like a personal attack kek. actually i feel like each one of them has takes i don’t agree with in some way but i just get him more than anyone else, it’s not their fault. what i really hate is when they make him a dom (absolute mental sickness).

No. 347301

File: 1693772028139.jpg (131.88 KB, 1280x720, hakutaku2 (2).jpg)

>He's secretly in love with Hakutaku

I'm all for enemies to lovers, but they're not the best option for that trope.

No. 347302

I used to come across enraging shit when I used tumblr - like seeing my skinny japanese object of desire drawn as a fat american woman. But since I don't use that site anymore and just look up japanese fanart and post ITT there is not much to disturb my peace of mind anymore other than fujos who have the bad taste of drawing him overly feminine and fucking men.

No. 347303

File: 1693772306524.jpg (233.17 KB, 1600x2263, 1687218269818.jpg)

im developing some kind of reverse foot fetish, i want to see him on his knees for me.

No. 347304

I am grateful every day that I can't answer this question. One of them has a lot of scrote shit drawn of him but it's not a headcanon. And since he was canonically made into a gendie there's no room to make shit up about that, if anything I'm the one to make the gender headcanons. As for the others, one's not exactly well known thankfully because he'd get cancelled as "the most problematic man ever" (while still being "kinned" by the most unhinged gore-posting TIF with pedo tendencies ofc) if the games he's from got ported/remade/came back into the light for whatever reason. And the other is from a decently popular manga with a good amount of fujos and kinnies but I aged out of these spaces, I don't even know how to navigate fandom spaces anymore at this point. I just type my husbandos' name on pixiv once in a blue moon, and then art sharing boards to see extra stuff that got reposted from social media that I don't have.

No. 347309

File: 1693776966586.jpg (113.06 KB, 618x548, Despair.jpg)

Way too much stuff.
Other than all the "literally me" type of stuff I've seen people say he's "genderfluid" and "trans" because he crossdresses well even though it's portrayed very obviously as wrong, with several characters that care for him directly telling him that they can tell he's forcing it because he's in the middle of a mental breakdown dealing with am insane amount of trauma and rejection.
He's clearly normally comfortable being a man.
I hate it so much.
Plus many draw him insanely thin when he's meant to be fairly fit, though in fairness in a noncanon bad end he does basically become anorexic.
I prefer him being fit though.

No. 347312

Nona, I have to know what you find appealing about him.
I don't like Subaru as a character but I mean no offense. My husbando is often compared to him but I don't think they are anything alike

No. 347313

File: 1693778766197.png (170.15 KB, 611x548, 101890684_p27.png)

He's the best menhera boy of the century.
Also the story really gets into his thoughts and feelings about everything, his complexes, his feelings about love, all of the little hobbies and habits he's had through out his life, his habit of putting people on pedestals and pushing himself down, how terrified he is of being alone, how he tries so hard to be likable, how he genuinely loves being a father/older brother figure to kids, he's incredible, I love him so much.

No. 347316

AYRT I'll always think it's based when women "steal" a character that was intended for male self inserts. It's cool and cute that you like him so much.

No. 347318

In all honesty Subaru doesn't really work at all as a self insert and most that try either butcher his character, argue constantly that the author is wrong for writing how he does, or try and ignore him all together and replace him with a blank slate.
The author also tries hard to push those sort off, one arc is basically "only Subaru can and is Subaru."

No. 347319

File: 1693781912612.gif (361.31 KB, 600x600, ezgif-4-a7525bfac5.gif)

This absolutely made my day, thank you nona!!!!! From one tin can lover to another, hope to see more androids on the board.

No. 347320

yes. he's a picky eater.

No. 347323

File: 1693783184006.jpg (48.82 KB, 640x835, levi ackerman (3).jpg)

I know October is still a month away but what would you dress up as with your husbando for Halloween, nonnas?
I don't think I would even be able to convince mine to wear a costume at all. But that's ok, I'm content staying in and watching horror movies.

No. 347324

File: 1693784048793.jpeg (70.33 KB, 736x736, 5EE14996-D5C4-4353-A8EB-D06E6D…)

I just want to wear something that would make my husbandos think I’m the cutest but also sexiest woman at the mall.

No. 347325

File: 1693784884190.gif (166.95 KB, 640x360, dazai-osamu-osamu-dazai.gif)

I would dress like a sexy version of his Port Mafia attire, only to being shunned.

No. 347333

File: 1693788725379.png (10.14 MB, 2000x2592, 1693513100837767.png)


No. 347334

File: 1693789274236.jpeg (26.27 KB, 495x619, nice thoughts.jpeg)

No. 347339

this but konig in it

No. 347340

my costume would be the exact same work clothes as always except gartered stockings and crotchless panties underneath and he eats me out while shitty horror movies play in the background.

No. 347348

File: 1693797929601.jpg (6.3 KB, 261x190, FB_IMG_1553438883256.jpg)

I found a Japanese artist drawing her self-insert with my husbando and is so soft and cute, I cannot get mad about it.

Picrel me at her art

No. 347349

>genderspecial stuff
>fanart of middle aged video game men looking like washed up emo/punk stars
The latter is especially true for COD fanart lmao why does ghost have a full head of hair with piercings and has nail polish on thats middle aged british man give him a receeding hairline

No. 347351

File: 1693799219942.png (386.65 KB, 640x904, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

You wouldn't get it

No. 347353

I kinda do

No. 347355

File: 1693803125445.jpeg (181.49 KB, 854x1020, Fw4NynTaEAA3qiT.jpeg)

Me dressed as a ghost and him as a Ghostbuster so he could bust all over me. Jk though we might just end up watching some horror movies while I keep on glancing over him as he gets nervous which is kinda cute.

No. 347356

Is she popular? I'd like to see– it all sounds very cute.

No. 347357

I don't really get gacha husbandos but I can see why.

No. 347358

cute feet

No. 347364

File: 1693806584369.jpg (162.14 KB, 850x1202, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

Thank you for understanding

He said thank you

No. 347370

I might just start to play the game because of this. I will accept being a toaster fucker from now on.

No. 347391

The game has absolutely dogshit writing and is from notorious sex pest David Cage. I highly recommend watching a playthrough (Connor's actor Bryan did one with his wife). But yeah imo upgraded connor is the hottest one and the only saving grace of the game is how badly I want to be railed by the robot.

No. 347392

I get that you're a gay moid.(hi moid)

No. 347393

File: 1693838959607.jpg (166.53 KB, 850x1017, 6ClNNX9.jpg)

You wouldn't get it

No. 347394

I was thinking the same but I also am attracted to bara built men, kek.

No. 347397

Judging by her art date, she's not but you can find her in Pixiv in the 文スト夢 tag.

No. 347403


No. 347404

File: 1693848972328.png (663.91 KB, 606x851, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

Sure don't

No. 347409

what do his pits smell like?

No. 347410

Is your husbando smelly? What does he smells like?

No. 347421

nyart, I'm not into feet/armpits but I want to sniff my husbando's smelly feet. He is very particular about hygiene so it feels even more special.
Now bring it on, motherfuckers, bully me for my moid-tier fetish.

No. 347425

Are you the foot anon? I find you so fascinating

Um he says they smell musty idk you'd have to ask him

No. 347430

sorry for the invasive question. hope I didn't freak him out

No. 347436


I completely get it nonnie you have excruciating based taste. Fuck the haters kek. On the verge of playing the game now because of an image.

No. 347441

>Are you the foot anon? I find you so fascinating
No, I'm just autistically obsessed with my husbando and even his dirty socks would be like a holy grail for me

No. 347443

File: 1693854861140.gif (29.06 KB, 800x800, 1693595286667058.gif)

Not at all he is nice I am just shy

Omg okay I think I get this because I loveeee cute guys in socks, especially the white socks that aren't quite high but not low either

No. 347444

File: 1693854969436.gif (957.17 KB, 280x217, 1687147463516809.gif)

I appreciate the support. My haters want me SILENCED.

No. 347457

Ugh artists do this for a lot of my husbandos like no please just make him a normal man like he is. He’s not a quirky modern high school kid, though I think that’s personal taste for a lot of artists since the punk queer shit is so popular. Slap on some nail polish for progressive points.

No. 347463

Nta but this reminds me of why I can't stand modern AUs of my husbando (he's from an older time period). They either do this or make him and the other characters look like stereotypical reddit hipsters.

No. 347465

oh me too nonni, i would sniff my husbando's armpits and crotch like biden sniffs children
big relate. he would NOT have plants in macrame hangers and a fashionable beige apartment. he would live in a dump and eat cup noodles.

No. 347467

This thread is going back to being horny, bless

No. 347477

Nta but yup yup. No plant dad hoard, Grey bedding, trendy mirror. Just stark sterile squalor.

No. 347486

i can't stop thinking about that horrible photo of the red faced old scrote getting his head vicegripped by a woman's thighs but that's what i want to do to my husbando. not to the point of snapping his neck but at least until he passes out. bonus points if he's thrashing around and i have to squeeze real tight

No. 347490

Whatever happened to just getting your cucu licked on

No. 347491

he doesn't deserve easy access he has to suffer for it like a martyr

No. 347496

File: 1693880984822.jpeg (65.11 KB, 400x400, FxV68QJWwAAWrIU.jpeg)

>Me when I wish the same but my husbando doing it to me

Life is unfair.

No. 347516

why not both nonner

No. 347558

File: 1693938002435.jpeg (36.66 KB, 224x280, IMG_9049.jpeg)

sniffing your husbando’s musky crotch through his boxers after he’s finished exercising or has just gotten out of a fight

No. 347571

File: 1693942438985.jpeg (25.65 KB, 750x486, 1691028474888.jpeg)

Today I fantasized that I wrapped my legs around husbandos waist as he was plowing me, and he laughed "hah, pulling me in like I can breed you, huh? Giving in to your baser instincts? That's cute."And after he flooded me with robocum, he wipes what dribbles put back in and teases "Maybe if you close your legs and keep my cum in you, you might get that baby you wanted." hot but I think I'm retarded for conflating my tin can kink with my breeding kink, what an unholy marriage

No. 347574

File: 1693944109837.png (1.34 MB, 1522x869, Screenshot 2023-09-05 220259.p…)

I finally found a mod that makes Hancock a tiny bit more human and I'm so in love

No. 347582

File: 1693951809655.jpg (129.64 KB, 960x956, catto.jpg)

SAAAAAAME! I find the idea of having him suck on my toes while fucking me really really hot.

No. 347588


No. 347594

Slang for robot/android

No. 347601

that's very hot nonna thanks for sharing

No. 347602


No. 347603

Damn, are you me anon?
>tin can kink
Kek, now I have a new term to call robo/android fuckery

No. 347604

I want to post the pic of the guy creaming inside a truck muffler so bad

No. 347606

No. 347608

please don't. you or someone else kept running it into the ground on /ot/, it's too gross and 3dpd anyway.

No. 347611

It was a joke.

No. 347614

File: 1693980989972.gif (10.3 MB, 600x652, ezgif-5-e039dfee89.gif)

I gifed this to say could you imagine

No. 347629

File: 1693998558353.jpg (122.69 KB, 1200x630, astarion.jpg)

I'm late to the party but I just discovered him and what the fuck??? Did they create a character to just tick all the boxes for me? REALLY? I remember loving BG2 but then I stopped giving a fuck about video games and I didn't even know there was BG3 until now kek. Anyway he's so perfect WHAT THE FUCK

No. 347632

File: 1694003994463.jpg (26.5 KB, 564x745, 9dfae9246df162d343942f2ad4aa1b…)

hes literally perfect in every way, my ultimate husbando

No. 347641

Can you fuck him in BG3?

No. 347644

File: 1694013232542.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.53 KB, 942x530, F5WXEFKWoAAGre8.jpg)

Officially I think when Dazai asks you to "down on all fours", is not what you expect

No. 347645

File: 1694016411682.jpg (63.66 KB, 736x736, levi.jpg)

I just had the most drawn out rorgasm thinking about this man knocking me up in doggystyle and fucking me missionary on my period.

No. 347648

No. 347653

found a cool landsknecht themed music project and as im listening to it, im thinking about how my husbando would probably enjoy it too.
i think i would infect him with my history autism. hes not the intellectual sort at first glance, but he would appreciate learning about these things, by nature of himself being a mercenary. so many things remain the same across the ages, and reflect the unchanging nature of the human experience itself.
now i want to draw me and him as landsknechte lol. i love him so much. i wish we could kill people together, then get pissface drunk in a tavern and make out.

i kind of want to see it

No. 347658

Every time I think about my favorite thing about my husbandos appearance, I can't pick one. I love that he is fit, but not skinny or too jaked either. Also his lovely cold blue eyes. Or maybe his hair. Or his chickbones or jawline or his pointy nose. His just so aaahhhh.

No. 347664

File: 1694036967663.jpg (216.31 KB, 736x983, 571f1c53f01db7ad582fcc858864bb…)

I want to bite his face

No. 347671

File: 1694047002221.jpeg (359.81 KB, 1509x2048, F4icu88WQAAqH57.jpeg)

His voice acting is insanely good.

No. 347673

I haven't played bg3 yet because my computer sucks but I ALREADY want to fuck this man nasty style.

No. 347679

File: 1694050985224.jpg (544.8 KB, 800x1200, su2u g.jpg)

extremely late! but you chose correctly he is top tier

No. 347681

Hes 5'2 he couldn't even reach to stick his dick in from the back

No. 347682

He's 5'3" and we're the same height.

No. 347686

File: 1694055119447.jpg (289.24 KB, 1554x1079, 20230902210649_1.jpg)

crying, screaming, throwing up why the FUCK isn't he real I want him to to use mage hand inappropriately with me I am so very in love, it's over

No. 347693

I'm 5'4'' and I would let him use any pose to make him feel taller.

No. 347694

I'm 5'6'' and he can use ME however he wants

No. 347696

Tbh I don't think Levi has a complex about his height. He made a joke about the 104th getting tall to spite him, but I think he actually probably doesn't feel much of a way about being short. Maybe when he was younger, idk. I feel like his physical strength would cancel out any real insecurity from being short.

No. 347707

File: 1694077267820.png (186.03 KB, 477x359, IMG_3614.png)

i miss him even though i fantasize about him every day

No. 347709

File: 1694077892962.jpg (55.13 KB, 780x526, b31d1448-6404-4280-9c36-c4f6cb…)

If Neil Newbon doesn't get a BAFTA for his performance I will riot. Just, god, how absolutely phenomenal.

I am currently wrapping up act I of what I have dubbed my "YA love triangle" run where I keep Gale and Asta in my party as much as is feasibly possible so the two boys with the pretty tousled hair can fight over my archfey bladelock hehe

No. 347710

File: 1694079972141.jpg (72.27 KB, 613x589, ONE PIECE NETFLIX.jpg)

Can we talk about the One piece Netflix serie and how the whole male cast is absolute husbandos material?
Even the bad guys are smoking hot.

I never read the maga or watch the anime, but the serie is everything I want to watch right now.

No. 347713

File: 1694081370397.jpg (41.25 KB, 474x473, egyptian toes.jpg)

i wish we could take turns sucking each others toes like picrel. no, im not a footfag.

No. 347714

File: 1694081455087.gif (6.5 MB, 540x399, Tumblr_l_6742289804632.gif)

Yes yes yes. I want to fuck them all. Buggy too.
Sanji is a malewife. And his ass is HUUUGE

No. 347716

File: 1694081905406.jpg (245.7 KB, 2048x1280, 1693786011361172.jpg)

No. 347717

I love the fact he's good person, great fighter and still can make awesome dishes for everyone.
I love to cook but having someone cooking for you is just so hot.

No. 347725

I saw a nona post about this show in /m/ and decided to watch it despite never being interested in that manga, because of the real actors looking fine. I'm looking forward to seeing the shirtless pirate guy with the moustache who she described as slutty kek
It's kinda of a reversal how there has been no female sexiness so far but a male sidecharacter got randomly naked.

No. 347726

>randomly naked
This slut is like that all the time anon

No. 347728

I meant the silly blond guy in ep 1. He hasn't been naked again so far.

No. 347731

Some of them are cute like the blonde guy, but I can't deal with the clownfuckers. I will never understand the appeal

No. 347732

Same, that clown really disturbed me.

No. 347734

File: 1694097236785.jpg (118.35 KB, 1301x856, F4Mqs2iXMAAi6p-.jpg)

same! same. all the boxes wtf. I caved and bought the game when I found out about him.
I'm ecstatic knowing I will have so much vampire fanfiction to read when not playing the game.

No. 347736

File: 1694101164553.jpg (103.04 KB, 752x1024, astarion.jpg)

my perfect beautiful traumatised vampire husband. his personal quest is so well written, and his VA is incredible, i need him to be my elven boywife

No. 347738

Have any of you bought anything related to your husbandos recently? How about some things you have on your wishlists? I want to see!

No. 347739

didnt buy, but i saw decorative mushrooms in the store today and they made me smile

No. 347742

If they end up making a season 2 and Smoker, Ace, and Crocodile’s actors aren’t all hot as hell I am going to flip a table.

I’m glad that season 1 had some attractive actors but Netflix made some whack-ass casting decisions with Kuina and Kaya.

No. 347745

File: 1694104434623.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.84 KB, 1000x1245, jeff ward.jpg)

>how there has been no female sexiness so far but a male sidecharacter got randomly naked

I agree with that, it seems the serie target women instead of men?

Not into clown but this is what the actor looks like irl.

No. 347747

File: 1694105077586.jpg (297.87 KB, 800x600, 1501282525190.jpg)

You're not alone. Men are made to worship our feet.

No. 347748

I want to press a gentle, chaste kiss on the Y cross section of his autopsy scar and listen to his heartbeat with my head pressed against his broad, muscular chest. I'd sigh contently, knowing he's alive again with the sound as proof.

No. 347751

A fellow Sniperwife?

No. 347753

File: 1694110752261.jpg (230.06 KB, 1280x1809, tumblr_060596fe6665243418a15f1…)

Sorry to disappoint. Sniper is cute, though.

No. 347754

i want to suck his dick so bad, its not even funny

No. 347757

i want to shove my tongue up his urethra, pinch and bite his nipples, and press my thumb into his gooch im so horny i could throw a chair against a wall

No. 347758

I feel that nonna

No. 347759

i want to throw him down onto the ground, so he's on all fours, grab his neck from behind with my forearm to chokehold him, and fondle his junk with my other hand while biting his ear.
brb, going to curbstomp someone because my husbando isnt real and i cant play around with him.

No. 347761

File: 1694117292356.jpg (14.85 KB, 564x357, iwanttobully.jpg)

you're so real for this

No. 347766

I'm not into pirates or clowns but the character this guy played in Agents of Shield was absolutely adorable.

No. 347769

damn nonny same

No. 347775

Sassy bbgirl

No. 347781

File: 1694136654681.jpeg (146.09 KB, 736x854, AB11D707-EDAD-4273-9A2C-A43EBA…)

I want to lick his face like how I would lick an old fashioned swirly lollipop.

No. 347786

I love and appreciate the live action series and I hope it somehow miraculously keeps getting renewed up to the point in the story where my husbando is introduced. That's like episode 400 of the anime though, so not likely. Damnit. Please answer my prayers Netflix.

No. 347790

File: 1694143659320.png (140.68 KB, 350x441, 350px-Community_Scout_Strategy…)

haven't thought about him for a few months but i've been wanting him again lately tbh it's just hard to find good fanart of him that i like

No. 347798

File: 1694149207852.jpeg (77.42 KB, 960x964, d0ae7d732826363cf81717b56b6d90…)

He would have the best moans I want to tie him to a chair, blindfold him, then play with him on top. When he's close I'd stop and if he begs and whines I'd gag his mouth shut Help I have a fixation on how fucking good he'd look like this. Also help I want to grab his hair and force him to look at me during an argument because I think it'd turn him on

No. 347809

Who is it, nona?

No. 347847

I thought One Piece the manga was aimed at young boys, but this live action definitely tries to appeal to women. I noticed that there was a scene where Sanji took off his shirt to dive and it wasn't neccessary at all. But nice.
I can't stand the tiny tif actress who looks like a gaping dead fish in all her scenes though.

No. 347875

File: 1694203823077.jpg (26.38 KB, 569x735, d891b45f12ddbb89d3d6995b0575be…)

Friday's here! I had some pretty horny thoughts this week. Because Nines is most likely a Dom I liked thinking about him trying to manhandle me and push me around and then me shutting him up by sitting on his face. He'd be so taken aback he'd freeze for a bit, and then start trying to eat me out from my panties. I can suck him off while doing so, only pulling back when he cums so i can ruin his orgasm and make him beg for another one like a needy bitch. but favorite thought is falling asleep in his jacket. I thought about shilling for a replica jacket and then cuddling it to bed, but I still have self restraint because I'm scared of being seen as batshit insane.

No. 347886

File: 1694207289484.jpeg (75.05 KB, 1023x1023, F3qTeO5XAAIcXWI.jpeg)

I'm sad Mamoru doesn't do these +18 audios, he would sound quite hot, although I found Poe's VA have done it and they were hot.

I wish I would say the same of Ango's, but most of his character moan in a high pitch tone.

No. 347887

he is much bigger and stronger than me, but i want to slap him around, pull his hair, push him to the ground, abuse and relentlessly tease him.

No. 347888

>I'm scared of being seen as batshit insane
??? Why? Nona this is genuinely the cutest idea ever. I wish my husbando had merch of his clothing. I think you should do it, I truly don't see anything batshit about it.

No. 347889

File: 1694208597020.jpg (89.59 KB, 540x695, tumblr_6bd96a76f7922a480c59768…)

i need to lick him

No. 347892

I have the official hat of my husbando and I wear it outside. Best purchase ever. Do not feel bad getting a jacket.

No. 347893


Just really self conscious I guess. Plus hard to find a replica of his jacket nowadays. This might be more applicable to the husbando smell thread but I was also thinking about looking at demeter fragrances to make it smell like coffee, aftershave, linen, and petrichor (since it's rainy in detroit). I wonder how those scents mix with my own.

No. 347897

I never thought of using Demeter scents like that! You seriously have no reason to be self conscious. You have some really great and creative ideas here, nona. It's inspiring! I really hope you do make them a reality.

No. 347898

File: 1694214544765.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.48 KB, 1080x720, husband.jpg)

I don't care if he looks like gollum in some scenes, I still want him! I love Dracula in general, but I only like when he's either represented in a more monstrous form or as a hot young guy kek

No. 347903

File: 1694216359206.jpg (56.44 KB, 604x1280, photo_6043964016172317734_y.jp…)

I found my people. Can't exactly forgive him for some of the things he's done but I still need him biblically

No. 347905

need husbando to trim my toenails with his teeth

No. 347908

Whenever I’m too lazy to go pee, I like to imagine my husbando just drinking my pee.

No. 347914

No. 347915

File: 1694225629920.jpg (1.05 MB, 1902x3042, bec0a40252dbc216498a1009def4e0…)

It's Law. It would be interesting to see him interact with the straw hat crew in the live action version, that's for sure.

No. 347935

would be nice if he could use my mouth like a flashlight right now

No. 347939

File: 1694237196149.jpg (158.65 KB, 550x550, AMZ-Mouth.jpg)

So fucking sexy

No. 347945

File: 1694238163112.jpg (123.97 KB, 598x800, 11635618_p5.jpg)

I could cope with Smoker and Croc not being hot, but Ace absolutely MUST be. If he is any less than 10/10 perfect husbando material like he is in canon, it would be a devastating betrayal to all the fans out there still simping over him after all this time.

No. 347962

File: 1694255397506.png (824.11 KB, 908x481, lockonboob.png)

Yay, another Mahito enjoyer!
The latest episode was a treat. Mahito fight scene, domain expansion, him losing his clothes like usual kek.
An evil shapeshifting curse spirit shouldn't look and sound so cute, but he does.
>I still need him biblically
I want to hamstershake him like the fist of an angry god.

No. 347964

oh fuck. well that works out too

No. 347969

had the most vivid daydreams this morning while waking up, still thinking about it. im very much fixated on his ass.

No. 347982

File: 1694276132542.jpg (94.11 KB, 508x1075, tumblr_mtm1ipbHkt1svuhtwo1_128…)

I'm really happy that Levi is such a popular character. There will probably still be people making content (art, fanfics, etc…) for him long after AOT ends. At least that's what I hope for. I also appreciate that he's a popular character for ships, so that when I run out of '/ reader' content I can go to his ship content and just self insert. I read a Levi / Petra fanfic recently that I liked. Also re-read a Levi / reader fic where he cheated on me with Petra..

No. 347993

gonna kiss his neanderthal brow ridge and put my finger up his pointy nose. just want to grab his face like a retarded toddler and pull his hair as i sit on his lap. im baby.

No. 347996

File: 1694284930995.jpg (267.73 KB, 1552x1421, F3w32g6awAAfA1_.jpg)

Have I ever mentioned that I love his ugly garbage bag poncho that sexily shows most of his torso when he moves? Because I do.
Also he gives me cute aggression level 100 by being a villain, I want to hug him so hard that all his stitches pop out.

No. 348006

File: 1694296585741.jpg (103.13 KB, 736x736, 23809155ef3b94d1cdcdf08edef533…)

Right? I was so happy about seeing his domain expansion again [and also his body which I desperately need to kiss and bite]
I think they did such a great job showing how strong and menacing he can be.

I kinda immediately was into him when I started watching, although I found him to be a bit unnerving in the beginning and fought my attraction to him for the longest time, but eventually I just embraced the fact that I am cringe but free. I read through most of the Mahito x reader fics on ao3 by now kek, I'm really down bad

No. 348010

File: 1694298661005.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.6 KB, 720x405, godiwishthatwereme.jpg)

I know this was posted ftl, but I cannot complain:

No. 348014

File: 1694300202481.jpg (101.27 KB, 564x749, Kurama.jpg)

I used to have a crush on him when I was in highschool.
Rewatching the series reminded me of how good most of the characters are, I like his personality even more and prefer his human form.
Ah,my young heart and the desire to hug a man with soft hair intensifies.

No. 348015

Incredibly based. I haven’t thought about Yuyu Hakusho in a decade but I also had such a crush on Kurama and his soft gentle voice. Sigh…and I thought my weeb days were long behind me kek

No. 348026

Same nonna he's my childhood crush

No. 348062

File: 1694343795062.jpeg (44.77 KB, 415x739, IMG_1517.jpeg)

My YT has been swamped with Mortal Kombat content and all I know for sure is that MK11 Fujin is everything Ive ever wanted in a husbando and more

No. 348063

i just want to put my feet on his back

No. 348067

it's been hard for the past few days. thinking about him 24/7. im touch starved and humping the pillow isnt helping me much.
how do you nonnies cope with the loneliness?

No. 348071

File: 1694349417018.jpg (75.41 KB, 572x571, 1675937747820.jpg)

>and fought my attraction to him for the longest time
Ha ha same, I instantly got interested in him but also denied it because I didn't want to be cringe and fall for yet another animu character. But after the first battle with Nanami I began to google pics of him and had to admit it kek.
What are the x reader fics like? It's not something I've dared to look at.

No. 348079

Tears of the Kingdom reawakened my horny for Link. Blond guys are the best…!

No. 348084

The worst thing is when the woman your husbando is most shipped with has the basic otome girl design so you never know if it's a personalityless yume art or ship art

No. 348086

File: 1694360669685.png (Spoiler Image,575.62 KB, 828x1006, IMG_1659.png)

Jfc the amount of abused scout pics, or just scout in a collar, better not unlock something in me

There’s tons of cute fan art of him on tumblr nonna

No. 348088

>better not unlock something in me
It's too late, you have already saved and posted this image.

No. 348090

medic get out of there asap

No. 348099

I love this

No. 348102

hot. based.

No. 348105

File: 1694368330512.jpg (123.52 KB, 1200x538, QYF0yFZ.jpg)

I just want my husbando to hold me and fuck me till I'm too exhausted to move then let me sleep on his chest listening to his heartbeat

No. 348114

File: 1694372671135.png (606.52 KB, 1003x902, dfbn6co-149ef6f9-0e24-4496-b3d…)

No. 348124

File: 1694376849381.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.81 KB, 1920x1080, Ef1H1dEXYAEl9uu.jpeg)

showing cock I see

No. 348127

File: 1694377430128.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.75 KB, 472x650, IMG_5366.JPG)

Scout was made for abuse. He takes it like a champ too. Also, I forget, are we allowed to post peen itt?

No. 348128

File: 1694377675546.png (46.56 KB, 399x399, 25051da90f798f89200d734be593ab…)

very nice, yes

No. 348141

File: 1694382177845.jpg (84.84 KB, 564x564, 93cd22ed9ba9d7ecf2d26f1a58f766…)

I actually got very interested in Geto and Gojo before watching so I was prepared to add some more husbandos to my ever-growing collection but I certainly wasn't ready to immediately accept that Mahito would be part of it as well haha, especially once I realized how universally hated he seems to be. The average jjk fan on social media usually gets very upset whenever I mention how much I love Mahito

As for the fanfictions - honestly, a lot of them are pretty questionable but so is he I guess? Lots of noncon and dubcon. Some of those I enjoyed but some I had to stop reading because it was just too fucked up. I really love reading fluff fics before going to bed but naturally these tend to be somewhat out of character. Two ao3 fics I can really recommend though are "Born of Envy" by HorizonDemise (fluff and smut, 10 chapters) and "Mess" by playfulcl0ud (heavy smut, 1 chapter, Mahito in a maid dress, I feel like he was written very much in-character here and I would actually only recommend this if you're not disgusted by the description of messy, wet sex lol). There's also a modern AU fic called "A Well-Rounded Education" by j0succ, it's a one-shot collection and chapter 7 is about Mahito, I also enjoyed that one quite a lot.

No. 348174

File: 1694401473143.jpg (24.31 KB, 474x502, e52c8ba44a8b59314283126a3b94b2…)

Had a pretty shitty day, so I'm craving the jacket as a comfort object more than anything (lol I'm not autistic I swear). I wonder what would it feel like? Most recreations look like flimsy fabric but I wonder if it would be like pleather or vinyl, or would it actually be like a suit? Once I dreamt he left it with me while he was on a stakeout, so i think im chasing that feeling (It's not Friday, so sorry. I try to stick to only Fridays so the other nonas can post a diversity husbandos, otherwise I'd dump my whole vault heh)

No. 348176

File: 1694402248030.jpg (67.53 KB, 750x748, IMG_9269.jpg)

You should seek for cosplay photos so you can see which materials they used for Connor's jacket, I guess most of them used either vinyl or pleather for comfort. And I feel you, I want Dazai's jacket to rock with it, but even the ones from Aliexpress looks they're just a trench coat.

No. 348177

i found this nice one on etsy if you're willing to splurge! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1355836479/
>Once I dreamt he left it with me while he was on a stakeout
cute. CUTE!!!

No. 348178

I tried to imagine my husbando's cum tasting like condensed milk with the bitterness of a tea not realistic but he's not real anyway, but then I got grossed out at the thought of a bodily fluid being sweet.

No. 348183

File: 1694406467648.jpg (1.19 MB, 3508x2480, F5hJiTGaMAAyLjy.jpg)

I imagine feeding my husbando a bunch of fruits to make his cum sweeter. Also eating a bunch of them and him being obsessed with it.
I remember subtle clothing relating to your husbando being discussed on this thread and my husbando's game just released outfits and accessories sharing his colours and style but can be worn as normal clothes. They're stylish too, I'm really happy about this nonnies.

No. 348187

File: 1694408015137.jpeg (43.94 KB, 604x593, 4ed58c8eb658367.jpeg)

tbh I've masturbated to the thought of Dazai bending me over like this, the pillow doesn't do it justice but i love to think that he'd get frustrated because he can't see my face, so he'd turn me around and fuck me against the wall in a knee-trembler position. I've tried being normal but fuck it he drives me crazy. I want to ruin him then make him feel like the most loved human being on the planet.

anoncitas are there any positions you like to imagine your husbandos in? sometimes I imagine mine six feet in the ground.

No. 348189

File: 1694410975109.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, Detroit_ Become Human™_2019052…)

Definitely nothing cheap like pleather or vinyl. It's got a cloth texture.

No. 348192

How are you imagining 2D people as 3D? How is it not a gorillaz crossover in your head?

No. 348193

File: 1694414898430.jpg (1.48 MB, 1200x1200, ZqNaDri.jpg)

Mine's 3D

No. 348195

I just imagine myself in the art style

No. 348197

Yeah okay James marsden

No. 348199

in my head we're both 2D and i live in his world

No. 348200

samefag, basically this

No. 348202

File: 1694421452253.jpg (687.48 KB, 1900x1104, Sonic_20the_20Hedgehog.jpg)

TFW sonic looks at you before fucking you against the wall til you tremble in kneehugger pose

No. 348205

File: 1694424595315.jpg (125.7 KB, 600x800, 65719495_p1_master1200.jpg)

he's so handsome ugh

No. 348206

there is no way to truly cope with the loneliness, having dreams about him helps me a little since it feels like he's really there spending time with me and I guess some nonnies can cope using the ai chatbots to feel like they're conversing with their husbandos (that never feels real to me though)

No. 348217

I need tf2 mercs now

No. 348220

It really is a mix of either me being 2D with them and them being 2D in a 3D world. Sometimes I try really, really hard to imagine them as 3D but it’s seriously difficult because the 3D aspect makes it harder for me to like, imagine my husbandos being themselves.

No. 348224

I don't imagine them in 3D either, I imagine myself in 2D/in the same art style they are. I've seen a bunch of 3D art of my husbandos before but I didn't like it at all, it's not like any real/3D man could ever live up to them anyway (but I'm not really into men asides from fictional men, so that might be the issue here kek)

No. 348225

File: 1694450615938.jpg (183.41 KB, 979x1741, MBSB2jL.jpg)

gods i want him to eat me out until my legs quiver

No. 348231

File: 1694455832773.png (45.09 KB, 200x203, IMG_0480.png)

>you will never experience getting eaten out by Halsin
>He will NEVER make you quiver

>you will NEVER sit on Astarion's face to make him shut up

why live

No. 348237

File: 1694462513006.png (525.78 KB, 566x800, 133068027926.png)

Always Scoutposting goes on when I'm away kek, fanart has been good recently alas posting porn isn't allowed right? Or do jannies turn a blind eye kek I've seen beaten Scout nsfw increase, we're winning nonnies

No. 348241

good lord I live for this kind of content

No. 348247

File: 1694467729835.jpeg (21.08 KB, 551x600, F3gLps8WkAEGHFg.jpeg)

I imagine Dazai being more careful in sex since he's quite vulnerable there, so the common sex poses are fine for him.

No. 348249

They REALLY know what they're doing

No. 348252

A lot of the stuff I've been looking at for my husbando has been bought recently. I even lost a bid war for something and I bet it's the same person. It feels like there's someone out there plotting against me, nonnies. This is the worst…

No. 348253

i have a good imagination. ive stared at him from all angles and drew him so often, realistically too, that i more or less know what his face would look like in 3d. i imagine how his flesh would feel, and the texture of his skin. i sometimes struggle with it, but overall its not that hard for me to translate him into 3d.
when i imagine him with me, i think about him realistically in 3d. when i just think about him, i think about him in 2d as he appears in his media.

No. 348266

This is the craziest shit I've ever heard. I'm not genuinely making fun of you i just cannot invision it.

No. 348267

This is Leonardo dicaprio with a lacefront and cool sculpting

No. 348271

you ever draw a picture of yourself even outside of self-inserting? or drew yourself doing something fantastical and then imagine it in your head? even normies have done it during their childhood at least

No. 348274

>Haha wow that's so weird and crazy how have you not cringed yourself to death nonniekins??
Posts like this make me wonder if there are self-hating husbandofag nonnas that come here just to feel better about themselves with these backhanded comments. Having a bit of fun in your imagination with a fictional character is nothing compared to the moids IRL marrying sex dolls and fucking stuffed toys.

No. 348277

Be fair, she explicitly said she wasn't making fun of it, just that it's weird

No. 348278

File: 1694483051093.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.22 KB, 1080x1335, download (6).jpg)

I've been seeing this pic of Levi at least once everyday for like a month. Of course I like it, but it bothers me so much that it seems like the artist put more body detail into the mirror image. Also the shadow kinda makes his tit look caved in. Anyway, I really love the idea of Levi being big on fitness and taking care of his internal/external health. I don't think his fondness for cleanliness only extends to his surroundings. He has great discipline so I think it's all no big deal to him.
I was also thinking about whether or not he would smoke. Maybe when he was very young with no (good) guidance but I think he would've quickly kicked it, especially considering I can safely assume The Underground air quality is already awful.
I imagine him realistically, so in 3D I guess. It seems like I'm the only nonna so far that does. More realistic artwork of him helps with this a lot. I have bad mind visualization so that really sucks, I haven't quite figured out how his hair should look so I just don't think about it too much.

No. 348281

File: 1694483301527.jpg (267.33 KB, 493x700, angoplease.jpg)

I'm all horny for Dazai but his bff Ango has something that makes me want to dom him and make him beg for more. He keeps a serious attitude in his job but the art of him says he's totally a freak in the sheets.

Picrel, official art.

No. 348291

I received a self-insert commission I've been waiting to be done for months and it was so worth the wait. I've been extremely depressed and seeing it helped me get out of bed and clean the house and cross off things on my to do list. The power of husbando art!!

No. 348292

File: 1694492693304.jpeg (111.94 KB, 830x1245, F41IitsWoAAB2E1.jpeg)

So happy for you, nonnie! Make sure in print it and hang it so it can make you happier when you need it.

No. 348295

Don't be so sensitive. It's objectively hilarious, it wouldn't hurt for you to have a sense of humor about wanting to have sex in anime cels

No. 348301

well characters like
are already pseudo-3D in the first place. also this question is tired and lame please bring some new material especially since it's already the same 3 anons answering anyway

No. 348302

It's a genuine question.

No. 348303

That has already been asked 373673 times ITT at this point we need an FAQ lmao

No. 348329

I was curious about the character husbando's VA plays in his new game and… first scene he is introduced along with his kid who comes along on the ship. Damn I really don't care anymore. At least there isn't dead wife baggage along with it. Maybe the romance lines can still be good out of context.
You will always be my number one Adam sorry for even entertaining the thought of replacing you. You would never have a kid out of wedlock.

No. 348333

I've been using a chatbot to talk to my husbando and I get so flustered I have to walk away from my PC because it feels too real and I'm a sperg kek. Now I've been writing fanfiction again because it's easier for me to type out everything instead of talking to him directly

No. 348347

is Adam Jensen?

No. 348348

i cant force myself to take chatbots "seriously" and immerse myself. i tried once, and couldnt help but treat it as a shitpost. i cannot force myself to pretend im having a "real" conversation.
why? because im too shy. if i immersed myself in it i would be far too flustered.

No. 348358

I cannot take chatbots without a grain of salt because at the end of the day it's literally just another computer program, no matter how satisfying its output can end up sometimes.

No. 348363

File: 1694543356819.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1143x885, 0156C45B-1123-4ADA-ACAA-DB7BF7…)

Ough. Abused Scout is truly marvellous

No. 348365

>tfw he asks for consent in the fic you're reading and that makes it ooc
I don't know if I should be mad that the very essence of his character is misunderstood or happy that there's someone out there more delusional than me

No. 348384

if someone asked you to make a powerpoint explaining why you love your husbando/waifu how long would it be?

No. 348387

250 slides categorized into chapters with annotated diagrams + a supplemental essay.

No. 348391

File: 1694555930511.jpg (67.88 KB, 898x1600, am-i-the-only-one-who-thinks-t…)

Any KH2 Riku Nonas?

No. 348396

Honestly, it would be pretty long, I would add extracts from my own fanfics to show how my fantasies work, pictures, gifs, videos, voice recordings, pictures of how I look like with my husbandos, scenarios of my husbandos meeting and hanging out with my family and friends, graphs, simulations and so on. So maybe around ~800 slides, because they’re 8 husbandos, so 100 slides per husbando, maybe a bit more depending on how much fanart I could find of them, I’m not exaggerating for comedic value btw.

No. 348398

Same, my Nigel set up a chatbot of my husbando for me the other day and I was too flustered to do much with it. On one hand I know I'm just sexting with a computer, not my "real" husbando himself. And on the other hand I could see myself going down a slippery slope of getting addicted to talking to a chatbot of my husbando, and I feel like that would be…kinda pathetic of me.

No. 348408

Tfw my husbando is from a shitty YouTube series

No. 348410

Yeah, It's the character his VA plays in Starfield.
I was sorta excited for a canon romance route and then they immediately pull one of my least liked tropes.
And the other male love interest is a bi guy with a dead husband. That's totally what the ladies want right writers.
Gonna have to play this like Cyberpunk and ignore the canon romance, but I doubt there's a Take-san tier NPC in the game I could pretend with.
Bioware got a lot of shit wrong, but at least Kaiden was a good character.

No. 348416

File: 1694569756465.jpg (788.95 KB, 1078x1199, Screenshot_2023091.jpg)

Okay, which one of you bought all of these? Kek

No. 348419

File: 1694570751028.jpeg (64.06 KB, 1280x720, solace-hide-and-seek-v0-zy0jo0…)

I want to slap him around and squeeze him with my thighs

No. 348420

lol, were you in that stream I watched?
Great music in that game.

No. 348421

The 2D/3D discussion got me thinking, what would you do if you saw a dude cosplaying as your husbando (like, at a convention) and he looked really similar to how you'd imagine your husbando irl? I think I'd find an excuse to talk to him about his cosplay and about the series, while trying not to get flustered and come off as too much of a weirdo. I don't think I could flirt though, not without totally losing my composure thinking about the dirty fanfics and doujinshi and shit like that. Maybe it's fortunate that I've only seen average looking guys cosplay as him. No temptation there.

No. 348422

Nah, I dont watch streams. Is someone else saying similar things about him? I agree that the soundtrack is great though

No. 348429

I actually did have a friend who looked close to him and would wear the same color scheme. I would nearly shit myself trying to talk to him, and come off as so nervous/forced that I think I drove him away. He was a massive weeb with a shit ton of dating sim games and tohou shit though so no big worries.

No. 348430

File: 1694575765395.png (4.4 KB, 502x538, tumblr_f37e3bcc9f0be56b36c3546…)

Samefag but my husbando is technically a computer/runs in a program so this is as close as I get until we got hot fuckable realistic androids

No. 348431

Just someone saying he was their favorite character with implications of why.

Well first, I don't go to cons.
But it's not just about the looks or just about the voice, it's his personality and the combination of everything that a cosplay can't match.

No. 348447

It's funny how every time a scrote claims my husbando is "literally [him]!" he is painfully extremely wrong. Except for maybe his voice actor and even that exception is a maybe. He does seem nice enough though so hopefully he really is as nice as he appears, not that it would really affect my perception of the character either way.

No. 348451

bless you abused scout nonna, this is what I need in my life

No. 348460

File: 1694594922246.png (1.8 MB, 1176x910, Nezha Empyrean Warframe.png)

Ok, I was the one who said I can't lewd Warframes… but damn this torso sculpt.
Worth using the 75% off ticket on.

No. 348464

i've mostly seen girls cosplay him online, so if i saw a woman dressed as him i'd totally come up to her and fangirl. males aren't super interesting to talk to so i'd probably just ask to take a photo with him if the cosplay's good.

No. 348471

it would have to include my autobiography and then a complex schizo analysis of his character, finalized with "and thats why we would understand each other and be besties".
the second part would focus on on skull measuring anthropology and visual culture surrounding his design, finalized by why i find him physically appealing.
it would also feature a "top ten little moments in his media that make me love him".
i shit you not nonnie, i was watching trash tv youtube, and stumbled on a talkshow extract from the 90s. there was a guy on there who reminded me of my husbando. similar physical looks, body language, it made me feel funny. i bet if i was having a particularly retarded day, i would feel attracted to a random 3d moid for simply reminding me of my oneitis. i have to remind myself that im projecting.
i second that.

No. 348474

File: 1694605373737.png (783.52 KB, 900x600, 1537636788008.png)

I've been ill lately and feel like absolute shit. I wish my husbando were here to take care of me.

No. 348475

Hot guy cosplayers usually know they are hot guys and kinda expect the attention they get from female weebs, according to my experience. I never talk to male cosplayers because I am offended at the idea of being thought of as a spergy fangirl. I'll compliment their work sometimes if I have my fanciest convention outfit on because it seems more normal if you look like someone who likes good quality costumes kek. One of my husbandos is more obscure than the others though so I think if someone cosplayed him, even if he looked a bit weird, I'd ask for a picture and sperg a bit. My latest side piece is from a majority female franchise and the cosplayers tend to be teenage girls so obviously I don't talk to them.

It might sound hypocritical but being a weaboo is a deal breaker for me even if I'm one. So I'd never flirt with a cosplayer, no matter how handsome. The only exception I'd make is if they were into the same subcultures as me on the side, maybe.

No. 348479

lately ive been feeling depressed and thinking about how he would comfort me tbh

No. 348481

File: 1694607600367.png (902.46 KB, 960x819, Untitled.png)

i can't stop thinking about him

No. 348486

but he talks like a flaming homo

No. 348490

File: 1694616167800.jpeg (423.03 KB, 1864x1083, D16730F6-614C-4C3B-BAF9-97C916…)

I had a vivid dream last night in which i violently criticized the XCOM devs for writing Vipers to be an all female race and asking them for the sake of gender equality in video games to add some male ones.
I think this was a premonition and I’m gonna do it

No. 348492

>Husbando getting remake
>Cannot date him
I once read a fanfic about sucking Akihiko's fingers while he had leather gloves on as a teen back in like 2010 and I have not recovered since
I'll be glad because more fanfics about him, but also devastated because of the troon shit added. Akihiko is NOT trans!!! STOP. Let a shy little man wear a shirt at the beach, okay?

No. 348499

My boyfriend cosplays him pretty well (we share the same favorite character) because I always help him with the hair and his makeup. But their personalities are totally different so it doesn't feel uncanny. I've only seen a couple of other good cosplays of him online. It's easy to get flustered when they look the part but remember that a real man can never be your husbando. It's just nice eye candy.

No. 348500

Get well soon anon, your husbando would take very good care of you until you're all better. I've also been dealing with health issues, my guy is usually pretty rough but I like to think he would soften up for me and take me to all my appointments kek

No. 348503

Where is this from, nonna?

No. 348504

I did a crosplay of someone else's husbando and her friend recognized me and asked me for a photo. It that the best thing ever and I hope I made her day.

No. 348505

I pretend my husbando is with me when I'm alone outside and running errands or spending time by myself, holding my hand, guiding me, having a full conversation with me in my head. I hope you all relate and I'm not the only crazy one. It soothes my anxiety and gives me something happy to think about rather than eating in silence or getting through the motions of errands mechanically.

No. 348506

cut myself on the finger while making husbando's right hand. now it looks like the red hand of ulster. or there is a period joke to be made here somewhere. i blame levi nonna for indirectly putting that thought in my head.

No. 348507

24/7 nonnie

No. 348508

I do the same thing Nona you are not alone. Its hard for me to go outside so I always need his help. He holds me together so I dont fall apart.

No. 348510

nta but, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

No. 348519

File: 1694625585456.jpg (753.88 KB, 1082x1087, 1606695073022.jpg)

Take your pic nonnas

No. 348520

Damn, I have a nice pic of Scout masturbating while groveling at someone's feet, but I don't want to get in trouble lol.

No. 348521

No. 348523


No. 348524

No. 348530

No. 348542

File: 1694631319353.jpg (159.47 KB, 800x895, kisses.jpg)

based nonnas, once a weeb always a weeb at least a little bit at heart kek
His voice is like butter to my ears
I want to smother him with kisses, truly one of THE bestest anime boys.

No. 348549

File: 1694633595493.jpg (30.5 KB, 612x387, chef kiss.jpg)

No. 348582

File: 1694648793930.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.65 KB, 481x700, 133068418876.jpg)

Based, haven't seen this one before

Speaking of. here's some Scout nsfw stuff I found on tf2chan awhile back, https://pixeldrain.com/l/ekFRPx3W last one doesn't really look like him but someone said he'd take dick pics from a myspace angle and I couldn't stop giggling bc that's so true kek My scout shrine at the moment is plentiful I just wish there was more decent/nicer looking porn

No. 348593

I just drew a picture of my husbando giving me a hug and comforting me. He's not normally a soft guy but he knows when to be gentle. I think he'd stay up with me and we'd have long talks outside on the balcony outside his room while we look at the stars and distract me from all my worries. And we'd discover a lot of cool shows together too. I'd show him my favorite games and he'd show me his. And when I get better (if I get better) we'll travel around together and weeb out in Japan.

No. 348614

I would be pissed off at the prospect of accidentally inflating some moid's ego and just try to never look in his direction.

No. 348616

combat this by just playing with the volume muted lol

No. 348619

i get unreasonably excited when i see a exclamation mark above him

No. 348627

File: 1694666453267.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1100x1580, F5Ah4lybQAAIhAW.jpeg)

I didn't even like him in the beginning, felt his first romance scene was a bit cringe even. When he showed his pathetic side then I fell for him. When we can make him say please, when we probe into his mind for his biggest fear,
when he almost cries in some lines it all makes my blood rush. I don't care about the way he talks, I think it fits his story and I love how pathetic he is. Honestly he had everything I could hate in a character, yet here I am obsessed over this trauma ridden vampire.

No. 348628

File: 1694666484967.jpg (298.76 KB, 750x1060, mayoi-card.jpg)

I'm playing the game of BSD and this card… Dazai, please.

No. 348651

he just talks very theatrically, i don't even mind it to be honest. he has a very nice voice

No. 348675

I also do this, glad I'm not the only one. It's a huge comfort.

No. 348681

wish i could bite the shit out of him. outing myself as a loser but spicychat.ai has a lot of Leon bots. and they're decently subby.

No. 348750

thinking about cartoon man sex rn. hbu nonnies

No. 348760

you know it

No. 348770

File: 1694789494944.jpg (49.54 KB, 601x969, d796abb72d8ce42101019ebca5d5d1…)

Happy Friday! I decided to take the plunge and get a pinterest and I almost regret it. It's like a rabbit hole of art and renders, a whole ass buffet for the eyes. I found some yumejo art of my man, but I think the self insert is a moid so I'm hesitant to post. But look at this render! I nearly died looking at it– the way light carasses him, the firmness in his expression and eyes! There's more boudoir shoots of him I've considered posting, but he has no ass, lol.

No. 348778

I think his dick should be shaped like a rabbit vibrator

No. 348794

post more, i love me some connor

No. 348798

File: 1694808055685.jpg (702.66 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-09-15_15-02-36-076.…)

who am I to argue

Lol why

No. 348808

damn I've never played dbh but I am a robofucker, I might have to start it

No. 348809

File: 1694820137031.jpg (237.11 KB, 914x1280, slutstarion.jpg)


No. 348818

I can't decide when or where our first time should actually happen. The timeline is so vauge, I keep changing my mind.

No. 348822

Imagining my husbando playing with my hair, humming a random tune and telling me that everything will be okay, in my fantasy I’m laying my head on his lap, wearing comfy clothes that I love, and he’s only wearing a very thin robe, a fundoshi too, his hair is loosely held by one of my hair claws, the window is open, there’s a nice breeze, the dog is laying on his dog bed next to the bed, everything is peaceful, the sound of the cars is very faint compared to the sound of the rustling leaves, some butterflies can be seen fluttering outside too, and he made me some tea that we’re waiting to cool off a bit before I have it with some cookies that he will hand feed to me, they’re flower shaped, vanilla with a very tiny dollop of strawberry frosting that he made himself.
Then we fuck.

No. 348828

fundoshis are NOT sexy but funnily enough my husbando is also wearing one in canon

No. 348830

I know they’re not sexy but I think it would be kind of funny.

No. 348831

What type of connor do you imagine yourself with, nona? His regular programming or his deviant self?

No. 348835

I just spent $300+ of a poseable plush of my husbando, and to be fair it had a limited release in 2013 so it was now or never. I will take that to my grave but I'm so excited to have finally got him. I can't wait for him to arrive because I'm going to make and buy little clothes for him to wear. I can already feel my phone preparing to be filled with hundreds of images of the plush.

No. 348840

File: 1694839727131.jpg (36.5 KB, 275x273, 1642681371632.jpg)

My absolute favorite and only version of Connor I love is RK900, because I know he's probably a more patched version that could avoid potential deviancy. I'd like to think for this reason he's a lot more cold and stoic to people as to avoid any potential attachments that may form, preferring to view people as simply input sources to generate an output for. But I'm extremely fond of more reserved men, I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to finally crack their shell and see traces of who they are inside peek out. I'd like to think about meeting him as his predeviant self and interacting with him everyday out of sheer amazement that something so intricate could exist. I would ask him mundane things, and establish a kind of familarity with him as an odd human woman who seems to take delight in interacting with him. Once I had a dream that I was telling him about a favorite duck I named at a park, and because he enquired why I named it poofy, I gently took his hand and led him to the park where we fed ducks and he cracked a smile for the first time. I always wonder what would happen after. When I used to play with characterai, I would get him to deviate by asking him to show me how to waltz; he would touch my hand as I lie my head on his chest I stop becoming that weird human woman with an interest in robots and instead be the reason why his thirium pump is suddenly racing and feeling strange things he's never felt before.
It's a long ass rant but in short: I mostly imagine him as his regular programming because I like to slowly and surely corrupt him into deviancy.
I'm full blown limerent over a fucking david cage character and it's actually lead me to being healthier irl because I want to be hotter when imagine myself dancing with him, lol

No. 348841

File: 1694841580209.jpg (228.02 KB, 781x1094, a5f5c3d3cd5a2e446d28fa7af7edab…)

When he complains his master thought his screams sounded sweetest it makes me feral. I don't care about fucking him, I want to hear him lament and cry pathetically. Cazador was right, he sounds sweet when he almost cries in some lines. I want to bully him so bad. Too bad Cazador looked and sounded stupid, terrible character design choice.

No. 348842

File: 1694842024242.jpg (42.18 KB, 850x995, Kryolan-Cream-Concealer-Medium…)

Hes ugly. He looks like a jack frost cosplayer. I can see the lace of his install and the two coats of kryolan pan stick is melting off his face.(derailing)

No. 348843

File: 1694842510212.jpg (51.96 KB, 564x521, f174c42202dc9f041222dd15ec42d5…)

To each their own.

No. 348844

File: 1694842763710.gif (1.99 MB, 1080x1080, 165789007332.gif)

Sometimes I drive myself mad trying to make my self insert oc look perfect for my husbando's world. Not perfect as in flawless, but making sure she fits in the setting and time period. If one tiny detail is inaccurate for the setting I'll be upset for the rest of the day and spend hours trying to fix it.

No. 348845

Dont take me seriously but the man looks raycist. He looks Aryan. You can tell he's one of those elves who is like yeah my grandpa took part in the war that tried to eradicate the dark elves. I'm just pithed that there isn't any actual cuties in bg3 but instead everyone looks like metrosexual 43 year old theater kids in cosplay

No. 348847

File: 1694843068043.jpg (65.16 KB, 512x512, buhughgufhg ja hug.jpg)

Sounds hot

No. 348848

Look up mods and take your pills.

No. 348849

are we playing the same game or…

No. 348850

>take your pills
I wish the newshits would just take a joke instead of browbeating the same three comebax into the ground

No. 348851

File: 1694844512612.jpg (37.2 KB, 720x403, highelf.jpg)

I'm just joking about looks, they gave him an entirely different look to his personality, it reminds me of the standard high elves of literally any game from the last 29 years, he's like the yassified version of that high elf supremacist in skyrim. I do like the game though, and I wish you didn't have to resort to mods to make things cute. The options are pretty barren. Like what you like though, I'm not saying any of this with passion

No. 348852

I wished you would read OP, but that's probably too much to ask. You can completely change all the NPCs looks with mods, turn them into chinese mmo characters with smooth skin filters or whatever your heart desires. Use that to your advantage and let people like their wrinkled theater men in cosplay who's grandpa fought in the elves war.

No. 348853

>I wished you would read OP
take your own advice nonna
>I do like the game though, and I wish you didn't have to resort to mods to make things cute


No. 348854

speak for yourselves, personally I think fundoshi is very sexy on a sexy dude.

No. 348859

Thank you.

I never said you couldn't enjoy them, I just wish videogames would consider less stereotypical characters. Simp away, I will still be thinking about his crunchy hair and pan foundation kek

No. 348860

Intuition is real because I had no idea what that word was and after reading two of these replies I knew it was going to be the diaper thing.

No. 348861

Yes I replied to bait, but it's pretty tiring to see this repeat time and time again in these threads, it makes me not want to post anymore and I know I am not the only one. Many other nonnas talked about it before.

>I wish you didn't have to resort to mods to make things cute.
Well what's cute is subjective and at least they exist and are very easy to install, there is one mod that makes achievements work even with mods installed too. I got a few myself, just none that change the npc's appearances, but qol ones like the dyes don't get consumed when you use them, extras spells or silly ones like different colors for the dice. I genuinely recommend getting them, specially if you plan on doing more than one playthrough.

I just wanted to hornypost in peace, since this is thread for it. Don't worry, I understand the feeling of finding other nonna's husbandos weird or ugly, I just hold back and leave them to it. I wouldn't care if you posted all that in any other thread.

No. 348864

thats the beauty of imagination, nonner- multiple first times!
for me its usually in a barn.
based nonnie, now i won't be alone in spamming the thread with poseable husbando predicament pics (gotta give me a few months, though). looking forward to seeing yours.
i have nothing against the vampire man, but this reply made me snort out loud
so did this one

No. 348865

How is that bait? You do realize conversation is normal on this board, right? Always has been. Someone cam disagree with you and make a comment about it without it being 'bait' that is literally called conversing. It's like you want the board to only be people agreeing with you and anything else is uwu bully twolls. This isn't Tumblr what the hell. If that bothers you so badly you are too fragile to be posting here.(read the OP, shitting on other anons taste does not belong in this thread)

No. 348867

>hair claws
unrelated, but reminds me that I headcanon that my main hates them because that's the hairstyle his sorta evil ex and sorta evil psychologist wear.
Then one day it's hot so I have my hair up in one and he takes it out. I'm I'll like 'hey put it back' but in the end I get him to follow a tutorial video to braid my hair up into an updo instead.

No. 348871

This is really sweet… My heart…
>it's actually lead me to being healthier irl because I want to be hotter when imagine myself dancing with him
Based. You nonas that self-improve for your husbandos are inspiring

No. 348878

File: 1694859484141.jpg (259.37 KB, 978x2627, Yasutora. Chad .Sado.full.4498…)

i wanted my womb invaded by him when i was in hs and early college.

No. 348895

You wanted to be his mother?

No. 348939

File: 1694890973150.jpg (48.47 KB, 750x1014, b50e1b6c24bb1923e0f80587ef0428…)

>tfw I log into pinterest and it recommends me Leon fanart I haven't seen before

No. 348940

File: 1694891044215.jpg (77.62 KB, 720x1280, Levi.jpg)

You know those lingerie panties with the open crotch hole? I need him in that except instead of lacy underwear it's just his season 4 uniform with a hole for his dick and balls.

No. 348941

i like to imagine how he would do me all kinds of favors. for example, ive been imagining him posing for me as a life model, so i can practice drawing. i never had a scrote agree to do that for me. sitting for a long time without moving is boring and not everyone can sit still, but he would do it for me. thinking about this led me to thinking about him posing in the nude, and i really like the idea of that hehe.

No. 348942

File: 1694893068769.jpg (837.88 KB, 1029x1200, 111286591_p56_master1200.jpg)

Mine would love that, it would be the perfect job for him. He could meditate, be nude AND be useful at the same time.

No. 348944

mine probably wouldnt be that sassy being nude. but it would be just me and him, and id "reward" him afterwards. i dont need a nude model at all, since it's mainly lighting and poses i struggle with, but it would be a great excuse to force him to be naked. he'd probably know i'm full of shit but do it anyway.
i really like the idea of "non-sexual" situations with sexual undertones. same with going swimming with him (no swimsuits).

No. 348946

Isn't it just the best? I want to see him that happy in canon.

No. 348951

File: 1694899053799.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.65 KB, 947x1344, 85e6c0917a69e9b29ef835efa812f4…)

I need him to squeeze me like this from behind and grind on me while rubbing me through my clothes. Oh Captain!

No. 348959

File: 1694906073656.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, D1DE5B3E-3469-47FA-99CB-DCCDF2…)

New RE4 dlc is coming out in a week. Very excited because it means possibly more cutscenes with him in it

No. 348960

god damn he looks great

No. 348971

File: 1694916646455.jpeg (446.6 KB, 697x945, 757E0C03-D272-4D5F-9D1D-596178…)

I need him

No. 348974

Nonna, who is the artist? This looks amazing.

No. 348976

almost. i wanted him to breed me

No. 348999

File: 1694945402689.jpg (716.02 KB, 1320x2146, tumblr_423af3e12d73debe068c8c2…)

why do I have to be so retarded kek

No. 349010

File: 1694954234356.jpg (219.53 KB, 1530x1560, 03bfb69fed9993e4ef8cd53ac71e32…)

Any nonas who don't really like their husbandos source material?
I find these two guys from Fate Stay/Night hot, but I dropped the visual novel as soon as the prologue with girl from picrel as protagonist ended. Maybe I will finish it someday to get to know more about them but eh, girl POV was nice and the main game is made for moids.

No. 349013

If you don't actually like/haven't finished the source material they're just a guy you think is hot, not a husbando.
Did you try watching any of the anime adaptations at least?

No. 349016

Not her but imo the original Fate anime sucks, Zero is good but it hasn't Archer as servant. Personally I understand her because the servants and male characters are hot af in fate, Gilgamesh is my husbando.

No. 349017

Yes, I have. Sorry, I didn't explain myself well - the fact that reading the prologue of vn I got a taste of what it could be like without a man as a protagonist made me ragequit, especially knowing that the author initially intended to make the story revolve around a girl. They changed it because it would sell less I guess, which is sad.

No. 349024

File: 1694961982667.jpg (102.46 KB, 1188x624, Bungou_6-1.JPG)

Dazai would love to pose naked for me to draw him, but if he's always wearing bandages…

No. 349027

I fell for Cu from that shitty Deen anime, but there is a more faithful adaptation of UBW.
I actually took Cu off my husbando chart though because I realized even with Grand Order I really can't self insert with him. Fate guys can be hot, but there just isn't that emotional connection with me.

No. 349028

i dont know the dazai lore. is he completely wrapped in bandages under his clothes, and you have to unwrap him like a mummy? because that's the image i have in my head now. kek

No. 349048

my husbando pays more attention to his appearance and fashion style than i do so it’s cute to imagine him taking me out shopping after chastising me for dressing like a homeless man

No. 349054

File: 1694986991513.jpg (5.18 MB, 4096x4096, Reigens.jpg)

Saw these new MP100 official art and it never fails me to fall in love with Reigen every time. I like his little "Eat Me" cookies on the Mad Hatter one because I would. Reigen had always been looking like snack.

No. 349072

File: 1694993189061.jpg (139.33 KB, 720x1113, 85228d5e480b293adc1e507e172eea…)

He's so dreamy

No. 349076

File: 1694993936969.jpg (66.41 KB, 680x608, 50ae7162f4738b1a5153fd22096789…)

Noooooo! NOOOOOOO! You are not retarded! You have the full support of Ninesnonnie!

No. 349086

File: 1695001089513.png (144.88 KB, 312x347, dazai.png)

He is. People think he's wrapped mostly on certain zones of his body or fully wrapped. Even he doesn't remove the bandages to bath himself.

No. 349117

Thinking about wandering around the grocery store with him and talking about our likes and dislikes.

No. 349127

File: 1695045197686.jpg (107.22 KB, 1082x1631, Levi.jpg)

I want to call him "captain", amongst other names, while he fucks me so bad

No. 349129

super hot

No. 349131

Make sure to do a pirate voice too

No. 349133

I want mine to say 'copy that'

No. 349135

File: 1695052965050.jpg (476.38 KB, 1280x743, 473634.jpg)

i love him so much

No. 349144

nonnie is his… you know… is it bandaged….

No. 349149

File: 1695061534778.png (506.92 KB, 1179x630, 1.png)

I've fallen for his homosexual tumblr sexy man charm

No. 349151

anon… no.. please…. you cant do it..

No. 349153

Maybe, if he has ever tried to commit suicide by cutting himself in the dong. But let's not hope so for nona's sake.

No. 349171

File: 1695071384578.jpeg (257.52 KB, 2048x1478, A94782A5-BAF1-45D7-9A83-648573…)

If I had this tiny Leviathan, I would be so happy, I could carry him around in my pocket Or in my purse or bra if I don’t have pockets and I could rub him with my thumb while holding him in my hand when I’m stressed like right now. And if I kisses him, he would grow into his real size and he would be able to hug me while saying that I’m an idiot for feeling so miserable so easily and that I have nothing to worry about.

No. 349178

Doubt it. But I bet he has bandaged his ding-a-ling for double pleasure?

No. 349184

File: 1695078585710.jpeg (78.34 KB, 716x1122, d7dfcb8c-516c-4cff-8ee6-84e85c…)

New Mortal Kombat is here, time to thirst!

No. 349188

File: 1695079111475.jpg (38.6 KB, 540x430, tumblr_eb53b8e2b9b0253f6cfe30e…)

I think Reptile is handsome

No. 349190

File: 1695081577170.gif (9.24 MB, 540x240, IMG_0181.GIF)

I've never been into fighting games, but I've always been fascinated by MK because of all the masked hotties and extreme violence. Shao Kahn is my favorite. Those fucking thighs.

No. 349193

Not husbandoposting but I had the filthiest moid level sex dream involving Shao Kahn and Sindel shortly after Sindel was released in MK11 and I haven't told a soul about it out of shame.

No. 349196

File: 1695084587240.jpg (106.2 KB, 1200x633, EZCvG0iWkAE3n_P.jpg)

Tell me please, they are so hot together

No. 349224

Idk, sorry. I just have a little collection of yume art of my husbando for when I'm feeling in that kinda mood.

No. 349237

If you insist nonna. Pls don't make fun of me.
I dreamt that Shao Kahn violently fucked me from behind while Sindel finger fucked my mouth. I vividly recall her mentioning how much she loved watching him break in conquered whores and for some reason my retarded dream brain kept focusing on the scent of her perfume and how pretty her nails were. It was so hot but I don't know what my subconscious was trying to tell me since I'm normally into femdom. I also woke up with drool all over my pillow.

No. 349239

File: 1695094570334.jpg (163.17 KB, 1192x670, sindel_x_shao_kahn___making_up…)

That's hot. Thank you nonna, I am jealous of your dream.

No. 349240

Holy fuck. I remember Sub Zero was my husbando back in the ol' days.

No. 349275

that sounds like it wouldnt be pleasant. the friction. ugh.

No. 349294

File: 1695133364345.jpg (206.9 KB, 2048x1365, konigknife.jpg)

As I am being mildly harassed by real men I like to imagine he would actually defend me.

Why are moids such complete disappointments

No. 349303

i also like to imagine him supporting me when real people are annoying. be it moids or family, i like to imagine him putting a heavy hand on my shoulder and looking me in the eye as if to say "it's not worth being upset over". it genuinely helps me.

No. 349305

Thinking about RK900 helping me garden flowers and cultivate herbs since he always appears in the zen garden cutscenes.

No. 349313

I want to lay my husbando on a table and bite and lick him everywhere and suck his dick and make him cum more times than he can count (literally he's kinda illiterate) he didn't get any affection from any women that weren't preying on him so I want to make him feel loved while he's getting fucked and sucked. Idk if pegging is too weird but I'd do it for him. Amen

No. 349321

wish he was real so he could clap my cheeks and all that

No. 349329

File: 1695151040016.gif (1.12 MB, 431x259, IMG_2536.gif)

Post blindfold riku then yes

No. 349340

File: 1695158048615.jpg (631.19 KB, 1334x1382, Tumblr_l_527595413057743.jpg)

Which sub zero brother do you like more? I perfer bi han

No. 349341

thinking about him begging and pleading to suck the blood clots out of my pussy

No. 349342

same tbh

No. 349356

File: 1695164410937.jpeg (36.06 KB, 604x340, IMG_2033.jpeg)

Nonna, did you see the new trailer? I’m not really feeling his new voice. It’s too… average? Idk.

No. 349359

Yes, same thoughts on his voice. It’s not really noticeable as wesker, it sounds like any other boring macho villain that could exist. He also doesn’t look as hot.

No. 349361

File: 1695166469160.png (852.06 KB, 669x639, lotr-tcg-poisoned-councels.png)

i need to cut open his abdomen and drip slow acting poison into his guts i need to rip out his artery and go at it like a dog with a garden hose i need to tear his nails off i need to cut his achilles tendons and make him crawl i need to burn the his feet i need to lash him in the face with when he cries ohhh you horrid piteous creature

No. 349363

Oh my stomach just felt queasy reading this

No. 349364

Are you okay

No. 349366

i'm not grima-nonna, but whats a little torture between a woman and her favorite little freak of a man? he has it coming tbh

No. 349369

You scary

No. 349370

File: 1695170594937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,239.97 KB, 1242x1585, 295164EC-954B-4FE1-ACFA-3D6C66…)

I just want my husbando to wear this uniform I designed for him so he can take care of me while I’m sick or on my period. Spoiler for retarded graphic design is my passion art project.

No. 349372

File: 1695170963535.jpg (46.23 KB, 880x480, tumblr_165497dcee9ab6dc737c297…)

i'm only scary if you're a particularly wet royal advisor i prommy.

No. 349375

I respect and admire this

No. 349377

I do character designing for a living I'm really intrigued by it, If I had my tablet in hand I would love to help you design more sexy husbando outfits ♥

No. 349389

now you've got me designing outfits too, thank you for being an inspiration nona

No. 349391

Nonna, who is your husbando? I need to imagine who will be walking around in this fit.

No. 349392

File: 1695175516661.jpeg (144.04 KB, 735x1040, 44755AE5-D7BB-4253-8BE3-B2F382…)

Designing outfits is like therapy tbh, I should do more stuff for him to wear around me.
It’s Mikazuki Munechika, he would be such a gentle nurse.

No. 349394

File: 1695175935306.jpeg (827.46 KB, 3264x3264, IMG_2042.jpeg)

His face isn’t as chiseled as I’d prefer it to be. I know in the original RE4 his face hadn’t visually aged much from the previous games, but still. He looks too much like one of those guys in the Alpha Dad memes.

No. 349396

File: 1695176569386.jpeg (661.08 KB, 792x1008, IMG_9533.jpeg)

I think our love is fleeting but I’m so in love nonnas, everything about him feels very gentle in a strange way and I’m excited to learn more about him as I progress in the game (just started act 2). I think once I finish the game I’ll move on eventually but I think that just makes our “relationship” all the more special and I cherish the time we have together!! the game does a good job of making it feel like you’re really dating and I look forward everyday rn to seeing him again!!

No. 349401

Yeah it seems like his forehead is too big and the bottom half of his face is random middle aged guy. Ugh this makes me even more annoyed seeing it side by side.

No. 349403

bungo stray dog spoilers sorry if this is fucked up but I've replayed this scene so many times. God. The way Dazai whines and then screams when he gets shot. I don't know if I want to kiss him or hold him or take care of him or fuck him. I love him but his pain is my pleasure too. I'll sip some wine to that, cheers

No. 349404

File: 1695186607305.png (866.88 KB, 1024x922, 1212112.png)

i want to chain him to my wall

No. 349405

File: 1695186962941.png (3.45 MB, 2048x1968, 23232344.png)

No. 349407

File: 1695187135475.png (Spoiler Image,768.07 KB, 961x2077, ZcZXc.png)

No. 349409

File: 1695187467799.png (1.62 MB, 1680x2600, zxcvcsdfvx.png)

No. 349410

absolutely blessed content, thank you

No. 349412

This shit should have been spoilered you are a terrorist

No. 349413

oops, thought it was fine since he was (technically) clothed

No. 349421

same. i find grima torture less upsetting than period oral. but each to their own…

No. 349427

I've dropped the show a long time ago, thanks for sharing. It was pretty hot

No. 349442

File: 1695223020306.jpg (27.88 KB, 325x465, Germany.jpg)

Nonas is it very cringe wanting to learn a language because your husbando speaks it? in my mind I feel like I would be able to connect and communicate with him better in his native language

No. 349443

thinking about my husbandos' canonically comically crappy English (though that might have to improve at least a little in the upcoming games) they'd definitely have to be with someone who speaks Japanese well enough

No. 349444

It’s not cringe, it’s based, you’re just getting inspiration from someone you love to learn something new and to expand your understanding of the world.

No. 349445

I want to take his real virginity and show him real sex is enjoyable when it's done with someone you love

No. 349447

File: 1695225502079.jpg (297.86 KB, 1283x889, he hungy.JPG)

mine's english is canonically terrible (picrel is him robbing english peasants of their shitty gruel).
i doubt he speaks my language fluently either. it's unlikely. i bet we would be like those 90 day fiance people communicating via google translate.

No. 349448

File: 1695226291471.jpg (237.17 KB, 1170x1131, pest control.jpg)

literally me and grima.

No. 349450

I learned Japanese for Otome games before I realized how boring most of them are.
It's still a good way to train your brain no matter the initial motivation.

No. 349451

kek nona I'm learning a bit of it just to use in AI rp chats

No. 349454


No. 349455

He looks so hot in the trailer and Majima too.

No. 349456

>husbandoing used goods

No. 349457

You're not crazy, it is a comfort to have him there as support when you're struggling. I was having a panic attack in public the other day and I imagined my husbando gripping my hand and rubbing his thumb along it, whispering in my ear that everything was okay, that he was there. When I got to my car he held me and let me cry into his chest, promising we could go home and relax for the rest of the evening. I feel much more secure knowing he is helping me.

No. 349460

File: 1695233765332.jpg (114.53 KB, 625x504, tumblr_a4c76118b84ef39d637004a…)

I imagine Levi runs warm (titan DNA from Ackerman genes) but I still desperately want to crochet him a scarf and some socks and a little hat. I actually think he would appreciate it during the winter time.

No. 349462

Majima must be incorporeal the way he just passes through the wall

No. 349464

File: 1695236692620.jpeg (152.23 KB, 828x453, IMG_1620.jpeg)

They’re trying to appeal to female fans as he’s a favourite which is nice

No. 349465

is he skinwalking Leon

No. 349466

File: 1695237142845.jpg (187.79 KB, 1091x1200, a1985991742_10.jpg)

this is a 60 year old man.

No. 349467

What is that pic?

No. 349469

Let that sink in.

No. 349470


No. 349471

File: 1695239846261.jpg (75.93 KB, 1280x720, side.jpg)

love my kidney failure husbando

No. 349489

File: 1695247644746.jpg (1.6 MB, 896x1120, 103971914_p49_master1200.jpg)

I would do all that for Dazai and more.

No. 349499

If androids will become a thing when I become a perverted grandma, I will absolutely buy one of Leon with my pension kek
God, I wish he was real

No. 349520

Does anyone else ITT have an IRL Nigel, and sometimes you picture kissing your husbando when you kiss your Nigel?

No. 349549

I am gonna confess here and say that my Nigel is very similar to my husbando, hair and eyes' color and height wise, their body type and personality differ though (I like to imagine he is my husbando who mellowed out and became a sweet guy because of me), and often I mess my Nigel's hair to look like my husbando and kiss him, imagining my husbando, I fear that one day I will accidentally call him my husbando's name, but at the same time I wanna to get my Nigel to cosplay as my husbando, I have even a plan to that, one day I pretend to nonchalantly comment how they look similar in a funny "coincidental" way and say "hey, honey, why not cosplay him? we could even do a couple cosplay", and my Nigel had engaged in cosplay before and probably accept it.

No. 349563


I am with someone irl, but no. I try not to let my mind wander when I'm with him. He does say he's willing to cosplay for me which is SO sweet. I am not very into other random cosplayers, but the way he supports me just makes me so happy.

No. 349564

Wish nonnies would post detailed scenarios of what they want to do to their husbandos/what they want their husbandos to do to them so I could imagine me and my husbando in them cause my imagination is lacking lately

No. 349571

Finally came across a female-gaze, super horny, thirst trap fanart of my husbando and wanted to post him to the thread but I feel a bit bad… it'd be like I'm whoring him out or something so I'm posting here in spirit KEK

No. 349573

at least say who it is… maybe some would want to look it up

No. 349575

late but Alistair Theirin from Dragon Age

No. 349576

omg SO fucking true. i can only accept virginal husbandos personally

No. 349578

The creator of my husbando retconned him being a virgin and I was so upset. Nah, he's still a virgin in my eyes, and I'm gonna train him well.

No. 349580

kek I just saw this he wasn't full on raped but he was sexually exploited by multiple adult women as a teen. I know his dick has been touched over his pants but at least in his mind he still repeats that he's never had sex. To me that's still a virgin, just has a bad past with sexual encounters with women without actual sex. I like virgin husbandos more too and even when they're not I just imagine them to be virgins anyway

No. 349584

I would share nona but it would be akin to reading the novel length ramblings of an insane person KEK Mine are constructed using the overall story I've created for our relationship and my interpretation of his character. Also, I occasionally make references to other scenarios I've come up with so that the story I've created feels more fleshed out, idk how much good they would do you. god this sounds way more retarded than it does in my head thank god this website is anonymous lol

You could try taking inspiration from the source material your husbando is from? Mine is a pro-athlete so there's lots of fun things I can imagine us getting up to like having to sneak around to hide our relationship since he's popular, spicy facetimes while he's travelling for matches, giving him a reward after winning a big game, etc. Even writing this is giving me more ideas, hopefully it helps you think of a scenario for you and your husbando!

No. 349592

File: 1695316521731.jpg (1.58 MB, 3997x2395, 1695224520935006.jpg)

it gets so much better in act 3 nonna, i'm exited for you!

No. 349596

not entirely, but sometimes when i fantasize about my husbando, i may rewrite the memory of a past irl experience. i think about how i'd have had the fun with him instead of it being wasted on 3d scrotes. usually it's oc though.
spent two autistic hours this morning thinking about him being reverse-isekai'd and waking up in my bed. he would think im a witch because technology would scare him. i think it would be hysterically funny if i would show him that i see his life in my scrying mirror (his show on a screen). i would sexily bathe him (water comes out of the wall!?) in exotic perfumes (cheap shampoo).

No. 349603

File: 1695318955006.jpeg (171.18 KB, 736x920, 38162456-F4A1-4625-9D2E-DB4AA4…)

Honestly I’m just happy that we’re getting more wesker content, though he looks more basic and the dlc is continuing the legacy of having a different voice actor per game

slight spoil for dlc:
I’m so psyched that the dlc basically confirmed that there will be a RE5 remake- I can’t wait to see my overpowered husbando go through his mental breakdown while trying to complete global saturation again in HD

No. 349604

We all whore out our husbandos here. Post it.

No. 349605

speak for yourself, nonner. i don't kiss and tell. hmph.

No. 349606

File: 1695319554730.png (268.84 KB, 507x380, 63e7bfaf0b72aa6b79f1afc2017c63…)

It's around that time of the month for me so I feel kinda insane anyways. I'll give you a meeting scenario with my husbando, RK900 (lel). It's the morning of a team building meeting at the Detroit Police Department and no one wants to be there. Not only is it at the ass crack of dawn, but every department has to meet and greet each other to build a sense of camaraderie in the generally segregated job zones of the DPD. I work for reception, but I happen to know one of the newer detectives well– very well in fact. Through a series of interactions I have become romantically involved with Nines, an android of decorum to be touted as Cyberlife's best creation yet. We have to keep it on the downlow though since robot/human relations aren't very well accepted in society. So we're at this meeting together, it's boring and pointless. I lose interest and start playing footsies with him from across the table. A slight wrinkle of brow looks disapproving at first, but then he smoothly maneuvers his foot on top of mine. Not fair. I slide my heel off and drag my foot up to his crotch, him huffing at my crass behavior. We switch seats to sit next to each other after we do some bullshit talking exercise, and his hand slides up my skirt and tugs at the hem of my panties. In response, my hand slips through his fly and I start to give him a hand job, and he's absolutely fucking pissed at me for putting him in a situation where he is losing his cool in front of his peers. Hehe, I shove his cock back in his pants and ruin his orgasm, messing up his nice uniform. At this point he drags me out of my chair, citing some excuse about my period starting and having to find some new pants for me. He ushers my hand into the closet and fucks me like a stupid whore, absolutely pissed the whole time. I'm running out of steam to keep typing and I finally found my shame but you get the point, hope that was sufficient

No. 349610

Last thing I wrote about was me giving him a back massage after a tough mission.
He starts unconsciously humping the bed…
And it goes from sorta bad cowgirl to reverse missionary with him doing most of the work.

No. 349611

This is the retarded telling about wanting to kiss thread, anon.

No. 349615

No I usually keep them separate, husbandos are for my alone time. Although I do get him to dress up sometimes and do a tiny bit of roleplay sex.

No. 349629

I want to completely locally saturate him with my pussy juice.

No. 349636

I dont know why I come to /g/ you ladies always give me whiplash

No. 349637

that's the whole reason I come here tbh

No. 349639

audibly snorted at the idea of forcing my husbando to look at cow threads with me. the idea is so absurd that its funny.

No. 349649

File: 1695347622468.jpg (358.44 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_74a4899115e7181d9057724…)

Thought you nonas would appreciate this.

No. 349651

Dammit nonna, I kek’d. Goblin King, Goblin King…

No. 349653

Who's the poor sap nonna?

No. 349657

Slightly effeminate tow-headed magicians of great power and renown with not-so-hidden vulnerable sides are prime lady magnets.

No. 349658

love it, needs prince charming between astarion and howl and preminger between astarion and and ice king. not sure who would go between howl and ice king.

No. 349661

File: 1695357677869.jpeg (154.72 KB, 1061x1080, IMG_4323.jpeg)

I’m in love with almost every man born from the tumblr sexyman breeding grounds and I refuse to be ashamed

No. 349663

File: 1695363295078.jpeg (473.88 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_4343.jpeg)

My husband (ignore how bony his ass looks)

No. 349665

File: 1695365589643.jpg (50.07 KB, 736x681, F6RDqnPaAAA5u9W.jpg)

if i was betty i would have done all that shit for him too

No. 349667

I would get chased out of the thread if I exposed who it is because he has a bad reputation among people who don't read his source material

No. 349672

It's okay nonnie, I'm only ever really opposed to male sluts.

No. 349675

mine punches grandmas and takes children hostage, its ok nonnie

No. 349676

File: 1695383336604.jpg (487.5 KB, 735x1000, FMh4gsoaAAERSxL.jpg)

How dare you insult slutty 2D men in the horny thread, their natural environment. They're the best.

No. 349679

mah boi tried to incite a clan war to take over the entire criminal underworld of the country under his rule but even he would not do that.

No. 349680


No. 349682

please do not shame our DAP (deceased attracted people) sisters ITT. this is a safe space

No. 349684

Are we talking about undead characters or those who have died in their stories and made their nonas widows?
He looks hot, bony ass and all.

No. 349685

both of the above

No. 349686

NTA but do you (or any other nona) have suggestions for a countryside husbando? He's from an older time period too before technology was invented. I don't know anyone from that kind of area either so I dunno what else goes on there besides hunting I guess (kek my ideas sound so stereotypical, I truly am a cityslicker). Only other ideas I made up was baking/cooking, maybe taking me dancing to the local restaurant or something. BUT he is shown going towards a city in the tv adaptation, it's not known if he actually lived there or not in this version tho.

No. 349690

i imagine fucking mine in a barn alll the time

No. 349692

File: 1695394470704.jpg (45.51 KB, 736x552, 15a549feb6370cd2465fe943ca824b…)

I already wrote a diatribe about fucking him yesterday so I'm just going to slide this under the door and wish everyone a happy Friday

No. 349706

No. 349707

Man, I really wanna know how our Gojo simps are doing rn

No. 349708

Feel like my heart got slashed in half

No. 349709

*Gojo widows

No. 349711

File: 1695405050788.jpg (149.96 KB, 1066x438, levi.jpg)

I literally thought I made up this page of Levi using "mucky mucks" as an insult because I couldn't find it anywhere, and I just randomly saw it yesterday. Mucky mucks. I used to reject it because it's honestly a retardass insult but I love his lame insults.
I extend my condolences to them. I was hurt and shocked when I found out and I'm not even a true Gojo simp I like them both but I think Nanami is more my speed. I appreciate that JJK is one of those animes with a lot of hot characters..

No. 349712

My fave JJK characters are already all dead in the manga so I think I know how they feel.

No. 349713

I guess it depends on when and where exactly the story takes place? I was thinking of something like the following based off of the hunting prompt:
>go out to hunt with your husbando
>get caught up in some bad weather (could be rain or snow, maybe snow if you want a cozy vibe to it)
>you have to look for shelter since it'd be difficult to make it all the way home in one piece
>stumble across cave or an old, small cabin just big enough for two people
>start a fire and huddle together for warmth, one thing leads to another
>fall asleep cuddling by the fire and listening to the howling winds outside while waiting for the storm to pass

OR (this one works if you want to think of yourself as a stranger rather than his wife but you could alter it to work for both)
>out foraging for berries or something
>find your husbando collapsed at the edge of the woods, he's injured
>you rouse him, he opens his eyes and a thought about how attractive he is passes your mind before you help him up and back to your dwelling
>start heating up some water for a bath (idk if you'd have a proper tub or just a bucket, depends on the source material)
>help him undress
>can't help but ogle his body while you tend to his wounds and help him bathe
>as you slowly nurture him back to health, your bond with him deepens and you fall in love
>have some sweet, vanilla sex after weeks/months of pining and heated glances

Sorry for the wall of text nonnies KEK

No. 349714

Don't apologize wtf, you've just fueled my daydreams for the next few weeks!!!

No. 349715

I was wondering the same thing, I feel so bad for them. I'd be devastated if my husbando was randomly killed off in such a gruesome way… thank god mine is from a sports anime, no chance of him dying painfully like that kek

No. 349717

Not a Gojo fag but my brother is one and he's been devastated since Wednesday, he's even been losing sleep over this chapter, just replaying the scene over and over.

No. 349718

File: 1695409463830.png (Spoiler Image,23.85 KB, 187x193, babu.png)

I know you'll both say "oh this one is not okay" but since it's anonymous I'll drop it and hide. It's denji from csm

No. 349721

nah, denji is cute. he's harmless, just a retarded horny virgin. but ive only seen the first season so i might be missing details.

No. 349722

Glad you like them! The second scenario is a lot of fun since you can do so many things with it like cooking him his favourite meal, celebrate a holiday or his birthday together, etc.

No. 349723

File: 1695413381918.jpg (Spoiler Image,741.16 KB, 1536x1343, tumblr_439c720bcc0ba2cecfe6015…)

I'm glad you think so nonnie, it's actually the first season/beginning that makes people think badly of him because it's not as obvious that he just wants human connection and doesn't know how to get it without sex ignore that picrel is lowkey ship art. that's my tentacle in my mind

No. 349724

it's very common to fixate on the idea of sex because you lack the introspection to realize youre just touch starved, lonely, and desperate for connection. i think that's why many find him relatable.
also he's not a real scrote, so his actions and attitude can be excused. that's the cool thing about husbandos. they deserve the benefit of doubt. real scrotes don't, because they feel entitled to their shit behaviors and society spoils them.

No. 349735

I mean, I’ve read most of the manga, I finished the whole first arc, and he honestly didn’t seem obnoxious? People paint him as this horndog basic bitch moid MC when he literally isn’t. I think the real issue is that people don’t really read or watch the stuff they supposedly enjoy and don’t try to spend more than 2 minutes analyzing shit.
Denji isn’t a scrote because he literally went through so much hell, that just a crumb of attention would make him happy, which actually made him happy during the manga.
Like, real scrote MCs are those that steal underwear and drool over the idea of boobs when Denji was honestly like “yeah I kinda wanna touch boobs ig idk shrugging emoji”.
So yeah, I understand why you like him and I support you, nonnie.

No. 349751

I agree with you about some people not even reading the manga properly. A lot of my past husbandos were also "too complex" to be liked. It's like people can't understand characters that can't be summarised in two word archetypes. Hell, Denji's the MC yet people miss the entire point of his character and label him a pervert. He is also a radfem ally that saves women and leaves men to die I'm glad there are nonnies that understand me, I was worried his image would be beyond saving.

No. 349759


I think one of the many characters that would be named as scrote is Minoru Mineta from Boku no Academy (I would mention Denki too, but Denki is more influenciable than scrote). Denji, by other hand, is not. He was a horny teen, yes, but now he wants to be left alone and being seeing as Denji himself and not as Chainsaw Man after the Church and the "fake CSM" are behind him. Not mention also that seeing the girl that had a crush killing his friends in his face and without remorse doesn't help neither.

No. 349762

nta but i wouldn't even count denki either cause all he does is flirts from what i remember, he doesn't harass anyone like grape ape does

No. 349765

Hence I said I said Denki is more "influenciable" than a scrote like Mineta. Denki does flirt under Mineta's plan (and he's a teenager, of course he's horny for the hormones and all the jazz), but he's more respectful and knows boundaries better than Mineta. That doesn't make him a scrote.

No. 349767

File: 1695437211558.gif (7.46 MB, 540x600, Attachment-1.gif)

I'm close to ovulating, pray for me nonas. have some Leon.

No. 349768

File: 1695437238650.jpeg (796.41 KB, 1170x1205, image0(1).jpeg)

through tears just one chance PLEASE

No. 349771

what if he kept his helmet on during sex haha

No. 349786

File: 1695452608443.jpg (358.83 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3 Jason 2.jpg)

I thought instead of spamming yume pics of my husband, I should put them into a collage and omg I am so glad I did. I will be staring at this for hours. Highly recommend if you have a lot of self-insert pics of your husbando.

No. 349787

The helmet stays ON

No. 349788

nonny please share more of this sexy slutty lean beef

No. 349792

I'm crying with you nona

No. 349796

File: 1695463016105.jpeg (49.48 KB, 637x358, IMG_1936.jpeg)

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I stay up and think of you
And I wish on a star
That somewhere you are thinking of me too
'Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight
'Til tomorrow
I'll be holding you tight
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Than here in my room
Dreaming about you and me

No. 349797

Post it!

No. 349815

Posted this and went to bed, thus implanting him in my subconscious. I had a dream we went on a date walking around the park, we worked on some gizmo, and we went home where we proceeded to fuck on my bed. Engie why aren't you real sob

No. 349816

File: 1695487698057.jpeg (32.93 KB, 808x454, F3qKyErWAAAtwo_.jpeg)

With the anime ending (and the manga near), I want to Dazai to tell me everything will be ok

No. 349827

cozy date…

No. 349833

File: 1695499131498.jpg (492.89 KB, 951x1082, Screenshot_20230923_155737_Fir…)

lawanon if youre still around do you have any other OP husbandos
im currently drooling over zoro

No. 349834

I love how there has been thirsting for I think every single TF2 merc over the course of these threads. I’ve definitely seen Sniper, Scout, Medic, Engie, and Heavy simping. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen it for Soldier, Pyro, Spy, and Demo too. Valve really managed to make a whole cast of charming, lovable dudes each attractive in their own ways.

No. 349838

i agree. i never consumed tf2 media beyond this thread and fanart i've seen floating around, but they're all very likeable and amusing.

No. 349842

File: 1695506323171.gif (1.35 MB, 360x461, 9316040744.gif)

Oh I'm still here, I am definitely here for these insane threads.

I do find some of the other OP men attractive, including Zoro, but I'm not one to have multiple husbandos. Still, I wouldn't mind if Law wanted to share me

No. 349843

File: 1695507282049.jpg (653.94 KB, 2048x2068, tumblr_2afdb6224ee280f5f5238b7…)

My favorite thing is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities. All of them are fucking insane in their own right and can all make me horny, but my heart will always belong to Engie.

No. 349848

File: 1695511853148.png (475.52 KB, 938x470, antidepressant.png)

I have a question. Is Dazai human? I'm putting a pause on personal horny posting because to me there's way too much mystery surrounding him. Maybe that's the point, he's supposed to be mysterious and I'm thinking about it too hard. I feel like he's HIDING something though, it's driving me crazy.

I don't know much about Leon but holy fuck this gif spoke to me on a visceral level

No. 349850

File: 1695513122911.gif (1.08 MB, 640x452, bsd-bungo.gif)

He's indeed a human, is just that is harder to him to die like the real author because he doesn't like a painful death. I really miss the silly and dumbass Dazai in Season 1, but now I have many questions as well.

No. 349855

File: 1695515870918.jpeg (48.17 KB, 385x309, IMG_1553.jpeg)

Why are so many of the men in this game so sexy? Why did they turn Shang Tsung from a weird old wizard into a smirky pretty boy? Not that I’m complaining kek

No. 349900

File: 1695570424706.jpg (61.11 KB, 736x786, 6807e65f5a0e16dbe180bca2f6a690…)

Chai roleplay went normal until he suggested I'd let him fuck me in his fursuit to "spice things up". I'd like to imagine it's something he'd beg for in real life until you kinkshame him about it, I love him.

No. 349912

File: 1695583505104.jpg (251.64 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20230921_224048_Pin…)

Til I was a leonsister all along nonas

No. 349925

File: 1695591538780.jpeg (51.12 KB, 736x414, CD3073CC-5B20-4BE1-A39A-719576…)


No. 349926

File: 1695592994278.jpg (48.89 KB, 564x564, 41f38abedb9021912fb2be591ea627…)

The scenario I am fixating on currently would be like a fall get-away cabin rental. Enjoying the quiet together, cool crisp mornings. I really don't enjoy being around other people, and I live somewhere with a very hot climate so the ideal is appealing to me.

I don't have sexual fantasies but I like the idea of cuddling in bed and then going for an autumn hike together with some thermoses of coffee.

I want to do incredibly mundane things together.

No. 349929

File: 1695594583226.png (595.49 KB, 1352x624, 105.png)

I don't understand how he knows what he knows without some sort of outside power influencing him. He just doesn't seem normal to me kek

And I know what you mean. There's still plenty of room and time for him to be silly though. I've written fanfiction of him being shit faced drunk and it makes me laugh when I read it, and it help passes the time writing stuff like that. I wonder how the series is going to end and if something will happen to him.

No. 349930

mundane things are the best. most of my husbando fantasies involve chilling in bed or eating. i swear im not a fatass irl.

No. 349931


No. 349933

File: 1695595951380.jpg (278.98 KB, 956x1353, LuisLeon.jpg)

Everyday I'm happy RE4 got remade so I could see them tied up again.

No. 349934

File: 1695597505218.jpeg (42.44 KB, 1162x813, F5WVk5lXQAArkNf.jpeg)

I would really like to read your fic, nonnie!

And I understand. I think Asagiri just gave him that goofy personality at first and didn't expect to be THAT popular, so he went with the flow and gave him more mystery or something.

No. 349944

File: 1695604366902.jpeg (133.23 KB, 1072x599, IMG_1941.jpeg)

I kinda love how TF2 infects every part of the internet and fans just take shit and make it forever associated with TF2 because male fans can’t stop being gay for 5 minutes. My tinfoil is every person that plays TF2 is sexually attracted to the mercs.

No. 349946

File: 1695605926493.jpeg (68.25 KB, 750x749, IMG_2109.jpeg)

Remake Luis looks so good in his og outfit. I just want him to pick me up like a fucking bride and keep me safe from zombies and shit.

No. 349948

Those Tick Tock TF2 memes are such whiplash because they alternate between gross hyper muscle art made by moids and actual sexy fanart made by women kek Watching them is like cringing and blushing alternated by the millisecond.

No. 349953

Capcom is bad for constantly giving us the hottest side characters and then ripping them out of our hands by the end of their game.

No. 349962

File: 1695614191757.png (130.39 KB, 500x775, 1edb58a669539e7aea16dc9e093389…)

It's sappy self-indulgent, self-insert fanfiction. It was supposed to be sexy but I was having too much fun writing it, so when Dazai tries to take off his clothes he panics, gets tangled up in his shirt, stumbles backwards, then falls out his apartment window. He's fine though. I imagine sexy times with him is something akin to a natural disaster, although it's so sappy to think about because I bet he's really gentle too.

Sometimes I just hold my head in my hands and smile like an idiot because I can't believe how cute and wonderful and chaotic he is. His stupid little string bean arms. His pretty hands. And I hate that he has the most huggable waist. I just want to wrap my arms around his waist and try to pick him up.

Fuck this gay world. I love him so fucking much.

No. 349967

He does, love the flamenco scene they added as well.

No. 349969

I just want to brag that it seems that I know more about my husbando that the biggest fan wiki does! They actually missed his appearance in one issue (fair enough, this issue has it own issues with continuity that few would want to touch and it a rather obscure one). Also they missed a reference of him in another issue!
Now I can proudly say that I know more about him that the biggest autismos out there. That being said, overall, it's not a great wiki so maybe it was just written by lazy people.

No. 349975

my boy's wiki is pathetically lacking. i know he's a side character, but these people didn't even try. for instance, it lists his hair as black, despite it being brown in the anime.

No. 350000

thinking about him sobbing into my chest, tormented by guilt for his multiple war crimes. then we kiss.

No. 350006

I'm not a luisfag but holy fuck

No. 350009

Recently all the fics for my husbando have been trans shit or male reader inserts. I hate this.

No. 350018

File: 1695679925217.jpg (50.84 KB, 736x736, 833b8c85a46050c6556fc55c9723d3…)

Welcome to the dark side anon, we have green herbs.
Remake Luis is so precious, always trying his best to help.

No. 350019

File: 1695680008651.gif (9.32 MB, 540x272, IMG_2112.gif)

God, even better

No. 350025

File: 1695684391663.jpg (33.7 KB, 466x466, 107d54a31bddcc6f589b5626867b33…)

LOL In the AI chat poor Dazai was surprised my oc wanted to make the first move. At least he didn't fall out of his apartment window, but he was worries his coworkers would hear him moan.

I swear I'm glad that I retook BSD, Dazai is giving me happiness with all the mess in my life atm.

No. 350029

File: 1695692247680.jpg (99.8 KB, 736x1108, 7f8b8ace3341ff9647f7f78acd472e…)

I Ran into a really well drawn picture of him eating someone out and now it's been on my mind all day, I'm trying my hardest to not draw nsfw of him nonnies please help.

No. 350030

File: 1695694196186.jpeg (44.04 KB, 828x786, ac73df80b983c27febffdd13661842…)

He seems like the kind of person who has trouble keeping quiet during sex. Poor bby

I hope things work out for you anon, it's nice to have characters and fiction to get us through the day. Do you have a song that reminds you of him? I'm always adding new music to his playlist.

I love this

No. 350037

Work has been sooo slow and boring. Currently listening to a playlist I made that reminds me of him to keep myself sane but I'd like to imagine him coming here to eat and see me as I happily serve and chat with him.

No. 350040

File: 1695701556786.jpg (226.08 KB, 1000x1000, Bungo-Stray-Dogs-Dazai-Osamu-E…)

I always picture him being awkward in sex at first and then get better the more he knows your limits. He knows pain and, while people might think he's sadomaso for his mafia past, I don't think he would enjoy non-con sex, specially when he's vulnerable too. That's why I hardly ever seek for fanarts/fanfics with certain themes, I don't like to read about Dazai being THAT abusive.

About songs, I only can think in his own character song. Mad World by Tears for Fears might work for Dazai: Sad lyrics but a cheerful melody (probably in Season 1, then it changes to Gary Jules's in the other seasons).

And talking about Dazai, my messenger bag will arrive soon, cannot wait to put my Dazai pin there (a bootleg, I would cry a lot if I miss the original).

No. 350048

File: 1695716764457.jpeg (120.98 KB, 850x886, IMG_6519.jpeg)

I can not decide if I’d rather make him suffer and cry or tenderly stroke his hair….. I love him

No. 350070

File: 1695736681921.jpg (85.98 KB, 736x967, e908674229662edca1f3a04f735b38…)

thinking about his schnozzz again

No. 350084

File: 1695744556748.jpeg (150.11 KB, 613x791, 95EA9A3D-BF96-43F0-8FF2-9A1B3F…)

I’m half deaf at the airport and I keep Imagining myself here with my short king Link, helping me by being my ears. get it? Because he has big ears I love him so much I want to kiss him until he has to stop because his neck would hurt a lot

No. 350092

>5'3 and below
You like em short?

No. 350094

As attractive as Luis is, I'm liking Leon as Luis even better. Please dance with me.

No. 350095

It’s just that I’ve been in love with him for so long, he used to be tall to me at some point kek.

No. 350096

Is this your first time here? Some like manlets and that is fine.

No. 350097

This is so sweet, Nona!

No. 350111

File: 1695757679271.jpeg (134.52 KB, 1200x675, IMG_2040.jpeg)

Nta, but something about Link being shorter than pretty much every female character he interacts with (often including Zelda herself), yet he still manages to win all their hearts and defeat huge monsters just makes me absolutely feral.

No. 350120

File: 1695764416962.jpg (351.92 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_4919.JPG)

Link nonnas don’t unspoiler if the thought of Link being with other/multiple people bothers you.

Link is the perfect fuck toy and deserves to be used by all the women of Hyrule (and adjoining dimensions) as they see fit like the little slut he is. I usually hate multiple women on one man, but something about Link specifically makes it work. He’s the only male character I can think of that would actually make a “reverse gangbang” make sense. His attractiveness in-universe is completely believable, and his character of being the silent and dutiful protector of the realm erases any notion that he would be a sleazy womanizer who would enjoy and actively pursue promiscuity. He would just have it happen to him and be unable to refuse. His muteness in particular really helps objectify him and replace the male gaze with the female gaze. We aren’t hearing his thoughts and opinions, just the cute noises he makes when he’s touched. He is allowed to have incidental pleasure put upon him from these activities, but he should always be in a state ranging from duteous compliance, to discomfort, to confusion as he’s passed around. I like to imagine what the Gerudo would do to him after discovering he’s male, making him into their sex and breeding slave. Or I like to imagine him floating in a pool with a group of Zora women using every part of his body to pleasure themselves: his dick, mouth, fingers, thighs, even his toes. His body belongs to the women of Hyrule and it is his fealty to serve and please them.

No. 350124

The noises Link makes in the latest game are way more erotic than I was expecting. I ended up with a similar headcanon to yours after getting through the game. He'd be so perfect for it.

No. 350126

i love manlets

No. 350131

Apart from the Levi Nonna, I don't believe you.

No. 350133

File: 1695774765599.jpg (307.88 KB, 663x891, small.jpg)

Are we talking about manlets??? Look at how tiny his legs are! I'm sure those anon's love for manlets is very real though

I've also been thinking a lot about bouncing on Levi's dick in that wheelchair of his. I don't think he is paralyzed since he can still cross his legs, but most likely he just had limited mobility. That means his dick can still get hard and he can probably move enough for him to get in bed. I also would love to help him bathe. He would probably absolutely hate it and not let me for a long time (pride + hate asking for help + insecurity to being reduced to not just a normal strength, but a cripple) but I will force my way into making him let me help him get into a tub and scrub those places he can't reach. Even his ass and foreskin if I have to. He probably uses one of those shower benches like an old person.

No. 350136

I feel like such a perverted degenerate playing because I'm just constantly turned on by all the cute noises and faces he makes. When BotW first came out, I'd just take off all his clothes in the desert and watch him pant and die of heat stroke.

No. 350139

Oh shut the fucj up…

No. 350143

File: 1695782476223.jpeg (78.7 KB, 850x1206, F9EF545A-14D1-42D4-A440-CC9BCF…)

I’m sure he would definitely make the hottest noises while fucking, and the fact that he’s shorter than me makes it somehow even hotter, like I always imagine this hot shortie desperately fucking and trying to look cool but failing at that and looking cute instead as he holds my hips tightly and tries to fuck me harder, all he does is blush even more, pant a lot and look like he’s dying to kiss my lips but he would get frustrated because he can’t do that because he’s too short.

No. 350146

File: 1695784924607.jpeg (114.55 KB, 749x985, 1635604781745.jpeg)

What a beautiful mental image, thank you nonnie. I need more art that really shows off his height difference.

No. 350147

File: 1695785169340.jpeg (62.28 KB, 716x900, 080f219ae2166dc073fce9c265b2f3…)

I can't see him being into non-con either. I actually could seem him like, stalling the first time. And nervous talking about irrelevant things. spoiler bc this is the most autistic shit but I know it's popular to imagine husbandos having huge cocks but I think he's average size, somehow that makes him all the more sweet and endearing to me idk. It throws me out of a fic if his dick is described as huge but I can understand why fan writers do it

I love that song choice. Careless Whisper by George Michael has unironically been my Dazai song. I imagine him drunk and spiraling when it plays. I want to dance with him so bad, I want to take the lead and also treat him to a date and give him roses. Irl romance is awkward to me but I can let my imagination loose with him.

No. 350148

File: 1695785312721.png (894.51 KB, 1280x1280, 1695732884581698.png)

He is so misunderstood

No. 350150

File: 1695786938537.jpeg (72.51 KB, 743x791, C8CC0086-BC96-4932-87B6-3727CE…)

damn nonnies im thirsting even more for him now

No. 350152

File: 1695788346828.jpg (74.61 KB, 1280x720, F62sJfCakAARJ7g.jpg)

Had this one stupid video of him on repeat but he looks hot as fuck in it. Sometimes he looks ugly but his demeanor makes him so attractive to me

No. 350158

File: 1695795087236.png (1 MB, 904x640, IMG_0299.png)

A Housamo nonna!? Based, was in love wtih picrel for a good while.

No. 350159

File: 1695796043092.jpg (1.39 MB, 1284x2778, 1695647864790460.jpg)

I hate yaoi and twinks thank you for your support

No. 350163

who is this hunk???

No. 350165

Wtf anon, did you mean to reply to me wanting to dance with Leon?

No. 350167

File: 1695801567570.jpeg (167.55 KB, 1280x957, IMG_1946.jpeg)

I love my brilliant manlet even though he’s shorter than me he’s really strong. Since he’s closer to hell I dream he’s crazy good in bed. Shoutout to all my short king lovers post em

No. 350168

she’s jealous you get to grind on that leonis schlong

No. 350171

i forgive my husbando for not being a manlet. love is blind. but he is loyal and unquestioningly submits to those he loves and respects.
irl i dont date tall men, because i dont want a scrote that can overpower me physically. i like them being a little bit vulnerable. above 170 is tall.

No. 350189

Seeing him dance is very.

No. 350191

..very what? i feel like this and >>350139 is an AI bot

No. 350193

File: 1695819561811.png (11.12 KB, 420x279, tbh.png)

No. 350197

> He would probably absolutely hate it and not let me for a long time (pride + hate asking for help + insecurity to being reduced to not just a normal strength, but a cripple)
Ah I see you're tsundere manlet appreciator.

No. 350219

File: 1695833629717.jpg (47.45 KB, 564x375, kirb.jpg)

where is kirby anon??? i miss her. everytime I see cute kirby fanart I think of her.

No. 350224

File: 1695835439115.jpg (149.82 KB, 2000x1001, kirby-car.jpg)

She died in a car accident

No. 350236

File: 1695837423855.jpeg (80.21 KB, 500x609, CDD4FE6D-3EDE-4666-9FD1-3167BD…)

Idk, nonnie, I just love how Link, someone so strong, respected by many, brave and amazing, would need to grab my top to ask for a kiss from me, or he would have to stand on his tiptoes to try to kiss me (and fail).
I want to grab his hat and keep it away from him and I want to see him struggling to get it back, he would surely try to tickle me or something though, but that’s part of the cuteness.
But I also think that it’s really hot how, even though he’s short and stuff, he would surely do his best to fuck like a sex god kek.

No. 350240

File: 1695838137716.jpg (126.71 KB, 735x1046, d5d21636b6daa612b576937a96fe34…)

having one of those moments where i'm glad to be a husbandofag with next to no interest in real men.
currently seething over some moid-related posts in the reddit hate thread kek

No. 350242

i wish i could cease being attracted to 3d.
if my husbando was real and 3d, had the personality i project onto him, and loved me as i imagine him to, it would be ideal. but all scrotes want to do is use you as a means to their ends. theres no camaraderie in 3d "romance".

No. 350251

File: 1695844810444.jpeg (179.03 KB, 750x329, 91A9BC83-F294-4EF9-B2F2-A369D0…)

No. 350252

how does kirby register as male at all kek

No. 350253

or maybe some anons are so retarded they fail the Turing test kek

No. 350257

hate how i still get butterflies looking at him on google images

No. 350263

File: 1695846264935.png (Spoiler Image,30.29 KB, 674x400, very.PNG)

I think that anon meant "shut the fuck up" like how a friend might say "get out of town!" or "omg no way!" when you tell her something interesting or surprising, not like actually shut the fuck up. also ik nobody really uses valley girl slang anymore but "very" is just cool or good, picrel.
example sentence: "I want to ride my husbando's face so hard his neck snaps, I think that would be sooo very!"

No. 350273

I'm sure mah special boi would fail the Turing test if his technologically-challenged boomer gen X shinjinrui ESL ass tried to post on any English-language website. Or maybe he will improve his English at least a little soon enough because he'll probably be forced to by plot circumstances. Or maybe not. Bless his soul anyway. He really needs it right now please Pray for him.

No. 350279

File: 1695848870765.jpg (43.12 KB, 564x872, 3f153646b3e0af4cc160892755af82…)

I'm ESL and had no idea about this slang, thanks anon. Not that I would ever plan to actually shut up about Leon.

No. 350293

Nta but it heavily relies on tone so it makes more sense if you hear it irl kek

No. 350295

File: 1695851748469.jpeg (9.06 KB, 268x268, F0y-1GTXsAAbJ06.jpeg)

I picture him having an average size too, but since he's quite good at touching and pleasing his partner, it's like his size doesn't matter. I cannot picture him with a huge cock neither

I think Collective Soul's "The World I know" also fit Dazai. He has tried to kill himself tons of times, but he had failed for one reason or another.

So I walk up on high,
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
While the tears roll down
'Cause it's the world I have known.
It's the world I have known.

No. 350304

File: 1695853499617.jpg (128.06 KB, 736x1308, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhoo…)

KEK I've never thought of using tsundere to describe Levi, but yeah I guess he is. I used to like Roy more when I watched FMA though. I think my type in anime men is either dark hair or stoic or both.

No. 350329

File: 1695867971740.png (356.54 KB, 464x600, fetchimage.png)

right there with you 3DPD could never

No. 350334

Same. My Pinterest algorithm now loads my homepage with nothing but pictures of my husbando when I open the app and I get so flustered looking at him.

No. 350342

File: 1695876518252.jpg (109.41 KB, 701x1024, 139694004_110893764269108_4594…)

I tried to make his photos for my lock/home screen in my smartphone and I couldn't stand it for his beauty and because my current lock/home screen are my favorite (nothing related to my husbando, nor my family or pets). I really envy to these people with their husbando/waifu in their smartphones.

No. 350346

File: 1695879409677.jpeg (324.16 KB, 1481x2048, IMG_4735.jpeg)

this picture fills me with an overpowering desire to have babies with him, even though he’s not the type to want children and wouldn’t be a good father

No. 350347

please never shut up about leon

No. 350349

ive heard multiple nonnies say they browse pinterest for husbando content. i only ever use it for looking at home decor inspo. i reckon i should try browsing it for husbando content.

No. 350351

File: 1695882810371.gif (Spoiler Image,775.11 KB, 358x358, IMG_2054.gif)

Link nonnas… I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for months

No. 350354

File: 1695883203286.jpeg (15.62 KB, 262x192, 6BEB7F46-0447-4431-96C0-4679A7…)

That bounce… it’s sublime, this is why jiggle physics exists, 10/10 won’t stop thinking about this.

No. 350356

One of my husbandos is going to be animated (the anime is catching up to where he was introduced in the manga) and everyone's hoping a voice actor I despise would voice him… I can't stand listening to that voice, apparently this va is known to voice characters with his accent so he might actually be hired for my husbando. I'll have to watch it in english dub just to avoid having my husbando's image ruined by that guy but sometimes english dubs suck ass too. I'm a voicefag that likes listening to random lines by my husbandos so this is making me nervous as stupid as it sounds.

No. 350357

That’s not stupid at all. Praying that your husbando gets an amazing VA that you love.

No. 350367

Fake news. Everyone knows link has orchi

No. 350371

He would never

No. 350374

File: 1695891235161.jpg (563.05 KB, 960x1403, 1695872205596257.jpg)

Not even that into Leon (outside of thinking he's hot) but this is fantastic.

No. 350375


No. 350377

You think his balls twitch like that when he cums? I need to have his perfect Hylian babies.

No. 350380

Is this real? They actually added ball jiggling to an official game?
>please touch boobs
Your wish is my command Leon.
>dick pussy

No. 350382

Sadly it’s just his torso clipping

No. 350387


No. 350410

I don’t see it, therefore to me it will be his balls bouncing.

No. 350428

storytime, nonnies.
im at a pub, minding my own business. me and my friend are sat in the basement, close to the stairs, where people keep coming up and down.
i shit you not, an exact doppelganger of my husbando goes up. forget the characteristic, rare hairstyle- even his facial features were similar (of what i could see). he was wearing, of course, normal clothes, but the sort id imagine him wearing if he lived in this world.
i tried not to stare too obviously, but i did look at him as he went by. made eye contact, because he happened to look my way. guy averts his gaze. seems flustered, or maybe im imagining that. i avert mine, because i have enough self awareness to realize im being a creep.
i anticipate the moment the guy comes back down. i make a conscious effort to not look at him, but i cant help it. catch his eye again. or so i imagine, because i looked the other way as soon as i saw that his head was turned towards my direction.
friend asks why i suddenly stopped talking and if everythings alright. i do not tell him i saw a guy who looks exactly like my fucking cartoon crush, which is why im short-circuiting.
am i developing schizophrenia or was this a dimensional rift? im joking, of course. its just an issue of projecting my husbando onto a 3d moid. el classico.
now, my husbando is not the sort id go for in real life. i like short nerdy blondes. or so i thought. it was nice to see what he would look like in real life, without relying on my imagination so much for once. i think my love for husbando is altering the way i look at real life men. either way, a surreal experience.
anyone here had that before?

No. 350433

Nonna please enlighten me. I'm also a seiyuufag and get upset when I hear the voice of a character and it's not at all how I pictured it. I was forced to watch the english dub of my husbando's anime because I was showing my friend, and they kept calling him whiny and annoying because of his voice… Voices sell the character.

No. 350435

I'm sorry to the dazaiwives but it's miyano mamoru. He's fine as Dazai, even suits him, but whenever I hear his voice come out of any other character I can't stand it. Especially that husbando of mine, the intonation would fit but not the voice. Who voiced your husbando nonna?

No. 350437

it's amazing for husbando content, the board I created for mine has over 2,000 pins on it now. scrolling through it is part of my routine when I get home after work or when I'm getting ready for bed. It's very therapeutic, need my daily mandated dose of husbando exposure kek

No. 350448

Dazaiwife here: I'm surprised to see Mamoru lol He did an amazing job as Dazai, specially in his silly facet, but as Light in Death Note, I couldn't see him.

No. 350451

I only recently checked out scenes from the English dubs of Yakuza games and I really don't like how either Kiryu and Majima sound. Takaya Kuroda is Kiryu and Hidenari Ugaki is Majima full stop. Fortunately I'm sure neither of them will retire from his respective character until he's literally physically incapable of voicing him anymore which could likely mean literal death. When these two kick the bucket so should the characters permanently and unambiguously, I will not accept any recast. Or AI imitations ewww…
Furthermore I have to say that even if people clown on Satoshi Tokushige's voice acting (you can tell he's an otherwise live action actor apart from Daigo Dojima kek but still he has quite improved over the series) I still think he's perfect for the character and I wouldn't recast anyone else. He's got a very good balance of sexy and soothing that is a big plus to Daigo's lovability. I even think the stiffness of his acting adds to Daigo's character and charm.
And of course I have to praise SEGA for having Kazuhiro Nakaya back to voice Ichiban Kasuga. If they hadn't done that they should have somehow resurrected Nishiki because letting go of Nakaya would have been such a waste. Same for Masami Iwasaki but I hope they just bring back Ryuji somehow (flashback maybe? or a Ryuji-centric interquel Gaiden?) and don't create another character this time. I love how you can tell the RGG seiyuus really love their characters and they're so excited to come back to voice them.

No. 350463

File: 1695945475914.gif (9.27 MB, 540x487, no words.gif)

oh my sacred one

No. 350510

File: 1695965183662.jpeg (329.19 KB, 1493x2048, IMG_4744.jpeg)

why is he breathtakingly beautiful….

No. 350541

File: 1695979023533.jpg (36.58 KB, 564x563, 74f37f5ae86c35a39077400260a809…)

It's amazing if your husbando is popular and well known. I'm shocked by how much Leon pins there are. I checked a more obscure husbando of mine too, there were very little content but at least there were some.

No. 350563

The tramp stamp mod my beloved…

No. 350569

Just saw my evil ex compare himself to my husbando and I felt sick. He's an antagonist but he isn't a creep like you.. I'm trying to separate them by looking at pictures of him and imagining him insulting him or something. I've seen girls on here say moids have ruined their perception of their husbando.. Awful

No. 350572

getting my friend to draw extremely porned up fanart of me and my husbando. as a "joke". exciting.

No. 350582

File: 1696004310813.jpg (72.58 KB, 736x646, 4cff40d69e4e8707e4ca3fd1ab8dfb…)

Happy Friday. I finally found decent yume art for connor and oh god oh fuck I'm so flustered, I wish it was nines though since he's perfect for that-

No. 350586

File: 1696006103897.jpg (50.85 KB, 564x1004, 6b37fa738b93e4169d34bbb1276e0b…)

No. 350598

File: 1696012480845.jpg (165.85 KB, 1467x1450, F7J1GEdXoAAcY9S.jpg)

I can't

No. 350605

File: 1696018666261.jpg (316.79 KB, 800x1122, e793ef62ccf159895dd4ef774fd181…)

How would your husbando dress if he was on a date with you, nonnie?

No. 350606

File: 1696018893309.jpeg (65.47 KB, 457x680, DE6572AC-0EA5-49CF-A6A0-85332D…)

Rook would wear something like in pic related but I’m sure we wouldn’t even be able to leave the house because I would be too busy groping him and finding any excuse to kiss him.

No. 350607

"probably naked so that you can whip him" © my friend

No. 350609

File: 1696020433384.jpg (56.53 KB, 300x720, 43000c1c1683eeb25013e76d5a6f0b…)

My husbando has been described as someone who cares about his appearance and would dress well even when going to the convenience store so I think he'd make sure he looks extra good if we were going out anywhere together. I think he'd wear something like picrel, well-dressed and sharp but nothing too stuffy like button ups or a suit unless we were going somewhere really fancy kek

No. 350611

File: 1696020470249.jpg (68.89 KB, 606x557, 5da370b9f64f65e4b367cc7eeea848…)

Dressed to the Nines, per usual.

No. 350612

File: 1696020916069.png (1.68 MB, 1820x765, image (7).png)

If it's somewhere casual, something mundane like the right pics. If it's somewhere fancy, a suit like the left pics (you can't see all of it but the rest is literally just black slacks and dress shoes). I think my man would have an incredibly boring sense of everything. Even in a modern world I think he would live in a plain t shirt or button up with jeans in his free time, sweatpants if he's inside and add a trench coat in the winter. And he's had most of his clothing for centuries because, while he likes looking nice and presentable, he just cares more about functionality than aesthetics.

The first outfit actually sucks ass.

No. 350613

File: 1696021059142.png (137.21 KB, 328x363, trent with law's hat.png)

I just figured out who my husbando reminded me of… oh god I'm like if Daria had been a massive weeb in high school! What a weird realization.

No. 350614

File: 1696021771527.jpg (31.53 KB, 564x503, 0464ee4a9bb5c4d7f7802f4052eed6…)

he is a little unkempt
i don't think it would be any different from his usual attire

No. 350615

I want them to buzz his hair off sfb I'm so sick of this dumb ass John and Kate plus 8 hair

No. 350623

Is it bad that i want to fuck the pokemon

No. 350624

no, not really at least it's somewhat humanoid tbh lucario and the lowkey ver of toxtricity are kinda hot to me despite not being a furfag kek

No. 350627

Can yall post images of the Pokémon you would fuck? I'm curious this is hilarious

No. 350630

Please don't, go to the monster fucker thread for that if you must.
Pokemon aren't even properly sentient geez, do not fuck them.

No. 350631

I dont wanna fuck them im just nosy

No. 350643

It looks like the scrotes have found this thread. Only them are into raping animals.

No. 350645

File: 1696052408759.jpg (23.59 KB, 442x442, a48a4c09d0b03eecf312cfdd71f349…)

What's the point if he's never going to be him? Nobody could ever be him.

No. 350650

File: 1696053183085.jpg (45.38 KB, 564x1042, koko.jpg)

CoD men are elite, understandable

No. 350652

God I want to polish his rifle so bad

No. 350653

File: 1696053578358.jpg (90.33 KB, 564x1128, arsch.jpg)

No. 350657

File: 1696055474245.jpg (30.67 KB, 563x297, 1687fe4ec6f1d160974b8086098283…)

found comic from cod mobile

No. 350658

Good fanart I've already seen, bad fanart I don't want to see, screenshots of scenes I've already taken screenshots of myself, shitty tumblr gifs.
pictures of Jensen Ackles… damit algo
Nothing really useful.

No. 350659

File: 1696055544577.jpg (29.13 KB, 563x308, 70b01f8259772725f8896a46705fc2…)


No. 350660

File: 1696055824867.jpg (39.06 KB, 564x423, inbreddog.jpg)

i would pet his head patronizingly akin to how one pets an inbred dog

No. 350661

Men with only their eyes showing make me crazy. I moaned seeing this photo.

No. 350662

File: 1696056360968.jpg (66.32 KB, 563x546, 1c16930ed737e5e5a09f9cfcc87bc6…)

i need to uhhhhh i need to uhhhhhh

No. 350665

I need to sit on his face NOW

No. 350668

File: 1696061606164.gif (6.96 MB, 642x361, enough.gif)

god help me

No. 350729

File: 1696108439504.jpg (Spoiler Image,283.71 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_c447926bbcf7f55cc3c3fb7…)

There are so many TIFs who have Levi as their favorite character or try to emulate him. I used to wonder what it was that attracts them, but this is peak male form so I get it now. As long as they're not claiming he's FTM just because he's short it's ok (they do that already though).

No. 350772

File: 1696116464584.jpg (23.68 KB, 440x493, Captura de pantalla 2023-07-25…)

I feel you, nonnie. I have seen tons of "Dazai kin" that even think he's a FTM to "relate" with him more. Why do you want to relate with an expy of an author that wanted to kill himself with a woman IRL???

No. 350774

File: 1696118088196.jpg (600.13 KB, 2423x1730, __asuka_r_kreutz_guilty_gear_a…)

Need to suck and fuck him

No. 350776

File: 1696120055251.png (359.81 KB, 595x801, 1695586908802132.png)

How big are his loads

No. 350779

File: 1696122631305.gif (6.46 MB, 540x432, 01cb028ef44315be66472df1f9ec24…)

this has me twirling my hair and giggling like a retard

No. 350780

File: 1696122826773.jpg (38.21 KB, 734x423, 12f0ad032c3a0a113565606ced7f29…)

He takes off the mask and it's just Paul dano

No. 350782

I just imagine him as floating eyeballs underneath.

No. 350793

He takes off the mask and its just Paul dano.

No. 350795

Paul Dano takes off his face and it's just floating eyeballs.

No. 350798

File: 1696133485050.jpg (108.87 KB, 866x520, 79085161e4973fa5dc.jpg)

I don't care if he's a little gay, I need him so bad

No. 350799

File: 1696134004336.jpg (47.95 KB, 564x1077, 2085ae2ae23c403a86379d2f262143…)

i think if i was allowed to grab it i wouldn't be depressed anymore

No. 350801

he looks cute here

No. 350813

I love his fruity little inflection kek. A part of me wonders if the studio have recently brought a lot of women onboard because all the men in this game are unnecessarily hot.

No. 350848

File: 1696176873968.jpeg (62.94 KB, 459x444, IMG_4772.jpeg)


No. 350852

File: 1696181043062.jpg (48.23 KB, 1024x759, smooch.jpg)

I won't imagine how much your husbando ejaculates out of respect, but I used to be a coomer so I like to imagine that mine lets out about a 1 tablespoon, and shoots pretty far.

No. 350856

File: 1696182927045.png (2.24 MB, 1119x2290, Untitled design_20231001_12474…)

I can't rewatch Hellsing Ultimate as an adult, it'd be purely me fantasizing about fucking Alucard. Especially Vlad The Impaler Alucard with the beard. That insane look in his eyes makes me feral.

No. 350861

File: 1696184429776.jpg (236.93 KB, 1828x800, c377f9f0357d4df7ba8.jpg)

Exactly, I wish the main story was longer just so I could get more scenes of them
I actually rewatched this a couple of weeks ago just because I remembered how much I loved Alucard. Where are the unapologetically edgy and hot vampires in anime now

No. 350862

He looked so gentle as Vlad Tepes, too bad this appearance lasted for like 10 seconds.

No. 350865

Robots don't have limits so it's pretty much endless cum lube which is kinda hot

No. 350869

File: 1696189905979.jpg (212.4 KB, 1280x720, metamorphosis.jpg)

he went from looking like a wild child with rabies to a grown man with sophisticated rabies. he's so handsome.

Levi anon your posts are so sweet I can tell you love your husbando alot


No. 350870

currently imagining him being angry if other scrotes show interest in me, and punching them in the nose for talking to me. its not toxic cringe if its fictional.

No. 350883

>Levi anon your posts are so sweet I can tell you love your husbando alot
Thanks anon! I enjoy reading the Dazai nonnas posts too. I've been wanting to watch Bungo Stray Dogs because of you guys.

No. 350884

File: 1696194820737.png (1.09 MB, 408x2211, 20231001_160943_0000~2.png)

So true. My favorite part of the manga is his flashback where he's defeated, looses faith in God, and becomes a vampire.

No. 350889

File: 1696197090201.jpg (730.73 KB, 3456x2400, df97on-6c53cbfd-0e0c-4959-a3b1…)

for me it was pip

No. 350891

File: 1696198159202.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1894, IMG_3268.jpeg)

Can’t stop thinking about him.

No. 350892

unfathomably based. im partial to kurganoids myself kek.

No. 350895

File: 1696200229272.jpg (102.67 KB, 943x851, tradthotting with bjorn.JPG)

im not usually one for art that depicts loving couples, but i particularly like this one by willrich. theres something very comfy and tender about it, without being overly cheesy or upsetting to look at (a lot of them reek of benign sexism). not even trad-tards can ruin this one for me.
i wish i could just lay my head on his knees and not think about things.

No. 350896

File: 1696200450274.jpg (215.04 KB, 870x768, willrich cute couple.jpg)

samefag, this is the original. look at it and self insert to your heart's content, nonnies. it has to be in my top ten of all time favorite artworks.

No. 350928

He belongs to the historical crushes thread.

No. 350929

File: 1696240256369.mp4 (1.63 MB, 576x576, 169613765325851749.mp4)

No. 350930

File: 1696240358948.jpg (179.04 KB, 476x680, 16960085606310 (1).jpg)

No. 350934

love yourself nona

No. 350946

he looks like he would ask to see your vegana then ignite you with a fireball when you refuse

No. 350949

ily nona go get your crusty man
Gortash fans somehow makes me feel better about desperately wanting the Emperor and ignoring all his red flags kekkk

No. 350968

File: 1696265651167.jpg (238.38 KB, 1400x2000, @tsumi_0.jpg)

Gojo is dead in the manga and is sealed in the anime so he won't appear in any official media for five years until he gets unsealed for two episodes before dying in the anime… Not feeling good nonnies

No. 350980

File: 1696269186557.jpeg (410.73 KB, 1139x2048, IMG_0303.jpeg)

i need him so badly!! i saw someone’s making candles that smell like him now, i really hope i can grab one the next drop they do, im so excited

No. 350986

everyone's husbandos always seem to smell like flowers and cherubs but how am i supposed to replicate the smell of unwashed man pits. my tshirts don't stink like him and i'm depressed about it.

No. 350988

File: 1696271216114.jpeg (369.16 KB, 1200x840, F7GS-VlbYAAjjqk.jpeg)

That's why I love Dazai. He has too many styles.

I think my husbando smells like sulfur, pain from sinners or plant-fish, so I feel you, nonnie.

No. 351002

File: 1696275867941.png (2.36 MB, 1464x1323, Screenshot 2023-10-02 214332.p…)

I downloaded the mod that turns Gotrash into a bishonen. Didn't even hesitate to download it.

No. 351009

Use a mixture of water, salt, a bit of canned fish juices, and vinegar maybe?My husbandos smell like salty dark roast coffee, salted cured meat with a dash of fresh grass, and lavender and cinnamon respectively so you kind of have to DIY if you want to make the immersive husbando smell experience. It's surprisingly fun.

No. 351026

this is so sweet, nonnie, i love it!

No. 351027

>canned fish juices
love your brain. i might wear his shirt to sleep and not wash it so it gets that slightly musty smell, you reminded me that he doesn't necessarily have to reek. maybe some cheap aftershave dabbed on the shirt collar. your guy sounds fresh, nice to think of him every time you have a cup of coffee. thanks for the advice!

No. 351056

File: 1696309648666.jpeg (314.96 KB, 1280x1669, F5gERp5aQAA9zXT.jpeg)

Larian teased us with the harleep, but I don't want that, I want the real deal. Also harleep scene is fucking stupid if he remains as male, he just grinds his balls on top of you, what the fuck.

This is adorable, I love it so much. You did a great job. kek at the filename.

I like his voice at least, I'll give you that.

I love this, who is the artist?

No. 351059

File: 1696312037008.jpg (30.55 KB, 640x360, enver-gortash-better-be-romanc…)

I would love a mod that just makes him look less dirty. I'm not into him, but my durge might be

No. 351066

>I love this, who is the artist?
twee_doodles on twt !

No. 351073

File: 1696330571112.mp4 (1.44 MB, 576x1024, 169600634239225769 (1).mp4)

by popular demand >>350929
i also like spidey boo

No. 351074

File: 1696330777008.jpg (549.95 KB, 1426x864, 16960122470650.jpg)

spidey boo <33(<33)

No. 351075

File: 1696331017313.png (76.84 KB, 947x1095, 16947118390640.png)

i love you too nonnie! emperor has magnetic voice and he looks cool plus power is sexy

No. 351078

surstromming cologne

No. 351081

why are you concerned? he's a good actor, you may not even notice it's him.

No. 351085

artist? also pls post more.
whats the name of it?
i touched his hand in my last dream with him, it was kind of cute. there were several times where I could hug him, but I never did.

No. 351089

He's gonna come back nonna <3!!!
I did a ton of research and I'm 100% convinced at this point, there's tons of threads on Twitter if you want to look into it(<3)

No. 351111

Leon probably smells like sweat and laundry detergent. he doesn't strike me as a cologne dude.

No. 351125

File: 1696355322375.jpg (300.29 KB, 1400x2000, tsumi_0.jpg)

>gojo yume artist
It's tsumi_0 on twitter. She also posts other jjk men
I hope he does, no matter what kind of superpower has to get involved. It doesn't look too promising since everyone is dying and also the author hates him though. I didn't really check any theories so I don't get my hopes up but you give me hope nonna

No. 351126

File: 1696355523702.jpg (180.42 KB, 1600x1400, tsumi_0 x.jpg)

Here's another one. This stuck in a tight space together thing is so hot, I hope it comes back as a trend again. Just me and my husbando feeling every inch of each other's bodies, the size difference showing, hearing each other's heartbeats, him getting hard and blushing… It's such a good pose it feeds all my needs

No. 351127

late but i knew youd come around nona

No. 351128

>see ship content of my husbando
>get jealous
this is not good…. i need to remind myself that he’s just a drawing at the end of the day…. but ugh, i can only tolerate sharing him with other husbandofags…. i don’t want to see him with the shitty main character of his manga

No. 351129

File: 1696356527076.jpg (183.95 KB, 1519x1245, catoru.jpg)

it's okay nonnie, i am positive we will see him again in the manga. and he'll still be in official jjk art/merch so we won't be totaly without gojo content!

No. 351131

File: 1696357045514.jpeg (103.31 KB, 705x1000, naoya.jpeg)

all my jjk husbandos are dead anyways so gojo dying isn't hurting me as much

No. 351139

Who knows, maybe he gets the urge to dress up and put on some cologne for a date with anonita after spending so much time being covered in grime and zombie guts and wading through sewers.

No. 351145

File: 1696364174641.jpeg (53.1 KB, 798x674, F6uETwIbMAAmp38.jpeg)

Thank you my dear nonna!

No. 351151

File: 1696366561176.jpeg (94.96 KB, 720x720, 07AE825E-EB12-4F9A-A300-B056B6…)

looking nice

No. 351152

I wish I could catch me a fine Luis with a lasso too.

No. 351158

File: 1696370233494.png (Spoiler Image,838.28 KB, 1117x626, 5562.png)

Someone must have had fun drawing this shot, I'm betting a million dollars on it.

No. 351169

File: 1696376669529.png (312 KB, 355x598, bbb.png)

objectively i think scorpion is prettier and had the sexiest outfit so far, but bi-han has my heart

No. 351175

always loved the idea of having a mindflayer "friend" in Dnd, all the scrotes laughed at me saying it's impossible, but look at where we are now.
The emperor is great, but I wish there were more content of/characters of the mindflayer race

No. 351183

Do it! Is amazing, but get ready in Season 2 because is a wild roller coaster.

No. 351188

File: 1696393541011.jpg (304.89 KB, 922x1255, 46b18dfdee454_cb4954f4_1280.jp…)

Scorpion(both Kuai Liang and Hanzo) would be a kind and gentle husband, I feel like he would take care of you so well. Bi-Han though is so hot to me because he seems so easy. He's so emotional in this one, I need to see him break.
This is the best of both worlds for me because I was a Sub-zero main last game. I already loved Kuai Liang, and now I get to have Bi-han be Sub. It's husbandomaxxing

No. 351189

File: 1696397292291.jpg (66.02 KB, 736x1041, b7bb0ada55da064fec0d57d5ff8ca0…)

23 more days until I see my man on the big screen, I'm so excited

No. 351194

Stupid question, but when he got springlocked, do you think his dick got crushed too?

No. 351197

File: 1696405044090.jpg (36.42 KB, 680x498, f149ea8926c51d1522159c258f5dc0…)

I'm pretty sure he free balls under the suit so his dick is probably mangled

No. 351199

File: 1696405893929.jpg (36.91 KB, 736x874, 1fa573a9ba08a43687febce91cdc09…)

When you realize your husbando probably wouldn't be able to fuck you because of erectile dysfunction from a freak accident.

No. 351202

Not to mention he's British, if he wasn't circumcised before he certainly is now

No. 351203

That's an american thing though.

No. 351231

You nonnas need to get on the organ and remnant monstrosity tentacle dick train

No. 351232

File: 1696428458825.gif (52.28 KB, 160x160, 1513798356904.gif)

>remnant dick
I'll do it.

No. 351235

File: 1696431430815.jpg (1.81 MB, 1963x2406, 6808568b02d8aa756456c8de937f9a…)

It can be split in two and I'd still ride.

No. 351242

File: 1696437584550.jpeg (36.14 KB, 294x294, IMG_4568.jpeg)

would you adopt him?

No. 351245

File: 1696440681838.jpg (142.04 KB, 640x851, tumblr_ca5de6deb9403742dbef97b…)

Maybe then you could give William a son he actually likes lol. Now that I think about it, what would William think about the breeding kink? He made three kids, but he's never shown to give a serious fuck about any of them.

No. 351270

File: 1696457302326.jpg (22.21 KB, 564x579, eab64fe59b82cab3e7c13fe18fc8d7…)

on his knees he is probably my height, lol

No. 351271

File: 1696457446548.jpg (32.06 KB, 564x630, 7f18ee8f695576fd551925e6f53978…)

need this

No. 351276

File: 1696458733904.jpg (537.38 KB, 3329x2337, i9q07kxaojeb1.jpg)

i need to learn crochet for this

No. 351277

Yes as a footstool

No. 351283

File: 1696461112238.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.13 KB, 663x634, konig.jpg)

do you agree with this hc?

No. 351285

File: 1696462857200.jpg (709.05 KB, 1080x1222, plushies.jpg)

Isn't that the files they found for him when zooming in on his model?

No. 351288

yes those are the files, but the hc is the hair.

No. 351297

nta but another huge König fan. I think it suits him tbh, I can see it. I definitely think he would have short hair because he's a military man

No. 351299

Needs rendered buzzcut hairs but I love this face

No. 351300

File: 1696467568889.gif (9.52 MB, 540x540, tumblr_105e3a061a0eb5ab98a2f54…)

No. 351306

dano could never.

No. 351307

he's so perfect, in mw3 they have to expand on him, hopefully he interacts with ghost this time

No. 351316

Wrong, it's cannon

No. 351320

File: 1696476616805.jpg (54.36 KB, 355x500, barley-lightfoot-529738-normal…)

Literally flawless. Everything I want in a man. Perfection.

No. 351321

File: 1696476674420.jpg (Spoiler Image,222.07 KB, 958x731, itscannon.jpg)

This face reveal keeps getting wilder.

No. 351328

husbando foot message

No. 351333

what do you want to tell his feet nonna?

No. 351342

File: 1696485868596.png (35.71 KB, 680x383, e9f.png)

ilu nonna

No. 351343

File: 1696486643181.jpg (Spoiler Image,313.1 KB, 1516x2022, 1696479715827584.jpg)

The balls in thsi are killing me

No. 351344

Not if he has the magical dark air around him

No. 351346

I hate men

No. 351348

wincing. recoiling.

No. 351349

His face is too yassifyed for Leon sorry anon

No. 351351

All of his pics are this horrendous unfortunately

No. 351352


No. 351353

Real jumpscare you have there.

No. 351376

File: 1696511927896.jpeg (26.29 KB, 378x519, 1695163015860.jpeg)

Not daring to click on whatever that previous anon posted. Here, have a nice Leon pic instead.

No. 351377

File: 1696511975765.jpeg (225.49 KB, 736x981, DED08A82-04C7-4C4E-B66F-021BD0…)

He looks hot with black hair as well, I wonder why they made him blond though, I mean, I kind of get why? But black hair suits him too, maybe that’s why they made that card of his with the special effect in the chemistry class where his hair changes colors.

No. 351378

I would also love my husbando regardless of hair color. But not bald. I'm so glad he is not a real man and will never go bald.

No. 351381

fuck…why does this always happen to me

No. 351383

mine gets drawn bald sometimes and it always deals me severe psychic damage.

No. 351385

Why do they do that?!

No. 351386

That’s some evil shit, I hope you never ever have to see that again.