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File: 1632915719208.png (33.71 KB, 600x500, jxdxkpqHv9.png)

No. 162268

Thread for general video game discussion

Previous thread: >>>/m/122390
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Pokemon Thread: >>>/m/33729
The Sims Thread: >>>/m/8880
Overwatch Thread: >>>/m/1641
Genshin Impact Thread: >>>/m/158229
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Elder Scrolls thread: >>>/m/157373

No. 162270

Yes, #5. #3 was actually supposed to be #4, my mistake when making the previous thread.

No. 162288

Posting this here just in case they don't see it on the previous thread.

I'm playing on Switch and the framerate can drop in places, same like you said the village the first time but it really drops if I go in the village grain field. But the rest of the game has been fine bar one area, and it's not egregious so it's very easy to ignore.

I do love the customisation and also bought the add-ons butit does feel like they could've done just some more with it, but it's not a huge problem.

No. 162302

Love this threadpic, it's so cute

No. 162325

File: 1632939135301.jpg (248.52 KB, 599x800, 1632081249338.jpg)

I can't wait for SMT5 and Bayonetta 3. I don't care about the rest anymore. Once they're released I'll buy them, play them, and I'll just play the games I have over and over again.

No. 162353

Touken ranbu warriors trailer is out. I'm not familiar with switch, but the graphics look older gen?
I'm happy this game is happening anyway, and scrotes are mad about no waifu characters.

No. 162354

how are scrotes mad when this title had male only characters in the first place? moids braindead as usual

No. 162378

is there a seperate thread for phone games or are we good to post that here too?

No. 162385


Mobage thread here >>76929

No. 162418

Because it's a Musou game not targeted at men bawwww
I'm fucking happy there is a Musou game targeted at women, hope it's good.

No. 162515

Gay marriage seems to be available for the English release of Rune Factory 5!
I'm really happy because this time I prefer how most of the girls look. It's nice to have choices.

No. 162601

File: 1633112285286.jpeg (73.4 KB, 600x800, 301B133B-BEB4-49BB-88F9-556CCB…)

Nonnies what kind of gemu do you play when ur high at 3am? Btw I love thread pic OP

No. 162754

I don't understand Kingdom Hearts. There are those Final Fantasy-esque characters and also Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and this very convoluted plot. What's the appeal, really?

No. 162766

I'm really into .io games like littlebigsnake, or Switch games like the new Wario and Mariokart, fast paced and fun

No. 162808

Love getting high to calming games like Cozy Grove.

No. 162826

Bright colorful baby games kek umm like Bugsnax, Figment, Slime Rancher, Bastion
Lots of Minecwaft and Sims 4

No. 162833

They helped Soren survive the snuff porn sam's club warehouse.

No. 162837

If you didn't get into KH when you were 13 in middle school at the peak of the organization 13 darkness spergfest, there is no hope for you now. It's shit and very stupid but unfortunately I am already invested.

No. 162844

It seems weird now but back in the day Squaresoft/Final Fantasy was a really big deal, like the face of Japanese video games and Disney probably wanted to cash in on them with a collaboration

No. 162849

Miitopia is so fun, but it just makes me crave Tomodachi Life on the Switch all the more.
I had so many hours on Tomodachi life, I genuinely never got bored of it but unfortunately can't play it anymore.
It has so much potential, Nintendo please!!

No. 162852

It's a fun game but to this day I don't understand a single thing about the plot. Don't think too hard about it because to be honest that shit makes no sense.

No. 162947

what are some good rpgs that are similar to bioware games?

No. 162949

File: 1633443589901.jpg (234.26 KB, 2048x1152, FA8OsRRWYAgIRMX.jpg)

Haven't touched Smash in a while but..

No. 162954

Did Nintendo have to negociate with Disney for that? I don't even care about Sora but I really want to know how that happened.

No. 162955

it's been almost a year and I still can't look at this childe without thinking of soren, rip to the goat horrorcow

No. 162956

I hate his fucking face

No. 162960

File: 1633451451556.jpg (258.64 KB, 1920x1080, pyschonauts 2.jpg)

I'm extremely hyped for psychonauts 2. I'm a little bothered by the £50 price tag because I'm cheap so I might just wait until I get good on a test that's coming up as a treat or something. Nitro rad has talked about how great it is, but I want to make my expectations a little realistic and say that it'll probably only be good as the original, which is still very good

No. 162971

Kek I was gonna say I liked his cute face but stopped myself because of Soren

No. 162981

There are two types of people apparently! I found him insufferable, the forced optimism and happiness made me want to punch him (especially after playing the Roxas prologue of KH2). He's such a hollow character to me, though IDK what I expected from an autistic game with shonen tropes

No. 162995

Just answering my own question here, I'm guessing they did negotiate with Disney since the keyblade has the mouse's logo on it just like in the games. I didn't notice it at firs and thought maybe they just had to deal with Square Enix.

No. 163001

The first game's plot was actually pretty simple, it's wasn't until the sequels that the story started becoming pointlessly complicated bullshit.

No. 163021

I never played or know much about Touken Ranbu other than it's full of sword boys though the guys are super attractive. I'm pretty intrested in this game and hope to see more of the guys like Kogitsunemaru and Izuminokami Kanesada.

>scrotes are mad about no waifu characters.

Don't they have this other shit called Kancolle? Scrotes are truly spoiled.

No. 163033

It's too bad it's for Switch so the graphics are last gen trash.
I really hate that companies feel they can put in less effort for 'girly' series.

No. 163038

File: 1633504008304.jpg (34.92 KB, 420x606, loo.jpg)

I'm not even straight but I bought this guy's statue a long time ago just because it's really well made. I still have it, what a cool dude.

No. 163046

File: 1633506141007.jpg (263.6 KB, 885x1512, Nikkari-Kiwame4.jpg)

Scrotes are incredibly spoiled and entitled, just about all other japanese games pander to them with waifus and objectified women.
While we are getting breadcrumbs and old graphics.

There are so many characters who deserve to be in this game, I really hope they will add Nikkari. Not just because he is one of my husbandos, but they could do some really cool gameplay stuff with his ghost stand here.

No. 163048

File: 1633506584849.png (558.92 KB, 584x414, Screenshot_4.png)

they actually removed all mentions of goofy/donald

No. 163051

As someone cucked by mvci, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo tried to be slick and get it approved through Square-only, until Disney slammed it's foot in the door and told Nintendo they can bring all of "Square Enix's" characters but'll cut funding on KH 4 if even a single Disney character gets in.

A behind the scenes on how this whole deal went through would be so cool to read about.

No. 163153

honestly I'm overjoyed that he got in the game. he was the only character I really wanted in Smash and his trailer was magical

No. 163220

File: 1633623390746.gif (932.09 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mgw2q4oPF61qi26lwo2_500…)

Save it for a treat or wait to get a lil discount on it. It will be worth the wait! Everything feels…better the action is snappy, the collectibles will keep you coming back and it's just something super fun to play and look at! The levels really did blew me away just the clever little things in the level design and how DF visualized such abstract feelings and character's mental hang-ups.

No. 163236

File: 1633628499966.jpg (512.33 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20211007-204031_Chr…)

looks like we're getting GTA3, San Andreas and Vice City remasters

No. 163238

I haven’t played in years, but after that trailer, I’m going to just for him.

No. 163241


No. 163273

File: 1633637452433.jpg (150.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

So VTMB is my fave game and recently I got the itch to play it again but I already played it like 9734584 times…what mods can I install to make it feel a little bit more new and fresh?

No. 163433

I searched everywhere for games but i keep getting game recommendations from male gamers on reddit or some other male infested place that just dont hit the spot for me… so id figured id ask here… does anyone have game recommendations? I really want something surreal and story rich or open world… with beautiful graphics and beautiful character design as well… kinda wanna get inspired and something to escape to asap i wanna chill… i was playing nier and final fantasy earlier and i want something kinda similar to it on pc

No. 163435

I haven't played this game, but I think you might like it. It's just a bit old so maybe you played it already. https://www.gog.com/game/dreamfall_the_longest_journey

No. 163438

i don't know if you'll like these, but maybe kena: bridge of spirits, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, or spiritfarer?

No. 163444

File: 1633733582937.png (219.97 KB, 742x436, tumblr_pd5be3AxPx1urqk0oo1_128…)

Antitribu(my favorite), Clan Quest and Final Nights are all really good and change the game quite a bit. The visual novels are also fun, especially Shadows of New York. Coteries of New York is alright, but it kind of feels like you don't have many real choices to make. The atmosphere, art and music is on point though. There are also text based adventures and a werewolf game but I haven't gotten to them yet.

No. 163506

Since I started my new job I barely have enough free to play Bravely Default and SMT3. Looks like I won't beat any of these games before SMT5 comes out so my new goal will be to beat all the games in my backlog before Bayonetta 3 comes out.

No. 163532

I've been sitting on a stalled-out Bravely Default playthrough for just about a year just because it's such a time vacuum of a game. You'll get there eventually, anon.

No. 163736

Last thread some anon asked for female Lets Players and I checked 'em out. None of 'em are really my cup of tea, so does anyone here have any more recommendations?

No. 163737

Open world and story rich? I just started playing Greedfall and I'd say that ticks both those boxes. The character design is pretty nifty, too.

No. 163789

Which type of let's player is your cup of tea?

No. 164273

The new Destiny Halloween event is cute, I love Glint.

No. 164275

I started playing Outer Worlds and I've been finding it pretty boring, I've just completed the starting area so I'm on the ship now.

Does the game get better ?

Is there actual Factions fighting eachother or fights on the maps between enemies or is it all just empty +5 shop discount for faction x,y,z.

No. 164278

There isn't any infighting between NPCs. It's basically a dialog focused RPG. The overly satirical world setting is pretty much the whole game. At least go find all the companions first and see if you like any of them. I thought the main plot was so-so but I enjoyed Max and Felix and the self-insert aspect.

No. 164301

Nta but I recommend Night Road, even though I'm not a fan of the V5 (the rulebook version it's based on) it's actually good.

No. 164306

There isn't any infighting between NPCs

Wow, that's really disappointing, not even the case for say NPC's and marauders besides scripted events ?

I'm going to stick with it until I get some more companies maybe the robot one at least.

No. 164545

Is Nier Replicant worth buying?
I really, really like Automata but Replicant doesn't look as fun. It almost looks muddy and somehow worse.
I already know the story will be good because it's Yoko Taro we're talking about.

No. 164629

Its fun and fast to beat but it has wonky camera angles sometimes when you enter a shop or house etc etc (2010 japanese game style) its your typical hack and slash so its nothing challenging. The character interactions is pretty funny sometimes. The maps and the world is kinda small tho. Don’t expect much variety with the enemies or bosses but I personally enjoyed it.

No. 164792

I'm replaying Disco Elysium for the first time since there was that huge patch a while ago that added voice-acting and goddamn. I don't always sit through all the lines but I'm impressed that all this came and was implemented this well. Sad they changed Cuno's voice out, though.

I love this game, as intolerable as I find the protagonist occasionally. The writing is beautiful, if sometimes overwrought, and thoroughly immerses me in the city of Martinaise and the surrounding world. The writing is so detailed that it genuinely feels like reading compelling history about a real setting. I really do adore so much about this game.

No. 164835

File: 1634483378704.jpg (129.52 KB, 1280x720, kitaria-fables.jpg)

Kitaria anon from last thread here! Have you already finished the game? I just picked it up again and I had some trouble figuring out how to progress (the quest system is a bit awkward). The gameplay is very simplistic and grindy but I don't mind, it's mindless comfort for me after a day at work. It's such a cosy game, I only wish there were cute animal sounds in it to emphasize how cute the animal characters are??

Was wondering if anyone can confirm Sakuna of Rice and Ruin is similar? Or should I just play Fantasy Life/Ruin Factory instead if I want battles and farming?

No. 164849

I'm dying to play this, anon.
Sidenote, the price disparity for DE between a PC platform (Steam, GoG) and Nintendo Switch is comical.

No. 164863

to be honest im really happy that disco elysium has such a surprisingly large fanbase. when i first played it my immediate thoughts were 'wow this is pretentious there's no way anyone enjoys this', but lo and behold i got really into it and now i love the game. the setting has so much potential imo, id love to see a sequel or something in that vein

No. 164864

Same anon who replied to you, I haven't finished yet because I started playing bioshock but I feel I'm close to the end. Yeah the quest system isn't amazing, you just kinda have to find the person with the quest marker on their head, first time I was really stuck it was one of the mice(?) at the market stalls . Still a lovely little game.

No. 164867

File: 1634496539560.jpeg (93.14 KB, 900x506, neo.jpeg)

Is anyone else enjoying Neo the World Ends with You? I love the game! I never thought it would be this addicting but the character writing and development is so good and I like the ost as well.

No. 164876

i didn't look it up thinking it was a remake, now i'm interested

No. 164879

It's not a remake, it's a sequel and they managed to make the gameplay even better (imho). If you liked the first game, you most likely won't be disappointed with this one. The PS store has a free demo so if you have ps4 or ps5 definitely check that one out first.

No. 164885

was interested in this one. can it be played without having started the prequel or should i start the prequel first?

No. 164895

Yeah, in general you can but you'll understand the story and a few references to the previous game much better if you played it first, so I'd advise you to play the first one if you can but you can definitely play the game on its own. I can't say much without spoiling it, sorry.

No. 164944


No. 165039

File: 1634584428223.jpg (116.82 KB, 1200x675, 334591.jpg)

Yeah the one quest where you have to have a piece of candy in your inventory when you go to that mouse seems to trip up a lots of players. Anyway I just finished the game. It's rough around the edges but I hope they'll add more stuff or make a sequel cuz its so dang cute. Unfortunately no postgame stuff either so now I'm just farming pumpkins for cash.

Thinking I'll play og Nier or FF7R next. Sakuna looks nice but I hear the rice farming is actually quite challenging and I don't feel like doing that rn.

No. 165049

Ugh i wanna play ff7r so much but its not on pc yet it sucks

No. 165105

File: 1634596067922.jpg (341.53 KB, 1920x1080, blackbook_fight.jpg)

Has anyone played Black Book? It looks so cool.. I wanted to play it until I found out it was a deckbuilder. I usually prefer video games where you're just a character running around doing stuff. I don't know if I would like it.

No. 165106

It's really not that great. Who knows when they're going to get around to remaking the entire game anyway.

No. 165113

suggesting this again, but kena: bridge of spirits has a lot of wandering around if i recall.

No. 165176

Any recommendation for japanese games? I really wanna play something that looks beautiful and ethereal and has nice character and world design thats it

No. 165218

Yeah, I wanted to say that the highs are really high, but the lows also are really low. I think the whole thing will take 6-8 years to be released. I get they have an engine already, but things don't seem to progress fast and the way the plot had so much bloat in FFVIIR, things don't look good. Though maybe I'm wrong, but then making game based on each disc will still take a long time.
So far, the original FFVII has much better storytelling. I'm afraid it will stay like that.

No. 165248


No. 165626

File: 1634777389155.jpeg (27.44 KB, 256x320, F0DBA975-5FAE-4D30-9E68-37B71C…)

is this the female gaze? fucking love this game. and heather-chan.

No. 165749

File: 1634851429625.png (272.22 KB, 1920x1080, FCP7VCBVcAsIJaj.png)

New game by ConcernedApe got announced. It looks pretty similar to Stardew Valley except you're a chocolatier, not a farmer

No. 165754

The way he talked about his next game made me think it would be completely different from Stardew but I'm not complaining this looks good. Looking forward to this even though it sounds like it won't be coming in the next year or two

No. 165756

it looks like a SV mod/expansion and not a different game. will buy it anyway when it comes out. i'm weak for pixel games.

No. 165766

'Haunted'? Saw ghosts in it too. That's interesting!
Looks cozy but I really hope the NPCs are better this time around. Not sure how much of an unpopular opinion this is, but I really didn't like most of Stardew's cast. I think it may be better since this video showed you can reply to casual convos with answers, which I don't think Stardew had a lot of. Maddie is cute! His art has definitely improved.

No. 165767

File: 1634855600821.jpeg (79.41 KB, 479x1024, 8898161D-F85F-461C-BD60-B46CFC…)

Props to him for not promising anything too unbelievable, still working by himself and giving free updates to Stardew instead of paid DLC.
No matter what I think of his games, I respect him.

No. 165784

I hope it isn't too heavy on fighting monsters that is my least favorite part of SW, but it looks super cute, creating the shop seams fun and the plot seems interesting.

No. 165824

Nah I feel the same way. A lot of the characters in Stardew were really flat and one dimensional, I was actually kinda hoping concernedape would have hired a writer or something for his next game but looks like he's working on it alone again. Maybe he'll have learned something in the writing department by now? I just really love the feeling of getting invested emotionally in characters, Stardew just didn't do it for me, I think Shane was probably only the most fleshed out one.

No. 165845

File: 1634908180981.jpg (373.54 KB, 1506x1147, sh3_screen_020829_02.jpg)

Yess the best Silent Hill game imo. SH3 has very interesting symbolism about womanhood and I LOVE it

No. 165857

SH2 will always be the best for me, but SH3 is amazing too. I loved that Heather is wearing functional, normal clothes and isn't sexualised. I would love to play SH3 again. My favourite moments was the mirror one and the psycho phone call.

No. 166508

Am i the only one that enjoyed omori? For some reason it really did make me emotional lol

No. 166516

You are SO right! It feels like women love sh3 and men love sh2 kek

No. 166619

I guess I'm a man than. Or an in-between? I love them both but SH3 didn't have as powerful plot because it was heavily reliant on cult plotline (I think that Silent Hill is more interesting when the lore is vague, FWIW I also love Shattered Memories) rather than psychological torment. The motherhood symbols, as well as Heather and Claudia were great in SH3. Angela has moved me so much more, though.

No. 166681

Nonas my bf wants us to share steam libraries what do you think?

No. 166786

File: 1635205723053.png (240.88 KB, 652x736, 1635194185213.png)

Go fuck yourselves, Blizzard

No. 166910

Anons I'm at the beginning of SMT3 HD and the matador kicked my ass when he had low HP once and I realized I'm underleveled. I don't like level grinding in this game because demons keep rejecting me instead of joining me, give me strenght. I started this game a month ago.

No. 166986

I knew about that guy way ahead of time but didn't realize he was like the third boss. He kicked my ass, I realized I had to level up and redo my whole party and I haven't touched the game in like 5 years.
I hope you have more patience for grinding than me.

No. 167082

you mean trade steam accounts? because you can't play them at the same time with family sharing. also why would he need to do that, is he so poor he's missing games that you have? or is he just trying to get into your steam messages?

No. 167706

I have a 4 days long weekend so I'll try to fuse more demons to beat him up. I tried level grinding, beat a bunch of level 30 or 35 demons, got ambushed right before saving my game and died. If I can't manage to beat the matador on 4 days I'm officially shit at this game.

No. 167753

Is there a way to get emails from the Nintendo eshop when a game goes on sale like on Steam?

No. 167794

i've started 3 houses a couple of days ago and i've got to say it i love the amount of stuff its throwing at me, and how its curing my loneliness

No. 167795

I'm not sure if you consider this cheating, but maybe you could turn on easy mode while you're grinding, and then turn it off when you're ready to fight Matador?

No. 167806

Put games on your wish list, anon. They send me at least two emails for each time a game on my list goes on sale. It can be a bit much.

No. 167884

I have a bunch of games on my wishlist yet they never send me emails lol

No. 167891

Under profile settings, you might have to opt in for notification email depending where you live region-wise.

No. 168011

Can anyone recommend me games that are similar to Disco Elysium?Rpg/adventure games in an urban fantasy setting?

No. 168013

File: 1635711854851.jpg (374.93 KB, 1920x1200, future berlin.jpg)

Disco Elysium is apparently a special beast that's hard to compare with other games but if you don't mind tactical combat with the RPG, have you tried Shadowrun Dragonfall? It's currently dirt cheap in Steam's Halloween sale.
There are three Shadowrun RPG games in this series. The first is merely alright and I haven't played Hong Kong, the third one.

No. 168114

Hong Kong is the best one of them all. Shadowrun is an old series, starting with the original waaaay back in the days of the SNES. It's a fun series, though.

No. 168119

Seconding for the Shadowrun trilogy, Dragonfall was my favorite but HK was pretty good too except for the awful DLC ending

No. 168123

File: 1635784106327.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, asylum_a.png)

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is an rpg that has a strong focus on dialogue and often let's you find non-violent solutions to problems.
However, it also has quite a few mandatory stealth/combat sections, so it might not be what you're looking for.

No. 168138

Vampire: Masquerade reminds me of yugioh so much

No. 168146

This post triggered my ptsd from when my friend in 5th grade made me watch dozens of these marik lets play vids

No. 168160

those were the times anon, those were the times.

No. 168188

It's amazing. Really helped when I was lonely too.

No. 168225

I did something worse than that. I beat the boss on easy mode. Or at least I think so, I changed the settings but I don't know if the change was saved because when I went back to the game later it was on normal mode.

No. 168232

File: 1635856412748.jpg (173.3 KB, 1080x1080, grim-dawn-buttonjpg-19d11f.jpg)

Scrotes keep getting me to play Diablo 2 rerelease with them, even bought it for me. Played D3 for a few seasons and thought it was always meh. Got on D2 for 3 hours and never touched it again, also cuz fuck Blizzard.
Now they see me on steam logging 30 hours over the weekend on Grim Dawn for $17 lmao idk just feels funner and more engaging even though I'm not even into grinding and dungeon crawling!!

No. 168780

Anyone can recommend games like Returnal? (Not the roguelike part, the sad art film with awesome grafix part)

No. 168926

I've never owned a just dance game but I was dancing to the songs on youtube with friends for fun.I stumbled upon this years songs and they are surprisingly good and varied especially compared to the past couple of years.There's lots of kpop and I didn't expect to see Anastasia and Gala but it was a pleasant surprise.Chacaron sent me

No. 168933

Kingdom of Amalur is free this month for PS+ owners. I immediately asked myself 'where did I see this game being recommended???' and then I realized that it was this nonnie >>133439. I re-read the posts and I'm excited to play this game soon!

No. 168943

Gala and her tonedeaf bop are unexpected but Sevdaliza really threw me. No one is dancing to Human outside of one dingy strip club in Utrecht.
Enjoy Gala gasping for oxygen on Top of the Pops.

No. 169981

is anyone going to play Elden Ring on release? Friend finder thread is kill and I'm tempted to post my Discord on here just to take that chance and find a cool fren who doesn't moid ragequit at invaders.

No. 169986

what do you nonas think about the great ace attorney? Is it fun? I’ve been seeing the games on my social feeds for years but never played any of them. Should i give one of them a try?

No. 169998

I ordered a copy and I should receive it this Wednesday. I've been a huge Ace Attorney fan for years so I'm looking forward to it, I'll tell you more once I get to play this one though.

No. 170019

Fantasy Life Online in Japan is ending service next month. The English release comes out a few days before this, I wonder how this will effect the English version.

No. 170021

File: 1636975436600.png (103.8 KB, 231x326, d7d9jjd-6e776a29-2f89-4d1f-b49…)

I like Frey from Rune Factory 4 and I hope she gets justice for that nipple tassel looking armor

No. 170023

What possess someone to make them think “yeah, this looks great”?

No. 170073

Their penis or a shit male higher up.

No. 170077

File: 1637022139307.jpg (227.08 KB, 1920x1080, nancy.jpg)

Nonis is it worth it to buy some Nancy skins before she leaves dbd? I've been eyeing picrel, the pink cardigan and the ugly sweater, what do you think?

No. 170078

I barely play Nancy but I bought a few of her cosmetics. They’re really cheap so I don’t feel like there’s much harm in it, her stuff mixes and matches well.

No. 170167

File: 1637089568110.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, lbaz.jpg)

I've been really enjoying Let's Build a Zoo. It came out on PC a few days ago. I feel like good management sims are hard to come by these days. You can make hybrid animals too which is cute. It's easier to manage than Planet Zoo, but it's still has a learning curve and isn't too easy. Very cozy overall. Do any other anons like zoo/management games??

No. 170168

I ended up buying a couple, definitely no regrets they mix so well, I love it

No. 170175

I haven’t heard of this game. How does it compare to Zoo Tycoon? (That was my jam as a kid.)

No. 170184

AYRT, I'm a huge fan of Zoo Tycoon since I was a kid!
In Let's Build a Zoo, I'd say it's a bit more complex than some of the aspects of Zoo Tycoon. Personally it fills the same itch of just wanting to see another day and perfecting the zoo that Zoo Tycoon does.

No. 170280

File: 1637180766287.jpg (52.71 KB, 564x446, rune-factory-4-bachelors.jpg)

I'm playing Rune Factory 4 for the first time right now. I haven't decided which bachelor to go for yet, so I'm really curious who farmers like best.

Frey's armor is bugs the shit out of me. Between that and how cute Forte and Dolce are, I kind of wish I'd chosen the male protagonist.

No. 170378

File: 1637254491836.png (322.72 KB, 441x600, 3C58609A-ADCF-441A-913C-FB29E4…)

My favourite is and always will be Vishnal.
It's my favourite game ever. I hope you're enjoying it nonnie!
If I'm going to do an autistic husbando ranking:
1) Vishnal
Power gap
2) Dylas
3) Arthur
Power gap
4) Kiel
5) Doug
6) Leon

No. 170409

Frey is great and likable besides her weird armor. I like that she actually gets flirty dialogue options. Now if only otome MCs were at least a quarter as based as she was.
Holy shit, Vishnal as your best boy and Leon dead last. I thought I was the only one with that spicy take. Now it's too bad RF5 doesn't have a cute butler character…

No. 170516

File: 1637325568566.png (372.3 KB, 460x948, D04529AA-A6AB-459C-A1CF-CC9B04…)

Based! For RF5, none of the boys stand out to me, but I'm so happy gay marriage is finally in because this girl has really caught my eye.
In RF4, I liked Xiao Pai a lot and would have considered her if gay marriage was a thing (sprite swapping doesn't count). I don't mind playing as a guy but I prefer playing as a girl in games like RF.
I also agree that Frey is a nice character. I like that she looks like Miku.

No. 170560

File: 1637343353662.jpeg (139.63 KB, 443x454, 085BD28C-A03C-44BA-98DA-DD3FA6…)

Does anyone else love the 2000’s character designs… it’s just more whimsical than anything of late. I was reminiscing on old games just now and furiae from drakengard’s whole outfit is gorgeous

No. 170569

Same. I really love aesthetics from the mid 90's to the mid 2000's the best. Peak for me is anything on the PS2 for the most part.

No. 170586

Can anons recommend some visual novels? I'd like to practice japanese by playing anything that's non-scrotey or a dating sim. I guess Steins;Gate is a good way to start but what else?

No. 170595

The fate in house morgana?

No. 170597

File: 1637350028051.png (445.55 KB, 1001x551, womanintrousers.png)

Read a review of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and the dude reviewing complains that Sherlock "misgenders a transman". Turns out it's actually a woman disguised as a man, who admits this. Why the fuck would you refer to her as a transwoman in the review?! Glad this game is based enough to not trans someone in the 1800s. When women did have to disguise themselves as men to do more dangerous jobs and get more opportunities.

No. 170601

sherlock clocks her as female immediately and she doesn't seem to care about how sherlock refers to her. i really like how this game doesn't pretend racism and sexism didn't happen in the past and sherlock himself is unpc as usual

No. 170602

Cool, thanks! I added it to my to-buy list.

No. 170604

Sherlock is all about a keen sense of observation and seeking the truth. That is unfashionable and transphobic these days. An American studio would probably woke-ify the game and completely ruin the concept.

No. 170605

Isn't Sherlock a turboautist and basically a "facts don't care about your feelings" type of guy? Kek

No. 170609

He is that kind of douchebag personified!
And the woman isn't "trans". Fucking beardy bro reviwer basically just admitted himself that he is uncomfortable with a masculine woman.

No. 170680

>Fucking beardy bro reviwer basically just admitted himself that he is uncomfortable with a masculine woman.
Why are moids like this

No. 170689

Umineko is very long but worth it.
Higurashi is also nice.
Steins;Geit is good too.

No. 170772

File: 1637483517306.jpg (70.89 KB, 898x497, qrjqnzdzjel41.jpg)

I accidentally bought a hacked OP item called Viskam in Fire Emblem from one of the visiting online travelers for 1g (player added an enemies item through hack and attached it to online traveler.) I had it in my convoy for a while before using it lol the description is "a leather shield" though it's a magic sword with insane range and no durability. I looked it up after realizing I could kill anyone kek

No. 170778

apparently a lot of japanese people were mad about the male/female ratio in fgo, but like what else do they expect from a shitty game that genderbends real life figures and turns them into lolis or big tiddies onee-sans??

No. 170780

Remember when I said I would play Bravely Default and SMT3 at the same time? I kinda gave up on that and I'm playing SMT5 instead. I hoped I could have enough time to beat SMT3 before SMT5 but I only managed to beat Thor and I was about to start the 1st Kalpa, and then I received my copy of SMT5. I also received my copy of DGS1 and 2 on the Switch, but I'm European and it's an American copy, no idea if there are DLCs I'm missing because of that.

What happened exactly? I don't give a shit about Fate/Stay as a whole but the Japanese fanbase seems unhinged so I'm curious.

No. 170789

isn't steins;gate scrotey as fuck and full of waifus (one of them resembling a retarded child), which is why it's hailed as a masterpiece? IDK the plot may be legitimately good in some ways, but the vn wouldn't get the fame and recognition if it was otome. Fuck, all of the titles mentioned by OP have scrotey elements (Cafe Mort, ewww). IDK if op should play if they don't want scrotey shit (though I guess most vns either are scrote stuff or otome with more or less focus on romance).
Or I guess I know: I would recommend Club Suicide based on my limited experience (played the single translated) – great writing, interesting characters, psychological focus. It has strong themes of depression though, so of course it's only for people that don't mind that type of content

No. 170823

Why do you care if you don't play the game yourself? This isn't a drama thread.

No. 170836

File: 1637522097974.png (553.27 KB, 933x542, terflock.png)

Terflock strikes again.

No. 170840


Fucking kek

No. 170899

losing my shit, what an icon

No. 170988

It's hailed as a masterpiece because it's genuinely good writing imo, but I admit I'm biased because I adore both Kurisu and Okabe and their dynamic together. I don't care much about the others. I don't think it's a masterpiece but I can understand why it's important to people.

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