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File: 1632915719208.png (33.71 KB, 600x500, jxdxkpqHv9.png)

No. 162268

Thread for general video game discussion

Previous thread: >>>/m/122390
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No. 162270

Yes, #5. #3 was actually supposed to be #4, my mistake when making the previous thread.

No. 162288

Posting this here just in case they don't see it on the previous thread.

I'm playing on Switch and the framerate can drop in places, same like you said the village the first time but it really drops if I go in the village grain field. But the rest of the game has been fine bar one area, and it's not egregious so it's very easy to ignore.

I do love the customisation and also bought the add-ons butit does feel like they could've done just some more with it, but it's not a huge problem.

No. 162302

Love this threadpic, it's so cute

No. 162325

File: 1632939135301.jpg (248.52 KB, 599x800, 1632081249338.jpg)

I can't wait for SMT5 and Bayonetta 3. I don't care about the rest anymore. Once they're released I'll buy them, play them, and I'll just play the games I have over and over again.

No. 162353

Touken ranbu warriors trailer is out. I'm not familiar with switch, but the graphics look older gen?
I'm happy this game is happening anyway, and scrotes are mad about no waifu characters.

No. 162354

how are scrotes mad when this title had male only characters in the first place? moids braindead as usual

No. 162378

is there a seperate thread for phone games or are we good to post that here too?

No. 162385


Mobage thread here >>76929

No. 162418

Because it's a Musou game not targeted at men bawwww
I'm fucking happy there is a Musou game targeted at women, hope it's good.

No. 162515

Gay marriage seems to be available for the English release of Rune Factory 5!
I'm really happy because this time I prefer how most of the girls look. It's nice to have choices.

No. 162601

File: 1633112285286.jpeg (73.4 KB, 600x800, 301B133B-BEB4-49BB-88F9-556CCB…)

Nonnies what kind of gemu do you play when ur high at 3am? Btw I love thread pic OP

No. 162754

I don't understand Kingdom Hearts. There are those Final Fantasy-esque characters and also Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and this very convoluted plot. What's the appeal, really?

No. 162766

I'm really into .io games like littlebigsnake, or Switch games like the new Wario and Mariokart, fast paced and fun

No. 162808

Love getting high to calming games like Cozy Grove.

No. 162826

Bright colorful baby games kek umm like Bugsnax, Figment, Slime Rancher, Bastion
Lots of Minecwaft and Sims 4

No. 162833

They helped Soren survive the snuff porn sam's club warehouse.

No. 162837

If you didn't get into KH when you were 13 in middle school at the peak of the organization 13 darkness spergfest, there is no hope for you now. It's shit and very stupid but unfortunately I am already invested.

No. 162844

It seems weird now but back in the day Squaresoft/Final Fantasy was a really big deal, like the face of Japanese video games and Disney probably wanted to cash in on them with a collaboration

No. 162849

Miitopia is so fun, but it just makes me crave Tomodachi Life on the Switch all the more.
I had so many hours on Tomodachi life, I genuinely never got bored of it but unfortunately can't play it anymore.
It has so much potential, Nintendo please!!

No. 162852

It's a fun game but to this day I don't understand a single thing about the plot. Don't think too hard about it because to be honest that shit makes no sense.

No. 162947

what are some good rpgs that are similar to bioware games?

No. 162949

File: 1633443589901.jpg (234.26 KB, 2048x1152, FA8OsRRWYAgIRMX.jpg)

Haven't touched Smash in a while but..

No. 162954

Did Nintendo have to negociate with Disney for that? I don't even care about Sora but I really want to know how that happened.

No. 162955

it's been almost a year and I still can't look at this childe without thinking of soren, rip to the goat horrorcow

No. 162956

I hate his fucking face

No. 162960

File: 1633451451556.jpg (258.64 KB, 1920x1080, pyschonauts 2.jpg)

I'm extremely hyped for psychonauts 2. I'm a little bothered by the £50 price tag because I'm cheap so I might just wait until I get good on a test that's coming up as a treat or something. Nitro rad has talked about how great it is, but I want to make my expectations a little realistic and say that it'll probably only be good as the original, which is still very good

No. 162971

Kek I was gonna say I liked his cute face but stopped myself because of Soren

No. 162981

There are two types of people apparently! I found him insufferable, the forced optimism and happiness made me want to punch him (especially after playing the Roxas prologue of KH2). He's such a hollow character to me, though IDK what I expected from an autistic game with shonen tropes

No. 162995

Just answering my own question here, I'm guessing they did negotiate with Disney since the keyblade has the mouse's logo on it just like in the games. I didn't notice it at firs and thought maybe they just had to deal with Square Enix.

No. 163001

The first game's plot was actually pretty simple, it's wasn't until the sequels that the story started becoming pointlessly complicated bullshit.

No. 163021

I never played or know much about Touken Ranbu other than it's full of sword boys though the guys are super attractive. I'm pretty intrested in this game and hope to see more of the guys like Kogitsunemaru and Izuminokami Kanesada.

>scrotes are mad about no waifu characters.

Don't they have this other shit called Kancolle? Scrotes are truly spoiled.

No. 163033

It's too bad it's for Switch so the graphics are last gen trash.
I really hate that companies feel they can put in less effort for 'girly' series.

No. 163038

File: 1633504008304.jpg (34.92 KB, 420x606, loo.jpg)

I'm not even straight but I bought this guy's statue a long time ago just because it's really well made. I still have it, what a cool dude.

No. 163046

File: 1633506141007.jpg (263.6 KB, 885x1512, Nikkari-Kiwame4.jpg)

Scrotes are incredibly spoiled and entitled, just about all other japanese games pander to them with waifus and objectified women.
While we are getting breadcrumbs and old graphics.

There are so many characters who deserve to be in this game, I really hope they will add Nikkari. Not just because he is one of my husbandos, but they could do some really cool gameplay stuff with his ghost stand here.

No. 163048

File: 1633506584849.png (558.92 KB, 584x414, Screenshot_4.png)

they actually removed all mentions of goofy/donald

No. 163051

As someone cucked by mvci, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo tried to be slick and get it approved through Square-only, until Disney slammed it's foot in the door and told Nintendo they can bring all of "Square Enix's" characters but'll cut funding on KH 4 if even a single Disney character gets in.

A behind the scenes on how this whole deal went through would be so cool to read about.

No. 163153

honestly I'm overjoyed that he got in the game. he was the only character I really wanted in Smash and his trailer was magical

No. 163220

File: 1633623390746.gif (932.09 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mgw2q4oPF61qi26lwo2_500…)

Save it for a treat or wait to get a lil discount on it. It will be worth the wait! Everything feels…better the action is snappy, the collectibles will keep you coming back and it's just something super fun to play and look at! The levels really did blew me away just the clever little things in the level design and how DF visualized such abstract feelings and character's mental hang-ups.

No. 163236

File: 1633628499966.jpg (512.33 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20211007-204031_Chr…)

looks like we're getting GTA3, San Andreas and Vice City remasters

No. 163238

I haven’t played in years, but after that trailer, I’m going to just for him.

No. 163241


No. 163273

File: 1633637452433.jpg (150.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

So VTMB is my fave game and recently I got the itch to play it again but I already played it like 9734584 times…what mods can I install to make it feel a little bit more new and fresh?

No. 163433

I searched everywhere for games but i keep getting game recommendations from male gamers on reddit or some other male infested place that just dont hit the spot for me… so id figured id ask here… does anyone have game recommendations? I really want something surreal and story rich or open world… with beautiful graphics and beautiful character design as well… kinda wanna get inspired and something to escape to asap i wanna chill… i was playing nier and final fantasy earlier and i want something kinda similar to it on pc

No. 163435

I haven't played this game, but I think you might like it. It's just a bit old so maybe you played it already. https://www.gog.com/game/dreamfall_the_longest_journey

No. 163438

i don't know if you'll like these, but maybe kena: bridge of spirits, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, or spiritfarer?

No. 163444

File: 1633733582937.png (219.97 KB, 742x436, tumblr_pd5be3AxPx1urqk0oo1_128…)

Antitribu(my favorite), Clan Quest and Final Nights are all really good and change the game quite a bit. The visual novels are also fun, especially Shadows of New York. Coteries of New York is alright, but it kind of feels like you don't have many real choices to make. The atmosphere, art and music is on point though. There are also text based adventures and a werewolf game but I haven't gotten to them yet.

No. 163506

Since I started my new job I barely have enough free to play Bravely Default and SMT3. Looks like I won't beat any of these games before SMT5 comes out so my new goal will be to beat all the games in my backlog before Bayonetta 3 comes out.

No. 163532

I've been sitting on a stalled-out Bravely Default playthrough for just about a year just because it's such a time vacuum of a game. You'll get there eventually, anon.

No. 163736

Last thread some anon asked for female Lets Players and I checked 'em out. None of 'em are really my cup of tea, so does anyone here have any more recommendations?

No. 163737

Open world and story rich? I just started playing Greedfall and I'd say that ticks both those boxes. The character design is pretty nifty, too.

No. 163789

Which type of let's player is your cup of tea?

No. 164273

The new Destiny Halloween event is cute, I love Glint.

No. 164275

I started playing Outer Worlds and I've been finding it pretty boring, I've just completed the starting area so I'm on the ship now.

Does the game get better ?

Is there actual Factions fighting eachother or fights on the maps between enemies or is it all just empty +5 shop discount for faction x,y,z.

No. 164278

There isn't any infighting between NPCs. It's basically a dialog focused RPG. The overly satirical world setting is pretty much the whole game. At least go find all the companions first and see if you like any of them. I thought the main plot was so-so but I enjoyed Max and Felix and the self-insert aspect.

No. 164301

Nta but I recommend Night Road, even though I'm not a fan of the V5 (the rulebook version it's based on) it's actually good.

No. 164306

There isn't any infighting between NPCs

Wow, that's really disappointing, not even the case for say NPC's and marauders besides scripted events ?

I'm going to stick with it until I get some more companies maybe the robot one at least.

No. 164545

Is Nier Replicant worth buying?
I really, really like Automata but Replicant doesn't look as fun. It almost looks muddy and somehow worse.
I already know the story will be good because it's Yoko Taro we're talking about.

No. 164629

Its fun and fast to beat but it has wonky camera angles sometimes when you enter a shop or house etc etc (2010 japanese game style) its your typical hack and slash so its nothing challenging. The character interactions is pretty funny sometimes. The maps and the world is kinda small tho. Don’t expect much variety with the enemies or bosses but I personally enjoyed it.

No. 164792

I'm replaying Disco Elysium for the first time since there was that huge patch a while ago that added voice-acting and goddamn. I don't always sit through all the lines but I'm impressed that all this came and was implemented this well. Sad they changed Cuno's voice out, though.

I love this game, as intolerable as I find the protagonist occasionally. The writing is beautiful, if sometimes overwrought, and thoroughly immerses me in the city of Martinaise and the surrounding world. The writing is so detailed that it genuinely feels like reading compelling history about a real setting. I really do adore so much about this game.

No. 164835

File: 1634483378704.jpg (129.52 KB, 1280x720, kitaria-fables.jpg)

Kitaria anon from last thread here! Have you already finished the game? I just picked it up again and I had some trouble figuring out how to progress (the quest system is a bit awkward). The gameplay is very simplistic and grindy but I don't mind, it's mindless comfort for me after a day at work. It's such a cosy game, I only wish there were cute animal sounds in it to emphasize how cute the animal characters are??

Was wondering if anyone can confirm Sakuna of Rice and Ruin is similar? Or should I just play Fantasy Life/Ruin Factory instead if I want battles and farming?

No. 164849

I'm dying to play this, anon.
Sidenote, the price disparity for DE between a PC platform (Steam, GoG) and Nintendo Switch is comical.

No. 164863

to be honest im really happy that disco elysium has such a surprisingly large fanbase. when i first played it my immediate thoughts were 'wow this is pretentious there's no way anyone enjoys this', but lo and behold i got really into it and now i love the game. the setting has so much potential imo, id love to see a sequel or something in that vein

No. 164864

Same anon who replied to you, I haven't finished yet because I started playing bioshock but I feel I'm close to the end. Yeah the quest system isn't amazing, you just kinda have to find the person with the quest marker on their head, first time I was really stuck it was one of the mice(?) at the market stalls . Still a lovely little game.

No. 164867

File: 1634496539560.jpeg (93.14 KB, 900x506, neo.jpeg)

Is anyone else enjoying Neo the World Ends with You? I love the game! I never thought it would be this addicting but the character writing and development is so good and I like the ost as well.

No. 164876

i didn't look it up thinking it was a remake, now i'm interested

No. 164879

It's not a remake, it's a sequel and they managed to make the gameplay even better (imho). If you liked the first game, you most likely won't be disappointed with this one. The PS store has a free demo so if you have ps4 or ps5 definitely check that one out first.

No. 164885

was interested in this one. can it be played without having started the prequel or should i start the prequel first?

No. 164895

Yeah, in general you can but you'll understand the story and a few references to the previous game much better if you played it first, so I'd advise you to play the first one if you can but you can definitely play the game on its own. I can't say much without spoiling it, sorry.

No. 164944


No. 165039

File: 1634584428223.jpg (116.82 KB, 1200x675, 334591.jpg)

Yeah the one quest where you have to have a piece of candy in your inventory when you go to that mouse seems to trip up a lots of players. Anyway I just finished the game. It's rough around the edges but I hope they'll add more stuff or make a sequel cuz its so dang cute. Unfortunately no postgame stuff either so now I'm just farming pumpkins for cash.

Thinking I'll play og Nier or FF7R next. Sakuna looks nice but I hear the rice farming is actually quite challenging and I don't feel like doing that rn.

No. 165049

Ugh i wanna play ff7r so much but its not on pc yet it sucks

No. 165105

File: 1634596067922.jpg (341.53 KB, 1920x1080, blackbook_fight.jpg)

Has anyone played Black Book? It looks so cool.. I wanted to play it until I found out it was a deckbuilder. I usually prefer video games where you're just a character running around doing stuff. I don't know if I would like it.

No. 165106

It's really not that great. Who knows when they're going to get around to remaking the entire game anyway.

No. 165113

suggesting this again, but kena: bridge of spirits has a lot of wandering around if i recall.

No. 165176

Any recommendation for japanese games? I really wanna play something that looks beautiful and ethereal and has nice character and world design thats it

No. 165218

Yeah, I wanted to say that the highs are really high, but the lows also are really low. I think the whole thing will take 6-8 years to be released. I get they have an engine already, but things don't seem to progress fast and the way the plot had so much bloat in FFVIIR, things don't look good. Though maybe I'm wrong, but then making game based on each disc will still take a long time.
So far, the original FFVII has much better storytelling. I'm afraid it will stay like that.

No. 165248


No. 165626

File: 1634777389155.jpeg (27.44 KB, 256x320, F0DBA975-5FAE-4D30-9E68-37B71C…)

is this the female gaze? fucking love this game. and heather-chan.

No. 165749

File: 1634851429625.png (272.22 KB, 1920x1080, FCP7VCBVcAsIJaj.png)

New game by ConcernedApe got announced. It looks pretty similar to Stardew Valley except you're a chocolatier, not a farmer

No. 165754

The way he talked about his next game made me think it would be completely different from Stardew but I'm not complaining this looks good. Looking forward to this even though it sounds like it won't be coming in the next year or two

No. 165756

it looks like a SV mod/expansion and not a different game. will buy it anyway when it comes out. i'm weak for pixel games.

No. 165766

'Haunted'? Saw ghosts in it too. That's interesting!
Looks cozy but I really hope the NPCs are better this time around. Not sure how much of an unpopular opinion this is, but I really didn't like most of Stardew's cast. I think it may be better since this video showed you can reply to casual convos with answers, which I don't think Stardew had a lot of. Maddie is cute! His art has definitely improved.

No. 165767

File: 1634855600821.jpeg (79.41 KB, 479x1024, 8898161D-F85F-461C-BD60-B46CFC…)

Props to him for not promising anything too unbelievable, still working by himself and giving free updates to Stardew instead of paid DLC.
No matter what I think of his games, I respect him.

No. 165784

I hope it isn't too heavy on fighting monsters that is my least favorite part of SW, but it looks super cute, creating the shop seams fun and the plot seems interesting.

No. 165824

Nah I feel the same way. A lot of the characters in Stardew were really flat and one dimensional, I was actually kinda hoping concernedape would have hired a writer or something for his next game but looks like he's working on it alone again. Maybe he'll have learned something in the writing department by now? I just really love the feeling of getting invested emotionally in characters, Stardew just didn't do it for me, I think Shane was probably only the most fleshed out one.

No. 165845

File: 1634908180981.jpg (373.54 KB, 1506x1147, sh3_screen_020829_02.jpg)

Yess the best Silent Hill game imo. SH3 has very interesting symbolism about womanhood and I LOVE it

No. 165857

SH2 will always be the best for me, but SH3 is amazing too. I loved that Heather is wearing functional, normal clothes and isn't sexualised. I would love to play SH3 again. My favourite moments was the mirror one and the psycho phone call.

No. 166508

Am i the only one that enjoyed omori? For some reason it really did make me emotional lol

No. 166516

You are SO right! It feels like women love sh3 and men love sh2 kek

No. 166619

I guess I'm a man than. Or an in-between? I love them both but SH3 didn't have as powerful plot because it was heavily reliant on cult plotline (I think that Silent Hill is more interesting when the lore is vague, FWIW I also love Shattered Memories) rather than psychological torment. The motherhood symbols, as well as Heather and Claudia were great in SH3. Angela has moved me so much more, though.

No. 166681

Nonas my bf wants us to share steam libraries what do you think?

No. 166786

File: 1635205723053.png (240.88 KB, 652x736, 1635194185213.png)

Go fuck yourselves, Blizzard

No. 166910

Anons I'm at the beginning of SMT3 HD and the matador kicked my ass when he had low HP once and I realized I'm underleveled. I don't like level grinding in this game because demons keep rejecting me instead of joining me, give me strenght. I started this game a month ago.

No. 166986

I knew about that guy way ahead of time but didn't realize he was like the third boss. He kicked my ass, I realized I had to level up and redo my whole party and I haven't touched the game in like 5 years.
I hope you have more patience for grinding than me.

No. 167082

you mean trade steam accounts? because you can't play them at the same time with family sharing. also why would he need to do that, is he so poor he's missing games that you have? or is he just trying to get into your steam messages?

No. 167706

I have a 4 days long weekend so I'll try to fuse more demons to beat him up. I tried level grinding, beat a bunch of level 30 or 35 demons, got ambushed right before saving my game and died. If I can't manage to beat the matador on 4 days I'm officially shit at this game.

No. 167753

Is there a way to get emails from the Nintendo eshop when a game goes on sale like on Steam?

No. 167794

i've started 3 houses a couple of days ago and i've got to say it i love the amount of stuff its throwing at me, and how its curing my loneliness

No. 167795

I'm not sure if you consider this cheating, but maybe you could turn on easy mode while you're grinding, and then turn it off when you're ready to fight Matador?

No. 167806

Put games on your wish list, anon. They send me at least two emails for each time a game on my list goes on sale. It can be a bit much.

No. 167884

I have a bunch of games on my wishlist yet they never send me emails lol

No. 167891

Under profile settings, you might have to opt in for notification email depending where you live region-wise.

No. 168011

Can anyone recommend me games that are similar to Disco Elysium?Rpg/adventure games in an urban fantasy setting?

No. 168013

File: 1635711854851.jpg (374.93 KB, 1920x1200, future berlin.jpg)

Disco Elysium is apparently a special beast that's hard to compare with other games but if you don't mind tactical combat with the RPG, have you tried Shadowrun Dragonfall? It's currently dirt cheap in Steam's Halloween sale.
There are three Shadowrun RPG games in this series. The first is merely alright and I haven't played Hong Kong, the third one.

No. 168114

Hong Kong is the best one of them all. Shadowrun is an old series, starting with the original waaaay back in the days of the SNES. It's a fun series, though.

No. 168119

Seconding for the Shadowrun trilogy, Dragonfall was my favorite but HK was pretty good too except for the awful DLC ending

No. 168123

File: 1635784106327.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, asylum_a.png)

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is an rpg that has a strong focus on dialogue and often let's you find non-violent solutions to problems.
However, it also has quite a few mandatory stealth/combat sections, so it might not be what you're looking for.

No. 168138

Vampire: Masquerade reminds me of yugioh so much

No. 168146

This post triggered my ptsd from when my friend in 5th grade made me watch dozens of these marik lets play vids

No. 168160

those were the times anon, those were the times.

No. 168188

It's amazing. Really helped when I was lonely too.

No. 168225

I did something worse than that. I beat the boss on easy mode. Or at least I think so, I changed the settings but I don't know if the change was saved because when I went back to the game later it was on normal mode.

No. 168232

File: 1635856412748.jpg (173.3 KB, 1080x1080, grim-dawn-buttonjpg-19d11f.jpg)

Scrotes keep getting me to play Diablo 2 rerelease with them, even bought it for me. Played D3 for a few seasons and thought it was always meh. Got on D2 for 3 hours and never touched it again, also cuz fuck Blizzard.
Now they see me on steam logging 30 hours over the weekend on Grim Dawn for $17 lmao idk just feels funner and more engaging even though I'm not even into grinding and dungeon crawling!!

No. 168780

Anyone can recommend games like Returnal? (Not the roguelike part, the sad art film with awesome grafix part)

No. 168926

I've never owned a just dance game but I was dancing to the songs on youtube with friends for fun.I stumbled upon this years songs and they are surprisingly good and varied especially compared to the past couple of years.There's lots of kpop and I didn't expect to see Anastasia and Gala but it was a pleasant surprise.Chacaron sent me

No. 168933

Kingdom of Amalur is free this month for PS+ owners. I immediately asked myself 'where did I see this game being recommended???' and then I realized that it was this nonnie >>133439. I re-read the posts and I'm excited to play this game soon!

No. 168943

Gala and her tonedeaf bop are unexpected but Sevdaliza really threw me. No one is dancing to Human outside of one dingy strip club in Utrecht.
Enjoy Gala gasping for oxygen on Top of the Pops.

No. 169981

is anyone going to play Elden Ring on release? Friend finder thread is kill and I'm tempted to post my Discord on here just to take that chance and find a cool fren who doesn't moid ragequit at invaders.

No. 169986

what do you nonas think about the great ace attorney? Is it fun? I’ve been seeing the games on my social feeds for years but never played any of them. Should i give one of them a try?

No. 169998

I ordered a copy and I should receive it this Wednesday. I've been a huge Ace Attorney fan for years so I'm looking forward to it, I'll tell you more once I get to play this one though.

No. 170019

Fantasy Life Online in Japan is ending service next month. The English release comes out a few days before this, I wonder how this will effect the English version.

No. 170021

File: 1636975436600.png (103.8 KB, 231x326, d7d9jjd-6e776a29-2f89-4d1f-b49…)

I like Frey from Rune Factory 4 and I hope she gets justice for that nipple tassel looking armor

No. 170023

What possess someone to make them think “yeah, this looks great”?

No. 170073

Their penis or a shit male higher up.

No. 170077

File: 1637022139307.jpg (227.08 KB, 1920x1080, nancy.jpg)

Nonis is it worth it to buy some Nancy skins before she leaves dbd? I've been eyeing picrel, the pink cardigan and the ugly sweater, what do you think?

No. 170078

I barely play Nancy but I bought a few of her cosmetics. They’re really cheap so I don’t feel like there’s much harm in it, her stuff mixes and matches well.

No. 170167

File: 1637089568110.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, lbaz.jpg)

I've been really enjoying Let's Build a Zoo. It came out on PC a few days ago. I feel like good management sims are hard to come by these days. You can make hybrid animals too which is cute. It's easier to manage than Planet Zoo, but it's still has a learning curve and isn't too easy. Very cozy overall. Do any other anons like zoo/management games??

No. 170168

I ended up buying a couple, definitely no regrets they mix so well, I love it

No. 170175

I haven’t heard of this game. How does it compare to Zoo Tycoon? (That was my jam as a kid.)

No. 170184

AYRT, I'm a huge fan of Zoo Tycoon since I was a kid!
In Let's Build a Zoo, I'd say it's a bit more complex than some of the aspects of Zoo Tycoon. Personally it fills the same itch of just wanting to see another day and perfecting the zoo that Zoo Tycoon does.

No. 170280

File: 1637180766287.jpg (52.71 KB, 564x446, rune-factory-4-bachelors.jpg)

I'm playing Rune Factory 4 for the first time right now. I haven't decided which bachelor to go for yet, so I'm really curious who farmers like best.

Frey's armor is bugs the shit out of me. Between that and how cute Forte and Dolce are, I kind of wish I'd chosen the male protagonist.

No. 170378

File: 1637254491836.png (322.72 KB, 441x600, 3C58609A-ADCF-441A-913C-FB29E4…)

My favourite is and always will be Vishnal.
It's my favourite game ever. I hope you're enjoying it nonnie!
If I'm going to do an autistic husbando ranking:
1) Vishnal
Power gap
2) Dylas
3) Arthur
Power gap
4) Kiel
5) Doug
6) Leon

No. 170409

Frey is great and likable besides her weird armor. I like that she actually gets flirty dialogue options. Now if only otome MCs were at least a quarter as based as she was.
Holy shit, Vishnal as your best boy and Leon dead last. I thought I was the only one with that spicy take. Now it's too bad RF5 doesn't have a cute butler character…

No. 170516

File: 1637325568566.png (372.3 KB, 460x948, D04529AA-A6AB-459C-A1CF-CC9B04…)

Based! For RF5, none of the boys stand out to me, but I'm so happy gay marriage is finally in because this girl has really caught my eye.
In RF4, I liked Xiao Pai a lot and would have considered her if gay marriage was a thing (sprite swapping doesn't count). I don't mind playing as a guy but I prefer playing as a girl in games like RF.
I also agree that Frey is a nice character. I like that she looks like Miku.

No. 170560

File: 1637343353662.jpeg (139.63 KB, 443x454, 085BD28C-A03C-44BA-98DA-DD3FA6…)

Does anyone else love the 2000’s character designs… it’s just more whimsical than anything of late. I was reminiscing on old games just now and furiae from drakengard’s whole outfit is gorgeous

No. 170569

Same. I really love aesthetics from the mid 90's to the mid 2000's the best. Peak for me is anything on the PS2 for the most part.

No. 170586

Can anons recommend some visual novels? I'd like to practice japanese by playing anything that's non-scrotey or a dating sim. I guess Steins;Gate is a good way to start but what else?

No. 170595

The fate in house morgana?

No. 170597

File: 1637350028051.png (445.55 KB, 1001x551, womanintrousers.png)

Read a review of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and the dude reviewing complains that Sherlock "misgenders a transman". Turns out it's actually a woman disguised as a man, who admits this. Why the fuck would you refer to her as a transwoman in the review?! Glad this game is based enough to not trans someone in the 1800s. When women did have to disguise themselves as men to do more dangerous jobs and get more opportunities.

No. 170601

sherlock clocks her as female immediately and she doesn't seem to care about how sherlock refers to her. i really like how this game doesn't pretend racism and sexism didn't happen in the past and sherlock himself is unpc as usual

No. 170602

Cool, thanks! I added it to my to-buy list.

No. 170604

Sherlock is all about a keen sense of observation and seeking the truth. That is unfashionable and transphobic these days. An American studio would probably woke-ify the game and completely ruin the concept.

No. 170605

Isn't Sherlock a turboautist and basically a "facts don't care about your feelings" type of guy? Kek

No. 170609

He is that kind of douchebag personified!
And the woman isn't "trans". Fucking beardy bro reviwer basically just admitted himself that he is uncomfortable with a masculine woman.

No. 170680

>Fucking beardy bro reviwer basically just admitted himself that he is uncomfortable with a masculine woman.
Why are moids like this

No. 170689

Umineko is very long but worth it.
Higurashi is also nice.
Steins;Geit is good too.

No. 170772

File: 1637483517306.jpg (70.89 KB, 898x497, qrjqnzdzjel41.jpg)

I accidentally bought a hacked OP item called Viskam in Fire Emblem from one of the visiting online travelers for 1g (player added an enemies item through hack and attached it to online traveler.) I had it in my convoy for a while before using it lol the description is "a leather shield" though it's a magic sword with insane range and no durability. I looked it up after realizing I could kill anyone kek

No. 170778

apparently a lot of japanese people were mad about the male/female ratio in fgo, but like what else do they expect from a shitty game that genderbends real life figures and turns them into lolis or big tiddies onee-sans??

No. 170780

Remember when I said I would play Bravely Default and SMT3 at the same time? I kinda gave up on that and I'm playing SMT5 instead. I hoped I could have enough time to beat SMT3 before SMT5 but I only managed to beat Thor and I was about to start the 1st Kalpa, and then I received my copy of SMT5. I also received my copy of DGS1 and 2 on the Switch, but I'm European and it's an American copy, no idea if there are DLCs I'm missing because of that.

What happened exactly? I don't give a shit about Fate/Stay as a whole but the Japanese fanbase seems unhinged so I'm curious.

No. 170789

isn't steins;gate scrotey as fuck and full of waifus (one of them resembling a retarded child), which is why it's hailed as a masterpiece? IDK the plot may be legitimately good in some ways, but the vn wouldn't get the fame and recognition if it was otome. Fuck, all of the titles mentioned by OP have scrotey elements (Cafe Mort, ewww). IDK if op should play if they don't want scrotey shit (though I guess most vns either are scrote stuff or otome with more or less focus on romance).
Or I guess I know: I would recommend Club Suicide based on my limited experience (played the single translated) – great writing, interesting characters, psychological focus. It has strong themes of depression though, so of course it's only for people that don't mind that type of content

No. 170823

Why do you care if you don't play the game yourself? This isn't a drama thread.

No. 170836

File: 1637522097974.png (553.27 KB, 933x542, terflock.png)

Terflock strikes again.

No. 170840


Fucking kek

No. 170899

losing my shit, what an icon

No. 170988

It's hailed as a masterpiece because it's genuinely good writing imo, but I admit I'm biased because I adore both Kurisu and Okabe and their dynamic together. I don't care much about the others. I don't think it's a masterpiece but I can understand why it's important to people.

No. 172812

I am very much looking forward to Rune Factory 4 when it hits steam on the 7th. I had it on my 3DS ages ago and I put so many hours into it before my 3DS went and died. I would play it on a emulator but it doesn't rune well on my pc so hopefully the steam port will be better? I don't feel like getting it on my switch; kind of honestly hoping it'll go on sale at some point since I'm a broke bitch.

No. 172829

What emulator did you try? I'm sorry it didn't work well for you.

No. 172924


Citra nightly. It just ran sort of laggy/slow which I blame my pc for really since its pretty outdated at this point.

No. 172965

You could try emulating the 'special' version on Yuzu instead

No. 173073

File: 1638888304911.jpg (182.97 KB, 1000x400, UNI9jy.jpg)

I'm sure everyone who's into indie games already saw this but just in case I'll post the link to the World Land Trust Bundle


5 bucks buy you 60+ indie games. Of course, some of them will be shit but it got some good stuff!

No. 173097

File: 1638897130353.png (379.51 KB, 447x560, Screenshot.png)

I hate undercuts so much

No. 173264

Cringey casual here. Any recs for a good adventure game I can play over holiday break? I love all the "mainstream" stuff like The Last of Us, Uncharted, RDR2.

No. 173271

Cyberpunk 2077, Disco Elysium, Final Fantasy XV, maybe bioware trylogies (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) if you haven't played them yet?

No. 173281

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch, L.A. Noire, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, NEO: The World Ends with You and its prequel.

No. 173285

The hoodie looks cute though. I just bought the ugly christmas sweater for Leon on a whim and just now realized it makes him look fat smh

No. 173287

Seconding Disco Elysium! I'm on my second playthrough

No. 173322

Telltale reveals The Expanse game with my waifu Camina Drummer. I’m soyfacing.

No. 173327

I'm happy FF7R is on PC. That's about it.
May check out the Sonic game.
How about you nonnas?

No. 173328

noo they are supposed to be working on TWAU

No. 173329

Is it just me, or did a lot of the games they showed look the same? It seemed like every other trailer was for some gritty action game.

No. 173332

might check out nightingale

No. 173346

Game Awards announcements?
Not paying attention to new game announcements because I'm not gonna buy a next gen console so I'm just working on my backlog while waiting for graphics card prices to hopefully go down so I can play on PC.

No. 173354

File: 1639133135882.jpg (78.94 KB, 564x1002, ab55919f87d0fbbac2215e3225b63e…)

finally us pc nonas will be able to thirst with dignity bless

No. 173369

I can’t say because all of them were just
cinematics and actual movie trailers for some reason. Who even knows what those games are about.
It’s never gonna happen lmao

No. 173375

I hope modders will get a hold of it and give Cloud skimpy outfits

No. 173376

pls recommend some visual novels I can play on vita.

I don't get the sephiroth hype at all, the guys look weird.
I loved this game nonetheless

No. 173407

Saw this at VGA. So it’s like Monster Hunter? Open world, coop, insane graphics? No way it delivers right???

No. 173412

File: 1639182424254.gif (6.49 MB, 540x304, 1F3EFB8A-EF29-4CDA-A8A2-CCCC38…)

Yes Final fantasy 15 is honestly such a nice Final fantasy first timer game. The story doesn’t take long to finish at all and you level up quite fast which is nice for more casual players. You play as cute husbandos with great chemistry so it’s such a pleasure to just chill and go camping, drive around with music, cook some delicious food etc. I like that the game never makes you feel lonely too, there’s always new and funny dialogue when you’re just walking around. Scrotes hate the game because of the bromance but I find it wholesome. It’s also a lot better than what it first was at it’s release. Much more to do now and the different combat when changing characters during fights is so fun to play around with.

No. 173435

nayrt, but this game made me cry so much. i don't think any game ever made me cry myself to sleep because the pain was so real. and then i cried AGAIN because of episode ignis. i love these boys so much.

No. 173440

File: 1639222549126.jpg (40.36 KB, 527x396, 1605583902730.jpg)

Backlog anon here again, I realize how much time I spent playing vidya during the first half of the year, but since I quit my call center job and got another more normal office job I have less free time to play anything. I said I'd play Bravely Default and SMT3 but it's been months since I touched them. I started SMT5 but got lazy so I played like 12 hours so far and it's been two weeks since I touched it as well. I'm having an easier time playing Dai Gyakuten Saiban on the Switch instead since it's a visual novel/adventure game. If I beat both games before 2022 I deserve some kind of reward. 2022 will be the year when I'll mostly play JRPGs I already have and wait for Bayonetta 3. After that I literally can't think of any other game that interest me, unless maybe I get a second hand PS4 and get games on sales.

Anyway, I just finished the 3rd case of DGS1 and I've never been more frustrated with a case before in the series. It's obvious it's done on purpose for the rest of the two games and the second case also frustrated me with the culprit being like "oh no I didn't do anything wrong, I just accidentally killed a guy for the pettiest reason ever but I'm kawawi uwu so I should be forgiven, but it worked well on me. Also, Ryunosuke is cute.

No. 173446

File: 1639228273968.png (263.09 KB, 420x516, DMC.png)

I love dmc. I played on my playstation but I want to play on PC for modding. It's gonna be awesome

No. 173452

File: 1639234108133.gif (5.17 MB, 540x304, 5D1E27D5-3574-4BB7-AB31-702113…)

Same anon I also cried several times, love our chocobros

No. 173462

>nayrt, but this game made me cry so much.
That sounds incredibly promising, but… is the game typical Nomura/Nojima spaghetti plot bullshit? See: newish Kingdom Hearts games (post KH2, though the problem started with that game), most of the plot changes in FFVIIR, etc. I think the FFVII Crisis Core is the best example of everything I hate about those games. I really can't stand that crap. I'm worried it would ruin the fun.
Yoshinori Kitase seems to be the best FF writer, since he is responsible for FFVI and FFVII (aka games considered the best in the series thanks to their plot). He wasn't writing anything past that and it shows.

No. 173469

The plot is definitely a tedious mess imo, the DLCs don't help much with that. It seems like the key to enjoying FF15 is how well you're able to tune all that out and just vibe along with the characters in that strangely empty world between mandatory plot dumps.

No. 173472

The plot is meh but the characters and their relationship is written so well it's still worth to play the game just for that. Bonding with they boys

No. 173497

I wouldn’t say it’s as overly complicated and ridiculous as KH, just kinda meh. The real plot to me is the bond that you as the player create with the group of guys you travel the world with. So when things happen to them you really care, instead of caring for the love story that the plot tries to shoehorn in.

No. 173502

Agreed 100%. There was a genuine charm about the older Final Fantasy games that completely disappeared in the newer games in exchange for the Nomura-ian weeby fanservice-y bullshit. Nomura has an eye for visuals (he has a background in character design after all) but he wouldn't recognize good writing and plot if they hit him in the face.
Also, the franchise used to be much more experimental and varied (both visually and thematically) and nowadays they play it safe by either making a game about pretty boys and girls in a generic fantasy setting or trying to relive the Sakaguchian glory of the old games by remaking them. I wish they got a good writer and cared less about creating pretty samefaced characters. Scrote in vid summed it up well

No. 173532

I have specifically checked and Nojima already was meddling in FFVII. But I guess Kitase was the main writer and therefore was keeping his bullshit to a minimum.
By the time I was able to play the FF games (around FFX-FFXII), they were a shadow of their former glory.
>I wish they got a good writer and cared less about creating pretty samefaced characters.
This would make ALL THE DIFFERENCE for the series. Ok if you have got to, keep same faced Mary and Gary Stus. Please give them vivid personalities and stories, I'm literally begging at this point. Someone pull the plug on Nomura and Nojima, they've been ruining the franchise for ages. Imagine thinking time jannies are a great idea lmfao.
Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I think that FFVII Advent Children (or however it would be titled) could have been a good movie at least if someone competent wrote it. People didn't love FFVII for spectacular fights. I'm not saying they were not needed, but they shouldn't be the entire basis of the movie.
>Agreed 100%. There was a genuine charm about the older Final Fantasy games that completely disappeared in the newer games in exchange for the Nomura-ian weeby fanservice-y bullshit.
What would be the cut off point for you? Thanks for the video, I'm gonna watch it soon

No. 173554

File: 1639301664244.png (2.46 MB, 982x2338, XC2-Shin-artwork.png)

>the Nomura-ian weeby fanservice-y bullshit. Nomura has an eye for visuals (he has a background in character design after all) but he wouldn't recognize good writing and plot if they hit him in the face.
Not directly related but you just reminded me that I loved the characters he designed in Xenoblade 2 because they looked cool and had legit interesting backstories and goals. Jin felt like a fusion of Cloud and Sephiroth when it comes to his voice actors, his character design, his backstory, his personality before and after Lora dies, etc.but without the bullshit from the recent FF games. Imagine an unrelated video game being more similar to the classic FF games than the last FF games released these past 15 years without the devs even trying. Nomura should stick to just being a character designer.

No. 173572

Since we’re talking about the writing in FF, how do you feel like FFXVI is gonna turn out? With Yoshi-P being in charge rather than Nomura, Tabata etc

No. 173573

I'm sick to death of Nomura's and Tabata's writing and it's time to go back to the series' roots. I couldn't be more excited.

No. 173585

Huh, maybe I should play Xenoblade sometimes… How is the first one?

No. 173598

What a rare sight, a male Nomura design without a ridiculous amount of zippers and belts.

No. 173599

File: 1639325371999.jpg (104.88 KB, 1152x526, aerithultimaniaschemes.JPG)

NTAYRT but interesting video, thanks for sharing nonnie.
I don't agree with everything he said (and he speaks like a typical vtard) but if there's one thing he's right about, it's that Nomura IS a hack and a horrible writer. I fucking hated Advent Children and I hate when FF7 'fans' take Nomura's word as law.
I actually like the Remake a lot though admittedly I'm an Aerithfag who finds the idea of her time travelling to some extent intriguing, so I still hold hope for it.
I'm going to hold my tongue on a lot of things about the Remake until Part 2 eventually comes out, since I think that's when we'll really see what the hell the time jannies are really up to (picrel).

No. 173610

When I saw the kpop dancing thing during the awards my only thought was “can’t wait for the pedos to be all over this”. I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be about, looks flashy though.

No. 173615

Looks visually amazing but holy shit what an awful song.
Also agree with what >>173610 said. My first thought was that pedos would like it. What is the actual point in the game?

No. 173626

File: 1639338060850.jpg (158.51 KB, 1200x675, slut.jpg)

There's a playable character who, ironically enough, who's shirtless but his abs are covered in belts and he looks edgy as fuck but his personality is that he's a stupid chuuni with a cute Kansai accent so he's basically indirectly making fun of the Nomura belts. And he's not designed by Nomura.

No. 173652

xenoblade 2 was unironically such a trash guilty pleasure of mine, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone though because of how much of a mess the art is. half of the characters are so goofy but nomura's looked pretty good

No. 173676

>What would be the cut off point for you?
Either FFX or FFXII (Haven't played FFXI so can't comment on that)

No. 173700

I'm reading DGS1 at the moment too (currently on 5th case). The second case drove me nuts It feels like the original plan was for the sailor to be the culprit, sending his boa constrictor through the obvious pipes that you're not allowed to click on to snap the victim's neck (there wouldn't be bruising if he died that fast), and then framing the ballerina, but they pivoted at the literal last moment (maybe they decided it was too close to the original speckled band?) and ended up with a case that's really unsatisfying and doesn't hold together logically at all (even by AA standards-how do you faceplant into a bedpost hard enough to snap your neck and end up with no visible facial injuries?). It also felt like they only floated the idea of Kazuma dying by tripping over a small cat to soften the blow of him actually going out like a soap opera character (I saw a lot of people saying 'at least the culprit wasn't actually the cat' when commenting on the case)

I'm enjoying the rest of the game (aside from Iris and her hideous bobblehead loli proportions). It's very hand-holdy at first, but I think it's getting better about that as it goes along.

No. 173702

Also wtf was with them asserting snakes don't have ears? they just don't have an outer ear. Maybe that's not something victorians would have known about, but this game was made in 2015.

No. 173704

Can I read your spoiler if I'm in the middle of case 4?

No. 173705

Yeah it's just spoiling case 2.

No. 173707

File: 1639426172878.jpg (316.96 KB, 600x600, fghjklm.jpg)

Ok then I just read it. Spoilers about previous games: My opinion is that the writers knew what they were doing, but they half assed it because they wanted the cute girl to be the culprit for shock value but they couldn't commit to it, at least not for what's "just" the second case. I can believe Kazuma snapping his neck because he fell on the ground or on the bedpost, because that kind of thing happens irl too often but again, it felt like a pretext to make sure the girl was "just" guilty of manslaughter. It doesn't even work because she only feels sorry for herself while sometimes saying "oh, poor guy, too bad he died. ANYWAY feel bad for me!! Abloobloo I stole a shit ton of money from my shitty ballet troupe and fled and misunderstood a random harmless guy because I'm beyond retard uwuuu pwease feel bad for meeee" no fuck off with that shit, case 2-3 was shit but it worked way better at making me feel bad for the culprit. This could be some kind of set up and maybe related Kazuma's mysterious goal though? Kind of like how Mia becomes even more important once she dies, who knows. I've been told way back that DGS1 wasn't that good because was meant to have a sequel, but now we have the sequel and the first game in one game so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, the third case was REALLY good at making the whole situation seem really frustrating and fishy near the end. I'm really looking forward to what's next.

I could sperg about Ace Attorney for the rest of my life. By the way, I love that Capcom used the bootleg Sherlock and Watson's names from the Arsène Lupin novels, it works way too well given that the ones in the game feel more like affectionate parodies instead of just modern versions of the originals. It's way too meta too, since Capcom had the exact same problem as Leblanc did, expect Leblanc got told off by Doyle himself back then. I bet the very first Arsène Lupin readers were also making the same jokes about how "Herlock Sholmes" is a stupid name too after Leblanc was threatened with a lawsuit. I'd love an Ace Attorney game inspired by these novels and short stories, not counting case 3-3.

No. 173711

Spoilers for case 2 (in case anyone ITT wants to read it but hasn't yet):
The reason I assumed they made a late pivot in the plot is because the writing is obviously rushed leading to weird plotholes (why didn't she just wear the fake beard, or get the sailor to go grab her fucking cat? Why didn't the sailor clean up the other half of the bell? etc.) and because there are some things that seem like they should have art assets but don't and some art assets which are totally pointless for how much effort obviously went into them (the s-s-s-snake being the prime example). It just feels like it was stitched together from something else. You're probably right though, they wanted the murderer to be sympathetic but just couldn't find a way to make it work. It's frustrating, even she didn't seem to really know why she thought attacking Kazuma would improve her situation. Also 'I just pushed him and he accidently died' has always been the lamest shit. I'm hoping they reveal that there was more to what happened, we definitely haven't seen the last of Kazuma.

I really liked the culprit's design from case 1 (overall I'm not crazy about the character designs in this game though, they're a bit too professor layton). Thought the case itself dragged on a bit for a tutorial case, kept thinking it was going to end and then it didn't. Case 3 was fun, I liked examining the carriage. I like the jury mini-game too.

Is it true that they had to change the names because of legal issues? Isn't the character public domain by now?

If you like Lupin, you should check out the A.J. Raffles stories. They were written by Conan Doyle's brother-in-law, and they're about a gentlemen thief. They inspired the Lupin character.

How are you finding case 4?

No. 173716

I love seeing the members of the jury shit talking each other, it's really fun. As for Sherlock Holmes being public domain… apparently it depends. I've seen a lot of people talk about it ever since DGS1 was announced in 2015 and apparently it kind of is, but to make it short the Arthur Conan Doyle's estate (probably just his grand-grand-grandkids idk) nitpick everything they can to get more £££. I mean, it's like how Lupin 3rd was a popular anime in France long ago but because of the Arsène Lupin franchise not being public domain yet the main character's name was changed to Edgar, but nobody ever gave a shit in Japan because the mangaka and the animation studios knew they weren't going to be prosecuted for any of that shit. I don't know all the technicalities, maybe things aren't applied the same way in different countries even when the people who own the IP know about the characters being reused by unrelated writers and companies? I don't even know.

No. 173723

I looked it up, apparently a handful of the later stories aren't public domain in the US so the Conan Doyle estate always tries to make a legal case that media involving the Sherlock Holmes character uses 'elements' from these later stories in some obscure way. Apparently they've even tried to argue that media which characterizes Sherlock as cheerful and friendly is ripping off the last few stories, because he mellows out in them, so you have to portray him as grumpy or you're ripping them off.

I assume the point of contention was either that, or the games have a later case that's based on one of those stories that still aren't public domain.

No. 173725

has anyone here played the house in fata morgana? i just started the first door and it's kinda boring so far. does something interesting actually happens?

No. 173727

haven't played, but i remember an anon from previous thread saying on fourth door you'll be hooked.

No. 173729

Its one of my favorite stories in any book or game. You're still very early on.

No. 173802

I did the first door and the ending was pretty fucked up but i didn't care much for the characters. if it really gets better then i'm intrigued

No. 173814

to put it simply, you havent met the main characters yet.

No. 173822

NTA but this is why I hate most visual novels. They're so fucking slow.

No. 173837

I finished the 4th case in DGS1 yesterday, is it me or is this game shorter than the previous ones? I don't get why the cases are just one day of investigation and one day of trial when in the first game it was three days of investigation and three days of trial, and then it became two days for both for the rest of the series. Is that also the case in DGS2?

No. 173849

I like visual novels a lot, but I feel you about how long they take to finish. It's good to look them up on vndb and select the desired length or check how long something you want to play is so you can make an informed choice

No. 173861

Some recent firmware for the PS4 has been jailbroken, so if you haven't updated in a few weeks you can mod it. I'm so excited!

No. 173890

Oh fuck it's about time

No. 173923

File: 1639576182872.png (103.35 KB, 583x777, 213214.png)

In another turn of events, it seems that jailbroken PS4s can play the Elden Ring without limits and all voicelines from the full game are accessible now.


No. 173935

All visual novels are boring tbh

No. 173936

Im so excited for ff7r finally dropping on pc tomorrow but 70$ Idk man…

No. 173942

The amount of people I've seen defending the price for one portion of a game remake. Corporations really do inspire rabid brand loyalty.

No. 173953

70 for an unfinished port. hope it doesn't have drm kek

No. 173954

i cant let my curiosity get the better of me until february ahhh im so hopelessly autistic about the souls games

No. 173979

File: 1639601298622.jpeg (401.07 KB, 1920x1080, FGqDsT7VgAIJojN.jpeg)

Gunna lose my mind when Horizon Forbidden West comes out

No. 174090

How long is the final trial in DGS1? It's nearly 8pm where I am but I'm considering doing the entire trial in one go.

No. 174137

The new major quest came out in Warframe!
But now I have to finally grind out a damn Necramech.
At least I have all the pieces for Nezha Prime now~

No. 174169

ive been grinding ukko for 50 minutes and i only got 1 of the harrow prime relics
im going to die

No. 174212

You have a year or two before he gets into the vault cycle so you can take your time. Half my Nezha drops were from other peoples relics anyway.

No. 174214

Nobody answered me so I'll start the trial now and I'll be able to sleep whenever I want since it's the weekend.

No. 174226

i want to use him to play the new war! hes my favorite. i just finished getting all his parts after a long time though. now time for ranking the necramech kek

No. 174274

I am enjoying Warframe. I got a resource booster so my boyfriend and I just did void relic opens in excavation mission types since I needed both cryptic and void traces. We also finished four Warframes during our runs; atlas prime, Nezha prime, Vauban prime, and Nidus prime. We even got a harrow prime chassis piece. And because we did lots of void trace farming over the last two weeks we had tons of relics to trade in for ducats for baro stuff. I haven't started new war yet but that's because I'm waiting to see what my boyfriend wants to do before I go and get locked out of normal Warframe stuff for a bit.

No. 174397

I just finished the last case in Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1, spoilers incoming: I knew something was up with Kazuma, I can't wait to learn more about him and maybe also about Iris' dad. I'm starting the second game asap.

No. 174584

Last case is great, isn't it? I like cases where the culprit is a guy in a situation that has spun wildly out of his control I just started the second game, the pacing seems a lot better and they're really piling on the intrigue about all the unanswered questions in the first game.

No. 174587

I also started the second game so now I'm in the middle of the second case. I really felt like the writers added a lot of mysteries in the first game on purpose and the message in morse confirmed it in the first game, so I have a feeling the next cases will be very intense. Maybe Shu Takumi saw how memorable the original trilogy became thanks to how connected the cases were and he anticipated everything to make sure he'd make a coherent story with more than one game. About the first case I don't feel even remotely bad for the victim, fuck that bitch. She got what she deserved, the journalist was a retard but he doesn't deserve prison. Susato in the male student uniform was very cute btw.

No. 174740

ive done nothing but play apex legends ever since the pandemic and i need other games to play. its sucking the soul out of me and im smart enough to not give it any money lol. any recommendations for mmorpgs or any other multiplayer games and on god no final fantasy online i cant get a free trial account no matter how much i try

No. 174748

File: 1639994607126.jpg (41.73 KB, 600x337, your-boyfriend-game-for-androi…)

Did you guys follow the absolute shitfest that is "Your Boyfriend" game?
>Your Boyfriend is a point-and-click, erotic, horror, visual novel and a dating simulator game developed by Fuboo.
I like horror VN so I looked into it and watched let's plays of the demo 2 first days. The best way I'd describe it is cringy, edgy and laced with forced queer representation. The cringe level is even more damning when you know that the dev, Fuboo, is a middle-aged woman. The game development seems to be on hiatus, some people are speculating that Fuboo just dropped the game and ran with the kickstarter/patreon money, which wouldn't be surprising, considering the amount of drama the game got itself into.
>There were grooming allegations (apparently debunked) against her and her husband who are in a poly relationship
>The voice for Peter, main antagonist/yandere guy, said something deemed as transphobic on Discord and was removed from the game because of it (kek)
The funniest shit IMO is how Fuboo is super autistic about not wanting minors to play Your Boyfriend when the overall edginess of the game alongside its shoehorned representation obviously panders to an underage twitterfag audience. I swear, all yandere type games are cursed

No. 174749

Deep Rock Galactic and Gunfire Reborn are fun af with friends. Maybe PSO2 for mmorpg, it's free.

No. 174761

Please post a link to the let's play, I need to laugh.

No. 174768

Here you go nonny, this is day 1

No. 174771

and day 2. This one is way shorter because it's hard to find let's plays that showcases all of the different routes and outcomes since Fuboo takes them down

No. 174772

Good yandere games are unattainable, for real, is there even such a thing as a good yandere game? It’s kind of funny as well because how difficult can it be to write a yandere character? That personality archetype always attracts the most idiotic writers and developers for some reason.

No. 174782

I think it just attracts people whose autism is too severe for them to function socially, or people with autism with psychosis.

No. 174783

Case 2-1 spoilers She is, isn't she? I liked how all the characters were fawning over her as well, hope we get to see her as a lawyer again. The journalist did the right thing, he just shouldn't have tried to frame someone. It really annoyed me that he dropped the murder weapon, I wish they'd found a more organic way to introduce the pen into the evidence. I just spent the whole case waiting for the game to let me present the pen's ink chamber, which made it a bit harder to get invested in the case's twists and turns. It feels like we might be getting an alternative explanation for Kazuya's death (I'm still suspicious of those pipes that the game wouldn't let you click on) which is exciting.

No. 174791

This video goes into the development history of a ton of crappy yandere games. The genre appeals to underage twitterfags, so a lot of the people trying to make them are also underage twitterfags (or at least have that mentality) and are thus incapable of going two seconds without blowing a petty argument out of proportion.

No. 174832

This game has a lot of deranged sexual fanfiction on tumblr, they take off running even with the simplest, tiny amount of content

No. 174833

File: 1640039163138.jpg (98.32 KB, 520x738, bcf247f605d53eb2b47c8207c20053…)

There is some decent ones in otome

No. 174847

The Nintendo E-Shop had a sale so I ended up buying Rune Factory 4 for my switch lite. I forgot how much I absolutely adore the game; so glad I got it there instead of on my pc so I don't have to be sitting at my pc constantly.

Also I finished New War in Warframe and while it is visually stunning/beautiful to me; the story has so many plot holes I don't understand. I wanna farm for caliban but I also don't want to do it alone so just waiting for the boyfriend to get around to it.

No. 174848

hell yes, the riddle roseharts game is finally getting an official english translation! pre-registration starts tomorrow

No. 174914

Does anyone here play with psvita emulator?

No. 174917

The emulator only has a few playable games, it'd be easier to just put cfw on a Vita

No. 174918

only america?

No. 174921

Whats cfw? Sorry I’m kinda new to emulating games

No. 174924

custom firmware, and I agree with anon a modded vita is an awesome little console. I think pstvs are dirt cheap and can also be modded though.

No. 174929

I'm beyond dirt poor right now so it looks like I'll have to save up first, ty for the advice guys

No. 174943

yeah, just US for now

No. 175190

Who is he who is he who is he who

No. 175292

Kuroyuki from Nightshade

No. 175340

I often talk about my backlog to my friends because we're all into video games but one of them asked me how I can play so many video games despite being busy with university and then with work. So I want to ask you all, how many video games to you beat every month or every year on average?

No. 175342

between 1 and 0, and I have a lot of free time. But I play/progress a lot on mobile games (3 to 5).

No. 175356

Ever since I gave up on FE Heroes I play way more game tbh. I only play single player games with a clear ending, except for Animal Crossing, I'd say I beat between 10 and 15 games a year depending on length.

No. 175441

i just finished new war the other day too, and same, it was so confusing, but gosh if it wasnt pretty. i chose natah

No. 175461

does anyone else obsessively try and 100% games they really enjoy? I loved playing through yakuza 0 so I'm trying to get all the achievements but I can't beat the pool and mahjong mini games and it's driving me nuts, they're like the last things I have left too

No. 175491

I only beat 2 games this year and replayed 1, but I'm currently playing 4 games that don't have endings yet.

Only if I really like it and the achievements aren't too hard or require multiplayer.
Platted Cyberpunk and Death Stranding because most of the trophies were just story and simple grinding. And did a playthrough on the highest difficulty with Deus Ex HR and MD because I really love the games. But I didn't even try with Yakuza Kiwami because I knew I couldn't be bothered with the higher difficulty fights.

No. 175540

None… I’m more likely to have 200 hours in some games without ever finishing the main story quests. Idk if the gameplay isn’t linear and if there are side quests and open world it’s fucking over for me.

No. 175560

Same, anon. For me it's usually something coming up and I drop the game. By time I come back to it I've forgotten all the dumb arcane subsystems, the general plot or even how to fight and relearning all that seems like too much effort, so that's a restart.

No. 175620

I've started achievement hunting my favorite games in the last year. It started with Psychonauts after it got announced that the second one was being released. My latest finished was Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning and Okami. I need to get all the friends of mineral town achievements and then I might have run out of "absolutely favorite" games 100%. I really wanna 100$ achievements in the yakuza games but I'm so bad at some of the minigames it just isn't gonna happen.

No. 175636

Yes but so far I've only 100% 3 games in my life, 1 in 3DS, 1 in PS3 and the last one in PS4. I'm just too slow to commit to anything lol.

No. 175731

fair if the achievements require multiplayer it's a no go for me too
I thought the achievements looked easy for y0 and as it turns out that is definitely not the case
was gonna go for 100% in kiwami but I'm reconsidering that now after all this minigame torture
okami was the first game I 100% and one of my favorite games ever, so nostalgic
same I suck at the minigames so they took me forever to get through honestly was not worth it for the achievement
I'm slow too so I end up wasting so much time going for the 100% lol I don't know what compells me to do it

No. 175744

The very few times I've tried I gave up half-way through, either because that was too difficult or because I was getting sick of the game and wanted to go back to the main story and beat the last boss. I also never play online games, so besides games like Animal Crossing or the Sims most of the games I play have a clear beginning and a clear ending.

The few times I play one game for that long it's because it's my second or third run. I like it when games have a new game + feature or when replaying it is worth it.

No. 175833

File: 1640552083896.jpg (104.42 KB, 1052x1039, steamuserimages.jpg)

Say hi to my Dragons Dogma character. Her hobbies include tossing goblins and starting fires.

No. 175847

I love her

No. 175849

Shes amazing. I miss playing dragons dogma

No. 175895

is fata morgana a troon story? it went from possible lesbians to scrote love story to troon and i have to say i'm rather disappointed i haven't finished it though

No. 175904

Never played only checked wiki and such the MC is intersex male, but since all of his siblings are boys he was raised as a girl

No. 175906

I figured out it would have been from a moid's perspective so it can't be a real lesbian/confused troon

No. 175908

What are some games with political themes? Other than Disco Elysium, Papers please, and the Dreamfall sequels

No. 175909

File: 1640616446477.png (198.53 KB, 264x377, Maupiti_Island_cover.png)

Can someone recommend me some obscure point and click adventure games? I feel like I played all the known titles lmao

No. 175911

I'm now started the 4th case in DGS2. To the other anon who's been playing it at the same time: where are you at in the game right now? I'm obsessed with beating the game now, it keeps getting better and better.

No. 175912

Have you played Dropsy? It's a really cute-but-also-ugly point and click! It's a game I ended up adoring even though some of my friends were wtf'ing when I screenshared and played it for them lmao.

No. 175914

File: 1640620321967.jpg (38.01 KB, 640x480, catlady2.jpg)

Here are ones that I liked (no idea if they're obscure or not kek), I'm a horrorfag tho, so the adventure factor might be a bit down
>The Council
>The Cat Lady (mild horror, big depressing)
>Dreamfall the longest journey (and dreamfall chapters if you liked it)
>Sally Face (mild horror)
>Rusty Lake games
I brain is shot rn so I can't think of anymore, but I swear a lot of Nancy Drew games are so underrated kek

No. 175982

Detention by Red Candle Games. Or Assassins Creed lol
Nta but I love all of those. A few off my library
>Edna & Harvey
>Thimbleweed Park
>Bad Dream
>Puzzle Agent

No. 175985

Try thimbleweed park

No. 176038

File: 1640698256509.png (1.16 MB, 1490x1229, 6y0f0e9umf471.png)

have anons here ever been able to find a genuine woman-exclusive gaming community untouched by troons? whats the best way to go about it?

No. 176055

No. I only have female friends and we all love video games sonwe talk about it often, but we're not a community, just a group of female nerd friends. I guess this thread is the closest thing to a "female video game community" I've experienced to far.

No. 176065

No, it’s best to give up on that idea lmao the only way is to make friends irl and curate a squad who play with you regularly

No. 176076

There’s an entire thread on kiwifarms about yandere sim copycat games, it’s truly a cursed genre. Honestly a shame because the game initially looked interesting and fun.

No. 176159

Yes it was an active radfem gaming Discord server. I honestly feel like that's the only way to be safe from males if it's an online community. I found it through tumblr.

No. 176171

As someone who just got into SV, this looks really cute! And seconding on the NPCs, literally none of them sounded good for any of the relationship quests. Except for Pierre, but he's married.

No. 176193

File: 1640782681727.png (1.11 MB, 1024x768, white chamber.png)

I'm playing The White Chamber at the moment. I haven't finished it so I don't know whether I'd recommend it, but I'm finding the authentic early 2000s edge charming. Plus, it's free.

Sally Face started strong, but I've never seen a videogame plot derail that hard. It doesn't matter, but it also really bugged me that they kept calling his mask a prosthetic.

No. 176196

There’s some girls-only Discords that you need to verify for in vc. I was in one server for a while that didn’t allow troons to apply since it could be abused by moids. They usually state that in the rules so you can just join a bunch of servers and check do they allow trannies or not.

No. 176267

File: 1640817885336.jpg (41.6 KB, 277x260, 1455728369346.jpg)

I'm about to finish DGS2. Holy shit it's so good, everyone should play both DGS1 and 2 and avoid spoilers at all costs before that. The only spoiler I will give is this I can't believe Sherlock actually made me believe he was some lucky retard because of his first appearance.

No. 176366

File: 1640881569655.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

Can I hack my 3ds while also keeping my saves/data from my physical games? If I can do that I'll sell all of them after transfering, I aimed to 100% some of my games so letting it go kinda annoys me.

No. 176377

File: 1640885899390.png (75.97 KB, 914x529, garyu.PNG)

Ok you know what? I need to talk about it some more. Obviously, spoilers for DGS1 and 2, but also spoilers for the entire series: DGS1 and 2 feel WAY more like a continuation of AA4 than AA5 and AA6 ever will. Barok and Klint's backstory was clearly related to Klavier and Kristoph's backstory, but with a twist and way more detailed and relevant, especially when it comes to how traumatized all the people involved became. Asougi felt like he was just inspired by Edgeworth instead of being a copypaste of the character. Playing the whole thing made me feel satisfied, the only thing I would have liked was some closure when it comes to Barok being Iris' uncle. I want them to get to know each other, but obviously that wasn't possible on-screen since that revelation happened at the very end of the very last case of the last game. As for gameplay, the story isn't relying on supernatural shit like in AA6 thank god, and it uses the jury system, which makes sense based on how AA4 ended. It's like Shu Takumi had all these ideas for sequels focusing on the events and characters of AA4 and couldn't use them for the main series because some incompetent bitch became the main writer for AA5 and AA6. At least AA5 can be seen as a standalone game, the story is self-contained, it's fun even though it's straight up Ghost Trick with lawyers when it comes to the story. But my god AA6 is a disaster. It should have never existed, and making Apollo have 209279530 dead fathers, 9274095°085 backstories and making him fuck off to not!India was a huge mistake. All for the sake of keeping Phoenix as the main character of the series for marketing reasons only. AA4 made the mistake of not developing everything because of the lack of time to write and add things to the game, and pic related makes me think Shu Takumi probably wanted to have direct sequels, or even a trilogy. We got irrelevant spinoffs about Edgeworth instead and games not even written by Shu Takumi, fucking great. I want more well-written spinoffs by Shu Takumi or anyone who's competent and not the guy who's responsible for AA5 and AA6, in case the main series turn to shit later on, so at least I will have something to play. I'm posting the pic that made me come back to vent, I have no idea how to show how frustrated I am.

No. 176394

If you're ready to bite the bullet grand strategy games (not Total War games) are as political as you can get, crusader kings 2 is one of the easier ones to get into

Otherwise Splinter Cell, Deus Ex and Metal Gear Solid for blackops "plausible deniability" politics, The Witcher (especially 3), Fallout New Vegas and Suikoden I-II for war politics, Bioshock for Ayn Rand politics (lol) and Sim City 4 for city politics

The Chzo Mythos series

No. 176395

between 10 and 40 games a year, but that's because I don't play multiplayer games anymore (huge time sinks)

No. 176408

How long are the games you play? What genres are they too? I can't see myself playing 40 games a year because they're all single player games but they're kinda long.

No. 176412

Should work, I cracked mine after buying some games and I can still access the saves of the legit ones

No. 176421

Wtf you're a champ share your library uwu

No. 176422

File: 1640899973159.png (4.05 KB, 164x71, W2JqosA[1].png)

I play games of nearly all genres (except sports, tekken-style fighting games, grand strategy) with a bit of focus on western RPGs, which are on average about 50 hours long, but I've finished a lot of games which were about 10 hours long

If you actually plan to play as much different games as possible (for instance if you want to get some extensive point of view on videogames, like me) it's actually not that hard to beat 30 or more video games a year. The steps for it are :
- get a PC so you can play all games (a laptop with 8GB of RAM can run and emulate nearly all games released before 2012)
- get a lot of games (humble bundle monthly, steam sales, or just download them for free)
- actually finish the games you started and don't start too many games at the same time (3 should be the limit, with 1 exciting easy game like assassin's creed and 1 not exciting but good game like morrowind then you cycle between them when you get bored)
- play games from genres with short length (FPS games and point and clicks can be beaten in a matter of days) or indie games, which are usually short because lol no budget

I also collect a lot of "the 100 best videogames you MUST play" lists, they pressure me to actually play the games and not diddle around

I'd like to state that those were all acquired with steam sales and humble bundle promotions for a bit more than 10 years, so it's less financially irresponsible than it looks

No. 176530

Started playing Disco Elysium finally, it's excellent and it's hard to stop but at the same time I've been depressed for a while now and the themes and general mood of the game really feel like they may be making me worse. Any of you experienced something similar? Not being in a mental state good enough to handle it? I've played many sad games but never felt similar to this one, maybe because it's so bleak and down to earth with it.
There's something about the OST track linked that makes me think I could spend entire day listening to it, especially mixed with sea waves crashing in the harbor, upbeat but sad somehow. I love it.

No. 176531

Wowie and I feel guilty for having 200 with 50% completion rate

No. 176536

wtf I can't see myself that many games, not just because I don't have the time and money (although sales can be insane on steam sometimes) but also because I'm very picky. I've bought games I was 100% I'd love before and I gave up not even halfway through and sell my copies because of I bored or annoyed I was by these games. And on top of that I like replaying some games from time to time. I'd be too worried of having a shit ton of games like this even if I download them instead of having physical copies. I must have like 15 or 20 games I haven't beaten yet and like 30 games I dropped.

No. 176546

I had the same experience with The Cat Lady, I was depressed when I played it and was in tears for most of the game. If you feel like you cannot handle it emotionally maybe have breaks where you play something more simple and fun (maybe a game that you used to play as a kid)?
I love Disco Elysium and the soundtrack is indeed beautiful

No. 176561

It's totally understandable to feel this way. I also struggle with depression, but there are beautiful, uplifting, & funny bits to be found in the game, along with all the other stuff - just like real life, heh. It's also good to remember that you're seeing through the main characters eyes and he's a miserable SOB. What he see's isn't a perfect reflection of what's "real

No. 176587

I just finished my second replay a couple of days ago. I haven't played many games but this one is probably my favorite, and when I first played it I was pretty depressed but the game somehow made me forget I was depressed (until a certain point in the game, which made me break down in tears at 4 am). The second time I played it I was a bit sad as well, but the game feels so familiar, so comforting, and it has so many funny moments.
The music in the game is amazing too and I also feel like I could listen to it for an entire day, it feels sad but also comforting. Like warm sadness.

No. 176621

>it feels sad but also comforting. Like warm sadness.
What a perfect way to put it, it's exactly how it feels.

No. 176927

File: 1641163127129.jpg (172.07 KB, 1453x1500, 91CF1ohR35L._SL1500_.jpg)

Is it possible to buy a Rock Band 4 bundle without paying 500+ bucks these days, or do I have to wait 4 more years to get into the series when the new one comes out just so I don't get ripped off?

No. 176930

I guess this question fits well enough here: can anyone recommend a half decent poorfag graphics card? I'm talking very poorfag: ideally in the $100 range. I don't play any hardware intensive games really though I'd like my shit games to run at 60fps.

No. 176933

Wow, I didn't realize they were going for so much. I found someone selling on Craigslist a few months ago and got everything for $40.

No. 176979

im in the same hell nonny, i play too much apex, im not even sure why since im pretty bad at it but i find it weirdly relaxing

No. 176980

Lucky you, anon! On a local site I saw it going for $800-$2,000. And who knows if one of the drum pads is defected!

No. 176989

Seconding this

No. 177001

I’d say it’s worth it to eat bread and allow your budget be $200 so you can play eBay for a GTX970 4G or RX570 4G. Those will get you far. Alternatively just ask the nearest “gamer” for theirs. Pretty wild how many of them just have half decent parts lying around without bothering to sell.

No. 177013

File: 1641211964990.png (12.89 KB, 864x696, Ginga-Ojousama-Densetsu-Yuna-2…)

Anons this game - Galaxy Fräulein Yuna - makes me think of lolcow I love it so much. It's about an ~ordinary teenage girl~ who becomes a space warrior and idol and whatever and goes on an adventure, it's very fun, but the fights, where you can insult the other girls really made me think of lolcow. But it's a game for the Turbografx-CD console, if you want to play it but don't know how to set up the emulator ask me and I will tell you.

No. 177017

That looks so amusing. Gonna check it out

No. 177019

NTA but I'm sure that there is an anime too.
>But it's a game for the Turbografx-CD console, if you want to play it but don't know how to set up the emulator ask me and I will tell you.
Do you have any recs (ie what emulator to use and what settings)? I'm not bad at it, but it's always nice to hear what works!

No. 177050

What kind of games are we talking about here? If it's Lol or Minecraft any $100 card would do, if it's a more recent/demanding game you're just going to have to pay more to get 60 FPS

No. 177059

(No bully pls) I like rhythm games, Roblox, Sims 3, ps2 and gamecube emulation, Genshin, and Terraria. I'm very hesitant to spend extra money on a gpu stronger than my sped taste will ever warrant.

No. 177063

File: 1641246869925.png (49.84 KB, 300x200, ginga-ojosama-densetsu-yuna_5.…)

Yes, there is an anime too, and there are more games, I know there are two games for the Turbografx, and there's one for the playstation and more for other consoles.
There are more ways to make it work but on my computer I got the mednafen emulator ( https://mednafen.github.io/releases/ ) and a program that is a user interface for it because it doesn't have one - you can still play games by dragging their file onto the mednafen.exe but I prefer it this way - mednaffe ( https://awesomeopensource.com/project/AmatCoder/mednaffe ). Then you just need to download the game and a bios file (syscard3.pce) and place it in the folder where you installed mednafen in the subfolder firmware. That's it, then you can play the game. I think… I forgot a little but I think that's all
Also I installed an emulator so I can play the game on my phone too (I played it for like an hour and loved it so much I had to have it on my phone too) if you have an android phone there are many emulators that can emulate multiple game systems, I have Retroarch, you have to download the "core" (it's the first option in the application) that says Turbografx, and then you have to put the syscard3.pce file somewhere on your phone too to play the game, I don't think it has to be in any specific folder. Yuna's little robot fairy is so cute.

No. 177066

Given the scarcity of GPUs right now I think this will be useful for you :

Since any GPU recommended in this thread might be out of stock where you live, your best bet is to find a GPU -not- out of stock that can run at least genshin (your most demanding game) on minimum recs, as it then should be able to run everything else you play. Of course do check beforehand that it's actually compatible with your motherboard and CPU, and if you haven't already, that you've got enough RAM to run everything (you'll need 8GB at least).

Genshin Impact at 60 fps on a $100 GPU is imo overoptimistic, at least for the next 5 years, but you can always get a lucky find. It's however a reasonable expectation for all the other games you play

No. 177069

If that's the case then I can keep Genshin on mobile, don't like the pc controls. And thank you, anon! What's up with the shortage anyhow? Cryptofags?

No. 177070

covid related supply issues and cryptofags snatching up what becomes available, it's the new normal

No. 177075

I've been browsing some abandonware sites and I'd really like to download some older games, but I have a fairly new mac, so I can't run older software or software for other platforms without using an emulator or virtual machine. Nonnies, do any of you have experience with this stuff? Because I don't entirely understand it tbh.

No. 177084

File: 1641256919355.jpeg (91.84 KB, 685x960, 93E96037-4460-497A-8CBA-7B2A60…)

Replaying every main Layton game since Curious Village and I'm crying because of how much I love almost everything about this series. Such a good series. So much soul.

No. 177150

the games have such a nice and cozy style but ive never been able to play them because they keep filtering me kek

No. 177458

File: 1641435177019.jpeg (82.25 KB, 460x600, 9F4D4F77-650A-4803-845B-719FCD…)

Diddy Kong Racing is so much fun nonnas

No. 177460

File: 1641435821800.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1042, DarkSoulsIII 2021-08-18 18-59-…)

any vidya donutsteel fashion loadouts youre particularly proud of, nonnies? can be any game. customization is fun.

No. 177462

I got a big nostalgia to play MapleStory again. I haven't played it since like 2009. Is it worth playing now ? Has is changed a lot?

No. 177470

its a game that truly needs a remaster,

No. 177473

If Nintendo would stop milking Mario Kart 8 for maybe 20 minutes, someone at corporate might remember this exists.

No. 177481

You can play the 4 old classes but unfortunately it has changed drastically. It's fun to some extent and nostalgic but it's way easier to grind and the maps have been altered quite a bit. I'd say give it a shot. I enjoyed it for a few months with my roommate because we used to play it as kids, alone would be different though.

No. 177503

Please yes iconic racing game

No. 177520

Do you consider random encounters in rpgs to be grinding? I don't personally, but I played a game recently which was referred to as grindy in the few reviews of it I found, when my experience was that just doing the random encounters from normal gameplay levelled you up enough for everything, including the secret bosses.

No. 177546

It's not grindy as long as you don't seek these encounters. I think people don't even know what level grinding even is anymore, so they say that when they actually mean that the encounter rate is too high to their liking.

No. 177561

Is anyone playing Project Zomboid? if so, how good are you at it? I keep dying constantly

No. 177587

If I get a bad spawn it’s fucking over lmao when I manage to survive the first hour I get too scared to go anywhere. But it’s very fun lol

No. 177591

I've played this game off and on since the alpha and there are only so many times i am willing to lose my save to the god awful combat system, it was so much more playable before the 3d update, you'd actually fucking hit things instead of getting scratched and dying after missing 10 times. now it's unplayable and as laggy as ever but everyone is hopping in on it for fotm lel

No. 177623

File: 1641500580534.jpg (583.6 KB, 1920x1080, ss_bb426e3c51a76f0605cef625094…)

I really like the way it looks, but I'm not really into zombie survival games. It would be cool to have a mystery game that had the same style and environments.

No. 177943

I'm so burnt out from Prime Resurgence in Warframe. My boyfriend keeps pushing me to get all the Warframes each week which is fine because he just wants me to have a wide variety to choose from ability wise but man…I really don't want to get ember prime or frost prime. I didn't enjoy normal frost to begin with. My boyfriend is sweet though and says he'll farm me a full set of which of the two and I can farm for the other. We already have been Aya farming in orb vallis and man I'm stupidly happy DE finally fixed the data key droppers not spawning if you started bounties in orb vallis.

I'm also still playing Rune Factory 4 and got to rune prana and the difficulty has seemed to spike (I get it's near endgame but holy heck lol.)

No. 177947

I didn't bother after I realized how much RNG upon RNG it would be that first week. Don't feel obligated to waste time just because your boyfriend wants too.

Finally started New War and it's sort of annoying how much time they spent making up mechanics that will probably never be used again. Also they really need to stop trying stealth.

No. 177990

File: 1641650866765.jpg (193.53 KB, 800x826, 1482325098090.jpg)

if you dont do this already, find radiant relic shares in recruit chat when youre farming, it cuts down on the time you waste immensely

No. 178030


Tbh we just do a day off and on farming Aya and then we spend the rest of the week trying to open the relics with a radshare and it tends to work out well. I don't want to get frost prime or ember prime but I know why he wants me to get them and I think its sweet he really wants me to have a wide variety of warframes to play with. I'm just starting to get really burnt out which is probably more my fault because I've been farming for resources when boyfriend is working. New war..was really underwhelming storywise for me (not gonna spoil just in case you wanna stay surprised) but I loved the visuals. I was annoyed with the stealthy parts myself because it was boring and some of the bonus objectives reset when I died to fall damage lol.

Oh yeah we always do radshares for the rare/uncommon bits. I feel like we have the best luck with them on top of the extra chances of getting the rares.

No. 178041

File: 1641674301683.png (306.33 KB, 630x354, sabrina.png)

I bought a cheap copy of Harvest Moon DS the other day and I'm not sure what to do or where to start with it. I managed to get the credits 5 minutes in by accidentally letting the mayor be eaten by my fucking dog at the very beginning of the game, and after that I decided to finish games I already started before that one. Does anyone here have advice or know useful online guides?

No. 178044

Got you anon! Been using these guides for my old ds games, they also have guides and updates on new harvest moon games

No. 178046

>accidentally letting the mayor be eaten by my fucking dog at the very beginning of the game

No. 178053

If you don't call your dog off after the mayor insults you he gets mauled and you get a non-standard game over

No. 178079

I'm kind of thinking of getting Animal Crossing for fun/relaxation/something wholesome to play even though I typically don't like sim games. It's expensive though so idk.

No. 178104

It went on sale for the first time ever this holiday season. More of a "sale" than an actual sale but yes. I would say it's actually worth the money now with the expanded content and DLC but I'm severely burnt out on all things Animal Crossing. Great zone out game while it lasts for you.

No. 178234

Don't get New Horizons it sucks. Emulate the older ones instead.

No. 178250

What's wrong with it?

No. 178254

nta but it's Minecraft with animal crossing skin

No. 178262

Not even close, just because you can mod the terrain a little doesn't make it Minecraft.

No. 178335

I meant by that that you are playing a god instead of being a regular person in a new place, trying to make friends. It's all about creating a uguu kawaii island. The DLC adds some gameplay value, but still… Fuck New Horizons honestly and especially fuck the lobotomized villagers. I loathe what the series has become. Perfect for ~arsthetics~ obsessed retards

No. 178347

Which of the FF games is (You) and/or fujo orientated? Would I be missing out on connecting with the story (if there is an overarching plot) if I just start from those ones? I always found how many games there are a little too daunting to start

No. 178353

What do you mean by (you) oriented? You want to play with a self insert character or something more specific? FF15 is popular with fujoshi, and I remember when Dissidia came out how people shipped Firion and Tidus, and any combinason of Squall/Bartz/Djidane. I'm more familiar with the first games where the stories aren't very developed so I can't really tell you more though, sorry. All the FF games are independent from one another, unless they're explicit sequels like FF10 and FF10-2 and they all have their own different gameplay so start with whatever you think you'll enjoy.

No. 178355

>What do you mean by (you) oriented?
Nah no self-insert character sorry, I meant more like the characters having a solid relationship with whatever character you play as. The guys are hot from what I've seen.
>FF15 is popular with fujoshi
TY! I'll check that one out in the meantime.

No. 178356

File: 1641751870068.gif (383.34 KB, 540x510, download.gif)

try one of the older ones first to see if youd enjoy it before spending money on the latest. id recommend wild world since its the easiest to acquire and emulate and doesnt need high specs and its also my favorite.

No. 178394

Anyone have recs for SH2 and SH3 let's plays? I can't play horror games. I like a chill youtuber, but with enough commentary so I don't fall asleep. I used to watch a lot of cryaotic, before everything went down. Now I don't really know where to go for that kind of content.

No. 178401

ive only played SH2 so i cant comment on the third one yet but, i wouldnt really consider it horror. theres no real jumpscares that i can recall, just this overwhelming sense of dread always hanging over you when you play it, its a really unique experience that id recommend trying for yourself! but as for youtuber recs i dont really have any, sorry.

No. 178402

>overwhelming sense of dread always hanging over you
AYRT, I mean is this not worse? I can actually handle jump scares and cheap horror but not an oppressive atmosphere like SH and similar games. For example I gave up on System Shock 2 fairly quickly because it was causing me real anxiety and that didn't feel fun. Thanks though, I appreciate the response.

No. 178414

when i was first getting into silent hill, i watched lordvega's let's plays. it's been forever since i've seen them, but i remember really enjoying them and it was a big plus that he played blind. i still recommend playing sh2 for yourself but you could also watch the lp and then decide if you could handle playing which is what i did. good luck finding one to your taste anon!

No. 178423

File: 1641767501221.jpg (28.62 KB, 342x478, sh2_james.jpg)

Gab Smolders is good, her videos are chill and it's like you're playing with a friend.

No. 178426

Thanks I'll check him out. I've watched a full playthrough a couple of times, just been in the mood to rewatch it.
Thanks for the rec!!

No. 178456

u sound mean but it's so true. the villagers don't feel like before, now theyre just cardboard cutouts with a few spicy lines.

No. 178596

Nta but it's basically simcity now. It's nothing like Wild World or Gamecube which are the only two games in the series without world building shit involved. They are the best because they are in their original form and WW maintains the initial premise and focus of the series which is…relax and make friends. The crafting in new horizons just completely killed the series. Am I playing DayZ and trying to survive or am I here to relax and talk to my villagers? The dialogue has also gone to shit after Wild World which completely obliterates the purpose of playing Animal Crossing. These changes were made and added to appeal to the modern market. People have ADD and have to have 80 million things to do at once.

No. 178600

I am genuinely curious, what is the appeal of Rune Factory 4? I always hear it praised but last time I tried it, I had to turn it off because I was so bored and never touched it again. I didn't play for long. Plus the bachelors look creepily like children (except the wolfish dude) and I couldn't get into them. If someone can change my view that'd be great bc maybe I can get enjoyment out of the 40 bucks I spent on it that year.

No. 178614

Sorry, I genuinely was triggered because I'm so angry that AC has not reached it's full potential and what imho would be a natural evolution of the series. Imagine Wild World or the GC one but with modern technology and characters. Shit, I'm sure they could throw in more designing etc., just please don't get rid of what made the game special. It was supposed to be a small town life sim, not a designer game…
based, thank you for explaining like a sane person and not giant angry sperg like me (kek)

No. 178616

you shouldn't apologize tbh. people always sperg whenever someone calls out New Horizons and New Leaf for being garbage. i think people get upset because those are the games most players started with so it's all they know

No. 178660

>play smt 5
>forgot to switch up weaknesses
>have not saved in a while
anons, hold me. i'm too petty to play, guess I'll go back to smt2

No. 178663

the only thing cool about 5 is the gameplay, everything else sucks. guess this is the direction the series has been heading towards for years now.

No. 178666


For me its not the marriage aspect of the game that is appealing. I just love games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley where you look after crops and stuff. The story is very slow paced but there are 3 arcs if I remember correctly; but you don't have to rush through anything you don't want to. I'd say decide what you like best; farming or dungeon exploring (other areas will open up/be more accessible later.) Also realize that everything you do; be it eating,sleeping,going to the bathhouse, etcetc actually increases skills all around. There's also magic tomes you can buy (from a shop that won't be available for awhile) but you can also find them via exploring. I've been finding ways to keep myself entertained with it but its deffo very pick up and put down whenever you want due to how calm of a game it is. It might just not be your cup of tea

No. 178690

File: 1641873965920.png (1.25 MB, 2133x868, 403827023756.png)

I love how it incorporates the cozy homestead aspects of Harvest Moon with typical action RPG components. I know some other games do this too but it just feels more complete, because there's actually an overarching story/campaign and "improve the town" is not the entirety of the plot. Another big one is the monsters. You don't just have farm animals but get to ride, tame and fight with cute and cool monsters you gather from the adventuring. I like the dating sim aspects too, a lot of typical otome have very young-ish looking characters that's just anime styling for you. I would say most of the upcoming RF5 bachelors at least look like adults with the exception of Cecil. Maybe you're just not into the genre.

No. 178733

It focuses more on decoration and aesthetics than the actual friendships/bonds with the animals. And I don't think the decorating is even done well! Terraforming is impractical and furniture placing should be more like how it is in the DLC. This really disappointed me because I've always been into Animal Crossing for the actual animals themselves. They were my friends when I had none. But in New Horizons they just feel so empty, so soulless. I don't care for making my island look pretty if I don't care for the animals living on it.
No Nooks updates ever and worst music in the entire series imo.
That being said of course everyone likes different things so if you find the idea of decorating your own island and making your own outfits fun then you'll probably enjoy it nonnie.
I actually like the DLC (tho HHD is superior because more actual buildings), but the main game doesn't feel enough like an Animal Crossing game to me.
I totally agree.

Magician's Quest is a blatant Animal Crossing rip off for the DS but it's actually pretty good. It shakes up the formula a bit by having you go to a magic school with all the creatures. I recommend it to any anon who misses the feel of the older AC games. I really like the school setting in the game.
It has a ton of content and I really like almost all of the characters. There's so much to do in the game and a lot of the things in it appeal very much to my autism like the weirdly in-depth crafting system. It's a superior Harvest Moon in almost every way but animal care to me. Maybe it's just not for you nonna.
It's nice that they're giving us a wider age range of characters now. I wish the bachelorettes got some too. The only mature looking bachelorette is Alicia from RF2 and she's worst girl anyway. I'm so excited for 5 and happy gay marriage is finally a thing.

No. 178746

Yes thank you, none of the tasks you do feel like they have any depth, none of the relationships you build feel special anymore. I can’t bring myself to care about NH, even though I loved NL and WW (for different reasons). It’s like the sims, but with tedious resource gathering and more frustrating customisation mechanics (I know they changed some in the update but I haven’t played it)

No. 178748

samefag but also agree, music is really lacking too. Happy I could vent with people who agree about this game

No. 178752

Hard agree on your point about the music. It sounds like it's bored of itself and feels really empty and uninspired compared to the older games.
The fact that they've somehow managed to weasel their way out of having to upgrade Nook's is insane to me. Upgrading the store has been a huge part of the series. That they'd just abandon that element now is so weird.
The blandness of the characters really killed the game for me. The animals just feel like living decorations there to roam around your kawaii cottagecore aesthetic island. I miss all the nasty things they used to say.

No. 178822

I'm with everyone else about AC, I'm not much of a decorator just once every once in awhile, not this resource gathering. City Folk was my first Animal Crossing and I loved listening to them talk to me and others. I would regularly push villagers together just to have them shit talk each other to their faces. That's what made AC for me

No. 178828

i miss villagers calling me a stupid bum so much… forever mourning the loss

No. 178832

I miss the free NES games. Can you imagine Nintendo doing that today? Pretty sure it's like 10 bucks to play one on the current eshop. GameCube was also ahead of it's time, being able to trade things from all over the world without internet.

No. 178840

You know the solution nonnie
download dolphin on your PC

No. 178865

File: 1641963066194.jpeg (384.04 KB, 828x493, 72074CFC-8CD3-4A1D-AA50-07C653…)

I started Animal Parade and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I miss the 2D sprites, the town feels confusing to navigate, your character walks too slow (though I know you can ride animals later on), I don't like the lack of camera control and I don't like any of the bachelors, but I also don't want to play as a guy just to marry the bachelorettes who seem overall better to me. Chase is cute but kinda rude. I assume it's something that takes a while to git good? The animals are insanely cute though, especially the cows. I was tempted to name my farm Lolcow kek.

No. 178919

I have too many jrpg's I want to try but I know I only have the patience for 2 or 3 before I get burned out on them for a while.

>Also I sort of like but also hate the idea of grinding in them, it's fun but then I hate it after so long.

No. 178949

I couldn't get into Animal Parade either. I haven't enjoyed or been interested in any of the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games post-PS2/GameCube era. My all-time favorite is Back to Nature for the PS1. I love the 2D sprites and the pace of it felt just right. Stardew Valley is the only game I've found that scratches my BtoN itch… Which HM game is your favorite?

No. 178968

which ones?

No. 178977

File: 1642016241667.png (671.26 KB, 720x1138, Wizard.png)

This is my favorite 3d HM game and I definitely understand where you're coming from anon as I prefer the 2d games and the charm of sprites over 3d models. The town will get easier to navigate as you get used to it and the walking speed is good for the amount of alloted time you get in a day. Plus there are so many cute clothing options and this is the only HM where you have a variety of pets this wide. Give it a little longer! Chase seems to be one of the most popular bachelors but he's not my taste personally. No one captured my heart like Wizard and sometimes I go back just to romance him all over again. I desperately want to see him in some sort of form in another game. Happy playing!

No. 179036

File: 1642031787035.jpeg (133.98 KB, 778x1150, 1535A13F-751E-4E50-88C9-4A1984…)

I think I'll always have a soft spot for DS Cute and it'll probably always be my favourite. Trio of Towns was also pretty good from what I remember and had a lot of content. That's one of the newer ones (and technically Story to Seasons but whatever). FoMT also has a place in my heart. Though I admit I'm much more of a Rune Factory fan overall.
I'm still definitely giving it a chance. I've met Wizard but he won't really talk to me until I've gotten the Witch her things which I'm still working on. He's who I'm interested in along with Luke, because Luke is just so nice and friendly. He's really sweet and it's refreshing but I can't tell if I love or hate his dorky flame bandana kek. I've seen a lot of Wizard love and he is definitely intriguing!

No. 179038

My friend is watching that Arcane show on Netflix and I’ve come to the realization that the reason I never got into League of Legends (despite being interested in that type of game) is because it feels so soulless. The lore and characters and world seem like members of a huge corporate think tank sat around one of those long tables and came up with the concepts by saying “Look at Warcraft and Dota, how can we attract that crowd and their wallets?” It’s probably a tinfoil, but that’s just the vibe I get from the whole IP. Oh, and the animation style of this show is super ugly.

No. 179043

Great taste anon!! Luke was who I was originally going for but then Wizard came and stole my heart. I have a lot of good art saved of him if you're interested. Such good memories of going into the forest and getting him his beloved mushrooms. He also likes coffee and tea iirc. By the way, which girl are you playing as?

No. 179161

Can't really do anything about you thinking the style is ugly, but even if it's not to your personal taste Fortiche did a great job creating some incredibly smooth, detailed and realistic animations. I used to play LoL and couldn't give a shit about the lore back then, but of course it's designed to appeal to the masses, that's what big devs are supposed to do. But the show was honestly pretty engaging. Some of the characters are annoying (Jinx = manic misunderstood female Joker and Jayce = Cro-Magnon looking golden boy) but more so because I dislike those archetypes rather than the writing itself being bad. It sounds like you haven't actually seen any of it so you may still want to give it a shot. It's not a groundbreaking masterpiece obviously but I thought it was entertaining. If the concern about the game is the lore boring you then never fear, it literally has zero bearing on the actual experience of playing a match.

No. 179271

Well, they are the best! I'm playing as Molly because I think she looks dumb/ditzy but in a cute way lol. I know there's a lot of outfit customisation in this game, so I wonder why not hair/eyes too? Not like it matters to me much.

No. 179288

Anon, ever since I finished DGS 1 and 2 I don't know what to play next. This game is such a masterpiece, I tried to continue SMT5 and Harvest Moon DS but I couldn't stop thinking about DGS. What do?

No. 179300

Have you played the Edgeworth spinoff series? The first one sucks but the second one is good.

No. 179314

This is a Reddit tier response, anon.

No. 179316

NTA, but how is that a reddit tier response when it's just a normally worded positive opinion?

No. 179330

This might be stupid because pretty much anything that isn't an FPS or RPG would fit this, but what games do you like to play while watching/listening to something in the background?

No. 179338

I never played them but I ordered the first one and got my copy a week ago. I hope it's not as long as AA5 and 6 and it doesn't make the established characters too ooc. I know they've been written by the guy who made these abominations 3ds games but they're "just" spinoffs so whatever. Maybe I should play it and then just straight up play its sequel?

No. 179340

Minecwaft, MMORPG

No. 179344

Dark Souls 2

No. 179421

anyone else have a hard time with the ff8 combat system? I'm used to grinding and leveling up to the point where I'm op and breeze through the story but I can't do that with this game since everything scales with you so there goes my usual strategy

No. 179426

Spyro, sometimes Skyrim

No. 179428

I grind Warframe/Destiny and Genshin all the time while listening to Lets Plays or music. Any kind of game where you're just doing something repetative and easy would work.

No. 179457

File: 1642251359325.jpg (123.54 KB, 646x1024, Owotw.jpg)

this game was absolutely amazing

No. 179499

Nothing. A true gamer focuses all their attention on the game they're playing.

No. 179626

If you don't have crippling ADHD you're not a true gamer

No. 179627

File: 1642340061847.jpeg (63.28 KB, 256x351, 30EC964B-D86B-4739-95D4-0CF533…)

I'm going to put Amnesia: Machine for Pigs playthrough again while I'm trying to fall asleep.
This playthrough I'm watching is non commentary but the LPer does pause when reading the documents and letters, stopping to check the environment instead of rushing ahead. It's always comforting for me to watch. the voice acting and sound design are just inherently incredible to me. I get emotional everytime it gets to the ending where the machine begging Mandus to not destroy it, follows with a fizzling sound that almost sounds like a sniffle/sobbing, but clearly a sound that you hear from a steampunk train. This game sound design is smart as fuck and the voice acting direction in combination just invokes something indescribable in me.
And the story, I'm still trying to find the words to describe how I feel about it.
As someone who lives with depression for over a decade, and having my mental health tremendously set back due to covid, the hopelessness in this game resounds the emptiness/loneliness I always have. The need to end all despair because it hurts to see everything you hold dear will eventually get robbed from you just like how Mandus witnessed the two World Wars and saw the deaths of his children in the future. I love that the ending is grim but a hopeful message that we can still believe in people, the twenty first century we live in still have people fighting for injustice, for humanity's sake, for the fibers of our existence. We live in Horrors, and We will not become Pigs

I'm emotional again and just going to soak this in as I click replay on this youtube LP. Ugh, I love a good art game.

No. 179628

Do you possibly have the LP? I loved playing this game, but I would love to be able to just watcha chill playthrough again. The words you used to describe the hopelessness of it is exactly what made me love it so much. It gets such bad acclaim for not living up to the hype of the first game, but I swear if it had just been released as a game of its own, people would have loved it equally or more, even. The soundtrack is chilling.

No. 179629

Here you go nona.
Fortunately when it first released I didn't pay much attention to the receptions. Only recently when I listened to a video essayist included a short clip of the game's voice acting I got emotional again and decided to rewatch it.

I think being in solitude for two years in a round does make me appreciate these games more, like a kind of foreign language someone has spoken and only now I can understand it fully.

No. 179636

Farming or grindy games.

No. 179643

You describe your feelings about this game so beautifully, anon. Thank you for the link!

No. 179659

Hi nonnies, I'm in the mood for a tearjerker/sad game but I can't decide. I've heard good thigs about Lisa the Painful but I'm open to recs! I like any genre! Recs greatly appreciated

No. 179666

File: 1642368737210.jpg (242.13 KB, 1280x720, 2917937-screenshot0902.jpg)

Lisa is a good choice, my personal tearjerker favorite is Everybody's Gone to the Rapture; I feel like it kinda flew under the radar despite both amazing writing and beautiful visuals. It's a walking sim where you find yoursef in this village where one day everyone just disappeared; and as you go you get to discover little snippets of the stories of people who lived there and what they've experienced. Very touching and strangely beautiful insight into how one would face their own final moments. I have never experienced a story quite like it before or after so if you like this kind of atmospheric, a bit philosophical kind of stories, this one is a must play

No. 179676

File: 1642371855976.jpeg (133.24 KB, 1400x933, 190BC344-CDBE-4A3C-A0A1-50E93D…)

I played LISA the painful a few years ago (I think it was before Undertale). The general feeling I got from it was sheer masochistic- You get punished in every action you take. It's not the kind of dialogue tree in Telltales where all choices have one result (aka your choice doesn't matter). Because the choices you make in LISA does interfere with the gameplay mechanic and progression. For me it's a really smart game design, however the game has squeezed out a sense of Dread until the end rather than a good cry.

For recommendation, I know this game has gone under some controversy real people were serious involved and not the kind of petty "omocat is a scammer and her friends are schizo" like Omori development, just don't look up too much
Night in the Woods is a go-to for a tear-jerker game. It's still American-centric but the characters' struggle is universal to millennial players.

I'm going to check this out, thank you for the rec nona! I love environmental storytelling games.

No. 179731

What remains of Edith Finch!

No. 179763

Yes! This is a great recommendation, I bawled my eyes out. Sally Face is also interesting and has a lot of sad moments.

No. 179764

File: 1642415138445.jpeg (146.41 KB, 640x480, F493AF10-E5BD-4D41-B43C-5943C1…)

Rakuen, This War of Mine, Valiant Hearts, Soma, Last Day of June, To The Moon.
I personally replay Hello Charlotte series when I’m super emo but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea cuz well, it’s the kind of game that attracts danganronpa genderspecial kinshits reee

No. 179784

I started Ace Attorney Investigation, since an anon mentioned it when I said I didn't know what to play. I'm about to finish the first case, I hope it'll be a decent game that doesn't shit the bed near the end like AA6 did.

No. 179839

>Want to play a jrpg
>get excited and pick one to play
>get bored/burned out 40% into the game
>Give up and don't play games for a while
>Want to play a jrpg…..

It hurt's.

No. 179840

We are one

No. 179862

File: 1642452122036.png (419.49 KB, 1280x720, P5Iamthou.png)

No. 179867

Dota 1 was created for gamers to have fun, LoL was created was to make money out of Dota 1

No. 179868

The only JRPGs I was able to keep playing until the end were Suikoden 1 and 2

No. 179872

102 Dalmatians puppies to the rescue, racing games in general, (NFS series, Asphalt series, Burn Out Paradise, Street Racing Syndicate), snake game

No. 179878

I frequently replay Night in the Woods for the atmosphere and the music. I loved my second playthrough where I tried to find every secret possible and was delighted at how many random people and happenings you go through as you explore the town.

To me the game is sad, but in a very comforting way. Don't know much about the controversy, but eh. Not gonna bother looking it up.

No. 179892

I never cared about LOL for the characters or lore and never paid for anything. You should give it a chance if you're interested, the game is just addictive.

No. 179894

>102 Dalmatians puppies to the rescue
That was the first PC game I bought when I was a kid and I bought it with a copy of Who Let the Dogs Out lmao

No. 179917


Thank you all so much for the recs nonnies I'll check them out :)

No. 179920

I like how you don't even try to claim that the game is good or fun. It's a bit like recommending smoking cigarettes

No. 179968

I like ff8 because theres no need for level grinding, and I loved getting magic, summons and cards.
I love old rpgs but level grinding is the worst. Did it in ff7 before getting in the temple of the ancients and holy hell that was boring but i really wanted to have aeris with her last limit break. First time I played it I ended up in the crater with a low level party (and messed/swapped materias cus i was a dumb kid) and god, that was hard.
Also to this day I have no idea what ff8 was about, the story was kinda bad

No. 179976

Kek true it can be bad and frustrating, maybe because of that, when it’s good the chemicals in my apebrain really go crazy. We’re all just in an abusive relationship.

No. 180133

Nice! I don't know why but as a kid I was always afraid of the truck things that try to run at you and blow up, so I finally went and beat it, I still the first few levels had the best design but I'm I did it. Also Who Let The Dogs Out is still great to listen to once in awhile

No. 180286

Microsoft bought Activision/Blizzard for almost $70billion.
Wonder if they will fuck over Sony with exclusivities.
They already bought Bethesda and Obsidion and that's why I'm switching to PC as soon as I can afford it.

No. 180302

> Wonder if they will fuck over Sony with exclusivities.
which titles are you thinking of nona?

Back then when Bethesda was announced being bought by microsoft, there wasn't much panic and (people practically didn't care) since more people are gravitated towards PC ports now. Playstation exclusives are… fine, but the PS5 is coming down to a shortage (along with graphic cards shortage because NFTbros fucking it up for everyone).
What do you think? What's your prediction about the consequences of this buyout?

No. 180304

Activison owns Call of Duty, so that's a big casual audience that Sony might lose if the next game is PC/Xbox only.
The new Starfield game from Bethesda is PC/Xbox only and we'll see if the new Elder Scrolls also follows suit.

I'm going PC because I'm sorta looking forward to Starfield as an open world space game. And Obsidion teased a sequal to Outer Worlds. While Playstation has Deathloop which is also on PC. And Death Stranding eventually got ported so any further Kojima games will probably be on PC too.

No. 180358

File: 1642690933974.png (791.61 KB, 1054x788, B3573D7B-6C66-4F1D-9EF9-9F3743…)

what are your a bit weird/ugly looking favourite games?

No. 180360

File: 1642692392549.jpeg (431.95 KB, 1920x1080, 7C7A4C74-25CC-4330-A7A0-232529…)

I love Rimworld. Looks are a bit weird but man if it isn’t fun.

No. 180375

File: 1642697281576.jpg (57.06 KB, 460x215, header[1].jpg)

In it you're a horrific looking "clown" that has to make everyone his friend

No. 180431

File: 1642718296988.jpg (88.96 KB, 900x506, 8409327543.jpg)

The original FFVII. Pointy pixels for lyf

No. 180436

File: 1642723180147.jpeg (150.92 KB, 1813x1813, 3F4DA634-80CB-43D6-9906-5586B0…)

Any nonnie know if there are any downsides to changing your Nintendo Account's region for Switch?
A game I want comes out 3 days earlier in US than in EU, and I don't want to wait 3 days to play muh precious vidya when I'm already wanting to play it right now.
I'm trying to look into it and it seems needlessly complicated to me. I don't see why EU has to wait 3 more days anyway when the EU and US versions are identical.
I'm mostly worried about DLC incompatibilities. It's a kind of niche game series so I'm not sure where else to ask about this.

No. 180441

File: 1642726035450.png (1.26 MB, 832x861, unknown (1).png)

A fellow Rimworld player, howdy. Here's my pink bunny home.

No. 180465

File: 1642735147958.gif (6.47 MB, 640x360, lightning-hylics.gif)

people often say hylics is ugly, but i think it has the most beautiful art style i've seen in a game.

No. 180467

I remember when I first played it as a kid, I remember telling my mom how amazing and realistic these graphics were, kek.

No. 180502

File: 1642748468598.jpg (314.27 KB, 620x350, revx_1.jpg)

I unironically loved Revolution X on PS1 growing up

No. 180584

I forgot about this game, I love the art direction too.
If it's seriously only three days then just be patient, it already looks like you'll save yourself from a massive headache down the road.
I find the animation to be technically incredible but I'm not going to watch it. I tried to get into LOL in the past, coincidentally when Jinx was revealed, hate those sorts of games. I can't believe they took her and spun a whole gritty angsty story when she's one of those hyperactive manic crazy-girl characters, it actually made me realize I'm sick of this trend of dark tragic stories that emotionally exhaust their viewers over years to get devotion out of them. Why can't franchises be fun anymore?

No. 180626

File: 1642796878864.jpeg (46.76 KB, 900x506, 027B09D4-37C8-4DED-A5F8-89BF0E…)

>then just be patient
You want me to pick the hardest option? 3 whole days… I'll die from retarded FOMO

No. 180668

File: 1642809556121.gif (1.28 MB, 334x251, oCUnFW.gif)

The Neverhood, I'm a sucker for stop motion stuff
Hylics looks amazing anon good taste

No. 180757

Rune factory 4 and Warframe anon back at it again. Got officially burnt out on Warframe thanks to prime resurgence so not been playing lots. My boyfriend said he'd get whatever prime Warframes I didn't have yet that were left to get, for me. I've been enjoying rune factory 4's
Forging even more since I be stockpiled lots of stuff and am able to make good weapons now and am starting to understand things.

Seconding this, I'm a huge sucker for point and clicks and got it on sale despite not liking the art style originally but it grew on me and now I adore the game and even 100%'d all the achievements on steam.

No. 180805

I played the very first professor Layton game long ago and I thought it was just OK, but right now after playing TGAA and loving it, I'm in the mood for more adventure games with mysteries to solve. I suck at solving puzzles in Layton compared to Ace Attorney, Hotel Dusk/Room 215 or 999, should I try getting into the professor Layton games on the DS anyway? I feel like this genre is less and less popular these days so it's not like there's a lot of choice when it comes to new games.

No. 180808

File: 1642861459691.png (25.27 KB, 497x249, lol.png)

What the fuck is up with the DLC packaging for the Steam version of Hitman 3? Intentionally confusing so new players might want buy everything including content they may already own (FYI you don't need to buy the Trilogy edition or access passes if you already own Hitman 1 and 2). Such a shame because I've been waiting an entire year for this and I've heard that it's actually a really good game (at least unless you play VR, which is said to be quite glitchy).

No. 180817

>Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom
>Final Fantasy 12
>Bravely Default
>Shin Megami Tensei 4

I can't decide , someone tell me what to play please otherwise I'll flip flop and never finish any of them.

No. 180822

SMT4 is the only one I played among them and I loved it, so play that one.

No. 180824

All mid, keep them in the backlog

No. 180825

Will do, Thank you !
Ugh don't say that or my backlog will never finish.

No. 180827

File: 1642866776091.jpeg (60.29 KB, 800x480, 124F1B42-546B-468E-B923-2E95AF…)

Bravely Default! Good tier music, the characters banter are fun (though occasionally tropey anime crap, but well, jrpg be jrpg). Incredible world building and minor and villain characters are well-rounded. The gameplay is addictive & fun to experiment with different jobs. The ending still got me So emotional.

Never got to play Ni no Kuni nor FF12.
SMT4 is unfortunately the bottom of the list for me, the music is FIRE and the villain in it is one of my fav smt characters, however the experience in general was a chore to go through (story, character banter, tropey craps). It has good replayability, and can be fun to try different builds.

No. 180828

>and the villain in it is one of my fav smt characters
I'll put this under spoiler for anon since she hasn't played it yet but what villain? Pretty much 90% of the cast could count as being villains.

No. 180909

File: 1642888823616.png (7.92 KB, 596x354, Needy-Girl-Overdose_2021_02-02…)

Bought NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE on steam today - you're a boyfriend of a mentally unstable girl who just started having a stream channel where she cosplays as her internet persona. You've got to plan her day + be a mod on her streams (delete mean comments + choose two messages she talks about at the end of the stream) and the thing is you've got like 8 (I think??) different paths you can go like 'gamer girl', ASMR or going full lolcow. Enjoy it so far.

No. 180914

Thanks for the rec anon, the game looks cute even though it's obviously scrote bait. I like the art a lot and I've been itching to play more indie games, you got anything else like this by any chance?

No. 180919

Not much, got positive opinions about VA-11 Hall-A but haven't played it myself. Want to buy Sucker for Love: First Date once I get my salary later this month.

No. 180920

Nonna I love your taste in games. I already played VA-11 Hall-A but that First Date game looks cute too, thank you so much!

No. 180928

File: 1642892299577.jpeg (229.71 KB, 802x599, 87DD0D8E-3400-4666-982F-29620F…)

Professor Layton is one of the best game series of all time. I'm glad you're enjoying them nonnie!
Princess Maker but for egirl. Somewhat intrigued now.
Sounds similar to Princess Maker to me. You raise a little girl as your daughter and manage her schedule and there are a ton of different endings you can get. I've only played 2 and 5 but I'd recommend 5 since that one allows you play as a mother too and there's more to do. You can easily play 2 in your browser though and it felt more challenging to me.

No. 180930

File: 1642893889846.jpeg (273.96 KB, 2048x1714, D0661DAE-37F7-4623-85B2-9D96D4…)

I know it's way too early but when it's time for a new thread we should have this as the next thread pic

No. 180931

Sorry anon, I was asking if I should play the professor Layton games or not? Because I only played the first one and didn't find it amazing at the time but I'm suddenly curious and it's not like the genre is popular enough to get new games very often.

No. 180935

Coffee Talk is bootleg VA-11 Hall-A, it's quite pleasant and fun to play. Grab it if you can get it for cheap!

No. 180984

Kek have had this in my wishlist for months, thank for reminding me. Time to raise my own chuunibyou bpd-chan.

No. 180992

File: 1642914388319.jpg (79.85 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

AYRT, I'm surprised I never heard of this, Freya looks like an interesting character and the cafe aesthetic is totally my speed. Thanks so much anon!

Slightly OT but, I bought a ton of games over the Steam winter sale (most of which aren't even downloaded, admittedly) and so far I'm absolutely loving picrel. It's challenging but not so difficult that you can't beat bosses/enemies within a few tries, and I think the atmosphere is charming and the combat/gameplay is really fun. Also thanks to the anons talking about LISA upthread, I've been meaning to buy that one for a while. It hurts, but it's so good.

No. 181030

File: 1642925402234.jpg (518.71 KB, 1796x985, 5a4bee0d0ab3540315fa53f215ab0b…)

have any anons played milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk?

I liked it's atmosphere but damn does the game feel dated, just like omori iykwim?

No. 181062

File: 1642941366930.png (1.47 MB, 4200x3704, hitman_3.png)

Worry not, there's a flowchart

No. 181064

Got this recently gonna play it and let u know nonny

No. 181109

File: 1642955922846.jpg (96.85 KB, 1000x563, vol05_14_gl.jpg)

Finally got around to finishing DGS2. I enjoyed it, but I did have some mixed feelings. DGS1 is a setup for DGS2, but I don't think that justifies how bad some of the stuff in that game was the sequence of events leading to Asogi's amnesia and how easy it was.

DGS2 picked up a lot, but the pacing of case 4 and 5 bugged me. The culprits of all the mysteries are obvious Jigoku shows up out of nowhere with a suitcase that looks as though it was designed for the sole purpose of trafficking corpses and loudly announces that he didn't have to get his luggage checked at the border, the Professor had to be a rich Englishman because of the collar, Stronghart is just Gant, and there are only two characters in the entire game with turquoise eyes. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing since it's common in Ace Attorney games to know who the culprit is going into the trial. The problem is that Naruhodo flounders around in circles not really making any progress through case 4, and then in case 5 everything gets solved back to back without giving any of the revelations time to breathe. Also, fuck that stupid hologram twist.

No. 181120

File: 1642959423817.jpg (80.27 KB, 750x690, FJrxbKGXsAAYu1b.jpg)

Are you the anon who played at the same time as I did? About Asogi, I kind of agree that the whole amnesia thing was a bit too much for me, but I've read that Asogi being present in DGS2 wasn't planned at first and he was included here because he was the most popular character of the first game when it was released in Japan only so that explains it. I wonder how 1-2 would have been if him surviving was actually planned every since DGS1's development. I didn't mind anything you mentioned otherwise except the hologram shit too. I loved all the implications that Sherlock was pretending to be retarded ever since the beginning, it's more like the way it was presented that bothered me. It was a bit too good to be true coming from an idiot who doesn't even bother getting patents for his inventions. I wish something more subtle was used like with the really cute cellphones but video games are mostly a visual medium and the dialogs aren't voiced except for some very specific lines and cutscenes so everyone hearing him because of some kind of telephone like system wouldn't have been as impactful. I liked that despite Iris' status as a child genius it wasn't really that relevant and her having a phd was just a red herring for Mikotoba being the "real" Watson, since she acts like a child during both games. By the way, I didn't even notice the eye color because I played on handled mode all the time but I somehow managed to guess that Klint was Iris' father at the beginning or at the middle of case 5 before it was even relevant but I don't even remember how exactly besides the relevant dates being mentioned over and over again, but I was shocked I was correct.

Also, unpopular opinion but Jigoku looks kinda hot in that suit. I swear I'm not into old men though. We need an AAI like prequel with Sherlock and Mikotoba now.

No. 181125

Yeah that's me. I didn't really mind amnesia being used as a plot device because it's just something you have to accept in games like this, it's more the sequence of events that led to him hitting his head that bugged me (there are reviews that go into how nonsensical the sequence of events in 1-2 are, so I won't get into it). I was hoping they'd reveal the ballerina was an assassin trying to stage a murder as an accident (maybe in exchange for someone from the reaper network helping her escape).

I always thought Sherlock seemed more like a teacher trying to help his students come to the answer by themselves than someone who actually didn't know what was going on. The final dance of deduction with Sherlock and Mikotoba was one of the best moments in the game. I know it's a steampunk kind of setting, but it bothered me how much modern technology there was. It just felt like a crutch for the writers whenever they wrote themselves into a corner.

No. 181146

File: 1642965955344.jpg (743 KB, 1280x1595, tumblr_o1546x09Cm1ug7wa2o1.jpg)

I think we did talk about how Kazuma passing out from falling and nearly snapping his neck was kind of weird, without even being an expert in that kind of thing I can't imagine how that shit can work without him being physically injured beyond losing consciousness. Did Sherlock give him CPR or some shit? Would that even work? I'd imagine it's the kind of accident that either cause immediate death or just hurts you a little and you'd be able to get up less than a minute later with no in-between but what do I know.

I also started suspecting him in the last case in DGS1 when the blond pretty boy whose real name I forgot showed up in the shop. It seemed he was bullshitting on purpose. DGS2 made it a bit more obvious, especially when he says himself that anti-gravity devices don't exist, while still insisting on explain his shitty hypothesis. The scene with the floating furniture looked really cool though, the games used 3D way better than DD and SoJ. I guess I just suspected him of having other kind of goals, especially since the big plot twist in DD. The way his real goals was presented was really amazing though, I love him.

Beating this game a few weeks ago really made me want to replay the entire series. DGS1 and 2 had a few flaws but they're definitely not as horrible and disappointing as in SoJ so it almost gives me hope for an eventual AA7 despite Apollo's entire characterization being butchered by Yamazaki.

No. 181179

File: 1642971185708.png (740.66 KB, 1000x1415, artbook.png)

Also stuff like 'why didn't she wear the disguise when she visited Kazuma?' 'why didn't she just ask one of the crew members to get her cat back for her since she was supposed to be laying low?' 'how did he manage to grab her earring if he was pushed from behind?' 'why go to the risk of drugging an entire cruise liner of people on the off chance one of them would notice a small boat sailing up alongside them and be suspicious enough to investigate?' (in fairness this one can be answered by 'the crew are stupid'). I'm willing to be a little more forgiving about his head injury since the autopsy report was revealed to be forged so we don't really know anything about the actual state of him immediately post-bedpost, and they could have just used his headband and hair to hide the external wound for the photo.

With Sherlock, what I noticed was he always understood what Ryunosuke was saying instantly and never seemed surprised or defensive. He could pick up the thread smoothly whenever Ryunosuke corrected him, like he already knew how it was all going to play out. Sometimes he'd stick to his guns about the second part of his hypothesis even if it no longer made any sense because Ryunosuke had changed the first part. It's easy to get swept up in the flow of the dance of deduction parts because of how 'video-gamey' they are, but if you think of how it would flow as normal dialogue you can kind of see what's really going on. Everything else about him was a mystery to me though, most of the reveals with him actually surprised me.

It's hard to explain, but DGS2 felt much more like the original AA trilogy than the second trilogy did (I mean AA4-6), despite not having any characters in common. It's a great adventure game, my only complaints are pretty minor issues with the pacing and certain plot details.

If they make an AA7 I hope they find a way to keep the séance mechanic, it's one of the few things I really remember from AA6. It's basically just a better implemented version of the security camera mechanic from AA1-6, so it's not like they'd necessarily need a supernatural character for it to work.

No. 181182

Everything can be answered by this: the ballerina was absolutely retarded. Literally room temperature IQ. I 100% agree with you, DGS1 and 2 really have the same vibe as the trilogy, it's obvious Shu Takumi was left to his own device. AA4 was great because it was a nice change from the trilogy, the atmosphere was way more heavy and depressing and the fact that the story makes it pretty obvious that Apollo and Klavier kept being manipulated by everyone around them for other people's benefit was very interesting, the only real problem is that some parts of the story feel incomplete because of shitty deadlines during the game's development. DGS feels like what AA5 should have been if not for Yamazaki becoming the writer for AA5 and AA6, given the focus on the jury system as part of the gameplay and not just as a part of the story, Barok's backstory which is very similar to Klavier's role compared to their respective big brothers, etc.

I still enjoyed AA5 and 6 despite some glaring problems until the last two cases in AA6 and Apollo's shitty new backstory and him staying in not!India for no good reason. Yamazaki just put as many shitty plot twists as possible for the sake of meme plot twists, not to tell an actually good story, but he fucked off from Capcom, which is why I'm kind of hopeful.

No. 181184

Very cute, I second this

No. 181191

File: 1642975861628.jpg (130.91 KB, 896x573, FJuxMqDX0Ag6rMe.jpg)

I love her she could be both cow and browse lolcow

No. 181194

The sleeping pill thing bugs me way more than it should. You just need one person on this gigantic cruise ship in Victorian times to already be wacked out on booze or opium when they eat dinner and you've got someone dead of an overdose to deal with when you're trying not to draw attention to your ship. Everyone involved in that 'murder' had the IQ of a goldfish.

AA6's plot feels like a fever dream. The main characters are made way too important: they're at the centre of a major revolution in not-India after being there like a week. AA4 is cool despite a wonky case or two, but I still have no idea how the Mason system was supposed to work.

No. 181197

It's not even just that, suddenly we learn that Apollo was involved in that shit since he was a kid because of course he was, and the last case is literally a shitty retelling of the Fey family drama bullshit from the trilogy. Because if cours we have :
-the teenage girl who can channel ghosts in some capacity and who's the heir of her clan
-her older sibling who distanced himself from their fucked up family by getting a law degree
-the greedy piece of shit aunt who has no right to the throne despite being older than her sister because she can't summon spirits
-the actual leader of the clan who's the primary target of the crazy aunt, who goes into hiding from her own two children for her honor and safety
-dead dad who can't really do much about any of this
-the completely unrelated lawyer boy who's an honorary sibling to the teenager girl and her older sibling because of tragic circumstances
-the last case starts because one of the teenage girl's parents dies.

Oh and of course Maya spends her time getting accused of murder and kidnapped so she's back but doesn't do anything fun or interesting unless you get the DLC, and the second case was fun but Trucy also had to be accused of murder just because Yamazaki thinks heroines being accused of murder should be a tradition in the series, because he's retarded and has no imagination whatsoever.

No. 181208

No. 181359

Maya's family feel like something that could plausibly exist within the ace attorney universe, a trashy religious organisation full of backstabbers who seem to think they're above both the law and OSHA. We have those in real life as well, they're just not actually magic. It's a little silly that Maya's mother was still exiled even once Maya had proved she didn't do anything, especially when her aunt had committed murder, Maya had been on trial for murder like three times and Bikini probably had a bunch of guests die of pneumonia at her torture retreat, but whatever.

Nothing about Khurain feels like a real country, everything's way too extra to come across like a functioning society. It comes across physically too small for a country as well, I guess because we only see a few locations and they're all close to each-other. I know you have to suspend your disbelief for games like this, but it's hard to give a shit about the stakes when they've gone this far beyond believability. It becomes about this children's cartoon political conflict rather than about the people and their internal conflict. Like in 2-4, it wasn't about getting the international assassin, it was about getting the guy who put Adrian through all that shit. You just kind of feel annoyed that the characters you like have to go through this farce.

No. 181363

File: 1643031311816.png (150.78 KB, 256x256, Flying space whales.png)

I was wondering would anyone be interested in a discord or something for nonas who are into multiplayer games so we could find others to play with? would be fun and no moids allowed obvs

No. 181368

File: 1643033949016.jpg (63.1 KB, 365x400, 1470601487219.jpg)

I liked the Fey family story, it's just that I dislike how it was straight up plagiarized in AA6. I find the stories that are more personal for the characters or more believable way more interesting than whatever was going on when the writers came up with Khurain. Khurain doesn't feel like a country at all, you're right. DGS did the whole "characters go to a foreign country to learn more about the law" thing way better, and given how often Germany and Borginia are mentioned in the series before that they could have just picked one of these countries. I played AA1 to AA4 in French and they made Klavier be more interested in England than Germany so there's also that country too.

I saw a post on /v/ recently about how AA6 was less about lawyers doing their jobs and solving murder mysteries to protect their clients and more about lawyers superheroes using their lawyer superpowers to save the planet from evil and that's exactly the impression the last cases of AA6 gave me. AA5 wasn't as bad because even with the international super spy thing going on it was still a very personal story for Athena and Blackquill, and I love Blackquill. And even if it was very similar to Ghost Trick it was still a good self-contained story that didn't fuck up Apollo. Actually, I didn't like that thing with Apollo's bff being murdered because how the fuck am I supposed to give a shit about a character who NEVER interacts with Apollo on-screen before his death? Even the short flashback was uninteresting. Clay should have been introduced earlier and interacted with the rest of the cast from time to time before being murdered, it would have been way more impactful. I liked the "filler" cases more in AA5 and AA6 than the main storylines, I don't give a shit if that's an unpopular opinion.

No. 181381

File: 1643038140517.png (1.08 MB, 1561x947, what_happened.png)

We need to go back to the days of when male video game protagonists actually looked handsome and comparable to the likes of Rob Pattinson, Chris Pratt and Zac Efron. Today, these protagonists look like garbage.

It not just the wrinkles but rather the facial structures look ugly asf

No. 181385

File: 1643041401260.png (1004.84 KB, 1091x495, 1631200610187.png)

just look at this

No. 181394

Disagree. Chris looks fine. Young Chris looks like a dumb kid.
The other dude has always been ugly, no hope for him.

No. 181401

Feel kinda the opposite, I think Big Boss looks fine in both versions (especially since he is older in the second pic, plus there are some other shenanigans, though I'm not sure ig factor into the design). The other dude was bland and now is ugly

No. 181404

Did you draw this?
Are you a Slav and/or French?
Also both of them look worse now because graphics are more realistic

No. 181410

"lawyer superheroes" is a really good way of putting it. That's what I was trying to get at with calling it a children's cartoon political conflict and comparing it to 2-4. DGS benefited a lot from being set in London rather than a made up place because the player can fill in the gaps and using real-world elements like smog, bricked up windows and our god-awful street layouts helps ground the mysteries and the more fantastical elements. Khurain feels like a thought experiment more than a place.

Blackquills great. Agree about Apollo's friend. I think it's tied into them pointlessly making Apollo act mysterious/ edgy in AA5, stuff with him ends up being revealed too late in the game. The spy thing was really dumb, but I liked when you could see his eyes moving behind the mask, it was creepy. I actually agree about the filler cases. I never got why the goofy case with the clown girl got so much hate, it's fun, doesn't outstay its welcome and has Blackquill. The magic show case was enjoyable because of the setting. Would Rite of the Turnabout be considered filler? I wasn't crazy about the filler cases in AA5 because the villains were so lame, but I generally didn't find that game very engaging because of how hand-holdy it was.

No. 181428

>Rob Pattinson, Chris Pratt and Zac Efron
looks like a foot, has FAS face, has gay face

No. 181458

It's a sweet idea but I worry there are not enough anons in this thread and too many online multiplayers to actually hope even one person would happen to play the same game.
But if there's any nonna feeling alone in Destiny 2 on playstation we totally should find each other

No. 181465

Chris has looked different in like every single game he's been in, it's partly the graphics quality. But also he's like 30 years older in the second pic. And Big Boss looks fine.

No. 181466

I'd like that but I'm bad at every game, is that ok?

No. 181473

Males aren't meant to be that high definition

No. 181498

>We need to go back to the days of when male video game protagonists actually looked handsome and comparable to the likes of Rob Pattinson, Chris Pratt and Zac Efron
>Chris Pratt

The others aren't my taste but at least I get why they're considered attractive. But Christ Pratt is fat and below average and doesn't deserve fame. I will die on that hill.

No. 181514

I would ride Chris' dick at any age.

No. 181551

File: 1643117215750.jpg (133.44 KB, 781x781, tumblr_pachqd9eHl1vvo4n5o1_128…)

chris is just a bloated alcoholic. leon has remained sexy thru the years

No. 181553

File: 1643118415325.jpeg (72.71 KB, 750x1000, 5E36B644-3CFF-40E9-9F89-0E39DB…)

This is dumb and reads like some weird incel speak, you should be ashamed.

No. 181556

You repeat that betch

No. 181562

that's Venom Snake

No. 181614

File: 1643143912854.jpg (245.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nonnas do you know a website for your video games collection but not with a shit interface like MAL? I'm thinking more like Anilist that's visually cleaner and makes me want to look at it.

No. 181626

I use howlongtobeat, mostly to keep track of the games in my backlog. It looks better than whatever you just posted.

No. 181629

I use gamefaqs.

No. 181630

if you're on PC you can connect your other platforms to GOG Galaxy and it will show you all your games together

No. 181682

They actually have exactly the same face (as in, the same polygons and stuff)

No. 181719

File: 1643197247804.png (2.1 MB, 1035x961, galaxy.PNG)

I second GOG Galaxy recommendation, it's an app not a website but I think it's the nicest you can have, design-wise

No. 181976

Did anyone here play Gnosia? The concept seems interesting, but my god the art looks atrocious, and the problem is that it's more of an adventure or a visual novel so I hesitate a lot. Apparently it has a few non-binary characters too but I've been told it's some localization bullshit again and in the Japanese, original script it's some scifi stuff unrelated to current gender discourses. Should I wait before trying it?

No. 182029

File: 1643341346530.jpeg (193.96 KB, 1280x720, 2E8BCCCA-C4A9-467F-8545-3F3B1B…)

Pokémon Legends Arceus is pretty damn fun nonnas.
I haven't enjoyed a Pokémon game since XY (besides the new Pokémon snap, that's very fun.) It really does feel like a breath of fresh air and I like the new mechanics it's introduced. It definitely has more of an emphasis on the 'catch them all' aspect of Pokémon rather than the 'beat all the gym leaders, elite 4 and then the champion' which I prefer.
If you have the money to spare or are a pirate I recommend it.

No. 182036

I know you probably just started playing but is there anything more to the game than just Monster Huntering pokemon?

No. 182038

I'm only about 2-ish hours in but so far not really

No. 182120

is anyone else into oxenfree? i love the first game so much and can't wait for the sequel

No. 182141

I'm having a lot of fun too. I put in about 5-6 hours last night just doing side quests and exploring a bit and am about to take on the first boss fight. I love the transition into battle, everything feels very quick and the strong/agile styles do add a bit to battle system. I get startled everytime I'm sneaking around and some rando starts attacking me from behind!

No. 182148

File: 1643408843372.jpg (12.1 KB, 460x276, Venetica-006.jpg)

for some reason I always struggle to get myself to play new games, even though they look really fun, but I just always end up replaying old games I've already played. for some reason I have been really wanting to play venetica again, I played it many years ago and didn't even like it that much back then but I keep thinking about it.

No. 182172

File: 1643419376731.png (474.24 KB, 1162x1162, terrifying hellspawn.PNG)

I'm glad you're having fun nonna. I genuinely get scared whenever I see an alpha. This bad boy right here killed off 3 of my team. I think we're about the same point in the game. I'm excited to go on and see more Pokémon and mechanics introduced. The side quests are pretty fun so far, like the Bidoof one.

No. 182194

I played it a few years ago and really liked it. The atmosphere and aesthetic of the game were great. Feels nostalgic. The story was okay for me but enjoyable nonetheless cuz I love supernatural lovecraft vibes. Didn’t know there is another one coming out. I’ll put that on the list!

No. 182241

I remember hearing about venetica when it got released, does it do anything well?

No. 182311

File: 1643481759663.jpg (922.19 KB, 1200x1600, EGS_DiscoElysiumTheFinalCut_ZA…)

Has anyone played this game? I heard about it in some article and it peaked my interests, but all the steam reviews are rating it positive "because communism" which makes me think its for antiwork reddit scrotes and has cringe dialog. I'm down to play it if that's not the case though. I like detective stuff

No. 182314

its on my to-play list. ive seen a huge female fanbase for it including my own friends who absolutely love the characters. seems like a great game despite cringey moids liking it for the wrong reasons.

No. 182319

Yess! You'll like this game if you
>like narrative heavy games (don't mind reading a lot or listening to sometimes long dialogues)
>like RPG elements (XP points, skill building, customizing appearances, etc)

You know how in RPGs your MC can have a neutral, evil and good personality and this can influence your dialogue options among other things? In this game the same happens, only with political leanings, the MC can become a communist, a fascist or a pacifist depending on your choices. There's no antiwork narrative and it doesn't try to shove down any sort of political agenda down your throat.

I personally loved it, especially for the writing and the loveable characters, but there are also other things to love like the beautiful concept art and the soundtrack

No. 182321

You can be a fascist in the game too, nonnie. I loved it and I consider it my favorite game ever, although I haven't played that many. The art in the game is beautiful, and so is the music. The story is very well-made. I plan on replaying it for the third time in a few months.
It's a shame that a lot of scrotes like it for the wrong reasons, especially since the game is quite self-aware when referencing politics. Of course it's not surprising that it would attract the cringey redditbro crowd, since those Chapo guys voiced a few characters in the first version of the game. You won't have to listen to their horrible voices though, the final cut replaced them.

No. 182323

YES, I adored this game and consider it one of my favorites of all time. The theme of identifying with certain politics in dialogue is there but only in a very satirical way, it 100% skewers all of them. That aside, even though you play a middle-aged white dude the story is so, so human and touching and the world is the perfect mix of reality with surrealistic elements. The mystery aspect is good too. As >>182319 said it's heavily dialogue and plot-based so obviously if you're looking for an action game or platformer it's not gonna be your jam, but if you appreciate a good narrative and interesting choices, you'll love it.

No. 182324

It's an amazing game anon, if you like reading, go for it, so, so excellently written. I'm the anon who said earlier in the thread that I'm worried it's atmosphere is worsening my depression but I can't stop playing; finished it since then and it's easily on my favorite games ever list. It's definitely "detective stuff" but also a lot of philosophical and psychological themes. It has a huge discount now on steam so definitely go for it

No. 182332

Thanks for clearing that up nonas. I'm going to buy it right now! I love story-heavy games and RPGs

No. 182377

Just to clarify, this game was made by actual communists from an ex-Soviet republic, not Western """"leftists"""" like antiwork reddit/Twitter trannies.

No. 182379

File: 1643508275356.png (25.68 KB, 391x405, unknown.png)

I think I understand why men like the joker now. I want to try getting all the endings in needy streamer overload now.
Did anyone else play this yet? Have you gotten all the endings yet or are you working towards it?

No. 182382

File: 1643511386678.gif (95.13 KB, 696x455, ame.gif)

hey! still working on it but haven't made much of a progress tbh

the nymphomaniac ending combined with how glorified sex has become amongst zoomers, made me feel fucking depressed

No. 182389

How scrotey is this game? I really like the artstyle and these comments itt are making it sound very interesting

No. 182394

Nta but it's made by people who praise "muh suicidal Tumblr girl that hates everyone and is dependant on me" and NTR. There are only two good endings imo, both of which moids hate a lot. Don't want to spoil it for anons since they just started, but I think theyll figure it out.

No. 182400

NTA, but do you think it's best to play the game completely blind first and then consult with a spoiler-less guide, or save myself the trouble and just go with a guide first?

No. 182424

>actual communists
Soviets, not communists

No. 182454

No. 182456

I kind of want to play it because the idea is interesting and I feel like I may really like the heroine. The opening song makes me hate how scrotey the premise of the game actually is:
>A downer just for you, needy girl
>Break me, love me, forgive me, go crazy
>A memory only showing you/there is no God
>your own 2D girl
also, that random scrote comment
>A game about taking care of a mentally unstable girl….Intriguing and cool gameplay, do give this game a try!
I know that the song lyrics are supposed to be about the relationship between the streamer and the viewer, but of course, they also address the gamer.
I would love it if the game was written with women in mind and from heroine's POV. I hate that is some 'your very own mentally ill cutie to own and abuse' scrote shit. Don't tell me it isn't part of the appeal. Fuck off, I don't want scrotes jerking off to my miserable existence. Though who am I kidding, they've been doing that to mentally ill women for centuries while locking them up for easy access and control.
At least I'm wise enough to find the scrote fantasy part of the game disgusting and not 'ugh I wish someone would take care of and love me like this'. I'm probably still gonna pirate it and complain here because I want to form my opinion on it.

No. 182460

I pirated it idgaf lmao

No. 182466

Come again?

No. 182474

Pending any further incriminating evidence I'm going to go with marxists rather than communists, especially since residents of ex URSS countries tend to have very little enthusiasm in calling themselves communists

No. 182476

File: 1643560933408.jpg (5.58 KB, 225x225, 1628243910211.jpg)

what are good non-weebish games? i don't mind them being japanese, i just want to avoid autistic japanese behavior (k-kyah, we're h-h-holding hands! how naughty!) und shitty tits out character designs or scrawny anime boy husbandos. but i also hate stuff that's too realistic, like the witcher or assassin's creed. stuff like breath of the wild or fantasy life is perfect, but i'm so booored, i need something neeew.

oh and i have a ps4 and a switch (and a 3ds), but i can't play any pc games. help?

No. 182482

File: 1643562291286.png (6.22 MB, 2048x1536, 4104D8B9-CB88-4372-BD37-B8123A…)

Anyone else play pop n music? I play the portable versions and all the art and music is so cute, the first one is better though. I just love them it’s a simple rhythm game and I wish it had a better release in america, would love a version of it for switch.

No. 182486

youre just not built for gaming nonna

No. 182490

File: 1643562949220.png (122.91 KB, 230x316, 1624274029472.png)

nooo, nonny, don't give up on me… i swear i can be a gamer gurl too!!

No. 182491

Are you only interested in loooong triple-a RPGs or anything? Because there are a LOT of non-weebish stylized games out there.

No. 182492

tetris effect on the ps4…

No. 182493

File: 1643563752537.jpg (86.23 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

I recently played a game called project zomboid with friends and I was surprised by how fun and intuitive it was. It not too easy but it's not super difficult either.
You can't really beat you just have to see how long you can survive in a zombie apocalypse before you inevitably die and I thought I wouldn't like it but it's actually really fun. I haven't tried playing by myself yet but I read that the atmosphere gets stronger when you do.

No. 182494

I think you need to look into Western indie games anon. Lots to choose from there.

No. 182504

it's such a good game!! i also started with it pretty recently, the way the zombies are immediately on my ass when i leave my house gets me so HEATED but i need to learn to play better kek

No. 182525

>incriminating evidence
I actually said it as a good thing.
And whatever your idea of "communism" may be, Marx and Engels called themselves communists, therefore "communism" includes Marxism as well.

New Pokemon Snap
Ring Fit Adventure (allegedly fun)
Hades (has a Switch port)
Tetris 99 (free and very fun)
Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
Hyrule Warriors
Link's Awakenin remake
Bloodstained (apparently the PS4 version runs better but even then it has some performance issues)
>i can't play any pc games
You have a damn PS4 and a Switch but not a computer that can run games?

No. 182551

>You have a damn PS4 and a Switch but not a computer that can run games?
is that so weird? some people don't even have computers/laptops anymore because they use their phone for everything.

No. 182564

Well shit, I guess I'm the weird one here since I've always had outdated phones and PC instead of consoles.
I prefer PC because it can emulate lots of stuff, even if it's an old toaster.

No. 182598

Try Katamari Damacy on the switch!

No. 182599

Or Bugsnax

No. 182601

Console-onlys are the weird minority anon

No. 182604

nta but that's only true among geeks. having a switch or a ps4, a decent phone, and a shitty computer that can't run anything but minecraft is the norm.

No. 182611

Tfw my old normie pc could run triple A games on lower settings but shit itself if I install a handful of Minecraft mods kek

No. 182626

Trying to complete all the requests in rune factory 4 so I can do new game + basically and I can't for the life of me figure out which crops/flowers i'm missing for the "harvest almost every crop" mission and then I have to fuss about with the giant versions of crops as well for another request. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

No. 182632

Not complete console only, but my PC's like 12 years old and buying a PS4 on black friday years ago was way cheaper than upgrading it and the prices for graphics cards have only gotten worse since.

No. 182636

Hmm, have you grown all the fruit trees? Emery flower? Golden crops?

No. 182641

also you can always look through your shipping history!

No. 182644

The shipping list included at the shipping bin right? It's not entirely accurate cause I've ran through and shipped crops I got from the sharance dungeons.ive already tried harvesting stuff that had the lowest amount of gold earned accumulatively from all sales but had no luck.

I'm doing the "almost every crop" one that doesn't include emery flowers. I read giant versions weren't included as well. I've harvested one of every gold crop along with stuff from all the fruit trees. I'm just going through and slowly harvesting everything but man it's tiring lol.

No. 182710

File: 1643636341685.jpg (158.24 KB, 1200x800, ss_9b358510285a4b70e446237de59…)

i'm playing unpacking for the switch right now and it's sooo nice and cozy. you basically unpack and decorate apartments throughout a person's life after the person moved. highly recommend if you want something relaxing and calm.

No. 182714

Seconding that, great storytelling, super cute pixel art and such a chill game

No. 182737

ayrt, i just played the 2012 stage and i can't believe i got sad for her. i was so proud of her for finding a bf and then she moves back into her old room and you have to hide the pic of her and her ex. really goes to show how you can construct a whole person just by looking at their possessions.

No. 182744

I LOVE the subtle storytelling for 2010 when she moves to her boyfriend's flat and there's just no space for her there, you need to move things around and hide her diplomma, which she always proudly displayed before, you dont need to see anything more to know exactly what kind of thing she's going through, and all that just through a game about unpacking

No. 182746

pretty sure at the end too she's married to a woman, all the bathroom stuff is female.

No. 182758

I loved the subtle storytelling but holy gosh did seeing boxes in an empty house stress me out, that's probably because I've moved recently but it was anything but relaxing for me, loved the tiny guitar tho always looked for it.

No. 182760

ikr, i was wondering where to put her diploma and ended up putting it under the bed on a whim and then i was like "girl, dump him, no man who respects you would ask you to put your diploma under your bed" ngl i got sooo attached to her just based on the little information we get through unpacking her boxes…

No. 182797

File: 1643658797691.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1298x905, Untitled.png)

>the current state of steam

No. 182798

This game was so cute and sweet, I had so much fun with it. I don't think you can justify the normal price for how fast the game goes unless you're 100%ing it, so I bought it on sale. It's sad that they have no plans to add more content…

No. 182804

Recommendations are based on your library and activity dear

No. 182814

I don't know about that anon but I have kinda similar recommendations because I downloaded a few family friendly otome games just because all these games are visual novels.

No. 182819

Many otome games are tagged with "anime", "visual novel", "romance", etc. so the scrote-ass algorithm occasionally gives you these suggestions based on those tags because they're pretty popular or recently shilled games.

No. 182824

if you look at otome games subreddit, there is a group effort steam tag cleanup of scrote porn games being tagged as a otome

No. 182835

I filter out shit like this by blocking the "sexual content" tag.

No. 182836

My steam library consists of otome and visual novels, dear. Alongside typical AAA titles, dear. This is under the featured tab of the steam sale as you can see at the top of the pic, dear.

My exact problem. Even the character customization and female protagonist tags are being used as tags for porn games. Go look at the top 5 lists for visual novel or romance, it's all porn

No. 182870

My recommends had 'sex with hitler' as a choice, I wish steam had a non hentai option, not just sc because even some normal games have sc, but straight up hentai should be able to be filtered.

No. 182921

And now Sony bought Bungie. At least they're letting them still be independent and multi-platform. I play Destiny on PS4 anyway but might want to switch to PC depending on how long it lasts.
Wonder if there are any more big deals in the works?

No. 182942

hard to say since I played it in 2014, but as far as I remember it was a decent game

No. 182945

I believe they will keep Destiny multiplattform but also have Bungie develop another halo clone for their consoles.

They said they had more deals in the works, well see whos next (please buy bioware hahaha)

No. 182951

I'm never going to forgive Bioware for Mass Effect 3.

No. 182962

Any anons here played any of the Atelier games?

No. 182963

File: 1643704662016.jpeg (106.88 KB, 1920x1080, BCD7242A-A181-4295-9524-71E250…)

So excited for the new 3D Kirby game. It looks amazing! Kirby never, ever gets old.

No. 182971

>otome and visual novels
Dearest nonna,
You are actually agreeing with me. Furthermore, you wouldn't see any of those games if you hadn't purposely ticked the "Adult Only Sexual Content" box in the store content preferences options
Kindest regards

No. 183008

File: 1643719978906.png (9.14 KB, 631x169, JHgtjNL.png)

You can fine tune which content you don't want to see with the tag exclusion option. While excluding "nudity" would remove a lot of normal games, excluding "NSFW" or "hentai" should achieve what you want to do

No. 183026

File: 1643723938011.jpg (145.04 KB, 921x566, 9632.jpg)

Hunting shinies is pretty easy now. I got these in like 2 and a half hours using mass breakouts and respawning them if they didn't have a shiny. Odds are something like 1/150.

No. 183073

File: 1643735665906.jpg (581.57 KB, 636x572, crystalclear.jpg)

Idk if anyone here is into Pokemon G/S/C but there's a rom I've been playing lately that's super comfy called Pokemon Crystal Clear. It's a Crystal hack that turns the game into a free-roaming one, lets you choose an avatar and customize its colors, explore new areas, have a Pokemon follow you, among many other things. It's also got a chaining feature that makes it easier to catch shinies. It's also got (IMO the best feature) hidden "palettes" for Pokemon, based on their IVs and the nickname you give them. So like you catch a Vulpix with certain IVs and name it "Snowy", it becomes a pale icy blue color. I fucking love this hack, it's so fun and relaxing.

No. 183075

LOL what you didn't like the "different-colored laser" ending? C'mon that was genius writing! That and shoehorning in "I'M GAAAAAY" at every chance!

No. 183083

File: 1643737369618.jpg (57.47 KB, 480x270, Thanatos_P4A.jpg)

reminds me of middens

No. 183167

Thank you so much.

No. 183380

Ok and today I got full odds Starly and Bidoof??? I'm addicted to these shinies

No. 183404

thanks for the rec anon, I love pokemon crystal. this looks like so much fun.

No. 183741

File: 1643843862771.jpg (652.46 KB, 1357x1920, 20220129_081536.jpg)

Just finished it, I sadly got the sex ending because I wanted to reduce her stress asap and was close to 1million subs…but I felt disgusted because she seems way too young. The scrote that our player character is grosses me out, her tweets reveal that he smokes weed and annoys her even if I picked the most pampering options.

It reminded me how fucking sad and exhausting being a streamer or youtuber is, especially when my favourites start pumping out soulless videos daily and doing cheap sponsorships. Also Kevin just played it so it sure blew up.

No. 183750

Did you get the secret, true ending? If no, I suggest you do. Or watch it all on youtube

No. 183758

Will do tomorrow, now I'm curious

No. 183759

Thank you so much for the rec nonnie, I absolutely adore this hack. I'm making my own trainer now to inject in too.

No. 183762

Rune Factory 4 anon here again. I got the "almost every crop except emery flowers" request done. Not sure if it was from the batch of flowers I was harvesting in an attempt to see if they completed the request or if me finally getting Glitta Augite was the thing to finish the request. Now to focus on making giant crops for the "harvest everything" request.

No. 183763

File: 1643849791537.jpg (1.54 MB, 1990x1370, d.jpg)

how are you liking it anon? i love DE so much.

No. 183764

You’re literally so cute

No. 183789

File: 1643857301779.jpg (176 KB, 1029x583, hypnospace.jpg)

love going on a powertrip on hypnospace outlaw

No. 183807

File: 1643862921538.jpg (192.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

oh my god hypnospace outlaw is the comfiest game i have ever played, i love it so much, so dearly

and i wish squisherz were real

No. 183815

Curious of your thoughts!

No. 183853

File: 1643873244851.png (3.77 MB, 1300x1841, 3420419.png)

i finally added a 2nd nintendo account to my switch and started a new botw save file. now that i'm not scared shitless at everything (like back when i first played it a few years ago) it's sooo much fun right from the beginning. also hilarious how enemies attack you and you just grab their weapon when they drop it and beat them with it. but i keep forgetting that i don't have the paraglider yet so i keep accidentally splatting by jumping off of high places kek.

No. 183878

File: 1643888318213.jpg (521.97 KB, 1920x1080, demonturf.jpg)

Has anyone here played Demon Turf? I watched the trailer for it and I was impressed by the graphics, they are some of the most unique I've seen in a long time. I also think the platforming and combat seems fun. But I'm not sure if I should buy something different or wait for the new Kirby. Other games I'm consider are No More Heroes 3, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Rescue Team DX, the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy, or Immortals Fenyx Rising™ (especially because it's on sale right now for super cheap)

No. 183896

File: 1643894863920.png (117.77 KB, 476x588, Untitled.png)

gonna be honest this looks ugly as hell to me and i never trust a male dev who's made a young female protag in this sort of way so i scoped out his twitter for creep vibes. i get a bad feeling from this one. sometimes you can just tell that a guy made something for the sole purpose of hoping he gets rule34 out of it.

No. 183907

Wow it's fucking nothing?

No. 183935

Can anyone give some recs for Japanese games that have a great female cast? By this I mean they have their own motivations, purpose, and are either mentally or physically strong. I don't even care if their designs are sexy/coomerbait, as long as they aren't actually sexualized by other characters ingame or put in uncomfortable sexual situations (hate this shit). I really like any genre, but action games and simulation games are my favorite. It has to be Japanese because western shit offends me on a physical level (I hate looking at ugly moids, kek)

No. 183937

okay, makoto sanada is 100% a woman, right?

No. 183939

That's a hard one but maybe you'd like Tales of Berseria. The only bad part about velvet is her outfit, which you can replace as you get titles.

No. 183948

Drakengard 3. They are sexualized but the game is an exclusively female driven story, the protagonist and antagonists are all women and their drives are not related to men. There are some coomer males but they get made fun of and are basically slaves to the MC. One of my favorite games.

No. 183991

Playing Drakengard rn and I cannot wait until I play Drakengard 3. I plan to skip 2 for obvious reasons.
I'm concerned about 1 thing about D3:
>is it true that one of the villains has a 1000 years old shots as her fucktoy? Because ew

No. 184048

I recall Suikoden III being pretty good about this. Chris (one of the main characters) is a knight captain and basically revered as a hero. Suikoden is known for its huge cast and I can remember quite a few cool women among the companions. In a similar "gotta catch em all" companion game, Radiata Stories was very underrated and has a good female lead/female companions.

Maybe too obvious but all of the Final Fantasy games are pretty great. If you want girls only then there's X-2. They do have sexy outfits depending on which classes/dress spheres you're using but I can't think of anything coomerish in the story itself. Actually there is one "massage" mini game with the big boobie villainess that's somewhat suggestive but nothing sexual is actually happening.

No. 184184

Glad to spread the fun around! (I have like 3 separate games going at the same time lol help)

No. 184230

File: 1643976153118.jpg (65.04 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Was this really necessary? Heard it's really buggy too.

No. 184231

File: 1643976281593.png (182.18 KB, 332x340, ghostwire.png)

We have a release date!

No. 184233

I love it! I'm downloading it, can't wait

No. 184234

File: 1643976452199.png (138.24 KB, 331x381, stalker.png)

Also STALKER 2 was delayed

No. 184236

Understandably so

No. 184237

I just hope the game will be good and worth the wait.

No. 184260

File: 1643982290254.jpg (14.32 KB, 236x214, pobrane (1).jpg)

I would love to recommend Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Prism, an entirely new games built using Crystal as a base. They have completely new regions! I played Prism (haven't finished it due to unrelated reasons) and loved it so much.
I will give the Crystal mod a shot too! I'm sorry to say that I have failed to get attached to any Pokemon game beyond the first two generations.

No. 184263

File: 1643983138819.png (3.35 KB, 160x144, Pokemon_Prism_04.png)

>This fan game is a hack of Pokémon Crystal featuring around 252 Pokémon from Gens 1-4 along with Sylveon from Gen 6. It also incorporates elements from post Gen 2 games such as abilities, items and the special split.
>Like many Pokémon games, the story is simple. While in an unknown region, the son/daughter of Champion Lance ends up in the region of Naljo due to an earthquake that splits the trainer up from his/her mother. You then head off the collect the eight badges to challenge the Pokémon League. While this premise is standard and familiar, the journey puts a new spin on the formula. Prism allows you to do something you typically never could do in the mainline Pokémon games: play as the Pokémon themselves. In the first segment of the game you come across your starter a Rock/Ground Larvitar and navigate a cave as it until you eventually keep it permanently. There a few more parts of this game where you get to play as Pokémon. You’ll battle wild Pokémon, talk to other Pokémon and solve puzzles. They offer a nice change of pace from entering towns, fighting the gym leader and fighting trainers on routes, but there is one part that involves Magikarp in which I found frustrating.
>As a hack of Pokémon Crystal, considerable changes have been made. Aside from the obvious map layout, as mentioned in the introduction, mechanics and Pokémon have been added from later generations. One of the notable ones is character customization introduced in Pokémon X & Y. When starting the game you get to choose your gender, skin tone and hairstyle. The color of the hair and clothes can be changed, but are linked together. They look funny in the sprites, but there are more skin tone options in Prism than in Pokémon Sun & Moon.
>A cool addition, in my opinion is the orphanage which allows you to donate Pokémon for points and you can use those points to adopt a Pokémon that you can’t get in the wild.

No. 184282

File: 1643988794395.gif (1.37 MB, 240x160, 9CjQzwB.gif)

That's so cool! I love how you can play as a pokemon too. I will try that out too. I downloaded Pokemon Crystal Clear but then I realized I miss the beautiful graphics of Pokemon R/S/E, so I looked for hacks for those games, and I downloaded Pokemon ROWE; I love it so far, I think the pokemon level depends on how many badges you have so you can go anywhere you want in any order; also
>you can just jump into a body of water and start surfing (no need for a pokemon with surf or a textbox asking you if you want to surf)
>you can fly if you have a flying type pokemon with you
>your pokemon can follow you around (some of them)
>you can change your pokemon's nickname at the pokecenter
>you can see in their stats screen how much they like you
>in battle your moves are colored depending in whether they're effective or not
>you can turn off EV and IVs
>there's a guy who will trade your pokemon back to you so you can evolve pokemon who evolve by trading
>(this is important) the nurse at the pokecenter just says let me heal your pokemon and bows when she is done. No need to press A 5 times.
And there's so many pokemon!! I've never seen some of the new ones, I feel like a kid again. I caught a Rockruff, it's so cute and strong. So far I have encountered just a few graphics glitches, like there seem to be ghosts of sprites floating in a tile sometimes.

No. 184382

File: 1644010188036.webm (522.33 KB, 480x360, tumblr_p5x62wJHGk1r5z4bh.webm)

Whenever I’m reminded of the little girls voice from drakengard 1 I kinda lose my mind - tumblr user

No. 184427

Heard bad things but like it's not old enough for a remaster anyway, plus the graphics in the original are kinda charming.

No. 184497

fuckin dooog shit

No. 184509

ntayrt but holy shit, I played and shilled middens shortly after it came out. thanks for reminding me of it!

No. 184513

File: 1644072697896.jpeg (285.98 KB, 1400x1050, Huge_War_no_casaulties.0.0.jpe…)

do nonnies reckon there are other female dwarf fortress players other than myself who aren't TIMs?

No. 184529

File: 1644074696572.jpg (69.98 KB, 640x480, ss_501c62765e70e40218b9f75b85b…)

Is Syberia worth playing? It's on sale on Steam right now for 2 Euros

No. 184551

Yes, the setting is very interesting. Go for it!

No. 184565

File: 1644087414907.png (369.71 KB, 800x1100, tumblr_nr6wbkoj4P1tf5n8no1_128…)

Ever since I beat DGS2 at the end of December I didn't really play any other video game, I guess I was too shocked by how good DGS was to be motivated to move on? I'm still thinking about how fun and amazing it was. I started Ace Attorney Investigations because I never played it before but in more than a month I'm still at the beginning of the second case. I've seen so much spoiler on tumblr like a decade ago that I'm already losing interest because I still remember who killed who and why.

No. 184576

the first AAI game is bad, but the second one is really good. The cases are interconnected like in DGS and the main villain is great (although you've probably been spoiled already). AAI1 and AAI2 are really different experiences, I'd recommend getting through AAI1 so you can try the sequel even if you're not enjoying it.

No. 184580

>although you've probably been spoiled already
Yes, I've been spoiled years before the fan translation was a thing.

No. 184601

This sounds amazing but the rom isn't working well on my GBA (I'm using a flash cart). Might try it with an emulator but it would be nice to play this on GBA

No. 184691

I know fuck all about Dwarf Fortress except from watching Vargskelethor play it. I like watching it, though, it's a very comfy game (until elves and dragons show up and melt everything down into black glass).

No. 184692

Aaay I've played this one before. I like it, except there seems to be something odd with breeding egg moves. Ex. I got two Psyduck, one with Ice Beam, one with Psychic, and neither of those moves got passed on to the offspring. Wat da fuck

No. 184693

Emulator is way easier, I use mGBA. There are also Android GBA emulators if you ever wanna play it on your phone.

No. 184901

Rune factory anon here again.

I filled my farm areas up with crops and flowers to use gigantizer on I fucking flubbed it and forgot to put gigantizer on the flowers so I need to redo them all and I just…do not have the energy for it. It absolutely killed my mood because I thought for sure I had put the stuff on to make large flowers but apparently not.

No. 184938

File: 1644217033807.jpg (16.88 KB, 443x332, 20220121_181258.jpg)

Trying to 100% sleeping dogs right now, it's been a grind. 10 more left.

No. 185078

Can anyone recommend games that can be played by two people on ps4? My friend and I are getting pretty sick on overwatch after years of playing. We tried minecraft but it got boring fast. Google recommends sea of thieves and fortnite but they don't seem that tempting. Neither does RDR2 online. Can be pretty much from any genre.

No. 185089

Untitled Goose Game and try to sync up on Journey

No. 185208

stardew valley has a split screen mode

No. 185254

File: 1644348809044.jpg (93.31 KB, 980x500, LostArk_HP_BG_SM-980x500.jpg)

anyone starting today? the only other mmo i've played was wow, but i'm giving this one a shot. i made a wardancer as my first character.

No. 185257

Aaa I have to wait until the weekend but I’m excited to anon, I’ve only played wow as well

No. 185293

File: 1644360906305.jpeg (19.87 KB, 258x173, F8DE45D0-4DED-4BDF-A7ED-2E1C96…)

I just finished last of us 2 and man the story was kinda dumb or am I just not enough of an gamer intellectual to get it?

>Ellie goes Liam Neeson Taken style to find this Abby chick

>Kills all her mates
>Abby shows up and beats the shit out her and tells her to fuck off
>life goes on
>”you know what imma do it again”
>hey abby fight me
>doesn’t kill her, again, they don’t even say anything to each other??
>goes home

If I just through ground zero and all the other bullshit levels for this “revenge’s a fools game” kinda thing I’m pretty miffed.

No. 185323

I've played atelier Sophie. It was really boring and I dropped it. I'm thinking about trying one of the newer ones though. If anyone's curious, outside of some questionable character designs, they aren't at all coomerish. They feel like a slice of life anime.

No. 185326

I've read that the franchise used to be more cutesy and less coomerish.

No. 185346

No, everyone hated the end of it. The game director admitted that he wanted to kill off Joel 'cause everyone liked him too much.

No. 185355

Nayrt but narratively, it makes sense for him to die after the end of the first game. Anybody that finished TLoU1 should have been able to see that coming.

No. 185361

File: 1644401504368.png (1.93 MB, 948x948, 1.png)

I recommend the Dusk serie (Ayesha/Escha&Logy/Shallie) it's the least weeb and coomer and story is simple but nice.

No. 185368

I'm interested in Alterier Sophie 2 since I like crafting and I think her design is really nice. Ryza seems the most beginner friendly but I don't like her or even the guy designs.
Ayesha has a really nice design and her story intrigues me but I heard her game has a fixed camera and that would bother me. I just want a pretty animu crafting game.

No. 185444

Who's ready for the Nintendo direct? I work from home tomorrow and it's going to start in an hour or so, so it'll probably end near midnight where I am but I'll watch it. I don't have any particular expectations, if we get more info on Bayonetta 3 I'll be exited, otherwise I'll just see which trailers interest me the most once it happens. With my backlog, I almost hope there won't be too many good releases too soon.

No. 185452

Tempered to get this when it comes out solely for more Dimitri content. It's been years and I'm still obsessed.

No. 185456

It's just a musou spinoff so I'm not interested at all, but I have to say, I forgot how horrible the English dub was until the direct started. I've been too used to the Japanese voice acting. Looks like the story is just a big "what if" story to avoid picking a route to follow from the original game.

No. 185458

So Nintendo Switch sports is finally a thing but… meh. The fact that it relies on joycons which are awful makes me doubtful and I have no idea why it didn't seem to be advertised with miis. I miss miis! Miitopia is fun but now it seems like Nintendo wants nothing to do with Miis aside from that. I miss Tomodachi Life.

No. 185459

The English dub is great though. I'm a Dimitrifag but his English VA really did an amazing job.

No. 185462

miis are in there, dw :)(:))

No. 185463

Literally the only thing I cared about was Xenoblade 3, I'm really looking forward to this. The guy with the ponytail kinda reminds me of Flynn from SMT4.

Anon, the voice actors don't even know how to pronounce half of the characters' names… How is that good?

No. 185464

sage for samefagging but Hubert looks like he just rolled out of bed in the FE3H musou trailer, I might actually play that trash just for him.

No. 185465

Booo was hoping for some BOTW2 or Bayo3 information. Lots of ports but nothing that I want to spend money rn. Only Kirby looked cute, I will get this one on sale at some point.

No. 185466

The voice acting for Xeno 3 is so bad. Was hoping for a new mainline mario game :((:()

No. 185467

I’m holding out hope that there will be botw2 news on the zelda anniversary…

No. 185469

We'll probably just get the Japanese voice acting as a free DLC if that's an issue. I hate that they don't put this in the actual game, these patches and DLCs just for the actual original voice acting takes a lot of space.

No. 185470

Excited for the new Kirby game and Splatoon 3! The DLC courses for MK8 are cool but I'm surprised it took them 4 or 5 years to release new DLC. Guess this means that we won't be getting MK9 anytime soon.

Little disappointed that there was no BOTW2 news but hopefully we'll get more info later this year, maybe around E3.

No. 185479

He sounded fat

No. 185544

kek i thought he looked like anime severus snape.

No. 185549

File: 1644487849132.jpg (19.75 KB, 220x330, Omori_cover.jpg)

What's your thoughts on Omori?

Just finished playing this game and thought the Dreamworld sequences were the only redeemable part of the game. The rest but especially the ending feels like gen Z 2deep4me bait. It's like this game was made for 14 year olds. Hated the ending so much it made me regret not just playing the hikki route and ignoring those stupid ass kids.

No. 185550

He's 100000 times more fuckable than Snape thanks to Konishi Katsuyuki's sexy voice though.

No. 185555

I understand how many people interpret the story as a meaningless revenge story that doesn't close in a sensible way. For me, I felt the story worked well as a story of grief, love, trauma, and growing pains. The worst part of the story was the insane amount of off screen travel and the fact that Ellie's inner turmoil is almost entirely subtext (Abby's is too but not to the same degree). This worked great for a lot of people, but for a whole lot of other people, it's too subtle and makes the message and themes of the game confusing. So I think the game could have benefited from more dialogue from Ellie, let us hear what she's thinking and feeling instead of interpreting it through subtle acting and relying on player empathy.
Despite this, TLOU2 still worked for me and I was really emotionally affected by it. I totally understand why it's so divisive though. At the end of the day at least the game is fun to play.

No. 185558

Has anyone got experience with those VR sport games?

No. 185579

I played for 3 hours, lost interest and I can’t even tell you what was happening so I guess it wasn’t for me

No. 185590

I don’t get why they included actual miis, but then included those generic avatars too. Just strange

No. 185601

>Konishi Katsuyuki
Ewww no thanks, I'd rather fuck Snape

No. 185603

Do you know something about him that I don't know or are you trying to start a fight with me?

No. 185605

Legit question. Is it bad that I actually like Abby a lot after the game? Part of it relates to the fact that she sends scrotes into total meltdown mode but I genuinely began to enjoy her parts more than Ellie. By the end Ellie pissed me the fuck off.

No. 185606

I just don't like his voice at all and think he's overrated.

No. 185612

Oh ok, for a moment I thought you were gonna say something crazy like what happened with the guy who voices Makoto in Free.

No. 185634

Nta but no? Why would it be bad?
It's a video game, you're allowed to like whatever character you like.

I found Abby to be annoying but tbh I'm jelly of those arms kek

No. 185636

What happend to the the guy voicing Makoto?

No. 185641

Nayrt but I felt the same anon. I really liked TLoU2 and I thought Abby surprisingly became a really good character by the end. Playing Ellie felt like playing Joel again at the end of the first game, I was going on but I didn't want to kill Abby, I just wanted her to be happy. As another anon said, the characterization of the two of them is done very subtly but it resonated a lot with me too. I thought the ending was good, it made sense narratively and it mirrored the first game well, I thought the destructive nature of revenge was really well addressed.

No. 185644

Caught cheating on his famous singer wife with a yumejoshi and got his career destroyed.

No. 185657

Omg kek I had no idea

No. 185662

Anon, you forgot that he tried to commit suicide after being publicly humiliated for cheating on his wife with a fangirl and didn't even succeed, and his much more successful and famous wife pitied him so much that she decided to stay married to him after all.

No. 185678

Same. I feel like people were so damn harsh on that game and I don’t even think the story it told was a necessarily bad one.

No. 185689

I liked it. It's nothing amazing but it's definitely charming. I like character focused stories, 'coming of age' type things where there's a timeskip, the comparisons between the real world and dream world (though I felt sometimes like the dream segments had bad pacing). I really love MARI and HERO!
I cried whilst going through the photo book that had MARI's pictures that AUBREY returned. She didn't deserve to die, and the rest didn't deserve to be led into believing it was a suicide, even though I know BASIL had his fucked up reasons.
If the team ever comes out with another game, I'll absolutely take a look at it.

No. 185715

I guess if you enjoy coming of age type stories this game probably ticks all the right boxes. Though I didn't expect the game to be so extremely american and I guess the disconnect prevented me from feeling genuinely invested in this game.
Now I don't know about you but I thought the ending was absolute bullshit, even if it made sense in the overall "overcoming trauma and forgiving yourself" narrative. Sunny murdered his sister (even if you interpret it as an accident, he still put hands on her and killed her) and then with help from Basil, disguised the horrific murder as a suicide for four years. This destroyed all the lives of the people around him as you can see in the game. Revealing the truth to everyone just as they had built back their life would be just as horrifying and destroy their entire lives again in an even worse manner.

I felt like the game didn't tackle this implication or the weight of Sunny's actions at all. The "trust that your friends will forgive you" and "we will still love you even if you tell us the truth" messages really rubbed me the wrong way. Towards the end, the game curiously lacks empathy for everyone else despite portraying their grief and suffering very well when Mari died. That's why I think it's a game made for 14 year olds - it's exactly the kind of narrow focus with only yourself that teenagers typically have due to their stage in development. Of course to the self-inserters what matters most is if Sunny forgives himself or not. I don't understand what makes people think that what Basil did is as bad as what Sunny did. Basil was just a kid trying to help his low-key sociopathic best friend after witnessing him murder his sister. Sunny's the one that kept the violin in which his sister's head smashed open and the papers he used to mop up her blood inside a box for four years.

No hate if you like it, I'm just geniuenly trying to understand the other perspective. How did you feel about the ending?

No. 185726

File: 1644540644106.jpeg (109.82 KB, 640x629, C779F6F0-3407-45A5-AB39-FCBA07…)

Has anyone played Backbone? I’m enjoying it so far but there’s next to nothing about it online! The backgrounds are gorgeous

No. 185737

Ik it's old but Subnautica is so good I love it even though 90% of my progression has been by accident. Is below zero any good before im disappointed?

No. 185798

About the ending, I actually like to think that Sunny wasn't forgiven, mostly. I can imagine Kel being forgiving, Aubrey probably not, and Hero absolutely not. It's open to interpretation, I guess. I think if Basil was never there then Sunny would have probably never tried to cover up Mari's death and then the rest would know the truth from the beginning.

No. 185810

File: 1644579166816.jpg (1.66 MB, 3437x1558, glow.jpg)

I love Stella Glow on 3DS but I hate that it's so coomer. So many cute designs going to waste with their character development or endings. The gameplay was slow at the beginning but it's really fun as it opens up and the witches get access to special attacks (that come with battle themes.) If you like games like FF Tactics or Fire Emblem you might like it.
I was reminded of Stella Glow because of the new Triangle Strategy demo. I got roughly 5 hours out of the new prologue demo. There is tons of story, it's ok enough and you get to make some decisions along the way that feel impactful for now. Save data carries over so it's worth a shot if you like those types of games. I think the art style is really pretty too.

No. 185996

I'm sad there is no boxing, I LOVE Wii Boxing

No. 186075

File: 1644672351081.png (114.3 KB, 1749x720, backlog.PNG)

I said earlier I wasn't very motivated to beat Ace Attorney Investigations but I went back to it and finished the second case. It doesn't seem to be a very long game and now that I'm more in the mood to play video games in general I think I should be able to beat this one quickly, maybe this weekend or during the next week. I'll alternate between that one and SMT5, which I also went back into recently.

As for the rest of my backlog, it's pic related. I just received my copy of AI Somnium Files yesterday, hopefully I'll enjoy it. I'm thinking about starting that one after AAI and then just playing games from the shortest to the longest ones. I have other games in a separate list because they don't appeal to me right now, what I posted is just what I'm actually interested in.

No. 186100

File: 1644682799757.jpg (409.3 KB, 1200x720, 20220205_101740.jpg)

Real life happened but I finally got to it!

I find it insane how 4chan scrotes actually fell in love with Ame and missed the whole point of the game, the endings where they get cucked seemed to hurt them the most lol
I personally have mixed feelings about the happy end and the true end. Why did she come back to the internet once everyone abandoned it? Seems like a mixed message. Same with the true ending, yes, she became independent (or just decided to replace the identity of the voice inside her head) but she was still an internet addict.

No. 186102

Samefag, forgot to add that since it was written by a guy who got deep into menhera groups it was targeted more at incel guys who develop parasocial relationships with vtubers than young women navigating this online landscape. Some girls from Japan recommended the game to me and they all approached it as self-inserting as Ame, but the story then doesn't give you satisfying answers to your questions.

No. 186106

Currently pirating all my favorite games, no longer paying for games unless I really want to support certain independent developers. From now on I can own physical copies of my games and I have the satisfaction that no one can just take them away from me. DRM also hinders performance and is generally fucking evil.

No. 186110

File: 1644685712773.jpg (205.62 KB, 1800x900, kh.jpg)

what a fucking joke I can't believe they have the nerve to sell an almost 20 year old game full price for a CLOUD version

No. 186112

nonnie i'm a noob, what does cloud version mean?

No. 186123

nta, it's all online iirc, that means you need a good internet connection to be able to play these games. I always wanted to try KH but I guess that's not gonna happen because my internet connection at home isn't always very good. No idea what the fuck SE was thinking here.

I'm thinking about pirating old games that are hard to find for cheap, especially on the GBA or DS, at this stage I already completed my collection of physical copies of video games I wanted anyway, except for megaten games on the 3DS since Atlus fucking hates Europe.

No. 186133

yeah essentially you don't get a copy of the game, you stream it, so you need to be online to play which is especially bullshit since it's single player and the only advantage to getting this on the switch is handheld mode which good luck finding a good connection if you like playing on the go. I'm surprised they don't ask for a nintendo online membership too

No. 186139

It means that you can play as Cloud from Final Fantasy

No. 186277

Since I'm about to complete AAI, where can I download AAI2 and a DS emulator? I want to see for myself if AAI2 is as good as people say or if people have horrible standards, since the writer is the same guy who made this abomination called AA6 and he won't stop on relying on cheap fanservice.

No. 186303

Not sure which emulator is best for this game, but here's the patch thread with instructions: https://gbatemp.net/threads/ace-attorney-investigation-2-prosecutors-path-final-release.367451/
Apparently the download link is down so here's an archived version:
My personal recommendation for which emulator to use would be: download DeSmuME or MelonDS, I don't know which of those is the best for this game (NO$GBA is outdated as fuck but idk). Or just RetroArch with a DS core.
For DS ROMs look up no-intro's collection on archive.org, and in "all files" download Gyakuten Kenji 2 (Japan), then follow the instructions to apply the patch.

No. 186304

DS Emulator:
The updated Windows build of Desmume has been blocked for a few weeks and the devs don't seem to have done anything about it:
I can't find a mirror, so I uploaded the executable I had on my computer to mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n2bqu06aup6e3si/DeSmuME-VS2019-x64-Release.exe/file
For the linux and mac versions go here: http://desmume.org/download/

If it's running slowly, go to config-> emulation settings, uncheck 'enable advanced bus-level timing' and check 'use dynamic recomplier'. If you're still significantly below 60fps go to config->sound settings and select Dual SPU Synch/Asynch or the game's going to sound like a cat throwing up (you don't need to do this if you're running at normal speed though).

No. 186307

Forgot to mention-to play the game just click on the executable, go to file->open rom and then find and select the .nds file.

No. 186338

Based. I support you.

No. 186369

File: 1644791774501.png (468.58 KB, 732x595, 731789E6-4104-4CAD-86A0-F568B8…)

Dare I say, best VN of 2022?
Yes, yes I do.

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