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General anime discussion, peace and love edition.
Recommendation sheet (can post and view anonymously): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xljp3EEEoj1gUCnbAsdH1f3S8rHWbAi64mWt1g_C0SA/edit?usp=sharing

No. 289814

Thank you for the nice OP

No. 289822

anyone watching anything good this season?

No. 289831

File: 1681628383656.png (937.34 KB, 724x1024, magicaldestroyers.png)

Enjoying Magical Destroyers. Surrealist and dumb and knows it. Reminds me a lot of FLCL.

No. 289843

i wish the mc was a frumpy girl kek
the show itself seems a little too male-pandering for my tastes, but i could sit through it if it was yuri…

No. 289868

Please type like everybody else, and not like you-know-who.

No. 289881

>In 2008, otaku culture is eliminated in Japan
god i wish this was real.

No. 289883

This is a really good season so far, I'm watching Too Cute Crisis (7/10), Dr. Stone New World (7/10), Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch! (6/10), Otaku Elf (5/10), My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 (6.5/10), My Clueless First Friend (6/10), The Marginal Service (4.5/10). Also Heavenly Delusion has tranny shit I think so I won't be watching that. Plan to watch My Home Hero & Birdie Wing Golf Girl's Story S2 as well.

No. 289896

>reminds me a lot of FLCL
So I won't watch thanks

No. 289909

>really good season
>everything's rated 7 or below

No. 289912

Good as in I'm happy to tune in there are some seasons where I only have 1 or 2 I can bear also I'm happy that series I like are getting continued like the ones I mentioned & Ranking of Kings

No. 289913

Also I rate 5 as being average and that's most shows rated above average, use logic.

No. 289914

kek retard

No. 289915

The current anime season is like all the studios threw darts at a board, it’s so random

No. 289916

i hate when nufag fans beg for content that already exists in spades. i keep seeing this new rise of posts whinging for strong female rivalries (that don't circle around romance) as if stuff like magical girl nanoha, madoka, and blood+ don't exist.

i could recommend them what they want, but they're so smug and annoying about it that i'm 100% turned off from helping them out. why aren't retards capable of a simple google search

No. 289932

The thing is that some of those "strong female rivalries" exist in gross scrotey anime and not everyone is willing to ignore the gross parts just for one character dynamic.

No. 289937

none of the shows i listed are gross or scrotey.

No. 289941

This thread is being trolled

No. 289944

>why aren't retards capable of a simple google search
Laziness and entitlement. The newfags you're thinking of only consume shonenshit/popular media. They won't dip their toes into anything considered too weird or anime.

No. 289945

it's definitely always a shonenfag whining about something obvious

No. 289946

Nanoha comes from an eroge and has pantyshots. Some people are just put off by that completely.

No. 289954

It's the tranny trapfag, of course he's spewing retarded shit and complaining about "nufags" from other websites.

No. 289962

File: 1681666841530.png (507.72 KB, 640x480, VTS_03_1.VOB_snapshot_13.54_[2…)

anyone watching older shit? i binged di gi charat on yt a while back – it's dumb as hell, but funny. i like how lazy and irreverent dejiko is.
picrel exists too, a (joke) gay couple and their evil adopted daughter.

oh that's true. it's been a while since i last watched nanoha, i forgot about the panty shots. i think sailor moon had those too, though?
anyway madoka and blood+ are still good. there's also princess tutu, lwa, claymore, etc.

No. 290429

File: 1681765106536.jpg (9.83 KB, 310x233, 310-2673156057.jpg)

Thinking about the other nona that was going to watch FMA 03 because of our discussions! I caught up on the past thread. I hope you're out there and enjoying them! I'd say that 03 starts out kinda goofy and gets way more serious as it goes on. The other nonny that described 03 as gothic horror made an interesting point… I never thought of it that way, but maybe that's why I enjoy it more? kek.

No. 290438

I don't know if that's me kek, but I did mention I was going to rewatch it. I love it so far, the gothic horror description fits it perfectly. I am really glad nonnies convinced me to watch it again.

No. 290439

is oshi no ko actually any good? it's so popular right now that i'm suspicious

No. 290618

finished the madoka anime recently, found it excessively overhyped and personally it really carried a vibe like the grown men who made it were jerking off to their suffering under the guise of art
hated how part of the ending (visually) were two little girls naked in space for a long period of time, even if there was no detail (like a barbie doll) it was just uncomfortable

No. 290653

ayrt, I'm glad you're enjoying it anon! I rarely get to sperg about the anime outside of lolcor so I'm just happy someone else is watching it. I didn't grow up with FMA, so I only ever watched it as an adult and no one will discuss 03 with me because it was all a part of their childhoods kek.

No. 291537

File: 1682223447644.jpeg (165.81 KB, 1038x700, OHSHC.jpeg)

For anime watchers and non-manga readers what anime you wish to be rebooted, have a second season or continue as an ongoing anime series? For me it's picrel after rewatching it on Netflix. It's probably nostalgia but I love this show and wished for more shoujo being relevant and appreciated especially when it's a reverse harem with loveable and charming characters. I've been seeing other well-known shoujo anime being brought back like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fruits Basket and recently with Tokyo Mew Mew so I hope this one gets it too. Though at the same time I worried if it wasn't made well since the anime industry doesn't really care much about shoujo or anime targeted at women.

No. 291541

Ouran’s not kosher anymore because of trannies, so there’s a high possibility any reboot will be fucked up for our contemporary pleasantries.

No. 291555

Japan won't troon out Haruhi for westerners. The fandom is already a wasteland full of enbies and "transmascs" though; it's only going to get worse if the show blows up again.

No. 291557

Seen too many modern fanfics with troon Haruhi, father, and fathers friend, to be happy if this did happen. Western dub would surely massacre it.

No. 291615

File: 1682241055022.jpg (105.81 KB, 640x960, MV5BYzU2OTY3NGItMDI0Mi00MGIxLT…)

I kinda want more of this but at the same time not so much since it becomes less interesting with the unnecessary yuribait. I just want more anime with plain-looking loser girls who are relatable.

No. 291870

Deserves another season other than that Umaru trash

No. 291929

File: 1682404187218.jpg (344.46 KB, 1400x1400, 52c52a258396a7e9089f2e57e895e4…)

I started watching this trash because one of my favourite artists was the lead animation director. I hate that i ended up liking it so much, the animation is so good and it has my ''dream artstyle''. I expected it to have more fanservice, but it's surprisingly tame. I wish ryo Imamura works in better stuff next time, i really dont wanna watch the shitty isekai he worked on, i draw the line at generic shitty fantasy.

No. 292005

File: 1682414932524.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Fooling nobody troon.(stop accusing people of being the troon just because they don't have the same taste as you)

No. 292007

did you watch a different anime? it literally wasn't tame whatsoever. take off your coomer glasses. disturbing how realistically childlike the character looked almost like they had real life references. it was pure hell when people were reblogging gifs of this degenerate shit to my dashboard when it was still popular. vile

No. 292025

i have been a weeb for over 10 years so i have seen a bunch of trash. This seem tame to me in comparison to highschool dxd or stuff stuff that plasters pantyshots every 5 seconds. It's more moe than anything. It's boring even.

No. 292033

and so have i, highschool dxd characters and other "sexy" highschooler "ecchis" look absolutely nothing like human kids. i don't want to post it but that gif of one of the characters in that tacky catgirl lingerie actually made me physically sick to see it's so disturbing. pantyshots from dxd amongst others are so far removed from reality that i'd rather be subjected to those than the disgusting crap you posted especially after having been witness to the cp spams here

No. 292035

File: 1682425754820.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.72 KB, 720x405, Onii-chan-wa-Oshimai-01-Uncens…)

>it's more moe than anything
what a coincidence, moe and lolicon actually have the same origin. pic related. and on top of being pedo shit, this anime is also tranny shit lol

No. 292048

i'm a longtime weeb too. i generally don't care about loli when it's basically a tiny woman with curves but this was straight up child bodies with goofy anime faces.

bit disturbing how well-animated it was, judging off of webms i saw. makes you wonder who exactly who is funding this content…

No. 292054

its anime, it's removed from reality by default. They are big eyed, rainbow colored cartoons. Seems stupid to make a difference between hdxd and this. I am probably biased because i am an artist and i know you dont need to look at x to draw x and the style of the show looks very similar to mine, a lot of detail in cartoony anime bodies, and i draw guys.
i agree its probably someone's passion project, it's rare for a moeshit anime to have such a big budget. The production quality is insane for an anime i forget 5 seconds after i am done watching it.

No. 292065

Do you all stream or download your anime? My internet's slow so I tend to download so I can avoid buffering.

No. 292434

I almost always stream it.
The only times I download anime is when I really really want to watch my country's dub version. We don't have whole sites for anime streams and official international services never have the classic dubs I actually want to watch, so the only way is to dig around for someone with mega links.

No. 292441

If I'm short on storage I just stream it. I usually torrent and keep my favorite shows and delete any other show that I've finished so I can have space for new stuff.
NTA but good professional animators actually do have to look at real life references to be able to draw and animate something. That, or incredibly realistic 3D models that are based on real life. It's something you do at some point if you want to improve your art. Also where do you think the artists you reference got their references from?

No. 292499

I download anime I liked to burn them on DVD in case the streams ever get lost

No. 293119

i still torrent. it just werks

No. 293288

File: 1682872659808.jpg (122.36 KB, 500x750, MV5BZTViMTZlMjgtNjVmZC00NjEzLW…)

I was thinking about watching Parasyte for so long but always getting to the conclusion I wouldn't like it and watching something else instead, but holy shit I finally watched it and it's great, I didn't expect it to be this good and hit so many notes close to me and touch on some themes related to human nature that interested me for a long time. And episode 18 made me bawling my eyes out. Maybe I'm too autistic to understand and explain why exactly it evoked such strong emotions in me, but I could feel it. And - spoiler alert I guess - the fact that I also lost my mother young didn't help. Every scene related to Shinichi's ptsd felt like it was inducing panic attack in me, I could feel growing pain in my chest and my breathing shortening. Just a very quick physical reaction to it, like it evoked some of my own trauma from the past. Usually I never get that kind of physical reaction to tv shows and movies, even when they also have a dying parent, and horrors and similar shit don't scare me at all. But this, this shit scares me. Just a warning, if you have any guilt and parental death related trauma and you're a pussy like me I guess

No. 293819

is there an anime hate thread I think I need it right now, need to rant about a weird anime someone tried to defend to me

No. 293820

oh nevermind
this >>291929 was the anime I was coming here to complain about lol

No. 293848

There is an "anime critical" thread on this board too that you can use to shit on specific anime, anime trends or just problems with anime in general

No. 293859

yeah that's what I was looking for but it looked inactive when I checked it.

Is ranting about specific anime okay in this thread?

No. 293928

Nta, I think anime critical is more for "anime in general sucks" kind of discussion, but criticizing a specific anime is totally fitting in this thread imo.

No. 294232

File: 1683225740932.png (70.77 KB, 324x460, oshi-no-ko.png)

>Gynecologist Gorou Amemiya is tasked with helping deliver the children of Ai Hoshino, a Japanese idol whom he admires, without the knowledge of the general public. However, the night of Ai's delivery, Gorou is murdered by an obsessive fan of Ai's, and is reincarnated as Aquamarine "Aqua" Hoshino, Ai's son, retaining his memories of his previous life. Aqua's fraternal twin, Ruby Hoshino, is also a reincarnation, though she refuses to admit her original identity as one of Gorou's patients who got him interested in Ai in the first place. Four years later, Ai is murdered by the same obsessive fan, who later commits suicide. However, Aqua pieces together that the fan must have had his and Ruby's father as an accomplice and thus resolves to enter the acting world to find and kill his father.

This seems weird and all over the place but I am kind of drawn to this batshit plot. Has anyone watched it?

No. 294235

I read the manga and currently its a hot mess of 5 different ideas the mangaka wants to write about but has no idea how to smoothly blend them in, he's also the type to preach his own opinions through his characters so it gets a little insufferable. I will say, however, the first season of anime will probably adapt the best parts of the story so its at least worth a shot for that? If you're going in for the revenge plot just expect retardation

No. 294252

a friend made me watch the epilogue and it was so boring. Its pure edge shit with the characters spouting exposition every 5 seconds, very boring despite the weird plot. It's like a really boring Mexican soap opera, but without it being so bad it's good. It's just bad.

No. 294460

Utena is something else

No. 294461

I like it. And I’m one of the people who loved the really stupid movie they made later where Anthy turns into a car. Inject that shit into my veins, yesss.

No. 294557

i'm watching Utena for the first time and I don't know if it's because I'm getting close to my period or not, but so many moments make me tear up, especially the lesbian moments, and the themes of protecting who you are and your normal even if it's completely not normal for society, I wish I could see it as a 12 year old, maybe I wouldn't identify as an aiden kek. I never wanted to marry, have children and be feminine, but that doesn't mean I'm a boy. I want a cool gf so bad…

No. 294574

Not watched but I read the manga just now. I think the murder-revenge plot is the most interesting part. I honestly skip the stuff where it's just the characters talking and doing mundane fluffy shit. I do not like the main character or the sister, they're annoyong as fuck and their conflict is so melodramatic. The side characters are more interesting because their narratives speak on stuff that actually happens in the entertainment industry and is more grounded. The writing, though, has this big issue of just taking characters out of the moment and turning them into mouthpieces for social commentary in a way that feels forced. Like a bad or unfortunate thing will happen, and a character will specifically point out and explain how/why it's bad, almost as if trying to explain it from some moral high ground.

No. 294598

>Reminds me a lot of FLCL
how dare you malign flcl like this. i gave it a chance since i liked the girls character designs (seeing the clip of them riding in the jeep on tiktok sold me) and i do like campy-ish anime (like kill la kill) but this was so boring. barely made it through the first episode. coomer shit for no reason, the characters aren't charming or likeable at all, the humor is forced asf and the entire anime feels like tryhard trash. not to mention the boring no personality moid protagonist. i worry about nonnies tastes sometimes.

No. 294602

Girl you just described FLCL lol (I’m sorry I don’t want to infight I just think it’s overrated)

No. 294605

File: 1683424998743.jpg (27.5 KB, 712x400, Blog-Picture-2.jpg)

No. 294608

I used to like FLCL but I couldn’t make it through a rewatch ten years later.
Random but what do you think of Shin Sekai Yori?

No. 294679

File: 1683453576982.jpg (15.2 KB, 474x248, th-247746698.jpg)

Not a huge Shinkai Makoto fan but I enjoyed Suzume a lot. My friend recommended I go in blindly and I'm glad I did. I love the cat so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please watch it if you love cats and beautiful animation.

No. 294691

I can see that youd grow out of that type of vibe in an anime tbh. And I've never seen shin sekai yori, do you recommend it or?

No. 294695

Even as a 4chan addicted teenager I never liked FLCL and couldn't finish it. I'm not surprised the local retard likes it.

No. 294776

having been 4chan addicted at all and calling others retarded is really kekworthy, thanks for the laughs anon

No. 294788

I recommend it wholeheartedly! It has stood up to multiple rewatches. It’s not like FLCL in tone or anything I was just thinking about what I used to like (FLCL, Dead Leaves etc) and my current gold standard (Shin Sekai Yori) and wondering if there’s cross appeal or if it’s just a total taste change or aging or what. It was a random thought.

No. 294803

The concept of this is so fucking creepy to me like why is it necessary for the gynecologist (ofc it had to be a man) to turn into her child.

fucking hate anime sometimes

No. 294806

Remarkably that part is not done in a creepy way at all. It’s just a reason for him to know she’s secretly pregnant even though she’s an Idol which is a big part of the plot.

No. 294808

It’s weirder that he’s a gyno and has a relationship (platonic) with the other character who is a cancer patient. Like go back to your wing, doctor.

No. 294812

Does anyone have any good sci-fi recs?

No. 295028

File: 1683602309632.png (142.05 KB, 702x526, [Judgment] Kareshi Kanojo no J…)

almost done with kare kano; i'm going to miss this show. it's rare to see female relationships that are this funny without being doused by love triangles and petty stereotypical "female" drama. which is a bit ironic considering it's a…romcom.

i really need to pick through the shows nonnies recommend to me last thread. anyway

off the top of my head:

>shinsekai yori

horror; follows a small group of friends as they grow up in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is psychic. huge warning that it kind of tanks around the second half because the female mc goes from "active badass" to "wimpering girlie", she's still cool but it's like she mellowed out in adulthood. which makes sense for spoiler reasons, i guess, but…ymmv.


cyberpunk anime that goes hard with themes of transhumanism/isolation in a world where everything is digitized. it's only 13 episodes iirc so there is some weird plot stuff that feels suddenly shoved in near the end

>cyber city oedo 808

kind of pulpy (hope i'm using that right) sci-fi buddy cop show. gives me cowboy bebop vibes but disclaimer, i've never watched cbb.

>psycho pass

psycho pass

No. 295029

one more: alien 9. deconstruction of the child soldier trope. kids are voted by their class to wear aliens on their heads and fight other aliens to protect the school. if you end up enjoying this one, i wouldn't recommend checking out the manga because it's gross (the anime has good pathos, the manga's just some dude with a parasitism fetish)

No. 295031

It does not tank around the second half it goes full throttle

No. 295032

I only recently watched Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. I thought it'd be really cringe-worthy based on the game cutscenes I'd seen, but the anime was honestly really great, despite kind of feeling like they ran out of budget at some point.

Stein's Gate is a bit of an otaku show. You'll probably like it just fine if you aren't really into otaku culture, and you'll love it if you are.

And I'll second this nona's >>295028 recs of Shinsekai Yori and Psycho-Pass.

No. 295100

the first episode was great but the following 3 has been shit because aqua is so goddamn unlikable. if you want to watch an anime on the idol culture & difficulties idols face just watch i7 instead it at least has cute bishies

No. 295273

File: 1683670096983.jpg (118.82 KB, 1680x1050, noah.jpg)

(Anime: Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion)
He's hot but why is his name Noah is it just me or is that a wimpy name
Also this is the best one of these types of isekai anime I've ever watched I even like it better than My Next Life as a Villainess which is hilarious. I like the drama also how the mc is grounded

No. 295274

>no nipples
not watching this

No. 295278

All isekai are bad no exceptions

No. 295282

Nuh uh

No. 295288

true + based. isekai is cancer

No. 295290

File: 1683674342890.png (180.94 KB, 704x526, [Judgment] Kareshi Kanojo no J…)

finished kare kano. it didn't really have a proper ending, because apparently the studio caught up the manga + had disagreements with the mangaka on how it should be adapted. kind of bites, but whatever. it's still one of my favorite shows now

has anyone seen skip to loafer? i've read good things about it

No. 295291

I hate anime for censoring male nipples.

No. 295298

>has anyone seen skip to loafer? i've read good things about it
I didn't watch it but I read the manga and I can say it's a very cute story. The protagonist is great and the main guy is also nice.
I think you'll enjoy it nonnie.

No. 295329

What about Ascendance of a Bookworm
Isekai is automatically better when it's for women

No. 295343

Seeing that this got animated is really making me hope we get more shoujo/josei demographic korean webcomics animated. I like Raeliana just fine but I also feel like there's plenty better out there in this category. Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever get some of the fun ones with more feminist themes like Beware the Villainess animated for obvious reasons but I wish

It's true that nowadays isekai is just used for bland wish fulfillment but the genre isn't inherently garbage, wizard of oz would by definition be an isekai story and even old anime imo actually do isekai well, I highly recommend Twelve Kingdoms. Regardless for the longest time only scrote wish fulfillment isekai shit got animated so I'm happy women are finally getting our time with more silly wish fulfillment anime aimed at us

No. 295746

File: 1683827045175.jpg (231.41 KB, 1200x800, LainAt20_Getty_PioneerLDC_Ring…)

Finally got around to watching Serial Experiments Lain, it was pretty fucking good. The late 90s animation style added to the completely surreal feeling of the series

No. 295747

File: 1683827129367.png (2.1 MB, 1674x5968, wwqew.png)

Same anon here man it's been a good season so far and My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 has gotten so much better I give it 8/10 now. I love the gaming group and the slow burn romance. Too Cute Crisis is consistently great as well

No. 295750

File: 1683827473315.png (211.07 KB, 960x720, [joseole99-TCL] The Twelve Kin…)

seconding twelve kingdoms. fun story about a wimpy damsel becoming a badass woman and learning her throne.
i second it even though i haven't finished it yet lol…

No. 295820

would Fushigi Yûgi be considered isekai? that's the only one I can think of off the top of my head that's for women

No. 296658

Did any fellow first time Utena viewer also bawled her eyes out during that scene in episode 39? Shit destroyed me… I can't remember an anime ending moving me so deeply, maybe besides EoE I watched years ago
Also, the voice acting of Tomoko Kawakami, my god. It's so cruel she died from cancer so young. Every time I go back to this episode and I hear her voice I want to cry even more

No. 296668

>that's the only one I can think of off the top of my head that's for women
Yes and there were a few iconic 90s series with a female audience that were technically isekai - Esclaflowne, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Inuyasha

No. 296669


No. 296773

File: 1684273800066.png (299.22 KB, 500x500, bisque7.png)

I heard author of this is woman and now I really wish she didn't make it moid pandering and pervert themed.

I like character designs and I really dig the extroverted gyaru into cosplay / shy and modest guy into doll-making couple. But the entire series has been ruined with MOID SHIT, including Marin's character.

Why oh why didn't author nake it female-oriented.

No. 296775

You might like Yamada-kun to Lv999 much more if you haven't already watched/read it! Other nonnas have mentioned it before but it's very cute and there's no gross scrote pandering.

No. 296779

The latest episode was amazing I almost cried

No. 296817

File: 1684296954655.jpeg (64.06 KB, 666x1000, 5120FB23PWL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

There are definitely several older shoujo "isekai". Red River has the main protag being magically summoned to the Hittite empire (present day Turkey) thousands of years ago. It's a historical romance, with a very plucky main character. I'm re-reading the series again and I enjoy the 90s shoujo flair.

No. 296818

File: 1684297021545.jpeg (94.07 KB, 666x1000, 51G8AFKZ94L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Another 90s isekai is From Far Away. The main character gets teleported to a completely different world. I haven't read this one yet so I can't say if it's good or bad.

No. 296822

NTA, I was about to ask about another isekai series for women about ancient Mesopotamia or something like that - I think this was it. I've seen it before and it's gorgeous.

No. 296846

I tried reading this a while ago but the amount of times the MC was almost raped made me lose interest

No. 297536

Currently I'm on a mecha/80s-90s OVA kick so I decided to watch Gunbuster, which had been on my mental to-watch list forever. It was absolutely gorgeous—albeit not as deep as I expected it to be—but I was seriously turned off by the amount of unexpected, blatant fanservice (in vidrel). I actually said "what the fuck" aloud at one flashing bit near the end during a scene that was meant to be climactic and emotional. Really hate that a story supposedly about girls and women ended up being tainted for me thanks to the scrotes who made it being scrotey. Not only that, but when I looked it up online, discussion was full of tranny men calling it a lesbian show (I'm a lesbian, it definitely isn't shoujo ai or yuri) and ogling the gifs of the female characters' breasts bouncing boobily. I am disappoint

No. 297606

I am usually very annoyed at fanservice, but I appreciate how realistical the boobs movement is. I give Gunbuster a pass.
Diebuster was much, much worse.

No. 297610

Yeah, a lot of older anime that seems neat is ruined for me because of that. If you love 80's, or 90's anime and you're not a moid it is very disappointing.
I still want to watch Gunbuster though. Maybe its fanservice isn't so bad compared to other shit I've seen. But maybe I'll just be annoyed at how the characters/plot are good but the fact that they're designed by and for horny moids could make that feel less genuine to me. I don't know

No. 297633

Ican completely understand that being a turn off to people. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia (I'm re-reading it after about 5-6 years) or the fact that that trope doesn't faze me if I like the overall plot more, but it is what it is. The plot can be a bit too overdramatic at times too.

Also, I don't want to brush it under the rug, but that was arguably realistic at the time period (characters mention it several times that women from losing territories would be captured).

No. 297786

File: 1684689982375.gif (1.27 MB, 500x267, 6811ae2e5b8ad12e672ce06cccc6a8…)

Ok, pls don't judge me, kek, but I have been watching scrote-pandering animes that I never watched when I was still a weeaboo/when I was still following seasonal anime. So far, the only one I have managed to finish is Oreimo 1st season. I'm not watching the 2nd season, because I know it becomes even shittier. I fucking hate harems.
Anyways, I started watching Seishun Buuta Yarou (Bunny Girl Senpai) and oh god… it hurts so. fucking. much. knowing that this could have been an interesting anime if it weren't for the retarded fanservice, main character and the stupid shit they do with the romance. When I finished the 4th episode I was kinda invested in the plot, but at the same time I had a strange feeling, because the main couple got together pretty fast. And then, bam, fifth episode introduces a new girl that seems to be the second female lead and the first female lead… is ok with it? Idgi.
The MC having to clarify that he only helps girls if he finds them attractive was just the last straw for me, kek. Retarded moids.
I now have the urge to watch Charlotte, which I haven't watched since it premiered…
Anyone that watched Bunny Girl Senpai has any thoughts to share? I also think the anime looks nice, but the manga has shitty art.

No. 297855

I hated that shitty bunny girl senpai anime and dropped it halfway through. the main scrote character is insufferable, I assume he's meant to be a self-insert. it was very fanservicey which takes away from the serious themes of the anime. if it were some shounen or isekai with lots of action and other stuff going on I could ignore the the fanservice but not in a plot heavy school setting like this. also it's been a long time since I watched so I might be misremembering but I thought the relationship between the scrote mc and his little sister was weird. overall it seemed like a boring harem anime that had a veneer of being 2deep4u to try and attract a wider audience.

No. 297856

samefag since you mentioned the manga, one of the mangaka (the artist nanatsu-gumi) mainly draws loli and high school girl porn doujins which makes the whole thing even worse. definitely a series to avoid

No. 297931

>the main scrote character is insufferable, I assume he's meant to be a self-insert.
AYART, and yesss, god, he is retarded as hell, and he can't stop talking at all or saying the most autistic shit ever. I understand he is suppossed to be a horny teen moid, but sometimes he really was too much. As you said, those things take away from the serious theme.
>one of the mangaka (the artist nanatsu-gumi) mainly draws loli and high school girl porn doujins
KEK, of fucking course.

No. 297960

I love skip and loafer so much. It's so comfy.

No. 298367

has anyone watched love hina? i want to give it a try because i suddenly desire a romcom harem to watch, and it seems like all the girls are adult age/in university

No. 298374

ive tried to watch mononoke at least twice bc i really want to like it (i love the medicine sellers design), but ive had to drop it every time after 2 or 3 episodes. does it get better??? or is it just a matter of taste

No. 298382

Only a few of the girls are actually adults. Also, be forwarned, the comedy is very dated. Almost all of the "jokes" are just the MC getting punched in different ways.

No. 298383

I liked the manga when I was 10 years old. I'm sure I would have a very different opinion if I decided to read it again now.

No. 298392

not Love Hina, but I loved Negima from the same author as a kid too, and nowadays I'm disgusted by all the fanservice of underage characters it has. As both series are harem comedy (at least in the beginning) I doubt Love Hina will be much better

No. 298453

guess i'll skip it then
thanks naurnas

No. 299552

File: 1685423487344.png (345.01 KB, 1116x1600, marie josephe is hot.png)

Kek I can't believe Innocent was written by a scrote with all of those stars and butterflies and teary eyes close-ups, literally peak female gaze
Maybe someone knows if there will be an anime adaptation? I've seen so much retarded moe coomer garbage getting adapted but not this masterpiece it's infuriating

No. 299560

Kek I liked the black haired boy at first but the author turned him into an asshole.

No. 299569

>i suddenly desire a romcom harem to watch
Tenchi Muyo could scratch that itch for you.

No. 299570

I would watch it if it was made but I can't imagine any studio would want to animate all those little details for a full series… it should get an OVA but it probably won't.

No. 299581

File: 1685462394720.jpg (22.71 KB, 797x403, Screenie.jpg)

Reveal your power level nonnies.

I think Madhouse could take it up, they've been coming out with a lot of shoujo-adjacent anime recently. But the only studio that could hold up the desired level of quality for a full TV series of Innocent would be Sunrise, there's no way they'll adapt it though. I'd rather not see it animated anyway, does anyone remember what happened to 7Seeds or Baraou no Souretsu?

No. 299582

That commitment, I kneel. I want to know what you dropped

No. 299584

Same nonita. Does the fandom simps for him anyway? It's kinda annoying that every time I hate some male character all the girls (tifs kek) in the fandom worship him. But I don't really care, I only read it for Marie.

No. 299585

File: 1685468798889.jpeg (32.07 KB, 970x437, Web capture_30-5-2023_194218_m…)

The powerlevels of nonnies in this thread are so high.

No. 299599

Nonna you can't leave us hanging, what is the only anime you dropped?

No. 299700

I got locked out of myanimelist in 2018 when they did the password security change thing…don't really remember but I was busy at work and missed some deadline to add two factor authentication and it was attached to on old dead email so I couldn't recover it. stopped using it. I was watching 16 shows, 25 on hold, completed about 300 shows and had dropped about 250. No clue what I've added to the count since then, I continued to watch everything seasonally for a few more years.

No. 299708

Does anyone have any recommendations for an action anime that feature an ensemble cast of adults? Preferably one that doesn’t pander to moid sexuality.

No. 299721

Anyone else into the Milgram project? This song was especially creepy goddamn
the scene where she was feeding him rats was shocking to the point where I genuinely can’t decide if I want to vote her guilty or innocent

No. 299740

They're of different genres so you'd have to look up the summary to get what vibe you want, but here are a couple that I would consider filled with action(also noting moid stuff that might put you off):
>Samurai Champloo
>Vinland Saga
>Great Pretender (moid stuff is barely there)
>Bungou Stray Dogs (brother-sister incest but it goes away)
>Hellsing Ultimate (lots of mentions of rape in the vampire needing a virgin sense)
>Akudama Drive
>Vanitas no Karte (very little pandering, mostly fujobait)
>Trigun (1998, new versions ok too depending on your preference)
>Golden Kamuy

But if anons have any more, please share. I'd also like some recommendations.

No. 299800

File: 1685587734999.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.08 KB, 1419x1077, Loogadisbruh.jpg)

Just finished princess tutu and tbf i did not expect the story to end like that especially for Ahiru, and i think the fact that Mytho chose Rue as a princess was maybe the biggest cucking i've seen in an anime towards a main character , but i started routing for Fakir and Ahiru halfway and now i'm sad they didn't get a proper happy end of their own kekk but i really liked it

No. 300662

File: 1685987352179.jpg (831.42 KB, 2547x1739, Maria-sama.ga.Miteru.full.1272…)

I just finished Maria sama ga Miteiru S1 and was blown away. It truly felt like something made entirely for women. Loved the way the used the flower names. I think this series has a lot of moid fans but I have no idea how they can enjoy it.
I also watched the specials for S1 but that was a mistake. They're not written by the original author so one of them had tone-deaf moid humour about one of the girl's breasts.

No. 300701

File: 1686000777364.jpg (81.09 KB, 1200x675, vinland-saga-season-2-episode-…)

i started watching vinland saga, i love it a lot. i really like the fighting scenes and the way thorfinn fights with the dual daggers. usually don't care about action sequences in anime, but for some reason the ones in this show are really captivating

No. 300704

Kekkai Sensen, aka Blood Blockade Battlefront. Super fun series by the Trigun guy

No. 300764

i remember reading this and getting so disappointed by the dogshit writing, i don't know why i never see people talking about how badly tied the story is
that being said, the art being so pretty and expressive was the only motivation for me to finish it

No. 301193

watched the first hour long episode of Oshi no Ko because I saw loads of people talking about it as like, the best anime of this year and shit. It is just okay, though?

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it's got major Perfect Blue vibes (not as good tho) and is telling quite a like, known story about celebrity and the perils therein. Its kind of weird, a few interesting things happened, but the first episode (which is an hour and a half long) ended in quite a boring way, like the set up for what is going to happen sounded boring. I dunno. What do other nonas think?

No. 301402

this sounds comfy nonnie, now im wondering if i should watch the anime or read the manga

No. 301404

my baby brother(12) is watching it, would you say its appropriate for kids?

No. 301405

You're right that the anime gives perfect blue vibes in its attempts to criticize the idol industry but it never truly goes all out and still remains a typical anime that treats it's audience like idiots. You'll have characters discussing and knowing how horrible it is but then through the power of anime dreams and hope and sparkly eyes the main character will prevail and become an idol anyway because it's what truly makes her happy in life! And cheesy shit like that.
Not to mention the whole fantasy aspect was so incredibly pointless. Could have totally done fine without it.

No. 301425

ntayrt but I loved the manga. Haven't seen the anime but you probably couldn't go wrong with either

No. 301444

I mean it's pretty gore-ey. I can't remember any distinct nudity, but it is incredibly violent. I believe it is rated M

No. 301446

It’s not like perfect blue. It teases at that but then cuts away to silliness or revenge tropes

No. 301512

File: 1686389523343.png (534.07 KB, 1076x599, cuties.png)

Can anyone recommend an anime similar to the whole Free! series? this means: no disgusting fan service made for moids, slice of life, has handsome husbandos in it who have vanilla but quirky personalities, and its story line is mostly wholesome. I'm about to re watch the whole Free! series cause BL is alright, but I also want an anime where cute male characters just act gay and wholesome without any relationships. Imo it's so hard to find that these days

No. 301537

So you want CG(uys)DCT? Check out Tsurune, another KyoAni series

No. 301542

File: 1686403572692.jpg (369.5 KB, 1280x1830, fashion.jpg)

Going to end the eva waifu wars with one image, would Assuka rock THIS? i actually love them both don't come for me

No. 301663

Why do all the hats look so bad on her?

No. 301666

File: 1686441159257.jpg (54.01 KB, 736x414, 098dd35041d8193b1cb0239a54aa6f…)

Unironically Saint Young Men

No. 301684

That’s such a good show

No. 301690

Oh no that baseball cap looks so stupid on her

No. 301692

She's hip with the kids, you just don't get it anon.

No. 301724

File: 1686470774436.png (89.69 KB, 720x540, bomi-snapshot-2022-01-09-13-42…)

anyone have a good sad anime that doesn't involve moid shit? i tried welcome to the nhk and well parts of the mc were relatable he was just too obviously male and mikasa (whatever he name was) was too "cute girl saves poor weird guy from his life" to me. can't watch shit like clannad or angel beats either because it's just romcom with a melodramatic coat of paint.

i really enjoyed "a place beyond the universe". i'm done with succession and need something else to watch please help me nonnies

No. 301738

I'm kind of annoyed that one nonna was right about gundam witch they really cucked us with the premise of a first female lead and yuri Romance when it's just a school drama with male leads now. I'm so disappointed

No. 301746

I think it's because they were too afraid of giving her hair a different shape. When you wear a cap, your hair is not supposed to look the same as when you're not wearing one you know

No. 301748

Rei wearing special needs outfits is really fitting. Retardcore, as the children today would say, how lovely.

No. 301749

File: 1686484897618.jpeg (57.61 KB, 448x590, 8F9EEB25-0B7A-4AD2-9F4D-847C84…)

Sanrio Danshi.

No. 301755

Did you watch Cool Doji Danshi? It's pretty much what you described.

No. 301773

Kinda want to recommend something like Claymore or Cross Ange but they’re more action although I was genuinely moved at times. Cross Ange is controversial in some ways due to the sexual violence but I liked the majority female cast and the crazy plot and the overall message and the badass lead. Haven’t rewatched since it aired so I don’t know if it holds up.
Claymore is a classic; if you don’t shed a tear over Theresa you don’t have a heart.

No. 301786

kek i was sleepier than i thought when i posted this.

i appreciate you

No. 301791

NTA I like mecha stuff and I often like heavily female casts but I could not manage to watch Cross Ange, even disregarding the very present and uncomfortable sexual violence the whole thing is full of scrotey framing and panty shots. I can believe the story is good, but jesus, not worth it for anyone that's not down to see a bunch of fanservice for scrotes and constant reminders that they think its hot when anime teen girls get assaulted

No. 301794

by moid shit you mean has lots of men or pandering heavily to men? I found wolfs rain extremely depressing but most of the important characters are men. assassination classroom gets very sad towards the end but is a shounen. death note is pretty depressing all the way through - you've probably seen it already kek. I've heard anohana is very sad but haven't seen it yet so idk how scrote pandering it is.

No. 301874

File: 1686576198293.png (379.83 KB, 600x677, 810f19c2bca87e40d91b7efda563b9…)

op of >>301512 Thanks nonas! I haven't been browsing much cuz ive been busy, but all of these look promising. I appreciate these recommendations a lot! the sanrio danshi husbandos look so cute! i hate that sanrio stuff attracted so many ddlg lowlifes. they ruin everything

No. 301884

Yeah it's a lot. Bar on the floor… at least the sexual assault stuff eventually ties back into the plot and conflict between the villain and the main character in a way. I didn't really drop anything when Cross Ange came out so I stuck with it and I remember being kinda surprised (in a good way) by where it went.
I also wound up liking daphne in the brilliant blue which is basically a wholesome mystery action-comedy except the insane outfits and has a plot that actually ties together at the end and sort of tugs at the heartstrings (not rushed like a lot of anime emdings out there). I almost didn't watch it because of the outfits but I'm glad I did.

No. 301955

File: 1686618240313.gif (2.82 MB, 498x280, tomo-aizawa-carol-olston.gif)

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! is such an underrated gem this season and the main group of friends and their drama is surprisingly really refreshing. I thought this show was going to be more shallow than it is

No. 302330

File: 1686789303678.jpg (262.35 KB, 1280x1024, [EFCPO]School_Rumble_RChart[en…)

i want one of these insane love dodecahedrons but it's gay, or at least not annoyingly hetshit (i can just look at school rumble and tell the female characters are going to be fucking awful). i already know of princess tutu and utena…

No. 303730

File: 1687356508215.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 (2).png)

Female character 3x3, thoughts

No. 303733

Eww Asuka

No. 303735

Fuck yeah, Asuka

No. 303737

File: 1687358347503.webm (2.96 MB, 1280x720, Adam ENTER.webm)

SK8 the Infinity - it's better than Free!! imo.

No. 303738

File: 1687358391179.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, Adam & Eve.webm)

No. 303746

a fellow anthy lover nice. she deserves more love

No. 303747

File: 1687361038276.gif (1.65 MB, 498x337, stop-hibari-kun-anime.gif)

I am the n1 trap hater in the world, but damn if hibari kun hasnt been super fun so far. I wish he was a woman though, because i fucking adore how mean and smug he is, his design and voice. Havent finished it yet, but if anyone likes really 80s anime, westaboo references, cute clothes, good humor, and is willing to get past the fact hibari is a man larping as woman i recommend it. Funny how this is probably the one and only true tranny anime character there is but tras prefeer to transwash real women characters. I honestly hope they never find out about hibari.

No. 303748

This is literally draw a girl and call it a boy.

No. 303750

File: 1687361216231.jpg (342.99 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

post the site so other nonas can make theirs no?

No. 303751

File: 1687361471716.gif (5.78 MB, 640x430, hibari-kun-cantando-hibari-kun…)

all traps are that, at least the main protagonist seems to see hibari as a man(so far). I am a bit salty the one 80s anime with the trap has my favourite mix of artstyle/animation/music. As much as i love Kimagure it's animation is very subpar and the op is very meh.

No. 303754

I'm still not sold, this seems like troon wish fulfillment.

No. 303759

File: 1687363392792.jpg (183.16 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_p1zjo2WAxk1ro43u8o1_128…)

the author is a failed troon so it is, but i can appreciate its other qualities. Believe me, i went in to test my limits and cringe with friends and i ended up liking it. 100% better than trash like astolfo/felix and other modern traps that have no redeeming qualities. Still, would only recommend it if you exhausted all the other 80s sol/romance anime. I personally finished my watch list a while ago so i went out looking for more obscure and i ended up finding a surprise.

No. 303763

This thing is making me realize how little female characters I like

No. 303768

Some of these are cringe but usagi and kuroneko are good picks

No. 303770

File: 1687367250539.png (26.46 KB, 1324x187, 22.png)

No. 303773

File: 1687367647664.png (101.14 KB, 1266x539, references.png)

Will be shitposted and hated for years to come more than IBO, mark my words.

No. 303775

i'm the n1 trap liker and i love hibari kek. troons absolutely do know about it though, so discussion on social media is impossible.

No. 303776

I guess its a good thing I never started part 2? I thought part 1 was alright but the character drama was just so shite

No. 303777

File: 1687368949156.png (629.26 KB, 600x600, 3x3-1.png)

10/10 for yukino & anthy

No. 303778

File: 1687369223755.png (13.86 KB, 1278x170, m.png)

I mean, hatewatching and shitting on a show on /a/ and /m/ as soon as the new episode airs is also entertaining…

No. 303779

How the hell do you do this on mobile

No. 303780

File: 1687369676458.png (654.96 KB, 600x600, 3x3.png)

wait, i changed my mind.

i don't know kek. i'm on pc

No. 303782

File: 1687370031251.jpg (182.44 KB, 850x600, i7.jpg)

I think you'd like Idolish 7!

No. 303784

Who the hell is watching gundam for romance? It's always been cool mechs fighting for dubious causes the anime. I give this one extra points for not involving a random teen boy stealing a gundam and piloting it like an expert with zero experience while having a rivalry with a masked dude who may or may not be Char.

No. 303785

File: 1687371021367.png (615.29 KB, 600x600, 3x3.png)

All the homu's and maki's in the house tonight

No. 303786

same, i did it on pc, kek

No. 303787

Was actually getting mad as fuck trying to get it to work on mobile and contemplated bringing my dirty ass laptop up on my bed just to do a shitty waifu 3x3. Thankfully I figured out how to work it.

No. 303790

File: 1687371560359.png (2.02 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

I was so shocked to see other Monogatari enjoyers here.
Same, it was a struggle.

No. 303792

Ahhh nice. You've got hitagi too as your waifu! I didn't think that there would be another monogatari enjoyer either. Since the anime is…. well you know how it is.
Ahhh you've got bike as your girl. I thought she was pretty cool in the vn
Is that pink girl the tsundere from akame GA kill?
Who's the black, short hair with purple eyes on the top right corner?

No. 303793

>Still, would only recommend it if you exhausted all the other 80s sol/romance anime
could you recommended me some.

No. 303794

File: 1687372152733.png (3.26 MB, 1600x1600, 4x4.png)

Sorry, I couldn't choose only 9 and I also included manga only characters I hope I can be forgiven

No. 303795

I almost never see people who like Nadeko, she was always my favourite Monogatari girl. I remember getting into internet fights defending her against scrotes who hated her when I was like 14 kek. Nowadays I don't like the Monogatari series much but I still have a soft spot for her and a few of the other female characters from it.

No. 303796

File: 1687372352189.png (636.08 KB, 600x600, 3x3-m.png)

this was a little tougher to do for males

No. 303797

AYO REIGEN and trap ay

No. 303798

Lol at the quanxi being added.

No. 303799

Phos is cute

No. 303800

File: 1687372711068.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

I'm rating your 3x3s as good as I can. The numbers are for how many characters I know closely.

Ashamed to admit I've not seen many of these… Love Lust though!

Poor Sakura deserved better. Nami's only downside is the artstyle. Love Usagi, Chihiro and Tomoyo though!

Haru, Akane Homura and Makima!! Love the first 3, Makima is a good character but I have no personal ties to her.

Homura, Mokoto, Quanxi and Makima again! Homura has a special place in my heart…

Seras, Rin and is that the MC girl from Blue Flag?? Love Seras and love Futaba! If it's her.

6/16 (cheater!)
WITCH HAT ATELIER REP YEAHHH I can't wait for it to get an adaptation!!!

No. 303801

Yeah nadeko is cute. I used to have a soft spot for her too but for some reason I grew out of it.

No. 303802

File: 1687372980715.jpg (432.08 KB, 1414x2000, phos-sei.jpg)

word. and his character development is great

No. 303803

I'm >>303750 kek, 5/9! I was waiting for someone to post Kuroki Tomoko.
Also, shame because I totally forgot about Princess Tutu when I was doing mine! Love Ahiru to death.

No. 303804

7/9…i wish the elfen lied protag didn't exist; it could've been a great series if he hadn't whined whenever lucy tried to do something cool

No. 303806

What's this about him whining ?

No. 303807

File: 1687373304160.jpg (331.21 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

Are we all Homufags? Is she /ourgirl/?

No. 303808

It is the tsundere from Akame Ga Kill, I'm a sucker for that character type despite it being done horribly. The short-haired girl with purple eyes is Meryl from Trigun! She is really cute and I love her in the original. Men tend to hate her because they think she's too mean to the MC, but I love her because she's realistic and relatable.

No. 303810

File: 1687373625843.jpg (360.38 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

thank you for the link, nonna!

No. 303811

it just seemed to me that whenever lucy went to kill someone he started up the "nooo lucy you want to be a normal girl right? murder is bad, girls don't kill people!" then she'd go uguu mode. admittedly i only faintly recall the anime – was more so referring to the manga

No. 303816

File: 1687374131659.jpg (314.51 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

4/9, but who's the top right? His design is very cute

No. 303817

Who is the character with purple lipstick?

No. 303819

File: 1687374797527.png (1.89 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

kek, I'm so ashamed to have fujimoto character on my chart but I have to admit how much I love some of his female characters are, she's endlessly cool and attractive to me unfortunately

based Mithrun enjoyer!

No. 303820

Caterina Sforza from Trinity Blood!

No. 303821

File: 1687374960557.jpg (272.9 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20230621_221726_Gal…)

Kinda ot but who is he and from what anime/manga? Or is it just someone's art work? And if so who's the artist?

No. 303823

No. 303824

Haha… I think we all have a bit of Tomoko Kuroki inside us… Ahiru is still one of my all time favourites. She embodies so much of what I love in a character (hope).

I have such a lovehate relationship with Elfen Lied. It was my first grimdark anime and I loved how female characters were allowed to be brutal and violent and traumatized and still persevere, but then you find out that the author is just an edgelord who keeps shovelings his fetishes into his series… the anime was WAY toned down compared to the manga too… I love the concept and characters of Elfen Lied, but they all deserved a better author, even if I was fine with how the story played out (mostly).

Saber was one of the ones I considered putting on mine, but I only like her in Fate Zero. Can I ask what you like about Megumin? I feel like the only time I see people talking about her they're bieng p*dos about it, so I wanna know what someone who isn't a moid might think of her.

INTEGRA HELLSING REPRESENT BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY MOTHERFUCKING SUBARU FROM .HACK SIGN! I fucking loved that anime. Loved Subaru. Wanted to cosplay her as a wee teenager.

No. 303825

Never thought of it this way kek, but his art style is my favorite manga art style so far. The sequel Innocent Rouge is good as well, I recommend it. It focuses more on Marie. He made other cool manga like the climber and #DRCL midnight children, but the latter has a main troon character who sort of has DID or something because he's a male at day, goes to sleep and wakes up at night as a "girl", but he doesn't remember doing so the next day or his alternative life as a "girl", and the main girl character is a lesbian and unfortunately likes him when he's a "girl", he turned evil last time I checked and might not get redeemed and die, and I hope the author will do that so the normal characters continue the story kek. It's such a waste that the author got influenced by American woke agenda, his work is too good for that.

No. 303826

Thanks, nonna!

No. 303829

File: 1687376151043.png (572.23 KB, 1252x1800, 09999.png)

mithrun, dungeon meshi. dm's getting an adaption by trigger; i don't know how long it'll be, so he might not appear :(

i used to be so obsessed with gon. such a crazy character

No. 303834

Megumin's birthplace is a chuunibyou village so she acts chuuni as fuck and thats literally one of my favorite tropes, so she's always hilarious to me. But even if you put the comedy aspect aside she has the sweetest relationship with her little sister and best friend (in-denial) Yunyun, she struggles to act openly selfless or affectionate so she uses bluntness or chuuni excuses to treat them well. She's essentially the perfect mix of all my favorite tropes, its a real shame she's always attached to moids (ironic weebs, at that) since I really adore her as a character

Also its really funny you say that about Saber because it was FZ that made me truly love her. I still really liked her in FSN but FZ put a lot of things into a new perspective for me about her character. Moids always complain about how her character is "ruined" in FZ but those faggot retards probably never paid attention to her outside of the SoL le funny eating saber XD scenes.

No. 303835

File: 1687376477401.gif (991.85 KB, 500x279, animesher.com_monogatari-serie…)

Ayrt and she is seriously the best written monogatari character. I have a theory that scrotes don't like her because she's a mentally ill, psychotic teenager and not just a perfect loli (ick) waifu character like shinobu is

No. 303838

unrelated but nonna, what is your opinion on the dungeon meshi trailer? Do you think trigger will do a good job with the adaptation?

>i used to be so obsessed with gon. such a crazy character

He is, weirdest little guy, I love him

No. 303839

File: 1687376692142.jpg (102.7 KB, 600x600, 3x3.jpg)

Barely watch anime so I had to reach out a bit

No. 303842

Does it start with an R?

No. 303843


No. 303844


No. 303845

I think that's essentially what anon meant, yeah

No. 303846

thanks to all the propaganda and the shark teeth I started to see it. anon needs to be banned harder, I can't go out like that.

No. 303850

File: 1687379249950.png (2.21 MB, 1498x1499, 19738624.png)

Based Lust enjoyer.
Imo Homura did a lot wrong but she's a great and interesting character.

I cheated a bit with manga characters but they're from a Puella Magi spinoff so I think they're fair game. Yuma>>>>>>Nagisa and I'm not sorry.

No. 303855

File: 1687380673948.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 (1).png)

>>303800 here, gonna do guys as well! Had to cheat with the last guy cuz he wasn't listed on any of the websites so I had to put him in through Paint. Hope someone recognizes him!

3/9 and I feel like I should know the very first guy in the top left too. Really surprised to see someone put Mithrun as their favourite, he is really pretty though! Also, I thought Phos was a girl? I know nothing of Hosuki no Kuni.

5/9, OPM, Greed, Archer, Kamina and Kaiman. Really surprised to see Kaiman here! You have a type btw.

Reigen, Laos, Kabru, Josuke and Johan. I love seeing the Delicious in Dungeon love here. I considered putting Laos on mine too.

8/9!!! Only thing I haven't seen yet is Serial Experiments Lain. I love all of the girls you posted! The Oban Star Racers girl was my idol when I was a teenager. Love to see more PT fans too.

I only really know Olivia here. I haven't read any of the Madoka side stories yet, are they any good?

No. 303856

>sailor galaxia
Very good taste, anon!

No. 303859

a dabi enjoyer, my fucking respects
apologies, because sadyl, I don't recognize the last one
No way, Captain Dola, top tier taste right there.

No. 303864

File: 1687382340596.jpg (167.43 KB, 850x850, __mikuni_oriko_and_kure_kirika…)

The gems are all genderless rocks. They (mostly) use male pronouns but they look female as part of the genderlessness of them. So really calling them either one is fine imo.

The PMMM manga are a mixed bag. The ones with the same cast are mostly good, especially Wraith Arc (adds a lot of context to Rebellion) and Homura's Revenge. I thought Tart was good. Kazumi had interesting concepts but the artist is a reformed lolicon so a lot of the characters and designs were really uncomfortable until he had a come to Jesus moment and redesigned a bunch of them.

Oriko is really good as a whole in my opinion but the art is extremely stylized and the initial story is rushed, then Extra Story and Sadness Prayer go back and fix a lot of narrative problems from the original. I love Oriko but a lot of people don't like it.

Suzune is a dumpster fire, don't read that one.
Thanks anons. I've always loved Galaxia. Castle in the Sky is my favorite Ghibli movie and Dola plays a huge part in that, she's so badass.

No. 303867

File: 1687385718739.jpg (118.23 KB, 540x780, tumblr_dfc6a1617c2f767ca7e4dec…)

It didn't save the proper picture… this is bottom right boy.

He's from Hokuhokusei ni kumo to ike, I recommend it if you're interested in Iceland in any way shape or form!

No. 303871

i think it's going to be a very basic adaption at worst. i checked the staff currently up on anilist and they've all worked on stuff i consider to be dull/not that good. hope i'm wrong though

No. 303887

I love jin so much, good choice. who are the ones in the top middle and top right?
seeing someone else who still remembers hamtaro makes me happy. even though it's meant to be for little kids I still occasionally watch a few episodes when I need a serotonin boost

No. 303891

Yeah quanxi is a essential pick. I hate how short her stay was in the manga though….. what a bummer.

No. 303903

File: 1687403487068.png (803.41 KB, 600x600, 3x3-s.png)

may as well have an actual show 3x3 too…how many tastelets walk amongst us……

No. 303938

File: 1687409731942.png (637.06 KB, 600x600, 3x3-2.png)

Wanted to add champloo but had no space.

No. 303939

What's names for top left, bottom left and bottom right?

No. 304008

Back to square one

No. 304019

File: 1687436823585.jpg (95.51 KB, 600x600, 3x3 girls.jpg)

I haven't watched much anime lately and I'm thinking about rewatching and finishing some of them while getting into newer ones.

No. 304021

File: 1687437127605.jpg (106.95 KB, 600x600, 3x3 guys.jpg)

The dudes. This one was kinda hard to choose.

No. 304023

Who's the girl at top right?

No. 304026

who is center left

No. 304033

Aside from ebichu, this is so blue coded. Cute!

No. 304045

i am retarded how are you supposed to drop the pictures?

No. 304048

You're not supposed to drop anything. Just search your characters or manga, whatever, pick the picture you want, and it should pop up on the image slot, you have to first press the desired empty image slot tho

No. 304050

weird, doesnt work for me

No. 304058

Kaiba, His and her circumstances, shinsekai yori

No. 304060

File: 1687447720484.jpg (128.28 KB, 600x600, 3x3.jpg)

Turn off your adblock, and if you're using brave, turn off the built in script/adblock too.
We've got the same taste nonnie

No. 304062

>Legends of Galactic Heroes
You madman, aren't there literally HUNDREDS of characters in that? How do you keep track of everyone?

No. 304065

File: 1687448861197.gif (1.06 MB, 500x374, 1439469564008.gif)

There are, but it was an amazing space opera. I don't even know if I'd have the attention span for it nowadays, but I was blown away by it at 17. I haven't watched anything besides the 1988 110 episode OVA though, I heard the new remakes are good and accurate to the novels but I don't like the artstyle.
Yang was my husbando, so moe.

No. 304067

>3x3s somehow the same pseudo-intellectual shit
LMAO 3x3fags are the same everywhere.

No. 304071

File: 1687450416045.png (2.37 MB, 1200x1200, anime 3x3.png)

remade mine shortly ago

No. 304072

File: 1687450844424.jpg (43.51 KB, 500x600, 1352421833665.jpg)

Post yours, I'd love to be introduced to new and better anime

No. 304076

File: 1687452325857.png (905.74 KB, 600x823, fadsa.png)

3x3 won't work on any browser for me, so I did it myself in paint.

No. 304077

Based. I'm glad that it has a smaller fandom but it can be so hard to find good fanart.

No. 304078

Nonna our tastes are perfectly aligned. I thought I wrote your post for a minute.

No. 304082

Top middle is Noe from Case Study of Vanitas, top right is Kagami from Koroko's Basketball

No. 304083

Sorry, typo, I mean Kuroko's Basketball

No. 304102

what was the name of bottom middle? i have been trying to find that anime again for years

No. 304104

It's "Binbougami ga!"
I remember when it aired, I feel old now

No. 304106

File: 1687464899687.png (2.27 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

No. 304110

You like your panzers

No. 304111

This 3x3 screams "I spent a lot of time on /a/ in the 2010s". Love Ippo and Hidamari though

No. 304114

File: 1687466848518.jpg (355.82 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3 best girls.jpg)

and my favourite girls
i just wish there was an equal love for aircrafts, i want my gup with planes
funnily enough never spent too much time on /a/, but i am cursed with f/a/ggot taste

No. 304261

File: 1687527085885.jpeg (245.05 KB, 960x965, IMG_4702.jpeg)

this was fucking hard and made me realize i hate most anime i have watched (i was a pickme when i was younger and would watch shitty stuff to seem like a ~cool~ anime fan, barf)

No. 304378

What anime is top left?

No. 304380

I'm so happy I never watched any of the stuff I was recommended to on YouTube lol. Now my taste is refined.

No. 304381

Nta but it's Princess Tutu and it's really good!

No. 304383

>i was a pickme when i was younger and would watch shitty stuff to seem like a ~cool~ anime fan, barf
same my otacool phase was awful. so glad my mom had sense and didn't let me buy all the shitty figures i wanted

No. 304384

i also want to know the top right girlie

No. 304385

File: 1687578262694.png (1.19 MB, 675x960, grid.png)

Pls no bully.

No. 304386

fujogod i KNEEL

No. 304388

wait is gunbuster actually good? thought it was a tna (tits and ass) series with guns

No. 304389

File: 1687579102160.gif (1.95 MB, 498x371, handsome-kuwabara-kuwabara.gif)

based nonna

No. 304390

File: 1687579159970.gif (2.42 MB, 498x370, noriko-gunbuster.gif)

You're thinking of Diebuster. Gunbuster has some nudity, too, but it's pretty tame and I was able to put up with it because I just love the art style, music, and overall vibe. Noriko is just more sympathetic and likeable to me than Shinji (despite one ostensibly being the prototype for the other.) I also liked what the show did with space travel and time distortion. Plus it's not annoyingly long, so I've been able to watch it more than once.

No. 304392

File: 1687579427993.gif (1.83 MB, 500x375, kurama hair flip.gif)

No. 304395

Asirpa from Golden Kamuy

No. 304397

Shit sorry got my left and right confused lol. Top right is from Kimi Ni Todoke

No. 304399

File: 1687581067155.jpeg (180.66 KB, 600x850, IMG_9485.jpeg)

Kimagure Orange Road

No. 304413

File: 1687586866331.jpg (141.58 KB, 600x600, 3x3 anime.jpg)

So many nonnas with great tastes and underrated anime here! Might have to make changes after finishing and getting into others that I'm long interested in.

Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke. She's an absolute sweetheart.

Yuu Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. She's very prince-like and silly. I love her so much.

>made me realize i hate most anime i have watched
Same, specifically shounen/action with anime girl fanservice or male self-insert fantasy that people consider them to be "good" or "highly recommended" even though the loudest of anime fans are moids. Completely dropped them for how overdone, annoying and cringe they are. It's not worth the time to watch and invest in the shit that gets their dicks hard.

No. 304429

File: 1687591263348.png (1.89 MB, 1200x1200, my girls.png)

homura is a fan favorite here, i'm curious to hear everyone's reason for why she's best girl. i find her very relatable and i love how insanely devoted she is to madoka

No. 304430

File: 1687593101976.png (2.29 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

replied to a few earlier and now wanted to post my own, it's interesting seeing how there's a variety of tastes but still some overlap!
excellent picks nona, I like that you enjoy lots of different genres

No. 304434

File: 1687593825115.png (1.69 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 girls.png)

samefag did one for female characters too

No. 304456

File: 1687598625566.jpg (401.49 KB, 1800x2400, 104871134_p0.jpg)

>Gold Ship
Incredible taste nona

No. 304465

File: 1687609373373.jpg (141.96 KB, 1280x720, Uma musume Pretty Derby.jpg)

is Uma musume Pretty Derby actually a good show or is it more of a novelty, a flash in the pan, or something you like if you played the game –etc.?

No. 304466

Samurai Flamenco didn't make the cut for you?

No. 304471

I think it's a pretty ok sports anime. Part of the appeal for me is that the characters and races are based on real life, as dumb as that sounds. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone on here though unless you have a soft spot for moeshit like i do kek

No. 304477

besides some character design choices the show itself is not coomerish at all because the horses they're based on are owned by the yakuza and any porn with uma musume girls is banned. however it has moeshit, but that's kind of a given with that artstyle. the story isn't that great, but it works as something to kill the time

No. 304486

File: 1687625245406.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3464x3464, 123542EC-C169-41C5-97B9-464FBE…)

You guys are gonna roast me.

No. 304487

>because the horses they're based on are owned by the yakuza and any porn with uma musume girls is banned
How do they enforce that though? I guess they could try to dox you, barge into your house and kill you or force you to act in porn movies as compensation if you're in Japan but wouldn't fans outside of the West be able to draw the characters in NSFW art whenever they want?

No. 304490

You like to have fun, this is an entertaining 3x3

No. 304492

File: 1687627583220.png (2.07 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

No. 304495

I think the JP artists simply just respect it or are afraid of getting in trouble. I'm pretty sure doujin events forbids 18+ doujinshi from being sold so that's one way of enforcing it. But it's not like there isn't any porn at all made, just way less than other similar franchises.

No. 304497

File: 1687629153184.png (590.93 KB, 560x560, 3x3.png)

This was hard, every time I finish an anime these days I'm eh on it sorry for the interspecies reviewers, I'm a degen & found it funny kek

No. 304498

File: 1687629285875.png (2.36 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

you're so based for almost all of this nonna, you just need to get into the older devilman ova and you're set!

No. 304499

Is Watamote worth?

No. 304500

If you can relate to being a total loser when you were in high school, yes.

No. 304501

Season 2 of the show is actually a genuinely pretty good sports anime, season 1 is more of a moe SoL but has some good parts. If you read manga there's also a spinoff called Cinderella Gray that's a great starting point. But I'm biased towards the series because I'm autistic about real life JP horse racing kek, the attention to detail in it for keiba facts is impressive.
NSFW art usually gets reported and taken down, but typically Japanese artists just choose to follow the regulations or post things privately. Since the whole franchise depends on Cygames having good relations with the horse owners if they want to license more famous horses to turn into characters, most Japanese fans are okay with the porn ban. There was a lot of initial whining from coomers about how it would kill the franchise but it turned out to have no impact at all on its popularity.

No. 304503

I found the anime too cringe but I love the manga

No. 304505

Nice to see another uma autist on lolcor. Cinderella Gray is so good, i watched the uma anime when it was first released but cingray is what really got me into the franchise. I'm not really into irl horse racing but it's fun to look into the irl horses the characters are based on. Also it's so nice to have a franchise with a female cast that isn't for turbo coomers. I used to be into Idolm@ster and it was a horrid experience, now i can actually look for cute fanart without drowning in gross porn.

No. 304515

File: 1687636423815.png (1.05 MB, 697x710, Screenshot_20230624-155127.png)


No. 304518

Gay (literally lol)

No. 304526

Everybody go home best 3x3 just dropped

No. 304528

File: 1687643241701.jpg (438.92 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

I know I missed stuff, I always do

No. 304529

File: 1687643340700.jpg (96.78 KB, 1049x638, 0625463.jpg)

i hate the "tee hee moe alcoholic" trope with every ounce of my being. moids have ran out of things to fetishize

No. 304534

is that redline in bottom middle? one of my favorite animated movies, it was hand drawn and took 7 years to make iirc.

No. 304535

File: 1687645001182.jpg (1.94 MB, 4096x2960, 1641426317131.jpg)

I'm glad it's not just me who likes it, I've been way too obsessed with the franchise ever since the game came out. I also used to be into im@s (still kind of am but less so) and yeah compared to that the lack of coomershit in Uma is so refreshing, even if some of the fanart is still sort of borderline NSFW. I hope CinGray gets an anime adaptation some day.

No. 304536

i love you so much anon.
thanks for putting angels egg on there <3

also what is top right

No. 304537

nta but top right is michiko and hatchin

No. 304538

They don't even look old enough to drink kek

No. 304550

Yes! I got to see it in a theatre last year which was way fun.
Calling in Angel's Egg anon above me as top dog. I heart you

No. 304559

What anime is top middle?

No. 304564

I haven’t seen it but I think that’s alien nine

No. 304571

Thanks nona. I've seen the old adaptations of both HxH and Devilman, I just put the latest adaptations as placeholders because I didn't want to list the same IP more than once even if it's technically two different shows. I know some people really don't like Crybaby and I understand why, but I liked it as well as the 80s versions. I honestly think 2013 HxH is better on a technical level, but I prefer the art style of the 1998 one.

No. 304577

I honestly hadn't even heard of it until I read your comment, anon. I guess I know what to watch next kek

No. 304638

it's a ride but it goes places

No. 304640

File: 1687699750898.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

No. 304646

Shit, I forgot about Cutie Honey. Would probably replace Claymore with that since the Claymore manga is better anyway

No. 304648

everyone's 3x3 of their favorite characters or series makes me realize that i hardly ever have favorite series. there are some that i consider my favorites - like pgsm or digimon adventure and 02 - but those are from my childhood so there's a lot of nostalgia involved. i had a phase of not watching any anime and not reading any manga which lasted for 2 years. when i came back to my old anilist account and scrolled through my favorites series and characters i wondered why i even liked those shows so much. it's not that i think they are bad in retrospect, it's just that many of them aren't very remarkable or have a lot of rewatch/reread value. some of them aren't even shows that i'd suggest to others. for example, i really REALLY loved magikyun or cardfight vanguard for a while, but i'd never rewatch those shows. i also loved kimi to boku or 3-gatsu no lion, both of which i would recommend to others… but it's not like anything that happened in those shows stuck in my brain much. i think my examples already show that i don't have a super selective highbrow taste (aside from no coomer harem shit obviously) so it's not because of that.

sorry for rambling, i just wonder if anyone else feels this way.

No. 304673

You want to go in as blind as possible. If you're not sold on it at first, you need to at least watch it until episode 7.

No. 304710

File: 1687733588076.png (2.43 MB, 1200x1200, IMG_9614.png)

Ok but what if you filled it out as yourself from 10-15 years ago? This is mine at 20 years old

No. 304718

File: 1687738238967.png (767.88 KB, 599x599, dumb.png)

Golden Boy is coomer but it's so absolutely ridiculous and over the top I can't help but have fun whenever I watch it.

No. 304739

File: 1687747150574.jpeg (332.07 KB, 1242x1230, IMG_1936.jpeg)

Late but here’s my thing. I wasn’t going to include movies, but I realized I hate most of the anime series I’ve watched. Mainly because even if they start off really strong 90% of the time they have terrible endings or go to shit after a certain arc.

No. 304748

File: 1687752170563.jpg (403.8 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

kek, mine at 13-14 years old

No. 304757

File: 1687755317238.jpg (142.56 KB, 600x600, 3x3 anime middle early high sc…)

I remember the struggle of trying to watch anime with shit Wi-Fi on sketchy websites where videos take forever to load. Massive Hetaliafag and fujo back then and wasn't too concerned about scroteshit pandering/fanservice until I was fed up with it.

No. 304759

>I remember the struggle of trying to watch anime with shit Wi-Fi on sketchy websites where videos take forever to load.
Same, oh my god? Sometimes I would pause the video until it loaded enough to watch the episode without issues… aaah, so nostalgic.

No. 304809

File: 1687767888245.png (2.42 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 childhood nostalgia.png)

way back in middle school when all I knew how to watch was toonami and janky youtube episodes split into parts kek

No. 304819

File: 1687776844389.png (2.41 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

this is my all time, in no particular order. i'll make my 15-20 year old 3x3 in a bit lol

No. 304821

File: 1687777125158.png (2.17 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3(1).png)

15 year old me was OBSESSED with InuYasha

No. 304822

Oh god you reminded me of when I watched FMA (the first anime) on Dailymotion with the French subtitles because Canal+ aired the episodes in French and I missed a bunch of episodes. The struggle was real, kids these days wouldn't get it.
>inb4 what Brotherhood
It wasn't announced yet and I was reading the manga at the same time anyway and waiting for the next volumes until it ended.

No. 304824

> Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Almost forgot that show existed. I actually hated it but I watched it whenever it was on I don’t know why

No. 304835

File: 1687788550725.png (2.51 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

The last time I watched anime properly was 10-15 years ago, so…

No. 304862

We could’ve been friends on livejournal

No. 304868

oh my god what's the name of the middle one?? i remember seeing it when i was 8

No. 304891

File: 1687807565655.png (2.21 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

I've tried but sort of gave up halfway through since my only source of anime back then was whatever our single nighttime anime slot was willing to buy and dub, and the only thing that was worth watching there I didn't already add was Yu Yu Haskusho (and HxH wins out on that slot for me). Also Umino Chika is life

No. 304892

Nerima Daikon Brothers

No. 304909

suddenly remembered when Fuse TV had a latenight anime slot. I tried to like Tenjho Tenge but it was parody-level bad

No. 304975

File: 1687831105903.png (2.02 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

A bit late to the party but I still want to share my current favs.

No. 304976

File: 1687831158685.png (593.83 KB, 640x950, 6E349352-08A6-447C-AC5E-DB4113…)

Ok maybe I missed some discussion on it, but did anyone else watch jigokuraku this season? I actually enjoyed it despite it having an obvious coomerbait character. I didn’t read the manga and was only barely aware of it before this season so I was a bit surprised at how popular it was. I was really impressed with the style and I thought the two mcs were well done.

No. 304979

i had to watch kuuchu buranko for a challenge and ngl i fucking hated it. the outro was a banger though

No. 305034

what's the one with the wolf and goat called?

No. 305035

No. 305048

Top left and top middle names?

No. 305050

Kuchuu buranko and One outs

No. 305052

I think the anon you replied to was asking about the one with the cat
top middle is natsumes book of friends

No. 305056

oops I misread

No. 305110

File: 1687898653187.gif (2.23 MB, 500x288, 8n2.gif)

Did anyone elses weeb circle have this weird phenomenon of every girl loving Chobits while every guy despised it, even though you'd expect it to be the other way round, if anything?

No. 305113

Yeah and I felt like I was going insane bc I was the only one that didn't like it for its blatant coomshit and idk. Proto-coquette aesthetic? I hated how much that series influenced other series and I'm glad it's dead

No. 305122

File: 1687903838460.jpg (330.07 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230627_151122.jpg)

I took a long break from anime, forgive me as I catch up

No. 305127

File: 1687904788742.jpg (331.23 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230627_152522.jpg)

And the men, I'm so late to the party


It's grown on me, the coomerbait was distracting at first but I'm glad I stuck with it. I really like the two MCs too.

No. 305128

yeah I agree with both of these statements. I still can't wrab my head around why it got so popular amongst girls. I can't even remember why boys disliked it. I wonder if it was released today boys wouldn't hate it

No. 305196

Nta but yeah I didn't watch it for the same reason. Weird coquette aesthetic

No. 305231

i picked this up on a whim after not liking the manga much because the art style put me off. i really love sagiri. the "twist" at the end of the first episode that gabimaru loves his wife got me hooked. i also really like yui and find their relationship very cute, even though we only see glimpses of past interactions. the episode where tenza sacrifices himself for nurugai und shion made me cry. i also like how shion is considered an absolute dreamboat and he doesn't even know, kek. i read on the wiki that sagiri and yui get along great and i can't wait to see their interactions if the show gets more seasons. i like how they are polar opposites - sagiri is a woman but wants to be equal to men and nobody takes her seriously for that, while yui is a woman but is expected not to behave like one outside of having children, but really wants to be a wife and mother.

No. 305232

File: 1687937894996.png (2.5 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

i call this "shows that gave me brain damage over the past 13 years" because i would spend so much time being active in their respective fandoms, writing fanfic and just being very silly in general.

No. 305234

well it's not that surprising to me, considering she's a clamp character. i was obsessed with chobits when i was a kid because she was cute, had very long hair and wore pretty lolita dresses. the anime itself is indeed questionable, but you can tell it was written by a woman at the same time? the other replies mentioned "coquette aesthetic" and yeah, this is the kind of aesthetic that girls love, but moids don't care much about it. something about chobits is too girly in a way that is offputting for moids

No. 305237

Is Ooku coming out tomorrow?

No. 305247

Wow every MC face is almost identical, you really had a type of show/art you liked lol

No. 305248

File: 1687951110455.jpeg (168.81 KB, 1179x1321, IMG_9732.jpeg)

No. 305250

kek absolutely i did. i guess i was really into shounen ensemble casts which is… a lot of shows that are popular. i like to think that my taste is a bit more diverse these days but who knows. i only know that i'm much less obsessed with anime now since i spend more time reading books and gaming.

No. 305302

File: 1687971067157.jpg (200.97 KB, 1080x1084, hehwjwjwwjwjwk.jpg)

Feel free to judge me kek

most of the 3x3s look like I could find some new interesting anime to watch there, especially those who share shows with mine, nice

No. 305304


Time to pirate Netflixshit yet again.

No. 305320

I assumed that people who loved it only saw the main character(s) looking cute and not much further. I remember being 12 and watching chobits. When it got to the scene of "turning" Chi on I felt pretty uncomfortable and decided to leave it alone.

No. 305324

Finally someone posted Monster, the lack of it was driving me insane. Patrician taste nonna.

No. 305333

I don't remember where I read it, but I remember reading a source years ago that explained how Chobits was meant to be a subversion of the ecchi trope. It was supposed to lure in male-readers with a promise of ecchi, and then try to teach them about consent and agency. It's obviously done really messy because it's a product of its time and Clamp has an obsession with lolita complexes, but if you read the manga it's very clear that Chobits' message was "you can love someone without having sex with them".

No. 305334

God tier taste

No. 305388

File: 1688015864089.png (435.72 KB, 1440x1080, [man] Azumanga Daioh - 03 [BD-…)

morbidly impressed that azumanga gave me a great depiction of adult female friendship then immediately veered into the skit about the weird, creepy teacher who's "obsessed with high-school girls" kek what whiplash

No. 305393

I recently finished azumanga daioh and hated the pedo teacher so much, like wtf was the point of including him as a character. he didn't add any humor to the show and was just flat out gross

No. 305397

It's funny for gross otaku moids

No. 305398

I posted monster first.

No. 305404

Azumanga Daioh is so unfunny that I'm still shocked to this day that it's even popular.

No. 305408

Oh so it's a moid show, no wonder I never liked it.

No. 305414

File: 1688025947383.jpg (151.12 KB, 753x599, 933.jpg)

gankutsuou! I love you nonnie

No. 305424

File: 1688030761865.jpg (86.66 KB, 1136x640, photos-2.jpg)

Cardcaptor Sakura is also Clamp and that has tons of male fans. But then again those men might just be lolicons. Plus CCS is more "moe" than "coquette"
Shame I really liked Azumanga as a kid but I had to stop watching it because the pedo teacher made me massively uncomfortable
Many schoolgirl slice of life mangas are published in shounen or seinen magazines (Azumanga Daioh included) so even though they may not seem like it at first glance they are made for a male audience. While I don't think it's blatantly lolicons (though it does attract that audience) there is a subtle pandering to JK culture (which is also super creepy) and a subtle fetishization of teenage girls. Not in that sense that it calls them sexy and thad these mangas and animes are ecchi, but in that sense that it wants to show girls acting cute and "pure". It almost feels voyeuristic since it wants us to observe teenage girls acting like normal teenage girls and kyaaa over them if that makes sense. If it was only about watching funny characters interact then why isn't "schoolboys slice of life" or "adults being at work slice of life" a bigger genre? It's deliberate that it's only the schoolgirl stuff that gets popular

Speaking of school girl slice of life I never got the appeal of Lucky Star. I get that its a love letter to otaku culture but the lolicon jokes are annoing. Konata and Kagami had some funny interactions sometimes but other times it just became too much. The other characters aren't memorable.
Konata's "I'm a flat chested loli" stick was also annoying. I cringe everytime I think back on how tween girls weebs used to parrot her. I know that Lucky Star wasnt written for tween girls in the first place but stuff like that feels like subtle grooming

No. 305435

I will tolerate a man who likes Haruhi but I will feel disgust for a man who likes Lucky Star.
I wonder what’s the new/zoomer version of those shows. Is there a new flat chested justice moeblob franchise that creeps watch or a new surreal highschool Haruhi dupe?

No. 305455

as someone who is flatchested i was obsessed with lucky star when i was 15 solely because of that image lol it kinda sucks that young women like me have to cope with these weird pedobait shows but anime never shows more mature ladies with a flat chest. if anything the older the big sister is, the bigger her rack is…

No. 305472

modern anime is derivative schlock so no

No. 305473

modern anime is derivative schlock so no

No. 305479

Lucky Star popularised teen/adult characters looking like toddlers and for it I will always hate it.

No. 305495

File: 1688062769171.gif (264.65 KB, 160x120, gif_for_ants.gif)

Finally someone said it. I tried multiple times to get the appeal because it was responsible for so many early 2000s anime memes and gifs. Picrel. But I never found it funny.

No. 305508

Sounds like every other defense of shitty scrote anime, next someone will try to defend Steins:Gate as some masterpiece again

No. 305533

I remember reading the manga and liking it a lot, simply because I could skip through the retarded teacher part faster. The humor is really enjoyable otherwise and I understand why animecore zoomers that want to emulate the mid 2000s lolsorandumb culture love it so much kek

No. 305536

Any love for Soul Eater? Yes the anime had a bad ending but it also cut the underage pantyshots so I think that makes it even
Maka has a better character arc than 90% of shonen MCs

No. 305537

File: 1688076008404.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1024x683, IMG_8116.jpeg)

Any love for Soul Eater? Yes the anime had a bad ending but it also cut the underage pantyshots so I think that makes it even
Maka has a better character arc than 90% of shonen MCs

No. 305538

File: 1688076069054.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1024x683, IMG_8116.jpeg)

Any love for Soul Eater? Yes the anime had a bad ending but it also cut the underage pantyshots so I think that makes it even
Maka has a better character arc than 90% of shonen MCs

No. 305539

Any love for Soul Eater? I was obsessed with it in middle school
Im still shocked they had a female lead in a battle shonen and it wasnt a bait and switch like that Fairy Tail garbage

No. 305548

The anime's ending was better than the manga's imo, which completely shit the bed after the Arachne arc.

No. 305551

Soul Eater was my first anime I deliberately sought out to watch (before that I'd just watched stuff like Pokemon, Digimon, etc that were on regular TV) so it's really nostalgic for me. Love the OST and I go back to rewatch it occasionally. I've read a decent chunk of the manga but never managed to finish it.

No. 305556

>I will tolerate a man who likes Haruhi
At least Haruhi Suzumiya had an actual story. I like it but found Mikuru super annoying. I found her more tolerable with the first novel because I didn't have to see the fanservice with my own eyes.

No. 305557

I never read the manga but Maka is such a badass. I also love her design

No. 305558

Yes it’s a classic. There are worse endings out there. Imo an anime with a good ending is extremely rare so I give some grace to the thousands that couldn’t achieve it

No. 305564

File: 1688083103676.jpeg (286.58 KB, 1242x1218, IMG_2020.jpeg)

This website kept randomly crashing while I was making this so I had to screenshot instead of saving file but here’s my childhood faves!

No. 305593

File: 1688109802705.jpg (271.7 KB, 1600x1200, 1363208857894.jpg)

Holy shit, same anon! I actually read the manga from the point where the anime left off, and I wasn't really too impressed by the ending. All I remember is it had something to do with breasts.
It's a shame that Okubo had to insert so much fanservice, it really went on for too long at certain moments and I felt like Fire Force was even worse which is why I dropped it really early on. At least soul eater had a lot more style

No. 305595

Oh you must be >>303938? I must have missed it, perfect taste nonna.

No. 305600

File: 1688111967494.jpg (85.5 KB, 1272x661, best-black-star-quotes.jpg)

I can't watch this shit because of picrel. Maka looks so cool though that I always wanted to. Please tell me it gets better.

No. 305603

File: 1688112698706.jpg (403.67 KB, 1511x2150, 81uBSH4InpL.jpg)

The author really went the lolicon ecchi schoolgirl yuri route later in his career and retconned Soul Eater to this garbage, really ruined it for me. But the original anime is still good, it has a really good OST and I don't remember that much moidshit from it besides some stupid Tsubaki's anime tiddy jokes.

No. 305607

I tried to watch the first few episodes a long time ago and had to stop cause I couldn't take anymore fan service kek. I've heard a lot of people say it's get's better and they tone it down after the first few though, I might try to pick it up again.

No. 305608

What a disgrace.

No. 305646

File: 1688142022429.jpg (381.75 KB, 1382x2047, MV5BZDlmNmJlMTMtMDc3OS00YzA3LT…)

Anyone watching Ooku?

No. 305653

Nta but what's wrong with that kek
Imo it is pretty funny

No. 305665

ntayrt but it definitely does get better I can guarantee you that. At the beginning you're bombarded with fanservice both from Black Star ogling Tsubaki, DTK groping the Thompson sisters and Soul ogling Blair but it chills out after a while. However, I tried re-watching it now in my mid 20s and even knowing what I told you I couldn't get past the first few episodes kek

I read the manga quite a while ago and even though I loved it the historical english made me stop reading midway, I just watched the first episode and I like it so far.

No. 305679

Is the full series out? Gonna pirate it when it's fully released.

No. 305680

>the historical english made me stop reading midway
nayrt but I stopped reading it for the same reason, it felt kind of tedious to follow? And apparently it’s not consistent because they stop using it near the last volumes.

No. 305696

Samefag oh shit to clarify I thought you meant the faces, that's what I find funny. Sorry for the retarded confusion

No. 305734

What do you mean by historical English? Like British English or like. Middle English? lmao

No. 305740

File: 1688168313107.jpg (101.91 KB, 1075x801, fruits basket.jpg)

anyone here a fan of fruits basket? I'm watching the old anime for the first time and just found out there is also a new one - I've read that the new one is way more faithful to the manga and does a better job at adapting it. is it worth watching the new one too?

No. 305762

File: 1688172625254.png (1.3 MB, 1725x2475, A7F9D414-906D-409A-B1F6-09263C…)

No. 305768

>thou hast received an offer of marriage
>nani the fuck?

No. 305810

I really enjoy both, and the manga.

No. 305860

does the older anime leave out some important plot points that were in the manga?

No. 305880

Spotted an unwashed American. I seriously can't believe people have problems reading Oooku. As an ESL, I had no trouble at all.

No. 305884

Kek no way this is so fucking stupid. Idk what the japanese dialect used in the show is called, but it doesn't sound nearly as dated as this. Like it's something you can still hear specific characters use in an anime with a modern setting. They could've used this in the parts where they introduce the shogun and stuff, but not everywhere.

Maybe it's because you're an ESL that you were able to put up with it. I'm also ESL but I would refuse to read that, it sounds so bad.

No. 305895

nta but I'm ESL and it's not that I struggled with reading it, but I found it a bit of a chore and stopped midway. I read heavier and much older english literature outside of manga but I don't know, the translation didn't set well with me.

No. 305914

you're so esl that you didn't get the joke, nani the fuck was referring to the guy's reaction
t. also esl

No. 305927

It’s a joke

No. 306059

Makes me glad me that people are catching on to the masterpiece that is Rainbow.
On a related note, Sakuragi was also best boy.

No. 306107

Good thing the dialogue is pretty normal in the anime. The subs are easy to read so no issues there. I just got to episode 7 and I'm enjoying it thus far.

No. 306108

I've only watched 4 eps but I'm loving it so far. I love seeing men told their duty is to make children, just like they've always told women. I love watching them be in a vulnerable position where they can be sold for their body, and watching them be treated as fancy objects/baby makers for the Shogun. I love when the ugly men seethe at the prettier ones, and it's good to see how they stay true to their moid urges and can't help but rape them.
My favorite part so far was the dojo scene in ep 1 where one pretty guy tells the other pretty guy he's prettier than him. Beauty has been made into such a huge deal for women in our society, feels good to see men go through the same worries.

No. 306141

That's an old manga, I forgot it exists.

No. 306148

rainbow was ass you lying girl the narrator was shit and the plot and characters were worse. masculinity cliches everywhere

No. 306152

I just started it going in blind. It seems interesting so far but I didn’t realize it would be so gay and that they guys would be bald.

No. 306155

File: 1688283770426.gif (1.22 MB, 580x326, tumblr_3113840b556bdc006bf1beb…)

started watching vanitas. i wish the entire show was only about murr. i love cats so much so every scene with murr is a gift.

No. 306167

I love it as well! My favourite scene so far was when Arikoto was brought before the first female shogun and he stubbornly refused to obey her. Amazing scene that puts buddhist misogyny on display (it perfectly contrasted with the earlier portrayal of how pure and noble he is) coupled with the male inability to accept women as their superiors or in any position of power.

No. 306176

I tried watching the new one, but I feel like the humour in Fruits Basket is so outdated so I stopped watching during Kagura's episode. I always disliked that character. I'm massively fond of the old one though and even if it's not perfect and it doesn't follow the manga, I still think it's good for what it is. I prefer the music and the old animation style of the old anime over the new one, but I have heard nothing but good things about the new one.

No. 306182

i never watched fruits basket so i gave it a try a few months ago but kagura was SO UNLIKABLE i can't believe anyone would find her funny or relatable? she's pretty much the reason why i can't keep watching the show, i already smell the shitty late 90s/early 2000s tropes

No. 306197

I've seen men seething over this so I'm definitely going to check it out.

No. 306199

I thought the manga was really until halfway through the story, and the first anime was trying way too hard to be lolsorandomxd, it was annoying. No clue how the new anime is, I only watched the first episode. I didn't like that the designs weren't based on the art style used in the first volumes of the manga, it made everyone look bland. Speaking of which, Natsuki Takaya's style regressed so fucking hard after she got surgery for her left hand, it's really a shame.

No. 306230

File: 1688316789596.jpg (59.42 KB, 460x654, ao-no-exorcist-shin-series-c62…)

apparently they're finally making an ao no exorcist anime that is true to the source material! i'm excited. i was 17 when the first anime aired and i was so mad that the anime went into a completely different direction, like it offended me on a personal level kek. i'm glad that anime studios seem to be more patient now and don't force an anime adaptation when the source material doesn't give enough story to adapt.

No. 306234

File: 1688318294158.jpg (77.21 KB, 260x365, FenaPiratePrincess.jpg)

I finally ended up watching Fena: Pirate Princess. I liked it, IG did a good job on the character designs and animation, but I feel like it was meant to be two seasons that got mashed together. The conflicts being set up suddenly got turned on their heads and the twist was not very well set up, it really felt like there were missing episodes.
I liked Fena being a shounenesque idiot power of friendship hero though, it was cute. And the romance arc was cute too.

No. 306239

File: 1688319476952.gif (1.98 MB, 460x293, DC514AAC-0DF3-45AD-8A1C-351210…)

Have you seen Chi’s Sweet Home? It’s a cute series. A Whisker Away and The Cat Returns are good anime cat movies also. Sketchbook Full Color’s is a super chill slice of life that dedicates some scenes and episodes to the cat character. I haven’t watched this one, so idk if it’s good, but My Roommate Is A Cat looks pretty cute.

No. 306241

I’m so excited! I loved this series in high school. The Kyoto Saga anime was good from what I remember and pretty true to the manga. Are they just gonna redo the first season, skip over season 2 and continue from there or what?

No. 306242

I asked about this when it came out because I wanted to watch it to and anons here told me not to waste my time. Unfortunate. I might watch it anyway then.

No. 306246

File: 1688320690255.png (4.6 MB, 3526x1803, fpp.png)

I think it had a lot of good moments, the cast is pretty fun and Fena herself didn't annoy me, I think Fena being kind of dumb and naive makes sense given her isolated upbringing. I will say the "Pirate Princess" title is kind of misleading, but you'll see why. I hope you enjoy it, anon!

No. 306322

File: 1688368816401.jpg (2.6 MB, 2147x3056, I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Bad…)

does anyone know of a (good-ish) anime where a girl has to manage a really unruly supernatural entity? not inuyasha, because that's like 200 episodes. not noragami either because i didn't like it

No. 306351

Binbougami ga! —haven’t watched it since it aired but I remember liking it
Also A Letter to Momo might fit the bill, it’s a movie.

No. 306358

File: 1688382797170.jpg (68.58 KB, 500x500, 271933831_344728880818791_1186…)

Natsume is getting a 7th season! No release date yet.
I'm so happy, I could watch it forever.

Kamisama Hajimemashita is an Inuyasha clone with less episodes, if you want that.

No. 306381

Maybe Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun or The Ancient Magus' Bride? They're both enjoyable and visually pleasing. I like both of them.

No. 306446

An isekai is getting made out of Suicide Squad.

No. 306447

A venn diagram from cashgrab hell.

No. 306452

My affection for clown makeup is making me like this, help

No. 306483

They're working on the second season of panty and stocking

No. 306484

yay i'm glad they haven't changed the art style

No. 306499

File: 1688438821418.jpg (455.39 KB, 1090x1957, 23-07-03-19-49-01-723_deco.jpg)

Nonnies, we're getting more Kuroshitsuji in 2024…

No. 306501

File: 1688438981830.jpg (147.59 KB, 1000x1411, 20230703_195011.jpg)

Seems like Sebastian and Ciel OG seiyuus will reprise their roles.

No. 306502

File: 1688439167873.jpg (940.95 KB, 1506x2400, 23-07-03-19-53-55-380_deco.jpg)

No. 306504

The anime PV trailer

No. 306507

>>306358 I stopped watching after the 4th season but more Natsume is always good news. Wonder if it will ever reach 10 seasons…

No. 306515

File: 1688442526338.png (255.7 KB, 762x606, B226A742-AC07-45C5-A486-91F3DC…)

I’m so excited for this, I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since the last anime release. Cricket sports anime here we come

No. 306518

HOLY FUCKKK THANK GOD THANK THE LORD ohmygoddddddrrdddddddd I’ve been waiting so long for this I’m so excited for more manga adaptation

No. 306535

When I read Suicide Squad isekai I thought it would be about some normal person getting hit by a bus and reincarnated as the joker. I'm so dissappointed.

No. 306543

I do really like the animation style, music, and humor in the old one, it feels like a product of its time but in a good nostalgic way. agree kagura is extremely annoying and I wish they toned her down a lot.

No. 306585

Only downside is the dub can’t be edgy anymore

No. 306599

Any of you watched Chrono Crusade?

No. 306619

>Only downside is the dub can’t be edgy anymore
nope male-focused media is allowed to retain its edginess/soul/depravity, plus i'm sure paswg will be fine as the creators once said it was meant to reflect american cartoons like south park [rough quote]

No. 306622

File: 1688489488560.jpg (84.29 KB, 625x609, ann.jpg)

No. 306631

File: 1688493670095.jpeg (62.08 KB, 561x592, IMG_0145.jpeg)

Every 4th of July I think about this character

No. 306659

Try speaking American, it's the only language I understand!

No. 306663

He is honestly such a funny character there should be more American stereotypes on US television, it’s so novel and fun when you’re a kid

No. 306669

File: 1688523978996.jpg (57.48 KB, 1518x856, America.jpg)

For me it's him.

No. 306777

I forgot about this anime and got randomly reminded of it today. This scene still makes me emotional

No. 306789

Not that nonna but considering the new Fruits Basket has more episodes and sticks more closely to the manga than the older one I think it would be a safe bet to say that yea that older anime left some things out

No. 306898

yeah I just finished the old one and it was almost entirely focused on the comedy aspect without ever explaining anything relevant to the plot (like akito and the family curse). I'll definitely watch the new one to get some closure

No. 306948

But do you think about him…in America?

No. 306953

File: 1688669511328.png (468.57 KB, 744x513, mei.png)

Is anyone else watching Jujutsu Kaisen S2? There are people complaining about the animation, but it looks great, clearly high budget. I don't care much about the characters in this flashback arc, but the episode was fun and Mei is gorgeous. Would like her more if she didn't engage in certain activities that are revealed later

No. 306969

No. 307051

There seem to be some overly ambitious shots that ended up looking from goofy to bad, but I'm happy this arc is getting animated. I actually like this arc better than Shibuya, so I don't even mind Mappa split the airing schedule in two.

No. 307152

Can anyone recommend some "cute boys doing cute things" anime? Hard mode: No highschoolers. Mild BL like Yuri on Ice is also good.

No. 307157

I mean, sports animes have cute boys doing cute things, but they're all highschoolers… I don't think there's any show of that kind with adult men.

No. 307179

The only thing I can think of like this is Way of the House Husband.

No. 307182

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru.

No. 307184

File: 1688760933967.jpg (70.73 KB, 1024x576, play-it-cool-danshi-op-scene-1…)

Nonnie the list anime about cute boys doing cute things anime is already very short. It'd be better if you told us which ones you already watched. Have you seen Cool Doji Danshi? It's 4 adults and 1 highschooler.
For anyone who hasn't watched it, I highly recommend it. The original manga is written by a woman and you can really tell. It's simple but it's one of the best, most enjoyable shows I've seen. Since the author is a woman everything is very delicate and unlike the usual generic anime and coomer stuff. The characters act normal and are very human. I'd consider it to be iyashikei too.

No. 307191

File: 1688762037463.jpg (594.83 KB, 1366x768, [HorribleSubs] Touken Ranbu - …)

As a swordfag I also rec this but idk if non-swordfags would like it.

No. 307194

Well it fits anon's criteria of not being a school setting and it has adult men/swords doing cute things. I can't think of any other shows like that. Oh my is that Yamabushi's underwear btw? I don't remember that.

No. 307197

Hetalia is such an obvious choice here

No. 307201

File: 1688765196824.jpeg (188.16 KB, 1366x768, IMG_0249.jpeg)

That anime with Jesus and Buddha, Saint Young Men.

No. 307213

I watched it without knowing much about the source material besides seeing a lot of fanart and I enjoyed it tbh! The boys are cute and I did end up trying to play the actual game a little when the english version went up (rip).

No. 307226

ooku is excellent story-wise but there are some problems:
1.) the art direction is so fucking bad. very boring and bland to see.
2.) top knots (or whatever the bald hairstyle is called) are tragic. there's a limit to how firmly you need to stick to historical realism
3.) no trap characters

No. 307227

This one is actually so good.

No. 307228

>no trap characters
Well, I’d consider that a plus, personally.

No. 307230

hidden inventory is easily the best arc imo. gege's character writing is great when he's not diluting it with two solid pages of power explanations and other shonen bullshit

No. 307275

File: 1688791986514.gif (867.77 KB, 500x281, 3ab16e4ad9b236dd514fc545f22b42…)

Orenchi no Furo Jijou / Merman in my Tub. It has cute oceanic monster boys hanging out in a bathtub with a human guy taking care of them.

No. 307292

>the art direction is so fucking bad. very boring and bland to see.
The art really was disappointing and low budget, and at times it was hard for me to tell the characters apart
>top knots
Personally don't care about this, it's nice that the author tried to to include it in fact. Usually anime does not stick to this rule in the slightest. I like how hair became a signifier of the times, so women started wearing updos because it's more convenient than flowing long hair, while men would wear top knots as a symbol of times far gone, when they were glorious warriors.
>no trap characters
thank fucking god

No. 307580

File: 1688931824062.jpg (1.15 MB, 1819x4842, Ōoku_the_Inner_Chambers.jpg)

LOL hadn't heard of this before but just put it on from seeing the description. Already seems like a potential winner within the first five minutes.
>historical what-if set in Edo period Japan
>mysterious pox spreads through the country, stabilizing the population of men at 1/4 that of women
>social power shifts to women, women are the main paid labor force, businesses handed down from mother to daughter
These women better treat their concubines like shit or I'm going to be disappointed.

No. 307581

It's so refreshing to see unattractive women in anime that look more realistic and normal instead of "average anime girl but with tony eyebags" or grotesque caricatures. Damn I need to watch this

No. 307584

But why?? I don't understand whoever thought this was an good or interesting idea. It doesn't make sense. Wake me up when there's an shoujo/yumejo/josei isekai anime with hot dudes and manservice.

No. 307588

I've read from moids elsewhere that isekai for women is better on average. I was surprised at how right they were.

No. 307591

the reddit funkopop capeshit types will go crazy for it. it's just a blatant cashgrab, hopefully better projects are on the horizon and this is simply to net funding.

No. 307592

>have a harem of men
>almost all of them have a chonmage hairstyle
Being an edo period matriarch is suffering

No. 307675

why is the first episode an hour and twenty minutes long? I'm sure there's a reason but I wasn't expecting it so I don't like it lol

No. 307706

The first episode sets up the framing device for the next few episodes.
Also I want to keep watching Ooku but only the first few episodes were put up and I can't find a working torrent for anything past episode three reeeeeee

No. 307712

Just use nyaa newfag-chan. https://nyaa.si/view/1688073

No. 307715

You'd think that one of the first things a matriarch would do is to ban that ugly hairstyle.

No. 307718

File: 1689004020576.jpg (225.46 KB, 3212x1848, 1688651699088805.jpg)

Which summer anime are you watching so far?
Besides Ooku I can recommend giving Undead Girl Murder Farce a chance. The designs are pretty but memorable and it seems to have a good bunch of handsome men of different ages and the plot wasn't very original yet but well done.
The other ongoing series I enjoy so far are Ai no Idenshi and Zom 100. Heard that the latter gets worse later, but at least the first episode was very relatable for someone like me that regularly contemplates suicide whenever I have a fulltime job.

Sadly not much else that looks promising. Tried a few but barely even finished the first episodes. The MC of Herck looks funny, but the many girl characters seem to be a red flag. Will give it a chance, though. In general the season is pretty weak so far.

Very good choice and underrated. I can only recommend reading the manga too.

No. 307721

I was not able to enjoy Zom 100 at all. First the unrealistic work situation and then the unrealistic reactions to a very realistic zombie apocalypse. I feel like it was written for edgy teenagers or something.
I liked Undead Girl but it sucks that she's supposed to look 14. She doesn't act like it or actually look like it so you know it's just the author's weird fetish and it's immersion breaking.
The only things I'm genuinely enjoying are My happy marriage and s2 of Sugar apple fairy tale.

No. 307724

This season seems pretty weak when it comes to any new anime and I'm not watching anything that has continuations. Sucks that Ooku came out in one go on netflix, I guess I'll be clearing my backlog this season.

No. 307880

File: 1689077054763.png (874.61 KB, 960x720, images-w1400.png)

Does anyone have any recs for something in the same vein as evangelion and lain? I just watched both for the first time and really enjoyed that surreal feeling both had.

No. 307882

Paranoia Agent, Alien 9?

No. 307892

It's not for me but I see a lot of people who like those two also like Texhnolyze. Also Akira.

No. 307902

Paranoia Agent, Mind Game, Kaiba, Perfect Blue, Texhnolyze, Paprika, FLCL, maybe Tekkonkinkreet, Samurai Flamenco and Ergo Proxy too.
If you play games and can deal with emulators (or still own a PS1) I heavily recommend Xenogears. It's basically NGE as a game even if the plot is different.

No. 307907

File: 1689087543275.jpg (51.01 KB, 500x741, TEzMTI1Mjk3.jpg)

Anybody else enjoying Therma Romae? It's so cute and funny IMO.
Just an ancient Roman casually traveling to the future Japan to steal ideas from modern onsen for his Roman baths.

It's actually the first anime in ages I am watching dubbed since I understand Italian and listening to this is giving this series a nice touch. Can only recommend it if anybody is into historical shit and in need of a comedy anime. Absolutely watch the endings too, they show the mangaka traveling to different types of onsen and talking about her experience with them and how they inspired her to draw new chapters for the manga.

No. 307986

boogiepop phantom, texhnolyze (really, REALLY slow start but it's worth it if you stick around), paranoia agent, sonny boy, tatami galaxy, bokura no, haibane renmei, now and then, here and there (frankly don't remember much about this one except for the weird vibes), kaiba, ergo proxy, kemonozume, mawaru penguindrum, tekkon kinkreet

Maybe not all of these will be to your liking but they're all kind of weird/surreal in some way or other

No. 308024


Thank you anons! I've seen a few you all mentioned (love all of satoshi kon's stuff and FLCL), will definitely be taking a look at all the others mentioned

No. 308045

File: 1689128838906.jpeg (470.4 KB, 1200x630, IMG_9327.jpeg)

Watched the first episode of Zom 100 on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. Seems like it’s going to have some bigbooba standard fan service characters at some point unfortunately, but the animation was so good and it was funny enough that I may be able to overlook that as long as it isn’t stupid excessive.

No. 308095

Is that the art style of hero academia?

No. 308145

no. I just looked through the credits and didn't see a connection. A bunch of the people involved seemed to have worked on digimon and beyblade and stuff like that, popular shounen.

No. 308151

I hated that shit. There is nothing 'cute' about enabling an entitled leech. It's like saying that a story about hosting and catering to a NEET at your own expense is 'cute and relaxing'.

No. 308167

He's a merman, anon-chan, what is he supposed to do, work at seaworld?

No. 308171

I only watch it for the guys or better yet attractive monster boys which is rare in anime. If it were girls or moeshit, I would hate it.

No. 308178

Is that what your take on pets is, anon… He's just a useless fish, it's loving owner or polluted ocean.

No. 308193

I really wanted to like Helck, I even think that I would like the MC, but dear god most mangaka are such fucking awful writers it's not funny anymore.
I am incapable of watching a first episode of a series that fills its whole first half with a loud annoying bitch talking about a fighting video instead of, you know, actually SHOW the fights of the guy she talks about.
Mangaka have such a waifu brainrot that they cannot think up scenes that don't revolve around their harems anymore to the point at which they even ignore the MC. Maybe the story gets better later, fair, but episode 1 was nothing but waifus, tell don't show and peanut gallery commentaries about ongoing fights, which were always one of the worst parts of battle shounen, so I am not willing to sit through a series that literally starts with that and fills most of the episode with this instead of letting me watch those awesome fights they're talking about.

Also not filling me with hope that the rest of the episode introduced like three more girls. I've reached a point at which I became incapable of giving anime with a primarily female cast a chance. There are very few exceptions for this but they never star a male MC and you can usually tell which ones are good by just looking at the female designs.

I don't want to hate on this series actually, but it's my opinion. I even think it's a bit sad since it would be one of the very few recent fantasy series out there that aren't isekai.

No. 308269

File: 1689240100822.jpg (601.32 KB, 1209x1766, your average corporate shoujo.…)

I've been thinking what the hell happened to old school shoujo and realized now everything is about work/office romance and it makes me want to vomit. As soon as i see the characters looking like overworked corporate slaves i lose all my interest, this is not something i can daydream about or want to put myself in the protagonist shoes. BL manga have the same exact problem, just corporate rats fucking each other in the ass. I don't care if this is the "japanese reality" we were fine for years without any manga or anime that includes mundane work place shilling and i'm convinced this is just the japanese government brainwashing young women into romanticizing labour force and corporate jobs instead of allowing them to enjoy actual escapist fiction. They never even make it about fun or unique jobs, it's just sitting at the desk and doing paperwork, like how is this entertaining to anyone? Do the readers want to be reminded even in their manga about the sad reality of their lives? You don't even need to go for fantasy (looking at you the hundreds of series with otome villainess reincarnation), just do some comfy SoL shoujo with idyllic landscapes, it seems to work well enough for incels

No. 308275

Going with your logic, it should be OK to drop the retard fish at an animal shelter or zoo, give him away on Facebook or, better yet, never pick him up in the first place, but call an animal rescue organisation.
I hope you extend your pet logic to homless people too. 'I took in a hobo, so now he's my property and I can do whatever I want with him'.

No. 308277

there's a separate thread for manga discussion

No. 308278

It's a trend to make everthing 'relatable'. The disease has been plaguing LN isekai/shounen romcoms/high school stories for ages and it'spreading to other genres/demographics. I suspect it's the editors pushin it, 'write about what you know'.

No. 308302

I like it with BL because I love handsome, tired, miserable men wearing suits. And it is kind of relatable. They're usually one shots so it's not an issue. I never paid attention to shojo manga with that setting, I found Wotakoi boring as hell and very unfunny, and just the 10 first pages of Cold guy and cool girl (whatever the title is) bored me to tears. I wouldn't mind that setting if the stories and characters themselves weren't so boring.

No. 308325

It should, he isn't a homeless person he's a fucking talking fish

No. 308340

I think it's just that the newer generation of mangaka lacks any sort of creativity and is incapable of creating characters that aren't "literally me!" MCs.
Same reason for why everything is flooded with "nerd" MCs that love anime or games like (you) do. They even exist for both genders be it otaku, otome or fujo MCs, it all sucks ass IMO.

No. 308345

>this is just the japanese government brainwashing young women into romanticizing labour force and corporate jobs
i don't think that's it. if you work a soul-sucking (corporate) job – that's maybe 99.9% of people worldwide – it could be comforting to see a version of it that isn't shit. most people have to work to live, there's nothing brainwashing about it

No. 308363

I feel like workplace stories are coming into prominence as like a reaction to tons anime/manga being about high schoolers more than anything else. I feel like there must be a lot of people who got bored of reading about silly escapist fiction set in high school when they themselves are adults and these kind of manga were made to cater to them. I think it romanticizes corporate life as much as high school anime romanticizes high school, its just supposed to be a cooler and more interesting version of the intended audience's real life.

No. 308364

girls who grew up with school romance stories are old enough to work now so this transition makes sense. It's also no longer taboo for adults to read comics and it's no longer seen as a nerd thing so you can get away with blatantly appealing to adult readers. Basically what >>308345 says about work being the reality of many adults.
many old shoujos had a school setting and where targeted school girls

No. 308368

>yume or fujo MCs
God I wish this were true and we had as many series specifically about female nerds being normal nerdy girls as moids have anime about loser otaku males and otaku culture.

No. 308374

File: 1689306265902.jpeg (198.66 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9339.jpeg)

I love this so far, even though I don’t like the pacing of the first two episodes. The story is on hyper speed or something? I haven’t read the novel or the manga, so idk how it compares.

No. 308409

late but if it helps, it wasn't really Ahiru who liked the Prince but Tutu. All of them but Mytho had real lives outside of the story hijacked by Drosselmeyer's influence to play their 'mythical' roles. You can see it whenever Ahiru transforms and becomes much more eloquent and a better dancer, the story requires her to be Tutu the swan, not Ahiru the duck, and Tutu loves Siegfried. I would've been happy either way but it was refreshing that he ended up with Rue instead.
Speaking of Rue, notably, Princess Kraehe never existed in Drosselmeyer's story, so Rue is the only one not playing a character like the others. All of her jealousy and desperation that drives her towards villainy doesn't come from any evil role she's forced to play but from herself and that makes her and Mytho's final choice to be with her so compelling to me.

No. 308419

When I first discovered workplace romance anime/manga I thought it would be a good escapist fantasy since I work a boring office job but it's absolute shit, they write it as boring as possible that even with the inclusion of hot guy romance it is still boring as fuck!!!

No. 308421

I genuinely don't understand why this is a thing. Everyone hates it and nobody wants to come from their soul sucking office job to reading about how their soul sucking office job could be marginally more interesting in a manga. Yet it's everywhere, all shoujo is either stupid office or high school romances with no hint of fantastical elements. Why? Who finds this interesting? Are Japanese women just really excited by a retelling of their daily lives but with a hot guy they met at the office printer room? Is that such a world turning twist? As a mangaka I would be so fucking bored with it myself I would just isekai the protagonist to be able to experiment with different ideas.

>They never even make it about fun or unique jobs, it's just sitting at the desk and doing paperwork, like how is this entertaining to anyone?

Yeah exactly, you could create a compelling escapist story in modern times too without making it an office romance, like make them musicians or film stars or doctors or something unconventional. Anything but a fucking corporate job.

No. 308422

Difference with high school romance is that HS romance at least skips boring parts of school life like lectures and homework whatever. Plot usually takes place during after school activities, weekends or school trips which is the fun part of school life.

Meanwhile office romance is more like "Hot coworker brought me paperwork to do and told me boss expects to do presentation by monday. Then I went to get some water cooler and some office ladies were gossiping about him! Oh no I need to do more paperwork oh so overworked." No just fuck off.

No. 308423

princess tutu has the most satisfying ending I have seen in any media ever. It doesn't play into your first expectations but neither does it go completely cynical, don't get me wrong I like cynicalism in media and I like tragic endings (though tragedy isn't inherently cynical) but the ending of Princess Tutu was very refreshing. It felt very humane. Sometimes grief works out in real life but not the way you expect. Sometimes you don't get the things you want but you still feel happy and content because life throws other good things at you you didn't know you wanted. Princess Tutu displays self acceptence really well. Lots of media targeted young girls teaches self acceptance in a "you had the power all along inside of you btw you are beautiful" way, but Princess Tutu tells you that you should just accept who you are because you can't change it, that still doesn't mean you can't change your life for the better, but you are still you. Ahiru stays a duck in the end even if she didn't want it at first. She still takes control of her own fate but she still is just a duck in the end and she accept herself for it. Honestly it feels very forward for it's time, I don't think it was the intention but it aligns well withbody neutrality mentality. I think lessons like that are more important than the usual "you had the beauty inside of you all the time so therefore you gonna get what you want" lesson

No. 308427

I feel like a high school setting can have a nostalgic element to it at least, or it could be the fantasy of the perfect japanese school life and youth you never had. Playing with your classmates, eating on the rooftop, the sakura trees blooming on the first day of school, the intense emotion of your first love. For me high school was a very depressing time and I always wanted to experience something better. But it's still something that is easier to romanticize as the average teenager isn't thinking about taxes and debt. Now college life and workplace? There's nothing romantic about it because you're thrown in the adult world. Now everyone gets wasted at parties or drinking events, everyone has sex and everyone is overworked and tired of their job. It's not very magical imo.

No. 309016

File: 1689658463377.jpg (483.25 KB, 1920x1080, W08E02 Perfect Blue.mp4_202307…)

I don't know what the crossover here is with horror/grindhouse stuff, but The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs did an animation night a couple of weeks ago, and showed Mad God and Perfect Blue. It was pretty fun, even though I'd seen it before. He gave some commentary and actually looked emotional when he talked about Satoshi Kon's letter he wrote as he was dying. Best episode of the season so far, and it was made funnier by all the weirdos I saw online crying about an icky animation night on their fun genre movie show.

No. 309093

Aw I missed this one! I'll have to go back and watch, the episodes are still available to view after the stream iirc. I think Perfect Blue could be considered psychological horror, I don't know what the story of Mad God is or even if there is one, that was more likely about the visuals. I hope they show more animation in the future, it'd be fun to see them talk about something like Wicked City or Bio Hunter, there are plenty of gory horror anime out there that would fit right in I think.

No. 309690

I was expecting the Alien 9 anime to have an actual story of some kind. I just watched girls crying in various states of undress and slime and danger for 2 hours with none of the plot actually explored. What the fuck?

No. 309726

Really awful summation of the show…

No. 309792

File: 1689941616287.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2023-05-31-17h33m25s62…)

i love it when animes usually have very colourful styles, eye candy

its me im funding it all, what you gonna do about it

lol my dad who never watched anime is also into this

No. 309793

look I have questionable tastes as well and I know a lot of people like it and are not pedos, but if I saw a man watching this I would never speak to him again lol

No. 309794

File: 1689943213797.jpg (513.4 KB, 1200x1200, mine.jpg)

god forgive me

No. 309799

I won't blame you. I read the manga of this one (haven't read the sequel), it had many weird and fetishistic moments. Though ironically nudity was somewhat least fetish like thing in manga.

No. 309808

File: 1689947381424.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.95 KB, 1380x2000, d0eb2905-c0f3-42b9-aa3b-ec4205…)

Since the anime felt like just a commercial for the manga, I remember trying to read it and finding it an incomprehensible mess. Not just that but the puberty allegory many people point out is only really viable in the anime because the manga introduces a billion new things and everything loses its meaning.

And you're right, there's a lot of weird fetishistic shit in it. Imo, it's almost impossible for a man to try and tell an allegory of girls puberty while not making the story somehow sexual or not showing his lolicon fetish kek

No. 309825

The fuck is the context of this page?

No. 309921

Much like Made in Abyss i like it as a horror story (very unsettling, exploring uncomfortable topics that are sometimes unreal) but it really can’t be categorized any other way in my mind. Alien 9 doesn’t seem like a strong anime series at 4 half-hour episodes that don’t get close to unraveling the plot they present. Too bad. It was kinda interesting.

No. 309969

one thing i hate about that ending is that mytho never once said thank you to fakir for all the stuff he made him go through. he went from a character i liked to one i hate real fast during the last episode. selfish pantless bitch boy

No. 310321

I agree, the animation episode was the best of the season. Joe Bob summed Perfect Blue up as an anime giallo, and honestly, I think he's right.

No. 310472

File: 1690230379069.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 01.jpg)

I read that the mangaka of Somali and the Forest Spirit is in financial troubles, I hope watching the anime adaptation will help them in some way?

No. 310475

File: 1690231269888.jpg (41.97 KB, 718x494, Vampire_Hunter_D_Bloodlust-572…)

10/10 aesthetic

No. 310496

it never gets old

No. 310498

File: 1690244608500.png (1.21 MB, 1090x1028, 8096017.png)

are there more dark fantasy animes/mangas? All i can think of outside of Lodoss is either Berserk and maybe Slayers. Is Berserk worth getting into? Do i watch the anime(movie?) or jump straight into the manga?

No. 310501

I wish so much that there would be more anime done in the 80s/90s art style.

No. 310506

File: 1690247600733.gif (1.73 MB, 500x283, claymore.gif)

Depends on what you mean by fantasy. Does it have to be like elves and MtG/DND or more general fantasy?
This is what comes to mind at the moment:
Shamanic Princess
Vampire Hunter D
Shin Sekai Yori
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Guin Saga
Made in Abyss
Mahoutsukai no Yome

No. 310513

Based as fuck movie. I wish I could just live in a house that has the same aesthetic as the art.

No. 310564

Attack on Titan

No. 310575

I'm going to be yelled at but whatever there's Bastard too.

Wouldn't Hellsing be more like urban fantasy but taking place in the past?

No. 310803

watch the old tv series then move on to the manga. also, do NOT watch the 2016 series

No. 310830

Berserk is good, I actually don't mind the new series, so long as you're watching the memorial edition. I would say just read the manga though because both series cut out some parts of it that are important to certain characters. Also, it depends on how much you can tolerate rape because it is most certainly in there to an arguably terrible degree. Especially towards the women. If that's a problem, just watch Claymore.

No. 310834

> Is Berserk worth getting into?
You can find the sub and english dub of all episodes on youtube.


No. 310879

Is the new Slam Dunk movie good? And is it necessary to already have read the manga to understand it or not? It's in theaters in my country according to the mangaka and he directed the movie iirc so I'm curious.

No. 310926

Can't answer that, haven't seen it yet. Maybe MAL will know?

No. 310991

File: 1690412472837.png (1.3 MB, 816x1268, qte.png)

looking for romance recs, either anime or manga. I really dislike pretty much all the popular shojos/romance anime targetted at women i have tried getting into, except for cipher and princess jellyfish. I also enjoyed kimagure orange road.

No. 310999

I haven't seen it but my understanding is it follows a different character, so maybe it's possible to watch standalone. I'm not so interested because I love the original MC kek.

The manga is god tier though I highly recommend it.

No. 311251

No. 311253

File: 1690521661714.jpg (447.88 KB, 720x1074, 20230728_012326.jpg)


No. 311671

I'm starting Ouran Host School whatever on Netflix and the first episode is obnoxious already. I never watched it even though it was super popular when I was in middle school so I thought why not.

No. 311685

I love Ouran with all my heart and am beaming to know you’re watching it for the first time. Even if you’re finding it’s start obnoxious, I want you to keep posting anon.

No. 311691

I'm still watching it, I'm in the middle of the 7th episode. Last time I watched an anime was in 2020 so I forgot how short 20min of episode was. I skip the opening everytime and the previews at the end of each episode so that helps. Haruhi is way too calm if I were her I would have beaten up at least Tamaki and the twins at some point.

No. 311696

File: 1690722716437.jpeg (17.07 KB, 223x350, images (3).jpeg)

Futago (iketani rikako), Principal, Cousin, Tomodachi no hanashi, Hanshin (hagio moto), Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko, Butter!!! (yamashita tomoko) sorry all manga

No. 311702

Haruhi's dad is voiced by Koyasu… I'll keep watching then.

No. 311729

File: 1690733762890.png (643.64 KB, 1194x1468, lel.png)

No. 311734

Such a disappointment…welp back to watching utena

No. 311737

i thought this was only the mentally ill american music video movie

No. 312246

It's getting really embarrassing to say I like anime, because it means being associated with these unironic retards.

No. 312347

What are some good deep/heavy series? Can be heavy as in hard sci-fi, gloomy setting, or psychological themes. I've already seen the classics, e.g Utena, Evangelion, Madoka, Princess Tutu, Monster, etc, so some more obscure series would be cool. Thriller anime like The Promised Neverland or AoT don't really do it for me, even if the premise is pretty depressing.

No. 312351

>What are some good deep/heavy series?
Shin sekai yori
Psycho Pass
Perfect Blue
Devilman: Crybaby

No. 312357

>hard sci-fi, gloomy setting, or psychological themes
-Hell Girl
-Boogiepop Phantom
A fair warning, these are all from the early to mid 2000s, so animation quality can get pretty iffy in places kek

No. 312391

Jujutsu Kaisen and My happy marriage are the only animes I am truly interested this season. Seeing them sharing the same spotlight with such crap like Mushoku Tensei makes me irrationally upset. I just hope My happy marriage is successful enough so shoujo makes more apperances in seasonal anime. The genre had been neglected for quite a while.

No. 312411

NAYRT but I was obsessed with Pet for a few months, it’s such a weirdly engrossing series.

No. 312425

File: 1691032187444.jpg (2.24 MB, 2529x1444, Screenshot-2023-07-05-at-10.31…)

Undead Murder Farce is good so far if you like Sherlock Holmes type mystery stuff. Might be my favorite of this season. Plus, I think the deuteragonist being a disembodied, immortal head in a bird cage is creative, at least.

No. 312468

And has a god-tier OP.

No. 312470

File: 1691058967043.jpg (19.38 KB, 500x375, 324534531-3586831225.jpg)

Nta but I'm going to check this out, it reminds me of the obscure visual novel game Animamundi where you need to find a body for your witch sister after she survived a beheading.

No. 312483

>Watch ep 1
>Grown male character has his life prolonged by frenching a girl who has been 14 for 900 years
Anime scrotery strikes again.

No. 312485

Okay, yes, but after that it’s fine. Really the only cringe thing that’s happened so far, I swear. At this point, if you’re still going to watch anime, I feel like scrotery is unavoidable.

No. 312486

Also, that’s not how it happens in the manga. Idk which studio scrote made that decision.

No. 312563

I watched more, it's enjoyable how it brings together just about every Victorian horror/mystery trope.

No. 312605

File: 1691094627599.jpg (132.29 KB, 2048x1280, F2n1dViXkBkEJ8q.jpg)

Here it is, the "monkey" episode of Jujutsu kaisen S2. One episode felt too short to squeeze in all that story. I wish the anime would have fleshed out Geto's change of values more. What was cool though, was mixing the sound of water/rain with the memory of the applause in the moment that had enraged and traumatized him so.
So my fellow JJK fans are you ready for Shibuya? I'm excited. And kinda scared.

No. 312734

Shit I really loved that the other anons didn't mention yet was:
- Casshern Sins (very moody story about androids and robots taking place after humanity was basically eradicated)
- Avenger (a bit cryptic though and reading between the lines and looking at lyrics of the songs helps understanding)
- Zettai Shounen (not dark, but it deals with mental stuff even if it seems like a supernatural series first)
- Mouryou no Hako (pretty but also dark and it's one of the rare anime with a surprising 10/10 ending IMO)
- Kaiba (bizarre mysterious sci-fi in space with a few tear jerker scenes and some psycho stuff)
- Ergo Proxy, if you haven't watched it yet
- .hack//SIGN (not actually that dark, but heavy on the mental/psychological themes and quite moody too)
- 86 (would say you have to get through the first episodes of s1 but after that it gets dark/sad and pretty damn dramatic, it's also a sci-fi about war)
- Made in Abyss (think most here hate it, but it is a very dark exploration/adventure series)
- Now and Then, Here and There (when isekai were still good)
- Aku no Hana
- Bokurano
- Noein (this is actually a must-watch anime IMO)
There are more but guess that's enough for now.

No. 312770

File: 1691161416286.jpg (256.62 KB, 1280x960, 233559.jpg)

>Mouryou no Hako (pretty but also dark and it's one of the rare anime with a surprising 10/10 ending IMO)
Starts out fine, turns into garbo at the end. At first you think it's going to be realistic, but then it takes some surreal turns while keeping the realistic form intact. Really wrong execution of the source material (novel).

>Noein (this is actually a must-watch anime IMO)

Not really dark and heavy - it's meant for a teenage audience. Sure, it's climatic and has well-written characters, but it's not even Nabari no Ou-level of 'heavy'. It's still a good show, with amazing music and imagery

No. 312813

you already got plenty of great recommendations from the other nonas but I didn't see anyone say wolfs rain or girls last tour so I'd like to add those two on also - both have a gloomy setting

No. 312838

File: 1691175340163.jpg (219.37 KB, 1920x1080, 1691005995570631.jpg)

Might be the only one watching this shit but I enjoy the new season of Bastard. This series was one of the first manga I ever read and I have a weak spot the sort of pulp fiction it's reminding me off so even 20 years later I am still having fond memories of it. Would be cool if the anime could finish that series since the mangaka is obviously not healthy enough to do it anymore.
Seconding this. How could I forget about them? Absolutely recommend reading the rest of GLT that the anime didn't adapt though. It's a bit sad that they never adapted those last few chapters as an OVA or special. Think it was only 20 chapters or something.

No. 312852

File: 1691178423570.jpg (43.67 KB, 735x472, comfy.jpg)

I'm going to watch Bastard this weekend too, both seasons one after the other. I used to read the manga when I was in high school so I remember liking it but I forgot enough about the plot to not be bored. I'm looking forward to the DS/Kal Su fanservice.

No. 312874

Yeah, I liked that too and am interested in where it's going for sure.

No. 312898

I suddenly feel so nostalgic for Durarara tonight anons… take me back to 2010

No. 312899

I watched the worst anime in 2010, I was literally watching Highschool of the Dead. If I could go back and slap myself I would.
Princess Jellyfish was nice though

No. 312980

I think I'm done after that last episode. I usually don't like it when they introduce Sherlock as a character, and not only did they do that, they added as many preexisting characters as they could. Like Sherlock isn't enough, you need to add a bunch more boring characters that get no development or buildup because they're already based on something that exists and has its own story. I could not be bothered to sit through their boring conversations.

No. 313019

File: 1691265698330.jpg (Spoiler Image,250.22 KB, 1920x1080, 1691012463962.jpg)

Hope you will enjoy it anon!

No. 313020


2010 was one of the best anime years, so much original stuff aired

anyway now i am wondering, how did durarara end? did it even end?

No. 313033

File: 1691272742880.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, Durarara!!x2 Ten - OVA (Ten 01…)

The story has been fully adapted if you wanna watch it yourself. Life pretty much continues as usual in Ikebukuro (after a whole bunch of drama and antics), it was that type of ending. I think the main change was that Celty got her head back and Izaya leaves Ikebukuro and is half disabled.
There's a sequel LN but thats on hiatus just like most of Narita's books

No. 313589

I started watching My happy marriage and was worried that it would be the type of show where a young woman wins over a cold guy by being a complete doormat and doing domestic chores. As the show focuses on how the MC's abuse at the hands of her family led to her current shell of a self, I have hopes for this and hope to see her grow a backbone in future episodes.

No. 313631

why is this so gay wtf is this

No. 313683

File: 1691567653819.jpg (699.66 KB, 1500x2222, bastard-animenetflix.jpg)

It's a fanservice show, the gay option is usually on the table.

No. 313711

It's from the Shonen Jump and the main character spends 90% of his time naked. It could have been even gayer.

No. 313748

File: 1691604749873.jpg (911.23 KB, 2121x3000, Fz33lwWaIAEd5aB.jpg)

The great return of Gundam SEED.

No. 313977

File: 1691704231281.jpg (719.16 KB, 1920x1080, 55.jpg)

I like how the new Blade of the Immortal has Shigurui aesthetics.

No. 314041

File: 1691734517582.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.21 KB, 1024x915, f09c29738c904ee3a9798d71d88350…)

I tried watching because of Izaya and Shizuo back then but later dropped it since I couldn't follow the plot and has unnecessary disgusting scroteshit like Izaya's incest sisters and yuribait of the fujoshi (who I liked at first) with the glasses girl. Is this series even worth the watch?

No. 314067

File: 1691744300434.jpg (823.78 KB, 1356x1920, fea5e8900d28cd53c60666285fee3e…)

Ryougo Narita has a fetish for lesbians. In Dead Mount Death Play it's even more brazen, including an implied lesbian threesome (mind you, I only watched the anime, so it might not even be implied in the manga).

Anyway, that show was a disappointment. The MC is yet another goody two shoes who just wanted to protect his family yada yada. Having lived for so long, he has somehow resisted cynicism and is still an idealistic kid at heart. The secondary characters are not fun to watch for the most part and I don't care for the two Sarazanmai cop rejects. Overall, it's lazily-written when compared to Durarara!!.

No. 314122

His sisters appear like twice throughout the entire show

No. 314337

File: 1691866270594.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Ooku.The.Inner.Chambers.S01E01…)

I'm only on ep 1 but god this woman is an uggo chaser

No. 314362

two months later I've gotta come back because holy SHIT this was one of the dumbest animes ever. Nonnies, do NOT waste your time. It is all incredibly silly and retarded "revenge" against a character that barely seems like they deserve it? It tries to sell itself as something other than waifu-tier shit designed to sell figures and merchandise, but that is all it is. absolute dreck. Oshi No Ko season 2 please, cancelled by grace of god

No. 314367

File: 1691872096330.jpeg (570.81 KB, 1920x1080, p18459455_b_h10_ac.jpeg)

samefag but I want to suggest one of my favorites that rarely gets a mention, Terror in Resonance. Dark, sad, gloomy, not too much pandering. Feels really adult. Great animation, awesome OP.

No. 314417

nta but I watched this when it aired and I ended up hating it. It had an interesting premise, a few really great scenes in the start and a good ost but it completely fumbled the bag with the latter half. That said I kind of miss this brand of we live in a society anime

No. 314468

I think you wanted something out of it that simply wasn't there (like the characters being real terrorists that harm/kill people).

No. 314469

same here, i barely remember anything outside the bike scene and the pretty song that played in the back. everyone always cries about their feelios over this show but it didn't leave an impression on me at all.

No. 314515

Same here, down to the bike scene.

No. 314533

My problem is that mystery anime always come off as stupid when their smartass MCs are rather guessing than knowing but the show makes you think they did the latter since they always happen to be right. This anime is suffer from the same issue and it makes it feel dumb, like how the dirt on the ellbow of that one guy must be proving that he came by train and that he sat at the window and the he's from Germany and like 20 other things, all guessed by noticing one or two details (at night even, IIRC) that could have a multitude of other explanations. I cannot think of more than one or two anime that ever did mystery right which is why I tend to avoid it, even though it would technically be a genre I otherwise enjoy.
I still watch it, but honestly rather for the male MC and the settings. You rarely get the chance to see any european countries besides brittain from that period, at least not in anime.

No. 314585

any other nonas looking forward to the demon prince of momochi house? I don't know anything about the manga but it looks like it took inspiration from kamisama kiss (which I loved) so I'm a bit excited. I just hope it's unique enough from kamisama kiss so that it feels like its own show rather than a ripoff. has anyone here read the manga? I've never seen anyone discussing/recommending it so I wonder why something that seems fairly obscure is getting an anime adaptation but at least we're getting more shoujo adaptations

No. 314615

lisa's (?) character was really irritating kek. wish they'd cut her out

No. 314775

I wrote a bit about it, but it was in a mundane shit thread over year ago lol >>>/ot/1210216
I wouldn't call it similar to kamihaji at all, at least dynamic wise. Himari isn't as, let's say feisty lol, as Nanami is, and Aoi gladly accepts Himari instead of being annoyed by her. While I loved the manga, it was a bit weird actually, it was so long but I felt like nothing happened at all (which isn't to say it was boring), and I feel like they could actually fit the entire 16 volumes into 12 to 24 episodes.

No. 314777

Maybe don't read the post I linked if you don't wanna be spoilerd though

No. 314827

InB4 old, whenever I wanna watch anime, I resume watching Case Closed. I had decided to watch it from the beginning in December 2021 when it was on Netflix during my short Christmas holidays, and I've been slowly working my way to episode 100+ now.
Some of the openings/ending songs are such slappers. I wonder if watching the movies move the main plot at all (though it wouldn't move much during the show either) or if I don't necessarily have to watch them.

No. 314945

File: 1692088483211.jpeg (58.06 KB, 465x659, Logh.jpeg)

About to start watching LOGH. Going in absolutely blind off a recommandation I've since forgotten the content of. Any nonas here who've watched it? What are your thoughts?

No. 314946

the movies are self contained stories. it's actually kind of a christmas "tradition" to watch the newest conan movie in theaters in japan. many people watch these movies without ever watching the show itself or reading the manga.

No. 314952

File: 1692095065998.png (221.29 KB, 521x332, jjk.png)

I was disappointed when the current season of Jujutsu kaisen only had these two in the first episode and promptly moved on to be about mostly men. The women are the best part of the series for me. SHOW US THE LADIES

No. 314978

the women in jjk are absolute peak, i love maki and mai and their family background. not sure if you know manga spoilers but i absolutely love maki's new look and actually started a self indulgent fanfic about my jjk oc and her. i only got 3 1/2 chapters finished before i lost steam and the intense brainrot disappeared but i still indulge in daydreams about the story kekkk

No. 314997

So glad you agree nonna! And I admire your passion towards Maki kek. I actually had a dream about her once. She was the badass main character and I was her lesbian sidekick partner

No. 315024

It's one of my favourite anime ever, partly because it hardly feels like you're watching an anime. I expected it to be kind of dry, but it's actually quite thoughtfully written and has a surprising amount of humour. The way I like to describe LotGH is like Star Wars if the Empire was gay and Prussian, the rebels were corrupt Freedomlandians, and if someone had actually paid attention to the politics and battle strategy. It does a pretty good job of showing how corruption and power/prestige in the military and politics really fuck over the common man, and the conflict set up between the eventual commanding officers of both sided is pretty fascinating. Even if you don't think you like old-school scifi, give it a shot.

No. 315046

File: 1692122460058.jpg (189.96 KB, 1000x1500, images-5.jpg)

Has anyone heard of Vermeil in Gold? The only reason I know about it is because a band I like sang the ending song it's a good song btw but I have never heard anyone mention it or seen pictures of the characters(neither fanart and official art) shared on social media. I honestly think it looks like dogshit but im bias cause I dont care about romance animes targeted boys. I don't interact with male anime fans in general so lots of these types of animes flies under my radar but even then I'm still familiar with waifubait characters because they get used in cosplays, memes, anime articles, etc. I assume that this was released without much fanfare and didn't gain a large fanbase.
Tbh I dont hate the artstyle. The character designs are kinda ugly but they arent an eyesore compared to other coombait animes

No. 315047

I’ve only seen moids drooling and cooming over the purple haired woman being a “mommy dommy gf” and gifs of the anime where she’s taking baths with the main character and he’s blushing like a retard.

No. 315069

I read it and I liked the manga. The manga art is really pretty so idk if the anime will capture that. Still excited regardless, the manga is just about the spooky house and the secrets being hidden from mc while she lives there. I don't think the story is anything special but its still enjoyable especially if you like yokai stuff

No. 315085

>the women in jjk are absolute peak
Only if it's your first shounen. They are all so…meh. You forget them as soon as the show is over. Every major shounen that was popular in recent years (Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Ao no Exorcist, Once Piece, Mob Psycho) had more memorable female characters.

There is just something about the mangaka that he focuses on sloppy-seconds characters that feel almost AI-generated (the MC being the main culprit), while ditches or sidelines the ones with potential.

No. 315088

No. 315101

I've only watched the first season of JJK though I like that there isn't a single female character that's coombait, sexualized/objectified or poorly written unlike in most shounen/action series. It's pretty rare and I appreciate that. A few others I can name is MP100 and Inuyasha. Maybe FMA too but then there's Lust.

No. 315110

Forgot to also mention YYH.

No. 315112

the writer(s) just misunderstand these female characters, nonnie. you have to open your heart and welcome them in like long lost sisters.. accept that they are perfect, just like all women are perfect and superior. they are merely victims of bad moid writers. improve on their endless potential and fill in the gaps in the source material. these female characters are so amazing, the bland stories that they are in could never contain them. unleash the love of sisterhood. godspeed.

No. 315114

File: 1692143866028.jpg (7.63 KB, 218x230, e82a7c1664a7333dcd8527b6c5f30d…)

No. 315173

File: 1692175543320.jpg (104.82 KB, 564x1002, 991f15ab0d1c9ab3f29d587a2b6746…)

Oh fuck off with that attitude. Some of us like them, you don't have to, deal with it.

No. 315190

personally I liked that tomoe was a tsundere and slowly had to warm up to nanami along with nanami being very determined and not a total pushover. I read your post despite the minor spoilers and honestly I do prefer the slow burn type romances like hamihaji rather than the fast moving one this seems to be. I think I'll still watch the anime regardless just because that foxboy or chimera or whatever he is appeals to me kek
from the brief trailer the anime art looks nice, I hope the animation and soundtrack are good as well. I do quite like yokai stuff. seems worth a watch from what you and the other anon itt said about it so far

No. 315308

I was a bit shocked when I found out rozen maiden was published in a seinen magazine because I always thought it's peak female fantasy lol. Reminds me of black butler being in a shounen magazine even though the series is clearly female gaze. I wonder if anything non-romance focused is rejected by shoujo magazines

No. 315309

kek did you mean to reply to >>315085 or is your reading comprehension really that poor?

No. 315312

Are you telling me you think that post was meant to be serious?

No. 315317

here i thought it was meant to be like that tumblr post that's like "if a female character is badly written i don't shit on her and instead explore what bothers me. clearly i'm the one in the wrong and she's a queen."

No. 315331

I always thought it's because of the male MC. But you're right that modern shojo is only allowed to be 1 genre - romance.

No. 315344

how is rozen maiden female gazey? i always took it for one of those magical harem shows

No. 315348

File: 1692211594256.jpg (130.19 KB, 564x812, natsume.jpg)

And slice of life/mystery-solving.

No. 315368

File: 1692213780267.jpg (14.58 KB, 248x332, 2023-08-16 22.25.23.jpg)

I think I understand what anon is talking about, there were even collabs with lolita brands back in the day, but all the show's elements that make it appealing to women are more accidental imo, the fact that it was one of THE animes for imageboard type moids says a lot though touhou also has a 99% moid fanbase despite not being particularly gender targeted imo

No. 315523

>the fact that it was one of THE animes for imageboard type moids says a lot
i'm aware of that but same can be said for shows like my little pony. rozen maiden's popularity with girls isn't that accidental because the creators are women themselves and lbr men don't appreciate pretty victorian and lolita clothes

No. 315694

I was watching the sailor moon movies on youtube and I really miss Luna's old lady voice from the 90s english dub. found some episodes on the internet archive and the nostalgia hit is incredible

No. 315696

God I miss Peach-Pit. I had the full set of DearS from tokyopop I regret giving it away so much, I hope whoever got it out of the "little free library" I left it in appreciates it. Zombie Loan was probably the best anime adaptation they got.

No. 315706

I genuinely believe this is one of the best openings/songs from anything, ever

No. 315708

I love Rozen maiden so much, it's my comfort anime. I Loved Rozen Maiden 2013 because it felt genuinely more relatable, now that I think about it the vibe of it it's close to my life in quarantine.
Also the openings were just my favorite thing ever, Ali project songs are so nostalgic and over the top with the flashy visuals and Lolita aesthetic, love it sm.

No. 315722

Absolutely agree, Ali Project is one of the GOAT artists ever, the kind of music I always wanted but never knew existed til like 6 years ago lol

No. 315820

I agree with this. I really wanted to like it because it's often praised in lolita circles but the father character was so creepy and I felt too uncomfortable to finish the series

No. 315826

File: 1692379306614.jpg (73.53 KB, 1366x768, pantsu.jpg)

What are some examples of manservice shots in shounen anime?

No. 315839

The entirety of Golden Kamuy.

No. 315840

Samefag, but I think it's more-so seinen. But I can't think of manservice in shounen outside of shots of people shirtless or random fujobait moments

No. 316012

File: 1692446452489.jpg (76.33 KB, 736x515, 45594f36c4ea9fb5ee3c866963d0b2…)

It's one of the very few really long series that I genuinely enjoyed watching. It's slow but good and every episode has a reason to exist. Also it is easily the best anime about politics out there. Not that there were many to choose from to begin with.
Many great and varied characters too with lots of development and the writer was genuinely invested and caring about both sides, so you don't get any black/white worldview or forced conflicts. Would pay money to get more series like this.
I unironically miss ALI Project. Even if you shouldn't like their OPs you should give instrumental OSTs like that of Avenger a chance. Absolute underrated as BGM band.

No. 316015

There must be a good bunch but rn I can only think of Dorohedoro, though I fear it's rather in the manga than the anime. Can't find the specific panels but there were a bunch of scenes with naked male backs that had such detailed muscle drawing that you know that Q must have been horny when she was drawing this.
Bastard too. Bastard is very veeery fanservice heavy so you will see a ton of female asses too, but it doesn't shy away from showing us the naked ikemen MC in his full glory. See here for example >>312838

Shockingly enough, both series are shounen. Different times.

No. 316115

File: 1692472200189.jpg (50.56 KB, 696x392, ant size bro.jpg)

Regardless of what you think about letting or not letting the dead lie, did anyone else think Yashahime was way too convoluted of a story? At first I thought I just had a sucky comprehension while watching it, but I'm re-reading the episode plots right now and it really seems to me that there wasn't a real plot thread to be followed.

No. 316139

File: 1692477355583.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Shinra booty.png)

I got you nonna

No. 316140

File: 1692477378402.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, Beni.png)

No. 316141

File: 1692477541657.png (927.56 KB, 1280x720, 1575006974560.png)

No. 316142

File: 1692477667694.webm (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, bath isagi.webm)

All of Blue Lock too, it felt like the animators were horny as fuck working on the anime

No. 316322

File: 1692544797551.jpg (403.82 KB, 1434x1067, 9.jpg)

Thanks! The only other example I can think of is Gintama.

Is Blue Lock worth it for the guys if I don't care one bit about football?

No. 316354

Yeah Blue Lock is just a chuuni sports anime, you don't actually need to have a solid interest in Football. Its pretty entertaining and the anime is filled to the brim with manservice.

No. 316401

File: 1692567999557.jpg (38.4 KB, 1077x597, 4387uwzu.JPG)

Watching Bastard makes me a bit nostalgic. I still remember having a crush on Abigail as a young teen lmao
I would pay for more dark fantasy and gritty sci-fi anime and manga shit today.

No. 316407

kek why Abigail of all characters? I'd understand DS, Kal Su, Lars, Joshua, anyone but him? Please explain I need to know.

No. 316486

File: 1692615732649.jpg (254.12 KB, 1920x1080, 1691979865131.jpg)

Good question. I generally like dark, brooding characters I guess and he was a loner, a bit like myself, but incredibly powerful. I also unironically like his looks. He is absolutely not a bishounen or anything, but something about his derpy older man face is endearing. Plus, his cape is fucking cool and I generally liked villains back then. I am glad he wasn't killed off when facing DS, he gets some quite funny scenes later.

No. 317728

I haven't kept up with anime and manga in a year. What has happened since last year? What new series are there? What's popular?

No. 318492

File: 1693374137957.jpg (213.5 KB, 720x1024, uIJa5hs.jpg)

Just watched JJK 0 before watching season 2 and god, what's with Japanese men and not being able to let their childhood crushes go? Is the power of love between 2 10 year olds being more powerful than the main villain even after years of one of them being dead supposed to be relatable? Emotional? They should've made the guy place a curse on her because he's traumatized by his inability to protect the ones he loves, love being general instead of just romantic. He didn't even imagine the child growing up with him and being his own age when he was hallucinating of her. It's like Tokyo Revengers, you have to suspend your disbelief so hard to not see the character or the author as a dumbass scrote with the mental age of his 10 year old self, who also can't tell female children and women apart. They could've gone for a curse that actually made sense instead of insisting that a child's playground crush is just that powerful and it's the kind of love that ~stays with you forever~. Then she caresses his face with her small hands and it's jarringly obvious he's been obsessed with the little girl and not his helplessness back then. That's the only thing that bothered me though, the rest was ok enough for me to want to watch season 2. It's just frustrating how scrotes keep getting away with retarded plots like this. This just certified gege as a man in my mind.

No. 318514

>god, what's with Japanese men and not being able to let their childhood crushes go?
No idea. Seems like a thing with moids in general. I had crushes as a kid but barely remember them. Why would you obsess over that?
And yes Gege is definitely male.

No. 318565

File: 1693404394110.jpg (331.7 KB, 1200x777, tumblr_b3f36967ad542aa3c7cbb91…)

>what's with Japanese men and not being able to let their childhood crushes go?
I imagine most mangaka have very limited dating experience and it's hard to write romance when that's completely absent from your life. In that case an idealized childhood crush would still be something they cling to and the japanese audience is a big sucker for the "first love" trope anyway so it works in their favour. Also when you lack dating experience you're more likely to get inspired by romance stories and tropes from other anime, like I wouldn't be surprised if menma served as inspiration for rika, they're both dead young girls who left a huge impact on a particular moid

No. 318624

I think it's a mix between lack of experience and romanticizing of the past. I get annoyed by the first but relate to the latter so it depends on how it's done but most series do it really badly.
Most of the time it's the typical "kid 1 doing mundane nice thing once, kid 2 having a crush on her/him for 20 years straight afterwards"-story which is IMO just bad writing. The thing is that life usually gets monotone and boring once you become a working adult. The fascination and fear children experience vanishes when you grow up, the world stops being mysterious and you have already seen most things and are now forced to waste most of your life away for a boring job so childhood feels magic or gets retroactively idealized. I think that old love interests are often used as a way to connect the allegedly glorious past with the present again.

No. 319048

File: 1693615347038.jpg (108 KB, 1024x768, 6e26a319b17dea79e5350536c20fb7…)

Most shounen manservice are just for comedy purposes rather than to sexualize and objectify men but it's still better than no manservice. The guys need the same treatment if not more than their female characters.

No. 319179

We were robbed. Fuck Takeuchi.

No. 319230

File: 1693700876724.jpg (860.87 KB, 2437x3553, 8e8f8da4b417c1926d236672ad2e9e…)

Agree, this was always the one Fate I wanted to see animated the most. There were those Fragment novels I think but I haven't read them yet since they had no TLs back then.
With all the Fate stuff they produce nowadays I am disappointed that Prototype of all things never managed to get a proper anime. Maybe one day.

No. 319244

I think they announced a new Prototype manga a few months ago so here's to hoping it eventually gets an adaptation after a few volumes release, TM has made enough money to probably release Fate content for the next 100 years. It was always strange to me how they never ever made a full Prototype anime or new spin-off with a female protag considering Fate (and TM in general) has a fairly large female fanbase in Japan. Apocrypha was a horrendous waste of time and yet they still gave it the resources for a complete LN and anime.

No. 319247

samefag but I just checked and the new Prototype manga is just an adaptation of the Fragments LN

No. 319254

Speaking of Fate, does anyone else hate Heaven's Feel? It was so male-gazey I could barely get through it. It's like a power fantasy dream of saving some girl from getting raped and then you have sex with her because she's so "grateful" to you. She's also a borderline yandere and constantly is a damsel who needs to be saved. At least Tohsaka was reliable and quick to jump to action. But the main girl was so poorly written I couldn't stand it. The action was pretty good though, but God did the romance kill me.

No. 319272

watching lucky star for the first time and it is the most mind numbingly boring shit I've ever suffered through, I cannot understand why it is so highly praised. the other moeblob/slice of life stuff I've seen (k-on, azumanga daioh, gabriel dropout etc) at least had likeable characters, some funny moments, and a semblance of a plot and character development but lucky star has nothing going for it. not a single thing about this anime makes me want to keep watching it. so why do so many people recommend it? I genuinely cannot figure out what they find enjoyable about it. is it just nostalgia or something?

No. 319311

Weebs liked it back in the days because of all the references to other anime, especially Haruhi Suzumiya, and there was a lot less CGDCG series (although detractors were comparing it to Azumanga Daioh), I don't see why anyone would want to watch it nowadays when much better stuff has been done and the references won't talk to anybody.

No. 319331

The things I remember about heaven's feel are retarded wars about pointless shits on /a/ and me feeling so bored when I was playing the visual novel I even skipped the last part of the route.

If you hate Sakura you probably will hate her "fans" as well. Besides moid being moid they're one of the most obnoxious parts of fandom

No. 319342

That route had some of the highest highs in the whole story and less focus on Shitrou so I can't honestly say I hated it but I understand what you're talking about wrt Sakura. If you only watched the movies then I can get why you'd hate HF route though, they were garbage and focused more on the shit romance

No. 319360

It’s honestly the only kind of anime that you could’ve only watched as a friendless teenager weeb in 2007 that wanted to make friends but didn’t have the guts to talk with the other kids or was relentlessly bullied so the only way to experience having friends was watching that anime.

No. 319408

File: 1693787298336.jpg (404.3 KB, 1029x1500, MV5BNGYwMjViY2QtOGRhOC00MGQ1LT…)

I just watched the first episode of Kageki Shoujo.
I don't know if it's because my expectations of anime are so low, because I haven't watched any new anime in months, or because it's truly that good, but Holy shit, that was more than enough to hook me in. I'm fully invested kek. I don't know how anyone can say that female characters are all shit when something this BEAUTIFUL exists.

To my surprise, it was originally a seinen manga? I would've expected it to be published as josei or something.

No. 319485

so it seems like a combination of being the first or one of the first cgdct anime plus nostalgia factor, still weird to me how even with lots of better anime in the same genre it's remembered so fondly when it doesn't hold up at all imo

No. 319521

I also thought it was very good and really liked the man hating girl.
Apparently it was only published in a "seinen" magazine for two volumes and then changed into a josei one. I think japanese publishers care less about these labels. I looked up the original magazine Jump X, and wikipedia says it was created with female readers in mind and aimed to publish manga that transcended gender and age. So it doesn't really sound like a seinen magazine.
I remember seeing a post somewhere here about a nonnie explaining why labels for shoujo manga made no sense nowadays, and that they shouldn't be taken so seriously. I definitely agree.

No. 319652

Never liked it either, imagine watching this right after Gurren Lagann in 2008. I even finished it believing that there must be a reason for the hype but it was the same as ever till the end, I wasn't used to people enjoying series like this back then, the "cute girls doing nothing"-nonsense wasn't as ubiquitous in the 00s.

No. 319738

File: 1693889013971.jpg (240.75 KB, 1920x1080, Kageki Shoujo - 03 - Large 32.…)

Based Ai Narata Scene Ever!

No. 319765

ayrt yeah I dropped it just under halfway through - figured that it would stay boring for the remaining episodes. I'm watching a newer cgdct anime now instead that is quite enjoyable so I can see why people like that genre but lucky star seems like the worst the genre has to offer

No. 319804

Yeah true, at least stuff like Do it Yourself or Bocchi have some sort of goal and characters that are more than just memes.
I am not even saying that LS is bad on principle, but it's nothing for me. I never found parodies very funny anyway, especially with most parody comedies solely relying on citing and referencing other works instead of coming up with own jokes.
It wasn't my AOTS I think but certainly good. A rare case of well written female characters too. Sad that it never got another season. Even most josei I see nowadays rather feel like seinen to me. In a bad way. I often love serious/"masculine" seinen, but I almost never like seinen about female characters or romances (exceptions always exist though). Good josei is harder to find nowadays.

Random but does anybody remember that josei from ages ago with the florist woman and her dead ghost husband? No idea why I am thinking of that now I just remember that it was a very niche series too that I enjoyed a lot.

No. 319833

Natsuyuki Rendezvous? I can't remember anything about it but I remember liking it years ago when I watched it

No. 319836

Yes exactly! I love series with such unique premises, especially if it's something calm that uses it to observe and develop a small cast of characters that react to whatever has happened.

No. 319859

>I cannot understand why it is so highly praised
Is it? People were making fun of it back when it was airing.

No. 319860

filtered by chocolate cornets

No. 319863

Nothing of value was lost. Gintama is a much better comedy anyway.

No. 319873

File: 1693944160845.jpg (181.06 KB, 1920x1080, CAPA-9.jpg)

It was incredibly popular IMO. But maybe it depends on the threads and places people frequent. I remember a lot of memes that made fun of it, but the hype also felt massive and not liking it got you into one of those arguments where others call you a newfag for not understanding the references, even though it was just the humor itself that wasn't for me.

That said I am a shitty audience for comedy since I rarely find things funny. Can probably count the anime that made me genuinely laugh on one hand, which doesn't mean that comedy anime are bad. They just rarely pander my shittaste. How shit? I found Azazel-san very funny, something even 4chan considered too retarded.

Other series I loved that might be more popular here namely DMC, GTO, Gintama and Nami yo Kiitekure.
I absolutely recommend the latter, since I assume it's not well known. Especially if you like comedy about an adult, not-sexualised woman who is still seething about her ex and starting a new job to vent and use her talent.
Think I also laughed a bunch of times about that gamer girl anime with the kabaddi. Too relatable.

No. 319875

it is by older weebs, they consider it a classic and genre defining. zoomers also like it for the aesthetic but idk if they actually watched it, I think they just collect lucky star figures and merch to feel like they're living in the 2000s or something.

No. 319940

I'm so happy the female-oriented romance anime drought is over.

No. 319980

Same. I couldn't get into any of the male oriented romance anime it's all so shit. Why is it all so shit and why is it even considered romcom?

No. 319987

I hate all romance that isn't between two males.

No. 320015

Are you 10

No. 320035

File: 1694036270874.jpg (31.82 KB, 1366x768, jJIR3M5XabmIyey1UPPNmWFMoL6.jp…)

Whoa, triggered. A man falling in love with another man is the only guarantee that the romance is not going to be utter shit.

No. 320036

What about two females

No. 320037

nta but why is it that no matter where, anytime a girl talks about a gay pairing, about yaoi or jokes about being a fujoshi there's always at least one person being like "what about yuri? what about lesbians?" like… that's unrelated.

No. 320042

I like everything if the chemistry is good but never like any of the chemistries in romance anime so I stick to shipping lel
IMO chemistries in fiction are usually better written if it's m/m, to a lesser degree f/f ("lesser degree" because female characters are usually written as moe ughuu or other pandering characters), so most of the ships I am into are gay, even though I theoretically like het just as much.

No. 320045

Only true if all you consume is male-centered media lol

No. 320054

Because why not lesbians

No. 320055

I hate all romance if the guy is a plain self-insert and the girl is a hot attractive babe.

No. 320057

nta and to be fair bringing up yaoi preference unprovoked is also unrelated. i don't understand what you're getting at kek i think everyone is just joking

No. 320061

no one asked, fujoshit
the fujo 'joke' was also entirely unrelated to the original post

bc it's not even romance, it's all ecchi shit. moids can't get into romance that doesn't come with large amounts of panty shots, jiggling tits and gross thinly veiled fetishes. i refuse to even call it romance

No. 320090

I was talking about in general, it's just that the post reminded me of all the times I saw discussions becoming off-topic because of people barging in and spamming questions about yuri.

No. 320118

No I really hate romances for women or at least as much as I hate romances for men, never seen an otome I didn't consider garbage and like half of that media targeting women includes crap like arranged marriages or twilight tropes. I can't watch anime like that marriage thing everybody here hypes up so much.
I know there are exceptions somewhere that exist without these stupid housewife tropes and I saw a few but didn't like/relate to the characters either.

IMO romance is just a cursed genre in general which is why the good chemistries mostly exist between characters that aren't canonically supposed to be in love.

No. 320124

File: 1694097497534.jpg (88.07 KB, 1011x753, s1.jpg)

So many old shows are getting remasters, feels good.

No. 320125

File: 1694098432422.jpg (110.3 KB, 691x1000, 71NZVhUBBfL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I just got into Fate two weeks ago and reading about Prototype was soul crushing. There is another universe out there where F/SN revolutionized otome and gave us a successful anime adaptation…

No. 320142

>created with female readers in mind and aimed to publish manga that transcended gender and age. So it doesn't really sound like a seinen magazine.
Picked up. I'm always on the lookout for anime with strong female focus

No. 320563

File: 1694319507685.png (13.34 MB, 3264x3264, animoo.png)

Redid my 3x3 yesterday, rate if you'd like to!

No. 320598

Finally the madoka movie is not a hallucination anymore sorry for link lolcor won't let me embed it

No. 320599

Fuck yes, Homura will finally show her batshit insane side.

No. 320601

demon slayer sucks

No. 320605

>another Madoka entry
This is another case of milking having gone too far, same as Psycho Pass. It's sad to witness.

No. 320610

Can't wait

No. 320614

The story and the characters are bland as hell and the pacing is horrendous, I really don't get its popularity. I guess if you're 12 and it's your first manga it's fine, but I've seen way too many adults be really invested into it.

No. 320615

Just watch the recap films for the action.

No. 320650

I don't think the plot itself is bad, even if it's by all means just baby's first shounen, but I don't think I've ever seen a show get so strongly ruined by a single character. I have no idea how there can be Zenitsu fangirls unless they're 13 years old.
The way Zenitsu and pig guy constantly interrupt serious moments with oh so "hilarious" comic relief yelling and crying feels like the weeb equivalent to capeshit forcing quirky quips into serious moments. I still have no idea why the hell the mangaka tought a THREE person main cast need TWO comic relief characters, or how there's not really a trend of making fun of shounen shit like there was for making fun of marvel movies.

No. 320673

you're right

No. 320724

I never bothered watching it because of Zenitsu and that one hideous pink hair girl with her tits out. Maybe I've outgrown the shounen genre because of how eye rolling it is and how every other popular series are very similar with the same tropes. You have the extrovert/good boy mc, the edgy rival, the perverted comic relief guy, and worst of all, sexualized female characters who are usually poorly written and are there to be ogled at. I couldn't give a damn about most shounen anime nowadays since they're shilled to death and panders to moids with power fantasy and porn addiction.

No. 320730

I find it entertaining enough to watch but end up skipping so much. Every time there's crying/cheap sentimental moment, I skip that shit. The several minutes long slow motion crying scene at the end of last season was abhorrent. Idk how people and specially japanese people get so emotionally invested in this.

No. 320751

it's funnier when you realize japanese zenitsu fangirls are like 30+ kek

No. 320767

Only reason I watch is Hana-chan voicing Tanjirou

No. 320785

What show is your picrel from, nonna? I like the retro style of it.

No. 320878

File: 1694516332062.jpg (92.27 KB, 1014x759, ep1.jpg)

No. 320930

File: 1694540540738.jpg (122.05 KB, 1366x768, fuck cr.jpg)

FUCK CRUNCHYROLL. They translated 'okama' as 'queen' in Gatchaman Crowds. And it's a show from 2013. The woke virus runs deep.

No. 320934

File: 1694542410200.png (463.47 KB, 1080x1649, queen.png)

anon that's not troonwashing, just an older term for flaming homos. Much like "okama" in Japanese.

No. 320937

this, queen is the best translation for okama there is besides 'faggot'

No. 320938

or maybe flamer I guess

No. 320960

No way pre-school kids would even know this term. They should have translated it to 'gay', because that's within a pre-schooler's vocabulary (if they didn't want to be vulgar with 'tranny').

No, it isn't. 'Fruitcake', 'queer', 'poof', alongside the tried-and-tested 'tranny', are better.

No. 320972

okama are not trannies kek they are literally just flamboyant gay men. they should've just went with "okama" and added a t/n note

No. 320980

Anon Rebellion came out 10 years ago. The only anime to come out besides that was Magia Record which isn't mainline canon.
I hope it keeps to the Concept Trailer, the art they featured in that looked pretty interesting.

No. 320989

a preschooler is more likely to know what a drag queen is than any of those. 'tranny' is innacurate and if 'fruitcake', the pre-tumblr age version of 'queer', and 'poof' are in your vocabulary you're 30+.

No. 320997

Here you go. It looks very grim.

No. 321003

YES FINALLY. I didn't realize going into madoka initially that homura would be one of the most prominent of the crew but I'm happy it's turned out that way. she quickly became my favorite when watching the original series.
Is there a planned release date?

No. 321010

hype but i also hate the 2010's moe look. or should it be 2020's

No. 321019

are you serious? madoka is known for its iconic artstyle if they change that id riot, i hate how anime looks nowadays

No. 321024

i meant the new art looks tainted by 2010's moe. the heads aren't as wide and the eyes look rounder to me

No. 321025

ok maybe unpopular opinion but they need to let madoka end like stop creating new content. the og series was enough they keep on adding shit making it edgier than it needs to be. let it go, damn

No. 321026

No. 321042

Okama is a word that encapsulates both.

>a preschooler is more likely to know what a drag queen is
Only in America.

No. 321044

You're right but shaft loves milking that poor cash cow.

No. 321047

this is a conversation about american slang in an american company's english translation of an anime, sperg. why the fuck would they choose weird britbong slang that no one else on the planet uses over common slang? bonglish was the butt of every joke on 2013 tumblr for a reason, to the rest of the world 'poof' is an indecipherable inside joke between a group of 90 year old men.

>Okama is a word that encapsulates both

no, it doesn't. a gay man cross-dressing =/= a tranny.

No. 321083

>summer anime
>sunset at 5 pm
dumb writers

No. 321092

The sun sets early in Japan, it's really weird when you're used to the sun setting at 9pm during summer and you see how it is in Japan. Same thing with the sun rising very early, I once had to wake up at 4am because of a plane trip and it was really bright outside I was shocked.

No. 321106

There's only Rebellion (which has an open end) as a sequel for the main timeline and the mangas that just extend on it. I think this movie will be the last conclusion.

No. 321127

File: 1694622375714.jpg (52.78 KB, 802x604, 24.jpg)

>no, it doesn't. a gay man cross-dressing =/= a tranny.
In your headcanon only. Just watch Gintama to educate yourself. Plus crossdressing gays are trannies more than ever in this day and age.

No. 321134

Nta but anon is right. Okama is specifically feminine gay men. There's a different word for trans.

No. 321144

okama are basically japan's version of drag queens so it makes sense imo

No. 321174

File: 1694627432748.jpg (27.4 KB, 510x510, yys_20221223181036.jpg)

you are embarrassing tf out of yourself

No. 321235

File: 1694635770677.jpg (122.67 KB, 1366x768, fix'd.jpg)

this would be more accurate but you can't really put this on crunchyroll. you expect too much, nona.

No. 321239

Aren’t trannies called new halfs?

No. 321516

File: 1694788959609.jpg (58.73 KB, 960x720, lv69izrxbwmb1.jpg)

We will never get anime with actual men and more diverse women anymore will we? Even harder mode if the woman is older than 22.
I feel like almost every design from modern anime looks bland as hell and barely human, it doesn't even work as bishoujo anymore as it was the case with Sailor Moon and the likes, rather soulless advertising.
I think that designs tell you way more about a show and its quality than the synopsis.

No. 321577

No. 321580

File: 1694804545272.jpg (223.03 KB, 640x960, b4befa6e58687a64462a3511062bbf…)

>I think that designs tell you way more about a show and its quality than the synopsis.
True, but sometimes it's a misdirection. I avoided Shin Sekai Yori for the longest time, because I thought it would be a 'we want the KyoAni audience' show for waifufags.

No. 321591

Yeah this happens too. I also kinda enjoy Ai no Idenshi right now, but I am pretty sure that the potential audience of this is ignoring it for it's generic juvenile designs. Old anime directors did that right and knew what style to use for which series. You just have to look at Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Lain and such and know what type of show it is. Not sure when people have lost the ability to draw adults or grittier things.

I have recently seen three muscular adult anime men that had the heads of toddlers that made them look like bad edits in which someone has swapped the heads as a joke. They probably can neither draw guys nor any older women anymore. Or nothing that isn't skinny.

No. 321771

File: 1694851621746.jpg (267.81 KB, 1006x1241, 130.jpg)

Stop talking out of your ass. Just accept you're wrong, it doesn't cost you anything.

Back to your Chinese memes.

No. 321772

File: 1694851846451.png (1.73 MB, 1366x768, kintama.png)

>you can't really put this on crunchyroll
They had no problems in the past, and neither with hosting NSFW loli and harem shows.

No. 321774

Kek at this pic, it's what is actually happening in the west currently.

No. 321921

>NSFW loli
why exactly do you feel the need to bring this one up.

No. 323423

File: 1695644706765.jpg (355.26 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0034.jpg)

Best boy of the season. Not that there was much to compete with in the first place.

No. 323424

What anime

No. 323615


No. 324154

What are some kami-tier anime OPs/EDs? Post them.

From me:

No. 324201

No. 324456

No. 324532

File: 1696094836112.jpg (145.83 KB, 1200x675, a1.jpg)

What are you watching this season? For me, it's the firefighter anime.

No. 325484

Did Undead Girl Murder Farce turn out good in the end? I'm catching up on last season

No. 325486

I dropped it, it was pretty bad.

No. 325487

File: 1696531274127.jpg (1.18 MB, 3029x4096, 81bp9ohaa9m51.jpg)

Not counting sequels, when it comes to little (female) fanservice
Firefighter Daigo
Apothecary Diaries
Shangri-la Frontier
Migi and Dali
TearMoon Empire

No. 325493

File: 1696535090036.jpg (65.66 KB, 255x209, 23644.jpg)

16 bit sensation another layer seems very promising, I like anime that deal with a very specific niche. Even if I haven't played that many VNs I find their history very intriguing so this got my interest. Also, this is an unpopular opinion but I've always been fond of clumsy and obnoxious flop female MCs. I usually find them more relatable than a sassy girlboss or miss popularity like the girl from bisque doll

No. 325495

In complete honesty, no. The last arc is pretty dumb.

No. 325497

That's a real shame. It looked like it would be pretty unique so I was thinking of watching it. I like weird anime. Pluto is coming out as an anime soon though and my friends say it's gonna be really good. It was made by the same guy who made Monster and the story sounds really cool. I'm also near finishing Dorohedoro. I liked it because it's another anime that's just outright weird.

No. 325596

Does anyone know where can I find drama CDs rips? Specifically given 2 for the song 冬のはし by saito soma (斉藤 壮馬), and the anonymous noise/fukumenkei Noise drama CDs for all the extra songs on them. They never released the songs outside of the drama CDs unfortunately.

No. 325599

This is 2 months old but I wanted to contribute.
Monster, deals with child abuse and childhood trauma but from a weird political point of view, it's good.
Babylon (2019 anime based on a novel), about suicide being legalized and assisted by the government of Japan in one city
Perfect Blue, a movie about identity and idols abuse
Vivy fluorite eye's song, an anime with a refreshing take on AI where the AI used its human-like sentience and emotions to save humanity and proves AI can be good.
Un-go, detective and demon solving cases

No. 325600

Samefagging to add paranoia agent

No. 325610

it's a manga but Asper Kanojo is super good

No. 325614

I like the concept of 1993s game development anime, but having seen the first episode I predict this will be the scrote troon favorite anime of the year. It reeks of severe moidism.

No. 325638

File: 1696601413758.jpg (142.92 KB, 736x735, oshi_no_ko.jpg)

>the main plot is that the entertainment industry is dark
>claim idols should be allowed to have lovers too
>still proceed to make ai hoshino's ex-lover the main antagonist because he defiled her purity and got her pregnant and so ai hoshino can still be a waifu for weebs since she didn't actually love him
>the actual murderer and stalker was just a poor misguided fan as revealed in the first episode
the contradiction between the message they're trying to convey and the actual narrative is fucking hilarious

No. 325642

some spoilers
the mc aqua dislikes ai hoshino's ex/his dad from the very beginning just because he got her pregnant, even though the series wants the viewers to understand that idols are humans too and they fall in love just like everyone else. instead of trying to make it like they just broke up, but they still loved each other, what do they do? oh let's turn her ex into a crazy serial killer who goes after actresses because he was molested as a kid by an older woman. anyone else could be the main antagonist! this reads like it was written by an unhinged idol fan trying to cope with the news that his beloved is getting married, what else to do other than to paint her lover as the devil?

No. 325647

Walmart Perfect Blue lmao

No. 325651

100% this

No. 325655

I thought the father of the kids would be some old disgusting scum forcing himself on ai, and that the show would try to expose the “dark” side of the entertainment industry where young girls get used sexually, but no, we can’t have that, that would be too dark, too thought provoking, and would make moids seethe so we had to have the hot teenager chad as the dad/villain instead. sigh. ugly male jealousy ruins everything

No. 325656

The anime/manga already fails to be "critical" by using a cutesy infatilizing moe style for the characters. I hate this anime so much it's unreal, only women should be allowed to talk about how the idol industry is fucked up, and not some tryhard faggot. At least the opening song is good.

No. 325657

drama cd rips are kinda impossible to find nowdays, they were always niche but it feels even moreso among eng fans nowadays
have you checked soundcloud? tumblr? usually ancient links still have them as long as they haven't been taken down

No. 325660

They already started with the premise that the MC is an old lolicon scrote with morals so obviously the antagonist can't be the same kek. It would obviously make the most sense with ai's situation as a young idol in an industry that panders to uncle fans but instead it was an even younger boy who left her pregnant which is?? It can happen irl because teens are dumb but it's also kinda irrelevant in the context of the story. Obviously they just wanted an antagonist that any idol fan who reads oshi no ko would hate, and portray him as the devil who murders women so their self-insert gary stu can play the saviour role. Oh and then waste most of the time on a shitty harem.

No. 325663

>this reads like it was written by an unhinged idol fan trying to cope with the news that his beloved is getting married
I don't know shit about this manga or anime but this sentence in particular reminded me of when Tsudaken publicly apologized to his fangirls for having the audacity of being secretly married to a woman he met long ago and for having children with her and for raising them with her. The info became public without his consent and he hid it for a long time because his wife received death threats.

No. 325673

No. 325681

I did check SoundCloud and one of them is there but I don't trust the quality. Found it on tumblr but the links are all down. Found it on some website but no download option and low quality audio. Why can't they just release the songs on albums like normal people lmao. Also is ancient links a website or just a description kek, I can't tell. Sorry for being retarded.

No. 325723

I just meant it as description kek dont worry. Japan is really weird about how they distribute their stuff sometimes, especially older gen stuff. Maybe sign up to hikarinoakari who I know have a lot of anime music available that you can download. They have an annoying sign-up system but their library is worth the pain.

No. 325738

I already looked up there and nothing. I found the audio of all these drama CDs on a Russian mp3 website but I'm suspicious of the quality and the sources.

No. 325781

Is the mod a retard?

No. 326027

File: 1696803840421.jpg (196.07 KB, 600x1483, aka.jpg)

i will always avoid this writer's manga because of that time he told people to brigade a Watamote poll.

>To the Yuri-chan faction: If Nemo wins first place, I will draw [a Yuri-chan fanwork]. That's why I'm voting for Nemo.

>(Commemorating the release of Watamote Vol. 13 "Field Trip", who will get together with Mokkochi!? The character who wins first place in the championship vote will be the star of a newly drawn story!)
>I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk the other day when I said "If Nemo wins first place~". I like Yuri-chan and Nemo so much that they competed for number 1 and number 2. I just lost my cool when I thought that the newly drawn story of NemoKuro would be lost forever. With that said, please vote for Nemo.

not like he even did the fanwork either. he has no room to talk about internet toxicity or whatever the fuck.

No. 326064

>let's turn her ex into a crazy serial killer who goes after actresses because he was molested as a kid by an older woman
why do so many animes pull this shit? happy sugar life also tried to justify's the blond guy's pedophilia by implying he only became a pedophile after being molested by an older women.

No. 326065

adding up, the author should have made the abuser a MAN specially considering how there was a huge male pedo who got away with raping tons of idol boys in Japan, but that wouldnt as edgy and it wouldn't ''justify'' the character's incel tendencies. I hate it so much.

No. 326067

this is definetly a weird fetish

No. 326221

File: 1696959042785.png (136.95 KB, 1310x966, Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 13.26…)

No. 326660

tale as old as time but I am sick and tired of shows like this being called “wholesome”

No. 326663

>most of the footage shown in the trailer are still images with sloppy made mouth flap movements
not every show needs to be action packed but people still move when they talk. If you're not going to add any movement then at least try to add some interesting cinematography or do something that makes this entertaining to look at.
Honestly why even bother animating this at this point? A live action show wouldve been cheaper to produce and wouldnt look as static. It's just a trailer but you would think a trailer would had showcased some of the better animated scenes

No. 326667

It was probably animated exclusively to showcase ""jiggle physics""? Who needs good mouth animations when 99% of your animations are staring at your characters' chests?

No. 326733

File: 1697193432149.png (599.96 KB, 960x539, db .png)

No. 326759

File: 1697200505708.jpeg (54.94 KB, 466x658, THE_FACE_OF_A_FILTHY_HARLOT.jp…)

Eyyy nonnies, there's this generic gyaru girl romcom called The Experienced You and Inexperienced Me that are making inceloids absolutely livid.

It's basically just like every manic pixie dream girl animes in the past, only that the main female lead is a… wait for it…


Anyways, this very simple fact is causing widespread brain damage amongst the purity-obssesed inceloid otakus. Check out its Manga-Updates page, LN review page, and Reddit discussion to see what I'm talking about.

No. 326760

File: 1697200774947.png (55.36 KB, 720x335, review_example.png)

No. 326763

the same people then masturbate to doujins of their waifus getting railed by other men, i dont get it

No. 326766

Dragon ball has reached the point of baby looney tunes.

No. 326772

But it's in the title already, and they're the same guys stereotyping gyarus as whores who fuck men left and right since th me fashion trend existed. What were they expecting? A kissless Catholic virgin waiting for her equally virginal prince charming?

No. 326783

Men chimp out at stuff like this meanwhile it's really hard to find a cute husbando who is canonically a virgin. We live in the worst timeline

No. 326854

Wow I cannot believe this is getting an anime adaptation. It’s nothing special just a friendly social girl who happens to be a gyaru , who happens to have had allot of previous relationships where she was pumped and dumped , and is presumed to be slutty but our dear generic protag-kun treats her like an actual person , making him the best guy in her entire life. But (western?) otakus are mad because she slept with her previous boyfriends and isn’t a complete loser virgin like them. Incels are impossible to understand.

No. 327272

File: 1697365506466.png (2.37 MB, 1418x1874, You Were Experienced, I Was No…)


Inceloid writers should fuck off from gyaru subculture. I am pretty sure this trend started with that Bisque Doll shit but gyaru is a subculture for Japanese women who want to rebel against their society's norms for women and are not afraid of that and not some waifu bullshit where girl is a uwu generic waifu with blonde hair who is interested in yet another generic inceloid self insert for no reason at all. Just fuck off with this shit.

No. 327290

File: 1697371469588.png (877.86 KB, 1280x720, 820B74B4-8595-4971-8203-B0919E…)

It started with Galko-chan.

No. 327291

hasn't gyaru been a dead trend outside of manga for over a decade

No. 327296

It's very funny since a fairly important component of the "gyaru fetish" (the more normal side of it at least) is the idea that they're experienced and bold. It's also quite odd how western otakus still don't understand what a gyaru is… A girl with bleached, over-styled hair, a shit ton of make-up and fake nails, isn't that what incels complain about all the time ? Do they just interpret gyaru characters as all-natural white blondes or something ?

Also I don't want to sound racebait-y but the influx of third world conservative moid otaku really ruined weeb discussion spaces online, like they bonded over misogyny with the euro/USA incels to form the ultimate insufferable moid alliance and then assimilated the slightly more moderate moids into their combined internet culture, and then just ate the whole of weaboo internet due to the lack of a bigger counter-group. Yet somehow despite complaining all the time about muh vile women they only consume coomer shit and romcom.

Nah the new generation is trying to revive it but since they're influenced more by anime they are boring and look bad for the most part.

No. 327301

File: 1697375876705.png (1.12 MB, 984x736, gyaru girls.png)

Yes, maybe there is an attempt to revive the trend as some sort of 90s/early 00s nostalgia but this time fetishized for otakucels

>A girl with bleached, over-styled hair, a shit ton of make-up and fake nails, isn't that what incels complain about all the time ? Do they just interpret gyaru characters as all-natural white blondes or something ?

Because in anime they make them look like cheerleader-type pale ditzy blondes that are ready to join inceloid waifu harem and not actual gyaru.

No. 327302

Even third world conservative moids are less annoying and insufferable than first world elitist cunts like you. I hope more of them take over the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 327304

Shit bait

No. 327317

They are more annoying because they have nothing to complain about. They live the life western incels want to have.

No. 327779

bait aside, they do. a lot. whenever they get judged for their stupid behavior the conversation magically turns into them whining that "wamen do nuffin yet dey sheltered and fed for freeeee u could never majin le hardship of bean maaannn. mah stupid action is actually le good".
it's a universal thing: males complaining about women.

No. 328796

File: 1697829223230.png (560 KB, 1920x1080, imagegsts.png)

Idk if it might be an unpopular opinion, my first time in /m, but I think JJK is the only shounen that actually puts any sort of weight into the female gaze. The way they draw Gojo sometimes are definitely not only meant to be as a macho stand-in for men, and this scene with Nanami's scene in s2e12 had him ridiculously detailed the point he just OOZED sexual energy. He was one face sitting away from checking all of the twitter kinks in one go during the interrogation. I and my friend can't be the only one taking note of this, right?

No. 329197

File: 1697976834063.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 2.jpg)

Kururiya no hitorigoto released 3 episodes at once!

No. 329199

File: 1697976895205.jpg (775.88 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

I hate how the animators are so lazy that they can't be bothered to even use Google Translate.

No. 329200

I haven't ever watched the series cause I can't stand shonen series, but JJK always felt like a series where characters were just realistic and not stick figures of muscle bound apes like most shounen series.

No. 329208

They know what they're doing. JJK is hardcarried by its female fanbase

No. 329222

I disagree, I like Nanamin but he looks ridiculous with his glasses on. It's true that there is often manservice int he show though.

No. 329224

File: 1697981934191.jpeg (67.14 KB, 489x627, images.jpeg)

Uggggh I miss this art style of anime so much. I'm a nostalgiafag I know but I can't stand how so many anime evolved to soft moe moe with hideous dog-like side profiles. I really want this somewhat semirealistic—but still not uncanny valley and obviously still anime look back. Black Lagoon, Claymore, Haibane Renmei, Eureka Seven, are some of the shows I recall having this style.

No. 329225

From what I've observed, to typical male otakus, the whole gyaru thing is less of a female Japanese response to restrictive beauty standards and etiquette (TRUE Japanese women are ivory-haired and fair-skinned—pure, selfless yada yada) and more "a cute and bubbly girl who happens to be a blonde and wear fake nails from time to time!".

No. 329347

Totally, considering how popular this style seems to be online, I'm surprised it isn't used more often.

No. 329357

Maybe it gets better in season 2 but I'm surprised studio MAPPA made both chainsaw and jujutsu kaisen. Some scrote described juju's animation as movie quality when it looks like normal quality. I'd say chainsaw looks like more money was poured into its animation.

No. 329360

I have the opposite of your opinion, Jujutsu looks way better (season 1 included) than the 8 or 9 or so eps I saw of Chainsaw. Partially this is because the manga form of Chainsaw Man already looks great, the anime added nothing to it, kind of dulled it actually (with colour choices and pacing mostly)

No. 329362

Anon where do you read the manga? Is there a sub service where I can breeze by it all? Or I have to buy physical/digital per issue?

No. 329370

File: 1698016653712.jpg (97.07 KB, 1080x512, Neet.jpg)

>where do you read the manga? Or I have to buy physical/digital per issue
Welcome to piracy https://bato.to/chapter/1667262

No. 329372

I usually use mangadex and if I happen to not find something there, I try bato.to

No. 329377

>I'd say chainsaw looks like more money was poured into its animation.
It did. MAPPA absolutelly tried to treat CSM as a central cash cow.
CSM was technically very well animated, the reason it got shat on was because MAPPA took a manga that was known for it's sketchy messy lineart and animated it in the most cirurgically clean way possible, and because for ??? some reason the director decided that he wanted to LARP as a cinephile and make it "cinematic" by making the anime permanently gray (even tho people associated it with really bright colourful covers), making the pacing feel way slower, and directing scenes that were meant to be dark comedy as if they were 100% serious. for so many months after finishing the anime every time I watched a movie I would immediately think about how it was more colourful than the CSM anime
I haven't watched Jujutsu, so I can't compare the two, but CSM also had really weird distribution of animation quality sometimes. Like how they were fine with hand animating ghost devil's trillion hands but ghost's head was a pretty bad 3d model. Does Jujutsu also have GIFbait slice of life sakuga?

Do nonnas think there will be a second season or not? MAPPA hasn't announced anything since it was released.

No. 329382

>Do nonnas think there will be a second season or not? MAPPA hasn't announced anything since it was released.
After the abysmal commercial failure of the anime I highly doubt they will announce a season 2. They did leave bait so the book isn't entirely closed but I think they want to wait a while before bringing CSM back (and probably changing the director)

No. 329440

File: 1698051907466.jpg (68.98 KB, 1355x776, 1693500217069.jpg)

MAPPA has been notorious in recent years for getting the rights for a lot of adaptations and putting out mediocre products, the attack on titan seasons come to mind where the characters were often off model and it looked like overall shit , but maybe because of the harsh deadlines and outsourcing as well. AoT crashed and burned in a spectacular way anime wise, and manga wise
CSM was hyped up to be the next AoT, the next big thing, the next cash cow, but it crashed pretty hard imo, JJK is one of their core series atm that's raking in popularity and cash
I don't know if I remember this well, but afaik the mangaka of CSM hates anime or something and they wanted to make the anime not like usual anime,but more like movie/DEEP or some shit, which resulted in those atrocioud 3desque scenes and no, they weren't good.
>Do nonnas think there will be a second season or not? MAPPA hasn't announced anything since it was released.
iirc it did not reach the intended numbers/wasn't as popular as they'd expected
yeah they definitely do it on purpose, my opinion was 200% cemented when pic related made his appearance
Nanami hair grabbing scene and Choso abs were just the cherry on top of the beefcake lol
I find it funny how it pisses off male weebs that some series cater to the female audience, jjk is incredibly hardcaried by female fans,especially fujos

No. 329450

i like that style too but is it popular on the japanese online sphere? i rarely interact with the japanese part of the web but when i do usually see them praising edgy artstyles or cutesy styles art.
>MAPPA took a manga that was known for it's sketchy messy lineart and animated it in the most cirurgically clean way possible, and because for ??? some reason the director decided that he wanted to LARP as a cinephile and make it "cinematic" by making the anime permanently gray
directors like this could benefit from making their own stories with their own visions where they get to do what they want rather than taking pre-existing mangas with a pre-existing style.

off-topic but speaking of original animes. I feel like they only succeed if they are pitched as a franchise and get a tie-in manga that is running simultaneously with the anime and get a gazillion spin-off light novels that details some background characters lifestory and get a spin-off movie that takes place in an alternative timeline.
Not that I mind franchises like these but it would be great to see more original animes(that aren't movies) that weren't made for an otaku/consumer audience but animation is expensive so making something for a normie audience is not worth it. I would love to see more anime made for adults that takes advantage of animation as a medium and uses beautiful surreal imagery to tell a mundane story. Does anyone have any recs?

No. 329452

>old man
what did anon mean by this? i think you are confusing your personal tastes with femgaze because that honestly just looks extremely unappealling to someone without daddy issues

No. 329455

Many grown women in the same age range as this character watch this anime. I don't watch it but I found out recently that he's supposed to be in his late 20s and just has a severe case of a resting bitch face.

No. 329458

Nanami is 28 iirc, he just looks aged because his unhealthy work life choices
28 isn't old
> that honestly just looks extremely unappealling to someone without daddy issues
that's a you problem

No. 329460

No. 329472

>not having daddy issues is a problem

No. 329481

Finally someone said it kek

No. 329486

I mean it's a fully clothed old-looking guy wearing ugly glasses, where is the female gaze?

No. 329489

File: 1698069627515.png (871.57 KB, 581x794, medalist.png)

I wish I could escape the hype for The Medalist now that it's gotten an anime announcement. Insane to me that people are just ignoring the fact that it's blatant coomer bait for moids into loli because it's "deep". The way the little girl is drawn in the poster for the anime and in the manga is just vile and way too realistic looking, the mangaka needs his hard drive checked

No. 329490

I think the mangaka for this is a woman which is what makes it sadder.

No. 329491

I don't know shit about it but at first glance it looks like a shojo manga and like the age range for the target audience is pretty young. How wrong am I?

No. 329496

I kind of don't get it nonna, how is this drawn like coomer bait? She just looks drawn like a little girl to me

No. 329501

Yeah I don't see it either, from that pic.

No. 329503

File: 1698073922266.png (Spoiler Image,785.14 KB, 616x845, deservesjail.png)

The weirdly accurate anatomy is always a giveaway, this is the kind of shit they'd post and draw before they scrubbed all of their accounts. If you want more examples as proof, search tsurumaikada danbooru as people have archived some of their other artwork
gross if true, will never understand why a woman would be compelled to draw art that sexualizes little girl characters. some real pickme behaviour i guess

No. 329505

>afaik the mangaka of CSM hates anime or something
I don't think this is true. Fujimoto just said that he didn't mind the anime making changes from the manga and that he wasn't gonna interfere with the anime production. The whole "cinematic" thing supposedly came from the anime director, and I think all the interviews and clips that sounded pretentious against anime were also him. Very silly because even if you wanna claim that CSM is actually a super deep subversion of anime, it still has an extremelly anime trope base (human guy living in a world with dangerous superpowered beings becomes a superpowered being himself and uses his power to fight evil superpowered beings) so trying to portray what is actually a quite generic battle shounen story into a deep serious plot because you actually hate anime does not sound like a good idea.

>directors like this could benefit from making their own stories with their own visions where they get to do what they want rather than taking pre-existing mangas with a pre-existing style.
I agree with this but also the way he changed the anime was really goofy on itself. He completely changed the "vibe" of the anime, but the actual story was completely accurate almost panel for panel, except the story isn't actually good enough or adequate to support that über serious approach he decided to go for. It makes his cinephile LARP justification look retarded because obviously there are movies that are fast paced, have dark comedy, and look pretty colourful. I honestly think it would had been better if he actually owned up to the "this is my vision and I am making changes" excuse and didn't adapt it literally panel for panel.
I think back in the day it was easier for anime to get away with doing changes. Nowadays anime fans will completelly sperg out about any changes or the idea of filler. Remember when the Elfenlied anime removed a whole character because she only existed for the author's piss fetish and didn't even do anything for the actual plot? I don't know if they could get away with that nowadays.

>I would love to see more anime made for adults that takes advantage of animation as a medium and uses beautiful surreal imagery to tell a mundane story. Does anyone have any recs?

This isn't very modern but maybe aBe's works (Lain, Haibane Renmei, Boogiebop, etc) would be your taste? I haven't watched either, but I heard Sonny Boy and Kaiba are good too. I don't think any of these fit the role of "mundane" tho

No. 329509

HR doesn't really look like the others you listed imo. Abe's character designs were pretty distinctive for his time

No. 329510

File: 1698076528967.jpg (38.78 KB, 600x334, eNgnuR7.jpg)

I like Nanami but this scene got more attention that I thought it would. It looks better in action and I was so hyped seeing him angry but I have to agree that the overdetailing didn't do him that well. He pulls some long haired male's hair and is oozing testosterone so I guess everyone found him attractive for that.

No. 329512

tiktok and its consequences

No. 329515

I don't have daddy issues, I just like oldish fictional guys (even though Nanami is younger than me lmao), I wouldn't even pursue a real guy like that.

No. 329523

I don't get why people got so excited over that scene, angry muscle men are unattractive to me and that pony-tail boy was annoying as fuck.

No. 329527

Seeing the male characters buff after being drawn as cloth hangers for their suits was good enough I guess. I find angry men undesirable but I've seen women find (anime) men being angry hot.

No. 329529

File: 1698079654513.jpg (138.59 KB, 1280x1280, F1up-0cXoAAqwHR.jpg)

He is so mediocre looking, especially when he shows his full face. Literal blank npc shonen looking face. Female shonen fans have no standards.

No. 329530

File: 1698079839789.png (237.2 KB, 600x551, MID.png)

No. 329532

Sorry for the sperg but I wish his past of trying hard to turn a blind eye and live in peace then not being able to ignore his ability to help people because of an ordinary person he doesn't have any relationship with would be talked more than his looks or boyfriend vibes. His past in jujutsu high and his actions in the current timeline are important to analyse why sorcerers do what they do risking their lives, what they experience that shapes their morals. He's the only person to say "fuck this" and leave only to come back to be involved in jujutsu again afaik (not caught up with the manga). This rant was sponsored by all the times I searched a character's name to see analysis and comments about their actions only to find usually ooc headcanons and sex stories. I'm not against those but come on, why are anime fans allergic to content that isn't sex and power scales?

No. 329550

I think he is attractive but I am certain he wouldn't have as many autistically horny fans if he wasn't voiced by tsudaken

No. 329553

but nonny, that would require fans to actually use their brains! you can't possibly ask that much of them KEK in all seriousness, it's because people just want to mindlessly consume media. to make stories something easier for their consumption, they ignore the writing, crafting, and nuance put into the characters so they can turn it into whatever is most comfortable and familiar to them. also i wouldn't trust most fandoms to write a proper analysis of a character kek. the only time they will is when they want to prove their reasoning for their gendie headcanons

No. 329556

I don't care lol.

No. 329563

Everyone replying trying to dunk on this like the vast majority of women online didn't call him attractive kek I forget this site likes prepubescent anime boys sometimes

No. 329577

Ah yes the only two animu man options: Fully clothed ugly man or prepubescent boy.
Excuse you, I prefer my beefcake with handsome faces and less clothes on.

No. 329616

File: 1698096032765.jpg (909.61 KB, 3279x4396, Getou.Suguru.full.3338306.jpg)

Geto was the prettiest.

No. 329629

>Ah yes the only two animu man options: Fully clothed ugly man or prepubescent boy.
Tell me where I said that lmao, no ones gives a fuck if you like bishies. Me too

No. 329633

>Does anyone have any recs?
Mononoke, Tatami Galaxy. I don't remember much of it but Mushishi could fit as well. Samurai Champloo isn't really surreal but the animation is good. That's all that comes to mind atm.

No. 329681

inally someone else who agrees with me that anime shouldn’t just be a shot for shot remake of the manga. I know that people will sperg if anything is even the slightest bit out of place but it’s so fucking boring. If I wanted to see the exact same angles with the exact same backgrounds I’d just read the fucking manga!! It’s so, so common now that I’ve just stopped watching anime pretty much because 9 times out of 10 I’ve already read the manga for the series worth watching airing this season. The one aspect they can’t brazenly copy from the manga, sound design, is usually shitty too.

I’m excited for Pluto though. Iirc the guy who’s directing it is pretty famous. I hope they can keep the same tension that’s in the manga. More than anything I hope it does super well so they can give 20th century boys a well made anime.

No. 329748

that's not accurate anatomy kek looks extremely broken

No. 329751

File: 1698132183411.jpg (36.9 KB, 500x500, Nicolas-Wolfwood-Trigun.jpg)

i know right? it's so fucking lame looking, kinda looks like how they draw male characters in male coomerbait shows. There are waaaay hotter anime men in shonen, so they are either zoomies or completly biased grandpafuckers that think their daddy issues are anything but terrible personal taste.

No. 329753

online women lust after the onceler and sans undertale, that isnt a seal of quality

No. 329758

wow he's hot. does he show up in trigun a lot? i tried it ages ago but was too sleepy. might just give it another go

No. 329759

File: 1698134025909.gif (1.47 MB, 268x334, nicolasdwolfwood-wolfwood.gif)

Not willing to watch the new series but he was one of the more central charscters in the old series. So yeah, he'll most likely show for up a lot.

No. 329766

i will never forgive what they did to trigun, they butched all characters and left my girl milly out of it because she didnt fit the turbo moe coomer version of trigun

No. 329768

Beautiful Milly replaced by generic male. Does anyone know the thought of the author of Trigun on the new remake? There is a lot of difference in the series that when I first saw the remake thrailer I didn't believe it was the same source material.

No. 329771

File: 1698139243763.jpg (24.65 KB, 300x390, 83418.jpg)

it's honestly so sad. I know it's only a matter of time before they remake hellsing, and i am 100% sure they will moefy the shit out of all the female characters if not outrigth genderbent integra. We havent had cool, non moeshit female characters since forever.

No. 329772

If they make a remake of hellsing I just know that they'll somehow sanitize it and make it more coomerbait, along with new fans trooning out Integra

No. 329777

Old weebs yell at cloud

No. 329788

File: 1698148608706.jpg (36.75 KB, 563x317, 8072fbe2d489746e18327e544333fb…)

it's like anons itt are intentionally misunderstanding your point. nanami is ONE example of jjk catering to the female gaze, and clearly it worked considering how many women are simping for him. just because it's not to every anons taste doesn't disprove your point kek. there's still gojo, toji, geto, etc. and the fact that the female characters aren't catering to the male gaze nearly as often compared to the men.

it's funny to me that jjk and csm, two controversial animes of the thread, are the first that come to mind for non moe women currently. picrel.

I haven't watched it yet but I looked it up and holy shit, that's disappointing. and making meryl the apprentice to some old fart? remakes are a mistake.

kekkk I'm an old hag too but I agree, it's like anons are just looking for things to complain about, and not just in this thread either

No. 329828

Just checked the wiki and apparently she's Meryl's apprentice in Stampede. She should be in the next season since it's said in the last episode.

No. 329871

Tumblr has a different audience than other social medias. It wasn't fakebois lusting after him
They replaced Milly's importance to Vash with more screentime for wolfwood. I think it was fujobait, but even so, their relationship didn't have the charm of the old series. People latched onto it though, so clearly it worked.
Nanami doesn't even look old kek, he just has bags. I don't know if you've seen how that anime draws old men, but it isn't like that

No. 329876

File: 1698173284895.jpg (44.04 KB, 564x705, mahitobathing.jpg)

OK let's end this "is Nanami hot or not" discussion. Everyone's taste is different for example some nonas have terrible taste and some amazing taste kek. But what anime need though, is more male hotspring scenes. JJK did a good job and had one, now they just need another with more characters.

No. 329937

he reminds me of the green haired guy from paranormal plague

No. 330024

kek im glad there's one ither person who dislikes it. sure the art is fancy and all but the writing is complete crap and so historically inaccurate it's actually offensive

No. 330045

No. 330248

I like this show and the frank discussion about lesbianism was unexpected kek

No. 330439

File: 1698369698257.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, PLUTO.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.D…)

pluto is out! watch pluto!!!!

No. 330448

The author turned out to be a troon though..not even a ftm but a mtf..I can't watch this without thinking it might br his fetish

No. 330457

Ewwwww of course it did.

No. 330530

ofc it is done by TIM fetish hands, I had a feeling of that since I felt so uncomfortable by how creepy moid vibes the protagonist gave and all the tasteless comedy. I rather watch the isekai outlander-esque anime aimed at hetero women by woman than this "lesbianism".

No. 330813

Remember when i got lampooned for wanting an undead unluck anime?
Yeah I’m not gonna watch it it looks terrible

No. 331001

what? i thought it was by a woman all this time ffs

No. 331002

Looks fine to me. Too much shaft being shaft?

No. 331044

i though japan was mean to trannies, shame of them for not bullying him into an one-way trip to Aokigahara

No. 331045

>it's funny to me that jjk and csm, two controversial animes of the thread, are the first that come to mind for non moe women currently. picrel.
i dont know about jjk but csm is the definition of moe, all the girls are waifu bait

No. 331821

File: 1698806807101.jpg (84.77 KB, 800x1135, EIuFTV1XUAE15HT.jpg)

Pluto was kino
Also I love Epsilon, he's so sweet and with that sweet Mamoru Miyano voice

No. 331867

No wonder MC acts like a moid, she's into a female stereotype, and all the male characters have ugly designs. Of course.

No. 331963

File: 1698864201868.jpg (240.91 KB, 1536x1087, Fy8qORJWcAAmK7J.jpg)

what is it about this series that makes so many moids seethe so much?

No. 331968

I love him too. I’ve read the manga twice now and cry every time because he deserved so much better.

No. 331981

>no retarded coomerish fanservice for men
>fanservice for women in good taste

No. 331983

pretty much this >>331981 mixed in with the usual shounenfag console wars

No. 331985

File: 1698868944274.jpg (84.14 KB, 1920x1080, sasakitomiyano.jpg)

Does anyone have any recommendations for series similar to Sasaki to Miyano? Don't care if it's het/gay/lesbian, anything goes if it has similar vibes. I've been binging romance anime lately and randomly ran across this and found it very cute and wholesome. Would recommend if you don't mind BL anime. Especially since it didn't have any forced triangle drama.

No. 332002

No. 332140

Lol personally I'm so in love with it as an adaptation. It hits the perfect balance between being faithful to the original while adding more visual flair than just being an animated version of the manga storyboard. I'm not crazy about Shaft but I think the direction works with how wacky everything is. I'm only sad that with how many episodes we have and the current pacing, we won't get to see Fuuko's character development kick in. She's such a fun female protagonist.

No. 332166

I tried looking for a source on this but I think this was based on a series of now deleted tweets where the author didn't exactly confirm themselves to be trans but alluded to not "being a real woman" and then mentioned intersex people in their pro-tranny and pro-gender identity tweets which made people think they were intersex and not trans. I would not be surprised if it is a tranny though since they love to pull the intersex LARP.

Here's an interview with the author and their YouTube channel.

Very clocky.

No. 332216

My brother is a die-hard SatoSugu shipper so I guess he's fine kek.

No. 332515

File: 1699027508898.gif (208.74 KB, 450x404, girls-un-panzer.gif)

Is uma musume worth watching? i just want a funny cgdct anime on the same vein as GuP

No. 332517

I watched the first two seasons and they were pretty good. S2 is a bit more serious with the character drama so I wouldn't say its 100% turn-your-brain-off cgdct though if that's what you're specifically looking for

No. 332663

sounds like a voice changer

No. 332898

Pluto was really excellent. I had high hopes after hearing praise about the manga and it lived up to it. Teared up in so many scenes

No. 332995

File: 1699205323605.gif (2.64 MB, 498x281, satoru-gojo-jogo.gif)

god nonas misunderstood this post so much
anyway heres gojo humping jogos arm

No. 332999

File: 1699205603025.gif (278.48 KB, 260x300, IMG_2384.gif)

My lord…

No. 333114

File: 1699217433690.png (7.16 MB, 2986x1678, Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 21.45…)

I'm really loving Frieren, it's so comfy, but I'm so sad that it fell victim to the shonen jump coomer jokes. They give Frieren a really lovely and bittersweet relationship with one of her now-dead friends, and then show you how he joked about wanting to see her underwear. It's supposed to be a joke and not reflect on his character, but unfortunately anybody who isn't a coomer jump reader can tell it's weird. Their relationship is even portrayed as purely platonic, but then they add this weird sexual joke. Oh well, at least it's only been like 3 jokes so far.

No. 333152

God I wish that was me

No. 333333

Yeah, breasts-size jealousy and such jokes really come out of nowhere here, I guess only because the mangaka (or LN, I have no idea what the original source is) was too afraid he might lose the attention of their shounen coomer readerbase if he didn't make it feel like it's a "safe" story for them. Cowardly shit

No. 333344

Tinfoil, but I genuinely think the whole breast size jealousy thing you see in anime and manga is a result of male authors/creators projecting their penis size jealousy among men unto (fictional) girls and women. Idk it's retarded but I genuinely believe it kek

No. 333345


No. 333352

That's very weird to me because moids seem perfectly capable of enjoying more mature stories that don't have shitty sex jokes included. As with some seinen series and stuff.
Also, checked
It's not tinfoil or retarded, it's true. It's an extremely common trope in moid-written media you'd think it's a fetish. (It is btw)

No. 333355

I have to wonder if it's actually the author or just the Jump editor pushing their usual coomer jokes, since it feels so out of place. I heard they've done this before.
It's so repetitive, I don't understand how people don't get tired of the exact same jokes every time. We're only missing the nosebleed joke now.

No. 333500

Thats not retarded, its just the truth. A lot of moid behavior towards women is usually projection of some sort.

No. 333614

Same, I cried through the whole show
I read the manga some time ago so I already knew the basic plot, but while watching the anime I realised that I had forgotten some important events.
And I have to admit that to me, while I absolutely adore all of Urasawa's works, the fantastic animation and the soundtrack made me love the anime even more.
Personally I've never seen another anime that was so well animated.

No. 333870

The NPC anime onlies actually think Attack on Titan ending was good. Just how /a/ predicted kek. I'm so happy it's over. This scene is so fucking bad. The animation, the writing, the out of breath crying of cuckren. Pure perfection, even worse than the manga! THIS IS PEAK. I still can't believe Isayama wrote this shit and decided it was a good idea to publish it.

No. 333890

I'm honestly surprised by how many people are praising the ending so much. I really thought this would be something that even the most NPC normalfag would see the bad writing in but apparently if you stick any old bittersweet OST over a shit story you'll get the average retarded audience clapping.

No. 333899

I wish Armin killed Eren using his titan or something, it would've made way more sense and would've been more dramatic. I wish Levi died instead of Hanji and Zeke stayed alive.

No. 333903

Samafagging to add that was so fucking gay wtf, I hate how everything somehow revolved around Mikasa at the end, it made no sense at all

No. 333911

Never cared for AoT and never read it but I am curious to know why it's a bad ending from a nona's perspective, if anyone wants to make a post about it.

No. 333915

Nta but basically the story is about country A enslaving people through the power of titans ages ago, so every country ever went against it and somehow win the war and made everyone in country A go to an island, but some people stayed in country B. Country A's people are from a race that possesses the power to turn into titans either by the commands of a specific titan that can transform at will, or by being injected with something country B created. Country A people were brainwashed and got their memories erased to think only them existed and no one exists outside the walls to keep peace between the 2 countries. Until country B started sending people that it turned into titans to country A to retrieve the titan that can turn people into titans because he's too dangerous and he ran to country A which can reignite the war.

All of this causes the mess that happens later on from s1 onwards with titans attacking humans and humans fighting back. Until they discover all of this because Eren's dad was behind the titan that ran away and gave his powers to his son. Eren decides to take revenge on country B for what they've been doing this whole time sending titans and destroying their country and killing his people, especially his mom. Which imo is justified. But his friends try to stop him and fight hi