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File: 1716845454803.png (160.82 KB, 436x449, tinfoil cat.png)

No. 2023344

General Conspiracy Thread.

Do you have somewhat schizophrenic beliefs that worry your friends and family? Tired of getting red-texted for "tinfoiling" about recent events around the globe? If so, you've come to the right place.

Discussions surrounding government cover-ups, entertainment industry secrets, odd predictions, political intrigues, etc., are all welcome here.

Please follow all /ot/ board rules.

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No. 2023381

This is a dark and schizophrenic one, but I believe there are trafficking rings breeding children specifically for the purpose of abuse. Children that don't legally exist anywhere so nobody's looking for them. I think I originally heard this from Regina Louf (Belgian trafficking victim) but I'm not sure. There are some very sick people out there though, so I'm sure somewhere out there abusers are bringing children into the world just to let richer abusers harm them.

No. 2023412

Rule of life:
If a man would get off to it, he would do it (with enough resources). So this theory is very probable.

No. 2023516

Nothing schizo about it, men totally would, I agree with >>2023412
And completely believe it.

No. 2023518

File: 1716854872784.jpg (5.23 MB, 4096x3276, webynuvunki51.jpg)

Chester Bennington is the child of John Podesta and his brother Brian is the son of Tony Podesta.

No. 2023550

It really isn't schizophrenic though. We all know it's true but we don't want to think about. Kids without resources are the easiest to abuse and discard.

No. 2023810

Pizzagate was legit.

No. 2023815

The world if anons in the fetishes thread in /g/ had their way

No. 2023844

File: 1716877987697.png (188.5 KB, 1132x532, stats.png)

While I don't doubt that this happens, the biggest source of children for the elites is the care system. I don't think they would bother investing in breeding programs when they can just take what they want from dysfunctional families and children's homes.

>In 2019, 421,394 children in the US were reported missing.
>In the EU, the reported number of missing children every year is 250,000.
>An estimated 112,835 children are reported missing in the United Kingdom every year.

More statistics for the US

No. 2023850


Nona I read through Regina Loufs whole testimony document once when I was in a true crime phase, it disturbed me so much, especially the part about her murdering the girl who was giving birth in the mushroom farm. And then the former owners of the mushroom farm confirming her testimony about the building. I have read in other sources that she is basically totally discredited but I don't know, can you or anyone give me insight on whether or not she is seen as credible? I chose to believe the people on reddit that say shes making it up because believing everything in that document just seemed too horrible

No. 2023887

"fun fact", mushroom farms are all owned by the mafia

No. 2023951

Gen z doesn't actually believe in God or follow religion. 99% of young peoples religious accounts only ever involve shaming women and almost nothing about scripture or anything else, just look at how many people are gloating about Harrison butkers speech just because women were upset about it but in the next post will do a 180 and claim women should be supporting them financially instead

No. 2023958

No. 2024074

Younger gen z/gen alpha children are terrible students, acting out, defiant because there’s an unknown disease/disorder that starts in the womb for these mothers who give birth to these children. There’s an environmentally-caused female reproductive issue that’s affecting the way these children are born that tptb wants to keep hidden/hasn’t figured the name out yet. More tinfoil but for years they’ve probably been trying to find a proper name for it but then they started giving its symptoms names instead (adhd, autism, other developmental defects and disorders)

No. 2024080

it's just internet nonna

No. 2024126

It's what happens when people don't take care of children. They can't develop in a healthy way. And most parents now think that giving an iPad isn't that since they spent hours of their own life watching screens. Even babies are left alone with screens and then don't learn how to speak or to focus on basic activities. The real tinfoil is why politicians are doing nothing.

No. 2024133

Because politicians want their kids to be unable to think for themselves. They need a weak and corrupt populace to rule over and it’s very effective because these are the same people who constantly complain about inflation and global problems but do nothing about it because they’re too worried about their families and jobs. One thing the elites are right about is that we are extremely cowardly and only care about surviving another day, not about the long-term anymore

No. 2024193

It's screentime and permissive parenting. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 2024345

It's called giving your kid an ipad at the ripe old age of 2

No. 2024412

Why does the child's failure always reflect the mother? I'm sick of that idea. A scrote could shoot a place up and the news anchors would be talking about how his mum wasn't in the PTA and yelled at him a few times and that's why he did it and how it's secretly her fault. The real reason Gen Alpha and has difficulties with emotional regulation and short attention spans is because, 1) their parents, the millennials, are just like their parents, the baby boomers: selfish and piss-poor at emotional regulation, and 2) the prevalence of screens in early infancy and early childhood fucks up brain development.

No. 2024427

File: 1716920164535.jpeg (85.36 KB, 941x925, IMG_0960.jpeg)


No. 2024428

I’m tired of you retards coming into TINFOIL CONSPIRACY thread and trying to denounce what I’m saying. The water supply is pumped full of chemicals and most people eat straight up garbage and you’re meaning to tell me the infants are going to come out with nothing wrong with them??? Get the fuck out of the conspiracy shit we know what the common excuse is that it’s “iPads” which is why it’s used as a cover up, it doesn’t explain the full sitiuation. You bitches are so fucking insufferable and stupid sometimes, good god(infighting)

No. 2024455

I think it's all of these things. The pesticides in our food and plastic exposure is exacerbating the developmental stunting effects from technology. I figure that's why we still have some well-adjusted normies despite all of us getting toxic exposure. But blaming it on iPads is a way of putting all responsibility on the consumer. They are to blame for their children's illness. But blaming toxic exposure puts the blame back on industry where it belongs, and tptb don't like it when we blame them instead of each other.

No. 2024487

People just put unrealistic standards on parents nowadays, which just creates a doomer mindset so a lot of parent just end up giving up and not giving a shit since you know you'll never do anything right so why even try?

Also not sure if this is happening in other areas but medical staff also patronizes parents for letting their kids be kids, you can barely bring your kid in for a scraped knee here without a CPS call, so it makes sense this just bred a generation of tablet babies and parents who are too afraid to let their kids play outside

No. 2024491

I agree wholeheartedly. They act like I’m saying introducing technology early to your kids isn’t a good part of it but there’s definitely something wrong with them they haven’t discovered yet. Not everything is the parent’s fault but normies for some reason always try to shift the blame on to parents when other systems in place get to poison the wells and not uphold their part of the social contract. They think what newer parents do now is sacrilegious compared to these millenials and older zoomers who had their parents sit them right in front of tv screens and computers to watch adult television and children’s shows riddled with feet porn and innuendos. This has been going on for way longer than just this new gen

No. 2024492

Pizzagate adjacent activities are 100% real and happening all over the world every day and people who don't believe in such are retards, but the actual pizzagate shit (comet ping pong, frazzledrip etc) is a red herring to reel in gullible people to spread fake propaganga to make actual people calling out ritualistic csa done by elites every day seem like crazy conspiracy theorists.

No. 2024495

what's your problem?

No. 2024514

No bc I have a theory the idea of blaming women for everything slowly funneled into worse and worse issues
First if anything went wrong it was all the moms fault, this allowed moids to essentially act however they want with zero social consequences

Now the same moids go around acting amuck and the finger is blamed at women, if they're porn addicts it's women's fault, if they're too lazy to work it's women's fault, if they're unhealthy it's women's fault, it's pretty rare to see moids get help accountable for their actions

No. 2024581

Technology is way more advanced than most people think. You don't need microchips, cameras or satellites to be monitored. They can read and see your thoughts, make you and/or others see, hear and feel things that don't exist. They can manipulate your speech and the direction of sound. They can mess with your emotions, your body and your immune system. They are working on things that are more extreme and most of it can be done remotely. We are way past 1984 lol

No. 2024640

This. Inb4
>well i've done questionable shit on the internet, why don't they reprimand me then hurr durr?
Because they know you have no capacity to significantly harm others. The truth is that they have all this surveying technology and don't do shit about criminals (such as pedophiles) because they don't give a fuck

No. 2024659


No. 2024713

>We are way past 1984
Yeah it's 2024? I don't get what you meant by this unless they've started altering the calendars and time so that we think it's 2024 and not another year. But the 80s were like 40 years ago.
If you open up the tinfoil thread and type something snarky like "meds," before you hit post just reflect about which thread you're posting that snide remark in and ask yourself whether it's necessary to waste a valuable post (we only have 1200 in a thread) with your boring insult.

No. 2024715

which meds specifically do you have in mind?

No. 2024720

Nona you sound genuine so; 1984 is the name of a book by George Orwell about a dystopian society in which its citizens are heavily monitored and censored 24/7. Many westerners use it as a colloquial term to refer to government censorship and surveillance.

No. 2024732

Oh okay sorry, I didn't know about the autobiography I thought she meant just the year. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know the 80s were so dystopian I always thought they were fun because of the music but I guess the music was a distraction from the monitoring and censoring.

No. 2024744

It's not a historical account of the actual 1980s, it's an imagined dystopian 1980s from someone who lived in the 1940s. The 80s had some messed up parts, but not quite as messed up as what was written in Orwell's 1984.

No. 2024781

NTAYRT but I think it's both, there's poison in the food air water that is giving kids developmental issues but even kids that start out relatively developmentally normal turn out super fucked up if they're frying their brains looking at screens all day as toddlers. The developmentally healthy-ish iPad kids just help cover up the developmental issues of the other kids who were born with issues.

No. 2024791

I remember learning in a child psychology class that children below 2 years old were only supposed to get less than 30 minutes of screen-time per day, and even 30 minutes was risking developmental damage. Nobody should be sitting in front of a screen all hours of the day, but for most people born before 2010, it wasn't viable anyway to do that. Now, screens are everywhere all the time, and school-children were even expected to do their schooling through laptops and computers during the pandemic. I don't doubt that there's an issue with food supplies that may spark puberty earlier in children today, but I think that technology has played a really important factor in how developmentally delayed Gen Alpha seems. The pandemic also stunted a lot of children in terms of their social maturity; since they were left on their own all day long in the house with only their iPads and laptops for company, they absorbed all the vitriolic idiocy of internet culture without realizing how fucked up it is. I think when Gen Alpha reaches college-age, we'll really start to see how badly adjusted they are to real life. I predict that the suicide rates will spike for their generation, as well as more dependence on psychiatric medications like SSRIs.

No. 2024808

It's not just foods that cause earlier puberty, there are a bunch of environmental pollutants not only in food but in water, air, packaging, clothes, some vaccines and medications, etc. that can all cause developmental issues to the brain. It was suppressed after the Wakefield autism vaccines debacle but there were quite a few research studies finding autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders correlated with aluminum and other metal concentrations in the brain, other research has shown glyphosate (a common pesticide) seems to also correlate to developmental disorders, and stuff like that isn't causing earlier puberty it's causing actual brain/cognitive damage. Also you don't only get heavy metals and pesticides in your food. Autism keeps increasing by factors of ten each decade, if it continues to get more common a majority of male children will be autistic in the next couple decades which is even more concerning than kids hitting puberty early.

I agree that the cognitive damage from screens is just as bad but I think it is in a way a 'coverup' for physical issues happening in development too, if you can get developmentally normal kids hooked on screen time then they act almost as retarded as the kids with physical brain damage and people just blame it all on parenting. The pandemic zoom schooling was another way to developmentally stunt all children so they're all on an equally low level of cognition (with some exceptions of course) and standards for educational achievement and even just basic cognitive skills are dropping rapidly year over year. There's already been suicide spikes for pre-pubertal/pubertal children we don't even need to wait for them to grow up to see that.

Also SSRIs and other psych drugs are mostly a scam and giving them to neurologically undeveloped children is harming their brains permanently too.

No. 2024841

Children are a mess right now. It's horrible to see. Screens and abusive fathers are destroying their psychological development and everything being made out of plastic and other dangerous substances is destroying their physical health. Women having children with older men is not helping too. I really hate how questioning any of that is seen as extremist and mothers who try their best are called crazy when it has been proven again and again that screens are dangerous to young children and extremely harmful substances are found everywhere, female reproductive system and placenta included. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a way of making us dying younger. Cancers are also on the rise with younger people and they have absolutely no idea why this is happening.

No. 2024864

>Cancers are also on the rise in younger people and they've no idea why
I read somewhere that right now, stomach cancer in younger persons is on the rise. Like, stomach cancer is the new 'main' cancer for young people, not lung or breast like before. What's interesting is that the rates of stomach cancer seem to have started peaking in the 90s, which is when a lot of children's foods started to be sold in plastic packaging with more preservatives (think all the lunchables, frozen meals, etc.). Something interesting to think about or to read about!

No. 2024866

I used to think homeschool parents were insane but now I understand parents who want to homeschool more and more, not the religious nutjobs who think it's dangerous for their kids to interact with normie children but specifically because of how little control you have when your child goes to daycare/school over what they're being exposed to. You have little control over what they eat, kids in schools are more and more violent and 'zero tolerance' policies mean the victims also get punished, kids in schools are constantly on screens now too and sharing porn and shit with each other in class, teachers are exposing kids to gender bullshit from early ages or teaching them 'whole word recognition' that makes them illiterate, etc. I sympathize more and more with parents that just want to control their child's environment at least in elementary school/earlier ages. I'm not planning on having kids but if I had them I would feel so fucked up about this because I liked going to public school personally and wouldn't want to deny my child a normal socialization but the socialization kids are getting in schools now is far from normal and the things schools teach are actively stunting cognitive development.

No. 2024890

Yeah it most likely is because of foods and also the high number of drugs that even young people are on now which can mess with your stomach/gut flora horribly too. Unironically I think a big part of the reason for the spike in young people having cancer was the COVID vax, the spike after the vax rollout in early-onset or aggressive cancers was quite noticeable and I think that's a big part of it, but the other part is probably other environmental pollutants esp. drugs and food.

No. 2024900

What about abusive mothers or is it not “feminist” enough to bring up that many mothers absolutely hate and abuse their own daughters are we just going to forget about this? Why do we try to ignore that women are also the propagators of misogyny on other women. Holy shit it’s like you /2X/fags forgot you have a board to go and put your bitter ass takes in. Every thread doesn’t have to have the same fucking discussion like we get it blahbalh fathers bad we know, but so are a lot of mothers out here(infighting)

No. 2024907

NTAYRT but I agree abusive mothers are also a problem, I feel like people in certain cultures/communities see more absentee or abusive/violent fatherhood than they see motherhood though so that's what they think of first.

No. 2025069

Anon posted meds because of the infighting, not the conspiracy.

No. 2025181

Women already get held extremely accountable for everything from the fathers actions, to child's health problems and everything in between. You can use literally any other site to scream about evil women ofc we're not going to blame everything on women on the one site that actually holds men accountable

No. 2025207

Actually it's ipad babies. It's growing up in a society with social media. It's your general communication and validation being entirely from a glorified pocket voyeur in your hand.

No. 2025220

Real answer for this: majority of gen Z either don't or can't read. They don't know what they are following because they wouldn't be able to read and understand the source material anyway.

No. 2025235

One of the most interesting phenomena of them to me is that they REFUSE to use words properly. Words do not have meaning anymore.

No. 2025242

Functional illiteracy is another big problem with US citizens and its not just confined to Gen Z. Various sources (this one is an example: https://www.apmresearchlab.org/10x-adult-literacy ) estimate that 50-55% of Americans between ages 16 and 75 read below a sixth-grade level. A lot of richer politicians will abuse this fact through their policies and speeches.
I think this can be contributed to anyone born after post-modernity as the prevalent theory for most disciplines took off in the mid-90s.

No. 2025264

I think Gen Z is not quite this far gone but Gen Alpha really can't read at all. Most Gen Z are vaguely literate but have reading comprehension issues, Gen Alpha actually has a lot of illiterate people.

No. 2025266

I don't disagree with you nona but can you give examples of what you mean?

No. 2025366

I think the issue is the way reading was taught in schools. Schools stopped teaching phonetically and started teaching a strange method called "three queuing" I read a good article about it recently, here it is:https://www.apmreports.org/episode/2019/08/22/whats-wrong-how-schools-teach-reading
I will admit I'm a zoomer, but my school never taught this method of reading, we always used phonics. Essentially with three-queuing, a child is taught to guess what the word is based on the first letter it starts with and then use 'contextual clues' to guess. They are also taught to guess based on pictures that are next to the text. Finally, the third method is literally to skip the unknown word. There isn't even a 'save for later' option for the skip, children are literally encouraged to skip words they don't know and just ignore them. Or to guess, and in the article the creator of the three-queuing method even says he doesn't care if the guess is incorrect so long as it's vaguely similar.

No. 2025371

Gen z however are the only ones that predominantly weaponize the misuse of words in a way that hasn't been utilized yet and completely defies all logic or reality

No. 2025382

I've noticed this with latter Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha, so I think going forward this will become the norm of popular language. I don't think it's confined to just Gen Z.

No. 2025405

I'm one of the AYRT and that's what I already said in a post above, they stopped teaching phonics and taught some common core 'whole word recognition' shit which makes most children illiterate. I actually never learned phonics and English is my second language anyway but I learned it before I started school and could already read well mostly learned through silent reading, but kids like me are an exception. They need to stop fucking around with age-old literacy and arithmetic teaching methods because they're making kids illiterate and innumerate.

Nonas can you give examples I'm so curious what this is referring to

No. 2025438

NTA I'm thinking maybe the words 'fascist' 'nazi' 'racist' 'oppression' etc

No. 2025450

Are the Hillary and Podesta emails legit? Why does James Alefantis have a connection to NXIVM? Why was it discovered in previous threads that voodoo doughnuts and other shady hipster places were fronts for child sex trafficking? What the fuck is up with the creepy panda god video produced by Alefantis or one of his friends where a bunch of shady hipsters gather for some ritual in the middle of nowhere while wearing the eye of Horus on their jackets? What’s with the creepy instagram pics featuring children with gay innuendo captions? So many kids missing in DC?

There’s just too many coincidences for this to be not true, I’d love to hear from you, nonna.

No. 2025477

How old are you again? I thought this board was 18+

No. 2025484

A lot of it is fake unfortunately. They also believe there's a video of Hillary Clinton skinning a child's face off or something and regularly lie and tell everyone they've seen it themselves. Truly mentally ill behavior, it's like how people share the photoshopped "flight log" for epstein

No. 2025497

The podesta emails were legit and real I think the controversy is whether they were actually referring to pedophilia, drugs, actual food (unlikely) or something else entirely. I actually think the pizzagate pizza place may have legitimately been a front for something but all the reporting and tinfoiling about it was so confusing I just don't know what to think anymore. But we do know child sex trafficking rings exist so idk why people assume that for sure wasn't one of them.

No. 2025502

The people involved didn't even deny the leaked emails were real, they just claimed they were about actual pizza.

No. 2025508

I’m glad that’s fake then, hopefully the other video of John Podesta screaming at a kid is also fake too.

No. 2025522

You mean you never read the autobiography of Mr. 1984? Kek

No. 2025523

I'm not saying it's all fake, a lot of the supposed super duper real email screenshots posted are in fact fake and them saying "b-but they didn't deny they're real" doesn't change that, but the Podestas are shady as hell. This is also the same group of people that think Taylor Swift wore a human skin hat though. Google frazzledrip for secondhand embarrassment.

No. 2025551

I'm convinced pizzagate was a pedo psyop tbh. Poeple swear up and down now that 'cheese pizza' has never been a legit codeword and it's only emboldened pedos to use it more openly

No. 2025570

I know getting passed it is like the final frontier of tinfoil but I’m starting to think Alex Jones was right about Sandy Hook

No. 2025572

Whys that

No. 2025575

There’s just a LOT of little things that are weird about it. Too many to just ignore (people reported to have been seen running with guns and then never brought up again, people meandering around while it’s happening, almost nothing known about the shooter or his fam, almost no photos, etc.) . I watched We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook and some bits I think are reaching but it really makes you think.

No. 2025606

>it really makes you think
Alex Jones farmer confirmed

No. 2025633

explain moar

No. 2025686

honestly started feeling this way after the lawsuit. I'm still really not understanding how what he said isn't 1st amendment protected speech. And the judge was very imo emotionally involved, and that seriously rubbed me the wrong way. You can disagree with him saying what he said, but as a JUDGE you really should be able to seperate your emotions from objective fact. It's just so bizarre to me that the statement it's a hoax could even possibly pass as defamation. Are the parents public figures? I don't get it, even remotely. Everything surrounding this has just been "Alex Jones bad man said bad things pay money." OK, but give me the actual analysis of why cranks can't run around saying crank shit? Are we going to sue the Time Cube guy for defaming the 24hr clock? If I say the moon landings are fake (they were btw) then am I defaming NASA? It's just nuts to me, and the way they rubbed his nose in the carpet I really feel like he was onto something…

No. 2025694

File: 1716952340352.gif (11.01 MB, 467x498, 874699EB-5A66-49AE-AD98-4F01FB…)

The cia definitely knows who I am and have probably been gangstalking me since birth. I am a regular citizen and don’t stick out but I had a very strange interaction with a politician on their IG live when I was younger and used to troll people online but there’s no way you would be able to know I was young because of the anonymity and I didn’t speak like a regular teenager. The politician specifically stated my comment out of the thousands of people in the IG live and knew I was a young kid and I always remembered that until this day. I am very convinced these politicans have truth-telling software or anonymity removal software not accessible to the public yet wher they are able to know your age, name, location, education, family, everything about you. They love to attach themselves to people with absolutely nothing going on for them just to stalk and harass them to wield their power as an agency, they do this with many people. The politician used to be in the military which tells me even more they are involved with those kind of high-tech psyops, he’s a typical neocon scrote that’s irrelevant but back then he was in the news for some time. I’ve been placed in this shitty place because they also know how to manipulate your reincarnation placement now. CERN is not just for controlling the weather and environment it’s making new discovery on opening astral portals and how you get here, they can control your birth and which class they place you into.

No. 2025695

Right. A billion dollars? For saying “crazy” shit and making people sad? I also wonder if Alex was a plant himself because of the lawsuit being so unbelievable. Also based moon denier (me too)

No. 2025698

Maybe he knew you were a young kid because you typed like an underage troll?

No. 2025712

There’s no way because there’s plenty of adults who type like shit on instagram, I was able to blend in. They have access to tools where they’re able to know everything about you that normal people don’t have for obvious reasons

No. 2025714

well did you do something that warrants reason for them to watch you? if not then why worry. just let them enjoy the show

No. 2025717

Boomers also think instagram is used mostly by kids. But I don't dismiss the possibility that they're watching you. I know they keep a close eye on certain people they find potentially problematic.

No. 2025726

No I just made fun of his ugly eyepatch because he got blown up by a middle easterner during his time in the military lol
They know how to create monitoring spirits. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are monitoring all of us

No. 2025731

That particular guy has a generally arrogant demeanor. I don't think he's one of the more intelligent politicians, but some guy who was placed there to attract attention from Evangelical boomers who like "badass" looking guys with a military background.

No. 2025734

Yay moon landing nonna!
Whenever I bring it up to normies, I seriously feel like my brain's about to pop. "Well people were harassing the parents and that's sad." Well sure, ok, they shouldn't have done that. I mean it's not like I can condone such nasty behavior. But did Alex Jones do it? No? Ok, so why ought he pay for it? Because he said what incited this? Except it didn't even originate with him? I remember sandy hook stuff way before he touched it.

Tbh AJ has always had the suspicions of being a plant so I haven't really bothered with him. I kinda wonder if the whole lawsuit is made up just to force him into a debt to control him or something.

No. 2025735

I actually was not convinced by We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook (I watched all of it for some reason but some of the shit like the 'camera angles from car show X was clearly just retarded, it wasn't showing the area where stuff was happening but they acted like it was) but I think Alex Jones has been right about a lot of things before even if he misses a lot of the time. My tinfoil belief is that he was intentionally fed certain correct talking points (like estrogen in the water turning the frogs gay, which strictly speaking isn't true but it's close enough to the truth) whenever they were starting to break out into the public consciousness in order to associate these true/reasonable points with some of his crazier sperging. I also agree that a hyperexpensive defamation suit about Sandy Hook made no sense and was just another part of the psyop to lump every single 'conspiracy belief' he has in with evil family-hating degeneracy in the minds of the public. He has been undeniably correct about a lot of shit way earlier than other media figures were saying it even if he's an alcoholic nutjob who will say practically anything without verifying it.

No. 2025737

Perfect cia agent to fulfill his role. Just like crisis actors they get experienced people from intelligence agencies to play different roles in front of the public eye.

No. 2025946

File: 1716961393229.jpeg (203.53 KB, 1005x795, IMG_3982.jpeg)

I think that homeschooling should only be allowed for parents that have a degree and a diploma in teaching. Unfortunately most homeschool parents are like the one in picrel, it's like the blind leading the blind when the parent is so unprepared and undereducated themselves. I think the declining quality of schooling is somewhat a result of a conspiracy in itself. TPTB want an undereducated and easily malleable underclass for their own selfish goals.

No. 2026009

>I think the declining quality of schooling is somewhat a result of a conspiracy in itself. TPTB want an undereducated and easily malleable underclass for their own selfish goals.
it's to keep the older generations grandfathered into their careers with little to no competition, also why they keep raising requirements for various jobs, requiring extra certs, etc but if you have "enough experience" it basically replaces the shit tons of money younger gens are forced to fork out to even step foot into the door

No. 2026015

Poor kid

No. 2026103

Your picture reminded me of my sister and how during one summer break she taught herself a new language to the point she could read, she was about 10 then, now she has 7+ languages in a bag. I'm proud of her, but i'll never let her know that 'cause she's also a bitch.

No. 2026198

>she has 7+ languages in a bag
That’s literally impossible

No. 2026219

Nonsense, one needs to know at least 10 languages to even qualify as polyglot.

No. 2026237

nta but I've always heard it's impossible to have an adult native speaker's understanding of more than 2 or 3 languages, anything over that is just knowing basic conversational phrases like at the level of a 5 or 6 year old. still impressive though.

No. 2026243

On top of the parents being unqualified to teach, many homeschool parents are pedophiles and child abusers. Speaking as an American who was homeschooled. It is a great way to cover up abuse because it's extremely easy to pull your kids out of school in the US.

No. 2026256

>I've always heard it's impossible to have an adult native speaker's understanding of more than 2 or 3 languages
That's such a brainlet take. Idiocracy was such a prophetic film.

No. 2026269

What do you mean? It's uncommon for people to speak more than a few languages fluently. Are you sitting on some knowledge that it's possible for most people to be polyglots if they tried?

No. 2026287

No, i live in a small country with large minority groups, speaking less than tree languages is unusual here, speaking four is normal.

No. 2026368

Oh, cool. I was thinking more of people in majority monolingual countries trying to learn new languages but I guess if everyone grew up around more languages of course it would be easier and countries like yours prove that it's not like it's too much for the brain or anything.

No. 2026379

it's uncommon but it's not impossible, especially when you start at an early age

No. 2026390

File: 1716996479632.jpg (42.29 KB, 629x480, 1710161758259.jpg)

you're an anglo, aren't you?

No. 2026398

"At the level of a 5 or 6 year old" is a bit of an exaggeration nonny kek

No. 2026399

Speaking of Alex Jones, this should be our thread theme

No. 2026400

Obviously. Homeschooled on top of that (I keep trying to warn people it's a bad idea, certainly hasn't done me any favors and it keeps the world very small.)

No. 2026407

Multilingual environments create multilingual people. If each parent of a child speaks at home in their own language, the kid masters them both like its nothing. If television is in yet another language and in school you get taught English, that already makes four languages.

No. 2026408

i too wouldn't give a shit about school if i felt like i have no future. gen z/alpha kids are aware that no matter how much they try, they will never even afford to own a house. at best they will just rack up insane amounts of debt from college. millenials and older gen z-ers were at least fed the illusion that they can achieve their silly dreams if they try hard enough, so they did better in school than kids nowadays. nothing tinfoily about this, people have just given up

No. 2026419

USA is actively trying to cause the final Armenian genocide/finish them off. Not really a conspiracy, imo, as USA is active allies to Turkey and works with the grey wolves.

No. 2026433

>she believes in the armenian genocide (bait)

No. 2026449

Curious to hear more about this tinfoil but I truly do not think the US or Americans in general have any sort of vendetta against Armenians. Most are simply sympathetic. However, politically, the US government felt that it was more important to maintain diplomatic ties with Turkey, which is why the genocide wasn’t officially recognized until recently

No. 2026716

I don’t get it, did the kid miss the window for reading?

No. 2026725

She didn’t teach her kid to read because she thought it would happen naturally. Now her kid is 8.5 years old and can’t read. That’s pretty bad. There is no window that I’m aware of, her child can still learn to read of course but she is behind her peers and will be playing catch up for a while

No. 2026771

Kids start learning to read in school at age 5-6, her daughter is like 3 years behind compared to her peers.

No. 2026792

>Autism keeps increasing by factors of ten each decade
I think this is more due to inefficient psychiatrists and more lax rules re: diagnosis. Ever since the DSM-V dropped and ASP was re-evaluated and the diagnostic criteria changed, as well as being merged with Asperger's, it seems like the rate for Autism is jumping up. I think this could be explained by the fact that what was once two separate diagnoses before 90's and 00's is now just one diagnosis post 2013, so the numbers are inflated. Besides that, I think ASD has been over-diagnosed post 2015 due to the rise of millennial parents being addicted to social media that tells them everything and anything wrong with their child is ASD. Ill-trained psychiatrists and money-hungry counselors will jump on the parents' suspicion to milk them of their money in bogus therapeutic practices, or get them addicted to SSRIs. I think a much realer threat is the under-diagnosis of FASD, (fetal-alcohol syndrome). Experts claim it's one of the most under-diagnosed disorders even though they believe 1/20 school-children suffer from it. FASD has a lot of the same diagnostic criteria as other disorders like ASD, ODD, dyslexia, mild mental retardation, etc., but unlike those disorders FASD also carries a stigma attached to the mother in particular. Most people still believe that you need to be a drunk to have a baby with FASD, but newer research suggests that even just one glass of alcohol while pregnant is enough to trigger FASD in the infant. I think a lot of medical professionals don't want to talk about FASD out of fear of offending the mother as well as because it would hurt alcohol company sales.

No. 2026795

Thanks anons. I thought the kid was able to teach herself reading and writing and she was looking for ways to “unschool” the kid. Sorry I’m ESL. Doesn’t USA have yearly checks on homeschooling parents or they just let these people mess with their kids as they like?

No. 2026798

Speaking of children learning to read: I was on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend and had my friend listen to Sold A Story. She was as shocked as I was. She said she looked up whether the bad method was being used and couldn’t find evidence that it was widely used in America. Has anyone here found any evidence that it was exaggerated or was my friend just not looking very hard? I thought the whole investigative piece from APM was evidence enough but I’m happy to be proven wrong I guess

No. 2026801

"Unschool" is just a term these homeschool nutjobs made up, it means basically letting the child decide what it wants to learn. It's supposed to be a more "learner-driven" approach to education, but what it ends up being is a lazy way for parents to make their kids retarded. If a child is only interested in TV, they will be taught nothing besides things to do with TV. If a child is never interested in books, they'll never be taught about books. At it's root, the unschool phenomenon is very anti-intellectual because it's main principle is that only subjects the learner is interested in are worth being taught to the learner, rather than all subjects being equal in importance.
>Doesn't USA have yearly checks on home school parents?
Yes, but it's the parents that do those checks. So if a child can't read, the parent can just lie about that.

No. 2026819

Thanks anon. I guess this is how they create minimum wage workers and girls who accept less than the bare minimum so they let these parents flex their ignorance on Facebook groups

No. 2026979

Speaking of Sandy Hook, do any of you remember when Redditors found some old YouTube account and other online postings that were proof of the moid being a pedophile? It kinda just remained a fringe theory on Reddit despite the evidence of the moid talking in support of pedophiles multiple times; I can’t imagine why it was never a huge breaking story.

No. 2027151

I wish it was for those reasons nona but it's not high-functioning autism only that's increasing by that much, it's also low-functioning autism and that isn't because of 'lax' rules of diagnosis. We are talking about nonverbal drooling retards who can't eat by themselves or wipe their own asses. All forms of autism both low, medium and high functioning are increasing at a similar rate so diagnostic criteria can't be the culprit. And the studies I saw included Asperger's diagnoses from before it was merged into ASD so that can't be the reason.

Also have you looked around yourself at different generations of people you know? You don't even need to look at official diagnoses to see that tons and tons of kids are autistic now, compared to 10,20,30, etc years ago there are more visibly autistic people each generation.

I think people only believe the 'more diagnoses because hovering millennial parents' thing because they think only of high functioning autism but if you work in the community home/care industry or something like that you see that the levels of truly mentally retarded children with autism are massively increasing too.

No. 2027159

AYRT and I agree this type of parents should not be homeschooling, but in most other countries that aren't the US your average adult who graduated highschool knows enough to teach an elementary schooler basic math, reading, writing, etc. I went to school in one of the 'best' zones for education in the world and my parents were still smarter and better at teaching me things than my borderline-retarded elementary and middle school teachers; I only started getting better teachers once I reached high school and a couple in middle school. Because honestly education 'degrees' that qualify you to teach elementary here just teach you 'pedagogy' rather than basics of these topics which you're assumed to know already, and 'pedagogy' these days is all this anti-phonics shit, 'alternative' math, gender bullshit and whatever.

I think there should be more oversight over homeschool parents than there is in the US (and to my knowledge there is more here and in most other countries that aren't the US) and for example giving regular standardized tests to the kids might be one way to make sure they're not falling behind, but your average high school educated adult from a country that has adequate education should be able to teach reading, writing and math to a 4th grader after just reading a couple textbooks.

No. 2027165

Every peer I know irl that has an autistic child was either 1)abusing drink and drugs at conception/early stages of pregnancy 2)are autistic themselves

No. 2027167

Or old.

No. 2027170

this, every single time I've seen some disabled baby story lately, the parents end up being some age gap couple. Recently I met a girl with smooth brain syndrome, mom was 20 dad was in his 50s

No. 2027172

Huh that's not the case with most autists I know, most have normal parents and many are mormon or some other teetotalling religion and their moms don't drink at all ever. I have several autistic cousins and none of their parents drank or did drugs or anything, or were autistic. One heavily autistic child I know has a doctor mom and a professor dad who had another healthy high-IQ child before him, they also weren't old when they had the baby. It's just so so so many kids and among my peers there were quite a few autists but not like one in every 5 males. In my parents' generation there were very few of them, my dad is autistic and I think he's the only autistic person in his entire circle from when he was younger.

No. 2027173

Surpringsly not in my experience which I know science does not back. My cousin and his wife had their first child when she was 39 and second at 42 and they're way ahead of my brothers kid who was conceived on a bender and mother took stuff during pregnancy. They were both close in age and in their mid 20s. My step brothers also had kids later and they're doing well. Healthy people have healthy kids from what I observe

No. 2027174

I hate this psyop that's convincing young women that old ass geriatric men are 'hot' but I hate even more than women fall for it

No. 2027175

That's a normal age for women to have children at though, it would be worse if the husband was older.

No. 2027178

Well if environmental factors can influence autism symptoms I'm sure being raised weirdly religious doesn't help

No. 2027179

Samefag but specifically a bunch of my cousins are my age, all of us are high-achieving and socially normal, and a bunch of younger cousins who are between 10-15 years younger than me, most of whom are autistic or neurodevelopmentally delayed. Parental age isn't responsible because the younger cousins were mostly just from younger siblings in the family and were conceived at similar ages, I seriously think it's environmental.

No. 2027181

I don't think 'being raised religious' can cause Autism. It's a neurodevelopmental disorder, you wouldn't even know you were being 'raised weird' by the time it affected you. I'm just saying none of the autists I know had druggie parents or moms who were drinking during pregnancy.

No. 2027183

Wonder if it's microplastics. My bf was telling me either humans or some animal has microplastics in their sperm now confirmed. I wasn't listening tbf

No. 2027184

Fair enough, the ones in my peer group definitely are I've sadly been at their homes with kids and drugs present (not proud of it)

No. 2027185

It could be, autism has been specifically linked with glyphosate and aluminum levels in the brain but I suspect there are other things like microplastics that could also cause neurological damage.

No. 2027191

Literally can’t stand autistic people. I know exactly why the elites keep pumping them out, no autist is going to start a social revolution or change shit so they become a bunch of random faggots arguing about autism in the general tinfoil thread

No. 2027198

Sorry I'm not even close to autistic nonna and just because I argue about autism in the tinfoil thread doesn't mean I don't get shit done in real life lmao

No. 2027199

If you're autistic you're hardly at fault and the elites aren't churning them out. if it is environmental factors causing it, it's a by product of capitalism. We're basically fucked unless we can find a way to reverse shit

No. 2027200

I mean what's the difference between 'a byproduct of capitalism' and 'the elites are doing it'? Those basically mean the same thing. This is the tinfoil thread so I think it's fair enough for some nonnas to tinfoil that certain government figures (or not, 'elites' aren't just government figures but corporate figures, NGO leaders, etc) are deliberately introducing dangerous substances into the environment or suppressing information about how dangerous the substances are in order to: make people stupider, make them less healthy (in order to profit more from pharma drugs or just weaken the population), make more money, protect their own profits/corporate interests, or whatever. I don't have a specific theory but all of this makes sense to me and isn't even especially tinfoily.

No. 2027202

Mmm doubt

No. 2027203

I'll accept your post since this is the tinfoil thread after all

No. 2027204

Samefag but on a more serious note why would autistic people be the ones most upset about the rise in autism? Most autistic people seem to like the way they are/think normal people should think and act more like them. And normal people are often the ones most upset about having to interact with autistic people because we find them difficult to communicate and deal with. Usually autists like other autists and normies like other normies, with a few exceptions.

No. 2027206

The way you implied the elites are churning out retards on purpose when not every country operated like America and some would be on the hook for all the retards. I think if you want to change the world you need to stop being so angsty and realise looking back on history with foresight is a completely different perception to the perceived benefits of the time.

No. 2027208

i think the seed oil craze is legit, because i always get the worst tension headaches after eating nutella

No. 2027210

I'm not American but the number of times I've said something general on lolcow and someone jumps to 'Americans like you bla bla bla' is staggering. It always seems like Americans themselves who are upset their country sucks. Anyway, I'm not 'angsty' and I just gave a whole bunch of other potential reasons why powerful people might want to cover up the harm of environmental pollutants. The fact that there has been a rise in these environmental pollutants is not remotely controversial or conspiratorial, so the reason is why are they so on the rise?

And notably they're far less restricted in America, which seems to have more retards than a lot of other places. There's all kinds of reasons why powerful people might want a country to be 'on the hook for' its retards, for example they're anti-sovereignty, they're Malthusians, they want to create more jobs in the healthcare/pharma industries and funnel more money through those industries, etc. A lot of 'retarded' Autistic people actually make decent employees if they're high functioning enough so no one is really on the hook for them, and the low-functioning ones might just be considered an adequate price to pay for that. You don't have to fish one possible explanation out of the 5+ I offered and act offended that anyone would ever think of such a thing, but if you're gonna do that it would be more productive to give a plausible reason that isn't one of the ones I listed. We do know for sure that there is no great attempt being made by 'the elites' to reduce these pollutants.

No. 2027211

You must be autistic because I don't think you're making a change sitting at the farms bitching about autism like an autist.

No. 2027212

Yeah the seed oil craze is definitely legit but doesn't even belong on the tinfoil thread, seed oils are definitely toxic (especially when cooked) and not good to eat but there's no big conspiracy about why they're used so much, they're just really a lot cheaper.

No. 2027214

Nona you're right, we're both autistic as is every single other person who sits on lolcow in the middle of the night instead of… idk, being at The Very Important Protest at 1am or wherever they're supposed to be. Only autistic people ever use the internet. This is a great conspiracy theory and I'm totally on board with the idea that all non-autistic people have never even heard of the internet.

No. 2027221

The elites made everyone autistic then because 95% of people cannot get off the internet on their mobile internet machine.

No. 2027268

>guess based on pictures
>skip words they don't know

i'm a late millennial (1995) and i remember them starting this bullshit when i was a little girl. our teachers were all super young and fresh out of college so they didn't know any better. of course, a lot of the kids who weren't reading outside of class struggled with even very simple sentences because of this and they eventually had to stop because people were still reading and talking like they were four years old in 5th grade. i was a bookworm growing up so i read and wrote very well for my age. but because i was the only minority in the class and i wasn't shooting hoops in the basketball court or running around the schoolyard in 10 seconds, it never counted and it was treated like a flaw instead of an asset. my teachers used to snatch my books from me and hide them and i was told constantly that i "read too much" lol.

i still don't know how i feel about pizzagate. if we hadn't had pizzagate, there would be no q-anon. donald trump likely wouldn't have been elected president either. looking back it all seemed so very cleverly coordinated to shift american culture into a certain direction. suddenly every conspiracy got tied back to the exploitation of children when before there was more variety in the conspiracy endgame. i do think all the people involved in it were aware of what was going on and agreed to let it happen because they had a reason to do so. to me pizzagate, gamergate, q-anon are all various forms of social engineering by tptb to shift the consciousness of gullible people.

No. 2027278

That's not a sign of autism, that's a sign of being social animals that also have reward pathways attuned to certain kinds of social signals the internet mobile machines will be good at. It's unsurprising that normal people would choose to go talk to other people on the internet when they're alone/bored rather than, idk, staring at a wall.

Teachers snatching books from you because you were reading too much is insane nona, what country was this? I'm just a few years older than you but teachers tended to 'love' bookworms because they were usually less behaviourally problematic.

I don't think pizzagate had much to do with Trump being elected, the vast overwhelming majority of people who elected him were not qanoners. The real reason he was elected was people were sick of their economic conditions and neoliberalism and he was a populist who paid lip service to working class people and flyover states. It's the same reason Bernie Sanders was hugely popular around the same time. Trump may well have lost if Sanders won the primary.

No. 2027484

>Teachers snatching books from you because you were reading too much is insane nona, what country was this?

i’m a burger. a lot of it was racism tbh, my teachers were constantly finding fault with me and complaining to my family trying to hold me back for dumb reasons. i was stubborn and didn’t like math so i wouldn’t do my equations…that got turned into i had a learning disability and needed to be put in the special retard class. i was a quiet and sensitive kid who drew or read at recess and daydreamed a lot…i got labelled as potentially autistic just because i wasn’t super extroverted. my family pulled me out of public school once i told them about the book snatching and some other stupid shady shit one teacher pulled where she was trying to get me taken from my family because i had “emotional issues”. her reasoning again was that i was too quiet and read too much so obviously i was some sort of idiot. i remember my grandma getting angry when she found out that they secretly tested my iq. they were all so clearly disappointed i wasn’t retarded kek. it was tough growing up in an all-white town as the only black family during the early 2000’s. there was never anything wrong with me, i just wasn’t a stereotype - people wanted me to be loud and running around entertaining them and i wasn’t.

No. 2027524

The US sometimes has yearly checks on homeschool students. Depends on the state you live in. There are situations where they do yearly checks at the beginning and then they never check again. Some places they don’t even check on the kids at all, you can decide to homeschool whenever you want and it’s legal and unregulated. Over a certain age they don’t check at all some places.
As an example of how lax it is: my father literally went to jail for child abuse and molestation and two years after he was released (my mom didn’t leave him so he came right back) my parents pulled us out of school and they were allowed to homeschool us after only one visit from the state and a requirement to send in a written curriculum for two years. After that they never checked on us in any way. My parents actually made my 13 year old sister write the curriculum because they were too lazy to even do that. America is a joke and being a child is like being a dog as far as your rights to education and safety.

No. 2027686

AYRT and actually aside from the book thing and the race thing a lot of this sounds similar to my school experience, possibly because I was 'gifted' and an immigrant (not even noticeably ESL but my parents were) and also got bored easily. when my mom tried to get me tested for gifted school because my teachers were being so weird and treating me like a dumbass the school principal got involved and recommended her some special school for retarded kids instead and was like 'you don't understand, the gifted program is for SMART children.' They would claim I couldn't read or spell because I would zone out and get bored and shit when they tried to get me to spell 'mom' in class when I was already reading novels etc. so I actually relate to a lot of what you're saying, having a slightly 'weird' personality and being some kind of minority does get you treated really weirdly by teachers. This is actually why I said upthread that even in my 'good' school system I ended up thinking most elementary/middle school teachers were either retarded or narcs, they had absolutely no ability to actually educate any child that was abnormal in any way. Also why I somewhat 'get' people wanting to homeschool, because honestly for many years I learned more from my parents after school than I ever learned in school.

Ripping books out of your hands directly is just several levels more bizarre than that to me though like with how hard it is to get kids to read at all and with how many kids are straight up illiterate you'd think they would be thrilled one of their students is voluntarily reading books. Really shows that the education system is not and has not been about 'educating' children for quite a while.

No. 2027692

That is horrible. I'm not sure how it works in other countries either exactly but I think for homeschooling to be allowable there should at least be something like a yearly standardized exam testing basic curriculum stuff and kids who don't meet some minimum threshold should have to go back to school or at least get on some kind of online standard curriculum program with regular check-ins or something. It is just inhumane to allow parents to abuse their kids via neglect like that.

No. 2027738

Why would anyone care that Adam was a pedophile activist? People didn't care about Sandy hook by then, and everyone already knows he was insane.

No. 2027936

My tinfoil is that both the Ukraine and Palestine wars were tailor-made to make nazi/antisemitic beliefs 'kosher' (ha ha) again for leftists, but I have no idea why. Leading up to the Ukraine war at least several months earlier I noticed that specifically Ukrainian nazis and neonazi rhetoric was being pushed in the media and by major world governments like Canada (if you haven't heard about the standing ovation for the Ukrainian Nazi officer in Canadian parliament google it it's not even secretive) and as early as 2020/2021 several people around me were pointing out that 'antisemitism and neonazi beliefs are going to become popular again' for a variety of reasons like Chrystia Freeland being pushed in Canada or just random teenybopper movies where the 'evil white cis male' villain was wearing a visible David's Star for the whole movie.

So first the Ukraine war normalized both old Nazi and neonazi sentiment and imagery, and then when that got stale the whole Israel/Palestine war happened and suddenly it was popular for leftist college students to talk about zionism on twitter again and be openly 'antisemitic.' Actually facebook even relaxed their laws on 'supporting nazis' sometime in 2022 when the Ukraine war started and made it non-bannable again, like explicitly.

I don't actually know why this is happening and I actually was always against real 'zionist' sentiment and against a lot of what the Israeli government and Mossad were doing, but I also feel like Mossad and Israeli border services must have known about the coming terrorist attack and let it happen although I don't support Islamist terrorism either. I'm not tinfoiling about this because I have a specific 'side' I agree with in the current trendy war but I just think it's really suspicious that even a few years ago people started pointing out the antisemitism becoming trendy thing and the nazi sentiment becoming trendy thing on the left, and then it actually happened. I have no idea who this would be beneficial to and why, but it all seems like too many coincidences.

No. 2027951

Ukraine war was bubbling between Russia and Iran and Russia and Iran have been having tension with Israel for decades it's just all cumulative. I feel like shit has been the same since the cold war ended there's been constant tension and espionage then the Syrian conflict in 2011 snowballed into everything we currently see. Imo.

In regards to the terror attack on Israel I've yet to see any commentary on how they were able to break through the militarised border and rampage for hours before Israel sent anyone in. Are IDF soldiers not suppose to be on duty at the border or in the area like how do they have such an advanced military and let that happen. Everything points to it was allowed to unfold

No. 2027954

Can't believe I forgot about 9/11 which was the first major terror attack from middle east to the west. Think it's confirmed it was Iranians.

No. 2027957

I know the Ukraine war itself was likely inevitable and the Israel/Palestine conflict has been going on for ages. I'm talking specifically about the normalization or glorification of 'nazi' or 'antisemitic' sentiment that used to be verboten just a few years ago. The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada was shouting WWII-era Nazi slogans publicly, the entire Canadian parliament clapped for a Nazi officer who exterminated Jews and Poles in WWII and then Facebook made pro-nazi posts acceptable/not against their TOS. Then a year or so later the Israel/Palestine thing blew up (as it has many times before) and as usual a lot of leftists took the Palestinian side, but unlike past leftist sentiment it took a distinctly antisemitic bent with a lot of talk about Zionist conspiracies and people shooting up elementary schools in Jewish neighbourhoods in random other countries with relatively little criticism. I understand geopolitically why the two wars happened, it's the support of WWII-era nazi sentiment that's confusing me.

No. 2027963

There's always been neonazi and antisemitism about, literally the early seasons of south park are full of jew and nazi jokes I think that since social media wasn't as huge during the late 90s or early 2000s we didn't see how prevalent being edgy online is. Half the cunts being edgy could not explain half these conflicts to you they're so desensitised they're just buzzwords

No. 2027964

Sorry samefagging and I forgot to respond to this but regarding the border thing I saw interviews with people who used to work with Israeli military intelligence who swear up and down their alarms would get triggered by like a cat or something crossing the border, it's really hard for me to believe Israeli intelligence didn't know the border had been breached. That doesn't excuse the terrorism at all but a lot of this feels orchestrated.

No. 2027967

Yeah of course antisemitism always existed but for the last 2-ish decades it was completely unacceptable among the mainstream left, to the point that if someone breathed a word about 'financial elites' people would call you a neo-nazi even if you weren't referring to Jewish people at all. Suddenly people are shouting WWII era nazi slogans in parliament in western countries and 17 year old girls on tiktok are talking about zionist conspiracies? Like you're not telling me this is the same level of underlying antisemitism that existed in the mainstream politically acceptable left even 5 years ago? During COVID people were constantly throwing around 'fascist' and 'nazi' as though those were the only politically evil groups that ever existed, meanwhile arguing that soviets/communists were perfect angels by comparison. Now these same people are posting shit about (((them))) on social media openly, like something definitely happened.

No. 2027971

Samefag I probably should have read fully what you wrote. I've no idea about Canadian politics but I've noticed politics now gets influenced by social media rather than politicians influencing people. Politicians these days literally shop for votes. People like to blame immigration and immigrants for the woe of society and we see politicians on the right trying to appeal to those voters. I'm not sure what the conspiracy could be I'm still stuck on pizzagate and human trafficking conspiracies and how it ties to politicians.

No. 2027978

NTA but there was an alleged Israeli anon on here a while back, and she said that rumors there were that Israeli intelligence knew something was going to happen, but Netanyahu didn’t act. My understanding is that Netanyahu was not particularly popular among Israelis and would likely have been voted out soon, but perhaps he wanted to use the opportunity (war) to seize more power for himself/Israeli interests. I don’t think that means the US government or even the average Israeli was aware, though. I’m sure there are some anons here who believe everything was orchestrated by ZOG kek

No. 2027982

To expand on the Canadian politics thing Chrystia Freeland is now our deputy PM and finance minister, prior to that she was an anti-KGB spy in undergrad of university. I actually remember my mom mentioning her 10-15 years earlier and saying 'you watch, she will become important in Canadian politics even though she's an open nazi' which she always was, she was shouting Banderite slogans at parades and her grandfather (who she repeatedly said was her hero) was a prominent Nazi official which was not a secret or anything. Just like my mom said 15-ish years ago she got up to the highest position in Canadian politics and started being more and more openly pro-Nazi as time went on, actually around the same time Canadian parliament was claiming that the 'trucker convoy' was evil and terroristic and full of Nazis she was shouting Banderite slogans in parliament and going to parades holding nazi-era flags. She's not a right wing politician she's a left wing politician. Then shortly afterwards Canadian parliament invited a Nazi officer from WWII as an 'honoured guest' with body guards and the top general of the Canadian army and dedicated a whole section of parliament to 'honoring his contributions during the war' and everyone (from all political parties) gave him a lengthy standing ovation. This was months before the Ukraine war btw.

No. 2027989

I think a lot of people have read and know about conspiracies because people eventually want to know what the fuck is going on and who is pulling the strings cause I think everyone is pretty distrusting of what democracy means when our votes for leaders doesn't seem to make any substantial difference to our livelihoods. Corporations and companies get more power and wealth and having a nuclear family and owning a house feels like a pipe dream. Even during covid lockdowns Britain's prime minister was caught red handed defying laws others were being literally jailed for or loved ones were denied seeing a family member in their final moments because of protocol yet our leaders were allowed to flout the rules and some even celebrate him for it. Anyway I think people pretty much except there's a shadow government of sorts or some other framework big decisions are being made us lowly civilians aren't worthy of knowing so we cling to the most accepted mainstream conspiracy that the Jews control everything and people misdirect their anger. I absolutely think the governemnt of Israel is nefarious and a threat to world peace but I don't know why, fundamentally, genocides are able to be swept under the rug of collective human knowledge or why as a race we don't lift ourselves up celebrate our high potential of intelligence and all work together to live in a peaceful utopia

No. 2027990

Samefag but I remember posting on social media when this happened (a little before facebook lifting their ban on posting pro-nazi shit) and asking 'is anyone else weirded out by the brazen pro-Nazi sentiment in Canadian politics lately?' and all my 'leftist' friends were saying 'what pro-Nazi sentiment, Nazis were the most evil people in all of world history, everyone hates them, no one will ever agree with Nazi sentiment.' Now a large majority of those people are posting /pol/ tier antisemitic memes. Like something really flipped recently in 'mainstream' left wingers and I and a few people I knew saw it coming years earlier but I can't for the life of me figure out who this would be beneficial to and why.

No. 2027993

Yeah that seems like a plausible explanation, although isn't Mossad part of five eyes? My impression was that they shared info amongst themselves before they even shared it to their leaders, I might be wrong though. I don't think it was necessarily orchestrated by anyone Jewish but I feel like UK/US politicians or intelligence agencies might have been in on it, I'm just not sure why.

No. 2027995

One possible explanation is Chinese interference to destabilize the Western left. There was post in the last thread about it >>2011246
No, Mossad/Israel is not a part of the Five Eyes, that’s only the Anglosphere

No. 2027998

I don't disagree with anything you're saying nonna but it felt like the 'seeds' of specifically neo-nazi/antisemitic/antizionist sentiment were being planted starting in around 2020, but until 2022 or so most leftist I knew still thought 'nazis most bad and evil people in the world because antisemitism, other despots and dictatorships like stalin good, great' and then they all turned like a switch was flipped after some wars that seemed very… orchestrated by NATO/five eyes countries and some weird seeds being planted in media and politics. Genuine antisemitic sentiment always existed but it was pretty verboten in mainstream/leftist circles and now it is the norm, and I and several people 'saw it coming' a few years earlier based on shit the media and government was doing. That's what I'm wondering about I guess. I know that 'conspiratorial' thought has always been common and ethnic conspiracies have always been common, I've never been a big fan of the Israeli government either, but that's not really what I'm specifically getting at here.

No. 2028002

Okay my bad, I think I remember them working with Five Eyes for something but if they're not part of it maybe you're right it was Bibi's call.

No. 2028007

Ayrt, to be fair it’s possible the US did know, but I just don’t see how that would benefit the current administration at all. Biden has lost a good chunk of his constituency for not taking a stronger stance against Israel, but he has (weakly) been pushing for a ceasefire this entire time. I just think it’s more likely only Bibi/his higher ups knew

No. 2028018

Yeah I don't have any really strong opinions or sentiments about how exactly the Oct 7 thing happened tbh, so I'm not going to soapbox about it. I guess I'm just in general more interested in the really sudden shift from 'commies good ashkenazi jews good nazis bad' sentiment in the mainstream left to 'commies bad ashkenazi jews bad nazis good' suddenly in the span of a few months that seemed like it was having a track beaten for it in preceding years. I don't trust any major world government, intelligence agency, deep state whatever but this is one thing I'm struggling to make sense of in terms of the utility of it for NATO/Five Eyes countries. It's an interesting theory that the CCP may have been involved too but a lot of the 'foreshadowing' or 'earmarking' of these things seemed to be attributable to Hollywood, the US/Canadian/UK governments, etc. As someone who usually tries to stay more centrist on these issues but has a mostly leftist friend group/community the shift from yay USSR boo Nazis to yay Nazis BOO communists was so marked and sudden but I and several other people saw it coming.

No. 2028019

But what do you mean by blatant antisemitism by politicians or being pushed. Do you have examples? I feel like during 2020 with lockdowns a lot of people went down rabbitholes. When did qanon start it was earlier than that I know but my drug dealer was always talking to me about qanon but I never let on to him I had already went down the pizzagate rabbit hole during the Syrian war conflict when I was watching the BBC news in real time fuck up and get propaganda wrong on the conflict and interns couldn't figure out why we were supporting the terrorists in that conflict and destabilising a secular government. From what my dealer would share it sounded like qanon was pure distraction and false flagging. Wikileaks founder was starting to lose credibility and people started ignoring actual declassified documents confirming human trafficking etc. I do reckon intelligence services have bots online. I had to do a presentation on misinformation for my bio undergraduate degree and used Donald trumps fakenews hashtag on one slide. Social media is a pure propaganda tool and full of misinformation I had a phase of trying to argue against retards but it is literally futile. Like my ex drug dealer said pro nazi shit and was openly racist but I was stuck on plugs att. Pretty sure his granddad literally was a nazi, you never know what type of cunts you'll meet

No. 2028021

Samefag but although Biden seems to be 'weakly calling for a ceasefire' he also blocked a ceasefire between Ukraine/Russia rather explicitly (or whoever he probably works for did anyway) and they're still sending tends of billions to both Israel and Ukraine. A lot of people voted for Trump because they thought he was the 'anti war' candidate and it really is starting to seem like the US Democrats are the 'pro war' party even if Biden pays lip service to wanting the wars to end.

No. 2028027

I've saw rhetoric about the Democrats being the war mongering party ever since Obama took troops off the ground in favour of bombing civilians with drones. Trump was an anti establishment vote even though he's a rich businessman.

No. 2028029

I already gave examples from Canada… I think I mentioned it in several posts already. The Deputy PM of Canada is someone who says her grandfather (who was a high-up Nazi official) is 'her personal hero' and she went to many parades and was photographed with WWII era Nazi flags and symbology. On the same day Canadian parliament accused the Trucker Protest (anti vax restrictions) of being fascist neo-nazi terrorists she also started a WWII-era Nazi chant in parliament. Then Canadian parliament invited a WWII Nazi officer as a 'special guest' to parliament, gave a speech about his contributions and gave him a standing ovation while he was standing next to Canada's top general and several bodyguards. Like I don't know how else to explain 'blatant antisemitism by politicians' if celebrating someone who was actively involved in genociding Jewish people with a standing ovation in Parliament doesn't count.

No. 2028030

I hate it, not just for hormonal disruptors but it tastes like ass. Ik its probably for better I don't eat fast food, but I mean if I'm wasting money, risking health they should at least be accountable for tasting good? Most fast food fries literally taste like how baby poop smells. idk how or why someone would want to eat them. I also noticed box mac and cheese decreased in quality by a lot

No. 2028034

Yea that's fucking weird. I never heard about it as a britbong and don't think we've had standing ovations for nazis yet.

No. 2028035

I mean was the rhetoric about the US Democrats being the war mongering party wrong though? Of the two main primary candidates Sanders was the anti-war/protectionist one and now there is significant verified evidence that there was vote/electoral tampering in several states to make him lose the primary to Clinton. Then Trump, the other 'antiwar/protectionist' candidate was elected and he managed not to start any new US wars. Then Biden was elected and withdrew from Afghanistan leaving US military equipment to the Taliban then was involved in starting/funding 2 other international wars… it sure seems like the Dems are the pro-war party currently whatever else you might say about their policies.

No. 2028042

I think part of it is just terminally online twitter zoomers (who don’t really understand why or how the conflict started) becoming indoctrinated into more extremist thinking (which is common among younger people—they are the easiest targets for such ideology) because of all the ragebait they see online all the time. Israel’s overwhelming destruction of Gaza looks bad of course and should be condemned, US politicians are corrupt, and AIPAC is shady as hell, so I can sympathize with zoomers wanting to be “on the right side of history,” but their naïveté only fuels deeper divisions, which I assume is benefiting someone

No. 2028044

AYRT and I realize I could probably actually find sources and post them here since it's an imgboard. I'm a little tipsy so I didn't think of that but I'll see if I can find a good screenshot for some of this.

No. 2028046

Obama's party specifically had WSJ editor on their payroll and other media outlets. I know the right has their biases too but they're not shy about them. So many 'centralist' or 'unbiased' news sources are bought. Freedom of the press is a joke and so is journalism these days

No. 2028048

theyre all just part of the crowd that their entire beliefs revolve around whatever pisses people off the most at the time. Just look how many misogynistic moids who praised harrison butkers speech just cause it pissed off feminists - just for the next minute have a huge hate boner for moms, run their mouth about how women abuse and kill kids more, call SAHMs useless and think single moms are the devil himself kek

No. 2028051

Yeah I started cutting out seed oils because of my hormonal disorder(s) but I'm not religious about it. On top of all the research confirming seed oils are just basically repackaged lamp oil, once I stopped eating them frequently I feel horribly sick whenever I do occasionally eat them and you're right there is this really weird unpleasant taste and smell to things made with seed oils too. Fries used to mostly be fried in beef tallow or lard but then the whole vegetarian/vegan craze made that uncommon and I agree most fast food fries are literally inedible now, when I want 'fries' (even though I should be eating keto but I'm weak) I just roast fry-shaped pieces of potato in the oven with olive oil and they taste literally 100x more appetizing to me. I think a lot of people don't notice these things because they're desensitized by how many processed foods they eat but if you ever spend a long time eating a mostly 'whole food' diet it becomes incredibly obvious and noticeable.

No. 2028055

I think you're mostly right but the specific leftists I'm talking about are mostly millennials, I'm in my early 30s and a lot of the people I'm talking about are between 30-45 years old, so not the 'prime' edgy college student demographic.

No. 2028061

Yeah this is also a very good point, if you ever go to one of those purportedly 'unbiased' sites that tells you about media biases they always act like NYT, WaPo, CNN, The Atlantic etc. are practically dead center with low bias and act like any even vaguely right wing site is so far right they're practically fascists, even though Fox and many 'alt-right' websites make no secret of the fact they are right leaning but sometimes at least have commenters on with different political beliefs and let interviewees talk. Meanwhile all the supposedly 'unbiased' 'centrist' websites are incredibly Democrat-biased while pretending not to be and will deny biases to their grave practically, so the overton window is slowly being shifted. Journals like NYT will occasionally put on a front of being 'heterodox' by letting the mildest thing slip through like the hormone blockers for kids article or the recent vax injury article but they are still carefully curated to minimize the issue as much as possible while seeming impossibly 'right wing' for NYT, maintaining this image that they're giving every possible opinion, it's perverse.

No. 2028075

This is probably not the best possible source but here's one source for the Canadian Parliament nazi fiasco

No. 2028080

That age bracket for the older ages my drug dealer falls into. Disillusioned 40 something year old man. He knew criminality and has family members in known gangs to my area. He could tell you who locally had a hit on them and gossip like that and i think that small time criminal connection made him think he was seasoned in global politics and an authority on the matter. He didn't believe in evolution and was staunchly racist and I would hate meeting him in public because he would loudly remark on any POC that came into view. He's very online and has catfish accounts on fb cause he keeps getting banned for posting nazi rhetoric before I stopped needing to meet him he would should me how the Ukrainians are actually nazis and don't I think nazis are bad so the Ukrainians are bad yet he's a racist.

No. 2028083

File: 1717101837568.png (191.02 KB, 772x875, hunkanews.png)

Here's how mainstream US news was reporting it, making it seem like an 'accident' but it obviously wasn't the house speaker who invited him or even wrote the speech. A number of people pointed out that in video of the House Speaker's speech he obviously paused and raised an eyebrow at what he was reading, so it wasn't him that wrote the introduction.

No. 2028087

File: 1717102164755.png (152.89 KB, 634x708, freeland1.png)

Regarding the deputy PM and her Nazi grandfather (1/3)

No. 2028088

File: 1717102192341.png (279.31 KB, 642x808, freeland2.png)


No. 2028094

At least it was condemned I guess? Mental it happened.

No. 2028096

File: 1717102335046.png (393.91 KB, 660x841, freeland3.png)

Btw this article is from after her support for the Ukraine/Russia war but articles about this have been circulating for years beforehand as well as a bunch of photos of her at parades with WWII era flags, etc. I don't want to completely spam the thread because this is just the tip of the iceberg. Regarding the Nazi officer Hunka who got the standing ovation, him and his family also had major scholarships in their name at multiple Canadian universities and I think a monument of some sort, which Freeland and the House Speaker both knew about (the Speaker of the House was in Hunka's riding) but they never even got investigated until after this made it to alternative news. It only got posted in 'mainstream' news after alternative news picked it up and it made its way to US news sources, before that no one even apologized.

No. 2028101

File: 1717102643988.png (211.3 KB, 950x875, freeland4.png)

Bonus article from 1989 about her totally-not-spy activities in Russia when she was 20 years old (I used to have the actual photo of multiple newspaper articles about this but I can't find any of them right now): https://coat.ncf.ca/research/Chomiak-Freeland/freeland_1989_articles.htm

No. 2028109

That sounds like a type of person I definitely know of but it's not really the people I'm talking about, I'm talking about mainstream academic/educated middle class normies who called themselves 'leftists' and 'antiracists' until about 1 year ago who are now sperging on facebook about how much they hate 'zionists' aka any person who thinks Israel should probably maybe exist. All of them were staunchly anti-antisemite prior to this, one of them even stopped talking to me and called me a Nazi (even though my relatives were literally holocaust victims) because I used the term 'financial elites' once.

No. 2028119

I think Jews are a pretty easy group for people to hate for various reasons, so we’re seeing a rise of more old-school antisemitism. I don’t think it was right to take away Palestinian land for Israeli settlements, but it was pretty much a lose-lose situation because the US did not want Holocaust survivors as refugees, and I think the same thing was happening in Europe (I’m a burger). Like I’m not really sure where they were expected to go. That doesn’t mean I think Zionist ethnonationalism is justified, but extremism breeds more extremism, so it’s not really surprising to me that it evolved this way. Maybe Germany should have given up some of its land for the creation of a Jewish state, kek

No. 2028135

I don't think the establishment of the Israeli state was well-conceived but to begin with it was land that did not belong to Muslim Palestinians, it was occupied by Samaritan Christians, Palestinian Muslims and a whole bunch of Semitic (mostly Orthodox) Jews. Kicking the non-Jewish ethnic minorities off their land was fucked up but also it wasn't 'the Israeli government' or even arguably Ashkenazi Jews who did that, it was done by mostly what are currently Nato countries and Russia as some weird imperialist solution to WWII and post-WWII ethnic tensions in Europe. Now the state has existed for so long, think what you want about the Israeli government (I have a generally low opinion for various reasons, including that they targeted my ethnic group for no apparent reason) it still seems overly simplistic to look at a bunch of people who were born and raised on some piece of land and decide they should be exterminated because the land was 'originally' someone else's. Ironically most of these same people were Pro-Ukraine even though Ukraine was a similar 'new' country created by the same people in a postwar division and was never really a country before then either. Ukraine had also colonized, genocided and kicked out a bunch of people who were there for centuries before but I didn't see any of these same leftists expressing sentiments about how Ukraine is an 'illegitimate imperialist country' or even any sympathetic sentiment for the residents of the Donbas who were being ethnically suppressed, shelled and bombed for the last decade just because they were an ethnic minority that used to occupy that land freely. That's a tangent anyway but just to sum up my opinion the whole mainstream sentiment on this issue lacks consistency/coherence.

The specific reason I posted this in the tinfoil thread wasn't to sperg about who 'deserves' Israeli/Palestinian lands though, it was just to point out that a bunch of Western governments seemed to be fomenting specifically neo-nazi/antisemitic sentiment for years leading up to this specific war and both the most recent 'big wars' seem to have specifically served that cause. It might just be a coincidence but it's weird to me that first we made Nazis acceptable again and turned former 'commie' leftists against the USSR/Soviets/Russia with the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, then we made antisemitism/anti 'Zionist' sentiment acceptable again with the Israel/Palestine conflict. I know what you and other posters are saying about how there was always some latent antisemitism in people, but weirdly the staunch qanon /pol/ level antisemites I knew from before are agnostic on the Israel/Palestine conflict while people who were screeching about fascism and antisemitism 2 years ago (normie 'leftists') are now more staunchly antisemitic publicly than even the worst of my /pol/ level antisemitic relatives could dream of being. I just can't help but tinfoil that this was deliberate and serves some kind of bigger globohomo purpose because it feels so 'controlled' and it doesn't even seem to be convincing actual dyed-in-the-wool antisemites as much as it is convincing recent 'antifascists.'

No. 2028149

I don't doubt that there is an agenda in there somewhere but I suspect that it's the result of more extreme political polarization. In the 20th century both the extreme right and extreme left descended into antisemitism. Now with antisemitism being conflated with antizionism, the definition of antisemitism has been widened to include jews themselves because they don't support Israel or question the war in Gaza.

No. 2028150

I hope there is a Sold A Story equivalent for mathematics because I think something similar happened to the way math is taught in North America. When I was in elementary school in the 00's they started changing up the curriculum from tried and true methods like times table memorization to this bullshit where they would teach us ~5 long-winded strategies for solving a basic math problem, eg. create a visual representation of 5x5 by drawing 25 circles on the page and counting them. Then you would have to learn all of these and demonstrate them on the test to pass, instead of A.) letting students choose the 1 strategy that worked best for them or B.) Teaching the methods that were going to be expected in middle/high school.
This was Canada fyi. I think the crux of the issue is a luck of funding/the privatization of education. But an uneducated populace = one that is easier to sell products to, so I doubt anything will change. Thanks powers that be

No. 2028152

Samefag but a half ethnically jewish friend sometime before the Ukraine war popped off kept talking about how 'antisemitism will be the new cool thing on the left' and when I asked him why he said that he gave a few examples but one that I found really interesting was the movie Do Revenge, which was like a weird tongue-in-cheek seemingly bland girl power 'chick flick' for female Zoomers about Rich White Man Bad. He pointed out that the male villain in the film was a trust fund kid who was pictured constantly throughout the movie either shirtless or with his shirt open wearing a star of david necklace, and said 'this can't be an accident right?' I did think it was weird to associate the villain of a mainstream feminist girl movie for teenagers with jewishness specifically.

No. 2028157

I don't want to keep repeating myself or get banned for infighting but like idk how else to say this except that in early 2022 all the people I know who are now sperging about Zionists were all insistent that Nazis were the only group of truly evil people who ever lived. If you asked them why, why not Stalinists? They would say 'because they were driven by ethnic hatred against Jews not just a political ideology.' Literally 4-6 months later these same people who for a decade prior said Nazis Were The Only Truly Bad People In History were spewing /pol/ tier antisemitism. If your hypothesis is correct are you saying they were mildly antisemitic all along and overcompensating? Like what makes that shift happen so rapidly and easily?

No. 2028158

Samefag but I guess actually the more important question is why would Western/NATO governments, who on paper all support Israel, deliberately foment this anti-Zionist sentiment in their electorate? That's the part that has me really confused.

No. 2028163

One of my personal tinfoils is that the US gov allows some accurate conspiracy theories/classified information to be discussed as long as it is coming from a person that the general public hates or considers to be severely mentally ill. Alex Jones' handlers probably allow him to spew a few nuggets of truth as long as it's sandwiched with some dumb shit like water making the frogs gay

No. 2028164

I think a massive issue with current Judaism or mainstream or whatever the fuck is that their teachings literally enshrine into their believers they're literally above everyone else in the eyes of God. They even applaud themselves on it being a Jewish thing to look for loopholes and essentially con everyone with their big brain. A lot of antisemitism is just people bad mouthing the religious practices and literature. People constantly mock the bible but no one gives a shit to be perfectly honest. Jewish government has done a fabulous job at conflating religion and ethnicity together to create a homeland with a shit load of discriminatory laws as rights for one sect. That will breed contempt and it's never talked about and if anyone tries to they're called a bigot. It's a load of shit

No. 2028166

Lol this is what I said (more longwindedly) in response to the same post earlier in the thread.

No. 2028170

Except the water making the frogs gay is actually true, just misstated. Hormones in the water were fucking up frog reproduction and it was even being mentioned in mainstream leftist news sources until Alex Jones said it, then no one would touch it with a ten foot pole.

No. 2028174

I agree with this
Nonna, you’re sperging out a bit here, ngl. I’m jewish (I’m assuming you are too?), and maybe things are different up in canada where antisemitism wasn’t really noticeable before, but it has always existed. It’s not new, though I agree /pol/ rhetoric is more mainstream now. I feel like this has been discussed to death, so I’ll try not to repeat points other anons have brought up, but there are various reasons why people are anti-zionist (which I would consider myself as well tbf), but also maybe kinda hate jews in general too. It could very well be a foreign psyops contributing to it, but I also just think people fall into extremism rather easily, and jews have always been the subject of conspiracy theories since the middle ages
I’m not sure where you’re getting this from. The US has disproportionately zionist-sympathizing politicians, perhaps thanks to AIPAC, which just leads people to suspect normal jewish people more
I wonder how many actual jewish people you know lol

No. 2028175

Seems like governments have people who are literally cartoon villian like inside of them who have acrual dreams of world domination. Israel sits on the site of the religious homeland of the major religions. Beliefs control people.

No. 2028176

While this is all true it's a major tenet of Islam as well so I don't see how it would skew people in one direction or another of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Islam also has the same ethnic supremacy mindset too where certain ethnicities of Muslim are considered less legit than others. Actually I would argue Christianity is the only Abrahamic derived religion that doesn't have any intrinsic 'ethnic superiority' aspect to it, despite the fact that everyone conflates 'white nationalism' with Christianity.

On the other hand in the Russo-Ukrainian war the Ukrainian Nazis were not actually targeting Russian Jews, just non-Ukrainians generally and anyone they consider to be soviet or communist aligned, but Westerners still supported this for some reason when they were tankies 0.5 seconds earlier, again for no clear and identifiable reason. There's not even an ethnic component to that conflict in the eyes of your average North American even if the people involved think of it as an ethnic conflict.

No. 2028182

I feel like the tendencies we see in art are a reflection of the state of the collective unconsciousness.

No. 2028184

AYRT and no I am not Jewish. I said my relatives were holocaust survivors but from a different non-Jewish ethnicity. I also don't think antisemitism was 'not noticeable' before, I had a lot of antisemites in my extended family and I saw a lot of antisemitism online, I was just baffled by the specific subtype of people in my personal life who went full anti-Zionist suddenly in late 2022 since they were the exact last people I would expect to lean that way. They were the type of people who would needlessly white knight for anything even vaguely associated with Jewish people like 'bankers' as a group or 'elites' even when you were explicitly talking about white anglo-saxons. I don't think I'm getting my point across well here but my question is less about 'how could these people think this way' because I know people are irrational and prone to hivemind behaviour, and more concerned with what I see as politicians in NATO countries deliberately flipping their script even though they outwardly support Israel. I think this went down the wrong tangent that I didn't mean for it to go down, but I'm more interested in the motives of the political actors who are funding one side of a conflict while seemingly supporting ethnically charged sentiment from the exact opposite side of the conflict.

I think you misread my post because I said that the US (and Canadian) governments 'explicitly' support Zionist politicians, but I think they also 'implicitly' support the Ukrainian Nazi army factions as well as the pro-palestine protesters, and I just don't get why.

No. 2028185

There's definitely a lot of narcissists of Jewish decent who make no qualms of acting obnoxious and acting sectarian. Mike Scheffer who manages Matt King from David Dobrik's vlogs spouts sectarian shit all the time. Their podcast has taken a random two week hiatus after a badly received episode with Jewish comedian rick glassmen who even picked up on Mike's weird vibes. Mike who also made a lot of social media posts about the Israel terror attack and just seems like a bought shill. He goes on all those sponsor trips by the government to his "homeland" when his family has clearly been established in Europe many generations before they came to America. He deleted all the cringe posts he made. He's also mates with Billie Eilish brother and he just seems like such a shill

No. 2028188

People are generally retarded and either side with what the "vetted" and "trusted" sources say and vehemently against what the other team I mean side thinks

No. 2028189

I think they want a broad (but controllable) spectrum of opinions in the population, so they can choose from among the population whatever subgroup best serves their pertinent interests

No. 2028196

I definitely misread this as 'the tentacles we see in art' and was like 'yeah good point!' but now that I read it correctly can you expand on what you mean exactly/give examples? I don't think this is really a tinfoil view as stated.

No. 2028201

Lol nonna also sorry for the sperging I got kinda day-drunk because I just finished some big life tasks and I realized I'm being longwinded and not as coherent as I could be, thanks for your patience everyone.

No. 2028206

There's narcissists of every descent but I think more importantly there are religious texts from various major religions that make a point of 'othering' other ethnicities/religions/lineages and some people take that very seriously while more moderate/secular descendants of that culture often don't take it too seriously at all. That's why you'll always have people who are like 'I have 20 friends of X religion and they're all the nicest most accepting people ever' while someone else is like 'I read X religious text from Y religion and they literally think everyone who isn't part of their religion should be lied to, taken advantage of and ultimately probably exterminated.'

Secular Western people from places like the US and Britain are so used to Christian morals and the Bible that they think the norm for religions is to be like 'everyone should be part of our big nice club and they just have to believe what I believe and it will be nice' and then they assume that shit like the Crusades or Spanish Inquisition or whatever was a result of some evil people taking advantage of/misreading the religious text (which it was in those cases). Unfortunately that is not always true of all world religions.

No. 2028209

Samefag and I realize I sound like I'm Christian or caping for Christianity; I'm not I just think it was such a successful religion at proselytizing precisely because its main religious text is pretty much trying really hard to be 'inclusive' of everyone.

No. 2028210

Why are there world powers against each other for real? Like why can't world leaders fucking sit down together on live tv so we can all watch and ask each other what rhe fucking problem is? You want more money for services or what? You want to build a shrine to yourself like the pyramids and delude yourself into thinking you can trick the rest of us humans into thinking you're a God? I think that ship has sailed, we're sorry we're not a planet full of fucking morons anymore. Is the goal to be Kim Jong Un? Like what's the problem. Why do we need to kill each other are the budgets that fucking tight how about if we don't have to spend trillions on gay ass wars. I swear is there a bigger galactic enemy and all the alien conspiracy theories are the truth and we've got different alien races involved on this planet where are all the missing people are there millions disappeared into sex trafficking I know men are degenerate but they mostly have erectile dysfunction an entire woman probably is over saturated in the context of their needs I am going on a tangent I'm really baffled by the world. Like if you literally think a human is lesser because they have a different culture go read a biology book and don't be a world leader you're not intelligent enough really

No. 2028219

I know there's narcissist of every descent but when it's compounded with what is literally happening in gaza it's hard not to theorise maybe believing you have fundamental rights to a territory cause you're more special than the natives is going to go well.

No. 2028225

Could you elaborate about the Chrysia Freeland bit?? She’s the one that always is twitching around like she’s on stimulants right?

No. 2028234

I'm not a fan of Israel but a lot of current Israeli jewish populations (specifically the Orthodox community etc) as well as the Palestinian Christians who are being oppressed in Gaza by Hamas and Muslim Palestinians are also 'natives' of that land. Most geopolitical issues are not quite so clear cut.

No. 2028235

Sadly nonna people who want to be world leaders are usually narcissists or psychopaths and don't relate to/can't empathize with other human beings.

No. 2028241

I see, sorry for assuming you were jewish. Regarding your main point as to why there has been a sudden shift, I don’t doubt the CCP has been trying to deepen western divisions (hardly even a tinfoil tbh), though this nonna’s point is also interesting >>2028189. There are obviously elites who have various interests in israel, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what they are beyond the basic BRICS vs NATO
I’m not familiar with the people you’ve mentioned, but there are retarded narcissists from all ethnic groups. The belief that jews think we’re “god’s chosen people” and above “goyim” is rhetoric I’ve seen espoused by antisemites and trolls online only that do not reflect the beliefs 95% of jewish people hold (I’m sure there are some jewish retards who have let it get to their heads that they’re speshial, hence the other 5% kek). I have never, ever heard anyone in my family, among jewish friends, or at the synagogue say anything even remotely along that vein irl
I find it interesting that jews get stereotyped as tribalistic or “sectarian” still when I feel like the same could be said for any ethnic or religious minority. I wouldn’t say there’s no truth to the stereotype, but rather isn’t that just how social groups work?
I’m not israeli so I couldn’t tell you too much about the israeli mindset, but I do think it’s a bit dumb to act like it’s a unique event in history as if it doesn’t resemble thousands of other wars for land. My impression as to why zionists have veered into ethnic cleansing though is because they care about their own survival first and foremost, and believe that their safety is not guaranteed unless hamas is eliminated. I don’t think this is anything uniquely jewish, however, beyond the religious justifications they might use to defend their claim to the “holy land” (I’m an atheist btw kek) and their generational trauma from the holocaust which has morphed into extremism

No. 2028243

This is probably the simplest and most logical answer as 'divide and conquer' has always been an easy play, in this case it still feels weirdly unsatisfying to me but maybe it's actually just that simple. I watched this documentary 'Hypernormalization' a while back that was very longwinded but it talked about similar 'flips' on certain groups or leaders like Gadaffi by nato leaders and proposed that it is a propaganda strategy originally devised by Soviet communists, the point being to feed so much self-contradictory info to people from both 'trusted' and 'non-trusted' sources that people give up and don't try to think for themselves anymore and feel like they can't trust anybody. That kind of mental exhaustion/burnout eventually makes people pliable and politically disengaged to the point they don't really care anymore, which may be the end goal of fomenting conflicts like this.

No. 2028244

I used sectarian because that's what I've witnessed. I was born when the troubles were winding down in Belfast and by that nature was educated pretty quickly on what sectarianism is. My family aren't and have what is considered a mixed marriage which is bizarre when it's between two Christians but there you are. I've noticed similar patterns in others of any religion in which religion is a major part of identity. I have met many Jewish people and yes not everyone is staunch or considers religious text in everyday life much like anyone else that's officially apart of a religious sect but hasn't took much to do with it apart from the usual indoctrination of either school or something. All I'm saying is with the constant tensions in the middle east being highlighted the past few years and with the advent of more influences and people online absorbing that content there's been more discreet shilling of certain beliefs. Mainstream media has definitely noticed the shift in audiences from network tv to online entertainment. The shift from the youth from selected Hollywood celebrities to Internet influencers. I think the people you don't understand about seemingly doing 180 on their views and witnessing this on twitter is just you witnessing the same stupid cunts that hopped on the identity politics hillary clinton presidential campaign run. Twitter is a meme of itself at this point. I came off it because I was sick of seeing people big up communism and seeing retards overuse the phrase bootlicker etc that was before lockdown. Those same people I thought were retards then have aged and only got more ignorant yet bevause they're older somehow get taken more seriously and you see younger ones parrot them. It's honestly the fucking blind leading the blind at this point. The agencies responsible for fake news and muddying everything up has done a wonderful job.

No. 2028245

I can say that most people on the left I know both online and irl from the global south were anxious to criticize Israel etnostate as there was fear of being perceived as either a Nazi or a tankie, plus Palestine as an “issue” was always a topic of conversation, I can attest to this has been a topic since at least 2012 which was when I entered college.

No. 2028251

There are a lot jews in ireland? I had no idea kek

No. 2028253

There's some but I haven't been in the country my whole life kek. There's a synagogue down the road from me.

No. 2028254

It's not a tinfoil per se, but rather a subordination of Jung's concept of the collective unconscious and its derivatives, such as archetypes and concepts. Many themes we see in media and art share ubiquitous underpinnings, which serve as a reflection of what is dominating the collective. I do wonder whether some of this is by design.

No. 2028255

No no problem I see why you assumed that. FWIW I do have a lot of Jewish friends and like you say the vast overwhelming majority of them have never expressed any kind of 'we are above the goyim' sentiment (although I do know a couple like that). I think I relate to Ashkenazi Jews a lot because my family both was in kind of 'the same boat' as them during WWII and also one side of my family actually sheltered a Jewish family for several years throughout the war so I have heard a lot of stories about the atrocities done to Jewish people and know how 'real' it was which I think a lot of antisemites want to deny. I always try to stay out of ethnic conflicts on that level and think about the human beings in any given group because even if people have kin loyalties most people are just people with humanity at the end of the day, so I try not to 'pick sides' in shit like the current war because I know the vast overwhelming majority of people affected are just victims trying to live their day to day lives, have food on the table and a family, don't deserve to be bombed or drone striked or vilified.

I actually initially thought the Ukrainian/Russian war versus the Israel/Palestine war back to back and where twitter leftists fell on both conflicts is interesting specifically because I think in these conflicts Israel/Ukraine are similar and Donbas/Gaza are similar. NTAYRT in your final point but I agree with you that there is nothing 'uniquely jewish' about the Israel side of the conflict and ironically almost everyone I know who supports Gaza now did NOT support Donbas in the Ukraine war even though there were a lot of close parallels with Gaza.

No. 2028259

Yet how do they get to the level of power is it literally just all blackmailing. My step dad who passed (rip) worked for mi5 the intelligence agency in NI and would get drunk and tell me horror stories about stuff. I even gurned to him about a UVF bar my ex cheated on me in where you can do coke freely and they were pimping women out of I tried to rat them out and my step dad was like yea those places are used for blackmail and laughed and i was like I am your fake daughter and I want to burn all men to the ground for cheating on me do not laugh at women being pimped out!! Trust no one

No. 2028263

You're responding to someone else, I am the one who was asking about people doing a 180 but I'm NTA calling you out about 'sectarianism' just to be clear. Regarding the second half of your post that seems to be a response to me though, I think you're right and that's not even the part I was tinfoiling about, my tinfoil was about the governments of Western countries, hollywood, etc. starting to dogwhistle 'pro-nazi' sentiments starting in around 2020-2021 that I noticed and wondering why that would be beneficial to them. I agree with everything you're saying about twitter retards being the blind leading the blind, I just usually assume major world governments and intelligence agencies have 'reasons' for trying to tip public sentiment one way or another and I can't for the life of me figure out what their plan is in the last couple years with these wars.

No. 2028265

Can you give specific examples nonna?

No. 2028267

This isn't even tinfoil kek that's the whole theory. Of course the collective unconscious dictates the production of art. It's why schizophrenics create such unique art.

No. 2028268

I remember hearing a while back that NXIVM was still active. They now operate under Dominus Obsequious Sororium.

No. 2028274

I mean yeah it mostly is all blackmailing, it's mostly people with no moral fibre wanting power because they have no other priorities or emotional needs in life like normal people have. Two of my uncles were in the (EU country) equivalent of the FBI and both are really honest to the bone people and both either retired early or were forced out because they noticed a lot of 'ops' happening and refused to play along or refused to play a part in certain 'rituals' that would have given higher ups blackmail material on them. Both grew up poor and would have gotten a lot of money to retire on if they'd stuck it out but neither could do it. I heard some horror stories and from what I can tell the horror stories were mild and the tip of the iceberg. Even if you get high up enough in a run of the mill police agency to become part of the 'deep state' it all starts operating on blackmail and you being willing to corrupt yourself to get a higher position or even make your work life remotely tolerable. Try to imagine every good, kind, empathetic and moral person you know and now try to imagine them unironically going through the motions to climb the ranks of politics enough to make it to the top echelons of politics, would they want that? What normal person would want that? There's your answer.

No. 2028275

I might be picking up on what you're saying wrong but I don't think these wars are optics for social media or to bolster up some populist view or something i think they're unfortunate fallouts from tensions that have been bubbling.

I think all the tranny shit was an exercise in creating a new voting demographic and then you had seemingly antithesis type figures like Caitlyn Jenner bought by the other side and seemingly going against interests. None of it makes sense, it made sense when trannies were transvestites and not considered a viable demographic to garnish for votes.

Think there was a moment in the mid 2010s with BLM and such were more about social media clout than an actual movement, like that Free Kony shit.

No. 2028277

Yeah I think you misinterpreted what I was saying. I don't think the wars themselves are mysterious at all, both were obvious and even possibly 'inevitable' wars. What I'm wondering about is the machinations to drive public sentiments in other countries about the wars and the 'image' of what the wars are about by NATO governments and how that plays out domestically.

No. 2028284

They do, the world leaders all talk to eachother and they make up wars to take down smaller countries that don't cooperate.

No. 2028285

Pathetic if there's an undercover female agency seek me out if the world's a game I got nothing to lose.

In regards to your uncles retiring early my step dad didn't and passed away on the same date as an unnamed soldier that was getting a lot of media attention here and I've been wondering if it's him. His dad killed himself young, he was from a very deprived area and considered a minority and was encouraged out of school early to join up with the ruc and went up the ranks quick

No. 2028286

Predictive programming

No. 2028288

This. Its also is actually making a lot of animals gay, flies for example can't differentiate between male and females anymore bc thwir hormones are so disrupted.

No. 2028293

Did you see all my img/link posts about it nonna? Yes she is the one always twitching around like she's on stimulants.

No. 2028294

samefag but I am trying to say that us the collective have the ability manifest the future and bad actors want to manipulate this.

No. 2028296

I believe this which is why I get infuriated at seemingly intelligent people that refuse to read anything outside of their already decided biases. Hate anyone that can't entertain a different point of view unless of course that other point of view is like race hate or something

No. 2028298

You think all normal art is predictive programming?

No. 2028299

It's also making tons of human beings sick even more importantly, just not necessarily gay.

No. 2028303

Idk if this was brought up before since I don't usually check these threads but the entire narrative of the Manson murders was fake and a conspiracy. Manson was CIA

No. 2028305

File: 1717110015400.jpg (62.38 KB, 960x659, 219108.jpg)

It's no coincidence that all of this shit (the meme is referring to Uber, AirBnB, Bitcoin, and AI images) is being pushed by the same handful of old money techbros who value "move fast and break things" above all else. This is the world moids have envisioned for everyone.

No. 2028306

Are you cluster B nonna?

The thing about your dad is interesting. I think most of my family members were intelligent but they grew up under Communism where it was quite rare to get an opportunity to go to university, and policing was an 'obvious' career path for people who weren't super academically inclined (one of them got into university but didn't want to go, the other was a bit too much of a partier to make it in, but both would probably be in the upper quartile of modern uni students). There is some weird like honesty/conscientiousness gene running through that half of my family though, every single person on that side of my family like can't go against their morals or do bad things even if they wanted to, so I've heard a lot of really really weird stories.

No. 2028310

It's the 'own nothing and be happy' cabal nona, the thread running through all of these unprofitable money-laundering schemes that somehow get massive external investment is that they take away personal physical ownership of things.

No. 2028312

he was right about the frogs actually, but he has a bad reputation so him saying it like that actually made people stop paying attention to a serious environmental issue. fucked up frogs from pollution used to be normie PBS material that people cared about. they covered it up with a tinfoil hat.

No. 2028313

Not all, but many of the predominant themes we see in modern mainstream media/art can serve as a way to manipulate the collective consciousness into a certain direction. The links in the chain are only as strong as the mental force that binds them together.

No. 2028316

Yeah I remember reading some breakdown of how some 'well respected' journals like the Atlantic or Wapo had reported about the frog hormones thing as a serious environmental issue like a week or so earlier, then suddenly Alex Jones said it and it became an 'evil conspiracy theory' and stopped being publishing at all by the mainstream media even though it was gonna be this huge breaking story.

No. 2028317

Idk I have not seemed diagnosis I'm just high on a a cracked touch phone maybe.

I honestly love that for your family I feel like a black sheep in mine cause all I've witnessed is that lies and deceit make for a shit time lol

No. 2028321

Oh I guess as an artist who is not 'backed' by anyone I was thinking of just regular nobody artists who make art for their own personal purposes, if you are talking about what gets 'popular' in the art sphere I agree. I definitely don't see much in common between the art I personally make and whatever the trend is or what other people are doing but also I'm not making much money off it so no one cares what I do.

No. 2028322

I hate when things that aren't remotely tinfoil get rebranded as tinfoil.

No. 2028324

It made my entire family eternally poor (whenever they had some windfall they immediately were cheated out of it or robbed) and miserable, but I still find that side of the family way more fun than the other side of my family who I disowned at age 12 because they're all the 'cheating and stealing and taking advantage' entitled kind of people who were collaborators. It's honestly way more fun to live on the 'honest people who can't bring themselves to intentionally do wrong' side, they might be poor and depressed but there's a camaraderie.

No. 2028325

They like to do that. They used qanon to discredit ever valid leak around pizzagate which incriminates Mrs Clinton and the podestas. The Podestas are even linked to a pedophile who was out of residence the night madeline mccann got abducted and eye witness accounts were made to a police sketch artist and it looks like one of the podestas who were in residence at the pedos mansion which is just down the road from the resort the mccanns were staying at.

No. 2028326

It is in the nature of the moid to treat everything as disposable, because he himself is disposable by nature.

No. 2028327

That's 95% of what's currently considered 'tinfoil' beliefs nonna.

No. 2028328

I think this is a very popular tinfoil but I think the whole 'pizzagate shooting' itself was a psyop to discredit the podesta email leaks.

No. 2028335

I believe it was too. The images before the shooting lined up with all the leaked cia files. Kris Jenner boyfriend Corey Gamble is thought to be cia and they've both been photographed with marina abramovic who weirdly enough hosted a weird art show in that restaurant. I reckon the kardashians/jenners who knock about with Diddy are involved in nefarious stuff. They have so much access to the white house with Kim's "legal career" and been invited to correspondence dinners since the Obama admisntration.

No. 2028344

the whole madeline mccann thing always seemed weird to me. i think her parents were in on it tbh

No. 2028346

I don't know how people still don't believe in pedo rings when the proof is easily available. Dutroux, Casa Pia, Epstein, Fuster, The Finders, Craig Spence, Kincora Boys Home, Boy's Town just to name a few.

No. 2028347

File: 1717111519626.jpg (132.27 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-hat10.jpg)

this hivemind shit where online activist zoomies have such conflicting political viewpoints that change quickly without much logic (super into lgbt slacktivism and quick to criticize christianity but rabidly oppose criticism of islam for example) is the product of a long running online propaganda campaign to create a generation of young people incapable of nuanced thought. I got introduced to politics as a tumblr kiddie back in like 2012 and have been trying to kick the mental habit of automatically labeling someone with a not-woke-approved political opinion as an OMG EVIL FACIST and immediately dismissing their ideas for a few years now. I think the gendie shit is what made me realize how inorganic and glowy the onset of the sjw movement was:
>pushed heavily by NGOs which are just glorified money laundering operations/propaganda farms that hide their actual intentions behind flowery HR language
>cia infiltrated the civil rights movement in the 60's because it threatened the burger status quo for an undeniably just cause. America realized it can't let that happen again because the status quo enables the rich to get richer w/o lifting a finger, so it began to infiltrate the gay rights movement in its infancy
>legalize gay marriage to create an illusion of left wing progress. The gays can marry now and we had a black prez, our precious government would never do anything as backward as overturn abortion rights or something…right?
>encourage the use of increasingly complicated terminology to describe race + gender in academia + activist circles. Encourage the shaming and shunning of those that dont use the new terminology properly as bigots, even if they are from the group they are trying to describe
>heavily push the "learned experience" meme aka value the political opinions of a member of a minority group based on where they fall on the oppression olympics scale, not their level of education on the subject or argument strength
>it becomes impossible to discuss politics online without someone being accused of an "ism" of some sort, especially male-female relations. Encourage young people to doxx each other over mild political disagreements
>american 20somethings become incapable of discussing politics beyond idpol slapfights and pointless slogans because they don't want to risk being shunned by their peers or blacklisted by employers
>start to slowly revert social progress (roe v. wade) while everyone is busy arguing >encourage the public to give out information on their gender, sexuality, mental health, racial background on job applications etc because to "encourage diversity"and "reduce stigma"
>actually use this data to discriminate harder and works towards creating a larger and more easily exploited serf class for the future technocrats to abuse

No. 2028351

I don't think the parents would devote their money and time to a media campaign to catch the abductors if they did it. There was eye witnesses that saw madeline being abducted

No. 2028352

back in the day tinfoilers were people who believed in hollow-earth and UFOs (don't come at me, ufo nonas) and maybe had an eccentric theory about JFK or the cold war, not people discussing verifiable facts like the way chemicals are deforming frogs.

No. 2028356

It annoys me people can't conceptualise that those in power would be more competent with pedo rings when the readily accept the news of like Birmingham Muslim pedo gangs. Its like, only mongs from council estates can operate off the radar? There's so much evidence of it.

No. 2028359

This is definitely a thing. Wasn't there some declassified cia pamphlet that specifically mentioned endlessly arguing semantics was a good strategy at derailing any and all political discussions?

No. 2028361

Thank you for summarising.

No. 2028364

My tinfoil theory is that jews serve as convenient scapegoats when it all goes wrong. Due to the conspiracy theories surrounding jews it's easy for the elites to point to jews being behind everything and have people believe it. The elites aren't jews, they masquerade as other religions while being satanists. It's part of their population reduction plans to cause war between religions.

>I'm more interested in the motives of the political actors who are funding one side of a conflict while seemingly supporting ethnically charged sentiment from the exact opposite side of the conflict.
It's about increasing power and control over the world. The western elites don't care about ideology, they care about being able to use a group of people against their enemies. They will support Israel in the middle east because it serves as a base for western power to suppress Iran and they will use Ukrainian nazis to weaken Russia. They don't care as long as they aren't the ones dying and their objectives are being achieved.

The muslim rape gangs and the elites are one and the same. It's all part of a blackmailing operation. It happened in Labour areas because it was used to collect blackmail on the police and Labour politicians. It's not needed in Tory areas because Tories all get fagged and buggered in public school.

No. 2028365

I was just going to bring up Marc Dutroux and how it was so obviously a ring which had links to very high profile individuals. Belgium is especially known for its human trafficking industry with international ties. Witnesses who had actually seen shit were silenced by being killed off on by one which scared anyone else from coming foward. It's funny how that got removed from the wikipedia page or at least it was the last time I checked. I believe Dutroux was was the fall guy as this implicated important people above him. I also have a tinfoil that this has links to the the Brabant killers as Dutroux crimes dates back to the 80s

No. 2028366

Someone tell the men at Reddit they're fucking sheep. That is a website of arguing semantics ad nauseum. So many people are actually like talking to a brick wall getting hung up on fucking nothing

No. 2028368

one by one*

No. 2028371

Fair point about the Muslim gangs. My step dad basically clarified that for me which the paramilitary crack dens being allowed to operate with impunity.

No. 2028374

idpol was one of the biggest psyops which delegitimized leftists movements that threatened the US and you can't convince me otherwise

No. 2028375

I also believe that Dutroux might have been linked to Brabant and Patrice Alègre too.

No. 2028376

It's interesting how all this trans shit only really started blowing up after gay marriage was legalized in the us. Literally the number one homophobe argument at the time was that it would be a slippery slope for more degenerate behaviors to become widely accepted, and they were fucking right. My tinfoil is that transage is gonna be the next big thing, after all you can be 20 but look 14 therefore age is not real and blah blah blah give me access to your kids now. All conspiracies always lead back to pedos.

No. 2028379


Sorry yes I was too eager to quick reply and noticed you (maybe others too) peppered more info further down in the thread. Really interesting stuff. I can’t find anything about the chants you mentioned though, what was she saying there?

No. 2028380

Does anyone not believe in pedo rings? People will just try to spin it to fit their pre-existing political bias, like people who hate Christianity/Catholicism will claim Catholicism was the only/biggest 'pedo ring' ever, then other people will say actually it's some other one, in reality it's moids of all kinds of cultures with power that are always running them with their handmaidens.

No. 2028382

Nonnas in this thread should check out "Programmed to Kill" by David McGowan. It suggests connections between the weird uptick of serial killings during the 60s-90s, CIA backed cults like the Finders, the satanic panic, child sex trafficking rings and their cover-ups, and political /celebrity blackmail scandals. It came out in 2004, reading it post-Epstein is a massive mindfuck. Not an easy read though, every chapter involves horrific child abuse.

No. 2028383

I've seen people shut down anyone who mentions them as a rw qanoner.

No. 2028384

The elite pedos will infiltrate any organization that could potentially pose a threat, it doesn't matter what the organization is. Billions of people all over the world are Catholic, so it's not surprising that they would seek to control the Catholic Church.

No. 2028385

I read that book. It's a good introduction into the rabbithole.

No. 2028386

I noticed a load of trans shit being shilled on tumblr around 2011/12 maybe but it was mostly made fun of and pronouns mocked. Then seemingly out of nowhere the Democrats went hard on campaigning and bolstering identity politics which seemed like such a cop out at the time when the economy was still crippling even supposedly coming out of the recession. Rather than tangible shit like budgets being a focus the shift went to how we felt about identity and group think and individualism was saw as a fringe concept and fuck having personal goals and equity

No. 2028390

I'm the second anon you replied to but I've been meaning to read Programmed to Kill for a while. I think everyone should also read CHAOS by Tom O'Neill as that completely blackpilled me on this

No. 2028392

Great post nonna and also see what I said above about the documentary Hypernormalization. It's kind of a slog it's like 3 hours long and mostly about old stale political conflicts but I think it suggests a pretty compelling hypothesis about why this type of ever-changing internally conflicting political viewpoint is useful in the general populace.

The one point on which I disagree is Roe V. Wade, even RBG was saying for decades that an old SCOTUS decision that was considered 'provisional' at the time was not gonna hold and real legislation should be made about abortion - actually my tinfoil about this is that Democrat politicians deliberately avoided legislating abortion rights federally because it was politically convenient for them to hold SCOTUS over people's heads whenever they considered voting Republican, and ultimately it backfired on them when they were blindsided by Trump winning. Full disclosure I absolutely believe abortion rights should be codified into law I just don't think a provisional SCOTUS decision was a robust way of doing it and I think it was politically convenient for both parties to keep it so tenuous. I know from hanging out in radfem communities before the last US primary/election that a huge number of women would have either primaried someone else or straight up voted Republican if it wasn't for the fears about Roe v. Wade, Democrats had women exactly where they wanted them, subservient and helpless trading one right for another knowing they were fucking themselves over either way.

Anyway I completely agree with the rest of your post and I also had to break out of that 2012-era tumblr right-think because I too had that mental habit of labeling people as Wrong And Bad for random uncouth opinions many of which I now realize were entirely correct, TERF views just being one of these things but actually there were many others.

No. 2028393

Kind of wonder if the fed-Frankfurt school connection is linked to that.

No. 2028397

Idk if any of you guys have ever watched Weaponized it's an ex military dude I think interviewing people going against the current status quo on military transparency. There's a lot of discussion about UFOs and the recent confirmation of basically aliens. I wasn't initially interested but there's been some episodes of ex military personnel coming out and stating as witnesses to seeing mass amounts of people being put on unidentified flying machines after disaster events in places like or near Singapore. There's been journalists on that have busted trafficking rings too and talk about others getting killed for following the evidence. Like I do wonder what the fuck technologies are being operated we have no fucking clue about and are they labour intensive or what the fuck. Like there are so many missing persons unaccounted for. What's going on

No. 2028399

The term 'conspiracy theory' itself was coined by the CIA in the 1960s in response to theories about the JFK assassination and the purpose of the term (and related terms like 'tinfoil hatters') was always intended to discredit people discussing plausible theories about conspiracies, which happen all the time, and make even the idea of a conspiracy, which is a common thing that happens, verboten. As mass propaganda has taken a stronger hold on the public consciousness in the internet era they've managed to label increasingly obvious, verifiable, factual and observable beliefs as 'conspiracy theories' because now the label itself carries such a stigma that people are easily scared away from any independent or logical thought of any kind just by being associated with 'conspiracy belief.' So you're right nona, increasingly tinfoil is used to describe extremely obvious and verifiable shit like (just from this thread) 'seed oils are unhealthy,' 'hormones in water are affecting wildlife,' or 'child sex trafficking rings exist' while they close the overton window more and more to make any wrongthink belief verboten.

No. 2028403

File: 1717113194660.png (199.4 KB, 1164x1022, Screenshot 2024-05-30 194528.p…)

Yes, that would be COINTELPRO (which evidently never ended)

picrel. reddit is known a hub for gubmint astroturfing and it has been for a long time. It is extremely obvious on subs like worldnews

No. 2028405

This is unironically what my 'antisemite' mom believes, nona. She's like 'I have no problem with ACTUAL jews, I have a problem with satanists who pretend to be jewish' which is apparently a common view on her parts of the internet lmao. I used to think she was nuts but increasingly I think she might have a point because as you say Jewish people seem to be a very popular/convenient scapegoat for whatever goes wrong, especially since the whole 'crypto-jew' thing took off and people accuse people with non-Jewish last names/lineages of being secretly Jewish.

No. 2028406

Reddit glows so hard

No. 2028412

AYRT the chant I was referring to prior to the war was 'Slava Ukraini' which has now been popularized as a 'normal' chant establishing Ukrainian sovereignty (since the war began) but since this was like at least a month before the war began there wasn't that precedent. In WWII times it was a common Nazi chant from Ukrainian Nazi factions that were ethnically murdering Poles Jews and Romani people on ethnically mixed territory. There were also pix of her when she was younger with various Banderite and WWII era Nazi imagery/flags at parades, mostly led by people like the Hunka guy mentioned in the other screenshots or other comrades of her grandfather (who I believe got in via Operation Paperclip or something similar). It made no sense to be chanting 'Slava Ukraini' like a month or more before the Russian invasion happened when it was always a Nazi-era chant before, and a chant not of actual Ukrainian freedom fighters but of the German-operated Nazi factions of Ukrainian troops (both types of troops existed in WWII).

No. 2028414

Yeah also as someone with a lot of 'traditional Catholic' relatives they all absolutely abhor the people involved in church pedophilia/pederasty and most actually 'trad' Catholics and Orthodox offshoots think the current pope is an antipope/satanist/some kind of precursor to the literal antichrist. The current pope was heavily involved in the pedo ring coverups so it's definitely not 'most normal everyday catholics' just like Jewish nonna earlier was saying it's not 'most normal Jewish people' who have weird ethnic supremacist/zionist beliefs. It's easy to place these beliefs at the feet of some massive group of mostly normal people but that's usually not what's happening.

No. 2028423

Reddit is so obviously and heavily astroturfed by bots I don't even know what the point is of trying to cover shit like this up. It's either literal bots, incel coomers or tranny jannies.

No. 2028425

No worries btw kek, I do appreciate you bringing life back to this thread because it’s usually a thread I enjoy lurking in (catching up now with what I missed after making dinner)

No. 2028434

Samefag but I remember when I was in high school or whatever and JPII was still the pope people talked a lot about how the Catholic Church/Vatican owns the most money/assets of basically any 'organization' in the world outside of actual major world power countries, so it makes perfect sense like you say that people would want to infiltrate or take advantage of that to reach certain political aims or network with other psychopaths, just like it makes perfect sense most high level politicians are corrupt psychopaths. A decade or two ago Catholicism was also the religion with the largest number of devout/active members (not sure if that's true anymore) so it made sense from that perspective too. I think popular internet atheism made it really common to look at any religion that had shady/corrupt/pedo leaders and assume the whole religious group was a bunch of amoral nutjobs and I actually had that militant atheist phase where I believed that too but now I believe that with most religious or ethnic groups it's advantageous for psychopaths/dark triad individuals to infiltrate the top echelons and corrupt the organization from within. This is a main reason why I hate the fanwars level discourse about any ethnic or religious conflict, I think it's ignoring that the vast majority of normal people of whatever group are just regular people trying to follow some common sense belief system while their leaders are always insanely depraved, this goes for the governments of countries too.

No. 2028437

File: 1717114854110.jpg (17.22 KB, 497x184, Nove-zhittya.jpg)

So glad to see this brought up. Ukrainian Nazi allied troops were responsible for entire genocides during WWII (Look up Volhynia Massacre) on Poles and other ethnic groups. The most famous Ukrainian death squad was probably Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118, responsible for Khatyn (massacre of an entire Belorusian village). I remember when the Ukrainian war started and refugees started flooding Poland, and many older people were terrified because they still remembered hiding from Ukrainians as they marched through their villages. Look hard at picrel and you can find the slogan this nonna mentioned.

No. 2028442

ayrt I'm glad my sperg was appreciated. I had a political awakening around the onset of the Ukraine war when it seemed nobody was talking (or allowed to publicly) about the right wing militias in the Ukrainian gov, its history as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, the Maidan coup etc like overnight. I'm a dumb zoomie but I grew up poor, no smartphone/social media till I was 16/17 and was autistically obsessed with reading newspapers most of my life which I think helped make me more politcally literate/resistant to brainrot than the average chud born after 1999. (sorry for blogging)

Not a burger or super educated on American politics, just familiar w/ most of it through cultural osmosis. Roe v. Wade was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking of something to demonstrate the possible correlation btw the 2010s rise of gender ideology and antifeminist backlash. I think the dems & republicans are the same party (the pro 1% party). The dual party system is just political theatre imo

No. 2028448

Ye nona I'm polish and part of my family was living in Galicia (currently Ukrainian territory) at the start of WWII and they still remember friends and relatives being murdered by Ukrainian Nazi troops in Katyn. I think that contributes to why that 'side' of my family ended up cozying up with and sheltering Jews once the German Nazis invaded their town, because they had literally been 'in it together' when the Banderites started attacking. Actually German Nazis were ethnically slaughtering Poles too but at least for that specific part of my extended family it started with the Ukrainian battalions and they were notoriously brutal (raping babies, raping pregnant women while slicing their stomachs open in front of their families, etc) with ethnic Romani, Poles and Jews alike. So honestly that shit made my blood run cold when I first saw it popping up in Canadian parliament. It is also incidentally why I was not surprised by the Russian invasion of Ukraine at all because I felt like NATO countries were gearing up for it beforehand.

No. 2028451

I worked with a Polish woman who was late 40s and told me the Russians did those things. She also told me it was up until the 80s they were still using rations.

No. 2028455

i feel bad for slavs in general but especially the poles as they've went through so much shit. you had germans, ukranians and russians all targeting them while war was raging around them

No. 2028456

I'm not American either but I have enough burger friends and spent enough time on US-centric internet forums that I ended up deep diving into the whole SCOTUS issue and came away from it pretty convinced that the refusal of Dems to try to federally legislate abortion rights for literal decades (when even the shieldmaiden of Roe v Wade Ruth Bader Ginsberg was writing op-eds warning that the SCOTUS decision wasn't robust) was just another uniparty way to keep the electorate in their cages. It's not hard, basically every other Western country including those with somewhat 'federated states' already federally legislated abortion rights. At least if they had made an attempt and been stymied maybe it would have been more convincing but the whole 'you can nevereverever vote for anyone except for the DNC Chosen One or else Roe v Wade will be repealed!' shit just rubbed me the wrong way and seemed like fake political machinations.

Regarding the rest of your post I'm guessing you're a bit younger than me but I also knew about the Maidan coup from before due to being a news/politics sperg and having history/politics sperg family members so by the time the whole Donbas conflict popped off I was pretty sure the mainstream media characterization was missing something and extremely lacking in detail. It turns out that a lot of what was happening in the Donbas was not dissimilar to some of the shit happening in the Gaza strip - an ethnic minority backed into a tiny chunk of the country being ethnically and linguistically suppressed, regularly shelled and bombed, etc. just because they were asking for some basic rights like the ability for their children to go to school in Russian and basic shit like that. They didn't have the numbers or military power to be a real threat to Ukraine. I'm not saying the Russian invasion was out of the goodness of dear Putin's heart or whatever but the ethnic tensions were building for decades before shit popped off and the escalation on the NATO side was almost certainly deliberate.

No. 2028458

> I think the dems & republicans are the same party (the pro 1% party). The dual party system is just political theatre imo
They have important ideological differences but they’re all so corrupt and paid for it honestly doesn’t matter what those differences are since at the end of the day their decisions boil down to money and like you said the rest is just theatre.

No. 2028461

Yeah the Soviet army did the same shit (in some cases worse shit) but it was a little later. The other side of my family (who were poles in currently Belarus territory) were occupied by a German Nazi regiment who apparently were very chill and humane as far as occupiers go, then run out by the Red Army who raped women and razed fields and shit like that. It definitely wasn't like one 'side' of the axis v. allies conflict was 'nicer' to Poles and Polish Jews than the other, it probably depended on the military commander you got wherever you were living, but the Ukrainian volunteer Nazi divisions were responsible for some of the most horrifically violent ethnic cleansing events in the whole region before Germans even had a chance to make their mark. This is the line of people Chrystia Freeland comes from, it was people who volunteered to ethnically cleanse Jews Poles and Romani before Germans even got on their 'final solution' shit toward the end of the war.

No. 2028466

Samefag and sort of an aside but if you've ever heard of the Warsaw Uprising, Warsaw was basically razed by Axis troops when most of who they had fighting were random like 6-20 year old children with no standing army, but apparently the original invaders (Nazi German troops) were so horrified at the prospect of mass murdering children that they retreated and hired mercenary armies to do most of the massacre instead; if you think about it from that perspective the volunteer SS Galicia divisions were people who at the very start of the war volunteered to do the dirty work that most German Nazi officers never had the stomach for.

No. 2028470

wasn't there an infamous infantry that was all violent criminals plucked straight out of prison?

No. 2028473

As a non-American I always find it funny when burgers talk about a 'healthy 2 party system!' It's not actually better than the multiparty systems a lot of other countries have where they'll just form a coalition if they can't get a majority, but it does seem a bit naive when people unironically believe that the US has two polar opposite parties that stand for totally different things (not saying all Americans think this, I know a lot say it's a uniparty, but a lot of Americans I personally know seem to believe this) and then treat it like a sports match or something.

No. 2028474

I think that was a division of the Soviet army iirc.

No. 2028476

I think governments are collectively always looking to spin wars into a us vs them thing for the benefits of elections. Fuck knows why they're all fighting tooth and nail about who gets to lead the blind and what use we are collectively to leaders. Somehow I think we must hold some power for all this bullshit or they wouldn't bother with propaganda. Who knows maybe civilians need their own PR arm to combat misinformation or start an actual charity that's not a money laundering front I can't believe everything is fully corrupt or society will break down. I'm scared

No. 2028480

Tbf, as a burger, I’ve never met a single American that didn’t think our two-party system wasn’t completely retarded kek. Since we’re in the tinfoil thread, I’ll add that a two-party system makes it so much easier for the elites to control us (not really a tinfoil)

No. 2028482

That's honestly so terrible. I worked with a lot of Polish immigrants at one time and felt so ignorant when they were telling me about their upbringing and how recent a lot of those atrocities were. I have friends that wonder why there's so many Polish immigrants but when you hear about the actual history and atrocities it's like, why the fuck have reparations not been given back to Poland a thousand times over.

No. 2028494

> We are talking about nonverbal drooling retards who can't eat by themselves or wipe their own asses.
I really wish that would stop being labeled as "Low functioning autism" and just be called for what it is: mental retardation

No. 2028496

not just that, a lot of people fall deep into the two party system and don't even know what they support anymore, they simply just vote for the label itself then can't name a single policy they actually support.

remove labels from trump vs biden, most republicans would scream and demand trump be hung while support biden

No. 2028509

Yeah nona I agree with you that the fact they want to spin public opinion this bad actually means we have more power than we think we do in the face of all this shit (though they want us to feel powerless). This is a completely different issue entirely that some nonas might disagree with me on entirely but when the whole trucker convoy protest happened in Canada about vaccine mandates for COVID most people were resigned to there being permanent COVID-related restrictions and now I feel like there's a lot of cope from normies of 'omg the government was totes gonna lift restrictions like a week later, totally, even though they never negotiated with and vilified the peaceful protest' but I'm pretty sure the Canadian protest and offshoot EU protests had a lot to do with them quietly rescinding most restrictions afterwards because enough of the citizenry menacing the government and refusing to play ball actually does work very well, they just want us to think it doesn't. They certainly would not pour so much money and energy into propaganda if the public sentiment was not important. Even the entire idea of this thread ('tinfoil hats' 'conspiracy theorists') was a deep state invention to vilify critical thinking and drive any unorthodox thinkers into a corner because they were starting to get scared what people waking up to their shenanigans could accomplish.

No. 2028514

You're lucky to know slightly smarter people then I know a lot of burger immigrants to my country or burgers I met online who were extremely married to the idea of a 'left' party and a 'right' party even if the parties didn't even represent different poles of the left-right spectrum in any way. Even in middle school in my public school curriculum in my country we used the US political system as an example of overton window delusion lmao and that was like 15+ years ago.

I'm not sure that the 2-party system is especially worse than many multi-party systems either, I think some multiparty systems are worse in many ways, and at least the US has relative autonomy for federated states compared to many other countries that have semi-autonomous states or provinces. But I do think there's a particular aspect to the 'literally there's two teams' party system that fries people's brains a little bit regarding nuance on political topics. Like the electorate in places like Canada has actually less political power since a party can be elected into a stable government with 10% of the popular vote which is totally disgusting, but at least people are less married to their 'team' under that system.

No. 2028518

Yeah as a Pole pretty much the entire cultural cohesion/cultural awareness of Polish people is this deep-seated idea that we are constantly under threat and attack by everyone. I wouldn't say Polish people are especially self-pitying but there's this kind of brusque negativity that permeates the whole culture where we never really trust anyone or anything because even going back before 20th century history 'Poland' was just constantly being invaded, split up into different country and border systems, having major ports usurped, being assimilated and de-assimilated from other cultures, etc. If you look even 2-3 gens back in most Polish people's history their family isn't even from what is currently Polish territory even if their entire family is ethnically and linguistically polish (like my family, basically none of my grandparents grew up in what is now considered Polish territory, they were all forced to flee somewhere at least once in their lives). I'm not surprised my fam immigrated at all but at the end of all that resettling and being treated like the absolute most retarded ethnicity on the planet (lol fun fact the original eugenicists in like the 1800s put Poles as the second lowest IQ population in the entire world after some African ethnicity so there are enduring stereotypes about Poles being retarded) my parents ended up being like 'wow in the 2020s the free country we resettled in is worse than Poland was under the Soviets.' On the other hand after spending most of my teens and twenties being told by people that I was 'negative' when I was trying to bond with people in the way I was raised doing I actually ended up feeling more comfortable camaraderie with other people from similar backgrounds once shit hit the fan while Chipper North American Nice People floundered not understanding how shit could get so bad. So there's positives too.

No. 2028519

I don't entirely disagree nona but I didn't make the rules and I assume (possibly wrongly) that there's some reason why certain low-functioning people are diagnosed as autistic and not some kind of trisomy or whatever. Even if it's not actually autism the point remains that there are more neurodevelopmentally damaged/retarded children being born and that is a bigger problem than an increase in 'high functioning' autists or 'aspies' or whatever.

No. 2028524

Samefag but I'm the anon who said earlier I have no good feelings for the Israeli government and a big part of that is that at some point in the last couple decades, the Israeli government (and also the US government) started teaching people in Israeli schools (I know because I had some friends who went to school in the Israeli system) that actually it was Poles, not Germans, who holocausted the Jews which is insane because I think a similar number or more Poles died during the war. Then in recent years the EU government and US government started putting pressure on the Polish government to 'pay reparations' to Israel for the holocaust and even during Obama era he would give speeches referencing 'Polish' concentration camps. Some of my (non-Jewish) family members were sent to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and most likely died there so a lot of Polish people feel kind of pissed at the Israeli government for this weird retcon when Poland was the only European country during the entire war that was invaded by Nazi soldiers but never actually surrendered. I think something between 20-25% of the entire Polish population was estimated to be killed in WWII and most of that was fighting Axis forces (although the Soviets killed a fair few people too). I think that adds to the low-trust attitude of most Poles who had parents raised during WWII not to mention all the shit that happened during communism.

No. 2028556

Agent orange is responsible for the prevalence of trannies in Southeast Asia. Agent orange was known for causing horrible defects on the population and effects of it were still seen for decades after Vietnam. Many women gave birth to deformed children and their breast milk were even infected as well. The herbicides contained harmful dioxins which were known to resist degradation and persist in the environment. This infected the foods which inevitably entered the bodies of the populace. Dioxins are endocrine disrupting chemicals and have been observed to cause male reproductive disorders and prostate cancer as well as lowering testosterone levels. It doesn't seem like there's been enough testing done on the victims and affected people in the areas it was sprayed in but only some of the veterans who sprayed the chemicals and may have come in contact with it during Operation Ranch Hand. The chemical formula found in agent orange is called TCDD and there have been studies done on its effects although there still isn't much known about it and a consensus hasn't been reached. Veterans who came into contact with it were reported to have higher levels of TCDD in their bodies compared to those who haven't. There must've been significant levels of it in the civilians who had their entire areas and food supply infected with it. This can explain why there's so many ladyboys in places such as Thailand which were also reported to be infected with the agent.

No. 2028584

TCDD and other dioxin like compounds are common environmental contaminants because they are produced as a result of the synthesis of organochlorides and phenoxy herbicides. Organochlorides are also used as pesticides and are used in the production of PVC which is one of the most common plastics.

Tonnes of these chemicals are produced and then sprayed on the corn belt which then contaminates the Mississippi and it's tributary rivers.

Yet another reason as to why veganism is bad for the environment as the main target crop for phenoxy herbicides is soy.

No. 2028587

Do you have any links or sources for this nonna, I'm not trying to be combative but I would be really interested if you have sources.

No. 2028594

don't forget how when all the western countries sanctioned russia, the media just went off about how russians were going to starve to death and go back to standing in line for bread and milk like they did before the fall of the iron curtain. lo and behold all these big businesses like starbucks and mcdonalds and zara never left russia, they just rebranded or get imported through india and then shipped right back to russia. none of the grocery stores were empty, no one is standing in a breadline or roasting their kids over a firepit due to famine. but hunger and inflation has definitely increased in the united states.

now it's also coming out too that around $1-6 billion dollars of money that was sent to slava ookraine has mysteriously gone missing. of course there's no mention of this in the mainstream news, and if it is brought up it's an afterthought or dismissed as russian bots!!! then remember the new york times got outed for denying the clear and very visible nazi paraphernalia being worn by the azov battalion whom they gleefully paraded in our faces as sexy war heroes. of course anytime anyone with a working brain brought this up you got screamed at for being a russian bot! reeeeeee.

these are very interesting times we are living in. i grew up during the 9/11 fall out aka the freedom fries era. things were crazy back then but social media was not as sophisticated as it is today and the mainstream media was still largely old so information took a little bit longer to reach the general population. i've largely checked out of reading or engaging with anything on any of the wars besides the bare minimum as it's so hard to discern anymore what's real and what's fake and what's being used as a form of manipulation to exploit certain narratives. like a few months ago i saw a very obviously faked video of dummy body being shot at in "gaza", with very obvious cuts in the footage, but other people in the comments seemed oblivious to the fact the "woman" laying on the ground was clearly just a mannequin head and some pillows wrapped up in a black scarf. i care about the lives of innocent civilians and the obvious tragedies of war such as shani louk's death, but other than that i try to distance myself from the political side of war.

No. 2028601

Actually it's the fact that sex tourism is a popular form of currency

No. 2028609

That's insane and ignorance is weaponised so much. There's definitely groups of people here that negatively stereotype Poles here but everyone I've met has been so lovely and patient and eager to introduce me to some tasty food. Fair play to anyone working elsewhere to send money back home the powers that be evidently haven't done enough, it's a joke people would bemoan where you send your earnings.

No. 2028612

I've read that the Vatican Bank is one of the biggest money laundering organizations in the world since it's sort of exempt from beinng investigated due to the Lateran treaty. It is said that it was a major reason behind John Paul I's death. The Godfather III alluded to the corruption inside the Vatican. The Vatican sex scandals were also used as a Limited Hangout (not trying to takw away from the seriousness of those crimes) to turn the attention away from all the financial shadiness that was going on.

No. 2028622

We are all being infected by pesticides and other environmental pollutants. I'm sure cancer rates and endocrine disorders have risen worldwide since the agricultural revolution during the 20th century which made pesticide usage widespread
I've read other sources but I couldn't find them but here's some
It still doesn't explain the prevalence of ladyboys in that particular region

No. 2028647

Yes it does. Sex work makes the most money because disgusting passport bros visit. They follow the money.

No. 2028651

>now it's also coming out too that around $1-6 billion dollars of money that was sent to slava ookraine has mysteriously gone missing.
Is there a source for this or is it in the video you posted? (sorry I didn't watch the vid I'm outside in public but if it's in the vid I'll watch later).

Ugh flood detection but I generally share your sentiment about being checked out of having 'war opinions.' Everything is propaganda now and the attitude of Westerners on these wars just seems like twitter fanwars at this point. I'm interested in the geopolitical origins of these wars as well as why people develop the opinions they do in the mainstream but I'm less interested in weighing in on the wars themselves, imo war is always a tragedy and not cheap entertainment the way people in war-free countries act like it is. Honestly most North Americans talk a big talk about how their ancestors were 'involved' in wars for 'our freedom' but it was usually conscription to foreign wars while their own citizens were (mostly) safe at home barring things like Pearl Harbor or whatever, I don't think that really breeds a deep cultural understanding of what actually being involved in war is like and I actually think that's behind a lot of the stupid political attitudes of North Americans unironically.

No. 2028661

AYRT and my family has lived in North America for most of my life now and my parents still send money back because despite the modern conception of Poland as an economically blossoming country that was helped so much by the EU that's not the reality for most working and middle class Poles. It's still basically a shithole unless you're one of the people who profited from the EU modernization (which brought a lot of bad things with it, toxic food, war on farming, war on culture). My family was especially badly affected because my grandparents stood up to the Soviet/communist regime in the 70s/80s and paid dearly for it, there was no coming back from that even after the iron curtain fell because even after the modernization/capitalist takeover of Poland it was all based on nepotism/connections just like it was under communism. I actually meet a lot of people here who I would never have immediately recognized were Polish except that we seem to recognize each other/have similar attitudes and then find out we're both from the same culture, it's quite interesting. And actually going back to my ancestral food helped heal a lot of my hormonal issues, speaking of food.

No. 2028670

Yeah I believe this. I also see more and more people ignoring or playing off other child sex trafficking rings/scandals with claims that 'the Catholic Church was really the biggest child sex trafficking ring and everything else pales in comparison,' I don't have the numbers obviously but it feels like a convenient excuse for people to ignore the crimes of more politically favored 'minority' religions or just straight up non-religious groups that traffic children like politicians and hollywood scrotes. I have no particular love for the Catholic Church but it does seem shady to me how people will just blame random run-of-the-mill rural catholics for what hyper-rich cardinals/bishops were doing in Rome and tell them they can't have opinions on pedophilia because 'your guys did it too' and like you said the shady financial shit and dealings with other world leaders by the church leadership are also swept under the rug for some weird caricature of gay pedo priests. If anything people should care more about all the nuns that were also raped and sexually taken advantage of and the girls in catholic boarding schools but it serves people to just talk about some caricature of 'altar boys' and I'm not sure why that eclipses everything else.

No. 2028675

I'm not sure how much noise the magdalene laundries made outside of Ireland but I live here now and they're not as well known as I'd thought they'd be even with my peers. Mass graves for women and babies.

No. 2028676

It's possible both are true, obviously the sex tourism would encourage ladyboy culture but that doesn't necessarily explain why it cropped up in the first place and became so common.

Thanks for the links nonna, this is compelling but I still wonder why low T levels don't seem to generally correlate to high levels of male troons in other cultures. Maybe it is an HSTS vs AGP thing because from my perusals of the lit about Western troons my impression is that they often have average to high T levels, whereas if your theory is correct troonism would correlate with low T levels or maybe some hormonal disruption in the womb. Very interesting info at any rate.

No. 2028678

Samefag but my impression (which is not based on that much admittedly) is that lesbianism is also more accepted in Thai culture, and I doubt that has anything to do with male testosterone levels, which made me think it might be something cultural. Am I wrong in thinking this?

No. 2028684

File: 1717126542244.png (209.52 KB, 1996x510, Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 8.28.…)

hi anon, i wasn't able to find great sources so i am providing both mainstream and alternative media sources.


so to add a little context, the money was given in the sale or donation of weapons and arms to oookraine…but no one can find out what happened to it.



No. 2028690

I'm not Irish nonna but I am aware of the Magdalene laundries issue (one of the reasons I mentioned that the abuse of women and female children was possibly a bigger issue than pederasty in the Catholic Church) although from what I know it is a fairly Ireland-specific problem that could have something to do more with the popularity of puritanism in the UK during that time period than widespread practices. I don't know exactly how it plays into the whole issue honestly but I do find it kind of suspicious in general that whenever Catholic Church 'pedophilia' is discussed it usually takes the form of some 'ha ha super devout priests but they're actually gay and that's why they became priests am I right' rhetoric when in reality from what I know priests were much more likely to rape nuns or girls in nunnery-run schools than boys. The whole thing has been reduced to a weird meme in this very specific way that makes me uncomfortable but I can't pinpoint exactly why. There are even posts in lolcow threads I've seen recently though when people point out that other religions have openly sanctioned pedophilic practices (like right in their religious texts) and people respond that that's somehow 'better' than covering up sex crimes, whereas I think socially sanctioning pedophilia is potentially more harmful because then there's no recourse if the crimes are discovered since they're not even considered crimes. Maybe this comes from a place of knowing a lot of devout 'traditional' Catholics but the 'catholic guilt' meme is real in my experience of devout Catholics and most of them find pedophilia and rape abhorrent and want to cleanse their religion of these practices. Now modern 'atheist' society is pushing pedophilia but at the same time will guilt trip any religious person who speaks out against it as 'puritan' and also a hypocrite and I find this pretty sinister, which makes me believe there might have been deliberate infiltration going on.

No. 2028694

Thanks nonna I appreciate it.

Actually it just occurred to me that this point possibly belongs in the tinfoil thread, it's something people in my circles openly speak about but I don't see it talked about a lot online. It's incredibly weird that Zelensky was 'groomed' for the presidency of Ukraine by being an actor who played the Ukrainian president on TV (a harmless funny version of a president) and then got elected on a negotiate-with-Russia platform, right after the Maidan protests and US diplomats saying they 'installed their own people' in Ukraine as a result of Maidan. It almost feels like the US was laughing in the faces of Ukrainian people about how they won't get what they really want and are easily manipulated. This is getting deeply tinfoily but it seems similar to me to the egregious way obvious dementia patient/pedophile Joe Biden won the primaries and became president in the US even though no one really seemed to like him very much and people had to go through this whole multi-year farce of pretending he 'just has a stutter' or pretending it wasn't weird that some of his campaign rallies/victory speeches were zoom calls to empty mall parking lots with Ford car fleets with no one inside. It was especially interesting to me that right when people started claiming 'the US election was stolen' a bunch of articles started cropping up about how 'no, actually, the US election wasn't stolen, but the Ukrainian one obviously was! The Ukraine has the most obviously corrupt electoral system of them all!' right before all this shit happened. Sometimes it really feels like TPTB are spitting in our faces and seeing how much we'll tolerate.

No. 2028706

Samefag yes I realize it was the previous election (not the one of Zelensky) that was supposedly fraudulent, the one right after the US admitted to meddling. But that just makes it even more insulting because they're basically bragging that no matter what happens they can meddle and then be the international arbiters of what election was 'genuine,' yet despite Zelensky running on an antiwar/negotiating with Russia platform the US interfered the second he tried to negotiate with Putin and made sure that wouldn't happen.

No. 2028709

Samefag again and then I should go to bed but Sean Penn or whoever giving Zelensky their oscars on 'diplomatic trips' just makes it even more in your face and weirder.

No. 2028799

Are there any books on this that you could recommend? Or videos? I believe this too because I see it happen constantly I just want to read other peoples thoughts on it. It’s so interesting to me and I wish I knew how it’s even possible.

No. 2028813

NTA but if you're interested in the topic, start reading Jung. He developed a theory called psychodynamics. If you want a primer on what Jungian archetypes are, watch vidrel she does a decent job explaining difficult concepts in succinct ways.

No. 2028822

File: 1717139961884.png (256.36 KB, 828x663, mr5fXVm.png)

Why the fuck does the government say the economy is doing well? I literally can't afford to buy groceries these days

No. 2028829

When everything is expensive government collects more taxes and people are forced to be more productive.

No. 2029320

When I was learning statistics, one of the most important lessons we learned was that the statistician is more more important than the statistics. As a statistician, one of your jobs is to play with the statistics enough that you're able to clearly express any idea you'd want to send. I.e., if you go to a small town in red-county USA and ask people if they were to vote republican, undecided, or democrat, most would say the former, then you could skew the statistics to say that "most Americans are planning to vote Republican," likewise since that same population would most likely be filled with a few more democrats than those undecided, you can skew it to be "more Americans are planning to vote blue as fewer remain undecided." So, both companies on either side of the political spectrum can use the same research that they give different implications to foster their side. Knowing this really makes me jaded about seeing graphs or stats figures, but I'm happy that I was educated in statistics so that I can view the raw data and interpret it myself. I think more people should share this knowledge.

All this to say, I think that any study that you see from any government isn't necessarily a production of raw material fact to begin with, and I don't think any study that is put out there by any government that is totally non-partisan or doesn't have an ulterior idea behind it. When a government is performing poorly, or poverty is becoming more apparent and normal in daily life, or the quality of life is slipping back, they won't actually release a study that confirms those things in any meaningful way; they'll distract with a deluded and over-interpreted headline followed up by a puffed-up graph prepared by people that are paid to trick you. I hope this makes sense.

No. 2029343

No. 2029345

Nonnie most soy is produced for cattle to be consumed, not vegans kek. This is retarded.

No. 2029360

>Over one-third (37%) of global soy is fed to chickens and other poultry, one-fifth to pigs, and 6% to aquaculture. Very little soy is used for beef and dairy production – only 2%.

>One-fifth of the world’s soy is used for direct (i.e. not from meat and dairy) human consumption. Most of this is first processed into soybean oil.

Some countries use very little soy as animal feed such as the EU.
>According to the European Compound Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC), the volume of
industrial compound feed produced in the EU27+UK reached 164.86 million tonnes in 2020.
This volume accounted for around 20% of the total feed consumed by farm animals in that year, while roughages accounted for 67% and on-farm feed materials for 13%.

Roughage is parts of crops that are not edible to humans.

No. 2029439

it's doing well for business owners who use excuses to falsely inflate prices. Given if it wasn't for heavily addicted consumers and bootstrapers we could be do a lot better, no one wants to boycott or force places to lower prices - at the same time a lot of businesses rather shut down than lower prices

No. 2029804

I've been poring over the footage for hours and I'm starting to suspect kennedy didn't kill himself

No. 2030125


wasn’t ghislane maxwell one of Reddit’s most influential members and moderated a bunch of their biggest subs also posted pro pedo things.

No. 2030490

I have not seen anyone who went from being a Soviet Union defender to taking Ukraine’s side in the war. Usually people like the former are anti nato and have always opposed Zionism. They also defend Stalin because he defeated the Nazis and they know ukraines nazi history and present. I saw some people at first be like we support Ukrainian workers or otherwise support Ukrainians somehow or other but not like the rabid Slava Ukraini people who tend to be dems. Those people know Nazis are in Ukraine.

BUT I can see how the blue anon side of the partisan divide would be pro Ukraine and anti Zionist it does seem that way and the trump side is anti Ukraine and pro isreal. I just don’t see Stalinists or Stalin ussr defenders being caught up in that. Maybe you saw a single freak doing this but I wouldn’t extrapolate that to a trend among stalin defenders.

Some people who are communists which is basically why someone would be a Soviet Union and especially Stalin defender can be opposed to financialization theory of capitalism and Nazis also blamed finance instead of capitalism itself and I don’t know enough beyond that and have never been opposed to critique of financialization it’s not common but I’ve seen it. You can think that’s a cop out to not blame capitalism itself and a Nazi argument which it was nazi propaganda and oppose settler colonial occupation, genocide and an ethnic supremacist apartheid state unlike any other in existence today. That’s not far fetched but I don’t see that many people who are so offended by critique of finance instead of capitalism. I follow a lot of pro ussr Stalinist people never seen what you’re talking about.

Your reasons for not being a fan of the Israeli govt are weird too.

Tinfoil wise a reason something hypothetical like that that’s not happening would happen might be something else you’ve mentioned is the rat line of former Nazis to places like Canada and other locations in americas, paperclip and they’re still building and operating a fourth reich.

Sorry that is long winded but I’m not about to edit this and I have read this whole thread and it’s like 80% or more of this.

No. 2031809

Everything in this post is correct but with inflation specifically it is usually calculated through a 'basket of goods' calculation where some 'consumer goods analyst' goes to, say, a grocery store or a housing listing site and calculates how much it costs to buy 'the same' goods that year compared to a previous year. There are all sorts of really obvious ways to fudge this which have been pointed out by consumer watchdogs. For example, with groceries, in the past the 'basket of goods' might have contained some higher quality steaks, butter, a box with 30 cookies from a known brand, a pineapple, some raspberries, some bakery bread. Then 10 years later they will go in and select some low-quality ground beef, margarine, ,a shrinkflated box with 15 cookies from a no-name brand, some wilted apples and wonderbread and they will say 'look, the cost barely rose!' They do this with other stuff like housing and utilities as well, picking out smaller or older/dilapidated houses in worse areas and saying housing costs are remaining relatively static while the quality of that housing, square footage, etc. goes down. They might also go to a cheaper store like costco for their 'basket of goods' while in the past they would go to a more expensive/normal grocery store. The hardest things to lie about are gas prices for cars, but sometimes they can even say this is no big deal because more people are driving hybrids or electric. Same with utilities like heating, sometimes instead of directly talking about how much the same amount of electricity costs now versus 10 years ago they will say 'the price to heat a 2 person home is X' but they're assuming you're heating it to a lower temperature during the winter and just wear a sweater. All these tricks contribute to pretending inflation is way lower than it actually is.

This is the exact same thing they do with unemployment stats btw. More and more people either have stopped looking entirely/dropped out of the workforce to become SAHMs or live with their parents over the course of COVID so those people technically don't count as 'unemployed' but people with gig work, even if it's just 5h/week as an uber driver, don't 'count' as 'unemployed' either. So they can claim unemployment is at an all time low because people report some income from some kind of job even if it's multiple part time jobs, freelance/gig work, etc. even when people getting full time employment are lower than before.

No. 2031814

You're lucky you have such non-hypocrite friends nona because that's basically the opposite of my experiences, people who formerly called themselves 'tankies' started slapping 'we stand with Ukraine' on everything and the exact same people freaking out about everything being antisemitic are posting antisemitic memes and suggesting all Israelis should be exterminated. I know a handful of people like the people you are describing but a much larger number who are always on the 'popular' side of any argument which in my local community was largely pro-communist, then pro-ukraine, then pro-palestine. It was not 'a single freak' it was dozens of people I know personally and have on social media and many more people I don't personally know but saw posting on twitter and other social media sites.

Why would it be weird to not be a fan of the Israeli government for lying about history and extorting poorer countries by lying about their involvement in WWII?

No. 2031818

What was her username

No. 2031822

NTAYRT but apparently it was Maxwellhill

No. 2031846

Ok gangstalking spergery aside they ARE doing some weird shit at CERN and I honestly believe 100% they have somehow figured out how to send messages encoded in particle patterns forwards and backwards in time and are using this to coordinate world events for ritualistic/capitalistic/whateveristic purposes

No. 2032092

How is it likely achieved?It seems like nonsense

No. 2032131

But time doesn't really exist anon… they can't send anything "backwards" because there is no "backwards".

No. 2032169

File: 1717349630546.png (1.42 MB, 2200x819, image_2024-06-03_033137170.png)

Celebrities are getting facial implants. I am not basing this off anything but my mother-given ADHD-founded clairvoyance. It just makes a lot of sense, they can afford it and it's essentially a permanent version of filler, except it doesn't shift or dissolve. I could see them using custom shaped rib bone for small adjustments or polyethyelene implants for both small and large changes. This current procedure is not widely offered (at least not in Australia) or even well-known as an alternative to filler. There was some news going around about celebrities getting procedures that "nobody even knows about" or whatever so I'm wholly convinced it's custom facial implants - seriously, just scroll through this page https://www.eppleycustomfacialimplants.com/total-face-implants/, you could build a new face from scratch.

No. 2032488

I mean aren't jaw implants already quite common among celebs? I agree with you anon but I'd hardly call this a tinfoil.

No. 2032494

Silicone and other cheek/jaw/nose implants are a known thing that plastic surgeons talk about nonna

No. 2032528

This will never not be the most creepy thing I’ve ever seen being shown on a national news video. This woman was clearly struggling for her life and the firefighter just held her down and mysteriously right after she was declared dead and no one bats an eye. 1:16 is where it starts for vidrel, someone was clearly trying to kill her

No. 2032531

Wait, you're saying she was declared dead before this happened?

No. 2032553

do you have a theory about why she was killed? off the cuff, I'm guessing that she learned too much when she was married to Ellen and her mind broke and she was silenced because she was saying too much.

No. 2032560

File: 1717367149898.jpeg (61.77 KB, 750x137, IMG_1071.jpeg)

Apparently she died a week after the car crush but in that very clip of the video she is quite literally thrashing for her life which someone who’s accelerating at a high speed in a car and crashes it into a solid building would not be able to move around like that, they would either be actually dead or in a severe condition that causes immobility. She was still alive for a few days but it seemed like whoever was after it unfortunately caught her and killed her in the hospital.
No idea, just saw that she used to date Ellen back then and said she was never really a true lesbian which adds more to the mystery. Ellen’s DJ twitch later committed suicide right after this happened like literally 4 months after Anne died

No. 2032577

File: 1717367764229.png (3.74 MB, 1464x1400, Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 18.34…)

She gave a very schizo interview in the Advocate where she talks about being molested by her father among other things. But it was in 2001, long before she died. Almost want to read her book now, this is a rabbit hole

No. 2032580

No. 2032663

I believe that every school shooting is manufactured by the government to push anti gun laws in order to disarm the populace. Agents will specifically find and groom isolated teenage boys into committing a mass shooting that targets young children. Young children are targeted for two reasons. One, children have neither money nor lobbyists, so killing them results in zero political blow back. Two, they're the perfect victim to tug on society's heartstrings to make decisions that aren't in society's best interests. I base this on the facts gathered from mass shootings, mainly the police stopping anyone from interfering in the Uvalde murders until the children were all dead and that mass shooter who never happened because the police immediately killed him. There was a man with a gun and a manifesto who had been proven to be talking to a CIA agent for several months. The man planned out a school shooting and made his handler aware of the targets and the exact date. He was driving to the elementary school and being followed by the police several thousand feet back. However, he suddenly changed his mind, and made his handler aware that he was going to go shoot up the Governor and her neighborhood and so changed course in his car to drive towards her house. At which point police immediately accelerated, surrounded his car, performed a pit maneuver to get him stopped, and then shot him in the head while he was still buckled into his car. They had the power to stop him at any time, but didn't until it became clear that he was going to murder someone other than the target, specifically someone who was politically connected enough that their actions might come under scrutiny.

No. 2032669

I don't agree with your tinfoil that every single school shooting is this (I think some people just are that schizo) but I definitely think some of them might be manufactured just because of how often it comes out that school shooters were already 'known to' FBI/CIA/whatever and on some watchlist beforehand. There were also a couple non-school mass shootings at festivals or events that seemed extremely suspicious and politically motivated where it was later proven the shooters were CIA/FBI assets.

Do you have sources for the story of the guy who was apprehended?

No. 2032704

Time isn't really real, but you could simulate time reversal by reversing the momentum of everything (along with some other shit like reversing all magnetic polarity, the spin of all electrons, etc). Not very achievable, but an outsider wouldn't be able to distinguish the effects of this from true "time reversal" as we normally think of it

No. 2032706

>the attitude of Westerners on these wars just seems like twitter fanwars at this point
I'm moderately pro-Ukraine or at least anti-Putin, but during the first few weeks of the war it was genuinely frightening watching everyone I knew on social media fall in lock step as patriots of a country most of them couldn't find on a map the month before, like watching a bunch of robots all get a new software update at the same time.

No. 2032714

Yesssss thank you nonnies. Back when Pizzagate was happening I started lurking the forums out of curiosity, thinking I'd be laughing at the crazy schizo stuff, but they actually DID dig up a lot of convincing evidence specifically about Podesta. My tinfoil is that the Pizzagate forums were infiltrated by people making deliberately absurd and outlandish claims so that normies would assume "nothing to see here, it's a crazy conspiracy theory."

No. 2032722

Terrance Howard?

No. 2032723

>random teenybopper movies where the 'evil white cis male' villain was wearing a visible David's Star for the whole movie.
Wait, what? What movie is this?

No. 2032728

I always heard the emails were full of interesting stuff that was pretty damning or at least eyebrow raising and worth looking in to but I've never actually seen them because it was like it got washed away in a deluge of nonsense and soundbites about pizzagate or just nonstop insisting it was all crazy conspiracies

No. 2032733

Yeah I agree it was frightening, and it happens whenever a current New Thing makes the news, and it's always the same lockstep opinions with the vast majority of people unlike what the other anon above said. Yeah there are always some people who don't fall into lockstep but most do.

I'm not a fan of Putin but you will never convince me Putin wanted this war, I think NATO wanted this war, we know the US stopped peace negotiation talks early on and likely bombed the pipelines to further ruin Russia's diplomatic relations with the EU, I think Putin is a narcissistic autocrat but he didn't really want to invade Ukraine unlike what everyone is saying and Ukraine was committing human rights abuses very similar to those Israel has been committing but no one seemed to care about that.

No. 2032735

AYRT I said it in another post but it was Do Revenge, the 'white male cis evil villain' character was a jewish trust fundie who wore a david's star around his neck prominently the whole movie, including in multiple shirtless scenes.

No. 2032737

I thought it was tinfoil when I first heard about it but my mom kept sperging about it so I went and looked at the original file leak and just browsed it a little bit, some of the shit in there was really strange.

No. 2032752

Yes, there was a lot of stuff in the email leaks that made literally no sense unless "pizza" was a codeword for something else. There were also a couple of creepy messages describing children in detail where there was no need for it, like inviting someone (I think Podesta but could be remembering wrong) to a party and giving extended descriptions of the host's kids. I just tried to find a link for you but of course it's all been scrubbed from the web since then.

No. 2032755

Yeah pizza was 100% a code word for something, there is no way they were talking about pizza. I wasn't sure what it was code for when I read the emails though, my assumption was it was something to do with drugs and I only learned later that 'pizza' is often used as a code word by pedos.

No. 2032759

No. 2032761

You can't even discern from what email leaks are real or fake because more than half the ones posted online with insistence that they're totally confirmed real are still fake. Omg

No. 2032764

File: 1717376507242.jpg (33.37 KB, 676x446, 0_p6SUOFT8Tx72OIgY.jpg)

Normal people don't talk like this.

No. 2032766

Wouldn't clinton/Podesta have simply denied those were their emails instead of confirming then? Also a bunch of the emails people got concerned about (like the 'spirit cooking' shit with Abramovic, think what you will about her but people thought it was creepy) was also talked about in mainstream news with photos and everything. Are you saying Clinton and Podesta psyopped themselves to try to lose momentum in the election?

No. 2032769

they confirmed them? news to me

No. 2032770

This is laughably conspicuous holy shit.

No. 2032775

>white and black
what the fuck is a handkerchief supposed to mean?? kek they didn’t even try to cover up their sex trafficking

No. 2032776

Yeah, stuff like that. "A map that seems pizza related" is so weird someone should have been asked what they were actually discussing.

No. 2032777

You can read through all the emails at https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/. I never looked through 'em myself so if you find suspicious shit, screenshot it and post it here!

No. 2032781

Maybe not every single one individually but there were TV interviews where people involved in the emails were asked about them and for the most part were just saying stuff like 'we were just talking about pizza haha why are people so weird' or like I mentioned with the spirit cooking thing, they came out and started posting photo ops and news articles about what spirit cooking 'really' is that made it sound no less creepy to the types of people who think 'satanic' rituals actually accomplish something.

No. 2032811

I see. I though they had avoided commenting on it so as not to lend legitimacy or whatever

No. 2032814

I think for the most part they tried to avoid commenting but I remember being on a trip where I was staying in some motels while the whole thing was going down and my mom who was very invested in the US election for some reason (we're not american) kept turning US TV channels on to follow the controversy and there definitely were some direct responses to the emails (possibly not by Clinton herself but people involved in her campaign) and other people involved in the emails who basically confirmed the pizza shit was real through lack of denial/mocking 'conspiracy theorists' who hear pizza or pasta and think it's about children when it's obviously just about party foods, etc. Back then I was way more checked out of this stuff and hadn't read the emails myself so I remember agreeing with them and thinking my mom was acting crazy until I actually read the emails.

I'm not 100% sure that all the images going around were confirmed real but even mainstream journalists claimed they had confirmed with US government people themselves that the images they were posting were real plus people on the campaign were mocking people making a big deal out of some posts about party food or spirit cooking so idk. Normally if these emails were actually not real they'd just say 'they aren't real,' they even do that with verified shit like the hunter biden laptop scandal and everyone believes them.

No. 2032815

What I want to know is why so many people in power are pedophiles

No. 2032820

Two pretty simple reasons anon: The first reason is just that most people who want a lot of power are psychopaths, and psychopaths are more likely to be pedos. The second is that most people who get to pretty high positions in government/politics/NGOs/anything similar to that are honeypotted at some point, they aren't allowed to gain more power unless someone has blackmail material on them to keep them in line. So people who refuse to participate in evil shit just won't be supported in gaining more political power. It's just another version of the 'casting couch' shit in hollywood where basically anyone who has gotten big roles has probably prostituted themselves at some point otherwise they won't be given big roles.

No. 2032834

Unrelated tinfoil but a lot of tinfoilers talk about how 'body positivity' and 'obesity glorification' is a psyop to make women (always women lol) want to become obese and make people weak and infertile and so on, however this tinfoil never seemed reasonable to me because women emphatically do not want to be fat no matter how much 'fat activism' and body positivity there is.

However I've been thinking about this more and I think one of the reasons there's more FA/fat positivity in the media is to distract people's attention away from what is causing the rise in overweight and obesity all over the world. I think they think if they can just convince some people being fat is not actually unhealthy and make everyone infight about whether it's healthy/unhealthy or pretty/ugly and keep it on this really personal, shallow level, they can divert attention away from all the environmental pollutants and drugs that are making people fatter and giving them hormonal diseases. If you look far back enough in history and medical textbooks/case studies you see that prior to WWI it was fairly rare to be morbidly obese but obese people were often described or assumed to have 'glandular issues.' This fell out of fashion and the 'it's just calories in calories out' rhetoric took hold once they started introducing a lot of unhealthy substances to our food and environment. I think this ultimately serves the purpose of discouraging people from looking behind the curtain at the rise in hormonal issues as it becomes like a fun party game for people to hate on fat people and then for fat people to defend themselves and say 'I'm beautiful actually and my blood test results are perfect!' out of defensiveness.

No. 2032845

It’s literally the food companies. I will come back with caps when I find them, I know there was a woman in charge of something high level at toll house (as in the cookie company, if memory serves) that was an active fat positivity poster on Twitter. It was diabolical.

No. 2032856

Oh please post caps when you find them. I think it's not only the food companies because it's not only food companies that are introducing these pollutants into the environment. I think cosmetics companies, fuel companies, plastics/packaging companies, crop/agribusiness companies like Monsanto, drug companies, etc. are all involved as well as government bodies. But I would believe food companies are heavily involved.

Another thing was the diabolical attacks on the (now TIF lmao) doctor who invented HAES and the corruption of what HAES was supposed to mean. Originally it was just an obesity doctor noticing that obesity treatments and diets basically never work, and trying to promote treatments that focused on relieving health issues/symptoms related to metabolic issues in people of every size rather than focusing on weight itself (IIRC the interventions actually helped fat people lose a little more weight than most other interventions do). But the media corrupted this into 'everyone is healthy at every size! fat people aren't unhealthy!' and then a bunch of pundits ran with it and started attacking this woman who originally was just pointing out that obesity reseach has never effectively been solving obesity and that even normal weight people have some of the same obesity-related hormonal problems.

No. 2032878

File: 1717382907389.jpeg (204.05 KB, 1083x1458, FZfP3G4WIAESLwb.jpeg)

Damn I can't find it. It might have been something like a marketing exec for Toll House was later doing "body positivity" fat activism stuff on twitter but I don't remember if she was still employed at Toll House or at least invested in it so I wanted to check. I can't remember her name or the account. but it was literally a toll house employee of some type who was not fat posting on twitter about how being fat was totally healthy. I think I saw it through 0ddette on twitter.
pic not really related

No. 2032891

I feel like this is pretty obvious. Like with how they advertised things like cereal as healthy despite it being nothing of the sort and how serving sizes written on processed foods are often an overestimate as realistically, you will eat more than the serving size. It's a lot easier to market a freezer food and snack cakes as opposed to lettuce. A lot of these processed foods is the only way a lot of these companies are able to capitalize off branding and having stuff like patents, trade marks ect. In some sense, i don't really think they care too much if women lose weight or not, they just need people to be addicted to buying their products. I think the way that such companies infiltrate countries around the world regardless of their economic status with great ease is something we should all be concerned about.

No. 2032896

Same fag, but this reminds me of this article that was making the rounds on youtube a couple of months ago

No. 2032897

Ugh the whole lowfat/sugar craze and then the sugar replacement/low-cal sweetener craze was such an insane psyop and I can't believe I fell for it for so long. Well I guess I can believe it because when I was born it was already in full swing but man it's so obviously wrong, how were we so blind.

No. 2032903

unschooling is just lending to the child the capacity of themselves developing the critical thinking skills to learn by themselves and to be people with independent thought by knowing how teaching methodologies, something that any person with independence needs, in general there are parents which abuse kids with this but these parents didn't practice unschooling but simply put their kids onto vaults and never gave them stimulation by having experiences, which is a part of unschooling (giving books, teaching tools, generally learning by example and self work and more), that isn't the issue of unschooling but in general the act of child neglect which is in general a way to hurt kids, the solution of this isn't to remove critical thought but to simply remove abusers by the community eliminating these bad people rather than forcing kids onto propaganda places like schools which inherently are by their model being made for making people which cannot have any self critical thought by the prussian model, in general removing the method people used to learn stuff in the past which has been shown to work just because of people who forbide these aspects just because of some insane people is retarded and the reflection of lack of critical thinking being something which in general is forced upon people to not attain self sufficiency.
in general they should be more community development to see and catch these abusers, not to put the kids of those places on another treadmill which will abuse them exactly as their fathers by the schooling system encouraging not remembering things by being made to be dropped rather than critically used and applied.

No. 2032905

Cereal was originally invented to curb young males' sexual appetites and urges by literally making them weaker and lower energy, it was invented to basically sap people's life force for the sake of puritanism. And yet it was still considered a 'health food' growing up which is just insane. They knew what they were doing back then and then they successfully convinced entire civilizations that up is down regarding nutrition.

I still think it goes deeper than food companies and it's not really about overeating (although getting people to overeat junk is profitable). It's also about hiding genuine hormonal disorders behind the label of 'overeating' when many fat people increasingly are not overeating, and even non-fat people increasingly have these hormonal and metabolic issues but assume they're healthy because they're not fat (yet?) The focus is kept on women even though men are just as fat because everyone loves arguing about whether women are sufficiently beautiful and keeping all the emphasis on individual choices 'to be fat' or 'to be thin' keeps people's energies and attention diverted from what's really happening. No one is trying to actually glorify obesity and make women want to be fat as many rightoids say, they're just trying to divide and conquer with stupid arguments about individual choice and aesthetics instead of population-level health.

I also think the rhetoric surrounding the Ozempic craze took a similar path - the studies on Ozempic actually showed some really interesting things scientifically suggesting that something else is going on with metabolic issues/weight gain than just overeating but the media chose to hyperfocus on celebrities using it to starve and 'taking meds away from diabetics' instead of asking why diabetic meds work so well on non-diabetics and why this drug works when appetite suppressants don't.

No. 2032910

Giving books only works if the child is literate though, you need to teach them how to read and write in order for them to actually discover their interests by reading and googling and whatever. If you leave it up to the child to 'discover their interests' while illiterate they won't discover much of anything unless their interest is riding a bike or climbing a tree. I knew some people in a semi-unschooling based high school when I was younger, that had pretty 'free' schedules and kids were allowed to come up with their own projects and pitch them to teachers and stuff, but that's not the same as literally leaving your child in the basement while they continue to be illiterate and innumerate.

I understand and agree with a lot of your concerns about the conventional prussian schooling model as stated but I went to some public schools that actually were quite good at teaching/encouraging critical thinking (not in primary school but in secondary) and the socialization/self-discipline aspects of school were beneficial and important to me. There are ways to actually improve schools but still give parents the benefit of free childcare and give kids the benefit of socialization and more financial resources/infrastructure (gyms, pools, libraries they can access every day, wood shops, car mechanic garages, dance classes, music classes/free instruments and performance opportunities, theater and a whole bunch of other shit homeschooling usually doesn't have the resources to provide. I think it's easier to reform the schooling model (in theory, I know governments don't want that) than develop a widely-applicable method of homeschooling/unschooling.

No. 2033520

Was watching a video on how Reddit is a massive psyop.

No. 2033825

this is a very common tactic that they began using in the UFO field back after Roswell. It's easy and it works

No. 2034438

These keep appearing on my fyp, any thoughts/info on 'plasma entities'? Common theory seems to be that they're fourth dimensional, hence the changing shape

“Plasmas” up to a kilometer in size and behaving similarly to multicellular organisms have been filmed on 10 separate NASA space shuttle missions, over 200 miles above Earth within the thermosphere. These self-illuminated “plasmas” are attracted to and may “feed on” electromagnetic radiation. They have different morphologies: 1) cone, 2) cloud, 3) donut, 4) spherical-cylindrical; and have been filmed flying towards and descending from the thermosphere into thunderstorms; congregating by the hundreds and interacting with satellites generating electromagnetic activity; approaching the Space Shuttles….They’ve been filmed accelerating, slowing down, stopping, congregating, engaging in
“hunter-predatory” behavior and intersecting plasmas leaving a plasma dust trail in their wake"

"Before NASA’s mission control changes the subject, the STS 115 Commander states: “The best way I can describe it as some kind of reflective cloth— some type of metallic looking type of cloth — a structure which is definitely not rigid — it’s not a solid metal structure”


No. 2034441

they just look like balloons?

No. 2034531

Are they related to the space jellyfish I’ve been hearing about in r/ufos?

No. 2034941

File: 1717480719359.png (1.45 MB, 884x1062, obesity and altitude.png)

I recently read through this series of posts speculating about about the very thing you're talking about.

I think some of the arguments are shaky, but I found the overall idea very interesting. In short, the series of posts claims that there's a suspiciously strong correlation between altitude and obesity, and that this is because the drinking water in low-altitude areas has traveled a much greater distance and has had much more time to pick up endocrine-disrupting contaminants like PFASs.

No. 2035008

There was some discussion in the covid thread about obesity and psych drugs that I'm bringing here.

Bringing this back to covid, I wasn't actually skeptical of the vaccine and medicine in general until after I lost my patience trying to get mental health "treatment," and I realized that most psychiatry and therapy is on similarly shaky grounds as gender-affirming care, and that the rest of medicine is completely complicit. Most doctors are not putting in the legwork and reading studies and investigating whether or not something actually works. Instead, they use motivated reasoning to support whatever conclusion is easier for them to accept, only slowly changing their minds if they have dozens of patients insist that they are wrong. I realized that this is very, very true of antidepressants and the like, and that the exact same blind-faith approach was being used with the vaccines.

NTA but I would love to have more discussions about psych stuff. I think the tinfoil thread is OK for it, but I think it's a pretty big topic that's very relevant to a lot of what we discuss on this website. Namely, cows, troons, and autism. Maybe a psychiatry-critical thread? There's some less-conspiratorial aspects of psychiatry that I would like to see discussed as well.
For example, I think that drugs like adderall and bupropion, even if they're bad for your health in the long term, are extremely effective at boosting the average person's productivity in the short term. So long as you have the money and the will, getting a prescription for these is very easy, but you still have to traverse this archaic system and jump through a bunch of hoops and pretend like it's "medicine" and not performance-enhancing drugs that are required to function in a world where most available jobs are less meaningful and more intellectually demanding than ever.
I'm really curious to see if we'll begin treating these drugs more casually and more like OTC or even street drugs, or if we'll continue down our current path of expanding definitions of mental health diagnoses and pathologizing normal behavior. I think both options have some scary implications, but I don't think we're going to do the correct thing and fix the societal problems that lead us to feel like we need to take these drugs to keep up.

No. 2035015

I hate to be that person but obesity rates correlate strongly with wealth and other factors related to social problems. You can even point out where the native reservations are on the map. That's not to say that PFASs aren't factors in obesity, but it's not the main driver.

No. 2035017

I think this might be one of many factors but I doubt it is the only one or even a main factor. I think there are so many different environmental factors (lifestyle factors too but I think environmental factors and hormonal illnesses are an even stronger driver) that I wouldn't focus too hard on just one specific group of chemicals. There are so many things in the modern food supply, water, air, and medical prescriptions that all contribute to disrupting hormones this is probably only a drop in the bucket, although I think it is an interesting hypothesis.

No. 2035021

YES to a psych-critical thread!

No. 2035030

Seconding this.

You're right anon that most doctors are not putting in any legwork or reading studies about medical science. In fact the thread you linked back to even has examples of doctors and researchers admitting that this is true, and doctors making excuses for why they don't feel like reading medical research anymore (because it's "not reliable" ironically, considering that we are all supposed to Believe Science TM now). Motivated reasoning is a huge factor in why many people, including (especially, actually) highly educated people believe things that they just shouldn't logically believe. The more educated you are or the 'higher IQ' you are the more likely you are to be able to rationalize an irrational belief just because you want to, and twist yourself into a pretzel to avoid admitting you are wrong.

I definitely agree with you regarding adderall. Blog but I use ephedrine myself from the workout supplement store sometimes, which is like a milder version of speed/an amphetamine than adderall. I initially used it to maximize the efficacy of workouts but then I realized it worked great as a study drug too. I never used it long term because I know amphetamines (even mild ones) are harmful to the body but I never suspected that I had ADHD either, and it worked just as well for me as it works for people with ADHD, meaning that speed or substances similar to speed make everyone more focused, alert, and awake. If you've been diagnosed with ADHD (whether you have it or not, whatever it is) it's easy to confirm your belief that you 'have ADHD' by taking an amphetamine and finding that you are more focused and alert. But everyone regardless of mental illness status is more alert and focused on amphetamines, so it proves nothing.

My personal belief is that we will continue down our current path of expanding definitions of mental health diagnoses, at least for a while, and pathologizing normal behaviour. The reason I believe this is because the alternative is to pathologize a society that incentivizes drug use and abnormality in its citizens just for the sake of 'productivity' and I don't think the powers that be are ready to admit that this is exactly what they are doing. But it is what they are doing and I think eventually people will realize that, unfortunately probably when they are all suffering from a myriad of endocrine issues, cardiac issues and mental issues and god knows what from going down this path of taking drugs to increase their 'productivity' and believing that being 'productive' in a modern neoliberal capitalist society is what 'being normal' actually means.

No. 2035032

I think the thread should be about medicine in general. Since a lot of doctors are shit, not just psychiatrist. But also, we have a bogus therapy thread here:

No. 2035038

I wasn't aware of the bogus therapy thread, thanks for linking it. I think therapy itself is a whole other topic but I am often more personally concerned with psychiatry (like the MD, medical, prescription side) than talk therapy although I have issues with talk therapy too. I think a medicine being shit thread could be cool since it's come up on this thread a lot in the past and is also coming up on the COVID consequences thread, some people might view all skepticism towards modern medicine as tinfoil though.

No. 2035044

Not to be mean but I don't think the medical hoax thread would be a good idea. It seems like there's less than a dozen anons that are antivax (and very staunch in their beliefs) and their discussions will just draw in provax anons to start infights and shit like that. I think the majority of us are just tired of the COVID discussion. Everything that had to be said was already said in previous threads so now it's just boring rehash of old topics that most people really dgaf about.

No. 2035048

Have you read the old tinfoil threads anon? I think it's way more than a dozen people who were 'antivax' and I don't see why discussing bad medicine has to be related to the COVID vax at all. The anon above who came from the COVID thread moved the conversation here because posts on that thread were redtexted for derailing when they became about medicine more generally, so obviously there is some kind of desire to talk about more general medical topics that are unrelated to COVID.

No. 2035050

Samefag but 'medical hoax' is a loaded term to begin with, I think most women who have dealt to any significant degree with the modern medical system have negative experiences and stories about it. I think it's weird to put negative medical experiences (which are the norm) in a tinfoil thread where people are talking about aliens, mobius earth and people stealing energy from babies, but maybe having a bad experience with doctors is literally considered on the same level of tinfoil/the same thing as thinking the government has been hosting aliens for the last several decades in which case what's the point of even calling things 'tinfoil' anymore.(learn2delete)

No. 2035120

A medical hoax thread would be a trainwreck. Keep that shit on Facebook jfc

No. 2035121

Why do you think it would?

Also no one said to make a 'medical hoax' thread they said a psychiatry critical thread and then someone else suggested a thread critical of medicine in general. I think there are other threads where that could be discussed but it does seem funny to put it in tinfoil when it has nothing to do with tinfoil and most farmers probably don't visit the tinfoil thread because they're not tinfoilers (I appreciate you tho tinfoilers)

No. 2035413

>Why do you think it would?
Because nobody would be interested except schizos, boomers with low info literacy, and reddit skeptic types. The best case scenario is that a half-dozen anons who for whatever reason are super emotionally invested in the topic will keep the thread bumped by chatting at each other, as is what happened to the COVID thread long after everyone had lost interest. Plus there are already thousands of places to talk about colloidal silver or vaccine injuries or whatever. There's simply no point.

No. 2035417

You seem afraid. Something wrong?

No. 2035769

Why would nobody be interested, lolcow and every other women's community on the internet is full of women complaining about bad experiences with the medical system, it's as close to a universal female experience as you can get. You're also in the tinfoil thread nonna, complaining that other anons might have tinfoily opinions (bad medical experiences are not tinfoil, for like the third time, but you seem obsessed with anti vaxers and medical hoaxes)

No. 2035810

>I use ephedrine myself from the workout supplement store sometimes, which is like a milder version of speed/an amphetamine than adderall
Be careful with this. I started using it for chronic sinusitis, then started using it for other reasons. I ended up with acute supraventricular tachycardia. I haven't taken it since.

No. 2035848

Kek different anons. All I said was that it wouldn't be a great thread because it would be a shit thread cuz it'd just turn into infights really quick (like like how the quarantine impact thread devolved so rapidly into a hours-long infight). Tinfoil thread should be about actually interesting tinfoils, not "muh healthcare evil" or "covid vaccine is evil" because all that's been hashed out already and it's boring. COVID is half a decade old already, it's boring to talk about just like how 9/11 conspiracies are boring now too. It's old news.

No. 2035852

I think a medical hoax thread and a “disappointments with the medical system” thread would attract different anons. I am not team medical hoax but like every other woman on the planet I’ve had issues with the medical system.

No. 2035859

IIRC we might already have a medical experience thread in /g/, but if not that would be a good thread idea for anons looking for advice or to vent about their experiences. If there isn't a thread for it, I think /g/ would be a good board for it.

No. 2035873

There's a difference between bad medical experiences and "medical hoax", the latter of which is framed in a manner that would inherently only attract schizos and the sperglords who want to invest their time arguing with them.
> you seem obsessed with anti vaxers and medical hoaxes
I'm not the one who wants a thread about it; nice grade school insult tho

No. 2035943

Are all discussions where two people disagree 'infights' now? I agree with you that the tinfoil thread should be for actual tinfoils and not about people describing how healthcare or psychiatry sucks which is why I like the other nonna's suggestion of a separate thread, because it's not tinfoil to talk about the psychiatry or medical industry.

No one suggested making a 'medical hoax' thread someone suggested making a 'psychiatry-critical' thread and someone else said to make it a 'medical system critical' thread then some third person said 'omg we don't need a medical hoax thread' which no one said we needed. Anons try reading like 5 posts up at least if you're gonna respond to something.

Regarding COVID hoaxes being boring I don't think it's boring, it's the biggest hoax perpetrated on humanity and is linked to many other tinfoil topics, but since there's a thread for it already I think it belongs there not here. I do think a lot of the tinfoils brought up in here are kind of boring though like the aliens tinfoil which is just really played out and has been for decades yet it keeps coming up.

No. 2035958

Therapy and psychiatry are two completely different things anon. Psychiatry is the medical field concerned with prescribing psychoactive drugs to people. The poster who suggested a psychiatry critical thread wanted to talk about psyc drugs, not bad talk therapy. Also someone already posted that bogus therapy thread like 10 posts up.

No. 2035964

Since nothing is more boring than arguing about whether or not there should be a medical-industry-critical thread and the original nonna talking about psychiatric drugs isn't even here, what do you nonnas think about the 5G conspiracy? I thought this was one of the nuttier ones but then I found some science papers suggesting that 5G radiation is potentially quite harmful to the human body so I'm actually kind of concerned about 5G networks now. We know they have covered up the effects of radiation before.

The other kind of credible 5G-linked conspiracy imo is the idea that since Chinese companies installed 5G towers worldwide they also installed some kind of hacking backdoors or surveillance tech into them and are using 5G towers/networks to spy on the rest of the world.

No. 2036054

Lolcow isn’t actually a women’s website and this is just a dude ranch with male mods. This thought sticks in the back of my head and lowkey keeps me up at night kek. I think of all the sweet and funny exchanges I’ve had and then I scare myself into thinking it was just a man LARPing and I fell into the trap. Or I get nervous when I think about the male mods going through our post histories and laughing at our vulnerable posts. Shivers down my spine.

No. 2036059

I think the male posters usually make themselves pretty obvious and are bad at blending in, even though we're not allowed to scrotefoil anymore I just ignore posts that are by obvious moids. I agree with the tinfoil that some/most of the farmhands are male though, because women usually don't want to moderate websites and also a lot of the redtexts recently have seemed weirdly personal, like specifically deleting posts that are no different than other posts in a thread but that say something the farmhand doesn't like so they shut it down. This isn't always posts about scrote behaviour but sometimes (often) it is. I just find it hard to believe that everywhere else on the internet jannies are like 98% male but here they're all female, how do they even screen for it? I guess you just can't or shouldn't post things that are too vulnerable here, and should probably mix in some slightly false info about yourself so that no one can stalk you based on the info you post here.

No. 2036176

On the topic of child abuse ,I believe society will try to normalize pedophilia by making it seem like children can consent and enjoy sexual abuse. They will make pedophiles be seen as oppressed victims so the general population will be tricked into supporting them. I have a horrible feeling about the word MAP like it seems it was created to make pedophiles look less scary and dangerous.

No. 2036182

This isn't even tinfoil this already happened before and is happening now. Most of our modern philosophy and humanities that are taught in universities and spread on social media are based on a bunch of philosophers who all supported pedophilia (Foucault and basically all his contemporaries from the same school of philosophy). You can also just straight up read pedo manifestos posted online in the early 2000s where they would talk about how they were going to 'normalize' pedoshit and most of what was in the 'manifestos' already happened (using the term MAP, love is love, normalizing furries and other forms of light bestiality, coming in on the coattails of LGBT normalization and stealing their strategies for activism, etc). I unfortunately can't find it now but I read this manifesto being passed around years ago on pedo forums, some feminist websites would post about it periodically.

And speaking of the word MAP the even sneakier one is 'NOMAP' which pedos know means you are a pedophile but normies assume means you are 'anti-MAP' or 'not a MAP.'

No. 2036192

Please explain pedo manifestos I want to know how they are pushing this shit.

No. 2036203

It’s not even subtle if you have pedo experience… fuck I’m just realizing a lot of well adjusted people have no idea what the fuck is going on lmao because they’re not pedo victims hahahaha shit like it’s such a dark topic you either have to have been molested or be a god damn pedo! Haha

No. 2036216

File: 1717553320747.png (144.78 KB, 1003x879, JamesCantor.png)

Uhh I don't know where to find it now because the way I originally found them was through some obscure feminist websites and blogs run by CSA victims but they would link to a bunch of oldschool proboards type forums for pedos (I don't know if these are active anymore, they might have moved to discord and twitter now) and there was one manifesto in particular that got posted around a lot because it contained a 'game plan' to normalize pedophilia basically and they wanted other pedos to 'get with the program' so to speak in order to usher in the normalization of pedophilia faster. I think the manifesto was written around 2004-2006. If I ever find it again I'll post it here. It specifically made reference to trying to copy the gay civil rights movement and LGBT activism, specifically by using 'cutesy' phrases (MAP/NOMAP) for pedos, pushing ideas of 'child rights' and 'child autonomy' onto the public consciousness, pushing the idea that 'parents don't own their children' (have you noticed even mainstream politicians like Kamala Harris say this now?), pushing for 'soft acceptance' of stuff like bestiality to further normalize previously taboo sexual kinks (they suggested doing this through stuff like furries, puppy play, 'cute' costumes that would appeal to children and could be claimed to be non-sexual). There was also a lot of emphasis on the 'love is love' and 'born this way' phrases that were hallmarks of the gay rights movement, since associating pedophilia with the successes of the gay rights movement should make it more easily accepted. Famous psychology professors like James Cantor were involved in rewriting Twitter's pedo policies to make MAP posts kosher on Twitter, and he also advocates that pedophilia is a 'real sexual orientation' and they were 'born that way' (imgrel). I'm saying all this from memory and it's just a few of the points but it was like 50-100 pages long, I wish I could find it.

No. 2036242

Yeah most people can’t tell at all. The only reason I can tell something is off is because I almost had a pedo experience(luck and gut instinct saved me). So many things in mainstream media seems like it has pedo undertones I bet there is so much many I can’t see because I never experienced CSA.

I KNEW THEY WERE TRYING TO COPY LGBT ACTIVISM OMG. The furry one is so creepy because I remember my 6th grade friends being furries. We need to warn the normies about this.

No. 2036266

this has been a thing since the 70s, its not new. Lesbians kicked out the nambla pedophiles from the community early on.

No. 2036280

AYRT and that's why I initially said 'This isn't tinfoil it already happened before' anon. In the 60s-70s there were multiple attempts, many of them successful (not just NAMBLA, german schools were doing/teaching all kinds of pedo shit, other euro countries as well) and in general they got kicked out of everywhere, but they just regrouped and decided to try some more 'patient' strategies.

No. 2036653

Has anyone else read through this? I have but this is obviously not an unbiased source, does anyone that live in Belgium that can say whether or not it is widely believed?

No. 2036753

If you believe that three people actually run this place you're probably an NPC.

No. 2037206

No. 2037209

My tinfoil is certain child abduction cases like Madeline, where the parents are responsible, are overly talked about on purpose to drive away attention and resources from other child missing cases, and whenever a new kidnapping is starting to get noticed they find new "leads" in those old cases.

No. 2037256

Kate's dead, isn't she, nonitas?

No. 2037270

>pushing ideas of 'child rights' and 'child autonomy' onto the public consciousness

holy fuck I knew the stupid transkids and not informing parents about their kid being trans/taking blockers was an avenue for something else. Theres also some ideas about how children aren't respected as individuals and dont have any rights that I see pop up every once in a while which raised my alarm bells since it seems like a way to make kids into legal adults with "rights" idk. sidenote but I've seen some weird ass discourse on tiktoks with people arguing about "non-offending pedos" and that they should have the ability to be rehabilitated KEK. I think the pedos are winning nonas. These kids are getting mind fucked.

No. 2037380

John Wayne Gacy did not act alone. He was part of a child trafficking ring called the Delta Project and was the fall guy.

This post did a good job connecting this case to other serial killers/pedo rings at the time:


No. 2037389

I hope she's okay, but I find it very weird that we know Charles' cancer type and not her's

No. 2037640

Yeah the child rights/child autonomy catchphrases are insidious because they can be useful in contexts like getting kids who are CSA'd help, letting 16yos with abusive parents file for emancipation or argue against school teachers beating children. Increasingly though it's used to argue (like you said) that children should be able to decide their gender therapy treatment when they're 4yo or school teachers not informing parents that their child socially transitioned in school. It's a way to separate children from their parents and primary caregivers (who are still legally and financially responsible for them if anything goes wrong) and convince them they have the right to do things their caregivers don't approve of. This doesn't always lead to the kids being pedo victims but it can easily lead to kids being groomed by pedos if most of the trusted adults they're raised around tell them they actually have autonomy and authority over their own decisions and their parents don't even have a right to know what they're up to. Then pedos can claim the child they groomed/raped consented akshually and really loves them.

NOMAP just means non offending pedophile and most NOMAPs actually are offending, they just put that on their twitter profile so no one will look into their browsing history and so they can make themselves look like victims. If you're so interested in non-offending why is your twitter account 90% pedoshit? Why are you letting it take up so much space in your brain and dominate all your conversations?

No. 2037662

Blood curling. Very reminiscent of Dutroux but this coverup was done expertly (no harrassment of officials, no surviving victims hinting at a larger network like Louf).

The most common pedo dogwhistles are talk of 'child liberation', concern trolling about family abuse (to then favor grooming/SA outside of the family unit), equating 'pedophobia' with homophobia, an insistence on vilifying mothers (since they stand between predatory adults and their child). I probably forgot some but these come up often. Some of these points anchor very easily into broader lefty politics, like the hatred for karens and general 'prude' accusations. There are more subtle cues that might fly under the radar of the people who parrot them, like discussions around 'family abolition'. This concept first appeared when Engels (i think?) described what a post-capitalist world would look like, but it has since been repurposed as some vague project where children aren't under parental supervision anymore. Pedophiles love this concept, since it allows them to gently introduce the rest of their views (Prostasia members have used this tactic on social media). It also helps with defending bizarre/predatory sex education, because if you object to furry/trans/softcore porn being pushed onto your kid, you can be painted as a horrible regressive controlling parent, perhaps even an abusive one.
None of this is super niche, but an underappreciated aspect is how it ties into 'mainstream' sexology. Dr. Kinsey (of the Kinsey scale) is one example. The pedophile in this context isn't an offender but a sick person, someone who requires treatment (nevermind that even castration doesn't help with repeat offenders, because it isn't just an individual disease). It's still worthwhile and provides insight into pedophilia but this neutral, pseudo-empathetic stance has trickled down to discussions of CSA. Online pedophiles also love these studies, and treat it like troons treat bogus studies about brain sex. I believe this heavily inspired MAP terminology.
Pedophilia advocacy is embedded in the history of queer activism (aswell as gay liberation and anarchism). Gayle Rubin is a perfect example of this tendency. Progressive/lefty movements are especially vulnerable to infiltration, as they prioritize male sexuality over everything else (leftist activists would go and guard PIE meetings because they were threatened by conservative orgs). Nowadays they manage to get the average center-left person to look away from child transition (which essentially creates sexually underdevolped adults and facilitates contact between confused kids and adult fetishists, with the consent and enthusiasm of parents, teachers, doctors, etc.). Back in the 20th century the hip progressive thing was pseudo-revolutionary schooling like >>2036280 mentioned, where you'd see a breakdown of sexual boundaries and a special interest in infantile sexuality in the name of curbing fascism.

No. 2037679

What was up with all of the child trafficking rings during the 70s and their ties with serial killers? Like the government had to have known about this

No. 2037680

I'm the original anon who posted about pedo manifestos but I forgot to talk about 'family abolition,' that's actually an important dog whistle and it was actually on the main BLM site for a while too, it's very commonly inserted into any kind of leftist politics. People will pretend they're just arguing for more 'community help' for mothers raising kids but they actually want to separate the child from the mother like they said, hence 'parents don't own their children' 'these are everyone's children' and attacks on the nuclear family structure (which is imperfect but still in general gives kids some protection from outsiders).

Regarding your points about sexology the most mainstream recent example of this I can think of is the 'good giving and game' phrase coined by that gay sex advice columnist, it's not directly related to pedophilia but it summarizes the whole attitude that healthy sexuality is 'game' for anything and 'giving' meaning willing to try out or at least understand the kinks of your partner. This usually translates to women being shamed as prudes and told their instinctive boundaries are 'bad' and 'selfish' even when they are just trying to protect vulnerable people.

No. 2037691

Semi related but I remember channel 4 in UK doing a thing about the US/Mexican border in the wake of the Trump v Hillary elections and it was suppose to be a spin about how evil border checks are and how desperate families are to flee the cartels etc. There was a segment the journalist Jon Snow was following a woman with her two young children one literally a baby and how she had paid a group to help navigate the crossing. This lead a large group to trantracks where they were jumping on to freight trains to the US. The woman was also pregnant and couldn't keep up with the train and held her baby up to a group of migrant men on the train who took the kid and then it zoomed away and she just has her older kid. And like channel 4 spin was that kid will make it to the us and meet the mother at the border and it's like wtf. No that baby just lost its mother and is now being trafficked. I was shocked no one thought it was fucking bizarre.

No. 2037701

I’m sure they knew, they just didn’t care like they don’t right now.

No. 2037702

They knew but many higher ups were involved so it got swept under the rug. Many of the Delta Project clients were wealthy and powerful men. I'm sure it's still going on but they probably target immigrant/poor children.

No. 2037708

Lol yeah if you actually talk to latinas who immigrated a lot of them are super concerned by the child trafficking at the border but they get called trumptards if they ever express any concern because now it's so normalized to pretend that illegal immigration practices are all super innocent and wonderful and 'dreamers' blah blah when in reality tons of children are getting trafficked in all kinds of ways. Hell even CPS has been repeatedly exposed sex trafficking children and the reaction is to make it harder to adopt foster kids not to actually look into foster child trafficking rings. Everything leftist is just assumed to be more innocent kind and loving so if a 'left leaning' politician tells you that stealing some random Mexican woman's baby is actually helping her no one's supposed to be suspicious even though it's incredibly suspicious no matter what political side supports it.

No. 2037711

I'm on the early end of genz where the line between millennial and genz gets blurry and this reminded me of how many students in school growing up could not read at their proper grade level. I've moved around to a ton of different schools and in high-school I was shocked to see students who were incapable of pronouncing even two syllable words. I also remember how much comprehension was just no longer important and it was only practiced for English assignments, required reading goals didn't have you give reports on the book you read to show you both read and understood it. You would just check out a book and pretty much get the credit for reading it even if you didn't.
I'd also add to this that testing in the us is so different and has changed how students learn. I remember in elementary and middle school when taking end of year testing I was able to sail through bc it was just a recap of all the stuff I had learned throughout the school year. I took the act in high-school and absolutely bombed it, I understood next to nothing on it yet had a 4.0 GPA in school. I think that practical learning is slowly getting replaced in favor of learning to boost test scores. By the time I reached highschool the importance was on ap classes which I didn't take. Ap classes are designed for shit like the act and sat while common high-school classes are not. I couldnt understand how I'd failed so bad when I'd been good at taking tests before only to realize later on it was because my "basic" high-school classes had me grades behind ap students. The school board throws all the "worthless" kids to the wolves this way.

No. 2037723

I'm a younger millennial so probably just a little older than you but in my English Lit AP class our teacher told us that many of her students the previous year admitted that they'd never read a whole novel the whole way through, ever. I think she said this to us as a way of being like 'ha ha current students, you would never be cringe right?' But then like a week later she assigned us a novel reading and essay assignment for over the christmas break, it was a classic novel but not a long/hard one. I read the book in 2 days and wrote an essay, handed it in and when we got back to school in January she told us the assignment was canceled because only one student read the book and the rest said it was too challenging. I repeat it was not a challenging type of classic lit, it wasn't Dostoevsky or Dickens or something, it was like a 200-page easy read. Back then I thought things couldn't get worse.
Then after university I ended up privately tutoring English and teaching writing classes and holy shit things got worse in the like 5-6 years since I'd been in high school. I had students who were outraged at me for telling them their writing was bad because 'I got a 99% in 12th grade English' who didn't even use periods at the end of sentences lmao? I went to the course coordinator for the course I was teaching to talk about how the students kept complaining to the dean about how their grades are bad 'even though their assignments are perfect' and she straight up told me 'no Anon you're not crazy, in the last 5 years we've been admitting people with higher and higher grades from high school, our current admissions average is almost 99%, but they are illiterate because the standards in high school keep dropping.' I ended up feeling genuinely bad for my students because they were told they were exceptional, 99% students while they didn't know how to use periods or capitalize and were mixing up common middle school words. Then the worst part of this is that the course coordinator asked me if I could hold a free extra class about how to write lmfao, because 'they most likely won't have any other classes in university where they get graded on their writing.'

No. 2037753

They're preparing us for shitty jobs.

No. 2037825

File: 1717644247207.jpg (95.86 KB, 519x616, Screenshot_20240605_222122_Chr…)

I'm >>2037711
And I agree that this is all preparing our youth to be faceless workers with poor paying jobs. But it just seems shocking to realize how long/far it's been going on. Like I said I moved around a lot and I remember as a child living in a literal drug town where only poor white druggies and equally poor illegal Hispanics lived and the education was so abysmal our fucking teacher had us COPY words for a "spelling test" we had no textbooks and I remember I forgot to return my reading textbook (something like picrel)from my previous school, and had it in my backpack. I showed it to my teacher who I kid you not seemed actually astonished by it and spent like an hour leafing through it. They don't want the masses to be intelligent, they want us poor and stupid like the druggies in that backward ass town. Bleak as hell.

No. 2037841

I was reading at a "high school level" in 3rd grade, turns out it wasn't much of a compliment. This literacy issue isn't too new; I was tutoring university level English in 2015 and the students were just as dismissive and unable to conceptualize abstract ideas and put them to paper even then.

Listening to my grandmother, there has always been a portion of the population who is just retarded at this, but it seems that used to be reserved for hillbillies or obvious tropes of "uneducated" people. Now it's across the board, poor or rich, and you are an exception if you can read a paragraph and truly reflect on it.

I can imagine it will only get worse as generative AI makes actual writing disappear; many authors are using it even if they claim not to. It will also make analysis a thing you prompt for, not "do".

Do I think this is all intentional? Yes, the tech/ social media executives and developers deploy everything at their disposal to make their apps addictive, and block their own kids from using them. What the brain does not train, it discards. A population dependent on some sort of algorithm to do analysis will never have an original thought again (not to mention the fried dopamine receptors), all very useful for populace submission and revision of history.

No. 2037857

I think there are way more 'intellectual' jobs now relative to how much 'intellectualism' is actually required to keep society running and this is a big part of why schools have stopped preparing children to be intellectuals.

Lol same anon I got IQ tested to get into a special school program and they told me I was at a 'college' reading level (this was in third grade), even at the time I was like shit that's dark, not good at all and extremely disturbing. Like if a 3rd grader can read at a college level that doesn't say anything good about college students.

Similar experience to you (I'm AYRT), I started teaching the writing class in 2016 iirc. I was completely shocked at how low their reading comprehension was as well as their ability to put their ideas to paper, and I noticed something I had never noticed before which was that non-ESL students who were articulate and fluent in person actually wrote like they were ESL. It's clearly not even an issue of raw intelligence but the fact that young people are groomed to be illiterate, they sound intelligent when they talk but when they write you think they're someone who learned English on duolingo starting 2 months ago, extremely bizarre. As you say this included well-off students who went to elite private high schools. The only students I got who read and wrote at a high level were ironically ESL students who were doing student exchanges from wealthy EU countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden who all wrote at a very high level in English even if they struggled to speak fluently.

I also share your concerns about AI 'analysis,' and unfortunately even relatively smart people are making excuses for why using AI to do their work is legit. I've (multiple times) heard the excuse that 'it still takes skill to use chatGPT to do homework because you still have to come up with a good prompt and decide which parts of the output are relevant', okay but you are still training yourself not to write at all and if you don't practice you lose the neuronal connections to be good at writing or analyzing things. Not to mention that chatGPT is straight up wrong a lot of the time.

Lastly I agree it's pretty sus that Bill Gates type people ban their kids from even having social media for their entire childhoods; even if they helped develop the technology they know it's harmful for their kids but everyone else just falls for the idea it's an 'educational tool.' I remember the guy who made the 'Hammer and Dance' article about COVID suppression in 2020 that mainstream media kept shilling was actually not a scientist, he was an entrepreneur with an e-learning platform. Then in like 2021 I heard that he had 'joined hands' with Andrew Cuomo to make NY schools online around the time Cuomo made that 'brick and mortar schools may soon be obsolete' speech about NY state. There's obviously people who have been invested in getting rid of real feedback for learning for many years who are chomping at the bit to further dysregulate students' linguistic skills by plopping them behind a computer. When I took second language (third, in my case) classes in middle/high school we were only allowed to speak the second language in class and the teacher taught in the second language because it was assumed that exposure would make us pick up the language faster; now we have classes where kids don't have to irl talk and engage even in their first language and we expect them to develop proficiency just as quickly?

No. 2037883

Although I haven't done any research on it yet, I believe that children's declining toy use is also a bad thing with unanticipated consequences. Children can develop their creativity and imagination with the aid of toys. In one of my classes, we talked about how crucial it is to allow children to learn through play. These days, it seems like kids only want to play Free Fire or Roblox on their phones. Moreover, some idiotic parents give their five-year-old children iPhones as Christmas presents.

No. 2037888

samefag but even just encouraging kids to play with cardboard boxes is better than exposing them to shitty online games all day.

No. 2037889

I know we’ve talked about about casting couches and the depraved and vile shit celebrities must do [besides selling their souls to Satan] to get to where they are now but what about the huge rock stars from back in the day? Besides being edgelords and egging on the Satanic panic, did they have to sell ass to the rich contenders or perform live rituals in front of an audience?

I could see Nikki Sixx, Axl Rose or even Kurt Cobain but not others like James Hetfield or Peter Steele but that’s just my bias towards manly-men, though I’m sure everyone partook in what ‘needed to be done’.

No. 2037894

I think things started going downhill with those plastic shitty noisemaking toys that only had one function per thing that you could press or touch on the toy. I think toys were fine as long as they were montessori-style toys, lego, dolls, stuffed animals or whatever that required imagination but a lot of modern toys that have one single function were just the precursors to handing your kid an iphone (less dopamine-fucking but same idea). On the other hand I don't think toys are that crucial, a lot of poor people even from Gen X grew up with basically no toys at all and learned play using things in their environment and that's just as good as having specific toys. I grew up poor but in a first world country so I did have some toys but I liked playing with shit like old junked radios, dirt/plants, random found objects and other kids more than I ever really played with dedicated children's toys and I think it was good for me. First of all parents just need to get their kids outside, curious about their environment and socializing, and all forms of toys even educational toys like montessori should be limited because they keep kids boxed into limited indoor home environments.

No. 2037907

Yes I agree. The essential part is getting them to play outside and not get hooked on devices.

No. 2037920

File: 1717653583530.jpg (437.87 KB, 1042x1039, Jordan peterson defended pedo …)

I have seen child rights used to argue against pedo rights like they conflict. Like children have a right to be protected from pedos and a society that protects pedos but then I saw pedos using child rights concept to further their agenda and don’t want to use any words or concepts they use, even though they literally coopt everything, even the term safeguarding. They also claim to have their own way of safeguarding children but it’s really just protecting pedos and saying opposing pedos is what harms kids instead of pedos raping kids causing the harm.

The pedos have been winning. That is why there are elite pedo rings. Those have never not been the case. Pedos have always had the power to protect themselves.

No. 2037924

Hmm has anyone else noticed that men genuinely believe they can collectively gaslight every woman and child into truly believing their degeneracy is acceptable and natural

No. 2037925

>very little physiological damage
CSA causes schizophrenia

No. 2037927

I don't actually think all musicians from past time periods were nepo-anything or casting couched, I think that's more recent. I think a few decades ago people could just get famous legitimately via word of mouth.

No. 2037930

anytime I see this argument, I automatically suspect that the man saying it has threatened enough children into silence that he now believes that they're fine because they don't talk about it

No. 2037937

Any man that makes such a claim is hiding some deeply, deeply disgusting fantasies or has molested someone themselves

No. 2037939

The screenshot is fucked because even if you take Milo Yiannopoulos (a known liar and troll) at his word he was CSA'd at age 13 when most boys have hit puberty, which is still not okay but also imo a completely different experience than being molested pre-pubertally. I think being molested in early puberty might lead to a messed up mental state and messed up sexual drives but at least that's an age where you actually have a sex drive (especially boys), molestation at an age where you don't have any sex drive at all I think is a very different experience and I wish gay moids who dated older men in their teens wouldn't speak for every CSA victim. It also wasn't his family member iirc and that's who molests a lot of CSA victims, making them develop extreme trust problems. That makes me sound like I'm saying pedos who target teens are okay, I don't think so but I also don't think people who say they had a good sexual experience in their early teen years should speak for people who were molested at younger ages.

Anyway regarding the content of your post I think the reason that the 'child rights' mantra is so popular among pedos is because it can go either way. Like a lot of normies would see the phrase 'child rights' and associate it with rights for children not to be molested, not to be sex trafficked, not to be abused. Pedos use this natural bias people have to equate 'child rights' to 'child protection' in order to push for 'child autonomy' or 'child liberation' aka removing children from the protection of their parents and the law. It's a way of sneaking in ideas that children should be 'free' from their parents and adult guardians under the guise that parents/guardians might be abusive. It paints parents/guardians who want to safeguard children as abusers limiting the choices of the children they are supposed to protect. Pedos are trying to flip the idea of child safeguarding from 'protecting children from predators' to 'protecting children from being told no, someone is predating on you.'

No. 2037948

I think people are so focused on semantics they forget that there are various degrees of SA and not all of them are the same. I think anyone who was SAd would say they would prefer getting wanked by a creep over being violently raped and sodomized etc. It's just a difficult topic for people to face honestly, especially when they have never experienced it

No. 2037951

>I wish gay moids who dated older men in their teens wouldn't speak for every CSA victim.
I get it, but i sometimes see them telling that they were molested at 4 and ended up "just fine". I always thought it's some kind of elaborate cope of a victim, like they can't truly accept what happened to
them, so they end up propagating this. Plus, they're men, they might be wanting molesting children themselves now.
Even if we ignore that "very little damage" is a lie, how can you just say that pedophilia is justifiable because of "very little" damage? Is "very little" damage to a child okay because pedophilic moid's sexual satisfaction is more important? What the actual fuck.

No. 2037955

AYRT and blog but my first sexual experience was at age 12 with a female peer. A lot of people will say that's way too young to have a sexual experience and that it will scar you for life and honestly it was fine, I didn't end up scarred by it, I didn't end up hypersexual, even though I would never encourage any 12-year old I know to start having sexual experiences that young. I'm not a moid but I know that some moids are extremely pornsick by age 10-11 so I'm not going to deny that some of them might 'feel fine' with a sexual experience at that age, even if I think it's not good for kids at that age to be doing sexual shit.

When people (men, basically) who were CSA'd in their teen years minimize CSA trauma because 'I was fine' I just think they were fucked in the head to such a degree that they lost a big chunk of their empathy. How do they not understand how mentally damaging and humiliating it is for girls to be diddled by male relatives for example, even if they're 16-17yo? How do they not understand how damaging it is to be sexually molested when you're too young to know what sex is? I have a couple close friends who are CSA victims and none of them ever cape for their abusers even a little bit, so I have to assume shills like Milo are either lying or so messed up by their experience that they reframed it as positive to cope. That's still not an excuse to cape for abusers.

No. 2037956

Are you the same nonna who didn’t know that 1984 was a novel? Clearly you’ve never heard of Laurel Canyon and the nepo babies who became rock stars in the 60’s, it’s been going on since forever.

No. 2037958

Anybody who claims to have good sexual experiences as a minor raped by an adult shouldn’t talk for others and try to legitimize child rape and predation on youth for whatever fucked up reasons they claim not to have a problem with their experience. There’s a pedo in the documentary chickenhawk who says he was raped by an adult at 10 and thought it was empowering. Bullets for them all.

One of pedos propaganda is that children are sexual from birth. This is something that I’ve seen tied to kinseys research where he used some pedos recounting of rape of infants to argue children can enjoy sex. I saw that these researchers looked the other way while this research subject raped hundreds of kids without ever reporting him.

John money said in a pro pedo journal paidika that he never reports child rapists who are his subjects and today James cantor and other ray Blanchard associates want to make it illegal to report patients they know are raping children.

The study Peterson is defending and trying to legitimize was coauthored by a pedo activist/academic who had a history of writing for paidika too, which didn’t stop the APA from publishing his pedophilia propaganda as “science.” Not that any pedo legitimizing conclusions could ever be supported by “science,” but that particular paper has also been debunked as bad science too.

No. 2037961

No amount of damage to a child for an adult's (sexual or otherwise) satisfaction should ever be considered okay, but that's why these people always frame it in terms of 'child liberation' and 'child rights' lmao. They have to pitch it as something that is beneficial to the child to justify the 'very little' harm adults are doing to children to get their own rocks off.

No. 2037966

Uh no absolutely not. I'm also not suggesting that zero 1960s artists were nepo babies, nepo shit has been going on for thousands of years. I said I don't think ALL of them were casting couched. I am really into 1960s jazz music and the history of a lot of jazz musicians of that era unless it's a total lie suggests that many of them were just random lower class kids who worked really hard to get famous, I also met a few people who knew them personally and told their stories and they suggested the stories were true.

No. 2037971

I agree with you but I also think most pedos who go on record saying they were CSA'd were lying, there's some documentation to back up the idea that a lot of pedos actually start making up stories to justify their pedophilia and it's common for them to make up fake CSA stories. It seems pretty obvious when you realize that women are more likely to experience CSA than men and yet they're only like 1% of CSA perpetrators if that - if being molested as a child predisposed you to child molestation you'd expect most child molesters to be women.

You're dead on with the Kinsey shit, John Money and others said the same shit. Freud said the same shit too. Lots of ideas that are still taught in modern psyc classes originated from moids who claimed children are sexual from birth and it's incredibly disturbing. I think Kinsey not only asked pedos but also tried to manually 'masturbate' male infants as well and claimed they attained orgasm even though we know that's basically physically impossible for infants, and this was considered 'mainstream science' for decades and at your local college a 20yo is probably learning about how great and smart Kinsey is right now as we speak.

I'm TA who mentioned Cantor in the first place, I will also mention that one of Cantor's 'star students' I forget his name now fled Mexico after 14 years of accusations about sexually harassing teenage students lmao. All these people are in a network and hide behind a 'respectable' academic guise. Some of the stories reported about James Cantor's student (another highly respected professor who was interviewed all over the news about pedoshit and porn, he was a huge porn and kink advocate) was that he made 17-20 year old female undergraduate students attend 'meetings' with him about their classes or homework while he played porn audio on his speakers the whole time.

I'm not sure which study Peterson was defending, do you know who wrote it? I'm aware of the Milo Yiannopoulous shilling of pedoshit but idk about the study.

No. 2037973

File: 1717656291592.jpg (7.08 KB, 168x300, 1000000301.jpg)

I keep having Arab dating show up on my algorithm with accounts like arabtiktok. I typically like Arab posts but there's been a weird spam of women glorifying emotional abuse tactics from Arab men, like "when he tells everyone you're cheating and blocks you because you didn't reply at 3 am" and it's women (with suspicious accounts) calling it cute, ideal, etc like ??? And it's not even loving or clingy. These dudes will ditch you on your deathbed over what they think is cheating (which is basically you existing)

I know women fetishizes semi controlling moids (like twilight and 50 shades) why would you want a man to villianize you, run your name through the dirt and be distant with you? It feels like some weird psych op to get women to accept blatant abuse in a relationship

No. 2037974

File: 1717656565013.png (3.09 MB, 1080x2117, 1000000302.png)

Example (1)

No. 2037975

Not sure this belongs on the tinfoil thread since as you've pointed out it's out in the open but I think it's just simply that highly patriarchal religions are cults based off of abusing women, I don't think there's much more to it than that.

If any actual woman is idealizing this behaviour she's probably incredibly mindfucked by cultish religious beliefs herself or is too young to have ever been in a relationship with a moid, that's the only reason I can think any woman would find this behaviour cute or ideal.

No. 2037976

File: 1717656645733.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1812, 1000000303.png)

No. 2037979

I'm not sure if this is a genuine racial fetishist with a thing for abusive arabian men, or if this is a sarcastic account that's meant to shit on arabian scrote qualities.

No. 2037982

That's the suspicious part, it's a lot of women, not even Muslim women either idealizing this behavior. There's even a trend of "dating an Arab man" and then it's like an abusive text like "die you cheating whore" and then a picture of dinner. Like did I miss something? What's the point of being in a relationship with an ultra controlling moid if he just pretends to hate you the entire time? At least twilight era moids give some sort of emotional validation instead of pretending like they're being betrayed and abused on the reg

No. 2037984

File: 1717657160533.png (1.45 MB, 1079x1930, 1000000304.png)

It's not just this account though, it's a weird creepy trend that reads like a psych op

No. 2038015

File: 1717659532090.png (141.57 KB, 574x695, cantor2.png)

Thanks anon your image isn't working but I found the study. Just reading the abstract briefly without knowing the background of any of these people it seems pretty clearly biased - the abstract says that when 'controlling for family environment' CSA victims aren't more disturbed than non-CSA victims. Wow shocking so the family environment of CSA victims is fucked up and damaging, and non-CSA victims sometimes also have fucked up and damaging family environments? Who knew? All this does is it suggests that pedo parents/family members are also otherwise incredibly abusive parents, which is not surprising at all.

I didn't know that Cantor was against mandatory reporting but that doesn't surprise me at all considering he was the key figure in making pedophilia allowable on twitter (picrel). I used to be able to google a bunch of mainstream articles about how exactly he convinced twitter to allow MAPs on the platform but now I can barely find anything except my picrel, I'm wondering if leftist news sources took their articles down.

No. 2038017

>'brick and mortar schools may soon be obsolete'
>people who have been invested in getting rid of real feedback for learning for many years who are chomping at the bit to further dysregulate students' linguistic skills by plopping them behind a computer.

Its all an utter failure; the school computer used to be a beacon of a tech-literate, educated child sitting and being productive, it is usually not the case now but parents and schools still see it that way and put them behind screens when possible. I worked in the digital education sector for a couple years, building multimedia for educating students and it was only somewhat successful for a few kids who are naturally very bright, diligent, and don't need much feedback. The others that struggle had a hard time without the attention they needed and others didn't care, just cheated. The thing is that the parents and educators presiding over the courses did not care if they cheat as they just want a passing score.

The big problem is building education around quantitative results such as scores, and disregarding the qualitative benefits of a truly enriching school; even something as simple as a game of kickball or a school flower garden teaches kids cooperation more than a video and multiple choice quiz about the topic, and gives a bit more meaning to life. I could rant about this but I'm no fan of the current state of physical schools either.

As far as ESLs having a better grasp of English, in my case as an ESL I feel that I was less embarrassed to "speak good" than my classmates, having an accent sort of gives you a pass to talk differently, but if my non-ESL friend used the word "perceive" out loud for example, she'd lightly get made fun of by others. English is also a secondary skill for us so we view it as something in our arsenal to keep sharp, whereas domestics kinda see it as something invisible that doesn't need enhancement or maintenance as long as their lingo is on trend.

No. 2038018

File: 1717659686596.png (347.95 KB, 1125x1763, Sex psychs protect child rapis…)

James Cantor does a lot of suspicious things. He said pedos should be in the lgbt and he said pedos are driven by love like adult orientations. He does things which have an impact on law enforcement like advocating for ending mandatory reporting and I really want to know if he has failed to report patients or research subjects he knew were raping kids even though he would be breaking the law he doesn’t agree with and campaigns against. Other forensic psychs pushing his same pedos can’t help it and can be non offending line have done that in the past (picrel and there’s more cases). Those were psychs with ties to Catholic Church csa cover ups, false memory syndrome foundation, and serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer. I don’t know if Cantor’s an upward failure or deliberately putting out a ruse to deflect from some other purpose his crews antics conceal.

The study is the rind report which the apa had to backtrack and retract after publishing it like they always have to do when they try to legitimize the pedo agenda line and get “conservative backlash.” Then people like Peterson denounce the apa for caving in to the backlash and criticize them for putting moral concerns above “science.”

It is by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman and called “A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples.”Bauserman had also written articles for Paidika, The Journal of Pedophilia.

Like this is extremely well known and has been a huge scandal and rehashed a million times by the time Jordan Peterson dragged it back up in 2019!! and tried to legitimize it as one of his many “unspeakable truths” like his claims that women having any political power is the cause of all of societies problems.

About Freud, he actually started out discovering that his patients were being abused by their family members, and then got somehow pressured to change it to all kids have messed up sexual ideations about their parents or whatever it is. I haven’t researched this but it’s recounted in a book called the assault on truth which I have always intended to read. I think in the development of sex science cantor and Kinsey type stuff departed from Freud too.

No. 2038025

I went to a reasonably wealthy elementary school and we had typing and tech-literacy classes for about an hour a day 2-3 days a week (I still type weird so it didn't really work but I type really fast at least lol). Other than typing we learned how to browse the internet and save files, use basic image editing programs and word processors. I don't think giving kids that age any more computer education will really help them, honestly the 2-3 hours a week I got in the 90s-early 2000s was enough to become a fast typist and learn basic computer literacy skills. I have college students in my classes now who don't know how to save a file or use even the most basic functions on excel so obviously giving kids tablets all day every day in class didn't increase their tech literacy.

Even to the extent I became a very fast typist, it was usually from hanging out on chatrooms and forums as a kid, not from our typing classes. Now your average late-elementary child is learning to type on a phone with autocomplete, again replacing basic useful skills with AI algos. It's the same with phys-ed; like you're saying, teaching kids cooperation and coordination via some sport or physical game they like is more useful than hundreds of hours of swiping a tablet or trying to guess the correct response to a quiz. I unironically hate all those 'cognitive' quiz games that became popular recently, they're not actually especially useful.

Regarding the ESL thing technically speaking I'm ESL too although I learned English early enough it's my dominant language. I'm not saying that my ESL college students were better at speaking English (they weren't), I'm saying their EU education taught them to write much better in English than EFL students I had who spoke articulately and fluently. I have never before experienced a situation where someone speaks in an intelligent, articulate way, but then when you ask them to write it down it reads like a mentally retarded person wrote it down. Theoretically speaking if you can say something out loud eloquently and rationally with perfect grammar, and you are literate, you should be able to write down exactly what you just said and it should sound equally intelligent. But my college classes had a problem where they would talk like intelligent people, and would write like 6 year olds. I don't even know how to explain or describe this phenomenon. What made it weirder is when I would correct them or give them bad grades, they got very upset and told me that their assignments were perfect.

No. 2038026

As far as I’ve seen this is like the article on this but I’m sure there’s more. Apparently the masses of Belgium held a general strike when they felt that elite pedos were being protected and almost overthrew the government so I would assume it’s pretty widely held belief.

My memory of it isn’t very good but it’s generally like that.

It’s funny this guy has other articles on his site complaining about how Alex Jones used to publish his articles but wouldn’t publish this one and this guy couldn’t even pay Jones to publish it. He thinks it’s because it talks about a right wing or conservative elite pedo ring.

No. 2038028

>typing classes, how to save a file, basic video editing
I had the same experience, what the fuck happened? Now I'm in a CS program with people who don't understand what a keyword is or how screen recording software works.

No. 2038033

>What made it weirder is when I would correct them or give them bad grades, they got very upset and told me that their assignments were perfect.
that's got to be some sort of fallacy some people get. I've even seen this at work, people write one sentence in an email and then act like they wrote a paragraph and explained everything clearly already, when they certainly didn't. I think they assume the knowledge in their head is transposed because they wrote a bit down and it's all connected in their head, and don't have the presence of mind to view their work from another's POV.

>But my college classes had a problem where they would talk like intelligent people, and would write like 6 year olds.

Comments and text messages are some people's only experience in writing, it shows.

>we learned how to browse the internet and save files, use basic image editing programs and word processors

I had to help my younger zoomer cousin with an essay and she didn't know how to navigate a desktop computer or use paint or word. I told her how to create a summary paragraph and she just copy+pasted the introductory paragraph. We've regressed. I fully believe like half the tax money we pour into education is embezzled in one way or another.

No. 2038035

I'm the same anon who responded to you before but just to address the thing you added about Freud: yeah I actually knew this too and it's always bothered me a lot that basically no one gets taught this in psyc classes. I don't know if Freud 'got got' by someone or just was a pedoshit himself but it's interesting how at first he would actually argue his female patients were trauma victims and then eventually retconned all his research to say that they just wanted to fuck their dads. Dark, either way.

No. 2038037

>abusive towards arab scrotes
This is why I absolutely can never trust a Muslim woman, always caping for their camel humpers

No. 2038038

AYRT and I have no idea. I was recently at a party with some bioinformatics PhD student who was venting to me about how the new Master's students in his lab ask him how to save files or how to do =SUM in Excel. He said many of the new hires to his lab said they never owned an actual PC or laptop computer, only tablets until the end of college. Like how are you supposed to learn to type or use MS Office Suite if you never have a computer? Meanwhile boomers are like 'this is the most tech literate generation ever, we gave every kid a tablet in school now they're all computer wizzes!' I genuinely believe that millennials and older zoomers are the last generation that ever learned 2 code or type for that matter, these things are going to be specialized skills again in 5-10 years if things continue the way they are going.

No. 2038044

This is so true. There's a general sentiment in tech that operating systems are basically now following the smartphone model, keeping everything under the hood and keeping the experience as railroaded as possible. I was trying to edit some settings file for a game a while ago only to find I was literally locked out of files on my OWN admin account because Microsoft doesn't trust me not to fuck them up, I had to find a workaround and I was infuriated. When I was a kid in the 2000s using a computer meant learning how basic functions worked and how to troubleshoot issues, and this actually gives you a really good foundation for things like coding. Especially just not giving up. Now everything is so obfuscated and streamlined, no wonder people are tech retarded. This is for windows PCs/laptops so god knows how bad it is for ipad/smartphone only users.

No. 2038046

>don't have the presence of mind to view their work from another's POV.
It definitely could be this at least in part but honestly in my experience it's even worse than that, the only way I can explain it is that these people are partially illiterate. Yeah the fact they think they can sum up a paragraph of speech in one garbled sentence of text is part of the problem but a bigger problem is that they could not spell simple words, did not understand grammar or punctuation, would write entire paragraphs of nonsense run-on sentences with thesaurus words sprinkled in (that didn't mean what they think they mean) but wouldn't even put one period or comma in for half a page. Like a lot of them wrote what I can only describe as 'AI generated' writing, but I know it was not generated by chatGPT because it actually generates decent writing. It was like a robot prototype from 2004 tried to write a paper. I literally can't even explain it properly because it doesn't make sense in my head how someone can speak eloquently but write so badly.

Regarding kids not being able to navigate desktop computers I fully believe it's because most schools started using tablets as educational tools instead of actual computers. The quality of other education is bad but also kids are so used to using apps on touch screens they feel like a PC is dinosaur technology now.

No. 2038047

I think (and hope) she was saying the scrotes were abusive? Most of the texts involve the scrotes saying disgusting things about their partners and trying to make up for it with money

No. 2038053

Lol I'm one of the literal dinosaurs who uses Linux (I have used it my whole life) and I used to view it as an inconvenience until I started talking to people in college who use Apple technology and realized they can't do anything on their computers without elite coding skills basically. My degree was heavy on basic coding skills (nothing complex but stuff like basic Python and whatever) and I always thought it was simple stuff until I started meeting people 5-ish years younger than me who literally only know how to click on an app icon and then scroll through the settings. Meanwhile people 40+ think we're entering a new glorious tech literacy age, we're so fucked.

No. 2038057

>Regarding kids not being able to navigate desktop computers I fully believe it's because most schools started using tablets as educational tools instead of actual computers.

Its also because millennials had periods without internet or at least fast internet. Kids start to tinker when there isn't a dopamine drip-feed. You'd be bored sometimes and explore the programs, I eventually learned advanced image editing that way (so I could make people cool forum signatures too).

No. 2038060

people who use apple or tablets only shouldn't be accepted on computer related university courses tbh

No. 2038065

I guess that’s a tinfoil of mine but other people say this too. I don’t think any of these psychs are driven solely by being pedos and if they are, they’re selected to their positions of influence for that reason. Maybe some other forces contribute feedback. Either way, they’re not merely pedos. They’re knowingly or unknowingly connected to elite pedo networks and the protection of them which includes normalization of pedophilia in the culture to whatever extent. Even if it will never be successful they can get away with protecting pedos wherever they can, under the radar often times.

I think Freud was got by his overlords. People say his patients were children of wealthy families.

No. 2038066

Yeah I think that's true too, back in the ancient age of dial-up internet and everything crashing all the time I had to open up a console and try to troubleshoot or use non-internet programs like image editing software when my internet was slow, now people not all that much younger than me are confused by what a word processor is and I'm assuming type up their essays in their iphone notes app or something considering how many weird autocomplete errors they have in their writing. It's also unfortunate because it slows down typing considerably, but even if it didn't it takes away the cognitive training to actually learn how words are spelled and how sentences are strung together in text.

No. 2038069

I think a lot of prominent academics around that era were actual pedos or pedo supporters (Sartre, Foucault, many of their contemporaries and then people who came slightly later like Judith Butler), so I would not be extremely surprised if early sexologists like Freud and Kinsey were too, but it is interesting that Freud didn't start out pedo-pandering and only started doing it later, like he got shut up or convinced by someone. I don't really have a working theory of who initially introduced these ideas but it's obvious that around the time of most of the Frankfurt School philosophers pedo pandering became mainstream in that school of philosophy, also bled into psychiatry and other fields, and now these are considered the main originators of modern philosophical and psychiatric thought.

You're probably right that people sending their kids to see Freud were rich pedo scrotes, it's not the first time I've heard this theory.

No. 2038079

>the only way I can explain it is that these people are partially illiterate
Functional illiteracy has always been a problem, but before it was confined to the working class and the poor. Now, even college students struggle with functional illiteracy. I think it speaks to the declining standards of most universities and to the piss-poor quality of schools. When I was a TA in my undergrad, I had to mark papers and answer emails students sent and that experience basically made me so disillusioned. 20 year olds that were studying for degrees that didn't know what a comma was, that couldn't use formal language, that couldn't understand how to formulate an argument or show a point. It was so pathetic. It made me realize that my degree will eventually be considered worthless, because as more and more of these semi-retarded people graduate and get degrees, the whole reputation of the university will be downgraded by their idiocy. I think that unis need to be a lot more stringent with acceptance rates and a lot quicker to kick out students that don't know basic shit like what a comma is.

No. 2038086

Yeah I was TAing for around 6 years throughout graduate school and it literally got worse every single year. But the problem was that they couldn't make the acceptance standards any more stringent because we were already only accepting the top students from high school and had a very low acceptance rate. It felt hopeless to realize these were the very best, cream of the crop students from their high schools.

As you mentioned I'm just trying to outrun the devaluation of my degrees at this point because there is no way people with an education will be taken seriously at this point. We also weren't allowed to fail more than around 5% of students, so if 50% of them couldn't meet basic standards we would be forced to pass them anyway even if they literally got under 50% on their assignments. Everything ended up getting curved.

No. 2038192

No one teaches this because it isn't quite true. Freud was constantly editing, correcting his own theories which often leads people to assume he has totally retconned something or that he contradicts himself. I used to be very receptive to feminist critiques of Freud before realizing some of them actually didn't read or really bother to learn the terminology. Feminists had (still have) a hate boner for psychonalaysis (very understandably, it was used to pathologize women who weren't happy about submission in the 50s, etc.) but this spills onto Freud even if the historical context isn't exactly the same. The thing is, he wasn't reactionary relative to his time. If you read his works and correspondence he seems very aware of how pervasive SA was among the people he treated, and it was central to some of his most famous theories (like 'hysteria' as a result of trauma and repression)

Gay moids lie all the time when it comes to stuff like this. I've seen several gay men admit to hating how frequent rape and assault is in their scenes, only to completely flip in public/on SNS. Gay men have a vested interest in not bringing attention to grooming because they fear any discussion of this will foster homophobia. Of course some of them are still honest about how creepy it was to date 40 yos as teenagers, but i'm really not surprised Milo spins it as something sexy.
I used to think it was entierely cope but this gay denial of abuse is related to pedo apology. Foucault hung out with early french gay liberation intellectuals who were obsessed with defending pederasty as an essential part of gay culture. One of them (Hocquenghem) said something similar to Yiannopoulos, detailing how he has always loved old moids so it must mean that man-boy relationships are okay.

No. 2038373

File: 1717689919875.jpg (294.67 KB, 1440x1801, No one wants p in lgbt but aca…)

I don’t know psychoanalysis and I haven’t read the assault on truth but I am more familiar with the psychs of today and the sexual revolution who rationalize sexual abuse of children and of women, alternately claiming science and “listening” to activists. Somehow their “science” always proves feminists wrong. Then they are constantly exposed as having been pressured by abuse activists. They admit to fitting their theories to demands of gay activists or pedos and are constantly found to have connections to larger more relevant sources of pedo power like the elites and deep state. They are exposed time and time again for influencing and interfering in law enforcement. Even before Freud this was a characterization of the relationship between psychs pedo activists and elite pedos. So I wouldn’t doubt Freud followed the same dynamics as those that came after him.

No. 2038579

Absolutely. What sealed the deal for me was False Memory Syndrome. You can come up with any flimsy syndrome that amounts to 'children and women are liars' and it will gain traction and even enough weight to become a legal defense.

No. 2038589

File: 1717697188691.jpg (15.44 KB, 550x550, ears.jpg)

Genuinely afraid women's rights are going to crater over the next few decades in america, canada and western europe as these countries mass import people from sexist cultures to make up for the citizens not having enough babies

No. 2038648

if we make a lolcow commune in remote alaska/canada we won't have to worry about all that. other than that we are cooked, and UBI in exchange for pregnancy will be a thing when jobs are mostly gone.

No. 2038758

File: 1717703654752.jpg (1.13 MB, 1125x1582, Nambla interferes with law enf…)

Paul Bonacci came forward claiming to have been involved in this kidnapping. The parents say he knew details about the case and the victim that were not released to the media so they believe him. He has connections to the Franklin credit union pedophile ring and to Michael Aquino, mentioned in this article:


Psychs sometimes tell the public they are just listening to nambla or nambla connected groups like b4u act when they get pressured about their insane pro pedo actions and “science.” It gets portrayed as wokie woke leftism being the cause of whatever is going on with all this.

No. 2038821

File: 1717706620752.jpg (171.89 KB, 867x1200, E_oMlALXoAI6Hxs.jpg)

This reminds me of a tactic many pedophiles use which is to claim victims have "false memory syndrome" which is a term coined by an foundation formed by pedos and feds. It closed down in 2019 but the term is still being used today to silence victims of abuse.
>As is well-known, the FMSF was created by Pamela and Peter Freyd, after the husband of their adult daughter, Professor Jennifer Freyd, privately accused Peter Freyd of sexually abusing her when she was a child. Peter and Pamela Freyd, along with Ralf Underwager, a psychologist and Lutheran minister, and his wife Hollida Wakefield, joined with accused parents and then spent considerable energy assembling a broader academic and intellectual group to add credibility to their claims that clients in therapy were ‘making up’ stories of abuse.

No. 2038838

File: 1717707318175.jpg (1.33 MB, 747x1920, bonacci aquino fascist anti co…)


No. 2038839

I've been thinking that this is the Canadian government's endgame in importing mostly single moids from sexist countries; destroy the economy and then destroy womens rights to force us to breed and make more wageslaves. It's what Justin's corporate handlers told him to do.

No. 2038899

Kek that's why everyone sane is trying to leave while it's possible. The Laurentian elite want to destroy the county because there's no "nation" here, only Britannic crown land. Basically the Laurentian elite want to maximize their profit margins (why air companies were permitted to fly during the initial wave of COVID, b/c if they were forced to close it would impact the stocks of the MPs) mostly through wage slavery and inflated rental markets. I wrote a whole fucking post about this topic but deleted it because it was too schizo

No. 2038903

I really can't understand what's going on in Canada rn, maybe it makes their economic numbers look better in the short-term but long term, they're just going to create a massive underclass of both citizens and foreigners. It's not like the people they're importing are going to bring high value entrepreneurship and innovation that Canada needs right now.
And all this hand wringing over population seems dumb when really, AI and climate change are going to bring changes that mean a smaller population is better anyway… Really feels like countries will import a billion foreigners and pressure women to have 3+ children, then turn around and be like "Oh actually there's not enough water and ubi for all these people, lets just let a bunch of them die"

No. 2038911

I heard Canadians can get a fast tracked citizenship to the US or something? You should get out before Canada really goes to shit and USA changes that. I'm almost positive that once the canadian citizenships start rolling in for a certain immigrant group, they're going to immediately jump to USA with that advantage and it'll ruin it for everyone
Also sometimes I wonder if this Canadian mass immigration is really just a test run by certain powers for massive immigration to the USA to destabilize it further

No. 2038998

kate up and disappearing was not in my 2024 bingo cards at all. i follow royal gossip for fun and i really do not know what to make of this situation. i do remember lots of very odd stories coming out towards the end of last year about her and william fighting and claims that he was hitting her or something similar or that they were both whacking each other upside the head. it was really odd. i think what's even more bizarre is that his alleged mistress rose hanbury has now been trotting her ass around in public at events related to the royal family and everyone is just tee heeing along like there's absolutely nothing strange about this???? she was pictured recently with camilla and charlotte tillbury and everyone just seemed perfectly happy and with not a care in the world.

idk, to me this whole situation actually unsettles me a lot. if you know kate's entire backstory, she and her mother did everything in their power to get into buckingham palace and into that damn family. her mother did everything she could to make sure her daughter married william and that she would get that cursed sapphire ring on her hand. then the idea that she can just "disappear" so conveniently and now the royal press is soft launching her replacement when we were told, quite aggressively, that rose and william were just simply neighbors, makes me ill because of the absolutely callousness of it all. i don't particularly care for kate given her mumbling persona, her unabashed laziness and some of the things her and her trashy family said and did to meghan markle, but this is still weird as fuck and i feel like it's bordering on a psyops at this point.

but of course anytime you point out how bizarre it is that a grown woman in her 40's with three children can just magically vanish into thin air, that there's been apparently no confirmed physical sightings of her since fall 2023 without so much of a fart from her so-called loving husband and family, you get told you're being too nosy and that she'll come back when she's ready. these are the same people who go into histrionic meltdowns whenever meghan isn't seen outside in over a month and are constantly finding new and various ways to stereotype her as the evil black lady when she's just minding her business. if the situation was reversed, i do not think that people would be as sympathetic nor would there be so much effort to downplay a woman disappearing when the woman who vanished is already the focus of the press's hateful fixation and prejudices.

i'm just fully waiting for will and rose to get married or at least start openly going out together. it sounds nuts but i really wouldn't be all that surprised if mi5 was behind some of the weirdness going on. there's a clear interest in phasing kate out of the royal family and i fully expect them to act like she and will were never married to begin with. i don't really get the vibe that she's dead but i also don't want her to be dead because it's just too crazy, even for me.

No. 2039042

I agree with you, something very weird is going on with Kate. It's weird that the royal family is going to such lengths to pretend that she is fine. The photoshopped family picture, the body double out for a stroll. I think she's either dead, or in a coma, and that's why she's not being seen. If she's dead, how and why? I had heard rumors that she had ovarian cancer, but unless they really dropped the ball, the family's press should have been able to soft ball her decline and death to the public. Which leaves dying suddenly of something else. I kinda doubt the prince killed her because there was no ramp up to the violence, and even if you're fighting everyday, it's a jump to murdering your wife. But if he didn't kill her, why is her death being hidden?

No. 2039048

>there's a clear interest in phasing kate out of the royal family and i fully expect them to act like she and will were never married to begin with. i don't really get the vibe that she's dead but i also don't want her to be dead because it's just too crazy, even for me.

if they're gonna take their time phasing her out, then they will say she died of cancer some time this year and william will be a lonely widower and then can take his mistress into the castle just like daddy did.

No. 2039073

i just don't get what they would gain from phasing kate out of the family tbh

No. 2039082

>But if he didn't kill her, why is her death being hidden?

that's what bothers me a lot about this situation. why are they always so secretive about things???? then these are the same people who scoff at you for believing in conspiracies when they act conspiratorial themselves. they did the same thing with queen elizabeth when she died; apparently her death time may not be accurate and it's rumored that she died perhaps a week, even a month, before it was officially announced. it's just fucking bizarre. the only likely explanation you could for is she may have offed herself. i just really don't know.


the crown is on its last legs and they're holding on for dear life because they know it's about to be over for them all. ever since elizabeth died it's just been one stupid numpty thing after the other. no one likes camilla, charles is probably going to die within the next year or so, and none of the younger crew are really fit to be doing anything in public. william is clearly a piece of shit and it's getting harder and harder to pretend otherwise. for some dumb fucking reason they feel like they can't just say the man wants to divorce his wife and get with rose because they don't want to have another princess diana situation and lose whatever remaining popularity they have, which is none. they want to keep william in the spotlight and make sure he looks like a doting father and loving husband when in reality he's an unpleasant, out of touch balding brat. the funny thing is though the firm that runs the family is so delusional, they're basically causing their own undoing. there is no positive way to spin back the where is kate scandal unless she reappears again in public, no ai or body doubles, which is apparently not going to happen as now they're claiming that she's unlikely to make anymore public appearances for the foreseeable future…which is just a nice way of saying she's never coming back, ever. this is despite telling the public she was definitely going to be at the trooping the color in june…

No. 2039091

>They don't want the masses to be intelligent, they want us poor and stupid.
Just like the proles from the book '1984'. Scary shit.

No. 2039098

For real.

No. 2039126

one theory i hope is the case is he treats her poorly and she isn’t going to play along with whatever plan they wanted to unroll for him dumping her for his mistress.

No. 2039385

greta thungberg is an obvious plant

No. 2039391

Not even tinfoil, she was signed to essentially a talent agency for green youth ambassadors before her first protest

No. 2039431

She must have gone rogue at some point, otherwise she wouldn't have sided with Palestine.

No. 2039460

>'they most likely won't have any other classes in university where they get graded on their writing.'
unfortunately so so so true. not from burgerland but a burger satellite state and its the same here. im going back for a second degree in sci after having previously completed a degree in a very niche philosophical discipline (my course was also very small, class sizes were never more than 20) and im actually shocked at the level of literacy of the younger undergrads im around. in my previous degree, our writing was held to an extremely strict standard. i recently had to do a group project which by the submission date i was convinced my group would fail because i (stupidly) allowed one of the teenagers to edit once we had all contributed our parts and only looked over the finished work morning of submission. i had to scramble madly to make anything outside of my contribution even logically coherent. they werent even consistent with tenses within their own contribution sections, let alone consistent with voice or citation style across the assignment. that project was the worst piece of crap ive ever had to submit, i was humiliated by the low quality… but we got a fucking B+.
the degree i am doing is largely considered premed too, so these retards will probably be fucking up our prescriptions one day lol

i agree that they are deliberately maintaining an uneducated working underclass however as per my little story above many of these people are already in the pipeline for qualifications that will grant them more prestigious careers. i have a family member who is a professor of medicine and works on a few medical journals and she wants to quit her educational and editorial roles because quality not just of her med students but also of actual submitted medical studies has declined so much in the past decade that its making her despondent

No. 2039478

I get that they're getting degrees I was a mature student few years ago and was worried about competing with the young grads for jobs because I felt like my age would be held against me for wanting to start out in graduate positions but honestly, my communication and written skills helped me a lot. I don't understand how there's such a massive gap when everyone is so online. I was a 90s kid growing up on video games and honestly feel like reading a lot of dialogue in games helped with my literacy but I also enjoyed reading for pleasure too. When I got online it was communities like neopets and again writing and literacy were pushed. I remember the early 2000s being full of grammar nazis and people constantly getting corrected. You don't really see that as much.

No. 2039612

i appreciate you setting the pervasive psychoanalysis mythology straight anon…
i really cant be bothered with getting into why the way everyone talks about oedipal theory is ignorant and reductive but it irks me so much lol.
>Even before Freud this was a characterization of the relationship between psychs pedo activists and elite pedos.
which pre-freud psychologist/s are you referring to exactly? im not sure i really follow what you mean here.
rewrite the schizo post anon i want to read it, the lack of nation thing is particularly interesting to me as an australian

No. 2039660

File: 1717772476171.jpg (351.42 KB, 1125x1717, Psychs in pedo protection time…)


1869 before Freuds work before the first sexological work psychopathia sexualis where pedophilia the term was coined only in or after 1888 or something, Marx and Engels knew what it was about and about pedo activism and research and “pedos can be non offending”. But psychs hadn’t gotten around to being the mediator yet. Obviously that was a later development, but the content of what they’d come in to legitimize shortly after are there. These were the most advanced social scientists of their time and still are today. Well maybe some Marxists have surpassed them.

No. 2039694

The problem is importing immigrants from countries with a male-surplus, like China and India. Canada right now has a quarter of a million more men than women between the ages of 18 to 29, that disparity is only going to get worse. Mass immigration to Canada from the subcontinent, via “chain migration”, has been at an all time high and it’s going to get even higher. A quick Google Search will tell you India has between 37,000,000 to 40,000,000 extra men… due to selective sex abortions of women. Even after the practice was outlawed it’s still going on today. Since 2007 around ~100,000 female fetuses per year get aborted in India due to son preference. Similar to China during the one child policy era: female fetuses would be aborted or set for international adoption. That gender imbalance and all the downstream issues that come along with it? Canada is importing just that. Male surplus is one of the worst things to happen to a society. The ideal gender ratio is about 70-77 men per 100 women. We used to be able to lower the amount of men through mass incarceration, dueling, dangerous jobs, wars, colonization/exploration, adventurism, etc. Now we can change the gender birth rates through supplements, diet, liver metabolites—The world has too many sons when what it needs are surplus daughters. Everybody wins if we just lower the ratio of men to women. Less male-patterned violence, more love and creation.

No. 2039786

The whole push to erode children's safety nets, the whole "kids can consent to transition" debate, easy access to porn by children and some bizarre phenomenons like Elsagate, and just exceedingly sexual media is make me believe that it is true tbh.
Wasn't a few weeks again that Germany approved more lax laws on hold CSAM?

No. 2039869

File: 1717786397933.jpg (971.05 KB, 1125x2250, psychoanalysis dogma apparentl…)

Yes abuse victims are lying, sexualizing/blaming kids instead of acknowledging grooming and abuse by adults is an old story and tactic championed by feds, loser rapists and redditors. I am sure it takes many forms.

Idk psychoanalysis, but this author says he trained for 8 years and this is the standard take on abuse recollection in psychoanalysis? I have no desire to learn it to argue yet again to more psychs that they are not just too complex and nuanced and I just don’t understand. They are easily shown to be full of shit , biased abuser sympathizers or manipulated by abusers at best. I feel I can confidently do that against someone like cantor who immediately blocked me.

No. 2039902

File: 1717789697539.jpg (1.09 MB, 1112x2304, why would children fantasize a…)

why would children fantasize about being raped? it makes no sense but it’s typical pedo gas lighting and criminal insanity to claim children are innately sexual so pedos need to rape them and also “educate them” or “guide them” via rape.

No. 2040037

Can you link to the source for this anon?

I'm NTA who originally brought up Freud's changing beliefs but I've read enough Freud/Jung (and read enough about the history of how Freud's beliefs changed) to be unconvinced by takes like 'oh feminists who think his pedo clientele made him change his mind just aren't deep and educated enough.' There might be some nuggets of truth in some of his writings about the oedipal complex and not everything he wrote about was straight pedo-pandering but I think people give way too much credit to Freudian theories in general. After over 100 years of modern psychiatry the therapy/psychiatry fields are still full of barely-evidenced bullshit and their methods don't work for most people, plus as another anon mentioned other highly motivated subfields of psychology keep cropping up like the 'false memory syndromes' theories which were initially pushed by people accused of CSA against their daughter. The leading expert in 'false memory syndromes' was one of Weinstein's expert witnesses in his trial by the way, and argued that Weinstein's victims had false memories of his abuse implanted. I do think it's possible for therapists to sometimes gaslight patients into developing false memories but it's pretty suspicious that whenever these psyc theories crop up and make someone really famous they largely serve to discredit and minimize the accounts of victims. No matter how many actual pedo rings are discovered (some of which do use forms of ritualistic abuse) people will continue to believe that victims of powerful perpetrators are just misremembering or fantasizing or had a memory implanted by a therapist. I think even the 'satanic ritual abuse' craze probably had some truth behind it, in the sense that while idk if these kids were part of satanic rituals, they might be remembering real abuse and embellishing it as a way to try to work through and make sense of their experiences.

No. 2040060

Canada is already paving the way for euthanasia for anyone who's too expensive for the medical or social services system so I have a hard time believing the same government pushing MAID for depressed people or veterans in wheelchairs who need a stair lift is also really concerned with maintaining the population. They want to import cheap low-wage workers maybe, but a lot of the immigrants they're importing aren't even willing to do low wage physical labor and are a huge drain on taxes so I don't believe that's the full reason. There's many countries including Canada that used the covid pandemic to push through a bunch of DNR orders or use euthanasia drugs like midalozam on their elderly, which seems like an attempt to get rid of people who are a drain on taxes, but then they give 10s of thousands of tax dollars per person to the illegal immigrants they import who claim they can't work or go outside in the winter because it's too cold. Something isn't adding up but I'm not sure what exactly the goal is.

Regarding the idea of getting rid of nations I think it's pretty straightforwardly true, there's been an increasing push for a 'global economy' and global laws, even this new WHO treaty is trying to sneak in a way for unaccountable world government bureaucrat/NGO types to tell national governments what to do even if the citizens disagree. Ideas of nation (national sovereignty, culture, currency) lead to protectionism and anti-interventionism which is bad for the international war machine, and also lead to the idea that elected governments are supposed to listen to their own electorate rather than other elites in other countries, which none of these people in elite positions like because they want to take what power is left away from citizens. Just look at how sovereignty was a dirty word for years in countries like Canada and the UK (the deranged hatred for Brexit even though it was popular even with UK leftists) only to be dredged back up as a slogan for the Ukrainian (NATO proxy) war. The whole EU is another example of how they don't want nation states and national sovereignty.

No. 2040061

The US already has mass illegal immigration in numbers similar to or possibly worse than Canada's, the border crisis in the US is only getting worse. Not sure that Canada's immigration policies will do anything to the US that the current US government hasn't implemented already.

No. 2040072

the uk is swarmed with them too. all of them middle aged scrotes

No. 2040076

I wonder what's going to happen when the economy crashes and they won't be receiving any government benefits anymore?

No. 2040077

AYRT and I have a very similar experience to you although I didn't do a humanities degree, but I did take humanities classes 10+ years ago and the standards for the writing were pretty exacting, to the point that if you exceeded a word limit by one word you would lose points and you would lose points for any grammar errors. When I started grading writing in these classes a few years later we weren't even officially allowed to enforce word limits unless students were hundreds of words over or under, we were told not to let punctuation or spelling/grammar affect the grades, and I was actually told not to give students zero even if I caught them plagiarising - we were supposed to give multiple warnings for plagiarism first and not to report students who were plagiarizing. Many of my students were also in premed type fields, although I had students from a bunch of different degrees since I was teaching a basic class about experimental methods and academic writing that a lot of different people signed up for.

Submitted medical studies have declined in quality for a bunch of different reasons though and I'd argue the main one isn't retards who can't write right. I actually think the main reason is that there's such a heavy emphasis on getting a high H score via publications and there's such an emphasis on publishing stat sig findings that people are just incentivized to publish any research with a positive finding, no matter how shitty and even if they have to fraud their way through the stats to get a significant finding they will do so. The peer review process just simply doesn't give reviewers the time or, in most cases, the resources to check people's math or go into depth about their methods, so the peer review process doesn't protect much against fraud either. The quality of writing has gone down so much though that it's changing how the editorial structure at medical journals works - I have a close friend who worked as an editor for a medical journal (she has a biochemistry degree) but more than half the editors hired while she worked there were English Lit and Journalism graduates because they had such a heavy need for copyeditors. These people were in similar roles functionally as my friend though, they had the ability to flag papers for approval despite having no medical background so they had no way of knowing whether the methods or stats were legitimate or the topic of the paper was even interesting. Scientific journals are kind of a racket at this point anyway, they get paid by submitters, they get paid by libraries and universities for access, and they get paid by the government as well. There's no incentive for them to reduce the number of publications which is why journals like the Lancet or JAMA now have 15 different sub-journals on every possible topic, they make more money the more they publish. My friend who worked for a medical journal said that when they'd get truly shitty unpublishable papers they were supposed to suggest the authors resubmit to one of the journals lower-impact offshoots instead, rather than just rejecting them outright.

No. 2040081

The economy has already crashed by any reasonable standard and that hasn't stopped them from funneling taxes into illegal immigrants, but if it gets so bad that they cut off their benefits most likely what will happen is riots and civil war since these people have no real connection to the culture of the places they migrate to so they're not going to be especially interested in maintaining social harmony and peace.

No. 2040085

I heard a few schizos say these civil wars will happen everywhere and the elites will use it to impose some kind of world government. It's the Agenda 2030 project.

No. 2040087

AYRT and I'm not actually sure I agree with that because I think outright violent war is probably not how things are most likely to proceed from here on out. Violent wars also have the likelihood of fucking up infrastructure that elite people rely on (even if you want to argue they have bunkers or whatever, I doubt anyone actually wants to resort to living in those). I think it's more likely that governments/elites will try to achieve a mostly peaceful transition to more unaccountable, global government, and the hordes of immigrants aren't there to start literal civil wars but rather to gradually degrade the fabric of society. While total economic collapse is possible I think it's more likely partial economic collapse will be used to transition to other monetary systems such as CBDC and your average person will be given just enough bread and circuses to stop them from outright revolt. It doesn't really hurt elites that scrote male immigrants are mass harassing and assaulting women and children though, it might just become the 'new normal' for most Western societies.

No. 2040090

She was confirmed to have cancer, do you think that was a lie? Most scrotes abandon women if they get cancer, so I think it checks out. As another anon said, her replacement is already appearing in the press.

No. 2040091

It's probably going to be a slow transition as you said, they want to degrade the old system whilst subliminally pushing the new one.

No. 2040098

I think the trucker protests in Canada in 2022 are a good example of how resistance movements damaging to the government play out - the actual big protest in the capital was on the news all the time but what actually made the government panic was people blockading border transit. Shortly after multiple successful border blockades the government walked back a bunch of COVID rules but pretended it was their intent all along (even though in the weeks of protests they refused to negotiate with protesters and stated the rules would continue). I think most of the time elites will push as hard as they can for whatever new thing they want to implement, and then when it actually starts to massively affect their economy or look like it's leading to mass protest they take a step back, pretend it was never their intent to change things that drastically, and wait for the next opportunity to re-implement whatever thing they were planning on doing in the first place. I don't think they want lots of obvious violence/bloodshed or total economic collapse, I think they want a lot of little economic collapses until everyone gets used to the new conditions and they can whittle away the minority that is still resistant.

No. 2040136

Thanks for your post anon, it's interesting though because I've been in conversations with multiple people who were in Ottawa at the time and it's like they're describing completely different realities. One woman who actually worked for the government at the time said she joined the protest whenever she got off work because she agreed with it and found it warm and welcoming, another woman who worked for the government at the time said that they 'shut down the whole city of Ottawa and terrorized everyone with racist terroristic threats.' It's like people occupy completely different realities based on their pre-existing bias toward a protest's aims.

Regarding the economic thing I didn't say it in my post but I actually was thinking that a big part of the reason for the blockades being viewed as more threatening was specifically the threat to the US economy and thus US/Canadian diplomatic relations. They talked a big talk about wanting the terrorist occupation of Ottawa to end but they only started using force once Biden and Trudeau started talking about the threat to international trade.

No. 2040139

Personally I'd love a one world government. I truly believe if all humans had the same rights we'd be on the track to world peace. Maybe the hope is people leave behind oppressive shit and embrace freedom. Or maybe I'm too wishful

No. 2040143

>The actual big protest in the capital.
Kek I lived in one of the downtown neighbourhoods during this protest. Living through that and witnessing it in person That protest actually disillusioned me completely and it made me realize that there can be no real sustainable social change or social revolution in the age of the internet and mass media. Every single piece of media, whether a TV show, a Tweet, a documentary, etc., completely lied about everything. They exaggerated everything. Left wing mass media and right wing mass media both portrayed something that was completely unlike what really happened & totally removed from the reality of the situation. There was no "big protest," there were 6 or so streets downtown that were blocked off by large trucks and people from the mostly Quebec and Alberta that came into the city for the protest. All they did was sit around in their cars, or in the beginning congregate in the downtown core. The BLM protest that happened the year prior actually had more people attend and more people were congregating downtown that the trucker convoy, it's just it was much shorter and there was no traffic blockages. The protestors consisted of mostly white middle-aged men, sometimes accompanied by their wives and children. I remember that this was the most difficult thing for me to witness, was that it seemed only the men were really dedicated to their cause, the sight of unhappy wives, and children taken out of school and forced to live in their car for 2+ weeks because daddy saw a Facebook post that made him so angry he uprooted not only his life but the people he's supposed to love. I saw so many cold scared children locked in cars that should have been in school or at home in a warm bed. Most men would spend the day getting drunk (beer cans were littered everywhere) or getting high (all dispensaries downtown were completely flooded during these weeks with these 'protestors' buying copious amounts of weed) and then conclude the night by honking their horns for hours or partying on the street. It was so pathetic. All I could think about is how small these men's lives were, that they could just simply get up off their couches drive half way across the country and drag their poor families along with them for weeks at a time. I thought how many people lost their jobs from being away for so long, if they even had jobs to begin with, and how much time the children will have to make up for missing that much school. Most city-dwellers were just mildly annoyed by the protest. I remember nobody I knew caring about it, most were moving on as usually but just annoyed that there was such honking. It was completely misinterpreted in the media, so much so that whenever I've talked to someone about it who wasn't in Ottawa at the time, I'm amazed by all the fake news that came out of that event. The right wing media portrayed this event like it was a grassroots peaceful protest against government tyranny by working-class heroes motivated by the cause of freedom, before being violently repressed by the evil government: the left wing media portrays it as though it was a riot of never before seen proportions sparked by white nationalism and fascist rhetoric when rightists invaded the capital to overthrow the government and clashed with police while they ransacked the city. What really happened is a bunch of no-life losers got tricked by Facebook posts and started malding so hard they drove half way across the country to get drunk, stoned, and party with other like-minded people and scream "Fuck Trudeau!" It was an embarrassing event because there was no real plan, no real meaning, no real purpose, it was just a bunch of middle-aged men coming together to commiserate about how their lives didn't play out how they had wanted.
>what actually made the government panic was people blockading border transit
This is true but not through the way you think. The reason the government took the border thing more seriously than the Ottawa protests was not because they were afraid it would damage the Canadian economy, but because they were afraid it would damage the American economy. The Canadian government is in the hands of the American monopolists. Most Canadian senators and MPs have extensive holdings not in Canadian stock, but in American stock. They don't care about damaging the Canadian economy because the only thing the senators, MPs, and ministers really need control over is the housing market. They have the biggest investments in housing, and they know a housing crisis improves their profits so they aren't actually interested in improving the situation. The Canadian government was afraid of the American business owners and government's reaction to the border blockages, not the reaction of Canadian business owners or citizens. Only when the protests threatened to hurt the American economy, that's what spurred the government to move hastily to end the protests.

No. 2040148

If there was a one world government and everyone had the same rights you'd have to contend with the fact that now you have to negotiate rights with men who run Sharia law countries where women aren't allowed to go out at all, where it's culturally normalized to rape children and then stone them to death for getting raped, or whatever. Sure we could hope that those wouldn't be the 'rights' we'd all ultimately get but that hope just rests on the normalization people have in liberal western countries of their own norms. It's already a big enough problem when men from non-western countries come to western countries and then you have those western countries saying 'oh actually FGM is a cultural practice we should honor' or 'actually we shouldn't prosecute honor killing because that's their culture' as has happened in EU and NA countries recently. People who still have halfway cohesive cultural norms in their countries assume that a one world government would lead to everyone having those exact same rights but there's no particularly good reason to assume that, the liberal countries with liberal human rights structures represent a minority of the world population.

No. 2040155

I already responded to the first version of this post but I kind of disagree with the part that you added. The people in trucks at least were literally people who had (key, necessary) jobs which were about to be taken away by a new government mandate so I don't agree with the characterization of 'they just got brainwashed by some facebook post.' They realized they were about to lose their jobs so they thought protesting had a chance of letting them keep their jobs, which ultimately they were right about because the government did drop the new mandates. The protest worked for some of its main aims even if a lot of its aims got pretty silly and non-specific.

Regarding the protest being portrayed as a riot of never-before-seen proportions it reminds me of Jan 6th in the US though and how the media managed to convince like half of americans and most people in other countries that there was an unprecedented violent insurrection when it was like maybe not even 1000 naive middle aged people (and a handful of feds) milling around doing nothing of particularly great importance. We've gotten to the point where the media can convince anyone that any protest is as big, small, violent or non-violent as they say it is, which goes back to your original point that protest is no longer a real option to cause social change in most cases. A protest could be big or small, effective or ineffective but as long as there's a media chokehold on information that gets out to the general public it basically doesn't matter what the protest is about, how many people show up or what their aims are, it will get a spin that the government wants it to get and will be defanged. The only protest movements I can really see working now are movements where 5-10% of the entire population all protest at the same time in their respective cities and all spread word-of-mouth info about it, otherwise they will just end up meaningless.

No. 2040163

Yeah sorry I deleted it because I wanted to add that and I didn't realize someone had already responded kek.
>The people in trucks
This is the thing though, there weren't that many truckers. The majority (I'd say 90%) of the people that came to the protests were either Albertans or Quebecers that were just angry at the federal government. I remember being so weirded out by the insistence that it was a trucker thing because even though it was the maybe 2 dozen truckers that started the whole thing, the vast majority of people were just normies that read about it on Facebook. The other thing is that by that point in time, over 90% of truckers had already received 2-3 doses of the vaccine. It really was just another case of pandemic mass hysteria in my opinion. I'd go as far as to say the toilet paper rampages in 2020 were more significant .
>Regarding the protest being portrayed…no longer a real option to cause social change in most cases.
I agree with your point there. I just remember being so disillusioned because it really hammered home that the media is not reliable for any information, only your own eyes are. You mention 5-10% of the population, but I remember coming across this fact in books that only 3-4% of a country's population has to be active and staunch in a revolution for the revolution to succeed. I think the problem with any protest past 2001 is that there are no strong ideological leaders, no platform that they can agree on, and barely anybody has the brain power to read and understand and critique ideology anymore. Post-modernism and consumerism took over as the main ideologies of our era. It seems like protesting is more of a social party in our days.

No. 2040166

Fuck sake guess that's why there is wars about who gets to run the world. Wish we could have a citizens global party and we get to shit talk politicians and over throw them. Idk. I'm fed up. Nuke men I know women did not come up with fgm

No. 2040173

I want to make it clear up front that I'm not suggesting that all women should marry men, become SaHHs and have seven kids, but I honestly believe that the idea of ​​thriving while living single and alone is a psy-op aimed at trapping people (especially women) so we don't have reliable social networks. so if they raise the cost of living, we will be forced to return to work under even more difficult circumstances

No. 2040183

That was really sad. Where were her kids when she was living in her car for a year

No. 2040194

Every source I can find both on the left and right says there were around 150-250 long haul trucks there so definitely more than two dozen. That's obviously a tiny minority of all the long-haul trucks in canada but I think characterizing it as 'people who choose to lose their jobs just to attend a protest' is a little strange considering the main reason these people protested was fear of losing their jobs. Even if 90% of other long-haul truckers already got vaccinated, my impression is the ones protesting were the people who didn't, and they thought that protesting to keep their jobs would work (which ultimately it did, although like I said it's more likely due to the border blockaders than the people protesting in Ottawa). On the other hand speaking to the point of actual protest-protests not working, there were other professions that were threatened with 'you'll be fired if you're not vaccinated' mandates like health care workers, and in places like Quebec or the UK they ended up not getting fired because 30-40% of them refused vaccines, which led to the whole mandate being dropped without requiring any actual standing in front of government building protests. This leads me to believe that general forms of peaceful noncompliance are actually just as effective as active protesting. The trucker protests worked to some degree imo, but also backfired to some degree because of the large amount of media spin that was put on them, whereas 30% of Quebec nurses just quietly refusing to get vaccines worked faster and with less effort. I also disagree that the trucker protest was a case of pandemic mass hysteria, it was blowback to pandemic mass hysteria, and it did lead to mandates being dropped for the whole country despite the bad press.

You might be right that 3-4% is enough for a revolution, but since we already have that number of people who basically non-participate in society, I think probably more people than that are required to actually change something in the modern era. NEETs changed the whole landscape and there are more NEETs than we think. The issue is that people with 'similar' basic political platforms get divide-and-conquered and fragmented by media propaganda such that even if you have 5% of a population that agrees on something, they will think they disagree just because slightly different verbiage is being used. Protesting definitely is more of a social event these days and a lot of people will dip out of protests as soon as they experience real consequences, the same is true of many general strikes.

No. 2040196

I think the ultimate consequence of any 'citizens global party' would be citizens having no say at all. The reason people self-sort into a variety of smaller regions, countries, provinces, states and ethnicities is that people understand on a basic level that different cultures and kin groups have different cultural standards. Trying to brute-force enforce the same cultural standards on the whole world would just lead to the most powerful, violent or rich group winning. I think nation-states are important precisely because people who disagree can self-segregate from one another.

No. 2040201

I think alternate family structures (not just man+woman+kids) can work just as well but I agree with your idea that pushing the 'super individualist independent person who doesn't need any family/community' norm is just a way of leaving people out in the cold without a support structure. Many women would thrive as pseudo-separatists/not letting moids into their lives in any personal capacity but the modern standard of 'it's best to live completely alone with no one bothering you' is just going to lead to people getting fucked over. Human beings need community of some kind even if it isn't an opposite-sex marriage partner otherwise they become very vulnerable.

No. 2040208

>I think alternate family structures (not just man+woman+kids) can work just as well
this, I was raised in a multi generational household in a big 200yr old house passed down, and sometimes lived with cousins etc until I moved to the U.S. If I could rely on siblings/cousins/nephews/nieces in america the same way my parents and grandparents could in their home country back in the day, I'd never be worried that I could ever be homeless

No. 2040254

holy shit, WARNINGS for plagiarism? afaik at my university you get an expulsion hearing if your shit looks sketchy, and if you cant defend yourself you are out. i have known people to be expelled like this.

agree with you on the quality decline in medical studies thing, this is obviously way more of a systemic problem.
>The quality of writing has gone down so much though that it's changing how the editorial structure at medical journals works
my family member has also brought up this issue and the thing about the terrible unpublishable papers lol, one of the reasons why she doesnt want to be a part of it anymore.

in my own experience, even navigating databases is fucking impossible because of how much pointless slop is clogging up the pool of research.

No. 2040267

Yeah basically if only one part of a multi-page assignment was plagiarized (even if it was word-for-word copypasted from the internet for like 3 paragraphs) we would deduct a couple points but no more than that, and it was a three strikes you're out system where the first 2 times they plagiarized they would neither get a zero nor get reported, and the third time they would get a zero and reported (not to the ethics committee but to a prof higher in the hierarchy who would get to decide whether to report them to ethics). I had one assignment where 65% of the assignments had obvious word-for-word plagiarism, and when I asked my boss what to do she said not to remove points because it would lower the grade point average but to give them a 'stern talk' instead. This was about 5 years ago; 11-12 years ago when I was doing my undergrad one of my classmates plagiarized one paragraph of a 20-page paper and was forced to re-do a whole year of school.

Navigating databases is hell now and so many of the studies you find are just small sample size studies that barely manage to find a 3% effect size to the point of barely reaching statistical significance, yet they'll also be included in meta-analyses and reported by the media too. I was asked by my boss about a lit search I was supposed to do a couple years back and I said 'oh yeah there's tons of new papers but mostly from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, you know…' and she just burst out laughing. Everyone who works in any med-adjacent field knows that there's hundreds of papers coming out of (specifically but not only) the Middle East that are completely worthless but clogging up all the search results on pubmed/google scholar, most of which are just straight-up fraudulent.

No. 2040290

same with indian and chinese "research"

No. 2040295

Indian and Chinese is bad but not as bad as Egypt/Saudi research, I think there was a BMJ article that tested the percent of fraudulent medical research and found it was like 75-90% in Egypt, 50-60% in China/India, and slightly below 50% in the US or EU. So there's a high percentage of research fraud everywhere but it's the absolute worst in the Middle East.

China has some decent universities but they have so many people that they also have a lot of low-tier universities pumping out garbage.

No. 2040303

File: 1717809750464.png (200.57 KB, 766x655, researchfraud.png)

No. 2040312

I am not sure I believe this, but it really weird that they never refute his points. They just respond with sadbait.

No. 2040320

NTA but I have a working theory on why they would do this. In general it is harder to actually refute 'conspiracy theories' as more and more common conspiracy theories are just provably true, so the risk/reward benefit of directly refuting wrong conspiracy theories gets lower. If they work hard to provide proof Alex Jones was wrong about Sandy Hook the best possible outcome is a few people think he's mean, most of his followers will just think 'oh okay maybe he was wrong about this but he was on the right track.' If what they do instead is get everyone to think it is evil, and, like, literally heartless! to have this conspiracy theory then lots of normies who never listened to him in the first place will develop a bad impression of conspiracy theories and be less likely to listen to them next time.

The whole point of punishing, refuting, and shittily fact checking conspiratard shit is to get the general public to think conspiracists are evil and harming society and always wrong (no matter if that's true or not) so there's no real benefit to specifically refuting conspiracy theories thoroughly. The point is to make society think that any conspiratorial thinking is dangerous, wrong, hateful and evil. Once you get that emotional reaction to anything deemed 'conspiratorial' all you have to do is slap a conspiracy label on something to get most normies in society to angrily reject it, even if it's provably true. We saw this go into hyperdrive during COVID, where you could have people making very sane and well-evidenced points and even if they were proven almost incontrovertibly true afterwards the 'bad person who thinks bad wrong things and is a danger to society' label would follow them afterward.

No. 2040507

File: 1717820874094.png (413.35 KB, 748x602, Screenshot.png)

I'm going full shizo on this lmao.
It's so weird that there's been reported sightings of Kate but there's no photos except that video a few months back with the fake Kate and the ai photo for mothers day. Even Thomas is a mystery and some people are claiming that his wikipedia page is gone (did it even exist in the first place?)

No. 2040527

there have been no revolutions lately because there really isn't anything to revolt against other than our own unhappiness.

No. 2040533

NTAYRT but I think there's plenty of things to revolt against, it's just that most of it is a weird slow creep now rather than something immediately obvious that would cause revolt. We get hyperinflation but the government insists 'the inflation is actually really normal, it's always been like this and it's decreasing.' Normal prole thinks that inflation decreasing means prices are going back down/will go back down so they decide to be patient. Housing near-impossible to get? Don't worry the housing bubble will 'pop' soon and you'll get homes for unprecedently low prices! Just wait it out, middle-class normies! Gas prices through the roof? Don't worry normies surely soon we will have fully 'green' electricity and uber-cheap electric cars, gas prices won't even matter in a few years! Normies decide to wait it out and save up for electric car. Education absolutely in the shitter? Don't worry normies it's just because covid zoom school caused kids to briefly fall behind, they'll be back on track in no time with better test results than ever! Normie parent still sends kid to mid/high-tier college because it's probably more useful than trade school or no college at all, for now, where the kid passes through all 4 years functionally illiterate and is indoctrinated with a bunch of pseud bullshit they later attack their parents and society with. Infertility on the rise? Don't worry normies soon we'll all be able to afford IVF and if not, we'll keep our population numbers up by importing people from other countries who totally aren't mostly males. We'll have so many young workers just you wait. Medical care increasingly inaccessible? Don't worry we're trialling AI doctors and online diagnosis platforms that will be way more reliable than seeing a person and you'll get top quality medical care any minute now as soon as we iron out the kinks in our online system. And so on and so forth. It's just a boiling frog situation at this point, nothing has fully collapsed and until there is a full collapse normies will keep propping up a sham economy. Most people really just want their bread and circuses and their perception that things are chugging along.

No. 2040715

File: 1717843265885.png (640.42 KB, 576x512, 1708564301224603.png)

Sex is evil (straight, gay, doesn't matter). It destroys your innocence and the lack of innocence destroys your connection to god.

No. 2040718

No. 2040721

human relations are poisonous for the soul

No. 2040724

Let's become nuns together anon, far from men and the world.

No. 2040739

Most of them, I believe, yes. Also the fact that most people simply can't live alone, they're scared of living alone because they don't even truly know themselves

No. 2040741

why do we need to procreate via sex if its inherently evil? Doesn't make sense

No. 2040743

I don't think she's dead yet but she's extremely ill

No. 2040762

Madonna/whore complex rebranded for the girlies damns and condemns the innocent while exalting the evil. Sex isn’t a mean spirited action that disturbs innocence, God is a mother.

No. 2040763

Procreation is not inherently good.

No. 2040766

That's the rarest Pepe I've seen in a while

No. 2040774

>sex isn't a mean spirited action

No. 2040779

I think that's true, but if she's died of cancer I still don't understand why they didn't announce it.
>Saudi Arabia and Egypt
I mentioned this on reddit the other day and got banned for it, lol. Everyone wants to screech "Trust the science!™" but no one wants to admit that Indians and Chinese papers are worse than useless, that those made up papers then go on to corrupt any other paper that cites them.

No. 2040780

Sex isn’t a mean spirited action.

No. 2040784

I agree, i've had the most beautiful moments of my life during sex. in its best form it's an act of joy. I feel awful that it's tainted for so many women.

No. 2040785

I don't agree with her point, but you completely misunderstood her point.

No. 2040789

Soooo true btw don't google sexual conflict in humans haha

No. 2040800

It's the point of life though. Doesn't matter if it's good or bad because good and bad are human concepts. Life = God with all the birth, sex and death as well as innocence and spiritual experiences being part of God.

No. 2040801

I think veganism is being used by corps to normalize eating scraps while paying premium prices for it. Not saying this was the initial intent of people who follow it or that veganism itself is bad. It's just very convenient for our overlords.

No. 2040811

I think sex is a somewhat violent act from moid's perspective too, but I still wish you religion schizos would've stayed on /x/. Don't shit up lc too.

No. 2040819

I believe this but just for the fake meat products. they're insulting and no one should eat them.

No. 2040825

We die because we can reproduce, silly.

No. 2040831

Westerners talking about vegetables and grains like they’re animal food will never not be vile to me. They act like meat is the only real food

No. 2040857

Gnosticism says otherwise. We won't break out from here if we continue the cycle
Nobody cares about you copulating with a rape-ape who would fuck a 14 year old if it was legal and who will jerk off to teen porn when you hit 40(bait)

No. 2040888

Good that I said neither of that.

No. 2040910

I responded to the question "why do we need sex for procreation if sex is evil?" The question implies procreation is good. Which it inherently isn't. It just is, like you said. Life is not inherently meaningful and worth creating through procreation. I don't subscribe to your God belief.

No. 2040969

It’s not evil because God created sex however, humanity has tainted it since the beginning of our existence.

Except procreation will happen and more lives will continue to exist until the end of time whether you like it or not. Have you considered celibacy?

No. 2040971

>I don't like people killing each other
>Then don't kill lol
Ok but I'm still gonna complain about it

No. 2040972

God you mean Jahwe you mean Satan

No. 2040973

You can complain, but nothing will change.

No. 2040974

I don’t follow gnostic dogma, sorry!

No. 2040975

It is changing though, slowly but surely, more women than before opt out of being with men, women are slowly waking up

No. 2040982

I’m happy for you nonny, it should always be positive. Accepting those negative manifestations as the be-all-end-all dismisses any priority to improve women’s experiences. It also co-signs many falsehoods that traumatise women and girls.
Sexual conflict is a type of conflict, not the definition of sex, which itself is not antithetical to moral innocence.

No. 2040983

Anon didn’t describe her partner and op specifically included homosexual sex etc, so what is your point? Yes, your example man is very bad, and yet sex is not inherently evil, nor should it distance women and girls from ‘god’ or moral innocence. Hopefully you don’t know what you’re arguing on behalf of.
nta but the question didn’t imply procreation was objectively good, just that it was the design of the same character who supposedly rejects it.

No. 2041015

I described a typical man. But go on and play in the filth.

No. 2041028

I'm not OP and literally don't care whether procreation happens or not, you're creating arguments out of nowhere.

"Why is x evil if y comes out of it?" "How can x be evil when y comes out of it?" Is this not implying y is good?

No. 2041663

Ugh, can we please just go back to talking about aliens and the Illuminati now?

No. 2041669

File: 1717890759401.png (291.54 KB, 462x700, Abruptincandescentnatural_f032…)

>the point of life is sex and babies
You can't fool me with your life of indulgence and prolonged suffering

No. 2041672

Yeah I'm really confused because that conversation is a topic for the blackpill thread, not here.

No. 2041682

Talking about aliens, I'd be interested in hearing anon's responses to the following:
>Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?
>Do you think aliens have visited Earth before, and if so: what are their intentions?
>Have the governments been conspiring to cover up evidence of aliens, if so: what is the point of the cover up, and what would the government do with this alien information?

No. 2041689

>Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?
Yes. I think it's crazy to think we are the only beings in the entire galaxy. I mean come on, if we are here, there has to be others out there somewhere
>Do you think aliens have visited Earth before, and if so: what are their intentions?
Yes. I think they were taking a lil peek, seeing what we are doing here.
>Have the governments been conspiring to cover up evidence of aliens, if so: what is the point of the cover up, and what would the government do with this alien information?
The US government has, didn't they admit it? For what reason though, I'm not sure. I guess maybe to keep people stupid and in the dark.

No. 2042052

File: 1717918213220.jpg (1.43 MB, 1028x2413, Freud DID mk ultra.jpg)

I am too tired to be writing this rn and its long because i think some things are worth addressing in light of people trying to deny this freud stuff… this is the first exposure to freud stuff so what I would actually think about it after processing it for years, while I probably wouldn’t fundamentally change what I say below because i know what i know even if this one example is new, would probably be better than my initial reaction after reading 2 chapters of a book and forcing myself through the paper in question.

however, i notice these things right way so i figure i would point it out. freud is discussing abuse which happens in early childhood, before the age of 8 and even 4? he says the abuse won’t cause the same hysterical etiology if it happens after 8. this is like the theory of DID or speculations about mk ultra type activities where its believed that children must be abused before the age of like 6 for split personalities to form and for amnesia of the abuse to be induced. picrel.

he says either that this phenomenon hes talking about isn’t prevalent in the working classes or isn’t as prevalent as would be expected, so i can see why people say he was discovering that chlldren of wealthy famllies were being abused. elites/deep state whatever prefer to keep their activities within their families so i can see how this all supports certain conspiracy theories. picrel.

this discovery during trauma therapy that patients were sadistically and ritually sexually abused as children by their family, like freud first reported was his experience as a psychoanalyst, being suppressed as false memories etc is a trend which is ongoing.


>This data affirms to a significant degree the pattern of abuse that has been consistently disclosed by survivors of ritual abuse and mind control. It is becoming apparent that demand for child abuse material is being met by organized perpetrator groups involving parents who use a range of techniques to traumatise their children from infancy into compliance with sexual exploitation. From the vantage point offered by contemporary research, it would seem that the emerging professional field of trauma and dissociation in the 1970s and 1980s provided a space in which a subterranean criminal phenomenon - the extreme abuse of children for mass consumption - could surface and be recognized for the first time.

maybe some freud disinfo agents want to dispute the existence of ritual abuse and its ongoing cover up?


commenters in this reddit post lie that the only issue is whether freud abandoned the theory that csa is the sole cause of mental illness. no the issue is whether he first stated he uncovered that his patients had been sexually abused and then decided he didn’t believe the memories were of abuse and were just fantasies of abuse instead. (freud’s paper makes it seem like he’s discussing a certain form of mental illness, which he calls neurosis or hysteria, in which patients are triggered to the point of being unable to function, see points about DID above.)

the comments also claim that the theory was about patients who never disclosed memories of abuse, which is not what the paper states. the paper states that these are patients whose memories of abuse are not conscious, and his task as an analyst is to follow a chain of clues and conscious memoires to uncover the memory of abuse that is the source of the hysteric response and bring it to the conscious level. it seems like he said his patients eventually revealed memories of abuse to him.

in the part of the book I have read so far, freud is quoted that he no longer believes the stories of abuse his patients uncovered in treatment were of csa events which really occured, and he came up with an alternate explanation for the abuse stories that they were fantasies of and desire for abuse by their fathers.

I havent finsihed the book to see if there are more quotes confirming that patients eventually uncovered memories of abuse scenes. in fact, uncovering the memory of csa is what the paper I read (aetiology of hysteria) asserted should be the aim of psychoanalytic treatment of hysteria. he claimed in the cases he treated, uncovering the memory and the subsequent relief of the symptoms proves csa was the cause of his patients illness.

>The early traumas his patients had had the courage to face and report to him he was to later dismiss as the fantasies of hysterical women who invented stories and told lies. He was to view his own courage in reporting these findings as rash:

>“I believed these stories, and consequently supposed that I had discovered the roots of the subsequent neurosis in these experiences of sexual seduction in childhood. …If the reader feels inclined to shake his head at my credulity, I cannot altogether blame him.[9]”

>Freud was to retract his views on the etiology of hysteria, the belief that external, real sexual traumas lay at the very heart of neurosis. His patients, he now felt, had been lying to themselves and to him:

>”…I was at last obliged to recognize that these scenes of seduction had never taken place, and that they were only fantasies which my patients had made up.[10]”

>These patients, primarily women, were laboring under a common fantasy, one that, moreover, dominated their entire lives:

>”Since childhood masturbation is such a general occurrence and is at the same time so poorly remembered, it must have an equivalent in psychic life. And, in fact, it is found in the fantasy encountered in most female patients—namely, that the father seduced her in childhood. This is the later reworking which is designed to cover up the recollection of infantile sexual activity and represents an excuse and an extenuation thereof. The grain of truth contained in this fantasy lies in the fact that the father, by way of his innocent caresses in earliest childhood, has actually awakened the little girl’s sexuality (the same thing applies to the little boy and his mother). “It is these same affectionate fathers that are the ones who then endeavor to break the child of the habit of masturbation, of which they themselves had by that time become the unwitting cause. And thus the motifs mingle in the most successful fashion to form this fantasy, which often dominates a woman’s entire life (seduction fantasy): one part truth, one part gratification of love, and one part revenge.[11]”

Excerpt From
The Assault on Truth
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

No. 2042072

File: 1717920985566.png (445.63 KB, 1200x1200, peA4MtR.png)

Maybe it's just naivety, prior to the recession it was entirely possible (at least in the west) to live independently in an apartment and afford basic necessities with a job like working at a grocery store. but in the 2010's it soon became something exclusive to the upper-middle class and now it's even beyond their reach nearly everyone I know from school still lives with their parents.

No. 2042078

Finally someone smart.
Those who don't agree didn't think about on the topic. If there was no sex or no false concpet of pleasure that people associated with it, there would be no sexual crimes. Any degenerate who thinks otherwise wants to live in a world that allows assaults and exploitation.

No. 2042085

I actually don't think it would be a civil war. Any semi-motivated police force could subdue these men if they wanted to and the fact is the majority of migrants don't identify with any actual values. Even the ones who have been settled for generations, there's an overcompensating in the community where insecure indian/pakistani identitarians clarify that they are paki/indian first and foremost. They even retire to India when they have enough money.

No. 2042109

Yeah I know some people like the ones you mentioned. I find it even weirder when it's kids who have never even been to their parents' country but keep talking about how it's heaven on earth. I'm the opposite kek. I didn't choose what ethnicity I was born into and I haven't stepped a foot into my parents' country, and I couldn't care less about it or it's culture. Got nothing to do with me.

No. 2042124

half of my dad's relatives who used to live in the UK have returned to our country due to the economy, they have already a lot of money and through the exchange rate they will live comfortably

No. 2042195

I'm fully wearing a tinfoil hat right now but I was watching youtube, everything working fine. I click a gc detrans video that immediately buffered, internet connection still fine, still buffering after reloading the page too. I click another video and it loads fine. Anti-troon detrans video still won't load and keeps buffering… sus.

>Sex is evil
>destroys your connection to god
If that was true I wish I hadn't waited so long with having sex, I want 0 connection to the disgusting false god you worship.

No. 2042341

this is such a masculine, patriarchal and violent way of looking at sex, jesus would have never said this

No. 2042523

I agree. Like ahh demonizing female sexuality and praising "purity and innocence" what a unique take. As if those ideas aren't rooted in every oppressive patriarchal religious doctrine ever lol…

No. 2042552

Internal cancer isn’t a real disease, obviously ‘skin cancer’ (intense sunburning) is a real thing but it’s also not cancer, it’s just a bad burn. Internal cancers like what they call ‘lymphoma’ or leukaemia, it’s just the visible presence of stress inside the body. Most people don’t even know that they ‘have cancer’ until some doctor tells them that they’re “sick”, and usually they point to a tumor or a swollen lymph node which is more then likely not cancerous, just swollen or a fatty deposit which are completely normal. Instead of providing therapy and other options to help these people, they just decide to say Oh you have a disease and now you need to pay us 700,000 to stay alive! when there are so many ‘cancer patients’ who chose against chemo/radiation and turned out to be perfectly fine because nothing was actually wrong with them at all. Their body was just distressed and exhausted, which is easily fixable without invasive and unnecessary medical procedures, because they’re not even sick. Just overworked. And now these treatments will only make them sick and completely miserable. But of course nobody ever agrees with me on this because the doctor knows best, in the US!

No. 2042560

if this isn't bait, it's the most elaborate cope I've ever seen. pretending cancer isn't real won't prevent you or your loved ones from getting it. face reality and understand you can't pretend away the future.

No. 2042564

Idk nonna, I feel like if you do have the illness (stress) that is causing your ‘cancer’ then why would you not feel sick or unwell until someone told you you were supposed to? There’s so many stories of patients being told ‘oh you have swollen lymph nodes? you have cancer’ or ‘wow you have a tumor…I guess we have to charge you $500 for this appointment and $25,000 for radiation therapy now even though it’s not bothering you or making you feel shitty about yourself’ . Cancer just feels like a total scam after I’ve seen people who survived and lived happy lives even after rejecting chemo.

No. 2042570

And samefag but I also feel like what we know as ‘lung cancer’ is something that you can heal from without being forced to be strapped to a machine for 11 hours a day?

No. 2042572

My step dad had a cancerous growth so large in his stomach he couldn't eat enough and it spread to 4 areas and he passed within a few months he didn't get offered any treatment because it was detected too late

No. 2042699

File: 1717965416786.webp (Spoiler Image,21.94 KB, 680x851, c1e4b284-1626-453a-a4b2-841626…)

>Most people don’t even know that they ‘have cancer’ until some doctor tells them that they’re “sick”
Pic of untreated breast cancer. Not quite as extreme as pic but I lost someone who ignored very much external signs of breast cancer, dimpling at first, nipple became really inverted, no biggie.. then her breast burst open, turned black and started weeping putrid liquid. I saw up it up close. Looked like her body was eating away at itself. Docs were floored at how late she left it. I think the whole 'oh it's just a lump that you see on a scan' mentality comes from how lucky we are that we don't see this shit often. We don't see it because.. so many people take that lil lump and the docs words seriously. We tend to think of breast cancer as a lump and not an exploding rot breast eating itself.

No. 2042737

Probably a subject for the generations thread, but as an Xennial it's depressing to think about how this tinfoil must make sense to a lot of Zoomers who've never known a world where ordinary people could afford to live on their own. In my early twenties in the early 00s I could rent a small 1BR in a boring but safe neighborhood on my slightly higher than minimum wage retail paycheck. Now that same apartment probably rents for like 60% of my monthly salary as an adult with a master's degree.

No. 2042771

>I mentioned this on reddit the other day and got banned for it
Lmao incredible. If they want to 'trust the science' so bad why don't they trust the top-class BMJ editors and EBM people who check whether science is real for a living instead of trusting some random scrote they've never heard of from a university in Cairo who got a nepo 'researcher' job from his dad just to publish some bullshit 'research'? I hate Trust The Science (TM) redditor scrotes so much.

No. 2042776

Agree with this take and also no one from before 100 years ago or less was vegan. Veganism was a corporate overlords thing from the beginning and people don't want to admit this now because some people very genuinely are well-meaning and do it for ethical reasons. Tons of 'vegan' food isn't fully vegan anyway and plant food agriculture also harms animals, in many cases more than just eating them does although all large scale agriculture is unethical and harmful to the environment.

The worst thing is that now the same people who basically 'invented' and marketed veganism to the masses as being about not wanting to eat previously living things are pushing insects as food to vegans, and vegans are getting really confused why they're the main targets for the insect protein shit. It's because they think vegans are suckers who will fall for anything and they never sympathized with ethical reasons for veganism in the first place while pushing it on people.

Lots of non-vegan foods at this point are also either scraps or just vaguely reconstituted hyperprocessed chemical substances that aren't food made to resemble food so none of us are safe but the push to get rid of the most nutritious foods (meat, offal, dairy, eggs) or lie that healthy fats (olive oil, butter, lard) are worse than the most unhealthy fats (canola lol?) was all part of the same plan whether it's targeting vegans or omnivores.

No. 2042785

File: 1717970243210.jpg (30.82 KB, 474x482, 1000003935.jpg)

You're so right starshine. "Cancer" is just the physical manifestation of how had of a person you are. If you were a good person, the toxicity wouldn't manifest inside of you. If you get "cancer" you are asking for it. Align your chakras and you'd never become ill. The covid vaccine contains nanoparticles that travel through your bloodstream and calcify your pineal gland into a tiny stone that activates into a parasite that controls your body.

No. 2042792

I have older cousins and parents who told me how much easier life was back then and I really do envy them

No. 2042800

File: 1717970827992.png (212.07 KB, 904x649, bM0BjWa.png)

academia (especially in the humanities) is a scam, it's all about making shit up and using pretentious fancy language

No. 2042802

It's always been hilarious to me when people (not you in this post) use the word academia instead of school or university. Bitch just say you're in college.

No. 2042808

Thanks for this post anon, I will read the article you linked later but I think this is a pretty good synopsis of the doubts many modern feminists (and even older feminists) have/had about Freud. I think it is somewhat possible that if he went looking to uncover CSA memories through hypnosis/suggestion some of the 'recovered memories' might have been false, but jumping straight to 'for some reason it's mostly women who remember abuse and have abuse-based neuroses, and these are actually because of sexual desire for their father as children' is batty and I don't know why people defend Freud as some great and deep thinker for this. I think it is possible for skilled psychoanalysts to essentially 'implant' memories in some patients by taking true things they've said and encouraging them to add details that may not have happened, so I don't think anything 'discovered' in this fashion should be taken at face value, but the idea that women describing ritual abuse or grooming are all just making it up because of an oedipus complex is even stupider and it's not even historically controversial that pressure was applied on Freud to change/not publish some of his earlier views. And as some anons in this thread have pointed out, the push in psychiatry to discount freely recalled memories by women of abuse continues to this day with a veneer of credibility.

No. 2042812

Yeah it could be naivety, I think a lot of millennials grew up in conditions where it was still possible for adults around them to live independently and survive so we expected we would get that too and it didn't come to pass for many of us. Zoomers grew up in an environment where it was already becoming impossible hence even fewer of them leaving their parents' houses when they turn 18. For anyone millennial or older that fantasy of what you felt you were promised when you were a teenager persists though and colors your thinking about what is normal.

No. 2042818

I don't think it's likely to lead to civil war either but it's just not true that a motivated police force could subdue these men. We already see that they can't in certain countries which have large middle eastern immigrant ghettos, there are like 10 immigrants per policeman at least and they are not as afraid to use violence as the police are. Countries like Sweden have been admitting for at least 10 years that they don't even pursue convictions for the most obvious sex crimes and gang rapes most of the time because the police is too overwhelmed with gang violence in these communities. Maybe there's a few countries like the US with a big enough military that they could use the military to suppress civil uprisings (if they wanted to which they may not), but countries with smaller militaries which need to rely on police simply can't.

No. 2042822

Maybe the way to synthesize these two things is to just realize that not all cancer is diagnosed appropriately and not all cancers turn aggressive, actually most people have cancerous cells all the time but the immune system can normally fight them. Cases where it gets really overgrown and extreme are the situations where your body has no way to fight it anymore. It is objectively true and scientifically evidenced that chemo and radiation therapy don't increase survival rates much or at all for many cancer patients, but I don't think denying cancerous cells exist is the answer to this. I think it's just a more complex topic than most people realize.

No. 2042823

NTAYRT but 'academia' and 'school or university' mean different things. Academia usually means researchers (whether student researchers, adjuncts or profs) who are paid in large part by the government to do 'research' as well as some of the subsidiary fields like academic publishing (a lot of the people working there are not in school or affiliated with schools at all) and people who work for funding agencies.

No. 2042831

Yes but this isn't really tinfoil, it's a well known fact. Academia in the non-humanities can be scammy too but it isn't a scam 100% of the time, humanities academia at this point in time (not always throughout history) is almost 100% of the time just people making shit up and being paid by taxpayers to do it.

No. 2042871

Reposting from the fandom thread, but can confirm, most people didn't realize how unironically, the vast majority of academia is just taking some movie that is barely remembered, misinterpret it and create retarded takes. I've seen theses about how Gone Home is actually about racial imperialism, or how Hook is an allegory for the fear of queerness around children and there are thousands of works like this, and the vast majority of them get approved. When you see a moronic breadtuber pulling some bogus source, this is what they're referencing 99% of the time

No. 2042883

Lol anon there's a popular professor of philosophy a lot of people follow on instagram/youtube because she used to be a fashion blogger, I read her PhD thesis out of curiosity and it was literally just hundreds of pages of recycled paragraphs with slightly different wording, using 'big thesaurus words' completely wrong and clearly not understanding their meaning, and for the life of me I couldn't even tell you wtf it is supposed to be about except that it has something to do with race and queerness even though the woman is a married white straight woman. She posted some of her syllabi for her classes on social media and they were similarly total bullshit with stuff like popular movies as 'sources' to investigate. I get that film and media studies is a thing but she's not a film/media studies prof, she's supposed to be a philosopher. Anyone who thinks these people are doing actual research should just try reading one of their insane published screeds once, the thing is no one (literally no one) usually does. The average published academic paper or dissertation has around 0-2 readers total, so people will hire someone based on them publishing a bunch of garbled nonsense absolutely no one ever read and then talk about them as an acclaimed expert in some microtheory they pulled out of their ass.

No. 2042891

I know you’re being obtuse but I don’t mean “the presence of stress” as in some kind of metaphysical presence, retard. I mean the physical side effects and health issues you have from being stressed. Distress, dehydration, exhaustion, you’re way more likely to have swollen lymph nodes or disrupted fluid/blood movement. That’s why I said the physical presence of stress in your body, because stress, neuroticism, anxiety, these are all things that impair your immune system and physical health. You’re a genuine sped if you aren’t capable of understanding that.

No. 2042898

Anon if it helps I understood what you were saying, if any other anons want to look up what she's talking about look up 'terrain theory.' I don't actually fully agree with your take but I think there is quite a bit of truth to it and I think cancers are overdiagnosed or overtreated at a stage where the human body can still beat them naturally. Notably a lot of oncologists actually opt not to get chemo when they are diagnosed with cancer themselves, because the survival rates after chemo often aren't better.

No. 2042899

File: 1717974838287.png (849.79 KB, 1107x937, Paper_Mills_1.png)

Sorry I'm gonna samefag for a few posts to get all the images in but related to the topic of fraudulent Middle Eastern research and academia being fraud in general this article was published recently on WSJ, to summarize a bunch of big science publishers recently bought up a bunch of smaller academic publishing houses and figured out that tons of the research was literally almost 100% fraudulent, in many cases AI generated without any real studies being conducted (a step up from 'regular' scientific fraud where people really conduct studies but exclude certain data points or do statistical trickery to make it seem like there's an important finding when there isn't).


No. 2042901

File: 1717974929380.png (300.91 KB, 1013x662, Paper_Mills_2.png)

>The main fraudulent research publisher was from Egypt, of course

No. 2042903

nta It doesn't matter if it's philosophy, post-colonialism or women's studies—the vast majority of papers will be about movies or tv shows that no one remembers, with absolutely retarded interpretations. I might end up exposing myself with this, but someone I knew in college literally wrote a paper where he took a graphic novel and a random movie and basically interpreted both as being about the fear of brown virile invaders. The guy was unattractive and fat and this whole thing was basically a fetish fantasy he wrote, which got fucking published

No. 2042904

File: 1717975007432.png (148.87 KB, 1030x547, Paper_Mills_3.png)

>to avoid plagiarism detection the AI generated writing had keywords swapped like breast cancer = bosom peril, fluid dynamics = gooey stream (lol), artificial intelligence = counterfeit consciousness

No. 2042919

I don't read enough humanities research to know if this is true anon but I believe it, it's much easier to write some 'research paper' that is entirely derivative of your fav media product than it is to actually think enough to come up with a new, original theory (these are rare at the best of times and now we have thousands of times more people all fighting for a spot in academia that has fewer original ideas available) or even an interesting expansion upon a pre-existing original idea. The humanities are interesting and necessary in their best form but in their best form they require a ton of reading, archival research, cross-field confirmation of whether established historical 'facts' are even true. Most people who choose to fuck around in a humanities Master or PhD degree are just lazy people who don't know what they want to do with their lives next or what kind of job they can get after they're done with school so these lazy types of people would not be interested in doing a bunch of archival and historical research or isolating themselves in the desert to think deeply about original ideas for years. Instead they pick whatever they are most familiar with like a movie they're a big fan of that doesn't require much thought or reading and just come up with some half-baked theory on how it fits in with some humanities subject.

It's funny to me because I remember I used to save time on assignments in literal middle school doing something similar, I liked writing weird short prose and poetry and drawing so whenever we had some assignment for a humanities class that was like 'write or create a piece of media related to building railroads in 1700' or whatever I would just pick a random poem I had written and write a couple paragraphs talking about how it's totally a metaphor for railroad building, I did this because I didn't want to waste time on homework as a 12yo but most modern humanities academia is literally the same thing, just that if they succeed they get a 200k+ salary then teaching it to zoomers at college.

>The animalistic penis and the meek white penis in The English Patient and Fun Home

sorry I can't read past the title anon lmfao, and he got a degree off of this?

No. 2042936

>he got a degree off of this
He was always guaranteed a degree. Very few people actually fail, unless they're complete retards who want to fail

No. 2042939

This was not the case when I went to college not even that long ago, crazy that this is the norm now. It probably depends on the college and the country too but my entry class had over 500 people and my graduating class was like 50, some of them just took longer to finish or switched to different degrees but we even had a word 'weeding courses' to refer to first/second year classes that existed solely to cull people and make them drop out.

No. 2042963

It's really frustrating because there's legitimately good stuff (as a literaturefag and philosphyfag) but when you follow people in these 'studies', you often end up thinking '… That's it? I know at least three unemployed people who are more articulate and have better grasp of their niche subjects'. They really show their asses on social media

No. 2043191

trying not to bite because this is quality tinfoil even if i think its retarded but this
>even though it’s not bothering you or making you feel shitty about yourself
made me lol so much, that's how you know disease is serious, it ruins your self esteem

No. 2043337

kek omfg thanks for posting anon, its so over for stemfags

No. 2043412

It really was. I feel bad for people of your generation, nonnie.

No. 2043453

I think there is inherent value to the humanities which is why I think it's especially and particularly tragic what has become of most modern humanities academia. If people weren't getting huge grants and stipends to 'study' the most inane shit then we might go back to a society where people are actually fairly compensated for intelligently discussing interesting/useful ideas, instead we have the Meek White Penis.

It's sad because as I said above for the humanities there is a lot of inherent value in STEM research, the system is just so fundamentally broken that it's hard to imagine how much of value can be accomplished anymore. Trust The Science (TM) morons apparently ban people from Reddit just for mentioning how much research is fraudulent and will keyword search whatever bullshit and skim an abstract that may have been AI generated to make whatever false, retarded 'science' argument/point they're trying to make seem legitimate, and other normies eat it up like it's super deep and academic. Unironically there were a lot of benefits to the era where both science and humanities ("natural philosophy") were done by bored nobility who didn't need jobs anyway because they needed a fun pastime, I'm not saying they're inherently the greatest thinkers but at least there was less direct motivation for shameless grifting and they didn't steal wagie construction worker tax dollars to write papers about the hegemonic heteropatriarchal orientalist lessons to be learned from Clifford The Big Red dog.

No. 2043584

I went on a sperg about this last thread and got banned for it but yes, veganism is being pushed by petrochemical and mining corporations because they stand to gain the most profit from humanity switching to a plant based diet. Vegans still have the mindset that veganism is some small grass roots movement when it has the backing of huge multinational corporations. The profits from pesticide, herbicide and artificial fertilizer production dwarfs the profits of meat production. It's not about human health, it's not about saving the environment, it's about forcing humans to eat a diet that creates the most profit for the elites.

No. 2043623

i agree with cancerfag ngl i think they diagnose a lot of old people with cancer just to attack their body with chemo and kill them

No. 2043637


Certain Canadian politicians have been committing treason by working with China and India. I've seen speculation that they're going to set up Khalistan there. Goodbye Canada as we know it, it's really getting sold down the river. And I'm excited for USA to start getting waves of illegal khalistani immigrants in a decade or so

No. 2043638

AI is purposely bad to give people a false sense of security, but can still fool people, and we purposely get gaslit into thinking it's schizo tier paranoia to point out internet argument baiting is AI

No. 2043666

File: 1718001433638.png (525.35 KB, 1125x2098, recovered memory therapy disin…)

I want to also point out that I don’t understand what Freud was doing and how he got patients to recount unconscious memories of abuse and don’t want to contribute to misinfo like picrel says is the purpose of activism like the false memory syndrome foundation and similar groups/people and that false memory recovery isn’t actually a therapeutic technique?


Someone posted this article earlier and it is good and worth reading.


I am less familiar with what is trauma therapy, DID, etc than the fact that pedo activists and sexuality activists influence psych line on paraphilias, psych “science” is constantly exposed for this, and even psychs admit they make their decisions based on lobbying from various “sexual diversity” activists who turn out to be nambla or other groups with an aim of decriminalizing csa. And it’s presented as a scandal which it is but seems to me it can miss the fact that deep state has always been involved in the psych field and obviously elites have reasons to manipulate psych field re abuse to their advantage. I just vaguely know about DID, that it would be covered up, false memory syndrome is illegitimate etc and used for nefarious purposes but i need more exposure and processing of it to comment on trauma therapy or Freuds process detailed in etiology of hysteria.

obviously extreme csa happens there is evidence of ritual abuse of the type that would cause DID in csam, but all csam is horrific abuse obviously. I don’t agree with providing degrees of violence of pedophilia. I agree with the age of consent at minimum that all pedophilia is violent abuse.

The second chapter of the assault on truth book discusses that Freud attended lectures at the morgue and saw and read about violent sexual crimes and murder of children so this type of abuse is not a question it’s how is it protected. just to clarify my comment on if it is in dispute.

No. 2043690

i experienced long term csa. i was raped by a pedo both inside and outside and the pedos claim that if they "only" masturbate a victim, then the victim likes it. so by their twisted, sick reasoning, their victims can enjoy it. obviously they DO NOT enjoy it, it is only a bodily reaction. the raping inside causes tears and trauma in the brain too which makes DID, that forces the victim to comply. think, all of a DID system's personalities are either "littles" aka fawning, or "protectors" aka parroting what adults have said, or the devil ones, the "prosecutors" copying things their abusers said. so the pedos use this to reason that their victims are kinky roleplayers who enjoy the rapes.

No. 2043702

this is a really eye opening description of DID. I'm so used to seeing all the fakers that I never knew the real definition. Thank you so much nonna.

No. 2043719

it is a total mindfuck that is a PTSD reaction and a way for the brain to try and organize schizophrenic levels of hell from the pain of physical and mental abuse. inb4 whistleblowing. i think pedos are created by pedos, war crimes and DID criminals. they are so depraved that even a mass shooter is a saint compared to them. i hate DID fakers too, especially "traumaless systems", just stfu autist and take your meds schizo should be their only comments online tbh.

No. 2043740

I agree nona, the dead internet theory videos really cemented that belief for me. I've noticed sometimes with infights here there's someone arguing that doesn't seem to read anything someone else is saying and just repeat incendiary sentences, and while I know there are people irl who also argue stupidly like that it's still very suspicious. We can't really know how advanced the ai that the public doesn't know about is but I bet it's way harder to detect than we can imagine.
And I feel you about the paranoia, I've seen so many people complain that now they can't enjoy seeing art because their first instinct is to examine it closely and check if it's real

No. 2043745

Very repetitive, very off topic. At times I have to check it they even replied to the right person because the other replies are so far off from what the person actually said

No. 2043761

File: 1718014264566.png (524.75 KB, 940x529, Zo5WAw3.png)

This worst case of this is probably in the field of post-colonialism, now both the men and women involved in it are very disconnected from their own culture and heritages, the vast majority of the time they can't even read the language of the country they are speaking about, the big difference is the women usually buy into it, with the men it's a different story. Post-colonialism was founded by basically Incels. Frantz Fanon's work mainly focused on how much he hated the fact that native caribbean women in his home Island slept with and married French soldiers and how he resented the fact that European women didn't sleep with him or other african soldiers when he was part of the French Free Forces (he also later married a white woman), the other co-founder Edward Said was even worse. he was the son of arab christians but lived his entire life in America and worked as a professor of English literature, his book orientalism comes across like it could from an Incel forum, whining about white people while also considering them inferior and how actually they afraid of strong brown arabs (and this is what he looked like). This continues to this day, where a group of awkward and unattractive moc vent their frustrations and fetishes and deep down, they are aware it's bs

No. 2043819

india and china have been overtly fucking with australian politics too. just recently an indian spy network was uncovered in australia, and it was handled bizarrely with no prosecution or any real publicity, they were basically just told to get out please lol.
also universities here are all actively infested with chinese nationalist groups.

No. 2043900

File: 1718026003014.jpg (97.89 KB, 867x227, c.jpg)

not even just old people. this woman was in her thirties when she received her false diagnosis. she looks like she's aged about twenty years from all the chemo. how many people have died from treatments for conditions they never actually had in the first place? it reminds me of that poor little girl from the poltergeist movie who was misdiagnosed with crohn's disease and treated for it when in reality she had a congenital bowel issue that no one caught until her body was examined after it made her go septic and killed her.
>What followed, Monk explained, was an “aggressive” chemotherapy regimen.
>She was referred to a cancer hospital and had her first round of chemo in March 2023.
>After losing all of her hair, Monk explained that she underwent a second round of therapy that left her vomiting and with “silvery skin.”
>“It was a very dark time. I was writing goodbye letters and letters to the grandchildren I would never meet and the weddings I would never attend.”
>But at a routine appointment in April, the following month, Monk received even more shocking news: She never had cancer in the first place.
>The pathology report, her doctor explained, was wrong.

No. 2043920

I'm surprised this is bannable in the tinfoil thread, but yeah I agree with this. Actually though a lot of vegan meal/replacement food companies have started to go bankrupt, so it's not actually working very well.

No. 2043923

I don't think so. This is one tinfoil I have a really hard time believing because I work on stuff adjacent to AI and know a lot of 'top' AI people who are supposedly at the cutting edge and it really doesn't seem possible with our current knowledge of human cognition and intelligence to makes something that 'apes' it accurately. If we don't know how intelligence works how could we create a 'false' intelligence that works well? If you know the mechanisms of how AI works I think it's hard to imagine how very good AI would be created. This is one of those things where I actually think it benefits the elites to lie that AI is better than we think it is, when most 'good' AI things are actually largely done manually by humans.

No. 2043942

olivia hussey in her biography wrote about how she had a breast tumor and it was insanely hard to find a doctor who would just remove it and not just immediately put her on chemo. she found a naturopath leaning surgeon who agreed and she recovered just fine, no cancer for decades after.

just imagine the difference in revenue for the hospital, months of chemo vs one surgery.

No. 2043959

Regarding DID I don't think it really 'exists' in the sense of people having different separate personalities that 'front,' this is basically a myth invented by one psychiatrist decades ago that got put in the DSM just in case but similar to 'recovered memory' shit it was never something that actually was widely observed. Dissociation does happen but not in the way DID is understood in pop culture.

Regarding trauma therapy my understanding of most modern trauma therapies like EMDR, talk therapies for PTSD, ket and MDMA therapies that are newer and all the other ones like CBT mostly work on a structure where the patient will recount memories organically to the therapist (sometimes with some prodding but I doubt it usually reaches the level of memory implantation) and then they are guided by the therapist to recount and talk about those memories while on a brain-restructuring drug like MDMA, or while doing the EMDR, or they will get CBT that it supposed to help them 'reprocess' those memories in a healthier way. I'm not aware of any therapeutic techniques that exist anywhere in mainstream psychology where people are actually encouraged to make up memories they don't have, although some hypnosis does attempt to 'uncover' details of memories in the hypnotic state. Sometimes when children are asked to talk about CSA experiences in the course of a criminal investigation they are asked leading/metaphorical questions to describe what happened to them since many children won't or can't talk about it directly, but this is usually when a case of CSA is already known about or reported. I am not sure exactly what Freud was doing either and I know extreme forms of mental manipulation were practiced in MKultra type experiments, but I still don't think 'recovered memory therapy' is a common or widespread thing and I think the claims it is were just attempts at coverups of real abuse.

No. 2043965

You're right that most of the modern conceptions of 'post-colonialism' and the history of colonialism itself are severely oversimplified by people who don't have a connection to the actual cultures involved. I see absolutely retarded takes all the time like that Sweden or Slavic countries which barely had any colonies at all 'deserve' to take in North African migrants because of what 'they' did to North Africa when Nordic countries for the most part didn't do any invading of North Africa and Slavs were actually the victims of the North African slave trade, not the perpetrators. People just look at this as a race thing or a 'Europe vs Africa/Asia' thing without even understanding that people back then didn't have the same conception of ethnic groups or race and that the same cultures weren't hegemonic throughout history. Like you said it's usually an excuse for academics with some specific chip on their shoulder to look smart or deep while ignoring the actual history of the time periods and cultures they're talking about. But I wouldn't even say this is the very worst case of academia being shit, there's so many shit academic fields to choose from I can't pick just one. If anyone remembers the James Lindsay/Heather Pluckrose/Boghossian 'hoax' papers that they published like the dog park rape culture or feminist mein kampf papers they were in a variety of humanities journals from various subfields and they got many published regardless of specific topic.

No. 2043969

Yeah I think this is one of those cases where tinfoilers are partly correct and 'mainstream science' is also partly correct. Cancer does exist imo and can completely eat away at entire organs but the aggressiveness with which it is screened for and treated is often counterproductive, also lots of things can look like cancer on a scan that aren't cancer. I had a cancer scare once that my doctors absolutely freaked out about, got angry that I went on a holiday after it was 'diagnosed' and it was just an endometrioma on my ovary that eventually went away by itself, but I was put through the wringer of a bunch of stupid tests and told not to travel or work even though I had no symptoms. My mom has been diagnosed with 'cancer' 3-4 times now and it was always a false alarm.

No. 2043997

File: 1718031657020.png (550.14 KB, 1047x1219, 1718016425659.png)

picrel is what the average male postcolonial academic is like btw

No. 2044000

>Carceral studies
God this is so depressing because prisons and the justice system do need some kind of reform but the only people willing to 'study' useful prison reform are people who take the most retarded, un-nuanced and dangerous position possible which is 'abolish prisons.' Abolish borders is just as bad and I assume most of these people are sex pests with how much they hate any kind of boundary (physical or otherwise).

No. 2044003

he looks like a bug-catching bottom who only studies prisons because he wants to ram-ranch style get passed around in one

No. 2044004

Literally all men are sexually possessive of women, white or brown or black. It’s the same as seeing white incels crying about BBC and being unable to see a blonde white woman without thinking about black dick. All men are like this, deeply insecure and sexually jealous.

No. 2044008

This is why dumbass men should not be encouraged to go into academic fields where they get to just whine about their feelings for 100 pages and then be called 'Doctor' for it. Not that most female humanities academics are much better but part of why humanities is so shit is that for hundreds of years it was run by men developing increasingly personal motivated reasoning theories on why they specifically are the biggest victims in society cloaked in some thesaurus language and why they actually deserve everything they want.

Useful humanities topics are shit like anthropology, history, actually thoughtful analysis of literature and arts put in their proper historical context and talked about dispassionately, not all these fields which increasingly just encourage you to talk about your personal pet issue. The whole post-structuralist deconstruction pomo shit just led to the idea that the more closely and personally invested you are in some issue, the more 'legitimate' your opinion about it is which is often (not always) the opposite of the truth. There are situations where the voices of affected people were completely ignored which led to false historical accounts and bad analysis of issues, but usually the best way to counter that is to actually talk to a lot of different people in that group and synthesize their stories, impressions and accounts, not come up with your own pet theory on your couch and say it's great academic work because you are part of some group you're supposedly studying. I actually think empiricism needs to be brought back to the humanities.

No. 2044014

I am aware of that. My point is that this field with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in it and it's works influences the majority of academics worldviews about people

No. 2044023

Edward Said's family had to move out of Jerusalem because it was becoming extremely unsafe with the violence between Palestinian Jews and Arabs… Should his family have stayed and risked being killed? So what if he's lived in America for all his life? Do all diaspora need to go back to their homelands? It's not like he was out of touch with his Palestinian roots either…

No. 2044074

Dunno if this counts as a tinfoil, but does anyone else think that the rise of automation and technology is part of a long acting plan to promote learned helplessness, disconnect with our surroundings, and reduce survival capabilities? Like, take driving and self-driving cars as an example. Driving a car is a learned skill and some people are better at it than others, but a proliferation of self-driving cars means that the actual skill part of driving becomes less necessary not to mention all of the cameras required to navigate the road are a surveillance issue but that's another topic. Not only that, but it encourages people to further disconnect with their environment because they don't have to pay as much attention to the road or other drivers. Given enough time, I wonder if the average driver will be able to drive a regular car the way we can today, or if they will be reliant on self-driving cars the way many modern burgers are reliant on automatic gear shift. All of these technological advancements seem to be eroding away basic skills (GPS reduces the need to know how to navigate, etc.) and the crunchy part of me wonders if it's part of a plan to purposely reduce humankind's ability to survive without the technological assistance so graciously provided by our overpaid overlords. Maybe this is just a natural consequence of advancement, but I feel like more people would be bothered if this was just natural consequences, it really feels like people are being incentivized/shilled to want more technology and like maybe they wouldn't choose these things if it wasn't being pushed so hard. It feels like an agenda instead of just natural consequences.

No. 2044259

It's so fucking terrifying. I constantly see successful women get ripped apart and have her accomplishments undermined by moids yet moids can wipe their own ass and get praised for it

No. 2044279

I agree with you nonna. It's really obvious with kids growing up with this tech that they have learned helplessness but it's actually weirdly obvious with older people as well. Like with your GPS example, I have multiple gen X/boomer male relatives who used to be really into maps and navigating but as soon as GPS tech became available they were obsessed with it like the male autist spergs they are and a few years later they are not only incapable of reading maps or navigating, they also became really bad drivers who struggle to even read road signs. It's literally like a form of late-blooming retardation they actually developed on purpose. I don't drive (too poor for a car and live in a city where it's not necessary though I had my learners and drove in the past) but despite being a non-driver I will get in cars with my dad or uncles and have to shout at them about road signs they're ignoring or tell them common sense things like 'if we just came from the right side of the highway, now we have to go to the left side to continue driving' like they are literal babies. I don't think I would do great in a true survivalist setting either but tech has also reduced people's natural curiosity about the world so much that a lot of people have nothing, not even the most basic concepts, memorized nor are they able to reason their way through anything without consulting 'the internet' about it first. It's really pathetic.

Technology could be used for great social good and could be used to make people's lives actually easier (not saying it never is) while also preserving their basic skills but a lot of tech at this point is just meant to actually replace the need for basic skills to the point where people are weak, helpless, and completely 100% controlled by their technocrat overlords. Now people will be too scared to ever rebel against anything because they completely lack any form of independence.

Some examples: ChatGPT. Not just zoomers I know but also older people who went back to school are now making excuses that they use chatGPT for their writing because 'writing is hard' and 'I'm still the one doing the work because I need to come up with a good prompt for it.' Lowering not just literacy but ability to think and express your ideas independently. Also the use of ChatGPT to 'answer questions' for you that you could just look up on google or using a book, which would force you to have to look around and synthesize multiple sources. Half the time the answers it gives you are wrong but you're giving up on the thinking part of researching something.

Any tech that can't be opened up and repaired by the user/have warranties voided unless you take it back to the manufacturer. Makes people unwilling to try to learn how to repair mechanical devices on their own (cars, computers, phones, radios, etc)

Various tech for digital art: I actually think these are cool and useful and there's nothing wrong with them but as an artist it is still useful to be able to physically make art and know physical art techniques before you move to a digital platform or style. Many people are skipping this step, not only with drawing and animation but with e.g. music as well. Lots of people now are 'musicians' who can't play a single instrument, read music or perform live/play with other people in any context because the only musical skills they have are reliant on digital beat making programs.

"Smart tech"/IOT and basic shit like your water/utilities being controlled by an AI/internet enabled metering device. This is less related to skill building but it means you lose all independent control over your use of water, electricity and gas and give it up to be controlled by external agents. Also makes most of your house useless if there's an internet or electric outage.

EV (including but not limited to self driving cars): reduces your mobility and autonomy by making your transport entirely reliant on where and when you can get electricity. I think this is ultimately going to lead to the government totally controlling transport for most people.

Increasing reliance on calculators: we had calculators for many years but it's becoming increasingly acceptable to use them for all kinds of math in both real life settings where basic arithmetic is needed and academic settings. Soon most people won't be able to do simple calculations in their head about something as basic as grocery prices.

Media/google algorithms: It's pretty much no longer possible for most people to get information from the source/firsthand especially as older books are phased out in many school and public libraries and people become more reliant on e-readers. Again I like e-reader tech but I'm concerned about what's happening to archives and libraries as well as google algos. You're basically told what information you should be accessing and banned from accessing information the big search engine/book sales companies don't want you to access, streamlining everyone's opinions and streamlining where and how people can access knowledge.

There are probably tons of other examples but all of these things ultimately lead to the same outcome which is learned helplessness and lack of autonomy.

No. 2044318

I definitely notice this in the workplace. I had a boomer complain that he "had to explain to an employee that he had to go get his own paper" turns out the employee just wanted to make sure it was okay to access the supply closet like ? Who set the system up? It was boomers and gen x with the weirdest rules, you have to get permission to use the bathroom, get water, and everything else along with a bunch of other weird and unreasonable school rules, now you're shocked the adults who grew up with these rules are constantly paranoid of they're breaking the rules or not?

No. 2044896

Is baphomet a tranny demon? It supposedly represents the concept of duality and I assume that the elites are shilling the troon agenda as another way to damn humanity, along with population control as another way to appease it and other deities.

No. 2044901

I think baphomet is supposed to be some kind of hermaphrodite

No. 2044958

There’s research on this, like how our brains have literally shrunk over time. In prehistoric times, the amount f knowledge a caveman needed just to survive was immense. Like imagine memorizing every single edible and poisonous herb around you for example. It’s definitely making us dumber and more docile and having a negative effect on the gene pool because there are no barriers to reproduction essentially, so no natural selection.

No. 2044975

I thought Baphomet was female… wasn't it the demon associated with "witches"?

No. 2044983

Not exactly, that's not the origin although the original famous painting of Baphomet was apparently partly inspired by depictions of The Devil from some art about medieval witches which afaik was supposed to be male. But the modern Baphomet from the Levi drawing is hermaphroditic and I think has been considered a hermaphrodite ever since.

No. 2044984

you're both absolutely right. we need to make some kind of limited tech use movement, but considering that communities thrive now thanks to the internet, it's hard to even think of how to organize one so that there's an international community.

No. 2045015

>Dunno if this counts as a tinfoil, but does anyone else think that the rise of automation and technology is part of a long acting plan to promote learned helplessness, disconnect with our surroundings, and reduce survival capabilities?
Capitalism promotes this; no top-down plan or intervention necessary. Most people are motivated to make their lives as convenient as possible, and technological breakthroughs that do so are going to be adopted without thought to abstract things like the extent to which it'll impact their ability to handle complexity. The typical American will drive their diabetic ass to a further-out Starbucks with a drive-thru rather than walk into the closer one. Companies exploit this tendency towards laziness to make money and market it as progress.
My tech job essentially amounts to figuring out how to make [platform] more addictive and dumbing down processes so that they're as quick and easy to complete as possible. There's nothing justifying my existence as a worker beyond the promise of more $$$ for [company] because people will choose the easier-to-use and/or more addictive platform over alternatives. There's nothing else behind it; money drives ''''progress''''''''''''.

No. 2045028

ayrt. These groups are hotbeds of silly nerdiness, but living history/historical reenactment hobby spaces are full of people who like, know, practice, and teach limited tech skills. The Society for Creative Anachronism is the biggest one I'm aware of. I learned how to drop spindle wool in one of their arts classes years back. Good times. If you wanted to compile a community, they're good places to meet people with similar interests.

No. 2045588

Social media aggressively promotes minimalism, subtly normalizing a state of deprivation as if it were a virtuous choice. For decades, Boomers have indulged in rampant overconsumption without facing societal reproach for their material excess. Meanwhile, younger generations find themselves grappling with economic challenges, facing a reality where they are often economically disadvantaged compared to their predecessors.

Yet now, extreme minimalism emerges, paradoxically encouraging further consumption under the guise of responsibility. This ideology compels us to discard our belongings, only to replace them with new ones, for it is in our nature to possess.

YouTube is full of videos about decluttering and extreme minimalism, constantly telling us to get rid of things. This pervasive trend is everywhere online and is changing how we think about and manage our possessions, especially for those who may have fewer resources to begin with. They want to keep us poor and powerless.

No. 2045603

File: 1718143969664.png (53.64 KB, 446x197, Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 6.10…)

Any other Canadian anons that have heard about the Century Initiative? What's your tinfoil about this lobby group and its aims?
Here's a link to the Wikipedia article:

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I just wanted to discuss it in a tinfoily way and thought this was more appropriate than the canadafag thread

No. 2045632

But when you say 'capitalism promotes this' you're not talking about actual free market capitalism, you are talking about cronyism which is controlled by a small group of people. A lot of the examples given above or other examples I can think of weren't actually implemented because of market forces/genuine demand and profit, they were basically forced on the population by 'planners' which is more akin to fascism or communism but let's just call it crony capitalism since that's what it basically is. Some of the breakthroughs are easy to get people adopt (like ChatGPT) because in the short term they make people's lives more convenient so once available people will use them willingly, but someone still had to put work into planning what sorts of things they will invest in and pour money into in order to later push them on the population (and to my knowledge ChatGPT itself is not especially profitable although some things it's used for might be).

But there are other examples of this dumbed-down shit that promotes learned helplessness or lack of autonomy that obviously aren't driven by real market demand at all and people don't want to adopt. EVs are a good example. There is a huge resistance by consumers to buying and using EVs but companies and governments keep investing in subsidies (on the supply side) and incentives (on the demand side) to try to push through 'only electric vehicles can be produced by the year 20XX' which is obviously not very profitable otherwise it wouldn't need to be subsidized. Consumers want gas vehicles but more and more EVs are being pushed on them while gas vehicle prices are artificially inflated relative to EVs so that people won't be able to drive where they want freely anymore or repair their cars themselves.

Another example from one of the posts above is smart meter tech - it's actually required in a lot of jurisdictions and people are forced to switch over to smart metering even if they don't want to. All it does is make their home utilities more expensive and it's enabled to automatically shut off people's electricity or heating if they use 'too much' (as determined by planners).

Then there's slightly stranger examples like the rise in Spotify, Ubereats, airbnb and other 'service based' apps that actually harm consumers and producers by jacking up prices, decreasing available housing, skimming compensation from producers to give it to a middle man. None of these companies are or have ever been actually profitable, they function entirely off of investment. Who has the money to invest huge amounts of money into keeping these unprofitable companies afloat? Usually subsidiaries or offshoots of the same 2-3 companies (Blackrock, Vanguard) which also are in charge of government pension investing in most countries. The way this often operates is that the controllers of most of the world's money (a few investment companies) are given billions of dollars of people's pension/retirement investments, and since this is not their or private investors' money but random taxpaying normies' money, it is viewed as 'low risk' by these companies to invest pensions in projects that aren't likely to bring profit. When huge pension plan investments are made into unprofitable countries they're then seen as 'safe' by private investors and get tons of funding to do whatever they want even though they don't follow market forces at all. If the company bankrupts then the controllers don't lose anything because all they were doing was investing some poor old people's money and they can say 'oops it was a mistake that we lost your pension.' It's basically a pyramid scheme. The ultimate fallout of this is that it's not almost impossible for, say, a musician, to control the prices they charge for their own music or to control how it is distributed, a middleman who never produced anything takes almost all the profits, and consumers begin to feel entitled to what musicians have produced for free. It's then extremely difficult to 'renormalize' these market forces as consumers get used to products being 'free' and have more money to spend elsewhere on things they want you to actually pay for and inflate the prices of. Companies like Ubereats used to have delivery services that were very cheap compared to independent restaurants delivering, now they have jacked up their prices and most of that profit goes to Ubereats, the company, not the drivers or the restaurants (which actually lose profit by using Ubereats). Small family owned or independent food businesses are forced to close and consumers get used to not even having to go get their food themselves, acting increasingly helpless and getting used to higher food costs.

Yeah not every one of these technological advancements fits this bill, some are truly driven by consumer demand but it's too simplistic to say it's 'just capitalism' so it therefore can't be a conspiracy. Most of modern capitalism involves people conspiring to rip off either producers or consumers, often both, or to interfere in real supply/demand driven market forces.

No. 2045655

pretty fucking much. It almost enrages me how boomers will spend so much at department stores daily while millenials are gen z are working 60 hour weeks and eating ramen and still cant pay rent. The only way you're drinking soda or eating wholesome food is if you work at a resturant and are eating customer leftovers

No. 2045692

You perfectly summarized why the minimalist aesthetic movement is so troubling. It encourages people to throw things out that they could have passed on to their younger relatives or kept for a long time, increasing waste, under a veneer of 'oh having fewer things is more sustainable.' It also encourages people to have a hyper-curated hyper-corporate aesthetic rather than developing their own more eclectic one which doesn't require constant trend-following and revamping.

This is extreme tinfoil maybe but I feel like it's mentally priming society for CBDC and forms of money that 'expire' or the idea of sharing/renting belongings and homes rather than owning possessions. There's nothing inherently wrong with renting something you only need to use for a short time but there's a big push to make this our main model of consumption and it's troubling because as anyone who lived under a communist regime will tell you, people inherently care more for things that they own/are theirs and refuse to care for/maintain things that they don't own long term. Moving to a model where we have very few things and most of them aren't even ours, just temporary possessions and rentals, is also moving to a model where people are less likely to want to build and sustain things. If they move us to a currency system where money 'expires' if it's not immediately used, it will completely destroy social mobility and people's ability to save up or build things to get into a better situation.

No. 2045693

It seems weird to me because most current lobby groups want to decrease, not increase, population. I don't like the 'megaregions' idea at all though.

What is your tinfoil about this nonna?

No. 2045712

Has anyone watched this hour-long shitfest? As others said previously, automation/AI is becoming the norm and I don’t like where we are going. Sometimes when I submit my job applications to corpos in my field of expertise, it tells you AI will be reviewing them and if you opt out otherwise, you’ll risk being denied a chance. I still didn’t get any interviews kek.

No. 2045763

Sandy Hook was real. They ended up spending a shit ton of money on their security cams afterward but was too cheap to pay for a grounding system. A storm fried everything so for a while they had no surveillance but no one knows about it cause they kept it hush hush

No. 2045775

I thought they tore the school down afterwards. Do you mean beforehand?

No. 2045778

it also drives up prices of staple home items/items, all of which quality is rapidly dropping. I remember back in the day you can get a brand new whole bedroom set from a higher end store for like 500, now you're lucky if you can find anything less than 2-3k at a mid to low tier store, of course you can go thrifting or get it used if the FB lunatics weren't going to charge 10k for a mass-produced set because it's ~antique~. Oh and if you though paying the extra few thousand would be a good deal you're wrong, everything breaks and fucks up after a few months. Idk how young adults moving on their own even obtain furniture, especially those gloating about how much better they are than other poors because 95% of their paycheck goes to bills or savings and they can't even spare themselves a movie ticket or toiletries

No. 2045825

I also believe that they want renting to become the new norm. You can already see corporations buying entire neighborhoods just to rent them out making the access to homes even harder for people.

No. 2045850

My best luck with fb marketplace and thrifting is to look for 'antique' items that are not the current 'antique' trend. I recently needed some new furniture when the mid-century modern whatever was trending and I don't care that much about MCM (I don't mind it but I don't absolutely need my furniture to be trendy, just solid and nice) so I looked for more traditional furniture instead and got some really cheaply (couch and lounge chair set for 75, solid wood office chair for 20, actual non-mass produced handmade solid wood chest of drawers for 25) so it is still possible in my area. I don't even bother with stores anymore because their prices are exorbitant for manufactured wood or veneer, it's insane. Like literally at this point that little white metal ikea bed frame everyone has in their college dorms is constructed more solidly than those 2-3k "wooden" bed frames. I'm not sure if that's due to the minimalism trend though or just inflation and price gouging since I remember furniture prices going up steadily even before the minimalism trend completely blew up.

No. 2045854

Yeah home renting or condos (which are worst of both worlds, it's like paying really high rental fees on top of a mortgage to live in a badly-maintained dump where they control everything you do) are definitely being heavily promoted, but there's more and more promotion of rental services for literally every other useful/necessary item now too. Clothing rental boxes, bike rentals, scooter rentals, car share services, I've even seen pitches for kitchen utility rentals. Someone has to own all these things but it isn't the people using them and I can't believe that most of these things are being pitched as sustainable when the transport costs to ship something like clothing back and forth long distance and chemicals used to get it dry cleaned after every wear are just insanely bad for the environment. I've seen art rental services shilled now as well, I'm guessing for the sake of pretending you're richer than you are when you have guests? The idea of just soullessly cycling art selected by other people through your house every month or two and then shipping it back is so depressing to me but I see these services shilled as youtube ads constantly.

No. 2045862

One of the pillars of building wealth and gaining stability is owning a house. Renting forever is a surefire way to hijack this. It really does feel like they are setting up a new feudal system.

No. 2045935

Yeah although there are situations where renting is superior (if you're planning on moving anytime soon, if you need to split rent with roommates and don't want to have to evict people from your own property, if you want to live centrally in a city that doesn't have affordable houses for sale). Even then rentals are getting extremely expensive and low quality/crappily built due to landlord monopolies as well, so both renters and owners lose. Rental should be a good way to save money while you are young and likely moving around for school and work until you can save up for a downpayment when you are a bit older, now rentals are so expensive you can't save anything and homes are so expensive that even if you did save you probably can't buy one. So everyone who wants to own something gets pushed into 'buying' a condo where they have monthly fees higher than rent on top of their mortgage payments and the actual owners of the condo complex get to decide how many guests you can have over, whether you can use your own lawn/yard, what you're allowed to have on your balcony, what plants you're allowed to plant, etc. all while lying to you that you're building equity to 'own' a place that they have ultimate control over. It's total shit

No. 2046076

I want more minimalism in my life, because my mind feels overstimulated most of the time. By reducing clutter around me i hope to reduce clutter inside me. Minimalism is just a manifestation of my psychological need to retreat from all the useless things in our society. Buying a new couch would be much more expensive now, but i don't care, i refuse to be controlled by material objects. Fuck you, couch, you're the reason i'm dissatisfied with my life!

No. 2046721

A little too on the nose, don’t you think?

No. 2046759

Wtf this is so fucking schitzo oriented (Bush Sr, Clinton, Gaddafi, the CIA…) Why does that white dude look like Robert Redford in The Three Days of the Condor (a cia movie)? The Prodigy song is the cherry on top, aesthetically of couse

No. 2046762

File: 1718230694676.jpg (88.84 KB, 1200x675, three-days-of-the-condor-1200.…)

Samefag but this is Redford on that Sydney Pollack movie, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 2047203

File: 1718255314757.jpeg (482.95 KB, 744x467, IMG_4871.jpeg)

Turns out all the rape accusations were false and just projection, according to the UN.

No. 2047232

File: 1718259261375.jpg (187.1 KB, 723x599, Iraelis commit sexual violence…)

No. 2047253

I know the Palestinians are being raped and tortured, i was referring to the zionists claiming that they themselves are subjegated to it by Palestinians. Which there is no evidence for.

No. 2047686

Animals could be having the equivalent of our human mental disorders/conditions and we have no idea. Like your dog could be autistic or your cat have ADHD. A bird flying by you might have insanely high IQ for it's species and you'd just never know

No. 2047746

So was the GATE program definitely an MKultra offshoot and do we think we’re still being tracked and targeted by the CIA for mind control purposes in some way to this day? Or is it just me? I have too many things that point to this being absolutely on the nose and true but I’m just leaning in an accepting it. I think that’s ultimately what they want from me. Brainwash me please and let me be whatever I need to be, I don’t like being punished for being out of line like I have been. I’ll be a good girl I promise.

No. 2047758

all cats are on the spectrum

No. 2047759

thissss #spergcat(learn2integrate)

No. 2047855

it was a way for the government to find "gifted" children for secret programs. Psychic abilities for example are prized for remote viewing. and you need to start training young

No. 2048043

Can you explain why you think this nonna? I was in one and it just seemed scammy to me in a pedestrian, annoying way.

No. 2048064

The gate conspiracy theories genuinely scare me shitless and fill me with dread. I was in gate along with my childhood best friend and we both can’t remember anything from it and also both have memory issues with our childhoods. The only things we both can remember vaguely is that we did little games on the computers. I hate thinking about gate stuff I hate it I hate it fuck this world if I was some test hamster as a 10 year old

No. 2048136

As an ex-gifted kid, this is my favourite conspiracy theory along with project monarch. It's so funny how people can acknowledge that the government (USA and Canada) MKULTRA'ed civilians for years (consider operation midnight climax) but refuse to believe they're still doing it. I definitely had some REALLY weird experiences and memory loss, but also had other childhood trauma going on. If I think too hard about that era of my life, I can work myself into a panic attack. I do think gifted/GATE is a way to experiment on children, while also being a sort of special ed for kids with high functioning autism. In fact, if I cared enough to get diagnosed, I would call MKULTRA a "special interest" of mine. The part that freaks me out the most is the idea that they might still be keeping tabs on me.

No. 2048299

I've never heard of this one before and I don't think there was anything weird about my GATE experience except for the teachers just being incompetent. Like what weird stuff was supposed to have happened to us? I agree it's a special ed for autists (which uses the non-autists to babysit them like always) but beyond that the only suspicious thing about it was how even once you left GATE you would be tracked through the rest of school.

No. 2048450

Building wealth via property is a ponzi scheme that implicitly requires fucking over the generations beneath you because you benefit at their expense. You want housing to be cheap for you to acquire but expensive for everyone that comes after. This belief in property as an investment vehicle will always lead back to feudalism. I think trying to find ways to make housing be affordable to acquire and own would be better long term, even if housing stops being a way of building wealth it can still be a source of stability.

Minimalism as a trend is on it's way out. I think it was just people coping because they couldn't afford to be the maximalists they really wanted to be.

No. 2048457

The things I've heard reported the most involve covering the windows, flashing lights, and spinning around, though I think mostly comes from a list that's been circulating that includes some idiotic moid shit like dating israeli girls: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/g-a-t-e-mkultra-is-alive-and-kicking.3519/
For me, the weird stuff mostly had to do with a 6th grade teacher who seemed to encourage suicidal/self harming by showing me a video a previous student made adapting Lady Lazarus with graphic depictions of wrist slitting (I had visible cuts), and gifting me a copy of a Sylvia Plath book when I was in the hospital after I had a pretty bad health scare. There were also a lot of kids on psychiatric meds from a young age (to curb violent male impulses). I also wrote a disturbingly violent short story around that age about a woman who gets abducted by aliens and tortured with extreme cold and heat (classic CIA). I also remember times where I was taken out of class for 1-on-1 testing. I think part of the appeal of this conspiracy theory, along with project monarch, is that you don't actually remember anything except a weird feeling, so your imagination can go wild. I think a lot of people don't remember most of their childhood and only remember the weird stuff, but the concept of GATE seems like the perfect front for child experimentation.

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I don’t believe it, men are men and will rape women and children if the opportunity presents itself. This goes for both Hamas and the Israeli military.