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File: 1533703395344.jpg (141.83 KB, 953x1079, Dh8njKTVAAEhzLQ.jpg)

No. 277574

No. 277869

frozen custard > sherbet > ice cream

No. 277876

gelato > all of those

No. 277888

File: 1533757534140.jpg (57.55 KB, 500x503, sportslogo-1-e1284188759874.jp…)

I always thought things like this thread pic have a calculated level of cuteness (even more when they're from Japan) that make me think of them as 'less cute'. Like, I can picture a bunch of business men discussing how cute the logo should be.

>pic related is a logo i find cute when it's clearly a badly drawn tiger

Idk I find genuinely cuter. kek I'm weird

No. 277889

File: 1533757634889.gif (6.59 KB, 367x361, diego-clip-art-july184.gif)


And another example

No. 277890

what is "gelato"? as an italofag it is just the translation for "ice-cream"

No. 277922

it's the term for italian style ice cream vs french style ice cream.

No. 277932

What's the difference between those two?

No. 277933

gelato is much more dense because of how it's prepared, so the texture is different. there's not tons of difference but the texture is distinct.

No. 277982

File: 1533776672370.jpg (167.71 KB, 600x400, softis.jpg)


softis > all of those

it's a norwegian ice cream, that has twice the amount of air in it so the texture is this creamy light goodness and you can pick tons of toppings etc. good stuff.

No. 277983

Too bad you also get food poisoning with softis

No. 277985

uhh the most recent article i found about food poisoning and softis is from 2009 so idk… can you elaborate

No. 277987

File: 1533777154806.jpg (19.59 KB, 300x450, jfiaogfbhaheu.jpg)

My unpopular opinion is that I think drug users and alcoholics are given too much shit by everyone. It seems like everyone has this idea that if someone is addicted to something that means they're a lying, decieving scumbag that make their friends/families lives hell, even though that's really not the standard. They're only harming themselves and the intense stigma is only worsening the issue and further preventing them from seeking help. I also think being casually addicted to like, weed or maybe you need a drink a couple of times a week, isnt that bad. It's arguably healthier than being fat, but they don't get nearly as much hate even though they're "killing themselves uwu!!!" just as much as the drug/alcohol addicts.

No. 277989

File: 1533777755423.jpeg (58.44 KB, 421x567, E4617DB5-C732-4979-A48B-02DBA0…)

I hate whenever new information is given about a (white) murderer’s mental state, black social media spergs out saying, “It doesn’t matter! Stop excusing his actions!” When in reality, it’s being reported for the sake of public information, not to excuse the murderer’s actions. If, for example, a shooter was a schizo, I’d say it’s a pretty relevent fact to report. How is it racist to report on a shooter’s mental health?! It just happens, imo, that white people committing crimes stems from mental illness most of the time.

I also hate when black social media reflexively calls white murderers “terrorists”, even when there is no political motive (which defines a terrorist). The reason most brown people/muslims are called terrorists after committing crimes is because…they had a political/religious motive behind their attack, not because “wypipo be rayciss!1!!”

They do it for the same reason they like to call white murderers “thugs”, out of bitterness. The reason why most black murderers are called “thugs” or “hoodlums” is because, at least in US, they most likely had been involved in gang activity and had a “gangster” mentality. That’s not racism.

Hoping I don’t sound like a /pol/tard

No. 277991

a lot of drug addicts are lying deceiving scumbags who make everyone around them's lives a living hell tho. basically everyone in my family aside from my parents/siblings have addiction issues and it's fucking draining. for example my aunt came to visit me after I got my wisdom teeth taken out under the guise of checking on me but she stole my fucking vicodin (which the dentist prescribed me FOUR of). tbh it's devastating to see your family members consumed by addiction, in/out of jail, looking like shit and begging you for money. I consider addiction to be a mental illness, but that doesn't mean you should just let them off the hook and allow them to do whatever they want

No. 277994

Im from norway as well. Everyone I know who have eaten softis has gotten food poisoning from it at some point.

No. 277997

Also it's just not that good? I've always felt it's for kids who can't deal with complex flavours but love colourful toppings

No. 278000

>They're only harming themselves

Anon you've never had any addicts in your family, have you?

No. 278004

huh i've never experienced that, or known someone who has. >>277997 i mean yeah it tastes like vanilla ice cream but the texture is so good imo

No. 278017

This. A close highschool friend has been into drugs for a few years, and its hurts to see him emotionally manipulate his own mother into letting him stay with her in her own home. He brings all of that shit into her house (with his 10 year old little sister there as well) and then when she tells him off he’ll throw back some really hurtful shit about how this is why her emotionally abuse ex husband beat her and how if she dares to throw him out he’ll cut off all contact with her like he did to his older sister. He lies to his doctors and knows every trick in the book on how to get whatever pill his heart desires.

No. 278043

File: 1533787942776.jpeg (351.02 KB, 1242x1518, D404FA1B-5E90-42D8-BEF5-7E04D1…)

I hate it when people come onto social media posts specifically praising black or part-black women in literally any way and start complaining "What about white women?" or accusing the poster of being "racist to white people" when they weren't even mentioned. It's so fucking entitled. Not everything has to be about white people, most western media already glorifies them mainly (which is understandable, it makes sense for white people to praise their own - so why can't black people do the same?). The reason all the positive black girl posts even exist is because they're so underrepresented in the first place (no, having one token black best friend in movies is not the same).
Mysteriously, all these people are either nowhere to be found, or they post laughing emojis when it's a mean or negative post about black women.
For reference, this is the post they're bitching about: https://instagram.com/p/BmOvHxvhF7r/?utm_source=ig_embed
Some of the women are half-white, but I guess that doesn't matter when you have a chance to call a black person "rayycis!!1".

No. 278047

I agree with pretty much everything you said except
>They're only harming themselves
That’s not true at all. Depending on their addiction, it can (and probably does) harm the people around them, even if they’re not stealing or lying.

No. 278051

File: 1533789457198.jpg (41.7 KB, 460x460, a723e3e65293cd253004ed33078174…)

eh? im from denmark and eat softis every time i go there and its never given me food poisoning. maybe its to do with cleanliness?

No. 278076

Belgium here and no one I know has ever gotten food poisoning from softies.
When we were kids we did hear that they were bad because it's actually just melted ice cream, it probably is but who cares.

No. 278078


guys it's just soft serve. we have it in the rest of the world. it's just kept at a warmer temp so it's really soft. this is the same shit they have at mcdonalds.

No. 278086

she's probably that addict from another thread that was arguing with someone about how her being an addict doesn't affect her family at all

No. 278093

Piggybacking off of you but this goes for all races for me. Why do people feel the need to be physically represented in everything to make themselves feel better!? Boohoo, there arent many black people in X sitcom. Boohoo, they didnt call white Women pretty too. Boo hoo, why isnt there positive representation of asian people in a film about Vietnamese torture camps. Rrrrrrracist!

No. 278096

And the fact that they seem to forget that going on a killing spree because you are schizophrenic psychopath and killing people due to gang violence and things like robbery are two totally different things.

No. 278100

>it's just kept at a warmer temp
that's exactly the reason it attracts more bacteria. Also those machines aren't always kept very clean.

Don't get me wrong, I still eat and enjoy it despite that. If you don't have a weak stomach, it won't do much harm.

No. 278128

I feel society as a whole is getting soft. We coddle too much.

I had to take a class at the local community college for my job and was astounded at the number of issues my classmates had. ADHD, ADD, autism. They seemed just like anyone else but loved to go on and on about their impairments and how they needed more time on tests etc.
They really just seemed lazy, unmotivated, and spoiled by their parents.

I think most of these diagnoses are nonsense.

No. 278137

I think that's a first world problem tbh.

No. 278138

File: 1533814988710.png (223.44 KB, 465x470, 1531707042533.png)

dont expose me

No. 278142

Lol is this thread limited to second and third world unpopular opinions, or are you saying the overdiagnosing is a first world problem? If it’s the former, shut up. If it’s the latter, yeah no shit.

No. 278153

Shy men are useless. Not saying assholes are better, but there needs to be a balance and the shy ones often have issues too.

No. 278154

If people with issues are useless then anyone on this board is.

No. 278155

I was referring to the incel/loser type of issues, which is harmful for women.

No. 278163

For the longest time I bought into the "shy boys are cuter and sweeter" meme only to be sorely disappointed when finding out about incels/robots/general misogyny in "nerd" circles.

The nicest men I've know have just been full-blown "bluepill" normfags who barely even venture off of popular social media. Chads have been equally shit, although they put up a good facade.

It's just sad that I'll never have a qt equally asocial bf to cling to forever until we die.

No. 278191

Just because they're diagnosed more in the first world doesn't mean ADHD and autism aren't real. btw ADD and ADHD are the same thing. Sure maybe people who have a more mild version of these things are just "lazy and unmotivated" but just saying as a blanket statement that these diagnoses are just excuses for laziness show a fundamental ignorance of how the brain works for people with executive function issues.

No. 278211

No. 278295

Most of the time when someone claims to have a "racial preference" when it comes to dating it's because they have racist views, and people who don't acknowledge it are in denial.

For example,
>if you ask a black guy why he wants to date white/latina/asian women instead of black women, he won't say "oh it's just a preference" instead he'll talk shit about black women, calling them trash, ugly, and all types of horrible names.
>women who date outside their race because they want "pretty mixed babies".
>you can't tell me it's always a coincidence when a weeb/koreaboo finds themselves an asian significant other.
>"i only date [insert race], every other race is so ugly and unappealing"

Most people with a "racial preference" either have a fetish for certain ethnicties or have a strong bias/negative view of either their own race or people of other races.

I don't think this the case 100% of the time. Some people just genuinely prefer people who look a certain way, whether it be their own race or a different one. But I hate when people get defensive and screech about how "humans are allowed to have a preference!!!". Of course they are, but don't expect no one to call you out when your 'preference' is clearly the result of some weird racist view you have.

No. 278296

I partially agree, but I don't see why being a weaboo/koreaboo with a preference would be different from someone who isn't a "-boo", and has the same preference. Whether it's fetishistic or not depends on their behaviour, not if they enjoy a culture or not.

No. 278297

Most people simply only are attracted to their own race, I wouldn't even call that a preference and there's certainly no racism behind it. I don't know why that is even up to debate, does anybody really talk about things like that? Where do you encounter people openly shitting on other races? Maybe it's because I'm not from a 'mixed' country or however you might want to call that, but everybody that I know just dates within their own race. I'd go as far as saying that not being attracted to your own race is abnormal.

No. 278300

Yikes anon can't say I have seen nor expedienced the same and you can't really say "most" while also dismissing anons whole ass place of residence in the same breath specially just under an assumption they are from a more "mixed" place which lmao yeah its almost like the more variety in people around you means you end up dating different people (which include races wow!)
But this is getting racebaity really quickly but td:lr you sound just like the defensive people anon is talking about lol

No. 278301

you sound like black yikes

No. 278302

I’m white and simply can’t find other races attractive. You sound like bitter black women lol

No. 278304

File: 1533857452884.jpg (540.33 KB, 2764x2073, hmm.jpg)

Sometimes I want to share an unpopular opinion that is related to previous things discussed on here but I hold back because of the anons sperging about the slightest things and I'm scared it will trigger some anons again and derail the thread for no reason.

No. 278306

Just do it. Either way, somebody is gonna share an unpopular opinion and somebody else will disagree and possibly get upset about it. That's the whole point of unpopular opinions so you might as well go for it

No. 278309

Posters here who always have to point out how poor they are are annoying.

No. 278313

just do it, this board is slow af anyways, and it could always turn into entertaining discussions

No. 278319

You really shouldn't put much stock into what anons on an image board have to say tbh. People ripped into me for my opinion in the last thread and I thought it was more funny than anything else

No. 278327

Just say what you want to say and dip out. No one cares.

No. 278333

well yeah, it's just not some fancy thing they have in certain areas or something. a lot of cheap soft serve is made from powder anyway so it's safer.

No. 278335

same. i used to feel really guilty about it from tumblr brainwashing and living in a really diverse area (so location wouldn't be an 'excuse'). i'm so glad i never actually went for someone i wasn't actually into though. i can recognize when other races are beautiful visually, but almost all the men who actually turn me on are white. even within white men i have a very specific type so whatever.

No. 278371

Who hurt you? lol

No. 278375

Why do these types always assume anyone who disagrees with them must be black women? Are blacks and whites the only races that exist on the internet to white people or something? Is it an American thing?
I noticed an anon bringing up black women out of nowhere in another thread, too. Why are you so obsessed with us/fighting with us? Lmao.

No. 278383

Because that anon ( >>278300 ) was typing like a black twitter thot which made it painfully obvious

No. 278390

As if Twitter isn't made up of "thots" of all races. Please, kek. "Yikes" is used more by 16 year old white girls in 2018 than anyone else.

No. 278392

cause black women are the only ones who care.

No. 278395

Continuing the bad tourists discussion from the last thread, I've got one more story to share lol
>go to Rome
>visit St. Peter's Basilica
>there's this dolled up Chinese women holding up different skin care and makeup products while being photographed by presumably her mom
Blogging/vlogging in a church… But dem whities are always disrespecting poc culture amirite? kek

No. 278397

Considering the salt and coping about, say, Asian men not really wanting to date white women in the Koreaboo threads, and irritation about white men who claim to prefer Asian women on this board, I doubt it.

No. 278399

lol i mean about >>278300 black women get really pissy when you mention other countries don't have many minorities.

No. 278403

People are so defensive about astrology. I once mentioned I don't like a certain sign for x reason (on another site) and there were tons of people trying to twist the meaning of words to make it look like their flaw is, in fact, a quality.

No. 278404

There's something wrong with people who claim to be attracted to every race.

No. 278405

I…really haven't seen that anywhere. Even the "Only black women care about racial preference" made slightly more sense.

No. 278407

What is wrong about it? I can see beauty in every race.

No. 278409

What do you mean? Facial symmetry and good bodies aren't exactly limited to certain phenotypes.
The only argument for this I can think of is "It's biologically wrong to feel attraction to other races", but even that's kind of dumb, because humans are humans, and race is just genetic variation, not a competition. We have a biological drive to breed with the most desirable specimens, and that's not always going to be someone of our own background.

No. 278412

Attraction goes beyond facial symmetry and good body proportions, and some people can be quite specific with who they want to date

No. 278413

Doesn't mean there is anything wrong with not having the same requirement as you.

No. 278414

Of course it's not, but we're accused of being racist so I commented for this reason

No. 278417

It goes without saying that personality isn't limited to race, either, so I still don't see your point.

No. 278418

I wasn't talking about personality, but facial features that you see in some races and you don't see in other races.

No. 278420

…That's pretty much what I meant by facial symmetry.
Also, very few (if any) facial features are actually race-specific. For example, Asians are known for often having single-lidded eyes, but so do some Finns, San people from South Africa, etc. It's really not cut and dry at all.

No. 278422

Yes, but Finns don't look like Asians so I fail to see your point. As long as people aren't inflammatory about their preferences and are actively offending you I don't see what business is it of yours to tell them what they're allowed and not allowed to be attracted to.

No. 278425

Well, symmetry is not the same as the details of your face. Symmetry is symmetry, it doesn't dictate anything else.

No. 278427

My point is, no features are isolated to one group. There are white people who pass for other races, and vice-versa. And what are you even talking about? I wasn't talking about anyone's preferences. >>278404 says there is "something wrong" with anyone who claims to be attracted to every race, and I was asking how they figure that. If anything, they sound offended and like they're trying to tell people what they're allowed to like.

No. 278428

They are isolated, and only pass if they're mixed.

No. 278431

If that were the case, Bjork wouldn't exist. Still, why is there something wrong with people who are attracted to every race?

No. 278432

You don't know her whole ancestry.

>Still, why is there something wrong with people who are attracted to every race?

You should ask the anon who said that, because it wasn't me.

No. 278435

She claims to have no Asian ancestry, and I think she'd know better than you or I.
>You should ask the anon who said that, because it wasn't me.
I did, but you randomly jumped in instead and launched all these weird accusations. I'm just trying to stay on point. Maybe make a new post if you want to talk about a different subject instead of trying to derail existing conversations with unrelated things.

No. 278447

File: 1533893109000.jpg (113.56 KB, 1280x720, jNrjbBG.jpg)

I always thought Cupcakke was a meme, but apparently she's a real rapper? She's seems like a nice girl but I don't get why people hype her up so much, same with Cardi B, who has almost a billion views on one of her songs.
Like why are they so popular? What's the appeal? I'm so confused

No. 278450

She has actual rapping skill and makes serious songs about painful issues (vid related), she just uses the gross, memey songs for exposure.
Her being unattractive is also a selling point with white gays, and anyone who's bored with the typical "looks over substance/talent" format with popular music.
IMO, she needs to lose weight and get pretty already now that she's gaining actual popularity outside internet memes.

No. 278451

Wow she's actually good

No. 278452

Yeah, she's actually pretty talented and seems less cunty than some other female artists in her genre which is a nice change.
I guess she's smart for using the meme shit for exposure then, good on her.

No. 278455


Even her lighthearted hoe songs are well written and funny. Duck Duck Goose kills me.

She's a cool person too from what I can tell. She's financially helped out fans in bad situations a bunch of times and donates to the homeless shelter she lived in as a kid.

No. 278476

Shes better than listening to Cardi B tbh, Cupcakke has a sense of humor not just tongue poppin' and being loud. She doesn't mind not drinking fittea sponsorships while complaining about her stomach. You can also immedietly hear on Cupcakkw she has a way better flow than Cardi will ever have. Its just a very big differences in talents and sad to see the lesse one being the most celebrated cause of arbitrary things.
(Cardi B literally says shit in interviews like how she 'Danced for money never fucked' but all her songs are essentially 'i fucked him, now im rich, i fucked and twerked on him now im rich, also other females are drama queens cept me even tho a lady could give me the wrong drink and i will "beef with her forever" Then takes back the man back who cheated on her and gets pregnant like fucking ew most mainstream rappers are pushover garbage cans with no backbone)

Idk cupcakke a real bad bitch out there tbh.

No. 278477

I’ve only heard her on Charli XCX’s song ‘Lipgloss’. I was never really keen on the vulgar shit a lot of rappers seem to rely on so much but that’s what I get from listening to a song that turned out to just be about eating pussy lol

No. 278525

unpopular opinion but I do believe dinosaurs are a hoax. You gotta admire their imagination, though. Some dinosaurs look pretty cool.

No. 278530

not trying to be an asshole, just legitmately curious: what's your reasoning for thinking they're a hoax?

No. 278548

That's hilarious. How triggered would you get on school outings to museums?

No. 278549

Kek I doubt Anon's ever been to a museum of any kind.

No. 278550

My opinions tend to be moderate or liberal in most cases, but - women who are promiscuous will never be good mothers. In fact, it should be ideal for them to not have children at all.

No. 278551

Do you also think the Earth is flat? Lmao

No. 278552

Nice b8.

No. 278555

There's a retarded male in the man hate thread crying about his girlfriend cheating, whats the bet this is him.

No. 278559

I still believed the BigPaleo lie when I was a child in school and if I went to a museum now why would I get triggered by a bunch of lazily crafted limestone rocks?

No. 278561

File: 1533913983942.jpeg (83.33 KB, 500x500, E155BFEE-CFD1-48E9-B95A-06F26D…)

That damn paleontology industry!

No. 278566

Keep assuming stuff

No. 278567

You jest but just how much money has been made off creating these "dinosaurs"? Think about.

No. 278569

File: 1533914880619.png (14.95 KB, 250x250, A25BAF88-08B5-4A3E-9FF8-F0E0A5…)

Lol that is an unpopular opinion, anon. Have you ever played Turok on Nintendo 64 using cheat codes?

No. 278573

To semi-piggyback off this post, most men are promiscuous or would be if they weren't so unattractive and, because of that and a plethora of other reasons, will never be adequate fathers. At least 80% of men should be barred from raising and even biologically parenting children completely imo.

>inb4 daddy issues. my dad is alright, albeit boring.

No. 278574

>lazily crafted limestone rocks

No. 278581

Well yes, I agree. But that would be fitting for the man hate thread. I have issues with both parents and I believe there still are some women who can be good mothers, though rare

No. 278636

cardi has catchy soundcloud-rapper esque songs, it's not a big surprise shes popular.

No. 278642

cupcakke has some of the greatest bars in recent times

No. 278685

I feel like a lot of “stories” anons tell on here about their lives are straight up bullshit. Like this >>278402 for istance. It could be real. I would have no way of knowing for sure. But something tells me it’s not. And even if genuinely cool things happen to you, at the end of the day, you’re posting on what is pretty much the female equivalent of 4Chan. Just accept that you’re not that cool or interesting. It’s okay.

Furthermore. I never get people who make up grandiose lies about themselves online or irl. It’s one thing to do it as a kid or teen but as an adult it’s fucking pathetic. I know my life is boring and I don’t like it like that but at least I’m honest about it.

No. 278687

lol agreed. i wish anons would accept that this is a place for retarded girls and to stop trying to flex.

No. 278690


Thank you anon, I've always wanted to say this, but worried that people would throw stones at me.

I think that humblebragging also belongs in this category, there are a few (or a lot of) posts where anons exaggerate their qualities and try to pass their flaws as a result of whatever circumstances they're in - but it's never their fault lol.

No. 278712

I went to school with a girl like that. She always had some crazy story. Or claimed to have these strange abilities. At first I would call her on it but then I just dgaf and learned to enjoy it. She was innocent enough in her exaggerations.

>We used to hear this symphony orchestra practice at our school, and when we would walk pass I would comment how nice it was. She would say it was completely out of tune. This is like a fancy, nice local orchestra.

>She said her family wouldn’t watch the figure skating with her because she would critique them so much (she was ~300lbs).

No. 278719

Anon, tell us more about her "abilities"

No. 278723

File: 1533937850389.jpeg (52 KB, 475x356, 30a.jpeg)

is this even worth saying? i would hope that nobody reading this website is taking everything written on here at face value, that would be like believing every single thing you read on 4chan.

No. 278734

I get that, mostly with the "celebrity lookalike" thread, girls be saying they get compared to Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johnson kek, fucking ridiculous, I just had to hide the thread because it was so damn cringy

No. 278744

I knew a few compulsive liars. There was one I couldn't stand being around because talking to her was so exhausting but my best friend didn't seem to mind so I was exposed to her lies a lot lol. Some things she claimed:

>That her sister was living in London and knew whatever celebrity we were a fan of at that moment. She knew the entire cast of Sherlock at one point and would have drinks with them at the weekend.

>Her sister also starred in a bunch of famous tv shows but if we asked what ones, she'd reduce it to "oh but she's only an extra" and if we asked her to point the sister out she'd make an excuse as to why she couldn't.
>She had a boyfriend who is rich and travels the world and goes to a prestigious, world-famous school but she'd always forget which one.
>Also she couldn't keep track of what country she claimed he was from or supposed to be holidaying in. "How is S getting on in Australia?" "He's not in Australia, he's in Dubai." "Oh, did he fly to Dubai today? Because he was in Australia yesterday?" "No, you're confused. He's from Australia." "I thought he was from England?" "No his mom is from England and he has an English passport." "…right."
>She tried to convince me that I had cancer because I had a pain in my ear and I should listen to her because her sister is a doctor.
>Her grandmother was insanely rich and she'd have fake conversations with her on the phone (where there would be no voice on the other end lol) where her grandmother insisted she buy designer clothes or cars to which she'd say "No, Grandma! That's too much! You've bought me so much already!"

This girl was 18 at the time and far too old to be telling lies like this. These types of people are unbearable.

No. 278751

I'm not into a lot of the bigger youtubers these days, even the so called 'sweet' ones.
I'm going to sound like fuckwit Onion, but Shane Dawson is included in there.

I used to really like him but he's changed so much and I find his friends in his videos obnoxious. The way his fans stan and ship his friends and partner is bizarre to me. I don't hate Shane but am definitely starting to dislike his behaviour and videos.

I feel like I'm kinda alone in this opinion though. It's not just Shane either, there's so many people that either change for the worst or go stale.

No. 278755

I always chuckle how its always audrey hepburn, anne hathaway, and a random kpop idol all at the same time. Yeah fucking right lol

No. 278759

lmao i'm that anon. it wasn't a good ending and it ended with me almost going to jail because she stole my roommate's identity. believe what you want but it wasn't even a good thing.

No. 278762

I agree about Shane, his new "docummentary" format is very exploitative and no one seems to be talking about how he ruins any youtuber or event he has any close contact with, excluding his crew of leeches.

No. 278765

To be fair I read that thread, the anon said her BOYFRIEND used to say she looked like taylor swift and scarlett johansson, she wasn't claiming to think she actually does.

The thread was basically asking who anons get compared to and a lot of people just gave their stories. I've been told I look like Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba by different people on different occasions. Not only do I personally think I look NOTHING like these people but these 3 girls look nothing alike with eath other so it makes no sense.

Perhaps the anon had a similar nose or eyes to Taylor or Scarlett. Or maybe she was blonde with the same faceshape. There's a girl on instagram who looks pretty close to Megan fox, except there's just that something off so you know it's not her.

I'm definitely sure that there are some tall tales on here, but I think it's a bit nitpicky to pick on that thread in particular because most of the people were stating other's opinions on themselves, rather then their own conceited views.

No. 278767

Yeah and if you notice it or criticise his material, people screech that you are a hater.

I found the whole tanacon documentary extremely exploitative. He acted like a concerned friend just trying to get the full story, when really he was just using his friendship with Tana to get material for a video that is a current topic. I'm not saying Tana is not in the wrong, nor do I like her but he was using her.

No. 278770

Drug addict here. I hold down a fulltime job, pay my bills on time and literally noone knows I am a functioning addict. I agree with >>277987 it definitely is an unpopular opinion and a negative stereotype. Like I totally get why, a lot of people have met and been hurt by junkies, myself included, but sometimes people are holier than thou about drugs and don't understand that addicts come from all walks of life for different reasons. I especially hate it when heavy drinkers judge drug addicts.

No. 278771

Unpopular opinion, I think macaroons are overrated. Everyone and their dog was raving about them, I eventually tried them and they are just expensive biscuits.
Same goes for KFC, I'm no stranger to fast food but I find it gross no matter what I order and almost always feel queasy after eating it.

No. 278773

Unpopular opinion, And this is a bit mean so sorry if it applies to you

When people date someone so outwardly similar it looks like their twin brother /sister or that they have been photoshopped (I see this irl too but online a lot of people even comment to say how alike they are/is this shooped)


No. 278776

I envy people that do that tbh. I've read it's a sign the relationship will work since both are genetically similar.

No. 278787

Netflix's Insatiable is actually very funny.

No. 278801

Agree 100%
It's creepy and it makes it seem like both parties are self obsessed. It's also weird to date someone you look related to, like..
Really???…incest must work the best?

No. 278817

English biscuits or American biscuits?

Also, I don't know many people who would choose KFC over other fried chicken, at least where I live.

No. 278846


also they're not the best thing, but you clearly have no taste. they're not even the same dough as biscuits.

No. 278847

this. i was once told i look like halle berry and i'm white.

No. 278850

Healthy human seek to mate with someone with a different genetic background.

No. 278854

not true. similar but not the same is the best.

No. 278856

Yeah, different, that's what I said. Being in a relationship with your doppelganger is really weird.

No. 278858

Adults who don't like onions are immature children.
I work at a restaurant and I don't even care if you order gluten-free pasta and a beer filled with gluten. Whatever. Any restriction, fake or not, you have is fine but onions bother me for some reason.
I don't think it's acceptable to not like onions beyond the age of 14 or so. You know who doesn't like onions? Kids. It's pretty rare for kids to like onions and that's fine. But they grow out of it and most people learn to at least tolerate them once they reach adulthood.
People who request everything without onions (not due to an allergy) just make me roll my eyes so hard. I don't even like onions much, just get over yourself.

No. 278859

>tfw don't like onions

No. 278863

Do you dislike them whether or not they’re cooked? I can understand people not liking raw onions (I like them, but some varieties are strong tasting), but caramelized/fried onions are godly. And they’re not invasive like biting into a big piece of ginger or something, so are people’s issues with onion about texture?

No. 278864

Okay maybe biscuits are the wrong comparison but it doesn't mean I don't have taste just because I think they are overrated.

No. 278865

I can stand them uncooked (like in salads) but I despise the texture cooked. They just seem really slimy and disgusting to me. Personally I find them very invasive, I would rather bite into a big piece of ginger than eat a dish with a lot of onions in it.
Well I'm the type to just not order something if it has something I don't like in it rather than making requests so I don't think I cause restaurants too much trouble. I wouldn't consider myself a picky eater normally but there's just something about onions that make me wish they didn't exist.

No. 278867

Huh, that’s the total opposite of my guess. I love onions though, so that explains why I was so off the mark.

Not the initial anon who works in a restaurant, btw. I pretty much do the same thing since I avoid certain types of meats, unless it’s an ingredient that’s added on top, like chars siu in noodle soup or something,

No. 278906

i meant taste buds lol my bad, but i was just joking. the textures and flavors are extremely different is all. a lot of the popularity is the fact that they're lower carb cause of all the almond flour. almond flour is a meme so it makes perfect sense. i just like them because they suit my aesthetic sensibilities. they're okay tasting.

No. 278923

the posts in the manhate thread make me cringe

No. 278924

Hide the thread.

No. 278925

Stop posting dumb shit just because you got dumped by a fuckboy

No. 278931

I did but it's my unpopular opinion

No. 278936

Just dumb, irrelevant shit, like ugh… for example… men raping babies?

No. 278937

Yes, it's no better than incels posting edgy shit on 4chan

No. 278939

>Incel laugh about women being raped
>Women complain about men treating them like shit


No. 278941

More like
>Speaking up about innocent children and women being raped is totez the same as wanting to rape innocent children and women!1!1

No. 278942

Handmaidens deserve the bullet as much as violent scrotoids.

No. 278944

It's not what they're saying that's cringe to me, it's the elaborate wording and scenarios of castrating men and acting like they've taken a sword in the back just because some guys are assholes. They're more obsessed with men than women that don't hate men.

No. 278946

>it's the elaborate wording and scenarios of castrating men

Lol, what? Nobody does that. L

No. 278964

Holy fuck this. I know a girl irl who only dates men who look like they could be her brothers and she doesn't even realize it.

No. 278975

I think they're somehow narcissistic and want someone that looks like them. I'm also attracted sometimes to people who look like me but I also like the "opposites attract" thing.

No. 279000

I agree with this because I know a girl that acts like she thinks she's the sexiest smartest person ever and has a girlfriend that looks just like her (same hair, makeup, style etc.), it's creepy.

No. 279038

There's nothing wrong with Glossier. Of course they're not going to use ugly goblins for their ad campaigns, if you don't like the minimal look or feel like you're too ugly for wearing their shit on your face just buy something else. There's people who like minimal makeup, it's not elitist, and not everything revolves around you and your preferences or problems.
Also, highlighting the tip of your nose looks retarded.

No. 279040

I had to google that name lol

No. 279043

I dislike them because heir makeup is poor quality and causes me to break out. Not only that, but the videos they share always have the models looking super greasy.

No. 279045

I love raw onions, but can't stand cooked ones in a lot of food, especially stuff with melted cheese like pizza and casseroles. When I was a kid, I actually ate whole raw onions several times.

No. 279061

I agree with you anon.
Also adults who won’t eat cooked vegetables are children. I think it’s more men than women that do this.

No. 279086

lmao my sister-in-law (husbands side) literally has to sneak carrots and stuff into red sauce in order to get her husband to eat them bc he hates veggies.

No. 279126

I'm getting really tired of bisexuals acting like they're ~ so oppressed ~ just because there are misconceptions about bisexuality. It's reminiscent of asexuals crying foul because someone made a joke about plants once.

No. 279129

i'm bisexual and I agree.

No. 279196

My brother is 26 and the only vegetable he will eat is potatoes. Shit is crazy.

No. 279202

I’m an adult I don’t like onions. I don’t like the taste. I don’t like the smell. And I don’t like the texture. I do like most vegetables but onions are gross to me. I’m sure there are some adults who dislike then for immature reasons but some people just don’t like them because they think they’re nasty.
OP from that post here. I didn’t mean to come off as bitchy. Just the way you originally phrased it sounded a bit far fetched. My point still stands though, even though isn’t directly at you.

No. 279216

I dislike vegetables, but I don't think it's a sign of immaturity.

No. 279220

same. there are a lot of things that suck about being bi, especially growing up, but they're mostly personal things, nothing like what gays and lesbians have to worry about. it's annoying when people think you're attention seeking or a slut or whatever else but that's just not even on the same level as the social and physical threats that gays lesbians face. It's just another example of people not being able to tell the difference between actual privilege (if you believe there is such a thing) and something just having a lot of drawbacks. It reminds me of troons who think being a female is a privilege just because they wish they were female. I don't doubt that wishing you were a female and being male sucks in a lot of ways, like I really don't doubt it, but that doesn't mean all females are fortunate to be female now.

i feel like you should be able to have 1 or 2 veggies you hate. if i like almost all vegetables but 1 or 2 make me gag because of the texture and it's not a vegetable that's even in a ton of dishes, who cares.

all vegetables? do you eat them anyway?
i think it seems immature when people dislike vegetables because there's so many of them and it makes you seem like you won't try anything healthy or develop a pallet, and insead just want to eat obvious things like cheese and bread.

No. 279240

I love veggies in a lot of dishes but can't eat them on their own because they're mostly either bland or straight up vile.

For me I can't stand raw tomatoes though I literally inhale them in every other form, they just taste so bad raw. Sundried are really nice but too potent and salty on their own.

No. 279242

I like the taste of raw tomatoes but it's just so overpowering that I can't eat it in anything or it's all that I can taste. Cherry tomatoes are fine though

No. 279273

there hasnt been a single post about "my ex cheated so all men are whores :'(((", you're thinking of womanhate threads

No. 279339

slightly green-ish, hard bananas > ripe bananas. fight me.

No. 279341

agreed. those soon-turning-brown, dough-like, flour-y bananas that fall apart if you arent careful are good in a smoothie but that’s it.

No. 279348

go back to your shitty containment thread.

No. 279352

1. that comment was from 11 hours ago, you're stiring shit back up
2. sage!(Derailing)

No. 279358

Nice minimodding.

No. 279362

File: 1534079440882.gif (1.7 MB, 480x260, 42663C38-9C45-45DF-B0CB-C1F77F…)

Thank you. These handmaidens are really bothered. However when there is no sage I suspect it’s a man.

Heyy! Nice sage!(Derailing)

No. 279365

>says to hid the thread
>shits up this thread

Can you fucking stop? The problem anons have with the thread is the shit you're doing now. Handmaiden or not, just get over the fact that people don't like the thread. Shitting up other threads with dumb pettiness because people are talking shit about your thread just makes you look super insecire. Not everyone is going to like it and acting like a baby won't help.

No. 279368

i pretty much agree. whenever anyone says anything about the thread someone has to fucking clap back. i know you guys are easy to bait but come on, it's pathetic. same shit happens when you mention trannies. it's like everyone turns into spoony foaming at the mouth. calling everyone else handmaidens and men doesn't make it true. and it certainly doesn't make you any less annoying.

No. 279370

Justin Trudeau isn't even attractive and people calling him "daddy" is cringe

No. 279373

Im at a point in my cycle where I’m very weepy when provoked. This video of the guy who stole and crashed the plane made me so sad. He definitely didn’t want to hurt anyone (he very well could’ve).
The amount of sadness he has but no one knew makes me so sad.

No. 279376

Beautiful is the norm given by nature, ugly people are only a genetic exception and don't deserve to reproduce. I'd put ugliness on the same level as Down's Syndrome, because many ugly people are stupid too - full package.

No. 279379

File: 1534082821543.jpeg (134.83 KB, 1300x867, 26C899B4-B6CB-4191-92C6-370D70…)

This is going to be great.
Respect for keeping it real.

No. 279382

agree. not to mention ugly people generally have more health issues. i've never met an ugly person who wasnt' a sickly mess.

No. 279386

I agree but think society also plays a big part in determining what's beautiful. That, and there's not that many people who are actually honest to god ugly.

No. 279389

when anyone says "society does x" it's always memeshit like this.

No. 279391

Beauty has rules… for example sexual dimorphism. Most ugly women have masculine traits, or ugly men look like fat puffy women. If I were to nitpick, there's also stuff like the distance between the eyes, the hip to shoulders ratio, the forehead size for women etc etc

No. 279392

no shit beauty has rules. anon is partially right when she says society determines beauty fads, but she seems to think it doesn't determine ugly fads the same way. I also fucking hate when people act like society being a factor means something isn't valid. Society is a factor in everything, right down to the language you speak.

No. 279396

I don't take society so seriously, it's your business if you do, but I form my opinions outside of it most of the time.

No. 279399

Get help.

No. 279400

your opinions are influenced by society regardless.

No. 279401

I try to keep its influence to a minimum.

No. 279403

File: 1534087896502.gif (6.05 MB, 720x406, 76787678.gif)

Farmers who say some one-line iteration of "dump him" in response to what seems like complicated relationship issues on this website are absolute shitheads and are way more retarded than they think of the women dating the shitty men.

No. 279405

I find it really bizarre how cruel and misinformed people online are towards people with Down's Syndrome. They can't help their condition and they didn't ask to be born that way, I don't see what making fun of them achieves? I often see posts from people saying a certain person "looks like they have the Downs" (when…they really don't) or "they're missing a chromosome" (actually Downs Syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome).

A lot of the insults I see would never fly in my country and they always really shock me when I see them.

No. 279407

Sometimes that really is the best advice though. Idk what some anons expect when they list off all the ways their bf treats them like shit and how they're so unhappy in the realtionship. Unless it's an abusive situation, why can't they just break it off then?? I'll never understand ppl who are so desperate to hold on to a relationship that they hate being in.

I knew a girl who kept bitching on her Tumblr (which I assume her bf didn't know about) about how much she wanted to break up with him and how unfulfilling the relationship was. When ppl asked her why she hasn't yet, she just said she's doesn't wanted to be alone even though she's only 19. I see this mentality a lot and it's honestly pretty pathetic. So I don't understand why we should be forced to help some dumbass who doesn't want actually useful advice but instead just wants to salvage an awful relationship.

No. 279408

Using baby talk to refer to an adult woman's body parts, even your own, is really cringy and doesn't make you cute. Would you go to the doctor and complain about pain in your tummy because your vajayjay is bleeding so you can't have sexytimes with your boyfie? You probably wouldn't.

No. 279409

Ow, the edge

Also who gives a shit about who’s ugly as long as they’re a good person

No. 279410

I can't stand people who just can't be alone and I agree breaking up is the best solution for 99% of cases.

No. 279412

Men only get away with acting like assholes because women put up with it. Maybe if enough women were dumping them, they'd start to wonder what's wrong with them (I mean, probably unlikely but still). Sort of like a sex strike. I think it's a lot better than the alternative of wasting time and energy trying to "work it out" with some shitty guy and trying to delude yourself into thinking his good qualities trump all his toxic behaviour.

No. 279413

>Also who gives a shit about who’s ugly as long as they’re a good person

Men and lolcow users

No. 279418

>why can't they just break it off then??

Because some women can't just financially nor physically upend their life by ending their relationship tomorrow.
Because some women can't just move back in with their parents.
Because some women would have to look for a second job and secure a second living situation before they decide to leave.
Because some women would cause social and familial upheaval that they might have to plan for.

Did you ever stop to think that it's more about people not wanting to be alone and that it's about actual survival?

>"My tumblr friend who is 19…."

Yeah, not everyone who vents about their relationships here is a single teen who lives with mom and dad.

No. 279420

some lolcow users really aren’t any better than the piggish men they like to shit on so much. barf.

also who wants to bet the farmer who made that post looks like a foot wart

No. 279421

I agree.

Sometimes I'm not sure if we have men posing as women on this website or if the posters saying these things are just young because they don't seem to know about living situations despite having such sagely advice like "DuMp hIM!" There's always a lot of women blaming tones in these posts too.

When I was a teenager and even in college it was a lot less complicated to dump a guy because he wasn't living with me and I had no legal, financial, or family ties to him. The only thing I might have expected then is some social fallout and maybe some sad feels.

Adult relationships are much more complicated.
It's one thing to leave immediately if a man is abusive, cheating, and poses a threat. But nobody is going to be searching for a divorce or potentially inviting homelessness onto themselves just because their man is inconsiderate sometimes.

No. 279423

Post your picture.

No. 279440

That's why I said it's SOMETIMES the best advice. And sorry, if someone is extremely unhappy in a relationship and the only reason they aren't leaving is because they feel financially trapped, I'm not going to encourage them to stay in that relationship. I would advise them to find ways to separate finances and gradually get away from that situation for their own wellbeing. Just because they have to be in that situation currently doesn't make it ok for ppl to give them advice on how to "fix" their relationship problems just so they can continue to be in that situation forever. I don't know why you're framing financial abuse or people willfully making thselves financially dependent on a significant other as some sort of permanent state of being and that I'm the bad guy for thinking it's better to advise them to get out of that situation than to find ways to make being with their bf more manageable. Notice I also excluded abusive situations in my first post and yes your bf having complete financial control over you to the point where you feel you cannot leave him is abuse.

No. 279442

File: 1534096727526.jpg (185.03 KB, 374x294, nana.jpg)

Normies are better friends tbh
All the "i'm shy & introverted but rly nice" friends i've made always turn out to be the most passive aggressive me me me! irresponsible ppl who use mental illness as excuses and enable themselves. My normie friends have always treated me much better and there's never any bs. They don't think any less of me for having weird quirks or weeb hobbies and any time our normie & weeb topics come up it becomes a cultural exchange.

No. 279444

>That's why I said it's SOMETIMES the best advice
But often it's the unsolicited advice given when anons like you were not told nor asked for the kind of situation the poster may be in.
You just say that platitude and think you're smart and helpful for saying so when you're not.

>you're framing financial abuse or people willfully making thselves financially dependent on a significant other as some sort of permanent state of being

I'm not framing it that way.
I'm specifically saying that situations like that take time to resolve or leave and that saying dump him isn't a helpful reply to that.

I'm talking about a specific kind of poster yet you seem awful defensive if what you say about your own mannerisms is true.

No. 279445

I agree and I don't think this is unpopular given that the self-proclaimed introverts with anti normies mentalities are the ones with no friends.
Meanwhile all those stuck up and square normies seem to have the friend groups and at least try to talk to different people sometimes.

No. 279446

File: 1534097982854.png (126.39 KB, 500x567, friend-i-need-guy-advi-me-myth…)

i think they're young single women. i've always had female friends where as soon as you say one negative thing or problem about your bf they go "dump him!! can't believe you put up with that!"
they've seen a few too many instances of women being doormats to shitty guys that they don't realize in healthy, equal relationships people still have flaws and need to compromise sometimes. like i have annoying things i do in my relationship too, and i would hate if my bf's friends immediately went "dump her!!! you deserve better!!" because of that.

i've also noticed that many of the girls who jump to "dump him!" often go for really shitty ugly guys that treat them badly after the fact. it's like they don't know how to properly stand up for themselves so they go from being a doormat to cutting it off completely.

No. 279447

Fucking lol you superficial cunt. You do know the most important people to have ever lived on this planet were pretty ugly right? When you get older and busted do yourself a favor and kys then.

No. 279449

The only reason I'm defensive is because your post made it seem like I didn't take abusive situations into account at all. And I did.

Tbh I don't really even go on the relationship issues thread often and I have never responded with "just dump him", though I know you probably won't believe me. I just think it can sometimes be an appropriate and funny response to ppl who endlessly complain about their relationship problems but find the idea of ending the relationship to be ludicrous for some reason.

Once again, I'm not referring to abusive scenarios. I'm talking about people whose problems are petty, they're clearly miserable in the relationship, and they are fully able to leave. I'm not saying that's the case of ppl on here or anything but I've encountered several of those ppl in real life. And no, they weren't all 19 yr old Tumblr friends. Several were in their late twenties/early thirties and when I've talked to them, the only discernible reason for them not wanting to leave their bfs was a fear of being alone. That's the attitude I find frustrating.


I'm also not referring to a couple of arguments or annoying habits. Ofc those should be solved with compromise. I'm more so talking about ppl who don't have a lot of good to say about a relationship and just list problem after problem. In which case, isn't the best solution to end the relationship?

No. 279452

File: 1534098658643.jpg (49.63 KB, 478x239, cache_4191188.jpg)

Thank you!

Obviously I don't agree with being a doormat, but neither do I see dumping people at the drop of a pin as a sign of someone who can be in a healthy relationship either.


Other unpopular opinion: People care way too much about laugh lines aka "nasolabial folds."
Everyone thinks they're a sign of aging when actually they're a natural part of someone's face and makes them look like as human being. True that as we get older they get saggier and more pronounced, but nobody in their 20s should be worrying about them. I wish people would stop obsessing.

No. 279453

Those are either men or female incels. We're normal people. Sure, compare yourself to Einstein.

No. 279454

Seriously. It's rare to not have them because it requires a certain bone structure in your face. People who tend to not have them almost always have an overjet for example.

No. 279455

>The only reason I'm defensive is because your post made it seem like I didn't take abusive situations into account at all.
Because you didn't, your first post >>279407 said that you don't understand why desperate tumblrinas don't leave relationships and how you think it's so pathetic for posters to not want to be alone.
You made no indication that you understood that some anons here on this website were adults in tough spots and that's why they cannot leave so whimsically.
My post >>279403 was about "dump him" replies in response to complicated relationship posts, but you wanted to rant about your dumb teenage friends and their bullshit. Because that's your mentality.

It wasn't until I replied and mentioned these reasons >>279418 that you backpedaled and then said you cared about those situations.
I'm talking about a specific kind of poster, one who you said you're not anything like, and you decided to go off. Yeah, you're a bit defensive and I don't believe you. Maybe you should just stop at this point.

No. 279456

>I just think it can sometimes be an appropriate and funny response to ppl who endlessly complain about their relationship problems but find the idea of ending the relationship to be ludicrous for some reason.

Some people just want to vent anonymously about their relationship problems. Not everyone is going to dump their husband or spouse because they're bad at chores or something.

Nobody is asking for your response or input unless it's in the advice thread, and even in that thread I'm sure anons are looking for empathetic and insightful replies rather than your "witty" dump hims.

No. 279457

>Not everyone is going to dump their husband or spouse because they're bad at chores or something.

Nta, but men would totally dump women for this reason.

No. 279459

Why are you so angry?? Your post was about being annoyed at ppl just responding with "dump him" and I was just saying that in some situations it can be an appropriate response. I used an example from my real life to illustrate an annoying person who deserved a response like that, and you're weirdly hung up on them being 19 for see reason.

I never backpedaled on abusive situations. If you read my first post again, I clearly said "Unless it's an abusive situation…"

I'm not trying to fight you or say it's appropriate for all situations. I'm just saying some ppl really oughta "just dump him". Some relationships are beyond saving. You need to calm down cause it's really not that serious lol

No. 279460

i feel like you guys are all using different personal definitions of ugly and beautiful and arguing accordingly.

don't you think maybe most people have always been slightly below average to slightly above average, with hideous ugliness and objective beauty both being outliers? hurrrrr hot take

just to make it clear
below average=most people think they look normal but some people think they're homely
ugly=almost everyone would agree they're unattractive
above average=most people think they look normal but some people think they're pretty cute
beautiful=almost everyone would agree that they're attractive

i just didn't know any better. i think they look kind of ugly and i thought they were preventable/caused by sun and other skin damage. i used to not have them so i thought they were a type of wrinkle, not just something that's always been hiding under baby fat.

i also think it cheapens the phrase. if a girl is in a seriously fucked up and all her friends (rightly) tell her to dump the guy, she might just remember the memes and jokes and think "whatever, girls say that about every guy." boy who cried wolf and all that

see june, luna, shayna, etc. not like they're with good men but freeloaders get partners all the time. the idea that one sex has to be literally flawless to get a partner and the other always gets away with everything is an incel/femcel delusion.

No. 279461

So you're saying for instance that if someone comes into the vent thread to bitch about something that their bf did, that they have to list every single good thing about their bf to ward off the 'dump him' replies? How about you just think critically and not assume that someone would be in a relationship with a monster who abuses and mistreats them 100% of the time? Think about it.

You're trying way too hard to defend this behavior when anyone who's been replied to with the "dump him" shit thinks it's petulant.

No. 279462

Ok I'd concede that it can cheapen the phrase. I just don't really think it's that big of a deal and i don't see the point in getting triggered by it.

No. 279463

>Why are you so angry??
>I used an example from my real life to illustrate an annoying person who deserved a response like that
>and you're weirdly hung up on them being 19 for see reason

Because not every poster here is your stupid teenage friend dealing with stupid bullshit teenage relationship problems.
You just don't get it, you don't see how obnoxious your reply was and clearly you're not going to understand why the ~~dump him~~ replies are annoying too.

No. 279467

I'm so glad there's another Unite the Right """"white rights""" rally. I gives me more blatant evidence to tell my white friends that racism was never over and that it was covert and coming back to the surface for them to face it and denounce it. This administration really woke me and my family up to the racism that was 'over'.

No. 279468

It was just one example using one friend. Like I said in another post, I've seen very similar situations in older friends as well. But whatever…

Is it literally the phrase itself you have a problem with? Or would you also have a problem with the same sentiment but worded differently? Like if someone instead said "This really doesn't seem like a relationship worth being in. If you're this unhappy, maybe the best solution is to move on". I'm genuinely asking, not trying to be a smartass.

I guess I just think the responses are kind of funny cause it can be annoying to hear people complain about things without actually doing anything about it. I just don't see it as that big of a problem cause it's lolcow, what do they expect? Its not exactly the best place to come for life advice of any kind lol

No. 279469

don't see anyone getting properly triggered here, but it's annoying because it gets in the way of actual good advice. it's noise and if it gets popular enough it'll add to the problem of couples not knowing how to communicate properly until it gets so bad that being alone is the only option.

this. if you're going to the relationship advice thread or similar, you're in the mood to complain about something and resolve it. you shouldn't need to list everything good about your relationship not to raise alarm. just like when you go to the makeover threads you shouldn't have to be like "hey guys, i don't hate myself and i like my nose and i like my hair and my height is nice…but i'd like to lose a little weight!! advice?"

in fact i have seen redditors on r/relationship preface their troubles with shit like "oh my partner is my best friend and we laugh every day and i've never had more fun in my life she made me feel good about life again BUT"

and it's just kind of cringey and unneeded. it's like PDA

No. 279475

>Like if someone instead said "This really doesn't seem like a relationship worth being in. If you're this unhappy, maybe the best solution is to move on"

This is so much better because at least this actually starts a conversation and the opportunity for the anon to elaborate if need be.

No. 279476

Objective beauty, the one I talked about in the OP, is mathematical. People's opinions don't matter when you can find out if someone is beautiful or not using a ruler.

No. 279481

that only reinforces my point. humans aren't 3d printers, so it's going to be rare for someone to come out looking like the Marquardt beauty mask. even if you had 2 people that perfect reproduce with each other, a hell of a lot more goes into development in the womb than 2 objectively beautiful people making an objectively beautiful offspring every time as if they're a computer program. it's much more likely that most people are going to come out some kind of average, yes, with regard to facial mathematical symmetry. Someone being mathematically on target with the Marquardt mask an someone being mathematically extremely far from it are both going to be much more rare than the millions of combinations someone can have that would make them look plain or average. Could natural selection sway the probabilities to more or less ugly? Absolutely. But your original post made it sound like everyone would be objectively beautiful if it weren't for those stupid uggos ruining muh perfect nature.

No. 279482

That wasn't my intention and I didn't realize it sounds like that. What I wanted to say that beautiful people are in the majority, when it's often said that they're rare and hard to find.

No. 279484

You literally can't and you sound like an idiot for thinking so. You're either forming your opinions with society, or against it, but either way, it's based on society.

No. 279485

This. I think the real issue was what the OP said, the one liner. I've told people they should dump their bfs, but you need to extrapolate on why that is.

No. 279491

Are you stupid? You said ugly people don't deserve to reproduce just because they're ugly so imagine all the potential 'Eintens' that could be lost.

All in all, it's just a vapid and superficial world view.

No. 279523

File: 1534111407359.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080, pxqrocxwsjcc_30FXdZOiS446qWSIK…)

Japanese dessert/sweets are gross. People only hype them up because ~so cute!!~

No. 279530

Japanese food as a whole is so overrated. People assume its all fresh fish and sushi but I swear to god walk into any japanese restaurant and you’ll either get something that tastes like a bouillon cube melted in mayo or a chunk of bland fish and pickles.

Japanese mayo is alright, but jfc they put it on so much shit that its overpowering.

No. 279532

So true, what's with them and using that all the time?
Japanese food being healthy is a meme, the reason they aren't fat is because they eat tiny amounts.

No. 279535

I really like their cuisine because I love seafood and fried foodstuffs.

Yet I find their desserts pretty blah and their noodles are so fucking overrated.
Ramen is good, but it's not orgasmic. It's noodle soup. And if someone wants to talk soup with me I enjoy the flavor profiles of other soups much more from different cuisines.

No. 279546

The few times I’ve had ramen were really disappointing. I dunno if the specific restaurants just had wonky broth, but it was so salty and just tasted like soy sauce. I’ve had better experiences with pho and Taiwanese noodle soups.

No. 279552

Had some ramen at a ramen bar that tasted like dirty dish water once. Idk how they fucked up soup so badly.

No. 279555

It sounds like you guys have only ever been to Japanese restaurants in other countries. If it's not authentic, ofc it's gonna suck. I'd tend to agree about the desserts though.

No. 279562

I’ve only ever had Japanese food in Japan, and the other anons are so spot on about the flavours that it hurts.

No. 279572

File: 1534117734119.jpg (23.31 KB, 500x332, japanesecheesecake.jpg)

agreed. and people really do loose their shit over any sort of japanese sweet, even nasty looking convenience store cakes/donuts. the only japanese sweet i will defend to the death is japanese style cheesecake, that stuff is so light and fluffy yet still cheesecakey. only good thing

No. 279574

i think those christmas cakes they make look delicious too

No. 279581

Is that Castella? It's originally from Portugal.

I hate Japanese tradicional sweets.

No. 279582

Tbh, that doesn't look very appealing…

No. 279586

Tbh I like their sweets because they're really bland and not too sugary. The actual store-bought candy can sometimes be interesting but is mostly blah.

No. 279588

>Japanese food being healthy is a meme
Sooo fucking true. Conbinis are loaded with high cal sweets and packaged meals, family restaurants have nothing under 600 cal, there are cake stores, dessert restaurants and bakeries everywhere, entire levels of stores dedicated to sweets, and any rice or noodle dish is a big serve.

I don't even know if they eat small portions, I see tiny women loading up their trays with several huge pastries at the bakery and eating in store. I assume they just eat infrequently or really skimp on meals at home.

No. 279590

File: 1534122523800.jpg (125.84 KB, 650x434, 01_Wagashi.jpg)

oh that could be! i know Portuguese missionaries had a significant impact when they first arrived so maybe thats what is based off of instead of cheesecake.

and traditional japanese sweets are okay if you like red beans. none of their desserts look particularly appealing, pic attached is red bean dorayaki but looks like a weird meat pie to me

No. 279601

File: 1534125373416.jpg (55.31 KB, 640x617, tumblr_p8zyigOaCe1vk26fvo2_640…)

They really are. I know it's just dollar store junk food, but I was really disappointed when I tried Popin Cookin for the first time. Cute and fun, but not very appetizing. I'm not a fan of seafood, either, so Japanese cuisine just isn't my cup of tea. I would be That Gaijin in restaurants.

No. 279603

seriously. i use a japanese site for recipes for my bf and constantly see "diet food!" and it's something kind of healthy topped with cheese and mayo.

i love a lot of japanese food, but it's legit just the same as most western foods but with rice.

traditional japanese food is fine, but it's all fucking fish and nothing else.

No. 279604

I've had convenience store level cheesecake and it just tastes like cheap shortcake. I agree about Japanese sweets. Except for Mochi ice cream. That's fucking delicious, but it's not for everyone. I mean it's probably cliche for me to say, but French still fucking rule as far as fresh, light and delicious sweets.

No. 279605

>I assume they just eat infrequently or really skimp on meals at home.
I read a book by a Japanese woman about restaurant outings and she said most of her friends would barely eat anything before going to go to a cafe or bakery, so they could try more of the food.

No. 279611

lul you cook for your boyfriend?

No. 279616

where is the cheese? cream cheese baked into the cake or?

No. 279618

cooking is fun and not an act of servitude

No. 279623

thats what men want you to think

No. 279625

what? maybe anon can think for herself and just plain enjoys cooking for others, not just men. damn, i guess no woman's allowed to do something nice for a man, ever.

No. 279628

no they're not

No. 279629

I'm so sick of the meirl culture that basically turns depression into a meme. I get humour helps people deal with it but I think it's so common now it doesn't mean anything.
I literally think some people act depressed because it's trendy and deep. I even see many posts suggesting depressed people are deeper/smarter/more interesting. Like no, I went through depression and having your brain wired to be sad is not "deep".

No. 279632

I agree that popin cookin is nasty anon but it’s powdered candy, why did you expect it to taste good? it’s a toy for kids

to contribute to the topic at hand, i think most Pocky is nasty.

No. 279638

agreed, pocky is so fucking gross, it tastes like stale crackers dipped in sugar flavored wax

No. 279639

Even at peak weeb I didn't think Pocky was ever that great.
Like a biscuit dipped in chocolate that I'm paying way too much money for, yahoo?

No. 279640

agreed. it's just a meme at this point and nobody takes it seriously which sucks because people didn't take it seriously in the first place.
I've been in a depressive episode where I reached out and told someone I was having a hard time and I wanted to kill myself and they just replied "lol same"
What pisses me off too are ones that joke about intrusive thoughts. People seem to think they're just stupid silly thoughts that pop in your head instead of thoughts about killing your dog or shoving your hand in the garbage disposal. They're not cute or funny, they're horrifying and disgusting and they make you feel guilty and shitty.
meirl culture is absolute shit

No. 279642

damn i actually like pocky, especially the strawberry flavor. but i do agree, it's way too expensive for what it is.

No. 279643

Ordering brands from certain homogeneous countries and giving them low ratings because their clothes dont fit your fat obese ass and their makeup doesnt match your skin color is the stupidest shit.

No. 279648

I see this all the time.
>orders from China
>Review: "this item was a child's size!!"
>Item costs like $4 anyway

Like you're getting it for cheap, it says in all the listings the sizes, why would anyone think a medium Asian sizing would fit a large western person?

No. 279650

Mental illness becoming "cool" was a bad time. It shouldn't be a horrible secret but it is not completely normal and cool either.

It's basically been appropriated at this point
>I stayed indoors instead of going to the party
>mfw depression
>I didn't leave the house for 2 days
>mfw anxiety

Like these are not unusual behaviors, fuck off trying so hard to be "special" that you minimize real people's issues. Which are a lot more extreme than spending the weekend indoors once

No. 279659

Thank you. The overuse of “depression” has devalued the word to the point where it means nothing. Depression is having next to no motivation or energy to do anything and feeling apathetic, not feeling a little sad sometimes. Yes I’m bitter and a gatekeeper.

No. 279660

To be fair, if westerners weren't so accustomed to taking for granted vanity sizing, they might actually care to read the sizing charts instead of assuming a chinese XL will fit them when it actually fits like a western M.
A lot of it is conditioning.

No. 279685

Different anon but vanity sizing is why I’d expect other westerners to read the sizing charts. I wear an XS in one store, an S in another and an M in a third. In Asian sizing I’m sometimes an L. If sizing is so inconsistent in western stores, why would anyone expect it to be easier Chinese online stores? Honestly I wish western online stores had more detailed sizing charts because the majority of the time they leave out important measurements like shoulder width and sleeve length.

No. 279701

Trust me, they bitch about the difference in vanity sizing in US stores too.

-t. ex clothing retail

Men have it way easier. Their bottoms and dress shirts are at least sorted by measurement, whereas women get squat and always have to double check or guess. It's bullshit.

No. 279754

I wish I still had that pic I took while shopping some time ago.
Go to Mango, try on a shirt:
>China L

No. 279856

strawberry pocky and other flavored pocky is nice, but chocolate pocky is the worst

No. 279860

only men's suits are like that tbh. womens high-fashion is measured based on actual measurements, arbitrary sizing is a plague for all.

No. 279877

the users who post frequently in the man hate thread are delusional as to how normal and healthy the thread is.

i'm not against it on principle but it's really a circle jerk. a lot of the people in the thread seem kind of unsound already and they use the thread to make themselves worse and make themselves feel more justified in their thinking. it's the same thought process incels have when they cherry pick women being shitty and use to validate their own issues with them. i understand it's not on the same scale, but cherry picking to any degree leads to the same reactions in people.

>inb4 handmaiden etc

i'm just pointing out that the nature of the thread is kind of toxic. bitching about men being garbage is fine and understandable because it's true. but when people browse the site, like that crazy girl who thinks that every living human hates women and she should just off herself, it's hard to really think that she's the only one.

No. 279902

things in there can be exaggerated but a lot of it is unfortunately true. we can either choose to bury our head in the sand and pretend it's not that bad for us or face men's hatred head-on. i think all women should be aware of what men really think of us and how they treat us but no one should focus on it to the point where it becomes an obsession. otherwise you're no better than MGTOWs who claim to "go their own way" but fixate on women 24/7

No. 279918

I think people nit pick at black "accents" too much. It's perfectly fine for fobs to butcher the English language but if I pronounce ask as axe people act like I'm the second coming of Satan and I have to hear people screeching about how it is so uneducated!

As a black person you have to pretty much talk like you're a Harvard professor at all times so people don't think you're ghetto trash.

No. 279919

>if I pronounce ask as axe
But why would you do that?

No. 279920

I'm not even from the US but "shudders".

No. 279922

Not them but I think the issue is the black-and-white thinking/us vs. them mentality. I understand the frustration – believe me, I do – but once you start parroting incel ideology and simply change pronouns, are you really better than the men you're disenfranchising?

A lot of it stems from personal experience and lack of fulfilling, emotional connections with men, which tends to be self-imposed by men themselves. Which should probably support the argument that "all men are trash" when I'm really saying that the men you're meeting in your life are trash, the men committing crimes on tv are trash, but not every single Joe on the planet is a complete scumbag.

lmao I can't believe I just "Not All Men"'d but seriously. I participate in the thread but yeah, it's definitely not the healthiest thing you could be doing with your time.

It's funny because a lot of white people pronounce ask like axe / use AAVE. Like sure, if it bothers you it bothers you, but maybe don't be selective(ly racist) when bringing it up to people?

No. 279923

>are you really better than the men you're disenfranchising?
Have you read the threads? YES. For fucks sake. Complaining about how men hate us isn't 'just as bad' as men hating us.

And my man hating has literally nothing to do with men I know irl. I have had good relationships and experiences with them. That doesn't negate the historically, measurably consistent demonstrations of hatred and violence towards women by men.

I really can't stand your types, who just want to think of everything in moderate terms because it saves you having to really think about things, or feel bad about the way things are. Be as safe and comfy and middling as you want but this is the one place we can freely acknowledge how shit men have been to us.

No. 279924

I'm black and I just cringe when I see all of those white girls saying that the world hates them. I wish the world "hated" me like it "hates" them.

No. 279927

Plenty of the receipts shown in the thread are about crimes commited against non-white girls and women, but okay…

No. 279931

File: 1534196866572.png (496.11 KB, 537x1038, 3CC2CBBD-425B-45A8-AD49-3F93A5…)

No. 279947

right, that's my point i feel like the thread creates a fixation on it. especially since it seems many of those same women have similar situations with few friends and not going outside much. the world isn't as scary (but it is as shitty) as many anons seem to think.

No. 279955

That’s not how the man-hate thread works, for one. And for two, I will gladly go blue in the face speaking on how black men treat black women and their community like shit, how the women go to college and are forced to settle down with fuccbois. But that would get some backlash because I am white. I lived in a majority black city till my mid 20s, I seen how bms act and how bw are supposed to put up with it and how a lot just take it.

No. 279977

>using 'fuccboi'

No. 279982

i think when most white feminists talk about the world hating women they mean…all women…including you and everyone else.

No. 280016

>can't complain that women are being obtuse by saying "men" because of course they don't mean all men
>b-but anon, of course we mean all women!!

No. 280019

it genuinely makes me uncomfortable when it gets incredibly graphic/specific. i have a friend who has really bad mental health history (to the point i had to force my hand down her throat so she would throw up the pills she tried overdosing on) tweet something along the lines of "kinda want some toast or i could just slight my throat and die" so i reached out to make sure she was okay and she got mad at me for overreacting because she was joking.

damn anon i'm really sorry that happened to you.


No. 280049

Handmaidens that insist on coddling men and simultaneously treating men like adolescents and superiors have it coming and I am starting to lose empathy towards them.

No. 280050

I agree so much anon. I used to joke about my depression like that and it only made everything worse. I was so miserable all the time and my "coping methods" only exacerbated everything and turned into me projecting onto every dumb meme I came across.

No. 280053

>Have you read the threads?

I said I participated in them. Have you read my response?

>That doesn't negate the historically, measurably consistent demonstrations of hatred and violence towards women by men.

It does not. I'm not saying that women shouldn't have spaces to talk about our experiences or to think critically about gender roles, misogyny, male violence, etc., but the point is that it can be unhealthy when unchecked.

>I really can't stand your types, who just want to think of everything in moderate terms because it saves you having to really think about things, or feel bad about the way things are.

This is a reach.

Acknowledging that we shouldn't demonize an entire group of people because of the actions of their loudest members means I'm incapable of thinking critically and in depth about things? Sure. Echo chambers and generalizations are unhealthy regardless of what's being said and promoted.


No. 280055

watch out. anons are going to call you a handmaiden

No. 280058

Imo echo chambers are going to echo chamb, it would make more sense to the ones actually doing harm and rant about uwu peace there instead of a vacant imageboard where most of us have normal lives outside it

No. 280059

I was just agreeing with another anon and saw I had a reply so figured I'd respond. It's really not that deep. People can vent over on the man-hating thread all they want. I know I'm still going to.

No. 280060

>echo chamber

Alt right cumdumpster handmaiden "one of the guys" princess detected

No. 280062

Have what coming? I have the best dad and bf in the world. Sorry you weren't so lucky.

No. 280064

Milk is fucking nasty.

No. 280065

This wasn't even about the discussion going on here but I will engage. Once your dad and bf treat you like a doormat and underestimate you, don't complain, ok?

No. 280066

this whole thing is so tryhard

No. 280067

It's better than Nintendhoe.

No. 280068

Samefag but I thought spoiler image worked for YouTube videos, oops.

No. 280070

damn… i kind of liked these…

No. 280071

I think I'm getting old, I don't see how anyone could find these not annoying.

No. 280072

Interesting how quickly women jump to the defense of men whenever they're being generalized, but how often do we see the same from men? I hear them generalize all women constantly - we're illogical, we're inherently unfit for STEM/leadership/war/whatever, we all go after jerks instead of the nice guy, we lie about sexism and rape, I could go on… I hear men say things like this all the time, but I don't really hear all the "good guys" out there come to our defense and say "hey now, let's not make generalizations". Nope, they either openly agree or stay silent. I just don't understand caping so hard for people who wouldn't do the same for you.

Misogyny is an issue that exists on a macro scale. Taking a highly individualistic approach to it won't do anything. Sure the men in your personal life may not engage in the most heinous of misogynistic acts, but they still benefit from a society that facilitates the mindset behind those acts in the first place. Amd they still definitely have a gender bias, even if they're unaware of it. That's the whole idea of patriarchy, though I know the term itself has become a bit of a meme now.

I don't understand the big uproar over the man hate thread considering it's the one place I've seen on pretty much the entire internet that names the problem and doesn't preface every complaint about men's behavior with a bunch of disclaimers and apologies to all the "good guys". And even then, it still has men coming into it and spewing misogynistic nonsense. We can't even have that without people coming into to remind everyone that is not ALL men you guyz

No. 280073

Because you assume you know more about misogyny than everyone else

No. 280074

Please enlighten everyone on what you think about it then.

No. 280075

I mean I don't but ok…
I'm not claiming to be some kind of feminist guru but these are just my observations from being a woman in this world, and learning about feminism over the years.

What do you even mean by this? Do you have some other interpretation of misogyny thats wildly different from what I said?

No. 280079

There is no big uproar. Someone commented their unpopular opinion on the thread and a couple anons had a discussion about it.

No. 280086

Fine, maybe uproar isn't the right word. But I've seen people complaining about it since the first man hate thread. Not just this one instance

No. 280093

The chubby thread is further proof that skinny girls can't just leave fatties alone, but instead love to go out of their ways to harrass them.

No. 280094

it seems like everyone is so childish now a days. These days people claim they can't move out until they're 30(if they even do then), everyone has childish hobbies like video games or Disney shit and if they do have kids they act like teenagers who can barely take care of them. Maybe it's the people I surround myself with but it seems like everyone is an adult baby who is scared of any responsibility. The first response to any kind of criticism is always "but I'm young!i have time to change!" And they go on with this excuse until they're like 30.

No. 280097

After what I've experienced from fat people being a 26 year old woman who weighs less than 110…I'll say I feel 0 sympathy for fat girls lol

They honestly think they can talk all kinds of shit to skinny people to their face but everyone has to love and accept their body!

When you imagine fat girls, you'd imagine some innocent girl who has been bullied for being fat and is now shy with low self esteem but in reality they're really not like that. I've had them claim I have hiv, make fun of my boobs because they're smaller than an h cup, one of my coworkers went on a long rant about "skinny bitches"(while I'm sitting there btw) but then acted like a triggered Bitch when a male coworker said some Instagram model is too fat, coworkers asked me my weight and I said I'm 100 lbs then some chubby girl chimed in to state "I would never want to be that thin that's like an anorexic crack head". They just love to go on and on about how anyone not fat must be a crack head or anorexic kek

No. 280099

File: 1534231483725.png (524.68 KB, 1440x2463, 20180814_092155.png)

The last 2 times the thread was necroed, it was by an anon constantly trying to push water fasting onto everyone - even though nobody asked AND the thread isn't even about diet but fashion tips.

No. 280100

File: 1534231516417.png (134.61 KB, 1440x899, 20180814_092235.png)

No. 280102

How is that an unpopular opinion.

No. 280114

The humblebragging is strong with this one

No. 280116

Are you aware that an entire other world exists beyond imageboards and comment sections on the internet?

Tune into basically anything on TV and you'll see pretty much nothing but constant support and praise for women, and anyone who publicly says something that could possibly even be interpreted as sexist against women risks losing their career and being harassed by mobs over it.

No. 280117

>I'm 100 lbs then some chubby girl chimed in to state "I would never want to be that thin that's like an anorexic crack head".

Funny you should mention this.
So I'm the fat girl in my friend group but I'm not really sensitive about my weight and like to make a joke at my own expense every now and then.
My friends are pretty average if not skinny, iirc one of them weighs about 115 and is 5'6. Anyway, we were all waiting in line the other day at a theme park for a group ride. They had to weigh groups of five to make sure it wouldn't go past weight maximum. My fat ass tipped the scale so we had to split our group, and I made some comment apologizing saying we might have all been able to go at once if I had been like 100 pounds instead of being a lard.
Skinny friend and her bf chime in and say "Anon if you were 100 pounds we'd make you eat a burger not go on a ride."

All I'm saying is, it seems like really thin girls get punches from all sides. Not just from fat girls.
Idk if ~fat boolies~ is just a meme, but it never felt right to throw stones from a glass house. I've never seen fat girls make fun of people with better bodies, and it really doesn't make sense.

Honestly I feel bad that people are harsh to you, but you shouldn't paint all people with the same brush.

No. 280119

>having your step mother tell everyone you know you have hiv because you're thin
>having your siblings scared of you because they believe her
>have fat asses claim you're a drug addict
>there's always some triggered fat bitch to down play your problems and claim you're "humble bragging" because you arent a land whale

I don't care about your feelings, I like being thin and I have no reason to humble brag but let's not sit here in pretend that fatties aren't huge bitches most of the time. They're like sjws who think it's ok to be rude to white people because they believe they're more "privileged". In the west I feel like skinny shaming is actually more common then fat shaming, you can throw any joke or insult you want towards a skinny person, but imagine saying that same joke to a fatty. For example it's perfectly fine to tell a thin person to "eat a burger" but if I were to tell a fat person to "eat a salad" then I would be an evil fat shaming Ana chan. I really don't care about skinny shaming but it just pisses me off that the same people crying about how hard it is to be fat will turn around and do the same thing to thin people. It's hypocritical and they deserve 0 sympathy.

No. 280120

>fatty shaming isn't okay anymore

I wouldn't say that.
Obese people are still shat on pretty regularly.
It seems like whenever people drift toward either extreme like super skinny or super fat, that's when they start getting the insults and comments.

No. 280121

File: 1534233734989.jpg (6.63 KB, 395x128, download.jpg)

>When you imagine fat girls, you'd imagine some innocent girl who has been bullied for being fat and is now shy with low self esteem but in reality they're really not like that.
Nice generalisation. Fat kids get bullied all the times, and yes it does affect them, fat people have feelings too, you know? I don't know in what imaginary world you live in, where everybody is obese, loves themselves and shits on slim girls - it is certainly not the norm. You are the ideal, some might be mean to you, but if you thought about it for just a second, you'd realize that others have it much worse than you. Lolcow is full of "chubby" (most of the time not even overweight) girls who absolutely hate themselves, so what are you talking about…?

I'm also heavier (nothing unhealthy, just not visually ideal) and seeing how many girls on here hate on everybody over a bmi of 19 just for existing, e.g. saying that seeing fat peiple in public annoys them, calling tits bigger than a B cup 'udders' makes me worry that people irl secretly think that way about me too.

No. 280122

I work with several obese people who are pushing over 200 lbs. yeah people talk shit about them behind their back but I've never seen people insulting them to their face like what I've experienced.

No. 280123

I see this too. Some millennials really don't want to accept that they're aging.

No. 280125

Do you really believe fat girls never get insulted to their faces? Or are you just contesting the frequency of people doing so?

I mean I will concede with you one thing:
Other women saying shit to my face about my weight rarely ever happened once I finished middle/high school. If women talk shit about my weight, it's mostly done behind my back.

However, when I was in the dating scene, men would talk shit and neg my weight directly to my face all the time.

I noticed the harshest online comments about fat women tend to come from men.

No. 280126

>it's ok to be a bitch to you because you're the ideal!

Yeah being thin is the ideal. But that's like saying it's ok for poc to be assholes to white people "because we have it worse!". I understand fat girls have it "worse" but at the same time a person gets sick of hearing "guys won't find you sexy if you don't have curves!" And blah blah…like I really give a shit about being jerk off material to some man and that's the only value I have in life kek

>fat kids are bullied!

Also, I'd like to add I'm not white, I'm black. So in my cultural being thin is actually considered worse than being fat and non-whites expect me to be some thick qweeen with big tits. Only whites and Asians get away with being bones.

No. 280127

The OP was about people necroing and shitting up a thread about fashion tips for chubby girls by telling them that if they don't fast they're just lazy and will die of heart attacks etc.
And you respond by saying your fat coworkers are bullying you because you weigh 100lbs and have small boobs - unrelated much…?

No. 280128

And she also added "this is proof that skinny girls can never leave us alone!"

I'm sick of fattys always acting like victims.

No. 280129

But it is…? They really couldn't leave that thread alone?
Thankfully banned now lol

No. 280130

Well having people come into their thread and shitting it up isn't their fault. So yeah, I would say they're victims in that particular scenario, yes.

Do you blame farmers here when we get raided by r9k and they post in our threads? No, because we're victims, and those robots really can't leave us alone.

No. 280131

I'm sick of skinnies thinking they're above fatties, because ~muh discipline~
You both look equally gross.

Now that it's so hot I constantly have to see my costumers half naked bodies and I really can't decide what's more repulsing: some sweaty hairy belly or yet another deformed ribcage threatening to break through its owner's skin… At least women need to keep their shirts on…

No. 280134

I wonder what our generation will be like when they hit 30+ since everyone seems to be putting off doing anything until they're 30. It's like the ultimate form of procrastination…getting a job?oh I'll wait another year!im only 24 I'm not 30 yet!, getting a car?i have plenty of time to learn to drive I'm still young!, stable relationship?im only 27 I'm too young to worry about marriage…
It's like they think once they turn 30 all the pieces of the puzzle will just fall into place and they will be upper middle class, with a good husband/wife and money saved.

No. 280135

As someone who's been 160lbs and is now 110lbs (and also a black girl, lmao. Being thin is not considered "worse" than being fat by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know why you'd try that as if anyone but black men even care much for ""curves""), I'll gladly take the negative comments that come with being skinny over being fat.
Fat people really do get a lot of shit.
My mom is fat as fuck and always going on about how "sickly" I look and how I need to "gain weight", but it still feels better than the things flung at you daily for the sin of being an unattractive (ie fat) female.
For all the complaints you have, you (all of you?) admit you like being thin, and neither you (or literally anyone else) would trade that to be obese. There's a reason for that. Skinny shaming is fucking nothing. "Eat a burger", "You have no ass" or "Are you anorexic?" doesn't mean shit compared to "You're a fat fucking whale", "Put down the fork", "Can anything look good on you?", "You're disgusting", "Are you pregnant?" and all the things that don't even need to be loud, insulting comments to be a jab at you. You know this well.

No. 280136

>These days people claim they can't move out until they're 30
But that's the smart thing to do if your parents are happy to have you. Staying at home while working full time is how you save the money for a deposit on your own place, so aren't stuck renting for the rest of your life. Moving out early just so you can party and have sex at home is more childish (most people I know tbh) than staying home and bettering your financial position.

No. 280141

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No. 280139
But the thing is most people living at home aren't really saving and they aren't working hard in school for a career. It just seems like "I'm living at home to save money!", is just an excuse for most people sense they aren't even doing that. Really what most of them seem to be doing is blowing all their cash on their dumb ass hobbies because they have mommy and daddy to take care of the important stuff. We have 27 year olds claiming they're too young to move out, yet have no career goals or plans to make moving out by 30 a possibility. It's like they think 30 year olds should have their shit together so they will have their shit together just by existing.

No. 280142

File: 1534237135745.png (117.8 KB, 2295x1950, d1a5a42c70aa24da663dcf8037db42…)

how fat is "fat"? being skinny is now NOT being overweight. standards are all wrong.

No. 280145

> everyone has childish hobbies like video games

How about you let people enjoy the stuff they like?

I'd rather grow up to have childish interests than be a gossiping cunt tbh

No. 280148

No ones not letting you enjoy your stupid hobbies. The issue is most people these days let their hobbies consume their life and they can't function doing anything else. Video games and porn is creating a generation of useless people, this especially applies to men.

No. 280166

Thinking that hobbies are childish is childish. Kids are the ones that care about "being mature for my age". Grow up and live your life.

No. 280168

You say most people but I’ve never met or heard of anyone except that one Korean couple who neglected their baby to death being so consumed by their hobbies they give up the rest of life.

No. 280170

Single men and gay male couples should be banned from adopting

No. 280171

that's super extreme and i think anon was talking about less extreme but just as bad examples, like NEETs or hikikomoris or something. i used to be super depressed and would game or binge shows 12+ hours at a time. i wouldn't cook food for myself other than microwave stuff and i'd neglect anything other than gaming and shows. i once finished an entire 50 episode anime in 1 sitting, forgot to eat or use the bathroom or anything, then i went to bed at 7am.

No. 280173

File: 1534243522912.png (2.27 MB, 1440x1468, 20180814_120318.png)

Everybody always says Jaclyn looks manly, but I love her tall and lanky body, I think it makes her look cute and youthful.

No. 280176

yeah youthful like a stringbeany 12 year old girl.

No. 280177

She's always looked weird and ugly to me. So have robbie's butt pads, woof. Could they be anymore obvious?

No. 280180

the anti-kpop thread is one of the most embarrassing threads on the site. it's just koreaboos acting like they're "woke" and using it as an excuse to shit on other koreaboos. all the users still like kpop and seem to use the thread to make themselves feel better about it. it's so cringy, they're obviously fans but have to prove they're not as bad as other fans. i feel like everyone in the thread just feels like they need an excuse to like it.

No. 280182

it's sad that Blair's 40 year old plastic step mom face looks better than hers, even if it's only marginally

No. 280183

I get really embarassed when I realise that there are adult koreaboos..like girls in their 20s are really out here stanning for their emaciated plastic Asian ladyboys like anyone gives a fuck. it'd even more embarassing when it leaks to outside threads.

No. 280184

>it can be unhealthy when unchecked.
And you are the person to determine when it needs to be put in check? How do you know the arbitrary point at which it needs to be checked?

No. 280186

so defensive, no one is trying to enforce rules on you just pointing out the obvious, get over it.

No. 280187

the whole thing is embarrassing, the kpop and anti thread. kpop thread is just girls gushing about fugly korean boys and the anti thread is just girls trying desperately to convince us (and themselves) that they think those same boys are ugly.

No. 280188

I dunno why you'd expect anything else, familiarity breeds contempt and people who don't like kpop at all probably don't know enough about it to complain properly.

I think a lot of people just like one group and grow to dislike/resent other groups because there's competition for sales, popularity etc. And really, some fans are just more annoying than others.

No. 280189

i didn't? i was just pointing out how cringy it is that they act like pretentious holier than thou when they are just as bad if not worse as fans they complain about.

No. 280190

>However, when I was in the dating scene, men would talk shit and neg my weight directly to my face all the time.
What would they say? Was it outright meaness or were they explaining that your body type isn’t what they’re attracted to?
If it’s meaness, that’s really shitty and they obviously have some of their own self esteem problems.

I have no horse in this race, I really don’t care what people weigh.

No. 280191

Are you aware that an entire other world exists beyond TV?

No. 280193

stop fucking fighting about this shit. go back to your containment thread. defending it here is really pathetic since everyone is anon and therefore all of our opinions are meaningless.

No. 280195

British tourists are annoying.
It might just be British immigrants in general, honestly. They never seem to assimilate into any country they go to, they just want to turn every space into Britain-lite.
At least they're not downright destructive and violent about it like some other groups are (specifically ones from war-torn areas with insane religious motivation), but if all you want is a shitty football pub, you only ever want to interact with other Brits, and you're going to get triggered by the locals of the country you chose to visit, why not just stay on your grey, rainy islands? Move to the countryside or somewhere else remote. No one will bother you and everyone looks, talks and acts exactly like yourself. It's perfect. You don't even have something like war or oppression pushing you out of your home. Drop the colonial mentality, fucking hell.

No. 280202

it's not even humble

No. 280203

do you follow them around every second of the day? they probably dont think you get "bullied" because of your weight either lol

No. 280205

We work in a small office where we never leave our desk so yes we are in the same place 24/7. I don't think I'm being bullied, it's it's funny how fattys can get away with making comments about thin people, but if I said the same comments about a fat person id be fired for fat shaming and reported to hr kek

I don't feel any sympathy for fat people. They choose to be fat at the end of the day.

No. 280206

no one expects sympathy

No. 280208

misandry is just misogyny with some catching up to do.

No. 280228

I use to work in an office with this massive overweight messy bitch. The type that has to have massive personality to go with her massive size, but her personality was burping, talking too loud, farting and singing sings. Every time she did something gross she'd be self depreciating but she'd never fucking stifle a burp or cover her mouth with her hand. And god forbid you'd react to one of her farts.

No. 280234

Uh, you do realize that some people are overweight due to a medical condition, right? Most fat people have shitty eating habits, but most people don’t wake up saying “I wanna be fat!” It isn’t that simple

No. 280235

Yeah but they wake up and say "I hate myself but I'm not going to work on getting better, because that would require effort on my part so instead I'll just sit around and complain about how much I hate myself for being fat"

Fat absolutely is a choice.

No. 280238

>Men would talk shit and neg my weight to my face.

>Are you sure they weren't just explaining why they weren't attracted?


No. 280239

>But if I said the same comments about a fat person id be fired for fat shaming

Presume you haven't made a comment then, because you haven't been fired? But if you haven't made a comment, you don't really know the outcome.
How about you quell some of that entitlement and realize you're not entitled to make negative comments about people in the workplace just like nobody is entitled sympathy even if they were asking for yours?

You sound really neurotic. You sure being skinny is the reason why people make off comments about you??

No. 280241

wow, it must be so nice to have never experienced a mental illness, how does that feel?

No. 280243

Idk, anon sounds pretty mental.

No. 280244

found the fatties

No. 280247

You sound upset.

No. 280250

you sound fat. i'm not the one crying in this thread about "muh mental illness!" that forces me to stuff my face

No. 280257

why does this upset you so much? lol

No. 280258

Yeah, you're just the person crying about how you can't insult people at your job and why people can't just let you be a nuisance when you shitpost in their threads.

I hope you're trolling and you're not actually this unhinged.

No. 280266

Steven Universe is overblown and overhyped cancer. Its only good as a kids show. The first season was awful and it only got marginally better when they pulled back the reins with the filler content.

Connie is a useless character and feels horribly shoehorned in. Shes literally only good for bringing in "stevonie"

I genuinely see nothing in the show worth chimping out over. Its a good show for KIDS because its direction is all over the place and its pandering.

No. 280268

sounds like she is lol you're a burden to your family anon >>278138

No. 280272

Connie is pretty much a convenient plot device.

I think the show is good, for kids.
It gives me secondhand embarrassment to watch adult viewers screech about it though as if it's the greatest show on air. If any other kind of adult series had this much filler, bad release schedule, and lack of character development it would have been canceled. Not given high praise.

No. 280274

Yes to all of this. My god its nice to be able to speak my mind about the show without being labeled a bigot or something equally idiotic.

I had so many people screech at me to watch it so I assumed it would at least be good. Nope. I'm pretty sick of pandering Tumblr crap. The story is at a minimum interesting but the whole "POWER OF LOVE" trope in it is so unrealistic for an audience with higher critical thinking skills than 10 year olds.

It works as a kids show but yea its really embarrassing to see adults sperg and dig for deeper meaning in shit like "cheeseburger backpack"

No. 280281

Anon please I need more

No. 280286

File: 1534272775068.png (237.71 KB, 415x400, 398RUBNF938.png)

There is a point were a big mouth is no longer sexy and starts making people look like crazed predators. Ex; pic related or Beatrice Dalle.

No. 280290

The guy who stole the plane and killed himself lost all my sympathy the moment he said "Nah, I'm a white guy".
Let it have been a black or brown person who stole a plane, and no one would be talking about mental health. It would be terrorism, being a "thug" and crime. Let them have said "Nah, I'm black/Hispanic/Arab", and white Americans would have been howling about how non-whites are "always pulling the race card". But it's okay when white people are so obsessed with race that they can't even shut up about it when they're about to kill themselves, right?
I'm keeping the same energy as if the tables were turned. He's a criminal with a victim complex who endangered people's lives, then pulled the race card when people were trying to be nice to him, because everything is "woe is me".

No. 280291

Thighs touching looks gross

No. 280294

A lot of lolcow anons like to twist a persons words if they don't agree with them and take what they're saying completely out of context. I don't know if they do that to gas light people or if the majority of people on lolcow are just geninuly stupid with poor reading skills.

No. 280295

I thought that was him making a racist joke, maybe a not so politically correct one considering he was having a meltdown and was minutes away from driving the plane into the ground.

Anyway, the guy was employed. The real issue is that the airline industry, and most industries in general, pay their employees like shit. He snapped because his wage was garbage. Whether you're white, black, hispanic, asian, companies are getting away with too much. Don't let racial issues distract you from the bigger picture.

I personally hope more people do stunts like these and cause havoc for the higher echelons so maybe they can consider paying us peasants a decent income for our hard work.

No. 280330

Big mouths and fat lips freak me out, I would never be able to kiss them. They look as if they would feel gross.

No. 280334

Skinny thighs on guys is literally repulsive

No. 280336


Especially as someone who goes to the gym, it's weird af to see I got more visible muscle in one leg than a skinny guy in both lol

No. 280356

I think they like feeling as if they won arguments.

Misrepresenting the other side and strawmanning is a great way to rig things in one's own favor.

No. 280370

File: 1534284135773.jpeg (29.56 KB, 600x465, B0670526-8B60-477B-9483-9018EF…)

Agreed, I don’t like bulbous features. Petite lips like pic related are the cutest

No. 280373

i don't feel particularly negative about full lips and they can make for really nice facial proportions but most of the people i find really hot have thinner lips with a nice shape and i've never minded having them.
yeah it doesn't look nice if your lips are so thin they're practically invisible but "no lips" =/= nicely shaped and visible but thin lips
and i'm getting a little sick of hearing that shit

No. 280391

Is it just me or is the show weirdly sexual? I don't just mean the lesbian relationships but the whole concept of fusing seems very sexual in a lot of instances which makes the fact that it's marketed towards kids super uncomfortable. Like Pearl and Rose fusing to make Greg jealous in that one episode. I work with a mom who refuses to let her kids watch it because she thinks it's way too hypersexual.

No. 280393

i agree. it's just in a weird tone-deaf no man's land where if you try to enjoy it as an adult it's way too childish and shallow, but for an actual kids show there's way too much focus on adult romantic/sexual relationships. it's like an autistic sjw g-rated soap opera.

No. 280409

File: 1534290726639.jpg (26.97 KB, 486x486, 1490371562052.jpg)

u take that back anon

No. 280410

if you don't exclusively date men with thick thighs, you are a SAD BITCH

No. 280411

skinny thighs on a man > thick girl-like thighs on a man

No. 280413

have you ever heard of muscles? chicken legged men look fucking gross. and it's girly hips that look bad on them, not thighs.

No. 280415

here's a hot take:
a man having a buff and bulky upper body but with skinny legs

is nature's mirror image of

slimthicc girls with rail arms but huge thighs and butts.

you might not like it, maybe both sexes are most aesthetic when they're just proportional, but these archetypes prevail in the human mind

No. 280416

i think chicken legs are attractive. i've only ever been attracted to skinny guys, like, super bony. just my weird preferences idk

No. 280417

skinny toned men are the best. end of story.

No. 280423

ew fuck no. thick guys are fucking sexy. skinny guys look like retarded girls

No. 280428

i used to feel this way but then i discovered the power of musclethicc. oof.

No. 280430

File: 1534294535775.jpg (55.82 KB, 750x681, tumblr_pabkz5oSCm1s3rm2xo2_128…)

no because that's unnatural looking for a reason. a guy who is buff or big on top should be buff or big on his lower half as well. only skinny fat guys with pot bellies or guys with low body fat percentage who only lift with their arms look like that.

here's a real unpopular opinion:
swimmer guys have THE ugliest bodies in the world. that low body fat percentage, that HIDEOUS long torso

No. 280431

Same, my boyfriend looks like chad white and lemme tell you, im never looking back. Even his forearms and back are cream worthy

No. 280435

File: 1534295829108.gif (Spoiler Image,217.08 KB, 480x376, Yoshi i want my yoshi backbitc…)

Apparently people are losing their shit over police setting up bait trucks full of Nike in Chicago and busting the people attempting to steal it.

I don't find this racist or oppressive in any way, it's just catching criminals early before they rob someone real who actually would be at a disadvantage from a burglary.

Sometimes I wonder where society is going when we no longer blame the aggressors for their actions and give negative people sympathy and the benefit of the doubt.

No. 280436

lol @ defending rich ppl

you honestly think people stealing sneakers are the real criminals in the world?

No. 280437

What about the person's job it was to drive the vehicle? Do you think the bossman wouldn't come down on them hard if not fire them for losing a truck? Truck drivers aren't rich. Neither are the associates who sell those overpriced things.

Were you not aware that grand larceny does have an impact on the working poor trying to make an honest living and it's a different story than you swiping a pack of gum from Wal Mart? Yikes, kid.

No. 280438

maybe i like retarded girls anon

No. 280439

>it's just catching criminals early before they rob someone real who actually would be at a disadvantage from a burglary.

this is the part i really disagree with. "criminal" isn't some static personality trait that you can catch people with. a lot of people would steal if they thought it wouldn't hurt anyone and the opportunity was literally right there in front of them, but would never go out of their way to rob anyone. this truck thing could very likely be the first and only time some people would ever steal, because they made it too good to pass up.
it's why people hate narcs at raves. someone who says "hmmm sure" when offered free drugs is not necessarily someone who's going to lurk the back alleys to cop.
maybe you still feel that that's what you get for breaking the law, but a lot of the time these sting operations don't find criminals, they make them.

No. 280440

Have you ever worked in retail anon? Shoplifting never affected me unless I was the one doing it, I've worked in stores that would never get shoplifted, i worked in stores that got shoplifted all the time, none of it affected me despite being in charge of department's shoplifting took place, in fact it wasn't even that big of a problem that the most we are told to do is to customer service them to death, not confront them, you talk about it like we're on the verge of being fired if someone shoplifts

No. 280441

lol no it doesn't, bootlicker

No. 280442

>a lot of people would steal if they thought it wouldn't hurt anyone

Stealing an entire truck worth thousands in luxury goods isn't "not hurting anyone."
Someone gets hurt.
Whether that's the employee, the distributor, or the business owner.
>I worked in stores that got shoplifted all the time
So did I.
Stealing an entire truck worth thousands of dollars isn't casual shoplifting.

Maybe you were just part time associate, but a lot of bullshit goes down with a store with high shrinkage numbers.
If the regional manager gets pissed enough and needs to cut hours to make up the difference, they will start reducing hours.
The store manager will enforce shrink reduction practices. No, you can't "confront" suspected thieves, but they will enforce employee policies including hovering near the customer at all times under the guise of it being 'helpful,' and if the employees aren't compliant with that shit they may be terminated.

I don't believe either of you ever worked retail if you think it never affects you.

No. 280443

Compelling counterargument, liftchan.

No. 280445


No. 280446

I have no idea how I could be arguing how this affects minimum wage workers yet you wanna sit there and misrepresent what I'm saying to make it about "millionaires."

Are you high?

No. 280447

File: 1534297887813.png (310.29 KB, 485x381, 1532848457843.png)

I wish there was a female-dominated space on the internet that wasn't infected by dykes

No. 280448

shoplifting happens to small business owners too, anon

No. 280449

I'm black and I hate african hair. I'd even take Kotas thin greasy balding hair over this. I just want to have long, black, straight hair that blows in the wind.

No. 280451

Why do you hate it?

No. 280453

tbh it looks like a hell of a lot of time and upkeep, for both natural and straightened styles. can't blame you for wanting something low-maintenance.

No. 280460

who hurt u anon

No. 280472

Entrapment is illegal IIRC.

No. 280474

It's interesting that they choose to set up these bait trucks specifically and only in black neighborhoods. Why not white ones, too, if it's just about catching criminals?
It's almost like the USA uses prison as a modern form of slavery under the guise of "rehabilitation" or "punishment" primarily for low-income pale-skinned people, and dark-skinned people with low living standards, untreated mental health, poor education, drug addictions deliberately enforced since the Reagan era (and then given harsher sentences in court than if they were white for "mysterious reasons"), racism in the system to the point where a person can't get a job if even their name is "too" ethnic (even if their credentials are a good fit), etc.
Also, I didn't see anyone "stealing an entire truck" in the video about the whole thing. The kids just reportedly entered the truck and were arrested.

No. 280475

It's more of a genetics thing than an "African hair is bad" thing, honestly.
I'm black (African), and I have naturally long hair. My mom's been straightening it since I was young for easier upkeep, but I love big, luscious curls, so I kind of missed out. I have kind of a SZA thing going on now. Salty people, both black and not black, accused me of wearing a wig or weave my whole life because apparently black girls can't have long hair, lmao.

No. 280508

File: 1534316205607.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

>It's almost like the USA uses prison as a modern form of slavery under the guise of "rehabilitation" or "punishment"
Most criminals get off the hook way too easily, they're not victims for having to own up for what they did. It's their own fault, so they deserve it.
Some might find your comparison pretty insulting and racist actually…
>drug addictions deliberately enforced since the Reagan era
Yes, those poor innocent druggies.

No. 280510

File: 1534316604200.jpg (109.54 KB, 1103x1200, C1ZjGYiWgAABmh_.jpg)

Nah, this look bad, literally like the white people have no lips meme.

No. 280523

File: 1534318556872.jpg (65.03 KB, 480x714, f21f80423d0baf1a6f138b11ab7922…)

About the "white people have no (upper) lips" meme: many Asians also have a pretty much nonexistent mouth, yet they are somehow allowed to and on top of that get shilled as hot…

No. 280525

Probably because it suits their faces more.

No. 280533

It really doesn't, weeb.

No. 280538

The left girl looks just as awkward as Amy with the non-existent lips. It doesn't fit her face at all.

No. 280539

They've just put foundation over her top lip, it's the ugly Korean gradient style, plus she's making a weird face. Choa's lips are actually much nicer than Amy's, but she looks stupid in this picture.

No. 280540

File: 1534324676891.jpg (52.75 KB, 500x622, 23d4fe35b7646be5045b453761fe0f…)

and no. There's nothing much to conceal here kek

I hate those double standards, if Koreans do it for fashion it's cute, but if somebody has it naturally it's ugly.

No. 280541

File: 1534324773317.jpg (55.2 KB, 540x730, dpvaEqx.jpg)

tbh her lips are quite thin nonetheless. can't say that they're that much better than amy's

No. 280542

I don't know why but I'm white and like watching black girls' "wash days" tutorials on youtube. Its crazy how much effort some of them have to put in, it looks so annoying to put up with but I think African hair is really pretty though cos you can do so many styles, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

No. 280543

>but if somebody has it naturally it's ugly.
…unless they're Korean (or Japanese) of course.

No. 280544

There's a lot of shit you don't know.
Again, it's interesting they only picked one type of neighborhood. "Criminal" is not a personality type, and this isn't catching them or trying to make any community safer, it's literally just creating new arrestees so they can fill up on recruits. Entrapment is against the law, which makes the police officers who did this and co-signed it criminals, as well (and arguably more dangerous because they conspired to do this, while those kids were just passing by and saw the truck full of Nikes - not just luxury items, but shoes, above all, close to the start of a school year. You think impoverished children won't take that chance, whether they're generics or brand?), but you're defending their crimes. Fucked up that you think crime is okay.
>Yes, those poor innocent druggies.
They're poor and innocent when it's a white person with weed, so they get lighter sentences, but if the perpetrator is black with the exact same offense, the story is different and the sentence is harsher. Want to explain how that's justified?

No. 280546

I find tiny lips fit asian face more, a lot of white people tend to have a strong nose and it look completely unbalanced with thin lips.

No. 280547

>Those children are so poor, they just need shoes so that they can go to school, it doesn't even matter that it's brand!
You sound like the incel meme of women feeling sorry for criminals/prisoners…

>Want to explain how that's justified?

I don't know. You're the one who lives in the shithole called America, so, tell us why you do that. Lol
In the rest if the world every druggie, no matter what, is considered guilty and deserves punishment.

No. 280548

imo not really since many asians tend to have wide/broad noses which looks unbalanced with thin lips as well. i think overall, very thin lips are just not the most desirable feature and only work with certain faces

No. 280550

Yes, white girls should also just get nose jobs, then they're gonna look okay too.

No. 280562

The anon you're replying to isn't a conspiracy-fag. The prison system is secretly slavery repackaged thing is legit. For example, some companies actually use prisoners, still in prison, to man their call centres. To work in farms to make "Made in America" produce they sell at Whole Foods or whatever that expensive health food store is called (I'm in Europe). They work them way behind acceptable conditions, for like $2 a day in the blazing sun with no breaks or food. Prisoners in America are absolutely used as a free/cheap workforce and that means there is valid reason why the system would give harsh penalties to people they think would do well as their free-nearly free workforce. Statistically young men aged 15-25 are over-incarcerated for non-violent crime. Like weed possession. There are articles about it, hopefully original anon has some links because it was some time ago that I discovered this.

Tl;dr US prisons are not run the same way prisons in Europe or elsewhere are

No. 280564

>understanding nuance in situation means you sound like an incel
>random children are comparable to incels
Are you autistic or something? What kind of piss poor logic is that? I'm not even American, I just bother to research shit before forming my opinions. It'd be good if you did the same before running your mouth, lmao.
Anyway, the police in this case are criminals. You should be complaining that the officers aren't in jail if you're so convinced the kids should be too. It's funny that you're still siding with them.

I just searched "prison modern slavery". There should be sources linked in the articles (the first link especially goes into statistical data). There are also documentaries about the prison industrial complex IIRC. It's fucking insidious.

No. 280588

Flat, tiny, bottom noses are not the same as long beak noses. That's why Asians can look good with tiny lips but it just makes white girls look old.

No. 280589

big lips and a big nose and you are on your way to look like a tranny

No. 280590

First of all, you know white people have quite diverse features right? Most white girls dont have beak noses
Also it makes asian woman lool old too because they have saggy eyes and with k-pop idol jaws it looks like old women without wrinkles

No. 280591

>white girls bash big lips(may non-white races naturally have big lips)
>gets triggered when they're compared to Asian girls

Everytime kek

No. 280593

File: 1534338506891.jpg (69.63 KB, 1200x630, catherine-deneuve-belle-de-jeu…)

Yeah asians can get away with having a broader nose and a tiny mouth because they tend to have a flat round face, but white women can't because they tend to have a more sharp dimensional face. They can rock thin lips if the rest of their feature (especially the nose) is tiny and sharp, tho.

No. 280594

when they get old white women look like hags and asian women look like bobble heads with their bloated faces and tiny bodies. we all get old and ugly get over it.

No. 280602

Makes me realize how insecure a lot of farmers are, yikes. I really gotta leave this place

No. 280607

File: 1534343229165.jpg (714.45 KB, 1706x2560, cute!.jpg)

yeah, most white girls have straight or concave noses but our noses still project a lot more than that of asians.

as other anons have said, thin lips are okay (they're a fairly standard european feature) so long as they're shapely and accompanied by a tiny nose, pic related. katya lischina, mirukawa, rose, kelly and other 4chan girl are good examples of how these features can compliment each other.

>asian women

>looking old

No. 280609

>using girls from 4chan as an example
>file name: 'cute!'
>'asian women can't look old lel'

No. 280610

That anon does come across as a bit robotic.

No. 280611

I wonder who could be behind these posts

No. 280612

File: 1534344528069.jpg (81.61 KB, 576x1024, katya lischina.jpg)

because all of the /r9k/ girls serve as decent examples, more so than most western celebrities that immediately comes to mind. katya's lips are the type of lips which black twitter mocks, and yet her entire face looks very harmonious. it's because her tiny nose and large eyes give her a doll-like look.

asians in general age very well, this isn't some deep 4chan secret lol

No. 280613

asian women don't "age well" they age at a different rate in general because the culture is different. white women who don't tan and take care of their skin age well also. all the asian women i know (including my grandmother) looked fairly good until they were a certain age and then turned into old grandmas in a matter of years. photos of my grandma in a 5 year period during her aging are insane.

No. 280614

>White women being the most insecure ones, despite being shilled as the most attractive women in the world confirmed.

No. 280617

How are her lips thin? By that logic all lips that aren't black lips are thin.

No. 280620

What's with all the race-baiting? Why are these not banned? It's particularly anti-white. White girls this, white girls that. How frustrated do you have to be to bring up the white girls issue so often?

No. 280621

why does she dress in a way where it makes it worse ffs

No. 280622

>>while those kids were just passing by and saw the truck full of Nikes - not just luxury items, but shoes, above all, close to the start of a school year. You think impoverished children won't take that chance, whether they're generics or brand?
>> whether they're generics or brand
LMAO YEAH OKAY. Ima stop you right there anon. Had those been none name brand shoes it wouldn't have been an issue. No one is stealing payless shoes. People literally kill for Nikes. This is not an exaggeration.

No. 280623

They do. My mother is 54 and looks 30, my aunt is 62 and looks 45. And I'm only half asian but have people telling me I look 15, 16 all the time. I'm 20 btw.

No. 280624

A lot of posters on this site regular places like twitter and tumblr and pick up the culture then bring it here. They also want a chan type board to say shit without any repercussions but are too sensitive for 4chan and end up here.

No. 280625

>white women who don't tan and take care of their skin age well also
true, but there are more factors than just lifestyle that influence into it. asians have more deeply embedded facial fat and high cheek bones which tend to upholster the soft tissues.

her top lip is tiny

idk as a white girl, i've noticed that white girls on lolcow are suuuuper touchy when their features are insulted or when anyone expresses a preference/liking to women of other races (especially asians, holy shit), but i don't really see much of this insecurity in real life? i hope it's just an ugly weeb thing.

No. 280631

non-japanese asian weebs are the worst kind. they do all kinds of racist shit and hid behind being asian. they lie about being japanese for brownie points and are just cringy as hell. they're just as bad as the super delusional PT tier non-asian weebs.

No. 280635

This. I remember back in highschool, I was doodling a drawing in class and this fat chinese girl was like 'your drawing anime but you are white'
It wasn't even an anime drawing but okay.

No. 280642

NTA but her top lip is fine

No. 280643

>people telling me I look 15, 16 all the time. I'm 20 btw
lol @ thinking that's impressive. you're 20, of course you look young.

No. 280644

seriously. i got that all the time growing up, usually from creepy men but okay.

No. 280647

Source: your ass
Do you have like, an actual argument or point, and not just "Haha black ppl like Nikes xDDD No1 likes cheap shoes though, not even poorfags who can't afford shoes period! Trust me I'm anonymous"?

No. 280648


it's a shame shirts are getting so much smaller.

that's my unpopular opinion. i fucking hate crop tops.

No. 280660

No. 280663

I have a creeping suspicion the anon you're talking to is a man, or just too ignorant/racist to think that cops would do that kind of thing on purpose. I think they also fail to realize you're not trying to stereotype people, you're just pointing out the fact that it was an obvious entrapment technique.

No. 280666

I can't tell if they're missing the point on purpose or something lol

No. 280668

But anon, clearly they were just shoes it's not like you can go on IG and find people with 50+ pairs who collect them and don't wear them at all. Fuck, I know Macklemore is a meme, but he wrote a song explicitly about Nike's and, people killing people for them, and the weird consumerism around them. You legit have to hide yourself from the reality of this stuff.

No. 280670

does anyone else feel like this site is infected with edgy teens? there's just so much shit slinging going on lately ITT and in others across the boards. are they trying to get in as much as they can before summer is over? i know the site isn't full of uwu sweetie cupcakes, but i'm seeing so many anons who act cringe and are trying way too hard.

No. 280671

damn you're big triggered huh

No. 280673

are you the crazy "coke nail" girl in the jill thread then?

No. 280683

So, these isolated cases of random people killing for material objects means no one steals shoes that aren't Nikes, and that the only reason poorfags would ever take anything is because they're brand. Alright.

Are you okay? Did you respond to the wrong anon? I pointed out multiple times it's entrapment and the racial nuances involved being what makes the whole thing so shitty.

No. 280688

literally no one is talking about poorfags, they're talking about a clear, racially driven set up. you're pissing all over your point with this.

No. 280690

race and class are related, anon

No. 280693

no shit, but the point is that the brand is culturally relevant, you seem to think that's not the case. class and race may be related but they are not the same.

No. 280694

They did this in a poor, largely black neighborhood, not an upper middle class one. Reading comprehension, ffs.
Also, what >>280690 said. It sounds like you're the one who's male and/or ignorant to all this.

No. 280697

NTA but I don't agree. The other anon was just pointing out that the brand was the main reason it worked so well because those shoes are like gold. Poor or not, it's cause they were black. The same thing would have happened in a rich black neighborhood as well. Anon arguing that it's just cause they were shoes is the one who seems stupid.

No. 280699

there's a lot of tumblr rejects on this site. too problematic for tumblr but too sensitive for 4chan.

No. 280700

I'm not saying that's the only reason, but if you think no poor person would steal any brand new shoes if they couldn't afford to make expenses otherwise, you are actually retarded.

No. 280704

Even if that were true, that sentiment isn't adding anything to the point that they used Nike as bait on purpose. I've personally been poor so I know how it works. I've stolen things I needed tons of times, and some I didn't need. I will tell you that I sure as hell didn't steal stuff I didn't want. You need to be at a really extreme level of homelessness to do that. I was living in a shelter and me and others only stole stuff we wanted. I may have stolen whatever for my kids, but you act like even poor people don't have taste and aren't picky at all. One of the women there with me scraped by to keep her iphone working, this was back when ATT was the only company with them and had premium plans you needed to get for the phone.

In all honesty you sound like the kind of person who thinks poor people with fancy stuff aren't actually poor…

No. 280705

I gotta say it would’ve definitely happened in my poor to working class white neighborhood growing up. But I think not in my parents generation. That’s my unpopular opinion.

No. 280706

>In all honesty you sound like the kind of person who thinks poor people with fancy stuff aren't actually poor…
Literally where are you getting this shit from?
If you leave a truck full of something useful open and unguarded, people, especially poor people, will probably steal it. If it's a luxury item, it's even shinier bait, but don't act like the ONLY reason anything would ever be stolen is because it's expensive and cool. It's weird of you to use your own personal experience with poverty to extrapolate on strangers whose living situations you don't know.
Just because you may have always considered yourself too good to steal some cheap shoes doesn't mean nobody else would.

What the fuck?

No. 280707

ntayrt but i sort of agree? a lot of poor families i know are super entitled and think they're too good for some shit and refuse it outright a lot of it is probably pride. like my friend's mom used to ask my mom to buy groceries for them when foodstamps ran out but refused to go to a food bank?

that said i think many people are trying to point out that it's not just a luxury item, but a coveted one at at that, which makes it even more shitty than if it wasn't.

like, i think the idea is that people who usually don't steal would steal it just because of what it is.

No. 280712

>like, i think the idea is that people who usually don't steal would steal it just because of what it is.

This is what I meant the entire time. Being poor doesn't mean you have no money at all and jump at the chance to steal literally anything, even in the projects. But you can bet that everyone would jump at the chance for some nikes. People would probably even call up their friends for that kind of shit.

No. 280713

I don't even need to steal but my lizard brain would tell me to steal those nikes and I would. Police need to go catch real criminals instead of petty thieves.

No. 280719

this. i have 5k in disposable income every month and i would have stolen them to resell.

No. 280736

No. 280831

cause you can sell them for $50.

No. 280899

not to mention, nike probably won't struggle too much with a couple missed profits… if at all

No. 280946

I hate glasses. I think they look terrible on me, I think people who wear them look terrible. I think they're a sign of weakness.
Also I spend too much time online and have been overexposed to the kind of people who have big stupid Twitter pictures of their glasses.

Is this unpopular? I dunno.

No. 280963

>I think people who wear them look terrible. I think they're a sign of weakness.
damn. we're just trying to see, lmao

No. 280967

do you just hate the fake glasses that a lot of people wear as accessories?
you're right tho the weakness is our inability to see

No. 280993

I think almost everyone who wears glasses looks better without them. Maybe an exception being old grandmas, lol

No. 281018

That's just… Weird. You seem tp have issues.

No. 281022

well yeah, the majority of young people have myopia and so their eyes look a fuckton smaller with them on

No. 281034

Nike uses slave labour like every multinational brand so I honestly wouldn't give a half fuck if they had several shoes stolen. Same would go with another big brand like that.

No. 281046

So how does the worker, who for whatever circumstance has taken up the wageslave job, benefit from having their work stolen by some entitled first worlder???

No. 281047

nta but they don't really fall into the equation. they've already been paid at this point, and the shoes are 99% profit.

No. 281051

I don't understand why men think their willingness to fuck everything with a hole is a privledge for us. I've even tried to explain how this logic is stupid to many male friends and family members and they don't get it.

They just don't get how someone using you as a ona hole isn't a good thing. Just because someone will fuck you doesn't mean that they find you attractive or even like you kek. And I've met many men who are like "well at least you get to feel desired!", except it's not feeling desired…someone cumming in you with the lights off then treating you like you're disgusting after the sex is over isnt what I'd call a good time lol

Also, I believe women have an easier time finding love/relationships because we are actually open to it and try to find it. Guys seems to go into relationships for sex and stay if they catch feelings.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281053

Since going on a diet I totally get why people are so fat. Food in too ingrained in our culture and it's everywhere. Food should be for fuel, it shouldn't be something we go to for pleasure. At work they are bringing in free pizza and all my coworkers are so excited about it. It's just disturbing how food is marketed in this country.

No. 281054

> Food should be for fuel, it shouldn't be something we go to for pleasure.
what is this OTT spartan nonsense, even extremely healthy and fit people eat for pleasure. They just find pleasure in nutritious food.

No. 281055

There's a difference between getting pleasure from eating and binge eating. These days binge eating is seen as totally normal. Of course everyone's so fucking fat when we live in a culture like this. The food industry makes a lot of money off us being fat as well and even buying their diet shit to fix it.

No. 281056

File: 1534417537545.png (2.38 MB, 717x1275, guy-banned-on-tinder2.png)

men want to be oppressed so fucking badly but also want to be superior, so anything they can stretch and go out their way to manipulate into male oppression, they can

like dating sites, none of them take note of the fact that many men on there are just looking to hook up and send women creeping or insulting messages, but because women get matched or more messages that means we get laid more therefore women are all privileged cunts

>someone cumming in you with the lights off then treating you like you're disgusting after the sex is over isnt what I'd call a good time lol

pretty much, like the guy on CC who thinks a woman rejecting a guy is worse than a woman going ahead and having sex with a guy, just for the guy to turn around and throw a tantrum about how repulsive she is, someone she trusted enough to expose herself to hoping he'd be happy, but yeah us privileged women because we can have sex with men who think we're gross(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281057

I can agree food is overhyped, but taking something as innocent as coworkers being happy about pizza and turning into a "disgusting fat culture!" type thing then…

pizza doesn't make you fat, eating pizza everyday does, even strict keto vegan glute free dieters have cheat days

No. 281058

>that pic
Why do people go out of their way to say mean shit like that? How unhappy you must be to try to bring people down to that level of misery with you.
Doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

No. 281060


costs nothing to be mean too. i really dislike this saying becoming so popular. it's dumb as. not that i don't agree with you.

No. 281061

>in this country

i have some bad news for you…

No. 281064

Jesus this makes me glad I always passed on guys I thought were too hot for me, even though theoretically it's safe because you'd only match if he is somewhat interested too.

That said I doubt there is a single man on tinder who has ever thought a woman was 'too hot' to swipe on. They will always, always take a chance on a woman far out of their league.

No. 281069

I find glasses really hot. If a guy/girl has glasses, it's a turn on for me.

No. 281071

I think rape prevention classes in colleges are a great idea. I've heard from so many people in my life that it's "demeaning" for men to have to attend these kinds of classes. Well, it should be. Men commit the vast majority of rapes and they need to be educated on when is a good and when is a bad time to have sex with someone. It's so painfully obvious that it's necessary.

Then I've heard men say "But I'm not a rapist, I don't need to sit in a class like that". Why the hell would that matter? You're still a man, aren't you? It's your gender committing these crimes. If the classes stated "For rapists only, non-rapists don't need to attend" then nobody would go. Of course nobody thinks they're a rapist, jfc. If sitting in a classroom for a few hours meant a woman in your college might be saved from a horrible crime which she'll never get justice for, is it not worth it??? If sitting through a class for a few hours meant women could put more trust your gender a little more, would you not do it?

Btw, I'm talking about people who are totally otherwise reasonable, it's actually shocking to me.

No. 281073

Once a man is over the age of 14, a class like that would be pointless. Once they get it in their brain that something isn't wrong you can't change them. For a class like that to work you would have to start them off when they're very young.

No. 281076

>Rape prevention classes
How about just don't rape people???

No. 281078

See, I don’t take it literal. If I was mean to someone, I would feel bad and it would nag at me till I forgot it. Like if I lash out at someone who doesn’t deserve it. That’s a cost. It’s not literal money.

No. 281079

Men are biologically degenerate sub-humans. They will never not rape. Feminists need to get that through their heads.

No. 281081

i guess that is another reason why it doesn't make sense to me, people who say bad shit aren't conscious of what they say to other people, which is why they keep doing it, they don't feel bad for the other person.

No. 281083

I do agree with that. I used to help out in a kindergarten class where the kids got into the habit of lifting up each others skirts and pulling down their pants lol. Their teacher was amazing and sat them all down for a game where they had to ask each other if they could have the toy the other person was holding, or to hold hands or give someone a hug. If the person said no, then they had to respond "Okay, that's fine". It was basically baby consent class and all of the children perfectly understood. None of the kids threw a fit because they didn't get what they wanted like grown-ass men do. I think something like that should be absolutely required for young children.

Well that's what I imagine the content of the classes is.

No. 281084

Ive heard a lot of low/average tier men just fucking go to town and swipe everybody just to get to the point and get their matches because they are so few and far between lel

No. 281085

your idea is stupid, people who rape violently or maliciously do so because they don't care if it's wrong. people who do it because they pressure others or are too horny/stupid/entitled to accept no won't even understand at the time that what they are doing is wrong anyways.

the key is socialization differences which vary person to person.

also i disagree that other men are responsible for their gender, just like i'm not responsible for other women or white people. if you asked me to go to a racism prevention class i would think you were a nutcase.

No. 281086

This. Men are biologically programmed to rape. They want to send docile females to the rape farm…

No. 281088

you're basically saying that we already do that then. but you seem to forget that children unlearn some of what they are taught at school because of their piece of shit families.

No. 281092


Thanks for this though, I'll use it in the future as an example of you troglodytes infecting the rest of the board.

No. 281093

Dating apps terrify me. It really upsets me to know that many of my friends use them and they're probably being subjected to this kind of abuse on a regular basis. I assume the little buzz you get when someone matches with you is what keeps people coming back to them, it's probably addictive.

No. 281094

Men are shit though

No. 281095

waaaaah others un-popular opinions on rape trigger me

No. 281101

I don't give a shit what the topic is, it's meant for your shitty containment thread, now off with you.

No. 281102

so cool!

No. 281103

nta but stop infighting or you'll get banned. jesus you guys are so easy. you always get baited and go off and get yourselves banned.

No. 281104

Unpopular opinion:

I love smoking. I don’t do it anymore because of all the obvious reasons. It was so relaxing and kept my hands/mouth busy. I can’t wait to start smoking again when I’m elderly lol.

No. 281105

>people who rape violently or maliciously do so because they don't care if it's wrong
That's true and I agree. But I think consent classes are more than just about violent crime. Men need to learn how to handle rejection because right now young men are being taught that they're entitled to whatever they want and to act like an absolute toddler if they don't get it. They're being taught that if you keep asking enough times, she'll eventually say yes. That starts when they're children. We already have sex ed in my country, why can't this be incorporated into the curriculum?

>children unlearn some of what they are taught at school because of their piece of shit families.
Yeah but I don't think that means we shouldn't try.

No. 281106

smoking looks extremely cool and makes you look 50% more attractive. my anime husband smokes and it's so hot. it smells icky irl and will kill you though so…

No. 281109

ntas you've been arguing with, but are you the same anon who always gets triggered when any "anti-male" stuff gets posted outside of the "shitty containment thread"? everytime someone bitches about that, it's always worded it the same way. almost sounds like it's just the same poster doing it over and over again.

No. 281110

People always ask me why I ever started and I’m like duh I wanted to look cool and I did. Not cool having stinky clothes and stained fingernails though.

No. 281113

i mean smoking definitely looks cool, especially in movies since it's not as popular a lot of badass people do it.

No. 281114

Yes, it's really weird but I only smoke socially and every single time I get complimented on it.

No. 281116

> I only smoke socially
take it from a smoker, it won't stay that way if you don't quit

No. 281118

I only smoke when I'm black out

if you can't remember you can't get addicted!

No. 281119

you do have a point there
I have friends who only smoke when they're drunk and they haven't gotten addicted yet.

No. 281120

different anon but i've done that a few times apparently. funny how the human brain works.

No. 281121

There is a thread for manhate, do not bring it into other threads.

No. 281124

There’s no way I could as a former full blown smoker.
I wish though!!

No. 281136

nerd girls that aren't like that are hard to come by yes, but the few that aren't are in the same boat as we are. i managed to find a few of the good ones myself, but you have to wade through shit to do so.

they're always super insecure bitches who have big fragile egos and can't take criticism. i had one of those types say that people who think art is subjective can't look at hers because she can't deal with criticism. wtf?

No. 281137

Nerdy/gamer/otaku types are the most judgemental and boring assholes/bitches. I'm a shy person and I have never gotten a long with these kind of people. They always go around claiming they were bullied or people don't like them despite the fact they write everyone who isn't in some little mold as stupid and won't give anyone a chance. They think in a very black and white kind of way, they don't understand that a person and have several different likes and hobbies but they just write everyone who doesn't act like them as stupid. Not to mention girls within nerdy culture are the biggest bitchy attention whores even though most of them claim they have been bullied. I tried hard to be friends with this on anime nerd Bitch in high school and all she did was act like she was better than me. Many of them are also really racist and don't really like to include non-whites/Asians in their little weeb/game groups, despite how they never stfu about how they're nicer than normies and they're out casts.

No. 281140

is for >>281137
adding to it, all of my normie friends are very sweet, because they don't have a chip on their shoulder over other women.

No. 281142

Normies just seem nicer. While the nerdy types just go around thinking they're smarter than everyone and only lets certain kinds of people into their group. You'd have a better chance at getting a group of cheerleaders to hangout with you than a group of anime gamer fags kek

No. 281145

some of them can be pretty bad but i'm inclined to agree. the vast majority of normie women are very pleasant, because that's kind of how well adjusted women are expected to be. normies just kind of do what society wants them to.

No. 281147

Yeah this makes sense but it's the nerdy types who constantly go on about how they're so much nicer than normies and how normies are so mean and judgmental…they reality is They're usually the most exclusionary. If you do not fit every mold that they feel is right they will treat you like shit.

No. 281148

File: 1534425058427.jpg (364.14 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180816_220126.jpg)

I hate these types of threads that try to "expose" industries when the things they complain about just sound like shit minimum wage jobs or the person doesn't understand what a job is. You don't show up to a shift? Uh, yeah that's called being absent and any professional setting will be upset. They also whine about not being able to spend their shift in the breakroom (duh) or their "private" chat logs were looked at (company hardware and anything on it is company property). She also told a manager she was busy and didn't have time to do his job and was somehow surprised she got in trouble for it. This is why people think millenials have no work ethic.

Also, just quit suck it up and work at Mcdonalds or dollar tree. Clearly you think you're being exploited so leaving should be your first option.

I know there are shitty jobs out there but these people act like it's slave labor or the fast food joint down the street isn't hiring for them to work at temporarily while they find a better job.

No. 281150

A girl I used to work with got fired for being stupid and kicked up a huge fuss. She was falling way behind all of her peers and our supervisor told her she needed to step up or she'd be replaced. Well, a girl she started with at the same time had the same first name as our supervisor and the two of them were talking shit about her on the company messaging system. One day, she messaged the wrong one and they went through all the chatlogs to see they'd been talking mad shit. Then she got fired and our department got banned from them for 2 weeks. The girl came back all the time trying to lawyer up saying the company can't look through her chat. It was a huge drama mess.

Don't talk shit about coworkers in writing folks.

No. 281164

no, they unlearn it because they enter puberty and become hormonal horny men, and Muh Dik is more important than anything else

No. 281165

It's clearly still an unpopular opinion so there is nothing wrong with it being in here lol. By that same sentiment should "i hate makeup" be contained to the makeup thread?

No. 281170

I had normie friends in high school and while their interests were completely different than mine and I was pretty weird they were always nice to me.

No. 281210

A lot of customer service jobs suck but I have no sympathy for these people. I also work in customer service and a lot of my coworkers are lazy assholes who do the bar minimum and often don’t show up to work without calling. And of course, I’m usually the one who has to pick up the pieces. At the end of the day, it’s job you agreed to do, so you better do it.

No. 281226

Unpopular opinion - I find it hard to get into TV shows/movies/books in 2018, its way to rushed or if its not rushed its nonsensical, pll for example, was one of my favorite shows but they kept trying to force modern twists on it and adding in plot lines that make no sense and fuck up how readers view the story

Sometimes I just wish I can run away to a place where social media practically doesn't exist

Music in 2018 also sucks, sounds cliche, but honestly taylor swift or miley cyrus or whatever people made fun of back then is a lot more listenable than xxxtentacion or cardi b with lyrics that are mostly slang and about money

I also find that "not like other girls" girls took a twist and flip flopped
One minute alt girls or tom boys weren't like other girls,now its conservative Christians who arent like other girls and are special snowflakes
I actually do miss goth and alt fashion before ig thots ruined it

No. 281228

there's music outside of top 40, you know that right?

No. 281232

Lol what I was thinking. I never listen to the radio unless I'm driving with someone who specifically asks to listen to it. YouTube trends are always pushed by a record company, I remember for weeks I was inaudated with Cardi B and her music is pure shite.

Usually if you find an artist they like they work with other artists and you can find new music that way or recommended music video similar to something on YouTube you don't need to be told what to listen to.

No. 281237

I think it's funny when girls who go after older guys end up getting cucked by someone younger as soon as they're older. Like those tradthots who are always hating on older women. Only an idiot would marry a man who focuses a lot on youth.

No. 281241

Eh, maybe I'm just looking at it weird since I drive mostly so listen to radio

No. 281254

I wish I could find people with glasses attractive but I had to wear them til 17 and they made my eyes small because of thick lenses. I looked hideous. I've worn contacts for years and I still hate seeing glasses on anybody even if the person is good-looking, it triggers me too much.

No. 281342

File: 1534455315040.jpg (88.79 KB, 700x484, IMG_4296.JPG)

Idk why fattys look to marylin Monroe as a fat girl icon when she never was fat or extremely curvy. These days she would probably be considered skinny.

No. 281345

File: 1534455576767.jpg (20.62 KB, 380x481, mm.jpg)

I guess they saw this picture once and thought Marilyn was a fattie. Even though this picture was taken at a poor angle and she was pregnant.

No. 281346

I havent seen a fatty mention her in eons, there has been nothing but agreement with what you're saying. Not an unpopular opinion at all.

No. 281350

She was considered fat/chubby for that time period, I'm guessing. They want to believe that their bodies are the same way, only "fat" by our "soon to be outdated" standards. What >>281346 said is true, though. The "Marilyn Monroe revival as a curvy icon" period is largely over, I think it died sometime in 2015. I guess Facebook moms might still be into it.

No. 281367

thankfully I think the whole 'real men want curves, only dogs want bones' thing died.

No. 281409

Back then you didn't have to have 50 inch hips and a 20 inch waist to even be considered curvy

Imo she looked pretty healthy but was also a sex icon, so ofc women cling onto it, but those same fat girls who idolize marilyn run around calling actual women who are curvy "too skinny" or "not curvy", its like curvy, to them stopped meaning ratio and had to do with how fat you are, at least where I live anyway

No. 281459

File: 1534479385104.jpg (62.96 KB, 700x668, kuazvjh7ewe11.jpg)

i love this shit

No. 281461

there are so many fucking men on this shithole. delete this place.

No. 281570

Most babies are actually pretty ugly. I feel like very few are actually cute, and it’s strange how much people fawn over the salamander-looking ones.

No. 281583

that's not an unpopular opinion

No. 281623

Short guys(who are secure in their height) are better than tall guys

No. 281624

lel, did they really say this? i hope so, bc that's hilarious

No. 281626

I unironically enjoy listening to nickelback.

No. 281627

I know it's not an unpopular opinion on here, but I know I would get shit if I complained about this anywhere else.

Being a youtuber and losing views over time isn't a real problem.

>"Waaah, and us youtubers never get holidays like you normal people!"

Then go outside and get a real job then, if a meager holiday for a shitty paycheck sounds like such a wonderous thing to you.

If you have the means to do what you love for a living - shut the hell up. And if you stop loving it because the money stresses you out, make it a hobby again and find yourself something else to do to get by.

I understand even successful people go through shitty stuff, but this trend of youtubers talking about how depressed and tired they are and being afraid of taking breaks because "muh views" is so shallow it isn't even worth being a first world problem.

No. 281642

big amen to that.

No. 281645

Alot of LGBT folk are depraved sex addicts.

No. 281647

I agree with you anon, nerds are extremely judgemental and have very poor social skills, also are fueled by gamer/otaku media which is full of bullshit and it feeds into this extremely disgusting mindsetting they are special, all women are whores and many other opinions. Nerd girls are the most pick me ass bitches I have met, I have tried being friends with several of them and they always end being egoistic and self centered as fuck. Nowadays I'm friends with normies and am not looking back.

Not an unpopular opinion, bible thumper-chan.

No. 281656

i don't find lesbians to be sex-depraved, but all of the others are kind of gross. not for being bi or gay, but they're just gross people, like, they really are obsessed with sex. especially bi guys. it's really disgusting.

No. 281660

There was a bi guy at my school that was after me. But he would fuck dudes on vacation in Brasil.
idgaf I refuse to be with a man that’s been with a man. It also disqualifies you from donating blood and such.

No. 281662

no, fuck that. i'm sorry, but there's nothing wrong with being disgusted by bi guys because of the health risk and the fact that they're massively oversexed. they're always the type of guys to post all kinds of futa and shit all over their public social media. like, their linkedin will link to their twitter where they post non-stop futa and shit. they're always that dude. always.

No. 281665

I know a few sex-obsessed lesbians but in their case it’s more like they’re super socially awkward and don’t seem to realise when they’re being TMI. They have the sense not to do it on social media at least.

No. 281669

Hedonistic. They’ll fuck anything with a hole.

No. 281713

Makeup and skincare are vapid hobbies.

That's not to say men don't have hobbies that aren't just as vapid (cars, bodybuilding, "beard culture"), but that doesn't make makeup and skincare any better just because "muh menz don't get any shit for liking bodybuilding".

No. 281716

Taking pride in being ugly and not taking care of yourself is cringy.

No. 281727

skincare as a hobby is definitely weirder. imagine if these morons cared for their oral hygiene which has an actual effect on your health.

No. 281728

I think anyone receiving disability checks from the government yet somehow aren't disabled enough to get dressed up, go out, participate in profitable hobbies, and ebeg for non-essentials are fucking liars who should be investigated and forced to work a job.

No. 281729

ok there, bootlicker

No. 281731

I don't know what that has to do with police, but this is the second time I've seen you comment that.

No. 281735

Thiefy anon thinks stealing luxury goods from a private business is the same as defrauding social safety nets that everyone pays into.

What you said is not an unpopular opinion fyi.

No. 281750

File: 1534530737947.jpg (30.92 KB, 540x306, tumblr_pchjmp54SL1s3xujp_540.j…)

hot normie guys are nicer to weird girls than weird guys

No. 281756

ugly weird guys tend to even treat normie women awfully

No. 281757

No. 281760

Yeah but I suspect it's out of pity. They're definitely nicer tho.

No. 281762

Because weird girls mirror weird guy's shortcomings.

No. 281763

nah man. they think we're super interesting and are fascinated by us. weird guys think our interests are shallow and only exist to impress them and thus will shape ourselves to become their dream waifu.

No. 281765

File: 1534531946989.jpg (7.69 KB, 300x153, DOOJ7J2UIAAF6Ab.jpg)

>they think we're super interesting and are fascinated by

Anon I think Chad played you.

No. 281766

pretty much, or other weird guys are quick to assume we're only doing it for attention

I have p weird interests and aspies, my boyfriend is a normie chad type is often happy to hear me gush about them, anytime I see a woman with similar interests to mine she almost always gets hate from weird guys, never normie or chads

No. 281767

>played you
implying im looking for a bf

No. 281777

when i was in HS there was a chad type interested in me, i was a pretty weird girl at the time and very timid. aside from the occasional chatting he never contacted me. now we're both in uni and when i started going to parties, dressing better and having more normie hobbies he messaged me and asked for a date later.
> they think we're super interesting and are fascinated by us.
imo chads can definitely be attracted girls with weird tastes but never to weird and ugly girls. not to mention there's a stigma against weird girls.

No. 281782

>but never to weird and ugly girls
weird ugly guys think the same thing tho. pick your poison.

No. 281883

There is such a thing as overly translating things. I know people think literal translations are unnatural but when they go over the top with shit it changes the tone/character of the sentences. It's so annoying and if you say anything people immediately jump on you saying "it's called LOCALIZATION we HAVE to take liberties because it means this and this in this context"
So annoying. I'm sorry but if you think you have to change a simple insult into a plethora of derogatory words thus turning the character into a hardass you need a new job

No. 281979

spotted the welfare abuser

No. 281985

"Gatekeeping" is valid and correct practice, and anyone who complains about it is a bad person.

No. 281986

I feel like as a woman I'm in some special group that trannys desperately want to be apart of and it makes me feel happy that they're jealous and deep down inside know they can never join the vagina clan

No. 281993

I agree.

No. 281999

Completely agree. Gatekeeping allows a community to maintain some sort of a decorum within its boundaries.

No. 282028

yea and? what are you going to do about it?

No. 282089

This thread basically sums up the importance of representation:
If you're used to seeing people exactly like you in media, it's not really something you can relate to, but it affects others and it's pretty important for anyone who doesn't fit in racially/culturally, and has faced mockery/marginalization for it.

No. 282101

Only relevant for Americans.

No. 282105

Boo fucking hoo

No. 282108


>she doesn't think those white girls are also typecast

No. 282109

Imagine if all the white girls on tv/movies were replaced by Asian girls and the only roles white girls got were that of the loud mouth fat feminist. I know it's easy to say representation in the media doesn't matter because white girls are everywhere as far as modeling and tv but imagine The scenario above…can you honestly say you'd be happy with that?

I'm not a sjw but representation in the media does mean something lol
Good representation in the media can totally change how people feel about a race.

No. 282111

File: 1534627935570.jpg (185.66 KB, 541x839, IMG_4318.JPG)

Yeah but still white girls still have plenty of roles where they are the pretty love interest or the main character. Now imagine all the good roles are only given to Asian women and they only cast white women if they need a joke for the movie or show.

No. 282114

anon i'm not white. i do however agree with anons saying it's dumb and pointless. it's not even a big deal. if people are too dumb that they need to be spoonfed shit from the media to like a race, their opinion is worthless anyways. once you get old enough, you realize being jealous of white girls is stupid as hell, because that's the only reason for this. complaints about representation are usually always from virtue signaling white girls anyways. i'm not the one who's going to be an actress so it's meaningless to me if more asian actresses are cast in better roles. we aren't a collective, just like white people aren't.

also i hate when people say "asian" like it matters. even if i did care, i'm not going to care about girls outside of my own culture even if their race is the same. the idea that all asians somehow get along is an extremely white idea.

No. 282125

File: 1534628637932.png (285.21 KB, 1032x1749, bp.png)

It's relevant all over the world. Arguing otherwise is kind of silly. Whether you get it or not, it's a thing.

No. 282126

>if people are too dumb that they need to be spoonfed shit from the media to like a race

unfortunately, that is the world we live in. That is why people can one day love bone skinny women and the next day love thicc women with big asses…they see something in the media long enough and theyre being told that this is a good thing they will eventually start to believe it. for example,In the past everyone other than black people thought big asses were gross, but then it was pushed so much by the media that now everyone wants to eat ass etc. You're pretty naive if you think the media does not effect the way people view things and what we see as attractive.

No. 282131

It's not jealousy, or else everyone would be pushing to ban all white women from media, lmao. Good media representation = normalization and improvement of the represented group's reputation, whether you like it or not. That's how society works, people are susceptible to movies, music and television. There's nothing wrong with wanting your group's reputation to improve when people constantly stereotype you and treat you like trash.
It's not about you personally and your thoughts, it's about society as a whole, and that's how it functions. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 282137

sjws turned people off the issue of representation by reeing when black people weren't cast in dramas about medieval england, getting butthurt when gay/nonwhite people played villains, and other nonsense, instead of the actual issue which is that characters in media of a particular race are often stereotyped and typecast.

regardless, at the end of the day i'm inclined to agree more with >>282114, a lot of people whining about representation need to stop consuming media for 5 seconds of their life and go outside.

No. 282141

>There's nothing wrong with wanting your group's reputation to improve when people constantly stereotype you and treat you like trash.
>It's not about you personally and your thoughts, it's about society as a whole

okay anon. you're saying that it's good for society because it affects the individual.
but you can't say it's about the figurative me, but that it's not about the literal me simply because i say i don't care. i am that individual that stands to gain something from it.

>seeing once stereotype replacing another made me go with that one instead

what a meme.

i'm standing with my original point. impressionable people get their opinions only from the media, yes it's prevalent and of course it shapes the way even i think, but whether you believe it or not, there's a point in which people stop relying on the media to form their opinions. anyone who thinks like >>282125 after high school is embarrassing and not worth my time. i don't want to be friends with people who need to see a pretty asian actress to respect me.

No. 282142

SJWs honestly "ruin" everything if you're the type who's quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I'm just stating a fact. Representation is important, and those who discuss it are not wrong.

No. 282150

>people who need to see a pretty asian actress to respect me

plenty of dudes lust after below average looking Asian women because they became addicted to anime and kpop and are just desperate to get any asian woman because they love their "culture". People are impressionable and thats just the reality of it lol

if the media told everyone having a big ass nose and big lips were the new hot look, you better believe people would be going out fucking up their face to get those features.

No. 282151

>okay anon. you're saying that it's good for society because it affects the individual.
You're missing the point. It doesn't only affect the individual, but the group as a whole. In addition, an individual who recognizes the merit in that is not in the wrong, neither are they just "jealous" of white girls or whatever.
>but you can't say it's about the figurative me, but that it's not about the literal me simply because i say i don't care.
This is almost word salad, I can't make heads or tails of what you're trying to convey.
>i am that individual that stands to gain something from it.
And? You're not the only one, and you already admitted "we" are not a monolith.

No. 282152


you can't be real. do you realize you are arguing against your own point right now?

No. 282156

you said in the same breath it affects the individual and society, but is somehow not about the individual's thoughts and feelings.

these are just shitty tactics white SJWs use to put down differing opinions that members of the group they're defending have.

it's literally "you don't speak for everyone" but you're saying it in a nicer way. i'm out because you obviously think there's an objective right and wrong answer and are refusing to listen to those who have actually been through life being affected by those things and learned it's not actually that big of a deal.

No. 282157

Literally how?
>Representation is important
>OK but SJWs ruin the issue by how they tackle it
>That doesn't change the fact that representation is important
You went on a complete non-sequitur by using SJWs as some sort of excuse to ignore something you already admitted to be valid.

No. 282158

Until I started spending more time online I always thought that America is around 50% black and 50% white - just based on tv shows and music. When I found out that only 1/10th is African American I asked my parents the same question and they also thought that that they are around half black, half white.
So I really don't get this. There already are plenty of non-white people in the american entertainment industry. Of course the majority of roles in movies etc are going to look like the majority of the population looks like.
You think anybody would care about some white kid in China feeling bad and disconnected form its parents culture because 99,9% of the people it sees daily are chinese? No. It's only always white/western people who are supposed to cater to everybody.

No. 282159

i'm not the same anon. anon is saying that she has formed an opinion due to outside influence and you're saying "oh anon that influence isn't valid". when your point is that shitty movies with more fictional black people in them should affect her and other's opinions in more of a real way than people who actually can affect change irl.

No. 282161

because america is a huge place with a lot of people. do you think a majority of their movies and tv shows are based in some bumfuck city? no. they're usually in major cities that have different population percentages, retard.

No. 282162

NTA but do you not see it?
>people are affected by media
>but don't be affected by real examples of people that don't match my narrative

Your whole argument is that people are affected by things around them, and only now you seem to think that anon should enact some critical thinking. Shouldn't people who need to see Asians in movies to realize they're not all smart quiet nerds do that?

No. 282163

If you don't think it's a big deal, or don't think there's an objective answer, then why would you be angry about it? Just ignore it, you've already said it has nothing to do with your life.
Rather, you're the one who used the "You don't speak for us" argument, got pissed when it backfired because you're not the only non-white on Lolcow, and are further trying to elevate yourself by claiming you "actually" went through life and affected those things (implying I, and anyone else who disagrees with you, somehow has not). And then you reaffirm your weak argument that "it's not a big deal" in an objective manner after attempting to chide me for thinking objectively? Kek.
I can't imagine being such a self-contradictory person, have a good one.

No. 282165

>do you think a majority of their movies and tv shows are based in some bumfuck city?

This is the most laughable thing yet. Most American movies are based in Non-descript White Suburb, USA. It's literally a point of satire in their media!

No. 282168

Yes but that is their culture representing their race. The people we are talking about are the same ones who say the Japanese need to have more black people in their media, when like 2% of their population is black.

No. 282169

that wasn't her that said that, that was me, and i was more making an observation about how sjws tackle the issue than trying to make an argument about the issue itself. i guess in hindsight it wasnt all that relevant.

No. 282170

how many lonely ugly white girls itt also stay perched in the gender critical and man hating threads

No. 282171

I don't think it's white peoples responsibility but that doesn't mean that representation doesn't help how a race is viewed. For example, Koreans and Japanese have their own media/music industry that makes them look good. It has people all over the world believing all Asians are small, cute, white and rich.

No. 282173

I said SJWS can "ruin" everything, because they can. If the intent wast to argue that representation for the issue of representation is handled poorly, it's still a non-sequitur because that wasn't being disputed. All I said was that representation is important, and nothing about its presentation as an issue.

No. 282174

NTA but back up and listen to how you sound. You don't speak for her and she's entitled to tell you that. You're the one who isn't entitled to criticize her feelings on something you're trying to push on her as an outsider.

No. 282176

Same here. As someone who is not originally from the US, I used to think there were way more black people in the US than around 13%.

This is so unnecessarily aggressive.
I think it's a matter of perception, if you are American you see racial representation in a different light than if you're a foreigner.

No. 282178

There is most certainly an issue with it's presentation. Not all exposure is good.

No. 282180

the fuck do i care? you're not disabled im guessing. you can google. i'm not american either obviously by how i worded it, genius.

No. 282181

Anonymous now No. 282177
That's not what I'm saying though. All I'm saying is representation does change how people view things. People going around bitching about how anime doesn't have enough black people or how white characters should be turned brown and gay are retarded but I think people who want to see people with the same skin color as them shown in a positive light aren't that unreasonable and that doesn't mean shown in a positive light in america(for example a dark skin Indian girl who wants to see more dark skin women in Bollywood instead of all the actresses being white skin with blue/green eyes)

No. 282183

NTA but don't comment on something like you know better than others when you clearly fucking don't.

No. 282185

She's the one who replied to me and the other anon discussing it trying to dispute my thoughts and projected her own issues with being jealous of white girls onto me and anyone else with this particular opinion, not the other way around. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

No. 282187

Anon stop deleting and re-writing your reponses. You're the only one who's super invested in this.

No. 282189

I'm not arguing with that, I'm just saying it's unrelated.

No. 282190

im not super invested just bored and i like a nice debate(not possible on lolcow anyway). im also not the only one debating you.

No. 282191

You're the one insulting her and insinuating she's projecting. She's right.

It's not unrelated if your entire argument is literally about how people are presented to others. Jfc.

No. 282197

What is wrong with you. Yeah sorry I can't tell what your nationality is by the way you type, lol.

I was obviously talking about what I thought America was like when I was a child. Why did my original post make you so angry?
You need to relax.

No. 282198

What I was trying to say is, that if it's a tv show with 4 main characters and one of them is black, black people are "overrepresentated" and made me - a foreigner - believe that the percentage of black people in the US must be a lot higher than it actually is. Yet they say that there aren't enough black people in movies.
Doesn't matter where those movies play, I was talking general statistics and they tell me that the majority of America is white - contrary to what their media made me believe.

Also, I bet you too aren't exactly well versed in the population percentages of other countries, retard

No. 282199

i honestly think asian girls are cuter than white girls unless said white girl has Asian features.

No. 282201

How am I insulting her, and how is she right? No one claimed to speak for her. And I'm saying she's projecting, because she claimed "you realize being jealous of white girls is stupid as hell, because that's the only reason for this". She outright tried to speak on everyone's experience by using "you" instead of "I" (because she's only speaking for herself), and kept that same energy throughout.

No. 282206

Bringing up presentation of an issue is not the same as discussing the issue itself. This isn't rocket science, holy fuck.

No. 282208

Are you Asian yourself?

No. 282210

nope im white

No. 282213

Do you find yourself ugly too?

No. 282216

File: 1534631921846.jpg (24.68 KB, 480x480, cut1.jpg)

i dont think im ugly, i just think pretty asian girls look cuter than pretty white women unless said white woman has asian features like pic related. small botton nose, round face, dark hair, short height, small bone structure etc

No. 282217

just get over it jfc. i'm none of the anons you're talking to and you seemed to try to make asian anon agree with you. even if she was speaking for herself, that's fine, you don't need to convince her that others will benefit from something because that's literally not relevant to her as an individual.

the term you're looking for is neotenous and it doesn't really matter what race you are, it's just more prelevant in asians because they have neotanous noses.

No. 282221

there are literally no asian features in this picture other than dark eyes/hair.

No. 282222

>small nose, round face, tiny bone structure and height

No. 282224

>You think anybody would care about some white kid in China feeling bad and disconnected form its parents culture because 99,9% of the people it sees daily are chinese? No. It's only always white/western people who are supposed to cater to everybody.
The difference is, America is not Europe, it's a racial/cultural melting pot, its media would be 100x more bland without the musical and aesthetic contributions of non-white people, and its history is more multiracial than the population size would imply.
I'm not even American, but these things are nuanced.

No. 282227

>"just get over it"
>hops in and tries to continue an argument that already ended
Take your own advice. I didn't try to convince anyone of anything, it's the other way around.

No. 282230

these are definitely not ''asian features'' lmao

while asian women tend to be smaller in bone structure and height, small noses, round faces and dark hair/eyes are features any race has and not typically ''asian''.

No. 282232

true but not many non-asian girls have that look that is why theyre cuter to me

No. 282236

>the argument is over cause i said so, look how silly you look


No. 282238

Did you not read her saying "I'm out" and me saying "Have a good one"? It ended when she opted out and I told her to have a good one, then you and one other person tried to drag it out.
Like I said, take your own advice and just get over it. You're the only one(s) still invested in something you claim to not be involved in.

No. 282241

File: 1534632787503.jpg (1.68 MB, 5184x3888, 1534232002389[1].jpg)

oh yes just look at all these cute adorable asian girls with their perfect features and tiny non-existent noses

No. 282242

oh god, not this shit again

No. 282244

You should use an example where most of the girls in the photo aren't cute and small

No. 282246

get off the internet and get your BPD checked.

eh, anon is right tho, people who are jelly of a race are always talking about the super shoop'd models and not average girls.

No. 282247

I like watching the Asian girl/white girl wars that go on in /ot/. I'm neither race, so the bitterness on both sides is kind of entertaining.

No. 282249

A few of those girls in that photo are cute enough to be in akb48

No. 282251

>people who are jelly of a race are always talking about the super shoop'd models and not average girls.

i agree with this part, but theres really no call for
>look at this random group of asian girls arent they actually super ugly and big nosed and not "neotenous"
and those girls in the pic look fine

No. 282255

i don't really think that's what she meant. anon clearly has body image issues.

No. 282260

File: 1534633572885.jpg (4.99 MB, 5184x3888, 1534632787503_LI.jpg)

there are plenty of cute girls in this photo anon. dont be salty.

No. 282261

I wish women would stop putting each other down over race. As if men don't do it enough already.

Girls of all ethnicities are cute imo.

No. 282267

>as if men don't do it enough already
why do you have to say this? do you really think that will suddenly flip a switch in these people's heads? oh man, we can't fight eachother, lets fight with MEN instead! women aren't a collective, we are allowed to hate other women. us hating other women isn't dependent on whether men do the same shit.

No. 282272

File: 1534634415078.jpeg (171.53 KB, 500x333, 6A34CE9A-A402-44FB-898A-8B0A17…)

I always like to imagine that people who made a wish to be some kawaii asian idol princess wake up looking like pic related

No. 282273

Fucking chill. No need to sperg at anyone who's not male-aligned. Are you going to yell at that anon for "trying to speak for you" if they dare to reply?

No. 282274

Girl crouching on the right is pretty, though.
Most of them would look fine if they weren't overweight.

No. 282277

I never said that ''women aren't allowed to hate other women'' - I said that it's pointless and shitty to put women of other races down. ''Hating'' seems like a bit much, doesn't it?
>oh man, we can't fight eachother, lets fight with MEN instead!
I did not say this either. Stop twisting my words. I never called for ''fights'' with men, lol. What even.

Jesus Christ, I did not think that such a simple statement would get someone THIS worked up, but what else is new.

No. 282279

Didn't one Blackpink girl go from looking like that to a pale idol girl

No. 282283

with surgery.

No. 282285

Wew lad, it's interesting to see how white girls react to being compared/put down to asian girls. As someone who's neither and pretty much used to these kind of comments it's pretty entertaining.

No. 282293

are you an autist? i'm lurking and you've rewritten this a few times.

No. 282294

Imagine if a black girl acted like this when being compared to white girls, everyone would call her crazy and jealous lol

No. 282296

it's usually ugly white girls who get triggered and start shit. like that one anon itt trying to prove that asian women aren't attractive lol

i find it really embarassing since i'm white myself

No. 282310

I'm actually another anon who's enjoying the train wreck lel

No. 282312

NTA, but I said something similar here >>282247. Multiple people are fascinated by this salt.

No. 282315

A lot of people are cognizant of the fact that white women generally get butthurt when Asian women are in any way elevated above white women - even when it is done so by other white people.

No. 282316

You know its a robot post when they use pics of r9k waifus to defend their argument. Agatha's cute but there are 0 ~asian~ features here whatsoever

No. 282317

oh no i'm enjoying it, i've just seen her write this a few times. cause i'm lurking.

No. 282320

Because they're scared Asian girls are going to take theier spot on the top of the food chain which is a ridiculous thing to be worried about

No. 282321

but anon a WHITE WOMAN couldn't possibly look cute on her own.

No. 282322

Jfc can you people leave asian girls alone?

My unpopular opinion: I hate when people scream 'eurocentric beauty standarts!!' the moment I say a blond and blue eyed guy is hot.

No. 282323

>only incels like Asian women

No. 282327

There are many beautiful white women but Asian girls win in cuteness

No. 282336

I don't get why lc is so obsessed with cuteness, I'd take being beautiful over it any time. One day we'll all be old and no longer cute.

No. 282337

i hate how addicted i am to this stupid fucking site. its like a goddamn train wreck, i dont want to check threads but yet here i am. i think we all need to find better hobbies

No. 282338

i've aways associated rap with black americans, people from 'da hood' and criminality

that's why i always find it weird whenever i see white and asian rappers

No. 282341

Because cute just looks nicer and pleasant

No. 282342

IIRC, Agatha's Jewish. Are Jewish people to be considered white?

No. 282345

I haven't been in these threads ever since the first one but are these really what constitutes as unpopular opinions these days?

No. 282347

NTA but I prefer being cute. My Japanese grandma was the cutest granny ever, I think cute people age more gracefully. In the end, it's a matter of preference.

No. 282349

true, i guess this would have been better for the rant thread. i just felt compelled to write that immediately after seeing the asian vs white sperging

No. 282353

Exactly. Asian grandmas are adorable.

No. 282355

Eminem as a white rapper is weird imo.

No. 282356

Young beautiful people will or at least can still be old beautiful people, while cuteness fades over time. You'd hardly refer to anybody over 40 as 'cute'…

No. 282358

Speaking of rap: it's absolute shit.
And pop is autotune. Rock is the only (modern) music that requires real talent, so I find it quite sad, that it's getting less and less appreciated and popular nowadays.

No. 282359

File: 1534638679687.jpg (85.4 KB, 1024x696, dt.common.streams.StreamServer…)

Cuteness overload.

No. 282361

Asians age pretty well though, they can maintain cuteness well into their 40s, while white women just melt

No. 282362

File: 1534638712574.jpg (657.34 KB, 1000x2876, sabina.jpg)

Every time some non-white woman gets attention white women will start ranting about how "classic beauty" is better.
Imagine being so insecure that you have to tear up a 17yo volleyball player.

No. 282364

To be fair, it's white men commenting on that instagram picture

And the women hating on the volleyball girl are all fat boomers.

No. 282365

Maybe, but that's not really a genetic thing. White people need to protect themselves from the sun better.

No. 282367

File: 1534638980102.jpg (46.37 KB, 640x359, vi212-640x359.jpg)

I'm the same anon who posted >>282347 and >>282359
White grandmas can be cute as well. My point is cute is better than being beautiful when it comes to to aging.

No. 282370

It is partially genetic, as white people have less buccal fat, less neotenic features and a different bone structure which is not as conducive to anti-ageing (e.g. asians have more prominent cheekbones/orbital rims which provides more support for the soft tissues)

No. 282372

>asians have more prominent cheekbones

Are you the racebaiter from the anti-men threads?

No. 282373

That thing looks like a witch

No. 282375

>those women's opinion doesn't matter cause they're x

stop this meme.

No. 282378

i also had a cute japanese grandma. she was a cute child stunning beauty most of her life until she turned into a cute short granny.

No. 282379

Asians have very projected cheekbones, is this seriously news to you. Why do you think zygomatic shaving is so common in nations like Korea?

No. 282380

Lolcow is full of white girls constantly whiteknighting Asians.
Why though? They for sure wouldn't do the same for you. That's so pathetic. You think that, let's say Japanese chicks on girlschannel would "protect" American girls from big ol' meanies calling them fat and not as attractive?
No kek

This reminds me of this vid: if white people are rich they literally must be evil, spoiled bitches etc. who take from the poor, but if it's an Asian girl, she's "so regal!".
Quit acting as if Asians are oppressed.

No. 282381

I wouldn't consider Asian girls oppressed, they actually might be more privileged than white girls(socially and financially)but I still find them cuter than white girls and I kinda secretly envy that.

No. 282382

That's funny because my grandma wasn't particularly beautiful when young. Japanese grannies are the best.

Anons here should quit acting as if asians are opressing white people with their cuteness, wtf.

No. 282383

idk, i don't care about asian women for the most part but a lot of the time they get dragged for no reason by weaboos who are obviously just jealous that they tend to be young-looking and cute. like itt when a girl said asians were cute and then you literally had some retard posting pictures of japanese school girls to prove that they weren't (which turned out to be a self-own because all the girls in the picture were adorable).

No. 282384

You're talking to an asian and no, we don't have projected cheekbones at all.

>Why do you think zygomatic shaving is so common in nations like Korea?

Because they're koreans. There are phenotype differences between ethnicities. Before the plastic surgery craze took over, they were well known for wide bone structures in other asian countries.

No. 282385

It's not a whiteknight if they genuinely believe what they're saying.

No. 282386

File: 1534639989984.gif (28.7 KB, 1004x1028, mongoloid skull.gif)

Asians do have cheekbones which are more projected than Caucasians, pic related.

No. 282388

File: 1534640165627.jpg (121.16 KB, 840x424, serveimage.jpg)

Do you have photos of actual asian people? Pic related is what I'd call prominent and they're not asian.

No. 282389

Of course they wouldn't protect white girls in a Korean or Japanese forum like girls channel and that's ok for me as a white chick. Free speech you know.

But I like to protect Asian girls because where I live they are a minority. I find them personally rather ugly and I have never seen a pretty Asian in person, so they need the protection. Many of them have very low self esteems too because they are not pale enough, thin enough, no vline bla bla

No. 282390

I wish the Kpop Thread turned into a Korea general but banning racists. The entire country is a lolcow.

No. 282392

I love how nobody has even said anything about asian girks being ugly, yet anons keep coming in with HEHEHE JEALOUS UGLY WHITE GIRLS AMARITE??? Stop it you’re embarrassing yourself.

No. 282393

File: 1534640280835.jpg (33.58 KB, 540x330, prominent.jpg)

Pic related. Also, native Americans and Asians have the same mongoloid skull type so you're proving my point.

No. 282394

File: 1534640347865.png (5.98 KB, 218x231, 1517639533771.png)

>Pic related
exception not the rule

>native Americans and Asians have the same mongoloid skull type

< you

I wonder if some people come here just to racebait

No. 282395

I suspect most of the girls in the anti Kpop thread are jelly weebs.

No. 282397

we're you not paying any attention to the discourse or are you just lying?

No. 282398

"Mongoloid (/ˈmɒŋ.ɡə.lɔɪd/[1][2]) is a grouping of all or some peoples indigenous to East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia, the Arctic, the Americas and the Pacific Islands. It is part of the three great races introduced by Georges Cuvier in the 18th century, the other two groups being Caucasoid and Negroid.

Individuals within these populations often share certain associated phenotypic traits, such as epicanthic folds, sino- or sundadonty, shovel-shaped incisors and neoteny."


I'm not american lol, smooth-brain

No. 282399

Sorry I didn't want to racebait. I just wanted to say I find them unattractive and they have the same right to find me unattractive.

No. 282400

The racist ones probably are, the rest are kpop fans who fucking hate bts and their fans.

No. 282401

Wouldn't be surprised. It's a little bizzare how well informed they are about k-pop but then again this is lolcow.

I know what the word mongoloid means you cretin. I'm saying that asians and native americans don't even have remotely the same bone structure.

No. 282402

No. 282403

File: 1534640764526.jpg (96.25 KB, 650x1024, 8e8f27e2015f51807247d8ae88af2d…)

A truly unpopular opinion on lolcow: white girls are beautiful, not ugly oldlooking hags.

No. 282406

File: 1534641051474.jpg (42.95 KB, 480x480, salted_crackers.jpg)

Imagine having this big of a victim complex

No. 282408

File: 1534641172263.jpg (28.82 KB, 600x333, race.jpg)


You literally have no idea what you're talking about.

>I'm saying that asians and native americans don't even have remotely the same bone structure

There are discrepancies between native American and Asian features (the most obvious of which is that natives have higher nasal bridges), but all people with mongoloid skulls share a certain visual idiom. It literally specifies on that link:

>individuals within these populations often share certain associated phenotypic traits, such as epicanthic folds, sino- or sundadonty, shovel-shaped incisors and neoteny

Why are you so resistant to the fact that Asians tend to have higher cheekbones? It's weird.

No. 282409

>victim complex
NTA but that doesn't make sense in this context at all.

No. 282410

no one is saying that white girls aren't beautiful, there's only been one person itt who said that white girls were beautiful, just not as much as asian girls are

No. 282412

Are we being invaded by slightly less stupid robots? Most women don't really spend time thinking about this, what the fuck

No. 282413

>ówò us poor wittle whities… EVERYONE (on lolcow) hates us! they think we're all ugly old hags! better make a white positivity post to prove that SOME farmers don't AESTHETICALLY DISCRIMINATE against us POOR, BEAUTIFUL WHITE GIRLS because CLEARLY that's an unpopular opinion!

No. 282415

Whenever fights between white and Asian girls break out, anyone who criticizes white girls are accused of being robots. Why is this?

No. 282416

File: 1534641792689.jpg (127.59 KB, 736x591, nobi2.jpg)

>higher=more prominent
You're an idiot.

Once again, do you have actual photos to back up your statements? When I think of a stereotypical asian facial structure nobita and yumi king come to mind – their cheekbones are hardly visible.

Maybe I shouldn't have said bone structure before, since fat distribution also plays a major role.

No. 282417

Not just now, in other threads too: white girls age so badly, it's a fact… white girls usually have large noses and manlier features… blah blah

No. 282419

Nobody said anything close to that. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 282420

You must be new here

No. 282421

File: 1534641904358.jpg (13.92 KB, 563x503, 1528648316312.jpg)

This is pique femcel autism. You need to relax

No. 282422

Boo hoo. You guys are an embarassing bunch.

Most pics in the Cute Girls thread on /g/ are white people. I have to agree it's great to see the white girl meltdown here.
Black girls get shit on all the time and that's okay but the moment someone calls an asian girl cute 'white girls are pretty too reeee'. Get over yourselves.

No. 282424

Stop acting like finding white girls not repulsive is an unpopular opinion just because two (2) people said they prefer asians here. It reeks of insecurity.

I've only made two posts on the topic prior to this one, but alright.

No. 282425

No, a very large amount of Asian girls get posted there as well, even though the vast majority of users are white.

No. 282426

Where's the lie tho? Doesn't mean white girls can't be pretty, both facts don't cancel each other.

No. 282427

>Stop acting like finding white girls not repulsive is an unpopular opinion just because two (2) people said they prefer asians here. It reeks of insecurity.
I didn't? The other poster is right. You just might be autistic.

No. 282428

oh anon, shit talking black girls is a "preference" but anyone who finds Asian girls cuter than white girls must be a mentally ill racist, because anyone who doesn't see white girls as perfection must be crazy!(sarcasm btw)

No. 282431

This. Fucking embarrassing as fuck.

Tbh I don't get the obsession with race on here. Cherry picking pictures of celebrities and models means nothing. Take a walk outside and realize the majority of all people, of all races, are in fact hideous.

No. 282432

You are all so milky. It is a shame that no one from you is an e-celeb

No. 282433

Then the girl who posted >>282403 was, as were the others who were acting like her. Idk why anyone would preted she wasn't making herself and other white girls out to be victims unless they agreed with her, so I assumed you were too.

No. 282435

What's wrong with finding someone from another race attractive…
And the large majority of pics are of white girls so why are you acting like they're so opressed here? They're the default beauty here.

No. 282436

How much evidence do I need to give? I've linked you to two seperate diagrams which identity prominent zygomas as being an Asian feature.

"The Mongoloid skull shows a round head shape with a medium-width nasal aperture, rounded orbital margins, massive cheekbones, weak or absent canine fossae, moderate prognathism, absent brow ridges, simple cranial sutures, prominent zygomatic bones, broad, flat, tented nasal root, short nasal spine, shovel-shaped upper incisor teeth (scooped out behind), straight nasal profile, moderately wide palate shape, arched sagittal contour, wide facial breadth and a flatter face."
— Caroline Wilkinson, Forensic Facial Reconstruction. (2004)

>"Mongoloid peoples, meaning modern East Asians and Amerindians of the later time periods, are characterized by "robust" cheekbones that project forward and to either side of the face."

>"Mongoloid features are a mesocranic skull, fairly large and protruding cheekbones…."

All mention that Asians have high cheekbones.

>When I think of a stereotypical asian facial structure nobita and yumi king come to mind – their cheekbones are hardly visible.

I don't know who Yumi King is, but Nobita clearly does have typically prominent cheekbones. His cheekbones are "hardly visible" in the picture you've linked because he is facing mostly forward.

I can't be assed to screencap, but in the first few minutes of this video, you can see the protrusion of his cheekbones more clearly.


No. 282437

I kinda get your point but…


You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

No. 282439

Thing is, you and others are making asian girls out to be the victims - which is just as false.
The only girls who really always get shat on everywhere are black ones.

No. 282441

File: 1534642651486.jpg (223.72 KB, 800x800, 1.jpg)

no one said white girls arent beautiful, people are saying asian girls look cuter and younger and most people would agree with that. stop being a triggered racist and move on with your life.

No. 282442

Prominent means, to me, highly visible and noticeable. Nobita's is hardly prominent in this case. Most asians have round cheeks and I don't understand how you can think otherwise.

>yumi king

She's on /snow/.

No. 282444

Ik this is bait but most asians are fug as hell irl. Every nonweeb would agree with that.

No. 282445

Then your definition of prominent is incorrect. Prominent (in this context) = projecting from something; protuberant.

Asian cheekbones project more than European cheekbones, therefore they are more prominent which is what I said in my original posts here >>282379 >>282386

No. 282446

Here we go again, lol.

No. 282447

I say victims because they're acting like farmers who prefer asians are discriminating against them, calling them all ugly and old-looking, etc. when no one is doing that.

I wasn't? I haven't said a single word about asian girls itt.

No. 282448

NTA but

>asian girls look cuter and younger and most people would agree with that

The so-called cuteness spoken about on LC and other chans is something that comes across as very artificial to me. I don't think there's anything, naturally, biologically, that makes asians 'cuter' on average.

>inb4 gets accused of being a butthurt white girl

I'm asian myself. These are just my honest thoughts.

No. 282449

Aww did the world hurt your feefees?

No. 282450

>every non-weeb would agree

i guess almost every man on earth is a weeb

No. 282451

>>282393 was obviously what you were referring to as "prominent" earlier though. Face it, hollow cheeks are just not something that asians are known for.

Let's just agree to disagree.

No. 282452

Asians have more "neotenized" faces, which is why they are considered cute. If you want a more detailed yet comprehendable explanation, please check out this video:


No. 282453

girls, girls. you're both pretty.
(literally this time)

No. 282456

Thanks but I don't really need neoteny explained to me. I honestly believe anyone who think the average asian woman look like a cutesy teen probably don't see a lot of asians IRL.

No. 282457

I guess virtually everyone is a weeb, then.

No. 282458

File: 1534643401540.jpg (69.81 KB, 800x800, 12918449_1709032066012863_2096…)

Can we post unpopular opinions now?

As someone with Asian blood and Asian relatives I wish people wouldn't post anything related to Asian girls here, or even get banned for posting them. The way anons act towards them is disgusting, either being fetishy or racist, it doesn't matter. Taking their features and over analysing their faces and bodies trying to prove stupid points is incredibly retarded. Don't you know any Japanese, Korean people? They're just as human as you, they're not trying to take your spot anywhere, they're not roasting you for being 'cuter', why are you all the bitterness towards them? I don't believe any of you are actually jealous but if that'd the case, please take a break from this place. I don't consider myself Asian btw.

No. 282459

File: 1534643421805.jpg (39.98 KB, 634x380, asians.jpg)

Nah, I think you're delusional to say that all men find Asian women unattractive when it's actually the opposite.

No. 282460

File: 1534643485552.jpg (64.09 KB, 399x600, Jayde Pierce Beautycon Festiva…)

Can we stop arguing over racist shit? Everyone has an individual taste and that's alright. Every nation on earth has cute, beautiful und ugly people. Back to topic guys!

No. 282461

>tfw no love for white and Black girls

It sucks to be us I guess

No. 282462

File: 1534643623070.png (33.29 KB, 494x520, 08889f0d2dc54fa42ebfa02e074896…)

Most men are araboos, actually.

No. 282463

Ew, spoiler that pic…

No. 282464

jfc, cracker-chan.

No. 282465

Asian as well, and I feel the same. Like no shit cultures that prefer “cuteness” will elevate (not using that as a loaded term) attractive women who are cute over “mature” attractive women, and women will style themselves to look cuter instead of sexy/chic. Second and subsequent generation Asian Americans look more “mature” than their motherland relatives in general because they’re following US beauty trends, not because they’ve somehow changed phenotypes.

No. 282466

But Asians have the features that make the cute style look cute I guess?for example and Asian American might wear normal instathot clothes but if they put on a Lolita dress or something it would suit them but white girls wouldn't be able to switch to a cute style because they don't have the appropriate features.

No. 282467

>The way anons act towards them is disgusting, either being fetishy or racist
I'm kind of used to the internet fetishizing asian women so I numb to any feeling of disgust but it does feel kind of weird to see on LC asian women being fetishized by fellow women.

No. 282469

Can you please name instances of when Asian women have been fetishized in this thread? Because I'm not seeing that at all.

No. 282470

Are you implying that men outside of chans and internet culture find asians cuter/more attractive than white chicks because that's objectively false. You guy are just spouting bullshit at this point. Asian's are the minority and it's sad to say, but the general public do not give a fuck that's why you hardly see asians thrown around in mainstream popular media unless it's kpop. Black btw

No. 282472

>Asians are the minority
Stop being so US-centric…

No. 282473

White men have a long history of yellow fever in This country, even before the weebshit. I have no idea why white men tend to love Asians so much, even after ww2 yhey were bringing home jap wives.

No. 282474

No one is saying that they find Asian women "more attractive" than white women, just that most men don't find Asian women to be completely disgusting like that other anon was suggesting. Jesus, there goes the white insecurity again.

No. 282475

Europe is the best place on earth.

No. 282476

File: 1534644200829.jpg (238.1 KB, 803x1130, IMG_4323.JPG)

Yellow fever has always been a thing with men. Maybe because of the submissive waifu image.

No. 282477

Nah, that's not really because of yellow fever, I don't think (not saying it wasn't a thing back then though). Lots of American men married the local women when they were stationed abroad - 70000 British women, 200000 continental Europeans and 15000 Australians all migrated to the US with American husbands between 1942 - 1952. American men just got around back then lol.

No. 282478

I wonder why all the examples used are black americans?

No. 282479

It's photos of the same couple

No. 282481

pic related is my unpopular opinion. i don't get why black people get all lumped together as if they're the same thing. idk if it's an american thing. this girl must have at least 50% white blood but she's 'black'. i'm saying this from an asian person's perspective.


No. 282482

It's far from being specific to this thread and others might disagree but
strike me as them perhaps seeing asian women as kawaii princesses/pets or something. It's not exactly fetishizing to me, just weird.

No. 282483

okay, so like two people then? since the last three posts were made by the same yellow fever-chan

No. 282485

You European? Europeans generally don't lump all of Europe together as if it's the same thing.

There's Eastern Europe and Russia, you know

No. 282488

I'm from the uk but i guess i can see how my post sounded ~usa-y~, sorry lol. Idk i just never see asian girls as the focus in film, music, general media so when people say white guys find asian girls cuter it always boggles my mind like ??? Wouldn't that be reflected in the media instead of white/ethnic girls all the time

I was speaking about those two posts but i suppose i misconstrued them without thinking, my bad. Also i'm black chill with that meme.

No. 282489

kek the second one is mine, my grandma was japanese.
i got kind of defensive so i posted a cute granny.

No. 282491

NTA but the 'yellow fever', being essentially a fetish, kind of furthers their point. It's bascially considered secondary to conventional (white) beauty standards.

No. 282492

File: 1534645034319.jpg (7.72 KB, 256x196, 1530630527402.jpg)

>Black btw
>there goes the white insecurity again.

No. 282499

Eh, I get what you mean but I think most of that feeling is a result of selective bias. There’s plenty of average and “””ill-suiting””” Japanese girls in lolita (especially old school) and other hyper-cute fashions, but people only think of Misako Aoki or cute models for magazines when they imagine an Asian girl in the same clothes. Plus, language and region-specific social media barriers stop the truly awkward or “not cute” photos of Asian girls from coming our way, so the cutest Asian girls form our mental image of what constitutes an attractive Asian woman.
It’s sort of like being an alien and getting your baseline of what a human looks like from a BBW catering porn site.

And I think looking at which western models are chosen for Asian commercial modeling and vice versa shows that our idea of “attractive [insert ethnicity/race here]” is shaped by each market’s ideal beauty standards. British Japanese models will have more chiseled and deep features than a Russian girl scouted for Japanese modeling, who’ll have the narrow lips and youthful look. Add in racial blindness and orientalism/western fetishization, and you get people who mistake any blonde girl for Scarlett Johansson or some Vietnamese guy for their oppa.

(Admittedly, I think Asians being more prone to having “shallower” faces is the major reason for appearing cuter and younger looking. But plenty have protruding noses with big bumps or deep set eyes or giant chins. People just don’t notice them.)

No. 282500

Swear I'm not a LARPer but gonna sound like one now. I'm almost certain at least some girls do envy trannies, assuming they have masculine or unfortunate features or are very ugly. I'm not talking about envying fake vaginas but the passing ones that look really feminine and get a lot of male attention and support. I repeat, I'm not talking about their FAKE genitalias but their appearence only. Unlike some anons in the GC thread I admit some trannies are prettier than a lot of girls. Like, I have a pretty feminine face but seeing some beautiful passable trannies makes me uncomfortable as hell inside, can't imagine how an insecure girl would feel. Remember girls you don't have to dilate yourself every day and spend your whole lives in misery, you'll always be better than they are.

No. 282503

If a tranny is passing how would be jealous of him being a cute trap if we don't know he's a man?

No. 282504

File: 1534646223985.jpg (23.25 KB, 277x246, 1478383797626.jpg)

Same tbh, it's really pathetic but that's what you get on website full of insecure people
rip in pieces

No. 282506

Lol what? If it's an online figure and they themselves have made it known that they're biologically male, obviously

No. 282509

Then they're only getting attention from gays and tranny chasers, not the straight men that they want. What's there to be jealous about?kek

No. 282510

As the technology gets better, I think the dating options will open up more for transwomen though. Keanu Reeves is dating a transwoman for instance, and he's straight.

No. 282512

Their physical outward appearance like that anon stated multiple times. If a tranny is objectively more attractive than you, then i think it's fair to feel some sort of discomfort or jealousy

No. 282513

How do you know he's straight?he could be bisexual. The kind of men who fuck trannys probably wouldn't want Cis woman anyway because well, they're gay…

And most trannys aren't even competing for men with women because most trannys want women and want to play lesbians with us. Most trannys won't even fuck other trannys.

No. 282514

Don’t care about GC discussion, but in other threads, there’s occasional anons posting shit like “hm, maybe she’s a transwoman…” with an unflattering pic of a perfectly average looking biological woman. So, I don’t think it’s out of jealousy, but a warped understanding of how the average woman looks. Like, we’re not all uberfeminine with dainty wrists or baby faces, and millions of women have lived and died full lives not being feminine beauties.

No. 282515

Passing trannies are more likely to pine after dudes tbhhh. It's only the ugly freak abominations that play lesbo

No. 282516

>passing trannys

Even if they pass the normie straight men that they want aren't going to stay with them. They'd be lucky the guy doesn't beat their face in the moment they find out they're a dude.

No. 282518

Gosh, finally an unpopular opinion to bring us back to topic. But doesn't being passable as a tranny require a lot of maintenance and investment? Were there examples of passable trannies who reuirelittle to no alterations and/or upkeep posted in the GC threads (sorry, I stopped following those threads a long time ago)? Otherwise, I can't really see what there is to be jealous of.

No. 282519

I don't like trannies either but why do you say it with such certainty? You don't know that for sure.

No. 282521

>you don't know that for sure

Straight men have such fragile masculinity that theyd beat up a gay guy just for looking in their direction. What makes you think most of them will knowingly chase after tranny?kek

No. 282522

i'm sure you require a lot of maintenance and investment as well tho. femininity requires that

No. 282523

Let me guess, you frequent the man hating thread too right? So many assumptions and generalizations you're no better than incels.

No. 282524

Not really to be honest.

No. 282525

>passing as a woman takes work

I could go outside wearing my little brothers clothes, a winter hat on that covers my hair and no makeup and people would still know I'm a woman

No. 282526

you don't do your eyebrows? have a skincare routine? take care of your nails? workout? have an eating disorder?

No. 282527

No I don't frequent and I don't hate men. I just know men in real life and how they respond to gays. They won't even compliment a man before saying "no homo". at this time I honestly can't imagine the average straight man having any interest in trannys.

No. 282528

>have an eating disorder?
Is this bait?

No. 282529

If you consider washing my face once a day a skin routine then sure

No. 282530

you are the company you keep

No. 282532

Maybe not the average man, but there are certainly enough men who will date passable ones and not all of them are bottom of the barrel.

No. 282533

>certainly not the bottom of the barrel

There are plenty of handsome and successful gay men. No ones denying that.

No. 282534

A lot of gays have been pretty vocal about not wanting to date trannies, though. Sorry but I can't buy your narrative.

No. 282536

File: 1534648549958.jpg (53.35 KB, 634x634, 4B01F89A00000578-5598349-image…)

No. 282537

This guy pulled the 'no homo' card until she 'became a woman'.
He doesn't even care if she's going to have the surgery or not.


No. 282538

You're baiting but you can look in a mans eyes and see he's gay. That man is definitely gay.

No. 282539

If he's gay why did he reject him before the transition?
Some men just consider trannies as the same as real women, as disgusting as it sounds.

No. 282540

>why do people lie?

Uh for attention?makes the story sound more interesting. I don't care if a tranny looks like the smolest of kawaii jap porn stars, if you a man, you sucking that trannys dick and fucking him in the ass there's no way you're straight kek

No. 282543

>Some men just consider trannies as the same as real women
yeah, and those men are doing serious mental gymnastics to escape the fact that they are sexually attracted to men. Or not, and are just so lonely and desperate they'll let a feminine looking man suck their dick.

No. 282545

just curious: do you guys think this tranny got a bbl, silicone ass, or natural?

No. 282546

A lot of gays with internalized homophobia won't fuck normal same-sex people, but will fuck same-sex trannies and pretend it isn't gay through some Olympic level mental gymnastics (i.e. robbie and his bf). That's probably what happened here.

No. 282548

damn cis women really are insecure and are threatened by trannies but disguise it with radfem activism huh lol could not relate

No. 282549

males aren't allowed to post here. that includes you, TIMothy.

No. 282550

Look if a dude wants to let another dude fuck him in the ass him I'm fine with it but I would never date a "straight man" who fucked a tranny or a bisexual man. I'm not going to be someone's beard

No. 282551

File: 1534650763448.gif (1.5 MB, 300x276, tumblr_pdbff5NQMf1qa0ugxo3_400…)

>accusing anons who don't parrot the same ideas as being males
never change, lolcow

No. 282552

this. also, 'straight' guy in the article upthread is a computer science major, so i think that's all that really need to be said

No. 282554

real women don't refer to other women as "cis"

No. 282555

Bisexual men don't exist. Claiming to be bisexual is a way for them to still suck cock without having to deal with the social stigma of being full gay.

No. 282557

yes, some do. just go on tumblr or any other sjw site

No. 282559

They wouldn't be fully gay if they were fucking girls on the side tho

No. 282561

but those handmaidens have no room to call others insecure. i may be giving them too much credit, but i'm pretty sure they too know real women have no reason to be envious of transwomen, not even the most effeminate ones.

No. 282565

can't you guys get creative at least. handmaiden this, internalized misogyny that. give us good insults!

No. 282567

can't you stop baiting and go back to dumblr? yeesh

No. 282568

File: 1534652733289.gif (806.86 KB, 200x249, tumblr_od6920U50Z1u929uoo1_250…)


you going to call me a libfem next too?

No. 282572

>pretending like decent men worth chasing after are troon lovers

good joke

No. 282574

literally never said that. anons itt are analyzing these men, not me.

No. 282579

Stop derailing and infighting.

No. 282655

would it be more correct to call you someone who simply does what males (including gay ones) think that are better so you dont have to think much by yourself and also get that sweet male approval and attention while looking like you are progressive but conforming to all gender roles and bullshit everyone is fed constantly? nobody got time for that so you better get used to being called libfem or handmaiden.

No. 282663

There's a difference between taking care of yourself and spending hours upon hours researching products, collecting liquid lippies, talking shit about beauty gurus and having a room full of makeup.

No. 282671

People are allowed to have hobbies, and honestly it's not vapid. Makeup can be art, and there's a whole interesting community related to the indie makeup companies and drama. It's a lot more classy and intelligent than watching reality TV for example

-not a makeupfag but interested in the community

No. 282679

This. In my country social benefits allow you lead a comfy life and every time I see people who go out, have fun with friends, have hobbies and buy a ton of small little luxuries while collecting disability checks and e-begging I lose a bit of faith in our society. Of course no amount of money is enough for them, they always need more. I've had friends on disability buy stupidly expensive goods for their hobbies and then beg for people to help them pay for their rent/food. I don't care if the "comfort items" are "essential for your mental health", you're being a selfish, entitled little asshole and a fucking parasite. Go to therapy, get meds, work on yourself with the help of medical professionals. There are people who suffer of crippling depression and force themselves to go to work every day and earn their own money and you're here posting selfies with your equally retarded friends getting $6 coffees at Starbucks after e-begging people to donate to your white trash/queer nb aro ace tumblr trust fund.

in before "everyone experiences depression differently uwu!!!!" fuck off.

No. 282682

It's dumb and naive to think problems like this would be solved with "le representation on media". It wouldn't. Kids will always be dicks to people different from themselves. Black kids bully the fuck out of white kids in majority-minority schools because they're different. Teenagers will be savage as well. I live in a 100% white country and social ostracizing still exists because kids will always find something to make fun of if it's not race. Freckles, body size, glasses, breast size, teeth, nose, speech impediments, family background, just look at this fucking board and all the nitpicking of the cows' appearance. While I do think it's important for kids to see people they can relate to on the media, I still don't believe it'll make much of a difference because in the end if they are different, they will be bullied no matter what. Representation is more beneficial when it's supposed to build confidence in your identity, not to magically erase ostracizing.

>Imagine if all the white girls on tv/movies were replaced by Asian girls and the only roles white girls got were that of the loud mouth fat feminist.
I would watch this because it's accurate.

No. 282687

I’m sick of adults shilling for mediocre teenage fantasy series. Firstly, the books are trash, and are so simplistic because they are written for children and secondly these fuckers brag about how they read so much and are such bookish nerds wow special but they don’t slightly challenge themselves or read things with any merit other than their enjoyment of self insert Mary Sue not-like-the-other-girls tropey garbage.

No. 282694

watch out, you'll offend the neets here!

I feel like what makes people happy, isn't nessesarly a good thing. People always say "as long as so and so is happy". I feel like people don't now what they want or what they should want.

No. 282696

asian features to a white weeabo

No. 282698

Marriage is retarded.

No. 282699

The legal, financial, insurance, and tax benefits you get from it aren't though

No. 282700

I guess irl most people agree with me, but I feel like on lc this is a very unpopular opinion: skinny girls look disgusting.
Starving won't turn you into a ~dainty, cute and elegant fairy~ it will just make you look grossly sick and weak and will age you in the long term.

Big tits aren't gross udders and a sign of obesity, some girls simply have them naturally (and already at a very young age) even though they're of normal weight.

Girls here always seem to want to be as sm0l as possible; being tall =/= looking like a man or tranny.

In conclusion: quit trying to look like (or shame people for not looking like) anime characters and kpop idols, it's simply unrealistic. Bodies with a healthy weight and natural curves will always be best.

No. 282701

Agreed. My parents were never married. I've never been to a wedding. I don't care about it all. Its fucking stupid, doesn't benefit the woman as much as it does the man and its a massive waste of money. Miss me.

No. 282702

>Big tits aren't gross udders and a sign of obesity

Agree with everything but that. Big tits are seriously disgusting, I guess that's my unpopular opinion.

No. 282703

>skinny girls looks disgusting

I'm 5'6 and as soon as I start weighing more than 110 people start noticing and asking if I'm pregnant or saying I'm getting chubby. When I gained to 125 my mom came to me and said "are you pregnant?". I recently gained from 96 lbs up to 110 and already my dad noticed I gained weight….

When I weighed 125-130, I was at work and I was eating some candy and a male coworker said to me "you better slow down! A moment on the lips is a life time on the hips". Maybe the way I distribute me weight makes me look chubbier if I weigh more than 110.

No. 282704

Why do you think so?

No. 282705

I know it's not fair but I think they look vulgar and they make a women's silhouette look ugly (especially the big tits no ass 90s look), I also think they make women look matronly.

No. 282706

come on, don't reignite the tiddy war. just leave it alone.

No. 282707

Your parents and coworker sound like massive dicks. 110 is still very low for your height, don't listen to them.

I really don't get how a body part (unless naked) can look 'vulgar'.

No. 282708

Because breast are extremely sexualized and having huge one is by consequence hypersexual.

No. 282709

Same here. Most of the people collecting benefits or grants don't need them and some of the people who do genuinely need them, can't access them. I've gone to college with people who spent their student grants on alcohol, clothes, new handbags etc. while myself and my boyfriend had to work part time jobs to pay for necessities like travel, food and college fees and apparently we earn "too much" to qualify for any grants (but people who have mummy and daddy paying for college and necessities are earning too little…okay). The only people I ever see collecting benefits in the post office are junkies and foreigners (apparently someone was caught recently going to multiple locations and lying about her identity for years, that's a common thing). I've also met someone who got "disability" benefits for a mental illness and had free travel all his life. People can get BC and painkillers for $1 here but you can lie about your income to get it. It fucking sickens me.

No. 282710

Well, but that's not womens fault, so they shouldn't be called disgusting and compared to cows because of how they're born…

No. 282711

File: 1534685424023.jpg (102.11 KB, 864x520, gayDads-1.jpg)

I'm secretly against gay men having children (whether they adopt or go through a surrogate) because I've never seen a gay couple that would make me think "these two would make good dads".
Gay men either look like they would have a child as a fancy accessory, the way they would have a dog (for the most effeminate ones), or they look like they could make decent uncles but not full-time dads.

No. 282712

why is it ok for skinny girls and flat chested girls to be called disgusting then?many of them are just naturally like that.

No. 282715

But you did call skinny girls disgusting and it's not their fault either… Either it's all okay or none of it is okay.

No. 282716

anytime a gay couple adopts a boy i just assume theyre going to do some weird sex shit with em. men are usually not interested in children unless theres a woman around pushing it. im highly suspect of single and gay men wnating adopt. if a guy doesnt have a wife or a gf and really wants to adopt a kid i think thats a red flag.

No. 282718

lmao what the fuck

No. 282720

i swear this exact opinion has been posted like 3 times in the past week or so lol

No. 282721

Nobody said anything against flat chested girls.
OP was clearly directed towards girls who aren't thin naturally, but restrict their diet to get to such a low weight - which makes them look unnatural and skickly. There are ways to gain weight even if you have a very fast metabolism, but even if you won't manage to reach a normal bmi you still won't look as weak and unhealthy as someone who made themselves be that weight artificially.

No. 282722

>skinny girls look disgusting.
op said skinny girls look disgusting and implied they all starved them selves to get that way. now you're claiming they just meant the ones who do it unnaturally?lol

No. 282723

I mean some people have big potatoe nose naturally or weird bow leg and they often get called ugly. Idk why it would be different for big udders.

No. 282724

Skellies and fatties both look disgusting, period.

No. 282725

big tits look gross, especially on thin/average women because they look out of place. like heres this stick with no ass or hips and then they have these big mounds on their chest. it only makes sense for fat women because well…theyre fat.

No. 282727

I don't understand how fat people exist. like just put down the fork. their existence is a joke to me because they cant even manage to do the basic function that is needed not to be a ham planet. even more hilarious when they go on all these dumb and useless diets when they could literally put down the fork and it would solve all their issues. I wouldn't be against there being forced camps where they throw all fat people in and forced them to lose weight. we have too many fat hogs in america and im sick of looking at them.

No. 282728

normie cute guy =/= chad

No. 282729

File: 1534686768676.jpg (148.86 KB, 1440x1080, Laetitia_casta_victoriassecret…)


Especially on otherwise slim women.
Pic related, Laetitia Casta is a dream.

No. 282731

they only look decent because she has a bra on holding em up. probably sagging to her knees without one on.

No. 282732

File: 1534686910702.png (33.56 KB, 493x276, 0B87032DBE7547EA99559A805B0AF4…)

>all this fatty and chestlet rage

No. 282733

File: 1534686918251.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.79 KB, 450x629, Laeticia-Casta-nue-450x629.jpg)

To each their own, I think she would look nicer and more elegant with a smaller bust, naked they look even more oversized and she has to put her hand to the sky for them not to sag.

No. 282734

That's not an unpopular opinion.

No. 282735

See all the posts before and after me
>…gross udders…smaller more elegant…

No. 282736

File: 1534687177037.jpg (57.82 KB, 1024x1536, 2.jpg)

smaller breasts just look less sloppy and unnecessary

No. 282737

File: 1534687234746.gif (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 286x340, Laetitia-Casta-Nude.gif)

Is this picture fake/photoshopped? Because her breasts look nowhere that big in related gif.

No. 282738

If this was called the "unpopular opinions on lolcow" thread you might actually have a point but big tits have always been popular in society in general. Just because there are people who will disagree doesn't mean any and all opinions you may have are on topic. :^)

No. 282739

she probably got fakes. so many of the "big natural boobs' are fakes.

No. 282740

those are saggy anon

No. 282742

I'm not even fat myself but I'm always fascinated by people who have this sort of obsessive, unhealthy hatred against obese people. I get laughing at them and making fun of them, but actually hating to the point of wishing violence or ill will towards them reeks of ana-chan or orthorexia with anger issues thrown in.

No. 282745

NTA but they're not saggy though? Your standards are way too fucking high. Natural tits aren't supppsed to look like bolted on fakes.

No. 282746

And of course some shooped Asian is posted… Go outside yellow fever fags, koreaboos and weebs, no need to be ashamed of your body, nobody will find your tits vulgar or less elegant if you're above an A cup, a little sagging as you get older is completely natural.

No. 282747

putting them in camps that forced them to lose weight isnt violence or ill treatment. theyre causing more violence to themselves every time they stuff 5 cheese burgers into their hole at once.

No. 282749

jesus christ this website gives me a fucking headache.

No. 282750

File: 1534687669627.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.13 KB, 1278x720, image1_temp-995.jpg)

Might be the case. Here she is having a "hands to the sky" posture similar to >>282733 and her breasts still look very different in both size and shape.

No. 282751

File: 1534687686674.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.32 KB, 500x500, irkIHwv1tc0atto1_500.jpg)

I just think small breast are youthful and classy, big tits makes you look like a milk machine, they're super animalistic.

No. 282752

A smoker who smokes in front of non-smokers is way worse than a fatty. At least fatties aren't hurting others with their disgusting habit.

Plus if someone who smokes ends up with cancer they are brave human beings who needs support. A fatty with cancer is just a tax stealing pig.

No. 282753

"Putting people in camps isnt violence or ill treatment."

Source: lolcow.farm

No. 282754

File: 1534687853281.jpg (46.22 KB, 564x752, 2.jpg)

>no need to be ashamed of your body

im not because i dont have udders. not to mention girls with bigger boobs look awful in most clothes because their udders make the outfit look strange.

No. 282755

this, and plenty of women have 'saggy' (see: not saggy) breasts at 16, 18, etc. look at the women on my breast gallery or whatever. it depends on a multitude of factors and the idea that breasts are perky and perfect at a young age is more male delusional bullshit

yeah, i'd say these were her naturals. as i said, a lot of these women with the 'big naturals' have ok sized breasts naturally which is just enough to cover the implants and soften them out, so they're not immediately noticable

No. 282756

>worse than fattys

theyre hurting me because i have to look at them.

No. 282757

>im not because i dont have udders.

t. bitter mosquito bite tits heaux

No. 282758

What should girls with "udders" do in your opinion, besides being ashamed of their body?

No. 282759

topkek, that waist shoop

a very flat chest can look weird in low-cut tops/dresses, a very big chest can look weird in combination with high-waisted pants. they both have their moments tbh

No. 282760

>Plus if someone who smokes ends up with cancer they are brave human beings who needs support.

Is this true?
Nevertheless I think smokers should be shamed more for throwing money at an exploitative industry. I still meet smokers who think the look cool lel

No. 282761

small boobs can still look like udders, sorry to burst your bubble. do you know what udders look like? they don't need to be big to look like udders. and that woman has an incredibly uncommon body, ofc you choose a likely shooped woman with small breasts and a fairly uncommon waist to hip ratio…

you sound so envious of bigger boobs though anon

No. 282762

File: 1534688224470.jpg (82.31 KB, 720x1280, jelly.jpg)

>t. bitter mosquito bite tits heaux

its not jealousy. i really feel smaller breasts just look cuter. plus, even if a girl is slim if she has big boobs they will make her look fatter.

No. 282764

File: 1534688238232.jpg (275.93 KB, 1144x1120, tumblr_o2gc0tAzHV1qgeg3ho1_128…)

Nah small breasts look great in everything even low cut top.

No. 282765

these arent small for how thin she is

No. 282767

>what should girls with udders do?

stop being sensitive and learn people are allowed to have preferences?

No. 282771

File: 1534689542868.jpg (98.53 KB, 640x1260, 0c5a378a1040766ce83769c5001017…)

Responding to a girl who has no problem with her tits by telling her they're udders and look vulgar isn't "just having a preference and her being sensitive". You're the one who's not letting girls with big boobs be content with the way they look.

No. 282772

>She thinks she looks like Laeticia Casta because of her huge tits


No. 282773

you can be content but this is the unpopular opinion thread so i can say big boobs look nasty and vulgar. You just have to be an adult and accept that not everyone will find your body attractive.

No. 282774

shamed more?? i've never heard of anyone NOT shaming smokers nowadays.

No. 282775

Where's the line there normal boobs turn into udders? C cup?

No. 282776

c is the cut off i think. but lets be real most people dont have boobs bigger than c cup unless theyre fat and weigh more than 150

No. 282777

And you look like some nameless jap porn starlet…?

No. 282779

I'm not the one who posted the cute asians.
Anyways if you have huge tits you're more likely to look like a mom of 3 than like Casta.

No. 282781

File: 1534690124893.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.15 KB, 857x1280, sagging.jpg)

this looks good because she has a bra on. when shes naked her tits are way too saggy. her face is beautiful but her tits are too floppy.

No. 282782

you sound like a male. you dont know how bras work, do you?

this. claiming perfectly normal nice boobs are soooo saggy isn't "i just prefer smaller boobs". besides, it's not like small boobs aren't ever saggy. being small doesn't preclude them from being saggy, period.

No. 282783

small boobs can be saggy but its so rare compared to big boobs. not to mention big boobs are just less aesthetically pleasing, especially in fashion. the wrong out fit can make a big chested girl look fat and frumpy.

No. 282784

50% of anons on the site don't know how bras work…

No. 282785

No one care about fat chested girls being content, people are just expressing their opinion about how they feel big tits are ugly. Not that big of a deal.

No. 282786

>skinny girls are disgusting and look sick
>omg why wont you let big boobs girls be happy with thei breasts?

lol please get over yourselves and let people like what they like

No. 282790

File: 1534691032735.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1l5yP0u21qgxas2o1_1280.jpg)

Nice bait. Pic related is closer to ideal imo.

No. 282793

there's a problem with that sentiment too, but i think that anon was specfiically saying that a lot of women lose a lot of weight with the aim to look very very thin and dainty, and a lot of people don't have the bodytype for it, so they just look sick. only a certain percentage of people can be very thin and still look healthy, and it shouldn't be wholesale glorified (to be thin), because it doesn't always look better on all women. i agree with that.


this too. should we start encouraging breast reductions for perfectly healthy girls?

these are really big boobs for her body. as someone with small boobs, like, do you guys even know what small boobs are? because it seems like you're just glorifying normal sized boobs on skinny women, not even small boobs

No. 282794

>they dont have the body type for it

to be fair most women dont look good with big breasts either. it makes them look fat and awkward, especially if they have no ass.

No. 282795

Well small =/= completely flat chested..

No. 282796

okay, but they don't choose to have really big boobs? women are making the conscious choice to lose weight with the intent to look good.

No. 282797

no ones saying you have to change anything, we are just saying it looks nasty. i think big noses, eyes that are too close, and big jaws look nasty and i know those are things that cant be changed without surgery. just because something is natural doesnt mean it looks good.

No. 282798


No. 282799

i'm not completely flat chested, just actually small. those aren't even remotely close to being small. very few people would actually consider them small except for people that judge breast size by literal volume with 0 context

No. 282800

Just because you didn't chose it doesn't mean its not ugly…

No. 282801

>those aren't small boobs

Her boobs look smaller than a b cup. Having small breasts doesn't mean not tits at all.

No. 282802

>look smaller than a b cup
either you're fat and think all B cups are the same, or you're wearing the wrong size bra, bc she's way bigger than even a 34b, which she'd be smaller than anyways in band.

No. 282803

I'm a 32 a and I weigh 100 lbs and my boobs look similar to that. No way is she bigger than a 34 b lol.

No. 282804

I've always had cute small breasts, then I gained a little weight and got fat tits. I absolutely hate them. I'm still thin, but the big boobs make me look kinda fat.
Small bobs ftw

No. 282805

>tfw use to be <110
>now im 140 and have a d cup
>trying to lose weight to get tiny tits again

No. 282806

you're wearing the wrong size or have exceptionally shit spatial reasoning skills. you think the difference between her band to breast is 1/2 in to 1 inch? no. she's way over 2 inches, even.

No. 282810

The average Japanese girl dresses better and looks better than the average American girl. Anyone who has been to Tokyo would agree.

No. 282814

I agree that the fashion scene in tokyo is better than new york (for average fashion, not weeby harajuku shit) and most japanese women as a whole care about how they look in public, but holy shit, leave tokyo and you’ll see the fashion is just as tacky as midwestern ‘merca. Its just that most American women dont put in any effort and look like shit, where as small town japanese women do but they wear unflattering shapes and have shitty dye jobs and makeup.

Theres a lot of cute stuff and modern pieces, but you have to sift through a lot of tacky shit too (like walmart level tacky). Thats why I tend to lean towards Korean fashion rather than japanese.

No. 282820

fat people should not legally be allowed to have children

No. 282821

d cup isn't big.

No. 282822

File: 1534696338326.jpg (42.58 KB, 500x640, f0c2e4750296ebb3c82e3cfd3fdbbd…)

I know anon, less than pic related is small tbh.

No. 282824

are you retarded?

No. 282825

a d cup is big. it would be considered big if everyone werent a ham planet these days.

No. 282826

File: 1534696532613.jpg (29.27 KB, 720x540, 3d2b93f962998869c5e61e388ac694…)

oh yes look at these huge 32D breasts

No. 282827

d cups dont look big on her because shes fat. they look big on humans.

No. 282829

File: 1534696840923.jpg (386.25 KB, 1000x2481, ewre.jpg)

learn, anons.

No. 282832

D cup still look decently cute, I guess it's the limit before tits become udder like.

No. 282833

how many gay men have you met?

No. 282834

don't you have calories to count?

No. 282837

>anyone who isn't 300 lbs is anorexic

No. 282842

don't try to reason with anachans, just report.

No. 282843

You're posting images with women wearing bras. Of course their big saggy boobs will look nicer.

No. 282845

How is it bigger in any way? You need to get your eyes checked anon…

No. 282846

ok but >>282790 is waaaay bigger than any of those ds or dds (beyond maybe the 34s and 36s, cause you can tell they're kind of bigger girls) and that, you guys are saying, are small, and smaller than bs? none of these 'udder' comments even make sense bc none of the sizing you guys in the 'smol boobs ftw, everything else are udders' camp give is even remotely consistent

No. 282847

File: 1534697608852.jpg (30.5 KB, 600x600, 37d.jpg)

Are you seriously reporting people for not liking big boobs?

No. 282848

i don't, there is far less projection and less tissue on all of those, controlling for angle and weight/band size. she would be way over a DD if sized.

No. 282849

Why do smaller chested women always have to resort to calling big boobs udders? Even if you aren't jealous at all, it only makes you look that way. Because it's really weird for someone to lash out so extremely against a certain body part if it's really just a preference and not a resentful fixation.

No. 282851

You're probably the same anon who just got done calling skinny women and people with eating disorders gross but now you want sympathy because people don't like big boobs

No. 282852

File: 1534698097427.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.66 KB, 1200x800, 5sSwow1qgxas2o1_1280.jpg)

this isn't waaaaaaay over a DD, you're delusional anon.

No. 282855

Lol I'm really not, but you go on ahead believing that though. I think it applies to her too. People who are secure in their looks don't need to insult the looks of others to feel better. I just see udder in other threads and just generally all over the place in reference to big boobs and it's tired tbh. I don't really see the skinny=disgusting thing on here too much except for skellies. And while I don't think ana-tier skinnies should be called disgusting, that's not a feature that they naturally have and it's def not something that should be encouraged so I don't think it's exactly the same thing

No. 282856

I'm not insulting big boobs because I'm jealous. I think big noses are ugly too doesn't mean I'm jealous of people with squidward noses.

No. 282857

>using a picture of a woman lying on her back
>not knowing how fat works/breast tissue works when lying down
just, wow. you must be male or just, i don't know, incredibly retarded. look at her left breast. that's much bigger than an actual dd on her size band. absolutely much bigger than a dd. no doubt. despite the chart posted upthread, are you still using the pornstar visualization of what a 'dd' is to tell me those aren't bigger than dds? they're at the least bigger than a b.

No. 282858

You must have a serious vision problem, she would easily fit into the bra at the bottom of the D cup pic.

No. 282859

Didn't say you were jealous. Just that it looks that way to people when you call features different than yours nasty and vulgar. You can find things unattractive without insulting the people who have them. Was a big tiddy girl mean to you in high school or something?

No. 282861

>Say skinny girls are disgusting and big tits are beautiful
>Someone else say big tits are actually disgusting
>REEEEEEEE stop being jealous ana chan??!! were you bullied by a big tit goddess in highschool? :((((

As always the people with the most desirable features in society are the one who can't handle being mocked / criticized.

No. 282862

The reason why they're mad at Ana chans is because they have fat girl big boobs. There's a difference. All fat women have big boobs but it doesn't matter because everything on their body is fat.

No. 282864

the 34 beige? that's a molded bra so it's not going to be as accurate. she doesn't look like basically any of the other ds that are in cups that are not molded (which is a more accurate comparison to someone that is naked), and you can't compare laying down to women standing up. boobs flatten laying down. just look at the ratio of band to breast in the 30dd in the purple. obviously she may not be a 30, she could be a 32 or a 28, but her breasts (ratio, not by just volume) are much bigger sitting up

No. 282867

Having a pretty face is more important than having a nice body. If you have a pretty face it doesn't matter if you're Ana chan thin or average. If you're ugly it doesn't matter if you have big boobs and ass the girl with a pretty face will still get more attention. Even a fat girl with a pretty face will be seen as more desirable than a skinny girl with an ugly face. Face is the most important thing, if you're ugly youre fucked.

No. 282868

You literally did the same thing by not being able to handle skinny bodies being mocked/criticized (which i don't even agree with doing so idk why you're making it out like I'm out here calling skinny girls disgusting)

You can tell yourself that anyone who disagrees with you is fat but that won't make it true. And no, not all fat women have big boobs and not all skinny women have small boobs. Has your blind hatred for fatties made you incapable of logic?