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File: 1553020448672.jpg (721.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190319_143031.jpg)

No. 647324



>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage

>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker.

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/



No. 647326

File: 1553020597686.jpg (115.88 KB, 1080x440, Screenshot_20190319-143459_Chr…)

So Vicky apparently has an apprentice

No. 647328

File: 1553021688388.png (29.87 KB, 509x155, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.50…)

is also apparently a woo shaman too. She went to harvard medical school don't ya know?

No. 647349


I feel bad for that apprentice of hers. He is probably paying her too and she is not even trained herself or never did an apprenticeship. He should really go somewhere else and not have some untalented cow show him the incorrect way of doing things.

No. 647369

You’re supposed to treat a sprain not spice a chicken. Canola oil?? Girl. Try grape seed oil or arnica gel with your turmeric and oregano. And ice?
I thought the Medicare system in Canada was top notch? This sounds like something someone in America would do because they can’t afford a hospital bill.

No. 647387

File: 1553043535985.jpeg (99.57 KB, 750x729, A5F1C269-8599-42FE-93C0-7423E6…)

Classic Vic! Not outlining a thing making sure that will age like milk in the sun. The things her “apprentice” is absorbing. Poor guy won’t be able to get a job at a next shop after having her under his name with her bad reputation. Everyone has to fix her fuck ups

No. 647402

File: 1553048322074.jpeg (164.25 KB, 656x794, CEFAA6AC-4B3D-45C4-B6C2-5C180F…)

ol Vicky was shitting all over sex workers once again but managed to throw herself a bone by lying about the many mansions she’s purchased/lived in over the years. Girl everyone’s seen your tattoo shack and review anon told us about how desperate and broke you were aching for that deposit.

No. 647428

>>you may of well said
>>its != it's

Jesus H, her English is terrible.

No. 647470

Mansions? Oh girl, you are delusional! You mooched off of people to crash at their places because you were poor and desperate and you always overstayed your welcome. You don't have a single thing to your name besides that ugly ass couch.

No. 647477

I hate to be that person, but her punctuation does her NO good in claiming she's supposedly highly intelligent.

No. 647478


No. 647519


ok but does she REALLY even have apprentice or is jake just another frank, fake being she uses in her social media to act like she has more going on for her than she actually does?
if she does, i want to see the poor dumb guy…

No. 647567

MANY mansions. Kek.

No. 647587

File: 1553132109560.jpeg (551 KB, 750x1209, D426C317-0262-41B9-A821-DD2922…)

I found that picture Vicky loves to brag about how someone “made a meme using her picture” well it’s just some random page where all the content is the same as this photo. This only got 3 likes but of course Vicky exaggerates everything about herself when she is an old nobody and not even close to being a real model. Vicky, you’re turning 32 when will you grow up?

No. 647745

File: 1553210961193.jpeg (449.72 KB, 750x883, 44031912-09D2-4726-B327-A54543…)

Too bad you’ve been the same for over a decade

No. 647763

She does have an apprentice. Reviewanon posted about Sticky screaming at him while she was there in one of the previous threads.

No. 647868

Iirc that particular appointment was quite a long time ago? The recent appointment never ended up happening because of constant rescheduling and then the eventual "kidnapping". I don't imagine it would be the same apprentice?

No. 647984

File: 1553308670184.jpeg (182.14 KB, 750x922, FF599FA9-83AE-4DDD-82C6-88535F…)

>every girl dresses like me
>your man wants me
>I did that first but she’s a BABE
>f you have a different opinion than I you are JEALOUS

No. 647985

You can't sit with us, Vicky. Or anyone else. Because no one likes you. tOxIc FeMiNiNitY

No. 647999


I’m wheezing. Every girl that doesn’t kiss her ass and tell her what a flawlessly beautiful genius she is is “toxic” or “mentally ill”. Newsflash Vicky, there is nothing more tOxIc than someone who has a misplaced, gargantuan ego and can’t stop talking no matter how far up their ass their head is. Grow up.

No. 648487

File: 1553567680067.jpg (222.26 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20190325_223317.jpg)

Imagine being so insecure about your physical appearance that you either wear sunglasses inside and at night, or you cover your face and jawline with your hand while standing in awkward, abnormal poses.

No. 648509

File: 1553575863841.jpeg (2.49 MB, 4000x4000, DD0887EC-765C-493A-B3A1-4CFFAA…)


Why is her face changing fucking shapes in the video? It’s warping every frame and looks so obvious. I brightened it a bit. She makes it bad quality and dark so it’s harder to notice. Check out that wonky mouth and chin. Her editing gets worse and worse

No. 648576

>>648509 I actually think this is her jacked up face and what it looks like without the actual editing but u cant tell because the sunglasses. She looks homeless and she has access to a shower. Unacceptable….. lmao fr if she was hospitalized she'd never be let out because she clearly dosent like to shower because her rats nest takes to much effort or something.

No. 648580

Having an apprenticeship isnt actually an accomplishment at all. or a milestone… its your fucking job. And your doing the bare minimum. The fact you've never even apprenticed and your about to teach someone how to ruin their career aswell is disturbing! Maybe YOU should step back and learn a thing or 2 before trying to claim to be "prossensial" id rather have an experienced apprentice from a real shop tattoo me than your claim to be "professional art"

No. 648705

File: 1553660196355.jpeg (289.08 KB, 750x678, 8E5810A7-0A9B-477E-992C-4E20B2…)

Always showing up late hungover in a taxi to her tattoo appointments = successful “business woman”

No. 649080

File: 1553879214114.png (49.92 KB, 728x621, vic.png)

Looks like she tried to do damage control with her response to Carli, but it's still a mess.

No. 649081

File: 1553879502169.png (546.81 KB, 517x695, vic.png)

Oh the irony!

No. 649082

File: 1553879615266.png (221.41 KB, 527x496, vic.png)

And one last one as she's been on a roll lately. Thousands? Really?

No. 649083

>I donated thousands quietly

top kek please never change

No. 649109

“I donated quietly” she says as she posts a status telling the world she donated money

No. 649247


Says the girl who steals deposits and who’s broke and needed $70 from review anon. Wears the same fried rat nest extensions and shitty clothing

No. 649248

File: 1553981315410.jpeg (222.72 KB, 750x547, F354AF1B-D979-4CB3-8EAC-030FCE…)

You’re not a model, give up. You’re photoshoots are self taken photos shooped into a shitty background and not creative. And you’re imaginary photographer can’t come around anymore since your young bf is always around.

No. 649252

Oh, international model, genius, and 4 star chef makes a sensational comeback! You and Frankie will conquer the world of fake internet magazines once more!

No. 649305

File: 1553999405563.jpeg (466.37 KB, 750x935, 47742F25-E673-44BD-895B-85DC26…)

Ironic she would post this. All negative reviews ragarding her shack is fake news!

No. 650695

File: 1554225287041.jpg (374.28 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20190402_131316.jpg)

Good ol' Vic the narcissist still trying to milk the fake kidnapping

No. 650696

File: 1554225340417.jpg (348.66 KB, 1080x1987, Screenshot_20190402_131353.jpg)

No. 650697

File: 1554225408667.jpg (341.99 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20190402_131410.jpg)

No. 650698


LOL omfg this is epic! Yea Shingles the super samurai flailing ninja would papercut him to death with her degree from Yale, slice his gun in half with her breath, and still get home to make pro level blowfish dinner for everyone at GQ! FFS the delusion of this one

No. 650702

Man , for someone who does nothing but lie, she's so fucking bad at it. Also, no one believed her the first time and she got relentlessly made fun of. Why in the world would she bring it up again ?

No. 650705

File: 1554226549023.jpeg (136.74 KB, 1080x1082, 9797C0D8-CF04-478B-9BED-8BB565…)

>a girl was murdered
>ah yes perfect time to explain I’m a viciously armed assasin SADLY OTHER GIRLS ARENT AS TOUGH AS ME.

Surprised she didn’t pull the katana card.

No. 650708


>I’m always armed in some form

>I know many martial arts

This is such r/thathappened material holy kek. And she completely ignored the guy that said I thought you were from Northern Ireland

No. 650710

vicky i hate you so much. a girl was murdered and you have to lie about how you intimidated an armed sex trafficker with a sword jfc

No. 650711


and don't forget kids- she did ALL of this in a mad dash to get to review anons appointment cause her work ethic is SOOOOO good. so the timeline is something like
>>get picked up
>>realize this guy is on the CIAs most wanted list/escaped from Gitmo
>>Ninja fight in front seat, trying to keep appt with review anon
>>misses appointment with review anon, steals her money… to what, pay The Wolf for cleaning up the mess?

No. 650725


>I was under the impression he was an Uber driver when he offered the ride.

This broke bimbo clearly doesn’t know how Uber works or has ever used the app.

No. 650728

IIRC, review anon stated that there was a taxi (not an uber) business next to her "studio" – so it makes sense that she's strictly a taxi user.

No. 650738

File: 1554250480621.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-04-02-17-13-49…)

Catching up on the threads, Vic?


No. 650757

File: 1554264539390.jpeg (338.54 KB, 491x1193, 5DB2F002-A165-42FA-A344-38DBBB…)

This stupid cow posted a rant over an obvious troll meme she took as serious

No. 650835

File: 1554307056719.jpg (393.75 KB, 715x1044, Screenshot_20190403-155943.jpg)

Despite it being pointed out to her by a number of her followers repeatedly.

Pic related

>Two clearly different doggo's

>Also Icky's never been abused/homeless/thin

Can't let a little thing like reality get in the way of a good uwu sympathy post eh vic?

No. 650884

Wait wait wait, she’s not Irish anymore? Didn’t she make a big deal about being from Northern Ireland?

No. 650898

Her big thing is because Northern Ireland is part of the U.K. that she is British not Irish. Despite the fact that everyone I know from Northern Ireland calls themselves Norther Irish or Irish. Her accent is also fake, but she tries to do a posh Londoner accent showing her ignorance

No. 650904

Constantly making other peopl s deaths and/or trauma about her. Such a narcissist

No. 650932

File: 1554348565421.jpg (488.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190403_232803.jpg)

>if you aren't brit
my sides

No. 650968

Oh my God. People still use fags in the pejorative sense in the UK even if it does also mean cigarette, her perception of the UK is so cringe. Has she ever even been there?

Also apparently gay bashing is A OK for Vic but using British words when you aren't from there isn't? Neat.

No. 651100

it's like any way to insert her 'being british' lmfao

holy fuck

even if she were actually british, this is autistic as all hell

No. 651120

File: 1554441727356.png (81.95 KB, 770x509, Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 12.20…)

Went to check the reviews and saw a new one.

No. 651160


>I have never tattooed Harry Boelsachs!

No. 651162

File: 1554450103477.jpg (266.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190405-032449_Ins…)

She never ceases to deliver! The tacky yellow weave, greasy slimey natural hair the aviators inside… again.. in latest posts now, (prob a shitty attempt to cover edit) floppy angle, pose, shitty filter, ctusty shorts, plus potato quality and stomping towards the camera with her sausage fingers! "monstermash" is quite accurate.
She seems to have allot to coverup/edit. Only way she can be with anyone is if they settle or are ignorant as fuck. Shes a shutin and acts like she has all this life experience. In reality she grew up shelterd privileged, shes brainwashed by the right wing. Shes literally a mindless zombie whos falling apart.

No. 651173

File: 1554466626559.jpg (192.18 KB, 718x673, Screenshot_20190403-205838.jpg)

Lol not even 24hrs earlier she was in bed too sick to do anything other than hallucinate a real life version of the snapchat cute surgical masks 'to protect the masses'. Isn't it a bit too chilly in guelph for hotpants atm? If I saw a grown woman stomping around in knee socks and knickers I'd believe they were genuinely ill with a fever however this is icky we're talking about.

No. 651174

Privileged? Not sure how. Isn't her family white trash?

No. 651175

No anon, her father was a motorcycle racer and owned a racing outfit. They're pretty well off, it's only vic who the trashy one..and her paedobro.. ok they're rich white trash.

No. 651178

Can confirm. I work with someone from N. Ireland and asked if she would ever refer to herself as British instead of Irish. She found the idea hilarious.

Also nothing about Vick's fake accent sounds anything like an authentic N. Irish one. I'm shocked she isn't called out more by actual Brits/Irish people.

No. 651179

Her waddling toward the camera like she needs to take a shit is gold.

No. 651181

> aesthetic beauty

she doesn't know the meaning of either. will she grace us with a new overly shooped self timer ~photoshoot~?

also surprised she admitted to being sick and didn't use her awesome ninja skills to intimidate the germs.

No. 651182

Lives off her parents money and her brothers apparently a pedo.

No. 651259

File: 1554503002996.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 8AF72160-F6F6-4725-BC2B-30EF60…)


What in the editing hell is going on here

No. 651264

Idk what you're seeing anon but I'm seeing a fantastically slim final fantasy intj high iq'd ninja warrioress.. this is perfectly normal, don't you look like this too?
Nope, No editing to see here, move along you jealous mentally ill skin walking hater…

No. 651273


I forgot that I just spread lies to the gullible

No. 651280

Just checked in on this thread after ages and jesus fucking christ. The murdered girl article accompanied with the katana uber driver shit story is the WORST lie to date.
God bless this Jonathon Eaton bloke, I feel like he's subtly throwing shade and calling Vick out on her shit. Everyone else is like 'woah u go ninja warrior girl xx'
I hope more people clue on to her garbage lies.

Also that review of the salty incel dude calling her a cute goth chick was very clearly self written.
Noone except Vick calls her goth.
Sorry BLONDE goth.
Lol I can't believe what I'm even reading.
She's as bad as a 40 something mother on facebook sharing those rubbish articles. Late people are more successful. In what fucking universe? Do successful people lie and steal more too Vick? Where's your article for that?

No. 651292

File: 1554516447945.jpeg (169.44 KB, 750x691, E45DE0B9-E283-4096-AF70-40FA23…)

All the haters wish they were broke pathological liars going nowhere in life

No. 651312

this is so wrong like that's called jealously. "hating" people isn't done because you secretly wanna be them. if you hate someone because they have things you don't then you have enough self awareness to know you're just jealous…I mean, I guess I am a little jealous that vicky was able to intimidate that sex trafficker w her knife skills and still get to a tattoo appointment tho

No. 651313


This sausage roll with a weave has demolished isis, scared a kidnapper, and scared a sex trafficker disguised as an Uber. She was a warrior princess before xena but she’s a total BABE

No. 651380

File: 1554574610330.jpeg (213.61 KB, 750x820, 85CF2F10-A7C9-490C-A285-91839F…)


Talks about how mental health is important
Calls someone who gives criticism mental. She honestly makes me sick

No. 651381

Just let her keep replying to these reviews like this, at least she scares off any potential costumers with more than three brain cells.

No. 651383

An emergency meaning a big fat elaborate lie/hangover disguised as a super sick kidnapping/badass story. If this was even close to being half true how would there not be any record of this? Anywhere? Not to mention a story that outlandish would at least be covered by the local news. She’s such a delusional idiot. She has no idea how the real world works.

No. 651423

it appears that the radio show host that used to have Vicky on has deleted almost every post featuring her from his Instagram. I’m glad he finally got the hint that her mindless fake accent babbling and trash personality were dragging the show down. Granted I don’t think she’s even been on the radio show for years. I hope he finally cut ties with her.

No. 651501


I noticed she took “radio show host” out of her Instagram bio. Kek

No. 651691

This one does read like a cowtip though especially the baby Jane part which some farmers seem to have some weird obsession with comparing cows to.

Not that it makes icks reply any less nutso but her spazzes at legitimate ones are much better. Shame on you if any of you wrote this and gave her retarded delusions some merit.

No. 651714

I wonder what “deep seated” mental issues are? That’s some Ivy League education there.

No. 651737

“Deep seated” is correct, “deep seeded” is the common error.

No. 651901

File: 1554833337151.jpeg (191.54 KB, 750x794, AFA83FE6-8DFB-4DEA-B86A-7E216E…)

Kek, what the fuck. ~unbothered Queen~

No. 651902


>>new business aquisition

Omg we could have some fun with this bullshit. I'm all for "super sekrit ninja modeling school of physics" myself

No. 651977

didn't she have a ~photo studio~ at some point?

she also doesn't actually model or tattoo so confirmed she does lots of nothing between proving haters right and occasionally slinging ink. much jealous.

No. 651980

Your reaction is solid gold anon, lmao

No. 651982

She claims I copy her but I'm the one who was actually homeless lmao, hm adding some substance? This is why people will never beleive what u say even if u did become an honest person your a lost cause! Fucking icky… u never cease to deliver or amaze me. Shes not copying people, she just constantly is super competitive. Wouldn't have to be, madonna is aging well but we were all shocked when her real photos surfaced. Same thing. Except with a average normal Joe. Allot of people on here actually seem to be body positive in some threads, we dont hate fat people, we hate fakes, that's where the luls go the fake bullshit u feed the internet it's not deformation… its straight truth!

No. 652047

File: 1554901328715.png (43.89 KB, 526x181, Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 14.0…)

No. 652049

File: 1554902648110.jpg (265.91 KB, 1005x708, Screenshot_20190410-092323_Chr…)

No. 652052

>mentally unstable
uh vicky weren't you just talking about supporting mental health problems

No. 652079

For someone who's an intellectual and constantly works out she forgot to mention it. "Studying metrophysics and things that make me sound smart and practicing with my samurai sword." Guess when thinking of "cool" ways of describing herself, she forgot about former bragging points that dominate her life.

>can't be around people because they are narcissists

>sorry to EVERYONE who can't be friends with me
This is within the same "sentence" (vick mostly uses periods in 3s). You can't make this shit up. You can't parody this shit. This is real. This is true art.

No. 652237

ikr? the sheer lack of self awareness boggles the mind. it took me a while to accept she isn't just trolling everyone. What kind of mental deformity causes her to be this way?

No. 652260

How does she not see how ridiculous she looks when she treats mental health like the serious societal issue that it is and then in the same breath calls people 'mentally unstable bitches'?

No. 652291

She's got some Tayto crisps that she's saying are "imported from Britain" I'm beginning to think she's trolling us, those things are unavailable in great Britain, you can only get them in Northern Ireland which is UK but not Britain or ROI.

She can't even get being a sectarian millbag right.

No. 652303

Tayto are freely available in the uk, they're sold in most supermarkets, I've never seen anybody flex over crisps before though. Never change icky.

No. 652305

Where? I'd love to know, they are impossible to find here even in London. Anyway I wonder what Vic would think of their advertising talking about how they're the "home of banter in Ireland"

No. 652319

literally never seen them in any supermarkets in the UK

No. 652332

I've seen them in larger supermarkets in London that have an Irish food section (this was a few months ago though).
But seriously, of all the things to show off, and she chooses crisps? Surely there must be something better

No. 652342

"In the Irish section"

That's the point anon. It's ridiculous that she's touting them as an accessory of her Britishness when it's a famously Irish/Northern Irish brand.

I'd love to see a reality show that has Vicky meet people from the UK. It doesn't matter who those people are, the reaction to her would be gold.

No. 652374

Asda, tesco, sainsbury's and Iceland, also bizarrely at my local hospital too! They seem pretty prevalent, a quick Google search will throw up your nearest stockists anons.

No. 652397

File: 1555029176210.jpg (263.44 KB, 1064x2020, Screenshot_20190411_203301.jpg)

No. 652409

oh my god. Here we go.

No. 652435

Oh Shingles, is this where we call you "mentally unstable"?

No. 652489


Is she going to fake a suicide attempt? and blame it on the "haters" for driving her to this point. Then sperg about mental health awareness and how she shouldn't be criticized.

I feel like cows always vanish then claim some sort of health issue caused by "haters" and how they can't be criticized for anything because it'll worsen their condition.

No. 652505


I am guessing her and her young man broke up. Her relationship status on facebook is hidden now

No. 652506

File: 1555081873915.jpeg (135.84 KB, 698x747, 34CE1739-608B-4677-8972-DC9B39…)

“Epic dragon in PROGRESS” that looks like shit and already looks decades old

No. 652540

cackling at how bad this is. the scales will fade into nothing due to lack of outline, the fuck are those horns and i can't with that face.

have said this before but it's still applicable: this is something out of the back of a late 90s tattoo magazine.

No. 652550


yet another high end designer tattoo. Amazing

No. 652611

File: 1555105968450.png (200.97 KB, 750x1334, BDCB5105-EAE3-4A3B-AA28-D76544…)

Yup looks like they broke up not following each other on Instagram ether. big surprise they lasted all of what 6-7 months?

No. 652645

They're still following each other, just checked. Maybe you're blocked? She did take down her relationship status on FB though.

No. 652655

Allot of people do that check their instagrams it still looks like they are together but who cares. They deserve each other. Either way its funny.

No. 652658

Probably losing its spark still ^

No. 652707

>Religious Views: I'd illuminate you, but you wouldn't comprehend

Holy kek. I'd really love to see her elaborate on this.

No. 652770

Needs more white. Also, does she only have one size of needle? Such a scratcher.

No. 653000

File: 1555194176177.jpeg (168.34 KB, 749x971, 538D6957-A90C-46D2-A71E-58A9B6…)

big lol

No. 653008

I think she has completely abandoned the "intellectual Ivy League babe" persona because this sounds like the ramblings of a dumb bimbo with only a few brain cells. I guess she could only keep it up for a short amount of time because using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation was simply too much for her tiny brain to handle.

No. 653019


Still wearing that fake supreme sweater I see. Such a wealthy woman who quietly donated thousands to charity

No. 653028

File: 1555197240231.png (568.82 KB, 750x872, 8B4ED3A9-BEBB-47EF-88AE-F11BC6…)

No. 653226

File: 1555243752641.jpg (257.73 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20190414_080605.jpg)

Sticky is back with her everlasting wisdom and insightful posts about how she would never intentionally wrong you like pretending to be kidnapped to steal your deposit then accusing you of insulting people with cancer when you ask for your money back. or calling you mentally unstable and telling you to kill yourself if you disagree with her or leave a genuine review detailing her shitty business.

No. 653229

File: 1555243901214.jpg (355.86 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20190414_080625.jpg)

such wisdom.

No. 653283


She tries way too hard to sound smart that she just sounds like a fucking babbling idiot. This is embarrassing

No. 653678

File: 1555350053576.jpg (292.25 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20190415-133736_Chr…)

This coming from someone constantly screeching about women "copying" her. There's a screenshot in the last thread of a girl asking her to post a makeup tutorial and she literally refused because "she didn't want even more girls copying her".

No. 653680

File: 1555350234992.jpg (122.79 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20190415-134257_Chr…)

Sorry for double post, but for anyone who missed this is the last thread, here it is.

No. 653708

How she doesn't see the hypocrisy is beyond me.

No. 653748

this fucking bitch. where's the empowerment every time she plays the ~mentally ill~ card towards negative reviews, etc.

not that it matters, but i don't hate her at all, just find her behavior, editing and shitty tattoos hilarious. assuming anyone is jealous of anything she has or does is top tier delusion.

No. 653765

I fucking know!!
There isnt a rule that says in order to hate someone u have to be jealous and inferior. Bitch u just ain't likeable. Get over it lmao people from ALL walks of life seem to agree here.

No. 653781

Omfg the meme saying let me each you how to do my makeup then someone asks her and she’s a bitch about it. She is so unaware

No. 653782

I’m gonna start taking a shot every time viki posts something about jealous haters, being uplifting and bringing people up (then immediately making fun of people for being “mentally ill”), and insert something about her being a model

No. 653819

You might end up a drunk like Shingles, anon

No. 653891

File: 1555431024512.jpg (337 KB, 716x955, 20190416_120814.jpg)

Kek, the cringe. What the actual fucking shit is this silly crap?!

No. 653894


this is epic level stupidity here. And incorrect anyway as they saved that window, and the others. Way to jump a bandwagon there sprinkles

No. 653906

She's seriously using the tragedy of losing priceless art to focus attention onto herself. What a fucking cow.

No. 653920

> was taken
So wait… she really thinks people will believe this pic is real? Like, that she was standing in front of the window while the pic was taken? I mean i know she shoops herself in front of ridiculous backgrounds, but i thought she was open about them being fake. I thought she considered it "digital art" or whatever. Like who in the world would think this is real?

No. 653926

File: 1555438613084.jpg (51.02 KB, 710x400, 1555365131588.jpg)


TOTALLY REAL AND NOT FAKE!SHE IS FLOATING TOPLESS IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW AND GREW IN SIZE!!! The sun rays she shooped coming through the window is top kek. She always shoops herself into places pretending she travels. Like that one time she shooped in a background and tried to claim she was in Spain. She is a complete moron if she is trying to pass this off as real and it's extremely embarrassing

No. 653927

File: 1555438766440.jpg (14.49 KB, 533x67, Capture.JPG)


Someone isn't buying the bullshit and calling her out. How long will it take for her to delete this persons comment then harass them?

No. 653929

Lmao. Because the people running Notre Dame cathedral would allow a nude woman wearing 16 lbs of make up and hair extensions to lean their body against priceless stained glass. You’d have to be soooo dumb to believe this but then again that’s Vicky’s whole deal

No. 653930

She's not nude silly anon, this artistic and tasteful shoot was paid by the french ministry of culture to promote the country. The implied nudity symbolizes purity and innocence while still being beatutiful and provocative

No. 653932

“Norte dame cathedral may be gone. But don’t worry, my ethereal and mysterious goddess-like beauty will still be here to grace the public for years to come, and is comparable, nay, exceeds the aesthetic perfection of what we lost.”

No. 653935

File: 1555444017638.jpeg (63.19 KB, 750x415, 38FCB595-4D21-4BB8-B4ED-8E86F7…)

She deleted the photo, kek. But not before I managed to screenshot this hilarious attempt to keep the lie going. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the actual rose window 10 metres in diameter? And at least 30 metres up the wall? Jesus Vic.

No. 653936

She must have immediately deleted it. She is so embarrassing. Every time something tragic happens, she has to make it about herself. But we’re all the narcissists, right?

No. 653937

Wow anon you weren’t aware that she and Frankie can fly? Everyone knows that

No. 653938

Viki with the double lie. Could have easily said the obvious, that it’s a photoshopped background but instead she’s still implying she was there AND with an invisible shirt on. No wonder she deleted it. I knew she was a compulsive liar but to lie about something that OBVIOUSLY isn’t true is so amusing to watch

No. 653939

I was in a flesh covered shirt covering up my boobie duh. Doesn’t everyone do this? If not they will now because everyone copies me

No. 653940

That's what I don't get. She could've just said "I created this collage to honor the beauty" or whatever and everything would've been fine. There's literally nothing wrong with that. (except her abysmal skills)

No. 653958

Come on now anon, icky would never acknowledge anything to be more 'beautiful' than her. Notre dame was copying her dontcha know, her beauty was nothing compared to vicky.

No. 653969

Not even considering the fact that there’s literally shadows on her where the sun would be coming through the window. Like girl this is embarrassing

No. 653985

fucking dead.

the unblended extensions are killing me, like it's just a glaring fact of how lazy she is yet will lie to try and make herself look cool.

No. 653986

Somebody just won the next thread image contest.

No. 654032

this is the weirdest damn lie

I'm trying to find the image she used, but it doesn't even seem like it's a Notre Dame window? Can anyone confirm?

No. 654056

Honestly I hope she never stops with the outrageous lies. The lies themselves and normal people's reactions to them are what make her a priceless cow.

No. 654069

I just love how she had to say “how little I have changed” While trying to pass off this ancient shoop. I used to wonder if she actually believed her own delusions of grandeur but this just proves she doesn’t. She knows she’s pathetic irl and needs to lie & deceive others to get the attention she craves. It’s sad. Such a waste.

No. 654070

Meanwhile other adults her age are in their prime of contributing to the world, maturing in their relationships and having families of their own. I’m around her age and live in the same part of Ontario and none of my friends are acting like this in their early 30s.(no1curr)

No. 654091

File: 1555519115357.jpg (257.34 KB, 896x768, image.jpg)

You're damn right it isn't. Pic very related. You don't have to be an art historian to see how the frame and the glass look nothing like the window in her picture. This is the northern one, the others look similar.

What the fuck Vicky? This has to be my new favourite shoop of hers lmao

No. 654092

File: 1555519622816.jpeg (81.62 KB, 739x575, 78C6699F-2DAD-41AD-94B0-ABA06E…)

No. 654102

Except Vic hasn't even been to Paris. Extra pathetic and gross.

No. 654215

File: 1555548760245.jpeg (161.65 KB, 739x1079, 4D02D0BD-EAD2-4EEE-AB33-ACD7CF…)

Looks is more important than values and being established

No. 654235

File: 1555553017722.jpg (383.73 KB, 1080x1207, 20190417_220307.jpg)

She keeps answering these, and it's all almost directly after reposting this post. Good ol' hypocrisy. It's the one thing Shingles has mastered.

No. 654293

Lmao this is the most hilarious thing Ive seen all day! I'm french and I was a bit bummed about the fire but this is gold.

My thoughts: She probs wanted to cash on the fire event and didn't bother googling the Rose window or simply assumed it was a generic glass window with flower patterns kek. Then when she tried to peak at what the real thing looks like she realised she wouldn't be able to bullshit her brainwashed followers into believing that for a second.

I'm 100% sure most of her "friends" know what a fucking pathological liar she is and laugh behind her back.

No. 654349

File: 1555609216078.png (846.34 KB, 1219x632, Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 18.3…)

How is this pedo /poltard-posting from prison? Do Canada just let ppl off child porn charges?!

No. 654350

Oh wait, my bad. I confused her dad for her pedo bro

No. 654424

File: 1555627702369.jpg (464.47 KB, 1080x1531, 20190418_184558.jpg)

The photoshop on this is abysmal. inb4 "Pam Anderson is a babe but I was doing this look before her".

No. 654426

I still can't believe how damn delusional this bitch is.

No. 654428

We should be in awe over the fact that she didn't shoop her legs stick thin this time.

No. 654455

File: 1555636013986.jpeg (471.67 KB, 750x1099, 5C18A0EA-E3AA-480D-B0F0-C15D6A…)


This warped beef arm is distracting the hell out of me

No. 654459


omg this is an absolute train wreck. Frankie is back now that the boyfriend is out. no one to call her out on how she doesn't look like that, kek

No. 654468

Boyfriend left already? Wow I’m behind on the shingles shenanigans

No. 654484

File: 1555643676147.jpeg (164.94 KB, 750x1278, F68150ED-7155-49B2-BF25-2F91CD…)

All the pixelation and warping around all the obviously shopped shit is hilarious.

No. 654485

File: 1555643778375.jpeg (185.39 KB, 750x1188, 0F655DEE-70D3-4B4D-9112-3EF53D…)

Some of her facial features are super blobby and smooth and others super stark… her hair looks whispy and blobby? like if Donald trump had a CGI wig…

No. 654498

Looks like she’s photoshopping herself a new body type. My phone isn’t working properly but you can tell she made her hips look bigger and curvy if you zoom in a little

No. 654499

Jfc Tori doesn’t look ANYTHING like this, not even on a “good” day. She quite literally has the worst case of body dysmorphia I’ve ever seen. Oof

No. 654514


Her eyelashes on the right are are warped and fucked up from mass shooping oh my god this is hilarious.

No. 654516

File: 1555661537621.jpeg (394.12 KB, 750x855, 281B1AC9-67CF-45F1-967A-C9F7E7…)

She posted this on Instagram too what kills me the most is the fake Versace men’s swim shorts. She always buys fake designer shit like that surpreme hoodie and tries to pass it off as the real thing. She’s pathetic. Also she hashtagged her own shitty fake name LOL

No. 654524

This is better than her usual shoops but still just so bad. Why does she insist on photoshopping necklaces onto herself?

No. 654566

File: 1555678629513.jpg (8.3 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190419134838242.jpg)


Lol that scrubbed hand!! Back in September last yr anons commented on that pure filth that was an unwashed fake tanned hand, next fake tanned picture she posts, hand is scrubbed clean.. Yet she never pays any attention to jealous mentally ill haters.. really makes you thonk.

Glad we could help icky.

No. 654569


I can't deny, she looks incredible here. But I know it's not real

No. 654576

File: 1555684721105.jpg (58.56 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_20190419-102223_Ins…)

It must be going through an identity crisis because she changed her bio AGAIN because any attention is good attention! Lmao okay vic, delusional, kek your such an "unbothered" "bossbabe" but in the REAL WORLD people see… that basic ass hoes like this hate being forgotten it's like she actually likes looking like an aged washed up attention whore! She just lives for any form of drama out of desperation for her boring af life and honestly that stomach tattoo… WOOF! But hey I must be either jealous or jacking off! There is NO INBETWEEN OR OTHER OPINION that can exist lmao! This has to be the angriest heffer I've ever seen! If her life is so great, what is she so angry about all the time?! I cant wrap my head around the stupidity! She hates on the trolls more than they hate on her and she knows it!

No. 654579

File: 1555684832120.jpg (371.88 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20190419_103542.jpg)

#curvy #thick #athleticbuild #swordweilder #rings

these hashtags have me feeling a little nauseated. add to that the fake shooped in jewelry. c'mon Sticky. those of us who have seen you in real life know how very little you resemble this. even in the facial features. I have never known anyone to go to these lengths for internet asspats. too bad you would prefer that over actually contributing to society. you're not ugly or stupid. you're just average. nothing wrong with that. you are a hellish cow though with a shit personality so I guess you need the asspats. carry on.

No. 654581

Her and her lame pet are still shacked up! Shes probably still just looking for an upgrade…

No. 654584

File: 1555685643361.jpg (80.6 KB, 720x840, IMG_20190419_104534_945~2.jpg)

Don't you know anons?! Everyone on this forum is just jealous of her obvious "I woke up like this" general perfection! Doesn't it make the most sense?! Lmao! that's the rule!! Kek the delusion is strong in this one! In REALITY fucking nobodies jealous of someone who feels the need to actually photoshop their hairline… it's just depressing to look at!

No. 654586

Awe how cute! I wonder where she would even be without us?! Probably just a tad greasier…

No. 654589

She deleted her notre dame post… I wonder the hell why?! Kek

No. 654599

File: 1555698081906.jpeg (145.23 KB, 750x972, 4C809855-DCB6-4C31-8087-4A7033…)

They broke up, color me shocked.

No. 654621


As soon as they broke up her remote control and photoshop aka Frankie did a “photoshoot”

No. 654635

what’s the batting average on her ex googling her and finding this thread to spill milk, you reckon? it’s probably astronomically low but a bitch can hope.

No. 654650

Aw I wonder what happened. Did the boyfriend finally ask why is she so unkept all the time? Wish he'd swing by for a milk spill.

No. 654656

File: 1555720104972.jpeg (147.15 KB, 750x641, E605E8FE-0C4D-440E-A785-FB36EB…)

A subtle warning to her ex not to spill any milk?

No. 654657

She probably couldn’t handle having a boyfriend who didn’t post about her on social media constantly. From what I’ve gotten from her past ex’s she basically expected them to be her photographer 24/7. I was curious about how his apparent lack of social media presence would affect her. She probably couldn’t handle dating someone that wasn’t telling the internet what a thin beautiful genius she is all the time. Apparently dating her comes with a significant amount of social media pressure/couple photos/constant praise.

No. 654658

File: 1555721414447.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 7D7F678F-A5DA-4258-AA81-0C81F8…)

A lot of her story’s have been cryptic and cheater-y I’m guessing he might have been looking else where, plus the guy is a 24 yr old dishwasher he’s not interested in getting married and having baby’s. Things she started talking about startlingly soon after announcing they were in a relationship and they were together what, 7 months?

No. 654664

Almost 100% of anything she posts regarding relationships is r/nicegirl or pick-me tier content. She should grow up and realize that “relationship” doesn’t mean “someone who worships me like an ethereal faux British sex and rock n roll goddess” and shockingly is something that takes effort for both people involved.

No. 654673

File: 1555727451760.jpeg (25.17 KB, 640x544, received_2824031434303965.jpeg)


No. 654683

I’m pretty sure this is in response to >>654516 or just general paranoia from fake designer shit. These trunks don’t exist anywhere for women. I’m convinced she didn’t even buy fakes – she just shooped the Greca motif in there.

No. 654692


lol did she seriously just steal some lyrics from nirvana to put in her bio

No. 654725

File: 1555769686631.jpeg (295.57 KB, 1242x630, FA5126BA-263D-43B3-AF7C-9E0585…)

on time for appointments..lol

No. 654731

File: 1555773960404.jpeg (744.74 KB, 2048x2048, 6A6B3ABB-538F-46B0-97C2-F3E62C…)

Also something doesn’t seem right about her much talked about but rarely shown stomach tattoo… the positioning is different in both pictures….

No. 654765

File: 1555795840949.jpeg (358.35 KB, 1905x1242, C26F025B-7209-4E08-B58E-A724A3…)

Not like it needed to be said anyways….

No. 654767

It's likely the shooping. She has it in videos, and I dont think she has the skills to do a fake tat on after effects. Just warping it by pulling in her waist. The waist shoop on this is a mess. Tried to clean up the shadow and failed too.

No. 654786

I think it’s because the breasts are just pasted on. They belong to someone else

No. 654788

It kills me that she has a completely different body shape in EVERY picture. Same goes for her face. & the fact that she tries to play her self timer disasters into photo shoots kills me. You mean to tell me EVEY a photographer you’ve worked with not only edits the absolute fuck out of their work, but also uses the same gaudy “diGiTal ArT”?! Please.

No. 654805


she shooped it weirdly bigger? her stomach is hanging over the stanks shorts shes wearing- where her thumb is.

No. 654814

File: 1555812964025.jpeg (728.66 KB, 1632x1632, 0B0E37E5-3BBA-4845-8A69-D6FFC4…)

Vickys new post is nightmare fuel (darkened and sharpened)

No. 654820


Damn “Frankie” has been around a lot lately since her break up lmao. She needs male thirst the second she becomes available

No. 654838

File: 1555817102270.png (552.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190420-201814.png)

I think her boyfriend is featured in the background of her current Instagram story? Or it's a lookalike. Attached a screenshot but it's kind of crappy.

No. 654848

Doesn't look like the same dude and also, the fuck does that caption mean?

No. 654850

File: 1555818195990.jpeg (144.06 KB, 738x1132, 2CF8AC58-6861-42F6-A220-30F48A…)

>>my lashes are naturally super long and blackkkkkk

Bitch, where?

No. 654863

Did she photoshop someone else's tits on to herself for this pic? The hell's going on there?

Also, why the hell does she always go out of her way to make sure her lips look like a glossy, puckered anus? Does she really think it looks good?

No. 654871

File: 1555820983219.jpeg (189.4 KB, 750x750, CB92BA36-EF4D-47C5-99F8-E11FB9…)

I’ve actually had a hunch about this for a while. We all know that Vicky has saggy flappers in real life and photoshops her boobs to oblivion. However, I remember seeing bunny’s pictures back in the day and bunny had a very distinct mole on her boob. I’ve been seeing more and more of that mole on vickys boob shoops lately. My theory is that Vicky has been shopping bunny’s boobs into her own pics. I’ve included pictures for reference. She couldn’t possibly be that dumb, could she?

No. 654897

LMAO not even dumb, just imagine being THAT crazy. Didn't bunny come here to clear up that she wants nothing to do with Icky in some threads past? (Unless I'm remembering).

Hahahaha imagine if she called icks out for stealing her tits. Holy fuck, that's just too wild for me. Like I can see maybe stealing some random's tits from google search or a stock photo or something if you're so insecure you need to plaster another person's tits onto yourself, but her previous 'friend'? God that is way too weird. Maybe it was Icky skinwalking Bunny all along…

No. 654924


This ham hog is how old and doesn’t have a morning routine??? Wow it must be so nice to sleep your lazy fat ass in until noon and be an unproductive irresponsible loser. Of course the weekend never phased her before. I treasure my weekends when I am able to sleep in a few extra hours. This bitch

No. 654932

I think she extended the cleavage line with photoshop. Not even kidding.

No. 654933

Her lips aren't tiny or huge, just average sized.
The prolapsed anus look is purely her pouting like that. I don't even think she gets fillers, she just pulls that weird pouting grimace.

No. 654961


She couldn’t afford fillers so it’s def not that

No. 654966

You’re blowing my mind anon. It would make sense though. Vicky has always photoshopped herself to look more like how Bunny looks irl.

No. 655355

File: 1555987180313.jpg (314.8 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20190422-223609_Chr…)

>call other people idiots

No. 655384

File: 1555993199972.jpg (101.11 KB, 970x545, 6142fafe1eebccbe8da2a107242d59…)

>"I learnes the hard way"

Does you vikki?

Does you learnes the hardest?!

No. 655415

No, Vic, you don’t “learnes” at all. Ever. That’s the problem.

No. 655434

My sides are burning with the passion of one thousand suns.

>learnes now and never come back!!!!!!!

No. 655437

File: 1556029904378.jpeg (365.6 KB, 876x683, C8DDE7C7-747E-457D-892B-7457FC…)

That ps wavy boob line too
>>654932 is correct af

No. 655440

File: 1556033687032.jpg (369.65 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20190423_111008.jpg)

when you go to Vicks to "get inkeddddd"

No. 655685


i think you mean "want inked?!1?2", anon.

at least try to get on icky's superior intellectual level!!!

No. 655707

File: 1556120898793.jpg (343.4 KB, 1059x2009, Screenshot_20190424_114600.jpg)

Are we sure she isn't with the boyfriend anymore? She's obviously still wanting babies. Hopefully she isn't able to procreate. Some people just shouldn't and she is definitely one of them.

No. 655742

God I hope not. Can you imagine her photoshopping her pregnant body?

No. 655744

That first paragraph is so cringy. Such a narcissistic thing to say. Also it’s must HAVE, Viki, not must of. I guess your grad school professors accidentally forgot to teach you proper grammar.

No. 655745

Imagine her photoshopping her baby! AHAHAHA

No. 655746

She’ll probably end up killing herself in hopes someone will make a documentary.

No. 655747

I can see her photoshopping naturallllly longgg eyelashesss on her poor child

No. 655749

File: 1556133093754.jpg (337.85 KB, 1080x1489, 20190424_151116.jpg)

They did break up

No. 655766

File: 1556135469805.png (685.46 KB, 750x1334, 85045FA2-064E-4452-88BA-348076…)

Dude smartened up and put his dick somewhere else instead of crazy.

No. 655782

File: 1556138043447.jpg (577.32 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20190424-163329_Chr…)

Or just flat out dumped her

No. 655796

File: 1556140842536.png (430.03 KB, 505x859, Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.3…)

Normally id agree that he just snapped out of it and came to his sense's but all her vague books/stories have been about cheating and being cheated on…

No. 655846

File: 1556152073335.jpeg (160.38 KB, 1024x750, DE7A556C-268F-4630-AE45-1C28FD…)

I just happened upon this and Jesus Christ (and this was from 9 years ago)

No. 655861

I don't know. she strikes me the clingy and crazy type. the type to accuse you of cheating when you did something as simple as go to work where there are females

No. 655872

File: 1556160975748.png (229.57 KB, 526x354, makeup.png)

Nice make-up!

No. 655896

I can hear her now saying “this was nine yearssss ago” but the problem is that nine years ago, she was still photoshopping her pictures pretending to be someone she’s not. So her uploads from nine years ago looked totally different than tagged pictures.

Also I love how her boobs are saggy even though she’s in a bra. She either needs two bras or photoshop…Bunny needs to trademark her tiddies

No. 655899

File: 1556167642049.jpeg (269.54 KB, 750x561, CA224B10-58AD-4855-8AE1-668894…)

Her tiddies look like they are melting off her body. Imagine how much saggier they are now a decade later and all those dirty cigarettes? Yikes

No. 655900

I’ve seen 60 year olds with perkier tits than Vic. “Natural c shape” my ass, those are some sad, pendulous “u shapes”. And this was almost a decade ago, I refuse to imagine what they would look like now.

No. 655902

Sorry for the double post, but why does the left one look infected???

No. 655904

her tits are fine, but your reaction is valid because she insists on exaggerating everything beyond human proportions when she edits. it makes sense that the regular appearance of them looks so much saggier compared to the edited imaginary version, but seriously, they’re not even close to “melting off her body.” i’ve seen way worse on younger people with unfortunate circumstances.

No. 655906

If she didn’t edit them to beach balls and constantly brag about being “all natural” it wouldn’t be an issue. They’re definitely saggier than average, but nobody would comment on it if she wasn’t such a massive liar.

No. 655991

Agreed. Her natural boobs look WAY better than the ones she copies and pastes and draws on herself. She takes a picture of her perfectly fine, average body and paints a whole new body on before she even allows herself to upload it. She has serious body dysmorphia. Part of me wants her to get help but the other part of me finds her lie of a life to be numerous. The fact that she tried to get away with saying she was naked in Notre Dame kills me. What other middle aged woman does that?

No. 655993


No. 655996

File: 1556215893461.png (164.02 KB, 929x865, v.png)

I wonder if she forgot she has this?

No. 655997

She may want to remove the “google me” part

Also 31? Yikes

No. 656062

>Weight: 10 lbs
>photoshop wiz

lmao vic, you card

No. 656079

she's been doing the hands and hair in face pose forever, and the about me section is cringey but funny. guess this was before she became a scratcher, and what gore has she ever specialized in lol.

No. 656099

lol i just remembered on myspace she posted a pic with like crazy eyelashes shopped on and said she got eyelash extensions surgically implanted or something

No. 656106

Oh wow I actually remember that. Pretty sure she said that in like 09 and I looked into getting eyelash implants and couldnt find anything about it’s existence. I was such a naive teenager. I also believed she actually looked like her pictures

No. 656115

wow she has no bangs. does she shoop on hair?

No. 656134

File: 1556261644385.png (168.55 KB, 929x865, 1556215893461.png)

She's a fashion designer now? Has she always made that claim?

No. 656140

she probably just meant wearing a corset backwards but also if you look closely it says last activity was in 2010 so she has probably abandoned that like her 300IQ persona

No. 656145

Look up bella morte clothing on Facebook. She literally slapped some tacky photoshop on some T-shirt’s, never actually made one in real life and calls herself an “international clothing designer”

No. 656146

File: 1556278838019.jpeg (212.02 KB, 750x993, 271C49B1-F428-4D85-AD45-F0D2CD…)

No. 656169

For someone who says so much about everyone copying her, it amuses me that she basically stole the Affliction clothing lines entire ordeal.

No. 656311

File: 1556334062472.jpeg (176.63 KB, 750x758, 8AF34328-5EB5-441B-AA02-F222D8…)

I’m soooo sure you’ve tattood highly established people. With their income they wouldn’t come to your scratcher shack. They would go to an actual artist for a high quality tattoo. Her lies to make herself seem successful is embarrassing

No. 656316

File: 1556335316286.jpeg (233.83 KB, 750x617, 98DD9E7B-1675-451C-8965-64FF9D…)

No. 656319

hahah vickys clientele/organising system is a post it note with "monday: trey ???" written on it

and why does she always try and show off by saying she tattoos nurses and doctors? I guess to try and seem like she's really hygienic or something..like she should be anyway lol

No. 656331


why the fuck would a health professional

A: go to a shop with such shit poor reviews

B: ”tease” anyone about proper sanitary practices

Her blatant fabrications/cover ups are so pathetically transparent.

No. 656379

Honestly, she's trying to brag here but it sounds like she only bothers to really set up properly for her "health professional" clients. And even though she constantly gets made fun of for it she still says "gratefull" and "alot".

No. 656380

Don’t forget “liddle”.

No. 656388

Because celebrities would go to her backwoods shack in podunk Guleph. Sure thing Vic. Between that post and the Rose Window, she may be on the road to another narc rage.

No. 656434

There is no such thing as the Health Board of Canada.

No. 656448

File: 1556386408082.jpeg (526.78 KB, 750x1256, 9068E32E-BDC7-47DF-B63D-8A4417…)

She edits everything.


That IQ

No. 656478


Neurosurgeons don’t go to your shit hole, Vick

No. 656489

File: 1556396471690.jpg (412.17 KB, 710x1025, Screenshot_20190427-211030.jpg)

Its 'clientele' icky.
I'm sure all the high ranking ceo astrophysicist neurosurgeons could club together and buy you a dictionary as a thank you for your 'most sterile environment that ever existed anywhere'.

In other vic related stupidity, what the actual fuck does she mean here?? Is she saying that she avoids people for month's and then randomly gets into their bed??

Inb4 new edit/post decrying "I've alwayss spellt clientelle thisss waaay..

No. 656500

>I’m not scared

Uh, yea you are. You’re the biggest scaredy-cat on the internet. You’re so terrified of people knowing how average and boring you are in every aspect of your life. You’re average in your looks, your art, your tattooing, your IQ, your weight.

You’re so scared that you have to compulsively lie on a daily basis about who you are and how you are. And over compensate about everything, and pile on “extremes” so no one can see how painfully average you really are.

No. 656503

I'd get if she said the Canadian health inspectors or whatever but her using all caps makes it seem like that's the actual name for the health inspectors. I think she's trying to refer to the Public Health Agency of Canada or Health Canada but she knows jack shit about her own country. Her hillbilly ass really comes out strong when she tries to act smart doesn't it?

Love how she suddenly edited the post to talk about how she got an app to take care of appointments for her so she won't forget. Because if a celeb made an appointment for her shop they'd totally check her Facebook page for her post of "who has the appointment tomorrow at 8? It's cancelled, message me!" And let her know they'll reschedule at her convenience. Side note, who the fuck visits Guelph? And also decides to suddenly get a tattoo there? I get people with family there or whatever (and maybe CEO's checking their Guelph stuff) but celebs? Maybe that's a bias I have from living in other parts of Canada, but still

No. 656504

File: 1556400823899.jpeg (42.93 KB, 567x561, 06FF17CA-38BA-450F-BD9D-F17C9C…)

Her unironic use of ‘epic’ gets me everytime.

No. 656531

I wonder if she has some type of mental illness (aside from narcissism, body dysmorphia, and compulsive lying) like a learning deficit disorder. She can’t spell, she can’t even form proper sentences no matter how simple it should be, and she lives in fantasy land. Sorry to arm-chair, it’s just so hard to read her posts.

No. 656545

I think she's just very unaware, insecure and stupid. not medically anything, just a regular old dumbass lol

No. 656558

File: 1556411683185.jpeg (66.25 KB, 750x458, 16A5A6FA-0070-45AE-BA1D-891F3A…)

This guy called her out but she didn’t reply. She liked the gif comment tho hahaha. Dude probably had her slide into his DMs harassing him

No. 656575

She’s a non functioning alcoholic

No. 656577

i think she must be at least a little retarded. Not realising how obvious her bullshitting is to everyone else takes a little bit of retardation, even for a narcissist.

No. 656590


I think she’s just used to stretching the truth far into another dimension like her MySpace days and never grew up or out of it so still puts on this online mask of being so successful and something she wishes she could be. You can be anyone on the internet. She spends more time online in her hovel getting drunk than in the real world. She created this character and seeks validation and likes over anything because it boosts her ego and makes her feel good in this fantasy world she created for herself. I mean I could see someone in their teens doing this but someone in their 30’s? She will die alone

No. 656591

She always big upped her relationship online and being ~the perfect gf~ and it just suddenly ended when the stuff the put out there made it seem like it was amazing. Behind the scenes is a completely different story

No. 656602

right and then the reason they broke up is something like "oh he's a great guy, it just didn't work out" as if that's ever an actual reason for a breakup (and you know she's a cool girl so she doesn't blame him like all those other dumb sluts would)

No. 656627

File: 1556423703916.jpeg (39.51 KB, 750x395, F11EB37C-CC34-41DB-ABC2-F9E4FD…)

There is a new video on her insta of her flailing around her replica sword and it’s hilarious. Whenever I see her post this shit I think of that star wars kid viral video of the guy flailing around a lightsaber in his garage

No. 656641

File: 1556424600011.jpg (245.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190426-232228_Ins…)

Fucking kek recently posted 2 her stories u can see how 30 she is and what fucking delusional "weightloss" if anything she is editing herself thicker than usual even though she still pinches in her waist a whole bunch but fr make up your mind u old scag ass hambeast! I love how after probably breaking her poor bfs heart and not giving a fuck shes already seeking asspats from strangers for her stuffed pushup bra effect, bitch we know when u take off the layers of photoshop and God knows what else to hold u together people be like bitch where did u go?! Fuck this is to good!

No. 656645

File: 1556424847126.jpg (296.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190426-231515_Ins…)

Also, What weightloss?! u can clearly see her gut is worse here than ever! This wouldent even matter if she wasn't so fake about everything… no one cares that your average icky, just the delusion is strong in this one…

No. 656646

I just love how she needs her boobs validated by strangers on the internet. Dis tew much >>656627 also I can smell this probably cause of the fucking shorts she refused to change all winter. But I think she already removed the video

No. 656672

File: 1556427482430.gif (2.47 MB, 420x600, 25516D4F-9BD3-44C7-AFD2-3D790F…)

this is embarrassing as usual, her swordplay is surely a crime against the heath board of Canada

No. 656673

File: 1556427499499.jpeg (23.09 KB, 275x395, 422223B4-3FCC-491F-9742-EC73B3…)


The video is still up. #athelicbuild

No. 656675

File: 1556427642204.gif (1.29 MB, 435x600, 4F2AB2D9-DCBB-4508-BE60-6F6F26…)

sensei Bella Mortesan

No. 656679


She has the body shape of a potato. She’s so flabby and has no ass

No. 656681

The blindfolding makes it cringier.
Like anyone can do repeated movements with a blindfold.
It would be more impressive if she had like objects, dummies or people standing there while she spergs out and misses them. Same as when she throws her 'throwing knives' at a large wooden surface with no targets or goals painted on them.

Literally anyone can swing a sword or throw shit at a piece of wood.
Kids hit pinatas with blindfolds on. Does she realise that the blindfolding makes it look even dumber?
Don't answer that.

No. 656691


This is so fucking embarrassing. She probably thinks she looks like such an ~anime uwu final fantasy ninja warrior goddess~ but she really just looks like a mega autistic 14 year old incel.

No. 656711

File: 1556434743853.jpeg (515.43 KB, 1242x1347, 72195C3A-01BB-442C-BCC4-E61849…)

Yeah she’s definitely not all the way there

No. 656714

Where are her friends? Who allowed her to post this?

No. 656723

what friends, anon? you think frankie will stop her? hahahaha, holy fuck

whenever I think she can't reach a new level she manages. there has to be some kind of serious mental development/stunting issues. is this the true face of hitting your 'peak' in the myspace era? if icky was my child I'd disown her, holy shit. pretty sure everyone within a 100 mile radius of ol' ick dies of second hand embarrassment, leaving her to her own retarded devices

No. 656728

That 'dominant woman' thing that she's talking about is that it's often common for someone who is a large personality/dominant person at their job to be opposite in the bedroom. It's cosmo magazine shit though and isn't proven except for like small studies for puff pieces.

No. 656729

Pretty much an excuse for her to be a starfish in bed

No. 656773

aaaand it's deleted

No. 656782

>commenter says one word

>I’m totally doing this, I’ll show you in person!!!! I have proof that someone has seen me do this! My ex saw me!!! I’ll go live someday to show everyone I can really do this!!!

No. 656792


It’s still up and only has 65 likes which is really low for her

No. 656830

File: 1556477673264.jpg (595.01 KB, 1060x1527, Screenshot_20190428-145214_Chr…)

Not popping up for me for some reason. Oh well.

No. 656837

Me either. And I’m really disappointed because Vicky sword fighting videos are my all time favourite cringe.

No. 656844

it’s still up for me however everyone should see Vicky2Bmorte in action, no sound so just mentally insert your favorite anime AMV song


No. 656885

File: 1556491385480.png (96.29 KB, 500x498, when-the-cringe-is-too-strong-…)

Lmao I don't know whether to thank you or curse you anon. Top tier cringe.

No. 656892

File: 1556492925671.jpeg (36.58 KB, 750x407, 7F51665B-C868-4DE7-AEF7-419B3F…)

Back off, kid. I’ve been training for years I will slice you in two

No. 656923

File: 1556499793917.jpeg (147.12 KB, 750x373, ED070258-8412-435B-952E-E8BC96…)

I can’t fit into jeans and your husband wants me

No. 656976

File: 1556507791835.png (60.86 KB, 420x294, 7b13dc4c5f0faed9d730c5f280c27c…)

Good ol' random drunk ranting about a situation that never happened. Or some older woman cringed at her behaivour and she reckoned she must be jealous cause she wore clothing that she spilled out of that night.

No. 657016

God, she really hates women huh?

No. 657024

File: 1556536462875.jpeg (254.04 KB, 1242x740, AF595994-E247-47BE-B1E5-A3BB4F…)

Who is she to call anyone uneducated? “Ur”? “Ect”?

No. 657026

There is no such thing as Health Board of Canada, she's thinking of Health Canada, and they have nothing to do with inspecting tattoo shops. Funny enough, her shop is listed as inspected on the site of the organization that does inspections for Guelph. So she is either lying or is retarded, either way, she has no business calling anyone uneducated.


No. 657036

I posted this comment and she blocked me like a coward, so I can’t reply by telling her that when you capitalize something you are making it into a proper noun. Too bad we didn’t all graduate from the Yale Clown College of Ninja Arts with a major in Self Delusion and a minor in Bad Photoshop and Spelling(Cowtipping)

No. 657070

File: 1556558458438.jpg (349.79 KB, 1078x1137, Screenshot_20190429-131857_Chr…)

"Jealous" , "mentally unstable" and "uneducated" don't qualify personal attacks apparently. The lack of awareness is jarring.

No. 657078

File: 1556559431490.jpeg (97.41 KB, 750x570, 853DCBD8-13DD-46D9-B900-FC09E5…)


So in that case nobody should ever listen to her I guess. Does she wake up with amnesia every day and forget what she’s actually like? It’s the only reason I can imagine someone being so hypocritical.

No. 657085


Wasn't this from when she accused someone of stalking her taking pictures of her shop when the photo has a google map pin right in the picture that was pulled from google earth? She's retarded

No. 657093

File: 1556561635905.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4000x3532, 666FE924-FFCA-4355-96B5-5FCDBC…)

She’s shooping a Kim Kardashian ass on herself now

No. 657101

File: 1556562919745.jpeg (137.88 KB, 750x936, C2EC37B0-4409-4256-A05D-463B4E…)


Looks like she’s picked up a new lie.

No. 657104


holy shit this is mega embarrassing. i legit cringed. she can't stop self-promoting, and she's so ham-fisted about it. her delusion level makes me uncomfortable!

and why is she acting like there aren't jeans that shape to your body? does she think all jeans are meme-level raw denim that the old-time cowboys wore?

No. 657105


but she has no ass and her waist is wider than her lies. She needs to give up on this ~smol waist~ lie. People that know her in person must roll their eyes when they read this shit she says knowing that her gut flows over her pants so she has to hike them over her belly button like a stuffed ham

No. 657106

Right like basic Instagram models with stomach lipo and butt implants even wear jeans.

Also I love how anytime a video involving movement too much for photoshop, she’s always dressssed like a tommboyyyy, aka hides her potato body. So convenient

No. 657130


Still makes her look like a penguin in videos. And then she spreads her legs apart to make them look smaller

No. 657245

File: 1556589266010.jpeg (298.36 KB, 1632x1632, 8FEBC4CE-5C3B-4E0D-BB34-A0AEF5…)

>> “mental health is important
>> ”I don’t respond to personal attacks, they make a person look weak”
>>”I don’t even bother responding to people who don’t meet my intellectual capacity and can amicably argue to issue at hand


No. 657246

File: 1556589360626.jpeg (223.6 KB, 1242x826, 2FA89D79-7443-4051-A8FE-7ADECA…)

Lol ok Vicky

No. 657268

File: 1556593609798.jpeg (179.77 KB, 750x675, D282B6D7-FA8D-45F2-A81B-5A50FE…)

She literally shooped a tan on her whole body and I can’t stop laughing

No. 657303

Guess she isn’t into being called Tori anymore

No. 657352

File: 1556633787157.png (336.01 KB, 492x737, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.1…)

Just Wow…

No. 657359

A little bruised?? tattoos are not supposed to look like someone beat the shit out of you.

No. 657361

holy crap that's not normal right

No. 657365

Holy SHIT I have never seen that kind of bruising from a tattoo, wtf did she do to him?? I've had tattoos in that same spot, that is NOT normal. He looks like she ground the needle in as hard as she could. She has no idea how to keep the ink from falling out later and is obviously trying to fix her deficiencies by maiming her hapless clients. It wont work.

I wish the health board would put a stop to her dangerous hobby.

No. 657368

File: 1556637907961.jpg (463.08 KB, 809x1492, Screenshot_20190430-082248_Chr…)

No and it's the reason her tattoos fade to nothing within a few years of application. You are supposed to tattoo into the middlenlauer of skin in order to get the body to preserve the ink between in an immune response. Vicky grinds the ink as deep as she can get, because she has no idea what she's doing. And this is a guarantee that the body will reject the ink, in addition to being horribly painful and giving a high risk of infection.

No. 657369

I wonder how he’s going to feel once she removes this from her timeline

No. 657371

Probably like a beaten up nerd. And it isn't on her timeline on her profile or her page from what I see.

No. 657383

wait so you're saying this guy isn't a successful neurosurgeon??

No. 657392

Of course someone needs a candy logo to prove their proficiency in the field of neurology.

I've never seen this…I can't even believe tattooing would do this unless it was some allergic reaction. This looks like serious trauma.

No. 657404


even if we ignore the bruising, that is absolutely shitty tattoo. so wobbly and weird.

No. 657435


>>”light handed and empathetic”

Ok then.

No. 657442


This is horrible i feel bad for her victim. This honestly belongs on a tattoo shaming page

No. 657443

File: 1556657277550.jpg (22.6 KB, 458x256, vdfvsdfvde.JPG)


What does he mean by lots of layers?? Did she just hammer layers upon layers of ink into this poor guy?? I' pretty sure you're not supposed to do that

No. 657450

She never did a proper apprenticeship so she doesn’t understand how ink takes to skin. She just hammers in layer after layer like you would if you were working on paper.

No. 657545

File: 1556682093263.jpg (332.4 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20190430_233958.jpg)

this just in: Vic thinks she "fixes" other artists' work when she butchers and bruises them

No. 657592

a mess on top of another mess lol. have also never seen an actual tattoo artists wear those kind of gloves, looking like they came out a box of hair dye. no chord cover either but totally gets teased by her ~medical clientes~ about her setup.

No. 657622

seems like a guy with amazing judgement

No. 657649

This actually looks like that guy she was sort of dating from a while back…

No. 657651


It's not the same guy. His tattoo on his neck is different. She def has a type tho. All these dudes look the same

No. 657663

File: 1556745524665.jpg (40.15 KB, 267x469, gergeg.JPG)

look, it's Vickys tacky plastic vine decor

No. 657664


She’s into dudes that look like they can’t afford phones with cameras for a reason.

No. 657712

File: 1556758299337.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1835, EDBB302C-9693-4024-9725-256B17…)

Her camera quality holy shit

No. 657714

File: 1556758637615.jpeg (379.14 KB, 1242x912, 96B0E73F-F825-4C6D-B96C-693693…)

Someone struck a cord

No. 657715

File: 1556758902331.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4000x2777, 8E092A38-DF2A-42A2-AB36-4E52D4…)


I love the caption on this and the disclaimer no edit no distortion SUUUUURE. And those hashtags

No. 657717

File: 1556759407938.jpeg (1.53 MB, 4000x3121, 367A9AA7-8401-4D12-B97B-150F5E…)


This is getting good

No. 657720


"to Whit"

No. 657721

is this…her from the side or?

jfc vicky if you're trying to cover your back you just say "oh yeah my phones shit lol" not try and act hard and insult people. fucking idiot

No. 657745

yea, it's a really sad attempt to show ppl how she looks while ~flexing muscles~ vs not doing so to excuse her sloppy shopping compared to how she really looks. like she's not even a model and it's beyond laughable that she tags this potato quality video as body positive when literally altering her appearance in other pix to the point it's a different shape from one self timer shoot to the next.

we all know she only posts the higher res ones when seeking attention but the compliments she gets are for a body that has never been and probably never will be hers.

No. 657749

File: 1556769180434.jpeg (37.9 KB, 400x600, DDC5D3C3-1949-4319-830C-D2738D…)


>my weight shifts all the time from training…bulking and cutting:

Bitch, you’re bulking 365 days of the year

No. 657750

File: 1556769660801.jpeg (277.11 KB, 599x954, EF248DA4-C4A6-4090-B9E2-AC2776…)


This comment bothered her so much that she put it in her Instagram story with a response. The unbothered queen strikes again

No. 657754

File: 1556771199706.jpg (784.92 KB, 2024x3000, vicmovie1.jpg)


>>ask for me to be in movies


No. 657755

My favorite thing about this cow is that she talks about treating people with respect and simultaneously bullies people for saying one little thing. She jumps to conclusions because she’s paranoid. I especially love that she attacked TWO people over a harmless comment on a BODY POSITIVE post. Never change, Viki. Your stupidity entertains people by the hundreds

No. 657770



The Ivy League education strikes again

No. 657792

It really gets under her skin when people say this sort of stuff. But she's gotta understand nobody has a camera this bad on their phone. It's 2002 webcam bad. Most grandparents have better cameras on their phones than this. There are burner phones with better cameras than this.

No. 657810

She is so desperate to prove to the world that she has a body she clearly doesn’t have. It’s literally the only reason she has a shitty phone. In some of her previous videos, she has taken videos of other people and the quality is miraculously better

No. 657819

File: 1556809205154.jpg (550.68 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20190502_105946.jpg)

Always trying to save her shit reputation

No. 657821

File: 1556809546665.jpg (132.82 KB, 1069x679, Screenshot_20190502_105920.jpg)

This is top level kek. She doesn't miss appointments and steal deposits because she's hung over. She misses them because she's busy being kidnapped.

No. 657828

stealing deposits is something the health board covers?

No. 657843

File: 1556821604548.jpg (139.92 KB, 1065x377, 20190502_142559.jpg)

Holy, the constant projection. I know she reads here, so she knows how much flack she got for making up the kidnapping story. Is she seriously implying that the person she stole the deposit from was the liar? They fucking had receipts, while she was the one making outlandish claims through facebook statuses. She is unreal.

No. 657865

File: 1556825761469.jpg (168.85 KB, 1079x727, 20190502_152903.jpg)

Does she just read all the criticism about her, recognize it as valid then shamelessly make a post calling other people out for the exact same behavior we just criticized?

No. 657957

Everything she posts is about herself but she’s too unaware to realize it. Biggest hypocrite

No. 658058

>almost never
>or I drink gin which I can't get hungover on

A more believable lie would be 'I don't drink at all the night before'
Drinking enough of anything makes you hungover.
She sounds like one of those teenagers that boast that they never get hangovers.

No. 658060

eh, i'll give her a pass on that one. many people don't get any physical symptoms (most of which can be fixed with hydration/medicine anyways) and the other symptoms tend to be less noticable, especially if you're not super busy the next day. i feel like we all have a handful of friends who can binge drink and wake up the next day seeming like they're ready to run a fucking marathon.

No. 658061

but she's saying that she doesn't get hungover on gin but does on other alcohol and also its vicky, the pathological liar

No. 658064

I'd agree with you anon but Vic has a rep for cancelling due to hangovers.

No. 658068

!00% annon. Typical Vic style is to message you at 4am and tell you she has to reschedule you (likely still drunk when she does this) and then offers you a "small tattoo" as a thank you for doing that. Then later she forgets that she offered you anything and will argue with you about it.

No. 658093

File: 1556912558559.jpeg (74.61 KB, 490x989, 339EA383-34B3-4C6C-A13C-182804…)

Even from a high up angle that face is chonk. Her over drawn lips irritate me so much. That’s not cute, Vic

No. 658104

File: 1556914308937.jpeg (61.84 KB, 654x535, E0E9E93B-6A03-413E-80BE-CB63AE…)

No. 658142

Wait, doesn’t she talk non stop about her ice coloured eyes? These look brown???

No. 658151

No. 658206

Yes her eyes are brown

No. 658325

They r greenish hazel and wouldent be so hated on if every aspect of the poor girl wasn't fake as shit.

No. 658341

File: 1557005734293.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 658459

nope, they are just normal poop coloured eyes.

No. 658482

File: 1557025375350.jpeg (139.56 KB, 750x400, 451D9EA1-B2FC-429F-80DB-F8D2AB…)

Claims to be body positive. Constantly attacks people over their looks projecting her own insecurities. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT!!! Calls people who give criticism mentally ill

No. 658580

I'd actually pay good money to see her stumble through a TEDtalk. That is a train wreck worth watching.

No. 658732

I've seen people rock brown eyes though, hers are just like brownish grey. Then she just edits over it, and calls it her "icy eyeeees" Its fucking hilarious when u cant even tell someone's actual eye color because of all the shit editing and potato quality crap.

No. 658734

File: 1557150712106.jpg (425.24 KB, 720x1233, 20190506_095109.jpg)


No. 658786

Has anyone ever submitted her tattoos to tattooedtruthfairy on Instagram? She would get blasted.

No. 658829

she’s trying to pas it off as something that happens to everyone but it’s obviously about her as it’s so detailed lmfao.

She can’t even admit it’s happening to her, she keeps bringing up SOMEONE ELSES shop to cover her own blow

No. 658831

“Ruby tattoo and other shops in the states”

Lol this status is obviously about HER shop but she’s so narcissistic that she’s pinning it on other shops whether she’s trying to defend them or not, she’s really just talking about HERSELF and her own reviews

No. 658942

She's so pathetic. Her tattoo videos are good quality yet any video with her in it looks like it was filmed with a Nokia flip phone. Does she really think people are so dense they don't see right through that? Add to that her spastic responses to anyone who questions why she films her body with potatoes and she has all but screamed from the rooftops how insecure she is about her body.

No. 658985

The “shitty phone” excuse works less and less as the years go by. No phone is that shitty anymore. She is lying to everyone online for attention, and it’s really sad. I can’t imagine what this person will be like in 10-15 years.

No. 659003

I was just thinking that even 10 yer old phones are of better quality…

Not only are the videos of her tattoo better looking (definitely wouldn’t say good quality) but any time she takes a video of someone else (when she’s not in the video herself) the quality is totally different. I think most of her followers know she intentionally makes her videos super fuzzy and distorted hence why at least two people always comment on them.

No. 659004

File: 1557206736287.jpeg (846.92 KB, 3072x2412, 2ED43E40-0791-4636-92E2-16B4A2…)

Wow shingles. This status is 100% about you and you know it yet you threw another tattoo shop under the bus saying they’re experiencing this. Ruby Tattoos also actually gets GOD REVIEWS. They’re even glowing on Facebook. Your insecurities are showing Vic

No. 659085

the google results are hilarious. for ruby tattoo you see great examples of their work, and for icky the second result is a ripoff report. you can't even find examples of her work in the images, just her stupid photoshop nightmares, while you can see inside the other shop which is really nice. so exactly where are ppl slandering that shop b/c i didn't see any of that lol.

No. 659188

File: 1557259089885.png (138.21 KB, 1395x652, vic.png)

On a thread for a cosplay cow and they used flailing Vic as a gif. >>>/w/3085

No. 659266

That. buttery. fucking. arm.

No. 659295

File: 1557289508145.jpg (213.45 KB, 1070x1204, Screenshot_20190508-002228_Chr…)

I know its nitpicky but she really does come off as a person too old to engage in social media

No. 659567

What's the I am I thing about?

No. 659661

I don’t get it either. Nor does google pull it up, hence anons comment about being too old to use sm.

No. 659670

I intially thought it was meant to be like a text emoji version of the metal hand.
Like when retards type: \m/
or however it's done. The 'a' throws me off though.

No. 659672

File: 1557454329183.jpg (201.86 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20190509_221206.jpg)

definitely a reference to lolcow

No. 659677

does she ever get tired of sucking her own dick? it seems she brings up topics just to reference how evolved she is in her reaction to said topic. she's always praising herself and talking about how she's such a giving god.

this bitch is exhausting, no wonder she's as old as she is and alone

No. 659743

>publically engage in various forms of dishonesty
>publically attempt to insult and humilate various people

No. 659747

I Am I are a metal band from England with that awful lead singer from Dragonforce.

No. 659754

File: 1557492175211.jpeg (469.27 KB, 750x869, 56827E16-B36A-477F-BBE8-FFAC0D…)

Ethan Klein posted this to Instagram and it reminds me of Vicky shoops

No. 659758

>choose to be kind by default
>be kind

Give an example, Vic. Just one. Ever.

No. 659785

File: 1557501714794.png (1.13 MB, 1145x2048, Screenshot_20190510-111359.png)

Oh so this is why she looks fat, guys!!

No. 659788

oh god the needless addition lol

No. 659791


The fact she always puts these MUH WEIGHT I AM NOT FAT!!! I AM A SMALL WAIST GODDESS WITH A BIG ASS just shows how incredibly insecure she is. Always bringing it up and trying to prove her delusions to the haturrrzzzzzz. It makes her look like shes insane. It's seriously all she ever talks about

No. 659801

File: 1557506983183.jpg (620.7 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20190510-124439_Chr…)

It's also evident that she values being attractive to men above all else. Pic related. Why bother putting any effort into developing a skill or being knowledgeable on any subject when you can invest all that time into playing with self timers and photoshop in order to get asspats from internet neckbeards? Hell, fuck learning basic self care like cooking even. Just make sure dudes wanna bang you and you're good to go.

No. 659995


I’m surprised she didn’t respond to comments with some shit like “this is totally just like me except I can cook. As you can tell from my linkedin I totally was a head chef at a Michelin start restaurant. My ass is bigger BUT SHE IS A BAAAAAABE….men go crazy over my creations and fall for me:…but again I can’t blame themmmmmm. I showed them my sword routine after THEY SEEN ME DO IT IRL AND CAN CONFIRM….Xena who?”

No. 659998


An officer walked by and applauded my swordsmanship skills and offered me a job ON THE SPOT!

No. 659999

No. 660079


Who’s this faggot? You mad?

No. 660091

File: 1557571752113.png (77.53 KB, 813x424, avsoft-voice-changer.png)

tbh it's probably vic using voice altering software.

No. 660110

Hilarious that you took the time to do this Vicky. I guess you didn’t learn your lesson after self posting 500 times in one thread and pretending to be a dude who liked your “big tits”

No. 660112

Doubt that. I've seen this link spammed in other threads as well.

No. 660462

If it was her she likely had to google offensive British slang to sound authentic as she’s never learned any of it.

No. 660633

File: 1557710346861.jpg (461.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190512_211737.jpg)

Lmao sure

No. 660690

File: 1557716604828.jpeg (287.19 KB, 750x710, A56DF029-774D-41C1-8FA6-3ED881…)

Vicky you are a grown women in her 30s. Saying shit like GIRLS ARE JEALOUS OF MY LOOKSSSS is proof your brain hasn’t mentally passed high school. And nobody is jealous of your clown make up and penguin body shape. You are a talentless unaccomplished broke bitch with the nastiest weave I have ever seen. Grow up, loser

No. 660869

File: 1557766574965.jpeg (313 KB, 750x846, 8E143460-E58E-44C4-B838-AE3BFD…)

You shoop all the features you wish you had

No. 660944

File: 1557788444476.jpeg (382.84 KB, 750x868, E503C4D1-AE38-4962-96D1-F97C94…)

Titty on the right shooped bigger and mishapen. Her hog nose AND THOSE FUCKING TEETH! Yikes!!!! They are stained and her gums have serious gingivitis

No. 660945

Googled Jamie Alexandria Photography and of course there is only one that exists on Texas. I searched Jamie Alexandria Photography Canada and the only thing that pops up is Vikis flikr which has more fake photography credits that coincidentally are impossible to find and she never posts links, tags photographer, and there’s never a watermark. Hmm

No. 660946

File: 1557789768401.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1928, C1E1325A-A2C8-4695-9A5A-9F3A6A…)

Can’t find “vivi photography” guess that was Frankie’s old name

No. 660947

File: 1557789885404.jpeg (872.64 KB, 1242x1822, 2B50CCAD-2DA6-4E9E-AD9E-1ECB01…)

“Serpents & Saints” doesn’t even have its own website. If you go to their Facebook, they have no “models” just random girls who take selfies in their clothing. Vicki is the only one who took the selfie on self timer, shooped, and called it modELiNg. Every other female just looks normal.

No. 660971

File: 1557798404382.png (759.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190513-184407.png)

Some new work of Vicky's

No. 660976

Why is every part of her body a different colour. Her gut is so shopped it looks like it’s grey.

She’s never done any real modelling. The only “modelling” she’s done is self timed fantasies that she’s created. The only time she’s ever posed for someone who isn’t her own self timer was the Simon Hammond shoot, and we all know how that turned out.

She would never come even close to professional modelling because she’s built like a refrigerator with saggy boobs and a shit attitude. No real photographer would touch her with a ten foot pole.

No. 660980

Cheapest thong I've ever seen in my life, and she couldn't shoop it to look like it fits her droopy ass. Shooped her tits and bra different shapes too. Great job, Vivi.

No. 660985

Pretty sure she even shooped a new belly button…

No. 660991

File: 1557806841921.jpg (51.69 KB, 1079x440, Screenshot_20190514-000308_Chr…)

>posted 4 minutes ago
No salon (especially not in buttfuck nowhere Guelph) is open at midnight. Pretty excited to see the impulse self dye job lol.

No. 660996

I mean we’re just going to see a shooped version of it. She’s always shopped her hair

No. 661088


well pick one. this also already looks blurry [may be the phone quality] and muddy. those jacked lines, smh.

No. 661106




No. 661107


These lines are blown out to fuck. This tattoo already looks 20 years old how sad.

>high end designer tattoos

No. 661108

She is actually getting WORSE at it over time rather than better.

No. 661116

Wrong. She did the Toxic Vision runway. And all the images/videos posted by other people of her that night show a girl who is much larger than her selfies of that same time period. That same night, even.

No. 661132

>what is anatomy

No human on earth looks like this. What the fuck Vicky. I think this might be her worse shoop, even if it is old.

No. 661171

not that i disagree that she's dumb but that's the correct way to spell it lol

No. 661288

File: 1557882727712.jpg (215.61 KB, 1080x833, Screenshot_20190514_211033.jpg)

I'll take "Things that definitely never happened" for 500 Alex.

The amber alert was at 5 a.m. this morning. She posts this story at 9 at night? Right.

No. 661292

didn't she complain about this a few weeks ago? and why would they be disoriented?

No. 661300

File: 1557884063608.png (1.39 MB, 2208x1242, 20EB4C69-88D4-4FC9-B5A1-6E47B7…)


No. 661348


why is she even calling the police when she can use her sweet sword skills to intimidate potential criminals lol.

No. 661378

I was just thinking about this last night. I looked everywhere for the selfie she posted in that black one piece bathing suit from a toxic vision thing and the one posted by someone else to side by side compare because holy fuck it’s gold

No. 661395

This is so unbelievably fake. She posted an article about this very thing happening weeks ago. Now she’s suddenly trying to call 911 amidst an amber alert call-in chaos, just like the one from a month ago?

>the dispatchers were disoriented

They were not. How would you know? Did they tell you? Bullshit. Dispatchers stay unbelievably calm during some high intense calls; calls involving people dying and everyday normal people calling in panicking. But a bunch of people supposedly calling to complain about another amber alert has them disoriented??? HA.

Also, notice she didn’t even bother to mention what her super legitimate emergency was? The super important emergency she had to wait 30 minutes for.

This bitch is pathetic beyond comprehension and I feel actually bad for her.

No. 661398

File: 1557904195348.jpeg (229.08 KB, 1242x1041, F4B4125F-D8CC-43A7-BCA1-6EC851…)

Posting again to point out that this happened at 5am. Vicky didn’t post about it until 12 hours later when she found the article and posted about it and then told her made up story.

No. 661431

File: 1557926527464.jpeg (117.25 KB, 750x323, 1946D525-4068-48EE-86DC-78FF69…)

Maybe they don’t understand you because your put on accent is so sloppy and you sound like a retard

No. 661432

I'd love to hear Vicky's drunken Mockney

No. 661435

Excuse for the fake accent being as inconsistent as hell. Also is she trying to say she really has a broad Northern Irish accent? Because what she's attempting sounds like a terrible version of posh southern English…

No. 661436


I think they make that face because her accent suddenly disappeared…

No. 661515

File: 1557942704032.jpg (323 KB, 1079x1293, Screenshot_20190515-134023_Chr…)

So not only did she miraculously retain the accent despite moving to Canada as a child, but she got it from one specific family member. How is it that I (and tons of others) moved here at a later age, continue to speak another language at home AND have parents with heavy accents but no accent ourselves, yet she just can't shake hers? Does she not realize there isn't a shred of logic behind her claims? Dat high IQ.

No. 661519

"It comes and goes" Only because she's terrible at faking it. Who actually has ever said "I have a British accent"? That is a foreigner's adjective, there must be at least 100 accents that could be categorised as British. She has no idea how strong her tea-aboo vibes are, and if her family actually is from NI it's even sadder than a Harry Potter fanfic from the midwest US using words like snog and shag.

No. 661524

I hope her sister is really getting married and we get Vicky candids

No. 661525

Inb4 Vicky convinces herself her sister's husband really wants her. Imagine her around actual people from the UK trying to keep up her terrible fake accent. I wonder if she has any family who actually live there, what the hell must they think?

No. 661537

No idea what her sister looks like but I’m going to assume she’s average looking too but actually comfortable with being human

No. 661539

I can just see her FB updates about why she isn't a bridesmaid
>My sister rightfully thought I would stand out too much on her big day. I agureed with her. The last time I was in a wedding nobody at the reception could take their eyes off me. For that…. I lost a female friendship. But that is a story for perhaps anothertime. For my sister, I will of course take a back seat as I want all the attention to be on her. I am right chuffed for the wedding!

Yeah I didn't know she had a sister. I just knew about the pedo brother.

No. 661570

The fact that she calls her accent 'British' says it all. There are literally like over a hundred British accents and any authentic British person would narrow it down to one of them instead of simply saying 'Brit'. Such a fake cunt.

No. 661571

I bet she magically turns off the fake accent in front of real Brits out of shame. At least I hope she does because that would be so embarrassing if she didn't.

No. 661627

Hahahhahaa seriously. That’s a broad statement made by an outsider looking in. “She sounds British” or “I think that’s a British accent”. I’ve never heard of anyone classifying their accent as “Brit”. I’ve never heard of an American classifying their accent as “American”. It’s always linked to a specific region if the accent sticks out from the general population (a New Yorker in California).

Looking forward to Vicky candids and her Narc coming out for the wedding. I love Vicky milk.

No. 662081


>couldn't take their eyes off me

because you're a fat cow whose makeup and dress choices make you look like a prostitute on your best days.
that's why you stood out, icky.

No. 662136

i love how you think it was written by her lmao. really says something

No. 662382

File: 1558146753235.jpeg (106.94 KB, 750x375, B11DEF87-AFCE-479D-A447-371214…)

You’ve lived here Since you were a baby. You’re real voice is a Canadian accent your old videos are proof of this you fake ass clown

Video of her talking while filming her friend


No. 662492

This is crazy. I've never heard her sound so relaxed and natural. When she's in her usual Britishkin persona she sounds like she's overthinking every syllable.

No. 662506

She sounds 10x better with her natural accent. She does everything way too extreme when in reality she's perfectly fine natural (accent, makeup, hair, etc).

No. 662522

This is actual insanity. I grew up in the deep south and now live in Canada. I've spent exactly half my life down there and the other half up here, a neat clean 50/50 split. My accent is purely Anglo-Canadian. Despite living in the South for my entire formative years that accent only slips out when I'm either very drunk or speaking to someone else from the South and even then the accent is extremely tempered compared to how I used to speak. Do people actually believe her? Does she believe herself? She is so crazy.

No. 662525

Catching up with the thread, but I thought this was a real quote that she said LOL sounds exactly like something she would say

No. 662533

Exactly! My family is from the Midlands and my gran came to Canada when she was in her 40s and my one aunt was in her 30s. They have accents but when they talk to family from England they’re made fun of for sounding Canadian. Vic came to Canada when she was a baby so she would never, ever picked up any sort of accent.

No. 662568

Dare I say her ACTUAL voice is cute. I wonder what her family thinks of her made up accent.
Her life must be so mentally exhausting, always portraying this made-up persona of hers. I’m shocked she’s not a raging alcoholic.

No. 662577

She cancels appointments at 4 am and posts retarded shit at really odd hours. I guarantee you that she does have a problem with alcohol.

No. 662656

File: 1558227671376.jpeg (122.69 KB, 750x328, D5D26C5D-419A-47FF-9F94-F44D2A…)

>if you would like inked up

No. 662720

On Mother’s Day she posted a bunch of stuff alluding to not liking her mom. Now she’s trying to “inked” people near the end of the month when rent is due. Coincidence? I think not

No. 662847

File: 1558284189332.jpeg (469.76 KB, 1242x1121, 383902E9-04F8-4FF6-AFF4-751A1C…)

her twitter posts are hella cringe too

No. 662852

Sure vic, men notice if you've lost 10 lbs.

No. 662859

oh right it's all that bulking and cutting you do right vick? but don't forget about those vitamins…what ya taking a b12?

No. 662863

File: 1558287599004.jpg (180.35 KB, 1073x453, Screenshot_20190519-133731_Chr…)

The great thing about her twitter is that it has her deleted facebook posts that even she thought were cringy

No. 662876

I wonder what Matt would say about that. I'm doubting this exchange ever happened.

No. 662888


Is she talking about her photoshopped to hell and back facebook display picture that doesn’t look like her at all?

No. 662909

Judging from the date on that post and the date of her profile picture, yes

No. 663031

What grown adult even posts statuses like this? “Just wanted everyone to know that someone said I look like I lost precisely 20 pounds. Ok now continue to scroll to see actual relevant posts from actually relevant people in your life”

No. 663132

Thank u anon. I wrote it after not sleeping for a day and a half. I felt kind of loopy drunk (I hadn't had alcohol) and felt like it would be a good time to attempt to mimic a Vic FB status.

No. 663655

File: 1558573370241.jpeg (513.2 KB, 750x1248, 3192CC13-77E4-46A7-93F0-E18AD1…)

Inked Mag is huge and clearly would never touch sticky with a ten foot pole, but I’d pay to see her show up at this.

No. 663672

File: 1558581448395.jpeg (248.13 KB, 1632x1632, 407BE6D1-9864-4DB7-A3C5-9AACE8…)


I’m pretty sure she was in a feature in inked mag once, however they have since deleted it. Hilarious.

No. 663726

How could they do this to an International 6 time magazine cover girl.

No. 663745

No. 663746


>"The design and themes of my tattoos: Filligree and basically anything that flows. My leg is a sword bent through time, and it has many pieces of things from Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross ect encorporated as those video games inspired alot of my art."

No wonder it was taken down. This is cringe as fuck

No. 663748


I bet she has never finished a final fantasy game or any turn base RPG in her life. Her pedo brother probably owned those games.

No. 663762

File: 1558625785730.png (22.57 KB, 320x116, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 11.2…)


The fuck what…

>My favourite tattoo and story behind it :

" Memorial tattoo for my brother"
>Tattoo has nothing to do with her brother but rather a video game she liked… She couldn't even dedicate a tattoo fully to someone she lost. yikes.

No. 663810

So dumb but also glad I saw this because I remember her saying her hand tattoo was for her dead brother and I always thought she was referring to the “Bella morte “ which means beautiful death and I was like “yiiikes” though I’m 90% sure she said the Bella morte tattoo also has to do with her brother. Like he used to call her that? Has she ever said anything that wasn’t either cringy, a lie, or both?

No. 663837


I'm pretty sure it was a fabricated lie saying her Mother would call her that as a nickname which makes no sense

No. 663973

Considering her brother is a legit pedophile and she’s… Vicky… I can only imagine it’s a pretty fucked up family all around

No. 664031

File: 1558737994426.jpeg (409.26 KB, 750x1055, FDE8D36F-8D20-4F8B-B41F-5B4AB6…)

You label everyone who doesn’t agree with you mentally ill. Stop acting like you give a fuck about mental health to make yourself look like a good person when you’re the complete opposite

No. 664042

File: 1558742099416.gif (1.89 MB, 504x211, tumblr_per9qncgNU1up42jgo2_540…)


All of Vicky's tattoos are fucking hideous and have zero artistic value. The designs are dated and cheap-looking. She's delusional lmao

No. 664072

File: 1558753852820.jpeg (239.71 KB, 750x1244, 1E3C51A3-C102-4045-AEA6-10E2CB…)

new trash Vicky wants to scar someone with. I can only imagine how bad this would turn out as a tattoo with her bad skills. The Sketch alone looks like spewed out trash trying to make a quick buck

>hippie ink

No. 664094

I can only imagine all that white going into someone’s skin. And that light blue…
And wtf is that thing in the middle?

>hippie ink

The fuck is hippie about it? Is she implying that succulents are a hippie thing? Because , news flash, literally everyone and their dog who lives in dry states/areas buys them due to being drought-resistance and low maintenance. Bitch is dumb.

No. 664101

I’m still waiting for pictures of said “dyed” hair.
Nothing has appeared yet.

No. 664125


I genuinely envy her normal talking voice, she sounds sooooo nice. Why does she want to change it so badly?

No. 664173

bitch did not sketch this and it would look like trash quickly b/c she wouldn't put a single outline and pack it with white.

No. 664178

She probably used a picture of a succulent from the web and the only part she drew are those some shaky lines. Someone with Parkinson’s could have drawn it better.

No. 664254


In the 2017 version, there has been some slight edits.

>Occupation: Tattoo Artist

>Hometown: Broughshane, UK

>The design and themes of my tattoos: Filligree and basically anything that flows. My leg is a sword bent through time, and it has many pieces of things from Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross ect encorporated as those video games inspired alot of my art.

>More specifics about my tattoo: They are so much a part of me, i would feel awkward without them, i've done all of my own as i am a tattoo artist, some i did in a mirror, like my neck and ribs. You can see videos of the ink i do at www.Instagram.com/missvictoriamurder

>My favorite tattoo and the story behind it: My hand :D

>My next tattoo: On my foot, a quote :D Or a cool tiger ^_^

No. 664565

File: 1558988112345.jpeg (39.29 KB, 289x389, B283E21D-6E89-42F4-96EA-58E10F…)

Just going to drop some photos here. Wish they were better quality.

No. 664567

File: 1558988141551.jpeg (131.69 KB, 385x370, 5CAC02D4-FB35-4AFC-9B16-7A87CA…)

No. 664568

File: 1558988199804.jpeg (202.47 KB, 520x540, 92896923-AD3A-4388-A67D-72FAC4…)

No. 664569


Why is she autistic about filigrees

No. 664571

Are these recent? Jesus, if I saw her I'd think she was a drag queen.

No. 664572


Her saying she does all her tattoos because she's a tattoo artist is like saying I do all my brain surgery cause I'm a brain surgeon. Like, not even dentists do their own teeth. She's unreal. No wonder those tattoos look like absolute dog shit.

No. 664578

File: 1558991217240.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 6F57CF97-066B-41EA-9932-730C9C…)

Last one I could find that hasn't been posted on here yet.

No. 664835

i really disagree anon. like Kenna, she isn't ugly to begin with. if she dropped 20 pounds and lost the ridiculous makeup, she could be quite pretty, even with her being over 30.

that being said, i don't think these are that recent, she doesn't look quite as haggard as usually.

No. 664851

The makeup and gross hair extensions are the main reason I'd think she was a drag queen. I totally agree with you that if she lost weight and adopted a natural look she'd look fine.

No. 664892

Also laser tattoo removal

No. 664897

File: 1559083960526.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4000x4000, F9244D11-5A49-449C-8D1C-9D0F44…)

ThOsE pIcTuReS aRe BaD LiGhTiNg

Her chest in the top right is a different skin tone than the rest of her. She shoops away that jay leno chin and linebacker shoulders. Her unnatural baby shoulders she shooped on the bottom right is hilarious.

No. 664904

File: 1559085625419.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190528_191506.jpg)

I don't know how she hasn't realized this yet. Especially when she takes photos with other women, does she not see that she looks like a deranged clown next to them? I guess knowing Vicky, she always thinks she's the most beautiful woman in the room.

No. 664905

I can't even work out what she really looks like

No. 664934

No wonder she clings to this old, dated look so adamantly. This might have been the only time she had friends and was sort of popular. After seeing all her 'frankie' selfies it's a little jarring to see her with actual people.

No. 664985

It’s the heavy makeup, photoshop, and lies that make her so ugly

No. 665079

Why is there black grime all around her fingernails?

No. 665083


Because shes a fat lazy hog who can't wash her hands and practice proper hygiene. She photo shops on fucking nail polish sometimes if you've ever noticed and fake nails

No. 665147

File: 1559154230162.png (81.74 KB, 506x358, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 19.2…)

No. 665148

There's our Totally Unbothered Queen!

Also you can put filters on videos, dumbass.

No. 665151

huh why would anyone think any of her shit ass work was photoshopped? maybe they don't look real because of all the white?

No. 665159

"Your dad/brother/bestie" yeah cause no other women tattoo and she's nOt LiKe OthEr Girls. Also, aren't the other artists in her area used to fixing her shoddy work? Top kek, Vic. Stay "unbothered".

No. 665180

File: 1559165396591.jpeg (109.59 KB, 750x769, 7B81BE08-7B0B-4531-9569-E07256…)


Im assuming this absolute breakdown was caused by this.

No. 665226

there's a bunch of artists who shamelessly edit their work to make it look better, one doesn't necessarily need to actual photoshop, omf she is stupid.

is she including all her personalities b/c she has never shown anyone's tattoos from her 'shop' aside from her own, who tf is this "we".

No. 665227

File: 1559177938992.jpg (255.08 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20190529_205706.jpg)

Guys I'm crying because she actually thought this was legitimate. Not only does she only read and share headlines, but she's so much stupider than I initially thought. And I didn't think it got any worse.

Have to dump this here to ensure it's archived before she deletes.

No. 665228

File: 1559177960962.jpg (204.55 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20190529_205718.jpg)

Edit history from that share

No. 665307


I love looking at her edit history and how fucking stupid she is. I’ve never seen someone edit a status so much so many times. I guess she doesn’t realize that people can look at the edit history

No. 665353


I bet you'd have to really put in some muscle to wrench her hand away from her face whenever she poses for pictures, her hand always looks rigid and superglued as she tries desperately to cover her double chin and man chin. Look how uncomfortable she is smiling whenever someone besides herself and Frankie takes a photo of her. What a sad existence this grown ass woman has.

No. 665360

How dare you anons, you should know it’s only hair dye!

No. 665387

That's so gross and I didn't even think about that. The misogyny is coming from inside the house.

No. 665388

What kind of tattoo artist doesn't have a designated camera for taking their photos of the tattoos that they do, especially for portfolio work, or atleast has a new phone with a decent camera, but instead uses the clients fucking phone to take photos? She's honestly ridiculous

No. 665394

Didnt she also claim that her shop was also a “photography studio”? You would think she had a decent camera in there if she’s making those claims. But alas, another fabrication. If she had to basically beg reviewanon for $70 she definitely can’t afford a decent phone let alone a “professional photo studio”.

No. 665407

File: 1559225260710.jpeg (87.59 KB, 876x960, F29CC1A3-AFDF-43D5-88C6-A0ACE4…)

Proof that her tattoos aren’t photoshopped from a client on her Facebook. Are we suppose to be impressed?

No. 665430

The centre of the rose doesnt look too bad… but the pictures fucking blurry so who knows. And what the fuck is going on with the rippley petals? Petals don't look like that

No. 665435


the writing is blown out and the rose has absolutely no line work. What an amazing top quality artist!

No. 665525

File: 1559250593580.jpeg (69.44 KB, 628x483, 4CB5535B-1802-487C-962A-2867C3…)

The “love you” part looks alright and then then words get thicker and thicker.
And I love how she always says “you can’t photoshop videos”……

No. 665549

File: 1559251937033.jpeg (506.55 KB, 2888x2888, grtgrt.jpeg)


she edits her fatass in videos all the time you can literally see her ass gut and legs change shapes in this gif. she fucked up on editing some frames i guess and her shorts just magically shrink as well??? Who the fuck is she trying to fool? She needs to stop living in her fantasy world then has the audacity to call other people mentally ill while faking every aspect of her pathic sad life. Get the fuck out of here, Vic.


No. 665557

where the fuck is the contrast in that rose, it won't last five years kek.

she posted a shitty angled video of her ~tattoo studio~ on ig and it looks terrible, dimly lit, no customers, who in their right mind would want to walk into that.

No. 665567


Her shop is so painfully tacky. You are right there is hardly any good lighting in there. Her annoying screeching in her fake voice hurt my head

No. 665606

If she knew how to tattoo properly that rose would be much darker and would fade after healing to look more like what she has there. However, she has no idea what she’s doing so she makes these super light tattoos with no shading or line work that turn to mush when they heal.

No. 665708

One would think she'd know that she has to shoop her thighs to match her shooped ass. Vic you workout sooo much, how do you not know that lmao

No. 665850

File: 1559344038747.jpg (417.84 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190531_185801.jpg)

>>665147 oh vic, if only you knew how defensive n desperate you sound

No. 666068

File: 1559391214035.gif (1016.49 KB, 320x240, 9D60B0FA-B820-48E8-BA77-1F1719…)

I’m not interested nor do I care what the idiots think of me.

No. 666872

File: 1559534022934.jpeg (134.03 KB, 750x507, C9C33957-2B76-4067-90E2-A6D48A…)

looks like Vicky’s hang over breakfast this morning was a word salad. And yeah, this always seems to happen when rent is due.

No. 666887


>spots limited

I’m so sure. Not just trying to mask the fact your desperate for cash now putting up a front like your successful

No. 667189

File: 1559603065775.jpg (696.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190603-162417_Ins…)

Wasn't she just flipping shit about her tattoos being totally unedited online? This has a super obvious filter on it. Also, it's a fucking lion. She even mentioned in a post on insta that she was going to be doing a lion. She needs to stop drunk posting.

No. 667191

File: 1559603271164.jpg (403.74 KB, 1070x1316, Screenshot_20190603-190614_Chr…)

Sorry for double post, just leaving this here in case she edits or deletes the post to cover up her stupidity.

No. 667235

File: 1559610256741.jpeg (352.71 KB, 1242x1313, 15FD97E6-6DF8-4338-BAC2-BD5454…)

I’ll just drop this here

No. 667309


The fangs in that tiger are already faded into each other and look horrible

No. 667382

lol that is clearly a fucking lion

No. 667383

Yep, because dead women can’t call you out on your bullshittery. Goddamn Vic, do YOU even believe what you say/write?

No. 667388

No linework, overworked mouth area, blurry details that will fade within 6 months. Must be a high end custom freehand inked from Bella Morte Studio.

No. 667403

File: 1559654198640.jpeg (515.53 KB, 1668x971, 15995980-9E16-4729-8266-C6FECF…)

I’ve been reading Icky’s thread for about a week now and it’s to the point where I feel like I can spot this woman’s typing style from a mile away. This review on her shop is so painfully obvious. She really cannot form a sentence without part of it being about how wonderful she is.

No. 667404

File: 1559654289668.jpeg (164.96 KB, 1668x215, 99C6F98D-9BF3-4F78-891D-CC0E20…)

Also stumbled over this fucking classic in the last thread. KEK hi Vic

No. 667408

File: 1559655893296.jpeg (330.25 KB, 1242x1815, CD42FAA9-6237-4BE4-9D71-206C2D…)

Must have paid her to write that review. I’d love to see the tattoo now.

No. 667410

"Professional safe manor" yep that's Vicky alright. She has such a unique blend of poor spelling, mangled grammar, purple prose and use of early 2000s slang, once you've read enough of it you can clock it from a mile away. And of course the overboard compliments about herself.

No. 667414

Hahaha you’re so right. “Her use of hilights… she is light handed and empathetic” lmao what the fuck… empathetic? Once she passes 3 syllables all her circuitry misfires…

No. 667421

Why are all of her photos so bad!? They're nonsensically bad, it pains me. How is taking shit photos and videos with filters on them, possibly good for business?

No. 667426

“A beautiful goddess filled with skill”
She loves jerking herself off entirely too much.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the review was just a sock puppet google profile she made for the purpose of sperging out about herself once she saw she was getting shit reviews

No. 667439

File: 1559666411187.jpg (782.34 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190603_232954.jpg)

So she posted another photo from her last "shoot" and I can't stop laughing at the incredibly inconsistent shooping. It's a game of spot the differences.

No. 667441

The top photo looks nothing like her holy shit. Poor girl is delusional. This photo needs to be next to one of her selfies and a candid.

No. 667442

Neither one look like her lol.
Her breath shape is different (even though her arms-squishing-her-boobs pose is almost the exact same), her jaw, lips, nose, eyes, and ESPECIALLY eyebrows are so different. Not to mention she shopped another necklace on herself? It looks painfully fake. I knew all of her jewelry was photoshopped but this confirms is. Is anything about her not a lie?

No. 667443

*breast lmao

No. 667445

True. I guess I meant the second photo had SOME minor resemblance. The top photo has zero. It looks like a face swap.

No. 667450

That must explain why you're an absolute failure in every facet of life, Vic!

No. 667453


Holy fuck the photo on the top is so shooped it looks CGI. There is no way people think this is real it looks so incredibly fake it's painful. I always enjoy seeing her "photo-shoots" always such a shit show

No. 667454

File: 1559670108674.jpg (22.53 KB, 485x164, sticky.JPG)

the way she shooped and pulled in her torso is killing me.

No. 667455

File: 1559670382128.jpg (16.6 KB, 276x271, rat-tail-weave.JPG)

I am pretty sure she shoops on hair to make it look more full. In all her videos/selfies/candids her rat tail weave is thin and looks like spaghetti

No. 667457

They're both ridiculous but the first one looks like she pasted her face on to someone else's photo. I mean, the borders of her face et cet How does she do this all the damned time and manage to get worse with every iteration???

No. 667460

File: 1559670958727.jpg (19.93 KB, 206x315, hammy.JPG)


looks like her hammy arms ripped her cheap wish costume gloves at the seams

No. 667461

File: 1559671082352.jpeg (907.37 KB, 3072x3072, 89FA3A8B-150F-42AF-848B-2CD76D…)

ur all just jealousssss

No. 667462


Always hiding her true face in pictures with friends

No. 667463

File: 1559671555234.jpeg (683.64 KB, 2661x1769, 81904AE4-2325-4F4E-BC89-F63307…)

Left: picture friend took, middle: Vickis upload, Right: photographers upload.
All three were taken the same night.

She’ll see this and say “it’s olddd”

But the only thing that’s old is the fact that she is STILL distorting her body in photoshop. You’re 32, learn to love yourself before it’s too late

No. 667464

File: 1559671620173.jpeg (35.95 KB, 553x585, E1C255A1-AEBC-45E9-8C54-D9390B…)

Close enough

No. 667465

She’s always done that kek

No. 667467

Even if she were to lose weight, she would still look nothing like her uploads. She has a body frame, she would just look skinny and body and not at all curvy

No. 667468

File: 1559672026514.jpeg (551.74 KB, 750x1112, 9C40F00C-976C-4803-A634-307C80…)


She seriously looks like an old hag witch here. Barf!

No. 667469

No. 667470

Sometimes she spices things up and only covers her cheeks

No. 667471

“Wow you look just like 2008 Jeffree Star”
- “thanksss but I actually looked like that before him. He’s a totalllll babe thoooo”

No. 667494

Don't mean to samefag by replying to my own post but compare her tattoos in these two. In the older one, they're faded to shit, in the newer, she sharpened, darkened and recoloured them… RIGHT after throwing a bitchfit about her tattoos not being shopped. Giiiiiirl…

No. 667497

File: 1559679010429.png (244.17 KB, 750x1334, 45BB1DA9-963C-4AC8-A128-FD26FA…)

Edit history spans hours and contains multiple failed attempts at making a coherent sentence. Maybe you don’t have any girlfriends because you’re a toxic mixture of stupid and mean.

No. 667511

The amount she brought in her waist in the middle photo.

No. 667536

Kek, the bra in the top pic shows reality, saggy, flat, flappy breasts.
The fabric would not look that crinkled and folding if she had as full breasts as she keeps shooping on herself. In the bottom pic she at least tried.
All that time in PS and didn't think to smooth that shit out the second time around lmfao.

No. 667556

File: 1559691963771.gif (969.68 KB, 200x133, B9BAD580-C134-4E2A-B4B2-17885D…)


No. 667577

The fact that she does this with every single photo. Like this grown ass woman takes pictures of herself on a timer, calls it a “photo shoot” from dear ole “Frankie” and spends HOURS turning herself into someone else. She needs actual girl friends maybe they can slap some sense into her. What is she going to do when she realizes the nursing home doesn’t have photoshop?

No. 667587

it looks like she put a wig on over her shitty hair, her cleavage is wildly uneven in the top photos, the one necklace is suddenly all wonky, still has blurry jaw syndrome, it's just so bad but so funny.

that lion looks shitty and derpy as fuck, there's not enough white ink in the world for her to make it look anything close to good.

No. 667621

"victoria is a beautiful goddess" yes just what i say about my tattoo artist on a public review site. a nice normal thing to post

No. 667633

The review needs an imvu “welcum 2 my review page” jpeg below it

No. 667636

File: 1559708806407.jpg (727.77 KB, 1080x1661, 20190604_173231.jpg)

Not a wig, just a photoshop fail.

No. 667638

File: 1559710770410.jpeg (979.73 KB, 3072x3072, 4F292573-B665-46A1-9B33-57FA36…)

Looks like people have been saying the same things about her for ages. Comments found on “The Dirty.” y’all are no longer to tell Vic to never change because now we know she won’t

No. 667689

Can't imagine what people who meet her in real life after only seeing her shooped pics must think. What a fraud.

No. 667694

I want to ask, is she not embarrassed to meet people in real life after they've seen her on the Internet? I always wonder this about chronic Photoshop abusers. It's shocking to see them in person.

But then I remember candids like >>667461 and how she can never allow anyone (except Frankie!) to take a photograph of her real self without concealing most or all of it in some way.

She is so insecure that I would honestly feel sorry for her if she weren't so far up her own ass.

No. 667701

File: 1559743087198.png (762.73 KB, 640x1136, E590D6BF-D4AF-425A-9C09-FEFD94…)

Found some shops I haven’t seen here yet, short dump coming

No. 667702

File: 1559743118359.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, 72EAABD9-0E49-4E38-A30A-61DA42…)

Pardon my auto correct I mean shoops

No. 667703

File: 1559743172457.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, 98E9CE41-0C70-451B-9466-5BC941…)

Convinced this jacket smells like dead skin, cigarettes and stale body spritz

No. 667705

File: 1559743317080.jpeg (47.76 KB, 324x500, 7BE9B9CF-6468-48B6-95CF-25E8D2…)

No. 667707

File: 1559743599777.jpeg (128.31 KB, 498x800, 67649F4F-555F-4A04-B538-B40533…)

The fact she stretches herself to look Gumby-shaped is truly the funniest shit to me

No. 667708

File: 1559743939617.jpeg (38.55 KB, 538x800, 65238011-0BF8-4F36-AE92-9E17AE…)

No. 667710

File: 1559744452768.png (479.77 KB, 640x1136, A7145454-F9AC-4136-B73F-0FA58D…)

Her old Flickr has some other classics as well. Sorry to puke out so many posts I’ll be on my way now

No. 667714

Lol that nose

No. 667736

File: 1559753710463.jpg (215.84 KB, 1066x1030, Screenshot_20190605-125401_Chr…)

Sorry Vic, Maxim doesn't take self submissions

No. 667748

don't think i've seen this one before, looks like she colorized the hand tattoo.

her body has never looked like this, omf. also noticed that her tattoo changes sizes - in some pix it's to her shoulder, in others it's not.

No. 667752

Believe it or not her tattoo was originally coloured when she first did it. I remember her posting it a long while back. It was some kind of tacky yellow and red. She’s just so terrible at tattoos that all of the colour fell out.

No. 667774

File: 1559761234338.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, FCDF026A-AD35-46DE-80F2-AC4659…)

No. 667785

File: 1559764538916.jpeg (321.51 KB, 1632x1632, B12D88C7-938D-4A74-897D-4A3829…)

I tried to edit out the weird warping on whatever lingerie she’s wearing so its sitting in a more realistic way.

No. 667798

why is this image so deep fried? holy shit

No. 667799

Vicky deliberately posts awful quality pictures to attempt to hide how awfully she photoshops.

No. 667812

Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like there was a video that went along with this and an anon found a frame she forgot to photoshop and there was a huge difference

No. 667828


Are you talking about this?


No. 667831

No it was quite a few threads ago, pretty sure she was actually wearing the same thing as the picture. It was a video from her “photo shoot” someone noticed she forgot to photoshop a frame of her body and she immediately removed it but there is a gif of it lying around somewhere

No. 667833

File: 1559774475667.gif (208.96 KB, 1035x777, E06B8069-2CB6-44C0-8AE4-C43594…)

Was wrong about the same outfit but you get the idea

No. 667836

Her body has never and will never be hourglass shaped. This video was uploaded last year. That split second that shows her true form looks exactly like these “old”
pictures of her >>667463

No. 667950

oh that's hilarious, especially since she said it was for her brother who passed on but couldn't even keep the color in it and never bothered to try and fix it.

No. 667969

hahaha nah, she's too hot for vogue!

No. 667997

She tattooed me wearing those leggings and they were COVERED in stains and burn marks. You can see one stain above her right knee in the photo.

No. 668211

What in the world compelled you to get a tattoo from this cow?

No. 668212

Unfortunately, I bought into her Instagram account and I regret ever walking into that situation.

No. 668301

File: 1559942594559.jpeg (84.44 KB, 1242x498, 437E0D44-F2FE-463C-AD89-415D68…)

Major eye roll.

No. 668302

It's her and the pretend part timer. So she's hitting on herself.

No. 668311

What was she like in person? Did she have the horrid accent?

No. 668320

File: 1559948234215.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3072x3072, 6C833C2E-E12A-40CC-94C0-3B509C…)

So I’ve always wondered why she doesn’t tag her clients when she tattoos like many other artists do and I’m convinced it’s so potential customers can’t see the aftermath. The right is a tagged photo…one of few tagged photos of her work. It’s all blended together now. Notice how everything in that image is sharp except for the tattoo.

I feel so bad for anyone who buys into her web of photoshopped lies. They will be scarred for life and harassed if they call her out or write a reviews. No wonder so many reviews have fake names. They’re probably terrified of her bullying

No. 668410

You can read my Google review of her shop. Everything is true. Her teeth are yellow and her gums are receding, she fakes her accent, she is dumb as a post, chronically late, wears baggy clothes and hides from the camera, doesn’t place ink right and just mashes it into the skin in layers, eats terrible junk food, etc.

No. 668450


No. 668460

I am aware you all think very negatively of this women. It is very clear. Her social media adores her and this is your way of lashing out your own personal feelings.

The emotional unbearable frustration with someone you never met in real life should not be this extreme.

Trisha Paytas even said it is healthier to face tune then actually get cosmetic surgery.

If you actually have a true genuine opinion of her, it is toxic to be so angry and over the top with the insults.

When someone insults you, do you think their opinion is valid?
I have seen constructive cristisum & if you truly care about "justice" please be less hurtful.
She is only human. None of us are perfect. She gets drunk like anyone else and makes mistakes, she clearly has anger within her but this doesn't help.

I'm sorry :( this is just a outsider looking in from someone who personally knows her.
Her accent makes her feel sexy… Let her feel good.

Yes her relaxed voice with the kitten is so much better but

Can we just focus on things that she will listen too to improve herself and no more calling her names and being so harsh.

When I was at my lowest she really made me feel better about my life.you don't know what she does behind closed doors.
Please be more gentle. she is only human.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668465

Ok…I’ll play along and pretend this is ~totally a good friend of Vicky’s~

You’re a shit friend if you think letting her act like a complete retard on the internet is a good idea. Compulsively lying and hating herself to the point where she photoshops herself into a completely different person…you let her do all the things she does because she was ~really nice to me one time~.

Yea ok “friend”. Sounds like you’re also a shit human being. Vicky won’t ever change and she’s going to die alone because she will never accept who she really is; an average looking person with an average IQ and below average tattoo talent.

No. 668470

Please understand where I am coming from.
If you feel she did something wrong you insulting her makes you just as bad if you are mad she insults someone & she won't take the comment seriously… No one who gets insulted will… She sees these attacks every day. I hope that they go back to giving her advice. We all know she keeps tabs on this. Was too scared to say anything for over a year but she's helped me through some dark times. She is a caring person. She wants a better life. She wants to stop proving to you guys who and what she is.

If you don't like a photoshop job don't insult her just say what looks disoriented& how to prevent it without insulting her.

This is the media that makes women desire extremes.

In real life, she is beautiful and on the slender side but not super skinny but a healthy slender side.

I honestly hope you all find it in your hearts to be positive (I know I don't word that well but I hope you grasp my concept)

You don't fight fire with fire.

I feel like the more this thread goes on the more unwell she is.

I talk to her every day she doesn't discuss this at all however I can tell it does not help her well being.

Please realize she is only human
She is reaching an impossible image yes, but angels and lighting help

She is a beautiful woman in real life and online.

Let women enhance herself, lighting and positions do wonder.
Also, it is better she changes her look online instead of getting surgery.

She is beautiful in real life

She does have an hourglass figure in real life

She is a lovely woman to me.

I am not a man. I am a woman.

I worry about her so much.

This is not her.

I swear I am worried about what to do I feel like this will help her…

You can tell… She gets angrier than this.

But not everyone copes with attacks well.

If you honestly want her better.

Please let's just try… Just for at least this month.

She should embrace her realness & you all need to please settle down.

You are all Anonymous
You could be anyone.

If you really want to have beef since you are cow obsessed.

Can we try doing half half

Top part being constructive criticism

Then trigger warning

"How I feel because you did say a thing and why I personally feel this issue should be addressed "

Can we please?
She just finished her 20s I want this woman to flourish. Please.

Just, please.
She may have done questionable things

And she cares about what anyone thinks

For tattoos, I don't know much but I want you guys too just be less harsh and say what she should do differently.

Make her prove to you guys she's completed the required fields of skin, I see constructive and I see hateful.

But she will blur it all if it's so negative.

Let this women learn, also a lot of people say they would kill to be tested by her, I once wanted one really bad however from what I read it seems like there is important factual evidence of making certain skin mistakes that would have never been made if she took the apprenticeship you all say she should take but me saying this will make her angry I'm scared to say that, but even the best artists in the world should have more extensive training when it comes to human skin

I honestly talk to her a lot and care about her.

She does have a good heart. She just has anger within her and just imagines being in her shoes having impulsive behaviour, withholding an image and a company, she mentions she can't model without drinking she mentions drinking a lot in what you all dug up,

I speak to her all the time but never about this site.


no one is like that without surgery.

She has a very lovely hourglass that is sexy, and realistic in real life.

I hope you all stop insulting her weight.

She is NOT overweight, not in the slightest.

Please stop this toxic behaviour.

You think she has all these behavioural problems well…sorry to break it to you, even the sanest people will snap over this. This is not okay. She is not overweight. Stop this :(

Also, I learned many times don't pay for something unless you have it.
Never give a deposit, if someone truly finds passion in this they would just make an agreement that if you want to have inked with her but "waste her time" the ink will be more if they see her. But probably all places have deposits but I saw deposit fights on here.

There are tons of people happy with her work but I have no knowledge of tattoos, I personally think they look amazing.

I feel disgusted I even commented because now you all will attack me or attack something.

I just wish this was a more helpful space. For years and years and years you insulted her every move.

I pray she doesn't get hurt and knows this is positive messaging& hope you all treat this woman better. Because from someone who personally knows her, she is a caring person. She's helped me through dark times.

I am embarrassed I even chimed in or even looked at this because I know I wouldn't want her doing that to me but I genuinely feel like you guys put yourself on a pedestal for this behaviour it is very disturbing.

She never spoke with me about this

I just pray I articulated this in a proper manner that makes her not attacked.

I can't control the world.

I feel sick inside I feel like I wasn't nice enough in this post but if I was too nice no one would listen to me and no one will anyways :(

I just feel like she needs to know productive things.

You insulting her makes me sick to my stomach. Please… Just be more… I don't know just let her learn and encourage her without hate. You mix hate with criticism and she will be fixated on that hate.

Just my thoughts… I know I know I will be attacked for this which is ironic. I just feel like if you invest all this time into her why don't you make it a positive thing? You know how you diagnose her with disorders, there are disorders that cause people to obsessively talk about someones every little move in a negative manner and it fuels your "entertainment" and that makes me really sick because how can you even say anything about anyone when you are Anonymously hurting a women you don't even speak too.

I hope I made sense.
I am sorry and scared to even say anything but I feel like it is the right thing to do…

No. 668484


Anonymous 23 minutes ago No. 668465

Ok…I’ll play along and pretend this is ~totally a good friend of Vicky’s~

You’re a shit friend if you think letting her act like a complete retard on the internet is a good idea.

- I never said her being problematic was okay, I was addressing a better approach so this human with feelings can be healthier. I did not defend her acts or encourage anything she has done. I merely addressed a way that you all could say without insults that she has done something wrong, so she takes what you say seriously.

"Compulsively lying and hating herself to the point where she photoshops herself into a completely different person…"

Yes that is an ⚠️ issue ⚠️

I am addressing to approach this in a way that will make her actually LISTEN.

I merely elaborated on an idea to just approach too see if she will get healthier if you

Point out contradictions

And say hey

"This is wrong because "

You do realize it is a more credible reply to address if there is no name calling,
If someone is a "garbage human" so quickly too people on here when they are a random person giving their own constructive criticism on how to approach this manner.

It really makes them feel like insert insult here if you elaborate on the negative things they done and let them figure it out for themselves that they did something bad that is the best way to get through to someone,

stating this is not Okay that she did this because

this is toxic because

this is bad, this is harmful, this is wrong because… Saying without insults makes the person not defensive and listen.
Insults result in people either insulting back or making excuses for themselves but normally both. It doesn't actually get the message across.

You however just got super angry and defensive with no actual structure to your statement other than assuming the worst of me for having hope that things can get better if we let them. & if anyone is angry over this please read it and process my statements here.

Merely generating insults makes a person not take them seriously, some may go oh they hate me anyways why try? You insulted me and I just wanting to express a more healthy outlook on this whole shitstorm.

you let her do all the things she does because she was ~really nice to me one time~. "

I don't let her do anything, I do not encourage anything.
I merely was establishing an idea that could potentially make an unstable person wake up and realize what she has done and not repeat it. No one is 100% stable at all times and yes some are more rocky than others, hence the new approach at this that was a suggestion.

Insulting someone does not solve anything, the best empowerment on a situation at hand,is having someone genuinely believe they did something bad which makes them feel bad. If you insult and spew hate, that doesn't have anyone process the issue at fault. They just find excuses for themselves to feel better about the hurtful words and statements that were being done.

And no I am not saying she hasn't done it herself however I feel that her seeing these angry updates of people insulting her daily really would insinuate that daily check up on the back burner and seeing hundreds and thousands of people insult you and put you down
Two reactions

- self pity self loathing self destruction


- reflecting the negative energy and being more negative more hateful more angry to defend / cope

Just because someone is pleasant to me doesn't give them the right to not be pleasant to others. You are misunderstanding me.

You are assuming I am defending her and saying she is perfect. No one is perfect.

No I am worried about this women and the toxic behaviour will not lighten with more toxic negative statements with no actual detail on how to fix the situation. However I do appreciate the people who chime in and make genuine comments on addressing the issues at hand and saying what she did and how she did it and how she should have handled it .
Yea ok “friend”. Sounds like you’re also a shit human being. "

In regards to that, this is a prime example of unnecessary hate and assumptions.
I have morals, I never want anyone to be in a worse situation than life already handed to them . I am only saying a suggestion due to the fact that insulting someone doesn't make you or them a better person.
You have no idea who this is, I have not said anything in regards to enabling her, I feel like the extreme hate enables her impulsive behaviour and seeing all this hate hate hate hate hate. She gets insults daily, it is not fun for anyone to handle that emotional torment hence more toxic patterns and reactions to furthermore continue.

Who is really the enabler? If you look at it that way.

√ she's going to die alone

√ garbage human

^ hurtful points you made, also uncalled for we don't know who will or will not "die alone",

You said she will die alone "because she doesn't accept who she really is"

You don't know the future, being single doesn't make you less valuable.

Yes she does need to accept and love herself in a more healthy way, she should be less cringey and not make up stories that make her end up on r/thathappened

She should accept reality and not go to extremes to bragging she rejects men or others peoples men, or elaborate on situations that seemed very strange to brag about due to the fact she is being judged daily maybe that small moment happened and she is harboring on it.

Either way it is not healthy.

- average looking human
- average IQ
- Below average talent

Those are stated as if this is hurtful but anyone can become better at all these things. Anyone.

You are very angry towards me due to the fact that I had an idea in regards to people possibly making her take peoples words into consideration and heal from her past.

"Vicky won’t ever change and she’s going to die alone because she will never accept who she really is; an average looking person with an average IQ and below average tattoo talen"

She is not perfect. None of us are. She is human.

All women want too feel beautiful.

To the general society's standards of beauty should fix her eyebrows to the tending tasteful shape, have more gentle eyelashes that can be big but not like a costume look etc. But she holds on too that look it is her comfort zone, her personal aesthetic.

why would anyone make their boyfriend public when these people are going too stalk his every move and celebrate any downfalls

IQ is a series of tests that does not define someones capability of doing day to day things, making the right choices,

With a simple google search questioning IQ being a credible source on if someone is actually intelligent based on this test…many other sources elaborate that IQ is not evidence that you are actually a remarkable gift to intelligence.

Yes, she has been problematic but you don't even know me and you just say I am a garbage human for encouraging to attempt a better light for at least one person and see what happens.
No, I would never encourage lying, or any negative behaviour.

I just find it unbearable that I had some urge to address that there are healthier ways too go about things.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668495

File: 1559996039582.gif (2.99 MB, 178x179, 1447190182571.gif)

I that autistic sperging for real?

No. 668496

Shut up Vick. Go back to mutilating people's skin and shooping yourself into oblivion.

No. 668498

>angels and lighting

No. 668505

Spergs in Luna's AND Vick's thread? Jesus, maybe this long weekend got some people bored.

No. 668508

I’m from Ontario Canada, I’ve seen Vicky out at a show once at the bovine.
To say that she’s using lighting and body position to take her photos is garbage.
She looks nothing like that in real life. It’s actually frightening how much she changes herself in photos.
This isn’t to be malicious or hurtful but she clearly has self esteem issues, because it goes WAY BEYOND a little bit of face tune.

That being said, she’s also bullied other people online. Pretending to be a good person trying to fight the stigma of mental health and in the same breath telling people to go kill themselves is disgusting.

Photoshopping tattoos (which clients and other artists in Ontario have proven with photo evidence) and claiming you’re a great artist so you can make a quick buck and scar others is also a disgust selfish act.

If she’s so unbothered by all the “haters” as she claims, she wouldn’t even know this forum existed let alone have a good friend come out and vouch for her.

Maybe focus on making those tattoo talents a reality. Go get some actual apprenticeship classes. Focus on proving people wrong. Right now you look like a fool.

No. 668509

Jesus Christ, Aunt Vicky. You're drunk, go home.

No. 668513

It’s not the internet’s job to police or mother your “friend”
If she doesn’t know by 30 something that what she’s doing isn’t normal, you need to get her professional help

No. 668514

File: 1560001391834.gif (947.82 KB, 249x233, tumblr_inline_nt780nGAa31ts1va…)

No. 668518

File: 1560002256982.jpeg (105.27 KB, 750x570, 803F6FC9-0877-4756-A6EA-012CBB…)


Your friend pretends to be holier than thou, but here’s an example of how she talks to other women.(newfaggotry)

No. 668525

She can 'feel sexy' with out lying, stealing from people, and permanently scarring their bodies.

No. 668528

Seems like someone is pretty oblivious as to just how s h i t t y your friend acts. Beyond the photoshop, terrible tattoo work, and self obsession, she still is an asshole. No other way to cut it. The issue with Vic is the fact she will attack, threaten and insult anyone and everyone who gives her any feedback that isn’t praise, while also trying to push a narrative of “i luv all women~! i am smart and nice~!”
I’m sure this heifer has her moments where she manages not to act so fucking facetious, but that’s not what she presents. And I believe that behavior patterns speak more than the one person who has come to say how SWEET n NICE she is after nearly 3 years of these threads existing. Sorry anon but you’re not only oblivious, but being played. And if I were you I’d chill the fuck out with your rants. If you want Vic to flourish so bad get off lolcow and act as her official babysitter.

No. 668529

Welcum to my post

No. 668532

>In real life, she is beautiful and on the slender side but not super skinny but a healthy slender side.
>She is a beautiful woman in real life and online.
>She is beautiful in real life
>She does have an hourglass figure in real life
>She has a very lovely hourglass that is sexy, and realistic in real life.

>I hope you all stop insulting her weight.

>She is NOT overweight, not in the slightest.

Just go see a therapist, Vic. Pretending to be your own close and strong female friend is pathetic.

No. 668533

I believe this is not Vicky. Anon, you seem to have your heart in the right place and you do bring up some valid points. Just please keep in mind that narcissists like Victoria have a way of making everything about them and how they feel. Don’t forget that there are real life victims in this story who have been deceived by her to great personal loss. And their feelings and experiences matters as much as hers. Remember that it is possible to pity someone without enabling or condoning their actions. Remember that your empathy will be used as a weapon against you when it suits a narcissist. Look up the term “narcissism” and “flying monkeys” and see if this describes you. Unfortunately Victoria has chosen a path of trying to censor harmful realities about her tattooing skills etc., and deceiving her community. This thread needs to exist to keep people informed.

No. 668534

I honestly have no other choice but to believe this this is Vicky. She’s obsessed with the idea that everyone thinks she’s overweight when very few people say that. No one thinks she’s fat, it’s been made very clear that most farmers think she’s average.

No one is here because of a personal problem, people are here because she is a scam artist. She has taken peoples money, photoshops her work leading people to believe they will get something that they definitely won’t. Her tattooing is terrible, she lies constantly, brings people down. & as far as publicly being a 30 year old internet persona heavily warping her photos and lying about it…that’s her choice. You can’t act a fool on the internet and expect people to look the other way.

Anyway, I agree that this is Vicky. Talking about your “beauty” over and over again and bringing up the “overweight” shit again. I’m glad you chose to take the time to proof read and use proper grammar and punctuation. It’s a start.

No. 668535

If this is your way of crying out for help, Vicky, might I suggest therapy and deleting your social media accounts and starting over as Victoria Shingleton vs Victoria Bella-Morte. I would also remove your edited tattoo portfolio, get proper apprenticeship, and start fresh if tattooing is truly your passion. You’re destroying people’s bodies

No. 668536

Beautiful is spelled correctly, it’s not Icky.

No. 668539

Guaranteed she typed this out at one point and had someone proof read it for her. They’re her words but not her grammar

No. 668550

the fuck just happened, that was painful to read.

vic would never listen to criticism b/c she doesn't think she does anything wrong and has been shitty to ppl who make simple suggestions. so no one here is going to coddle her b/c she has anger issues and tells ppl they're mentally ill for having an opinion that isn't kissing her ass.

she should stop tattooing b/c she would never apprentice since she can't stand having anyone tell her what to do, and her poor shoops show she isn't artistically inclined. there, was that nice enough.

No. 668551

Agree anon.
If she actually wanted to become a better person she would swallow that giant ego of hers, close her “shop” and apply to apprentice somewhere. After 5-6 years of that she could maybe make a real go of being a tattoo artist. It also might help if she enrolled in business school at a local college to learn how to manage a business and perhaps improve her writing skills. She needs to drop this fake persona she has made for herself and start fresh. She also will need to be prepared to start anew and ask for forgiveness from all of those she has hurt, swindled, insulted, and mistreated. She isn’t old and could totally do this, but she is so wrapped up in her own head and insist on continuing this charade, which is not sustainable or good for her mental health. I believe people can reinvent themselves, but she has to want to. Until then, I’m calling it how I see it because I’ve dealt with her and those around her and she is a terrible human at this point and needs an intervention.

No. 668675

"Makes her feel sexy" hi sticky!

No. 668678

Its not our job to do anything for her tbh, no one owes her shit, just like the world owes no one anything, no one's life is all about her it's never been, and it's not gonna be because that's how the real world fucking works? Not everyone's gonna ass pat her through life, she's not at home with her parents (probably cause she mooched of them to "move out") and that type of shit just doesn't work on people who actually work hard for what they have. If you fuck up people's tattoos there are also consiquences and eventually maybe even lawsuits, actions have consiquences and you can't escape them forever and I'm not about to play dr Google, sometimes u do bullshit u get bullshit, it is what it is, respect is fucking earned and we cant be daddy internet forever and treat her like baby, that doesn't work in the real world grow the fuck up and stop actually harming people and give them their fucking money back. Fucking noob. There isn't a rule that makes everyone who disagrees with her jealous trust me I'd be embarrassed to be like that.. Js any real human would realistically. She claims people copy her but she's a lame imitation throwback collage of everything wrong with the 80's/90's combined no work ethic. Lazy, but ya "she's only human" doesn't give u a free pass forver. She's fucking 30 and should know better. This is what happens when a child of average intelligence pushed through school and is told they are special their whole life just to end up nowhere. I draw the line at manipulating people, and damaging other people's bodies. Shits wrong as hell.! There are people with garbage lives who get jobs or education or trade and actually make something of themselves. This is trash.

No. 668699


Please use paragraphs.

Also, I don’t think the WK anon is Victoria, she would never say anything even slightly unflattering about herself, she is that conceited. Also although rambling, their posts are still more coherent than Vicky’s.

I think it’s a genuine friend who feels bad but doesn’t understand board culture at all and is just making things worse.

No. 668702

Vicky bumping her own thread again.

No. 668703

File: 1560088217249.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1242x852, FEECC0F5-CA2A-49FA-B87F-802890…)

Major eye roll

No. 668706

I genuinely think Vicky ranted into google translate, put it through a language with very different grammar structure, then translated back to english, because she knows everyone recognizes her spergs a mile away. It doesn't sound like real ESL, but exactly like the garbled text that used to come back when my friends and I would do the "translate game" when we were kids. Also, who dos she even know IRL who isn't a native english speaker, bitch is racist as fuck.

No. 668714

Eh, I feel like this is one of her flying monkeys like >>668533 said. She'd never be that critical of herself. It's probably one of her "friends" who she cried to about the big old mean internet bullies and how they're so horrible to her :( :( :(
Figures Vicky most likely lied to her and/or told her a highly edited version of the truth.

No. 668723

Imagine writing a paragraph to brag about your eye color instead of just giving a one-word answer like most normal non-narcissistic people.

No. 668746

>also a lot of people say they would kill to be tested by her, I once wanted one really bad however from what I read it seems like there is important factual evidence of making certain skin mistakes

Holy shit what a weird post

No. 668747

She wasn’t THAT critical. She constantly had to state how totally not fat Vic is and she really is slender but not skinny slender but definitely not fat. And truely has an hour glass figure in real life.

It’s totally Vicky. She’s been constantly talking on Fb about how women need to empower other women or some shit. And here comes her white knight FEMALE friend who is sorta critical but also sucks her balls through most of it.

No. 668748

Also to further my point that it’s Vicky:

>someone truly finds passion in this they would just make an agreement that if you want to have inked with her[…..]

No. 668773

File: 1560114812870.gif (569.61 KB, 500x201, A0612ABD-53AD-4ECD-A0FD-6B4311…)

Well, hey - it’s a better attempt than the “guy” who was asking for tips on how to date her, anyway.

No. 668799

It’s definitely Vicky. She has a lot of free time so I’m sure her first rough draft was written a month ago and has been working on it since. The context of the sperg screams Vicky.

No. 668827

File: 1560135680391.jpeg (190.57 KB, 806x1000, CFB1BD04-7EDF-4D01-B630-0E5AFE…)

It seems she’s posting photos that aren’t even her on her Facebook. This isn’t her, it can’t be. Or just completely shopping herself into the new flavour of the week.

No. 668848

Don’t worry, guys. Her “best friend” is going to save her from her identity disorder.

Also looking at this picture makes me realize a 32 year old woman did her hair & makeup, placed a fan in front of her, and took pictures of herself on self timer all to upload the pictures to photoshop and change her every feature.


No. 668849

For someone as racist as she is, she sure loves to buy darker and darker fake tans

No. 668850

File: 1560144489438.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2082, 6D0FEC10-52DD-4769-94BB-E90B84…)

There are SO many things wrong with this photoshopped mess, it’s like a game of seek and find. I circled my three favorites.

No. 668852

File: 1560144848099.jpeg (134.14 KB, 468x576, AB0BDF8B-91E0-43B9-BAE1-FAABEB…)

Fabio ass bitch

No. 668855

This is nightmare fuel. Where the fuck is her shoulder? Why are here eyebrows so close together? Why did she photoshop her face as round as her fake ass photoshop tits? If she’s going to keep wearing that cheap, sequin dress she should at least be aware of how obvious it makes her boob and waist shoops. Digitally stretched/warped sequins are not a good look, honey.

No. 668874


she does look fine here tho

No. 668889

Lmao. She looks like a confused alien here, actually.

No. 668894


This is the most “unfine” she’s ever looked, honestly.
The fake tan, obvious photoshop around the boobs / arms, the almost touching eyebrows. She looks like if Fabio and tan mom had a love child

No. 668896

If you look at candids one of her eyes is higher up than the other, but she shoops them to be perfectly spaced.

No. 668897

welcum to my post

No. 668898

her face is literally a different color from the rest of her body. it looks fake, like she photoshopped her head onto someone else's weird body.

No. 668902

Yes. It's disturbing how warped this photo is.

No. 668913

This is disturbing and very unhealthy. She has shrunk every part of her body and inflated her breasts to insane proportions. Taking a photo of yourself and warping it this heavily sends a message that you are deeply unhappy with yourself. I am concerned that Friend Anon made a good point - this woman’s mental health is getting worse. I’m not sure what the solution is because the disfiguring tattoo work needs to be out and public knowledge. I’m just a bit torn - this image is the work of someone who is deeply unwell.

No. 668919


>silver eyes

Fucking kek

No. 668922

I mean she had the capability of stopping, but to her being “MySpace famous” is her greatest accomplishment and she can’t let it go. It’s honestly an embarrassing accomplishment though. She only got her cult following by pretending to be something she’s not. She could easily let her persona go. “Friend anon” is acting like this thread is the reason of her downfall, but she’s probably always been this way.

1. Between 2011-now, there have been only a few candid photos of her found and people had to go digging so she’s ALWAYS been hiding her true self.

2. Before she butchered people at her shop, she literally tattooed others in her house. She also photoshopped her work to make it look better before the shop.

3. She’s always been a narcissist. Anons have mentioned that in parties in the past, she couldn’t stop talking about herself. & in her own old photos, she talks herself up as being naturally perfect, having naturally perfect eyes, lashes, skin, physical features, etc.

4. She’s always told the world she has a high iq but makes up absurd ceLeStiAl quotes using words that are too big for her vocabulary wrong.

She hasn’t changed at all mentally, so please don’t even try to blame this thread. People are just calling her out for what she is. The only reason why she’s getting “worse” is because something that should have been a phase is who she actually is as a person…a 30+ year old person.

No. 668926

where are her ~natural thick/dark lashes~? why is her one arm like a noodle? the obviously manipulated hair, the blur, those ridiculous boobs, the eyes so close to the nose, the tails of those brows, it's so awful and funny at the same time.

No. 668935

File: 1560187039734.jpeg (163.53 KB, 750x682, 72AF1B1B-CD7A-4FB1-ACE5-36F5E1…)

She failed miserably trying to shoop a collar bone and neck line

No. 668948

>Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee

No. 668957

A real challenge: try to find where she didn't edit. the weird shadow/halo around that arm is annoying to me.

No. 668959

File: 1560192681355.jpg (53.33 KB, 531x523, Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 1.jpg)

same fagging but you can see where she tried shrinking herself; lazy and sloppy

No. 668969

This is REALLY bizarre, as in, a butterface did a glamour photo session. I mean, Vick’s real image is way more attractive than this Franken-shoop. I can’t even imagine Vick looking at this and thinking: “YEAH! This’ll show da haydurs!”

She really IS losing it.

No. 669011

Jesus fucking Christ. Absolute train wreck. It would be easier for her to start over at this point rather than continuing this outdated "Victoria Bella-Morte" persona.

Vicky, listen you stupid fuck. Stop speaking shit on here and do the following:

- Knock off that fake accent (how in the fuck you have an English accent when you claim to be from Ireland makes zero sense). Adding the fact you've lived in Canada your entire life makes you look like a social retard.
- Take a break from the Internet because you're not using it wisely.
- Stop tattooing (or more accurately, stop mutilating people's skin).
- Practice self-care (i.e. have a bath, shave your head to start over, go to a dental hygienist, get some flattering outfits that fit and go to the gym so you can stop editing yourself thinner constantly).
- Stop drinking yourself into oblivion and writing attention-seeking posts on Facebook.
- Either accept your techniques don't work and get an apprenticeship so you can learn how to tattoo correctly, or go back to college to get an education.
- Learn how to respect and communicate with people.


No. 669051

File: 1560223367012.jpeg (128.62 KB, 750x817, 26D587CA-12B5-49C1-B460-276BED…)


Everything about this picture is off!!! What is she even trying to say here?

Kek at the guy thinking it was a digital drawing tho. Pretty much is tho at this point

No. 669052

File: 1560223599172.jpeg (207.96 KB, 662x1176, 603F9664-E538-493F-8B68-8CE216…)

Totally tanned and not photoshopped my dudes. Why is she shooping a tan on anyways? I thought she was a ~totally super pale ethereal being~ and said tans were gross

No. 669120

Has anyone else noticed that her fan page allows bookings now? Looks like her “shop” is only open on Thursdays and the schedule is wiiiiiide open.

No. 669136

File: 1560258189936.jpg (273.88 KB, 1080x1845, 20190611_085651.jpg)

The booking is definitely strange. I don't understand her minimum either, every shop here has $80-150 minimum, she has a 4 hour and 45 minute minimum at $140 an hour , putting her at a $665 minimum. That's ridiculous.

No. 669147


it's really annoying how she always puts ":D" and "^_^" in her shit. such a professional

No. 669164

I hope no one pays $100 an hour for Frankie photography.

No. 669197


but she's had posts offering scratchings for like 25 dollars before. big leap for someone who thinks they're worth 140 an hour

she's full of shit, i'll bet she would do a tattoo for a pint

No. 669198


she looks like a gross old lady who is still using glamour shots from the 80s/90s

she's so haggard and gross. just embrace your weight and age an be real because these paintings of yourself are really sad

No. 669205

What high school did Vicky go to? She looks so familiar. Though tbh she seems like the homeschool type

No. 669290

Jesus Christ is this unprofessional. "Sesh". That's not even a word and you're not being cute.

No. 669323

So are her pictures supposed to be advertising for this photography service? Or does she have a port somewhere?

No. 669337

I'm gonna kill myself

No. 669338

Tonight is fucking gold ppl holy shit

No. 669339

Advertising her shit *digital editing And tattoos

No. 669403


You want to elaborate on that, anon?

No. 669410

File: 1560340926806.jpg (542.38 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190612_075943.jpg)

She really will delete ANY comment disagreeing with her. Such confidence, many secure.

No. 669417

>>669410 usually I agree and Vic will delete any comment not kissing her butt but that guy deserves it tbh. ~you obviously don't have a family ~ is obnoxious as fuck. Nobody cares about your family dude.

No. 669428

I would find it obnoxious as well if it wasn't directed at Icky, just cause she has no sense of responsibility or respect for anyone. And she'll likely never have a family at this rate.

No. 669452

Guys stop shell read this and fucking try and have kids and it will go so bad for her and the child will end up fucked like her not every women needs to have kids, but every person SHOULD have accountability. Allot of people don't have family, half of Toronto doesn't have a family. That doesn't mean they are anything like this fucking cow!

No. 669714

File: 1560431089082.jpeg (390.57 KB, 1242x1726, 1671C308-E37A-44B1-92A3-087181…)

“We’re HELLA busy” but still taking referrals and still booking this month. We’re also doing deals to get people through the door.

Don’t refer people that won’t take care of their “got inked”

So many things… can’t focus.

No. 669721

you left your profile pic up "Anon"

No. 669723

File: 1560434735755.jpg (587.46 KB, 1080x1656, 20190613_100012.jpg)

Lol Vic PLZ. She even pinned it.

No. 669877



First of all alot isn’t even a fucking word. Her elevated intellect always shines through

No. 669879


Same fag

But I’ve never seen someone try to explain and justify their lies so much than this sad shit show. So pathetic

No. 669919

genuis iq at work. also if you had an actual system, you wouldn't require people to message you on fucking fb of all places with 'ink' as the first word, and even then you fuck up your bookings.

u r so dumb. videos can still be edited and filtered. this wonky-eyed, weird cut off headed alice cooper is a nice reminder of why ppl shouldn't come to you for portraits. and you haven't really shown much of your cover-ups, never mind from a ~jealous competitor~, but plenty of other artists have had to fix your hack jobs.

No. 669939


She has such a bad reputation here lmao. Like ask anyone in Guelph and they all say they have a friend or know someone who Vicky fucked their tattoo up and they had to get fixed. It’s a good conversation starter in this town tbh.

No. 669973


Checked the edit history and this was edited 4 times Jesus Christ woman

No. 670103

File: 1560530564230.png (Spoiler Image, 143.78 KB, 750x1334, A5E11690-39F6-4728-90A3-E45F8B…)

Haha. Looks like she’s been going into her old reviews and editing the responses. Now claiming Adam/Christina Martin are sabotaging her because she’s just too good at inked!

No. 670113


>harassment of staff

What staff? She’s the only one

No. 670129

She needs to be careful throwing around the words “banned due to harassment” when referring to people to wrote a negative review or contacted her regarding a messed up tattoo, her stealing their money etc.

For someone who also likes to throw around the word “sue,” she is BOUND to end up sued by one of her customers for the way she handles situations. What she’s doing is borderline illegal.

No. 670130

I hope these reviewers know to take screenshots of such words. They can easily be used against her if they need to press charges against her and her shop

No. 670401

File: 1560666011099.jpeg (193.15 KB, 750x996, 0BE774F2-7AC6-43B8-A710-BB75A2…)

This caption radiates basement dwelling neckbeard vibes

No. 670645

No sticky DOES NOT HAVE A BEAUTIFUL "hourglass" figure I've seen it in person! Nothing like the tacky Photoshop, she's not ugly she's just average. Oh btw obv you have to be her, or someone stupid enough to beleive her. Kek.

No. 670649

>>668470 scamming people for their downpayments and ruining their bodies permanently to be the most "tattooed babe" and the very best pokemon, isn't a very fucking beautiful thing to do anon. She's average looking but a horrible person, with a long history of being a scam artist.

No. 670790

File: 1560813084024.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, A68FF13A-4926-499F-8AC3-E8B2F8…)

I’m just a little lost on why she posted this.

No. 670850

through the whisky fumes Vicky probably thinks she modeled for that illustration

No. 671041

This is what she wishes she looked like.

No. 671045

It's her totally original unedited photo that she accidentally uploaded while she was fucking around on a hair-color changing app, duh

/s, as if it needed to be said

No. 671074

File: 1560875597830.jpg (455.99 KB, 1074x1421, Screenshot_20190618-122953_Ins…)

Another upload from this "shoot", and yet again, it's shopped completely differently.

No. 671120


The fake Versace and cheap ripped costume glove kills me

No. 671160

someone pls do a comparison of all the pix she put up from this ~shoot~. seeing this next to that last travesty she posted makes the other one that much more obviously shopped. her tattoo also looks warped by the armpit, just stop it already.

No. 671166

File: 1560897468651.jpg (869.07 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190618_164855.jpg)

The left is the first one she uploaded, the right is the newest. In the newer one, her tits are lower, waist is smaller, hips are rounder and she added abs.

No. 671167

File: 1560897614633.jpg (753.79 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190618_183842.jpg)

Also, the faces in all 3 of the photos uploaded from this "shoot" are so different.

No. 671190


The fingers with the glove on in all 3 look like liquid and all shaped weird from warping her chunky face and big chin small. Her tattoo is also different in every single one

No. 671192

Fucking kek, look at the difference in her stomach tattoo in these two pictures. Hilarious that she thinks no one will spot these. I guess the neckbeards ARE too busy staring at her shooped tits though

No. 671275


I like how ner neck tattoo changes shapes.
Also, that garter tattoo is incredibly bad. Looks like the scribbles you do on the side of a paper when you're bored at lecture

No. 671279

File: 1560940047575.png (41.72 KB, 506x200, Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 11.2…)

Oh Vick, will you ever learn

No. 671282

How the fuck does one rip on a cow when they so perfectly take the piss out of themselves? Her delusions about swordfighting are really something.

No. 671292

Ok Vic, text me as you have my number.

Also this is old news as it happened in 2017.

Good job at reading and sounding your words out though, Vic.

No. 671319

Most are probably laughing at her, too. She goes to such lengths to impress people who snicker at her for being pathetic :/

No. 671328

File: 1560951884615.jpg (20.68 KB, 633x387, back-off-kid.JPG)


Ok, Vic. You don't know how to sword fight for shit. You flail around your $20 replica katana and take videos of yourself doing it (which is great cringe content btw) You are the embodiment of neckbeard. Imagine this special needs potato challenging someone?

No. 671366

thank you! seeing just the differences in the face is hilarious. also her stomach tattoo looks different in the body comparison pix, as does the one on her side. that's like one of the biggest giveaways of her shooping, which is probably why she's never shown the stomach one completely, she is so dumb.

>special needs potato
my sides. considering she can't debate intelligently online, i really doubt she'd be able to take someone in a fight, but it's cute that she thinks she can.

No. 671370

File: 1560963249557.jpg (499.56 KB, 1058x1428, Screenshot_20190619-124935_Chr…)

Is she wearing a cut open pillow case as a cape?? And those glasses are super obviously photoshopped blue. She didn't even fully colour them in.

No. 671371

>badly shopped sunglasses
>badly shopped tits
>badly shopped waist
>badly shopped legs
>ill-fitting, stained bra
>what are those extensions
>did not photoshop the fucking ripped seam in her one (1) glove.

icky you trainwreck never change

No. 671376

Her thighs are looking extra hammy.

No. 671388

Oh god my sides. The stained bra, the ripped glove, the cheap ass polyester blazer, the knock off shorts and the photo colored in shades… goddamn she really is white trash

No. 671390

She’s trying so hard to stay relevant even though that ship sailed long ago. The “super metal ~blonde goth~ gurlllll” wasn’t picking up enough attention. Wasn’t she just talking shit about “Kim kardashian” type girls earlier this year? And now she’s furiously photoshopping herself to look like them. Her whole life quite literally revolves around “I want men to think I’m hot because that’s all that matters to me” topped off with a blatant and insufferable “pick me” attitude.

No. 671394

File: 1560971369878.jpg (17.05 KB, 258x248, tumb.JPG)


her thumb is melting hahaha. Her torso is shifting to the left and looks so odd. I don't get this wrinkled cheap cape bullshit she is doing but it looks horrible as fuck

No. 671395

One thing remains the same in every pic, though - that super shiny acrylic hair!

No. 671409

that's one of my favorite things about this photo series. you can see her badly fried hair on top/at the front, and then this budget barbie tier curly shit spilling over her shoulders that's an entirely different color. the low effort of blending it in - which she's always been really bad at - makes me laugh every time.

No. 671480

The tattoo changes again. Vic, we can see the pixelated edges on your pulled in waistline, we're damn well gonna notice your continuously fluctuating tats.

No. 671497

File: 1560991763481.jpeg (73.09 KB, 750x534, 10DB2FFA-B048-4F4D-9BAF-A43D2B…)


Her response made me cringe so hard

No. 671499

File: 1560992104594.png (199.31 KB, 1037x447, facebook.png)

Oh. She's doing OTHER people's photography, now!


No. 671504


>professionally edited

Yea because every single picture of you that’s shooped to hell is so professional

No. 671506

Yup, it's the "sesh". I just keep wondering who is doing hair and makeup? Her? Is she going to do a piss poor job of editing it on to your face? Is Frankie the photographer? So many questions.

No. 671528

am wondering the same thing, and they're an additional cost, as is if you want more than 3 pix and ~special edits~. as much as i don't want ppl giving her money, i'd really like to see what she would do to someone else's images when hers are always such a mess.

No. 672044

File: 1561155577556.jpeg (129.57 KB, 750x357, 18430B59-8AF3-4273-98C8-F19A49…)

She considers two appointments a lot of work? This bitch is so lazy. I’m so sure you’ve had a maid in the past. Her parents probably had a maid not her

No. 672049

File: 1561156194108.jpeg (352.53 KB, 493x877, 78B353C5-F9AE-48F5-99C8-0167D5…)

Her latest victim

No. 672050

For someone that loves physics, the light refraction is completely off…Needs more white?

No. 672061

Damn did she even try with this one

No. 672065

File: 1561162289223.jpeg (317.71 KB, 750x868, 3FBFAE5E-5D56-409B-8F01-7E2A86…)


This is so unsymmetrical it hurts to look at. I wonder how much this poor bastard even paid for this garbage. Her post and caption of the butchery

No. 672094

Wtf does she mean by “leak plasma”? Like plasma in your blood?

No. 672125

Yeah, plasma as in blood. When it's mixed with the ink it's a weird goop, not like blood leaking. I'm not 100% if it's true "plasma" that leaks after a tattoo, but atleast what it's called

No. 672146

I know that everyone's body is different, but…that's not an exceptionally big piece, she couldn't have been at it more than a couple hours, how is she creating so much skin trauma that she can't get through a round of shading? From the sounds of the post it seems like this isn't even the first session.

Also >#ravens …bitch where?!

No. 672151

You will have this problem when the scratcher is just being careless and digging in too far under your skin. It's a sad way to learn a lesson, but I hope she did.

No. 672164

What a cluttered mess

No. 672184

File: 1561234910362.jpg (113.77 KB, 1280x931, IMG_20190622_132035_575.jpg)

lol, never change Vic

No. 672187

The new tattoo looks as aged as the old tattoo below it. Fantastic.

No. 672194

I'm pretty sure it's not normal for tattoos to bruise, but it seems to be a common thing with hers

No. 672210


I don’t think that’s a bruise. It looks like blowout. It happens when an artist gets the ink too deep and it spreads out.

“Tattoo blowout is the result of a tattoo artist using the needle inefficiently and causing the ink to be pushed into deeper layers of skin than is required. … Tattoo artist pushes needles too deep (heavy-handedness) or at the wrong angle (inexperience): This is the most common cause of tattoo blow”

I may be wrong.

No. 672213

some ppl bruise easier than others (I bruise underneath every tattoo lmao) but it’s not common and definitely shouldn’t happen for every single tattoo she does

No. 672232

File: 1561259868456.png (182.53 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20190622-193204.png)

No. 672299

Gottamn musashi miyamoto over here, watch out guys, she’s gonna cut us up in her knockoff versace bushido armor

No. 672360

"My body is not impressed with me rn" I thought she was a super fit kawaii goddess though?! For real though, Vic (since I know you read here), please record yourself doing these 200 sit ups straight and I will never snark on you being hammy again, promise!

No. 672461

File: 1561344241398.jpeg (437.44 KB, 864x1474, D902535D-31B7-40F3-9426-9CA4A7…)

I’m actually concerned for her mental well being.

No. 672565

File: 1561387913316.jpeg (122.72 KB, 542x598, F03F9D7B-47BD-4C75-A872-322764…)

I am genuinely curious as to how many bookings she’s actually getting. Statuses like this make me think she’s desperate for clients and making a thinly veiled attempt to look “in demand.” Woman since you claim to have a full staff in there, why is messaging you the word INkED uP the only way to make an appointment?

No. 672605

This is a shitshow. It sounds like she blacked out drunk and let a few appointments fall through or at least left a lot of things unanswered and now instead of going through her old messages is asking people to message again. But its okay guys because she's so refreshedddd and so stoked to inkk some rad babesss. How she manages to scare up any business at all is a mystery.

No. 672607

File: 1561408098119.jpeg (402.09 KB, 640x871, 42D0C3D5-E81F-49A1-86CB-FED564…)

Another horribly bruised tattoo? How can she be getting worse

No. 672610

Is she an alcoholic? She's talking about passing out early, she's known for missing appointments and messages all the damn time, and she's clearly butchering people to a degree that I would expect from someone completely blotto. Not to mention the cringe shit only a drunk would dare say that she spits out all the time.

No. 672613

Catch me when I'm lucid, better hurry up!

Such a professional career woman.

No. 672617

Holy shit. I know nothing about tattoos, but that bruise looks horrible. I highly doubt bruising from tattoos should look like that.

No. 672621

There is no reason it should be that bruised, unless she was punching the person while tattooing them

No. 672626

File: 1561414404748.jpeg (227.95 KB, 750x567, A970B7E1-1D05-4FE4-8C61-B94A5E…)

It’s absolutely insane that she’s legally able to continue doing this.

No. 672628

this bitch actually retarded

No. 672629

File: 1561415032071.png (805.03 KB, 732x840, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 6.21…)

vicky i know you'll see this, what the fuck is this? please stop ruining people's skin. this isn't just because i have a hate boner for you, even if i liked you this is an objectively terrible tattoo

No. 672634

wtf. when I bruise after being tattooed, it’s a light yellow directly under the tattoo and it goes away after a day or two. This isn’t fucked up, I can’t imagine how painful it must be to sit for this??

No. 672636


Did she delete this?

No. 672647

tattoo artist here. bitch needa ease on up

No. 672657

Literally hit up her IG after 10 years of not following her, saw how narcissistic she still is, called her out on it. Apparently I'm gullible to people's lies about her yada yada yada yawn.
Anyone that says anything she feels is condemning is a "retard" (what kind of fucking insult is that anyways?). I'm assuming I've been blocked and all the comments have been deleted.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 672700

That Bruised tattoo should be on snakepit

No. 672701

File: 1561429903632.jpg (107.53 KB, 834x1280, IMG_20190624_193052_388.jpg)

I think that Instagram is fake. She could very well have done that tattoo, however. Her Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/

If you check out the tags and descriptions in some of the photos on the "victoriabellamorte" Instagram you can tell. Some are more subtle than others. Here's a screenshot where Vic accuses "Melanie" of being the fake account.

No. 672722

A few threads back someone made a profile specifically for roasting Vicky’s tattoos. That Instagram is the one shown here. Vicky went off on a manic tirade commenting on it accusing a girl named melonie of running it, the same way she has accused specific people of leaving all of her bad reviews.

Vicky seems to blame all of her bad publicity on only a handful of people (4 or 5) and then goes on delusional rants as if those few people are solely responsible for her bad press. It’s a really wild/toxic mentality because if she can blame everything bad said about her on a few specific people and hide behind the excuse that they’re “jealous”, “banned from her shop for harassment” or “want to be her” she never has to address her flaws/genuine criticism and change her behaviour. She’s dumb as a board but has somehow managed to manipulate the gullible few that still follow and get tattooed by her.

No. 672846

File: 1561489187113.jpg (493.24 KB, 1079x1324, Screenshot_20190625-144912_Ins…)

I've been tattooed by a good amount of artists and have not once seen a work station without the artists art and flash on the wall. Lol at the caption too. Of course it's private. It's in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, and has one employee. Sometimes, it's extra private when the employee doesn't show up but that costs an extra deposit.

No. 672937

File: 1561508642108.jpg (90.99 KB, 640x940, tylerpurselley.jpg)

I was on Instagram going through posts where Vic is tagged and I saw this. Set direction: Tyler Purselley

Is he a real person or related to Frankie?

No. 672949

File: 1561510686218.jpeg (97.18 KB, 640x883, 00628218-87A2-450E-ADCE-6D8C80…)

Idk if this has been posted before but I came across this while browsing a tattoo tag. Good ol’ Vicky

No. 672959

If by “specialize in coverups” you mean “giving people tattoos that will need to be covered up by a competent professional” then I would agree.

No. 672962

Tyler is an American neckbeard who came here on a plane 1-2 times and stayed over with Vicky. As you know she “enjays haanging out with her guy maytes. Totallay awesome dudes” it is unclear if they boned but at the very least he spent some time stroking her big throbbing ego

No. 672966

File: 1561513031270.jpeg (309.39 KB, 676x525, 35E4CD82-757B-400A-AF97-D973B7…)


I dont think they talk anymore. I wonder how he did “set direction”

No. 672976

You can’t step foot near Vicky without her begging you to take pictures of her. I’m not surprised she roped this guy into it as well. It was a common complaint with her ex’s and ex friends.

No. 672984

yea this setup is super bizarre. what is the purpose of that couch? why is there no station for the machine/inks/etc? that display case thing looks fucking empty. if this is the ~change up~, what was this like before?

most decent shops have separate areas for each artist so that ppl can have privacy, this isn't some innovate thing your scratch shack offers.

No. 673207


Seen this video and thought wow so funny how when she’s not filming herself the quality of the camera on Her phone isn’t grainy, or lagging horribly! Amazing

No. 673249

File: 1561604370261.jpeg (245.72 KB, 750x414, BE82AA1B-AE43-4B2E-ADB6-70F01E…)

This is the most pathetic and sad front desk/display I have ever seen in my life. Those cheap tacky curtains are also a big eye sore.

No. 673308

Such a mess. Exactly the kinda person a life coach would give up on because everything is wrong.

No. 673313

File: 1561639599048.jpeg (612.64 KB, 4138x2192, 1BDEAF84-7466-4234-B243-DB1259…)

This can NOT be normal. Her whole arm and hand is bruised from one rose tattoo?

No. 673315

File: 1561640393274.jpeg (489.23 KB, 1242x1689, F1F7DE39-7C93-4D0E-90D3-770D1F…)


No. 673316

Jesus Christ, when is she going to finally get arrested for this bodily harm? Has anyone gone to the police about her or not?

No. 673317

surprised she didn't insert her face onto the figure. as usual there's no contrast, it's barely legible up close and likely looks like shit at any distance, and wtf are those fingers. if this is her way of ~fixing~ other ppl's work she's definitely not adding anything but a lot of mess.

No. 673318

File: 1561644300618.jpg (258.93 KB, 1079x1048, Screenshot_20190627-094359_Chr…)

She actually paid for a Google ad that just leads to her Instagram. Oh boy.

No. 673323

File: 1561648275886.png (38.03 KB, 586x123, Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.0…)

Wet mold inside her cushions? Or soaked in piss? Nasty.

No. 673324

Notice what she did to the breasts, hair and proportions….

No. 673329

It was better before she got a hold of it.

No. 673330


This is not her instagram, this is the troll account. So probably not done by Vicky, unless she has posted it somewhere else too?

No. 673332

If you scroll through Deborah's photos you see that she has an owl by Vic on her shoulder.

No. 673348

While both are bad, the original one looks better. I’m not sure what giving her bolt on tits has to do with realism art style. Also she gave her a crow nest hairdo jfc

No. 673355

File: 1561663150715.png (551.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190627-121445.png)

Victoria's latest Instagram story

No. 673368

I’m sorry, is that or is that not the same exact rose Moomoo got on her arm that had the colouring of Swiss cheese?

No. 673379


loving where the sequins turn to a blur from shooping. her hair is dyed so horribly here its just a big uneven blotchy mess. Didn't she claim to work in a high end salon in the past too on her linkdin? her neck shoop is laughable and face.

No. 673438

File: 1561688056909.jpg (74.45 KB, 1280x940, IMG_20190627_191334_685.jpg)

On that woman's Instagram, she made sure to say that the bruising "isn't the artist's fault." Also it looks like she wants to go back to Victoria for future ink, according to this post. (Idk if I'm supposed to blur the name or not but I did just in case)

No. 673446

Tattoos shouldn’t bruise like that. Either the girl is on blood thinners or anemic, or (and more likely) Vic really fucked up. She either went too deep or angled the machine wrong - both rookie mistakes. The girl may (worst case) have permanent bruising or “blowout”. Or there is a chance it’s infected - I’d be very curious is she uses distilled water when she mixes her grays or tap water, which could explain the inflammation.

No. 673452

I've been tattooed by heavy handed artists and am prone to bruising cause my iron drops occasionally. Never had bruising this bad.

No. 673503

I thought that exact thing when I saw it

Maybe they both picked the same first row of Google image search art to trace over

No. 673552

No. 673614

File: 1561742570832.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 190AA9D9-B3B3-4BFA-B6DC-946BED…)

More shoop horror weee

No. 673654

File: 1561750762737.jpg (485.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190628_153704.jpg)

What is going on with Vics FB page, why is everyone a "top fan" lol

No. 673862

File: 1561785573042.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 384.3 KB, 586x897, 489CD8DD-750E-472B-BAFB-43AF92…)

How could she do this to someone. This is beyond horrible. Look at the hair curling into the armpit and the blurry horrible overworked ink with no outlining and layered on white. I honestly think she’s layering ink over ink like someone would with a pencil drawing. That’s probably why she’s damaging the fuck out of these more victims skin(don't abuse the spoiler)

No. 673905


Why the spoiler?

No. 673908

File: 1561789604846.png (413.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190629-011914.png)

lol she posted this to Instagram stories. Her fake badass persona is my favorite. Cops offer her jobs after seeing her sword skillz, would-be kidnappers are intimidated and scared away, she is her own security. It's so funny how she always has a small cluster of people egging this behavior on in the comments.

No. 673917

I depend on anons to point out shoops for me because I suck at being able to tell right off the bat, but holy shit, even I can see how much she fucked up her face here. She looks NOTHING like this in her regular photoshopped shit, good lord. Her eyebrows though

No. 673968

File: 1561803168105.jpeg (222.44 KB, 750x1223, 50589D5E-3275-430E-B86A-69A3C7…)

Both these posts are great. Online ~haters~ mean nothing but will constantly post about it. And that video still has Instagram filters on filters. Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling? Nice sausage fingers accompanied by filthy finger nails. Them fat chick angles tho. She seriously needs to grow the fuck up and stop caring about her online fake image. I can’t imagine the stress she must be under on the daily trying to keep up with her mountain of lies. Maybe that’s why she drinks so much and stays up in the am hours. If you look at the profiles of her commentators they are all gross men who are older than she is

No. 673969

File: 1561803521185.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 63760F5C-C72F-43A0-8FE1-E1424D…)


I’m so jealous of that makeup that’s thicker than cream cheese and graveyard finger nails. Her hairs more fried than KFC

No. 673977

File: 1561809935163.jpeg (257.86 KB, 1242x743, 32378E19-4546-4D02-840F-9972E3…)

Damn she gets so butthurt

No. 673984

File: 1561811600335.jpeg (302.31 KB, 1242x1513, A0ACFF1E-5D59-4BD8-8085-FD3E41…)

People calling her out on her Facebook. We all know you’re filtered, you can stop lying now.
Just because it’s not putting eyelashes and makeup on you doesn’t mean it isn’t face altering. You do not look like this in real life, Vicky. I’ve seen you.

No. 673985

File: 1561811689293.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, 7B7A76F4-A8BF-42BA-BA46-8C55C5…)

Sounds a bit like bullying

No. 674014

>online trolls blah blah blaah
>useless twats in desperate need of a hobby other than being a stalking sadistic cunt, but will find neither.

Wat? Neither what? This makes absolutely no grammatical sense even for u icky.

Lol at the no filters proclamation, Icky you urgently need to see an ophthalmologist because the apparent lack of tear ducts or anything else in either of your eyes is quite alarming, whilst your melted nose is a whole other issue.

No. 674086

Lol 'I was just standing in the sun!!' my ass. Guarantee this bitch uses at least instagram filters, but I also bet an app like snow or facetune.

No. 674095

ughh she's so dumb I love it

No. 674108

File: 1561828694840.jpeg (27.67 KB, 498x400, D2C75E0B-6F2F-42C4-8233-BA5418…)

>crazy broad
We get it dingles, you hate women

No. 674114


And for someone that claims to be such an advocate for the mental health system, she sure likes to throw the word “crazy” around a lot.

No. 674160

if using face specific filters, yes, but you can still put a filter on a video, jfc she's dumb.

in her mind anyone with an opinion that's not kissing her ass is mentally ill, i'd like to see her justify that while simultaneously pretending to be an advocate.

No. 674250

I just cannot get over how insane the bruising is on her clients, she's causing SO much trauma to the skin I would be seeking legal action to me. All i can think is that shes gripping the body (such as the lower arm) with one hand and really pressing the needles in with the other.
Also she has no idea how to use a highlight, and it looks like shes not considering how the highlight will fade.

No. 674252


She is so incredibly insecure and unhappy with herself and it shows.

No. 674253

Honestly sometimes I want to book a tattoo with her, just so I can see what she really looks like in the flesh, I bet the difference is insane

No. 674260


Trust me, anon. She looks like a thumb and wears clothing a size or 2 too small for her. Also her push up bra wasn’t the right size either her back fat was flowing over the band in the back

No. 674284

File: 1561860617277.jpg (321.58 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20190629_220603.jpg)

Does she not realize how insecure and psychotic she sounds? Holy shit I have never known someone to act like this. Let alone a 30-something year old.

No. 674290

I live in Toronto, I’ve seen her at a show.
She’s short and built like a linebacker.
Her extensions are old and you can tell how unhealthy her real hair is, it’s so broken it doesn’t blend with her extensions.
Her makeup is probably the worst out of the entire package, makes her look greasy.

No. 674296


I don’t think she understands that just because it doesn’t throw more eyelashes on her eyelashes, it’s still face altering.

No. 674379

Altering and changing is the same thing lol

No. 674432

If I lived nearby I'd totally do this, and take a picture too for evidence haha.

No. 674438

Except you would have to waste money on a deposit, go to buttfuck nowhere and it's still not guaranteed that she'll show up.

No. 674504

True, best bet would be to show up when she might be doing an appointment and act like you're interested in booking with her. No cow is worth giving money to, especially this one.

No. 675029

File: 1562004182918.jpeg (152.56 KB, 1242x880, B0B6BF75-559F-4798-8D0C-0E72C9…)

For someone so incredibly educated, you think she wouldn’t call people “rretarded”

No. 675094

Is she arguing with a trollclone? She really is desperate for someone to talk to.

No. 675142

One of her unsatisfied customers (I’m assuming ) made an Instagram of all of her “artwork” exposing her

No. 675337

File: 1562038666096.jpeg (493.45 KB, 750x1334, EA63E464-4AA2-494F-B5B8-392CFE…)


No. 675397

I really thought the Dolly Mattel thread was the only one pathetic emough to go after fingernails, but here we are.

No. 675471

Uh, I can't beleive you are defending the fact she actually photoshops her dirty fingernails. That's pathetic. Not pointing it out. She's NOT a ninja warrior Goddess. She's a horrible business person who runs an unsanitary tattoo parlour, and I don't think this thread should stop until her business does. She has ruined people's bodies and lives. Fuck her finger nails honestly that one is just a giggle.

No. 675492

File: 1562077014915.jpg (236.82 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20190702-101130_Chr…)

Anyone catch this?

Fuck us for expecting a tattoo artist to wash their hands, right? And doesn't the other chick finger herself for a living? She should wash her hands too.

No. 675530

Her finger nails are dirty, yet she puts her fingers in her mouth.
And she’s a tattoo artist.
She touches people with those hands and her tattoos are known for getting infected. I mean… put it all together. It’s not just about finger nails, it’s about her mutilating peoples bodies.

No. 675621

Yes, putting dirty hands in your mouth is pretty darn gross. However, tattoo artists wear gloves. It was also mentioned that Vicky, in spite of being very icky, wears gloves when tattooing.

No. 675641

Hey Vicky, or whoever is still trying to actually fucking defend this lmao you need to wash your hands or the gloves don't matter. I wouldent want a doctor working on me if they slapped rubber over unwashed hands. Same with my tattoo artist. How low are your fucking standards you fucking cow

No. 675653

Lol, so why are her nasty fingers always so dirty? Because regardless they are always gross. I work with tar and my hands are never that dirty because I scrub after work and do not deal with other people’s skin! So what is going on here?

No. 675674


And if under her nails are that dirty, what about the rest of her personal hygiene ? Am I suppose to believe she can’t wash her hands but the rest of her and her surroundings (aka her studio or hair) is pristine?
I wouldn’t want someone poking me with a needle that can’t use and little soap and water.

No. 676210


Not even the same anon but this was during a photoshoot, not a tattooing session. Nails get dirty sometimes unless you're some kind of wizard, it just happens. True, hers seem to be dirtier more often than not but it doesn't mean she never washes her hands or anything.

No. 676246

You’re some sort of wizard? ….
Or you wash your hands. How many “photo shoots” has she done where her nails are THIS dirty? I understand getting dirt underneath your nails and cleaning it, but this is beyond that.
She’s a model for apparent magazines and she can’t scrub her hands? She goes to this “photo shoots” that way. Really take that in.

No. 676251

can y'all stop with the nails? lmao

No. 676253

Absolutely. Stop with the nails and let’s head on back to something more important, her mutilating peoples bodies.

No. 676266

>When your filtering is so heavy you can't even fool a neckbeard

No. 676284

File: 1562259825322.jpg (68.05 KB, 1280x729, IMG_20190704_120231_192.jpg)

That high IQ

No. 676308

i love how she's too retarded to even keep up the appearances of a learned intellectual with a wide variety of interests.

GIYF, vicky, and how has the origin of Lolita eluded you?

No. 676312

Hahaha. Vicky seems like she's never read a book in her life, no wonder a mention of one of the most famous and often referenced novels sailed right over her head. It's sad that she puts all this effort into seeming cultured and smart when she could just read a book every once in a while and have it happen for real.

No. 676331

Lol and it isn't like it's some niche book that not many people know about…so embarrassing. I doubt she reads anything unless it includes pictures.

No. 676449

File: 1562290784756.jpeg (265.53 KB, 881x1426, 9D0F4F10-82B5-40FD-96EB-5CBA8E…)

I’m so confused. If icky ever went missing she’s never be found. NONE of her photos look the same. She looks like a completely different race in this photo and about 50 pounds more.

No. 676457

File: 1562291637014.jpeg (90.76 KB, 1241x734, 95AC7110-8C44-4A16-82AB-A93F73…)

Maybe this has been posted, but she’s also an award winning dancer.

No. 676784

File: 1562357929708.jpg (849.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190705_161549.jpg)

Pic on the left is her most recent insta post, pic on the right was posted right before it. How is she not seeing the difference? Does she truly think she looks like her shoops?

No. 676790

File: 1562358786721.png (715.93 KB, 800x641, Untitled design.png)


I've wondered that, as well.

No. 676800

File: 1562359490693.jpg (604.45 KB, 1000x1685, Donkey1.jpg)

No. 676873

She'd just say she was wearing less makeup in the left one lol

No. 676916

File: 1562372924963.jpeg (517.38 KB, 1242x1809, DF880A39-6528-45D1-91C0-809754…)

I like how she had to put in there’s no editing.
1) this photo is grainy as hell
2) I’ve seen her in person, and this is edited.

No. 676986


A normal person wouldn’t put so much explanation into a simple picture. This caption makes her look even more insecure and clearly gives too many fucks about what a bunch of irrelevant people think of her. Must be stressful as hell being her. I feel sorry for her but don’t because she put herself in this situation where every aspect of her life is fabricated based on her opinion of what “perfection” is.

No. 677108

The bottom rails aren’t lining up but they all line up elsewhere. Totally unbothered and unedited.

No. 677137

File: 1562409570402.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 0761C638-361F-4577-8453-AF9D20…)

She is OBSESSED with doing this
Literally not a single goddamn soul on this planet:

No. 677139

File: 1562409720079.jpeg (291.19 KB, 750x911, 9D64CE85-7098-4EFC-A8E7-A09273…)

Samefag for whatever alcohol induced word vomit she produced in the caption

No. 677145

Most pictures of cryptids have better quality than this. There's footage of bigfoot from the 70s with better quality. I love how she says that we get pressed over the low quality when she flips out every time if people mention it. Also nice 100% authentic all-natural ~British English, Victoria me old guv'nor.

No. 677146

your icon is showing

No. 677153


I’m about as unclear as her camera on what she’s trying to prove here.
She’s lived in mansions, but she uses a Motorola flip phone?
She standing with her back super arched, so yeah she looks a certain type of way.
Her body in this video still doesn’t look like her photoshops.
It’s weird that this is “unedited” but if you look at her arm, it’s quite large.
Even IF it is unedited, it goes to show how shallow she really is. How much she really does think of her “haters” that she always needs to address them. How her body is average and her tattoo business can’t be going too well if she can’t afford a proper phone. I have an older gen iPhone and it looks nothing like this front facing or other wise. No tattoo artist with use a phone that flimsy.

No. 677181



Didn’t this girl claim she graduated from Harvard ?

No. 677190

>not sure if moving too fast or insta speeded up my video

vicky teaching us new words all the time. once again preaching for ppl to be comfortable in their own skin while continually editing photos and releasing potato quality videos to better conceal she doesn't look like them. oh, and you're definitely just a catfish b/c you irl vs you online is completely different.

No. 677210

File: 1562429831226.jpeg (143.14 KB, 1242x688, D2997E94-95D6-4EC9-A402-DE9782…)

“….Help reset dimensions closer to reality due to lense distortion”
I wonder if she’s ever looked in a mirror without looking through her camera.

No. 677218

File: 1562431110705.jpeg (392.89 KB, 458x1190, 03B0E6A8-6CAD-47DA-9D1A-68C746…)


Does she have fucking Parkinson’s or something? Why is it SO shakey

Kek at her shooping making this stick warped as fuck

No. 677220


lol thats her sword anon- and a disgusting, rusted looking garage sale looking item from the 60s. For such a master swordswoman she can't take care of her blade for shit. 440 Paki steel is the elite weapon of samurai clans since foreva!

No. 677226

THATS A SWORD. I was confused on why she was posing with a metal rod… it’s a rusted sword! This girl….

No. 677254

That reminds me, hasn't her excuse for the potato quality always been that she's constantly breaking her phones by dropping them and shit, because "lol I am such a ~quirky~ klutz, alwayz on the go! because i have so many IMPORTANT commitments and FRIENDS (so many, all very real!!) oops soz I don't want to keep wasting money on something so TRIVIAL and SUPERFICIAL becuz I am an INTELLECTUAL"? How in the fuck does she expect that to be believed and then claim to be graceful and steady handed enough to be a skilled swordsman, award winning dancer, AND internationally renowned tattoo artist? Relatively decent phones with 2× the camera quality of those pictures are not very expensive, and neither are Otterboxes. This bitch really is forever stuck in 2007 isn't she?

No. 677255

File: 1562437728403.jpeg (330.32 KB, 1594x2463, 70AA0896-59AF-4E95-9674-A0157C…)


Bet she’ll claim the one on the right is an example of “lens distortion”

No. 677256

It's so easy to be like "everyone looks different in pictures depending on lighting/angles."

It's like she's so addicted to lying that she can't even do it well.

No. 677259

ahhh the front-facing camera from 2002 again

pretty sure we already knew she has a (somewhat) recent camera? like a galaxy s7 or something?

No. 677261


Her hair looks like fried mush on the right. Every time I see this picture in the banner I cringe.

No. 677268

this is such a good point and just shows how much she lies. like, I wouldn't want to get tattooed by someone who can't even keep a handle on their phone.

it's been edited by mentally ill haters who are just jealous of her natural beauty.

No. 677302


She’s a sloppy drunk. Period.

No. 677307

File: 1562447602949.jpeg (62.18 KB, 721x287, 94057C3A-D870-4F7A-8934-724714…)


People with English as their second language structure their sentences better than she does

No. 677321

File: 1562450397152.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1242x797, 393AB338-8343-420D-92A9-35B540…)

Dude just said one of her tattoos resembled her and this was her response to him. So on top of being a pathological liar, she’s also a loose canon. Wouldn’t want to be her client. Gives us reasons everyday.

No. 677323

Wow, what an insecure cunt. I can’t believe she still has any followers with the way she treats people.

No. 677360


"She does have similar features" hahahaha

No. 677375

File: 1562458403070.png (293.47 KB, 480x482, 95C24C8E-B905-4C5F-8B7D-EC4669…)


Totally similar features

No. 677388

File: 1562461375914.jpeg (376.65 KB, 750x1105, 31A26A6F-F29E-4CA9-A573-17467A…)

For someone who puts on the big tough girl act she always talks about calling the police on people she feels threatened by. Girl, the only thing you drop is chip crumbs that missed your hog mouth.

No. 677392

That's how you drum up business and get clients in the door, blechy. Stay classy.

No. 677397


The girl that drinks herself into oblivion, can’t even keep a cellphone around for longer than a damn week.
She was apparently kidnapped.
She smokes cigarettes, she’s over weight but she can drop people?

No. 677426

I really wouldn’t have a problem with her I mean damn if you’re that insecure then I feel sorry for you and bless your heart but with her kinda hard to feel bad because of the way she treats people. Fuck her.

No. 677428

Hi vick

No. 677431


Welcum to my post.

No. 677439


The fact that Vic is 5000% more “obsessed” with her haters than anyone has ever been with her is some of my favourite milk. Ever since these threads started (and the absolutely hilarious attempts to “shut it down” with fake lawyers) she has been obsessively trying to counter every point while claiming to be ~unbothered~. Getting exposed on these threads for self posting as her own ex boyfriends and “boys who want dating tips”. After basically being called retarded by a real lawyer, moving on to threatening random girls who want nothing to do with her and claiming they’re solely responsible as a last ditch effort to save her online reputation. Absolutely hilarious. Please Vic, come back and defend your honour.

No. 677494

File: 1562476459436.jpg (37.5 KB, 800x800, IMG_20190706_221238_312.jpg)

I laughed so fucking hard at this post that I had to read it to my family. My 12 year old first saw the pic that was quoted (because it was necessary in order for me to read your reply) and said he couldn't figure out what he was looking at and "That looks like a potato wearing a sweat band"(no1curr)

No. 677604

Imagine being such a pick me ass bitch though jesus christ

No. 677677

Nah, Vick. You're just a catfish.

No. 677718

File: 1562521988243.jpg (110.4 KB, 1280x1256, IMG_20190707_104904_580.jpg)

Why does she say this so much? Is she pretending that people have come to her shop and been disappointed that she wasn't dressed up?

No. 677727

Because she knows full well that she doesn’t look like her photos, so she needs to prepare people.
She doesn’t want her clients to call her out online. ( more than they already do.)

No. 677826

So you want people to believe your butt literally doubled in size since the last potato video you made on May 1st? How gullible do you think people are?

No. 677832

I’ve never seen someone have to explain their appearance to a client before. The client didn’t ask, and I’m sure doesn’t give two shits. But Vicky looks so different in real life, she has to actual warn people before hand.
>I look frumpy and wear big T-shirt’s so people don’t hit on me

Oooookay Vic. Getting therapy is a lot easier.

No. 677890

If she really cared if people hit on her at work or not she wouldn’t put overly sexual / photoshopped photos of herself on her tattoo Facebook page. Just a thought.
She wears baggy clothes at work, because she doesn’t want to show her lack of shape, unlike the photoshopped body she puts online.

No. 677896

File: 1562543328793.jpeg (261.36 KB, 1242x1214, E41A7EF7-B6D8-498F-B9A7-34F142…)

Imagine being so insecure you have to wear 20 layers of makeup in a pool.

No. 677908


And a bra under your bathing suit

No. 677952

File: 1562550877662.png (2.74 MB, 1125x2436, 7683D0B3-E7BD-4E5E-8F1F-F89731…)

Wtf she tried to do this older woman’s makeup just like hers, hence the overlined same shaped lips lol it looks stupid.

No. 677953

You all need to shut the fuck up. I dated her a few months back and she is totally hot same as pics and amazing in bed. Gives best anal and header.(topkek)

No. 677954

Assuming this isn't her self posting, I'm sure she's so happy you defended her ability to take it up the ass on a gossip forum.

No. 677955


lmao(non-contribution; learn to integrate)

No. 677972


So you’re implying that you’re her most recent boyfriend (Matt Brown)? Lmao, yikes.

No. 677973

The mismatched uneven brows. girl, whyyyyy

No. 678064

>This is an shot

It sure is. Wow. So did this woman book Vicky for a makeup appointment and photoshoot?

No. 678067

Where did you find this, anon?

No. 678120

…did she blur her armpits?

No. 678142


Is this a joke?

If not, the fact that this “ex” had nothing else to say but how she was sexually says it all.
Not she’s a great artists, an intelligent person, talented swordstress. Nope. Handles that dick though.

No. 678153

Vic, it's really sad that you seem to place all your value in your appearance and sex.

No. 678169

I saw her at this show (it was slayer ) and this photo is for sure hella edited.

No. 678212

I’m curious to know what the difference is?
I mean, the ratty extensions for sure.

No. 678250

Ever candid shot of her taken by someone else, her nose is completely different. she deffo edited her nose and whitened her teeth

No. 678257


pads her resume, drinks her rent, inflates her ego, and also edits her nose and whitens her teeth. Shes fun.

No. 678298

she looks completely different. Her nose, face shape, lips, her body shape, the hair in some places does look like she's balding… she's also a lot shorter than 5'3 shes gotta be 5'0-5'1 mind you it could be just the visual illusion because she's really dumpy and boxy shaped. the big hips/butt thing she's trying to pull off all of a sudden is just hilarious because she does not have those endowments at all.

there's a picture of her further up in the thread where shes wearing badly blended green eyeshadow and red lipstick that's a better representation of what she looks like both times I've met her.

I also don't know how anyone takes her fake accent seriously. she can hardly string a sentence together without it sounding like various different accents are being strung together. she can't maintain it either she slips up constantly, its gotta be exhausting to live like that.

No. 678319

File: 1562620050539.jpg (14.6 KB, 198x295, MUA.JPG)


fucking YIKES

No. 678423

I can see why she kept the scene bangs well past their time, I would too if I had the receeded hair line of a 40 year old man.

No. 678438

File: 1562632302931.jpeg (401.21 KB, 1242x1552, A492E202-DD4F-4368-892F-1CAD6F…)

“Totally, really how I hang out at the pool guys. This is at one of my many mansions I have lived at in my life. TOtaLlY nOt ‘ShOpPeD”

No. 678443


I’ve seen her in person as this is more accurate to reality than her online persona.

No. 678444


This is ony of my favorite Vicky shop fails ever. The gravity defying hair warping at her waist, the god awful tacky lingire belt combo, the hilariously fake background and the towel pasted over her hand in photoshop. Incredible. I wonder if any talented anomaly could find the original photo she's used for the backdrop?

No. 678455

File: 1562634116948.jpeg (528.33 KB, 719x1210, E2818441-49C5-4DC9-AD0B-A25C8E…)


It’s just the lighting and angles guysssss. WEEP ABOUT IT JEALOUSSSSSSS STALKER BITCHESS

No. 678458

File: 1562634489032.png (9.97 MB, 1242x2208, 9A846C37-6E06-4465-AF52-7B2559…)

Totally my towel, made out of the tears of my haters and Egyptian cotton.

No. 678526

Please.For the love of god. Tell me that she is just an elaborate troll.

No. 678546

She actually passed this off as a pic of herself?

No. 678599

File: 1562673010104.jpg (481.27 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20190709-074621_Chr…)

So Vic confirmed she's responsible for this mess… but not really. It's always the client.

No. 678608

is there any more context to this? Looks brutal

No. 678613

The girl on Instagram who originally posted that pic has deleted it. Her caption on it said something about it not being the artist's fault. I bet Vicky suggested to her that she caption it that way "because of the haters" and she probably asked her to delete it from Instagram as well. Lol

No. 678625

I would like to talk with the doctor that said the client had a "hemaglobin" issue. Because there is no such thing. Must be her ivy league genius level I.Q.
Gonna assume she ment heloglobin. (I would call this a nitpick but since she touts her intelligence, she needs called out on it)
Going to drop this link and maybe Vicky can get educated into tattoo brusing, because we all know she lurks here.

No. 678634

This has got to be the worst shoop I've ever seen.

No. 678640

File: 1562685625934.jpeg (439.84 KB, 1188x962, 02DAA050-C630-4102-8201-CB6539…)


No. 678641


No. 678642

File: 1562685727693.jpeg (241.59 KB, 1242x1486, 6E393F5E-7D5B-4334-B812-218BA2…)

She’s saying zero filter like we’re suppose to be impressed.

No. 678644


Why is she always wearing this dirty old leather jacket in the summer? I can smell the insecurities

No. 678645

Hahaha holy shit this shoop is legendary. Shes not even actually wearing the belt or the gauntlets theyre just images pasted on. Incredible

No. 678661


Didn’t get “friend” leave a review on her page calling her “light handed and empathetic”? How the fuck can she claim that when most of her tattoos cause her clients to end up looking like they got hit by a bus when they leave her chair?

I’ve seen bruising on tattoos before but it usually takes a day or two to really show up, I can’t imagine what that poor girls arm looked like a couple of days after that if it’s that badly bruised immediately. Her entire arm probably looks like some kind of black necrosis. If she’s reading this: THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL.

No. 678678

Did she post this claiming its unedited? yes, she just has a natural halo discoloring backgrounds around her and her clothes & face are pixelated like that irl.

No. 678731

File: 1562702019191.jpg (47.36 KB, 558x308, OOOOOK.JPG)


what the hell is going on here

No. 678734


not wk-ing vic of all people, but that wave is pretty consistent. it just looks the net is sagging / not pulled tight enough (but closer to her hand, the net's weaving gets arguably blurry and a little unnaturally stretched out). we all know vic shops, so this is just kinda painfully nitpicky.

No. 678759

so it's supposed to be blue? lel. wonky eyes, wide space brows and it has her shooped lips.

surprised she let this out when she's not using hair/her hand to cover her face.

No. 678765

>surprised she let this out when she's not using hair/her hand to cover her face.

because she photoshopped her schnoz, mouth, and teeth.

No. 678768

File: 1562715206022.jpeg (347.13 KB, 1242x1848, FD821F57-5378-43FE-9EBA-5627FD…)

Looks like she does have an apprentice and he’s a cute young, man. Wonder if she’ll stick her claws in him.

No. 678773

It appears he was doing an apprenticeship in 2014 as he was practicing on pigskin. His art is pretty amateur, but given his apprentice experience I’d say Vic could learn a thing or two from him! Honestly, it’s the blind leading the blind over in that shack.

No. 678787

I breathe a little easier every year that this cow doesn't reproduce.

No. 678802

File: 1562721608707.jpeg (72.09 KB, 391x461, D6F954FB-D267-4F7F-A6E0-2F732D…)

It must be that pesky bad lighting as to why she looks like a troll and has no balloon tits

No. 678812

File: 1562723605079.jpeg (278.05 KB, 1241x941, 210BB58C-6906-4BFA-8B18-C589D5…)

I don’t know why anyone in their right kind would wear this amount of eyeshadow.
On her long resume, which includes; chef, tattoo artist, dancer … I’ve never seen makeup artist. And it shows.

No. 678846

Jesus that is some cursed nightmare fuel.

No. 678891

File: 1562769471874.png (528.37 KB, 599x603, Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 15.3…)


His work is horrific. I saw he did a tattoo in April. It's nasty.

No. 678903

I’m going to give the guy some credit, he’s probably given her so much money to “train” him. He looks quite young and got played by her.
I hope he smartens up and go somewhere that’ll further his career and talent.

No. 678909


I agree with you, Anon. Vicky shouldn't be allowed to take in an apprentice when she has never had formal training or an apprenticeship herself. She is defiantly just using this poor guy as free labor and money. He won't learn anything from her when she can't properly tattoo either and just fucks peoples skin up. Her ego and lies are pretty dangerous

No. 678956

File: 1562784755347.jpg (74.1 KB, 1080x392, Screenshot_20190710-110621_Ins…)

From his website. 6 years under Victoria and all he has to show for it is 2 poorly executed tattoos.

No. 678959

File: 1562784941622.jpg (408.86 KB, 1074x1212, Screenshot_20190710-110229_Ins…)

Double post but this is the only other work he's posted besides the "always" one that was already posted here. 6 years and this is what he got out of it.

No. 678962

This is the exact kind of work I would expect out of an apprentice of icky. Looks like a temporary tattoo that comes from one of those art kits you get for your 12th birthday.

Wow. 6 years and he tattoos like shit.

No. 679141

what a depressing ~studio~, this is exactly the kind of space that would make me run for the hills.

this is fucking rough, how does this dude not look at tattoos online and see how bad his work is.

No. 679220

File: 1562845467680.jpg (187.16 KB, 976x1280, IMG_20190711_044318_607.jpg)

>us models

No. 679230



Nobody thinks you’re perfect, Icky.

And the girl is this photo collage isn’t a model either, she’s a Instagram person. She takes photos in the park with her girlfriends and posts them with motivational quotes. This term “model” is being thrown around very loosely these days.
Christie Brinkley you are NOT.

No. 679234

How does one manage to "humble brag" while explaining why they look nothing like their photos lmao Vic it isn't the lighting or angles making you look different, it's the photoshop and you fucking know it

No. 679252


Poses matter but your posed flexing photos do not look good either Icky. Why else would you sink so low to embarrass yourself with the bad shoops if they looked good before that.

No. 679259

She's fucking exhausting. I think I'm done. No wonder she has no energy for the gym. I'm tired just reading this shit.

No. 679290

especially while having that hilarious shoop as her current profile pic. she never posts her own comparisons b/c it would be so obvious how edited she is.

No. 679373

File: 1562880157671.jpeg (97.78 KB, 784x781, 84096834-0A19-4FBC-942B-AB7822…)

A lot of her tagged photos she’s covering her face. Maybe because she knows her friends aren’t going to photoshop the hell out of them for her?
Also, smoking? Sorry if this offends anyone, but that is one of the most disgusting habits. Didn’t she brag that her clients are top of the line, some being nurses and doctors. They smell stale cigarettes in her hair and they let her poke them with a needle? Nah.

No. 679437

File: 1562886273544.jpg (116.34 KB, 1125x1280, IMG_20190711_151956_367.jpg)

This pic is old but I love her caption

No. 679445

Yeah dont even apologize, I smoke and I would refuse to be tattooed by an artist who smells like smoke. If you don't care about your hygiene before an appointment, I don't trust you.

No. 679457

Pretty certain client anon specifically mentioned the stale ciggy smell on her.

So while she's doubling down on this 'it's posing that makes me look so different' is she going to explain why her face is unrecognizably altered everytime? You can't pose your nose, Vic.

No. 679579

File: 1562920687365.jpg (101.94 KB, 1000x1280, IMG_20190712_013631_240.jpg)

Oh boy. Vicky is doing twitch streams!


It's 51 minutes long. I haven't watched it yet so I can't point out anything funny.

No. 679581

I'm DEAD at the way she just sits there awkwardly for the first 10 minutes gradually looking more and more pissed. I guess she expected there'd be queues of people lining up to talk to her but it's literally just her.

Then she starts blaming 'the lag' for the reason she can't see anyone's comments. I CAN'T

No. 679584

at about 30:00 in someone actually asks where she's from in England - she gets all fidgety, starts rambling and talking in circles about her 'bloodlin'e and then says she's from somewhere in the UK I've never even heard of. I feel embarrased for her

No. 679586

I'm working on a highlight reel of the best Vicky moments from this stream

Like this anon said, nothing happens for the first 10 minutes as she waits for someone, anyone to come into her stream.

10:14 - Vicky's first viewer enters the room and she says "Ohhh hi!" and asks what Cambodia is like

12:45 - She's been talking to the Cambodian for a couple of minutes at this point and starts brushing her hair and tossing it around.

14:30 - Vicky has never heard of Ankgor Wat, says it sounds like a pirate name, she's told it's a temple and asks if the temple is a Buddhist temple. She says she loves Buddhism and has a Buddha statue.

16:45 - Someone named Ellie enters the chat.

TO BE CONTINUED. I have to go to sleep but I'll watch the rest tomorrow

No. 679592

File: 1562927510585.jpeg (656.59 KB, 2048x2025, FF77D392-C744-4791-AF86-3E00EB…)

No. 679598


She looks so… puffy.

This looks like someone’s alcoholic mom trying to fit in with the kids. I skimmed the video and at one point she says “I just wanted to prove that it’s not photoshop” or something. You quite literally look nothing like your photoshop lmao.

No. 679604


It was 30 degrees yesterday and she was wearing that jacket? She probably smelled horrendous

No. 679605


Not even remotely like those pics she posts. Hair looks really badly damaged as usual

No. 679607


Why is she just brushing her hair the whole time? Are her bald patches so huge that she has to constantly tease the hair she has left to keep her scalp covered?

No. 679609

it's 2019 so why do all of vickys photos look like 2009 cell phone pics, even her webcam? you can get a decent webcam nowadays for 20, 30 bucks. this looks like it's from an old playstation eyetoy

No. 679611


Only reason i can see her doing twitch is because she thinks she can cash out on twitch streams and donations. Nobody is going to watch an old hag who looks like she shot herself in the face with a make up gun do nothing in front of a shitty cam. She seriously looks like she's in her 40's here

No. 679613

This is eye-opening. She's breathing like a smoker. She needs to stop. It's creeping me out. I feel so sorry for her because she's not even that bad physically. I wouldn't ever say that I think she's ugly; she just doesn't take care of herself all the way down to her outfits. How does an English/Australian accent happen when you live in Canada?

No. 679617

Holy fuck that's scary. And does she own another jacket than this one?

No. 679619

"No, I'm not originally from England, I am actually… My entire bloodline is British if that's what you're asking. Um, I am actually from Broughshane. So, that is in the UK and uh, my father [inaudible] most like my grandfather who was full-on English and my entire bloodline is pretty much English, so, same shit different part. Um, Broughshane is… Ah, it's a wee bit different, like we sound a little bit different and a little harsher sometimes. Mostly the guys. And it's very like, there's lots of um… There's lots of really pretty plants, and, like, badass gentlemen, and I should go back, and actually see it - my sister is going back and getting married in August. Uh, so that'll be really cute.


Northern Irish people don't have English/Australian accents. Stop it. Stop it now. If you're from any part of Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and go to live in Canada, both accents are rhotic meaning you won't suddenly develop a non-rhotic one, i.e. the vast majority of English ones. If she's going to fake something, she may as well actually research it so she gets it right rather than looking like a colossal retard. PS Exactly half of my family is Eastern European and I've only ever lived in the UK. If I suddenly picked up their accents without actually being there I'd look like a delusional, isolated, s