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File: 1563403956848.jpg (735.86 KB, 1024x768, vicky .jpg)

No. 681790


-Has decided to take up Twitch Streaming to "pRoVe tO dA HaTuRz" that she isn't fake. However, after farmers viewed her pitiful (and very grainy) stream, the only thing that was apparent was that she wears more makeup than a drag queen and got so greasy during filming that half of her makeup had shifted or come off completely, her gums are progressively turning completely blacker by the day from chain smoking, and she has barely any hair left. Featuring the same crusty leather jacket she's worn for the past 10 years to cover her lunch lady arms and seal in her B.O.

- Claimed to charge $3000 per hour when a neckbeard orbiter inquired about having her in for a photoshoot. She also stated that she picks her own wardrobe, which completely defeats the purpose of modelling in the first place (and will likely not allow anyone else to edit her photos, based on the Simon Hammond saga of 3 years ago). Despite the fact that nobody except her imaginary photographer Frankie (who must be loaded based on her "rate"), she used an absurd price to keep anyone from asking her for photos, as she wouldn't be able to photoshop herself into a completely different person.

- Despite being 10 years into her "career" as a tattoo "artist", she has learned nothing and has been getting progressively worse. Most clients leaving her shop can be seen with massive bruises, akin to getting hit by a bus after leaving her chair. She claims that those clients have "low platelette" blood counts, and the fact that they walked out of her shop looking like they got beaten within an inch of their life by an escaped gorilla was by no means her fault.

- Ongoing claims of "bulking and cutting", (despite "bulking" being the only notable achievement) and poorly editing her progressively growing, stumpy body to prove it.

- Began photoshopping her ass and hips in her photos to keep up with the youthful instagram models that are taking attention away from her, after previously complaining about that body type and asking how anyone could find it attractive.

_ Claims that she "invented" jewel and beading tattoos and everyone who does that style is merely copying her, as she was doing it YEARS before everyone else, of course.

- Getting fatter, saggier, visibly unhealthier and more desperate for male attention since her decade younger boyfriend decided to leave her crazy behind. Her shoops are becoming so unrealistic that they barely even look like a human woman anymore, rather some alien/pile of blurred mush that can only be described as projected insecurity mixed with delusion.


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/



No. 681814



This should be the list we use in future threads because pt/218886 links to Himezawa #3 instead of Vicky's first thread

No. 681829

File: 1563408858968.jpg (53.9 KB, 1280x680, IMG_20190717_171248_568.jpg)

I love the Vicky collage anon. I loled hard when I saw "Im not heavy handed." floating among the pictures.

No. 681830

Thanks anon! That is a classic, must see thread for any newfags.

No. 681839

File: 1563412303429.jpg (327.16 KB, 800x600, _v r .jpg)

So after comparing Vicky and Ryan so much, I wanted to do an actual comparison. They both do the same style of tattoo work (ryans is obviously far superior) and I realized that Vickys delusions are very similar to Ryans real life accomplishments. Heres what I found:

Ryan: 32 years old.
Vicky: 31 years old

Ryan: Won the title of "Ink Master" in season 8. The first woman to win Ink Master since its inception in 2012.

Vicky: A plague in the tattoo community in her area and blacklisted by groups in her area dedicated to tattooing because of her bad reputation/many artists in the area fixing her work for dissatisfied clients.

Ryan: Is exemplary in her field: specializes in elegant jewel and bead work inspired by the Victorian era. Is very detail/symmetry oriented.

Vicky: Has delusions about her capabilities as a tattoo artist and is in fact the opposite (reprimanded, deservedly, online for her lack of training and attention to detail, no training, leaves clients with blown out, blurry tattoos that fade and age quickly due to overworking. Likes to imagine that she specializes in realism and "invented" jewel and beading "victorian" tattoos but gives clients messy, unlined, uneven tattoos.

Ryan: has judged two different tattoo competition shows in full view of the public, has worked in several famous tattoo parlours and has a long list of celebrity clients that are all available to the public.

Vicky: Brags about her "high end" clients with no proof, claims to have judged tattoo competitions across North America with no proof and no information available to the public to prove her claims. Has been rejected from doing guest spots in Toronto tattoo shops due to her bad reputation and shitty work.

Ryan: Has been featured on many well known, tattoo-dedicated magazines and paid for her time. Allows photographers to fufill their own creative vision for the shoots, ultimately putting out quality work with all of the photographers tagged in her posts, being humble and thanking them for the experience (despite being an ACTUAL celebrity).

Vicky: Created a fake photographer (Frankie) to label as her "photographer" in her shoots so she could narc out and edit herself to oblivion with no pushback. Doesn't do any shoots where she is not taking, editing, and styling the photos. Self-submits her photos to low end, online magazines for attention. Claims to charge $3000 for shoots where she takes complete creative control from the photographer.

Ryan: Is genuinely thankful for the opportunities she's been presented with. Has a social life outside of her career and posts photos of herself with friends, unedited and seems to be an actual human being. Has over 1m instagram followers.

Vicky: Believes she deserves more attention and fame, constantly fishing for attention and compliments. Talks about herself as if she is a celebrity, lashes out if anyone questions her "status", or her tattoo work. Can't take criticism and will personally attack anyone who criticizes her and call them ugly crack addicts or copycats. Has 7,000 Instagram followers.

I feel like Vicky is trying to skinwalk this girls entire career based on her own delusions. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 681842

File: 1563413608619.jpg (71.51 KB, 480x600, SweatyGem.jpg)

Yeah I remember a few threads ago some anons were talking about the same thing

No. 681861


Girl needs to floss. You can see the plaque build-up between her teeth.

No. 681902

File: 1563431240189.jpg (75.83 KB, 790x1279, IMG_20190717_232543_302.jpg)

What a strong, powerful, unbothered warrior goddess Vicky is

No. 681908

I’ll bet Vicky repeats to herself over and over again as she falls sleep:
“You’re a real life final fantasy character and totally not fat”.

No. 681928

File: 1563442226493.jpg (108.65 KB, 640x663, 1476745649451.jpg)

I was looking for anymore of the "travel" pics like the Spain one, found this gem

No. 681929

File: 1563442430489.jpg (132.75 KB, 640x804, 1477165954711.jpg)

These both are from two years ago. I wonder why she was so busy for both of them?

No. 681930

she writes like donald trump.

No. 681948

File: 1563455237151.jpeg (844.84 KB, 1241x1700, F2502FA6-F0BD-483C-B119-32B8DC…)

I’ve hear of and seen Ryan Ashley before on Instagram, but looking at her page now I realize how much icky is trying to be this girl!! Icky wants to always talk about people coping her when she’s one step away from wearing Ryan’s face!!!

No. 681949

She will in fact be considered for the forthcoming Observatory Master series

No. 681953

I looked up job posting for the Washington observatory over the last couple years and :


Four (4) months providing interpretive programs, lectures, or demonstrations on historical and/or scientific subjects in a public setting OR four (4) months in a theatrical, broadcasting, or post-production environment.
Valid unrestricted (except for corrective lenses) driver's license.

General knowledge of astronomy or earth sciences.
General knowledge of Native American History.
Experience operating optical systems such as telescopes, microscopes and cameras.
Experience with digital graphic design, layout, or audio/video editing software.
Experience in facility or grounds maintenance and equipment upkeep.

No. 681961

could just see her rage when it came to the critique, she'd probably be the first to be eliminated to spare the people from being fucked by her tattoos.

No. 681963

File: 1563459916005.png (1.64 MB, 1242x2208, C4FFFA73-6BC4-4816-855F-70B5D6…)

Why hate on other girls?
She’s been very vocal about her hate for sex workers( I know a few myself and they love their jobs)
She’s called other woman crazy, psycho, “nutters”, disgusting. And that’s only the stuff that’s shes published online. Accuses all women of “copying” her.
Destroys women’s bodies with her “art”

What she meant by this post is we should all be uplifting her and kissing her feet.

No. 681965

File: 1563460249076.jpeg (221.63 KB, 1242x599, 30325D57-F5D8-4D51-A4B3-F745EA…)


“Why hate on women when you can tell them how pretty their hair is”

Or blast them for wearing wigs. (Even though you wear dollar store extensions and everyone can tell)

No. 681970

Lol I remember that…some fedora-wearing neckbeard left a comment saying she could come work with with him at the observatory he worked at. Pretty sure it was just an ass-sucking comment but of course Vicky had to take it to the extreme.

No. 681973

Oh god. I would love it if someone found that comment. I need to see if this guy is the janitor or what.

No. 681975

i love how you can tell its some awful neckbeard just by the pretentious way he types lol

No. 681994

He is a neckbeard. I’ll go back and see if I can find the original comment.

No. 681996

Samefag, I hope I did this right but the neckbeard confirmation post is

No. 682002

I was agreeing with you. they all type like that m'lady

No. 682029

Well there’s no actually PROOF that he asked her to work for him, or what the job would be / how long it would be for. For all we know, he wanted her to be his personal assistant… grabbing coffees or filing.
He may be the director of the observatory, but once he heard her speak he couldn’t keep her around doing anything of value. No matter how much he wants to bang.

No. 682031

File: 1563480463572.jpeg (107.38 KB, 478x597, 4F18689E-5040-41CF-B8A1-84344E…)

No photoshop.
Charges $3000 per hour to model her own clothes only.

No. 682041

Jesus…her makeup. How she can apply that and actually look back at herself in the mirror and thinks it looks good…?!

No. 682046

Helpful reminder, only write SAGE in the email unless its new milk. We are anonymous here.
But that is my question too. It looks like she tries and fails at Elvira’s makeup and she ends up looking like a clown. How can she look and think that she looks $3000 an hour good? Definitely no offense to Elvira because she can pull it off and is legendary.

No. 682048

NEPA-fag here, Ryan is from my hometown and I have a few friends who have had work done by her. As well as my aunt sold her a property once. She truly is kind and beautiful IRL and her work is unmatched, especially in the area we're from. Icky is so pathetic and see through. Everyone "copies" her, even big celebs like Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Sad truth being that shes just a washed up has-been Myspace scene queen that nobody remembers or cares about.

I ALMOST feel bad for her, she has to have some bad self esteem problems to go to the extents that she does to lie and fabricate this "glamorous" life of hers. But then I remember how disgusting of a person she is deep down and dont feel bad.

No. 682126

I think the shitty heavy-handed makeup is partly because she's insecure as fuck and partly to emphasise that she's sooper alternative and not like the other girls.
I could definitely see her trying to go for an Elvira kind of thing though, she pretty frequently skinwalks women she finds attractive.
Off the top of my head I remember she's compared herself to Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera and Doro Pesch. But she totally wasn't going for that and Vicky was doing it before X famous person did but she still thinks they're a total babe though!!!!
>inb4 she reads your post and jerks herself off over reading any comparison of her to Elvira even though it's an unfavourable one

No. 682143

I can see where you’re getting the Elvira comparison, but this is more like a child trying to do Halloween Elvira with makeup from party city.
It’s brutal. I feel itchy just looking at how much is caked on there

No. 682177

The whole "I don't do nudes" thing got me curious about what her actual nudes would look like. I'm sure she's sent shooped nudes to exes and flings lmao

No. 682202

File: 1563544108084.jpg (491.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190719_094740.jpg)

This is so crappy. Girl cant draw for shit.

No. 682203

She literally never puts up her own drawings. So this is actually pretty interesting, it sucks, but interesting.

I’ve never seen a tattoo page that didn’t have the artists original art that wasn’t tattoos. Painting, drawing. Anything.

No. 682218

am willing to bet she traced this b/c she lies so much i refuse to believe her unless supplied with proof. like, do a time lapse video that's not filmed with a potato showing the whole process.

No. 682229


Dear Vicky- there are things called wet wipes. They are used to clean things. They can even be used to clean the lenses of your 1990 cell phone.
I think I used to doodle stuff like this on my high school folders.

No. 682249

It’s not really THAT bad. It’s just the same goddamn thing she’s been drawing for years. Like I wouldn’t brag about this shit because it’s something I should know how to draw with my eyes closed.

No. 682271

File: 1563571307521.jpg (463.77 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20190719-172127_Chr…)

It's THAT bad for someone who claims to be a world renowned artist. The only drawings we have seen from her is that doodletrash and this garbage.

No. 682286

Nothing about her adds up. She’s a tattoo artists that can’t draw and doesn’t showcase any of her talent outside of “tattoos” ?This girl doesn’t have a creative bone in her body.
I do t understand how she has any clientele. I would never want to go someone that literally could only trace from the internet or draw the same gem over and over.

No. 682287

File: 1563572573315.jpeg (332.95 KB, 1242x1856, 12D31540-AF8A-4AC4-86E0-B59D0E…)

JUST A SOFT LOOK. How many pairs of eyelashes does she wear when she’s not hanging with the fammmmm.

No. 682289

File: 1563572813569.jpeg (321.69 KB, 1242x1772, 18A57302-A1B0-4D69-B7AD-6D6EE9…)

>fun fact: I think sex workers are scum of the earth. None of them have any morals and every single one of them are crazy.

Let me show you random guys on my Instagram what I’m gunna do to that dick, though

No. 682301

Oh god, I totally forgot about that one! Isn’t this almost traced, too? She also posted the original picture on her instagram and claimed it look exactly like her without even crediting the artist.
And yeah, I guess I meant in the sense that she’s not completely shit as in can only draw a stick figure in reality, she’s just nowhere near as talented as she’s blowing herself up to be. Sorry I’m pretty drunk. Also I forgot to sage my last comment, so sorry about that too.

No. 682304

I hate the way her top lip looks like when she’s smiling. It’s like a worm. I’m sure it’s the overlining, but the difference compared to her shooped pouty pictures is jarring.

No. 682311

She also posted a video a while ago of her sucking off her own (filthy) finger to Instagram. Girl is seriously confused.

No. 682312

File: 1563576441050.jpeg (39.63 KB, 343x450, DCF13EA8-0139-41EA-8890-467EBF…)


No. 682313

Yup, the drawing is a total rip off. She posted a picture without crediting the artist, got called out, claimed she had been drawing in that style forever (as if that somehow excuses her for not crediting the artist) then posted that trash as "proof".

No. 682324

Haha, classic! I’ve read the Vicky threads a couple of times out of sheer boredom (I’m unemployed, ”sew me”) and it’s still a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 682329

File: 1563578939086.jpg (50.56 KB, 600x800, fuckit.jpg)

Vic has an entire album on her Facebook of drawings from "10-11 years ago" that she posted in 2012. So the drawings would be from 2001-2002 I guess


Pic related

No. 682331

File: 1563579253830.jpg (31.54 KB, 600x800, 270892_316299931795466_4786947…)

Samefag but most of these are obvious traces. Then there's a few pictures like this one

No. 682332

File: 1563579507048.png (6.07 MB, 1242x2208, DDEAA1CA-4171-454C-A34B-F53681…)

Wait the fuck up! So not only does she ruin people’s bodies with the tattoos, but she allows people to believe she looks a certain way and they TATTOO HER FAKE FACE ON THEM. This is too damn much

No. 682335

File: 1563580096086.png (1.3 MB, 1280x2800, bookexcerpt.png)

Haha yeah I almost made a post in the last thread about that album but I had already posted several times about her poetry, etc.

I didn't know her "immortal specters" poem was from her upcoming book. She's so talented

No. 682336

I absolutely love it because none even look like the subject (her shooped pictures) and on top of that, so many are shitty tattoos to begin with! She’s really getting that sweet sweet karma.

No. 682348

File: 1563581768649.jpg (135.63 KB, 983x1280, IMG_20190719_171552_041.jpg)

I found a pic of a stencil she posted

No. 682349

Why does she space all her lines and details so close together? I get that’ it’s for a hand but simplify it. Its going to be one giant muddled blow out.

No. 682352

File: 1563582541364.png (367.75 KB, 1440x1385, 5D0AA37B-9CF8-468A-AF67-1DCD82…)

Wait a minute… didn’t icky say she charges $3000 per hour? This post was a year ago…

No. 682353

File: 1563582560201.jpg (484.21 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20190719-202544_Chr…)

Just went through her albums and found a fan art album. Looks like she not only ripped off the artist she didn't credit when she posted >>682271 but also ripped off her own fucking fan art. What a loser.

No. 682362

These aren’t even original - they’re copies of Alex Pardee’s art, mostly art done for of of The Used’s albums?

No. 682372


Everytime she brags about extravagant job offers/money for her time she says how she totally couldn’t do it because she is soOooOo busy!! Yet she’s in bed until noon and has fuck all going on. We all know her broke ass would be on that if it were real because she struggled for $70 from review anon admitting she was broke. She’s such a waste of oxygen and resources.

No. 682381

File: 1563585546569.jpeg (357.38 KB, 1242x1882, 587F8B01-D407-497B-9D09-C5A72C…)

What adult woman says shit like this? Serious eye roll

No. 682397

The fuck did I just read? Her word-vomit poetry makes more sense.

>but I have so much on the go as is in terms of that covers and such

>modelling (kek)
>modelling is more a fun for me sorta thing..a hobby
>life getting in the way stuff

~muh high IQ

No. 682426

She has a bit of honker and yellow teeth but otherwise she looks almost cute. She has worse candids out there.

No. 682431

the only soft thing about this look is how much blurring is going on.

second one in the top row is accurate lol.

most likely b/c she doesn't know how to design tattoos. this being on the hand and with the way she mashes in the ink, you're right, it would be a mess and she'd just throw some white on it and say it's great.

No. 682433


And the makeup is caked on, spider lashes.
True, there’s worse candids out there, but the fact of the matter is she looks nothing like her photoshops.

I don’t think anyone here is saying she’s the ugliest woman on the planet by any means(at least I’m not) but what we are saying is she’s fake and a liar.

No. 682438

She has bad teeth and gums and her nose apparently bothers her but no one (i've seen in recent threads) is calling her a gorgon or anything. she just bears no resemblance to her badly overdone photoshops.

No. 682442

She’s just very average. She looks much better without all that drag make up. If she styled her hair more to her age and did her make up a lot softer and more natural, she’d be cute. But she has serious self esteem issues and looks absolutely nothing like her shoops. She just needs a desperate make-over.

No. 682444

She could honestly be pretty decent looking if she just figured out how to do her makeup, got new extensions and wore clothes that compliment her body type. Her personality and the outlandish claims will always make her look bad though.

No. 682487

That's the sad part about her. I went back to the beginning of the threads and there were some nice pictures of her. Even the ones that weren't so great she was smiling like she was honestly happy. Then she just started falling apart. Who knows what the fuck happened to her but Jesus get help.

No. 682501


Didn’t her boyfriend of awhile leave her for her best friend or something? Maybe that’s when it went downhill.
I’m not 100% sure but I feel like I read that somewhere.

No. 682505

File: 1563634570386.jpeg (162.94 KB, 1045x841, E6F05BC8-EE5B-41C4-9DAD-4E1106…)

Here’s a photo from abit ago. Again not TERRIBLE, but she needs a makeover to get her out of 2008. I don’t know what year this is from but she’s pretty much stuck in this MySpace world and still at 30 something can’t get out.
Her real hair is so fried. She should probably give her hair a break before she’s 40 and partially bald.

Again, not terrible, but nowhere near the “sex goddess” she tries to portray herself as online.

No. 682506

File: 1563634692920.jpeg (573.76 KB, 2010x1392, 8EE51191-6CB1-429C-98E2-EB601B…)

Honestly what I think about when I see her fried bangs.

No. 682510


I think that’s happened twice. She was dating a guy named Zach and he left her and started dating her friend (they’re still together). It happened again with Adrian, he broke up with her and has been dating her friend ever since.

No. 682516

>she needs a makeover to get her out of 2008
You can say that again! The over-plucked eyebrows, fried bleach hair with bad extensions, and that bottom liner with chunky mascara.
She looks like the graduating class of 2008 lmao.

No. 682517

DAMN. I’m not up to date on her dating history. Honestly, that is really shitty and that cant feel good on her part.
That’s being said, for her to say she has to turn down all this marriage proposals from strange guy when she can’t even get her own men to propose.

No. 682518

File: 1563637390736.jpeg (74.31 KB, 667x960, 9EDE4C88-C694-48E0-9817-6A011B…)


No. 682524

How could she look at this and yup, looks good? It’s not lined up, outlined and it looks like a mishmash of google designs. There’s never any flow to her tats.

No. 682531

so crazy how all her fresh work looks 10 years old

No. 682534

that rose is just fucking tragic and the left side already looks like a blob b/c there's no contrast between the layers.

No. 682553

I’m from Canada, grew up in a small town and knew plenty of holes in the wall “tattoo shops” that would have crap just like this hanging on the walls.

No. 682583

File: 1563656138653.jpg (87.67 KB, 826x1280, IMG_20190720_135423_955.jpg)

Some epic Aboriginal artwork ink

No. 682590


Has any of her exes said anything about her after breaking up? They’d know about her lies better than anyone.

No. 682593

File: 1563657862957.jpeg (229.99 KB, 750x553, 4AE594F7-B62B-467D-8CF1-556B00…)


Took me 5 seconds to find the design she stole lmao

No. 682599

It looks like the black ink is bleeding out of the (uneven) circles in Vic's version. I hope we get more photos of it

No. 682621

File: 1563663307387.jpg (78.74 KB, 1280x826, IMG_20190720_155503_628.jpg)

Tornado kick Vic

No. 682635


I’d love to see this pillsbury dough scene girl attempt that. I would actually pay to see that

No. 682639

She’s what… 35? Smokes and is over weight but somehow she thinks she a goddamn ninja.

No. 682686

Don't think they're willing to expose themselves to more of her crazy. Although she only seems to shit on women so they can probably get away with it without a public blast. She needs everyone to believe that she's every mans dream and her exes proposed to her and yadayada. She did send that weird text to her ex though, calling him a crackhead for not being in love with her and he put her ass on blast on his insta haha

No. 682692

File: 1563679239845.jpg (114.1 KB, 1171x1280, IMG_20190720_201918_151.jpg)

She posts this right as you say that, lol

No. 682693

File: 1563679381790.jpg (133.24 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20190720_202303_720.jpg)

Oh noooo

No. 682694


Wait what? A text calling an ex a crackhead? This I need to see.

No. 682695


Any of them, except for all of them.

No. 682697

NOT THE EYEBROWS! If someone is stupid enough to let this chick, with eyes brows like that do their eyebrows …. they deserve it

No. 682698

File: 1563679577574.jpg (148.03 KB, 1280x1251, IMG_20190720_202433_549.jpg)

This is a reply to this post

Are you shitting me? She's saying her S shaped eyebrows are her natural shape??

No. 682699


Her ex left her for her friend. And her friend did keep him. They’re married as far as I know.
As much as icky believes she’s the perfect woman … well reality has some news for you..

No. 682701

Her eyebrows are so over plucked, it’s actually disgusting. She looks like an 80s Walmart portrait of someone’s mom

No. 682704

File: 1563680569154.jpg (24.71 KB, 503x750, naturalshape.jpg)

Natural shape

No. 682707

File: 1563680950398.jpeg (198.01 KB, 1632x1632, BC719A78-42B5-4AFA-B81A-C54330…)

They look like trash ethier way, but natural shape? Are you sure there Vicky?

No. 682728

File: 1563686236171.png (111.12 KB, 640x909, 1507682736515.png)

Here you go anon

No. 682729

File: 1563686274334.png (15.21 KB, 199x275, 1507693472400.png)

He tried to scratch her out but you can tell it's her haha

No. 682730

File: 1563686570356.jpg (218.35 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20190721-012223_Chr…)

Top kek

No. 682764

Damn. She’s a fucking child. Can’t have a conversation with this girl without her name calling or acting a fool.
No wonder her partners leave her

No. 682767

File: 1563714638787.jpeg (214.74 KB, 1242x1808, 433440CB-FC1D-44EC-AE10-2B3A70…)

Is this her new man and are they fighting online like teenagers?

No. 682768

File: 1563714682201.png (754.27 KB, 1242x2208, 03D543D3-DBD6-4DFA-A34F-7EF40E…)

No. 682787

File: 1563725148273.png (197.03 KB, 510x477, Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 11.02…)

Hope not. Seems like he's got a lot of his own issues :/

No. 682788

File: 1563725330440.png (129.11 KB, 509x398, Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 11.03…)

Rest of that… whatever the hell was going on here. Really hope this person was not involved with an egomanic like Ick

No. 682799


You guys are reaching

No. 682813

File: 1563729789639.jpeg (76.87 KB, 640x640, 3D45EEDB-C43B-4143-BFA7-148A17…)

There’s a lot of screenshots of messages with her here that someone posted, including her claiming she was kidnapped. i’m cackling.


No. 682814

Okay, Vic

No. 682815

I’ve heard of this before, she was kidnapped. Okay, girl.
You were too drunk from the night before to show up. Vic also said she would provide proof she was kidnapped to this person as well and she never did. Surprise, surprise.

No. 682822

she talked about doing scar coverups before but i don't remember her ever posting any examples. and yea, with how terribly she applies her own makeup combined with shooping, i wouldn't trust her with permanently fucking up brows/lips.

>its a diff ph than normal tattoo ink

what…ph levels have nothing to do with how long the ink will last, it determines whether the ink is safe for use or not. if she actually did tattoo her brows and they faded in a year and a half it's b/c she's a shitty artist.

No. 682832

Regardless if this is a bf or not, weird that random dudes are calling her out for being a bitch.

No. 682835

This dude seems a little unhinged and she doesn't seem to be replying to him or even bothering to delete his comments so I wouldn't give it much thought

No. 682852

borderline guys are the worst

No. 682853


the comments are gone so she did remove them (or possibly he did) Either way, agree with the consensus that he's not all there.

No. 682870

Totally agree. Both of them aren’t all there.

No. 682880

File: 1563749929880.jpeg (149.68 KB, 750x811, 51217308-663C-414C-ACDA-2BC4D8…)


This is such a narcissistic thing to say in the caption of this post. Basically saying your boyfriend thinks of me. She can’t even keep a man her last two were way way younger than her. Keep living in your fantasy world, Vic. Whatever eases the pain of your failure of a love life.

No. 682883

Well from the looks of it the only guys she can get to think of her are weirdos she’s added on Facebook that have serious issues and don’t know her in person.
Not really a surprise.
All her men leave her for other women.

No. 682914

File: 1563754972087.jpeg (190.98 KB, 1242x1258, EA48EAD4-BD6B-4931-B043-3791D7…)

> I love this top, I made it. I’m a professional photographer and fashion designer. Hope you like what you see.

BITCH WHERE? I’ve seen clearer photos of the Loch Ness monster.

No. 682917

File: 1563755440104.jpeg (221.88 KB, 882x1419, 2D15271E-071B-45AB-8911-35CD9D…)

>no photoshop.

Her eyes…. this is the best shop she’s done to date.

No. 682925

File: 1563757149916.jpeg (56.91 KB, 750x484, E8C0BB99-FA1C-447A-BB43-8BB44C…)


Reminds me of this. She would say some bull story like this too

No. 682926

When I was seven I was in an accent when visiting family in Northern Ireland, which is also where I picked up my accent and kept it ever since.
Sounds about right

No. 682928


You can literally see the line where she lifted her drawn-on brow in PS. Come on, Vicky.

No. 682943

File: 1563761894239.jpeg (223.7 KB, 1242x1395, D1EEF671-BFC8-4216-9DA0-25C4A5…)

Her portraits are always ice blue.
This is a mess.

No. 682950


I’ve noticed that all of her tattoos that require detail have a blue/green tint to them. That is likely due to her using cheap/low quality ink. Most higher quality black inks will have more pigmentation and be more uniform. Cheaper inks tend to be less pigmented and appear blue or green, much like an old tattoo that has faded over time. Due to the fact that older tattoos used lower quality ink, you get the blue/green tint. Ink has come a long way in the last couple of decades and it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if she was cheaping out to make room for JD and cigarettes in her shoestring budget.

No. 682956

File: 1563762887247.jpg (76.79 KB, 779x1280, IMG_20190721_193452_136.jpg)

No. 682957

“Older tattoos that turn green – that's because they were made with India ink, which is not a true black but a a dark, dark green – so that's why they look like that. … The inks we use now are pretty high quality, they have a higher level of pigment so they are less susceptible to aging and sun.”

So yeah, it’s cheap old ink

No. 682959


>this pic is my general shitty 2001 web cam.

No. 682960

I hope this means she's going to stream on twitch again soon

No. 682962

File: 1563763207165.jpeg (62.76 KB, 470x354, 81990771-3AD2-45B0-B364-19CFAD…)

Icky is Amanda from friends.

No. 682973

I couldn’t even watch her first one. It was a slow moving train wreck.
She has so little to say for some that does “so much”
Explains why she drinks so much, to make herself more interesting.

No. 682988

oh anon I was thinking of this exact thing whilst reading through the recent posts.

Smell my neck. It's not perfume, it's my natural scent.

No. 682989


So unbothered yet reads here often.
Was posted just as we discussed the topic of her ex’s leaving her for friends of hers.

Totally unbothered but has to always talks about dA hAtUrZ. We see you, sticky. Go floss those chompers and get an actual job

No. 682993

An anon made that comparison in one of her earlier threads. It’s uncanny.

No. 683004

File: 1563769155736.jpg (154.75 KB, 524x1280, IMG_20190721_211836_838.jpg)

No. 683009


>If it looks like it aged 10 years already after just getting it. It isn't my fault it's your own fault for not taking care of it.

Sure, icky.

No. 683010

This was proven to be bullshit. But of course she would feign knowledge and agree to make excuses for her scratcher tattoos.

“Bella-Morte Studio Tattoos: if the tattoo I gave you is shitty, it’s your fault!™”

No. 683071

File: 1563803805432.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 1A55D118-7ED5-4F82-9FFA-00EC08…)

How inflated is ickys ego?
Trying to give someone advice, but also has you put in how she a sword ninja.
And maybe she should take that advice. If you want to be a tattoo artist, work at it. And not with photoshop and victim blaming

No. 683077


What's the real story?

No. 683086

I wonder what he censored in that top message.

No. 683102

incoming 4 paragraph post about how she only uses the most expensive high quality ink.

No. 683114


>implying this is a conversation

When you compliment someone with the expectation that they’ll compliment you back, and when they don’t you continue fishing for praise from people who don’t give a fuck about you.

No. 683178

File: 1563831671174.jpg (160.11 KB, 1112x1280, IMG_20190722_144028_455.jpg)

She'll probably delete this reply, or write a long rant in response

No. 683205

File: 1563835836297.jpeg (251.16 KB, 1242x1030, 3A8F6A5A-82C8-4D5B-9AE1-2CFEB7…)

Nobody said there was a magical tattoo editing app. They said there was apps to edit videos, which there are. So you can edit stuff in the videos.
Apps in 2019 make things pretty easy, and our dear friend icky knows tons about editing things to look better.
Her followers are about as dumb as she is if they believe her lies.

No. 683206

I have tattoos, bright colors, and I’m pretty garbage at the after care portion. I actually don’t do much besides sunscreen later on.
My tattoos have not faded at all in 5-10 years. Maybe they have, but not enough to really take any notice.
My tattoo artist is a professional and went through years of being an apprentice. Imagine that.
Must be slim pickings for tattoo artists over there in butt fuck nowhere Ontario

No. 683235

Guelph is close enough to Toronto, where we absolutely do not have "slim pickings". Not being an ass towards you at all, just trying to emphasize that she has no excuse. If you genuinely want to do well in this industry and put in the bare minimum, you can do well enough to not have to essentially panhandle on social media for clients like she does.

No. 683248

Oh, yeah completely understand. Toronto has great enough talent that people shouldn’t be getting their tattoos done by her at all at this point.
And she doesn’t have to go so far to get a proper education from someone willing to train her. It’s like an hour drive.
She has no damn excuse and either does anyone else.

No. 683250

File: 1563847412189.jpeg (288.23 KB, 1242x1677, 1362BD66-437D-4BAF-B442-EBFC61…)

THAT TAIL! The hand !! I feel so bad for whomever had this on them forever. Unfortunate.

No. 683251

File: 1563847512262.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, A00BB995-F5A4-4EBA-8339-EE7F47…)

I’ve seen her in person. She may be arrogant, but secure isn’t a word I’d use to describe this 35 year old scene kid.

No. 683261

what is this garbage, there's almost no definition in that face at all, fucking floating nostrils.

No. 683264

The eyes look pretty decent.
Other than that the rest is a mess….
The fingers look like breakfast sausages
And the tail looks like it’s been lit on fire.

No. 683271


The proportions don’t make any sense whatsoever

No. 683296


Did she place the hair this way purposely cover the arms b/c her anatomy and proportions are god awful? (rhetorical since we all know that's exactly why)

No. 683299

File: 1563864276139.jpg (104.43 KB, 680x1279, IMG_20190722_234355_677.jpg)

I love her unnecessary, desperate captions on stuff like this

No. 683324

Why is the tail so short? It kind of looks like she googled a picture of a girl who has her knees folded, added blue and scales and added fins instead of feet. And what is that fin in the front lol this is a mess

No. 683340

Holy shit. Any tattoo artist anons? Would you rework or cover up entirely? Or is there no option other than laser?

No. 683367


Has anyone else noticed that Vicky seems to be incapable of tattooing faces that aren’t facing dead front? Also every color tattoo she does that involves any kind of human anatomy is always way worse than her usual trash tattoos?

No. 683369

Seriously. It's like someone wearing a thin "tail" with legs showing through. Worst mermaid ever. The eyes still have that triangle like photoshop vicky does. I think the on ly thing that is half way decent is the hair.

No. 683373

Zero outlines, overworked to shit again. It looks like she is trying to blend inks directly on the skin like someone would do with pencil crayons on paper. The proportions are incredibly wrong - I suspect she has freehanded this mess with no stencil.

No. 683385

I spent time in a town that had about 20 tattoo shops to 1 convenience store. They were all the same, 24 hours, porn on tv, 10 scratchers giving prison tattoos. They were scratcher mills. Most of the tattoos i seen come out of those places look just like Vic’s. Basically prison tats with colored India ink. My understanding is that these tats can actually get hot durning an MRI too. This isn’t something to be proud of Vic.

No. 683390

I don't fucking get people who get that shit. The image is going to be on you forever. Save up, spend a few thousand dollars having an amazing artist do a unique design. I legit think people who get cheap, trashy, generic tattoos must be low IQ.

No. 683407

Yes, or at the very least have a poor understanding of art and aesthetics. That’s the saddest part about this - she’s high functioning enough to edit in PS and convince gullible people that she’s a hot tattoo artist with people flying in for custom pieces. The reality is horrible but once you have a tattoo from her you can’t really take it back… her clients will be left to pick up the pieces, pay for coverups, stolen deposits etc. She’s a con artist.

No. 683411

File: 1563908142678.jpeg (473.13 KB, 2048x2048, 6958420D-C6B9-447C-B59E-F1C9DA…)

Shoulders are for commoners

No. 683427


and from a distance this POS tattoo would look like a gay pride midget

No. 683446

>btw I dig nerdy and smart people

>btw I talk about being a nerdy tomboy who’s unphased by my haters. Did you guys know that? I say it once a week so everyone sees lol please pay attention to me

No. 683447

>btw I dig nerdy and smart people

>btw I talk about being a nerdy tomboy who’s unphased by my haters. Did you guys know that? I say it once a week so everyone sees lol please pay attention to me

No. 683453

>btw I dig nerdy and smart people

>btw I talk about being a nerdy tomboy who’s unphased by my haters. Did you guys know that? I say it once a week so everyone sees lol please pay attention to me

No. 683454

Wow so sorry for posting that three times. You’d think I had the same spazzy phone as vic

No. 683471

File: 1563928644778.jpeg (433.74 KB, 1242x1723, 0C179E9F-58F4-4FA7-B234-F314B9…)

>if you want inked

I wonder what a “massive deal” would be? Does anyone know what she charges to ruin people’s body’s?

Also, it seems like she gets a lot of people rescheduling on her. If she’s so sought after, she wouldn’t be handing out massive deals and people wouldn’t be cancelling left right and centre. They can’t be that limited if people are willing to lose their spots that easy.
Actual tattoo artists that judge real tattoo competitions are booked MONTHS in advance, if not years.
This girl is so full of shit.

No. 683475

If there's people 'flying in' to get a tattoo from her, as she's previously claimed, she would have a wait list. Other anons have noted this is a regular occurrence –last minute opening, come in for a deal!–at the end of the month.

No. 683478

im just in constant disbelief that she uses facebook messages to book clients like how hard would it be to have a second line and a fudgin appointment/calendar system

No. 683480

Or if she’s making so much money, get a receptionist.
Instead she uses her free platform of Facebook. It’s so unprofessional.
“Want inked.”

No. 683482

File: 1563931910027.jpg (154.12 KB, 831x1280, IMG_20190723_183121_425.jpg)

Vicky makes lots of money. She doesn't like to see others suffer

No. 683484

Well she’s lived in many of mansions.
There’s texts out there( can’t find them at the moment) where she begs a client to send her $70 ahead of time because she’s too broke.
I wonder if she lives at home with her parents.

No. 683485

Inflation doesn’t effect Vicky. Of course not. She lives in buttfuck nowhere, her rent is probably low( if she doesn’t live at home with mommy) She takes cabs everywhere so she doesn’t pay car insurance.
She wears the same makeup for weeks at at time.

No. 683486

She charges $140/hour.

No. 683487

File: 1563933113922.jpeg (178.77 KB, 1242x1175, C71D2503-8AF4-49DA-89B2-875937…)

Regarding her mermaid tattoo.

“Sucky tattoos”
It’s not on there… it probably should be.

No. 683488

Nobody rescheduled. She is desperate to get clients in and clearly isn’t booking enough. Think about it - she’s running this scam entirely via Facebook and Insta. She routinely posts about reschedules and deals because she thinks it makes her look “in demand” and like she’s doing people favours booking short notice. She’s smart enough to do this but not intelligent enough to do it convincingly.

No. 683495

Well we are getting close to the end of the month, seems to be a common theme with her. Gotta pay that rent.

No. 683507


Submitting to tattoocopycats on Instagram

No. 683525

Her "scheduling" is insane to me. If you make a professional service page on facebook, you basically have a free online booking app at your fingertips. Yet she runs all this through her personal page, alongside her weird brags, bimbo photoshops, and bizarre meltdowns?

Guelph is a college town, right? That's the only explanation for her being in business. No matter how bad her reputation gets, every year there will be a new crop of potential clients, just barely of legal age and with decision making skills still compromised by adolescence and inexperience.

No. 683554

I know. It's bizarre. Also how hard is it to get someone's name and number and write it down in an event planner? Why would you make a fb page and tell people to message you 'inked' and weird phrases like that?
I get that she is trying to boast like her inbox is filllled with letters from admirers and people wanting her business, but really it just makes her look unorganized and weird.

It makes her look even shadier when she announces that she's lost details and needs people to message again with the word inked or whatever retard lingo she asks.

Seriously, it takes a few minutes to write down some details in a book and then delete the message in your fb mainbox. There should be no reason that she's losing people's details like this.

You would think if she's sooo rich like she claims, she would hire a secretary or book keeper.

No. 683600

in her mind, the stuff she posts sounds cool. The phrase "Want Inked (Up)?" has me cackling every time because it just sounds like retarded nonsense. She probably just likes to talk about booking and to super importantly direct her followers how to get into her awesome booking schedule. It's fun and she's like a little girl playing house except it's a real tattoo parlor with real clients. Just like she likes to play Ninja. Kinda sad actually

No. 683618

File: 1563971205079.jpeg (434.08 KB, 750x1258, B98399AB-6FFE-4A26-9D88-D4B4E2…)

Proof that Vick never had a late Sunday appointment available. In her original post she never offered this, but then edited to say the spot had been filled. She’s just not getting bookings.

No. 683624

I've been wondering, what finances is she living off?

She has a tattoo shop that has bills and then her own living costs. I admit I am completely clueless about the earnings of tattoo artists, but it doesn't seem she is flooded with clients, so I was just wondering about how she is able to run the shop and pay her own personal bills.
I might be super ignorant though.

No. 683625

I feel like she has a rich step dad. She’s a spoiled bitch to her mom which makes me think she’s covering her rents. I’d guess she has set up auto payments for her daughter’s basic needs but Vick is paying for booze, cigarettes and mismatched polyester gloves through the scratching.

No. 683636

If you're a great tattoo artist, you're not putting out "massive deals". That means your quality is shit, and you don't take any pride in what "talents" you have. Good artists also don't do this "inked up?" shit with her msges. People call you to book. The way she runs a business is just atrocious. Want inked up? Ugh that bugs me.

No. 683639

File: 1563980091952.jpeg (312.83 KB, 1242x897, 8C37EF61-3598-4B35-B881-D3FA29…)

Vicky’s “friend”
Why do I have a feeling icky is a sugar baby for one or a few of her neck beards? >>683624
That would answer your financial question.

No. 683640


Lol, Victor is getting liposuction. Finally!
"Asking for a friend."

No. 683641

File: 1563980392410.jpeg (224.1 KB, 1242x1095, 9E1723CF-042C-4C83-B370-EA56D6…)

As long as it promotes health and happiness.
But also don’t get too much in your face.
Some people like looking over done and if they’re happy leave them alone.
I don’t understand why icky thinks she can dictate what makes people happy.
Like sex work is a mental illness, you cant be happy
If you get one plastic surgery, and it doesn’t fit into the mold of what Vicky thinks is pretty, you can’t be happy.

Well I think ickys “friend” would be a lot happier if “they” actually went to the gym and put some hard work in .

No. 683642

Inb4 her two year bulking phase pays off and now she is flaunting how well her cut is going

No. 683645

She doesn’t have any friends

No. 683646

File: 1563981614385.jpeg (346.14 KB, 1230x1234, 032A32CE-A995-416E-AB75-3CF9EC…)

This is just awful

No. 683647

Wow Vick. Way to out yourself.
We all know this is not true because she doesn't have friends to pass on messages to.
Also, someone getting lipo is obviously going to research some surgeons themselves or they'd ask on some forum as themselves/anon name.
Who would ask their friend to ask for them on a Facebook post? In this age where everyone has phones and internet, It makes no sense to ask friends to post things for them.

I second the prostitute/sugar baby theory. Explains also why she's trying to get into streaming. She wants neckbeards to pay for her surgery.
She used to go on about being natural while wearing makeup and was constantly bitching about girls who get surgery and wear wigs,that they look fake and now she's acting like being fake is okay as long as people can't tell.

She's a proper but not to the point she needs lipo. She just needs to quit the alcohol and exercise more.
If she's going to waste money she should fix her teeth or get a tit job.

No. 683650


i doubt she has a sugar daddy, she made up the "boyfriend is paying for it" part so the "asking for a friend" part wouldn't be so obvious.

be serious people, even within neckbeards from guelph or surrounding areas, which of them would pay a 33 yo flabby scene-wannabe and which of them would have the money to sugar daddy if /that/ was their standard?

No. 683651

>Body mods that promote self esteem are good
>heavy plastic surgery mods are bad

She's an idiot.
Fillers, plastic surgery, Lipo.
People get that shit to be happy with themselves whether it's minor or major. All of it. Some people just like to enhance things and others are unhappy and want to change something.
Just because something looks fake doesn't mean it makes the person unhappy. Some girls like that style.
It seems really hypocritical coming from someone who tries to shoop themselves into a fake imvu character.
Everything she does is projection.
She calls us narcs even though she's one.
She's against sex workers probably because she is one.
She has the same approach to plastic surgery as clueless neckbeards. The ones who drool over the naturally pretty celebs who have had equal amounts of surgery as the Amanda lepore types but it's well done so you can't tell.

Also note that she keeps using the words 'body mods' as a way to separate herself from the words plastic surgery. She's aware she's bashed girls in the past for being fake when she's now wanting surgery. Probably the same logic Greg would use if he was found out for using botox 'but it's not plastic surgery!

She's tried so hard to show that she's sooo different and not like the other Insta girls who get things done when in reality she wants those things but not the label.

No. 683652

You’d be surprised. I have a friend in the sex work field. There’s a lot of lonely guys out there with money to burn.

No. 683653

File: 1563983171786.jpeg (527.03 KB, 2048x2048, A7F231DD-AE51-437F-A2B9-103794…)

I’m sure this has already been posted along time ago(not sure?) but this is still my favourite Vicky story.

No. 683656

Sugar daddy sites don't always have wealthy dudes on them anon. Sometimes they are just married guys or weirdos that pay girls for a girlfriend type arrangement where they bang every now and then.
I could see Vicky doing that.
Hooking up off and on with mediocre Splenda daddies. It explains her crazy statuses about stealing boyfriends. It also explains why a clingy retard like her is able to stay supposedly single.
She's probably got a few middle age dudes on her roster.

No. 683658

This. Some dudes literally don't care. Vick is no oil painting but there are less attractive women out there who make a lot of money doing it. I wonder how many don't return after being catfished by her photos.

No. 683659


Vicky can't afford liposuction. Also if by some miracle she did I could see her fucking up the after care like mooriah did. Just go to the gym and stop being such a lazy ass cow

No. 683660

>It was before Isis was a big thing

Lol. She always knows about everything before it's a big thing.
Such a trend setter.

No. 683665

Not sure how it is in Canada, but in a lot of places in the States, as long as you have decent credit and verifiable employment, you can get financing. If she were looking at financing lipo, she's gonna have big hoops on the income.
Vic, put any money onto a dentist and periodontist first. You will be in so much better shape dealing with that stuff first.

No. 683668

Good point. Its moronic to look at cosmetic procedures she cant afford and won't do proper aftercare for when she's 5 or 6 years away from really nasty painful gum rot.

No. 683675

was that the same cab driver who tried to kidnap her and she escaped with mighty sword work?

No. 683699

I may be ignorant about this but liposuction for you health? Wouldn’t a doc suggest bariatric if you are unable to lose weight for your health?

No. 683704


I can’t wait until she has to poorly photoshop a whole new set of teeth into her face. It’s going to be so hilarious.

No. 683706


Lipo is for people that aren’t obese, but over weight and want to shape their body.
You absolutely need to eat healthy and exercise after you’re healed after surgery.
“…it’s still a stretch to say that the procedure alone makes a person healthier.”

It’s just the quick way of getting thin, without putting any real effort forth. You have to work afterwards.
If icky is lying about this information being for her friend she should just go to the gym, lift weights and get those teeth or tits fixed

No. 683712

basically. it's more for people who are trying to lose weight but failing to get a little bit off a problem area. some drs just do it for anyone who will pay tho.

No. 683714

File: 1563995292849.jpeg (396.94 KB, 1242x1939, B1F40259-EE68-440D-8635-DAEBAA…)

“This was taken yesterday”
Why would she be taking this is the first place? She kills me. How many people does she send these kind of photos to to prove she’s “oh so super skinny”

No. 683716

She’s pathetic. She’s always needing to prove herself to other while saying people opinions don’t matter to her. She’s actually getting worse.

Why do I have a feeling nobody is getting liposuction. This was literally a status hoping someone would say something so she could put up that photo saying how skinny she is.
The shop can’t be that busy.

No. 683718

Lmao she’s sucking in so hard.

Vick, give it up. Everyone knows you’re built like a refrigerator and there are candid photos to prove it. You’re basically screaming from the rooftops that you’re overweight and insecure about it.

No. 683721

“I’m too skinny for liposuction”

Even if this photo was true to her body( which it’s not, she’s stretching out her body, she’s sucking in and it’s grainy / bad quality)
She still wouldn’t be too skinny.

I’ve seen her in person, she’s not skinny, let alone too skinny

No. 683725

File: 1563996697771.jpeg (54.93 KB, 401x604, 6E055967-08EF-43CF-828B-7F9E0D…)

ToO sKInNy fOr PhOtOsHoP

No. 683729

dat ~hourglass figure~

No. 683763

File: 1563999128887.jpeg (94.31 KB, 498x413, B959DD91-B103-4E13-AF84-10044B…)


Lmao that picture is shooped and the line of the wall to the right is warped being pulled towards her what a stupid fat lying cow. She really is something else


No. 683771

File: 1563999772641.jpeg (182.87 KB, 1632x816, E0B5A67C-B73D-4400-94CC-1A9576…)

Really not hard to see the line where she shaved off half of her lard body. I took the liberty of putting it back for her. She’s such a god awful liar.

No. 683774


why are all her fit/thin body check PROOF photos super grainy with limited pixels?

why did she crop the photo like this, and why did she put it in black and white? it's so obvious she's trying to cover up bad chop. she should be better at photochopping since she spends so much time sitting in front of the open program

No. 683793

File: 1564002017718.jpeg (209.95 KB, 1632x816, 033E1C88-81DF-4AC8-8D35-50AE94…)


Sage for a better comparison

No. 683798

she does have that ~apprentice~, it wouldn't be hard or difficult to have him do it if she's that fucking lazy.

>for videos of my work

don't think i've ever heard a tattoo artist say this or direct ppl to their instagram for examples of what they can do, that's what portfolios are for.

she has no room to talk about anything being over the top with the way she shoops herself.

wow that looks really irritated, must have low platelets. all that white and grey will fade into nothing, it's like she enjoys wasting her time.

No. 683806

Her twitch is so boring wtf

No. 683819


Honestly. Her twitch proved she looks nothing like her photoshopped photos, she’s boring and is an idiot.
For someone that has so much going for her,
She has NOTHING to say

No. 683826

Is she live?!

No. 683831

I can’t even find her twitch anymore :/

No. 683835

I can't find it either anon, did she delete?

No. 683839

File: 1564007277342.jpeg (120.3 KB, 1242x664, 4025C05F-B097-444F-B5C6-A363C8…)

Please don’t tell me she’s pretending she plays now

No. 683891

File: 1564014182202.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 80252ACB-CC48-464A-B25E-844027…)

Did anyone notice she’s offering coupons on her Google review page?

No. 683980

File: 1564026577417.jpg (257.3 KB, 809x1069, Screenshot_20190724-234733_Chr…)

Dat transparency doe

No. 683999

File: 1564028621356.jpg (99.12 KB, 779x1279, IMG_20190724_212215_356.jpg)

No. 684034

She doesn't even state how much off, just says "Deals".

So professional

No. 684069


That cleft chin still beams bright even with filters. That face eyeliner that reminds me of blood on the dance floor makes me cringe. She’s in her 30s pulling this shit….RIP

No. 684130

File: 1564062909030.jpeg (335.35 KB, 1242x2052, D5F1795F-FDCA-4BCA-A50C-D3746D…)

Without what? Without a tan? The only time this girl “tans” is when she photoshops one on, it seems.
This caption is so weird.
And she’s so busy at her studio, but she’s out in a Wednesday night getting drunk and putting up weird status all day about plastic surgery.

No. 684133

i'm laughing at the fact that she just happened to have a photo taken the day before, showing how skinny she is! how convenient.

No. 684137


Leather jacket every day in the summer heat. So insecure. Imagine the stank of her ham rolls sweating in that filthy thing

No. 684143

This caption is weird and makes no sense. But this is Vicky and she’s the queen of projection. So she’s trying to explain the overly brightened photo by claiming she’s ghostly white and doesn’t tan. It makes zero sense but Vicky is BURSTING at the seams with insecurities so she can’t help herself.

No. 684184

Maybe without a second eyebrow, based on

No. 684206

Nice icy blue eyes Vic

No. 684213

On her best day, painfully average looking.

No. 684243

Anon, don’t you know her eyes change colors depending on how the light hits them? She’s special like that.
I recall a post where she went into impossible detail about exactly why it happens. Trying to sound smart but came off as very dumb.

No. 684246

I mean, she’s not entirely wrong. Her explanation was moronic. But your eye color can appear as a different color in different lighting. But so can your hair color or skin color. But your eyes don’t change from brown to grey to blue to green no matter how special Vicky want to think she is.

No. 684248

Same fagging because maybe I shouldn’t say color. The hue can appear different. Like a medium blonde can appear dark blond in low lighting.
Any normal person shouldn’t give it a fucking second though. But ol Vick would include a whole paragraph about why her “icy hair” looks dingy blonde in a photo.

No. 684258

File: 1564092777265.jpg (81.97 KB, 792x1279, IMG_20190725_151224_388.jpg)

No. 684260

File: 1564092827669.jpg (75.96 KB, 791x1280, IMG_20190725_151408_324.jpg)

No. 684263

what's with her and amber alerts

No. 684271


I love how she did a boring stream and then shooped the shit out of webcam pictures. Looking at the stream then these shoops is hilarious. Maybe that’s why she deleted her stream

No. 684410

She didn't delete her stream. It's in the very first post. Link still works: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048

No. 684436

File: 1564105581031.jpeg (139.12 KB, 1242x713, DFAB0D08-E021-488A-8494-C86865…)

She should have deleted it. She’s so boring and looks NOTHING like her shopped photos.

No. 684443

File: 1564106339634.jpeg (84.67 KB, 725x740, FD459298-E8B6-4634-8CCD-EB1F9D…)

Jesus Christ

No. 684452

It’s a good thing she has such a gummy smile because pretty soon gums is all she’s going to have left.

No. 684454

File: 1564108323014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.37 KB, 721x460, 2A32543F-B3A6-400B-93C0-0ABD83…)


Double post but Jesus Christ i just sharpened this and i really wish I hadn’t. Fucking GROSS.

No. 684467

Why is she so pointy looking? Definitely a $3000 an hour model right there.

No. 684469

File: 1564110700181.jpg (363 KB, 720x981, IMG_20190725_220938.jpg)

LOL!!! Wtf with that pose?

No. 684473

I’m so fucking confused as to what is going on here

No. 684481


What the fuck is this lmao! This is now my new favourite Vicky shoop. The eyes are really freaking me out

No. 684482

What the fuck is going on here. I literally cannot figure out what is going on with her body/pose.
Those overlined poop-colored lips. Woof.

No. 684486

>my lashes are super long and naturally blackkkk


also that overline caused me to physically cringe. Just get lip injections for Christ sake. Skip a few nights of heavy drinking. There’s no excuse for this.

No. 684490

File: 1564112797469.jpeg (22.25 KB, 452x679, images (1).jpeg)

She reminds me of those Alexander McQueen birds. I can't find the pic of the one with black lips but her mouth looks like that

No. 684493

File: 1564112932370.jpeg (20.35 KB, 236x220, 6BBD9E37-6E9E-4751-9728-54EC94…)

No. 684515

File: 1564116380344.jpg (109.29 KB, 1024x768, sh1.jpg)

I think it's a similar pose to this just from a different angle?
Jesus it's still confusing

No. 684517

File: 1564116430376.jpg (92.33 KB, 314x538, pt2019_07_25_23_47_08_mh156411…)

She explained her stupid pose in the comments, still retarded.

No. 684518

File: 1564116522164.jpg (76.44 KB, 799x1280, IMG_20190725_214837_926.jpg)

The "full body version"

No. 684519

>get glasses
She’s such a fucking narc cunt. What a laughing stock.

No. 684521

File: 1564116962816.jpg (93.04 KB, 1280x720, AqxHvaG.jpg)


the only thing i think about when i see her streams tbfh.

No. 684526

File: 1564117315023.jpg (87.65 KB, 1280x694, IMG_20190725_220035_975.jpg)

One of the comments. She gets some really out of touch neckbeards commenting on her shit

No. 684527

File: 1564117598419.jpg (115.2 KB, 817x1280, IMG_20190725_220628_373.jpg)

This shit again

No. 684532

I’ll bet Vic can’t go a whole 24 hours without sucking her own dick. Vicky is my favorite cow because she’s one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen, but fuck is she nauseating. Sometimes I pity her existence.

No. 684553

This is absolutely fucking hilarious considering she herself bitched about an amber alert waking her up not too long ago. I think the girl was found dead, too. Never change Vicky!

No. 684583

She is so pathetic. The “Omg my skin is so pale like a doll!!!!!!” like no one asked, shingles.

No. 684589

File: 1564139659969.jpeg (138.93 KB, 330x500, E3B4D794-5097-4DFF-9274-164355…)

I see a bit of a resemblance of her and this dude

No. 684591


The link to that twitch stream isn’t working anymore. Guess she deleted it quick.

No. 684593

File: 1564139906747.jpeg (125.93 KB, 639x643, F853C245-477E-4745-9F60-A70839…)

Because all criticism means jealousy.

No. 684594

File: 1564140105423.jpeg (97.78 KB, 640x645, 3222D997-621E-4F30-8247-D3D12A…)

No one’s staring at you because you’re pretty, Sticky.

No. 684595

File: 1564140306894.jpeg (96.37 KB, 640x769, CF7BCD53-C88C-476D-B1B2-187938…)


No. 684596

File: 1564140764139.png (161.59 KB, 500x610, D4B24FB6-287D-40A7-BE17-9DB609…)

She’s in random memes ha

No. 684599

File: 1564141318984.png (386.13 KB, 442x600, C72BA515-9953-432C-91BA-4F4245…)

No. 684600

File: 1564141404662.jpeg (99.22 KB, 640x1038, 168954F9-4AA3-409F-8EEA-45383C…)

Why so much goopy makeup in her eyes? Gross.

No. 684601

File: 1564141440716.jpeg (78.9 KB, 402x600, 4BF0F389-BFDA-4FB4-94B5-EB5D64…)

apologies if these have been posted and i missed them.

No. 684603

File: 1564141942173.jpeg (402.91 KB, 1241x1883, CF6DA3D1-3E4A-4138-8484-71CA7D…)

The best part of this post is the caption.

No. 684606

“Faux tan” so spray tan. Those things smell so bad. Not only that, but they never fade evenly. That explains a lot.

And it’s really funny to me that it feels so weird that she’s not tan? Yet she’s always talking about how beautiful and milky her skin is? Which one is it

No. 684607

It always startles me when I see her work next to a real artists. That when her true colors come out. Get some training, Vick

No. 684610

File: 1564143083733.jpeg (69.9 KB, 450x338, 1F855F77-9446-4C7B-B8BE-7B9605…)


She looks like a budget version of Manson

No. 684611

Haha I still can't figure this picture out! I see it as her head directly on her legs with 2 different shoes on them.

No. 684613

Took me awhile, but I get it.
What I’m concerned about is someone that all about health and safety at work, allegedly, is standing on a kitchen counter for a photo.

No. 684617

Imagine being in your 30s and climbing around furniture in your house , setting up self timer, then sitting around editing the photos to upload for a handful of neckbeards. I'm almost sad for her.

No. 684632

>get glasses
that's not how glasses work vicky


No. 684633

Every shoop, her face looks nothing like the last set of pics.

Vic, this is your face >>684436 Make peace with yourself

No. 684634


The funny part of this photo is her trying to get out of this pose to attack ANYONE that isn't standing there. Heels slip, knee slips and she falls on her ass, flailing about trying to hit anything with that cheap rusty sword of hers. Yea ninja. SO ninja.

No. 684654

at first glance i thought the sword was a weird hair thing. also where the fuck are her lashes, or are we so used to the spider lashes that without this is what she looks like.

No. 684658

Lol she's so hostile to someone who didn't even bash her. This person just seems confused with the pose and says pretty much that and she's like GET GLASSES and proceeds to explain the pose in like a bunch of different comments.

She acts like everything is a bitchy comment and then when the person says they were joking or didn't mean to be rude, she acts like she knew that all along. It's happened on multiple occasions.

No. 684698

That’s because she knows everything she does is a pile of garbage covered with a tacky tablecloth. She knows most people can see the garbage so any little bit of questioning comes off as an attack.
Makes sense that she’s an alcoholic.

No. 684819

File: 1564186321141.jpeg (536.58 KB, 750x1051, 51CD9BB7-3991-4737-881B-6D572E…)

What a train wreck. Someone commented “love the more natural pictures”

Natural? Bitch where?! All I see is numerous shoop fails, a butter face with ratty weave and the classic inflate one pancake tittie bigger than the other. Her arms and legs are almost the same size as well. Her tattoo skill is like her photoshop skill. Has been doing it for ages but it is still sloppy and shitty. I guess all that constant drinking has fried her tiny brain where she can’t learn or advance in anything she throws herself at no matter how many years she’s been doing it for. My condolences to her life (but not really. She deserves it)

No. 684843

File: 1564190072889.png (228.45 KB, 364x428, thisbitch.png)

There are websites like photoforensics that can show you where a pic has been edited by irregularities in borders and shit like that. But then there's this where Vic just outs herself

No. 684844

Looks like she use the liquify then didn't even bother to clean up the border. How does she do this so long and still do so badly?

No. 684846

That and the left boob is so over warped she shopped that feather nonsense over it.

No. 684858

File: 1564192588420.jpg (42.19 KB, 720x480, 4._The_Withered_Lover.jpg)


the client wanted the burn victim mother from Thir13en Ghosts

No. 684863


She looks like Luna kek

No. 684864

File: 1564194474360.jpg (170.09 KB, 1280x1259, IMG_20190726_192810_004.jpg)

No. 684865

File: 1564194708243.jpg (115.38 KB, 892x1279, IMG_20190726_193201_707.jpg)

No. 684872

omg does she just mention that she's been asked out 100 times like completely unprompted? and is that 100 guys too! ommmg vickyy

No. 684880

File: 1564197669100.jpg (91.02 KB, 823x1280, IMG_20190726_202101_767.jpg)

Sorta. It was a reply to this post she made lol

No. 684882

haha ohh but soo many guys have asked her out! she's alone but still so, so hot and desirable

No. 684887

"drew" lol.
Just another photoshop disaster.
Get fucked,Vic

No. 684888

Just when I didn’t think she could get more embarrassing.
>75-100 times
If you want your lies to sound more believable Vic, just say “a lot”.

>I’m sooooooo picky

Insinuating she’s alone and single because no one meets her standards. When in reality, no one wants her in real life.

No. 684901

File: 1564206514528.jpg (99.53 KB, 893x1280, IMG_20190726_224847_580.jpg)

A comment on this photo

No. 684903

File: 1564206810049.png (1.21 MB, 1207x734, vickyyoulazycow.png)

It's fucking mirrored! She drew half, mirrored it, and fiddled with it a bit so it wouldn't be so obvious.

No. 684905

newthreadfag but most tattoo artists use tricks like that. especially if it is sketched digitally. what is the use of redrawing something that needs to be perfect on the body. Not like it would turn out good anyway.

No. 684908

Stupid nitpick. A lot of artists and tattooist do this. Its what you’re actually supposed to do to keep a tattoo symmetrical and even.

No. 684913


Too bad every tattoo she does isn’t symmetrical or even.

Just like >>682583

Which was a stolen design

No. 684919

File: 1564210813346.gif (592.24 KB, 1077x657, mirrorred.gif)

She DIDN'T mirror it, though! I noticed that immediately and it makes me irrationally irritated. ALL THIS BITCH DOES is get drunk & edit images when she's not doing her three tattoos a week. She should literally have mastered it by now. She really thinks she's so talented she doesn't need to pay attention or be diligent about anything she does .

No. 684920

Of course her tattoos aren’t symmetrical, she’s a shit tattoo artist.

And to think I gave her slight credit for mirroring her image. It’s amazing how much (and it pains me to say this because it’s literally an “I’m on hold with customer service” note pad doodle) better it looks actually mirrored.
I still stand by the fact that that anon was nitpicking something stupid. Your image will come out much more pleasing when you mirror one side if symmetry is your goal.

No. 684921

This is very hypnotic, anon

No. 684934

Vick, the neckbeards you thirst trap for online do not count as being 'asked out'.

No. 684936

It is mirrored, anon. She just skewed the right side a little in PS. I can tell because I'm an artist and when I was a lazy teenager I did the same thing.

No. 684941

You're welcome to try to replicate that and demonstrate it for us with that image…. because it's really obvious that's not happening. It's skewed to one side because nobody can mirror perfectly by hand, that's all. You don't skew half when you're mirroring something…that action is the literal opposite of mirroring. And you certainly don't mirror, then skew, your tattoo design. This is Vicky level logic.

No. 684944

Just when I thought she couldn’t get anymore pathetic, she surprises me.
75-100 guys.
Like it’s such an accomplishment.
Too bad she can’t keep anyone.

No. 684945

Shoops like this make me think she’s a lot larger irl than anyone realizes. If you look at the lower section she looks quite big. As a curvy girl myself I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but I think it’s crazy that she’s trying to lie about it

No. 684950

Yeah, you can tell she’s bigger. Nothing wrong with that, but she clearly thinks theres something wrong with it. Always shaping her body, talking about “friends” getting lipo.
She hates herself and and fuller set bodies.

AND she never photoshops her arms smaller.

No. 684963


The anons who've met her all unanimously agree she's built like a fridge. Not obese just an unfortunate short barrel shape torso that gives her a bulky look.We're all born with shit about ourselves we don't like and a good diet, some exercise, and dressing to flatter her body would make a world of difference. Ick just chooses to potatoshop herself into oblivion.

No. 684976

File: 1564250015854.jpeg (102.62 KB, 651x600, 05A89EB1-07B3-46BB-9FA0-4BC963…)

“I only have one of my cards”
I’ve never heard of or met a rich person that had to beg for $70.

>I’ve lived in many of mansions

No. 684977

File: 1564250327321.png (11.1 MB, 1242x2208, 922B6E50-CB10-4FA2-9F2A-B438E4…)

Looks like icky forgot the photoshop her neck tattoo

No. 684980

File: 1564251096878.jpg (103.14 KB, 1076x312, Screenshot_20190727-140403_Ins…)

Implying that a law student with over 200k followers is not as successful as she is.

No. 684982

A law student, a beautiful one at that. Not as successful as a pathological liar that’s built like line backer.
And probably has half her bills paid by her parents if not stealing from potential clients

No. 685030

Kudos to the law student but she can't be too intelligent if she stans Vick, come on now.

Hilarious that Vick backhand compliments her though.

>You are well on your way

No. 685036

File: 1564274413471.jpg (141.02 KB, 1280x1226, IMG_20190727_174005_895.jpg)

No. 685037

File: 1564274494489.jpg (108.29 KB, 1280x1030, IMG_20190727_174149_974.jpg)


No. 685042

Ok so Vick finally learned the old-ass namaste joke and wishes she could pull it off in a social setting , but since she never goes anywhere, she just makes up a story. A self-flattering story too. Fucking sad.

No. 685053

My favorite part was when the guy in the story said "us normal people", implying that Vic is some otherworldly being or celebrity or something

No. 685054

The move is DESIGNED to make her LESS OF A TARGET.

1. “Im nIcE” but also insults women out of pure saltiness
2. I hAvE a hIgH iQ
3. I CaN fIgHt lIkE a NinJa WiTh mY KaTaNa
4. MEtAl HeaD
5. Metaphors and “poems” that make ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SENSE
6. Chubby, dirty, stinky, spends too much time online

Good Lord the similarities are substantial and I’m sure I’m forgetting various other similarities.

No. 685056

7. “I’m not like other girls”
8. Mooches off of parents
9. Attracted to people 10 years younger than her

No. 685057

And now she’s going for liposuction

No. 685058

This is not a nitpick, this is the whole fucking truth: if she's SO INTELLIGENT and so high IQ, why can't this bitch use commas? Why does she always use ellipses where they shouldn't be. It just makes her look stupid and ridiculous. But here I am, talking about her here. She's perfect.

No. 685065

File: 1564278316707.jpg (84.72 KB, 1280x842, IMG_20190727_184352_777.jpg)

This is the reason Vic was posing with a sword on the kitchen counter

No. 685074

File: 1564279446162.png (616.08 KB, 1242x2208, ED638F03-F9DF-428C-8DE9-B88300…)

Or you don’t like what you hear so you become mean.
OR you don’t like bad reviews because you did a terrible job so you become a complete psycho.
Sounds like a narcissist to me.

What year was Vicky born? Does anyone know her actual age?
It’s actually disgusting that’s shes a 30 something and would even post a status and makes comments like this.
She’s so unbothered by peoples comments, but drags it out for days on Facebook.

No. 685084

File: 1564280866323.jpeg (191.56 KB, 750x1022, E5656120-C251-4F95-AB95-B19BF0…)


She is about to turn 32. That’s fucked up how she’s going to be that old and acts the way she does. She leads a really sad life where she refuses to ever grow up

No. 685088

Damn. Girl is on her way to 40 and has nothing to show for it but a terrible reputation, yellow teeth and a drinking problem.

No. 685089

I would put money down that this conversation never happened.

and wait, didn’t she say she had clients today in a previous post? For someone that has a job she sure has a lot of time to sit on Facebook… make status and talk to neckbeards that wanna date her.

No. 685096

i mean i can imagine some guy who she just knows thru friends and thinks flirted with her to become annoyed with her, but this does sound like one of those vicky things where she pretends its an insult but it's almost a compliment to her

oh and ofc he's saying that because she didn't date him..

No. 685100


But anon she has 100s of guys wanting to date her! Grown men her age totally want a fake bimbo compulsive liar to build a future with who can’t stop talking about herself! She has had many marriage proposals but NO MAN is good enough for our cow ninja goddess!

No. 685102

What guy wouldn't be chasing down a 32 year old woman with no career, car, assets, any kind of personality, friends, and a sex offender in the family?

And that's not even factoring in her gum disease,sagging body, and narcissism.
"I'm so hot, hundreds of men are asking me out all the time." bitch, do you even hear how crazy you sound? Your ego won't even let you lie convincingly.

No. 685105

File: 1564287008403.jpeg (200.16 KB, 664x898, BA60AE2C-3A17-4F73-9A1F-2E62BD…)


At least she’s making her british namesake proud

No. 685119

This is pretty old picture, she used to draw it on herself before she actually tattooed it lol

No. 685144

File: 1564294648214.jpg (56.37 KB, 1280x642, IMG_20190727_231352_994.jpg)

She seems extra thirsty for male attention these last few days

No. 685145



No. 685177

File: 1564310734630.jpeg (195.82 KB, 750x765, 2A32B809-4608-4408-8BF7-AD94C5…)


No. 685182

I swear she just likes correcting people. Sometimes for no reason.
Obviously the first guy was being a neckbeard.
Almost like 'what talents do I need to qualify?' Or maybe it was just banter, I can't tell with the weirdos that frequent her pages.

Anyway, the second guy took it literally and explained the definition, even specified it's what it means to HIM and she has to correct him to HER definition.

Anytime someone corrects HER however, she'll pretend it was a typo or say that she already knew.
Same as when people say something normal and she reeees over said comment and then when the person says they didn't mean it, she'll act like it never bothered her and she was just explaining and that they are a baaabe/cool dude.
She's insufferable.

No. 685183

Lol your post just reminded me of when she self posted that she smells like Jack Daniels and vanilla.
Jack Daniels is such a trashy liquor. Tastes like shit and only trash people drink it.
She thinks she seems badass with the smoking, drinking and rock and roll type aesthetic when in reality it just seems so dated and trashy.
Her taste in everything from hair to tattoos to alcohol is outdated, tacky and gross.

No. 685186

Good riddance. World is a better place without such cunts.
The only thing sad about this thread is that there are so many no-life retards who care so much about some literal who. I barely bothered to reply.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685189

Lol you barely bothered to reply but you posted the same thing on both Vicky threads? Lol k.

No. 685190

Neckbeard or newfag spotted.

She's a literal who nowadays in comparison to her MySpace fame but many find the thread funny because of her crazy narc antics.
It also helps save dumbasses in her area from getting their skin butchered. I would all be for letting her be forgotten, but the reality is that she is still to this day mutilating people and sometimes stealing deposits from unsuspecting clients.

Sage your fuckery

No. 685191

Holy shit they did. I wonder which one of her neckbeards posted. It's definitely not Vick because
1-There's no hidden compliments about herself and
2-Not enough spelling errors.

No. 685196

This thread helps people air their grievances about someone that may have mangled their or someone they knows body.
If you don’t like her “art work” there is no way of contacting Vicky because she only does her bookings and business through her personal Facebook which is apparently filled to the brim with neckbeards trying to date her.
If you do have her phone number she says that you’re stalking her and you didn’t take care of the end “product”
She also has stated that people only leave bad reviews because of jealousy or family of other tattooers in the area being mad that “she fixes their work”
The amount of truth, people WITH receipts, that has been posted here I hope one day Vicky actually does well and gets some actual training and people come across this and don’t have years of heartache covering or removing what she has done.

No. 685198

This girl needs to step down from her high horse. She can’t even get through an entire sentence without at least two spelling errors and now she’s the knower of all things? Only her definitions apply, guys.

No. 685199

>please somebody date me? Please?

No. 685216

FOH and go kiss vic's misshapen ass.these threads have prevented people from being scammed and permanently disfigured by an untrained, mentally unbalanced scratcher.

No. 685217

File: 1564331350381.jpeg (124.8 KB, 750x873, C6D5AAE1-7C3A-4EE9-9F68-E20704…)

Vic is one of my fave lolcows for being the rare female neckbeard. While most other cows has died down, Vicky keeps on giving and getting better, like fine wine lol.

>pic related, it’s Vic.

No. 685235

>>muh genius IQ

No. 685274

File: 1564349641737.jpeg (135.4 KB, 1242x895, 2CBAF22A-2560-450B-AE3E-A9E063…)

So she IS looking for a new boyfriend on Facebook it looks like.

No. 685304

It’s a vicious cycle with her.

>posts super photoshopped ~sexiiiii metal girl~ pictures constantly

>hooks a much younger guy who isn’t experienced enough in relationships to see the red flags
>dates guy and drools all over him on her social media, talking about how desirable she is to her bf and how much he’s obsessed with her
>guy inevitably leaves when he realizes how crazy, insecure and fake she is
>back on photo shoots with “Frankie photography” to post more photoshop disasters

Rinse and repeat.

No. 685322

File: 1564363362548.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, FA2B8336-F807-42CC-A130-274F60…)

And by “from the uk” she means her great grandparents were born there?
Has she specifically said when she moved to Canada? And landed in Guelph? Give me a goddamn break.

No. 685323

File: 1564363697292.jpeg (87.77 KB, 1242x436, 2DA6325E-9499-4021-862F-DCE8E4…)

“Fine ass grape drank”
What 30 year old uses the word drank?
And calls themselves that? She’s thirsty as fuck right now looking for someone to sleep with her. It’s so obvious it’s actually getting sad. Can we confirm daddy issues?

No. 685327

shes from northern ireland and i think she moved to canada when she was like 2 or something so she's never eaten a bap or bought a pack of hula hoops in her life lol

No. 685329

I have a friend that moved to Canada from Australia 10 years ago and his accent is almost gone already, to the point his family says he has a Canadian accent now. He’s 33… so like….

“From 18 to 24 Months
Most (but not all) toddlers can say about 20 words by 18 months and 50 or more words by the time they turn 2. By age 2, kids are starting to combine two words to make simple sentences, such as "baby crying" or "Daddy big."

My two year old can put a few sentences together. So how does this girl have an accent going through the Canadian school system and being around mostly Canadians( probably in some sort of daycare) when she didn’t even speak yet?

No. 685330

Everyone knows if she ever went back to the UK to visit we’d have thousands of photos in front of signs proving she left the country.

No. 685331

Didn’t she say she takes clients on Sunday? Now she’s sitting at home colouring her own hair with manic panic from hot topic at 32?

No. 685335


As someone that knew her in real life, she moved to Canada when she was around 2 or 3. None of her siblings have accents. Her dad still lived in NI but her mom doesn’t.

She doesn’t live with her mom so she can’t use the excuse that “it comes out when I’m around my parents”. It doesn’t take many syllables before you realize how bullshit her accent is.

I’ve been around her many times in the past and there was absolutely, without a doubt, ZERO “British” accent. It is completely put on in an attempt to make her more desirable.

She’s a dumbass who only cares about male attention, it’s manifested in weird ways and I honestly wish she would seek therapy for it. It’s If you think it’s Insufferable online i can guarantee you wouldn’t be able to stand her for 60 seconds in person.

She’s a sad, delusional human being. She also takes the “the camera adds 10 pounds” to the extreme and genuinely believes that she looks like her shoops in real life. She thinks she’s “making herself look like she does in real life”.

She’s a mentally ill, narcissistic idiot who suffers greatly with delusions of grandeur. This isn’t her online persona. This is who she is. It’s sad, but painfully true.

No. 685337

correct me if im wrong but isn't it like one of her brothers is a pedophile and the other schizophrenic or something?

No. 685340

It’s actually really sad. I hope she reads this and realizes how sick she really is.
I’ve seen her in person, I live in Toronto and have been to the bovine while she’s been there. I can confirm she doesn’t look like her shopped photos.
And from what I saw she didn’t have any men around her trying to seek her attention like she would make people in the internet believe. I wouldn’t even say she’s ugly, she’s just so generic. She looks like any Toronto used up alt girl with bad tattoos.
That neck tattoo is something else.

You were friends with her?

No. 685354

One brother had naked pics of an underaged girl (possibly girls) and was in jail for it. Not sure that there's been any trial or anything, last I saw in a previous Icky thread was that he was in jail.

No. 685358

Not to mention that from the perspective of a an actual person from the uk her accent sounds really weird. Especially as she’s from Northern Ireland and the accent that she puts on sounds precisely nothing like a northern Irish accent. She tries to sound like the queen in the crown it’s very odd(don't use emojis)

No. 685361

she's from Canada

No. 685372

File: 1564382036333.jpg (133.96 KB, 800x856, 20190728_233307.jpg)


No. 685373

File: 1564382128727.jpg (198.72 KB, 794x890, 20190728_233532.jpg)

More neckbeard Vic

No. 685374

I realise this. She was allegedly born in Northern Ireland and claims that’s where her accent is from despite having lived in Canada since early childhood.

No. 685375

> She also takes the “the camera adds 10 pounds” to the extreme and genuinely believes that she looks like her shoops in real life. She thinks she’s “making herself look like she does in real life”.

Even if that 10 lb myth was true, what's the justification for totally reshaping her nose and other features? (said rhetorically)

The fuckery is this 'the camera changes the way I look so I need to re edit the image to look how I actually do'

No. 685394

I can’t speak to whether or not he was in jail, but I’ve seen his (accent-less) mug around downtown several times since the news release was posted.

No. 685403

Picture vs twitch
This is 100% her…. damn

No. 685404



I can’t seem to find anything after his court date. I wouldn’t want to be associated with a pedophile either, makes sense she makes herself someone else

No. 685442

Our local paper (Guelph Mercury) does Reader's Choice awards and surprise, surprise no Bella Morte Studios listed here :) https://guelphmercurytribune.communityvotes.com/2019/05/professional-services/tattoo-piercing-studio?fbclid=IwAR3v7_rGvICbh45pr6cZoyBOrHwgfV8Wi5AJJnJyGcsC-08OQpHh_esDLoY(don't use emoticons)

No. 685443

File: 1564414511444.jpg (157.57 KB, 780x892, 20190729_083450.jpg)

No. 685444

File: 1564414689655.jpeg (267.25 KB, 1242x1322, 9B8E7E45-E029-4EFA-927A-C890B3…)

She’s been in relationships where the men have left her for other people. Are we suppose to believe that these guys were so head over heels that they proposed before hand?
I think she means she been proposed to by neck beards that haven’t met her in real life. Typical icky making it seem that nobody meets her standards, not the fact that nobody wants her.

No. 685446

she was defending him hardcore a few months ago tho.

No. 685447

That’s hilarious that a shop called “no regretz” is on the list but not our multi talented Bella Morte studios owned by Vic.

No. 685451

File: 1564416477378.jpg (121.25 KB, 800x395, 20190729_090500.jpg)

I love how often this happens. I also noticed, on her Facebook page where you can book appointments, she has a slot for 4:30 in the morning. Is that normal for tattoo parlors? Imagine getting tattooed by a drunk Vic at 4:30 am.

No. 685453

Yea, she said someone sent them to him and he didn't know he had them and then it was an ex getting back at him.

No. 685454

She likely meant 430 PM, that's what she has on her google page.

Yeah didn't she blame his ex somehow?

No. 685456

File: 1564416846282.jpg (213.08 KB, 800x674, 20190729_091108.jpg)

Omg she edited her post about marriage to include that she's been proposed to so many times. This is hilarious

No. 685457

Hahaha I seriously hate how she does this. She wants to make it look like she's getting business. And she does this too on days when she actually does have appointments so the person booked comments and says "wait am I still coming in" or whatever. She thinks she's being sneaky but she's really obvious.

No. 685471

how is there no contact info attached to the name? like how

No. 685473

Yeah it’s someone else’s fault he’s a pedophile. How much porn do you have on your computer that underage nudes go undetected for enough time your arrested.

No. 685474

So…contact the email on the transfer directly instead of a Facebook post and hoping they see it? This is how you know she doesnt have any bookings

No. 685479

File: 1564423045964.jpeg (294.29 KB, 1242x1776, AF795A1F-66FE-4DF4-A3C9-150856…)

“Haters make me famous”
A grown adult has this tattooed on his chest. I think Vicky found her soulmate.
This would be someone she has on her friends list

No. 685480

File: 1564423133400.png (439.96 KB, 1242x2208, 02D1A007-BC15-4179-AE52-58BE17…)

She definitely came on here, realized how stupid she sounded and edited it.
Email the fucking email attached to the etransfer girl.

No. 685484

This happens soooo often you'd think she'd devise a better contact sheet or something by now. Seconding the 'doesn't have shit booked'.

No. 685489

She also made the post from her personal FB account, not the tattooing one

No. 685491

File: 1564425443195.jpg (270.15 KB, 469x1245, 20190729_113631.jpg)

Nobody named Alfredo even commented on this post, yet Vic immediately commented to a ghost Alfredo that she's never been raped

No. 685520

File: 1564432164954.png (693.72 KB, 750x1334, BFBD947A-44F0-4153-949F-EB88AF…)

Imagine posting/sharing this to your social network/publicly with these fucking words attached.

No. 685523

Is she using Bunny’s boob shoop again?

No. 685526

>bap and crisp sandwich

look it's either a crisp sandwich, or a crisp bap. Would you say bread and ham sandwich? Congrats on speaking like a fake brit again.

No. 685538

I absolutely love it when she drops in British words and almost always mis-uses them. How does she live her life pretending to be British and be this bad at it?

No. 685597

File: 1564445306212.png (1.17 MB, 1280x2509, HOT.png)

Vicky's drunken Facebook status edits are amazing

No. 685621

She needs to update her makeup style. Especially eyebrows.

No. 685622

File: 1564447104728.png (8.88 MB, 1242x2208, 023A0A4F-CEC8-4C2A-B515-E37500…)

another chapter from this girl has no artistic ability.. her hair looks like garbage.
It’s patchy as fuck.
And I bet she’ll say there’s no filter.

Also, I thought she was super busy at the shop? People were flying into see her and “spots are limited” yet she’s saying home to ruin her hair further and spend all day online taking photos and set thirst trap for neck beards?

>please date me?

No. 685630

Wow, such naturally thick long black eyelashes she has

No. 685638

At least make your shoops consistent.ffs.

No. 685641

Why is she so obsessed with saying she’s been proposed to? She sounds like a broken records. You say the same thing too many times and it’s no longer believable

No. 685642

Lmao she looks completely different in like every single picture she uploads. Tagged pics alway look the same tho

No. 685643

Also despite multiple people from her high school class talking about how she never had an accent on a Facebook post

No. 685654

I’ll need to look for them or maybe someone knows where they are but she’s even uploaded videos in the past where she doesn’t have an accent. Unless she acquired one without ever leaving Canada… I don’t know.

No. 685661


Anon who knew her in real life here.

Her accent is 110% fake. Drunk, sober, around her parents, it’s all fake. It’s a new development over the last decade to make her seem more desirable and mysterious. I cannot overstate how thirsty for male attention she is. At every single party I’ve ever seen her, she can be seen drunk and hanging all over any man that is too polite to throw her off. Hell, she was putting her hands all over my boyfriend at the time, whispering in his ear and ham-fistedly trying to embody the “~sultry British metal gurlllll~” and the only thing she managed to accomplish with that pathetic display was making my boyfriend incredibly uncomfortable, and making herself the butt of many jokes we made on the way home. She smelled like absolute shit, body odour and cigarettes. She was mooching alcohol off of everyone to the point that it was discussed by other partygoers who avoided her like the plague. She would interject into lighthearted conversations with controversial opinions or personal attacks on other women that were there, and immediately tell everyone that she has an “IQ of over 200” so anyone who didn’t agree with what she was saying was an idiot.

She’s constantly sweaty, narcissistic, and unhinged. The attention she’s begging for online doesn’t come close to how pathetic and desperate she is in real life.

Sage for blog posting, but my (ex) boyfriend actually told her off at one point and she acted like he was only being salty because he wanted her.

Girl is fucking delusional, detached from reality, and has created her own world in her head.

No. 685668

So the girl that doesn’t even have a handle on basic English has a higher iq than Stephen Hawking?

And everything you just said about her in person is exactly how I would expect her to be. Pathetic and thirsty.

No. 685670

File: 1564452788658.jpeg (394.09 KB, 1200x1321, 5FAD6DB4-785E-49F8-9A02-C4FFA7…)


>200 iq

No. 685676

You know what’s hilarious? I doubt anyone has gotten on one knee and held out a ring. She’s probably counting neckbeards who comment “marry me!” On her photos. It’s super sad lmao

No. 685681

Well she posts nonstop when she has boyfriends. Two of her men left her for other women( one of those women being her friend) and the other, most recent guy, was ten years younger than her. Too young to be getting married. So even if he did propose, being 22ish, with no REAL job .. I’m going to say he didn’t buy a ring and said it in a drunken stupor.

I agree. It’s probably proposals from people that have never met her in real life and are stupid enough to believe her lie

No. 685688


Can also confirm this is entirely true. She did the same shit at a party with my ex. After realising the company my ex kept I promptly left them. Also, her shitty extension tracks kept falling out of her head and she kept running off to fix the issue.

She also stays silent when a dude is beating the shit out of woman to keep drinking lol. She's a fucking mess. But who knew!

No. 685701

How do you even take a picture this low quality in 2019? Legit looks like resolution of a flip phone picture.

No. 685735

>She also stays silent when a dude is beating the shit out of woman to keep drinking lol
Is there a story here? Any proof? I don't put it past her at all, she lives for male approval and hates other women. It is still kind of a serious accusation though.

No. 685738

I’m curious about who’s house party this was? Like what type of person is friends enough with icky, doesn’t see past her bullshit and invited her places?

I’m not surprised at all that’s shes hit on someone’s boyfriend in front of them though

No. 685743

I could see vic inviting herself and just showing up or wrangling an invite out of some kindly idiot who barely knew her through a friend of a friend type of deal. More details, party anons.

No. 685793

File: 1564522060215.png (389.04 KB, 808x606, Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 12.1…)

what the actual fuck is this. who let her do this to them??

No. 685805


The roses are so poorly drawn. Rose tattoos look a lot better with shading. I have a rose tattoo with shading and it actually looks like a rose not a bunch of jumbled lines. I also got it done for a lot less than what this cow charges for her scratches. I can’t believe she calls herself an artist.(no one cares about your tattoo)

No. 685817


It's like she's making up for all of her outlineless tattoos in one piece. That shit is going to spread so fast with her heavy hand.

No. 685844

placement is subjective but it looks upsidedown and more like cabbages than roses. those fucking leaves and twirly thorn things are so jagged, needs more white.

No. 685848

Omg it does look like cabbages lol! Needs more white for sure

No. 685850

why did she make the outline so thick? it looks like that scratchy style every tween picks up when they're learning how to draw

No. 685947

Mangled mess. I wonder if there’s an update of this cause this can’t be finished. It’s so terrible

No. 686014

It looks like she only used one (large) needle (maybe a shading one) likely because she has no money to buy proper supplies. Also, how is this client so delusional that she thinks that this looks good? I'd be mortified.

No. 686079

damn can’t post anything without farm hands commenting on your shit can you? even when it’s simply to point out one of vicky’s many faults lmao

No. 686093

File: 1564618655256.jpeg (116.81 KB, 1242x650, 2DBB2C5E-8923-414D-A6F5-3449AA…)

I’m assuming her sister didn’t even invite her. I wouldn’t want that drunk, b.o smelling mess at my wedding

No. 686094

File: 1564618853232.jpg (119.33 KB, 888x1280, IMG_20190731_172037_816.jpg)

No. 686103

Anyone know if she really has a sister? Back in MySpace days she claimed she had no sisters just a friend that’s she referred to as her sister

No. 686135

Her sister is real. She has a normal Facebook with unphotoshopped pictures. She’s cute and looks happy - Vicky should take a leaf out of her book and invest in herself rather than chasing likes on Facebook.

No. 686155

Accept that your post was stupid and move on.
Coming from someone that is such a cheap narcissist that she only has tattoos from herself, that's hilarious.

No. 686159

I’m sure Vicky turned down the invite, as all the attention should be on her sister and not Vicky. Because Vic is the pinnacle of beauty and intelligence. And totally not fat.

No. 686187

File: 1564648431584.jpg (195.16 KB, 1203x1280, IMG_20190801_013346_183.jpg)

No. 686209

Her ego is as fragile as a mirror but that's where the mirror comparisons end lol

No. 686211

File: 1564658542952.png (270.84 KB, 801x610, Uwah!.png)


a single tear for the missed opportunity of milky wedding selfies and candids.

No. 686213

She probably can't afford to go

No. 686221

"back in the UK"
Is she incapable of saying Northern Ireland?

No. 686227


I'm sure she doesn't even has a passport and is probably too stupid to fill out the documents for one and is too broke to pay for it as well

No. 686289

Pretty sure this is almost the true reason she’s not going. Imagine flaking out on your sisters overseas wedding because you can’t control the photography.
Her mom is wealthy. I have no doubts she was willing to pay for a ticket/passport for her to be at her sisters wedding. And why would Vic turn down an opportunity for “UK” clout?
Imagine being so self conscious about your appearance you’ll avoid a family function with heavy photography. Fucking sad.

No. 686290

File: 1564691244374.jpg (121.04 KB, 1078x475, Screenshot_20190801-162436_Chr…)

Incoming self butchery. Although we still haven't seen a clear pic of the stomach tattoo she did on herself which was originally supposed to be a flamingo iirc but ended up just another indecipherable mess.

No. 686292


Does she have any tattoos that are done by someone that is not herself? They all look like shit

No. 686293

no because that would require paying people hundreds of dollars that she doesn't have

No. 686294

File: 1564693477292.jpg (285.62 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190801-170357_Chr…)

It's not even that expensive

No. 686297

That actually pieces some stuff together. She became a tattoo artist because she was too broke to pay other people. She buys cheap ink and supplies.. because again she’s broke. Being an artist is oh so scene and wanted to fit in, but being Vicky she doesn’t actually want to put any effort forth.

No. 686299

From what I understand, her family isn't wealthy but they are very comfortable. Her father takes trips to UK semi regularly and has his motorbike hobby and that shit gets expensive. they may have the means but as vic is approaching middle age, they aren't likely supporting her. Everything she does is cheap and threadbare.

No. 686317

She’s tattooing herself at the shop on a Saturday? Oh ..”.I’ll be around “ ?

Her shop can not be that busy if she can’t even fill up a Saturday

No. 686363

Stfu do u have proof she's not mooching off her family?

No. 686369

Do you have proof that she is? Not the same anon and not defending Icky but calm down.

No. 686385

I genuinely think she isn’t going to protect herself from candid photos. Because that’s how sad this girl is

No. 686386

She’s got to be mooching off of someone. May not be her parents, but we all know there’s no way she’s tattooing enough to pay rent of her place and studio.
AND the jack and smokes. Cigarettes are like $20 a pack now.

There’s no way she’s doing that on her own.

No. 686387

Oh …. I could see that. Telling her sister she’s too busy at work when I’m reality she’s too broke and embarrassed of her real face showing

No. 686388

File: 1564712379989.jpg (75.31 KB, 777x1280, IMG_20190801_191922_076.jpg)

New ink!!!1

No. 686391

Yea they're helping out somehow maybe a roof over her head. But given how she hustles those deals at the end of every month she's probably relying on scratching for spending money. All just speculation.

No. 686394

This shows she doesn’t know how a bow actually works, which isn’t as fun as when she messed up a clock, but still good.

No. 686396

Wait I thought the clock turned out to be fake from a parody account?

No. 686440


The parody account uses her real tattoos that she actually did. I believe it’s victoriabellamortetattoos on Instagram. They just roast her tattoos.

No. 686441

File: 1564724886482.jpeg (395.58 KB, 1632x1632, 0DACC11A-5A92-4907-B6D6-2E2468…)


Vicky is (unfortunately for her clients) dumb as a stump and doesn’t even have a tenuous grasp on human anatomy, let alone anything else. Between the clock with the Roman numerals done wrong, the gun with no trigger and the countless horrors she’s scratched off on her paying customers, any person with 2 function brain cells can see that she’s inept and borderline mentally stunted.

The saddest part is that her captions to tattoos of this quality were along the lines of “you would think I know why I’m doing or something”, or some other bullshit stroking her ego to these absolutely pathetic tattoos.

No. 686465

wasnt the clock thing just using IIII instead of IV? Thats not wrong, plenty of old clocks with roman numerals used IIII for 4 oclock.

No. 686496

Anon, even if so, that’s assuming Icky is smart and actually does any research before scratching people. Being right by accident is not being right.

No. 686497

Plus you can see she went “oops” and tried to fix it to IV.

No. 686511

Not to mention all the actual British people being able to see right through her fake accent.

No. 686518

A broken clock is IIII once a day, as they say

No. 686559

when pic quality is so bad you can't tell if there's shadows or blowouts. the string of the bow is choppy as hell, the point of the arrow looks crooked and i'm convinced she doesn't have an actual liner needle b/c all her lines always looks so fucking thick. just like her.

No. 686568


What on earth is happening on the left one? I can see something that vaguely looks like a torso, arm, head and wings, but that's it. What's the mess underneath?

No. 686588

File: 1564785762521.jpeg (316.7 KB, 1241x1786, 6B17DA44-68E7-47BA-A21F-127271…)

>i have opening for ink

Not how many, just “I have opening”
The dude that answered her, seems like privately and she needed to announce it to the world, is the definition of a neck beard. An old man neckbeard. She’s already brutalized him with her “art” so obviously he’s not too brilliant if he’s going back.

Imagine being so self involved and bored you have to announce every time someone booked in with you.

No. 686589

this was witty anon thank you

No. 686591


His arm. It’s blurry as hell, like usual. The detail is weird.
If he wants to continue ruining his body with her, that’s on him

No. 686592

File: 1564786474198.jpeg (495.13 KB, 1242x1552, 188016F3-31F9-44ED-AAEF-C449EA…)

Anytime she wants to argue she doesn’t use filters or photoshop on her tattoos……

No. 686595

i hope she gave him an actual time lol btw you left your profile pic up

No. 686684

File: 1564798737247.jpeg (136.38 KB, 750x490, E0F05DC4-CC59-4B08-A0B0-213140…)

Why would someone put down a deposit on a tattoo without even speaking to her? Or even discussing the piece he would like done? If anything he probably googled her and seen the reviews and said fuck that. Her “business” is such a sad joke. She legit doesn’t understand how the real world works.

If this was you plz gib sheckles.

No. 686686

Or maybe they just saw a sign (assuming she has any signage) and wanted to enquire but it’s such a shed of a building they couldn’t even figure out if it was still open.
Or maybe this was just an excuse and she no showed another appointment cause she was too hungover to show up and her neighbours saw a pissed guy outside and she’s covering her ass.
Can’t wait to see the review on this mess.

No. 686701

File: 1564802838411.jpeg (226.75 KB, 750x908, 20CFA207-1700-4B55-BFAA-0D69EA…)

I like how obvious the fake positive reviews are clearly written by her. Only one review as well. Same words she uses


>talented and wonderful woman

No. 686703

Yea he asked about getting scratched having never met you, given his name or contact info apparently, so of course he put down a deposit. Dont post these 'business's statuses when you're sauced ick

No. 686711

none of this even makes sense lol how'd they know he was looking "for ink" like he was trying to get in but couldn't and she was passed out drunk and didn't hear? you can tell she gets hardly any business for her to post something like this

No. 686806

File: 1564824073376.jpg (127.49 KB, 821x1279, IMG_20190803_022027_300.jpg)

No. 686836

File: 1564832827974.png (3.44 MB, 1242x2208, C1A732C5-B798-468F-8753-891B13…)

Well I found someone with roses with that name.
No damn outline

No. 686837

File: 1564833163173.jpeg (267.63 KB, 1242x1379, C731E3E4-0D2F-4F9E-8926-AFBA2F…)


The more I look at these roses, the weirder they get

No. 686848


I mean not every tattoo needs an outline, but yeah I don't think these will age well.

No. 686851

I agree, not every tattoo needs an outline.
In Vicky’s case, she pretty much NEVER uses an outline, even if it should use one.
I’m starting to think it’s becuse she doesn’t want to buy different sizes of needles

No. 686870

File: 1564850251808.png (4.46 MB, 1242x2208, 8F053690-22DF-4E24-AC52-C43B95…)

>….it would be so over for you guys.
Not only is she better than all women, but she’s better at being a man than men.

No. 686873

vicky would totes be that guy who sends shit like this and then you don't reply for 20 minutes so they call you a whore

No. 686896


Writing embarrassing "poetic" compliments to women? Now she has truly reached full neckbeard.

No. 686899


Why does she always have to brag when she compliments her friends and post screen shots? Friends just do that to friends.

No. 686905

File: 1564859271190.jpeg (283.34 KB, 1242x1370, E0B314D4-9B72-46DC-B830-DAC0A6…)

That’s really rich coming from a girl that’s probably never been to a therapist / thinks she’s smarter than everyone so wouldn’t take advice anyways.

Even if she has seen a therapist, she isn’t being honest with them and it’s clearly not working.
I don’t think any professional would let her know it’s okay to lie profusely online, ruin people’s bodies and fish for compliments every chance she gets.

No. 686909

File: 1564859757136.jpeg (87.37 KB, 1242x337, C889380A-5B31-49F7-AF26-32808C…)


If she ever went through therapy to feed her mind and soul…. well …. this explains it

No. 686910

File: 1564859841267.jpeg (134.99 KB, 1242x490, FF369457-A3D4-488F-97FF-A559BE…)

She’s been the same person since 2006, tf she talking about

No. 687101

This is typical NPD behavior.
Tells people nice things just to seem cooler and a better person than she is (also every time she compliments women it sounds so fake my teeth grind), has to display how good person she is and what not. Declarations of change and improvement despite absolutely no signs of any change and actual good intention.
Sage for armchair.

No. 687250

“I wish you all the best”

Well isn’t that a load of …..
This is a girl that says all women want to be her, calls people mentally unstable every chance she gets and disfigures people bodies so she can afford liquor.

No. 687529

File: 1565032951267.jpeg (95.85 KB, 750x259, 560EAD14-0348-4BE8-A3DC-EA46C3…)

The way she uses the word “ink” continues to make me want to punch a wall. 4 times alone in this one status.

No. 687535

There’s no photos yet of ANY of the tattoos she apparently did and she usually throws those up pretty shortly after appointments.
It was a long weekend in Canada, I’m doubting she showed up for these appointments.

No. 687589

File: 1565043094343.jpeg (141.57 KB, 750x752, E3F522D3-0783-4CAE-98E6-D03135…)

Comments on a post about not being cuddled in a while.

>that’s very brave of you

What a fucking narcissistic

The bar of Vic is lower than the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Who wouldn’t want an out of shape lazy alcoholic with an inflated ego?

>you will find a hot babe

When only appearences are the focal point of a desired partener and not being loving and respectful with a good job and head on their shoulders.

No. 687612

File: 1565046785623.jpg (189.97 KB, 1079x860, Screenshot_20190805-191154_Chr…)

on the same post. the thirst is real

No. 687630

File: 1565048320838.jpeg (213.9 KB, 1242x1565, 36DBB606-5EAC-481D-8C33-AD3470…)

> at least I’ll let him near me.

Along with other girls boyfriends at parties their girlfriends are at, ever guy at the bovine in Toronto, guys that just came into their 20s….. but you know… you’re super picky Vic.

No. 687657

File: 1565051944660.jpeg (73.85 KB, 1242x453, 99B9B9AF-1E7A-447D-8709-E186CF…)

Looks like this was correct, she seems to be (probably) giving herself that tattoo she was suppose Saturday.
Put money on she cancelled on people and got drunk for the month weekend

No. 687696


the worst is when she says “want inked?” that’s always the worst.

No. 687726

File: 1565066094738.jpeg (193.86 KB, 640x1007, 760FFE5D-37CC-43AC-B140-4B3D9A…)

Ok victoria. saged for no milk.

No. 687742

That's probably the only time she's ever sounded vaguely intelligent and not like a self aggrandizing egomaniac to me tbh.

No. 687773

you must be vaguely intelligent too to think that.
hate speech can't exist alongside free speech.
and how fucking disgusting for such idiots to give their two cents about something that actually matters. smh

No. 687798

She's right

No. 687804

Any site promoting racism, bully IS wrong.
Unfortunately the platform isn’t the problem. If 4chan was gone forever do you think mass shootings in the states would stop?
If 4chan was shut down would Native American women stop going missing?

Racism and gun control needs to be put to rest in OTHER ways. While shutting down 4chan closes that platform, hate will still spread.

That being said, I’m from Canada and have heard Vicky is a racist. She’s also stated that she believes (therefore it is true) that women that do sex work are mentally unstable and don’t enjoy their lives. ( how many women in sex work have been murderer because of this train of thought, They are nothing but low life’s?)
She has made fun of other women that don’t agree with her, even men, saying they have mental illnesses and need to “seek help” because they are sick in the head and only want to be her.
Attacking the world of mental illness.

While I believe 4chan leaving the internet wouldn’t be the worst thing, it’s not the problem. Hate is. And if you’re full of it, you’ll find a place or way to spread it.

No. 687815

>>687804 AGREED
Honestly why protect the rights of people who shit on others, this is society's problem as a whole. Now this priveleged white heffer knows a fraction of a percent she put others through that's karma, not bullying first of all.

SHES an idiot trying to have an irl opinion and it is jokes… articulating herself like 2 percent shouldent be mistaken with any sort of intellegence the mute point she's making is stupid, and only affects her in HER world, No actually… censoring free speech would do nothing ACTUALLY positive for the world but ppl like HER AND cover her ass and cover up more shady bullshit in general, She still sounds like a right wing idiot to me, an angry botherd incel even, look how botherd it is, because she is everyone else has to be (lol no) same old vick…. Just get an ACTUAL APPRENTICESHIP STICKY. Stop trying to sound intellegent, and make your problems other people's problems, and go actually try and exersise your fucking intellect then, oh and stop butchering people's skin… The only repeat customer was her ex she
probably tattooed for free. Bullying sucks but taking away free speech won't solve the problem, I could actually see the bullying in a way on a larger scale if freedom of speech is taken away that in, itself. Is bullying.

>>687726 oh hi Vick, either that or some even more brainwashed incel. No one is right if they want to censor free speech, also people are stupid if they think that would affect bullying in a positive manner, also no one is bullying her, she's RUINING PEOPLES SKIN and GETTING AWAY WITH IT and STEALING deposits but ya "she's right"

No. 687818

First of all… No one is fucking "bullying" her we just don't like being ripped off and BUTCHERD by a cow it's supposed to be the other way around lmao, isn't stealing money supposed to be illegal? all jokes aside it's called exposing the fucking TRUTH. Better business bureau does it it's called knowing what you sign up for but I don't think her crap could land a legit review if she paid someone, Tattooing someone the way she does should be illegal if anything, it's a joke, then she goes around lying and pretending her whole life she's a famous tattoo artist but wants to stop what people are saying about it?! Lmao fat chance. Moo.

No. 687841

any idiot with a facebook feed can regurgitate some mainstream opinions

No. 687850

Jesus, calm down. Your writing is somehow even worse than hers.

No. 687876

Didn't she posted incessantly about how bad migrants are, how violent they are, all sorts of vaguely white nationalist shit until a review on her shop called her out for it then she started posted how great some black scientist was yadda yadda….

My point is, it doesn't matter if you think she sounds intelligent or not, it means fuckall with Vic. She's racist.

No. 687998

I posted that just because she doesn’t know anything about the subject and is just trying to sound like a good person/smart. Not because what she said is false.

No. 688090

File: 1565148097590.jpg (142.89 KB, 1136x1280, IMG_20190806_201845_748.jpg)

How does this make u feel, anon?

>Want inkes

No. 688114

am convinced she always has openings and just makes it seem like she so busy but had a reschedule so can offer a deal if you book that time. how many deals has she offered in the past couple weeks? get the hint, ppl don't want your shitty work, even at a discount.

No. 688209

I think she owes me 5 “free small tattoos” as this is what she offers to clients when she cancels last minute.

No. 688310

Wow sounds like u dodged a bullet, anon. Are you going to get any free small tattoos?

You should get a tiny Vic tattoo for us, for lolcow. I might do that if I lived nearby and it was tattooed on a place I could easily hide.

No. 688315

>>688209 I hope you don't take this as an attack, but why did you book with her at all? My understanding is she is well known within a decent radius of guelph for her work being such shite

No. 688395


Butchering yourself isn’t even worth the laughs anon

No. 688459

File: 1565253327333.jpg (205.59 KB, 1218x1279, IMG_20190808_013517_256.jpg)

This was the lady with the really bruised arm and rose tattoo

No. 688460

File: 1565253390966.jpg (88.54 KB, 792x1279, IMG_20190808_013649_014.jpg)

No. 688465

Purple hair didn’t last long?

No. 688482

Purple doesn’t wash out that fast, unless she bleached it out. If that’s the case, her hair is going to fall out sooner than later.
I’d hate to see her hair in person after this many years.

No. 688483

File: 1565267614146.png (336.01 KB, 492x737, 3B2F3F3A-FDD5-4A4B-ACD0-DC4F6F…)

That’s a great excuse and if it is true for this lady, what about all the others? There’s SO many of her clients that have major bruising.

I have tons of tattoos and have never bruised like this.

No. 688485

File: 1565267906053.jpeg (173.06 KB, 1242x577, 0C16AA58-E295-40E2-BA83-0BED9F…)

“Message me today or tomorrow”
She sounds desperate for clients to be honest, begging people on social media to book with her.
And she won’t be answering her phone this weekend because she’ll be too drunk. With her no bookings. Funny how we haven’t seen anything artistic new from her for a bit.

The girl is broke and desperate. It’s obvious

No. 688486

File: 1565267973192.png (9.4 MB, 1242x2208, 3EA02315-50FD-465F-8BD0-BE97C1…)

> we went to court and we won.

I really hope this doesn’t have to do with her pedophile of a brother. He deserves to be locked up, that sick fuck

No. 688487

Her exes wife? Um. He left Vicky for the now wife, what the fuck would she need to be jealous of? His wife is beautiful and has a real job.

No. 688491





No. 688492

Fair question! Basically, I was inexperienced and gullible. All of this was from trying to get one piece from her and she cancelled, didn't show up, was late, etc which resulted in her offering to do "free small tattoos" as a way to try to make it up to me. I never got any of them and ended up getting the piece she did on me fixed by a professional.

No. 688494

File: 1565271409579.jpg (59.59 KB, 684x270, tattooreceipt.jpg)

Sorry for double post - but here is the receipt I got from her.

No. 688495


She seriously signed her name as her fake made up name? lmfao

No. 688504

Oh man, I would love to see the finished product of what you got.

I love how she says “grown as a person and artist” but this was in 2013, and she still no shows / shows up late

No. 688509

File: 1565274093640.jpeg (115.71 KB, 1242x572, 056EC0A6-14C8-40E4-9CAB-C240CB…)

I KNOW I LOOK 22!!!! This woman is so delusional. She looks 42. She looks like the drunk aunt that just shows up at you birthday party hitting on all your friends pathetically.

No. 688518


>blackened gums

>thin hair falling out from bleach
>butter teeth
>disgusting caked make-up
>out of shape
>sagging tits

I kNoW i LoOk 22

No. 688528

>growth as an artist

literally where, most of her finished pieces look aged, she still doesn't post any flashes or other drawings and continues to carry the same haggard scene girl look that she edits to her ~true form~ from when she thinks she was myspace popular.

did she spell tattoo wrong lol.

No. 688600

Lol Vic the only 'surprise' people get with you is the fact you're a catfish of immense proportions.

No. 688608


Her insecurities are astounding.
>jealous bitches! All of them!!

No. 688624

Even if she did look like her photos, there’s nothing to be jealous of.
Beauty is one thing, but she’s a terribly insecure person.
She’s a racist, her work ethic is less than desirable.
She’s uneducated, not well traveled.
Besides her trips to get drunk in Toronto, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her out of her apartment, let alone Guelph.
She’s a right fighter, even when she’s so very wrong, mutilates people bodies, still won’t stop talking about her exes wife, tries to steal other girls boyfriends, steals from people.

The only thing she puts value on is her looks and those are fading. She has nothing to land back on. She knows nothing of other cultures personally or through books.
She’s coasting through life at best.
That’s not the type of female I inspire to be. Not at all.

No. 688652

She has been pushing for bookings more frequently outside of the usual end o' the month 'dealsdealsdeals' tripe.

You want us to believe you have internationals flying in for work but no wait list for first availability ? vic, c'mon

No. 688680

You're right she had a HORRIBLE ridiculous attempt to steal my bf and say I was copying her (copying what idefk) when I'm her only reason for interest in swords. She has terrible form btw. I refuse to involve myself any further and receive 11.5 billion inboxes from a heffer before anyone asks for the screenshots. Just take the validation for what it is, no one has any reason to make this up, she's a horrible business person, says she's nice but is so cunty even if your just generally trying to be nice or getting to know her, she is manipulative, seeks attention online and even validation for her relationships but in reality talks shit about her BF's, she is super jealous and insecure, but will talk to any guy she wants even if she's dating another, she doesn't date often due to the person she is, she's jealous even of other relationships in general it's creepy, she's stalker material, I'm glad I avoided getting tattooed by her. I don't need her warped sense having control of any image on my body thank you! This blog saved my skin, quite literally.

No. 688685

Honestly, she proves all of this herself.
The fact that she still brings up her exes wife saying she’s a stalker, when she’s the one that continuously talks about them. Doesn’t make sense why the wife would be jealous of the girl that was so terrible she couldn’t keep her man. She treats people like crap.

No. 688690

File: 1565308614214.jpeg (90.95 KB, 1242x512, C67D4A95-4A97-40C1-A227-5151A3…)

This poor, unfortunate soul.

No. 688691

File: 1565308769893.jpeg (171.42 KB, 1242x781, BEE1D79E-257F-4EBA-B4C9-433BDF…)


So this just proves she doesn’t EVER come up with her own designs. She never had her own art up, she’s been caught copying from google and now this? She’s not an artist, she’s a scratcher and thief. Neat.

No. 688694

Is this sticky? This thread will never die , at least until she gets a real apprenticeship, and stops ruining people's skin

No. 688715

File: 1565316528686.jpg (262.5 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20190808-220040_Chr…)

Admitting that you have forums discussing how shit you are is a good move. Sad, insecure, "mentally ill" stalkers can totally get tons of people to make fun of/critisize you out of jealousy. You showed us!

No. 688716

Fun fact about this bruised as fuck tattoo. If the client indeed had low platelets, they would have bled a ton and struggled to clot. With a tattoo of this size, any decent tattooer would have noticed early on and stopped immediately.

Lying or not, she’s an unsafe tattooer.

No. 688719

File: 1565317248089.jpeg (58.69 KB, 540x892, 62B2E9AF-4197-43B0-99A1-3EBD1E…)

I don’t think any “dumb cunt” thinks his tattoo washed off.
She doesn’t know the difference between a tiger and a lion.
He better hope this comes off with soap and water.

No. 688727

File: 1565317999239.jpeg (164.84 KB, 786x1220, 0054A19D-1006-4272-BA66-94EFD1…)

Although this photo is still edited, not as much as they usually are.
And what are those plastic hair extensions?
She’s a top tattoo artist and people fly into see her from overseas, but she buys plastic hair?
And that nose!

No. 688729

god these absolute retards. we criticize her for hideously bruising people but ofc she has too pick something ridiculous like yeah we think her tattoos just wash off…if only..and i never trust anyone who uses "bahaha" lol

No. 688732


"not as much as usual" …what is this comment? this picture is horrifically airbrushed. it looks like a bad painting from the early 2000s with 10 shitty filters applied

this is sad>>688727

No. 688735

What ex is that?

No. 688748

everything in this is CGI

No. 688750

Okay. I guess I meant, she didn’t photoshop herself into a sex robot like usual.

No. 688763

File: 1565324324160.jpg (875.79 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190809_001603.jpg)

Guys stop being jealous, this is exactly how people age. But not. Cause she hasn't. She still looks 22.

No. 688803

“Dumb cunts” - yeah, tell us again how not bothered you are, Vic.

No. 688829

Every time I see a post of ickys defending her terrible “art work” ie: the massive bruising, to me it just looks like she’s doing major damage control because her business is going under. She had about 20 reviews on google, 90% of them being terrible.
She can not be doing well financially

No. 688833


I almost don't even recognize her when she's not doing her signature anus lips or gummy mouth smile

No. 688836

Run through a photoshop detector app or site. you'll be surprised. Aside from whatever the fresh hell is going on with those extensions, she's reshaped her jaw and nose, airbrushed her skin, the borders are weird at the waist line so I assume she tried to edit herself thinner, which makes no sense for this outfit, the legs and arms have borders pulled in so she reshaped those too.
It's Vic so always assume massive edits.

No. 688837

No. 688842

File: 1565363916257.jpeg (308.46 KB, 786x1220, 6999683A-EA1A-4E89-B0AE-50A22C…)


Built like a fridge

No. 688938

File: 1565404252347.jpeg (154.59 KB, 1242x1694, D1112A0E-D79C-4937-B53B-0F7171…)

The type of person that would mutilate people’s bodies and victim blame?

No. 689085

File: 1565489808769.jpeg (366.26 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20190811-140759-01.…)

Saw this blurry masterpiece on my tl and was fondly reminded of Vic.

No. 689089

File: 1565491846888.jpeg (335.2 KB, 1242x1795, EEEDBA55-F7C9-41A9-957E-2F677B…)

Icky is drunk posting again.

No. 689091

Is that ChinChan?

No. 689095

vicky you're so dumb omg

No. 689099

File: 1565494544214.jpeg (95.36 KB, 750x622, BAAE1F3C-085D-4725-B70B-825E14…)


>treat other woman with kindness and build each other up!!

Makes a post degrading a woman based off how she looks. Vicky, your shoops are the advertisements on wish and your true form is what you get. It’s funny because she orders cheap trash off wish all the time and uses them in her “photoshoots”. This post of hers screams projection.

No. 689132

File: 1565505333587.png (71.92 KB, 473x493, desperateoldhag.png)

eye rolling at the relationship advice stuff she's reposting. Vic, you can't manage one long term relationship, try working on that first

No. 689222

She actually looks scary in that candid. Like some demented clown.

No. 689224

she looks like freddy krueger if he wore clown makeup

No. 689240

So true, also, Wasn't this heffer on the dirty?

No. 689254


This is giving Vick too much credit. The tattoo in that post is actually better than her work.

No. 689320

File: 1565580064511.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, C82E8F45-758C-4621-A83B-BE733A…)

Imagine being so bored and in need of attention that anytime anyone says anything nice to you in a private conversation you need to share it?
This happens on the daily and this person seems to be putting their trust in her by sharing some private information.
This girl has serious boundary issues / how do people still even speak to her about anything

No. 689322

There’s been a lot of these posts by no tattoos…. wonder why that might be. Business not going so well icky?

No. 689341

Considering that tattoo is shit, I would agree its much better than she could ever do. Lmao.

No. 689342


She probably feels the need to brag about this shit because she doesn’t have any friends so any time she has convos with internet strangers/friends and they vent to her she feels like an amazing person. But that’s just how friends talk to each other but she doesn’t have good friends in real life so the concept is foreign to her. I wonder if she asks permission to the person before making a punblic post.

No. 689516

File: 1565645804801.png (54.25 KB, 734x776, Untitled.png)

I am going to hazard to guess she was drunk off her ass 9 hours ago when she edited this reply to review.

No. 689519


Even if I had never heard of her but was looking for a new artist and came across this…. it seems like too much drama and I’d go somewhere else. She’s not helping her case.

No. 689520

File: 1565649267784.jpeg (494.42 KB, 1242x1609, 0CC60D93-CEE2-4C46-AFA3-73CDF1…)

>I only look 22.

Her face!! This is officially the worst photo shoot from Vicky I have ever seen! The background, her face! I’m actually really afraid for her mental health. This is scary…

No. 689521

File: 1565649481508.jpeg (539.75 KB, 1242x1739, 5F1D423C-C594-4931-A650-58E1B1…)

>I have a figure under those big T-shirt who knew?
Well it’s photoshop, so it’s fake. Even if that was your real figure, everyone and your dad knows because you post yourself naked online every chance you get. Which would be fine, love yourself but it’s your FAKE photoshopped body.

The only thing more photoshopped than her body is her tattoos

No. 689522

File: 1565649506351.jpg (100.29 KB, 669x796, whatisthis.jpg)

What the heck is even going on in this pic

No. 689523

The lipliner and those teeth…. my god…
She can photoshop herself in front of a body of water but can’t produce any tattoo work she’s done…. Interesting

No. 689524

she has edited this reply so many times now jfc, and notice how she pretends to be another person when she uses "the owner" but then completely fucks up by using "me"… fucking kek. And what is with the random misogynistic comment about him needing to calm his wife down? She had every right to want her deposit back, especially after being harassed for a second one the night before you cancelled on her. Vick, just admit you begged for booze money, got drunk and then were to hungover to come in the next day. It's sadly less embarrassing than what you're doing now.

No. 689526

I think she wants to seem like someone took her on their boat…

Is that a lighting umbrella in the right?

No. 689529

File: 1565650282934.jpg (109.23 KB, 1123x1280, IMG_20190812_155034_231.jpg)

Vic got tiny again

No. 689530

this is confusing b/c she left in her real smile but likely edited other parts of her face. the lack of lashes is really weird, why is the one part of extensions wavy, that background is probably fake and holy shit, she finally showed of the ~tummy~ tattoo but i still don't know what it is.

that part was great, it's like she forgot that she was talking in first person for the entire rest of the reply.

it's totally a beach umbrella, lol. i like how the sky just abruptly ends.

>leaned accidently [sic] for this shoot
wtf does that even mean? she's not even leaning and hiding herself behind crappy magical warping extensions.

No. 689535

File: 1565652380976.jpeg (72.75 KB, 935x433, 90467F04-5FEB-4C48-8695-2A5A35…)

Her teeth are getting worse.

No. 689536

File: 1565652475503.jpeg (360.45 KB, 1242x1718, D60F3C84-BB48-4E28-8E38-0806F0…)


A woman on this photo says “I’ll only get tattooed by you Victoria”
Yet has this on her body forever…

No. 689538

The whole damn piece has nothing symmetrical about it. The beads and flowers on top are the most obvious part thats uneven.

No. 689540

File: 1565654030677.jpg (842.6 KB, 1079x1672, Screenshot_20190812-195208_Chr…)

Stop drunkshooping

No. 689548

File: 1565658143515.jpeg (333.28 KB, 1242x1708, D9F8B5EC-B89B-49AD-83A7-16299F…)


I love how this guy is totally calling her out being an idiot and she’s so thirsty of male attention she just makes a joke out of it.
There’s NO company that’s ever paid her 3k or even close to that for her “business”

No. 689549

File: 1565658337701.jpeg (343.77 KB, 1242x2090, 7451DE14-2858-4F35-80B5-0F6CBD…)

So the guy you employ won’t admit that you treat him like shit?… oh yeah… that puts it to rest. Not the fact that there’s multiple people say you’re a complete psycho

No. 689550

File: 1565659088248.jpeg (95.01 KB, 1242x816, C2618FBE-2FE6-441D-A473-1C5741…)

>from an actual client … this is cool to hear <33

So much profession. Implying the other people aren’t actually clients of yours. Give me a break. So only the good reviews are real and the rest are fake haterzzzz.

No. 689560

File: 1565661779805.jpeg (177.18 KB, 1242x964, 5CD6E0D1-8A49-41D0-A574-0FB216…)

Vicky is drunk posting again.
“That’s quote the compliment” hearts and a rose emoji?
“You’re the only one I’d be down to let shoot me”
So she admitting she uses a timer and photoshops herself into backgrounds.

And didn’t she just say above that people “pay it” referencing the 3k an hour. Obviously not if this random photographer that nobody has ever heard of is the only person Vicky would allow to shoot her.

No. 689561

And tagging herself. She has no idea what’s going on. So drunk.

No. 689562

File: 1565661859654.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, 7200F425-EC9C-4ADE-AB46-5C9755…)

> Some are rock n roll tho.

You mean classless and disgusting

No. 689573

Getting 90s trash porn star vibes from this, just missing the rock-hard bolt ons.
I feel like this is the closest to her actual body type she’s showed up. She still pinched herself an hourglass figure but doesn’t look as ridiculous as usual.

You know if this was a girl she would have clapped back like a venomous snake.

No. 689577

Other than bashing her physical appearance, what's this thread actually for? Tattoos, yeah fair enough, scamming yeah fair enough, but to actually dog pile on a person because they're insecure is pretty darn shallow folk. People see through her transparency and cyber bullying doesn't actually help you "out" her. I'm really struggling to see the point of all this if you claim that "everyone knows what she's like".

No. 689580

My understanding is that she pretends to be over confident and when she shoops herself to high heaven it goes to show she's all talk. I believe she also puts down others for being unconfident so it makes her a bit of a delusional hypocrit and all that jazz.

No. 689586


Piss off white knight. Don’t preach cyber bullying when that’s all this cow does to other women who don’t spread her cottage cheese asscheeks and lick her skid mark asshole. She is a vile compulsive lying hag who shits out her mouth every time she speaks.

No. 689588

It's not the insecurity, it's the measures she takes to hide it (compulsive lying, being viciously competitive, ridiculous shoops and so on). All of that ties in to her being insecure and it's hard not to mention it.

No. 689591

The point, asshat, is that she feels fine tearing down other people. Go back and read the other threads. Shes not miss nice and kind like she pretends on Facebook

No. 689600

She edited her smile, it's just less overt than usual. There's also been a touch up on the teeth which means they're worse than this beige-y color.
Vick, please at least cut back on the smokes and go see a dentist. A lot of them will work with you on a payment plan. gonna be painful if you keep putting it off.

No. 689643

I’m not sure if you know how to read, if so please go read from the beginning if you’re interested in knowing the reason behind the thread. It’s really that simple?

We have a female that lies about being kidnapped to save her own ass because she got to drunk to show up to work. That’s the lowest class citizen right there.
Imagine having a family member that was kidnapped and raped or murderer? Imagine being a victim yourself and had to live with the ptsd for the rest of your life and then had this cow come in and piss all over that because she’s a lazy sack of shit and likes to steal money instead of actually doing her job?
Instead of her taking ownership of her own faults she then ( not giving people proof that she was actually kidnapped like she promised and it’s no where in ANY news outlet that a girl ninja kicked a kidnapper) Vicky blames and uses mental illness as a way of shaming the person!

So yeah. There’s a lot of toes that she’s stepped on. You can speak to her about it because she’ll harass you until the end of time. Does that help?

No. 689644

File: 1565699036481.png (4.22 MB, 1242x2208, 5DF36F32-7C00-4CD5-971D-7C8064…)

<I don’t try and cut out to be a role model

Hold shit. She’s killing braincells, this girl needs to stop drinking.

No. 689655

Don’t even worry about this person. They show up every couple of weeks to wk and say the same stupid shit. Yet they never actually read and comprehend the threads considering how often they stop by. Makes ya think.

No. 689657

i love how the chest suddenly stops being grainy like the rest of her skin. looks like she grafted somebody else's cleavage onto her pic

No. 689667

ah yes, posting this on an ig story will totally get the truth out there, she's so smart.

No. 689669

Lol this looks like some Vic sock puppet account. What’s with her posting screens of her DMs lately? She needs to feed her narc I guess. Just comes off as pathetic and disgusting.

We get it Vic. You’re gods gift to all mankind. Uplifting and empowering weaker and emotionally broken women. And men propose to you almost DAILY.

No. 689673


She literally looks 45 here.

No. 689682


Love how the light and tones never match her fake backgrounds, like if she actually was in this enviroment by the sea in front of the window, she wouldn't be so damn yellow. She's in her poorly lit apartment.

No. 689698

File: 1565723271919.jpeg (1.5 MB, 750x1046, A78E7D91-1A5F-40D5-9E82-6E0229…)

Literally the only thing not heavily edited is the brown blanket.

No. 689724

This useless freak probably only ever eats pizza pockets and Doritos cause she can’t cook cause she’s stunted like a 14 year old girl in fantasy land. Fuck.

No. 689731

File: 1565738662159.png (955.14 KB, 828x2567, HeyDumbBitch.png)

No. 689740

Sage for it but I’m in a lot of tattoo groups on FB aun Guelph and the surrounding area and I’ve seen hundreds of posts looking for recommendations for shops. I’ve only seen Vicky’s shack mentioned once by someone who looked like a 70 year old crackhead. I have a feeling that that’s her demographic in Guelph.

>muh high end clientele

No. 689744

“Makes yourself look stupid to me”

Honestly, all icky does is make herself look drunk to everyone.
Maybe if she spent more time apprenticing and less time smoking, getting wasted and calling out people that don’t exist online she’d be in a much better place in life.

No. 689745


Honestly all of her clients that she post look rough as hell.

No. 689747

So she “ban” someone but they can still comment on her Facebook? And nobody else saw this comment but Vicky? She’s drunk at home alone looking for attention and wanting to call out her “haters” aka people she disfigured again.
Nobody commented shit.

No. 689775

Now that's how a professional conducts themselves on their official business page.

No. 689783

Sorry for sounding clueless, but does he mean Tory/Tories like the Brit term? "Tori" is the spelling when its a woman's name but I don't think Vicky has any new legal names to uncover since we found Shingleton.

No. 689790

It might be a nickname for her. Vic-tori-a.

No. 689804

Tori or toria is a common shortening of Victoria (at least in the uk) my sister has been mostly known by tor, or toria for most of her life.

No. 689855

Vicky has gone by Tori for years. It’s what her friends call her

No. 689945

Didnt need the same reply from 3 diff anons but thank you, I had a brain fart apparently.

No. 689962

okay, newfag

No. 689990

She hasn't even had an apprenticeship, not even any talent, so she's one to have an opinion. She doesn't even count.

No. 690053

she's been in internationally published magazines and judged competitions, that totally qualifies her opinion.

this video is what vicky thinks she looks like sword training.

No. 690100

File: 1565877093115.jpg (92.64 KB, 1280x1070, IMG_20190815_065111_025.jpg)

This was a comment to a post Vic made about how ladies can be smart AND hot and don't have to choose just one

No. 690101

Dude makes a misogynistic comment and of course Vicky praises him for it. This dude should consider that maybe he can't find a sMaRt woman because he's a moron himself. The only girls who wanna date guys who talk like this are insecure, competitive women like Icky.

No. 690114

hey who wants to go out with nick and talk about books?!

No. 690117

File: 1565887592492.jpg (107.57 KB, 1204x1280, IMG_20190815_094609_220.jpg)

Omg you guys it got better

No. 690118

No. 690119

If brah is so smart how can he not figure out how to maybe, introduce a topic his date would like to talk about?

I'm clearly too stupid to understand why a man of his intelligence is a fan boy of Icky Vicky. He must have a thing for ninjas.

No. 690120

Almost like people online who declare themselves to have an IQ of 148 are usually retarded kek. He's in good company with Ivy League Vicky.

No. 690121

File: 1565888336459.jpg (76.93 KB, 1152x1280, IMG_20190815_095822_846.jpg)

Last one, promise. Looks like he has the same type of high IQ as Vic


No. 690134

Most definitely! I’ll bet they were both tested on the internet somehow. And in what situation would Ick ever have had a proper test administered? She does nothing besides shoop pics and destroy skin. Anybody with an IQ over 80 could see through her lies.

No. 690143

> Like some demented clown.

I'm fucking howling

No. 690168


Vicky has claimed outright that she has an iq of “over 200”

No. 690174

Wow. To be SO desperate for male attention. Does she know this shit stays on the internet forever? Lollll
I wish I had more to say because these two deserve to be roasted.
>muh high IQ

People who claim to be extremely intelligent are usually complete idiots. Most people who are actually intelligent are humble about it. But this has been my experience.

No. 690179

I would like to see a quote of that. I cannot see this rotten tooth bitch be as smart as William Sidis

No. 690183

acc. to >>685661 she walks up to people at parties and tells them that. It's stupid and embarrasing which makes me think it's the truth, she randomly tells that to strangers

No. 690184

File: 1565902618418.jpeg (319.46 KB, 1242x1597, 44E2378A-1F82-4512-A580-0861CA…)

“And your stripper status…”

“This was about prostitutes not strippers but whatever”

Always a class act and profession Vicky is.
She should really leave to keep her mouth closed, she doesn’t have clients to lose

No. 690185

File: 1565902902397.jpeg (59.91 KB, 1242x286, 862AD8BF-3400-4E21-83A2-FCABD0…)

Spoiler alert; you fail art twice because you’re drunk all the time and a terrible artist.

No. 690189

how do you fail art

No. 690200

File: 1565905702557.jpeg (24.58 KB, 229x220, 824C5125-DB01-49D8-8C9F-1D7D4E…)

No. 690205


That they’re doing their job? That tore an incompetent artist and always have been?

But no, Vicky is never wrong. Of course it’s the teachers who were wrong. The clients who are wrong. The doctors who are wrong. Never Queen Vicky. What an absolute narc psychopath.

No. 690227

File: 1565911785008.jpeg (157.44 KB, 1242x559, 70C4EF88-C7F5-4176-9E9D-E5D9C0…)

Vicky needs money to get drunk for her 35th birthday.
This is the saddest post she’s ever made. You can tell she’s not doing well in her career when she’s begging people to give her money right before her birthday.

No. 690255


She constantly offers deals and it’s really sad. Ive never seen an artist offer deals and so frequently as well. Should be a clear sign to potential clients that she isn’t as successful and busy as she claims to be. Her time slots would weigh more value if she was sooooooo sought after and wouldn’t always be offering discounts

No. 690256

We used to speculate that it was her end of the month rent $ push but it's started 2 weeks earlier for the past 4 month. Yea, things are looking grim the way she's hustling for business

Barreling towards middle age with jacksquat to show for it

No. 690257

My tattoo artist in Toronto never has deals, she also has a pretty steady clientele.
I understand having deals when you’re just starting, but as Vicky says … she’s been tattooing for 11 years. She has deals once to twice a month.

No. 690259

Yeah same but Montreal. My artist has only been tattooing for half the time of Vicky but her work speaks for itself and she's booked till next year solid. She announced a single opening in her books last month on IG and was fucking swarmed. Every once in awhile she'll have a flash she'd like to do on someone and asks who'd like to do it, it's snapped up immediately every time. I'm only sperging all this shit to illustrate what a successful female tattoo artist in Canada would actually look like. What we see with Vicky is basically e-begging for work and it's embarrassing.

No. 690260

File: 1565916021223.jpeg (347.74 KB, 1242x1316, 55563522-8B6B-457A-8938-8237CD…)

Sorry if this has been posted. So this girl has been in a cab and given secret info from isis, she’s been kidnapped when she was suppose to be at work and someone broke into her house?
It’s all super annoying because “my house is messy”
This girl is reaching for attention badly

No. 690262

Nobody that actually respects their own work would had out deals as much as she does.
I don’t go into work and biweekly tell my boss he can pay me less for that day?
She has about as much confidence in her work as we do, she just won’t admit it

No. 690264

File: 1565916245184.jpeg (184.11 KB, 1242x841, 808C9917-6FA2-4EDB-97B3-63103C…)

Imagine having to brag that a friend got you something for your birthday.

No. 690265

Haven't seen this one before but vic says so many outlandish lies, something like this hardly stands out anymore.

No. 690267

File: 1565916398168.jpg (81.2 KB, 419x1280, IMG_20190815_174621_356.jpg)


No. 690268

ohhh my god I just can't. this actually lowered my IQ

No. 690269

She doesn’t even know how to spell “maybe” and she wants us to believe that she had the same IQ AS STEPHEN HAWKING!?
This girl has officially lost it. No wonder her sister didn’t invite her to her wedding. Damn.

No. 690271

>want inked up?

No. 690273

File: 1565917203162.jpeg (179.02 KB, 1242x1159, 4B8BA5BF-5640-4517-8C37-3A4FCB…)

Now her hair is magic, guys.

No. 690278

>this time I curled my hair, but all I have to do is sleep with wet hair and it would look like this on its own.

This is why Vicky is my favorite cow. Imagine having to humble brag about going to sleep with wet hair and waking up with it curled.

I love it when her stupidity is called out by randoms. Of course he’s a guy so she didn’t fly off the rails.

No. 690294

i mean it magically warps with her various body parts so of course it can just curl itself if she sleeps on it wet.

aside from that fucking eyebrow and weird shadow on the hairline that makes it look like her face is a mask, her hair is actually nice this length and curled but she insists on the cheap extensions.

No. 690301

I agree! She looks much better like this. Why she insists on wearing those old, crispy extensions I’ll never know. They don’t look good or realistic. Imagine how yellow
They are from ciggerette smoke

No. 690305

God, I want this woman to have a complete breakdown where we see what her real personality is. Nobody can live like this forever and nobody else can possibly deal with being around her forever. Like some kind of Lillee Jean breakdown but in reverse.

No. 690380

so she thinks lolcow broke into her house? lmao

No. 690430

well remember, she thinks lolcow is like two or three people who know her irl

No. 690431

This is an old photo from before she entered her 30s. She has a list of lies that for whatever weird reason stroke her ego:

- hair naturally curls perfectly if she sleeps while it’s wet
- Eyelashes are naturally long and dark
- Eyes look like they have eyeshadow when none is worn!
- Eyes are icy grey but in certain lights look so dark… mesmerizing!
- skin is ghost white
- natural hourglass figure
- used to be obsessed with her height and say she was tiny but the height has varied between 5’2 and 5’6.

She’s just so fucking weird lol.

No. 690434

Did she seriously just say that Mensa tested her before she even started school? Why Vic?
And I don’t know what the bigger lie is here, that somebody broke into her home or the fact she said she was packing to go on a trip.

No. 690482

File: 1565990719617.jpg (219.56 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20190816-172107_Chr…)

"My birthday gift to you is that you get to pay me for more bad tattoos!"

No. 690484

File: 1565990808254.jpg (39.83 KB, 746x308, Screenshot_20190816-172336_Chr…)

Sorry for double post but lmao which one of you did this, this is on the birthday post

No. 690488

File: 1565991712506.jpg (366 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20190816_174004.jpg)

As a birthday gift I present this, icky shooped her face onto this poor woman lol

No. 690503

>wearing a bra with your swimsuit

No. 690508

bitch never has the same face twice

No. 690512

Also looks like she might have made this woman's chest smaller in order for her own to look bigger? Am I imagining this?

No. 690513

File: 1565994806964.jpeg (180.56 KB, 578x430, 451C2BF3-B6D0-4D3A-8CBB-232358…)


Wears a bra with a bathing suit and still has to shoop those titties

No. 690515


Lmao, thats the girl that Vicky’s bf Adrian left her for. It’s hilarious because I’ve met them both before and the girl on the right is WAY thinner than Vicky IRL. But of course she had to make herself ~super tiny 18 inch waist~ because it would literally kill her to have to post a picture next to a girl who has a better body than her.

No. 690524

Looks forced. Imagine having to force people to take photos with you to prove how small you are!

No. 690527

From what I know, Adrian dated 2 other girls before Sam (girl in photo). Vic did some shit, Sam wasn't around after. Adrian moved to Toronto with girlfriend 2 then moved back and dated Sam. Pretty sure they are still together.

No. 690530

Adrian is married to Sam now as far as I know.
Can’t blame the guy for choking her over icky. The photo above of the two girls says it all.

First, you can tell Sam is actually in shape and Vicky is heavily photoshopped.
Second, Sam looks super uncomfortable to be in that photo… like Vicky paid her off so she could post it online to convince people she has friends

No. 690572

She shooped herself and left the other girl unedited. Also let me guess, she chose that pose to leave her arms apart from her waist so she could have enough space to push it in while photoshopping herself thinner?
That's some 4D chess tier insecurity. Extremely pathetic, and with all that work the other girl is still more attractive somehow.

No. 690577

File: 1566012466164.jpeg (138.49 KB, 1043x395, 71E9FBD8-A071-42A9-A150-40C3DD…)


I like how the water around Vicky is all warped and fucked up but near the other girls it’s normal

No. 690582

i think it's more like she's not smart enough to see that he is calling her out.

she just sees a chance to brag, and boy does she love it

No. 690648

she's using the packing up thing as an excuse. Her security alarm went off for no reason, she got paranoid that someone from lolcow was in her house and saw how much of a pigsty it was. Sounds insane, but it wouldn't surprise me she actually thought this.

No. 690653

File: 1566046479217.jpeg (343.36 KB, 1242x1635, AA82539D-9C51-464D-901C-70497E…)

Either these people don’t have an internet connect and have never left Guelph or are just blowing smoke up vickys ass for deals on tattoos and don’t care what they look like because this is straight up GARBAGE. She’s obviously too cheap to buy a liner.

No. 690655

File: 1566046618657.jpeg (445.79 KB, 1242x1686, B6BF1EC5-8D93-436E-9E46-7A9AD5…)

Also looks like Vicky and her child of an ex might be getting back together.
She’s never be able to find someone her own age that would put up with her lies, so if she doesn’t want to be alone forever she may wanna jump on board

No. 690659

jfc those hashtags

No. 690660

File: 1566048134313.jpeg (16.81 KB, 250x250, EB991941-D2D5-41FA-9533-1D8892…)


No. 690674

File: 1566052277012.jpeg (503.19 KB, 1242x1559, 08065923-FB3F-4C68-ABDB-0EB3B0…)


More of Vicky’s scratching on this poor kid

No. 690675

File: 1566052554366.jpg (200.78 KB, 1080x2157, Screenshot_20190817_103055.jpg)

Was in university last year?? While getting kidnapped and being a ninja? Oh, Vic.

No. 690676

Placement is shit.
That crown looking thing is going to fall off that elbow skin so fast >.<(>.<)

No. 690685

File: 1566058122855.jpeg (209.83 KB, 750x1159, 389DF6F7-DFA2-4E0C-AA05-7F272A…)


You can’t find anything for her fake clothing line when you look it up. For someone who made 175k off 135k people? (I can’t really make sense of her horrible English) you can’t find jack shit about it online only a hilarious Facebook page that has a bunch of scene kids that are shooped to hell wearing clothes that have aweful shooped designs on them. Enjoy this Vicky shoop where she claims to have made this jacket and a boob is coming out of her armpit

No. 690687

i wish there was a way to make her talk about all her fake school. if only i was a fuckboy with a 150 IQ who also fake went to yale

No. 690688

She makes clothing and has a shit ton of money yet shes in some grimy fruit of the loom undies. YEAH RIGHT ICKY

No. 690696

File: 1566063367920.jpg (279.38 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20190817_133603.jpg)

No one asked. She's so delusional.

No. 690698

Sam irl has… Giant boobs. I'm nearly positive she's shopped Sam's tits to be smaller here. Kek.

No. 690699


No. 690702


What costume??? She shooped the whole thing lmao

No. 690707

that piss yellow is a great color choice and you can see that there's redness around the tattoo b/c she's ham handed.

yea idk why she put it there. also the wonky dagger tip and blowouts are nice touch.

so much blur, that's like cow's favorite tool and they expect ppl to believe that's the way the photo is.

No. 690712


Don’t know why he would go to Guelph for some chicken scratch this hog can’t even tattoo a simple generic rose. Maybe he just wanted free ink and to stick it in her ham sandwich

No. 690714

That guy, inaspiralstate, is Matt, Vic's latest ex bf. I think they lasted like 6-8 months. Didn't have a very dramatic breakup. She was probably desperate for clients and manipulated her ex into getting "inked up" lol

No. 690717


No doubt she’s giving him free tattoos. That’s probably why he’s sticking around. Despite the fact that he’ll regret it later.

Vicky has tattooed all her ex’s for free. Probably something to do with the fact that she wants an “edgy inked up metullll scene bf” and the guys are just broke asses who are happy to get free ink. Vicky doesnt have a lot to offer aside from free, mediocre tattoos.

No. 690721

File: 1566069956222.png (981.62 KB, 960x734, lolthiswasserious.png)

The Facebook page that gave us this absolute masterpiece

No. 690722

sage but another example of 'different face every pic' and 'shoop skills have never improved'(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 690724

File: 1566070100647.png (1.04 MB, 960x755, 32428_119542004877008_11769265…)

srry pic forgot pic

No. 690725


Is this the only bathing suit she owns?

That's Adrians moms car, licence plate is poorly edited

No. 690726

I've seen a pink version of that swimsuit and possibly a white. But you're right that's the only style she wears. Probably for the tummy panel

No. 690727

What is holding that sword up?????

No. 690728

The only style her bra fits under.

No. 690730

File: 1566070923407.jpg (377.17 KB, 1072x1060, Screenshot_20190817_154115.jpg)


Proof hehe.

No. 690738

photoshop antigravity magic

for those new to this, she'll watch an online lecture and add it to her list ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 690741

I am shocked it has an outline

No. 690745

"Muh shitty photoshopped icy grey/blue/green eyes"

No. 690746

Hard to keep up with which tattoos are real and which are shooped on

No. 690750

File: 1566075772279.png (2.97 MB, 1519x2048, Screenshot_20190817-165943.png)

I mean it definitely looks like she flattened Sam's left tit

No. 690754

File: 1566077557815.jpg (543.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190817-183250_Ins…)

the nerve

No. 690765

She forgot to photoshop her other eye the same color. There's so much bad shoop (and a gravity defying object) in this photo.

No. 690784

Wtf she made Bunny look so bad here. Does she just shop the women around her to make herself look more appealing?

Did anyone else notice that Sams boobs look exactly like how Vicky shops her own?

No. 690785

Looks different in every single upload yet her tagged photos all look the same. You ain’t fooling anyone, Vick

No. 690786

File: 1566089101898.jpeg (93.77 KB, 475x272, F7F22707-928F-4575-8E21-147487…)

Both eyes are clearly shopped though. Maybe she wanted everyone to think she has two different colored eyes at one point but gave up on that lie. I wish she’d give up on ALL her lies.

No. 690808


Vick and bunny both used to be guilty of that. They would pull their waist/stomach in and inflate their boobs while shopping the people next to them bigger with smaller boobs. Luckily, bunny had enough self awareness to grow out of it. Vicky is still too delusional and immature and thinks that the people on the pictures with her won’t notice.

No. 690815

File: 1566096133276.jpeg (408.11 KB, 1632x1632, 7EE798BE-CF42-4976-AA23-3C83AD…)

Just some vickypics I haven’t seen posted here before

No. 690817

She's balding!!

No. 690821

File: 1566097887119.webm (2.19 MB, 640x1138, ig-story.webm)

No. 690830

File: 1566098750434.jpeg (197.09 KB, 682x436, 706E6FD6-5D6C-4D7C-B2E1-C3862C…)


Holy hell those pupils! Looks like she was rolling hard on something

No. 690834

I was more distracted by the super gummy teeth

No. 690835

File: 1566099211226.jpeg (54.15 KB, 750x622, C727907D-FF8F-44E3-AE92-61176D…)

Sorry for the double post but also that SCHNOZ

No. 690874

I think a lot of people did that. But once bunny was no longer a teenager, she stopped lol. Vicky is trapped in her own low self esteem. But no she definitely made bunny look awful in that pic. Her face does not look right. I’m sure Vic can’t let anyone look better than her though

No. 690913

As far as I know, outliner needles are more expensive than shaders. She rarely does an outline and when she does it’s so thick and wonky.
So either she doesn’t want to spend the extra few bucks or doesn’t realize there are different needles for different things

No. 690914

She’s definitely balding. That’s why I don’t wear extensions anymore. I wore them semi regularly for 5 years and from the weight of them, you do start to lose hair in some spots. She’s been wearing them for 15 years? Probably sleeps in them if she has boys over. AND bleaching her hair? I’ll be surprised if she has any hair left in 3 years, honestly(no one cares about your bald spots)

No. 690915

Holy hell that tattoo is ATROCIOUS. I wonder if she’s drinking with him while they tattoo? Cause this is bad… even for Vicky.

No. 690917

File: 1566134812835.jpeg (133.26 KB, 944x985, 298EA4E3-8CEE-42F6-9444-A7DB28…)

Beyond “this is rich coming from her”
I find it really funny that she’ll put down sex workers and say it’s not because she’s jealous it’s because she wants ALL WOMEN to have a better quality of life and not live in a life of mental illness. ( which I know some sex workers and they are the happiest, living their best life) yet she cuts down women every chance she gets, with things that always apply to her.
Does she not remember her live video SHE did? Which she took down cause she knows damn well this is her.

No. 690937

File: 1566137562374.jpeg (1007.82 KB, 1564x1564, F194540B-ED74-4492-BFD3-0573B9…)

“When they live chat without a face altering filter”

No. 690948

Can we talk about her boob shoops for a sec? Absolutely hilarious.

No. 690951

It looks like she’s used MS paint

No. 690953


Long term drinking leads to hair loss and the smoking doesn't help. It's absolutely been thinning for the past few years. She's going to be miserable–rotten, painful teeth and bald patches —all completely preventable if she did something now

No. 690954

What are you talking about, anon? Vic is an ageless vampire with porcelain skin and icy green eyes. She hasn't aged in 12 years!

No. 690956

Do you remember when she used to shoop vampire teeth on herself in every picture claiming it was her "Natural Teeth"????

No. 690965

No. :( Unfortunately I have only been reading her drama for like, 1.5 years maybe now? Although I am glad I found these threads of course. That's funny. Was that bank in the Myspace days or soon after?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 690970

File: 1566144297159.jpg (244.75 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20190818_120500.jpg)

She definitely does not have that canine tooth point in real life. A numb at best.

No. 690971

Those extensions….

No. 691023

>>690970 Her hands are so….. Dirty …

No. 691026

File: 1566159661748.png (9.88 MB, 1242x2208, 5A037A52-57C3-4155-A430-77E668…)

>nO fIlTeR

No. 691029

Even if so, look at all that tranny makeup…

No. 691030

Oh, no one was sticking up for her.. comment deleted if that's what u think. I was just making a funny.. my bad.

No. 691033

It's a forum I made a funny. Deal with it. I even deleted my comment thinking I was polite by doing so.. cause I honestly agree…(no1curr)

No. 691035

I don’t have bald spots. That’s the point, I’m not 17 anymore.
I was stating why someone at her age wearing extensions, and taking terrible care of herself (smoking, drinking, beating the shit out of her hair) would be going bald.
But fuck yourself. Thanks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 691037

Ok… Wow.

No. 691038

Wait, did she post this 'no filter'? Even the thirstiest neckbeard isn't that dumb. No one's skin looks like that, Ick

No. 691047

Laughable at best.
I wonder if this was her birthday makeup, could there be a "photoset" coming??

No. 691048


No. 691088

sorry bout your bald spots babe

No. 691100

nta but u sound annoying af consider killing urself(a-logging)

No. 691160

And the thread implodes. Good luck eating eachother alive.

No. 691184

what are yall talking about? its just one anon mad about their hair

No. 691247

This thread is about a cow, not farmers. Quit derailing.

No. 691248

I so desperately wanted to applaud her for fixing her eyebrows (kind of) but I can’t make myself do it. That eye makeup and lipstick is so horrid. Where is friend anon? Help this girl with her makeup

No. 691249

She forgot to paste Sams titties over her pancakes

No. 691250

What is she singing about? Wrong answers only

No. 691252

File: 1566180603409.jpeg (252.59 KB, 1632x1632, 0EB0A114-2458-40C9-A18C-6AE511…)

I attempted to remove her lipstick moustache everywhere she went past her lip line. Oof, do everyone a favour and just get lip injections Vick.

No. 691328

Long list of shit she needs to put money towards before we get to lip fillers

No. 691410


I think a lobotomy would be the first procedure she should consider

No. 691454

Why? She has no brain anyways, what you want to lobotomize, that gray matter chickpea in her skull?

No. 691466

is this Kiki

No. 691518

File: 1566228659506.jpg (127.18 KB, 773x1280, IMG_20190819_083053_031.jpg)

No. 691519

Those gums…

No. 691525

Not that necklace again..

No. 691537

it looks like she is stealing sams teeth shape/lips here!!

No. 691539

Agreed, the candid Vic didn't post or edit, her teeth look different. She reads here so the dental comments probably got to her.

You still need to see a dentist, Ick. You cant photoshop periodontal disease

No. 691576

File: 1566239405462.jpg (847.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190819_143025.jpg)

Never the same length

No. 691585

those needle teeth! kek.

No. 691588

File: 1566242804729.jpg (65.48 KB, 480x600, teeth.jpg)

She uploaded this to Instagram. Does she not care to Photoshop her teeth?

No. 691590

File: 1566243312275.jpg (84.21 KB, 660x960, FB_IMG_1566243244201.jpg)

From the same photoshoot and she definitely shopped her teeth in this one

No. 691591

File: 1566243412936.jpg (23.89 KB, 268x259, IMG_20190819_153714.jpg)

What is this mouth situation??

No. 691636

File: 1566256429762.jpg (61.73 KB, 530x663, VickyOnABoat.jpg)

She just posted this confusing pic to Instagram

No. 691638

File: 1566256658927.jpg (126.89 KB, 952x1280, IMG_20190819_161614_439.jpg)

Here's the description and tags

No. 691640


Is this loon trying to insinuate someone else took this pic, and she "was caught off guard"? …when you can clearly see shes sitting on a blanket. And you can see a light box in the sunglasses reflection. Shes so ouf of touch with reality.

No. 691656

I always thought this ugly-ass necklace was one of her questionable photoshop choices but nope
Of all the things to keep wearing

No. 691658

yea, i like how she's yellow lit yet there's a bright blue background. some weirdness going on by her back where she edited in her figure.

No. 691661

Tiny credit to Vic for not shopping out those leg stretch marks.. TINY credit

No. 691666

Is this absolute fucking dunce trying to insinuate that this is a candid picture? Oh Vicky, you’re so dumb you don’t even realize how dumb you are.

The reflection in the glasses, the lighting umbrella in the background, the unnatural and inhuman body positioning, the concept of her actually being invited anywhere to brag about her “Stephen hawking iq”.

This shit might have gotten her by in 2006 before the concept of photoshop was widely understood.

Get with the times, dumbass. Be real or be a fucking laughing stock. Your edits are so hilariously transparent a 12 year old could do Then better than you. You’re not fooling anyone you relentless retard.

No. 691674

File: 1566266306063.jpg (75.18 KB, 895x1280, IMG_20190819_185731_309.jpg)

New innkkkk

No. 691678

The blurred edges on her body are always a dead giveaway. Run it through a photo forensics site or app, and it lights up like a Christmas tree. Vicky you are so damn lazy.

And lol at this larping like she ever goes anywhere.

No. 691679

Hmm. That doesn’t look like a phone with a 1 megapixel camera…

No. 691697

File: 1566269443236.jpeg (516.19 KB, 1632x1632, 3A54C3E8-8888-4109-8076-94841A…)

Based on a few things (such as “how gravity works”) I’ve “reverse edited” Vicky’s more resent Instagram picture. The only thing that didn’t fit together was the umbrella handle, which she likely patched over to help hide her dumbshit shop to make her look like a ~curvy goddess~ instead of a dumpy barrel.

No. 691713

a normal,average body. nothing to be ashamed of, she just has to grasp at all these lies she's made of herself.

No. 691741

File: 1566282875121.jpg (188.68 KB, 909x807, Screenshot_20190820-023328_Chr…)

You didn't even try, you orange hoe

No. 691791

The umbrella might be real, but the handle is a poorly shopped Versace logo so unlikely real

No. 691831

File: 1566322194436.jpeg (362.39 KB, 1242x691, B0DAA59E-6074-492A-B3E9-89A903…)

It was some limited edition Macy’s giveaway garbage when you bought perfume or cologne. It’s not really official Versace merch. You can find them on posh mark for $60.

No. 691837

Someone probably left it at her "shop", no way ick wears or BUYS perfume

No. 691848


There is no Macy's in Canada. Pretty sure she just shooped this. We all know she can't afford real designer stuff as seen with her fake supreme hoodie and fake versace shorts.

No. 691910


You can tell how photoshopped this is because she literally erased the buckles on her corset tattoo to hide how warped they were from reshaping her stomach.

No. 691918

The Vic checklist:
blurry borders from obvious warping and liquifying

no other people present

weird lighting on her whilst background is unaffected

pretending to be any where else other than guelph

uneven blending

missing or altered tattoos, limbs, or clothing

the lightbox reflected back into the shot

3rd grade understanding of anatomy

No. 691919

there are some and they ship to canada anyway.

No. 691951

Too bad they can’t ship her a better personality

No. 691954

File: 1566341231975.jpeg (111.25 KB, 1242x610, 56AA2BB8-2405-4DBF-8DB2-8E7315…)

Aka nobody wanted to hangout with her and she doesn’t want to show her true form.

Or her little boy of a playmate just used her for a free tattoo and she’s too upset to deal. Or all.

No. 691957


Or nobody took her up on her birthday deal and she’s flat broke.

You’d think she’s realize this as katana and straighten her life out, but I’m going to assume nothing will change in this new year of hers

No. 691968

lmao why??

No. 692018


Wasn’t her birthday on Friday? Why the fuck would she celebrate on a Tuesday?

No. 692020

the sunset looks ok but will probably blur together eventually. whatever that winged figure is already got there. composition is bad as usual.

have noticed she does this frequently. like why even put a tattoo on a body part you're going to constantly edit.

No. 692032


Can’t attend what? Is she claiming that someone else planned a birthday party for her? /doubt

She probably ethier couldn’t scrape up enough unfortunate souls to tattoo so she would have money for booze and cab fare. Or, of course, she planned a birthday party herself and nobody RSVP’d because she’s a toxic, awful person.

Ethier way, what a whiny 13 year old, attention seeking status to post.

No. 692035


Canadian here, they stock pretty much everything Macy at the Bay.

No. 692116

File: 1566387080846.jpg (151.06 KB, 1079x757, Screenshot_20190821-072841_Chr…)

No one planned anything, it was just a Slipknot show that she's too broke for.

No. 692142

Imagine being Vic at a slipknot show telling everyone it's your birthday for free drinks and attention. Kek.

No. 692143

That would mean she’s have to go out in public and risk people taking photos of her real form.

No. 692152

File: 1566397534961.jpg (316.56 KB, 1070x2109, Screenshot_20190821_102501.jpg)

I've always wondered if Victoria stole her "last name" from this song. Either spelt it wrong cause she's dumb, or so no one would notice.

No. 692162

oh this is great, she was just saying a few days ago that there were two parties. am guessing that this show was the 'more adventure' one lol.

No. 692222

File: 1566418077440.jpeg (108.5 KB, 1242x465, 16D6D6B7-35F2-4810-878E-993E58…)

Classy lady. “Most likely retarded…”

Proving those IQ points daily.

No. 692271

This is the laziest edit I’ve seen her share thus far. How can someone who spends HOURS on photoshop progressively get worse? She doesn’t care that this isn’t convincing, she just cares that her pictures look nothing like her. End of story.

No. 692284

File: 1566437017393.png (1.55 MB, 810x3931, vickyhavingfun.png)

No. 692286

File: 1566437404696.webm (1.9 MB, 480x792, worstfilterever.webm)

No. 692287

File: 1566437642759.jpg (109.4 KB, 987x1280, IMG_20190821_183345_425.jpg)

No. 692288

File: 1566438088434.jpg (109.75 KB, 1037x1280, IMG_20190821_183930_782.jpg)

>my stalker makes up stories about me not letting my clients pee

No. 692289

File: 1566438109594.jpg (68 KB, 1280x951, IMG_20190821_183949_659.jpg)

No. 692292


This is based on a review that was left by one of her victims a while back. Why is she still harping on it?

I re read the review and it seems the OP actually deleted that section of the review, and a few other parts as well.

Vicky has re-edited her response to this review about 5 or 6 times. As far as i know the person who left the review hasn’t posted anything in relation to it in almost a year since the edit to review.

It seems like Vicky is trying to bait conflict/attention?

No. 692294

Maggie Thatcher is that you??? What an eloquent English accent

No. 692295

She keeps bringing up stuff that was said years ago because she has no life outside getting herself attention and the internet.
She has about 4 clients and no friends. For someone that isn’t bothered, she sure acts bothered

No. 692296

Besides being “PC” it’s just an unintelligent word to use.

No. 692298


It was 30 degrees today and of course she’s sporting that fucking leather jacket to hide her fat arms as she has been doing all summer long. She prob smelled like a pig roast today wearing that in this heat

No. 692301

Looks like all she has left of her real hair is her bangs

No. 692303

And they’re yellow

No. 692315

File: 1566443844566.jpeg (142.57 KB, 750x959, 35F45B99-8B30-4884-BB57-B288B0…)

K but can we discuss how this “video” shows 2 edited frames of Vicky?

No. 692337

Where is Vicky’s fake photoshopped photo of her in the amazon?

Based on her “totally real photo” from when she visited notre dame “in a flesh toned T-shirt and was totally not naked on her parents basement furiously photoshopping herself in front of a fake background” that she posted during that tragedy to garner likes and Attention.

C’mon Vick! This would be a great opportunity to show everyone what a ~cool and caring~ person you are (not just riding the coattails of recently popular hashtags).

I imagine the caption would go something like;

“Back when I visited the amazon… such a beautiful place that cannot be described by words alone. I felt an instant relation to the beauty of this landscape… many people have compared my ethereal beauty to that of the Amazonian rainforest…

I visited this beautiful place with a guide, but I knew way more than him. My IQ was much higher than his, so everything he tried to teach me was futile as I already knew much more than him. He was entranced by my beauty (I was wearing a big t shirt and shorts because I dressed like a tomboy for this hike) and proposed to me an hour after we met. I graciously declined his offer of marriage as I’m a nun and only date tattooed metal dudes who look good in pictures with me.

No. 692345

File: 1566448607806.jpeg (100.78 KB, 720x552, 4528246D-2C2F-4D22-A020-B76D81…)

Was it this one?

No. 692346

File: 1566448644867.jpeg (63.03 KB, 472x700, 837BC3DE-58F8-477C-82ED-903EEB…)

Also haven’t seen this posted here

No. 692350


I can’t imagine how her friends in these photos must feel.

Clearly the girl on the right is much thinner than Vicky. She always photoshops herself smaller/thinner than whoever else is in the photo. I’m guessing that’s why she has no friends, and when she has its only lasted for a few months.

No. 692351

File: 1566448874999.jpeg (75.68 KB, 625x900, BE5C41E9-16EB-45E5-9F2A-6A6FA7…)

Same fag but wtf is this shit

No. 692354

Great Value Marisa Tomei looks thrilled to be there, ha.
Dammit, get a new bikini, photoshop a new one onto yourself…something.

No. 692356

Best guess is when she's been drinking she starts obsessing o er old conversations and shit people have said.

No. 692367

Just two natural beauties on their way to the shops.

No. 692383

lmao I swear, Vics hair is made of glue apparently

No. 692404

File: 1566475990921.jpeg (155.52 KB, 1242x559, 47427310-7FC8-4CDE-B5EA-375019…)

In the comments she said she was poisoned with soap. That explains everything!
Who wrots a statues like this at midnight? Oh right a drunk person that has nobody to talk to and in dire need of attention.

No. 692407

File: 1566476365082.jpeg (340.23 KB, 1242x1706, 78D1D1CD-1397-4115-B377-5ACFEC…)


>I dont need to lie to look cool.

What is this comment? This is the same woman that has been faking an English accent for years.
It was toxic is large amounts? Wha sort of home soap has …. I’m so confused. Is she trying to prove that she bathes? I have a feeling she probably smelled really bad at slipknot and now she’s trying to make up lies about how she uses so much soap it almost kills her.

No. 692412

Lmao did icky Vicky bathe in bleach? She must have fucked up the ratio of bathwater to bleach, huh, guess that makes her more of a badass.

No. 692413

If anything, she took a shower while she was drunk, had alcohol poisoning but blamed it on the only foreign subject… soap.

No. 692414

So we’re suppose to believe that she was “poisoned” but she still went to slipknot.
She looks nothing like her photos, people
saw her without a filter so she needed to come up with a lie and excuse why she looked so bloated and awful.

No. 692415

I love when she's so obviously triggered by a comment like she can't help herself he's making a joke about ninjas but she thinks oh no he knows I'm making up some soap poisoning story (???) and over compensates
also any large amount of soap would be poisonous right? if you idk…ate it? or at least make you sick? like why would they make just some hand soap poisonous to the touch ahh vicky you crazy, crazy bitch

No. 692459

Whenever she talks about being sick I automatically think she makes up this shit so a client sees her status and it's an excuse she's given to cancel.
Why not say she had an allergic reaction and instead says poisoned?
It makes no sense. Did she eat the soap or something? Wtf

No. 692463

File: 1566494344275.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.11 KB, 1920x1454, AirBrush_20190822131940.jpg)


No. 692468

Why’d she eat oxyclean though?

No. 692474

Well, our miss badass super ninja vick is too hardcore for tide pods.

No. 692480

Did she snort it?? Why would washing your clothes cause breathing problems? AND why did you not go to the hospital for a quick Benadryl shot as its absolutely free in Canada? Who believes this shitt?

No. 692512

File: 1566504886810.jpeg (442.47 KB, 1242x2036, 7CD3CC3D-BED2-4CC2-8DCD-032231…)

Not exactly something I’d be proud of, but okay.

No. 692514

File: 1566505275049.jpeg (260.7 KB, 1190x1264, 7CEFCA9C-C86E-406F-90A3-8CD5AD…)

So we’re suppose to believe that she has an IQ around 200 but isn’t smart enough to know that’s youre not suppose to breath in cleaning products like oxyclean?

No. 692524

How much do you want to bet that she tried bathing with pure lye? She probably read that it’s a common chemical used in certain kinds of soap (mainly detergents), but like the absolute dumbass that she is, completely glossed over the fact that it’s highly corrosive.
She's the perfect example of natural selection. The truly intelligent will live on, while the imbecilic will die off.

No. 692527

This is so funny. The guy is just making a joke, but it’s not exactly the kind of adoring attention she wants, so she gets salty and reminds everyone she is definitely super awesome.

No. 692536

File: 1566508081274.jpeg (64.3 KB, 750x750, 8D726004-E31C-4922-9817-33CF7D…)

>nearly poisoned to death by soap at home
>bday still lit thoo

No. 692539

I’m betting that she got way too hammered and made an ass or of herself, likely hanging all over her “super rad dude friends” trying to get them to fuck her. Then she used the excuse “I had soap poisoning” as the reason for her acting like a sloppy prostitute to save face.

No. 692545

Also can we pls point out this genius on par with Stephen Hawking also says "should of" instead of "should have"

No. 692555

File: 1566513323172.jpeg (274.11 KB, 1242x1732, 8A309437-2034-42D9-A9A2-19EE53…)

Disregards people with mental illness and intellectual disabilities by using slags (retard) to put people down.
Puts down sex workers for their choice of life style.
Attacks women for commenting simple stuff, even if it’s a compliment.
Photoshops women in photos with her with smaller chests, etc.
Nobody has a unique style, everyone copies ickys looks and tattooing style.

No. 692556

she doesn't even say which tattoos did, but i'm guessing it's the winged thing on the dude on the right b/c the other pieces don't look faded.

No. 692557

Came here to post this and you beat me to it. I'd actually like to see her start going out more because the excuses and stories like this would be hilarious

No. 692561

“Poisoned by soap” would be hard to beat.

No. 692567

File: 1566520214973.jpeg (365.23 KB, 1242x1378, 7810F98E-A185-4359-9BBC-A4147E…)

What the fuck is this garbage mess?

Just that blur effect so people can never really see how wack your work is.

No. 692581

File: 1566525444853.jpeg (89.04 KB, 1242x522, 815AB59F-0B7D-41BE-86C5-4D7F33…)

She most definitely cancelled on a client and is using Facebook to pretend to be positioned by soap when she’s actually just super hungover.

Not sick enough to not get drunk at slipknot.

No. 692589

Why would soap make you need to be in bed for several days?? Allergic reactions don't work like that

No. 692597

Several days, except for concerts. Healthy enough to do that.

So full of shit and liquor

No. 692602

File: 1566530554142.jpg (80.49 KB, 1280x949, IMG_20190822_202134_874.jpg)

Poison soap update!

No. 692621

She was clarifying her hair with household cleaner? And it’s somehow the product’s fault for not having a warning label telling her not to do this?

This is like one of those trash stories on daily mail that you can’t believe is real because no one is that stupid.

No. 692632

File: 1566535342704.jpg (55.8 KB, 1280x765, IMG_20190822_201935_829.jpg)

>This was soap poisoning

No. 692641



She is the most addictive person to keep up with on this website or ever holly fuck I dont check up for a week and see this gold

She is dead ass serious what the heck

She needs medical attention asap

Is she fucking balding from this? Is she okay?

Please tell me this is bait for us to talk about her, no one can be that….special….

Girl I know you read this get special lightening purple shampoo from any fucking drug store what the fuck you using bleach that is for clothes not hair was she updating her roots??? With clothing bleach instead of hair bleach?????

What the actual shit is this

You really be making me never wanna dye my hair blonde the stigma on dumb blondes is strong with this one

She is going to fucking kill herself by mistake … vicky get some help.

Try googling shit with that big IQ of yours

No. 692645

homegirl put oxyclean in her hair and this is somehow anyone's fault but her own

No. 692662

Her inability to take a joke is probably my favorite thing about her.

Also, is she suggesting she was “clarifying “ her hair with….oxiclean? I mean I’m just going to assume this whole soap poisoning thing is a complete lie and made up. But her lies just never make any sense.

True story: Vicky got wasted and sick and since she’s over 30 and doesn’t take care of her body, she doesn’t bounce back like she used to. And had to come up with, yet again, an elaborate and made up story to tell her clients as she tells them she can’t tattoo them on the day they scheduled.

No. 692669

Someone please shoop Billy Mays pushing vic in a hospital gurney

No. 692688

WHAT? So because they didn’t label it properly by saying “don’t wash your hair or body with this” it’s not her own fault?
They have actual clarifying shampoo! If she’s ever been down any hygiene section of the store she would know this.
I can’t. She’s one of the dumbest people… and she’s in her 30s.

No. 692723


No. 692724

File: 1566576182863.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1951x1472, 3D2D1D43-DD2E-48D7-9418-D9DEB0…)

So I just had to google this to see if it’s a real thing (not a beauty fag here) and I found this comment right away. I wouldn’t put it past Vic to believe it is safe enough to eat so it must be fine to put on your head and bathe in. Of all the dumb things she has said and done I’m pretty sure this takes the whole cake. She can’t really be this dumb, can she?

No. 692726

I'm just going to eat my popcorn and wait for the "I'm Muslim now" photos to roll in. There is no way her hair survived that, if true.

No. 692729

From the sounds of it, not only did she soak her hair in it, but she took a bath while rinsing it out so she was basically lounging in a vat of chlorine. Darwin Award Honourable Mention

No. 692730

this is tragic, doesn't even look like there's any black, just a lot of dark blue. and then that one yellow flower, where are the fucking details.

the soap poisoning saga is just as funny as the attempted kidnapping one, she'll keep putting out details that don't make sense but never tell the full story b/c it's just a bunch of bs.

No. 692732

Or maybe it had nothing to do with her hair at all! Maybe she was trying to get her shitty self tanner off so she could go back to her stark white porcelain skin? Her story makes very little sense.

No. 692739

File: 1566581916529.jpeg (180.94 KB, 1242x916, CD52AF00-8C92-420D-BB84-CF4220…)

Women do NOT DO THIS. Please stop lying Vicky. Young girls are going to read this and think it’s okay to be this stupid.
People commonly use dish soap. Not poison

No. 692740

File: 1566582053371.jpeg (239.48 KB, 1242x737, D91CFF01-C619-475E-ADA5-5368C7…)

>as women do from time to time

From a hairstylist

No. 692741

Didn’t this dumbass, icky, claim to be a hairstylist at one point? And she’s claiming women do this.

If she knew anything about alkaline and acid levels in hair… well… you know the rest. eye roll

No. 692749


No wonder Vicky is balding like a 40 year old man

No. 692851

File: 1566605863279.jpeg (652.13 KB, 750x1334, 0638CBC2-511B-4DA3-93EC-455335…)

Oxy clean. Literally states on the packaging to flush with water if it makes contact with skin. But I guess it’s their bad for not adding “Victoria don’t take a bubble bath in this”

No. 692868

She says “they should have labelled it properly” like you shouldn’t know from common sense you shouldn’t put household cleaner around your mouth and eyes. I can’t believe anyone still followers her

No. 692882

ikr like damn almost washed my face with lysol the other day till I read the label. she's so dumb I can't

No. 692895

But anon, icky is a fully qualified, world renowned, uber respected hair stylist dontcha know and she has an iq of over 65!!!
Soap poisoning is truly a silent killer and icky is warrior goddess for highlighting this vicious and insidious assassin.

I genuinely can't believe somebody knowingly cillit bang'd their own fucking head. Honestly she should have at least started with her manky phallanges.

I lol'ed. A lot.

No. 692906

I'm just astounded that she actually did it. I don't think we can ever fully comprehend how dumb this bitch really is

No. 693020

She's only 8 years younger. (32)

No. 693244

File: 1566650044465.jpeg (191.89 KB, 1142x1457, BC1C1738-8A53-41C8-B18A-B5F702…)

One of her clients came back and have did a “healed” shot. It’s so faded. I checked and this was only done 9 months ago…

No. 693249

File: 1566650313114.jpeg (138 KB, 768x960, FC2FE207-08E1-48D5-97D7-EC22EE…)

Vicky stated this is her natural habitat and she doesn’t live to look glam all the time and she’s “more than just beautiful”
I don’t think anyone is saying she’s is UGLY. But she’s slightly below average.
Those teeth. Her hair. She just proved to everyone she looks nothing like her photos

No. 693301

File: 1566656576993.jpeg (60.21 KB, 1242x323, BE15D2FA-4D72-443B-8269-6A99DD…)

But chain smoking, drinking excessively and bathing in oxiclean is….

No. 693303

File: 1566656653819.jpeg (188.13 KB, 1242x1099, A80A2509-259D-414C-BA40-2C51AF…)

She always says she has people travelling in to see her but she’s always broke, putting up deals( couple times a month now) and the only people she ever posts is white trash from small town Ontario. She’s so full of it.

No. 693319

looks like it's nine years old. the shooped vicky face is always a nice touch.

what is this hair style, might as well just comb it over her face so she won't have to edit it as much. why is there just one long piece next to a chunk that barely reaches the corner of her mouth. also like the spencer's tier necklace.

No. 693401

It's because of two reasons.
1- She cuts it in that outdated scene crap style
2- It's snapping off in parts due to bleach and the current revelation that she clarifies it with fucking oxyclean.
(Although I personally think it was a lie to save face from a cancelled job.
She tends to lie first and think later. Otherwise she's take a photo and say the exact product. The fact she said 'oxiclean or some shit' shows that it's just a lazy lie.

No. 693438

everything about this pic screams 2005

No. 693538

She absolutely lies first and “thinks” later.

No. 693539

File: 1566684270133.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2079, FC7410B4-FD10-4E4B-80BD-B5EB81…)

Wow so she both looks AND acts like a neck beard. Can someone shoop a fedora on her? (Please have better shooping skills than Vicky)

No. 693540

I understand why she shoops her eyes now. They’re different sizes. She looks kind of like Quasimodo. I mean…he looks like her. Total babe tho

No. 693551

File: 1566686537636.jpeg (207.95 KB, 962x1624, EE123342-D838-4363-A61D-F39D04…)

I clarified the details on her teeth and goddamn.

No. 693553

File: 1566686672174.jpeg (211.78 KB, 1242x910, 8D9B2EA8-9BEC-45CD-A852-763A17…)

>spots go fast

She so full of it. It’s last minute because she had a cancellation, but she has two more openings. And look at that, just in time for the end of the month! Not surprised.

So many clients, some that fly into Canada to get tattooed by her… but she can’t even fill up next week.

No. 693555

File: 1566687514558.png (5.15 MB, 1242x2208, D5C969AB-A9E1-4F29-86E6-22169E…)

I’ve seen clearer photo evidence of Bigfoot.
Bet she’d say “I don’t need your approval therefore you don’t need a clear photo” while she posts her lame ass online.
Also, this totally disproves her lie that she’s a curvy athletic body type.

No. 693559

lmao how insecure can you get

No. 693599


I honestly cackle at her #athletic hashtags on her instagram. She doesn’t step foot in a gym or work out in any way. Only time she gets active is when she waddles her ass to the store for smokes. And how she always makes pixelated IM SKINNY LOOK GUYS posts just shows how insecure she is. Nobody does this shit but our cow Vic

No. 693603

File: 1566694944835.jpeg (570.03 KB, 750x933, C908AE78-D0F0-4CB8-8AF0-F26B3D…)

My theory is she’s shooping herself to look more and more like Bunny. This is a pretty recent photo of her.

No. 693612

She shops the abs on like Bunny's

No. 693615

you have to go out of your way to make a photo this grainy and crappy. even the cheapest, most bare bones, pay as you go phones now have cameras that take better quality pics than this.

No. 693617


No. 693645

File: 1566700215421.jpeg (163.27 KB, 1242x862, 51B88347-B26A-4B43-B055-B23334…)

Imaging being 32 years old posting shit like this.

>please look how famous I am on Facebook

No. 693711

Bunny looks like Daenerys and Vicky looks like a creepy GOT fan who sends too many fan letters

No. 693759

File: 1566706592396.jpeg (294.86 KB, 750x710, 91974FBA-072E-472D-B990-220B5C…)

Every successful artist totally uses their personal fb to reel in new clients. What a ditz

No. 693853


Didn’t Vicky wear a wig that had bangs? And someone said she looked like gaga and she claimed she did that style first BUT SHES A BAAAABE

No. 693868

Why does she do this ?! ‘Want inked up’ ‘want tattooed’ I genuinely don’t get it. She doesn’t seem to drop the ‘to be’ in any other context but she seems to forget how English works when she starts talking about tattooing. It’s just so grating. Vicky why?!

No. 693871

I've never heard any tattoo artist speak like this. "Want inked up" is just so weird. It's like a boomer.

Like the people with stretched ears talking about their "gauges". "I "gauged my ears".

No. 693898

File: 1566729204210.jpg (126.51 KB, 1109x1280, IMG_20190825_033307_610.jpg)

>more than just beautiful

No. 693916

File: 1566736686200.png (4.4 MB, 1242x2208, 906A21C2-73B1-4A24-9480-21716A…)

>please remember that I’m the alpha female and every other model buys followers while everyone actually loves me.

Why does she lost her conversations with people? It’s so damn weird.

No. 693933

Sign up to be scarred for life or gtfo off my personal page. That’s sort of a marketing strategy.. I guess…

How many tattooers do you know who post asking for bookings so often? Especially after tattooing for 10 years.

No. 693944

It’s her personal page, but also her professional page. “Want inked” is how she books.
So how is she suppose to get any new clients by a) “cleaning up” her page every 2 weeks
B) acting like a know it all brat

No. 693952

That makes sense. In order to still be her Facebook friend you need to be a serious business contact.
The end of the month is coming up quickly.
I wonder if she pulls this, along with tattoo deals, around the end of every month.

No. 694005

Why waste time say lot word when few word does trick?

No. 694050

Would be stupid of her to do so, so probably she will. "I'm getting rid of you unless you're serious about getting 'inked'". She can't even fill appts now, so pushing for clients on her personal page is only going to drop her number of friends and vic absolutely has to have tons of friends to prove those rascally haters wrong

No. 694096

>my followers are authentic unlike models on Instagram who ONLY get xyz likes and have xyz followers.

Anything to show how salty and bitter you really are towards other women/successful women. Enjoy your lonely, sad life Vicky.

No. 694102

File: 1566769467503.jpeg (198.63 KB, 1225x680, D576DE9D-9E13-41AC-8391-608F46…)

>I’m booked until next August.

She’s officially lost it. She comes up with bookings multiple times a month. And if she leaves spots open monthly for new clients … and she has some many new potential clients she just added, she’s not fully booked until August 2020. That’s not how that works.
So she’s fully booked for a year with previous clients?
And she only has 22 reviews online?
That soap poisioning has really gone to her head.
People wait a fucking year for an appointment but cancel on her last minute?

No. 694107

Holy shit she's posturing so hard
She says she's booked for a year then says she's not booked immediately after. If she actually were booked till next year she wouldn't have "flexible dates" open at all

No. 694114

She has flexible dates, out drunk all the time, posting non stop on social media, colouring her own hair , tattooing her ex for free, tattooing white trash from Guelph constantly.
But she’s fully booked with people flying in. But she never had photos of these people.
Full of it

No. 694121

Imagine being 35 years old, congratulating people on Facebook because you accepted their friend request.

I can not.

No. 694165

File: 1566776010173.jpg (541.07 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190825_192553.jpg)

her engagement vs her numbers. You bought followers, you're only drawing attention to it when you project, you sloppy drunk hoe.

No. 694172

File: 1566777926682.jpeg (344.18 KB, 1242x1855, E7105AFF-D062-4E7A-8655-F26832…)


Followed by over 6,000 people and 5,000 friends on Facebook. 67 views on this monstrosity.
Those numbers don’t add up, by her logic she’s buying followers.

This tattoo is fucking awful.

No. 694177

It’s so dark and bound to become a mushy mess. She literally has no concept of how to tattoo whatsoever.

She’s probably clearing out her Facebook of people who’ve gone to her once and never come back to make room for randoms who want her to tattoo them because they don’t know any better.

No. 694183

Lmao, I didn’t realize her page was this low, even with the bought followers.

She used to have around 118k on her page (even still very obviously bought based on her engagement at the time) and it looks like a good percentage of her real followers have unfollowed since then.

She’s literally screaming narcissistic nonsense to an empty room with a few neckbeards in the corners. She wouldn’t know delusional if it caved her skull in.

No. 694186

File: 1566780636301.jpeg (237.54 KB, 1242x790, 1704785A-03B2-4DDA-8DFF-4CEEE8…)

>congrats all my new friends

Only has 66 people like it in five hours. But totally doesn’t buy followers.

No. 694202

quality photography there vic. this looks swollen and irritated and has thick lines in some places that probably weren't intentional. that white is just a mess, that's not how you highlight.

No. 694213

File: 1566784102841.jpeg (507.79 KB, 1242x1584, 7C8E50C6-A8A6-4E9C-AEBE-E77085…)

Icky is drunk posting again.

No. 694217


She genuinely thinks she has this effect on men.

No. 694221

I honestly believe she might be booked for an entire year. It seems like she only takes roughly 2 people per month, though.
She can probably scrape together that amount of neck beards per year.

No. 694239

File: 1566789312712.jpg (411.19 KB, 1068x1020, Screenshot_20190825-231144_Chr…)

unprofessional douchebag

No. 694241

she has a run down rental space next to a mechanic's shop but she's booked a year in advance with international clients. and has multiple deals for open spots and cancellations each month. vic, get help. you are so far gone, you do not even understand how badly you are embarrassing yourself right now.

No. 694310

>that want tattooed
>want booked back in

Word salad.

No. 694347

File: 1566814959362.jpg (740.85 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190826-181256_Ins…)

Wouldn't be surprised if these were bunny self posts tbh
Being a stripper she probably has a better body than Vick but she seems just as up herself and her style is just as dated aesthetically.
Bunny is prettier than Vick by yards but still an extremely hardfaced woman with damages hair.

No. 694385

File: 1566828603733.jpeg (24.76 KB, 1242x245, E2F6504F-E340-4E49-A3C9-4301F9…)


At least one of her followers is being real with her. That tattoo is fucking awful

No. 694389

She looks 30+, especially with those eye bags and wrinkles, woman, having acne doesn’t mean you look like a teenager by rule

No. 694390

Still looks better and younger than Vic tho

No. 694392

IIRC she did it once by mistake and started pretending it was super normal and how she had always spoken.

Same thing with the double L in words like "wonderfull", which she kept stubbornly doing for a while to normalize it after somebody had called her out.

Some other farmer who pays more attention to her milk could probably confirm.

No. 694396

File: 1566830578844.jpeg (307.23 KB, 1772x1854, 6502E8B7-1C82-4AF9-A27A-559ED6…)


No. 694425

She does look younger than Vicky, but she doesn’t look 18 as she claims.
I’m starting to think the main reason Vicky hates sex workers so much is because of bunny.
Bunny is a stripper that has photos of her actually in the gym while Vicky lives with a hog body and no motivation besides editing her photos to look better.
Does anyone know why they stopped being friends?

No. 694454

Funny she let this Cam bloke take photos of her but she was paranoid that the review anon was filming her the entire time. I wonder if she personally approved those photos before they were posted.

No. 694487

Why do people keep bringing up Bunny? Because they were friends once? Seriously quit getting off topic. If you think she’s milky enough, make a forum about her.

No. 694492

You’re really nitpicking someone who isn’t Vicky? Vicky is a photoshopped nightmare and you’re bashing on someone for having natural flaws and doesn’t shoop them. I think you’re lost, friend.

No. 694495

No way she would have approved these for posting, they don't fit her Final Fantasy photoshop delusions

NTA but enjoying the irony of this post. Good work, anon.

No. 694498

the fuck did she do to those nostrils. all the facial features are so much bigger than the pic, seriously doubt the client asked for that.

No. 694526

I honestly feel like her tattoos are getting worse

No. 694533

Emphasis on feel considering the immense bruising and scabbing

No. 694534

That looks more like Scarecrow from wizard of oz. WTF? ~realism

No. 694545

File: 1566853335204.png (5.67 MB, 1242x2208, B1ABE1F4-FAD8-4CD8-AD7B-89AA7F…)

The hair! That’s going to be a mush on black by tomorrow

No. 694546

No. 694559

Does she tattoo people while she's hungover? I mean, her work's never been great but, it has been noticeably worse than usual of late

No. 694597

File: 1566863445756.jpeg (287.41 KB, 1242x1219, C004D400-AA8C-4A90-AFAF-127FDE…)

If she really wants anyone to believe someone travelled to the UK specifically to get this garbage tattoo from her, she’s shit out of luck.
Either she posted it on Instagram knowing the person won’t call her ass out because they don’t have an account
Or it’s her sister

No. 694598

> the blends in person are so soft

Sure. That hair looks like an old timey broom.

No. 694600

“A wonderfull gal who came from the UK who came in to get inked up after flying in.”

There’s those two l’s again.
And you would fly in from the UK… you probably wouldn’t walk. She had to put that in because she reads this religiously and needs to “show da haterz”
Nobody believes this word salad

No. 694604


Why does the top of the hat randomly just cut off?

No. 694605

I was too busy looking at how asymmetrical the face is to notice the hair. It's like she freehanded it. No wonder she's got a reputation as a scratcher. She literally just scratched the hair across.

No. 694607

It's like a car crash. You can't look away. And the longer you look at it the more things you find that's atrocious.

I'd say more if Scarecrow and Chucky had a baby

No. 694608

Couldn't find a picture online to trace I guess

No. 694616

File: 1566866351022.jpeg (213.48 KB, 1242x956, 7BBB62AC-EE74-49E7-B980-3B61FE…)


Like stated, it wasn’t someone that flew in to see her… it was a family member that happened to be here and she fit her in between napping and drinking.

No. 694617

1. Bunny isn't a stripper anymore. Do your homework.
2. Dog piling on a gal who has nothing to do with this thread is foul.
3. She's admitted to being diagnosed with BPD, so how about y'all let a girl battle her illness and try to reach a decent point in her life
She's. Not. Vicky.

No. 694618


Okay bunny.

No. 694619

There’s nothing wrong with being a stripper.

No. 694620

Yeah I don’t understand the Bunny thing either. She’s not a cow and even if at one point she was, she isn’t now.
But I think we have had some Vic sightings here recently if that tells you anything.

No. 694623

If you’re so concerned, let it die. That was 6 hours ago.

No. 694631

She's acknowledging the tattoo looks horrible. Top kek

No. 694634

File: 1566869877618.jpg (177.49 KB, 1058x1280, IMG_20190826_183800_662.jpg)

No. 694644


Is this a new level for vicky? I never thought we would get past the MIT Rockstar Supamodel Ninja CIA trained assassin professor of everything 5 star chef story. I was so wrong. Billionaires? Rockstars? Betcha it was David Bowie and that Koch brother, you know- people who are dead and cannot refute her funny silly story

No. 694647


new level? didn't she foil an ISIS terrorist's plan and survive a kidnapping?

No. 694649


How's this bitch gonna act like she's calling out a CUSTOMER like this? I mean this is obviously a completely delusional fantasy scenario but she's pretending like this is a person with a working relationship to try to make herself look desirable.

She's photoshopping herself into beach scenes rather than being on an actual beach and she's gonna act like she turned down a billionaire. She's just too damn much.

No. 694653

File: 1566872641267.jpeg (323.01 KB, 1242x1670, 46499A9A-EA07-4E3D-A9AF-199343…)

Her responses to these people on her recent post! She’s so drunk right now… I don’t think she’s understanding what these people are saying at all.

Also.. if the spark is there? Her last boyfriend was a child that washed dishes for a “living” Definitely the caliber of men she’d have a connection with.

No. 694654

I love how she’s been posting on Facebook all day, including this novel, but she’s so busy in the shop.
Guess it saves sometime considering she just butchers people and traces stuff off of google.

No. 694659

File: 1566873316874.jpeg (320.85 KB, 1242x1607, 98818966-D361-44AD-897E-3FC67B…)

This 35 year old mess keeps pumping out the hits.

A) Vicky has never worked on herself passed her online persona.
B) she’s insecure as fuck and everyone can see it

No. 694661

i, think, jeff, might, be drunk, too

vicky you're so basic just ugh go out with jeff

No. 694664

Well he let’s Vicky tattooed him, he definitely hits the bottle

No. 694666

That’s rich coming from someone who used to tattoo out of a closet in a hair salon not even five years ago

No. 694674


She already deleted this status. Good catch, Anon

No. 694675

a secure person who constantly announces how she's totally not insecure.

No. 694685

So she did this on a family member but instead of saying that, she acted like a random person flew into to her humble shack for a tattoo? Lol. Has she ever said anything honest? I’m genuinely curious at this point. & the billionaire thing….oof.

No. 694686

>unfiltered and unedited

Then how come videos and pictures of you are as pixelated as Atari games?

No. 694758

I’m not nitpicking her flaws, I’m describing her features. Nothing wrong with having acne, wrinkles, and bad skin. She looks normal, plenty of people look like this, nothing special, nothing super hideous. But she seems to be lost thinking she looks 18 and having some super genes.(derailing)

No. 694771

File: 1566912046810.jpg (128.19 KB, 1043x1280, IMG_20190827_062024_652.jpg)

Lmao I love that she wrote how much she looks like a Barbie on a post about Rosa Parks Barbie.

No. 694775

NO! Did she take this down, I’m not seeing it. Did this small town rotten tooth compare herself to Barbie and put up Rosa parks Barbie !? SHES SO DRUNK.

No. 694784

You seem to be lost, talking about someone who isn't Vicky in Vicky's thread. Just drop it.

No. 694791

Focus on Vicky.