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File: 1573534195203.jpeg (518.5 KB, 2048x2048, 1573134233187.jpeg)

No. 728586

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>726472

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Claims she's lost 35lbs, even posting pictures sucking in hard - only to probably gain it all back by pigging out in Japan
>Goes to Canada and lies about a gunman encounter at the street market
>Claims to have gone to a Michelin okonomiyaki restaurant but couldn't bare the smell so she left
>Went to a Oiran shop but couldn't fit anything there, ends up being really half-assed
>Finally shoot stuff in Japan after 2 trips without doing anything
>btsmomokun account is currently down
>Back to the US rn

No. 728608

File: 1573537241002.jpeg (177.76 KB, 1242x974, 8EBB0D48-086A-41B4-872A-A121D4…)

Since there’s a few caps I caught while the thread was absent, I’ll sage after this post. She plans on ban evading by creating a new Twitter account soon. That is if she follows through with it, she’s talked about this in the past.

No. 728609

File: 1573537448154.png (687.62 KB, 1800x1083, 56E4D4FB-6550-427E-84CC-0FEA9B…)

She’s baiting hardcore. Guess she’s gotta treat herself to more “self care” vacations and useless shit this holiday season.

No. 728610

File: 1573537657994.png (3.7 MB, 1043x1800, 7F5C3CDC-335A-49C6-B6E7-B3D195…)


No. 728619


"Japanese condoms"

As if there was any difference aside from weebness

No. 728623

Will her cucks remember when she ripped them off last time with this very scheme?

Hahaha of COURSE they won't, they just see her oinking about nudes and will come to her with cash and micropeens in hand.

No. 728630

Maybe they're smaller kek

No. 728666

Did she actually buy anything that is japanese in nature regarding sex toy. Or just repackaged sex shop shit with animu characters on it. Isn't Japan pretty hush hush about the sex scene? Can't imagine her flaunting huge buys in front of the store people put her in a good light.

No. 728684

You can buy sex toys in Don Quixote and there's even a whole Tenga brand area on one of the floors so it's not crazy hard to find stuff like that as long as you know where to look. It's still cringe to post it on social media though no matter which country you're in.

No. 728706

File: 1573579612335.gif (17.65 MB, 350x620, 20191111_002832.gif)

In her onsen photoshoot which was made 22 hours before this story was posted she had her hair wrapped in a towel. Her hair is either that damaged that it looks like that after 22 hours, or she just wrapped dried hair in the towel. I can only imagine what could've fallen out of that rat nest in the spring water.

No. 728719

It's about to turn into dreads, does she not have some calf that can brush her hair for her or something? I wonder how her hair slaves feel about how she absuses their hard work. Paying for friends must be so convenient.

No. 728720

at least dreads look nice if they're well maintained. It looks more like the start of a polish plait.

No. 728722

You know when sheep's wool starts to get matted and gross from being dirty?
That's what her hair is. I can't imagine going out with that and being fine. It must hurt too? When I had long hair and it got super dirty, spots would get sore like when you wear a ponytail for too long

No. 728723

she said before she was going to do this regardless. Now she's putting a number on it? Her pay pigs are stupid as fuck

No. 728726

While in the onsen she just wrapped dry hair up in a towel. She already admitted that she's too lazy to even brush it. The only time it gets washed and cleaned is when she goes to the salon or squeals at her salon friends to come to her house.

Remembering correctly, this is two weeks of no washing and no brushing for her.

I just wonder what she's going to do when the money and fame dry up and she can't photoshop her gross lumps. She can't pay people to take care of her personal hygiene then. Run back to mom and dad and cry to daddy to help her lose weight maybe?

No. 728760

Oh, that's exactly what I was thinking of but didn't know it had a name other than "unwashed gross ass white people hair".

No. 728768

Gotta replenish the bank account after paying her slaves to lick her flat ass for so long.

Those cucks are still waiting for the nipple sets that she promised the last time she did this scam.

No. 728769

2 fucking k? That's a lot of retards, the fuck is she wants to buy?

No. 728779

How much you wanna bet her "full nude" shoot is her unclothed, but fully submerged in water at the onsen so you can't see shit

No. 728780

sage for estimated costs BS
Japan Trip
-Tickets per person is around 800-1000
-A hotel is wha, 150 a night. She was there for a week so that's another 1k
-Oiran photoshoot was around 200-230
-onsen one night is around 150 per person
- food for just herself around 50 (because it's Moo) 350 for a week
-rail pass for one week for one person 269

So this isn't even everything, not including the other photo studio she rented time for, paying for other people, the sex toys and stupid gifts she bought for them. Imma just throw in another 500 for that.

so around 3.5k on just herself. If she paid for her friends, multiply the amount. If I'm missing an expense just add that to the total.

Add her trip to Canada last month too. It's very easy to see where the money is going. Instead of buying cosplays she's basically going on vacations on her cucks dime.

No. 728783

File: 1573594054327.png (48.03 KB, 535x616, e88454af2b161a65592a60abc5c75c…)

No. 728784

File: 1573594137628.png (Spoiler Image, 929.41 KB, 571x912, ca78315b0cfe38b6d712c98292ef82…)

No. 728785

File: 1573594174922.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 833x1250, post_file (4).png)

No. 728798



Does she mean “laminated”? Because this is the second/third time she’s misspelled it in posts. Maybe she really does “lament” making these photobooks lol. Is it really that hard to have one of her asslickers proofread her text before she hits post?

Honestly, that’s that what I thought too. She’s pulled this shit before and when people confront her on it, she blames them for somehow misconstruing her words.

No. 728802

The photobook is one of my favorite reoccurring scams of hers. Oh she's totes a famous model, she's making a photobook!!!

What itineration of that thing is she on now, the 8th? Bitch and her lackies can't even shit out a calendar.

No. 728804

File: 1573597236135.jpeg (498.99 KB, 750x1042, 3D7C7D4C-3408-4176-A6CE-EFCB50…)

lord have mercy on her waxer

No. 728807

I know she documents everything… but whhhhyyyy would she admit to this? At least they clean the area before they start. Momo finally found someone to wipe her ass for her, at least only once

No. 728810

File: 1573598183279.jpeg (191.53 KB, 746x658, 2F936590-0374-4908-92FE-A24B26…)

this is a fairly normalish thing to do I guess if you’re in this line of work buuut she is all in the comments being super bothered by people calling it “gross”

No. 728811

She's correct though.

No. 728814

Any chance she can bring up her heritage. Jesus Moo, give it a rest.

She’s more transparent about her occasional ass bleaching than she is with her Patreon… Priorities.

No. 728815

File: 1573598849938.jpeg (140.38 KB, 652x474, C2C0FC1C-A676-4FA3-854D-20D5E9…)

if she’s right she’s right, wrong she’s wrong, it’s more so how condescending she’s being and responding to a lot of comments. Probably just trying to yank that engagement up

No. 728828

Idk how Marvin would have visa issues because the dude is Canadian. He’s not being paid by a Japanese company so he shouldn’t need to apply for any special visa to photograph Moo in Japan. A 90-day tourist visa would have been fine, and you don’t need to apply for those before going into Japan. You just go. Same with Americans. You just go.

No. 728831

File: 1573599994786.jpeg (19.41 KB, 296x262, 05F225CF-5C69-4B59-A51F-36CC9B…)

last one unless something juicy pops up but she can’t even keep how long she’s been bleaching straight

No. 728832

Who cares that she's being condescending towards these stupid men? It sucks to suck.

No. 728835

>full nude for the first time…

Like the other million times she said nude for her cuck fanbase…

No. 728839

Shes been bleaching this long but still needs to shoop her asscrack lighter? I know it's a process but ok

No. 728842

Because being Italian isn't cool anymore

No. 728843


This is all I think when I see her promising shit just so people give her money to see…nothing new.

No. 728844

excess sweat can darken the area faster and rashes can heal weird and darken the skin. Think about it

No. 728846

>vaginal bleaching
Jesus this is along the same nonsense as vaginal steaming
Just wash your crotch Moo and lose weight. Darker women have the build up issue but Moo is white passing so I highly doubt she has any natural build up that isn't from her own bad hygiene

No. 728852

why is this a thing? i'm so confused. this is so fucked up

No. 728871

It's just for aesthetics - it can look "dirty" to some people if you have darker colored skin there. It's not a big deal, in my opinion, although her insistence on oversharing is a bit much.

No. 728894

Has any other “professional cosplayer” admitted to bleaching their asshole. I just figured that’s not something you put on your social media.

No. 728906

Because she has no sense of tact or what’s sexy. She thinks admitting to this shit will makes men salivate at the thought of it.

No. 728908

Exactly. Cucks like everything natural. She coulda kept that shit silent and let them believe it's naturally pink. More than half still think her body is all natural too.

No. 728917

jfc this is legit a homeless lady's hair. and that's insulting to homeless people. she just never brushes her hair.. ever, does she? I would feel ashamed walking around like this

No. 728940

I follow some SW and porn stars on social media and I haven't even seen them post things like that? It's just… invasive (no pun intended) and not a pleasant thing for an audience to think about while scrolling IG mid-day.

No. 728943

She put the controversial caption for engagement. That's why she's replying to everyone. Traffic, comments, views, replies, etc drives up the value of her account.

No. 728944

Are we not going to talk about how she moves and emotes like a literal sped here? Why does she think acting like she has the downs is cute or funny?

She's been there way longer than a week, anon. She came before Halloween. That's TWO weeks. So double the room and rail money, and triple the food budget.

>Makes TMI post about her nasty butthole and gash
>Chimps out when people call her gross

Has she never interacted with human beings before…?

I mean geez I get that she wants to increase engagement but this is just humiliating. It's like she was born without the parts of your brain that makes you feel shame.

No. 728952

File: 1573625975944.png (14.01 KB, 622x152, mooyourejustfat.PNG)

Or it's just Acanthosis nigricans it usually develops with obesity

No. 729043

So, Mariah is a ~*POC*~ and an ~Arab~ and she’s advocating skin bleaching? Wasn’t there some crazy popular Arab beauty brand owner who did this and got crazy backlash? Nice Mariah

No. 729046

You can be white and still need your asshole bleached. This is much less of a poc thing than just another standard cosmetic procedure that woman usually do. Moo just wants to make it a poc thing only and blame her (lack of melanin) genetics for her asscrack being so dark.

No. 729047

File: 1573662813301.jpeg (532.69 KB, 1242x2423, 7DB6DF05-403B-4DAB-84A4-3459E5…)

Asshole bleaching yeah, but getting your vag bleached? There’s a huge stigma against vaginas that have big lips or are dark etc. Mariah is advocating bleaching to get a pinker pussy. Whether or not we agree it’s morally wrong or not, it is heavily criticized in social circles and in social advocacy groups today. (Vag bleaching, not asshole)

Unrelated but Mariah using that anti-bullying sticker in her posts is a choice

No. 729050

File: 1573663593384.jpeg (464.52 KB, 750x1060, B6622342-3818-49C1-958C-0045B7…)

e v e r y time. EVERYTIME.

No. 729051

It looks like a bootleg anyway. She has the money to bring an empty suitcase for boxed figures…why doesn't she?

No. 729053

LMFAO why would she post this?! This procedure is pretty typical for SWs etc but like you don't have to announce it girl

No. 729054

Women don’t “usually” bleach their anuses. Fine if anyone wants to, but it’s not some grooming essential.

No. 729055

Women don’t “usually” bleach their anuses. Fine if anyone wants to, but it’s not some grooming essential.

No. 729072


Tragic. If only there existed some kind of packaging for delicate things like this so that travelling with them didn't end this way.

No. 729096

can confirm, they are smaller. like surprisingly so.
specifically the rilakkuma ones wouldn't fit lmao

No. 729100

Bleaching your ass so it looks cleaner is not the same as bleaching the rest of your skin so you can look like a white person.

You're being retarded.

>need your asshole bleached
>standard cosmetic procedure that woman usually do

Scrot virgin detected?

No. 729120


Omg this is also always funny. Not that we didn’t know this was gonna happen. It’s almost like she never learned the first three times /sarcasm.

Yea her and the paypigs that believe she’s gonna show full nudes for once deserve each other.

No. 729130

She is so fucking stupid to have this happen to her all the fucking time. What's the point of collecting when your toys will end up 80% krazy glue?

No. 729138

File: 1573678663521.jpg (132.22 KB, 900x1200, qHYVmuX.jpg)

sage obviously for non contribute but this is the figure she bought. Far as I can tell it's around 90$. Likely she bought at an tourist rate though, she never seems to leave the touristy areas

No. 729187

File: 1573688262500.jpeg (756.15 KB, 750x1186, 000777F8-151C-4EEC-A991-5FE8F2…)

No. 729209


>> hey look guize I’m totes doing what I said I would do and loving it!

Inb4 “she broke the camera they used to shoot her noodz and she couldn’t get another cameraman because they were on the moon so again promised broken and I sure hope everyone forgets about it while giving me money!”

No. 729234

If she loved doing this so much, then why is she always months upon months late with physical rewards? It’s always until some of her patrons call her out and threaten to pull their pledge that she attempts to cover her ass and send shit out. She couldn’t be faker if she tried.

No. 729239

its not a bootleg, that figure came out literally a few days ago. the fact this figure has been out for a matter of days means this could be the first one someone has fucked up. congrats mariah

No. 729243


Because she just made another promise she won’t keep. We all know that she won’t do any frontal nudes or whatever the fuck she’s promising for 2k subs to her shitastic Patreon so now she’s trying to fool them into believing THIS TIME they will get exactly what she promised instead of one badly shooped pasty covered fake nipple bullshit. Her pathetic cucks are going to say “but but she sent out her physical rewards this time! She totally changed” and they maybe get one “oops nip slip” they paid too much for. This bitch is nothing if not predictable.

No. 729250

All i read is

>bleh bleh, i crave male attention and money to feel good about myself

Also, she's talking about how her body isn't the 'norm' but she ate herself into that body. Nothing is stopping her from having a home gym and fitness life style.

No. 729282

Wow it looks…bad. But Mariah doesn't buy good figures, just ones of her "totes anime twin"
Then breaks them

No. 729309

It must weigh on her mind that she gets a procedure done monthly and she still looks the way she does in her early 20's

No. 729365

File: 1573703448630.png (98.1 KB, 319x223, postbusters.png)

Moo absolutely broke this on purpose. It's just like the butthole thing– she's trying to piss people off/gross people out to increase engagement.

This doesn't look like it was damaged in her luggage. This looks like she snapped the head and hands off with her meaty fists. Look how symmetrical the damage is, and peep how the loose necklace is still on the figure's neck. Also, why the fuck would her whole head be broken off, but not the fragile little pieces of hair on it? Moo clearly broke it intentionally right before taking the picture.

No. 729392

File: 1573705696144.png (280.49 KB, 1242x2208, E51EAFBD-520E-4C83-8F77-D5F624…)

I thought she just had the time of her life fucking around on her cuck fan’s dime in Japan for two weeks. What could she possibly feel “down” about?

No. 729397

You think she's really that delusional huh? I mean, i get it but I don't think she would go that far. Maybe if it broke in one place so she finished the job so she could at least make an interesting post about it.

No. 729402

File: 1573707007562.jpg (46.29 KB, 467x960, Eric an Collette.jpg)

Most likely it's her ex " soul mate" hanging out with her ex boyfriend, the last serious one, extensively to the point that one could tin foil that Collette is getting back at Mariah by fucking her ex.

No. 729409

She really needs to dye her hair back to black and give it a rest. It's so fucking damaged it won't even take the dye anymore before immediately turning brassy.

No. 729421

her idiot ass probably thought the figure was "pose-able" and broke her hands off then to make it instagram worthy she just snapped her head off cause she's psycho

No. 729427

sometimes bootlegs come out before the real figure tho

No. 729429

The only reason Moo posted this is cause she gets a free anal bleaching cause she promoted their store.

If you noticed on the spoiledlaser insta their tagged posts are a bunch of influencers who've actually made an effort to promote the store and are receiving the stores items/services.

No. 729455

I know it's better to ignore off topic stuff like this so sage, but God Collette really is such a fucking horrible person. It's nice that she's not moo's main calf anymore so we rarely have to see her. She was always so repulsive and boring in absolutely every way. Based off the calves thread urban is quickly becoming just terrible as Collette was if not worse. Isn't she supposed to go visit moo this month or is Mariah's latest manic episode gonna cancel it.

No. 729480

Didn’t she just a few hours before that yap about how her cucks made her so happy and how good she feels about herself? Jfc those mood swings…

No. 729559

File: 1573744494470.jpeg (312.18 KB, 828x1456, C9AD30CC-AAEC-4994-AC0F-0FEF60…)

This bitch is boring now. She looks drunk or high.

No. 729587

It‘s scary how purple her tits are.

No. 729594

She can't even force a smile what a happy and positive life lmao. Also it looks like she just up it on in the bathroom and took a photo, I know she's lazy but she couldn't even do this on the bed or something?

No. 729611

The amount of warping in the background isn't even worth circling because it's so blatantly obvious.
Also great sexy pose.

No. 729646

File: 1573762140493.jpg (1.64 MB, 2250x2250, pt2019_11_14_15_09_18.jpg)

I tried to unshoop it

No. 729650

File: 1573762661219.png (351.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2019-11-14-17-17-37…)

This is the nude shit she was talking about?

No. 729693

that's nice she's working with girlonthemoonpro again.

Her face looks super depressing. maybe it's the low effort and zero make up

No. 729696

File: 1573768454750.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 557x1250, post_file (5).png)

Its censored

No. 729697

File: 1573768540992.png (15.92 KB, 562x229, feb2a3cbea03b88dd798baad86fc84…)

No. 729698

File: 1573768576667.png (Spoiler Image, 389.35 KB, 575x594, 43eef109c5c69695dae1a7af67041f…)

No. 729706

So by nude she just mean those saggy things? Fuck sake… How can her cucks still pay for that content?

No. 729720

I know this hentai. It’s basically a slave/rape fantasy where female students are turned into sex slaves if they drop below a certain GPA if my memory serves me right.

The fucks with moo and rape? If it was just a dark fantasy I’d excuse it, we all have weird kinks. BUT given Mariah’s historyyyyyyyyyyy….. big yikes.

No. 729724

Not to mention that one scene where their womb was pulled inside out like a fleshlight after hardcore fucking. Im guessing she's only into this stuff just to get on the guy's good side and claim that she's not like the other girls. "Im so into hentai mah dudes!"

No. 729733

Guessing she's gonna use those super fake nipple pasties

No. 729734

That’s pretty fucked up in that narrative. Like … she wabta guys to think she’s just a gross nasty slut but then plays coy about going nude and then plays the asexual card. Her outter self she projects is all over the place. Even if she’s trying to play a “persona” at least keep it straight.

Are you a sex starved slut?
Are you a shy wannabe slut?
Are you asexual but opened to being Sexual. Or are you just a batshit nympho?

No. 729772

They're so gross. The art style of the hentai she's talking about is gross and lumpy. How does she always end up finding the ugliest shit?

Oh god. It makes me wonder how fast off the slippery slope she's going to go when/if she decides to say fuck it and go full nude / full porn instead of 'lewds'. You're already catering to a market into some pretty extreme shit. Maybe I'm just on edge after seeing Luna go straight off the cliff into degeneracy but damn.

No. 729778

File: 1573783363209.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x2045, 47B519C0-1D24-44D0-8B5D-38AED5…)

Sure Moo.

Jfc she has the silhouette of Danny DeVito’s Penguin.

No. 729788

where the fuck are the bones in her right leg like it legitimately looks like her knees are on backwards

No. 729797


You mean back to stalking your ex best friend Collette, they go to the same gym. Did they “break up” on Facebook by the way? Weren’t they “married” or “in a relationship”?

No. 729798

I know she's only 24 but she should seriously consider getting a mammogram if she's this discolored. Although if both breasts are purple all over like this it might also be indicative of poor circulation or an allergic reaction. Not unlikely considering how crappy this brand is and how Moo never wears the right sizes.

I have no idea how people can find this hot and not be distracted by the terrible discoloration. I'm a lesbian, but her photos repulse me because of how painful her tits look. She should at least Photoshop them the right color if she's not going to do anything about the problem IRL.

No. 729825

I know no one would care too much but Moo, I assume, has nuked her Etsy wishlist and/or made her "favorites" private. It's now named "BC"

No. 729848

Dude its lighting and the red in bringing out the deeper tones and greens in her skin. Jfc you guys are idiots sometimes. There is nothing medically wrong with her.

No. 729860

Yeah, she absolutely looks like the pinnacle of health.

No. 729866

File: 1573807856179.jpeg (220.85 KB, 857x568, E7C1AA4F-58D3-4052-8120-F61961…)

It‘s funny how it only does that to that specific part of her breasts though, don’t you think?
Here‘s what’s more likely: She legitimately doesn’t know or won’t admit to her actual clothing size and/or A&E don’t have this suit any larger than L/XL, so it doesn’t fit. The top hem is tighter than the rest so it stays up. But since it’s too small for Moo in the first place, the seam is so tight, it actually cuts off circulation in her tits.

And she does this all the time. That’s probably why she has this weird dent on the side where her back boobs join her actual boobs.

No. 729867

sorry for samefagging, can’t delete and re-write the post

Just look at the color of her breasts vs the color of her stomach in between them and tell me they aren’t discolored/way darker than they naturally should be.

No. 729893

File: 1573821136294.jpg (98.74 KB, 602x720, untitled.jpg)

No. 729912

Maybe it’s fat bulging around the scars from her breast reduction? That seems more plausible.

No. 729931

Yikes, isn't that Momo's ex-boyfriend? The one that she dated in the early days of her infamy back in 2015?

No. 729956

>hanging out with her ex boyfriend
>isn't that Momo's ex-boyfriend

must suck, not being able to read.

No. 730006

File: 1573854313728.jpg (43.21 KB, 702x548, twreetw.jpg)

Breast reduction incisions aren't in that area.

Her weird dents are where her bra band digs into her sides. It's plausible that her fat/skin shaped itself around the too-tight band as she gained weight, permanently shaping it that way. It's like how sometimes obese people will have a really wide, flat ass, because they sit all the time so their fat spreads outward while being kept flat on the bottom. It's like a bonsai tree of human flesh.

No. 730049

Can someone post full link or nu des of muh lady? Asking for a friend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 730088

File: 1573869073788.jpeg (638.43 KB, 750x1084, 9FF8AFC8-DF7D-47F8-9445-B4C709…)

No. 730090

File: 1573869173215.jpeg (622.89 KB, 750x1085, 83A4F354-71CB-4012-B1FF-22C6D0…)

No. 730104

Why have that item when you have no guy to use it on? Who wants to bet that she’ll sell it for money from neck beards as it’s the official use from momokun?

No. 730164

File: 1573883375443.png (658.04 KB, 1242x2208, DD764468-3F69-4D2F-BAD0-1247B6…)

No. 730185

My goodness, did some of the pay pigs remember her broken promises last time she begged for 2,000 cucks?

Because it is totemo Japaneezu, mate! Her going out of her way to tag Tenga tells me she's trying to fish for a sponsorship/validation.

No. 730237

File: 1573906637827.png (529.12 KB, 718x1196, Screenshot_2019-11-15-17-14-16…)

No. 730238

File: 1573906692562.png (310.7 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-11-15-17-14-20…)

No. 730239

LMAO good joke moo you do NOT have 31 percent fat percentage. You have at LEAST 45+. Whatever crappy scale youre using isn't calculating things correctly. It's apparent to any gym person/personal trainer right off the bat.

No. 730240

File: 1573906896764.png (399.02 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2019-11-16-04-12-55…)

No. 730241


Yup. Another self love post from moo….

No. 730243

File: 1573907416742.jpg (50.11 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1573907332014.jpg)

No. 730244

File: 1573907531797.jpg (59.38 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1573907336519.jpg)

No. 730245

Not like I should be surprised but holy shit those buttons are really trying hard to hold on for dear life

No. 730249

File: 1573908048647.png (312.02 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-11-16-04-37-35…)

Ebegging for patrons so she can scam again is really sad

No. 730250

File: 1573908085274.png (482.15 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-11-16-04-37-40…)

No. 730251

File: 1573908178949.png (978.31 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-11-16-04-37-46…)

No. 730257

My fucking god,at this point i hope she get the 2k and fucking scam all those faggots again. If they don't learn the lesson now they never will and deserve to get scammed every time, fucking cucks.

No. 730259

Lucy holding the football yep. Seems like the cucks have learned some though. Of course if they were smart at all they wouldn’t be patreons in the first place

No. 730263

Also hilariously her backup account just materialized out of nowhere again.

No. 730273

Calling it from last nudes scam. Will not reach 2k patreons and "totes sorry guaiz" no nudes.
Now if by some fat chance she does hit 2k. The pastie nudes with lady parts covered will only be available to the highest pay pigs.

No. 730278


Finally, the real numbers come out. I knew she was over 250. This is the first time she's ever actually said it. Wonder how long this will last.

No. 730280

The discoloration on her legs… bitch is gonna end up amputating a limb by accident one of these days
The wig also looks fried already - she's got thousands of cuckbucks coming in each month yet she always gets the most bargain bin $5 on Wish tier wigs and costumes. Sad.

No. 730303

She went on a rant about shooting something and asking for people to tell her commissioners (ask format on Instagram) who make GOOD quality big girl cosplays because shes had bad experiences of cosplays breaking even during cons and she wants high quality. Mentions quality beauty gurus get?

No. 730304

Saying this and not posting caps because she deleted it all. I wonder if Anteres got pissed as main Moo sew slave.

No. 730310

This isn't a edit by us is it? Her head is smaller and smaller every new 'shoot' I swear Isn't 216 what she was claiming for weight with her Chun Li shoot?

No. 730311

All that shoop and she couldn't smooth out those disgusting lumps on her thighs??? What is this?!

No. 730314

Yeah I was thinking this was another unshopped image but I think it’s real?
Maybe she accidentally released an unedited picture again lol. Wouldn’t be a first.

No. 730316

Slightly OT but relevant: Cat's Twitter is private rn and Moo is saying this…did Cat get frustrated?

No. 730318

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she left them there on purpose so she can claim her pics are so real

No. 730330

What i was thinking. Either her scale is hecked up or she is lying again.

No. 730362

She must have spent far too much money for her to be begging like this.

No. 730383

File: 1574027905816.png (116.97 KB, 361x249, iBlvjjy.png)

she thinks she's a thicc anime waifu and the fat bulging out is cute

No. 730411

File: 1574033692916.jpeg (1013.34 KB, 750x1009, F1D9D7E4-F579-4B69-81EE-80FE9B…)

while we were out we missed a doozy of a caption on this one

No. 730412

File: 1574033848245.jpeg (394.92 KB, 750x637, 2D62956F-591D-428A-B4AF-E0C40E…)

>cat is my go to for TRADITIONAL WEAR (…this is pretty much a robe and a sash? Why would you need to be dressed as if you were back in nippon)
>beautiful wig
>generic buy off amazon

No. 730427

She does know most people spend more than 12 hours awake right?

No. 730458

"This is just a generic buy online :)" aka all of her cosplays, who does she think she's kidding?

No. 730509

File: 1574043385646.png (844.51 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-11-16-22-23-30…)

While site was down:
>cosplayed Rangiku and wore forest-kun underneath
>ebegged for more patrons, said she is in ".63%" Onlyfans top creator bracket
>weebking is back in her house? Don't know why
>says she's going to make more merchandise, clothing included, meet and greets, etc.
>working really hard my dudes

No. 730510

File: 1574043428275.png (1.06 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-11-17-18-09-42…)

No. 730511

File: 1574043520940.png (1.12 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-11-17-18-10-01…)

No. 730519

Ya good luck with that boothing Moo. Cons don't want to give space to known creeps who can't keep their hands to themselves since it looks like they're endorsing them.
But maybe the shady cons will let her share a table with Vic

No. 730523

This bitch is running out of money, so she's clamoring for ideas for the neckbeards.

No. 730526

So to start off with she's done all of these before

>Meet & Greets

She tried this in the 'height' of her career and the only people who showed up were neckbeards and even then it was barely anyone who showed up. She would announce the meet and greet and then during/when it would happen she would go radio silent with no pictures.


Done at the one South American con (I cant remember which country) where her booth was consistently empty while everyone else had lines and crowds around their booth as well as the other con where literally all she had was the oppai charms and nothing else with only a few charms sitting on the table.

>Travelling oops sorry Traveling

She's been ton how many trips this year? I'm pretty sure she goes out of town at least once a month. Where else does she need to travel?

>Insane merchandise

Like the collab with Pink City that was cancelled or the reiq stickers that he doesnt have anywhere on his social media anymore and if you look at his sticker display after that con he no longer sells those stickers at all anymore or the oppai mousepads you promised months and months ago or the calendar or the millions of other things you've said you were going to do?


Once again the cancelled Pink City collab or the failed collab brand with Vamplette or the flopped collab you did when you were totally 'lewd over nude'

>Much More

You're really good at saying you're going to make things and then little to nothing comes from it. I would be willing to say that less than 30% of the things momo has said she'll do she's ever actually done or is only done after getting a load of flack for it or when someone brings up here that she didnt actually do it (i.e. half of her cosplays)

No. 730528

“ “Kids Bop Mom” spotted drunk and disheveled at nearby park “

No. 730540

Ain't this the same thing she said last year and all this year? Sometimes it feels like we missing on so many things, but then I remember she keeps promising stuff and nothing really ends up a reality.

Here's to another milky year with moo!

No. 730545

didn't she say the same shit at the beginning of this year? and instead just went on vacation for like half the year?

No. 730551

She said this shit last year, I hope Twitter shits on her again if she tries to get a booth

No. 730594


She’s still actively hated on Twitter. Sage bit there’s a swirling drama around KawaiiBro and people are calling him the male Momokun through multiple threads.

No. 730596

Why is she so dumb? She doesn’t fucking learn. Moo, just commit to what you have at least half way done or certain. Always with these empty promises. Talk about your plans as what they are, plans, or what you would like to do next year.

No. 730675

nitpick but I hate how every time she shares her thoughts it’s accompanied by a picture of herself staring stupidly into the distance with her hand on her face.

No. 730739

Nothing. She will do nothing but dick tease neck beards. Dumbass can’t be so delusional as to think she is still cosplay relevant can she?

No. 730776

Late, saged, and probably more appropriate for the calves thread but is that a new nose on her? It looks more pointed and not hooked. May be the angle though.

No. 730808

File: 1574116605948.jpeg (334.37 KB, 816x1441, 4AC062D2-EB82-4FF3-98A8-E5E6DB…)

Already coming back? Damn, what a waste of $$.

No. 730809

That explains why she's trying to get her patreon numbers up

No. 730810

Can you imagine her neckbeards realising they're just funding her weeb obsession and her journey to get Japanese dick.

Seeing her nipples once a year on pateron is not worth it

No. 730843

Sadly most of her paypigs are under the impression that they can force her into proper porn if they continue to fund her lazy, degenerate lifestyle.

Remember how they banded together and then cheered last time Moo dangled the 2k for nudes carrot over their snouts? 'We did it, boys!' the neckbeards did sing, only to get baited with shitty nipple pasties, as they deserved for supporting a cretin like Moo.

The saddest part though is that they're mostly right, they're the only ones who fund her or give a shit about her anymore.

No. 730891

I really want her to go the way of other cows and move to Japan. Seriously, it would be glorious.

Maybe that's why she goes so frequently and Japan anons have seen on her Tinder there– she might be drying to catch herself a nipponese husband so she can get a Visa. It's a stretch, but I still wouldn't put it past her.

No. 730892

>omg what happens if her neckbeards realize _______

Nothing's changed. You called her cashbeards losers and cucks years ago and the trajectory hasn't faltered. They all should've left through her numerous scams but they didn't. Face it, men are desperate and disgusting, and they'll never stop thirsting. They want this, this is what they pay for or they wouldn't anymore.

No. 730909

File: 1574152113641.png (313.12 KB, 350x495, Kiarastage01.png)

YIKES that Kiara looks tragic. Pic related is the character she's trying to be. How did she interpret a necklace to be whatever weird halo of Worbla she made? What's with the habit looking like a towel?

No. 730925

>have a better idea of what to bring
Bitch, you've been how many times already and don't know? Stop saying you'll do shoots when you do fuck all there

No. 730928

Nice sexism, legbeard.(male)

No. 730932

Is this the same dyke that's always shitting on guys in these threads? Why would someone like that even visit these threads? Not going to get a lot of support here. Lol

No. 730935

File: 1574170868293.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x2170, EE5B08ED-D85E-4BE3-977A-06A224…)

This place doesn't do well for me, for some reason every brown girl who does face in pic related passes for moo in my head.(nobody cares)

No. 730956

>defending her orbiters
I'm not even curious, but it shouldn't offend you.

No. 731000

File: 1574188890671.jpeg (602.88 KB, 750x1109, DA53C71B-D637-41FD-BB2C-3216BB…)

No. 731002

File: 1574188977536.jpeg (617.92 KB, 750x1109, 52170152-9F31-44B1-87F0-7245D5…)

The middle two are just her holding guzma but lord this isn’t even cute messy morning hair this is straight dirty

No. 731007


I still don’t understand how men throw money at her when she looks like a legit hobo. Is that a thing men are into now? Hedonistic bag ladies? She literally puts no effort in looking presentable for her “career” or being hygienic for that matter. I can’t wait for the money to dry up and she won’t be able to afford people to come to her place for her monthly grooming regimen.

No. 731011

This pic alone screams that she doesn’t give a fuck about her supporters enough to clean herself up when posting to IG. Moo just thinks she’s god’s gift to lonely losers with money to blow and that no matter how far she sinks, she’ll still get thousands of dollars a month for just being herself. It’s one thing to post it on her bts account but looking like this on her main? Fucking yikes.

No. 731021

this straight up looks like depression hair
Greasy, not brushed. She must be at a low point? Who knows. But even in Japan it looked like this

No. 731025

lazy != depression
She already admitted not giving a fuck about her general hygiene, so it’s not too far off to assume she‘s has a ‘combing my hair kinda hurts - ehh, good enough if I get it done once a month’-attitude.

It also looks like her extension are slowly falling out. So maybe she’s scared that the more she washes it the more they’ll fall out (which makes sense) and straight up refuses to wash it until her hair slaves can fix them. Wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 731034

The shirt debris is definitely from not washing and throwing clothes onto the floor then wearing it again. Her hair looks like shit because of her cheap extensions. extensions are the worst thing you can do to your hair and will eventually cause baldness and receding hairline with consistent use. Silver is incredibly difficult to maintain and is very harsh on dark hair. Hate to say it but this isnt from lack of brushing, it is just straight up horrendous damage from cheating out on a very harsh hair color and length. If you want length you will always have some damage but this is the worst I have ever seen. Her hair stylist should not be installing extensions on her. This bitch makes enough money to afford high end hair care but just refuses to give a fuck. I kind of feel bad for her since I don't think she's aware of the consequences of long term bleach and extensions. She's gonna end up with a 5 head from the hair line pulling back.

No. 731037


No. 731040


Her hair is literally two different colors. Brass and silver. Silver being the extensions probably?

Her looking like shit is part of her gimmick. Look like the girl you can possibly get and within reach but can dress up and get sexy too (the lewd photoshoots). It’s working for her.

No. 731064

no her hair is just fading back to brown, dyed hair gradually tries to return to its original color if you dye it, its really noticeable with white hair

No. 731084

What? That's not how bleach works + hair is dead

No. 731086

it is how hair bleaching works, ive dyed my hair tons of times and you need toner to keep it from going yellow if you make it white. the further away from her roots the less it'll change back thats why her hair looks like a weird gradient from brass to silver

No. 731087

It's a shitty stylists poor color matching skills. She needs to stop going to friends and go to a real professional salon who can color match properly.Also silver does wash out over time, but the biggest issue is piss poor work.

No. 731088

Yeah I know, I have bleached white hair, too. Your hair doesn't turn back to brown like you said in your first post because the pigment is completely gone. It goes yellow because that's the colour of keratin and the eumelanin and pheomelanin that usually covers that colour has been bleached to transparent - white is an optical illusion achieved with toner which washes out, as you say, but it doesn't fade out to brown.

No. 731167

File: 1574217056117.png (3.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191119-212950.png)

Grandma fell and I think she's having a stroke! Call 911!

No. 731174


That braindead expression always gets me. All the Skype theatre training in the world couldn’t teach her to be sexy lol

No. 731178


She looks like she’s wearing adult diapers.

>> Help me I’m swollen and I can’t get up!

No. 731184

File: 1574219411639.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191119-210958_Ins…)

No. 731188

When is she going to remove "cosplayer" from her socials and just admit defeat that she has to sell porn for money and attention now

No. 731192

So literally all the shoddy sets she slapped together in Japan on the last day are getting released slowly over the months so she can milk it for all she can… I’m sure she’ll continue to e-beg for patrons to fund her next Japan outing in a couple months…

No. 731198

Why do people bother paying her? Always the same poses and retarded face expression.

No. 731218

The pasties, bellybutton and top part of the thong makes it look like a face. A better expression than the one that she's making.

Never because she's still in deep denial.

No. 731224

Her tits look purple and discolored even when they're not being squeezed to within an inch of their life, should actually have that looked at.

No. 731228

File: 1574229220075.png (3.09 MB, 1800x1500, EC75C6DE-0412-4EFE-93F2-5FB48B…)

I knew it was only a matter of time… I fully expect her to crack the whip on Cat for another low effort outfit she’ll end up bursting out of like she did with Wicke.

No. 731230

I'm laughing so hard. I totally called her cosplaying Melony in the past thread. It was bound to happen regardless sorry, anons.

No. 731232


I love how her hands are where her tits should be but they are a good 6 inches under that.

No. 731263

This character is so cute too!! Moo is gonna look like a homeless woman in this

No. 731270

At least she's finally cosplaying someone where she'll look the right age… yknow despite the character probably being twice her age or more

No. 731285

How tf does she have so many cats now? And who's looking after them when she goes on holiday all the time?

No. 731296

Looking forward to a shitty wig-helmet made by Umbran.

No. 731309

Her nipples literally point at the ground. Fucking disgusting.

No. 731351

This. Also she looks like standing up is painful. Which probably is true at her weight.

No. 731379

All the costhots that don't play pokemon are hopping onto this character. So not defending mooriah, especially since her shit is going to be a train wreck, but this character seems popular with patreon sluts.

No. 731395

Why is it that every time some form of media gives a character a mombod or makes them slightly overweight everyone loses their fucking shit and sexualizes them into the ground?

No. 731502

File: 1574300273141.png (2.23 MB, 1029x1800, DDEB5374-D4BD-4823-997C-B22F88…)

She is literally a fucking child. Where where were her friends when she was constantly stuffing her face in Japan? It seems once she’s back on US soil, she needs her slaves to prep her food and make sure she eats somewhat healthy and stick to an exercise regimen because she can’t function like an adult to save her life. But we still know she does fuck all at the gym besides taking selfies.

It’s going to be amusing to see her falter once the cuckbucks run dry. She wouldn’t be able to bribe anyone into being her full time caregivers.

No. 731505

Hmmmm, I thought she hated sweets.

No. 731555

Didn't Kevin move to Florida? Did she bribe him to come back and control her eating for her?

No. 731674

So she's doing the Keto Diet in all but name> Even though she said she wouldn't want to do that diet, what a genius.

No. 731707

>Everyone keeps telling me I look so much smaller


No. 731734

It’s not cute to force people to take care of your life when your this old, Mariah. Grow up.

No. 731814

Oh I believe it. She is paying them to hangout with her, stands to reason she's paying them to say she's losing weight as well.

No. 731849

it's so she wont have to take responsibility for when she goes through her yearly 80 pound weight gain. She loses weight through sketchy procedures and fad diets for a short while but doesn't fix the obvious physiological reasons she emotionally eats. Thus gains the weight back plus more. But it wont be her fault because her friends and trainers didn't keep up on HER diet.

No. 731944

File: 1574375374388.png (394.89 KB, 1791x976, 2FCCD275-7125-4F7C-BE5E-93535C…)

The e-begging continues.

No. 731989


Except it's not is it Mariah?

No. 732012

Just lewd set now not nude lol

No. 732025


Whodathunk even the thirstiest of beards would tire of her crap? Last time it reached 2k a lot faster iirc

No. 732066

File: 1574394617995.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1768, 09B007C9-7AFE-45A4-A5EE-86C4CB…)

No. 732069

this is much better than the gray. Moo is looking better tbh.

No. 732071

Now take off these extensions and give it a nice cut, and let it grow.

No. 732076

lol whose face is this

No. 732080

I wonder if she went back to visit her favorite frogdresser

No. 732092

Is she trying to reclaim her image from 3 years ago? Either way it's already 500 times better, horrendous chin shoop aside.

No. 732098

>Moo is finally basing her photoshop on her old face shape

There I fixed it for you. It's obviously edited to hell and back.

No. 732130

Dorito-chin shoop aside, the color looks so much better than that grey garbage. I like the color, but she should have started out a little darker. Her hair is so fried there’s no way her hair can hold onto color for very long. It’ll fade into a muddy mess in no time.

No. 732157

File: 1574422576728.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191122-033536_Ins…)

Not even purakira can save her face now

No. 732180

She actually looks cute with only one chin. Too bad it's not enough inspiration for her to lose weight.

No. 732206

File: 1574439511082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.91 MB, 4000x6000, IMG_20191114_0934343014.jpg)


Sage for irrelevancy, but yeah, although that purikura pic still makes her eyes bigger, nose smaller and skin better, I think she would look decent if she was that weight.

Unpopular-ish opinion, but I always thought she was decent to cute in the first 8 threads or so, even if she was chubby. Pic related is her peak, with healthy hair and no jowls. Everything started going down during the first round of lipo/ColossalCon/Fit Tea Gate.


She does looks miles better. She doesn't seem to like it, though - I wonder if one of her babysitters/friends told her her hair was just to fucked and she finally stopped lying to herself and dyed it brown to take care of it.

No. 732218

holy dorito chin

No. 732225


I used to think she was kind of pretty/cute too. But her horrible personality makes her uglier.

No. 732235

Belle trolls way harder and more of a bitch than momo could ever be. And she don't have a hate page like this. So if she was hotter im sure you could look past the shitty personality.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732238

Belle has her own thread you stupid bitch

No. 732244

>Belle is worse than Moo
Yeah let's just ignore all the scandals, sexual assault and actual damage Moo's done to people. Go sperg about Belle in her own thread fuckwad.

No. 732251

Please for the sake of our eyes, whoever makes the new thread put the actual costhot link in there instead of Ashley’s, it’s horrifying to see her. sage for asking more than twice.

No. 732254

She has ALWAYS been a spoiled, rampaging cunt. Her outside just finally decided to match the inside is all.

No. 732270

I do agree this does look way better than the silver. But if only it was a darker shade of brown or even black to hide all that damage.

Oh man, is she gonna try to relive her glory days? Trying to get back to her original weight, dying her hair back to brown, trying to get her Twitter back. To be honest I'm all for it if it means new milk.

No. 732302

File: 1574465411543.jpg (172.34 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20191122_152942_com…)

She's being real quiet about this and not pushing it too hard this time. Granted there's still 8 more days in November until she releases the sOOper NuDE sEtZ for December but I kind of hope she's finally burned enough neckbeards on Instagram that no one is actually going to fall for this shit anymore. She's gained fifteen Patrons in a day but last time she promised topless she got 300 in a matter of minutes.

No. 732314

File: 1574468252679.jpg (216.14 KB, 382x1032, 20191122_181641.jpg)

Not new, but I found something of hers and with that neck and the short wide body, I cant believe it's not shopped.

No. 732376

maybe her autist open mouth expression IS better than an actual smile, this is terrifying

No. 732407

Why pay for any of the coshoes they all do the same two side by side poses. At least moo is young and real titties(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732427

Sage your shit. She looks like she’s pushing fucking 40 without the abundance of filters and her tits look like pitiful sagging sandbags.

I don’t see her reaching 2k before December. If she doesn’t hit her goal by then, I’m going to assume she’ll try to shill something in time for Christmas so she can get her Japan trip money by New Years.

No. 732470

Yeah has she even done that many cosplays in the past year or so? She's just been posting these "normal clothing" sets, low effort aliexpress fetish costume shoots or straight out nude with pasties. She posts a lot of cosplans but never follows through with them. I honestly miss the starting days of the moo threads when she was actually making costumes and failing horribly while taking a shit on other cosplayers and glorifying her own nonexistent skills. That was at least amusing to watch. Now she's just your run of the mill boring e-thot with nothing of interest to offer. I guess she finally started growing up.

No. 732589

She did Tamamo no Mae, that Violet Evergarden character, the Azure Lane one she did at AX, and some Pochaco but other than that I can't remember anything. It's almost like she realized that no one is paying her for cosplay and it's pointless to spend money on it.

No. 732635

Sage your shit.

No. 732657

File: 1574550734378.jpg (592.75 KB, 1500x2250, pt2019_11_23_18_09_53.jpg)

No. 732672

File: 1574551936566.jpeg (51.23 KB, 640x960, 421404E7-64D0-42C6-9989-A741F0…)


I don’t think these were posted here yet but they were apparently from her FB. Those shoes are not doing her legs any favors. Looks like she got hooves.

No. 732675

File: 1574552015839.jpeg (55.53 KB, 640x960, BEBDA6D2-8C4E-4A82-A7FC-918919…)


The shoes don’t even fit Miso lol it’s like two sad children playing dress-up.

No. 732732

Nice, minus the poop they remind me of modernist sketch portraits.

No. 732765


Great job sketch Anon these are hilarious

No. 732781

I wonder how far back Moo is to make herself seems smaller in comparison

No. 732801

The editing on her hammy legs is killing me. Given the weird posing and the saturation her proportions look horrifying. I can't imagine the before. Also couldn't she bought an actual set of headphones for the character while in her 'home' away from home?

No. 732832

File: 1574568677818.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, 0317D38D-2D1F-480F-98B1-8EA03A…)

People can keep saying her natural hair color looks better but that doesn’t mean shit when it STILL looks like it’s falling apart.

No. 732850

It's going to be a long time before her hair looks lifelike after the torture she put it through.
lol that she fucked her hair so hard, it looks like one of Umbran's chunky claymation wigs.

No. 732860


She clearly fucking hates it. You can tell by this still and in the story itself is even more evident.

How long until she bleaches it again to dye it a ~speshul~ color?

No. 732869

Someone probably suggested it looks better dark since her hair is falling apart and so she went with it, probably the advice of Umbran or Blaine, and now its this, but like the other anon said it won't get healthy for weeks - maybe months. She needs tons of masks, dont put bullshit it in, dont use hot tools, and take care of your hair before and after wigs. I think she should just shave it all off. SHe wlays wears wigs anyway. Just do it forever.

No. 732916

Someone misses her long lost looks. Lol at her obviously shopping herself to what she used to look like

No. 732947

I genuinely love how much she hates it.
On top of it, it looks like her hair finally gave in and she has way more breakage than she did like a month ago. If she keeps insisting on wearing shitty extensions and and take care of it, she‘ll end up having a mullet.
It‘s glorious.

No. 732999

i think she’s forgotten abt all the procedures she’s done to her body and then ruined because of lack of aftercare…even if she does get back to her original weight only god knows what’s gonna be hanging or dropping

No. 733000


No. 733003

Holy fucking breakage. I knew her hair was damaged but wow, even by the root it's fucked, and that's where your hair is the newest/healthiest. It's going to be a long time before it looks nice again and she's too much of an impatient womanchild to wait. I bet she will try to bleach it again soon.

No. 733020

I think moo put a gag order on umbran. Literally no stories from her while shes at moos house. Normally she posts like 33 stories a day. Moo doesnt want unshopped photos leaking out.

No. 733024

Anyone remember the name of the black guy who may have been an orbiter of hers (not a fat joke) and he was also called out as a groper?

No. 733026

Well if she's trying to keep up this whole 'I've lost so much weight my dudes', then yeah it makes sense. There is no way in hell she weighs 215lbs after shoveling food like she did in Japan.

No. 733058

File: 1574618295266.jpg (508 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-11-24-14-49-55…)

What is this weebness?
Also she looks dead inside.

I wonder what happened, she's usually super manic

No. 733063

she posted a video on instastory saying how she wants a big love sack and to put herself in it

No. 733103

File: 1574624388102.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1828, 96BC16CD-4A10-4C3D-928F-DD00DE…)

I should have put money on the fact I knew she was going to do this since the character was announced… I’m not looking forward to the trashy lewd or bikini sets she’ll eventually shit out.

No. 733121

Tinfoil: she tried to get a longer visa for japan and needs to try to keep a distance from how she used to looks with gray.

No. 733122

Def making umbran work in this while over

No. 733138

Let’s see. Will gut a solid hair s imprudent from Uhgbram, recycle her same pair of stripe leggings because “it’s just cosplay , my dudes” and will get a bikini and wait until snowfall and do a lewd set in the snow rubbing it all over her saggy udders while leaving her mouth open to catch flies.

No. 733144

Unless shes going somewhere other than Japan (she cant do that shit oitdoors there), she has no snow near her and gotta go way up to norcal near Shasta for some.

No. 733156

True, but idk about how much snow Tokyo gets unless she’s going to Hokaido which I doubt since there’s nothing weeaboo there for here Nippon ass.

No. 733167

We get little to no snow with the latest weather patterns. Not enough snow to justify moo destroying another loved character.

She'd have to go to no weeb lands of Japan, places she won't survive without knowing Japanese.

No. 733169

You guys forget that Vegas is close enough to Mt.Charleston, which gets snow. The same place she shot her first shitty passion project with the Genji mask lol. She will no doubt go there and hide behind a few trees to do her disgusting shoots.

No. 733175


>implying moo will shoot in a location that makes sense to the character

Lmao. Are you all new?

No. 733278

I think her patreon won't go any further with followers, I even think it dropped by one in a moment.

No. 733347

Yep, it's already dropping.

No. 733358

Sage your posts, in the email field write sage, that's it.

No. 733421

Maybe she finally got that japanese dick.

No. 733426

>everyone keeps telling me I look so much smaller now and it literally makes me wanna cry

What happened when she claimed she was anorexic and that her dad abused her into being healthy? kek

No. 733439

File: 1574660252882.png (4.8 MB, 1800x1410, F6DC38FA-FD57-4EE3-A36F-8196D5…)

She dropped 5 since I last checked so she’s out shilling these previews which look like they don’t show what the cucks want anyway. Unless she’s going full vag and nips, they aren’t budging this time I guess lol
But her fans are stupid and will probably cave by next month once she uploads some sob story about not reaching her goal.

No. 733440

>closed legs
>hiding boobs with bucket? thing
wOw gUyS sUcH LeWd NuDeS

No. 733483

Damn, she looks like she’s taking a shit. Also her damaged, broken off hair at the front of her head makes her look like a dumb bird.

No. 733484

Yeah 'nips out' probably means slips, shes hiding stuff behind those censors. Thats why the scribbles are so massive. Most nude models use a single censor.

No. 733490


At least her fat calves to tiny feet ratio are true to character. Most accurate bit of cosplay she’s ever done.

No. 733567

She has been looking REALLY tired and dead for a while now, maybe she did something drastic to loose weight, like got one of those worms in her stomach that eats all the food she inhales? This is a huge tinfoil, but she looks really exhausted

No. 733572

Going to say nah. She's lost what, 30 or 40 lbs in half a year? That's terrible progress. The dead eyes are from her knowing she's nothing but wank material for neckbeards, knowing nobody wants to date her, and wanting to be alot smaller than she is. It's gotta suck knowing when she does group photos she has to angle herself behind smaller girls, knowing she's the token fatty.

No. 733656

Agreed. That and she always loses some weight in a drastic measure. What some anons forget is by the time summer comes along she gained the weight back plus 30 extra pounds

No. 733683

sage but I used to feel the same back in the Samus days but never understood the hype- my abusive ex at the time was obsessed with her, I can't believe I used to think this bitch was sexy or hard to compare to.

No. 734101

Everyone dead?

No. 734103


Sage your shit, and no. Just nothing to report. She has 4 days to get almost 300 patrions. She never did say 2k by the end of the month, she just said 2k. She also didn't say what paypig tier would see her saggy tits and fupa. Aka she won't do it. She just needs some more cash for her next Japan trip.

No. 734138

File: 1574807647281.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, E3E9F3F7-2421-48E8-8AA4-915E1C…)

Here. She got a sponsorship with YumeTwins, a subscription box filled with kawaii shit that will just collect car hair on the floor and is exactly what her neck beards are interested in.

No. 734139

sorry to nitpick but my god her eyes look like she's had botched aeygo sal injections

No. 734140

File: 1574808646868.png (3.3 MB, 1800x705, EC295978-5D0C-4BC0-95EF-CCCE04…)

She needs to just shave it all off. How can anyone (with loads of money mind you) take pride in showing off hair like this? I guess being a slob really paid off for her since her cuck fans have a fetish for that.

No. 734141

File: 1574808951801.png (1.12 MB, 1250x833, post_file (5).png)

No. 734156

File: 1574811676569.jpg (126.76 KB, 720x717, bruh-moment-1_o_7273966.jpg)

>>734141 she reminds me so much of this meme with her downs syndrome face.
Imagine paying people to be your friends and they still won't try and save you from embarrassment by telling you it looks dumb as fuck..

No. 734165

File: 1574812561651.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 086B5929-98D8-47F5-BB5B-6A9701…)

So many procedures and she isn’t even 25 yet… I feel bad for her.

No. 734175

Holy shit! Those are the kind of extreme stretch marks pregnant women who don't take care of their skin get. WTF?

No. 734179

Y'all wanna ban hammer me about arm chairing that she has Cushing's Syndrome but this is a big indicator. Plus if she didn't get lipo so many times these would be worse.

No. 734202

Stfu. Shes FAT. She doesn't have a fucking syndrome. Holy shit. Stop armchairing and asking to be banned for it. She's just a fat slob who botched her lipo and she gained weight fast which results in deep marks PLUS after lipo where she then gained again and deepened them and added new ones. The procedure she is talking about higlights thmem and makes them worse before they turn your natural skin color. They sorta fill in, but not much, but jesus. Stop saying she has shit. Tbh she's probably 100% healthy, just obese as hell. Doesn't mean she has diseases and health problems aside from being fat.

No. 734203

She really, really hates her body.

No. 734204

Those really do look like pregnancy stretch marks, they’re so deep and wide. I don’t think any real permanent treatment for those exists.

No. 734206

Yeah shes embarrassed as hell by it. Can't model with other girls without standing back or putting something of her body more into the foreground to give the illusion of being skinnier plus her insane editing.

There isn't. Not even Korea has tech for these. Its literal indentations in your skin. You can lessen the appearance by reducing the redness, but you can't fill in skin unless she's grafting stuff which would look awful.

No. 734210

Well, she did gain like 100lbs in the span of a year or two. Kinda makes sense

No. 734215

It's called being a lazy fat slob. A doctor would have had her tested if it was that put of the ordinary.
You know she'd be all over that sort of thing if she could. Then it's not her fault. Nope. She's a lazy gluttonous dumb bitch.

No. 734216

Stop samefagging

No. 734221

I don't see why she's getting this at all. They're all gonna come back within a month of gaining 15 lbs.

No. 734262

What? Thought she like 27. Damn she fucked up.

No. 734278

Honestly cannot wait for hellweek so we can be rid of you idiots.

She should really just stop getting procedures done. All they do is give her an excuse to go all out with the food and laziness. If anything she ruins her body even worse after these procedures because she cant manage to keep up with aftercare at all and she just reverses whatever she had done within a month or two. If she had just stayed a fattie and maybe -actually- worked out instead her body and torso especially wouldn't look like the pillsbury dough boy got beat up in a back alley.

No. 734374

The procedures are especially pointless because she's not down to a healthy weight yet. They're just going to come back. She should be focusing on losing another 80lbs first.

No. 734616

If she’d just lose weight and wait a year or so they’d lighten up on their own smh always taking the easy way out Mariah

No. 734632

File: 1574833773911.png (840.36 KB, 720x994, Screenshot_2019-11-26-21-47-35…)

No. 734639

looks like umbran is on that moo diet

No. 734641

good fucking god that hairline is atrocious

No. 734642

Her hair looks like a ratty wig, Did her hairdresser really let her go outside like that? It's embarrassing

No. 734646

File: 1574834584042.png (153.59 KB, 268x231, neck.PNG)

Has she finally moved in yet?

>nice neckshoop Mariah

No. 734658

Wow she is trying HARD to look like her younger self. You don't look like this Moo.

No. 734672

tin foil but her face and body has been looking… weird? I want to say she's doing a lot of plastic surgery and procedures. I say this because she's stretching out all the shoots she took at Japan for the next few months.

No. 734705

It could also just be the increasingly radical shoop

No. 734721

Literally looks like a Halloween mask on a traffic cone. Why did she shoop it so the bottom is so wide compared to the top?

No. 734819

Does umbran ever visit &not work on a wig? She's there for her birthday but her "bff" has her slaving away again. Imo it's a waste bc no matter how close to canon accuracy umbran gets with her work moocunt either ruins the wig itself or pairs it with some ill fitting garbage

No. 734863

Umbran is desperate to clit ride Moo, and Moo is always happy to use someone who can be of service to her. They're both rotten people with shitty skills who deserve each other, truly.

No. 734920

I think it's part umbran gaining weight but I think it's more that moo shoopes her shoulders skinnier so she sacrificed her 'uwu friend' to look fatter to try and sell the shoop.

We havent seen any legit 'candids' of moo since Japan and I think that's on purpose. I think she's forbidding anyone from taking video there so she can pretend like she's suddenly lost 60~ lbs and totally looks like she used to.

I wouldnt be surprised if she's preparing to get a face lift and other facial surgery though because this is what she used to do when she was secretly getting lipo. She would suddenly never post full body pics and no one else was posting pictures of her during those times either

No. 734952

File: 1574891024493.jpeg (606.64 KB, 750x1087, 32C30A91-F6E9-47D2-86BC-BA71A5…)

daily reminder you don’t look like this momo

No. 734953

File: 1574891098918.jpeg (536.12 KB, 750x915, C273E8D4-B097-4243-A9E6-C6585A…)

cool mom sells sex toys

No. 734990

Holy shit what happened to her lips.
She‘s looking really rough lately, even for her standards.

No. 734991

File: 1574895207312.png (439.38 KB, 580x700, Screenshot_147.png)

I hope your all ready for this wig nightmare

No. 734993


Also announced Sypha from Castlevania, Lum, 2B, Hestia and Shimakaze(What? shes the complete opposite body type)

No. 734998

Shimakaze from kantai collection? Oh god no, Moo is going to look disgusting. Never seen anyone who’s fat cosplay them.

No. 734999


Yes Shimakaze from Kantai Collection.

No. 735011

I'm ready for her to sweat her ass off, make it look cheap, and do a lewd shoot that will look like all the other ones.

No. 735030

I can't wait to see the mess that her Shimakaze cosplay will be.

No. 735034

File: 1574899452020.jpg (22.52 KB, 350x491, sypha-belnades-128417.jpg)

The others make sense because they're easy to lewd up (sorry 2B), but Netflix Sypha? Her hair is really short (not to Moo's taste) and she's wearing a big cloak for most of the show. Maybe she found someone's boyfriend to dress up as Trevor for her.

No. 735035

so what's actually happening here? did she get the fat sucked out of her neck or did she barely learn that picture taking trick where you stick your head forward so your double chin doesn't show

No. 735038

Dumbass probably thinks these are some cool new earbuds.

No. 735047

I have to wonder how many cucks she scammed with her overpriced bullshit lewd videos she was advertising on onlyfans and if anyone was desperate enough to try. I doubt it since she’s ebegging for patreons oh and how many years has she promised some stupid Calendar?

No. 735060

Melony really lmao. This coming from the dumb ass thot who seriously named her cat Guzma when she never even reached him in game. Imagine having a job based on creating fan content from things you aren't even passionate about. What a waste of life Mariah really is pathetic.

No. 735245

Tbh it looks like the wonky latch these cheap chokers have. It never sits straight. Idk why she didnt spin it around

No. 735256

I'm calling it now, it's going to be that one pathetic wk who was her Battler for that terrible 'fan project' she did, he seems to be the only one that can tolerate having his head up her ass for long periods of time other than her usual suspects.

No. 735289

i mean, its hard to tell how deep and wide they actually are when theyve obviously been lasered over in this pic

No. 735292

no i mean why does she suddenly have a jaw now

No. 735293

Jfc use sage you absolute retard. It’s not that hard.

No. 735305

File: 1574948619542.jpg (39.12 KB, 501x373, 421566_110052819134743_1827862…)

The mouth area looks terrible, reminds me of this meme(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735344

Remember your anatomy. Look at her head, it's even smaller than usual. The dumb ass is shopping her head smaller and shaving her chins but forgetting to even out the proportions.

No. 735372

NTA, but seriously, fuck off with the sage warnings, jfc. Every ten goddamn posts.

No. 735379

If she uses REEE out of context again istg…

No. 735401

File: 1574978331601.jpg (877.58 KB, 1074x1675, Flyaways yikes.jpg)

Her hair is so broken off. And her face is looking like it's breaking out.

No. 735406

I cant even imagine how crunchy her hair is.

No. 735454

Moo really created a reddit acc to pretend like people were missing out on the lewd set. Check the latest post on her subreddit

No. 735456

File: 1574989258040.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1080x1920, tmp58z13wh141.jpg)

Forgot to sage

No. 735460

Why couldn't she shoop out the big fuzz ball of broken hair that's catching the light? It's not exactly hard to notice…

No. 735462

File: 1574989961433.jpg (Spoiler Image, 968.27 KB, 2048x1366, MARV9504 Censored.jpg)

No. 735463

File: 1574990087723.png (73.9 KB, 465x884, Screenshot_149.png)

No. 735466

Yikes, I can't imagine Marvin taking getting tossed under the bus like this well. Can't wait to see her lose yet another photog due to her passive-aggressive commentary.

No. 735492

did she censor this? whats the point when the water reflects everything anyways

No. 735493

Sure Moo throw the only moron left willing to take your picture and edit your blobby mess of a body under the bus. Has she used tripod san I mean girlonthemoon recently?

No. 735500

File: 1574993558001.jpeg (562.19 KB, 643x1073, 49F5D4ED-6D39-476A-88C1-33E6DE…)

Wow that belly hang her shadow seems to have.

No. 735501

Oops, meant reflection.

No. 735527

On the left? Its her ass

No. 735535

On the right.

No. 735554

File: 1574999587168.jpg (805.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191128-215219_Ins…)

That floor is disgusting. Even for her.

No. 735573

that poor cat shouldn't live like that

No. 735574

that poor cat shouldn't live like that

No. 735577

File: 1575004656363.jpg (70.26 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1575004290470.jpg)

Posted her Rangiku shoot on FB. Evey picture pretty much has this stupid expression.

No. 735585

I s2g her boobs droop further down with each set she releases. Ever since she got those lip fillers, her expressions have gotten even lazier. I didn’t even think it was possible but here we are.

No. 735606


Is she showing her nipples and she fulfilled the “nudes” or is it censored in the pictures she dropped like this?

No. 735647

woah, never seen that pose before; well not with the tit sitting on the hip.

No. 735670


I love the reflection in the waters truth of how massive she really is.

No. 735689

File: 1575046168061.jpg (403.05 KB, 759x653, Reflection.JPG)

Super quick edit of the reflection to brighten it up and sharpen it… I can't believe how massive her arm is by comparison. And the edited-in thigh-gap. Whew.

No. 735691

Her boob is a completely different shape lmao.

No. 735692


On first look, I thought her boobs were her stomach. Good lord.

No. 735696

File: 1575052720110.jpeg (1.71 MB, 2316x3088, 9327FBFE-FAFD-4386-94C3-6DFEBE…)

No. 735697

File: 1575052937333.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1620x2160, 54B8EEA9-1D31-422B-B9E1-A4DC34…)

Didnt see this one in the thread but at the same time I feel like it’s been here before, sorry if it’s a repost

No. 735698

Kekkekkek. Moo, you can't have pictures of your tits sagging down to your belly button and then post one of your tit defying gravity

No. 735699

File: 1575053108278.jpeg (446.7 KB, 1125x2304, C90C6F4D-AC08-4533-9F98-3CE8D4…)

Lastly, for some weird reason she pinned the really unflattering dumbbell girl selfie to her subreddit even though the entire comment section is people bashing her

No. 735709

Honestly Moo, skip all the other procedures you're spending money on and get a damn breast lift.

No. 735731

I know it's been touched on that Moo switching back to dark brown hair is an improvement (albiet one that came too late after the hair was damaged beyond repair), but I haven't seen Moo do the ugly pink eyeshadow lately either.

Has one of her friends started teaching her about colors or something? Is she actually taking advice from here (doubtful).

Either way, the better hair and shadow colors are an incremental improvement. If only she was willing to make bigger decisions, like putting effort into her costumes and not scamming people anymore.

No. 735792

BORING. There's no more milk in here for literally months.
Fuck her and fuck this thread. Tag this as shitty and be done with it already.

No. 735799

No, morons here keep telling her what to do to fix herself, what to wear, what to cosplay etc. Instead of just pointing it out stupid people keep telling her what she should be doing instead.

No. 735811

Ok(Sage )

No. 735818

You know you can hide threads right?

If she was going to listen to the thread and change her makeup she would have done it years ago.

More willing to bet she has someone doing her makeup for her now since she has people doing literally everything else for her.

No. 735857

File: 1575087211758.jpg (958.82 KB, 4344x2896, 93a1675.jpg)

Blatantly self shilling with other account u/d-watamelon

No. 735880

i love how she couldn't figure out how to shoop the water.

No. 735882

File: 1575091046817.png (97.56 KB, 1523x885, momosockaccount.PNG)

noticed the comments on this account are hugely down-voted. also she's using the dark skin emojis and weird "hood" speak.

nice, Mariah. love the casual racism.

No. 735900

It's amazing how excited they all are about seeing those saggy tits

No. 735905

sunken cost fallacy in play.

No. 735922

File: 1575101588683.jpg (85.28 KB, 1080x1117, FB_IMG_1575101479780.jpg)

Saw this and couldn't help but laugh. Its like a spot the difference.

No. 735929

>bruv bros buds
>mate my dude my man my guy

>black skin emojis

If the typing style weren’t so similar to her own when she’s being passive aggressive and “hood” I’d think she hired Jeaniez Inc. to create this sock puppet.

No. 735930

File: 1575104049037.gif (953.63 KB, 500x281, 57598687.gif)

She's fucking lost it.

No penis-having Reddit user types with this many emojis jfc

No. 735931

With as hard as she’s trying to shill her Patreon and OnlyFans on her IG right now, I completely believe that account is her. Jfc she’s so pathetic.

No. 735941

Damn, her patreon started to drop a lot.

No. 735949

Finally some good milk here for once.
Imagine being desperate enough to use a sock account just to vent.

She needs to either join therapy, give up or just die – cause there ain't no way that body or personality's ever getting fixed.

No. 735953

Holy shit the racism

No. 735967

Yeah its end of the month.

No. 735968

Sage your tinfoil because hes not the only sperg flaunting her shit on reddit and reddit is known for having over the top racist incels who sock puppet other races. Im in 2 other locked boards that have dumbasses sharing this shit. Seems like your usual reddit dumbasses to me

No. 735969

That account is 2 years old too.

No. 736022

Mariah must be hard up and wanting to get to 2 k on Patreon. She's created a sock puppet account to garner up interest on a Reddit community that hates her scams. Why would you type the same way? No dude on there types like a hyped up instagram thot

No. 736105

File: 1575158024455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.09 KB, 759x1152, udnfbqqb7w141.jpg)

That pose, also is it just me or is something off abut this pic

No. 736120

Her nipples look like they are photoshopped on I don't know why she would do that though it just looks so off

No. 736128

they're lighter than usual but you're right they look like katyuska's photoshopped nipples on her first "nude" set

No. 736131

Breast reduction.

No. 736132

THey look like they were brightened, which doesn't help that we always say her boobs are blue cause the shading outside the nipples looks like bruising now

No. 736134

File: 1575161591272.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.85 KB, 803x1052, dx0m2bxd8w141.jpg)


Unlike the awkwardness of the weird nipples, at least her other photo doesn't look as weird?

Though I'm not sure if this is the original quality. Saw it shared elsewhere. The saggy boobs are killing me.

No. 736136

File: 1575162314201.jpeg (46.85 KB, 647x474, 13F38831-8B70-4BEF-B24B-C2AAA7…)


No. 736153

Its literally scalloped. What scarring is flower shaped??

No. 736155

Breast reduction scars aren't the issue with the pic
It's shooped to hell. Her scars are under her tits, not on her pepperonks

No. 736158


Also we've seen her nipples plenty in her streams and then even back when she was first starting out and leaked her own nudes.

If she does have scarring it would have been visible in the many many many other areola slip pictures and videos she's posted. If her nipple had a huge uneven scar we would have seen it before.

No. 736169

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a breast reduction can be done only through an incision under the boob?

I mean, it could just be a mixture of both, she definitely edited her nipple, as she does with every other inch of her body, and add the scar to that making it a bit more uncanny valley and you have this hot garbage.

She's definitely given up at this point lol.

No. 736183

Yeah i think they usually cut the nipple out too, to get the tissue out better. And yeah it does leave scarring. This has been discussed so many times before tho.

No. 736186

>>736183 see >>736153

Its very clear the shape of those. Scars dont do that

No. 736194

they're pasties.

No. 736215

File: 1575176451015.jpeg (601.54 KB, 1242x1380, 8CDFBA04-26FE-4436-8D0A-788E25…)

All this nipple talk is …ugh. Are anons suggesting she’s wearing these silicone pasties and shooping nips on them? Why go through that hassle? Just show your damn nipples? It’s probably just poor photoshopping and her nips look weird in that one photo. They look fine in the shower photo.

No. 736227

I think it's because she edited them to sit higher on the tit. Based on the angle, they are probably literal floor pointers. Maybe why her photog is having a harder time shopping this time too

No. 736239


What’s weird to me is the (left) boob in the mirror looks like a completely different boob compared to her right one. Maybe because she’s doing different things with each arm but it’s like the areola is way smaller than the one outside of the mirror and the boob itself just looks smaller and not as saggy as the full body shot one?

No. 736249

no, she's probably just wearing the same fake nips she always does and the water or something made them wrinkle.

No. 736295

File: 1575207995062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.66 KB, 1080x444, Fakeassshit.jpg)

I know her neckbeards are forever virgins, but one nipple is twice the size of the other one. I mean, come the fuck on. But hey, she REALLY thought she was going to hit 2k.

No. 736304

Yeah she either had the fucking mental gymnastics of “if I photoshop nipples on technically I’m not going nude. Lol gottem” or SquareCuck is, as we know, terrible with photo shop.

OR she shooped these herself which explains the inconsistencies.

No. 736309

Y‘all do realize that nipples (or rather the muscles surrounding them) contract when you‘re cold, right? She‘s outside, her skin‘s very likely at least damp, it cools off her body, she might be kinda cold.
Since she does have scarring around her nipples from the breast reduction, her nipples look unnatural when the muscles are contracting.

You‘re all making a way bigger deal out of this than she is tbh. She‘s shown her nipples (or, well, parts of it) so many times lately, why would she make such a big deal out of them now and put that much effort into hiding them when we‘be seen them now anyways?

Those are her actual nipples. They’re possibly sized differently as they are and they look a bit off due to scarring and possibly photoshop. But they aren’t nearly unnaturally looking enough to justify the extent of this discussion.
Can we please move on now?

No. 736314

she did it before with her Hinata set, why not now?

No. 736320

File: 1575221824394.jpg (365.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191201-093624_Chr…)


No. 736322

File: 1575221857855.png (Spoiler Image, 359.93 KB, 519x810, 052.png)

For those asking. This is the character.

No. 736324

she's cosplaying a thot from a dead and buried series again? i am so surprised.

No. 736348

..Kantai is far from dead..but then again most weebs don't actually know what's going in Japan outside of their animes.(derailing)

No. 736353

Kantai is weebshit anon

No. 736359

lol it is 100% dead. everyone has switched to the superior chinese copycat azur lane. only weebs think kancolle is still a thing.

No. 736450

Damn, more than 300 patreon drop in days, I think someone has to catch the idea of what people want.

No. 736476

That happens every new month on Patreon, when are people going to learn?? Can this please be added to the next thread OP so we don't get people commenting on the Patreon drops every single month?

No. 736569

File: 1575292765153.jpg (151.99 KB, 1242x1624, bcfa3bgf15241.jpg)


No. 736570


Someone do the “I’ll never do nudes” and “lewds not nudes” quote she thought was so good that she slapped it on mediocre clothing.

No. 736574

As usual she's going to try to "own" this somehow lol.

She's going to punish her cucks for not properly funding her Japan trip as she didn't hit her 2k goal, this is gonna get interesting

No. 736575

rofl vote for next thread pic (if possible.) This is too hilarious. She really thought she was above so many people and now look at her

No. 736602

The random tit in the mirror is so hilarious to me. It’s just so awkward and not sexy at all. Just a random, disembodied hanging tit.

For all those years Mariah put off doing nudes when she finally did it it was so underwhelming. Her pride died not with a bang but with a whimper

No. 736618

Her pride died years ago. If she had any, she would have made an effort to get into shape, improve her craft, and not rely on sweaty neckbeard money and attention.

This is just her finalizing her descent into the sex work life she's openly derided.

No. 736677

File: 1575323956314.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 687.39 KB, 1440x2160, B01A5852-9D13-4664-82DD-97751E…)

No. 736678

File: 1575323992643.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 3531x5296, 76D8EC28-21E4-44F8-ADE2-CB6AA3…)

No. 736682

Still nothing new, we already saw those things she call nipples. Still not the nude she said. Lmao, what a play.

No. 736690

File: 1575326254163.png (11.42 KB, 456x213, Screenshot_150.png)

No. 736691

The desperation is real lol. It's just a shame cucks keep falling for it.

No. 736697

Welp, time to pull out all those screen shots of Moo shiting all over cosplayers for doing this same exact thing.

No. 736703

No wonder why she's insecure about her boobs one is indefinitely smaller and shorter than the other

No. 736704

No wonder why she's insecure about her boobs one is indefinitely smaller and shorter than the other

No. 736706

And she's finally done it, no longer just a "cosplay artist" ø

No. 736707

Is it just me or do her nipples look off?
Like I think it might be whoever shopped them but they look like they were poorly shooped in or something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736719

File: 1575330535143.png (Spoiler Image, 485.6 KB, 419x628, 6gdnw042oa241.png)

No. 736725

Tattoos are totally gone except in the water reflection, why bother removing them if you're going to leave that? Did she really need that much smoothing on her hammy arms?

No. 736735

They look off to me too. Not to nitpick, but these >>736677 especially look off. The photoshop looks so bad they might as well be pasties. We've all seen her nip slips from her streaming with Vamps. Those do not look like her nipples. Oh well, whatever, she's doing nudes anyways.

I love that this spiral down happened right after her call out during the Mariah molestation tragedy. She lost all the inner circle fame that came with cosplay so she now only focuses on money.

No. 736751

one titty wanna leave

No. 736759


He really edited her right tit to look fuller than it actually is. We all know her tits give the very definition of low hanging fruit.(titpicking)

No. 736762

Anyones tits do that at a leaning hunched over angle.

No. 736768

I think got banned on the reddit because I was saying nipples was nothing new from her. Lmao the cucktards.

No. 736769

We're aware she's hunched and angling her body but it's obvious that there's a size difference between the boobs. In length it looks two cup sizes smaller than the left boob

No. 736772

How many more times and in how many more ways will those poor titties be reconstructed?

No. 736782

File: 1575337573771.jpg (Spoiler Image, 771.96 KB, 1040x1251, udders.jpg)

I unshooped her body

No. 736784

No. 736785

File: 1575338367041.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 3840x5760, MyC4vzpg.jpeg)

I call this one the rubber ducky

Jesus i forgot how shit she was at posing

No. 736792

File: 1575339122222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 5594x3729, 62zuHzCA.jpeg)

the waist shopping is incredible, does she really expect us to believe this?
repost for spoiler

No. 736794

You can see the blur lines on the trees that got pulled in next to her waist

No. 736795

I love that because she had them shoop her upper arm smaller it's too smooth all the way down so it looks like one of those inflatable baseball bats

No. 736802

File: 1575340367899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.19 KB, 698x1047, wtfhappenedhere.jpg)

That's just top notch delusion right there… jesus.

I looked at the other photos, and a lot of them have her looking really out of place because of how poorly photoshopped it is. A lot of them have this weird darker line around her, and it is bothering me so much.

No. 736804


dead, just like her nappy hair

No. 736807

File: 1575340876371.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1920, 06F10727-9197-486D-BDEA-01D816…)

Nightmare fuel. But holy shit the amount of photoshop in these sets are laughable. She can spout all the bullshit she wants about loving her body but it’s clear from these sets that she hates literally everything about it. You’re not fooling anyone, Mariah, except your dumbass cuck fans who still believe she’s “hitting the gym”.

No. 736810

absolute dumbpost but i just can't get over how much she looks like rocky, the effect is only enhanced after her fillers. when she shoops ala >>736134 i'm getting yumi king vibes from that weak ass chin but that's the only exception.

No. 736812

Re-up please

No. 736813

so.. i admit i'm still confused. Are these nipples or stickers or what?
Am I right that they're real nipples that were hacked off and reattached for boob reduction, then photoshopped to reduce scar visibility and moved around…?
That's why they look like stickers attached by phantom menace cgi ?

No. 736815


100% correct, nipples were moved in surgery so scars around them and jagged combined with the photoshop

No. 736817

File: 1575341801160.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.81 KB, 450x358, 20191202_215526.jpg)

That belly overhang. Was this just missed in the shooping? The whole stomach in this photo is a mess.

No. 736818

Link is dead. Can we get a reupload?

No. 736824

Not dropbox but imgr dump https://imgfrog.pw/a/onsen.2boTzo

No. 736825

SAVE THESE ASAP ANONS https://imgfrog.pw/a/onsen.2boTzo


No. 736827

Calm down, already posted the link to the Dropbox folder.

No. 736828

No boob vein, yeah these are so fake.

No. 736829

And finally she never showed her pussy, what a play she did. And all the cucktards on Reddit excited for nipples we already saw.

No. 736830

Those nipples are honestly uncanny valley material. I am glad she is cosplaying as Melony. After today the lessI see of her burrito fucked body the better.

No. 736831


Acting like she won't lewd that up too

No. 736832

Her Wicke wasn't amazing, but at least it wasn't a lazy lewd, before the grope bullshit, I hope she goes the same route. But knowing the low effort she'll buy a . walmart parka and cut nipple holes out.

No. 736837

File: 1575346250272.gif (3.74 MB, 600x338, 7AEBA8AB-FDB4-4EEC-839C-1600EA…)

Are we remembering the same Wicke? She did do lazy lewds of her too including the gross grope POV set. Everything she touches, she’ll lewd for coin.

No. 736840

Wow. What a reminder that her face has ALWAYS been fugly without photoshop.

I don’t get it when anons say her face was ever cute. She always had the turtle lips, vagina eyes, potato nose, and retard expressions.

She “fixed” her lips, she should look into getting those vag eyes worked on

No. 736843

File: 1575347005277.png (3.6 MB, 2022x1693, moo.png)

No. 736845

Honestly, these are good shoops. Considering we know what she actually looks like, this photographer really put in the work.

No. 736846

File: 1575348007886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 763.25 KB, 800x1200, loloutline.jpg)

all I can see in the reflection is a huge belly and a fucked up arm and leg.

No. 736866

Lord knows heaven the reflections are just giving her away. Her arm in the reflection of this is huge, you can even see her arm fat hang and the fact she has no wrist from the fat. Mariah just stop it.

No. 736871

I actually think she might have put off showing her nipples in pics for so long because she was self conscious about the scarring, but now she's shopping it and it still looks messed up.
She needs to learn to pose or get a photographer who can give good direction. This looks like you accidentally walked in on your middle aged single aunt.

No. 736873

Most females boobs are different sizes naturally unless they’re fake. Whoever did her reduction might have messed it up with sizing or she just gained more fat in one more than the other. That’s pretty natural. I’m a female and have one that’s slightly larger than the other- I think hers are more dramatic because their size.

No. 736877

No wonder noodles took so long to shoop your photos and it got you mad Mariah. He had to spend hours making it all look decent.

No. 736894


She's being diligent, already dead.

No. 736912

jesus this went down fast

No. 736921

>I'm a female
No shit. Lurk moar.

No. 736942

Full bath set, enjoy!!

Credit to:
https://www.reddit.com/user/xZetrom/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736961


No. 736965

File: 1575390327591.jpg (Spoiler Image, 522.88 KB, 616x458, KeckBW7.jpg)

spoiler for the side boob but the hell is going on with her elbow?

No. 736966

It's fat with some bad shoop.

No. 736967

The dark edges of her arm look like she was just badly pasted on a background

No. 736972

its a Homer Simpson mouth..

No. 736974

You can always tell the scrotes fishing for nudes from the actual farmers when her shit drops, I swear. Anyone really excited about our cow's sad udders ain't here for the milk from them.

Marvin puts in some serious work for his share of the cuck bucks, doesn't he? Too bad she keeps throwing him under the bus.

No. 736976

Sage for zero contribution but, at first I found my self jealous of her boobs. But then had to remember in other pictures they hung to her stomach. Gotta remember her body is nothing but lies.

No. 736984

>>736976 sage for zero contrib
you've got to remember that part of their size is because she's obese and had liposuction…its not even just the shoop. Her body is probably not healthy at all and there's nothing to envy in a shorter lifespan lol.

No. 736992

It was just time, it wasn't gonna be if, but when.
We all knew this was going to happen, she knows it was going to happen.

No. 736993

Dont credit people you sperg unless youre selfposting? Moo can sue the user you fuckwad. Way to ruin shit for people.

No. 737000

It's crazy that she finally felt pressured enough to go topless. Eventually they're going to pressure her into showing everything and she will comply because they won't pay otherwise or she will become irrelevant like her biggest fear.

I personally think if she actually worked out and looked good, and did more really good cosplays she would not have gone down this road. But she's lost passion for it and is just looking for money. I wonder if and when porn will ever actually become a possibility in her mind.

As far as I see it this is a result of laziness (not wanting to work out not willing to learn how to make or sew her own cosplays) and gluttony (taking her friends out for drinks and food to be "the man" and all her dumb Gucci shit for clout)

She's no longer in control of her own career.

No. 737001


looks like they upped the saturation of the background leaves, which were probably dull and gray in raw photos

tbh this set is not bad in terms of colors and lighting but it's sad that the setting is nicer looking than the model

No. 737004

sorry about your terminal blindness, anon.

No. 737006

File: 1575401581230.png (Spoiler Image, 308.73 KB, 255x506, Widw.PNG)

She has the nerve to shoop that waist here, but a couple pictures away she is this wide. Man the paypigs are stupid.

No. 737008

File: 1575401788680.png (Spoiler Image, 62.86 KB, 250x161, Horrorshow.png)

Wtf is that?

No. 737009

Her hair looks like overbrushed matted barbie hair

No. 737011

Probably just a fat roll. It's also in >>736719

No. 737013

Her saggy ass tits are hanging over a fat roll? Goddamn maybe I should look into neckbeard bucks. Seems they fap to any skag willing to photoshop themselves to hell and back.

No. 737014

This has been gone over multiple times - it's a fat roll. Some have speculated from too tight bras, but tbh I've seen it in others who wear properly sized bras and still get them if they get fat enough.

No. 737016

that's not what people think is from the tight bras, anon.

No. 737019

File: 1575403467886.jpg (637.58 KB, 1079x877, Screenshot_20191203-102144_Chr…)

jesus fuck

No. 737025

Ew holy shit. She seriously couldn't have bothered to comb her damn hair? What a great friend/photographer squarecuck is for letting her leave it like that

No. 737034

holy fuck buzz it off and start over. seriously. this is 1000% unsalvageable

No. 737037

He has to get them approved by Moomoo, shave off 80 pounds of fat, get rid of all cellulite and stretchmarks…. poor bastard. But he choose this so I don't feel bad for him.

We haven't gotten a good look at her cellulite in almost 2 years. I wonder how bad it is now

No. 737047

File: 1575411660460.png (1.79 MB, 1800x776, 4AD7F2A0-9668-49D7-A55A-92A454…)

Surprised no one posted this yet. I doubt she ripped off another hentai with this “OC” because all it is is reused ears, maid accessories and her old shitty leggings. This is the peak of Mariah’s creativity and her patrons should only expect it to get lazier as 2020 progresses.

No. 737053

File: 1575412861888.jpg (430.84 KB, 720x960, 20191203_163947.jpg)

That is one big bitch.

No. 737054

jesus christ moo give your hear a break

No. 737057

No. 737060

File: 1575413989607.png (1.16 MB, 720x888, Screenshot_2019-12-03-14-58-22…)

That nappy hair… even if she did dye it to a natural hair color it still looks nappy and unkempt as fuck. Moomoo, do yourself a favor and cut off that dirty brown mop.

No. 737062

yeah dyeing it is just making it worse. darker colours show damage more easily, her hair is probably super porous from bleaching it all the time and i doubt she got it filled, probably just slapped dye on top without a thought. we might even get a green-tinged hair saga just in time for christmas if she takes another dip in a pool or something.

No. 737066

Holy fuck, her hair is so damaged it just wont take color anymore. RIP. Is all of that her hair or does she still have those ratty extensions in??

No. 737067

at this point she's better off just cutting it as short as possible, it looks like fucking moss at this point

No. 737069

I would be concerned about her obvious weight gain but I will say it anyway. Jesus fuckin christ Moo. Faking numbers and photoshopping your body isn't weight loss.
There is no way she's near 210. It looks like she's creeping back to 250

No. 737073

Lord that hat, denim jacket and matted hair make her look like some chain-smoking truck stop mechanic named Ed.

Did she get her lips done again? She’s broken out around her mouth and looks swollen. Bleh

No. 737075

Looks like low quality hair extensions

No. 737084

Her hair's looking so matted that PETA's about to tote it around in their campaigns against animal neglect.

No. 737089

I don't get it. She can afford constant international trips, but can't get a stylist to make this nappy garbage look human tier? Why not go to a professional, and darken it slowly alongside a nice hair cut? She clearly got more fillers and her hair affects her looks a lot more than her shitty anus lips.

No. 737091

File: 1575418927617.png (868.1 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-12-03-15-43-08…)

Oof take them out

No. 737093

What many of you seem to forget is that she‘s literally incapable of taking care of her hair. She does have stylists that come over once in a while to style her hair. To fix this mess she’d have to hire someone that does her regular hair routine for her. You know, that stuff normal people do on their own? Like literally just combing it and using conditioner or a mask once in a while… but she admitted to not doing that (at least the combing part, so I can’t imagine her using any products besides shampoo).

You also need to keep in mind that mostly everything below her shoulders are extensions at this point. When she went silver, some time before Hawaii, she posted a picture of her natural hair and it was quite short back then. And extensions require even more attention and care than regular hair.

Really, none of this comes as a surprise.
And we’ve been through this a billion times. It’s the same as with her tits. It’s a result of her laziness and she tries to fix it by paying others but fails miserably.
Give it a rest.

No. 737104

It's astounding how much she goes to the salon and how much money she must sink into her hair for it to look this awful. You can say that about everything she does for "upkeep": the lipo, the lip injections, the expensive skin care. Mariah really thinks she can get something done and not have to maintain it whatsoever, unless she can slave someone along to do it for her.

No. 737111

the fact that she thinks (along with some of her followers) that this face looks like it could possibly also be the same one in this picture?? >>737053
and then this? >>737091
It's obviously not just angles. Why post one and the other from the same day?? I dont get these people

No. 737121

File: 1575429271554.png (311.33 KB, 712x1199, Screenshot_2019-12-03-19-06-34…)

No. 737122

File: 1575429323824.png (999.55 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-12-03-19-05-15…)

No. 737128

File: 1575430305629.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, 8CE1D0D4-BBDC-4788-A2FA-DEC07F…)

>criticism welcomed

Why invite criticism when you either ignore valid ones or get extremely defensive to the point of being aggressive.

No. 737129

It's because she doesn't care about basic things like her health or personal hygiene, let alone her hair. She knows she can rake in the cuckbucks looking like a complete slob, so why would she put in effort?

No. 737130

It’s interesting how she’s posting a lot of pics and stories of Kevin and her useless cousin, but when Maddie (umbranwitch) was with her this past week or more? We saw nothing? From either of them, they just keep posting Kevin.

No. 737131


And Umbran isn’t spazzing out about Mariah like she use to.

No. 737135

File: 1575431558162.jpeg (228.77 KB, 745x1222, 2CE1F4F7-D45E-470E-9197-20E750…)

Some comments on her close up face pic.

Wow her fans really love her, don’t they?

No. 737140

File: 1575431909452.gif (558.97 KB, 500x275, alyssaedwardz.gif)

No. 737145

That inno way even looks like herpes your sperg. Dont post here with the same comment you posted to her comments. You look dumb as hell. Those literally look like chapped lips.

No. 737147

File: 1575433934029.png (1.27 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-12-03-20-30-04…)

She bought a Sonico cheerleader and """succubus tattoo""" to throw in her trash hoarder pile, from ebag

No. 737148

She looks like one of those Tiny headed kingdom toys holy shit

No. 737150

Literally just
"Please stop getting lip injections"
"Don't tell me what to do!"
Didn't she just ask for advice?

No. 737175

I thought it was unlikely a few threads ago when some anon predicted she was going to go full Trish Paytas, but holy shit, she really is. And Trish's "strip tease" videos are like suicidally depressing. Can't wait to see that from our cow. Lol.

No. 737185

Nice new needle marks on your lips Mariah.
I wonder is that the third time she's gotten her lips filled?

No. 737195

Is she really so lazy she just dyed her old ratty extensions instead of getting new ones?? Her hair looks awful.

No. 737214

>Is she really so lazy…

The answer is always yes.

No. 737280

This is supposed to be a girl next door pic I guess. But only next door to a dumpster is what it looks like.

No. 737317

File: 1575492026539.png (Spoiler Image, 66.7 KB, 233x223, panel-121027764-image-c615c9c0…)

Kek that shop no human body works like that

No. 737318

your chub doesn't cinch itself at the waist?

No. 737323

File: 1575496626975.png (760.15 KB, 619x794, SweetBabyJesus.PNG)

Jesus Christ Moo. Stop this. Her lips look like they can pop open at any second. Also, that closeup of her skin makes me feel sick.

No. 737325

The chub parts normal but the part where the arm is just looks off how it just pops out and there is nothing above it. Could be me being retarded tho.

No. 737327

Absolutely revolting, her skin is screaming for help and this isn’t it.

No. 737328

Are her lips even back to their normal size in the before picture? Jesus Christ, whoever does her injections should put the fucking needle down.

No. 737329

one, disgusting. Her bottom lip is so red and inflamed. Her top lip is so thin in comparison. I don't know why she keeps pumping her lips when a lip lift is a permanent fix for her turtle lips… now she has hot dog lips
No they are not. Before she basically had no lips. It's like she's addicted to the idea that these fillers will fix her fucked up face… but the fillers are ruining her face and causing horrible break outs

No. 737344

Love how she was flexing the hundreds she spent on skincare products a couple months ago,yet her skin looks like this

She'd be better off visiting a dermatologist instead of wasting money on fillers for her still tiny ass lip

No. 737351

Seems like a lip lift would be a better solution for her top lip. I mean…1/3 of that filler isn’t even her LIP.

No. 737353

You would think she'd invest in a spendy lip balm to maintain her lip fullness but her mouth looks like an old balloon.

No. 737356

Holy shit, I hadn’t even noticed that until you pointed it out! (I really hate looking at her ugly mug which is probably why) It’s sitting mostly in the skin above her lip which makes it look really jarring. Fucking yikes.

No. 737357

God I would be so concerned about infection if my client came in with such disgusting skin
She clearly doesn't wash or take care of the injections after.

No. 737369

File: 1575507289446.jpg (154.24 KB, 1440x879, certified_bruh_moment.jpg)

Yea I bet they do

No. 737457

Ive had restylane lip injections… temperature makes no difference. Cold actually reduced swelling if they’re not completely swelled down yet/recovered from the initial procedure. Her lips just look THAT botched

No. 737460

I think shes talking about before the shit settles and, if youve had it before, you know you gotta ice them for several days after. And she was in the snow so the comment makes sense?

No. 737461

The poor skin on her lips…… it’s going to be so stretched out and thin and terrible. She’s going way too big way too quickly.

The doctor isn’t injecting it into the lips either, she’s putting it in the skin surrounding which is why it looks like she’s playing chubby bunny.

No. 737463

I interpreted the comment as saying they look puffier in the cold since they look so crazy in that photo, unless I’m reading it wrong.
I’ve only known ice to reduce swelling, not make it worse

No. 737511

What photo is this even under??

No. 737530


it's under >>737060

No. 737551

So much for breaking out because of the injections.
Sure, jan.

No. 737582

File: 1575545110404.jpg (18.85 KB, 205x140, 20191205_052354.jpg)

It's only a matter of time.

No. 737674

This isnt milk. Sage your shitty posts, newfags. This isnt a fucking chatroom.

No. 737700

>she doesn't know sage on a post with a picture or link still bumps the thread

No. 737721

File: 1575580262135.png (643.72 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-12-05-13-07-32…)

No. 737727

Bitch please, the only relationship she's been in has been with hamburger helper.

No. 737728

wasn't circleofchiefs or whatever his name was living with her at this time?

No. 737738

Hilarious lie. About as hilarious as her ~a-sexuality.
If she’s trying to suggest she was dating Sensei….lmao. He didn’t/doesn’t want you moo. Get over it.

No. 737740


Lmfao the mop hair

No. 737927

Is she trying to delude everyone into thinking Nick was her boyfriend??? Or was she and Colette in that fake as fuck “relationship” at the time?

No. 737929


I think she went on a couple dates with some guy from tinder or something around this time maybe? said she "wasn't feeling it" or preferred to stay single or something. weird that she's trying to say it was a full blown relationship now if that's who she's referencing. if she IS talking about tattoo sensei she's actually fucking insane. there's no way they were ever a thing and if they were she was literally just a pump and dump for him, so she's nuts if she thought it was anything more than fwb. But then, she thought that it was more serious than it was with Kbbq too so maybe she's just delusional.

No. 737935

Honestly I think she convinced one of her male friends to boink her after screaming "But I gave you so many things! You owe me!" And now she's confused and thinks it's a relationship.

No. 738010

File: 1575648039272.jpg (Spoiler Image, 582.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-095837_Dri…)

Part of her selfie set. She didnt edit the stretch marks and shes got some weird rash on her arm. Enjoy I guess.(tit nitpicking)

No. 738050

At this point her natural round face shape would look less jarring and less horrifying than this v shape she keeps filtering herself to blurred oblivion in to. I get that she’s trying to appear smaller but it’s not working, it’s just making her look like an alien. If you’re gonna do it Mariah, do it with a little more nuance my god

No. 738097

there's some video of this set?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738174

Momokun has returned to twitch. Thought that they banned her.

No. 738181

She was never banned from Twitch, no, but from Twitter. She's just too lazy to stream, the same way she's too lazy to do anything.

No. 738184

She's had so many procedures done already, why won't she fix her eyebags? They're genetic since her mom has them too and would be such an easy fix with a pretty common surgery. Is she scared of the recovery period? The results look pretty gnarly for a few days.

No. 738243

Can we change tit nitpicking to titpicking please

No. 738325

with her lack of aftercare regarding her surgergies I highly doubt she wouldn't fuck up her eyes even more because she wont take care of the aftermath

No. 738327

She won’t fix those because in her weeb mind they count as aegyo sal and thinks they make her look cute.
She doesn’t realize that, combined with the dark circles and mouth breather expression, it just makes her look sick or high.

No. 738390

So women are trying to convince us that eyebags are cute now? Lol. Okay. I didn't know this was a thing.(Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.)

No. 738396

Hey sperg. This is a common surgery, especially in Korea, where its considered cute and women get injections just to get those eyebags. IDK how popular it still is, but it used to be a huge cosmetic request in some asian countries. You add highlighter or vaseline to that area and its supposed to be 'owo' with how shiny the part is. I dont think it brightens the eye, but it was, and might still be, a popular surgery for women.

No. 738404

God damn, the influx of retards and the dikey/tranny mods with zero real world experience have really fucked these boards up.

No. 738412

aegyosal (korean) or namidabukoro (japanese) are different than eye bags. they're a puffy area that asian children have that usually disappear when they get older. women do it to appear more youthful, not to brighten the eyes. they use highlighter because it creates a contrast so it looks like they have them, especially since most older japanese women have a very flat area right below their eyes. they make a dark line to create the look of a crease, and shiny pink or nude product to create the contour. it's just makeup to look more "cute" and young.

No. 738434

This has nothing to do with moo and is irrelevant dumbass. She hasn’t had this procedure and no one cares

No. 738471

Her eye bags are because she is literally always stoned or wasted af during shoots

No. 738473

Its her genetics. That has nothing to do with it.

No. 738486

So one is not allowed to mention women, because that means they're "announcing themselves as a man"? The fuck does that even mean? Are all the mods here SJW faggots? This is sad. (not saging to protest mod faggotry. Ban me. The other guy got 7 days for that comment. Lol)(ban evasion)

No. 738494

File: 1575756373015.png (4.85 MB, 828x1792, C51059CE-FD09-4216-8DAD-24F172…)

Good morning internet my hair is fading faster than my memory of last night.

No. 738497

Ok, that's really unsettling

Looks like a 60yo woman who used to be a bimbo

No. 738501

i legit thought this was the dolly mattel thread for a sec. dolly is turning into momo for sure jesus

No. 738508

She looks like a drag queen/tranny, too. It’s tragic.

No. 738565

No. 738570

File: 1575775720872.jpg (660.13 KB, 545x530, ugTihjx.jpg)

Some sloppy editing from her ~team~

No. 738571

File: 1575775754266.jpg (439.32 KB, 594x396, 7KXw3ck.jpg)

No. 738572

File: 1575775789028.jpg (364.08 KB, 564x515, weORyLh.jpg)

No. 738588

Don't know if it's been brought up before but why does she always wear a wedding band? Is it just to make people speculate or because she doesn't know the left ring finger is usually for wedding rings or what? It looks especially weird because it's so thick it looks like a men's band.

No. 738598

Jesus her fingers are fat as fuck and darkening up, Is that because of what weight she should be or just another fat pocket result of the lipo? Guess we should start looking out for when her knuckles disappear. Poor cucknoodles he already struggles with editing her mass as is. Soon he's gonna have to copy past body parts just to make do.

No. 738612

Silly anon that’s her wish ring- as in “I really wish someone could put up with my shit and sausage smell long enough to want me!”

No. 738613

Guh. Those beetus-sausages she calls fingers.

Is she getting filler in her cheeks? Her lips can’t be the only thing making her look like a 45 year old mom, trying to look young again. Her face looks …bizarre.

No. 738615

File: 1575782062171.jpg (399.96 KB, 1024x1024, quicksquarenew_201912801417758…)

I see no difference

No. 738628

They are Cartier love rings. She sometimes wears two of them stacked. If you asked her about them she'd probably say something narc like it's because she loves herself.

No. 738698

File: 1575813738768.png (641.67 KB, 526x509, wakemeupinside.png)

sage cuz old but


No. 738718

Homie we can't compare her to Stifler's mom. That will just fuel her mommy gf ego.

No. 738723

I'm pretty sure that's not Stifler's mom but her role in that Hilary Duff movie as the dumb evil stepmother with too much plastic surgery. Sage for non contribute

No. 738804

File: 1575842651767.jpeg (487.59 KB, 750x1167, C86BEA08-9779-43B8-9A3E-24F14C…)

What a fuckin crock. Everyone knows she just reused her Bowsette wig. This is the stupidest excuse ever. Her fans only care about tits anyway.

No. 738808

File: 1575842823591.jpeg (339.57 KB, 750x1088, B907DC81-525C-4025-86DC-F21D70…)

Pic related. At least she credited her cosplay “commissioner”

No. 738819

File: 1575844684425.jpeg (934.7 KB, 1242x2077, EBB4A9AC-5972-46C6-922A-C96890…)

Good to know squarecuck gave up on editing that leg because yikes.

No. 738826

Oh please. You didnt want it styled to be something else. You literally dont know what to do about the critiques about your helmet looks. Even Nigri edited the advice Umbran gave her and didn't fuck up a wig to this extent.

There is so much wobbly smoothing and editing. This is probably one of the worst she's looked. No wonder she's saying she will get a real wig.

No. 738840


She just got banned on twitch for wearing a see through shirt.

No. 738842

I like that people are only in her streams who hate her. No one is actually watching her except maybe 10 dumbasses who really 'care'. Everyone else is there to report anything they can as soon as they can. You fucked up again Moo. Was this any better than her screaming at Umbran during the WoW stuff? I could not be bothered to sit through the trash heap that is her Pokemon streams.

No. 738843

File: 1575849006981.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, B6BC7798-A5E1-4E8A-BBE1-1D756C…)

Was it because of her not wearing a bra? Or do you have shots of the actual stream?

No. 738845

File: 1575849083384.png (3.56 MB, 828x1792, D864F3C9-19E8-41B0-9FF8-B8CF75…)

She’s gonna get her “lawyers” in this ASAP I’m sure.

No. 738847


> literally playing Pokémon????

As if that's the reason you got hammered moo

No. 738848

This is the 2nd time now, right? Maybe if she stopped doing dumb shit.

No. 738849

>pepperonis poking through shirt
>mile long cleavage
I was just playing Pokémon, twitch!!

No. 738853

Repeat after me moo, I know you read these boards:
"I am not Alinity, I am not decently attractive, I cannot get away with anything on twitch."

Also repeat after me:
"I am Mariah Mallad, all I do is scam people and twitch isn't going to have that bullshit."

No. 738854

Yeah. Its irritating when the girls who do follow guidelines have to cover up a little more. I get it, but even normal dude Twitchers are tired of the using your cleavage and tits for views shit. Moo knows what she is doing. Wear a sweater like last time Moo. Its cold anyway.

No. 738871

File: 1575854236455.png (2.93 MB, 1800x1048, B940A83B-4EDE-4C9F-A8EE-3B8D2A…)

She didn’t waste any time in creating an account on Mixer once the Twitch was taken down. But don’t worry guys, her “peeps” are working to restore her account.

Last pic just makes it look like she’s getting hot flashes. Fitting since she looks to be in her 40’s.

No. 738872

So for anyone who wasnt watching the stream heres what got her banned:

Semi see through shirt - No bra - pepperonis very visable for most of the stream

Obviously had people just waiting to spam report her seeing as trolls with in her chat harassing her the whole time.

On top of that at one point she even tried standing up straight and slyly show of her tits without making it too obvious(clearly her hair away from cleavage and perking up"

She was begging for this ban.

No. 738892

She’s a moron. Mixer is even more strict than twitch on clothing. I won’t say anything else because it’ll help her but this is the wrong move. How many banned accounts now? Twitter, twitch, and soon to be mixer.

No. 738920

first, teen rated stream? You make porn Moo, fuck off with that shit
Second, that icon. The artist was really generous with her lips. Moo got all these injections and she still doesn't have a top lip.

I know it will never happen. But I wanna see the shit fest of her losing her patron but keeping her Instagram to watch that freak out.

No. 738952

It was umbranwitch that made that art. She’s very gracious toward Mariah.

No. 738966

File: 1575868226539.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 359005F6-906A-429B-BF20-6E1319…)

Yep, what >>738952 said. Here is the illustration:

No. 738967

does Brandon even really hang out with them anymore? How long has it been since he's been around?

No. 738971

I hate tinfoil anons like you. Its been said 100s of times. Unless its said publicly or everyone is unfollowed and shit for long term, she is still friends and hangs out with people. People do shit outside of being around Moo 24/7. He LIVES at her house. Its not lack of him. Its lack of stories. Moo has been very conservative with stories.

No. 738982

File: 1575871501915.png (402.12 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_2019-12-08-22-00-16…)

Hours after being banned off Twitch, she dresses up in Steven Universe cosplay and ""sings"" some songs from the cartoon

No. 738983

File: 1575871562757.png (951.31 KB, 720x1057, Screenshot_2019-12-08-22-02-30…)

No. 738984

She's never mentioned SU once from what I can remember. But she'll shell out for $50 for the jacket and ride the Future train
Also weird location for this totes casual pic, from her bathroom. So close to the tub but never bathes.

No. 738985

File: 1575871813881.png (479.28 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-12-08-22-02-03…)

No. 738991

She's mentioned it before and even took stories of some eps.

No. 739011

File: 1575878609229.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2040, 526B7ED5-0E0F-4E73-838A-79E3CD…)

Are her fans blind or…

No. 739022

I would say the SU fans would tear into her but they’re all fucking retarded and would probably be like “yas queen” cuz she’s a fat chick

No. 739023

Seeing as how they chased out all the skinny rose quartz cosplayers outta the fandom, it can go both ways/ the fandom is rabid

No. 739025

File: 1575882059585.gif (41.89 KB, 202x220, Yellow_Diamond_Eye_Roll_The_Tr…)

Jesus, talk about jumping on a bandwagon late. Who is she trying to appeal to here? No man with any self respect likes Steven Universe. The only people who liked it to begin with are SJWs and art students.

Calling it now, she's going to do an awful cosplay of Amethyst.

No. 739036

File: 1575883923369.jpeg (380.73 KB, 1242x1377, 571214AF-919A-48E2-B0AC-7E6AC3…)

Why Amethyst when she’ll go directly to Rose Quartz because of her “thicc mommy” fetish bullshit.

Also, whenever Mariah starts with the “I’m so happy” posts, she’s usually manic AF. Probably still pissed about the Twitch ban.

No. 739098

Every time I check back in she looks more and more like Trisha. Like it's really bizarre how similar they'd looking…

No. 739103

Shes trying to get in with that crowd of fans. Its a ploy to seem more fam-friendly and those types of kids are on Mixer because of Ninja. Shes planning on wearimg wholesome shit for streams. Moo has openly said she doesnt like chicks or dykes. She should dress as a character from an open show like that anyway.

No. 739104

New season just launched.

No. 739140

Nah man she’s gonna do Rose because fat girl (even though she’s a parading as a soilder so it’s fucking muscle)

She’s probably do a lewd Rose and 80s Greg shoot because she’s the only gem that fucked in the show.

No. 739143

The whole show is a shit fest anyway. Even if they find out Momo isn't body positive, shames fat chicks, molested people and blamed the victims they will still go
"If Steven can forgive space nazi's and galactic genocide we can forgive her too! She's fat and fabulous! Just like rose!"

No. 739154

Oh totally. They’re gonna ignore everything because “body posi”

No. 739158

Anything to validate them being unmotivated fat fucks. Moo is what these body pos people wanna be. Live to eat and if there is a problem, go out to eat and throw money at it from your feeder fans.

No. 739175

File: 1575926036559.jpg (27.72 KB, 248x479, original.jpg)

You're right, Moo would probably do Rose because Rose is the only gem on the show how fucks men and has cleavage.

Honestly, I think that's appropriate. Rose was a selfish cunt who had zero empathy for anyone around her, so Moo cosplaying her tracks.

Also lmao at Moo saying "OG or 2.0" about Rainbow Quartz. We get it, you read the fucking wiki, but it's fucking obvious which one the guy meant. No one is asking her to dress up as jailbait Marry Poppins, they're talking about the 80s one.

No. 739177

She could use the same princess Bowser wig again if she's feeling really lazy.

No. 739193

At least if she cosplays this, umbrans gigantic wigs would be accurate.

No. 739202

File: 1575931588462.png (242.28 KB, 640x363, 65C6C922-E1A9-4093-AD9C-ED912B…)

“I love… reads smudged note on hand Ross Kurtz, my dudes.”

No. 739235

File: 1575935522598.jpg (474.18 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20191209-175102_Ins…)

No. 739241

>Greg really messed up
I shouldn't be surprised that sexual-assault Momo-kun calls grooming and abuse "messing up" but here I am
The one cosplay she can do

No. 739243

What the fuck is wrong with her? People should forget? He shouldn't be punished because two wrongs don't make a right? The guy grooms young teens and pushes sex on em and fucks in front of his kids.

Of course Moo is a rape apologist so she can spin this BS on herself. Criminals don't need punishment, lets just let them go so they can keep going from their bullshit. Fuck off Moo

No. 739244

Funny, she liked him well enough when he was pledged to her Patreon until he stopped.
I don’t follow his drama but it seeps into my TL on Twitter. Moo has no leg to stand on though when it comes to preaching about morals when she STILL hasn’t apologized for her shitty behavior (be it sexual assault, stealing, etc.) All of this will bite her in the ass eventually I’m sure.

No. 739248

She's not taking a stance not because she's trying to be morally neutral but because they were going to do a harley and joker shoot together which onion boy mentioned during his video about her drama last year. Besides she trolled about that situation with those shitty gray zoomed in insta vids with Collette, and she laughed about the memes made of her during the drama.

No. 739264

“I hope the best for him and hope he grows from this”


“I hope the girls he’s “””affected””” can move on”

Mariah Mallad literally what the fuck is wrong with you
Of all the right ways to respond to this. This… this really ain’t it

No. 739267

tons of pics missing in the Quiet folder :\>>738565(begone male)

No. 739268

of course she thinks that, that's how she felt about her """drama""" as well.

No. 739272

Wow Mariah for someone who doesn't care for drama you sure know a lot about Onision. No one would know he has kids unless they watched drama vids.

No. 739281

Or obsessively stalked lolcow..

No. 739285

Or unless they are/we’re friends.

No. 739324

Lest we forget they were supporting one another on Patreon for a time and were supposed to do a Joker/Harley shoot together before her sexual harassment drama came to light.

No. 739325

File: 1575950227983.png (128.54 KB, 706x1200, Screenshot_2019-12-09-19-43-34…)

No. 739326

File: 1575950333014.png (164.3 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-12-09-19-43-39…)

No. 739327

File: 1575950636583.png (850.04 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-12-09-20-00-12…)

She is dancing in her dirty house. It looks like her hair broke off badly on the top of her head so she is trying to combover hair to hide it?

No. 739331


There she goes with that loyalty shit again. Your friends aren’t subordinates Moo… Who stepped out of line this time?
Also, is she hinting at wanting free cosplay shit from her friends as gifts so she doesn’t have to pay for it?

No. 739345

Sage and too fucking bad. Take whats given to you, anon.

No. 739549

File: 1576015377678.jpeg (570.43 KB, 1242x2035, 3CB5BAB6-F245-4D93-A51A-78F343…)

Is she outing herself here? Lol She couldn’t even stand it when Vamp got the slightest bit of attention over her.

No. 739596

Wonder what triumph she had that her friends weren't sucking her ass about?

No. 739623

This reminds me of something middle schoolers would do. Good grief.

No. 739687

Pfft I like how in this "pearl of wisdom" she accidentally calls herself a terrible friend.

She's obviously throwing shade at Vamps here because apparently Colette wasn't being enough of a bootlicker to Moo. But Moo was the one who constantly tried to one-up Vamps, so pot, meet kettle.

No. 739689

Vamps and Moo are currently close? I thought they were drifting apart after Moo promised to fix Vamps nose but then turned around and got a bunch of surgery done on herself n shit. I mean there is other shit that contributed to this but I thought that was the last straw for Vamps.

No. 739698

No, they've hated each other lately. I should have clarified that I think Moo was passive-aggressively referring to the past and trying to say that the reason she and Vamps aren't friends is because Vamps didn't "get excited" enough about Moo's "successes". I.e., Moo is trying to say that their friendship fell apart because Vamps, who was a notoriously huge kiss ass, didn't adulate Moo *enough.

No. 739711

File: 1576051774881.jpg (Spoiler Image, 627.23 KB, 1075x1976, Granny -kun.jpg)

Mommy-kun more like granny-kun

No. 739713

File: 1576052585224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 911.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191211-022257_Pat…)

Uncensored granny-kun

No. 739715


She is really working those (fl)abs

No. 739721

Ah yes, the same dopey slackjaw expression, sandbag tits, fried/broken/greasy hair, botched cool sculpted “abs”… so attractive lol
She’s come so far from her “I don’t need to get naked to get attention” days. Wonder how far she’ll take it in 2020 since it seems she’s getting more desperate by the month.

No. 739776

File: 1576080626126.jpg (33.4 KB, 296x370, Eric_Wareheim.jpg)

No. 739777

So I've been waiting to say something about this but this is a good time to prove a point

Remember when Momo was ADAMANT about needing those cheap circle glasses she kept wearing? WHat happened to your glasses moo? Havent seen em in months ~

No. 739778

She looks like she’s not fully there with that expression. Why does she keep pushing it?

No. 739789

It's funny, every year she gets worse. She gains another 50 pounds and her self respect plummets. She went from shitty cosplayer, lewds not nudes, to just selling nudes. 2020 will be the year where she flashes her bleached asshole and we bleach our eyes

No. 739791

Why is it so fucking hard for her to get a nice short haircut and wear a wig while her hair grows? You look like a homeless woman, Moo. Just get a pixie cut.

No. 739800

weird nitpick but ok…I think the circle glasses phase was simply part of her real-life Mei phase.

No. 739803

Not that Anon, but she got them for her Mei cosplay and wore them in public religiously for instathot fashion points. When we pointed it out, she screeched that they're real glasses and she totes needs them to see muh dudes. Then she doubled down and wore them constantly.

It is fun to watch her lie cycles, where she goes hard until she forgets and stops upholding it, like with her double degrees and Skype acting classes at UNLV.

Now that both have been mentioned by anons, expect her to do a story about school while wearing her fake Mei glasses.

No. 739823

Sageing got zero contribution but her mommy fetish makes me laugh because shes be a terrible mother. Could you imagine. Her screechingbat how other tell her how to raise her kid and crocodile tears about how “I sell nudes to supprt my kid” but uses the money to buy herself stuff while her child’s cast to wayside only to be uses at an Instagram prop when needed.

No. 739841

File: 1576096130282.png (2.57 MB, 1800x996, 39E620CA-9B15-4FC0-968A-A05058…)

I was thinking, “It’s going to be interesting to see how she thinks she can peddle this shit at Lvl Up when she was escorted from the con earlier this year” but then I checked the cosplay guest lineup and it’s literally just these three idiots… They will no doubt bow to Mariah and sell the books at their table for her.

No. 739842

someone will probably report them and get them kicked out.

No. 739844


I doubt they’ll remove cosplay guests but if they put her book out for sale, I’m sure there will be enough commotion once locals catch wind of it and they’ll be asked to take it down from the table.

It’ll be funny to see her try to waddle back in to the event thinking she’s untouchable when she knows people will report her to staff as soon as she posts an IG story hinting at her arrival to the con.

No. 739855

This is why she's "mysteriously banned" every time she's on a trip or mentions a con and lurks her backup account.

Then she's "miraculously" restored after.

No. 739856

Good lord, how desperate is this con when their only cosplay guests are three fug cam hos, let alone ones that openly suck off of Moo's udders?

Moo is going to be strutting around like a pig in shit during the con because her besties are guests, I can't wait for the milk this will bring.

No. 739860

I can only hope for an EVO type situation where she builds up hype on going and ends up bailing last minute because she’s afraid of being singled out.

No. 739862

I hope she's going to start not going to these things because of how drastically disgusting she looks in person without her filters.

No. 739871

File: 1576103812101.jpeg (532.05 KB, 750x908, 4713DC06-EA67-4EFC-A9AF-190983…)

She really thinks she looks like that? The anount of shooping on such a basic picture lol

No. 739873

Looks like layers and layers of shapewear too

No. 739875

Yeah, she’s on squares story and looks about three times as big

No. 739876

File: 1576104577321.png (5.44 MB, 1125x2436, E5CE3E36-5D5C-40B7-8C4B-8ABD37…)

If she’s my mommy then I’m running away from home jfc

No. 739878

File: 1576104853609.png (6.08 MB, 1631x1800, B820CEC6-B317-472F-BEB3-13DF57…)

From Squarecuck’s IG
We knew she was delusional before but jfc…

No. 739884

File: 1576105435729.png (3.44 MB, 1125x2436, B955AFF0-88DE-4793-BDA8-402C79…)

Also idk if this is a little tin-foily but I think moo and square are fucking. Just by the way he talks about her in his stories and him in hers. (1/2)

No. 739885

File: 1576105543647.png (4.69 MB, 1125x2436, E67ED84B-9477-4477-B33B-724728…)

No. 739891

File: 1576106522312.jpeg (271.71 KB, 827x1329, 86718EAB-63D1-49A3-9861-E4B424…)

Her new stickers from Zach Fischer.

No. 739892

File: 1576106581217.jpeg (180.83 KB, 810x978, 3EB69E8A-EFCB-4FED-BBDE-1DFE7A…)

No. 739893

Is he trying to subtly throw shade? That face, my god.

No. 739894

Is that the same idiot who designed the shitty armored Moana for Moo that she never used?

No. 739896

Even with layers of shape wear and tight clothing you can tell she's way bigger than she wanted people to let on. jfc

Probably? It fits Moo's fetish of having an asian boyfriend and stealing him from one of her friends. That and he seems like a sell out. More popular, Moo is his main customer, Moo throws money, gifts and trips at him. If he wants that gravy train to keep comin he can keep dipping it in her mass. But like KBBQ he's eventually going to get grossed out and run.

No. 739897

It definitely is. And if I recall, he “cut ties with her” after molestiongate so I wonder what lured him back in

No. 739901

File: 1576108164658.jpg (556.22 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-12-11-20-45-53…)

Her nipples are so high because she wants to pretend her boobs are not sandbags with the nipples pointing down, but has no clue to how anatomy works kek

We've come a long way since the first Calvin Klein shoot. You peaked, moo. I am sorry.

No. 739903


Money most likely, the guy is an attention whore so it’s no surprise he’s latched back onto her teat.

I wouldn’t doubt it, I’ve noticed as well. He’s probably too used to Moo spoiling him and he’s all she has left in terms of photogs since no one else will shoot with her.

No. 739904

Momo I know you're trying to cover up your over hanging gut but hiking up your undies like this just make them look like adult diapers.

Seriously if she's that upset she gained so much weight why not actually eat a healthy diet and work out? Her solution seems to be "Keep eating my shitty diet, photoshop and plastic surgery"

No. 739907

Why does she post these photos in which she looks like a tyrannosaurus?, Tiny head and giant body, wtf

No. 739915

The way her fat is hanging over her bellybutton makes it look like a butthole. Also i doubt CK has sheer underwear, my guess is that it’s just so stretched it looks like that.

No. 739916

File: 1576110746802.png (5.32 MB, 1800x1623, 2C436229-9430-4C81-BC24-9B7076…)

God she reeks of desperation…

No. 739942

the photo of her and the other girl look like an example of good and bad anatomy.

No. 739947

Can't be assed to wear a wig or at least wash her hair for a shoot. The other model looks way more put together by comparison. Mariah just looks like a huge smelly baby.

No. 739958


it's honestly getting really sad to see her trying so hard to relive her glory days while she's in deep denial about pushing 300 pounds and irreversibly ruining her looks.

No. 739968

File: 1576117776753.gif (19.36 MB, 600x880, ezgif-5-22f26002db64.gif)

No. 739977

File: 1576118223504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191211-183651_Red…)

No. 739979

No. 739984

File: 1576118753340.png (1.29 MB, 1440x908, falseadvertising.png)

she's really out here trying to make people think she dropped 50 pounds in 2 days.

No. 739987

I was going to say, she already did this shoot 100 pounds ago

Can another anon do a better comparison? Like keep using the left image but get an image from

No. 739992

File: 1576119460220.png (1.2 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-12-11-18-51-57…)

No. 739995

I chose the one the right because she still looks obviously bigger imo and she literally posted it like a day or two ago, and is now posting this heavily edited shit like there isn't evidence from her own stories of her still looking like a gigantic hambeast. Not being aggro at you, just saying that's why I chose that one. I don't understand her logic of posting stuff like the one on the right where you can obviously see how large she still is and then posting the photo on the left trying to pretend she's somehow back to 160 just a day later.

No. 740006

what the fuck is up with her movement in this video. She like jerking her flabby ass kitties around and flinging her head like an irritated horse.

No. 740015

File: 1576124379111.png (1.04 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-12-11-20-17-59…)

No. 740018

File: 1576124977923.png (3.65 MB, 1242x2208, 512D393F-9395-4125-ADDE-E7A3E4…)

She’s only happy when she’s stuffing her face. Which makes sense because food is her only friend.

No. 740019

Why is she in LA, I thought square moved in with her. I'm sure they can find a studio to shoot her lewds in in Vegas

No. 740020

She had a calendar that said she was headed to the bay area atm

No. 740021


Nothing has stopped her from shooting in what was basically a Motel 6 before and Vegas is rife with cheap AF hotels. Guess she didn’t want to spring for a suite at the Hooters Hotel & Casino?

No. 740027

Goodness she looks like a plastic botched disaster. That's what she gets for trying to one up Vamps with the surgery

No. 740028

Anon don't be like that! She lost 10 pounds! She has to work really hard to gain another 60 by next summer.

No. 740036

She must be really desperate for money. She didn't even reach 2k but started showing the goods anyway with fast twitchy movements. She's starting to act like an even more botched Luna Slater.

No. 740038

why does she post these unedited pics it just makes the edited ones extra cringe and obvious damn her scrote followers really are brain dead

No. 740043

She got lipo on her neck.


No. 740044

No. 740046

File: 1576129642153.jpeg (659.3 KB, 1242x2127, ADFE4EF3-D7D6-4DDE-9980-6BC55E…)

No. 740050

I think she means the jaw lipo she got earlier this year? If she really got MORE lipo on her neck, that is insane.

No. 740052


quota exceeded anyone else wanna share this trainwreck?

No. 740195

A lot of anons suspect that she only admitted to a small amount of procedures done to throw off the scent of the actual amount.

This seem to be a valid tin foil since in her unedited photos she's looking very plastic and botched and we haven't seen her unedited body in a very long time (I mean not covered in 3 layers of shape ware)
The number of actual procedures done to what she claims is currently unknown

No. 740197

That lip job is so bad, it's just emphasizing her turtle lips that much more only now they're stung by bees.

No. 740205

some of her followers complain, she just deletes them all.

No. 740210

File: 1576174235839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 708.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191212-101042_Red…)

No. 740219

This is scary levels of photoshop. She spent a stupid amount of time editing her face to alien standards but left her lopsided boobs like that?

No. 740230

Yikes, that rash on her left breast looks uncomfortable as hell.

No. 740232

She's shooping her eyes bigger now too, like the Asian cosplayers do? JFC, it's so goddamn creepy. She barely looks human anymore. She looks like a cheap sex doll.

No. 740262

Sage for tinfoil- mariah please see a doctor about your breasts to rule out mastitis or cancer goodness gracious

No. 740280

I wonder if she makes tit squishing videos to her beta cucks when her 2k patreons goal is never reached.

No. 740283

File: 1576194802950.jpg (513.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191212-175317_Ins…)

No. 740285

File: 1576195088794.jpg (474.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191212-175320_Ins…)

No. 740286

Moo, you ALWAYS moo about ALA, but given your track record the past couple of years, I'll be looking forward to you hiding in your hotel room or just oinking out in Las Vegas while your calves go. People HATE you there, remember?

Also going to be great seeing Mooriah put on blast during Katsu again, if she dares to leave her hotel room for more than an hour.

No. 740290

Oh wow. For someone who makes a living as a “cosplayer” she’s really not doing much is she? One con every two months is not a lot for a “professional”. Kinda makes it more obvious she’s trying to veer away from it and just do the isntathot thing

No. 740292

Of course you will be at a booth at anime impluse for your costhot friends to give you clout. No one will recognize you moo. It’s a small con

No. 740299

She’s going to get reported into oblivion at Lvl Up. People on their staff are fed up with her as it is and it’s only going to get worse once people see her strutting around a booth like everyone forgot she grabbed a guys ass at their con two years prior. Mariah, save yourself the embarrassment and just stay home, nobody wants you there. I guarantee people will be bitching about her in the vendor hall all weekend long.

No. 740301


I can't wait to see her melting face in C98 lol moo you're just gonna embarrass yourself there.

No one asking her for pictures she's gonna be mad

No. 740305

This. She realizes that japan doesnt care about fatties right? she'll drawn in a few people cause her tits will be out guaranteed (if she actually goes)

she might just go in her hobo gear and buy a bunch of doujin.

No. 740322

I don’t know why she bothers pretending that she has a “career” in cosplay anymore when she hasn’t done any cosplay in months. I don’t count her weird “workout anime” sets as cosplay because it’s so incredibly lazy. Also, why even give her a table when every time she’s had one, she’s either in cosplay for less than and hour or in her hobo street clothes but still expects people to treat her like the celebrity she thinks she is. Not to mention she’s ALWAYS late to cons for any of her obligations.
I honestly would not be surprised if at this point next year, Mariah will try getting into the porn expo’s held in Vegas to peddle her crap because she thinks she’s hot shit.

No. 740372

The beauty of that anon is that she's already lied about having BIG EVENTS MATES during AVN in the past, only to have done jack shit of anything as usual. She already fucked up that much and her life ain't getting any better. Just milkier.

No. 740373

this. didn't she do this shit before? She pretended to be an invited guest with her own booth but she was just mooching off one of her friends who didn't turn to porn?

That and this is a weird hill to die on. She thought pretending to be a nerd could get her attention from gross neckbeards. To me Momo has no real personality or interests other than food and herself

No. 740378

That was the car decal company booth with Miso at this years AX right? She was just a guest at that particular booth but Moo made sure to squeeze her flat ass into it as well, riding Miso’s coattails. Moo can’t get anything on her own now because of her shit reputation so she has to mooch off her friends for any spots at conventions now. If those closest to her just told her “no” for once in their lives, Moo would fade faster into obscurity.

Who wants to bet she’s leeching off of one of her three friends who have guest spots at Lvl Up? I can’t wait for this shitshow. February can’t come soon enough.

No. 740389

File: 1576228113620.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.97 MB, 250x333, 6d832c8.gif)

Did not expect to see this on my dash today

No. 740391

Jfc that face tape is working overtime with how hard she’s got it pulled back to give the illusion she has a jawline. Surprised it didn’t snap off and hit the other girl modeling with her in the eye.

No. 740395

Why is she so obsessed with having a dorito chin now? Fat aside theres nothing wrong with her actual face. Is she going to get one of those insane jaw shave surgeries from some butcher in South Korea next?

No. 740399

I'm calling it now when she makes her porno she's gonna be like this was such an empowering moment for me! everyone was so encouraging, and I've never felt more beautiful

No. 740400

why is she aggressively yanking out her boobs? It looks so uncomfortable and stiff

No. 740401

Because she doesn't know what sexy is. All she can do is pull up her sag bags and look like a dying fish flopping on the beach.

By this time next year she will be dildo inserting on camera. Calling it.

No. 740408

File: 1576242769826.jpg (54.3 KB, 480x262, 20190719_144230.jpg)

No. 740409

Her parents must be super proud. She's slowly desending into hard core porn and it's not gonna shock anyone. She also looks insane here. Is she on drugs?

No. 740410

I mean, even if you look at who gets pictures taken and even the "fat girls" that get pics taken are actually still cute AND actually cosplaying.

Moo stands no chance.

No. 740411

Why does it look like she's desperately wanting to show them. Does she feel proud of that?

No. 740413

I mean, some girls really like male validation, and I suppose Mariah is one of them. It honestly makes me a little sad to see this. Aside from the effect on her family, which she seems to give a crap about, she had a chance that few other people are given to make a living out of doing cosplay. She could have kept doing that and continually improved her craft and done pretty well. And she's devolved to this, through her own actions and irresponsibility.

No. 740433

Honestly I’m so distracted by the editing on her face. She’s delusional if she thinks this is what she looks like. Even her nose looks slimmer and we all know she has a massive potato nose. And that hilarious dorito chin? Girl…

No. 740436

The problem is, is she watches/reads hentai for her understanding of 'sexy' which obviously isn't realistic. But she's determined to be the hentai babe of her neckbeards dreams. She wanted to do that hentai Dropout after all, tbh I'm surprised she hasn't tried cosplaying Bible Black yet.

No. 740437

This is fucking terrifying.

No. 740440


Bullshit. All she has ever done is talk crap about her family, how they didnt do what she wanted or got her what she wanted, has sperged about ALL she has done for them, blah blah and so on. on rare occasions like moms birthday she will make it all about her and maybe at the end say something about mom. She did this shit to herself through her attitude and actions and deserves neither pity or chances. How hard is it to Keep Hands To Self, Don't Use People, Deliver on Promises, and maybe, I dunno, credit people who fucking did the actual work? Let her rot.

No. 740441

She did a shitty Bible Black shoot a 100 pounds ago for Funimation. It is telling she hasn't been allowed to do anything with them since.

She's on a mix of booze, weed, and Adderall nearly 24/7, so yes.

No. 740461

that wasn't Bible black, it was some shitty harem anime with demon chicks or something.

No. 740466

she isn't even like anime/hentai "sexy" though lol. bitch is just lazy.

No. 740474

What was this?

No. 740489

Idk whether it's BC y'all haven't been posting their spam anymore but I noticed the lack of Umbran-spergs in recent posts. Like they fell out or - like Mariah found a new victim.

No. 740494

Its because this isnt the umbran thread. she just visited moo for a week.

No. 740500

For half a second there I thought I was in the LJ thread

No. 740504

>2500 fans on onlyfans at $12 a month
>1700 patrons with an estimated earning of $35000 a month (graphtreon)
>not to mention merch and personal website

is this hog really making over 50k a month? the internet was a mistake

No. 740515

On mobile and can’t cap but she’s having some kind of meltdown on her insta stories rn, very clearly on a substance

No. 740516

What is this new weird voice she’s doing? Like she’s trying extra hard to sound “black” in these. It’s ridiculous

No. 740518

File: 1576287032877.jpg (783.02 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191213-172842_Ins…)

So anyone know what triggered this rant?

No. 740519

Christ she looks bloated… I'm hoping people were telling her to not go to conventions she posted and now she's going on a "you can't tell me what to do I'm a bad bitch" rant.

Or something happened with Vamps. She seems to be a trigger of passive aggressiveness in Momo.

No. 740520

I recorded it but the audio isn’t synced correctly so hopefully another anon can do a better job. But holy fuck who pissed in her Monster for her to react this way?

No. 740525

File: 1576290120502.jpg (68.72 KB, 795x577, monk.jpg)

come on this is just ridiculous now

No. 740526

File: 1576290395843.png (903.02 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-12-13-18-15-50…)

Imagine acting like this on social media, looking like this, while everyone else you've hurt is minding their own business. She is so sad.

No. 740527


I haven't looked at her stories in a while, last I checked her bad bitch voice was half Jenna Marbles/half ""hood"". It's now something eerily similar to Jeffree Star, which is pretty fitting tbh

No. 740529

35k on patreon a month? Wasn't her peak 15k a few years ago? Then again I guess she is sort of doing nudes now.

No. 740530

File: 1576290746834.jpg (127.18 KB, 1080x1350, 75210490_746849659126742_79427…)

I think it's important to post pictures moo doesn't have 100% control over. Obviously still edited in the face but you can see how flat her chest actually is here.

No. 740531

can you reupload this?

No. 740561

what was in the drive

No. 740562

Video version of >>740389 fucking sage asholes

No. 740567

File: 1576302509390.jpeg (338.46 KB, 1242x1980, 4086ABBC-ACD4-402D-AF84-B3266F…)

No. 740569

File: 1576303580905.jpeg (422.67 KB, 1242x1981, 9C02E0C6-7359-4B19-A047-6F686F…)

It’s almost as if food is her one true love.

No. 740570

You go to a semi nice dinner and still chug a sugar free redbull from can. White Trash

No. 740572

File: 1576304565147.png (540.19 KB, 2048x1371, Screenshot_20191213-221818.png)

Looks like Moo bought Annjelife's friendship/Japan ticket.

No. 740573

File: 1576304624278.png (772.02 KB, 2048x1766, Screenshot_20191213-221938.png)

No. 740676

Moo is the perfect example of what happens when a trashy fat ass suddenly gets rich. Doesn't know how to actually spend it and just flushes it down the toilet. Moo can actually retire at 30 and have a lot of disposable income if she's smart. But most likely, she will burn through her savings in a year after retiring and wonder what went wrong.

I don't know why she doesn't just buy a house at this point? Why the fuck is she renting?

No. 740678

woooow, calling one of your fans Hitler when they note you're hanging out with shit. Momo must have thrown a pretty penny at them. Only good thing about Moo is you know which people are actually toxic enough to let Moo buy them

No. 740683

she might make a good amount every month, but it's clear that she's relying on credit cards or something to front huge purchases like her questionable number of surgeries or trips for so many people to japan. there's so much spending going on that we're not even privy to. knowing how she is, she's probably digging herself into a hole right now with the anticipation that the cuckbux will never end; i hope she buys a house because i can't imagine her upholding a 40 year financial obligation when she'll age out of her failing career by then. she may be staying above water now, but she's going to get used to a more and more lavish lifestyle that even the crazy amount of $$ she's getting every month won't be enough, and it's all going to be instigated by her desire to flex for the internet.

No. 740684

I think she realizes her career is slipping. She can't seem to break 2k on paetron. She opened her new nude tier that certainly is ranking in the money. However in a few months her neck bears will get bored because they finally saw her titts. She will have to go to new extremes like showing her pussy to get them to cough up money.

Though opening up her only fans account was a hella smart move on her part. She knows her fans are retarded and will pay twice for the same content.

But in reality she is not surviving on her looks. She depends too much on Square to edit her pics to digital pictures and quick surgeries to hold her body together. Without filters, she is a botched horror show. No amount of money can fix what she did to herself.

No. 740687

oh absolutely, she's declining sooner and more quickly than her cashflow, and there'll still be delusional neckbeards whose rose colored glasses does the filtering for them. she's just never going to stop pretending she's fine and can keep this up forever - i'm assuming the worse her financial situation gets, we'll see more flexing like all those gucci accessories she never wears anymore. all of her actions hinge on proving "haters" wrong about her, even if those haters are in her own head and really her own voice screaming at her to stop this ride. we'll be here for thread #346 with no milk other than her slow zombification, but we'll be there.

No. 740690

It's weird how she only seems to buy new clothes when she over wears them to the point they break apart. she has shit for her pets, shitty furniture a student would have.
Even her car is sad. For the amount of income she pulls in, it certainly doesn't show and it baffles me.

I refuse to believe she is spending around 40k a month on surgeries, food, booze and trips because in my head it doesn't fuckin add up. No one can spend that amount of money and have nothing to show for it.

So I'm hoping she has a fat savings account.

No. 740720

It all adds up over time shes most likley blowing through all of what she makes

No. 740721

This is pretty weird…why does she talk like a drag queen? She's sounds like a hood hoe while giving this advice. Acting dramatic and cursing

No. 740742

No. 740751

It’s easy when you are a dumbass and a spoiled brat who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

No. 740754

>> her buying a house

I can’t see her financing anything or paying property taxes on time and renting allows her to trash everything and not get to deal with it past throwing money at it when the landlord sued her nappy ass. And all we have is the assumption she’s not padding all her numbers. No, I don’t think she’s making out near as much as some think and she definitely knows she’s shit tier anything at this point hence all the body work ebegging etc. and the rose glasses are falling off the beards- she’s already having to do more to keep them.

No. 740780


Admins said to stop sperging about her money and taxes (property, yearly..). Stop tinfoiling shit. Its clogging up the threads with useless non-milk.

No. 740782

she didn't mention those things at all, you tard.

No. 740799

File: 1576377715755.png (1014.31 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-12-14-18-39-25…)

No. 740800

Jesus, with every pic of Mariah that’s posted to IG, more and more of her hair keeps breaking off lol Did she just pull the broken strands forward as a sad excuse for bangs?
At this rate, she’ll need Maddie’s helmet wigs to hide under eventually.

No. 740801

cause she has no personality so she needs to mimic things to seem interesting

No. 740807

>that sad, scraggly dead hair next to everyone else's

I wonder how it went down when frogdresser finally got the courage to tell Mariah that her hair was too fucked to keep bleaching. I imagine any criticism is met with a tantrum and an IG rant about golden geese and loyalty.

No. 740808

>about her money

Whats useless is tinfoiling how much she makes or has. Stfu. Admins spoke about this already.

No. 740809

Didnt Blaine dye it dark for her?

No. 740814

link the quote where she said that it's banned. it's not lmao.

No. 740815


Kinda tinfoily but it's weird she's only hanging out with Asians or people with Asian features these days. And she's shopping her pics to look more like a Korean pop star.

I'm waiting for the nose job that starts her descent into trying to become Japanese.

No. 740823

bitch has always only wanted to bang asians. where you been?

No. 740839

File: 1576387916932.png (341.12 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-12-14-21-26-48…)

No. 740840

File: 1576388027074.png (325.5 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-12-14-21-26-52…)

No. 740842

File: 1576388135659.png (687.08 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-12-14-21-27-13…)

No. 740846

>I’ve wanted to cosplay SU for YEARS
>DrEAm CoSPlaY

Despite never once mentioning SU. I’d have a little more respect for her if she dropped the whole ~I’m such a die hard fan for xyz
And just admit she wants to cosplay it because it’s the flavor of the week.

No. 740861

She literally just got done talking about Zelda like this. Replace Zelda with Steven Universe in her "fan rants". Very dumb

No. 740870

did this bitch really edit herself to look more Asian? This is Venus level BS

No. 740899

Dont wanna clog with tinfoil but I feel shes done or does this as another weird flex to make weebs jealous, same with all japan trips. To be cool with and date an asian. I always thought that since the kbbq escapade. Since to her asians=aneemay dream! Her preferences in people changed when she became this weaboo geek character. Shes a really basic bitch.

No. 740920

Personally I thought she was looking more like TND with the lips that don't match her face. I do see it tho lmao.
She really thinks no one's gonna notice the amount of surgery/fillers she's getting though.

No. 740940

Of course the cunt will lewd blue mom ugh I can already imagine a recolor of that lameass nun she did earlier. at least she can recognize that Jasper is the closest to her rotten bitch self and it'd be funny to see her try to make that big ugly nose into a gem. Pure trash only cares about her own feelings & obviously didn't get any of the messages the show puts out. If she's not chasing dick she's chasing clout. I hope her entire past haunts her &the su fans see thru her fake "freewings"

No. 740945

Man, Momo is pretty garbage with how she handles things when it comes to fans. She responds to people’s criticism like a dumbass and don’t know to leave things alone.
Her paying fans are also just fueling the dumb shit she does on patreon (Just give the money to a crackhead at least it would be more interesting then watching Momo act like a cuck.) Momo also just needs to stop the lewd content and just get fully naked for the world only then will I throw a dollar her way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740950

Oh yes new dream cosplays. Much like the 3k dress for Overlord's Albedo we've still not seen. Or the uneven Howl jacket that was 'coming soon' I'm still certain Albedo's dress was another disaster from Designer Daddy that barely fit 70 pounds ago and was stuffed away.

No. 741010


“ my sister doesn’t do porn,because she’s not disgusting!!!”!- moos sister

No. 741043


Do her neckbeards care about SU? It doesn't seem like a something they would fap at

No. 741067

Glad someone actually has something to contribute to my original comment. I wasn't even talking about her banging Asian men like the other anon said. I was talking about her circle of girlfriends becoming more and more Asian. It's just weird and I feel like she's using them for her new Kpop wannabe aesthetic.

No. 741074

File: 1576462841362.png (176.92 KB, 1000x980, flourite.png)

Honestly the paypigs don't care what costume she's wearing as long as her veiny pepperonis and cottage-cheese ass is out.

Although if she's gonna do SU, I can think of nothing more fitting than pic related.

No. 741078

Definitely not. The only to come out of this is seeing what awful paint job she'll have for whatever character she chooses. After the oni disaster I can only imagine what horrors we have waiting with this.

No. 741081

I thought the neckbeard that watch or give money to ethots hate SU, because it’s “SJW”?

No. 741089

>she's sexually harassed women

>ok hitler

i legit hate fucking coswhores and cosplay fame chasing bitches so much

No. 741092

I think she outgrew the jacket by the time it was finished. There were some pics a few threads back but no cosplay that I recall.

No. 741097

File: 1576469218216.jpeg (960.26 KB, 1242x1936, 5BCB9CEA-5533-44AB-959D-E66833…)

Did… did they edit her shoulders so they’re smaller? Can’t wait to see this misleading mess.

No. 741098

File: 1576469329795.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1203x2037, FA793B62-5AA3-41A0-9C62-DC6ED1…)

Flexing again. You should be saving that money for when your “career” dries up, Mariah.

No. 741100

It’s really weird because there’s a focus/sharpness on her face and her boday is blurry. It makes it look like her head was photoshopped on. oof

No. 741132

>when you have to buy yourself overpriced jewellery because no man on earth wants to date you

No. 741166

She replaced the Gucci choker she wore every day for 2 months, the one that suddenly disappeared..

No. 741167

Prob broke it given how she lives she likely slept in it and the chain snapped at a point. Whether because she left it lying around or in her sleep. Chances are she needed a new "look how wealthy I am." flex.

No. 741184

Realizing just her lip injections cost between 600-2000 for every time she goes, just for that one thing… I kinda realize how she's shitting her money away. But on her paetron she says money will go to cosplay, but she hasn't bought actual cosplays for months. With all the money she throws at her friends to buy them, she can actually commission someone else to make her cosplays or pay for classes to do it herself.

I know Momo wont leave the scene until she gets a heart attack/stroke from all the visceral fat she has… but it can't come soon enough

No. 741193

Can you guys stop tinfoiling about her pissing her money away. Bitch is making mre than she ever has. For fucks sake. Even with her trips, combined with everything she does on different socials and not to mention normal people buying sets from her site, she's making money and sustaining.

Her going nude has nothing to do with it. Her going nude has everything to do with most female cosplayers doing lewds and going into topless/nudes now. The market is so over saturated, but you have got to be joking not thinking Moo doesn't get as much attention as Nigri or other costhots. She spends money, but she is making WAY more than she ever has. Not to mention OnlyFans can do payouts every 7 days. She ould be getting weekly payouts from that depending on when people signed up AND she's one of the highest trafficked cosplayers on there if not THE highest. Seriously, stop sayng she's going broke or running out of money. None of that is even slightly happening. Her not doing straight cosplay and doing just nudes/lewds in normal outfits gets her more attention from normies on these sites and jesus christ if normie incels don't love fat/bbw/thicc because they will take anything.

No. 741194

Just want to add about when I said she gets as much attention as Nigri. Im not saying it HAS to be good attention, but dudes who see her photos don't care about whether or not she harassed people, edits.. Its the overall visual look. If they can get hard from it, they don't care.

No. 741200

File: 1576525632435.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, 34B32048-B8FA-4057-B7BC-31F992…)

24 going on 44… Looks like someone’s horny/drunk mother got ahold of the Polaroid again.

No. 741213

File: 1576530992229.png (1018.3 KB, 1548x2048, Screenshot_20191216-161402.png)

Honey, just wear the thong the way you're meant to. You can't seriously expect people to think your stomach is flat at your size.

No. 741261

It's just funny that the censorship is in the middle of her belly, hahahaha, those things hang lower than those paypigs standards

No. 741281

Shes hiding how obvious her stretch marks are due to her procedure that made them more apparent

No. 741336

Geez why are you caping so hard for her over finances. Bizarre.

We don't know how much she actually makes, because social blade is only an estimate. We also don't know how much she spends- we only see what she posts about, so she's probably spending even more than what we're directly aware of.

Also calling her as well-known as Nigiri? Uh, no. I clicked on a random picture on Nigiri's instagram and it had 170k likes. Moo gets about 2-3k likes on her pictures on average. If the negative press is earning her more neckbeard attention, it sure as shit isn't showing in the numbers.

No. 741369

I genuinely hate the “hi cow” thing but this post legitimately sounds like it could be Mariah lmao

The fat hanging under her yanked up underwear…. I can’t deal with this. Mariah wear your thing normally! It will STILL look better than this! Jesus fuck

No. 741396

It's definitely mooriah. No one, not even her cucks would blow that much smoke up her ass lmao.
>not to mention normal people buying sets from her site
Bitch with what proof?

>AND she's one of the highest trafficked cosplayers on there if not THE highest

Ok moo.

No. 741403

It's funny she's aware no one gives a shit for her "cosplays" or that she's a nerd. They just want to see her udders and that pays more. But she still calls herself a cosplayer because she's too ashamed to say she's just a cam girl now.
I thought you were proud of yourself Moo?

No. 741405

The only proof we need to say she's not 'sustaining' and 'making more money than she ever has' is simple:

If she was doing so well why would she need to dangle nudes and nipples and constantly go further and further with her stuff every month having to beg to get up to 2000 patrons if she was doing so well?

You literally contradict herself because if she was 'sustaining' and 'making more than she ever has' why would she need to do nudes in the first place? You dont see Nigri doing nudes or going any further than she has. She's the perfect example of 'sustaining' because she's literally doing the same shit she's BEEN doing for years now.

I'm sure moo is 'fine' with her money I wouldnt go as far to say that she's scraping by at any point BUT it's obvious that if her patreon/onlyfans got taken away from her she would immediately be in trouble monetarily. She obviously has very little savings if any.

No. 741406

Exactly this. She would still be doing shitty cosplays, not doing porn and e begging.
We can't even say she's proud of herself because just a year ago she was ripping on cam girls and people who have to sell nudes for a living. She only calls herself a cosplayer now because she doesn't want to be compared to "girls like that"

No. 741417

Moo makes almost 32k likes on average. The fuck are you talking about? You are completely out your ass with this shit.

No. 741418

Thats fine to think Im a 'hi cow', but Im not. Spergs come in here very few months and announce how many patrons she lost, but she is making more bank than ever. You aren't even factoring in the price per sub on onlyfans. Its complete tinfoil. Not everyone in these threads are Moo and a lot of us actually step back and assess shit rather than tinfoil and clog the thread up with nonsense because it makes you feel good to say she is losing money. She isn't losing money. Thats laughable as hell and she takes out money the first time of the pledge on Patreon too.

No. 741420

Yeah but to say she's as popular as Nigiri is a delusional joke. Infamy isn't the same. People who don't jerk it to her see her as a bad joke.

You can't even compare the two of them since they aren't in the same profession. And don't say "But Moo is a cosplayer!" because that ship sailed a long time ago.

No. 741424

Thots buy likes/follows all the time…also when you flash skin you're instantly getting likes materialized out of nowhere.
So..Umbran then.

No. 741464

File: 1576625711399.jpg (783.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191217-173517_Ins…)

No. 741468

File: 1576626813157.jpg (468.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191217-173519_Ins…)

No. 741470

Fortunately any time she tries to force a group together at a con it fails miserably. Can't wait to see her grope Marvin or Crimson Chin while the stupid fuck wears >>741464 though.

No. 741497

File: 1576638401480.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2035, F192C7B7-9584-4E34-94EA-5D9005…)

In Chicago apparently.

No. 741500

File: 1576639734266.png (3.57 MB, 1800x1092, 444B2845-4F56-493B-A42A-3F3024…)

No. 741502

File: 1576640052798.png (2.47 MB, 506x1800, 0122D2DC-D715-488D-9AC0-014B45…)

Ratty hair, back flab overlap, one massive thigh jutting out and what’s either her areola or a bruise poking out of her sports bra… This is just incredibly trashy. Nothing says “happy holidays” like an unkept hobo hooker in ill-fitting CK underwear.

No. 741504

unless you want to say she's a plot of land, the word you're looking for is unkeMpt. sorry, anon but i see this all the time lately and it makes me itch

No. 741506

Lol'd at her for trying to show off her lips with that profile photo, now that shit is so full of filler that it hangs over, even looks like she has prognathism

No. 741507

I know the word but sometimes my phone autocorrects at the worst possible moment. Not that big of a deal.

No. 741516


That lower lip is pitiful, she looks like a Neanderthal. Also lol at her stubby, chubby baby legs/feet.

No. 741521

I’m genuinely wondering how this women goes through several (botched) lipo’s while still remaining morbidly obese? has she found a self dx dissordurr that could somehow cause this cow wreck? Is she doing fat fetish modeling now? she looks like she’s gained like 30 pounds from last time I’ve checked.

No. 741543

File: 1576655284819.jpg (341.97 KB, 1073x1271, Screenshot_20191217-234731_Ins…)

Literalky looks like a mug shot. Why would she even post this

No. 741551

File: 1576657238726.jpg (33.87 KB, 499x208, 1576655941093.jpg)

It's not because she WANTS to do fat fetish stuff… more like…

No. 741567

You could deep fry an entire McDonald's menu with her face grease, christ

No. 741645

File: 1576693306189.jpg (676.86 KB, 1200x800, hWhtKkM.jpg)

sage for only half related to Moo but the pink wig for AX is in Arda's iron wig. Sad when now it's likely crushed in some storage bin.

No. 741658

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 741663

god new fags are stupid as fuck Moo wore that pink wig this AX. Read threads before showing how retarded you are.

No. 741696


When you have to beg for people to cosplay with you because you have no cosplay friends.

No. 741704

Because no one said it: she is/was currently in Chicago to visit Umbran. They are now in St Louis.

No. 741712

>expecting anyone to give a fuck about "iron wig" shit

i knew that, retard i was asking what it has to do with anything?

No. 741734

File: 1576717474893.jpg (441.79 KB, 2000x3000, wow.jpg)

not that anon but I think what they're trying to say is that's her baiken wig was on iron wig which is a competition for wig styling, meaning that anon was pointing out that the stylists effort and i guess "talent" is wasted on moo since she probably destroyed that wig within the weekend she wore it.

please sage your non milk posts and familiarize yourself with the rules. you draw attention to your posts when you're not properly abiding by the rules.

No. 741735

again, not a newfag, but this isn't relevant at all. i know what iron wig is, and this cosplay is old.

No. 741742

File: 1576718882333.png (790.56 KB, 919x592, hidinghams.png)

yes i am aware the cosplay is old but the original anon posted that because the wig she used for that cosplay was used in the iron wig competition.
that's it. the relevancy is that it's moo's wig.

im surprised they still pay her to do these ads despite all her infamy. she looks really haggard and the pose is so obviously forced to hide her giant hammy arms.

No. 741746

iron wig is a bullshit popularity contest so it doesn't matter either way. also, posting images negates sage. try changing how you type if you want to samefag too.

No. 741752

Original poster I posted for that reason, even saged cause I knew it was only half relevant as being her wig.

Not that anon but seriously stop being an autistic fuck and bumping the thread with non milk.

No. 741753

>tfw you still don't realize you didn't sage the thread at all since you posted a picture

No. 741791

File: 1576731438054.jpg (959.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191218-225717_Ins…)

No. 741793

Is this a Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys cosplay?

No. 741794

File: 1576732458817.png (92.6 KB, 720x691, Screenshot_2019-12-18-21-11-19…)

Explain to me why she bought a "condom cube" from ebay

No. 741798

whoever bet that the round glasses she constantly wore and then stopped until we recently mentioned it would make a reoccurrence, come claim your prize

No. 741803

So, it's a jewelry box.

Moo, you overpaid.

No. 741806

Moo's reading this and saying out loud
"I can afford to over pay. Sorry you can't sweet heart"
because she's legit that dumb and isn't mad at herself for being the idiot

No. 741811

jesus, that leg. some cellulite on your butt and thighs is completely normal but that?

No. 741830

What’s the difference between Moo and a Buffalo? About 350 lbs

No. 741831

But okay, why would she get this?
This being a "prop" is terrible
I'm tinfoiling that she and Squarenoodles are dating or on at least fuckbuddy terms.
He fits Moos criteria
>asian male
>was taken

No. 741862

is her hair breaking off more and more…? it is so fucking damaged it's probably falling off in clumps. i don't think i've seen her breakage THIS bad. and her fat face and big glasses make her eyes look so tiny and beady…she's looking worse and worse as the months go by holy fuck mariah

No. 741882

She wouldn't even brush or condition her hair when it was somewhat healthy. For some reason she thinks paying that Blaine guy to detangle her mop and touch up her roots every two months is enough.
This isn't the worst it's going to look.

No. 741897

Mariah just shave your fucking head and wear some nice wigs for a while. It'll look way better than the ratnest youre rocking.

No. 741915

File: 1576787283490.jpg (295.52 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20191219-142816_Ins…)

No. 741930

I didn't know Larry the Cable Guy transitioned into a woman!

No. 741963

as an ex hairdresser I can confidently say BUZZ IT MOO. if she walks into a salon with that and expects to come out happy she's delusional.
how did this happen, I thought she had a stylist waiting hand and foot on her?? is she just really that bad with personal upkeep and hygiene?

No. 741980

Is it just me or are her feet/ankles too big for her shoes to the point where she has to keep them unzipped…?

No. 742014

File: 1576829478745.jpeg (484.93 KB, 1241x1802, 430A14A0-C4A8-451E-A571-3C9915…)

Always fun having a wild cow sighting on my personal FB. Moo’s been trying to get my friend to cosplay with her for a while now, it’s sad.

No. 742015

File: 1576829511644.jpeg (523.31 KB, 1241x1755, 80F2037D-0BF5-4631-87DD-6382D4…)

No. 742016

File: 1576829649088.jpeg (416.42 KB, 1241x1759, 88CB5062-6EBD-4052-BE77-FB6D69…)

No. 742017

File: 1576829745006.jpeg (528.87 KB, 1241x1780, 4EAC6C5B-662B-4C82-A06D-5E8532…)

No. 742018

File: 1576829822131.jpeg (438.36 KB, 1241x1746, 5573303F-AEB9-4867-9310-71D7F8…)

Forgot to sage the previous one, sorry

No. 742019

fucking rip moo doesnt want to admit she's addicted to social media.

No. 742024

Goddamn Moo is a fucking idiot. It’s already apparent she can’t function without a phone being glued to her hand but seeing her do the mental gymnastics here is embarrassing.

Also, theaters here are not that packed. There are theaters I’ve gone to in Vegas for big movies on opening day and still maybe see a few people around. She just chooses to go to the popular luxury theaters that can accommodate her wide/flat ass. Like downtown Summerlin’s Regal… Besides, why does she care about Star Wars spoilers when she literally only shows interest in the property when it goes viral or someone dies so she can exploit it. (May Carrie rest in peace)

No. 742028

Jesus Christ, she needs to take her meds.

No. 742039

But didn’t she post spoilers too in the past?

No. 742044

Yes she has. She's one of those "don't post spoilers!! Unless I saw it first in which case I can post spoilers"
Also I'm dying at her saying "no one is throwing tantrums" as she personally throws a tantrum in this comment thread.

No. 742102

File: 1576880312572.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x2048, D93E5AAF-8F5B-496B-8853-D227EC…)

No. 742103

mariah you are 100 pounds overweight.

No. 742105

Being in your 200s with the non photoshopped/filtered/fitted wear body you have isn't "pudge", it isn't water weight, you are obese. You'll have to work off an entire healthy person basically.

No. 742111


How do her thighs go out further than her breasts, her knees must be suffering bad

No. 742128


She’s had that “holiday pudge” well before the holidays, lel.

No. 742129

File: 1576899062313.jpeg (759.94 KB, 1242x997, 3D0C6635-916D-4481-A3F4-18E755…)

You know, Squarecuck or whoever is doing the massive amount of photoshop on her sets needs to learn how to start doing it properly because It looks like Deviantart inflation porn.

No. 742135


Probably because she has chunky thighs and is wearing a sports bra because she's at a gym??? Please think the situation through before titpicking. We are redundant enough as is. Women typically aren't in a buxom-looking state when they're (supposedly) working out.

No. 742138


Shut the fuck up, it’s because of the lipo, it’s made her body uneven moron

No. 742140

have you even read what lipo does to your body if you gain weight?
Lipo removes fat cells. But if you gain weight after those cells have been removed, the weight has to go some where… And it goes to the fat cells still there that haven't been removed. So those cells swell up and create that monstrosity that is moo right now. That's why her back became a literal butt, and why her thighs are massive, and her arms are HUGE. Those areas even when treated with lipo don't have as great of a success as your stomach area.
She's always going to keep going on lipo every few months and eventually she'll become a total lumpy mess EVERYWHERE and it'll age her horribly (as all the anons can already tell).

No. 742232

File: 1576975280900.jpg (310.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191221-184104_Ins…)

No. 742235

File: 1576976385133.jpeg (36.54 KB, 600x451, 3AC79F10-763B-4A4C-8444-A82299…)

Kek her avatar looks like sexy squidward

No. 742267

File: 1576998251458.jpg (Spoiler Image, 759.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191222-010123_Ins…)

No. 742268

File: 1576998317281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191222-010125_Ins…)

No. 742274

File: 1577003132678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191222-002545_Red…)

No. 742275

File: 1577003213496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191222-002657_Red…)

No. 742317

This is fucking old

No. 742322

Not that still specifically. Just the stream. Someone called a clean shot. Stfu

No. 742346

Shes getting dangerously close to blow up doll lips here. She shouldve just gotten and lip lift and a smaller amount of fillers. It wouldve looked fucking great but here we are.

No. 742351

File: 1577050622350.jpg (582.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191222-153720_Ins…)

No. 742362


No. 742367

She looks sad. Not just busted looking, just.. she has no spark to her eyes. Just empty.

No. 742405

Something about her face / expression is horrible. She looks legitimately special needs here. It's so off-putting.

No. 742411

she looks 55 here, wtf

No. 742415

God she looks like a slob here. And why is she insisting on always wearing glasses she doesn’t need? Is she going for the “mom” look since she wants her fans to think she’s into it?

No. 742417

to be fair, so would you if you had to sell nudes for a living and pay people to be your friends amongst other things

No. 742455

File: 1577112217813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.83 KB, 576x768, polaroid.jpg)

Just miserable

No. 742460


That thick hair on the photo ew.
Also, bitch looks dead here. She absolutely hates her life.

No. 742470

With her busted hair and the greasy look her body has, she looks like she has the flu
Her tits look so sad when she isn't lifting them with her arms…

No. 742476

love the curled pube left on the photo like a momento momo was here

No. 742479

is that a pube, just why

No. 742485

Her face is getting so round she looks like a muppet now lol.

No. 742505

I mean selling nudes can be fun if that’s what you did from the start. She is being forced out of Lewd content because her “fans” are sick of her shit.(namefag)

No. 742516

i'm kinda hoping it's just a cat hair. she has a black cat after all, and all four must be shedding everywhere

No. 742519

That’s not what cat hair looks like anon

No. 742524

The way it's curled omfg that is absolutely a pube God why is she so gross it's a talent really.

No. 742558

she's not forced, the's a lazy cunt who doesn't wanna put in any effort in actual cosplay craft. She fucked herself over by being a disgusting person all around dont blame that on her brainless fans

No. 742604

oh i was looking at the wrong thing. there's a hair right above her logo in the bottom right. I didn't notice that definite pube on the picture, ew.

No. 742633

File: 1577216402741.png (3.37 MB, 1800x1508, A6D855AE-B731-47A9-95B9-53F838…)

Anyone else think she’s only doing this “mommy” crap as an excuse to continue being a no-effort lazy cunt? There’s going to be a point where her idiot fans are going to stop paying to see her Jabba-esque sets when they’ll find better shit elsewhere, from a model who puts slightly more effort into their job instead of banking on the notion that men will fund her lifestyle simply because she’s “Momokun”.

No. 742634

File: 1577216688234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.41 KB, 1080x715, ggcev88gwm641.jpg)

No. 742636


Bitch you are like 22 or 23, you are no ones momma, and you need your own to step back in lmao

No. 742637

the mom fetish is her excuse for looking like a busted middle aged woman

No. 742640

nah it's cause she's realizing she's ugly.

No. 742661

more like meemawkun

No. 742667

God, she really can’t be bothered to fix her ratty broken hair for anything huh? It looks as though it would tear off like cotton candy if brushed lol

No. 742702

It seems the stylists that were kissing her ass simply refused to add more chemicals to her compromised hair. They darkened her hair to help hide the damage, and I'm sure they wanted to cut it. But it seems Moo is fine with it breaking off in giant clumps every time she brushes it. Now she's more scared to brush it than usual.
But no conditioners, no hair masks, just letting those dry rags hang off her hair as she waits for it to grow back.

No. 742731

they'll be tossed to the side if they don't do what she says.

No. 742834

What is with the surge of e-thots sharing her again? She’s still cancelled, no one uncancelled her

No. 742837

File: 1577392476608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191226-143448_Pat…)

From patreon.

No. 742841

File: 1577395750877.jpg (970.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191226-152903_Ins…)

No. 742851

>starts doing nudes and showing her entire breasts
also moo:
>i want to cosplay from this kids show that tumblrinas like!

is she tryin to appeal to libfems or something since she's losing all her fans?

No. 742881

It's dead, Jim.

No. 742896

File: 1577414274196.png (9.8 MB, 1242x2208, A0240C74-47AD-4816-85DB-41B6BB…)

Issa no from me….

No. 742908

Looks like someones taking pictures of their middle aged vegetable mom for profit

No. 742912

File: 1577419933483.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.12 KB, 938x1250, IMG_5078.JPG)

From patreon

No. 742913

File: 1577420016376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 324.86 KB, 938x1250, IMG_5079.JPG)

No. 742914

Fuck I can't believe she uploads these and thinks 'yeah these look good'

No. 742916

File: 1577421415535.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x2016, 40EB27C3-B951-4E4B-BDD0-7F7A0F…)

Who are the people that ask for this?

Someone tell her to close her mouth. She looks retarded.

No. 742918

wtf is going on in the bottom right corner?

No. 742919

samefag, it’s her tattoo i’m retarded. it looked like a mass of wrinkled skin

No. 742920

Which of these characters could she possibly cosplay?
>She's too short and pale for Garnet
>Way too fat for Pearl
>Too old, fat, and pale for Connie
>Refuses to do crossplay, so no Steven
>None of these costumes are "sexy"

I guess should could do Amethyst, but that requires the self-awareness for moo to admit that she's as disgusting and unpopular as Amethyst lmao

Also is she just seeing this movie now? It came out ages ago.

No. 742924

Shes more flexible than I thought she would be.

No. 742927

File: 1577423777428.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.18 MB, 960x1280, u3wJTTa.webm)

i truly dont know what to say anymore.

No. 742935

God her lips make her already terrible ahegao face even worse.

No. 742937

This is the most unsexy thing I've ever seen.
It's like she showed her boobs so now she's just all in. Her cucks are gonna get bored quick and she'll have to start doing more and more to keep their attention.
I honestly believe she'll be doing masturbation videos by the end of 2020

No. 742943

File: 1577428685780.jpeg (1.78 KB, 174x100, download (2).jpeg)

its uncanny

No. 742947

Why do her nipples look so awkward? And man its funny to think early Mariah would think this Mariah to be a slut since she's showing her tits. She's pretty dumb for putting herself in this predicament because people will get bored quickly and she'll have to resort to going further.

She could have sat on her ass teasing looks and still making bank.

No. 742948

She looks like she has a stuffed nose and messily ate Bolognese sauce with that orange, forever open mouth. And she should get that tit bruise checked.

My personal 2020 prediction is a breast lift (and maybe implants).

No. 742960

All the zits under her boob flap is making me sick

No. 742961

And here I thought she was going to be a stubborn bitch and continue to tease the cucks but she caved pretty fast once she saw that money roll in. It won’t last now that they got what they wanted and she’ll have to go further into porn to fund her lifestyle since we know she’d rather die than work a normie job.

No. 742964


Can you embed the video into the post please

No. 742965

it's a webm, it's embedded - can you not play it?

No. 742972

It's reduction scarring, anon.

I know titpicking is inevitable since she's finally showing off those monstrosities, but seriously…

No. 742973

its kill

No. 742979

they’re probably on an iphone which doesn’t let you watch embedded webms. they have to be downloaded instead

No. 742984

File: 1577456732307.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 440x588, 20191227_091336.gif)

No. 742987

Let's be real, it was only a matter of time until she did a video with the 'tits dropping from top' that many women with biger breasts do.

Saged for no milk, but dies anyone know the background song? It sounds familiar

No. 742988

nta but some of that shit is clearly acne. not on her actual tits, but her torso.

No. 742989

Wonder how the few idiots who bought her never nudes shirt feel now

No. 742992

Younger Mariah was always a slut she just never wanted to be labeled a thot. She's way too excited to drop those sandbags, even when she was pretending to be shy showing off her no ass in her early Black Cat lingerie. Being a whore is what brings her joy. Also the skank needs to replace any Christmas money she spent so this trash isn't unexpected. Even in the video she won't let them fully hang bc how far they'll droop, gotta keep them pushed together with those obese arms or upright with the ugly claws. Compare the massive girth of her waist in the video to her hella edited onsen nudes, bitch is huge. Disgusting cunt always licking cum off her anus lips, sure makes Momma&Daddy Momo proud huh Mariah hope the money is enough for your enormous greed bitch

No. 742996

Came here to see some good content but instead got nothing but a bunch of nitpicking whiney females. Lol pathetic, I'm out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742998

That’s like 90% of what the milk is with this cow. Boring af

No. 743005

Her tits are so awful that it's going to turn into a banned nitpick but god at least this confirmed her nipples weren't photoshopped or copied/pasted on higher and it's just an unfortunate boob job. It's clear now why she didn't want to show them. They look like when someone has a mastectomy and then get nipples tattooed on.

No. 743008


lol I’d love to hear what you classify as “good content”.

No. 743009

they didn't look like this in her leaked nudes. it's probably because they got fatter again.

>inb4 anons complain about calling the areola+nipples just the nipple

you know what we mean.

No. 743011


The way her tit skin sticks together before they fall apart… gross.

No. 743027

I was expecting it to be bad but it's really not. The bbw chasers wouldn't turn down those tits, considering other bigger girls who don't have accessibility to plastic surgery would be saggier and have larger areola. It's interesting to see the lollipop scars where she had her nipples raised up on her breast, and seeing the natural shape where they clearly would have been pointing downward.
She's playing into her demographic here, her neckbeards will eat this shit up regardless. She looks genuinely happy doing it, so maybe being paid to be slutty will actually suit her for once compared to her other ventures that required effort.

No. 743028

areola size is genetic though…

plus they don't look that good, she's just manipulating the angles to make them look better, we've seen how they look normally.

No. 743029

Could you at least google it before replying with something you think you know off the top of your head? Areola size can absolutely change with weight gain, it is not only genetically determined, no.
I said I don't think they look too bad, I don't have to change my mind for you.

No. 743040

No one (including you) is saying weight gain can't change the size, but fatties or women with big boobs don't automatically have huge areola, you tard. You're getting way too defensive over moo's sandbags, you must have tits like hers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 743045

Fat girls will generally have bigger areola.

You're the contrarian type of autist who gets way too aggressive over comments that don't always completely shit on Moo the way you want. Weh weh. No1curr.

No. 743048

They‘re right though. Moo had relatively small nipples to begin with so obviously she won’t get huge pancake nipples when she gains weight, regardless of the extent.

Besides this:
>she's just manipulating the angles to make them look better, we've seen how they look normally
Once she stops propping them with her arms, her nipples are just as droopy as you’d expect them to be. >>731184 for reference.
Her tits are average at best. Get over it.

No. 743050

>They're average at best.
Considering anon called them "not bad" I think she can live with that.

Are you salty costhots done derailing?

No. 743051

why do her tits always look so firm?

No. 743072