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File: 1575055861188.jpeg (591.99 KB, 2048x2048, 74127E9E-A22D-46EE-8B07-763A63…)

No. 735710


>Constantly posting screenshots of random DM conversations. Usually random thirsty men that most women would ignore, but ol Vic will take any attention she can get.

>Still claiming to be fulled booked for a year, while also offering last minute slots for “got inked”.

>Constantly posting photos or videos of her body (clearly edited) to prove she’s TOTALLY NOT FAT YOU GUYS

>Ripped off an artist and butchered his work with her shit tattooing.

>Farmers suspect she might be back with her Ex BF who is 10 years younger than her.

>Posts how women should uplift women more, while in the same breath, can’t help but attack women for being women.

>Im nOT LiEk OthER gIrLS

>Has to remind men that she’s turned town many billionaires and rockstar’s proposals, so you don’t have a chance. She’s sooooo picky you guys.

>Knows matrix-keanu kung fu and is a blackbelt in all the martial arts.

>Did a shitty editing job on a recent photo which gave herself 2 retinas in each eye. Someone commented on it saying “the editing on the eyes is crazy” and Vic chimped out, reminded everyone her eyes reflect AMAZINGLY. It’s called sunlight, you jealous cunts.

>Trading ink for car rides, shack renovations, anything that Vic can’t afford because she’s a broke bitch.

>Muh INTJ personality~

>Posted more cringe-worthy and milky sword-flinging video.

>Claimed her body type is what all women desire and use surgery to achieve. Despite her real body type being a fridge with flat tits.

>Double tang sword wilder

>Continues to suck her own asshole despite being an average looking women in her 30s, living in a dumpy apartment and having no friends.


>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

>Has been caught stealing other artists work. Traced off of her laptop and then (poorly) tattooed on her victims. " High-end, custom tattoos"

>Despite charging $3000 per hour for modelling, decided to volunteer as a self-proclaimed "hot merch girl" at a show that hosted less than 100 people. Wore the same crusty outfit that she always does.

>Her been attempting to stir up drama with random women from her past to justify her bad reviews

>Claims to be booked solid until the end of next year, while simultaniously e-begging for clients/appointments on Facebook every other day.

>Claims to be wealthy and a person who "has lived in many mansions" and has also been caught begging clients for deposits early through facebook messenger.

>Is constantly sharing screenshots of guys "hitting on her" trying to prove that shes "wifey material" and not like other girls.

>May have created sock instagram accounts to DM compliments to herself and then post them.

>Is still single and can't even hold down a man 10 years younger than her.

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Is the proud owner of the lowest rated tattoo shop in a 50 mile radius. Was nominated for exactly zero awards in her local readers choice.


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder



No. 735711

Long time poster- first thread. Apologies if it's not great. Couldn't deal with the garbage OP the last anon made.

No. 735714

File: 1575056494465.jpeg (275.18 KB, 693x544, chonky ditto.jpeg)


Thank you anon! Re posting this because it was in the full thread

Another grainy video where her body changes shapes if you watch it in slow mo. Pointless upside down crown to hide the rest of her. Back arched to high heavens while sucking in with all her might. Torso and ass change shape. Here she’s knocking on her ribs saying her abs make this sound now. First of all that’s not where abs are Vicky and didn’t she find those grosssssss??? But judging by her shitty tattoos and horrible shoops it’s a known fact she knows jack shit about human anatomy.

No. 735719

Didn’t catch a few auto-corrects but oh well.

Silly anon, don’t you know Vicky knows everything about anatomy? She just flexes so amazingly it changes her entire skeletal structure.

No. 735734

>Has to remind men that she’s turned town many billionaires and rockstar’s proposals, so you don’t have a chance. She’s sooooo picky you guys.
Lmao yup, she only dates idiots who have minimum wage jobs and are 10 years younger than her cause you know… super high standards.

Thanks for the new thread anon! Last one was absolute trash.

No. 735747

File: 1575066893594.jpeg (561.15 KB, 1242x992, 709C139B-2471-4030-802C-DC79CB…)

>to all those who love ME

Lmao she is such a fucking narc. She didn’t write a paragraph about people she loves. She wrote about how everyone benefits HER. Thank god for all her neckbeard followers or else she would be a nobody.
All your likes helps her believe there is good in this world.

No. 735779

Can someone please explain what she means when she says she can “hit a target blindfolded two inches off”??? Like she’s stopping short of actually hitting it, and that’s a big damn hairy deal because she’s blindfolded and using her ultra-developed ninja senses to know where to stop and that’s why she keeps yammering on about it?

No. 735781

File: 1575074398503.jpg (94.26 KB, 1049x1280, IMG_20191129_173802_733.jpg)

Yay a new Vicky thread! Here's something I found the other day on one of her client's Facebook posts. Vic complaining about someone else's camera work lol

No. 735783

File: 1575074511524.jpg (101.96 KB, 910x1280, IMG_20191129_174122_441.jpg)

Here's neckbeard Vic

No. 735786

File: 1575074821321.jpg (91.73 KB, 807x1280, IMG_20191129_174623_160.jpg)

Victoria doesn't think about us actively

No. 735789

File: 1575074961593.jpg (74.48 KB, 812x1280, IMG_20191129_174754_284.jpg)

Vicky is a major model who is big online

No. 735791

Well Vick, you're sitting at home alone on a Friday night looking through some girls profile and making fun of her hair. Guess you're the ugly af stalker chick. And how is she gonna post >>735786 then follow it up with this trash. You're clearly bothered by what people say if you're not only discussing it, but looking through their profiles.

No. 735798

She’s so delusional that she can’t accept other models could possibly be successful and have a following. No, they’re jealous of Vic, copy her style (fucking LOL), stalk her and buy followers. And they get plastic surgery to get the same body as Vic.

She’s so threatened by other women for just existing. I’ll bet she’s the type of woman who considers a guy looking at porn “cheating”.

No. 735802

File: 1575077118306.jpg (84.06 KB, 808x730, Bottom_Pupils.jpg)

Her pupils aren't in the center of her iris

No. 735804

File: 1575077456427.jpg (617.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191129_202944.jpg)

Looks like Vic forgot to shoop out a fat roll and accidentally shooped braces on her teeth.

No. 735809

File: 1575077815203.png (612.28 KB, 1280x1798, smooth.png)

One of the comments on this photo. Victoria is impressed by the words of Drew420

No. 735810

File: 1575078079603.jpg (105.29 KB, 798x1280, IMG_20191129_183830_715.jpg)

This is what Victoria likes in a man. Super picky.

No. 735831

File: 1575081279032.jpeg (37.46 KB, 640x503, 8B5DE974-DB37-4ABC-9784-8E53DD…)


Ya she stole that tattoo here’s the original lmao

No. 735845

how is that picky

No. 735858

A haa, of course it's stolen. How does she manage to get away with this terminal illegitimacy?

No. 735861

She doesn't get away with it, that's why she has the lowest rated shop in her whole area.

No. 735867

File: 1575088686156.jpg (274.06 KB, 1072x804, 20191129_233709.jpg)

Created a whole section called "stalkers" and took all these screenshots because SHE TOTALLY DOESN'T CARE

No. 735868

yea i think she's trying to humble brag how close she can come to hitting a target while blindfolded. including it in this cringey word vomit seems off though, like it has nothing to do with the rest of the stuff she's talking about.

the giant letter spelling correction when it's shitty in so many other places. also i like how she now has a dedicated highlight story on instagram about ~stalkers~. ppl wouldn't even know about them if she wasn't constantly talking about them.

No. 735894

File: 1575092323867.jpeg (894.02 KB, 1242x1947, C7DB42D7-4D2E-4E7C-86B8-EB764F…)

Well, the original design is by an artist named Darrell Thorne, so that tattoo was probably stolen aswell. There are two different bear paw prints by him that are widely popular.


Link to his webshop with some backstory.

No. 735899

What exactly is posted under “stalkers”? I’m so curious. Photos of other girls “copying” her?

But she’s sooooo unbothered you guys.

No. 735913

Just pictures of the 2 people she think are responsible for this message board. She doesn’t think anyone else in the world could possibly think she’s a complete bellend.

No. 735918


Pretty bold of her to talk about bangs when she’s rocking the scene comb over to hide the fact she has the most unfortunate hairline I’ve ever seen in my life. She needs to lay off the hair bleach and oxyclean

No. 735921

Sounds like a good way to get banned from IG lol. Accusing people of stalking with absolutely zero proof.

She accuses so many people of stalking and constantly stalking, that it makes me think she’s the actual stalker. Vic projects like no one I’ve ever seen before. Not that she stalks these girls per-say, but maybe ex boyfriends or some shit.

Total tinfoil though. And since she doesn’t have a DL or even a car, I suspect it’s purely internet stalking.

No. 735943

It was a joke. It's not picky at all but she says she's turned down many men and marriage proposals for being too picky

No. 735944

File: 1575115722651.jpg (72.16 KB, 1280x743, IMG_20191130_050742_091.jpg)

"Our" Black Friday sale. I thought her apprentice was gone

No. 735945

> fully booked for a year

No. 735947

That's…not how tattoos work. You pay for size, intricacy, and experience. You do not pay by the hour. Can this idiot do anything right? Fully booked for a year. Surejan.gif

No. 735958

Paying by the hour is definitely a valid way that plenty of people use, especially on bigger pieces… go off, tho.

No. 735979

File: 1575126572891.jpg (118.42 KB, 821x1280, IMG_20191130_080723_261.jpg)

Can't figure out what she's saying here. She doesn't post pics with her romantic partners because…?

No. 735984

Eh? Every tat I've ever received was billed by the hour.

No. 735988

Hourly is a valid way to price tats but the way she's advertising it seems kinda off because what the person wants etc can change the time/cost/etc. It's weirdly impersonal

No. 736003

I think she's saying that the dudes she banging don't brag about her or get 'cute' pictures with her.
Probably because the ones she bangs don't want to be pictured with the one night stand from the night before that smells like ham and Jack Daniels and won't shut up about herself.
That Matt dude seemed to talk about her and included her in his bio or whatever but I get the vibe she such a narc that she thinks she can bag better, so she keeps him as a friend's with benefits kinda deal in case something better comes along. So that way she has his asspat comments on her statuses and photos and she can still be down to fuck when she lonely drunk posting.
Matt is like what Ryan is to Raven Sparks. A fill in crutch.

As pathetic as he is, I actually feel sorry for him in a way. It's sad to see him posting a comment as soon as some other neckbeard makes a flirty comment on one of her photos. He's no looker, but he's like a decade younger and I hope he wises up that old Vick is a dead end.

No. 736006

Whoops misread her post.
She actually just saying that she won't get photos with guys because she's sooo picky but we know that it's because-
1-There is no guys that will except that Matt guy and random neckbeards from bars she pretends are her 'bromigos'
2-She doesn't like taking candids with others or for them to post it because she won't be able to shoop it. Plus she's so insecure I can imagine her panicking that she won't get enough validation from the middle aged neckbeards on her Facebook and Insta if she starts posting photos with men she's fucking.

No. 736011


What is this and why does it exist?
I don't think I've ever seen it in any other Vicky thread.

It could be a troll but looks like it's written by her.

No. 736015

File: 1575136701394.jpg (167.42 KB, 1263x1280, IMG_20191130_105625_960.jpg)

I'm loling. I found this third Facebook of hers called Victoria Bella-Morte tattoos. She doesn't update it very much. Found this post. She's thorough about what she sets on the tattoo table.

No. 736018

Yea this was posted in an older thread and she got called out because there’s no “health board of Canada”

When she mentions things like “neurosurgeon” It makes me laugh. Because she’s implying well-educated and smart individuals are going to her shack to get tattooed. I’ll bet some dude said that he was a neurosurgeon (and wasn’t) to impress her and Vic used it to fuel her ego.

No. 736019


She tells the person she’s accusing of this thread to grow up you’re 33. Vic should take her own advice and grow up because she’s 32 and lies about her whole life and photoshops her gut away

No. 736057

File: 1575151360537.png (571.43 KB, 808x596, abs.png)

This was in reply to her saying she doesn't want gross "lower" abs. I can't get over how rude she is to anyone who comments something she doesn't like. She is so bothered by anyone who isn't an adoring neckbeard.

No. 736059

If that had been a woman she would have been a bigger bitch.
>if you focused more on my posts YOU WOULD KNOW because I constantly need to post about my totally-not-fat body. How dare you not pay attention to everything I do? I’m clearly a professional as I’ve been doing this for years. You’re so sweet tho

No. 736115

shut up you fat idiot jeez

No. 736124


For someone who’s shaped like a Twinkie she sure talks out her ass a lot she’s so unbearable no wonder she doesn’t have friends her age

No. 736171

It's a role-play forum from 2011. It's probably not her. The name is a coincidence because she acts like an edgy Mary Sue from 2011.

No. 736189

>edgy Mary Sue from 2011
This is honestly a good description of her in general. Icy eyes, perfect body that normal women can't attain, Matrix-style sword skills, pursued by millionaires and rock stars from around the world. Her entire personality is like one of those circa 2008 OC sheets from livejournal.

I do hope she outgrows it at some point, but it's so unbelievably funny that there's someone walking around who encompasses all of the cringy parts of the 2000s internet, complete with terrible photo quality and editing.

No. 736226

File: 1575180388572.jpeg (113.13 KB, 828x641, 6A4823B9-6EAA-4CC1-9A40-4EB5BE…)

Anyone know the milk about this? Vicky is wacko

No. 736241

Like I said, pretty sure Vic is the stalker. She’s clearly harassing this person and stalking her social media lol. She’s unhinged.
Vicky is doing a great job of making herself look like a bully with these comments and her “stalker” highlights.

No. 736296

File: 1575208666508.webm (1.08 MB, 480x792, pigtails.webm)

No. 736310

I searched this girl on Instagram and it seems like her profile is gone. Looks like Vicky, the up lifter of all women, has bullied her off of social media without having real proof she’s on these boards. Just that she looked at her story. Vicky proves herself to be the main mean girl that consumed by these threads more and more everyday.

No. 736311

File: 1575217081889.png (485.32 KB, 1280x1481, slipknotshirt.png)

At first I thought this guy was teasing her but he's the client that got a Vic face surrounded by serpents tattooed onto him.

No. 736313

File: 1575217473187.jpg (113.65 KB, 1280x986, IMG_20191201_091955_754.jpg)

She also posted this comment about him cheating on her because he had ink done by another artist, after getting a tattoo from her. Idk if this is normal for tattoo artists to joke about so this might be a nitpick.

No. 736315

Nothing about this is normal. Every (decent) artist has their own style and understands that they can’t do everything. No artist that I have ever had work from would comment this crap.

No. 736318

File: 1575221605583.jpeg (136.17 KB, 685x434, 32F1DAEC-2E78-4776-8FF9-6219E9…)


Don’t know why you’d want to go back when that’s how the tattoo looks after some healing. From trash to future laser removal

No. 736319

File: 1575221715018.jpeg (281.46 KB, 480x715, 97198EC1-88B1-4ADB-AB24-5B17C3…)

I can’t with her dead hair scene combover and round potato face

No. 736326

That is a fucking brutal heal. She shouldn't be legally allowed to mangle people like this.

No. 736331

don't get tattoos, why DO they get so fuzzy and indistinct?

No. 736333

if it is over-detailed and too small, like that dragon one, it'll start to blur together and look like shit more quickly than if it was like 3x bigger. granted it still will, but it will take way less time. the more crazy detailed you want something, the bigger it kinda has to be.

No. 736334

Not to mention nothing vic has ever tattooed has come out looking cohesive and clear. Everything she does looks like it's been aging for 5 years already.

No. 736337

I think there are a few factors. Not a tattoo artist but I have a few tattoos. From my understanding, this can happen because of overworking the skin and/or using the wrong kind of needles. Small work like this needs a very specific type of needle. Otherwise your just putting too much ink into the skin. And over working it will cause the ink to spread out. Or “blowout”. Sometimes blowouts happen because of the location on the body too.

No. 736342

How exactly is a screenshot of someone viewing your video evidence of anything?

No. 736345

I wonder if it’s the same girl that wrote the bad review about her on Google? Looks like it’s been taken down

No. 736350

She might have changed her username as well, to get icky vicky to stop stalking and harassing her

No. 736351

File: 1575231564398.webm (1.16 MB, 480x792, snowmans.webm)

"Nothing about this is normal." I loled.

Vic posted 3 new pixelated videos today. They're all pretty much the same.

No. 736352

She is just in love with her shooped self, isn't she?

No. 736357

File: 1575234824790.jpeg (165.86 KB, 828x1164, 5D7EB724-2D4C-4902-B614-72C354…)

“Why do I like my eyes so much here”
Girl needs to get off her own dick.

Not a pore in sight. The amount of filter on these photos… nobody’s face looks like this.

No. 736362

Bitch is abusing the Snow app

No. 736368

File: 1575238211771.jpg (82.59 KB, 1280x1102, IMG_20191201_150927_757.jpg)

No. 736371

File: 1575240374764.jpeg (48.03 KB, 373x500, 3D6ADF8B-25D3-41ED-A56E-89796B…)


“I usually need convincing”

No. 736376

all those filters and her hair still looks so dry and crunchy.

nice find anon! this is probably heavily edited but she looks much better here than in her final fantasy shoops.

No. 736383

Needs convincing to be photographed with her partners, but gets naked online with her partners.

No. 736384

I love how the only people who comment on her statuses are thirsty neckbeards with the most generic kind of "I bet you have to beat the guys off with a stick, ha ha!" compliments. Everyone else probably gets deleted because they're jealous haters.

No. 736430

File: 1575249647896.jpeg (445.4 KB, 750x923, 8777E7CF-3263-408F-B8C7-1FCE88…)


What the fuck at the nose shoop lmao

No. 736431

This is shopped to hell and back but I think he’s emo swoop is covering part of her nose

No. 736439

oh no she kissed a man

No. 736541

File: 1575278233874.jpg (77 KB, 779x1279, IMG_20191202_021614_553.jpg)

I love how she always thanks these internet dudes for wanting to fuck her

No. 736572

Why does she feel the need to post these dumb interactions she has with neckbeards?

No. 736578

will any of these goddamn people ever use the correct "your"

No. 736584

she thinks it's a sign of desirability to be craved by so many men. she probably thinks it's something rare to have your inbox full of thirsty dudes

No. 736594

I think one of the creepier aspects of this whole social media presence is the level of autoeroticism. She objectifies and sexualizes this edited version of herself to such a massive extent it's hard to believe she's straight.

No. 736600

I think she's just a narcissist

No. 736601

File: 1575307834719.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1131, 1205B33D-1B12-4FEA-9B24-5FD737…)

Saw this from one of her fans in a pic comment. made her teeth look worse.

No. 736649

File: 1575318867017.png (1.81 MB, 1242x2208, D9188DCF-EC35-48F8-A279-71E14F…)


No. 736652


Pretty sure shes envious she can’t do this herself because she’s a fat old hag. Also taking pictures of yourself and shopping them then calling is a ~photo shoot~ doesn’t make you a model either you fucking dolt

No. 736657

Ah this status. If you scroll down to the comments you'll see she doesn't know who Camille Paglia is lol. Vic went to Stanford and Yale.

No. 736658

Funny how for such a "fit" person she almost never posts post workout selfies, or the workout equipment she uses, or even a normal picture of her body. Wonder if she even owns a sports bra lmao. Also funny how she never makes promos or collabs with any brands since she's "so famous"

No. 736659

File: 1575320740318.jpg (72.25 KB, 789x1280, IMG_20191202_140446_460.jpg)

Why does she keep saying we need a VPN to see that video? It's literally just right there on her Instagram lol

No. 736660

File: 1575320913008.jpg (76.1 KB, 795x1279, IMG_20191202_140639_526.jpg)

LOL guys Vic doesn't really call herself famous
>Your your a model

No. 736661

What a boss babe! What happened to women lifting up other women? She has such a hateboner for sex workers it’s ridiculous. The best of these girls get paid for doing practically nothing and Icky has to post gross DMs from thirsty neckbeards daily to show everyone she’s worth something. and she’s still somehow the one with integrity?

No. 736666

File: 1575321838776.jpg (77.98 KB, 639x900, foothand.jpg)

New Vicpic!

No. 736667

Does she only own 3 pieces of clothing? Those shorts and those socks are in 80% of her photos lately; they must smell awful.

No. 736675


Yikes, you guys are making vicky seem sane by suggesting that sex work is glamorous or something to envy

No. 736708

I don’t think anyone is saying it’s glamorous or something to envy, but I do have a few friends that apart of this industry. They LOVE their job, and I don’t think Vicky should be saying anything about their work or putting anyone down. Which she’s done on many occasions for YEARS. Seems more like she’s jealous that these women get paid for being desirable more than anything.
She always talks about uplifting women, unless they’re prettier than her or go against her “logic” and this is a prime example.

No. 736709

File: 1575328540203.jpeg (98.67 KB, 780x1030, DBAD2693-E775-4538-AAB1-FB11CF…)

What happens when you try and save money by doing your own hair. It’s purple with a yellow band.

What happens when you drink, smoke and don’t take care of your teeth.

No. 736717

File: 1575330455392.jpeg (401.75 KB, 828x1521, FB1CBB9E-6329-45AD-B6B6-0D3558…)

A)this girl has too much time on her hands.
B) for a BUSY, sought after tattoo artist, she’s lacking any art.

No. 736718

It's that vick comments on it at all like the thirsty bitch she is. She posts neckbeard's messages treating her like a whore and brags about them, then she talks about how she's dated billionaires yet she wants to judge others?

And let's be honest >>736649 I think Vick would suck plenty of D to get an ass like that without photoshop. Too bad for her it takes money, gym, self care and diet.

No. 736733

File: 1575332106442.jpeg (288.83 KB, 812x822, 25C29E11-2C15-4989-91B6-E55DDE…)


Did she seriously just mirror the background she shooped herself into

No. 736734

SHE DID. This girl is too damn much. She’s not even trying anymore.

No. 736745

Isn't that whole country a forest/national park? WTF?

No. 736747

Did Frankie take these pictures?

No. 736750

Frankie, the photographer that’s been taking her photo for years? The same one that can’t be found anywhere and isn’t following her on Instagram? Or vis versa .
The photographer that pays her $3000 an hour to model her same socks and shorts she’s been wearing for years? Oh yeah. Looks like Frankie’s work

No. 736754

From what I know, Guelph is an industrial shithole. However, I live in Toronto and there are multiple forested areas near my area. The most likely reason is that it's too fucking cold to go out in a flimsy top and those crusty shorts. Speaking of those shorts, pretty sure they're the same ones as the ones in the OP pic, sans belt. Boy do they not fit even remotely similar to the shopped pics.

No. 736757


The only “Frankie photography” that exists from my searching is in Michigan and they’re a wedding photographer.
Or one in australia. Other than that, there’s no such thing online.
So it’s either a stand or one of her sketchy Guelph friends.

No. 736771

why is the background so slanted? also the top of her hair is super blurry, probably to hide the yellow roots and how damaged it is.

even other scratchers have more tattoo pix than she does, why even link this account to her ~ink~, just make it a personal page.

No. 736773

It's a self timer, anon.

No. 736853

File: 1575349535177.png (2.7 MB, 1450x900, magicshorts.png)

This is hilarious. No wonder she doesn't post multiples of the same "set" because her edits are all over the place. I decreased the contrast a bit to make it easier to see, but it's like a game of spot the difference. The hair color, the hair flower, the necklace, the headband, the eyelashes, and whatever is going on with those shorts.

Imagine going through all the effort to shop yourself onto this boring background when you could've just gone to an actual park.

No. 736857

File: 1575350673115.jpeg (61.56 KB, 243x378, D98C52E7-55E1-4444-8BB7-1CB331…)


She’s so sloppy and these shoops into random backgrounds always look so obvious because the lighting doesn’t ever make fucking sense she’s such a loser

No. 736874


I feel like an idiot for not realizing this sooner: vic is fake messaging herself for screenshots. That's why they all spell the same and perfectly suit whatever narc sperg she's having that day.

Reminds me of several threads ago when she got busted for wking herself pretending to be several diff people.

No. 736879


Hmmmm I don’t think that’s true. All uggos get thirsty messages from men, being flirted with doesn’t make her special

No. 736888

The spanx go UNDER your clothes Vicky.

No. 736906

Frankie is her infamous photographer that only works for her. Aka the self timer. She hasn't said his name since we saw she had the timer remote in her hand during one of "Frankie's" originals.

No. 736929

File: 1575378639695.jpg (112.42 KB, 668x1280, IMG_20191203_060924_098.jpg)

Daily "support women!" post from Vic here

No. 736964

File: 1575390308806.jpeg (75.47 KB, 818x352, CB76F91E-F960-463A-AB35-0823FF…)

How many hours of tattooing do you think Vicky offered this girl to write this weird ass comment.

No. 736968

amazing how someone's actual ass managed to write this

No. 736994

I died anon

No. 737040

File: 1575410681603.jpeg (124.59 KB, 748x800, 80362BE8-627A-40FA-8DD3-883E76…)


She blurred her gut so awkward where the fabric just magically become smooth? but you can still see her belly hang to the right. Those cottage cheese legs didn’t get shooped enough either

No. 737076

Yeah she made it look like she has a huge fupa but no stomach fat which is somehow worse than having a fat stomach and fupa. Nice.

No. 737149

I'm still confused why she shopped a completely different pair of granny shorts on when she already posted another picture from the same day. Her neckbeard admirers obviously won't notice or care, but her edits are so baffling and unnecessary.

No. 737227

File: 1575453106541.jpg (117.56 KB, 910x1280, IMG_20191204_024801_222.jpg)

Holy shit I'm dying. Vicky posted a status about Deric Lostutter. When two cows collide! This is absolutely hilarious.

No. 737235

It's like she only has one pair of black shorts and those thigh highs lol what a poor bitch

No. 737290

File: 1575484126115.jpg (85.11 KB, 980x1280, IMG_20191204_112821_287.jpg)

No. 737292

File: 1575484314071.jpg (79.3 KB, 1280x1147, IMG_20191204_113007_917.jpg)

Here she is not understanding a comment, again. I think she barely reads what people say, and just uses it as an opportunity to talk about herself some more. She certainly loves to talk about herself.

No. 737298

File: 1575487441386.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1797, Screenshot_20191204-141833.png)

posts old gif where a man nonconsensually stares at naked woman in bath tub while denying her request for clothing
Man has a blank stare throughout

Vick accompanying quote "the way he stares at her is hot"

Not sure if voyeuristic creepers are really her thing or if she's just signalling to men that she's cooler than other women and down with the rape culture

No. 737300


You’re not INTJ Vicky just fucking stop: you are a fat lazy slob with 0 goals and no ambition

No. 737315

How the fuck is he a cow anon

No. 737319

He was involved in the whole "Anonymous" stuff, huge attention whore. Single handedly took credit for bringing the Steubenville rape into the spotlight. Would do photoshoots in the anonymous mask unironically. He has an encyclopedia dramatica page that sorta sucks at the beginning with it's tryhard edgy shit but chronicles his milk pretty well if you can get past it. Last I knew he was taking crying selfies at the memorial plaque of his baby that died in the womb. Starts gofundmes for anything and everything instead of getting a job (legal fund, help me bury my baby fund, help my wife while I'm in jail fund), did porn with his stripper wife on one of those webcam sites, does the whole tough guy on the internet routine, claims he's better at hacking/tech stuff than he really is. Actually, if you go to his ED page and scroll down to "The Rise and Fail of KYAnonymous Tl;dr" that bullet point list sums it up decently (has some dumb jokes). Also a juggalo.

No. 737321

I tried to fill out the myers briggs for her well fill it out as a narc lol and I got ESTP, but I feel like it's optimistic to give her any personality at all

No. 737332

I imagine we know her better than she knows herself as she is so delusional.

No. 737336


But there's nothing fucking special about INTJ other than they're rare results when you take the survey. She's just caught up in not being like other girls she's attached to a meaningless one.

No. 737355

Lol I just took it as Vic too and got almost the same result as you. ESTP-A

No. 737358

i did it too, got the same result

No. 737385

File: 1575509149246.jpeg (180.77 KB, 828x1126, 67FE925C-DA0C-44BB-9B74-91EEB8…)

“Uplift women”

No. 737386

If she spent as much time refining her craft as she does posting mindless shit at all hours of the morning, she’d probably be a phenomenal artist.

No. 737517

Be more threatened by sex workers, Icky. Lmao

No. 737600

She sexualizes herself online non stop and from the sounds of it has a lot of different partners. Nothing wrong with that but don't talk shit about the women doing the same thing while profitting lol

No. 737631

Pretty sure her inability to profit from it is what upsets her. That's why she lies about being paid 3000 an hour for shoots, she wishes she could profit off her looks alone, probably figured it's easy. Too bad it actually takes effort to look good and she's a lazy pig.

No. 737647

Nah the whole thing is mirrored, look at the stupid flower in her hair and the shit leg tattoos

No. 737686

File: 1575573075341.png (1.21 MB, 1038x2765, jeepers.png)

Why are these idiots trying to analyze what happened in this still photo?

No. 737692

I’m seeing a theme in her hatebonering for sex workers lmfao did a sex worker stamp her mans or what

No. 737693


Because they have fucking walnut sized brains

No. 737694

File: 1575575528369.jpg (363.32 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20191205_145152.jpg)

I don't think this has been posted but I don't see it on her page either.

No. 737695

I honestly think it started when her ex friend bunny became a stripper, making money and getting attention from men.
She knows she could never be a stripper because people would see what she really look like, and her body is a mess / saggy tits.

She also knows that is if she starts a fans only someone would definitely screenshot photos of her naked because not a lot of people like her. Or her dad would cut her off.

No. 737697

I can’t not STAND how bad of a job she does on her hair. That yellow band in her roots make her look so dirty.

No. 737698

File: 1575576321941.jpeg (69.21 KB, 828x538, 6018A5E9-395E-4407-9813-C951CF…)

She hasn’t been posting anything art related recently, but has been sharing things on Facebook all hours of the morning. Seems like business is doing worse than usual.

No. 737702

I posted it up thread here >>735802

Idk why it doesn't show up on her main feed but it was posted when Instagram was having problems so maybe that's why.

No. 737704

The fur coat sleeve almost looks photoshopped on, what is happening here?

No. 737835

File: 1575597690563.png (1.87 MB, 966x868, 1575575528369.png)

Kek this is also the same background as the other two pictures, with added shopping/filtering/clone tool/lens flare. I've never seen anyone Frankenstein their photoshops like she does. Bizarre.

No. 737887

File: 1575604609730.jpg (67.07 KB, 1280x868, IMG_20191205_205513_965.jpg)

More stupid replies to this post. This hurts.

No. 737903

Yeah Vicky… they’re fighting and one won.
While stating “tell your mom to upload more fans only content.”
This girl is the worlds biggest bully, she promotes bullying. She even has a “stalkers” page on her Instagram because a girl looked at her stories. Which also, no context. Does she realize how ridiculous she comes across

No. 737917

She’s trying to give context to a stock photo because she is being called out.

Also she’s claiming she defends bullies while currently bullying online. Queen of hypocrisy

No. 738081

File: 1575656390713.png (91.57 KB, 496x937, Screenshot_20191206-123140.png)

The tags for her google reviews page speak volumes lmao

No. 738201

File: 1575679561599.jpeg (111.1 KB, 828x1076, 25CADED3-353B-4BBB-9C8A-56EE92…)

Psychology major Vicky got her degree at the university of YouTube.

No. 738224

File: 1575682117664.jpg (235.73 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20191206_202758.jpg)

In b4 Vicky posts this claiming that's the guy who showed her ISIS' plans for world domination in the cab

No. 738260

File: 1575689776028.jpeg (159.05 KB, 828x964, FBCFB7C1-F878-4251-B044-85AC86…)

I love that she posted this. But this is the same girl that says “you can’t photoshop videos” or “if you wave your hand over your face you can’t have a filter on”

No. 738343

Wow, she’s such a coward she’s pretending she doesn’t say the things we catch her saying. What a pussy. INTJ badass my ass.

No. 738423

I'm late af but this looks like one of those ugly airbrushed murals they put on carnival rides kek

No. 738644

File: 1575788574043.png (913.98 KB, 1565x1280, eyeenteejay.png)

From her Instagram stories lol

No. 738658

INTJ but can't spell 'we're'

No. 738678

lol she's so obsessed with the "my heart is like ice" thing. I don't even really know what an INTJ is like, but that's the only thing she ever fucking mentions

No. 738682

She doesnt even know what an intj is like. Getting to an intj "soft side" has nothing to do with being "10x all over them". Being "10x all over" an intj is a guaranteed way to send them running for the hills, desperatly searching for some privacy and a way to avoid you for the rest of eternity. Intj do not like the spotlight on them in any sense. Intj are not so interested in emotional people or situations. Intj are extremely introverted and they dont enjoy small talk (which is majority of conversation these days) so they can tend to seem a bit unfriendly or cold to others. Even when you peel back their layers, after theyve built trust and deemed you worthy of their sacred personal time, they still arent this most emotional pick-me type like she describes. People are drawn to an intj because, with their habit of keeping to themselves, there tends to be an air of mystery surrounding them. Intj types dont actually have a heart of ice, we are just logical problem solvers. We actually have a full range of emotions, its just not likely that we would outwardly show them and generally dislike when other people do.(autism)

No. 738683

What she is describing is actually just a narcissistic person with attachment disorders. Actual INTJs are very chill, playful, they do like solitude but they also crave deep connection with others, because they may feel misunderstood a lot - because they show love in ways of “I will help fix all of your problems and I will challenge you to be best version of yourself, and I also want to know everything about you so that we both know each other purely, accurately, and without being limited by social custom bullshit”. That’s really it, they’re playful, but they just don’t understand most people, for example why should you care about what some nobody thinks of you. They want to be genuine so they are themselves, and it may be challenging for some people. INTJs aren’t queens of ice as she tries to portray it. She describes her own fantasy of what she wants to be like, she plasters INTJ label over it, but what she describes is actually being a needy, insecure narcissist.

No. 738717

You sound almost as retarded as Vic. You're sperging out about an online personality test lmao.

No. 738733

Yeah honestly these tests don't mean much. I've gotten different results depending on what mood I'm in. Vic just clings to this shit because her entire identity is based on online bullshit, she has no actual life.

No. 738758

File: 1575834132491.jpeg (71.58 KB, 828x361, 16AB03CA-D7B0-4256-ABF1-5E117E…)

“Booked up solid for a year”
“Gift cards”

No. 738776

Haha why does this post have 3 (now 4) crying face reactions on it?

No. 738880

I don't know but the idea of anyone gifting this cow's "ink" to a loved one makes me want to cry too.

No. 739048

File: 1575889058278.webm (900.59 KB, 480x792, missvictoriamurder_2019.12.9_k…)

No. 739049

File: 1575889407956.webm (563.23 KB, 480x792, missvictoriamurder_2019.12.9_d…)

Here we have Victoria telling lolcow that she has several pairs of these shorts and socks

No. 739053

File: 1575890084834.webm (825.36 KB, 480x792, missvictoriamurder_2019.12.9_3…)

That's a pretty solid looking arm she has there. Must be all the sword training.

No. 739055

Ulysses says vomit eyes?

No. 739060

what is she saying? i listened to this about fifteen times (pray for me) but i have no idea what the fuck is going on.

that weird ninja headband, vicky wtf.

No. 739064

Ulysses says vámonos.

I think.

No. 739065

File: 1575893907129.jpg (78.65 KB, 833x1280, IMG_20191209_051411_758.jpg)

Vic has been thirsting for a boyfriend pretty bad lately. A month or two back she went out with this guy named mr.illnation and said that she matched her hair color to his suit jacket. Then she started posting breakup stuff like "Just because it is over doesn't mean it wasn't magic". And now her and that guy aren't following each other anymore. She tries really hard to flirt with a guy on Instagram called engage.the.core but he mostly ignores her.

Now there's this.

No. 739067

Ulisses says Dominos?

No. 739068

Ulises Cordova? That is some grade A Vampire RPG shit right there. It fits in with Vickies Brit larping.

No. 739070

So Vicky is now banging this old man? Hilarious.

No. 739073

His Facebook profile says he was born in 1962 lol. On her Instagram she refers to him as "my friend Ulises" but idk anyone who talks about their friends' "wonderfull faces sleeping in the next room" so who knows.

No. 739075

File: 1575897162517.webm (1.82 MB, 540x892, missvictoriamurder_2019.12.9_4…)

She also posted this to her Instagram story. The video itself is not very interesting but the audio is weird. You hear Ulises say something like "Actually this is, this is it" and then Vicky goes "Hiii 'lises!" in a baby voice, dropping the first syllable from his name. It's like she said it to her followers and not him, because he was trying to have a conversation about where they were at or something and she just goes HIII! in the middle of him talking.

No. 739084

wew, that's some old ass dude she's banging. bet his body is all sad and saggy, just sayin'.

No. 739086

File: 1575900706537.jpg (56.87 KB, 778x1279, IMG_20191209_054752_669.jpg)

She also posted this to her Instagram story, right after the videos of her and Ulises, and before the video of her shorts and socks.

No. 739090

if i saw someone i know talking in vid with their hand on the chin like this i'd ask wtf they were doing b/c it's not normal.

how is the shorts video so damn grainy and this one is glowy, no filters though.

No. 739124

This is actually fantastic. As I’ve said- Vic is the queen of projection. So the fact that she posted this
All while sleezing around with an old fart?! Is this the Vicky milk we’ve all been waiting for?

No. 739138

Lol wonder if Icky went trolling for older dudes after we made fun of her for dating someone ten years younger. Wouldn't be surprised if she dumped the kid for the same reason. Our unbothered queen, never acting or speaking on what we comment here.

No. 739142


Honestly looks like she’s just gold digging this geezer lmao

No. 739145

I am honestly surprised it took her this long to find a sugar daddy. She's broke, talentless and aging drastically so she's grasping at straws.

No. 739155

File: 1575919213058.jpeg (255.96 KB, 828x1045, 095763C1-64B3-4900-B4D9-D7CE9E…)

Home girl is really trying to say she painted this.

No. 739159

File: 1575921501965.jpg (44.24 KB, 397x397, 79507878_1001085203589367_6796…)

Incoming pics

No. 739160

File: 1575921528059.jpg (46.53 KB, 441x441, 79143530_451551508732814_81695…)

No. 739161

File: 1575921570477.jpg (42.62 KB, 362x363, 77037812_175017566948011_18271…)

No. 739164

This guy is 57 years old. Why can she never find someone close to her own age?
Young guys that don’t know any better or guys so old he just wants to be seen with a younger woman.
He also lives in the states

No. 739167

Her extensions.. so ratty. And couldn’t get the purple out of them fully.

No. 739174

Big Grandpa Energy there. He looks like The Most Interesting Man’s loser brother.

No. 739181

I know engage.the.core irl. He's a jackass personal trainer who sleeps with his clients and cheated on his girlfriend of 3 years, while trying to keep all the games and the console she bought him. He's pretty perfect for someone like Victoria if the room is big enough for both egos

No. 739182

File: 1575927438862.jpg (64.23 KB, 972x1280, IMG_20191209_143536_181.jpg)

Victoria did new ink on her close friend Jackie!

No. 739184

File: 1575927692337.webm (910.21 KB, 480x600, 76782381_781713578966069_82676…)

Here's the video

No. 739186


holy fuck shes so massive and that fucking Jay Leno chin!

No. 739187

He sounds like a pig jerk. And still wants nothing to do with Vicky

No. 739188

that luxurious af freixenet prosecco for like 8 quid a bottle is def worth posing with lmao

No. 739205

Damn, Vic bagged herself an old ass sugar daddy. I’m actually happy for her- she’s tapping deep into her self awareness. Knowing no one, except a lonely old man with money, will want something like Vic and her rat tail extensions.

Old men can’t really tell the difference between shoop and real life. And she’s better looking than anything he can likely get his own age. And he’s wayyyyy too old to accidentally knock her up.

I hope she stops attack sex workers now that she’s whoring herself out to someone’s grandpa.

No. 739225

File: 1575934182608.jpeg (279.63 KB, 828x830, 68DEFA34-E23A-48AF-87E8-32E9C9…)

“Jet set global” is his company and it looks so sketchy.

No. 739242

File: 1575935993282.jpg (166.65 KB, 960x960, 70825315_2950828328476031_8412…)

Yeah idk if it's an event planning company or what but there's no website, there are like 3 different Facebooks and they all have these 90s web style graphics on them.

Pic related looks straight from the Yvette's Bridal Boutique website.

No. 739246

Aka this guy is perfect for Vicky. Seems to have an inflated ego and tries to make himself seem important online.
Either they’re getting married tomorrow or they’ll kill each other

No. 739255

File: 1575939260833.jpg (119.09 KB, 960x960, 80655401_779478025809300_84645…)

You guys I am fucking crying

No. 739256

File: 1575939318431.jpg (126.61 KB, 960x960, 78937253_779478149142621_11886…)

With laughter

No. 739257

File: 1575939421033.jpg (132.98 KB, 833x960, 79351418_779478185809284_28497…)

No. 739258

File: 1575939460170.jpg (116.44 KB, 960x960, 78743693_779478109142625_24574…)

I can't decide if this one is my favorite

No. 739259

File: 1575939481658.jpg (143.24 KB, 951x960, 79773806_779478059142630_59800…)

Or if it's this one

No. 739262

File: 1575939653731.jpg (93.09 KB, 770x1279, IMG_20191209_175951_503.jpg)

These pics are absolute gold.

No. 739263

File: 1575939895703.jpg (133.5 KB, 901x1280, IMG_20191209_180341_464.jpg)

Congrats to Vicky on becoming Jet Set Global Toronto's ambassador!!! I'm sure she will do an excellent job!

No. 739271

Great example of boomer typography.

No. 739274

File: 1575941769177.jpeg (154.6 KB, 676x757, 1A8D31AC-0C5B-4418-9D14-E84EAD…)

Super lazy Vicky is my favourite. Not even worth photoshopping for she just blurs the fuck out of it before posting on her own social media

No. 739276

File: 1575941973945.jpeg (151.75 KB, 714x1098, 03635F47-B4AF-45BC-BD88-9DCC26…)

More blur effect. Not sure if she’s doing it because she’s lazy or she’s trying the to
Coverup just HOW old that guy is

No. 739283

This man has been at it for 14 years and can’t muster more than a few hundred Facebook likes. Leave it to vicky to hitch herself to a ship that hasn’t even left the dock. I’ve seen ponzie schemes with more promise than this, but go for it vic!

Looks like he’s a self-aggrandizing, aging nobody as well. They make a good pair.

No. 739284

File: 1575943181454.jpeg (243.54 KB, 1632x1376, C3671A72-CB82-4D2B-B0F1-9B947A…)

Forgot to attach pic

No. 739290

Honestly, I’m trying to figure out what this is. He seems like a guy with some money that just travels to shows to take photos with people. There’s a video of him video taping Taylor swift at an award show in like like… 15th row. It’s not even like he’s working, he just tries to make himself look important. It’s so confusing

No. 739292

File: 1575944409162.jpeg (84.2 KB, 828x529, 178D8340-7FDA-498B-92F6-C6BF41…)


I refuse to this guy participated in anyway at the golden globes and does all his business through Facebook, there’s no website in sight. Even under “about” on Facebook it’s blank. We’ve found male Vicky

No. 739295

File: 1575944705711.jpeg (237.4 KB, 724x731, 4C39B404-518D-4347-BCCD-00B2FB…)

Yeah, this dude is… yeesh. Have fun with that one vicky!

No. 739296

File: 1575944901429.jpg (75.69 KB, 1280x1192, IMG_20191209_192437_060.jpg)

It is very odd. Everything I can find about this business says it's not licensed anymore.

No. 739303

File: 1575945410323.jpeg (105.8 KB, 828x672, C37DEDDD-C85D-44C4-900F-DB9512…)

This makes no sense. Just another thing Vicky can add to her long resume. :eye roll:

No. 739304

File: 1575945438920.jpg (93.41 KB, 988x1280, IMG_20191209_193620_616.jpg)

There are actually 4 Facebooks lol. There's Jet Set Global Beverly/Hollywood, Jet Set Global Media / Showbiz, Jet Set Global Media Production, and Jet Set Global Diplomacy. If you go to one of the Facebooks, the other 3 show up as suggested accounts, at least on Facebook mobile web.

Here's the about page from one of them.

No. 739306


Vicky truly found her soulmate didnt she

No. 739308

File: 1575945949693.jpeg (317.22 KB, 1188x1632, 2258FF4B-4B15-4880-99DD-8B5C2E…)

This fool is really out here photoshopping himself into photos with celebrities and pretending he’s going to the oscars. I can’t, Vicky really has found her soulmate.

No. 739309

> with money

The address listed for his business is an apartment complex with the top rent set at $1,888 for a three-bedroom.

No. 739311

i mean their graphic design aesthetics match perfectly so imo they're meant to be!

No. 739314

ah this has to be my favorite vicky timeline. her coming her to sperg was good but her out in her natural habitat is amazing.

No. 739315

I assumed he had money because why else would she saddle up with Grandpa Jet-Set. If he’s just blowing smoke exactly like how she does, they are truly meant for one another.

How many photos can you take with an unopened bottle of champagne and empty -wine- glasses?

No. 739320

This is incredible. I love him. I would read a thread just about him.
I cant wait for more. Like, what is even going on? How did they find each other. The champagne bottle in every shot like a prop. I can't breathe.

No. 739322

Holy shit i'm cackling

No. 739332

File: 1575952106385.jpeg (783.17 KB, 750x1239, 79D6123D-CA36-48B4-BA3E-1F59C0…)


This bitch really out here in those smelly ass shorts and socks under that cheap unflattering jacket holy shit this is amazing. Hand and hair on face did not work well for her here

No. 739334

File: 1575952207073.jpg (86.31 KB, 846x1280, IMG_20191209_212944_649.jpg)

No. 739349

They look special needs.

The pics are great. No wonder she hides that chin, it's definitely not one of those sharp Final Fantasy dorito chins. It's something you can pack a few fish in.

No. 739353

File: 1575957304505.png (1.49 MB, 1581x2559, I_was_asked.png)

No. 739358

File: 1575957532390.jpg (99.82 KB, 787x1279, IMG_20191209_225657_869.jpg)

She added two Ulises stories to her Instagram highlights under "right hand angel"

No. 739398

Honestly the sad part is that she doesn't even look that bad in those, just nothing like she wishes she did. Then again she is wearing a very bulky coat, who knows what horrors lurk underneath.

No. 739443

dude looks like he escaped from a tim and eric sketch lol

No. 739444

Old mutton chops and Vick seem like a great pair tbh.
Can't wait for her vacay photos with her 'friend'.
Honestly he's probably just sitting on retirement money.
There's no way he has a legit business. He's a splenda daddy at best.

No. 739445

the filter she uses is so intensely smoothing it makes a near 60 year old man have wrinkle-less baby skin

No. 739454

File: 1575981380105.jpg (81.26 KB, 1280x775, IMG_20191210_053255_748.jpg)

I searched and these don't appear to be song lyrics. Looks like another original Victoria poem. Ulises must have really swept her off her feet.

No. 739463

File: 1575986251219.jpg (54.88 KB, 794x1280, IMG_20191210_065558_908.jpg)

She was sending internet dudes wav files of her voice at 1 in the morning.

No. 739471

He might be old money or an aging trust fund kid that's still haphazardly pretending like he's accomplished something. Very common for trust fund kids

No. 739480

No. 739482

File: 1575992201477.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, F61164CE-EF87-44A0-9B93-80E4B3…)

If you google this guy literally NOTHING comes up except this Twitter with 7 followers. And one photo of a terrible collage he made. Vicky has attached herself to another wanna be someone.

No. 739483

File: 1575992776341.png (1.33 MB, 1280x3011, sleepingcatedithistory.png)

I love her edits

No. 739484

File: 1575993036996.png (317.69 KB, 960x854, 2007phone.png)

She commented on her own Facebook status with these screenshots. She's been desperately hitting on her followers for a few months now. I love how the emojis don't render on her phone.

No. 739490


this truly is a perfect match. can't wait for their frankie photography shoots together!

No. 739491

new yet already looks years old, vic's really got a talent for that.

wonder what she was saying and what accent she was using. this is what she's spending her time and choosing to share in her story instead of idk, showing off tattoos she's done since she soo super booked.

No. 739522

Honestly. The only tattoo she’s shared in over a month is the one she did for her bff Jackie, and I’m gunna go out on a limb and say jacks didn’t pay.

No. 739528

File: 1576009025723.jpg (61.65 KB, 1280x676, IMG_20191210_131620_424.jpg)

No. 739529

Y’all are fucking insane if you think this dude living in a shitty apartment complex and trying to be a model has money, comes from money, or has ever seen a money. He is as sad a sack of shit as Vicky herself.

No. 739543

File: 1576014011103.jpeg (55.55 KB, 828x390, B10B0EDE-E410-4F0C-BB5C-A1104C…)

She really isn’t getting a lot of clients, huh? She just had a “cancellation” and is trying to fill it on Facebook. Didnt get any hits, so here we are. Vicky’s dreaming of ruining her hair some more. She’s been on social media so much lately and none of it is her art

No. 739556

File: 1576016993751.jpg (99.79 KB, 998x1279, IMG_20191210_152838_059.jpg)

Holy shit the desperation.

Also why did she edit the status to remove the period at the end of the sentence?!

No. 739568

File: 1576019029004.jpeg (176.33 KB, 828x1054, 6BFE8592-5B32-4ED0-90D0-529BC8…)

looks like the old man met another girl on Facebook and jet set his ass away from Vicky.

No. 739576

File: 1576020664647.jpg (6.7 KB, 276x183, images (8).jpg)

omg Jet Set International is Prestige Worldwide and I'm feeling it.

No. 739581

File: 1576022919345.jpg (71.88 KB, 769x1280, IMG_20191210_170811_363.jpg)

No. 739585

For someone that says no man ever leaves her … it seems like a lot of dudes leave her.

No. 739587

File: 1576023400217.jpeg (117.15 KB, 822x866, 07D961D8-6566-4F59-ACC9-330DF8…)

Complimenting herself, even in hypothetical situations. Will always be her favourite past times. It’s so cringe worthy

No. 739597

And many of the men who went off to war had partners in whatever country they were deployed? What a stupid post, all she does is share dumb shit

No. 739599

A lot of those men went and had girlfriends or loved in other places. Women weren’t in the workforce as much as they are now in the first and Second World War, feeling trapped financially and divorce was frowned upon more then.

No. 739616

File: 1576031242721.jpg (138.28 KB, 960x960, 78582432_2570126736555483_1455…)

No. 739621

This is just too much! This guy and his obsession with posing with unopened champagne bottles! What does it all mean?! The absurdity is really entertaining for me right now.

No. 739631

The photo editor stamp in the corner as well. This guy is Vicky but worse. Hahah

No. 739641

Could be engaged in money laundering or something of that nature. Or, as someone suggested, an older guy with a relatively modest trust fund who's trying to feel like he's doing something with his life.
Damn, this could have been the dawn of a golden age. It would have been great to see Vicky wined and dined just by virtue of how awkwardly she'd handle it.

No. 739642

Kek he makes the same excited poses in every photo. Too bad bottle guy isn't into it at all. I love that he's wearing the same pants, undershirt, and button up again. This is definitely one of her many millionaire suitors.

No. 739649

File: 1576038000920.png (40.73 KB, 479x755, image.png)


>Is Excited to Announce a new kind of Agency right here in Phoenix Arizona.

>The ShowBiz Bilingual Multi-Cultural Ambassador Facilitator for any type of ; either Macro (Space Rocket) to Micro (sewing needle) Production demands as Local to Worldwide Media Exposure.

>Joining Actors, Entertainers, Event/Fashion Coordinators/planners, Production Professionals, Film Prod./Dir. as Singers, Dancers, Make-up/Hairstylist Artists and Exotic Models/Talents/Actors from Around the World ready to kick-in to Arizona's new ShowBiz.

>We also provide Professional training as Exposure For Models/Actors/Talents up to Celebrity's Etiquette Coaching with a unique Strategy to bring out their Charisma, Passion and Energy with Diplomacy and Class in the Worldwide Entertainment Business.

The next Hollywood port of call is Phoenix, AZ. Life itself in Phoenix is full of Show Business.
>Be ready for the Action !!
>With Jet Set Models
>No Need to be a Star
>to Look
>Feel like One.

A tiny bit sketchy, ngl.

No. 739670

File: 1576039248580.jpg (127.94 KB, 1280x1122, IMG_20191210_214027_003.jpg)

No. 739677

It’s not because I’m insufferable and insane, it’s because I’m pUrE

No. 739684

>lots of guys talk to you
yeah online lmao can't stand how she doesn't know that it's etc as well

No. 739692

Also wasn’t Matt only a few months ago? Usually you take a break after dating someone. Dat icy INTJ heart though.

No. 739725

what the fuck is this embarrassing shit?
is this what she does and thinks about all day?

i just wondered what a typical day in her life might look like.

1.wake up at whatever hour, probably hangover and in the same clothes from yesterday

2.pose in front of the mirror for abt 1hour (all unwashed etc) while admiring self.
do a makeup check. maybe just put some more lipstick/eyeliner over whatever is left of yesterday's makeup

3.eat something

4.look at own facebook/dating apps to reassure self guys are thirsty for her and that she is such an amazing hot babe of otherworldly intelligence

5.check appointments with clients for today: none. great, means more free time for self

6.take selfies with Frankie the Tripod while swinging a souvenir shop sword in front of the camera

7.about time for another meal

8.spend a few hours photoshopping the selfies or editing videos

9.admire the results for another hour

10.chat online with more thirsty guys

11.make a self praising post on facebook to remind everyone of what an amazing beautiful holy creature she is (then maybe one PR post about openings due to sudden cancellations)

12.check appointments..still nothing. guess it's time for supper

13.open up a bottle of cheap alcohol, then spend the rest of the evening drinking and snacking in front of the computer while admiring own pictures and comparing them to other women while thinking how ugly they all are

14.bathroom break, spend 30min making faces at self in the mirror and taking more pictures from creative angles, attempting to hide all the fat

15.pass out drunk on the way back to computer while trying to read messages from horny guys on her phone

No. 739736

Lol she's clearly embarrassed about having sex with Useless the jEtSeTtEr so she has put that status up. She goes into damage control whenever Matt comments on a status as well and mentions that they USED to date. Gotta seem available for the boys.

No. 739739

What's funny is that one of her favourite brags used to be that she could count her number of sex partners on both hands. That was a long time ago and she (for obvious reasons) hasn't used it in recent memory. The sad part is there's nothing wrong with being a slut. Just don't go on some teenage rant about how you're better than the other sluts because it just looks sad on you.

No. 739753

File: 1576072088388.jpeg (137.4 KB, 828x811, 044BEF62-6597-418C-A9CC-9A23CB…)

Who ever said he left her for all these other women? I know for a fact Adrien left her because he was in love with her friend.
Matt probably has a hard time pulling anyone. He’s gross and types like a 14 year old scene kid.

No. 739754

“High iq”

No. 739759

File: 1576073251876.jpeg (149.96 KB, 828x1055, EFEF50AA-9B36-46D3-A368-C74A01…)

Business really can’t be going well. There’s NO art, NO reviews, no mention of her studio. On the other hand she’s been posting constantly at all hours( example this is 3am) out drinking(or pretending to?) with old man jet setter.

No. 739770

this made me think of "look at all those moneys" lol

No. 739775

imagine being this lonely and desperate, in your 30s staying up past 3am thirsting over the attention from random loser dudes on the internet
what a life

No. 739890

File: 1576106145881.jpeg (103.35 KB, 750x286, 56C36320-CE68-4A39-81E9-8C7C02…)

Nobody wants to marry you Vicky. Imagine being 32 and talking like this?

No. 739899

File: 1576107467248.jpg (21.34 KB, 1280x303, IMG_20191211_163739_131.jpg)

This is my favorite reply to that status.

No. 739930

File: 1576115475746.jpg (66.61 KB, 470x556, whatamess.jpg)

this made my brain melt a liddle. also i thought she didn't care about what her hayders say.

she finally posted a tattoo, i saw it on the explore page and thought i was looking at the suckytattoos account for a second. it's so inflamed and i bet the lines are all fucked which is why she puts up videos and not actual pictures.

No. 739934

File: 1576116198140.jpg (106.56 KB, 802x1279, IMG_20191211_190242_363.jpg)

This is interesting. She posted the same video of this tattoo to her story, and to her main account. But the two videos have different filters on them.

No. 739982

How do you know this? I know he briefly dated someone else between Vic and his current fiancé…he probably just got tired of Vic pretending to be someone she’s not LOL I don’t understand how someone could ever put up dealing with her

No. 740008

The "in between girl" must have been pretty serious to leave Vic though, Adrien moved to Toronto to be with her. Shelby something? Also a friend of Vics?

No. 740010

Victoria broke up with Adrien, not the other way around.

No. 740062

File: 1576138080751.png (2.29 MB, 1242x2208, 07B7A602-FDF8-4D6B-82FD-8A66FD…)

Reason #100 for vic to look down on others: having syphillis. She’s not like the other sluts!!!!

No. 740171

Did Vick really break up with adrien ?

No. 740174

File: 1576163360142.jpeg (224.31 KB, 828x1432, 865EEBD7-FFBC-406B-99E5-8440F5…)

Posting old content cause she knows she has no new content.

No. 740175

Nah, he just dumped her for other girls, both of them were a massive upgrade

No. 740180

Lol where did you hear that anon

No. 740191

She broke up with him over not being able to use his laptop. He never had the balls to break up with her.

No. 740193

No. 740207

As much of a treat this guy appears to be himself, I almost feel bad for him because I can't imagine how many hours he had to endure of hearing Vicky talk about herself and how great she is.

No. 740208

File: 1576173592441.jpeg (342.33 KB, 1125x1898, 82284E10-A6CC-4CDD-9793-306E81…)

I just looked at her page and the first thing I saw was this. Imagine being this insecure.

Also, where does she find the time to be online 24/7 with sooo many jobs?

No. 740222

yea i noticed that, the one on her story doesn't look as irritated but that's dumb b/c wouldn't you want that on your profile instead of someone looking like you punched them with the tattoo machine.

this one kills me every time, and here she is a year later still bad at what she thinks she's good at like most things in her life

No. 740321

File: 1576204973997.png (1.18 MB, 1560x1279, SingleVicky.png)

No. 740325

oh no grandpa playing hard to get?

No. 740326

Until that stays on my Facebook says I’m in a relationship.

True words of some that lives their entire life on the internet. I’m married and I wouldn’t change my status on Facebook. We leave that blank because we don’t need to put our whole lives on the internet. Is she 13?

No. 740327


Vicky is the only girl I know who entertains these ugly random fucks who slide in her DMs regular girls ignore but she feels the need to flex it how she’s sooooooo desired and sexy it’s really fuckin sad and my eyes roll back into another dimension every time I see these pathetic posts. My condolences to her sad life.

No. 740328

File: 1576207353951.jpeg (174.89 KB, 828x1034, 91B2C6DC-8B2B-4FF2-BE90-E37C4F…)

This conversation, though. I’m dying.

And her “I’ll delete you if you don’t interact with me” posts are dripping of desperation. For clients and friends.

No. 740333

File: 1576208306383.jpg (127.53 KB, 1132x1280, IMG_20191212_203449_717.jpg)

I'm dying lmao. I just want to say I really enjoy posting in this thread with you all. This last several days of Vicky milk has been absolutely hilarious.

She booked herself for some ink. I love her. Vicky is my favorite cow. That anon who made the numbered list of a typical Vicky day needs to update with "books self in for new ink because I can do my own." Is she trolling us or has she become an even bigger parody of herself?

No. 740337

How many times does she say she’s going to the shop to tattoo herself and never follows through? She’s the best.

No. 740338

File: 1576208821337.jpeg (121.21 KB, 520x1214, 174E6BCD-1DAB-4C12-BA46-6C8B2D…)

This was uploaded three hours ago. Not sure when this is from… but THOSE EXTENSIONS. You can clearly see where her real hair stops, and it’s so broken.

Also, she doesn’t look like the tiny vixen she shops herself to be at all. What is this

No. 740344

File: 1576211711323.png (1.27 MB, 1270x830, 1480302758810.png)

>I just want to say I really enjoy posting in this thread with you all. This last several days of Vicky milk has been absolutely hilarious.
Honestly it's been entertaining enough that I went back and read some old threads, her sperg out is absolutely iconic and one of the few times a cow has made me literally laugh irl at their antics.

No. 740345

I think she took content from her lolcow thread and uploaded it to her FB, tbh. We have referenced that pic plus the tattoo in progress "tomboy" pic that's uploaded next to it. There's a couple others too. And 3 of my .webm Vicky vids that I convert so that I can post them directly to this thread. It is probably easier for her to find her own pics and videos on her thread than to sort through all the junk that must be on her phone

No. 740346

I just told my best friend about Vicky recently so I've been rereading her threads too. I send her every instance of Vic writing prose about her icy eyes with the expanding pupils in darkness. I hope she never stops talking about her eyes and pupils that way. Samurai Vic is also a favorite. I can't choose a favorite Vic trait. Saged, sorry.

No. 740348

Vic so badly wants to be thin lmao. It never gets old. She is also my favorite cow. Usually narcs piss me off, but Vic is an absolute moron so the two combined is never ending entertainment.

Who is this old guy in pajamas? They have the same nose. She can try to hide her wide face and bulbous nose behind hair and sunglasses, but nothing can hide that Jay Leno chin. Woof.

No. 740349


Girl needs to put those dusty knee highs and leather jacket to fuckin rest. For someone totally wealthy with a huuuuge closet she sure wears a lot of the same few things too often. I can smell her from this picture and I got a lil nose bleed

No. 740352

Isn't this the same guy from the pic with her from when she was a hot merch babe at the Thai restaurant metal concert?

No. 740355

File: 1576215370083.jpg (87.96 KB, 815x1280, IMG_20191212_223548_104.jpg)

Posted to her Instagram story Sept 3rd, 2019.

No. 740376

The self denial is real. “I’m not a middle aged, slightly overweight, average woman. I’m a rare final fantasy ageless vampire.”

Why is she so disgusted by being human?

No. 740377

Wow this image is like 7 minutessss olddd, I don’t even look like that anymore.

No. 740379

File: 1576223582287.jpeg (817.54 KB, 3072x3072, 88E5E2F7-35A2-4C1D-8FC9-2B0D65…)

The angle isn’t the same but it’s incredibly close.

Vic, you’re shopping your tummy out and putting it where your ass belongs. You know you can do that irl right? It’s called a Brazilian butt lift. Have your sugar daddy hook you up

No. 740393

Lol they probably out talked each other

No. 740457

File: 1576261460659.jpg (69.66 KB, 793x1280, IMG_20191213_112331_353.jpg)

It doesn't take much to impress our Victoria! I love these cringey private message exchanges that she posts.

No. 740458

File: 1576261556247.jpg (55.88 KB, 821x1280, IMG_20191213_112531_808.jpg)

I want to get drunk with Vic!

No. 740481

So - same as every other night of your life, eh Vic?

No. 740497

she was probably drunk adding ppl and forgot, i like how she goes from denying it to playing nice.

she can't even keep an appointment with herself but is booked up for the next year lel

No. 740507

File: 1576282212267.jpeg (174.66 KB, 819x1387, 780AACC0-6621-499E-ACFC-616570…)

Aka, “look how man men with check marks beside their names looked at my story. PLEASE think I’m important.”

No. 740627

the hall of douchebags

No. 740628

File: 1576331612523.jpeg (63.36 KB, 828x373, C2398269-A985-4E56-9BA3-A84328…)

This was written at 3:30 this morning. In the comments she said 3 people saw her do this and she is completely unharmed. And came home and munched toast.
Fire breathers and people that do fire play are TRAINED to do so and even pretty serious accidents happen. This girls drunk in Guelph just licking fire. Does she not realize she’s fucking 35? This is not “sexy” or “cool” she’s done some pretty stupid things, and if this is even true, this is one of the dumbest. And to brag about it. She’s lucky her nasty hay extensions didn’t burst into flames.

No. 740642

I doubt she actually did this, but I'd imagine the alcohol content in her mouth would BBQ her instantly

No. 740653

3 people saw her do it? I’m surprised it wasn’t a room full of people and they all clapped and one proposed to her. But 3 WHOLE people? Must have really happened.

She’s a pro fire eater you guysssss

No. 740672


Ouch I almost cut myself on that edge! What a fucking loser

No. 740707

Someone in the comments asked if it was hot knives and then she said (not as a reply to him, but as a new comment because she was high) "Haha yeah overseen by 3 people and then I went home and munched toast"

Hot knives are method of getting high on marijuana.

I think Vic was saying she did weed with some ppl and 3 ppl helped her through a non-beginner method of imbibing drugs. This happens sometimes. I've never done a hot knife but I'd do one if someone showed me.

I don't think Vic was pretending to be a fire breather this time. The initial post was definitely implying it though lol.

She went home and munched toast afterwards.

No. 740708

Samefag but idk what she licked the blowtorch flame for?

No. 740713


Because she’s a stupid bimbo

No. 740746

File: 1576365671006.jpeg (97.52 KB, 828x467, 5790E3D7-E83B-4104-80AA-A7C157…)

Vicky’s skin is more resilient to fire, guys. nOt LiKE oThEr GiRlS

No. 740747

File: 1576365830214.jpeg (139.67 KB, 815x1511, 7A01271E-8CEE-40CA-AAC0-56863C…)

Super busy at the shop guys.

No. 740748

Is this dumb bitch really trying to claim that she is so special that her skin is resistant to FIRE??? My sides, I hope her grandiose delusions keep getting more and more insane as time goes on. What an absolute headcase.

No. 740753

MuH HiGh iQ

Of course her skin is more resilient to fire. Vic is the master of everything and all the things.

No. 740755

File: 1576367587740.jpeg (100.19 KB, 828x486, CC81C984-3B02-424A-B22A-361355…)

Her warning edit. Since when is she a fire eater?! This fucking girl needs to get off of YouTube and make believing talents.

No. 740756

File: 1576367634986.jpeg (87.58 KB, 828x663, AFC131AA-0876-4E76-B7BB-1DE1DA…)


No. 740757

I love how vicky constantly harps on the “gullible idiots” who hate her, and believe the “rumours”, when gullible idiots existing is the only reason she has followers to begin with.

No. 740769

She smoked weed with hot knives once and is now claiming to be a fire eater. What a fucking jump. I wonder if she believes the stuff she writes.

No. 740774

Omg I can’t. Please put more flaming firewood in your big mouth you brain dead bitch and let natural selection do it’s work. People who do fire eating study the technique of it but of course it just comes naturally to this cow. This bitch is so unbearable it’s unreal. Any topic someone breathes around her she claims to b a master of. No wonder this bitch is going to die alone

No. 740776

ok no, she's just talking out her ass as usual. fire doesn't taste like anything, it's like sipping a hot cup of tea without letting it cool first. no one is "resilent" to fire, not even ppl who do movie stunts.

yea i'd like to see her actually try this b/c it's very easy to get hurt even if you've trained and practiced. licking a blowtorch is also nowhere near the same as actually putting a flaming torch in the mouth, what an idiot.

No. 740781

File: 1576371640087.jpg (57.05 KB, 1280x685, IMG_20191214_175858_364.jpg)

I'm the anon who guessed the hot knives thing. I love that she edited her status to make it clear that she really was trying to brag about fire breathing. I thought for sure she was saying "haha yes" to this guy's question.

Then I looked up what hot knives were and no parts of that involve licking blowtorch flames

Also I figured she was replying to him because she said she went home and ate toast and I thought she was alluding to getting the munchies.

But no. She did fire eating for 3 people and then went home and ate toast to get the taste of fire out of her mouth.

No. 740784

File: 1576372641193.png (2.18 MB, 1162x4402, 7edits.png)

Vicky edited this post 7 times lol

No. 740787

Vicky is hilarious on her own but the real retards are the farmers who think she actually tells the truth. Christ.

No. 740789

I don’t see where any anons claimed to believe she actually ate fire. But uh go off I guess lmao.

No. 740790

File: 1576374678591.png (485.81 KB, 828x1792, 0F36B497-DF7C-466B-9005-E86945…)

Old man really broke Vicky’s heart

No. 740795

Lol what are you talking about? Nobody here believes the stuff Vicky says.

No. 740818

File: 1576383797800.jpeg (40.5 KB, 828x222, A9166BB7-AC5E-41EA-B7F8-115FD8…)

Do you think this is why Vicky can’t keep any friends? She makes up these lies / exaggerations and her friends are tired of keeping up with her?

No. 740824

File: 1576384482569.jpeg (164.09 KB, 828x845, B34154E9-4F6B-43DB-A9FD-B309DB…)

If you go to Jackie’s page. She tagged Vicky and two guys saying they were going to play pool. I’m assuming these are the three people that watched her eat fire…. at the pool hall… safety first Vicky. I’m sure that where during eating should happen, you drunk bitch.

All that being said both the dudes look like children. Like guy can’t be any older than 19. These are the people Vicky choose to spend her time with.

No. 740825

Nobody believes anything she says? I think that why this entire threat exists.
She probably licked a lighter if anything

No. 740826

What kills me if she went off about girls buying followers, yet she’s always talking about how she’s maxed out for friends on facebook( which is 5000) but she gets about 35 likes on every post.

No. 740827


Why does she always tag friends in shit like YOU SEEN ME DO IT HAHAHA IM SO COOL RIGHT? She tagged her man child ex Matt about the sword shit. She’s so pathetic. I would feel bad for her but then I remember who she is and then don’t pity her ass at all

No. 740828

This thread exists because Vic is a cow who keeps on giving milk.

No. 740830

This girl was my bully in high school and I’m DEAD over finding this page. Hahahaha

No. 740831

This girl was my bully in high school and I’m DEAD over finding this page. Hahahaha

No. 740832

Vicky was your bully?? Tell all!

No. 740835

Omg please let this be true. Welcome to lolcow. Please tell us everything. Provide yearbook pics if possible.

No. 740836

YES YEARBOOK PHOTOS. Everyone keeps that. Pics or it didn’t happen.

No. 740843

If true, this will surely be a Vicky holiday miracle with all the milk she's been giving us lately. Last Saturday she was jet setting to Toronto with Ulises and posing with a closed bottle of Prosecco.

This Saturday she's breathing fire for a party of four.

Yearbook anon plz be real

No. 740852

I definitely gave that yearbook away because that year was super traumatic for me and I wanted zero physical reminders of it. BUT! I could probably do some digging.

No. 740854

Sorry I’m new here! I’m trying to figure out how to respond to certain posts. Came on this site to discuss someone else, and noticed miss murder on the front page.

No. 740857

Are you in contact with anyone from high school that would still have a yearbook? Maybe have them send you a photo?

You should start at the first Vic thread. She pretends to be other people. All her self posts are marked. It’s HILARIOUS and one of the best threads on the site imo.

No. 740858

It's ok. If you click where it says "No. 70000" or whatever the number is, right at the top of a post, it will copy that post number into the reply box and you will be able to reply to individual posts that way.

Here are other tips:

Read the rules page

Don't use a name in the name field

Write the word "sage" in the email field if your post is off topic, conversational, or in any way doesn't contain milk about the thread cow. (Like I've saged this post)

Don't use emojis. Mods are weird about that.

This is just a helpful tip of my own because I've seen this happen time and time again on lolcow: Farmers, if you are logged in using your real Facebook/Instagram and screen capping cows for threads here, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CROP OUT YOUR ICON/NAME/SELF. I cannot tell you the amount of times there's a "reply" option at the bottom of a Facebook or Instagram screenshot, and the icon of the farmer capping is right there with it. Please look at your screenshots carefully before posting them to the internet.

No. 740859

Right? This is the only way I'll believe it.

You sound overly dramatic. Everyone's high school years were super traumatic for them. You really gave "that" yearbook away? Which one? High school is 4 years. How many years was Vic your bully? I'm the same anon as >>740858 so I'm not trying to be mean but if she was only mean to you for one year then maybe you still have other yearbooks with her in it. Unless she was a senior when she bullied you.

No. 740867

What high school was it anon?

No. 740868

She wasn’t my only bully. My abuser also went to my school and tried to ruin my life. I ended up moving cities and thus having no other yearbooks from that school. I understand why you’d say it’s dramatic. But I was also 14 years old and really didn’t care about a yearbook lol.

No. 740869

That makes sense. Thanks for explaining it. Do you have any friends from that school who you still keep in contact with? Can you tell us the name of the school at least?

No. 740873

Please tell us more about Victoria. Any stories, details, things you remember. Name of school would be nice.

No. 740884

If you were 14 that means it was 9th grade. How old was Vic?

No. 740893

File: 1576406525361.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, F777B414-ABF0-405E-ADFC-A9D274…)

When will she get s new phone? This quality is awful and it’s been years.

No. 740907

File: 1576415987270.jpg (62.96 KB, 956x1280, IMG_20191215_061937_361.jpg)

6 am vic

No. 740921

File: 1576419850250.jpeg (183.32 KB, 828x1454, FA6128F7-9ECC-4D55-915B-DF2841…)

No. 740922


I really don't understand why she publically these exchanges every single day. Every woman recieves creepy DMs, but she's so flattered by it?

No. 740923

She’s flattered by it. Also uses it as “evidence” that’s she’s desirable.

No. 740928

I honestly don’t talk to anyone from that school. I cut contact with basically everyone from that period of my life.
I can’t remember if she’s 3 or 4 years older than me. So she would have been 17/18? Her brother is two years older than me and she’s older than him.
Give me a couple hours to sort through the files of my brain, and I’ll get back to you. I’ve suppressed most of grade nine.

No. 740952


There’s more filters on this same high angled post than she has brain cells

No. 740967

This is a weird one for her to post since the guy says she was the one who initially reached out, not him. Randomly adding thirsty guys with "you're cute" comments and then never talking to them again is a pretty interesting flex. I get she wants to seem desirable, but that's just weird "I want orbiters" behavior.

No. 740970

When you said she was your bully in high school I assumed you meant during high school hours, at the high school but you didn't say that. Why was 17-18 year old Victoria bullying a 14 year old girl? Also can you give us the name of the school she/you went to please?

No. 740972

File: 1576440370023.jpg (88.9 KB, 1280x1115, IMG_20191215_130325_203.jpg)

Lol I can't believe her. Not only did her friend respond with the validation she was seeking, but she keeps going on.
>You were freaking out? Guess I didn't notice because I was too busy with all my cool fire tricksssss. My skin is resilient. I had multiple doctors as clients I did epic tattoos on who tested my skin. My skin resiliency is not only to fire but is also why I seem to age more slowly than other women.

No. 740987

File: 1576444397532.jpeg (221.68 KB, 828x1150, A1FF3CB6-393C-404F-AEB7-280456…)

Posts a girl that lies about living in many mansions and being a sought after model that charges $3000 an hour to model her own clothes.

No. 740988

It’s pretty had to find someone to train you do do fire play. I know a couple people that do, because they are performance artists, travelling to do so. The fact that she’s out with people playing pool in Guelph shoving her hands and mouth into fire makes me cringe.

No. 740991

File: 1576445038423.jpeg (154.4 KB, 828x962, D39348CE-E6DB-49A8-B094-E44DB0…)

This josh guy was one of the people with her when this “happened” were they doing drugs? I’m confused. This guy looks about 16

No. 740996

Anon, your icon is showing.

No. 741003

I actually had to google wtf “hot knives” is. Maybe this method isnt popular in California? Cause I’ve never heard or seen this shit before. Seems extra and try hard.

So if I’m to believe what happened, Vic, trying to impress a couple of 21 year old boys, stuck her tongue out near the flame and then waved her hand near the flame. And now she’s totes a fire eater.

Jesus Christ, the edge.

No. 741005

Holy shit I just talked about what terrible opsec this is in my post >>740858

Please pay attention to this part:

This is just a helpful tip of my own because I've seen this happen time and time again on lolcow: Farmers, if you are logged in using your real Facebook/Instagram and screen capping cows for threads here, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CROP OUT YOUR ICON/NAME/SELF. I cannot tell you the amount of times there's a "reply" option at the bottom of a Facebook or Instagram screenshot, and the icon of the farmer capping is right there with it. Please look at your screenshots carefully before posting them to the internet.

No. 741007

File: 1576451053598.jpeg (144.4 KB, 811x701, 6F0B8975-95E9-4CB0-B48F-59A3E8…)

She made a sexual status about marrying her hand. And this was one of the responses. This girl is so thirsty for dick, it’s painful.

No. 741019

There’s really no use, this is like the tenth time she’s posted her profile pic.

No. 741022

My bad. I dated an ex of hers and she wasn’t too happy about it. Then teamed up with my abuser and spread some not so nice things around about me!
I went to Centennial

No. 741029

Yeah I thought she looked familiar. I have gone through her FB before lmao

No. 741036

Hot knives are used for smoking hash, not smoking weed. Yeah it's not the greatest method, but it works. But she's lying her ass off. No one smokes weed with knives.

No. 741049

Yeah I did too, after I made the post about her replying to the hot knives guy. I smoke but I had only ever heard of hot knives as like, the most efficient way to use your weed but it's not very user friendly or discreet and it is cumbersome. Basically nobody who does weed does it this way. The first I ever heard of it was because my old internet bf in the 90s told me that he was doing hot knives and i didn't know what that was so he told me it was a way of smoking weed.

So stupid story, I looked it up too because I was p sure licking a flame wasn't a necessary step.

But how did this Facebook guy guess it was hot knives? Maybe there are always try hards who lick the blowtorch flame and wave their hands thru the fire with their resilient skin

Saged for absolute dumb blog

No. 741051

Centennial says it’s a college, not a high school. Unless you meant college instead of high school the whole time? I’m not from Canada so maybe the school systems are just different.

Either way, I’m sorry she bullied you. It’s sucks she is still harassing women out there. She thinks we (“we” as in like two people instead of hundreds, right?) are stalkers for calling out her web of lies and trying to protect others from getting their bodies permanently damaged. So what does that make her?

No. 741052

My bad! There’s a high school in the city her and I are from called Centennial!

No. 741053

Is it in/near Guelph? I found a Centennial Sr High in Brampton

No. 741106

I’m in a neighbouring city, get a kick out of having a cow so close by.

Centennial is definitely a Guelph high school, here’s its Wikipedia page lol https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_Collegiate_Vocational_Institute

No. 741151

Wow I cannot believe our Ick isn’t listed in the alumni section, you know with being a famous model, astrophysicist, tattoo artist and all of her other various achievements. And of course that huge, Mensa IQ. Damn, she’s getting the short end of the stick here and should call to complain.

No. 741169

File: 1576514961168.png (216.65 KB, 1141x734, busybusybusy.png)

vick looks busy as ever

what was the status?

No. 741173

File: 1576516252266.jpg (140.78 KB, 1168x1280, IMG_20191216_100954_920.jpg)

This horny Vic Facebook status got 100+ comments. It's really gross. I've been screen capping them, don't worry. I'll show the horrors soon.

No. 741176

File: 1576517654305.png (2.59 MB, 1144x6021, thisisonfacebook.png)

Damn there's a line through my stitched together screenshot gdi.

So there's a lot of gross going on in this pic. I don't even know where to fucking start.

Tommy Pickles bragging that 5 ladies called him up for some of his sweet g spot loving is straight cringe. And that was after his pathetic first attempt at telling Vic that he will be good at pleasuring her lady parts because he has a "G man" tattoo which vouches for his skills. Because she does tattoos!

No. 741183

File: 1576520345402.jpg (96.46 KB, 1280x972, IMG_20191216_111828_265.jpg)


No. 741190

"Bitches faking orgasms to keep a guy"

Oh my god her hatred for women never ceases to amaze me. Meanwhile Vic couldn't even keep Ulises for two minutes.

No. 741202

You can tell by this statement alone that Vics never been in a stable long term relationship. Vic most of us do the basic respect, loyalty, affection and not manipulative actions to keep our men/women and they return it. That’s it ick. Most women dont fake orgasms.God her projection and hatred of women is amazing!

No. 741203

Don't know about Vic, but most women that fake orgasms usually do so with men that are radiating intense insecurity and it's easier to fake it and end the horrid experience. Anyone in a long term relationship faking it is wasting their time, you'd think if you're dating someone you could be open and tell them how to hit it. Guess Vic is only use to sporadic hook ups.

No. 741206

Tbh, I don’t think she’s ever had one until recently and that’s why at 32 she is talking about her hand so much. She hasn’t even discovered vibrators or she’d marry one of those instead.

No. 741214

She keeps being in the thread all "lol what's a rabbit"

No. 741216

Lmao I was thinking the same thing…like shouldn’t you be making jokes about marrying B.o.b?
I’ve always suspected her of being a bit of a prude when it comes to sex. Sure she will talk about it just to get men’s attention…but she otherwise seems a bit ignorant when it comes to sex.
If you’re in a committed relationship, you talk about what you want in sex. You wouldn’t just fake orgasms for years on end. But knowing Vic, she would do just that. She would fake it, as she does with everything else, to make the guy happy. Should would no way allude to anything needing to be changed. She’s also probably a huge starfish that makes a lot of exaggerated noises lol.

Go buy yourself a battery operated boyfriend, Vicky. And stop faking orgasms. Chances are the dude can tell.

No. 741223

File: 1576533974052.jpg (101.07 KB, 1280x1066, IMG_20191216_150545_842.jpg)

Why does she get makeup underneath her nails? I don't wear foundation or powder, just eye and lip stuff. Maybe it's different with the face stuff?

No. 741226

Usually you would put on foundation with a brush. So it really shouldn’t get under your nails. Makes sense, though. It looks like her makeup was hand caked on by a 15 year old.

Also, do you think she fakes her orgasms in a British accent?

No. 741227

>>do you think she fakes orgasms in a British accent
Lol anon, I just literally snorted hot cocoa up my nose trying to picture that. Omg this cow is too much sometimes.

No. 741228

She’s filthy and always has black crust under her nails because she barely ever showers. She likes to blame it on “makeup and hair dye” but as someone who has been dying my hair for years and wearing a lot of makeup, that does t happen u less you don’t give a shit about your hygiene.

No. 741229


She uses her hands to put on make up. Said it in a post “my hands look dirty here because I use my hands to blend in my make up” girl can’t afford a make up sponge for foundation or brushes.

No. 741230

Lol you know she does. Don't know what would be more of a turn-off - the fake-ass accent or that lumpy body.

No. 741231

She likely HAS to fake it because if she actually had an orgasm her Canadian accent would come out and her cover would be blown.

No. 741238

I came across this article on a study done on patients with “foreign accent syndrome” with no ties to traumatic brain injury, and immediately thought of vicky. It seems to have ties to narcissism, slow cognitive tempo, lower iq, social problems, aggression, depression and borderline personality disorder (and other general psychiatric disorders).

Sage for OT.

No. 741242

Kek. The verified people "watching" her stories are using a bot to increase their followers BY watching random people's stories. These same people "watch" my stories. What a fucking moron

No. 741244

File: 1576538325371.png (2.4 MB, 1280x5679, whyareyousharingthis.png)

Another comment thread from the status Victoria made about masturbation.

No. 741249

I don’t like the idea of icky ruining people’s bodies, but here we are

No. 741265

Oh I see. It’s fine for Vic to blather on about her personal jerking off habits, but the gods forbid so much as the MENTION of anyone else’s! That is terribly offensive to the old girl, don’t you know?

No. 741275

Can’t even reference something she doesn’t like. She must be a great time in bed. Beyond having nothing to talk about but herself, now we find out she’s a geek in the sheets.

No. 741282

File: 1576551393109.jpeg (152.05 KB, 725x744, DD1B9E5E-2277-47D9-8165-EFF771…)

Looks like “Frankie” took some photos of vickys roommate as well. I wonder if he ever gets tired of photographing vickys cheap, tired wardrobe.

No. 741283

File: 1576551486967.jpeg (70.09 KB, 750x507, 9A2C6163-AB0A-4892-996F-0F024D…)

No. 741285

I like their friendship. I think they are cute. I posted a pic of her here the other and I deleted it right away because she is mostly normal (aside from being close friends with Vic) If you go back through her Facebook (like I did because I'm a creeper) you'll see where she dresses like a "scene kid" and has the hair and everything. I wonder if they met a long time ago back when Vic was a Myspace scene kid.

No. 741291

File: 1576552338589.jpg (89.54 KB, 814x1280, IMG_20191216_195930_132.jpg)

I would be pissed if my husband talked about our sex life on a public Facebook post from Victoria Murder from the Myspace days, whose post was talking about masturbation. Maybe that's just me.

No. 741292

If by "friendship" you mean vickys unrelenting hate for women or any other person who would dare try and steal her source of attention..

100% vicky is probably fake as fuck towards this chick and secretly hates her guts while rambling about "muh bestfraannnddd"

No. 741293

I’m not sure how often our Vic is gonna let Jacquelyn borrow her clothes when she looks so much better in them than Vic does.

No. 741298

I wonder if the Vic eyebrows are edited in, or if she really draws her eyebrows like that

No. 741299

Did Vic seriously dress this girl up in her clothes and have a ~photoshoooot~ Lmao. She does look 100000x better than Vic that must hurt

No. 741300

She looks a million times better than icky.

No. 741302

I remember this dress! Gosh that must've been at least 6 Victoria threads ago. I remember an anon saying something about the blurred sequins.

No. 741303

This girl is looks beautiful! And she looks like her photos before this one.
She looks slender as well. I wonder how long it takes for icky to turn on her

No. 741315

File: 1576573094635.jpg (123.34 KB, 1280x1181, IMG_20191217_015725_389.jpg)

Lol I love her

She was bulking these last few months

O ok

No. 741326

>i was not fat guys just bulking

No. 741329

She is legit a female Mac from Always Sunny, cultivating mass she never harvests and being delusional about her martial skills and strength kek

No. 741348


Vicky has been bulking her whole life. Eating junk and being a fatty isn’t bulking.

No. 741351

File: 1576593736624.png (905.37 KB, 989x2784, daredevil.png)

She makes that cat/pussy joke all the time. It's really embarrassing.

No. 741356

File: 1576596210003.jpg (74.79 KB, 802x1279, IMG_20191217_082320_860.jpg)


No. 741363

>the only thing i get to cuddle is my sword
i fucking can't. considering how much she was bragging about it's sharpness this would be dumb, but so is everything she says.

No. 741364

“I get all the pussy” ugh. She’s so corny in all the wrong ways. This is a terrible joke a middle aged man would make to try to fit in with “the guys”

Also, that guy and her speak quite a bit. From his page he looks like the worst kinda loser.

No. 741395


Alzheimers is a bitch

No. 741410

it's a site issue, retard.

No. 741428

I'm aware, it's called a joke. And this is why you sage posts with no contribution. Thread got bumped 5 times for that lame post.

No. 741432

And another one for your lame post. Keep going, asshole.

No. 741434

>it got bumped 5 times
lmao, do you know how this shit works? all the posts happened within seconds of eachother. do you even know what bumping the thread does?

No. 741438

she's always bulking when there are candid photos and cutting when she photoshops

No. 741442

File: 1576616635221.jpg (78.89 KB, 821x1280, IMG_20191217_140245_605.jpg)

Victoria we can't see this picture. Can you please change the setting on your post? Thank you.

No. 741443

sage ur shit, retard

No. 741444

Keep using the word retard. You seem about as intelligent as icky. Maybe pick up a dictionary.


No. 741445

File: 1576617328335.jpg (76.35 KB, 1280x1008, IMG_20191217_141143_155.jpg)

Now this is hilarious. Anyone have a sweet treadmill they want to trade for tattoos? Or "trade for cash" is also an option.

I bet they have to deliver it to her place and set it up for her too.

Think of the ink! Honestly what kind of tattoo would be a fair trade for a working treadmill + the labor to get it to Vic? A full back piece? I have no idea.

No. 741446

You guys are both retarded, stop. Comment on these new Vicky screenshots, k? Vicky wants a sweet treadmill because she is in her ~cutting~ phase.

No. 741447

sage ur shit, retard volume II

No. 741448


“Ur” “retard” are you the person that went to high school with Vicky?

No. 741450

Why wouldn’t she just look on kijiji if she needs something for cheap? She needs to announce she’s in her cutting phase, I guess.

No. 741452


She should just go to a gym. But she wouldn’t dare be seen in public in gym clothes embarrassing herself working out in front of others. I could see her in her full clown make up and ratty extensions at the gym. Also those smelly ass black spandex shorts and thigh highs /vomit

No. 741456

File: 1576621760559.webm (401.08 KB, 540x892, nobodyasked.webm)

You realize you're still shitting up the thread even if you sage, right? Nobody here wants to scroll through a bunch of "ur retarded" "no u" posts. The posts are the problem. Not the lack of saging.

Anyway, here's new Vicky content. It's another dark video where she lifts up her XXL shirt.

No. 741459

This stupid video proves nothing. Anyone can lift up their stomach fat to make it look like it's flat.

No. 741460

File: 1576622842143.jpeg (150.37 KB, 828x1356, DB96675A-3713-4E4D-A9AF-408E1D…)

Here’s a screen grab. What …. is she trying to prove here? That she has skin?

No. 741461

File: 1576623855204.jpg (91.5 KB, 882x1280, IMG_20191217_155932_351.jpg)

Loool. I love how it's that same leather jacket she always wears. I didn't notice any t-shirts.

I caught this right as she replied. I'm such a stalker. Vic wasn't even going hard in her previous sword videos. Wow! If only cameras were fast enough to capture the sheer speed of Vic's sword slinging. I hope we get more sword videos in 2020. There have been 3-4 right? I think she's averaging about 1 per year.

No. 741466

This is supposed to be a Vicky thread yet every fucking third comment is dragging someone she's associated with. I love how you were all wanting the info from her high school victim, yet you then go on to talk about her like shit implying she's an imbecile because she went to school with her
Ya bunch of fuckin muppets, can't keep on track with your own topics.

No. 741467

good job, you learned how to sage. i knew you had it in you bud!

No. 741471


Googled it. Anything for you, buddy.

No. 741473

File: 1576629137146.jpg (137.17 KB, 803x1279, IMG_20191217_172431_627.jpg)

I actually agree. I was the anon who posted the pics and video of her and Ulises and I felt bad that he was being made fun of in the thread (I get sad when I think about old ppl getting their feelings hurt lol). I also posted a pic of Jackie the other day and my bf asked why. "If all she does is hang out with Vicky why post her pic?" He was right so I deleted it. The two anons arguing about saging are just sniping at each other and getting more heated and that's when one of them said the mean remark about being Vic's schoolmate. That was so unnecessary. We need to not do this please. I love you all in this thread. I've told my friends that if there were a hypothetical lolcow meetup based on thread, I would choose to meet with the farmers in the Victoria Bella Morte thread. I'm blogging again but please calm yourselves down. Anon is right. This is the Victoria thread. That's why we are all here!

Vic posted this status. I think she's already hit the sauce because this is difficult to make sense out of.

All I know is that Victoria is a very desirable woman. She says so a lot.

No. 741475

Model rockstar or celebrity problems?!?
Is she serious? Which one does she fall under? Oh I guess she fancy’s herself a model because she posts photos on Instagram and was in an online mag(where she took and edited the photos)

No. 741481

No. 741486

Yes she talks about this frequently. She's famous, and is also a model with a large following. So naturally she's going to have haters. It just goes with the territory.

Lmao I just realized she changed "more" into "morrre" in her edit.

No. 741487


This bitch has 7k followers on Instagram and thinks she’s famous? LMAO that’s fucking nothing. She’s so pathetic

No. 741488

File: 1576632623236.jpeg (228.07 KB, 828x1447, FAC11FA9-7791-4330-9FE4-2D6A3D…)

She’s a celebrity model that only gets 3 creepy dudes one ting and 18 people that like her status that’s been up for an hour.

No. 741492

"oh honey"

I instantly lost interest in the rest of her post.

No. 741493

I'm confused why she is bragging about more people looking her up or what not….she knows that they're going to find all the receipts on her, the lies and how she exhaggerates things.
Why is she proud of this?

No. 741496


Her housemate is absolutely lovely and 100% innocent, but you can see a lot of her recent check ins and her address on her Facebook. The address may not be recent but if she still resides there, and Vicky is still her housemate, then the whole world knows Vicky's place of residence, and that's a scary thought.

No. 741498

The 7K would be mildly impressive if she weren't following over 5K. She's just following accounts so they follow back. It would be more impressive if she only had a few hundred she was following.

Sage for pointless facts

Also, anyone else looking forward to a few months from now when Vick still doesn't have muscle or abs after her 59th "cut"?

No. 741499

Her friend Jackie actually seems nice and she’s a beaut. I don’t think they live together anymore

No. 741510

File: 1576641694500.jpeg (43.96 KB, 275x223, 1574681392155.jpeg)

You need to type sage into the email field, not the comment field.

No. 741515

This! They’re eyebrows match wtf

No. 741528

I may be incorrect but I do believe the chuckle guy (assuming he was the one that received the message as he commented like he did, again, could be wrong) has deleted his comment and unliked the post.

No. 741529

Chuckle guy? Are you in the correct thread?

No. 741532

I am in the right thread honey.
Are you reading the posts previously smart arse?

Cause this Jamie fellow made a comment saying " I just chuckled " which can be interpreted as he was messaged

No. 741533

Nta, but to reply to a comment tap on the post number, otherwise it's confusing to understand if you're referencing an older image etc

No. 741538


Noted, thanks for the direction(emoji)

No. 741546

https://lolcow.farm/info for how to post. note that we don't do emoji here.

No. 741568

The hilarious thing is even in her photoshopped pictures she has no muscle tone at all. Bulking doesn't just mean gaining weight, you're supposed to gain MUSCLE, but i guess that's too hard to photoshop so she just gives herself the same generically curvy, soft body. If you don't want "gross lady abs" then bulking and cutting isn't want you want to do anyway. Bulk/cut cycles are really only for weight lifters and bodybuilders, and she does neither. She would have no need of it for the martial arts she claims to do, and "bulking" would actually be detrimental because muscle is heavy and slows you down.

So she basically just grabbed some fitness words off the internet and threw them in there to justify her weight gain.

No. 741602

Boxing day is like a week away, if she actually wanted one, she could get a decent one for cheap then. This is some weird flex.

No. 741608

File: 1576683125781.png (2.34 MB, 1280x5255, funfact.png)

Victoria has blessed us with another game of "spot the difference" with this status today. There are 63 comments on this. I haven't read them yet.

No. 741610

File: 1576683573631.png (1.12 MB, 1202x2677, ~walls_like_thorns~.png)

I'M DYING. This is just the first comment thread too! I haven't gotten to the other 60.

Vic BEGGING for a boyfriend/prince is too much.

And this dork saying he has more respect for her now that he knows about her thorny walls omg.

No. 741613

File: 1576684805244.png (1.87 MB, 1033x4428, OldSchoolRomantic.png)

Second comment thread

No. 741614

File: 1576685755745.jpg (26.56 KB, 1280x378, IMG_20191218_091503_830.jpg)

I apologise, SWEETIE, for not automatically knowing that "Chuckle guy" meant "Guy who made comment about chuckling."

However! It appears you are correct! Good eye.

No. 741666


She isn’t Demi lmao she had someone I knows dick in her mouth the night of meeting him lmfao

No. 741744

She was attracted to his mind and soul, anon. Duh.

No. 741766

This whole trade for ink thing has made me wonder….do you think she's pulled this with her family too?
"Yo dad, want ink? I'll do a trade if you pay my rent'

No. 741770

>my hearts old school i guess
>i realize its unusual
>i guess im an old school romantic
Kek, only Vic would think wanting a relationship and not random hookups would make her an uwu unique old soul.

No. 741772

Lmao, demisexuality falls on the asexual spectrum. Generally people who are demi don’t base their entire life on “appearing” sexually attractive because it’s something that doesn’t make much sense/isn’t a priority if you can’t personally experience primary sexual attraction.

Vicky just wants orbiters begging to fuck her so she feels validated. Don’t drag an entire sexuality that you have no understanding of into your wild delusions, Vic.(derailing)

No. 741785

All these guys are either weird married/taken dudes who disclose too much sexual info about their private sex lives with vick or weird desperate guys who will say anything to random girls online for a root. I'm not why she thinks it's flattering that they orbit. If anything it makes her look worse for engaging with these dudes.

No. 741829

Ugh. First masturbation habits, then multiple orgasm abilities. The ice queen’s little informational talks are giving me a migraine.

No. 741850

this gatekeeping is so embarressing, who even takes demisexuality serious outside of tumblr kek it's not a sexuality or an identity to not want to have one night stands. it's just condescending to anyone who doesn't identify as demi lol(derailing)

No. 741860

Yeah it’s just a special snowflake sexuality. I assume Ick is claiming it because she is used to getting banged in the back of a car in the parking lot of whatever Thai restaurant or bar she is at and is feeling pretty nasty about herself. Tbh, a lot of people think this way and wait to have sex until they form a bond with somebody. It’s not special, unique, right or wrong. It’s just Vic’s passive aggressive way of slut shaming. She should just embrace her real life at 32, it ridiculous this false persona she has.

No. 741861

File: 1576766566381.jpg (79.76 KB, 1280x1055, IMG_20191218_212713_654.jpg)

No. 741867

I dont know this chick well, but she looks exactly 34-36ish.

No. 741868

this is so sad to me. imagine bragging that you look like you are in your twenties when you are 32 kek, that's not bragworthy. and vicky, you do NOT look in your twenties. nothing is wrong with that at all though, that is what is so sad, the fact that she is so terrified of aging that she tries to latch onto her twenties and teenage years, while trying to hide any signs of aging with clown makeup and photoshop

this idea that looking like you are in your twenties is the most ideal, it's such a hollywood and sexist way of thinking, so it's no surprise that vicky believes that shit too

No. 741870

God, this bitch. I really used to think it was funny how desperate and pathetic she is and now after watching these threads for a while I wish I could shake her and tell her to shut up. Every attempt she makes to flatter herself is so, so depressing

No. 741876


idk, this whole discussion is really ot but I do kinda think demisexuality is a valid thing. ONS is not the same thing as being sexually aroused by people you don't/barely know.

Whether it's an actual sexuality, though, is a whole nother thing. I see it more as a separate classification, personally.(derailing)

No. 741901

>idk, this whole discussion is really ot but I do kinda think demisexuality is a valid thing.
Of course it's ~valid~. As a fucking personality trait that doesn't need a label at all, letalone one that conflates it with sexual orientation

No. 741902


You really stopped after sentence one didn't ya. This clearly has your fucking panties in a twist

No. 741903

Guys there is a video ulises posted and Vicky is speaking in her real voice


No. 741906

File: 1576784876637.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, 8211D082-57E8-4D51-A662-5FCD11…)


I LoOk LiKe I aM iN mY tWeNtIeS

No. 741907

File: 1576785282170.jpeg (53.93 KB, 355x471, 87D7EC4B-6433-406D-825E-CB9F3A…)

No. 741909

that bottle was the true star of the night kek, literally forced into every photo and video

No. 741911

File: 1576785816478.jpeg (265.94 KB, 549x851, ADD9ECFA-02CD-4C06-95AF-D58596…)

The fucking cheap extensions lmaoooo

No. 741918


She's so shy and awkward. No wonder she plays pretend ice queen online, she's so embarrassing.

No. 741926

File: 1576790300118.png (1.08 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20191219-161558.png)


No. 741927

Loool bitch is so insecure about her age.

You absolutely look your age, Vick. Stop acting like there's something so bad about that.

No. 741929

Lol this is the woman who calls herself an intelligent ice queen? I don't think she could act more like a stupid bimbo than in this video.

No. 741931

oof that's some rugged shit. glad to see her fabulous romance hasn't ended yet. i'm ready for the vicky and the old man show.

No. 741935

It did end. He was just in Toronto briefly. That video is from the same night of all the closed prosecco bottle shots. His next event was in Mexico.

No. 741951

Are we sure she hasn't had plastic surgery or botox of any kind? Shes giving me botched, melting Gangnam Unnie vibes HARD.

No. 741953

Are they just posing with that fucking bottle? Jesus Vic love yourself instead of hanging out with this old geezer who’s cosplaying some kind of socialite.

No. 741960

These pics are just embarrassing. Walk around with a cheap ass prop all night and also a cheap ass bottle too?

No. 741976

Vic can definitely not afford botox

No. 741978

There’s people that do it for discount from their houses. Vick is an example of how that may look

No. 741979

Her eyebrows!!! She needs to stop drawing those on wasted

No. 741994

She looks like Ulises here. Someone should do a face swap of them.

No. 742005

I love how the first time she says “hi” she forgot her accent. She dropped it at the end too. Hilarious.

No. 742011

File: 1576826071133.jpg (375.16 KB, 720x1053, IMG_20191219_193510.jpg)


I love how she almost tried to drink directly from the bottle and regret it in the last second. Very classy habit Vic.

No. 742033

File: 1576843068118.jpg (442 KB, 914x1085, 20191220_195630.jpg)

Her inability to resist tongue and eye-fucking the camera

No. 742036

She's not speaking in her real voice tho, she's still doing the pretend British

No. 742042


When she says jet set setters she isn’t putting on the accent.

No. 742052

The fleeting nature of their romance is easily contender for biggest lolcow disappointment of the year- imagine what could have been…

No. 742074

Sorry, but, Jet Setters? My sides are diamonds. It sounds like the off shute of "Silver Foxes". Are horny middle class boomers looking to score with aging barflys, I mean TOTALLY young hot "young" looking girls?

No. 742081

File: 1576863720989.png (985.87 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20191219-160115.png)

Poor horny Vic

No. 742084

You love these two wannabe ballers dragging the same unopened bottle of champagne all over town to pose with it.

No. 742086


Christ Vic, your hair is so short and broken. You're better off shaving it off and buying a wig.

No. 742087

File: 1576865952522.jpg (400.89 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20191220_131743.jpg)

That bottle was closed in all the pics and in the vid and yet she still looks absolutely wasted

No. 742096

File: 1576871829813.jpeg (118.22 KB, 750x854, DD6C8C50-0D01-4EC0-BB97-E028F5…)

Does she actually have a black tooth, what the hell is that

No. 742101

It's just a gap between her teeth

No. 742107

File: 1576883744127.jpg (111.34 KB, 1192x1280, IMG_20191220_161538_347.jpg)

Your hair looks amazing, Vic…

No. 742108

Her teeth seem pretty naturally crowded, which is honestly whatever, but a gap in that spot doesn't look natural.

No. 742110

If you look at the first picture in the collage, you can see hints of the gap in the same spot. It's literally just a gap.

No. 742112

>she's so shy and awkward..
Lol no anon. Icky is the living embodiment of Jennifer Coolidge's "friends" character.
>>742081 holy fuck.. why is the inside of his mouth grey?
>>742107 it totally does anon and it also grows at the speed of light and changes color to match her delusory moods and anybody who dares think otherwise are clearly basement dwelling stalker bitches who's partners secretly wish we were icky.

No. 742113

You know what's depressing about this stupid cow? She's not even ugly.

She's a moderately attractive woman, or she would be if she hadn't turned into an unhinged narcissist. Imagine if you saw her with normal make up and hair on the streets, she'd look /just fine/.

I honestly wonder what her parents did to turn her into this morbidly insecure shell of an actual person.

No. 742114


I agree. Her real voice is so cute too I don’t understand the fake accent bullshit. She blows my mind . It must be so stressful constantly faking every aspect of her life

No. 742122

She’s not ugly. unfortunately he unhealthy lifestyle isn’t helping. Her teeth are disgusting, her hair is beyond repair( unless she shaves her head and starts over but the oxyclean has probably done a number on her scalp) and she smells like an old cigarette. On top of her personally being intolerable.

No. 742123

What are her siblings like? Are they fucked up too or did Vicky somehow end up a black sheep?

No. 742124

Anons have been saying for years she’s not bad looking. She’s just average. And, as you can tell, she REFUSES to be average. She can’t just be a model, she’s an international cover model. She’s not a try-hard who licked a flame, she a FIRE EATER. She’s not editing her eyes and leaving 2 pupils, her eyes reflect uhhhhmazingly. She refuses average. She claims to have a high IQ and claims has a body that women can only achieve with surgery.

She’s not ugly. She’s average. And she could be really cute if she dressed her age, calmed down on the drag make up and fixed her hair.

I don’t think her parents are necessarily to blame completely. It’s the fact that she fell into internet fame at a young age because of her looks. That shit is damaging to a young mind. So, to her, her looks are EVERYTHING. But now that she’s aging, she has to be more than just her looks. She has to be ~not liek other girls. Totes Demi sexual and multiple orgasms you guyssss

No. 742125

Her brother got arrested for child pornography so I think that whole family is a dumpster pile. Her sister might be the only normal one and why she didn’t bother going to her wedding.

No. 742130

File: 1576899313674.jpeg (28.43 KB, 400x400, 9C6C5146-3C6C-4F00-AC7D-1C81DA…)

Her brother.

No. 742132

He's an awkward Alex P. Keaton conservative type. Doesn't speak with an accent. Not the guy you want to get stuck talking to at a party.

No. 742137

The saddest part about this is that she wasn’t even that “famous”. She seems to think that she was this ~uwu super famous MySpace scene queen idol~ but if you really go back and look (even subjecting yourself to “MySpace scene queen” compilations from the early 2000s) she was very rarely brought up.

No. 742143

Honestly I don't remember her at all, and I was a creep who liked lurking that Vanity Is Perfection group.

No. 742144

No, but it’s still damaging either way. I mean…a lot of cows here were”viral” or popular on the internet at some point. And they still chase after it, despite being completely washed up and no one caring anymore. A lot of their current issues could be pinpointed to that time in their life. I’m sure there’s a lot of other precursors (like having poor self esteem) that go with it. But I’ll stop with the armchairing.

No. 742164

I also think she associates having haterz like us as a sure fire indication of her fame and our jealously. Sorry Vic, we are here because you’re an awful person who shouldn’t be allowed to scar people with a tattoo machine and you’ve created a dumpster fire of a life for yourself.

No. 742185

File: 1576956210814.jpg (139.81 KB, 873x1280, IMG_20191221_122241_143.jpg)

Only posting this because it's a cow crossover

No. 742206

she really plays with her tongue all the time, not just in pictures jesus christ

No. 742217

File: 1576970176673.jpeg (190.31 KB, 828x1460, C211CE9F-D764-4E13-B58E-D3A002…)

That hair

No. 742233

Almost seems like she needs the headband to hold her tracks onto her head.

No. 742238

Stop being a woman that hates on other women, anon. Victoria has beautiful hair. It's obvious you're just insecure and jealous.

No. 742239

The headband is so confusing. I've never seen anyone wear one like that. I assumed it was photoshop initially in >>736666 because it's so jarring. It looks like a piece of PVC tape around her forehead.

No. 742252

It's a scene kid way to wear a head band.

No. 742253

Maybe she's covering her labotomy scar

No. 742254

If I recall, didn’t you wear the headband over the hair? Not under the hair to try and hide your 5head? Maybe it was a preference.

No. 742263

My bad you're right! I was thinking of the 2008 hippie headband trend.

No. 742283

I bet she uses it to disguise her forehead wrinkles so she can delude herself into thinking she still looks 22 instead of a hard 42

No. 742354

File: 1577051807694.png (779.51 KB, 1280x2516, VickyPudding.png)

No. 742474

Why post this?

No. 742543

If this is milk, it’s whatever comes after skim.

No. 742571


No. 742623

File: 1577207765746.jpeg (192.79 KB, 828x1327, 3B752E6B-1DC7-4077-B5BA-410DD5…)

Do ickys parents even speak to her?

No. 742624

File: 1577207858470.jpeg (74.24 KB, 828x396, 85A0870D-A322-4C68-85FA-80D21A…)

One of my favourite things about Vic is how funny she thinks she is.
What sort of junior high gibberish is this?

No. 742625

This person apologizing for his/her English still writes better than Vicky

No. 742626

She wants dick so bad.

No. 742687

I thought she was 'demi'?

Pick a fucking lane, stupid cow.

No. 742706

File: 1577281084311.jpeg (154.72 KB, 779x1257, 27DAE513-FE79-478C-9B43-768383…)



No. 742773

File: 1577336054074.jpeg (52.1 KB, 828x233, E09E66F8-066D-49E6-A596-285D39…)

No. 742774

File: 1577336079416.jpeg (60.23 KB, 828x457, 7A8E664B-D4EB-45A8-836B-BDADB6…)

Wonder what this is about

No. 742804

Did she take this down?

No. 742805

Drugs? Eating fire again? Drank too much and got kidnapped again. Isis broke into her house ? Could be anything with icky. What we car all agree on, not even knowing what it is, it’s completely fabricated

No. 742825

Suicide baiting her ex, maybe.

No. 742827

Exactly what I was thinking. Or she was desperate for a knight in shining armor. Why else would she call her ex that clearly has a ton of feelings for her still?

Vicky is so desperate to feel loved by men it’s gross. And then to add to the validation by posting it online for everyone to see? Ugh. A grown woman in her 30s ….amazing.

No. 742830

Totally suicide baiting her ex. And writing a status about it at 3:30 in the morning.
Looks like she took it down, she probably realized that doesn’t fit with the fake persona she’s trying to get everyone to believe.
I honestly feel sorry for her. She probably is seriously depressed.

No. 742857


I don’t feel bad. Maybe if she didn’t lie about her whole life and treat everyone else around her like shit (unless they worship her) she wouldn’t be in these situations. Maybe if she got her head out of the clouds and acted like an actual adult and was true to herself she could lead a more stress free life. She puts herself above all others and has to be an expert in absolutely everything. She dug her own grave now she can sleep in it

No. 742902

Was gonna say something along these lines. No need to feel bad for someone who drove herself into a ditch by trying to run over someone else. And I feel like that's an appropriate analogy considering the fact that she's an impulsive, angry drunk. Don't think we have to actually worry about drunk driving or vehicular manslaughter though, she'll likely never drive. Probably can't even afford a beater, and insurance is mandatory here and not cheap.

No. 742904

hope she does a flip

No. 743094

>No need to feel bad for someone who drove herself into a ditch by trying to run over someone else.

Goddamit anon, for a second I thought this was a literal statement and got whiplash ready to go back to where I could've missed this pivotal milk in past threads…

No. 743305

File: 1577619706943.png (847.23 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-12-29-22-41-15…)

No. 743306

File: 1577619878436.png (799.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-12-29-22-41-23…)

No. 743325

What kind of a pile of shit is this? Every time she says shit like this I would just LOVE to see her try something serious. Did someone slap her across the face with a glove or something?

No. 743362

File: 1577640331520.jpeg (228.15 KB, 828x1343, 4F74D773-DDB1-463F-B072-15C99F…)

Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t Vicky said some pretty racist shit?

No. 743369

She has definitely commented on Muslims in “Britain” and immigration in Canada before

No. 743403


Holy shit we have reached top tier neckbeard here. “If he wants to be in pieces before he draws one breath…because that’s about how fast I am”. Why does nobody call her out on her shit? She talks like someone in a fucking anime she’s so embarrassing Jesus Christ girl. I hope she keeps up with this shit forever cuz the lulz it brings are endless

No. 743405

File: 1577656368565.jpg (211.04 KB, 478x599, fart face.jpg)

the face she's making in this one kills me as much as the fake ass synthetic hair hanging on the back of her head. also like the totally real not shooped boobs that are magically holding up the front of that dress.

No. 743409

You can see how wavy her right wrist is by how much she brought her waist and hips in. All of it’s bad.

No. 743413

File: 1577658537569.jpeg (35.77 KB, 298x242, 6ECA9CC2-2639-4657-8844-C7FA95…)

By adjusting the lighting a bit you can really tell what her hair probably looks like irl. Especially the (our) left top side of her head.
Did she buy the clip in kind from Claire’s?

No. 743549

she looks so much like a middle aged woman desperately clinging to youth via excessive cosmetic surgery. I don't understand why anyone would think this looks flattering.

No. 743613

Imo all Vicky needs to do is fix the eyebrows and she would instantly looking 10 years younger. I only ever see old hags with those kind of eyebrows. She needs straighter fuller ones.

No. 744040

Why the fuck does she not start over at this point? Abandon current internet presence, wash, shave head, new clothes, new diet, gym, therapy, apprenticeship/go back to college.

No. 744296

eyebrows wouldnt save this drag queen looking bitch but would be a nice start.

No. 744519

File: 1577917995337.jpeg (150.83 KB, 828x1068, 8A3AC0F3-E6D1-4BCB-A4AA-9A2A3C…)

“No photoshop needed” I like every other time. Does she not see a difference in how she looks from this photo to the heavily photoshopped ones? Also this photo is blurry has hell.
She also looks like miss piggy.

No. 744524

She looks like she's scratching her beard kek

No. 744646

Proud she even uploaded this. Now she’s just gotta get her hands off her face and change her entire personality

No. 744759

File: 1577979386837.jpeg (67.27 KB, 322x509, 9BA2309B-2E50-4D8A-9D52-FCCA25…)

She didn’t upload this one it looks edited that shoulder on the left looks oddly smaller than her other one and she blurred her cottage cheese legs. Maybe that’s why the one she posted says no photoshop

No. 744881

File: 1577997522000.jpeg (52.51 KB, 398x416, 757635D5-C56D-4AD4-86FA-301F12…)

No. 744895

Those fucking extensions. Barf.
She needs to dress her age and drop this high school drag make up. And kill the scene hair. You’re in your fucking 30s.

She would look better with a nice medium brunette shade rather than this brittle transparent 3 different shades of blonde.

No. 744925

File: 1578004811815.png (219.65 KB, 402x420, DC1D5A74-7E7F-4AB2-A9D6-3CE80A…)

No. 744959

The way she’s been doing her foundation recently makes her look like she has a 5 o’clock shadow. It’s like she trying to highlight her eyes and cheeks but then everything else is way too dark.

No. 744967

Mmm that pallor though. Did she get her make-up done by Luna?

No. 744971

File: 1578012764828.jpeg (61.81 KB, 828x279, 9EDAD938-ABC8-458D-AAE0-FB0652…)

She made the caption “that is salt on the table spilt from tequila shots”

Eye roll.

No. 744975

Great results from her “bulking” on those shapeless flabby arms.

No. 744977

File: 1578013903699.jpg (623.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200102-201034_Ins…)

Surprised nobody posted this gem… "booty rockin" kek she must have been gone when she edited this one cause all I can say is yikes.

Shes 30-something posting like this. Sad.

No. 744979

File: 1578014488308.jpeg (190.2 KB, 689x1052, 8D8EB983-0D98-4421-B19C-9170B0…)

holy editing

No. 744980

File: 1578014670702.png (193.11 KB, 322x509, D67BE36A-7F38-40D2-8DC8-75CECE…)

Wow this one is even worse

No. 745009

Wh-why is the ceiling so low? Are they having a "totally not lame" party in someone's attic? Like just 5 semi homely girls, in someones attic sharing one bottle of cheap ass champagne?

No. 745011

Considering the shitty wannabe Victorian gothic mirror in the background I’m assuming Vicky is living in someone’s basement

No. 745013

Is she wearing those same smelly shorts she always wears to a New Years party.

No. 745019

File: 1578019241378.jpeg (147.71 KB, 828x540, B4BEDAF9-106A-44EB-855A-0809DA…)

She doesn’t seek or start drama but instead of just deleting the people / person she believes is starting drama, she makes a public post about it. And stirs up drama.
To top it off wishes people death and harm.
Oh no, Vicky you’re total drama free, well adjusted queen.

You are definitely too old for this, girl.

No. 745021

File: 1578019490375.jpeg (66.06 KB, 828x308, A4727F16-7D9B-4435-9BFC-146321…)

Icky is commenting on her own posts again because she has nobody to talk to.
“Wanna still be doing this by the time they hit 40”
Coming from a girl coming up on 40 shortly wearing corsets from hot topic, determining her worth from the guys that dm her on Instagram, doesn’t have a steady job, no education, hasn’t left Canada since she was 3, attacks women online.

No. 745022

File: 1578019987010.jpg (91.18 KB, 791x1279, IMG_20200102_195253_408.jpg)

No. 745023

File: 1578020135529.jpg (103.07 KB, 807x1279, IMG_20200102_195525_556.jpg)

No. 745029

File: 1578020716807.png (4.38 MB, 1280x7701, 10.png)

She edited this post ten times lol

No. 745050

I really hope that guys name is “Jason” and he just got his own name tattooed down his arm.
The type of company Vicky keeps. Is anyone surprised?

No. 745059

her 'hair' is like three different colors, just ditch the extensions already or get a wig b/c they're so obvious idk how ppl don't tell her. irl. she's also suspiciously missing the balloon tits, must be the lighting.

all that editing and she couldn't put in some apostrophes or make actual sentences. i like how she took out and then put back the part about walking into traffic.

No. 745068

File: 1578027411668.jpeg (336.97 KB, 750x755, A6C48A5E-E72B-4C65-A480-CC09B5…)

Aging like milk in the sun

No. 745082

lol how embarrassing. so not bothered

No. 745092

Mansions to the basement of a “friends” mom’s house. Vic sure is going places

No. 745105

Tbh I think this is the best picture of her. Her hair is yellow, grey, and a mystery color and I think she would look way better if she cut it all off and grew it back natural or like a brown with auburn shade.

Her makeup is the 2008 style so although she’s still wearing it to look younger, it actually makes her look older. As with anyone who still wears this shit. The girl isn’t ugly, I think a more natural look would honestly compliment her.

While it’s likely that she listened to us and lightly edited her photos then had her minion post them as if they were untouched, she still is WAY less edited than usual. I mean the girl turns herself into something so superficial it’s embarrassing. Like the amount of photoshop she normally uses could land her on “My Strange Addictions.”

I think she has the potential to be physically cute, but I don’t know what to say about her personality…she needs serious help.

No. 745134

That mauvey pink lipstick is like the worst shade to make teeth appear more yellow. Even girls with better oral hygiene than Vick struggle to pull it off.

No. 745137

File: 1578046702091.jpeg (129.73 KB, 904x722, CF7DD212-067D-4655-A735-90AA37…)

Nitpick but that’s straight up purple, but you’re right even some 10/10 girls doesn’t pull it off.
bonus vintage milk to celebrate the new decade.

No. 745171

File: 1578060317407.jpeg (146.4 KB, 827x1041, FA31AC9B-ADD2-44F3-83D4-6B3546…)

She’s so numb to it, she constantly stalks this forum and posts about her “haters” constantly on all her social media.
So unbothered.

No. 745197

Nitpick and not trying to argue but Mauve is a pinkish purple.
True actual purple/violet has more blue in it.
Either way I agree with you that she looks like shit.

She needs to stop this weird garish makeup. Eyebrows and lips mostly.
Her hair is absolutely wrecked beyond repair. I agree with anons about going brunette and just leaving it alone.
I'm getting vibes that she's photoshopped her nose in >>745068 because that giant bump and bulbous end part is gone and she's shopped it into a pointy upwards slanting nose. And I know she's apparently short but the way she has edited her proportions makes her look like a legit midget kek

No. 745201

Even if she wants to keep the blonde, she needs to get it bleached at a salon and not continue this oxyclean home job bullshit. It's patchy as fuck. And agree 110% about that layered scene bullshit. Cut a blunt bob or even a medium length one with jagged ends like Cameron Diaz or someshit. I can't imagine going to a club or party and seeing ANYONE like not even the most out of touch chick wearing scene hair anymore.
The only women I've seen currently with it still are Eugenia Cooney and like 13 year old girls online trying to revive scene. It's embarrassing.

No. 745210

Holy shit she's hanging out with shoeonhead AND the famous millionaire rockstar J A S O N

No. 745269

It’s rather rich of her to say “nobody likes you” in her status when she can’t seem to keep a single friend longer than a year.

No. 745289

File: 1578099456042.jpg (15.1 KB, 220x216, 220px-Sunglasses_at_Night_(Cor…)

Who wears sunglasses indoors at night

No. 745312

Black guys, fuck boys, meth heads, and apparently washed up MySpace famoos serial shoopers.

No. 745362


>when you desperately want white blonde hair but you’re broke so you use oxiclean and purple shampoo

No. 745368

I know this might probably be a differing opinions, but she's not an ugly woman. She's just seriously deranged with all of this 80's rocker shit. It's her mental illness that makes me sad about her. Sad in a train wreck I can't look away way though.

No. 745380


I don't think she's super ugly either, she's just average. If she embraced her natural look she could be a lot prettier. But she's such a huge catfish that anyone who sees her after looking uncritically at her shoops is going to be disappointed and it makes her appear much uglier because of the comparison.

No. 745382

To me the most telling thing about Ick and her shooping is how in her shoops shes mostly not wearing makeup/has a more natural look because she just edits anything shes insecure about away.
Yet EVERY SINGLE picture we see of her in public she has makeup CAKED on and has to embarrassingly hide as much of her face is possible with her hands, hair, objects, glasses etc. Shes painfully aware of how she really looks, she just truly thinks she has everyone else fooled.

No. 745400

Her shoops are what make her one of my very favorite cows. Every one of them just keeps getting better.

No. 745426

File: 1578146387754.jpeg (42.49 KB, 828x254, 25854B6F-B6F7-4B89-BB80-C3F5CB…)

In the comments she says “I like to keep my relationships generally private, let the idiots guess who it is”
Isn’t this the same girl that had photos of her and Adrien cuddling naked still circulating the internet?
That being said, who it is doesn’t matter it’s the fact that a 32 year old woman is writing statuses like this at 1am.

No. 745431

who’s Adrien? Receipts pls

No. 745447

File: 1578152447138.jpeg (47.7 KB, 373x500, 5F2A2607-10F9-4401-94BE-C47CEB…)


Her ex.

And when she was dating her last child man, Matt, she posted him / about him all the time. So I’m not sure why she’s pretending to be all secretive now. She says she rarely dates so….

No. 745448

File: 1578152494545.jpeg (83.38 KB, 684x567, C5F9C9C8-C00A-47FB-BBDF-781086…)

My favourite is when icky use to shoop herself vampire fangs.

No. 745462

Is icky even doing tattoos anymore. Looks like she dropped any mention of tattooing for like a month now.

No. 745506

File: 1578174127280.png (327.77 KB, 380x880, Freixenet-Prosecco.png)

If anyone is curious about the champagne it's Freixenet - Prosecco.

No. 745509

The 19.99 kind

No. 745510

you made me check the thread for this?

No. 745560

File: 1578192672197.png (423.44 KB, 684x567, Untitled-1.png)


Vicky's shop is aight, but this one is better

No. 745646

Uh. I think you're mistaken.

That is clearly a billionaires beverage only drunk by the rich and famous.

That's why they had to take multiple pictures with that ONE bottle!

Not everyone can live such a lavish, expensive, luxurious life!

No. 745671


I checked it really is $19.95 CAD lmao

No. 745717

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

I am new here and am having trouble finding the sources for those two.
Can someone show me?
I admired her back in the day (like 10 years ago) and am so shocked to see all of this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 745762

File: 1578249075370.jpeg (60.08 KB, 548x382, BB693C2F-AF0A-4BD2-8936-76C894…)

Girl decided to go to work! She needs some practise. Getting rusty, which considering she was garbage before…. you can tell that this is not going to heal well.
Maybe less drinking in the streets of Toronto with old men and $20 wine and more apprenticeship

No. 745770

That’s not Adrian, that’s an old photo from MySpace days of her ex Kalevi.

No. 745775


One thing that I absolutely loathe about vickys tattoos is that they never fit into a persons body properly. Going to a trained, professional artist means that they will edit and change the size or structure of a tattoo and place it accordingly on the clients body. That’s where the “artist” abilities come into play. Vickys tattoos always end up looking like pasted clip art (which they basically are, as she traces from her laptop) and never have that element of flow on her clients. I mean, all butchering aside, even if she manages to fart out a half decent tattoo on paper/photoshop it never looks quite right on skin.

No. 745790

I got that Prosecco here in the UK from the supermarket over Christmas for around £6.99 cos it was cheap and the bottle was pretty. It certainly isn’t something to brag about!

No. 745800

Rofl that's the same reason my bf and I got it for Thanksgiving. It was on sale for $12 and the bottle is pretty! I'm actually the anon who first posted all the pics with her and Ulises and I was sure that was the same bottle of prosecco I had gotten. I showed my bf and we were loling and now when we see it at the store we think of Victoria. I'm glad other ppl recognize it.

No. 745811

took me a few minutes to realize that thing on the right is supposed to be a bird. this piece is so unbalanced, all that black on the right and a sad little flower, everything is going to blob out though so i guess it doesn't matter.

No. 745833

Thanks, anon. After staring at it intently myself, I thought it was some kind of exotic uneven flower bursting out of a mirror (but then realized was a gem)
No idea it was a bird until you pointed it out.

No. 746036

why do you always blogpost about your bf lol

No. 746084

File: 1578348678378.jpeg (160.05 KB, 828x1110, 65883789-F7ED-4D86-A877-AF34D2…)


No. 746104

What IS that? Like ok I see a lily, but what is the thing in the middle and on top of that supposed to be..?

No. 746225

what a fucking mess. i like how a couple of parts look darker than the rest but just shows how poorly her ink holds, and what even is this composition.

No. 746270

6 years healed, but it's so… Red? It looks really blotchy around it, almost swollen.

No. 746314

Vicky’s tattooing style looks EXACTLY like the gaudy wall art hung at outdated nail salons.

No. 746339

She literally just mashes together a bunch of images off Google together and then slaps it on her victims without properly measuring the space or fit. None of the objects ever transition or properly fit together because she draws nothing by hand.

No. 746765

File: 1578530430816.jpeg (1.03 MB, 4000x4000, AAE2887F-8690-4649-8EAE-4F3D92…)


No. 746767

She is so incredibly thirsty. Jesus Christ, imagine posting anything even remotely like that on Facebook.

No. 746806

>I've never fucked 3 guys before, if that's what your winky face was implying
Quite the jump there, kek.

No. 746836

This is something a 14 year old boy would post. Maybe if she left her house once in awhile and had human interaction she could get laid.
Instead of relying on the attention from losers online.

No. 747024

File: 1578615221180.jpeg (118.92 KB, 828x959, 931166AB-3A1C-4FB0-83B4-7B3603…)

Here we go again.
“Are you a robot” but can’t help bragging about every guy she falls in love with on Facebook.

No. 747025

File: 1578615295072.jpeg (97.5 KB, 828x588, BE11F902-F831-4B39-A329-B394E3…)

Doesn’t she take phone numbers? She’s the most unorganized person and wants people to believe she runs a successful business

No. 747030

File: 1578615750923.jpg (70.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 747031


If any other tattoo shop operated this way they would be shut down by the BBB immediately. I don’t understand how she’s still in business.

No. 747032

the bbb of ontario is virtually useless. rarely if ever does the bbb actually get involved with reports they get. ontario is "small business" focused so just about any problem will fall through the cracks for the sake of keeping a "functioning" business open. as long as shes not living somewhere considered a large city by canadian standard, she can probably get away with just about anything as long as she doesnt kill/maim anyone.

No. 747034

>pretty blonde kellie
the fucking cringe. how does she not put the full name of the person making the appointment and leaving the deposit? also putting the post up the same day she's supposed to do the tattoo, expecting the person will see it.

we know she doesn't have a lot of clients, i can't understand how she constantly is losing track of them.

No. 747047

I don’t believe there was ever an appointment for a “pretty blonde kellie”. She just made this up as a vague way to be like “look, I totally don’t hate women!” She does this on random and rare occasions, along with DMs she sends random girls saying “you’re hot!” All because they liked her photo or hearted her story.

Vic is just a fucking moron and doesn’t realize how incredibly unprofessional this comes off as. Someone sends you a deposit and you don’t bother to follow up with a name or phone number?

No. 747238

File: 1578692726574.jpeg (121.96 KB, 655x670, 48E32917-0E57-481B-8B2F-7118BD…)

Is she drunk posting? This is by far the worst photo shes ever posted of herself. She looks about 55. I would say congrats to her though for posting a picture without over shopping her face. Those edited boobs are so obvious she didn’t even try.
Her arms look like butterball turkeys

No. 747254


Why the fuck does she put on corsets backwards. Trash. The leg on the right looks blurred to shit she didn’t even try

No. 747255

File: 1578698943963.png (398.81 KB, 586x600, E47770F9-39DC-4FB8-997B-26928D…)

So much shoop on the tattoos on her leg

No. 747264

Wow, this is a blurry disaster. Still bad at editing herself after a decade+ of doing it. If you told me this picture was from 2004 I'd believe you. She's still clinging to this tacky myspace aesthetic and trying to make herself appear younger, but all it does is show how out of touch she is.

No. 747295

"Former Page 3 Stunner and Milf tells all about her nightmare with drug addiction"

No. 747306

Looks like a 45 year old mother of 3

No. 747307

File: 1578718366414.png (248.59 KB, 496x491, Screenshot_20200110-235149.png)

And sorry to double post but is that coloured in? Doesn't even look like burn tool, just looks like she legit colored black over everything

No. 747310

This is like some 90s milf porn- VHS sfw box cover. The size of her arms confuse me. They’re huge and meaty (and no, Vic, not in a muscular ~ muh sword swinging skills~ way)

No. 747316

It’s funny she never does her crusty eyeliner in these “shoots” because she’d have a hell of a time editing her face.

No. 747420

File: 1578754785395.jpeg (241.35 KB, 828x1452, 86EBE263-5A35-4BF5-B329-55728F…)

Girl needs to get laid. I honestly think now that she’s older she’s probably afraid of people seeing her naked body because she knows it looks nothing like her photoshopped photos.

No. 747421

icy eyes

No. 747423

It’s like Christmas all over again! There is so much going on in this photo. Hammy arms. 90s mocha lipstick. Shitty lace up lingerie she bought on Wish. This looks like a bargain basement Porn movie cover that someone picked up for $1.

No. 747562

Her edits are the most bizarre of any cow on this site. I don't think any part of that "outfit" exists outside of photoshop. The "shorts" are edited to just a solid black color like in >>736853 and the corset is either fake or photoshopped to oblivion. Reminds me of those bad "photo manipulations" on deviantart.

No. 747755

File: 1578874164153.png (1.13 MB, 1049x2661, 2JQqdloFzZ.png)

No. 747756

This is exactly why Vic is my favorite. She acts like she empowers and loves women while IN THE SAME FUCKING BREATH, BERATES AND ATTACKS WOMEN. lmaooooo stop Vicky…just stop. Your self awareness level is lower than your pathetic IQ.

No. 747757

Also, when has Vicky ever credited another woman for anything? It’s always “so and so did this after me, but she’s a total babe thoooo~”

No. 747759


What the fuck is this bullshit? No normal person Vickys age acts like that towards others. She speaks like she’s 16 years old. And she constantly puts herself above others and doesn’t ~lift woman up~

No. 747784

File: 1578885171315.png (2.87 MB, 2067x3642, hands.png)

Sorry for the odd format. The two pics are screenshots from the videos she posted. Below is the description. I combined them into one image. Are some 20+ year veteran tattoo artists really hesitant to do hand ink or is Vicky exaggerating like usual?

No. 747789

Hand tattoos are more difficult so not just anyone can do them, however, Vicky is a hack so she likely messed them up and had to go over them again. What we see in the video is after she touched them up. Hand tattoos can also easily blow out so give these ones times and I am sure they'll turn into a faded mess since Vic doesn't know how to tattoo.

No. 747809

I don’t know any tattoo artists that can’t do hand tattoos. I know some will refuse to tattoo hands unless you’re already heavily tattooed/modded. I also know tattoo artists sometimes will refuse finger tattoos(or inflate the price to discourage) because the healing process is a bitch. A lot of times the ink falls out or moves around too much (blownout). You can be a top notch artist and it’ll still potentially heal like garbage. Some artists just don’t want to deal with it or have their name associated with something that looks like shit.

Vicky acting like she’s the only fucking tattoo artist who’s mastered hand tattoos is a great laugh tho.

No. 747860

File: 1578930264278.jpeg (97.96 KB, 785x907, 079603D1-D06F-4879-9F2D-000098…)

Up close. These finger tattoos are brutal.

No. 747861

She’s been called out for calling women crazy, she got called other women “crypt keeper face”, ugly, liars and tears down sex workers any chance she can get.
All the sudden she’s the lover of all women.

Even this status contradicts what she says. If she really loved women she would be putting herself above any of them, but here she is.

No. 747864

I just wanted to add that finger tattoos are obviously extremely common now, many many artists do them despite all the negative possibilities. She's acting like she just created them, when if they were so hard and difficult; why do so many damn people have them now.

No. 747868

these legitimately look like stick n pokes.

No. 747871

Won't be long before they're a blurry mess. The flower in the middle already looks like a solid mass and the ones closer to her nails are clearly faded.

No. 747955

File: 1578951645424.jpeg (105.13 KB, 750x570, 2CCA2E44-84A6-43A2-8277-2A4E68…)

“Don’t tear down women” she says

No. 747958

She keeps calling girls stalkers, but really she is the one doing the stalking. She posts on their content, blames them for things online and uses their names in public. Vicky is a classic cyber bully and one day this will come back to her

No. 747961

File: 1578951889175.jpeg (163.85 KB, 791x1050, B8A2006D-5209-4B68-89BD-B52EE0…)


Uplift women. Tear down sex workers and let’s condone bullying their children at school.
She’s a mess that constantly contradicts herself.

No. 748036


Of course she’s giving herself ass pats for this blown out mess.
This style of finger tattoos is supposed to be dainty, these lines are so thick they look like they’re drawn on with a sharpie.

I’m guessing she had a few wobbles so thickened them right up, the unalome above the lotus are supposed to be loops, not black blobs vic. And this is newly done too, only gonna get worse in the years to come. YIKES nothing to brag about.

No. 748039

File: 1578972117394.jpeg (428.26 KB, 2048x2048, FA3B4F75-E150-40C2-AF77-69A7FE…)

Samefag, but a good example of what it should look like compared to that scratchers.

No. 748068

Oof, knowing they're bad is one thing, but seeing what the tattoo's meant to look like right next to her failure, geez. She really doesn't put in effort, as she couldn't even bother to use something thinner

No. 748118

She has NO idea what she is doing. It makes this whole “I can do something 20 vet artists can’t do” hilarious. She’s so proud of this mess. Fucking delusional.

No. 748246

File: 1579024256145.jpeg (79.5 KB, 805x440, A0FA6186-3300-43A9-88CD-55DB3B…)

She hasn’t mentally matured past tenth grade so that’s fitting.
And she has a weird thing we’re every so often she compares herself or something about herself to Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn she is not. Not even her eyebrows.

No. 748247

Vicks probably uses one size of tattoo needle for everything and has no clue there's different shading and lining needles lol. Looks like she did that shit with a 7-liner

No. 748286

That’s exactly what she does- she’s got like 2 needle sizes. She’s probably too scared to use a thin detail needle because it would showcase all her mistakes. Big, thick ass lines hide mistakes a little easier, and are easier to correct.

No. 748499

There's a lot to be said about this. She has no female friends, just her roommate who is cohabiting with her out of necessity. Most women her age are starting their own family or have some semblance of a social life irl. Her orbiters aren't impressed by her Dunning Kruger effected posts, they just have a higher threshold for tolerating her ego driven rants than people who don't want to fuck her. Unironically making a statement about "other girls" really showcases her arrested psychological development. If she spent time outside and developed healthy relationships with others she wouldn't have such a warped view of reality. Calling everyone cunts is really lifting everybody up.

No. 748522

File: 1579067232451.png (1.32 MB, 1280x2599, 7KDWrMDJHbZ4wtKF.png)

I remember when this tattoo first got posted in one of the old threads.

No. 748531

the only way a person can be responsible for ink fallout is if they pick the scabs while a tattoo is healing, otherwise it's 100% the artists fault. anyway, this looks blobby and is probably edited b/c her blacks aren't that rich.

No. 748532

Her tattoos remind me of the shit I used to doodle in my spiral notebooks in school while I was bored af.

And here’s Vicky, permanently marking people with fucking phone-call-doodles.

No. 748581

She's so proud that this didn't fade yet, but holy shit, this is some shitty work. I've seen more symmetry in an 8 year olds doodles.

No. 748641

the worst thing is that it looks like shitty clipart but it's so wonky you can tell it's not.

No. 748707

File: 1579139773555.jpeg (171.38 KB, 759x1030, 59D5E001-0F5F-411C-ADE5-D30005…)

What in the jail house tattoo is this?

No. 748708

File: 1579139874901.jpeg (175.19 KB, 781x877, C21B4F21-E0CD-4ADB-BC2F-9447C1…)

It’s like if Pamela Anderson never got famous, got knocked up and lived in a trailer park and this is her at 55 trying to be sexy taking photos for tinder.

No. 748710

What a fucking unit

No. 748721

File: 1579144217303.png (485.51 KB, 496x835, Screenshot_20200115-221033.png)

No. 748727

Is she trying to go for the blow up doll look, because it's working.

No. 748731


I’m triggered by her foundation not matching. Looks like someone slapped her in the face with flour. This is the most tacky and trashy looking “outfit” I’ve seen her wear. Give those fucking shorts a rest! Probably have damn mushrooms growing on them by now. Moldy lookin ass hag

No. 748737


This is honestly one of the worst yet. What really cracks me up is that we know shingles lurks here but all it means to her is that we're somehow jealous of this mess.

No. 748740

Her left hand is underneath black fabric, pressing the camera button, but she's pretending to hold the fake flowers. Lol this is terrible.

No. 748741

she has a talent for making tattoos dark and light and still look like shit. the tacky 'shop' in the background lol.

same, the one hunk of black hair peaking from under that bleached extension fail really sets it off. at least she put a different pair of socks on.

No. 748788

File: 1579166433877.jpg (34.51 KB, 1280x632, IMG_20200116_022003_556.jpg)

Her ex Matt still comments on most of her photos.

No. 748895

Does anyone know why they broke up? Cause it seems like he still likes her and she’s stringing him along as a backup honestly

No. 748897

Maybe they have an arrangement where she will give him shitty tattoos if he will support her lies on social media.

No. 748941

god damn, she keeps growing sideways. this is really not a flattering look

No. 748965

File: 1579208504452.jpeg (120.04 KB, 828x737, 36B8E905-D31B-43DE-9984-326F73…)

Married to my jobbbb.
Yet she has like 10 clients a year and one of the lowest rating in Canada I’m sure.
“Bitch I don’t want your man” but has said she would steal a woman’s man if she pissed her off.
But you know… uplift women.

No. 748966

File: 1579208564954.jpeg (151.63 KB, 828x538, D28C9C3B-EBF5-4A76-AD08-BA7901…)

“Hundred of requests from new clients.”
Desperation is showing.

No. 748968

File: 1579208638467.jpeg (133.66 KB, 828x948, FB32916A-BA99-40D0-AF41-230F47…)

Please don’t hit on me.
But here’s a close up of my fat vagina through my moldy black shorts I wear everyday.
Can’t be making that much at work.

No. 749048


I like how she still has a gut with tight compression shorts on. Sucking in to high hell and that bad torso shoop with blurred outlines. Oof

No. 749078

this whole status is how to not tattoo, wtf. offering a discount as always due to a short notice reschedule and having to delete ppl b/c she has "hundreds of requests". not one artist i know of uses fucking facebook to keep track of their clients, you email them and then they put you in their appointment book when you give a deposit, it's actually pretty easy and they don't have to make cringey posts about "a pretty blonde" they don't have details for that was supposed to come in for "epic inkage".

thanks for making this post for us, you're not fooling anyone into believing you're "leaning out" by posting a dumb video of yourself laying down.

No. 749094

The whole Facebook posting for clients just screams desperation. She doesn’t have clients that want to follow her. It’s a bunch of broke neckbeards from small town Canada.
She very rarely posts her art because she has none. She can’t even bother to pay for a booking system, she just uses Facebook because it’s free and she can brag post, making people think she’s a good artist. Her work doesn’t speak for itself so she has to run her mouth about how in demand she is. It’s sad

No. 749154

>posts slew of thirsty, horny and gross posts
>lOl Jk I dOnT even CarE tOtEs MaRrIeD tO tHe JoB

No. 749160

Wasn’t this chick just posting how she was so in love with some guys eyes and wanted him so badly? Just like any other relationship or crush, never lasts very long. I’m assuming whomever she was talking about ran for the hills or blocked her

No. 749198

Don't forget she's booked straight through 2020. The only way to get an appointment if you want inked up is to squeeze yourself in during her wide open schedule next week

No. 749248

I almost want to get a Vic tattoo, for lolcow. I would collaborate with my fellow farmers to come up with a design and then jet set to Vic to have it inked on me. I don't think I'll ever do this but I think about it from time to time.

No. 749249

I live nearby and have thought about it too lol. I absolutely never would but I'm so curious about what she's like in person, and what accent she would use on me given that I'm actually British.

No. 749276

It’s not worth it anons. She will scar you and then it hurts even more when you have a real artist fix it

No. 749396

File: 1579306185116.png (548.6 KB, 1280x1607, perfect.png)

No. 749427

Kek, she forgot to Photoshop her ass into oblivion. This shows its real size

No. 749438

Honestly same lol but then I wonder how clean her studio/equipment is and I don’t wanna risk illness… I love how there’s other anons nearby

No. 749441

This is the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen. No wonder she has only ever tattooed in peoples houses, a hair salon, and a shack.

No. 749442

Lol “sources.” Literally everything is screenshotted here. If you actually read these threads, you wouldn’t be shocked by any of it.

No. 749487

Perfect health? She’s 32 and has been smoking for at least ten years.

No. 749518

It’s important to recognize that BMI itself is not measuring “health” or a physiological state (such as resting blood pressure) that indicates the presence (or absence) of disease. It is simply a measure of your size. Plenty of people have a high or low BMI and are healthy and, conversely, plenty of folks with a normal BMI are unhealthy. In fact, a person with a normal BMI who smokes and has a strong family history of cardiovascular disease may have a higher riskof early cardiovascular death than someone who has a high BMI but is a physically fit non-smoker.”
That’s from the Harvard education website.
Since she went to harvard google university’, you think she’d know this shit

No. 749523

Not to mention drinking like a sailor every other night.
I bet her liver is fucked.

No. 749539

I was just chuckling at some of her photos and realized that she has a TATTOO OF HERSELF on her leg. Anyone know the backstory on that? Can you imagine getting a portrait of yourself tattooed on your own body? What the fuck!!!

No. 749552

Almost every portrait she does of a woman ends up looking like the shopped version of herself. It's like she is completely self absorbed even on a subconscious level.

No. 749643

File: 1579400861280.jpeg (189.02 KB, 687x354, 4C690C21-3213-4472-A192-5E24D7…)


Pretty much. Her wonky portraits look like her shoops of herself

No. 749664

That's the only way she knows how to draw a woman's face.

No. 749674


They even have the same unfortunate hairline as her

No. 749730

Jesus Christ those noses

No. 749756

Vic has a huge nose so it makes sense that she struggles with these because she has to shoop hers so much

No. 749776

I agree and it's true, but the one on her leg is literally a self portrait. Can you imagine being so in love with yourself that you tattoo yourself on yourself?

No. 749785

File: 1579450276047.jpg (76.49 KB, 730x1280, IMG_20200119_091007_653.jpg)

Haha she always denies it too

No. 749796

Lol she is such a bitch to her followers

No. 749819

For once I agree with her though, this looks nothing like her. It’s just a wonky, toddler-level drawn Angelia Jolie/Adriana Lima mix.

No. 749839

Definitely doesn't look like her but she could have just said "I don't see the resemblance myself" instead of being an ass to a follower and potential client. She's always a rude, sloppy, unprofessional douche though so what do I expect.

No. 749894

It does have her shitty eyebrows though

No. 749905

It has her shitty eyebrows, spider lashes, the "icy eyes" she desperately wants to have, and the lip shape she always shoops onto herself lol

No. 749906

File: 1579488326452.jpeg (97.06 KB, 828x1093, 788126F3-68EF-42B9-AC1C-31401F…)

“Issa whole mood” too bad homegirl hasn’t left Ontario as an adult.

No. 750222

File: 1579562252427.jpeg (315.53 KB, 553x1165, 2893FA68-4EEC-4D3E-B611-9E8B0B…)

Oof. We all know how butchered this would look done by Vic. It would be a black blob

No. 750309

I love how she reposts boring news stories and memes on facebook like a middle aged aunt who's desperate for conversation, while also claiming to be soooo introverted. Everyone knows introverts are always clamoring for attention!

No. 750329

she doesn't know what realism is, whether it's a tattoo or shooping her photos, and she should stop pretending she does.

No. 750368

File: 1579578412700.jpeg (41.35 KB, 828x315, F2B472DE-FACE-49F0-808B-95294B…)

33 year old vaguebooker. Totes introverted, desperate for human interaction at all hours of everyday.

No. 751996

File: 1579914894280.jpeg (467.11 KB, 750x864, 03192928-7FFA-43AB-A22B-245FF9…)

Except whenever someone talks about a certain talent of theirs Vicky has to mention how they are totally a master of that and absolutely better than them with multiple job offers. But you know she’s waaaaaayyyy too busy and had to turn down those exclusive offers

No. 752213

Add 'lifting other people up' to the infinite list of things she thinks she's better than everyone else at.

No. 752312

File: 1579965405386.png (823.5 KB, 1583x1280, 7KIHFiISCCwMQ.png)

No. 752345

Lmfao shut your broke ass up Vicky. Billionaires don’t want a moldy chunky hag like yourself. And I doubt you ~made 300$~ before getting out of bed. Your cheap wish clothing and ratty weave tells me otherwise

No. 752352

There’s only approx 2600 billionaires in the world and somehow one of them had enough time in their day to find Vicky in Guelph. Was this before or after she dated the underage kid that cleans dishes for a living?

No. 752396

File: 1579985967198.jpeg (229.93 KB, 768x1373, 1FB36B91-A169-4DAF-B678-B550E7…)

Not much as changed in almost a decade. Not something to be proud of.

No. 752397

But she sperged about how all the pics we posted were 10 years old and how she doesn't look like that anymore?

No. 752407

File: 1579989046378.jpeg (215.96 KB, 828x1451, 3A4FFADB-C0CF-4250-B002-1796AB…)

No. 752426

Damn she has a really thick manly neck

No. 752443

Kinda true, since this looks like a mish-mash of 3 different pics and CGI, which is still her editing style. Everything looks circa 2006 uncanny valley.

No. 752627

File: 1580068306417.png (1.17 MB, 1280x2533, martial_artist.png)

This is a grainy video she posted to her Instagram.

No. 752631

This looks like the body and underpants of a grandmother.
She goes up and down in weight so much you can tell she has saggy skin. Which will happen.

No. 752633

They are always grainy because she edits them. She constantly posts videos like this where she’s sucking in with all her might only shows her torso with panties pulled over her gut saying LOOK HOW SKINNY I AMMMMMMMM. It’s never a clear video. Just a grainy video that looks like someone with Parkinson’s filmed it. Makes it easier to hide her edits. She changes body shapes in a lot of her videos due to poor editing. She’s a fat bitch who can’t accept she’s dumpy. Normal people don’t post multiple videos like this being like LOOK AT MY WEIGHT LMAO AM NOT CHUNK.

No. 752635

File: 1580071175620.jpeg (237.37 KB, 695x471, 08CD645A-B64B-4A5E-B040-04EB8F…)

The underwear changes shapes and it looks very blurry around her musty twat

No. 752653

File: 1580075874268.png (1.52 MB, 1079x2688, tKP7yJcayK7QCwFo.png)

This is so cringey. The humble brag pm for the "tinder". Also she could've actually used one of her Myspace pics for the Myspace one! A missed opportunity.

I put the large version of the image underneath the screenshot so it could be seen better.

No. 752711

the guy made the collage for her

No. 752793

Only the candids. She always has an excuse for an unaltered photo

No. 752826

Oh crap you're right. I thought that was her reply to him. I read that wrong, sorry!

No. 752827

Victoria live streamed on Facebook last night. I haven't watched this yet. This is a 30 minute video. I have uploaded the video here:


No. 752841

File: 1580128798768.png (1017.42 KB, 1154x984, v.png)


Wow, she really is too insecure to even drink some water on her livestream. She takes the fastest sip I've ever witnessed, then goes on to make an awkward-ass facial expression for some reason.

No. 752842

File: 1580129320985.png (338.91 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200127-054551.png)

I had a better webcam in 2002

No. 752843

oof, she looks like a clown. Her make up is so caked on I'm sure you can smell the cheap cosmetics in her vicinity.

No. 752844

File: 1580130277666.png (1.43 MB, 1513x1329, shingledings.png)


Nothing out of the ordinary, just Vicky eye-fucking her pixelated self for half an hour and sneakily taking web cam pictures while looking like a 40-year-old prostitute.

No. 752848

Not only that but her face is white compared to her orange tan body.

Also I know she's always drunk when she does these streams but sometimes I think she's either stoned or has painkillers. She always has this dopey half eyes closed look.

No. 752852


Her extensions are a different colour from her piss yellow hair. It’s so distracting

No. 752853

File: 1580132680512.jpeg (68.53 KB, 696x600, EDC211A9-818E-4FD5-BC5D-A87832…)

Jesus Christ

No. 752857

I love how she waves her hand over her face to prove she doesn’t have filter. Like bitch we know. You look terrible.
You can tell she’s put on a lot of weight, her makeup looks like it was out on by the simpsons makeup gun and her hair is yellow.
She’s looked questionable, but this is bottom of the barrel even for Vicky.

And how egotistical do you have to be to do a live stream just to take selfies 98% of the time. She has the personality of a turnip.

No. 752860

File: 1580133770815.jpeg (64.36 KB, 805x501, 99F128BE-3984-46C5-B077-7C4D6C…)

This girl is a train wreck. She’s gotta be mixing alcohol with quaaludes or something.

No. 752863

File: 1580134801504.jpg (146.93 KB, 1269x1280, IMG_20200127_071740_570.jpg)

I just noticed that she edited this caption to add the part at the bottom lol.

How dare you, Victoria has lost 7 lbs in the past few months. She is just perfect. Not too fat. Not too skinny. Soft yet muscular.

No. 752868

So she’s fat / muscular and a martial artist above anything else. Not a tattoo artist.
has she ever claimed to be trained by anyone as a “martial artist” or did she just google it

No. 752871

I believe she has said before that she is trained in 14 different martial arts lmao. I wish there were an easier way of finding this stuff. We need a lolcow wiki with receipts for each claim. If I have time later I'll try to find it. I think it was a thread or two ago.

No. 752872

>I don't want to look like a runway model even though they are totally gorgeous

That's because it's impossible for you to look like one Vick.
Runway models are tall and thin with long limbs.
You are a chunky stump with midget proportions.
The only thing 'tiny' about this bitch is her height.

No. 752881

Vicky is all chunk and no muscle. Girl doesn’t lift a finger. The only thing she lifts is her phone at high angles for selfies. calling herself muscular just reminds me of cartman from South Park saying he’s not fat he’s big boned

No. 752886

File: 1580139033516.jpg (105.75 KB, 792x1280, IMG_20200127_082938_275.jpg)

Wrong! Vicky makes slam dunks while tattooing people. She is a multitasker and a very talented tattoo artist + basketball player.

No. 752892

I'd be pretty concerned if the person tattooing me was simultaneously watching a sports game and cheering. Hell, I'd be uncomfortable if they were watching television at all. Having music playing or the radio is one thing but watching tv is really unprofessional.

Not that this isn't a blatant lie. Vick has never mentioned an interest in sports whatsoever. She always has to make everything about her.

No. 752897

“If I made a shot while tattooing”

If she made a shot? Like throwing tattoo stuff into the garbage can? She throws garbage around her tattoo shop? Why does this not surprise me.

No. 752899

File: 1580144397026.jpeg (42.72 KB, 819x640, F8BD4D0A-028D-4405-9594-A488B5…)

Every time she makes a stream she covers the camera with her had for like a minute. I honestly think she’s on drugs

No. 752901

File: 1580144445146.jpeg (77.1 KB, 828x617, F7A4511B-751D-4FCC-96F0-5A0DAB…)

Girl is getting super chunky. Her face looks like a full moon.

No. 752904

Woof. That face make up…never mind how caked and dry it looks (and the lack of contouring or definition). The shade alone is criminal. This was acceptable for some reason in the 90s but there is no excuse anymore for bad-horror-movie geisha.

No. 752914

File: 1580148072235.png (1008.35 KB, 2063x1280, IusmtsmvV.png)

Image on the left is from her Instagram story. "My Brit fam from back home being adorable." What? No she isn't lol. She's just asking why you posted a video like that. Picture on the right is the rest of Vic's reply. I guess that video was to show off her "workout progress" lol.

No. 752921

Cant wait til she starts referring to her “Brit fam” as ugly, jealous stalkers who are harassing and slandering her when in reality they’re just embarrassed to be related to her.

No. 752922

Being adorable ? She’s literally calling you out, Vicky.
And people do post progress photos. This a grainy, disgusting video of your granny panties and sucked in belly.

No. 752924

File: 1580149590289.png (1.84 MB, 1334x750, F70B8D93-2BD9-4AFE-B9BF-C725C6…)

What the hell is up with her eyes being half shut most of the video? She is trying way too hard to look seductive but looks like someone with special needs instead. Those overdrawn lips are not doing her any favours neither is that shade. Yuck

No. 752927

File: 1580150028531.jpeg (458.73 KB, 750x999, 4AD53C3B-134F-4119-8C0B-560517…)

Vicky got posted on r/instagramreality!!

No. 752928

This whole video seems like she’s on drugs.

No. 752929

It was the lighting and lack of tan, obviously.

No. 752930

File: 1580150542833.jpeg (17.31 KB, 254x198, F68AEE15-74D0-44CC-9982-FC3ACC…)

The comments are gold on this r/instagramreality post but the comparison to hatchet face takes the cake.

No. 752935

This already has 3k upvotes and 87 comments in 3 hours of being posted

No. 752938

Damn. I wonder how soon Vicky’s going to be vague posting about this. Saying she got oxyclean in her eyes and couldn’t see her makeup properly while putting it on. Not the fact that she sucks at it

No. 752939

In the comments most people think the live stream screen cap is an old photo when it’s actually a day old. I can’t wait for her to discover this and start freaking out. I can see her making a reddit account to reply to every commenter saying how they know Victoria in real life and she’s extremely gorgeoussssss with big boobs a tiny 2 hand wide waist and big ass.

No. 752941

File: 1580157353208.jpeg (52.36 KB, 750x203, 237A6A33-59E3-468E-95DC-02FD17…)

Bitch liked her own livestream post like a true narcissist

No. 752949

File: 1580160230458.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 8A8E0618-B2AD-4702-A945-14F387…)

This is probably the most attention she’s ever gotten on reddit

No. 752952

File: 1580160882388.jpeg (36.83 KB, 828x283, 6572DE3E-496F-4ED3-BF36-E6CB79…)


I really hope she reads this. takes a step back and realizes she’s in a fantasy world.

Also, this will be pretty eye opening. She thinks it’s only 3-5 girls on these forumns that are “stalking” her.
Well now she’s sitting at 6000 ups and almost 200 comments

No. 752957

File: 1580161832496.jpeg (478.52 KB, 750x1023, F206B2D3-0E5C-4410-8F9E-D5D790…)

Seriously blowing the hell up with 7.5k ups now. I can’t wait for this to blow up in her face and others who believe her delusions

No. 752959

File: 1580162205475.jpeg (59.54 KB, 750x478, BE16B4B5-1AAB-45AC-80A2-BB9233…)

Incoming “I’m not fat I’m two hands wide” sperg.

No. 752960

I have never used reddit, how do you read the comments?

No. 752961

the comments are underneath the post, how can you miss them? and learn how to sage

No. 752964

You need to have an account to view them.

No. 752966

No. 752967

File: 1580163499297.jpeg (220.36 KB, 750x963, CA6EFE8E-64DC-4626-B647-3215F8…)

This comment is funny on many levels

No. 752969

File: 1580164810829.png (1.05 MB, 1053x2694, g_eazy_ur_ass.png)

Here's Vic saying how she'll steal your man if you are mean to her again. Kyle is her friend Jackie's new bf.

No. 752970

File: 1580164864969.png (193.29 KB, 936x446, Screenshot_20200127-173523.png)

That's definitely not water that she's drinking. When someone asked what she's drinking, she said "the tears of those who displease me". Vic, drinking by yourself is more like drinking your own tears. Much sad.

No. 752973

Can anyone explain those weird jerky, fast sips she's taking? Is it to avoid showing a double chin?

No. 752976

File: 1580166580297.jpeg (258.02 KB, 1632x940, C90A4AA8-824D-47CB-9C94-1B8874…)

>>will steal ur man

No. 752977

Probably just made her drink too stiff and could only take small swigs of it.

No. 752978

i don't think she means she was watching a game or cheering, she's an idiot but it's a pretty common thing to shout "Kobe" if you throw something and make it in. that being said it's still super gross and unsanitary and worrisome that she's throwing shit around her shop when half of those things are probably bio-hazards kek

No. 752979

Wait. She’ll steal your man is she thinks he’s hot? I thought that didn’t matter to her and she was sapiosexual? Now she’s petty as fuck and will try to steal your man if you “piss her off”? everything any female does pisses her off, so that doesn’t really narrow it down. This girl is so insecure.

No. 752980

I agree. Everyone I know has done the “kobe” thing before. In a tattoo shop, not the most sanitary. I’d really like to know who cleans her shop, cause it’s not her. I guess when you don’t have any clients it doesn’t matter. Throw shit, and let it get dusty. Nobody is stepping two feet in there recently it seems

No. 752981

File: 1580167647060.jpeg (71.3 KB, 828x472, 2C43F85A-A579-4740-9C22-FCAE52…)

“Being me means it takes a while for me to open up like that”

She sounds like a well rounded adult.

No. 752988

File: 1580168178419.jpeg (29.44 KB, 828x263, 2E4CA297-45EF-403B-860C-9D93DC…)


Damn these comments are savage.

No. 752990

File: 1580168647548.jpeg (Spoiler Image,625.96 KB, 1632x1632, 819C5A24-CFA5-413E-9ECD-BF36F0…)

I am so sorry

No. 752991

The only Vicky photoshop that matters. Lol

No. 752993


All I see is the Joker from Batman cartoons here.

No. 752995

File: 1580170159654.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1200, ppp.png)

Victoria Bella-Morte aka Miss Victoria Murder, international cover model, tattoo artist and martial arts master from Guelph

No. 753004

Do any archaeologists here know exactly how long she's been wearing this jacket?

No. 753005

She’s probably sweat it on permanently

No. 753015

This looks like the vaseline lens effect from old TV/movies, and it's not even flattering. Still looks nothing like her shopped photos. The stuff she chooses to post bewilders me.

No. 753017

File: 1580177368564.jpg (94.2 KB, 789x1280, IMG_20200127_190948_959.jpg)

Victoria saw the thread

No. 753020

File: 1580177884095.png (1.97 MB, 1574x2569, wonderfull_stalkers.png)

Victoria and an internet friend talking about how they are beautiful and being online stalked.

No. 753023

“It’s widely known in the psych industry”
This sounds like Vicky typing to herself to be honest. And I wouldn’t put it past her to make a fake profile to do shit like this.

She’s sooo unbothered

No. 753024

File: 1580178438096.jpeg (355.51 KB, 750x598, 8704213F-A93A-443B-B08A-EB6846…)

13000 up votes and almost 300 comments. It’s totally stalkers though.

No. 753025

“Mental diseases like narcissism” lmfao. Vicky isn’t a ~strong woman~ Vicky is an ugly fat hook nosed bog witch with a nasty personality

No. 753026

File: 1580178837960.jpeg (122.25 KB, 828x1300, C9DF23BD-814C-4C48-9D64-2E4DC9…)

“You’re so strong”
Because you constantly complain online about how you’re famous and have stalkers. Even though she has like 2000 upvotes on a post.
These Instagram story posts with her friend actually sound like a scared little girl asking for help, which is sad.
I don’t see any strength there.
It’s someone that maybe is being hit with some reality that she’s not 22 anymore. She’s haggard and all she had to offer anyone was her make believe looks.
Maybe if she spent more time on her failing art business and less time getting drunk on live stream taking terrible selfies she wouldn’t be in this mess.

No. 753032

Next thread pic omfg

No. 753035

You’re beautiful. Unless you say something trivial that I don’t like. Then I’m gonna screw your boyfriend

No. 753036

does this woman own a 2005 webcam? why the quality so bad in the picture below?

No. 753037

She uses old technology for videos so she doesn’t have to show a clear video of her face or tattoos.
She claims it’s because she breaks or loses things easy.

No. 753046

File: 1580190314130.jpeg (261.39 KB, 750x354, F1E8EF17-37E3-4AEB-9DB8-9FA023…)

She’s trending on reddit now. God bless whomever posted her photo as this has been fun to watch

No. 753048

I’m surprised she posted this as it calls attention to it. Does she think her followers are going to down vote it? Even if all 10 real followers she has downvoted it, this post is on fire and can’t be stopped.

No. 753049

File: 1580192313094.png (809.25 KB, 1280x1914, early2000swebcam.png)

She uploaded 10 of these. I love you, Vic. Please never change. She truly is my favorite cow. I'm glad she enjoyed her Reddit thread.

No. 753079

File: 1580209999447.jpeg (513.02 KB, 1932x1380, 56161999-71A8-4036-9F1C-70928C…)

No. 753086

File: 1580214980878.jpg (501.9 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200128_040915.jpg)

These were all uploaded in the last two months. How does she not she the inconsistencies. Makeup and lighting my ass.

No. 753092

There’s been a bunch of people that say they use to follow her or that they know her and still have nothing nice to say.
I’m assuming a lot of people follow her because she’s such a train wreck and her bringing attention to it has made things worse

No. 753098

File: 1580221447544.jpeg (85.63 KB, 828x666, DBDF9EC2-8843-4515-BB2F-9E2F21…)

I don’t use Reddit, but this seems like a lot for any post

No. 753127


This is the most attention she has ever gotten and it’s negative. It’s what she deserves. She is the mascot of instagram vs reality and she knows it.

No. 753131

For someone who believe she has flawless makeup skills she sure picks terrible colors for her complexion. That fuchsia lipstick and that neon coral are both horrible colors on her, especially with whatever foundation she has caked on.

No. 753144


Splenda daddy we hardly knew ya….I thought they would make a great couple - the delusional duo

No. 753157

File: 1580234774112.jpeg (166.7 KB, 828x1128, 84BC44E1-6201-43F0-8DED-2BED67…)

28 likes and one comment in an hour on a Facebook page that she’s claimed is overcapacity.
Hopefully this lack of positive reinforcement will make her realize she’s not a final fantasy character and a terrible makeup artist/ hairstylist. ( which she’s claimed to be in the past)

No. 753158

File: 1580235152783.jpeg (59.99 KB, 828x309, 3A3C7939-520A-4AA6-8F0C-E280C5…)

No. 753160

File: 1580236951644.jpeg (424.9 KB, 1632x1632, 694F2A07-B469-4488-8AB0-DFAE61…)

I mean, her delusion was bound to reach reddit at some point.

No. 753164


Her face looks like goddamn Humpty Dumpty in the top right. That lip liner makes me gag

No. 753166

I think the top right makes her look like a blow up doll.

No. 753179

File: 1580246003845.jpeg (217.01 KB, 828x1308, D2C32451-BD55-48B9-9A59-5BD2AB…)

Oh no…. can’t wait to see this mess finished.
At least she’s at the shop for once.

Also, public service announcement. It’s 2020. READ REVIEWS BEFORE LETTING SOMEONE POKE YOU WITH NEEDLES.

No. 753184

i really can't tell what's going on in this…
it's a bird head, but everything else is just squiggles.

No. 753189

>Inb4 giant unrecognizable black blob needs moreeee white.

No. 753193

i know tattoo artists have different methods of drawing freehand, but i don't usually see them going right to the black sharpie. they'll use lighter colors to sketch and fix until they like the result. you can see the smudging in the middle where she probably erased and the whole thing is just a mess. like why is the head so low down, it makes the wings look squished and she's wasting space with all that crap at the top.

at least it's on this person's back and they won't have to see it lol.

No. 753200


She’s proud of this? It looks like a doodle someone does when they are bored. I feel bad for the person that it’s a back piece. I wonder how much this poor bastard is shelling out for this disaster because back pieces are expensive

No. 753202

File: 1580250795128.jpeg (28.3 KB, 800x202, E3B26F9D-CCD8-4BB6-AC0B-DE81BC…)

All you have to do is google this girl to see the way she runs her “business” is not something you’d want to be associated with. Let alone let her poke you with needles. But this rating ? She must just be tattooing friends and friends of friends in Guelph at this point. She does like 2 tattoos a month. Not even enough to have a tattoo page or website.

No. 753204

File: 1580251031598.jpeg (65.27 KB, 412x401, 4517E172-DC4C-4F6F-B482-F23205…)

This will always be my favourite Vicky shoop.

No. 753208


Everything in this picture is just one big shoop

No. 753215

Kek is that even her body at all? No tattoos to be seen…did she paste her poorly-shopped face into some stock photo of a woman in a tub?

No. 753217

File: 1580255967361.png (2.02 MB, 1280x4984, yawnlol.png)

So unbothered

No. 753218


People would say it to your clown face if they could Vicky nobody is scared of your lumpy ass. What would you do? Threaten them with a cheap replica katana? Get the fuck out of here. Everyone knows you look NOTHING like your pictures. People who had the unfortunate event of meeting you irl have confirmed as well….so just accept it an be yourself ffs. You keep talking lies

No. 753220

I would most definitely say something to her face, and I’m sure people have. She just goes on tirades saying they’re “haterzzzz” and it’s like talking to a damn child. The only reason I would consider not saying something to her face is I wouldn’t want to get caught in a conversation with her dumbass.

So unbothered.

No. 753221

File: 1580258686517.jpeg (234.24 KB, 828x1390, 5E35B4CD-2281-4D24-AAC0-3841E3…)

They weren’t going for perfection on the lines guys. You know. The lines that are forever on your body. It doesn’t have to be good, just show up enough so she can brutalize him again later in somewhat the same direction. LOLOL. This girl has LOST IT

No. 753223

When is she going to realize that people don't acknowledge shit they don't care about? When you rant about crap, it's because it bothers you to the point where you need to express it to relieve yourself. You don't have to be a psychology major from an ivy league school (like dear old Vicky) to recognize this.

No. 753226

File: 1580260257327.jpeg (59.78 KB, 500x667, AB8F5003-AAF1-4C1F-BE53-0796FC…)


There’s so much space to do something beautiful too. But hers is just a mishmash of bullshit with thick messy lines. She always free hands everything and it looks like shit. Is she too cheap to get stencil paper or something? We all know she’s too cheap to get other needle sizes.

No. 753227

Vicky, you can wax poetic about how everyone’s lying for the rest of your life. Candids and drunk live streams are more convincing than your pathetic Facebook posts.

No. 753235

File: 1580261831174.jpeg (433.54 KB, 750x1104, D538E1AC-67BA-436C-B59D-6B7E5D…)

This foot makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 753238

File: 1580262367170.jpeg (16.16 KB, 182x213, C4CB2D0A-915D-434E-9984-39915B…)


That face though

No. 753259

who even says that about a tattoo outline other than an utter hack lol. that sets the structure for a tattoo, every little blip and wobble will stand out.

exactly, there's more going on in this arm piece than her entire trash fire on a back.

No. 753278

“With zero stencilling…. OR PLANNING” that’s what I want to hear from someone after they completely outlined my entire back.

No. 753281

File: 1580270926422.png (1.44 MB, 963x2577, pretty_girl.png)

Oh nooo you guys lol Victoria is upset.

I haven't even looked at the edit history of this past yet. I'll post that in a second if it's a big long thing. I always do.

No. 753282

It's natural selection at work. You go home with a guy, he takes off his shirt revealing a VBM back piece and you run out of the apartment muttering something about going to feed your cat

No. 753297

Not gonna do it because I don’t know if it would be classed as cowtipping but for all the bad reviews on her tattoo shop she claims are “fake” and “stalkers”…. I wonder what would happen if someone wrote a fake GOOD review. Would she still claim she never tattooed anyone with that name?

No. 753304


Vicky you were always a chunk. You always shooped yourself skinny since the dawn of your internet existence. There are super recent candids of you and you’re still a hefty bitch. Go to the gym and put down the junk

No. 753320

“Edited me to be bigger in some”

Nope. These are all you Vic. You need to stop looking at yourself in photoshop and look in a damn mirror.

No. 753328

Sorry for the double post, but she has 97k followers and this post got only 140 likes/comments? Most of them don’t even live in Canada so likely don’t know her beyond her fake online persona.

No. 753380

The funniest thing to me is that if one compares each of these candids, it’s quite clear they are all pictures of the same person. However, if you start comparing Slick Vick’s shoops, she looks like a different person from one photo session to the next.

But sure, you don’t alter your photos, Vic. But we do, to make you look bad - because we are all just jealous haters!

No. 753393

File: 1580305788843.jpeg (40.11 KB, 356x500, EF12E0F1-9168-4949-BAA8-2AB56B…)


“It means you hate people for their weight”
That comment really shows her intelligence level. Nobody is saying they hate overweight people. I think peoples main issue is THIS photo is from 7 years ago. .. and looks NOTHING like her candid photos.
As someone said “that doesn’t even look like the same species”
Her weight, teeth, hair health, overall health, height… not one thing is the same. This post just makes her look even more delusion. How can you be 33 years old and lack so much self awareness.
Turning it around on everyone else saying “you hate fat people” doesn’t take away from the fact that you look nothing like this.

No. 753404

Vicky projects more than a movie theatre. Didn’t she say how it’s always the fat ones who look like jabba the hut in a thong who are jealous of her??? Then she turns around and says YOU GUYS HATE FAT PEOPLE!!! She is something else

No. 753409


I think she is legitimately retarded. I'm not even trying to be mean, I genuinely believe she's retarded.

No. 753426

File: 1580312154155.png (1.64 MB, 3494x1280, 71g3xICwNoDi.png)

Here are some of the funniest comments from this post.

1) Vic was bigger back then, but we also edited the photos of her to be bigger.
2) She claims to know who some of her haters are and that they dress up as her.
3) Victoria lost the weight from years ago and that is why we are jealous of her.

No. 753441

Ok but during the time frame of those candids, she was posting pictures of herself half naked and photoshopped to hell. Nothing has changed. Recent candies appear and they look nothing like her uploads. Which one was edited to make her look heavier? Or is she just in denial?

Also “if you saw some of them, you’d laugh pretty hard” & “sad shallow individuals” said in the same post….lol.

No. 753444

Only a handful of people call her “hammy” on here, most people are calling her out on horribly photoshopping herself into something she’s not. But since she’s in denial of her own body and is so because SHE thinks she’s fat, all she sees is everyone calling her fat.

People started calling out shoppers years ago and for good reasons. If she doesn’t like it, she can make her profile private. But she wants to convince the whole world she’s actually her created version of herself because THATS how badly she craves to be desired. I can see a young teenager legitimately wanting to be a final fantasy character, but growing out of that phase as they mature. She’s in her 30s and still has this immature thought process. It’s so sad and so unhealthy. She needs help, but narcissists never think anything is wrong with them… It’s everyone else who needs help. If so, that’s A LOT of people.

No. 753479

File: 1580321752286.jpg (506.51 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200129_131542.jpg)

>reeee those pics are old I looked different and was heavier reeeeee
>I look totally the same haven't aged a day teehee

No. 753554

That's exactly it. None of her Frankie/self taken photos have ever showed her at the weight in those candids. People aren't horrified by her average/slightly overweight body… we are pointing out that she's a liar who tries to convince people on the internet that she's someone she's not. It wouldn't be such a big deal if she wasn't using the same process & logic to permanently scar her tattoo clients

No. 753586

Yea I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m laughing at her pathetic ass for her multiple masters degrees from Ivy League colleges, her Michelin level cooking skills, her 549 martial arts masteries, her world famous international modeling gigs, her multiple mansion dwelling billionaire suitors, her mastery of world class tattoo work, her importance as a world class spy in need of stopping ISIS in Canada, and bottom of the list her shoop skills. Yep. Her body is the least of the lol worthy offenses.but sit in your shack of skin ink horrors and convince yourself that it’s cause you’re fat Vick.

No. 753602

I can’t believe she’s so unaware of her laughable persona. Or like….how blatant and embarrassing her lies are. No one here, on reddit, or literally anywhere, is a stalker. People are just interested in a grown adult elaborately playing make believe on the internet.

No. 753620

she cares so little she dedicated yet another post to let everyone know it. honestly idc about her actual self, it's the fact that she lies through editing about what she looks like and can't see herself any other way. if she didn't lie so much about everything i wouldn't even know she exited.

No. 753659

No Vicky, they aren’t edited…in recent candid photos you still look like the same busted hambeast that you looked like back then. Dozens of unedited pics of her can be found with just one quick google search. She’s so committed to her own delusions and of grandeur, it’s quite sad.

No. 753681

Anyone who thinks the word “drastically” is spelled “durastically” really is a fucking retard. Hey Vick, that genius level IQ is showing through.

No. 753774

File: 1580399575675.jpg (74.36 KB, 784x1280, IMG_20200130_085243_660.jpg)

She's so desperate for a relationship. This is so embarrassing.

No. 753777

Begging for boyfriends on Instagram I see. She keeps talking about “hot guys” from a girl that likes guys for their brains she sure is shallow

No. 753788

Because Vicky only cares about looks and that’s it. When she goes to insult someone she only talks about their appearances. Any guy with tattoos would be able to slide their dick in her over lined mouth

No. 753823

File: 1580421992978.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20200130-170402~2.p…)

The frequency of these shitty, contorted, 15 frame "proof" videos tells me there's a whole lot of deep rooted insecurity here. Victoria nobody believes you lol even burner phones have better quality than this in 2020

No. 753827

File: 1580423354232.jpeg (329 KB, 572x904, D24B0177-DDDC-44F8-A58A-7E8A63…)

Things that make you go hmmmm

Also this bitch is literally standing on her tippy toes lmao

No. 753856

If you take a shot every time Vicky doesn’t need to prove herself, you’re halfway to bring as drunk as her.

No. 753857

not even Kelly Eden and her equally vapid and shallow former group of props seem to be as obsessed with appearance and fake internet personas as ole' Vic.

Pretty impressive.

No. 753873

The only thing worse than the quality of that phone is her extensions. She just proves everyday how broke she is by posting this crap.
Tattooing not going so well, sweetheart?

No. 753875

Well she’s at least sober enough to remember to cover her gut with her arm.

No. 753876

File: 1580433637609.jpeg (129.3 KB, 828x1054, 21636674-A2DE-4947-AF18-BE6ECB…)

ice queen

This guy looks right up old Vicky pathetic alley.

No. 753881

maybe this is just my age showing, but when did being an ice queen become something to brag about? let alone be a title you proudly claim for yourself?

No. 753884

I remember this being cool when I was an angsty teen. She’s emotionally and mentally stunted and it shows.

No. 753909

It's annoying when it's coming from a stupid teenager. It's absolutely pathetic when it's coming from a woman in her 30s.

No. 753925

The only thing lower than her IQ and physical age, is her emotional and mental age. She’s literally stuck at a 15 year old emotional level.

I am very thankful she is nearing the age of being unable to reproduce. Her children would have absolutely zero chance of a normal or healthy life. Doomed before conception.

No. 753943

>nearing the age of being unable to reproduce

Anon she's 32. She's still got ~10 years. Let's hope she doesn't but come on.

No. 753947

Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe she'll hit precocious - early onset? - whatever it's called menopause, and she never get the chance to doom some poor kid to being a photo prop and neglect while she boasts of being the most amazing and hottessst babe-mom everrrr.

No. 753953

She would never get pregnant, she’s too narcissistic and it’d be really hard to photoshop her baby bump out

No. 753955

File: 1580442100970.jpeg (164.61 KB, 828x726, A41C30B5-5B0C-4C92-96C0-53A149…)

How many more times is she going to make this post? Nobody cares. She should spend more time actually tattooing and repairing the tarnished name her shop has. Maybe take an apprenticeship. Even the most seasoned artists take classes, make room for growth. She doesn’t seem to care about being anything but popular online / talking to neckbeards online.

Even if this did happen and girls are asking her this, why on earth is she posting it again on Facebook. SHES 33!!

No. 753958

Hit the jelly button while hitting the g spot…

Such the comedian. She’s so cringey.

No. 753968

File: 1580443112351.png (978.42 KB, 1578x1280, everyonesuckshere.png)

Oh so that's what this was about.

No. 753982

So this guys girl asked Vicky if Vicky had fucked her boyfriend? This is a really inappropriate conversation to have with another woman’s man / another woman.

No. 753985

She is SO UNPROFESSIONAL. This is supposed to be her business page. No wonder she’s only ever worked in a basement, hair salon, and shack.

No. 753986

She fails to mention that she’s probably an “ice queen” because she’s a catfish. Because she trapped herself into living a lie, she can never get too close. She’s obviously thirsty, so this “ice queen” shit isn’t a choice.

No. 753990

She made a video not long ago where she had her back arched and butt sticking out before filming just like this one. However, in this one, she tries to arch it more and looks like she broke her back. In the other one, she moves the leg furthest from the mirror, trying to make it look like she’s walking away. But her leg closest to the mirror stays sticking out so she can make it look like she still has an ass as she moves. It was so hard to watch because she looked like she was floating away and “90%” of the video was a close up of her butt so it was painfully obvious was she was trying to do. Same with this one. Just so sad how badly she does have to prove herself.

Shes just making it look like she has severe lumbar lordosis. I feel for her spine.

No. 754003

File: 1580446088999.jpeg (415.44 KB, 627x930, 5391085E-2E84-4578-8885-E5EEA6…)

She forgot to cover her tummy after three seconds and BAM. You get a grainy glimpse of her tummy. It’s like a sneak attack.

No. 754063

Ah, she's wearing sunglasses! I stared at this for a good minute trying to figure out why Vicky looked like a sleep paralysis demon. Girl are you taking these videos on your microwave or what

No. 754081

File: 1580457789991.jpeg (41.66 KB, 938x240, 85141649-76F9-43D8-9B28-43737E…)

>”I’m a woman’s woman”
>gets off to the idea that men want her over their girlfriends
Ok dingles

No. 754087


Lol wow just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised by her abject thirst for any interaction this surprised me into a laugh. Icky the sex therapist/advisor. Sitting around thinking about other people’s sex lives instead of having one.

No. 754096


is there ever anything on her mind other than self in the mirror and dicks?

No. 754132

>posts about how she'll fuck your man if she doesn't like you
>clearly dislikes women
>makes posts begging for dick

No. 754236

File: 1580495349818.png (372.92 KB, 496x807, Screenshot_20200131-091916.png)

Posting on Instagram means you have a smart phone, so my question is, where did she manage to find a smartphone with the camera of a 20 year old flip phone? I couldn't even make out wtf was happening for like 5 minutes.

No. 754247

I honestly think she has an app or filter that mimics an old webcam. They just don't make cameras in phones that terrible anymore. It has to be a purposeful filter.

No. 754303


I feel like she messes around with it in Adobe after effects and then saves it in shitty quality so that it’s a small enough file to upload and this is the end result tbh

No. 754367

I think she actually just has a really, really cheap smartphone, like an LG Rebel 4. The screencaps she posts of her messages look like some barebones tracfone or an old model Galaxy. Some of the emojis other people send her don't even render.

No. 754401

yeah, if you look at >>754003 it looks like a super old android phone.

She posts tattoo photos and videos that are way better quality than her selfies though, so my tinfoil is that she has two phones, and intentionally keeps this old shitty one to use for grainy selfies that hide her true appearance. I don't think she's smart enough to figure out aftereffects, and even she knows she can't keep her shoops consistent. Notice how she only ever uploads ONE shooped photo from each of her "shoots?" It would be way too hard for her to make multiple photos in the set look consistent. Vick is both lazy and incompetent, so she lets poor resolution do the dirty work for her.

No. 754418

this is probably it. she has a $30 Chinese smartphone, and probably uses a really cheap old laptop with built in webcam for this >>753157

it does more harm than good though. the bad quality blurs her makeup and makes her eyes tiny and face all blended. if she used a new webcam she would ironically look a lot better than she did in that reddit post and I doubt the neckbeards will notice how much she shoops her face. thirsty men are really slow at picking up on that

No. 754497

You're probably dead on with the LG Rebel; the emojis on her screenshots are the old ones LG used to have up until they switched to the stock Android style with phones they released from 2017 onwards.
Basically she's too broke to afford a phone that has come out in at least the last 3 years.

No. 754527

No way she's that broke. How does she have 100k followers on facebook and hasn't found a way to financially capitalize on them?

No. 754530

File: 1580572671001.jpeg (129.82 KB, 828x831, 961C209C-3FD8-4EA6-8CA5-87F4A4…)

Drunk Vicky fell into fantasyland where someone would marry her.

No. 754539

Nah anon, she’s married to her job. >>748965

No. 754547

Oh sorry. I must have forgotten since she has three clients annually.

No. 754582

her tattoos are terrible and she does nothing else to make money. i really can't imagine she has more than a handful of clients every month, and honestly idk how she affords anything with such a small income.

No. 754583

You’re assuming her followers and not bots that she paid for

No. 754584

Her mother married a rich guy so she probably siphens off that to survive. Pretty sure she's living in a cheap apartment and her tattoo shop is a shack

No. 754589

Considering her usually only gets between 50-100 likes on a post, I would say she bought them

No. 754591

i get that tattoos are her passion or whatever, but if she were smart she would bank on those followers and become a patreon thot.

Not everybody on this board buys followers. She's had that facebook for a decade, and for the tattooed neckbeards that believe her shoops and lies I can see how she would appear to them like some fantasy girl. She gets 50-100 likes because she shitposts like crazy sharing photos and videos no one gives a fuck about, her selfies get 500-1k. Over time a lot of those followers probably went inactive too, since facebook has died out a lot in that span of time.

No. 754592

Didn't she just move in to her friends moms place?

No. 754597

File: 1580592285753.jpeg (156.23 KB, 828x1158, 9623AD41-2F24-4ACE-8302-5D53A8…)

Her selfies get 500 likes or less usually. Not everyone buys followers, but Vicky has a tendency of criticizing women for the things she actually is / does.
And she has in numerous occasions attacked women for “buying followers” not saying Vicky does, but she said she knows women buy followers when their followers are high and engagement is low. So in her logic.. if the shoe fits.

No. 754640

When I was at her "shop" she had an IPhone. But she also lost her shit when she thought I was recording her so that's likely the phone she uses for tattoo photos only.

No. 754641

She lost her shit when she thought you were videoing her? In what way?
And did you actually get a tattoo?

No. 754646

yes details please

No. 754716

That’s a really weak argument for her buying followers.

Some of her photos have over 2,400 likes. it’s still low engagement for 100k of course, but Facebook users are not as active now as they were in 2011, so it's not that surprising imo, especially since she mostly posts low quality content that people tend to gloss over.

No. 754751

If this is true, then >>754401 could be correct that she has two phones and intentionally takes selfies on the crappy one. That’s hilarious if true. We need more details anon

No. 754774

That would be a really weak “argument” as I stated that “not saying that Vicky does”
I’m not saying that she does, but in Vicky logic when she has attacked other women for “buying followers” for high followers low engagement , her pages including her Instagram are the same.
Learn how to read.

No. 754973

I don’t think it’s weak at all. We all know how much this woman craves validation and to look popular. I wouldn’t think twice about a big portion of her following being bots.

No. 755115

File: 1580757959573.png (31.27 KB, 749x259, follower.png)

she for sure buys followers, anywhere you see a jump that looks like this its from when you purchase traffic. Id say every few months she buys a lump amount of traffic and then ether builds on that or she purchases a service that space's the follows out. She maybe has 2500-3000 organic followers ( thirsty incels, scene connections, dudes she has banged or wants to bang, the guelph trailer trash that get tattooed by her, and leftover myspace cult followers) the rest are all purchased.

No. 755143

I really can’t. Just wtf? How are you this stupid?

I checked on socialblade. That little bump that you circled represents a grand total of 160 followers over the course of 5 days on instagram. From day 1 to day 2 she increased by 30 followers……. Please tell me you’re legitimately retarded.

I know you’re not going to be able to work out by yourself how someone can get 30 followers in 1 day, so let me explain it to you. She got tagged by someone with a moderately large following on day 1. Either a page dedicated to sharing photos of women, or someone she tattooed. That person’s followers went to her page and followed her. That brief increase in traffic to her account stopped as soon as that page moved on and posted something else. >>755115

No. 755147

You’re really up Vicky’s ass, huh? You must be friends with her throwing around the word “retarded”
Is that the word of the day in Guelph?
Who cares if she buys followers or not. Considering how desperate she is for attention she probably does. Does that sound so out of left field from Vicky? Really. If you want to defend her, maybe you should add her on Instagram and kiss her ass like all her other neckbeards

No. 755159

I see you have nothing to retort expect the painfully predictable "hi cow/her friend". it's not being up someone's ass to correct utter bullshit when i see it. The Lillee Jean thread really has you all thinking that everyone and their mother buys followers. But that's not true. There's nothing suspicious about her follower count or its relation to the engagement she gets on either website. So stop pulling the "well it sounds like something she would do, don't it?" like that proves anything, or looking for phantoms where there aren't any like you did here >>755115

No. 755161

Sorry, I have no idea what the “Lillie jean” thread is. The only reason I’m in this one is because I know of Vicky since we run around in the same group in Toronto. I got sucked down the rabbit hole.
What I do know of is, I don’t have all the time in the world to sit on every thread like you do and throw around accusations because it was in another thread.
What I do know, is I know people that know her personally. And what I do know is icky needs attention.
What I also know is a lot of attention seeking “models” on Instagram but followers.
You think it’s such a stretch that the girl that’s trying to reclaim her MySpace fame would do the same.

No. 755162

File: 1580768445273.jpeg (158.11 KB, 828x927, 87CE4AAF-77F2-4CEA-8BD1-085B96…)

No. 755163

File: 1580768559959.jpeg (319.34 KB, 828x1207, 27280ACE-6F36-436B-A766-F013E7…)


7.6k and 33 comments I would say she buys followers or she has a lot of bots and people that follow for the wreckage

No. 755166

really getting high on your own farts, huh?

Guelph isn't ground zero for the word 'retard'. Not everyone's perfectly poiltially correct, retard. Throwing 'autist' and 'whore' around? a-okay. Retard, though? The horror.

Vic's engagement is hilariously low for her numbers. The ONLY pics that get any sort of interaction are heavily shooped images. Bought followers or dead/disinterested followers? who cares. she's a vain, dimwitted relic that's rapidly aging and gaining weight out of her being able to bait neckbeards and desperate losers from India for attention.

No. 755171


Well I didn’t say whore or autism. So not sure where that came from, but get “high on your own farts” mouth breather.
I guess you’re from Guelph and got slightly offended huh?

No. 755173

Stop clogging the thread with your infighting

No. 755176

I don't know how much it costs to buy followers, but we've all seen vick trying to get things in exchange for 'inked up' instead of paying so …. yeah I'm not sure if she would drop cash on a handful of followers before buying more alcohol lol

No. 755181

File: 1580772719573.jpeg (52.88 KB, 828x379, CC034681-9730-4D11-AF9C-69C3AB…)

What is this? All he did was leave a heart eye emoji guy and she had to remind everyone that someone has seen her in person. Also that she has middle parted hair. What is this bitch