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File: 1607418047701.jpeg (903.17 KB, 4096x2304, 1607367218736.jpeg)

No. 1102826

Repetitive comments about Shayna’s vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: SAGE WHEN THERE IS NO MILK (lolcow.farm/info), no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.
Also, please refrain from clogging up the thread with tit spergs and weight speculations.
All fan art goes to the shoop thread in OT to avoid bans and thread clogging.

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1093837
“First” Thread: >>>/snow/344490

Recent milk:

> Like clockwork, posts a weekly schedule and makes excuses on why she cannot adhere to it >>1093969

> Invites ~a friend~ to come over and tape her up >>1094249 and posts her bruises as a fellow anon predicted >>1094206
> Anons speculate whether it is in fact Fupa by cross-examining the photo with a previous picture of Fupa’s chode
> Shayna calls out her ‘clients’ for wanting a relationship with her >>1094523 however gets angry and defensive when her ‘clients’ interact with other sex workers.
> Her twitter gets restricted for 12 hours. Cries to her orbiters on discord about how she can’t live without twitter >>1095254
> Consequently proceeds to beg her orbiters for money because she "can't work" without her twitter >>1095314
> Defends herself for not adhering to her previously-posted schedule >>1096481
> Posts about how she is making a cam comeback on Friday >>1096799 Spoiler alert, she ~just didn’t feel like doing it~ >>1099532
> Cries about other SWers interacting with her ‘customers’ >>1096934 and cries about another fat SWer consoling Splenda Daddy Jason Womack on twitter >>1096945
> E-begs for rent reimbursement, again >>1097299
> Films an ‘unboxing’ of things she ordered on amazon, out of breath while opening these packages while sitting on her ass >>1097659
> Cries over an anon screenshotting her snapchat, “ruining it for everybody” (aka, 5 people) >>1097694, >>1097704
> Cosplays as Jessica Yaniv, nails it >>1097765, >>1097788, >>1097804
> Posts videos of herself looking mentally challenged while dancing in her bathroom and brushing her teeth >>1097805
> Posts another bathroom video of her jiggling her fat while out of breath >>1099163
> Asks SWers to post their amazon wishlists so she can purchase the cheapest things in the name of ~Christmas~ >>1100738 gets upset about a fatty promoting herself using pictures of herself in lingerie >>1101738
> Shows off her singular saggy breast in a video of her in the bathroom >>1101983
> Still hasn’t streamed on, let alone used, her $1200 gamergirl PC despite getting it over a week ago


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No. 1102830

OP anon here! Sorry if this is a bit shit, it's my first time posting a new thread.

The recent milk part is honestly devoid of anything extra milky because last thread was rather dry and filled with weight spergs and shitty fanart.

If I missed out on anything milky, feel free to add! Also, I hope this thread pic is okay, there was a lot of discourse surrounding the possible new thread pic.

No. 1102832

It looks great, anon. There really wasn't anything too milky last time and there wasn't any obvious thread pic favorite. Plus, all of your links work.

Has Shay said ANYTHING about her PC set up though? Not even twitch or camming, just mentioning enjoying it would be something

No. 1102838

thank god u choose this pic i was scared of the cycle whale collage pic sofkin ugly sorry anons but the truth hurts.

No. 1102839

You did great, don't worry, anon. If anyone wants to complain, the old thread has been locked for how many hours now?
She's really gonna milk that orbiter for a setup and then only use it for a few photos. We all knew it would happen, but I'd be pissed if I were that girl; she didn't even get a shout-out.

No. 1102844

Full offense the minute you say "Op anon here!" I can tell you're from Reddit.

No. 1102858

File: 1607423860788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 532.37 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20201208-053546_Twi…)

No. 1102862

File: 1607424037537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 394.22 KB, 1536x2048, 20201208_053942.jpg)

sorry for reposting this twice im retarded

No. 1102868

What the hell is this editing???? Lmao did she try to fancy up her pic like fan art anon did for her in the last thread? The face i-

No. 1102869

nitpick but why does one of her eyes look like she didn't put as much makeup on it?

No. 1102874

So relieved you picked this thread pic, it’s very funny and simple. Good job anon, now let’s not shit this thread up, ladies.
No thanks, I would like to remain feeling “jolly” kek

No. 1102888

She just puts her eyelashes on super uneven. It’s an easy fix, just take one off and reapply it, but I guess for shayna it’s just too hard

No. 1102891

She looks so dead behind the eyes I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 1102902

Why does she look so grey..

No. 1102912

She looks like Tana Mongeau here.

No. 1102916

she def edited this and upped the clarity and shadows to show off her tit vein. i think she does this just for lolcow at this point.

No. 1102918

the smile in the second one looks so awkward, like she’s trying to fart and not shit herself

No. 1102920

she upped the shadows to make her tit vein stick out more. she doesn’t know shit about photo composition of editing even though she claims she went to a special school and “graphic design is my passion”. youd think after 5 years of doing this she would have picked up something but it’s like she started a few months ago. she’s steadily declining in quality and idk how you manage that.

No. 1102923

File: 1607438982549.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 368.61 KB, 2047x1151, 6B700BCD-A365-4988-8625-811BEC…)

i’m so uncomfortable with this weird editing and her rat mouth

No. 1102935

it makes her chest just look dirty

No. 1102944

Thank you so much for picking the best thread pic option I've been losing faith lately. The yaniv jokes are even better cause they both have "ballsac" "pussys" KEK

No. 1102948

File: 1607441946712.jpeg (175.83 KB, 439x645, 8AAC90F4-5DBA-43BB-B774-B250CC…)

Looks like she did what Icky recently did and drew a random chunky shadow by the face/neck kek

No. 1102964

Not to nitpick but DO Y’ALL SEE THE ABSOLUTE GIRTH OF THAT HAM ARM? it’s half as big as her manly tranny legs

No. 1102988

For being such a “successful bimbo”, she can’t spend a little on some juvederm? Or maybe even just a lip plumping gloss and some fucking moisturizer? She has the saggiest/most unfortunate face wrinkles I’ve seen in someone under 30 and the sides of her paper thin lips are starting to disappear under her face fat. If she’s gonna continue ballooning up and completely abandon her bodily health, why not at least try to care for her already failing face?

No. 1102993

I agree. Her face looks tragic in these recent pics. Maybe slow down on the edibles and save some of that money for a nose job and fillers to actually fit the bimbo aesthetic. Also the thread pic choice is excellent.

No. 1102996

File: 1607448286454.png (15.07 KB, 604x137, jfjfj.PNG)

I don't think this was posted, if you scroll through her page like the first 50 tweets which have been retweeted multiple times by her for days still haven't broken 1k likes.

No. 1102997

a nose job, lip injections, and some veneers would help her out a whole lot. do some deep conditioning treatments and take care of her curl pattern and maybe it would come back to life. she should seriously save up some money, take a few months hiatus, and get those things done. it would change her whole appearance in such a positive way.

No. 1103000

I think not drinking and not eating nothing but processed shit should be the first step before she spends money on anything else. If she can't even take the most basic steps towards self care then anything else is just lipstick on a pig.

No. 1103006

Why do I see Poppy's retarded sister in the one on the right lol

No. 1103018

File: 1607449988941.jpeg (705.83 KB, 1242x1727, 5113B52C-5313-4D6C-B8EF-76F6AA…)


No. 1103021

It must be so fucking annoying for the coomers that follow her to be spammed the same photos over and over in the timeline. That would make me unfollow her

No. 1103023

it was posted in the last thread

No. 1103024

this. she’ll end up looking like an even worse momokun.

No. 1103026

no, she would just become pnp 2.0, plastic surgery don't fix the kind of ugly these bitches are. they need therapy and to get off of the internet forever

No. 1103027

File: 1607450432647.jpeg (199.42 KB, 1242x1192, 4EAADF9F-8028-4E77-91A7-1723A0…)

No. 1103028

She really doesn't understand that "sugar babies" are being spoiled, and that begging isn't part of the role. She has a def humiliation fetish and it's just weird how she crosses it into her bimbo/spoil me act because it doesn't ever work.

No. 1103029

Don’t give her any ideas veneers wise lol, not like she can afford it considering it’s like a grand a tooth and veneers don’t last a life time they will need to be replaced, she doesn’t take care of her teeth no doubt they’ll get chipped or fall out and we’ll be stuck looking at her nasty ass shaved down teeth.

No. 1103034

not the jonathan yaniv pic… oh nooo tragic

No. 1103053

I'm not going to lie anon, many times I see glimpses of Poppy in old pics of skinny Shay.

No. 1103059

probably because they both have natural rat faces

No. 1103117

Wow so normal commitments that normal people do.

No. 1103163

File: 1607460579330.jpeg (781.42 KB, 1242x1430, 461E23E4-F6AD-4635-9E73-EDC3C5…)

You spoil yourself all the time hungry hungry hippo. She’s so greedy

No. 1103166

Notice she didn't mention getting her "abusive" mom anything

No. 1103170

File: 1607461362039.jpeg (164.83 KB, 750x446, A869E8B4-3D66-41FA-A4A8-4CB50D…)


No. 1103172

Her mom was the first she listed lol

No. 1103179

They mean that she mentioned her in this tweet when she’s called her abusive in the past

No. 1103181

No Shay you’re just fucking stupid kek. How long has she been using this mental illness schtick, it seems like she’s been leaning into it more recently since her “inpatient stay.” I don’t remember a ton of it before. Also, very sexy to advertise your mental health issues and being broke to your customers. It makes her look undesirable.

No. 1103190

Doubt she bought her family anything. Didn’t she just say the other day she had a few bucks to her name? Now she had $500 to piss away? I think scammy Mattel is back at it.

Also i laugh thinking about her family being repulsed by knowing where the money came from to buy their gifts kek

No. 1103192

Imagine tweeting shit like this and then DMing your followers asking for a "goodnight tip"

No. 1103193

Imagine what they must think of Shayna if anything at all. Imagine googling her name and all this shit comes up.

No. 1103196

File: 1607463309237.png (268.07 KB, 750x1334, 234CC55E-363F-4EE7-AD89-0BE22E…)

oh god

No. 1103202

File: 1607463596942.png (144.34 KB, 299x215, 9lCytiJ.png)

How is it possible to be this delusional? Is she just trying to convince herself that her life isn't objectively depressing as hell? Reading this shit is a little scary, honestly; it's like she lives in another reality. Grim af.

No. 1103203

and all for the low, low price of her dignity, mental health, future prospects, relationships, physical appearance…

No. 1103208

Her head looks gargantuan with her mouth open like that and her body look so short and fat when she has that short hiked up to her flabby stomach. shay find a new hobby or life, Jesus.

No. 1103222

is a man. also video in the last thread of her dancing naked looks like the numa numa guy lol i don't think there's ever been a fat troon that's uglier than shay

No. 1103241

There's just something especially trashy about asking for Christmas gifts for your family to be reimbursed. It's like she spends money and then immediately jumps on Twitter to beg.

No. 1103243

bitch stop lying, the only time you have "thousands" is right after your OF deposit comes through lol you consistently have like 10$ in your account at least once or twice a month + no credit card and zero credit built up despite being 23 years old. and ~mental illness~ isn't the reason these "thousands" of dollars go missing.

No. 1103256

I vomit at Eartha Kitt being brought up anywhere near Shayna and the slop she inflicts on us.

No. 1103263

Yes. I don’t think any family would be comfortable accepting gifts from their daughter/sibling that was bought from begging and showing your asshole to strangers .

No. 1103271

Now I'm imagining that video where she says "I'm Poppy!" over and over except it's Shay saying "I'm sloppy"

No. 1103285

The best gift she could give her family is to get her life together and stop being such a massive embarrassment. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be family with her. I know people who go to college with her younger brother, and he doesn’t tell anyone that he has a sister. He only acknowledges his step sister. I doubt he wants a shitty little trinket from her, he probably just wants her to stop bringing shame to the whole family with her disgusting porn.

No. 1103318

Whatever happened to the story where she said she was going to get her mom something for mother's day and her mom said she didn't want anything with her "whore money"

No. 1103358

>I know people who go to college with her younger brother, and he doesn’t tell anyone that he has a sister. He only acknowledges his step sister.
oof, big if true

No. 1103365

Lmao anon ily

No. 1103369

Her family would probably prefer she just holds on to the money to support herself. Especially if they give her money sometimes. They probably dont need junk from Amazon. Like I get shes trying to be thoughtful maybe and more so prove she's not a broke useless whore, but… her getting her shit together is probably the only thing they want from her.

Also why is she posting about it on her sex work twitter? That's not getting dicks hard. And yeah, what happened to begging for money for wine the other day because she had only 20 bucks to her name which she used on said booze. Did her family give her money for her appointments?

No. 1103388

Is she still moving back home? Has she said anything about that ?

No. 1103393

Photoshop anons, PLEASE

No. 1103397

We wont know til March when her lease is up. Cant wait for another "moving multiple states over saga" where she claims to be packing for months, throws out fake tree, huge teddy bear, furniture, etc. And just brings the same 3 boxes of crusty sex toys, too small clothes she wont let go of, and shoes she never wears. Then begs for new furnishings and decorations and the same shit.

No. 1103398

why it’s dumb

No. 1103400

that’s because she only mentions it when she and fupa are on the outs so they’re probably not fighting right now

No. 1103412

File: 1607483533387.jpeg (319.06 KB, 1242x1180, DE66ACEE-7379-46B6-9F42-A2CB96…)

She hasn’t been sperging on her Twitter lately so her and Fupa are probably fucking again. Kek also she mentioned playing video games

No. 1103415

She brought up maybe moving in January or waiting for her lease to be up

No. 1103496

Placing bets on whether she just stays in OK and continues wasting her life on Fupa and sex work, she moves to NH to live in her dads cabin or some shit and works on turning her life around, or she says fuck it and does something crazy like move to Cali.

No. 1103512

I have never known anyone's face to improve after getting lip injections. They make every woman who has them look like a duck to some extent. If you don't naturally have large lips, they will look weird on the rest of your face.

Nose jobs make most people look like Michael Jackson unless they are doing it for a very justifible reason like a nose that is crooked or bent to the side.

Veeneers are horrible. I don't even need to explain.

No. 1103530

we all know shayna wouldn't go to reputable surgeons to get work done either, she'd end up incredibly botched since she would try to cheap out on it

No. 1103538

Considering the fact that she doesn't have much money to begin with. She earns about as much as someone with an office job but with none of the benefits.

Most people in the USA who have dental work done have dental cover. She would be looking at thousands of dollars just for a pair of metal braces. Dental care is expensive. I live in a country where almost everyone has ugly up teeth for this reason.

No. 1103599

My bet is definitely on her just staying in bumfuck OK and wasting her time and life on a toxic relationship that will go literally no where and also it's pretty much the only place she can afford.
Then the minute she signs another year lease, she's gonna be bitching about how Fupa is abusive and doesn't love her and hurts her fee fees and she has no friends or roots in OK, blah blah blah same ass shit.

No. 1103655

Far from a Dolly fan but I really do hope she moves back home and turns her life around, her lifestyle is just not sustainable, she can only beg for tips to survive off if for so long, and I would genuinely feel bad to see Shay turn to harder drugs because of her clear mental instability

No. 1103692

>calls Shaytard “Dolly”
I agree though, I’ve been hoping for a redemption arc too. If she quit sex work and lost weight I would be happy for her, but I don’t see it happening soon. She’ll hit rock bottom first. And I mean she’ll have to hit the lowest of the low.

No. 1103703

She's going to have to make a decision at some point. When she's 25 and over 200 pounds none of her current coomer subscribers looking for DDLG barbie shit are going to keep paying. She will either have to admit defeat and go back to her parents or accept that's she needs to market herself to the BBW/feeder niche.

The internet is saturated with cheap e-whores and as she gets older she will just get replaced by younger, slimmer and more attractive girls.

No. 1103717

you guys have been calling for her to move home for the last 2 years. even if she does, her life isn't going to instantly become better kek. she has no intention on quitting sex work and that is the major plight of her life right now.

No. 1103722

File: 1607531461055.jpg (126.97 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20201209-112955_Twi…)

gamer girl shatna! please, waste your money on a trendy game you wont play for longer than an hour just so you can make a few tweets about it. has anyone found her steam profile yet?

No. 1103726

nah she said she didn't know what it was the other day and i don't think she ever made an account

No. 1103727

File: 1607531917862.jpeg (779.8 KB, 1228x1483, 06079EDF-9638-4846-8E5F-256696…)

$3 jfc I still can’t get over how cheap that is for whoring yourself out

No. 1103732

I don’t know why anons keeps saying she will be replaced when I see grannys making onlyfans and having customers. Scrotes will fuck anything. Shayna is unappealing and ugly but there will be one coombrain that will find her hot (ex. Jason R Womack)

No. 1103740

yeah but those old bitches actually know how to look sexy and play the whole MILF/older woman fetish really well. Shayna doesn’t know her brand, and is delusional about her looks and body. realistically she could brand herself as silly and goofy parody style porn but she would never do that because she wants to believe she’s a serious businesswoman

No. 1103742

because half of the anons itt are as delusional as shayna herself

No. 1103743

True, but like other anon was saying… it's not stable for the long term. We've seen her losing subs at a steady rate each month. And shes talking about raising her OF price next month (to attempt to compensate). And it will continue that way. She has had no financial supporter(s) back her all this time. They come and go. There will come a point and not too long from now she won't make enough to cover her relatively low rent where she is. Her wasteful, spend money as soon as she gets it via e begging lifestyle won't work forever.

No. 1103747

>3 cumshows a weeks
Is this even true? Also how is this a sale, isn’t her OF always $3, or am I missing something?

No. 1103752

It’s absolutely not true. She has been uploading like 1 vid a week max and no cumshows in maybe months? just random videos of her jiggling her unshapely body.

So here we are anons, no streaming, no camming, no regular work schedule, excuses every day, drunk 24/7… same ole same ole dumb hambeast Lardy Fattel

No. 1103780

File: 1607536130863.jpeg (860.91 KB, 1242x1487, 724285E4-A698-4B3B-8579-8F64FE…)

Glad she’s confident in herself

No. 1103782

File: 1607536221676.jpeg (683.33 KB, 1242x1244, 3063B395-EA03-4390-A12F-CDA4F5…)

Does she even use her Reddit account

No. 1103787

Kek anon ilu, I wonder if this is attempt at a slight at LC. If it is, it's still just calling herself fat.

No. 1103790

Are they genuinely surprised by this? This is male sexuality 101.

No. 1103791

File: 1607537135889.png (80.2 KB, 1590x400, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-09 um 1…)

she is begging for likes on OF…

No. 1103796

She has ruined her life and body so badly that I just feel like I’m kicking her when she’s already down at this point. Jiggling her fat on the internet and talking about her whale brethren on twitter…no words for how bleak this is. I almost miss skinny Shayna, at least she had a sliver of dignity and hope left.

No. 1103797

whose buying leaked content? I thought men usually just buy it and then leak it to other men.

No. 1103800

a lot of the time on reddit and other site you'll see folders being passed around for money full of onlyfans girls and stuff. But if you're buying those you're more than likely being scammed.

Men are just weird, and don't care where the content comes from as long as it's there for them to get off to.

No. 1103802

What I don’t get is why sex workers get so pissed that their nudes get leaked by the very same people who purchase their content? But say it’s an empowering job? But also hate misogynistic men but the men who buy their porn view women as inferior and as an object. Makes my brain hurt. This gen of women are so pornsick it’s sad but I guess I understand why because it’s so easy and men are dumb enough to send their bucks to girls they will never fuck

No. 1103811

AYRT. I have no doubt that there are men that genuinely get off to Shayna in her current state. The problem is that she sells herself as being a cute barbie girl when she doesn't fit the aesthetic anymore. Men who would buy her content because they like it aren't aware that she exists because her pride won't let her advertise herself as what she really is.

No. 1103814

>humiliation fetish

Stop this shit. It's like claiming a downie has a fetish for acting retarded.

No. 1103821

agree honestly kek. she never tried leaning into that until anons started suggesting it here. so i think we just gave her an out to do embarrassing shit and, when we call her out on it, write it off as “humiliation fetish”.

No. 1103822

Agreed. Shayna isn't into kinks or fetishes. She is a prude in real life. She just likes the attention it gets her because she's such a goddamn pick me. I don't even think she has ever had a real orgasm, or her clit broke from using that god awful amazon pink wand that sounds like a lawn mower.

No. 1103831

I’m at my damn limit, Shayna is making me pity-cringe in my soul for her depressing fucking life. Like >>1103796 said, visiting this thread sometimes feels like kicking her when she’s so fucking down kek jfc

No. 1103848

It makes zero sense EVERYTHING that sex work has brought her has been negative, Fupa, made any mental issues she has worst and THIS PLACE.
Sadly, I think Shayna would've ended up here anyway, She just wouldn't have 65 threads.

How can she look at her life and think her online life and being a "Model" which means nothing, and go "this is what I want"

No. 1103854

food delivery costs do add up like that, kek. maybe she should find a strain of weed that gives her the anti-munchies.

No. 1103858

Or she should just do meth

No. 1103868

It's almost like she exclusively smokes indicas and not sativas, or at least hybrids…

No. 1103876

File: 1607542896251.jpeg (812.19 KB, 1242x1382, 0E80E5F7-9EA9-463A-81B5-696344…)

>just say I’m hot and you want to fuck me to profit off of

No. 1103877

Subreddits have rules against self posting because allowing it shits up the forum with low quality advertisement.
But she wouldn't consider that, that would mean people don't want to see her stuff, it must be a fetish thing.

No. 1103880

the delusion. they only hit her up cause she's constantly bragging about making thousands a day as a beached whale attraction.

No. 1103885

she's getting mad about something she doesn't do anyway.Some dude probably sent her a message about an collab and she saw he was a nobody and got upset some nobody beginner thinks he has a chance.
When truth is she does not do collabs so this was just retarded to bitch about.

No. 1103888

will she ever realize that the kinds of guys actively hopping into average-at-best looking girls’ DMs just view it as some kind of carnival attraction? it’s not that you’re hot, they’re just trying to play the odds.

No. 1103889

File: 1607543851614.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, 0D954605-104F-4D3E-A1AA-BD833B…)

She’s so triggered by this dm kek

No. 1103891

File: 1607543904255.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, 482BB488-7EB8-48B2-A265-BE4FEB…)

Exactly kek

No. 1103897

I always think Shayna likes this kind of shit, she likes having a reason to complain, she likes that some guy wants to fuck her, not realizing men wanting to fuck her is not some grand achievement, she feels like this shit means more then what it does.
Like I said, shayna does not even do collabs so for her to get mad about this makes no sense. Even if it was someone who followed her & was a big name she wouldn't even do it anyway.

No. 1103899

well he is gross and clearly has low standards; but she should be flattered that someone other than Womack and Fupa want to fuck her. kek

No. 1103903

Every video she has done with other people (especially with other girls) have been awful. Like when she had to be forced to shower by that one chick? Or the vr video she did.

No. 1103905

its so clear that the men who reach out are just scraping the bottom of the barrel for some white girl wednesday content or something equally depraved. also her attitude is something else. even less infamous OF girls handle people worse than that, hundreds of times a day, with more grace.

No. 1103908

You can tell it barely happens to her, just like the Sugar Daddy obsession, when something out the norm happens to Shayna she whines about it endlessly.

No. 1103920

to be fair this guy is an obvious creep. that being said, shayna, along with every other e-thot sign up for these types of interactions by doing what they do, if you can't handle creepy dms without going on a rant every time then.. maybe you should just get a regular job?

No. 1103923

Damn, she passed up on her only ever opportunity to fuck someone relatively attractive. The first and probably only time this has and will ever happen to her and she has to bitch about it like she’s an expert. Wah wah, Shayna, go back to fucking ChodePapa for and eventually Jason R. Womack for free.

No. 1103924

the audacity of this cow holy shit. gets her crusty panties in a bunch over a copy pasta cold approach and tries to publicly put the guy on blast. I checked his profile and he's worked with SWers way more successful than Shayna, if she weren't such a dumbass she might have recognized this as a business opportunity

also why is "work" being air-quoted? she's constantly talking about being a business owner bc of her nasty porn, yet assumes someone offering to make content with her is just tryna fuck and is upset that there's no "connection" ???

No. 1103927

Of course he’s a creep, anon, but that’s not why she’s saying no. She thinks she’s above it when she’s not and just wants something to whine about to feel self-important.

No. 1103929

She is extremely bad at sex work and shows it every single day kek.

No. 1103933

fupa doesn’t even want her musty ass half the time

No. 1103935

Because its not just "work" to her. Shes made this her entire life and its sad. Normal SWs have friends, family and hobbies outside of their twitter sphere so they can differentiate between being lusted after and business opportunities. Shay's biggest hobby is drinking other than that she relates everything in her life to porn, being a bimbo and or anal kek. She thinks flashing the real life ubereats driver as he's working his bullshit 9-5 for minimum wage is some kind of porn fantasy and not creepy/sexual harassment and she constantly takes porn pictures of herself in public.

Her life is mediocre parody porn which can barely sustain her. That's why she gets so mad when hillbilly Womack shows attention to other camwhores. If it was a job she wouldn't care and would see it as such but the only thing she actually had in her pathetic life is these orbiters so she thinks they're real relationships.

No. 1103939

he was actually really nice about it and even said “if not no worries”, so wtf is she so upset over? he wasn’t rude or unprofessional, but she was in response. and she has the audacity to go off in tweets acting like he’s the rude one? she’s gotta just be having pure delusions at this point.

No. 1103943

> the only thing she actually had in her pathetic life is these orbiters so she thinks they're real relationships
But remember, they can’t look to her for any sort of a relationship! They need to remember to pay her for any and everything even though she doesn’t provide the services that they actually pay a base subscription for!

No. 1103947

She probably rejected him out of fear and insecurity. He's never going to get the opportunity to look at her unwashed fat rolls and back out if she rejects him first.

No. 1103948

Kek she forgot to pretend other people bought all this crap so she reposted.

She admits to spending all her money and having no control.

No. 1103949

File: 1607547247622.jpg (256.63 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20201209-205126_Twi…)

Forgot screenshot

No. 1103950

>she will be replaced
truth is, shayna was in her hayday maybe on thread 3 or 4 lol it was all downhill from there. there is nothing to be replaced here she already makes barely $3k a month doing all of this nasty shit. she hit the bottom about 2 years ago lol.

No. 1103954

File: 1607547547694.jpg (142.94 KB, 1080x371, Screenshot_20201209-145858_Twi…)

This translates to "I don't want to make customs because I'm lazy"

No. 1103956

it’s honestly gross how all her shit comes from amazon. like damn bitch you can’t shop anywhere else? you gotta be extra trashy all the time don’t you?

No. 1103957

i doubt most will pay for it, they just want to see leaked content. and i dont feel sorry for whores who get their shit leaked lol

No. 1103961

I’m sure the people who paid for customs want to see that she’s going to “bang them out” and doesn’t want to do anymore. Much quality. So proud of her work. Very perfectionist.

No. 1103967

File: 1607548303925.jpg (24.55 KB, 750x462, 919d39737699ff130547213bb3cf2d…)


No. 1103969

File: 1607548561954.jpg (184.53 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20201209-211351_Twi…)

Why has she bought this?

She gonna lock up fupa's chode next time he tries to leave her?

No. 1103970

that looks too big for fupa's dick, it'd just fall right off

No. 1103975

File: 1607549003608.jpg (386.58 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20201209-152340_Twi…)

This is such a waste. She doesn't even cook

No. 1103976

and rice of all things. keep loading up on those carbs, shayna!

No. 1103977

Just more pink stuff for her to throw away when she moves. This bitch is so wasteful.

No. 1103981

She's not a domme and even if she was, she doesn't have a sub. Also it looks like a croc.

No. 1103988

File: 1607549860314.jpg (566.08 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20201209-153752_Twi…)

Just keep shoveling it in Shay

No. 1103993

please just eat a vegetable for once shayna

No. 1103994


isn't $3 her usual price lol

No. 1103997

Girl smoking is 0 calories.

No. 1103999

File: 1607550951308.jpg (51.46 KB, 680x510, helth.jpg)

I'm sure you'll be skinny again in no time, Shay.

No. 1104001

the sad thing is she probably stuffs these down her fat throat instead of letting them work so then she's a full blow vegetable laying on her couch.

Also like the other anon said, smoking is a zero calorie activity, Shat. Do better.

No. 1104002

she hasn't been smoking because she has asthma and her lungs are probably also struggling under all the whale blubber

No. 1104006

Ok valid, but theres tinctures that are more bang for the buck and gummies and other types of things that aren't junk food edibles. But she's a fatty who wants snack foods and to get literally stupid high. She eats garbage every day, all day, but she thinks having one of those or a weed cookie for breakfast is healthy. She thinks because its small and "medicated". So dumb.

No. 1104007

yeah i get that i was just saying that’s why she’s not buying herb. she mentioned it a couple weeks back.

No. 1104009

>Tries to publicly pit him on blast

And this is coming from the same girl that rants about how call out/cancel culture is toxic. Just another tick on the long list of hypocrisy of Shayna Clifford and how she's allowed to do the very things she preaches and looks down on others about.

No. 1104012

It’s not really surprise as much as it is disgust, men are fucking horrid little trolls

No. 1104013

A rice cooker. Kek. That'll be the day when she actually cooks some in it.

I mean doing it to get laid vs doing it for money? Not seeing the difference really. What happened to her pick me not all men mentality? Theres plenty of legit dude sex workers. Obviously not as many as there are girls.

Anyway she really just enjoys being a cunt to anyone she can and also trying to prove that she's "desirable" as if that dude hasn't copy pasted that message to 100 other girls.

No. 1104015

File: 1607552509804.gif (1.63 MB, 250x268, my-professors-reaction-when-he…)

This bitch can't even boil water to make pasta… I-

No. 1104016

in defense of rice cookers - they really do work better

No. 1104023

But anon. You have to buy the rice, add the right amount of rice and water ratio, press the proper button, then wait 30 mins. She'll be drunk and stoned and forget about it. Also you have to eat rice.

No. 1104026

I don’t know if I believe that, I feel like she talks about taking dabs a lot even recently?

No. 1104030

i don't think she's talked about it in a while tbh. she's mentioned being sick/not being able to breathe/multiple inhaler refills in the last month though.

No. 1104032

he may be a creep but he worked with pornstars who have way more followers then Shayna ever will. He is a nasty scrote but compared to Jason R Womack and Kyle Fupa Perkins he is a ten. Shayna is too ugly for him in my opinion. He wasn't a pervert or too creepy. He just asked if she wanted to collaborate that doesnt necessarily mean sex. It could be photos or he could have done some bdsm stuff where he shoves toys up her rancid snatch. Shayna could of ignored the dm but she decided to be a cunt about it and put him on blast This is why sex workers hate you fat pig.

No. 1104034

Anon please my sides
why was she gifted that? did the person think she was a troon with a ballsack kek

No. 1104035

Ah, fair enough. The threads move so fast it seems like she was just talking about taking dabs and getting to work. Guess it really has been a while since she’s done either, kek.

No. 1104036

Im pretty sure the last time she talked about taking dabs was during the election? I don't know it is hard to remember because shaytard is such a shitshow

No. 1104037

ah yes, shayna's amazing work ethic and all the effort she puts into maintaining her lovely figure is going to make sex work a lifelong sustainable career. if you don't believe shay will be a hot milf still making a decent, reliable living at age 50 you're deluded.

No. 1104038

did you not read the comment this was in response to? nobody said it was sustainable or she was hot but there is always some kind of gross coomer willing to throw a couple bucks at someone desperate enough to show them their pussy. the point is she already peaked years ago and there is nothing to replace.

No. 1104041

File: 1607554771373.jpg (123.11 KB, 933x525, uglymanthumb.JPG)

nitpick I know but Shayna has the ugliest thumbs. Cmon nail polish is ten dollars paint those ugly man hands

No. 1104043

File: 1607554904612.jpg (889.19 KB, 1242x1581, savenoodle.jpg)

even coomer gray-hair retirement home knows Noodle looks miserable. she looks like she wants to kill herself

No. 1104045

the aforementioned comment specifically said stuff about grannys though

No. 1104048

i think the anon was just using that as an example of something not considered traditionally sexy

No. 1104052

File: 1607555515014.jpg (842.95 KB, 1242x1633, toxic.jpg)

the audacity of Shayna liking this kek. She loves to larp as this little girl who had to use "sex work" to escape her evil abusive republican Fox News watching parents. When in reality they are the ones funding her lifestyle because she sucks at selling pictures of her snatch and pimpled ass. Also the reply was annoying anyways I don't know why people get so offended over a fucking meme

No. 1104053

She should eat her crusty cuticles is like 8 calories instead of more carbs and sugar easy diet shay!!

No. 1104057

oh my god i swear she likes shit like this just to get a little rise out of farmers lol. EVERYONE KNOWS you grew up spoiled and pampered shay! everyone knows your parents literally paid your bills and everything, took you on fancy vacations etc up until 18 and even now your dad lends you money. blatant lies

No. 1104061

She's so proud but every other week when she breaks up with her baby daddy boyfriend she talks about wanting to go home to her parents, the same horrible trump supporting parents she just brought presents?
She also moved to stay with a boy, it's not like she moved at 18 to do something with her fucking life.
She's been doing the same but less.

No. 1104063

It's funny because she used to have those fucking horrible cheap acrylics and always talked about how she would never be caught dead without her nails done, but something had to get sacrificed to move more nonexistent funds to the weed and junk food budgets.

No. 1104073

Love how she makes it sound like a bad thing that your parents could afford to pay the bills without their children’s help/that they could afford children. Big cope for a trashy whore. Shayna wishes she had her awful upbringing so she could milk it for all it’s worth. Pathetic.

No. 1104103

File: 1607558660848.jpg (328.44 KB, 1242x993, IMG_645.jpg)

most girls learned how to do makeup in high school, porky. the way she types gives me a stroke trying to read what she's saying

No. 1104106

all she's doing is putting on eyeliner, eyelashes and maybe eye shadow, her lips are going to be dry as hell and it's going to look the same as it has for years.

No. 1104108

File: 1607558906556.jpeg (231.71 KB, 1242x1640, 601F8105-2831-46F1-8A6B-CB306E…)

Lol her horribly edited hair.

No. 1104117

>crusty bleeding lips

Dear god why, drink some water shat.

No. 1104122

She uses the pandemic as an excuse but you are allowed to go get your nails and hair done now as long as you wear a mask and follow the rules.

Pandemic never stopped her fat ass going to the dispensary did it.

No. 1104123

File: 1607559541613.jpg (45.31 KB, 275x262, 1604949977086.jpg)

shayna honey…

No. 1104130

lol love u anon

No. 1104131

not again with this bullshit jfc

No. 1104133

>Normal SWs
no such thing, they're all mentally impaired lol

No. 1104136

so are sws

No. 1104137

probably because shes so fat

No. 1104148

File: 1607561762554.jpg (334.77 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20201209-185630_Twi…)

Shay makes no fucking sense

No. 1104150

She thinks kissing is nasty and agreed with the pee shit just because, with those dry lips and fupa's fupa-ness I can understand why she hates kissing.

No. 1104158

This bitch would drink Fupa’s piss before she would drink water. That’s so disgusting. And you know damn well Fupa’s diet consists of Monster energy drinks, beer and cheemsburger. His piss is probably bright yellow barf

No. 1104160

Fucking gross!! I would be so embarrassed if these bizarre fetishes were attached to my name and photo online, what the hell is wrong with her? Sometimes I get desensitized to the fact that she’s out here licking feces covered dildos and shit for all the world to see. No wonder she’s fucked up on weed and alcohol all the time, the realization of how deeply she has embarrassed herself in front of anyone who has ever known her is probably too much to cope with sober.

No. 1104184

File: 1607566809090.jpeg (398.55 KB, 2048x2048, 1C37D5CB-5727-44A0-86B3-6F1398…)


Legit looking like a 37 year old British mum of 5.

No. 1104186

Wondering if she bought it for herself just because its pink or if her parents or an orbiter bought it for her to hint at "hey you could cook up cheap, easy, healthier meals with this" kek

No. 1104191

she is so genuinely unappealing. if she wants to do this goofy shit why doesn’t she just go for it all the way?

No. 1104193

She really does look like something you'd find on a council estate.

No. 1104199

Did shayna mention going to therapy and to the dentist like she said she was supposed to do?

No. 1104206

She looks twice as big today did she gain over night, Jesus ?

No. 1104207

File: 1607570905645.jpeg (349.23 KB, 1747x2048, DB2EF71D-931B-4139-8551-DC5DA9…)

No. 1104209

File: 1607571103856.jpeg (94.77 KB, 572x632, F82E67D5-E970-4F1C-870D-95AF61…)

Caption was “this is why you should subscribe” on Twitter kek

No. 1104210

File: 1607571159352.jpeg (347.46 KB, 1048x1095, 5480BCCD-FD33-4796-A84B-00B56F…)

No. 1104215

enough with the yaniv smirk jesus

No. 1104216

I literally thought she was holding a bottle of wine

No. 1104236

most punchable face in the universe

No. 1104237

File: 1607574853103.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 4A80A676-DBF0-4F80-A273-1D7064…)

She gotta be joking

No. 1104238

all i see is fupa hanging down and bad airbrushing kek

No. 1104240

File: 1607574905110.png (3.09 MB, 1242x2208, 245A51F8-4AEF-4607-B844-3BC9A2…)

No. 1104241

oh this is already deleted. that was fast.

No. 1104242

File: 1607574972711.jpeg (745.51 KB, 1242x1574, 3A8ACA5B-CD6C-4874-9DE5-CBAAA6…)


No. 1104256

She should at least try to give the illusion of an ass in her pic ?? Kek all I see is a wide brick of flesh.

No. 1104257

File: 1607577340985.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 861.8 KB, 1242x1481, D55B847A-A8DE-4581-BB11-2A9866…)

She reposted it

No. 1104259

File: 1607577392666.jpeg (192.18 KB, 1920x1080, 4DA97DF2-8654-4362-AB3D-D0AB1A…)

She posted another pic in her shorts with her clammy man hand grabbing her flat cellulite butt

No. 1104260

File: 1607577413539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.72 KB, 1920x1080, 02B81936-C44C-419F-AA82-3B53CA…)

She had to show her ballsack

No. 1104262

She didn’t even use the ted talk meme correctly she’s so retarded that’s not even trendy anymore anyways

No. 1104264

KEK so pathetic she really use the airbrush and lightning to the max in this photos insecure fatty mattel

No. 1104268

they’re so tight they don’t even look like shorts kek looks like fucking briefs

No. 1104271

File: 1607580751722.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20201210-010943.png)

unfortunately checking her crusty OF once a week means I'm late on this. shortly after I posted the uncensored bondage pic, she sent me this. couldn't care less, just more evidence of hardcore lurking.

No. 1104272

Damn, she is so unprofessional and petty. This is such a bad look Shaytard.

No. 1104273

The thing is if she was just like a normal ass person the weight wouldn’t be too bad. Like she like looks like you’re average pudgy girl in her early 20s. But her attitude and shitty outlook on life makes it so much worse.

No. 1104275

Lmao she’s pathetic

No. 1104277

I’m assuming the fact she knows it was you who posted it means very few, if no, other people paid to unlock it

No. 1104279

no one else must have paid for it; which is funny.

No. 1104281

At first I was wondering how she knew it was you but nobody buys her content except Womack and he’s too retarded and old to be a farmer. Did she block you anon?

No. 1104286

man just outright admitting she watches her own thread
just gave up on life, god damn

No. 1104288

This pretty much confirms that OF anon, Womack, and Grayolddude are the only ones buying her content. Time for her to pack it up and go home, life could be so much better for her if only she would make better choices

No. 1104289

File: 1607583114324.png (6.29 MB, 1242x2208, 816A0973-AD00-4082-B5A6-A8D4DE…)

iM nOt poStInG oN sNaPcHaT

No. 1104290

Anything for attention.

No. 1104291

she can really do that? what a lame 3 dollar subscription fuck u shay

No. 1104296

File: 1607583941969.jpeg (95.51 KB, 1242x582, A1A4D37B-9173-4F31-A15D-E90895…)

No. 1104299

nah, being fat and in a tracksuit is an American woman thing. She looks like she belongs in a walmart.

No. 1104302

whitetrash fashion is universal

No. 1104307

Potential thread pic. I know it’s early but how accurate

No. 1104309


She shooped herself so hard she doesn't even look 3 dimensional anymore kek

No. 1104310

That bulbous nose and yellow ugly teeth peeking out of her crusty lips

She looks really ugly how does she post this and think she looks good?

No. 1104311

No. 1104323

LMAO really admitting that she couldn’t even sell it to anyone else, and also admitting she lurks here. Nice job Shayna, you dumb fat bitch.

No. 1104326

When your teeth almost match your foundation…

Girl use the whitening edit tool or get some strips/gel and actually whiten them, good lord.

No. 1104339

File: 1607593356708.gif (420.95 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

Why would you be so fucking stupid and admit, that only ONE person unlocked your picture? Shay is the epitome of stupidity

No. 1104344

i think most anons are hoping that her moving home would basically be an "admittance of defeat" by her, but you're right. even if she does now at this point, she is a stupid stubborn mule and will have a really hard time letting go of her habits and working on her stupid flaws. i would rather have shayna suffer alone in oklahoma than drag down the rest of her family members with her bullshit, she is old enough that she could strive to better herself alone.

exactly, i know anons only mention it because it's an easier way to explain her stupidity and nonsensical tendencies, but that's just not it. shayna isn't interested in sexual things in reality, she isn't acting like she enjoys any of this.

don't know anything about weed strains, are those expensive? i'd loose my shit laughing if she was exclusively smoking strains that already cost her a lot and then some from all the food she orders for her munchies.

No. 1104352

There's something really depressing about her putting on a full face of makeup when we know that she never leaves the house or sees anybody. She puts on eyelashes and everything just so she can shove things up her butt online for 3 likes.

No. 1104378

The fact she lurks and still chooses to look like a vile bag of fat flesh is outstanding. She doesnt even try anymore no wonder no one wants to buy her content.

No. 1104415

If she lurks so hard why not invest in lip chap/gloss? Or does she keep them dry to own us?

No. 1104418

Her lips are probably dry as fuck because of how much weed she smokes. When I smoke, my lips dry up like a desert, but unlike Shay, I use plenty of lip balms and treatments. I have absolutely no idea why she doesn't and won't. Like, I'm sure her lips are painfully dry and cracked with how much she smokes and refuses to "hydrate" her body overall with anything but alcohol.

No. 1104424

happy to see that hoodie again must be her favorite item

No. 1104454

I actually like the hoodie but the color looks bad on her. It washes her out and makes her look sick.

No. 1104470

Isn't this the first time we're seeing her photoshop herself thinner? Hope this means she'll finally go on a fucking diet

No. 1104474

she’s not thinner here, she’s just sucking in, sitting up straight and her black shorts are pulled over her gut rolls which is camouflaging them. she probably had to take 100 pics to get this one.

No. 1104495

Has shayna ever had a real job?

No. 1104497

I think it was in the old threads, she worked at Olive Garden for a week and then quit.

No. 1104501

That's so depressing. She's getting a little older and wider and I think her days are numbered with the onlyfans shit. I genuinely wish she would stop debasing herself on social media and go live a normal life.

No. 1104503

i remember that, but don't remember why she quit
probably the same reason any privileged white girl quits an easy job lol

No. 1104506

File: 1607621668225.png (125.07 KB, 699x479, compressed-gunt.png)

The fat is still there it's just being hidden by the darker colour of her shorts.

No. 1104513

pubic mound radiating strong tranny vibes here

No. 1104522

supposedly she said she couldn't handle dealing with customers/the human contact kek

No. 1104528

This is autistic nitpicking at its finest

No. 1104546

Can you stop asking to be spoonfed? You’re shitting up the thread
And read the old thread you would know that shay has never had a real job besides Olive Garden

No. 1104548

File: 1607626502265.jpeg (297.94 KB, 1242x598, F06AFCD0-DEF6-4614-A4DF-2426AF…)

No. 1104556

File: 1607627088316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.3 KB, 800x658, 4f42d6d3d1c45f58553723c3fb7a1d…)

Shatna. Stop. Trying. To. Be. Funny. Oh my god.

No. 1104559

it really is gonna be three years max til she's habitually sharting because of her inability to keep her ass clenched for more than five minutes at a time. god bless!

No. 1104562

doubtful. I only say this because she acts like such an anal princess but uses the same size buttplugs and occasionally a small dildo. there’s actual pornstars that exclusively do anal and take huge real dick. I doubt she’s ever actually been fucked in the ass with a real dick. she can’t commit to her ”brand”

No. 1104588

Anon please don't provoke her, nobody fucking wants to see ugly fupa dick in her ass

No. 1104599

Not cute or funny. Also why does she look over and talk to the right like someone is there? Noodle? Fupa? Just weird.

No. 1104606

most weed is priced per strain/ by weight. Indica strains are the ones that give you couch lock and can make you sleepy, sativas give the opposite effect, to an extent.
Why she thought sex work was the better alternative remains a mystery, like most decisions she makes.
She really doesn't realize how boring her life sounds, amazing.

No. 1104630

File: 1607635797471.jpeg (975.25 KB, 2999x3999, 44CB8EE1-378C-4E38-AED9-E15496…)

So lemme get this straight: She’s worried about the future of sex work but not the underaged kids and rapes being recorded and posted on pornhub

No. 1104632

File: 1607635914005.jpeg (438.28 KB, 1242x799, 5CF1B2B3-EF01-4662-9692-F80D3D…)

Shayna Clifford go rot in hell

No. 1104633

since we know she's lurking: shayna, pornhub is being blacklisted because of the amount of literal fucking rape and child sexual assault videos. can this ugly cunt stop victimizing herself and think of others for literally 5 seconds?

lol this is why everyone with a brain cell hates camwhores/online ~sex werkerz~

No. 1104634

File: 1607635992687.jpg (536.17 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20201210-153223_Twi…)

Of course she re tweeted this. Basically saying because of those who were raped and trafficked on pornhub ruined it for everyone

No. 1104637

That's honestly fucking disgusting, there was child porn, revenge porn, spy cam, rape on PornHub.

No. 1104639

it's not shayna related exactly but i love this retarded whore's sperging. she's so mad she can't be a pornhub pickme anymore and thinks her shitty "job" is more important than protecting kids and young women who had their lives ruined through all of this

No. 1104642

Imagine, instead of being mad at pornhub for uploading CP, you get mad at people trying to protect the victims?? E-whores live in an entirely different reality where they always make themselves to be victims. They have no idea how easy they actually have it compared to poor women forced into sex work.

No. 1104643

File: 1607636399232.jpeg (591.74 KB, 1242x1030, 52EE151D-BD6F-4A9D-B450-EA4A8A…)

Those “guys” are either bots, dudes from another country, or boomers who don’t know technology

She’s so annoying jfc

No. 1104644

File: 1607636465462.jpg (596.83 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20201210-154056_Twi…)

This is all she's going to be tweeting about for a while now

No. 1104647

Okay nobody is saying Facebook Instagram and Twitter aren’t worse. They censor people for dumb reasons and let people looking for CP on the platform. Why can’t you just say all social media platforms have predators? Why are they whiteknighting pornhub? They should know what illegal content that is being uploaded on their site, I hate these people blaming victims

No. 1104649

She unretweeted it.
She’s lurking.

Hey fat fuck, go rot in hell. You ugly victim blaming, fat, woman-hating asshole.

No. 1104650

you forget that she refuses to use lube and also uses turkey basters and tears her ass open til it bleeds, so who knows at this point

is she on crack? what the fuck do two ENTIRELY separate websites that focus on entirely different content have to do with pornhub willingly hosting an entire rainbow of illegal pornography? shartna, but since we know you stalk here, i well and truly hope you end up turkey bastering your guts out of that unwashed hole of yours

No. 1104652

why would the people sharing that give a fuck?

No. 1104654

Holy shit these bitches are brain dead. Spreading (revenge) porn on ig and facebook is still illegal and against TOS, those get deleted if reported. Whereas PH straight up ignores victims claims and directly profit off of them. Know that I’m alogging Shayna and these cunts. Whores get fucked.

No. 1104657

I still see it on her profile

No. 1104658

no facebook and inta aren't worse than pornhub on this. Pornhub verified children as porn stars on their platform. At least FB etc can claim ignorance, but pornhub legitimately verified trafficked minors. let's not minimize what pornhub has done because FB is shit too. Pornhub ignored these girls for years until it gained media traction.

No. 1104660

Do you think Shayna cares about sex trafficking or anything that does not have to do with her getting money or attention?
This is the same girl who screamed at a sex trafficking victim, the same person who only cares about Minors being exposed to sex work or being in sex work because it makes sex work look bad, not that actual kids are trying to sell child porn.
This girl focused on MEN being unfairly arrested when speaking about sex trafficking, she does not care.
And she's supposedly a victim of rape herself.

No. 1104661

and if facebook and Insta get taken down they'll whine about that too, "Well twitter's worst!"
ONE child porn tape, rape tap, revenge porn tape is enough.
Fuck Shayna and fuck these whores, they don't care about anything but the chump change they are getting.

No. 1104667

Sex workers are mentally ill and too self absorbed to experience any form of empathy. All they see is something that might interfere with their ability to earn money from posting their genitals online. Fuck sex trafficked women and abused children, not having to get real job is far more important to them. It's sick.

No. 1104669

I’m the anon you’re replying to. And Twitter is on the same levels because I’ve seen pedophiles looking for kiddie porn using secret words and hashtags it’s disgusting. I’m saying predators are everywhere on all platforms but porn hub needs to be accountable for their actions. There isn’t an excuse for them I don’t get why these dumbass sex workers are white knighting them. If pornbub wanted to do something they would remove all accounts and videos posted by third parties and just post porn from profession companies that use verified adult actors

No. 1104670

They want to shut rape and cp victims up for speaking up while also trying to act like "true" victims when retarded incels scared them with thotaudit.

No. 1104671

I hope Twitter fully terminates pornography of any kind. That would be the best day ever. These bitches are greedy cunts who don’t care about rape victims they are always the ones wanting to be a victim.

No. 1104674

Not to a-log but I can’t wait until these disgusting pedo-apologist whores off themselves. How self-absorbed and retarded do you have to be to think this way? Yuck. I hope twitter bans porn soon so these degenerate subhumans can fuck back off to the hole they crawled from.

No. 1104675

Ive read a few different things about that not being true though and being vastly overrated

No. 1104678

PornHub, much like Tumblr didn't react when you reported illegal content. Tumblr also had the same content: rape, cp, spy cam, you name it. They were both powerful and got arrogant. Tumblr had it's downfall when Apple took Tumblr from the AppStore and PornHub could be in serious trouble now too. Serves them well. A single child is worth more than all e-whores combined.

No. 1104679

Yeah the coomers say it ain’t so and so it must be. Kys whore. One child porn rape rape is vastly enough.

No. 1104681

>just post porn from professional companies using verified actors
That would be the ideal but they'd totally lose their userbase to other free porn sites that allow re-uploading vids from elsewhere and amateurs. Ultimately their goal is more money and that business model would take too big a cut. Capitalism is fucked.

>One child porn rape rape is vastly enough.
So great that the authorities won't do shit, but the credit card companies will? Hellworld

No. 1104683

> If pornbub wanted to do something they would remove all accounts and videos posted by third parties and just post porn from profession companies that use verified adult actors

I really hope farmhands don't get me on derailing for this but even this wouldn't work because studios/companies that recruit actors and actresses do so in a predatory manner. There's been documentaries about how shit the pay is and how lowly they have to live, which is why so many people start once they turn 18 and then quickly quit soon after. Shayna doesn't care about any of that though because she's always got a cushion waiting for her back home.

No. 1104684

You are correct anon, I know porn casting couches are gross but at least the women are of age. They should really warn them before they sign a contract, because the money isn’t worth the long time consequences

No. 1104686

>the authorities won't do shit
Many cops probably get off from it. I remember back on reddit I found an account of a guy who was a cop, posted his uniform minus name tag and his post history was full of thirsty comments on porn subs like those for barely legal teens. Some of those girls had braces still,it was fucking disturbing.

No. 1104697

No. 1104699

File: 1607640430172.jpg (148.35 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20201210-164726_Twi…)

Get ready for spiked eggnog benders

No. 1104700

I swear I hate this dumb bitch…

No. 1104703


ahahaha yes there it is i love u

No. 1104705

stfu grammarchan literally no one gives a fuck but you

No. 1104708

these bitches are so stupid. The site is being cracked down on, and they are going to be limiting who can upload.
They are the same bitches who cry the blues about their content being stolen and reposted, they should be happy.
Oh wait; they only care about money…

No. 1104709

im not even being mean i think its funny, esl anon

No. 1104710

Rot in hell Shayna and every sex worker who chooses to engage in sex work.

No. 1104712

i wish this ugly, self absorbed fat bitch would think for once. how retarded do you have to be to be AGAINST a petition that really does not affect you negatively at all, that in fact probably would benefit the sex “work” community?? not to mention protect children, sexual assault victims, and many more? she’s such a sour, unpleasant human being, i’m shocked she has customers and followers at this point.

sage for sperg

No. 1104713

today is an exra retarded day of shatna tbh she's absolutely knocking it out of the ball park

these hoes are showing everyone that it's not just coomer men making the sex work industry full of abuse and rape.. they willingly encourage it too.

No. 1104714

>we should crowdfund a credit card company
That is not how financial institutions work, but I'm not shocked that she thinks it would considering she can't even manage her amazon giftcard balance.

No. 1104715

can you stop pointing this shit out every fucking time? you're just as annoying as the dick who had a shitfit about it a few weeks back

No. 1104716


Ooh yeah, tumblr circa 2012 was very bad. I followed a Melbourne teenager who posted really cool shit, then she turned 16 and started posting nudes (including her vag). When I contacted tumblr support about how I was concerned about this content as she was underage, they ignored me.

I contacted a friend (who has since trooned out and I no longer speak to her) she told me I'm over reacting because she's 16 and has an adult womans body and should be empowered to do what she wants.

The internet is fucking cancer and was a mistake.

No. 1104718

Shayna likes being apart of shit like this in the hopes that something she says goes viral, she does not care about it at all.

No. 1104722

I will not kill myself but thank you for the suggestion(derailing attention whore)

No. 1104724

If you guys do see underage stuff, please report it to the FBI, as they’re right and reporting to the social media customer service usually does jack shit

No. 1104725

ayrt, I'm not ESL anon, again STFU and stop shitting up the thread with your OT sperging, bye(derailing)

No. 1104731

These bitches disgust me. They really think they are more important than the children who are abused and exploited. I’m happy that the general public and credit card companies are finally taking a stand. Anyone against it needs to go to hell.

No. 1104735

You can also go to report.cybertip.org
I know this is derailing slightly but Twitter usually takes down CP accounts whenever I’ve reported them

No. 1104742

File: 1607645724724.jpg (470.47 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201210-181242_Twi…)

I know this a Shay thread. But this just shows how fucked up the sex work community is

No. 1104743

They are all white ugly bitches who’ve aged like milk. Can’t stand only fan whores

No. 1104745

Does she think this is a good look? Admitting spreading her obese asshole for spare change to avoid putting effort into a real job is more important than a first few steps to disallowing trafficked child rape victims to be publicly broadcasted to the word? She’s has no morals and it shows in everything she says and does.

No. 1104746

File: 1607646068350.jpeg (541.39 KB, 1242x1063, 72B43835-A7DA-4D68-881E-1BAE5A…)

Leila is a deathfat who interacts with Shayna of course she would think like this

No. 1104748

File: 1607646160556.jpeg (732.95 KB, 2000x2700, 82EDCAFD-B389-4420-B8EF-78F5FF…)


No. 1104755

just report and move on

No. 1104759

File: 1607646741496.jpeg (247.92 KB, 1242x717, 619B16E9-C4B5-4F0C-A85E-797CBC…)

Shayna cancels a brand that hasn’t done anything illegal. But won’t cancel porn hub and their exploitation of rape victims and children

No. 1104762

Yeah, it is everywhere, so what is the problem with one of the sources taking a hit? Has to start somewhere. Porn isn't going to be banned jfc, just child abuse, rape, and sex traffic exploitation porn you fucking retarded bitches. Imagine picking this hill to die on. Most of these cunts arent even on Pornhub so it doesnt actually affect them.

No. 1104763

Sorry in advance for non-shay related sperging but god these bitches are actually evil. Imagine being so self-absorbed that a company makes an effort to shut down a cp cesspool notorious for knowingly profiting off of illegal content and thinking "Hey, what about my OnlyFans?"

I think Shay is as vile as the rest of them, but I really didn't think we would be at "Prioritizing herself over victims of pedophilia" level. What a waste of life

No. 1104765

and pretty sure the last one is a man.

She's so fake woke

And they are defending a company worth millions probably billions when all their asses are making chump change. I bet most of them don't even use pornhub like that, just like Shayna.

No. 1104767

I've always thought e-whores where just stupid and annoying, maybe even victims that got tricked into believing that selling themselves online was empowering. Now I know they're just outright malicious selfish cunts that deserve everything that's coming to them.

No. 1104771

File: 1607648056724.jpeg (1015.94 KB, 3464x3464, 5C1518AA-38CA-434B-9F10-14559B…)

Made one
Sage for no contribution

No. 1104776

unfortunately, idk why any of us are surprised at this point. remember how shaytard lied about being raped to justify her pedo pandering? and how a while back she put a 15 year old on blast for asking for help getting into sex work, instead of being concerned about an obviously groomed teen's safety? she along with all these other camwhores are insanely selfish

No. 1104778

Yeah, she's always seems upset and worried that fucking childern are going to make her job harder or anything other then the fact childern are trying to get into sex work.
She does not care.
Crazy to see the 'I hate the rich" sex workers defending porn hub like this tho.

No. 1104784

File: 1607649833980.gif (Spoiler Image, 1012.21 KB, 1242x1650, shayPH.gif)

No. 1104785

I love this anon.

No. 1104788

Next threadpic, and I don’t think it needs to be spoilered. This is incredible and what she deserves.

No. 1104789

e-whores in general have this deranged complex about viewing minors as competition and framing young girls as being responsible for their own grooming/abuse. it's like they become "sex workers" and immediately forget what it's like to be a teenage girl, being impressionable, at best you're constantly being exposed to media that reduces you to a sex object and at worst you get groomed by pedophiles on the internet or in person. i don't understand how they have no empathy for other women whatsoever
kek, nominating for next thread pic

No. 1104795

Thread pic pls. Unspoilered.

No. 1104802

Am I shocked that the girl who puts out videos of her jerking off in a diaper and a baby onesie with a pacifier in her mouth while calling herself “baby” is in support of a website that churns out cp that she doesn’t even fucking post on, just wants to support it because…she likes pedo shit? Not really. These bitches make me fucking sick.

No. 1104808


these are the same brain-dead whores who say onlyfans is empowering because they “control their content”.

No. 1104810

Anyone else remember like 2 weeks ago shayna said she had a pair of blue contacts coming in and she was finally gonna have her "dream eyes" or some shit like that? Kek I bet shes too stupid to figure out how to put in contacts.

No. 1104816

She got them from uniqso or one of those crap overseas companies. It'll be at least a month before she has them.

No. 1104840

File: 1607660477046.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 750x1334, 823B4550-C353-4536-A7D9-0A2DE5…)

i like how she knows she can’t show them both head-on because they’re so wonky side by side

No. 1104846

File: 1607661872159.png (196.74 KB, 478x392, Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 11.4…)


at least she's coming around to taking our advice

No. 1104849

Those are going to look HORRIBLE

No. 1104850

these are ugly as sin

No. 1104863

File: 1607665690509.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1365x825, 9E0BAC83-F2A0-40F2-91D2-F1DFD5…)

After dirty deleting her retweets that where admonishing pornhub for doing more to crack down on child porn/rape videos she posted a trailer for her latest shit show in which she roleplays a child getting molested by their father. She even tagged it as “age play” on manyvids.


No. 1104868

File: 1607666285925.png (2.47 MB, 1334x750, 0103426A-5011-4FA7-87D8-55EB94…)

tragic. why is her nose shining so brightly in the whole preview? like she put highlighter all over the tip but nowhere else.

No. 1104869

She did put highlighter only on the tip. She was bragging about her makeup skills a while ago because she did that. Bare minimum Shat

No. 1104886

No. 1104890

Noodle looks like a big dog who needs a lot of space, he probably gets so bored being cooped up in an apartment.

No. 1104905

I kinda flinched when I saw this. Not only because they’re ugly, but also because I can’t get out the mental image of one possibly coming off in her vagina during her recordings because we all know that she isn’t going to apply them properly

No. 1104906

shay really needs to go back to blonde hair, the brown hair as she has gotten fatter really makes her look like a mentally retarded adult with the mental age of a 5 year old, which i mean i guess fits her “age play” role but i cant imagine any men find that look appealing..

No. 1104911

File: 1607676074756.jpg (90.68 KB, 500x372, julia_jekyll1.jpg)

Every time does that hair style she reminds me of pic related. It's also sad that needs to this thread as a moral compass.

No. 1104917

tht whole outfit is unflattering

No. 1104921

What the fuck is that picture?

No. 1104923

Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde, it’s a mid 90s BBC kids TV show.

No. 1104924

Damn, that's creepy.

No. 1104930

I know it's old news, but it explains so much of what's going on right now
Also it might be the most depressing shit I've ever heard

No. 1104933

That tube top is mashing her man boobs kek it looks like it’s about to rip. Also those underwear are too small no Shayna it’s not because you have a big ass. It looks like children’s underwear

No. 1104934

File: 1607682081727.jpeg (306.36 KB, 2048x1536, BF195CE1-07EF-4108-8647-048C82…)

Holy fuck this bitch is huge

No. 1104935

File: 1607682273084.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 474 KB, 1142x641, 3E441692-D604-46C2-991F-9482F8…)

She’s so ugly, I can’t I know this it nitpicking but Jesus Christ she looks huge like a giant. Nothing, I mean nothing, about this is
~ uwu cute little baby teehee~
Those crusty yellow callous feet gives me the creeps

No. 1104938

Why is she wearing children’s underwear? Disgusting.

No. 1104939

File: 1607683047564.jpeg (52.81 KB, 730x626, 5743ECF2-390F-45BC-AA04-997D0E…)

No. 1104950

most of it sounded fake, anon

No. 1104955

holy fuck her back fat roll hanging over her shirt

No. 1104961

No it doesn't, she's too retarded to act, have you not seen her other videos?

No. 1104962


thank you for that anons!

No. 1104989

god damn. this disgusting bitch is a straight up pedo, no defence

No. 1104991

damn, not even a prescription pair. unregulated contacts are always horrible quality and are meant for people to change up their look for halloween or one day cosplays but shay definitely won’t realize that until she’s been reusing the same dirty pair and gets an eye infection. we think she looks bad now but we haven’t even reached pink eye saga

No. 1105006

I agree colored contacts not bought from a regulated doctors office can be dangerous if you've never used contacts before it can lead to corneal ulcers from over wearing and properly cleaning them

No. 1105011

She needs to learn framing to look less like a fat giantess, especially if she's trying to pedo-pander and larp as a widdle baby girl. It almost looks as though the video quality has gotten worse since she started camming, but I might be crazy, or it might just be poor lighting that she doesn't bother to fix.

No. 1105019

why the tub top? Why the crunchy ponytails?

No. 1105035

’Cause shaytard is totes into fashion!1 Such a bimbo rolemodel!!1

No. 1105044

OMG thank you for reminding me of this shows existence.

No. 1105045

At the rate she's gaining weight, catering to men with a giantess fetish might be a better career choice, kek.

No. 1105047

File: 1607702380063.jpg (217.63 KB, 1079x1607, Screenshot_20201211-095830_Sam…)

Why no "clever" description" this time?

No. 1105060

RIP her jawline, getting swallowed by her neck rolls. She should really go home for Christmas so that her parents can see how bad she has gotten and maybe help her. I don’t think she’s avoiding going home because of the pandemic, it’s literally just because she’s too ashamed for her family to see her in her current state.

No. 1105064

Even better: all the three profiles in that screenshot are trannies.

No. 1105066

Such high quality, amazing content! Laying on her cellulite ass and back rolls and using the regular, plain dildo while pretending she's supposed to be getting fucked by someone. She really changes it up every time! /s

Seriously though. Her bad acting to try to set up the gross fetish and then it's just her doing missionary on herself with the most basic dildo. So boring. You could sort out 100 other vids shes done this in. And only a small percentage (more so older ones) would have any sort of variety and different positions. Theres some times different outfits but honestly shes been wearing the same Amazon shit for years.

No. 1105068

Forgot the pink wand! Can't do a vid without it!

No. 1105071

Kek I clocked the last one immediately but wasn't paying that close attention, are they really? They must think Shayna Yaniv is one of them.

No. 1105072

she’s also a pathological liar kek get with the program

No. 1105073

Is she too fat the reach around her thighs with a razor? Ass crack stubble doesn't really fit with the child panties pedo aesthetic.

No. 1105074

views are how many people looked at the page/preview. some of her older ones have thousands.

No. 1105078

"Better than any toy in mom's dresser." Why does she always have to include using her mom's toys or lingerie

No. 1105080

because she's that much of a pickme. it's implying she's so much "better than her mom" since her dad's fucking molesting her

No. 1105081

File: 1607706928183.png (Spoiler Image, 326.24 KB, 684x576, shvg.png)

To be honest it's preferable to the alternative of boils and shaving rash.

No. 1105082

Kek I called them old crusty white women because I didn’t really look at their face to detect them I just quick glanced that’s hilarious anon

No. 1105084

absolutely disgusting. she deserves every pound she's packed on and rotting in bumfuck oklahoma for the rest of her life while no one cares for her. how lonely she must be to try to appeal to scrotes with this kinda shit. fuck this obese retard bitch

No. 1105090

File: 1607707534146.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, 0E4422FD-99E4-4661-BAD6-03F796…)

she does not look like a teenage bimbo kek she aged like milk

No. 1105091

she somehow continues to look even uglier, greasier and fatter with each video she puts out

No. 1105092

Wtf is this?

No. 1105098

a grisly selection of shayna's vag pics over the years

No. 1105099

I noticed that too kek
It probably would have been some really gross pedo pandering bullshit anyways.

No. 1105101

Looks like warts some std this is fucked up

No. 1105107

>newfag detected

No. 1105115

ohh sweet summer child, lurk more.

No. 1105123

now that is a face only a mother could love
jesus christ does she not own mirrors?

No. 1105145

File: 1607711856443.gif (1.96 MB, 480x270, 13PmcJP.gif)

new vid intro reminded me of this

No. 1105150

File: 1607712330621.jpeg (90.25 KB, 274x275, 1529524126504.jpeg)


>Starting to feel good about my body again!!1!!1

>Still refuses to throw away too small clothes and not buy anything that actually fits.

No. 1105151

at first glance i thought i was in the mtf thread kek

No. 1105155

i remember saying before that shayna would look better with bangs so her forehead is covered, and you know what i take that back wtf is this

No. 1105160

I remember when Shayna made a pedo vid and an anon came here and said Shay used a phrase that her abuser used on her in that vid and it honestly broke my heart. How disgusting that degenerate, ugly whores like Shayna profit off of the abuse of children. Then defend it saying iTs jUsT a KiNk! AgEplAy! liTTle SpAce! Or whatever the fuck they wanna call it to justify what it is. The reality is they watched victims of sexual abuse and used their words (and their abuser's words) and experiences and turn it into porn to get money. That's just fucking low. Shayna deserves to to rot. People like this don't deserve a "redemption arc".

No. 1105161

She actually looks like a porn actress here, go figure.

No. 1105165

you mean you don’t remember the white-claw-can-curled bangs? some of y’all need to go back and read threads from a year or more ago kek. she manages to royally fuck up any kind of suggestions she sees here.

No. 1105167

She probably does it to just spite us. "Oh, they tell me to wear lip chap? Imma make sure my lips are EXTRA bloody and dry in my next pic."

No. 1105170

Samefag but I guess the only advice she finally took was cleaning up this mess >>1105081 This was not a fun time.

No. 1105179

In her humiliating things video, she explicitly mentioned being embarrassed by her pussy, so maybe that’s why she finally took some action on it after forever. Not sure how the rest of her life isn’t excruciatingly humiliating enough to fix, though.

No. 1105182

File: 1607714844027.jpg (250.38 KB, 1080x975, Screenshot_20201211-132742_Twi…)

All those followers and 1 retweet

No. 1105184

File: 1607714997654.jpg (8.45 KB, 256x197, images5LDFNOX7.jpg)

No. 1105187

"my lips are chap but ur daddy is still spending money on me!!" is probably what she's thinking. I seriously don't know how she can lurk this thread and see all the nitpicks and NONE of those things make her go, "Uh, my lips are dry, hmm I should buy some more clothes, maybe I should pose better"
How do you spend that much at sephora but refuse to get lip products?
It honestly feels like she does the opposite or maybe she hides Saged posts.

No. 1105190

no mention of the MFC camshow that was supposed to happen a week ago. even her discord orbiters are too afraid to ask her again when she's going to be streaming. before her computer was working, it was all they could talk about. now they know they'll probably get kicked out of the server for bringing it up

No. 1105207

what intro vid? the one on her onlyfans? at least post what you’re talking about.

No. 1105222

I don't know how to reply to posts, sorry.

Yeah, onlyfans intro where she's like "it's okay every time I catch you peeking blah blah"

No. 1105226

File: 1607718337391.jpeg (471.35 KB, 1242x1310, 11F4050A-2DA5-482C-AB0F-F8D66F…)

She can’t buy chapstick or clothes that fit
What the fuck does she need a purse for? She doesn’t leave the house because she has no friends
She doesn’t have money to put in it
She makes no sense

No. 1105227

You don’t make any sense that wasn’t even helpful. New fag

No. 1105234

please excuse my newfaggotry

The anal w/ daddy vid intro is what I was talking about

the vid intro mad me think of this >>1105145

figured this shit out won't happen again my bad

No. 1105260

fucking post it retard

No. 1105275

She went from thinspo to reverse thinspo

No. 1105312

I know Shayna is a crusty gross bitch and has always been one but she was way better at her “job” when she was “skinny”compared to now. She actually put some effort and didn’t just slouch against a wall and use a fuckmachine and crusty pink wand. Like this video for example: >>798140

I love how anons hated it at the time but like she looks good compared to now. Lardy Fattel can’t even dance without passing out.

No. 1105321

I have to agree. I feel like she put in more effort when she was skinny. Now she is complacent and lazy. Her videos now all have the same story line; something in the ass- wand on the snatch.

No. 1105326

it is sad, when you go back, besides the disgusting pussy situation and how she was a butter face, her ideas were something. She actually stood up and took better pictures.
She at least tried to get dressed up and do things, sure it was shitty but it's a lot better than her in the same outfits, in the same place doing the same identical porn.

No. 1105329

in fact now that I think about it, Shayna seemed to decline as shit started getting deeper with Fupa. I wonder where she'd be now if she never met fupa? Probably with some other sad sack.

No. 1105344

File: 1607726048953.jpg (369.35 KB, 1280x715, finallyacosplayforme.jpg)

Big Jontron No-Neck vibes

No. 1105370

didn’t realize this was the shaytard sympathy thread. she was cringey then and now for different reasons.

No. 1105402

The I guess we'll never know music meme plays

No. 1105407

I was just comparing that she did slightly better effort and wasn’t just leaning her fat lard ass against the wall. I wasn’t saying she was prettier or had a nicer body. She’s a nasty bitch before and now. She just tried a bit more. Don’t get your panties in a twist anon

No. 1105409

is pointing out a cow's precipitous descent into lard status sympathy? it's shocking how much worse she's gotten in a short amount of time. all the old reasons she was milky (general grimeyness, pedo pandering, sad life in Tulsa Oklahoma simping for Fupa) are still there, but now she's gotten horrendously fat and is somehow even worse at her job kek

No. 1105439

File: 1607734374467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 441.78 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20201211-185204_Twi…)

Really exposing herself

No. 1105440

File: 1607734413157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 782.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201211-185212_Twi…)


No. 1105441

File: 1607734529696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 836.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201211-185216_Twi…)


No. 1105444

how she proudly shows pics from a year ago where she looks literally half her current size boggles the mind

No. 1105445

File: 1607734784198.jpeg (85.16 KB, 750x735, 7A19BE3E-EE22-485D-A69D-92CCDD…)

Anon I had to look your picture up and holy fucking shit.

No. 1105449

"2 years on hormones! I think my tiddy skittles are working! What do you think reddit!"

No. 1105467

I love how even the weight gain didn’t make her gain boobs and ass. She just has one man boob that’s significant bigger than the other one and her ass got more wider with cellulite kek

No. 1105484

she’s literally only gained weight in her stomach, face, and arms. that’s just unfortunate. why show pics like this it’s just sad.

No. 1105491

Her weight gain really ruined her face. Not saying she was gorgeous before, but her nose looked smaller and her cheeks and jaw were more defined. Her eyes even looked bigger. Now all of her features are just swallowed in fat, it really aged her.

No. 1105510

Ma’am that’s a filter

No. 1105520

File: 1607741084587.jpg (325.55 KB, 1070x1339, 20201211_194439.jpg)

I'm now fully convinced her followers have a fat fetish kek

No. 1105521

Can't understand why she would proudly post pictures to when she was significantly better looking (for Shayna). To just give people the material to be like "wow you went downhill fast and you're not even 25 yet". Weird and bleak.

No. 1105523


Her nose has always been huge look at old threads of her pictures without Snapchat filters

No. 1105525

That's a snap chat filter working hard, but I get what you're saying. She didn't have a chin morphing with her neck and losing her jawline while gaining neck folds. Her face was more slender and pointy and rat goblin like. Now she looks actually mentally retarded like a fat boy.

No. 1105526

Dennis is a fucking liar lmaoo

She really thinks scrotes won’t fuck or find anything attractive. Topkek

No. 1105531

No Shay you did lose a lot of people. You just gained some of the neckbeard incels that like fatties now. Exhibit A: that guy that said that.

No. 1105534

The things men will say for more free pics of her crusty asshole.

No. 1105538

File: 1607742150564.jpeg (181.25 KB, 799x721, 116E36CD-FDCB-4B9A-9B92-E8FF98…)

Since a lot of anons don’t use Snapchat, this is the main filter type she uses. It enlarges eye, smoothes skin, and slims your face and nose. So if you see a photo where she looks decent, especially older photos, you can just assume it’s a filter.

Polite sage for no milk, it’s just wild how much filters can change your appearance and she DEFINITELY abuses them.

No. 1105540

It's so common that scrotes say "you look better now" cos the opposite comes off offensive and you can't get nudes or interaction from the past version of herself. No matter what the change, the dudes will always say they prefer now. No matter what they truly thing

No. 1105543

Even with the filter, Shayna is ugly. No amount of filters or makeup will make her “a cute wittle uwu anime girl” She is a hambeast now >>1104934

No. 1105547

Oh I agree 100%!
Mainly for those anons who will share old pics saying she used to look good, when it’s just filters working overtime. she’s always been a rat faced little goblin.

No. 1105550

File: 1607743168107.png (3.47 MB, 2048x2048, 1568369923700.png)

Pics from an old thread

No. 1105559

it's the same face honestly. she just went from rat face to fat face.

No. 1105566

Y'all also forget there are plenty of chubby chasers out there. And a lot of fat, ugly dudes will have low standards because they see girls like her as being in their league. Obtainable. Gross. "real". Yeah skinny, hot e-girls and e-whores have neckbeard fans that drool over them. But then there are the incels who literally hate the "skinny whores" and call them fake sluts and this and that. Mostly just projecting their anger that they would never in a million years get a chance with those girls. Whereas with a slob, below average Shayna type (who can edit her pics to look passable) they feel they have a shot with. And they might not be wrong. Kek.

No. 1105567

Samefag but also with popular e-whores, they have TONS of real interaction from hundreds of other thirsty retarded dudes. With girls like Shay, theres way less "competition" and they can get interaction from her pretty easily for a few bucks.

No. 1105573

Exactly. abutterfacepixie has tons of incel simps despite being married to a neckbeard. They like the idea that they are “cucking” her husband. Shaytard seems single so degen men think they have a chance

No. 1105583

Ye she's a goblin but that first picture.. wow she looks genuinely happy. A legit smile. Never seen anything close to that in all these years. Sad.

No. 1105618

well she was still a teenager

No. 1105623

I’m pretty sure she’s underage in the first two photos.

No. 1105625

yeah she turned 18 in 2015 i think, that's when she changed her blog from stoner to ddlg shit

No. 1105633

File: 1607753852659.jpeg (795.64 KB, 1242x1808, 017F2423-8305-45B8-88ED-D7F6AB…)


No. 1105660

File: 1607760602443.jpeg (376.72 KB, 1242x752, ADC5BA13-C9E1-4C6B-9B4A-1D2766…)

No. 1105668

Shayna is such a fucking disgusting pos but I always remember that she’s not even 25 and she already ruined her life forever and I feel better kek. She’s ugly, fat, stupid, no personality and has no friends. Seriously I can’t even think of one quality about her. Truly pathetic.

No. 1105669

She falls into the category of cosplay unwashed bimbo not a actual bimbo

No. 1105670

She sucks shit off dildos like a pro what you talking about

No. 1105680

Bimbo = hyperfeminine woman. She doesn't even wash her feet.

No. 1105682

she looked like a foot tho

No. 1105685

kek is this whole bimbo thing a cope, just accept that your brand is more on the lines of ''the mentally handicapped girl who tries to get along with the popular ones and can't stop talking about her purulent pussy and masturbation at inappropriate times''

and even the 'girl' part is debatable since she looks and act like an incel turned AGP

No. 1105824

This, or she could just go the feeder route.

No. 1105837

she would make so much doing that, she really needs to accept work that suits her instead of trying to pretend she's still marketable to the average man.

No. 1105843

Exactly. She doesn’t offer anything to the scrotes into the bimbofication fetish, feeder shit she could actually pull off, as nasty that is.

No. 1105852

File: 1607800904362.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 138.66 KB, 750x683, 7D8E3493-1D13-4665-AE0D-FEB63E…)

You look like a rat! Keep on packing up the pounds loser!

No. 1105858

Yeah shay you’re pretty. pretty fucking fat and ugly

No. 1105860

File: 1607801267804.jpeg (598.61 KB, 1242x1008, D9F0FDC8-860D-4C75-8D20-7FD81B…)

Did she whiten her teeth? And smooth out her crusty lips ?

No. 1105917

jowls looking good, shay

No. 1105969


just another idiot pothead who doesnt care about the health effects of smoking daily or shoving sugar in her maw every other day because DAT THC CONTENT THOUGH. SMOKE WEED ERRDAY.

These type of people never can see how badly their weed dependency affects every part of their slow decline.

No. 1106041

File: 1607812272938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.3 KB, 425x608, photo_2020-12-12_22-24-19.jpg)

Saged for no milk.
Holy shit, I never think it can get worse for Shart, but here we are.

She was as good as she could be at walking the line but we are solidly in feeder territory now. No brakes on this train.

No. 1106112

File: 1607816182886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 828x1045, 3748C41D-3D3F-4306-BEB0-2260F6…)

anyone seeing the weird photoshop?

No. 1106113

That shit is lumpy as fuck. Cottage cheese ass

No. 1106116

Ye ole pulling pants under ass trick I see. Disgusting how lumpy it is

No. 1106123

what the fuck was she thinking when she posted this??? i’m actually embarrassed that she put this out thinking it looked even semi-passable.

No. 1106136

File: 1607818024578.jpg (7.56 KB, 1200x900, apple.jpg)

No. 1106171

File: 1607821205208.jpeg (843.98 KB, 1620x1620, 6107418D-6408-4D86-B8BB-775C94…)

She has more stomach than ass
Those cheap Walmart leggings are not flattering at all

No. 1106178

Her followers are definitely feeders, she just hasn't realized that that's why they're cheering on her weight gain.

No. 1106185

File: 1607822693189.png (Spoiler Image, 6.1 MB, 1242x2208, D5C17CE0-965E-4D28-BC83-F7ED2C…)


No. 1106188

lmao i couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be a parody drawing or not. at least the orbiter got the huge arm right.

No. 1106197

she cant suck her stomach in? it looks like a pregnant belly from this angle wtf

No. 1106208

Her pubes look like sesame seeds hehe ew

No. 1106213

File: 1607824865099.jpg (382.01 KB, 1078x2030, Screenshot_20201212-200133_Twi…)

No. 1106225

shayna's advent calendar of horror rolls on

No. 1106228

File: 1607826349378.jpeg (152.53 KB, 1080x2400, E24F3C46-68D2-44FB-8C87-01429A…)

sage for retard. the picture-in-picture at the bottom of her mexicoomer's screenshot is sending me. wtf kind of low poly subliminal message is that

No. 1106230

She did have a dentist appointment supposedly, they may have cleaned them. Either that or she figured out that editing feature. No way she cleaned them herself. As for the lips, doubt she used any products. So maybe they just weren't as crusty today/edited.

No. 1106276

Anon goddamn you ruined sesame seeds for me lmao.

No. 1106302

File: 1607834548434.png (448.34 KB, 617x345, a5ac58a13b935cdf29fa5bdab7a0a9…)

wtf lmao

No. 1106364

the bitch is vile

No. 1106373

File: 1607843443498.jpeg (589.32 KB, 1242x1054, 91899E44-053E-4AC5-8A3F-909332…)

Sage for no milk but Shaytard has been so boring lately
What does that tweet even mean

No. 1106386

File: 1607846296426.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 357.19 KB, 1242x2208, 89B30B99-0F5D-4BB9-9009-064A2C…)

No. 1106414


No. 1106449


saged for autism but anon, what the hell are you talking about. a simple google search shows putting rubbing alcohol on your teeth or in your mouth is an extremely dangerous thing to do. I hate shaytard too but lets not give her any ideas. Though she can barely put a regular toothbrush to her mouth most days so I think she’s safe. She’s been editing her photos a bit lately so she it’s definitely just a filter/quick edit/shayna lurking.

No. 1106475

Anon you use alcohol and salt to clean your smoking pieces, not your teeth kek

No. 1106496

jfc anons at least spoiler your nasty NSFL fanart

No. 1106558

jesus wept, starting your morning with 100 mg of THC like it’s nothing

no wonder she doesn’t get jack shit done

No. 1106668

Why is she always so adamant about keeping her filthy teeth in photos

No. 1106685

the first decent shop in weeks lol

No. 1106710

File: 1607893795434.jpg (262.89 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20201213-151011_Twi…)

No. 1106714

It's the south, shatna. If they get two inches everything is shut down. Amazing how different regions work.

No. 1106718

shay havent you lived in the south long enough to know thats how they do things down there lol, most people in the north even know that the south shuts everything down if they get like an inch of snow

No. 1106722

>no door dash delivery
Maybe she'll lose a pound or two.

No. 1106748

File: 1607897317132.jpeg (566.82 KB, 1242x1125, 805FFD1F-0CFF-472C-800E-61D195…)

Fat bitch couldn’t help herself kek

No. 1106765

i like how apparently the roads are bad enough that drivers are canceling orders but shartna couldn’t not order food for one day in her life

No. 1106766

I'm a dog loving person, like my dogs go nearly everywhere with me, sleep in my bed… but bringing your pet on food deliveries is a no. Theres a reason pets arent allowed in stores that sell food. It's against regulation. Cute, but no. Not ok to bring your dog in the car for food delivery.

No. 1106767

Yup. Shes one of those people. Her fat Fupa needs takeout, so fuck other people. If its cloudy outside, Shay can't film a vid inside. But its snowing and she demands someone bring her food.

No. 1106773

I'm sorry, you don't think she's that stupid?

No. 1106775

Tulsa has a winter storm warning. What an asboulte fat cunt.

No. 1106781

Not to WK but they didn’t have to deliver to her they could of denied it. But yeah Shayna is a selfish hog. And that’s gross. Imagine dog hair all over your take out. I love dogs but I wouldn’t want someone’s dog all over my food

No. 1106783

>he had a dog
Wow. Riveting. I swear I thought she was going to make up some bullshit about how he knew her.
I can’t imagine living off of take out and door dash. Making your own food is fun and sometimes even rewarding. I don’t get it. Can’t wait for the obese saga. She’s so close. Just a year ago we were laughing at her weight gain. But look at her now.

No. 1106792

but anon, the dog SMILED at her! dogs don’t do that with everyone duh, it was just because she’s so special and beautiful.


No. 1106829

Can you imagine turning everyday’s small talk interactions into an event because you’re so isolated otherwise… She’s fucking weird (not in a quirky/endearing way)

No. 1106880

but why isn’t she doing contact free delivery lol

No. 1106883

sounds like a recipe for disaster, knowing how untrained her own dog is. there's nothing Shatna could've done to stop a dog fight if Noodle had come to the door and decided that the other dog was a threat to her home territory. unprofessional of the delivery person and stupid of Shatna to think of it as a cute quirky story.

No. 1106886

yeah I don’t know why she couldn’t of told the driver to leave it outside, she’s so dumb. how is this even worthy enough to be tweeted about? she has no social interactions with anyone besides Fupa it’s pathetic

No. 1106901

sage for OT but imagine getting asked out by a guy who got his advice from a camgirl

No. 1106903

File: 1607909375876.jpg (545.76 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201213-192903_Twi…)

And she's back to this

No. 1106913

84 million lmao.

Are they just counting normal pictures of children?

They just pulling facts out their arse. Sex worker or not, the porn industry is a disgrace, get over it.

No. 1106914

I'd like to know if any of the people retweeting fact-check this. I highly doubt the Pornhub number is that low, but any amount is awful
I understand the irritating with losing an avenue of income, but sex workers can find another place to hustle. There are like 3 sites in the works right now for adult content creators

No. 1106915

Boy she's a pick-me for the ugliest fucking trannies nowadays.

No. 1106921

bitch barely uses pornhub, Sex workers seem to be the biggest bootlickers but claim to be woke.
Shayna is retarded she always cared more about how childern in sex work effects her and sex work, instead of the actual victims.

No. 1106944

I'm sure that these camwhores use pornhub as much or less than Shay does. It's no loss of revenue for them really. They just like to reeee.

No. 1106947

File: 1607912177417.jpeg (173.97 KB, 966x1252, 6E74287B-2A00-4AA4-8434-7828A7…)

PH really needs to not allow people to upload videos on their platform. Along with other pornography sites. And they needs to be better moderated. Actually just shut all the porn sites if possible. This is disgusting

No. 1106948

do these idiots not realize that just like regular irl sexual assault a lot of victims don't report it because they don't think anything will come of it. Also unless the victim knows they were filmed and happen to come upon the video of their assault it may not be immediately obvious that it is cp or assault.

This is especially rich coming from a bitch who makes pedo incest vids. I guess she's too dumb/naive to realize that some people claiming to be "daddy"/an actor may actually be someones dad or someones rapist and claiming it's acting when it's real. these people have serious fucking brain damage

No. 1106954

File: 1607912451148.jpeg (740.14 KB, 1242x1568, D8466C45-6CC3-4D67-A838-EFBE25…)

This! Also how are victims going to be aware and report their videos on pornhub? The results are 1,000+ there is too many videos on the site it could easy be hidden in plain sight for this fucking pedos to use as fap material. Pic related: the replies under Shaytard’s bootlicking retweet
I hate these Twitter fags

No. 1106955

and if I recall didn't they used to hate Porn sites for free porn because people would be like, "Why buy you're shit when I can get more porn for free?" or upload their shit to those sites?

No. 1106957

I have no doubt that there's fucked up shit posted on facebook. Determined pedos will always find a way. The difference is that the purpose of twitter and facebook is communication. Pornhub is designed to spread pornographic content and profit from it with uploaders being financially rewarded. These people are mentally defective.

No. 1106990

>children in sex work
it's called child porn/sex trafficking, they're not working, they're being abused and exploited

absolutely. if shatna found her own content uploaded to Pornhub by someone else she'd probably lose her shit on twitter about them stealing the pennies she's desperate for. which is ironic, because that's the exact situation that led to her calling some other girl "baby hitler" that one time. someone complaining that people were re-uploading her content and shatna saying "it comes with the territory, get over it". double funny that she cried about someone screenshotting her shapchat story. it comes with the territory of being a cow, hypocrite.

No. 1106991

File: 1607916439888.jpg (132.43 KB, 1080x437, 20201213_202715.jpg)

Retard has done this how many times?

No. 1106992

Ok this confirms it. She actually HAS to be fucking retarded. There’s just no other explanation.

No. 1106998

you are right i phrased it wrong & was rushing

No. 1106999

if i was retarded enough i'd find all the times she mentioned being banned and did this

No. 1107005

File: 1607917896983.jpg (180.96 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20201213-215156_Twi…)

The second part

No. 1107008

Everytime her account got deleted i'm pretty sure she mentioned it and whined about losing followers.

No. 1107024

Kinda seems like shes trying to sabotage other girls lol
Like shes trying to scare them and so when they make a new account, they don't get as much attention.

No. 1107042

So stupid, many who like breeding fetish don't like the actual preganancy/baby part…

No. 1107045

Sage you retard

No. 1107100

Pornhub are shit but can we please stop derailing the thread about it?

No. 1107102

i feel like all she talks about is food

No. 1107136

Agree, too depressing. But kek at brain dead coomer
>pornhub are not to blame

No. 1107169

that's all she got

No. 1107213

she looks a *lot less speddy in these pictures though. feels like the weed dropped her IQ a good twenty points. that and getting beat up for insex. yay sex work! totes empowering!

you sound like the angriest femcel ever lol calm down

No. 1107247

File: 1608032132134.jpeg (102.89 KB, 640x718, 3B7FDB34-DC53-4975-9741-11335E…)

Welcome back y’all. So here’s some mind numbingly contradictory tweets from shay yesterday. She woke up at 2:30 pm 1/3

No. 1107248

File: 1608032223868.jpeg (115.71 KB, 640x702, 505DDB50-6C7F-42B3-BE0F-F8F747…)

She ranted about how sex workers expecting money to be handed to them is ungrateful and lazy 2/3

No. 1107251

File: 1608032409921.jpeg (39.55 KB, 640x238, 9466E23B-D3A9-44E1-BB62-7EA9CE…)

Then proceeded to beg for money for groceries! 3/3

No. 1107273

Lmaoo she's gotta be trolling at this point, is she hearing herself?

No. 1107278

These two tweets being tweeted just an hour away from each other gives me whiplash.

No. 1107279

It's hilarious that she thinks her asking for "reimbursements" and the sad attempts at financial domination is not literally this

No. 1107285

File: 1608036991137.png (1.39 MB, 1125x2436, 329479A3-0DFE-4C3E-9F60-6787B0…)

also these hot tips about Bella Thorne

No. 1107303

"I've been cancelled enough"
Oh my god, she really thinks she's somebody.

No. 1107308

File: 1608040407054.png (Spoiler Image, 694.31 KB, 747x671, Capture.PNG)

cute belt Shayna

No. 1107309

her pussy looks like a moldy strawberry

No. 1107311

Yikes, I know she normally wears her skirts as belts, but this one is really bad. You can literally see her skin hanging down over the belt in the second photo. I know for a fact that she has to wear her skirts like that, because if she even tried to pull it down to her waist like a normal person it wouldn't fit. She hikes it up to the smallest part of her abdomen. Sad.

No. 1107315

uh..I guess props for taking some advice and buying something new, but it's literally the same style of other shit she has but worse? Like..thats not even a mini mini skirt, it looks like something that belongs on a teddy bear or something.

No. 1107316

the whole outfit looks 2 sizes too small and cheap, an she even pull it over her tits?

No. 1107331

except it's not new anon, i'm not gonna look it up but we've seen this cheap aliexpress look before

No. 1107339

Didn't she JUST buy nearly $100 worth of groceries about a week ago? How does a single person who does not cook go through so much food…

No. 1107352

File: 1608045435089.jpg (125.51 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20201215-101636_Twi…)

No. 1107366

I wonder how bad her fillers would look, big lips would make her face even more wide kek. Will this be her new saga/personality? I wonder if she knows she’s too ugly for OF, and since she’s too lazy to actually improve herself, filler is the cheapest/easiest option.

No. 1107367

Please get them, She’s so weird if her lips were bigger she’d take care of them? She’d look even more questionable with lip injections, big crusty lips with that ugly brown shade.

No. 1107371

That 'berry' looks like it fell and rolled around under a grimy fridge

No. 1107374

she'd look better with them as long as she went somewhere reputable to get them done, which we all know she wouldn't do

No. 1107382

You don’t have to cook boxed snacks or cereal kek

How does she have absolutely no money mid month? It’s so weird how she will brag about getting $500 and then the next day beg for food money because she spent $500 on literal garbage. Amazing.

Hey shay, hows that 2k PC working out for you? Totally worth the investment right? Kek

No. 1107384

Sage for late reply, but we need to ALWAYS protect victims of sexual assult and CP before any of these people. Shayna and people like her had their choice. Why should we care more for them than exploited people?

No. 1107394

Isn't that where most skirts naturally sit? That's where the natural waist is. She probably has it unzipped at the back because it's just too small.

No. 1107396

No one looks good with lip injections.

No. 1107447

File: 1608052852023.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x2124, 8847715D-8F38-4627-8C4A-B9A17F…)

I think you’re missing the point entirely. Yes the natural waist is where a NORMAL sized and fitting skirt would sit. Those micro 4 inch long skirts aren’t supposed to sit under your tits.
It’s hilarious that she won’t spend money on clothes that are flattering and fit her because she would have to admit being an XL. Even tho they would compliment her new caterpillar body.

No. 1107451

agree. plus, what? you’re going to get lip injections but not put any chapstick on your already crusty lips? that will look really great.

No. 1107464

Also crazy how instead of better wigs,Hair, clothes and attempting to lose weight or just tone up and improve what she has Shayna wants lip injections.
Out of all things? She never wants to improve what she has, she just tries to quick fix it or focuses on the wrong part of the issue.
With all that said I doubt she'll get lip injections.

No. 1107473

File: 1608054749253.jpg (551.63 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20201215-115146_Twi…)

She's on a roll this morning

No. 1107477

File: 1608054820883.jpg (210.77 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20201215-115201_Twi…)

How many times has she not won an MV award? When will she learn

No. 1107480

File: 1608054957963.jpeg (698.31 KB, 1242x1503, 94B30BD7-47CB-4DCC-AB0C-B0766C…)

Good. Leave ugly fat bitch we don’t want you here

No. 1107481

She’s such a loser making her “fans” aka Jason r Womack, toilet dude and oldgrayfart spend all their money to vote just to have lose because she’s fat and ugly

No. 1107483

File: 1608055199094.jpeg (932.44 KB, 1208x1470, 6830242B-6DE5-4F63-9D62-6CC965…)

Surprised nobody posted this. Uglyface Pixie and Tubby acting snarky

No. 1107487

she couldn't even win at her peak. she won't even be close to in the running now.

No. 1107488

these two ugly bitches are so annoying. The girl with the fish got more attention on her tweet anyway then Shayna

No. 1107489

File: 1608055547739.png (279.76 KB, 947x478, 1.PNG)

I think this is the outfit but shayna took off the bow, I can't find the outfit without the bow anywhere i look.

No. 1107490

File: 1608055616439.jpg (6.72 KB, 225x225, sailor 2.jpg)

maybe i'm wrong IDK

No. 1107492

File: 1608055656538.jpeg (925.3 KB, 3464x3464, 2940793C-ABA5-46E3-B0D0-7B3DCE…)

They really are imagine getting triggered over a dead fucking fish. They literally put her down and bullied her whilst saying she bullies other girls for men attention makes no sense. Sage for dumb.

No. 1107493

Lurk more newfag she literally wore this set already

No. 1107494

they got she puts down women for the attention of men because she's holding a fucking fish? While calling her a "Bitch" and talking to ButterFace Pixie and anything for Male attention Shayna? WOw

No. 1107495

>accusing people of acting like "not the other girls" while actively being a sex worker
okay then, delusional bitches

No. 1107496

I'm not new, I just didn't see this ugly outfit in a while, my bad.

No. 1107498

File: 1608056172130.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 3464x3464, 8E362183-C30E-497F-9DB7-4815BB…)

The way her man boobs are sagging out of her top kek. She’s gotten so big jfc

No. 1107500

>fits for the lady who weights 88 lbs - 132 lbs
kek well that was never going to work

No. 1107501

File: 1608056492181.jpg (245.28 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20201215-182010_Twi…)

Um.. when did she supposedly go through this?

Also she's always posting about being kidnapped in a van etc.

No. 1107502

>will make you cute, sexy and spice up your happy time
Kek that made me laugh

No. 1107504

File: 1608056567584.jpeg (430.6 KB, 1242x1068, 0378120E-A39C-4AA2-B271-08938D…)

Hot takes from Shayna fucking Luther King
She needs to shut up

No. 1107505

what the actual fuck is she talking about? wasn’t she posting about wanting to be stuffed in a car and kidnapped plus other snuff images like a couple weeks back????

No. 1107506

she and fupa must be on the outs again kek

No. 1107509

File: 1608056649629.jpeg (49.53 KB, 1136x640, A6253451-C47D-4FB2-8C42-97F9AB…)

>big scary man
Is she talking about manlet Fupa?

No. 1107515

File: 1608056876374.jpg (407.43 KB, 1080x2179, 1605240550637.jpg)

No. 1107518

The past few weeks she's literally been tweeting about wanting me to be kidnapped

No. 1107519

She uses her twitter like a personal journal. Clients looking to jerk off don't want to hear about your problems and every thought that pops into your head. They want someone exciting and sexy who is always having a good time. When you do that kind of work you are playing a character.

She doesn't even act like a sex worker. I'm surprised she even makes what she does. Her parents are probably sending her money.

No. 1107520

File: 1608057019083.jpg (209.91 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20201215-122939_Twi…)

She just added this part

No. 1107523

Sage but on what planet does shayna have the right to get triggered over a dead fish when she literally eats sushi every day kek

No. 1107524

>what I’ve been through
Kek so now Fupa is ignoring her and she’s acting like an abuse victim I can’t with this bitch

No. 1107530

That’s why you get to know someone first, start a trial or we play partners, and don’t immediately rush into being an OWNED COLLARED SLAVE UWU dumb bitch what happened to hardcore bdsm don’t need any aftercare Shaytard?

No. 1107535

You liked it until WHEN?Wasn't she JUST sharing shit like this about wanting to be kidnapped? Didn't she just take a picture tied up with a gun near her?
She's been saying gross shit for years, I can swear last month she shared some shady ass looking porn.
What is she talking about?

No. 1107538

coming from the bitch who met a random internet man for the first time in MEXICO, and then moved across the country to live with him. but you’re such a victim right shayna?

No. 1107539

she just took a picture bragging about Fupa tying her hog ass up with a gun in view after calling him abusive, but here she is.
Everything will be fine, they'll make up, she'll delete all this when he sees it. She's so retarded.

No. 1107540

She talks about being "cancelled" but she needs to thank god people don't really care about what she has to say because if they did she'd be getting called out every other tweet.

No. 1107546

File: 1608058600304.jpeg (916.69 KB, 1242x1643, B8B4BCF7-E8B5-44B9-9E1E-007867…)

Okay first of all, why does Shayna say she’s a sub? When she literally is so fucking lazy and doesn’t listen to anyone. Like limiting limits my ass it’s probably because you’re lazy and a prude who hates sex

No. 1107548

File: 1608058697974.jpeg (665.72 KB, 1242x1080, B072170D-0A61-422B-B8BC-DA443B…)

Another women hating tweet from Shaytard Clifford

No. 1107549

We're supposed to feel bad for Shayna, the same person who showed ZERO sympathy for a sex trafficiking victim. The same person who screamed a victim in her Dm's. The same person who cares more about Porn hub (a platform she does not use) more then women & childern being harmed.
The fact she's bringing this dumb shit up only because a fallout with Fupa, JUST to delete it all and pretend like it didn't happen is so manipulative and disgusting. So instead of Suicide baiting she's "Abuse" baiting.

No. 1107558

File: 1608059734013.jpg (690.75 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201215-131146_Twi…)

Waiting for this to be all over her twitter next

No. 1107564

it's funny because most of the abuse lizzo gets is from men. But regarding them dumb kale shake diets, people have the right to criticize something unhealthy being aimed at young girls on social media. A 10 day smoothie "detox" isn't healthy unless it's doctor ordered.

are they gonna remove the videos of the underage girls they verified, too? Are they going to re-verify their models to make sure of ages?

No. 1107592

That’s honestly so good of them to remove unverified models. I’m sure they mean the ones that their ages are known

No. 1107593

File: 1608061537572.jpeg (386.38 KB, 1242x830, 8B60000E-7330-4EF3-93C6-050D73…)

Nobody likes you Shayna get a clue

No. 1107598

Imagine only saying nice things to people cause you want them to say nice things back. Shes literally mad he didnt give her the attention her lardy self wanted

No. 1107603

reason number 5296 you shouldn't smoke around your pets, besides FOR THEIR HEALTH. glass is glass and glass breaks. she probably screamed at her for breaking it too.

>other women give me PTSD
jesus fuck topkek. she's diagnosed herself with PTSD. and what does the P in PTSD stand for Shatna? you're STILL chasing him around, crying about being a victim, yet actively choosing her shitty life. for the millionth time: move out of Tulsa. go home. let your parents support you and put real work into therapy.

No. 1107607

she’s always so offended when people don’t treat her like she’s amazing and special. what a karen.

No. 1107608

I dont feel bad for this fat ugly ratface cunt and also i dont understand why a lot of anons come to this thread specially to "feel bad" and cry for her old self (like the past was any better kek)Shay is genuinely a putrid person all 65 threads with her name are proof.
This ph shit is so annoying we get it Shay u are a empowered sexworker and dont care about how shady the industry is and ofc fuck trafficked victims am i right?

No. 1107624

This bitch was socialized on Tumblr so the only way she knows how to communicate anything is by scolding and talking down to people. It's so funny watching her confuse herself trying to think, being like "this doesn't make me feel good anymore, why is this happening" and instead of interrogating her own patterns of behavior, getting on her high horse like she didn't make some gross tweet about her kidnapping fantasies a couple of weeks ago. She doesn't have any opinions of her own.

No. 1107635

File: 1608064185617.jpeg (234.21 KB, 1242x350, 6202270F-29D1-4656-8C11-4E1F4B…)

She wastes money like she’s wealthy or something. Smh train your fucking dog dumbass it’s not her fault you don’t pay attention to her of give her proper exercise so she’s not so hyper. She probably broke the glass to get your attention dumb bitch. I don’t doubt she forgets to feed noodle. The audacity of men to still give this broke ugly fat greedy bitch money

No. 1107638

File: 1608064257089.jpeg (278.16 KB, 1242x852, A08BE48A-98E7-4EA3-9839-23B365…)

shut up

No. 1107639

I love how anons called threads ago that she would accuse fupa of being abusive whenever at the time she thought it was ~"so kinky"~. O genuinely would like to know what gave her ptsd considering everything he did was okay with her. I mean if you could get PTSD from him lying about her job or some shit (sarcasm)and him filming her whenever she acted her a retarded baby.

No. 1107645

File: 1608064546493.jpeg (230.52 KB, 1234x880, 7A26E71E-AC75-4694-9265-A61C69…)

The delusion

No. 1107655

This bitch literally used to brag about refusing aftercare because she was such a hardcore sub, jfc.

No. 1107660

File: 1608065824261.jpg (286.05 KB, 720x1323, 20201215_125156.jpg)

Yeah no. She cant even keep up with her fake "pink barbie" aesthetic. Having a few pink items and buying pink clothes ain't living the Barbie life. Heres a random example I found the other day of someone who actually committed to being a stupid barbie girl. Shay could only dream. Amazing how Shay sits in her filth and squalor. Her musty apartment in Oklahoma, spreading her rancid snatch for just over minimum wage, claiming to be the "IRL Barbie bimbo bby" while looking like a turd with legs. I just cant understand how she still could have the delusional stubbornness to claim that vapid personality.

No. 1107663

imagine having a problem with this while shoving sushi down her fat face every day

No. 1107665

I really don't get shayna, her money gets sunk into drugs and alcohol, imagine what she could do as someone who does NOTHING but sit around all day, with Simps throwing her money for less than half ass content?
Piece by piece Shayna "I pay attention to details" Clifford could do something similar to this. She's sat around for YEARS declining but thinking her low effort shit is masterpieces.

No. 1107666

or at the very least a very bootleg version of this, she does not even try. She decorates one corner of her apartment the SAME exact way she's had it for years and thats it.

No. 1107668

File: 1608066303049.jpg (354.03 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20201215-150440_Twi…)

No. 1107678

Lol for real. A musty stained white couch that had turned gray, dirty pillows, grandma curtains, poo covered buttplugs on wall, and the fucking ancient star blanket isn’t cute or Barbie like

No. 1107682

File: 1608066709543.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 2486DF11-B111-4AD3-8376-929991…)

so is she just going to take pictures of the computer setup but never actually use it? could’ve called that i suppose.

No. 1107683

there’s not that much pink though so idk what she’s going on about.

No. 1107687

Why is she being so bitchy here for no reason? Fishing is a relatively productive and healthy activity, it's so embarrassing on Shayna's behalf to see her try to play a mean girl when the real weirdo is the one who doesn't have any friends and depends on UberEats and Fupa dick. But keep doing all that fake positivity, miserable cunt.

No. 1107690

Shayna, it looks like you live in an institution.

No. 1107700

I'm an angry femcel because I acknowledge she's pandering to trannies a lot lately? Hahaha, what a reach. Go back to Twitter.

She's never going to game OR cam it seems.

No. 1107753

Shayna is such a fat fuck she never saw where real food is from. She only know cheemsburger and over process crap that comes in a box. She’s so ignorant it’s pathetic. The perfect stereotype of a dumbfuck fat american.

No. 1107764

You know if another SW or regular girl posted a picture of her like this, she'd be absolutely outraged and suicide baiting. Hoggy Mattel just can't stay away from drama or talking shit about others can she?
Fishing girl still has a better life than you, Shayna.

No. 1107767

it's just crazy how they are super judgemental even if it was a joke or something, but then they act like huge victims when people judge sex workers.

No. 1107776

File: 1608073478714.jpg (391.48 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201215-170417_Twi…)


No. 1107784

Bets are she won’t follow through but if she does I will laugh my ass off at the sight

No. 1107796

Well she only knows how to buy cheap shit from Amazon, apparently. And she just doesnt have an eye for aesthetics, contrary to her insistence. Not to mention shes never gonna have an actual home to set up in. So she just lugs around the same 3 boxes (crusty sex toys, clothes and shoes from 50lbs ago, and a few random things) everywhere she moves to and tosses the rest of her shit.

No. 1107797

Imagine calling someone out for being a pick me attention whore when that's literally all you do every day.

No. 1107800

Don't forget the generic fairy lights and a stuffed animal!

No. 1107805

Fr like throwing a bunch of random pink shit on a desk and buying THE pink gaming mouse and keyboard? Check your fucking aesthetic. Look at real kawaii girl set ups. They actually go all out and their entire room is the aesthetic. Shay can even put together a corner.

Also bold of her to post progress pics of the dust and grime build up process of her expensive gaming rig. Cool to see she just bought it as a prop to try to take crappy aesthetic pics with. She could have saved a lot of money if that's all she wanted it for.

No. 1107806

Hope she spills the dab rig on her computer stuff kek

No. 1107810

This looks like shit. She can't even use cable ties so she just leaves everything like a spider's nest behind the monitor.

No. 1107819

I know we saw amazon screenshots for her overpriced shitty peripherals, but did she actually buy the components herself and have them sent to the girl whose bf built it? I wonder if she actually paid for it yet, or if she conned her orbiter into a "o ya i'll cashapp u when my onlyfans pays out!"

No. 1107834

she paid them and the girl and her bf bought and put it together

No. 1107851

same, i don't think it's the bounty hunter vid but what is she going to use the strap on with, that stupid tiny torso lol.

No. 1107865

Made a compilation of some of shaynas cringest moments. sage for no milk but I put the video of Fupapa slapping her in public

No. 1107868

the fly bit made me choke on my coffee, thank you

No. 1107876

the video of her unboxing the bear will always be the dumpiest, most embarrassing 100% fat autistic oklahoma trash piece of content online. her severe hunchback, just absolutely frumpy demeanor plus the utterly retarded down syndrome esque fake voice and laughter and her grabbing the bears crotch? timelessly revolting. that one video just gets me every time.

No. 1107880

major kek at the shrinking video. were all her pro porn videos that funny?

No. 1107882

Her dancing backwards in silence and the laugh track after Fupa's terrible joke are what did me in the most omfg. Thank you for this masterpiece, anon.

No. 1107883

God I hate the way she laughs and giggles like she's the cutest shit on earth. It's so embarrassing.

No. 1107885

The "Haus Mattel" were the best threads

No. 1107921

my fucking sides.

I don't ever get why she won't use her normal voice it's so much nicer than that dumb baby talk she tries and fails to do.

No. 1107922

shit forgot to sage

No. 1107933

bitch that is why you clean your pieces to prevent resin cakeing them. but ofc she doesnt, it requires work

No. 1107934

she is feeling negative and scared about entering because she knows she is no competition for all the girls that are skinnier and less retarded looking/acting than her kek

No. 1107937

God I love this thread, it’s shit like this that makes it entertaining lmaoo

No. 1107974

Oh my god this is physically painful to watch lmao. Well done, anon. Strong Youtube Poops energy. Also her gross baby voice makes me want to kill myself

No. 1107980

I know you guys like to shit on her but her boyfriend just fucking slapping her like that- like not even in a sexual situation where she would like that kinda thing- is fucking gross

No. 1107983

yeah we said that like 2 years ago. sage your retardation.

No. 1107988

It literally gets brought up every thread when shay pretends to be twitter-woke and screeches about uwu kinks in public aren’t ok ~

No. 1108012

What’s with all the newfags lately, I swear. At least sage.

No. 1108014

File: 1608095793893.jpg (305.2 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201215-231620_Twi…)

No. 1108015

File: 1608095846189.jpg (492.24 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201215-231650_Twi…)

No. 1108018

oh god why do i suspect that this is the beginning of shayna going through a kweer enbie uwu phase

No. 1108023

Hate to say it but she really peaked during the fupa years content wise. He must have been editing her videos and giving her pointers. Her vids were still dumb but at least they look like some thought and effort were put into them. Now it's the same 3 outfits and routine rehashed every few weeks.

No. 1108025

she’s posted pro tranny pro nonbinary stuff before. it’s nothing new, just fake woke pandering.

No. 1108044

it seems like she's been doing it more often lately though, i expect we'll get another faux bi phase at the very least next time fupa's ignoring her lol

her videos have always been laughable, anon. i think a lot of us itt are just kind of blinded by how she used to be thin and looked comparatively a lot better than she does now, but we made fun of how terrible her videos were in the earlier threads and nothing about her "formula" has really changed since then, apart from her being even grimier nowadays

No. 1108053

shayna is truly the neil breen of sex workers.

No. 1108064

imagine thinking this shit is important and woke but not removing child porn from a platform. The priorities.

No. 1108070

the only things neil breen and hammy matterl have in common are narcissistic power fantasies and weird balls (in shayna’s case, ball sack pussy lips). breen has a steady job and people besides old fat degenerate coomers actually enjoy his work.

No. 1108076

did not expect to find a neil breen stan here

No. 1108084

Tinfoil conspiracy shayna reads this thread solely for the humiliation factor and gets off on it

No. 1108085

stop fucking saying this reeeeeee

No. 1108086

I really wasn’t aware that’s was said before

No. 1108088

Samefag really what I’m saying is shes here right now reading trying to make her dry pussy wet

No. 1108104

Considering how insecure she is about turning into a tub a lard, I really doubt Shayna gets sexual enjoyment out of being compared to Yaniv and seeing images of herself edited into a hog roast.

No. 1108108

She doesn't have a humiliation kink

No. 1108147

truly a golden compilation.

Shayna, man. Get some help. Get your life in order. What the fuck are you doing becoming a landwhale.

No. 1108149

man, there goes all my playlists

No. 1108175

>smallest part of her abdomen
Kek she's built like a fridge so I don't think there is a "smallest part" of her abdomen she just hikes it up to cover the unsightly gunt and fat rolls

Jesus it's sad that she tweets about every social interaction she has like its quirky and not a normal everyday human thing to do. Someone get this girl a diary jfc.

No. 1108205

File: 1608130035893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.96 KB, 1079x1812, Screenshot_20201216-084653_Twi…)


No. 1108222

>dat fupa
How do we know she isn’t having an autoandrophila transformation moment and trying to turn into Kyle Nathan Perkins because damn…

No. 1108223

File: 1608131228728.jpg (7.56 KB, 235x236, lmaoooooooo.jpg)

I mostly spend time in the Shay threads cringing or rolling my eyes at her, but right now I'm fucking cry-laughing. Her beer gut hanging out over that strap-on is fucking hilarious.

saged for being a retard.

No. 1108228

Get owned coomer
Lullll can’t wait for that heaving ASMR of her trying to thrust like a fat incel into a piece of chicken. Gonna be most workout she’s gotten this year.

No. 1108230

Oh, anon, ILY.

No. 1108231

The shrinking is some of the weirdest shit I ever seen where she find these people

No. 1108233

if the strap on were 7 inches shorter it'd be a perfect fupa cosplay

No. 1108238

it was literally discussed in the last thread,

No. 1108252

it pisses me off cause u can tell she never uses it, everytime i see this its the keyboard on the corner like that, that would be so uncomfortable for gaming or even browsing lolcow…

No. 1108273

At the very least she seems to be trying something new.

No. 1108279

not really, she’s tried this bullshit domme stuff before. she’s awful at it. she thinks she can just improv it and it will be no problem.

No. 1108295

WHY does this bitch ALWAYS sound like an out of breath mouth breather??

No. 1108297

no shit we already have discussed that loads of times lol why else would she just be getting more and more entertaining as a trainwreck

No. 1108299

pornfags are gross. cry more

No. 1108300

File: 1608139801464.jpg (72.77 KB, 800x508, fatty.jpg)

She has the navel of an obese teenage boy.

No. 1108302

this is her trying to cope with the fact that she is way too huge to keep up the "little girl" shit hahaha

No. 1108304

her tits look similar too

No. 1108317

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird we’re comparing her (admittedly similar) body to that of like a 14 year old boy, just feels off comparing their moobs

No. 1108327

File: 1608142032895.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2205, EA741134-4781-4A44-8842-3CE1F1…)

Shayna, in multiple “age play” videos, you have straight up made your character so young they are not even aware of sex or their private parts. you are a disgusting pedo panderer and a part of the problem.

No. 1108331


some examples:

>grinch video; cindy lou is canonically around age 2 and you play her like she is that age and unaware of sex or her own vagina

>recent daddy vid; you talk about your vagina like you don’t understand what sexual feelings are or know what they are. say “daddy” should fuck you in the ass because you’re too young for your pussy to be fucked.

Shayna, kill yourself.

No. 1108333

There is absolutely no way she's not baiting us at this point, no one can be that genuinely stupid and hypocritical that they're constantly doing one thing and advocating for the exact opposite

No. 1108335

yes but anons itt are generally autistic

No. 1108341

i think she’s legitimately mentally stunted and so burnt out/fried that she thinks these are honestly unique takes that are somehow different from what she does

No. 1108343

It's literally called age play, because you play a different age. Mental gymnastic olympics winner Lardy Fattel.

No. 1108352

File: 1608143077322.png (Spoiler Image, 5.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9B8CBA90-67CE-4854-BDF8-8ECD70…)


No. 1108353

File: 1608143171363.png (Spoiler Image, 6.94 MB, 1242x2208, C950626B-EAD7-45B0-B31B-FB143B…)


No. 1108354

shayna you dumbfuck you have videos wearing and using diapers and pacifiers

No. 1108355

File: 1608143234031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.99 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20201216-182422_Twi…)


No. 1108357

File: 1608143282738.png (625.18 KB, 700x818, guahh.png)

amazing anon!!
also i have never seen this clip lmao

No. 1108358

File: 1608143366506.jpeg (437.67 KB, 1242x1151, 6E3FD0D0-53E6-4184-BD34-F739E8…)

No. 1108361


She absolutely -NEEDED- a 244hz monitor that doesn’t fit her aesthetic because… her old monitor was that good and she doesn’t want to downgrade! Why even buy a new monitor if she already had a working 244hz monitor? Why not have duel monitors? I’ve never seen someone so blatantly fake an interest in gaming just for a few likes on twitter. And literally just a few likes…

No. 1108362

hey retard people do that at regular jobs all the time. it must be difficult being this out of touch with the real world.

No. 1108364

File: 1608143662932.jpg (240.07 KB, 1080x1168, IMG_20201216_192328.jpg)

auto generated subtitles memed her fat ass

No. 1108365

For the Grinch video, she tried claiming it wasn't underage because she used the name "Dolly Lou Who" which is total bs because she still played and dressed as Cindy Lou Who

No. 1108369

File: 1608143804896.jpg (473.96 KB, 1080x1758, 20201216_183452.jpg)

Yeah ok Shay….

No. 1108371

She only pretends she does so that that combined with smoking and drinking herself into a stupor, she can handle being so fucking embarrassing and disgusting.

No. 1108373

File: 1608144082379.jpg (131.65 KB, 1077x1763, Screenshot_20201216-183931_Chr…)

Peep her video categories on manyvids too.

No. 1108375

I think shes just looks through the MV categories and picks something from the list. Which would be somewhat smart to have a vid in each category, if it weren't for the fact she probably does it because shes so uncreative and cant come up with anything but god awful dialogue on her own. And iirc she was supposed to do this strap on vid months ago so it might have been for a custom or something she never did. And she fucking sucks at being a domme and she tries to brand as a sub, so it's really retarded.

No. 1108378

Look at her using her finger to try and pull her double chin back kek
She has to be playing at this point. Shes worn diapers and children underwear in her nasty porn. She makes it so easy for people to see how hypocritical she js

No. 1108380

File: 1608144961929.jpeg (100.04 KB, 710x675, 95D725F8-357E-4676-90E7-E55532…)

The Childrens underwear don’t even fit her cause she’s such a tub of lard. Even when she was skinnier she was still fat and boxy
I don’t get why she wears them they don’t flatter her at all

No. 1108381

File: 1608145060219.jpg (348.28 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201216-125647_Twi…)

Shay YOU did sex work because you thought it was easy. And you threatened to quit so many times when your Twitters and snapchats kept getting removed

No. 1108382

Sooo by her own admission she’s into “borderline pedophilia” now kek. Hey it’s not something we didn’t all already know

No. 1108389

If only the mental gymnastics this girl does daily could actually burn calories kek

No. 1108392

Shes saying it's only not ok if you say the age?
Like this >>1108369 doesnt say shes a teen or toddler, so it's not on her if its interpreted that way. Sexualizing kids toys and clothes and shows and things is ok, you just can't claim to be a kid when doing it!
Like no shit you shouldnt do a video where you say you're underaged, that can get you in legal trouble and shit out of context.
But using child things as sex props and clearly pretending even without saying you're a minor is still ageplay and gross. Vid description anon just posted is an example. Sexualizing children things and acting like you dont know what sex is/being molested/raped? Yeah sorry that's not totally fine just because you weren't like "I'm a wittle 8 year old" explicitly.

I almost understand what shes trying to say, but theres a huge jump from the kawaii type girls and liking stuffed animals and Disney things, etc to making porn in children's underwear while "daddy" molests you while you color. That's literally ageplay and also fucking disgusting on many levels.

No. 1108398

First the bdsm kink stuff, now this? Is she just regretting branding herself as a kinkster or something? She's taking everything that she built herself and her porn around and dismantling it, talking about how harmful and problematic it is (badly) without acknowledging the videos she's made in those categories. I doubt she'll ever take them down, but if she starts to pull out of sex work, she'll talk about how she was brainwashed or some shit.

No. 1108470

she has literally done this before though??

No. 1108503

She's projecting so hard. She's trying to make it out as if she has some sort of divine calling to sex work that justifies her floundering as a failed e-whore.
The reality is the vast majority of people get into sex work to make ends meet, not because they think it's easy nor because their entire personality hinges on it, like Shaytard.
Of the privileged subset of sex workers who go into the industry for easy money, it's upper- and middle-class white girls with personality disorders and no other productive skills, and she falls squarely into that demographic.

No. 1108518

She deleted this cause of the retard cowtipper that was in her comments.

No. 1108524

What'd the cow tipper say? I missed it

No. 1108529

File: 1608155320849.jpg (396.17 KB, 1068x1423, 20201216_144711.jpg)

They basically posted the same screencaps posted here. Cowtipping is retarded but it was kinda funny she didnt attempt to defend herself. The account was made this month.

No. 1108555

Wow Shay that must have been so difficult for you

No. 1108574

> Shayna, wet
You must be new here

No. 1108608

File: 1608161298786.jpeg (661.38 KB, 1242x1286, C0F64B73-CCC3-480D-A8BE-BB93C3…)

No. 1108626

What does she have against you?

No. 1108660

File: 1608166462222.jpg (619.55 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201216-185313_Twi…)

Shay, we all know you won't get the vaccine. And if you do, you'll claim to have something super "rare" happen to you, like you claim with the flu vaccine

No. 1108663

Looks like she’s trying to hold up her double chin

No. 1108677

I made a second part because I’m a retard it’s shit but it only took like 10 mins out of my day. Sage for no contribution

No. 1108687

Was this from the same video with the horribly pit stained crop top? Those undies look so dirty and stretched out. Hello Kitty's face is sending me rn.

No. 1108691

I worry for you harddrive anon

No. 1108696

You should worry this thread has caused me brain damage. I’m not making any more too traumatized

No. 1108700

thank you for your service. It is appreciated.

No. 1108729

holy shit what was that noise she made at 0:40? she sounded like dory trying to speak whale. I haven’t laughed like that at Shayna in a few threads, thank you anon

No. 1108731

no wait it actually sounds like one of those duck call dog toys, but one that’s partially broken, lmfao

No. 1108773

The ones at the end where she sounds actually kinda happy and having fun… sad. Just a couple years and she's even dumber and uglier but also so unhappy. She just seems super fake/trying way too hard and comes across very mentally disabled now. Like she almost seems cute in that interview clip, if it weren't for her being stupid and trailer trash looking and pussy boils and whatnot. Now shes just completely fried and burnt out and the look went from trailer park skank to trailer park mom of 3.

No. 1108778

the waxing poetic about how she used to be is getting old

No. 1108781

"Anonymous 2 years ago No. 660488>>660491>>660529>>660570

i can't believe she's seriously moving to tulsa with him…. what a downgrade even for shay. she's going to be absolutely shit out of luck when this whole situation goes to shit and she's stranded somewhere in oklahoma with no one."

God I love reading old threads.

No. 1108784

the formatting of this post gave me cancer.

No. 1108791

File: 1608177521076.png (Spoiler Image, 2.4 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201216-225532.png)


No. 1108792

File: 1608177547628.png (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201216-225601.png)

2/2 she looks huge

No. 1108795

Is… is that dandruff in her hair ?

No. 1108796

one wrong move and her sleeve is gonna snap for real

No. 1108797

File: 1608177873881.jpeg (53.1 KB, 863x330, 91CBE2D1-4782-4D5F-AFE1-9BC690…)

that skirt is working harder than Shayna ever has jfc it’s about to rip she’s so damn fat

No. 1108800

Dirty, unwashed and just gross.

No. 1108802

Stiff ponytails obscuring the majority of her outfit that's already riding up? Pretty epic!

No. 1108803

Kek oh my god. But she is the queen of paying attention to details!!!

No. 1108806

It's the dead stoned eyes for me

No. 1108814

the calloused feet comments must have gotten to her kek she’s now airbrushing those too

No. 1108821

This is legitimately grotesque

No. 1108822

okay her hair has never looked stupider

No. 1108826


Stop cowtipping. We all know you're a farmer.

No. 1108828

They still look massive and accentuate her trannyness

No. 1108830

you know she thinks she looks just like Ariana Grande in these

No. 1108837

File: 1608183463343.jpeg (59.61 KB, 1280x720, A70F3DD3-1B9C-4757-8574-2E80A9…)

Thank you for your hard work and service. That’ll do anon. That’ll do.

No. 1108843

File: 1608184227249.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 9C436343-BFC7-45E9-B7A6-A97500…)

What you order on wish vs what arrives

No. 1108845

Shayna has always looked like a rat faced bitch, but she looked less ratty in the pornhub clip on the brown couch. Retarded as fuck, but at least better than the ogre she's turned into. I'd be so embarrassed if I were her.

>>1108797 >>1108792
SO embarrassed. God Shayna, stop ordering takeout and do some damn push ups.

No. 1108848


No. 1108886

ah yes the "remember the good ol' days" post,shut up.
LMAO this pose doesn't work for her anymore she's too fat

No. 1108944

I was really just talking about her demeanor. Shes always been ugly, stupid, annoying, and awkward. Just pointing out that she used to at least seem happy. Almost like long term sex work, moving states over immeadiatly for a shitty dude, and having no actual ambition or redeeming qualities in life isn't how you thrive. Hard to imagine the fall could be so far and hard when the bar was already that low, but here she is and it's not even the bottom yet kek

No. 1108946

File: 1608201618631.gif (3.86 MB, 386x392, shayloop.gif)

I was expecting him to throw her out like you would throw a spider or something

Anon bless you for making these. I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind, she's so fucking ugly and awkward. Like even porn of literal retards isn't this hard to watch.

No. 1108966


Anon, why are you watching porn involving literal retards? Are you okay?

No. 1108967

What is the brown stuff on her forehead? Is she dyeing her hair? Did she finally buy some makeup to try contouring and just fucking suck at it?
Anon ppl are giving you shit but I agree, she seems like a totally diff person. Also notice how she's trying to be funny and the camera man has to bring her back to her actual job and tacks "and these tits" onto the end of her idiot joke. It's a little reminder that shay desperately wants to be an influencer, not an E beggar whore

No. 1108994

File: 1608210714938.png (285.36 KB, 543x512, ow4uq08gfxt21.png)

I can't wait to keep watching her transformation into "cookie monster pyamas crack whore"

No. 1109024

Such a random ass nitpick but why are her pubes always so sparse/ scraggly, shouldn’t it have grown out to be at least a semi bush by now or is she trimming so it stays like that? She either needs to grow that shit out and commit to a bush or start waxing, it just looks so off putting now

No. 1109037

these newfags are so bold. she waxed for years, which over time makes the hair thinner and patchier. she used to have a jungle bush when she first started. she then started just over-waxing and shaving to death, which caused the horrific boils. scraggly pubes beats infected wounds every time. you don't know what you're asking for, anon. go read the threads.

No. 1109038

>these newfags are so bold
seriously. did they all come on a bus together or what?

No. 1109049


I’m trying real hard to be more accepting of people being responsible for their own lives and decisions, but damn seeing old shay mixed with new shay just makes me sad. this is the ugly side of SW and what happens when society tries to normalize it to young, clueless women like her. Look at her life. SW is often not glamorous unless you know exactly what you’re getting into and have a good exit plan. Sad

No. 1109054

>>1109049 SW is the worst job you can choose. Sexualize yourself and living of that it's ridiculous and after some years you will turn old or people will don't see your content anymore. If you think it twice it's just depressing at the end.

No. 1109059

Not even new lmfao I just have a life and don’t obsess over Shay like some of the people on this thread do, My genuine apologies for not memorizing all of her timeline and backstory and forgetting that she used to wax. I knew she used to shave and it obviously wasn’t doing her any good hence why I suggested waxing

No. 1109060

Whenever someone gets corrected they always immediately revert to standard cow responses.

YoUrE aLL jUsT oBsESsed lUuULs I ACSHUALLY hAvE A Life

No. 1109065

Not trynna derailing so not gonna bother responding after this, you guys always assume an anon is new because they don’t have every detail memorized, people forget sometimes and also have more important things to worry about then the shit show that is Shay, not everyone wants to reread all 65 threads??

No. 1109099

Can you guys stop arguing/debating over who is and is not new? It's not milk and no one cares.

No. 1109103

bro i know we clown on shayna and stuff but shes genuinely hilarious sometimes…. when shes making the short dick symbol with her hand and then puts her other hand over her mouth i fucking died for some reason…. like bro stop doing sex work, this suits u so much better. bless you anon for the shayna YT poop

No. 1109106

Shay was literally known for looking like a rat goblin sucking on a pacifier and having inflamed pussy boils. You don’t even need to have followed her in all the threads to know this.
Just like you don’t need to follow Momokun to know she groped people while under the guise of uwu so quirky muh adhd or that vicky shingles self posted on her own thread hundreds of times and then spammed the website when her fake lawyer threat to kiwi farms didn’t work.
Learn 2 lolcow

No. 1109142

the oldfags in this thread are more annoying than the newfags. nta but I’ve already been reading shay’s threads for two years, sorry for only skimming 40+ additional threads about a ratfaced twitter whore. I’m so fucking sick of reading the infighting every time someone forgets exactly what shay did on february 3rd four years ago

No. 1109176

File: 1608232389929.jpeg (360.81 KB, 1242x1185, A4AA058B-BB4F-4222-B6E7-0A5289…)

she wants a car again

No. 1109177

File: 1608232427686.jpeg (314.69 KB, 1242x986, 43A95E1A-53A5-403D-94B4-5F241E…)

Heating up frozen meals in the microwave isn’t cooking Shayna

No. 1109182

Neither is ordering door dash

No. 1109183

Cars are more than like $300 so no, no you can’t get a car for Christmas Shay kek.

No. 1109188

how she hasn't been featured on efukt is beyond me. she'd be a treasure trove for them.

No. 1109189

File: 1608233171355.jpeg (127.18 KB, 615x461, E06FF136-9A2A-4E19-8925-6D3608…)

Girl is gonna get scammed. If she ever buys a car, it will probably be dirt cheap with lots of problems. I’m in mechanics school, but I think anyone with a function brain will understand that you get what you pay for, and that one need to know mechanics to buy a faulty car like she probably would buy.

It will probably also be ghetto and ugly asf, the same aesthetic as her apartment.

No. 1109192

Maybe she should sell her worthless gaming set up kek

No. 1109193

could somebody tell me what is going on with her terrifying breast vein? i tried skimming previous threads but couldn't find any mention of what the cause was or if she's talked about it. that shit is like a nightmare

No. 1109197

Lurk more new fag jfc stop shitting up the thread with dumb questions that have been discussed in every thread. Apparently it’s from the “flu shot”

No. 1109198

I’m pretty sure she has claimed something about having breast impants, having a medical issue, and now saying nothing is wrong.

No. 1109201

lol i appreciate the answer anyway

No. 1109202

at least get the story right - she claimed it was from a flu shot as a child as >>1109197 said

No. 1109203

Relax sis

No. 1109205

File: 1608234025914.png (1.67 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201217-133445.png)

So there are only. 2 pink cars for sale within 200 miles of tulsa and one is a 70's barracuda and the other is this one.

Idk about this car but I do know that car max is known for low miles and recent cars but dgaf about much else including major issues so she's probably going to get screwed.

Also I doubt she is ever sober long enough to drive so hello dui

No. 1109209

she said pink details so it probably just has a pink bumper sticker or steering wheel cover or something

No. 1109215

These excuses are both piss poor because her infected boil pussy has literally been posted in THIS thread. Scroll up, integrate, and shut the fuck up. You can get mad at “old fags” all you want but reading the threads before posting is literally part of the rules. Jesus Christ.

No. 1109217

Car fucking looks like it smells like cigarettes lmao. Perfect! And why even bother it’s just going to sit and rust like that goddamn PC set up.

No. 1109218

if u ctrl+f (if you're a windows user) it's easier for skimming threads when you lurk

No. 1109249

Tbh I feel like a retard for finding her funny sometimes. That solo porn intro with the fake virus advertisement joke made me laugh. But then 90% of the time, she'll do stuff like that Clownin' Around porn video and that naked dancing video recently and then I realize that the majority of the time we're laughing at her and not with her.

No. 1109259

yeah i think her biggest faults are her lack of self awareness and her try hard pick me behaviour honestly
if not for that she would be genuinely alright i think, especially with her weird parody porn thing

No. 1109300

Am I the only anon who didn’t find her funny at all? She was trying too hard with her lame jokes in the “casting couch” interview. and she laughed like a retarded seal. She was always ugly, grimy and disgusting now she’s FAT, ugly, grimy and disgusting. That pimple on her cheek was so gross kek

No. 1109318

i'd watch shayna if she rebranded as a trashy youtuber tbh and at that point that's the only job she's ever going to be able to get. i can see her turning into a female nikocado avocado and profiting off of all her fupa drama

No. 1109333

Yea I’ll never understand why she just doesn’t advertise her porn as parody porn. She would do so much better. She must just be so fucking delusional that she thinks it’s the most amazing shit ever and how dare anyone claim otherwise, and doing parody porn would be an insult to her job. She doesn’t see it as parody porn even tho it practically is.
She tries so hard to go viral with her painfully unfunny memes/twitter vomit. She would likely be noticed if she categorized her shit properly, and showed non-nude clips of her videos (the intro/ or a funny scene).

No. 1109355

File: 1608247006096.jpeg (465.77 KB, 1242x1300, 0AAE0133-9F3C-4356-8E1C-E8CC11…)


No. 1109360

nah you're definitely not the only one, she's always been painfully unfunny IMO

No. 1109368

File: 1608247571865.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 4C08F0AF-BE6E-4DB5-BC63-B56A40…)

No. 1109369

What do you mean, anon? Did you not see >>1109355?

No. 1109370

She has the personality of a box of corn flakes all she would talk about is anal. She wouldn’t have any subscribers. Her only views would be from farmers. It would be funny if she did crying in the kitchen videos like Trisha though. Nik may be a cow but at least he’s entertaining and his scripted breakdowns are funny

No. 1109376

Shes broke, waiting on her next OF payout day so she can pay rent and scrape by another month. Not sure how she thinks a car is even a possibility. Even when she e begged for the pc she got all of like 300 bucks towards the goal and 200 of it was from Pixie. Acted like she was such a baller for dropping all that money on it. But really that was just by chance she got Jason r Womack (which btw what happened to him commenting on every post and being her splenda daddy?) to simp for her so hard that month and scrounge up the money with some customs and e begging plus the 300 from the whore go fund me thing.
Even if the car was a shitty geo for 500 bucks, its gonna require effort to get it, insure it, gas, maintain it, etc. Assuming she still has her license. And when will she be sober enough to drive? And to drive where? Dispensary and to bother Fupa? Kek

No. 1109382

no you’re not. she’s not funny in general and the anons gassing her up right now are deluded.

No. 1109408

not being entirely hateful about every aspect of shayna and not feeling the same isnt being deluded
some seriously insecure anons in the thread lately

No. 1109409

Yeah I don’t think she understands how expensive general upkeep is for a car at all, especially if she chose to finance one outside of her means. She’s completely out of touch with reality

No. 1109413

>ur insecure if u don't admit shat and her lame jokes are funny!!

i mean really? come up with something better

No. 1109416

No. 1109421

File: 1608252059939.gif (635.72 KB, 245x180, 068E799B-857D-4429-8557-584575…)

imagine anyone being jealous of Shayna. Read all her threads dumbass you’re clearly new here she’s an irredeemable piece of shit who victim blames and pedopanders

No. 1109425

File: 1608252560794.jpeg (539.28 KB, 1284x1435, 958E5A2F-FF04-4580-B06E-B79BF2…)

No. 1109426

oh she’s actually retarded then. as a contact-wearer since childhood — is it not common knowledge that your first time fucking with them is super frustrating and a lot of people give up on it even? kek

No. 1109431

anon called it a week ago >>1104810

$15 contacts can't be healthy, yikes

No. 1109437

watch her get an eye infection in a couple of days from poking at her cornea repeatedly with her gross unwashed fingers
Or maybe not, since she gives up immediately on anything that's too hard for her to do on a first attempt.

No. 1109438

15$ contacts??? Big YIKES I can’t with this gross dollar store retard.

No. 1109445

$60 on 4 pairs.. she really thought that was a flex? She should have spent that on one quality pair from a reputable place. Dont they have those contact tweezer and plug things to help people? The things are probably such shit quality though and she's a fucking idiot. Like maybe try a tutorial. It's not all that hard to put them in, really… actually wearing those "fake" ones however? Yeah shes gonna give up. Unless you get quality ones, they're irritating as fuck. And even quality ones should be worn in short amounts of time.

No. 1109450

She probably didn’t even clean them beforehand kek retard

No. 1109455

File: 1608255526403.jpeg (121.04 KB, 1242x224, A432D6C3-DBB2-47EA-864E-829D6A…)


No. 1109501

How many times do you think she’s tried to put them in inside out

But for real, for contact wearing anons, remember what that shit was like the first time? Now imagine being drunk and stoned and your eyes are dry af. She’ll probably fall asleep with them in. Did she buy contact solution? Probably not. Pink eye saga when

No. 1109516

Dumb bitch probably doesn’t even know her eye curvature and probably ordered something that will destroy her eyes.
The reason you need a prescription for legit contacts is so they know you’re not going to fuck up your eyes.

No. 1109517

The thought of her reaching in with her grimy fingers and pulling them straight out of the saline without even soaking. . . Ugh. Pinkeye saga when.

No. 1109524

clean them? she probably didn’t even wash her hands

No. 1109528

File: 1608263369734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 894.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201217-214830_Twi…)

I don't need to say it, but Jesus that droop can't be healthy…

No. 1109532

Looks like her tits had a stroke

No. 1109533

Looks like her tits had a stroke

No. 1109534

droop is normal and not nearly as terrifying as her zombie tit.

No. 1109536

File: 1608263799001.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.96 KB, 1535x2048, 3DA1F884-0275-4CB5-87CC-0BC04D…)

She’s so ugly

No. 1109538

if you cover one the other doesn’t even look like it belongs to the same person

No. 1109540

File: 1608264018194.gif (211.39 KB, 240x184, 7B000162-E7CF-4FE7-837B-97F423…)

No. 1109546

The "cum" makes her face look like it's melting

No. 1109548

if someone had a greatest hits for shayna’s worst moments compilation a submission would be easily get accepted. and it would be glorious.

luna’s piss video and momokun’s traumatizing boob massage videos would be efukt worthy too.


No. 1109554

Omg shayna please put concealer or something on your terrifying boob spider veins

No. 1109555

This is so ridiculously dangerous there's a reason why you need an Rx for contacts I'm sure they're the yearly Chinese ones that are super unhealthy for your eyes.. Shay you're gonna get an eye infection

No. 1109556

It is not normal at all for the droop to be THAT bad and only with one tit

No. 1109560

I know Shay is in her earlyish twenties and breast development continues until then but…something isn't right. I guess this is a nitpick but holy fuck the progression of her tits is bizarre. Tit veins are common in any pale person but she has spider veins that just get darker and darker, along with strange lumps on her sideboob.

No. 1109561

Enjoy your ban

No. 1109562

yeah it’s been discussed for 65 threads now

No. 1109565

Yeah, as if 3+ post above don't also mention her wacked out tits

No. 1109566

I stg more of you pornsick coomers who have never seen a real woman really think sagging is somehow unhealthy, keep coming in this thread more and more. she’s gained a SHIT TON of weight. breast sagging and asymmetry is normal when you gain or lose a lot of weight. she was very thin and has probably gone up 2-3 cup sizes.

No. 1109567

It’s the medfagging about them, I think.

No. 1109569

actually yeah, it is. especially after gaining the amount of weight she has.

No. 1109572

not medfagging, just explaining the reasons I find her tits to be a freakshow. moving on(Tit sperg)

No. 1109576

Sure hope she remembered the soaking period before trying

No. 1109578

What gets me is that anon pretending it's a health concern lmao. Like, why the fuck would saggy tits be unhealthy or bad for you in any way? It happens naturally, from aging, from having kids, and yeah from weight gain… If you just wanna nitpick an unattractive trait then just be open about it.

No. 1109580

Yeah right. This bitch doesn't have the patience or common sense

No. 1109586

Minimod, strangers on the internet are telling Shayna her tits look "ouchie"

No. 1109603

Kek, yeah. It's silly trying to pretend you're ~sew concerned about her tit health~ when we're all here for the same reason. Sis looks like one of those uwu bodyposi Tumblr posts with pictures of frankentits that are like three cup sizes different.

>if you're in your feelings because your tits look similar, don't beat yourself up. There's a 90% chance that you're still cuter and more put together than Sharty Fattel over here.

She's just so. . . Legitimately unattractive. She tries to make these cutesy faces, but it always fails because she's so facially unfortunate. Usually you can at least find ONE good angle and work with that, but she doesn't even have that. Bleak.

No. 1109607

File: 1608272275311.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 540x304, 1523332847046.gif)

Was reading the old threads and this had completely slipped my mind

No. 1109643

File: 1608280780357.png (70.56 KB, 222x228, shellshock.png)

that plushie to her right has seen some shit

No. 1109657

Fuck, I think I blocked this, too. She is 100% going to be in diapers in her thirties. She has zero care for her body.

No. 1109696


her new pussy looks tragic compared to her old one.

No. 1109712


we all know she wasnt serious but shay really has no reason to buy a car. the only time she leaves her house is to go to the dispensary. having a car wouldnt make her lazy ass go buy groceries or makeup, she would still door dash. the only legitimate reason she could use a car is to drive the fuck back home to mom and dad and get shit together. But just rent a car for that Shay.

No. 1109722

Am I remembering wrong didn’t she have a bunch of unpaid parking tickets from speeding forever ago? Does she even still have a license? God I hope not I don’t want a stoned out of her gourd fatty Mattel behind the wheel

No. 1109748

If I remember right, someone correct me if I'm wrong, I think the tickets were paid and it was assumed her dad paid for it

No. 1109758

this should be added to the next thread pic in some way, poor thing

No. 1109771

She focuses on the wrong shit when it comes to her appearance.
Next she's going to be talking about facial fillers, we know she won't do it but it's so weird to focus on shit thats the least of her issues.

No. 1109829

Amberlynn Reid talks about wanting lip fillers, too. Like, gurls, that is not your top priority.

No. 1109831

I think anons tinfoiled he would pay them when he visited her last year. But someone checked a couple months later and she still had the warrant for unpaid tickets. She likely doesn’t even have a license anymore and would have to go to the DMV to renew and retake the test.

Kek remember last time she talked about getting a car and dressed like an alcoholic whore and claimed she totally got car insurance.

No. 1109885

File: 1608317829156.jpeg (449.53 KB, 1224x976, A32D2338-14AD-43A6-8769-3C76E2…)

What friends and fans

No. 1109886

Imagine your fanbase decreasing as much as hers has over the last 5 years…aren’t you supposed to get better at your job over time? She’s still in her 20s, it’s not like she can blame her catastrophic failure of a career in sex work on getting old.

No. 1109897

>doing porn for 5 years
>broke bitch
LOLLLLLL a good whore would have secured a bachelor degree and a husband in 5 years. You're used up and washed up for literally nothing.

No. 1109913

Imagine being a sex worker for 5 years straight. Holy shit that's depressing.

No. 1109915

And the only consistent thing that gives her attention has been 65 threads.
Fupa is in and out, fans are in and out or leave, but Lolcow has always been here.
It is sad.

No. 1109931

File: 1608321032451.jpeg (216.35 KB, 1284x715, 7F67020B-0CD3-44F4-9F3E-E16E9A…)

the delusion. acting like she’s gained any sort of valuable experience or that 5 years is an exceedingly long amount of time to be a sex worker. there are talented and successful sex workers that have been in the industry 10+ years and paved the way for online sex workers. Shayna really thinks she’s some kind of famous tumblr sex worker who made great strides for the community.

No. 1110032

File: 1608329733782.jpeg (181.84 KB, 828x549, 0196D006-737A-4E3F-80D0-0AEFD1…)

I just checked and yeah she doesn’t have a license

No. 1110052

File: 1608330935723.jpg (155.1 KB, 1080x695, Screenshot_20201218-163450_Twi…)

OF anon come through with the train wreck. It's more than likely a pedo pandering video

No. 1110063

Damn it looks like these are new too. Shayna is a whole mess and a half. She’s delusional about getting a car.

No. 1110079

Sex workers tend to burn out very fast, they make a quick buck, maybe pay for their debts and move on.

Shayna has been at it for 5 years (someone would be in their senior role already in the corporate world) and she has nothing to show for it. When i think of porn stars who have been at it for years I tend to think that they at least made a lot of cash, live in a nice villa etc. Like it was worth the trade off. But Shayna has a shit ton of extremely embarrassing videos of her that she’ll never be able to scrub off the face of the planet, and literally about nothing to show for it. She can barely afford to RENT in Tulsa. She’s not even living in a cool place, going to nice clubs, going to nice restaurants etc.

And her Sugar daddies are less Christian Gray and more Jason Womack. It’s straight up embarrassing and bleak. She doesn’t even own nice brand items, just random amazon shit.

And she did it all just because she was too lazy to work a regular 9 to 5 and just wants to be paid for existing.

No. 1110080

File: 1608333882317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 978.04 KB, 1242x1727, E334AC33-90ED-42E3-879A-70DEC5…)

Jessica Yaniv vibes

No. 1110083

Yeah most cam girls at least have high end designer items like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. All Shayna can afford is a Michael Kors purse on clearance kek. Even strippers make more than shay and they don’t even have to make embarrassing ~prons uwu~

No. 1110087

File: 1608334208645.png (Spoiler Image, 2.73 MB, 1792x828, A67B0602-3C5A-45F1-ABE5-A039F4…)

Shayna, we are just as disgusted as you at your incest porn. But it’s authentic, since she looks like an Alabama white trash crack whore.

No. 1110089

File: 1608334386783.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.24 KB, 1242x694, 9B4954FB-0A7F-4A1B-ADE2-4F6629…)

She is making an incest fantasy video about fucking her dad wtf. How would her father feel about this? Especially since she posted his fucking face on her sex work Twitter. I hate this so much. She is really fat and ugly

No. 1110091

File: 1608334464468.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 16.37 KB, 280x251, 0FBE0602-3070-45C7-80B4-4133CD…)

She’s about to eat her dildo

No. 1110093

Ughh she has so much foundation in her hairline. I saw the full preview on Twitter and it is absolutely nasty.

No. 1110101

I was wondering this too, where’s Jason? kek I kind of miss the greasy goofball.

No. 1110103

File: 1608334990815.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.21 KB, 1098x694, F280BF15-D72F-4FB5-AFB2-55F907…)

No. 1110105

File: 1608335027317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.14 KB, 644x638, 36438D85-F8E1-4931-B104-512D47…)

Why does she bite on the dildo

No. 1110111

File: 1608335771215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.3 KB, 1080x622, 20201218_165505.jpg)

She truly picks the ugliest angles.

No. 1110116

fucking penis goblin

No. 1110117

because she is retarded, next question

No. 1110118

There's insta-thots who just post filtered photos showing off their fake bodies in bikinis, who make more from Simps thinking they have a chance.
Some of them are even addicted to hard drugs, and they have more to show for it doing less. Shayna has done so much for so little, then spends her money on weed, alcohol and dumb shit. If you going to do this shit, at least in 5 years you should be doing drastically better.
Nope. Not only are you selling yourself but you are doing it for less and less as the years go by. That shit is sad.

No. 1110126

File: 1608336193892.jpg (677.93 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20201218-180211_Sam…)

This description is fucking awful

No. 1110129

File: 1608336239120.jpg (209.53 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20201218-180227_Sam…)


No. 1110133

She looks like fucking weird Al yankovich with this hairstyle

No. 1110134

barf, the use of the word "dad" here is killing me

No. 1110137

I am so fucking disturbed by this I don't even know what to say but talk about depraved. Wow just when I thought it couldn't get worse than her other vids. I need the eye bleach equivalent for things you've read

No. 1110148

Nearly resembles a hartley hooligan. Jesus Christ

No. 1110155

no they don't? most onlyfans girls don't make over $200 a month. Most camgirls quit after a few weeks.

Some of you are real retarded if you think there's any money to be made in porn for women.

No. 1110156

I’m confused. Why is she telling her bf about her gang bang, and why is the bf into his gf getting gang banged? Is she a prostitute in this scenario? Lol

This is gross overall.

No. 1110173

Um I’m not talking about only fans girls those are a dime a dozen and all of them are fat and ugly. I’m saying cam girls or porn make better money but that’s due to escorting/prostitution And sugar daddies

No. 1110177

File: 1608339078866.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.95 KB, 2048x1337, 817F6780-C42F-47FD-9EA4-3F01AC…)

No. 1110189

File: 1608341115182.gif (2.52 MB, 640x476, tenor.gif)

That's it, I'm way past the point of being able to laugh at her anymore. She's officially a horrorcow now.

No. 1110190

My god, this makes me want to gag. I was hoping at the very least it was about the bf’s dad (still disgusting but slightly less fucked up). She’s truly scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and reel new perverts in.

No. 1110208

I’ve been at that point for a while, I just look on in bewilderment and disgust. I would be shocked if her family ever wants to see her again. No wonder she never visits home, imagine how awkward that would be. Her life is truly over, and it’s all because she made all the wrong choices she possibly could have. Only so many things left to fuck up on, she’s running out of self destructive activities. Binge eating, alcoholism, ruining her reputation, lack of hygiene, poor money management, shitty relationship.. what is even left? Hard drugs?

No. 1110212

Question, do other girls make these huge brick paragraphs?

No. 1110215

Nah, most of them leave it at a few sentences or maybe some properly spaced paragraphs. Leaves more to the imagination. Shatna just writes run-on after run-on sentence until it's a wall of text.

No. 1110223

I thinks he is combining cuckold and incest for the ultimate taboo video (in her mind) I'm surprised she didn't throw in some beastiality too like those manyvids girls often do with the dog dildos.

No. 1110231

She writes the entire fucking "plot" from start to finish. She hustles backwards, constantly.

No. 1110246

File: 1608346842262.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 416.58 KB, 1547x1845, 24767335-74D2-4780-90D4-E0E0A7…)

My sides

No. 1110247

File: 1608346865080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.54 KB, 1819x2048, E435A461-5517-42D8-A200-6B6DE8…)

No. 1110249

Dumb question, and I guess it’s hard to get straight answers on a female board, but do men get aroused by videos where all she does is blow dildos with no other participants?

Cause I can understand that some guys don’t like seeing other dudes, but isn’t it boring to just see the same girl do the same thing with very plain dildos? It’s always Shayna doing some quick intro, blowing on her dildo badly, then fucking herself in the ass and using her vibrator.

I mean yeah sure her videos are only worth literally a dollar, but you’ve seen one you’ve seen all of them. Seems like a very limited business model

No. 1110250

File: 1608347012914.jpeg (516.69 KB, 1242x1159, 0A5182EA-40C6-42C0-8520-80DB37…)

No. 1110251

if you have good technique and do something with it than there’s definitely an audience.

No. 1110252

I don’t know. I sometimes wonder why she doesn’t film with others but then again her porn shoots and videos in the past threads were fucking terrible. Don’t know why Fupa stopped filming with her, like I mean his disgusting chode is already on the internet so why did he decide to go into hiding. Shayna is really ugly I don’t think scrotes would be jealous she’s fucking other guys. But then again Jason R Womack exists

No. 1110254

it’s really weird that she blurs her face but then clearly uses the sharpen + clarity tool on her tits to make her veins stick out more. you can tell she fucked with the darkness of the shadows too. I really think she likes making her boob vein more pronounced than it truly looks. in all of her pro vids it’s never that noticeable. at this point she probably only does it for lolcow in particular.

No. 1110255

File: 1608347430433.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 998.26 KB, 1242x1343, 9C1C2113-3AA5-4708-92FC-61E774…)

She’s begging for retweets

No. 1110256

She just makes it sound so boring. I mean, it’s also totally repulsive, but the way she writes about it is like a nine-year-old horse-obsessed girl doing a class report and just listing all the times she ever saw a horse anywhere.

Whose car do we think she was driving on December 9 when she got all those traffic violations? Has to be Fupa, right?

No. 1110258

File: 1608347660429.jpeg (819.89 KB, 1242x1442, 455BFD13-459C-4639-8A2E-E9589A…)

Shayna has no car, no plastic surgeries done, no property, no nice clothes, no furniture, no house. Nothing to show for years of degrading herself and stretching out her asshole to the point of needing adult diapers once she’s middle aged.
>sex work is worth it because a scrote liked his $10 video so he tipped $15 wow Shayna much thriving! so successful!! That’s enough for two McDonald’s meals from doordash! I’m so jealous

No. 1110259

why does she like this hair style so much? it looks like when someone puts hair bows on their ugly little mini poodle
you know anon i wondered the same thing. a lot of anons go with the scrotes will cum to anything answer. which in a way it is. it's truly the pedo pandering and incest pandering she does and has done over the years. her older videos still sell more then her recent as her appearance was much more "barely legal". now? i cant say much other then i have no clue as the wormack daddy and the orbiters may be the way shes getting money.
in the end
tdlr: scrotes will coom to anything
something shayna doesnt have

No. 1110265

you'd think she would pick something nicer to base her personality on but nope, it's gotta be having grotesque boobs. do scrotes even like that shit at all or is she latching onto it for no reason?

No. 1110270

>it looks like when someone puts hair bows on their ugly little mini poodle
Kek my sides anon
Or it looks like an when parents put bows on an ugly bald baby so you can tell it’s a girl

No. 1110278


holy shit you're right lmfaooo

No. 1110281

>do scrotes even like that shit at all or is she latching onto it for no reason?
yes, scrotes will fetishize literally everything and that's the sole reason she's not completely broke right now

No. 1110298

she isn't wearing plugs anymore?
I bet she'll be begging and crying for money for ear surgery in a while

No. 1110299

A woman 100% wrote this. How much do we wanna bet Pixie bought a pity custom?

No. 1110300

i agree. it sounds like she herself or one of her female orbiters definitely wrote it.

No. 1110307

Soooo she wants her dad to get her pregnant in the video? What type of sweet home Alabama shit is this

No. 1110316

i assumed she sent it to herself from a burner account tbh

No. 1110318

File: 1608353009026.jpg (101.86 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20201219-043538_Twi…)

Thought this was amusingly ironic considering her recent rants such as >>1108327

She retweeted it today.

I am so baffled by this bitch.

No. 1110321

This hairstyle shes been doing lately makes her face look even worse. Like an ugly witch goblin thing. It's very unflattering. Never seen someone go so far to make themselves look bad and never heed any advice or learn what flatters them.

No. 1110322

This reads like a girl wrote it
>extremely awesome angles

No. 1110327

I’ve been lurking these threads for years and am usually silent, but this is hands down the sickest I’ve felt from anything Shaynasty has ever put out there. Her poor dad. Holy fuck.

No. 1110330

I mean when you consider the kind of at least mildly retarded neckbeards that would buy her porn… I kinda see it. Some incels talk really cringey like this. That Chris Chan -esque speak.

Too accurate kek

No. 1110334

>>forced age regression
>>One day ago: "kink while pretending to be a minor is wrong guys!!"

Just call it what it is Shay. You condone and pander rape, incest, and pedophilia. Disgusting.
That newest custom was really weird and nasty and if it was someone who wasnt such a retarded cumbrain desperate for the cash, they would have declined it. God, did the autist coomer come up with that description too and she went ahead and used it?

No. 1110336

>$15 tip

No. 1110339

File: 1608354916383.jpeg (599.63 KB, 1242x1099, FFC06F0B-E134-4974-9953-222394…)

No. 1110340

Postal shipping is slow because of the holidays, retard

No. 1110341

Stop rolling joints and smoking your brains out, and then you maybe you will start to feel a little better.

No. 1110343

…then stop trying to force yourself into the """bimbo""" kink, shaytard. the defining traits are literally to be skinny, blonde, and pretty, if you can't put in the effort then maybe you should pick a different group of degenerates to pander to

No. 1110344

don't see what depression has to do with eating a vegetable once in a while and not having it be related to your porn. Smh instead of sticking carrots in your ass you should eat them with a salad

No. 1110345

it isn't even mental illness, she is a fucking lazy slob who doesnt shower. When you are real depressed and don't shower, you don't usually want to show everyone how gross you look/feel. Shayna has enough energy to show her rancid asshole and blur her vagina pimples but doesnt have energy to wash her face when she puts makeup…. its the simplest thing.

No. 1110346

lmao waitresses literally get tipped more for serving a family at Denny's
>thriving, etc

No. 1110349

>>1110270 (sameanon)
bald shayna saga would be exactly that and that is why i want her to shave her head just to evolve from mini poodle to the ugly bald baby she is (but that would be compliment cuz shes a wittle bimbo babie uwu or something dumb like that)
it could also be the computer orbiter. either way its one of the orbiters or pixie lmao

No. 1110352

File: 1608356565696.jpg (1.01 MB, 995x1382, yikes.jpg)

so Shayna wants to fuck her dad?? she didn't even change "Dolly" to a different name, so it would be like she plays a different character still gross but I digress. Also Shayna could of added stepdad instead (still nasty but not Alabama nasty) I wonder if her dad still "approves" her career
>kek remember she threw a fit on twitter when people said not to show her family on her sex work account without their permission. she said it was none of their business and it was rude.

No. 1110358

File: 1608357773099.jpeg (262.97 KB, 1242x723, DA2774B6-8BD2-4005-A69A-9A9E6B…)

No. 1110360

Kek anon, shatna really looks like him a lot imo too.

No. 1110362

Yes blame it on everything but yourself, Shay. Great cope. Way to admit you're a lazy slob. You have nothing else to do all day but work on your appearance. And if you're gonna claim depression, then there is plenty you can do to ease it. Like other anon said, depressed people are usually too unmotivated or ashamed to flaunt themselves. She spends an hour doing her shite makeup and gets dressed up for vids and pics. Generally depressed people won't even make those efforts. Again, she just wants to say its meds, its Fupa, its whatever mental illness, its others girls, it's this or that. Anything to avoid taking responsibility for her disgusting, sad state that's only getting worse.

No. 1110365

the only mental illness she suffers from is extreme lack of accountability and incest fantasies

No. 1110368

so… she hates her mom, fetishizes her dad, and some anon from one of the past few threads said her brother doesn't tell people he has a sister anymore. i've never seen someone be so determined to destroy their relationship with their entire family, she gets bleaker every day.

No. 1110372

not only does she hate her mom, but she’s mentioned on multiple occasions that her mom has even offered to let her come home on her own dime if she stopped the cringey porn shtick and she’s still refused to

No. 1110374

Tbh, I know cowtipping is against the rules, but can we make an exception here? It would be funny if her parents saw >>1110126(no)

No. 1110375

no, retard.

No. 1110378

if she really was that broke and needed money, she could accept these degenerate customs but not post them for sale publicly. just quietly film the disgusting video and pretend it never happened.

also, does she not realize that working out and eating healthier would improve her mental health? she's depressed because the only time she moves her body is to get a postmate or make porn, a run would do wonders for her dopamine receptors.

No. 1110379

What the fuck? Learn to have some sense of humour.

No. 1110380

Cowtipping is retarded and thinking sending this shit to her parents is funny makes you sick in the head. Seek help.

No. 1110382

They have the same beady eyes, rat teeth and nose, shaytard really lost the genetic lottery

No. 1110383

You're in the same thread making fun of the same shit, you don't get to have the moral high ground here.
And yes, it's funny.

No. 1110385

yeah she looks JUST like him. i can imagine that her mom and brother are the better looking in the family and i bet her mom being a naturally, at least slightly better looking female made insecure narc shay seethe early on. i haven't seen her mom though but this is just my thoughts/tinfoil.

No. 1110386

get outta here newfag piece of shit learn to integrate retard

No. 1110388

Kill yourself. And jsyk, not everyone you disagree with is new.
I'll repeat: it is funny.

No. 1110392

He kind of looks like Jim Bob Duggar kek.
I feel sorry for him, having such a fucked up, retarded ass daughter must be depressing

No. 1110404

I don't think it would be funny, but in theory cowtipping this abhorrent shit to Shayna's parents would probably give them closure and be able to comfortably and finally disown her. She's a fucking disgrace. But tbh, cowtipping in reality is fucked because her parents shouldnt have to deal with strangers coming up to them saying "hey look at your disgusting child". Her brother has probably already shown them the latest vid and they're probably fine with having Christmases without her from now on kek

No. 1110408

Why does she have to make it seem like those girls are "obessed" and are looking for "perfection" a lot of women do what WORKS FOR THEM. They don't do what Shayna does, purposely stuff themselves in too small ill fitting clothes, refuse to put lip chap on, ugly cheap wigs etc.
It's not that hard. How do you base the last five years of your life on being a "Barbie" or "bimbo" then say shit like this?

She has the money to buy the right things, she just refuses too and spends it on contacts and dumb shit.

No. 1110412

That’s super fucked up and nasty, anon. Don’t put her parents through that.

No. 1110415

these messages sound like they are from the same person, they are either from troons or women more than likely other sex workers.

No. 1110430

Her parents are probably already aware of what she does. I think the reason she won't go back to Massachusetts is because everyone in her home town knows what she does online and she's too ashamed to face the people she grew up with.

No. 1110445

afaik her Dad has only one son and he is younger than her. Can you imagine, his friends seeing his sister making porn about fucking him and their father? It's humiliating and I feel so sorry for her entire family.

No. 1110475

highly doubt it anon. if it's a coping mechanism for anything, then it's her coping with being the lesser liked sibling. i absolutely wouldn't be surprised if she's ever acted inappropriately towards her brother before though

No. 1110510

The way it's always big brother this and daddy that, I wouldn't be surprised if she's tried to come on to them at some point. She already said she showed up to some family gathering with her nipples out, so we know she has zero sense of boundaries.

No. 1110518

She is broke and needs the money. She also loves attention and thinks her posting disgusting shit that's so "taboo" gives her edge. And also she hopes she can make another 5-10 from a few other degenerates by posting it.

I forgot she has been developing a troon army kek. I thought it was an autistic cringey coomer, but now I'm thinking an autistic cringey troon makes more sense.
Or my other theory is Pixie or some other bitch is making fun of her lowkey. Like paying her some chump change to make nasty embarrassing shit like that and then fake gassing her up all for luls and to feed their queen bitch mentality. Not the worst trolling.

No. 1110551

her dad remarried a woman who had her own children, her dad got along great with the new step kids, iirc they spent more time at his house/they lived with their mom and her dad full-time. Shatna feels likes she's been replaced. she's talked about that before. combine with her absolute shameless degeneracy and we get weird abandonment-issues incest porn.

she didn't like that her dad gave other girls/women attention, so she makes up for it by chasing other people's dads and demanding all their attention. Fupa kicking her out of the house for the sake of his kids must've stung with familiarity kek

No. 1110553

this post has a bunch of archived tumblr posts where she talks about alleged issues with her mother >>>/snow/712137

No. 1110554

I ddeleted the post because I knew it came off like me asking to be handfed, I know the basics of her hating her mom. I was trying to say her dad left, started a new family and I'd think selfish ass shayna would have more anger towards her dad, with his new kids.
but I really think the only reason she does not hate him is because he's male & he's nicer about her job, unlike her mom.
If both her parents were okay with her job, no doubt Shayna would have the best childhood and parents, imo.

No. 1110572

File: 1608398489984.png (1.04 MB, 1194x1394, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-19 um 1…)

because sex work is more important than protecting rape victims

No. 1110575

File: 1608398620283.png (131.48 KB, 1196x478, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-19 um 1…)

You think she could imagine that some e-whores care more about protecting victims than their porn on PornHub?

No. 1110579

so call them out, instead of running to your twitter that you know is so dead there's no way they'd see it.
And maybe those 2 girls have more going for themselves then sex work.You can tell Shayna was the type of girl to call out weak girls in front of a crowd, but ass kissed and followed tough girls.
She has so much to say but never @'s anyone.

No. 1110580

imagine unironically saying you'd die without fupa kek this shit is just sad

No. 1110581

or maybe they were actually thinking about victims and not sex workers shayna. maybe they were actually trying to protect people who have been seriously harmed by pornhub. she’s so up her own ass and think sex work is all that matters.

No. 1110586

It's still cracking me up that she thinks "Sex work" is so important to some of these girls. Like people do have other ways to make money, I know it hurts Shayna that girls don't make it their whole personality and "Career" for five years like her, but uh…for a lot of people sex work is literally extra cash.

As fucked up as sex work is, people are in and out of it every fucking day. She puts her foot down about pedo pandering kink (that she still does) yet, she's mad about people getting mad at porn hub for hosting child porn and all kinds of disgusting shit?

No. 1110594

Literally doesn't surprise me at all she doesn't care about the cp and rape being posted or the victims of the said acts. She makes diet cp and rape videos all the time.

No. 1110601

If sex workers like Shayna want to push this idea of "sex work is real work!" then they need to be willing to fight against the shady, abusive, illegal parts of their industry and help those that have been forced into it due to poverty, drug addiction, trauma, trafficking (y'know, the women that make up the majority of "sex workers") get out. The way people in any other legitimate line of work would want to do. I mean I personally consider sex work as a whole exploitative but you're not doing your industry any favors by shitting on those trying to make things better by protecting victims, even if it comes at a minor cost to you and your fellow e-thots

No. 1110604

File: 1608400854528.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1578x1054, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-19 um 1…)

just an update: she can't even get 50 retweets. pathetic.

No. 1110607

I love that over 100 people saw it and actively chose to like the post but not retweet it which is what she said she wanted

No. 1110609

her mouth looks so bad in these pictures, light Pink always makes her skin look so horrible.