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No. 659029

Previous thread: >>>/snow/652799

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag
>her arby's rost beef vag looks horrible in hi-def
>her and fupa are moving into a house together
>fupa confirmed for father of three, does shay even know?

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- do not include or harass Shay's family
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No. 659033


Post about the humiliation video

No. 659035

Copied and pasted from last thread
Here's a rough transcript of this video. Sorry for the huge block of text.

"One time I got fucked with my head in a toilet and got my hair all wet, and I lost an eyelash in the toilet. And that was pretty humiliating. Uhm that's one. There was one time I was filming one of my videos, my piss puppy video, and I accidentally pissed myself while the camera wasn't rolling and like no one was even there and it just felt like really, really humiliating. Uhm my first pro-shoot I did with another model, I didn't realize I was going to be working with another model so I didn't shave. And yeah that was not my favorite look on camera and it was not… it was just like… not cute and I was like, really humiliating cause like incoherent disgusted noises. Uhm, I mean it's pretty humiliating how, how bad I am at putting dick in my throat to the point where I literally cry and throw up and that was my first blowjob that I gave my ex-boyfriend. Yeah like, I yeah I got laughed at pretty hard when I uhm threw up all over my ex-boyfriend's dick. It was pretty bad. Uhm so that's four. Oh another thing that happened with me and my ex-boyfriend, the first time we met was uhm, he took me to like a really nice hotel and that was the first time I did anal and the sheets were terrifying afterwards, there was just like blood everywhere and like piss. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I was absolutely fucking humiliated groan and uhm, oh my god sigh. So that's five. Uhm, at my friend's uhm kinky New Year's party I was being beat up by like two girls at once and one of them was holding a leash that was attached to my nose and the other one was like pulling on my nipple and stepping her heel into my leg and I accidentally pissed on the floor because I was trying to focus so hard that I got scared and pissed myself. And that was– I just pissed myself on a hardwood floor in a really nice mansion in front of like twelve people. Uhm there was one time, I went out to the grocery store and dinner with my friend without realizing I had cum all over my t-shirt until she pointed it out to me, and yeah, that was fun. That's seven. Uhm one time I filmed an entire video without realizing I had period blood all over my leg. Eight, uhm, oh my god this is awful. I'm such a dumbass. Uhm, let's see, I started camming when I was underaged, that's nine. And on top of that for number ten, I once had some guy pay me by buying me a nice Nikon camera and I had it sent to my house, and my mom found it and brought it to the police station. laughter That's humiliating. Uhm, I had to film my first anal video for Manyvids three times because long pause I kept crying, it hurt so bad. Uhm twelve, I used to lie tie myself to my bed when I was a kid because I liked feeling helpless. Thirteen, uhm I also used to like, when me and my friends would play pretend I would always long pause ask if like, they would tie me up too. Uhm, uhmmm, oh my god this is so many, it's so humiliating. Uhm fourteen, I used to fuck myself with an electric toothbrush incoherent squealing. Uhm fifteen, I rolls eyes I was really confused about why I loved touching myself so much for like a really long time because I had like sex-ed really closed off from me and my family, so I would like just spend hours in my bed just touching myself and rubbing my clit to the point where now I feel like that's the only way that I can cum, by rubbing my clit. Sixteen, uhm I used to get a lot of surgery, I had surgery about like five or six times when I was younger and I think that's a part of the reason that I'm like extremely into like, like I have a huge medical fetish and I'm like really humiliated and ashamed of. Like, and it's weird cause I like hate going to the doctor but like, oh my god. Uhm the thought of like, I don't know, just being someone's like experiment sounds hot, I guess? I don't know. I don't know. Ahh oh my god this is awful. Seventeen, uhm oh my god sighs and shakes head. Seventeen, uhm the first time I ever did a camshow on MFC– er no, the first time I ever did a cam show from my ex-boyfriend's house, I accidentally left the shades open and his mom was out in the garden and she knew I was camming before my ex-boyfriend. Uhm, eighteen, my dad found my dog cage in my bedroom at his house, that was pretty embarrassing. Nineteen, my dad asked me if I punch myself in the face for money, that was pretty fucking humiliating. Jesus christ, uhm scoffs. Uhm, twenty, I guess I'll give you a big one since we're near the end here, uhm I'm absolutely humiliated by the way my uh pussy looks, and I do porn. There you go. And to top it all off for number twenty-one, I'm extremely humiliated by the fact how wet I am from talking about what a humiliating life I've lead thus far. Thanks for being patient with me, I hope this was worth it cause I sure feel disgusting."

No. 659036

No. 659039

well, the ones i reckon she's lying on (could be wrong) are the ones where the mentions being tied up as a kid (she touches her face and nose a lot, fidgets a lot) and the continuation where she talks about her friends tying her up as a kid. she's touching her face and moving her head back before she mentions the electric toothbrush as well. she's blinking normally before she says that & she blinks very slowly while saying it, which is a sign of someone lying. no idea why she would lie about that though, it's a pretty benign normal thing to do.

she's definitely lying about the medical fetish. touching her face, her nose especially, scratching her arms, can't sit still. no surprise there since she's never made a video or mentioned it before. she shows all the tell-tale signs for that one very obviously. (apart from when she says she hates going to the doctor. adding a truth into a lie makes it more believable, after all)

she seems genuine about the one where she was camming & the window was open, and a bunch of other camming ones, and the one about her pussy looking like shit and she knows it, but that's pretty obvious. i haven't gone through and studied all of them tbh but these ones i mentioned above just jumped out at me.

No. 659040

She's made random posts on Tumblr about her medical fetish before but has yet to actually make a video on it

No. 659046

I was the one who posted it originally. I honestly just made her believe I was a ~super sadist~ who gets off on girls degrading and humiliating themselves (Kyle helped me figure out exactly what to say). She’s literally so stupid, she markets herself to those kinds of people and is so insecure she’ll do anything to make sure that she keeps up her image for them. Add in that she’s gullible, trashy, broke, and desperate for money (the worst combination of personality traits for a sex worker imo) I’m not surprised she didn’t even question the request. My name was literally Daddy D on Snapchat and she was fine telling me all those things. So honestly??? She lowkey asked for this shit to get leaked. I didn’t even suggest the price, she gave it to me after I made the request; which kind of goes to show how much she really values herself and her custom videos at when actually discussing them with someone, VS how she much she pretends to be worth for manyvids and tumblr.

That being said, she repeatedly lied to me and made excuses about when she was going to make the video, I waited days after when she said she would do it to get what I paid for, just for her to be rude and defensive when I told her (really respectfully too) that I was unhappy about being lied to when she could have just said it would take her some time to get to. Lmao so not only is she ugly, diseased, and has absolutely no sex appeal, she’s horrible at customer service too.

Sorry for the word vomit we were just mutuals at one point and she is such a piece of shit that it’s so satisfying to see her continue making a fool of herself after all this time. I really hope she never stops tbh

No. 659049

oh right, i hadn't ever seen that. thanks for correcting me. but even if she has posted about it on her tumblr, doesn't mean it's truthful. it seems like shay really hates a lot of stuff she lets get done to her (or isn't into it if she doesn't downright hate it). it definitely seems like she's lying about the medical fetish. maybe because that's seen as 'hardcore' and 'weird' and 'edgy'. which would totally go with the persona she puts out of being 'boundary-pushing', when she rly isn't like that at all.

No. 659052

I was amazed at the music in that Dropbox vid though. Good shit.

Also y u no vote on threadpic, anon?

No. 659056

At least three people said they wanted this as the next thread pic lol if you didn't want this one you should have put your thoughts in for another

No. 659057

>I was being beat up by like two girls at once and one of them was holding a leash that was attached to my nose and the other one was like pulling on my nipple and stepping her heel into my leg and I accidentally pissed on the floor because I was trying to focus so hard that I got scared and pissed myself. And that was– I just pissed myself on a hardwood floor in a really nice mansion in front of like twelve people.

Lmao nah not buying it

No. 659058

>he took me to like a really nice hotel and that was the first time I did anal and the sheets were terrifying afterwards, there was just like blood everywhere and like piss. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying

like holy shit what a dumb fucking bitch. even the dumbest bimbos know to use lube.

No. 659061

Because she’s hardcore, anon! Everyone knows real porn stars don’t use lube! Only girls who lie about their kinks and fetishes would need lube to seem turned on, but not Shay. She just uses her own piss, shit, and blood.

No. 659065


I really don't get it, at least her vag can naturally lubricate itself. I can't imagine anyone fucking her in the ass likes a dry slide either, like what the fuck? Just make it easier on yourself and get some lube.

No. 659066

I think she tries to be everything she thinks is normally "Too much" for a person. Pissing herself, no lube, rough anal, anything she thinks is "hardcore" and makes her special to be okay with

No. 659069


Why does she think anal is too much or not normal? That's what someone not-kinky thinks. Maybe if she sticks two dicks up her ass, sure but anal on it's own is pretty vanilla in the grand scheme of things.

Pissing herself I guess is a kink, albeit a gross one and not using lube is a choice… nothing really hardcore about any of it. I don't get what she's trying to sell at all lol

No. 659070

I think it's just "edgier" than anything else, like she still sees it as some taboo special thing she does when it's not.

No. 659075


I honestly believe if she stopped with this barbie baby charade and made porn/content she actually enjoys, she would do a lot better.

No. 659079

Agreed, she doesn't need to be making herself this miserable and it doesn't suit her.

No. 659081

I really think she could be more successful if she would just dye her hair brown and market herself as more the 'girl next door' than bimbo baby barbie or w/e she is going for now.

No. 659088

I feel really bad for the people who had to take care of that disgusting mess on the hotel though

No. 659089

It's likely that it didn't even happen

No. 659126

You guys don’t be surprised if she lurks here while touching herself

No. 659135

I imagine she does everything while touching herself. It would explain the boils that never seem to clear up.

No. 659140

Is it some sort of self mutilation because she hates herself? I feel like her entire persona revolve around lolcow/tumblr. If she was serious about her job she would be doing a lot more

No. 659146

It’s basically because she lived her life around her tumblr fame as a teenager and never got over herself. She never aged emotionally past 16 I swear to god. Everything she does sounds like something only a very young and inexperienced person would do. Seems like all of her knowledge about sex comes from porn and her personality was never shaped properly so she just took on the persona of another tumblr girl that was popular a few years ago and ran with it.

No. 659148

She obviously hates herself. She can talk about how great she thinks she is and how much she loves herself 24/7 but until she even puts the slightest effort into taking care of herself physically and emotionally I won’t believe it.

No. 659151

File: 1533693065576.jpg (115.53 KB, 720x960, dollartreelies.jpg)


lol okay but look what I found in the party section of dollar tree today.

No. 659154

That file name made me kek. thank you anon.

honestly I don't see Shay just changing her image and becoming successful like some anons here think she could. she is not only physically but mentally fucked up and she isn't good at any aspect of sex work. She would still be shit at it no matter what she looked or spoke or acted like.

She should just delete her tumblr and do something else.

No. 659155

File: 1533693637590.png (6.85 KB, 299x240, right.PNG)

No. 659157

File: 1533693718910.png (17.26 KB, 294x509, umnosweaty.PNG)

Her style is more STD ridden white trash on steroids but ok

No. 659163

File: 1533693894113.png (31.61 KB, 564x442, goodstart.PNG)

So only Shay's crude drawings have room on Fupa's fridge. Fuck his real children, amirite?

No. 659164

File: 1533693966654.png (29.45 KB, 561x389, sokewlandedgy.PNG)

No. 659166

File: 1533694032814.png (91.31 KB, 565x822, thanksforthefollowersshay.PNG)

I swear Fupa had under 1000 followers before Shay. Funny how many he has now since she is in the picture.

This is why Kyle Perkins left his children behind. Tumblr fame.

No. 659168

Ugh, “Delete Tumblr” is right there. Press it Fupa. Come on.

No. 659170

File: 1533694388173.png (40.1 KB, 561x352, incredible.PNG)

These dudes are blind. That shoot was horrific. How did anyone find her attractive in those pictures…?

No. 659173

this faggot can't even perform a blood choke, and he's talking about it like he knows his shit? boy if you don't get your four-inch-chode-having chicken legged ass…

No. 659181

It’s hilarious how he posted this like he was so proud. You’re fucking 34 and you think having followers on tumblr is an accomplishment good god.

No. 659192

I can’t understand why she would make a blatant lie about camming while she was underage. Everyone knows you have to verify your age with multiple pictures of an ID. Also the lie about “having lots of surgeries as a kid” is obviously a lie because she would have scars and shit. what kind of surgeries would she even be having? Anyone who falls for half of this bullshit is an idiot.

No. 659193

It's not difficult for her to have had one-on-one sessions with pedos from tumblr at that time via Skype or something like that though.

No. 659195

she prob showed tits on skype before signing up for cb or mfc

No. 659205

I’m not gonna lie, fam, you sound like a pretty pathetic person. Cowtipping to this degree of obsessive and desperate behavior is just embarrassing. Coming up with a whole strategy to convince her to go along with it? Spending days hounding her for it? PAYING her for it? Are you fucking retarded? Shay provides more than enough milk all on her own without intervention.

No. 659209

>>659170 Some of their "models" looks like they got kicked in the head repeatedly or using hard drugs. It's pretty disturbing to know that men jerk off to this

No. 659217

It does seem really mean spirited. We already knew she had bad customer service so anon basically paid her the bare minimum to post a video of the 21 most embarrassing things in her life. Granted half of them were likely made up but man is her life sad enough as it is. I’ll bet her #1 most humiliating moment was today the second she saw that video posted here.

No. 659229

You need to stop. An adult talking about his children on a KINK blog is fucked up.

No. 659231

I am not saying he should be talking about his kids on a kink blog? Please don't tell me what kind of opinion to have lol. My point was that he should not even be doing this shit in the first place.

Damn, Fupa and Shay sure have a lot of white knights in this thread.

No. 659235

File: 1533700518807.png (236.36 KB, 473x358, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.5…)

She's back on
Also yes the amount of WH is pretty disturbing lately. Even the mods are acting a bit weird in her threads recently

No. 659237

Her hair looks horrible

No. 659239


Yeah the retard WK's defending pedoporn in the last thread was fucking weird

No. 659240

Honestly I think it looks better than normal. Not the crunchy, "curly", dried up twin tails she usually goes for + no more yellow hair.

No. 659243

agreed. she should put money toward her hair more often than nails or makeup. her hair really makes or breaks her aside from the boily ass and vag.

No. 659246

Wait hold up… Kyle did you really just selfpost??? Or is this a screenie he shared on Tumblr?

No. 659247

If she hadn't of put too much purple toner in her hair it'd look alright. Better than her roots growing out the way they were before

No. 659249

He posted it on Tumblr

No. 659251

File: 1533701512648.png (969.29 KB, 987x743, Screenshot_895.png)

They dont want to hear about your fashion magazines, wth.

No. 659252

Look at the color and how thin it’s gotten. It only looks shiny and straight because she went to the hairdressers like 2 days ago. Once she washes it it’s going to be a curly dried mess again. I know she’s going for platinum blonde but it just gets worse every time she gets it done.

No. 659254

to add, platinum blonde hair is supposed to have a bright light yellow almost white tone to it. Hers has a dull gray/blue tone to it.

No. 659255

I know no one gives a fuck, but I wear the same damn thing most days (don't take that too literal), and I can still co-ordinate an outfit if I need to. This bitch has literally nothing to do with her time; 'reads' fashion magazines, dicks around online all day, and still can't dress herself.
That's just sad.

No. 659256

Lol who is this bitch kidding? She doesnt own one thing from free people or aritzia lmao. She's too cheap for that stuff.

No. 659258

she's not that bad looking, it's the horrible fake eyelashes and nails that throw me off

No. 659269

Did anyone catch why she went offline?

No. 659277

>>659269 No idea, she was looking at her phone then just went to away and eventually just off-line. There was no explanation.

No. 659282

Trouble in paradise with Fupa?

No. 659287

File: 1533704730843.png (246.71 KB, 466x355, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.04…)

Back and drinking her ~pink wine~

No. 659288

File: 1533704852244.png (Spoiler Image, 219.44 KB, 469x359, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.06…)

Old man ass/legs back at it

No. 659291

her hair actually looks better without the black roots, but still she doesn't look good at all with the blonde hair

No. 659294

File: 1533705333058.png (260.3 KB, 370x488, Screenshot_902.png)


No. 659296

Lmfao she's legit just yelling "I'm so fucking hot and I have no fucking air conditioning and nobody wants to get me naked!" all manic and rude like. So bad at interacting with potential customers

No. 659298

Someone in her room is trying to make games up for her. How sad.

No. 659302

She told the new years "2 girls put a hook leash in my nose" story again, but with different details.

I wonder if she knows we've all seen the other version of the story yet?

No. 659305

File: 1533706101581.png (588.99 KB, 685x517, Screenshot_903.png)

No. 659321

Her shoot with insex is going to be live, guys.

No. 659337

Agreed, this feels likes when fupa had an actually good answer to a question about prepping for anal and shay ruined it because she couldn't accept that people might read that and think she has safe "not hardcore" anal sex. She just had to reply with "oh but you say this despite the fact that when we have anal I scream and cry and you go in dry uwu". She doesn't understand that to be able to have anal you need some form of lube and you need to prep. You can't even do any really hardcore anal without those cause the friction is too high and it isn't enjoyable to the Dom either even if you pretend that the sub isn't actually supposed to enjoy bdsm. Like at most I could maybe see someone having anal without lube if they prepped enough or if the dick is small enough lube but no prep but you at least need one!

Ew, omg that's horrible. But that also makes me wonder. The original plan was a two day shoot. Was it that they planned on filming a video over two days but changed it to the live show? They were doing a video and a live show then stopped the video? Or maybe they cancelled on of the live shows and gave her a better time slot?

No. 659340


she looks terrible and haggard with that hair color, reminds me of carmela soprano lmao. never though i'd see someone look better with a more yellow tone but this bitch always surprises…

No. 659346

File: 1533712793980.png (1017.88 KB, 750x1334, 5DE3055A-5997-4E8F-9ED7-79747B…)

Did someone cowtip?

No. 659350

does Shay really think any of us here care about her? What, everyone is laughing at you for entertainment when bored. Not revolving our lives around your shitshow. sorry, but you’re not even important to your haters, let alone your fans or “friends”

No. 659354

It seems what it is is some tumblr blog that takes shit about her was scrolling through her page and accidentally hit like on one of her post
Or what's potentially more likely is they liked a post calling her out but she was the first post in the thread so she got the like as well. A lot of people don't realise this is how liking posts work (offtopic but tumblr needs to change that)
Few people like her and many talk shit about her on tumblr too and not just here so it's likely not one of us. I mean it could be, but I kinda doubt it. Why discuss shay in two seperate places? She's great, but not that great to talk about and this thread pretty much moves 24/7 so no dry days you'd go to tumblr for

No. 659371

File: 1533717278817.png (4.29 MB, 1242x2208, 59050680-C62A-4301-939E-529818…)

Wow she was desperate today

No. 659372

File: 1533717385311.png (4.48 MB, 1242x2208, C358D06F-73BA-4993-BF4D-C71795…)

Usually she won’t even talk to you if you dont tip but now she’s paying just to have small talk kek

No. 659378

that makes me feel really sad… imagine being that lonely and broke

Unrelated, but this hairstyle fits her so much more than her usual curls. She could shave it all off and wear a wig in this style.

No. 659382


I was just thinking that her hair looks nice in this style, definitely not that colour… but Shay should prob look into some cute wigs.

No. 659384

honestly she seems like she's on xanax or something in that snapchat video. holy long pauses batman

No. 659393

Can't relate to anyone who feels bad for Shaynasty.

Nice to see her with hair that suits her for once. Hope she still looks this way in high definition.

No. 659396

has she done something to her tumblr or is it just me? keeps redirecting to the dashboard.

No. 659401


It's hilarious that she gets called out for being classless and trashy, so she go and gets some magazines in an attempt to hopefully learn about fashion and how to dress. KEK. She calls herself "tres chic bimbo baby" yet there's nothing very chic about her.

She literally looks like a grandparent.

No. 659402

Are anons that are saying her hairstyle looks good missing the giant 80s bangs? She looks just as trailer trashy as ever kek

No. 659404


That hair color does NOT suit her. At least the fringe covers up hr deep forehead wrinkles. She really looks like a grandma.

No. 659407

File: 1533724771485.jpg (936.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-063914.jpg)

No. 659408


Her camming underage story where her mom finds the camera is somewhat consistent with her "how her mom found her blog and disowned her story". She talks about a receipt of some sort from a follower for a "wish list" item. Could be all about the same event.

can be found here:

Also reposting the entirety of the archived links for full reference


archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 659412

it's not specifically her, it's a bug with all of tumblr & happening to everyone. i hope they fix it soon (i use it as an art portfolio)

i laughed at that too, 'tres chic bimbo baby' in what universe? she's more like a 40 year old wrinkled meth addict mom who talks with a husky smoker's voice and dresses up to go to bingo

No. 659414

>consensual non consent helped me gain control over a situation i once couldn't stop from happening
why does every sub who's into 'rape play' say shit like this? do they not think about the guy who gets off on pretending to rape them? do they not have a single braincell to realize that a man who gets hard when they're yelling 'no' & 'stop' is actually into rape. it's so dumb

and this doesn't excuse shayna's pedo videos at all. she wasn't abused as a child so she can't pull that bullshit. which is bullshit. i guess it's one thing working through that yourself, but a whole other thing to make videos of yourself with titles like 'daddy's bum baby' wearing diapers & pacifiers & talking like a child ('im a widdle baby') catering to pedophiles. and then when anyone calls you out on that shit saying 'i was abused as a kid!!' yeah like that's an excuse to make videos feeding pedos' desire to rape kids.

shayna doesn't even have that excuse because her childhood was sunshine and roses and the only gripes she has with her parents is 'they don't want me to ruin my image and all future job prospects for myself and my life in general by posting loads of gross pedo-pandering videos and close-up shots of my diseased pussy online!! that's basically abuse guys!! my mom even tries to send me jobs so i can improve my life and that's really abusive! i can't believe they lie about what i do to their friends and family, they're so ashamed of me!' like of course they lie shayna, even if you were just a normal stripper or pornstar they would lie. they're ashamed of what a laughing stock you are.

No. 659464

It’s almost like she enjoys a good dragging

No. 659466

I think she gets off on it

No. 659469

i guess i would buy it if she seemed at all enthused by it. she seemed utterly turned off and depressed by her "humiliation" confession video.
i feel like she got the humiliation kink idea from reading anons here and now she's just trying to go with that as a last-ditch effort to save her cam "career". i mean if she has to beg people to come and TALK to her in her cam chat, then she's certainly gotten to a point of extreme desperation.

No. 659476

Remember you guys clout chasing and being supportive isn’t the same thing. I’m sure he knows how to separate the two

No. 659603

File: 1533747362051.png (98.28 KB, 512x512, 2018-08-08 12_54_56-come eat c…)

lmao what on earth is a "diet day"

No. 659607

The opposite of cheat days, I would assume. It helps explain his weight loss considering he clearly doesn’t do cardio or anything aside from lifting weights.

No. 659616


I don't believe for one second that she gets off on it. I DO think that she WANTS to get off on it and tries to trick herself into believing that she does, since she's so obsessed with being so super hardcore kinky, but like with all of the kink shit she pretends to love, it's just not in her.

No. 659642

skips leg day like a true fuckboi tho

No. 659671

File: 1533751338119.png (811.62 KB, 982x550, tumblr_pcr0jhDXxR1rmiw96o1_128…)

how long do we think it will take for shay to wash her hair since she's gotten it done? We all know it's gonna be a frizzy, even deader mess since she can't stay away from the bleach and do a big chop.

No. 659673

File: 1533751405772.png (780.29 KB, 976x546, tumblr_pcr0jhDXxR1rmiw96o2_128…)

Nothing to see her, just Shayna pretending to be a baby ~uwu~

These are some shots from that nasty video she just did that she recently posted.

No. 659674

File: 1533751533781.png (782.07 KB, 984x550, tumblr_pcr0jhDXxR1rmiw96o3_128…)

No. 659675

she posted these on tumblr today. idk that they are necessarily from that video but def taken at the same time.

No. 659678

Sorry for nitpicking but I absolutely HATE his use of reaction gifs. He just looks like a middle aged mom who just found out you can add funny~ and quirky~ gifs to your absolutely savage~ posts. Urgh.

No. 659679

She’s probably going to wait until after her insex shoot.

No. 659680

Is there anything even in that? She also looks like a monkey in the last one.

No. 659684

shay added the reaction gif

No. 659687

Does she really only use her iphone x camera to cam? The quality of the videos are always so crisp and it looks like an actual video camera.

No. 659688

so crisp? Anon we have seen Shay in true high def before. I don't think her videos look that crisp in comparison to the stuff she has done with Hardtied and ATKingdom.

No. 659694

Well I guess I meant crisp for a phone

No. 659699

it seems better quality than whatever she uses on MFC

No. 659702

She acts like this but can't keep to a simple schedule for camming. like yeah i wonder why your rooms always dead

No. 659703

File: 1533753561841.png (83.55 KB, 520x728, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 19.3…)

this is a screenshot from her old 'shay-gnar' blog. how funny how times have changed…

No. 659719

Wow this is the definition of ironic. I wonder if she ever saw herself going down this road (obviously more successfully, I just mean “Barbie baby bimbo”) or it’s something that just spiraled out of control because she didn’t know how to separate bdsm and ddlg

No. 659721

I really think she has a problem saying no to stuff and this got way out of control when she thought it'd make her money and she just kept going further and further with it

No. 659728

i think it's less that she has a problem saying no to stuff and more a problem of she wouldn't be making any money if she wasn't doing this weirdo customs. like if you take all the weird kink stuff she's turned herself into and take it away, what are you left with? some seattle, straight out of the trailer park-looking, used up at 21 yrs old woman trying to keep a tumblr porn career afloat. she's nothing without that whole facade and she knows it.

No. 659749

File: 1533757837520.jpeg (331.5 KB, 634x801, ADE720EF-E586-4637-A32F-288383…)

I truly hate this. This is so unflattering why did she think this was a good photo at all. She looks like squidward.

No. 659753

File: 1533758062170.png (19.98 KB, 553x291, no.PNG)

It's always these insecure abdl/ddlg bitches that gas nasty Shay up. If it weren't for her insecure female supporters and the nasty men who pay for her stuff, she wouldn't be shit.

No. 659777

File: 1533759734156.jpg (4.16 MB, 2560x2560, My Post.jpg)

No. 659781

she also looks like logan paul wtf

No. 659798

She straight looks like a monkey. Is this the missing link?

No. 659801

File: 1533761023416.jpeg (36.54 KB, 600x451, 4F4B50AD-B8DA-4895-9CA5-DC5E97…)

Squidward is far more attractive than that bulimic meth head mess of a human.

No. 659804

File: 1533761220266.jpg (116.56 KB, 625x415, squidward-isnt-a-squid-and-the…)


thats what she thinks she looks like, but this is closer to the reality

No. 659805

fucking hell, she looks like melanie gaydos here. i feel bad saying that since melanie is an absolute sweetheart.

No. 659807

I just think it’s rude to desecrate the name of Squidward by comparing him to this idiot,

No. 659810

she legitimately looks like a boy in this picture. like a young twink.

No. 659854

File: 1533764239182.png (459.05 KB, 812x597, 2018-08-08 17_34_53-DollyMatte…)

she looks like a possessed grandma trying to dress like her middle school granddaughter

No. 659855

Her hair looks so dull and grayish brown who did this to her

No. 659856

File: 1533764327831.png (12.23 KB, 272x318, boilho.PNG)

wow she looks so weird with her artificially big eyes and the way she edits her face.

our favorite boil covered ho is getting moving boxes. Can't wait for her to move in with Fupa so they can get rekt.

No. 659857

who the fuck orders boxes? You live in Seattle go pick some up from a local business

No. 659858


ot as fuck but why would she have to order boxes? like just go to a grocery store or something. what a desperate plea for money.

No. 659859

of all the fuckin things to beg for lmao

No. 659864

File: 1533764600073.png (361.71 KB, 558x650, ewgod.PNG)

She is scamming again. She ain't really going to order boxes from Amazon. I bet you any money it's for some other dumb shit off of Amazon since cheap ass Shay shops there so much. I have literally never heard of anyone ordering boxes. And you can order them, but they are not worth how expensive they are.

>adorable and sexy

No. 659871

or it's for weed and "pink wine"

No. 659873

>a couple
>names five


No. 659874


all she has to do is call a place, ask them to save her some good sized boxes and then pick up some old newspaper if something needs wrapped. she must really be desperate for some money to use such a bad excuse.

No. 659875

Or maybe she's so stupid she actually thinks you have to special order moving boxes.

No. 659876

On cam last night, she claimed she cant just go grab boxes from stores because she cant put them in the back of an uber and take them home.
This fucking lazy entitled little bitch.

No. 659877

Does she not have a car?

No. 659879


Anyone dumb enough to believe she's going to order boxes deserves to get scammed tbh lol

Like anyone who's ever moved house saves themselves the money and just goes to a local business for some free boxes.

No. 659880


We dont have uber in my area (small town shit) but couldnt you just say that you'd need to pick something like that up? You get them broken down anyway, so all you'd have to do is tape them back up when you get home.

No. 659881

No, she doesnt

No. 659882

Well it is Amazon giftcards otherwise that would have been my initial thought as well. It definitely isn't for moving boxes, this bitch is not slick..

She is a desperate dumbass who doesn't know how to work for her own stuff and thinks handouts grow on trees. What a failure.

she's a dumb baby bimbo, anon.

new lovingly handmade garbage:

her fake moaning makes me want to punch her in the face for some reason.

No. 659884

I uber to get groceries and shit all the time, they'll just put it in the trunk and not say shit. As long as it wont ruin their car, it fits, and they dont have to wait around for you to get the things. They dont care.

No. 659885

she did in Massachusetts, I think one was an old Honda her dad gave her, then the next was either her boyfriend’s or her boyfriend’s parents car or something. Once she moved she didn’t have a car anymore.

No. 659888

those actually sound way more real than the ones from her insex shoots. this guy actually seems good at what he does (what he does being bdsm, not necessarily video production) and her moans sound like someone who’s been getting edged.

But those angles are just terrible…woof.

No. 659891

File: 1533765926225.png (1.45 MB, 1007x689, catfish.PNG)

Shayna the Catfish.

No. 659906

Yeah they put way too much ash in her toner

No. 659907

okay but seriously, yesterday i browsed by her instagram story pictures where she's begging people to talk to her on her porn stream or whatever and i barely recognized her because she looked so much less ugly than that picture on the left in your post. sometimes she's good at hiding and altering her face but in reality she looks like an ugly snaggle toothed hoebag

No. 659918

This phase she's in with her bangs needs to end
Like… It's okay for them to not look like you just took them out of a single hot roller at a salon in the 60s

No. 659919

And I think NORMAL straight across bangs like that could even be cute on her if she just did them like a normal human instead of weird and fried into a giant curl

No. 659925

File: 1533768589544.png (292.3 KB, 315x597, shoop.png)

if she changed from this piss poor 'blonde bombshell' image and went down the pastel/pastel punk road, it would suit her so much better

No. 659926

I don't think pastel anything works for her skin tone, just makes her look gray.

No. 659927


No, she needs to go back to her natural colour or something dark. Light hair colours just do not suit her. Just my opinion, though. There's a pic of her in the previous thread with brown hair and I thought she looked lovely.

No. 659929

Agreed or even a more warm red tone, she needs warmth brought back in she uses all cool tones and it makes her look dead.

No. 659930

Her bangs look like a combover, lmao. But yeah, agree with other anon. Curled bangs do not look good on her, but straight across would look decent

No. 659937

File: 1533769557597.png (135.98 KB, 259x359, get ur shit together sweaty.pn…)

tbh not mad @ the gray, just wish she'd use some of her riches to find somebody that will show her how to style herself

No. 659939

my question is, if she's so confident, why does she have to photoshop/filter herself to look so unrecognizable?
her face is noticeably shorter and her eyes are bigger.

No. 659940

She looks like a bad Melanie Martinez impersonator

No. 659942

Sage your posts if you're not adding anything new

No. 659957

File: 1533770671922.jpg (43.96 KB, 413x550, flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)

Very Electra Heart.

No. 659959

how dare you compare this ugly ho to marina? this is not even how shay looks in reality. she is seriously edited. more like the cheap knockoff version of electra heart.

No. 659960

Lol obviously she isn't nearly as good looking as Marina, I just meant the hair color with the ribbon was very Electra Heart-esque. Don't get your panties in a twist.

No. 659961

it's really not though lol.

No. 659963


different anon, but yeah it kinda looks like shes trying to be a Marina knock off.

No. 659966

They're both grey toned blonde hair with waves and a ribbon, yeah it is.
Anyway think what you want, not going to derail this thread over your autistic stanning of a random pop singer.

No. 659969

I was just saying we really shouldn't flatter the bitch with the comparisons.

Not trying to show off my stan badge here but you guys are looking at a heavily edited photo and complimenting her kek

No. 659970

I don't think anyone was complimenting her

No. 659971

So wait, I know this is late and relating to the last thread's dropbox video, but she just admitted to doing underage porn?!

No. 659981


Shay is a style-imitator. She 100% will see a style she likes on tumblr, and then attempt to recreate it. Unfortunately she's cheap and broke, so it ends up looking like she has no fashion sense. She will claim she has "her own style" but let's face it - she doesn't. She hops onto whatever is the latest trend.

No. 660007

She's a chameleon

No. 660010

Not much of a compliment to compare her to a woman who sexually assaulted her bestfriend.
Plus Marina's style is ugly too

No. 660017

That was Melanie Martinez, not Marina.
Jesus there are a lot of idiots in here lately.

No. 660043

You're thinking of Melanie Martinez, who is a different musical artist. She raped her best friend. Marina and the Diamonds is a different group.

No. 660044

Someone >>659940 literally said Melanie Martinez.
>Jesus there are a lot of idiots in here lately.

No. 660060

File: 1533778045259.jpeg (155.62 KB, 640x592, 4CC11913-8EA1-4D9A-93BA-580347…)

I am so excited to see their brand new ca. 2002 Midwestern McMansion.

No. 660062

why can't she just shut up and stop typing like this. my fucking eyes are bleeding from the vag warts, the awful hair and her typing style not to mention her piss stained rug and disgusting snot lube.

No. 660068

you know you don't have to sage caps right?

No. 660070

It’s not milky (especially by Shayna standards) so I didn’t feel like bumping the thread over it.

No. 660072

Everytime she says “dada” I just think of the ridiculous art movement Dadaism that made no sense whatsoever. Then reading her posts is a little easier.

No. 660079


>They quoted >>660010

>They specifically mentioned Marina
>They were referring to >>659969 who said we were comparing her to Marina

You are one of the idiots.

No. 660095

Lmao oh Shayna, you are doing this all wrong. She needs to stop trying to fool herself into thinking she's going to be successful acting the way she does. Did she even get on cam this AM like she was "scheduled"? Why have a schedule if you don't adhere to it? I can't wait for all her drunk manic whining and begging tonight about how she needs ~lots of monies 4 boxes 2 move in w/ Kyle Nathan Perkins to their Tulsa Oklahoma mcmansion uwu~ Kek

No. 660121

I fucked up and typed Marina instead of Melanie. I just quoted a person talking about compliments.
My bad

No. 660158

Thats probably why that guy punches her in the face. LMAO

also what the fuck this guy straight up smacks people on the genitals with nettles?! dude!!! that can't be safe or sanitary. maybe thats why shayna's puss is all messed up. she got hella poison ivy.

No. 660185

File: 1533784502088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 949.27 KB, 1423x2229, 20180808_201356.jpg)

She's on cam now, showing all her boils off

No. 660193

She is also starting off naked this time and the tip goal is much lower this time. Also someone was like "what why aren't my tips showing up, that's weird well, I gotta split!" Top kek

No. 660198

This music and the hair combo is oddly enough making me wonder how she would look with a 50s aesthetic.

No. 660203

she doesnt even know her own schedule

No. 660209

She looks like an old man. She went to the salon twice and came home with that? You think she meant to go grey? Or was this an accident?

It's hilarious how her relationship with Fupa is fueled by necessity for housing and an early midlife crisis on his end.

No. 660211

She's lying about her wages… We all know the dude she's talking to that works at Chuck E Cheese is most likely making more than she does.

No. 660212

File: 1533785949502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.4 KB, 986x728, Screenshot_20180808-203830_Chr…)

Hair really doesn't suit her

No. 660213

I couldn't screencap in time but she was highfiving herself with her nasty foot and then we all know she's gonna touch her boil covered pussy here in a few minutes.

No. 660218

She layed on her stomach, and her ass boils were so visible so she kept scooting back and started arching her back to hide it.

No. 660219

File: 1533786314363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.76 KB, 674x557, hi5.jpg)

hi fiving w/ her foot

No. 660221

File: 1533786431459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.74 KB, 744x576, pussyfoot.jpg)

she sits naturally with her dirty foot up to her already nasty pussy all the time. explains a lot

No. 660222

Her vag actually looks like lips in that screencap, she should get that checked out.

No. 660227

Gross her vulva looks so irritated despite the attempt to grow out her pubes. Shay your ~cute puffy pussy uwu~ is only puffy because it is infected. Please see a doctor.

No. 660228

File: 1533786725755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.8 KB, 977x573, e45.jpg)

eewww her pussy is disgusting, you can see the boils even with her pubic hair grown out

No. 660232

File: 1533786938284.jpg (233.14 KB, 972x729, shaypunchingherselfforpocketch…)

No. 660235

How does she expect to get any work out of this? Can she just… not cam for a while until her body calms down? Get checked out for once?
If these are as gross as they are in motion I can't imagine putting two cents into that.

No. 660237

File: 1533787042606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 255.28 KB, 981x737, 20180808_205709.jpg)

No. 660238

File: 1533787114633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.82 KB, 745x613, slp.jpg)

slappin her boils

No. 660239

“My hobbies include being a good girl and loving my Daddy c:” ahhh the cringe

No. 660241

File: 1533787173774.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.13 KB, 993x751, 20180808_205925.jpg)

No. 660243

File: 1533787226919.jpg (118.25 KB, 737x1123, pnch.jpg)

No. 660257

File: 1533788221022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.11 KB, 942x707, 20180808_211627.jpg)

No. 660258

File: 1533788371947.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.26 KB, 939x714, 20180808_211645.jpg)

No. 660263

A fucking black hole of warts.
I know it's the wrong state, but imagine if she ended up with Gerg's McMansion just to ~show da haters~

No. 660268

What's on her mons pubis here?

No. 660269

No. 660286

I thought she said she ripped her claws off?

No. 660287

File: 1533792632324.jpg (295.79 KB, 850x933, Screenshot_20180808-222915_Chr…)

I wasn't listening in on this part, but did Shay admit being 5'5" here?

No. 660289

yes she did, she said something about how she was skinny but not short. maybe she's going to start to embrace that more

No. 660290

ooh good catch anon. Shayna the Scammer at it again..

Funny how shitty her hair looks on cam. I thought it was okay by the pictures but it looks dull and dry as fuck when she is on cam. Figures.

>5'5 is not small
I can hear Shay's smol heart breaking kek

No. 660292


No. 660303

So she sets a goal, but goes to get the plug, but then says "leaving in 5 mins anyways"

Ha! She grabs the biggest fluffy ball tail to hopefully hide her boils.

I'm surprised shes even gonna turn around and show her butt at all, its covered in boils

No. 660304

-She doesn't even turn around to show her ass.
She stays facing front when putting in the plug so nobody would see her boils and open sores all over her ass

No. 660308

File: 1533794593395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.48 KB, 945x2041, scm.jpg)

She avoided trying to turn around the whole time while "showing off the plug" so they wouldn't see her her breakouts. (pic)

She's an idiot, she actually has tippers in her room who suggest she stays a little longer, but she leaves. kek

No. 660325

Does she not understand she'll get paid if she stays and that these people don't necessarily come back later? Especially if she were to leave without doing what they wants
In her industry she has to sometimes pull extra work to keep a customer or to get all she can out of said customer

No. 660338

Unlike most in this thread I think this hair change is a huge fucking improvement and makes her look younger (as much as you even can make someone so haggard look younger). Though it could definitely be better and I agree she looks best with warm/dark colors. It'd probably help if she washed it once in her life so the over toned grey faded.

Defo get the impression others have had that she's lacking real life experience and has mad arrested development. The tacky giant lashes, over lined eye wings and sceneyteen hairstyles really give the vibe she never out grew her early high school years, never grew into a style or personality and doesn't know what to do with herself/her appearance

What the fuck could she possibly need to leave for, anyway? Is she cutting into her sending herself anon asks on tumblr time Lmao? Does she have to drink her 1 toddler sippy cup of water for "dada"? It's not like this smelly hoe has anything important or scheduled in her life… like the gyno-derm appointments she so desperately needs. I'm actually shocked people willingly wax her nasty, unwashed snatch. Girls I know in that profession here refuse the service to anyone visibly sporting issues and refer them to a doctor like wtf…

No. 660342

I'm guessing she goes to the seediest places imaginable that won't care and would wax her regardless of if they should or not. Likely doesn't help her situation down there since they probably burn her and of course spread her infection everywhere. At the very least prevents it from healing
Also haven't you heard? Dada gave her a "bedtime" that she obviously obeys, just like all of Dada's other orders (I'm positive she stays awake much longer but I don't have access to desktop tumblr to see what times she posts)

No. 660354

it's funny in her humiliation vid she said she's ashamed of her pussy, but not of her flat and super pimply ass.

No. 660355

agreed. i think her hair makes her look a lot better even if it's the wrong color/toner/whatever. i feel like a lot of people just want to nitpick at anything they can

No. 660381


Her hair is not platinum blonde. It isn't even ash blonde. It is straight up grey. Anything is an improvement from brassy yellow and trailer park roots, I agree. But the grey hair paired with her super deep set forehead wrinkles just cements the "grandma" look even further.


Porn and pussy breakouts? She's a walking contradiction. Thats seriously having a farm stand and selling moldy, rotten fruit with maggots poking out of them.

No. 660387

Jfc with her pussy spread like that she looks like she has no labia or clit. This literally looks like an FGM victim with just a little hole where their vulva should be.

No. 660445

File: 1533818581269.png (94.05 KB, 272x794, right.PNG)

I rack my head trying to find out what the fuck Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma means when he showers Shayna in these empty accolades and compliments.

What has Shay started to do differently? How has she improved? I feel like he has made her worse, not better.

No. 660446

File: 1533818644941.png (24.48 KB, 552x357, anheroalreadyfupa.PNG)

I would rather Fupa get stranded on an island with a gun and just pull the trigger already. What a loser ass edgelord.

No. 660448

File: 1533818712261.jpg (78.43 KB, 398x750, tumblr_pd6gi9GXmI1wkuxmho1_500…)

He looks like he is preparing to take a steamy shit.

No. 660450

File: 1533818773839.png (14.33 KB, 266x588, lkjjjejjejje.PNG)

No. 660451

File: 1533818874094.jpg (80.33 KB, 411x810, tumblr_pd08mepmbD1vtr738_540.j…)

Fupa posted this picture of Shay abusing Snapchat filters and looking very tres chic.

No. 660454

File: 1533818990305.png (12.32 KB, 556x222, shitshow.PNG)

Don't fall over yourself with excitement

No. 660455

File: 1533819112143.png (10.04 KB, 541x241, jacuzzilookslikebathtub.PNG)

ahh yes, brag about your cheap tulsa home and it's jacuzzi that Shay thought was a bathtub kek. can't wait for you two to move in together so you can truly become acquainted with one another kek.

No. 660457

So… He's gonna tie the cat up and fuck it too???

No. 660464

>I’ve been around the block enough to know something special when I see it.
Is he referring to his failed marriage? LMAO

No. 660471

you mean post on tumblr?

No. 660483

I thought they already were moving in somewhere in 40 days or something? I can't keep up with the bullshit they spew

No. 660485

If there's any truth to it, maybe she's crashing at his home in Tulsa Oklahoma while they search for their dream McMansion lol

No. 660488

i can't believe she's seriously moving to tulsa with him…. what a downgrade even for shay. she's going to be absolutely shit out of luck when this whole situation goes to shit and she's stranded somewhere in oklahoma with no one.

No. 660491

Right, a little while ago she was talking about how she wanted to move to LA and now she's accepted Oklahoma with fupa instead

No. 660512

its obvious hes referring to her improving in his dumbass eyes. Shes giving him what he wants, dumblr fame and a young things to fuck till hes bored, even though she looks older than he does. In his eyes, moving to Tulsa instead of LA is an improvement.

No. 660529

I thought she said they were moving to Boston? Or is that just what she thinks is happening?

No. 660552

they obviously aren't if he's close enough to look at the houses in person

No. 660570

The upside is she might not have to pay for rent or anything, maybe he'll just take care of her. I can see moving for that, depsite the shitty location change. It's not like she has any friends where she is anyway.

No. 660571

File: 1533830972798.jpg (247.24 KB, 1200x1200, dying-yoda-return-of-the-jedi-…)

when i look at his face, all i see is this

No. 660592

i wonder how well she will adjust to living in a state where weed isn't legalized?

No. 660621

File: 1533835327414.png (35.76 KB, 254x876, shutupdumbass.PNG)

Our perpetual victim crying about something that nobody gives a shit about. Poor Shay.

No. 660623

samefag but it bothers me how Shay acknowledges she entered a relationship with someone who she knew was talking to other girls and thought "she could handle it".

The guy likely assumed she wanted to be in a relationship like that. It's not like he lied to her about what he was doing. She literally makes herself a victim when it comes to everything. It's fucking exasperating.

No. 660626

Fupa probably really thinks it's an upgrade as it'll make it harder for her to do b/g porn. Funny though since most of her porn involves men in some way and the shit she does is pretty much exclusively for men. @kyle Nathan Perkins, since you lurk, you're dating a sex worker for tumblr fame. What did you expect? That she'd drop her job for you? Regardless if she did that's beyond shitty and immature. Also if she stops then she loses the one thing giving you that shitty tumblr "fame" you think you have

No. 660627


"I felt left out and willingly entered a polya relationship that I knew I couldnt handle and it ended the exact way that I thought it would. Pity me"

Also isnt she talking about the ex that fucked Jess? because i remember her talking about them all being polya and that him cheating on her was just those two playing without her.
like in polya relationships, you're not gonna be the number 1, 100% of the time.
but okay Shay, throw a pity party because you didnt know how triads worked and thought you'd just be getting the attention from two partners at once 24/7.

No. 660629

this is like deciding one day that you're a lesbian and then feeling victimized when your new girlfriend tries to get you to touch her vagina

No. 660632

I think you are correct anon. Shay would intentionally omit that part in order to garner more sympathy from her neckbeards and the stupid women who think she is a role model of some sort.

>dont settle 4 things ur not ok w/ 4 the sake of having a relationship.

Learn to take your own advice Shay. You can think you've got it all figured out with Fatty Fupa all you want but the truth is, you are making a terrible decision to move to fucking Oklahoma with some lousy sperm donor "4 the sake of having a relationship".

No. 660633

File: 1533836373381.png (367.18 KB, 547x949, nohunny.PNG)

That picture she took yesterday with the catfish edit. The response underneath makes me ill.

This bitch must have the most swollen ego ever.

No. 660634

File: 1533836529681.png (4.66 KB, 500x71, girlshutup.PNG)

And the tags. as if people don't know they can choose whether or not they want to be in poly relationships? Don't try to make this stupid anecdote that you are telling people about for attention anything more than what it is.

No. 660635

lmao the girl that commented that is a certified landwhale tho
where do these people even come from and how do they find shay???

No. 660644

her face looks so scrunched and weird in this pic. she literally looks like a troll. idk why she chose to upload this one.

No. 660730

File: 1533844952223.png (51.99 KB, 562x784, 2018-08-09 16_01_21-Tumblr.png)

i like how fupa is trying to make his hashtag a thing

No. 660743

I've been laughing at this the whole threads too, he's so fame thirsty it makes me angry

No. 660745

I can't tell if this is a dig at Shay, or if it's him being edgy as usual and saying he uses tears as lube.

No. 660748

I highly doubt he makes someone cry with that ugly micropenis

No. 660761

Actually I would definitely cry if my potential partner pulled that out of his pants.

No. 660794


Uhh.. Duh…. Maybe if she did things genuinely and not just for the sake of attention/fitting in, or being "edgy". This applies to so many other things she's done/does. She's a scammer and a fraud though and through.

No. 660803


She's hiding the boils with her hands and just showing the hole.

No. 660814

he needs to be arrested for showing pictures of a child’s penis like that

oh wait that’s his actual dick size

No. 660894

Soooo I'm kind of confused about fupa constantly reblogging the porn gifs of him and Shay… Is he trying to have some kind of a sex/porn career, or…?

No. 660897

Damn Shay, your freakishly long neck is showing.

No. 660906

he's trying to win more ddlg tumblr minions because he loves attention

No. 660908


probably. considering his real name, job, and location have been leaked it's only a matter of time before he's stuck down this rabbit hole with shayna forever and has no other options for work than to help her make pink vomit pedo porn

No. 661041

File: 1533874788237.jpg (178.34 KB, 810x601, 20180809_211854.jpg)

She's online. At least she's actually been keeping up with her schedule for the most part

No. 661048

oh man i hope the gif making anon is on here. She's doing the weirdest unsexiest shit rn.

Why is she like this?!!!

No. 661054

She's begging anyone to tip her to get her naked and she'll give both her SC and some porn

No. 661057

She literally looks like she’s dead inside

No. 661059

File: 1533876165920.jpg (Spoiler Image, 294.44 KB, 1031x800, 20180809_214211.jpg)

She can't strip to save her life

No. 661060

File: 1533876233997.jpg (Spoiler Image, 293.92 KB, 1051x810, 20180809_214325.jpg)

No. 661068

"My humiliation and degradation fetish stops when it comes to my body"
But you like the humiliation from how your pussy looks though?

No. 661087

File: 1533878450856.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 245.42 KB, 664x504, AF45853D-85EB-401E-9DF6-97DE35…)

No. 661101

File: 1533879253368.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 2048x2048, doyouknowwhatshedidyourcunting…)

is this all she can do? i've never been so bored watching a camgirl in my life.

No. 661131

Grandma barbie gone wild

No. 661167

i can literally smell this set of images. please stop making my life hell

No. 661210

why does she look like haggard ass lauren southern here lmao girl get u some moisturizer…

No. 661262

lol wtf, why does her foot look so giant next to her head?

No. 661267

File: 1533906970594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 673.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-091149.jpg)

>our timeline was cut down by like weeks

Wonder what this is all about? Looking more like 20 days than 39 or whatever they said earlier in the week

No. 661268

They must have found a rental since it looks like she's going to be out by the first of the month, kek.

No. 661297

Aaaaaah so excited for the milk. It's going to be cringy neckbeard dom roleplay shit like that belt gif.
I forgot to mention earlier but it doesn't make sense for him to have 8,000 followers if he doesn't get that many notes on his stuff? A quick scroll on his blog and the only ones that have a decent amount are Shayna's. His posts where he is the source get at the most 400 notes and that's even after Shayna reblogs them and he keeps reblogging them for more. Doesn't really add up to me. I don't think he has had this tumblr for that long either.

No. 661312

File: 1533912787588.png (15.04 KB, 533x213, Screenshot (59).png)

seems obsessed with being tumblr famous. Hes so proud of his post having 1k notes even though 500 of them are him reblogging it everyday

No. 661316

File: 1533913076789.png (55.15 KB, 640x474, IMG_2119.PNG)

No. 661320

it's all like cheesy shit that an edgy teenager would have had as their AIM status message in 2005

No. 661361

File: 1533917105961.jpeg (150.52 KB, 750x901, 72160B33-1C05-4FB0-ACF0-541D8B…)

she’s on cam and just stated that she ‘loves to shower’ especially because her job gets her all sweaty, KEK why lie shayna

No. 661365

File: 1533917189084.jpeg (79.87 KB, 750x556, B8FFF206-C205-444C-A387-3EF61E…)

showing off her talons that she apparently ripped off the other day

No. 661366

She cams with lolcow open.

No. 661377

awwww. he has such dainty little hands. shay must be wicked bad at head if those teeny fingers made her gag.

No. 661379

Lol she didn’t though it was just another ploy for cash

No. 661388

what do you mean?

No. 661392

In all fairness, this is the only good advice Shay has ever given.

No. 661403

So I’m assuming the LA trip for today was called off?

No. 661404

? It's that simple, she reads lolcow while camming

No. 661408

File: 1533921347757.png (27.09 KB, 560x520, 2018-08-10 13_14_29-Tumblr.png)

is this growth? it's so basic tho.

No. 661429

on cam the other day she said she was going to LA on ''monday or tuesday or whenever im told'' sounds a bit like shitty communication with her agency

No. 661448

Her hair looks like she left purple shampoo in a little too long lol

No. 661449

TOP KEK Shayna! We all know you don't like to shower. We can tell by the way your hair is always dirty and ratty except for right after you go to the hair salon. If you loved to shower so much you wouldn't be covered in Staph or what ever the hell that is. The scar on the back of her shoulder from that giant boil that was there for months is crazy.

No. 661452

lmao, a new video. the song though, kek.


No. 661453

she still hasn't showered, her hair is still straight. i'll bet any money shes not showering it till after she shoots in LA. how fucking grimy.

No. 661457

File: 1533924172201.jpg (715.85 KB, 1440x2250, 20180810_110153.jpg)

How she tagged this reblog lol

No. 661462

lol she's 21, how is she being so dramatic about 'giving up on love'

No. 661467

has she never been in an actual relationship besides boyfriends she had in high school? if so, it definitely shows.

No. 661475

I'm so ready for them to move in together the milk will be plentiful, and the eventual break up because they'll scratch each others eyes out

No. 661476

the actual hell is this????? she looks legit retarded, did she think this was cute??????

No. 661477

it's sad that even in motion her hair and makeup still give me auntie vibes

No. 661482

still a huge improvement on the tangled white trash roots mess she had tho. she seems to be on a 50s kick. future tradthot?

No. 661487

That's my thoughts exactly. I wanna watch that go down, to be honest.

No. 661492

lol it's an improvement for now. i'm scared to see what it will look like in a couple weeks.

No. 661493

I’m excited to see how this will play out.
Just a week ago he had himself listed single on his Facebook. How is he going to explain to his family and friends that he suddenly has a 21 year old girl moving in with him? Is he going to tell anyone and introduce her to family and friends, or will he just be ashamed of her and keep her locked up in the house?
Will his children still visit him, and see her drawings on his fridge?
What will his work buddies say?
It really seems like Kyle N Perkins hasn’t thought any of this out.
He doesn’t realize he’s going to have to give up all of his privacy for a girl he’s met twice irl.

No. 661494

kek if he does introduce her to anyone, what name is he going to use???

No. 661498

I’m betting that he told her he doesn’t have any family besides his kids and ex wife, and came up with some sob story as to why he can’t see them (but we all know it’s cos he’s a deadbeat dad with a pedophilia fetish, I wouldn’t want him around kids either). So when she doesn’t get introduced to family it won’t seem weird and she won’t question it.

No. 661502

His mom has apologized to his ex wife for HIS behavior before so it's easy to see they're already ashamed of him and his choices

No. 661508

Do you have caps, without any names or personal info? I’d love to see what she’s been saying about that deadbeat so we can know what shay is in for, but I know family shouldn’t be involved on here.
Would it be allowed to post caps with all the personal info blocked out?

No. 661518

Probably shouldn't risk it since a Shay thread has already been locked before, don't want to bring the family into anything again.

No. 661519

can we at least get a transcript of what was said? this is such a tease lol

No. 661529

I'm betting most of his followers are spam porn bots. If you tag anything NSFW on tumblr you'll be instantly followed by a shit ton of them (hilarious when said post wasn't even sexual in nature). Since he posts a lot of thing in the NSFW tag he is likely constantly on their radar. Obviously they don't do much cause they're bots and not people so that would explain the lack of notes. That's why all porn tumblrs have crazy amounts of followers

No. 661539

shayna's MO is she leaches off someone til there's nothing left, the other person realizes how lazy and selfish she is, and they get sick of her shit and kick her out. it's happened to each relationship of hers. kek

but tbh, fupa seems like the desperate type i doubt he'd kick her out.

at least she's blind to the fact to all he's lacking. vice versa. they're perfect cows together

No. 661548

File: 1533930491799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 743.71 KB, 1898x4386, eqw.jpg)

Even sitting far from the cam, bad lighting, pubic hair, and low def, her boils are still visible… wtf ew

No. 661550

No. 661564

>her ability to self asses (assess) and come up with a plan to do differently in the future
>vocalizing a plan to improve
>our communication is really good
this is so funny it reads exactly like a work review you'd do for one of your colleagues. since Kyle Nathan Perkins trains employees, i bet he writes these reviews all the time, and so knows the terminology pretty well.

No. 661569


her crotch looks swollen af. What the hell is this??? I always wonder how uncomfortable this is. Shit must be itchy as fuck damn.

No. 661572

well he probably thinks of his relationship with shay kind of like a job too since he leads a fake double-life

No. 661650

File: 1533935627842.png (449.04 KB, 983x884, 2018-08-10 17_10_31-Dolly Matt…)

damn she's getting desperate. $2 a video?
the skype session prices are ridiculous tho lmao.

No. 661657


How can she even justify a storage pod? she has like a rug, a frying pan and filthy sex toys.

No. 661659

oh wait i forgot this gem at the end
>Thank you so much to everyone helps not only me, but my Daddy as well in our stressful time of transition which will soon lead to all the love & happiness for us in the future. Knowing people want to support us & help us get closer to spending our lives together really means the world to me, so thank you again & i hope you all have a wonderful day!

No. 661660

Can someone make a Shay/Snuffleupagus mash up, because that is legitimately what she looks like here.

No. 661661

fupa's like: "put all your stuff in storage for now and we'll come back for it after you're settled in." fully planning on ditching the shit encrusted rug and alien dildo forever.

No. 661663

just watch, barely anyone will buy anything besides the cheapest ones and she'll be sleeping on the piss rug again.

seriously though, what guy would want her dirty panties? even the ugliest neet loser would generally have higher standards and would fear disease, as do we all when merely looking at her dirty skanky ass through the computer screen.

No. 661664

Pay for your own fucking move, shay. I can think of a number of ways she could freelance and get a few hundered dollars a day… Just off modeling. DUMBASS use what few brain cells you have and WORK instead of begging all day. Lazy fuck.

No. 661671

Ignoring the boils and bumps etc, she seriously could be making some serious dough if she put half the effort in making content than whining about being broke. You are broke because you want to be apparently. She's lowballing herself too ew, it's not cute to whine about not making enough money. You're suppose to hype up yourself so people would actually give you money without you begging for it. Girl this is sad.

No. 661677

How can she crash and burn so many times when she hasn’t even picked herself up once lol

No. 661684


Porn bots/spam blogs. There are a TON of them on tumblr. I have a SFW gaming tumblr and I get followed anywhere from 2-10 a day.

Since Fupa has more or less, a porn blog, this probably makes up a large percentage of his followers as well as Shay's. Most people block/report these blogs, but they obviously don't.

No. 661706

I know this might be nitpicky but I hate the way she CONSTANTLY says “with that said”. She probably thinks it makes her sound smart but it’s repetitive and you don’t need to bring light to what you said by saying “with that said” every time.

No. 661710

File: 1533940049265.png (283.96 KB, 544x873, sadscks.PNG)

Oh you mean harassing your tumblr friends via anon? Nobody wants your Fupa, Kylie.

Shay had you as sloppy seconds after the first girl you really wanted snubbed the hell out of you.

No. 661714

File: 1533940131348.png (26.58 KB, 282x521, alotgoingforus.PNG)

I hope Shay has the homeless shelters in Tulsa on speed dial for when Kyle Nathan Perkins inevitably ditches her for the next young and dumb ho.

No. 661717

File: 1533940305737.png (7.51 KB, 255x243, delusionall.PNG)

Shay is definitely an inspiration. She is a living, breathing example of what NOT to fucking do with your life.

Thank you for inspiring us to do better by failing miserably in every way, Shay.

No. 661718


I can't read whatever this bitch babbles about, the way she writes is infuriating.

No. 661719

so shay's trying to charge $45 for 1 photo but $10 for a 5 piece photoset? really?
and i have no idea why she thinks anyone would pay $45 to talk to her for 15minutes on skype when you can watch her cam show for free. and also that would be the most boring 15 minutes ever. pay shayna $45 or watch grass grow for free. i'd rather pay the grass.

No. 661720

File: 1533940578602.png (12.31 KB, 563x216, theout.PNG)

So basically you haven't read a book since you were 13.

No. 661723

Those are some cheap af purses, and one filthy af duffel. Wearing the knockoff calvins again. KEK! Why is her hair grey? Is it supposed to be like that? This is just sad.

No. 661768

I bet you anything shay, despite being a tumblr whore, doesn't understand what the spam porn bots are or why they exist and thinks they're real porn blogs following her then gets mad that they don't like or reblog any of her shit. Maybe that's why she's extra anal when her actual followers don't reblog things for a while cause she thinks that the spam bots are shit fans and assumes all her fans are shit for that

No. 661776

does she even have real fans though besides those two pathetic blogs on tumblr that call her and Kyle Nathan Perkins goals? her live streams don't get very many guys at all besides the regular few.

No. 661814

her legs look grey in these and she's tan in some spots but pale in others.

maybe she meant to put $5 and wrote $45 by accident b/c she's a ~bimbo baby uwu~.

No. 661857

gray is from old bruises, the spotty tan is from getting horribly sunburned when she was in LA, kek.

No. 661866

Again she's thinking her "fans" would support her relationship.
No, the few teenage retards that keep kissing her and fupas ass don't have money and the horny desperate men who actually buy her content won't pay another dude to fuck her.
She's so fucking delusional and spoiled

I really hope she's planning to move ribmeat though. I don't trust her to not just leave the cat behind

No. 661896

File: 1533959698840.png (Spoiler Image, 381.05 KB, 556x423, Screenshot_936.png)

Shes on cam right now

No. 661902

File: 1533960158169.png (Spoiler Image, 401.06 KB, 567x443, Screenshot_937.png)

No. 661905

she looks really dehydrated and like she hasn’t been eating. her skin is dull and she keeps getting thinner. Is she bulimic?

No. 661906

File: 1533960342719.png (Spoiler Image, 367.1 KB, 554x428, Screenshot_939.png)

She really does only know how to do one thing

No. 661908


No. 661909


No. 661910

she probably thinks it’s really impressive or something

No. 661911

I think this is the most people I've ever seen in her room at once.

No. 661912

File: 1533960787226.png (Spoiler Image, 380.62 KB, 559x424, Screenshot_942.png)

No. 661913

File: 1533960881184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.05 KB, 720x541, IMG_20180811_121320.jpg)

No. 661914

File: 1533960981226.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 750x1334, F4A20B24-ED5E-442B-98BD-41CC9F…)

Cute Shay

No. 661915

File: 1533961048415.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 750x1334, 8D33302E-A0DB-4FDB-A5AF-796D31…)

Wow I get why you guys call her Hank Hill now.

No. 661917

“I was a baLLeT DanCeR”

I’m sure that’s why you have such great posture Shay

No. 661919

File: 1533961208040.png (Spoiler Image, 343.82 KB, 533x380, Screenshot_943.png)

No. 661921

Is it white knighting if I say it seems like she’s trying? I don’t normally catch her shows

No. 661923

shes doing much better tonight than normal.
Shes also drunk right now.

No. 661924


I guess compared to what she normally does, it's an improvement?

but she never did much in the first place so I don't know.

No. 661931

File: 1533961880542.png (480.86 KB, 836x573, girls.PNG)

samefag but is it just me who thinks a few of these people in Shay's room are girls/tumblr orbiters?

"sapphicangel", "wyobabe"?

Shay should make this girls tip or something. I feel like she has recruited them for conversation on MFC since she ignores paying customers and claims they don't wanna talk to her.

No. 661932

She’s just interacting a lot, but her being drunk could explain that.

No. 661935

The Sapphicangel did tip some during her poll, but they could still be tumblr orbiters

No. 661938

File: 1533962180735.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1683x722, nooo.PNG)

She is literally using her hitachi in free chat for 45 tokens. and the only people who were talking/tipping were those obvious girls from tumblr.

She is also paddling her breasts. for 45 tokens.

learn to fucking cam Shay.

No. 661940

She fakes her orgasms really poorly.

No. 661941

I totally agree. She also uses the phrase incorrectly which makes her sound even dumber. It's supposed to be used to introduce something that contradicts what was previously said.

No. 661944

Why does she feel the need to obsessively check her non camming phone while shes working?

No. 661945

No. 661946

She loves Stevie Nicks. Her singing voice is so terrible, damn. I’ll stop, this is the first time I’ve ever watched Shay live, it’s pretty bad lol.

No. 661948

How much are tokens worth on mfc?

No. 661949

A nickel.

No. 661950

Wow, David Weave Roth, this is maybe too heavy for me. She left the cam to stare at a wall while she went and grabbed panties. At least she’s interacting?

No. 661952

File: 1533962775082.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1715x757, teehee.PNG)

Shay holding up literal children's underwear, talking about how much she loves them.

Idk why but that disturbs me.

No. 661953

to.. sell.. them..


No. 661954

She’s doing this for literal pennies. Oh my god, I had no idea.

No. 661955

File: 1533962944078.png (368.59 KB, 638x591, greasy.PNG)

Shayna is sitting on MFC smoking a blunt, showing off the children's underwear she wants to sell, and using a hitachi on her boil-y cunt for $2.25.

I am so jealous right now.

No. 661956

She shouldn’t get so stoned, she looks like she gets paranoid.

No. 661958

File: 1533963122796.png (326.85 KB, 553x416, Screenshot_944.png)

No. 661960


probably just texting or checking tumblr notifs but since we know she lurks, i wouldn't be surprised if she checks here while live sometimes


some camgirls don't even get fully nude and get much higher tips to do less, she really doesn't know what the fuck she's doing

No. 661964

and its supposed to be a live one

No. 661965

she keeps talking about how fucked up she is. she has to be up at 5 in the morning to go to the hardtied shoot. a profeshunal.

sorry deleted my original to add more info. but yeah, she gonna look rough.

No. 661966

File: 1533963630562.png (45.01 KB, 580x46, Screenshot_945.png)


No. 661967


Now I'm even more confused why she doesn't have a part time job. If she wants 700 tokens for her show, that's $35. She could make that in a few hours at even a minimum wage job and at least then she'd be guaranteed the amount she'll take home.

No. 661968

also says she is so blessed to have a job where she gets to travel to beautiful places.

and that she is so happy.

overcompensating much, Shay?
you don't have to show off your nasty pussy to go on a CA vacation, dumbass.

No. 661970

She's too fucked up to be tipped?

No. 661971

File: 1533963783492.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1679x842, baka.PNG)

freaking out at a 33 dollar tip. shay, you have failed big time. go get a normal job.

No. 661973

File: 1533963918851.png (Spoiler Image, 421.21 KB, 559x416, Screenshot_946.png)


No. 661974

She’s calling herself Tiddies and Towel Mattel, please god help us.

No. 661976

File: 1533964152860.png (Spoiler Image, 342.11 KB, 534x412, Screenshot_948.png)

No. 661978

File: 1533964229918.png (Spoiler Image, 277.07 KB, 501x338, Screenshot_949.png)

oh my

No. 661979

Her pubes have grown in kind of strangely. I’m not sure they’re an improvement.

No. 661981

I took a really long video of that oil striptease she just did and streamable IP banned me so I can't upload it there. what can i use anons, if anyone even cares? it was repulsive so idk if anyone does.

No. 661982

File: 1533964394360.png (Spoiler Image, 771.78 KB, 750x1334, 236FE1A1-074B-4BC2-B3AD-AB8F79…)

Oh no

No. 661983

Man, fuck those stupid nails and her fucking unwarranted alcoholism. This girl needs to invest in some quality WiFi, every time I try to watch her half the stream has no sound and then half of that is frozen. I know some anon always says this, but it’s so easy to click off to another hot (higher up too) girl. All of their streams run smoothly!

No. 661984

Sad. She can’t even do this shit.

No. 661985

File: 1533964707641.png (Spoiler Image, 299.16 KB, 553x418, Screenshot_950.png)

No. 661988

Amazing ice balancing

No. 661989

her goal is $45

No. 661992

Damn most camgirls have their goal at least 2000 tokens per session. Wow Shayna you are cheap af kek

No. 661995

A whole hundred dollars, lame. Why does she show so much for so cheap? She has no clue about this shit at all.

She needs to drink water if she’s leaving for this shoot at quarter to six, she’s going to look like hell.

No. 661997

Did anyone catch her answer to when we’ll see LA stuff/which companies she shot with?

No. 661998

The irony of Shayna saying how insane it was that Jim Morrison looked 40 when he was 27. Honey, check yourself.

No. 662000


No. 662002

Shouldn’t she be engaging the people who aren’t tipping? In the hopes that they will tip? I’d be talking to everyone in there and trying to, you know, take their fucking money.

No. 662008

the smell of this pic is making me throw up

does anyone else literally feel physically repulsed when seeing these types of pics of her? i swear the air instantly smells gross and i feel so grossed out, she looks physically dirty

No. 662009

did she seriously say that? i actually do ballet (for years now) and the stuff she's doing is shit that literally almost every normal person can do. she must be lying to make her little girl character seem more "cute", it's obvious she probably only took little kiddy dance lessons at like age 5 if anything. liar mattel

No. 662053

File: 1533974808696.png (7.15 KB, 670x100, asdfghjkl;.png)

this comment is on the gross diaper video lmao

No. 662056

is this video on youtube? i tried searching for it and couldn't find anything

No. 662057


They… don't allow porn on Youtube. This is on MyFreeCams I believe.

No. 662058


No, Manyvids.

Also lol @ her having her whole ass pussy out on Youtube.

No. 662060

LOL i didn't know what diaper video they were referring to and i thought the comment was on youtube because of how it looked, sorry

to be fair i have seen diaper fetish vids on youtube, they don't take everything down.. >>662058

No. 662061


My bad! I don't actually go and watch her nastiness as this thread is enough haha. Her links are at the top of the post anyway.

No. 662062

yeah i swear i checked the links but for some reason i really thought it was youtube. i'm still laughing at myself for thinking that

No. 662078

I know this is off-topic but is it normal to have these bumps/marks on their ass?

No. 662080

I mean they’re blemishes. Everyone gets them. Except hers are from sitting on her ass and sweating all day. She never cleans herself so her assne leaves a mark when it goes away

No. 662082

is the live insex thing shes doing Real Time Bondage? can't find anything on there about shayna

No. 662115

what did she do recently that fucked up her vagina so much? i cant tell if it's prolapsing or bad discharge
but her labia majora looks inflamed as hell
not to fuel her delusions but aside from the sagginess and bumpiness it looks like a baby's diaper rash, like from sitting in their own shit for hours

No. 662149

what the fuck is up with her face in this

No. 662151

Her nightly goal is $35? WTF? shayna you have set the bar so low.

No. 662187

Super depressing… she can make ~$100/night waiting tables at fucking Chilly’s

No. 662195

File: 1534005483741.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1284, B7D9D34B-27C6-4545-85B9-2F861A…)

lmfao she looks like your alcoholic druggie aunt who just went on a bender last night and needs to wear huge shades to cover how fucked up her face is.

No. 662198

she looks like she woke up, threw up, got stoned, and decided to go to set.

No. 662199

I can see your deep wrinkle eye bags through those shades girl GOD DAMN

No. 662205

File: 1534006297074.png (8.81 KB, 287x345, haasure.PNG)

Anything for attention.

No. 662207

I noticed she took some of the anons' advice and stopped curling her bangs nearly as much

No. 662214


Here is the oil show she did last night.

No. 662220

File: 1534007974846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.57 KB, 629x562, 8768768648678.jpg)

No. 662226

Probably more likely that she just woke up and left her slept-in hair and don't bother with the usual retarded curl

No. 662227

Her movements are terribly coordinated and dousing herself in oil when she has butt acne makes her look greasy and made me feel uncomfortable (I felt the urge to shower while watching, tbh). Can't believe someone actually paid for this out of their own volition

No. 662228

File: 1534008197236.png (Spoiler Image, 660.75 KB, 727x582, 7657657676537.PNG)

This is peaking nsfl territory.

No. 662234

Shay has been in NSFL territory since her 5th thread, kek

No. 662236

File: 1534008727185.gif (777.65 KB, 480x270, C30D236F-0B7E-498D-9A0F-BA66A6…)

Her vagina literally looks like the entrance to hell.

No. 662248

I opened mfc last night to watch and fell asleep while she was doing this it's so boring and sad

No. 662258

File: 1534010616171.jpeg (985.78 KB, 1242x667, 8256BD06-5B77-4761-9909-016ABE…)

ZUUL MOTHAFUCKA! aka what shayna’s vagina looks like

No. 662259

File: 1534011170126.png (8.79 KB, 519x224, whythefuckyoulyin.PNG)

Bitch shut the fuck up.
You know damn well your cheap, Amazon loving ass hasn't spent 100k. Bitch stop lying.

Girl. I can't with this dumb ho. Does she think people will fucking believe her? With all the cheap shit she has? Has she ever bought a single decent thing? The only designer she has are some heels she found at a thrift store.

No. 662266

Yeah, there’s no way she has made $100k with her cheap, shitty porn and even worse camshows.

I love when people who smoke and drink like Shayna are like, “Oh gosh, where did all my money go?¿?”

No. 662271

Dont insult ZUUL like that. That vag is just awful. And Shay really needs to go to a gyno. (but we all know this; nothing new)

No. 662380


I can actually find this believable because if she started caming when she was 16/17 (a guess based on her saying she started caming when she was underaged) and she's 21 now, that only 20-25k/year. But obviously she has lied about her income before so who knows.

No. 662405

She was freaking happy last night for making around 100$ Which is what you usually make at a low wage job in a day. Other camgirls makes wayyyyy more than this. I don’t believe her one bit.

No. 662413

Didn’t she just sit on the floor after this? After an oil show I’d always move to a shower show or end the show to shower…think of how much of the hair and dirt in her rug just stuck to her oily ass body after that

No. 662415

My guess is that she's so bad with her finances that she actually doesn't know how much she gets or has at any given moment. That's why she estimated 100k during her past few years. And of course, even if she's right about having made 100k in her career it doesn't all go to material goods. Rent and bills take up a ton as well as taxes. And as for other things she spends tons on drugs and booze, those stupid fake nails which despite their cheap nature are still money spent every couple weeks, getting her hair done, waxing sessions, etc rather consistently. I honestly would not be surprised if she wasted all that money on shit she either didn't need or couldn't afford at the time. And since she has the mentality of a 17 year old she still thinks 100$ is so much money despite it not even being enough to buy Starbucks every day for a month and likely doesn't cover her internet/phone per month

No. 662419

uhh that one loser in her chat who said "hey dolly, do you like fearless by pink floyd? it reminds me of you" triggered me so badly, how on earth could a song like that remind you of some repulsive brainless hoebag like shay? how is she fearless in any way? also did this person expect a girl like her to listen to that type of music? nitpicking i guess but i'm really annoyed by this retarded shit lel

No. 662420


>date for four months

>meet twice
>come to a time in our relationship where we feel like we should live together

im gagging

No. 662421

Not trying to WK but her music taste isn't bad. Might be the one good thing about her.

No. 662422

i don't know anything about her music taste but if she says she likes dad-rock it might just be a tool to continue the whole "your dad loves me hehe" bullshit, you know? just my 3 cents

No. 662423

I get you but nah, back before all the baby bimbo bullshit she actually was sort of normal and listened to good stuff.

No. 662426

oh okay. i'm still triggered that someone implied that a song called fearless reminds them of her of all people though lmao

No. 662437

The worst part was her trying to twerk and putting her pimply ass right up to the camera. Shay, please.

No. 662441

Shay offers dirty panties at "+$10 each day worn" and doesn't specify for how long. For only $50 she will sit in her dirty panties for 5 solid days.

No. 662453

Prob her buttplug/anal obsession

No. 662476

File: 1534034682050.png (616.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1774.PNG)

When you get that 30 cent tip

No. 662478

She should make it 10$ for the first extra day then make it go up higher for each additional day. Maybe bonuses for things she can do instantly like piss in it or whatever these nasty-ass people like. It'll take less effort out of her and she can get a bit more money
Side note, shay really needs to realise that 100$ is not that much. Sure any Rando could look at 59 videos for 100$ and go for it but it won't get that many cause she has no reach on social media for customers and she doesn't have influence over all those she reaches. Maybe if she advertised it on other places but still, very few people will buy her shit so she needs to make it worth it for herself and increase the price at least a bit (or give less intense bonuses for that price). Not to mention now that these people have all her videos, snap, and a custom set they're never going to buy anything from her again cause they have all that she can offer. And of course any new guys'll be pissed when they see the state of her and think "well that's what I get for what I paid"

No. 662480

File: 1534035488892.jpg (1.52 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180811_205733271.j…)

Lmao does she not realize it's embarrassing how much she talks about him making her bathe?

No. 662482

They're still using apps to text eachother.


No. 662486

File: 1534036073395.jpg (435.52 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20180811-190148_Chr…)

I'm not sure how to take this video and post it so non tumblr farmers can see but this is so vomit inducing.

No. 662489

File: 1534036293115.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.96 KB, 720x1280, IMG_1786.JPG)

No. 662490

>the vagina pasted on

i'm dead

No. 662493

I wonder if she even has his real number.

No. 662508

probably not. she said a while ago that they use allo, a google app, to text.

No. 662511

he has to threaten her with a countdown to go bathe…..bitch just take a fucking shower lmao i would be embarrassed if my partner told me i needed to shower

No. 662512

File: 1534038476711.webm (4.25 MB, 640x360, tumblr_p8wstumtVH1rmiw96.webm)

No. 662513

File: 1534038593363.png (Spoiler Image, 368.38 KB, 399x483, shaymericangnathic.png)


I literally am so bad with photo editing but ive never seen someone look so broken and unamused

No. 662514

This has more effort in it that she ever puts in her work or personal hygiene. Good job anon!

No. 662517

>i'm the king neckbeard
sure picked a winner there, shay

No. 662519


This might have been said before, but I wonder if it's because he's using his work phone to text her?

No. 662520

Yes thank you anon

No. 662521

They're so embarrassing, isn't this dude almost 40? They act like they have mental deficiencies

No. 662522

i think it's very clear that they both do, based on their life choices

No. 662526

>are you doing a hecking mustache?

Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK has 3 children and is above the age of 20, claiming to be a "daddy dom" and says shit like this.

this is probably the cringiest shit i've ever seen.

also, why bother hiding his face still? we have those goober pics of his workplace, it's not like his face is some big scandalous mystery lmfao

No. 662527

Wait, I'm really confused here, are they already living together and he texted her to get in the shower? Are they together right now in LA or something?

No. 662528

imagine being one of this man's three children. i feel so bad for them..

even worse, imagine being the mother of his three children.. THIS is what the father of your children ended up doing in the future. i don't think i could handle it, i would lose my fucking mind. i have much pity and respect for this reject's ex wife and kids, i'll pray for them tonight.

No. 662530

Casual reader here, is he definitely the same Kyle who has 3 kids? And now he makes videos with a tumblr cam girl

Is this karma

No. 662532

this video is old from when they were in mexico together

No. 662534

read the last thread and this one, you can start toward the end of the last one if you're THAT lazy. Its worth it.

No. 662538

how does she look ugly even with the most flattering filter on? it's a real mystery.

No. 662543

This was recorded before he was outed

No. 662547

Oh ok that makes much more sense, thanks anon!

No. 662564

If he has a work phone the company can read his texts at any time, so I'm guessing they use apps for that very reason. Or, if he is in a building he can't get reception in, using wifi. Shay has an iPhone and maybe he doesn't?

No. 662657

I'm pretty sure that's "what's app". It's really popular I thought. People with shit phone plans use it for out of range or long distance shit and you can set it as your default call and text app over your phone's built in one. People who are into IT or government work also use it cause it has encrypted messaging making it much safer and better to use for texting. Plus it has video message which the two of them say they do quite a bit (anything's better than Skype or Facebook Messenger). You have to link your phone number to it so they likely do know each other's number

No. 662703

nope that's 100% not whatsapp

No. 662720

File: 1534078427870.jpg (238.97 KB, 720x754, IMG_20180812_205042.jpg)

No. 662724

She is way too attached after a month or two of dating

No. 662725

File: 1534079055229.jpg (16.6 KB, 480x360, wV2vrgG.jpg)

No. 662736


Why isn't your dada paying for your damn cardboard boxes? Also, why isn't she job hunting for more "pro shoots" to get more money, if she really needs it so badly (which I doubt)? How much did the "big porn companies" pay her for whatever she has done for them?

No. 662757

I really wish she would grow the fuck up. You can't beg for shit your whole life. You can't claim you're a hard worker then beg for the shit you should be procuring yourself.

This business strategy isn't going to work forever and I can't wait for her to receive a rude awakening.

And obviously Kyle is a broke ass too because he can't even help her out. What a pair.

No. 662776

The thing about “him” is him can be anyone. This girl just need someone it doesn’t matter who it is just as long as they’re as delusional as her. I been following this train wreck for a while and it just reeks of attention seeking desperation

No. 662779

Kyle has a good job he could easily help her out but she’s been suffering with no a/c and sleeping on the floor for who knows how long

No. 662794

We've seen bits of his place and it's not impressive. Even if he makes good money he could be in a lot of debt from the divorce and child payments, chances are he's not doing all that well.

No. 662841

It’s either move in with Kyle or go home and admit failure. She’s not dumb. She knows how to pick them. Kyle did say she stalked him which I’m almost positive that means she spotted a easy mark

No. 662846

>Hello all men who buy solo porn centered around me, I just like to remind you not only are you paying for MY move cause I have poor money management skills, but you're also helping my DEADBEAT BOYFRIENDtm. So never forget your 'hard earned dollar' is indirectly going to the guy dicking me down or getting my nudes on the daily to satiate my daddy complex!

No. 662861

So they're moving in to a HOUSE. With JACUZZI. While not having money for rent and food.

No. 662864

Since shayna called it a bath originally I'd guess that it's just a regular sized tub with jet streams or something but yeah if you have to beg strangers for money you probably shouldn't be moving into a house lol

No. 662865

But anon they've met twice and been together for 4 months???? They're destined for greatness even if they can't even make enough money to eat.

No. 662880

File: 1534093636710.jpg (504.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180812-130649.jpg)

Lmao @ fupa even thinking he could generate clout???

No. 662883

he's really trying to act like he didn't piggyback off of shay's fame just to get noticed. self-awareness is zero

No. 662886

Also worth noting what other anons have said about the majority of his followers being porn bots. His OC barely gets any notes.

No. 662896

yeah i'm blocking about 20 new porn bots a day & my content is all sfw so who can imagine what percentage of kyle perkins's followers are pornbots? i'm guessing about 80%. and all the rest are either anons laughing at him or those basement-dwelling weirdos that idolize shayna.

ofc, this wouldn't fit with kyle perkins's 'daddy dom leader in the tumblr bdsm community' image he's desperately trying to create. which is totally serious, that's why he lets shayna post embarrassing videos of him calling him a 'goober'. cos nothing screams dom like spongebob.

No. 662928

When will they realise it won't be all roses and sunshine when they move in together after not knowing each other at all? Think about how much Shay's productivity drops (even lower) when she is with him. How are they going to pay bills when Shay won't be able to cope without special Daddy time 24/7? How is she going to cope with looking after the house when he apparently travels for weeks at a time? And realistically how is fupa going to deal with friends (if he has any) coming over and seeing Shay's porn set-up? How is he going to cope with her being a mediocre pornstar while he's living with her and spreading her cheeks for strangers on the internet all day long. This relationship has been terrible for her "business" and its only going to get worse once they move in together.

No. 662929

File: 1534097543042.jpeg (114.08 KB, 1242x259, 35717387-9234-4E98-B597-A49F9C…)

how has no one commented on the tags of this post? “i just can’t be without him anymore” bitch it’s been 5 months tops you barely even know the dude. this roughly translates to “i can’t afford my lifestyle because i’m horrible at what i do and i’m not willing to change it so i need someone else to support me so i can sit around and do nothing all day.” she’s so desperate it’s pathetic.

No. 662934

If the house is big enough she could have a room just for camming and filming and people wouldnt have to see that part. But since its shay there will pry be pink amazon crap everywhere; and she wont even try to 'hide' it.

No. 662935

sometimes i forget that she's like 20 because she looks 35 most of the time.
she is being so naive, believing that a relationship can fix her mental health and problems in her behaviour/emotions that are from WITHIN HERSELF.
the butterflies and feel good hormones do help at the beginning but mental illness always comes back to bite you in the ass if you don't adress it.
not the first nor the last to make that mistake tho.

No. 662938

When she says she can't be without "him" she's not really talking about fupa, but any guy ever. She's so focused and dependant on men it's actually really sad. No wonder ger g/g porn is so bad, she can't not think of men and pleasing men to the point that she'll mutilate her body in order to try and please them (this is a hilarious compliment to her lazy side)

No. 662950

File: 1534098990502.png (994.04 KB, 1242x2208, EF8624AC-F8BA-427E-BD61-43BEEA…)

No. 662958

File: 1534099303660.png (13.78 KB, 483x285, hmm.png)

interesting contrast from this (unnecessary) reply she posted an hour ago

No. 662976

She's going to lose customers if she keeps playing this cuck angle. Cuckolding video when?

No. 662977

Oh my goodness. Stop preaching about positivity when you go ahead and act like a bitch in the same day Shay. Ugh. She is the epitome of fake. Imagine being so ugly on the inside and outside and having nothing going for you besides moving to Oklahoma with a fat deadbeat dad.

No. 662980

Samefag but no Shay, interesting people are not inherently polarizing. You are not an interesting person in a good way. The people that don't like you have every reason not to. Stop trying to act like you are always some victim. She will never learn to take responsibility for her shit. I can't wait until she can't pull this innocent uwu baby shit anymore. It's gonna be real hard for her when reality hits the fan.

No. 662981

wasn't she saying she hates everyone and doesn't want friends a few days ago? this girl needs a therapist

No. 662986

She's so damn stuck up lmao nobody wants to talk to you shay because you want to charge everyone for the most minimal shit. Interaction is part of your job sigh

No. 663016

Not a sex blogger, a blogger thought and my “happy things” and “monthly roundups” are the best viewed. People are nosey. Goddamn it Shay, know your market

No. 663046

I don't think a lot of sex workers even mention their boyfriends at all, or rarely. She is making a mistake by involving him in her work. Even if SO's are in videos, it's mostly just POV vids. Nobody wants to pay to see Kyle Perkins nude. Nobody would want to for free. Gross.

Also, I don't know if it's just me but the spoiler photos are showing up really faded for me for some reason that I can barely see them. But I guess I should kind of be thankful for that in this thread.

No. 663083

File: 1534108438008.jpg (356.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180812-171341.jpg)

Why are these mostly black celebrities/historical figures???

No. 663089

this made me throw up. yeah, this ugly low quality desperate online prostitute with a mess of a personal life is totally barack obama tier looool

No. 663102

File: 1534110052002.gif (1.62 MB, 400x305, B877FB1B-4DDD-4971-BB5B-37D591…)

No. 663104

literally the only one that she is remotely comparable to is kim k,but even that is a massive reach. so weird that he's compared to her extremely successful black ppl of merit (apart from kim, who's white). like why these people? surely if he wanted to say she was successful, he could compare her to sasha grey or anna nicole smith or some other porn star. although she's obv nothing like sasha or anna, it's less completely bizarre

No. 663105

Probably Kim and Beyonce cause she's "popular" Cleopatra cause she's ugly and the basketball players because she's tall ? Lol

No. 663107

Samefag and Barack cause she tries to be political? Idk

No. 663108

i mean her and lebron have the same nose shape and size too so there's that lol

No. 663111

He compared you to Lebron James to help you realize who you are? Why? Because you're such an amazing basketball player, Shayna? Or politician, or singer? What does Fupa think about these (mostly) black celebs? Cos he's insulting the hell out of them by comparing them to Shay.

No. 663126

Lebron James does stuff like set up a high end school for disadvantaged folks. Shayna enables pedophile fetishes…

Fupa is prolly both a racist and a pedophile.

No. 663138

When did she post this? I can't find it?

No. 663150

she deleted it

No. 663157

The one posted to pornhub got taken down, deleted, or reported. Aside from her pussy lookigng gross as usual, those "embarrassing things" still doesn't amount to the humiliation and shame compared to any of the videos she releases herself. Example: >>645936

No. 663165

I swear Fupa thinks he is black sometimes. There is something very white trash "wigger" about him.

No. 663167

I get that vibe from him too. Trying to be “edgy” and “street”. Like dude you’re a fat white boy from fucking Oklahoma you wouldn’t know that life even if you went looking for it.

No. 663170

File: 1534115333946.png (779.41 KB, 1124x1212, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 00.0…)

'What's your favourite pic of Dolly?' He proceeds to post 7 pictures, 5 of which have the lovehearts snapchat filter that makes your face look cuter and evens your skin tone and makes your eyes bigger. Even Fupa doesn't like the way Shayna's unedited face looks.

No. 663173

File: 1534115402773.jpg (60.8 KB, 421x750, tumblr_inline_p928qicJbr1vtr73…)

Here's another picture he posted in that ask

No. 663176

File: 1534115526761.png (468.01 KB, 539x960, tumblr_inline_p928vi8pIU1vtr73…)

And another one. I'm not going to post them all but you get the idea. It's weird that Shay doesn't actually look good with this filter that makes everyone look good. I bet she wishes she could film porn videos with that filter on. I bet she's tried in the past.

No. 663178


It's funny that this is her definition of goth. Wearing black doesn't mean goth, Shay. She has no sense of style of fashion despite claiming to love it

No. 663191

most punchable face ever.

No. 663196

same, i posted earlier in the thread how it's fucking incredible how she still looks ugly with an app that makes your face shorter, nose smaller, skin tone perfect, eyes bigger with cute hearts on top.

No. 663207

When that tacky filter is her only saving grace to look even remotely marketable, it's kind of no wonder she has such obnoxious style to match. Like, if she re-adopted her stoner aesthetic, that filter would look so much more out of place.

No. 663232

These have already been posted.

No. 663259

Anyone hear/see anything about whatever Shay did with insex yesterday? I've been trying to hunt around but can't find much. I thought I'd remembered someone saying that she was doing a live show maybe? Thru insex the only thing like that I could find was a shoot Real Time Bondage did with Alex More yesterday. No mention of Shaytard anywhere that I can see.

No. 663260

I was looking all over on their sites yesterday and saw nothing as well. Maybe she lied about it being live, or got there and they decided to just use the other girl instead.

No. 663262

this might be why she is so bitter today.

No. 663263

She always finds a way to be bitter so we'll never know.

No. 663276

File: 1534122887395.jpeg (432.12 KB, 1242x1155, 5D0886F8-D918-4086-8AD0-B707D7…)

I am laughing my fucking ass off right now. This is what you’ve been doing Fupa. How fucking dumb are you.

No. 663278

File: 1534122958766.jpeg (217.96 KB, 1242x671, 95B35875-E27A-4EF5-811D-6DEB2C…)


No. 663280

does Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK not understand that his entire relationship with the pink hag is clout chasing? the lack of self-awareness is really embarrassing.

can she not just go to a fucking walmart and get boxes for cheap for her move? it's like she looks for things to whine about.

No. 663288

Lmao you can literally get boxes for free Shay! Why does she need to buy a bunch of boxes to pack her stuff anyway? Shouldn't the suitcase and bags she has be enough for her piss rug, dog cage, frying pan and crusty amazon sex toys?

No. 663292

She probably knows she can get boxes for free, but as we know she barely goes outside unless she’s basically forced to (like going to a shoot). She even orders groceries to get them delivered. She’s probably just too embarrassed by herself to go out and ask for them.

Go out of your apartment for once Shay.

No. 663295

this seriously highlights how codependent she is. how can she one day say that she’s an independent business minded woman, and then the next day talk about breaking down because she can’t be alone and can’t do “the adult thing”? It makes no sense, and just highlights what a codependent, delusional liar she is.

No. 663315

Posted earlier today

No. 663322

sorry? thanks for letting us know, wannabe farmhand.(Infighting )

No. 663327

Lol nah that's just happened several times today and I don't wanna get autosaged

No. 663330

damn dude how much do you lurk the thread

No. 663343

stop infighting. seriously, we shouldn't be trying out for an autosaged thread. and we shouldn't be posting stuff multiple times. read the rules.

No. 663345

File: 1534129564279.jpg (152.27 KB, 812x1600, tumblr_pdc0lzCtlV1vtr738_1280.…)

Here's a new pic that we haven't seen from that thread of photos that Fupa adds to mentioned here >>663170

It's nice when her face is partially obscured with the Snapchat filter. Pretty sad.

No. 663348

thanks again wannabe farmhand.

there was no fighting, so either report the post to an actual farmhand or stfu

No. 663350

did she not line her lashline? why is there that big gap between her lashline and her eyeliner? does this retard not even know how to put on some fucking eyeliner?

No. 663353

File: 1534130052919.png (39.17 KB, 564x509, sodeep.PNG)

Yeah, I am sure you will bring out her best qualities Kyle.

No. 663354

File: 1534130163020.png (40.53 KB, 564x490, 2weeks.PNG)

Soo shay spent two weeks holed up in a hotel in Mexico? This bitch really knows how to pick em.

She left ribmeat alone for two whole damn weeks. we all know damn well this bitch has no friends who came to look after her.

No. 663359

she probably just took off her fake lashes. i highly doubt she would spend so much time drawing that ridiculous wing and miss the lash line

No. 663398

>her little voice was so panicked
yeah right fupa, shayna's voice is everything you want to imagine but little
also, I feel so bad for ribmeat, I hate when irresponsable people owns pets and doesn't take proper care of them

No. 663447

>I’m not afraid to hide her from anyone!
Except your friends, family, and co workers…
Mr. Single on Facebook.

No. 663462

Ugh you cannot leave a cat alone for weeks!!!!!
I bet all of her walls were scratched and there was poo and cat piss everywhere when she came back.

The poor animal had to survive on dry food and old water :( Shay is a horrible person.

No. 663532

File: 1534161831314.jpg (148.23 KB, 1280x649, deleteitfat.jpg)

This angle makes them both look really fat. Why does everything they do/touch turn to shit?

No. 663533

File: 1534161948925.png (602.74 KB, 522x619, nosheisnt.PNG)

Look at those tiny faggot fupa hands. Why does he insist upon calling her tiny all of the time?

Makes him sound like a real predator tbh.

No. 663536

File: 1534162031581.png (13.48 KB, 1047x181, momentarylapseofreason.PNG)

Self awareness?

No. 663537

File: 1534162191348.png (27.03 KB, 557x463, idontdrink.PNG)

The guy who doesn't drink or do drugs apparently gets drunk. Fupa, you gotta learn how to be consistent.

No. 663540

This makes it sound like she's just moving in with him in Oklahoma, how exciting

No. 663550

why do his baby hands barely cover her flat tits????

No. 663561

Doesn’t drink but looks like he’s been guzzling IPAs and bacon grease all his life? Sure Jan.

No. 663592

File: 1534173516308.png (248.44 KB, 511x507, 2018-08-13 11_15_54-if ur wond…)

looks like she still hasn't washed her hair

No. 663596

''so small'' yet he can hide behind her lmao

No. 663607

Right? I never seen a 30 year old look so worn out

No. 663612

File: 1534176385666.jpg (326.41 KB, 1461x1280, IMG_0966.JPG)

i just realized that fupapi's jacked face reminds me of a wrinkly humanoid version of sulley from monsters inc kek

yup, sounds about right. my ex used to always insist how i'm 'sooo tiny' and never missed an opportunity to give comments like these, whenever i would get carded at bars he would get so excited and say 'thats cuz you're so small and young!'. later on i found out he frequently masturbated to underage girls, more than to normal porn (13-14 year olds). he always told me he'd change but i caught him multiple times. it makes me sick just thinking about it. but he was 23, this guy is 10 years older than that which makes it so much worse. no mentally sane man gives a shit about 'small' and 'young' that much, it's a huge red flag if they do. i only see that kind of problematic shit on this site, not so much irl. shay should fucking RUN but we all know she's gonna wait until she's dumped for someone smoler and younger.

remember anons this is not normal. this man is absolutely sick and twisted; thats no news, but after a while on this thread you can kinda get desensitized (just like shay has been desensitized after years of pedo-pandering and thinks this is normal and desirable)(blogposting)

No. 663617

You would think so but I can’t count the times I have visited this thread and been completely shocked or disgusted. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does

No. 663619


Is it not normal for guys hands to be able to cover a girls tits? Most guys have pretty large hands lol

No. 663632

unrelated and not milky but i tried messaging fupa on tumblr something along the lines of "love ur content/blog!" and i got blocked lmao. i want nothing to do with his nasty ass but i figured since i'm probably his type that it might be funny to try n snatch some of his attn just to watch her sperge but clearly she's so threatened she wont even let it get to that point. not sure if she's allowed in his inbox and deletes people that are smol'r than her/that send msg's unrelated to their relationship, or if they're both just paranoid(cowtipping)

No. 663634

okay but fupa has ridiculous tiny woman's hands and shayna has litteraly no breast, so do the math

No. 663643

File: 1534178936961.png (14.62 KB, 558x280, 2018-08-13 12_47_21-Tumblr.png)

just for you, anons

No. 663649

File: 1534179106040.png (26.68 KB, 738x283, Capture.PNG)

posted under this post. god, he's creepy.

No. 663652

this dude has an actual daughter, right??? jfc.

No. 663653

File: 1534179439707.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 500x279, tumblr_pd9onzpWod1whn1o8o1_500…)

He posted this too. Disgusting.

No. 663654

I wonder if Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma actually calls her real life daughter "my little girl" or "kiddo" too, this is disgusting

No. 663655

I hope Shay realizes that there is no way this "love" can last. As she gets older, he will discard her for someone young and naive again. He will continue to trade in whoever he dates for a newer, just as insecure young adult.

How can she envision a genuine future with this person when he fixates on her age like this? With each passing year, her insecurity would grow.

And yes, >>663652, he has a daughter. Thank goodness she is barely around him. It is probably for the best considering how nasty this asshole is.

No. 663668

exactly this, i know he is criticized in this thread for being a deadbeat, but i'm actually relieved he doesn't see them often/at all. imagine how creepy it would be when his daughter gets slightly older and starts bringing her teenage female friends over… yikes

No. 663678

What like your own daughters, you actual fucking loser cunt? I need to take a shower, this fucker is so goddamn nasty.

Polite reminder that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa OK is a deadbeat father who loves dd/lg and shitty fake snuff porn.

No. 663697

File: 1534183742854.png (13.85 KB, 264x446, 2018-08-13 14_07_08-Mozilla Fi…)

>always broke/begging for money
>just now realized she needs a cam schedule


No. 663702

that is really strange to me though. makes me wonder if maybe shay or him are recently reading these threads so they're getting more paranoid, because usually he likes anyone who sucks up.

No. 663706

they are ALWAYS lurking

No. 663723

Great, so now she cams while depressed
Like starting a schedule to keep depression away is a good idea but you actually need to put effort into that thing you're doing or you'll just get depressed doing it and start to resent the things you should be doing even more

No. 663728

How long do you guys think the entire living together situation will last? (If it happens in the first place…)

How long until they get sick and tired of each other?

No. 663730

i give it 60 days tops if they actually move in together.
they've only been around each other for a total of like 2 weeks in the time they've met so i don't think they actually understand what they're getting into.
i'm interested to see if shay keeps camming under his roof (hopefully he doesn't have many house guests ever) and if he ends up full-on camming with her (with i guess his own pseudonym?)

No. 663732

Males aren't allowed on cam.

No. 663737

Not on MFC but on other sites he would be allowed to cam with her. She is already doing porn with him on Snapchat so it wouldn't be a far leap.

No. 663738

He could be in videos. but most cam sites don't allow dude and she only cams on MFC anyways.

No. 663745

Not that anon but my guess is that he'll force his way in somehow. He'll interrupt her streams, get jealous and text her to block guys too into her, or be behind the camera watching what she does.
Also I'm sure it'll be worse to deal with her not showering when they actually live together, and for her it'll be worse to actually go and get jobs while he is right there dictating her job under the guise of being a "daddy Dom" (aka insecure and abusive/controling asshole)

No. 663748

Oh 100% he'll try to control he streams and be behind the camera and probably typing replies and moderating her chats.

No. 663769

File: 1534188822150.png (851.73 KB, 800x588, 5d062ca3181f2ea62689dff5b03cdc…)

No. 663777

Fuck outta here with that radfem shit(infighting)

No. 663780


This needs to be part of the new thread banner. Idk part of a collage of shay's worst sfw cam screenshots or this awful shoot she did back in LA.

No. 663786

Wrong website for that kind of whining, and you should learn to sage too. This is a thread where we explicitly mock a self proclaimed "liberated" camgirl and her diseased vagina, and all of the absolute hypocrisy that comes from her and the other narcissistic airheads in her circle who do exactly what other sexually 'liberated' camgirls do. Beg for attention and spread their dangerous ideology to other vulnerable girls. This probably isn't the thread for you.

No. 663821

File: 1534193424120.jpg (25.21 KB, 584x329, 1531875372468.jpg)

Anon my sides. I can't unsee now

No. 663838

What the fuck are you even talking about?

No. 663846

She's never used a bath bomb before? I want to say I dont buy that, but its dirty ass shayna here. So this probably is her first bath ever.

Surprised she didnt get a pink bath bomb. Even the cheap drug store bombs come in rainbow and pink.

No. 663849

it says in the tags that it started pink and turned blue

No. 663851


why you doin sully dirty like this anon

No. 663894

Who makes bath bombs that do that? I use them all the time and its always obvious what color the both will end up.

Shes just an idiot who bought the first cheap one that had pink on it.

And likely didn't bathe properly after so incoming UTI she'll never get treated.

No. 663896

Anon dont do sully like that come on

No. 663945

>look huge
lol. key word look, meaning they appear that way, but in reality are tiny compared to her man fingers. kek

No. 663952


Can anyone confirm?
Was the "tall brunette gf" she cammed with for a week at her first place with the bed, the same girl she's talking about in this story?

Is her ex bf the same as her "old roommate" - the guy that was super tall
(from here)

was it also the same people she was in a poly relationship with and "walked into" while they were fucking around and made her feel like shit
(cant find which thread it was in)

No. 663956

File: 1534206161903.jpeg (20.72 KB, 600x337, holywatereye.jpeg)

Sweet jesus, I did NOT need to see that

No. 663964

The problem with them living together will be more from her side and her insecurities. For example his responsibilities with his fam and being a father. It's going to be her selfishness, insecurity, and incapability to understand and accept those things. Can already see her freaking out that other people call him daddy/dada/dad.

He's made a big deal in stating he doesn't interfere with her "business", and only makes suggestions for "productivity". He's going to have to uphold those statements for a while to not look like douche. TBH, I doubt it'll get like that, I might be giving him too much credit, but if he's an adult, he'll keep his feelings in check. It's how she makes her money. He's old enough to not let someone's existing job make him insecure. If I'm wrong, then that's just beyond pathetic.

No. 663967

File: 1534207200607.jpg (76.24 KB, 445x810, tumblr_pdf49uVned1rmiw96o1_540…)

Here's her work schedule for this week. Can she not handle an 8 hour day? All she does is play on her phone and smoke blunts on cam most of the time. It's not like she plays games with her customers or tries to engage them in any way. Why is she always working for four hours a day?

No. 663969

fuck I mean five hours. Even then, she barely does the full five hours. So it's usually less than that.

No. 663972


BC her "camming" is basically her sitting far away and finding ways to cover her nasty pussy by sitting in positions, being only seen in certain angles, and using her limbs to block
and hide her boils from view. Doing that is pretty exhaustive work.

On her good days, she'll just get drunk or high enough to forget her breakouts until someone reminds her or she catches it on her monitor then she'll just log off and come back when it's darker.

No. 663973

Yeah, I think you're giving him too much credit. He's already clearly the reason Shay took off b/g as an option. He claims he isn't but it's so obvious he said or did something to make Shay not have it as an option for her. He likely manipulated her in some way, given the way his ex-wife talks of him it wouldn't be so out of character for him to gaslight and manipulate a girlfriend. And since she had it, got rid of it, had it, and got rid of it again, that supports him not making it clear to take it off but is going around doing it in other ways.
I really hate Shay but Kyle is really bad too. I can't really feel sorry for her cause she is chosing to move in with a guy she doesn't know, but I am worried about what he's going to do to her.
Of course for all I know it'll all end before he gets the chance to, she might drive him away making him feel it isn't worth it before he can properly sink his tiny hands into her. But I hope his life gets ruined first so he can't go out and do his shit to another woman, one much less deserving of this than Shay

No. 663974

I feel like shay is going to get so fed up living there after a while because fupapa won't be able to spoil her often due to paying child support and alimony on top of his bills.

No. 663975

she is also insecure af and will get to the point of jealousy that she's ~his baby~ yet he gives his money to his actual children AND his ex wife. "You like them more than me, Kyle! It's not fair!"

No. 663981

> Can already see her freaking out that other people call him daddy/dada/dad
I think she actually did, near the beginning of the relationship. Made some condescending post about how only SHE can call him daddy.
She’s really gonna freak out when she meets his 3 children.

No. 664027

I find it so funny that you give Fupa credit by saying he actually pays child support and alimony.
He most likely doesn’t, let’s be honest. He’s a fucking scumbag.

No. 664072

File: 1534218261390.jpg (571.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180813-234339.jpg)

This is the weirdest thing to brag about

No. 664073

god its so hard to even read

No. 664085

If you can't read dumb baby bimbo, she's basically saying she's proud for being able to teach herself basic skills in Photoshop.

No. 664126

You can pirate PS, though I'm not sure if Shayna would know how to.

No. 664128

ain't photoshop quite pricey thing? as i remember even for using cloud version you had to pay like 30$? not mentioning the full version. is she paying/ paid for that? can't imagine

No. 664133

You know, this would be a whole lot more impressive if she actually did shit with her highschool diploma/knowledge
Also, I utterly respect those who go to vocational schools and do great things with their lives because it's the best schooling for them. But I 100% think shay went to one solely cause her parents knew she was utterly incapable of anything involving writing or typical school work and sent her to one hoping she'd be able to find something she could do with her life. I mean, this girl can't even write a tumblr post and I know this isn't just because she's high or playing up being a bimbo. Her life decisions have been nothing but idiotic so it's not to far a stretch that this isn't entirely a act. Her poor parents tried everything and all she can do is shit on them and brag about the school she went to with nothing to show for the education she got there except that she tried so many different jobs and skills but decided to throw everything away for doing terribly in sex work

No. 664134

She might have an old copy. My dad still uses one from the 90s and it doesn't connect to any internet things. That or fupa got her a pirated version of it so she could try and make her posts less crap (it's likely recent since this is the first time she mentioned it)

No. 664138

did she finally learn how to shoop out her boils without making her asshole disappear?

No. 664139

You can crack the whole adobe suit and is as simple as watch a YouTube tutorial so I'm with >>664134 theory and also think fupa cracked her Photoshop

No. 664188

Her face in this looks like the annoying orange

If she's such a photoshop pro why does she keep using shitty snapchat filters instead?

No. 664191

why does this bitch have the cringiest, most punchable annoying face, i feel so triggered looking at her smug little facial expressions and her ugly pouting and that weird ultra irritating thing she does where she curls her lips.

No. 664294

anyone else notice shay's been reblogging her old "bambi doll" videos a ton lately? it's kind of unsettling to see how much better she looked in those than she does now. makes the used-upness even more apparent.

No. 664298

so i guess shes not going to LA then? maybe nobody booked her

No. 664301

she took a train somewhere on saturday, but i have not seen her plug a single thing since her s15 headshot came out so i'm guessing something bad happened? lol

No. 664304

File: 1534254292397.jpg (385.75 KB, 1280x2048, FB_IMG_1534253764509.jpg)


No. 664332

File: 1534258407829.png (72.14 KB, 1153x837, seekhelp.PNG)

Shay, you are an idiot.

I hope you know Fupa is not going to make your sadness disappear. It will only worsen. You are trying to run away from your problems without realizing how many of those problems are things you need to work on about yourself.

But don't listen to any of us. Go learn the hard way. We want milk.

No. 664333

File: 1534258492365.png (5.61 KB, 262x314, boofuckinghoo.PNG)

Shay reblogged this. Oh the poor 21 year old victim. At what age will Shay learn how to take responsibility for her shit?

No. 664345

why spend 10 minutes photoshopping when you can just use a filter?

No. 664354

i just recalled fupa saying that his job keeps him traveling the majority of a year. or maybe that was a lie among everything else that was uncovered. i cant imagine shayna moving to a different state and then being ditched at his house for weeks on end lol

No. 664397

File: 1534266684622.png (11.44 KB, 568x66, Screenshot_946.png)

kek someone recommend a bath

No. 664414

File: 1534267921796.png (Spoiler Image, 162.41 KB, 750x886, IMG_8769.PNG)

reblogging photos of actual children on her age play porn blog.

No. 664415

"I don't want to be involved in a community that sexualizes children"

No. 664421

This is fucking disgusting jfc

No. 664428

File: 1534269114828.png (42.32 KB, 399x655, Screenshot (67).png)

wtf is this

No. 664447

File: 1534270696976.gif (993.5 KB, 500x500, tumblr_otk233oAYd1ugzonko1_500…)

what happens in relationships like these when the young person who is likely being groomed gets older?

this shit is so disturbing to me. holy fuck.

No. 664452

this is literally sickening and if this is your kink, get fucking help.

No. 664465

""""the grumpies"""" gouge my eyes out please

No. 664478

File: 1534273518074.jpeg (396.82 KB, 570x1106, F62D228C-E47A-4136-BD54-B3405A…)

That fucking face, kek

No. 664483

File: 1534273966697.gif (2.02 MB, 540x304, F9C46510-FD2B-4BB8-A76D-A36531…)

she looks drugged up

No. 664485

How long ago was this? Like a year? It's honestly shocking seeing the difference in her skin and hair, she looks like she has aged almost 10 years. She has wrecked herself.

No. 664519

File: 1534277670147.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1983, FA7FA8D2-567C-4024-8635-553E53…)

I’m not going to cap all of the photos she posted with captions but here’s the link to the post: http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/176996501830/hey-doll-could-we-see-an-evolution-post-of-you

She’s pretty much always had that drugged out meth face look with super puffy eyes and dark circles. She did look healthier and a bit happier with herself in the beginning though.

No. 664526

Can we stop doing these? It’s getting kinda old, and they’re nowhere near accurate anyways. It’s a little funny at first, but it’s done multiple times in each thread. It’s not milky.

No. 664527

File: 1534278415175.jpg (808.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-162549.jpg)

At the bottom of this post
>porn star
LMAO where tho

No. 664530

File: 1534278862151.jpg (28.78 KB, 449x306, cw9Dhs2.jpg)

me reading this: wow people suggested decent things, better than I expe-
>the grumples

No. 664531

it's so depressing how she thinks she looks appealing in any way in that photo/nowadays. everything about her looks like ugly cheap meth head trash.

No. 664542

The porn star that never promotes any work not filmed/edited by herself

No. 664559

This is depressing. It’s like a train wreck timeline

No. 664580

Does she just never cover up her dark circles ever? Really weird for what she is going for

No. 664599

File: 1534286292056.jpg (16.33 KB, 225x400, screenshot_193729.jpg)

kek, i run a sfw blog mostly just about shitposting and memes and i still end up with things like this on my dash. i wonder how many of her 150K are bots or inactive (or people just there to watch her be an idiot) seeing as how the majority of tumblr dislikes her.

No. 664600

File: 1534286480130.jpg (504.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-184102.jpg)

Guess they're not getting the house with the "jacuzzi"?

No. 664604

File: 1534286634115.jpg (644.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-184327.jpg)

Lmao I'm imagining him face timing her making her buy soap

No. 664621

>admits that her dirty ass needs some old man to force her to pick out a body wash because she's too lazy and dumb to just buy a fucking bottle of cheap basic soap

my self esteem goes sky high when i read the shit that happens in her life

No. 664626

File: 1534287517092.png (66.95 KB, 1074x512, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 6.58…)

No. 664630

ew this sadbaffoon person is a deluded cunt like shay, what a shocker
i can't stand these entitled annoying tumblr cunts

No. 664633

Did I miss something? What allegations are they asking about?

No. 664750

The "grumpies"
Yeah, cause childhood depression totally isn't a thing. Also cause counting to ten totally helps depression. Like if she was talking about just self care when feeling down then I'd just roll my eyes and carry on but the fact that she mentioned counting to ten over it basically confirms to me that she isn't even bullshit depressed at all (kinda down/sad). I don't think she knows anything about actually being depressed or sad even. It's amazing how bad she is at lying, and honestly the fact that she isn't depressed about her life surprises me too given her sorry state of a life. Plus her lazy, motivationless personality

No. 664757

counting to 10 isn’t so much a coping skill as it is a means to get your focused/grounded, instead of spiraling. All it does is help keep you in the moment and gives you a chance to breathe. It is 100% NOT a coping mechanism.

Mental health on tumblr is probably the most toxic and unhealthy thing ever.

No. 664777

yeah I don't know what allegations they're talking about, can someone explain please

No. 664797

Read the thread description as well as old thread descriptions. There’s way to much to condense into one post.

Some major points would be the fact that she has posted about liking Hitler, has called another sex worker baby Hitler, made a “parody” video of Donald trump’s sexual assault comment (making a joke of it), multiple people proving that she’s a scammer, and lots more.

No. 664800

Okay ya I know her history, just wasn't aware whether there were specific allegations on anything recent

No. 664801

File: 1534301236074.jpeg (312.81 KB, 1242x697, 98D15162-B614-4F05-B05A-C2A4AF…)

Lmao she’s really trying to sell fucking SCREENCAPS of a video. How pathetic can you get really?

No. 664808

not trying to wk but you dont just get a place with out looking at all your options first

No. 664814

I think it makes it way more funny that Shay bragged about a place she and Fupa weren't likely to settle on. Not to mention they have been trying to rush all of this shit so it wouldn't be surprising if they did settle for one of the first things they saw. They shouldn't even be looking at houses when they haven't even spent that much time together.

Shay is the one who made a big deal out of the jacuzzi and hypes up this entire process. It's hilarious that she and Fupa have been acting as if they are going to get this amazing place when in reality it's not going to be anything but average.

No. 664817

Congrats anon you can use that age robot but no one cares
Not even a clear picture of her face either

No. 664818

Samefag but does anyone think Shay is even contributing money to this place? Like helping with rent or compartments and shit? I highly doubt it. Means the lease will probably be in his name since she's just a dumb baby and all. That also means when he gets tired of her, he can evict her.

No. 664824

why so serious anon?

fucking relax man.

No. 664826


That website has clocked Shay as old looking and haggard more than once anon. Kek do you think Shay is the prettiest princess?

>no one cares

But your jimmies are rustled kek

No. 664828

Hi shay!(hi [cow])

No. 664830

She has to beg people for money for free cardboard boxes so I’m gonna say no on that one.

No. 664891

File: 1534307712184.png (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 1334x750, E59F16C5-7279-4C63-B78B-C097AA…)

She’s on cam showing off her diseased pussy

No. 664971

Exactly, and honestly the way she portrays it as "the grumpies" and this cute childish thing is among the worst I've ever seen anywhere, including tumblr. Like I've seen parents tell their kids to count to ten in order to calm them down and I've done similar things for my own shit, but Shay acting like this is all just part of being a cutsey "little" is just insulting on so many levels. As bullshit as some people's fake illnesses on tumblr are, at least they hold some marginal knowledge about the illnesses they're faking and will post legitimate coping and self help things. Shay is a total moron and privileged beyond most tumblr whores. It's no wonder she doesn't actually care about her lack of a life or career, she's never worried a day in her life
(Sorry for being so triggered, something in this really made me snap)

No. 664973

shay is always saying 100% false deluded narcissistic shit about herself, the hoebag has no functioning brain lel. we just need to accept it because trying to comprehend her bullshit triggers me honestly.

No. 665074

She’s undeniably repulsive but enough with the age robot was my point lmao we get it
They keep getting posted like it’s interesting but it’s the same every time

No. 665100

I agree. I only responded because that anon sounded pressed. And honestly as long as the posts are saged why does it matter? Why do people keep trying to police this thread in particular?

No. 665126

ot but honestly the minimodding is not bad itt compared to most of the others

No. 665131

File: 1534339890738.png (82.2 KB, 552x1224, 2018-08-15 09_25_42-Tumblr.png)

kek trouble in paradise?
looks like fupa was having a bit of a meltdown over this whole moving situation. he is def not seeming as excited as shay about this whole process.

No. 665136

She's packing and they don't even have a place yet, have a feeling nothing is going to go as planned for these two.

No. 665139

how long do you think before she's pregnant by him? lmao

No. 665142

Honestly? Wouldn't be surprised if it happened and he pressured her into an abortion or she started doing fucked up preggo porn

No. 665143

Oooh. He said "hopefully". This is juicy.

Shay has been acting like her life depends upon this move and Fupa is freaking out.

It's such a dumb idea. Yeah, Shay is sitting back being lazy af and Deadbeat Dada is putting in all the work to get the place. And they've known each other for like 4 months.

Also, look at how Fupa has to ask tumblr idiots for support and Shay often vents via tumblr. They can't even rely on each other for emotional support. What a wreck. Guess that's what happens when two immature fucks get into a relationship with each other and try to rush it as fast as they can.

No. 665144

doesn't help that the only leg their relationship even stands on is fetish porn and "kinks"

No. 665146

I'd imagine he'll also be putting all the money into the place, considering shayna has been begging for money to buy boxes

No. 665177

Still waiting for Shay to realise she's not a grumpy little girl but an adult woman who most likely has mental health issues and is headed for a dead-end in her life.

The "littles" are already bad, but I worry more about the """doms""" who get off on adults age-regressing into a toddler.

No. 665182

>Hopefully you'll be able to take out all this stress out on Dolly
And here I thought taking out your anger on your partner was considered abusive, guess it's just being a dom! You learn something new every day.

No. 665195

Are you fucking joking? A real dom does not get off to this type of shit

No. 665202

she is truly the dumbest person on earth if she paid for boxes. there are so many free boxes in a large city like seattle. asking her to leave her musty apartment is too much i guess. that is half the reason she's so fucked up and in her feelings on a daily basis. get some fresh air and see something outside of your walls, shay,

No. 665241

Awww but I thought it was the “next obvious step in your relationship” Fupa?

No. 665243


holy shit, shay, youre a WOMAN. how do you not know what soap products to buy yourself?

No. 665259

wow sage af and off topic but andrew 2011/10 era is so fucking foine

No. 665287

I might've missed something but I check fairly regularly.

What happened to her Aug 10th LA trip?

No. 665307

lol no one knows, seriously. she probably didn’t have the money (after bragging about how her agency gets “everything” for her now that she’s a porn star) and had to cancel.

The irony is so hilarious.
>my agency pays for all my trips now cos I’m a pr0n STAAAAAR!
>oh they’re not paying for this trip and I’m broke whoops

No. 665312

File: 1534354454980.jpeg (944.96 KB, 1242x930, 5182939C-A451-4BE3-8F8E-F64D10…)

Kek, shes showing off her infamous bread knife again

No. 665322

So edgy. Shouldn't she be working or something instead of taking pictures of bread knives next to tasers?

She should stop smoking cannabis. I think if she took a long break she might clear up the mental fog and lack of motivation. I know stoners don't think there are consequences to smoking all day every day, though.

No. 665327

part of me has to guess she's a huge bitch when she's not high lol

No. 665356

100% second this because she’s the type of person that needs to be high as soon as she wakes up.

No. 665359

Dirt and debris all over the carpet or blanket. This woman is gross. Her photos showcasing her filthy rugs, and carpet, and stained belongings make my skin crawl.

No. 665362

When did she say they pay for her trips? If that's the case she should have already been back to LA more than once by now.

Perhaps it got around to some in the industry casting that her vagina n ass are riddled with open sores, boils, and scarring. All they have to do is look at one photo.

No. 665366

She said this herself on MFC about a week-ish ago.

No. 665368

No. 665372

File: 1534359081425.png (7.42 KB, 275x289, lol.PNG)

orly Shay? you don't have a reputation for being mean?

you don't harass girls on tumblr because you are desperate for a 33 year old deadbeat with a vienna sausage for a penis?

No. 665373

Uber KEKS. Is she so oblivious that she's sharing the fact that her bf so desperately wants her to bathe… AGAIN!?

She probably stank so bad the 2 times they were together .. All her postings of Fupa's rules, reminders to shower/bathe, and talk of soap just confirm the fact that Fupa knows
she is dirty, smelly, and gross.

Reminds me whe Mia got her in the shower for a "vid".. before touching her, lulz.

No. 665375

File: 1534359274283.png (26.37 KB, 565x359, shutup.PNG)

Aww we all knew this would happen to these idiots. That is what you get for trying to buy a house before your tumblr ho gf's lease is up. This is just a sign of what's to come for you two.

No. 665377

that's not how a dom should act. he shouldn't be 'taking out his stress/anger on his sub' at all in play or using her like a stress ball or punching bag. that's literally just abuse. a real (good) dom knows to separate his/her emotions from the scene. otherwise you get angry doms pushing their subs to their limit & ignoring safe words or making her feel like she can't safe word & that's just a complete mess. fupa claims to be some sort of 'leader in the bdsm community' and then agrees with this kinda toxic shit. especially if it was shay pissing him off in the first place, then beating her up for it, even if it's sexual, can easily just turn into full-blown abuse.

No. 665379

NO one thinks Fupa is a real dom.

No. 665384

It's cuz he's not a dom. He's a beta male who has self esteem and mommy issues with a tumblr account.

No. 665385

File: 1534359562248.png (15.92 KB, 561x302, sojelly.PNG)

I didn't realize Mia was still being a huge cow. Why do people think anyone is jealous of these two? Cos they get reblogs on tumblr sometimes?

I think that unfortunately there are some people, especially people new to the BDSM scene on tumblr who don't know what they are doing, who look up to this sorry excuse of a dom.

We all know he isn't a dom, but he gets attention for being one and people constantly compliment him for it.

No. 665386

Who closes on a sale before doing a walk-through?

No. 665387

Honestly believe he gets a lot of trolls and people trying to win him over with compliments to get info. People are too over the top fake with their compliments and it reeks of fakeness. No one thinks he's a dom, they're all laughing at his pathetic attempt, getting dirt on boil barbie, or trying to get "fame" from the attention they get.

No. 665389

Look at the profiles of the people who compliment Fupa. I am not trying to say anything nice about him but unfortunately there are dumbasses who look up to him

No. 665391

Yea no shit they're BDSM blogs how else do you convince him you're one of his fans?

No. 665394

Mia makes really boring porn. She’s not gross to look at like shay but her stuff just drags and is not erotic or sensual or even pornographic really. It’s just lame.

No. 665397

LOL of course he's going to approve the messages that compliment him. You're not going to see the negative or ones criticizing/correcting him. He's an attention seeking beta in need constant validation from his 16 yr old followers, or from his other non 16 yr losers just as desperate for any validation and attention like him. It's a circle jerk.

No. 665398

People have said on here about having "His type of blog" and trying to steal attention or see if he'd cheat on Shay, I think every single blog that sends him shit has an ulterior motive.

No. 665399

Jesus Christ anon. do you remember the time that Fupa got called out because he was proud of Shay for never using her safeword?

That person had a back and forth with Fupa that garnered a lot of attention. I tried to find it but I think it's a couple threads back.

The person that Fupa was arguing with was a submissive woman. She told him that she called him out not because he is a dumbass, but because people view hm as a leader.

The tumblr BDSM community is largely toxic anyways. So if those people are looking up to him, it isn't a reflection of the entire BDSM community. Just that shitty one on tumblr. I don't know why you are getting so mad at me about it.

No. 665401

Not mad, just don't think we should give him the credit of winning anyone other than Shay the moron over. It's so easy to tell he's a joke and you see their drama all over Tumblr. They'r not looked up to, they're jokes, don't pat their asses.

No. 665403

I wonder if she just didn't get booked for anything so they cancelled the trip or something

No. 665408

How am I patting his ass? Will you stop? I don't think any of this is right either. I don't think Fupa is a good person whatsoever. He has won other people over. Shay isn't his first tumblr whore and there will be others. There is a whole group of toxic fuckheads being stupid on tumblr. It's not really a compliment to be considered a leader of something like that.

No. 665409

There is normal BDSM, Tumblr doesn't represent that well but they are a bunch of dumb fucks that'll follow whoever is getting the most attention whether they're right or wrong about the practices

No. 665411


He probably won her over by being a cheap knock off of Drugmonsters, whom she was obsessed with and Fupa publicly dated DMs ex, whom Shay hated.

No. 665412

Stop in fighting

No. 665416

Wait who did Shay hate??

No. 665417

I wasn't trying to. I just didn't want my words to be misconstrued as giving Fupa a compliment. And I am pretty sure I wasn't the one who was being rude and acting defensive over the tumblr BDSM community.

No. 665419


sugarpiehoneyboo, who was DMs gf the majority of the time that he was on tumblr. there was a thing about how Shay wouldnt leave DM alone, forever ago, but i cant find it now (dont scream at me, i was looking through archives but things must have been deleted)

No. 665420

OKay great can we get back on topic

No. 665423

Go apply to be a mod if you want to mini mod. I wasn't the one who started the argument. I am so done with this thread. Some of you are so fucking rude.

No. 665424

yes, people on lolcow can be very rude, that's kind of the point. We're not all here to play best friends.

No. 665426

He straight up ripped off drugmonsters original content too, in his obese trans man looking way. barf.

No. 665429

Knock off of who shay is really obsessed with and couldn't have, makes so much sense!

No. 665430

can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen pussy boy

No. 665433

shay only deserves and can afford knock offs anyway, kek

No. 665435

They are the perfect dream dumpster couple

No. 665480

This is absolutely true

No. 665501

File: 1534366260557.png (473.96 KB, 516x583, 2018-08-15 16_49_26-servin som…)

she's gonna murder fupa

No. 665505

Glad she at least took our advice and stopped over curling her bangs

No. 665510

She actually looks decent for once.

No. 665513

god her captions make me puke. like what the fuck "see u at ur dads funeral haha" i et that she's pandering to the ddlg audience but it's just so pathetic and doesn't even make sense. almost nobody's dad would touch her with a ten foot pole besides her ugly fupa deadbeat.

No. 665514

Agreed, decent hair and black looks much better on her than pink. Atrocious bottom lashes though. She almost looked normal… Almost.

No. 665515

Who the fuck wears a bandanna with an outfit like that, get a proper hair accessory.

No. 665516

seems like she wears a shitty old bandana with EVERY outfit lol

No. 665518

Wonder if she even unties it or just lets it get crusty and slides it on and off?

No. 665521

gonna go with the latter
it looks like she hasn't done laundry since she moved to seattle either
i stg everything she puts on looks like she dug it out of the bottom of a laundry hamper

No. 665522

Just realized that "little black dress" looks like its made of of cheap tank top like material

No. 665526

prob from one of her famous forever 21 clearance rack "shopping sprees"

No. 665532

Those boots make ZERO sense there. She looks like she’s playing dress up in her moms closet.

No. 665537

it makes me wonder how fupa feels about her "haha ur dad" shtick

No. 665547

Funny how she dresses in goth when Fupas upset about something.

Y’know, the style he’s so desperate for her to change to. She’s so desperate to keep him around, it’s pathetic. She’d even change her whole personality if it meant keeping him.
That is not a healthy relationship at all.

No. 665550

She's trying sooooooo hard to make it look like she has hips lmao

No. 665551


Their relationship is pretty much just based on desperation, obsession and popularity. There is nothing about these two that isnt toxic.

No. 665553

sage and sorry for ot but who is he?

No. 665557

andrew vanwyngarden of mgmt

is there a definitive date for when her lease is up? end of august?

No. 665568

her dye job is nasty. Bangs are getting yellow already, the roots are weirdly green/gray and the rest is ashy. This is going to be a real disaster soon

No. 665570

I wonder if she realizes using "realness" in this context suggests being a passable mtf transgendered person, kek.

No. 665572

No. 665574


tf are you talking about?
since when does "realness" = mtf
maybe the term "trap" but ive never heard of "realness" be referred to as a suggestion to being a passable transperson

No. 665575

are you retarded

No. 665592

>see u at ur dad's funeral
this doesn't even make sense with her normal 'i'm fucking ur dad haha' schtick. she's gonna see you at your dad's funeral…so she can fuck your mom? surely it would make way more sense if it was 'see you at your mom's funeral' so she can imply she's gonna sneak in and fuck the dad. but shayna's incredibly stupid so obviously she wouldn't figure this out.

No. 665594

I think its supposed to mean she married your dad and then killed him so she could get his money/estate ect

No. 665595

her entire life is just getting vag boils and lazily saying shit like "ill fuck ur dad hi"

No. 665610

oh right okay! i get it now. she's basically copying all those 'gothic rich widow' memes that are floating around on the internet. super original shay.

No. 665742

It's drag lingo, not necessarily a tranny exclusive term. Shay would have picked it up from RuPaul's Drag Race

No. 665814

File: 1534381170974.jpeg (295.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-16-08-57-13…)

uhh, right

No. 665826

God she is so sick!!! Please shay get a therapist and a real job

No. 665864

File: 1534384392558.jpeg (411.7 KB, 750x1287, D6D5A358-A7D6-4270-8862-9C9E1D…)

LA trip?

No. 665919


She just posted photos with all of her luggage the other day and they looked fine but now theyre falling apart?
When is she not begging for something new?
begged for free cardboard boxes, begging for luggage. She can go to walmart and get suitcases hella cheap, but she needs to ask rando's to buy her ~~pretty pink~~ suitcases off amazon instead.

No. 665926

Hostel, wow, how edgy. Such Dom
Besides the fact that it's a shit Eli Roth movie, being the best Dom has nothing to do with how much you'd like to see someone being killed. Plenty of sadists don't have the self control required to be a Dom. Side note, he's also admitting to getting off to two random college guys being tortured and killed with pretty shitty effects for anyone who doesn't know the film. Funny to me cause he feels like a super "no homo" kind of guy

Well, I guess she ran out of weed money and is pretending it's going to luggage for a trip that was supposed to have already happened. She clearly lurks so maybe she took a page out of Luna's book?

No. 665938

File: 1534389370120.png (Spoiler Image, 230.78 KB, 473x352, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.1…)

She's on with her scene bandana again

No. 665939

File: 1534389439755.jpg (13.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She look like the mean mom in Matilda kek

No. 665941

File: 1534389541841.png (Spoiler Image, 213.41 KB, 462x349, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.1…)

No. 665945

File: 1534389781439.png (257.69 KB, 484x351, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.1…)

She gets drunk every time she's on, she looks like an alcoholic

No. 665950

She started dancing like a retard to Barbie Girl after someone tipped her to striptease and most user left her room kek

No. 665951

File: 1534390275427.png (Spoiler Image, 209.65 KB, 463x350, grossmatel.png)

No. 665955

its linked at the top of the thread

No. 665974

Today shes slapping and punching herself for a dollar and a dime!
Ugh, I love our fav business woman, those cardboard boxes arent gonna buy themselves I guess

No. 665982

what is all this my love bullshit? How drunk is she tonight?

No. 665985

File: 1534394322167.png (Spoiler Image, 389.2 KB, 554x416, Screenshot_948.png)

No. 665986

This is fucked up considering that Kyle Perkins from Tulsa, OK has kids

No. 665989

ahhh spoiler please

No. 665994

File: 1534395147399.png (Spoiler Image, 200.15 KB, 473x352, crackhead.png)

Jesus fuck I'm retarded. Bear with me, I'm sleep deprived.

No. 665998

File: 1534395520752.png (32.79 KB, 960x716, 1364957-1454969768064.png)

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this

No. 666003

She's just kinda singing along naked to an oldies playlist tonight. Pretty boring. Someone asked if she had a spotify playlist and she said "yeah but I charge for it" super flippant like way to shut down any potential conversation or engagement. Back to awkward silence. She sucks at this.

No. 666008

Someone asked about the music choice she's just like "cause I'm a dumb little girl who needs to be told what to do and listen to 50s music" nevermind most of the songs are from 60s girl groups…

No. 666067


wait, she charges people to look at a playlist thats probably just pop music and the doors? seriously? shes lost her mind if she thinks anyone is gonna pay for that.

No. 666077

exactly, not even her "music taste" is a true trait of her personality.

i like how she's one of those hoes who thinks they're more unique because they are sluts + they "listen" to music like the doors. it's just such classic shay, that and her warts and horrific hygiene + begging to get viewers in her room and offering them free porn just to talk to her just brings her look together perfectly lool

No. 666123

What is this? This is porn? People consider this porn? And buy it? And get off on it? People actually mastubate to this? Why does her work look like it was shot in 360p in 1932

No. 666138

It’s from her cam show session

No. 666143

he probably only mentioned that film cos of it's the best-known example of the 'torture porn' genre (and the film which started the genre to begin with). he probably hasn't actually seen it cos he doesn't seem like the type to get off to male torture. you would think, if he had seen the film, he would know what the plot is and he would maybe pick one of the countless other films where women get tortured (for longer than a few seconds, cos if i remember right there is one woman). but fupa has to fake that he's a big hard dom who nuts to torture wow what a badass.

No. 666147

Lol, it's hilarious how she makes posts after reading the threads. Esp wanting new luggage after someone says this >>661723

You think she'd have done something about her disgusting vag by now

No. 666150


>has her face covered

"she looks good decent for once"

No. 666151

he’s an idiot who probably thinks Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman are real serial killers kek

No. 666152

he’s mentioned Norman Bates in a non fictional way before so i wouldn’t put it past him

No. 666194

Why do her pubes grow in like a balding afro???

No. 666205

this is REAL sex appeal, people.

No. 666264

File: 1534432805433.png (692.63 KB, 798x597, 2018-08-16 11_17_06-DollyMatte…)

she's online just blasting music and headbanging
said she had a dream about the "really nice house" she's going to get

No. 666268

File: 1534432916897.png (41.84 KB, 601x63, 2018-08-16 11_20_49-DollyMatte…)

welp. she's getting naked.

No. 666270

File: 1534433086725.png (Spoiler Image, 424.65 KB, 799x598, 2018-08-16 11_21_28-DollyMatte…)

No. 666272

File: 1534433150362.png (Spoiler Image, 591.17 KB, 814x617, 2018-08-16 11_23_09-DollyMatte…)

the state of her vag even with the hair is sad

No. 666286

I know it gets picked over endlessly, and compared to her horrifying snatch it's no big deal, but jesus christ her nipple freaks me out.

I know breasts and nipples are never perfectly symmetrical, but that shit's weird.

No. 666370

This has to be the saddest ass I've ever seen. Do some squats girl.

No. 666457

pussy so diseased it can't even grow pubic hair right kek

No. 666584

I would bet so much money that one way he tried to seduce Shay was by telling her he'd one day take her to this great restaurant called "Dorsia"

No. 666591


No. 666709

File: 1534470069114.png (26.1 KB, 264x360, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 8.36.…)

do realtors normally text their clients? the ones i contacted while buying just had like… office phones unless they're renting or buying through the owner… in which case that wouldnt be the realtor.
And an hour ago, would have been around 7.30pm his time which isnt typical office hours, either?
am i reaching or?

No. 666714


Idk it sounds weird to be texting anyone other than a buyer's agent, and even that's odd without first signing a contract

No. 666737

File: 1534471472960.jpg (461.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180816-220356.jpg)

Wonder what exactly she has that hasn't come out yet?

No. 666740

File: 1534471602293.jpg (420.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180816-211941.jpg)

Pls tell me this is a farmer

No. 666744

The timing is fine, I've gone to see houses late at night before and late at night (working people look at houses after work so Realtors will do late calls and deals). But I've never heard of a realtor do texts except maybe to set up a proper meeting. You can't make deals by text or email. No good realtor would do that. You could potentially really fuck your client over and mess with what they actually wanted through miscommunication

No. 666745


at this point her tumblr has pretty much become a gofundme page for her failed porn career.

No. 666748


yeah i never understood why she shit all over gofundme pages for people that needed it but all she does is beg for money and items on her blog.

No. 666749

She was being petty. Now her situation isn’t any better then the people she bashed when they asked for help. It’s called karma and she has so much more coming her way

No. 666754

>my allowance

No. 666774

He could be sending a text to set up or confirm a meeting date and time to do the business end at their office, maybe?

No. 666829

File: 1534481987510.png (Spoiler Image, 240.33 KB, 469x353, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.5…)

Good thing that most men are so gullible because that fake moaning is truly a mess

No. 666831

Oh Christ, not this hairstyle again. At least she fucking showered.

No. 666840

Poor girl has an actual hank hill ass.

Her pubic hair looks so weird an patchy. Is it due to scarring from her boils/warts/pimples/whatever?

No. 666843

File: 1534483628941.png (19.02 KB, 628x42, Screenshot_958.png)

This persons been in her streams a lot lately, tipping quite a lot, shes on tumblr under the same name. Did shayna actually find another gullible orbiter to milk for cash? Does fupa have a fake tumblr to fake this shit so she looks better? Wtf is this chick?

No. 666844

File: 1534483821150.png (Spoiler Image, 983.71 KB, 1262x562, Screenshot_959.png)

No. 666845

since getting tipped (about 87 dollars) shes been sitting here with a toy in her ass looking lost.

its been like 2 mins of shock.


No. 666852

File: 1534484965459.png (349.65 KB, 550x410, Screenshot_961.png)

No. 666997

she must be a new orbiter. i was browsing thru the tumblr of the same name and it appears this is another girl that also cams on mfc, except she's 25 and "pansexual".
she's prob hoping to piggyback off shay's alleged "success". who knows tho. i guess it's possible it could be someone else?

No. 667020

File: 1534516281337.jpeg (262.31 KB, 640x795, D427C8DC-DA7E-41DD-9F9D-BC0DB2…)

Saw this and immediately thought of Shayna.

No. 667057

The accuracy.

No. 667111

File: 1534528366065.png (4.63 KB, 556x170, 2018-08-17 13_51_09-Tumblr.png)

so deep…….

No. 667115

This looks like something a 6th grade girl would post as her Facebook status. Major KEK

No. 667122

No. 667133

Such edge.

No. 667138

Wasn’t this a fucking Jaden Smith tweet?
Is he seriously trying to take credit?

No. 667141

It’s hilarious to me that he tags all of his shit with his own hashtag lmfao

No. 667172

As if ANYONE searches that damn hashtag.

No. 667183

File: 1534534980010.png (Spoiler Image, 569.87 KB, 482x877, fupakek.png)

kek she thinks this is cute

No. 667193

this is so old. plz read the thread and if you're gonna post this shit at least sage it.

No. 667194


This is so cringy, all I want is to beat his smug creep face with a baseball bat

No. 667207

I think it's more to sort his posts from his reblogs, instead of tagging it something like "mine" he uses his username. Pretty common thing to do.

No. 667209

its a tupac quote

No. 667255

Most likely yes. She has gotten some large scars where the worst of her boils were.

No. 667266

File: 1534544056954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 233.05 KB, 480x672, unemployed pls buy my porn.jpg)

I've loved this thread since the beginning so I made you guys something

No. 667268

I know this is the old news but honestly, if you are capable of posing expressionless at all while someone eats you out, your partner is doing it wrong. You'd think Kyle Perkins, despite being new to porn, would at least be able to have sex. I guess he neglects the clit as much as he neglects his kids

No. 667305

the file name

No. 667338

Not necessarily, lots of women just don’t like oral, feel uncomfortable, or just can’t get warmed up right away.

No. 667353

Yeah honestly acting like you're in ecstasy the moment a dude touches your vagina is just a porn meme, something can feel good and not cause you to pull faces or scream or whatever. Plus she's obviously taking photos so she's probably more focused on that than what he's doing. Although I guess since she's a "REAL porn star" she should be better at faking it for the camera.

No. 667357

File: 1534555867068.png (125.07 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-28-11…)

When $86 is the most you've evvvvvver made on cam….. In 3 years

No. 667360

File: 1534556007533.png (Spoiler Image, 521.13 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-28-26…)


No. 667362

File: 1534556030277.png (Spoiler Image, 983.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-28-46…)


No. 667363

why tf is she so ugly

No. 667366

I knew she wasn't making much but holy shit Shay just get a job at McDonald's.

No. 667386

okay this whole "ur dads fav" thing gives me such cringy, second hand embarrassment i cannot stand it.

No. 667388

her nipple looks funny in this pic lol

No. 667403

not to nitpick or anything but I live in seattle and the sky has been completely clear for days…

No. 667435

File: 1534562709848.png (826.28 KB, 1252x515, Screenshot_965.png)

Dolly and her orbiter are back on cam

No. 667436


their name is so fitting, seeing as how they're the only person in pathetic dolly's chat kek

No. 667438

File: 1534563026701.png (242.52 KB, 465x339, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 8.29…)

uwu sso cute

No. 667445

File: 1534564077742.png (405.81 KB, 558x416, Screenshot_966.png)


No. 667446

File: 1534564115341.png (375.73 KB, 521x412, Screenshot_967.png)

No. 667451

File: 1534564274003.png (8.66 KB, 443x410, Screenshot_968.png)

Interesting… They had a avi of themselves kneeling in a dress, face cut off, blonde hair.

Now no avi?
Are they a lurker?

No. 667452

Havent heard her talk in like ten minutes, she knows people watch cam girls for the experience right? if not they would just watch porn right?

No. 667461


Shay wants to have the attitude of 'too gud for u' so she ignores clients and watchers because she wants people drooling at her feet, but then she also wants to be babied and have someone take care of her lol

No. 667467

How is she surviving

No. 667474

She must have been making most of her money on manyvids but given all the bad reviews people most likely dont buy as much anymore. plus they all get leaked.

No. 667481

She might still be seeing that really old dom guy from a while back, he might be a splenda daddy helping with her bills until she leaves seattle?? Maybe?

No. 667488


Could she possibly be on welfare? I don't know what it's like in the states, but where I live she could get on welfare or similar easily because she technically doesn't have a job.

No. 667493

Why does she make this face where it looks like she took her dentures out?

No. 667499

I wouldn't doubt she has food stamps, tbh.

No. 667500


she wouldnt need them seeing as how her only consumption is "pink wine" or candy.

No. 667509

GOD that’s so sad. the most she’s ever made a night is $80 something? Not even a bill?? And she’s crying from joy…That’s a bad night even for mid-tier whores Shay
She’s literally not even making minimum wage! I wonder how she feels about her fellow whitetrash dumbasses like Pumpy pulling 6 figures their first year
Truly the bottom of the barrel… Bet she thought she’d be fucking your dad for Gucci slides in 3 years times lmaooo
If bitch worked at McDonald’s for 3 years she’d be a manager with a livable wage and intact dignity…

No. 667512

lol she likes to act like a narcissistic ~sugar daddy baby uwu im fucking your dad n he loves me more than you teehee~ hoe but it's beyond pathetic because she managed to snag one (1) ugly old man who does indeed have kids however his ex wife realised what a piece of shit psycho this man was and left him, plus he's poor and wastes his days on tumblr making le edgy 12 year old emo girl posts so he is the opposite of the whole rich sugar daddy act that shay deludes her shriveled brain into believing. they're both just so sad and gross it's really getting unbelievable.

No. 667516


Nailed it. She prob thinks she's in the same league as those instagram girls who sugar, but the reality is so grim lmao

Just one look at Kyle and I'd run. Short, fat neck beard who wears Hot Topic? No thanks.

No. 667518

i don't get how, no matter how dense shay is, that she isn't disturbed by how a man could ditch his multiple younger aged children to do mediocre grimy porn and to make tumblr posts all day. is that supposed to add to the ~im ur dads fav~ shit? if so, then i think shay's self esteem is lower than a body in a grave and so she tries to lift it up making her entire life a humiliating mockery. i don't know, these people just leave me thinking w h y g o d

No. 667546

Usually when women sell their dignity it's at least for a higher price than 80$ one night in a blue moon and a poor ugly guy who ignores and neglects his kids. Damn shay is cheap. She'd be better off making a NSFW tumblr blog with a donation button that will also advertise other girls for a fee with nothing of Shay. She wouldn't exactly make bank but she'd make more and not have to suffer due to her scary vag

No. 667549

i don't usually say this about people but shay is a worthless sack of shit. like she doesn't have ONE SINGLE decent quality about her. she's just a cheap stuck up bitch with no future yet she also acts like a raging narcissist. it's sickening

No. 667560

i've thought her actual dad probably helps her out, but she doesnt mention it coz ~abusive parents~ are the in thing

No. 667563

it's almost like i would love to have a fast forward button and be able to see how her miserable life continues cuz it's just so fascinating to see this train wreck going downhill so fast

No. 667566

just keep checking these threads for the next decade lel. guarantee she'll still be getting lolcow threads and making 70$ per week by looking gross on cam

No. 667629

Are we sure it was $86 all night, or was that just her high tip?

I just can’t believe it, it’s too pathetic.

No. 667642

i think each goal she aims for is no more than 1000 tokens so it might be closer to 200 - 150$ night

No. 667645

This perfectly sums up shay and kyle anon omg

Also he activated his snapchat again, he really can't go a week without attention kek

No. 667648

I've been in a few of her streams this week and tbh the only person tipping her decently is that "foxpartyofone" person. it seems that she will have a decent # of people in her room until she starts taking her clothes off, at which point a lot of people jump ship. I also saw this person in her chat say she bought her luggage off her Amazon wish list, so not sure what the story is with that.

No. 667701

1000 tokens is only $50 to a model.

No. 667708

She’s probably referring to the smoke/haze. Definitely hasn’t been sunny or clear skies in Seattle for a week except for kind of yesterday

No. 667723

she made 3x her goal so..

No. 667744

Well if she only made $86 then she made 1,720 tokens. If that was triple her goal than her goal was really really tiny, under 600 tokens.

Are you done with the WK now?

No. 667857

Not really sure you could consider that white knighting, more like trying to provide proper facts instead of inaccurate numbers just to make her seem more pathetic.
She’s pathetic enough as is, she doesn’t need help.

No. 667893

correct me if i'm wrong but didn't she actually say that she made a total of 86$? and that it was the most she ever made in one night?

No. 667900

She never gave that number, someone on here made it up and everyone ran with it. I think the $150 guess is more accurate

No. 667902

Yikes. I thought she Meant the most she’s been tipped not made in one night. My bad. That’s fucking sad.

No. 667912

I'm just genuinely curious to know what goes on inside her fucked up brain, but i know it would be like that spongebob office fire reaction gif and not in the quirky/funny way either.

No. 667916

File: 1534638505504.jpg (100.59 KB, 451x499, Tumblr - Google Chrome 8182018…)

No. 667917

File: 1534638592190.jpg (44.83 KB, 486x183, (2) Tumblr - Google Chrome 818…)


No. 667919

File: 1534638765395.png (302.12 KB, 909x512, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 7.31.…)

Wait, does this mean I got blocked? I don't even interact with him or Shay.

No. 667923

be careful, you'll need decades of therapy if you were to see that.

No. 667924

no, you'll still see his blog if you go there but tumblr will lie and say there's no posts.. did he delete? i'll go check

No. 667925

No. 667926


On mobile it just has the loading symbol and no posts, but via my laptop it says the blog is completely gone, so im guessing im blocked for whatever reason.

No. 667927


i still got the "not found" page

No. 667928

Nah he's still there and currently active.

No. 667929

for me on desktop, if you click on a blog that you're blocked on, the little half page blog preview thing shows up, you see the whole blog but no posts.. dunno if you guys have different browsers or something.

No. 667935

takes a min but its loading

No. 667937

File: 1534640314769.png (22.43 KB, 549x264, stfukyle.png)

>whining doesn't fix anything

No. 667938

this is so ironic because if and when anyone directly sends a not worshipful message to him or his dirty hoe dolly they would get bitched at for being "jealous and wrong" and then get blocked.

No. 667949

How hypocritical. Why doesn't he take his own advice and talk TO the people doing that instead of ABOUT the people doing that? Fupa's not a smart one.

No. 667969

Ironic because people HAVE gone to her privately (on multiple occasions) before making call out posts, and she ignored them and talked shit on her blog. but now when it happens to her it’s wahhhh I’m a victim! But whining is bad, right Shay?

No. 667971

just comes up as page not found for me

No. 667972

no he just blocked me bc now its not showing up so i assume he's purging followers again on that account

No. 667975

File: 1534643774795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.85 KB, 540x596, nails cut.JPG)

did….did she actually get her nails done a reasonable length or is this an old pic? she still looks like a drugged out auntie in the first pic regardless.

No. 667977

Oh my god.. her hands aren’t terrifying

No. 667978

i mean the nails are much better but.. that face, that caption and everything else instantly ruined any improvement that the nails made lmaoo

No. 667979

unfortunately her genitals and face still are

No. 668018

OT nitpick but why some girls get white tips that take up half of the fucking nails? This a trend or what cuz It looks whack like your tech doesn’t know how to do French tips

No. 668027

The main issue is prob that her natural nails are so short. If you want long tips with acrylic but have super short damaged nails then it'll be way more white.

No. 668028

holy SHIT she looks so bad in these pics omfg…. she really does look drugged out and unclean

No. 668034


She looks like some meth head mom who lives in a trailer park

No. 668049

Lol in her tags she said “chopped my claws, gotta get ready to live suburban life”

I’m pretty sure Kyle Perkins just asked her to cut them so it doesn’t look like he’s taking out a meth head prostitute every time they’re in public together.

No. 668076

>suburban junkie here to not shower for weeks

No. 668139

LOL I know.. which is why the caption kills me.. like any rich father would take away their kid's college money to this ugly ass 21 year old who looks like a washed up trailer trash 38 year old hooker who fucks greasy desperate truckers for a cheeseburger and a dusty quarter.

No. 668143


I'M DYING LOL. Yeah, she thinks she's so classy, but she's so trashy you can smell it from her pics

No. 668147

this is not suburban barbie? this is second hand store, trailer trash, discount dollar tree plain jane. kek

omg her hands are so manly. that shorter maniucure def just makes you notice how huge and masculine her hands and fingers are. she just can't win.

also her butt is riddled in it's usual breakouts and sores. gross.

No. 668180

She looks like the whiskey-voiced, middle aged divorcee sitting at the bar in the middle of the day, smelling like stale perfume and cigarettes, asking every man who comes in the joint to buy her a drink.

No. 668212

File: 1534678320592.png (161.03 KB, 1024x1128, Screenshot_2018-08-19-07-58-19…)

I find him talking about how people will fake and overcompensate during bdsm to seem more into it than they are or more comfortable/experience than they are quite ironic. Also any shamless watchers here that can comment on it? I'd laugh my ass off if the relationship he's talking about was actually abusive and here he is romanticizing it as a good beginning to bdsm (basically wondering if it's 50 shades of grey)

No. 668215

File: 1534678660100.jpg (751.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180819-080115.jpg)

Double posting but he reblogged this from himself again and I just have to wonder what he thinks about their relationship is remotely related to being a power couple. They don't make any power moves, he actively lowers her chances of being remotely successful by removing her b/g porn as a possibility, she does nothing to help his job and could lead to him losing it, and she's moving in with him to the middle of nowhere in a town far away from the porn scene she wants to get into and the one she is already into, etc. Not exactly money moves so to speak

No. 668216

They are both so fucking haggard. The very definition of "rode hard and put away wet."

He reblogs that "drink some fucking water" post literally every day and it's like… he must have just found out you're actually supposed to drink water instead of Monster Energy 24/7, judging by how rough he looks, and now thinks he has stumbled upon some kind of secret life hack.

Also, imagine being 30+ and still dressing like this kek.

No. 668222

on cam the other day she said she filmed videos for ATK when she went to LA. but i couldnt find anything? like all the other girls have videos (on that same red chair shay was on) except her, was it just so bad they couldnt use it kek

No. 668225

also i could just be being autistic but in a lot of the photosets/videos that are obviously shot in the same place they all seem to be using the same pink toy, hope its not the actual same one.

No. 668226

Kevin is like most guys. Turns his girl on unwillingly but fails misirably when he actually tries. But seriously the dynamic between him and V is halarious. Why is this being discussed haha

No. 668236

I love how he tries so hard to come off as this edgy daddy dom but then you see pics of him and he's a fat loser dressed like a 12 year old.

No. 668241


did any of the videos she apparently did pop up somewhere? Meanwhile we know that she keeps silent about all her "pro" shoots but LA has been over a month ago and there is still not a single video about anything she could have done. Where are the big productions, shay? Where are the big moves you did in LA?

I think it's pretty obvious that her current stage of her vag and all over appearance just killed any chance to go full pro and the fact that fuppa let her remove the b/g tag, killed any last chance to get into the business.

No. 668250

cosmetology anon here. there’s a pink gel we use to make the natural look on part of the nail. you can have super short nails and reasonable french tip length. you can build up as far or short as you want for that part, it’s all just a matter of her picking the ugliest fucking nail design possible.

No. 668348

File: 1534705241220.png (92.89 KB, 309x323, 8A6E560C-925E-4DB7-B388-BFC3F9…)

Shayna really reminds me of Darla Dimple from “cats don’t dance” only for the fact that they have her make hellish faces the entire time, kek.

No. 668350

File: 1534705418401.jpeg (90.98 KB, 687x870, 8E83203E-B377-427F-9650-E24B61…)

No. 668386

No. 668418


"fter fucking her for a bit with the rod heated to 118°F"


no wonder why she looks so beat up. bitch burned her asshole. what the fuck.

No. 668423

1. what the fuck is wrong with men
2. what the fuck is wrong with shay

No. 668426

Ummmmmmm…. A hot steel rod up her ass???? This seems so niche to me lmao, do people really seek this kind of porn out?

No. 668431

Disgusting, creepy men with torture kinks, yeah.

No. 668432

118°F is not that hot though. It’s only 20 degrees warmer than the average body. The guy’s still holding the rod with his bare hands.

No. 668437

I think it's 112° where the body says, "this object is warm." I think bathwater is around 115°. so 118° is just a bit toasty. but God, too hot for a butthole. poor shay's is just so mistreated

No. 668576

Wow there are some people that look worse than dolly on there. That's hard to believe.

No. 668587

for anyone who isnt american, 118f is about 48c

No. 668610

I don't really feel bad for her when she plays up her ~bdsm princess~ thing so much and she only thinks its slapping and punching or something. If she hasn't even looked up any actual BDSM porn I don't feel bad for the awful shit she is going to put herself through.

The whole point of that episode was that Kevin was trying to do it right, but he loves V so much that he didn't want to harm her and felt bad doing it. Something he probably wouldn't understand.

No. 668694

Ok, so it was an episode basically saying that bdsm isn't for everyone and some guys can't be doms.
He should show that to shay so she realises not everyone can be a sub and that's actually fucking ok. Honestly she'd at least enjoy herself more if she did videos that involved other forms of sub torture like orgasm denial or something. There's so much more to bdsm than punching and hitting people (and whatever that creep comes up with in "lovingly" handmade). But the idiot shot herself in the foot on that one and only caters to the pain part, doesn't even mix any pleasure into it

No. 668696

File: 1534742272560.jpeg (61.68 KB, 750x391, 274A531C-10E2-4C58-91FB-91DC95…)

what the FUCK

No. 668697


girl you should be embarrassed, this is fucking nasty licking up old crusty cum that fat lard wanked out

what the fuck

No. 668698

File: 1534742594249.jpg (69.66 KB, 400x369, 1j9ywu.jpg)

I wish I could unread this

No. 668705

File: 1534744574107.gif (2.43 MB, 363x269, BAA1012E-3C73-4826-98FD-DB2015…)

I fucking can’t. My Cheerios are going to come back up.

No. 668709

OT thread racking up the most disgusting shit the sw's & thots in snow/pt have done when?? I cannot believe Shayna is this willing to bury herself socially and financially 6ft deep.

No. 668714

File: 1534746635325.jpg (21.6 KB, 350x233, 1425470712232.jpg)

No. 668732

This is vomit inducing disgusting. I am so totally jealous of Shay's life rn

No. 668734


Why would you admit to that???

No. 668736

is this one of her ~big moves~ in life? how enviable

No. 668751

i was having a shit day and this just

No. 668764

The fact she posted this thinking it's something "cute" and "uwu oh no how embarrassing teehee" is just.. Shay please have some dignity for once ya nasty

No. 668768

She has no boundaries or perspective so she thinks that saying this is "taboo kinky". That it'll be a great way to show off how great she is in terms of sex instead of pathetic and codependent on any man who gives her the time of day

No. 668769


Next thing we'll hear is that she fished his shit out of the toilet and has been licking it and thinking of him

No. 668779

This doesn’t surprise me. She’s so disgusting I imagine she does shit like this all the time

No. 668810

the obvious fucking disgustingness aside… why tf was a grown man using a t-shirt as a cum rag? is shay really that bad off that she can't even afford a couple towels or wash cloths??
also why on earth does this have so many notes?

No. 668833

File: 1534775513335.jpg (28.34 KB, 320x240, 1402462738919.jpg)


Disgusted but not surprised.

No. 668893

When was theast he was there?! This bitch nasty!

No. 668899

over a month ago lol

No. 668914

File: 1534786152176.png (92.34 KB, 640x827, IMG_2146.PNG)

kyle nathan perkins is so insecure that shayna has to tell people not to call her baby.

No. 668916

oh my god this is so autistic
the chick was not literally calling her "baby" in the same context fupa would
jfc these two

No. 668939

Wow for the few time she get called baby she rejects it??? Girl you’re on the verge of looking like a literal middle age crackhead. Enjoy your last seconds of ‘“youth”.

No. 668940

File: 1534789941319.png (19.51 KB, 536x203, Screenshot (166).png)

what does this even mean lol?

No. 668942

I'm really confused by this new "suburban housewife" shtick. What does this have to do with her sex work? What does it have to do with her theme/character/aesthetic? She can't even keep her personas straight anymore.

No. 668945

He’s so paranoid, kek

No. 668946

Lol I’m sure Tulsa Oklahoma is the height of suburban living.

No. 668953

File: 1534790748828.jpeg (69.09 KB, 1242x415, CF5A600E-D619-441C-9605-D942CE…)

He is really fucking dumb isn’t he?

No. 668955


i swear it sounds like he just googles "edgy teen posts" to repost on to tumblr.

No. 668965

Really though, what does it mean? Why would someone turn that off?

No. 668967


so you dont accidentally like a post on someones blog you're not "supposed" to be on?

No. 668968

I’m sure the neighbors will love her. What happened to the Boston penthouse keks

No. 668971

He is probably turning it off for himself so he can lurk other girls pages and not get caught.

No. 668983

Thanks, that’s what I suspected, but didn’t want to sound like an idiot for suggesting it if there were other, more legit reasons someone might do that.

No. 669040

How can she even meet them if she never goes out of the house? Kek

No. 669048

File: 1534797688641.png (77.65 KB, 661x510, 2018-08-20 16_38_17-kyle natha…)

lol @ searching "kyle nathan perkins tulsa" on google and shay's last thread showing up on the first page of results

No. 669063

We have to keep using his name in threads so this asshole gets noticed for the scum he is.

No. 669088

File: 1534801871296.jpeg (605.13 KB, 1242x1461, 8A2371AB-DCFA-45B7-B253-5D3C9D…)

“Let’s make sure we prove to everyone on tumblr how absolutely totally in love we are to solidify our relationship status”

People like this with relationships they feel the need to broadcast about 24/7 are always such dumbasses

No. 669092

ugh the way he says "little one" makes me think of a grandpa

No. 669098

Thriving being sucking month old cum off a tshirt??

No. 669117


Bitch, where?!

No. 669308

No. 669309

File: 1534822329987.jpg (208.47 KB, 720x637, IMG_20180821_113043.jpg)

Oops dropped pic

No. 669310

a literal child has slapped me harder

No. 669311

File: 1534822389990.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 270x531, tumblr_pdsdo55q0V1rmiw96o1_400…)

No. 669312

File: 1534822465322.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 270x530, tumblr_pdsdo55q0V1rmiw96o5_r1_…)

No. 669313

File: 1534822513428.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 270x529, tumblr_pdsdo55q0V1rmiw96o3_400…)

No. 669315

File: 1534822626465.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 270x530, tumblr_pdsdo55q0V1rmiw96o4_400…)

No. 669316

this shit is so fucking nasty

No. 669320

how do I unsee this

No. 669322

kyle has such small hands.

No. 669325

How… uh, "empowering". Looks like she hasn't shaved her coochie, it's looking better, but that's probably the shade from that nigga's fat belly.

No. 669326


Is he wearing a shirt? LOL

So insecure he has to cover up while fucking her

No. 669327

she doesnt look like she's enjoying herself at all here Yikes

No. 669332

yeah this is legitimately disturbing, i'm even into bdsm a bit and i don't find this at all attractive it's just unsettling to look at and makes fupa look like an even bigger freak

No. 669334

Shay is fairly gross and pretty awful but Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is far worse. Shay is estranged from most of her family, has no friends, has little money, and is so fucked in the head you can essentially pay her fifty cents to punch herself in the face. The only sort of man who finds a young woman like this attractive is a predator, and it appears Kyle Perkins, who works for AT&T is just such a man.

She's not enjoying herself. She's playing the role she needs to play to keep Kyle Nathan Perkins interested in her. She's so young and she's already bemoaned online that no man will stay with her. She's broke, needy and desperate for love so yeah, she's gonna do what she has to do to keep this dude around, even if it means acting like a baby while he fucks and hits her.

Do not misunderstand me - Shay's an asshole. But she's not inflicting violence on others, even if they act like they want it. She hasn't essentially abandoned three kids. She didn't lie about herself or misrepresent herself as a wealthy woman traveling for an executive job. She's an asshole but he's worse, far worse.

I fear that when moving day comes the house deal (lease, let's be real here, motherfucker isn't buying a house) will mysteriously fall through. I worry Kyle Nathan Perkins made promises he had no intentions of keeping in order to keep Shay around long enough for him to fuck her and hit her until he got tired of her. I bet some of the stress he claims is coming from the fact that his face is linked to his name and that he will have a ton of negativity come his way when Shay gives up her apartment only to have nowhere for her and her cat to go.

He didn't pay for her ticket to Mexico, he paid nothing extra for her staying with him in the hotel, he didn't take her to nice restaurants - he barely bought her food at all, and he did even less when he came to see her in Washington. It's very hard to believe that Kyle Perkins is even renting a house for her given his past performance and if he is it is probably a shit heap unlike anything in the pics he showed her.

It's too bad Shay is such a bitch that she doesn't have any real friends to talk sense into her.

No. 669338

he punches like a fat middle school kid trying to fight. this is so cringe omg

No. 669340

It really is too bad Shay doesn't have any real friends. But she also did it to herself. I almost felt bad for her for half a second seeing those gifs. Almost.

No. 669341


Agreed, Shay isn't an amazing person or anything, she's pretty shit but honestly Kyle is so much worse.

Like I hope this all falls apart, but I hope Shay doesn't end up homeless, or maybe that's for the best because she'll only have her parents left to bail her out

No. 669346

See I hate stuff like this. I have despised shay since before these threads. Before she was 18. When she was just a entitled prick on tumblr, and oh yeah. She deserves some shit. But to say she deserves to be homeless and/or beat and fucked while acting like a baby JUST to feel like she matters, is so messed up.
That’s a little girl. Barely an adult, Who made a lot of mistakes and has ruined her life. I really don’t think her being beat by Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma, the predator, is something she deserves. Possibly homelessness. Maybe then she’ll go the fuck home. But not beat by a fucking predator.

No. 669378

he fucking hits her like he’s trying to make a vending machine work

No. 669387

File: 1534829077732.jpg (217.25 KB, 793x780, fupawisheshehadbugmeatyclaws.j…)