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File: 1533082789326.png (948.61 KB, 1080x720, 1532396574495.png)

No. 652799

Previous thread: >>645637

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag
>her arby's rost beef vag looks horrible in hi-def
>her and fupa are moving into a house together
>fupa confirmed for father of three, does shay even know?

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- do not include or harass Shay's family
- remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk



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No. 652807

since Fupa's housing was always up for debate, every address i can find on his is an apartment. HMMMMMM.

No. 652810

Do not post about family members. This includes children and others who are not involved in the cow's drama.

No. 652811

Seconding >>652802 — how did sleuth anon find him?

No. 652813

Maybe it's a self leak lmao. A way for fupa to escape Shay and blame it on us.

No. 652817

Please be aware that there is another Kyle Perkins in Tulsa who is 32.


>>649738 was the most info we got.

No. 652819

"I was catching up on the thread and read
>kik name was Kpeezy or some shit so I'm guessing it night start with a p?
and remembered the whole Anthony Perkins thing so I just googled it lol"

From last thread one of the last posts

No. 652820

Lol so fupa's lies got him caught out

No. 652821

so he's from tulsa, huh? is shay moving to freakking oklahoma? you would think she'd want to move closer to la and not farther..

No. 652822

For that reason I think people should stop posting info they find online unless it's definitely him

No. 652823

Recently someone speculated his last name started with a P because his Kik name was kpeezy or something. Maybe that, coupled with the fact that he claimed relation to Anthony Perkins, gave the anon the idea to Google "Kyle Perkins".

I think it's hilarious he's from Tulsa. It's a fairly ghetto, industrial city and not somewhere I would want to buy a house or start a family. It makes sense he is from there because it has like the lowest cost of living in the nation and it's easy to be a nobody and find a decent (but ultimately dead end) job there.

No. 652825

I wonder if Fupa will address this in any way, other than DFE'ing his twitter. He's just reblogging stuff like no biggie.

I really want to see Shay's reaction to all this but as others said she probably just knows already… bummer

No. 652826

i personally think they're fighting over this right now and his queue is going

No. 652827

If he addresses it publicly he'll lead people here, so I doubt he'll say anything

No. 652828

Shay was always talking about wanting to be a step-mom so I guess she's making her dreams come true

No. 652829

Except she'll probably never meet his kids

No. 652831

File: 1533084315256.jpg (164.83 KB, 1073x648, wompwomp.JPG)

So he also doesn't own a house and I for one am SHOCKED he would lie about such a thing!

No. 652835


Maybe his ex got it in the divorce?

No. 652836

KEK at Kyle talking big but still living in his shitty Midwestern hometown at 33.

No. 652837

Guys what the fuck. He lives in my hometown. Disgusting to think I could have walked past him at some point.

No. 652846

If this bitch is starting to wear diapers her cooter breakouts are going to get 100% worse. Diaper rash saga incoming

No. 652849

Why would she specifically want to be a step-mom? Kinda concerning considering her porn fixation/nasty fetishes and how big step-mom porn is.

No. 652854

it was just one of her 'edgy' responses to an ask. In the same vein as the 'I fucked your dad' bullshit.

No. 652859

I think in the ask she talked about driving up to her high school age step children's school in a convertible to pick them up or something

No. 652861

I'm embarrassed for the mother of fupa's children tbh

No. 652863

File: 1533085787254.jpeg (267.68 KB, 1600x900, 44A53CA0-753A-46C0-8EE7-8861CE…)

Too bad I didn’t make this in time

No. 652864


Divorce was finalized March 8, 2016, ex-wife initiated it (shocker). Wonder if he was on Tumblr back then or if that had anything to do with it.

No. 652868

He's balding more than this

No. 652870

File: 1533085977608.jpg (10.29 KB, 232x293, 1495930605170.jpg)


holy shit anon that's beautiful

No. 652872

Someone mentioned before he's been on for 7 years. Not sure if they were being hyperbolic

No. 652873

great job anon this is hilarious

No. 652874

First post on Youvebeenwarned is only December 2017. Might have had a different tumblr first tho

No. 652878

File: 1533086252102.jpg (24.31 KB, 364x706, tumblr_opl1ktKxf01wnchz7o1_500…)

Photos he reblogged his first day on Tumblr (New years eve of all days lol) yet he's so triggered by Xanax

No. 652879

File: 1533086273082.jpg (139.6 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_ob1iw5jaj51sa16yjo1_128…)

No. 652883

he def made up an elaborate lie about all parts of his life. it's embarrassing.

No. 652885

File: 1533086529511.png (1.12 MB, 1833x443, Screenshot (181).png)

Interesting, he was reblogging shay the first day he had this tumblr

No. 652886

Fuck this is all so good. This couldn’t have come out at a better time, right after he supposedly talked to his “realator” about buying a house lmao. Quality milk.

No. 652888

Shaytard might finally be at /pt/ level after this fiasco, Jesus christ.

No. 652889

he sure moves around a LOT for someone richh and supposedly built his own place. don't know if showing it would get me banned, but if you look at his complete history of where he's lived, it changes nearly every year.

No. 652894

File: 1533086920350.png (105.34 KB, 1596x274, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.27…)

aaaaand Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma, who works for directtv and posts about murdering women online, has deactivated his twitter. this milk is amazing

No. 652897

File: 1533087117304.jpeg (471.6 KB, 1242x1673, 1980B8A5-3A68-47E0-AD11-288E9D…)

Cares about:

It looks like his professional career is exclusive to DirectTV, having started with them in 2009 as a Technical Support Representative

No. 652899

anyone know if kyle perkins aka fupa has ever hinted at his middle name? would help avoid ruining the wrong kyle perkins life. do we know his date of birth/month?

No. 652900

File: 1533087238321.png (444.26 KB, 1098x522, Screenshot (183).png)

Fupa's monthly income back during the divorce

No. 652901

this is fucking hilarious. i made the new thread, so can you change the tread pic if you made it or are we stuck with this one?

No. 652904

link to the divorce papers? pls anon

No. 652905

No were stuck with it

No. 652908


>cares about kids

Well of course he does. His 21 year old gf even dresses and acts like one

No. 652909

I just did what >>652882 said but here's a link for convenience [removed]

No. 652910

can someone archive fupas tumblr on thewaybackmachine, in case he tries to delete his tumblr/all evidence? I would but tumblr won't let me make a fucking account

No. 652911

Isn't his middle name anthony? Since that's how the anon found him & it fits with search results.
He's 33 apparently but not sure on his DOB

No. 652912

The ex-wife is not involved with Shay or Kyle. Stop posting her info.

No. 652913

No. 652915

I think it’s Nathan. Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 652916

No, it's something N. On the divorce papers his address matches a past address for Kyle N Perkins born in 1985. He has since moved.

No. 652917

Ah sorry this >>652915 is probably right then

No. 652919


where did Nathan come from?

No. 652920

How much of that would get sniped for 3 kids? I'd say, with my limited knowledge, his income might sit around $2500 after child support? Maybe? But yeah, totally buying a house kek.

No. 652922

He also pays alimony. $62K per year split amongst five people is really not a lot.

No. 652923

Mods, I know posting addresses is against the rules, but is posting a photo only of his disgusting house against the rules? no address, just the street view. I checked the rules but didn't see anything completely concise on it. and to any snooping anons, he is NOT Kyle A. Be sure not to dig on the wrong guy.

No. 652924

about 1k gets taken

No. 652926

how does shay plan on living with kyle nathan perkins aka youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com if he still has some overnights with the kids? LMAO wonder if shay knew. the whole living together thing was a pipe dream from the start

No. 652927

File: 1533088490786.jpeg (154.37 KB, 1136x197, 15129BE0-E2FA-4D69-8FAE-46B41C…)

No. 652928


Y'all, he ain't even an orphan and it's looking like his sis didn't die of a Xanax overdose. I'm not going to post the link, but Google his full name with the middle and it'll turn up a relevant obituary.

Or am I losing my mind, and he never claimed to be an orphan?

No. 652930

She can just pack up her teddy bear and diapers and go with him.

Ugh. Joking obviously but the thought makes me gag.

No. 652932

He definitely claimed to be an orphan, no relationship with his family, lived in group homes, dead sister, etc.

Facebook says otherwise.

No. 652935

File: 1533088800649.jpg (30.33 KB, 369x404, Untitled-3.jpg)

His birthday is September 15th 1985.

This is a post from his mom who is still very much alive, the obituary posted previously is his dad who is dead but I can't find any evidence of another sister who died, he just has two

No. 652936

Yeah, then this confirms he's Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma, working for directv.

No. 652939

wow, his house is worth a whole 112k. damn shay, quite a sugar daddy you landed

No. 652941

wow how pathetic, he's even outdone shayna with her lies about abuse

No. 652942


damnnn…this is some luna-tier shit. Who knew Fupapa was an actual cow himself?

ily anons, this milk is so fucking rich

No. 652943

File: 1533089159585.png (166.36 KB, 1350x1286, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.0…)

pretty sure fupa didn't build this place/have it built considering how many times it's been bought and sold. is there anything kyle nathan perkins didn't lie about?

No. 652944

damn they really are the perfect couple. he’s just as fake and full of shit as she is.

No. 652945

He really lied about everything, him and Shay are so similar. Both built up tragic pasts to excuse their shitty behavior, they really are kinda perfect for each other.

No. 652949


Didn't he say in the past that his mom was an addict (like heroin or something) and that she was always in prison?

No. 652951

This guy has ruined himself for fucking around with Shay, it's hilarious. It's 100% what Fupa deserves, seeing how scummy he is.

Funny how we all speculated him being married/divorced with kids, living a below average life with no money, house or anything going for him and it's all true.

No. 652952

Lol he turned anon off.

No. 652953

Anon has been off

No. 652959


In a video Fupa took a while ago he was in bed waving a gun around and pointing to the empty side of the bed to “prove” how he doesn’t have a wife. That’s because she left him and took his three kids!

No. 652961

File: 1533089945829.png (277.59 KB, 1008x1386, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.1…)


also, good luck getting a place in boston when you can only afford a 1,000 square foot house in OKLAHOMA. Even people making 200k a year in Boston still live in 600 square foot apartments. there's no way with his income, paying 1k ish a month in support, could ever easily move there. lmao.

No. 652969

is there anything that fupa hasn't lied about yet?

No. 652971

Shayna hasn't been on Tumblr the past few hours despite the fact that she's usually on it all day spamming her own stuff. Wonder if she'll even cam tonight?

No. 652972

File: 1533090376476.png (11.13 KB, 442x90, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.2…)

lmao this fucking retard probably used almost the exact same kik username as his email. that's probably how.

No. 652974

Does this confirm deadbeat dad?

No. 652976


his mom does look pretty rough tbh but she's pretty open on her Facebook and nothing mentions drugs or recovery

She's also been using Facebook pretty consistently since 2014 so she's not been in prison for at least 4 years and that's even if fupa was telling the truth about her being in jail a lot when he was younger

No. 652979

Pretty much, but him chasing after girls on tumblr kinda confirmed that too

No. 652980

File: 1533090606033.gif (1.94 MB, 342x360, 1531534792826.gif)

holy fucking shit, is it christmas? this is the best find!! the fact that he deleted his twitter is more than enough proof that he lurks, too. what a dumpster fire!

No. 652982

too dark for my taste, not drama, just tragic and should be left personal

No. 652983

Some anon cowtipped by sending an ask on Tumblr, that's how he knew so fast

No. 652985

lmao, Jesus Christ Shayna, less than 10 days and you already have enough milk for another thread.

No. 652987

And still 10 days to LA! Kek

No. 652988

Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well. Between that and the divorce papers I guess I almost feel bad for him in a way. He didn’t really know what he was signing up for with Shay until later on :/

No. 652989

oh wow, really? that's seriously a shame. i would've loved to see him figure it out all on his own.

but in other news, what do you guys think will come of all of this? do you think shayna already knows?

No. 652990

he's a sick fuck with a pedophilia kink, he could neck himself and I wouldn't blink

No. 652991

He was loving every minute of the attention and thought he was invincible

No. 652993

Judging by court dockets and the obit, Kyle’s “dad” was not his bio dad. So something happened there, but he’s still a liar.

No. 652994

I just made this post and she started reblogging again

No. 652995

I mean, all he had to do was Google her. Maybe he did, but just didn’t care.

No. 652996

I think she knows. She seems like the type who would enjoy the role of being the other woman and having little clandestine meet ups.

No. 652997

I'm pretty sure shayna knows he has kids. She probably just doesn't give a shit/prefers to pretend they don't exist

Eh lots of people have step parents, it's very different to being an orphan, he was just straight up bullshitting

No. 652998

yes, fupatty and shay are both blogging rn acting like nothing is happening

No. 652999


Don't feel bad for this piece of shit. He followed/reblogged Shay months before they got together according to his Tumblr archives. He knew exactly how crusty and gross she was on the outside, the inside could only be worse.

Also he glorifies murder, abuse, drugs, etc and chases women 10+ yrs younger than him on Tumblr. He deserves no sympathy just because he got found out.

No. 653004

Yup, and he got found out because he was being a child and chasing tumblr 'fame'

No. 653005

File: 1533091302098.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.4 KB, 713x587, asdfgh (2).jpg)

Fupa just now

No. 653006

lol why is he pointing at her tits with that expression, how old is he again?

No. 653008

And Shayna just reblogged it, guess he cares less about his face being shown now that everyone knows

No. 653009

"let's just pretend everything is okay and then it will be"

doesn't work like that, kyle nathan perkins.

No. 653010

Stop posting family shit

No. 653011

He'd given up on that when he started attention whoring, that's how his profiles got found

No. 653012

Stop going after family posts, farmhands have explicitly said NOT to do this.

No. 653013

Yeah, fupa's a piece of shit but his family haven't done anything

No. 653014

i wonder what’s gonna happen when shay gets too old for fupa and he inevitably cheats on her with another younger girl

No. 653015

they're not gonna reach that point lmao, I give them 3 months tops.

No. 653016


They ain't going to last that long lol

No. 653017

idk they're both desperate for content to post on tumblr/attention in general, wouldn't surprise me if they put up with each other until one of them found something better

No. 653018

Shay is active as hell now kek

No. 653020

This is like some cuck soyboy parody

No. 653022

Yeah the family stuff needs to stop. His parents, kids and ex wife have nothing to do with this. Fupa is the one who fucked up.

No. 653023

Wouldn't be surprising if she's reading any of this rn.

No. 653030

File: 1533092442144.jpg (39.34 KB, 648x256, house.jpg)

No. 653031

File: 1533092530455.jpeg (45.7 KB, 469x444, 67258866-2DC5-4417-AE40-4501E6…)

No. 653032

Kyle Nathan Perkins just changed his Tumblr settings so his blog is only viewable on the dash or app, kek.

No. 653034

Lol did Kyle change his tumblr settings to only letting people he follows follow him? I followed him and suddenly I am not following him anymore and every time I try to refollow it doesn’t allow me to

No. 653038

He has three kids in Oklahoma, but he’s talking about moving to Boston. Deadbeat confirmed.

No. 653040

I just followed him and it worked fine, and he definitely doesn't follow me.

No. 653041

that means you’re blocked

No. 653042


Someone’s getting paranoid I guess

No. 653043

nope. been following both of them for awhile for milking purposes and staying in my lane, maybe interact here and there with some likes, and it shows i’m still following him when he doesn’t follow me

No. 653044

These two fucking dweebs are made for each other honestly. There’s a part of me that wants to feel sorry for them in the same way that you experience secondhand embarrassment but at the end of the day, I can almost guarantee that Shay feels special that Kyle spends time with her over his kids, and I bet he’s fed her nasty lies about his past as well. She wanted to fuck people’s dads and, here we are. You reap what you sow and she did all of this. This is EXACTLY the quality she deserves.

There’s no coming back from this. Everyone knows now. All they can do is not draw attention to this on tumblr so that more people don’t find out.

No. 653045

Does he even have visiting rights though?? Or is he honestly just a bad Father.

No. 653046

That’s not possible. You’re blocked.

How long ago did you first follow him? Have you ever sent him an ask?

He might just be blocking anyone who starts following him right now, because he assumes (perhaps correctly) they’re all farmers.

No. 653047

I agree, they're perfect and deserve each other.

No. 653049

Followed him briefly after the Mexico trip and haven’t sent him an ask just some reblogs and occasional like, I’m pretty sure he’s paranoid rn

No. 653050

he's a bad dad. we are not allowed to post shit about his ex, but she bitches about his shit openly. He is a deadbeat.

No. 653053

So with all these lies do you think fupa is just sending Shay pictures of nice houses when he’s really apartment hunting in the background? In his posts he’s really making himself believe he’s buying a mansion lol. What a rich daddy

No. 653055

I feel like he has to be lying to her. Unless he is getting a subprime mortgage, a mortgage that he will be stuck paying for forever (and even then that takes time), or he is going to find an excuse to get something cheap.

Either all of that or they are gonna fall apart before they meet again in 40 days or so.

No. 653056

I really can’t understand why, if Shay JUST started working for an agency located in LA (where all of her shoots are) why she would move FURTHER away from LA? does that make any logical or rational sense?

No. 653058

Does ANYTHING about Shay make any logical or rational sense?

No. 653059

this is the craziest lol we all knew something would come out about fupa. theres something fishy about shayna being one of his reblogs on his very first day but i cant put a finger on why

No. 653062

maybe he used to be a customer of hers kek. i know he lied and said he wasn't but I wouldn't be surprised since he lied about everything else.

No. 653067

The funniest part to me is that he comes off so much like Pumpy’s ex Kyler..confirmed former fatty in a a compression tank lurking on cam girls for fifteen minutes of fame.

No. 653072

Idk about y’all, but I’d be a little concerned if I saw my senior hiring manager reblog pictures and videos of women basically being abused, and saw a video of him slapping a 21 year old girl.
Also all of his various posts about wanting to leave her tied up crying somewhere, or wanting drug and fuck her while she drifts in and out of consciousnesses. I’d be pretty skeeved out.
He’s also done straight up porn, which people get fired for all the time.

No. 653075

That’s what I get for trying to reply manually, meant this one

No. 653076

Imagine seeing your trainer in that weird "that's what you get for fucking with a sadist" video clip. Lol

No. 653091

Tinfoiling but what if this isnt his first tumblr? What if he made this one to be a big bad tumblr dom and appeal to Shay so he can fuck a young aspiring porn star? If >>652872 is true then hes been on tumblr the last 7 years but this account was to fuck Shay

No. 653095

That wouldn't be surprising considering how secretive he is. What if they're in on it together? I wouldn't know a reason why though, other than to start drama and live in their own fantasy.

No. 653097

File: 1533098307725.gif (2.35 MB, 200x200, tumblr_p9b9rlFsFh1r8aczvo2_250…)

it will never not disgust me seeing a man with 3 at 35 with a 21-year-old girlfriend who dresses like a literal infant and calls him "daddy."

do they not see how fucking nasty that is? hello? am i in the twilight zone?

No. 653109

Even if she knew about everything, that doesn’t change that he was listed single on Facebook.

It’d be one thing if he just didn’t have his relationship listed, but he was PUBLICLY advertising he was single.

You’re going to move in with this girl, and you haven’t even mentioned a thing about her to your friends and family?
Shay, he’s playing you hard.

No. 653127

Really, can you see her mingling with his coworkers at all? How could she think he was actually serious about her?

No. 653141

He's said before that this isn't his first tumblr and that he "just ventured" to the bdsm side of it last December. No idea what his previous blog would've been.

No. 653144

And he calls her "kiddo"

No. 653175

File: 1533104427947.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180801_021939009.j…)

Still going on with the house hunting plans lol

No. 653269

I would be pretty concerned by my career if I was him. Now, his real name and location are forever linked to Shay and all the dumb and gross things he said and has done on tumblr.
Seems like being secretive goes not together with attention whoring, huh?

No. 653306


The other Kyle's birthday is a few months earlier.

Admin should probably delete all references to the other Kyle.

No. 653326

Since he posted on tumblr that he's an orphan/his sister died. Do you think he told the same lie to Shayna so she wouldn't meet his family or is she just going along with lie?

No. 653330

File: 1533115672620.jpg (94.12 KB, 600x600, IMG_2959.JPG)

Holy shit I just woke up to this glorious glorious milk. This is hilarious kek you dun goofed fupa.

No. 653357

They're about the same height. What the fuck

No. 653424

I use to call this guy Kyle not knowing his name was actually Kyle. Kyle fucking Perkins. Amazing

No. 653428

Oklahoma isn’t the Midwest but nobody from Oklahoma likes to admit they’re from there. I’m surprised he didn’t claim Texas

No. 653482

I think they’re going to stay together after all of this, no matter how sick of each other they get. Firstly to prove the Internet haturz wrong, and secondly, because if they weren’t undateable & unfuckable enough before, they definitely are now. If anyone Googles either of them, this is what they’ll find. Where else can they go?

No. 653504

Fupa MIGHT be able to recover his life if he leaves Shay and stops making weird porn with her since he only appeared in a few pics/vids but Shay is screwed for life.

No. 653508

File: 1533137716114.png (Spoiler Image,678.29 KB, 1313x615, Screenshot (22).png)

Shayna has another photoset up on https://www.amkingdom.com/tour/photo/361756/
More of the same shit it looks like

No. 653509

yikes. when you google 'kyle perkins' his now deleted twitter still comes up on the first page.

No. 653510

File: 1533137876231.jpg (Spoiler Image,698.79 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180801-103722_Chr…)

Wtf is going on here

No. 653511

yeah that one has been up, there are no full sizes without paying tho
not that i need full sizes of any of those thumbnails. her ass looked especially heinous in LA.

No. 653513

that angle makes it look like she has an old man ass

No. 653521

These are all terrible, what is up with the photographer doing these?

No. 653523

i see her stretched out pussy from this exact pose in my nightmares now

No. 653532

IDK, I mean, Fupa’s real name is now linked with his porn blog where he posts rape, torture and snuff, plus his own gross porn. And it’s archived forever. I think he’s just as fucked as Shayna, even once they split.

No. 653541


and she calls him "Dada". I love BDSM and fully support the community but you cant pretend you dont have a pedophile kink if you do that shit.

No. 653543

Can anyone else access shaynas Twitter? It keeps saying it's taking too long to load but if I go on my throw away account it's fine
If it was private it would say so would it not?

No. 653546


this was exactly my thought as soon as i saw it. he either made this tumblr specifically to lure shay in (which i wouldnt doubt bc hes a nasty predator) or he deleted everything pre-knowing shay so she couldnt lurk and see stuff that would upset her

No. 653549


I have a feeling he also made this tumblr to specifically target Shay, which is gross and predatory.

No. 653551

I think you’re right, anon.
I guess the whole “i fucked ur dad” thing’s got some truth to it after all, which is the messed up thing. It’s like this whole time her personal slogan was meant to be shouted at those poor three kids’ faces.

No. 653553

Could it be possible he deleted for some other reason but when he had the previous blog had been following her and then refollowed when he made a new one? I've remade my blog before and reblogged people I liked right away
You could be right or.you could be reading into it either too much or the way you want to see it.
I'm just saying it could be a different reason and it just is a coincidence

No. 653556


Maybe. We all know he loves the attention. Wouldn't surprise me if he just targeted multiple girls on tumblr and see which one noticed him first.

No. 653559

he did. there were other tumblr girls before shay.

No. 653560

>Targeted multiple girls
That's true because in the previous thread it was found out there was another Tumblr girl who he was talking to, and it appeared that she rejected him and in an ask, an anon asked if she was bothered by his new relationship; said girl gave no fucks.

No. 653562

Yeah, he was sending lovey-dovey asks to sugarpiehoneyboo like a week before him and shayna were a thing

No. 653564

i also remember seeing an anon ask telling her not to be upset because he "left her for dolly" or something like that. it was a few threads back.

No. 653567

File: 1533143066475.png (Spoiler Image,146.69 KB, 847x915, 2018-08-01 13_03_27-Dolly Matt…)

so i have no clue what this website is but it looks like someone goes through and archives all the places certain "porn stars" photos appear and this has a comprehensive list of where all shay's LA photos ended up. looks like atk splits them up onto different pages for whatever reason.

No. 653575

Fupapa is a fucking psycho and just the type of guy who'd rape and kill someone one day
Can't believe this

No. 653581

File: 1533144039762.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.22 KB, 682x1024, 18E2FD7B-4E9D-47DD-8530-FDD746…)

There are more coming

No. 653582

File: 1533144072600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,787.24 KB, 2000x3000, 97CC80D2-D19E-49C3-A8DC-8787D7…)

No. 653583

File: 1533144099732.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.48 KB, 682x1024, 1192DFD0-5085-458A-B4E6-F2FBD4…)

No. 653584

File: 1533144129776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.39 KB, 682x1024, E8D7029D-2CAF-4E8E-953F-124C89…)

No. 653585

File: 1533144173948.jpeg (Spoiler Image,19.16 KB, 135x200, D2F1F5D0-AA8D-4763-94F6-416273…)

No. 653586

I know anons keep bringing it up but I'm so disturbed by how much her body has changed recently. Her outer vagina looking like balls, her one breast entirely changing color… what the fuck is happening to make these extreme changes and why does she not care at all?

No. 653589


She totally has a lobster claw poon like Kassi Kandi

No. 653590

File: 1533144290139.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.92 KB, 1024x682, 8C34BB10-B1CB-490B-ADCF-8C7112…)

She should really evaluate her facial expressions. She just looks constipated most of the time

No. 653591

Remember when she was bragging about her perfect puffy pussy

No. 653593

>No-Shape Shayna

No. 653595

Yesss. I been thinking that since he started showing up on tumblr. He designed himself specifically for her

No. 653596


Shay wasn't the only girl. There was a girl named bunny and a girl named snowy before her.

No. 653597

If she toned up I think she'd look decent with a ruler/inverted triangle shape, but with how skinnyfat she is currently…yikes

No. 653598

This train wreck never stops it amazes me

No. 653599

Why would a company selling sex appeal to loser men with porn star standards Not touch this shit up?? Are they so scummy salt of the earth that they can’t afford photoshop?

No. 653608

I don't even have a problem with her body shape, it's her hygiene that worries me. How can your puss be so acne filled?!?(sage posts like this)

No. 653613

This pose is so unflattering an unsexy and I can't understand why she would do this.

No. 653614

Seriously, I would think this is a twink boy

No. 653615

Her body shape is fine and infact would even go so far to say really good/her best trait if she flattered and took care of it at all. But the situation with her vagina and boob and general hygiene are what ruins it.

No. 653618

She made it so easy for him by constantly posting about exactly what she wanted and she went chasing right after the first guy that presented himself. There have been red flags since day one and she knows it, she just ignoring them because at this point she’s more afraid of being alone with herself than whatever Kyle fupapa is going to do to her.

No. 653635

my question is, why the fuck does she part her hair on the literal side of her head???? no one in their right mind does that. it looks awful.

No. 653645

my guess would be her hair is so fried and broken off and her roots are so dark… that maybe this is the only hairstyle that looks somewhat “normal.”

No. 653648

She really needs to work on her facial expressions more.

No. 653655

Its pretty hard when all she’s ever done is use the front cam on her iPhone and watching her computer while she films, kek. She has no idea how to actually model since all she does is take screenshots from vids, that are specifically angled and lighted to make her look good.

No. 653664

File: 1533149494916.png (Spoiler Image,388.16 KB, 600x284, 05onfire1_xp-articleLarge-v2.p…)

No. 653666

File: 1533149668722.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, tumblr_inline_n235oh9QTr1sp5uu…)


Absolute perfection, Anon.

I would've said to vote this for the next thread pic if this wasn't so nsfw lmao

No. 653667

File: 1533149752947.gif (9.5 MB, 380x214, Jpi9CvA.gif)

wow anon, I had a hearty kek. This is quality.

No. 653670

why are her labia so saggy holy shit

No. 653674

Um excuse you anon how dare you, that’s her PERFECT PUFFY PUSSY. Don’t be jealous.

(jesus though it does look like a small ballsack in the 2nd pic. Fupa put his face in that)

No. 653676

Because of scarring from numerous pustules and boils caused by whatever it is she has. -The jury's still out on what it is.

No. 653678

Kek! Also he didn't JUST put his face in that, he fucking buried it elbow deep in there. From the screengrab it looks like half his face is being sucked into that thing. gross

No. 653693

i think some anons are too kind to fupa, he legit gives off pathological liar vibes. he seems like he lies about more shit than shayna does.

No. 653707

Yeah at least shayna didn't kill off her family lol

No. 653713

Imagine if you will, Fupapi letting Shayna call him Dada in front of his children.

No. 653714

Bottom left is kind of cute. We finally see a genuine smile (I think)

No. 653718

I legitimately hate Fupa. I have no hatred towards Shay, I think she is just legitimately stupid and lost and maybe she will learn her lesson, maybe not. But I cannot stand Fupa.

I thought that was one of the worst ones. Her smile looks so off-putting there.

No. 653730

This. Tmi/long story short blogpost: I have a long scar on my vag and the skin is loose as hell over the scar area, don't know why but it's noticeable to the touch. If shays vag is all scarred up, which there's really no way it can't be, it's possible that's the reasoning behind her soggy flaps.(blogposting)

No. 653731

is fupa blocking followers now? I could see his blog yesterday but now I cant. it's just the loading symbol.

No. 653733

File: 1533153718434.png (Spoiler Image,353.12 KB, 536x440, 2018-08-01 16_00_54-Tumblr.png)


No. 653734

I dislike Shayna, but even she deserves better than Fupa. He’s a gross dead beat dad, who lies to her and probably planned cheating on her (listed single on fb, removed her from his bio until he was called out on it).
I legitimately feel bad for her. She’s really convinced he loves her and is buying her a house when he’s just using her for sex and popularity.

I would love to see Fupa ruined, and hopefully losing his job because of all the gross borderline rape shit he posts.

Although that will probably never happen, and he’ll just go after some other young thing on tumblr.

No. 653740

he really did himself in trying to live a double-life. fupa – you have to actually be smart to pull something like that off, fucktard.

No. 653741

He still posting this shit, knowing that his boss can google up his blog at any time now? What a retard.

No. 653743


Revealing his face was the dumbest thing he could ever do. Too much fat, not enough brain.

No. 653747

Not WK, bc I think he's utterly disgusting and I agree very much with >>653734 and wish his life falls to ruins, BUT.
It's entirely possible he has not seen this thread yet, and doesn't actually know that you can find all this heinous shit when you google his name.
Inb4 he deletes his Tumblr and either vanishes or makes a new one but its "secret".

No. 653748

Also just to clarify, I mean specifically THIS new one.

No. 653759

I want nothing more than for them to break up before she moves her whole empty shell life to some modular home and ruins whatever chance at redemption, however slim, she has. He’s sick and I honestly would not be surprised at all if someone compiled a list of this nastiness to send to whoever his supervisor might be.

No. 653764

he's a creepy deadbeat dad with a thousand exes who reblogs rape and snuff shit, is a borderline pedophile, and practices unsafe BDSM. it wouldn't surprise me if he got in trouble for more heinous shit that he's got under wraps.

No. 653765

even if that doesn't happen, shay's threads are just going to get more and more traffic the more she goes to LA and continues to do shoots (we already got that "hate site" traffic when her pics were put on that rating blog). someone he knows is eventually going to see him.

No. 653766

Maybe at some point all those threads will be helpful to the police if shay gets missed …

No. 653769

File: 1533155563158.png (14.2 KB, 295x416, ddeaddbeeat.PNG)

Shay is going to set up all of her weird "I am a baby" stuff in their new house.

So I guess Fupa won't be seeing his kids anymore? I can't imagine them coming over to be around that. I feel really bad for them. Not trying to drag them into this, but that is wrong. Kyle Perkins is a terrible father. Picking some random 21 year old to be with after preying on other young girls, lying to people.

For some reason I would not be surprised if Shay knows he has kids and thinks that is hot. Remember all of her edgy "I took ur college fund from ur dad" posts on tumblr?

No. 653772

File: 1533155690024.jpg (19.43 KB, 239x239, iphonex.JPG)

imagine her trying to figure out a DSLR, kek.

she actually has one on her wishlist and id love to see her try and figure that shit out, lmfao

No. 653776

is her pussy actually what incels would call a roastie? lmao

No. 653777


If they are even moving in together, probably. It's pretty fucking sad when you think about it.

No. 653779

hers is beyond just roast beef, its like full on ground beef at this point.

a groundie, if you will.

No. 653782

or it could just be named "the shayna"

No. 653809

He deleted his twitter and made his FB more private within a couple hours of it being posted, definitely lurking

No. 653814

I don't think what he posts is even "borderline" rape considering what he's said he wants to do to unconscious/dead women.

No. 653815

Imagining his kids coming to the house and wanting to play in Shay's smelly pink tent where she pooped out eggs…

No. 653817

I dunno, I google his name, his name+location, and his name+ his company and this thread still doesn’t come up. I don’t know how someone would find his blog if they’re not already a farmer.

No. 653820

idk for sure but I'd guess the more his full name is posted on this site, at the start of a title etc, the further the thread(s) will get boosted up on the search results of his name

No. 653830

File: 1533159016803.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x2465, Screenshot_2018-08-01-16-27-39…)


yes it does .
(crossed out non fupa related shit)

No. 653832

If we keep using his full name Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma who works for DIRECTV it will start showing up, it just takes a few days.

No. 653837

File: 1533159156573.jpg (Spoiler Image,315.82 KB, 988x632, yeehaw.jpg)


No. 653838

OMG i will never unsee this

No. 653843

He has deleted his linkedin too.

No. 653844

File: 1533159579870.png (254.62 KB, 576x951, Capture.PNG)

I love how Kyle Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma still keeps his tumblr active but deactivated his Twitter and LinkedIn account.

No. 653845

Lmao. Beautiful work

No. 653849

File: 1533159784540.png (163.96 KB, 291x760, nice.PNG)

Oh, Shay finally cares about Ribmeat's well-being/s

Would have been nice if she could have shown any amount of concern for her beforehand.

I guess it's a good thing that she's moving in with Kyle Perkins, he can keep an eye on Rib.

No. 653850

Kyle Perkins probably hasn't seen this thread yet and doesn't realise that it's already known that he works for DIRECTV / AT&T in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He might have thought that it was a random anon and he can still cover his tracks

No. 653851

He did that because someone cowtipped. Not because lurking.
If only he was able to find out he was outed through lurking……

No. 653854

I guess because this his only none personal page and probably thinks his name isn't linked to it but it is now, silly Kyle Perkins. Obviously he has no life that he's hanging onto his Tumblr rather than his real life accounts. He'd be bored to death without his Tumblr I bet.

I shudder to think what his co-workers would think if they saw his Tumblr and fucking a 21 year old who dresses and acts like a child. Id never wanna go near the creep again.

No. 653855

hopefully kyle perkins from tulsa, ok is better at taking care of a cat than his 3 kids

No. 653859

i can't decide which is worse: his own embarrassing blog or him parading shay's disgustingness around like it's some kind of prize???

No. 653861


its crazy how he’s talking about not rushing into a relationship when hes known shayna for 4 months and they’re gonna move in together

No. 653865

Kyle Nathan Perkins, age 32, DOB September 15, 1985, training specialist/senior training manager at DirecTV and parent company AT&T in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

No. 653866

Of course he is, the cat will get him more attention on tumblr, which is Kyle Perkins' main priority. Wouldn't surprise me if it was part of why he's rushing for Shayna to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma with him.

No. 653870

Honestly, I felt like Kyle Perkins was a nice guy. Heck, I respected his dedication to not putting his face on the internet fully even when they were in Mexico. But imagine, if you may anons, being the kinda of arsehole that has 3 kids and would rather spend your free time cracking on with 21 year olds on tumblr, flying out to meet someone who (okay I admit she’s cute when not in “I’m a real porn star!” Mode) and then moving her in. I get people are aloud new relationships after a marriage break down, I get “this is my new partner” is hard to explain to kids, but Jesus h Christ, imagine coming round to your daddy’s house and seeing a play pen but told it belongs to his new girlfriends?!

On the milk side ‘cos this is risking blog posting - he’s also deleted his “skimaskdadl” snapchat…

No. 653873

He definitely does lurk though, he complained about "bitches saying he wears a compression top" on snapchat (id provide the pic but he seems to have done a massive purge and I got deleted kek)

I agree that it would've been funnier if that anon didn't cowtip though sigh

No. 653875

lol kyle Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma is doing some pretty desperate damage control, too bad his face and gross blog are already out there.

I don't think Kyle would have acknowledged it either way, since it would send his followers here. It probably wouldn't have been much different if he'd found out for himself.

No. 653879


Kyle Perkins was never a nice guy. He is a confirmed deadbeat.

Shay is not cute anymore. She has wrecked herself and has to do some significant fixing if she wants to improve.

sage your shit.

No. 653881

File: 1533160787485.jpg (35.48 KB, 825x167, 785421458.JPG)

I can't access this since I'm not from the US, but maybe some of you can and check out if its pertaining to the situation.
I googled "Kyle Nathan Perkins, Tulsa OK"

No. 653884

File: 1533160900147.png (13.27 KB, 947x85, poka.PNG)

I just checked, apparently the Perkins this article is referring to is a town in Oklahoma.

No. 653886

Kyle Perkins probably Wouldn't have his job with AT&T if this was him

No. 653888

Damn, it would have been priceless…
But oh well. Thank you kindly.

No. 653893


We've been told not to discuss fatboy's wife, parents or kids so I'd just be careful with posting stuff like this.

No. 653896

Deleted - my bad. Clearly got a bit over excited due to a similar initial.

Would have been glorious after his pro gun posts if he’d been involved in this though.

No. 653898

Yeah I feel bad enough for Kyle Perkins' family as it is, their info shouldn't be posted here

No. 653901

Girl, stop.

Nobody would be dumb enough to do that, even if they had that information. Please leave that woman alone.

No. 653902

File: 1533161565819.png (774.78 KB, 472x971, 1533077830258.png)

No. 653904

his man tits are a leader in the obesity epidemic

No. 653908

i still cant believe he has three kids and one is half shaynas age

No. 653910

File: 1533161933516.png (41.83 KB, 640x535, IMG_2098.PNG)

kyle perkins is finally sounding logical (just posted)

No. 653911

honestly shayna is probably okay with the kids thing cause it fits her weird aesthetic of 'i stole your dad' but i doubt she'd really want anything to do with his kids

No. 653912

Yeah, I'm sure that's all you will do. Your word on this anonymous imageboard means bunches.

No. 653914

Girl shut up

Can you imagine being the kid who finds out "my dad was into beating women & DDLG"

Three kids jesus christ

No. 653915

Yeah, but he doesn't follow that advice himself. Moving in with his online girlfriend he's only met twice after 5 months of dating

No. 653916

yeah because moving in together after knowing each other for 4 month and meeting TWICE is not rushing, is it, Kyle Perkins? Does he even believe the shit he spills?

No. 653920

Holy shit anon I love you, I haven't stopped laughing at this picture of Kyle Perkins. Rocking the grandpa pants.

No. 653921

Either that or Kyle Perkins' doesn't think he's rushing into moving Shayna to Tulsa, Oklahoma with him and actually thinks he's giving out good advice lol

I feel like that (like most of her 'personality') is bullshit. The fact the neither of them have mentioned the kids speaks volumes

No. 653922

holy overflowing milk

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma just got royally fucked. His poor kids are going to grow and realize that their dad was a creepy scumbag, dating a 21 year old who also calls him “dad”. The trauma.

No. 653923

god i feel bad for his daughter

No. 653924

i figured he was just vague posting about shay since his life is about to crumble because of her

No. 653926

Why do all Kyle Perkins' outfits look like they either belong to an emo twelve year old or a pensioner

No. 653930

Hope his ex google searches him and keeps him the tf away from those poor kids. Completely fucked up he has a daughter and he fucks someone who calls him dada. Add it to all the other nasty shit he posts and I really do hope he’s as much of a deadbeat as we theorized.

No. 653934

Was just thinking about that actually, imagine the horror of finding out something like this about your own dad.

>>653921 Maybe he's actually being smart on purpose about one thing in his life, it's completely unnecessary to post about your kids everywhere. Especially when you pretend to be a tumblr dom, and you "date" a camgirl.
Either that, or he's just an extremely deadbeat dad.
But I do feel like if Shay could talk about them she would play up the "hot stepmom" thing.

No. 653936

Doesn't seem like he's particularly invested in his kids anyway, considering he's going after girls on tumblr and spending his time/money on them rather than his family

No. 653942

He mentions his kids on his twitter account but not his tumblr which is what makes me think that he avoids mentioning them because they don't fit his 'edgy' tumblr image.

No. 653945

I mean do you expect anyone would talk about their kids on a kink blog?

No. 653947

Agreed, this is the pig who posted ana-chan looking dead looking chicks chained to pipes to a public tumblr and who calls his baby bimbo Shayna kiddo, which I’m sure is a thing he’s also called his daughters. Fuck this guy’s life. He’s shit and I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

Milky af.

No. 653950

Next thread pic, come on, let’s do this.

No. 653956

He posts regularly about house hunting and (bullshit) marriage plans, so it wouldn't be that weird for him to just establish that he has kids? I don't mean posting pics of them etc lol. He's just a deadbeat

Agreed, and it seems like we'll be on the next thread pretty soon

No. 653958

perkins is a town in oklahoma, not referring to his last name. i'm from there. happens all the time lol

No. 653960

All stuff that actively involves Shay and their kink, I don't know I think it'd be weirder if he DID bring them up on his tumblr

No. 653967

i just don't understand how you can care for a child, change their nappies, comfort them when they cry, give them a bath, get them dressed up, etc, and then turn around and be turned on by a pacifying sucking grown woman wearing a onesie? calling you dada???? it's fucking sick.
if his ex found out about his """kink""" (aka pedophilia) maybe that's why he doesn't seem to see his kids much

No. 653969

seriously he even fucked her while she had a pacifier in her mouth. really nasty fuck this guy

No. 653972

Is Shay’s tumblr still up? Can’t check from here; she's got to be shitting bricks too unless she really is that dumb.

No. 653974

yeah it's up and she's been answering asks

No. 653975

don't kinkshame guise!!
just kidding kek

yeah, the dumb ho likes all of this. she finds it a-okay.

No. 653976

Both accounts up and active and reblogging each other. Outside of the accounts being deleted nothing has happened with them.

No. 653977

i agree. i assume all of his kids are young and still call him daddy and play with toys. he gets turned on by shayna doing the same things.. jesus christ that's fucking gross and unethical

No. 653980

Hm yeah, still less weird than him posting lies about his family though

No. 653981

He's totally sketch as fuck I agree that's just one thing that actually DOES make sense about him to me, like thank god he didn't put those poor kids into his kink.

No. 653982


How does she think this is going to work out swimmingly? If someone at my job saw that kind of shit on an employee’s page they’d be fired.

I can’t believe he engaged so hard and poked the hornets nest repeatedly. Didn’t he give a single damn about his children? Also, please, did he really think he wouldn’t be found out?

I honestly feel terrible for his daughters and I hope they never see this because this shit is sincerely traumatizing. It’s insane how fucking dumb this dude is.

No. 653983

The worst thing is that he’s probably never going to change, even after Shayna. He’s always going to be a deadbeat-dad-turned-tumblr-dom.

No. 653985

You know they’re sitting in here right now scared shitless. Well, he is, anyhow. How much covering can he do when the tumblr has been archived? Silly fupa.

No. 653987

oh absolutely, I just find it hard to believe that the reason he doesn't mention them is because he's trying to be a good dad

No. 653991

I agree, just a lucky side effect that having kids ruins his tumblr dom image and they don't have to be traumatized anymore by him also posting about them on his fucked up blog.

No. 653996

I wonder if Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK, has always hated women and wanted to torture them, if it’s mommy issues, or if he’s just bitter that he’s a broke fuck who’s stuck paying child support & alimony because he couldn’t wrap it up and was a shit husband & dad, and it’s all wamans’ fault.

No. 653997

lol his life is changing drastically as we speak kekeke

No. 654000

I feel like Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma has the maturity of a young teenager, which is why he spends far too much time trying to get 'tumblr famous'. I mean Kyle was willing to post his face with a girl who does age play shit and posts her fucked up pussy on the internet just to get some reblogs/followers

No. 654006

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK who has a daughter half his bimbo’s age and kept a disgusting rape/necro/dom tumblr as
youvebeenwarned, fucking sickening.

next thread pic

No. 654020

werent they saying something about already moving in by the end of the month?

No. 654026

Good luck with that, I have a real feeling that Shayna’s dreams are about to come crashing down.

No. 654027

Kyle Perkins has remarked about how he and Shayna laugh at the stuff that we say on here before. Not so funny now that your job and personal life is out there connected to your porn and sick murder-rape and little girl fetishes, is it Kyle Perkins?

No. 654029

seriously they are so deluded and live in a weird dream fantasy and shayna is gonna get hit by the real world soon

No. 654031

I think that Kyle Nathan Perkins is regretting all sorts of things right now. I think Kyle Nathan Perkins, who works (?) for AT&T is feeling very unhappy at this moment, crying into a beer somewhere in Tulsa, OK.

No. 654032

I guess fupapa is finally as famous as he wanted to be, huh?

No. 654035

This whole thing is made even funnier by the fact that the person who found Kyle Perkins was able to do it because of his lie of being related to Anthony Perkins.

No. 654036

golly, i sure hope Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK doesn't get any heat from his employers for being a rape-fetishist pedophile piece of shit! that sure would suck for him!

No. 654038

nah, >>652863 needs to be the next thread pic (which you know is coming very soon)

No. 654044

Is it cow tipping to send screenshots of Kyle Perkins shit to AT&T in Tulsa Oklahoma?
I’m not going to do it because I don’t care enough, but I would be concerned if I found out my training manager was posting rape/snuff fantasies on the internet. I would be really uncomfortable being trained by someone knowing they have a dominance/rape/pedo fetish. Especially knowing he has 3 children…

No. 654048

I think that's like the definition of cow tipping

No. 654049

Not a good idea, he'll probably fuck everything up for himself anyway

No. 654051

I figured. I’m not going to do it anyways, it’s way more fun watching it unfold as is.

No. 654068

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma who works at DirectTV/AT&T is promoting torture of helpless women on his blog. This is disgusting. It's not even BDSM aka consensual sex play between adults that, frankly, should be kept between the sheets. He posts pictures of torture and snuff of women. That is unacceptable. I would not want to have someone like that representing my company nor I would feel safe working there knowing that this man - who might be my superior - is fantasing about rape, murder and pedophilia. Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a disgusting human being and maybe even a dangerous predator. I pray someone from HR stumbles upon his filth and makes the right call.

No. 654071

there is no email address to send those to sadly. I was tempted enough to check. Even if you would like to cowtip there is no way of proceeding.

Hope Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma crashes and burns anyway.(cowtipping)

No. 654072

Although he did tag coworkers on his twitter so maybe when they look him up that way they'll find it

No. 654074

not gonna lie, keeping my fingers crossed. Though how often do you google your coworkers?

No. 654076

Maybe they'll notice his account is gone and look it up?

No. 654079

God we're not even talking about Shayna anymore Kyle Perkins has turned out to be more of a cow than she ever was

No. 654083

I am waiting so patiently for Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma who works for DIRECTV/AT&T to be figured out by his employers. This is a dangerous person and he deserved what is coming.

No. 654087

People should Google their coworkers more often, if Kyle Nathan Perkins is any indication. You can bet your ass i would contact the Tulsa Oklahoma police if I worked with Kyle Perkins and found snuff pornography attached to his identity. Kyle Perkins masturbates to images of women being set in fire and caged. I wonder if the mother of Kyle Nathan Perkins's children is aware that he is dangerous.

No. 654102

These posts should have been saged.

No. 654106

Can someone put together photo collage proof to show that Kyle Perkins=Youvebeenwarned? I feel like if you went to someone with this information they would not want to dig through and find all the connecting evidence. I'm sure it would be easy to prove they are the same person because of his tattoos and face now being shown on his blog.

No. 654109

don't be fucking lazy. if you want a collage do it yourself.

No. 654121

Sorry, I'm on mobile and just figured one of the more educated anons would be willing since ppl were discussing his coworkers stumbling upon this thread. It would be solid proof of Kyle Perkins disgusting-ness.

No. 654124

No but same lanyard


No. 654128

File: 1533170942436.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.8 KB, 576x508, gfds.jpg)

his full face with her being gross

No. 654140

I wish he'd stop calling her little, they look the same size

No. 654141

I think Fupas deleted his facebook now too

No. 654144

Just checked, totally deleted it kek

No. 654145

Maybe finally realizing how much people have found out

No. 654146

Yeah, I can't find it anymore either.

No. 654152


>It's entirely possible he has not seen this thread yet, and doesn't actually know that you can find all this heinous shit when you google his name.

Called it, now I'm just waiting for him to delete or make a new tumblr and come up with some ludicrous excuse as to why, if even that.
He seems reluctant to delete it for whatever reason, any guesses as to why?

No. 654155

followers and attention i'd guess

No. 654159

Probably because the Tumblr he has now is where he gets the most attention. He probably thinks if he remakes he won't gain back all of his followers…

No. 654169

File: 1533173443342.jpeg (720.57 KB, 1242x1834, C1ABAF50-C3E9-41C2-92F5-951B5F…)


No. 654187

Gosh, she's so desperate. I know they want to make a joke to prove haterzzz wrong (because they know we're gonna discuss that) but they're failing miserably because we know how Shayna is.
I love how Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma has 3 kids, an average but good job at direct TV / At&t, and still, he prefers to spend his time on Tumblr reposting rape porn and pictures of his disgusting girlfriend (who only met twice but it's enough to move together) or lurking here. Dude, take care of your family and cut out the bullshit, it's unbelievable that you're as milky as Shay and her gross vagina, congrats.

No. 654196

they have both been lurking because I'm freshly blocked by both of them. Didn't do any interacting with his blog. I was the Anon who messaged her asking if she was going to be on cam (when she fell off her schedule after 1.5 days), she unfollowed me on Tumblr right after since she had turned off anonymous asks. I posted here about her unfollowing me, and now I'm blocked by both of them. lol so Shay definitely lurks here, Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma does too. saw that I was posting here so they blocked me. that's chill I only post about them being liars and scammers so it's not like I have anything to hide (unlike them)

No. 654205

File: 1533175374593.jpeg (373.06 KB, 640x1096, CD6FDEBE-F4A8-4263-8627-A16FC8…)

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK’s archived Facebook: https://archive.is/eyIpi

No. 654209

File: 1533175801936.jpeg (21.77 KB, 368x368, 74A21DB0-B65B-4C47-B6A7-77421F…)

He legit looks as rough as Shay. A white trash match made in nuclear waste dump heaven.

It’s not just his age either. I know plenty of early-30s who look simultaneously youthful and distinguished, with cute grey hairs and little crows’ feet. Not Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, though.

On the bright side, Shayna and Kyle have matching forehead wrinkles.

Also, Sleuth Anon is my new goddess.

No. 654218

bless you anon ! I can’t right now but if we can archive all we can related to kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma we should. I get the feeling soon he’ll go into full panic mode and wipe everything, we should archive what we can so it’ll never stop following him.

No. 654221

File: 1533176702585.png (3.18 MB, 1242x2208, B33B0FE9-0548-40D3-B0B2-032B59…)

Fupa is hoping this will all just fade away

No. 654224

Anon who was blocked by fupa yesterday, shay has now blocked me. They must be doing damage control

No. 654226

Who was banned?(namefagging)

No. 654227

Oh sorry, who was blocked?

No. 654230


Lol you expect me to give myself up like you did? You’re outta ya mind

No. 654240

I hope they end up accidentally blocking actual customers or potential ones haha. Not that they have many to begin with.

No. 654241

Kyle looks pretty rough for only being 33 and spouting all that "drink lots of water!" stuff.

No. 654242

I was a real customer lol Shay fucked up by ignoring, unfollowing, and then blocking me

No. 654247

Fupapa lives in my town oh my GODDDDD

No. 654250

It's so hilarious she's losing clients! And she's doing it because she thinks Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma is gonna support her and her hideous vagina financially from now on, TOP KEK!

No. 654255

I get that milk is flowing but sage posts that don't have new info. I don't want this thread put on autosage because we can't control ourselves, we've already gotten multiple warnings from farmhands.

No. 654261

Kyle Nathan Perkins talks big, but he works at a fucking call center.

I guess I shouldn’t judge too hard, given that it’s more work than Shayna will ever do in her life, but he didn’t even go to college. Neither did she.

Someday I’m going to be supporting their lazy, stupid asses with my taxes while they leech off the system and act like big shit. Probably with even more children, too. That’s super fucking annoying… and sad.

No. 654262

File: 1533178800029.jpeg (100.53 KB, 1242x721, D30D7067-1BE1-4E91-863C-FC2E91…)

I know this is stupid but I was just floored that Shay’s idea of fashion is wearing a beret kek. I know she’s tacky and doesn’t own a lot of fashionable items but could she really not come up with a better example than beret? Shay if you’re lurking delete that or at least change the tags. It’s embrrassing.

No. 654266

File: 1533178936468.jpeg (375.56 KB, 640x1090, 7127997E-2C03-4A4B-89BB-7C851C…)

This is page two of an incognito Google search, kek.

No. 654270

I’m sorry but no the police shouldn’t be contacted what the fuck is wrong with you.
This is CLEARLY a middle aged man trying to act big and bad. He’s not a dom, we SAW him “beating up” shayna. It’s been discussed here so many times how he’s not scary st all. I highly doubt he masturbates to any snuff he reblogs. He’s just a fatty trying to get attention and look hard.
Just because we found out he has kids, doesn’t change that at all.

No. 654272

Does fupa live in an apartment?
Bc if so the one registered under his name is a pretty shitty building (obviously won’t post here)
He also lived in Kentucky I think at one point
Also did he do real estate at some point bc his publicly registered email is from a domain for a real estate agent website?

He also recently deleted his linkedin lol

Sorry just trying to keep up, slept through the milk

No. 654274

That's the other Kyle Perkins.

No. 654277

Why is it now that we found out he has children that he is threat, when half a thread ago we were all laughing at the fake dom front he put up. Why is it now that “he’s so dangerous”
He’s still a fake dom.
He’s still a soyboy.
He’s definitely not masturbating to snuff porn.
It’s all a front for attention.
We’ve come to the conclusion he’s a dead beat. So what does it fucking matter?

No. 654278

Kyle Perkins whose 33?
I thought Kyle Perkins who was 32 years old was the other one (not fupa)?

Bc the info I found was for Kyle Perkins aged 33

No. 654279

File: 1533179947761.png (467.69 KB, 554x554, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.1…)

No. 654281


Let's not forget that there are more than one Kyle Perkins in OK, so please can we maybe just also use his middle name, Nathan, so noone innocent is potentially linked to this and accidentally gets into trouble?
It is (at least slightly) plausible that someone in a hurry could mistake this because there are some seriously dense people out there.

No. 654284

Double post but both the 33 and 32 year old Kyle Perkins have lived in Kentucky at some point in time as well. But different relatives, phone numbers, email, ages, social media, addresses, etc.

No. 654285

File: 1533180433482.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

Holy udders that is… cringingly hilarious!

No. 654287

i’ll give it to him that he’s seem to have lost some weight since these pics, but god damn, he’s still a brony friendzoni lookin motherfucker if i ever saw one

No. 654302

File: 1533181709856.png (Spoiler Image,752.85 KB, 1015x455, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.4…)

She's finally on!! At least she's talking to people

No. 654303

I doubt the danger coming from fupa is anything more than his shitty Dom practices and unsafe bdsm. He may be a toxic bf and overall shit guy, but he's not murder dangerous. Even in the unlikely scenario where he does actually get off to porn made to look like snuff films or abuse/rape. Many do and while one could argue there's something wrong with them, they don't tend to ever do anything beyond roleplaying. Rape kinks are surprisingly prevalent in society
Honestly the only thing different here is his love for ddlg (or at least indifference to it with Shay) becomes so much more disgusting knowing he actually has kids. Kids he likely calls kiddo, kids who call him dad and might have called him Dada as infants. Honestly I'd believe it if he were faking an interest in it for "Dom points" and for shay (who ironically is faking it all too) but the fact that he does it anyways is still disturbing and disgusting

No. 654305

Holy shit! Is she finally learning? Good job shay! Keep this up and you'll only fail at being a sex worker cause of your disgusting pussy!

No. 654310

"Im really good right now, things are good." Lol okay, Shay.

No. 654311

lol at all these anons suddenly concerned about Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK. what, was he just pretending to be an edgelord? he didn’t really mean to plaster his stupid ass all over his tumblr, punching, choking, and eating out his retard girlfriend? spare me, he’s an idiot and he certainly faps to the shit he put online. if he didn’t want people to know what gets him hard maybe he shouldn’t have plastered it all over the fucking internet.

this defense shit is raven’s library tier, it happens every single time kekek

No. 654312

File: 1533182248787.png (Spoiler Image,238.76 KB, 455x343, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.5…)

No. 654316

her voice is a LOT deeper than i thought it was. how can you pull off this nasty pedophilic infant persona when you sound like an old woman pretending to be a 20-year-old on second life? lmaooo.

No. 654321

File: 1533182864013.png (Spoiler Image,253.06 KB, 472x347, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.0…)

I admire her flexibility kek

No. 654324

File: 1533182930858.png (Spoiler Image,241.19 KB, 454x342, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.0…)

slapping her snatch with a baby voice

No. 654325

File: 1533182986626.jpg (Spoiler Image,267.78 KB, 720x1280, IMG_1490.JPG)

No. 654326

She's acting super lively right now, is this the shay we know? She's interacting with her audience and managed to get a guy to tip her for her bendy routine. She even did more than the minimum effort
I'm not saying she's blowing me away from being amazing, but this is such a crazy change from any other time I've tried watching her. Maybe she didn't take an ounce of an indica tonight haha

No. 654327

I'm glad the house hunting went well and Shayna finally found her new home.

No. 654329

I don’t know anyone who gets off to snuff imagery?
Oh my god, I wish I could hear their conversations right now.

No. 654330

She's trying but it's just so awkward. She isn't cut out for this.

No. 654331

She's getting tipped way more than usual though. I'm legitimately surprised

No. 654333

I'm surprised, to be honest. Guess it is because she is actually engaging with them.

No. 654335

Regardless of if he is a legit pedo or not he's conditioning himself to be aroused by normal kid stuff.

No. 654336

Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I even have the sound off but this is so unusual for her and I can't help but at least give her the credit for finally actually trying to do her job (not exactly a high bar, but it's not like I ever had one for her)

No. 654338

I actually like her personality, I wish she would put more effort into herself and her "career", she'd go a bit further, not to the top, but somewhere.

No. 654339

If she was active like this on MFC all the time, respecting her schedule, updating her twitter and reddit she could make a lot more money. I feel she only does sex work for tumblr clouts. Also I didn't get to screenshot it but her ass is covered in pimples, it's worse than usual

No. 654342

She's been doing this for over a year now though. Like, she should be really proficient at her camming job at this point. She is doing better tonight, but this should be the standard quality of her sessions, not an exception. Agree though that she could make a lot more money if she actually put this much effort into every session.

No. 654356

she has such masculine energy, how can she call herself little

No. 654368

I think she can actually be cute when she is just herself. It’s when she pushes her ~baby bimbo~ crap that she’s really cringey. I think she would be able to make the most money if she just dropped it and went back to just being a stoner chick. She could still make bdsm content if she really wanted to (even though I’m totally convinced she’s not into it at all and just went with the latest trend).

No. 654372

File: 1533186392263.png (Spoiler Image,244.29 KB, 463x347, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.5…)

No. 654379

cursed image.

No. 654397

Tfw can’t tell if she’s growing her pubes back out or if the skin there really is that discolored

No. 654399

File: 1533188121330.jpg (Spoiler Image,296.66 KB, 1536x1536, IMG_1503.JPG)

No. 654406

File: 1533188591021.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

No. 654468

File: 1533194582310.png (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 750x1334, A6E7C5F1-8EA6-432E-B625-D89B51…)

Y’all this doesn’t even look like shayna…

No. 654486


Ugh again with the dollar store eyelashes. At least her nails aren’t the same shade of pink.

No. 654513

File: 1533200369517.png (Spoiler Image,58.62 KB, 338x137, awhileback.png)

i had to go look for myself, thinking 'has she finally taken the advice from here and changed the claws?' but no, it's just a year old pic.

No. 654519


Holy fuck those eyelashes lmao

No. 654538

sage because no milk but i can still view/reply to fupa’s snap so i don’t think that’s gone. i’m just careful enough to avoid cowtipping bc his snap is milky af. ie: proof of no compression shirt, showing off his bedroom to show no wife, etc.

No. 654540

File: 1533205794064.jpeg (20.03 KB, 200x200, A3A19058-6845-4241-87EF-4FD1C4…)

literally looks like this

No. 654543


Yeah, no wife because she filed for divorce kek. Fupa's the type of guy who acts as if he's "better off" without someone who clearly got rid of him because he's the one with the problems.

No. 654549

When anons found his real name he deleted his snapchat but it's indeed back now, he's too thirsty for attention I guess

No. 654563

File: 1533212045325.png (65.49 KB, 720x593, Screenshot_2018-08-02-08-12-42…)

No. 654565

File: 1533212181570.png (Spoiler Image,390.27 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2018-08-02-08-12-31…)

Knowing what we know, this statement on these pictures just makes me feel even more sick..

No. 654580

neither of the things you listed is milk

No. 654582

wtf is going on with her ass???
i guess the anon who said it was going to get worse after the diaper vid was absolutely right.

No. 654587

i know. the last thing he posted was him at the gym doing shoulder day and nothing milky. i don’t want to lose out on future milk if i reveal myself.

No. 654590

Wtf is that greenish/yellowish bruise on her face (right cheek) ?

No. 654595

It's a bruise from the striking of Kyle Perkins' hammy, small fist.

He had to prove he's a daddy dom to Shay, since he can't be a real dad to his children.

No. 654606

That’s been his icon

No. 654616

I really don't know why she's so physically attracted to him, he's not cute at all. Shay's really not ugly, she could do so much better. I guess she did just settle for the first random POS to share her fantasies.

No. 654618

Agreed, she actually has a nice body and cute face and if she wasn't so disgusting and unhygienic I think she could do really well for herself, but she wants the easy way out of life.

No. 654619

sorry. he just answered an ask and i thought it was new.

No. 654639

She has a definite, eh, not exactly tomboy thing going on, but you’re right, she’s not super duper girly and in no way a uwu small porn princessu ~~

Probably going to sound p gay but she reminds me of a snarky groupie. I don’t know, some eighties person probably because of how fried her hair is but yeah. Her image and personality are so at odds with one another.

Her vulva is badly discolored at this point. Maybe she should be moisturizing it, those creases look like seams in a football, it’s so sad.

No. 654641

Stay hidden, anon. Maybe you can drop caps if shit hits the fan, you being there quietly is for the best rn.

No. 654646


Fupa's birthday is in September per the screenshot in the last thread. The other Kyle's birthday is earlier in the year.

No. 654650

If Shay wanted to find someone to share her kinks and fantasies with tbh she's probably better using tinder or something. Ask for exactly what she wants test it out and be with someone that way. At least get to know someone before you "fall in love with them in the first 8 minutes of talking"

No. 654653

File: 1533223636804.png (Spoiler Image,11.58 KB, 308x224, IMG_3337.PNG)

She's on cam and the state of her ass is still horrible but what did I honestly expect
(Sorry I forgot to spoiler kek)

No. 654654

File: 1533223652601.png (Spoiler Image,214.39 KB, 584x439, Screenshot (44).png)

diaper rash

No. 654657

flat as a damn board. jesus her butt just looks like a square

No. 654662

All of the images with Kyle Perkins from twitter

No. 654672

File: 1533225554160.jpg (269.49 KB, 625x701, tweedle-dum-and-tweedle-dee-th…)

The way this guy wears his pants… but then again, it must be hard containing a fupa

No. 654680

Is anybody else surprised Kyle Perkins has kids just because it's surprising this dude has even had sex at least three times before Shayna? He acts like he has never touched a vagina before

>brony friendzoni
kek anon

No. 654682

That lasted long, on cam for an hour at best?

No. 654686

File: 1533227548777.jpg (561.59 KB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20180802-122501_Tum…)

this has to be one of the most unflattering pictures of shay. sage for no new milk since we all know she already looks like shit but

girl these deep wrinkles, scaly dry ass skin, wonky lashes, boil on the side of your nose. love yourself, christ…

No. 654687

he lurks so hard. either that or he got paranoid because i’m deleted now lol

No. 654688

He just deleted it again, but we already know he loves attention too much so he'll eventually sign back in lmao

No. 654689

Who takes pictures of themselves when their fake eyelashes are peeling off? Did she not look at the viewfinder at all or even in post editing? I just can't with her!

No. 654690



Totally underrated lmao. Thanks for the good giggle.


Also, what the hell is this state of skin even? Looks like a legit meth user. So crusty.

No. 654692

She looks like a dog that just got caught chewing something they weren’t supposed to.

No. 654696

Why is it that whenever there’s big Shayna milk, someone always starts dropping old pics? I swear this has happened in almost every single thread.

No. 654698

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, made huge messes and expected his wife to clean up after him, left all the child-rearing to her and rarely saw them even when they lived together, then cheated on her with a younger woman and moved right in with her. Truly a class act, y’all.

No. 654704

wait, what? where'd you get all the info about their relationship?

No. 654707

This is all public. I’m not going to post names or links to innocent people, but it’s out there.

No. 654709

damn, okay. i appreciate the not sharing personal info. guess i haven't gone that far down the rabbit hole yet!

No. 654732

I agree that anons should not be posting old pics in the threads especially when our cows have been so milky, but this post should be saged. Other anons have already pointed out that farmhands have given us multiple warnings about it. So please sage this non-milk so we don't get autosaged.

No. 654734

Was this other woman another younger woman who isn’t Shayna? Does anyone have an idea why that relationship didn’t last?

No. 654805

Wasn’t Shayna; this would’ve been a few years ago. Kyle and his ex were about 30 then, and she posted a meme implying this woman was much younger than that.

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was also emotionally abusive, and told his ex-wife that no one would ever love her because of her body, her three kids, and her C-section scar.

Such a disgusting sack of shit.

No. 654817

I bet it's a tumblr chick.
I can see Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma being this disgusting and leaving her for a girl he met online.

No. 654824

Could explain why he made a new tumblr account (and immediately started reblogging shayna's pictures)

No. 654833

There was another tumblr girl before Shayna. If you look through the past couple of threads you will see more detailed info but basically this girl is super young too, and didn't want to rush to meet Kyle Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was a lot sweeter and nicer to this girl in particular compared to Shay.

He left her for Shay cos Shay is young too, more "popular", and wouldn't meet him so quickly like our dumb cow did.

After he left this girl, she got a lot of support from tumblr anons and friends about how dumb Kyle Perkins was to leave her for Shay.

Kyle Perkins also may be the culprit behind random anonymous tumblr messages that were sent to this other tumblr girl a few weeks back. The messages consisted of things like "I miss you" and "you're better off without me".

No. 654843

I tought about her in the first but- he met her?
(i am too lazy to read on the past threads sorry)

No. 654846

I almost feel bad for him after digging into his past online. His ex wife looks healthy and happy… and he's with Shayna making pedo-bait porn. Seems like rock bottom to me.

No. 654847

We’re not here to spoon feed you anon. We all went through the trouble of reading the past few threads, we shouldn’t have to give info that’s RIGHT THERE just because you’re lazy.

No. 654850

Noooo. Kyle Perkins never met this girl. She wasn't dumb enough to meet this random tumblr idiot after a month like Shay.

And really you should read through the threads. There is relevant information that we don't want to keep rehashing simply because you are lazy. This information isn't even that old so you would have no trouble finding it.

No. 654852

Wow seriously? What a piece of shit
Like he's in a position to judge people's bodies l fucking mao.
Disgusting sweaty fupa obeast

No. 654854

No. 654855

Can a farmhand fix the OP so it actually links to the last thread?

No. 654858

I just tought he didin't meet her and I wasn't sure and wanted to make sure so we can take her out of that list.
And I will keep this in mind and check all of the threads.

Also this girl was living with him (from what the ex wife said somewhere) but he denied it tho the ex figured it out.

No. 654922

I bet Shay sweats every time she reads posts like these. She knows in the back of her mind that he's trash, but he lies to her daily to keep her from worrying. She just doesn't want to be single so she's going to excuse all of his garbage

No. 654946

sage your shit and click the post you're replying to, nobody knows what you're talking about.

No. 654952

We've had an influx of spam bots, just report weird posts like that.

No. 655024

I really hope Fupa's edgy personality has consequences for his business life. He was scummy before but now he's even more so when you find out he's lied about his life and has kids involved in all this.

As for Shay.. I wonder if she's just pretending none of this is going on and she's going to live her dream life with her 'Daddy' even though he already said he doesn't want to marry her. He's probably hoping if they live together he'll get sex 24/7 and her pornbux because you know he thinks she's going to bring in the money.

No. 655030

Well, she’ll hit Kyle Nathan Perkins’s age limit in under a decade, so I hope she enjoys it while she lasts.

Wonder if he’ll knock her up several times and then shit on her post-baby body and the fact that she even has kids first?

No. 655033

File: 1533247905841.png (109.67 KB, 750x769, IMG_3350.PNG)


No. 655050

this is fucking disgusting. Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma is a fucking predator and sick.
I really hope his 3 kids have no contact with him

No. 655070

I don’t give a shit what Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK, & Shayna do to each other at this point. But it’s so upsetting that he has a very young daughter, a mother, sisters, niece(s), plus female coworkers who are forced to be around him, and an ex who still has to deal with him—yet he feels the way he does about women. Whether or not it’s all an act, he’s still promoting so much sick shit. Pedophilia, rape, physical & emotional abuse, torture, straight up murder.

Seriously, fuck this guy. I hope his life is ruined.

No. 655112

Same, I can't relate to anons who say Shay deserves better when these are the men she herself seeks. B4 anyone wants to start the "she didn't know!!" Sorry but no sane mid 30's dad type would ever ever fuck a 20 something and be just a kind man who beats you up occasionally for funsiez UwU

Shay has talked ALL this shit about how she steals ~ur dad~ and lives off of the fantasy of being rich deadbeat dads trophy hoe of the month, well she got it.
Not the rich part ofcourse thats for the thots who fly to dubai and whatnot, but it is the exact type of man shes been fetishizing since she started banking on her pussy.
After all these threads of Shayna saying every anon is a jealous bitter hater, it feels fantastic to know that I among alot of anons according to OT boards make significantly more than they very own love of her life splenda daddy.

(I almost busted my lung catching up on two days worth of drama cause I have a cold when I saw his employment status y i k e s private IT mY ASS)

No. 655136

Jesus, he's hating on the woman who bore his children because of a scar from giving birth? Not that this is ever right but he isn't remotely good looking enough for that to work. Not to mention he has repeatedly put his face into blue waffle over here. How disgusting, though I'm sure Shay's age made it worth it to Kyle Nathan Perkins, the everlasting piece of shit
I can't wait for this relationship to explode, and here's to hoping Shay learns to be more careful with strangers willing to fuck her for free after his abusive nature comes out. I'm sure she'll be less happy once her life has an actually mandatory schedule and she isn't allowed to do what she wants in her career

No. 655137

I love how he was acting all mysterious about his life while simultaneously talking himself up like he had this great job with a great income, great home, great life. And we’re all just jealous haturz. But really, he's an uneducated, deadbeat hick who works at a fucking call center. The keks.

No. 655142

File: 1533255002454.jpeg (31.74 KB, 640x162, 25780891-6A28-4FD9-98E7-77589D…)


No. 655143

File: 1533255084398.jpeg (333.21 KB, 640x742, F6E145C0-53BE-4D7E-9F60-40D612…)

He sounds absolutely ecstatic.

No. 655149

I think I mentioned in the last thread that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, probably expects Shayna to take care of him and wait on him hand and foot once they live together, because he’s the Big Strong Man and deserves a waman to cook and clean for him and be his mother, like all these Tumblr dom types. And at the same time, Shayna will expect him to take care of her because she’s a stupid, helpless widdle baby who can’t take care of herself, and also a high-class, high-maintenance sexy bimbo princess who shouldn’t have to.

His ex said that while they were together, she felt like she was taking care of another child, always having to clean up after him and do everything for him, while he was busy being a narcissistic, alcoholic, abusive, cheating deadbeat.

And Shayna really is either incapable of taking care of herself, or just doesn’t care enough to try. Her hygiene is horrible, her apartment is filthy, and she thinks boxed mac & cheese with a side of Goldfish counts as a meal.

I seriously hope they move in together. The milk will be full fat and delicious.

No. 655157

File: 1533257129635.gif (Spoiler Image,9.15 MB, 750x421, 97F3E840-BEA6-46F7-BEFF-0DE108…)

I have so many gross gifs from Shayna’s last couple of shows. Sorry for the upcoming spam but this bitch was really scratching her ass, picking at her backne and scraped the shit out of her claws after…ON CAM

No. 655158

File: 1533257205119.gif (Spoiler Image,16.98 MB, 750x592, 7B045339-EC30-4ED2-A560-C0326F…)

No. 655160


her tit discoloration is really glaring

No. 655162

No. 655164

File: 1533257468869.gif (Spoiler Image,4.62 MB, 750x421, E550BCBA-ECA8-426F-AF34-F12F45…)

She just reeks of sex appeal y’all

No. 655165

ew. no matter she is covered in weird sores and shit. she is so nasty.

No. 655232

i cant believe people genuinely watch this wtf

No. 655233

someone mentions this in every thread wtf are you talking about? its a human body its not going to be the same perfect color all over? i don't get it.

No. 655241

File: 1533266091506.png (Spoiler Image,607.12 KB, 843x475, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.1…)

She's on MFC and she just announced her new video

No. 655244

File: 1533266252630.png (234.27 KB, 467x343, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.1…)

talking about booze and drugs as usual

No. 655248

wow i dunno if it's due to screenshot quality or it's just her looking extra unhealthy here, she legit looks ill

No. 655249

File: 1533266561894.png (11.08 KB, 854x102, tattoo.png)


Looked at her MFC profile and noticed this interesting post on her wall. Someone apparently helped her with a tattoo two years ago. Does she actually have any tattoos or did they give her money for no reason?

No. 655252

Probably just another excuse to beg. As far as I know she doesn't have any tattoos. Doesn't fit the pedobait aesthetic very well.

No. 655253

She got 666 tokens just now

No. 655255


Yeah she screamed like a banshee over like 30 bucks.

No. 655257

So $33.30.

What was it for? She only charges like a nickel to punch herself in the face. Can’t imagine what she’d do for $30.

No. 655258


She's stripping completely naked with the camera pointed directly at her ass. It's p gross.

No. 655261

File: 1533267026123.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.33 KB, 775x676, shaynaattemptingtodance.jpg)

No. 655262

File: 1533267073291.png (Spoiler Image,199.81 KB, 466x341, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.2…)

Pimple shot

No. 655263

People having nails that long is already enough of a sanitary hazard, but I know shay never washes her nails properly, and I doubt her scratching her ass here was out of character for her. Disgusting

She doesn't have any tattoos on her stomach so clearly she never took this guy's advice for what to get and where to put it

No. 655264

File: 1533267136126.png (Spoiler Image,225.35 KB, 465x361, ppppp.png)

No. 655272

666 isn't a price for any of her actions she sells. Probably some tumblr edgelord thought the 666 was funny. 555 gives you 5 videos so if she honours the closest lower tip amount they got that

No. 655273

is it difficult to get rid of ass acne?? never had problems with pimples on my ass but i had acne on my face and it took only little discipline to remember about putting on exfoilating meds on my face before going to sleep. srsly how can a human being be so lazy like Shay and not care when she earns money with her body…

No. 655276

>>655273 well it doesnt help that she is always sitting on that piss and shit covered pink rug

No. 655292

She's being so weird. Someone is asking her about her shoot in LA and she's acting like they're asking for some intricate personal details about her life. I agree with that person: why wouldn't she want to talk about it? What is she trying to hide?

No. 655297

It should not take more than a week if she would just clean her ass, clean her toilet, and wash her rug or at least sit on a fresh towel every time. but heaven knows she doesn't do laundry enough for that. her butt looks more like a rash at this point especially because it seems to be very itchy for her

No. 655298

File: 1533270073536.png (Spoiler Image,431.15 KB, 582x441, oil ass.png)

Yes, rub some oil into it. That'll make the pimples go away.

No. 655299

File: 1533270090284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.38 KB, 621x455, 7121C5FF-37A9-4AEC-9CA3-D6053E…)

She will rub body oil all over herself but she doesn’t use lube???? Shay wtf?

No. 655300

i said this in a previous thread but i really think she did some shit that was wayyy over her limits and now shes embarassed as all hell bedcause she didnt want to be blacklisted on her first shoot, so she went along with whatever so she could be a *~star~*

No. 655301

she sees other girls do oil shows that are actually sexy so she thinks hey ill buy some oil and do it too all i do is rub oil on my self RIIiiiGhT?!

No. 655302

She needs to not get retardedly high like that. It makes her look tired and haggard

No. 655303

I get a few butt pimples / light ache during hotter months. If it’s really bad I’ll use a mud mask to dry it out but besides that I just use tea tree body wash and spot treatment where needed. Both methods clear anything up in a few days at most.(blogpost)

No. 655307

If she's having chronic acne issues, she could just go to the derm and get on some meds or creams. It's not always easy to get rid of acne with OTC stuff but she doesn't care enough to get serious help.

No. 655310

She just said her stuffed animals hang out on her bed. Do we believe her?

No. 655312

has anybody ever noticed every single time she is on cam she's drinking some sugary bullshit drink? I don't think i've ever seen this girl drink water

No. 655313

well water doesnt come in pink. So she cant drink it. Doesnt fit with her 'aesthetic'.

No. 655314

I swear her butt never looked that gross before. Everything about her gets nastier and nastier.

It's because the nipple discoloration literally did not appear until that fucked up hardtied shoot she did where the fat dom bit the fuck out of her nipple and stretched it away from her body. There were comparisons done in before and after format in one of the older recent threads that show her nipples looked fine before that particular hardtied shoot. There is also a screenshot floating around on these threads of the fat dom from hardtied biting her nipple. He fucked it up.

No. 655320

She literally gets on cam to pick at different parts of her body. Wtf(sage posts like this)

No. 655321

She’s offline now. Does she never actually follow her own schedule

No. 655325


she's still online for me?

No. 655331

File: 1533272534753.png (Spoiler Image,557.22 KB, 797x577, Screenshot 2018-08-02 at 11.54…)

No. 655332

she looks like shit. wtf

No. 655334

Total tinfoil but maybe she looks like shit right now from stressing out over lurking this thread with Kyle Perkins? Maybe he could be stressing her out more over it and taking it out on her (which is why we're not seeing him all bothered on Tumblr, he's bitched her ear off).

No. 655336

File: 1533273021836.png (Spoiler Image,678.94 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 12.07…)

No. 655337

Her ass pimples are literally going in a straight line down her ass lmao

No. 655338

File: 1533273115744.png (Spoiler Image,797.58 KB, 1013x768, Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 12.07…)

No. 655339

File: 1533273188373.png (Spoiler Image,810.26 KB, 1023x768, Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 12.07…)

No. 655340

What the fuck.. seems the acne is mostly from not ever cleaning her toilet seat, based on the pattern of the pimples

No. 655341

at least she seems to be sitting on a towel, instead of just that nasty ass blanket.

No. 655344

Shes talking about how pretty her pussy is omg girl

No. 655345

File: 1533273779792.png (Spoiler Image,297.23 KB, 518x512, Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 12.21…)

No. 655347

File: 1533273835536.jpg (23.42 KB, 399x453, FB_IMG_1451948782826.jpg)

Omg eww the huge bumps on her labia! How does she get on cam or shoot any content looking like that? She needs to sort shit out. She's looking particularly haggard tonight, sickly even.

No. 655352

its clear shes been crying in this one
i was gonna ask what she could possibly be doing to make pimples show up in an almost perfect line like that kudos for having experience?

No. 655383

File: 1533278787009.png (Spoiler Image,747.24 KB, 836x1182, 1502330619425.png)

>the nipple discoloration literally did not appear until that fucked up hardtied shoot

Nope. Found this picture in the thread from 11 months ago. Sometimes they're fucked up, sometimes they look normal, but it's not new.

No. 655393

File: 1533280365694.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.75 KB, 750x506, 282A6D95-AB96-41C0-AF73-F5A875…)

Someone posted a similar photo so I’m saging. Shay being hella cute at the end of her cam show

No. 655443

Okay but her actual nipples are like differently sized

No. 655485

>probably hardness too

Its every single warning sign that HEY YA DUMB BITCH maybe just fucking maybe getting a mammogram and seeing a gyno before going to get the rest if your skin checked out by a dermatologist is a good choice.
S2G most cam girls are lowkey so gnarly with personal hygiene, its like they don't understand that they're on a daily basis fiddling, touching, fucking and generally keeping so much contact with their body that you can't just have a normal routine. (Which even that shay doesn't have)
You have to pay extra attention, its not just a quick shower and all is good, but living in ignorance until something goes bad is the motto for most.

No. 655491

I've seen several camgirls have the same butt acne problem as Shayna does. I feel like a good handful just have poor hygiene, which is surprising given their profession.

No. 655493

it's because they sit on their ass all day

No. 655503

something different is going on with her tho because i don't recall her ass ever looking this bad? just her pussy. wondering if it is for real from all the weird diaper/piss play she's been "into" lately.

No. 655507

She has a bed it's probably a small one in the opposite corner of her "studio"

No. 655532

I pointed out the toilet seat issue days ago lol it's so nasty like if it suddenly starts to clear up then we know she took our advice and cleaned the toilet seat and her ass will heal hopefully. but knowing Shay she doesn't even own home cleaning products

No. 655533

I kinda lowkey think she doesn't even clean her bathroom. During her session last night the guy who tipped her wanted her to do a shower show, but she kept saying that her shower was too small for that.

No. 655550

She straight up pissed on it in the last thread

No. 655553

File: 1533307773746.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2208, 9984815D-D1F7-4C4A-8CAC-EF4AB9…)


No. 655555

File: 1533308102346.jpeg (243.98 KB, 1242x711, 4BFE1598-F492-4191-8A43-DFA0DF…)

No. 655556

File: 1533308180004.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, 909D7E45-B6D3-4FED-B19C-B0500C…)

and 3/3. she’s fucking delusional. he’s a predator grooming her a la her ~daddy issues~ and honestly it’s really sad.

No. 655558

>Having a support structure and good foundation are important
Not for your kids though right fupa?

No. 655559

Especially when you're young, KIDDO. WTF? You have literal actual children you should be giving that too you fucked up psycho pervert

No. 655560

File: 1533308526009.jpeg (249.73 KB, 1242x781, A4487A3F-F1D6-43FF-B024-14D6CA…)

also, i think we’re right. i bet he’s gonna think shayna is gonna be a proper little house girl and cook, clean, take care of everything while he does his super private super high paying call center job for the *~*~uwu big rich daddy buck$$$ uwu~*~*

No. 655561

lmao @ shay talking about her dysfunctional relationship with her dad to a dude who is going to end up with even more dysfunctional relationships with his own kids. this clusterfuck is beyond my comprehension at this point.

No. 655562

She doesn't care about anyone but herself, I'm sure it never crossed her mind that he's a terrible father to his real children

No. 655564

He cheated on his wife who he was married to for 7 years, the mother of his three children. What makes Shayna think she is safe?

No. 655566

Bet Shayna is gonna be all over his ass if they move in, always wondering what he's doing and where he's going, especially with all his "traveling" for work

No. 655567

File: 1533308890213.jpeg (330.11 KB, 1242x886, C255FD1A-BD78-4097-89A4-43F8B6…)

he responded and it somehow got even worse.

No. 655569


>”never felt a chemistry like ours”

>was married for almost a decade

They’re both delusional.

No. 655570

this is grossing me out because it simultaneously sounds like someone renewing their wedding vows but also a speech you would give at a child's birthday???

No. 655571

It's just that weird parental style pride he's going with - it's so fucking creepy talking about her like she's an actual child when he has three kids he doesn't give a shit about.

No. 655572

Im actually really sad about this…

You guys, his wife now ex was strong enough to leave this abusive pos, the last tumblr girl too.. But I think he stalked her out bc he knows she won't leave bc shes so hungry for validation and comfort that he can show her bare minimum and she's going to think the world of it. Shes going to move in with him and be used and abused until someone comes knocking and saying that it's unhealthy.

No. 655574

like other anons have said tho, that's basically what shay's been ASKING for

No. 655575

What message app is this? It's not tumblr. I'm not familiar with twitter so I'm sorry if it's that. Just wondering cause his name is still youvebeenwarned even though it's not on tumblr so he didn't even give her his personal social medias at the point whenever this message was sent. I bet he has separate social media just for talking to girls.

No. 655576

it’s kik

No. 655577

Shayna is asking for a literal parent despite having two perfectly good ones that wanted good things for her, she just wanted to get stoned all day and realized people would pay her to be naked while doing it and just got herself more and more dark and drastic trying to get popularity on shock factor since she didn't have the actual talent or charm to pull off sex work.

No. 655578

>smart tough old man

Bitch, where?

No. 655601

it's been said 100 times now but they're basically perfect for each other.
>uwu baby bimbo has actual parents but seeks a sexual relationship with a "daddy" figure
>fupa has actual kids but seeks a sexual relationship with a woman he refers to as "kiddo"
they're both fucked and the only hope i have lies in the fact that they are subjecting each other to their behavior and not innocent bystanders

No. 655606

i hope kyle fupa perkins gets convinced by shay to quit his job and do sex work with her

No. 655610

She doesn’t make enough money as it is, Fupa is at least reasonable enough to keep his vanilla job and let Shay run a muck at home on the internet on her own.

No. 655614

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, definitely doesn’t make enough at his vanilla call center job to support Shayna and pay child support for three kids + alimony. So Shayna’s stuck in sex work even after she moves to Tulsa.

No. 655620

Fucking suspicious that they don't talk over text, I swear.

No. 655624

Makes sense if he's on a phone plan from work.

No. 655631

I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if Fupa has other secrets. He could be on a phone plan like >>655624 said, but nothing about this idiot Kyle Nathan Perkins has turned out good so far.

I bet he's a lot more milky than we even know so far and that is saying a lot. Especially since he has abandoned his children to pretend play daddy deadbeat dom with some nasty broke cam ho on the internet.

if he is capable of being that gross, I wouldn't be surprised if there is more to the story with him. I still find it really weird that he had all those women's products in his bathroom. That Shay has not once seen this man's home in person but he has seen hers.
That's just me though.

No. 655634

lmao sex work in Tulsa Oklahoma, how exciting kek

No. 655637

File: 1533314748355.jpg (13.13 KB, 239x134, kek.JPG)

she is SO DESPERATE holy shit

No. 655640


how long until she has to leave her place? Sounds like it's soon and hoping that she will be able to go to Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, until they will ~move together into a MacMansion~

No. 655644

This is what I was kind of getting at with >>655575
I realized we should have looked at if he is friends with Shay on his facebook or if he was following her on his twitter or she was following him. I think it's very suspicious. They're supposedly moving in together but he doesn't even want her connected to him on social media. Once he starts posting photos of them together on his real social media and not just his roleplay tumblr dom blog I'll maybe change my mind.

No. 655645

I swear to god I drop like 10 IQ points every time I try to read her writing

No. 655649

He had people from his work on his twitter so no way would he be showing Shayna off to them lmao. He was listed as single on FB too.

No. 655652

Yep if he lied about being an orphan/his sister dying then no noubt he's lied to Shayna about other aspects of his life.

No. 655655

she has one she uses. her profile pic was her with her current hair and one of those dumbass heart snapchat filters on it. updated this year.
farmhand, is it safe to post the link to it?

No. 655657

Yeah, I just noticed that. Hadn't checked in awhile. The last activity she had on it was from February though, so I'm thinking she's not that active on it? I doubt Kyle would want Shayna attached to his FB where all his friends/family can see and search up her name, leading them to these threads.

No. 655662

I wonder if shayna believes the lies about him being an orphan/his sister dying or if she's just going along with the lies so he goes along with hers

No. 655686

maybe she's aware that he put on a fake story/persona for tumblr to protect his work life? if that's the case she prob encouraged it since she basically used the fake broken home story to garner attention for herself as well.

No. 655687

File: 1533318050099.png (24.55 KB, 293x409, Capture.PNG)

Jesus. She sounds like she is trying to convince everybody how perfect he is because of how terrible Kyle Nathan Perkins is in reality.

"look everybody…. he's not really a bad guy! Look at how ~perfect~ he is uwu"

Sorry Shay. This guy is only perfect for you because you both suck ass and nobody else like your ex and his ex-wife should have to be put in harm's way due to your shit ever again.

Have fun in Tulsa!

40 days or so. I saw Fupa saying 47 days on his tumblr like a few days or a week ago.

No. 655695

i actually tried to see if she was friends with him on facebook yesterday but her friend list was private.

No. 655706

If it was to protect his work life he could have just not mentioned anything about family, nobody forced him to answer anon asks

No. 655707

Kyle Nathan Perkins’s friend list was private too. But not his ‘single’ relationship status!

No. 655709

seems to me that he wanted/needed a narrative for all the demented shit he posts on his dumblr

No. 655711

>even after she moves to Tulsa

I'm in Tulsa often and I'm going to shit bricks/sneak a candid if I see them in person.

No. 655714

>this man took me into his arms, into his heart & into his life & i saw that with this one message.

It's evident Shayna has never really had much of genuine relationships or human interaction, rather. In addition to already having ridiculously low standards, if she saw all that in this message.


I thought they were "going to get a penthouse in Boston". Is it confirmed they're moving to Bumfuck, OK?

No. 655715

she'd probably go the way of kaka and say people are stalking her

No. 655716

I do not believe for a second they are moving to Boston. Wasn't Fupa checking houses out and talking to realtors? Unless he has been in Boston this entire time, he's been going to places in Tulsa.

No. 655722

Also, "proud of her work"? He's just pushing her delusions further. But maybe he'll finally be that person to tell her that having open sores, pimples, boils, and nasty acne scars on your pussy and ass isn't a good look nor is it good for business for porn.

Telling her he likes pubic hair just so she can use it to hide her nasty breakouts is a great start!

No. 655724


I seriously wonder if Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK gave Shayna his real name? Because it would have been ridiculously easy for her to google his name and find out all his lies. I'm betting on no, especially since Kyle Perkins only communicates with her on kik with the name youvebeenwarned?

No. 655733

I think she knows he's named Kyle 𝘢𝘵 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘵.
But I don't think he told her his family name.

No. 655735


He def told her his last name, Fupa wouldn't have been able to resist telling someone that he was "related to Norman Bates".

No. 655737


unless he sends her uncensored chest photos and that censor bar covers his last name.

No. 655739

I don't think Shay is smart enough to research anyone she lets fuck her

No. 655740

She literally has no ass, yet she always takes pictures of it. It's literally just a flat acne filled mess like her vag. How do you have acne on your asshole!?

No. 655741

i can only assume it's from >>650225

No. 655763

File: 1533323186442.png (8.48 KB, 533x141, aug.PNG)

I haven't seen Shay talking about going back to LA even though she totally is in 7 days. Is she embarrassed about it all now lol?

No. 655765

Yet here you are??
"Real customer" my ass.

No. 655766

We have had real customers come here before. It's not completely out of the ordinary. People have come here and complained about Shay multiple times especially for her vid quality and the Snapchat shit she pulls.

No. 655769

I've seen several of her past customers here. It's a trend. She's horrible in business on top of scamming these poor fucks out of money, and them getting mad when they see her nasty open sore riddled pussy/ass in the content they buy.

No. 655772


It's funny that she's basically been a discount date for Fupa, but she's lacks the class, taste, or the intelligence to even be aware of it. She prob thinks everything's so great, when the reality is much more dire.

"Traveling the world" Mexico "vacation", "great opportunity"

REALITY: Flew herself to Mexico. Stayed in a hotel room paid for from his work, ate/snacks from daily work stipend, did nothin but wait for him to get back.

"Going to move to Boston, MA and get a penthouse"

No penthouse, Not going to be by her fam, instead his in bumfuck Oklahoma.

No. 655773

File: 1533323748895.png (31.65 KB, 691x447, Screenshot (50).png)

Boy-girl is gone from her profile now too?

No. 655780

She barely had enough money for her last trip there between the flight, air bnb, and taxi rides. I’m thinking she can’t afford to go back to LA yet and is gonna come up with some dumb excuse as to why she couldn’t go

No. 655781

ahhh good eye anon. Didn't even catch that. Looks like Shay and Kyle Nathan Perkins did have a disagreement over the boy/girl stuff. Kek. He took her name out of his bio over it and I am assuming he would have broken up with her.

I bet she still did boy/girl stuff before that was taken out of her bio and I bet she won't even talk about it when it's released. That's fine, anons here will find it!

No. 655789

File: 1533324721993.png (94.91 KB, 1080x752, 20180803_151733.png)

She definitely has to have a studio apartment if she doesn't have enough room for her dog kennel and her princess tent.
And a picture of her supposed bed has been posted recently. (Of Rib under it.)

No. 655793

This is such grooming, predatory shit that I kind of feel bad for Shayna. It’s so obvious and ugly. Then I remind myself that this is what she wants but wow, he is transparent as fuck.

No. 655795

He knew she did porn before they even got together though? What happened to your, "sex work is power," Shayna? Or, "if your boyfriend isn't supportive of you or allow you to do porn you should leave them."

No. 655796

True, a lot of people state she doesn't even post that much on her Snaps for the price. (Especially her SFW one.) The fact you have to pay for that one at all is bull shit.

No. 655797

Yeah, she said she has a 6 month lease studio apt. It's super small and dirty, hideous br and kitchen, Tacky af ghetto cabinets with weird haphazard saw cutouts "that make it feel like two rooms"

She also said she paid over 1k for it here >>>/snow/591066

No. 655859

Many parents don't even feel comfortable giving their kids the sex talk, less even want to know when, how, or if their kids are having sex (beyond worrying about them during the teen years). Why the hell would you think your dad would want to talk to you about camming? Or your latest disgusting ""bdsm"" shoot
Shay keeps saying that doing porn involved sacrifices that she was willing to make but that's probably the biggest lie she's ever told. Clearly she hates that she has no contact with her parents and doesn't understand why parents won't actually support all your decisions, not that your parents sometimes really do know what's best for you. Stigma around sex work exists for a reason and it isn't just slut shaming ones.

No. 655890

File: 1533332595660.png (Spoiler Image,961 KB, 474x1072, 2018-08-03 17_41_38-Diaper Bum…)

omg i can't even post the last image in this set in good conscience. she's pulling a dildo with fake cum away from her vagina covered in baby powder :|

No. 655892

File: 1533332661258.gif (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pcwmfiwMR81rmiw96o6_540…)

No. 655895

File: 1533332762961.gif (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pcwmfiwMR81rmiw96o4_540…)

No. 655896

File: 1533332763264.png (Spoiler Image,23.85 KB, 486x415, 2018-08-03 17_44_54-Diaper Bum…)

No. 655897

>tight fertile cunt
lmao what on earth

No. 655900

This is too fucking much. It's like she's trying to shoehorn every fucked up depraved thing she can into one video.

No. 655901

God, even on the upper left side as she pulls the dildo away there are large bumps visible even under the baby powder and hair. What a nightmare.

No. 655902

That does NOT look normal! It looks like my snot when I have a sinus infection, absolutely vile.

No. 655903

This made my physically recoil. Gross.

No. 655904

this needs a gag warning on it lmao seriously vomit-inducing

No. 655905

No. 655906


She's getting awfully creative in the ways she's covering up her boil covered pussy.

Gotta ba tiring to cover up all this shit >>645943

No. 655907

File: 1533333228717.png (Spoiler Image,785.95 KB, 822x482, 2018-08-03 17_51_52-Dolly Matt…)

ummmm first of all :10-:12 is an absolute horror show
second of all, she looks so strung out

No. 655917

This makes me feel ill. I can't believe anyone buys her content after seeing her pussy boils in the previews. Why would you subject yourself to such horror?

No. 655922

Is it possible for her to go more downhill from here? She looks fucking wrecked to shit. In every way. Efukt prime material I swear. Fucking creepy and disgusting.

Bitch needs to get help.

No. 655926

File: 1533333973279.gif (2.19 MB, 540x304, FBB07674-83F5-4A41-9D2A-45952F…)

The image of a grown ass woman wearing a big onesie and 3” long nails, pulling out a giant diaper which she’ll put on herself is seriously cracking me up.

Anyway, this is even more disgusting than I’d anticipated. Great job, Shayna!

Doesn’t she claim to be a CSA survivor? Has she ever given any more detail than that?

I know these ABDL freaks all claim to be ~working through trauma~ with this shit, but that doesn’t mean you have to fucking film and sell it.

No. 655932

Her shit would fit right in there kek and she thinks she's going to get some big break in porn. They probably all laughed at her as soon as she went back home. I'm guessing she didn't get booked enough and that's why she is being so quiet about it.

No. 655935

ive never wanted to be blind more in my life.

No. 655941

At least she used the baby powder as a tactic to cover her boils.

Nice one Shay.

No. 655945

This >>655890 is the “work” that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, is soooo proud of, kek.

No. 655946


It's really disgusting. I remember reading a post a while back that people need to stop sexualizing children's items. Diapers, binkies, baby bottles - these are all items used by infants, toddlers and children.

No matter how you look at is, it's pandering to pedophilia and I hate how people argue that it's "kinkshaming". I'd rather kinkshame than sexualize children's items.

No. 655952

All I can think about is dusty moldy bread
>tight fertile cunt
>tiny pussy

No. 655961

Well, now we know Shayna will do literally anything for your pocket change, including pandering to pedophiles.

>B-but muh CSA!!1!

No. 655963

this is a custom right? shay i hope you know youve just made content for a straight up pedophile…. that is how they get content to satisfy their sick fantasies while remaining in legal territories. who THE FUCK fantasizes about their dick coming out of a bald pussy covered in BABY POWDER IM FCKIN FBVSBFAB SHAY STOP PANDERING TO PEDOPHILES

No. 655966

It is gross. I dunno if any mid twenties English girls here but I remember teenagers sucking pacifiers was actually a fad at one point and even as like 12 year old seeing the older girls in school sucking on pacifiers was fucking weird.

No. 655968


Probably because he doesn't want her to be able to call him lmao

No. 655992

I suspect the pacifiers might have less to do with a suggestive aesthetic and more to do with how prevalent MDMA was in the late 90s.

Just to save this post from being OT, I'm really curious why some farmers seem to have a problem with the news that Kyle Perkins, of Tulsa, OK, has children. From what's public, he never lied about being a father, so at most, all this latest revelation suggests is the obvious- that he was trying to keep his personal persona away from his private persona (which doesn't necessarily make him amoral in and of itself). For all we know, he may have told Shay. As far as sticking his chode in someone whose shtick is DDLG, is there really anything to back-up that Kyle Perkins, of Tulsa, OK, shares that fetish as much as Shay claims to? It looks more like he just plays into it because he's desperate for puss, the same way Shay panders to it because she's desperate for attention. I could understand being concerned about his children if his tumblr feed was post-to-post child models/DDLG but seeing as he has a history of nudging Shay into adopting more of an alt-aesthetic, something tells me that Kyle Perkins, of Tulsa, OK, for all his other failings, doesn't seem to be credible a threat to actual children.

No. 655995

Because he would rather hang out with this dumpy cam whore instead of his own kids. At least for me, I don't mean to speak for anyone else. He doesn't have anything to do with his kids. It's totally understandable that someone would want to keep their kids separate from adult oriented stuff. But he literally keeps them separate from his life in general. He doesn't see them.

I've seen his exwife talking about how fucked up Kyle was. He hasn't been around his kids in a long time. His own mother apologized for his shitty behavior towards his exwife and children.

I am not going to defend that nasty DDLG shit either. I don't care to what extent he actually enjoys it. That stuff is not normal, so he shouldn't be enjoying it especially when one of his kids is an actual little girl.

Gotta love how Fupa is bringing up the other tumblr girl now. The same one that he clearly liked more than Shay and continued to bother after he linked up with Shay.

No. 655998

>From what's public, he never lied about being a father
when did he mention it before?

No. 656000

File: 1533338302727.png (46.88 KB, 566x686, woooooow.PNG)

samefag cos I forgot a pic

No. 656027

There are such things as adults diapers FOR ADULTS. Onesies are for everyone.
Pacifiers and bottles are 100% for infants/toddlers though.
Literally a shaved pussy doesn't contribute to the pedos though either. Shaved pussies are more acceptable than non shaved now a days.

No. 656031

Almost every woman who has been scorned by the man of all three of her kids would talk shit about him regardless if he actually is a bad Dad or not.
He is not present in their lives and that's what makes him a bad Father.
Does even send them gifts/money/child support?? (Or is that not a question we can ask?)

No. 656032


I'd say this is fair, if she wasn't acting as a fucking baby while wearing a diaper.

Also I mentioned nothing about onesies or a shaved puss lol

No. 656037

Her “adult” diaper has rubber duckies, bottles, rattles, and bibs on it, and her “adult” onesie literally says the word “Baby,” but go off.

No. 656039


Adult diapers don't have Hello Kitty or cutesy designs on them, stop excusing disgusting shit.

>Onesies are for everyone

Were your parents related? Like before they were married?

No. 656040

"Who fantasizes about a dick coming out of a bald puss"
But the baby powder and acting like a literal baby is too far. Mentioned the onesie part cause it was mentioned earlier by someone else.

No. 656041


You replied to my post and I didn't even say that, the heck are you on lol

Regardless, she's pandering to pedos so stop trying to WK her

No. 656044

Lmao onesies are for everyone, have you checked sizing? Do you go outside at all?
Nice, trying to make blood relation go with what to wear for night time. Your parents must have been blood related by how retarded you are.

No. 656047

Literally just saying there are adult diapers and it doesn't pertain to a specific age group. Not defending her pimpled STD ass.

No. 656051

Okay but “adult” diapers are for “adult” incontinence, not some gross pedo fantasy shit. Shayna is wearing diapers meant to look like they’re for babies.

No. 656052

YES adult baby diapers do….

No. 656053

Why is there so much defending? This is fucked up, plain and simple.

No. 656054

Right? The idea behind the video is fucking obvious, regardless of the fact that some adults wear onesies and have incontinence issues lol

No. 656055

that was my post. a shaved pussy on its own is fine, when it's covered in baby powder and the girls wearing a onesie and acting like a child, it's clearly meant to look like a child's vagina. it contributes to the whole """"aesthetic"""". wasnt she growing it out anyway?

No. 656056

Fucking thank you.
Literally the people here talking about what design they come in, don't even fucking know about them.

No. 656058

Who gives a shit about what design adult diapers can have? Do you really think Shayna was trying to play an adult who needed to wear a diaper?

No. 656059

I understand the baby powder, talking like a baby and how wearing the onesie is wrong, especially since she's obviously using it for the aesthetic and porn.
But don't shit on the people who legit like onesies just cause they're cute and the people who actually need diapers because of certain reasons and get the cuter designs.

No. 656060

Spotted the ABDL freaks.

No. 656062

Literally no one was shitting on anything, you took it personally probably because you're more like Shayna than you care to admit. Calm the fuck down and see yourself out with you defenses.

No. 656065

No one fucking cares about adult diapers and what designs they come in.

It's disgusting when she wears one to intentionally look like a baby, acts like a baby and uses baby-themed items for her nasty ass videos.

No. 656066

Literally Shayna uses the "kink" for aesthetic, reblogs, likes and money. Nothing alike lmao.
But get pissy cause I'm defending the kink lol. Not the person.

No. 656067

If someone is using adult diapers for legit reasons like incontinence, they’re not buying them with fucking baby bottles and duckies on them.

Y’all need therapy.

No. 656068

Spotted the annoying faggot.

No. 656069

What made you think this was the place to start defending your kink? This has nothing to do with you and it's about her portrayal of a literal BABY. That's what your trying to justify right now, god job on being a shitty human.

No. 656070

If you want to defend someone dressing as a baby while they film porn, go somewhere else, this isn't the place to do it.

No. 656071

Once again, not defending the person. Read it over slower this time so you'll get it.

No. 656072


Go defend your pedo kink somewhere else.

No. 656073

Once again, no one gives a shit., Go somewhere else, try tumblr.

No. 656075

fuck off, the kink itself is disgusting and shayna making videos sexualising kids is disgusting. stop defending your kink shoo

No. 656077

Didn't make it about me, you did lmao.
Shayna is a gross bitch who uses children items to make porn and money, and the people who actually use those items, such as diapers and onesies, in the proper form look bad cause of her.
All I'm saying.

No. 656078

Fantastic, are you done? Feel satisfied with yourself? Great job, have a biscuit and go fuck yourself.

No. 656080

File: 1533342894536.jpeg (210.43 KB, 640x582, D82C50F9-17EC-43A6-AA73-656AFC…)

>LittleForBig Printed Adult Brief Diapers Adult Baby Diaper Lover ABDL 10 Pieces - Nursery Pink(Medium)
>Why grow up? Be a little big kid forever in LittleForBig's all-blue nursery print diaper. The sweet design, with its baby-printed contouring, will make any little feel extra cute.

No. 656081

Can yall focus on the how big of a piece of shit Shayna Clifford and Kyle Perkins are and stop arguing. We get it, the kink is disgusting, and we get it, there are people that are for it.
Last time i checked this was a thread on Shay's milk, not yalls.

No. 656082

Don't look at the saged shit then faggot. 🤷

No. 656084

When the only response you have for being called out on your pedo kink is by calling people gay, truly remarkable amount of stupidity.

No. 656086

Fuck off and go and defend your kink elsewhere, this thread isn't the place for it.

No. 656088

Truly remarkable you're still having this conversation when the main goal here is to shit on a internet "famous" porn star, half y'all buy her content just to talk about it here. Lmao.

No. 656090

So anyways, Shayna and Kyle Nathan Perkins are sick fucks who cater to pedophilia and support the rape, torture, and murder of women regularly.

No. 656091

Turn sage off then? Problem then? Oh no, they're won't be cause you won't see this shit then.(don't use emojis)

No. 656093

Please get back to milking Fupa and Shayna. What even is this, stop responding to bullshit.

No. 656095

Damn, pedophiles are so sensitive.

No. 656096

Shayna wearing and glorifying items meant for children is disgusting. And why did she choose this one to start using fake cum it's even worse.

No. 656097

File: 1533343287823.png (162.18 KB, 745x1182, IMG_3368.PNG)

Anyways she posted the beating up videos

No. 656098


she rarely hits herself very hard and then " OH OWIEEEEE" in a baby voice over a tap, what makes her think that shes a "beat down barbie" or whatever? because Kyle Nathan Perkins tapped her in the face a couple of times?

No. 656099

File: 1533343428809.jpg (4.11 KB, 225x225, images(2).jpg)

No. 656100

File: 1533343436106.png (870.23 KB, 1080x1221, 20180803_204310.png)

Beating herself up again for money. (Barely.)

No. 656101

It's for the edge, because blonde bimbo barbie baby with claws and boils isn't quite enough.

No. 656102

Report and ignore the pedo pandering idiot.

Why does good milk always bring out the moronic twats.

No. 656103

I'm sure a slap with those claws could do more damage than her punches

No. 656104


Boil Barbie should be her new name, kek

No. 656105


Her hair looks so greasy, those roots are nasty to look at.

No. 656106

I truly hate her nails. Those claws just dont fit her barbie bimbo'aesthetic'.

No. 656107

They're awful and have so much gunk under them I bet they smell to hell and back

No. 656111

I hate the shit she does with her bottom lashes she straight up looks like a sad mime player

No. 656112

Why does she get them so long? Her porn might be a little better if she chops that shit.

No. 656115

Says she's self conscious of her big hands, but they just make her hands look bigger

No. 656121

This is why women will prob never be equal to men. We have dumb ugly cunts so desperate for any attention that they will try to cater to kid fuckers and deadbeat obese abusers like Kyle Perkins. Shay, the day you will realize you made content for pedos just for a couple of dollars, is going to be a very dark one for you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 656126

can you get a fucking grip? like they're aren't a bunch of men who degrade themselves with this nasty ass fetish. stop using shayna as an excuse to show your ass about how much you hate women

No. 656127

>>656126 I understand that my statement can be seen as very misogynistic, but to pretend that this isn't a problem in the feminist community is bogus. Trying to justify pedo and ddlg kink is extremely harmful to us.

No. 656148

It IS very misogynistic.
>dumb ugly cunts
Saying things like that while even mentioning the feminist community is hilarious.

No. 656149

For christ sake can we please just focus on Shayna?

No. 656155

The dialogue has taken a bizarre turn tonight.

No. 656161


It's actually quite common to be fully booked for new models within agencies, especially ones from out of town / or who have only have set dates and only in LA for an allotted time period to shoot. They only have a few dates to fill and are pushed more by their agencies to book their week in LA. It'd be more surprising for someone like that to not get any or only a few bookings.

Shayna's problem won't be getting booked. It's going to be re-booked especially to quality studios, and NOT getting a bad reputation/blacklisted for having genitals in such a horrific state /something ridiculous amounts of airbrushing won't be able to fix. She won't be worth it. Word travels fast in the industry.

Let's see if she gets booked with some really good studios for film, and not photos. Photos can be easily edited like her agency photos were, even though she was riddled with acne, open sores and scars all over her pussy and ass, they hid most of it, by making her keep her bottoms on and posing from the sides.

No. 656166

Can you take your revenge fantasy masturbation session somewhere else jesus christ

No. 656176

Shay, WHY would you put baby powder all over your vagina and then try to penetrate yourself? you're leaving yourself drier than you usually are, WTF?

No. 656177

Hahhaha was wondering when the kink derail was gonna show up because it’s a staple of every Pimply Mattel thread

No. 656182

x-tra dry desert pussy life

No. 656184

this is the definition of daddy issues. sad as fuck

No. 656186

pacifiers have been a rave thing since the 90's, most teens were using them as rave wear. people at raves would use them for oral fixation after taking molly or ecstasy. the pacifier thing doesn't bother me as much because its pretty much in the mainstream.

the diaper thing and pretending to be a "baby" for "dada" is fucking creepy though.

No. 656228

>tight fertile cunt
Breeding kink.. mixed with infant imagery.. who writes this shit for her??

No. 656237

File: 1533357268761.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1271, 20180804_003001.png)

The fucking caption.

No. 656238

KEK I thought the same thing. I know incels and the like talk about “the wall” and attempt to justify their ephebophilia with the idea that 13–18s or whatever are the most fertile. Maybe that’s what she’s getting at? But then… she’s portraying an infant…?

No. 656239

It’s cum lube. But yeah.

No. 656240

Again with the stupid fucking facial expressions.. I swear she wants to look developmentally disabled. It's bad enough she is a grown ass woman dressed as a baby with a boil-y cunt.

No. 656241

File: 1533357578761.jpeg (493.41 KB, 640x1093, 6E5BE80D-97D6-4544-B526-E82AD2…)

babby tingz uwu~!~!

No. 656243

Because Shayna has wk’s, which is both sad and hilarious. They are easy to spot.

No. 656244

File: 1533357682449.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1378x786, infectedroastbeef.PNG)

The MV preview for her stupid beatdown barbie video:


plain and simple.

No. 656245

File: 1533357826655.png (22.98 KB, 300x587, Capture.PNG)

No. 656247

File: 1533357972472.jpg (135.48 KB, 1125x1108, Djt-DupU8AAt6Ek.jpg large.jpg)

Shay is wearing her old clothes. She took this today.

No. 656248

File: 1533358090694.png (1.36 MB, 1666x676, crackedoutmattel.PNG)

Aaand cracked out mattel is on cam looking sweaty and grimy as per usual

No. 656249

File: 1533358174816.png (617.53 KB, 639x664, alcoholism.PNG)

Drinking straight from the bottle like a baby bimbo would.

To a room with 19 people in it and singing "Like a Virgin"

No. 656252

File: 1533358319710.jpeg (352.93 KB, 640x709, 369828A3-1E6A-43FF-B4E6-D20983…)

No. 656255

File: 1533358687167.png (Spoiler Image,757.54 KB, 835x631, comegettheseboilsbaby.PNG)

Oh my god I wish I knew how to capture video for these shows. Cos the "striptease" she just did was horrific.
The way she revealed her ass boils was truly incredible.

Come on get these boils babyyy

No. 656256

File: 1533358700912.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.96 KB, 740x587, 74C782E5-29A6-43B0-BB74-DCEBA7…)

How did her ass drastically get sooo much worse in just 24hrs since she was on cam last night?!

No. 656257

Nobody is talking to her whatsoever kek. This is almost sad. She is just talking to herself, stripping and showing off her boils.

No. 656258

File: 1533358943812.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1676x670, depression.PNG)

No. 656260

Yeah, getting punched in the face by your man; he’s so special. Wake up, Shayna.

No. 656263

Oh my god.
You’re right. Dis bish fucking Papa Nurgle on the side.

No. 656267


damn. he saw her weakness and went right in, exploited it and ruined her lol this isn't even special.

No. 656268

Wtffff she looks like a spider?

No. 656273

man wtf is wrong with her face, she looks like a crack whore being fucked for 5 bucks to buy some more crack

No. 656292

I think since she isn't even into any of these kinks she just puts everything she thinks is part of the one kink together. Likely she looks at people into ddlg and assumes everything they're into is part of the kink, not realising that there's a spectrum of that depravity. Some people don't do sex things and get off to pissing in diapers, some like putting vibes to diapers, some like the baby aesthetic but fuck normally, etc. Not to mention they might include utterly seperate kinks from ddlg into their sex

You know, this clothing actually suits her really nice. If she could model at all it'd look cool with a nice sultry look with her hair down and messy. Even better if she had her natural hair instead. Everything neck up looks pretty bad unfortunately here

No. 656294

I think it looks a bit ridiculous cause she's using that tryhard modeling expression she always goes for. She should just relax her face a bit and not squint her eyes and pucker her lips as much.

No. 656322

This is actually a cute outfit that looks good on her. She's ruining it with that expression… But it shows how nice she'd look if she quit wearing those awful too small cutesy t shirts and skirts she likes so much.

No. 656327

Can we talk about the REAL surprise tho? Shay ACTUALLY using lube? That's a first as far as I know.

No. 656347

Had to be the nastiest looking fucking lube on Earth but yeah

No. 656348

i really hope she continues to use lube but i also have a bad feeling she’s gonna keep being lazy and just did it this time for the breeding kink

No. 656354

Yeah, it was a custom video wasn't it? I think it's likely she only used it because the person asked her to.

No. 656392

lmfao the sounds she makes in this video are so fucking stupid and embarrassing. god shayna you cry over bullies but completely set yourself up for them

No. 656416

For once she actually looks really good. It's a shame she doesn't wear this all the time and just get her life straightened out. She could have been a proper model or something.

No. 656417

I mean a model is a stretch, but she could have done a lot more than making pseudo pedo porn.

No. 656420

That's because she is far away from the lens and it's low res. We have seen her in actual photos and she doesn't look like this.

A model kek jesus christ

She had the resources and support to do something better with her life but she ain't model material.

No. 656427

File: 1533396953261.png (31.86 KB, 259x281, Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 10.32…)

her favorite way to wear her hair is "damaged to the point that it looks like hay and thrown up in braids because if she tries to brush it, it'll all fall out and break off"

No. 656452

Her “braids” don’t ever look like braids. They look like dumbass twists and it’s all frizzy every time.

No. 656453

This outfit honestly looks really nice. I wish she'd drop the whole Barbie shtick and dress like this more often, it suits her way better.

No. 656463

I feel like she doesn't even use shampoo at this point. Her hair is fried beyond belief.

No. 656466

it's basically dreading

No. 656510

but shay is clearly not on ecstacy at a rave, so that point is completely moot.
she's using pacifiers and diapers to look like a baby. did you read the description for the video? it's so obviously a video for a pedophile.

No. 656513

This thread needs disclaimer for graphic contect. Do not open NSFW images if you are easily grossed out or eating at the moment!

No. 656536

Idk how you could follow these threads at all if you're easily grossed out. I would just not click anything if I were you.

No. 656561

A pedophile with an impregnation fetish at that. The tags are like, “baby,” “impregnation fetish.”

Shayna, you don’t have to say yes to everything, even if you are broke.

No. 656568

Ngl I learned to resist the urge to open spoilered images some time ago. She's a straight up "horrorcow". I just live vicariously through other anons disgusted reactions and pray I don't accidentally misclick while reading milk. Her pussy is just beyond gross, like go into debt if you have to Shayna, but see like six fucking doctors sweet fuck.

No. 656585

File: 1533413832986.png (15.6 KB, 304x386, girlstopew.PNG)

Shayna is truly insufferable.

She was just drinking wine last night. She barely did shit this week. It's infuriating to me that she considers herself a hard working person and Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma also supports this notion.

This bitch is the definition of lazy.

No. 656589

She didn't even stick to her schedule hardly at all kek she thinks she's doing so much and expects everyone to praise her for nothing. She is truly pathetic.

No. 656653

she 'works' for about 3 hours a day at most, and her work consists of playing video games and shaking her gross pimply ass at 7 men and 10 anons. but noooo poor shayna works sooo hard she needs to have a break for her health! i know shay is one of those people who does 10 minutes of work then gives herself an hour break as a reward. or if she worked a normal job then she'd reward working 4 hours with clothes that cost way more than 4 hours wages.

i find it so funny that shay is acting like Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa OK is really pampering her. a sandwich and 2 beers? wow she's such a spoilt princess thanks to her 'dada', he's really showering her in gifts. maybe next week he'll buy her an apple? and a bottle of coke? or would that be too much? fupa's really pulling out all the stops to lavish shay in gifts.
she's really sunk so low in her standards. in the past she used to fantasize about an attractive, older man who would 'take her to italy' and buy her a car and they'd eat caviar every night and drink champagne. it's so funny that she's ended up with fupa: a fat, ugly tumblr dom who actually looks younger than shay does and buys her weed and goldfish crackers but can't afford her nails, let alone fancy holidays or decadent food. i always laugh reading her thread. top kek shay

No. 656669

File: 1533419165065.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180804-164529_Tum…)

I highly doubt they gave her that napkin

No. 656674

mmm, nah, yeah, i don't think children's birthday napkins are given at a fucking bar of all places. shayna's retarded if she thinks people are gonna believe that.

No. 656683


I can just imagine the bartender's confusion as he serves Shayna her beer and then watches as she rifles through her purse with her disgusting talons. Then she pulls out this napkin, sets it under her beer and proceeds to take a picture of it.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall.

No. 656684

jesus, it looks like she carries around that crumped piece of shit napkin around with her. can she just stop being disgusting in one way or another? i’ll take anything at this point from shayna.

No. 656689

It seriously has what looks to be old blood stains on it. I hope they didn’t give you that wtf

No. 656690


Since when do bars cater to children? Besides that doesn't even look like a fresh napkin.

No. 656691

I burst out laughing. I wonder if she truly did bring that napkin with her because it seriously does have an odd looking blood-like stain on it and I can't imagine a bar actually gave that to her.

No. 656692

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She didn’t bring this with her; the bartender just found it in the trash and thought it suited Shayna, who is also a pink, wrinkly, used-up piece of trash.

No. 656695

File: 1533420813421.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, 4354562.jpg)

No. 656700

Preeeeettty sure thats a napkin from her stuffing/birthday video, but go off Shay kek

No. 656702


I hate being a skeptic but there is no way anyone working in a restaurant setting gave her that napkin, it looks like she had it shoved into her purse and saw and opportunity for a tumblr picture. I don’t get why she does stuff like this, it would be just as endearing if she had brought it from home because she enjoys princess stuff but she always has to push the idea that it’s others who identify her as a princess/Barbie or whatever it is she’s claiming that day.

No. 656709

Pretty sure she’s at Hale’s Ales and that they don’t do little girls’ birthday parties.

No. 656712

File: 1533422186096.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

Imagine carrying around children's napkins in your purse for months on end so you can stage photos like this.

No. 656714

It is.

No. 656717

Caps pls?

No. 656719

Nice job leaving the empty coaster your drink was originally on in the picture, Shayna

No. 656722

Also love how she’s all about IPAs now that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK, has mentioned that’s what he drinks.

No. 656723

She doesn't even do any work other than camming on those days. It's not like she films nearly daily or edits at all. She doesn't think of or buys new toys for her vids or photosets. Filming is all in one take and she supposedly posts a new one once a week so that's either already done a day before or she'll have to use her day off to film and edit it. But yes, what a good Dada who clearly knows what's best for his girlfriend. I can tell Kyle Perkins wasn't the one to teach or discipline his kids at all, he's fucking clueless

Oh, but here's the best part, nowhere does it say he even gave her the money for it. He just allowed her to drink a beer (or two as if shay is an actual lightweight child) on a Saturday night and buy a sandwich. How kind of him

No. 656726

File: 1533424573348.png (67.76 KB, 1337x447, Capture.PNG)

even fupa agrees that shay lives in filth.

No. 656729

File: 1533424960793.png (1.89 MB, 1314x1247, Capture.PNG)

pt 2 of that.
>"be 12"
>"adopt me already"
fucking disgusting.

No. 656733

I know we have been over this so many times, but I can't get over the fact that Kyle Perkins would rather play "dada" with this messy, nasty, dramatic ho as opposed to being with his own children.

Can't wait for this to fall apart.

No. 656734

File: 1533425253743.png (4.87 MB, 1242x2208, 231E23F6-B1D8-4A40-B567-B6FC98…)

They actually did give it to her

No. 656737

I don’t think Fupa has ever bought her anything other than a bowl of noodles. Otherwise she’d brag about it. She writes posts about this stuff sort of implying he paid for something, but won’t directly say it, so she’s technically not lying. Her trip to Mexico (she paid for her flight and his job paid the room and per diem), Mexican mall haul, and now the sandwich & two beers come to mind. I’m sure there are other examples. Has he ever bought her a gift?

Shayna, Kyle can’t even take care of or afford his actual kids.

No. 656738

File: 1533425418394.png (19.09 KB, 298x467, isthisnormal.PNG)

Is it normal for acrylic nails to break that easily?

Everything about her is rancid and cheap.

No. 656741

She could have pulled off the paper napkin ring and slid it on the pink napkin, or just asked for a new napkin ring.

It’s nitpicky, but I just don’t believe a word she says.

No. 656743

I wonder if this is him clumsily setting the stage to eventually say "we can't live together yet, we should do that once you start living cleaner"
It's a bit late considering he's never cared before and she needs a place to live, also useless advice today since he told her not to do anymore work tonight
Kyle Perkins is also starting to show his dickish nature to shay. He decided that now, while she's drunk and emotionally vulnerable, is the time to indicate that he might not want to live with her publicly while also shaming her living situation. Instead of any other time they've talked while she was sober, online or private. Shay might actually be messy, but this feels very planned, manipulative, and the red flag of a guy who enjoys hurting you

No. 656744

No one cares, but licensed cosmetologist here. No, they don't. If they're breaking that fast they're either very poorly done, the product is incredibly cheap and low quality, or the person with the nails is too hard on them. In her case, I'm assuming it's a mix of all three simply because they're ridiculously long (like, beyond functioning length long, nail tips are made of easily bendable plastic and the shorter they are the stronger they are.) Plus, she says she gets them redone every two weeks??! That is stupidly unnecessary. Acrylics only need to be redone once a month at most because nails only grow 1/8th of an inch per month. She's making her nails weak (her natural nails are probably fucked beyond repair) with all the unnecessary maintenance.

No. 656747

Ehhh I know Shay's a liar and all but the napkin doesn't look wrinkled or crusty or anything, they very well might have given it to her.

No. 656750

She mentions using super glue to stick any broken nails back onto her nail, is that bad for you? I would assume it is but I figure you'd actually know

Ew, god her ageplay is all the more disgusting when she associates a specific age to it. And age 12 of all ages! This bitch honestly repulses me, and it pisses me off to see this normalized in any way. (also what fucking 12 year old says "Dada" and uses diapers?)

No. 656754

Yep, it's horrible for your nails. Tl;dr- nail glue and superglue are essentially the same but superglue is methyl cyanoacrylate (breaks down real easy in water too) and nail glue is ETHYL cyanoacrylate, which is water resistant and medical grade. She seems to have had acrylics consistently for several years, so her natural nails are very thin and very damaged. So not only is she ruining her nails. she's allowing really toxic chemicals into her body as well.
tl;dr again- she's a fucking idiot for having cheap nails that long and using superglue for repairs.

No. 656755

didn't someone say one of his kids around that age? makes this even more gross than it already is

No. 656758

Shayna has tried to lie saying she gets "the most expensive set" even though they clearly are very cheap acrylics and not even gel.

She likes to pretend she is something other than trashy and frugal by lying about the price she pays for them, or saying things like "I don't remember what I get… something gel polish…" Even though she claims to get them done frequently. She just doesn't want to admit how cheap she is, and like mentioning the word "gel" makes her inexpensive set any better. Gel polish is different than a gel set.

Also, I doubt she even leaves a good tip for her tech, if one at all. I've heard her say her manicures are $40+ or something, they are NOT. Every set she's ever had look like $10-$20 acrylics with polish.

No. 656759

Samefagging to add, if she's repairing her nails herself and she's not properly sanitizing them w/ hand sanitizer and acetone, she's letting all sorts of bacteria into her claws which she then puts all over her already disgusting vag. Shit builds up in the tips of acrylics real quick and I know she doesn't take the time to clean them daily like she could. She very well could be contributing to her boils with her lack of nail care even tho she insists on having nails longer than fupa's dick.

No. 656760

File: 1533427032222.jpeg (310.44 KB, 1242x1239, 8FECD426-E310-4984-A0BA-8DF232…)

uh oh

No. 656761

Gel polish is usually put over acrylics in place of polish when a powder that isn't coloured (most expensive and best option, tbh) isn't used. Pricing is different everywhere, but just from doing them myself and seeing them every day, her tech rushes through them and it's pretty sub-par work.

No. 656762


Exactly anon! She's mentioned forever that she hates her hands, and having nails makes her feel better and confident. But they only draw more attention to the fact that her hands are eerily large and long.

I think she took her set off bc her hands exceeded the length of Fupa's hands. Even with them off, they were the same size. Kek! She was insistent on takin photos with him on his Seattle stay.

I can just imagine her getting all worked up and insecure about his lady hands and her man fingers, and ripping her cheap nails off just to take some pics. Ghagha

No. 656764

she probably gets lightweight brisa gel acrylics as opposed to actually powder acrylics. brisa gel acrylics are thinner for a more natural look, more expensive, and break easier. she most likely gets those because theyre the most expensive.

No. 656765

File: 1533427720003.png (Spoiler Image,4.48 MB, 1242x2208, FED37143-F19A-4BD2-B269-A1079F…)

reblogging other cam girls now

No. 656766

those idiot girls PAY HER for reblogs. its such a fucking scam because more than half of her followers are inactive. shes grown a following over a 7 year span, yet thinks all her 144k followers are real and active, kek.

No. 656768

This is hilarious bc Shayna is a pig. She is seriously such a dirty, unhygienic person and always has been. Any photo she takes on that rug, you can see literal debris and large pieces of dirt. Gross!


Gel nails are still more expensive than acrylic applications, even if it's with gel polish. I agree also! Her nails are shit.

No way those are gel nails. She gets acrylics that are bulky af. It's super obvious if you've ever seen a photo of her hands. Also have gotten my nails done for years, as well as have a friend with a fam who owns a salon.

No. 656769

File: 1533428155729.jpeg (Spoiler Image,942.47 KB, 1242x1090, 87B11BD0-6F3F-450A-A22A-6B0AFB…)

What…what is that face she’s making in the pic on the right?

No. 656770

I thought Kyle already reblogs other camgirls though?

No. 656771

she seriously has the ugliest fucking nose, why would she think thats a sexy face?!

No. 656772

havent seen him reblog one in a awhile since he reblogged one and she got a bunch of anon hate (presumably from shayna)

No. 656778

File: 1533428799951.jpg (Spoiler Image,700.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180804-171953_Tum…)

This was today, I believe

No. 656782

File: 1533429203529.jpg (27.13 KB, 546x293, lol.jpg)


Here she is lying about her nails. I know nails, I've only ever seen her wear cheap acrylic sets on her hands, and regular polish/ maybe gel polish on her toes that she rarely ever gets done.

She gets really insecure about being called cheap/frugal. Back in the stoner days, someone called her out for having a "shitty car". Ever since then, she stopped showing the "Honda" decal on her wheel. KEK.

Her nails / hair have been discussed here several times before, she use to mention very low pricings for her nails and hair. Ever since it's been pointed out how cheap her hair/nail salon visits were on the thread, she's increased her "prices" that she says she spends at the salons(pic) but still, her nails/ hair has stayed looking the same. She's a blatant liar. Always have been.

Watch her actually get a real gel set/pedi next time and video/take a photo just to prove she's not a lying cheap basic btch. LOL! Hi Shay

No. 656786

File: 1533429575736.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2208, 7F5B5DA0-4772-4D1A-9039-243B3F…)

She’s so fucking proud of that napkin

No. 656787

She looks wrecked her eye bags are so deep and covered in wrinkles even with that filter.

No. 656788

File: 1533429713834.jpg (34.33 KB, 534x312, acrylics.jpg)

Looked a little further and saw this, confirmation from herself that her nails are acrylic.

Therefore the prices she mentioned paying here: >>656782
are incorrect. She lied.

Acrylic sets are the most inexpensive, with what Shay gets on her nails, those prices of paying $100 for her mani/pedi are BS.

No. 656790

File: 1533429805271.png (4.21 MB, 1242x2208, 85819EFE-97B9-4C33-A1A5-2CBA75…)

She looks busted af as she is whining about having to clean lol

No. 656794

File: 1533430034079.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, C9534206-30E3-4084-BE39-9895F4…)

Daddy said she can take a bath as long as she’s doesn’t fall asleep! Yay!!111 ol shay here has a record of falling asleep in hot water tho as she says.

Also kek at those teeth

No. 656796

she really does have chipmunk teeth.

No. 656797

lol shes really trying to NOT have to take a bath

No. 656799

Wtf??? How is is possible for an ass to be so god damn pimply?

No. 656800

god she really does look so busted here. she genuinely looks like she does meth lol. cant believe she uses her "youthfulness" as a selling point in her work lmao

No. 656802


We can clearly see a napkin ring in

Then in the second picture we cannot see the pink napkin thats being used for her drink.

My guess is she used the one napkin to make it seem like everyone thinks she's a ~uwu pwincess~

No. 656805

Forgot to add that she was looking for a "nail daddy" to get her nails done before LA, and was giving an estimate of how much money she needed. She can never keep her numbers straight or her lies in order.

No. 656807

She actually said she wants to take a bath (albeit a bath in freeze pops) in the previous snap about not wanting to clean so she can cool off. I forgot to add that in the bath snap she said she's going to smoke a blunt in the tub. So she's going to be drunk, high and also has a history of falling asleep in hot water.

No. 656828

She hates bathing, it's been discussed repeatedly. Also learn to sage before a farmhand yells at you.

No. 656868

File: 1533439876024.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.55 KB, 861x644, 20180804_203049.jpg)

She's online

No. 656869

File: 1533440007690.png (408.86 KB, 720x1101, Screenshot_2018-08-04-23-31-44…)


No. 656871

She is so annoying. Every day of the week is her day off lol. She puts about 2% effort into everything she does.

No. 656872

fupa is truly desperate and has never had anything nice if he thinks her boily sweaty vagina looks enticing

No. 656875

File: 1533440703315.png (Spoiler Image,80.36 KB, 325x179, Screenshot_889.png)

No. 656881

File: 1533441033820.png (610.86 KB, 688x524, Screenshot_891.png)

This is not sexy, Shayna.

No. 656882

literally all shes doing is changing her songs every two seconds. shes so disengaging.

No. 656885

someone asked where shes moving to and she just gave a weird look and didnt answer. what was the point? how is that being customer friendly? i dont get her.

No. 656890

File: 1533441647482.png (165.5 KB, 663x512, Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 10.56…)

i didnt say or do anything, i didnt even screenshot. literally walked into a different room to get a drink and came back to this. kek okay then. good thing i wasnt a potential customer.

No. 656891

she is hella paranoid kek.

No. 656900

lmao think of the actual potential customers she must kick out because she’s so paranoid

oh Shay, you deserve it

No. 656902

Haha, it seems fupa's message basically saying he isn't excited about moving in because her room is a pigstye got her scared. Too bad not scared enough to actually clean. That would have been a miracle

No. 656904

I bet you she's now blocking people who don't interact after a certain amount of time. That's the only thing I can come up with seeing as you did nothing. Kind of stupid seeing as people will want to watch for a bit before deciding on a cam girl they feel is worth paying money to. Now they'll never choose her, they'll just give money to a better can girl who actually cares about her potential clients. The customers are your potential employers shay, not the other way around. You serve them and make them want to pay you and ask for services

No. 656905

Someone tipped her 70 toked, she says whats that for? And now shes not even in view.

way to go.

No. 656906


I literally pulled the stream up and then went to get a drink. It isn't like i've just been steady sitting for an hour or something.
Was i supposed to desperately jump at giving her a nickles worth of tokens? shes so fucking daft.

No. 656907

Not surprised. She is always scamming. When is this "business" going to die because there is nothing sustainable about it.

No. 656910

File: 1533443433333.png (Spoiler Image,691.56 KB, 756x561, Screenshot_895.png)

No. 656912

She cant suck a cock for shit, and anytime someone is tipping she has to leave the room to get her items because shes so unprepared and not used to people actually paying. And now shes fake moaning with the vibrator.
Get your act together, Shay.

No. 656917

File: 1533443750766.png (Spoiler Image,570.47 KB, 722x535, Screenshot_896.png)

No. 656919

I literally took the same screenshot lol. Why does nobody (customers) say anything about the state of her vagina and ass?

No. 656921

it says a lot about the types of men she attracts

No. 656922

Holy shit the fuck moaning is crazy. How do you beat it to this

No. 656923

File: 1533443989323.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.38 KB, 594x462, kek.JPG)

Her fake moaning is so gross. I want to slap this dumb ho.

No. 656924

The way her labia swallows that toy omfg

No. 656927

Cause they just leave for a girl in the recommended section. It's like in restaurants, people don't tend to complain when the food is bad, they just never go there again

Does this chick not know her own tiers? All she knows is the spin (cause you're guaranteed something at a higher value so everyone choses it) and her higher ones cause she only expects those

It's like tumblr, she expects to be paid for everything and immediately. If you don't "support" her in the very specific way she wants she removes you as a potential client forever. She will never learn that she needs to give reasons to pay for things. There are hundreds of other cam girls, tumblr hoes, and free porn pics and clips online. Why should a person chose her? That's the question she should always keep on her mind

No. 656930

File: 1533444426519.png (237.85 KB, 435x394, Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 11.46…)

soooooo sexy, Shay.

No. 656931

File: 1533444522510.png (Spoiler Image,576.7 KB, 696x534, Screenshot_897.png)

my eyes

No. 656932


she really has no idea how to hold herself in a flattering way, does she?

you can do that pose without putting your double chins on display

No. 656933


i was literally gonna post the same screenshot. straight nightmare fuel.

No. 656938

Her butt has overnight pimples and her vagina has two giant lumps next to each other and what looks like another one higher up. She only knows this one angle yet it's the actual worst. If she wasn't restricted to her phone on a shitty tripod that she can barely change the angle of she could at least do a couple more angles, like one from above. Anything to hide her nasty lower half and still look appealing enough for guys to stay
Side note, this bitch shouldn't have baths, I bet that is contributing to her body not getting better. She likely doesn't shower after them and dirties up the water of the bath ruining its ability to at least clean her a touch (and just spreads it into her vag). I wouldn't be surprised if she's getting yeast infections and tons of UTIs to the point that she's practically immune to them or just doesn't notice

No. 656942

This striptease tho!


No. 656947

That was awful. She really should try and watch some other girls to figure out how to actually strip sexy and how to just be a better cam girl.

No. 656954

File: 1533446228165.png (Spoiler Image,937.41 KB, 855x645, Screenshot_901.png)

No. 656957

File: 1533446314166.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.96 KB, 720x962, IMG_20180805_131508.jpg)

Work bitch by britney spears came on and she was like "this is to all my haters!!" And proceeded to do some alward as fuck dancing while singing along. She makes the dumbest ass faces and the way she talks is so unengaging she sounds like she's whining any time she opens her mouth. like honestly

No. 656962

She called herself Barbie Dream Dumpster

She's learning.

No. 656963

File: 1533446655652.png (516.32 KB, 870x626, Screenshot_902.png)


No. 656975

File: 1533447250769.gif (Spoiler Image,2.41 MB, 600x534, 980B0C13-1321-40C6-BEC2-18A67B…)

Does she know this is what her ass looks like?

No. 656980

File: 1533448126872.png (Spoiler Image,862.7 KB, 874x666, Screenshot_904.png)

No. 656983

this never occurred to me until now… but imagine what her plugs must smell like oh my god. There’s no way she takes those out to clean them or her ears, bet she hasn’t taken a qtip to her ears in ages

No. 656984

Wow, this one's really bad. She looks so fucking dirty and gross.

No. 656989

File: 1533448961872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.25 KB, 750x523, 5AE096D3-4D23-4179-898C-A82D52…)

Shay wtf? 1/2

No. 656990

File: 1533449026285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.96 KB, 750x525, 001A4701-4C98-4663-B7BE-C79D46…)


No. 656993

Ok 1, that camera angle doesn't work
2, she's showing off her lack of kink by acting super in charge and sexy (not saying she's achieving that of course)… While wearing a submissive ball gag. Those two don't go together like that. It's not bratty, it's not cohesive jailbait, it's not following orders like the good enthusiastic sub you are, it's just two things that don't mesh well together.
3, that wasn't sexy even if I ignored her face

My tinfoil and bet is that shay is one of those girls with super sensitive clits who didn't work her way up to a Hitachi/actually can't enjoy extreme vibration directly on her clit yet turns it into max cause that's what the porn stars do (and she's a moron who thinks starting at ten means she's "hardcore"). It would explain her pained expression here and total lack of enjoyment. At least if you're enjoying yourself you should be able to force a real moan or two even if you're not a vocal type

No. 657010

File: 1533452940622.jpg (40.24 KB, 634x650, laugh.jpg)

even that is bigger than fupa's chode kek

No. 657075

File: 1533461931613.jpeg (606.47 KB, 750x1071, 14B21E38-DB0A-43F7-A8C2-18F84B…)

fupa really does have such feminine hands omg. his hands and shays are the same size, idk how he can fool himself into thinking she’s a ~petite small princess~ lol

No. 657142

Sorry if I missed this but. If he walks in a call center…. why is he 'traveling' for work? I also work in a call center and we don't fucking travel lol

No. 657152

I worked in one too and our trainers did travel sometimes. But only the big important ones who needed to fill positions when other employees were out for a long time and never out of state. ATT could be different, but it’s not entirely imposssoble if he’s actually a senior trainer like it said he was.

No. 657153

He's a trainer so he probably goes to different call centres to do that

No. 657198

I seriously stopped lurking her threads for a long time because I would always feel sick. Right now I just don't click on her spoilered pics anymore. It never happened with any other cow/flake on this site. This is the absolute state of Shayna, her threads are like a trip on Rotten

And the whole train clapped…

No. 657206


god his septum piercing seriously does him no favors. he doesnt have the right nose shape for it at all. if anything it just enhances how big his nostrils are and how widely shaped his nose is.

No. 657225

He’s probably training people or being trained himself, but it keks me up in hindsight that he always vaguely referred to it as some kind of ‘project’ he was working on. I think that’s why some anons speculated he might be in IT.

No. 657238

>power couple

they look so gross. they belong together. powerfully disgusting.

No. 657240

lmfao she has no rhythm, and this is THE worst angle to do a striptease at. learn how to do a fucking stripTEASE, holy shit.

No. 657241

File: 1533484818736.png (28.09 KB, 564x361, Capture.PNG)

No. 657253


If your pretend to care about her so much, tell her to take a shower every day that includes washing her hair and tell her to make an appointment at the gyno asap.

No. 657263

>> Says a camwhore from the internet is a little angel and will do everything to show her he cares
>> has three kids and does absolutely nothing for them
>> loves a whore more than his kids

No. 657278

File: 1533489816965.png (3.72 KB, 569x57, cap.PNG)

The caption on this photo.

No. 657279

I don't see shit though. But bad hygiene really.

No. 657291


Her face just looks fat lol

No. 657301

File: 1533491920227.jpg (17.38 KB, 408x256, asdas.JPG)

e w

No. 657352

Fupa definitely works as a team leader or something at a call center. My old roommate had a similar job and he was sent to India to train people. I imagine ATT/Direct TV have centers in Mexico.
All this being said. You only need 12 college credits to get this job and even a monkey can do it. And the college part not even be true for Fupa's job since my roommate's was through Google.

No. 657430

File: 1533506976933.jpg (274.41 KB, 976x1920, tumblr_pd07rwBBfb1rmiw96o2_r1_…)

Shay's "work schedule" update for this week

No. 657437

File: 1533508247859.png (Spoiler Image,90.53 KB, 202x260, rorofemaleversion.png)

more insex vomit inducing material nooo.I hate to dog on shay's life decisions, but she is making streetwalker money to make this garbage and get knocked around and show off her pussy boils.

No. 657438

When is she suppose to fly back to Cali?

No. 657445

File: 1533509270339.jpg (54.4 KB, 696x550, lips.jpg)

No. 657450

File: 1533509757502.jpeg (69.27 KB, 655x960, 448AE158-9B06-4AA7-9A91-1DC666…)

Kyle’s LinkedIn and Facebook made no mention of college. Plus one or both of them would have bragged about how he’s college-educated. So I doubt he ever went, even for 12 credits.

No. 657455

Society 15 website says August 10th.

No. 657462

I'd be surprised if he even did well in highschool. I feel like since he's in his 30s he got the job in his early 20s and over the course of 10+ he eventually made it to trainer level.
I'm not from the us so can anyone tell me what kind of an education you would get in highschool there? The information I got was that it's in 47th place in terms of quality ranking, but I'm not sure what that really means. I've heard horror stories on the news that some schools in the USA don't teach evolution but I have no idea if that is even common or would be in the not dead-last state. All I know is that sex Ed isn't really a thing in Tulsa despite having quite high teen birth rate. Looking at Kyle's misunderstanding of bdsm and sex in general I think he's a good representation of the effects of less education in that area

No. 657484


Legit looks in his 60's here. Christ those eye wrinkles…

No. 657492

So, they’re just going to ignore those two giant lumps on her left labia? Good job, then.

No. 657497

File: 1533513475656.jpg (33.02 KB, 520x326, 5g5.jpg)

Could his septum ring be fake? He did forget about it once.

No. 657507


he used to have a horseshoe rather than a hoop, so i doubt it.

No. 657510


It's hilarious that all these people have been leaving "nice asks" just get featured in their blogs since anons are off for both of them. Especially funny since Shayna has been mentioning how she hates when people try to engage with her "for free"/ ask to get featured/reblogged. They're so desperate for any validation that they're being trolled ad giving out free promos in a sense. Kek

No. 657513

File: 1533514517772.jpg (Spoiler Image,290.83 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_29072018_0907_MyFr…)

Caps from a recent camshow in her cage.

She always sits so far from the camera to hide her ass/pussy boils, pimples, scars etc. Even in shitty low def you can see how bad her outbreak is the one frame she gets close to the cam.

No. 657519

File: 1533514854805.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.19 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_29072018_0806_MyFr…)


Same thing with these.

No. 657520

File: 1533514924351.jpg (61.53 KB, 386x258, ewwww.jpg)

How does she think her nails look remotely cute/sexy? This is just ridiculous. WTF

No. 657526

File: 1533515739932.jpg (35.2 KB, 534x223, enj.jpg)

Shayna def had a hissy fit about Fupa not wanting to make porn with her the first time in Mexico. Since she talked about looking forward to making "cute and gross" stuff with him before the trip, then not posting anything with him.

Then them finally making nasty low lighting/some pubic hair porn in Seattle to hide her boils.

For Fupa kek's. Her "daddy" tag

No. 657527

File: 1533515933644.jpg (16.3 KB, 209x275, okshay.jpg)

from a previous thread.

she definitely knows the state of her ass and pussy, she just doesnt care enough to actually do anything about it, because it involves cleanliness and putting the work into getting the shit cleared up.

No. 657529

"ingrown hairs" Sure, Jan.

No. 657535

OMG that's so fucking scary that she said that. Does she really think people aren't put off by it? Like does she think everyone and their moms are horrified by her genitals for no reason?

How can she think that? I'm not trying to be mean at all, but her downstairs area is VERY off putting to the point that it's offensive. It looks really bad and is always in bad shape. To be honest, it does not look like ingrown hairs/acne, it looks worse. Especially in porn, nobody wants to see that. People DO care!

People buy her content bc it's not visible until you see the full video. The preview photos and 30 sec clip doesn't show the extent of how bad it really is.

No. 657538

File: 1533516872291.jpg (278.51 KB, 976x1920, c4e82855-33e7-45f2-9158-f658de…)

I guess she changed her schedule

No. 657542

Is she shooting with insex in LA?

No. 657543


shes probably not even going back to LA based on this schedule.

No. 657557

She seriously has two nipples from two different people. It always throws me off

No. 657558

this chick really needs to work on her posing and her faces. wtf this is not a sexy face.

No. 657571

Shouldn't she tell her agency that? I am assuming she signed a contract with them and they are expecting her on the 10th. That's pretty odd.

Not surprising though. Whatever happened to being a pornstar, shayna?

No. 657580

File: 1533520177879.png (125.33 KB, 546x480, k.png)

uwu bimbo barbie nails

No. 657589


I don't get her style. It's some weird mishmash of alternative/hipster/skank/girly girl?

That headband doesn't go with that… velvet top and short combo? What even is this. She does have some cute outfits, why doesn't she actually plan out what she's going to wear when she takes photos.

No. 657591

Probably can't afford it. She posted on her snap the other day saying she can't afford to go to LA AND get her hair done so she was selling all of her videos for only 50 bucks for her snap owners.

No. 657593

someone 100% sent this to her to take the piss and she thinks it's serious.. honey…

No. 657598

File: 1533521296598.png (Spoiler Image,502.6 KB, 665x493, Screenshot 2018-08-05 at 9.06.…)

No. 657609

bless you anon

No. 657613

jfc. if she makes 55k a year like she claims and doesn't own a vehicle she should have enough money for all this shit. She's begging for something different every week and deeply discounting her content. She's probably hanging on by a financial thread waiting to move in to fupas doublewide.

No. 657619

Lmao this joke is so accurate and so lost on ppl

No. 657666

File: 1533527623188.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 76F4CC26-CA98-453A-B2E9-41CCC7…)

Oh god

No. 657667

why does her hair look blue lmao

No. 657675

close your fucking mouth for fucks sake

No. 657676

she overbleached it. she probably did it herself. now her hair is going to be even more fucked.

No. 657677

Looks like she finally got her roots done and slapped a toner over top of it. Hope she didn't pay someone for that because they botched her blonde barbie aesthetic. She looks more like grandma bimbo kek

No. 657678

extremely porous “barbie” hair finally meets purple shampoo

No. 657690

jesus christ, that’s hilarious.

No. 657691


that means she washed her hair at least

No. 657695

This is perfect

No. 657701

In the second photo, what's going on with her chest? It looks like she has two tits on the left side.

No. 657703

Is it normal for a shoot to change so last minute? Not only are the dates now different but now a 2 day shoot became a one day shoot. Also this change in schedule means either she's filming with insex in LA or isn't going at all, or is arriving late. Unlikely that she's filming insex in LA though seeing as the initial film dates were prior to her trip

No. 657704

Ew, what the fuck? She really does not know her angles/lighting. Or maybe bad photoshop.

No. 657705

File: 1533532496137.png (70.81 KB, 231x198, why.png)

Okay seriously, what the fuck is up with that hand? I will never understand how she thinks those fucking claws look okay.

No. 657716

File: 1533534246464.jpeg (52.18 KB, 578x695, 0486864E-181E-4BEB-91C9-22C293…)

wtf is this Ze do Caixao look, smdh this girl is just trash

No. 657768

File: 1533546692382.png (34.77 KB, 686x163, Screenshot 2018-08-06 at 4.10.…)

was lurking through old threads and found this, past anons hit the nail directly on the head.

No. 657829


Her body is so straight and shapeless that it's actually parallel to her string lights

No. 657855

File: 1533561936656.png (518.97 KB, 535x723, 2018-08-06 09_24_12-Tumblr.png)

lmao is this new or did i miss this?
so bad.

No. 657859

File: 1533562052317.gif (1.67 MB, 291x291, tumblr_p71ngbffT41wkuxmho4_400…)

No. 657889

File: 1533565169524.png (736.12 KB, 563x787, 2018-08-06 09_21_31-Tumblr.png)

eugh the tags

No. 657892

ewww this just made me physically recoil in disgust

No. 657900

Kek she changed her gauges after that one anon said something

No. 657901

This is how Kyle Perkins LARPs, I guess.

Jesus christ

No. 657907

This is cringe material in the same tier of the scrawny-daddy-with-a-belt.gif

No. 657908

File: 1533567733663.png (124.55 KB, 750x924, IMG_3397.PNG)

Stay classy shay, Kyle Perkins probably googled top 10 fancy meals and chose the first one he came across kek

No. 657910

JFC why does he think that's hot

No. 657911

lmao for some reason I'm dying at
>garlic bread from scratch

No. 657917

Something about him trying to have a sexy fuckboi lip bite when his lips are just two straight lines has me cackling.

No. 657921

File: 1533568672193.png (93.26 KB, 572x870, wow.PNG)

What an incredible relationship!

No. 657927

I respect everyone has different relationship dynamics but like…they really embracing white trailer trash culture. Its like animals who instinctually know where they belong and mimic behaviours in wrong enviorments, they really just lack being on the same financial level as abby & willy.

No. 657929

LMFAO agreed he definitely looked those meals up. Why is he always trying to present himself as someone he's definitely not

No. 657931

Maybe he's just a pathological liar

No. 657932

Honestly agree with this, he has to be a pathological liar.

No. 657933

bet he just looked up red lobster recipes bc that's definitely one of them lmao and thats about as fancy as you get in tulsa, oklahoma

No. 657944

I love how the fanciest dish he can think of is fucking pasta Alfredo with garlic bread.

These two are such white trash.

No. 657957

it's like he just threw buzzwords together, you should never put an alfredo sauce on radiatore lmao

i'm just picturing them eating sad overcooked pasta with frozen texas toast and $3 barefoot wine and laughing my ass off

No. 657963

But it's garlic bread from scratch, anon!

No. 657999

this was one of the first gifs she reblogged of him, where everyone though he was a trans man.

No. 658007

he actually really does look ftm there

No. 658010

File: 1533579125815.png (585.81 KB, 480x601, couplegoals.png)

No. 658011

Nightmare fuel

No. 658016

They really are perfect for eachother

No. 658017

i read this counter-clockwise and died by the time i got to the top right pic lmaooo gj anon

No. 658019

File: 1533579954528.gif (363.76 KB, 500x281, s5H05QU.gif)

Every time a pic of Shay's nails gets posted I think about this

No. 658020

please god let this be new thread pic

im in tears, it's so accurate

No. 658023


this looks like a cover of a trashy amateur porn dvd. Already my vote for the next thread pic. Well done, anon.

No. 658024

This looks like something she would unironically post to her blog.

No. 658070

Next thread pic please oh my god

No. 658073

Fucking bless you anon I lost it at the top left corner image, they're disgustingly perfect for eachother

No. 658080

Looking at this is like dipping your face into one of Shay’s wine-induced fever dreams while she roasts in Cali heat. Well done anon

No. 658091

dehydration on 1000

No. 658227

every time I look at this, I notice something different. like how the background appears to be the texture of her fried af split ends lmao

No. 658230

I thought it was supposed to be her ratty piss soaked rug. It’s hilarious either way.

No. 658264

File: 1533595557013.png (2.41 MB, 1354x1603, 1.PNG)


No. 658268

File: 1533595618943.png (126.11 KB, 1330x1073, 2.PNG)

i'm disgusted lmao. this is the first time he's called himself "dada" and i just…no.

No. 658283

File: 1533596243086.jpg (26.73 KB, 522x198, kek.JPG)

still giving excuses as to why she can't stick to her schedule.

No. 658284

Is it even possible for construction to do that? I know it can be loud but unless they're hammering away at her building itself or working on the actual building, I doubt it's actually shaking her apartment. Windows, maybe. Maybe.

No. 658286

File: 1533596458339.jpg (17.03 KB, 540x147, hmmmm.JPG)

its amazing how this one sentence says so much about Kyle Perkins and his character. he doesn't want to be liked, so he just lies to everyone so people will give a shit about him. how sad. he's literally the male version of Shayna.

No. 658292

File: 1533596628738.jpg (14.66 KB, 158x275, 2felr6.jpg)

No. 658293

yeah, it is. but not shaking in the drama queen way she describes it. like if you live near train tracks, when the train comes by you'll feel some vibration and maybe some minimal rattling of the windows. construction directly near a shitty apartment would probably cause something like that, maybe a little more.

No. 658295

File: 1533596712683.jpg (75.39 KB, 445x750, 2felz5.jpg)

i know it an old meme but i couldnt stop myself

No. 658302

File: 1533596880665.jpeg (59.67 KB, 913x685, F2DF659D-4B84-402D-9D76-656E0A…)

Everytime I check this thread, it makes me physically recoil.
captured their relationship perfectly; trashy, backwoods midwesterners desperately trying to be something they are not.

No. 658309

She uses that filter for everything. It can’t fix her face or shitty drawings.

No. 658310

File: 1533597498430.png (437.81 KB, 345x872, isthisajoke.PNG)

Shay used a filtered Snapchat photo to introduce herself to Kyle Nathan Perkins kek

No. 658312

File: 1533597608972.png (38.87 KB, 569x612, incredible.PNG)

Never stop finding a way to shit on your parents, Shayna. I am sure Kyle Nathan Perkins has your best interests at heart.

No. 658316

File: 1533597731602.png (32.86 KB, 554x509, kek.PNG)

No. 658321


I do believe her that the construction is loud. When I lived in a studio, they were doing construction outside my unit and the machinery is loud. They start at like 6am and don't stop until maybe 6-7pm depending on the day.

That being said, she can still film/cam after they finish construction for the day. There really is no excuse when she has no other priorities lol

No. 658329

I wonder if fupa has any of his children's drawings on his fridge

No. 658337

Not trying to defend Shay but yeah it is possible, had to live with it for about a year before I finally was able to move. It really does get loud and rattly but imo some of the "rattling" comes from it being annoying to the ears. That's just me though, and there's no reason she can't film at night.

No. 658350

she's litteraly self employed so she can switch her schedule around whenever she wants… she cant rn bc of dada's dumb rules lmao

No. 658355

the guy's a deadbeat. i doubt he even sees them that often.

No. 658367

To be fair the lighting past 7pm sucks. I have my own experience making videos and they turn out much better if you get them done before 6pm otherwise the lighting changes and it obvious during the video. However she obviously only does one take and I doubt it takes her more than a half hour so she can’t really use that excuse.

No. 658372

TBH if she washed her hair every day (or even every other day) it would 1 never dry since it's so damaged and possibly grow mold or 2 all break off and/or fall out. she should stick to washing it twice a week Max until it gets healthier (i.e. grow out her roots and cut off the bleached parts)

No. 658378

The amount of debris and dirt visible on her carpet is just nauseating.

No. 658417

I've had construction done to the apartment I live in, and the workers do actually take a lunch break. There's a solid hour to an hour and a half where it's quiet. Also, I'm not sure if it's similar where she lives, but they don't work on weekends, only M-F.

No. 658445

File: 1533608299904.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-08-06-22-15-50…)

I wonder what its like to post a video like this, only to know it'll never leave the web and that any one at any time will forever see this pedo bait???

No. 658485

Do you think he has his kids art work on the fridge

No. 658492

Yes, but at their mom's house.

I get the feeling he's barely even an every other weekend type of dad.

No. 658502

The diseased cunt ruins the "baby" look. Bitch needs to learn how to use Photoshop.

No. 658505

I’m pretty sure that an actual pedophile would be disgusted to see an adult woman in a diaper. Nonetheless an adult woman that has open sores and “ingrown hairs” covering her entire puss. The definition of “pedophile” is someone who is attracted to children and she doesn’t look anything like a child. She looks like a 20 year old who has taken terrible care of her body and stuffs herself in children’s clothes to convince herself that if she dresses like a child maybe there’s a man out there willing to give her the life style of a child.

No. 658512

File: 1533621006741.jpeg (38.27 KB, 750x168, 3783D6A2-4EAC-41D7-B50B-E99A05…)

Unless he can dedicated all of his time to ensuring he can respond quickly she’s going to end up with a UTI on top of everything else she’s got going on. It’s sort of sad to see the lengths she’s willing to go to keep all of someone’s attention on her. She’s willing to damage her bladder permanently just so he has to respond to allow her to use the restroom. This isn’t uncommon in BDSM relationships but considering the state of her vag there she probably shouldn’t do anything to potentially make it worse.

No. 658516

File: 1533621340815.png (2.17 MB, 1125x2436, 469856CE-85FB-458A-A8A9-494640…)

Asking for everything? Okay, let’s see how this works out.

No. 658520


most pedophiles are not attracted to children for their looks alone, but the power dynamic involved when an adult sexually interacts with a child.

pedophiles are paranoid sorry ass cockroaches (and rightly so.) a pedophile afraid of getting caught with CP would absolutely pay an unscrupulous crusty idiot like Shay to simulate the power dynamic they're attracted to, as the next best thing to real cheese pizza.

nitpick: that's not how you use "nonetheless."

No. 658531


sage your retarded shit dumbass

No. 658532


Thanks anon I’ll be sure to take Grammer 101 at Lolcow Community college to ensure I don’t make anymore mistakes while posting on an online forum for absolutely no reason other than boredom. (In case you aren’t sure where I made the mistake I forgot to use a semi colon rather than a period between my two thoughts). reposted with sage for the butthurt anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658533

Nitpick, periods go outside of parentheses.

No. 658536

It’s grammar, anon. Not grammer. This whole post is embarrassing

Not gonna lie, it’s really sad seeing her gush over him when he’s just manipulating her and will probably break her heart.
Then again it’s what she wants. I can’t wait for them to move in together, and watch it all fall apart.

No. 658537

Big oops not going to lie I’m sure sure how autocorrect didn’t catch that. Anyways my main point was I didn’t think actual pedophiles would be interested in Shay because I don’t think many children look like they have sexual diseases but that anon made me rethink it due to the fact that potential pedophiles who aren’t yet immersed into real child pornography might watch her content for the child related paraphernalia but there are still plenty of other tumblr ddlg girls. It’s a relatively prominent kink on tumblr and I don’t even think it’s one of the worst parts about Shayna, although it is definitely top 10.

No. 658555


>being given the reality check of not being as smart a girl as i think i am

if Kyle "33yo tumblrite" Perkins is the person who's able to make you realise "i'm not that smart" then you really are one stupid ass dumb hoe, shaynasty.

No. 658639

i can see the merit in the sub kink, but as someone with those kinds of tendencies, doesn't it kind of take away from the experience if your "dom" is some ugly, fat fuckboi with a meh job? i just can't even take anything she says about their relationship seriously when she talks about how "sexy" he is. Like……………..

No. 658665

This is both sad and pathetic. Do they both a humiliation kinks? she’s so blind. this guy is a joke but so is she so maybe it’s a perfect match. Bets on who runs first. I’m sure they’re both get tired of each other soon. They both act like children

No. 658666

She’s just gassing him up. Keeping him happy but she knows where he places in society

No. 658671

part of me feels like him "not sugar coating things" and giving her "the reality check of not being as smart a girl as i think i am" is him trying to actually be rude and push her away and she's too dumb to even see that

No. 658673


I just don't understand why she brags about her relationship on her work platform. As a sex worker she's selling a 'persona' and your clients generally like to make believe you're available or possibly interested in them. Anyone considering buying her content, who isn't a tumblr groupie, would be seriously put off by this. No business acumen at all.

No. 658675

she's just THAT desperate for kyle fupa perkins' attention. not that she has any business sense in general as far as running her "career" goes.

No. 658684

File: 1533654335614.jpg (137.6 KB, 720x651, IMG_20180807_230245.jpg)

oh boy

No. 658687

lmao why does she think she's so deep???

No. 658688

Possibly but I think he’s right. She’s dumb and can’t make it on her own she’s already proven this.

No. 658690

well that's common knowledge

No. 658692

Thats really true people who want to buy your content don’t want to hear about your daddy. She doesn’t know it but talking about her relationship so much is probably causing her to lose money. Not that she made much to begin with

No. 658698

Lol I've tried doing this before and literally it makes no sense, like it's better to just roleplay it or ask most half of the time. What are you gonna do when he's not around and you need to shit? Retarded.

Some chicks do mention outside relationships but not to the extent this girl does. Even those that DO are already making decent money/have a steady group of loyal payers/beta orbiters. It doesn't seem like Dolly has any repeat customers despite doing this for so long.

She really needs to keep her personal life separate.

No. 658700

File: 1533656083610.png (7.5 KB, 268x268, 2018-08-07 11_33_18-Mozilla Fi…)

why does she act like people are constantly hounding her with questions? i seriously doubt she gets that many asks and even fewer that are asking for legitimate "advice"

No. 658706

Charging people for advise? About what? how to get doxxed and be a miserable failure?

No. 658721

You aren't a therapist shayna, nobody has to pay you for advice.

No. 658725

she should be thankful there are actually people out there dumb enough to think she's going to give competent advice about anything. the girl struggles with things as simple as basic hygiene.

No. 658729

>>658721 samefag
She's literally charging people 100$ for sex work advice? Did you really think that was going to work?

I can just imagine someone actually paying her and her just freezing up.

>the girl struggles with things as simple as basic hygiene.

No. 658743

Most pedos are capable of getting their dicks hard for a grown women, so your argument is invalid. Watching ddlg stuff is a legal way of getting their rocks off.

No. 658744

Why does she think her advice is worth more than a free google search. Her advice means absolutely nothing. What is she going to say, “just sit around and complain that no one pays you enough and use disgusting shock value so that people will buy your videos.” Her content has not steadily improved and she definitely isn’t making as much money as when she first started. If someone wanted genuine sex work advice they should ask someone who has a good rating and reviews.

No. 658745

Anon sure seems to know a lot about how pedophiles can get off… maybe a little too much hmmmm

No. 658749

shay's diaper stuff seems to really bring the pedos out of the woodwork

No. 658751

Yes, cause reading about pedos in order to know how to notice those pieces of shit makes me a pedophile.
What the fuck is wrong with you anon.
Besides, read a single anti ddlg feminist podt and it will say the same thing. Are those women potential pedophiles too in your eyes?
I realize you might be baiting but what the fuck

No. 658752

lol it's just common sense, like how fupa reblogs rape porn for his rape fantasies and not yanno, actual rape

No. 658762

File: 1533660874218.png (84.12 KB, 1374x550, Whoa chill.png)

Uh oh.

No. 658776

File: 1533662732471.jpg (23.28 KB, 243x305, cantconnect.JPG)

okay, if she doesnt connect with people that well, why the FUCK is she in a job field that is 100% customer service oriented?

No. 658789

bc she chose this "career" when she was in her prime and was cute enough to make sales but now she's washed up, infected, doesnt know when to keep her mouth shut, and regrets everything. she has no customer service skills and no drive for her work whatsoever. it's so obvious. too bad she started with her real name and showed her face in everything so now she cant do anything with her life lol

No. 658790

I remember so many people telling her not to. She should have either made a private blog and promoted it through her original tumblr or made a new account for sex work. She was too lazy to do so and ended up getting recognized by her little brother’s friend and people in her home town and I believe thats how she got doxxed.

No. 658792

File: 1533664716674.jpeg (112.57 KB, 750x467, 4E4820FB-75C8-43A7-9FF5-BEE948…)

The tags are the best part of this. Shayna’s feeling edgy this morning

No. 658793

File: 1533664758610.png (30.28 KB, 1334x328, Capture.PNG)


No. 658797


I thought Shay's dada was making her life better?

No. 658799

this is literally her just saying "i hate other sex workers and don't want to be friends with them so im going to sit and complain about them and act like im the victim in the situation while all those other girls make group chats and support each other hmmph"

No. 658801

you fucked it up for yourself shayna. no one in the community likes you anymore because youve scammed people, bragged about it, said disgusting shit about the community, refused to show support for other sex workers, and have just all around been a shitty person that blames your downfalls on other sex workers and customers.