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File: 1554564968674.jpeg (663.92 KB, 1800x1800, 1554530558065.jpeg)

No. 795348

Previous thread: >>>/snow/793016

Previous Milk:
>Shay moves in to a hole-in-the-wall Tulsa studio apartment complete with air mattress and dog cage for ultimate thriving sex worker vibes
>Releases new video full of pink shit that camgirl orbiters gawk at "sO aEsThEtIc"
>Shay implements daily begging goal and accidentally doxxes donators in twitter screenshots >>793258
>Shay dyes her hair "rose gold" which ends up a horrid flaming cheeto color >>793460 that she proceeds to bawwww about on twitter, saying she can't work
>This includes begging for money to "fix it" at the same shitty salon. Color settles on a fried orangey-pink
>Ass boil continues to make appearances on the rare occasion that she gets online
>Fupa makes moody teenage FB posts that allude to the idea that he and Shay are broken up
>For April Fools, Shay decides she's goff Barbie dream girl and continues the facade, opting for black clothes instead of pink (the epitome of goth) >>/snow/793869
>Shay drops $200 on video props, including a severed sex doll torso for "cute lesbian content" that is unlikely to ever be made
>More begging while pretending to be a domme
>Tweets "cancel culture is cancelled" along with a rant that is picked up by SW Twitter and she's subtweeted across the platform by essentially nobody SW'ers
>This causes her to "cry for 3 hours" have a headache and "reapply her makeup 6 times just to cry it off" so she can't work
>Much thrive

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop. We don’t want to be autosaged for all the sperging!
- This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay is involved in.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

Other threads:

No. 795349

I hope I did this saga justice, anons. It's one of my favorites.

I removed Dawn because I feel like that part of Shay's story is over for now, if she pops up again feel free to re-add her social media links.

No. 795354

Great job anon

No. 795391

I agree removing Dawn was a good move. She's still liking/retweeting petty things on Twitter, but for all we know it's likely concerning other people.

No. 795410

File: 1554581832262.jpeg (241.53 KB, 750x599, E7A5AB47-C784-47C0-BC28-BAAF16…)

Hungover and admitting to catfishing

No. 795419

File: 1554583709502.png (18.62 KB, 521x152, Screenshot (438).png)

No. 795430

10pm tonight: “guyzzz I’m still hungover I can’t cam tonight! Send money to help me feel better!”

No. 795451

File: 1554592373351.jpg (236.07 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190406_190336_com…)

No. 795453

File: 1554592549440.jpg (437.28 KB, 1080x2030, Collage 2019-04-06 19_15_47.jp…)

No. 795455

>bitching about transphobia and fatphobia

hope all the camwhores ITT are aware that cowtipping is against the rules, that includes these retarded callout posts.

No. 795457

but they're just talking about her on twitter?

No. 795468

Jfc I went back and read one of the first threads that is still up where this bs went down. It was tumblr drama and not to white knight but the bitch did post an apology multiple times and the shit wasnt even fucking racist tbh. It was ignorant and edgelord cringe and shit, but it got blown way out of proportion.
The hitler comments however are callout worthy and no apology was given for those remarks. So. Wouldnt call her racist. But definitely a dumb bitch with antisemitic ignorance.
Overall it's all kinda petty, but still kinda funny some of her fellow SWers are tweeting her out like that. Be better if it was for her current shit like being a nasty pathetic scammer tho

No. 795469

Shay has been getting called out probably before she had a thread. Doesn't mean it's anyone from here. Actual "big names" in the twitter/tumblr sw scene have mentioned her & put her on blocklists, it's not just us

No. 795470

yeah she apologized and then they next day said "hey i shouldn't have to apologize!"

No. 795471

I think that is most of the problem. Its that she will 'apologize' then take it back and then keep doing problematic shit. If she had actually apologized and done better, dont think people would hate her as much.

No. 795472

there have been callouts of her being a scammer but they've been drowned out by the "RACIST!!!111!" ones

No. 795473

Sorry to samefag but yes, the original callouts were made back on Tumblr. This thread helps keep a log of her shitty behavior that she has and would cover up, so yeah im sure some of the SWers have seen her threads here to use as ammo. However, we can't take all the credit as Shay has her own notoriety in the sw circles all on her own kek

No. 795479

this is really cringey…

No. 795483

I'm really not trying to promote infighting but >>795451 kinda strikes me as a self post.

And imo screenshots of random camgirls talking about her on Twitter isn't milky. sorry if it sounds like I'm policing the thread but I agree with anon >>795455

No. 795484

File: 1554598914724.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1229x1937, A49EF640-F2CB-4BC0-AD02-F77901…)

Oh look, I found some trash inside an even trashier bar

No. 795489

Fupa date confirmed with that lazy “not trying to impress” outfit and surprise surprise, she’s wearing all black with a dark jacket.

No. 795490

File: 1554599820343.jpeg (164.79 KB, 1040x2048, D3gwGc9XsAEi9TW.jpeg)

You forgot the special need one, who tf goes out dressed like this??

No. 795496

I think it's kinda cute,
I mean by no mean is she dressing her age, but it's better than than the barbie bimbo crap

No. 795497

All she has is cheap amazon clothes and the old stuff from her shaygnar days so she can't be expected to put together anything "cute". It's a basic low effort outfit. And her shorts are riding up her coochie lmfao you know that shit is uncomfortable. She really looks perfect for Tulsa.

No. 795506

…is it warm enough for an outfit like this yet? lol

No. 795507

She has to hike them up so it looks like she has some semblance of an ass

No. 795508

she's got 45 mins till she's supposed to be on cam and she's out at some shitty tulsa bar. nice job following that schedule shay!

No. 795510

No they’re from last night

No. 795521

The weather has been in the 70's all week. Oklahoma springs are pretty warm.

No. 795533

she was also supposed to cam from 10a-1p today and didn't do that with no mention of why, just said she was hungover today. so her date with fupa affected her ability to show up for two of her shifts. she's missed 3/6 and still has one more scheduled for tomorrow morning.

No. 795535

File: 1554609408791.jpeg (796.18 KB, 1242x922, 92D50853-C9CE-4F85-BFCE-AFF96A…)

She’s on cam rn

No. 795538

File: 1554609648798.png (648.43 KB, 1242x2208, 49F448EE-6BB2-4BCE-8CB8-1400F6…)

I think it’s happening. She’s trashing the uwu baby bimbo so smol n pink image.
Thank god because honestly, that shit was horrible on the eyes.

No. 795540

spun her "wheel of sadism" and landed on spanking herself three times in a row. the third time, she got annoyed and respun since she didn't want to do that again. she got "quick BJ" and was SO MAD lol she was like "okay FINE you can choose between… okay. whatever." and shrugged like she was annoyed.

thank god the person chose spanking and not a nasty 10-second beej

No. 795541

File: 1554611243333.jpg (152.48 KB, 1024x839, Screenshot_20190407_002713.jpg)

No ass just a leg

No. 795542

not defending these random camwhores but i found the first one funny and incredibly true. everyone with low self esteem should thank god their not shayna at least lel.

No. 795543

Why have those things on the wheel if you hate them?
Why do sex work when you seem to be so annoyed with every aspect of it outside of never having to leave your home?

No. 795546

its obvious that she’s done with be a SW. The whole reason why she started was because it was ‘trendy’ on tumblr just like how being a stoner was. She loved the attention for and free shit but now that she has to rely on it and put it work and keep a schedule like an actual ‘job’ she hates it. I give her 6 months before she drops SW

No. 795548

Definitely was with Fupa. Fupa posted on Snapchat some grimy writing on a bathroom wall that said “PORN.” Sorry no screenshot, it’s gone from his story now.

No. 795549

>inserts butt plug
>immediately blows kiss with same hand she was touching her asshole with

No. 795550

Shay may be a greasy alcoholic, but at least she has a lot more moments of self-awareness than the average cow
This is absolutely retarded, anon. Going on a self-righteous keyboard crusade against some random disgusting camwhore whore is somehow more pathetic than being a disgusting camwhore.
But why was this posted here? It contributes nothing to the conversation; it's just some nobody trainwreck trying to make herself feel good by picking on another nobody trainwreck who happened to do a couple things that allow for twitter-sanctioned bullying.
Shay's going to blend in perfectly with the other Southwestern trash in that part of the country in a decade or so on the off chance that she doesn't end up back in NE with/near her parents. It's like she was born to be a roadside casino hag.
Anyone who has to look at Shayna to make themselves feel better needs to work much harder to fix their fucked up life

No. 795551

File: 1554616350426.jpg (229 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20190407_015123.jpg)

Is Fupa flirting with a really pretty girl on FB???

No. 795552

now that he's not "officially" tied to Scammy Mattel, he's able to try to get with other, hotter girls. I doubt any of them will want him, but it'll still piss Shay off that he's even looking I'm sure. seems like a win-win for him: Shay's so insecure she'll do everything she can to keep him around so he can still fuck her, still talk to/look at/fuck other girls (if he can convince them), still see his kids/have them over, and keep his ex happy that Shay is out of the Haus.

No. 795563

File: 1554620411740.jpg (283.38 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20190407_025943.jpg)


No. 795565

it just hit me: Shay's fantasy has always been "young stepmom who picks you up after high school in her convertible" but Fupa (rightfully) chose his kids over her. he has to hide her from his kids and ex. the complete opposite of her fantasy like damn

No. 795567

File: 1554623854384.jpeg (272.95 KB, 1080x1618, F5691322-F6D8-492B-9E7D-22B4DB…)

Not to be off topic but I had to post this because whoever made it must have had Shay and fupa in mind.

No. 795568

File: 1554624288920.png (Spoiler Image,745.42 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_2019-04-07-00-58-43…)

I can't seem to upload the other bit, but there's a comment from some horndog calling her pp trap beautiful. Can he not see the zits on those cheeks?

No. 795596

Are you new to life? Men are no standards. they'd fuck anything as long as a woman would give them the time of day

No. 795635

That's spot on.
I'd rather soak in bleach than let a neckbeard try and "dom" me lmao (or touch me at all yikes). They're the most unintimidating and embarrassing people ever.

(apologies if blogpost-y. saged for ot)

No. 795638


Her outfit is pretty standard for a early 20s thot tbh.


After years of lolcow telling her she should drop the baby shit. Thank gawd

No. 795640

How has NO ONE inquired about the cat? Did everyone just forget?

No. 795641

because we all know the cat is fine at fupa's and shay probably sees her everytime she gets dicked down at haus of fupa?

No. 795644

I've kept an eye on the local shelters to make sure Rib doesn't show up there for any reason. I'll blast that shit if it happens. She hasn't shown up on any lost and founds either.

No. 795646

Fupa likes the cat. She seems super sweet and he has said he likes cats (didn't he used to have one? maybe it was his old roommate's.) The only reason I would be worried is because we don't know if Rib has been around children before since she was a shelter rescue. and if she swatted at Fupa's youngest kid I wouldn't be surprised if he forced Shayna take her back, and Rib moved into her cramped apartment. She definitely lives better at Fupa's for now

No. 795652

He was posting about possibly getting a kitten a few days ago on snap. Sorry no screenshots.

No. 795656

File: 1554665258400.jpg (851.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-142628_Twi…)

Still doing that baby bimbo

No. 795657

File: 1554665298053.jpg (960.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-142641_Twi…)

Very attractive Shay

No. 795658

File: 1554665354776.jpg (219.27 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20190407-142712_Twi…)

Still thinking she's a domme

No. 795661

File: 1554667581736.png (20.32 KB, 522x213, Screenshot (439).png)

Doesn't she have Massachusetts blocked?

No. 795668

Is this bitch for real I’ve been in her cam room when she’s blocked users and she’s had MA blocked since she started camming

No. 795670

File: 1554671324249.jpg (522.33 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20190407-160829_Twi…)

She won't use it

No. 795674

Is that the bad dragon she scammed for like last year?

No. 795678

There’s an option that bans other models from entering your chat room, I can almost guarantee she uses it cause she’d be too insecure to have other models watching her with how pathetic her shows are

No. 795684

To be fair though, most models block other cam models from their rooms. It’s quite common. But all they have to do is sign out to view her show again.

No. 795688

Looks like the cum tube was cut from it, did she ever mention that?

No. 795692

File: 1554680786468.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.49 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190407_203926.jpg)

It's there, it's still in the original packing so it's bound up together with the elastic on it. She clearly never used it. I'm guessing she's finally using it now because she thinks people have forgotten she intended to make a video with it ages ago. Ten bucks says she won't be able to figure out how to use the cum feature on cam and will either give up or get mad at people for suggesting she do it
Ten more bucks that she won't actually stick to this schedule of when she's going to use the dildo

No. 795694

File: 1554680882501.png (152.47 KB, 1060x928, Screenshot_2019-04-07-20-40-26…)

Double posting to share this beautiful example of a total lack of self awareness

No. 795699

Then stop begging for tips on cam and give viewers an incentive to tip. Stop begging for handouts on Twitter and work for it. Seriously? This bitch….

No. 795704

what's the appeal of a buttplug that makes your asshole look like a black hole

giving it your all to shay is just to sit there quietly idling on cam, texting and not ever interacting with the viewers but still expecting to get paid… for existing

there are zoo cam live streams on youtube that just show animals doing nothing that are more entertaining than her

No. 795705

rip her vagina i guess cus she won't use lube

No. 795713

this is giving me some amor hilton nostalgia.

No. 795745

It sounds like Fupapa is giving Ribmeat the care she needs and would give an adequate home to a second cat (though kittens should be adopted at least in pairs). Some people who are bad to other people are great with animals. If Fupapa is giving the cat a good home then his encounter with Shay is probably a net positive- the cat is taken from Shay's clutches, Fupapa's wife gets more fodder with which she can keep full custody of the kids, and Shay just keeps being Shay.
If only she took her own advice.

No. 795764

Yeah, he's been heart reacting and leaving heart emoji comments all over her fb. She's way too pretty for him, but I suppose it's slim pickens out in good ol omaha. sage for off-topic.

As much as I don't like fupa, I'm glad ribmeat is with him and not shay. That poor cat deserves so much better than a filthy cramped studio apartment. Shay can barely feed and care for herself, I can't imagine what the food/litterbox situation was like.

No. 795815

Omaha? Hes in Oklahoma not Nebraska lmao

No. 795848

File: 1554741244834.png (Spoiler Image,2.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1617.PNG)

She kept showing off her huge boil on Snapchat. How she isn’t disgusted and ashamed by it… I have no idea

No. 795872

ohhh no this is the worst picture she's ever posted of herself

No. 795875

What Shay considers a "strip tease"

Check out @Dolly_Mattel’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Dolly_Mattel/status/1115004523678924801?s=09

No. 795876

I know this is an image board, and you did spoiler that nobody needed to see this

No. 795893


Isn't the 'alien dildo' that she's talking about actually a dragon dildo?

She obvs isn't that into it

No. 795904

It's by bad dragon yes but it looks like she got one of their normal sizes for the alien one so it's not that outlandish. It's not really typical for camming if she's going for the normie male crowd though but this is the least of her bad decisions involving this dildo

No. 795906

File: 1554755967554.gif (16.47 MB, 370x640, SmartSelect_20190408-213900_Tw…)

when the filter goes away kek

No. 795907

drunk 40 year old trailer park auntie strikes AGAIN

No. 795909

Holy fuck that’s nasty

No. 795910

I dont understand why she gives that away for free when she could be doing that while she cams.

shes so fucking stupid.

No. 795914

this looks so bad like it would look better w one of her basic stoner girl outfits or something like tiny skirt that makes her look like a transvestite and children's underwear…hot

No. 795916

wonder if she's had people said something about it since it's so fucking prominent but she blocked them fast

No. 795928

File: 1554760917143.jpeg (809.06 KB, 1242x1685, A6B32DDE-7C5D-4335-AB79-A65774…)

So excited to see her try to get into / upkeep a latex garment…

No. 795930

Imagine doing a strip tease where your clothes are still on at the end of the video. What

No. 795933


"bimbo-domme" is such a contradiction what the fuck.

No. 795936

Is she not a sub anymore now that she's not wearing pink lol

No. 795938

yea dommes just wear black and call boys stupid $$$

No. 795940


next thread image

No. 795943

No because it will be spoilered

No. 795944

She’ll throw it in a box with her other shit. She won’t take care of it. What’s funny is that the leotard she has, isn’t latex. It’s PVC. But she’s too stupid to realize there’s a difference. So she’s never actually worn latex before, and jumping in and getting a whole dress is a DUMB idea if you’ve never worn latex and don’t know how to put it on.

No. 795964

She probably doesn't realise there is upkeep, it'll just go in a drawer probably. She definitely doesn't have a wardrobe

No. 795966

File: 1554766321203.jpeg (402.29 KB, 1242x1231, 39CE8683-80A5-4552-80A9-CC34B8…)

aaaand that explains it! I can't believe this dumb bitch posted this shit on Twitter like wtf? Not cute.

No. 795967

Send $50 so dolly can pop her pimples!

No. 795970

except that thing on her ass def ain’t no freckle

No. 795977

Probably not the wisest to say on a sex worker account.

I'm a chronic spot popper but if selling sexiness prob wouldn't mention my gross habits!

No. 795980

I think these two posts go together quite nicely
Imagine publicly stating that you only have 100$ to spend on an account where you pretend to be a successful bimbo. Can't wait til she starts talking about not being able to pay rent again while trying to sell her videos for pennies

No. 795983

This ain't even cute and it's going to look god awful on her and yet she's ready to blow $200+ on it for what? She's the worst female domme I've seen because she 1. doesn't know what tf she's doing so she can't do it right and 2. she isn't convincing because of previous reason and because it clashes with her "Sub bby bimbo" shit.
But yeah, Shay, wearing black is def a domme trait and I'm sure that dress won't just get tossed in a box. /s

No. 796001

How funny would it be if it turned out she has a latex allergy and doesn't know it yet and becomes a human rash on top of a human breakout

No. 796005

with those claws she has on her hands, she’ll rip it trying to put it on thinking it just yanks on like everything else. can’t wait for her to drop ash from a blunt on it and burn a hole in it.

No. 796017

that 918 area code on the top of the door, reflected in the mirror? 918 is tulsa. just pointing it out.

No. 796023

Nice catch lol. Is she still trying to pretend shes not in Tulsa or not in OK at all? Like is she denying it or just not addressing it?

No. 796025

File: 1554780201883.png (522.87 KB, 792x573, Screenshot_20190408-211401~2.p…)

I think she has worn latex before? I don't think this is the pink leotard you're talking about, first time I remember seeing this outfit on her. I don't know shit about latex to tell if this is a real latex dress tho.

No. 796026

I don’t think she’s acknowledged it but her “work”’schedules are in central time so she can’t really deny it anymore

No. 796028

who honestly cares whether it’s real latex or not? the last thing we need is more camgirl anons sperging about irrelevant details

No. 796029

Forgot to sage, sorry! I would repost it but it isn't letting me delete it.

No. 796033

feat. another boil 2 lol

No. 796042

Wow a bed. How old is this? im shocked by how much better she looks compared to now trademark boil and trashiness aside

No. 796052

What's that mark next to her boob?

No. 796053

Which mark?

No. 796058

I think that anon might be mistaking her underboob fold as a mark, the rest of her tit is hidden by her butt

No. 796086

"Wow a bed" was my first thought too. Tragic really

No. 796128

Does her pussy look slightly better in this pic? I mean she has the pimple in her butt but pussy seems less irritated

No. 796140

She's been running around Cherry St(Society Burger), Brady District(graffiti bar is Caz's), and Blue Dome (The Max, 1st bar when she was confirmed to be back in the 918).

I mean, props to her for not hanging out in the burbs but she's going to all of these easily identifiable Tulsa bars. Everyone who goes out around here, myself included, has a scuzzy Caz's bathroom picture. She's just bad at hiding.

No. 796147

No this is PVC. It has sewn seams. Latex takes specific care and handling to put on, take off, and store. She could never handle all the work that goes into latex.

No. 796149

she should pick up a job at one of those trashy bars so she can pay rent

No. 796157

>pick up a job

Shayna would never.

No. 796165

in this day and age i don't know if shay could even get a bar job without lying on her resume

No. 796178

File: 1554830181052.jpg (382.28 KB, 978x1280, 19-04-09-11-15-47-066_deco.jpg)

Looks like her snap got deleted again.

No. 796180

Any chance she is doing this herself for pity points? There are far better and established cam girls whose snaps dont get deleted this much.

No. 796181

lol, what a dumbass. Of course she thinks it's because we're reporting her.

No. 796182

File: 1554830493655.png (180.47 KB, 538x755, 56965568_2221765338140547_8748…)

Thriving successful sex worker Shayna doesn't even know the basics of how to be an adult.

No. 796183

Didn’t she say this time she as going to keep track of her subscribers? Guess she fucked that up too.

No. 796185

this stupid cunt pretending like anyone from lolcow is sending her money and then reporting her lmao

No. 796204

Lol she wishes, no farmers are giving her their hard earned money to spend on weed/ "goddess food"

No. 796207

no wonder she's starting to gain weight and always has that deep line on her stomach, she literally does not eat any low fat or healthy normal food. hysterical how this is ~quirky n cute haha~ to her, like how the fuck do you get "bored" by food?? i don't get that at all.

No. 796209

File: 1554834440892.png (1.57 MB, 1125x2436, F03980CE-B686-4CCB-A00D-0B5D12…)

No. 796210

File: 1554834467803.png (669.08 KB, 1125x2436, CADDE285-1291-4F7D-86AA-5A500B…)

No. 796211

It’s pretty easy to get bored by food when all you eat is processed junk like hot pockets and pop tarts. If she ate any fresh food or actually cooked a variety of foods for herself it wouldn’t be a problem, but then she wouldn’t be Shayna.

No. 796212

lol why is she talking like she's doing something great for humanity
I'm starting to think that she's making up her snapchat getting reported/deleted

No. 796214

bitch nobody here is sending you money jesus christ, this level of delusion is scaring me. get help shay. you can tell she's really feeling worthless today so she needs to make up ridiculous excuses

No. 796215

haha nobody has to try to stress her out. her whole life is one big stressful shitstain. The only thing that makes Shay's life harder is herself.

She needs to stop worrying about everyone else's paychecks and find a way to get some of her own paychecks consistently without having to rely on Snapchat money. What a sad person.

No. 796221

File: 1554835504694.jpg (Spoiler Image,478.94 KB, 1069x1245, Screenshot_20190409-134414_Twi…)

Lmao ok Shay. "More stable." I bet you by the end of the week she'll be offering deals

No. 796224

Selling your videos for 55 cents = stability? Ooookay then.

No. 796225

I've never seen her videos being sold for a decent price, she's been doing these offers since way before she moved

No. 796227

Honestly, these tweets are really concerning. Shes actually delusional. I 1000 percent think she actually has convinced herself. It doesnt matter what people say on here or really anywhere. This weird juvenile haters make me famous Myspace mentality has got to be some sort of clinical delusion. I understand if my life spiraled into the sewer like Shays I would probably also use something like this as a coping mechanism but these erratic efforts to come off powerful and strong are so fucking embarrassing, she should be committed.

No. 796229

yep, she sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic in those tweets.

No. 796233

I highly doubt this is the case, but even if hypothetically there were some anons out there paying for her premium snap (just to report it??? Makes no sense to begin with), I don’t think $25 or whatever it costs entails anyone “wasting their paycheck” on her lol. Not everyone is scraping by dollar by dollar like you, Schizo Shay.

No. 796237

According to her schedule, she's supposed to be putting out a new video today. That won't happen

No. 796238

also the part i find bizarre is how she's assuming that people here are paying to report her meanwhile we all know her snap name and if anyone here wanted to report, they could literally just search her name up and report unless i'm wrong about that.

No. 796242

It irks me more that if we had so many premium snap anons then wouldn’t they be posting more content? Like what would even be the point in getting it in the first place? She reads here so she should see that…

No. 796248

so those people that sent her money have just confirmed to her that she can just say her snap got deleted whenever she wants some quick cash.

No. 796249

Which is probably why it's happened twice in a couple of months lol

No. 796250

File: 1554838950204.png (125.5 KB, 299x398, Screenshot (440).png)

she sells lifetime access to her snapchat for $20 (according to manyvids anyway, her prices are all over the place). absolute KEK at her thinking thats a 'paycheck'. not that i think anyone here actually reported her

No. 796251

Doesnt she make people pay every month? She is so inconsistent with prices and its mind blowing.

No. 796252

i wonder how many of her legit customers shes blocked in a paranoid frenzy thinking they were farmers

No. 796253

that's what i thought, she probably forgot to update manyvids. id feel ripped off if i bought something only for her to have a 90% sale the next day

No. 796254

Or maybe your snap subscribers don’t think you showing off your ass and pussy pimples is sexy. Or maybe they don’t like you constantly begging for money after they’ve already paid you.

No. 796255

File: 1554839434693.png (310.36 KB, 463x583, tacos.png)

its all part of her transformation into fupas dream girl

No. 796256

“A while” so…two days?

No. 796258

Fupa just wants a chubby chick so he seems less obese in comparison

No. 796259

File: 1554839636711.png (16.51 KB, 597x210, Untitled1.png)

looks like she did but in shay fashion; its not a complete list.

No. 796261

I’d bet my whole paycheck she’s still not going to keep a complete list this time around. Shay is incapable of doing anything business related correctly I mean she can’t even stick to her schedule or be consistent in her prices. She needs to hang up her faux latex dress and paddles and just stop this embarrassment

No. 796285

File: 1554844207117.png (37.59 KB, 1472x168, Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 5.10…)

Her twitter has been suspended again.

No. 796287

Shes going to blame everyone else but herself.

No. 796292

>the jealous meaniezzz reported me again cuz they can’t stand seeing me THRIVING pls send me $50 for no apparent reason while I continue to break ToS by soliciting on my social media accounts

No. 796293

If she has to make a new account, I wonder how fast she'll regain her 'followers'

No. 796294

LOL. why though? i know she was offering nudes for RT's which is probably against the rules

No. 796295

Can you get banned for buying followers?

No. 796299

File: 1554845867391.png (78.4 KB, 576x561, Screenshot (444).png)


No. 796301

If this is why she got banned; its the best news Ive had all week.

No. 796307

File: 1554846874707.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1624.PNG)

Shay added me back on snap without me having to reach out to her (an no I never report her). In this video she says that whoever is reporting her shit did a good job because her Twitter got suspended and she’s trying not to have a breakdown and cry off her makeup… puppy video is still supposed to be out… but I am sure an excuse will be posted soon enough

No. 796310

She has 2 pair of eyebrows?? Wut?? Thanks for providing anon-chan

No. 796311

>stupid baby
Stupid is fucking right. Just follow the rules of the free services you are using and this won't happen??? Also she said she has like 60 people added back on snapchat. That is not a lot of work to make a list of. And she's only gotten 60 people who bought lifetime in the entire time she's offered it? That's embarrassing.
And if I recall, she fucking said her snapchat username in one of her cam shows. I remember anons mentioning it.

No. 796315

File: 1554847384664.png (41.69 KB, 693x479, snapchattos.png)

i think making another account after being suspended is against the rules too?

No. 796316

Maybe no one reported her; Twitter just finally realised she made a new account after getting suspended the last time and she’s offering shit like a “striptease” for more followers.

No. 796318

Yeah, she's been using a similar user name and buying followers. So she's not been doing a very good job of staying under the radar.

No. 796334

it's about time for her to change her name anyway. everyone knows how shitty dolly mattel is. time to ~rebrand

No. 796335

Yes you can. Buying followers on any platform will eventually get you banned.

No. 796341

So her Twitter is probably gone, seeing how many TOS things she's broken. Golden kek.

The only problem is we have nowhere to watch her whine and sperg about it. Her insta is dry aside from a post about her snap

No. 796351

File: 1554852943000.jpg (739.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190409-183458_Ins…)

She just posted this to her Instagram

No. 796354

File: 1554853349887.jpg (512.69 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20190409-184151_Twi…)

No. 796356

Lol she wishes. Inb4 angry camgirls find this one too

No. 796357

When I look up "stupidbaby" on snapchat, a dude shows up

No. 796359

Or is that just her wrinkly forehead lmao

No. 796368

shay please realize that you got banned because you bought almost 18,000 followers in the course of like 2 months lmao it was too obvious, buy them more slowly next time. dumbass. "everything is lolcows fault!!1 they are torturing me and shutting down my accounts somehow! because the posters of lolcow totally have the authority to force twitter to shut down my account and it could never be because im a moron who doesn't follow the guidelines!1"

No. 796372

What doesn’t she comprehend about farmers reporting her = no milk???
It’s probably vendetta camgirls or just the twitter and Snapchat algorithms doing what they’re supposed to

No. 796378

She also refuses to believe it could be any of the dozens of customers or potential customers she's scammed, doxxed, or pissed off by being a bitch.

People on here don't want to report her trainwreck shit, they want to see it. Same with the ones who have bought her snap. I feel like some of them actually want to see her na sty content for whatever reason and occasionally report here with some of the pathetic things she does. Also notice how there used to be a couple good snap anons who posted vids and images, but now we get the dumb ones who wont post actual proof? That says that even the snap anons are giving up on her shit and not wanting to pay anymore kek.

No. 796379

I used to be a loyal snap anon who sent in screen recordings all the time. The 5 bucks a month and her always losing her account was way too annoying.

No. 796384

You could tell after the last time she did this “my Snapchat got deleted!!1” routine most of the snap anons fell off and I couldn’t blame you guys

No. 796390

So according to her it's more likely that we would ruin a source of milk by deleting her Twitter or delete her snapchat despite it being more effort to delete something which isn't a source of milk anymore than just ignore it than some vengeful horny man taking revenge on her scamming him or one of the other things she does to piss off and remove any potential clients
Sounds legit Shay
Or hell, twitter and snapchat flat out doing their jobs by taking down sex workers' accounts and accounts with large amounts of fake followers. Btw, did Shay even try and dispute the claim or figure out why it happened? Cause if not she's a fucking moron

No. 796391

the world is giving her so many chances to just stop and go back home and rebuild her life but she still persists

No. 796393

Maybe it’s her parents getting it taken down hoping she’ll finally give up and come home? Kek

No. 796414

I don’t think her parents would humor even and even think about looking at it. Would not be surprised if they have cried themselves to sleep because of their train wreck daughter. What happens at family/friend functions when they ask “How’s Shayna? We haven’t seen her in awhile”. Do they say she’s a graphic designer too? lmao

No. 796415

so she evidently filmed her new video/at least got ready for it. it was supposed to be posted today though, where is it? pretty irresponsible to film day-of after taking two (three) days off, and then not stick to schedule the very first day.

No. 796416

I honestly think it's just because she's made so many accounts from the same ip address on her phone. They will catch on.

No. 796452

File: 1554883054873.jpg (205.74 KB, 670x697, thriving.jpg)

My greatest masterpiece.

No. 796457

This is beautiful

No. 796458

File: 1554886795208.jpg (183.92 KB, 1076x998, Screenshot_20190410-015217_Twi…)

Kek, is she going to try to actually commit to rebranding and become the goff princess of fupas dreams? Find out next time on: "Dear God, what a dumpster fire".

No. 796459

File: 1554886872256.jpg (135.75 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20190410-015251_Twi…)

You're…. Still annoying and cringey, Shay. Lol better keep an eye on analytics to see if she buys more bots.

No. 796460

I don't know, why don't you go and figure out who you are, instead being this gross shell of a human you are online? Is that really all you are?

No. 796468

Wow! Next thread pic

No. 796516

isn't she ban evading now?

No. 796530

Yup, she's ban evading having this new Twitter, probably too much of a dumbbaby uwu to use a VPN to make this one.

No. 796533

Funny that she has the same amount of heart reacts as her posts when she "did" have followers…

No. 796535

O O O F I wonder if she's noticed

No. 796540

File: 1554910476396.png (30.07 KB, 522x270, Screenshot (446).png)

> being targeted
Yes shayna, farmers have infiltrated twitter, snapchat, paypal, cashapp and whatever the fuck else you've been banned from.

No. 796541

File: 1554910718392.jpg (690.07 KB, 1079x1787, Screenshot_20190410-083742_Twi…)

Kek, the blame game continues. Who tf even has time to report you, Shay, where's your proof

No. 796542

she should take it as a sign to work on camming and making videos (on sites that are actually made for porn) instead of sitting around blaming everybody but herself.

No. 796543

I hope this means we never have to see her in those revolting hello kitty undies ever again. Or hear about her princess parts /gag/
“Rebranding” herself is probably the smartest thing she’s done in her entire SW career.

I wish someone would just tell her the fucking obvious to her face. Whatever. She gets potty money from it so I doubt she’s that broken up over it. And all those followers were paid for by Dawn. So she didn’t lose out. Plus her follower engagement was garbage anyways so I don’t get why she’s gotta be the victim and constantly post about it. Just fucking grow a pair and get over it.

No. 796544

File: 1554910897003.jpg (192.56 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20190410-084033_Twi…)

KEK "obsessive weirdos" you mean the people enforcing TOS? Because that's who it was. Her blaming farmers is wild.

No. 796548

lol right, even if you are reported, your account won't get deleted just because of that. She breaks the TOS on snapchat and twitter, it's her own fault that her accounts were deleted.
Also this is why sex workers with common sense don't just rely on social media

No. 796549

lol right, even if you are reported, your account won't get deleted just because of that. She breaks the TOS on snapchat and twitter, it's her own fault that her accounts were deleted.
Also this is why sex workers with common sense don't just rely on social media

No. 796554

File: 1554913778468.png (39.93 KB, 745x386, nnonoo.PNG)

That orbiter loves caping and lying for Shay. she's claiming that Shay's twitter got "mass reported".

Shay has broken TOS on pretty much every platform she uses, so even if she did get reported it's her fault for not being fucking careful and following the rules. How come none of these idiots can realize that?

Do these girls think that if they come to Shay's rescue, she will give a fuck about them?

No. 796555

it's made even more retarded by the fact that whenever one of her accounts gets suspended/deleted she ALWAYS has at least one other nobody sw'er saying the same thing just happened to them. what's her explanation for that?

No. 796556

i always just assume the hardcore orbiters are farmers tbh

No. 796562

File: 1554914854247.jpg (637.73 KB, 1053x2139, 20190410_094602.jpg)

Oh my God, wasn't dolly just offering her 90 videos for just $50 DAYS AGO?! suddenly they're worth over $1 each? Someone tell her the definition of "sale"

No. 796563

it's shayna, not dolly and yes

No. 796564

File: 1554915097145.png (520.85 KB, 680x445, bcf.png)

>90 vids/$100
>50 vids/$50

No. 796565

“Other people would do this but I’m not like most girls”


No. 796566

when is this girl not in a damn rough spot? Jesus christ

No. 796570

The pricing doesn’t make sense, even if she assumes they really are worth $1 a piece. Normally when selling “packages” of things, you’d go higher for the smaller package, e.g. 25 for $30, 50 for $55, then 100 for $90 or something, so it actually feels like people are getting a deal. As it is, someone could spend $100 buying the 50 vids deal twice, and get 10 videos for free.

No. 796571

she only has 90 videos though. but yeah she should have made it cheaper to buy all 90

No. 796572

File: 1554917056507.png (238.63 KB, 533x484, Screenshot (447).png)

No. 796575

So another vid of her dressed up as a dog doing the same thing she usually does from the same angles. How creative.

No. 796578


'Gaping' I can't be the only one that felt physically ill reading that

She really does humiliate herself for that coin

No. 796600

'gaping' and 'puppy' are two words i could frankly do without seeing placed next to one another ever in this life, thanks shay.

No. 796611

wow she won't stop lying about being "mass reported" over and over. she keeps trying to drill it into anyone who still cares lol, pathetic. she has no brain cells to realize literally almost nobody reported her and she's getting banned for buying fake followers and violating the TOS.

No. 796616

File: 1554923285915.jpeg (310.09 KB, 1241x2026, E783836C-C5CB-4737-B4C9-A5072B…)

Fupa shared this on to his Facebook. Could be shay related with her playing the ultimate victim again.

No. 796617

Why do we keep tinfoiling shit from Fupa’s Facebook?

No. 796618

I'd bet he got a big boohoo text from her about it since he was the only one who cared about her social media "fame"

No. 796622

What apps can I use 2 record or screenshot w/o someone noticing on snap?? I got some milk

No. 796623

if you have an old phone you can just film it on that but as for apps idk sorry

No. 796625

File: 1554924734065.jpg (728.88 KB, 1068x1649, Screenshot_20190410-143149_Twi…)

No. No one ever would

No. 796627

File: 1554924798793.jpg (468.83 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20190410-143311_Twi…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 796628

Mobizen. Do it

No. 796637

Try casper or mobizen or just Google undetectable apps, however you do it, just quench us.

No. 796652

File: 1554927420074.png (57.02 KB, 523x576, interesting.png)

No. 796653

imagine my shock when the ban evasion follows you regardless of "mass reports"
same thing happened to momokun, idk why she's surprised

No. 796654

She literally just disproved her "iM bEiNg TaRgEtEd" rant from earlier by posting this.

Can't wait to see what aged Tumblr name she comes up with next

No. 796661

File: 1554929007461.jpeg (794.56 KB, 1125x1544, 3F9E7C11-3FCD-429F-9896-2BFAE4…)

she is literally being targeted….by twitter? I can’t

No. 796664

lol shayna if you don't follow a website's/app's TOS they won't let you have an account, it's not a wild concept

No. 796665

Damn thats some unforgiving lighting on her. I dont even think this is an accurate representation tbf

No. 796666

no, anon, that's just what she looks like without the snapchat filters

No. 796668

I've never seen a person evade taking responsibility for their actions the way Shayna does. It's crazy how delusional she is now. I know other anons have pointed that out already, but it's bizarre to me that she honestly believes the shit she spews out of her mouth.

Her whole business model is based on lies for sympathy, so I guess even if she knows her explanations are bull she will still pretend to be the victim.

No. 796670

She can't seem to make money without whining about being in a (constant) 'tight spot'. I wonder what or who she'll claim to be the victim of next

No. 796671

its so sad how she NEEDS some kind of social media where she can get constant interaction like you'd think she'd use instagram but I guess she has to make 400 posts a day and she would look crazy doing it there. it's so obvious she has nothing in her life, like nothing to do all day, no friends to hang out with so she just has twitter…

No. 796677

Waiting for someone to tell her this but SW like her (her 1 or 2 followers) are avoiding that elephant in thr room.

I'll be surprised if she's still a sex worker by christmas tbh

No. 796679

It’s just so boring. The different shades of pink wash everything out, and it’s just so basic. You’d think after 3 years of doing this she’d have some creativity but nope.

No. 796684

File: 1554931597131.jpeg (652.97 KB, 1242x1249, D34E1238-CA18-4F60-8689-2F2647…)

I’m fucking cackling at this. This dude thinks changing a camera angle and shooting a basic ass vid from the same 2 angles is “talent”. Oh wow, she shot in a cage?! Such talent, very art, much work.

Plenty of other sex workers make way better quality stuff and put 100x more effort in than Shayna does with anything. Shay thinks that she can just be blonde and half ass everything forever, but at 21 she’s already starting to look like a haggard drunken auntie so she may want to try and get some sort of skill in…anything.

No. 796685

she also acts like she’s the first person to ever film herself inside a dog cage. you are not talented in film Shayna. You are a basic ass bitch.

No. 796689

File: 1554933108140.jpg (567.22 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20190410-164759_Twi…)

No. 796690

so you had to move the camera like twice

No. 796691

File: 1554933427333.jpeg (106.54 KB, 639x623, 2E31505C-C1C0-4AAD-86D9-468453…)

Polite sage for being unrelated, but this is basically Shay.

No. 796695


No. 796696

the face of special needs. Her attempting to do aheago is the funniest fucking thing.

No. 796699

I feel like she's just discovered belle delphine lol
Maybe pretending to be into anime will be her next 'rebrand'

No. 796701

no remember she’s gonna be super hardcore goth now, kek

Next rebrand: death barbie

No. 796702

File: 1554935336240.png (410.95 KB, 614x581, Untitled.png)

Does she know how copy-right happy Nintendo is? There are youtubers who get hit all the time; and she admitted to this.
The 'tweet unavailable' is the retweet of the video sale below in the cap.

No. 796703

Just realized that’s what she was trying to do now that you’ve mentioned it. Thought she was straight up just trying to look mentally retarded…

No. 796704

its weird that this video is from like 2017 and shes about to release another one thats exactly the same, all while talking about how hard she works for her videos

No. 796705

oh god i remember how disgusting this video was w the tarp all around the cage jeez

No. 796706

Lolcow won't let me post mp4 files I've tried everything

No. 796707

think you have to use dropbox and post a link?

No. 796708

Yup, Dropbox link or even mediafire

No. 796709

Streamable works too

No. 796710

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhq1pgojpuq3njg/0_mobizen_20190410_170547_1.mp4?dl=0 the way she sounds sucking dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 796711

>>796710 thank you based anon

No. 796712


Jesus Christ Shayna. Where did she learn to suck dick. This is going to haunt my nightmares.

No. 796713

wtf is that dog-like sound at the end, is that her "puppy" role or something fupa has to experience on a daily basis?

No. 796714

I don't think she has much actual sexual experience beyond the routine she does for her videos. Probably why she has no idea what to do.

No. 796715

File: 1554937768532.jpg (249.68 KB, 1079x798, Screenshot_20190410-180816_Twi…)

Is this her new kink now?

No. 796716

my friend heard me playing out loud and asked if it was a pig squealing it's horrendous

No. 796717


No. 796723

File: 1554938618225.png (17.36 KB, 526x158, Untitled.png)

this just screams 'im gonna buy followers' to me. like whos she asking to get to 1k, the people that are already following her?

No. 796725

>she thinks it's her name that's giving her away
>retard doesn't know what an IP ban is
Dumb baby is right.

No. 796726

Why would you even angle a dick sucking shot like that? That is the worst angle ever.

No. 796727

For some reason her butt plug literally hanging out of her ass is very unsettling.

No. 796728

File: 1554939960090.png (Spoiler Image,3.71 MB, 750x1334, F5040D4B-5A6E-45AA-A2F1-8FCF2A…)


No. 796729

Gagging on half an inch, kek

No. 796734

Dear god WHY would you face away from the camera to do a bj is she actually this dumb

No. 796735


>Squeal like a pig!

How is she producing that unearthly sound? Sucking in air against the dildo?

The cutting and the loop almost make it avant garde. I mean, the point of this clip is obviously not titillation.

No. 796736

Is her Instagram gone? Can anyone confirm?

No. 796737

File: 1554942849885.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.01 KB, 2300x1362, IMG_20190411_013410.jpg)


No. 796738

this looks like a still from an underground horror film, terrifying

No. 796739

i'm getting 'content unavailable'
not safe for life

No. 796741

File: 1554943332614.jpeg (112.2 KB, 750x1188, 5E30D4F5-A606-4B81-A9A8-1ED8EC…)

Yeah, it’s gone.

No. 796742

File: 1554943416023.jpg (111.89 KB, 1077x1011, Screenshot_20190410-174318_Chr…)

ULTRA KEK it's gone

No. 796744

Damn; this all seems super suspect that everything of hers is getting hit… I really think she is deleting everything (snap and insta at least) for pity points.

No. 796746

this is the worst image ive ever seen on the internet

No. 796749

File: 1554944275297.png (43.02 KB, 527x204, Screenshot (456).png)

tinfoil time but i searched 'dolly mattel' on twitter and this podcast came up. i havent listened but it seems they talk about rebranding.. coincidence?

No. 796751

Was going to listen and give a summary but the audio/sound difference between the host and Shay when talking is so bad that I cant do it.

No. 796752

File: 1554944750046.png (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 750x1334, DE3E32A0-1953-4F06-A3BC-BC524F…)

Dear god she’s panting like a literal fucking dog in heat in the video its so disturbing

No. 796753

I think it’s actually praising her

No. 796754

Was this a recently recorded podcast?

No. 796756

Yes Shay being spacey was like 'its april, right?'

No. 796757

Yeah, tinfoil but I think her snap may have actually been taken down, but her twitter and now IG I think are her deleting her own shit to do a rebranding while also getting pity points because "im being targeted".

No. 796759

The audio is terrible or is it just me

No. 796764

it's terrible lol.
the timing is suspicious but her twitter says 'account suspended' it wouldnt say that if she just deleted/deactivated.

No. 796768

i agree, it's so pathetic. she went from liveblogging the minutia of her life on tumblr straight to doing it on twitter. she clearly has no friends to talk to for social outlet/attention.

No. 796769

Currently listening to it, it's a bit hard tho because the sound quality coming from her is glitchy. I'm surprised she hasn't shared this interview? This is something positive that she's doing? Beside that she's still rambling about her "give me your money" shtick

No. 796772

ah yeah, forgot it said suspended. I think her IG was her own doing though. I guess she figured fuck it may as well rebrand. I think she even said something like that in a tweet

No. 796777

She also hasn't said anything about it yet, tinfoil she's saving it for tomorrow to get more sympathy

No. 796783

You think she'll actually cam tonight? she's supposed to log on in 50 minutes. Or will she use all these suspensions as another excuse? the best thing for her to do right now is stick to her schedule and let everyone know where they can find her now

No. 796788

Yeah, seriously. Her job isn't Social Media Thot, it's fucking sex work – camming and making the ~prons~. But to her, her whole existence is having all her "followers". It went from Tumblr to Twitter. She'll get more potential customers just camming than on fucking twitter. Her orbiters already followed her again.

No. 796789

I've been thinking for a while that her accounts getting "deleted" is her doing so while in a manic episode. She's mentioned "this would be a sign to stop doing sex work to others" several times. It wouldn't be hard to believe.
>manic freakout
>gets drunk because that's how she tries to deal with stuff
>makes the drunk-and-unstable decision that she's done
>deletes everything
>wakes up the next morning
>reality and regret set in
>makes a new one
>blames da haturz

No. 796790

File: 1554949694474.jpg (304.13 KB, 1080x1420, Screenshot_20190410-192736_Twi…)

I guess we'll have our trash fire camshow tonight after all…

No. 796793

File: 1554950092911.jpg (185.12 KB, 1122x1122, IMG_20190410_193314.jpg)

Anyone notice how the background of this pic she posted that marble comforter is wrapped around what seems to be a mattress on the floor?

No. 796797

is that not just her air mattress? I can't rlly tell the scale of the photo but that weird sex torso could be in a big box. maybe she got a twin mattress and still hasn't set up the bed someone bought for her

No. 796804

Before her Twitter got suspended she was taking about getting high and setting up her bed. It could just be the blankets in a bundle on the floor.

No. 796806

Her Twitter was suspended so I definitely don’t think it’s her. Not to WK shay at all, and I don’t think it’s farmers doing it, but the cam girls and other sex workers who have been very vocal about disliking her lately could have reported her stuff. Regardless, it’s her own fault for violating TOS.

No. 796809

She's on cam on a rant about "mass reporting"

No. 796810


She actually just addressed breaking tos and says "I'm going to be talking to Twitter because i did NOTHING against the rules" kek

No. 796815

File: 1554953742307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,218.94 KB, 1125x1125, 49FD635D-D187-4BF7-B78B-FBC864…)

Hank Hill is shook.

No. 796816

File: 1554953790918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.87 KB, 1125x1125, D81B4136-EAE3-4A90-A8B1-3CCD6B…)


No. 796817

File: 1554954013154.jpg (Spoiler Image,692.5 KB, 1066x1559, Screenshot_20190410-203930_Chr…)

Drinking out of a puppy bowl for her "drink water" tips. Classy.

No. 796818

45 people in her room and I bet half are farmers

No. 796824

File: 1554955834377.png (2.97 MB, 1125x2436, 64D24410-9B4D-4BBB-8161-7ADC9D…)

okay so i think i’ve found the same doll because not knowing the scale is driving me crazy.

“Product Description
Function: Male Lifelike Sex Doll
Color: Flesh
Size: 40(L) 23.5(W) 14(H) cm/15.7" 9.3" 5.5"
Net Weight: 5.4 kg/11.9 lb/190.5 oz
Material: TPR
Package: Color Box/Blank Box
Further: Medical Material,Lifelike,Washable
Package Size: 402417 cm”

so it’s only slightly over a foot in length? this is going to look ridiculous lmao

No. 796833

File: 1554957646102.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 750x1334, 2325A4EE-F6C4-4120-B23F-3F1F8E…)

She’s sperging hard and awkwardly dancing to Barbie girl. This is painful

No. 796835

I can’t believe she calls this an aesthetic. This room (or is this her entire studio apartment?) is so embarrassing.

No. 796840

The link no longer works (at least on my side?), anyone got a backup?

No. 796841

Honestly it was probably the work of a retarded farmer who does't understand that no social media = no milk. That or a twitter cancled culture SW.
Her accounts were suspended…

No. 796842


Instagram has been deleting a ton of SW accounts, she's only suspended on Twitter, not deleted, and she broke the rules on Snapchat.

None of this seems sus to me.

No. 796844

snapchat has been deleting sw accounts since the thot audit because its against TOS, instagrams been cracking down on nsfw content even going as far as taking down pics of girls in bikinis for being again TOS and twitter has been deleting A LOT of "popular" accounts that have been ban evading.
While I wouldn't put it past her as doing it as an easy way out she's too lazy and hopeless to get a real job so I don't think its something she'd do just yet.

No. 796848

a walking refrigerator

No. 796858

It's suspicious that first she sent out a tweet like "hoho maybe this is a good opportunity to rebrand lol" then slightly later another like "oh no guys it's so sad I'll have to rebrand I love my username!!" And now this insta podcast about rebranding. Personally my theory is it was the cam girl community that was bitching about her ignorance because of the close timing, but the evidence is def there for self deleting

No. 796875

I hope this isn't one of the stupid twitter hoes taking her shit down. It's honestly suspicious that everything was taken down around the same time. Sure she had to be breaking the rules in order for the report to actually cause her account to go down but I'm not sure if I trust the various sex workers on twitter. They seem rather vicious and quick to tear each other down despite none of them being much better than Shay. I hate to say this as this just gives more fuel to Shay's bullshit but I think the timing of everyone "cancelling" her and this is too much of a coincidence
Though I'm pretty sure her Twitters being insta-banned is due to the IP ban instead of people very quickly finding her new accounts. But the initial one feels like it could be some vengeful SWs. Sucks if our source of milk gets taken away because of someone who wasn't even affected by Shay beyond their own guilt conscious or hatred of other women/competition

No. 796883

File: 1554974019567.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1228x1698, 43B173AD-57E9-4872-BCF1-5D5C91…)

“So unexpected!!! It’s not like I begged to everyone in multiple tweets about how upset I was and how badly I needed money! I’m just super amazing at my job!”

I want to smash her fucking face in.

No. 796901

File: 1554980419541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,624.41 KB, 1242x962, 803EB4ED-7701-44B5-8E75-E73B39…)

She’s officially reached prolapse. Warning: nightmare fuel

No. 796902

I would have been fine living out the rest of my life without seeing the inside of her asshole. Good lord I need a bleach shower

No. 796904

I agree. It honestly does seem super weird that this is all happening at once. And her reactions seem slightly performative. She doesn't even appear to be that upset about it. I bet she will have a name change soon.

When Shay changed her name to Dolly Mattel, some anons here suspected she did that to see if she could escape her tarnished reputation. It didn't work and now appears to want to do the same thing. She clearly still has delusions that she is going to be a famous porn star. If only the jealous haters would leave her alone!

Shay is a known liar. There's literally no reason to believe that she is being mass reported by anyone. She's just massively retardedm

No. 796905

plenty of popular porn stars have haters, yet they don’t acknowledge them or give them the time of day or blame them for their shortcomings. Shayna literally loves having people despise her, it gives her excuses all the time. It’s why she’ll never be successful, because she revels in drama. The only time she’s making money is when drama has been stirred up and she’s making herself the victim of everything. It’s such a sad “business” model. God forbid you actually work.

No. 796907

Exactly, big pornstars have countless people who dislike them. But since they're actually half decent at their jobs it doesn't affect their success.
They also get their social media deleted often which is why they use common sense and don't rely on it

No. 796911

File: 1554984164763.png (16.44 KB, 112x112, 501500506808647687.png)


shay, what are you doing.

No. 796917

Or they make decent backups. But they make their name and their brand more well known then any of the stupid shitty things they’ve done. With Shay, you hear about her, and you’re probably hearing about some new dumb bullshit she’s done along with the old drama. You won’t hear about how she makes decent or creative clips, you won’t hear about how she’s good at running her business. You’ll hear about how she was once “tumblr famous” and how shitty of a person she is. Not sure why she thinks this reputation works for her.

No. 796929

File: 1554986974210.jpg (366.55 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190411_084846_com…)

Found this

No. 796931

File: 1554987015380.jpg (667.98 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190411_084853_com…)

This account is stupid

No. 796938

All of his tweets are about pornstars he’s gotten deleted off social media. I’m convinced he’s the one behind all of this.

No. 796959

lol who hurt him. could be him but they still would have had to break the rules to be banned right?

No. 796961

He could be falsely reporting them for other things and maybe Twitter is too lazy to actually investigate. Funny how Shay thought it was us who did it.

No. 796963

Spoiler wasn't enough for this, her anus is wrecked. She's abused her body too much, everything she needs for her job (permanently red ballsack pussy, stretched asshole with ass boils and her veiny tits with weird nipple) is ruined.

No. 796971

wtf kind of incel-tier shit is this?

No. 796975

>when cowtipping becomes a profession
seriously though if shay hasn't self-deleted, why is she so nonchalant about it? i agree with >>796904 about how performative she's being about her sad reactions. only one "almost about to cry my makeup off" and she even actually made it to cam. wonder if she's serious about the rebranding shit, so she maybe doesn't care about her old accounts as much?

No. 796996

It is stupid but I'm kind of laughing it was some random incel that is reporting all of her accounts hahaha

No. 797053

From the looks of it he gets at least one account deleted every day. Some with even over a million followers. I wonder who hurt him? Probably his mother.

No. 797056

I don't know whether I feel bad for the targeted SW, for this dude (he must live an awful life to be petty like this), or I laugh at all of them.

No. 797071

What a shitstick. Rose works her ASS off, nothing at all like Shaynasty. She should seriously rebrand as Shaynasty and try to appeal to the trailer park trash she looks like.(off-topic)

No. 797080

File: 1555007268712.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 8F0D1DAC-13A3-49A4-A90B-6925B5…)

She’s not giving up on the BiMbO uWu life yet it seems

No. 797083

That hat(???) is bad

No. 797085

Holy shit on one hand he's a bit pathetic but on the other he kind of rules and all the thots he's targeting fucking deserve it lmao.

No. 797087

I know people are saying this is an Incel, but the banner with the family and “porn hurts everyone” screams pissed off divorced middle-age mom. Ive had clients who were (middle aged) women who considered watching porn as “cheating”. And would divorce their “scummy cheating” husbands for watching a lot porn. Just my take on it.

Shay did have a picture of her whole vagina hanging out so honestly it’s not surprising that IG finally caught on. I don’t know why she just doesn’t appeal her bans tho.

No. 797100

This is just bad

No. 797103

did she really already buy followers to get herself up to 1k in one single day lmfao

No. 797107


Does she really think her male audience cares for things like cutesy (or retarded looking) bunny ears. She could forget about all the pink props and just stick to putting things in her ass with no fuss

No. 797108

It's probably going to be a remake of her other Easter video

No. 797110


here come the plastic eggs again

No. 797113

Does she not have hand soap in her bathroom????

No. 797115

File: 1555012127130.jpg (606.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190411-124838_Chr…)

No. 797117

what is she cleaning those toys with?!?!? Water??? JFC

No. 797118

i doubt she cleans them at all aside from picking hair off them. she probably just put them there for the picture.

No. 797124

Holy shit. This gross bitch. No wonder she’s always covered in staph boils.

No. 797154

I’ve literally never seen her use any of these??

No. 797164

File: 1555016561114.png (Spoiler Image,3.98 MB, 750x1334, 54AF6287-005A-4216-AB8C-99125C…)

Jesus Christ burn it NOW

No. 797165

>>797154 she is probably just using them for background pictures and in her cam as well, baiting people that she will ever use them. she was all excited about the monster dildo and now forgot about it. yikes

No. 797166

one the one hand the white looks better; but its still so awful.

No. 797169

File: 1555016959145.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.62 KB, 541x720, 9e8e8061b8f73aa39ac3a9f2e7959d…)

No. 797176

Huh, didnt know Harmony Korine was making a sequel to Gummo.

No. 797182

this looks like a still from a porn video you'd see on efukt because it's so trailer park trashy and creepy that it's a total mockery.

No. 797193

File: 1555018780114.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, 04-11-19_10-28-56 PM.png)


Absolutely gutted there are no dog cages, its the one thing that's really missing.(autism)

No. 797196

File: 1555018855769.png (969.03 KB, 1366x768, 04-11-19_10-27-52 PM.png)

Do they always make this retarded face when they take a selfie or did it just know it was shaytard so it's appropriate.

No. 797211

anon this seems like you might have spent a little too much time on it

No. 797212

I have to say that the color is significantly better in this picture. Take her out of it and put literally anyone else in there and it would be great.

No. 797214

Still better than shayna

No. 797218

Nitpick, but I hate the legwarmers. Its always gonna look bad because its Shaynasty, but different warmers or none would have pulled this goofy shit together.
The offwhite and material/style clashes too much but you know Shay really has that attention to detail and ~aesthetic~ . /s

No. 797223

could she not just buy a bunny ear headband?? she looks so ridiculous, how does she not see that

No. 797225

Is it me or she's wearing that g-string really wrong?? Isn't the triangle supposed to cover the entire vag?

No. 797228

it's probably way too small since she likes to lie to herself claiming to be an extra small lol

No. 797245

File: 1555024849623.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.58 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190411_183533_com…)

Not a self post.
What I don't understand is why she doesn't look at other cam girls to see what looks good? She looks fucking ridiculous. This is what a hot bunny looks like

No. 797250

>>797245 who is that?

No. 797251

Tbh most g strings assume vaginas are like super tiny and most girls vaginas don’t fit into them, no matter how small you are. They’re just designed like that.

No. 797252

File: 1555025754700.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.68 KB, 250x371, 9AC1AEF9-CF15-4EA8-8993-94D571…)

Hot to who? You? Ok.

On cam last night some guy kept making bizarre jabs about not being able to see shay’s eyes because of her false lashes and how he wanted her to rip them off. He also said her decorations looked like they were straight outta Target lol. She was picking hairs off of her pink dildo after a cumshow before re-inserting it, I found that funny. I have caps on my computer if anyone actually cares. Pic unrelated.

No. 797253

well shay can’t ever be a hot bunny because she’s not attractive. In any way. When you look like a drunk and drugged out grandma at 21, you’re kind of fucked.

No. 797254

Why the fuck did you post this pic? Looks like you have the hots for Shayna you gross weirdo

No. 797255

maybe post those caps instead of a stupid unrelated pic

No. 797257

This is literally as bad or worse than what Shay puts out. Not even trying to WK, this looks like it was taken in a basement.

No. 797264

Another equally white trash porn star who has a kid and specializes in weird anal gape porn. Ivy aura was her name last I checked.

No. 797265


Ivy Aura

No. 797269

Hairs?? What kind? Like she doesn't have vag hair and no pets in her studio… Are you talking about her head hair? Because that's really nasty and idek how that happens unless her hair sheds a lot and we know she doesn't vacuum.

No. 797270

Overbleaching hair/frying it like she's done can cause it to fall out for no reason and shed like crazy, so I'm guessing its from that.

No. 797272

i don't understand why you're so fixated on hairs

No. 797273

>This is what a hot bunny looks like

why do we all need to be educated by you on what a "hot bunny" looks like lmao also this camwhore looks pretty bad too.

No. 797278

this is pretty pathetic. creating a sim of someone you hate just to laugh at them and the house they live in is just… cringe af. This is why Shayna thinks we're ~jealous haturz who are obsessed with her~ because this shit is pointless and creepy

>this is what a hot bunny looks like
bitch where. this looks cramped and sad

No. 797279

File: 1555029605913.jpeg (319.13 KB, 750x745, E53236DF-1885-40D5-B5FF-241A79…)

Shayna…why not a Playboy bunny? Imagine having shit taste in amazon crap

No. 797280

This looks a little familiar. Didn't an anon already do this some threads back when she lived on her floor in Seattle? Are these the same images?

No. 797281

File: 1555030106451.jpg (41.88 KB, 500x500, ariana-grande-latex-bunny-ears…)

or ariana grande since ur such goffic latex kween

No. 797285

could be carpet/blanket hairs or fibers too. plenty of things can get stuck on a dildo, those things attract dust like magnets.

No. 797287

Just an updated version

No. 797288

at first glance i thought this was a skinny pt

No. 797289


her place looks so bare. does she even own anything?? like art prints? bookshelves? plants? anything??

can you imagine camming in your unfurnished apartment like that? ugh

No. 797290

Yes kek, when I saw the first picture of her sink I thought it was a public bathroom

No. 797301

File: 1555034268402.jpeg (119.42 KB, 750x648, 9BB984FA-7BD9-42A4-A28B-CDFB5F…)

Great so basically no food of nutritional value AT ALL. Just because sugar is on the food pyramid doesn’t make it healthy sweaty

No. 797307

File: 1555035397712.png (Spoiler Image,585.75 KB, 657x540, Screenshot_250.png)

i was watching some of the her videos in random porn websites, and she always had a very red pussy and pimples everywhere, do people think this is attractive? i wonder if she has/had any vaginal infection with how rough she looks down there

No. 797308


Yeah, real adult, Shay. Absolute filler garbage food no better than fast food. Fucking most childish shopping list ever. Like a 10 year old got their parents ebt card while they were out of town.

No. 797311

Can't wait for Shay's metabolism to slow down and she comes out of her incessant weed coma 100 pounds heavier.

No. 797312

File: 1555035910461.png (31.81 KB, 621x258, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 797313

she's been living in that apartment for a month now and has only just gone grocery shopping for the first time. and not to buy staples like rice, pasta, frozen vegetables, canned goods, etc. but to buy frozen pizza, cheesecake, and fruit snacks. you've been an adult for four years now and you still don't know how to cook for yourself other than heating something in the oven/microwave? (I don't think she even owns a microwave though)

No. 797315

Even from her shit list all there is to "prepare" is fuckin frozen pizza. This is the most pathetic shit lmao. There are actual children out there who can feed themselves better.

No. 797319

Says she's online but webcam off?

No. 797320

means she'll be broadcasting soon. she could just be setting up her room topics/token countdowns for the night.

No. 797321

i actually GASPED when i saw this how the fuck does her labia look like that?? ive never seen one that red & swollen. does she use fuckin nair on it daily or something?

like i ain't usually one to shame how someone's pussy/body looks but jfc(nitpicking)

No. 797325

Are you new here? The vagina discussion is so tired and honestly it’s improved a lot from that old-ass screenshot.

No. 797327


ya i didn't start reading shay's thread until late in the last one lmao, im glad it's improved then?? i was just surprised since ive nvr seen it before

No. 797328

File: 1555041913483.png (Spoiler Image,233.7 KB, 465x344, Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.0…)

Very enthusiastic strip tease she has going on

No. 797333

Learn to type and learn to read. Lurk moar.

No. 797344

The fact that her accounts were deleted across different platforms in a short timespan makes it obvious that somebody was targeting her.
Oh…that's just sad.
She's an internet whore who spends all of her time online; of course she's being performative. Login to any given online community and you'll find at least one person whining about wanting to kill themselves over getting a bad haircut or punctuating their opinions with '????' or someshit. People like Shady do that because it gives them attention. You're trying to milk drama from a stone, anon.
She's going to get so dumpy so quickly. She takes pride from being unable to care for herself on a basic level.

No. 797354

>>797301 I don't know why this triggers me so much, maybe because she's constantly begging even though processed food is expensive stuff, or because she could so easily fix this.
Fruit snacks > Fruit
Cereal > Porridge, which you can add your fruit to
Soda > Juice, which you can mix with a low-calorie spirit
Ice cream > Ice lollies. Still high sugar, but less fat and at least she'll get some water in her
Frozen pizza > Basically anything else you can cook in 15 minutes. Pasta, stir fry, fajitas.
Cheesecake > Yogurt, or fruit. Or just don't

Obviously not perfect, but simple fixes that are cheaper and just as lazy.

No. 797372

I don't think anybody can say for sure that somebody was targeting her. Just because Shayna repeats that over and over again doesn't make it true. But of course, Shay is a victim as per usual.

Also Shay's version of perfomative includes lying amd scamming people. She uses her stories of strife to pay for her livelihood and sustain herself. Worse than your average internet attention whore.

No. 797410

Why is it so easy to bait you, guys? We don't know what she really bought. We only know she listed things that fit her dumb baby persona. And even if it's real the "adult" part was clearly a joke.
Also tinfoil about her deleting all her social media or it being banned because she breaks TOS was stupid af. Of course it wasn't random that her 3 accounts on different sites got banned at the same time. And why would she herself destroy on purpose her bussiness?
You guys act fuckin stupid just to have more reasons to shit on Shayna.

No. 797428

She would destroy her business on purpose because she has done shit like that for victim points in the past. she purposely puts herself in situations like that so she can play up the drama and how much of a victim she is and how she needs money NOW more than EVER before. I’m nearly 100% sure that she said certain things on tumblr just to drum up drama. Things like apologizing then deleting it and saying “no I don’t need to apologize you guys need to get over it”. It’s shit like that that makes people notice her. Without it, she would never be noticed for her creativity, looks, interesting branding, or skill. She’s ONLY popular because she drums up drama constantly. It’s the only reason people still know her name. It literally is her business at this point.

No. 797431


She’s a stupid attention whore, her social media is her bread and butter. She live blogs everything that happens to her and every thought that comes out of her stupid head.

She broke the TOS and then got reported, simple stuff

No. 797443

File: 1555089525360.jpeg (266.92 KB, 1242x473, 65562ECC-7855-449C-816D-343AB3…)

Shay, I think you mean “everything someone else paid for” not “everything you worked for”

Good try though.

No. 797449

No one is buying porridge or mixing juice with spirits, and ice cream is a normal thing for young adults to buy
You guys are freaking out too much about her shitty shopping habits. The girl lived off Kraft and goldfish in Seattle.

No. 797463

But how is she going to sit there and complain about never feeling good while eating a shit diet and being an alcoholic? It’s bullshit that people fall for it and continue to give her money and encourage her to keep doing this shit.

No. 797464

File: 1555092846832.jpeg (217.39 KB, 1538x2048, 5B75AD8C-0E6C-4EF2-A141-679773…)

can’t tell if wink or something is in her eye. this whole picture is hysterical.

No. 797466

She’s barely coping… remember in 2015 when she really thought she’d be a full time famoos spoiled brat wrecking homes and stealing trust funds oof

No. 797467

nta but the people giving her money dont give a fuck what she's eating lmao

No. 797482

the entire bunny hat is something that belongs in a horror film.

No. 797489

File: 1555097700955.jpg (727.01 KB, 1400x590, 1192-header-1403067075-85-lg c…)

No. 797490

i love how real and natural this looks, barely even looks shooped lol

No. 797492

File: 1555098177509.jpg (199.33 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190412-144246_Twi…)

Is this suspended?

No. 797493


no she still comes up, looks like it's your connection, anon

No. 797494

File: 1555098517627.jpg (436.59 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20190412-144755_Twi…)

Cause that's exactly what someone wants

No. 797498

So today's the day we'll see if she sticks to her plan of finally using the alien dildo or goes out and gets drunk again instead tonight

No. 797501

this is really disgusting. First off, how many times does this bitch need to do her nails? Second, i'd be horrified if i found out she was taking nudes at my job's bathroom from twitter.

No. 797505

Sorry for nitpicking but she should save on forehead botox instead of her stupid nails. Having 2 pairs of brows at 21 is an achievement.

No. 797516

>I don't think anybody can say for sure that somebody was targeting her.
Nobody can say for sure, but the fact that it happens across platforms points to that. It could be that crazy incel or someone from here who's getting way too invested in internet drama. Either way, if anyone here is reporting Shay then they should really stop touching the poop and ruining it for the rest of us.
honestly though her eating habits are possibly the most offensive thing about her. She goes on and on about how she's an ~independent adult~ but can't bother learning how to cook even basic shit. It also ties into her budgeting allergy too.

No. 797519

It’s completely normal to get your nails filled every 2 weeks.

Posting some irrelevant camwhore to tell us what we already know? Uh…everyone knows shay’s efforts are garbage and her sexy bunny is anything but sexy. Fuck off.

Shay’s threads have some of the worst autists. This is embarrassing. I’m shocked her new thread isn’t on auto sage with all the nitpicking and cringe.

No. 797530

And you saying this shit is pointless. Move on.

No. 797531

File: 1555108091228.png (14.26 KB, 519x114, Screenshot (457).png)

but how would she know shes blocked unless shes also 'paying real close attention' to what they are up to?

No. 797539

Why is she so obsessed with people who don't like her or have her blocked? How does she have such a thin skin still?

If people have you blocked, move on. Stop looking at their twitter profiles, clearly she is lurking lol.

No. 797553

grain of carpet + bong peeking in left side of pic gives a sense of scale, it's not that big of a toy

No. 797562

File: 1555117600441.png (175.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-210337.png)

Twitter isn't loading for me for some reason but by her caption, she's out drinking tonight. she said she was finally gonna use the bad dragon dild tonight. wonder if she'll fall through again lol

No. 797564

File: 1555117850458.jpg (288.83 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20190412-201043_Twi…)

So classy Shay

No. 797565

Well I fucking called that one

No. 797566

File: 1555117948619.jpg (243.84 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20190412-201221_Twi…)

So hilarious Shay

No. 797568

File: 1555118008731.jpg (918.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190412-201318_Twi…)

That same sweater she always wears

No. 797573

why lie that it was sooo cropped that ppl could see your boob lol lame

No. 797583

File: 1555123865507.jpg (295.7 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20190412-215050_Twi…)

No mention of the alien dildo

No. 797587

File: 1555125514885.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-231813.png)

sage because it was already posted but her schedule says she was supposed to be online an hour and a half ago and she should be using the alien dildo.

No. 797588

She may not always be consistent with her schedule, but she is always consistent in disappointing

No. 797598

She's online

No. 797599

using a regular dildo. she has alien dildo on her whiteboard for 3000 tokens

No. 797608

File: 1555133657929.png (Spoiler Image,504.75 KB, 1176x447, 1ySQO4h.png)

No. 797615

File: 1555136951741.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.42 KB, 720x787, _20190413_012712.JPG)

She said she gets $100 for every 2000 tokens.

Bonus kek, someone compares her faces to Forrest Whittaker.

No. 797621

She hit her goal, but it was after 2am so she was only staying "for ten more minutes". Just used her vibe. No alien tonight.

No. 797624

Scammy Mattel back it again.

No. 797625

Idk might just be me but it’s nice to see her have some nice interaction with someone, especially her dad

No. 797631

So who do you think she goes out with every Friday night? Maybe someone that she fucks for room and board money? Maybe someone that she already knows? Is my tinfoil too much that I think it might be fupa, or was this a given somewhere.

No. 797636

Wow, couldn't even stay up a bit longer for her job? It's not like she has to be up at 7am tomorrow. If she couldn't stay awake long enough she should have gotten on earlier. That was only what? 2 hours on cam? And she totally pushed away anyone who might have been new this time considering they potentially paid for her to use the toy only to get nothing in return. At best she'll bring it out again some other night and make people pay for it again and maybe use it. But I'm guessing it's either going into storage again or she's going to keep scamming with it until she loses more followers and/or people learn to avoid her. She and Phoebe are neck and neck for me on who's worse at their "jobs"

No. 797649

One anon said fupa posted on snap from the same graffiti bathroom that shay posted a pic in. (they didn't post screenshot tho).

No. 797668

kek I've been thinking this shit for a while now. He's got her holed up in some god foresaken place that makes motel 6 look like the Astoria. I wonder what she does for him in return, well, besides the obvious.

No. 797709

File: 1555175959536.png (368.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190413-131746.png)

It's called lube, Shayna. There's a reason people use it

No. 797712

is this supposed to be a quirk? makes it sound like she has something medically wrong with her

No. 797714

she has been a ~pron star~ for "3 years" and doesnt know that dry fucking causes vaginal irritation?

No. 797723

Last night on cam she was like, “I have to put the dildo in my pussy before I put my legs behind my head because my pussy is soooo tight, I have to do things in a particular order.” Then a minute or two later, she proceeded to put it in just fine while her legs were “behind her head” (they weren’t really, they were just up in the air). Her whole “omg I have the tightest pussy on the planet!!!!” schtick is so tired. Besides, when you’re in that position, it’s not tightness that would prevent you from sticking it in, it’s the angle of your pelvic bone.

Also her neighbors kept banging on her wall and she was like “wow my noisy neighbors!” and looking super annoyed. No, Shayna. You’re the noisy neighbor. Listening to shitty music at midnight or whatever and making those god awful sex noises while sitting directly next to the wall separating the two apartments.

I couldn’t bear to watch much more than that.

No. 797724

wow really? how long before she gets kicked out for noise complaints and tweets about being ~targeted~ by her neighbors

No. 797725

Lmfao, that is golden. Already pissing her neighbors off, she must know her cheap apartment's walls are thin as fuck. Her poor neighbors.

No. 797726

just imagining her fucking a dry pussy hole with a dry dildo made of cheap silicone makes me cringe. it’s painful to think of. why is she so adverse to using lube?

No. 797727

why is this bitch outing herself for having a pussy that never gets aroused or wet??? you shouldn't be proud of having a desert down there when you're trying to be a porn star, you've just let everyone know how much you truly are not turned on + that you're too stupid to use lube.

but you know, she'll just pretend it's her being "tight" lmao

No. 797746

File: 1555188750170.jpeg (162.52 KB, 754x1507, 5CC76F35-FCEB-41AD-BA2F-2D2D89…)

So clever! Very original!

No. 797748

she made a new curiouscat even though her other one is still up. or is it connected to your twitter account?

No. 797752

Cause she thinks it's what ~real~ porn stars do and that it makes her a pro somehow

No. 797755

GIRL go to a clinic. You can have vaginal dryness without an STI if your partners insist they are clean, or just have chlamydia without the symptoms. It could just be an irritated cervix you can literally clear up in a week.
Then again she looks so uncomfortable on cam she can't be aroused. She blocks people for making sexual comments, I don't understand why this is her job. Sure having no hips probably don't help with tightness but lube isn't expensive Shay just use it it's your JOB.

No. 797782

this looks soo fucking crusty lmao

No. 797794

File: 1555198111183.jpeg (77.63 KB, 750x345, E570F633-A1EA-40C7-ABA2-92319D…)

She retweeted this. The irony.

When has Shayna ever done anything original in her life? Her entire “aesthetic” is and always has been outdated, regurgitated Tumblr shit.

The only “original” thing she does is flaunt her infected pussy on cam. Not a lot of people doing that, I suppose.

No. 797798

Tinfoil: Would it be too far off to assume she's escorting on the side? She was talking to someone in her chat last night and she said "As long as you get me my own room" because she didn't want to share with him. I'm guessing it's escorting minus the sex

No. 797803

Lol because she is desperate I wouldn't be surprised, but she seems sex repulsed sometimes and appears to barely leave her house unless it's to be with Fupa.

No. 797808

Shay’s comments about getting her own room were in response to this user in her chat offering to take her to Jamaica. She said no at first but then said yes if he’d get her her own room. Highly doubt she’s going to Jamaica tho lol.
And maybe she is escorting, but her exchange with Jamaica dude doesn’t prove it

No. 797835

File: 1555221687932.jpeg (170.09 KB, 1121x1472, D4Favl-W0AEK4RQ.jpeg)

Still drunk posting on twitter begging for alcohol, looking like an inebriated cracked out auntie. Wtf is this outfit

No. 797836

Her nails have actually never looked better.

She seems like a prude honestly. I couldn’t see her having sex for money. Sex requires work and some effort, and she’s allergic to both of those things. She would also have to stay off her phone and give the guy the attention he’s paying for. Something she is also incapable of doing.

No. 797837


Reread the post, anon.

No. 797838

my b thank you I'm high

No. 797841

I usually think the crack head trailer park aunt comments are bit much and she doesn't look thst bad but holy fuck she looks exactly like that in this photo

No. 797842

File: 1555224383435.jpg (1.53 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190414-014543_Tum…)

She does still post to tumblr occasionally.

No. 797844

I have snap milk where can I upload it too and then post here?

No. 797845


No. 797850

do you have a video? if os, convert it to webm using a free webm converter and upload the webms here using the image slot.

No. 797858

Please don’t do webm, they don’t play on mobile.

You could also use https://streamable.com/ - it doesn’t require an account.

No. 797859

the reason I say webm is they are hosted here and can't be deleted later

No. 797862

File: 1555244940686.jpeg (220.31 KB, 1242x441, 47965CA3-0383-4D45-B9E6-FBA4CC…)

Does she honestly think that this an interesting “talent”? I’ve seen girls twice her size do the same thing, it’s not that impressive.

No. 797870

Streamable will delete if there’s nudity

No. 797875

Her schedule photo is literally that why's she acting like it's a rare and exciting thing

No. 797902

Guys it's her ~trademark pose~ and it's very unique and alluring because it shows off ALL her boils and rashes on full display while being in such a uwu flexible position!


No. 797904

No. 797907

File: 1555264629709.gif (98.53 KB, 220x255, F336E272-D0D5-4520-85C4-05B732…)

Holy shit

No. 797908

File: 1555264815533.jpg (Spoiler Image,440.71 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20190414_135508_com…)

Thanks Anon, I hate it.

She just peed in the snap and proceeded to wet her finger with piss and lick it. Wtf his her problem? Also nitpick but she needs to get her forehead bone shaved and botox… The amount of deep wrinkles is concercing

No. 797909

i'm so scared oh my god
when she fucking sat her bare ass on the toilet in that disgusting filthy looking ratchet bathroom and then touched herself and licked her finger.. also love how she makes her voice so much higher in videos she takes of herself lol

No. 797911

Thank you for the milk anon but I'll never forgive you for the nightmares holy shit

For those not able to watch, or if it gets deleted, Shay looks like she's going to do nudes in a bar bathroom, ends up being piss fetish shit and probably gets it on her nails

No. 797912

sooooo fucking gross jesus christ public bathrooms are gross enough but public bar bathrooms are even worse

No. 797913

$20 says she didn’t even bother to wash her hands after pissing on it. I mean, her home bathroom doesn’t have hand soap so it’s obviously not something she normally does.

Also I know the state of her pussy is old milk by now, but the combination of the stubble, pimples, and boils here, and then seeing her piss with her bare ass on that toilet… fuck. Feel sorry for anyone else who sits on that seat later. They’re 100% catching her perma-staph infection.

No. 797915

Same video managed to upload it to Dropbox Incase it ends up deleted


No. 797917

she really fits right in down there in Oklahoma lmao

No. 797922

My first thought was "Oh she is gonna regret this when she sobers up the next day". Then I remembered it's Shay we're talking about. No Shay-m at all.

Strike 1: Taking nudes in a public bathroom that could have another visitor at any given second
Foul Ball: "I'm hot"
Strike 2: Sitting her bare ass on a public toilet
Strike 3: Recording herself peeing
Penalty: Capturing some of the pee on her finger and sucking it off

No. 797936

this is revolting…

No. 797950

is she ever going to post this or did she realize it was absolutely retarded?

No. 797960

File: 1555274115765.png (159.42 KB, 567x616, Screenshot (461).png)

don't you know it takes hours to film such a groundbreaking, exciting video concept.

also kek at her 'fans'

No. 797964

lol 'are you ready for the same routine that I do in every video'

No. 797977

File: 1555280502478.jpeg (262.02 KB, 1242x772, 400E9BFB-F022-4364-A91E-10D050…)

But. Why.

No. 797978

File: 1555280628435.jpeg (252.57 KB, 1242x657, 4A65A1C0-D7A4-4C9D-B994-5D3E7D…)

Gross to both of these posts

No. 797981

Nitpicky in comparison to the rest of the huge milk contained in this but her lashes look so plasticky and cheap…

No. 797984

Uhhh if she’s shopping vintage then no… everything ran significantly smaller 90s and older. Vanity sizing is new…

No. 797985

File: 1555281244921.png (333.35 KB, 750x1334, 73E71ED6-B225-4C15-92E5-DE4F79…)

Channeling her inner R Kelly fetish

No. 797988

How is she watching GoT with no cable?

No. 797990

anon, come on now

No. 797996

shay you are not an XS. except maybe the pitifully flat hank hill ass.

No. 797997

She's not a size 0 lol. Maybe a 2/4. The only reason she can shop in the kids section is because she has no hips or ass.

She claims to be 5'5" and 112 pounds, if that's true I'm exactly the same size as her and have no problem whatsoever finding things in thrift stores. There's tons of forever 21 and other fast fashion shit because teenagers get bored of their wardrobes every two weeks. She just wants to flex about how uwu so smol she is.

No. 798008

why tf does it look like she sprinkled oregano on her pussy

No. 798010

This bitch deadass wearing leggings with no underwear and putting her whole ass and thighs on a dive bar’s toilet. The mascara buildup in her eyes while she says “I’m hawt~” is fucking pathetic. Indistinguishable from the average OK meth mom.

No. 798011

i second this. there’s plenty of juniors sizes on the racks at goodwill and the like, unless she goes on busy days after all the good stuff is picked over.

makes me so sad to know that someone donated the clothes that their kids outgrew only for them to end up on the crusty infected body of a womanchild who makes pedobait.

No. 798016

File: 1555287550303.png (262.38 KB, 750x1334, F2756D98-FB05-43E1-9596-5A4010…)

No. 798017

File: 1555287710835.png (358.76 KB, 750x1334, 50F2B008-1041-4596-B6A2-9A9FE0…)

No. 798020

Kek. shayna, people aren't promoting you because they don't want to associate their work with you due to things YOU DID. That's on you. Also outside of your orbiters, no one really likes you, that's also on you.

Boohoo all your bots are gone but you still have the exact same engagement.

No. 798027

Does she not realize that there are texting apps that have been around forever that automatically generate a number so you don’t have to use your real number

No. 798028

12 year olds easily think of getting fake texting apps yet shayna at age 21 can't think of it lmao

No. 798033

i've used an app number for twitter and instagram with no issues before

No. 798043

File: 1555297239570.jpeg (372.21 KB, 1242x837, 759F0A8B-0807-49EE-9105-1F4152…)

Pretty sure she means you, anon.

No. 798044

How long until this one gets suspended?

No. 798045

Amazing follower = lolcow anon

No. 798047

isn't the porn-obsessive incel from >>796931 going to be able to find her with that handle? i honestly think she would've been better off just sticking with what she was doing if she's not trying to be suspended again for ban-evasion or whatever other offenses she's guilty of TOS-wise

No. 798059

Jesus ANOTHER account to try and build followers on?

No. 798060

how can this be an efficient way of accumulating followers?

No. 798088

She’ll just buy them and in her head she’ll add both the accounts together and think, “I’m famous right?!”

No. 798115

File: 1555352798296.jpg (540.66 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20190415-132538_Twi…)

Oh pleeeeeeease. Totally just kissing Shay's ass

No. 798122

File: 1555354129130.jpg (194.7 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20190415-134840_Twi…)

No. 798124

i can see her living in her car and begging for gas money everyday lol

No. 798130

File: 1555356382005.jpeg (460.17 KB, 1242x1061, 16EFBDE0-C5DE-4879-AE74-ECC1CA…)

Honestly she just repost everything from her tumblr to here, some of y’all have 0 originality. How many times are we gonna see this post

No. 798131

lmao does she just copy and paste them? god shes so obsessed with her ~tumblr fame~

No. 798133

The bitch has like 30 followers so yeah she’s just sucking up to shayna

No. 798134

She posted this a year or so ago on tumblr.

No. 798135

Clearly copy and pasted from tumblr since it says "dash" instead of timeline
There are also a billion other posts on every site like this. Nice hot take

No. 798137

File: 1555359455363.png (15.77 KB, 522x133, Screenshot (464).png)

ok but her interactions are literally the same as when she had 20k 'followers'

No. 798138

That's why mentally healthy and sound people don't base their self worth on their social media following.

No. 798140

File: 1555363342117.png (243.56 KB, 542x650, 2019-04-15 17_21_55-Dolly Matt…)

No. 798142

Well maybe she would have more audience if she would be more often on cam and wouldn't change her CB name at least 3 times in a couple of months… Who tf cares how many followers you have on social media, if you make money with the tips on cam sites smh. Those ass kissers of hers tho, I just can't.

No. 798143


Oh jesus, so this followed by 2 minutes of plugging at herself dry with a dirty dildo is going to be her newest video, isn't it?

No. 798144

This is horribly embarrassing. No rhythm, random wiggling.
I don't understand why she didn't just watch an 80's video like this and copy the routine

No. 798145

Damn, wait until noise complaint is called on her multiple times. she's such a cunt. No wonder that other chick kicked her out of the LA house.

No. 798146

Not gonna lie, the thought of the cops pounding on her door during a live stream and her trying the dumb bimbo routine and crying at the door to an officer telling her to keep it down has me cackling.

No. 798151

>one of the most talented girls in this community
wut. idk how ppl can type and then tweet this bs.

so desensitized yet kicks ppl out of her room for making sexual comments.

No. 798152

W–Whhhy would you ever film yourself pissing and share it online? that's some Yukapon shit. Also, she licked her dirty pussy without washing her hands, after pissing. holyshit, she is legit trailer trash

No. 798157

Also why is it so dark and bleak? This could have been pretty cute.

No. 798158

File: 1555366705886.jpeg (301.6 KB, 1040x2048, 941EC877-AF8F-4130-9E9B-BB8F3D…)

So does she not have towels or…

No. 798159

lol I bet she was exhausted after this, probably the first time in moooonnths she’s done anything remotely close to exercising

No. 798160

You don't need a towel if you never shower

No. 798161

>>798140 Nothing to add but the fact it's the same song from this sketch made me laugh. I'll give her points if it's intentional at least. If it helps, picture it but with the bad news being her twitter getting deleted and Dawn as Peele.
Maybe if she just copied the routine she'd have more rhythm. Can't wait for the same video she's done already.

No. 798162

How many times does she need to mention her tumblr fame? Literally no one gives a shit anymore. You are irrelevant.

No. 798165

that would take gasp WORK!

No. 798166

No she needed to have a hello kitty toaster and 5 new sex toys as a priority, obviously.

uwu baby bimbo lyfe

No. 798167

File: 1555369136278.jpeg (587.01 KB, 1242x686, 46A5A72F-6E76-49A7-8FF2-7E4B23…)

seriously though, if she has never shown her face and was one of those faceless porn ladies, I really think her porn would be better. This doesn’t include her rancid pussy and dry blown out asshole, but I think if she never showed her face it would force her to focus on taking care of her…area.(nitpicking )

No. 798173

yeah its funny to see her without the filter. i always forget she looks like that

No. 798175

But if you cam on the site's she does the rules is you have to show your face

No. 798176

i haven't seen her show off that kids bed someone bought her so does that mean she couldnt figure out how to put it together lol?

No. 798177


I mean… if she was going for 80s workout, I see it. Kind of. I see 80s generic rock band dude for sure.

No. 798192

I might be wrong but aren’t those the shoes fupa wears in the bottom corner? He even had a snap of him wearing those to that pixies concert.

No. 798207

I think its her brown mocassins she has? Not sure If fupa has some or not tho

No. 798211

No those are hers, she was wearing them in that awful bar peeing video. She just has giant feet, nice catch though anon.

No. 798214

Ahahaha you think she’d learn her angles. She has a small forehead and prominent brow bone. She should be pushing her chin out so the lighting isn’t so harsh on her caveman features. Set a self timer for mirror selfies. Jfc(nitpicking)

No. 798223

No towels, or hand soap, or toothbrush, or toothpaste, or skin or hair care products. Guess she could have them in a cabinet somewhere but that shitty apartment wouldn’t have many bathroom cabinets and she’s the type of person to leave that stuff out.

No. 798226

I don’t even think she sleeps there tbh
I feel like she only goes there to do “work” and fuck off while fupa’s kids come over.
The apartment doesn’t look lived in.

No. 798245

She went a full month without buying any groceries, so she definitely doesn't "live" there in any sense. She probably stays there a couple of nights a week to maintain appearances. I doubt she's ever even used the shower. And based on the state of her hair and skin, she doesn't use any haircare or skincare products.

it is really weird to see a bathroom with no hand soap or hand towels though, even if she's only there for a few hours a day she's gotta pee at some point.

No. 798263

I'm pretty sure she indicated that this is a work apartment earlier and that otherwise she's with her friend but she never keeps her story straight so who knows. I'm positive that she doesn't live here though or she'd post pictures of her hello kitty kitchen (unless her pink toaster and all that were tossed out in one of her moves). Plus I can believe Shay is too nasty to do more than rinse her hands after she goes to the bathroom if it's only a place she stays for a few hours a day but I don't think even she would fully live somewhere with no towels or soap. She'd waste her money on a cute hand soap by now at least

No. 798266

File: 1555421855227.jpg (936.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190415-221323_Twi…)

This is just dirty looking

No. 798267

Those stanky feet and overgrown toenails. She puts no effort into her feet(nitpicking)

No. 798268

is she just a random cam girl? what's the issue? why's she particularly cringey?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798271

Try reading the threads

No. 798272

First off, sage your non-contribution posts. Second, read her last threads because we aren’t going to spoonfeed you 30+ threads about this cow. Thanks, welcome to lolcow.

No. 798281

File: 1555430446618.png (25.74 KB, 520x280, 2019-04-16 12_00_13-Dolly Matt…)

she's seriously going to be bald by the end of the year at this rate

No. 798284

They're acrylic toenails but youd be forgiven for thinking otherwise

No. 798285

It's funny because she's had morning/afternoon shows on her official public schedule multiple times, even just in the past two weeks. she's again just admitting she doesn't follow the hours she sets for herself

No. 798307

Shay, you still are blonde. You were never anything more than strawberry blonde. Holy shit.

No. 798308

File: 1555440621584.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1245x730, 2019-04-16 14_49_34-Dolly Matt…)

very sexy, much pornstar

No. 798319

File: 1555442660751.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.17 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20190416-142318_Twi…)


No. 798321

File: 1555442755074.jpg (Spoiler Image,339.84 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20190416-142328_Twi…)


No. 798322

File: 1555442788341.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.8 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20190416-142337_Twi…)


Idk why she even posted this picture. It's a mess

No. 798323

File: 1555442857399.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.74 KB, 1080x582, Screenshot_20190416-142347_Twi…)


Wouldn't you want to hide the bears to keep the allusion of an 80's workout studio?

No. 798327

her vag is back to being a horrific mess again, it got better for awhile but now it's so painful to look at.(nitpicking)

No. 798336

hope she washed that since she last used it kek.
ikr, she goes on about how much effort she puts into ''set design'' but couldnt clear some space and put like.. a yoga mat down.

No. 798341


she bought a new one lol

No. 798349

File: 1555449445621.png (Spoiler Image,257.74 KB, 531x512, 2019-04-16 17_16_52-Dolly Matt…)

lmao she named her new video "cock squats" whew


No. 798355

omfg I can't believe she's serious, and not just making parody porn. cock squats. I can't breathe lmao

No. 798356

Oh wow this video is going to be fucking hilarious lmao what is she doing? She's making a fool of herself.

No. 798358

File: 1555452389983.png (Spoiler Image,515.33 KB, 810x713, Screenshot (466).png)

oh lord. is cock squats supposed to be a pun on something? idgi. i bet she doesnt even do any squats in the video lmao

No. 798372

File: 1555462977747.jpeg (184.15 KB, 1125x568, 344F6BBB-554E-46B5-BBD4-80ADBB…)

here’s the truth shay

No. 798375

Ugh, nobody wants to see stubble. Pick a lane, loser, either have pubes or not. The stubble is hideous.(nitpicking)

No. 798376

I mean…she can't have a bush without having stubble first lol

No. 798378

Then she shouldn’t film until her coochie has healed or take better care after shaving. No one wants to see a bright red, irritated pussy, period point blank.

No. 798389

File: 1555467559083.jpg (235.22 KB, 1080x1126, Screenshot_20190416-211850_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 798392

File: 1555468737588.jpg (Spoiler Image,956.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190416-213818_Twi…)

You can tell in this pic that the leotard is too small for her(nitpicking)

No. 798393

File: 1555468944482.jpg (29.26 KB, 229x259, Screenshot_20190416-222927_Chr…)

that alpaca has seen some shit.

agreed, having the dumb string lights, frilly curtain and gross carpet as pretty much all her other content isn't helping sell the illusion of gym slut or whatever.

having that spot on her butt being so prominent in the promo is so cringey.

No. 798395

Fupa barely counts as one Shayna

No. 798433

Damn. Now this is sad. Shay, please realize no one gives a shit about your porn, get a real job (I doubt you can at this point) and stop embarrassing yourself on the internet. This almost made me feel bad for her kek

No. 798475

File: 1555513174967.png (41.02 KB, 426x219, Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 9.57.…)


ended with 38% saying yes and 62% saying no, kek

No. 798476

Its cause her costumers all know its will be $20 a month to be a part of it and she will only post the same 12 pictures she posts on twitter for free.

No. 798477

Not white knighting her but it probably has something to do with borderline cow tipping farmers and those other whores who're ~canceling~ her voting against it. They lurk her twitter harder than the men who actually like her do.

No. 798479


or people just dont want to pay for half assed work thats going to be sold across different platforms anyway.

No. 798489

File: 1555517865740.png (818.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190417-121637.png)

She's on cam, if anyone cares. Her "first morning camshow in a year" despite having scheduled 3+ morning cam shows in the last month (and just failing to show up for her shift)

No. 798496

File: 1555520671897.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1650x741, cam1.PNG)

I stopped watching after she paddled her vagina for $2.50 (50 tokens). It's genuinely beyond me why Shay thinks anyone could be jealous of her job when that's what her job consists of- punching herself, hurting sensitive parts of her body for literal dollars. Not to mention her embarrassing content.

It's weird and almost depressing watching her get worked up and excited over such small amounts of money.

No. 798506

can't confirm this now because looks like she's deleted the poll, but look here >>798372 44 votes in 2 hours. i don't think the number went up by a large amount if the final vote ratio was +/- 5% of the ratio in this pic kek.
pretty, pretty sure the results were legit followers.

No. 798507

File: 1555523352630.png (Spoiler Image,366.32 KB, 651x475, Screenshot_20190417-103847~2.p…)

Why is she sitting like this on cam while picking at her thigh does she really think that's hot

No. 798508

File: 1555523415412.jpg (339.94 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20190417-104918_Twi…)

Whatever will she do without being a famouz internet princess

No. 798511

I know she’s trying to wink but she’s doing it so often it looks like her eye is twitching ..?

No. 798513


I honestly thought that the video had some kind of error going on because it looked not normal whatever she tries to do with her eye.

No. 798516

It’s this weird eye batting she does because I guess she thinks it’s “doll like”? But it usually just turns out looking like she’s high and her eyes are dry so she keeps blinking thinking no one notices how Fucked up she is.

No. 798532

This is proof that she's not a size zero lol she needs to stop lying about that when she posts pictures that out her this badly

No. 798539

File: 1555529251855.png (67.36 KB, 526x567, Screenshot (467).png)

read from the bottom 1/2

so did her snap get deleted again?

No. 798540

File: 1555529350208.png (67.09 KB, 532x583, Screenshot (468).png)

2/2 when will the dumb bitch realize shes not being reported, but automatically flagged. she knows twitter does that, why doesn't she think snapchat can do a similar thing?

No. 798541

Shayna, if you break a website's TOS you have no right to be pissed when they ban you from it.
I think she's been putting off using only fans instead because people expect decent quality content on that, not just shitty videos of her getting drunk alone etc

No. 798542

>moving to onlyfans
FINALLY you absolute retard. they allow nudes so suddenly you'll stop being ~targeted~

No. 798543


why move to onlyfans knowing that so many people voted against it? like when she doesnt "succeed" on there is she going to blame her "haters" or?

No. 798544

File: 1555529696989.png (28.52 KB, 522x232, ban-evasion-mattel.png)

shes obviously waiting for someone from here to answer this for her kek.

No. 798549

One person isn’t doing this to you shayna. If you break TOS, you get shut down. Snapchat does not allow you to remake accounts after you’ve been banned. You are breaking TOS, you aren’t being targeted you stupid retard.

No. 798552

Try using a website that's meant for sex work. Problem solved lol

No. 798557

>>798543 If she does it to replace her snapchat, she should at least get enough people to move over from there to make it worth her time, and we wouldn't have to hear the same rant about "being targeted" every week. If it isn't the obvious answer of Snapchat TOS, it's just a crazy incel, she should know this since she's definitely lurked before.

She would be better off spending that energy on her cam room. Tips came in early and fast, but once the major tippers left the chat was silent and she was taking pics of Snapchat and complaining about how they look, even when she had 70 people in her room, though many where guests. It wouldn't surprise me if she paid people to get the tips in early and get a crowd going, even though if she tried to engage the chat more and posed a bit better she could easily do well on cam. She'd only interact with viewers who messaged first, and would keep them interested and tipping, but doesn't know how to hype up the rest.

No. 798563

File: 1555535292309.png (51.29 KB, 527x490, Screenshot (474).png)

she must have a specific person in mind who she thinks it is then.

No. 798565

omg can she ever not be the victim??

No. 798567

inb4 “crying my makeup off”

No. 798576

She realises she's done shit like this to people before right? How many people has she used and tossed? I'm sure it does hurt to be on the other end kek.

No. 798577

Anyone who thinks this whore is worth paying for would be willing to move there. Selling nudes on snapchat is against ToS so this is the most logical thing she's done since.

No. 798585

This is pathetic. Shayna, they're customers, nothing more. Them being nice to you is probably as meaningless as when you're nice to them.

No. 798586

File: 1555543485325.jpeg (Spoiler Image,443.01 KB, 1040x2048, AF980C87-800F-46C9-A491-91CA41…)

Her scalloped tongue drives me insane doe some reason(nitpicking)

No. 798588

It’s just from her tongue resting against her teeth.

No. 798590

you can really see on that cage bar distortion how much the filter augments her face. classic tiles behind tana mongoloid situation.

No. 798618

She's making this way bigger than it needs to be. Move on already girl, she's been ranting about this stuff like it's serious. It's her fault for relying on snapchat the way she has been anyways. If she actually made money from her other stuff then I doubt she would be making as big of a deal about this as she has been.

She needs to look in the mirror and realize she's the real bottomfeeder. She says all this stuff about being on the top but there's no evidence of that being the case. If she could actually prove herself for once it would be a nice change of pace because honestly this desperate camwhore schtick is getting stale.

No. 798644

File: 1555564454926.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 6A353860-9D63-4F85-8A03-B556CF…)

She’s been on cam for over an hour and literally only has 14 people in her room. Over half are guests too. She’s made roughly 150 tokens in that hour. She’s just smoking a shit ton of weed and babbling about how she doesn’t know if she’s high or not anymore

No. 798646

She also added the tip options of burping and adding her as a Spotify friend so that the user can listen to her “super unique and one of a kind playlists”

No. 798651

The using lube as tears thing is literally something fupa said about her so ???

No. 798654


Dehydration makes your tongue look like that, but Shay never drinking water is nothing new

No. 798660

File: 1555575485862.png (620.95 KB, 827x651, unique playlists.png)


>“super unique and one of a kind playlists”

No. 798667

NTA but literally no. Scalloped tongue is caused by having a narrow palate and your molars resting against the side of your tongue. Can you guys at least figure out what you’re talking about before trying to nitpick something like a tongue? Whew.

No. 798698

File: 1555595685255.png (42.06 KB, 551x810, Screenshot (476).png)

she was back on her IM BEING TARGETED bullshit on tumblr trying to get sympathy

No. 798714

Lol "i broke TOS and can't take responsibility for my dumbassery so pay for an unnecessary bong 4 me"

She could just get a vpn and get over it or take the lesson and learn to work smart but nope… more drugs & begging

No. 798716

It's been said before, but shay has no idea how numbers work. 5 videos for 25 dollars, but her usual weekly sales are 90 videos for 50?

There has to be something wrong with her brain, physically.

No. 798722

File: 1555605797351.png (106.99 KB, 641x906, miserablebitch.PNG)

Imagine waking up in the morning and being this miserable right away. She sounds so bitter and angry over absolutely nothing. It sounds like she is talking about herself here but I can't tell.

No. 798723

File: 1555605929790.png (65.72 KB, 644x666, miserablebitch2.PNG)

Samefag, more of her ranting.

No. 798725

She could be talking about the Riley Reid drama but idk why she got this mad over it lmao

No. 798728

She's already deleted it

No. 798738

probably because shayna has been called out a bunch of times and it didn't do anything good for her popularity lol

No. 798743

So since shes done with snap (or more like snap is done with her)… hows she gonna refund all those people that paid for the lifetime or for this months scammy payment?

No. 798744

Silly anon, Shay doesnt believe in refunds. She will most likely block anyone who asks for one too.

No. 798749

File: 1555612207132.jpeg (604.9 KB, 1242x1805, 201747AA-AAF4-459E-91CD-D20783…)

Here you go shay. Since you read here so often, I figured I would do you a favor.

If you’re so certain it’s anon’s reporting you and SC took your account for no reason, why don’t you try to fight it? Hm? You fought for your tumblr account and got it back. Why not do the same for your other accounts?

No. 798776


Kek she broke the first and third rule right from the beginning.

It is possible she's being "targeted", but it's not by a farmer on here. It would be that group of petty nobody camwhores "cancelling" her. Other possibilities include that anti-porn account that was mentioned before or… I know this may seem unbelievable, but maybe, just maybe, it's pissed off customers she's scammed or upset by said scamming or being a bitch/blocking them. And if she doesn't refund or compensate the snap customers, she's gonna have a lot more.
Or you know, it could just be her shit finally got flagged through their systems just because she's a TOS breaking dumbass on all platforms. But of course Shay would never admit to anything that would take responsibility.

No. 798778

Why can’t she take responsibility for anything she does?!

No. 798784

She keeps spouting this "Haydurzzz just make my supporters come out and make me more famous!" bullshit, yet she cannot stop spazzing out about getting her accounts deleted for valid reasons. If someone is supposedly paying to get access to her account, why would they, in return, report it? So they could waste their money and not get any more inside information? It's like she can't afford to think critically. You'd think she'd take the hint and tread carefully when she remakes these accounts. Or, y'know, use SW supportive sites and apps instead of public apps with reatrictive rules.
(Does anyone know if you have to be logged in and friends with someone on Snapchat before you could even report them? Or could anyone just search a username and report them from there?)

No. 798813

yup, you can simply look up a username and open their profile to report them without either person having to add each other. there goes her argument.

No. 798827

File: 1555628874964.jpg (152.36 KB, 821x1200, D4eBxTeXoAAE0f6.jpg)

her new hair.

No. 798833

It’s not a bad color but oof those ends. So dead.
I know she’s a moron but someone should tell her that getting your hair cut actually helps it grow.

No. 798834

At least it's actually pink now
She should cut a solid 5 inches off and it would look way better.

No. 798835

I like it personally, but her hair is so damaged that it'll fade so terribly after the first wash and fade unevenly at that. But hey, she'll rock those raggedy braids to prolong the process.

No. 798841

It does look way better. I think she took an anon's advice and went to a salon specializing in unnatural colors.

But, funny she's bragging about making x3 the amount of her rent, and proceeds to buy two bongs and go to the salon in the span of what, 48 hours? I'm guessing by the end of the month it'll all be blown.

No. 798843

lmao that's not true at all anon. it just helps it look better - valid reason for her to do it especially as it looks so ragged. but no it doesn't grow

No. 798849

File: 1555637754979.jpg (1.39 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190418_203324.jpg)

She definitely edited the color to be a darker pink than the stylist's pictures are.

Left is the stylist's and right is Shay's.

No. 798850

How did you find the stylists original pics?

No. 798853

I just found it by searching Tulsa hair on Facebook.

No. 798859

That picture is from Feb 20. It’s old.

No. 798860

Only took her like 4 tries to get an actual pink. Congrats, Shay, you got there. It looks pretty good, overall, even unedited. We all know it's gonna be in the shitty, crispy rat braids soon enough. Who wants to place bets on how many days it'll take? lmao

No. 798862

My bad you're right. But she did go to the same place as last time. Tulsa hair Co. if anyone cares.

No. 798864

Notice she blurred out the background in hopes people wouldn't see the "Tulsa" right behind her because she's totes in Colorado~!

No. 798866

7 days! So April 25. Haha

No. 798868

nta and ot but it does indirectly by preventing further breakage up the already damaged strands, sorta like when you rip tights and they continue ripping down the leg

No. 798869


I thought she was dropping the act? Like didn't see put her cam times in whatever time zone OK is? I know she's avoiding admitting it, yet obviously has slipped up way too many times to deny it. Normally I'd say it's just a privacy/safety thing, but idk with Shays crazy ass.

No. 798871

what is science

maybe she can just ask for the pink she wants next time

No. 798873

File: 1555646936247.jpg (150.87 KB, 905x375, 43w53554.jpg)

She's on cam. Is this shay wearing a different white shirt for once??

Also after her bad edging, she asked in her fake porn voice who is gonna be the first to tip her to put her feet behind her head. Gotta get paid to do her one "trick". She doesn't even put her feet behind her head. Just puts them up on each side of it kek

No. 798874

She is always touching her hair I've noticed. No wonder it gets greasy and she has to put it in the braids to avoid washing it lmao

No. 798875

lmao ikr. like what’s going on below a hair follicle has anything to do at the top. you can do whatever you want with your hair and it’s not going to affect it’s growth… this is an urban myth.

No. 798878

Took her 4 tries to get her hair pink and who knows how many dollars. Meanwhile she could have bought a tub of pink manic panic for $15 and saved all that time and money… dumbass.

No. 798881

Exactly. That one tub would last 3-4 sessions because she’d have to dilute it to achieve that faded, dusty, pink color.

No. 798886

it's not going to grow faster, but it will seem like it is because the dead ends won't keep breaking off and making your hair appear shorter.

No. 798891

Yes of course. But there is a retard in here saying that trimming hair will literally make it grow faster.

No. 798930

File: 1555684238797.png (1.1 MB, 654x868, 2019-04-19 10_29_08-Dolly Matt…)

you can always tell when she's extra fucked up because she starts posting pics that are way crustier than usual

No. 798931

Idk it still looks patchy to me. Her roots are a different shade to her ends and it's gonna wash out really uneven. But hey, at least it's pink

No. 798935

And because it looks like her eyes are actually shut. I didn't really understand why she was insecure about her eyes (they seemed normal if not a little monkey-like to me) but now I'm starting to see. maybe if she drank water ever, stopped using substances 24/7, and took care of herself, the bags would shrink and she would actually be able to see her eyes again

No. 798936

File: 1555685772288.jpeg (248.34 KB, 1125x972, A1148E3E-7886-43CE-B186-D861BA…)

she has a bedroom and a cam room? I thought she had a studio apartment with everything in the same place

No. 798938

Maybe I’m being dumb but didn’t she say she was going back blonde when she got paid? Make up your mind shay

No. 798939

she is lying. she doesn't want to seem any more broke than she actually is, has to keep up the illusion that she can afford more than a studio apartment in a city that nobody wants to live in.

Nope, she did say that. And she did make up her mind. A lovely patchy pink color with uneven roots was her choice. She could have taken her bong money and went to a super nice salon that knows how to dye hair properly

No. 798943

Getting her nose pierced was the worst thing she could have done. It just accentuates how big her nose is.

No. 798944

She’s been oddly quiet on Twitter this morning

No. 798950

So does this serve as official confirmation she’s still living with Fupa then?

No. 798951

File: 1555692160421.png (167.34 KB, 516x579, Screenshot (479).png)

shes made a new instagram lol

No. 798956

It looks patchy to me as well. This is probably because she has thick hair, and her bleach jobs have been very patchy in the past. Plus when you go for a bleach job you want to even out the entire color and not just do the roots, but lots of times she only does the roots and nothing else. Basically, she’s been blonde for years yet still doesn’t understand basic upkeep like toning shampoos. So the pink that was put over it turned out patchy. Staying bottle blonde is actually a lot of work and upkeep.

No. 798957

hasn't she had it bleached like 4 times in less than 2 months?

No. 798962

File: 1555697267268.png (Spoiler Image,226.57 KB, 523x501, carrot.png)

thoughts & prayers going out to that carrot

No. 798963

the only time you will ever hear of shayna purchasing a vegetable

No. 798966

Watch, she won’t even put a condom on it

No. 798967

Thats a good way to worsen whatever infection she is already dealing with.

No. 798971

didn't she just say like last week that she wasn't going to do any sales for a while? that lasted…

No. 798979

She probably won’t wash it first either.

No. 798980

I was going to say this. The salon pic didn't show how the roots are a cool tone pink and then the rest is a warm tone pink so it looks wonky af. idk why she never does darker roots (like a brunette tone) then the pink. That would look really good. But nah, Shay wants to keep it all a bleached mess so she ends up with weird multi shades.

No. 798981

Not to mention the piercing itself is bad and the jewelry always looks crusty and not cute

No. 798982

Not that this is the best sale, but… Remember when she said she wasn't gonna do anymore sales for a while now that she's thriving? Bicth can't keep it together for a damn week kek

No. 798985

A woman died masturbating with a carrot once. Good luck to you shay.

No. 799008

File: 1555709212842.png (11.12 KB, 578x84, 2019-04-19 17_26_14-Dolly Matt…)

welp apparently she's peeling it so i guess >>798966 called it

No. 799009

she has been posting on her public snapchat (dollymattel) a lot more since her premium got deleted. selfies, smoking videos, begging for money, and unboxing new pieces. nothing that interesting but i wanted to mention this because i haven't seen anybody talk about it.

No. 799015

Shayna probably doesn’t even own condoms lets be real

No. 799019

Jesus she’s going to be in a world of pain. The flesh of your vagina is not meant to come in contact with Carrot juices.

No. 799021

File: 1555712719534.png (1.29 MB, 665x887, 2019-04-19 18_24_49-Dolly Matt…)

please don't use the super pointy one…

No. 799024


When I was a teen I masturbated with unpeeled carrots at least 4x and nothing bad happened… Not the greatest idea but I was a dumb teenager who could't buy a dildo.

No. 799025

just thinking of her fucking her dry pussy with carrots is such an awful cringe sight

No. 799026

I'm pretty sure they're going in her butt based on their varying diameters and the fact that it's not just one

No. 799027

File: 1555713881477.jpeg (Spoiler Image,109.19 KB, 1334x750, 19687EF0-450E-4425-AC99-49046C…)

seriously, this could be great if it wasn’t so washed out. Now even her hair matches her background, props, carpet, lights, everything. this is basic film knowledge. been doing this 3 years shayna?

No. 799028

“I went to graphic design school”

doesnt understand basic color theory and lighting

No. 799029

oh god she’ll probably take out the poop carrots and eat them. bet.

No. 799032

So her air mattress is in the living room? It's not a bad apartment (just looks like a generic rental) but the lack of furniture is so depressing

No. 799034

Samefag but I don't think she will buy new furniture "by next week" and will instead buy a bong or something else useless. typical scammy mattel lol

No. 799035

I'll laugh so hard if a carrot breaks off in her ass

No. 799036

No one cares about you anon

No. 799046

File: 1555721709111.jpg (94.56 KB, 1066x643, Screenshot_20190420-014705_Twi…)

Such a genius

No. 799056

is it about half an inch w an unlubed carrot (um never said that before)

No. 799065

hey look >>799029 was right about her eating her butthole carrots

No. 799071

Lmao I was just thinking this like Shayna is about to be on 1000 ways to die (if that's still around) since carrots have rough texture even peeled it's gonna cut a million micro tears into her fucking walls…

No. 799072

File: 1555726575765.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 9C978D74-D712-41E2-9987-19F959…)

The carrots she’s using are barely even peeled(emojis)

No. 799074

surely they have a dildo that looks like a carrot that she could have used instead like do people really wanna see this…a carrot isn't even wide or anything lol

No. 799077

Looks like shes using the bunny butt plug so its probably going inside her vagina

No. 799081


they are available, but i guess she'd give herself an infection or damage herself than spend more money on a decent toy

No. 799082

Ok I know this is probably nitpick but her having those buttplugs on all that obviously unwashed produce is horrifying.

No. 799086

Lol farmers have said the same thing but with the Christmas candy canes. Why does she keep using food in her holiday videos

No. 799092

Because she's an artistic genius. She only wants to make the highest quality content you know.

No. 799106

Nitpick, but it's stupid that the tail butt plug is pink-ish and the rest of her goofy ass bunny get up is white lol then again, her whole "outfit" is retarded so

Also in regards to the carrot dildo things… wouldn't it make more sense to use them from the bottom (where the green leafy part grows)? But again, you'd want to use a condom which it seems like she's not planning on.

No. 799107


Using the dildo versions of these holiday items would actually be cute (I mean she still isn't but). I don't get why she is so set on being nasty and unhygienic aside from just being a broke bitch not willing to spend the money or effort on shit she can't get from Walmart or the bottom tier of amazon.

No. 799127

File: 1555747654475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.13 KB, 2047x1144, D4knmf9XsAAUGAM.jpeg)

You were right lol

No. 799132

Has she never heard the urban legend about girls getting vegetables stuck up their vag when they use them as dildos? And are those carrots even washed? Nasty.

No. 799139

She’s lurking hard this time. Probably a good thing because she would have never washed/peeled them and cut the pointy tips off if anons weren’t talking about it all day.

No. 799175

She uses the pointy end and says she’s “stretching open her pussy”, kek. With a tiny carrot lmao. https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1173771/The-Easter-Bunnys-Cumming/

Also why does she have to explain literally everything in her videos? She explains what she’s going to do for a good 5+ minutes and then does it half assed. Is it just to make the video seem longer?

No. 799181

File: 1555774634669.png (Spoiler Image,454.69 KB, 869x493, Screenshot (485).png)

right? it doesnt even look washed or peeled to me

No. 799188

She literally only peeled the tip… And I'll bet she didn't wash the carrot because she peeled it and figured that was good enough (despite her hands going on the still dirty end of the carrot)
Honestly I don't get why she didn't peel the whole thing. It would have taken two seconds more to do and would have looked much better. How can someone actually be so lazy?

No. 799190

That's gonna be a gnarly yeast infection in a couple of days

No. 799192

Well she had to smoke weed in between, duh.

No. 799193

Even if she peeled it a little, carrots have natural sugar in them.
And obviously sugar and vagina do not mix. I can't wait for the yeast infection tweets

No. 799199

File: 1555783612636.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.16 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190420_140039_com…)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 799200

File: 1555783645028.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.25 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190420_140128_com…)


No. 799201


Is she swollen from refusing to use lube? cos I don't think her inner lips usually look like that..

No. 799203

Nah they’ve always look like a hot mess that went through a shredder. It just gets even worse the more she refuses to use lube.

and her pussy looking swollen is a normal sexual reaction so yeah, it doesn’t have to do with how she takes (or doesn’t take) care of her genitals.

No. 799245

File: 1555801493353.jpg (74.31 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190420_160341.jpg)

Oh wow when she puts her hair up like this it makes it REALLY obvious how different the colors of her roots vs ends are.

No. 799252

I had my hair dyed pink and the hair dresser dyed my roots darker so when it grows in, it's more of an ombre

No. 799255


Yeah but the undertones are different.

The roots look more purplish and the ends are light pink

No. 799256

Could be because of how she edited it too

No. 799263

Did she smooth the middle of her head but left the sides with the lines?

No. 799264

Nah she just has really prominent wrinkles right above her eyebrows for some reason

No. 799268

I had the same done the girl called it a shadow root. From experience it looks better down and styled ALSO a pain the ass to upkeep, fades pretty fast. on shay it'll be faded back to her yellow blonde in under a month (if she showers)

No. 799280

Nah, I don’t think it’s shadow root. It seems to me the lighter half of her hair is just so porous it doesn’t hold pigment

No. 799289

File: 1555826927633.png (490.04 KB, 828x1792, 4B72D6C8-AC46-487A-903F-28E3D4…)


No. 799295

eh reads like she's a farmer anyway

No. 799318

So is that who she was talking about here >>798563

No. 799324

I'm not sure where you're getting farmer vibes. She just sounds like a scorned ex-fan.

I wonder how many paying customers she's blocked because of her paranoia.

No. 799334

File: 1555856082707.jpeg (277.29 KB, 1536x2048, B8337874-FB8F-48EE-85E8-9E9FD8…)

Not a good look. At all.

No. 799335

Christ this chick is mental. Shay needs to calm herself before she blocks her supporters entirely. She already blocks male customers, drives away others, and now she's Paranoid Mattel™ and blocking the only consistent source of her income which was female orbiters and people who felt bad for her
Get this through your thick ugly skull Shay-gnar nasty, farmers aren't mass deleting or reporting your shit. And if there's anymore farmers left on your snapchat, you're making money off that you idiot. Also that's showing you we want the milk to continue. Why pay for something we enjoy laughing at only to get rid of it? Don't just answer "because they're crazy", rub those last two brain cells together and really think about it dumbass

No. 799341

she looks a million times better with straightened hair and new clothing, at least. her cam background and personality are still tacky and annoying so it nearly cancels out all improvement

No. 799346


>what is colour coordination for a photo let alone your ~*Sex Worker Set*~

>what is for ONE photo not wrinkling your alcohol-addled forehead

>what is that hairstyle that highlights her shitty dye job

(i do like the dress though, it hides her skinny fat very well)

No. 799370

File: 1555883324336.jpg (667.01 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20190421-164800_Twi…)

No. 799371

File: 1555883351972.jpg (Spoiler Image,333.13 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20190420-174209_Twi…)


No. 799372

File: 1555883449826.jpg (198.36 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20190421-165006_Twi…)

Can't be with her family, so she's going to drink

No. 799383

why don't you go make some friends shayna

No. 799384

File: 1555886338453.jpeg (611.48 KB, 1242x962, 91A8447D-B019-4734-9373-F51C08…)

Shayna…you scam, block, and are rude to your customers constantly. You think calling men stupid makes you a domme. THIS WHOLE TWEET APPLIES TO YOU. How can she be this vapid?

No. 799385

File: 1555886387610.jpeg (142.67 KB, 750x1334, 3A1A4786-19D8-452E-BDEA-1B8207…)

local rat faced alcoholic goes out day drinking alone

No. 799389

Who's to say she's not with Fupa? I guess he could be spending easter with his actual family tho

No. 799390

On her public snapchat she said she needs new clothes because she doesn't like what she has now. Saying that ever since she dyed her hair pink she likes wearing black, white, and grey. She said that having pink hair and wearing pink is "too much." Um what about your camming set up though?

No. 799392

Slightly better know but we all know any new clothing is soon going to end up stained, dirty, threadbare, wrinkled, and never get washed lol

No. 799395

Lol damn she lurks haaaard

No. 799400

On Fupas snap he was with family today

No. 799402

I'd say "her poor neighbors" but she probably lives in an absolute sty like The Sawmill Apartments where there's a murder/robbery/breakin every other day. (Lived in Tulsa a very short time, don't miss it at all)

No. 799415

Ass boil on display for all

No. 799418

Hair still looks fine so is that like day three and no shower lol?

No. 799479

you can actually see how greasy her roots are, but her hair looks damaged and dry at the ends

No. 799499

File: 1555945730828.jpg (10.62 KB, 250x139, shay.JPG)

Music update: apparently she's listening to 90's emo now

No. 799519

File: 1555955241948.jpeg (620.5 KB, 3376x1918, 31A20970-C787-49A5-AC67-C69345…)

Apparently shay was shitting on a SW for being upset about someone stealing their conent and said the other girl should’ve messaged the person privately to talk about it. Wasn’t she publicly bitching about a twitter page that posted an old gif of her and fupa and even had the whole account deleted?

No. 799520

Yup just Shayna being a big ol' hypocrite… like always.

No. 799523

Chill out, hair doesnt have to be washed every single day. Just make sure to bathe regularly lol.

No. 799526

You’re implying she bathes regularly… sage next time if you’re not going say anything useful.

No. 799529

This is extremely old. Like, 20 threads old.

No. 799535

We've all pretty much seen these, anon.

No. 799537

wow she legit looks like that other cow that's an alcoholic/tweaker (specks?)
diet of booze and weed ain't lookin good Shay, she looks dopey af here.

No. 799539

File: 1555968789468.jpg (353.5 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20190422_173214.jpg)

No. 799548

>& ur dad said 2 give me ur money!!!

alright, I know she's obsessed with this lame 'your dad' shit, but who is this even supposed to be addressing? a-are there grown men she thinks have some kind of infantile-daddy complex where hearing their dad told them to do something will make them do it?

and if those viewers exist, why would you be interested in her? sounds like some kind of homo-based ddlg(b?) fetish.

like she just has no sense of who her customer base is or who she wants to appeal to as a potential customer base. unless this little tidbit is meant for all the fat tumblr girls who want to be sex workers following her, then maybe it'd hit their potential daddy issues?

I know it's not that deep and she just thinks she's being edgy or funny or some shit, but it just astounds me day after day how little she understands the concept of a sexworker's social media. it's a business, you're selling yourself as an idea/fetish, like damn. even if you argue all she wants is attention, it's not even a good way of getting that. HOW DOES SHE NOT HAVE THE BRAIN FUNCTION FOR SUCH BASIC THINGS? even after dogfucker probably tried to tell her some tips it's like in one ear out the other lmao.

No. 799555

not sure what platform this is but yea, she really doesn't know how to sell herself. she even listed her location as 'ur dad's wallet' but is constantly begging for funds for various things on twitter, and even here is offering free content to the first five ppl that follow her. like ok, maybe that'll attract ppl, but then what, exactly what does she do to keep them around? it's like the snapchat thing, she whined about losing accounts and the ppl who were paying for it, but i didn't see much incentive for them to want to follow her to another platform besides ~i'm being targeted by haydurs, pls feel bad for me and give me ur moneis~.

No. 799556

idiot probably meant she's taking "your" dads money

i think the reason she still clings on to the whole sex worker thing is cus she's just desperate not to get a real job, it's a real testament to that really lol

No. 799563

Oos sorry I just noticed it didn't mention it, it her new onlyfan account. Wonder how will this go since she can't buy followers… I doubt she has a lot of customers

No. 799567

File: 1555976754486.png (441.38 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190422-183704.png)

She got 3 followers today anon. This bitch got paid hella this month. These ppl sent her 100 each besides one that was $80. And her curious cat says she has 2 make 3 custom vids next week.

No. 799568

It's annoying seeing her beg 4 money when she clearly has it… sometimes

No. 799569

She doesn’t receive the money until the custom is delivered and the customer verifies they received it. Then she gets the money when MV does payout. So she doesn’t have that money from the customs yet.

No. 799571

it’s because she spends it recklessly to try and make people think she’s living a lavish lifestyle where she can just blow money. Unfortunately she doesn’t live that lifestyle, so whenever life happens she needs to beg for that money again.

No. 799572

And either her father or fupa is paying her rent and bills obviously so she's just begging for money for more cheap pink crap and weed

No. 799573

I feel like she doesn’t have the money half the time. She begs for literally everything and goes to the extent to sell all of her porn for only $100 just to pay for simple things like food and drinks

No. 799575

she's just total shit at money management. she wouldn't need to beg for money for food if she knocked it off with the ubereats shit every night and bought some actual things to cook for once. even in a studio apartment there's a shitload of things she could be cooking in a rice cooker or instant pot. but no, she blows it all on restaurant delivery and wine.

No. 799576

Getting $280 is getting hella paid?

No. 799578

why are you trying to brag to use about a couple hundred dollars?

No. 799581

So what minimum wage workers get paid in a week?
Also this is assuming these weren't strategically posted together to seem like she got it all at once
3 custom videos in one week even assuming they're around $100 each, is still dancing around a job you could get right out of high school.
aka not worth flashing your gross vag around the internet

cam girls do get hella paid, Shayna does not… hmmm

No. 799582

380$ actually

No. 799583

Why are you trying to WK her?

No. 799584

Why are you keeping track of her followers?

No. 799585

280$ or 380$ is not nearly worth living and looking the way shay does though so who cares lol. any adult knows that really isn't that much money anyhow, is it nice to be given 300$? of course, but anyone who's not an immature leech also knows it's not going to last at all. it's truly not that much and not worth making the terrifyingly gross humiliating videos shay makes.

No. 799590

So pretty much enough to get her hair done, get her new glass, and buy enough weed for a what, 5 days - a week?
It’s gone by now.

No. 799592

File: 1555982901492.jpg (169.49 KB, 1073x550, Screenshot_20190422-202734_Twi…)

Don't blame your shitty diet on your kink Shay

No. 799596

Pretty sure she’s only eating ice cream because that’s all she can afford

No. 799598

She's clearly ~thriving~ on her $1 McDonalds cone duh

No. 799599

Lol suddenly she has "extra money"

No. 799605

must be so easy to have extra money when all you have is an empty shitty tulsa apartment, 1 low quality white shirt from amazon and your only regular expense are bottles of wine lol

No. 799606

i like that she says "single" like she isn't still seeing her freakshow boyfriend.

>if i say i'm single casually, they'll believe me!

>This bitch got hella paid this month.

… $300 is "hella paid" to you? minimum wage workers make this regularly. like, a week. she's actually going to have to put out some videos for those "payments", too, so i can't wait to see her slack on those.

No. 799609

File: 1555988452347.jpg (432.26 KB, 1079x1215, Screenshot_20190422-220007_Chr…)

She's officially came out that she's in Tulsa.

No. 799611

This typing style is very familiar… anybody else notice or is it just me?

No. 799614

Just you.

No. 799615

File: 1555990803166.jpeg (185.1 KB, 828x1587, B5C7643E-4D0E-4E41-B396-20495D…)

I wonder what shaytard thinks when she stalks fupas Facebook and sees posts like this

No. 799616

I think they're still together, or at least see each other. They've conveniently taken pictures in the same place around the same time.

No. 799619

File: 1555993880959.jpg (407.71 KB, 810x1354, 20190422_231133.jpg)

I don't understand how she thinks she's doing well? Even now? She claims she has clients she talks to all day, so she's probably "working" +12 hours a day. If she makes $400 a week (little more than what anon's above mentioned) working 7days a week that's like $57 a day or $4.76 a hour… and she's wasting time doing something she's not good at, in a field she's slowing going to be pushed out of for younger and cuter girls, and literally does nothing to better herself. No school, no trade job training, doesn't go to the doctor or dentist…

Meanwhile if she was in a normal job she just needs to work for 8 hours, would get paid better, and would actually have experience in a job field.

But enjoy having TVS bought for you while it lasts Shayna.

No. 799628

Yeah I'm sure the dudes buying your shitty porn care how many times you've been deleted and remade your accounts.
It's obvious she sees anons say something here then coincidentally posts something about it on twitter to "disprove" it. Like the other day she suddenly had a towel in her bathroom pic after people were saying she had no towels lmao.

No. 799632

Honestly believe that a lot of SWers do it to "prove" to other girls that they are hot and men "care" about them enough to pay for everything. Shayna's constant rambling about supportive followers during times of hardship (her entire "career") makes me think she's one of those.

No. 799637

Remember when she said she was over being a little because moving house knocked it out of her lol

No. 799640


She's only a little when it's convenient for her. She can't cook for shit and is too lazy to actually go groceryshopping so she just slaps on the big ol 'im such a wild little can do whatever i want except being an adult uwu'

It's getting old as fuck

No. 799665

She’s still paying her half (or all???) of rent from her and Fupas house so they definitely still at least talk and see each other so he can get her rent money. But probably still fucking also.
If they didn’t have a ~terrible~ breakup I don’t see why she didn’t just continue living there platonically with him ESPECIALLY if she still has to pay rent.

No. 799668

um is she?

No. 799671

When was that ever said? I doubt this was ever the case, because Shayna basically gave up doing anything while she lived with Kyle.

No. 799686

She said it in a Snapchat rant maybe last month, I believe? Whenever she was looking for a new apt she was asking for money bc she needed money for her new place and she was still paying $900 for her rent at their house until their lease is up or they find new tenants.

No. 799687

lol so suddenly she speaks the truth? i doubt she was ever paying rent.

No. 799688


i feel like, if anything, she has to pay Kyle back rent for her half when they still lived together. You know that bitch didnt pay any of the bills.

No. 799694

i don't think there was ever a her half

No. 799695

there's no way this slug was willingly paying 900 a month for a shitty house like that

No. 799699

This to me confirms she’s still with Fupa. There is literally no other reason for her to stay in Bumfuck, Oklahoma. She has no friends or family there, no job there, and it’s a shit town in the middle of nowhere.

He’s not worth it, but I’m not sure Shayna can do better than Fupa, either.

No. 799700

anon we been knew

No. 799714

File: 1556034620888.jpg (927.88 KB, 2048x2048, 1556034519919.jpg)

Was Massachusetts a democratic state?

No. 799720

Yes, it’s a very blue state although it’s known for having republican governors. But as a whole the state is very progressive, it was the first state to legalize same sex marriage.

No. 799723

Yeah I can’t see her paying that much for half of some ugly carpeted house in the middle of nowhere. Plus shayna has no credit or truly tangible income so I doubt she could have been on the lease anyway.

No. 799725

i feel like if he asked her to pay him back she would have just left the state. if she was paying him she would have milked it for sympathy by now.

No. 799732

we're kind of fucked tbh. full of libdems and right libertarians. so we get libdem laws passed by right libertarian governors.

No. 799736

Lmao she never paid rent there you moron

No. 799738

I didn't wanna say it but there have been several instances where replies type like Shayna and there was a time where it looked like she leaked her own snap story? But nothing came of the accusation? The retarded typing might only just he other sex workers who think Shayna is relevant to their work somehow. Maybe other ddlg camgirls who think its cute to type that way. It's common for a cow's community to flock to a thread but there hasnt been anything exceptional to warrant looking into it further, so be careful or you might be accused of "(hi, cow)"

Honestly considering that we even have SnapAnons who buy her shit, its kinda a good move for Shayna to keep her thread afloat if its true. That's like $20 in her pocket just so farmers can see her snaps and reply with the same old "shes so crusty & her hair color is uneven!" comments.

No. 799758

If we still had non-idiot snap anons and Shay still showed off living with Perkins we'd probably have a lot more snap milk but for now I'm guessing there's not much going on, anything good once a month won't be shown to us because of the new idiot anons (who thankfully left it seems), and Shay likely isn't even doing her job and making her premium snap involve any actually premium things. We get previews of her videos on twitter, she gives us regular updates on how trashy she looks as well as her purchases, etc
Of course I could be wrong and maybe there's stuff going on we don't know, but I doubt it. Shay's been pretty boring recently. Makes sense, she lives in the middle of nowhere so all she can do is get drunk and miss her cam schedule mixed in with the occasional video which are no longer as degenerate as they used to be. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm longing for another insex video. Hell, even lovingly handmade at this point. At least those were hilarious in their tragedy vs sad nothingness

No. 799765

File: 1556047614187.png (427.43 KB, 828x1792, 3A849D39-D7E2-46B6-8971-FBD29C…)

She’s literally the definition of an unsuccessful and lazy sw who can’t keep a job.

No. 799774

Lmfao She got "spolied" this month because she begged and got pity money by crying about dumb fellow low tier SWers bullying her, getting her social media deleted, etc. Really thriving begging and guilting people into supporting your haggard lazy ass!

No. 799786

File: 1556053600765.jpg (126.02 KB, 675x1200, D43ZgdcX4AA4w6Y.jpg)

Jesus christ

No. 799787

File: 1556053730350.jpg (127.95 KB, 675x1200, D43ZgdfX4AAAUaH.jpg)

No. 799798

I stg she praises herself once a week

“I’m so good at my job”
“I’m so strong”
“People try to tear me down but i just come back better each time”
“I have the ability to make any situation work in my favor”

I seriously just want to kick her ass so badly. There are sex workers that deal with real problems, don’t have any family to go to, and don’t beg nearly as much as she does. She thinks the world fucking revolves around her and that she’s so much better than everyone else. There are sex workers that work minimum wage jobs to make ends meet, are still struggling, and barely complain. Yet she gets the sniffles and makes people believe the world is ending.

No. 799818

Ok the no bra/shirt under the hoodie thing is just gross and trashy af. It's not cute in anyway idk why she goes out like that. A lot of girls feel weird going out without a bra under a reg shirt but this bitch thinks she's cute wearing a fucking zipper hoodie commando lmao

No. 799826

Shayna no longer has a private Snapchat.

She has her public one she posts on pretty frequently now because it's the only one that hasn't been shut down. Before her private ones were taken out she barely posted on her public one.

I think for this reason it was a pissed off customer who got her private snap deleted multiple times. If this was a farmer they would have gotten her public shut down too.

No. 799837

You cant get milk if you take away the sources of it.

No. 799853

File: 1556067348629.jpg (165.62 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20190423-195421_Twi…)

Get ready for begging

No. 799854

File: 1556067373108.jpg (158.05 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20190423-195455_Twi…)

All those followers and no likes

No. 799856

oh, but i thought she had tons of extra money as she claimed a couple of days ago.

No. 799858

LOL as we guessed, shits already long gone.

No. 799859


this is literally what meth heads wear in the middle of the night to get their fix. if that's the style she's going for… she's killing it, i guess.

No. 799865

wait why does she need her wisdom teeth out?

No. 799877

…Because she needs to get her wisdom teeth out

No. 799882

lol yeah but you don't just have to get them taken out for the sake of it especially if you have no dental and it costs so much

No. 799883

Shaytard’s scamming antics have made me cynical and I now have difficulty believing she actually needs dental work, to me it seems more likely that this is just her latest artificial victim moment, and she’s fabricating the whole thing to ebeg as effectively as she thinks possible.

No. 799884

Everything about these pictures looks so dusty. At the bare minimum, she should probably take pictures during the day facing her window for natural light instead of whatever this garbage lighting is.

No. 799887

File: 1556071893554.jpeg (259.59 KB, 1125x892, D2AB6E06-73AE-44A0-9D7C-00A7DC…)

Oh jfc

No. 799894

Shay still don't know what little space mean

No. 799896

File: 1556073866240.jpg (92.49 KB, 1080x311, Screenshot_20190423-214349_Twi…)

Can't cam because her mouth hurts too much. But still gonna get drunk

No. 799900

So you wanna lay around being a lazy piece of shit while a dude takes care of you whilst getting nothing out of it? Great.

No. 799901

by "extra money" she probably meant enough to buy herself that slushie for dessert, lol. she wastes all her money on weed and alcohol.

No. 799903

with all the sugar wine she drinks (and we know she doesn't brush) her teeth are probably crumbling away in her mouth
They probably do hurt a fuck ton

No. 799906

She has absolutely no skills, no school or work experience. She doesn't really have a choice because she will soon be unemployable. She keeps going downhill.

No. 799908

>a couple photosets
Does she mean "screenshots"?

No. 799914

Is there a way that she could be paying herself? Forgive me if this doesn't make sense with circle pay or w/e she uses but couldn't it be a possibility that she transfers the money from one account back to hers to make herself look like she's ~thriving~ as such a successful sex worker

No. 799924

So here's confirmation she's still under her dad's insurance. He probably pays for more things too

…does she think that sugar daddies and disgusting daddies are the same thing or that these two fetishes/things can mix into something new? Honestly it would explain a whole lot of her stupidity. What a cam girl, has no idea about sex or fetishes despite deciding to base her life around both

No. 799934


she's trying to move from total bimbo to bimbo findom which… doesn't really work.

No. 799959

File: 1556113172822.jpg (219.24 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20190424-083902_Twi…)

She's so bad at domming

No. 799960

File: 1556113206900.jpg (114.52 KB, 1076x385, Screenshot_20190424-083951_Twi…)

Classy as always Shay

No. 799969

File: 1556121714189.jpg (115.52 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20190424_165936.jpg)

Damn she lookin rough

No. 799977

the bed on the floor behind her lmfao. wow this is sad.

No. 799980

Is this how she separates her "cam room" from the rest of the house? What is the point of her taking this pic?

No. 799981

This is her new tv. Jesus.

No. 799984

is her bedroom a corridor? lol and what happened to that bed frame someone bought her

No. 799986


or the big thick air mattress? that looks as thin as a crib mattress.

No. 799987

this is a cursed image

No. 799989

File: 1556127970480.jpg (74.83 KB, 1080x287, Screenshot_20190424-124159_Ama…)

Her apartment seems to be very tiny. Quick search on Amazon and for the 55" the dimensions of the TV's box it looks like the room is a little over five feet from the looks?

No. 799991

File: 1556128422911.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2436, 591DD6C9-8C02-469A-9C66-370637…)

where to even begin….the part where she was camming before she was 18? Or the part where she posted her titty for a few likes to her largely underage stoner following?

No. 799992

That's her living room, I believe. She sleeps in the living room and her cam room is the bedroom.

No. 799993

File: 1556128531350.jpeg (369.4 KB, 1125x1252, E1353B5F-B2C9-4750-889A-5037C1…)

Forgot this part of the thread

No. 799994

hypocrisy aside i actually agree with her for once, there’s way too many underage kids that are way too comfortable with putting nudes out there

No. 799995

you'd think that with that weird bathroom she has that it would be easy to find her complex, but at the price point she keeps mentioning there's nothing. scammy just wants to throw people off her trail.

No. 799997

While the point remains true, it's hilarious and hypocritical of her to say any of this shit. She started underage and is gonna pretend she didnt?

No. 800001

>that disturbing diaper porn vid she made

No. 800003

You just know if a woman shot a rapist that suddenly would be murder rather than "god's will" that the rapist pay for his crimes.

No. 800004

Try looking at efficiencies or studios under 500 a month. I don't think that she could afford much more than that.

Kind of doubtful she's paying half of the fupamansion, but i could be wrong.

No. 800005

wow i love how she has to twist the issue of underage people selling themselves for sex into a big grand old ~it's all about ME, this could affect me and destroy my entire life!! literally sobbing rn these evil CHILDREN are making my life a living hell!11!! omg im soo manipulated~ lol this utterly stupid cunt.

and we all know this is beyond hypocritical so no need to even mention it.

No. 800006

Wisdom teeth can rot quickly because they can be harder to reach to brush, also cysts can form around or under the teeth. Wisdom teeth are often more of a nuisance but can cause health problems.

She’s never complained about her wisdom teeth before and hasn’t been to a dentist in years. I’m sure her teeth hurt from her lack of hygiene and sugar diet. She probably has tons of cavities, but that’s not uwu cute so she’s gotta use something else that isn’t in her control so she can be a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

No. 800015

File: 1556132692824.jpg (115.91 KB, 1080x407, Screenshot_20190424-140406_Twi…)

That's healthy

No. 800016

r/thathappened but why would you even post this? is getting ash on your pussy supposed to be quirky?

No. 800026

I think she lives in that flat, look on the side, there is something that looks like a mattress on the floor with a pillow on it leaning against the wall.

Shayna is too pathetic to date and her needs outside of her growing alcoholism, rent and internet are limited to bad haircuts. She could make a living in a tiny studio flat with what she sleeps on on the non camming side of her room.

No. 800029

>i think she lives in that flat
uhhh… yeah….

No. 800030

some people were thinking that she's still freeloading off fupa

No. 800035

but it has been established that she also for sure has her own shitty cheap apartment that her father likely helps pay for

No. 800037

>talks about the issue of minors getting into sex work
Wow, for once she's saying something insightf-
>"Fuck those children, they're putting US sex workers in danger!! And also the people who buy their content!!"
?? What? So she's not concerned about those children, but claims that somehow minors camming are harming not themselves, but someone else aka adult sex workers and their johns… how?

No. 800038

Yeah but since she's chosen to stay in oklahoma near fupa it wouldn't be surprising if she was still spending time at his place

No. 800041

she most definitely still is visiting his place but she now has this new apartment to "live" in so she can hide from fupa's kids so his ex won't find out they're still basically together

No. 800042

Literally. I know kids are dumb about that stuff sometimes (regardless that's still worrying), but yeah fuck children who might be trafficked/forced into it, right Shay??? Not like you didn't do it underage either

No. 800043

I dont understand why she doesnt try to find something better than fupa. Like someone closer to her age who doesnt have kids?

No. 800044

anon you're completely missing the facts here. we all know shay is the most important person on this earth and everything bad that happens is only bad because it affects shay somehow, otherwise uh who cares that underage girls are so mentally damaged or insecure or so desperate, or possibly even being sex trafficked into selling nudes and maybe even prostitution?? it's all about precious shaytard.

No. 800045


she literally admitted to doing underage sex work herself.

No. 800046

cus hes a rich daddy lmao

No. 800047

because she wants >>799887

No. 800048

lol he works at a call centre and lives in a macmansion in oklahoma, I think she might have missed the mark there

No. 800061

you think anyone better than fupa wants her nasty ass? lol. she's repugnant.

she's not really in a position to be choosy, as much as she pretends she is. if he's fucking her/paying her, she'll take it.

No. 800062

This is like the 5th she’s bought in the last 2 years what happened to her other TVs???

No. 800064

Why does twitter need age verification? It’s not a sex site. It’s not a porn site. It’s a social media site meant for everyone.

No. 800069

On her public snapchat you can see her bed in the living room, with her vibrator on it

No. 800071

On her snap she did a super long and boring rant about the "drama" going on with that underage person. And then said she started sex work at 18 and used her real name

No. 800072

Even in her twisted logic, I fail to understand how minors camming would put adult sex workers in danger…

No. 800074

are you guys actually going to post caps or just random unconfirmable information?

No. 800076

it’s not a living room, it’s a studio you morons. Studios don’t have separate bedrooms and a living room. It’s literally one big room, with a small kitchen and a bathroom.

No. 800077

She doesn't live in a studio moron. She has a one bedroom apartment. Her air mattress, cage, rug, and all the stuffed animals is in the bedroom. That other matress is on the floor next to the kitchen, kind of in the living room.

No. 800078

there are plenty of studios that have a small offset bedroom and are not considered 1 bedroom apartments. Assuming she can afford anything bigger than a studio is hilarious tbh.

No. 800081


I'm not assuming she did a tour on her private snap when she first moved in. The bedroom is completely separate and closed off from the living room and kitchen. It's a one bedroom apartment. I used to be a customer until her recent snap got deleted and when I asked her how she is going go compensate for me and everyone else that paid for months of snap in advance when she switched to monthly she blocked me.

No. 800083

Can you post proof? Not like you have anything to lose now that she's blocked you.

No. 800084

damn do you have any receipts? that’s milk right there.

No. 800088

It’s a one bedroom apartment ya dingus. She fits a full/queen mattress and accessories in her “cam room” and she has a full kitchen, a “dining area” which is where he bed is, and an empty as fuck living room. I’m sure she’s living in a cheap apartment complex in bunfuck Oklahoma. It can’t be anymore expensive than a studio in Seattle.

No. 800090

Ignoring the fact that she made this about herself and the fact that she's a hypocrite, if you promote a kid's nudes you would potentially get in shit for it. You're technically promoting child pornography by doing that. And honestly you'd probably feel bad too because you thought you were helping out a new sex worker but actually just helped pedos get off and confirmed that kid's stupid decision as a valid way to make money

I agree with the others, can you get screenshots from the convo? If it's through snapchat it's likely gone now but that would be really nice to archive here. A good warning that if you're thinking of being a customer Shay doesn't care about you. Dolly Mattel/Stupid Baby hates her customers and is actually stupid enough to destroy her own income

No. 800092

This pic >>799027 shows almost the entirety of her cam room.

No. 800097

Video from from her public Snapchat earlier today - you can see her mattress where the dining room should be. Most surprising of all, I think I heard a dryer running in the background (not in this video but her snaps after). Not sure if I'm more surprised that she has one or she actually uses it… Lol


No. 800123

They never do and it makes me feel like it’s farmers larping as angry customers

No. 800132

Snap anon here. Working on uploading some videos. Should I just use Dropbox?

No. 800133

File: 1556161824019.jpg (255.05 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20190424-220953_Twi…)

What is she talking about?

No. 800134

How do you even do both? This has to be a dumb lie

No. 800135


what a shit way to reply to a "supporter"

No. 800138

yes, please. Thanks so much, anon

No. 800139

File: 1556162895284.jpeg (179.58 KB, 1052x1386, 2AAE61EA-9790-441A-B59A-519A2E…)

Imagine waking up to this lying at the foot of your bed

No. 800143

No. 800145

No. 800148

No. 800152

No. 800153


I am truly sorry about the quality of video

No. 800154

File: 1556165569323.jpg (127.08 KB, 613x1141, Screenshot_20190425_000950.jpg)

Thanks Anon! She's only annoyed about underage sw now because it's not something she can benefit from anymore… I don't understand

No. 800156


Hold on to this for next thread pic candidate lmfao

No. 800158

She's such a delusional idiot. I know some farmers are wack, but she treats her supporters/customers like criminals kek

No. 800161

i hate to nitpick but she looks absolutely terrifying in this video….like i barely recognized her

No. 800162

I hope she picks up bedbugs in this place. It looks trash enough and bedbugs are rampant in cheap apartment complexes.

No. 800169

Probably pissed that younger hotter people are taking her place as her body ages rapidly and she becomes less relevant.

That’s the industry.

No. 800176

Most insurance allows you to keep your child on until they're 26, so it only makes sense that she'd still be on her dad's. That's a nitpick IMO. I was on my parents' insurance until age 26 despite having a real job and living on my own because it was just cheaper and easier.

No. 800179

I wonder if she’s realized her account got suspended again.

No. 800181

which one?

No. 800182

File: 1556175859682.jpeg (382.71 KB, 1242x2137, 4DC8B4C2-B361-48E8-9A2A-984048…)

No. 800183

lmao now will she finally stop pretending that it's farmers reporting her on twitter?

No. 800185

I found her complex a while back, but i haven't posted it because I'm not gonna dox.

She's paying around $600 a month. The building has both studios and one bedrooms, i can't tell which hers is but based on what we've seen I'm going to say it's a one bedroom. The room with the blow-up mattress and her puppy cage is the bedroom that she uses as her cam room, and the mattress on the floor is in what should be the living room. It's 500 sq ft.

No. 800186

Right? Maybe she shouldnt have posted her dumb rant this morning. Its obviously other trash SWers reporting her twitter. Think about it. Last time it was when that group of girls "cancelled" her. Now she probs pissed off whatever girls involved in the shit she was ranting on. So much for never getting involved in drama.
Whats your cam or vid schedule, Shay? Maybe mind your literal business, do your job, and stop getting into petty hyprocrital and retarded Twitter wars with other dumb skanks kek

No. 800190

she cannot possibly pin it on the thread because we've all been relishing in her cringy delusional tweets the entire time, absolutely no farmer is vendetta-ing and reporting, the only people who have been reporting her and outwardly talking about how they want her off of twitter are those other camwhores and that's just the facts. but maybe she'll still try to pull a "neckbeards w cheetodust fingers r anonymously bullying me and they won't stop somehow forcing twitter to remove my pages pls send 100$"

No. 800192

Did you find it via the horrific bathrooms? I spotted it via the truly horrific bathrooms. Good sleuthing, anon.

No. 800193

File: 1556177946973.jpg (141.11 KB, 1080x2006, Screenshot_20190425-003835_Chr…)

Both accounts are suspended, kek. I wish it was only one so we could witness the the sperg.

No. 800194

File: 1556178475002.jpg (583.88 KB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20190425-004653_Twi…)

Searched her name on Twitter, looks like another camgirl witch hunt got her suspended. Wonder how she'll try to flip this one.

No. 800196

File: 1556179295581.jpeg (138.38 KB, 432x768, A63865AF-16BA-42A0-A9BF-5CCA67…)

eh, she's posted pictures of it and we know what she's spending. anons found TND's new rental almost immediately and shared all of the pictures of it before she moved in. i want to see what the rest of the place looks like so i can laugh.

i think it's probably union point or silver creek or huntington or any one of the depressingly old and ugly units that all look exactly the same. tbh i'm surprised she's paying that much. what's really mind boggling is that for what she's paying she could have gotten a nice studio as opposed to a creepy old shithole but chose not to.

pic unrelated, i came across it on my searches and liked the sign. but tulsa is a fucking horrorshow. definitely fucking fupa on the dl from his ex and the kids, no way anyone would choose to live there willingly.

No. 800199

Actually most of the apartments I saw in Tulsa while searching for Shay's place have equally hideous and outdated bathrooms. Most of them were identical tbh.

I found hers based on the layout of the living/kitchen area, and the fact that very few places in tulsa have mirrored bedroom closet doors.

No. 800205

Jfc shes not even a racist. She made ignorant anti-semitic (not racist) comments and blurted a distasteful idea regarding politics and a black dildo. Years ago? Like…
Not WKing but it still makes me roll my eyes when these dumb camwhores go for her over THAT outdated, barely partially valid thing over her actual scammy, begging, lazy, nasty, pathetic antics. Its just cringy at this point.
Like yeah its funny that even these garbage bitches hate her and are the real ones targetting her, but its also petty and outplayed at this point. Like come up with fresh reasons to drag her, girls!

No. 800207

Camwhores are so fucking insufferable, my god. If they were really the ones behind the cowtipping then fuck them even harder. I don't want Shay to somehow end up like moo. When the twitter goes all the milk goes with it.

No. 800226

>Not WKing
It's not worth perpetuating this eggshell-walking cancelled culture just to find ways to shit on a cow that makes enough valid reasons to be shit on, I wouldn't call that WKing, it's just being reasonable.

This is some sanctimonious nonsense from a group of petty whores who have no moral authority. And >>800207 is right; if Shay can't access social media then that's it for us

No. 800236

Yea not having somewhere to watch her crash and burn takes the fun out of it.

No. 800237

File: 1556202699863.png (381.21 KB, 810x592, Screenshot (492).png)

she already made a new twitter and she still has instagram

No. 800240

Well, let's stay tuned to see what tf she has to say about this. I'm surprised she didn't christen the account with a pity post, but her orbiters must not be awake yet

No. 800241


Shay's Snapchat reaction to waking up to two suspended Twitter accounts

No. 800242

File: 1556203608236.png (16.94 KB, 522x126, hypocrit.png)

if it was her that reported or encouraged reporting shayna, it's funny cause she posted this. they are the first to cry about being suspended/reported but probably go round doing it to other people they ~cancelled~ lol.

No. 800243

Thanks anon, was just about to ask someone to get this. I can't help but laugh when she says she's being bullied, even though the egirls are being crazy.

No. 800244

File: 1556204175936.jpg (567.65 KB, 1065x1850, Screenshot_20190425-075525_Twi…)

And the orbiter pity begins

No. 800245

File: 1556204383776.jpg (672.43 KB, 1074x2097, Screenshot_20190425-075858_Twi…)

No. 800248

lmfao she is not successful. if she actually cammed or made content consistently she would not even need to worry about social media as much. But she needs it to beg and look pitiful and helpless.

No. 800250

According to her public snap, this account got suspended already

No. 800251

Why do the thread camwhores keep cowtipping? What you're doing isn't milky. This is the only place that follows Shayna, she barely even has a following. You want her to go dark? Stop being retarded, please.

Someone follows the #kickvic shit, the 'isn't slander if it's fact' is directly from that, weird how we just happen to have a thread on that too, huh?

Seriously, please restrain yourself.

No. 800252

Honestly, all they're doing is ruining it for all of us.

No. 800262

Why does she keep using the same name?! That’s why you’re getting shutdown retard.

No. 800264

She needs to stop blaming other people. She keeps being stupid and using the same name and thinking it’s not a problem. Twitters computers will find you and shut you down for making duplicate accounts.

No. 800265

There’s no proof it was her, so I suggest leaving her off the thread before angry farmhands shut us down.

No. 800266

Of course it did, because she’s using the same aliases because she’s actually retarded

No. 800271

It's still up
It's probably someone with a vendetta against her who doesn't care about milk

No. 800275

File: 1556210754165.jpeg (343.71 KB, 479x1096, 9719AC66-DB5E-408C-AB8D-0E8F5F…)

It’s absolutely another whore with a mission. I hate these bitches. Look at this cow
>I’m so empathetic and forgiving

No. 800276

>i have a LEGAL RIGHT to talk about this
bitch, it’s fucking twitter. a privately owned platform. they reserve the rights to delete literally whatever the fuck they want. why are these camwhores so dumb?

No. 800277

callout culture amongst the camwhores
truly we live in clown world

No. 800279

File: 1556211430165.png (709.34 KB, 1125x2436, 51CC31B6-BADC-4D0F-A3AC-F00519…)

Poor Dolly Mattel.

No. 800280

Use websites that are meant for sex workers, it's really not complicated at all lol

No. 800281

File: 1556211556760.png (835.71 KB, 1125x2436, 087F6E4D-B915-4B4A-B520-982D51…)


No. 800284

the real reason she's upset is that her social media was her only contact w people to beg or just for attention. bitch is gonna have to get a job lol

No. 800285

Exactly, if she was actually sucessful she wouldn't really need social media, she could just sell her content through adult websites. But most of her money comes from begging not legit purchases

No. 800286

Smells like vendetta-chan in here.

No. 800290

thanks for your incredibly valuable and detailed insight, what would farmers do without you

No. 800291

Awww poor wittle thing is finally realizing she’s nothing without her followers that she used to brag about constantly.

This is what happens when you base your livelihood on social media with no back up plan or savings.

Just go home Shay.

No. 800295

File: 1556212874413.jpg (23.05 KB, 400x400, IMG_20190425_181952.jpg)

The lighting and position of her hand + those nails here makes it look like she has a chicken foot under her chin.(nitpicking)

No. 800296

it's like she doesn't even want to be a sex worker she just really doesn't want to get a job that would involve 8+ hours work a day. shayna thinks she's so hot that some guy will pay her to sit at home all day and also it's like having a big social media following distracts her from how empty her life is, i bet she sits on her phone/computer all day waiting for messages and replies, she doesn't have anything in her life but uh she had 150k followers on tumblr!

No. 800298

I cannot wait to see what this idiot plans on doing next when her new Twitter/IG gets deleted again.

No. 800299

The camwhores probably got pissy at both us and Shay because we didn't give a shit about their sex lives and how popular they supposedly were on MFC or whatever.
Honestly the camwhores here are so catty and hypocritical. They're fine destroying someone's career because of some random bullshit (is Shay's one video which was honestly one of the few inspired ideas she's done really comparable to child porn?) and don't seem to see what that is like until it happens to them, the only difference between Shay and them is probably them sticking to a can schedule because they're all just disposable, scammy, sex workers, most have actually done ~problematic~ things at the very least equal to Shay's two apparently major issues.
Now it's too late for Shay because she's IP banned but damn, those bitches and that one incel went ham and as much as I don't like Shay, these idiots are worse in my opinion. Shay should just go back to tumblr for basic SFW promotions and lewd/SFW pictures and actually cam on a consistent schedule. Then find places where actual sex workers should be, and actually work because basic clout and followers don't mean shit. She needs to earn her tips and money now. Time for her to grow up, for her sake it should have happened before her back was to the wall but she has no real choice now if she wants to stick to her camming and porn

No. 800300

Exactly. I follow a few cam models and they really only post on Twitter to update their schedule, which can also be found on their MFC or Manyvids.
She put all her eggs in the Tumblr basket and now that twitter and IG are kicking her out she has no leg or audience to stand on. It's a hell of her own creation

No. 800303

She will just keep remaking them, she's obsessed with online attention. She wouldn't need it to promote herself (aka beg) if she kept a regular schedule and posted on sites that are meant for porn from the beginning. She can't really be shocked that a platform that doesn't allow you to charge people for access kicked her off.

No. 800305

Is she actually IP banned tho? Cause she has an Instagram, twitter and her public snap.

No. 800306

I doubt her IP is banned. She wouldn’t have her new Instagram or Snapchat for this long if that was the case.

No. 800307

the vendetta chans and other camwhores engaged in this callout would certainly like everyone to think she's IP banned, i'm sure

No. 800309

File: 1556214239312.jpeg (21.56 KB, 491x276, D6BACE3E-99C9-4C49-8486-4BD663…)

you can't see it when you keep reporting it.

No. 800312

What is her public snap? I’ve been trying to follow her

No. 800314

I agree with all of u guys. She's so stupid. "I'm a sex workers guysss!!" gets upset about social media. Her fucking rants on Snapchat made me want to fucking kill myself.Literally does nothing but repeat the same shit over and over 2 herself. Also she said SWs are jealous of her looks,"petite-ness" and being "successful". She's full of it!!! No one's jealous… https://www.dropbox.com/s/x35775210thrurf/mobizen_20190424_131929_1_1.mp4?dl=0 she's already begging on her public snap. ALSO WHERE'S RIB MEAT

No. 800315

File: 1556214897323.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 800316

Omg that ugly as shit goblin espikvlt can’t help herself but to insert into any camwhore drama she can. She acts like this holier than thou sw saint but in reality she herself makes this disturbing content featuring her pretending to fuck Orochimaru/ being a trash metalhead. She’s basically the Kelly Eden of the cam world with that shit. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I find it funny that the most deplorable girls are out here trying to project on shayna to save face for their own absolute grottiness.

No. 800317

Shay is the poster child to what social media addiction looks like. Seriously Shay, it’s not that big of a deal. You’re about to have a melt down over a twitter account. And you NEVER work anyways so what livelyhood are they messing with? You beg on the regular. That’s your job. You don’t need twitter for that.

No. 800318

File: 1556215019300.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190425-125537.png)

Creepy if I do say so myself..

No. 800319

File: 1556215056787.png (114.68 KB, 1440x496, 20190425_125448.png)

No. 800322

Oh boi this is just getting sad. If you're having meltdowns over the loss of social media accounts, it's time to change your shit ass life. Doing fuck all is also why she's spiralling into alcoholism. Boredom can lead you there.

She already on the weed and booze daily, it could easily come to a point where that isn't enough anymore.

No. 800327

File: 1556216158848.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, A1BD42C7-9DC1-4E38-BCBC-DE59FE…)

Jesus fucking Christ

No. 800328

File: 1556216182830.png (112.15 KB, 520x522, Screenshot (496).png)

everyday is a day off but ok. it's kinda manipulative of her to act like she would be homeless when her parents (or even fupa ) wouldnt let it get to that.

No. 800329

shayna its over, just stop this is embarrassing

No. 800332

espikvlt could have a thread of her own.

This is creepy and wont help her any. Shay please just quit or realize that posting nudes on sites like twitter (I doubt she flagged her account as nsfw) and tumblr is against the tos now. Like the above anon said; use twitter just to tell people when you are about to cam. Cam and build up a fan base that way. E-begging wont do it.

No. 800336

i agree that these sjw camwhores are idiots and are ruining the milk however this is hilarious, shay playing victim even more extreme than before. she might truly need to start working at mcdonalds soon. and seeing her whine about how she's too perfect to deserve anything like this to happen is rich, she'll never ever learn a single thing, her brain is so fucked up.

No. 800337

this is just a tinfoil but i find it slightly suspicious how a few days ago she was bragging about all those big donations of at least 100$ and now people are only sending fucking 10-20$. one anon said it seemed like she was sending big donations to herself through transferring and assuming that's possible on the app she uses i think it's plausible but obviously i'm just throwing out a theory here lol

No. 800339

she isn't even successful on twitter why is she crying about it getting deleted? because she spent money on followers for each account? lol your poor twitter engagement really doesn't scream successfully promoting yourself shay

No. 800340

i thought she could be posting/reposting old screenshots since theres no date, to make people want to donate or something. but idk she clearly does have some orbiters that send her money because they think that means shes friends with them

No. 800342

It's great entertainment, I have to admit.

This is an actual dumpsterfire

No. 800343

File: 1556219756187.jpg (149.03 KB, 1078x1124, Screenshot_20190425-121358_Twi…)


No. 800344