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No. 709096

Previous thread: >>>/snow/701865

>shay feigns a nervous breakdown for fupa's attention

>coincidentally cured of depression when amazon giftcards and debit card come in
>still trying to make sure everyone knows she showers
>began doing instagram lives because she "gets more attention than on cam"
>still drinking daily

>Fupa slaps Shay in the face publically and runs off laughing like a 12 year old boy, posts it on snapchat

>shay is totally not adjusting to Oklahoma, surprising nobody
>same exact shitty cam setup she had in Seattle
>"3 hour shower naps"

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No. 709102

For newfags:

Not bathing/showering

Lying about abuse/trauma

Childhood, rape, shaving head, ED, weed allergy

Genital Sores

Begged for customers and followers for money and giftcards to get a new camera for work. Then posts this
but didn't use it for that reason either.

Begs for money incessantly, but criticizes people for creating internet fundraisers like gofundme.


… then sets up a fundraiser for hair a month later… for hair after doing it herself and having chunks fall out!


Giveaway scam
(1/4) >>>/snow/482675
(2/4) >>>/snow/482676
(3/4) >>>/snow/482677
(4/4) >>>/snow/482678
(giveaway) >>>/snow/482690

No. 709131

File: 1539201719045.jpg (79.12 KB, 640x431, IMG_1048.JPG)

God she looks leagues better with dark hair, even a wig

No. 709137

Still channeling that Baby Jane face though.

Any bets on where she'll shove an apple? I'm hoping she'll use it like a gag and just look like a luau pig instead of shoving it up her ass like she did the Easter eggs.

No. 709138


are her gloves too small or are they supposed to look like that? kek

No. 709142

better, but she still looks like a drugged out auntie with that makeup and those dark circles. For god sakes if you’re going to do porn learn how to do your makeup. Learn how to hide your dark circles. Learn how to make your eyes pop. Learn fucking SKIN CARE. She could look literally a million times better if she took any time to learn basic film makeup techniques. All she did was her same thick winged eyeliner and uncurled fake lashes, but this time with red lipstick. Really thoughtful. She’s a god damn moron.

No. 709143

Lmfao I didn’t even notice that. Maybe she got the gloves from the same place Fupa got his dainty ladies golf gloves.

No. 709145

it is going in her ass

No. 709146

File: 1539202679202.jpg (12.75 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)


those half palm short gloves are a thing.

No. 709147

This look is just lazy.

No. 709148


oh okay, id literally never seen those before. they make her hands look even bigger tbh.

No. 709150

Her hands are too big for them regardless if they're half palm or not. Her hands look like feet trying to fit into socks that are too small and keep sliding down the heel

No. 709151

File: 1539202969700.jpeg (486.29 KB, 1242x974, 70F5137B-8BE4-4FAC-A12A-1346FE…)

This costume is literally the FIRST OPTION when you look up “Snow White lingerie”

How fucking lazy. Also, BOTH are under $30. I’m betting the cape, gloves, and now were a set, most likely under $15. Really breaking the bank there you lazy piece of manipulative shit. I’m really wondering where she’s going to use all those amazon cards, cos all of that isn’t going towards props based on the fact that she gets the laziest cheapest bullshit there is.

No. 709163

File: 1539203756030.jpg (286.15 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20181010-153413_Ama…)

1/2 Wigs are pretty cheap.

No. 709164

File: 1539203808980.jpg (379.37 KB, 1080x1404, 20181010_153524.jpg)

2/2 and guessing her, she probably bought the cheap cloak.

No. 709167

this one vid was roughly $50-$60 dollars. And I’ll bet anything she won’t repurpose any of it. It’ll be left sitting in that dusty closet she basically lives in. She’ll just beg for more money for a new video. You need to be creative to work in the sex industry and shayna is anything but. She’s not creative with storylines, not creative with costumes or repurposing them, not creative with makeup or setting, nothing. It’s all just the same shtick in a different outfit with different props.

I’ll take a wild guess here and say the video consists of daddy talk, using her vibrator, shoving something in her ass, and maybe hitting herself in some way.

No. 709180

File: 1539205517132.png (Spoiler Image,2.64 MB, 2208x1242, 0DBD53E7-DDB5-4518-901E-128D6C…)

KEK, the second part of her real time bondage show is out. And here she is in the trailer, scratching her nose. Oh shayna.


No. 709181

File: 1539205549559.png (Spoiler Image,2.89 MB, 2208x1242, FC765965-C887-449C-910F-121146…)


No. 709182

File: 1539205595555.png (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 2208x1242, 797FA016-7152-4BE7-8354-E0B2F3…)

(3/3) pure sex appeal.

No. 709184

I love how she acted like it really was her show but was then just background scenery

No. 709185

Hahaha, this is the pure torture of BDSM. When you got a mad itch you just can't scratch.

No. 709190

Wow. She's comedy relief in the middle of a porno. It's a wonder she sat there and didn't start yelling for attention or making kissy faces at the camera to steal the spotlight from the main girl.

No. 709191

She'd prob try and sell it as lul ~so quirkyy~itchy bbygirl

No. 709197

just for clarification – this shoot where she is a "prop" was featuring alex more
her solo feature is a different video and an anon dropped some footage from it a couple threads back, it's not out yet.

No. 709203

It’ll probably be out some time in November. The 3rd part of the Alex more vid will probably be out in a week or so, and then hers will be posted. It looks like they post every 2 weeks, just by looking at the dates.

No. 709205

actuallly just looking at it, it looks like the third part will probably come out this week. So it’ll probably be late October/early November until we get that milk. That shit is going to be hilarious because they can’t edit out how rancid her pussy is.

No. 709209

File: 1539207248199.png (360.54 KB, 909x257, thriving.png)

Graphic design is not my skill but I couldn't pass up the chance.

No. 709220

lmao at the main girl's face, she really looks like she's regretting some life choices

i too would be questioning my purpose in life while being saran wrapped to a pole. is this a kink for retail people who receive large orders? pallets of boxes are tied up with saran wrap just like that kek

No. 709223

kek this made me laugh, thanks anon!

But seriously, that's the laziest fucking costume ever. She could have bought mixed bits and pieces of lingirie and really made it her own but nope, not our lazy Shay.

No. 709255

what an appealing “decoration” to choose, kek

No. 709256

I mean this is part two, she’s already been through a ton. BDSM (especially a live show where you can’t really take a break) is extremely intense, plus we’re not here to make fun of her. We’re here to make fun of the true fuck up, Shayna.

No. 709257

Well, that answers the anon that asked if she still has those boots.

No. 709292

what the fuck she literally looks 45

No. 709301

For realllll, this whole baby thing she tries to go for just does NOT work for her face. She could just idk be herself, act her age, and it would be sexy. But she wants to be a dumb baby for whatever reason. Tbh I think she has identity issues.

No. 709387

When she said she was killing it, I expected the photos to be great… but she looks… bad. She really thinks she looks good here? I don't get it. She looks like a spinster. She has such an old face.

No. 709392


She looks like Snow White after her divorce at 40 lol

No. 709411

She's totally gonna be one of those older women who resents hot, younger girls, and who is constantly insecure that their husband/ bf is cheating on them/will leave them for someone younger.

She has such weird body proportions and face. She's got thick leg like tree trunks, a boy torso with no waist, huge fat neck, and already has a double chin. It's not gonna pretty when she gains weight, or just gradually gets older. She's gonna continue to have a fat neck and have a shapeless mass of a body.

No. 709416

File: 1539217570932.jpeg (217.17 KB, 1242x413, 80794E4B-4959-43B7-B23D-B969C9…)

Lol how can you do 3 DIFFERENT strip teases when 1) you can’t even do a simple strip tease, 2) you cant dance and 3) you have no creativity?

whoever has her snap needs to get this milk. watching her do her pathetic “dance” is one of the funniest things ever because she actually thinks she’s good at it.

No. 709417

am I the only one annoyed by the fact that she posts the same things to twitter and tumblr like, word for word?

No. 709420

>She's totally gonna be one of those older women who resents hot, younger girls, and who is constantly insecure that their husband/ bf is cheating on them/will leave them for someone younger.
So like the evil queen in snow white? lol

No. 709428

No I think it's annoying too lol like she really has so few brain cells that she can't even change up the wording for each platform

No. 709441

yep, earlier i tried to explain why i find her figure so gross and it's because she's such a gangly skinny-fat with like, bony yet chunky saggy legs.. it's hard to describe but fuck. i just can't stand looking at her lol

No. 709444

File: 1539218546922.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1634, AE963CA0-7DBD-49F3-AE1A-D922BB…)

This little fucking liar omg.

She said she didn’t have the costume/props necessary to make the Harley vid, but magically it all came in when people gave her money! also she said she was making the Harley vid first, but now it’s Snow White because she claimed that’s the costume that had just come in. But apparently she already had all three costumes + props, so she just wanted more money.


No. 709450

she always has what she needs but figures out idiotic reasons to not make the video. Example; she had everything she claimed she needed for her alien vid, people even gave her gift cards to dolls kill for the outfit and shoes. First she claimed the dildo was too big. Now she claims that she needs “more props” and a “cool background”.

People need to stop giving their money to this scamming cunt.

No. 709456

Wasn't she begging like earlier today/yesterday? It wouldn't come that quick

No. 709473

Yep, she was literally saying yesterday that she didn’t have the rest of her props and costumes and needed amazon gift cards to get them. Then today she posted that “some of her stuff came in” but in reality she had already purchased/owned everything she needed and just wanted more.

She’s a lying scammer and doesn’t deserve people’s hard earned money. She doesn’t deserve sympathy.

Tbh I’m extremely bitter about it because I fell for the scam. I sent her a $100 amazon gift card and she said I would get a Skype session and 2 videos. She never followed up on the Skype session and gave me only one video that I asked for, the other was not the one I asked for and she said “oh sorry! Well you have 2 vids now, I’m sure you’ll like it!” (This was when she went by Bambie, mind you)

No. 709492

yep! and she also has been asking for another dragon dildo.

No. 709500

i'd be so happy if she never made another penny online, imagine the whining, the crying, the drama, and the pleasure of her being forced to get a job at mcdonalds after likely months of just having nothing besides fupa's breakfast-dinners lol

No. 709501

This is some good shit. Are there any remnants of her first thread left/info about her social media presence before she got into the ddlg stuff?

No. 709525

It seems as if a lot of people from these threads are previous costumers of her that have been turned off by her bad business practices, lack of ethics, flat out scams, and incessant lies.

She never follows through on anything, and she changes prices, and rules on people who have already purchased.

No. 709530

Go thru her tumblr archives, and just scroll to the earlier dates on the calender. She's had the same blog for 7 years

No. 709555

She's had that nun outfit for a while now, at least. I remember it from a while ago but can't find the exact photos rn

No. 709595

File: 1539223842086.jpeg (68.99 KB, 750x354, 32C7BAFA-96BA-461A-B8E7-067867…)

don’t see why it matters, she didn’t clean the tub before using it for the very first time, why would she clean it after that. she sits in her own period blood and films it shamelessly….

No. 709608

Oh good another toy that she will never use.

No. 709623

She already filmed using fake blood in the shower, even took a pic of her writing stuff on the glass. She already knows the answer to this question, just seems like she saw another opportunity to squeeze in stuff about being in the tub/ bathing to keep driving in whole "i wash" thing

No. 709727

how much has she made so far? was her topic originally 500?

No. 709732

That's like $2.50

No. 709736

it's 25c. 20 tokens per dollar

No. 709741


No. 709744

Oh, sorry, that's a lot less than $2.50.

No. 709747

she's saying that the more people ask her to change it up, the more she's going to be a stubborn "cunt" and stick it to them. so… not doing different things that her audience wants.
now she's talking about striking on cam because no one is tipping her.

No. 709750

"anyone? no? what's fucking new?" about no one tipping her.
she's now getting tipped. one on private and the other 50 in public. now she's getting a bit hyped.

No. 709752


the private one was only 60 tokens

No. 709760

the amount of skin she can grab on her ass while shaking it is… something else.
also, her skin scratching is also something else.

No. 709762

File: 1539235608789.png (26 KB, 775x21, 856845312564.png)


No. 709779

is she… smoking out of a fat chillum?

No. 709781

I can't tell if it's just a bowl from a bong or an actual chillum

No. 709786

someone tipped her for a blowjob and she had to leave the room to go get the dildo. so prepared for work

No. 709787

File: 1539237026056.jpeg (71.4 KB, 750x584, 6B44B7E2-1D80-451E-A7B8-5E027C…)

Huge content going on in the shay stream

No. 709794

she waved it in front of her face for like 4x longer than she had it in her mouth. sooooo sexxxy

No. 709800

How much y'all wanna bet she didn't clean it before she put it in her mouth

No. 709801

she's talking about snow white and the seven dildos. then said she only has 6 "sample sized" dildos… but doesn't mention that the actual dragon dildo would make seven.

No. 709803

>>709802 she's never looked thru the box til now

No. 709805

"I didn't know it came with a syringe"

how on earth did you think it shot out cum??

No. 709808

this ingrate. She pry got it for free from bad dragon too.

No. 709810

she won't stop talking about him making her dinner like that isn't a thing normal couples do every day for each other

No. 709816

describes boring missionary sex it was SO hot

No. 709817

File: 1539238175908.png (40.52 KB, 712x33, 8645368453685364.png)


and then she said "i don't know what to do, though," confirming my theory that she never watched any cam models before deciding to do this full-time

it's pretty basic camming 101 to watch other models before starting yourself so you know what you're doing

No. 709819


It's especially sad that a basic is the one giving her all this advice.

No. 709826

I cant believe she said she got the bad dragon for free from the company after that dude asked. Lmao

No. 709829

offline. she made 10 dollars in the room, maybe another 10 through anonymous/private tips. cam score went down again to 2248

No. 709842

poor alice in chains, layne staley is rolling in his grave (deceased lead singer) kek

anywho, shaytard is a mess as always, on cam an hour late, and is boring all of her 5 actual active customers who care

No. 709843

she literally looks like she has a femboy ballsack here lol

No. 709959

Because she probably did? That’s def a promo package they gave her. So yah she probably did get it from them. They only stopped doing it a few months ago, I think in like June?

No. 710002

Expensive taste? That's hilarious. She doesn't own any expensive or nice items, she got her Prada(could be a knockoff) heels from 4 seasons ago from a THRIFT STORE. She also calls those thrift store heels her "baby". I've never seen her dress well, ever.

No. 710003

She's been scratching herself a lot lately. She prob has fleas or scabies. She's rolling around on that nasty ass carpet. I bet you they didn't even get their floors professionally steam washed before moving in. They're such cheap trash.

No. 710010

She said she watched other cam models before. Now I see why she never likes giving advice, it's because she doesn't have any to give. Drying paint is legit more entertaining that her.

No. 710015

when she was talking about watching them she was saying, "they USED to do this" as in "I watched three years ago before I started camming and have not done any work on learning and improving since then"

No. 710018


Truthfully I can see the logic behind not wanting to watch other cam models? You don't want to make yourself a copy of someone else because they're making $$$ and what works for them might not work for you. That and with how many models there are being yourself/having your own style might be better.

But when it comes to Shay what's working for her really isn't working at all so maybe she should actually watch some shows.

No. 710022

She talked about it during her MV podcast

No. 710035

I consider it research, plus seeing what the competition is doing. You don't just copy them but if you see that they're playing games/offering a raffle, you can out your own creativity into it to make it your own/it's a good place to start off getting ideas. She doesn't even own a lovesense toy which is a big thing these days. I wonder if she knows what that is

No. 710099

Last time I was in Oklahoma, I got eaten up by chiggers. If they've got tall grass and don't bother to contain it I wouldn't be surprised if she's getting eaten up by those little shits.

No. 710122

lol most models that use the lovense are faking it, fun fact. half the time the Bluetooth doesn’t even work. it’s kind of hilarious. Shay wouldn’t even try to fake it, she would be like “oh it’s not working, maybe tip again and it will work?”

No. 710123

Wth is a chigger? Is it like a flea?

No. 710137

Man shay can really fill a thread. I feel like her old one was barely a week old??

No. 710145


chiggers are like a kind of mite, they're normally super small and they like to chill in tall grass and shit.
they're all around the creeks in my area and my sister got them in a new tattoo once.
They itch like all fuck, and sometimes there are bites like a mosquito bite or "patchy" and they can look like a rash.
pretty sure theyre an arachnid.

i doubt it was chiggers, because she always scratched herself in Seattle too.
i think the girl just constantly itches as an impulse kind of thing.

No. 710159

well she barely washes her clothes and at this point is sitting in a bathtub for an hour so her skin is probably super fucking dry and irritated. If she moisturized at all it would probably help but she’s too lazy for that.

No. 710160

File: 1539274263136.png (317.06 KB, 1242x2208, 15BAAE04-6FE2-4AFA-AA0C-7D325B…)

(1/3) giving out rude “advice” I thought people were supposed to pay $100 for that vital groundbreaking advice?

No. 710161

File: 1539274287186.jpeg (883.72 KB, 1242x2142, DEB918FC-7998-49AD-99F1-421D00…)


No. 710163

File: 1539274306588.jpeg (545.58 KB, 1242x1969, ACA81003-EBEC-4FB0-9279-6B0E71…)


No. 710182

That's so disturbing. I thought it was the norm to get your carpets steam cleaned before moving in. You never know what the other people before you had.

No. 710194

File: 1539276549665.png (15.58 KB, 514x246, Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 12.49…)

Fupa following in Shays footsteps and getting added to blocklists

No. 710219

>anon: asks for advice
>only advice is move to Twitter and… Ask for advice from other people?

She realized she had no advice to give because she has no idea what she's doing and got mad lol

No. 710233

I read that as "The wheel of autism"

No. 710242


She said it’s not some easy thing where you have followers to start out with and automatically make bank and then immediately backtracked by saying she was fortunate enough to start off with all these followers. That was your intial thought Shayna just say it. You thought it would be easy too and that all these people would buy your shit.

No. 710279

Tfw you brag about having 100k+ followers on social media but can hardly maintain 10 viewers during cam sessions. Such fame

No. 710309

File: 1539284807734.jpeg (207.18 KB, 1242x1014, A7EA2E89-9264-4834-81D3-49832A…)

“Necessary props”

Shayna stop being such a scamming liar and then revealing the scam. At least try to be a good scam artist.

No. 710312

File: 1539285002483.gif (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 332x332, 7FA49C0B-2538-444C-BCC8-C5C239…)

(1/2) Snow White is supposed to be a naive, young, innocent character. Not a brazen alcoholic auntie with puffy dark undereye circles and wine red lipstick.

For fucks sake at least TRY to emulate the character you are cosplaying. Capture the innocence, use it to your advantage. Isn’t she all about being a sweet innocent baby? This should have been easy for her.

No. 710314

File: 1539285134330.gif (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 332x332, EFC6F92C-F009-44F1-8302-40E7DD…)

(2/2) she’s losing weight too, at least in the stomach area. yet her face and neck are still bloated from all the alcohol. Her body basically looks like she barely eats and just drinks alcohol constantly. That and sugary Gatorade. Healthy and thriving, this one.

No. 710315

She looks like Snow White after being poisoned. Her face is just scary looking

No. 710318

She tries so hard to be sexy and just fails. Should've gone for 'cute porn' instead

No. 710328


augh you gave me shivers, I haven't thought about them in years
on an unrelated note, TIL I learned that everything I knew about them was a myth.
I was told that they burrow into your skin and you had to suffocate them with clear nail polish

I did that for so many summers
I feel betrayed

No. 710345

Idk why anon pressed about her attempting to be “sexy” or “not innocent enough” or whatever
Who gives a shit about portraying Snow White true to character it’s rp porn not a broadway production. I’d take alcoholic aunt trying to get her limp dick husband to fuck again over the disgusting crackhead daddy fucks me toddler shit any day

No. 710349

File: 1539287722824.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1890, 3EFD1BAD-12C0-4C02-9176-1CEEB0…)

She’s on cam

No. 710353

she looks dead lol shayna that black hair make you look ike a corpse

No. 710357

She has no idea how to be Snow White. It's really pathetic

No. 710358

Can somebody direct me to what’s going with her and you’ve been warned? They were all up each others asses and then they moved in together and nothin

No. 710359

Well because her whole shtick is “innocent dumb baby” and Snow White is the epitome of innocence you’d THINK she would go for that. But instead she went for this brazenly sexual version which just seems odd, both for what she claims is her brand, and also for the character. Watch her try to play Harley Quinn all innocent ~**uwu baby**~ daddy love me bullshit.

An innocent nun would be hot. an innocent Snow White would be hot. A crazy, openly sexual Harley Quinn would be hot. You feel me?

No. 710360

No one really knows tbh

No. 710361

She looks good with dark hair but her makeup does her no favors. Her makeup is what ages her, because she has no idea how to switch it up.

No. 710362

Is there like, a huge black dirt smudge on her wall?

No. 710364

Considering this is Shay, probably, but it could also be because of filters.

No. 710366

It looks almost like a smudge on the lens

No. 710372

She’s really fucking rude to people on cam wth.

No. 710378

Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't she say the last time she went online, that she would have games ready for today? It doesn't look like she has anything new today

No. 710380

She just told someone who knew her location that they were lying? That they’re like purposely stalking her or some shit. Is she not aware that her info is public, like where she lives?

No. 710381

She's calling out love4blondes? Calling them a skake? What happened?

No. 710382


apparently he gave out her location last time she was on cam. Then he said he found it by looking it up so she banned him and is now declaring him a creepy snake.

No. 710385

yeah I’m really confused too. She’s mentioned her location on cam soooo what’s the problem?

No. 710387

its not like shes shy about it on her blog, and that's where she promotes her camming so? Why wouldn't customers know where she is?

No. 710388

She says she's putting herself out there and risking a lot just by being on cam with "all these people in the room" yes all 7 people and 33 guests/farmers.
I think she was hinting that he was a farmer basically.

No. 710389

She’s a blubbering idiot. She has mentioned her location on cam before, and if you look her up you can find out she’s in Oklahoma with her Fupa daddy.

No. 710391

If they weren’t they probably will be now, like her customers that she’s fucked over. Lmao.

No. 710392

Shes so fucking dumb. Is she aware that there are camgirls much more popular than her and it's not difficult to find their general location. It's not like anyones giving out her town or exact address

No. 710403

File: 1539290457055.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.29 KB, 947x738, wtfff.jpg)

I just entered her room while she was attempting some sort of dance or strip tease and I've been laughing hysterically for like 3 minutes.

No. 710404

Plus she’s already been doxxed. What is she so worried about? Her info has been out there for a while.

No. 710407

Are those finger guns?

No. 710408

File: 1539290709950.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.01 KB, 824x1800, puke.jpg)

When she turned around, I got a good look at her crotch and almost puked. Seriously, why is she a cam girl. Those are some bad breakouts

No. 710411

She just banned someone who asked how Oklahoma's been and asked why people think its ok to give out her location lol

No. 710412

the location that she gives out herself lmao

No. 710413

She's talking about her snapchat, how she has 500 ppl on there. But now she's saying she doesn't even know how to view her friends. She's on her phone trying to figure out how to see how many friends she has.

No. 710414

Someone told her she had to manually count. "I'm not gonna sit here and manually count"

So.. how'd she get the 500 count in the first place?

No. 710417

Someone trying to get their videos they got from her, but she's giving them a long drawn out directions to follow, that sound like nothing she's given out to anyone in the room before.

She's making them get a twitter and shit

No. 710421

that doesnt make any sense… like at all

No. 710424

she’s previously told people to either talk with her on Snapchat or twitter if they haven’t received content that they paid for. She basically forces them to either purchase her snapchat or make a Twitter in order to get content they’ve already paid for.

It’s been said already, she’s a scammer.

No. 710428

She just got on and is already talking about going offline in 30/5 minutes

No. 710450


So she couldve just PMed these people the links, but instead she's making them et a twitter, or forcing them to buy her snap, just to send her a message about the videos that they already bought, that she wont read.

WTF. The guy paid for it, give him his vids. He's the only on who tipped you, now ur gonna scam him?!

No. 710452

File: 1539293072473.jpg (33.89 KB, 532x177, goal.jpg)

Someone just asked if they gave her all their tokens, would she edge 9 times

She said "how much do you have.i'll only do it for 1000"

When her goals says: 426 til edging 10 times.

she totally forgot what her tipgoal was, and tried to scam some guy out of 1000 tokens.

Now she's begging for someone to end the countdown.

No. 710453

File: 1539293114005.jpeg (449.08 KB, 1242x1474, 387F4700-EC18-4571-8D27-8624CF…)


No. 710455

Now she's talking about leaving.

So one person tipped her 600tk. and gave them shit, but tried to pawn off her snap?

She did nothing the whole stream except her CRINGE weird af dance? and show off her pussy pimples.

Now she's pissed noone is tipping…

maybe try doing something for the tokens..

she's just being super aggressive and rude.

No. 710456

this is the first cam show of hers i've seen and she's just naked looking at the screen singing along, only to break to say that she'll be leaving in like 5 minutes… unless someone wants to buy 8 of her videos lol

No. 710459


Christ that first sentence alone is bad.

No. 710460

She is just an awful cam girl.

No. 710462

Her whole shtick is complaining about her life and pretending to have problems while yelling at her cam room for not tipping and threatening to leave every 5 mins.

No. 710463

She'll be on again at 10 tonight. She says she will go from 10 pm to 1 am, but I'll be surprised if she doesn't get frustrated from the lack of tips and goes offline after 1 hour

No. 710468

how does this ugly asshole have customers still? can't wait for even less people to quit giving her any money, she's making it blatantly obvious she scams everyone and is the shittiest cam girl ever.

No. 710476

She could at least try to be a good scam artist, but she’s too lazy for that. Geez.

No. 710497

can't you get your account suspended for posting shit like this?

No. 710499

>I'm really depressed because I can't make amateur porn
Not sure what kind of response that anon expected from Shay lmao, she's not the least bit qualified to give advice on anything like that.

No. 710509

I wouldn't be surprised since she banned one of her usual chatters and she barely makes any money now. No wonder she's so bitter.

No. 710531

she looks like a villain, not snow white lmao

No. 710545

Lol she gets mad people aren’t chatting with her but then bans the people who do, wth?

No. 710553

I saw where Fupa reblogged some Charles Manson shit. Like what the fuck is wrong with this dude? He's not even adding comments to Shays reblogs anymore he's just doing it to make it look like he still cares. I mean, we all knew their relationship would flop but I didn't think it would be this quickly… I can't WAIT to see what she comes up with when shit hits the fan.

No. 710568

At least she bought props with it kek

No. 710571

i understand enjoying serial killers because of a psychological fascination, it’s interesting to try and understand why they do such terrible things. but enjoying them because of the acts they commit/how they commit those heinous acts is really really disturbing.

No. 710576

anons, what the fuck is this gif of shayna? what is she doing and what's it from? it makes me irrationally angry

No. 710577

he's just an edgy bitch

No. 710578

which gif?

No. 710582

first time watching her live today and it was just…wow. Can't believe i used to feel bad for her lol

I think anon meant the one in the OP?

No. 710643

shaynas breakdown and then happiness as soon as she got attention makes me think she has bpd(armchair)

No. 710645

Not to tinfoil/armchair but I think you've got a good theory there
All the more reason for her to see a therapist instead of self-medicating

No. 710652


psychfag here. While some of her behaviors definitely point to those, it's impossible to tell what is fact vs. fiction when it comes to Shay. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had none of what's been mentioned and is just acting a certain way for attention/to make people speculate.

No. 710653


which is why people shouldn't be diagnosing someone over the internet

No. 710655

File: 1539310424295.jpg (77.04 KB, 258x585, y577.jpg)

No. 710657

>make money not notes

Except you're not making either?

No. 710658

Shayna honey, get your eyes checked. Your old selfies looked miles better than anything you post nowadays. in some cases, BECAUSE they were clothed. use some critical thinking sweetie

No. 710662

The only appeal she ever had was being a stoner blog for years and the prospect of seeing her naked. But after posting her below average nudes/porn, and show casing her disgusting pussy, there's NO allure left. None. Non-Existent. Also adding, she had a giant bush when she first started doing porn, then she shaved it off and exposed her breakouts.

Her body's not hot. She's built like boy with trunk legs, no waist, no shape, no tits, uneven nipples, and the worst is the boils and pimples all over her pussy and the constant asscne. You would think for someone to pursue a career in porn, that they'd have attractive/healthy looking genitals. Instead of a ballsack pussy riddled with boils, zits, and whiteheads she constantly picks at.

All she really has is an over inflated ego and shit ton of confidence that she got from yrs of tumblr use, where everyone tries to hit on you and calls you hot.

No. 710664


Yeah that's the point I was trying to make. It's really not hard, especially over the internet, to mimic behaviors that you KNOW will garner attention and sympathy from people. With Shay, it's easy to see how it would be faked because of how easily she can turn the sadness/destructive behaviors off when she is given attention/money.

I know a lot of us felt bad or concerned when she was having meltdowns and vagueposting about having issues. Keep this all in mind next week when she's "horrible depressed" and drinking herself to sleep.

No. 710665

File: 1539311724160.jpg (18.01 KB, 274x355, 444.JPG)

Can't believe they're calling her back.

No. 710666

god i hate the way she talks so fucking much

No. 710667

It's so cringey. I get secondhand embarrassment after reading anything she writes. That's the typing style you grow out of after you finish junior high school.
Then again, that's the age range she's trying to emulate sooooooo

No. 710669

when she says "prons" all i think of is prawn and that shes going to LA to fuck shrimp, which wouldn't even be a surprise tbh

No. 710671

File: 1539312691980.jpg (115.75 KB, 622x245, 86.jpg)

It's ridiculous when she tries to jump on this like it applies to her. Sex work is work, true. Cam work can be and is a lot of work, but Shayna, doesn't work very hard. She about puts the same effort as someone getting ready in the morning picking out clothes. She thinks picking out backdrops and props on amazon is work. She can't even manage to tolerate 2 full hours of stream time. She has no people skills, and her customer service is nonexistant.

She EXPECTS money because she's naked. She doesn't WORK for it. She thinks just bc your broadcasting nude people HAVE to pay you. Her audience get so bored that they're the ones suggesting activities.

No. 710672

Sage for no milk but someone made a catfish account of her on POF??


No. 710673

if you're younger than 23 and not from the US, chances are it's just not something you ever heard/read

It's an outdated writing style that was only used by teens in the late 00s/early 10s. extra cringey imo

No. 710674

funny how they're all old pics of her because everyone knows shes gross as fuck now…well more so than before

No. 710675

you're right sex work is real work, but we'll see if she shows up on time for her shift in 6 minutes. she's never online when she says she will be, she leaves early, and she doesn't do ANYTHING to engage her customers. she's supposedly coming on tonight with games/fun things to do on the stream. we'll see what happens.

No. 710678

She sees all these sex work positive posts, and automatically feels as if they shield her from criticism that she doesn't put in effort.

Her stint at olive garden pretty much best describes her work ethic. She was a server who got up and quit. She expected to make money just by the act of serving food, totally ignoring the whole aspect of customer service, hospitality, dining experience, etc..

She's the same way in her sex work. She sits in a room, and thinks just bc she is on cam that people automatically have tip her, and gets angry when they don't. Completely ignoring all other aspects of the job. Like having a personality, activities, showing off, dancing. She's incredibly lazy. For someone who doesn't have the looks to use a crutch, she shouldn't be so lazy.

No. 710679

alright her shift has started! let's see how late she is. she sets her hours yet can't even stick to her own schedule. she would be fired in any other occupation for showing up late all the time

No. 710684

Oh god don't give her ideas. We all know she has an affinity for shoving shit up her ass, regardless of cleanliness or safety.
Imagine, if you will, "Dolley Mattel in Fishy Barbie" over a gif set of her shoving cocktail shrimp up her ass.
Excuse me while I dry heave.

No. 710691

To no one's surprise she's already 20 minutes late.

No. 710692

There's literally nothing she could be doing rn to make her late

No. 710695

File: 1539314907430.jpg (16.73 KB, 266x248, ade.JPG)

She's on Tumblr being bitchy to asks.

No. 710698

she posted her schedule right around the time she should have been logging on. no excuses that she "forgot" since it's front and center on her blog.

No. 710701


lol pretty sure the anon meant that if her ads aren't actually reaching a wide audience, she must not be making a lot

which is true when it comes to camming

No. 710707

File: 1539315313707.jpg (29.45 KB, 319x368, lol.JPG)

Was browsing the cams available under Dolly's nonexistent one and this one cam is literally showing The Mask and has 116 people in it. Dolly can't even do something that basic as show a film and just sit there raking in tips.

No. 710725

one hour late. wonder how long she'll be on, if she ever does arrive

No. 710727

I’ve actually heard that you can get your account shut down for doing that.

No. 710728

File: 1539317190281.jpg (9.77 KB, 248x203, Untitled.jpg)

coming online soon

No. 710730

File: 1539317198553.jpg (12.76 KB, 258x190, late.JPG)

That's twice now she's been an hour late and needed Asks to remind her. Starting to wonder if she's given up on liveshows or if Fupa is trying to get her to stop doing them.

No. 710735


What's sad is that she doesn't realize how boring she is to watch. She thinks that just showing up and sitting on cam means people should tip her to get naked. That's it. She expects people to tip her because she's on cam lol.

Like the whole point of camming is to engage with a live girl, otherwise people would just go watch porn. Flirt, play games, have conversations, etc. She just sits there answering questions rudely in monotone and then complains about how hard her life is uwu won't someone tip her to drink wine that's already drinking?

No. 710737


No. 710738

File: 1539317468581.jpg (26.84 KB, 437x329, jenga.JPG)

She's talking to her entire audience of 20 guest farmers about her Jenga set.

>Do I have to do this myself? I don't want to do anything by myself!

No. 710741

god damn it; for half a second i was excited

No. 710743

Looks like it'll just be her and Harley.. as usual.

No. 710747

so you have to tip her over 2 dollars to pull one jenga piece out? and that's it, no sexy element? what the fuck lol she is so clueless it's painful

No. 710748

And only 1 hour and 3 minutes late. Nice job Shay.

No. 710752

File: 1539317797500.jpg (24.76 KB, 430x321, oops.JPG)

I was trying to cap that I'm pretty sure she's not wearing underwear (said she "didn't want to change") and she went "Oops, that's not good" and shut her cam off. Did she knock the wine over?

No. 710753

omfg kek x1000 I was wondering where she went already. I am dying

she's wearing black panties I think

No. 710756

If she had actual furniture to set the glass on this wouldn't have happened. Get it together girl

No. 710760

File: 1539318057666.jpg (21.73 KB, 433x322, rug.JPG)

Yikes. With her tossing stuff left and right to 'clean' the area, I'm not surprised.

She's back and on the nasty old rug… and now she's gone again.

So she was an hour late, shut cam down due to spill, and then left to go downstairs.

No. 710761

Shes deffo not wearing underwear lol

No. 710763

An hour late to cam, 5-10min in she spills her wine and leaves? wow.

No. 710765

File: 1539318136476.jpg (25.51 KB, 435x326, wine.JPG)

Spill your last glass of red wine on the blanket? Time to open a new bottle.

No. 710767

File: 1539318234602.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.62 KB, 423x325, yikes.JPG)

Confirmed, she's not. Said she didn't want to change before stream so she was likely late due to Fupapa sex.

No. 710768

damn her ass crack is just black as night then because I coulda sworn I saw a black thong.

also, ew. even though sex with him probably only lasts 10 minutes max.

No. 710769

File: 1539318384086.jpg (24.01 KB, 433x326, scratchie.JPG)

>I had an ex boyfriend of mine try to get the cork out of my wine with a screwdriver and broke it and it went into the bottle. I was like there's floaties in my wine and I'm literally going to whine.

And she's back to scratching herself. So far no tips and only her female followers are chatting. Says she's going to do a video soon in the hoodie she's wearing.

No. 710771


she looks like a fucking alien in that screenshot

No. 710772

She also said she's been to Italy. has she?

No. 710777

She just asked why there are 36 guests in her room. I get that a lot of guests are probably us farmers but shes honestly so fucking boring to watch.

No. 710779

File: 1539318733653.jpg (96.03 KB, 1105x417, why.JPG)

>How do I have 36 guests here? Like why are you here? What do you want?

As opposed to her Tumblr followers? The only people that show up for her shows are her female followers and farmers. The only tips she gets are from Harley and Silver.

No. 710781

can confirm that at least one of the premiums is a farmer too. we're all farmers here. except for harley

No. 710782


Also look how many guests are in the top girls' rooms. She really doesn't know shit about camming, does she?

No. 710783

Forgot to add in this I only highlighted the names I remembered. The others may be her Tumblr people as well for all I know.

No. 710784

does anything sexy ever happen in her streams? because every single time i log on, its just her talking.

No. 710786

Nope. I don't know why she hasn't just switched to CamYou. She'd actually get tipped there just because she's clothed.

No. 710792

She would have to actually be interesting for that

No. 710793

she just said she plays "an abundance of different music"

this is the first time i've ever heard her playing anything besides doo wop but ok

No. 710796

I love how unprepared she is with this Jenga. Didn't even think about the fact that she can't play it on a carpet, didn't write anything on the blocks, already had it in the topic but had no idea what she actually wanted to do with it.

No. 710797

Scammer Mattel kek

No. 710800

"man, i'm a bitch"

It's becoming self-aware.

No. 710803


silvertungg is gonna get banned lmao just proving to shay how absolutely pg-13 her stream is

No. 710805


Not sure if that's a farmer but regardless, how can you be mad at someone for wanting to know what they might pay for??

No. 710807

She just said she has to completely rebuild her Jenga tower because some of the words are upside down.

No. 710810

Fake ass "ocd"

No. 710815

aka "i've been online for 45 minutes and have yet to get tipped anything because I'm so fuckin boring, all I've done is stack a jenga tower three times"

No. 710817

Pretty sure I’ve been in her room before when she said she wants to go to Italy. That was in the past couple of months.

No. 710820

She really has no idea how to get her viewers engaged and give them something to tip for. It's not like she just brought out the jenga, she was talking about doing this yesterday so she had time to prepare something. How lazy can you be.

No. 710822

She left to get markers, I'm assuming to write something on the blocks

No. 710824

right? like there's NO incentive to tip for it, it will take 20+ tips before it will fall. so people are just supposed to throw money at her to play a normal ass game of jenga? hoping that it will eventually tumble?

No. 710826

i cant believe her audience is having to give her advice on what to do right now lol this is embarrassing

No. 710827

we are literally doing her job for her at this point. this is shit she should have prepared before she ever turned the camera on.

No. 710830

She said she's pretty smart…..lmao

No. 710831


which would be sad considering silver also said they get paid tomorrow and are gonna come to the cam tomorrow lol so shay would be banning someone who actually makes her money

No. 710832

"this is really complicated"

dude just randomly put colors on the blocks real fast this isn't that fucking complicated

No. 710835

I swear to god this bitch has a phd in wasting time

No. 710837

by the time the game is actually ready to play she'll decide its time to get off

No. 710838

oh no someone came in actually asking sexual questions lmao this will end well

No. 710839


You can, but admins don't monitor it that well.

No. 710845

She has a potential costumer right now and is paying no mind to him lol

No. 710848


its like she is actively trying to avoid him so she doesnt ACTUALLY have to do anything sexual. mind you this guys account is as old as 2012, so he probably yunno, actually tips. oh well tho

No. 710853

meanwhile her camscore is falling, falling…

No. 710855

"I just don't wanna use a bandanna!"

Why???? It's a piece of cloth in your mouth and you'll make money. I don't understand this girl at all. She is being such an asshole to this dude trying to give her money.

No. 710857

She literally puts unwashed dildos in her boil ridden vagina but cringes at the idea of using a bandanna as a ball gag. What the fuck.

She wasted all this time writing on the blocks, because she was writing on the top this whole time.

No. 710862

Shit like this makes me wonder what she does in her free time. She doesn't do anything except lay up in her house, so shouldn't she be coming up with ideas for her shows, or at the very least, improving her set up?

No. 710864


fr does she even have any goddamn interests? I never hear her talking about video games or movies or any hobbies. Literally the only thing I know she does is watch American Horror Story and Spongebob. She's so fucking boring.

No. 710866

an hour and a half in she finally gets tipped a dollar and 25c. nice wage there shay

No. 710867


I've been here for an hour and a half now and this is the most boring thing I've ever forced myself to watch lol cya later Shay, congrats on your $1 an hour

No. 710868

She just said "what do you call these?" then held up the Jenga box and said "oh, blocks."

So smart, Shay.

No. 710869

literally been referring to them as blocks the whole time lol

No. 710871

Its almost time for her to go off cam, and she still hasn't done anything. I wonder if shes gonna make up for the time she missed and actually give herself time to play the game and do some kind of show, or just complain about getting no tips and go offline. Hmmm…..

No. 710872

placing my bet now: she will complain and get offline.

No. 710874


She's so fucking boring, how do people watch this garbage seriously?! I clicked onto another girl and the mood was completely different. Sexy outfit, nicely done make-up and hair, engaged with her audience… I don't get how legit people watch her, because we all know those guests are farmers.

No. 710877

that got me heated. if you're going to charge for it, play it fucking right

No. 710880

File: 1539323318671.png (199.25 KB, 817x174, 784658745368453433.png)

very not surprising

No. 710885


Anon, I hate you for making me relive that.

No. 710891

She got tipped for a gag and didn't even doing it

No. 710895

She made 159 tokens. Was on from 11 pm - 1 am . Will apparently be back online from 10 am - 1 pm.

No. 710896

cam score down to 2196. at this rate she's dropping below 2000 before the month is over

No. 710901

>About Me: hey daddy!!! I go by Dolly Mattel but you can just call me Dolly or Princess. I'm 21, but I'll be a submissive teenage barbie at heart 4 like, ever!! My hobbies include shopping, drinking milkshakes, and being the cutest living thing on the planet. I can't guarantee you wont fall in love with me, Daddy!


No. 710911

how much is 159 tokens in actual money?

No. 710914

No. 710916

No. 710919

No. 710920


Whats with the anayltics next to the heart. Is Shayna selfposting?

No. 710922


thanks pals. lol nice shay you made minimum wage only that was after 3 hours of being on instead of what a real job would pay which is around 7.95$ per one hour. but you know, shay totally makes 55,000$ yearly and rich men always give shay their kids trust fund money.

No. 710923

Could it be a plug-in someone has? No way she would be self posting?!?!!?

No. 710930

It's possible this is the only social interaction she gets in that Tulsa walk-in closet between sad girl naps.

No. 711002

pretty dumb if she is lol not even supplying milk or interesting commentary
anyway it's certainly not unheard of for a cow to pop into their own threads

No. 711012


I actually really like that outfit on her, flatters her so much more than the pink hoodies. Sometimes it's just harder for people to pull off certain colours

No. 711027

yeah oversized hot topic hoodie and vagina hanging out is a great look for her

No. 711028

File: 1539347445830.jpg (24.99 KB, 246x306, props.JPG)

No. 711031

She went to Italy with her dad like 3 or 4 yrs ago. She mostly took photos of her outfit, and talked about how there were like guys calling her pretty or some shit. They're in her archives.

No. 711032

Don't forget the % that MFC keeps, on top of the conversion.

No. 711033

It's def a plug in.

No. 711051

What's the plug in? Do you know?

No. 711064

I agree with the other anon. Pink washes her skin our and makes her look even more unhealthy than she already is. Plus she's going to have her puss hanging out either way, at least this way we aren't getting blinded by an off-color hoodie that could rival in Luna's filthiness.

No. 711073

Is/was her father abusive or something? Sounds like she was spoiled and they had a good relationship. Why is she this way? Sometimes I wonder if she’s seriously mentally ill

No. 711074

thats the analytics page for twitter not a plug in

No. 711075

that is already taken into account (mfc doesn't take half of the tokens tipped)

No. 711076

I'm more inclined to believe it's the person who uploaded that shitty shooped tumblr post with the crooked options. Unless farmhands can link it to her location or something i don't think it's her

No. 711077

File: 1539356108379.png (13.63 KB, 454x314, 2018-10-12 10_53_02-Tumblr.png)

lmao why is he such a little bitch about everything

No. 711086

So…why do the poll at all?

No. 711099

File: 1539359586735.jpg (17.6 KB, 239x232, liar.JPG)

Says she's getting her nails done 'tomorrow' >>710894 but then posts half an hour ago that a regular just surprised her with money to get her nails done.

No. 711101

File: 1539359667912.jpg (14.86 KB, 258x222, pubes.JPG)

No. 711105

that mightve just been the more polite way of saying theyre tired of looking at the sores again

No. 711107

that mightve just been the more polite way of saying theyre tired of looking at the sores again

No. 711108

aka the sores are back and we don't want to look at them

No. 711113

Except it was through MV and she can’t take that money out until the pay period is over sooooooooooo

No. 711116

File: 1539361898566.jpeg (671.23 KB, 1242x1049, 6892C4F4-92B2-4D85-8B04-5DE5F6…)

She’s been on cam for about 30 mins and this is her deciding what to do with her nails. It’s fucking annoying

No. 711118

File: 1539362045558.jpeg (652 KB, 1242x926, FFA8E6AF-E31D-43C3-A177-03B3F5…)

And now she’s texting. Riveting entertainment.

No. 711125

i'm sure it'll be the usual pink monstrosities

No. 711129

File: 1539362880683.jpeg (661.81 KB, 1242x1014, 9C6AB0CB-BB78-4228-B5B6-FFACE8…)

No. 711132

Is this MFC again?

No. 711133

God, I hate that hideous beehive thing she does with her hair. It's just sooooo unflattering.

No. 711134

File: 1539363425597.jpg (19.39 KB, 345x260, Capture.JPG)

>Now who's going to tip me to get drunk before I go to the salon? Fine. If no one is going to tip me I'll do it anyway.

Still slapping like a seal and no one is tipping.

Someone commented
>You’re a country girl from dicksy land

And she put on a hick accent and went "Like Wizard of Oz? This SURE ain't Dicksy land anymore!"

No. 711136

File: 1539363487160.jpg (24.71 KB, 553x113, harley.JPG)

Isn't harley the landwhale bdsm chick?

No. 711137

KEK YES, trying to let everyone know she eats salad occasionally. But probably eats like 2 full chef salads and thinks it’s healthy.

No. 711138

She has 50 people in there but can’t manage to get a tip. Do something.

No. 711139

File: 1539363913983.jpg (20.17 KB, 354x263, grannyshay.JPG)

>You ever see people posting overly cringey shit on the internet and you're just like.. giiiirl.

>I know it's the internet but it's just like.. I don't know.. I just feel bad sometimes. Like noooo. Noooo.

>Like this girl.. She posted "Whenever I put on cute clothing and my boyfriend complains about it and I'm just like I want to be cute" and everyone is like dump him! And she's like "But I love hiiiim!" and I'm just like aaaaah.

Sounds familiar doesn't it, Shay?

No. 711143

File: 1539364034322.jpg (77.26 KB, 912x348, schedule.JPG)

>I've been getting more people in my room.. more people chatting.. so I'm going to try next week to try 1 to 3-4pm and then a couple night sessions? I'm not sure yet.

No. 711144

File: 1539364073459.jpg (17.14 KB, 548x43, uhh.JPG)

Just how old is Harley?

No. 711146

This burgundy actually suits her much better than the pink, but her head and body are so mismatched, totally different looks

No. 711147

File: 1539364288624.jpg (76 KB, 774x353, tips.JPG)

>It's just been a weird week.. like I don't even know. It's just been a weird week. Like the last time I moved times I lost all my regulars. And the time before that when I moved I lost all my regulars. Even when I kept the same times!

Got tipped $1 and didn't even notice because she was on her phone.

No. 711152

Some guy tipped to spin the wheel, it landed on "punch face" and he got awkward and responded "is that something u enjoy?"

Even random dudes on MFC are put off by her as she just sits there and scratches her arms and slaps her thighs.

Also someone asked about panties for sale and she said she's trying to sell candy lingerie she wore for a video. So when she moved she brought that nasty shit with her. Also she doesn't have any panties available for sale like she can't go to her wardrobe and just pick a pair?

They said they'd DM her and she replied "You'll have to follow me on Twitter. I don't DM here."

…is any of this actual camgirl logic??

No. 711155

Customer engagement = money. Why does this moron block any customers who actually want to engage with her? She should be grateful anyone is willing to throw money at her boil riddled ass.

Is she slow or something? Does she have a learning disability? I'm sincerely asking because the way she acts is just bizarre. This idiot has no social skills.

No. 711159

Honestly think she's just thick as shit

No. 711160

File: 1539365345458.jpg (18.59 KB, 352x256, slap.JPG)

>If someone ends this countdown right now (458 tokens) I'll give you porn. I'll give you 10 free videos to get me naked. I just want to get naaaaaaked.

Completely silent chat and no tips. She just sits there scratching, singing along, and ignoring everyone that comes in until they leave a minute later.

>Believe it or not I have not done my makeup today. I want to take a shower and get ready to get my nails done. This is so slooooow!

Someone finally tipped 22 with "Let's see where this leads.." to spin the wheel. They won 'pussy spank'. Poor bastard.

>Ooooww that hurt! There's totally a wet spot on my shorts. Oopsie!

The baby voice is making me die inside. But the tipper liked it and she's just giggling and then ignoring him again and his attempts to get her to talk to him. She's already singing along to songs again and making no attempt to coax him into tipping for something else.

I've noticed the common theme here is that if the person talking isn't one of her fangirls she gives them 5 sec of interaction for tip then ignores them until they tip again.

No. 711161

>candy lingerie video
What the actual fuck, how old are those by now? A year? They must be growing mold by now.

No. 711162

File: 1539365449383.jpg (40.62 KB, 555x194, what.JPG)

He finally had to ask how she was today to get her to talk him. He's got a sub and everything and she's ignoring the conversation starter to talk about getting her nails done.

And then this guy showed up?

No. 711165

File: 1539365707067.jpg (19.57 KB, 346x263, shaywhy.JPG)

Okay so her top tipper paid to spin the wheel and got slap face and she said "You can respin for 5 tokens" despite him being there when she offered the other guy a respin for free.

Scammer Shay at it again.

I'll admit she's making more money this show though and 75% of it is from this one guy.

And then she goes on a 3 minute talk about how hot she is to herself and how everyone should get her naked.. before picking hair and lint off her dildo then getting up to go wash it off. All the while this guy is still waiting for his tip reward.

No. 711166

File: 1539365724745.jpg (33.96 KB, 837x736, 1524100766172.jpg)

absolutely haram

No. 711169

File: 1539365919814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,843.43 KB, 1125x1608, E1979C1D-8464-4B49-9BA9-C6BBBC…)

Lmaooooo whos grandma is this?!

No. 711170

File: 1539365968825.png (150.71 KB, 617x462, 8744658456864584568.png)


No. 711173

I guess you’ve never heard of college?

No. 711174

File: 1539366120601.png (Spoiler Image,246.23 KB, 577x435, yikes.png)

No. 711175

Omg lmfao someone come pick up your grandma she’s shoving things in her mouth again

No. 711176

Implying someone like Harley could and would get into college.

No. 711177

File: 1539366236442.png (Spoiler Image,242.49 KB, 613x451, 48469465.png)

Looks like she's really enjoying herself.

No. 711180

looks like she's trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose

No. 711181

She keeps talking bout how her bong broke as if fupa didn't break it, if it was me I would complain about how someone broke my bong, and how they should buy me a replacement.
She says she's gonna buy a new one herself.

No. 711182

wow, she can put the tip of a dildo in her mouth. such blowjob. very pleasure.

No. 711184

Shay high/drunk is so obnoxious to watch.

>scratches arms

>scratches legs
>messes with chest
>cracks knuckles
>slaps thighs
>picks at skin

She wanted tippers to chip in as well to replace her $200 piece. Yikes girl.

No. 711185

Whenever she puts more than the tip in this >>711170 is what you get. It's a lose/lose situation lmfao.

No. 711187

this is the first image in a shay thread where i've actually been horrified and wished i could delete the memory. 10/10 screencap anon

No. 711188

Says she plans on going back to Chaturbate. Probably not raking in enough cash so she's just trying to get paid for nothing as many places as possible.

No. 711189

i am so dead at this screenshot L M A O she is so fucking weird looking

No. 711191

>I'm gonna get going here in about 10 minutes or so..

And then she smokes more. I feel bad for the salon workers dealing with her reeking of weed, high off her ass and having had wine as well.

No. 711192

Lol if you can’t cam you can’t cam, changing platforms isn’t going to fix it

No. 711195

When someone couldn't tip:

>Oh no it's fine! I appreciate the chat. Like it's been a weird week. Or a weird couple of weeks. I just appreciate the chat..

Except she bitches when people just chat and don't tip her and then she blocks them.

No. 711196

File: 1539366942411.png (162.7 KB, 528x453, 5.png)

dear god the way her shorts are like riding up her diseased snatch and it's swallowing them whole is truly revolting…
For the love of god PULL THE SHORTS DOWN holy shit.

No. 711197

File: 1539366974819.png (200.65 KB, 413x323, yikes.png)

oozing sex appeal as always

No. 711198

Also can you even see her "wet spot" she keeps talking about?
Because to me it looks like the fucking sahara.

No. 711200

She's getting stupidly excited about nail salons with wine and massage chairs. And how in Seattle she couldn't find one unless she went 20-30 min away which was 'soooo much' to do by Uber because she was spoiled and didn't like the bus.

Only white trash could get impressed by Walmart wine at a salon for free to soccer moms.

Aaaand she just confirmed her favorite wine is the one she's drinking now which is "$9 cheapass Walmart"

No. 711201

She has to hike them up past her belly button to make it look like she has an ass, it’s hilarious

No. 711202

Fuckin lord she just said she doesn't feel like showering so she's going to just change and go to the nail salon as is.

And now she's complaining that she set up Jenga for nothing today.

No. 711219

I'm crying lol how is this so hard for her??

No. 711228

You shoulda heard the noise she made when that happened, and then like 3 times after that again lmfao. Sexy, thriving.

No. 711530

File: 1539389761576.jpeg (127.55 KB, 1242x413, CFD3FE37-F454-47C6-BD8A-AC64A4…)

She starting drinking at 10am, wtf Shayna get it together

No. 711536

Why would they pay her $300 when growing out your pubic hair is free and clearly better for her??

No. 711593

Dude, she's going to get so fat if she keeps this up. I genuinely wonder if she's bulimic. The sunken eyes, dehydrated as fuck looking, how much she drinks. If she ate normally on top of all the alcohol she consumes, she'd chub up rapidly.

The girl ain't right.

Also, I'm apparently in a mood to sperg so here we go. What gets me is, Shayna could still work the uwu bbgirl thing on other sexwork platforms and do fine. Phone sex sites have a market for that shit and there is a TON of money in phone sex. She could do fetish clips. You can make decent money doing random shit on Clips4Sale. Balloons. Bubblegum is HUGE. (Seriously.) ABDL. All that dumb shit. But she won't explore suitable platforms.

She's either painfully stupid or delusional. She wants to cling to the fake baby crap and try to hype herself up like some sort of ddlg celeb when there's zero market for it, especially on vanilla platforms like Manyvids and MyFreeCams. MV and MFC are the "trendy" places to be in amateur/camgirl circles but she just. can't. hack. it.

TLDR, Shay could make money AND keep her stupid persona but she won't because she's lazy and/or it's beneath her.

No. 711594


yep, keep binging on bar burgers while drinking craft beers and magnums of wine Shayna…i'm ready for the inevitable hambeast phase

No. 711596


That was my post, it's plug in/ browser extension called Social Blade. Here's the live link to that post

Here's to the plug in

No. 711614

Well she has talked about pro-Ana/pro-eating disorder blogs before and how she likes them so much that she has to block them. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s an alcoholic bulimic.

No. 711618

File: 1539396578230.jpeg (104.49 KB, 1242x911, 4CBDB999-8E61-40C0-A9A4-B7524E…)

Why would you ask the pussy pimple queen how to prevent acne? U cray.

No. 711620

Worse than that.

>drinks wine on cam before salon

>gets high on cam before salon
>drinks wine at salon
>drinks at bar after

No. 711622

Not that it matters but fuckin st Ives is known to cause break outs. It’s too harsh of exfoliation and has perfumes and shit in it.

No. 711623

File: 1539397065007.jpg (49.23 KB, 660x330, alcoholic.jpg)

I have visions of future Shay.

No. 711624

Aint that the one with almond shells? Not a good idea down there.

No. 711625

Shay has no room to talk about a 'decent diet' with how much alcohol she drinks

No. 711626

Nor does Fupa, whose slogan is “whataburger; does a body good.”

No. 711628

File: 1539397339766.jpeg (146.44 KB, 1242x678, F3051A44-26C2-4E56-81C9-75CECF…)

Truly just drinking all day.

No. 711631

Tinfoil time. More evidence Shay reads here, she’s now reblogging all this shit from Fupa (which she hasn’t done in ages) and he’s answering her asks.

No. 711632

She talks about ho she doesn't want thinspo blogs interacting with her, but yet she just made a post about how much she loves them. She always contradicts herself and makes herself look like an idiot.

I'm pretty sure that's a troll. Most her nice asks are people trolling her.

This is uncanny. Whoah

No. 711647

File: 1539400276406.jpeg (124.49 KB, 1242x943, 010F99ED-B29D-48D4-A387-B1C447…)

LMFAO, he “corrected” the anon even though they used the correct term. What a fucking moron.

No. 711650

what an idiot

No. 711653

Sadly the “your amazing” is wrong. Still an unrcessary dick move correcting when it was just a compliment.

No. 711659

Shay types like a retarded twelve year old but he never corrects her lol. Nothing says "I'm a big bad Dom" like pointing a harmless spelling error.

No. 711662

Has this jackass seen how Shay spells stuff good lord he is a douchebag

No. 711667

he appreciates that she will do things for him, especially sexually. that's it. he's ashamed of her in public.

still says you're single on your facebook there buddy, how does shay feel about you hiding her?

No. 711669

tbh I don’t even think he’s really answering the questions at all. I’m 100% it’s shay pretending to be him so it looks like they spend time together.

No. 711683

fupapa is so overly defensive shut up dude u knew what they meant lmfao

No. 711685

correcting people's grammar on the internet is so boring. that's like 2008 internet. who fuckin cares as long as you can understand each other, he's just aging himself

No. 711688

I want someone to get into a fight with him one day. I bet he can't hold his own at all

No. 711699

Good lord there is absolutely nothing I hate more than this fucking bitch boy. I don’t know what is is about him, everything he does is just disgusting. You’re a grown man. The amount of validation he needs at “30 something” is outstanding. Also who tells someone who had YOUR KIDS that they’re too fat, while you yourself, are fucking over weight.
She picked a real fucking winner, he got you a cardboard box. I hope it’s worth a life time of solitude and abuse.

Sage for speging, it’s been building up.

No. 711705

File: 1539405547711.jpeg (93.12 KB, 1242x579, A9FAB039-3E80-4544-B352-2124D5…)

No one says superb unironically. Why so cunty Fupa.

No. 711709

I'll fight his ass. I can't stand that soyboy soft voiced fake dom bitch and I bet my 5'2" ass would win. I bet he's never been in an actual fight in his life, he just hits women he know won't fight back. Fuck Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma and his weak bitch ass.

No. 711718

This dude is such a faggot jfc

No. 711758

Peep that wet-napkin personality.

Could have said something like “I’m living like a king, with my cute girl and a beer in my hand. Stuffing my melting face with whataburger cause I’m a fat fuck with a tiny cock. “
Like…use that opportunity to totally brag about your awesome new life with your new house and girl???

They both seem very, very happy.

No. 711780

The Fupa psuedo same fagging is getting really cringy, just start a seperate thread for Fupa if he triggers you enough to spam the thread.
Kyle Nathan Perkins is gross but y'all are ignoring mrs day time alcoholic who publicly tracks her downfall to fall over yourselves cause he said "superb"

No. 711799

File: 1539426562785.png (196.78 KB, 456x461, d35.png)


No. 711800

I know mons pubis is a thing, but she just looks like she has a bulge xD such a KaWaIi BaBy~~uwu

No. 711815

does chaturbate allow men? maybe shes planning on getting fupa on there

No. 711816

Yeah I'm pretty sure it does. I don't know why she thinks adding fupa in will make her more money though lol

No. 711821

I have no idea who this lolcow is nor do I care but I can't help wondering what the fuck is up with that gif in op??

No. 711823

No. 711824

lmao agreed

No. 711828

Fupa 100% going through a midlife crisis

No. 711850

>I'm the dom! They should be asking me things!

No. 711880

Honestly though, Kyle needs his own thread. If you're reading this Shay, stop acting like you guys are going great. Even the biggest idiot can tell he doesn't care about you. He treats you like garbage. Get out of that house. Call your Dad and tell him to come get you.

No. 711881

Exactly. Regardless if the anon was wrong, especially considering how Shayna types lykE DizZ. It's ridiculous.

It's just so weird how Fupa listens to 19 or 20 yr old music like lil peep or juice wrld. How is he as 30-something yr old father of 3, ex obese, even relating, it's just fucking weird. Just as weird as the whole, "no I don't do drugs, especially xanax, don't bring it up, cuz it's a touchy subject my sister died from it", but while he glorifies it, reblogging a shit ton of pics of xanax and drug use.

It just looks like a midlife crisis, and it looks mega pathetic.

No. 711889

He really doesn’t though. He doesn’t have enough milk for that tbh.

No. 711890

also can we please stop acting like shayna is some poor abused beaten woman? She’s not. She asked for this, she wanted this, and she’s enjoying it. Stop making her out to be this poor little waif.

No. 711892

And the milk he does have revolves around Shayna

No. 711893

also can we please stop acting like shayna is some poor abused beaten woman? She’s not. She asked for this, she wanted this, and she’s enjoying it. Stop making her out to be this poor little waif.

No. 711894

also can we please stop acting like shayna is some poor abused beaten woman? She’s not. She asked for this, she wanted this, and she’s enjoying it. Stop making her out to be this poor little waif.

No. 711896

And the milk he does have revolves around Shayna

No. 711904

She likes it for now. But it’ll get old. As she ages she’ll get tired of getting hit and talked down too.

No. 711905

Exactly so making a thread about just him would be pointless. He’s just a deadbeat loser, Shayna is the reason for all the milk.

No. 711906

I’m not sure why this posted multiple times, it kept giving me an error. If a farmhand can delete the copies it would be great.

No. 711910


yeah people pitying her is getting really old. at risk of sounding like an asshole, even if she is being abused i don't really care, all of her "struggles" are due to her own choices, it's insulting to real victims of abuse to act like shayna has anything in common with them

No. 711911

yeah but let’s stop acting like she’s this poor abused woman. she’s a fucking scamming piece of shit, why should i feel sympathy for someone who has fucked over so many people? why should I treat her like someone who deserves compassion when she’s literally made fun of Jewish people, homeless people, abuse victims, Black people, and people with mental illness/people who have suicidal ideations. She deserves that thrown right back at her.

No. 711912

plus Shayna has a long history of saying whatever the fuck she feels is gonna have shock value, and not apologizing for the people it affects. Saying shit like “get me a black dildo and I’ll fuck it while wearing a trump mask” or, “I think hitler was a brilliant man” or “people who make gofundmes to get out of abusice situations are stupid”

She doesn’t give a fuck and thinks it’s just ~*baby bimbo tings tehe*~

No. 711924

Glorifies phsyical violence in sexual/romantic situations
Chases men older than her and has spent years underlining her attraction for literal fathers
Constantly blames any negative impact in her life on either being due to her suddenly suffering poor mental health (you cant blame depression when you have never seen a therapist in your life) or because anything other than herself is to blame
Has had no issue throwing rape allegations towards her boyfriend and as loud mouthed about her "traumas" as she is, being sexually abused of any kind has been kindly swept under the rug yet the narrative of her having abusive parents who never supported her "career" choices she still mentions.
Has now been going on for years making it a point that hurting her turns her on

Theres no reason to sit and scream abuse when she has done nothing and i mean NOTHING, besides saying she wants this type of relationship and then when she has to live with it 24/7 shes upset cause being a live in cum rag isn't as fun as she thought it was. She has always been a self destructive mess and her amping up her drinking says nothing other than shes once again dissapointed in her life and is acting out.

They both cheat, take excessive amounts of substances, lie, fabricate alternate personas for themselves, act out, self destruct.
Personally they're a great pair for each other and are on equal level intelligence wise and emotionally, anons tinfoiling that hes some grand sadistic manipulator really miss the point that both are pretty much equally toxic but Kyle Nathan Perkins has had the unfortunate events of getting children in the middle of his dumb Assery.
Rip his fugly fucking ass to shreds but dont try to cape for shay at the same time, cape for the ex wife who probably gets bottom dollar from that guy in child support while Shay drinks her own dildo collection in wine while sobbing cause she broke her bong.

No. 711927

tbh I think shay is a better manipulator than he’ll ever be. he’s just a wanna he edgelord who thinks he knows anything about being a sadist/dom. He thinks being a dom is just telling your sub what to do, making them fuck you whenever you feel like it regardless of their physical and mental state, and making them sleep in a puppy cage as punishment while posting XXXTREMEEE rape, gore, and other disturbing things on your tumblr.

Basically, he’s a full fledged idiot with no real personality. Shayna is an idiot with no personality, but knows how to manipulate her audience into thinking she’s the one true victim and nothing is ever her fault and she’s just a hurt cinnamon roll who keeps having bad things happen to her. She’s really good at her victim game, she knows it works and knows that people will garner sympathy and give her money.

I’m pretty sure they’ve both come up with these ideas of each other that haven’t planned out and now they’re both upset that the tumblr fantasy life they dreamed of isn’t actually real. She’s not really a tiny cute babygirl who understands little space, she’s just a gawky 5’5 twink of a woman who thinks wearing baby clothes and saying daddy is what little space entails. While he made himself out to be this super sadist dom who likes trying new edgy bdsm practices, but in reality is a fat slob who works at a call center in Oklahoma and has an ex wife and three kids and fantiesies of raping someone. I’m sure in their heads they are still trying to make the delusion real, so they drink and drink until reality blurs with delusion enough to make the other seem somewhat attractive.

The whole relationship is a train wreck quite frankly.

No. 711928

*panned out

No. 711932

File: 1539451135789.png (559.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-131755.png)

Sorry about the screenshot, too lazy to edit

No. 711939


She looks like one of the many dudes from the tranny thread that fails look like a feminine woman. And those fucking bangs and lashes tho. Jesus, this is bad. She doesn't have the tits and sex appeal to make it look good.

No. 711940


Where’s that nun outfit from I actually like it

No. 711942


Damn I know anons like to say she looks like a twink but if I didn't know any better, I would have thought this was a drag queen with no padding

No. 711943

The label being on the mesh is triggering me

No. 711945

Why didn’t she crop this at all? Why all the dead space?

Oh yes, aesthetic

No. 711949

The pose isn’t sexy, the face isn’t sexy, the outfit is sexy but god forbid she tries. the laziness just emanates from this photo.

No. 711951

She literally used the exact same makeup from the Snow White video omg.

If she’s going for “real nun” like she said on cam (she talked about how she wanted it to seem like she was a regular non-blasphemous nun and you’d only find out once she revealed the red thong which doesn’t make sense since the outfit is already super revealing) then why would you wear red lipstick and fake lashes? She never thinks anything through but claims she’s such a perfectionist.

No. 711952

Cut out her face and she looks like a pre-op trans twink boy.

No. 711954

File: 1539453071977.jpeg (542.2 KB, 779x1555, A19C1605-882A-490B-AC14-B4CED7…)

what the fuck even is this pose?

No. 711955

Shayna I think that outfit is too small for you sweaty

No. 711956

a weird attempt to look skinny

No. 711957

The cross is supposed to cover your nipple Shay, sort it out.

No. 711965

It makes her look top heavy, and like her hips are even more narrow. Girl learn how to pose.

No. 711966

I remember she talked about that and was saying she had to go to Victoria’s Secret to get a red thong. Why couldn’t she just order one on amazon with all her other shit? So inefficient.

No. 711970

She was camming from the closet this morning, kek


No. 711971

File: 1539454692383.jpg (213.29 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_13102018_1746_MyFr…)

Such a sad setup.

No. 711972

I'm sure if you search "sexy nun" on Amazon it will be the first result. maybe second. we all know Shay can't put in any more effort than that when it comes to her videos

No. 711989

She definitely has huge smudges all over her camera lens. Ffs just wipe off your camera.

No. 711990

My god this screams pathetic. Look at my huge house! So many rooms! But I’m stuck in an empty closet making my makeshift porn

No. 711992

File: 1539456040311.jpeg (123.72 KB, 730x1214, 75ADB87F-8F6E-4F5D-BCDE-4DCFB7…)

It’s dollskill. Seeing it on the model really demonstrates how poor fitting Shays is

No. 711993

Dollskill had this on sale but hers looks so much shittier for some reason. The skirt part is too short and the headpiece is supposed to be the same pvc material. Like she got the knockoff of dollskill already overpriced chinese crap

No. 711994

File: 1539456110370.jpeg (439.17 KB, 1242x778, 3847918B-392B-4195-9F10-282352…)

you cannot tell me this doesn’t look like a teenage twink trying on heels and a tight dress for the first time.

No. 711996


Pretty sure she has some Amazon knock-off or something. The veil is different

No. 712007

File: 1539458061207.jpg (96.62 KB, 539x960, IMG_8759.JPG)

Nah she's had this since her shay-gnar days. Took me forever to find it but here she is in the same costume a few years ago.

No. 712008

File: 1539458112644.jpg (98.95 KB, 539x960, IMG_8758.JPG)

No. 712009

Guessing she lost the veil and ordered a new one on amazon

No. 712012


Their house is so filthy. Out of all the wall space, she couldn't find one without any dirt?

No. 712014

what's that little graph to the right of the likes? how do you get that to show up? sorry, dont use twitter.

No. 712015

No. 712019

>CamScore: 2159

It's gone down at least 300 points in two weeks. I can see why. With all her Fupa Daddy money she could get something in the back to decorate it and make it look less like she's part of a human trafficking ring in a basement somewhere.

No. 712021

This >>712007

And this >>711954

Is not the same person

No. 712022

Im pretty sure thats her snow white make up and she just took rows of pictures on the same day which adds to why its all haggard with bad lighting and even worse posing than usual.

No. 712023

File: 1539459856132.jpg (47.77 KB, 476x527, Capture.JPG)

No. 712041

It’s smudges on her camera.

No. 712049

If I recall from another thread, it’s only on the person who’s account it is view of their tweet to statistically see how many people saw it to a ratio of how many likes it got

No. 712061

File: 1539463102202.png (8.4 KB, 272x36, Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 4.37…)

No, that looks like pic related. >>711596 explained that it's SocialBlade.

No. 712096

File: 1539466968013.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.45 KB, 1125x1152, 115bc738-54fa-4e61-81da-159251…)

Better quality one

No. 712115

File: 1539468480845.png (267.28 KB, 456x810, 1.png)


No. 712116

File: 1539468495363.png (291.49 KB, 456x810, 2.png)


No. 712117

File: 1539468507850.png (275.71 KB, 456x810, 3.png)


No. 712126

this delusional bitch. You are not a porn star, you had a couple of shitty features with your nasty boil covered pussy but that doesn't make you a porn star. you make quarters to punch yourself in the face, Shay.

No. 712127


In reality you have a ballsack pussy covered in boils and a pimpled ass. You sit on a dirty rug in a cardboard box in bumfuck Olkahoma and scratch yourself while drinking cheap wine.

Don't flatter yourself too much, darling.

No. 712137


Here's the original milk and links all about how she started camming, how her family found out, and all the shit about her mom. She lied to people pushing the narrative that her mom was abusive for attention, when she never was.

(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

No. 712138

Her thinking is so warped. Seriously, why is she so delusional, its fucking scary!

No. 712142

Lmao @ her basically saying her mom is a bitch because she wants her to stop embarrassing herself. Shay… That's not a dysfunctional relationship, that's a parent trying to get their child to at least save the last shreds of dignity they have left.

No. 712146

her poor mother. imagine your child growing up to be like shay and you try to tell her how unhealthy her lifestyle is, and that same mistake of a child then blocks you and claims that YOU are the deluded one for not seeing her horrific lifestyle as healthy. ugh. i would kill my kid lol

No. 712148

They did such a shitty job painting, and their place is so dirty. Wtf is that on the all/baseboards. Her hair is so fried. Why is it so dingy? Wash and tone that shit!

No. 712171

Uhhh didn’t she say she stared camming underage in that one video? Shouldn’t that be any parents natural reaction to their minor child doing sex work?

No. 712173


"my brothers friends thought it would be necessary to tell my brother they saw me camming, which is funny considering my mom got more mad at me then she did at my brother for having scummy friends lol that was expected though"

She seriously referred to the cam audience, the people that pay her, as 'scummy' … wtf?

No. 712174

The fact that she thinks she is successful is mind blowing to me. She's 21 now? When did she "move to the west coast"? She's been pooping out toy easter eggs and peeing in toddler training potties for a living. She's literally punching herself in the face for quarters? If she wasn't fupa's live in sextoy, she'd still be in her dirty studio apartment, sleeping on a dirty rug on the floor.

No. 712180

snapchat anon. they're going shooting soon! i love people like this having access to firearms

No. 712182

she's on another level of narcissistic delusion.

No. 712185

File: 1539473553248.jpeg (147.17 KB, 480x426, 6043E8DD-D847-4147-A9A2-9581B9…)

>>711971 Reminded me of some creepy basement/sex trafficking ring lol

No. 712188

This video proves he’s somekind of fuckboy. No man plays with their gun like that

No. 712194

How long has it been since they moved in together? Everything looks like shit

No. 712196

What responsible gun owner just waves
Around a loaded gun like that, playing with the magazines?

Also if you’ve never shot a gun before it’s usually not the best idea to try a handgun first. Usually it’s better to try a small bore rifle to get used to the sensation and control.

No. 712197

Their interactions seem so painfully forced

No. 712198

He seems like the kind that doesn’t understand basic safety around guns. He’ll probably let her shoot it with one hand and laugh when she freaks out from the recoil.

No. 712201

File: 1539475708571.png (294.62 KB, 298x478, goblinmattel.png)

The fact that fupa, a dude who has a history of being an abusive scumbag with violent rape fantasies owns a gun is concerning. Especially with him waving it around like that.

Thanks again though snapchat anon!

No. 712203

Didn't she claim to have a really weak grip due to the "flu shot"? Can't wait for her to drop the gun from the recoil.

Also, how are those fopur inch long fingernails going to fare in all this?

No. 712204


>”I should probably fuck you with this”

>”I’m down”

Yes fuck your girlfriends already infected pussy with a gun you keep in the sweatiest portion of your pants and probably never clean.

Such BDSM. very goals.

No. 712205

mmmmmm yeasty

No. 712206

This honestly pisses me off so much, seeing him wave that thing around like it's a toy. You never ever point a gun at anyone whether it's loaded or not. It's not a fucking toy… That's how people get shot.

No. 712209

Can't wait to see these two idiots on the news someday.

No. 712215

the US needs to tighten it's gun laws so these two ugly stupid cunts can't fuck around with guns like the brain dead tards they are. then again maybe natural selection is good in cases like fupas. i don't wish for shay to shoot herself but fupa is such a bastard i wouldn't mind him shooting his chose off lel

No. 712216


No. 712257

File: 1539480855501.gif (1006.34 KB, 500x288, 29D28A56-2307-47A3-B52D-671DE4…)

Wow, in this short video Fupa managed to break all three of the most basic gun safety rules.
1. Always treat a gun as if it were loaded.
2. Never point at anything you aren’t prepared to kill.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are prepared to shoot.

Fupa is every “”big man”” who goes to a shooting range on the weekend to feel masculine but wouldn’t know proper gun safety if it shot him in the face. I hope the range operator sees him and kicks him the fuck out.

No. 712259

fupa really thinks he's hot shit. he's worse than shay, and i never thought that was possible. lmaooo idk who i hate more

No. 712261

The first thing I see is just boils all over her pussy. It's super concerning that she ALWAYS has a never ending breakout. Like I've never seen her pussy NOT have boils, or pimples. Fupa's acne St. Ives tip isn't helping Shay.

Their interactions are so boring, awkward and cringe. Worse angles for her. Her giraffe is showing. Nails still looking cheap. Her her is wrecked.

No. 712262


Are they drinking standing by their laminate island bc they still don't own furniture? KEK.

No. 712263

File: 1539481559884.gif (1001.15 KB, 322x236, 17788634.gif)

every time shay shows fupa on camera he looks so uncomfortable. is he standing because they only have one chair to sit on?? lmao

pic related. shayna shooting a gun

No. 712269

File: 1539482538235.jpeg (113.46 KB, 750x557, 22839206-5A57-4FF7-B0C4-8378DB…)

Unless the private took like…4 hours or more she still didn’t have time to slap together her windows movie maker unedited footage? Editing her videos can’t take longer than a couple hours and she can let it render while she gets wasted.

Side note: I really hope they film her shooting this gun. Bless you Snapchat anon

No. 712270

Yes, the abusive manlet letting his girlfriend play with guns. I wouldn't be surprised if see them on the news with a headline saying she shot herself.

No. 712271

as if he would even know shit about ranges durrrr whats it mean the range is cold

No. 712272

i wish shay and fupa would go on dr phil

No. 712316

File: 1539490283438.jpg (644.98 KB, 1080x2219, 20181013_231105.jpg)

God I couldn't even read it all. Notice her tag claiming consent lmao

No. 712321


This is actually quite terrifying, even the most experienced of gun owners can have accidents hence why they never put themselves in such stupid situations. I can't believe this fat fuck thinks he's a gangsta. He's either too much of a retard to realise how dangerous this is or he legit doesn't care about Shay at all.

No. 712332

Glad we had to read the same thing 5 times…

No. 712336

Lolcow's been fucking up lately. If you get an error saying your post didn't go through you should check if it did before trying to repost so the threads don't get spammed.

No. 712341

These dumb fucks are going to end up with an accident baby.

No. 712343

Accidental shooting, baby**

FTFY anon.

No. 712350


Shayna’s MFC stats, if anyone cares.

No. 712356


Ah shit, my bad. I had waited but clearly not long enough.

Anyway back to boils McGhee, any recent info on her poor cat? Last time she was mentioned she was fearfully hiding in a closet.

No. 712358

Probably still is, but now that you mentioned it and we know shay lurks, we'll probably see an update on how "rib is adjusting so well with daddy!!! thriving uwu"

No. 712361

Hits the spot? His dick is so small his stomach would hit her first.

No. 712362

on cam a few nights ago she was talking about how much happier ribmeat was in the new house, how she had more room to explore, etc. but she kept stopping and pausing while she was talking. I feel like rib is happier in a bigger house with more room, but that at the same time Shay just pays even less attention to her and is unsure of how she's actually doing other than food/water. I bet all the time shay spent interacting with ribmeat in seattle is now taken up by doting on fupapa.

No. 712379

Snapchat anon! Her cat was chilling in a few videos she posted a few days ago. Seems like Ribmeat is doing okay.

No. 712389

>>says the fuckin loser that plays fortnite for a living

Tbh if you're smart and put the work in you can make a fuckton of money playing games for a living, either through streaming or esports if you're good enough. It's funny to me how she laughs at and looks down on people who do that when she literally can't even keep a cam schedule and barely earns money from her porn, as if she's any better. I honestly respect people who make their living gaming WAY more than I respect Shay, that shit's not as easy as it looks.

No. 712405


it's funny to me that she's trying to shit on people playing fortnite, when twitch streamers easily make more money than her. like… way more money.

and people who play esports are making bank. they do their jobs and work hard, more than can be said for miss ballsack pussy.

No. 712407

Not to mention how people don't view playing video game professionally as a 'diseased' profession. Even if you fail or have minimal success, you can for instance put it on a resume. Games are also more fun and have an inherit quality of being consensual to all participants.

The stigma of being a loser gamer covered in dorito dust and Mountain Dew is still less damaging than being a camgirl.

Also, doesn't the pimple pussy performer herself play games on steam sometimes?

No. 712414


right? plus it's hilarious how shay says they are covered in dorito dust and mountain dew, when nearly all the pro gamers i've seen are well groomed, attractive, etc and she's here shitting out plastic eggs, pissing herself and showing her diseased cunt to the world. she's trying to insult gamers by using a stereotype from 2002 that doesn't really exist lol.

No. 712418

yep, i love how she uses a stereotypical joke about har har dorito dust on keyboards XDDD that officially died on 4chan and everywhere else about 6 years ago.

No. 712451

Okay video game autists calm down

No. 712462




I always thought Shay would fit more into the Jerry Springer Show. But Fupa and Shay def deserve to be broadcasted on some trashy talk show.

No. 712479

Lol why, we're actually making completely legitimate points here. Sorry you seem to think video games are for losers too but that doesn't change the fact that being a pro gamer is still miles better than whatever the fuck Shay is doing

No. 712481

it's equally as cringy if you're going to fangirl over it lol

No. 712490

This fucking idiot. I actually said it out loud when I saw him gun toting like a dumbass in front of the camera… Not only it's cringey (he's a tryhard hick trying to look menacing and failing miserably) but it's potentially dangerous. It makes you want to slap the gun out of his hands and then slap him in the face.

No. 712491

File: 1539525895394.gif (819.15 KB, 245x245, 1523133180700.gif)

My face the further and further I read this.

So let me get this straight.

>sucks him off while he's sleeping

>he wants to cum in her ass
>she doesn't seem into it
>says it's going in there whether she wants him to or not
>fucks her ass without lube
>she cries
>he ignores it and finishes anyway


No. 712492


Don't forget about watching SpongeBob while getting fucked.

No. 712498

But it’s all consensual as she says

No. 712500

lol. I like how she writes about being mad at her mom for lying to others saying she was in college, when fupa literally told his ex wife that shay was a graphic designer.. lol

No. 712501

>simulates child abuse when you have a fucking child
I never say this, but please kill yourself fupa.

No. 712508

>”it’s going in weather you want it to or not”

such consent.

No. 712511

What about this is simulating child abuse I don’t understand.

No. 712518

I'm assuming the telling her to focus on Spongebob as he fucks her while she's crying and clearly not into it part.

No. 712519

I almost feel like she knows he told his ex she was a graphic designer, she maybe even helped him make up the lie (although doubtful) cause she’s said before how she’s so good at graphic design and editing cause she took it in high school. Idk I almost feel like they thought that’d be a lie that was “close enough” to what she does cause she thinks she has so much graphic design talent in her porn editing “skills”

No. 712523

that’s not simulating child abuse wtf?

No. 712545

maybe not on purpose, but it's reminiscent of a lot of CSA victims stories. Being called a good girl for going along with it, being told to watch a kids show and let it happen, crying while being fucked. i'm not saying it was fupas plan but i can see why anon would think that.
the whole ddlg thing is inspired by child abuse imo, it's no wonder so many people are into it ~~~~~to cope with csa memories

No. 712548

i mean..she literally refers to herself as a little girl
thats what they stupid fucks are simulating when they do ddlg shit
no "little girl" can consent to sex, hence why the abuser will often try to give a distraction such as a toy or tv show while raping or molesting them

No. 712551

yah you’re looking way too into it…for real.

It’s a common power dynamic within bdsm. Shayna is just a disgusting pedo panderer who doesn’t actually care or give a shit about bdsm ethics, she does it for show.

But no, nothing in that post is simulating child abuse. Y’all can go sit down.

No. 712553

ya maybe you're the one who should take a seat since most of us here think that ddlg dynamics are inspired by csa/child abuse and here is not the best place to defend your fucked up kink

No. 712555

Shay also calls him "dad". Not even "daddy", but outright "dad"

No. 712558


he tries so so hard to seem badass but obviously the overcompensating is for
some deep insecurities it’s so cringe what father acts like this? reminds me of greg lmao. trying to be edgy at 30+ is just, jesus

No. 712560

Not that anon, nor am I into a degenerate fetish, but you guys overreacting and calling everything two consenting adults do "simulating child abuse" is cringy af. Is it gross and skeevy? Yes, but it sounds like you're projecting shit you've experienced onto Shay.

No. 712561

Agreed. "simulating child abuse" is a ridiculous way to phrase what two consenting adult are doing, just because they're gross doesn't mean they're trying to recreate CSA

No. 712565

I mean, when Shay is sucking on a binky, holding a stuffed animal, and crying with every sexual encounter Shay seems to write about is him fucking her in the ass "whether she like it or not" it goes a little beyond gross. The recent "Story" Shay wrote out, maybe not so much, but they've definitely at least toed the line before so it's not a major stretch.

No. 712577

While the anons bending backwards over another one of her overly indulgent "re tellings" are in their own right over the top and backseat psychologists at best, what fupa and shay are doing is at times simulating child abuse; what they mean is the recreating and glorification of actual daughters/young girls who are legitimately treated this way and the sick as fuck porn industry (& movie industries) take on actual child abuse. Just because the language is played up doesnt take away that they're literally larping a vulnerable chile getting raped by her ~dada~ and is being told to focus on her cartoons to dissociate.
fuck off with the consenting adult bullshit most of the bdsm bs, even done "properly" is still cringy, abusive and overall degenerate.

No. 712581

role play is simulation
they obviously roleplay her being a little girl getting fucked by a "father figure" and that is simulation of child abuse period

stop being obtuse and trying to normalize this shit as if them being consenting adults makes it any less fucked up

No. 712590

Not obtuse to disagree that a kink isn't sexualizing children. Literally no one is being hurt by what they do besides themselves in their own grossness, can we all just agree to disagree? I don't think calling each other stupid over and over is going to solve anything and this is a thread about THEM, not about what fake psychotherapists want to diagnose them with.

No. 712599

>can we just agree to disagree
anon, it's just you arguing with people, so maybe you just stop. No, we can't agree to disagree, you are wrong and I can't fathom why are you even trying to defend it. Not hurting anyone? This girl has thousands followers on tumblr, some are bots but some are real people. Being uwu over her fucked up child abuse fantasies can be "hurting" in many ways

No. 712603

"It's just you arguing with people" you say whilst continuing to argue. Go off anon, you're an idiot.

No. 712607

Apparently porn promotes child abuse now, who knew.

No. 712609

when it comes to actual child abuse, there are way worse things on the internet. Shayna in particular appeals to old fat men who want a little dumb schoolgirl because yeah, it’s a fantasy. It’s a fantasy to want someone way younger than you who’s still a Virgin yet at the same time slutty as hell. It’s all just wrapped up in the fantasy we have of keeping girls pure forever yet wanting them to act like whores when they do finally have sex.

It’s not child abuse and tbh of you wanted to view simulated or even real child abuse you could probably find it.

No. 712628

i agree with you

No. 712637

Well isn’t that splendid, can we get back to the subject now?!

No. 712639

i hope you're not being sarcastic because porn absolutely encourages sexual abuse of children/women/men

No. 712641

My mind is fucking blown by the stupidity in this thread right now.

No. 712643

i never play video games lol i made one brief post about how weak shay's insult she constantly uses is >>712418

No. 712645

Dude who the fuck cares get back on topic

No. 712647

my mind is blown by the stupidity of this thread every single day, hang in there anon

No. 712648

Except there’s no research proving that. Almost ALL forms of media can be said to “promote violence and sexual abuse” but it’s just not true. You can read a book about brutal murders and never go out and do it. You can watch a rape scene in a movie and not think “oh that sounds like a good idea”. It’s about the person, not thya media they are consuming.

So go back to your concerned moms meeting, Sharon.

No. 712649

since when do we defend shayna for her dd/lg shit, wew, this thread

No. 712650

Great points. The whole point of porn is to use them as fantasies, just like any other form of media. Porn is porn, not sexual abuse or anything supporting it, it's literally a dirty movie. Grow up.

No. 712652

what and what lol this thread always talks about shayna's sorry ass promoting wack shit who the fuck are you lol

No. 712653

lol i like how somehow the people casually pointing out that shay and fupa are basically recreating child sexual abuse (which is obvious factual information like.. the bitch wears diapers, uses baby items, fupa acts like a rapist-molester towards her during sex all the time) is people "fake psychotherapists diagnosing"

retarded. just admit that what they do is sexualizing children and child abuse like… how is your brain this deluded? shocking. that's all i have to say on this hot debate though lol

No. 712654

Can we get back to actual milk on this cow?

No. 712655

is there any new milk?

No. 712656

Is she camming today?

No. 712657

Well if there isn't than shouldn't the thread ABOUT HER MILK be quiet??

No. 712658

uh yeah sure, i was just asking if there was actually any new milk lol chill

No. 712659

Apparently there are fake snapchats of her, but that's about it.

No. 712660

there is none and this thrad is a livechat for bored assholes get with it

No. 712662

it’s all speculation though. We ALL know shayna is a huge fucking liar. We ALL know she makes shit up fo shock value. Sorry you can’t see though her very very thin veil.

She’s simply trying to pander to old fat men who want a submissive dumb child to turn into a whorenjust for them. Grow the fuck up, Shayna has way more milk on her than the fact that her porn is terrible. And if you can’t separate porn from reality (like her) you’re gonna have a real hard time.

I highly doubt they’re doing any of the ~*uwu baby bimbo daddy wuvs me*~ shtick on a day to day basis. They have boring ass vanilla sex and claim that since she’s holding a stuffed animal it’s “bdsm”. All of you are fucking dumb as rocks if you think anything shayna and Fupa do represent anything DD/LG.

Cos here’s a hint: IT DOESNT.

If you want some disgusting DDLG shit look up binkie princess. That’s some shit that’s genuinely promoting sexualization of children beyond porn. There’s so much more beautiful milk on Shayna I have no idea why every thread some anon has to spurge about his bullshit.

No. 712663

Of course it does. Are you mentally challenged? Porn promotes sexual violence and encourages people to view human beings as nothing other than objects. You can find hundreds of “daddy fucks stepdaughter” bullshit videos on pornhub alone.
The porn insustry is all about the promotion of gross fetishes and violent sex. It’s an industry, it will do whatever it’s customers want in order to turn a profit. And when disgusting pedos are part of that customer basis, the porn industry has no moral qualms about giving them what they want.

No. 712664

If there wasnt a demand for it; it wouldnt be made…

No. 712665

Maybe look up some research on this and you will find you’re completely wrong.


No. 712666

do you read the long shit you spew off? her pandering to old fat men using pedophilia is basically what i said, it's the same fucking thing. using it to be sexual. get help

No. 712668

lmaoooo I guess you don’t watch any porn ever

No. 712671

there’s a difference between porn and real life. sorry you can’t disconnect them.

No. 712673

jesus christ can y'all shut the fuck up and take it to ot or open up a thread on discussing the porn industry so we don't get put on autosage?

No. 712677

There are at least 3 of us

No. 712679


Why does she feel the need to share the most mundane shit. This is the naughtiest thing? KEK. They're basic vanilla.

>I started whimpering & crying… told me to just watch tv

When he doesn't wanna look at your face when he cums cuz your crying. LMFAO!!!!

No. 712682

Good lord look at the moralfags go sperg about porn and kinks elsewhere
There should be added rule in Shay threads regarding The Great Porn Debate

No. 712684

she's so boring and not to mention i can't even read her typing style half the time because it's one big long run on sentence. you're 21 shay, learn to structure a goddamn sentence.

No. 712685

this is the most hypocritical bullshit what so you can sperg about her pussy boils endlessly yah what a fun filled thread that would be

No. 712686

I feel like a bunch of retards migrated here from the plasticandproud thread

No. 712687

Yeah actually her pussy boils are in Fact within the topic of Shayna. Y’all on the other hands are infighting and derailing

No. 712688

so moralfagging is pointing out how shaytard and fupa sexualize childhood lol? yeah this whole debate has been retarded but if pedo-pandering supporters hadn't sperged about "ITS A PERFECT KINK YOU DONT WATCH PORN ENOUGH THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KIDS JKH" it wouldn't have escalated without their delusion lol whatever

No. 712689

when it's about shay yes we can cause it's on topic, but for more general statements about porn/kinks it should be in it's own thread, not clogging up shay's with bullshit it's not that fucking hard to understand

No. 712690

To change the topic, they suddenly seem very happy and in love in snapchat. He said I love you in the latest and she said oops now you see what we are really like…or something to that effect.

No. 712691

her dd/lg has always, always been a topic of discussion in this thread, sorry. her shitty prn falls uder that banner. remove disco on that and you have a thread about tiddie veins, assne and pussy boils. enjoy that whirlwind of powdered milk!

No. 712692

trying to prove to the "haters" how real and happy their relationship is lmao, sure jan

No. 712693

they're getting desperate now lol

No. 712694

I've never seen her do a single thing that was sexy. She makes people go dry af, and boners retract.

I seriously have never thought of ANY of the content she releases as porn. She's so bad at it. The facial gestures, boring af concepts, same shit in every video, barely any close ups bc of her breakouts, and when there is a close up, you just wanna vomit.

Like I'd feel bad bc you can tell she really, really, really wants to do porn, and it's a dream and fantasy of hers, but she really needs to face reality. Or at least take a break, let her pussy sores heal and clear up. Then come back with better shit. Bc it's been a dumpster fire that she just personally keeps feeding for the past few years.

No. 712695

lol probably because so many people were bringing up how they basically stopped talking to each other on social media once they moved in together, and Fupa was being super…weird. She was probably like “you need to let my followers know what a gr8 dada you are so always be on my snap and let me post fake stories about how we fuck and make sure you say you love me allllllll the time”

and his cuck soyboy ass was like “well I don’t have anyone else to fuck so I guess so”

No. 712696

You’re like, way to invested in talking about ddlg. It’s getting super creepy.

No. 712698

Also easier for her to be “happy” and not awkward around him when constantly intoxicated.

No. 712699

File: 1539545296106.jpg (70.03 KB, 274x599, 4689.jpg)

Way to advertise where to get some free snaps of yourself? kek

No. 712701

i don't even think she wants to do porn, she just wants to make money doing next to nothing

No. 712702

what kind of ugly lumpy potato do you have to be to catfish as shay nasty?

No. 712704

Also, way to tell people that you don't even use or post to your public snap(that you also tried selling before)

No she does, in her head she legit thinks she's a Pornstar. She's delusional AF.

No. 712706

lol and what are you invested in, analyzing her ratty cunt for the seventieth time this week? thread number one, go read it and come back and tell me what was being discussed thrre before the nitpick crew took over, thanks.

No. 712707

just ignore the ddlg protector, they're reaching for drama and trying to drag shit out

No. 712713

you imbeciles are going to get the thread locked. Every fucking time someone has come in here to rant about the PERSONAL issues they have with ddlg, the thread flies off the rails.

Maybe just shut the fuck up and realize that no one cares about your personal qualms with ddlg. Sorry your dad raped you but bringing it into a thread about a dumpster fire like shayna is pointless and adds nothing.

No. 712728

They are now drunk bowling. She is very drunk. If you need to be constantly drunk to hang out with your partner that's not a great sign is it?

No. 712731

lol, anon youre retarded i hope this thread gets locked now(derailing)

No. 712735

if you want to sit and rant about how ddlg destroys the fabric of America and makes people crave sex with real life children, make your own concerned moms thread about it Sharon. No one cares. We’re here to laugh at Shayna and watch all the dumb shit she does, not talk about how porn and violent media are going to corrupt America’s youth.

No. 712736

screencap that shit

No. 712739

Sorry Mom touched your wee willy winky as a child but don’t go claiming it was ddlg and porn that traumatized you and turned you into a autistic ranting lunatic.

No. 712743

> wow so many new posts, must be some good milk!
> come back to this shit

Y’all just stop, there’s no winning an argument on an anoymous board.
You’re just shitting up the thread at this point.

Now back to what we’re here for.
How much longer do you guys think this will last?
All they have in common is sex and getting drunk.
They’re going to get tired eventually.
And how much longer is he going to hide her for?
She’s going to go crazy if he’s her only social interaction.

No. 712750

who the fuck is sharon and why should i care(derailing)

No. 712751

what the fuck is personal or hypothetical about HER relationship with DADDY mattel?

No. 712752

it seems like she's been drunk since she moved to Tulsa tbh, i haven't seen a day where she HASN'T drank

No. 712754

I can’t tell if she thinks it’s cute or if she’s really just a bulimic alcoholic with a severe issue

No. 712759

She drinks beer with her meals, drinks wine from the bottle before and during her streams, drinks beer in the shower, drinks beer recreationally with Fupa. Drinks to cope. It seems as if Fupa has a bunch of beers around, there's nothing wrong with that, but Shayna is just is taking it overboard.

Yep, it's about daily. It starts like that, then it'll take her more to get buzzed/drunk.. she's already went there several times, by guzzling, and getting in a hot shower (effects faster/ stronger). Also by chugging red wine, she said during stream she hates it, but loves it bc it gets her drunker and faster.

Wait til she moves on to hard liquor. And if she doesn't, she'll have packed on the weight and developed a protruding gut with the beer.>>712754

No. 712760

why are you so obsessed with raping children, anon?


I honestly wonder if she gets the shakes by now if she doesn't drink.

No. 712762

Has she even gone a day without to where she feels the effects of withdrawl?

She's a wreck, she needs to stay away from hard drugs. She's got the personality to spiral quick. Not even a full month in Bumbfuck Oklahoma and she's becoming an alcoholic. She's already got serious alchy bloats.

No. 712764

Because anons are claiming that porn makes people want to rape actual children which is just lunatic.

No. 712770

She isn’t becoming an alcoholic. She’s been one tbh. She’s just becoming more and more dependent on it which is super typical.

I think because alcohol is so normalized it’s kind of hard to see where the line is but the biggest tell tale sign from the get go was always that she drinks alone. She’s by no means a social drinker and she drinks constantly and by herself. Not that going out and drinking constantly would be better for your body, but she doesn’t even do that. She drinks in the morning, she drinks on cam. She drinks when no one is watching or there.

Shayna is 100 percent an alcoholic and I also don’t think Fupapa realized that before she moved in honestly. She couldn’t stop drinking if she tried but she’s not gonna try.

No. 712774

Good point, she really has been drinking almost every day since before she moved in with him. Tbh ever since she moved to Seattle she’s been drinking heavily. I think it’s just way more now that she’s moved again and now it’s definitely an everyday, multiple times a day kind of thing.

No. 712775

this tan does her many favors. shay, consider getting a nice tan, girl

No. 712777

He claims he’s taking care of her, yet can’t even notice that she clearly has a drinking problem. She doesn’t need an enabling sack of shit like Fupa who doesn’t even use lube when he fucks her. He’s not looking out for her best interests, he just wants what’s best for him in the end.

Remember when he talked in length about what it takes to be a caregiver and all that bullshit? Maybe he should take his own terrible advice and be a fucking caregiver.

No. 712778

I bet if she went out in the sun now it would make her wrinkling even worse. She doesn’t wear sunscreen and doesn’t moisturize.

No. 712780

i'm not shocked that he's a shitty caregiver, seeing as he didn't even want to care for his own biological children.

No. 712789

I don’t think he minds her alcoholism because it enables him to manipulate her more easily and he is able to get sex whenever he wants because he can push her around

No. 712813

Why would he call himself a daddy then? Just to appeal to all the girls on tumblr with daddy issues who turned to sex work? How boring.

No. 712815

So very consensual

No. 712829

in short, yeah, that's pretty much why.

No. 712836

File: 1539557619340.jpg (15.07 KB, 259x236, shaynasty.JPG)

You were eating nasty discharge, Shay.

No. 712841

she always tries to prove she gets wet and takes showers

No. 712843

Two things we know never happen. Kek, just watch her porn and you’ll see how dry her pussy is. It’s really sad.

No. 712850

who in the wolrd would find that hot, especially knowing it wasn't normal cum but cottage cheese diseased puss goo

No. 712859

I'd be willing to bet she doesnt even cry when this shit is supposedly happening to her (not that it probably is) she just thinks that's what people wanna hear >>712316

No. 712867

It's probably that awful fake whimpering she always does in the porn shoots. You know, that weird pained expression/noise she does even when she's not being touched/the other girl is the one being touched?

No. 712873

File: 1539562699049.jpeg (19.92 KB, 474x384, 09171E1D-C300-4A6E-860C-B6EE02…)

No. 712885



(i know this joke is lame but i literally could not help myself)

No. 712936


Gail Dines does loads of research on this you idiot.

No. 712950

Pls no, anon. Don't do us like this

No. 713003

Four. I thought there’d be milk but it’s just y’all speeding about vidya and porn?? Set up camp in /ot/

No. 713039

i'm still wondering why so many shay defenders rushed in earlier. like defending her pedo pandering especially.

No. 713082

just give it the rest, it's been hours ago and settled with few bans. Why the hell provoke a new sperging, just stop.

No. 713125

File: 1539599746460.jpg (27.58 KB, 341x584, wee.JPG)

snapchat anon here
date with fupa

No. 713132

This is embarrassing to watch

No. 713133

ok this is much fucking worse than i thought. there is no way she's not on other drugs. this is how i acted when i took one too many ecstasy pills. i feel like she might be on crack/meth, given her location. i know fupa's standards are super low, but even an autist would be embarrassed to be seen in public with this cracked out goblin staring at a damn wall sperging about bathrooms

No. 713136

“Are you out here fishing for other dads??” Fuckig ew, also what’s up wither her teeth

No. 713137

This is just solid proof that Shay never matured past 16… who acts like this when they’re out (if you can call drinking at some shoddy bowling alley going out) and can she wear something nice for once in her god damned life fupa buy her a fucking dress or a pair of jeans or something holy fuck

No. 713138

File: 1539601472232.jpeg (629.15 KB, 915x1612, FE7DBF95-31C3-4E80-833D-F03C98…)

that face. it’s so obvious he doesn’t care about her. she’s fucked up on something other than alcohol and weed. this is so much worse than i thought things would get and so much faster and i can’t look away lmao

No. 713139

She just seemed really drunk. The doomsday anons need to calm the fuck down with every worst case scenario any time anything new comes up.

No. 713140

We get that this is worse than you thought but #1 sage and #2 you're acting like she was running around like a maniac or passed out on the floor. Seriously relax and stop double posting.

No. 713141

same anon as >>713138
what i meant by more than weed and alcohol was more so along the lines of adderall with her behavior

No. 713143

dude, chill. i haven’t posted besides my last two posts in a good bit. i’m just enjoying the milk. i don’t think she’s being abused i just meant worse by how shitty they get along. i knew it was a shit relationship but damn this is next level shit. shay is truly a dumbass

No. 713145

Why is it always retards who can't sage 2 posts in a row that are like "nO i tOtAlLy poSt hEre aLL tHe tiMe"

No. 713149


yikes. she's all over the place spazzing out. she's probably just drunk but damn she needs to tone it down and stop making a fool of herself in public. you'd think this was a dad taking his autistic daughter out or something.

No. 713150

I didin't sage bc I tought >>713138
could contribute to the milk

No. 713152

just wanted to point out i see why you think i’m an idiot. i’m the anon in >>713138 not >>713133. similar typing styles but not the same. you’re infighting with someone who didn’t even post the first unsaged block of text.

No. 713153

Reminder that shay has always fucked without lube and says she prefers it and the speds who keep saying its fupas responsibility to be her actual dad because they larp pedo shit need to stfu.
They're adults and Shayna has always been a mess so unless theres a snap of him forcing a bottle of wine down her throat and beating her up outside of their sexual deviancy stfu.
Shay is a better manipulator and fattie mcedgelord is about as calculated as your average trailer trash mid life crisis having perv. Y'all made fun of their dynamic but the moment they moved in with each other suddenly anything she does is by proxy his fault. Kyle Nathan Perkins is a gross pedo who left his kids, actually abused someone he was in a long term relationship with and lies about personal matters such as his sister OD'ing while he reblogs snuff including drugs.
Call the cops on them when y'all feel its too much but clogging a thread with overractions anytime fupa breathes in her direction is just sad.

No. 713154

I think she's just pretending to be like a child

No. 713161

No. 713165

not the same anon but please learn what milk is. a picture of the guy's face isn't it.

No. 713168

oh lol that wasn't me lmfao. i tought that one anon tought i was double posting and then i saw that wasn't the case so sorry for derailing and confusion

No. 713210

She definitely just seemed super drunk and purposely trying to act like a child.

And him accusing her of looking for other men…. that's TOTALLY what people in healthy relationships do. Could he seriously be any more of a soyboy??


No. 713213

you didn't sage though lmao what is going on here

No. 713238

File: 1539612537378.jpg (31.84 KB, 270x324, 7yg78.jpg)

Yep, pretty much drinking daily, then blackout drunk on weekends.

No. 713245

So cringe. Secondhand embarrassment just from watching. She's super obnoxious. In every social interaction we've seen of hers, it seems as if whoever she's with can't stand her, is sick of her, or is tremendously annoyed. Especially when she drinks. Like the time she went to the MV Loft. Each of the girls there with her rolled their eyes when she was speaking several times. during many points. Even looking at each other in acknowledgement of how obnoxious or ridiculous she was being. Same with the hosts, it was so hard to tolerate Shayna for them also, lol, and it was their Job. (MV Podcast- it's on youtube)

No. 713251

She's not rolling. She's just drunk and doesn't know how to act. She barely has had any social interactions in her life, she's always been a recluse in her apt. Going to the grocery was such an accomplishment, she took photos and told everyone of the occasion. It's pathetic. Fupa looks so mortified.

No. 713275

it seems like some of you anons get off on the fact that she might be abused (she’s not). It’s funnt because when we say she’s def not being abused and Fupa is just an idiot, you can ya WKs and say we’re defending shayna.

Tbh i wish there could be a purge of this thread where you idiots would leave your child abuse and domestic abuses fantasies at home. Because seriously I really think those that bring up every little mundane thing as abuse are seriously disturbing.

No. 713277

I agree completely, people in this thread want to scream abuse and CSA (somehow with no children involved) for every little thing and then call everyone else a WK for disagreeing. Somehow people in this thread can be even more dense than Shayna and Fupa combined.

No. 713287

I think she’s going to end up like his ex wife and it’s something we need to watch for, but right now this is what shay signed up for. Her whole life revolves around sex and her ddlg persona, so when we call her his sex toy, or see him slapping her in public. They decided on a 24/7 dynamic. Or at least one that portrays being constant when they’re in front of a camera. The only think they’re doing wrong is showing their kink to anyone in public who hasn’t consented.
Regardless of if shay really likes being beaten or fucked whenever however. She’s the one who decided to tell people that she’s into bdsm. Kyle Nathan Perkins hitting her or making her suck his chode when she’s anxious is what shayna asked for. It’s all consented too even if she didn’t go hey yeah you can fuck my ass today.

No. 713289

We don’t have to watch out for shit. Sorry anon, but I’m here to laugh st the bitch who scammed me. I could care less if she got herself into a toxic relationship.

We’re not here to fix her problems, we’re here to make fun of her.

No. 713290

I mean, consent can always be taken back, but she has set a precedent for herself. This is totally her own fault but to say that one form of consent equals always consenting is kind of fucked up.

No. 713298

>>713290 I mostly just meant she consented to a 24/7 bdsm relationship where she has little to no say in what happens because she’s “too dumb for words”
Let’s not forget shayna has rape fantasies of her own and has repeatedly said she wants that kind of sex.

I’m so sorry you got scammed out of her pimple porn, but what happens when she inevitably gets pregnant and now she and Kyle are fucking up someone else’s life. Should we just watch

No. 713300

I think she’s just drunk and acting like a little kid.

No. 713306

i see the sjw's are out in full force today

No. 713307

Yes, we should just watch. Because it’s not our responsibility to keep her life from going down the drain.

If you like her so much why don’t you go buy her content and sniff her ass like her other retarded customers?

No. 713310

I don’t know if you realize what kind of thread you’re in. We’re not here to take care of her. Since when is it the internet’s responsibility to watch out for someone who’s scammed loads of people and is all around a disgusting person?

It’s like saying it’s the internet’s responsibility to have kid friendly platforms and make sure kids don’t see anything questionable. Well guess what, it’s not the internet’s responsibility it’s the parents responsibility. I’m not here to guide Shay through life, nor is any other anon.

No. 713311

i also think she's just drunk and trying to act like a child. she also doesn't eat so i can see why she is probably more obnoxious in public and fupa is upset that she hasn't finished her drinks.

No. 713313

“Excuse me there’s a mentally retarded autistic woman over here acting like a baby, can we get some help?”

No. 713315

Fupa is upset she didn’t finish her drinks because he wants her more drunk. I don’t think he likes sober Shay very much.

No. 713318

Agreed. At least when she is at a happy stage of drunk it is likely she wont go on tumblr and say how unhappy she is. And is probably even more sexually pliable.

No. 713319

Agreed. At least when she is at a happy stage of drunk it is likely she wont go on tumblr and say how unhappy she is. And is probably even more sexually pliable.

No. 713320

Agreed. At least when she is at a happy stage of drunk it is likely she wont go on tumblr and say how unhappy she is. And is probably even more sexually pliable.

No. 713328

Okay. Let me try this again because y’all are fucking dense. I do not care about shay. I am not trying to protect her. If you read more than the first line of my original post. You would see that.
I am concerned about her having to pump out 3 of kyles kids and them being subjected to their parents fucked up ways. That’s what we should watch out for. We don’t need to protect her. I literally said she asked for all this herself. She’s a grown women making her own choices.
Y’all some dumbasses.
These threads have gone to shit.

No. 713329

Gail Dines could do with her own thread, tbh. At least sage your shit.

"should we just watch"
serious question: where the fuck do you think you are?

No. 713344

If we’re “watching out for her” then we’re protecting her, anon. So shut the fuck up and realize what kind of site you’re on.

No. 713348

Sweaty, the only dumbass in this thread is you for telling us that we should watch out for her.

I didn’t come on this thread to look for red flags for a chick who I hope gets thrown back in a dumpster.

No. 713349

Nope again. Didn’t say her. At all. Said we should watch out for her potential children. Everyone cared about kyles kids being around them. I don’t understand how this HYPOTHETICAL situation is any different.

No. 713356

>”i am concerned about HER having to pump out 3 of kyles kids…”

at least read what you write, damn.
we all know you like to sniff her ass, anon. Maybe this thread isn’t for you. Move along.

No. 713358

We got a Shayna stan up in here

No. 713361

i have doubts that shay is above getting an abortion tho lol i think you're getting a little ahead of yourself with caring about hypothetical kids

No. 713362

you know the milk is dry when 3/4 new posts are nitpicks of other posts. not even nitpicks about shay, anons nitpicking other anons. yall must be so bored.

No. 713364

Jesus Christ what is happening to threads these days…

I don't even think she's drunk, just trying to act like it. And not to say that she doesn't have an alcohol problem because she clearly does, I get the feeling she does fakes being plastered quite a bit, just like she fakes her over the top "orgasms" after 2 seconds of edging on cam. I actually felt embarrassed for Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK

This. Like Kyle wouldn't force her to get an abortion because that what "dada" wants

No. 713365

Wasn’t she supposed to come out with a video yesterday? I thought that’s what the schedule said.

No. 713367

Who else is going to pump them out.
The next sentence is “and then being subjected to their parents fucked up ways” don’t try to pick and choose what’s being said to fit your narrative.
I don’t doubt her getting an abortion either. But they’re both seriously neglectful and you can only get an abortion for so many weeks and it cost a lot of money.

No. 713370



Only took what, a year for it to come out? And its all just the same shit.

No. 713373

She wouldn't even notice that she's pregnant until she's too far along, which also means she would continue her substance abuse and potentially harm the baby. I hope she's on birth control, I doubt it though, people like them don't need to reproduce.

No. 713375

holy hell can we stop with the bullshit hypotheticals?

No. 713377

wanna bet she ignores and never promotes this video?

No. 713378

File: 1539623153021.png (89.76 KB, 1280x888, tumblr_pgkokpJe6n1rmiw96o1_128…)

She's hoping back on the Findom train again. Incoming dump.

No. 713379

File: 1539623189484.png (Spoiler Image,207.5 KB, 1280x864, tumblr_pgkokpJe6n1rmiw96o2_128…)

She already has a good camera. Does she think an even more HD one is going to make her look better?

No. 713380

File: 1539623237369.png (Spoiler Image,201.59 KB, 1280x788, tumblr_pgkokpJe6n1rmiw96o4_128…)

Fupa must not be happy about this. Accuses her of looking for other men and here she is selling texts.

No. 713381

File: 1539623274668.jpg (17.23 KB, 258x203, drinking.JPG)

No. 713382

She did on her twitter, that’s how i found it.

No. 713385

well im shocked kek

No. 713386

She’s literally sold one of these ever. So I don’t think it’s too big of an issue

No. 713387

This…this isn’t milk. She’s had the fund up for almost a year.

No. 713388

if she sexts like she types on tumblr; no one is going to buy that shit.

No. 713389


making boners die everywhere. she really, really has no acting skill.

No. 713400

…but he pulls out and nuts in her ass guys… KEK. They're such hillbilly fucks. I really wouldn't put it past her to not be bc.

I agree, she does fake a lot of shit.

Yeah, these are def old, but she reblogged it recently though. So ridiculous bc she makes fun of any fundraiser platform, and the people in need that use them, but then gets on a soapbox and rants against it. Then not even a month later makes one for hair.. and a camera.. that she never even got.

No. 713403

She bought an iPhone X with the money instead of a new camera.

No. 713411

Do they start drinking at 4pm? Also funny of her to imply that she wouldn't get piss drunk without him.

No. 713425


No. 713426

File: 1539628087277.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1452, E11E94A2-48EC-45BA-B497-FC587E…)


No. 713428

this doesn’t read “goth” to me at all. so wtf.

No. 713432

Hey Shayna I don’t think your septum ring is supposed to go past your lip and touch your teeth. Not a good look.

Why the fuck didn’t she just get a long black wig and maybe some actual goth clothes?

No. 713434

why use the heart filter if you’re going for a goth girl this whole thing is so wrong it’s kind of amazing

No. 713436


She looks like a cute hitler.

No. 713437


These thumbnails look like she has a fuckin hitler stache

At least she's attempting to wear a wig? I guess?

No. 713438


Gtfo my head anon

No. 713440

well she has said that she admires hitler so I wouldn’t put it past her

~*baby bimbo hitler barbie tehe!*~

No. 713447

lmaooo im dead as fuck that was good

No. 713448

Holy crap she looks so bad. That septum ring is atrocious. And all that makeup… Good God.

No. 713452

It’s funny, cos a goth girl would actually have on more makeup. Dark eyeshadow, dark lips, some contouring. But she just went with her boring ass normal makeup. Plain eyeliner, some fake lashes and maybe some foundation. She calls herself a perfectionist but clearly gives no shits about the content she puts out.

No. 713454

Jeez I hardly ever agree with nitpicks about her teeth but they look borderline gray/brown here wew

No. 713455

It’s also because of the filter too, it fucks with the colors to make your skin look smoother

No. 713456

yeah shayna, so many goth girls use a cute pink heart filter. facepalm

No. 713460

It's sad that I actually think this is an improvement because she's wearing lipstick and a color that doesn't wash her out.
That septum ring is unbelievably bad, though, and none of this reads as goth.

No. 713463

File: 1539630735213.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1651, EB78EBC9-FD9D-46FC-8351-DE5FFE…)

She signed up for CB again I guess? Even though she already has an account there? Idk but it looks like she’s gonna try Chaturbate. Ya know, since it’s cleary the viewers fault that she’s getting no tips.

No. 713464

File: 1539630907229.png (756.95 KB, 812x593, 2018-10-15 15_13_06-ɘ__Ǝ-ɘiɿdu…)

is she trying to be sp00kybabyyy? lol

No. 713467

Why is she sporting a Hitler mustache???

No. 713468

Oh wow, that is pretty sp00kybabyyy-esque.


Also, Shayna needs to wear foundation more often. She looks less diseased. It annoys the shit out of me that she'll do that ridiculous eyeliner and lashes, but leaves her dark-circled, broken out face uncovered.

No. 713473

i wonder if fupa follows sp00ky and that's why she tried to skinwalk

No. 713475

theyre both obsessed with lil peep and she was in those circles so it wouldn't surprise me at this point

No. 713479


that crooked septum though

No. 713489

She is wearing foundation tho

No. 713494

File: 1539632899237.jpg (17.75 KB, 266x214, Capture.JPG)

Did it take them that long to make her look presentable?

No. 713498

I-it really just looks like a sharpied on Hitler stach from afar I freaked considering her past, but jk its normie gf who got her halloween costume at Hot Topic.

No. 713504

She;s live on Instagram

No. 713507

File: 1539633990075.jpg (44.09 KB, 507x578, 1.jpg)

No. 713509

she looks worlds better with wig and more makeup on even if it all looks cheap l o l

No. 713512

File: 1539634656417.jpg (36.48 KB, 431x578, dollymattel.jpg)

No. 713513

File: 1539634670681.jpg (841.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181015-161612.jpg)

Here's link if anyone cares to watch
Still hanging out in the bathroom lol

No. 713515

She was offended when someone asked why she’s wearing a Hitler mustache, and visibly nervous when someone said “sp00kybabyyy” kek.

No. 713536

Why is she so out of breath just standing there?

No. 713538

It’s funny because she’s NOT wearing any more makeup than usual.

No. 713539

I didn’t see and visual uncomfortableness and the same person who asked about her hitler stache also mentioned spooky. Seems like a self post.

No. 713540

She's obviously wearing extra makeup what are you talking about? Don't agree with her looking better in it, but she's definitely wearing extra.

No. 713543

This dumbass is talking about how she bought new lights but doesn’t know how to use them. What a fucking dunce. I’ll bet she never winds up using them.

No. 713544

Idk it looks about the same as usual to me.

No. 713551

She has bottom lashes on foundation and a different lipstick but that’s about it. Not really a step up other than an even skin tone.

No. 713552

she bought this huge umbrella with a reflector and NO DIMMER. Who does that?

No. 713568

These prices are so low and still no one buys it, lmao.

No. 713577

Holy shit, the few seconds of her awkwardly climbing on the table needs to be a banner. She does not know how to be sexy in the slightest.

No. 713579

Didn’t mean to reply to the first one whoops

No. 713583

she def ignored the spookybaby comment and refused to acknowledge it. but whatever. it's a false septum ring ($5) on dollskill. she def looks better in black than in the pink. she should just widen her content instead of just sticking to the baby thing. it just doesn't work for her.

No. 713586

>>713583 they're both just using an insta~ goth portrayal so i don't think it matters that she and sp00ky are wearing the same fake nose ring

No. 713588

it is just a little 'sad' because shayna does magpie so much of her personality and aesthetics from others.

No. 713598

>>713588 hah thanks for a new word for my lexi, and you're right. that is a fault in her own lack of creativity, so all in all, who cares if she mimics another side cow. atleast she looks somewhat better than she usually does.

No. 713602


this isn't goth. this is 13-year old emo kid who went to hot topic lol

at least market yourself correctly, shay.

No. 713614

Lololl she kinda looks like pre-mental breakdown charms/lotte.

No. 713616

even post mental breakdown lotte was at least good looking and didn’t wear diapers

No. 713620


I mean her skin usually looks tired and ages her like 9 years, so you have to admit the foundation combined with the fact that she's not drowned out in that awful shade of pink she insists on wearing IS a slight improvement

No. 713679

File: 1539646855381.jpeg (504.36 KB, 1125x1836, 172E9D2C-D6FB-4602-B84A-A2096B…)

Who here thinks the anon is shay lmaooo

No. 713683

At least she's started using lube

No. 713687

It would be pretty pathetic if she had to ask her 'friend' for advice as an anon. Like why wouldnt she have just messaged or texted her? kek

No. 713704

Idk, she's pretty open about not having a gag reflex.. didn't she say it's why she doesn't like to brush her teeth?? She doesn't have enough shame about it to be anon, she'd prob just post about it on her own blog tbh.

No. 713710

That would be HAVING a gag reflex.

Everyone has one, anyone who says "don't have one" is a retard. Obviously if you do something often enough you can change the function and convince your body it's ok but you have a gag reflex for a reason, you don't have to stick a dick down your throat for it to be any good.

No. 713713

Whoops, my bad, didn't mean to put the "not"

No. 713714

1/3 people literally do not have a gag reflex but go off

No. 713741

Hi Wikipedia

No. 713742

File: 1539650079948.jpg (19.8 KB, 269x264, Capture.JPG)

Scamming again

No. 713743

She must be really hard up for money

No. 713749

and its only ONE reblog. Every one after that she charges 5 dollars for. It’s the hugest scam ever i don’t understand how people are falling for it.

No. 713752

She may have that money followers but she doesn't have the reach anymore for this. Between being blocklisted along with people associated with he and her general grossness, her posts barely even get to, what, 1k anymore?

No. 713754


sooo hardcore bdsm babby doll but can't fit a dildo this size in?

learn how to prep yourself. probably too used to taking fupa's chode that anything bigger that his 2" is soooo big uwu

No. 713778


Is that hoodie the only 'goth' clothing she owns? Looks like Fupas by the size of it.

No. 713788

I'm sure it is and it probably smells like ass

No. 713792

Ya they're all just dead accounts and porn blogs, it's not like literally 150k people there

Isn't the video called anal loving goth gf too lol

No. 713875

lmao I can’t unsee it now

No. 713881

no new schedule posted and she's not on cam. she usually cams monday through thursday nights. her cam score continues to fall

No. 713915

File: 1539662755778.png (105.85 KB, 640x888, IMG_2267.PNG)

scrolling through my dash and saw this lol

No. 713918

god I fucking love her lol. she's like the antithesis of shayna. responsible, productive, and attractive

No. 713923

does this thread look messed up to any other mobile users?

No. 713942


Messed up how?

I wasn't on when you posted, but I see a lot of duplicate posts in other threads from around that time which has been happening for about 2 weeks due to 50* server errors.

No. 713952

Sure. If you find no lips, bad skin, and fried hair attractive.

No. 713996

File: 1539673706664.jpeg (221.33 KB, 622x1080, 13E26064-B623-4578-BA35-BBAF88…)

No. 714028

Oh fuck let this be the next thread pic.
P l e a s e

No. 714050

Why the fuck would it be???

No. 714074

Because an ugly, rectangle shaped, fishy-smelling creature with giant lashes wearing sickly shade of pink in bleak grey surroundings is a nice visual metaphor of shay and also amusing.

No. 714081

Are flash drives usually 75 dollars

No. 714084

She does not need new camera. She needs to see a gynecologist and get rid of pussy pimples

No. 714088

It's not even funny honestly
Whatever happened to the art anons we used to have in these threads? Jumped ship with the rest of the sane people I guess

No. 714089

it's a year old

No. 714124

Ntayrt, but Jesus Christ anon, who pissed in your cereal this morning? It's funny. If you have a better image, feel free to post it.

No. 714154

ugh that buttplug looks like a prolapsed anus

No. 714178

File: 1539706179619.jpeg (539.59 KB, 1125x1355, 971335BB-DA59-4009-96C0-31CB3C…)

Out here spouting absolute BS

No. 714182

lol… people are allowed to ask artists who do portraits to draw them..? whether they pay or not is between the artist and customer but what is she even going on about here?

No. 714183

I think she just wants to be special and the only person to get things drawn of them

No. 714185


she just wants to spurge about something and seem like shes "supporting" artists but in reality she's probably just envious that an artist would want to draw someone more than her and is using her "support" post to cover that.

No. 714187

But shayna you always expect things for free so….

No. 714190

Because she sees herself as an "artist", it sounds like one of her "pay for your porn" rants but about actual artists. She thinks she deserves to be paid for her "work" and that includes free shit

No. 714191

File: 1539707082827.jpeg (526.79 KB, 1242x947, CB6A8AAC-382F-435F-B668-E04DF0…)

Oh she’s a scene girl now.

Didn’t her customers choose anal loving GOTH gf? GOTH girl? Shayna I think you read these threads far too much sweaty.

No. 714194


>every couple months i try n commission someone 2 draw me or make me something cuz i think its so important 2 pay creators

okay so where are all of her commissioned art pieces then? if she's paying for art wouldnt she at least reblog it to support the artist and show it off?
she's too busy e-begging for materialistic shit that i HIGHLY doubt she'd even consider dropping money that she realistically probably doesnt have to drop, on something so non materialistic.

No. 714199

like aspergers

No. 714201

>every couple months i try
probably means she's done it one time and thinks about doing it again sometimes but doesn't actually

No. 714268

Newfag here. Back in the day when I used to follow Shaynasty I used to think she was so hesitant to show her pussy so as not to "give away the goods" after stumbling across this thread and being subjected to the horrendous state of her genitals, I realize that's not the case…

No. 714274

The same girl who makes other sex workers pay her $10 for a reblog

No. 714278

this is one of the most annoying things she's ever posted lmao why is she always trying to save the world? why is she combing through the notes of artwork looking for pointless things to comment on?

No. 714290

>”everyone should help support artists and their work”
>”sex workers have to pay me for reblogs”

Is it hard being this stupid, Shayna? I know you’re reading the thread.

No. 714298

File: 1539718751477.jpeg (449.29 KB, 1125x1366, 780B42E1-C397-406A-B3F0-CB2950…)

this could be old but I don’t recall ever seeing this

No. 714313

i am someone from instagram that told her she would look much better in black and i am apparently blocked??
i wasn't even trying to be mean lmao

No. 714314

i replyed by accident sorry

No. 714318

File: 1539721458864.jpeg (866.64 KB, 1242x1401, 9D2A6FEE-553C-4A2A-B3D4-A71570…)

nah that’s pretty old. But this is another new post from psy-faerie.

No. 714323

File: 1539721967400.jpeg (507.38 KB, 1242x1648, 8A73B066-5817-4AAF-B5D5-34E449…)

that’s…that’s rape. you can’t consent to being penetrated while youre asleep. That’s rape. I can’t believe she actively promotes rape.

No. 714327

I mean, you can consent to stuff like that ahead of time, but from what she described it doesn't sound like it. Seems like she was just trying to sleep and fupa stuck his gross little chode in her and she just went along with it because "im a hardcore bdsm baby uwu"

No. 714331

It doesn’t sound like it was planned, it sounds like spur of the moment. Tbh Fupa is really creepy when it comes to how he likes his sexual encounters. He wants his partner to cry and beg no, he wants to cover their mouth and watch their scared expression as he rapes them. He seems like someone who has deep rooted sexual issues, not a sadist.

No. 714335

>”all while being used and abused”

So she admits these sexual encounters are abuse and claims to enjoy them? She’s basically condoning sexual abuse for her followers. Wtf.

No. 714339

there's only the one inch to be had, shay. but in all seriousness, no matter if we think fupapa is truly abusive or not, he's gross as hell for doing this and she's gross for broadcasting it and continuing to normalise this freak shit. i don't understand how she's supposed to be sexually available and able to ~steal everyone's daddys~ when she's constantly talking about the 3 cm wonder.

No. 714340

Shayna really doesn't come off as actually enjoying any of this shit, she just craves the validation it brings her. No one enjoys being dry fucked in their sleep, TF? Honestly picturing that goofy fat chucklefuck doing this kind of shit is so nauseating.

No. 714347

his theme is fucked so I cant screenshot but he reblogged an older post of her thanking her "snap daddies" and said he was one. She's never replied to anything on his blog about her and when i searched her user it's just reblogged compliments. Just a customer of hers thats a little obsessive ig

No. 714348

File: 1539724727989.png (16.48 KB, 277x207, Screenshot 2018-10-16 at 5.18.…)

from the iced-nipple guy. just a weird ass fan, not a relationship. Saging because it's not really milk or that relevant

No. 714349

Are her "retellings" of their sexual encounters supposed to be hot or just awkward as fuck?

No. 714352


that’s not even remotely scene wyd shay

No. 714365

Has she ever posted commissioned art? She's pretending like she gets tons of free art when she barely gets any even for free

No. 714367

she used to. One of her old icons was art of her but Im not sure if it was commissioned or just something someone did for her

No. 714368


she has zero idea what style she's going for and just tacks on any word she thinks will fit. first it was "goth" and now it's "scene" when this look isn't either of those lol. it's embarrassing when she claims to be soooo into fashion.

No. 714377

it’s a smaaaall wonder! Does anyone remember that show? Lol your comment made the theme song pop in my head.

No. 714378

tbh it’s definitely more scene than it is goth. scene is basically just taking from whatever is popular at the time and dumbing it down.

No. 714379

lmao that’s so perfect

No. 714382

The style is literally just "tumblr alternative" which..isn't really anything lol

No. 714383

… Is this what she thinks goth means? This is thot-goth, and it's not even Instagram-tier "goth gf" level. It's just crackhead goth.

No. 714386

have to agree that its more 'tumblr alternative'. She could have even got away with saying it was 'emo' instead of 'scene'.

No. 714391

I really doubt any of these encounters every happened. She just says what people wanna hear like if you wake up and someone is having sex with you then um thats not consensual. She just wants to put across the bdsm or ddlg or whatever the fuck image they're trying to do

No. 714395

File: 1539728052462.jpg (44.41 KB, 500x254, tumblr_pgpovqBBKC1rmiw96o2_500…)

Schedule is out.

No. 714396

File: 1539728230686.jpg (20.56 KB, 482x94, thisbitch.JPG)

This bitch right here! Way to tell that you're lurking here Shay. >>710707
>Was browsing the cams available under Dolly's nonexistent one and this one cam is literally showing The Mask and has 116 people in it. Dolly can't even do something that basic as show a film and just sit there raking in tips.

No. 714400

"You guys porn encourages child abuse and women abuse uwu"
You are seriously this dumb, are you a feminist and came to this post just to spout bs?
This is about Shay and Fupa, not your "revolution" against porn lmao.

No. 714404

Welcome to the real world Sharon, where industries will always make money off of anything they can.
You are as dumb as Shay with all the crap your spewing. Pretty sure all the actors/actresses in porn condone everything, so your point is invalid.

No. 714405

Sharon needs to go back to her concerned moms of America meeting.

No. 714407

Sage your shit and stop responding to posts 2 days old. We're here to discuss Shay.

No. 714409

Nta but this is what's so shitty about threads on retarded camwhores. 90% of the posters in them are also retarded (cam)whores that just come to gossip about eachother. Mods need to clean up in here.

No. 714411

We should stop giving her good business advice. If she can’t figure it out on her own let’s not give it away. I don’t want to make shit easy for this bitch.

No. 714416

Agreed. I'm just amused that she's bold enough to do an idea that was ONLY talked about here and only mentioned once at that. She's got to be desperate for cash.

No. 714417

Nobody cares if she's gonna have autistic children with a fat fuck up who can't even take care of the three kids he has. Fuck Shay and her unborn diseased eggs.

No. 714418

It's only funny that she only chose the one that will let her just ignore her customers still because god forbid she actually interacts with them

No. 714419

not only

No. 714421

Very true. She mutes and blocks customers and barely says 5 words to anyone who isn't talking about her and her life. I have no idea how she's still making money.

No. 714436

its really not that deep anons lmfao Im pretty sure shay changed it to a "scene" look because it was waaaaay too girly to be exactly goth and her dumbass probably thought it fit

No. 714438

This bitch tried to sell bottles of her discharge, she's not as trashy as Shay, but she's still a dump truck.

No. 714439

Except unlike shay hers did sell. But this isnt a thread about her.

No. 714447

File: 1539733132945.png (Spoiler Image,281.43 KB, 1080x566, 20181016_193803.png)

Seems to me she had no problem fitting it up her ass and LOOK AT THAT FACE LMAO.

No. 714449

File: 1539733222733.png (29.73 KB, 155x158, 20181016_193828.png)

No. 714450

god that really looks like a hitler stache

No. 714451

does she ever think 'this looks awful, maybe i shouldnt sell this'?

No. 714454

Why would she think black would be a good background color with an all black outfit? Jesus Shayna

No. 714457

I get she was going for a "Goth" look, but goth has different colors other than black. This just shows how lazy she is and how much research/effort she does for her videos.

No. 714460

triggered camwhore? very likely.

No. 714462

Is she using lube???!?

Cause the toy looks kinda shiny compared to the rest of it.

No. 714463

this looks so much like a hitler mustache and I can’t atop laughing thinking of baby bimbo hitler barbie

No. 714465


At 21 seconds she goes “ooooo, fart”
Why? No idea.

No. 714468

shut the fuck up(stop derailing)

No. 714469

Triggered LMAO.

No. 714470

Brilliant addition, can we focus on the actual cow?

No. 714472

Dying at ooo fart wth is that.
Also is that… Fake,,, discharge?? Like its literally not coming from her vagina it's like dripping from a weird place. You're fooling no one shay your vagina is the desert

No. 714473

She's so fucking gross I am legit cackling. The STACHE.

Shayna's my favorite cow because every time I think she's hit peak cringe she somehow finds a way to double down.

No. 714474

Goddammit, on mobile. I put sage in the wrong field. Sorry!

No. 714475

Oh my god I thought maybe this was misheard but she says it so blatantly wtf

No. 714476

She looks like a female Droog. maybe she should consider that for a marketing angle.

No. 714477

It's cumlube. She couldn't figure out the syringe before.

No. 714479

She talked about needing to use a shit ton of lube to fit the dildo

No. 714480

Shay seems to be taking a lot of advice from this thread lately. Games/movies on cam, using lube, swapping goth gf to scene gf after we mentioned it etc… Like what's next, is she gonna leave foops and get her boils seen to?

No. 714481

she's saying "ooooh fuck" (well, trying to) which makes sense considering the context of the video, but yeah it does sound like fart. lol

No. 714482

Makes more sense but it sure does sound like fart lol

No. 714483

Hopefully. Getting those sores looked at should've been the first thing she worked on honestly.

No. 714484

Tbf saying 'ooo fart' also kinda makes sense in the context of an anal video lol

No. 714486

I almost thought she was trying to pertain to the people out there who like farts lol.

No. 714487

File: 1539735839058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.52 KB, 1242x733, 290D3944-4A43-4A09-A940-467697…)

How did she think this was a good angle… also the black background plus all the black she’s wearing makes her look like a floating half head.

No. 714488

File: 1539735862699.jpeg (Spoiler Image,544.76 KB, 1242x725, 8FEBBE3B-7ABC-4C3F-BF7E-515B99…)

No. 714491

File: 1539735915718.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 18-10-17-01-22-02-396_deco.jpg)

She really needs to work on her faces and angles (and everything tbh)

No. 714492

Great view of her ass zits if that's what she's going for

No. 714494

Can someone tell me wtf she’s doing/saying in the thread pic?? It’s so unsettling

No. 714496

Hating herself and realizing her life is a mess

No. 714498

Oops sorry for no spoiler, I didn't realise there was a nipple visible my bad

No. 714500

It looks as though she's breaking out on her poor excuse for tits now too??

No. 714511

since when did Shay try to sell bottles of discharge? I know she tried to sell her panties at a ridiculous price.
for someone who "doesn't follow up" on what Shay does, she sure talks about her a lot.

No. 714512

It’s just cum lube, tons of girls use it. It’s actually nice that she’s using it finally instead of dry fucking her ass while we all cringe.

No. 714514

She yells “bye” and then says “gross” for whatever reason.

No. 714517

I can’t believe she’s taking advice from a troll/hate thread about her, while at the same time charging sex workers $100 for business advice.

No. 714520

I don't understand why she didn't at least use black lipstick for this shit if she was going to use a shitty blonde wig instead of a black one

No. 714521

Did she take the dildo out of her ass and put it in her pussy? that's a one-way ticket to yeast infection town, Shay. Gross.

No. 714526

You can be a blonde goth but this is really like a girly ringlets princessy wig I don't understand why she'd pick it. Honestly in general the make up is what's lacking; if you're gonna be taking off all your clothes (goth identifiers) you have to still be recognisably goth somehow? Make up is the best way for that, not using some horrible Hitler stache dribbling nose looking septub ring

No. 714527


They were talking about LittleMissElle, not Shay.

No. 714530

File: 1539737737076.jpg (80.89 KB, 1600x900, clockwork-orange-watching-reco…)

Uncanny. Just with a Hitler stache slapped on there for good measure.

No. 714531

File: 1539737772050.gif (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 540x304, 03CF22AF-5220-41AA-B0DA-C9F3BD…)

She looks like she smelled something bad.

No. 714533

File: 1539737833579.gif (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 540x304, 223A5C52-6E85-4ECD-94BB-52D34B…)

Ah yes mein fuhrer

No. 714534

Gotta love her practically white tongue too

No. 714535

probs about to vomit cus she had a cm of dildo in her mouth

No. 714537

Probably the smell of the dildo that I doubt she's ever cleaned

No. 714538

Don’t do Alex dirty like that

No. 714539

Malcom McDowell is amazing don’t slander his beautiful image comparing him to that filth

No. 714540

Probably her dildo which smelled like her ass

No. 714541

heil baby bimbo hitler barbie 4evurrr

No. 714543

Like I know the topic of her disgusting pussy and her boils have been discussed here non stop, but damn, there really is a reason why that is. The discussion is non stop because she just continues making porn while having these awful breakouts of boils and pimples. Genitals are supposed to be the focal point in porn, and her's is just so very, very, off putting. It's the first thing your eyes focus on.

No. 714544

she looks like Charlie Chaplin especially with those spidery eyelashes

No. 714545

If you have a long pointy nose why on earth would you draw attention to it like this that septum ring is atrocious

No. 714546

Watch her do a sexy Hitler/Eva scenario now since she's so eager to take our suggestions.

No. 714547


I need to know what depraved, pathetic person would watch this trailer and think to themselves: ah yes, this is what I'd like to spend my hard-earned money on.

No. 714548

File: 1539739082292.jpeg (306.16 KB, 1242x804, D057A11F-3147-41EE-B391-0BB58C…)

Can we talk about this description though? Like a goth thing to say is that life is constantly fucking you?

No. 714551

The double chin, kek. She has the worst proportions and features, she gains weight in the worst places. All that alcohol is getting her ballooning up quick and it's not flattering whatsoever.

No. 714554

What does this have to do with being their (the viewers) girlfriend? She doesn’t reference being their girlfriend, she doesn’t say anything that would make it a “girlfriend experience” so why call it that?

No. 714555

lol it’s a remake of the great dictator, didn’t you hear?

No. 714557

I stg if she was skeletal you would still say she’s fat. Tbh she’s a pretty thin girl, with lots of unfortunate bloating and water weight in her face and lower stomach from drinking. Otherwise she’s pretty thin. Saying that she’s “gaining weight rapidly” and “ballooning up” just seems like it would push her to have worse of an ED than she already does.

No. 714559

I’m not trying to WK it just seems like a lot of you really believe she’s a land whale because she has a double chin and has rolls when she slouches. She’s pretty thin but has horrible bloating in her face.

No. 714560

it's just because of the "goth gf" meme p sure, not actually supposed to be a girlfriend experience, altho that could be misleading to customers

No. 714561

I wouldn't say "pretty thin" but she's also not fat. Just a little chub, still in the realm of a normal body… until the wine chugging and fast food catches up with her.

No. 714562

It's bc she's been gaining weight from the alcohol, look at the photo, she's got no fucking neck, her 2nd chin is floating on a roll of fat. Her legs are built like tree trunks. She has no waist. Some girls gain weight in their tits or ass. She unfortunately for her, doesn't.

No. 714563

She’s trying to profit from the whole “goth gf” meme without having the slightest idea of what goths look like.

No. 714565

to be fair, no one who uses the goth gf knows what goth is either. Shay actually should've done a girlfriend experience video if she wanted to use the "goth gf" thing, it would at least be different than every other of her videos.

Also, I really hope she didn't go ass to vaginal with the dildo but knowing her she probably did

No. 714568

eh people say that in the momokun threads too and honestly any "advice" they take from here is still useless to them because they're straight up retarded and can't execute anything correctly in their lives

No. 714573

10 minutes into dildo in the ass and chill and hitler gives you this look

No. 714574

some girls gain weight in their ass but it’s really hard to just “gain weight in your tits” because it just doesn’t work that way. it looks like most of her weight goes to her lower belly and face/neck, which is accurate to bloating from drinking alcohol. The girl isn’t obese like anons are trying to make it seem. She’s pretty thin for her height (5’5”)

No. 714576

I don't think anyone thinks she's actually super fat, just that she's getting fat/ter/
Lmao watch her do a girlfriend experience now after reading this thread

No. 714583

File: 1539741742788.jpg (78.57 KB, 900x1200, shayna2.jpg)

No. 714595

File: 1539742491295.jpg (353.92 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-76119681.jpg)

No. 714597

File: 1539742769181.jpg (575.55 KB, 1064x804, dictator.jpg)

No. 714598


No. 714599

okay this one takes the cake. Heil anon

No. 714606


Here's the free fanart she was bragging about!

No. 714625

I've been laughing at this shit and I can't tell anyone why lol

No. 714630

File: 1539744403513.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

Please use this as next thread image. My sides are gone, anon

No. 714636

alright, shift has started. let's see how late she is tonight.

No. 714642

“This must be a real horrorshow film if you're so keen on my viddying it.”

No. 714645

File: 1539746051437.jpg (52.4 KB, 335x344, Untitled.jpg)

we live. she's in the closet

No. 714647

File: 1539746340984.png (356.86 KB, 616x502, thecrowsnest.png)

jesus christ look at that fucking mess

No. 714648

oh girl, please shave this mess and just dont dye it once it grows back

No. 714650

File: 1539746499417.jpeg (620.5 KB, 1100x838, 429EB415-B5CF-473E-A29B-D942E6…)

It looks like she’s on like the worlds worst green screen

No. 714651

When was the last time we saw her hair down? How long till we see it down again? Is it just going to turn into one giant dread that she inevitably has to cut off??

No. 714652

File: 1539746657840.jpeg (702.93 KB, 1242x866, 96C6D99E-7F1C-43D7-A833-4FE215…)

Someone mentioned Betty from Riverdale and she legit just acted like she’s never heard that as a name before. “That’s a cute name. Sounds like a 1950s pinup name”

No. 714655

File: 1539746908416.jpeg (695.84 KB, 1159x864, 587EB68B-BAA8-4629-B0A1-1CA9F4…)

Coming at you live from the closet of despair. Being huffy and cunty to costumers already, acting so offended that no one is tipping. She just blocked a guy for asking if she was horny. Good business practice.

No. 714656

got upset someone asked if she was horny because her nipples looked hard. she started complaining, said it made her hate her nipples, and said her viewers were exhausting. said it doesn't bother her to talk to her sexually but that it does bother her if you "don't know what you're talking about"

No. 714657

On cam going on about how she hates her nipples and hates when tippers ask if they're hard.
Yes you should be insecure, your nips are hideous

No. 714661

Kek someone said her closet looks like a david lynch set. “Who’s David lynch?” Whenever you are how dare you diss David like that

No. 714662

she cant actually be this stupid?????

No. 714663

File: 1539747181630.jpeg (650.83 KB, 1242x927, F8902506-F3D1-4440-BD60-A8B74C…)

Jesus Christ Shay

No. 714664

It seriously amazes me that she makes money. Holy fuck

No. 714665

she doesn't make much at all though lol
i think she only still gets a little because she used to have a somewhat more attractive persona and she has some desperate hambeast tumblr stalkers now too like that harley thing etc

No. 714667

“I’m doin a heckin struggle right now” NO ONE SPEAKS LIKE THIS. GROW UP. YOURE NOT A MEME.

No. 714670

File: 1539747505824.jpeg (757.94 KB, 1215x913, C71EF345-CF85-444E-83F0-66EFF3…)

Talking about how she filmed for 3 or 4 hours yesterday then edited for 5 hours today. She had to work really hard on the light and color correcting and contrast correcting and stuff. So what we see was a massive effort apparently.

No. 714671

then she needs to consider a new job. Cause it was clearly a waste of time and effort. (if the time amounts are true)

No. 714672


No. 714674

i guess if she's not ever cleaning her toys that might explain the sores

No. 714675

File: 1539747782664.jpeg (652.59 KB, 1208x889, D9CA32B7-2990-4F39-ADCB-C4897A…)

Enthralling. Fake crying because she has no weed. She also just threw something out of faux frustration and immediately was like “sorry Dad”. Now back to thigh slaps and Black Sabbath.

No. 714676

She hasn’t washed her hair since Friday…

No. 714677

File: 1539747929068.jpeg (747.64 KB, 1242x924, AE1C8F3D-0D5D-44E0-9E67-18D11D…)

She has zero self awareness in regards to what her body looks like on cam

No. 714678

that's fine, especially for how dead it is. she said she was gonna wash it tonight so (if she does) that's perfectly fine since it'll all break off if she washes it too often at this point

No. 714681

double post but she said it's like a chihuahua died on top of her head lmao even she knows it's ruff

No. 714682

File: 1539748137339.jpeg (817.46 KB, 1232x926, C5D980E2-22C6-411F-B25C-4316AB…)

I feel like she has the same eyemakeup on from yesterday

No. 714684

she could stop by any drugstore or target and pick up a hair serum for 5 dollars and it would make a world of difference. won't fix it, but would make it look way silkier.

No. 714685

File: 1539748517190.jpeg (657.52 KB, 1213x923, B6F8E3E6-2087-439E-AF05-4DC021…)

Talking about how maybe her ass is growing with her current diet… sure Jan

No. 714686

"chicken nuggets today, chicken nuggets yesterday, a whole lot of macaroni and cheese and beer the day before"

No. 714687

Talking about how she chooses not to leave the house (my boyfriend definitely doesn’t keep me hostage) because she doesn’t like to. When she just said the opposite recently…

No. 714688

>I had chicken nuggets today.. and chicken nuggets yesterday.. and then mac and cheese the other day..

(on the subject of people going outside and getting colds)
>My boyfriend keeps me prisoner here because he loves me.

>The thing with having jenga up now is that I have a compulsion to knock things over.

No. 714689

This bitch thinks honey is pooped by bees.

No. 714692

How do none of these fucking adults know what Honey is “made from”. Holy shit.

No. 714693

Is she really asking 30 tokens for a gulp of Jenga or?

No. 714694

The "Hi Daddy!" bit is gone from the top, is she finally moving away from the bimbo baby thing? Or did Fupa throw a fit that shes calling other people daddy

No. 714696

This Harley person replies so fast

No. 714699

File: 1539749200533.jpg (24.56 KB, 332x260, Capture.JPG)

>Another blank one? What the hell? There's only like.. 14 pieces with nothing on them. Two blanks in a row?

It's called being a lazy bitch, Shay. There's like what, 20 blocks in it?

No. 714701

File: 1539749294186.jpg (25.82 KB, 341x260, Capture.JPG)

So for her Snow White she got a strobe light, fog machine, and fake blood?

>So here's my basket for my Snow White. So I'm going to put apples on the bottom and then put in a dildo and then layer more apples so when I pull an apple out it's like DILDO AAAHH!

No. 714703

File: 1539749362780.jpeg (660.17 KB, 1242x903, D3B3DA5B-B75C-49A1-927A-0D28B5…)

She is legit mixing up red riding hood, sleeping beauty, and Snow White. She’s god a picnic basket, and said she’s going to eat an apple and go into a crazed cock hungry state before falling asleep. Ok.

No. 714704

File: 1539749433796.jpg (25.96 KB, 346x258, fogmachine.JPG)


All the while she burns down her 'studio' with her fog machine.

No. 714705

I sincerely can’t wait to see what she makes with the fake blood and fog machine and strobe light. Have fun with that fog machine in an enclosed space there..

No. 714706

I mean, snow white did bite the apple and then fall asleep. so that's accurate. but yeah the basket is just wild

No. 714707

File: 1539749542454.jpg (28.65 KB, 401x302, drunkauntie.JPG)

She just tried to Vogue and then started doing the drunk auntie bounce to Madonna.

No. 714709

File: 1539749642857.jpg (23.74 KB, 410x308, zits.JPG)

Someone tipped her 250 to get into the cage.

No. 714710

File: 1539749657422.jpg (28.65 KB, 403x300, cage.JPG)

No. 714712

File: 1539749705676.jpeg (757.32 KB, 1242x910, A788668F-0579-4CAE-B87E-F1FCCC…)

You can’t understand a word she’s saying from the cage. She’s trying to talk to guests and sell shit but is inaudible cuz of the loud music. Amaze.

No. 714714

Apparently she was trying to convert a basic member to premium and bribing them with free porn to do it.

No. 714716

File: 1539749853089.jpg (28.79 KB, 405x304, cage1.JPG)

>if you become premium and tip me here, I'll give you a free porn video.

It's not free if they're tipping you first?

No. 714718

>has a tip option for snapchat for life
>guy asks how to get her snap
>rattles off manyvids, tumblr, venmo, circleplay, and her emails
>completely ignores it's a tip option

No. 714720

Advertising her goth gf video again. She’s really proud of it. “It begins a new era of dolly Mattel porn”

No. 714721

File: 1539750335409.jpeg (484.44 KB, 1242x924, 978B8985-89E5-4A54-AEA8-82090B…)

She just played the preview on her phone… on cam. Talking about how the camera guy laughed while filming her. Cuz she was SO funny. Sure Jan again.

No. 714722

Apparently while she was filming that promo she did they had to stop because the camera guy started laughing at her. Shay thinks it's because of her "humor" and rambles on about how she was a theater club and all the girls were sooooo jealous because she got to kiss the school hottie.

No. 714723

“One is the hottest boys in school was in the drama club and I got this big role where I got to kiss him and everyone was super jealous of me” a high school tale from Shay

No. 714727

File: 1539750682314.jpeg (774.88 KB, 1213x911, 92443FC0-5909-430C-9E65-45D0C7…)

Naked time

No. 714728

File: 1539750720803.jpg (29.96 KB, 404x301, wow.JPG)

Someone tipped her to get naked. That's the first time in days.

No. 714729

It’s lkke. Kind of unbecoming that she acts like this.

No. 714730

File: 1539750955097.jpg (26.37 KB, 397x308, strip.JPG)

Someone tipped her to strip and she's wasted like 3 minutes already.

No. 714731

File: 1539750968380.jpg (26.91 KB, 408x299, strip2.JPG)

No. 714732

File: 1539750981990.jpeg (675.23 KB, 1242x893, C0D1BA73-2CD3-4FCD-BF0B-71D043…)

She can’t figure out her striptease light etc setup. And we get another “vogue” dance.

No. 714733

Does she usually put off stripping for so long?

No. 714735

File: 1539751091726.jpg (24.84 KB, 399x295, strip3.JPG)

>i can't strip to this song. As much as I love it, I can't strip to it.

Still hasn't stripped. Changed songs three times and adjusted her lights and cam a dozen times.

No. 714736

File: 1539751121425.jpeg (671.13 KB, 1218x911, 93702737-08EE-463C-A386-5F0D07…)

No. 714739

File: 1539751278928.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.19 KB, 1242x926, B001E06C-997E-479D-9F6D-C6F0F8…)


No. 714741

File: 1539751381221.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.57 KB, 406x309, strip5.JPG)


No. 714742

Someone won one of her free videos and she just walked off camera and never gave him anything because he doesn't have a ManyVids account.

And then he left because he never got anything and Shay suddenly popped up again in her "goth gf" outfit.

No. 714743

File: 1539751557255.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.17 KB, 1242x919, 5DA0360E-4596-444F-8AF8-4F46DA…)

No. 714744

scamming shay at it again

No. 714746

And then she complained about him leaving and "How come no one has a ManyVids account? You have to have one! My porn is great this is the only place you'll get it!"

Maybe put your videos on the site you're ON RIGHT NOW, dumbass.

No. 714747

File: 1539751803643.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.38 KB, 452x341, jfc.JPG)

Not even joking her viewers went down during this.

No. 714748

File: 1539751806721.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.58 KB, 1242x900, 16986687-3CE6-4B19-BF7C-522229…)

She keeps spinning her wig like this and making it look more and more ridiculous

No. 714750

File: 1539751860408.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x360, clerks.jpg)

She's like the perfect specimen for "skinnyfat". Weird and boney in some places, soft and doughy in others. This pose is really accentuating all the bad.

She looks like Jay from that one scene in clerks here.

No. 714751

File: 1539751907156.jpg (33.92 KB, 443x338, sfw.JPG)

>I can cover my nipples with this hair so it's automatically safe for work.

No. 714752

Jay has a much more appealing body

No. 714755

File: 1539752163497.jpg (12.42 KB, 422x42, harley.JPG)

Presented without comment.

No. 714759

god if she doesn't stop playing with that wig it's going to get so ratty so quickly

No. 714761

She talked about cutting her hair off in like fifth grade for locks for love. Let it grow out till seventh grade then shaved half her head. SURE. JAN.

No. 714762

Shay was talking about modeling and how much she wants to be a model

No. 714763

File: 1539752375506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,650.19 KB, 1232x906, 4411BC1A-7B42-4C8F-B8A9-FE4A8B…)

The height of class.

No. 714764

File: 1539752377164.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.78 KB, 448x339, thriving.JPG)

No. 714765

File: 1539752432543.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.48 KB, 454x343, 7783.JPG)

Her vagina literally looks like someone took scissors to a ballsack.

No. 714769

this is the laughing emoji and throwing up emoji at the same time. Perfect analysis

No. 714770

i was a little taken aback at how deep her voice is with her dumb baby/doll/whatever image

No. 714772

>still has a nipple exposed

No. 714773

according to her she just has a fat pussy and its a blessing even tho it took her a while to realize that

No. 714774

File: 1539752993806.gif (1.26 MB, 443x259, 1527453028296.gif)

>I've not seen many girls with pussies like mine since I've been in the business. I didn't know mine was special until like July.

No. 714775

she literally just said she thought it looks like a ballsack from behind

No. 714776

File: 1539753038862.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.31 KB, 447x341, thepeach.JPG)

>See this? This thing they call it a peach but I think it looks like a ballsack but apparently people really like it.

No. 714777

She’s now talking about her shoot with ATK, how the photog kept telling her to show him “her peach”. That shoot was. So rough I can’t bekieve she’s talking about it.

No. 714779

"we went to chick fil a last night but we went to mcdonalds today"

lmao so fupa only goes to whataburger after the gym but he'll bring shay out to other fast food places on his "off days"

No. 714781

File: 1539753446653.jpg (15.06 KB, 450x42, 999.JPG)

Can't imagine why..

No. 714782

kek omg

No. 714784

>I can't tell you how many times tumblr has recommended underaged kids to me…

No. 714785

File: 1539753762611.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.11 KB, 450x336, 99.JPG)

No. 714786

File: 1539753784691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,786.2 KB, 1242x1022, B3621E47-3B92-48EA-BA9B-A0C439…)

Someone tipped her 555 tokens (fox whoare you) and this was her idiotic response

No. 714787

fox is def just another tumblr girl.

No. 714792

File: 1539754319810.jpeg (Spoiler Image,694.75 KB, 1232x1010, A279DAD7-AA1F-4ABD-A7DA-AAB6B8…)

It is pure luck that she is getting tipped tonight. She is acting like an idiot.

No. 714795

Talking about how in January she broke off all her poly relationships because she couldn’t do it any more. “The only time
Poly was ok with me was when I had other relationships and my partners didn’t”. At least she admits that wasn’t healthy of her to do.

No. 714807

is there a cyst in between her asshole and vagina?

No. 714811

no fucking way

No. 714813


In that case, that's cheap. A rigid schedule and totally exclusive for just $240 is on the cheap end of the customs scale.

No. 714831

lol she's down to a 2098 camscore

gonna be below 2000 within the next two streams

No. 714866

Could those marks on her leg that people were speculating as self harm been from rope? I'm not really familiar with bondage but it looks like they could have been caused by this style (or whatever you'd call it?).

No. 714868


Hard liquor, here we come!


Appears to be. She needs to clean that tub. Spa tubs are notorious for harboring bacteria and mold in the jets as they sit damp.


Her outer labia look like PNP's lips.


Top kek caps!

No. 714904

Ya it definitely could have been.
Also not visible in any of the pics I'm seeing from her cam show.

No. 714958

File: 1539780817438.jpg (21.19 KB, 258x485, panties.JPG)

She's STILL trying to sell these!
And in a stream a few days ago she was still trying to sell her candy bra and panties as well. This stuff has to be toxic waste by now.

No. 714975

I don't get it. If she really reads this thread and follows some advice from here, why doesn't she take advice on her customer service? Does she think we're lying and that blocking someone for asking a camgirl if she's horny is actually good business practice??

How can she read all these comments and not understand or at least consider them?

No. 715001

she considers some of it, she's just not very smart

No. 715002


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 715018

new thread >>715014

No. 1139998


Relatively new to this horrorcow. Let's just get a reminder of how she actually wants cheemsburgers. What a shitshow. I have such secondhand embarrassment.

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