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No. 1192611

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Arbitary rules enforced by tranny jannies apply to this thread, this means you might be banned for being too fucking based for your own good. Please don't say mean words to users you suspect are trannies because it makes them cry, seethe and dilate.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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No. 1192613

File: 1616673250511.png (168.24 KB, 598x950, incels.png)

More evidence that trannies are just incels who hate women for not fucking them.

No. 1192616

these rape fantasies are awfully male-like… if i didn't know better i would think that troons are violent men with sexualized, twisted views of women

No. 1192619

File: 1616673801657.png (101.17 KB, 738x1044, reddit.png)


Great thread pic OP, loving the subtle inclusion of Kikomi in the group hug

No. 1192627

Hey, don’t all women openly fantasize about raping and humiliating women who they dislike? #justgirlythings

No. 1192628

File: 1616674684102.jpg (43.76 KB, 713x720, photo_2021-03-25_13-12-50.jpg)

No. 1192639

File: 1616675284449.jpg (686.84 KB, 1161x854, ExURhEKXEAI7CdP.jpg)

r/lgbt and r/actuallesbians have gone private because pic related

No. 1192640

Which subreddits are these on anon

No. 1192642

sage for no contribution/sense/point
why can't they just admit they are femmefags and be done with all the bs?
Men are evil.
Women who don't like dick are evil.
trans aren't pedo even if they sexualise children/cartoon characters
threadpic is perfect

No. 1192646

based, what subreddit is this?

No. 1192647

>publicly tweets about wanting to rape women who disagree with him
>‘private kinks’
Excuse me, sir? That’s not what either of those words mean.

Of course the ‘kink community’ is a festering shithole but I know so many people who still pretend it’s all about mutual respect and consent, and while five years later they’re still writing entire novels about how Fifty Shades of Grey is problematic and a bad representation of the community, they’re completely silent whenever creepy incels use the kink excuse to make rape and death threats. Priorities, I guess.

I wish there were only six examples.

That Bonus Round edit is a whole ride of its own.

No. 1192653

The third person has a point. Imagine being a young lesbian trying to reach out to other lesbians and you end up on reddit. Imagine being told not liking dick is "transphobic" and makes you a bigot? Imagine seeing daily front page threads about "girl dick" and conversations about how it's transphobic to say you don't want to date a trans woman. Or flat out seeing men talking about their "girl dicks' and gay sex between "transbiens".
Then if you speak up you are looked at like a horrible bigot, a bad person. The subreddit is like 80% men and it's run by men.
The sad thing is there's SO MANY SPACES JUST for trans women and it's not only trans people telling you, something is wrong with you and you are a bad person, but it's other women "lesbians" themselves.

No. 1192663

If God didnt want us to hate trannies, why did She make them all so ugly?

No. 1192664

Unfortunately it's not mainstream enough to spread enough. I think it's probably just imageboard and reddit people that know about this.

No. 1192671

File: 1616678498638.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.55 KB, 600x433, ED418B85-8B8D-47EB-9B4C-962713…)

I went on their furaffinity page for the meme, and wtf? ….what does FiM mean? Is it a show?

No. 1192678

I wish these people had to wear a scarlet letter. Surely they can't easily blend in and function in respectable society

No. 1192681

Disgusitng art. But to answer your question FiM means "Friendship is Magic" from the show MLP:FiM (My Little Pony:Friendship is magic)

No. 1192688


Why is there an Irish flag? Thought this particular troon was a tan?

No. 1192700

The Venn diagram of aggressively online troons in mod/admin positions who are into diapers, pedophilia, anime, furry shit, and raping TERFs has got to be close to a perfect circle at this point. Is there a factory churning them out somewhere? I’ve been on the internet for a long time and this is one of the most bizarre subcultures I’ve ever seen.

No. 1192703

File: 1616681011243.jpeg (349.48 KB, 1280x1811, 83C39BB5-D99D-41B5-9205-8BE922…)

I mean…are the cold dead eyes, disheveled appearance and lack of personal hygiene not a dead giveaway? None of the people mentioned on this thread so far look like well-adjusted pillars of society.

No. 1192705

I'm starting to think all the SRS butcher doctors are actually based for permanently castrating so many trannies and botching their neovags beyond repair. If only so many didn't also spout TRA ideology and try to push for kids getting mutilated too… Do you think any of them are actually only in the field to practice insane experimental surgery techniques on willing guinea pigs, or did they all drink the transgender koolaid?

No. 1192727

This is a month old but I don't think it's been posted. Troon state rep "owns" GOP House reps who spoke out against the Equality Act demolishing sex-based protections by dismissing their concerns and using trans teens as suicide guilt bait. So disgusting that the media claims to want to prevent suicide contagion but gleefully trumpets the idea that it's normal or expected for a child to kill themselves over "hateful rhetoric".

>"They're BEATING KIDS UP on the microphone on the House floor"

>"They obviously have no clue about anything that they're talking about"
>"Trans people don't even want to be known as being trans, they want to blend in and be invisible" meanwhile trans flag in the background
>Trans kid suicide guilt trip talking point pulled out multiple times
>"As someone who's a mother"
>"People who aren't treated the way white men are treated" you are a white man and you're being treated exactly like one

No. 1192733


We are truly living in the end times when people are proud to announce, and attempt to normalise scatology, sissification, CP and bestiality all wrapped up in one disgusting package.
I need eye bleach, and some holy water.
Make it staaaaaahhhhhhp……
Hopefully this will cause mass peakening.

No. 1192740

At this point I feel all the republics and right wing parties across Europe need to do is be less stingy about abortion and they'd majority of the female vote as more and more women peak, I know so many women have stopped voting for various left wing parties since so many cape for troons

No. 1192741

I could swear I read this as someones profile on reddit recently

I am thinking there is a lot of "cut, tuck, sew, $$$, run" but also a lot of doctors thankful these faggots are out of the genepool. The thought of it being an issue for kids is what scares me and the crazy is already out of the bag with the "adult" trannies chanting bullshit

No. 1192748

There is a huge amoiunt of money in this. I'm not sure where the funding is coming from, but I know someone who designs care pathways for hospitals and medical institutions, and at the beginning she was mainly doing degenerative conditions, cancer etc but in the last couple of years it has been mostly trans care plans as that seems to be where the demand is, and she is making big bucks.
Saged for blogpost.

No. 1192752

File: 1616684892218.png (93.1 KB, 970x1016, imightbeaterf.png)

Comments are from this TrueOffMyChest post


Post is already locked bc of obvious reddit tranny mod reasons

No. 1192759

i love how the word "valid" means absolutely nothing

No. 1192760

File: 1616685902364.jpg (1 MB, 2560x2560, 21-03-25-17-21-21-834_deco.jpg)

Literally the face of autism right there. He also had some other sped disorder growing up, I'm sure he's still an actual physical danger to women to this day, on top of being a degenerate pedo. I would not be surprised at all if he's already committed crimes.

No. 1192765

As a woman on the autism spectrum and also having a kid on the spectrum, you have no idea how much shame I feel being associated with these degenerates

No. 1192773

File: 1616686709629.png (63.27 KB, 729x536, chrome_2021-03-15_02-02-40.png)

No. 1192787

File: 1616687405530.png (10.74 KB, 664x251, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Feminism…)

Outrageous. I just googled his name to see what people are saying, and if there's a petition. There was a thread on mumsnet, so I went there and it's been removed.

No. 1192792

I really feel for you anon.

No. 1192794

Yeah even Mumsnet isn't safe, they've gotten so many complaints over the years by TRAs that the owners have to make policies to limit twansphobia, its bullshit

We are witnessing the end of the free speech on the Internet right now, all of censorship but with the degeneracy as well

No. 1192795

It's okay, anon. It's a combination of autism and (usually male) degeneracy that you need to worry about. Most autists don't turn out this way.

No. 1192798

File: 1616688051111.png (30.08 KB, 585x300, courtorder.PNG)

The friend who posted the OP tweet naming the man seems to be suggesting that because of the court order, there can be trouble for hosting info about this. I wonder if that's why it's so hard to find it posted about anywhere that hasn't already been removed.

No. 1192801

You are right, the thing is those of us on the spectrum need structure and community to function, If I was teenager in this era id likely be a FTM or something

No. 1192812

File: 1616688595706.jpg (79.31 KB, 960x960, Dr.-Wallace-Wong.jpg)


Isn't this the Dr involved in that case? Either way he looks like a wrongun.

No. 1192817

File: 1616688853030.png (321.75 KB, 978x636, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Gender …)

No. 1192822

It seems like court ordered silence proves to be more detrimental than helpful these days. People weaponize the inability to share case-relevant information to drum up sympathy for whichever side they arbitrarily decide is right. The information age sure is scary.

No. 1192825

I guess big Pharma paid good money to keep low profile in order not to attract too many people's attention.

I do wish I would've saved it but there was a dad that protested alone against this case and he got attacked out of nowhere from cray TRA that took away most of his stuff, started to throw street signs at him and endend up breaking his bones because of it. All of them were dressed completely in black with covered faces (clearly not because of the rona)

No. 1192826

A wongun, you mean

No. 1192827

A lot of autistic people, particularly high functioning ones with Aspergers syndrome do have some degree of gender dysphoria, whether it's wanting to be the opposite sex or feeling genderless. However acting on it by mutilating your body just makes your life worse imo. I can see so many autistics getting groomed by this movement and it makes me sick. We are effectively being sterilized and made into freaks for not feeling 'typical' for our sex/gender and in my opinion it's social engineering.

No. 1192836

I don't think people on the spectrum have gender dysphoria(cause it's not real) rather most of us never really get gender roles most of the time which does add to a feeling gendetlessnesd

No. 1192844

what a fucktard

No. 1192854

God that LuciaLoL guy. Pops up all over the fucking girlgamers subreddit butting into convos about misogyny and ~getting bullied on voicechat for being a woman~. It's so annoying and pathetic

No. 1192865

Oh yeah, that was Billboard Chris(?) or something, he was in Montreal and got a video of the people hitting him with pylons and calling him a transphobe. I wish I remembered his twitter, he even got into it with Anna Slatz

No. 1192867

Yes, that's him! The video was so brutal jeeez but it is only the TERFS that kill and attack people uwu

No. 1192871

Good time to consider a future career in medical malpractice law. Ladies, get empowored and build your empire

No. 1192875

File: 1616691311605.png (469.51 KB, 1376x634, file.png)

old white man confirmed as cabinet secretary, stop the presses

No. 1192876

Why am I not surprised in the slightest. Even without cheeking, I could already tell he a diaper fetish, especially with a name like "mucky".
Why is it that they're always into weird shit too? It's never some vanilla fetish, it's always either something creepy, disgusting or both.

No. 1192877

No. 1192881

Coding too, since it looks like we're gonna have to hop on the alt-tech train

No. 1192882

He looks like the Grinch or some kind of evil supervillain.

Roald Dahl was right when he said that evil shows on the face.

No. 1192886

Gender therapy as kids, psychological therapy as adults.
There's going to be a generation of kids that are just going to be completely broken because of this.

No. 1192887

What does this mean? We're not all yanks.

No. 1192888

File: 1616691700683.jpg (1.7 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210325_190114389.j…)

No. 1192890

literally figure it out

No. 1192893

nta, it's like a cabinet minister

No. 1192895

agreed. ive never really understood it myself and feel pretty genderless as a result but i have no problem with having a female body or knowing that people see me differently than i see myself. that's what i don't get about so many trans people these days. you can't control how other people see you so just don't fucking associate with them if they don't respect your identity. you can't force everyone to see you how you see you. that's awfully solipsistic.

at some point you have to just accept that you are essentially a completely different person to many other people out there than the way you see yourself.

No. 1192909

Feels like next level eugenics and a pederasty Renaissance. Get the mentally inferior to extermimate themselves, while making pedophilia the norm again. I feel like I'm living in Plato's cave.

No. 1192925

Hopefully this 'picture of health' peaks the world while converting all the suburban kids to streetkids with his SRS sterilization plan.
Just look at ol' Richard dick Levine… Looks like another a dried out smegmatic creep who went to Harvard in the 80s.
Children of men, here we go!

No. 1192947

>It is ok for this character to be sissied.
Lord I'm about to a-log

Blog but honestly I don't know what to do anymore because I don't want to vote for right wing parties and I agree with everything else on the left but I do not want to give my votes to parties that encourage troon insanity

No. 1192949

What you feel is normal, autist anons. No one really "feels" their gender because gender has fuck all to do with your personality. It's about how you are seen and treated differently in society based on your sex. You only feel it when people treat you differently than they would a scrote in the same situation. It has nothing to do with how well you conform to or identify with gender roles. That's why troons can only imagine the female experience as being a fuckhole and incubator, and why they hate tomboys and butch lesbians so much for being recognized as women without conforming to their ideals. They will never ever understand the female experience because even the ones who "pass" with bimbofication surgeries and filters will always be clockable by their inability to comprehend or define womanhood and no amount of sissy hypno or twitter screeching will change that.

No. 1192950

Anon it's fine for you to delete these and just leave the last one.

No. 1192956

for me i think it has more to do with the fact that i never have been treated the same as other women and growing up any target on my back was because i was "different" rather than my gender. so ive never really fully felt the female experience, as it were.

No. 1192957

Don't remember the post numbers so I'm not 100% sure if this is directed towards me but yeah I had a moment of 'tism and reposted the same thing like three times because I kept thinking of more stuff to add, if this was about me I am sorry for shitting up the thread a bit (though only one post at a time), kek

No. 1192969

File: 1616697710203.png (19.55 KB, 987x482, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Yodel - …)

Ugh, it's like an infestation, affecting every facet of life.
This is from a UK delivery company's customer feedback thing. Not participating in this shit and won't use them again.

No. 1192980

>[Aimee] isn't the Emperor of Trans People
Emperor, not Empress, mh? MISGENDERED!! Die TERF BIGOT /r/Penny_D!!

No. 1192993

File: 1616700354630.jpg (60.03 KB, 587x617, pedo1.JPG)

No. 1192994

File: 1616700433449.jpg (77.22 KB, 598x709, pedo2.JPG)

No. 1192999

File: 1616700589910.png (30.39 KB, 762x393, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Aimee Ch…)

At least the fact that her father is a convicted child rapist is there for everyone to see, for now.

No. 1193004

File: 1616700962154.png (15.8 KB, 764x180, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Aimee Ch…)

Wow. Both kids troons, what's the odds.
Must have been such a healthy and wholesome family.

No. 1193010

File: 1616701230241.jpeg (77.02 KB, 824x871, 9D96E039-DFF5-4D6F-9ADD-DCDC85…)

Check out r/lgbt’s response to Challenorgate. Aimee’s pedo husband mods here so not a surprise they’d say this, but damn never thought I’d see people defend a nonce so hard.

No. 1193012

they are currently busy eating out each others neovag, because this how success tastes like gag

No. 1193014

no thread makes me want to a-log as much as this one does

No. 1193016

My country is getting to a point where centrist and slightly right-of-center parties are going to be more pro-woman and pro-LGB than the leftist parties. They’re more stingy with things like maternity leave but not opposed to abortion and gay marriage, while leftist parties are endorsing prostitution, erasure of women as a class and chemical castration of gay/autistic/gnc children. It’s dystopian.


I think the community aspect is a huge part of it. Autistic people often feel disconnected from their peers and being trans provides an explanation (especially if ASD is undiagnosed) a solution/“cure” and an instant community where everyone is welcome and valid UwU. Don’t forget that predatory TRAs actively recruit awkward kids via discord, Reddit and other social media by literally telling them that if they’ve ever felt confused, insecure or lonely it means they’re probably trans. It’s the latest incarnation of things like Indigo Children and otherkin except instead of being a bunch of fringe loonies there’s billions in funding and powerful political lobby groups behind it.

No. 1193052

File: 1616703780655.jpg (35.13 KB, 490x606, 6be5e854e98dd0f396d8b5f16574b5…)

trannies and tranny chasers

No. 1193061

No. 1193071

See, this is how they reel you in. There is no "typical male/female experience". Take a step back an analyze it; does that statement even make sense? You grew up into you and that's entirely your own experience, as it should be. Growing up and living as a whole doesn't follow a strict set of rules. Just because you didn't go to Stacey's 9th birthday and paint your nails doesn't make you any less of a woman. Just because you don't wear dresses and put on makeup everyday doesn't mean you're a man or whatever. Having an abnormal childhood, with or without trauma, has absolutely nothing to do with your gender.

One thing I've noticed… This whole mentality that if you live life in a way that differs from what you see in films and television then there's something wrong with you. Was this as prevalent back in the day as it is now before film started gaining traction/before TV was accessible to the average household? Its like every other person blames the media for their upbringing and what they themselves/others around them perceive as normal, then jumping to the conclusion that they're trans because of it. Did these morons really see some sorta movie and think it was reality? And not something scripted, intentionally exaggerated to make the scenes more enjoyable? Did these people really think this is how life is? I'm so fucking confused.

No. 1193073

ugh, sorry. HIS.

No. 1193077

>MTFs always trying to convince the general public they aren't pedophiles
>Troon in politics is associated with pedos and is likely one himself
Uh oh, sisters!

No. 1193078

God, with all the troon critical things being banned off the internet,it made me scared for this thread because it took a bit too long to load and for a brief moment I thought that it got axed as well wew

No. 1193080

Tranny janny tried his hardest

No. 1193081


The rates of transition are really high amongst children and young people in foster care. You'd think that would give gender activists pause for thought, but they don't even give a fuck. These vulnerable kids probably have shit tons of other emotional issue/needs not being met and boxing it all under gender dysphoria won't help them in the long run.

No. 1193082

KEK weren’t they trying to cancel it a few months ago and an admin came here and passive aggressively sperged?

No. 1193099

File: 1616706535442.png (25.98 KB, 946x291, Screenshot_2021-03-25 Gender …)


So this shouldn't be a surprise then.
Poor kids. I hope that a massive peak happens and that people start suing these degenerates left and right in the coming years.

No. 1193105

They'll always come up with an excuse.
>Kids in foster care… um… have a more open mind regarding the world because they don't have abusive Karen parents, so they're more likely to freely express their true gender! Saying that it's because they're often already emotionally neglected and haven't been able to form proper intimate bonds with the people around them is ableist and above all transphobic!
I honestly could imagine a TRA using a reasoning like this when confronted about the issue.

No. 1193106

Incels all think life is/should be like a Hollywood teen movie and they've brought that thinking down the pipeline all the way to transbianhood. The obsession with girls' sleepovers is especially gross.

No. 1193123

There's a strong correlation between the Trancels, the extreme SJWs and being completely unable to tell reality from fiction.


An actor has an opinion you don't like
Something bad happens to an imaginary character.

No. 1193137

It could still happen, especially since this thread has lately been more focused on gc discussion and less on pointing and laughing at individual MtF cows.

They’ll just say trans kids are more likely to end up in foster care because reasons.

No. 1193146

File: 1616708862706.png (2.16 MB, 1000x1571, the_recipe.png)

was inspired to make this meme

No. 1193148

Dude I had to watch a training g video about letting trans people use the bathroom and in the video example the girl is uncomfortable about a MTF using the bathroom and instead of explaining to her that the guy is trans and can use the bathroom they report them to the manager and say this is classified as bad behaviour. They're like the Gestapo or something.

No. 1193164

aaahhh, that deserves a Kikomi Approved sticker anon
Well quite.

No. 1193167

Spot on. Growing up as a woman that doesn't fit the society's expectations and struggling with self-acceptance regarding it is still a very female experience tbh, one of the many possibilities. There are things that are very sex-specific that only people born in that sex can relate to.

Amazing, thanks anon

No. 1193179

Not really a good example.

Boebert's husband flashed an underage girl his dick so she doesn't have much room to claim to care about women's rights.

No. 1193245

File: 1616716642280.jpg (654.69 KB, 1960x4032, E9XTZ06u9UTkN2SA-eGGbqjdMp_ESQ…)

Did he cake his face in foundation ? look at his left eyebrow

No. 1193249

I can't cause I am disabled and need money and benefits.

No. 1193251

It's only a matter of time, guaranteed.

No. 1193255

File: 1616717101485.png (492.44 KB, 1668x2388, CE65307C-B975-4AD5-9F5F-FB7FB0…)

Not only that but about a year or so ago we had a whole board for these topics and boy were some people in meta fucking pissed about it. Admin even gave us a poll, asking if we should keep it. Predictably, we voted for it to stay but it was deleted anyways lol because fuck you.

No. 1193256

People are so close figuring out. Challenor has a little girl fetish (pedo) and they are still participating in it by calling him a “she”. Yet they don’t make the connection. They just truck along calling this pedo “her”. All the subs today are like FUCK TERFS MISGENDERING = BAN. Fascinating.

No. 1193275

File: 1616718989058.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1875, 246F7EDD-3FC1-4954-8DAF-CD9DE9…)


lmao what even can you say that ISNT offensive. so the only way you will be happy is if everyone you encounter honestly & truly believes you are a woman & always have been??? now i should play your insane guessing game where hopefully i flip the coin right & use the pronouns u feel like today or risk a meltdown. & how is it MY fault if i can tell??? i feel like im taking crazy pills

No. 1193276

i do agree tho kek please dont ask me about my pronouns

No. 1193279

is there an archive of this with the links?

No. 1193281

Just imagine this
>ask for pronouns because circle of friends is full of retards.
>some of them get offended and cancel you because you’re being transphobic.
>don’t ask for pronouns because circle of friends is full of retards.
>some of them get offended because you misgendered a retard fully dressed as a man talking about man stuff and get cancelled because you’re being transphobic.
At this point nothing makes sense, give me my monke back, let’s go back, I’m sick of people getting offended by retarded shit like fucking pronouns and how it actually can make people lose their jobs or even get them severely injured.

No. 1193303

We've come full circle from pronouns in bio/normalize pronouns/ask pronouns to "asking pronouns or expecting people to display them is offensive"

This is why keeping up with woke culture is a waste of time. Just be a good person and ignore all the rules of the day.

No. 1193304

Is this the next Doctor Who, he kinda nailed the look

No. 1193306

Amazing anon, I love it.

No. 1193310

Honestly this is a bit of a fair take. If you are someone who's having a struggle with their gender being pressured to put pronouns in your bio, or having it come up in conversation as if it's really that organic, seems counterproductive. However a meltdown of sorts shouldn't ensue if it isn't assumed correctly.

Everyone putting their pronouns in their bio, or being asked when talking to new people, is fucking stupid in general, but if trying to be empathetic it's not always desirable. For instance they're so obsessed with ~poc~ but don't realize that asking a black woman, essentially, if she's "a man or a woman" has a lot of loaded implications. Waiting for that to blow up in their faces.

No. 1193311

Autism only gets this rep because it's mainly diagnosed in moids, and it's mainly diagnosed in moids because moids are the most likely to be the screeching, shit smearing, publicly masturbating, diaper wearing, dog fucking kind of autist. You have nothing to do with the deficiencies of the degenerate gender.

No. 1193313

Believe me anon when I say I've known plenty of autistic women whove been to wierd degernate stuff

No. 1193314

They are very rarely a violent nuisance though, and psychiatry typically only cares about whether you're a danger to yourself and others.

No. 1193318

Either way, the point I'm trying to make is that autistic men and autistic women are the ones who are being groomed to troon out cause we really don't understand gender roles and our selves most of the time

No. 1193320

I believe I was the first anon in /meta/ to complain about radfem derailment on threads that were OT and infighting. If I had known it would lead to purging of any kinda radfem discussion from this website (besides this thread I guess) I woulda kept my damn mouth shut. I regret contributing to the bullshit in /meta/, potentially starting it in the first place.

No. 1193327

i'm gonna say this is probably a huge reason why troons are growing so much. the whole egg aspect of the trans community is just autistic people being told that the reason they don't seem to fit in is because they're actually the other gender.

and then they become even more of an outcast because they still don't fit in and now look like freaks.

No. 1193329

File: 1616724978198.png (415.42 KB, 576x868, Screenshots_2021-03-25-19-16-0…)

Coming soon to a bathroom near you.

No. 1193333

but wait, the mental arithmetics required to exist like these abnormalities is astonishing

- not all trannies are bad like pedo-admin
+ just the ones that are noticed
- all men are evil
+ all trannies are men
- gender doesn't mean anything
+ call me a woman/girl/tree/deer
- trannies want to be accepted
+ unless you are a lesbian and don't want to get tranny halfcock rubbed on you

i'm looking forward to the next woke movement #notalltranniesbutmetoo

No. 1193341

Indeed. Tranny Janney was working overtime in February.

No. 1193346

They're into weird fetishes because you've got to go deep into internet porno to find forced sissification and bambi sleep. They pick shit up along the way. They also feel open about some of these fetishes because they have the shield of being trans, and they recognize that it is less "gross" for a woman to be into it. Well, they're less likely to be shamed that is. Anyone I see claiming to be a woman talking about something sexual online I eye suspiciously. I'm a woman and never felt the need to share my sexual proclivities with the internet. That's a scrote move.

No. 1193349

I'd say the odds are pretty good when dad is a crossdressing pedophile.

No. 1193378


I’ve never considered that. You’re right. Men are easy to volunteer that information, and they seem to be more involved in “social circles” that involve their fetishes or degenerate porn.

Women do things like that to a much lesser degree- like stupid fanfiction. It’s a lot less vile.

No. 1193412

are people allowed to give honest criticisms there or is it only asspats?

No. 1193414

It's perfect.

No. 1193426

File: 1616732663468.jpeg (390.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1611296233837.jpeg)

What would the TRA argument against trans racialism be

No. 1193443

They already think black women are basically hulking men anyways so eventually they’ll come around supporting transracials

No. 1193444

This is sage wisdom, anon, thank you

The one thing women all over the world have in common is being female.

No. 1193456

File: 1616736230919.png (181.41 KB, 1026x685, bathrooms.PNG)

kek a grad school in my area is facing a unisex bathroom controversy right now and the women's affiliation group (which welcomes everyone, of course, can't be exclusionary!) sent out a big fuck you to anyone with concerns

No. 1193457

File: 1616736544081.png (280.52 KB, 594x420, ojvu2f9uc3p61.png)

No. 1193462

Why they always gotta look like Dana Carvey as the turtle in Master of disguise

No. 1193473

>racial segregation bad
>therefore, sex segregation bad

Ugh handmaidens

No. 1193475

omg the more they compare race to sex the more i think the anons above are right… transracial black people are black people

No. 1193478

>Do you think any of them are actually only in the field to practice insane experimental surgery techniques on willing guinea pigs, or did they all drink the transgender koolaid?
Both, but mostly they're in it for the money. There's so much money that trannyshit generates, it's insane. I think a lot of the docs will put on a woke face though, and don't actually feel that way at all. There's probably a few who actually drank the kool-aid though.

No. 1193480

When it comes to doctors, what sort of surgeon is it that performs a SRS, generally? Plastic surgeons, right? I mean, of medical professionals they are already the scummiest. They give obviously unstable men and women unnecessary cosmetic surgeries all the time, why would they stop at the waistline?

No. 1193481

They're so racist and they dont even realize it, it hurts

No. 1193482

>a heritage, and culture, and history that you can't possibly be a part of
Women have this too, only unfortunately for us, it's mostly fucking awful shit shoved on us by moids. Trannies will never be a part of the culture of horrible shit like femicide or mass rapes.

No. 1193497

Lol I remember that. RIP pinkpill. admin is so pathetic

No. 1193499

It's okay anon but also fuck you

No. 1193504

I feel like blogging so idc if I get b& though I will sage. I'm so bitter that I got stalked by someone looking at stuff via my tumblr likes a few years ago. they made a "call-out post~" against me and not only did I get mass dejected, I got harassment. harassment from libfems but mostly from regular "leftist" men. I am disabled and I had a community a few years ago and now I don't. even my roommate thinks I'm an evil terf. the posts that got ~exposed~? me liking posts that said lesbians don't need to date trans women and that lesbians will never do cock.

No. 1193505

You’re a fucking asshole. Leave and never come back. I mean that.

No. 1193509

Im sorry anon this happened.

No. 1193521

the date is incorrect, it should say convicted in 2016 and a serving as campaign manager in 2018. a little smear to make it seem like aimee had no idea her dad was a convicted pedo when she hired him when she had full knowledge.

No. 1193524

this person deserves to be in jail for a long time.

No. 1193533

the biggest tranny handwave of this controversy that i have seen is that they think "all people in power are pedos, so of course trans in power will be to." they think "not all trans."

No. 1193537

I'll take my ban for blogposting but i need to vent and there's absolutely nowhere I feel like I can do it but here.
A female friend of mine recently starting the lowest-effort transbian ever. Her "girlfriend" has not transitioned in any way and does not make any effort to present as female, just looks and dresses as every long-haired guy in a metal band, but my friend will not stop talking about how she's SOOOO GAY and how all of her many, many relationships with men (including a marriage that ended after six months) failed because she was actually just so gay, and how she was totally faking her orgasms for her whole life, but having sex with this penis is different because it identifies as female! She's such a lesbian that it took having sex with this specific penis for her to orgasm for the first time! She has claimed to be "bi" for years but also admitted she has never had sex with a woman.

As an actual lesbian who dates women with vaginas, I have to bite my fucking tongue so hard every time one of her posts about "queer euphoria" and being so totally sapphic comes across feed. I am so angry, anons. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

No. 1193542

i can't stand this scrote. when he's not tweeting about whatever degenerate kink he's into at the time, some normies will retweet his ~transformation~ but he's just a coomer.

i'm so sorry anon. she's just "euphoric" because she has a new brand of toy that allows her to seem more interesting. don't hesitate to phase her out of your life.
ngl if she married someone and divorced after 6 months, she will definitely dramatically cut you off if you say anything TERF-y.

No. 1193545

I'm really sorry your friend has been taken in by this bullshit but honestly I would say to really try and lessen your involvement. probably would say to cut her off. it's just going to be too dramatic and annoying if you don't.

No. 1193547

thank you, anon.

No. 1193548

Don't take this the wrong way but your friend sounds insufferable, I think its for the best she have a troon partner and live in a woke bubble

No. 1193551

Please do take this the wrong way, you should absolutely drop that fucking retard.
What a waste of oxygen.

No. 1193553

super late to the party but i'm pretty sure i know who that is lmao

No. 1193556

>is there a factory churning them out somewhere?

Basically yes, autistic men and teens are being groomed into believing their problems would be solved with transition, and then gender itself becomes their new special interest.

No. 1193557


im so sorry anon, i really wish i knew you irl so i could offer you some comfort. all i can say is that your takes aren't super nuclear and most of the world agrees with you. i hope you find a new safer community who won't go through your trash to crucify you publicly. people who do shit like that don't even give two shits about the well being of "marginalized people" they're just looking for clout and ass pats.


i can't imagine how draining seeing shit like that is for a lesbian. as a straight woman i find it exhausting enough. depending on what social media she is shitting your feed on you might be able to hide her posts. i personally would "accidentally" unfollow but that's not always possible depending on how often you see each other. good luck anon

No. 1193559


Thank you, anonfriends. Tbh I started distancing myself a while ago, but she is so beloved by our friend circle that I am having trouble truly cutting her off without losing other friends that I genuinely like, who have just not peaked yet. I'm waiting for this relationship to inevitably self-destruct like the 6 other relationships she's had in the 7 years i've known her, and for her to claim that this person is abusive like she has with all of the others. I'm just so tired of seeing everyone around me drink the kool-aid. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

No. 1193563

Am I the only one who is actually terrified of the direction this is all going, especially combined with all of the other political topics? I feel as if I am being lowkey bullied every single day, even without direct contact with these people. I don't know how much longer I can take all of this. Do I just need to get out more or something? It doesn't feel like there's less of it off of the internet and none of my hobbies are free of reminders that this is all happening. Lately, everything is starting to feel like a nightmare. I feel like the only one feeling such high anxiety about it. Sage for blogpost, I don't know where else to put this.

No. 1193565

Yes, well spotted anon. Frankly I am surprised they didn't just either suspend the whole page, or just have the bare bones of his political career, and cite "harassment".
They still have the fact that he is married to another pedo on there and it's not looking good.

No. 1193570

No, I completely get you anon. I'm an oldfag, so thankfully don't have any friends who think this shit is cool. It's a problem when applying for jobs in my field though because almost every company has troon inclusive policies. I'm in the UK and "equality" is hammered into you any time you have training.
Also, all uni campuses are tainted with this ideology. Which is why I'm using Open University, saged for blogpost. Pray for a quickening of the peak, ladies.

No. 1193571

File: 1616751054187.jpg (236.79 KB, 1080x1931, IMG_20210326_112639.jpg)

All of them are pedos, literally all of them.

No. 1193572

File: 1616751114666.jpg (201.37 KB, 1760x1080, IMG_20210326_112641.jpg)

Just another teenage lesbian.

No. 1193573

Evolution has turned back.

No. 1193574

Aside from the US and the UK what other countries are drinking the trans kool-aid right now? Got a feeling the replies to this are going to depress me even further but whatever.

No. 1193575

Imagine sharing a bathroom with THAT

No. 1193577

lol it's amazing how these people make women's clothing look like men's. They aren't even emulating women, this is just how sloppy men dress, the skirts don't even make a difference.

No. 1193578

Dont know about the rest of Europe but its a ever growing and almost unavoidable trend in my country(Norway) and the rest of Scandinavia, but guess that's expected

No. 1193580

mainly 3rd world shitholes and woke eurofags seem to be embracing the need for trender equality

No. 1193581

File: 1616751908439.jpg (67.87 KB, 722x349, 1519065026327.jpeg.jpg)

In his comments he talks how he "pretended to be male" all his life.

No. 1193583

Poor wife, I hope she divorces him soon!

No. 1193585

a few of my friends have recently started to post about TERFS (im from Spain)

No. 1193586

File: 1616752410902.png (234.65 KB, 553x685, 1492905236450.png)

>actually i have xy chromosomes and i'm 52


No. 1193588

I didn't think it was possible to peak any harder but this repulsive old pedophile managed it, I feel visceral disgust in my soul. My only solace is the knowledge that absolutely nobody will ever be attracted to that thing (and most other AGPs) no matter how many handmaids lie through their teeth to validate him.

No. 1193590

I'm terrified too. Mainly because I'm a lesbian and I'm 99% sure that when the public starts pushing back against the QT innocent LGBs are all gonna get lumped in with them too.

No. 1193591

What about the replies tho. In my experience with latin american twitter even if you find people defending the trans movement there's a lot more people calling them retarded, of course, over there no one gets fired for missgendering anyone so there's that.
Which makes me think most of the general public support for the trans movement is based on fear and little to do about the abominations in dresses and fake dicks imo.

No. 1193593

I swear to god I'm gonna lose it if the world peaks and then blames lesbians of all people, the group most victimized/targeted by trannies and also most likely to be gc/radfem. I truly pray it becomes chance for them to say 'I told you so' because they did, over and over, but sadly I don't have high hopes. Women and gay people are going to cop all of the blame, nobody will care enough to figure out which groups actually supported trannies when they can just blame feminists and LGBT as a whole.

No. 1193594


No. 1193595

How is this not a troll post? Reminds me to the old school 4chan coypastas. That's how ridiculous they sound all the fucking time.

No. 1193597

I really don't know why these people target lesbians so much when we are mostly the opposite of what they fetishize about women. I'm a pretty tomboyish lesbian, I wouldn't necessarily say "butch" but I have a muscular/athletic body, don't dress super feminine, etc. Most of my gay female friends are the same. But these guys seem obsessed with the uwu hyperfemme egirl stereotype that matches precisely zero lesbians I know (a few bi girls, but mostly they are only bi for internet clout). Lesbians are attracted to women who don't have to go out of their way to shove into your face how feminine and womanly they are.

No. 1193602

>Lesbians are attracted to women who don't have to go out of their way to shove into your face how feminine and womanly they are.
The way lesbian attraction works doesn't align with the way any other sexuality works let alone what these freaks believe is to be a true lesbian.

No. 1193603

Post-sovietic countries seem to be in an interesting split where the governments and common people are very openly transphobic while academia/woke youth drinks the koolaid uncritically just to stick it up to our shitty governments.

No. 1193606

An anon in of the previous thread mentioned something like this, the common people and government were against groomers but the academics were not too disamalir from woke academics In western Europe and America

No. 1193608

just when you think the photo can't get any more repulsive… are those crocs?

No. 1193614

Canada is one of the worst. Scotland (at least the politicians) most English speaking countries tbh.

No. 1193617

Women will never be allowed a space anywhere unintruded by men. Especially not on the internet. The only reason we got to keep this thread was that when it was locked recently due to tranny janny throwing a shitfit, people started making a discord for everyone who was sick of being censored on here and advertising it on the site. To squash the "detractors" they re-opened this thread and apparently told tranny janny to calm down.

But still, it's fucking sad how hard women have to fight to get even a little shitty corner just for us just cause triggered males have to make it all about themselves and can't just look away.

No. 1193626

File: 1616758802361.jpg (145.74 KB, 719x500, Screenshot_20210326-133936_Red…)

She did, anon! There is some justice left in the world kek

No. 1193629

File: 1616759112356.jpg (228.1 KB, 719x740, Screenshot_20210326-134239_Red…)

Whoda thunk a heterosexual Christian lady wouldn't want to pretend to be a lesbian with her 52 year old husband and instead headed straight for the divorce court

No. 1193630

The tranny admin incident on reddit is causing kind of a mass peaking on reddit currently with more female-centered subreddits letting more terfy posts through and asking for female spaces, and it's obviously met with "well, what about MALE spaces then? you won't let us have those!" which is A. bullshit, you can open any male support group and women won't be harassing you, but you won't B. most female spaces like female only gyms/support groups/shelters are made to get away from the male gaze/sexual abuse, not to exclude men from getting information or power, like boys' clubs historically were.

No. 1193634

Yep. It's bizarre, because men seem to hate us so much, you'd think they wouldn't want to be around us but I guess it's just because we don't want them there.
So exhausting actually. I see men on Magdalen Berns', and other GC videos online comments trying to guilt trip women who don't agree with trans ideology with "I guess I'm just not a hater like you" and similar, like just leave us alone.

No. 1193639

>asking for female spaces, and it's obviously met with "well, what about MALE spaces then?
80% of reddits traffic is for porn, the majority of the website is a "male space".

No. 1193644

France too. Almost all of my female friends became TiFs (the only friends that didn't troon are religious but have pretty GC views), and I've met several TiMs irl (even one that tried to prey on me when I was 16). I've already met 2 TiMs at my uni trying to get close to me too. Sage for blogpost I guess.

No. 1193650

Bet this scrote doesn't even know how to do the laundry let alone cook a single egg. Perish.

No. 1193652

Yeah, I know that feminism still has a lot of work in the west, but it's especially funny when women's groups peddle trans rights to women in countries where bio women are still literally spoken of as broodmares whose main ambition should be to bear grandchildren for them by our government officials.

No. 1193653

What I hate is that the troon kool-aid seems to come in a package with women's rights. I'm from Czech Republic and it seems there aren't many radfems. Maybe the older generation or women were. But now it's either right wing-ish pickmes who hate women or libfem woketards who advocate for promiscuity, sex work, have pronouns in their bio and always mention how men are victims too.
Trans women are still looked at as gay men who were born in a wrong body, I don't think transbians are very common or known. But people are less tolerant of the 'trans women should participate in women's sports, jails should be mixed' bullshit. Don't think this would be a problem here (for now).

No. 1193655

you dumb fucking autistic bitch.

No. 1193657

File: 1616761496742.jpg (462.64 KB, 1080x2071, Screenshot_2021-03-26-13-22-24…)

they were mostly on IG stories so i don't really know if there was pushback, regardless there's shit like this so the situation is fucked lol https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSL8N2K93M2

No. 1193659

>autistic people being told that the reason they don't seem to fit in is because they're actually the other gender.

Jesus fucking christ, this world is upside down.

No. 1193660

They call troon pedos "she" because they're desperate for women to be just as degenerate as men are and trans "women" are their gotchas when women talk about male violence and why we need our own spaces.

No. 1193674

I don't think it's acceptable for me to talk about this anywhere except for lolcow but damn. I've never met a MtF who didn't absolutely hate cis women to their core. The first one I met was on twitter through mutual followers I guess. She was the most bitter person I ever met, getting to the point where she'd go on long twitter threads about how much it sucked that other people were dating and… being happy in general? I get that's the main use for twitter these days but ouch. She also used to actively hit on another MtF who was married (and not in an open relationship or anything) to another MtF.

There's also a relatively new MtF who commends on all my friend's selfie on twitter "Please stop posting selfies because I'll never be that pretty."

I'm seeing an awful pattern and whenever I talk about these feelings I assume that I'm a shitty person or a "bigot".

No. 1193676

File: 1616763736552.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, her.png)

Anon it's okay you don't need to call him a "she". It is a man, he has typical male behavior. You do not need to call women "cis", women are just… women. This man has a problem and shouldn't be telling women to stop posting selfies of themselves just because he feels insecure about his face. Dont worry you are not a bigot, you're just rational.

No. 1193685

anon i totally understand, if this stuff is affecting your mental health pls try to take a bit of a break from these threads, we’ll be here when you get back! having every bad and scary story in front of you all the time isn’t healthy, it helps to recenter yourself <3

No. 1193693

This is what amazes me, the.. entitlement, I think is the word, that these men have to expect their wives to stay with them when they start playing sissy dress-up in public. Like, this guy has the audacity to say "I didn't want this to happen"? What were you expecting? MtFs, especially ones with wives or long-term girlfriends married ones, ask so fucking much of women it disgusts me.
And it never seems to stop at "I'm going to pretend I'm a girl now please just let me live", even though that's all they say they want.
It starts there, then goes to "you need to give me compliments or I won't feel pretty", it's "you need to let me inhabit your spaces both online and irl to make me feel like I'm a real lady", then it's "you need to let me talk about my girldick and fetishes in public". Along the way they're harassing real women and ostracizing them anytime they voice their discomfort by saying they're transphobic terfs, and threatening to 41% if they don't get their way.

No. 1193701

File: 1616767073794.png (211.95 KB, 587x743, great.PNG)

So I guess these rape fetish freaks have been circulating all over twitter since yesterday and think anyone who finds them gross is from KF

No. 1193703

File: 1616767105845.png (237.31 KB, 267x892, gagme.PNG)

Full tweets pt 1

No. 1193704

File: 1616767128137.png (143.89 KB, 280x878, catapultintothesun.PNG)

and pt 2

No. 1193706

Russian lolita community keeps having more and more troons each year which is crazy. It's either teenager girls running away from it and turning into "men", or NEET men who look creepy on meetup photos (and are overly touchy), or randum "I am a nON BINARY I AM SPECIAL"-chans.

No. 1193719

Why are these freaks not being flung off Twitter for threatening behaviour? Are Twitter employees also troons now? I don't get it.

No. 1193723

>Are Twitter employees also troons now?
Yes, unfortunately so.

No. 1193728

Everything's protected speech under "discussion about kink" now. Except if your kink is hating trannies or doesn't involve penis.

No. 1193729

Always have been

No. 1193732

I made a new man hate thread


No. 1193735

You didn't manage to link cross-board. Also I doubt the mods want it back, they banned them for a reason.

No. 1193737

And what reason is that?

No. 1193739

I wish we could go back to the good old days, saw this clip of Sex and the City being fucking based about troons.

How did things go from this to >>1193571 so fucking fast?

No. 1193740

Why are you talking to me like that? I don't know, I didn't make the rules.

No. 1193742

I'm not an oldfag, but from what I've heard they get a lot of raiding, falseflagging and just general conflict.

No. 1193743

"new to radfem twt" are these legit people that peaked or is it a trojan horse. It seems like a lot of these people are gender critical and don't have anything else in common with radfems and I can see how this could start infighting when they try to redefine what radfem means to solely be anti-tra

No. 1193747

No more than they still do now. The scrote raids didn’t start or stop with the man hate threads.
Plus there is still pp sperging flowing across other boards so why not contain it?
Might as well bring them back. Nonnys and Jannies have no fucking balls these days.

No. 1193749

File: 1616769914679.jpeg (51.2 KB, 748x595, 01E3B1C1-48A6-40E5-B7F2-B39248…)

>”too early for tranny talk?”
>”Samantha always had a way with men”

No. 1193750

I wish we could have gendercrit or man hate threads again.

No. 1193757

I just made one in /ot and it got locked immediately kek

No. 1193759

File: 1616770106525.png (633.65 KB, 642x1920, 78c9eaa6-0edd-5249-bbd1-2dc015…)

Reposted from Ovarit, /o/TransLogic. It's incredible how delusional tranny cartoonists are.

No. 1193762

Are there women that blind or were the trannies using heavily doctored or even stolen photos?

No. 1193768

Somehow those can get locked immediately but we still have to post in /meta/ to let mods know when CP and gore are sitting on the front page for 10+ minutes, amazing.

No. 1193775

What? Why can't we have those threads anymore, I don't think there's anything in the rules against them right?

No. 1193782

Admin is a handmaiden who wants men on this website "as long as they integrate" and puts troon mo(i)ds in charge, what do you expect?

No. 1193786

File: 1616771111417.jpg (43.65 KB, 640x357, girldick.jpg)

"Welcome to TransLogic!

This is the Radical Feminist Circle to document the various illogical, incorrect, misogynistic, racist, and otherwise caustic rhetoric spouted from TRAs themselves.

The lies, misinformation, threats of extreme violence, and the dehumanization of women who dare speak up against this misogynistic, racist and conservatively homophobic ideology are legion. Trans activists' stochastic terrorism has already turned to real world violence against women and children."

No. 1193789

Extreme blogposting, but.
In latam we got a mixed bag, if you follow any big-ish joke accounts, you will find people defending trannies, they won’t be like “omg yur le bigoted bigot” but they will be like “pls don’t make fun of them pls they juice want to be himselves, this is why we living in the prehistoric timez” and the Classic “Well hims is more prettiest than any other wymins I’ve seen!!1!1!1!”. As expected, they’re handmaidens and chasers, sometimes someone with too much empathy trying to understand mental illness.
The accounts are slowly trying to support trannies for some weird reason, probably clout or brownie points, but that’s about it, i mean, they won’t be more than joke accounts, posting shitty memes can take you so far.
Most people irl don’t care about it or think lowly of the trannies, you could find genderspecials, but it’s mostly because they spend way too much time online, they won’t talk about it loudly because it’s cringy as fuck to the regular person.
I’ve never seen a guy trying to cross dress unironically irl yet, probably because of the lockdowns and because the bullying would be rightfully intense, hell, you as a woman could go out with a sightly eye catching outfit and people wouldn’t stop looking in your direction, so imagine a full fledged hulking tranny in a skirt and thigh highs, absolutely insane.

No. 1193802

go to tumblr then you retard

No. 1193806

If not allowing trans people into their preferred bathroom paints them as predatory and violent, then making bathrooms segregated by gender paints men as predatory and violent. They should be opposed to having any segregation in bathrooms.

Death threats. How very male.

No. 1193817

File: 1616772492409.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, 1611410365924.png)

Reminds me of this pst, a troon having an emotional breakdown cause his straight girlfriend didn't wanna peg him and rather wanted Normal heterosexual sex

>I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 10 years. My girlfriend likes sex, but she is rarely the one to initiate. Since I transitioned, we dont have sex. My hormones have lowered my sex drive, but I still get in the mood from time to time. The problem is that she says things to me that really hurt. It stings and makes it hard for me to even want any sexual or physical contact with her. Every time we have a talk about sex I usually say that I want explore and try things that are both gender affirming and sexually satisfying for us both. She kinda cringes and says that trying sex toys, strap-ons, or pegging is a no go. She wants only PIV sex and "I don't want to try anything gross or weird." She will usually follow that up with, "We wouldn't have sex issues if your dick wasn't broken. You need to figure your shit out before we try anything. You need to give me time to figure out if I'm even attracted to trans people."

>This is hurt.

>She says this in a joking tone, but I feel like she isn't kidding. She is saying how she is morning the death of her Boyfriend (me pre-transition) and needs time to grieve

>I feel like I killed our relationship and my only worth to her was my penis. I feel so stuck and confused. I love this person, but I feel so disconnect from them now. We live together and its mostly nice, but we have this massive elephant in the room that we just ignore now. I thought about moving out, but I have literally nowhere to go.

No. 1193825

Replacement Mommy doesn't want to peg you because it brings her no pleasure!? What a witch! So evil!

No. 1193838

Most of latam still thinks troon = transvestite = transexual gay man. They won’t even use the term transgender.

No. 1193844

They already have this weird "race is a biological condition passed down genetically with the oppressive history attached to that biological trait, UNLIKE GENDER WHICH IS ENTIRELY A SOCIAL STRUCTURE!!!!!!" argument every time someone brings it up.

No. 1193847


Been seeing this shit for years, prior to Reddit's troon mods getting r/GC et. al. shut down. Just about every day Gender Critical Reddit would get a minimum of 2 female college freshmen lesbians who were peaking because the tranny bullshit on Reddit (and often, the all-troon, all the time nonsense at the university's "LGBT club") had caused them to peak. Many of them knew deep down that the forced conversion therapy aimed at them 24/7 was deeply wrong, homophobic, and woman-hating, but due to woke BS and typical female socialization, they felt guilty.

Have been too busy to do much with Ovarit other than browse so I can't say if this still goes on there but I imagine it does.

I remember when belonging to a gay-lesbian club or even PFLAG in college was risky enough so my heart goes out to young lesbians today as things seem to be worse. What these troon clowns call "discourse" seems nothing more than an excuse to be lesbian-hating and anti-woman, all in the name of enabling autogynephiles and giving them free reign to force their fetish on anyone they want, anywhere and anytime they please, with no consequences.

(Also the graphic at the top of the thread made my day, lol.)

No. 1193849

So over there is just cringy online stuff? For my little knowledge from some people I know, latam men aren't supportive of it and things like ftm individuals are almost non-existent if not completely non-existent.
I was also told brazil was the worse of them all with the woke shit which is no surprising but still.

No. 1193853


On other blogs and forums that have long since been shut down (due to troon chimpouts, natch), we often linked to papers with alarming stats. One I remember distinctly was that AGP is co-morbid with other antisocial sexual fetishes, particularly pedophilia, around 66% of the time. Keep this in mind the next time you see a troon melt down over how calling them what they are is "hate rhetoric" that will cause them to suicide.

Oh, kek, they are also co-morbid with Cluster B personality disorders, especially NPD, over 50% of the time. Another finding they a-bloo-bloo over because it calls them what they are.

No. 1193855

File: 1616774447831.png (828.37 KB, 2048x2018, Screenshot_20210326-100013.png)

The fact they claim to be a survivor is appalling.

No. 1193858

the 41% cannot come sooner for this one.

No. 1193866

It's already happening, after gay marriage became legal in a lot of western countries in the 2010s people are now saying "see this happens when you give those degenerates their basic human rights, now they're transing my kids". Lesbians, who are the worst collateral damage, don't have a voice to speak out about this and nobody cares about their wellbeing anyway. The superstraight movement was the first major pushback I've seen in the mainstream and that happened only because a straight man felt pressured into liking girldick.

Every time I see something like this I actually have to stop for a moment to think about how deep in denial do you have to be as a handmaiden to look at this and applaud it for being so stunning and brave, totally welcomed in my bathroom and recognized as a lesbian teenage girl. I guess it's because they think they'll never come across them in real life and end up in a situation where they have to take part in their sick 24/7 LARP.

No. 1193877

Exactly, most people in general don’t want to even get involved in tranny things and the only way they know about it is through international news like
>this celebrity’s kid is now a transomething!
Which makes them think “bro what the fuck” most people seem to be quite repulsed at the idea of suddenly becoming a woman or a man, because It’s plain ridiculous.

No. 1193881

I saw a gay dude talking about this, he said almost word for word what someone else said here,"They said the gays were coming for the children, but the T's are ACTUALLY coming for people's children and pushing hard and are being taken serious"
Homophobes will say it started with gay marriage but nah, the people pushing the most crazy shit aren't gay men wanting to troon to be a woman or bimbos, it's straight agp's. HSTS can be men who want to larp as a straight woman or bimbo or angry woman haters who blame women for issues that men cause (Laverne cox, multiple trans from the "Pose" cast etc.). Agp's are the ones who get shit done. They are the ones who troon out at 54, have a great job, a wife and kids who SUDDENLY are trans, who SUDDENLY become spokes people for trans children and suddenly they are giving speeches. Asking for this or that to be taught in schools etc.
Straight men are STILL in charge of the T's.

No. 1193886

Pretty sure if you swapped the word "terf" for "blacks" this would take on a whole different meaning and response.

No. 1193888

Your male aggression is showing ma'am

The thread itself ended up being mostly people complaining about their Nigels and especially racebaiting, which was the final reason it was banned for good. The overall quality of the manhate thread was admittedly pretty weak since tradthots just used it as their personal therapist army to bitch about their slacker gamer boyfriends they loved too much to dump.

No. 1193892

Just a PSA girls, if a man begs you to peg him, there's around a 75% chance that he will troon out once he got you trapped in a relationship.

How does he expect pegging to be pleasurable to a woman though? You have to use a plastic toy that isn't an extension of your body and thus has no nerve endings, you have to deal with the literal shit stuck to it and it takes a ton of time to prep and do properly. It's literally all about serving him and doing nothing for you unless you got a pegging fetish yourself. He should just get a more compatible partner if he's that dedicated to living out his fantasy as a hole instead of guilt tripping his girlfriend into something she finds disgusting.

No. 1193896

>How does he expect pegging to be pleasurable to a woman though?
If you were on reddit saying this you'd be called transphobic, "excuse me but trans girls peg their boyfriends all the time, please stop assuming that women don't get pleasure out of pegging, when plenty of trans/cis women do!"

No. 1193900

File: 1616777576014.png (317.7 KB, 694x612, fuck round find out.png)

Just tell every black person you know to put "White/ Asian" in the check-boxes.

See how quickly people move to kill Transracialism. Which is a real shame because while I do believe in Transhumanism, Man becoming the machine sort of thing - - I don't believe in changing gender. With enough skin bleach or proper skin darkening procedures , anyone can look like the skin color they want to be. There will never be enough surgery to change your genitalia into something people want to touch.

No. 1193901

No. 1193904

Am in France in STEM, never met any out and proud troon. I think it still depends on your social circle when you're young, old troons are almost unheard of and all of the HSTS variety.

No. 1193905

File: 1616778091316.jpeg (87.2 KB, 680x560, 73F53389-E1D8-4B8A-A23C-213269…)

>>I do believe in transhumanism

No. 1193906

You aren’t alone, anon. I feel the same way and have very few people in my close social circle I can discuss it with.

No. 1193909

File: 1616778823035.jpg (347.28 KB, 1200x850, trying to recover your neopets…)

Pic related lmao
I mean this kind of Transhumanism. If there was a better name for it, I'd gladly use it. My brother and I grew up with this shit and adore it, and yes. While there are trannies within this universe and stories, nobody gives a fuck about them.


No. 1193910

wow as in the technicolor sjws invaded science!?! or wow this is pretty interesting

No. 1193911

I'm studying psychology and have a lot of friends that hang around art groups so it definitely influences it.

No. 1193913

Don’t derail the thread with your retarded shitflinging

No. 1193924

if you “pretended” to be male all your life then why don’t you know how to look like a woman yet

No. 1193926

Ladies and Lezzies… how do we accept this new insane reality? It's clear we already lost and shit won't change. Fucking laws are being set in stone. I feel defeated despite not even slinging a sword…back in the closet I go..with my escapist hobbies.

No. 1193927

File: 1616780648799.jpg (676.03 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210326-183545_Sna…)

Being straight isn't about genitalia bc it makes closeted gays insecure about their attraction to men

>"I struggled a little bit with my attraction until I met daphne"

Yeah no shit faggot

No. 1193928

you have single-handedly ruined the site, fuck you

No. 1193929

File: 1616780680671.jpg (698.4 KB, 2896x2896, 20210326_184222.jpg)

No. 1193931

The best I can tell you for the moment is surround yourself with people that criticize all this shit… This is what keeps me sane with this thread

No. 1193932

Ayrt and that's exactly it anon, that's the sort of entitled mindset they all seem to have.
>tranny insists his gf likes sex but he has to be the one to initiate
>"whenever she tells me how she feels about sex with me it makes it hard to want to be sexual with her"
>admits her still looks and presents as a man but doesn't understand why his gf is uncomfortable "affirming his gender" by pegging him
>insists he wants to satisfy them both but doesn't want to do anything she wants
>his gf has to tell him "I still need time to process things and figure out how I feel" in a joking tone bc she doesn't feel she can be honest about her feelings with him any other way
>wants to move out but has nowhere else to go
He's relying on her for housing apparently while insisting she have sex HIS way?
>feels like she only loved him for his penis, not realizing the irony of whining about how he misses sex and just wishes his gf would peg him
>I want to be this amazing lesbian couple, but I don't THINK she wants that

The whole thing is him crying about how he feels, about what he wants, and acting like his gf is this cold bitch for doing what SHE wants and attempting to express herself. He wants his girlfriend to be unendingly supportive, say the perfect gender-affirming things, and be willing to have sex when he wants it, in the way he wants. All this while implying she's the one keeping a roof over his head, and still processing her partner of 10 years trying to become a woman.

It is just so much, they all have this mindset. It baffles me They can say they are true real women just like us, but somehow we're still expected to bend to every whim of theirs and treat them like they're extra special, and have no wants or demands of our own. At the end of the day they still have the mindset of a man - we're meant to give them sex, shut up, and do whatever we can to make them happy.

No. 1193938

File: 1616781409932.jpeg (249.83 KB, 1242x1230, 0CFE6133-42A2-4334-9A14-49C35E…)

I can’t wait until troons learn about this (picrel) and start trying to ban the word “bad” for being troonsphobic. How many handmaidens on Twitter would actually go along with it?

No. 1193942

I don’t really believe you but on the off chance that’s actually true thanks for ruining the only based imageboard for adult human females.

No. 1193943

You ever look at a tranny and go, "thats the generic old school tranny look", somehow it's different then the "badly passing man in make up and a wig", something about it is so old school to me.
I also hate how chasers pretend like they would'nt be attracted to james charles in drag if he didn't identify as a woman. Anyone with cross dressing gay male friends know, Tranny chasers won't NOT go into a cross dressers dm's trying to talk or have sex, JUST because they identify as a man.
They like feminized men.

No. 1193945

They tried it a few years back on tumblr, there was an insane clique of troons calling themselves baeddels who all got exposed as being abusive/predatory/etc. Monetizeyourcat was a big one iirc.

No. 1193948

oh nice a fellow czech anon
I have to agree, the only times we had to have conversations about trans-whatever in sociology/psychology classes, the teachers didnt really play around and talked about it as a mental illness and didnt try twisting their words to be all inclusive, which would get you cancelled a hundred times over in US, imo
the only place ive seen czechs whine about terfs was on tumblr, otherwise everyone i know whether young or old dont find it necessary to ~validate~ this ideology, especially when it comes to sports and women's spaces
overall, the women ive met who are critical of trannies are those who had to work with them directly

No. 1193951

There are two kinds of male troons:

- gay males aka who like to do make-up and wear pink and therefor think they must be women (aka Blair White, GiGi Gorgeous etc)

- straight males who are gross incel coomers who think becoming women will absolve them of male responsibility and let them prey on lesbians (aka Yaniv, Kevin Gibs, etc)

both are autogynophiles, but gay men are better at it

No. 1193953

Brazil is not as woke as say, Argentina and Chile in my opinion. For some reasons all the online latam TRAs are from cono sur. But maybe it’s cause I don’t speak portuguese. Trying not to blog but in my home country there’s no major troon rights activism and barely any gay acceptance. Only intersex people are accepted. I’ve actually seen my country in some TRA instagram graphic where they said we had “third sex”. It made me go huh?? cause it’s not true at all lmao it was a complete misrepresentation.

It sucks that people can see what’s going on in the U.S and other countries with TRAs hitching a ride on gay rights and that has become the boogeyman.

No. 1193961

Portugal is going shit too, they promote the "they were born in the wrong body" and "changed sex" on TV a lot, in those afternoon talkshows and even on the news

imo the majority of people accept them because they're ignorant really, they think they're inoffensive and just want to pee and be happy because afaik there isn't any big case of a troon killing/raping someone here also the majority are young people and not old guys

of course older people think they're freaks usually they're very catholic and so that's not really a concern for trans but homophobia

No. 1193963

samefag to add it's possible to change sex on documents without surgeries and with just a doctor's authorization since 2011 so you see

No. 1193969

File: 1616784220265.png (50.39 KB, 606x395, 2.PNG)

You made me check in on old Kevin Gibes and he's being disgusting with a fellow troon, which is always expected.

No. 1193972

File: 1616784444054.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 836x622, 3.PNG)

got this from Kiwi and it's hilarous

No. 1193973

Belgium is still pretty okay, for the most part I think, but today I saw something that literally made me sick to my stomach. I live in a Hasidic neighbourhood, and as I was walking to get groceries I passed a bench on which, I kid you not, was sitting a middle aged man dressed like a Hasidic woman. And I was sure this wasn't just an unfortunate looking lady, this was clearly a man. How disgusting and perverted do you have to be. He clearly got off on just sitting there like that with everyone staring at him.

No. 1193975

Eh, there's ways of setting up strapon harnesses with vibrators and stuff so the wearer can enjoy it too, lesbians use those. But you're still right, unless the gf has a pegging fetish it's not going to do anything for her regardless, and he's a selfish retard for insisting on it.

How many straight dudes would be totally cool with it if their gf woke up one morning and was like "no more PIV for you, I'm a man now, and unless I'm pegging you we're not having sex anymore"? Pretty close to zero, I bet. (Come to think of it, I've never heard of a TiF trying this on her bf, probably because it would never fly.) But that's what this scrote is trying to do in his own relationship.

Fucking kek, exactly.

No. 1193985

>Not shit
Pick one

You only need to visit the ftm thread to see this, all of the complaints are about their boyfriends not respecting their retarded pronouns and such
Only a woman could be this tolerant

No. 1193986

What am I looking at here

No. 1193989

File: 1616786041783.png (454.58 KB, 1200x1185, 1616785328915.png)

maybe an oldie but made me lol

No. 1193992

File: 1616786349978.png (57.76 KB, 376x409, 3eew.PNG)

saw this on tumblrinaction

No. 1193993

so basically, "Make yourself like trans women and penis, NO i'm not saying force yourself, but figure out why and fix it because not being attracted to transwomen/penis makes trans women feel horrible!"

No. 1193995

File: 1616786484591.jpg (50.42 KB, 700x692, jspsk.jpg)

No. 1193996

File: 1616786567952.jpg (104.49 KB, 1440x711, 8982jc0ntkj21.jpg)

No. 1193999

>"we're real women, lesbians better suck the girldick"
>"straight women should still be as attracted to us after we transition and have no working dicks"

ok troons.

No. 1194000

Maybe if we had some sort of place.. where we could send lesbians to make them learn to embrace penis? And stop liking vagina?

how has nobody come up with this yet?!

No. 1194004

Lesbians always getting the shit end of the stick

No. 1194006

File: 1616787552715.jpg (341.55 KB, 2059x1697, UmxHNyY.jpg)

>Me and the homegirls looking for who tf asked
The homegirls in question:

No. 1194007

I noticed when the super straight shit started how troons treat men vs. women in these conversations.
With men it's- "You don't have to like dick, it's okay to not want to date a trans woman with a penis, but neo-vaginas-"
with lesbians it's- "figure our why you don't like dick because it hurts trans women, unlearn it"
Women have to accept it all, men don't get told to "unlearn" or "figure out" why they don't like penis, they get told to fuck neo-vaginas because "it's just like the real thing and you like vagina".

No. 1194011

Fellow tuga anon here… I fell for that thought process before but online you see what those narc and nasty scrotes are like and not whats cherry picked to be on tv. Sadly its already so accepted and I doubt that will change soon but who knows if people realize how disgusting they are.

No. 1194017

“It makes them feel horrible to be rejected” is the same type of logic used by people who say that incel mass shooters would be less violent if women would just take one for the team and have sex with them.
God forbid you get rejected by someone you like who doesn’t like you back and “feel horrible” about it. As if that’s not a completely normal human experience.

In my opinion, the best thing that could happen would be if troons spent just as much energy pressuring straight men for sex as they do lesbians. I know that to some extent they already do, but as has been pointed out, nowhere near the level they do it to lesbians.
If troons suddenly started militantly insisting straight men “unpack” why they’re not attracted to dick and using manipulative conversion therapy tactics to try to force them to take dick anyway, there would be a total mass peaking.
Overall the general public doesn’t seem to give a shit when lesbians are being bullied, forced out of their own exclusive spaces, or sexually harassed. But I bet suddenly it would be a mainstream controversy if every normie straight dude was subjected to that kind of treatment at the same level.

No. 1194031

A straight couple

No. 1194034

i'm dead

No. 1194039

congratz u shaved

No. 1194051

Nikkietutorials is from the Netherlands and was apparently transed as a young teen. I really dread looking into our national policy on child transition because I know it’ll be depressing as hell.
I’ve been out of academia for a few years so I can’t speak for that area but nonbinary-identifying girls are absolutely everywhere in alt/weeb/nerd circles, sometimes outnumbering “cis” girls. Media representation of TiMs is mostly sassy effeminate HSTS, but in real life the greasy AGPs I’ve met far outnumber the HSTS despite most of my social circle being LGB.

I often see people online say it’s mostly a thing in English speaking countries but I don’t think that’s true at all. You just see more of it from those countries because those are the ones dominating English language online discussions for obvious reasons. Western Europe and (from what I’ve seen) Scandinavia have it really bad as well.

I agree that increased pressure on straight men could lead to mass peaking but I worry that it will also increase the blowback against the LGB community in general. The vast majority of straight men doesn’t really empathise with women (much less lesbians) when it comes to sexual harassment and will only see themselves being victimised by the icky gays. If Mass Peaking happens many AGPs can just cut their hair and go right back to being regular straight males, but gay people will still be gay and might become targets even if they never identified as trans or bothered anyone. The only straight men I can really see being genuine allies are fathers trying to protect their children from the cult.

No. 1194062

Legit question here, what would happen if you took a kid who was on blockers through all of his teen years and put him on T instead?

If it possible for these kids to get back to a normal life if they weren't butchered through surgery?

No. 1194068

>I often see people online say it’s mostly a thing in English speaking countries but I don’t think that’s true at all. You just see more of it from those countries because those are the ones dominating English language online discussions for obvious reasons. Western Europe and (from what I’ve seen) Scandinavia have it really bad as well.
True, I miss those times when SJWs were just a subculture on american tunglr that no one gave a fuck about. Their ideology has spread worse than COVID.

No. 1194077

It would be like a girl going on T basically, he will look more feminine than other guys and his genitals will be underdeveloped

No. 1194078

File: 1616792116337.jpg (353.74 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20210326_214153.jpg)

Love how even with that much money and access to surgery no troon can hide the male anatomy.

No. 1194080

File: 1616792189224.jpeg (242.96 KB, 692x485, D07E010C-E57F-4AC4-9DB9-1D5B78…)

lol, these legit look like Halloween costumes

It’s funny how this autist thinks hormones keep you from getting wrinkles. Real women know it’s all about good hygiene and skin routines.

No. 1194081

I hope troons start getting these "instagram vs. reality" call out posts more, if they are women they should get picked apart for their fake beauty/photoshopping/cat fishing just as much as the Karjenners/actual women.
I have a feeling this is going to be called "transphobic" though.

No. 1194084

File: 1616792650253.png (374.35 KB, 334x526, dds.PNG)


did they take this down? I can't find it, I wanted to read the comments.
also found another one, 37% thought Nikita looks different because "angles", when he face and waist look wide as hell.

No. 1194085

It's on the current story so there are no comments sadly

No. 1194086

His fat transfers suck, his hips look ridiculous.

No. 1194087

I remember he said a rapper asked if his "Ass" was real. Like does it look fucking real? Does anything on Nikita look real?

No. 1194096

i hate this so much u can fucking count his pores make it stop

No. 1194098

well yeah anon they don’t want to fuck a man

that’s gay. and they’re not gay, they’re into women.

all that aside they don’t even put effort into being attractive to lesbians. they want to be cute jailbait cause that’s what they find attractive

cause they’re fucking men

No. 1194103

File: 1616794652972.png (1.08 MB, 825x572, ExbfkhBWYAcIvmb.png)

sage because i dont know if this is real but godammnit this shit is hilarious

No. 1194105

Whoa, kek and vomit at the same damn time.

No. 1194109

the one in the far end has his hand down his pants wtf

No. 1194110

I was scared to get banned for being troon critical so purposely took my post to cc's terf thread lol

No. 1194111

he’s scratching his girlballs

No. 1194114

kek anon you've cursed me with too much laugther, thank you!

No. 1194117

File: 1616795642430.webm (Spoiler Image,3.58 MB, 480x480, comment_on_fait_les_vagins.web…)

Lord and behold (spoilered because neovagoon)

No. 1194119

I like how the tattoo is in a complete different place

No. 1194122

i bet that room stinks like shit. just looking at all the clammy fat fingers, scabs and spread legs makes me want to throw up

these three ogres right above "all female staff" you'd think it was satire lol

No. 1194129

… and this is assuming the surgery doesn't get botched

No. 1194130

impressive that it could give me the toothpick-under-toenail cringe feeling without actually having a penis

No. 1194134

what do you think that room smells like

No. 1194137

Imagine seeing this legitimate educational video and still thinking neo vags are normal and just like a real one

No. 1194140

i feel so queasy and i have a vagina

No. 1194146



>bbc channel for pre-schoolers

I know it's not real but every. Fucking. Time.

No. 1194149

Fortunately yes, no one really knows the word 'terf' or believes transwomen should be in women sports, not respecting pronouns is murder, etc…
I'd guess most of the population is very conservative when it comes to trans issues.
But sadly I've got surprisingly lot of 'trans people are valid!!' 'you should write your pronouns in bio' libfem friends (both guys and girls). Granted I was around the alternative scene a lot in my teens so I guess those are the most susceptible kind of people.

No. 1194157

really happy to see a fellow portuguese here!

yeah and unfortunately i got to know that first hand, one of my former best friends came out as a mtf and unfortunately he is one of those disgusting troons

sage for blogpost

No. 1194168

File: 1616800460682.jpg (66.8 KB, 608x586, 1616785732682.jpg)

Seriously I hate this kid d of shit. And lib fems wha us to look up to them as brave and stunning and live there true selves when in actuality they are not and are terrible examples for young girls and women in general. All these troons do is champion the idea that women need plastic surgery to look more feminine and photoshop is totes real.

No. 1194169

From what I've seen and read online plenty of guys whose girlfriends troon out just continue with the typical hetroseuxal dynamics, just with a change of pronouns, it doesn't uproot and destroy their entire lives

>TIF:Josh I've done some soul searching and I've realized I'm actually a man

>Josh:Okay….? So what happens next
>TIF:Well that means I'll be dressing like a Tomboy and at worst I might get a mastectomy but other then that you'll be my seme and I'll be your uke now uwu
>Josh:okay whatever

No. 1194194

This happened to a very sweet bi woman I know. He's taking advantage of her sexuality to troon out and she can't use the usual "safe" out that straight women have of saying they're not gay. I feel so bad for her.

No. 1194195

Before I peaked, I had a troon friend in Germany. We met at a goth club. He tried to trick me into thinking he was a bio woman, but later came out and told me he was a troon. I cut him off when he tried to have sex with after I told him "no" several times. I met mostly TiMs at fetish and drag clubs. I think they mostly stick there. Didn't meet any TiFs (except at Pride), but this was 2014 and 2015.

No. 1194217

next fucking thread pic PLEASE

No. 1194233

What if we just tell them the truth, it's not transphobia, they are just ugly. See where the trannies go with that. No more crying about girl dick, lesbianism, discrimination and such. Just repulsion at how ugly they are and 99% of the world's population have higher standards.

No. 1194235

All cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons but not all plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons.
Plastic surgery is kind of a catch all for a lot of different types of surgeries/disciplines, a lot of it is in theory noble necessary work because the basis is reconstruction or restoring. Obviously most ppl that go thru the trouble of getting into a plastic surgery residency specifically are aiming for a private cosmetic practice but the boards in the us for the two are still different so it’s not a straight path to the most frivolous work.

No. 1194240

WTF happened to ashera's garden anyways??

No. 1194246

great, now put it back

No. 1194267

File: 1616813921522.png (360.03 KB, 385x690, Screenshot (966).png)

No. 1194272

sure he doesn't…

No. 1194273

They do shit like this and then cry when they find out and get the shit beaten out of them.

But also strong doubt he doesn't know with that voice and that body.

No. 1194276

Yes he does my guy, he absolutely does.

No. 1194277

I thought so too anons but he shows tinder receipts of him saying he's trans lol…. I mean why are we surprised cis men would fuck any breathing thing

No. 1194279

So either that man is mentally deficient and this stunning transwoman just committed rape by deception OR he knows and the tw is fooling themselves by thinking they’ve fooled this man, who is almost certainly fooling them by pretending not to know they’re a man.

Incredibly sad all around.

No. 1194282

a whole ass circle of delusion

No. 1194284

File: 1616815710848.png (17.13 KB, 589x178, hh.PNG)

by that same logic, you literal MEN male duderino guys putting on makeup + a dress and eating hormones 'til your shriveled penises don't work anymore is also cultural appropriation. yall could at least be good at it, but alas.. just a cheap imitation that is only desired by other men in dresses or men who fetishize and objectify you for your barely working dicks.

No. 1194291

tbf there literally is no reason for a normal woman to have anal sex when she has a functioning vagina, like have fun with playing with your assholes I'd rather enjoy my complex miracle of nature that has more nerve endings and is self cleansing and self lubricating

No. 1194295

Right? I'm fine with them claiming anal. Enough women are pressured by their shitty bfs into it already anyway.

No. 1194304

It’s true, let them keep their anorectal violence to themselves, men’s assholes are the only ones that can naturally feel anything relatively pleasurable while getting shit put in them.

No. 1194305

Most of them, to one extent or another. As a US anon, I thought it was more a western European/Anglosphere thing, but I watched that Dysphoria documentary linked in the last thread, and a woman talks about how this shit is being brought into the Global South too, through quieter, but no less insideous, means. It's around 28:38 when she talks about it, but the whole docu series is worth watching.

No. 1194308

It got targeted with gore and porn, was not that active, and eventually shut down.

No. 1194317

Sage for off topic, now I don't think trannies are the final factor rather they are a symptom of neo-liberal capitalism, there existence is tied into consumerism

No. 1194330

That can basically be said for most, if not all, woke politics. The people who obsess over this shit and push it are, like the woman in the video linked said, from wealthy countries, from academia, and are usually wealthy themselves.

Or, as I've seen others put it, poor people are too busy struggling in the day to day to give a fuck about idpol. Trannyism is borne out of the ultimate sort of first world capitalism.

No. 1194340

File: 1616820412118.png (571.17 KB, 500x526, lol nasty.PNG)


not to mention nikita's weird wide flabby manpussy

No. 1194374

I think that's just the natural difference in male and female bodies. There's nothing that really suggests that he's wearing the clothes in a wildly different way how a woman would. It just looks wrong because he's ugly and has an ugly body.

No. 1194375

It's because of "lesbian" porn. They don't care about real lesbians, just man-made porn about "lesbians". 99% of anime "lesbian" porn is two feminine uwu girls being lewd. their whole thing is expectations vs. reality, where their fake lesbian expectations somehow trump reality. This whole thing has very little to do with actual lesbianism except the name.

No. 1194377

"99% of anime "lesbian" porn is two feminine uwu girls being lewd"

minors. 99% of anime porn is minors. which is why we see these disgusting neet autists fetishizing and pretending to be little girls as they are "just a young girl in terms of transition"
like the 52 year old faggot who claims to be a teen because of transition. age doesn't work like that.

No. 1194385

Did he really get the surgery? I thought he just tucks.

No. 1194388

File: 1616829222584.png (24.68 KB, 1292x149, klew.PNG)

It's hard to say because he's been vague about it, like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6MrfUh0DOs

But some comments say he has had bottom surgery (pic included) and others say he hasn't.. he's also tweeted this before (which quite possibly might be a joke tbh but who knows): https://twitter.com/NikitaDragun/status/1167919024916664320

Even if he does tuck tho it looks horrible. He could learn a thing or two from other drag queens.

No. 1194406

You are incredibly sheltered and haven’t been on this earth long enough if you seriously believe some of us dykes aren’t hyper feminine or that some lesbians aren’t attracted to feminine girls. Lmao way to show your inexperience anon

No. 1194426

File: 1616837959710.jpg (54.66 KB, 960x646, degradingholes.jpg)

I wonder why…

No. 1194433

yeah lesbians also conform to society's misogynistic expectations, how nice

No. 1194435

nta but the way you view femininity as only 'society's misogynistic expectations' implies femininity is bad. It isn't. Women should be allow to act as feminine or as masculine as they want without any expectations from anyone, because gender is performative but biology isn't.

No. 1194439

ok but women can't freely "want" to be feminine if we're all constantly pressured to be so from the moment we're born. that's like libfems saying women can choose to be sex workers uwu

No. 1194447

thinking that being feminine is just the patriarchy, do you really think that if there were no expectations we'd all be acting like manly men?

i can freely not want to murder someone even if society is telling me murder is bad and can go to prison for life for it. muh society everything bad 3edgy5me

get the fuck out flannel shirt it's because of retards like you that we are having this problem

No. 1194449

A lesbian being feminine is because of internalized misogyny? You ever heard of a lipstick lesbian you buffoon? Or are those girls just “pretending to be bi” too? you’ve lost your marbles. Go back to your stud bars where all the women have buzzcuts and call themselves gold star kek

No. 1194453

File: 1616841752572.png (398.27 KB, 681x681, 1606918292203.png)

Yeah anon, you have to realise that not all lesbians are out there trying to act lile manly men. There's legitimately some lesbians out there that enjoy traditionally femenine things.

Let's not derail and focus on TiMs though.

No. 1194458

I hope my boy Matt Zaleo is getting mad pussy, or man-ass if that's his thing

No. 1194471

he's a gay male feminist ally (a rarity but often there cool dudes)

No. 1194474

>women that don't look like sex dolls are basically men

No. 1194480

File: 1616844871204.png (2.59 MB, 1916x1556, ksP1NwGkvR0.png)

Look how many lesbians there are!

No. 1194481

Anon, you have internalized misogyny against feminine lesbians. Seek therapy.

I don’t know why we are surprised every single time Reddit chooses men’s fetish porn over women’s spaces when the founders of Reddit constantly claimed r/jailbait and r/creepshots were a “necessary evil” to preserve “free speech” and that’s why they didn’t ban it until the media caught wind of it. Disgusting

No. 1194491

Learn so sage ffs

No. 1194494

Truthfully I don’t know how people can fuck trans women. I’m bisexual and it’s either woman or a man or no go for me. I can’t play fantasy and pretend a man in a wig with a skirt on is another woman. The risk of pregnancy is still there. It isn’t lesbian sex. It’s just a turn on for delusional straight men to get a woman underneath them and boast on Pornhub comments the next day that he as a lesbian tranny managed to do the same shit. Ergh no.

No. 1194495

File: 1616845999896.png (170.3 KB, 983x446, Rapefantasies.png)

An interesting thread to read. Let's see when it will get deleted.


"Fantasies of rape are fairly common in the trans community but they don't consider it misogyny as they identify as 'women'"

No. 1194496

nta but source? I feel like testosterone would have far more effect on them, because it's something they're naturally supposed to have. If they haven't had oestrogen before, just blockers, wouldn't it just be like a delayed puberty?

No. 1194500

>implying the majority women have a breeding kink
What a dumbass

No. 1194507

File: 1616847330943.jpeg (281.93 KB, 1080x1908, 0E840C84-4E0D-4C7A-B99A-69483E…)

…this can’t be real

No. 1194508

File: 1616847365941.jpeg (231.29 KB, 1080x1505, D876409D-488E-4A0D-8378-9209BB…)

No. 1194509

Based on KW dates and info, Kevin is at most 33 in this picture.

No. 1194510

File: 1616847776915.jpeg (Spoiler Image,412.56 KB, 1079x951, ED02776F-906B-4036-AE43-5FF5B0…)

oh god

No. 1194515

Another great reason not to let troons in womens bathrooms, it gives them free access to menstrual waste bins.

No. 1194517

File: 1616848361020.jpg (338.89 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20210327-143149_Red…)

From a book called Girl sex 101, which is targeted towards younger lesbians. This is textbook grooming.

No. 1194520

>if you've had cock time, you'll have easier time around the vulva
Even ignoring the wannabe-cutesy-stomach-churning propaganda, imagine rephrasing that as "straight women make the best lesbians because of cock-hours" and it's so obviously a retarded suggestion even as a sex tip.

No. 1194521

Oh my god. Oh my actual god. Are thye out of their minds ? I mean yeah of course they are but don't they have the instinctual gag reflex to anything gross to prevent them from doing that?

No. 1194522

Sounds like you are just jealous you haven’t been dicked enough. Wait, that sounds familiar

No. 1194523

File: 1616848917585.gif (844.41 KB, 158x280, 8224E95B-5F1F-47C2-8EBD-393B34…)

he thinks he looks good with those hips…

No. 1194524

Lol what
How come statistically women have the least amount of orgasms with men then? Men know cock perfectly, considering they have one. There's inherent difference to pleasing men and women and knowing one doesn't help with the other at all. This is such a fucking bullshit

No. 1194530

how did you get this gif of my sleep paralysis monster

No. 1194531

if anyone has links to these papers or literally any study related to agp troon madness please link them because me and my fellow terfs need more ammunition. it's always handmaidens and troons calling it "anecdotal evidence" when we all know the vast majority of mtf troons are utterly deranged. studies to prove this claim are always good to have

No. 1194532


Belgium isn't that okay anymore either. It's not so much MtF or FtM, but like half the liberal student population is now "non-binary". A guy I know (@joppe_dc, he's on the news sometimes and is a lowkey "trans influencer") recently had a panel at a conference for international women's day. Because he dresses like a woman he has a voice on women's issues and rights apparently.

There's also Uwi or whatever her name is who is also non-binary and recently had top surgery and posts all her gross photos online. She has been featured in news articles by De Morgen and De Standaard before (supposedly classy Belgian newspapers).

No. 1194533

I miss five minutes ago when I didn't know this existed. Genuinely hope they contract something infectious now.

No. 1194538

This is actually disgusting, I hope no fucked parents are buying this for their lesbian daughters and messing with their heads.

No. 1194548

Idk how but I've missed all of that so far. I mean I see my fair share of men in women's clothing because I'm an art student and I live in a big city, but so far I've only come across 1 ftm and 1 mtf. No enbies yet thank god.
At least the ones you mentioned don't have a huge following.

Wonder how long it'll be until we're at US level though…

No. 1194552

His artificial ‘hips’ may be wide, but he still has no natural waist.

No. 1194556

Not many things on the internet actually trigger a gag reflex but this did the trick. Fucking put these people down please.

No. 1194557

Someone needs to learn what a pronoun is.

No. 1194558

live in a 3rd world country and have only seen the troons in the internet only, usually in the art community to an extent in anime and kpop and since the only pronouns here is unisex (maybe because i live in a conversative part of the country.) there has yet to have an argument about that and gender politics in general. the people actually were in rage after the proper nationality name for us had added another like latinx to accomodate the supposed gender neutral people, the popular opinion was disagreement.

i hope my country doesn't enter extreme gender politics, it already has enough problems on its own.

No. 1194559

File: 1616852980320.png (301.32 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20210327-064438.png)

Troons doing what troons do

No. 1194560

File: 1616852986988.jpeg (184.15 KB, 900x1240, 36A31472-F806-4879-B6DA-BB734D…)

He got the jetstream sam hips.

No. 1194570

Even if I were into men with long hair and makeup and dresses I could still never be attracted to a self-proclaimed transwoman because deep down (or not so deep down) they’re all misogynistic narcissists and most likely pornsick. Man in eyeliner? Sure, cool. Man who thinks eyeliner makes him a hot goth girl? I’d rather join a nunnery.

They’re just standard narrow man hips with padding on top.

No. 1194572

I really thank you ladies and these threads for peaking me and filling me with the knowledge of how fucking degenerate these fucks are and how they are damaging our world. That being said, some of you need to stop going full retard. Before 2x was banned, there were GC spergs leaking all over the site, derailing threads that had nothing to do with GC issues. I would have peaked sooner if not put off but these autists, you actively hurt your own cause by looking like reeing spergy nutcases. The tranny janny conspirators are just anons who refuse to integrate to lolcow culture and reee when they get rightfully banned for blogging and actively not following the rules that everyone on the cow threads do manage to follow. It's not hard to integrate into board culture, just do it already.

Ntayrt but jfc, you all sound as whiney as men do. The anon was so polite, too, you guys just sound retarded, holy shit. Cry harder. Rant over, just please stop shitting up the thread so I can actually enjoy the trannies making fools of themselves.

No. 1194578

You're the one shitting up the thread with your holier-than-thou blog.

No. 1194582

yeah, fear-mongering does that to ya. Y'all are using the same broad brush that homophobes continuously use till this day against homosexuals.
"This gay man raped children, so that must mean all gays rape children."
Yes, a trans person can be mentally ill or a sex pest, but that doesn't mean all trans people are sexually deviant weirdos. Nobody except a weird loud minority accepts these pedo/raping fetish scumbags. You can think otherwise and I wouldn't blame ya, it's just isn't the reality of things.

No. 1194585

File: 1616854474745.jpeg (Spoiler Image,459.84 KB, 708x912, ACC199CC-1DC4-40DB-A63E-B5495A…)

Welcome to the nightmare dimension

No. 1194588

File: 1616854646215.png (102.89 KB, 1230x765, EsLvxzoXAAQHf6t.png)

nearly 50% of men who identify as women in UK prisons are in for sex crimes.
less than 5% of women in prison in UK are in for sex crimes.

No. 1194591

No. 1194592

What does “legally male” stand for here? Christ it’s hard to keep track

No. 1194593

File: 1616854834872.jpg (11.01 KB, 597x596, 1593633933385.jpg)

Everything about this is sad

No. 1194594


Yeah, they don't have a big social media outreach… but unfortunately, at least for Joppe, he's been on national tv a few times, writes articles for newspapers, and he's been a model for Zalando campaigns.

Personally I know 8 enbies in my "direct" environment (as in – they studied at my specific campus which only has a few 1000 students at best), and in my town of 4000 people, there were 3 FtMs.

No. 1194597

File: 1616855152608.jpeg (70.88 KB, 1125x1005, ACAF136A-C5B8-4E24-B7D5-31DFB2…)


Is this what the last 6 million years of evolution has led us to?

No. 1194599

>>calling the post a blog
>>the post is actually minimodding and derailment, not even a blog
Imagine knowing what a blogpost is and what the other rules are. What an ironic fucking reply kek

No. 1194601

No. 1194603

>there were GC spergs leaking all over the site, derailing threads that had nothing to do with GC issues

Good. The whole site should be for WOMEN. It shouldn't be contained to one thread and outside of it we can't say the t-word cause a man in a dress might be reading. If GC stuff outside of a single thread bothers you, you haven't peaked yet.

>The tranny janny conspirators are just anons who refuse to integrate to lolcow culture and reee when they get rightfully banned for blogging

Bullshit. There were so many posts red-texted that didn't break any rules and were not blogging. Either the moderators didn't look at the context of the post or they are indeed tranny jannies. Imagine thinking that a troon sneaking into a moderating position of a female-oriented site is impossible and a "conspiracy".

>integrate more

>you sound whiny
>stop shitting up the thread
No, you. You're the one derailing the thread by trying to pick a fight.

Fuck you. Fuck trannies. Fuck jannies.

No. 1194604

I'm saying transsexuals have worse than male sexual patterns of behavior and by virtue of being transsexual he will be a misogynist anyway.

No. 1194605

No. 1194607

why do wokes talk about everything in the most childish retarded way? "bodies are cool, and so are people" what??

No. 1194610

What do you think extensively talking about when she peaked, what made her and how she could have peaked some other time is other than blog?

No. 1194611

File: 1616856403433.png (1.59 MB, 542x2979, survivor story.png)

tl:dr version:
>Woman in a support group for cancer survivors
>Her condition gave her month long periods
>Transwoman gets upset and starts whining about how this is triggering to them
>Next meeting group is told any discussion of female biology is banned as its transphobic
>Transwoman is very happy about this
>This woman leaves along with a few others

I would have been livid, what a joke of a "support group".

No. 1194612

lol 3rd genders existed in extremely heteronormative societies that didn't accept effeminate men as real men. I have yet to hear about a "third gender" that isn't just effeminate man or eunuch

No. 1194616

If I had a time machine I'd go back to the past and show Richard Nixon this picture and tell him this is what capitalism leads to

No. 1194618

This is like something out of a horror film about white trash.

"Third gender" categories are/were almost uniformly oppressive social structures made to "other" men who didn't fit in the standard "male" role adequately, or vice versa.
This actually kind of breaks the tranny shit because "men who acted like women" were never categorized just as women, communities didn't cut off their cocks, cut a gaping hole and say they were the exact same as vaginas, etc. The opposite of what these people would want, lmao.

No. 1194619

what the fuck even is a breeding kink, being able to get pregnant is very real for the majority of post-menarche pre-menopausal women, we don't fetishize that like degenerate trannies who will die wishing they had an uterus

No. 1194620

What do you define as a real man? Have you even read any of my sources?
>communities didn't cut off their cocks, cut a gaping hole and say they were the exact same as vaginas, etc. The opposite of what these people would want, lmao.
So you view women who've had hysterectomies as fake women?
How do you know that they wouldn't? Their ideas aren't much different to modern transsexuality, except we have the technology and the medication to do so.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1194621

fuck off tranny

No. 1194623

"Yes, a trans person can be mentally ill or a sex pest, but that doesn't mean all trans people are sexually deviant weirdos."

being sexually deviant weirdos is what makes trans people sexually deviant weirdos

No. 1194625

samefag, I forgot to mention that gender identity and gender expression are on a spectrum. Genetically and culturally.
Ok, stay ignorant then.
Society will progress on without you.
You're just not liking that you don't have anything to say. That's fine, I'm just saying the same logic is used by xenophobes/homophobes.

No. 1194628

>So you view women who've had hysterectomies as fake women?
Why do you equate a man born with a dick and balls, male gametes, male bone structure and male everything else to a woman who was worn with her own female body, then later had surgery to get a part of herself removed? Does that really make sense in your mind?
By the way, since I know you'll try to use them as a "gotcha" eventually, intersex people aren't a magical third and fourth and fifth sex, they just show that there is variety in how "female" and "male" bodies manifest. That doesn't mean a complete male is now female because he has a mental problem.
>How do you know that they wouldn't? Their ideas aren't much different to modern transsexuality, except we have the technology and the medication to do so.
Eurocentric projection at work. The idea that all your concepts (even the broken, fucked up ones) are progressive and everyone else just needs to catch up. Sad and nasty.

No. 1194630

as always and forever, it is the job of women to ensure men feel empowered by our suffering

No. 1194631

File: 1616857217448.jpeg (128.2 KB, 940x484, D6FFB76B-8B74-4931-BA1A-8050CB…)

Please no.

No. 1194632

Than what do you think being a woman is? A feeling you get sometimes? Liking makeup? Jesus.
Being a woman is being born a woman. Without Y. Every other explanation is just enforcing sexist stereotypes.

No. 1194634

>So you view women who never had cocks, already had vaginas, etc as fake women?
this is how stupid you sound

No. 1194636

File: 1616857579355.jpg (91.73 KB, 600x599, 1lUzqwU.jpg)

>n-not all twans allies accept pedo/rapist troons
>just a minoriteee

Not ONE single fucking time have I EVER seen a handmaiden or other kind of girl dique-rider address any of the scandalous, disgusting hateful shit that has been said and done by troons/TRAs! All you brainwashed idiots ever do is deny it happened or do some kind of retarded mental gymnastics to justify it.
You don´t distance yourselves let alone call out incels, pedos, homophobes because being called a terf would be worse than telling it like it is. That´s why you can ALL go fuck yourselves.

No. 1194639

This is just the #NotAllMen equivalent for trannies kek. Did you know that #NotAllTroons!!?!

No. 1194641

They have this circular logic where they think being a woman is a completely fake concept, but they also want you to validate men who want to be women forever and ever. It's an in-born thing only if a man says he's one.
Like, all of this is just male worship with extra steps, but with added kink-friendliness (yes, AGP is a fetish. I know TRA-anon is seething, but you guys expose yourselves by spamming disgusting porn in literally any online space you're allowed to be open in), and the fervent energy of all those straight women who are obsessed with gay men, drag queens, etc thrown in.

No. 1194642

no such thing as genetic gender. Gender is a social construct, while sex is binary, and intersex people are still either male or female. Look it up if you don't believe me. The people making biological sex seem more complicated than it is(female gametes=female, male gametes=male, not just in humans but in all sexually dymorphic species) have an agenda

No. 1194647

>They have this circular logic where they think being a woman is a completely fake concept
it's not that, it's just what is a women is concept that differs culturally, even genetically.

>no such thing as genetic gender
correct, but there are genetic markers pertaining to masculinity/femininity characteristics that are found in both sexes.
Again, sex is on a spectrum, so this idea of black&whiteness isn't factually based at all.

No. 1194649

Why are there so many tho? There is not a single "normal" one because to become a tranny you already have to be a sexual pervert. So many pedos and woman haters as well. They are not okay.

No. 1194650

In no culture is a whole-ass man considered a woman because he stomped his foot hard enough.

No. 1194651

>women is a concept
Ladies, guess we're just concepts and ~abstract beings~ at this point

No. 1194652

it's not that, it's just what is a women is concept that differs culturally, even genetically.
That's not true though, and you know you're intellectually dishonest. What a woman's role/ideal behavior in society differs per culture, but in no culture are they confused about which people are female.

No. 1194655

feminine men should NOT be forced to become a third gender or trannies. That's so fucked up an sexist and I am amazed that people like you believe this shit was alright and is still fine in todays time. Why are feminine men who don't fit the mold forced to stop being men? I fucking hate this.

No. 1194656

File: 1616858889372.jpeg (155.36 KB, 1365x760, FC4B5A15-2501-493C-9F90-EF313B…)

This has to be fucking fake. Seriously? What’s the point in a cancer support group if you can’t discuss the symptoms?
Great thread. I kek at pic related.
>>spot the terf
Kill yourself

No. 1194657

Let’s not forget that those feminine men also get raped and used as slaves just because they’re feminine, either that or they had to live in extreme poverty because they weren’t seen as men. Such empowerment! So valid!!

No. 1194661

Yes. It's so fucked up and the whole tranny shit reminds me of the whole third gender bullshit. Just leave feminine men be men.

No. 1194663

I'm not dismissing the fact that cis women aren't victims of SA and transexuals can be rapists. It's just you all seem to be conflating transsexuality and everything with it as this disorder innately caused by mental illness, and it's not even true.



I didn't say that at all, just stating that sex is on a spectrum genetically
and gender is on a spectrum genetically and culturally. It's the scientific consensus…

No. 1194664

>I didn't say that at all, just stating that sex is on a spectrum genetically

It really is not and people like you make it hard to remove harmful gender sterotypes and acknowledge sexism for both men and women. You are going backwards while you believe you are on the right side of history.

No. 1194665

>It's just you all seem to be conflating transsexuality and everything with it as this disorder innately caused by mental illness
Transexuality is a disorder. And it should be treated instead of encouraged.

No. 1194667

Fucking exactly ! Preach!

No. 1194668

You have no idea what a spectrum is, do you?

No. 1194669

It's crazy how since trans became the woke thing to care about, everything we know is changing to fit them, YET trans women are women, but at the same time, Women don't exist, men don't exist?
But also, don't misgender them, but at the same time biological sex was invited by white supremicist and it's racist.
But at the same time, they will die if they don't "become" women, but there's also no such thing as a woman.
It makes soooo much sense.

No. 1194672

Cope, you know he’s just going to blame the faggots.

No. 1194675

I come from a country where there is a 3rd gender community, there not considered women or In between genders, rather they are considered lesser men

Also the 3rd gender community of my country is exclusively made up on homosexual men who get disowned by their families

No. 1194677

>biological sex is complex like all of biology, therefore completely standard, healthy, functioning male bodies being surgically altered to emulate the appearance of being female is the same as being female
Again there is no argument about this that doesn’t also apply to transracialism. “Race is complex and on a spectrum. Race is a cultural concept that differs across the world. Many cultures don’t have our same ideas of race.” Does this excuse someone who clearly is apart of a privileged oppressor class in their society claiming the identity of the oppressed through artificial physical emulation?

No. 1194678

Race on a spectrum makes way more sense than sex lmao. You can be ""racemixed"" but your sex cannot.

No. 1194680

They think you’re only a woman if you “earn” it. You have to look good and act appropriately in the way that they see fit, or they erase your gender in the way that “Samantha” Lux did to Vanessa Vokey In her cope response video. “She doesn’t look glammed up and has disagreeable opinions, male!”
They’re always saying that TERFs and tomboys don’t look or act feminine, but their idea of “feminine” is exactly that of the most sexist of men.
Trans “butch dykes” are still meeting and conforming to sexist male stereotypes.

No. 1194681


You will never be a woman. Don't you a discord full of minors to groom somewhere?

No. 1194682

File: 1616860083335.jpg (356.2 KB, 1926x914, hMv82Gq.jpg)

>what is a women is concept that differs

you mean like… fucked or an object?

No. 1194684

I know it’s annoying to have a retard that should 41% themselves already in the thread, but this could get the thread locked because of the GC discussion.

No. 1194685

Yes, but what about race on a mental spectrum? That’s exactly what this retarded Twitter nonny is arguing. >>1194639

No. 1194687

Or be normal and make these feminine men to adapt to society's norms like normal, healthy people. Don't let freaks be freaks.

No. 1194689

>sex is on a spectrum
It's literally not. The only thing that determines sex is what gametes your reproductive system is meant to produce. Again this isn't just in humans but in all sexually dimorphic species including plants and flowers. The male of a species produces smaller, mobile gametes, the female larger immobile ones. That's literally it. It's not complicated at all.
Why do you think we say that male seahorses get pregnant? Why don't scientists call the sex that carries the baby and gives birth "female"? If binary sex were a socially constructed category based on human behavior, they would. But they don't, because male purely means that it produces sperm, while the female produces eggs. That's all there is to it

No. 1194691

What do you guys think of post op transpeople?

No. 1194692

Nothing, go back to /tttt/ and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1194693

They’re disgusting. Next question.

No. 1194696

No. 1194697

Stop taking the bait retarded bitches ffs

No. 1194698


these people are still male or female. stop using people with a fucked up genetic condition to justify your pervert transition sex fantasy while you are a healthy male.

No. 1194699

yeah please stop showing me how fragile your entire views are.

No. 1194700

All these papers… and you'll still get clocked

No. 1194703

by what? you guys using outdated knowledge of human physiology?(ban evading tranny)

No. 1194708

File: 1616861221575.jpg (266.11 KB, 768x1024, ExSP-bQXAAANgRV.jpg)

stop taking the bait nonnies. let's talk about sofie halilis botched face and his autogynephilia instead

No. 1194709

File: 1616861239699.jpeg (193.58 KB, 640x1043, D2760A9E-23C3-4D8B-AA23-C55AB2…)

Why do ALL intersex conditions have a sex specifity?
You fucking retards have never done any research on physically intersex people, have you?

No. 1194710

File: 1616861281889.png (1.44 MB, 1320x2048, Screenshot_20210327-090633.png)

I'll take "things that never happened", Trabek.

No. 1194711

"Sex is on a spectrum" in the scientific context does not mean what you wish it meant.
Also, "brain gender" is false, all brains vary in their makeup. The fact that you linked an article that goes on about "male brain/female brain" shows how little attention you're paying.

This is an intersex female, not a brand new sex. Again, you show your misogyny by equating her to a man.
Again, intersex people. Not people born with bodies that fit the binary and want a "switch".
Another article about intersex people.
More about intersex people. By the way
>In other words, there is no such thing as “the male brain” or “the female brain.” This is not to say that there are no observable differences. Certain brain characteristics can be sexually dimorphic: observable average differences across males and females. But like biological sex, pointing to “brain sex” as the explanation for these differences is wrong and hinders scientific research.
You literally contradicted the links you posted earlier. Fantastic job.

No. 1194712

File: 1616861295850.jpg (104.71 KB, 1024x550, 1611453081709m-1.jpg)

Today, I will remind them

No. 1194714

Maximum kek at him taking the picture in the dark to hide as much as possible

No. 1194715

these people have an agenda. what they mean when they say "sex is on a spectrum" is that sex characteristics in humans exist on a spectrum (obviously), that doesn't mean sex itself isn't binary. ie a female with abnormally high levels of testosterone is still 100% female and a male with gynecomastia is still 100% male, despite presenting some characteristics that are typical of the opposite sex. It's a really easy distinction to understand

No. 1194717

i wonder how his bf feels about having a smaller dick than this thing

No. 1194718

Poor grandma has Alzheimer's. Feels bad.

No. 1194719

He fucking loves it, that’s why. He’s not dating a tranny by accident.

No. 1194721

So a tranny AND a mom fetish? Sounds like a real winner

No. 1194724

Granny probably feels sad because Daniel won’t stop screaming that he’s a woman now.

No. 1194731

File: 1616862248497.jpg (47.64 KB, 640x640, lol.jpg)


No. 1194732

>Be grandma
>Has an abomination of a grandson
>Pretends he doesn't exist and treat him like he's some random person
>Grandson is too retarded to understand and gets happy about it

No. 1194735

File: 1616862343708.jpg (114.98 KB, 877x1234, 1595312118760.jpg)

>I'm done here, cope and hid in your little echo chambers. Society would be better off without y'all.
Bye pathetic troon, nice of you to use intersex people to prove your point and then throw them away because no TRA actually cares about people with these conditions. You'll be surprised how intersex people actively ask TRAs and Troons to leave them alone.

No. 1194736

Holy shit he’s looking rough. I remember him not looking quite so scary a year or so ago. What did he have done?

No. 1194737

Every example you post is proof of either homosexuals or intersex people, both of which fit on a gender binary. Feminine men are still men, masculine women are still women, cope, seethe and dilate.
Why do you even bother?

No. 1194739

What is wrong with his eyes?

No. 1194742

Her beloved grandson is dead. Based Granny.

No. 1194743

that's not what being intersex means lmfao. You guys just take words, arbitrarily change their meanings and then call everyone else ignorant for not recognizing those new meanings. reread this >>1194715, sex characteristics ≠ sex. the only thing that determines sex is gametes and there's only 2 types of gametes. You can ignore that all you want but it's never going to change

No. 1194744

File: 1616862652251.jpg (312.25 KB, 541x2048, 1616862654532.jpg)

Another SRS regret post

>I have given up on dating

>they still treated me like a Man
>I failed myself I failed everyone around me

No. 1194746

File: 1616862729447.png (749.76 KB, 736x580, deadstare.PNG)

I will never get over the fact that in the after pictures there's those empty dead eyes staring into your soul showing just how bad things really are.

No. 1194752


Literally looks like the guy is skinwalking his wife. The makeup and the hair are done the exact same way. It just looks creepy af.

No. 1194756

top kek this ticks all the boxes
>autismo stare
>skinwalking his wife
>full female name as username

No. 1194758

Oop dropped my post link somehow, meant to reply to >>1194708

No. 1194763

>So what's left?
An inevitable 41%

No. 1194764

The regular old story. Transgender person thinks chopping their dicks off will give them a vagina and straight men can't reject them because their pesky "genital preferences" but then learn, not only are they not getting a vagina, but actual straight men will see them as men still and/or not want to fuck their neo-vaginas because they are men & it's not a real vagina.
Also, people need to stop thinking that people care about being PC when it comes to sex. Telling a person, "now i have the genitals you like! If you deny me you are transphobic" means fucking nothing. People who don't want to have sex with trans people won't.

No. 1194768


I don’t know why any doctor would willingly choose to be a troon surgeon. These are the most unstable people in the world. They are destined to be in some way unsatisfied with the result or just have total regret and end up blaming you. Anything but total affirmation of what they want is transphobic. If you don’t end up slandered online for any perceived slight and your practice ruined, you end up with endless requests for revision, or a patient that ended up offing themselves. The money can’t be THAT good to be worth all that, specially when you could be doing some other specialty.

No. 1194770

some people who work in medicine don't actually want to help people
troon surgeons, psychward orderlies, etc, to some people, medicine is just a job

No. 1194771

File: 1616864076431.png (2.22 MB, 1462x2048, Screenshot_20210327-091005.png)


No. 1194772

troons are hysterical cash cows pushing HARD to get their way. and their way means money for the docs/surgeons. they don't give a shit if it's unethical & medical abuse, it's big business now. handing out letters for T and breast implants left and right! $$$

No. 1194776

He does his eye makeup in a way to make him look more like a stereotypical asian blow up doll.

No. 1194778

First and foremost it’s a job at the end of the day. And troons get mad when doctors reject them and vandalize their work efforts with tantrums and harassments for poor reviews. It doesn’t mean medical professionals support tranny ideology shit, a vast majority of them don’t. To the surgeons this is a job, a way to make money, and an opportunity to experiment.

What I mean by opportunity is that they know a penis can’t become a vagina and vice versa. But for many surgeons it is largely a creative process. So when some deranged scrote knocks on your door and offers to let you use his body like clay and attempt to visually replicate a vagina, and it’s completely legal and he will pay you for it, that’s something the donated research bodies can’t do.

No. 1194781

He facetuned his sclera whiter and I think he also made his irises smaller

No. 1194784

"straight" men can fuck trannies as long as the tranny in question promises not to tell anyone or else

No. 1194785

I love that he's so obviously male that reddit fags couldn't help but award him for being obviously male. Can't remember the last time a female got a UWUU WHOLESOME AWARD without showing her tits

No. 1194787

This is so sad. This is the most insidious part of TRAism. The online tranny culture is just internet retardation that you can ignore but this, lying about the real cost and suffering brought about by SRS, lying that no one can tell the difference, this is just straight up malicious. It's like a whole opiod crisis except everyone's in denial.

No. 1194791

File: 1616866359689.png (27.75 KB, 293x406, mfw.PNG)

Glad you're happy with the state of this site now! A place where you can call women bitches and roasties all you want, but talking about the shared experiences of women, and the importance of having a movement to address that, will get you a ban. Funny how this site is for women but it operates like an anti-feminist forum would.


No. 1194792

File: 1616866399645.png (75.66 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_20210327-223302.png)

Are they really trying to frame this as a bad thing

No. 1194800

It’s a gossip board, we’re expecting some Ovarit clone here? Lmao

No. 1194801

>be careful of being anti-pedo, you might end up a terf
They're really telling on themselves

No. 1194804

File: 1616867161715.png (182.06 KB, 720x889, Screenshot_20210327-224217.png)

No. 1194806

I mean, anti twitter is full of cringey cows who think they're pedo hunters for fighting with people over anime ships, but a troon insulting a radfem from starting out in a kinda lame online community is definitely throwing rocks from a glass house

No. 1194813

It's literally that portlandia couple.

No. 1194816

File: 1616867995518.jpeg (72.31 KB, 341x353, 18D5C866-4BF3-4750-A8C9-CB0F62…)

But trannies, specially FtM trannies, seethe over yaoi shit and shipping whatever character’s skin they want to wear with the “wrong” pairing.
So transmen are terfs now? How about the queer kids purposely saying they’re queer or the other lgb people saying they’re lgb and telling others they shouldn’t ship gay characters and shit? I guess they’re also terfs, so I guess that means everyone is a white woman.

No. 1194817

I Actually have more respect towards moral antis then most shippers

No. 1194825

File: 1616868330923.png (1.15 MB, 1518x848, synth.png)

No. 1194836

Can you explain to me how get so far removed from reality that you need a special word for people who are against raping kids and animals?

You're using the same language that literal pedophiles use who post CP on imageboards. Why do you call people "antis?" We have a word for it already, it's "normal".

No. 1194842

File: 1616869112168.png (12.74 KB, 319x294, suspended.png)

went to check the OPs account and keked a tiny bit, reddit moment

No. 1194844

Antis is a particular used in various fandoms for moral online crusader's who are against any precived problematic ships, any ship with a large age gap, a ship with an abuser and a their victim, a ship with 2 characters who have shown no feelings between each other
Antis are against all problematic ship tropes and concepts

No. 1194846

At least sage your shit

No. 1194849

Ok thanks for confirming that all people who use "anti" are disgusting creeps who defend pedophilia.

No. 1194851

is him showing his tiny dick and male body supposed to..do anything? Why even respond to this troll?

No. 1194854

oh this again.
Still, I'll drop this link here. This is what they reference when they say that the anti movement was created by TERFS:

tbf these terms have been muddied a bit and can mean different things in different communities.

No. 1194856

I just watched that video, and he started practically every sentence with "this bitch".
He looks like he has foetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 1194858

That they are mentally ill, and irreversably butchered their bodies.

No. 1194864

I agree with you anon. It must be a living nightmare.

No. 1194869

What's notable about this is that the women in the picture have all power-dressed in muted colours and the only remotely casual person there is the dude with a black hoodie over his dress shirt, yet the guy has garish red lipstick on and the loudest colours ever. No expectation whatsoever that people won't take him seriously in the workplace if he doesn't dress a very specific way.

No. 1194875

File: 1616871912827.png (584.63 KB, 2048x819, Screenshot_20210327-093536.png)

I think it's close to realizing it's not a real woman

No. 1194877

it's true and then when trans get a botched hole and/or realize that the men or women they want still don't want them or consider them women, they are just told, "something is wrong with THEM not you"
and imagine being told that but knowing, "nah, back when I had my dick at least I could get faux lesbians or "straight" men into me, now I can't even have sex. The issue IS me"
And when troons come to that conclusion that's when the TRA that cheered them on move on or ignore them. They no longer matter if they do not have a feel good story.

No. 1194885

sometimes when i act needlessly aggressive and ignore the needs of others i don't feel very womanly. bioholes how do i fix this?

No. 1194887

>responds to sex crime accusations with a nude

Probably not the gotcha moment he thought it was.

No. 1194888

Have you tried a spinny skirt, knee socks and badly applied eyeshadow?

No. 1194889

KEK I cannot stop laughing at this. So many things about this pic is hilarious, the tranny, the pompous posture and smile of the guy the other side of him but mostly at the girls face next to him. I am laughing so much anons, thanks for that

No. 1194896

I've been here since the beginning but after that era I read the site a lot less, I was honestly surprised this thread was even allowed. Proud of you guys for getting it to happen.

Seeing all this shit get banned while the entire internet allows males to post disgusting, misogynistic, violent shit about women constantly isn't killing the evil terf threat like they think it is lol

No. 1194897

The guy next to him looks like an estate agent that's trying to convince you that the crackhouse next door won't be a problem and the girl looks like the ghost of the deceased owner that knows it will be.

No. 1194904

>penises and vulvas are analogues
A what now? A dick is a dick and a vagina is a vagina. What the fuck.
>You don't have to like penises, but I suggest keeping an open mind and leaning about this stuff anyway
Sick fucks really writing some corrective therapy material here.

Bad blog bait bruh.

No. 1194906

File: 1616873879011.png (109.75 KB, 729x781, mtf.png)

>study the women around you and practice their mannerism and behavior
>Practice walking, picking things up, talking in the mirror
>"Tomboys" are just as much women as you are!

Why the fuck did he put tomboys in quotations ? Also the thought of some man trying to study women and repeat after literally everything they do gives me the creeps.

No. 1194909

sage for ot and sperging, but I sent a screenshot of >>1194656 to my sister and we are having a good laugh

No. 1194910

>TERFs started the anti-fujo movement

I can't even make sense of this. I'm not well versed in ~tuMbLr dIsCoUrSe~ but the only people that I've ever seen whining about 'ebil fujoshi' are those fakebois/TiFs who LARP as gay dudes. They always have these super spicy takes about how fujos are just str8 girls "appropriating their sexuality" by making gay art/fiction, and how they need to GTFO from the BL community.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just baffled.

No. 1194912

>"tomboys" are as much women as you are
Anons why is this image making me peak so hard

No. 1194913

The guy managed to realize that it's all performance, but they still are trying to push him down this road. You're not walking "manly" because of socialization, my guy, but because your hips and femur literally meet at a different angle from women.

No. 1194915

>Why the fuck did he put tomboys in quotations
Maybe because tomboys aren't boys?

No. 1194916

I thought the same. The "antis" on twitter are usually underage TiFs/fakebois, like that one who claimed the My Hero Academia ship EndHawks was pedo because Hawks was "minor coded" aka a short male, even though he has facial hair and is in his early-mid 20s kek
I've heard radfems discuss fujoshi shit only in the context of fakebois that are trying to be "Deku looking for his Bakugo uwu". Gay men don't typically give a shit unless a fakeboi tries to fuck them to live out their yaoi fantasies.

No. 1194917

File: 1616874543229.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>culturally female

No. 1194918

Holy shit. I had a condition that almost made me lose my womb and both ovaries at a young age and that was terrifying, what made me get through the trauma was the support I got from talking about it with other women. I can't imagine this hellscape where I would go through it again and never be able to talk about how scary it is because it would hurt tranny feelings. Absolute narcissists, all of them. I peak every time I open this thread.

I don't understand, all of the "antis" I've seen around have been genderspecial Aidens crying over NSFW fanart of their transitioning goals comfort character and furry troons trying to hide their own pedo babyfur tracks. At the same time these "antis" are also claiming that "proships" are TERFs so at this point I guess we can agree that "TERF" is just a strawman label you can slap on anyone to dehumanize them.

No. 1194923

File: 1616874912720.png (568.9 KB, 640x696, bruh.PNG)

That has to be one of the most pathetic posts I've seen in a while. I'm having second hand embarassement

No. 1194931

>"TERF" is just a strawman label you can slap on anyone to dehumanize them
They’re trying really hard to associate it with anything that’s cringe, offensive or bigoted. Ugly tumblr haircut sported almost exclusively by genderspecials? Actually those are TERF bangs. Censoring the word women? TERFs did that! Everyone you’ve ever been in a Twitter slapfight with? Definitely a TERF. Men who murder prostitutes? Typical radical feminists.

They don’t want anyone to look into what these women are actually saying so instead they slap a TERF label on things people already hate, no matter how contradictory.

No. 1194932

I really hate how they casually throw intersex in the list like it has anything to do with their nasty ass fetishes

No. 1194936

Well it's absolutely not a cult when you consult internet strangers about picking a new name, leaving your life behind and "being reborn" while the real people in your life probably don't even have an idea wtf is going on…

No. 1194943

"pro/anti" sperging is just as bad and irrelevant as political sperging. take your autism somewhere esle

No. 1194976

File: 1616878737824.png (166.69 KB, 1090x627, 205858.png)

man learns that women are people too

No. 1194984

holy hell he's like two steps away from the finish line but decided to run off track anyway. guess what tranny: you can be gnc while still being A MAN. without all the extra steps of being "trans". it's as simple as that.

No. 1195019

>Sees a woman riding a motorcycle
>I was shocked11!1!!
Amazing, this grown-ass man only just realized that women aren't all frilly pink princesses. If this ain't autism…

No. 1195024

File: 1616880901271.jpg (38.36 KB, 728x485, Pete-Burns.jpg)

i feel sorry for pete burns since his transition seems more like a result of homophobia

No. 1195036

>surprised women are not stereotypes
>so become the "I can kick ass, shoot a gun, and still run home and make dinner for my hubby, ALL while looking good in heels, teehee" hollywood stereotype
His thinking seems just as cliché'd, it just went into a differnt direction. It feels like transitioning guys can never reach an endpoint, because they're always busy analyzing just what "type" of girl they are.

No. 1195042

He never fully trooned out though, he always insisted that he was a man who liked to cross dress.

No. 1195048

>Be a scrote
>Doesn't understand what a woman is
>Still convinced he's one
Yep seems about right

No. 1195050

File: 1616882405419.png (586.01 KB, 416x598, Screenshot_2021-03-27 Pete Bur…)

Here he is dressed in mens' clothing in 2010.

No. 1195054

The man on the left is not Pete. He's his bandmate Steve Coy.

No. 1195058

Pete has said that to him buying a new face was the same as to someone buying a new couch. Not a tranny. Extreme body dysmorphia maybe.

No. 1195069

i have to say unrelated to the comment context, twitter "anti-pedophiles" are fucking bonkers and i have seen people calling pedophilia for an age gap where the youngest was 22

No. 1195075

He admitted as much, I think. His lips nearly killed him due to infection. On Celebrity Big Brother, he sat in the bathroom picking stitches out of them in the middle of the night.

No. 1195076

It's twitter. "Everyone is a pedophile but me" behavior nests there just like it does Reddit.


Is there such thing as double peaked? Cause I might have double peaked.

No. 1195099

Pete Burns didn’t ever claim to be a woman afaik, he was a sad story of a man who couldn’t face himself anymore, and not a troon. He wanted to look more feminine I’m sure but in a more just like, queeny gay guy way. He wasn’t even doing drag really, he was a man who liked to look feminine, and more power to him tbh, as long as you don’t deny biology, harass women, and try to invade women’s spaces I don’t care how you dress.

No. 1195102

File: 1616885370723.png (3.2 MB, 2048x2009, Screenshot_20210327-154801.png)

From guy, to the butler from Rocky Horror.

No. 1195109

File: 1616885554123.jpg (33.6 KB, 1080x274, Screenshot_20210327-154108_Chr…)

I was trying to figure out where he's from because I can't tell with his surgery and went to google it in incognito. tfw google misgenders you

No. 1195110

It's funny how the angle, smile and stare doesn't change since 5 months on HRT

No. 1195124

File: 1616886208410.jpeg (19.41 KB, 275x275, 43FD87BF-AAD9-4F08-B71B-4D26A1…)

>I just noticed that all the women I met were completely different from each other.


No. 1195125

Belgium has a troon minister, Petra De Sutter

No. 1195141

My god, HRT really does nothing to men except make their dick stop working. And that smirk…it is so universal, that is seriously how they see us. Just smirking retards who like clothes, gaudy-ass makeup, and to get fucked. Insanity.

No. 1195162

Hopefully a future Peter De Transitioner

No. 1195164

Even though he's lying, they should keep up doing it and continue spreading absolute bs on the internet (eg. how men can't tell a difference). It only makes other trannies bolder. The more tims target and trick straight men, the faster mass peak comes.

No. 1195171

>300lb neckbeard
>wife and live-in girlfriend in the same house as children
man even without the trooning this guy is a fucking retard and it's a shame he didn't castrate himself with hormones before reproducing. poor kids

No. 1195174

he's filipino (i think mixed with some euro ethnicity but i can't remember)

No. 1195187

File: 1616889573561.jpeg (25.56 KB, 350x526, 65B1D93E-B627-46E7-A2CF-0600F5…)

>I was raised to be a man’s man myself. I held chivalry an honor above the laws of the land.

No. 1195202

Jesus Christ those bangs are horrible. Also how does he manage to make his hair look greasy and dry at the same time?

No. 1195218

Always something 'weird' about them, sometimes in the photos or probably in person or how they act.

No. 1195253

File: 1616895639774.jpeg (239.63 KB, 1080x1825, ExdHOpdUcAIwCzE.jpeg)

is this also your daily routine nonnies?

No. 1195254

just wondering did /r/truelesbian and the other female-only lesbian subs talk about troons/have rules to not discuss troons, etc?

No. 1195258

>threatening trans women with corrective rape
holy projection lmao like they don't tell lesbians to take cock daily

No. 1195268

I will paypal anyone 15 dollars who can post evidence of a verifiable woman sending a tranny corrective rape threats.

No. 1195269

i only skimmed truelesbians but i swear there were rules to either not talk about troons or to not make disparaging comments about them. another anon may have a better memory

No. 1195273

File: 1616896709405.jpeg (220.15 KB, 1080x1825, ExfSU2YUUAcjLsd.jpeg)

someone fixed it kek

No. 1195275

In tranny logic, we somehow want them banned from everywhere we are, yet we also want to correctively rape them. makes sense. Also, I love "erasing the experiences of intersex people". They're the ones who do this best, y shoving intersex people in with them, and claiming they all have the same experiences. Not to mention the way they steal intersex terminology.

No. 1195278

Is this a joke? This is literally a list of what TRA's do to cis women…since fuckin' when did a TERF aka a cis woman threaten a TRA with corrective rape? I have seen countless cis males posting about that along with death threats and harassment, though.

No. 1195279

File: 1616896890444.jpeg (49.9 KB, 750x715, E7B5F038-6591-49E4-A8F9-84722D…)

>women threatening males with rape

No. 1195280

Right, I read a lot of shit online and have not seen this happen once.

No. 1195282

All a woman threatening a man with rape would do is turn the cumbrain on anyway.

No. 1195285

as if any mentally sound woman would want to be anywhere near intimate with a tranny in the first place

No. 1195289

I actually have seen the claim thrown around the TERFs are all a bunch of pedophiles who want to rape young males, all cause of Germaine Greer's pedo book which tbf was creepy

No. 1195291

That intersex defense is so retarded, its often coupled with “well, are infertile women NOT wonen? Checkmate terf!” When in truth of course they’re still women, just like a woman born without legs is still a female human being. And intersex erasure? The like, handful of people alive today with vague genitalia who are still male or female in other chromosomal and biological ways? We’re talking about whether those 100 or so people can use the bathroom? Sure, in that case I see no problem. Oooh, you meant can every a hulking, fully male pervert who wants to use the woman’s room? Well that’s totally different.

No. 1195304

No. 1195321

File: 1616899982177.jpg (26.51 KB, 721x420, Kyle-removes-super-straight-vi…)

What a group of perfectly rational people, this is regarding the kid who made super straight tiktok

They review bombed his mom's business and sent her death threats

No. 1195322

trannies are just another gang/terrorist organisation.

just easier to spot

No. 1195333

File: 1616901726621.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210327_202019105.j…)

>>I wasn't clocked.

The lie detector has determined that was a lie.

No. 1195340

File: 1616902134731.png (748.33 KB, 587x1156, dfgmj4r99ff.png)

don't you love when these "she/her" men admit they're boys and that tranny ftms and 'femboys' (ie BOYS that are feminine ie boys in dresses and lipstick that are still boys) are largely the same thing lmao

No. 1195344

Kek nigga looks like a light bulb. He needs to call Dr. Bosley ASAP and fix that receding hairline.

No. 1195345

It's like God was making Adam and eve and he accidentally skipped step one or two and we got this.

No. 1195348

that fucking dome kek

No. 1195350

at first i thought his hairline was creating an optical illusion but no, his head is a wedge of cheese.

No. 1195351

So have anyone felt physical disgust and uncomfortable when someone shares a video of a ftm after there boob removing surgeries? Cause I do. It's like the equivalent of watching a gore video or something. Especially watching MTF troons dick surgeries.

No. 1195354

pete wasn’t a troon or a fetishist, he was just a gnc man. he wore whatever he wanted including makeup, wigs, dresses, and heels because he didn’t believe any of those things have to do with gender and vehemently stood by the fact that he was a man and was comfortable with it because he knew slapping on lipstick doesn’t make you a woman. he was also bi not gay, and the picture on the left is his band mate, while the picture on the right is slightly photoshopped to make him look worse. sage for autism but i love pete. he was just addicted to changing his look and getting plastic surgery.

No. 1195363

I always wondered if the transing people thing a myth and then a MtF "friend" of mine spent a frustrating amount of time today trying to tell me I should become a TiM despite my repeatedly telling him I'm just a gnc lesbian. It's fucking real jfc. I've peaked. hope he 41%s

No. 1195364

my experience with two friends who thought they were mtf trannies, one their depression and anxiety were levelled out, they both stopped acting like trannies. back to normal dudes working normal jobs and not screeching about imaginary shit.
"but it's not a mental illness"

No. 1195370

I've been told that maybe I should explore my gender identity because I don't fucking shave my pits or legs. Idk if it's just the city I live in but 1/3rd of my friend circle have trooned out in some capacity.

No. 1195371

Some people are just insane. Blogpost, but I had a guy telling me to ask my bff to troon out because we’re lovey dovey and I’m straight. He asked me first “hey anon, you love friend, right?” And I obviously told him that yeah, but in a platonic sense, then he asked me “then why don’t you tell her to troon out? Then you can stay straight!” And I just looked at him quite baffled for a moment before telling him that it wasn’t okay to coerce her into such a thing.
He dropped it and never asked me again, I don’t know if he asked her as well, the guy was that weird artsy guy that’s nice but too weird and too deep into crazy internet shit and fetishes, I never talked to him again.

No. 1195373

It is tragic how much they interpret people not being outwardly hostile them as "passing". I'd never go up to a guy in a woman's swimsuit and say anything at all, same as I wouldn't go up to a man in a Halloween costume in July and say anything. Judge books by their creepyass covers and steer clear is good advice for women, and it applies to troons as well. It's not that they're not getting "clocked" they're just not hanging out in fraternities or sports bars where some mean cis male might actually say something to them. They're exploiting women's socialization to be unflinchingly polite to avoid male violence. And they think its because no one can tell.

No. 1195386

There was some twitter thread I read a while back(can't find it right now and am hoping if any anons have it bookmarked) where some teenage boys talked about being DM'd by TIMs or sent private messages on Reddit basically nudging them to transition, sending them egg_IRL memes and just generally being creepy, some even sent outright shemale sissy porn to these boys

Make no mistake TIMs actively do groom children, its a fetish for them to spread their degeneracy

No. 1195393

File: 1616911006828.png (867.59 KB, 1078x866, JH8e&h.png)

more she/her male retards admitting they're men (femboys are men that are not trans). so starved for any attention at all that they hop on this bandwagon for crumbs from perverted straight men who view them as objects to fuel their disgusting fetishes.

any attention is good attention, right? right guys? haha.. (insert retarded tranny logic here about how male lesbians who like men are real/valid, and some girls are boys that are lesbians even though they identify as men or some dumb horseshit)

No. 1195415

His OnlyFans twitter (@literallysof) has a video of him getting buttfucked by his boyfriend and his dick is so discolored and misshapen.. he's also squealing trying to imitate some Asian loli porn squeal, so disgusting.

No. 1195424

Anything to receive sweet, sweet horny validation. And they say our sexuality is strictly reactive. You give men half a chance to be "wanted" and they OD on attention.

No. 1195430

Am I insane or that Mara person looks like a fat Ready To Glare?

No. 1195431

File: 1616917287069.png (1.03 MB, 750x747, View recent photos.png)

>cis men hurr durr
Fuck off, retard

No. 1195433

File: 1616917532044.jpg (23.27 KB, 305x450, 92c951515efc9ee419aa36eb70d4bf…)

Chaz would be shocked at the likeness

No. 1195438

It's the dead eyes, bad wig, and lack of lips.

No. 1195452

Even trannies are better than ugly "gncs" tbh(bait)

No. 1195453

File: 1616922181744.png (33.97 KB, 537x359, ew.png)

No. 1195458

>In tranny logic, we somehow want them banned from everywhere we are, yet we also want to correctively rape them
That's projection if you think about it. Male mentality

No. 1195465

It’s always funny to see ones where they look more naturally soft friendly and approachable in the before photos.
Hrt makes everyone look so busted

No. 1195466

What do they even do when their reason d'etre is already gone from reddit?

No. 1195470

I've also seen TRAs claim that "terfs" are pedos because they're "so obsessed" with trans kids' genitals. Yes, because being concerned over irreversibly castrating kids so that they will never have a fulfilling sex life as an adult is totally pedo stuff. They're projecting so hard they've manifested on the other side of the galaxy.

If the meanie terves everyone told them about on the internet won't gang up and beat them up and corrective rape them it means they "weren't clocked". Seriously, these people really don't realize that women have learned not to confront a man creeping on them to preserve their own safety. Another reason why you can't just "transition" to the other sex, you will never have the quintessential experiences of growing up a woman and the mindset it makes you form.

No. 1195471

>>even trannies are better than ugly GNC
Cope. Seethe. Dilate. They are accepting of reality and who they really are. They have more integrity than any delusional tranny who thinks they can identify out of their biological reality.

No. 1195474

Failed womyn confirmed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1195475

Who me? Or the tranny ITT who thinks they can ever be better than anyone who accepts reality.

No. 1195476

Stop replying to the shit low quality bait or the tranny will be here his whole dilating session.

No. 1195477

Troon ITT getting so mad he might just shit his neopussy

No. 1195484

I just think it’s so funny. For the last five fucking years trannies have been trying to colonise this board as they have done for Reddit, Twitter and many others. Even 4chan has fallen for their bullshit, but they come here and they fail miserably every time. Every thread we get a tranny trying to subtlety persuade us and they post the same bullshit articles about gay genes, third genders, two spirits and intersex conditions that prove absolutely fucking nothing in their favour. Sad.
Trannyism is like running up an escalator going the wrong way, you’re always going somewhere, never getting anywhere and if you stop for a second you end up right back at the beginning. Why would you want to battle your natural biological condition with constant surgery and medication for your whole fucking life? Why would you willingly go under a knife for a farce imitation? Risking infections and sudden death, risking MRSA and sepsis, for something that will NEVER be what you want it to be. For something that has to be CONSTANTLY MAINTAINED because it doesn’t belong on your body.
Transgenderism is fucking mental illness.

No. 1195495

File: 1616927425349.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.92 KB, 1536x2048, K9FXVKC.jpg)

I'm SO FUCKING GLAD trannies are failing at colonizing this thread every fucking single time ! This place is literally one of the rare ones where women can actually say what they think about the whole tranny shenanigans

On an unrelated note. I know troons are crazy and are the ones being overly violent towards women (especially lesbians). They're the ones constantly sending us death threats/rape threats (I'm also partially replying to >>1195253 and >>1195273). "Go suck on my girl dick hurr durrr durr" kinda shit. I haven't had any evidence of a radfem/gc woman sending death threats to a troon (because why the hell would anyone do that in the first place ?). Well, today someone sent me this screenshot of a gc woman sharing and overall being happy about a troon (i presume, maybe an HSTS) being beaten down by another man (how surprising!) for taking the women's bathroom. Apparently it comes from a video. Thing is it is very pixelated, we don't know the context of the video and the screenshot might be fabricated. I don't doubt shitty people that get delight from violence, human suffering and the thrill of sharing something fucked up like that to the world exist but I really want to know the context behind this video first before jumping to conclusions. If she is in fact a gc woman sharing this I'm pretty sure most radfems and gc women don't want to do anything with her. I just wonder what you gals might think.
Spoilered because potentially graphic.

No. 1195498

File: 1616927844380.png (227.38 KB, 720x1461, Screenshot_20210328-153616.png)

Its mostly screenshotting radblr and terf twitter screenshots and reporting them

No. 1195500

I agree with you. A lot of women use gender critical views as a veil for general homophobia. Perhaps they saw a faggot in the street and just wanted to abuse them for fun, who knows. I don’t like seeing people beaten.
Then again I don’t know what it’s like to live in that country, they might not have any other option.
Either way I wouldn’t celebrate it.

No. 1195501

This is exactly why the GC movement needs to gatekeep its members and can't just accept every bitch that hates troons. You'll start letting in psychos who just want to see "limp wristed faggots" dead and overall are there only to hate everything LGB-related which they consider trannies to be a part of. I can't stand troomers but in all seriousness I don't wish death on them because a lot of them are manipulated and misguided gay people and because I'm not a mentally ill violent a-log.

But as a side note I very much doubt the perpetrators in this video identify as "terfs", they seem like homophobic men to me.

No. 1195502

A lot of us in the GC movement are homos anyway. Would be rather counterintuitive.
Nobody can deny that extreme homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality causes people to feel the shame and discomfort required for transition.

No. 1195504

Moderate Republicans is far as willing to go in terms of right wingers

No. 1195505

this is why i always stare at trannies in public and kind of grimace. so they know that people know and are disgusted lol.

No. 1195506

I think this ist fake for the reasons you gave plus
>female toilet
what radfem would call it that, they do know what a women's toilet is

No. 1195507

File: 1616929346078.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.92 KB, 719x1480, girldick.jpg)

NSFL shrivelled girldick

Thanks anon, of course I had to go look and I'm now scarred for life. Took me a second to realise that was his ballsack.

No. 1195508

Somehow mainly anglo TERFs posting on twitter leads to non-english speaking homophobic men beating up effeminate men in third world countries. Don't think too hard about it.

No. 1195510

> But as a side note I very much doubt the perpetrators in this video identify as "terfs", they seem like homophobic men to me.

That is the case in approximately 100% of actual transphobic hate crimes. Troons act like terfs are their worst enemy because we post gender critical theory on our tumblrs or whatever. Why aren’t the homophobic straight men who kill them in the streets their worst adversaries? Why radfems?

No. 1195512

unironically braver than the us marines

No. 1195514

File: 1616929738221.jpg (70.11 KB, 1169x830, oy4rghz7onp61.jpg)

And of course all the comments are other AGPs agreeing that they only want to be hot women and if ("if") they're going to be ugly after transitioning they may as well just stay men.


No. 1195515

You will never be a woman.

No. 1195517

eewwww wtff, didn't he want to get a neovagoon btw?

No. 1195518

File: 1616930278422.png (608.33 KB, 2048x1452, Screenshot_20210328-071724.png)

From that reddit thread.
Totally not a fetish.

No. 1195519

File: 1616930315107.png (455.95 KB, 1051x826, vso0k56r3op61.png)

>Same tho. I also sometimes get concerned over whether or not I’d want to be a person of the opposite gender when I’m elderly.
>Like as it stands now I feel like I want to be the opposite gender but I cannot imagine being that way when I’m elderly? Is that normal? Only started thinking about that today.

Not just hot, but also mainly young. They don't want to be mature, older women who are often less visible and play a supporting or model role for others.

No. 1195520

Fucking scrotes only want the "good parts of being a woman" but want to avoid the less fortunate experiences women have to go through once they age. I'm so fucking angry now. Stupid ass moids, how I hate them.

No. 1195521

>If you‘re dysphoric of your Personality
What did I just read

No. 1195523

Haha, answering for ya, no you won't be sexy in the slightest, so give it up now.

No. 1195524

That's weird because every single anti I've ever met has been a tranny. Mostly tifs.

No. 1195525

>That is the case in approximately 100% of actual transphobic hate crimes. Troons act like terfs are their worst enemy because we post gender critical theory on our tumblrs or whatever. Why aren’t the homophobic> straight men who kill them in the streets their worst adversaries? Why radfems?

Because men beating them up is usually a result of being clocked after engaging in some kind of sexual activity,and is mostly isolated.
Radfems threaten their whole ideology on an intellectual and social level, and is mostly done in public,eg online.

No. 1195526

Most troons on twitter are IT guys or people still dependent on their relatives, usually living in bigger cities. They are in no more danger of being killed than the average man. They don't give a shit about brazilian trans prostitutes being killed either other than using their death statistics.

No. 1195531

File: 1616931995736.png (378.94 KB, 1340x1180, pedotroons.png)

Literal incels talking about the benefits of being a woman, one of them being that you can get away with "sex with minors"

No. 1195533

and yet the trans cult says it never happens

No. 1195537

"I haven't had any evidence of a radfem/gc woman sending death threats to a troon (because why the hell would anyone do that in the first place ?)"

no point sending death threats as all trannies are dead inside. moreso the neovag impaired lunatics

No. 1195538

he has the creepiest face ever, its a combination of the weird geisha lipstick, filters to make him look fuckin barbie smooth, and eyeliner that makes him look like an alien. ill give him this, he doesn't look like a man- but that's not as hard when you don't even look human

No. 1195539

shit did it really get shut down for good? sorry to derail but I'm super out of the loop and was just thinking about ashera's garden. is it known who targeted the site?

No. 1195541

>Posted by u/pervert1248<
wow, in plain sight no shame.

No. 1195543

sometimes i think about infiltrating tranny spaces by posting ridiculous shit on their subreddits hoping to peak some people but there‘s literally no need to discredit them further, they do it all by themselves

No. 1195544

1. Having a body that will never be attractive or feminine enough, no matter how much money you spend, leading to further body dysmorphia and heightened dysphoria
2. Very, very limited access to the transbian dating pool. They are so unattractive they rarely even fuck each other
3. Penis will be numb and flaccid and it’ll be harder or even impossible reach orgasm, let alone have multiple.
4.full body orgasms is an AGP myth.
5. You will have brain fog, mood swings and heightened depression and anxiety from the influx of new hormones. You will not experience any change in emotion except to become even more antisocial and aggressive than you already are
6.your breasts will become sensitive, yes, but they will still look like oversized man boobs on a barrel chest.
7. You’ll never be able to attract cis lesbians because you will never have a functioning vagina which is what cis lesbians desire. You will only have success by gaslighting, shaming and abusing them into submission. Cis lesbians would rather be with trans men. Cope
8.being able to attract high quality males for sex - by either fucking closet homos (because you still look like a man) or if you do manage to pass, deceiving them, and risking getting your skull smashed in by a panicking homophobe. Tranny chasers can be “high quality” sure, but they are rare.
9. You will likely get even more acne from a hormone imbalance, and your skin will not change except to grow slightly less body hair.
10.being able to extract resources for males - incel talking point. Very cynical way to talk about men caring for the women that they love and desire. Unless, of course, they’re talking about prostitution.
11. Stop and reverse hair loss - straight propaganda. Never seen a balding tranny before?
12.people will treat you better if they think you’re female - again, incel talking point. Females are often treated worse by virtue of being female. Only this likely won’t happen to you, because 99% of trannies barely pass
13. Transitioning in itself, is an idiotic thing to do. Trans women are still sick and perverted and sex obsessed. Makes no difference.
14. You get to force your disgusting male presence on unwilling females and burden our resources and make a spectacle of yourself. Hooray for you!
15. Cheaper car insurance- I highly doubt you get put on women’s car insurance just because you had your cock inverted. If you do then, congrats, that’s about the only benefit to this foolishness.

In conclusion, you will never be a woman. Never. Never. Never. We will never accept you unless you force your way in, just like a typical sexist male. You will ruin your life on every level and be left a shell of your former self if you subscribe to this self mutilation and self destruction.

No. 1195546

>stop and reverse hair loss
really? they're really going to claim this? after all the receding hairlines that beg to differ, they're still going to claim this?
>males are disgusting
well atleast we agree on something. Doesn't take away from the fact that you are male, and subsequently are also disgusting though.
>less punishment for being a pedo
that's it, I'm done. There's a special place in hell for you, and I will gladly send you there.

No. 1195548

>and it looks infected

No. 1195549

Don't these troons understand that most people just don't want to offend someone or interact with a stranger? The fact that no one says anything is not evidence that you pass. The majority of strangers don't actually talk to one another. If you go out in public and you look like a tranny at least 99% of people are going to ignore you.

No. 1195552

File: 1616934481200.png (276.02 KB, 303x796, 20210328_152749.png)

>stop and reverse hairloss

No. 1195554

The only reason women get less punishment for being a pedo, is because they usually target children over 13 years old. Most men (in uk anyway) don’t even get fucking locked up for CP, they get out on suspended sentence and probation. Meanwhile a woman gets 7 years for pretending to be a man and shagging a grown woman with a fake cock.

No. 1195558

Almost all the talking points ate about sex or something sexual.
As if most women spend all their time just fucking.
No wonder they're terrified of being old or ugly women, they just want to have female body to use it for sex.
Very male view of femininity.

And lol women not being allowed to make money, bearing and caring for children and doing unpaid stressful labor whole their life at home while so that their husband is able to work and use that money however he wants, having the woman to be dependant on him is very 'draining men for resources'.
Men are the ultimate victims.

No. 1195563

>99% of anime porn is minors

Go back to twitter.

No. 1195575

>people will treat you better if they think you’re female - again, incel talking point. Females are often treated worse by virtue of being female. Only this likely won’t happen to you, because 99% of trannies barely pass
Tbf if their environment is woke enough they probably will get treated better if they call themselves trans, because people are either terrified to get IT’S MA’AMed or because they’ve drunk the koolaid and think of transwomen like holy beings. The AGPs I’ve met certainly were able to get away with way more shit than regular incels despite looking and behaving identically. Not because anyone saw them as women, but because they saw them as an untouchable subset of men.

Many men don’t even see statutory rape by a woman as a crime unless they can use it as a gotcha against feminists. Any time a female teacher is caught with an underage boy, the vast majority of comments from men are something along the lines of “Where was she when I was in high school?” or calling the boy a faggot for snitching. Unless the woman is grotesquely unattractive, most men consider it something to brag about rather than something traumatic. And guess who makes the laws?

No. 1195576

Sage for off topic but any former trans "allies" here, I wasn't just name only a supporter of Trans I did a lot of actual activism, My activism stretched into my personal life, I debate men on their views on transgender people. I would discuss it with my family in order to educate them on trans issues. I tried to even educate my workplace and my boss on trans issues. I talked the talk and walk and yet even I peaked

Around late 2016-17 I started noticing increasing degeneracy online by so called transwomen, I started having many doubt's but the thing that peaked me was watching Magdalen Berns videos, I started seeing the real insanity of this glorified fetish that we have taken civil rights issue

No. 1195590

File: 1616937790394.jpg (113.25 KB, 800x792, descarga.jpg)

pic related is the son of the Argentinian president

No. 1195592

Kek anon that is exactly who j was thinking about when reading that point. Great minds etc

No. 1195599

Sage for OT but I remember an article of an underage boy that was raped by his female teacher and was clearly traumatised by it filled with grow ass men in the comments talking about how lucky he was. Men really don't help themselves when they talk about rape. They complain why there are so many female rape shelters but forget that women had to fight to get these shelters in the first place and all that without the help of men because most men do not care about rape at all.

No. 1195600

They don’t see it like that because they undermine women so much, they don’t respect the acts of child bearing, child rearing or any kind of domestic toil. They can’t empathise with the sacrifices and risks that women make for men, and they take everything women do for granted. Male through and through down to the marrow.
>>they just want to have a female body so they can use it for sex
Nail on the fucking head nonny. This is every single AGPs thought process. They want to inhabit and use a female body like body snatchers.

No. 1195602

File: 1616938303085.png (122.96 KB, 320x180, CD79A95C-7B0F-434C-8E6B-E55911…)

No. 1195603

>when the tranny hits peak trans

No. 1195607

still fucking degenerate

No. 1195609

File: 1616939206867.jpeg (198.38 KB, 828x378, 00484E8D-2664-493F-B982-BBD56B…)


any of you ever in the DSA? The org just released its priorities, including making sure kids get puberty blockers (that stop brain growth). It’s feels impossible to organize as a leftist without being forced to go along with troons.

No. 1195610


No. 1195612

Sage for super off topic but it was known fact that Lord Byron lost his virginity when he was 12 years old to an adult woman and for almost 150 years this was framed as nothing more then the start of him being a prolific lover but only recently have feminist authors have started re-contextualizing this event as maybe having Traumatized him in some way

No. 1195613

I bet the paedophiles are really happy about this.

No. 1195615

indoctrinating poor, rural, conservatively raised children

wanting to make sure everyone else has to financially support their degenerate choices

and making sure black trannies are dealt with separate from the legal system…

I can only see this ending well

No. 1195620

Me. I am having flashbacks to trying to educate friends on trans stuff lmao. How they were “feeling like the opposite gender, they are in the wrong body” and how “sex and gender are different! they are not saying they can change their sex!”. Cringe. Now they say “wrong body” speech is transphobic when it was their own invention. and that sex isn’t real/doesn’t matter so they are actually female/male. Moving the goalposts keeps peaking people.

Completely captured.

No. 1195621

File: 1616940541663.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, topkek.png)

>easily have sex with lesbians

No. 1195630

>>anti discrimination laws for gender identity, but not sex. Something that people are oppressed for from birth to death
>>the right to unrestricted, unregulated vigilante justice against people because of “violence” to trans people (the same people who consider misgendering and dead naming to be violent)
>>a mandate that all insurance companies cover non-essential cosmetic surgery regardless of the cost
>>taking peoples children away from them because they don’t want their confused, mentally Ill or brainwashed child to be irreversibly fucked up by blockers, hormones and surgery
>>parents will be unable to protect their children from grooming by the transcult. If they try children will be taken away. “Children and teens” implies the child can be under 12 years old.
>>the children can now find a “suitable” home in the foster care system, where they will be neglected and have more chance of sexual and physical abuse, rather than staying with their family and getting therapy for suicidal thoughts and dysphoria.
>>making non essential cosmetic surgery a PRIORITY
>>ANY inmate now has the right to be transferred to a female prison, no matter how much harm they have caused to women, no matter how much of a risk they pose. The state can now pay for serial rapists to get cosmetic surgery so that they can prey on female inmates.
And they expect women to shut the fuck up and support this?! Why can’t they leave peoples fucking children alone?! They are all fucking pedos I’m sure of it.

No. 1195632

By “suitable” home they mean the children should be able to choose to go live with the pedo who calls themselves “glitter mom”, that’s been grooming them on discord or reddit.

No. 1195637

Even if most women had a breeding kink who tf wants to be bred by an effeminate, mentally ill, social reject, ugly, weak man. I feel like that’s a very basal, monkey brain kink so wouldnt you want a dude who would theoretically produce strong offspring?

No. 1195650

but anons, puberty blockers are totemo harmless! I mean this is what the helth secretary tranny says, based on the outdated dutch study which was proven wrong by the doctor who wrote it!1 here the vid:


God, the US is so fucked jesus

No. 1195653



"Results: During the follow-up, white matter fractional anisotropy did not increase, compared to normal male puberty effects on the brain. After 22 months of pubertal suppression, operational memory dropped 9 points and remained stable after 28 months of follow-up."

No. 1195655

File: 1616943138177.jpg (316.89 KB, 946x930, 20210328_175148.jpg)

This says it all

No. 1195659

File: 1616943259060.png (603.47 KB, 900x2000, roleplay.png)

No. 1195662

That's good, but the hypothetical TIM has to much empathy and regret for his actions

No. 1195663

kikomi is a trans icon

No. 1195664

Rest in Penis, Kikomi-chan

No. 1195666

New girl(girl) added to the canon, can’t wait to see the rest of the community.

No. 1195669

kikomi is heckin' cute and valid!

No. 1195671

File: 1616944233824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.1 KB, 720x960, received_900547707121725.jpeg)

Blog post and shit, but I once new a tranny who'd post these "sexy" pictures and admitted to beating it's meat to it's own pics. @tanukijade proved to me it's just a gross fetish. They also had a bunch of girls come forward about being raped by him.

No. 1195685

Nice to see more characters added!

No. 1195687

if you can protect your eyes and stomach enough, the rat king forum on kiwifarms has the worst degen people doing horrific things. and some troons doing the same
use tor browser or a billion proxy/vpn. read about Devi Ever who wanted to be wholesome and entertain kids on minecraft and they just went to cam mode and fucked start wars toys and cars of mayo i think. uploaded to twitter photos of his tiny, 1.5 maybe 2 inch dick with a dolls head stuck in the pee hole.
but hey, he/she is wholesome now, preying on youtube kids, tiktok kids, twitter kids for money and adoration.
she gets fan art drawn by literal 12 year olds.
she tried to scam notch from minecraft out of money its on youtube somewhere
currently @izzimouse and @izziafterhours
it's a trip. like the kiwi farm thread on her/him/her/them/him.

No. 1195689

File: 1616945304597.png (703.14 KB, 796x736, E765440B-A66D-4614-BFDB-C462EB…)

Link or gtfo

No. 1195690

Isn't it crazy how trans childern can make adult decisions but adult trans are babied and everytime they fuck up there's always someone trying to excuse them of what they'd done?
"I know Salladora Laceheart steals her teenage sisters underwear and makes comments on reddit about getting "turned on by it" but you have to understand, even if she's 35, she's still a baby trans and she's trying to understand herself-"
but also-
"when he was 3 he put on his mom's heels and wanted to play with his sisters barbies. Now he's a she at 10 years old and says she wants to start taking hormones and puberty blockers"

No. 1195691

Holy shit LOL

No. 1195692

File: 1616945558631.webm (2.91 MB, 854x480, cryhardertranscel.webm)

Sage cuz no milk but that definitely gave me a chickle

No. 1195693

Jesus, I can imagine the big pharma or whatever and the troon surgery companies lobbying for this. Disgusting
We need to see more Kakomi!

No. 1195694

File: 1616945935707.png (360.82 KB, 571x638, srgfj7.PNG)

>if the only reason you haven't transitioned is because being a balding man in a dress and lipstick with manboobs might not make your peepee hard, congrats!! ur a trans girl ♥♥♥

i think a lot of these trannies are in denial too of just how common it is for their dicks to barely work on hrt. so many trannies complain about little to no sex drive, being unable to cum or even get hard, etc. not to mention what a neo-vag entails (deformed, smelly, dry, narrow, misshapen, lumpy, crooked, numb, you name it).. but so much of the transition for these people is perverted and sexual. if they were actually women they'd transition no matter what, but all they care about is getting off on it and if they can't, there's no point..

No. 1195695

I ship Kikomi x Kakomi. Hoping to see them simulate amab transbian sex soon! Bio trans girls are so heckin cute and valid!! seriously though what's an argument for trannyism that won't work for bio trans girls

No. 1195699

kikomi please never 41% for real!! we love you

No. 1195700

>even trannies are better than ugly gnc
This is such a fucking weird thing to say bc it just proves its all about looks for you

No. 1195701

File: 1616946540224.jpg (96.04 KB, 572x767, bznoam4htsl61.jpg)

Do yall think there is any truth to this?

No. 1195705

The health risks will be the death of this pharma cash cow if there is any sense left in the world. Then whoever made the most money off of this will run away to some island to avoid jail for exploiting mentally ill people, stunting their brain and bone growth etc.

Also quick question, whatever small percentage gets thrown around for the amount of trans people, does anyone actually believe that? I've encountered several in public within the month, excluding my own relative and I live in the "Bible belt" US south. Seeing as it also happens simultaneously in groups (teenage friend groups, romantic partners etc) it's weird that people play it off like "cmon it's such a small percentage of the population, why do you care?"

No. 1195709

File: 1616946880326.png (123.7 KB, 1462x934, transwoman.png)

No. 1195710

I was talking with my mum recently about how people can say stuff like "I was born in the wrong body, I'm a woman caught in a man's body." when they have literally zero knowledge on how it is to be a woman in a woman's body. Same goes too FTMs too.
How can you claim to be born in the wrong body if you have never experienced being born in the other gender's body?

No. 1195714

File: 1616947005608.jpg (31.13 KB, 500x500, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)



from encdrama " Devi Ever Lolgo.png The Devi Ever dump thread

- Known tranny lolcow, joined the forum after a successful and heart-warming AMA on KiwiFarms looking for more friends to solicit funds from in the internet drama community. His reception on EDF was not what he/she/it expected and after being ridiculed for one day he deleted all of his posts and made a final plea to never have an article written. He would later go back to Kiwi Farms in an attempt to deny his involvement with EDF claiming that was not himher, however an admin followed it to KiwiFarms in order to debunk that lie. After being proven 100% that it was him, Devi Ever ragequit Kiwi Farms as well. Thus far, an article still has not been written because nobody actually cares about this ugly transvestite whore."

No. 1195715

Yes lots of men like trannies. We don’t care. They can’t join in sports, they can’t come in our bathrooms, or our rape shelters etc. They can’t come into lesbian bars or any lesbian communities. They need to stop meddling with women’s rights.
If all they wanted to do was get their loose asshole pounded by faggot scrotes and be popular porn stars, then we wouldn’t have this thread.

No. 1195718

Easy, they claim to feel like the oposite sex. But thing is… there is no such thing as "feeling like a woman/a man". If you ask a woman "how does it feel to be a woman" the only description she might give you is either based on stereotypes of socialisation, which can be changed. So in the end it doesnt answer the initial question. And because of that no woman knows how it is to feel like a woman, same goes for a man. And now with the idea of "feeling like the oposite gender" being pushed down people's throat it almost becomes logical that so many people decide to troon out just because the concept itself doesn't make sense while claiming it does.

No. 1195719

Love it anon, made me chuckle too.

No. 1195720

Theres truth in that it shows their delusions, they always make out they are some cute uwu catgirl when in reality most are like>>1195659

One thing we've learned is that troons like to be internet tough guys and think of themselves as sarcastic smartasses but if you even see one irl and mention biology they crumble like soggy bread in the rain.

No. 1195721

I love the trans porn line. It's so hilarious that men use porn to prove their worth as "trans women" and "men wanting us".
I've seen TRAs legit use the porn line. It's such a male way of thinking, "ha ha men love jerking to tranny porn!" okay? Men will fuck a oiled sock or jerk off to anything. That's not something to be proud of.
Imagine if women went around like, "men love us because porn hub said so!" who cares? The shit they brag about kills me. Men want to fuck trans women, wow i'm so jelly men want to fuck other men with or without dicks.

No. 1195725

I'm watching a fellow mom slowly turn into a Trans widow. She is basically only talking about it in our sex side group because it was for his kink benefit. He used to say he had low T and a broken dick but now dressed as a tranny he's suddenly very capable. Now it's about his pronouns. Before he married her he was a tranny which she knew and now he's comfy coming back out.

Her fault for being 23 and marrying her useless now 40 yo husband. It's just sad all around.

No. 1195726

reddit moment

No. 1195728

This shit is so groomer-y, it's a recruitment drive. It's propaganda to create as many troons as possible, and it's almost self-aware with how blatant it is. "Hey normal and cute guy, I know you're healthy and well-adjusted but you are actually probably a girl please ruin your life like me and be a catgirl since you had a couple thought experiments that everyone has had."

No. 1195735

File: 1616948116039.jpg (137.24 KB, 640x1113, victimtranny.jpg)

Wha the fuck ?

No. 1195736

learn to sage

No. 1195741

love how the "harasser" is an elderly woman

No. 1195743

>shy shoulders>
K, good luck with being a giant hulking freak trying to be the victim in the situation you manipulative shits

No. 1195744

You are an incel

No. 1195747

Most delusional post 2021.

No. 1195748

what are you talking about

No. 1195750

>>doesn’t value males opinions because they are sexually deviant enough to fuck inanimate objects
>>most would rather do this than fuck a tranny or 4chan dickgirl
“I-I-incel!! You must be an incel pretending not to care but you’re secretly jelly! “
We don’t care about faggot scrotes trannonny. Have at them.

No. 1195751

how am I a incel my kind sir?

No. 1195754

I wonder when the campaign to remove the tranny category on porn sites will begin. After all, they are women. I give it like five years.

No. 1195757

Bait, incels' biggest care in the world is others wanting/not wanting to fuck them, and the post you are replying to is mocking that very obsession.

No. 1195759

>if bystanders don’t know you’re trans yet
Just by that statement you know that won’t work.
It’s funny how they’re learning how to look like a victim, it’s almost as if they’ve never known what it feels like to feel intimidated by someone that holds more power than them.

No. 1195763

Then scotes will really rise up.

No. 1195767

Ugh, it really just is a fetish. Lumpy, ugly, awkward incels who have somehow brainwashed themselves into thinking that they can somehow magically ~change their sex~ and become hawt sex-doll-looking bimbos, and that this will solve all their problems. If you're an unattractive loser as a man, wtf makes you think you'll be any more successful as a pseudo-woman?

I feel like even TiFs are guilty of this, though their transitions are less sexually motivated. Like HRT is going to transform a chubby potato girl into some sort of homo Adonis.

No. 1195768

It won't happen, look at how much they brag that it exists. Plus porn plays a big role in many trooning out though I'm not sure about that kind specifically. Definitely sissy porn does which is close. They are too pornsick to want it removed but by their own logic you make a good point, it's just illogical of them.

No. 1195771

They're not Astolfo, though. They are mostly weird, ugly men who dress up like their porn fantasies and make everybody uncomfortable, and that's that. Bad Astolfo cosplayers, costing their governments money.
I wouldn't even care about that (besides finding it funny) if they'd stop trying to change women's language to accommodate their dysphoria ("menstruator" lmao), invade women's bathrooms and prisons (only to continue with their male pattern violence/sexual assault rates), attack women's rape shelters for not accepting males, physically attack women, pressure lesbians to accept their "feminine penises", try to have children put on blockers and/or HRT, etc.
Honestly, it'd be no big deal if they were all just a bunch of hentai-addicted HSTSes who just want their fellow gamers to like them and/or other kinds of flamboyant gay dudes/HSTSes who mind their own business (and don't try to insist they're the exact same as actual women), and if transbians and insane TRAs straight-up didn't exist. They can and should be their fellow men's problems. Instead, we have to live in hellworld where mental illness is entertained as sanity, and women have to be the main enablers. Fuck off with that.

No. 1195772

File: 1616949997224.png (Spoiler Image,700.48 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_20210328-214637.png)

TRAs and Libfems will really tell you that this obvious man with his cock out should be allowed in womens locker rooms and bathrooms

No. 1195777

File: 1616950298287.png (318.58 KB, 891x1162, hsts.png)

No. 1195778

I appreciate this influx of drawfags

No. 1195779

Please never stop

No. 1195780

This is what a woman looks like in 2021 like a man, in a wig/with long hair in make up and a hard dick.
This is womanhood.

No. 1195781

I can see how a person like this would be attractive to a tranny chaser, or a bi or gay man, or maybe a bi woman, but they aren’t a woman. They don’t look like one and aren’t comparable. They are male bodied and have no rights to our healthcare, our sex specific spaces, our sports competitions etc. They have no right to force drugs and chemical castrations on children. They have no right to gaslighting lesbians and straight men into accepting cock, or a dissected, reformed hole made out of cock. They are gender nonconforming men.
Shit like this >>1195701 is just missing the point and reframing these genuine concerns as jealousy, which is fucking hilarious.

No. 1195783

is that nikita dragun on the right? i'd recognize those "hips" anywhere

No. 1195784

File: 1616950794586.png (108.27 KB, 576x745, Screenshots_2021-03-27-21-14-1…)


No. 1195785

File: 1616950898071.png (116.11 KB, 576x653, Screenshots_2021-03-27-21-03-3…)


No. 1195786

File: 1616950963631.png (73.93 KB, 576x398, Screenshots_2021-03-27-21-35-2…)

No. 1195789

"they have a mother" but also, "They might lose their mother". Anon do you have a link to this post? I'd love to see how they coddled David, I mean "Daisy" and made his kids & ex wife seem like demons. It's funny how he never mentions what his ex did or how old his kids were.
We all know why. They were probably teenagers and his wife didn't do shit.

No. 1195790

i can't imagine wanting to reconnect with such a fucking monster. this is beyond typical AGP shit. dude straight up is telling his kids that he regrets ever having them, they aren't allowed to regard him as their parent and their mother who has terminal cancer apparently deserves it despite the fact it's clear she raised them by herself.

fucking go have dinner with the dude and spit in his face. that's what he deserves.

No. 1195792

>I get that they were small back then
>holding grudges against literal children
This person deserves to be part of the 41%

No. 1195793

I love this so much thank you for sharing!

No. 1195794

i don't even think they were teenagers. i think they only grew into teenagers by 2005 like he said. so he's resentful of small children not understanding why their father is a filthy coomer and thinks they should have immediately kneeled before him and apologized the moment one of them turned 16.

No. 1195797

File: 1616951705808.png (49.1 KB, 576x368, Screenshots_2021-03-28-10-13-1…)

No. 1195799

>I began transitioning when the youngest was 4 years old and the oldest was 7 years old.
>Anyway, I tried everything to keep in touch with my children. Even paid alimony for them. My ex wife just didn't respect the visiting schedule we had agreed upon so I had an attorney break off the agreement to pay alimony and since the children were not respectful at that time of my gender identity and they were being spoonfed hateful ideas about trans people and about me, I just gave up and moved on with my life.
Wow, he tried everything. He even paid the money he was forced to pay, and when the schedule was inconvenient, he fucked off. After trying everything for his transphobic 4 and 7 years old kids.

No. 1195800

Of course there's a comment going, "i think you may be a terf making things up to make trans women look bad" because there's NO WAY a trans woman could be this fucked up and selfish.
As if you can't find stories of troons abandoning their families. It's not even the case of, "A mother/woman would never abandon her childern!" it's flat out, "you have to be a terf, a trans woman would never!"

No. 1195801


No. 1195803

Father abandoning his kids 2021 version

No. 1195807

From the comments.

>>I'm not their father. I'm a woman. I'm a wife. I built a nice peaceful life together with my husband and his children.

>>There is no place for these strangers I haven't met in over 20 years and feel no affinity for.

>>They would go around and out me.

>>I'm in the south.

>>I'm known here as a heterosexual cis woman.

>>You know what consequences for my life this would come with if these inconveniences were to take over my life and out me to everyone?

>>They are history and I want them to stay history.

>>The advice I asked for was referring to advice on getting rid of them.

No. 1195810

A display of true and honest motherly instincts just like a real woman

No. 1195811

Holy projecting, this is insane. Literally every thing listed here is what TRAs do to "terfs" everyday. The lack of self awareness is astounding.
Love the fact they assume we want to fuck them or see them in any sexual way at all… you wish.

No. 1195818

It's all centered around men. Whole identity of that character is just being fuckable to men. He can have it. They can have those men.
Men would fuck anything, there's no shortage. Is that supposed to be some kind of a checkmate?

No. 1195819

..Do you think they see how victimized we are by their verbal abuse, and are like, "huh wait hold up I'm the one being abused here." And since they are so accustomed to mental gymnastics… they don't see how they're projecting?

No. 1195821

This guy got triggered cause his kids called him dad. Like sir, what are they supposed to call you? He also keeps calling his step kids mother “birth mom” and “first mom”, like she gave them up for adoption or something. I bet this psycho wishes she didn’t exist so he could have had that do-over with them.

No. 1195822

The irony of it all is that they picture themselves as "smol" anime girls or Astolfo, when in reality the only anime character they look like is Ubik from Berserk.

No. 1195823

These men are constantly being told something is wrong with everyone else for not seeing them as women, for not bending over (literally) and taking their girl cocks/girl dickholes.
Everything that happens to them is because the world is transphobic. Even if they do something wrong, transphobia is somehow to blame. They do not see what they do to women as wrong.
They think we are wrong for not getting with the program

No. 1195825

This is insane and proves how people really think; it's simply homophobia/conversion therapy so you can "stay straight" as if that fucking matters at all.

No. 1195827

>They're projecting so hard they've manifested on the other side of the galaxy.

ily anon

No. 1195828

where's that gay-phobic anon, i want her to androphilia-peak me.

I do think it's odd predatory men seem to appropriate femininity, sort of a wolves-in-sheep's-clothing type thing

sage for ot

No. 1195829

In this case it actually sounds like he wants them to get together but knows OP is straight so tried to create a loophole for her… weird all around

No. 1195830

Even the trannies are tearing him a new asshole. He's that bad.

No. 1195831

Yet another deadbeat scrote dad.

No. 1195837

I'm not a-logging, I'm just saying, they all either 42% themselves or get liver cancer

No. 1195842

File: 1616956813700.jpeg (898.74 KB, 2048x2042, CA0C191F-9457-43EF-8250-4FA5EB…)

>>I'm in the south.
>>I'm known here as a heterosexual cis woman.

I can just imagine the fake smiles and compliments he gets from his neighbors, in that “bless your heart” southern way. They can all tell he’s a man but they pretend not to, to be polite, and he’s dumb enough to take it at face value.

No. 1195847

File: 1616957210876.jpg (67.33 KB, 640x492, AGPnarcissism.jpg)

You have to remember this was probably written from the perspective of someone with AGP narcissism. The reality is probably pic related.

He contradicts himself by saying there are 2 genders and he chose girl and 'I know I'm a boy on the inside'. So which is it? He'll use whatever argument he needs in order to keep up a smug facade, even if it contradicts his previous arguments. You can bet he'd still REEE if someone told him he wasn't a woman.

Even if he's passable, he's at best a male who thinks that to be a woman is to be feminine and fuckable. He thinks being feminine makes him better than a woman, thinks that being objectified by men is an achievement even though they'll wank to anything, and thinks that he's so hot that everyone who claims to hate him really lusts after him. So he does reveal the truth about himself by accident.

No. 1195849

Honestly it's funny when they try to claim they're better than us and that we're jealous. They are the ones whose existence is skinwalking ours because they want to be us. I don't even need to say it though because it's the definition of being trans. Every meme and post like this is projection in order to cope

No. 1195852

exactly. they wanna be us so bad

No. 1195853

Kakomi should also scam people for a gofundme to pay for Kikomi's fake funerals to make it even more realistic.

No. 1195855

holy shit this

No. 1195874

Not to blogpost but I live near the IU campus and it's crazy the number of TIMs I've seen in the area, especially for Indiana. I use to work retail and interacting with them irl all the time is what caused me to peak, lord the stories I could tell.

No. 1195876

If this isn't the number one tell that transwomen are not women then I don't know what is. Women don't abandon their kids like this. Men do.

No. 1195879

Pls tell. It's not a blogpost if it brings milk.

No. 1195880

File: 1616960216887.png (170.29 KB, 578x636, 1616946327111.png)

>I may be in a suicide ward but atleast trans rights? Lol X3c

No. 1195882

This is good as the next thread pic

No. 1195884

File: 1616960582889.png (22.4 KB, 706x217, audibly.png)

audibly keking

No. 1195886

File: 1616960853938.png (114.9 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_o5e5krAJe81sswo5…)

Super kek

No. 1195892

File: 1616961752535.jpeg (100.33 KB, 483x680, C80C3562-B2AD-4C62-ABEE-D8F61C…)

A former Reddit moderator is blasting their former fellow moderators for protecting a transgender user that posted over 750 pornographic drawings of characters under the age of 10, and banning anyone who criticized them.

“The subreddit r/lesbiangamers is a subreddit that is dedicated to sapphic gaming. Upon joining their discord after a couple of months the discord was abruptly shut down. There were a lot of horrific rumors about how the past owner did horrible things,” the former mod wrote.

“After seeing what a shitshow the server was, I promptly offered myself as an admin and was chosen. I provided a lot of feedback and input on the server, but they would not budge on their ‘verification’ process. So you always ran the risk of possibly having a minor in the server or a male, which is what they didn’t want,” the post continued.

No. 1195893

File: 1616961812949.jpeg (73.1 KB, 479x680, 2F198B27-0B4B-480A-948C-408764…)


The former mod goes on to explain that ultimately they had to step down from their role after getting into a heated message exchange with a trans user who was repeatedly posting pornographic images of Sonic the Hedgehog characters as small children in multiple sexual positions. Over 750 of these images, to be more precise.

“The main ones that disgusted me was the images of Cream and Tails because they are all under 10 years old. And they were having sex in all sorts of positions and it was just vomitworthy,” the former mod wrote. “I felt it was important to explain that the mods ALL had access to her Reddit posts and profile and chose to willingly ignore these images and ban ANYBODY who spoke out against the fact that it’s disturbing. They then decided to make a post slandering my character and at first I didn’t do anything because I was afraid I would be alone but so many people have come forward with proof of this person willingly admitting that she enjoys these kinds of images.”

They concluded that “I stand and I’m making this post because I think that it’s important that people hear and see the truth for what it is. And the truth is that they protected someone who looks at and enjoys characters who are underage in sexual positions.”

As Gateway Pundit also reported, trans Reddit moderator Ianna Drew Urquhart is facing scrutiny for allegedly having minors come to their apartment to take hormones and puberty blockers — apparently without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

In a post on Reddit, Urquhart joked that “with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, I need to rename it Drewie’s House of Wayward Trans Girls.”

No. 1195898

File: 1616962203197.png (1.54 MB, 1386x2048, Screenshot_20210328-125713.png)

>Got implants. I am woman now.

No. 1195900

> This retard seriously tries to tell that actual lesbians would spend their time masturbating to heretosexual age regression sonic crap
Oh my god

No. 1195901

Ignoring the bolt ons, I love how he can't wear the corset correctly because he doesn't have the hips or waist to give him a clue of where it's supposed to sit.

I guarantee most of them that post about nobody knowing are just too stupid to realise people are just being polite. Not having a complete stranger calling you a man in public =/= passing as a woman.

>there's NO WAY a trans woman could be this fucked up and selfish
If they recognise this as selfish, why can't they recognise how fucked up it is for trans women to enter into relationships with straight women knowing that they "are really a woman"? If you did this shit without claiming to be trans, it would be rape by deception.

No. 1195908

yes sis please tell

No. 1195911

>As Gateway Pundit also reported, trans Reddit moderator Ianna Drew Urquhart is facing scrutiny for allegedly having minors come to their apartment to take hormones and puberty blockers — apparently without their parent’s knowledge or consent.
Jesus. I'm speechless, a literal fucking dystopian nightmare. Adult troons grooming young teens and manipulating them into taking body altering drugs. I don't even give a shit about the nasty sonic babyfur porn, this is what need to be put in the spotlight. And of course they're cranking the projection meters up with the "noooo it's the cis roasties not our hecking valid trans girls!".

No. 1195912

I saw this the other day and ended up deleting my comment but it's absolutely disgusting as a lesbian that no one mentioned the dude was a tim until I saw the comments. I also saw him sperging in the replies and sure enough, a whole ass tranny and frequent poster to r/SonicHentai. normal lesbian behavior, fucking clearly. gay men wouldn't tolerate this shit if something like this happened in one of their communities and the guy turned out to be a heckin valid trans man.

No. 1195914

it looks like he painted red balloons the color of his flesh.

No. 1195915

File: 1616963724637.png (156.95 KB, 1108x1292, image.png)

Sorry if it's already been posted, but reddit powermod drewiepoodle has been inviting minors into his home and giving them hormones.

No. 1195916

Gimme a break with the names already. It'd seem less like a fake pornsick phase if they just picked a name from the top 10 women names of their age group

No. 1195918


Nothing wrong with this according to >>1195609

No. 1195923

>If they recognise this as selfish, why can't they recognise how fucked up it is for trans women to enter into relationships with straight women knowing that they "are really a woman"? If you did this shit without claiming to be trans, it would be rape by deception.

I've always been suspicious of the whole "I always knew I was meant to be a girl" line. When they say that shit, people call them stunning and brave for trooning out even at the expense of their wives and kids. The truth is, most of them woke up one day and decided to live out their fetish 24/7. Not even the most rabid TRAs could excuse that level of insanity.

No. 1195925

interesting, they don't let you have phones in the ward
can't believe a troon would lie for attention, wild

No. 1195928

Kek good point.

No. 1195929

If I saw that would straight up walk out and complain that there is a man I. the women's changing room.

No. 1195932

holy shit it got funnier

No. 1195950

Ignoring the dong for just a moment, why didn't he wax or shave his bikini area before snapping this selfie? I'm all for normalizing pubic hair on actual women, but this is just disturbing. These dudes make zero effort and still expect the world to take them seriously.

No. 1195966

You'd think he'd at least have realised it's an underbust corset from the given fact that there is zero bust support and that it doesn't even cover a quarter of his man breasts kek

No. 1195969

Im like 90% sure almost anyone can reach affiliate on twitch. My friend gets less than 10 views per stream and he is still affiliate.

No. 1195982

You forgot to mention that post with the discord link was deleted, not redtexted but deleted, within minutes of being posted here.

That should really tell you all you need to know about who runs this place.

No. 1195988

isn’t it also on upside down???

No. 1195995

I think you're right. At first I thought it was just warped by his deformed chest, but it's definitely upside down as well top kek

No. 1195998

sage for blogging but I used to be friends with ethan peters or ethanisupreme before he passed in summer and asked if nikita had a dick as a joke once to which he just replied "i can't answer that because i know" which makes me think he just tucks because otherwise ethan would've just said he has no dick
i have a screenshot on my phone ill drop it later if i can find it

No. 1196006

If nikita has a dick it's probably tiny and does not work. He's a AGP, if he had a big or normal sized dick we'd hear about it. So I always assumed whatever is in his pants is unimpressive and he's going to call it a pussy anyway.

No. 1196012

This is a bit late but to add to what other anons said, people who become surgeons often have some level of arrogance, grandiosity, hero/god complex, and/or narcissism in their personality. Not saying this is universal, or necessarily a bad thing, but it does take a certain kind of person to have the confidence to perform dangerous and life altering operations with your own two hands. And surgeon is one of the most universally respected job titles you can have - not only are you seen as someone who saves lives but you're seen as highly intelligent and skilled.

So I think many SRS surgeons are people with a higher degree of these personality traits and are drawn to that specialty for the thrill of playing god and doing something so radical and complex. And the gratification of being someone who "allows people to live as their true selves". And for want of something more glamorous than doing C-sections and gallbladder removals day in day out.

No. 1196014

Nakita is a HSTS, not a AGP. I hate to nit pick as both types are mentally ill, but I wouldn't be frightened to find Nakita in a public restroom, as he's clearly only interested in getting his hole punched by dudes. JY is a good example of a AGP that would strike terror into the heart of any woman unfortunate enough to cross paths with him in the loo.

No. 1196020

Ngl I wouldn’t fuck with yaniv if you paid me a million shekels that dude is a serious threat

No. 1196028

I thought AGP's could be HSTS too? Nikita looks like he gets turned on by looking at himself and nah I would'nt be afriad of Nikita in the bathroom, I'd be freaked out by how he looks, but I'd think he'd be too busy looking at himself in the mirror to even notice anyone else.
IDK maybe I'm a retard

No. 1196037

Are women AGP? Being vain doesn't make you AGP lmao.

No. 1196044

I find it so unfortunate that some of the people on "our side" are also the homophobes or crazed alt-right fanatics that don't represent at all what being Gender Critical stands for, but it's these psychos who have the largest platforms and speak against troonery.

No. 1196045

Yeah I was gonna say I think the vanity of many HSTS comes from pride in pulling off the trap/femboy aesthetic, which is prized by a certain subset of men but does necessitate having a dick and being male. These types are just using the current day trans politics for social advantage.

I do think it's possible for HSTS to also be AGP (just like I think many AGPs also have deeply suppressed homosexual attraction) but it's rare and hard to spot.

No. 1196047

samefagging but I don't associate with those people, but sadly they have the largest access to the general public which is where normies hear about it. Take Tucker Carlson for example

No. 1196056

Oh okay, thanks for explaining anons. Makes sense where i was thinking wrong.

No. 1196073

They can if you voluntarily admitted yourself

No. 1196080

Nah, AGPs are hulking dudes with cat ears and chest stubble who reeee about the cotton ceiling and getting clocked in women's restrooms. HSTSs are fags who at least try to pass. They act like divas because, well, they're fags, but at least they're nonthreatening… just obnoxious.

No. 1196090

File: 1616979193545.png (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 1756x2048, Screenshot_20210328-152449.png)

>I have to make my point in the tub because being woman means boobs.

No. 1196158

Ngl this made me cry. Most of the time I feel anger towards them and i'm reactionary, but these people are sick

No. 1196170

File: 1616989044897.png (66.45 KB, 595x669, retard.PNG)

yes of course gross perverted men care more about the objects of their disgusting fetish than those who don't have those perversions.

this is ironically from the tranny man whose twitter is full of constant complaining about cis women as a coping method because he feels so inferior (rightfully so). "cis women dont like trannies, only other trannies do or gross chaser dudes".. yet he himself says he strongly prefers cis girls (lol). the jokes write themselves.

i'm remembering all the tweets he used to post before he started dating this other dude recently where he talked about having sobbing mental breakdowns every time he saw a pretty cis girl or a cis girl talking about enjoying sex. oh and blocking them instantly too.

the nerve to ask for empathy from people you're trying so desperately to imitate and knowing you're just a cheap knock-off so you constantly trash talk them to cope with your own insecurities lmao

No. 1196172

Yeah, I hate it too. I wish more women in general could speak freely about the trans issue, but the Kool-Aid of libfem thought necessitates drinking deeply of the clap transwomen ARE women! clap Twitter logic. Stepping out of line makes you rightwing, even if in every other respect you are liberal. See the DSA post in here earlier. What the fuck do trans rights have to do with Democratic Socialism? And what rights have these freaks been denied anyway? No one can ever give me a clear answer to that. Men's and women's rooms were never like, enforced by law. If a man was in a woman's public toilet just peeing and being normal, he may be asked to leave by management. But it's never been "against the law", so why did it need to be codified? And what, are troons being denied housing rights, or jobs? Are they incarcerated at a disproportionately higher rate than other men? Are the police mowing them down? All this shit, so retarded.

I don't want to agree with that bow-tie wearing chimp on any issues, but here we are. The shit came on so fast it made my head spin, one day we were agog at Bruce Jenner growing long fingernails, to now nodding along and smiling thinking Bruce Jenner all along should've been able to compete against women at the Olympics.

No. 1196173

samefagging but lol at this retard not realizing the reason cis men relate to you more and can empathize is because you ARE a man. I could never relate to a pervert in a skirt as well as another dude could.

No. 1196176

File: 1616990097674.jpeg (30.81 KB, 180x320, C60FDE0D-F6CC-4F64-9692-479CB4…)

this kind of false reality is what happens when you encourage a mental illness closely associated with paraphilias AND Cluster B PDs.

No. 1196177

I'm literally fucking crying. The facial expressions are perfect.

No. 1196189

in my experience, they literally won't even give you your clothes back if you voluntarily commit

No. 1196205

File: 1616993223555.png (21.22 KB, 578x196, 0h.PNG)

same person btw

No. 1196207

File: 1616993885836.jpg (154.43 KB, 1009x1005, hmmmm.jpg)

Don't you love how a man can spend his entire life as a dude benefitting from male privilege in society and then just decide to pretend he's a woman one day and instantly woke idiots coddle them and treat them like marginalized people who've dealt with so much oppression and injustice. And then they get showered in thousands upon thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, beauty treatments, clothes, etc. as if those are urgent needs. Meanwhile the world is starving, homeless, etc. but noooo, trannies need a boob job. Make it make sense.

And that's not even touching on the fact that this dude in particular literally faked being kidnapped and caused a nation-wide uproar to find him and then spent the money dipshits donated to his gofundme during this stunt on an expensive purse.. then got high fives for it.

No. 1196208

Troons can do anything and TRAs will let them get away with it. However that's gonna be their downfall as they keep taking advantage of this and the mass of bad behavior grows until it can't be ignored.

No. 1196209

troons getting special treatment as always

No. 1196232

Yes I don't know how it is to be a transwoman now stay the hell out of my movement.

No. 1196270

File: 1617001343047.jpg (224.75 KB, 720x795, 20210329_090203.jpg)

Saging because not milk

No. 1196273

File: 1617001865712.jpg (104.66 KB, 929x523, running-pain-inline.jpg)

I would like to add on to this (though I'm not the commenter who wrote the post I'm replying to)
Where IS the so-called "injustice" in being transgender?

Why do people act as if having gender dysphoria is the end of the world? Complaining about their condition, acting as if gender dysphoria is the worst thing to have on Earth? Unless you're disabled, it's presumed that the body you "hate so much" is a healthy, able body that moves around and is able to perform basic human functions without any trouble. There are people in this world born without arms and legs, but you hate and complain about your body simply because it's "the wrong sex"? Where is the body dysphoria for disabled people, people with hindering disabilities. Those people should be given more of a voice than these transgender people. Unlike transgenders, the disabled have an excuse to "hate their body".

No. 1196276

won't bratz stop pandering so much to their gay & tranny fanbase lol. making all these little infographics when they should be focusing on making dolls

No. 1196278

File: 1617002286291.jpg (311.02 KB, 1080x1080, 159188387_100771408749253_5042…)

Why the fuck is the Bratz account talking about "sex work"? Real groomer shit.
Also scrolling through their account, the "Bratz Diaries" series your image is from is so far four troons and AOC as the sole token woman.

No. 1196279

Lmfao, I know right? Why does literally anyone deserve to be given thousands of dollars for boob jobs and cosmetic facial surgeries.. ever?

Why do they deserve it more than homeless people, starving people, rape/abuse victims, etc? Oh right, 'cause it's trendy to say "trans women are women!!! black trans lives matter!!" right now so everyone's gotta get performative and fund tranny mantits and dick inversions.

No. 1196282

This is so fucking bizarre

No. 1196285

File: 1617003364438.jpg (309.94 KB, 726x1024, its a fetish.jpg)

Anything for them dolla dolla bills I guess

No. 1196286

HSTS can show AGP-like self-fetishization, but the difference is that they imagine themselves as objects for other men's pleasure and fetishization and AGPs imagine themselves as objects for their own fetishization (even if their fetish is being used by other males). For HSTS, the AGP-like self-sexualization is a byproduct of their desire for men "as a woman", while for AGPs the desire for men is a byproduct of their fetish for "becoming a woman" and fulfilling the sexual fantasy they have of a woman from the opposite role.

No. 1196287

They’re not on “our side” just because they hate trannies. They don’t even hate trannies for the same reason. It’s like saying nazis are on the side of animal rights activists because they’re against badger culling. Ngl you sound like one of those retards. “They’re just homophobic Christians or nazis!’”
None of us hated trannnies until they started trying to parasite off of womens resources and feminism.

No. 1196290

this shit looks like an MDE sketch, what the fuck? I guess it's better than talking about destigmatizing sex work (which should 100% be stigmatized for kids) but don't little girls just want to see dolls anymore?

No. 1196291

I get what youre saying, I think I didnt word it in the best way. I'm saying that to many the perception is that its all one group. It dissuades people who would otherwise agree that they're parasites because why would anybody want to be a TERF or publicly advocate for a cause seemingly associated with racism and white supremacy?

No. 1196294

I bet he really DOES love little boys. Kek.

No. 1196297

Im willing to tolerate Moderate Republicans at most, not Nazis
Even Dworkin and other second wave radfems worked with right wingers and christian to combat the porn industry

No. 1196307

Looked into this HSTS trainwreck. Committed arson & insurance fraud after their megahit, totally not novelty Eurosleaze talk show ended. Died from an accidental fall (Sophie's inspiration?) after getting fucked up on booze and pills. Also of course, an illiterate prostitute who did porno.

You can see him being an extremely respected Spanish journalist in this clip. "Trans identity" has long been accepted as a sight gag in men's entertainment, but now they expect women to be as goo-goo eyed over the idea. Fuck off already.

No. 1196309

>Why do people act as if having gender dysphoria is the end of the world?

Excuse the theorysperging Because it's a spiritual/religious experience, and I don't say this (just) pejoratively. It's much worse than any other disability and (inaccurately) believed to place people at extreme risk of suicide because it's not a normal impairment, it's a sort of divine injustice that prevents people from living as their authentic selves. It's obviously not weird at all that an authentic self requires lifelong medication and profit to big pharma - and I'm not saying that only sarcastically, it's indeed not that weird because the entire trend of the past hundred years or so has been the transformation of one's pattern of consumption of industrial (usually 'superfluous') goods into identity and customs (so, in a sense, values, which for humans always become religion) - that is, the creation of what we currently understand as a "lifestyle".

This is why since the 60's yuppies we've seen a growth of marketing/branding associated with trendy lifestyles (one of the most obvious more recent examples being "green"/vegan stuff, the healthy food boom of the 00s, etc). Trannies are just the progression of this trend towards increased literalization by making interventions to the body itself a product associated with a lifestyle that reflects, through consumption, one's "authentic self". They're probably a sort of canary in the coal mine, bodybuilding and plastic surgery (& misc small cosmetic procedures) are increasingly popular and accessible, and more importantly (and this is the appeal of puberty blockers) they're also somewhat temporary which allows people to partake in trends as they come and go without long-term commitment (foxy eyes in? get it, the thread dissolves in six months! huge lips are in? fillers will get you six months of instagram success then disappear!)

Hopefully the specific tranny shit suffer a lot of backlash and go away soon, as transition is basically castration and concerns about fertility and the aging population are on the rise (and boy are they on the rise, millenials are already aging without having lived/having kids as boomers refuse to let go of the wealth they're hoarding).

No. 1196310

His underarm looks infected

No. 1196319

"is hard to be a trans"

"is way harder to be a black trans"

"check mate, faggots"

No. 1196320

File: 1617007068704.jpg (700.94 KB, 2208x2944, 5e70kfkghlp61.jpg)

> Can I get some advice on how I can pass? (23 mtf) I've been on hormones for 3 months

Can we start making sure these freaks get full genetic profile done to scan for birth defects before doctors hand out estrogen?

No. 1196321

Holy fucking shit. This is my doomer moment kek >>1196276 MGA has been in the shitter for the past decade+. The dolls had to be rebranded twice within the past 10 years and it was a complete failure. Fags and troons using the dolls as collectibles/skinwalk inspo are driving the remaining 25% of the sales children and regular adult women who collect dolls don’t cover. The previous generations of the dolls have also had a resurgence with depressed gen z handmaidens obsessed with y2k nostalgia. Troons barely buy the dolls new though, always used so the money doesn’t even reach MGA’s pockets. MGA is just pathetically desperate to make a buck lmao.

No. 1196322

File: 1617007403756.jpg (75.48 KB, 500x500, igk99ugdcwp61.jpg)

> My dilation is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape. But even after admitting this is a fetish, there is no catharsis; my punishment continues to elude me, and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself or women.

No. 1196328

The 21st century American psycho.

No. 1196344

File: 1617008752288.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, 6FB036B9-043B-4676-AA7A-087B7D…)

This is the “girl” who made these infographics for bratz (or at least made the Sophie one) so are we really surprised that trans women outnumber women in them or that this tranny is yet again forcing muh sex work positivity into a child’s brand?

No. 1196350

fucking up your body to:
checks notes*
save up on car insurance

No. 1196351

They’re all fucking paedophiles I swear to god. All of them.

No. 1196354

File: 1617009349480.png (820.3 KB, 1608x1004, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 5.14…)

One of the creepiest transcult things I see that is more insidious than using loli avatars on Twitter is how in all their "do I pass" communities they also ask how OLD they look.

They're not content just passing, they want to pass as a girl of a certain (young) age. The old if I can't be WITH a little girl, I will BECOME the little girl. Pretty sure that was an old chan joke in the 00s, now turned reality.

No. 1196355

File: 1617009358169.jpeg (233.52 KB, 395x702, E762DD19-CCAC-47DA-A4EC-5B4F9F…)

Sage for samefagging but his manbod is such a giveaway kek

No. 1196358

What the fuck ? First time coming across a troon asking how old he looks. Surely this is just an exception…. right ?

No. 1196359

>why would anybody want to be a TERF or publicly advocate for a cause seemingly associated with racism and white supremacy?

Most people don't want to be associated with "white supremacy" for the same reason they don't want to be associated with "TERF"s: because slurs work. Recognizing that men aren't women or that Syrians aren't Swedes is not an immoral position, but propaganda makes it so.

No. 1196362

File: 1617009787240.jpg (85.08 KB, 1200x906, 4OJ45TFQCO4XUUVHXZYY6OPASQ.jpg)


> 2 months on HRT, do I pass?

and we can't forget John Mark Karr. Recognize the name? He's the pedophile who claimed to have killed JonBenet Ramsey and was extradited from where else but Thailand! He wasn't the killer of course, but he had married a couple teenagers back when he lived in America and got into all sorts of child porn and child prostitution throughout Southeast Asia before becoming a woman. Can you guess why a pedophile may want to become a woman?


To get closer to little girls, of course. Because naturally we place more trust in women with children since women are very rarely dangers to them in any sexual way.

No. 1196365

Tbh I see more and more women reclaim the word TERF is radfem groups. Because I you can be called a TERF for minor things, then at this point people will stop caring and go along.

No. 1196368

It's funny to me how they believe they're going to get a functioning uterus when their so-called "vaginas" can't even keep from falling apart and looking like a rotting arby's sandwich. Where do they think they're getting the uterus from? Do they think they could get pregnant organically like an actual woman? Delusional retards. At best they'll die, at worse they'll suffer and then die. Male bodies don't have a uterus for a reason.

It's pretty common in tranny subs to write shit like "guess my age/how old do you think I am" so yeah. The worst thing in their mind is to be a middle aged woman, it's very telling. Especially since half of them are ugly middle aged scrotes already. Choosy beggars.

No. 1196380

I don't think propaganda is why people don't like white supremacy lol

No. 1196384

>The worst thing in their mind is to be a middle aged woman, it's very telling.
This is the shit that peaks me over and over again. It really shows how they view older women (aka "expired goods" like i've seen some say). It also shows their fucking paedophilic tendencies. Heck this isn't even tendencies, there's too many of them that are also paedos.

No. 1196400

File: 1617014924442.jpeg (100.16 KB, 828x1357, 814v8u5hkcp61.jpeg)

Shit like this sounds so misleading. No one is actively dying of not being administered cross-sex hormones.

No. 1196428

Kek they place more value on hormones and surgery than actual healthcare. No one in Arkansas is saying they are going to lets troons die of cancer, they're just not going to let minors lop off body parts and ingest poison. They're actually doing troons a favor.

No. 1196439

ok, as a spaniard im going to say la veneno was fucking great and would've shat on this shitty excuse of tranny pandering. there's a video on a day tv program where another tranny asks for respect for the collective, that la veneno is harming trans rights blablabla, and la veneno went full drag queen drama shitting on him, and calling him a (male) faggot kek. at least he knew who he was, knew that he was just entertainment and lived life self-aware, not getting into anyone's business. i prefer a million times trannies like la veneno than the pedos of these threads.

No. 1196499

Every time I see someone share this in my IG all I think is “good” kek

No. 1196500

Why is a children’s toy company promoting prostitution?

No. 1196511

white supremacy is not "syrians arent swedes" you autist. go back to /pol/ and take your unsaged shit with you

No. 1196524


I need a link, I don't see it their wall unless I have to be logged in or something.

No. 1196527

They’re on the second and third slides of other posts
Sage your shit

No. 1196533

Imagine thinking this is an issue and not universal health care for all Americans and people living in America. troons, i swear… Not getting hormones at 10 years old isnt a crisis

No. 1196547

These tradthots and /pol/ scrotes keep trying to sneak in, lmao.

No. 1196554

File: 1617026709525.png (595.42 KB, 800x448, still dont know.png)

Thank you. I can't work that shit.

No. 1196555

I didn't even parse that this was the official Bratz account at first. The troon shit is kind of whatever, it's already sort of baked into pop culture to performatively trans-positive, but sex work? That's fucking creepy, this is a children's brand.

No. 1196559

nta and sage for off topic, I'm actually Black myself and I do hate these covert racists within the GC community (especially on twitter) but I don't think its necessarily racist or white Supremacist to say Syrian migrants aren't Swedish

No. 1196578

I think it's just a symptom of global Americanization. An immigrant to America can claim to be an American because there's no specific "American" ethnicity(natives notwithstanding),
so Americans will apply this logic to other countries disregarding any actual indigenous population that still rules there and get offended when it's rightfully rejected. I think other countries will play along so as not to entice the American internet mob. An immigrant to Sweden can be a Swedish citizen but not "Swedish" because "Swedish" is an ethnic group just like an immigrant to Japan isn't "Japanese".

No. 1196581

Same, but my whole thing is that the first anon was trying to claim "white supremacist" is a slur, and that the opinion you just stated is the same as white supremacy (and from there, the obvious progression is that we should be softer on white supremacy and see it as similar to "being a TERF"). White supremacists actually do exist and harm/kill innocent people outside of internet echo chambers, "TERF" is a made-up boogieman TRAs made up to shut down any woman who doesn't buy their scam.

No. 1196582

File: 1617029359205.png (544.25 KB, 659x675, transredditmod.png)

No. 1196588

Aren’t there a few different ethnic groups in sweden?

No. 1196601


i have seen people say that white supremacy is wearing long acrylic nails, the term has no meaning anymore so yes, it is propaganda, off to twitter "lol"

No. 1196607

NTA, but no, you haven't, and this thread isn't even about your /pol/tard shit. Leave already.

No. 1196609

Another day, another creepy transexual at Rapeddit.Can we just hit the big reset button on the internet and try again?

No. 1196614

This is incredibly creepy. And we'll still have the tranny parade marching all over the place and screaming that TRAs don't want to put children on HRT (as if blockers aren't damaging enough in themselves).

No. 1196615

File: 1617031284519.jpg (490.47 KB, 828x1139, ExhXDirWEAI4TyQ.jpg)

Can people stop to call out and just go straight to the police?
Oh hey, I called this tranny out for grooming kids!! See! I downvote their comment on reddit!

Fuck this, at this point the FBI needs to take a good look at the reddit HQ because imagine the amount of kiddie porn they would find there.

>Egg Hatcher

They even say in their twitter bio that they are a groomer

No. 1196620

File: 1617031704644.png (212.17 KB, 1198x866, cottagecore.png)

girly even cottagecore is white supremacy nowadays and it's literally being a lesbian in a village with mushroom earrings, you don't need to be a /pol/tard to see this is why troons feel so safe sperging out, stupidity is trendy and supported

No. 1196624

This is
>MtF General

No. 1196627

Anon I'm black and I agree with you, everything and everyone gets called white supremacist these days even I've been called a white supremacist but this is not the place for it, like post this on the twitter thread and we can discuss I there

No. 1196628

File: 1617032202069.jpg (63.01 KB, 640x760, l00q5twamvp61.jpg)


No. 1196638

I saw this on LSA and as usual they were calling his ass out. Also the bar for being a "Model" is so low for troons.

No. 1196642

and he's just mad they know he has a dick and is a man, that pounds of make up, long hair, nails and surgery don't mean anything. He complains about "cis normative standards of image" yet he tries to look like a cis woman, he promotes that image.

No. 1196645

File: 1617033715922.jpeg (6.5 KB, 678x381, 9640F8A4-69C7-4865-9B2B-30BBBA…)

Great article here

Explains the connection between misogyny and tra very well.

No. 1196656

File: 1617035129497.jpg (40.5 KB, 442x960, 164008030_149895290348440_4993…)

No. 1196658

>Not all of us want to integrate in society and that's heckin valid

No. 1196659

Finns, Romani(Tater), Sami are the most well-recognized as "ethnically Scandinavian". Serbs, Chileans and Turks are more or less included by now. Sage for ot

No. 1196669

File: 1617036172610.jpeg (122.94 KB, 750x1192, 17CADE25-C181-44CE-9B8C-22DF82…)

Great Twitter thread here
Contains lots of hot takes like pic related that deserve to be featured in the next thread pic

No. 1196684

omg bahahahaha I love this, how do they not see what's wrong with the shit they spout? It doesn't add up

No. 1196690

9 times out of 10 trannies pick the most porn-y, stripper-y or ultra-girly name they can think of. They're never named Jennifer Smith.. always Shalandria Mistrose or Mercedes, Candi, etc.

No. 1196709

File: 1617038082492.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, 21-03-29-13-15-00-850_deco.jpg)

I couldn't even get through the whole thing, it was so frustrating - especially arguments like these. This is the same bullshit cis men have been saying to lesbians for decades "weh weh if you like strap one then why not my cock"? But now that it's trans people saying it, it's different. And they make themselves the victims now and lesbians the big bad oppressors, saying shit like "they need to reflect on themselves and figure out why they hate penises so much!"
This shit would never ever, and never has been, tolerated when a man says it. Why do TIMs get a pass?

No. 1196715

Also apologies I realized the upper right one wasn't making the same statement, I just saved it because it was disgusting and makes it really clear what their goal is - "lesbians, we're women now and you need to be sexually available to us. And if you aren't, you're transphobic and I'll make sure the world knows".

No. 1196729

This whole thread makes me so angry and I can't put that in words. I'm beyond disgusted. All my friends are on the trannies side so I can't even air out my frustration with them. I once tried talking about trans medicalism and got labeled transphobic for supporting that so idk. I'm just so fucking mad.

No. 1196734

NGL that shotgunheart one really pisses me off."if you don't want to have sex with trans women, you need to be called out and you are a bad person".
I've seen this said so many times but for some reason the way he's saying it just really pisses me off.

No. 1196740

That’s what narcissistic men do: they smear their victims.

No. 1196747

It's the smugness of it, the "we've cornered you now, we have you beat" attitude.

No. 1196748

As an old Spaniard who actually used to watch the show where La Veneno got famous, this is just stupid. She didn't break any stigmas, she was invited to late night shows (that were very sexual) as a freak, to ridicule both her and men that found her attractive, before telling them that "haha that hot lady you want to fuck is a guy in a dress!". I'm a proud TERF but forgive me for using female pronouns in this case because I can have some respect and sympathy for a prostitute who some guy got on his tv show as the freak of the week, who was abused and ridiculed in the public eye for years, made famous almost as a joke and then struggled with drugs, alcohol and a plastic surgery addiction. This isn't an empowering story, it's a very sad one, and I would feel this way even if I hadn't become a TERF. What were they thinking.