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No. 1228516

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit.

No. 1228532

File: 1620828294999.png (Spoiler Image, 542.86 KB, 611x730, handmaidens gone wild.png)

I hate existence.

No. 1228537

I would like to see an mtf wear a hijab

No. 1228539

To be fair I hate vagina cupcakes too. The dick ones are just far, far worse.

No. 1228541

Props to the original baker for making the cupcakes look both like anatomically correct vulvas and deliciously sweet pastries. Tranny knockoff forgot to do the second part; They look cheap, and poorly thought out. In fact, I could mistake these for store-bought cupcakes with poorly constructed icing penises just haphazardly slapped on top (if that's not literally what they are). Maybe a good metaphor for "trans womanhood"? Store-bought and bepenised knockoffs, filled with spite and envy.
Not sure if the vulvacakes are more appealing to me because I'm gay, or because I'm a fatass.

No. 1228542

We have mtfs wearing Hijab in my country, we also have the issue of men wearing niqabs to disguise themselves and commiting crimes usually theft and even rape

No. 1228543

There's probably real cum in those too and he jerks off as he watches the women eat them.

Wouldn't eat any kind of genital cupcakes tho, nasty.

No. 1228547

File: 1620829434973.jpg (22.64 KB, 680x510, excuse me.jpg)

Long story short, browsing some pro-safe space for women stuff and came across this link.

Scroll up from the link because I have no clue how Twitter works.


I don't think there's a soul in the world that can read all of that and emerge unpeaked.

No. 1228552

Do you know how screenshots work? Again, image board.

No. 1228553

Absolutely disgusting, hope no one touched the coomer cupcakes.

No. 1228554

my god, this was horrible to watch

No. 1228556

File: 1620830918147.png (255.96 KB, 629x516, minority identity.PNG)

No. 1228558

Okay, I see all the videos now. My bad.

No. 1228559

This was a troll.

I hate this one troon so much.

No. 1228567

File: 1620832347350.png (534.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210512-091227.png)

Their entire twitter is dedicated to dunking on troons.

No. 1228578


No. 1228601

Linehan is so fucking based

No. 1228628

I got the feeling that this shit will not go over well with the muslim community and there is an honor killing in his future.

No. 1228639

Depends on the sect and culture, we have Hijras/Khusras here in Pakistan, their not honor killed and most people avoid them and view them as a disease, Iran has legal sex change operations that are considered valid by the state cause Khomrni said it was alright

No. 1228648

they're too busy killing actual women to care about fetishists

No. 1228665


Ironically, when women choose to identify as male in those cultures. They’re just treated as double worthless women and have to do everything in their power to not draw attention l, lest they be “corrected” with rape.
It’s a super secret until you check their twitters and such lmao.

No. 1228675

Leighanna Rose Walsh has his own thread


No. 1228687

Doing twitter activism and podcasts and proudly sharing pictures of your old self as a man and your new self in a hijab is definitely drawing attention.

It's not like he is being a quiet muslim just doing a little butt-buggering in his own home. This dudes actions will definitely be seen as a direct humiliation and affront to Islam.

They also kill gays, so you're wrong.

No. 1228692

File: 1620841973872.png (514.92 KB, 540x960, 4d math equation.png)

Sir, they're looking at you funny because they're trying to figure out why there's a male in the women's room, not because they recognize your shitty femboy coomer waifu

No. 1228693

>> 1227897
Response for the other thread, but it was locked before i got to it.

The “uterus donations” would probably be like Nepal’s black market organ trade. (Look that up on YouTube. Under RT media)
Horrible. Those poor people donating their insides for pennies and ending up mutilated and handicapped.

No. 1228708

I think vagina art tends to look less repulsive because a good deal of artists make sure to use appealing colours and a lot of it doesn't look like a vagina at first glance. It's impossible to do that with a penis without being lewd.

No. 1228714

A vagina is nice and neat and is easily artistically represented by sweer things like flowers or mandalas. A penis is just a wad of meat that grows cheese under a flap of skin.

No. 1228716

There is literally BACON and icing on those. I know vaginas are less repulsive than penises, but we don't need to pretend that either genital shaped cupcake looks appetizing. It won't make you any less feminist to not wear a pussy hat and not eat the muff-muffins.

No. 1228723

excuse me, sir

No. 1228724

File: 1620843647928.png (60.77 KB, 546x539, FB8711FA-0B64-44A5-9D0F-9F1E0D…)

No. 1228728

Everybody can have their own opinions on the matter, a lot of feminist art is pretty ugly and the vagina cupcake is one of the least offensive. I would still eat the vagina cupcake because at least it looks like food. Don't know if i would rock a vagina hat.

No. 1228730

“I love committing sexual assault and it sucks that I have to feel even a single reservation about that!”

No. 1228760

I like how they took offense of this for the women simply existing

No. 1228797

The dick cupcakes look like a dog or a cat pooped on each one of them.

No. 1228806

Does this Brian May bootleg think he passes? I hope he's just joking about the trap character and nothing more.

No. 1228864

He could've said I" enter the bathroom" but his coomer brain needs everyone to know it was the women's

No. 1228918

nah. no one cared lol that is a hella old post

No. 1228935

File: 1620861956863.png (57.34 KB, 1503x362, Wedgeology03.png)

Kevin's boyfriend losing his mind in the One Piece subreddit. Saying there's no such thing as a biological woman.
I've heard them say, "Biological sex isn't real" but I don't think I've ever heard them say, "there's no such thing as a biological man".
It's always "there's no such thing as a biological woman", so why are trans women called TRANS women?
Why do they want to mimic something that doesn't exist? Mind you this troon chopped his balls off and is getting Facial surgery to make himself look more "Feminine".If biological women don't exist, why do troons want to be in spaces with cis women? Why do they want us to accept them? Thankfully he was downvoted.

No. 1228980

NTAYRT But how do you want people to reply to this? No one said they were more feminist for thinking the cupcakes look nice, or even tasty. I wouldn't wear a pussy hat, because I don't like wearing silly things, but you seem pretty mad at the concept of yonic imagery existing at all. The penis is already everywhere, the vulva needs more love.

No. 1228992

So people can't enjoy discussing their favourite anime/manga without trannies/bootlickers making about their retarded beliefs and agenda? Kermit already, please.

No. 1228997

kek at the downvotes

No. 1229115

>Waahhh I contributed with shitty theory tinfoils and MS paint colored manga scans nobody asked for, you're missing out on so much for not making me feel welcome!!!

It feels like a lot of trannies barely even watch anime or play games that much, they just like the aesthetic and decide on the tranny of the week character and force their retarded agenda on everyone who actually enjoys the franchise outside of simping for an imaginary troon.

No. 1229130

File: 1620898409400.jpg (8.67 KB, 268x188, download.jpg)


No. 1229168

File: 1620907195789.png (655.48 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_20210513-145655~2.p…)

I found this in the wild. I'm ready to quit reddit at this point. 105 upvotes for what simply looks like a bloke in a shirt because he decided he 'felt cute'. Please piss off and stay in troon spaces.

No. 1229170

I think if any woman would see him they'd run away screaming. Dude looks creepy as fuck, on top of that his body is genuinely terrifying. So big that it looks like as if his jacket got photoshopped into someone's ass.

No. 1229171

Look at the fucking toilet. You can't make this shit up, pun intended.

No. 1229174

File: 1620907511920.png (520.7 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_20210513-150408~3.p…)

No. 1229175

fuck please spoiler this, i wanna kms now

No. 1229176

They have to make everything about their fetish. People can't even enjoy something as simple as a cartoon anymore without them making it about their troon status.

No. 1229179

File: 1620909197404.png (63.75 KB, 697x649, Screenshot_20210513-153138~2.p…)

Why are women standing for this literal shit?

If a woman posted this photo she would be torn to shreds and the mods would probably delete the picture.

I feel so bad for American and Canadian women. I don't have to deal with this bullshit out in meat space here in Bulgaria. Maybe it's only a matter of time, though.

No. 1229180

surejan.jpg. Men are so disgusting that nasty, shitty toilets and bathrooms don’t even register.

No. 1229184

he’s got the side smirk and everything

No. 1229187

File: 1620909835328.png (Spoiler Image, 221.39 KB, 720x1310, Screenshot_20210513-154320~2.p…)

Dude seems to have a thing for toilets. He's assaulting women with all his fetishes.

No. 1229188

there was a girl on tiktok who said the same thing
>you're born baby but you dont say you're a baby! You grow up! So theres no such thing as a biological woman just because you're born as one because you grow up
She deleted that vid when she got massive backlash lol
Replacing biological sex and reality with gender identity wont last much longer. But it's what happens when regarded lib fems give agps who hate women any voice

No. 1229189

File: 1620910099932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210513_154822426.j…)

This is a true horror cow if I have ever seen one.

No. 1229193

I bet he knew that about the dirty shitter being in the shot in that "felt cute" photo and showing that degeneracy to the world is a part of his fetish. I hate men.

No. 1229195

man…i didn't expect it to be part of a fetish. i thought he was just an average gross obese moid. kill all degenerates

No. 1229196

>fashion subreddit
>wears what looks like a retail worker uniform
Redditors will really cater to you as long as you say you're a troon, huh.

No. 1229197

Why are the grossest men so obsessed with sex

No. 1229199

File: 1620911381239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 375.09 KB, 3264x1836, 4BE97B77-4B27-4628-BEEB-867569…)

Fuck you didn’t even get the best one.

No. 1229201

File: 1620911469398.png (262.4 KB, 725x544, B65C03AE-B4F9-4823-825E-4AD63C…)


it’s the handle of a paintbrush stuck inside of his dickhole

No. 1229203

Im scared to look, what is it ?

No. 1229205

Spoilered text in >>1229201

No. 1229209

agreed but he is 16.

No. 1229210

samefag but actually his birthday was in april, but any of his content before a few weeks ago, he was 16.

No. 1229215

Jesus Christ for what purpose

No. 1229217

Men have taught me that anything can be a fetish, and reddit has taught me that this one in particular is called sounding.

No. 1229219

transactivist logic: there's no such thing as biological women until males want alter their biology by to getting their dicks surgically inverted to validate their womanhood, or by going on estrogen to give themselves moobs.

No. 1229230

File: 1620915075469.jpeg (293.95 KB, 1124x2045, ED8FE47E-0CC6-479C-BB81-08B5AE…)

He’s 17 as of a few weeks ago.

So anyway this troon “Veondre” is currently living off Instagram and Tiktok algorithm clout. He mostly posts about how he’s the most oppressed person on earth for not getting 50 million views despite being talentless.

In his other videos he does Gabbie Hanna-esque faces even with girls bullying him in the comments lmao.

Early onset AGP showing

If only the puberty blockers didn’t give him brain damage…


No. 1229232

File: 1620915350352.jpeg (356.45 KB, 1800x1800, 47EA7D29-08B4-4322-A633-E33C19…)

Reminds me of this grandpa that regularly posts on the womenstreetwear subreddit wearing these targetcore outfits. Albeit better dressed than most his type, his outfits clearly don’t fit the theme of the sub and he knows it. All his pics are in hotel rooms and on business trips. A year ago he used to blur his face to post on sissy subs, now he has “come out” as trans. He of course also has a heel fetish… all his posts he has to comment on his “sexy shoes”.

In the before times this cross dresser would have had the decency and shame to kept his fetish to himself. Now he has to inflict his “authentic self” on the rest of us.

No. 1229238

I was gonna say, he’s dressed pretty well and not overtly sexual, at least. I wonder why so many old men are into this sissy/cross dressing fetish or where it stems from. I wish I had still had the photo, but when I was in hs, I was at the mall and saw an obvious grandpa at a DEB shopping, wearing basically a mismatched teen girl outfit. I took a picture and thought it was bizarre as fuck, of course being before clown world become the default. I talked about it to my friends who all agreed it was hilarious/weird except for one who ended up trooning out himself, go figure.

No. 1229261

File: 1620919051333.jpg (37.01 KB, 1062x334, why.jpg)

Found in the wild in a Facebook group I am in. All the answers were some form of "yes".

No. 1229262

You still got that photo?

No. 1229269

File: 1620919409405.jpeg (304.18 KB, 1242x1851, 43217060-7825-4C54-BC70-6655A6…)

Pack it up ladies

No. 1229293

I doubt it, but I'll see if I can find it anywhere–it might be on my family's computer and I'm going home this weekend, so that's the best chance. Will post if I find it, but it's been like a decade by now so wish me luck kek.

No. 1229298

File: 1620922515476.png (23.19 KB, 491x370, agp intensifies.PNG)

So checking yourself out in the mirror and objectifying yourself is a woman thing, got it

No. 1229305

He’s pretty cute, but why is he so sexualized? He’s obsessed with his chest. I watched his Q&A and he said he “came out” in first grade, wtf. I can see him aging like Jazz already.

No. 1229332

He's likely a secret cross dresser trying to hide the fact from his family. It's kind of funny that he would book a hotel room just to cross dress and post pictures on reddit.

No. 1229383

File: 1620928730695.jpeg (287.77 KB, 1194x1236, 94D16E8F-BE43-45F8-816C-0B9DAE…)


No. 1229390

KEK I'm so proud of my country

No. 1229393

I heard about that shit, like what a fucking asshole
Like who fucking cares

No. 1229402

What if the male actor identifies as female?? it's not like Laverne's voice resembles a woman's to begin with kek. When I heard his first line in the film I was like "oh the boss character is a sassy gay man?" until he appeared on screen a moment later.

No. 1229406

They are just trying to be accurate for fucks sake.

No. 1229425

fucking based italians

No. 1229434

File: 1620932688749.jpeg (575.59 KB, 1055x2138, 788594BF-80BF-4E63-8A7B-33D1D5…)

How are little girls that are most likely just learning about their own anatomy… and probably have not menstruated (hence the need for this class…) supposed to know the category of “those with ovaries” applies to them or not? These people love to obfuscate and overcomplicate language, and it will end up hurting those who actually need to access information and services the most.

No. 1229478

"Genitals do not matter! Why do you creepy terfs care what we have in our pants! Stop reducing us to our body parts!"

but also-

"We should call women "ovary havers", "I'm a dick girl"


No. 1229499

File: 1620937781947.png (2.71 MB, 931x1339, agpsmirk.png)

So he transitioned starting in first grade yet still has this AGP smirk…interesting. Look at his facial expression compared to the other girls.
Ik women do all sorts of facial expressions in photos but the AGP smirk is rarely one of them because it's so cocky looking kek

No. 1229503

Puberty blockers really aren't worth it. He's still instantly clockable as male. It's just a lot more strange to look at him, because he has the face of a grade school kid.

No. 1229537

That group is a fucking joke when it comes to woke shit. You're uncomfortable with your partner watching porn? You're insecure and toxic and you want to take away their autonomy. Your wife wants an open relationship and you don't? Why are you so polyphobic?

No. 1229543

apologies for blogging, but my sister's university is having a sexual assault awareness week and one panel is about female only spaces. they say how important female only spaces are, only to ask in the next sentence how they can make female only spaces more accessible for trans and nonbinary people. i'm so sickened. i hope no actual victims of sexual assault will be present and have to hear that they should totally let men into their safe spaces. i wouldn't be surprised if an actual troon delivered the talk too.

No. 1229544

To me he looks like he's trying too hard to look cool and sassy like some cartoon guy on a poster for a Dreamworks movie, hence the weird smirk.

No. 1229570

The comments remind me that most level-headed folks think this shit is ridiculous.

No. 1229585

Female only spaces will have to go underground and not advertised anywhere I bet. Everyone will jist have to move quietly. Had a friend tell me that at her work (precovid), theres one guy who trooned out but isnt doing anything about it besides wear makeup and use the womens bathroom. So the women just use different restrooms together and stick together

No. 1229602

never thought i'd see a public toilet horror show in someone's home

makes sense tho, these pigs need to have their bad manners come from somewhere

No. 1229625

Why are they so obsessed with being anime girls? They say they want to be hyper-feminine to pass as a cute “normal” girl but I’ve never seen an mtf that was interested in the “normal” feminine stereotypes and tropes. Like have you ever seen one with that basic sorority girl polka dot planner, motivational watercolor and calligraphy homegoods, and monogrammed everything? Cause I sure haven’t. You would think if it’s so normal and common that at least a few of them would be boring basic bitches. But no, it’s programmer socks and maid outfits. Bimbos and kink shit. Hell I’ve seen more that try to look like schoolgirls than normal college age girls.

It really is just the next level of waifu culture isn’t it?

No. 1229650

I think that's just how autogynophilia manifests in younger men. There is an article about this if you are interested.

No. 1229656

samefag, but reddit and 4chan, the biggest congregations of scrotes on the internet are two of the biggest breeding grounds for trannies right now. These types of men never interact with women they are not related with and tend to be incels. The only media they consume that has any kind of female representation is in videogames, anime and porn. They see women as nothing more than unattainable objects of desire, whilst they are at the bottom of society and are hated by all. So in order to be liked and to feel desired, they decide that they will become woman and become the desired object they longed for.

No. 1229667

Yeah, /r9k/ has had threads for at least 6 years that are essentially a picture of a guy who looks like a sneaky cosplay with “so when are you going to give up and become a trap?” Sometimes I wonder if some people haven’t been memed into it like how channers supporting Trump ironically in the primaries actually ended up boosting him a lot.
Really interesting article btw.

No. 1229734

File: 1620961999100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.47 KB, 544x521, BB3F535A-A702-4678-BA04-7740C3…)

Troons and TRAs are encouraging children to use packers. How is it not pedophilia to be this obsessed with children’s genitals?

No. 1229737

I'm really gonna be sick.

No. 1229739

This is disgusting, especially because a 6 year old wouldn’t even know this device exists to ask for one if an adult didn’t introduce it to them first. And yet they claim “cis” people are the ones with “genital fetishes”…

No. 1229741

File: 1620963151471.jpeg (327.13 KB, 1237x1817, F24886EC-E3CA-4146-9F6D-78910D…)

There are reviews from literal children on that item. This is abhorrent.

No. 1229742

File: 1620963250812.jpeg (175.69 KB, 853x751, 2CFA5F86-986D-4619-B3EB-C52343…)

I am physically ill. Multiple children have left reviews on a realistic phallus sex toy.

No. 1229749

> For many, the result is massive repression. Repress all the positive emotions. Even if you’re not very active, never just relax and enjoy the calm; sulk around with a grim face instead. If you dare to feel light-hearted joy in the first place: don’t dare expressing it with a heartfelt laugh, because laughing is for when you’re victorious over your rival whom you’ve just dominated — otherwise it’s a frivolous girly expression. Gentle touches and caresses are for girls and faggots, so you don’t let anyone touch you. If you can’t be the glorious masculine hero, you become the emotionless robot, the gloomy depressed kid who’s indifferent to pretty much anything, because then at least he’s not girly.
> This more or less describes most of my childhood, adolescent, and young adult years, and currently I have to watch the same thing happening to a younger brother, who has a lot of softness inside of him just like me.
I know he's technically on our side in this article but damn how much do I hate men if I can barely read this article because just this tone of framing men as victims is making me wanna kms?

No. 1229757

No but why is it modeled on an adult’s hand… ew. and am I correct that the “spoon” part just rubs against your vulva all day as it hangs? That can’t be good for you.

If a woman was creating fake bellies with random things to wear all day to cope with infertility or a lost pregnancy everyone would think she’s gone mad and she’d be diagnosed with psychosis. A girl suffering delusions that she is a boy, who compresses her chest to the point of permanent damage, and who makes a pretend penis out of a condom stuffed with slime, which she sticks in her underwear all day, is totally sane though.

Also this probs belongs on the FTM thread.

No. 1229760

File: 1620965448877.webm (3.27 MB, 576x1024, a3afafae43126a89db0e721d7685e4…)

Lmao I absolutely can't stand this one he keeps popping up despite me repeatedly telling Instagram i am not interested in seeing his chunky mug on my feed. He recently joined this tranny hypehouse on tiktok called houseoffinesse and it's an absolute sideshow. Here's the link if anons are interested in some fresh troon milk

No. 1229763

I feel the same way. Their issues are valid, but the way they describe it is so melodramatic. If a woman wrote something like this she would be mocked, and that's the fucking irony of it all. Yes, we are "allowed" to express our feelings, but that doesn't mean we're respected for having them. We're looked down on just the same. We're seen as hysterical, irrational, childish entities, but we're expected to be, so that somehow puts us in a privileged position.

No. 1229764

File: 1620965605760.jpg (184.05 KB, 1864x1256, 1544607738569.jpg)

You mean like this

No. 1229778

File: 1620969118424.png (547.91 KB, 808x1022, Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 1.10…)

I really don't think this applies to any men post Gen X, though. Millenial men were definitely raised with more space for sensitivity. That post explains well why boomers may see trooning out as a way to be soft, gentle and express themselves differently in ways that were beaten out of them as children. but it doesn't apply to some 20 year old guy with nice parents.

Let's just say the kind of parents who permitted a lot of anime watching and video game playing aren't the kind of Great Santini dads who would tell their son off for smiling & laughing. It's a fantasy that as another anon said paints men as perpetual victims. Nobody is telling you guys to stop crying anymore, so why still troon out? Because you get to express yourself sexually without shame, that's my take. I think being desired 'like a woman' is an attractive proposition for a lot of kinky men who never felt "wanted" sexually, and now they have a culturally acceptable excuse to act out these fantasies. That's the AGP explanation at least.

Another example of them asking gender AND age 'passing'. How can anyone see this shit and not immediately clock them as perverts? Why would it matter if you look like a young woman, isn't the entire point that you (whatever age you are) is a woman inside, and you're just trying to match up physically? Of course we know that's not true, but what is the rah-rah TRA justification for why so many of them are obsessed with looking as young as possible too?

No. 1229782

Honestly, he doesn't look like a woman in the first pic either - he looks like a crossdressing guy in both, one just has filters, angles, maybe (probably?) photo editing.
Not as egregious imo as tranny faceapps and filter abuse. Both are degen and I want nothing to do with either, but at least sneaky isn't trying to pretend he's a woman.

The hilarious irony is that by transitioning they end up looking at least 10 years older if not more. Not that they look like women, but he looks way rougher than I suspect he would if he wasn't trooning out. You're spot on though, the way they always ask to have people age them screams wanting to be validated as lolis or something and the vast majority of them have had the capacity to be allowed and even encouraged to express themselves emotionally. When they immediately jump to sexualizing themselves post troon out (becoming "sex workers", calling themselves bimbos/sluts, etc) it's obvious the motivation is sexual. Even repressed right wing fundie women don't go that hard when they open up to being openly sexual.

No. 1229783

File: 1620969741124.png (2.01 MB, 2048x1179, 61a65c4a-42b4-431d-84e0-492279…)

Pic didn't attach, rip

No. 1229787

I lol'd.

Years ago I was in Romania and there was a British film on TV, dubbed over with Romanian and it was all the same man doing all the voices even the women characters the whole way through which was mad and apparently now "transphobic".

No. 1229798

Damn, even the Asian one looks like a man. Literally nothing helped them. They're wearing pounds of makeup, the most "feminine" women's clothing they could find on Amazon, replicating dance moves normally used by women. They even bothered styling their hair and cleaning up a section of their apartment (god only knows how filthy it is out of frame). But even in this very controlled, filtered environment, with all the grooming and practice they could muster, only the fatty can get a second glance.

No. 1229802

anon that asian girl is a biological woman…. the house isnt 100% trans, they just tout themselves as "inclusive" bc there are 2 or 3 mtfs lmao

No. 1229803

oh my fucking god I was in the middle of thinking that anons were overreacting, the toilet in the pic isn't that gross just embarrassing, but I only have to scroll a few more posts down to be proven wrong, troons literally never disappoint

No. 1229804

actually there are 2 TIMs and some "nb" genderspecials. just scroll back on the account and you'll see

No. 1229805

I've yet to meet a normie woman who agrees with this nonsense. TRAs have been sneaky with their legislation lobbying, there's no way the public would've allowed half of the snake oil they've sold if they knew about it.

It's not just anime girls they're obsessed with, they're obsessed with young women in general. There are a lot of normie level AGPs who aren't into anime yet still desire to be the schoolgirl of their dreams so there's more to it than memed chinese cartoons, blaming anime is honestly disingenuous and blame shifting from the actual society-wide structural problem and men trying to escape their responsibility in this issue, akin to "porn made this way, not me internalizing and conforming to the conservative male upbringing and the associated misogyny!!! Ban porn not for exploiting women but for breaking my dick!". They might as well blame Satan for implanting impure thoughts and anime girl succubi in their heads. Just like >>1229749 described, it's just them trying to escape the blame and victimize themselves once again.

It's generally just like >>1229656 described, undesirable, degenerate men feeding each others' comfort fetishes in a community where there's nobody to grab them by the shoulders and shake them. It could be a group of 4chan incels or an average Tiktok community where a "mama trans" deals illegal hormones to underage troons in the making.

No. 1229812

AYRT Then they're all just that ugly? My bad. I usually have more scrutiny than this, but the sheer AGP energy of the video must have gotten me out of sorts.

No. 1229820

Wouldn't it be sexual harassment to send somebody a bunch of fake cocks? Also, I doubt he actually made those and sent them. It's probably just a picture he stole from Google.

No. 1229828

File: 1620980038671.gif (139.63 KB, 220x378, tenor.gif)

That's it, I'm done. Redditors need to be gassed.

No. 1229832

Sneaky isn't trans, he just likes to cosplay women. Through it seems like he's gotten into it a bit more since quitting competative league.

No. 1229838

he isn't trans but he definitely does have the same demented sissy and feminization fetish a lot of these troons have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEYaFwuGKqw (first 20 seconds)>>1229832

No. 1229842


Omg this is hilarious. I had to ban this creep from a discord I host because turns out they're a pedo too and

No. 1229846

men have no end game purpose since they are so terrible at child-rearing and care work. since there's no wars any more for them to die in they just degenerate into coomer monsters and become a danger to society and children.

No. 1229848

File: 1620983944774.png (128.54 KB, 2066x679, un78jeb.png)

You heard it here, folks. Even if you're not attracted to penises in any way or even are repulsed by them.. just ignore it and fuck the tranny anyway! You can just fuck his smelly butthole and ignore the penis entirely. Checkmate.

No. 1229852

How devious and clever, indeed. You sure showed her. Women should just start explaining that even if the penis wasn't there, they don't want to date someone with unaddressed mental issues and delusions.

No. 1229853

File: 1620984684481.webm (2.92 MB, 296x640, 1620984495861.webm)

No. 1229854

>my DIY condom filled with slime

No. 1229857

File: 1620986035714.jpg (53.73 KB, 600x551, depositphotos_89874898-stock-p…)

Yeah right… hetero males and lesbians that know what they like and what they don't are only UNCONSCIOUSLY repulsed by dick and a crazy person that goes with it. They must wonder themselves, like, why would these perfectly nice people turn me off, huh? Should go see a psychoanalyst…

No. 1229866

TRA’s are always fucking like this. Out one side of the mouth they swear it’s not a fetish, out of the other they completely admit all their gross fetish coomer shit. Do they think real women get on like that? How the fuck are we considered “the bad guys” for not wanting this in private women’s spaces? Why are we just supposed to shut up and accept males invading our protected spaces just to get off on their sick fetishes? I’m trying not to a log here but Jesus…

No. 1229876

As far as I know, women can't get off on pegging people alone, and most women don't like pegging anyway. This is without factoring in that the presence of a dick indicates a bunch of other factors. It's not just the vagina that gets me, it's the shared experience of being female; the socialization, the biological realities, the lack of semen and lower levels of testosterone. A male could never understand. Males who went through a normal puberty, males who take estrogen, and males who were on blockers are different from women, no matter what. I could literally pick any woman from any country and have more in common with her experience of womanhood than I ever would with any male's, even that of a puberty-blocked estrogen popper.

No. 1229881

already posted in the last thread

No. 1229883

even bisexual women who like dicks don't like trannies. women don't have dicks, period, and 99% of them never even come close to passing or being attractive.

trannies like to take the popular US/UK trannies who were the 1% lucky enough not to look like kevin gibes and to also get their gofundmes funded and pretend that this is commonplace.

No. 1229910

very grim indeed

No. 1229919

>they associate being amab with being gay
Yeah what a stretch for a man to assume being attracted to a male makes him gay.

No. 1229920

deets please anon

No. 1229960

bassato e rossopillato!

No. 1230031

You do know that "pussy hats" were cat ear hats right lmfao

No. 1230092

sage for pure autism & my shit music taste, but has anyone noticed that the entire hyperpop scene is just FILLED with MTFs?? i keep having the same thing happen where i like a song & look it up to find that the artist is talking about taking 'girl pills' on twitter

No. 1230109

File: 1621017869864.png (101.91 KB, 1037x514, soober deep.png)

tranny fascination with anime girls is actually super deep you guys

No. 1230112

I don't listen to a lot of hyperpop but the genre has been pioneered by mtfs from what I understand and i can see the appeal of it to them because they get to nightcore their man voice into oblivion, and yet somehow i can still always tell when it's a troon singing. It's why I stopped listening to it i can't stand their inflections

No. 1230117

File: 1621018698099.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 3464x3464, 761950AF-13A6-4B9B-BE03-DA7A04…)

(Warning for neo-vag)
Found this on r/transgender_surgeries

No. 1230134

is this the non depth shit they rave about?

No. 1230140

Autistic people love anime and just so happens troons are autistic.

No. 1230168

Can someone explain the point of zero depth axe wounds? Is it just for aesthetics? They're almost as horrible as old fashioned SRS, but what what do you even do with it?

No. 1230176

I feel so bad for lesbians in western countries.

Fuck that shit.

No. 1230189

I guess if I were in a dark room and blindfolded, I couldn’t tell it was a neo bag on sight but then the smell, the feel, the everything else would give it away. Kek
These people are so fucking botched. Glad they are castrating themselves

No. 1230226

Sperg incoming.
Because, like, identifying with your own culture's ideal femme would require you to have empathy for the very real women in your life who obviously cannot meet the unrealistic male fantasy. Real women offend you because you don't consider them human. Anime characters are just another flavor of male fantasy. They are created by men and exist to please men. Existing outside the culture of origin saves you from having to confront the reality that actual living breathing women aren't anything like your delusions. A Japanese woman would find you just as revolting, if not more so, than a dirty impure western woman would.

No. 1230230

Anime is hypersexualizing women and portraying them in very simple stereotypes that are unlike any real women's multifacetted personalities, but easy to understand even for an autistic male. There is "the shy one" who is UwU and reserved, she likes flowers and animals. There is the "sporty" outspoken one who bullies the boys she likes, etc. These characters are almost all writte BY men and FOR men, portraying character traits and behavior that men want women to show. They take place mostly in high-school and the characters are pre-pubescent or in puberty, the age they all fetishize.

Add to that that anime portrays emotions extremely over the top (heart eyes, nose-bleeds, crying in puddles of tears) that autistic males can more easily understand.

Ofc the main draw is that young schoolgirls in short skirts with bouncy titties make their dicks hard. Plus most characters look extremely young so it also appeals to their pedophilic fantasies.

No. 1230244

hyperpop was a.g. cook back in the '10s and the genre was criticized by grimes as responding to the critique of few women in avant garde electronic music by men filling the role by using a female persona and performance. then a bunch of gays trooned out to "make it real" and stop any critique. particularly arca who is the son of a Venezuelan billionaire.

No. 1230249

I agree, since it’s incomprehensible music anyways. A dead musical troon who’s stage name was Sophie made decent hyperpop tracks with really suspicious titles like vidrel named “Faceshopping”. Faceshopping can mean anything like critiquing plastic surgery or the double-faced nature of appearances but troons think being a woman is just faceshopping

No. 1230260

mtf troons are flooding the genre with badly produced derivatives, it's becoming a meme. check out actual women that are hyperpop-adjacent like caroline polachek, holly herndon, hannah diamond, and gfoty.

No. 1230265

This. That person is implying the primary factor here is that anime represents another culture (Japanese), but what’s actually the main characteristic is that it’s a male fantasy made by males for males. I would encourage them to actually speak to normal Japanese women who will inform them that anime girls are NOT their culture and they do not look or act like that; they see it as a fringe thing that kids, nerds, and mostly creepy men like.
Also so oblivious of them to go “of course transfemmes find IDEALIZED femininity appealing” like yeah, that’s the whole thing we are saying, it’s unreal and has nothing to do with actual female experiences or existence.

No. 1230281

File: 1621028124315.png (178.99 KB, 720x1064, Screenshot_20210515-023236.png)

Fugly men in their 30s-40s fantasize about being "sissy sluts" getting assured how slutty and feminine they aee by Dominatrixs whom they pay

No. 1230313

I’m super into breakcore and I notice a lot of troons in that genre as well

No. 1230334

Hyperpop wasn’t pioneered by troons, it was male producers and female artists. If anything, it’s the fags that come out as genderspecial having so much prevalence in the genre because it was already male dominated [behind the scenes.] Same with many of the genres mentioned itt. Fags like troons love it because of the innate connotations and connections it has to being “girly” and girlhood.

No. 1230378

Mtfs are all over electronica in general, techno and house too. It’s just the male autism brain for producing.

No. 1230381

File: 1621036526232.jpeg (939.75 KB, 1125x1997, 6147C84A-5534-4E43-8692-2C316F…)

But being trans is TOTALLY not a fetish or about sex!

No. 1230388

Lol when sophie died and ppl were calling him a “trailblazing female producer”, etc. Like that’s a male, he didn’t trail-blaze shit for us.

No. 1230443

They’re for HSTSs who realize that literally no one want to fuck a neovagina, whereas their (gay male) partners are totally content with the anal they presumably want to be having anyway. Plus bottoming at least has the possibility of feeling pleasurable (for the “beprostated,” kek). Why not just make the best of the hole you already have instead of having that same tissue harvested and frankensteined into a festering patchwork stinkditch?

No. 1230469

Seconding this. Troons and neckbeards like anime because it portrays a version of womanhood that is palatable to misogynists, and that's pretty much all there is to it.
Japan has the lowest gender equality of any first world country, and it definitely shows in their media.

No. 1230498

File: 1621050839002.png (60.31 KB, 1754x176, sure dude.PNG)

No. 1230506

Wow, it’s amazing how much these people only think about themselves. How the other person might feel for any reason whatsoever? Not important. Me, me, me.

No. 1230509

unfortunately some victims are still handmaidens for who knows what reason, I know enough people like that irl to wish I could just leave this damn planet.

No. 1230510

the absolute cope of it all

No. 1230517

File: 1621054327495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.58 KB, 904x1732, 78221850-6304-442D-8257-F11C85…)

I literally vomited. Troon steals used (including freshly used) sanitary products, including from his children, and pretends he has a period.

No. 1230518

File: 1621054503397.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.64 KB, 1080x359, DF5057EE-8D01-4A11-BE76-9C2518…)

Different troon shoves used sanitary products he found in a Wendy’s bathroom up his ass. Totally not a fetish though!

No. 1230519

Show this to anyone who says trannies "just want to pee."

No. 1230522

>Just a excuse
Damn didn't know trans people are owed sex.
Guess so. Here I was thinking people should'nt explain to anyone why they don't want to fuck them, no was enough. Guess in 2021 no is enough for everyone but transwomen.

No. 1230525

File: 1621054787861.png (82.85 KB, 870x728, 5EFAD8C3-3925-4356-AE8A-1B97A5…)

>troon goes to mall and stalks women in attempt to smell them to try to figure out who’s on their period

Really hard not to a-log shit like this.

No. 1230529

File: 1621055557624.png (648.02 KB, 576x845, Screenshots_2021-05-14-22-06-1…)

On the bright side, he'll probably die of tss.

>How am I doing?
Kek the autism is truely palpable here. I always wonder what the parents are thinking. The amount of shame and regret must be overwhelming.

No. 1230531

this is probably me blogging but I'm still bitter for being cancelled~ aka socially ostracized for being a disabled lesbian who had some troon stalk her tumblr likes. it literally doesn't matter to the woke crowd that told a girl in a wheelchair to die that I was consistently harassed by an uwu not an incel trans girl called Willow into hearing "her" takes on piss kink and if it was a normal lesbian thing. and to mention that willow told me a few times about how he was currently in a locked bathroom forbidding his roommate's entrance while he used his girlpeen to piss all over his face would be a transphobic bad faith argument.

anyway, the Y chromosome must be fucking destroyed(blogging)

No. 1230534

I had no idea about arca. that's interesting, considering how many of "her" fans are "communists". that whole era reminds me of Grimes calling out sophie for what he was.

No. 1230535

Once more, my heart goes out to any ladies with rare names, especially feminine, Pagan-sounding names. It must be hellish to have your name literally stolen by the dregs of coomer men.

No. 1230538

>Wearing a used tampon for long periods of time
Hope they all get TSS and/or some kinda disease.

No. 1230543

In regards to all this music talk I legit feel ashamed to this day for thinking omg women won this during the vaporwave trend….. when vektroid was a whole man. 2012 was a weird time.

No. 1230547

>Just an excuse to not have to sleep with a trans person
>not have to sleep with a trans person
>have to sleep with a trans person
>have to

Sounds like a super fun and totally consensual great time!

Like why the fuck are they even mad? They did you a favor, now you don't end up essentially coercing someone into sex. Wouldn't that feel terrible? I don't get it.

No. 1230561

> It's very exiting not to exactly know from whom the are and just wondering from whom they might have been.

scrotes are disease vectors.

No. 1230578

God, I know it’s bad for the septic system but it makes me want to start flushing my tampons.
I tried to use cups but can’t find one but I think I may start looking cause of these creeps.

No. 1230581

File: 1621065702599.jpeg (111.36 KB, 1242x350, 3C779141-F7DB-43D7-ABB0-B2C622…)

>don't end up essentially coercing someone into sex
That’s why they’re mad. It’s because that’s exactly thing they want to do.

No. 1230586


I'm a disabled bisexual WOC and I'm going through this too. I'm in academia I'm forced to put my pronouns in my email signature at work, which is especially dumb because in my family's culture names are feminized anyway. The women's health center on campus also welcomes troons, even though there is already a troon health center on campus that uses the informed consent model. The DV support group also supports troons.

I gently voiced my concerns about how this might make women feel unsafe and got laughed at. Now everyone dismisses me as being closed minded. It's fucking lunacy. I'm lucky I don't have a public facing job at least.

Sage for blogging, reposted for typo(blogging)

No. 1230590

File: 1621068863659.jpg (106.26 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20210409-120734_Dis…)

No. 1230591

anon I don't know much about irritants or poisons but there's got to be something you can carry around safely that you can put on your tampons before throwing them out that would do serious harm to any perverts who want to pick them up and stick them in their stink ditches or asses. Wouldn't normally recommend violence but everything these degenerates do is violence towards women and furthermore anyone sticking trash inside themselves is practically begging for a serious problem already

No. 1230592

File: 1621068948830.jpg (244.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210409-120701_Dis…)



Someone came forward about them making her uncomfortable and yeah, instant ban

No. 1230595

I dread to think how many of these people are school janitors, or just janitors in general

my guess would be some sort of pepper spray/pepper oil? Not sure how effective it would be, but I doubt an internal pepper spray will feel good.

No. 1230596

or maybe some hot sauce / cayenne pepper powder?

No. 1230599

Lmao the two bottom pictures are a dead giveaway. Look at the contrast between the two bare faced teenage girls, smiling effortlessly and the two big headed, smirking troons in heavy makeup. They never pass while standing next to actual women, no matter what.

No. 1230602


was about to suggest the same anon, but what a fucking world we live in that women have to consider coating their used menstrual products in irritating solutions in order to potentially stave off perverts from stealing them and shoving their intimate products up their assholes.

periods have so much shame and stigma even to this day. it’s so disgusting seeing these troons act like it’s a fun and kinky thing and not something women are violently oppressed for in other parts of the world (i.e. nepalese menstrual huts).

i want off this ride anons.

No. 1230604

i wanna know which tumblr tranny it was this time sooo bad
chilli oil would be easy and cheap but tbh how common do you guys really think that sort of freak behaviour is? if youre feeling malicious and really hope to injure some troons asshole maybe you could dump chilli oil in the sanitary bins in a known tranny occupied space. but i really dont think that kind of depravity is a regular occurrence, even among trannies

No. 1230605

castration. guillotine. the only way to deal with people like this.

No. 1230607

right? thinking it's common is pure paranoia. why would you want to be the crazy lady who carries chili oil to prevent a potential insane tranny from using YOUR tampon/pad from the trash? which you would never know about?

No. 1230613

The answer would be oil of capsaicin. It will not stop burning as it is the chemical makes peppers and chiles "hot". I sampled a bit on a toothpick and had to chug milk for 30 mins and vomit. So just a tiny drop will have them in AGONY.

No. 1230621

i have no way to prove this without doxxing myself so call me a larper if u want, but i know a few of the more popular artists in that bubble and it’s because they’re almost all incredibly well-off and sheltered, and if you haven’t faced much adversity in life but are still a miserable and mostly unremarkable/boring person then trooning out looks like a good way to square that circle, because you can blame your inability to take the opportunities given to you on this completely ephemeral concept of dysphoria, then start making incredibly low-effort art that has a culture of at least partial anonymity and hiding behind avatars + extreme voice alteration to become this escapist fantasy

No. 1230623

File: 1621076662339.png (211.72 KB, 720x1222, Screenshot_20210515-135317.png)

TIM explains the nuisanced differences between "cis-bimbos" and "MTF-bimbos"
I hate this reality BTW

No. 1230624

File: 1621076704739.png (205.39 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20210515-135345.png)

No. 1230625

>Women want to be respected and in control of their lives
>Transwomen want to be vacant sex objects
>"Hm, cis women sure are weird and incomprehensible!"
If you reach this level of coombrain, you should be jailed for life or executed on the spot.

No. 1230628

I have never heard of anyone using the word "bimbo" as anything but a shorthand for "dumb but pretty slut"

No. 1230629

actually scratch "pretty" and swap it out for "hot"

No. 1230631

I only ever saw it used as an insult for women who are dumb and slutty and a porn-term used by men. I have NEVER heard a woman try to reclaim the word as being positive.

No woman wants to be a bimbo, only misogynistic men want to brainless, useless sexbots.

No. 1230632

Sometimes particularly pathetic handmaidens go along with things trannies call themselves, but try to assign them less horrible meanings, not knowing that the trannies 100% mean the shitty, misogynistic version. It's a way of trying to hold back cognitive dissonance while "being a good ally" (read as: approving of all troon activity).

No. 1230635

yeah i completely believe this, whilst not a troon himself - Gupi is literally the son of tony hawk & works with people like fraxiom & others who are just well off NYC kids deciding that being a made up minority is fun now

No. 1230636

>flushing tampons

Please don't, put cayenne pepper on them instead

No. 1230637

Its as anon here >>1230632 some libfems on twitter want to "reclaim" the term and make hyper femininity their own

No. 1230642

Fucking horrible they are lumping Elle Woods into this just because she dresses in pink. She is extremely smart and doesn't sleep around with anybody.

I hate libfems almost as much as trannies.

No. 1230647

File: 1621081854977.png (67.86 KB, 720x427, Screenshot_20210515-173048.png)

I hate this reality so much

No. 1230650

so basically the same stupid logic as somebody telling a kid to calm down and them deciding to throw an even bigger tantrum

No. 1230671

So this is basically: Jokes on you, I was only pretending to be a retarded slut!

No. 1230673

boys will be boys

No. 1230676

File: 1621086748042.jpg (51.14 KB, 418x1080, IMG_20210512_233412.jpg)

if he raped a woman, he deserves to get misgendered because he's a man in dress you faggot.

No. 1230685

Insulting that they’re calling Marilyn Monroe a bimbo. They engage in harmful essentialist behavior and are totally ignorant that the reason why Monroe died or possibly killed herself was because she was tired of performing femininity that destroyed her sense of self for garbage men and Hollywood. It’s also obvious that a lot of troons love to dress like libfems as well

No. 1230720

fuck, it lives one town away from me. never leaving my house again.

No. 1230738

File: 1621096047032.png (2.03 MB, 1612x1072, stepfordtroon.png)

I have noticed some troons LARPing as Stepford wives, mostly gay ones tho. Like this one that is popular on reddit. I think he even got his own tv show.

I think this is just part of their obsession with misogyny and "out-performing" women by being a total stereotype.

No. 1230744

Totally get what you mean. It’s like men teaching us what an exemplary woman is. I’m probably thinking too much into it.

No. 1230746

straight up looks like a horror movie still kek

No. 1230758


it's not just libfems, the tranny-adjacent leftist handmaidens do it do. see: chrissy chapaleka on tiktok

No. 1230768

any breakcore recommendations? i like venetian snares a lot but haven't got much further. sorry for off-topic.

No. 1230769

i recognize that guy, he used to be on tumblr as transgalacticwanderer and he groomed a 15-year-old girl from his lgbt group.

No. 1230775

File: 1621100051190.png (340.05 KB, 1125x499, tumblr_myk65w15UY1rhkj1ao3_128…)

No. 1230784

>Implying Elle Woods is shallow and materialistic
Leave it to a man to totally miss the main theme of that movie, which was to criticize how our culture conflates "feminine" behavior with stupidity. Elle isn't a bimbo, that's the whole fucking point.

Basically this.

No. 1230812

File: 1621104267792.jpg (262.42 KB, 745x1181, IMG_20210515_152405.jpg)

Why these trannies are so obsessed with sexually assaulting woman

No. 1230815

File: 1621104523217.jpeg (234.11 KB, 2048x1365, 57DBC299-6939-41C0-9ABF-053511…)

Surprised no one has outed this one yet. I instantly knew it was a man when I saw the Netflix ads. In fact the whole time I was under the impression that it was a drag queen. Only some time later, when I tried to find the name of the show again to check it out did I realize he was passing himself as a woman.

No. 1230819

File: 1621104646547.jpg (39.59 KB, 600x400, trooooon.jpg)

He is extremely careful only to release incredibly photoshopped pictures. But just look at him next to a real woman, sealed the deal for me.

No. 1230824

his boobs look like they're trying to run away kek

No. 1230833

is this christine mconnell??

No. 1230838

No. 1230842

File: 1621107665173.png (120.49 KB, 539x504, capture1.PNG)

Is It really this easy?

No. 1230848

What the fuck kind of show did he manage to land on Netflix? Not that I’m surprised, it’s Netflix but still

No. 1230851

I saw trailers for this show and it wasn't interesting to me but I still can't believe I didn't clock this one … it's so obvious

No. 1230857

You really couldn't tell? Dude has a head the size of Saturn.

No. 1230858

File: 1621108628714.jpg (105.07 KB, 620x420, at-home-with-amy-sedaris1.jpg)

I'll stick with the amy sedaris unhinged cooking show satire, thanks.

No. 1230860

>The only cute one is a they/them
Feels sad man.

No. 1230864

It’s bad enough when women glamorise the 50’s housewife stereotype but when men do it, it really feels like a slap in the face.

No. 1230866

File: 1621109576696.jpg (93.66 KB, 1280x720, thu.jpg)

sage for off topic, but thank you so much for introducing me to this, nothing has ever come close to filling the void left by Food Party

No. 1230872

so….I can’t be the only one who didn’t notice right….

No. 1230874

Is this not just a masculine woman? Where's the proof that this is a tranny aside from "big head and tall"? Legitimately curious here.

No. 1230875

File: 1621110752303.jpeg (99.44 KB, 804x1024, F3EB7C97-5747-40A4-A0EC-7A55E5…)


He’s probs wearing a vintage bra for the vintage silhouette, but it’s not doing him any favors.

Read thread #5.

No. 1230884

File: 1621111734893.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x3376, inCollage_20210515_234648169.j…)

I used faceapp to see if I could make some troons look like actual women.

They will never get to look as female as these filters make them and even then there is something really off, like it's not just about them feminizing their outer appearance.

No. 1230889

I didn't either… but after 30 minutes of searching I found a name change from 2003 and a gender change in 2008 related to her so…

No. 1230892

File: 1621112241408.png (12.77 KB, 655x109, gross.png)

comments like this make me feel war-like

No. 1230895

are you sure? she doesn't have that unsettling "troon voice" that just sounds like a stereotypical femmy gay voice

No. 1230903

File: 1621112740257.jpg (121.97 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_4515.jpeg.jpg)

Tbe sad thing is that some women do want to be a bimbo and it's the most bleak thing I've ever seen. They mutilate themselves like this with painful breast implants that stretch their skin beyond belief and lips that often come apart from serious infections. This is what these people glorify, this is what they think it means to be a woman, to be a gross sexual object with exaggerated feminine features, and the fact they choose this hell while shitting on authentic femininity is the biggest piece of evidence that they're moids with a fetish and 0 respect for women

No. 1230915

I watched several episodes and just saw big-faced woman.

No. 1230916

A KF user found this https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-1271#post-6802594 it's the most convincing proof imo. There's apparently a blank in their life between 2003 and 2008, probably the transition time.

No. 1230927

why did two of them have to take my mom's name

No. 1230928

File: 1621116291609.png (41.01 KB, 941x840, xtine.png)

Maiden name was Evers, enjoy

No. 1230931

and are you gonna post these or just keep them to yourself lol

No. 1230933

No. 1230935

Read the threads. I don’t remember which, just ctrl f his name on the pages. His high school yearbook and his grandfather’s obituary were posted, which was irrefutable confirmation from his mother he’s a man. He trooned out after graduation some time in the 00s.
Clear misogyny is their idea of peak performance femininity, but they insist they’re totally not LARPing. It’s a circus.

No. 1230940

File: 1621117962018.png (40.53 KB, 239x141, xtine2.png)

From the same yearbook where they found his brother's pic in the other farm's thread

No. 1230942

File: 1621118279697.jpeg (55.01 KB, 640x629, B51EACE1-EB73-4F29-9189-CC49BB…)

No. 1230950

File: 1621119131968.png (163.98 KB, 966x817, 1618381120531.png)

(apologies if potential off-topic)

Is there any sliver of hope that this shit will end?
What fucks me up the most about the trans movement is how much they are adamant towards grooming children. They say shit like "oh but we just wanna make sure they don't grow up to become bigots!" but their actions tell otherwise. Its one thing if its just a trend exclusive towards adult incels, but what's killing me is that children are being groomed into it, forming cults that practice self-destructive behaviors, then mutilate themselves to the point where they kill themselves or overdose as adults. It's a clear cycle of pedos grooming children into becoming pedos but whats maddening is that no one wants to do anything about it- and the ones who want to fix it are being labeled "TERFs" (fun fact: During the early stages of the LGBT movement, Lesbians were the ones to tell Pedos to fuck off when organizations like NAMBLA wanted to join in; fast forward to modern times and Lesbians are being villainized for being against this pedophilia.)

I just want see some light in the end of this dark shitted tunnel we are in.

No. 1230959

no, it will only become more normalized. puberty blockers are considered fine and normal because they're apparently reversible so it's the "best" option for children who claim to be trans. apparently that's acceptable now. research also indicates that most troons kill themselves due to not feeling accepted for who they are rather than body dysmorphia, though. idk how to feel about that.

No. 1230963

File: 1621120643042.jpeg (193.2 KB, 828x526, B0125F60-AED4-4ACA-8F33-985541…)

We don’t owe you shit.

No. 1230964

>then mutilate themselves to the point where they kill themselves or overdose as adults
imo they are directly grooming children to be suicidal. Suicide is a socially contagious phenomena, there are strict rules around reporting on it because copycat suicides are a well established, widely known possibility. And yet trannies have taken it upon themselves to publicly, vocally threaten suicide on behalf of children everywhere, blatantly communicating the message to them that if they don't get what they want, suicide is the answer.

The scary thing is that I think they WANT kids to kill themselves in order to further their cause. They cling to every little bit of tragedy that they can use for sympathy and leverage, they need it because an emotional response is the only possible way they can get support. An appeal to logic or common sense doesn't work, they need to make people feel scared and guilty enough to completely ignore rational thought.

No. 1230965

File: 1621120714669.jpeg (181.63 KB, 1125x1648, 07A962DE-D60E-4E10-A4A8-53F693…)

No. 1230973

so weird how this is completely targeting women. the backhanded, snake-like way of trying to bully women into accepting them or ELSE is so predatory and creepy. we're allowed to be allies without being your friend, and least of all dating/fucking you. myself and most other women stay the fuck away from mtfs for a good reason

No. 1230981

Words mean both absolutely everything and absolutely nothing to these people. The incongruity is astounding.

No. 1230995

> blaming anime is honestly disingenuous and blame shifting from the actual society-wide structural problem and men trying to escape their responsibility in this issue, akin to "porn made this way, not me internalizing and conforming to the conservative male upbringing and the associated misogyny!!! Ban porn not for exploiting women but for breaking my dick!". They might as well blame Satan for implanting impure thoughts and anime girl succubi in their heads. Just like >>1229749 described, it's just them trying to escape the blame and victimize themselves once again.
This is so spot-on. That author was victimizing himself and covering up the actual reason which is that they are wholly responsible for their AGP delusions. Men's instinct is to blame others before blaming themselves, take r/NoFap for example, where men who claim porn is an "evil industry" because the porn actresses are tempting them. These are the same men who refuse to hear any sort of argument of how the industry is actually evil because it confirms what they already know which is that they're sexually aroused by violence against women and rape.
OR you could pay for them yourself since women make less than men do–in America it's $0.70 on the dollar on average of what men make in the same position (or 30% less of what men are making).
MtFs try to claim that they make less money than us but I have yet to see any credible data on it (or any data to begin with). I'd love to get ahold of it myself and see if they're paid more like men or women, I suspect the former or potentially somewhere in between but I don't know how I'd find a good dataset unless I pretended to be a troon myself. Deep down we all know that people see MtFs as men who are to be coddled and protected since they're part of the oppressed yet the most untouchable class otherwise if they were women then no one would care. Even they themselves don't see themselves as women which is why they can't ever be happy with successes in actual women's rights and are constantly complaining about "cis" women like the porn addocted misogynists they are.

No. 1231018

Honestly, that sounds about right.

No. 1231021

If we actually went with them to go shopping, they’d call us transphobic for treating them like we’d treat any other female friend while shopping. (IE: pointing out what looks good and what doesn’t, and implying that they shouldn’t shop in the juniors section just because they have no curves)

No. 1231026

File: 1621128715404.jpg (152.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

You're not valid
But you're a man in woman's dress

No. 1231028

File: 1621129149478.jpeg (257.89 KB, 828x1202, DBC08920-A42B-476E-8255-E0BE51…)

Woke allies and their flags nonsense.

No. 1231029

Transmisogyny doesn't exist.

No. 1231034

Does anyone know the age of the trans that posted this? His room looks like a little girls. I'm guessing he's a balding 35+ year old.

No. 1231049

It’s a girl in her 20s.

No. 1231050

death to all men, but especially them

No. 1231052

>most troons kill themselves due to not feeling accepted for who they are
Maybe they ought to start with themselves. If they could just accept that they’re either just gay men who don’t fit into the social construct of “masculinity” (as in the case of HSTS), or if they could just admit they’re straight men with a fetish (as in AGP’s), then maybe they could accept themselves.
They could get therapy for their more unhealthy urges, whether those urges involve wanting to cut off healthy body parts, or wear diapers with stolen used tampons stuff into them, or whatever.
And then for their more innocent urges like just not wanting to fit in to the social construct of “masculinity” that they feel is forced upon them? Yeah, i feel for them there. But the current trans movement is actually setting back the acceptance of gender non-conformity by decades.

No. 1231063

>since women make less than men do–in America it's $0.70 on the dollar on average of what men make in the same position (or 30% less of what men are making).
ot but I cringed.

No. 1231073

Late reply but god, me too anon. I was so upset when I found out about that. Feels like most of the time a "female" producer I look up to for internet-based music like that turns out to be a troon

No. 1231076

pretty sure someone did the math and found out that white mtfs are even less likely to get murdered than white cis men, and have a median income of 70k

No. 1231078

Lesbians are the most based creatures in existence, no wonder moids desperately to want to be them or be with them.

No. 1231085

File: 1621139294927.png (3.18 MB, 1783x1177, 1619807495130.png)

Of course I'm catching up with my YT subscriptions for the day and this channel covered a typical tranny case. Starts around the 14:00 mark

I knew the moment it mentioned the tranny running their own daycare where this was going to go.
I will never trust these disgusting sexually deviant MEN in womens bathrooms or around children.


He's also swamped with deserved comments on his youtube.

Thank god the pos is in jail but I can't help but believe if a tranny hasn't already committed some deplorable sex act they are fantasizing about it until they do commit one.

No. 1231113

when will they start taking valium and come up with their own feminine mystique. speedrun plagiarizing feminism faster!

No. 1231118

Cringed? Why? Because you're a moid who doesn't believe in the wage gap or…?

No. 1231124

An AGP won’t get help in the same way serial killers don’t get help. Their fetish exists BECAUSE it is deviant and involves predatory behavior

No. 1231125

TiMs in first world countries seem to fall into three main categories: 1) upper middle class AGPs who either waited until they were well established in their career to transition or (more recently) younger men who leveraged their trans status to get into well paid influential positions; 2) NEETs who live off their parents/welfare/online donations, may or may not have an OF as a hobby and 3) HSTS living off prostitution, most of whom are probably legitimately poor. TRAs always play up the last group for sympathy and they probably were the majority several decades ago, but the first two groups are much larger now and include literal billionaires.

No. 1231137

File: 1621151369226.jpg (1.02 MB, 1065x4597, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-8Tag…)

Reminds me of this post by a former "sissy" and how he explains his desire to be feminized and humilated was driven by pure misogyny, homophobia and an internal desire to do these things towards other people(specifically women) he also explains the mentality of men who hire dominatrixes and watch femdom porn, it too is about controlling women, if the submale doesn't feel they the Dom isn't doing enough for them then they would manipulate them to push their boundaries or withdraw payment, essentialaly they had all the power and they got off the distress

No. 1231138

Imagine prostituting yourself like that and thinking you are owning men in any way. Trannies who see this will just jerk off to your below average mammaries and not even read your essay. Cringe.

Please don't do shit like this, it's not helping women in any way.

No. 1231145

>Below average mammaries
This is honestly the most scrotish thing I've read in a while

No. 1231154

Nta but I perceive it as quite literally the opposite. Anon was being funny, it's not that deep.

No. 1231159

No I like Christine McConnell…I learned so much from her YouTube channel. Are you sure she doesn't just have masculine features? Some women really just be looking rough.

No. 1231161

i'm sorry anon

No. 1231164

>pandering to imageboard scrotes with pictures of your tits to own the troons
actually mentally deficient behaviour

No. 1231165

>Are you sure she doesn't just have masculine features? Some women really just be looking rough.
It’s a man anon. Literally fucking scroll up.

No. 1231166

Probably an unpopular opinion ITT but if someone is a passing troon to the point nobody can be sure if they're a masculine woman or born a man anymore then I don't see what debating and snooping this matter accomplishes. If they were sperging about the generally demented shit we see in here all the time like women having dicks biologically and pushing womb bearers as an actual term or how terfs should be killed it would be an entirely different issue. The reason I'm personally GC is TRAs denying biology, pushing a homophobic agenda, medicalizing children, being misogynist and taking away women's rights, not just because someone is mentally ill enough to start presenting as the other sex. If she's really trans then she's fooled people for almost two decades and I find it hard to be so appalled about it.

Not even pushing the virtuous trutrans narrative but I just don't see the point in autistically measuring someone's hands and facial features to prove a point. Come back when she's posting about stealing used tampons and wanting to breastfeed a baby.

No. 1231167

I see where you're coming from anon and I tend to agree. Even though they're performing extreme femininity they are also doing a fairly good job of hiding the fact that they are trans. I don't see this particular HSTS as a problem the way I see AGPs and the more combative HSTS as. If I need to break out my calipers and measure your skull to determine if you are truly female or not, and you aren't trying to see up my skirt in the bathroom I just can't bring myself to care. These types of troons are the oldest type of transsexual individual, the ones who just want to pass as a woman in every way, and never even bring up the trans shit. They're still mentally ill, but way more pitiable and easy to…ignore, I guess.

No. 1231169

That's transphobic tbh it's creepy but you can't dismiss her identity like that, she's still a woman.

No. 1231172

File: 1621157854570.png (254.15 KB, 390x391, Z7HeRxU.png)

It's not that deep

No. 1231186

The KF posters make kind of a good point. This one doesn’t make an ass of himself like most TIMs do. He doesn’t use his trans status for social clout or try to promote puberty blockers for kids or use his “platform” to promote TWAW. He just does his thing and exists. I wish he wouldn’t call himself a woman just for performing certain stereotypes, but other than that, he doesn’t seem so bad. I’d gladly accept a dozen troons like this before a Yaniv or Vaid-Menon type.

No. 1231191

I used to have a similar mindset, anon. But I have to disagree on the principle of the thing - regardless of how well a troon performs feminity and how well he passes, he is and always will be a man. Saying that someone is a woman because they look like one is a prime TRA logic. Being a woman is more than just looking like a stereotype of one. I would never tell anyone how to behave and if they want to behave like a 50s housewife, fine, let them, but I am drawing a line where they say that they earned being perceived as a woman because they look like they imagine a woman "should look like". Come on, be consistent.

No. 1231192

File: 1621163617119.jpeg (1.94 MB, 5386x3855, waH1gWT.jpeg)

wrt to having to look closely at mcconnell to tell whether or not they're trans- i get where you're coming from, but their entire persona is built on extremely carefully shot and manicured videos and pictures, and since they appear to have come from at least modest wealth (see picrel, this is their parent's house and its big as hell with a massive lawn) + they currently live in a mansion in new york, they likely have a boatload of expensive surgery to boot, so i think its reasonable for it to be a little more difficult to tell than your average skinnyfat unhygenic troon

i think the autistic tranny searching is kinda funny honestly, this is supposed to be a fun thread and shit like that is pretty entertaining, plus a man pretending to be a woman so he can play out his 50s housewife fantasy in front of the world is really fucking weird, and 100% lolcow material

No. 1231194

What is the fun in getting a bunch of moids to jerk off to your tits? Just admit that you have crippling insecurities and need male approval so bad you will go to incels on an imageboard for it, but then don't pretend you are inciting "fear" in anyone. You are literally just giving them something to cum on. Absolute degenerate behavior.

Are we not on a site where women are nitpicked and bullied relentlessly for all their flaws? Is everyone doing it a scrote? I was just making a fucking joke. Don't post your tits to the internet if you can't handle the banter.

>Everyone I don't like is a scrote REEEEE

every fucking day with you guys I am so sick of it

No. 1231196

Nobody's denying that he isn't a man or a weird stepford wife larper. It's just ultimately unnecessary to spend so much energy into literal skull measuring and "oh no is she or is she not a troon???" debating. It makes one look obsessed and closer to the right-wing nutjobs hating trannies due to their association with "homosexual degeneracy" and sends a signal to women with unconventionally masculine features that someone could start looking into their background to find traces of them possibly being born a man. Or maybe it could be an intersex person who was fucked over as an infant, we wouldn't know if that was a possibility. The oldschool troons who already transitioned in secrecy and don't sperg about how women should be defined and treated and recognize that they were born a man and that it's an immutable fact should be left to live their days out in peace because they were failed by medical professionals during a time before the big online tranny wave of the 2010's. What we should focus on is to prevent anyone else do it to themselves in the future, not debating whether a 6ft strong jawed woman was born a man or not.

No. 1231208

he still is a man larping as his favorite sexist stereotypes of women.

it's not about who does it quietly enough or is good enough, the mindset still is the same, womanhood is a costume you can wear, and you all saying that well he does it good enough so he can be basically viewed as a woman upholds that. transition is misogynist mindset itself.

No. 1231211

Kek anon, I agree that sperging out about who is and isnt a tranny is retarded scrote tier logic, but you referred to him as she in your post all throughout, stop backtracking.

No. 1231212

Oh no no, I wasn’t saying he’s a woman. Just that he’s minding his own business and doing his own thing.
Yes. This is all still an issue to me. But I agree with that other anon, I feel like it’s a “pick your battles” situation. Why waste energy on a HSTS trying to stay closeted when there are legions of AGP idiots all over social media going on and on about trans woman having periods, and trying to cancel anyone who commits the thought crime of thinking they don’t. (Just to name ONE issue more worth focus. There are many.)

No. 1231213

File: 1621167087930.png (90.15 KB, 626x419, BASED.png)

Exactly. There are no "good ones" and if you still think that >>1231196 you haven't peaked yet.

He also does fetish pin-up shoots, you don't think that makes his neogina hard? Don't think this troon doesn't fucking hate you like the rest of them just because you were born a woman and he is trying his fucking hardest to out-fem you just because it makes him feel better about never having what we were given effortlessly.

No. 1231216

File: 1621167893480.png (817.33 KB, 532x921, fdh56.PNG)

when kevin gibes' "cutest top" is a 4 dollar hanes cami from walmart

No. 1231220

File: 1621168691077.jpg (46.59 KB, 577x433, 4uiues.jpg)

What the fuck. Children don't know what the gender is or packer.
Why these people are so obsessed? Just leave children alone wtf

No. 1231221

I feel for his mom, even the mothers of criminals don't feel as ashamed as much as Kevin's mom

No. 1231222

File: 1621169225409.png (469.92 KB, 535x883, dfsi899889sdf.PNG)

they will literally jump through a thousand hoops to claim everything is somehow related to their fetish even when it makes absolutely no sense at all

No. 1231223

retards refuse to watch her promo video and read the lore, she is just a doll that was knitted by other characters wife, so dumb kek

No. 1231227

Wearing a bra when you don't need them.. Wearing a bra as a fashion accessory and not a necessity. The privilege. Such an oppressed uwu enby

No. 1231228

when do these heckin valid transwomen get their actual representation? Need more wide-shouldered, fuzzy faced dudes in dresses.

No. 1231231

File: 1621170013493.png (183.71 KB, 469x1193, 9847.PNG)

Definitely not a fetish btw

No. 1231238

File: 1621170525863.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1380, 342.png)


>so many straight dudes trying to fuck me(;

>omg now so many chasers are trying to see my boobies uwu
>literally looks like this
>has been a tranny for 5+ years and looks exactly the same but with longer, uglier hair
>sure, jan

No. 1231241

The whole egg cracking this sounds so fucked up, its literally grooming and gaslighting, that said any male(who isn't openly gay) that decides to fuck these degenerates probably already has these kinks

No. 1231257

Why is every male to female transformation post
>me with long hair and no other differences at all, not even in my facial expressions

No. 1231258

The fun is dunking on trannies. women who use 4chan have issues anyway, she was probably going to post her tits regardless might as well make troons seethe while she's at it

No. 1231268

Why do they want to be women if they fucking hate them.

No. 1231276

See >>1231137 this explains the mentality of majority of these types

No. 1231277

They only attract chasers and the chaser to troon pipeline is a short one. Fortunately for these guys, because telling an actual straight man that he kisses or moans like a girl sounds like a good way to get beaten up.

No. 1231309

> creator if this flag is actually a butch lesbian who couldn't stand girldick adn trannie shit, was doxxed by twitter and tumblr for years to a point where they'd send a police to her, so she would end up getting beaten up and they'd draw fan-art in which she gets raped by a man, not counting daily dose of people telling her to commit suicide on all of the social medias. She also was never racist, all of these retards throw ALL THE SHIT at anyone who doesn't pander to trannies and i fucking hate it.

No. 1231334

Yo, send the receipts and sources anon.

No. 1231339

File: 1621183798407.gif (2.16 MB, 300x357, 2.gif)

Here's one more to the selfie gif. Also even his shaved side looks male wtf.

No. 1231343

I get where you’re coming from this thread is to laugh at mtf trannies. It doesn’t matter of he fails to leave a paper trail online and his antics don’t get documented on the farms. He’s still a scrote doing scrote shit, basing his idea of womanhood on misogyny that actively harms real women, etc. everything lolcow worthy going on itt that other troons do. And a famous one at that is all the more fair game to be mentioned itt. >>1231192 There’s no debate happening and the last one about him reached its conclusion threads ago. There’s no point to argue on behalf of tranny outliers when they don’t exist. Even oldschool hsts ones are the same. >>1231196 was pretty spot on with her analysis. Plus trannyspotting is like 1/3 of the fun especially when they make it so obvious, including mcconnel and gibes.

No. 1231346

File: 1621185363332.png (33.81 KB, 650x188, Screen Shot.png)

kek at this comment on one of his videos about how trans women should be in womens sports. yeah basically.

thankfully an overwhelming amount of comments on that particular video were disagreeing with him and acknowledging that trans women will always have an unfair advantage in female sports. it was refreshing to see so many people refusing to drink the kool aid for a change.

No. 1231364

File: 1621188040542.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1920, C9E2F189-190D-4B5F-B2F1-336C91…)

No. 1231367

>square-ass man features

yeah the only guys hitting on you are so old they're half-blind

No. 1231374

Thanks. I did some searching and found that there's a lot of citing statistics about the HSTS prostitutes in poverty but nothing about how much trannies in white collar jobs earn compared to men and women. The only paper that exists is from 2008 and claims that MtFs earn 1/3 less of what they previously earned. So much has changed since 2008 but articles written today are still citing that statistic kek.
> below average mammaries
Ntayrt but you deserve to be called a scrote for this phrase alone. Maybe as a woman you can say shit like this in Shayna or Belle's thread. If that's where you congregate normally then alright, save the body shaming for those threads instead of typing like a scrote here.
This housewife fantasy is so fucking insulting to women; how can you not be enraged to see a rich moid simply opting into some sexual fetish and then getting famous for it when actual women were basically slaves within their homes, doing the actual labor of a "Stepford wife" with no chance to get out less than a century ago in America. Older women will tell you how this "aesthetic" was a life sentence of imprisonment for women who were capable of so much more. I'm so angry seeing this anons, why can't Twitter cancel him jfc.

No. 1231378

File: 1621190394126.jpg (110.89 KB, 791x559, Untitled.jpg)

>it's another "tranny is a pedophile" episode

No. 1231382

I have this theory that the porn addiction bit not only motivates their AGP obsession with wanting to be a woman but also manifests in a transition from porn-addict to porn creator. Doesn't anyone else think it's really odd how AGPs decide to become sex workers? Not like the HSTS prostitutes who might be in closer situations to women that have no other choice. Do you think it's possible that this might be evidence that men are actually envious of women for our ability to get sex even down to our ability to have our naked bodies on demand?
Imo these men with their humiliation fetishes literally opt in to sex work because they can get off on the degradation that comes with it. It shows you how they actually think of sex workers because they never pursue sex work as men. They have such a shallow view of how humiliating sex work is, it's all fun and games like the ultimate sissy slut fantasy. If you see their twitters they're always advertising themselves as submissive sissies and very rarely as something else.

No. 1231397

I fucking hate how femdom became infested with trannies wanting to be bullied for being sissies, fuck off i want cute men not you.

No. 1231423

I get that working sucks but holy fuck this is shameless. I'd kill myself before stooping this low.

No. 1231480

File: 1621199450725.png (549.08 KB, 720x1254, Screenshot_20210516-224805.png)

Almost kinda funny but still fucking gross

No. 1231482

This dude is like a cartoon character he wears the same shit and MAYBE on a special episode he'd throw something different.

No. 1231492

the rates of """women""" being booked for rape crimes and violent attacks is skyrocketing. society will be questioning why """women""" are suddenly raping children and going on shooting sprees in these years and the answer is that it is all troons.

No. 1231501

Since 2016 all he's done is grow his hair out and put on a ugly hat.
I 100% believe 100% straight men saw this man and thought, "Damn I can turn that girl straight!"
I mean look at her, you can't even tell she was born Male. Wow.

No. 1231513

Bruh he transformed into Vegan Teacher

No. 1231526

No woman in the history of existence has ever "enjoyed" their period or the feeling of their bloody pads. God I hate scrotes

No. 1231528

>try to smell them

I want to die

No. 1231531

What the fuck, vektroid is a dude? I felt the same and was happy that a random girl made Macintosh Plus. Ugh

No. 1231534

File: 1621202554824.jpg (141.65 KB, 900x1200, vektroid.jpg)

troid is literally in the name

No. 1231538

NTA but it was the same for me, I was so happy that a woman had contributed such an iconic piece to electronic music since it's a very male-dominated field and was immensely disappointed to find out it was a troon.

No. 1231555

me whenever i see a woman game designer except it's just Luna Charity Alice Aphrodite the tranny

No. 1231585


No. 1231592

File: 1621206221889.png (362.51 KB, 443x694, 1598665121126.png)

LOL, anyone remember tommie?

No. 1231600

How can you be a non binary trans woman? Don't those kind of contradict each other?

No. 1231603

File: 1621206970305.png (1.37 MB, 1720x2048, Screenshot_20210516-191303.png)

No. 1231608

exactly, they’re just abusive men and know how easy it is to bring out misogyny. i love how one openly conflated the classic predator “i can turn you straight” with “i can turn you into a female”, and all those misogynists responded with gaslighting tips. becoming or eliminating what you hate is not going to free you and that’s the most testosterone logic there is.

No. 1231613

I want to a-log SO FUCKING BAD. This is the kind of thing that you might pose as a hypothetical to get trannies riled up and screech "NO REAL TRANZ WOMUN WOULD EVER" but you turn around and sure enough, trannies would, and they write inspirational articles about it.

No. 1231618

i want to puke.

No. 1231623

I thought I had recovered from bulimia

No. 1231629

that’s fucking sexual abuse
. the “new pathways” he created by being turned on by an infant is imprinting on her just born brain. i’m done

No. 1231634

This sentiment really helps me, as someone who has been a gaslighting and emotional abuse victim my whole life, even outside the transcult stuff. Thank you to all anons who remind the thread that handmaidens and trannies, even the ones engaging in the very same behaviors they're dismissing, say that these things never happen, or if they do, "they're not a big deal." It's hard to keep my head straight with all the manipulative dialogue, and it helps to see it laid out plainly.

No. 1231641

This is DISGUSTING how is there no backlash to this? We've spent eternity trying to make society realize that breastfeeding is non-sexual and then this asshole comes along and basically admits that his innocent child latching onto his moob and getting a mouthful of god-knows-what made his dick hard?

Anons I fucking hate men.

No. 1231669

>she got what sustenance my body could provide

a fucking nipple hair and some dead skin cells? gross

No. 1231670

File: 1621214334472.jpg (616.8 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20210517-031755_Twi…)

No. 1231671

File: 1621214837455.png (18.44 KB, 481x589, Screenshot4.png)

lmao same anon, and if I get lucky and find a game with actual female devs they're TRAs. that's why I went out of my way to support the based terven team behind the RPG Heartbeat

No. 1231673

File: 1621215211665.jpg (340.43 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20210517-033231_Twi…)

can we start a divorce fund for his wife?

No. 1231677

Someone come get their Italian dad

No. 1231679

we can talk about shoulders, hands, and jaws all we want but 95% of trannies have this humongous male pattern baldness forehead and they're almost all too stupid to get bangs to cover it up. 100% clock every time.

No. 1231680

File: 1621215948733.jpg (301.7 KB, 1080x1835, Alphabetsoup.jpg)

What the hell does this mean

No. 1231682

Cis transbian has +15 melee but -20 speed since they're weighed down by all their bullshit

No. 1231683



No. 1231686

File: 1621216889704.gif (97.95 KB, 250x141, 39277FFC-F0EA-4F37-87FC-BC637B…)

>'girl pills'
they make everything sound so fucking gross

No. 1231700

File: 1621218419466.jpeg (651.66 KB, 1125x1071, 23FCC855-920E-47E1-A9C7-16C138…)

>mfw shrek had the most realistic representation of a transwoman

No. 1231702

“I’m mentally ill”

No. 1231705

What if everyone started calling themselves multigender cis transbians and holding it as a reverse uno card when they were called TERFs?

No. 1231706

This is from 2017 and gets posted literally every 3 threads

No. 1231708

Because its so disgusting and disturbing.
You dont think a man getting off on a infant sucking his nipple deserves to get mentioned often?

No. 1231709

I don’t think it’s interesting to keep reposting old milk

No. 1231710

means they're like twelve

No. 1231717

"i kind of got off on it" is fucking horrifying in the context of any parental interaction with their child

No. 1231739

My apologies, I haven't read all the previous threads and the Twitter post I discovered it from was recent.

No. 1231743

Has Avizandum gotten attention here before? He's pretty notorious on left Twitter and is involved in a shitty Chapo knockoff podcast.

No. 1231751

Troons literally cannot differentiate between their failed male dick and balls and being a woman. Why would any grown ass man thinks his floppy old man dick is equivalent to "external ovaries"??

No. 1231755

absolutely 0% chance this dude got ma'amed ever in his sorry ass life unless he told them his preferred pronouns and his name first

No. 1231760

He definitely told them his “preferred pronouns.” I feel sorry for customer service reps dealing with creeps like this no one gives a shit about your pronouns just buy shit and leave ffs.

No. 1231778

They likely already had them on record, most doctors keep record of that sort of thing from what I've seen

No. 1231802

god mood, im a game dev myself and trying to find female only spaces is so goddamn rare

No. 1231806

Grossness and all that aside, how DARE they not give the baby to the MOTHER who just BIRTHED them? What the absolute fuck?? And to go to ANOTHER ROOM to do this too? Sick sick sick

No. 1231819

File: 1621242250591.jpg (301.39 KB, 1077x916, Screenshot_20210517-040218_Twi…)


They claim to be 20 and use fox pronouns. I'm hoping it's a dedicated troll

No. 1231823

File: 1621244199171.jpg (359.8 KB, 1367x2048, EMhDG7sU0AAayPm.jpeg.jpg)

That's what makes me hope it's just this troon (picrel) writing out his gross fantasy. Immediate skin to skin contact between a mother and her baby in the first hours after birth is incredibly important, as it helps transfer good bacteria and has a number of other health benefits. No medical staff worth their salt would just let that bridge troll put his grubby hands on a newborn and carry it away, no questions asked. Unless maybe the mother needed urgent care and couldn't be there for the baby.

No. 1231824

this pronoun shit is so fucking stupid.
How tf do you use shit like fox as pronoun? none of any of this shit makes any damn sense

No. 1231827

The story is 4 years old, any updates on the child? if did the wife finally divorce him?

No. 1231829

A lot of these moids seem to think that failing as a man makes them women. Like it is some sort of back-up plan when you have crashed and burned as a moid that you can always be a woman instead cause it is so much easier UwU.

I used to think it was just the Incel > Troon pipeline, but it is more and more men with families and wives who troon out. Failed man > Troon pipeline is more like it I guess.

No. 1231830

gender discourse is exhausting. cis trans he/him nonbinary genderfluid lesbian men exist in their retarded fucking world.

No. 1231835

File: 1621247471307.jpg (438.05 KB, 1080x988, 20210517_122239.jpg)

This is his current twitter bio, so I'd say his wife got troonmatized into staying, unfortunately.

No. 1231836

File: 1621247731161.jpg (102.38 KB, 1080x597, 20210517_122401.jpg)

Bonus: this lovely tweet to fill you with optimism.
Entirely adeqate mother, my ass.

No. 1231840

He's an obvious pedophile and knowing that his wife lets her daughter mooch off of a disgusting man boob makes me want to die.

No. 1231844

File: 1621248935580.png (254.42 KB, 1200x911, 1457140105422.png)

>Lesbians don't like penis no matter how you chop it up. You can surgically mold your penis into the Eiffel Tower if you want. You're not going to become France.
no matter how many times i read these tweets they always get me holy shit

No. 1231846

Can you stop with the cringe anime reaction images while adding absolutely nothing of value to this thread? Learn to integrate.

No. 1231847

File: 1621249713838.png (256.8 KB, 962x962, 1342003467782.png)

>telling a site that migrated from 4chan's cosplay board to stop using anime reaction images because they aren't "integrating"(2008 is over)

No. 1231855

You make yourself look like a tranny. Most embarrassing behavior.

No. 1231858

>our anime
Fuck off annoying weeb.

No. 1231861

They already did, find another outlet for your autism

No. 1231865

Someone should make an archive that is just AGP fetishization of motherhood and girlhood. How could any woman read this shit and not peak? Literally just entered this world and already being used to pleasure a grown man, fucking disgusting.

No. 1231868

File: 1621252195389.jpg (30.77 KB, 600x450, pocket sand.jpg)

They just don't want to use GNC.

That would invalidate their transition into another gender because that would mean accepting that GNC cis men exist
They use all these random ass contradictory words to spice their straight cis male labels up. They mean nothing.

No. 1231873

Do you know where you are?

No. 1231877

>"muh history of the site tho"
t. every annoying weeb ever

Facebook used to be a site about rating college girls on their fuckability. Things change, move the fuck on pissbaby.

No. 1231879

File: 1621254459867.png (95.49 KB, 433x551, 1359256935919.png)

Or how about you fuck off back to twitter?(stop)

No. 1231882

they're appropriating kikomi

No. 1231901

File: 1621260393323.png (16.25 KB, 849x562, tranny.png)

Sage for non-milk but this meme does have a point. What are these troons gonna do when they age? Do they just continue their larp or do they just revert back to being men?

No. 1231903

No they actually think they will age better than women… Something about how women’s estrogen lowers after menopause while theirs won’t, so they think they will look “prettier”. Of course, men think women become ugly the minute they turn 45 and troons are no different.

No. 1231906

In think many will kill end up killing themselves

No. 1231910

File: 1621261867118.jpg (31.68 KB, 594x133, lifelesseyes.JPG)

they wish this was true

No. 1231917

You can bet your ass this beast is laying actual women flat in fucking roller derby. Which is very very high contact. Can't believe they let a man play that lol.

No. 1231919

>periods have so much shame and stigma even to this day

watch troons colonize the efforts to destigmatize ~female issues~ by somehow making it all about themselves and their gender affirming bleeding wounds, while also somehow coming on top as heroes to all women…

No. 1231927

File: 1621264520701.jpg (54.8 KB, 237x350, Aoi_pretty_cure_dual_smaller_3…)

Sometimes I wonder if the "life in your eyes" concept they sperg about is actually just an anime-driven coombrain thing, where they think that wider open eyes that you can see more detail and reflected light in are a sign of happiness. It's obvious from an outside perspective that they're straining themselves to get their eyes to look like that in selfies, and I can't find any other reason why they'd be so driven to do so. Pic related, it's a trope/meme that anime characters will get duller, more lidded eyes when feeling very bad things (anything between deep sadness, to trauma, to literal death).

No. 1231929

Several people have told you to stop posting your shitty anime memes like a fucking tranny and yet you keep doing it. It's you who needs to leave.

No. 1231947

Oh god anon just shut up already with your autistic rage over dumb anime pictures already, go cry somewhere else.

No. 1231949

File: 1621266577625.png (1.1 MB, 720x3120, Screenshots_2021-05-17-08-46-3…)

Kek it's always refreshing when troons on r/transpassing tell each other the truth.

No. 1231960

Please tell me he lives with his family, and that those pads belong to his mom or sister, not him or (god forbid) an unrelated woman.

No. 1231962

Shut the fuck up faggot and stop derailing. We get it, you're 2cool4anime, good for you.

No. 1231965

Men and that goddamn shaved head hairstyle. At least Google how to maintain your hair you lazy bastards

No. 1231980

Because he thinks women are failed men, and female anatomy is defective male anatomy. And he tells himself that as a way to cope, because nothing about him will ever be female.

No. 1231983

Yes please

No. 1231987

True. Also not even 45 - these scrotes think that women suddenly dry up into empty husks and “hit the wall” after 25 lol

No. 1232009

A lot of them play it, probably bc they get off on the idea of physically assaulting women.

No. 1232059

File: 1621278794433.png (131.51 KB, 609x805, skinwalker.PNG)

If the MtF did one thing, it gave deranged moids a platform to air out their obsessions with random women. The first few paragraphs give me legit stalker/serial killer vibes. I wanna know if I'm alone in now having a fear of being killed and legit skinwalked by a MtF psycho.

No. 1232084

This is horrible streotype.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1232108

File: 1621281607097.png (39.73 KB, 450x282, large-697552-screen-shot-2020-…)

No. 1232113

File: 1621281723746.jpeg (10.51 KB, 363x139, images (10).jpeg)

No. 1232118

File: 1621281925260.jpeg (294.33 KB, 640x900, 1619896224194.jpeg)

No. 1232119

Lmao I'm surprised that they're actually allowed to comment the truth on there

No. 1232133

This post sounds like it's about self acceptance and self care, but the wishes/goals mentioned only relate to make up and outfits. It's really telling.

No. 1232141

I remember stumbling onto his tiktoks awhile ago, he's unclockable which is why I don't understand why he makes every video of his about being trans.
He could just be stealth and not get hate for it, I know there's big financial gains for being a passing troon but he's not leveraging it.

Sage for sperging but does anyone think the media chooses very clocky troons, like most troons are very clocky but the media can easily find young less clocky transitioners if they wanted.

No. 1232157

File: 1621283851646.png (1.89 MB, 1230x1420, ve.png)

I thought mood swings came mostly from hormone fluctuations with the menstrual cycle, which he doesn't have. If you listen to the audio it sounds lowkey misogynistic tbh.


No. 1232159

It is refreshing. If trans want the ultimate feminine experience, they should be open to harsh but helpful critique. At least the person isn't lashing out at good advice.

Start losing weight and wearing clothes based on body type
Blow out and curl hair
Flattering make up
Eyebrow shaping
Shave legs daily
Appropriate facial care routine
Perfume/body lotions
Clean clothes
Flattering, well fitted bra
Nail care
Take pictures with angles and clean the damn bathroom

Women will get wrecked posting any picture that shows a lack in any of these elements (except smell of course)

I don't understand how the people posted here except to be acknowledged as female, catering toward feminine stereotypes then complaining about people saying they don't pass.

I'm speaking from a purely superficial place, but I at least give props to trans if they didn't expect to put in the most minimal effort (pink shirt) and brag about their femininity. >>1231339 Women can look masculine, but they're still born female and don't have to try. If you're a guy that looks like this, put in some fucking effort.

No. 1232167

It feels like both clockable and not so clockable troons make being trans their personality.
There's nothing that makes them special. As a woman he'd be a chubby girl, he would'nt stand out on tik tok or anywhere else, as a trans it's, "Oh my god can you believe that used to be a man?" most of these dudes don't have personality.
Nikita clocks to me in unedited pictures but he's the same, he has zero personality other than "I'm trans and I look like this, I'm sexual".
I don't think these dudes would know what to talk about if they couldn't talk about being trans.They don't want to be seen as just normal women, they want to be seen as "Special women, who deserve attention and fame, for not looking like a man"

No. 1232174

remind me to never change my pad/tampon in a public restroom ever again

No. 1232175

File: 1621284974540.png (416.29 KB, 353x615, 1.PNG)

I don't know if you guys know of Sidney Star, he's a old school TIM. Mainly known for ruining a rappers career by saying they were dating or something back in the day. It wasn't true and he admitted it eventually but the damage was done.
Anyway, i used to think he was very unclockable, but as he gets older he gains more weight and sometimes he looks like a fat woman but he just moves like a fat dude.
Anyway, he's on the Bad Girls Reboot, which is a show were a bunch of women fight and act out. Apparently he threw water in a woman's face. I haven't watched the show, but i was annoyed he was even allowed on a show about women fighting/having conflict. The show is trashy though, so I guess he belongs.
He also was on Love and Hip Hop and blurted out that his dick was tiny and he wanted to get a neo-vagina. Not sure if he got one.

No. 1232177

File: 1621284995907.png (470.71 KB, 399x566, 23.PNG)

No. 1232179

And when I say, "I guess he belongs" is because the show is trash, not because he should be fighting women. He should'nt be on the show period, but if he is, his big ass should'nt be putting his hands on ANYONE.

No. 1232180

What the fuck is wrong with his cheeks?

No. 1232189


No. 1232196

i thought this was a picture of cardi b for a sec.

No. 1232198

File: 1621286344346.jpeg (193.13 KB, 903x1594, 024085C9-13F9-435F-9A4F-5573CD…)

When women see another woman they admire, they usually keep it at that, admiration. Troons see women they lust after and turn them into “goals” even before they begin their transition. They want to become what arouses them that’s why you have these ugly men who troon out and immediately get a side shave and call themselves goth, with no consideration to wether it looks good or not, nor the effort it takes to achieve that aesthetic.

Looks like that guy from everybody hates chris kek

The other one has to stand in the back because he’s so much bigger and less passing than his friend. Sad that he has only been on estrogen for 8 months and has already booked his ditch surgery. Another femme gay boy lost.

No. 1232204

That's because troons have a quintessentially masculine lack of attention to detail or nuance, especially when it comes to women. If you asked the average straight man to draw a woman he'd probably draw a stick figure with boobs, a dress and long hair. They don't have the slightest clue about all the effort that goes into maintaining a conventionally feminine appearance. That's why so many troons will grow their hair out, get some HRT breast tissue growth and throw on an ugly dress and honestly believe they "pass." Never mind the fact that their hair is stringy and greasy, they have male pattern baldness and visible 5 o'clock shadow, and their makeup application is clownish. They just look in the mirror like "titties? check. long hair? check. slutty dress? check. I'm a sexy woman!"

No. 1232224

File: 1621288393352.jpg (553.97 KB, 3851x3078, k1-1HQTiJmKLWlo1LHI62vssInc9_n…)

Lol I remember Christine, posts like picrel were huge on reddit. I wonder if those dudes would have been simping as hard if they knew…

No. 1232231

they look like tyler perry characters.

No. 1232234

obese cardi b

No. 1232263

File: 1621292937178.jpeg (78.89 KB, 628x754, 8593D469-BF5A-4909-91A2-CFD94B…)

What do you guys think of my edit

No. 1232326

File: 1621299286500.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.24 KB, 2048x1364, 02E5520C-09B7-4972-B9CF-BDF089…)

This is ripe for a Joker edit

No. 1232327


(unnecessary spoiler, I'm dumb)

No. 1232346

File: 1621302051574.jpg (272.08 KB, 716x1412, Untitled.jpg)

guys pls remember that a woman can have androgynous or masculine features w/o being a troon, we really should stop the troon hunting of randos unless we know for sure they are. pic related

No. 1232360

Yeah tbh I don’t care if Christine is trans or not. They seem talented and harmless enough. Lots of girls post edited half-naked pictures and the aesthetic doesn’t give me the vibe of only being a gross fetish thing.

Speculating when we don’t know for sure is just going to make any women with masc features reading this thread feel like shit.

No. 1232378

The media doesn't like passing trans people because the fact they pass detra is from their struggle. I hate Nikita Dragon, but I don't think it's a coincidence that people will grab at straws to cancel Nikita when the same people are constantly shrieking about how nikita is a privileged scumbag who doesn't know the trans struggle simply because they could afford a well done transition and are pretty much unclockable

No. 1232384

You can 100% tell that that's a woman.

No. 1232387

*detracts from their struggle. Sorry, phone had a stroke.

No. 1232392

File: 1621304958509.png (384.47 KB, 720x1372, Screenshot_20210518-052753~2.p…)

The blackheads on his chest are fucking disgusting.

How hard is it to extract them and use some cleanser and toner?

What a pig.

No. 1232394

Might not be blackheads but shaven chest hair which is equally gross

No. 1232397

obviously hair

No. 1232400

File: 1621305746663.jpg (59.97 KB, 1100x754, kendall-BAMTF-front~2.jpg)

His "breats" probably look like this.

No. 1232402

I hope they manage to catch AIDS or hep. I wouldn't even feel sorry for them. I feel violated just reading this.

No. 1232403

File: 1621305873683.jpg (535.04 KB, 3024x4032, syeyvxn74w3z.jpg)

That poor woman, she married a Cheeto prize winner and on top of that years later she has to deal with this b.s. This is why the entire troon "culture" is toxic, most of them are sex obsessed and nothing else.

No. 1232404

It's disingenuous to call Christine's aesthetic a "stepford housewife fantasy", it's much more along the lines of tim burton parody than genuine tradthottery. Even this image was part of an ad campagin for part of the Alien franchise, those are alien eggs.

No. 1232408

Holy fucking cursed image

No. 1232421

File: 1621307218954.jpg (29.12 KB, 588x407, DfI7XeyWsAAcNzd.jpg)

No. 1232449

That Fujo fuel show was right about a lot of shit

No. 1232452

You're thinking too much into it, the idea of lifeless/lively eyes has been around culturally for ages (think the term Thousand Yard Stare or the stereotype of unsettlingly hollow Cluster B eyes or the concept of a twinkle in one's eye). There's are some troons that try to make their eyes as wide as possible and some are definitely trying for the anime look, but a lot of others are just trying to ape the way eyes are set in a female skull.

No. 1232462

File: 1621312729636.jpeg (307.52 KB, 679x1024, C5C806BF-0A52-4A0C-B12B-D0733C…)

In what universe is nikita dragun “unclockable”? KEK His ffs was botched with faulty bolt ons, and to top it off he pays for edited pap pics to get posted because he knows he’s that busted.
This argument is retarded because 99.99% of the time no one is ever posting real, regular women itt and accusing them. And if a dumbass was stupid enough to post a real woman to have anons analyze her, jannies should delete it since she clearly doesn’t fall under the thread topic and it’d be unnecessary doxing. I do think it’s fair to be wary though. It begs the question on what grounds are different looking women supposed to be comparable to troons, but we already know the answer. They aren’t comparable, because an adult human female is a woman no matter how “mannish” she may look. Ultimately I think seeking specific thread etiquette to avoid a few anons falsely accusing a few women is a fruitless endeavor.

No. 1232476

File: 1621314481652.jpg (50.3 KB, 1000x800, Nele.jpg)

>practice self care
>love yourself
Meanwhile these moids will literally take medicine that gives them increased risks of blood clots and other health issues alongside chopping their dicks off to get a rotpocket installed. Ironic.
I actually agree to an extent, but it's still a male trying to parody something that he has no right to (imagine a white guy in yellowface parodying Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany's).
The actual thickness of his neck, kek.
>They aren’t comparable, because an adult human female is a woman no matter how “mannish” she may look
This tbh. The anons reeing about people clocking Christine (who, let's be real, was clockable to a lot of people; people were asking if he was a tranny on his old reddit posts from years ago when he was blowing up there) or other "stealth" celebrities have a point, it does seem tinfoily, but the fact is that generally someone can tell. Maybe idiot anons might think a more androgynous woman is actually a male, but they have generally been corrected by other anons pretty quickly. Pretending that nobody can ever tell a troon is a troon or that any woman can be so ambiguous so as to completely dismantle the idea that males look like males is playing into tranny ideology that believes that performing femininity in shallow ways makes them indistinguishable. It doesn't. Maybe you can't clock them, but if not you, then someone else itt can and probably has/will. The most "passable" ones use filters, angles, and surgery and still don't pass unless they can control those things pretty stringently.

Like, maybe a woman has a bad picture where she looks particularly manly but when seeing other pictures — or better yet, video — even the ugliest, manliest woman will still be visibly female compared to the most "passing" tim. Even females who have been on testosterone are still visibly female. This doesn't mean there's some "female essence" or some shit that comes out, but rather that humans are sexually dimorphic as a species and while some are harder to figure out (i.e. deathfat genderblobs or the very small portion of the population that is truly androgynous), most can be picked out one way or the other. Picrel, a detransitioned female who was on testosterone for some time. She would probably be read as "masculine" (short hair, top surgery, deep voice) but you can tell she's female, even without her breasts, quite easily.

No. 1232482

File: 1621315125827.jpeg (246.61 KB, 1242x1239, 0A59A66D-9CA3-4F93-833B-987C45…)

No. 1232484

welp time to start sprinkling a dash of cayenne pepper on every used pad/tampon i am about to discard in public restrooms

No. 1232485

File: 1621315375700.jpeg (152.32 KB, 1242x1027, 22238E3D-E309-4D61-BED5-89C6EA…)

No. 1232487

File: 1621315509360.jpeg (303.74 KB, 1242x1558, 4B4F10FB-5E8F-4363-AC31-45849F…)

No. 1232488

File: 1621315705633.jpeg (118.9 KB, 1242x928, 59D3FF27-BB4E-4A96-BC55-94C9D0…)

No. 1232489

a good chunk of them is old and lived their lives like males,look like males but they still think they're fuckable uwu girlies and that they're better than women. Troons are just sick in the head, their shrimpdick blocks all reality

No. 1232491

Ew spoiler this shit. >>1232482 This fag is so delusional. It’s unsurprising he blew through his donations on useless junk.

No. 1232506

File: 1621319218937.jpeg (95.01 KB, 828x771, 6B675754-6466-4B4A-834C-C70D68…)

You know what, I’ll gladly catch a ban for a-logging but it needs to be said. Any troon who writes this shit needs to be shot.

No. 1232507

File: 1621319450843.jpeg (42.23 KB, 459x302, A6FFE08E-D28F-485C-B427-E76539…)

Sick pedophilic fucks need to be gassed

No. 1232508

File: 1621319528091.jpeg (263.38 KB, 1080x1464, E7D36E0C-0E1A-4A16-8C43-0EB7CD…)

Retard troon thinks troons can’t rape people. If a troon forces you to have sex with him it isn’t rape because he’s too oppressed

No. 1232511

I wish anons could accept that some people are better at clocking trans people than others. Some of us can tell Christine is male without any “autistic skull measuring” just by looking at him and especially seeing him in motion. If others can’t tell, or think that Nikita or Nikkie or whoever passes, so be it. Apparently this differs a lot from person to person, just like some people are good at remembering/recognising faces and others are not. It doesn’t necessarily mean either group is lying or acting in bad faith.

No. 1232515

God I really hope this is just a disgusting troll, thats the fucking pedophile pride flag in the background of his profile photo.

No. 1232517

Pretty sure this was confirmed a 4chan troll. Account is empty now.

No. 1232526

They think they can apply reverse racism rules to rape and troonery, I can’t. Throwing some real bullshit at the wall to see what sticks. Weirdly, it’s none.

No. 1232532

lol yup thank you. it may be """autistic""" but I definitely have a 6th sense in regards to intuition and on its face has never failed me. my gf is 5'10 and has been insecure about being seen as masculine yet fucking no one would ever call her a secret troon.

No. 1232537

Isn't he only 19, and wasn't he claiming to be homeless like a month ago? The fuck kind of homeless teenager spends his savings on cosmetic surgery? He's lying about the homelessness, the surgery, or both.

Damn those are some brutal dark circles. I thought mine were bad, but they're nothing compared to panda-troon over here.

No. 1232554

Admittedly I probably wouldn't clock him if I saw him on the street. I'd get the sense that something was "off" and assume he's just a really botched, middle-aged sex worker.

Yeesh the one in the back has an absolutely tragic hairline. At that point they might as well just shave it all off and wear a wig.

The head pats thing is of the most baffling troon idiosyncrasies to me. 90% of the women I know would be fucking pissed if you touched their hair. Is head patting something that happens a lot in anime?

No. 1232558

Funny twist is that not being able to recognize face is often an autistic thing.
Sorry for blogging, I am not autist but I can't easily recognize faces, and tbh I sometimes don't recognize troons at all. Like genuinely looking at a picture ITT with a troon everyone praise as "very clockable" and being "nope, can't see if it's a woman or a man". I feel kinda uncomfortable since my intuition failes me often, even IRL. Maybe that's why some of us don't really like when ppl start questioning the gender of some personnality/person. If I begin to do that I will just question half of the ppl i'll meet. But that's my issue so i let the chase to others.

No. 1232573

File: 1621332374077.png (271.4 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20210518-150447.png)

Fucking Christ, this is ultimate male degeneracy
How does one even acquire this fetish

No. 1232576

if gender is a construct why do they all even want to pass?

and if they want to pass, why do they do super manly shit like get buff and shave their heads? oh right.. because they're men. always will be.

No. 1232577

botched ffs, comically botched butt job, gay dude voice, hypersexual at all times.. yep, sounds like a man.

No. 1232578

LMFAO a literal dude with a huge klingon forehead (again, trannies are always too fucking retarded to get bangs to cover it up)

he does not pass even a little.

No. 1232579

wait is this.. after a lip lift? you're telling me this unfortunate creature had an even longer philtrum before this?

No. 1232581

"I want to rp this where someone begs me to get pregnant"
but the bride is already prenant.. are you telling me you want to get them DOUBLE PREGANT?

No. 1232584

I don't know what angers me more, the look on this guy's face or the fact that he's nonce.

No. 1232585

File: 1621333967769.png (966.95 KB, 1202x661, 785.PNG)

feat terf snow white
>"We're just four-"
>looks at him
>"I mean three super hot princesses"

No. 1232586

This dude should be put on some type of watch list. Holy fuck.

No. 1232589

The voice is a major giveaway. The shape of the skull in males is also square at the top and the female skull is narrower and rounder and females have larger eye sockets. If you look at a sonogram performed on a baby in the womb you can tell what sex they are by the shape of the skull. Even before puberty there are some differences.

There are tall women, a good percentage of women aren't stereotypeically hourglass shaped or what would be considered the right type of 'curvy', some women have large hands and feet and strong angular features, but when you look at them in motion and you pay attention to their skull shape it's not that hard to tell,

No. 1232595

File: 1621335638504.png (457.46 KB, 944x960, 1616520026720.png)

"being a wife and mother is so humiliating, really turns me on" - troons

No. 1232597

Part of this is definitely libfems fault. You convinced the world that being a wife and mother as a woman is not good enough, you have to be a career woman otherwise you are nothing more but a slave to men and now that's how they view women who are wives and mothers. As humiliated servants who are only good for popping out babies. Congratulations.

No. 1232608

That's what I was thinking, the fuck did the lips look like before?

No. 1232609

File: 1621337425002.jpeg (93.53 KB, 540x960, D4F0F182-EFDD-4FCF-BA4A-ADB0D9…)

Looking at the woman makes me think of this.

No. 1232617

I hate what the world has become

No. 1232618

File: 1621340386345.jpg (108.19 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This is also troll account, isn't it? It's pretty obvious imo
Men don't think being a wife or mother is humiliating in a sexy way because the evil feminists advocated for having women work outside the home, what the fuck. Men with humiliation fetishes like sissy fetishes (or the related bbc fetishes) are that way because of porn brainrot and viewing womanhood itself as humiliating/debased/lesser.
Note that (healthy) women don't really have these fetishes. Imagine calling a woman a "sissy" in bed. Even women with kinks you'd consider adjacent don't approach it with the mentality braindead moids do, the only exception being ftms on subs like r/ftmspunished who are severely mentally ill and self-loathing to a ridiculous degree.
Headpatting is an anime thing but it's infantilizing, without a doubt.
>In the anime community online, headpat holds the status of an appropriate way of expressing affection towards underage anime characters (also known as loli). The headpat meme is closely associated with the "protection" meme and is generally regarded as the opposite of lewding
Scrotespeak aside, the whole idea is basically cutesy infantilizing of an anime girl who often looks/is underage, and is framed to be "wholesome" (despite most of these same men jerking off to hentai of these characters or similar anyways). Naturally men and troons flock to the headpat meme, there is not a single woman alive who would unironically post about wanting to be an anime catgirl receiving headpats.

No. 1232638

File: 1621341521204.png (22.67 KB, 597x278, zacharyhearts.PNG)

zacharyhearts says 'she' but probably means god is a tranny with she/her pronouns

No. 1232643

>Men don't think being a wife or mother is humiliating because the evil feminists

It definitely is partly the fault of women who insult other women for being "only" a wife and mothert. Just look around on this website at all the women who shame others on here just for being straight and in relationships with men, let alone saying "I want to have kids and be a housewife". You literally make entire memes around women being "doormat bangmaids" for wanting to do that which is not at all different from how men fetishize women by pretending that being a housewife is no more than being a sissy fuckhole that gets pregnant and cleans.

You have successfully made every woman who doesn't want to be a strong independent businesswoman a "bangmaid pickme for men" who should stop serving moids and instead climb the career ladder and adopt cats. And that is now how men see wifes and mothers, because what woman would chose that life if she wasn't just silly breeding stock with no ambitions?

No. 1232646


what the actual fuck is this scrote logic, sounds like shit i would read on kiwi farms.

No. 1232658

….no actual women use "bimbo" that way

No. 1232660

This is one of the dumbest troon-logic "arguments" I've ever read on this thread. Please let it be a troll. Either way, I'm so tired of deranged narcissists with a victim complex making up retarded moral rules.

And whether it's a troll or not, you just know that quite a few people out there are giving at least some credence to this ridiculous line of thinking – just because it's coming from a super-oppressed tranny.

No. 1232662

Oh no it's an opinion I disagree with, quick scream "SCROTE SCROTE SCROTE!" at the top of your lungs as is tradition.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1232665

n what universe is nikita dragun “unclockable”?

Troons love to prey on the following.
-Male virgins who don't what an actual vagina looks like.
-Thirsty dudes who don't look too hard/ pornbroken white knights who defend anything with long hair and a schoolgirl outfit.
-Children who don't know what trannies are.
-People who don't care about trannies and would assume they're a mangled woman at first. Remember, a lot of people in my generation are polite. Someone with severe facial scaring? Don't draw attention to it. A woman with giant hands and is pretty ugly ?Don't draw attention to it. Say something nice or don't say anything at all. A lot of troons take that as a free pass to declare themselves "unclocked"

Anytime there's free pity , attention or kindness, there's a troon slithering around trying to find a way to claim it all for themselves.

No. 1232667

File: 1621344242871.png (696.94 KB, 1035x606, Pieck_reveals_Yelena's_past.pn…)

He looked like this before the lip lift

No. 1232674

your logic is retarded and scrotes are retarded. calling someone a scrote is basically calling someone dumb.

No. 1232677

File: 1621345335541.jpg (54.43 KB, 450x578, no sheep.jpg)

>People post lies and bullshit on the internet.
>Everyone sees it and declares it fake.
>Troons "Earn" the benefit of the doubt.
>Real shit like Chandler and Kristoffer Johansson aka Magdelena get swept under the rug.

Christ. I really wish people would stop posting fake shit, Troons already do outrageous unbelievable bullshit and the more fake shit floats around the harder it is to get people to believe the real shit. And the real problem is, it's not just tranny defenders making the fake shit.

No. 1232678

So you're a scrote then? Cause you are an unoriginal brainlet who can not come up with a single argument against what I said and instead have to deflect by screeching "SCROTE!" that's pretty retarded if you ask me.

Try "your opinion is retarded because… argument that shows your point of view that people can then agree/disagree with"
instead of

Really fucking hate all the low IQ twitterfags that come here just because "troon bad" but have not a single independent thought besides that.

No. 1232679

Nayrt but is scrote not how we accuse someone of being men? I've been using it wrong

No. 1232686

No, you've been using it right. The other anon is a retard. The anon they're fighting with is also a retard, though. Report them for infighting or derailing.

No. 1232689

File: 1621346206584.jpg (52.05 KB, 980x512, Jessica-Brennan-20-11-66-980x5…)

22 year sentence and it'll be out in 11 years. Oh so feminine

No. 1232700

Scrote cope.

No. 1232711

File: 1621347743693.jpeg (173.59 KB, 1181x601, BA45EB68-349E-4ACC-A322-DFC077…)

There are virtually no unclockable troons. There is always someone who can tell, even if it’s not you.

No. 1232719

lol, based.
most farmers are bitter they never found "the one" and misery loves company so they try to meme hetero girls into breaking up with their bfs over nothing every day.

No. 1232722

File: 1621348421019.jpeg (658.18 KB, 2224x1316, 3C40C177-69A0-4FE8-973F-575540…)

reddit troon would rather wear a diaper at work than use the men’s room as he was instructed to. Of course the fact that this was his solution has nothing to do with the fact he also has an adult baby diaper fetish. He’s also, unsurprisingly, a wiccan autistic bipolar alcoholic transbian.

No. 1232725

File: 1621348678528.png (192.25 KB, 720x1250, Screenshot_20210518-193601.png)

This is not a troll post, its something far more sinister
that post was by semi-popular tumblr user who was part of the baeddel movement. It's actually often quoted as one of the reasons why the baeddel movement was so toxic even by ultra TIM handmaidens, an example of the disgustingly bad takes that can come out of social justice discourse when you view yourself as the ultimate oppressed people, so it's not a troll.

For those obviously curious what the fuck the baeddel movement was, it was a tumblr based movement of trans lesbian separatists that copied stances of second wave radial lesbian feminism. The movement tore itself apart due to interpersonal drama and their toxicity to adjacent movements.


No. 1232745

>hurr durr ur a scrote cuz u say things I disagree with
Meanwhile you femcels are as misogynistic as men as soon as a woman presents opinions that differ from your own.

No. 1232753

oh my god you fucking autists learn to take a joke

No. 1232755

people who feel insecure about being twitterfags are first ones to accuse others about it. i'm not antisocial enough to build my identity or superiority over what websites i use.

No. 1232758

If you have no source of income yes you are a bangmaid pickme. The only self respecting way to be a housewife is to insist on a separate investment account for you and you only. As much as scrotes love to harp on and on about how unfair the courts are, alimony is actually becoming less and less common, and child support only lasts so long. The fact is, being a housewife puts you in a very vulnerable position, and a lot of the time you either lose your meal ticket in a divorce, or you're stuck with an abusive saggy balled loser because you have no way to generate income on your own.

None of this makes pregnancy or motherhood degrading. Its degrading to compromise your health and life with no assurance you won't be tossed aside in 10 years and forced to work out the rest of your days at mcdonalds.

No. 1232763

Men think wife life and motherhood is humiliating because they think femininity is below them. Take your cock and balls and leave

No. 1232766

Saying you're not a bangmaid slave after giving up your career and halting your life so you can provide free childcare and housemaid services while the bastard who polluted your body gets to advance his career is such a cope lmao. How many women gave up their dreams as soon as that positive pregnancy test blew in?

No. 1232771

File: 1621352628166.jpeg (77.42 KB, 596x1024, Ez7udBwVUAEQ2F7.jpeg)

This dude edits his pics so much that his nose disappears, I kinda wonder how he looks irl.

No. 1232773

Fuuuck, he has the angeltroon nose

No. 1232784

God forgive me, but he has such a cute face, I'd love to kiss him, Its sad that he choose this
He could have gotten plenty of girls and or guys, If he presented just as a normal guy

No. 1232792

File: 1621354062164.png (814.8 KB, 667x910, hair.png)

I know all troons have horrible hair, because they are men and don't know how to care for themselves, but this is just an absolute tragedy.

No. 1232793

Weird taste anon

No. 1232797

he probably has onlyfans so fave fun with this monstrosity

No. 1232798

I thought that was a furry hat at first. Tragic

No. 1232800

Kek same

No. 1232801

Wait a minute…

No. 1232802

That's not a furry?

No. 1232805

No. 1232807

I just want cute boys to be free and be in heathy relationships without any Kinks

No. 1232810

File: 1621355308612.jpg (25.64 KB, 254x346, IOYKHBTRA.jpg)

>Cute boys

No. 1232831

This is such a fucking lie. He looks like a low caste twink at best.

No. 1232832

good god, she looks pasty and lifeless. Someone needs to get her an IV drip going stat

No. 1232841

File: 1621358011336.jpg (64.47 KB, 827x897, E1e-0rqUUAEuMwF.jpg)

Anon. Are you okay?

This troon is ugly, and this is after he spent a bunch of money on a lip lift. I can't even imagine how long that philtrum must have been beforehand.

No. 1232871

He's cute imo

No. 1232875

go date a kpop fag

No. 1232891

So what is it anon— the toucan nose? The soulless, dead stare? The greasy forehead?

No. 1232893

File: 1621362244200.jpeg (598.52 KB, 1353x2444, B16AAA9E-A639-48E2-A007-37F5CA…)

I was added to this fb group and at first I didn’t mind, it was just girls I imagine 18-30y/o posting selfie’s and dumb kawaii shit. Lately it has been infiltrated by the troon community and no one seems to think it’s weird that men at 60 years of age want to post pictures of themselves in stockings and corsets in a group full of young women. The lie filled comments are laughable. Gassing up these perverts so they can rub one out, can’t even dilate for their raging “lady boners” uwu

No. 1232895

men have had these thoughts for women for centuries even when women didnt have rights, nice try dumbass scrote.
if only troons werent dumb enough to realize that these are pity compliments

No. 1232896

Someone got dumped and is still salty about it.

No. 1232906

File: 1621363010203.jpg (50.94 KB, 400x323, 1549598403070.jpg)

it's literally just a fact that being a jobless housewife/mother can end very badly if your marriage goes to shit dude. you don't have to be a career woman but you have to be seriously naïve to think it's a good idea to become financially dependent on someone that can easily abuse or abandon you

No. 1232909

if only the women so hungry to hype a ugly old man badly dressed with a fetish would hype up women the same way.
it's funny because there's whole communities where people make fun of women looking like shit, but would throw a fit if you picked at a brave & stunning.

No. 1232910


You're dumb af when your only goal in life is to be a mother and wife. You'll be financially dependant for a lifetime until you drop dead. Idiotic idea.

No. 1232920

This is exactly what I was talking about. You literally view housewives and mothers as the lowest of women, just like these mentally ill men. You're not feminists if you shame women for the choice to be full-time mothers instead of dropping their kids off with strangers while climbing the corporate ladder or for having kids in the first place.

You know that some women don't even have a choice because of the environment they live in, not everyone is a privileged westerner.

But ofc I am a "scrote" cause I say things you don't like. You have the same echo-chamber going on here that troons do on twitter, just instead of calling people TERFs for going against their believes you call people scrotes.

No. 1232924

How is what
Said has anything to do with your reply tho?
>it's literally just a fact that being a jobless housewife/mother can end very badly if your marriage goes to shit dude.
Is not a lie my cister and it's very unfortunate for those women who have no other choice but still a reality

No. 1232942

File: 1621366239619.jpeg (707.36 KB, 2394x2219, F661AF36-FE24-4BDC-9138-600B20…)

Real talk. On the group I’ve noticed actually pretty women only receive 1/8 of the likes as these troons. It’s the most female attention any of these ex-fedora wearing r/niceguys or sexual degenerates have ever received. The outfit with the fuckin socks kek but “kweeeeen” amarite

No. 1232944

I didn't reply to that post, I am talking about shit like >>1232910 this. Women who literally put women who want to have a big family instead of slaving away in an office down for their choices, calling them names, making memes about them, saying they are retarded and nothing more than bangmaids and slaves for men. It's misogynistic.

No. 1232945

here i thought you were a delusional woman, you're male? gtfo

No. 1232946

No I'm not a scrote, do you literally not have anything else to say? Holy shit. Just don't fucking reply if you can only chimp "SCROTE SCROTE SCROTE!" like a monkey.

No. 1232952

Again, being a mother is not a job and being dependant on a man is STUPID.
Get over it, wtf

No. 1232954

Yeah this annoys me so much. I've also noticed that women get excluded from groups because of looks but in comes an ugly troon and everybody loves and hypes them up because they get woke points for doing so

No. 1232955

I agree with you anon.

No. 1232957

What if the woman is loaded, can they be a house wife then if they so wish?

No. 1232961

If you get over your misogyny. Raising children and running a household is more work than any job cause it is 24/7 every fucking day of the year with no time off. There are also a lot of women in this world who don't get the priviledge of being career women, cause you know, there are countries outside of the western world.

Your view on womanhood is just as one-sided as men saying "all women should be home-makers" instead you are saying the opposite "all women should be career women". Do you really not see how you are doing THE SAME THING that men have been doing for years by dictating what women should do with their lives and ostracizing them and calling them retards for not doing what YOU PERSONALLY think they should do.

You can call me a scrote all day long, but you're the one who is spreading misogyny and being anti-feminist.

No. 1232965

File: 1621367892231.png (68.37 KB, 748x757, pregnancy kink.png)

some disgusting tweets from Kevin Gibes

No. 1232966

File: 1621367946033.png (32.23 KB, 748x358, Hot.png)

No. 1232967

File: 1621367977740.png (28.84 KB, 737x212, gd.PNG)

No. 1232968

Smh Women were conditioned to be so nice to everyone and these freaks no just how to exploit that.

how about everyone STFU about the stay at home mom vs working mom shit. This isn't the place.

No. 1232971

anon i'm sorry you hate your kids and feel unappreciated at home but stop sperging

No. 1232974

When is Kevin going to get prostate cancer?

No. 1232975

Disgusting. I want to a log so fucking bad. First they want uteruses to carry children, then they want abortions. That's just so fucking sick. Playing with potential human life for their own sexual gratification. I'm gonna vomit.

No. 1232976

They are retarded for wanting wombs. But stfu about dumbfuck fetuses no1curr about those

No. 1232977

I am so glad you won't reproduce.

No. 1232978

Go away libfem and take your choice "feminism" with you. Depending on a scrote is a dumb fucking choice.

No. 1232980

Uh I'm not against abortions nor pro life or whatever but unnecessary pregnancies that are just to be terminated for a fetish is wrong and insulting to women who have to have them.

No. 1232983

How about being a housewife in a lesbian relationship?

No. 1232986

One of youse is a troll and one is responding. You're both embarrassing right now.

No. 1232987

Starting to hate women as much as I hate men.

No. 1232995


No. 1232996

File: 1621369603028.jpg (122.61 KB, 1752x954, persuwully.jpg)

maybe you're too sensitive to be here anon

Anyways the subreddit r/misogynisticlife is moderated exclusively by a troon and noone seems to notice

No. 1232999

File: 1621369686498.jpg (53.49 KB, 576x767, troon.jpg)

theres just no way this isn't mtf

He claims to have had "reconstructive" surgery on his vag.

No. 1233001

I mean would you rather them actually have it? I agree with you but no one is going to be smart about forced sterilization for subnormals any time soon. So in that case yeah even for a fetish i guess because the option of them having it is even more grim.

No. 1233002

I'd rather not give them uteruses in the first place. I hope if a doctor ever tries to do such a thing gets hit by a lightning.

No. 1233010

Ha ha I can't stop laughing at this

>It’s about combating concepts such as autogynephilia, or what cis women get to call “feeling sexy” and “being attracted to women”. But transfems don’t get to enjoy anything, especially about ourselves, without it being pathologized.

>Sometimes this manifests in a culture that reclaims concepts used against us. Reclamation of “trap” imagery, reclamation of the t-slur, reclamation of the pathologised term “transexual” as a way to distance from trans people who are least affected by transphobia, pride in “girldick” as a way to combat internal and external messages that shame us for our genitals

>Bæddels get criticised for saying trans men have man privilege, get criticised for calling out transmisogyny from TME trans people, get told we’re just hateful, that we’re divisive and that we need to maintain trans unity to fight transphobia by those least affected by it and exempt from it’s most violent forms. If unity means allowing others to maintain oppressive behaviours free of criticism, to remain silent while being dominated (and not in the fun way), then personally I’m not interested. This seems to be similar to how rhetoric of “left unity” is used as well. So unity has been endowed with some very negative baggage. No wonder many recoil at the use of the term.

>So why is there so much antagonism, even within trans and activist spaces, toward addressing a form of oppression? While it is certainly true that in a world that teaches us to compete with each other and exploit our privilege over one another, such resistance should come as no surprise, I believe there’s another major factor at play here. Something I’d like to call “CAFAB fragility”. What is CAFAB fragility? It’s the result of experiencing a lifetime of misogyny (in case of cis women and woman-adjacent *AFAB people) and misdirected misogyny (in the case of other CAFABs). It’s the result of gynocentric and binary analysis of gender oppression being dominant within feminism, so that one experiencing (misdirected) misogyny is taught that they lie at the bottom of the gender hierarchy. The result of this is that, when one such person is told they hold any form of gender privilege, it sounds like denial of their experience of oppression. It is criticising and, to them, trying to take away the tool they used to address their oppression. It’s telling those that have only ever conceived of themselves as a victim of gender oppression that they too are an oppressor. It is no surprise then, as we understand fragility of the privileged in many cases, that such rhetoric is met with such aggressive defensiveness rather than self reflection.

No. 1233017

File: 1621371101568.jpeg (198.05 KB, 828x1183, DF96E675-2B76-496D-9ECC-DAD247…)

I know a lot has been posted about kristoffer johansson on here but I just found this picture really horrifying. I got accepted to follow him and his gf on insta. They started messaging me and I got creeped out because I live close to them and don’t want to end up like his last victim. I have more screenshots if anyone wants to see

No. 1233024

I agree with you anon, I think viewing mothers as lesser is a very patriarchal view. Bearing and raising children should be paid and highly respected imo.

No. 1233029

File: 1621372114433.jpg (56.97 KB, 678x381, download.jpg)


resurgence of wages for housework movement when?

No. 1233033

Lmfao, this is why you retards get clocked as scrotes. Being a dependent on a male or giving your money over to him is a gamble and women have low standards for men and tolerate the worst behavior just so they can say they have a man. Pointing this out is not bitterness but reality. Sorry this shatters your Disney princess view of the world but suck it up buttercup.

No. 1233038

Yeah, nah. I know you desperately want to believe women pointing out the dangers of being dependent on a male are the exact same as misogynist males but they're not. It is not anti-feminist to point out the dangers of this lifestyle, it is actually counter to feminism to sugar coat reality to soothe the fee-fees of women who are in denial about overall male-female relations in the world. This is how we got uncritical sex positivity and troonism anyways kek.

No. 1233040

It's not about saying that doing one thing is better than the other, it's about not SHAMING WOMEN for being full-time mothers, you dense fucks. You are literally doing the same thing men have done to women all along by saying that people who chose to be full-time parents and homemakers (mostly women) are worth less than people who chose a career (mostly men). Do you not see how you are being misogynistic by calling all mothers and homemakers "bangmaids"? Literally the same thing scrotes do to women and yet you claim to be feminists.

No. 1233042

This shit is just so disrespectful to women who have to go through this traumatic experience.

No. 1233053

Stop trying to get this thread shut down with your GC shit

No. 1233059

File: 1621374400281.jpeg (97.36 KB, 670x960, 59A67466-2A9E-4C62-ACC6-B00149…)

Sage for no milk but why do these mongoloids think this shit is clever at all

No. 1233064

When roe v wade gets rolled back in the us, these sick fucks will be throwing fits on how jealous they are that raped women are forced to carry their rapist's baby

*lib fem women, anon. They're the ones that worship males and hate women

No. 1233066

considering most troons look like this this more of a accidental insult towards themselves instead of ebil terfs

No. 1233074

Yes nonny pls post

No. 1233088

>the only exception being ftms on subs like r/ftmspunished who are severely mentally ill and self-loathing to a ridiculous degree.
It's interesting you mention this, because I think FtMs being into forced femme is caused by the exact same misogynistic self-hatred that motivates them to transition. They hate women (themselves) so deeply that just the idea of doing anything stereotypically feminine is humiliating and therefore sexually gratifying. It's not enough that they NLOG'd so hard that they sawed off their tits, they also feel the need to objectify inane feminine stereotypes just like scrotes. They play dress up as ~ghey bois~ but in reality they're just mentally ill pickmes.

No. 1233101

Having no life outside of being a parent is genuinely quite pathetic, and I don't fault people from pointing it out. Because everything is automated now, a housewife in current year is basically just a NEET who happened to squirt out a kid. It's also just unwise for an able-bodied adult to choose to be entirely economically dependent on someone else.

Stay-at-home-parents are outdated and economically untenable regardless of sex. Adults need to have social lives and careers, and kids shouldn't have a bored, unemployed parent breathing down their neck 24/7. It's shockingly common for people to be so absorbed in parenting that they literally forget who they are and become depressed/directionless when their kids grow up and move away. Our culture seriously needs to stop acting like being a parent is a personality or a career path.

No. 1233115

File: 1621379424927.jpg (77.5 KB, 1920x1080, Water-spray-Squirt-Bottle.jpg)

No. 1233116

File: 1621379435912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 581.3 KB, 2320x3088, 7lgi5wci3jl61.jpg)

100% a neovag

No. 1233119

no anon that's not a man, you just lack basic reading comprehension apparently

No. 1233136

This is a dumb argument but I'm gonna participate anyway. All of this is pointless because most modern societies completely lack any sense of proper community, which is how a good chunk of child rearing got accomplished back in the day. Still, children have always had primary caregivers and the idea of being a stay-home parent isn't ridiculous, especially if you can't otherwise afford daycare for under-school-age children. You're forgetting most 'stay-home' parents have side jobs and there's a lot more to parenting than rocking your sleeping baby in a nursery or whatever idyllic landscape you're envisioning. Also, I really have to ask, are you implying that eventually we're going to be automating childrearing? Is there a nanny roomba in the works or something that I'm not aware of? If so cool.
They've memed themselves into thinking terfs all look like middle aged white karens but do they really think the average karen is a radical feminist?

No. 1233141

You bitches think pointing out basic reality is "shaming" so lmfao.

No. 1233145

that does not look safe for an infant. it looks like a pet bed.

No. 1233147

File: 1621381126010.jpg (95.42 KB, 250x464, Harmann_Gottlieb_Profile.jpg)

Man she is looking rough, she's starting to give off picrel vibes.
>bolt ons facing in completely opposite directions
>obvious neovag
>man face
>man skeleton
>man hands
>man voice (almost guaranteed)
Imagine seeing this creature in the wild, fucking hell.

No. 1233150

This is a very naive take. Childrearing is more atomized than ever. More and and more falls on the primary caregiver (almost always the mother) than ever before, when there used to be villages and communities to help raise children.

I'm a lesbian and a career-woman so not trad in any sense. Motherhood should be valued so much more, it's incredible that women can birth and raise children. But scrotes are morons who can only think in black and white, so they can't value mothers without shaming career women. We shouldn't fall into that trap.

No. 1233161

Some of you have got to accept most lolcow users will never go full 6B4T. Now let's get back to cyberbullying troons.

No. 1233172

File: 1621383447362.jpeg (61.75 KB, 622x622, 7A2843F6-D33A-4027-9394-B91278…)

saged, but while motherhood is definitely important, how is it a better solution than being the breadwinner or working wife? I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but let's be honest, a trad woman with a "trad" man is not going to be "healthy". Most "trad" men are autistic /pol/ teenagers or manchildren. I argued with a "radfem" who was a conservative and believed into Andrea's book about "right wing women", yet the whole argument is the fact that it IS unhealthy for women to be in the situations. because it's lazy? yes, not lazy to be a mother, but lazy to solely WANT to be a mother just because you don't want to work. (tradthots), but, being a mother itself IS NOT LAZY. however, what beneficial gain do they get from being in a relationship with a man who is a breadwinner, when she has no income that supports her? anons aren't saying "she's a horrible person for being a housewife", they're pointing out her naivety, because with how men are today (and always were) they definitely are not going to be there for you when you need help. We live in a hierarchical society. You should know this.
"Economic Classes:
Having an obsessive desire to be admired by women, but no intrinsic worth, the make
constructs a highly artificial society enabling him to appropriate the appearance of worth through money, prestige, high' social class, degrees, professional position and knowledge and, by pushing as many other men as possible down professionally, socially, economically,and educationally."
The only way I'd defend housewives was if it were between lesbians. We are not shaming you, but I don't believe it's healthy for women to be a housewife with no financial support, or with no way out. Choiceism and individualism perpetuates laziness, and if you think that men will give any empathy for you as a mother, or think anons don't already know this and are being harsh because they are tired of fabricated fantasies, then you need to get off this board. I can ensure you that anons do believe being a mother is hard, however they're pointing out that YOU'D NEED SOME FORM OF FINANCE, in order to actively be a house wife.

No. 1233178

File: 1621383723548.jpg (699.14 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-19-02-15-44…)


No. 1233181

no one is going to read that please go back to tumblr there are plenty of radtards to argue with there

No. 1233190

>tl;dr wall of text
>That attached image
Stop derailing the thread

No. 1233194

Men think women lie about things like this because only they would, and do as soon as they claim mtf. Meanwhile when women post abuse proof they’re humiliated, stalked, and harassed. Only a man would and could make this joke.

No. 1233216

If only I were just slightly uglier, maybe people would think I was a troon. Then they’d be forced to kiss my ass and call me beautiful.

No. 1233223

we're trying to help you not fuck yourself over you idiot. don't depend on a man.

No. 1233233

go in this person's post history. it's all diaper fetish shit. fucking bleak

No. 1233250

File: 1621389042075.jpg (321.4 KB, 1179x1883, inCollage_20210519_034909991.j…)

can always count on terfsbeware to ramp up the weirdness on an already creepily self-aware post

No. 1233257

Sad that most women are too naive to realise these creepy ugly scrotes are just sat jerking it to all this YAaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAaAAAAAs qWEEN comments, ugh.

No. 1233289

Said it once and I'll say it again.
Anytime there's free pity , attention or kindness, there's a troon slithering around trying to find a way to claim it all for themselves.

If people just stopped validating this shit, it would stop.

No. 1233311

File: 1621395385531.png (362.97 KB, 1242x2208, 5AC19B82-C5F9-46DE-9385-306EEF…)

No. 1233312

File: 1621395479179.jpeg (146.63 KB, 1242x760, 800BA8D8-62FD-459E-A919-24766A…)

No. 1233313

File: 1621395591400.jpeg (219.66 KB, 828x1472, 1A8607C5-0049-4483-A4AC-F7313F…)

He hasn’t had his lip flip yet he’s saying it won’t be till next month, but he’s always begging for money and insisting cis people owe him

No. 1233314

File: 1621395645518.jpeg (149.04 KB, 1242x792, 997AE8FC-1D6E-4D21-BC6A-BDF350…)

No. 1233315

File: 1621395748123.jpeg (65.11 KB, 1242x548, E9911761-491E-422A-A3BA-09BC89…)

No. 1233321

He is so pathetic and insecure, it would be almost sad if he wasn’t a raGing AGP troglodyte.

No. 1233325

I assume that pic has been photoshopped to within an inch of its life? Because she has a very female body shape there, especially the hips.

No. 1233328

Who is this? Looks like a less busted Liam/Lilly Madigan

No. 1233336

It's Chelsea Manning

No. 1233350

Yep. That anon is like those libfems who say sex "work" is an empowering choice blahblahblah

No. 1233352

Stfu bangmaid

No. 1233358

Yes please!

No. 1233362

File: 1621403889049.png (1.72 MB, 1788x1394, Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 1.56…)

I'm praying on my hands and knees to never again see this much sperg about whether its okay to be a stay at home mom or not in the MtF thread. Now to answer this freak's question: stinky, retarded 25 year old male.

No. 1233364

My God. Men are so bad at being women.

No. 1233365

This gives me middleschool cringe feelings

No. 1233366

I'd say autistic 30 year old male with a mcdonalds addiction

No. 1233367

I know we already came to this conclusion a few threads back, but the comically tiny bed 100% confirms that the pregnancy is fake. Anyway, I'd love to see the screenshots, men snälla var försiktig, Nonnie. Vill inte att något ska hända dig.

No. 1233371

File: 1621404790046.jpg (227.68 KB, 1564x951, IMG_20210519_181058~2.jpg)

I am not joking when I say I think trannies are the only ones who should be banned from editing their pictures. This is the same person, only days between photos.

No. 1233372

looks like AJ Soprano if he trans'd

No. 1233373

men are not okay

No. 1233375

File: 1621404952374.jpg (483.16 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20210519-180956_mh1…)

Same dude again.

No. 1233376

File: 1621404971099.png (1.8 MB, 1808x1378, Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 2.13…)

This is so true, every troon makes me wonder more and more how exactly men view women. The weird way they all have the same smirk, the eerie thousand-yard stares, don't even get me started on the fucking outfits…when they see a girl walking down the street, THIS is what they see? It should come as no surprise but guys like this who are making themselves into caricatures like, "guitar girl" really quicken my pulse. How many strange men take one aspect or interest of a girl, and use it as a literal fetish object? They are truly strange people.

No. 1233377

Kek that choker is to hide his Adams Apple, bet

No. 1233379

File: 1621405173299.png (1.56 MB, 1916x1378, Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 2.18…)

samefag but this same guy has a totally girl tattoo that says "butt stuff"

No. 1233380

For them becoming a woman is essentially the same as character creation in the Sims. They're all delusional, they want to be a "kind of girl" that always seems like they were written by a horrible male YA author.

No. 1233388

File: 1621406494035.jpg (37.45 KB, 499x390, livingdolls.jpg)

This dude looks like one of those woman larping suits.

No. 1233398

>Fridge body
>Tits five miles apart
>Male pubic hair pattern
>His face in general
You don't even need to look at his rot-hole to know that he's a troon. Also, was his chop-doctor drunk or something? His "clitoris" looks like a weird skin tag. It's the wrong shape and there's no hood.

No. 1233399

If he wore that mask it’d be an improvement KEK
This photograph displays the negative side effects of a community lacking schoolyard bullies.

No. 1233402

How? Is it girly to be into anal to them or something?

No. 1233414

File: 1621410436371.png (440.8 KB, 442x422, AGP.png)

No. 1233422

I miss our queen Kikomi

No. 1233427

File: 1621412194768.jpg (366.83 KB, 2048x1536, 20210519_031606.jpg)


No. 1233429

>TERFs control social media
Is this set in an alternative reality?

No. 1233435

File: 1621414558402.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x455, 1621101631969.jpg)

No. 1233439

transition is males acting out their favorite stereotypes of women. that's why so many transwomen are aggressive catty bitches, because that's what they think women are. transwomen are what men think of women.

No. 1233445

I miss based thesis-anon

No. 1233448

Can you imagine matching with the left one on a dating app and thinking “she” might just have strong features, but then you meet in person and it’s a whole dude.

No. 1233449

This milk is so old it’s basically cheese, but throwback to when The GameStop Ma’am was trying to be a rapper.

No. 1233461

File: 1621417973614.jpg (1.13 MB, 2048x1364, jokerchelsea.jpg)

Did my best

No. 1233462

File: 1621418134196.webm (1.89 MB, 270x480, 1617377199722.webm)

we talked about this 4 or 5 posts ago but i really wanted to link it again because it is the most cringe shit i've ever seen


No. 1233463

Retarded boy sperging out LARPing an 8 year old girl

No. 1233465

File: 1621418517339.jpg (110.34 KB, 900x491, bowie-prince-tribute-2-teaser.…)

I've talked about this multiple times
>Males in androgynous fashion = hot
>Males crossdressing in Sexualized clothing = Cringe no matter what

No. 1233468

kek at least this one is funny.

No. 1233471

I just realised a thing about the twirling: most women would feel gross or at least uncomfortable with shit fabrics like these clinging onto them. It's nearly never flattering and you would think troons would feel even more dysphoric as it clings onto their either bony, wide and hairy or lumpy, dumby and painfully male physique.

No. 1233488

His boner at the end always gets me

No. 1233498

File: 1621423197698.jpg (244.65 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20210519-042255_Twi…)

No. 1233500

The actual fuck?

How is this not a crime? Why can’t these degenerates be charged with some thing and be out away from the public?

No. 1233504

literally yes, they think femininity=womanhood=being submissive and retarded

No. 1233512

File: 1621425319216.jpg (788.61 KB, 750x1334, cWmIoPf.jpg)

imagine having fillers, a brow shave, lip lift, lip fillers, jaw reduction and still look like this

No. 1233513

The original title of The Girl with the Dragon tattoo is ”men who hate women”
Yup, this belongs into same category.

No. 1233516

to be fair, they have waardenburg syndrome which causes idiosyncratic features

No. 1233521

File: 1621426169396.jpg (42.39 KB, 1080x1087, 1617937003773.jpg)


On the subject of Magdala Johannsen.

The pregnancy was confirmed to be fake on the last thread, anons. His 'girlfriend' was another troon and the pregnancy test was drawn on with a sharpie pen. Can we stop adding fuel to the fire? This dude is a disgusting troll who should still be in prison. I don't want to entertain him.

This was the picture on his 'girlfriend's' Facebook with the light turned up.

No. 1233529

Does anyone have any updates on the tiktok HSTS troon that was claiming to be intersex and got pregnant from anal sex? He should have given birth to his fake baby by now.

No. 1233530

File: 1621427474696.jpeg (166.37 KB, 828x939, 890B5565-DBB6-4F77-9613-B43BAE…)

I know, I just started thinking about him when I say the post about a pregnancy fetish.

No. 1233540

Looking at someone who looks so obviously a straight male through and through larping as a woman just makes me feel offended and violated somehow.

This bloke larping as some manic pixie dream girl with a guitar is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.

When I see troons, usually feminized gay men (nikkitutorials, Blaire White, Nadia Almada) who pass at least enough not to cause alarm I don't get the same instinctive revulsion and I barely even care tbh.

It's almost as if my brain is telling me that certain males are perverts and are a danger to myself as a woman.

I see these men no differently to other creeps who try and involve me in a sexual fetish.

I'm never going to accept these weirdos as women and I think a lot of other women feel the same even if they don't admit it.

No. 1233548

someone like Nikkitutorials proves that 'passing' isn't about how small your body is ect but intent.

A man who has a sexual fetish is never going to be able to imitate a woman. Gay men certainly don't imitate women perfectly when they feminize their bodies but they do it better than AGPs. No one guessed that Nikki was ever man. We were all blown away.

AGPs can get shoulder reductions and all the surgery to feminize themselves and they'll still just visibly be straight men. They can be 5'5 tall and built like spaghetti and their heterosexual maleness will still shine through.

No. 1233564

The truly only possible way of achieving wages for housework in the US is to pass universal childcare policy, and covering public infantcare to play-based pre-K, and including a cash-for-care subsidy for stay at home parents (typically moms) like Sweden had until 2016. This policy should also raise the wages of childcare workers to close to $30/hour.

No. 1233574

>No one guessed that Nikki was ever man. We were all blown away.
This is not really true. Some dutch people could tell and there’s screen caps going back years of people calling him a man. Maybe it’s like how Thai people can clock their ladyboys but westerners can’t so easily? There is always someone that can tell. Even if it’s not you.

No. 1233579

The only reason why Nadia Almada, Blaire White and NikkiTutorials "passed" was because they were filming with filters and camera angles. Once you place them next to a woman, they don't pass anymore. Even before the reveal, people in Gurugossip were making jokes about how mannish Nikkie looked to the point that there was a thread calling him a drag queen.

No. 1233582

Isn't this why we have alimony laws?

No. 1233589


honestly many people guessed it (incl me), but I think Nikki just doesn’t seem like a complete nutjob like a lot of the vocal trannies online so there wasn’t much of a need to really talk about it

No. 1233615

they look like a shark

No. 1233619

File: 1621434342317.jpg (417.38 KB, 871x1243, dsdsdsd.jpg)

trannies feel like the kid going "this is you! hurr durr durpa durrr!" and making stupid faces and gestures back when you were a kid.

No. 1233624

Troons really fell for the "big tiddy goth gf" meme, which is hilarious because it's one of the hardest looks to pull off well. All the poorly done makeup and harsh lines and chockers on a bull-sized neck just make their constast to femininity even more disturbing.

No. 1233632

And none of them have the big tiddies they so crave to have kek

No. 1233633

kidney bean ass head

No. 1233636

OT but whos the artist?

No. 1233645

I remember seeing that guy around whenever he explained the waardenburg syndrome and it seems like time and mental illness haven't been kind to him.
He used to be kinda cute in a cringy, quirky way but as soon as he trooned out it was all over lmao

Do any of you use ovarit? I need an invitation code. Thank you in advance, nonnies!

No. 1233651

NTAYRT but it was a comic going around on tumblr awhile back (think like, 2-3 years iirc), and the OP seems to have changed URLs (galleytrot to cornwolf-sketch) and locked their account, unless the URL has been taken by someone else. I was a heavy ally back when I saw it, and tended not to check sources, so I didn't catch on to possible TERF themes here, and can't confirm OP's intent. Most people just thought it was a comic about how scary domestication must be to wolves.
Link to the first page linking to OP i could find, for anyone curious:

No. 1233658

File: 1621438203072.jpg (598.45 KB, 1000x1294, goth girls have more fun .jpg)

If you can't have the goth girl from Spencer/Hot Topic; Be the goth girl from Spencer/Hot Topic. The Goth Aesthetic also helps.
-Easy to go from being Dude who likes goth music and is in the style to Effeminate and in touch with his emotions to gay, but closeted to finally Troon.
-Excuse to have lots of make-up.
-Excuse to hang out with girls because "regular people are boring" and anyone Goth is your person. Whenever I see a Goth Guy going gay, I think " damn what a waste."
Whenever I see a Nerd going trans , I think " damn, poor thing was so pathetic he got groomed into being someone's bitch"

No. 1233661

I got a code for you, anon. Just shoot me an email.

No. 1233662

I thought we told you to fuck off the last time you tried to "subtly" cape for scrote ideals and how it's actually the women and more specifically the evil reverse uno feminists who totally booly each other. Anons really need to stop entertaining your bullshit already.

No. 1233669

I'm going to get shit for this but the anons saying "I-I always knew Nikki was a man, he never fooled me!!!" and calling others retarded for not realizing it are bordering on pathetic, it's seriously okay if you didn't clock him. You don't get imaginary vigilant terf points for clocking a tranny who's an early transitioner, assumed the social role of a woman early on, knows how to dress up and put on a ton of makeup to obfuscate his features while performing mostly in front of a ringlight, of course your perception is being controlled. Besides it's not like we don't have an abundance of mentally ill open troons screaming about their girldicks, don't know why people get so hung up on hunting HSTSs that pass to normies and keep their mouths shut.
>inb4: reeee anon faggots don't deserve our pity
HSTSs who were transed while underage are victims of child abuse. Misdirected hate gets you nowhere.

No. 1233672

I know we got some german terfs in here but would international anons be interested to know what's going on here?

The green party put out a legislative proposal that includes letting kids as young as 14 get irreversible surgery and treatment to 'affirm their gender' without and against their parent's approval to do so. They also talk about removing therapy and basically any hurdles to let people change their name/gender legally on a whim which of course can put women in women's shelters and all women's spaces in great danger.

I'd be down to translate some of it if there is interest.

No. 1233678

Hello, based department?

No. 1233680

File: 1621439627354.jpg (9.8 KB, 170x297, anger.jpg)

Please share.

No. 1233697

i’m going to fuckin throw up i hate transbians so much.

No. 1233711

File: 1621441331624.png (98.38 KB, 737x689, gruene_scheisse.png)

I'm sorry in advance for any mistakes, I added the original in case any german anons are reading this.

I've uploaded the whole document on wetransfer if anyone wants to get into it

I'll translate more if I find more milky bits in this shitshow of a proposal

No. 1233721

Thank you for sharing based terven qween (and translating for us not-so-german anons)

No. 1233740

A similar thing is happening here with the Polish left, they have insane positions about legalizing sex work, letting kids underage kids transition and allwing TIMs in womens spaces, as well the other neo-liberal shit about letting more Muslims in

the ones who support these policies are usually very young, very vocal supporters who have a huge influence through social media.
So Its a situation where journalists and these vocal twitter and facebook fanbase force their politicians that they should vote for TRA policies and pro-sex work shit. But when the actual polls were revealed, only like 10% of all Poles supported this

Social media are really ruining our reality, because they warp perspective of politicians and powerful journalists. They are no longer connected to what people actually believe and want. They think they know from twitter and facebook, but only specific demographics are active there

If this countries we are going to be stuck with a ultra rightwing government

No. 1233746

File: 1621443867837.png (308.01 KB, 1517x1307, insanity.png)


- anyone can be whatever gender they want on their passports and ID
- deadnaming is gonna cost you up to 2500 Euros
- tax payers are supposed to pay for gender identity hotlines/services that do nothing but validate delusions all day

I hope this wasn't too boring, this is the last bit I will post!

The proposal is getting talked about right as I post.

I'm glad to see that a lot of women pushed back against this even though there was of course a loud majority of furry and anime profiles talking about 'twans rights are human rights' without seeing how these laws could hurt women in women's spaces.

No. 1233749

I'm also afraid that this will give right wing parties more power here.

On twitter there were a lot of furry and anime profile pics in the tag using their usual arguments but I don't think anyone who is sane reading the proposal and actually agreeing.

It's a way too drastic change of the norm here and nobody wants to see trannies in women's prisons, shelters and sports.

The green party is trying to speedrun the decay that countries like canada and sweden have gone through gradually over years lmao

No. 1233753

German womens prison open for trannies? First thing we should do is put convicted baby murderer in one. Would only be fair!

No. 1233756

File: 1621444942158.jpg (1.46 MB, 1633x2633, 20210324_135913.jpg)


Another German here. Seeing this shit makes me barf.

Around 2 months ago I've had encountered this shit. There were another ones like the anarchy symbol, kill nazis and more tranny symbols all over the sidewalk.
Excuse the shitty pic but I was in a hurry back then. Luckily that stuff got removed shortly after.

No. 1233762

The same in Hungary, which is not surprising since we're so similiar in mentality. It's funny to see the "non-online" part of the adult world who barely know/don't care/are disturbed by trannies with the "very online" youth that screams trans rights. Even funnier considering that people of that age group I know will say people should be able to transition, but have gossiped to me about X girl being a lesbian like it's a dirty secret.

>destroy all documentation with deadname
Yeah, that's totally not insane or weird. Let's pretend people didn't exist as their "old self", ever.

No. 1233766

File: 1621445353297.jpeg (2.35 MB, 2180x1341, 1574784430274-trans-aktivist_i…)

I see this shit all day, too.

There's always people out and about for trans day of remembrance, too.
Imagine my shock when I went home from uni just to get approached by a balding man in a dress who hands me a flyer with as much misinformation as they could possibly print on a piece of paper.

Had to laugh though because even in Berlin they couldn't find more than 10 people to take part in this lmao

You can apparently also change your name and gender for free once a year so imagine companies trying to keep up with the deleting

No. 1233768

My heart always grows when I see a fellow polish terf. I agree with you completely. Poles arent even on board with the lgb and trying to import trans agenda from abroad is bound to be unsuccessful. I cannot stand all those little teenagers from big cities that deep threat the western ideological cock. Fucking pathetic. Also I hate the current government but at least they are not giving in about gender kek.

No. 1233780

I mean these people literally give the right wingers more power and influence, By forcing nearly every major and minor left wing party and politician to have these insane policies, literally no one with any common sense would vote for them

Recently a number of women and men have been kicked out of removed from a party "Razem" that is a major left wing party in Poland. for being "transphobic"

No. 1233783

It's a moid trait to be totally consumed by one interest. Ever meet a guy who likes cars? His whole life is care. Hell, you cant even have a moid be into Peaky Blinders without him eventually starting to dress vaguely like a coal miner.

So that's why they always become a "(blank) kind of girl". Shallow, one dimensional, like MEN

No. 1233784

Samefag, sorry, I meant "his whole life is cars"

No. 1233785

It's very convenient for all right wingers/anti-feminists, because since almost all feminist mainstream orgs/policies need to address troons and gender identity in the West, they can refuse signing and complying based on disagreeing with the terminology, fucking over women in the process. Not that they cared about women in the first place, but TRAs make their job so easy for them.

No. 1233786

Don't say that, Aj lost weight when he got older

No. 1233791

Another German here.
It's pathetic, by now we are fat potatos that think we have enough time and wealth to think about meaningless stuff like trans people.

Meanwhile, women's rights are in decline, there is antisemitism in our streets, no one can afford real estate anymore, and China is moving ahead of us in every category.

All of this trans nonsense is just another feat of our hedonistic near-collapse Western culture. The course of the world will once again be decided by China.

No. 1233798

In a country where we still have a sex-based pay gap, lesbian partners have to have to pay a heap of money to adopt their partner's child officially and where we can now have demos against jews again, of course the comfort of trans people is the most important issue! /s

The proposal just got rejected btw so if any german anons want to have a laugh i recommend #selbstbestimmungsgesetz

No. 1233805

I already know this is going to be poorly written self-insert wank from
>one of the only
Fella, one of the FEW. I know you want to be special but you're not.

No. 1233817

File: 1621447897539.png (830.94 KB, 2105x895, trapezoidchan.png)

trapezoids comparing themselves to black women again.

No. 1233824

File: 1621448283678.png (181.8 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20210518-174033~2.p…)

The doughy man who barely finished highschool and who never had a real job has an opinion to share.

No. 1233856

>Genital surgery at 14
Medieval butchery. How the fuck do these doctors throw out their ethics out the window like this while refusing women their (reversible) sterilization surgeries due to the possible risks. You're too young to make such drastic decisions at 30 but mutilating your genitals, ruining any chance of ever reproducing or having a sex life, in your early teens works out.

>2500 euros fine for ~deadnaming~
>Self-id passports
How do I get off this ride? This timeline is absolutely fucked. I can only pray that terminally crazy shit like this finally wakes up the normies and they start asking some long due questions. I'd love to see a she-hulk donning violet mop hair and shaved sides telling some boomer lady that he needs to be let in the women's bathroom because stealing used pads and tampons helps his 41% fatal gender dysphoria.

No. 1233865

>The way they biologically prescribe the appearance of the female body is based entire on white women
Whose ass did they pull this from? Early exploration and experimentation in gynaecology was almost entirely done on WOC, particularly black and indigenous women in the US who weren’t able to object to being experimented on.

No. 1233869

If trannies want to get pregnant and bear children, why don't they just try harder? Biological differences are completely meaningless and you should just like… git gud.

No. 1233883

God lord is this psycho murderer completely free now? I hate how quiet Swedish media has been about that guy.

No. 1233901

File: 1621452615179.jpeg (130.63 KB, 1200x675, 3D1CD963-9E95-44A3-B909-97DD51…)

Every time I see a trans women say anything suggesting a cis women doesn’t “pass” I think of Jacqueline saburido, RIP. A woman who gets alll her face burnt off is still a woman. But a tra must think people like her are non women, based on their definitions. Gender ideology conveniently leaves out the people who have no control over their appearance

No. 1233905

Dear fellow german terfs, the genderspecials on my TL are really mad rn, I suppose this didn't pass?

No. 1233915

>3000+ trans people killed in 10 years
>Every year an average of 66000 women are violently killed globally
according to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femicide

But of course it’s the terfs who are dangerous and privileged

No. 1233916

File: 1621453954997.jpg (235.56 KB, 750x562, LOADSAMONEY.jpg)

> How the fuck do these doctors throw out their ethics out the window like this

Everyone has their price. Projected glory is just a bonus. I say glory because if suddenly, magically, everyone becomes okay with this bullshit, the doctors that first did it will be remembered as "Brave Trailblazers in a sea of hatred" or some other bull, rather than being remembered as the Soulless , inhumane butchers they really are.
Something about the right side of history lol.

No. 1233921


I cackle every time they say a cis female doesn't pass.

Just reveals how they don’t see women as human beings and just a costume for them to prance around in.

Blessings to Jacqueline. Hate to see her pop up in this thread even though it illustrates your point well.

No. 1233924

Apparently the kid is only 14 years old (check their older posts). Everyone does cringey shit at that age…

No. 1233936

i guess so. #selbstbestimmungsgesetz is trending and everyone is mad about it being rejected. i also saw someone claim that this "re-traumatized" them and that they won't be able to work tomorrow. they are literally so fragile.

No. 1233961

He looks a lot older, i thought he was like 25, I really hope he doesn’t get groomed but the fact that he identifies as “genderfae” means he already did. This is just sad, I wish there was boys who wore dresses without identifying as genderspecial

No. 1233965

Just an excuse to be lazy and jack off to anime porn all day

No. 1233990

Thank god it was rejected. Impossible narc demands should be ignored, not proposed as laws.

No. 1233992

It's exactly that though, you're more on the nose than you think. Why do you think there's so many articles out there that are some variation of "Why Playing <Female Video Game Character> (or Watching Anime) Made Me Realize I Was Trans"? Beyond the Sims, they get sucked into these virtual worlds to play dressup simulator and eventually think they've had some kind of spiritual awakening because all they associate with the game anymore is masturbating to their own avatar. The absurdly high rates of autism and other developmental disorders in trannies is waved off as a funny coincidence and not an alarming statistic.

No. 1234007

It not only didn't pass, it was dismissed with a majority of 456 votes against the Greens draft and only 118 in favour.

Already saw trannies in the hashtag saying that this outcome re-traumatized them and that they won't be able to go to work tomorrow lmao

No. 1234017


Fucking NIOCE

No. 1234018

Don't hand out codes to people on this anonymous imageboard of all places. This is how trannies get access to the site.

>Do any of you use ovarit? I need an invitation code. Thank you in advance,
You can message their ovarit account on twitter.

No. 1234027

File: 1621461661472.png (256.87 KB, 741x1417, not a fetish.png)

Another husband going TIM after fetishizing femininity first but now he's totes one of us, ladies

No. 1234034

>it's all her money, her house, her insurance, her car, etc. I'm just along for the ride
yet another mouthbreathing worthless scrote that decided that because he fails as a husband and a father he should totally larp his weird "genderbend" fantasies and shame his wife for not playing along with the lunacy. you just LOVE to see it

No. 1234040

File: 1621462968378.png (32.43 KB, 596x353, stephenkingisaterf.png)

Even if you agree with their ideology you can't win

No. 1234045

File: 1621463417462.png (523.82 KB, 592x859, no.png)

No. 1234050

Woman trying to skirt around the topic hoping to escape without being branded a transphobic terf and ostracized by her community and the whole internet:
>I’m not a lesbian, I don’t want to be with a woman
>she called me woman y’all she sees me as 100% female!

No. 1234081

I love your memes
"euphoria" is usually a stand-in for "makes me horny" to reframe it to seem less fetishy, like this >>1234027 man tries to do.
but also this. honestly this entire troon debacle is men verifying what we already knew: most of them only view women in the lens of their femininity and attractiveness to men, it's why they see gnc and ugly women as "not women" and ignore them/treat them like shit.

No. 1234087

Is this motherfucker sitting on the toilet?

No. 1234088

he really does. every pic has that orange oompa loompa blush too. then he always gets that oompa loompa helmet haircut to go with it..

No. 1234090

this is how you know they're men (as if you needed any other indication). 99.9% of actual women would never be into that.

No. 1234097

>hates gender roles and feels if things were different he would have been accepted as a gnc man
>does nothing to contribute to making that better and instead decides to continue to follow gender roles he thinks magically make him a woman

No. 1234098

me too, nona if you're out there let me love you

No. 1234099

Sometimes I hear that germany is "terf paradise" because they shut down shit like this but other times,I hear that germany is still overall shit for women

No. 1234102

You know he probably thinks he looks exactly like his pfp

No. 1234103

File: 1621469332981.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210519_170648784.j…)

Kek had to google the reference but it's apropos.

No. 1234131

File: 1621472499187.png (1.3 MB, 1143x634, .m..PNG)

speaking of nikki, did anyone watch the eurovision yesterday? i didn't know he was going to be one of the hosts and christ is he massive compared to everyone else

No. 1234144

that's so mean

rocky was a nice boy he doesn't deserve this

No. 1234146

THIS. trannies are constantly trying to infiltrate and colonize female spaces. men are permitted to post there but still, fuck timmies and stop giving random anons codes. thank.

No. 1234161


Holy fuck, I always forget how HUGE

Making the cohost look like a Manlet Kek

No. 1234169


Thats a relief. Im hoping this madness might reach a tippning point sooner than expected. Swedish hospitals recently decided to withdraw the current "treatment" of trans children, because of the - suprise - realization that there is no studies what so ever on the treatment and the medicine is not tested for this use. But the troons somehow are not happy about the fact that the hospital is taking action to make sure they treat these uwu opressed children with safe healthcare, no, we demand untested and dangerous treatment! And they blame the recent publication of a book on the gender topic by based journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman. Ah yes, this woman who gets cancelled from attending a uni talk about South america or some unrelated shit like that definitely has the power to shut down medial practise.

No. 1234179

How do Swedish children even make it to the doctors and treatment before they turn adult, when I still lived there a few years back it was impossible to get to the first appointment faster than in a year or so. Depended a lot about the county ofc but I understood the situation was kinda bad for everybpdy. Do the kids get a VIP lane or something?

No. 1234181

>Uses his lack of interest in "male activities" as evidence that he's somehow female now
>"Can I just take a minute to blast gender stereotypes!?!11?"
Zero self-awareness.

>Talk about squishy breasts uwu

No wonder your wife is leaving you, Christ.

Prostitution is legal there, so it's basically turned into a hub for human trafficking. Other than that, I'm not really sure.

>Woman writes a wholesome book about magic kids, expresses doubt in the idea that people can switch sexes
>"Die evil TERF scum! I'll fucking kill you!!11!"
>Man writes excruciatingly detailed scene where children have an orgy, virtue signals that trans women are women uwu
>"Omg yaaas king! Best author!!!1!"
We live in a society

No. 1234194

I didn’t realize he had had work done. I dont think he looks any different than he did before? RIP

No. 1234199

>And I would love to be female with her and worship her for getting me here
>give me the gender affirmation I need and you will see that I will worship you.
everytime, without fail, you see the degeneracy slip through. he can't even write a couple paragraphs empathizing with his family's situation without sneaking in some creepy submissive shit.

No. 1234201

Based wife. I hope she gets out and leaves him in the dust. Her house, her money, her kids.

No. 1234202

So correct me if I'm wrong, previously him and his would do some gender play during sex with some leggins and that's what caused him to break his eggs, but now he wants to complete sub and wants his wife to peg him ?

No. 1234207

File: 1621480698916.jpeg (294.87 KB, 1258x1464, 9C4FE038-C831-4570-AE8C-E66556…)

Just an edit

No. 1234210

Never soon enough.

The pregnancy/abortion fetish is so disgusting. No woman gets a sexual thrill from the idea of an unplanned pregnancy, it's incredibly stressful and knowing that these gross AGP fetishists get off on the idea of abortion makes me worried they're using women's testimonies of it to coom to.

No. 1234212

Maybe it's just far away enough but that is ….not a ….terrible….attempt at a vagina. I mean, I've seen some horrors so just in comparison.

No. 1234218

File: 1621481953541.png (165.64 KB, 282x616, Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 03.35…)

Found on a news site i was lazily scrolling while having morning coffee.
This doesn't look like a 26 years old called Victoria but does claim to be.

No. 1234223

does this retard think that lesbian couples don't want male children? oh no, wait, he wants to fuck his 'new parents'
help i don't like it

No. 1234224

Nadia spent weeks in the Big Brother house and her fellow housemates had no idea she was trans. She passed really well.

No. 1234226


Someone put the whole thing on IMGUR

No. 1234229

Who the fuck walks into an adoption agency and goes, "before I adopt any kids, I wanna change some diapers." This guy knows nothing about adoption or parenting outside of his fetishistic fantasies.

No. 1234231

File: 1621483737956.jpg (96.74 KB, 468x808, article-1305868-0AE7C8E2000005…)

Totally woman passing, who could ever guess this broad shouldered beauty was a man?

No. 1234234

You do realize that the people in "reality" TV are just acting, right?

No. 1234235

Worst part about this image is that hijra are not both genders, non-binary, or transgender at all, they are men who were kidnapped and trafficked as little boys, fully castrated without consent and forced to beg for money for their captors. They are not transgender women or anything close to it. 99.99999% of them would rather live life as normal men like they were born. They are treated like shit and seen as bad luck so people avoid them. They live as women because without a dick they have no choice in Indian society, and no way to make money. They don’t live as women by chicken. The story of hijra in India is so fucking sad and some rando shit tier SJW artist is using them and their suffering for their woke talking points. How ironic.

No. 1234237

Samefag and OT but meant to say “by choice” but “by chicken” is kek worthy so I’m not deleting it

No. 1234241

looks like young ariel pink

No. 1234242

not to be annoying with this preface (lol) but I'm a staunch radfem lezsep and man h8r and I hadn't heard of this person until this thread. after looking them up tho I saw they were a troon (it's evident in full body pics) but in a lot of pics they are very close to passing. like the closest I've ever seen. as a lesbian I can recognize there are pictures where he's pretty but knowing he (or any TIM) is male will always kill any potential attraction. homosexuality, everyone.

No. 1234249

why did you post this? if this is a woman would you even feel bad lol

No. 1234251

because it is obviously a man

No. 1234253

No. 1234255

how about we get rid of women's prison altogether, so we don't constantly have to worry about men being put in there with women?

No. 1234274

do you have any sources on this? i'm not saiyng you're wrong but i'm very surprised and i've never heard anything like this before! looking up hijra's on wikipedia just shows the normal troon sanctioned information and googling hijra kidnapping just shows porn

No. 1234285

real life lady dimitrescu

No. 1234288

ayrt longtime girlfriend is Indian and she said there’s a clear difference between a transgender person and hijra. Hijra are men forcefully castrated, she said men who transition to women are considered transgender and totally different. Hijra are seen as less than dogs by majority of the population and live in poverty and squalor. Like it’s considered bad luck to see a hijra’s mutilated body so hijra will flash people on purpose and they will usually pay them to go away. Their lives are sad and they live as women because they have no choice and no other way to make money. Idk why people whitewash hijra so hard for their trans positive purposes, they aren’t glamorous at all

No. 1234298

don't u dare besmirch mommy d

No. 1234301

Regular kid-cringe is very different from tranny-cringe. Just because he is 15 or whatever doesn't make this any less embarrassing because only trannies act like this.

No. 1234308

File: 1621494095543.png (164.06 KB, 1080x1190, IMG_20210520_090050.png)


No. 1234314

Once they troon out they turn out like those psych students who start diagnosing everyone around them.

No. 1234323

nta but Hijra kidnapping is mostly myth, Its just something parents say to their kids to scare them, like "don't stay out to late or the Hijras might get you"
Basically in my country Hijras are synonyms with a word like faggot or homo, men call other men hijras or Khusras as an insult

No. 1234324

I agree, and imo even if there are some anons that are just so much inherently better at clocking troons, it really doesn't add anything to the conversation of "passing" or not. If the vast majority of people didn't notice, then sperging about how you and three other people on the internet knew all along hardly affects their interactions with most people.
And even if every troon were perfectly passable tomorrow – even if they got a perfect 1:1 replication of a cis woman's body – it wouldn't change the freakish, predatory parodization of femininity they engage in.

No. 1234325

Passing is a non issue tbh, you're either female or not and that's that. It's only worth bringing up to mock trannies because it makes them seethe.

No. 1234328

>Woman writes a wholesome book about magic kids, expresses doubt in the idea that people can switch sexes
>"Die evil TERF scum! I'll fucking kill you!!11!"
>Man writes excruciatingly detailed scene where children have an orgy, virtue signals that trans women are women uwu
>"Omg yaaas king! Best author!!!1!"
>We live in a society

It says a lot about TRAs. Remember that they spammed porn under JK's posts aimed at children. Fucking pedos. Child sex scenes are ok, protecting women and children not ok with them.

Nikki is supposed to pass really well, but I had never seen him before I watched that and instantly wondered if he was trans. You just can't get rid of the man body.

He wishes.

No. 1234335

Another dude ruining his life due to Cumbrain kinks. Good on his wife for kicking him to the curb and not looking back rather than kowtowing to his gross fetish. I hope she takes all the money and the kid and never sees that weirdo again.

No. 1234339

Dudes who only play women in TTRP are all into lesbian fetishism and it's real obvious. It makes me eyeroll stupid hard. You wanna play a female character, cool, but they don't play an actual character, just a retarded stereotype. And the lesbian kink ones mostly play 'sexy sexy I'm gonna bang every girl I see cuz I'm basically an aggressive man with tits and not have one ounce of personality beyond lesbian teehee'

It's pretty frustrating. I avoid them when I can but I can spot them a mile away cuz usually they're ugly bald neckbeards who crow about female rights but secretly just view us as sex objects. On the flip side women who play male characters tend to do a much more convincing job playing a realistic man but I don't find the opposite true very often at all.

No. 1234349

Classic cluster B clusterfuck

No. 1234352

haha demisexual. hahahah

No. 1234353

She does deserve a thread. Insufferable cunt.

No. 1234361

My mom has really broad shoulders and is shaped a bit like that only she's a bit more flat chested. She gains most of her weight on her belly and has really thin legs despite being overweight.

A lot of actual women have that shape.

Not all women are hourglass shaped. In fact a decent amount aren't.

I would say the uncanny face and the gay male facial expression gives it away more.

No. 1234363

Karina Gomez on YouTube has that shape as well despite not being trans, as far as I know.
So does Liz Hurley, Keisha and Kate Upton, albiet they are thinner versions.

I could list way more.

'Apple' shaped women are fairly commonplace. It's just a normal variation of female fat distribution.

I would say to the common person Nadia just looks like an apple shaped woman. Most people don't know how to clock HSTS.

No. 1234376

Late to the party sorry. Came back to comment on Demi Lovato. I knew she'd be posted here immediately.

My sister's husband works managing celebrity bookings and is currently working as some kind of low level assistant with Demi Lovato's staff. He said that she's insane, everyone feels really sorry for her. She's delusional and people just humour her. She is the biggest narcissist and attention whore on the planet.

No. 1234384

File: 1621508851485.png (865.73 KB, 1048x1332, 7318c5fe-b19e-5537-b63d-b3f04a…)

>So I can study their mannerisms
Totally not creepy asf

No. 1234385

An apple shaped woman doesn't look like an apple shaped man. No one is calling your mom a tranny ffs.
Can anons stop blogging when they get their fee fees hurt? No one cares if you have an xx relative with broad shoulders or one with an abnormal big skull.

No. 1234391

A woman could look straight up identical to a man (eg convincing TIFs) and it won't matter a single bit, because women do not NEED to pass when they simply are.

No. 1234394

"My brain is female" yet has to study females to be able to act like a female

No. 1234398

>broad shouldered beauty
You’re killing me anon

No. 1234404

Good god - this has to be a joke.

No. 1234417

File: 1621512544558.png (805.36 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_20210520-170829.png)

OK regarding the whole able to Tranny passing thing, I really can't tell difference between a woman is tranny or not if they've had massive amounts of surgeries to look like a bimbo sex doll
For e.g picrel is a natural born woman but if you told me this was a tranny I wouldn't be able to tell.

With 99.9 I can clearly tell their women without any effort, but these bimbo sex dolls all look like trannies to me

No. 1234422

File: 1621513144267.jpg (612.84 KB, 1660x1660, inCollage_20210520_141722159.j…)

TIM doesn't even reconsider getting the chop after the guy before him was almost butchered to death and is disappointed

No. 1234425

Is this Alicia Amara? They're a woman but shes nore fucking mutilated than most trans people. Shes a pornsick freak like them too, she has actually destroyed her body for bimbofication

No. 1234428

someone almost dies and someone almost was responsible for someone's death, pretty heavy and traumatic stuff and they are like "me me me me!". the narc disorder thing is real

No. 1234438

File: 1621515306446.jpg (147.23 KB, 900x900, iVnbN4n.jpg)

if anyone is interested, here are the numbers per political party. 1st column (dafür) is how many voted in favor, 2nd column (dagegen) is how many voted against it, and 3rd column (enthaltung) is how many didn't vote. the two parties who were in favor are the leftist party and the greens.

source: https://twitter.com/svenlehmann/status/1395264841787510785

No. 1234442

Those are some huge man hands, are you sure?

No. 1234445

a troon paid 4chan to ddos a little site i used that they got banned from because they threatened people over perceived transphobia

these fuckers are mental

No. 1234460

File: 1621519980094.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1964, 797EFC8E-F355-48FF-90A7-6D1C07…)


> trust me, it’s not nearly as bad for you as for a trans woman

Stfu AGP you moids ARE predatory. Go fuck another rot hole or shriveled dick and stay the fuck away from lesbians. Stop trying to play like the innocent one being accused here creep.

No. 1234463

I'm sorry anon. They do the same on discord servers. I've been in several that have burned just to troons. This is why I never ever let trannies or unverified women (Ie men) mods of this little niche server I ran. Because troons love to integrate into mods then start banning everything they don't like.

No. 1234475

I left every witch server I was in because it was full of troons and 'yaoi soft bois uwu'
If anybody has a server for me, thank you, is saged,trannymod pls don't ban me.

No. 1234477

I guess I agree with you. But at 14 most kids are just trying to figure out their own identify — genderspecials is just one fad that most will grow out of. (And I would assume that those who don't would always have been a little "different", no matter the decade we're in)

Honestly, I'm happy I grew up before Instagram / tiktok etc was a "thing" because I would probably do equally cringey things. Luckily mine are just "uwu so random" texts and things like Gaia Online profile layouts (with no biometrics that can identify me as an adult).

Idk about you but as a kid I would have definitely done the same silly poses in a similar scenario…. for instance: I never got to cosplay, so if I had gotten that chance, that would have been a dream come true for 14 year old me. I would be swirling around in my Sailor Moon dress or whatever and made lots of videos to show off. I'm fine with boys and men wearing dresses (it's sexist that people believe they deserve ridicule) and I honestly just see an awkward teen doing the same thing I would have done. Grown adults ridiculing kids is a much cringier past-time…

In any case, isn't posting media of minors against lolcow rules? Shouldn't the video and the link be deleted? (And inb4 red text blogpost: I'll stop here and won't respond to any further comments)

No. 1234479

File: 1621522026087.jpeg (120.73 KB, 828x388, 8653C364-5080-4C94-9869-CDD0D3…)

Can you find a more inhuman way of describing lesbians? Don’t fucking call us a slur and act like there’s any other kind of dykes than “cisdykes”

No. 1234485

I don’t get it. Why is it easier to develop a female character? Why does he wish someone estradiol?

No. 1234488

File: 1621523628762.jpg (136.01 KB, 750x423, E1yKafiXEAE6ZDh.jpg)

No. 1234489

>wrote a child sewer orgy scene
Is that in IT?
Stephen King is such a retard. He would honestly make a great lolcow.

No. 1234494

When I see RP character descriptions on female characters in a game I know instantly whether or not a man is playing them. Male description usually something like: "Her full bouncy breasts, her red lips, hair never out of place even in a fight, her steely gaze" blah blah blah

No. 1234495

This tranny porn star is livid that he didnt tell a cis male porn star that he was trans, and said cis male porn star refsed to fuck him.. in turn, lots of other trannies (like ella hollywood) and handmaidens (who also would never fuck a tranny and just want woke points) are pissed too:

No. 1234496

>my brain is female
>i feel female (despite having factually no way to know how that could possibly feel), therefore i am female
>has to jump through many expensive, painful hoops to actually "become female" (pills, surgeries, voice training, shopping trips, creepily stalking women from afar)
>totally heckin' valid btw

No. 1234498

Even if a tranny could get enough surgery and estrogen to "pass" as a woman completely.. they're still male. Their skeleton is male, their DNA is male, and at best (passing wise) they have a surgical wound that somewhat resembles a vagina/vulva but ultimately stinks, looks fucked up, grows hair on the inside, needs to be dilated for life, feels like fucking a dry hand (allegedly), and most people want nothing to do with.

At worst they have an emaciated penis that barely gets hard or ejaculates. Neither of those things are attractive to the vast majority of people and the only people who do find them attractive are other deformed trannies or straight men who use them as a cum-and-dump for their demented fetishes.

No. 1234499

What lesbian wants anything to with a transbian?

No. 1234500

I'm just saying I can't tell the difference between women who'be destroyed their bodies to look like bimbo sex dolls and TIMs who have destroyed their bodies to look like sex dolls

No. 1234503

I think I saw this tranny being accused on datalounge of allegedly selling himself with his than PS boyfriend for drugs. I think these trannies think because men get paid to fuck them who claim they are "Straight" or "gay for pay", or these men fuck anything in porn, it means ALL men aren't going to care.
It's not fucking true. Stop letting coomers make you think that all men think you are a woman with a dick and won't mind having gay sex. This is just in general. Everytime I hear about tranny pornstars it feels like a lot of them feel entitled to men and sex, because their minds are fucked up.

No. 1234504

Photos of he-bimbos are passive with layers of synthetic trashy clothing , shapewear, facetoon, close crop and no real women sharing the frame.
Remove any element of plastic, the the bimbro is visibly a bro.

No. 1234506

He’s a cheap bastard too. Whenever his assistant would come into our business he’d never tip.

No. 1234507

They’re gonna bully him to suicide, just like that other (Italian?) porn star who refused to fuck the AIDS ridden faggot.

No. 1234509

That doesn’t surprise me. All of his activism is fake virtue signalling. He’s nothing but a self serving cokehead, who only got popular because of his talented editor. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s never given a penny to charity.

No. 1234512

Nah I doubt it. If this was a woman denying a "Woman" with a penis her body in porn, she'd probably be getting death threats,people trying to make sure she'd never work in porn again, a bunch of tranny pornstars/Handmaidens would make her life a living hell.
This is a man who doesn't want to fuck a transwoman, people tend to understand that more and CARE more about men having the right to not want to sleep with a transwoman.
Notice how they'll go, "it's okay not to want to sleep with a transwomen with a penis, but if they have a neo-vagina thats transphobic" when it comes to straight men.
When it's lesbians it's, "Don't say you don't like dick, thats transphobic!"
That dude will be fine.

No. 1234514

File: 1621526712386.png (72.68 KB, 327x302, r.PNG)

here's what they are mad about.

No. 1234516

File: 1621526915854.jpeg (79.79 KB, 702x1024, 76EC000E-0C8E-4E16-8252-6BA613…)

a handmaiden or a tranny offering her bisexual husband to a the trans pornstar because a man didn't want to fuck him and clocked him on the spot.
This is so retarded and the ass kissing is crazy. They act like the transwoman is going to fucking explode because some porn scrote didn't want to fuck a man.
Fuck both scrotes involved but this is retarded.

No. 1234518

File: 1621526973499.jpeg (130.45 KB, 1125x1283, A4BCE999-0A36-4810-BEE1-5FE389…)

No. 1234519

File: 1621527026417.png (145.85 KB, 1080x613, IMG_20210520_181035.png)

chimping that someone wont fuck you is retarded but to be fair it reads like the moid explicitly hired the tranny (thinking he was female?) so he did kind of fuck the tranny over

No. 1234521

If it's true that he contacted the trap, shouldn't he have done his research? He's fully intact, a cursory glance at any of his videos reveal that fact. Do they contact porn stars based solely on their profile pics?
https://www.xvideos.com/pornstars/aubrey-kate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1234523

>the nastiest person in porn

Imagine being angry because a man doesn't want to be a part of degrading you in a porno. Just male coomer things.

No. 1234524

File: 1621527314725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.44 KB, 720x404, 20210520_172435.jpg)

Spoiler for nudity, but I clicked on the xvid link and one of the first results has this view of the boobs

No. 1234525

they both are telling to different stories. Trans says he contacted her, the dude said that he was booked for a Boy-girl-girl scene and no one told him.
I can believe that a dude in porn would be dumb enough to not even look into who he's fucking and for the scene to be as advertised. If they say he's going to get a girl named Aubrey he's thinking, "i'm getting a girl" and didn't look into it.
These men probably walk in and fuck whoever they are paid to fuck without a care in the world.
Anyway, they are both idiots and degenerates.

No. 1234526


i honestly abhor this word. it isn't offensive to me, but 99% of its usage is from chaser scrotes who love them.

No. 1234528

Regardless of what happened, seeing this disgusting picture, I don't blame the dude. If he did contact the trans and knew he was trans, seeing this I'd be disgusted and back out to. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to fuck someone who looks like this. Holy catfish, he looks disgusting.

No. 1234530

A lot of people never actually read IT.

Hell, people don't actually read King. Look at horror forums or the one Reddit. Everyone just simply acknowledges that 3/4ths of his novels are just turtle killers (Desperation) and expensive door stops. I think I gave up on King during the Dark Tower when they essentially explained that King doesn't know how guns work. It doesn't matter how magical the revolver is, you shouldn't have to pull the still smoking shell casing with your finger tips and then in the next chapter, the dude can just keep shooting without reloading. Anyway, his books were A LOT better when he was on Coke.

No. 1234533

File: 1621528286369.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, 94974FC8-5D31-4744-8B19-C4F40A…)

Look at those faggots struggling to lift him up, even with two of them. How can he possibly think he’s a submissive woman?

No. 1234535

Reminded me of August Ames. Slightly different situation, because she was being forced to shoot porn with a gay man, not an actual tranny. She refused because she didn’t want an even higher risk of catching HIV. She was publicly shamed and demonized all over Twitter for a week when she finally had enough and killed herself.
You can look up the story, but be warned, even obituaries for her dedicate like half the page to explaining why it was actually bad that she refused to have sex with the man. Like “oh how sad that she died, RIP, but let’s now debunk the concept that gay men are at all more likely to have HIV than straight men do, and she really shouldn’t have turned him down…”
And all the fucking gaslighting about “well porn stars get drug tests every six weeks so it’s literally impossible that he could have given her HIV.” That’s such bullshit. You can get a clean test and then contract HIV five weeks later. You can also have HIV for up to six months before it even shows up on a test.
But regardless of whether she turned down fucking him for “incorrect” or “correct” reasons, the point is, she said no. No means no. That’s it. It shouldn’t even need to be justified.

No. 1234538

He's more of a coomer than a male porn star jfc
But you love to see this as it'll peak more people as they absolutely want to force every man and woman to fuck them and like it. I hope we learn to never listen to mentally ill coomer men again when this tranny shit ends

No. 1234551

>that reply
Imagine, seriously, imagine being this much of a pathetic handmaiden. It's pitiful

No. 1234555

>You're so such a hot valid transwoman, I would literally let my husband fuck you while I'm in the other room
Imagine being this much of a cuck

No. 1234558


ot but her husband is kinda hot, shame about the retard wife

No. 1234563

this makes me even more mad that the gender Fandom keeps bringing them up. they really have no fucks to give about the actual well being of people.

pump kids full of drugs
pathologize peoples interests and children's behavior
praise and encourage fantastical thinking and indulging in vanity


No. 1234564

It's funny because it's WORK, why is that handmaiden making it seem like this was a date that went wrong (which would be just as bad/weird).
The tranny is missing out on a paycheck, sure he's butthurt that someone doesn't want to fuck him, but thats not the only problem (i hope).

No. 1234566

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised? Joanna Angel has a porn studio and she worked a lot with James Deen, who raped women on set. She is probably saying that the tranny can shoot a scene with her husband, to make up for the lost profits. She's basically the modern version of a brothel madame.

No. 1234568

I had no idea, thanks anon. I knew someone telling a trans who looks like >>1234524 that he was the most "sexiest incredible woman i've ever met" was retarded.

No. 1234569

File: 1621530033848.png (396.6 KB, 720x464, Screenshot_20210520-215911.png)

Oh wow he's a Goth/Alt male pornstar, huh did not know something like that even exist

No. 1234570

what ever happened to enthusiastic consent.. or consent at all?? every single person in that thread praising the tranny is pornsick.

No. 1234575

The game thing is really annoying at this point.
>Female only trait deals extra damage to males.
>98% of the enemies in the game are male.
>The male version deals extra damage to females.
>Only encounter female enemies three times the entire game, unless the DM is a complete degenerate and has a gender fetish.
>Female character has the potential to deal hideous amounts of bonus damage.
> Men get asked Why are you playing as a girl?
>They answer with the above and explain that it's not sexual , it's tactical.
>You must be gay or trans if you're playing as a woman.
The constant, unending emasculation of nerds is weird. Like stop trying to groom or enforce your shitty lifestyle on geeky dudes.

No. 1234580


Every time I see troons self-inserting themselves as anime characters I can't help start having the ruminating thought of "you do not look like that, you do not not look like that, it cannot be communicated how much you with your gigantic ribcage do not look like that"

No. 1234589

he's literally bigger than all of them kek

No. 1234597

In this troons defence, i could see this being a female high schooler 10 years ago.
I knew a few female weebs who wouldnt be against wearing this exact outfit minus the gloves. This one here is at least wearing a decent wig to cover the male pattern baldness.

The boobs seem a little high and the face istn that visable. So i wouldnt clock this as a troon but fatties in general are pretty hard to tell.
This seems like an image a troon might post of a real female to ree about how we call any female with a bad sense of fashion a troon.

No. 1234603

File: 1621533709053.jpg (174.06 KB, 1024x1024, 20201120_232009-COLLAGE.jpg)

Trannies self inserting as anime girls will never not be funny.

No. 1234633

Fat troons pass better because excess fat feminizes by producing estrogen. The fatter you get the more you lose all descerning features.

No. 1234655

He looks disgusting even for shemale porn, chasers have no interest in dicks this tiny. And what kind of trailer trash haircut is that, what do handmaidens and white knights have to gain by saying he's the most beautiful person on earth?

No. 1234661

All male trannies are the same:

"But what about ME?!?"

No. 1234711

Subject aside (this really shows how fucked up porn is). This is pretty straight forward. He might have agreed to it having all information, or he might have not, but it doesn’t matter. Dude showed up on set and then withdrew consent. He can say no for any reason. I’d rather get my feelings hurt than come across this unhinged. Very typical of a tranny rapist to think everyone is obligated to fuck him.

No. 1234745

Congratz on winning my 0 empathy award of the week. Normally it go's to troons or incels but girl you're this week's winner!

No. 1234763

>No one guessed that Nikki was ever man. We were all blown away.
Speak for yourself, I've seen some rumors online before he came out, and I wondered if he were mtf the first time I watched him.

No. 1234764

Yup, the 11 year old virgin girl willingly gang bangs all her friends and enjoys it immensely and they are friend bonded for life for a deep spiritual level over it
Stephen King is messed up

No. 1234767

Didn't he use hormone blockers as a child for years? I'm just guessing based on what my endocrinologists told me long ago but basically you can't grow up anymore once your bone plates close up/fuse completely, but maybe with hormone blockers his bone plates closed up way later than they should have so he has even more time to grow up, which means his treatment would have backfired given how gigantic he is then.

No. 1234774

this and the troon polycule, god those pics crack me up

No. 1234786

You're replying to a 2 day old comment anon….

No. 1234795

Is that stupid anime pic suppose to be them dating? If only all troons just dated each other and the gay chasers. That would be one tiny step towards nature healing.

Leave the lesbians alone.

No. 1234814

It's definitely a scrote, they put a porn link in that spoiler to trick mobile users into clicking it and who the fuck else watches tranny porn.

No. 1234815

File: 1621553299564.png (1.74 MB, 1363x1129, peemisgender2.png)

No. 1234818

File: 1621553344900.jpg (232.54 KB, 1033x1089, cimcam.jpg)

i'm sure it's the canister

No. 1234822

File: 1621553707196.png (700.23 KB, 534x861, troonz.png)

It's apparently
>what it would have looked like the day she came out to me (at BlizzCon 2017!) if we were both already ourselves
so, what it'd look like (through an extremely agp and delusional lens) if they'd both been trooned out when they met. Yes, they're dating. A lot of mtf troons are t4t out of prison gay, they can't get real lesbians to touch them with a 10 foot pole and cope by seething about how ~cisbians~ are so mean and twansphobique.

No. 1234826

File: 1621553947781.jpg (488.49 KB, 2048x1536, D-CWVNoU0AAr7aW-orig.jpg)

Samefag, but these two are just so horrifically ugly, even for mtf troons. The blue haired one looks like a "transphobic" parody of what a tranny looks like, and the middle one looks like a fucked up cosplay of Selma Blair. That the artist they commissioned was able to take them and turn them into arguably cute characters (even if you don't like anime) is way too generous tbqh.

No. 1234841

File: 1621554752455.jpg (206.33 KB, 744x1024, 5608874292_fb0080cd0e_b.jpg)

Have gay sex or you're transphobic, bigot!

He looks so much like Bill Kaulitz in that pic. Sage for no milk.

No. 1234855

File: 1621555942341.jpg (65.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

All I can think of when I see that monstrosity in the middle is Finis Everglot

No. 1234868

File: 1621558022423.jpeg (291.49 KB, 828x1272, C87589C7-0CAF-4BBC-8D42-6AB051…)

Stumbled upon this beauty in the wild. I’d love to know wtf the caption is supposed to mean.

No. 1234877


Steve Holmes has been a pornstar for decades and has made countless videos with just about every (female) pornstar imaginable. He's still nasty– just like everyone else in the porn industry, kek– but the fact that this tranny is trying to "cancel" him is hilarious. It's not like anyone is going to blame Steve Holmes for not wanting to fuck a man. Dude has gone like 40 years without sticking his dick up a dude's ass, so I don't think he's going to start now.

No. 1234880

I think it's supposed to mean that you won't see him as a "girl" (ok pedo OP) if you're deliberately looking for signs of his maleness. As if it's something humans have to consciously try to do. I'm really not sure, though. It seems like he's trying to wax philosophical, but is too stupid and fixated to have a fully developed thought.

No. 1234893

File: 1621560488259.jpg (160.54 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20210520_192626.jpg)

oh but they're definitely not fetishizing us

No. 1234898

To RoughCharles: You're a creep, fuck off.

No. 1234903

Wtf? It’s rude to stare at women in the library no matter what the reason. I’m so tired of scrote “logic.”

I guess “consent is sexy” until it’s a troon getting rejected, then you are uwu oppressing them by not catering to their demands.

I don’t think porn stars get to specifically choose who they’ll work with, they get booked for a scene and they either shoot it or they don’t. Not that I have any interest in defending this creepy old scrote, but he probably has shot so much porn that he doesn’t bother to “research” anything in advance and just shows up to do the job.

No. 1234906

File: 1621562005105.jpeg (67.78 KB, 449x612, A10377EE-F412-44BB-A455-6CF465…)

>kinda hot

He literally looks like a deranged faggot but ok kek

No. 1234907

No anon, two men fucking each other up the ass, sucking each other dicks isn't gay sex when one of them identifies as a woman. That disgusting scrote should be okay with fucking a "woman" who just so happens to have a penis up the ass.
He probably fucks cis women up the ass so what's the difference?/s

I wonder if anyone has tried that on straight men yet? Telling them if they can enjoy anal with women, then they have no reason to deny a transwoman with a penis. "you don't have to touch or see the penis, transwomen are women and a transwoman's asshole is a woman's asshole, there's zero reasons to not want to be with a transwomen unless you are transphobic!!"
no wonder she was willing to give him to that trans, he looks like he could be one of Jeffree Stars boyfriends.

No. 1234921

File: 1621566004270.jpg (23.08 KB, 700x123, what the fuck.jpg)

Here's another passage from It. For someone who insists he doesn't want to diddle little girls, Stephen King sure does think about their nipples and genitals a lot. But it's okay because he said TWAW!

No. 1234923

He looks like every guy who goes as the joker for halloween

No. 1234926

There’s some weird racism in some of his books too, like the dark tower.

No. 1234931

Stephen King’s novels have always been insanely racist and sexist and he’s gotten a pass for decades because he mouths the right “woke” liberal platitudes. Even reading them as a kid, I remember being routinely disgusted by the way he objectified women and minorities.

No. 1234950

File: 1621570347291.png (323.82 KB, 700x505, bog.png)


No. 1234962

He was such a handsome man.. sigh

No. 1234967

troons don't deserve the consideration they get

No. 1234971

ah no wonder blizzard sucks now

No. 1234972

i hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1234986

File: 1621577025396.png (521.66 KB, 720x686, Screenshot_20210521-110055.png)

Thats just tragic, similarily this is just a tragedy

No. 1234988

File: 1621577286919.jpg (54.88 KB, 640x853, w0g1anatz8u61.jpg)

No matter how beautiful a male is, he can never look like convincing women, let alone a "cute girl"
Only closeted scrotes think this look like attractive, I don't even understand why he did this

He could have attracted both girls and guys and now the only ones who will even approach him will be cumbrained, closeted homo scrotes

No. 1234990

this is like one step below buffalo bill

No. 1234994

File: 1621578213799.jpg (307.96 KB, 1200x1709, GettyImages-457218753.jpg)

That is just straight up Joey Diaz

No. 1234995

Kek look at these manly arms

No. 1235000

File: 1621580455907.png (1.45 MB, 1556x1366, Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 2.59…)

Agreed anon, it's such a losing game for them, I don't know what they're thinking except anime and photoshop playing tricks on their minds. Here's a completely random recent one on the transpassing subreddit that looks "okay", at least in terms of their body. But still, I'd know that was a man, so what was the point? Are they really so delusional to believe that they'll ever "pass", or is passing truly just shorthand for "would you fuck me"?

No. 1235001

not cool, don't insult Joey Diaz like that

No. 1235010

That one has watched Contrapoints a bit too much, look at how he's skin walking him.

No. 1235011

File: 1621582278240.png (3.14 MB, 1400x1250, Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 09.31…)

Went perusing through his reddit and I think this isn't an actual tranny (yet), just a gross dude with a sissy fetish. All his pics have been very heavily altered with faceapp, and he still dresses like a normal guy sometimes. Will he inevitably fall victim to full-blown troonism? Probably yes, but he's not there just yet

No. 1235016

lol thought this was nik

No. 1235018

God why, he's a cute guy why does he feel he needs to do this
Attractive males should be for women, not indulge in disgusting fetishes

No. 1235027

Really makes you wonder how many attractive guys secretly have these degenerate fetishes…

No. 1235033

File: 1621589066130.png (136.16 KB, 1080x745, IMG_20210518_165503.png)

heres a thread about how the term pegging is problematic bc liking dildo penetration but not real penises is transphobic or something

No. 1235037

File: 1621589589977.png (304.03 KB, 1200x1004, Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 5.30…)

what the fuck, a dildo IS fundamentally different from an actual penis? Primary difference being a dildo isn't attached to a male, it is an object and not a male sex organ. What a bizarre thing to even give a shit about. It is a rhetorical question, but why is it that so many of the issues troons have with society boil down to "more people should have sex with us"?

No. 1235040

I mean its still kinda gay, a guy who WANTS to get fucked in the ass is not 100% straight IMO

No. 1235042

File: 1621591295346.jpg (163.73 KB, 1077x1276, Werealljudtbimbostihehehehe.jp…)

Being empty-headed

No. 1235044

Wtf does that have to do with anything anyone said?

If a dildo isn't distinguishable from a penis, why do trans man ever bother to get bottom surgery?

Why does it imply the dildo is inferior to real penis? I can't imagine many lesbians would agree.

This is just inventing bullshit to be mad at. Who cares what kind of anal sex you have. I fucking wish anorectal violence chan was on twitter.

No. 1235045

idk if i'd ever peg someone (just not my cup of tea at all) but i also dont think i agree with this.

prostate orgasms feel really good apparently and i know a lot of guys who like being pegged by women like it because of the juxtaposition between a woman who is soft and feminine being extremely dominant like that.

i'm sure there are men who like being pegged who are not completely straight but idk if i'd lump them all into that, especially since i know of one specific person who loves being pegged by women but is actually repulsed by men and trannies (and specifically says biology is very important to him).

No. 1235047

File: 1621592094275.jpg (89.77 KB, 1024x576, 2u8glqio4e071.jpg)

…is this really in the new sims trailer

No. 1235048

File: 1621592183945.png (488.69 KB, 785x776, goodbyehorses.png)

>But still, I'd know that was a man, so what was the point? Are they really so delusional to believe that they'll ever "pass", or is passing truly just shorthand for "would you fuck me"?
I think people are confusing "do I pass as trans" with "do I pass as an actual member of the opposite sex.". A lot of these guys 'pass' in the sense that they clearly want to be called ma'am and most people will play along to be polite. But they don't pass as actual women at all.

No. 1235049

>These fucking women need to learn to start having sex with us on command!
Tranny and incel venn diagram is a perfectly merged circle

Coercive rape, that's what this is. Still hilarious that troons always cope with the "men prefer us to ugly cis bitches" but this is ultimately the reality.

No. 1235050

We should just nuke all American game and animation studios, and start again with more women, especially in positions of power.

No. 1235051

File: 1621592580288.jpg (393.42 KB, 1080x1986, wat.jpg)

Tumblr was legitimately a humongous mistake but this is on another level of cringe. It's got the 100% fake story and the roasting of gender norms all wrapped in a "pat me on the head for being such a good doggy/ally" bow.

Also.. I've known many people with boy kids who bought them plenty of stuffed animals? No idea what this idiot is talking about.

No. 1235052

No no no Stephen, you can't just say "I think she's wrong". You have to be as misogynist as possible about it. The correct form would be
>Jo Rowling is a transphobic piece of shit and her money drenched innocent in trans blood should be taken away to be given to trans charities, choke on a girldick you ugly Karen bitch

The only good thing about this shit is that the more troonery enters the mainstream the more people it will piss off and peak. The bad thing about it however is that gay people will be the collateral damage when they start pushing back and the wealthy male AGPs will be let off the hook scotch free.

No. 1235054

Sage for OT, but it doesn't matter if he wants a hot woman to do it, a man wanting a plastic dildo in his ass is at minimum bi o

No. 1235057

Straight men can’t experience prostate stimulation?

No. 1235058

Holy fuck, look at those massive shovels on the ends of his wrists.

No. 1235061

Big disagree. Nothing wrong with being bi, but bisexual means attracted to both male and female human beings and has nothing to do with strap-ons or prostate stimulation.. especially when a literal female woman is involved.

No. 1235062

No wonder so many loser males troon out, it's like a one way ticket to girls grovelling at their feet and doing them unwarranted favours out of guilt.

No. 1235066

Imagine unironically taking a hulking man in a dress to build-a-bear, disgusting, probably part of his fetish.

No. 1235073

that would make lesbians having strap-on sex bi as well

No. 1235084

You're making all of us look bad with these shit takes nonna

No. 1235091


>huge man hands
>tall as hell
>narrow hips and pelvis
>fridge body
>huge shoulders
>huge neck
>big ass head
>cone tits
>prominent brow ridge
>bad wig

Meanwhile troons be like, are you saying women with big heads are men?? They know what a woman looks like, that’s why they need all these surgeries to approximate you. They are just trying to gaslit you.

It do