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File: 1615485137106.jpeg (372.16 KB, 2048x2048, 1615324734105.jpeg)

No. 1181871

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

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>puts together a random, low-effort Spongebob cosplay (that's still somehow better quality than the majority of her costumes) >>1176512

>haggard "lil sis gets dick at disney" vid comes out, featuring the same dildo from her scat video >>1176550
>offers to sell all 187 of her videos for $100 for weed >>1176908
>now saying she won't be leaving OK as soon as she would like, despite e-begging daily and being sent money by her mom (fupa sperging intensifies) >>1177246
>showed up for another painful cam show where she barely made any tokens >>1177621
>confirmed on cam that her scat video was accidental >>1177476
>still on her sushi and wine bullshit (no longer any mention of healthy eating or exercise) >>1178859
>caught buying more twitter followers >>1179231
>MAYBE putting in her 30 days at her apartment to move out next month >>1180936


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No. 1181873

No. 1181879

File: 1615485623341.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 756.9 KB, 1242x1548, A9DD5D64-237B-462B-B0F8-E6193B…)

She literally had one review and acts like she did an AVN award winning video like the review was from a dude named Scat Stephans…..

No. 1181880

File: 1615485750600.jpg (300.36 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20210311-081732_Twi…)

She is so bitter

No. 1181881

File: 1615485777344.jpeg (764.63 KB, 1284x2128, 5603C39B-517B-4752-9349-489840…)

cow crossovers are always fun

No. 1181882

File: 1615485784470.jpg (321.1 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20210311-113133_Twi…)

She's just pissed she's not the one trending

No. 1181883

Idk why she blocks out the name of the person who wrote the review. Everyone can see it on the video

No. 1181886

File: 1615485880520.png (Spoiler Image, 2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 3A30A3AC-F69B-4F03-8B57-85F988…)

God her orbiters are so gross and ugly

What a life achievement having this dude bust a nut over your busted ugly inbred looking ass

No. 1181887

File: 1615485946084.jpg (28.76 KB, 579x374, Screenshot_20210311-120524_Chr…)

This is who reviewed the video. That name, yikes

No. 1181888

File: 1615485981914.jpg (406.65 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20210311-113056_Twi…)

Shay, you know your fat ass most definitely ate it

No. 1181890

File: 1615486016768.jpg (303.99 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20210311-102556_Twi…)

Something she deleted

No. 1181895

this sounds word for word like a review warmack made.
She's so triggered by Belle while ALSO trying to skin walk her; Also imagine being impressed that a fat coomer tells you, "I never gave Belle $3"
Like she's just mad Belle can be a shitty person but popular. Shayna would have no issue with everyone but coomers hating her if it meant she had the fame Belle has.

No. 1181897

shes the queen of subtweeting and passive aggressive comments. her self awareness is in the depths of the ocean at this point.

No. 1181902

File: 1615487872568.jpeg (344.13 KB, 1242x1133, C0A0A6B1-700D-4408-9845-46FFC7…)

How about a salad and some water, fat bitch?

No. 1181907

File: 1615488221224.png (341.67 KB, 580x405, ee.PNG)

It's crazy she hates Belle because most people hate Belle for of the same reason people dislike Shayna, Like I always see people saying men who like Belle are gross. Shayna is a chubby, more unattractive low-budget version of Belle, You'd think she'd support her fellow Pedo-pandering sex work sister.
Picrel is the same shit Shayna whines about, people thinking her Pedo-pandering shit is wrong. She has no reason to dislike Belle they are the same except Belle does it better and thats truly why she's upset.
Also I thought she hated bandwagons and cancel culture? Everytime someone scams or gets popular while being problematic she gets mad because she's not attractive or creative enough to be in their spot.

No. 1181913

File: 1615488797441.png (175.66 KB, 581x533, 1.PNG)

SA- Never mind she did like a tweet by that Republican racist, to defend Belle. Funny how She still interacts with this person but put her own parents on blast for a few likes.

No. 1181925


Sage for off topic but every time I see this girl's Twitter name ITT I flinch. What kind of kool-aid a woman must have drunk to call herself a "cock sleeve"? Does she think it looks "uwu submissive" and not "I'm desperate and mentally unstable, you can take advantage of me for pennies"? Man these hoes are wild.

No. 1181962

That’s exactly what I thought too anon. people hate Belle because she’s a pedo panderer. Shayna doesn’t hate her for pedo pandering because she does the exact same thing, so I’m guessing she hates her because she makes way more money/has so many followers and simply that she is much skinnier and attractive than her. Belle looks like a normal, cute lady without editing but she is actually good at editing her pics to make them more “appealing,” another thing Shay fails at. At least when Belle edits /filters her eyes huge it looks a lot less uncanny than when Shaytard does it. it’s funny how much she is seething about her constantly and actually kinda sad kek

No. 1181970

shaytard was just posing the exact same as belle there, with the tongue sticking out between her teeth kek.

No. 1181971

File: 1615493417327.jpeg (102.65 KB, 750x595, A3B21DD5-338B-4ABD-A6D7-033945…)

No. 1181979

SHE JUST BROUGHT CHEAP Clothes though, she's still spending money like she always does.
She never brought much clothes anyway. She wears the same shit.

No. 1181984

She just bought stuff from forever 21 this week. Does she have fucking memory problems from all the weed she's smoking. Jfc

No. 1181986

> shouldn’t
But definitely will. Not that it matters, her money actually goes to weed and doordash.

No. 1181999

>if you’re comparing yourself to her, I’ve nutted to you and not to her
>Shayna thanks him
I know she has to keep her remaining coomers sweet but I laughed out loud

No. 1182000

It's just sad, "Well I never nutted to Belle and sent her chump change so you are better", Like Belle's totally missing out because ONE Coomer Paypig chose Shayna.

No. 1182033

He just can't afford Belles OF

No. 1182041

isn’t belles of like $30 a month? meanwhile shay’s is $3 lol. he’s just…. saving up.

No. 1182043

File: 1615497133347.jpg (336.25 KB, 1079x1129, Screenshot_20210311-151209_Twi…)

In reality, it was Fupa who told that Shay

No. 1182055

But she would NEVER voice out loud that she's portraying someone underage, oh gosh. That would just make the whole thing wrong.

No. 1182058

Finally. Please let this be the end of the Fupa saga. It's just stale at this point. Do something new for your audience, Shay.

No. 1182062

We already knew she was talking with Fupa but she was posting all that shit while they were "Friends", he didn't see her saying she wanted to ruin his life and shit?

No. 1182077

ok but…he HAS to be checking her social media from time to time, right?
their whole situation was bizarre, from start to finish.

No. 1182112

This man could spill all the milk he has on her,and if his ass called her for a booty call the next day, her dumbass would show up with bells on cause she can't live with out him.

No. 1182122

It's transparently obvious she posted that because they had a fight, probably at brunch that one day

No. 1182156

so what did fupa do this time

No. 1182160

nvm i just saw the other post. kek.

No. 1182170

'daddy' is one thing.
Her typing "anal loving Daughter" is a disgusting new low for an already putrid and entitled fauxwhore

No. 1182177

She can't handle it if people do say it to her face. She either blocks them or deletes before she can be confronted. Shay's an absolute coward and so jealous of everyone else that she can't even do g/g scenes because it means everyone looking at her more attractive partner.

What's stopping you? You spend money on everything else.

No. 1182180

That’s what’s so sad. He could come here and post and prove it’s him and she’d still be running back

No. 1182188

On top of that, their pfp is of an anime character that’s a tiny European loli with the mind of an old Japanese salaryman. Nothing weird about that…

No. 1182211

File: 1615508789548.jpeg (836.74 KB, 1125x1088, 34AD48E7-FDC2-431B-B216-1E7033…)

Posted a PFP with another woman in the back for a guess

No. 1182213

File: 1615508878560.png (362.32 KB, 597x598, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.22…)

She bitches about people putting their OF % in their bios yet here she is trying to brag about less than 100k likes on all of her content and a review from someone with scat in their username. If she doesn't get off the internet… she's going to be dead before 30.

No. 1182215

I cant believe she still simps for this loser. kek

No. 1182216

It's almost like she's never really had a decent man in her life(her one boyfriend from many threads ago maybe?) and she's just got a brain dead female coomer brain with daddy issues. Typical 2012 tumblr bullshit.

No. 1182217

THIS is what 8.5 in the face Shayna wanted to die over, THIS.

No. 1182221

and she never will have a decent man in her life. ever. she's fucked herself for life the moment she connected her "sex work" with her real name.

No. 1182226

God he's such an ugly, disgusting loser. It looks like he is taking selfies in a drug den. I don't have much hope for Shayna but surely if she loses weight she can find some beta with a job and no kids to put up with her.

No. 1182236

Ok so hes in someone's house/trailer. The woman is smoking something and the other person seems to be a black teen. Maybe the baby mama?(I don't remember what she looks like)

No. 1182244

Exactly. Just say you're a poor coomer who can only afford dollar general knock off whores and move on kek

No. 1182248

other person is holding a bottle of vodka too. Very classy.

No. 1182251

He looks like a hairy goblin, squatting and hunched like that fuckin kek

And it really does have crack trailer vibes

No. 1182253

He was probably relieved lmao

No. 1182272

the woman with the plate on her lap looks like she's either rolling a joint or about to snort lines. possibly a straw or pokey in her hand? hard to tell with the dirty mirror and shit image resolution

No. 1182308

File: 1615515301448.jpeg (210 KB, 628x496, 087B720E-6F1C-4EB4-A6E8-77635D…)

KEK that’s definitely a straw. Bet it’s something trashy like ketamine ew.

No. 1182312

File: 1615515537059.jpg (278.05 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20210311-201846_Twi…)

No. 1182314

File: 1615515578661.jpg (179.72 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20210311-201942_Twi…)

No. 1182317

I can't believe he is STILL wearing this shirt, jfc.

No. 1182319

Wow, isnt this her 2nd time caming this week

No. 1182332

File: 1615517370388.jpg (510.9 KB, 1079x1492, Screenshot_20210311-204902_Twi…)

Stfu Shay, God damn

No. 1182333

Is she hammered already god damn

No. 1182335

i know i’m so sick of this emperor shirt. he wears it every fucking picture does he NOT OWN any other shirt? and i hate how he wears it to look ~edgy and metal~ fuck off you trailer park fatty

No. 1182338

wait is she posting this so people give her sympathy money? rip

No. 1182342

File: 1615517827122.jpeg (804.29 KB, 999x1041, 8FB2FE4D-8EDA-4455-AA92-E4E746…)

it is the same shirt anon kek
He still hasn’t gotten rid of his Fupa and still skips leg day

No. 1182344

lowkey excited for some milk tonight anyone wanna bet she will talk about fupa/cry about him?

No. 1182345

LOL at this fugly idiot trying to display his pathetic gains. Let’s see some push ups fupa kek

No. 1182346

Has she ever cried on cam before?? I’ve only been reading up on the shayna saga for a year and a half.

No. 1182348

I really hope she just starts sobbing. Considering how her streams go that would be a treat.

No. 1182362

I mean… shay took back her Lisa frank hoodie. What else do you expect him to wear???

But in all seriousness that shirts gotta reek.

No. 1182374

I'm sure she just says shes crying to be dramatic and for pity. Maybe when she's in her period and drunk.

No. 1182379

That's a guaranteed, anon. I just want her to do it this time.

No. 1182390


Definitely seems like it's gonna' be a "Fuck Fupa" stream.

No. 1182397

I really hope she does cam tonight. It will be a hot mess.

No. 1182402

File: 1615521965212.jpeg (118.27 KB, 828x356, ABCF9078-FB5C-4C1C-BEC2-715A60…)

She’s camming on OF

No. 1182403

Bitch ain't gonna make any money

No. 1182405

anyone watching?

No. 1182406

Can OF anon come through?

No. 1182416

looks like a syringe imo

No. 1182419

oh yeah, at least twice

No. 1182425

shes gonna be disappointed when the 50+ farmers aren't there to give her the illusion of fans lol

No. 1182428

I wonder if she'll cave with the lack of viewers and go on MFC lol
(Probably not, but..)

No. 1182430

you think thats why she is streaming on OF? shes been lurkin more than usual?

No. 1182443

nta but 100% that's why

No. 1182446

File: 1615524379348.jpeg (49.36 KB, 755x120, D90B8FAD-0C51-442E-9E49-8DB4DE…)

She caved

No. 1182448

lol that didn't take long

No. 1182450

I think she’s lurking hard because it said she just logged out

No. 1182452

Lol she really craves our opinion of her. Anything for views I guess.

No. 1182456

says she's live on OF

No. 1182464

Well maybe we will get to see her cam on MF tomorrow. I bet she will go through at least 2 bottles of cheap wine.

No. 1182472

Idk I feel like Shay might be “uwu too fragile to move” tomorrow. Considering that she’s likely not making shit and is now seeing how lacking her fanbase is without us. Lbh the only reasons she would pop in to MF is either to see if we cared or to take tokens through it. I’m not sure about the tokens though

No. 1182480

Sorry I didn't get to record guys but there was nothing good going on, only one guy tipped in total for 65 dollars. It was extremely short and she fake came after she was mashing her clit with the vibrator and shoving a dildo in dry. Said she'll be on MFC tomorrow.

No. 1182494

This is so depressing lol, shayna is upset she hasn’t made anything for herself in 5 years of sex work online and the response she gets from a fellow coomer is “well if it makes you feel better I jerked off to you and not her!” I’m sure that makes her feel better about her miserable unsuccessful life.

No. 1182505

It looks like he's posting from a fucking halfway house. What's going on, Kyle Nathan Perkins?

No. 1182567

Not to try to nitpick this, but most people will tamp down a joint or blunt so it burns better and you can stuff more weed in. It honestly looks like she’s doing that.

Regardless of what they’re up to, they definitely shared a joint/needle/straw and that’s fucking gross.

No. 1182595

Sharing a joint with your mates is gross now?

No. 1182615

Mostly gross because the pandemic is pretty poorly handled in the US. I wouldn’t pass judgement otherwise.

I might have to take it back, though. If you zoom in to the left of the black man there’s something that is shoved into the couch cushions towards the top. Looks like it’s a joint and she may be rolling one for everyone.

It’s still a super fucking trashy photo to put as your profile picture. Especially when you take his age and family status into account.

No. 1182622

Ok but what’s in the black dudes hands? I first thought it’s a thermos lol but i don’t think so. And what’s the black block on the womens plate?

No. 1182626

File: 1615545134118.jpeg (313.92 KB, 750x1134, 87D1FBF6-F5A3-43FF-A84B-CA6C5F…)

pretty positive it’s a bottle of Ciroc vodka

No. 1182671

Best part is he never actually said he hadn't nutted to belle, just that he hadn't given her any money for it lmao

Ah okay, so him and Shayna were racing each other to see who could claim BBW status first. And they both won.

No. 1182715

Could be a block of hash

No. 1182725

Another trashy element here is the fact that he appears to be crouching in front of a window letting sunlight in, meaning they're drinking/partying during the day. Also nitpick but his foot looks weirdly tiny?

It looks like she's wearing a black winter coat/jacket, so the black block could be part of her sleeve. The mirror seems smudged which throws off the lighting a bit.

No. 1182741

File: 1615559502525.jpg (489.35 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20210312-083106_Twi…)

No. 1182748

Once again, years late on the “I’m baby” trend.

No. 1182750

wtf is happening to her eye on the right in the left pic? it’s like warped? is that just from the filter

No. 1182765

Gah sorry I thought I saged, and it won’t let me delete bc I left the page.
It’s probably the filter plus looking off to the side. Not a cute look, but I doubt it was something she edited on purpose. Much attention to detail, though.

No. 1182777

This is literally the ugly wojak girl “im baby” meme kek. Does anyone have it??

No. 1182778

File: 1615562949430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.61 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20210312-083042_Twi…)

No. 1182782

creepy plastic mask face, doesn't even look real

No. 1182785

File: 1615563948108.jpg (379.41 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20210312-094556_Twi…)

No. 1182788

File: 1615564067037.jpg (333.45 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210312-094629_Twi…)

No. 1182791

Is she just admitting she doesn't care about her customers? Obviously ewhores don't care about their customers but actually admitting it is such a bad idea for business.

No. 1182792

Nonny, it isn't that you left the page but a post can only be deleted for 30 minutes. The more you know.

I know it's a meme to give Shay advice like go for the feeder niche or stoner girl. But this "achievable/pay to play slutty girl next door" thing would work for her too. She'll get the attention & $$ she wants and she can have her BPD Fupa emptiness temporarily filled by these coomers.

No. 1182794

>I wish I was rich
Kek, someone wanna tell him a hundo will probably take him pretty far?

No. 1182800

She really saw her pussy that inflamed and red and thought it was fine to post?

No. 1182802

>"achievable/pay to play slutty girl next door"
she'd do it once and the customers would never come back because she has 0 sex appeal

No. 1182806

Scary that she has the exact same stupid, ugly expression in both pics kek she managed not to move her face at all or shes just perfected that awful shit.

No. 1182809

That phrase makes no sense, and her vagina looks more like a moldy strawberry than strawberry jam.
This is so bad for business. Her bratty persona is so off-putting, and he probably just chose her because she’s cheap. I also find it funny that she posts what seems like every customer she gets, bc if you think about it that way, it’s not many at all.
I thought so! It was still at 18mins so I thought it’d be fine, but it gave me the expired password message. I figured it was because I left the page since it was still sub 30mins. Weird, but thank you ♥

No. 1182813

>Ah okay, so him and Shayna were racing each other to see who could claim BBW status first. And they both won.
Top kek anon

No. 1182815

File: 1615567329147.jpeg (47.04 KB, 640x640, 6E24999B-0A27-44EA-8E0C-8FCD5B…)

No. 1182840

>I also find it funny that she posts what seems like every customer she gets, bc if you think about it that way, it’s not many at all.
that's why she does that. because there are so few actual customer interactions.

No. 1182866

File: 1615575209321.jpg (332.98 KB, 1079x1278, Screenshot_20210312-125320_Twi…)

You literally tweet about yourself taking a shit while smoking

No. 1182873

I thought it was whippets at first kek

No. 1182875

she uses facetune apps to make her eyes bigger and it looks like shit

No. 1182876

close your mouth you dead eyed retard

No. 1182878

looks like this guy and womack are missing the same chromosome

No. 1182885

it’s why they’re attracted to sped women like shayna, she’s in their league

No. 1182896

File: 1615578412136.jpeg (417.08 KB, 750x856, E141A62F-45A2-49E9-AB2A-45AA04…)

another sperg about sex work, mental gymnastics as usual

No. 1182897

Lmao, why the fuck would any guy who has seen her twitter want her?

No. 1182903

It's no wonder she is bleeding subs. Reading this shit is scrote repellent.

No. 1182905

Isn’t that how Fupa picked her up tho?

No. 1182906

As an internet whore aren’t you suppose to act like coomers have a chance with you?? That way they spend money and they think of you as a “online gf” god Shayna is a retard

No. 1182912

its so hard to take her seriously when shes using '2' instead of 'to' every other word

No. 1182928

File: 1615581878167.jpg (Spoiler Image, 585.49 KB, 1079x1671, Screenshot_20210312-144431_Twi…)

Please no

No. 1182941

this looks like she’s bending over for a gyno appointment lmao. i wish i didn’t click on it. but tbh it doesn’t even look like her crotch?? yes we all know it by now kek
exactly, her rants are incoherent, she can’t fucking type, and they just show how bitchy and insufferable she is. no one wants to date you shayna and your rants make you even more unattractive. no one knows what you’re even talking about. and no one cares.

No. 1182943

I swear it looks like her choochie is about to cough.

Shay stop giving the goods for free and thinking these other hoes wanna give out their shit for free.

No. 1182944

File: 1615583087690.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 1C08F41A-0F68-4043-A30E-4E7C65…)

this was under the post where shay said to post pics of your pussy. i find it slightly funny how this scrote responded to pixie but not shay lol

No. 1182946

File: 1615583244254.png (471.94 KB, 750x1334, A7A60252-6B5D-4D5A-966D-363527…)

now this rant

No. 1182949

except you get jealous of other women you claim are your friends all the time, AND subtweet about them.

No. 1182952

Who is this even for? Shayna has no one in her life to call a friend unless you count the few troons and sw that comment sometimes. She’s really on one today, wonder if she’ll rant on cam tonight (that is to say if she actually goes on cam which is doubtful)

No. 1182953

She feeling like shit cause she realizes she has no friends and she sure as fuck isnt one.

No. 1182956

File: 1615583899776.jpg (245.88 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20210312-151551_Twi…)


No. 1182972

I was about to look for the 5+ times shayna has said she's jealous of other sex workers and her "friends" who are sex workers but I won't. I feel like that post where a coomer responded to Bratty's picture instead of Shayna's made her mad, not to mention the girl got way more interaction in 15 mintues then Shayna does a whole day on some tweets

No. 1182976

when I think about the excuses and reasons shayna uses to e-beg… I realized she has never once used the excuse of needing money to see her “therapist” or to buy her “medication” for her supposed bpd…

No. 1182980

Two options for that

1. It was all a lie and she's never been to a therapist or taken meds

2. Her parents insurance paid for it

No. 1182981

File: 1615585538694.jpg (188.98 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20210312-154537_Twi…)

Because not everyone gives that shit away for free

No. 1182982

File: 1615585569209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.83 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210312-154454_Twi…)

I really hope she has a full break down about Fupa tonight

No. 1182983

She has made a big deal about her inhalers to ebeg a few times, so Im willing to bet its her dads insurance taking care of everything.

No. 1182984

File: 1615585667965.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20210312-154655_Twi…)

The comments under Pixie's pic. She's a scamming bitch just like Shay

No. 1182986

File: 1615585820504.jpg (202.77 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20210312-154512_Twi…)


No. 1182988

File: 1615586477621.jpg (287.88 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20210312-160104_Twi…)

Kek, she's so mad that people who post censored content get more interactions than her

No. 1182990

File: 1615586538402.jpg (212.94 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20210312-160216_Twi…)

No. 1182997

File: 1615587156028.jpg (690.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210312_160604.jpg)

I know I'm almost a day late, but if it's anything illegal I'm pretty sure that's an 18 year old kid. (Not gunna lie, he strikes me as a predictor because he's always around people drastically younger than himself.)

And that's not the house he's living in. He's in a different 3bd/2ba house that is pretty similar to the fupa mansion he had. That looks like a place an 18 would be staying at though…

No. 1183000

Fupa is definitely a predator. And scary since he has kids, but had no issue with Shay's pedo pandering and ageplay

No. 1183008

how the fuck is that taking advantage if someone doesn’t want to post uncensored? I stg she just wants to feel superior even though she gives everything away for free on twitter of all places.

No. 1183012

These other women are better off, and I hope she keeps losing the support of these other SW's because the three who did post covered ones are newer sw's it seems like.

She just fuckes her self over left and right.

No. 1183025

Is her current apartment the Sheridan Road address or was that her last one? Fupa is registered to vote (democratic party) there still

No. 1183045

godspeed anons, my timezone means i’d have to get up at 4am to watch shaytard embarrass herself. also praying for gifanon(s) and dropbox anon(s) to pull through

inb4 no1 curr

No. 1183047

File: 1615590461004.jpg (434.4 KB, 1079x1867, Screenshot_20210312-170730_Twi…)

I like how she blocked out how many people she's following, because she doesn't follow anyone

No. 1183094

wait why would she block out who she’s following what would that matter on onlyfans?
do swers follow eachother on there now?
that’s kinda weird if they’re straight, what are they even doing just stealing each others ideas or something

No. 1183110

They usually follow each other to show support.

No. 1183161

File: 1615601027552.jpg (267.62 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210312-200338_Twi…)

No. 1183162

File: 1615601070276.jpg (373.29 KB, 1079x1427, Screenshot_20210312-200352_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1183164

File: 1615601179558.jpg (40.05 KB, 1080x174, Screenshot_20210312-173303_Twi…)

Back to buying followers Shay?

No. 1183165

That's quite an ugly and cheap star.

No. 1183166

I think that is the shower bomb named "Validation" kek.

No. 1183172

>bath bomb
this dirty-assed bitch

No. 1183192

File: 1615603249911.jpg (504.5 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20210312-204044_Twi…)

What's the point of this?

No. 1183196

imagine telling sex workers stories about your childern

No. 1183201

If gray hair old fart thinks Shayna is pretty that “milf” was probably ugly as hell

No. 1183203

not only that, he talked to his daughter about how the mom she babysits for is hot. porn has rotted this mans brain.

No. 1183214

God I bet he has thoughts about his own children he’s fucking disgusting how can a sane man watch Shayna’s porn and actually get off to it? Porn in general is gross but most of it isn’t blatantly pandering to pedos with pacifiers and diapers like Shatna

No. 1183227

It’s almost 10, take your bets now if she’s getting on cam

No. 1183230

File: 1615607725972.png (212.49 KB, 955x1115, 1615175618597.png)

got my bingo card all ready. thank you to the anon who made this, KEK

No. 1183232

she's online

No. 1183233

Not yet lol

No. 1183235

File: 1615608492087.jpeg (268.61 KB, 1242x719, D3A64928-EB84-4946-B71C-C541B4…)

No. 1183237

Literally why??
And a lot of other e whores have business tactics and dont post full pussy pics for free, Shay.

No. 1183239

File: 1615608785999.jpeg (419.97 KB, 1242x2208, F5A5A947-1AED-4980-AEA6-FC7032…)

Three so far kek

No. 1183242

File: 1615609040852.jpeg (156.47 KB, 1242x687, 257622DE-7086-4D0E-A5A9-3D6D93…)

That fifteen dollar forever 21 top is squeezing the hell out of her lunch lady arms kek

No. 1183243

fuck, I forgot how much her voice doesn't vibe with her aesthetic/image.

No. 1183245

she actually washed her hair for the occasion tonight

No. 1183247

As soon as you said that Shayna talked in a cutesy voice kek we know you sound like a man stupid bitch

No. 1183248

Ho needs to watch her chat, not the farms.
Also Im so sorry cause the fake cute voice is fucking awful.

No. 1183249

Dropbox anon
Here is Shayna trying not to sound like a man towards the end of the video I would have recorded more but it lagged and stopped it

No. 1183251

theres no way anon, her hair is so fucking oily. shes just hiding it with the extreme side part

No. 1183252

she is looking a mess and really feeling herself, definitely drunk off her ass already

No. 1183253

"I'm good at acting in general"


No. 1183254

File: 1615609805216.jpeg (70.8 KB, 720x540, 69B4867E-9840-41AA-9457-3446D5…)

With the way Shay just talks in her autistic baby voice, this is all I picture

No. 1183255

Talking about high school already kek

No. 1183256

People are tipping her and she's too busy talking to care. When I saw the wheel idk why but I thought tonight might be different! Guess not?

No. 1183257

she's telling some retarded story about how she wrote and illustrated a children's book in high school and you can just tell she's making the whole thing up on the spot

No. 1183258

yeah, Im tapping out now. That story was so stupid.

No. 1183261

Only thing shes good at is her delusions of acting like shes not a total failure and ugly bitch. She really insists shes thriving and hot! And if mental gymnastics count as part of acting kek

No. 1183263

"I'm making more money than I ever made in my life, so."

No. 1183264

Wow, she was just an amazing, hilarious, gifted not like other girls hottie in hs, huh?

No. 1183265

"My pussy is so sweaty the paddle is sticking to it"
Bitch why
You need to add "pretending to be unbothered by her weight gain" lol she copes about it every stream

No. 1183266

Why tf was this drunk walking around the room like an off-brand frat boy?

No. 1183269

File: 1615610466581.gif (12.16 KB, 220x124, C407B371-00E5-41FA-B20B-7D3DA6…)

I can’t get over her literally Goofy laugh.


No. 1183270

someone tipped her to say she's fat, she blocked them, they came back and tipped again from another account to say "sorry I thought you liked being degraded" and she threw a fit


No. 1183271

she apparently banned some coomer for saying some shit about her weight, then says she thinks that the weight gain suits her and she looks better because now she "has an ass" then immediately contradicts herself and says she doesn't like being degraded over something she's insecure about… lmao

No. 1183273

My pussy is sweating my paddle is sthicking to it- Lardy Fattel 2021


No. 1183278

File: 1615610658565.png (365.13 KB, 490x574, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.43…)

bingo folks! not even an hour in.

No. 1183279

and then jokingly says "i hate myself" while pretending to masturbate in the same breath. she is actually retarded

No. 1183280

You really can watch her mental health degrade over each stream
She would have been healthier working at McDonald's and eating free big macs every day

No. 1183281

Shayna, this is not a good best blunt smoking song. Hard pass imo

No. 1183283

Sabbath Dio is good but Shayna acts like her music taste is the best in the world and that everyone who doesn’t listen to these mainstream bands aren’t as unique as her
She’s mentally still in high school jfc

No. 1183284

File: 1615610886608.png (487.71 KB, 744x604, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.45…)

her hair is so disgusting

No. 1183285

File: 1615610899329.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 444.46 KB, 985x643, 4D2BC9C8-2DD5-4310-922A-CE2CA5…)

KEK she is shaped like a fat potato

No. 1183287

Her laughing is seriously becoming a smokers laugh. I haven't heard her talk in awhile though. Is this a new thing or has it been like this for awhile?

No. 1183289

Why did she show this?

No. 1183290

She finally acknowledged Jason and said his name lmao

No. 1183291

She doesn’t want to dance slow and sensual. She wants to dance like a sped instead I guess ? But said you have to specify when you tip.

I thought sensual dancing was a given in a cam show?

No. 1183292

Shayna plz pull your skirt down a bit, it's not supposed to be that high ffs

No. 1183293

This is the most retarded thing ever. Dancing with noodle? On a site for whores… got it

No. 1183295

File: 1615611529521.jpg (889.52 KB, 1242x1385, IMG_5236.jpg)

shaytard attempting to dance sensually to Losing my religion by rem had me snorting

No. 1183296

File: 1615611557325.jpeg (620.76 KB, 750x1066, 888A3CAF-BF2A-46B7-860A-57095A…)

They’re just talking about farting I cant

No. 1183297

File: 1615611594990.png (34.63 KB, 486x49, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.59…)

she said yes btw

No. 1183298

she has before this live stream
Jason R Womack is one of her only customers at this point she has to talk to him to pay her rent kek

No. 1183299

WHY WOULD SHE SAY YES DEAR LORD SHAYNA. Somethings aren't worth doing even if money is involved! Lol

No. 1183300

“I value myself too much?” So e-begging commers and your parents for money doesn’t count.

No. 1183301

I mean she might as well. Nasty asf but now there is no turning back, she is never going to get a job and her face and diseased snatch are online forever

No. 1183302

"I'm not a starving artist" didn't you just beg for food? lol

No. 1183304

Took forever to upload this on Dropbox but in case any anons missed it

No. 1183305

File: 1615612143922.jpg (32.77 KB, 720x247, 20210313_010818.jpg)

Get help dude

No. 1183306

You know what, she does surpass all expectations; I never expected to watch a cow devolve into selling shit/fart porno, that's a new one
Getting fat? Lots of them do that
Using drunks/alcohol? Most of them do that
But farting and shitting on camera for pennies? God damn, that's all Shayna

No. 1183307

Jesus Christ her hair is parted SO HARD

No. 1183310

kek someone called Shayna fat and she was trying to act unbothered and fake cried

No. 1183311

if she plays "tear you apart" one more time i'm gonna fucking kill myself

No. 1183312

stg she plays the same ten songs
that song is annoying now thanks for ruining a decent AHS song Shayna

No. 1183313

Yeah what’s with her shitty mall goth playlist? Seems really inconsistent with her whole attempt at a bimbo Barbie aesthetic. Maybe I’m too much of a newfag to shatna

No. 1183315

the thing with Shayna is she "like" these dad rock bands or pretends to because she is a pick me wanting to flaunt to the old boomers who watch her. She plays the same songs though all of them are mainstream music you can find playing on the radio. Where is the flavor and variety? You can't strip to punk/alt/oldrock/metal music it's weird.

No. 1183317

what?? you can take your clothes off to literally any kind of music.

No. 1183318

File: 1615613192927.jpeg (88.52 KB, 1213x180, 0B9358D4-85C3-427C-AF06-DAC14F…)

No. 1183319

I mean Shayna can’t because she has the same awkward white girl dance.
It’s just not sensual and cam girl like to strip to thrash or punk but that’s just how I think sage for dumb

No. 1183320

File: 1615613423344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 730.01 KB, 1128x1286, 8BE862FC-8164-4F4E-B47B-017954…)

No. 1183321


Also let us not forget she used to cam to doo wop oldies. It was such an awful combination with her naked chicken dance

No. 1183322

she is logging out now lmaooo she seems butthurt

No. 1183323

LOL this sad ass sign off what a loser

No. 1183324

fucking cursed

No. 1183325

Anons wtf happened I haven’t watched tonight

No. 1183326

She was on for what, an hour? lol sad

No. 1183327

uploading her sign off on dropbox rn anon kek

No. 1183328

She said she wasn't feeling it and signed off shortly after she complained people stopped chatting

No. 1183329

and everyone pretty much left the viewers were dropping like flies and she wasn't "feeling it"

No. 1183331

No. 1183332

File: 1615614130767.png (Spoiler Image, 346.17 KB, 640x497, FCUK.PNG)

No. 1183333

Not much tbh. Talked about music, a book she made in highschool, burping/farting, cars, men she thinks are hot, how she's too good to start at a lower normie job and it wouldn't be worth her time. She signed off early because she felt like it was too slow. Honestly I felt like it was pretty fast compared to the last time, considering she was only on about an hour and a half and cleared one of the goals. Seems impatient. Says might try again tomorrow.

No. 1183334

I snorted anon
bless you

No. 1183335

Fucking dead from these stream updates. Looking back at her first thread I never would have expected this big of a downfall. Thanks to the anons keeping note of this shit.

Nearly choked on my drink. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1183336

she also mentioned wanting to be a voice actress for a princess animation movie
which further proves that she is miserable and doesn't want to do sex work but she has no talent and its the only way for her to get attention and make money by doing nothing. she thinks her voice is "cute and endearing"

No. 1183337

Yea I checked out after she played “tear you apart” for the 100th time. She’s BORING.

No. 1183338

I just dont get why she gets all passive aggressive about signing off when she wasnt even trying to engage the audience they see to have to start all the conversations

No. 1183339

God, her huge sigh and then agressive "Subscribe there." She seems hurt tonighttttttttt

No. 1183340

so is no one going to bring up the fact that the outfit was a hideous and that circle skirt needs to be thrown out with her star blanket?

No. 1183341

She actually mentioned the skirt being uncomfortable since gaining so much weight on cam tonight

No. 1183345

Her part looks like balls kek

No. 1183352

save noodle

No. 1183354

You should've added, "Lies about having a ass" and "Being happy with weight gain"

No. 1183358

It always is, she’s still stuck in the delusion that she can fit in clothing she was able to wear before becoming a hog from alcohol and weed

No. 1183380

File: 1615624029599.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1763, 0DEA9B99-207C-4C2A-8575-4AB7AF…)

>Such a rich high end bimbo uwu
This shirt is around her price range kek

No. 1183390

Godspeed to this coomer

No. 1183404

Not trying to wk, and I know her fetish vids are disgusting as shit, but I kinda feel bad for her.
I’d say she should stream on twitch but personality aside, imagine what would happen once people found the scat vid.
She would be destroyed every day she logged on.
It’s hard when you’re living a life you hate, I wish she would just admit it and throw in the towel already.
Most intelligent sex workers, which are very few tbh, know to keep the really taboo and disgusting custom requests private.
She’s a headache but tbf her music choice is on par with most of the mfc chicks, they all have the worst taste in everything especially clothes

No. 1183430

Jesus, this is just sad to watch

No. 1183451

no charisma whatsoever

touching herself with a fake smile and then immediately to "idk im not feeling it…." she looks so bored and then "subscribe here" lmao, what for???

No. 1183452

The way she touches herself is so fucking rough, you can tell she's dry and not into it. I didn't watch, so everyone left while she's naked playing with her dry snatch?
Wow. And seeing that tit just hang lower is crazy.

No. 1183455

Yeah she's so obviously unhappy and her dead-eyed "smile" is horrifying, she looks like she's either about to fucking kill you or herself

coomers get fooled by her fake giggling? judging by the retarded ones like Womack they don't seem to notice or care

No. 1183459


I know this isn’t the most important takeaway from this but I’m incredibly grossed out by how she uses her hands to dig around in her vag and arsehole and then goes straight to typing on her computer / using her phone. I pray she uses disinfectant wipes on the keyboard/phone after cam sessions but I’m almost certain based on her greasy hair and messy apartment that hygiene isn’t her strong point.

No. 1183473

i think ive been spending too much time reading the mtf thread because this was a pleasant sight compared to those neovagina rotholes.

No. 1183497


Damn, she looks like she’s fighting back tears.


yeah she cant stream on twitch after that shit vid. its so easy to find too with these threads and all.

No. 1183504


I dont get why she doesnt have the wheel on her desk to promote people actually wanting to spin it, instead of advertising a bottle soda, some cheap pink chinese snacks and the infamous shit rimmed dildo itself.

also big fucking kekkers at her entire career revolving around shit now that she opened that gate. she fed the shit licking stray cats once and now theyre hungry for more shit. what have you dong shayna.

No. 1183528

> She’s a headache but tbf her music choice is on par with most of the mfc chicks, they all have the worst taste in everything especially clothes

ding ding ding. thank you! literally none of these camwhores have any taste kek

No. 1183563

No that’s definitely gross, but that’s more of a camslut issue vs an isolated shayna issue I think.
Idiots will say it’s homophobic/anti sw to point out dildos and fingers can spread infections, but that shit is dangerous if you care about your insides. No porous dildo can ever be cleaned 100%, let alone sterilized.
Shayna’s microscopic shit bacteria will literally be inside that dildo forever. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t gotten sick yet.

Off topic sage for derail but that Bailey rayne chick from Netflix’s old ass doc hot girls wanted was online last night, and she was the main example in my head. Literally playing music from the 50s while she made small talk with coomers who didn’t want to pay her. it was so humiliating to watch but also amazing because she is a truly evil bitch

No. 1183610

File: 1615651621529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210313_11053821…)

The fat boy tits really are shocking

No. 1183613

You stupid idiots never know when to censor shit. I'll take my ban with a redtext

No. 1183625

File: 1615652955880.jpg (58.57 KB, 1080x630, 20210313_102534.jpg)

Wonder how pissed shay is that Pixie's pic is doing better than hers on her own thread kek

(Pixie's below, Shay is at 632 with 85 retweets, but it's her own post)

No. 1183629

Wonder if this is what Shay was subtweeting about yesterday. Looks like her "friend" is doing a $4 sale too, so wouldn't surprise me if Shay is offended

No. 1183637

she expects every stream to be like her "comeback stream", where the coomers were so excited to see her after a year they tipped her just for chatting.

now that she's camming ""regularly"" again, the novelty is wearing off and they expect her to behave sexually and entertain them, almost like it's a cam show and she's being paid to perform for tips.

She claims she works so hard and yet on cam it's obvious that she doesn't and doesn't want to. She wants the attention but hates the effort. If it's a slow night, leaving early is even stupider than staying and trying to make the most of it. giving up and signing off with a huffy guilt trip doesn't make people want to spend their money on you next time, it shows them you're a quitter who can't be trusted to fulfill tip requests.

No. 1183640

File: 1615654707301.jpeg (330.42 KB, 1125x1746, F5EC1A17-19B1-4ABA-BFC3-C3FEA2…)

Kek yes shay is very jealous of pixie

No. 1183647

It seemed like she got full naked and had the wand out, then everyone left kek. Funny timing, but if you figure the coomers in chat they probably either got bored or got off so they were done.

I guess she at least got the wheel out and made an attempt at some effort tonight.

No. 1183652

The only good the "wEiGht GaIn" did her was make her face less sunken in and 50 year old heroin whore looking I guess. Her face sometimes looks average cute imo when shes not making mentally retarded expressions and shit like that. Most all of her pics are terrible, but on cam sometimes it looks ok because angles and shes not trying to do the same pose and expressions like her photos.

No. 1183661

File: 1615656668891.jpeg (380.5 KB, 688x580, 87CC570B-499F-4037-BE9B-D58DB2…)

Shayna looks kinda like Rob Dyrdek to me I don’t know how or if it’s just me

No. 1183668

it's just you, shatna looks like every other generic meth head in oklahoma.

No. 1183671


I can't stand the way she touches herself. Whichever anon said it gives of gyno vibes hit the nail on the head. She literally sits with her legs straddled and spreads it apart or she just mashes her mon pubis with her whole hand. She almost looks like a monkey when she sits there scratching her bits while looking bored

No. 1183689

I went thru her insta yesterday and she looks so much better with dark hair it’s unreal, she actually looked cute.
her inability to match her skin tone combined with the terrible angles/poses and f21 outfit choices, seems like she goes out of her way to make herself unattractive.
Is shayna secretly an evil genius trying to get revenge on coomers by being disgusting? jk she’s just retarded

No. 1183697

File: 1615660504262.jpeg (107.37 KB, 681x572, FE4EBA2F-B6D8-4E15-B8C5-D7E99A…)

idk I think anon is right look how close their features match up.
shayna got bigger lips tho I’ll give her that

No. 1183703

File: 1615661443769.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.39 MB, 480x256, 25E4C936-B299-4701-999A-52BCF0…)

No. 1183705

I want to curb stomp her retarded face(a-log)

No. 1183706

SA - forgot to caption that i could see this as a lolcow banner kek (moobs cropped)

No. 1183716

anon please why did you have to make this, why did I have to see this, absolute topkek

No. 1183720

Shayna's face looks like how Amberlyn's would look if she lost all that weight. She's so corny

No. 1183733

Please include in the next thread pic.

No. 1183758

So with the $1400 stimulus check dropping for us Americans this weekend, who wants to bet shes going to be flaunting a bunch of new shit instead of putting it to moving?

No. 1183768

So many edibles, she won't have room to store them all. Not that it would bother her.

No. 1183814

File: 1615671446988.jpeg (217.81 KB, 1242x848, 7F135D15-B2E8-4E58-827C-6F9951…)


Thread pic idea idk

Sage for autism

No. 1183824

File: 1615671780786.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3464x3464, CC712995-4A12-44F2-A35E-38E863…)

Same fag

No. 1183844

If we could censor her tits with a lolcow photo, this would be fantastic, kek. Shayna is always such good banner material.

No. 1183873

she is totally skinny alr wow you’re right, I haven’t thought about amber for so long. checked out when she got cancer, couldn’t watch her kill herself.
just checked her channel and she’s still doing sushi mukbangs and plus size mall clothes hauls, truly twin flames.

No. 1183877

replace the autistic Rob Dyrdek monstrosity with Sim-Shay and maybe this could be passable

No. 1183883

The first twenty pounds suited her. After that, nah.

No. 1183889


This is so fucking unsettling lmao….. I love it.

No. 1183890

File: 1615675350481.png (223.97 KB, 263x326, 1.PNG)

Just ALR has a smaller nose and is paler

No. 1183927

File: 1615678939977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 622.46 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20210313-174057_Twi…)

Her hair looks disgusting

No. 1183929

Stop smashing every funny pic into one anon. Just pick.

No. 1183933

Holy greasy hair.

She also looks like she wishes she was fucking dead. This just sad.

No. 1183942

Oh god I can't unsee that, why do they look so similar?

No. 1183974

File: 1615683604678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.27 KB, 1078x1081, Screenshot_20210313-185958_Twi…)

No. 1184001

why is her heel so pointy lmao she def photoshopped her thighs

No. 1184008

Kek I didn't even notice anon

No. 1184014

Shayna take a damn shower, your hair is so greasy that it’s sticking up on your head jc

No. 1184015

File: 1615685851673.jpg (533.64 KB, 1079x1374, Screenshot_20210313-193445_Twi…)

These would get so dirty within a week in her pigsty of an apartment

No. 1184026

I kinda hope she tries to cam tonight. After last night, I'm expecting her to either have an actual fit or just go in on a few bottles of wine.

After last night, she's really nothing without alcohol. Like shes just fucking dull and boring. I'm honestly surprised anyone held out as long as they did, outside of Wommack and shit coomer.

No. 1184030

Did she make a lot last night?

No. 1184038

she should buy just dance and play that on cam if she’s really going to keep the live streams going. it would help with her lack of rhythm/sex appeal and would force her to exercise. I think the degens she desperately tries to pander to would eat it up maybe, or nvm they ask for shit vids who knows what they want. she needs to get out of that niche she’s gonna get hepatitis

No. 1184042

LMAOOO holy fuck, straight ps2 graphics

No. 1184049

File: 1615689954844.jpg (250.99 KB, 1079x959, Screenshot_20210313-204523_Twi…)


No. 1184053

File: 1615690056281.jpg (418.6 KB, 1079x1187, Screenshot_20210313-204544_Twi…)

2/2 Major kek. I think this dude is finally getting tired of Shay's shit

No. 1184054

File: 1615690116515.jpg (522.42 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20210313-204449_Twi…)

After claiming to be "groomed" as a kid, Shay really gives no fucks to minors being exposed to porn

No. 1184056

Soooo where your parents the issue when you were selling nudes and camming underage?

No. 1184059

Honestly I can’t wait for that old scrote to croak so he stops funding Shayna’s pathetic degen lifestyle

No. 1184061

Lmao wtf it is a big deal. Porn dehumanizing women is a major problem. Young boys are exposed to incest, and hardcore porn at the age of 12. The sites do a shit job censoring it. It’s so easily accessible. Shayna shut the fuck up.

No. 1184063

Says she's never heard of sex workers selling to minors, um it definitely happens

No. 1184064

Fuckin kek she had to back peddle so hard. This is why she should shut the fuck up and stop posting every single thought/opinion/interaction. If it's not something hypocritical, then its something alienating her own incel customers and/or showing how not a sex loving bimbo she is. None of her text posts are sexy and literally turning on potential or current customers.

No. 1184065

Shayna you fucking moron clicking and viewing porn sites is how legit adult porn stars profit off of their movies. You aren’t a porn star and never will be you are bottom barrel trash that sells pussy pics for $3 and shows her asshole for free on Twitter

No. 1184066

shayna those are your customers. be nice.

No. 1184069

topkek I know right Shayna never knows when to shut her crusty mouth. She wouldn’t be such a cow if she just promoted her shit porn and didn’t tweet about her life, feelings 24/7 and attack more successful swers

No. 1184071

stop pushing the entire responsibility on parents. as a sex worker you have a responsibility to keep your content away from minors. it’s disgusting that she would act like sex workers are not accountable for who gets a hold of their porn. she never wants to take responsibility for anything.

No. 1184072

She has no fuckin style so she couldnt pull these off. I hate how she retweets aesthetic and fashion that are so far from her own cheap, tacky, boring shit. She's not kawaii, she's not classy, she's not any "core" or alt. She's just Amazon pink sort by lowest price garbage

No. 1184073

Looking haggard and dead inside as usual. I wish she would have made the contacts work because I'm both haunted by and sick of her beady brown, soulless eyes topped with cheap insect leg looking eyelashes.

Also whatever happened to those $60-80 worth of contacts for that matter? This is rhetorical of course.

No. 1184074

File: 1615691757390.jpg (272.13 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_20210313-211556_Twi…)


No. 1184075

This is next level retarded, I'm fucking aghast at how bad at her job she is. You ruined your life and reputation for this and now you're fucking it up through not only negligence/incompetence but sheer lunatic self destruction. Your brand can't be super submissive dolly bimbo and humiliating domme at the same time (not that she can pull off either)

I also hate how she retweets aesthetic stuff constantly because it's such a stupid business move, I'm sure lots of potential customers end up unfollowing her after she clogs their feeds with girly bullshit they don't care about. It baffles me why she's so resistant to having multiple accounts, it could even be a better outlet for her social media dopamine addiction.

No. 1184077

Roughly $65 from Wommack and the usual fetish dude

No. 1184079

File: 1615692118962.jpg (Spoiler Image, 324.04 KB, 1079x1066, Screenshot_20210313-212207_Twi…)

No. 1184080

File: 1615692186843.jpg (439.62 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20210313-212248_Twi…)

Shay must've done some major begging behind the scenes to the grey hair dude

No. 1184086

Never seen so many full on stare into the pussy void pics than I have in this thread/her twitter jfc. And for free no less.

No. 1184087

her editing skills are just getting worse. i think the ballsack comments got to her

No. 1184091

File: 1615694627756.jpeg (313.25 KB, 1242x828, A6026FBF-72CA-4F09-AA39-0BBDC7…)

Drunk pedo

No. 1184092

Exactly. For fucking free. Shayna doesn’t even have a job, she’s a volunteer sex worker at this point.

No. 1184096

anon..he's grayhair_NOTOLD. he's not old. just has gray hair

No. 1184097

File: 1615695399019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 465.21 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20210313-221638_Twi…)

No. 1184100

I always read it in my head as grayhair no told

No. 1184102

thank god it's not just me who read it like that
I'm sure it's "not old" but I read it like "no told" forever

sage for idiot

No. 1184114

dead at volunteer sex worker. shayna is the Salvation Army for retarded coomers

No. 1184116

File: 1615698225891.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, CAE63ACF-6DC0-41E9-8BCF-CDA623…)

Shayna trying to make friends and replied to this girl who has more followers. Shayna isn’t that poaching her followers???

No. 1184117

File: 1615698404560.jpeg (79.61 KB, 1024x558, AA0D63C3-3794-47EA-9E37-A9AB99…)

Shayna’s threads have the best roasts
My sides anon.

No. 1184122

Shayna why not censor you twitter content?? You'll probably gain more subscribers if you did.

No. 1184123

stop cowtipping, camwhore. You’re pathetic and ugly too lol

No. 1184126

theres no milk there. glad thats censored tho lol we have enough shayna to puke at

No. 1184138

this bitch is really out here posting her content for free. it doesn’t take much effort to scroll through her twitter photos to find all the pussy shots and ass closeups she posts on a daily basis. and all without needing to sub to her OF.

No. 1184154

I really wonder why she goes this hard on twitter though, like she doesn’t even get this explicit really in her cam shows.
Maybe she has an actual thought process behind this, but it’s probably just for twitter clout. Very bleak.

No. 1184178

Not that anon, but I don't think you know what cowtipping is. Highlighting Shay's hypocrisy isn't it, kek

No. 1184225

Not to defend Shatna but it’s telling that the scrote in the quote tweet only mentions adult women profiting off of selling porn despite the fact that the vast majority of commercial pornography is produced by males (and these males also receive most of the profits). Males only take contention with porn when women are able to benefit from it lol. Sage for off topic

No. 1184234

File: 1615725054817.jpeg (309.82 KB, 1242x1005, 0F0184B0-CDB8-437C-993C-39D9A5…)

I mean underaged children being exposed to porn isn’t okay. The men are just as shitty as the women who voluntarily participate.

So old gray retirement home got a private show last night?? How can this boomer coomer even keep his dick up??

Sage for no milk

No. 1184303

> The men are just as shitty as the women who voluntarily participate
Nah they’re significantly worse as they’re responsible for most of the trafficking and rape that occurs, whereas e-thots mostly just fuck themselves over by ruining their future with SW much more than they do the teenage boys who are exposed to their content (most of whom voluntarily search and jerk to commercial male-produced porn on free websites anyway)

No. 1184340

No. 1184370

File: 1615741588396.jpeg (296.82 KB, 1242x1055, D6917590-BEA0-4A8D-A8F3-821BE2…)

I guess fatty gave up on being healthy completely

No. 1184371

I guess you have a point anon. Thank you for educating me without calling me a retard lol

No. 1184374

it only took her 3 workout sessions and a week's worth of planned meals to fully embrace obesity once and for all

No. 1184396

Kek why are you WKing greyoldcoomer who fucking cares

No. 1184425

it's not a wk, it's reading comprehension

No. 1184461

I’m sure his wrinkly grey dick appreciates your service

No. 1184482

$30 for one person’s lunch my god

No. 1184485

Yeah aren’t most Chinese places have lunch combos for like $8.99

No. 1184490

Even with the doordash fee it shouldn’t cost that much…. Shayna eats so much food god fatty go take walk

Just because your trainer was “racist” doesn’t mean you still can’t eat healthy, not order takeout, take noodle for a walk, and exercise at home. Hell, you can even still go to the gym why do you need a personal trainer?

No. 1184501

pretty sure that anon was just kidding
yep, at like panda express a normal meal of a plate and a side for one person is legit $8 lmao. this bitch got $30 worth of food for herself, lunch only.

No. 1184506

inb4 she starts doing feederism porn kek

No. 1184522

She’s not smart enough to work that out.

No. 1184531

File: 1615751429484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 300.34 KB, 750x2004, 67798273-770B-4BAF-95F1-C77603…)

Blur tool working overtime, from OF

No. 1184536

If I had a choice between mukbangs and the poop stuff, I would rather watch her stuff her face with a dominos pizza and boneless wings.
I hope she switches to feeder fetishes tbh, it would actually be healthier for her compared to consuming her own shit

No. 1184542

if she can afford $30 worth of Chinese food she can afford an $8 can of dry shampoo.
It’s not even hard to pretend to look clean over the internet she’s legitimately not even doing the bare minimum

No. 1184573

File: 1615753966319.png (669.54 KB, 640x619, 0CD8E053-8848-4BDB-994B-4953A1…)

This but with fast food for shatna

No. 1184575

She still doesn’t know how to take a good picture. Not long ago I made the mistake of looking at her face while tripping balls and it really intensified how fucked up she looks. Really enhanced all her flaws and I was able to see in fine detail how bad she really is at doing her makeup. Sorry for the autistic rant lol

No. 1184576

Are you this anon >>1184123 ? You sound oddly retarded or are extremely new to English.

No. 1184601

You’re brave for looking at her while tripping kek. that would make my stomach churn even more than she already does

No. 1184613

Kek i love that not too long ago she was shit talking other girls for editing their pictures.

No. 1184622

she's been heavily filtering/editing hers for a long while now

No. 1184626

File: 1615758776948.png (409.46 KB, 598x538, nahh.png)

what are these zoolander faces smh

No. 1184641

Thats true. It's just amusing that she never practices what she preaches.

No. 1184650

she looks like an overly downsy sarah michelle gellar/1st season buffy lately

No. 1184658

get your eyes checked

No. 1184670

File: 1615761960476.jpeg (545.13 KB, 1242x854, 41E1A068-9589-429E-A9ED-F3DC38…)

Shayna you’re not a bimbo omfg
Bimbos don’t have yellow teeth with a snaggletooth, bimbos don’t have bulbous noses, bimbos don’t have butt acne.
No guy wants to take care of a mentally retarded ugly fat girl who can’t even suck dick without vomiting

No. 1184685

Damn; if facetune and Chinese editing apps can’t save you and your chapped lips then you are fucked.


No. 1184711

I have no regrets lol It was disturbing and hilarious

No. 1184712

She's not a sex worker, she's a non-profit whoreganization.

No. 1184713

Buffy, sweetie, I am so sorry

No. 1184714

No. 1184757

File: 1615775870227.jpeg (526.29 KB, 1500x1811, 3A934514-DCFA-49EC-AD69-F8AE83…)


No. 1184760

anon please dont bump up the thread with this autistic edit kek its kinda funny but sage next time

No. 1184764

File: 1615776361451.jpeg (524.72 KB, 1242x1376, D283E002-2EBA-4AF4-A54F-7526F5…)

>omg i doubt you hasnt fit in them anymore hehe
Fat bitch

No. 1184765

File: 1615776425508.jpeg (529.18 KB, 1242x1204, DE13A815-CEB6-4FCC-A6CA-5EE84E…)

No. 1184768

File: 1615776605744.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1830, 50921381-8702-4597-84DA-1585D1…)

Fatty showed this screenshot during her “cam show” and thought it was good enough to be shown again
You look like a fat potato shay I dont think this is a compliment

No. 1184770

Amazed that she spends so much time editing but is still absolute dogshit at it

No. 1184771

Not even filters can save her ugly rat face.

No. 1184778

File: 1615777843758.jpg (206.02 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20210314-221013_Twi…)


No. 1184782

I'm just begging at this point that she figure out an actual style and buy shit that flatters her and in proper size for once.

No. 1184783

File: 1615778391114.jpg (269.13 KB, 788x654, fish.jpg)

Shayna's irl brother looking at this like

No. 1184784

her style is terrible all her outfits look like something troons think women wear. She doesn't know how to color coordinate. She reminds me of that really ugly troon from the mtf thread that posts in fashion subreddits kek

No. 1184785

So she wont be camming tonight. Just face tuning her face and warping her fatty areas.

Also, no you don't Shay. You have Womack who maybe gives you a hundy when he gets his gov handout money.
If she had a guy giving her 1k a month, she'd be doing better and if hes a sugar daddy, then she would have enough to move easily by now.

No. 1184804

1k lasts Shay 2 weeks at the most. For being in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere in terms of rent and fees, she has the weekly costs of a family of 4.

No. 1184806

File: 1615781586225.jpg (190.73 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20210314-231305_Twi…)

No. 1184896

Imagine trying to brand yourself as a "bimbo" without even knowing how to do makeup properly. Like, she clearly doesn't have any hobbies aside from alcoholism and stuffing her fat face. Ffs shanya, take the time to learn how to not make your eyebrows look like shit at the very least?

No. 1184898

it's super weird that she pushes incest so hard when her families info has been shared+documented so extensively online. I couldn't imagine having to face a sibling or a child that makes their livelihood off of marketing fantasies about fucking you.

No. 1184956

God what a fucking degenerate

No. 1185016

>Ffs shanya, take the time to learn how to not make your eyebrows look like shit at the very least?
she thinks they look good like that is the main issue

No. 1185027

File: 1615822232152.jpeg (312.41 KB, 1242x771, B03FB4B9-D2FD-425A-8A71-FAC332…)

No. 1185030

File: 1615822400684.jpeg (390.62 KB, 1242x1454, 43954A9E-6DAC-41A8-8603-6ECF8C…)

Why does she always subtweet her customers?

No. 1185031


She’s so stupid. Does she not do deposits?

No. 1185040

Incest is THE biggest fetish worldwide of course she is gonna try. I always just think of her version of a "young mommy" MILF that she tried to do lol

No. 1185046

i think she makes them pay in full up front

No. 1185066

File: 1615824565800.png (520.12 KB, 750x659, shattard.png)

you inspired me anon

No. 1185070

I love it, bless you anon.

No. 1185094

Can you add an enema kit to the top image as well? Kek

No. 1185133

File: 1615830014573.jpg (330.59 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20210315-124010_Twi…)

"Admin work" kek

No. 1185136

You have a computer…. That you spent 2k on…. Go on it and fucking type shitty canned responses to your coomers jfc it's not that hard.

No. 1185137


But she didn't want to sell a few videos and her phone number for $300? Ok then.

No. 1185161

She doesn’t do enemas though

No. 1185166


In that case, they're both dumb. She's a lazy sack of shit… I guess they don't mind that she half-assed throws it together 30 minutes before sending it out to them.

No. 1185177

anon that's the joke….the top part of the image is things she's disgusted by and she doesn't do enemas

No. 1185209

File: 1615834687883.gif (8.25 MB, 720x540, 66542FAF-92A2-4A30-9A0A-39FA07…)

>In b4 Lardy needs a forklift to move her from her couch to the dispensary

No. 1185263

But… an ipad is basically a bigger phone. There's literally no difference. I can't with this scammy lazy bitch

No. 1185293

Why would anyone buy her an ipad in return for that shit? She would probably give them all that and more for $30 worth of cheap Chinese food, and that's being generous.

No. 1185295

doesn't she also have at least one laptop?

No. 1185296

Seriously though. You can edit videos the exact same way you would on an iPhone on an iPad so what does fatass actually want it for?

No. 1185300

I don’t know why Shaytard needs this iPad. Isn’t she moving? Shouldn’t she ask for “donations” to move instead of another item ? Did Fupa get his chode wet ? Is that why she’s not complaining about needing to move? An iPad is like $500-1,000 why does she need it so badly? I can’t stand this lazy bitch. Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 1185324

>buy me an ipad
bitch wtf you have two macbook laptops get the fuck out of here with that

No. 1185327

another thing to collect dust on

why does she bother buying so much shit when she has to move? she needs to start taking her meds again and get help for her addiction

No. 1185331

She thinks owning expensive material items makes her rich and seem successful, its just another thing to show off to keep up the facade

Hilarious because immediately after she is begging for money for groceries… wow so rich !!

No. 1185352

File: 1615844584121.jpeg (430.43 KB, 1242x1308, 705AA6AA-D368-44E9-9102-80F421…)

No. 1185354

Shayna this is why you should buy a computer that suits your needs not an aesthetic that you're desperate to achieve. You should've bought a fucking tablet laptop dumbass if your macbook was on its last legs. Would've saved her a lot of dispensary and booze money

No. 1185360

One of those mac books she uses as a rolling tray

No. 1185366

I can't stand how she thinks she's so Hilarious

No. 1185380

an iPad? for admin work? what admin work? tweeting? or acting like you dont rely on pocket change from boomer coomers to survive off edibles and cheap sushi? shayna this is why you're fat and hopeless and will never be able to move out of Oklahoma or amount to anything. you are literally the laziest scammiest cunt. I'd say shove your iPad up your ass but you'll probably try to for $3 once Jason Womack buys you one and requests it kek sage for retardation

No. 1185389

wtf is she on about?

No. 1185390

She's trying to make a joke about anime titties

No. 1185408

>plot twist.
>she has been lolcow’s admin all along.
it’s a joke

No. 1185424

Kek you forgot the weed

No. 1185479

>don’t want to walk away from my couch
>I don’t want to walk all the way to my work room

She act like she lives in this huge mansion. Bitch, you live in a 2 bedroom apartment. It’s like 10 steps. Someone buy her a Fitbit.

No. 1185523

Has anyone taken the $3 subscription to obtain milk yet?
Because if not I will lol

No. 1185537

Do it anon kek

No. 1185557

File: 1615871911581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 806.06 KB, 1242x1679, 9F37A5D5-8C66-4711-A31B-B5E494…)

No. 1185559

File: 1615872029290.jpeg (86.85 KB, 1242x180, E4EC5BE6-1D6D-416E-81C5-7EE880…)

Her prices are always going up and down it’s so stupid

No. 1185567

Right? Like thats exactly what fatty mattel needs, another excuse to not get off her ass

300lb deathfat coming soon to a Shay thread near you!

No. 1185578

Does anyone else think shaynas parents are lowkey paying her rent/giving her a monthly allowance? She prices shit like she’s absolutely desperate but will immediately make a stupid purchase right after tweeting “buy all my nudes for $3”. She spends her money so carelessly it just doesn’t add up for me, lmaybe rent in Tulsa is super cheap but there’s no way she’s making thousands a month to cover rent,bills, pet food, door dash, Uber and her online shopping addiction

No. 1185587

anon she doesn't do showers, either

the saddest part of this isn't the forklift, it's that shatna won't have anyone to drive her kek

No. 1185600

You could be right but also if she didn’t spend dumb money on weed and food, she’d save a lot of money because she has: no car, no car insurance, still on her dad’s insurance, doesn’t go out, doesn’t exactly do any kind of activity.

She also probably doesn’t declare the money she makes off of tips and cash app so that’d make her taxes lower.

I agree that she spends dumb amount of money but it’s usually on cheap amazon costumes. Who knows if she doesn’t send them back as well. She could squirrel away a ton of money for retirement or savings because aside from the weed and poor grocery trips management, she’s actually pretty low maintenance.

No. 1185610

Yeah you’re probably right. I just keep thinking about it because I had a roommate freshman year who had similar spending habits and she ended up losing 2k on Uber and food delivery in 4 months I could really see her falling into debt if it wasn’t for her ~aBuSiVe PaReNtZ~(newfag)

No. 1185690

Please don't use emojis man

No. 1185714

yes, newfag, this tinfoil has been brought up regularly for the last 2 years

No. 1185739

She doesn't even need to send any of the shit she buys as costumes and props, she can just write them off. As a camwhore if you work from home you can also write off a part of your rent as it can be considered an office. It's really fucking easy so if she isn't completely brain dead and declares her earnings she can get away with a lot.

No. 1185752

> if she isn't completely brain dead and declares her earnings
kek. are you new here?

No. 1185753

>kek. are you new here?
seems like a bus of them arrived late last night

No. 1185756

I doubt she has ever filed for taxes. This is when one of those IRS stings would work that scrotes do to sw. But how little she make I doubt they would even look into her.

No. 1185793


Has she ever mentioned getting a stimulus payment? You have to have at least done your taxes in 2018/2019 to get them

No. 1185811

no, she's only spoken about other people spending theirs on her

No. 1185820

File: 1615910370012.jpg (280.72 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20210316-105903_Twi…)

Kek, and how tall is Fupa?

No. 1185822

File: 1615910416937.jpg (259.9 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20210316-110022_Twi…)

But she didn't post her tips as proof this time

No. 1185826

File: 1615910896162.jpeg (575.67 KB, 1242x1009, 4576B6F7-682F-4E29-B630-2C5DF3…)

Sure you did Fatty

No. 1185828

File: 1615910954941.jpeg (666.79 KB, 1242x1511, B2D8FF45-FC60-437D-94E3-CB35F5…)

No. 1185833

File: 1615911223040.jpeg (195.27 KB, 1003x1723, EEDB913C-F0EC-4CAF-8F84-E21869…)

She’s on one today kek

Cheemsburgers and all you have is a hank hill ass AND a big stomach

No. 1185854

File: 1615912687428.jpg (343.98 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20210316-113802_Twi…)

Please don't harrass this man

No. 1185857

guess she's defrosting her fake wwe fan persona now

No. 1185858

File: 1615912827156.png (49.41 KB, 600x553, 1.PNG)

I know Shayna doesn't know but her talking about wanting to be beat up by a man who beat his ex wife is…yeah.

No. 1185861

File: 1615913053039.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 900.24 KB, 1242x1496, 937C493C-441C-43EA-89BA-F84C8E…)

No. 1185863

But if some dude said this about her, she would see it as "harassment"

No. 1185866

File: 1615913222520.jpg (638.21 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20210316-114658_Twi…)

Cause this is totally what she needs

No. 1185867

File: 1615913246600.jpeg (506.33 KB, 1242x1345, DA16EAC6-B8C7-405F-B62B-5B7790…)

Knowing Shayna she probably does know about it and blames the wife because she’s a misogynistic bitch

No. 1185871

and if someone points it out she'll just delete the tweets or scream at them in dm's going, "None of my REAL FANS would say this!!

No. 1185875

File: 1615913766831.jpg (684.08 KB, 1536x2048, 20210316_114701.jpg)

No. 1185878

File: 1615913902795.jpg (603.66 KB, 1079x1325, Screenshot_20210316-115621_Twi…)

No. 1185884

My eyes are burning. Who’ would kiss any of that?? Oof

No. 1185897

File: 1615915353769.jpg (198.96 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20210316-122226_Twi…)

Shay, you literally don't need any excuse to drink, you alcoholic

No. 1185918

sage this shit, it's not milk

No. 1185919

File: 1615916329973.jpeg (214.08 KB, 1242x722, 5CF75720-D87A-4131-A785-FF9A37…)

You can’t even afford to move out of state

No. 1185920

imagine drinking beer for hours and then doing anal. it's gonna be another scat video

No. 1185921

File: 1615916356601.jpeg (263.37 KB, 1242x552, B64A3A3C-2FE5-48F1-B111-DF6F5A…)

Deleted and saged now delete yours

No. 1185927

She could tell her coomers that her uwu butt juice means she’s “cooming” and they would believe it

No. 1185928

This. Surprised that hasn’t yet happened on her lives considering she’s pretty much a full blown alcoholic now, she tweets about drinking pretty much everyday so her insides must be very fucked up.

No. 1185929

Kek she deleted this because it got no likes

Your followers are only subcribed because you’re a cheap $3 whore and they are on unemployment. Why would you think they’d buy you a Louis Vuitton?

No. 1185932

she could've bought a small one for the cost of her unused gaming pc is the sad part

No. 1185933

File: 1615916989023.jpg (557.88 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20210316-124924_Twi…)

No. 1185937

Shatna is what? 23? 24? She would've been a child at the end of the attitude era and when stone cold retired… What a fucking creep and fake fan, I'm sure she only knows about Stone Cold because of pop culture and shit, not from actual wrestling.

No. 1185939

she talks about watching wrestling sometimes, it's just another one of her made up personality traits

No. 1185941

omg that's right wasn't she subscribed to the wwe tv network for a while too at her last shitty apt?!

No. 1185971

Just like her porn description she has to describe her every move. I love how she openly talks about how she has to get high/drunk to do anything, not only just porn, but every fucking thing.

No. 1185988

File: 1615920732415.jpg (214.37 KB, 1080x654, Screenshot_20210316-135217_Twi…)

No. 1185989

lol this is from last year, it’s crazy how big she’s gotten

No. 1185991

Most of her twitter promo is incest related but she'll get defensive when called out on posting her father's uncensored face on her porn account.

No wonder she freaked out about having only $5 in her bank that one time. Shopaholic + alcoholic + weed addict

No. 1185998

File: 1615921834592.jpeg (732.91 KB, 1242x1206, F39DCCA4-AEF0-49B4-A591-069766…)

Remember when Shatna posted this on her porn account and got pissed off and sperged about “how people should mind their business” when a sex worker commented saying it was unsafe to post family members kek
Lolcowfarm remembers

No. 1186003

but what is she buying? I swear these past few months are the most clothes I've seen her buy in a while, but it's still not a lot, Like what is she even spending that much money on?

No. 1186006

she's probably buying the majority of the stuff she's "unboxing" or receiving as "gifts"

No. 1186008

she’s been getting hauls from dollskill and forever21. all of her recent stuff since february has been from dollskill.

No. 1186017

File: 1615923355924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.19 KB, 1079x1423, Screenshot_20210316-143552_Twi…)

Is she going to throw a fit when someone posts a censored pic?

No. 1186018

File: 1615923392117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 475.69 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20210316-143649_Twi…)

No. 1186022

She only got the hello Kitty underwear and shirt that was too small for her lard body and the heart boot heels. Besides those items she’s been wearing the same cheap Amazon shit

No. 1186023

She's doing anything for attention now, I think likes, retweets mean more to her then money. Also it's been a few days since she mentioned moving, I feel like her and Fupa are back talking as "Friends" again.

No. 1186024

Why are her lips twisted and look like they are tucked into her vagina hole?

Shits gross and she abused the smoothing tool on facetune

No. 1186026

File: 1615923824290.jpeg (122.52 KB, 1242x306, 9122AC73-8D6B-4386-9764-3A6E80…)

She just talked about how she’s almost done saving her money to move

No. 1186030

they’re extremely wrinkly and that’s how it turns out after she smooths it all to death

No. 1186037

no you can go on dollskill and see all the stuff she has recently gotten. that skirt/cropped hoodie was from dollskill not amazon even though it looks like it’s from amazon cos she wears stuff right out of the package.

No. 1186041

File: 1615925119564.jpeg (836.99 KB, 1242x1056, 82DE49AF-BA53-4C35-9841-817465…)


You mean that ugly fur two piece set she wore to brunch with Fupa
she looked like a giant pile of bubblegum kek fatty

She can’t afford much dollskill she’s a broke bitch. Maybe she was using Jason R Womack’s unemployment checks

No. 1186044

Oh my god, I've always wondered who tf uses afterpay. What a dumbass. I'm surprised she's not running up credit cards thinking it's free money like Louanne from King of the Hill.

No. 1186045

File: 1615925489732.jpg (312.82 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20210316-151123_Twi…)

No. 1186046

>regardless of whether or not he approves

You're a disappointment, Shayna.

No. 1186048

After pay is for broke people who can’t pay all at once. I thought Shayna was
thriving and successful

No. 1186051

it’s because she’s been getting huge expensive hauls from dollskill that she can’t actually afford but afterpay makes her feel like she can. amazon doesn’t take afterpay.

No. 1186052

it’s why she uses afterpay and like she said has 6+ payments she owes. she’s basically buying it on credit she doesn’t have.

No. 1186053

File: 1615925722820.jpg (499.25 KB, 1721x2048, 20210316_151208.jpg)

No. 1186060

File: 1615926198522.jpeg (286.37 KB, 1242x1147, 4F44A095-62F0-48A0-B1CE-444E61…)

Shayna with her ~uwu Barbie dollhause moving sale~ that hasn’t made progress in months kek

No. 1186061

How bleak if she can’t afford to pay for it what happens? Does she get to keep the clothes and they ban her cards?

No. 1186064

the shit gets put into collections by afterpay and her nonexistent credit becomes worse.

No. 1186067

File: 1615926606089.jpeg (167.2 KB, 750x631, 55CF0EA8-8BF9-479D-AA16-5A8BDC…)

What time is it where she is?? Regardless I know it’s way too fucking early for any normal human to be drinking

No. 1186071

It’s like 3PM. Anon, what did you expect from the alcoholic?

No. 1186074

No way she’s tipsy from one beer. We’ve seen her down 2 full bottles of wine and not pass tf out

No. 1186076

I honestly feel really bad for her parents, they’re probably shit in some way to raise someone like shayna but, her family from what she posts seems really nice.
They’re concerned for her future, her mom offers her gifts she doesn’t want, her father is willing to take pics with his ddlg obsessed daughter, she’s a bitch.

No. 1186080

Man, she's gonna be so fucked in 5-10 years. She's already racking up afterpay bills, begging day-to-day. Already gained 60+ pounds. Already lost the small follower base she had & looking at ageing out of sex work.
What's she gonna do when Womack & OldGray finally buzz off like the rest of her coomers? It's inevitable. With no work experience, and no degree or certification she could never have a real job. She doesn't even have a decent man to leech off of like a proper bimbo because she's been so obsessed with fupa the nobody. I suppose she could work at a mcdonalds or something. Her lunch lady arms would suit it. And she'd get free cheemsburgers.

No. 1186081

Kek. Next thread pic please

No. 1186082

It's strange that even with her extreme use of weed (and all the different forms) she still feels the need to drink to such an excess? The people I know either smoke a ton or drink, mixing the two constantly seems like a recipe for disaster especially since she isn't going out to a party and having fun. Shes doing this in her house alone, almost daily.

If she just smoked and ate edibles it would help her lose a lot of weight easily. Wine and beers and all the stuff she's drinking it making her retain so much water weight and bloat. She doesn't need to quit everything but the fact she can't even drink less to compensate for the amount she smokes/eats edibles is telling. The drinking is what's making her gain so much weight so quickly. Her metabolism can't keep up with that many liquid calories. Plus booze fucks up your metabolism and how fat deposits (IE men with beer guts) so just by switching to hard seltzers she'd already be doing her body and brain a favor.

No. 1186084

File: 1615927049592.jpg (193.37 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20210316-153734_Twi…)

No. 1186085

I made it but please I vote no on this it was a very bad edit kek I bet another anon can do a way better one

No. 1186086

File: 1615927113819.jpeg (494.47 KB, 1242x1715, 0BB31DDF-E63D-484C-B560-330A55…)


No. 1186087


No. 1186090

Nathan is the scat coomer. He's a big red flag. I can't tell if he's got an insidious long-term degradation fetish & is trying to encourage Shayna's alcoholism or if he's just a regular old poop enthusiast hoping for some accidental beer diarrhea.
Either way, men are degenerate.

No. 1186096

kek @ gray wanting her to do her makeup before she got wasted, her followers are such coomer assholes. I couldn’t imagine getting naked for these losers.

this and the belle Delphine thread has shown me how retarded people really are, idk how society functions with so many freaks like this walking around

No. 1186098

Naughty Nathan definitely has an intoxication/date rape “fetish”…. disgusting
I mean the guy likes literal POO
He’s gross I don’t get why she wouldn’t block these creeps but I guess money is more important than her health and safety

No. 1186118

File: 1615929241050.jpg (363.63 KB, 2048x1153, 20210316_161338.jpg)

That dirty ass couch

No. 1186119

I know she doesn't get company, but imagine the smell if you ever went over… Also she could at least vacuum the cushions, but she's basically a shut-in who doesn't get visitors aside from fupa dick appointments so who cares.

No. 1186120

how the fuck do couch cushions even pill like that? filthy bitch

No. 1186123

she always exposes herself just like the time she posted her toaster and cat hair filled plate

No. 1186124

It's a strong beer: 8.2%

She probably chugged it too.

No. 1186129

She does NOT need to be drinking beer. Shay if you’re going to be an alcoholic, at least stick to vodka sodas. Beer is literally the worst thing she could be drinking. She’s just going to balloon up even more.

No. 1186130

Lucky for her, her "cumshows" only last a matter of seconds and don't involve any actual cumming

literally what's the point. how is watching a plastic penis on a metal pole going into a dismembered silicone torso considered anything except pointless and bizarre.

No. 1186133

File: 1615930685722.jpg (309.67 KB, 1080x1069, IMG_20210316_223211.jpg)

Okay, but seriously- no one noticed that she is not actually wearing that skirt? It just… lies on her body like some towel? Man lardy fattel draped that poor XS skirt in a way that it looks like she is wearing it. What a peak. Once you notice it you can hardly miss it imo(autism)

No. 1186160

sage your tinfoil

No. 1186162

sure, you love squinty-eyed redneck dudes because of wrestling, right, Shayna?

No. 1186167

File: 1615933022237.jpg (675.19 KB, 1229x1080, PicsArt_03-16-06.12.34.jpg)

I loved this so much that I decided to add to it

No. 1186168

lmao much better

No. 1186179

This is beautiful anon thank you for blessing us

No. 1186183

You're not funny for reposting a slightly edited meme

No. 1186184

File: 1615934202955.jpg (352.27 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20210316-173521_Twi…)

Major kek. You could barely afford your last apartment in Seattle. And you sure as hell can't afford LA

No. 1186187

File: 1615934254962.jpg (138.64 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20210316-173536_Twi…)

Get ready for some milk if she DOES move

No. 1186190

She's definitely going to ask for an extension. There's no way she'll be ready to move out in 30 days

No. 1186192

Calm down buddy, an anon literally asked for an enema to be added. >>1185094

No. 1186203

there are like 2 funny anons that post edits and the rest are awful anyway

No. 1186204

She will never be able to afford living in LA but an LA saga would be great… she would get chewed up and spit out within a month (or wind up dead).

No. 1186205

didn't she just say a few days ago that she wouldn't have enough money to put in her 30 days for another month???

No. 1186208

Wouldn't it be funny if her and fupa are secretly moving back in together

No. 1186212

I think she said she’s got half of the money? Maybe after talking to her dad he offered to pay the rest? No way is she able to move in 30 days kek but I am ready for the milk.

No. 1186213

She’s confusing “lots of rental stock” with “lots of rental stock I can afford.” Northern New Hampshire is mostly rural, so most people own a house. There just aren’t a lot of apartments for rent, and a lot of the ones that exist get rented by word of mouth or through realtors, not online.

No. 1186215

You are in the lower class income bracket and you only leave your house to get drugs, food, and booze. You live in a two bedroom but are too lazy to even walk into your office and work. You could live in a tiny ass studio in bumfuck nowhere or the middle of LA and your every day life would not change at all. One is just way out of your price range.

No. 1186217

this is what i'm going to assume is happening unless i see proof she's across state lines kek

No. 1186242


No. 1186243

File: 1615937922744.jpg (200.69 KB, 1079x649, Screenshot_20210316-183807_Twi…)

Stfu Shay

No. 1186252

i think even the aliens would be too grossed out by the state of her

No. 1186271

File: 1615941514944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 912.46 KB, 1242x1703, EDC2C948-656E-444B-8098-B74952…)

No. 1186272

File: 1615941551410.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 247.44 KB, 1239x1280, E0BFE540-ADDA-40E5-9C2F-1B8F69…)

Her butthole looks stretched out
Shayna use lube omg

No. 1186274

File: 1615941917747.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, B2D444AB-F2B5-489A-9D27-7D3B85…)

Miss lunchladyarms was feeling herself today kek
She posted these on Snapchat

No. 1186277

File: 1615942009268.png (9.44 MB, 1242x2208, BE199E87-0664-4ADE-A5CC-EE6C53…)

I just know that Fupa hoodie smells

No. 1186281

literal pig

No. 1186286

She morphing into Megvn Mvrie.

No. 1186287

Wash your hair Shay ffs

No. 1186301

File: 1615944192210.jpeg (59.67 KB, 750x272, 6F7657AF-B8FC-4555-9499-4A77CA…)


She posted them to Twitter too, I don’t think she realizes that Twitter doesn’t tell you who screenshots your fleets

No. 1186303

If she was smart she’d have her dad find an apartment for her but she’s not, she’s making things more difficult then they need to be and it will eventually fuck her over as it always does

No. 1186305

File: 1615944641692.jpg (316.71 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20210316-203027_Twi…)

I wanna know how much she begs these people to say these things

No. 1186332

File: 1615947012442.jpg (74.89 KB, 675x905, 20210316_211009.jpg)

That filter just looks like straight up dandruff

No. 1186337

As the anon that made >>1185066 i thought it was pretty funny kek

No. 1186338

“30 days until my lease is up” doesn’t translate to “i put in my 30 day notice!” shayna, we all know you’re stuck in tulsa for minimum three more months

No. 1186341

he was also one of the coomers making pedophilic comments on her livestreams if i’m not mistaken

No. 1186344

Also idk about her place but a lot of places around where I live require 60 days notice… I feel like she may have said before hers takes 30 tho idk. not only that BUT how are you going to act excited for your lease to be up in 30 days and still have no idea where you’re going. Nothing lined up, no deposit, barely any cash to your name. Just waiting for dad to bail you out. Pathetic

No. 1186351

That's not $500 and it was for a video. Not a whimsical sugar daddy that appears and gives her tons of money just because like she tried to act like it was.

No. 1186355


9 totes real actually orgasming cumshows, huh?

Shes been buying the shit from Depop to avoid being cancelled lol

No. 1186365

The "requirements" are actually what the rentals have. Proof of income, making 2 or 3 times rent, limit or no pets, credit score, etc. Just say you're too poor and low class to live there, Shay.

Shes not gonna be able to rent a house, and these other places she wants to live wont have a 2 bedroom apartment for under $1000. She thinks she's too good for a studio and they usually have pet limits. If she's bringing both cats and the med-big mutt shes gonna have a hell of a time getting accepted and getting hit with pet deposits and maybe even monthly fees.

No. 1186377

>9 totes real actually orgasming cumshows, huh?
kek for real her degenerate audience is so stupid if they believe she’s actually orgasming. Shayna is the type of bitch to moan all of their names in one video because she’s too lazy to make each individual one

No. 1186379

File: 1615951649910.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.81 KB, 676x946, FE5C5962-2208-4077-AA1C-2252FC…)

Her teeth are so terrible why does she want lip injections and a boob job when she needs to fix her damn snaggletooth

No. 1186381

I hate this stupid smirk so much it's actually making me miss the soyboy open mouth smile days

No. 1186390

>when you order belle delphine on wish

No. 1186392

ot but does anyone know where this is from?

No. 1186395

Her snapchat and Twitter fleet

No. 1186397

I highly suggest not reading the replies under this

No. 1186406

File: 1615955127380.jpeg (318.6 KB, 1242x1102, 4715923E-F874-44DE-A43E-5AED93…)

Obviously when you say that someone is going to be curious and look…. anon I hate it. a bunch of troons with buttplugs in and white smelly looking girls with a bad case of acne ass

And this comment by Baltimore Brian which is proof he’s never seen a human vagina in person because Shayna Clifford’s isn’t normal.

No. 1186407

probably dollskill or forever21. it’s too ugly and cheap looking for me to bother looking for the specific link.

No. 1186408

this is just the run of the mill man who doesn’t understand facetuning and beauty filters

No. 1186412

Brian over here talking about if it’s grass-fed he sounds like an incel
It’s definitely not dollskill or forever 21 from the looks of it. Those brands are fast fashion but that shit is way too ugly and cheap looking. But maybe that’s because it’s on Shayna. Kek. I’m guessing it’s probably shein, amazon, or aliexpress
Anon pls don’t get that it’s ugly.

No. 1186419

Lol don't give her ideas. She'll do one "orgasm" and splice the names in

No. 1186425

File: 1615959242427.jpg (67.42 KB, 574x502, shein_mesh_bodysuit.jpg)

its from shein for 10 USD
the only thing shayna can afford

No. 1186432

is this 4chan ora livestream??//(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186434

30 days til her lease is up??? am i the only one who remembers her last big temper tantrum with fupa where she threatened to move, and said that her lease was up but she could live there and pay month to month and that made her feel free and happy? why is she pretending she is under a lease now

No. 1186439

societal pressure I'd imagine(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186476

Ily zookeeper

No. 1186480

who would’ve thought a guy from baltimore would have poor taste in women

No. 1186504


anyone’s pussy looks okay when its completely blurred and perfected with clone tool. her actually pussy looks like a saggy, red popped balloon. i am actually shocked how many coomers buy into overly photoshopped SWers

No. 1186513

Scrotes claim they are ViSuAl CrEaTuReS but can't tell when a face or body is edited to look inhumanly possible

No. 1186525

The things people are willing to say for some clout.

No. 1186533

File: 1615979938443.jpeg (210.16 KB, 470x722, 38EA92C8-C504-4345-AB40-0A30D6…)

Not even worth $10. also, much attention to detail, Shayna.

No. 1186613

She has two cats? Or I just read this wrong

No. 1186623

Lurk more but yes, Mr Peanutbutter >>1177574 Seems to be Fupa’s old cat she keeps secret

No. 1186683

File: 1615996712286.jpg (405.46 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20210317-105841_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1186685

>as sex workers
Kek I think people specifically don’t give a shit about what sex workers think actually

No. 1186690

sex worker… health lifestyle.. does not compute.

also lol at shatna promoting a healthy lifestyle with her door dash, quitting the gym and never going back, and leaving her feces on the rims of dildos then sniffing it for 30 dollars. right.

No. 1186696

Stop being an SJW, it's cringe

No. 1186703

File: 1615998738328.jpeg (420.1 KB, 1242x1429, D002DCBD-5BCF-4DEE-927B-5A93D3…)

My sides are in orbit

No. 1186705

File: 1615998822106.jpeg (312.83 KB, 1242x1456, D5305084-2298-418F-9ED1-A1BAA5…)

She has to beg for beer how embarrassing

No. 1186708


Does she mean her obligatory 1-2 tweets whenever she sees other people on her TL tweeting about whatever social issue or relevant news and she tries to suck up the attention of being "socially aware" because she sees the likes they got? Not realizing they probably got the likes because they have actual followers? Just like Moo, fake positivity until someone pisses them off and their true cunt self comes out roaring.

No. 1186712

I remember and have been wondering about that kek

No. 1186720

Iirc she has said it's up in march all along. But its unclear if that meant at the beginning or end. Sounds like shes trying to say it's the end of march currently. But that still doesnt quite add up. Rent dates and move outs typically are beginning or end of the month, but Shay is just now saying, in the middle of March, that it's up in 30 days. Bullshitery, as usual.

Not to mention just a week or two ago she acted like she had nothing saved to move and was going to need a couple more months. But now shes saying shes halfway there and will be ready to put her notice in next month.

No. 1186726

Stop enabling her Womack

No. 1186740

So start Shayna? Because you make a post everyday like, "I'm about to take 5 dabs, drink some wine and then put on my make up"

No. 1186749

File: 1616002472679.jpg (444.89 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20210317-123416_Twi…)

Bitch put in her 30 days and doesn't have all the money or any idea on where to go

No. 1186753

boston? this broke bitch is gonna end up in the hood hood

No. 1186759

I don’t understand how she’s being so picky when she’s broke and doesn’t do anything with her space anyways. She literally just talked about getting an iPad so that she wouldn’t have to leave her couch and go inter her work room. What’s the point?

No. 1186762


I don't get why she acts like she needs anything special? She never has friends or guests over, she never uses any of the rest of her apartment that anyone else even has to see… what exactly is she looking for that WOULD stick out? Something that she could pretend she's more successful than she is and is out of her budget if her parents don't help her out?

No. 1186763

She just needs to move back in with her mom but that's too simple for shay.

No. 1186767

i dunno… i still have a lingering feeling that she's still way more hung up over fupa than she's letting on right now. i still don't see her moving anytime soon. i'm actually shocked that she's not using the pandemic as an excuse to stay since she's tried to virtue signal over that a couple different times.

No. 1186774

She will now kek

No. 1186775

But she just has to find a massive apartment with the fake granite for $500 a month like she has in Tulsa right now.

inb4 she once again has to live in hotel rooms until she finds a place.

No. 1186781

File: 1616006447327.jpeg (387.17 KB, 1242x1097, E35ED74E-BE9E-4CF4-A7B9-9C87D2…)

Why does she need two bedrooms?

No. 1186792

$2k/month??? so twice what she's paying now? guess her parents really are helping pay her rent.

No. 1186799

you see so many retarded americans with a failed "internet career" willing to pay 2000 bucks for their own place but then cry for donations when they can't pay for it.

No. 1186818

How far north was she looking? Like Berlin? omfg she would hate it there. Of course there aren’t a lot of apartments, it’s moderately to extremely rural and most people own property. I’m laughing at her trying to find a two bedroom in Boston or LA for $2k a month but at least there’d be doordash for her cheemsburgers and easily accessible weed to smonk

No. 1186819

Because she probably wants a "work room"

No. 1186836

One to shove all the animals in and one for herself.

No. 1186846

Exactly. Her followers only come to her page to beat off to her free pussy pics, why does she think thats a good place to spread awareness?

No. 1186848

File: 1616010459336.jpg (459.84 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20210317-144754_Twi…)

No. 1186851

the desperation

No. 1186857

Is this the first time she’s ever censored? Or is it automatically done for you by that site?

No. 1186858

Probably done automatically. Shay would never deliberately censor herself not when she needs the attention.

No. 1186891

What’s the point of this??? She is going to put the same content from her onlyfans there is no reason for someone to pay for a different subscription unless she made exclusive content there. But Shayna is a fat lazy fuck who can barely make content for OF and MV

No. 1186896

diversifying your content/not putting all your eggs in one basket doesnt mean putting the same shit on several different websites. it means providing different content in different places so that theres actually a reason to pay for each thing

No. 1186903

File: 1616014377149.jpeg (628.78 KB, 1242x1207, 2ADD7E22-5C28-40F5-8EAB-5AF1F2…)

You can see Shayna didn’t post this on Twitter it was from Justforfans so they censored it for her because she’s a dumbass who can’t market for shit

No. 1186914

File: 1616015528206.jpeg (226.8 KB, 1242x565, 1271250F-5BA5-44D5-8BC7-602ED5…)

Top kek

No. 1186917

she could just save her money by moving somewhere small so she could afford a house or something buuut unlucky shes stupid

No. 1186989

File: 1616023724089.png (32.8 KB, 593x436, 2021-03-17 19_28_41.png)

No. 1186993

Soooo then where are you "moving" Shay?

No. 1187038

File: 1616025841755.jpeg (78.71 KB, 676x721, 06A32690-3A21-4BB7-9B08-704FBA…)


No. 1187043

File: 1616026077468.jpeg (81.23 KB, 676x766, B9952103-BACD-4A2D-A646-23E0D5…)

No. 1187045

This is by far the worse pose for her facially. Her face melts with her neck and shoulders. Her fat finally ate her chin. She looks b-i-g.

No. 1187046

File: 1616026198786.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3464, B0071E33-E038-400B-BD6B-25AA6E…)

Fat bitch has been wearing that outfit for days and stuffing her chins with doordash , weed, and beer

No. 1187048

damn i thought it's moo

No. 1187049

Bitch, most people search for weeks/months. She's going to move into a shithole.

No. 1187051

looks like you can see her one snaggletooth peeking through

No. 1187063

Wait until Shay finds out DoorDash and Uber eats is notoriously expensive in LA

No. 1187074

Top kek
One afternoon on Rightmove and she's done.

No. 1187081

Her family may be helping her pick a place, I don’t believe anything she says, there’s always a little twist she leaves out…

No. 1187093

File: 1616030683277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 524.15 KB, 1284x1018, B72772BB-15DB-408E-A2C1-2C33F6…)

the retarded crackhead from the trailer park wants to show you her ballsack

No. 1187097

File: 1616030770738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.18 KB, 1284x1037, 58BD48FA-CE67-4AC9-A845-434589…)

this position looks legitimately difficult for her at this point.

No. 1187106

She looks like creepshowart here
Both manfaced.

No. 1187115

Clean your banger Shayna, jesus lol

No. 1187116

These images side by side topkek

No. 1187117

Seriously, you can tell she wastes all the dabs because of how black it is kek. Too drunk to figure it out

No. 1187129

File: 1616035164742.jpg (304.72 KB, 1079x1018, Screenshot_20210317-213937_Twi…)

No. 1187138

File: 1616036199384.jpeg (218.49 KB, 827x1225, CB259B60-7DA1-48E4-884F-B7E4F3…)

Kek this makes me think of the time she posted herself doing a dab and shooting guns on her Snapchat story for some reason. Preachy Shaytard.

No. 1187141

your tweet isn't going to go viral, cut the shit Shay. The victims are not at fault here but obviously porn is brain rot. You dont even like doing it. I even saw a famous pornstar write on her IG story that she doesn't get much sex/love outside her job. A man can't respect a woman who doesn't respect herself. Most sex workers are mentally ill, not rich, and miserable. Shayna stop acting like you care about world issues, you're so transparent. You only want likes and retweets so your only fans can get more traction. You are using a mass murder to get yourself more money. You are the worst Shaytard. Go rot.

No. 1187145

Those are your customers, shay. Be nice to them.

No. 1187153

You probably make more money on OF because you don't shut the fuck up or care to do sex work on other sites, lol

(Forgot to sage the first time I posted this, sorry)

No. 1187160

She really doesn't get that porn and sex addiction is a real thing

No. 1187161

bet you anything it’s a scam listing on craigslist
unless it’s some shitty complex in manchester or nashua

No. 1187163

for real at least burn the excess off you lazy bitch. think of the ashy harsh dabs she does. gross. no wonder she can't breathe.

No. 1187202

she doesnt get that it was a racially motivated massacre either. asian women, immigrants who have actual problems, have it way different than ms. oklahoma who sits and eats doordash and smells like unwashed dog. srs, u gotta acknowledge that if you're gonna talk about the shooting

No. 1187232

File: 1616049886963.png (4.47 MB, 1242x2208, AEA65F45-4C7C-4292-AA52-43DCE4…)

She posted a snap video of her on her bare pillow with her dog and cat and kept forcing retarded laughter because the dog kept putting their head on her shoulder

>them triple chins tho

No. 1187235

Incredibly dystopian to see a thoughtless fake woke tweet surrounded by an ANAL word-text header and $3 sale! name and a sad look at internet culture since the tweet is talking about, while also talking to, the same customer base. Bleak.

No. 1187237

File: 1616050175822.png (45.45 KB, 549x449, help.png)

Imagine being this dog

No. 1187280

if this was how she actually felt, she would've moved closer months ago. what a lame excuse.

No. 1187304

it's the fact she only said something because she felt sex workers were being attacked.If NO one mentioned sex or anything she'd never even said anything about this. She'd just retweeted something someone else said to seem woke and move the fuck on.
She does not care about those women, her number one goal is to make sure people don't start pointing fingers at her. It was also a crime that was motivated by fucking racism, but Shayna focuses on the thing that she feels will make HER look bad.

No. 1187344

I mean she doesn’t care about them. It’s just another opportunity to talk about herself and to get people to pity the “danger” she puts herself in. I wanna say she used to talk about how “dangerous” her job was and how hard working she is despite the fact that she is not a fss and therefore is less danger that even a normal person who has to commute to work. Cant get stalked if you don’t commute or have a schedule.

No. 1187396

where on earth did you get the impression that she's going to LA kek

No. 1187423

File: 1616079641847.jpg (257.78 KB, 1079x1122, Screenshot_20210318-100037_Twi…)

Get ready for a super disgusting pedo or incest storyline

No. 1187427

File: 1616079778128.jpg (363.22 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20210318-100259_Twi…)

No. 1187428

File: 1616079856088.jpg (508.76 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20210318-100417_Twi…)


No. 1187429

File: 1616079998287.jpg (141.72 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20210318-100427_Twi…)

Well Shay has claimed Hitler was a genius and she'd wanna smoke with him

No. 1187430

>t. scammer

No. 1187433

Did she get dropped on the head as a baby? Trump gave stimulus checks when he was president.
>you send money for a service we don’t do
This lazy bitch kek. a service? what service? A three to five minute video that’s not even good? You’re basically saying you’d keep the money and scam them. at least rEiMbUrSe your coom customers so they can pay you for more videos to keep your lights on and keep you from being a homeless hick whore

No. 1187435

"A service we dont do" kek what dont you do at this point, Shatna?? Literally the only thing she is opposed to is explicitly stating a minor age on vid and that's only because that can get her in actual trouble. But she'll make vids acting like shes a "lil sis" shitting her diaper no problem lbh.

No. 1187439

File: 1616081113774.jpeg (260.64 KB, 1242x560, 88016EE0-38A3-49C1-981B-7E1A33…)

You’re only going to get ten maybe twenty likes, dumb whore. stop trying to go viral. if you cared about people and were kind you’d share your “wealth” and you’d do shout out for shout out for free, give advice to beginner “sex workers” but no you’re a greedy fat piece of shit

No. 1187441

File: 1616081267929.jpeg (692.52 KB, 1242x1537, 6E062793-E943-418F-BCD9-5BC75C…)

>luckily for you I’m not in charge
You never will be important Shayna
grow the fuck up

No. 1187444

File: 1616081397689.jpeg (468.56 KB, 1069x1223, 1F01F597-E701-48DC-9371-8AAFDD…)

>y-you bigot
She is a terrible debater only saying buzzwords she sees around twitter and probably doesn’t even read legitimate sources. She just wants ass pats from her degenerate audience

No. 1187445

File: 1616081425535.jpeg (621.01 KB, 1242x1286, 0E433233-EFEB-4C47-A935-3001B8…)

Trying to be nice and supporting “girls”
That eyeliner is so ugly

No. 1187446

She should really stop posting her political beliefs on twitter. She doesn't need to lose any more followers.

No. 1187447

File: 1616081511014.jpg (246.32 KB, 1079x698, Screenshot_20210318-103030_Twi…)

No. 1187456

Shayna, those are your customers be nice

No. 1187457

I'm actually shocked shes getting into it with an incel kek

No. 1187463

I’m sure I’ve read each of these talking points word for word kek Shayna the parrot. These bitches must use a woke tweet template.

No. 1187464


No. 1187466

I can’t think of a single time she’s supported/uplifted someone normal looking or pretty or not a troon. Even when someone on her tweet threads is a fatty, she finds a way to ignore or fight with them if they’re prettier than her, which they usually are. She’s so transparent.

No. 1187483

Wasn’t she just saying how attracted to redneck men she is?

No. 1187485

it honestly probably looks alright when she looks up. she looks like she's got hooded eyes so the shape will look fine in the end.

i personally don't love thick black eyeliner with no eyeshadow but since shay does that look 24/7, i can see why she complimented her.

No. 1187492

i don’t think they seriously think she’s going to move there. she just mentioned it here >>1186184

No. 1187497

Aw it’s the inevitability of consuming twitter politics for hours on end rotting her brain

No. 1187502

File: 1616086117167.jpg (228.03 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210318-114853_Twi…)

No. 1187503

daddy's horny pup is like the least sexy pet name i've ever seen

No. 1187504

>>Cancel Culture
So they are like Shayna, they say they hate Cancel Culture but want to cancel people/things all the time. Also she interacts with Indigo White even though it's been said endlessly here she's a trump supporter/racist and we know she lurks. She's also been whining about moving home to her repub family and is taking their money.
thought she liked Rednecks?

No. 1187505

It's ironic she is calling someone out for spelling errors, while this scat whore brainlet can't even form a complete sentence without shortening words.

No. 1187508

>thought she liked Rednecks?
her brain is so fucking fried. she honestly comes off like she can't even remember her thoughts moment to moment.

No. 1187509

File: 1616086736485.jpeg (200.54 KB, 1219x740, 8D772A87-4841-4520-8A63-D65FE8…)

Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #74 My 600lb Life Edition

No. 1187512

There goes her moving money

No. 1187556

File: 1616091590218.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 99B5A25A-2B54-4232-BD18-981EBC…)

She looks like a big toe

No. 1187558

she looks 50 holy shit

No. 1187559

File: 1616091816155.jpeg (367.55 KB, 1242x1059, D4C81CF9-8F37-417A-A9D8-E97672…)

It would be so fucking funny if she won

No. 1187561

Why did my mind go to mama June? She gives off that white trash aura

No. 1187563

daddy's horny pup, everybody.

No. 1187565

What the heck did she do to her eyebrows? Her natural ones were pretty decent when she didn’t color them in with a sharpie now they look shaved off. She looks legitimately awful.

No. 1187574

would penthouse even allow it? kek she looks so bad lately.

No. 1187575

hopefully it's just the filter working overtime. probably thought her eyebrows were the same as her deep forehead wrinkles.

No. 1187604

File: 1616095084898.jpeg (142.01 KB, 504x419, EA00CC1E-A199-44D0-8327-53E706…)

A wonderful image that I saw today while browsing twitter

No. 1187608

Omg idk how to record on snap wirhout her knowing but damn the waste with her dabs. Ok its been mentioned the fact that her banger is black shes just burning it but for someone who whines so much she doesnt seem like she can afford to waste it(nitpick)

No. 1187616

Ew wtf some kink account reposted that bdsm garbage it’s not even sexy it is literally a middle aged manlet in ladies driving gloves hitting a special-ed ramen haired grown ugly adult

No. 1187617

why not post where it's from though

No. 1187639

File: 1616097258869.jpg (533.23 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20210318-145422_Twi…)

No. 1187643

Seriously looks like she has taken to hair pulling or something. What the FUCK is she DOING to them, what is she thinking?!? She looks bad to begin with, this makes it so much worse. I don’t understand how she thinks it could possibly help make her MORE attractive???

No. 1187645

did she forget that our first two stimulus checks came from trump?

No. 1187662

Likely following the fox eye trend. A ton of cows have hopped onboard. They basically shave the end of the brow to redraw it higher or reshape their brow every day. A bold choice for someone already struggling to take a shower regularly.

No. 1187676

Also a bold choice for someone who can't do her eyebrows properly already. I guess this why they look tiny and are in total different zip codes. Pair that with the beady black eyes, huge pecker nose, crusty bottom lip with a non-existent top lip all slapped on a huge moon face and you got a 8.5.

No. 1187684

File: 1616101738800.jpg (470.13 KB, 1079x1684, Screenshot_20210318-160901_Twi…)

Grow the fuck up already Shay

No. 1187690

File: 1616101922809.jpeg (414.92 KB, 1242x943, A766E482-72D7-4436-90A0-37051B…)

This is disgusting
Obviously if they’re a good father (unlike Fupapa Kyle Nathan Perkins) the children would come before you

No. 1187694

God will she shut up already?
I bet she will keep doing this bullshit when she’s 30
Stop announcing you’re single everyday!! We’ve seen it we don’t want you fat bitch

No. 1187695

such a vile personality

No. 1187696

evil stepmom energy

No. 1187697

Imagine a grown ass woman getting jealous and throwing a tantrum because you put your children before her…. instead of trying to bond with the kids and be a good step-mom….it’s fucking weird

No. 1187699

File: 1616102256741.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 696.34 KB, 1242x1479, 87FC688D-5E24-4FB3-844E-76DA87…)

Heffer Mattel showing her ballsack again

No. 1187704

I feel like shayna doesn’t even know what that trend is. She’s always 2-3 years late on everything. She has no idea about style or beauty trends. She probably just tried to tweeze them while high/ drunk and she made them thin and receding

No. 1187707

oh so she wants another deadbeat dad fupa clone. way to shoot for the stars, shat!

No. 1187708


Noooooo not her slimy butthole I hate it here

No. 1187709

Why the fuck would you discuss politics on your sw account? Shatna is so stupid it hurts. Sometimes it feels like she wants for her very few fans to stop following her. She is her biggest enemy, always sabotaging herself.

No. 1187710

it seriously grosses me out every time

No. 1187718

File: 1616103165780.jpeg (152.4 KB, 750x1059, B7E9FE19-DA27-4E75-84BD-A576C0…)

Kek it was this coomer

No. 1187729

What’s a charge back? I’m dumb lol. Was it like a small fee she got all pissy about?

No. 1187731

a chargeback means the coomer requested a refund of the money he sent her and i believe it also costs her an additional amount on top of the refunded amount

No. 1187734

top kek. Wow shay way to subtweet one of the only 4 coomer customers you have left. she probably didn’t want to send it back which is why she made that tweet because she couldn’t afford to lose the money or she already spent it on pot.

No. 1187737

Scatcoomer probably asked her to do something even more degrading with poop.

No. 1187755

she really wakes up every day and chooses to alienate the last shred of an audience she has left. why would you subtweet a paying customer like this? validation? and he's legitimately apologizing for it kek
shayna you have two and a half paying customers, stop with your shitty opinions and attempts to go viral
all she does is talk about politics and weird terms and conditions that come with buying her $3 content, and for what??

No. 1187782

This is the worst photo I’ve ever seen of her, and it has a Snapchat filter on it. Good god, she’s ugly.

No. 1187789

that's hilarious because everyone is moving on from the fox eye trend. She's always late to the party

No. 1187790

I always thought Shay was just painfully average, but I take that back. She thinks she's cute? She thinks dads are lining up to give her their stimulus check? The audacity. The delusion. And her looks are only going to continue going downhill.

No. 1187791

she shaved the tails off like a lot of alt girls do but they know how to fill their brows in. shayna doesn’t, so it looks like a disaster.

No. 1187792

she lights the nail and immediately takes a dab, she doesn’t even wait for it to cool. so yeah, more than half just gets burned away and whatever she does get inhaled is low quality.(nitpick)

No. 1187794

I stg she makes this tweet once every other month.

No. 1187799

How many times is she going to say this shit? She's going to end up with another Fupa. Why date men who have actual childern because you think they'll treat you like a actual child and fuck you?
Normal people would think a man with childern wanting to treat his girlfriend like a child has issues, but for shayna's lazy ass its a way for her never have to do anything.
Even though she does NOT listen and will eat, drink, smoke and act out regardless. She keeps talking about wanting to be controlled but it's obvious that she can't follow instruction if she could her & Fupa wouldn't be fighting/broken up every other day.

No. 1187825

Lmfao treated her like she was doordash order

No. 1187865

Shayna's jealousy and insecurity really knows no bounds.

- She can't be friends with other females because she compares herself to them.

- She can't coexist with other sexworkers because she's constantly jealous if someone gets more money/interactions than her.

- She can't be in a polyrelationship because she can't handle her partner giving anyone but her sexual and romantic attention

- She can't be with anyone who has children because she's jealous of LITERAL CHILDREN getting more attention than her

I may be going leaps and bounds here but everything with her insecurities and jealousies has to do with sexual motives. She sexualizes her entire life and now she's sexualizing dads in the same breath that she's admitting that she sees a father's own kids as rivals. With her rampant daddy kink and incest and underage baiting porn.. it's just so damn skeevy.

No. 1187876

File: 1616121828527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 595.1 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20210318-214354_Twi…)

No. 1187877

File: 1616121867853.jpg (245.35 KB, 960x1182, 20210318_214356.jpg)

She whitened her teeth so much. And that fake nose ring

No. 1187878

File: 1616121920683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.48 KB, 960x1158, 20210318_214359.jpg)

It looks like she literally shrunk her head

No. 1187879

File: 1616122034208.jpg (466.8 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20210318-214644_Twi…)

No. 1187880

File: 1616122080291.jpg (226.86 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20210318-214702_Twi…)

No. 1187881

File: 1616122736205.png (10.25 MB, 1242x2208, 46CE61CF-2780-42D5-9C24-8703A2…)

Snap anon here
She looks like a sausage

No. 1187882

Putting her moving money into cash so it's easier to spend at the dispensary, huh? Also gross that she put it in her mouth and on her face and whatnot and knowing she didnt wash her hands after either. Yikes.

Also serving up some serious Miss Piggy vibes

No. 1187887

no fatty

No. 1187890

She has nothing going for her. She can’t even be bothered to do different poses. Bet that money is cleaner than her as well. Her only opition at this point is moving back home and getting a job as a grocery bagger. Fucked for life.

No. 1187898

fairly certain this is the only angle and position the outfit looks halfway acceptable in. upside down, stretched out as much as possible on her back, with her arms above her head and knees up. doing the most to hide her gut and create the illusion that it'd be attractive from any other perspective

No. 1187899

Bet her teeth were as yellow as that bill before she edited them kek

No. 1187903

And even doing all that you can still see that it’s busting at the seams and that she doesn’t have it zipped or whatever in the back

No. 1187907

the gut escaping between the two pink pieces. kek

No. 1187908

Like a sausage bursting out of its casing

No. 1187914

She’s truly an idiot. She’s blasting and shaming one of her poor orbiter and making it sound like she lost hundreds of $.

Yeah having a chargeback is annoying but like how much we’re talking? Her customs are $100 at most, let’s say she’s out $120 she was expecting. You’d think for such a thriving, 5 years in the business sex worker, she wouldn’t be pissed over that much money.

She could have turned it around and played the dumb baby to her customer and get him to pay her back that money in exchange of extra content.
If she had a legit job once in her life she’d have acquired some basic skills in people and customer management.

No. 1187915

kek did shay just get shaded by OP of the tweet?

No. 1187926

Man what a disgusting mindset…. I can’t understand someone dating someone with kids and demanding that a child’s PARENT put their kids on the back burner. Literally the most immature and selfish thing I’ve heard an adult woman say. How insecure with yourself can you be when you see a fathers child as competition? Fucked

No. 1187927

Yup. Shayna is a sick fuck with incest fantasies and wants to be treated as a child.

No. 1187935

File: 1616130588939.png (1.36 MB, 935x814, fakemoneyLOL.png)

this bitch really bought fake money to try and flaunt…. LMFAO

No. 1187936

Fucking kek she's a broke bitch

No. 1187939


it's been brought up before but it's been bothering me since i read her retard view about how people who didn't "Vote correctly" shouldn't get a stimulus payout.

does this fat, nasty, dumb bitch pay taxes or not? I doubt she filed and paid taxes on all those dollars she spent on doordash, alcohol and weed. no fucking way.

i hope this bitch gets audited. imagine some useless fat troll who stuffs her face all day, doing drugs and drinking–not contributing to society in any real way, including with paying taxes, giving any opinions at all on who should or shouldn't get money. i can't believe her mother and father haven't disowned her, how embarrassing to invite her to come home. especially considering she tried to fuck them over for internet clout (which didn't stick, so now she's back to saying ooo hehe my parents are doing so much i wish i could see them!)

No. 1187942

I had a feeling it was fake due to the weird black lines in the corner of the money kek

No. 1187947

File: 1616132603574.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 460.54 KB, 1536x2048, 5E615C81-40FC-4E82-B76D-4FB700…)

Hank hill with ass pimples

No. 1187950

File: 1616132635689.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 887.14 KB, 1242x1648, 354BBDC0-0217-4FF2-BECB-622A61…)


No. 1187951

this picture really captures her trailer park energy

No. 1187955

This is quite possibly the least flattering picture I’ve seen purposefully taken of an ass in hopes to attract buyers. at least use your blur tool where it’s fucking needed.

No. 1187965

No. 1187967

File: 1616134802454.jpeg (275.72 KB, 1242x751, 585BB8F2-BFE2-4CF0-A19A-EBCC60…)

Get a job and do your taxes then you’ll get one as well, fat bitch

No. 1187977

File: 1616138555093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.94 KB, 670x1056, stiinasaaristo.jpg)

You can't tell me this isn't a Stiina Saaristo painting

No. 1188028

Woooowww. If Shay brings absolutely anything to this world, it's the fucking audacity.
If father's don't give their children love and attention they'll turn out like you and we don't need more degenerate washed up lot lizards showing off their shit covered dildos but thanks anyway.

No. 1188038

$15 to play with piss on camera. Bleak as ever. >>1187950 And how is she going to charge $70 for panties when she shits for $45 and does pee stuff for like 5-15?? Make it make sense, anons.

No. 1188074

Is she trying to be a sexy vienna sausage?

No. 1188076

What size do you think she bought this in to fit this poorly instead of just resigning to being a L/XL? Bitch must be giving herself a complex squeezing into clothes like that

No. 1188090

god i wish i could adopt her dog, he doesn't deserve this

No. 1188155

File: 1616165544439.png (1.35 MB, 1186x918, 2021-03-19 10_51_45.png)

ummm this is literally fake money though… you can see watermarks in the corners on the 100s and 20s in all her pics

No. 1188172

God please let someone who isn’t a retarded cow tipper notice and say something

No. 1188173

The serial numbers are the same on the hundreds as well, and yeah, the watermark in the corner. This is depressing.

No. 1188185

it literally says “united states playmoney” on it, kek

No. 1188186

I don’t think she’s ever brushed that wig out, let alone washed it. you have to take care of lace front wigs, shayna. you can’t just throw it in your musty closet.

No. 1188188

File: 1616168350940.jpeg (142.79 KB, 1284x441, 14685BF8-CAC6-412D-A184-7923D1…)

she gets on cam and strips for less than $50. but she wants someone to pay her $300 to get on cam naked. love our scammy mattel.

No. 1188190

she may as well have used monopoly money atleast then it would’ve been kind of funny and cute but not really

No. 1188192

File: 1616168522675.png (157.77 KB, 823x275, 2021-03-19 11_41_17.png)

No. 1188197

Fucking kek. I just thought it was her "moving" funds she put into cash to try to flex with this set. Or from that "sugar daddy" that paid for a vid lol. It was believable because on the floor pics there were only a couple hundreds and 50s and the rest were 20s lol. Seemed legit. But yeah, the hand full of 100s isnt realistic and now we can see they're fake.

Imagine posing as a sugar baby/proud whore with fake money. I'm dead.

No. 1188199

twitter thots need 2 stop with the scrunched up forehead poses they’re gonna need Botox before they even get a chance to afford bimbo boobs

No. 1188200

I can hear Material Girl playing through these pics. I just know it.

No. 1188203

sorry for derail but wasn’t she just going off about being sick of belle Delphine last week? this set up is basically skin walking one of her old insta pics. these onlyfans “models” legit just copy each other, belle included, they’re all unoriginal uncreative scammers

No. 1188204

kek cursed song

No. 1188208

File: 1616170267444.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, 5A487A3D-E24B-4332-8468-34FFCE…)

Absolutely fucking dead. Shayna, delete these now, this is so embarrassing topkek.

No. 1188211

She should have used her AmAzInG photoshop skills to edit them, if she was really going to be that pathetic kek. I just can't with her.

No. 1188212

shayna's needed forehead botox since she was like 17

No. 1188214

everyone uses fake money, even in rap music videos and in movies where they can afford actual money, calm your tits.

No. 1188220

okay but it's pathetic as someone that's trying to play off like they're super successful and making tons of money but in reality is broke and begging daily. i legitimately think she thought people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

No. 1188222

Inb4 she claims she knew it was visible and that's the whole "joke" causes she "doesn't take herself seriously" like that.

No. 1188225

Sex workers flaunting their tips like this use their actual money, Shayna is undeniably broke. She doesn’t even have enough money to move and begs for fucking grocery money. Read the room, moron.

No. 1188238

File: 1616172974316.jpg (186.49 KB, 1079x651, Screenshot_20210319-115618_Twi…)

Yeah right

No. 1188248

Pretty sure music videos and movies use it because they cant just throw real, dirty money around and then go collect it all. It's for practicality and security.
When people try to flex like this online, they use real money because it's their money from their hustle, in their own house. Shay is just a retarded broke e whore kek.

No. 1188254

Two weeks? How much packing do you think she's done?

This is a joke. We all know she still has boxes from moving from her last place. Hopefully she'll throw out her stupid pink wall decoration gags and paddles along with the teddy bears, during her annual why-donate-toys-when-you-can-put-them-in-dumpsters tweets

No. 1188261

File: 1616175383803.jpg (222.5 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20210319-123628_Twi…)


No. 1188264

No. 1188280

Someone please photoshop monopoly in with those quotes. My fucking sides. Kek

No. 1188289

File: 1616177770659.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.99 KB, 750x1017, D080D825-A164-4608-AE77-6D2D07…)

No. 1188291

looking more like a tranny than ever, her genitals included. this facial expression is peak retardation

No. 1188297

what the fuck is happening here? the smoothing makes it not even look human.

No. 1188298

I know vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. And not to sound like a scrote but goddamn why does it look like it’s ripped open like a lego hand. Shits weird. Probably irritated from dirty scat covered dildos and from dry fucking herself.
That outfit is cheap and ugly and does NOT scream “rich sugar baby”

No. 1188304

Dead eyes + tarantula maw lol

No. 1188305

this is the worst she's ever looked

No. 1188306


I’m betting this is the most money she’s ever held

No. 1188308

it's the pose + the wacky editing and the stuff u mention lmao and dont forget she's probably high af

No. 1188314

Wait wtf? The money isn’t real?

No. 1188319

No. 1188322

what the fuck why did she post this atrocious shit

No. 1188328

Wait this isn't a edit? She looks terrible, wow. Tiny head, manly red neck goofy face, lopsided small tits, stomach bulge and huge pussy, wow.

No. 1188330

tranny mattel wow
seriously, all vulvasperg and fatrolls aside, she looks like bojack horseman, how could anyone with those features think she could pull off bimbo or uwu smol bby

No. 1188331

Like why not stand up? Does she not understand that sitting down and these angles make her look bigger then she is? We already know the outfit is too small and unflattering but this legit makes her look like a 30 year old chubby sissy.

No. 1188350

File: 1616181209708.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.38 KB, 1280x1280, 92A91FF5-D856-4987-9A57-71CEED…)

yasss girl, get that monopoly money!!!

No. 1188352


No. 1188353

File: 1616181470515.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1242x1500, E0B29102-5AD1-412C-A5C9-B907A3…)

Creepy uncle who is secretly a sissy vibes

No. 1188354

Shayna Clifford is so embarrassing… imagine being related to this clown. Her mother must be ashamed of her. How can you love a daughter who hates your guts but also takes your money when you offer it because you want her to quit her degenerate “job”. Sis is officially a hamplanet and all her peers are going to laugh at her

No. 1188355

File: 1616181626937.jpeg (16.45 KB, 399x388, 4oOPbDdwNCFG_sU3tLH9ZeqPMhrPpv…)

what the fuck

No. 1188356

please no spoiler thread pics

No. 1188357

beside the fact that it's obviously play money, begging for money while taking pics with several hundreds in your mouth isn't a convincing strategy

No. 1188358

lol yeah wtf kind of sense does that make

No. 1188360

That's a wide load, monster-esque looking pussy jfc

No. 1188374

File: 1616183264438.jpeg (236.33 KB, 1125x927, 3C66477E-239C-4147-AA4B-4561DD…)

do whatever you want shay, you’ll give us milk either way

No. 1188376

lol is it going to be a 6 hour stream? what would that even accomplish?

No. 1188389

her entire lower half looks like a spore creation

No. 1188391

holy shit we knew it'd be bad from other angles but why did she have to pick THE most unflattering angle? her legs look huge, that shirt is hanging on for dear life, stomach rolls so stuffed they look painful, her tits are in her throat, the Yaniv face, and that monstrously blurred dolphin mouth. this is one of the worst photos she's ever taken

and here you can see she's unzipped the top so she can pull it down without chopping her breasts in half. just buy something in your new size dumbass, squeezing yourself into clothing 4 sizes too small is not sexy

>I was thinking instead of crying about my ex I might just fall asleep on camera instead

No. 1188410

File: 1616185621445.jpeg (754.13 KB, 1242x1199, 29F94F75-82FA-4CCA-8F84-DD8D90…)

This is so embarrassing topkek

No. 1188411

File: 1616185648091.jpeg (898.89 KB, 1242x1393, DDC03240-2743-4B11-8AF5-46A3BA…)

But it’s the meds , right shay ??

No. 1188413

File: 1616185710129.jpeg (851.66 KB, 1242x1683, 566C23AC-4EAC-47C5-AFA7-6B0B34…)

Jason R Womack must have spent his stimulus and his unemployment check

No. 1188416

Bruh what the fuck, literally just smoke

No. 1188420

But then she can’t eat like a fat pig

No. 1188422

She just posted a Snapchat story of her heavily breathing while showing her edible candy and drinks. They look so gross. Like she’s planning on eating it all in one day.

No. 1188427

File: 1616186715790.jpeg (500.42 KB, 1242x1370, D7D328C8-02D8-4523-93A7-779835…)

You hate women shay

No. 1188431

Is that enough to move now Shayna? If this all goes to weed and beer I'm gonna lose my mind

No. 1188433

as if we can't see her happily accepting money from her orbiters on discord, or insisting girls pay to talk to her about how to fuck themselves on camera

No. 1188441

File: 1616187975807.jpg (290.48 KB, 1079x893, Screenshot_20210319-160627_Twi…)

Why the fuck is she getting the vaccine

No. 1188444

>heavily breathing

No. 1188449

Seriously though. She never leaves the house. If anything she’s more likely to die of Obesity, heart failure, choking to death on her own vomit after a drunken binge, or untreated STDs from Fupa.

No. 1188453

How does she even qualify?

No. 1188460

I'm guessing asthma.

No. 1188461

She (supposedly) has asthma, anon

No. 1188464

It's pretty easy to get the vaccine in more rural areas right now. I've known a lot of people who have drove an hour or two out to get it.

No. 1188467

Oklahoma ended up with more vaccine than residents willing to get vaccinated so I'm sure that plays a part.

No. 1188468

high BMI most likely

No. 1188470

File: 1616189718195.jpeg (617.3 KB, 1242x1739, A20A5DF3-1362-46D5-B53D-B0A780…)

She can’t even take a vaccine without pedopandering and incorporating her disgusting kink.

No. 1188472

i thought she claimed to have a med fetish?

No. 1188482

Yeah but being scared of needles is cute and little girl like uwu

No. 1188491

imagine a fat womanbaby entering the vaccination site with a stuffed animal. i would laugh my ass off at that sight, but she looks mentally challenged anyway so whatever

No. 1188497

Yeah I work at a hospital and if I saw someone who looked like her come in with a stuffed animal, I’d think retarded attention seeker, not uwu cute baby bimbo.

No. 1188505

it’s probably like how momo got it, high BMI or asthma. hasn’t shay mentioned an inhaler before?

No. 1188507

COVID risk doesn't really go up in relation to obesity until after the BMI reaches 50 unless someone has a weight related medical condition. Shayna is fat but not that fat. It's likely because she has asthma.

No. 1188511

I wonder how high the percentage is of scrotes viewing her content only because they think she's actually mentally retarded because she seriously looks it kek

No. 1188512

Imagine being 23 years old and bringing a stuffed animal with you for a vaccination? What shay, are you hoping for a hot male nurse practitioner has a thing for overweight women who act like children??

No. 1188518

Even if she was skinny she wouldn’t get picked.

No. 1188530

Can’t wait for her story on “shit that didn’t happen” how hot the male nurse was who gave her vaccine and was flirting with her.

No. 1188538

Kek at least it’s not a pacifier

If a grown ass women brings a big plush I would automatically assume she’s mentally challenged and not uwu cute and quirky. Maybe a small keychain plush to squeeze onto but she has to be obnoxious and bring a big musty stuffed animal to larp as a little kid. Disgusting

No. 1188541

KEK the retard face, the fake money, the one big fat roll and the smoothed out lego hand vagina… make it stop. she actively chose to post this cursed image to her paying customers

No. 1188545

File: 1616195674608.jpg (561.12 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20210319-181446_Twi…)


No. 1188587

File: 1616197788163.jpg (178.02 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20210319-184918_Twi…)

It's not "iconic." It's fucking stupid

No. 1188594

File: 1616198838568.jpeg (205 KB, 1280x904, 23BDE0D0-F84C-4B91-891D-9B7168…)

at this point shay looks just like rusty cuyler's mom, so i did a tHiNg

No. 1188596

lol fuck, that's great and spot on.

No. 1188598

KEK good work anon

No. 1188603

Mr Peanutbutter, no!
Great details anon

No. 1188604

I wish I could hand you money for this. Brilliant!

No. 1188607


as cute as it is disgusting anon, nice style!

No. 1188614

anon this is a masterpiece

No. 1188615

Anon can always crop the bottom part

I vote for these two as the next thread pic >>1188594

No. 1188616

Next thread pic PLEASE

No. 1188619

the shitty edit doesn't hold a candle to this work of art >>1188594

No. 1188623

File: 1616202944297.jpg (2.13 MB, 972x7142, Screenshot_20210319-201254_Twi…)

She was called out by other SWers and of course the abrattybutterface had to try and defend shayna kek

No. 1188628

Lmao this bitch serious? It's not even that much money wouldn't this be less than 2k?

No. 1188630

oh my fucking god hopefully an absolute meltdown incoming

No. 1188632

Once shitna catches wind of this she's gonna freak out, I can't wait

No. 1188635

File: 1616204633780.jpeg (108.43 KB, 750x683, 331B1293-1CB9-4D53-A259-C4C24E…)

Kek scatcoomer unintentionally roasting her

No. 1188639

File: 1616205431325.jpeg (208.05 KB, 1242x502, 6C7A5A0F-9A1E-467A-8A66-4FE6CA…)

That fat ass is asleep rn kek
Shitna deserves all the shit talk, she is always snarky and rude. Taste of her own medicine

No. 1188641

If she gets on cam, she's gonna bitch and complain about that person calling her out

No. 1188648

holy shit shatna is gonna seethe when she sees this kek. Incoming twitter breakdown when?

No. 1188650

Abasicpixie gets on my fucking nerves with her Shayna defending. Shayna would'nt DARE put her ass on the line to defend her. However, I feel Bratty is just like Shayna and thinks she's a retarded mentally ill child so probably thinks, "UWU she's so fragile and broken, I can't expect her to defend me".
It just pisses me off because the bitch is so fucking aggressive. Now if Shayna whines everyone is going to pretend Shayna does not do the same thing on her dead twitter.
This person just got attention for throwing subs.

No. 1188652

God, this HAS to be Jason r Womack. Ironically hes helping her move away from his retarded ass kek

No. 1188653

File: 1616207320177.png (244.77 KB, 458x335, lmao.png)

sage for not shayna, but this equally terrible sex "worker" coming for her is hilarious. she really just maxed out the nose, eye, and chin sliders on meitu. i'm really hoping to see these two tards get into it

No. 1188655

I mean were we expecting the other girl to be a beauty queen? They are all fake, it's just funny to see someone do the same shit Shayna does. We all know that Shayna is going to make it seem like she never put out the money was real and she's being bullied by ebil sex worker bitches.
If she says anything at all

No. 1188656

at least this one has a decent body

No. 1188657

File: 1616207541957.jpg (88.98 KB, 720x706, 20210319_193111.jpg)

He posted this comment on her pic too. Honestly I'm still tinfoiling "nathan" is a clever, deranged farmer. There's been too many coincidences imo.

No. 1188658

File: 1616207609931.jpeg (135.4 KB, 828x438, E00C11B8-CC25-4EC2-BCE7-13EFA3…)

No. 1188659

She looks like Honey Boo Boo ew wtf she’s just as haggard as Shayna but her roasts were funny asf because they weren’t from a farmer

No. 1188660

with her diet and lifestyle and i dont think there's a way to wake up feeling refreshed lol

No. 1188661

This dude is such a liar, is this the same guy telling Shayna stories about his daughter? He seems to have a story for every situation.

No. 1188663

Shay probably was pretending its real though is the thing. I'm with that e-whore. Yes, big productions use fake money. But there are many valid reasons for it. When strippers, whores, "thugs" and shit like that do flex pics, they would and should be using their real money they've gotten from hustling. And only the really stupid ones would put it in their mouths lol.
It's Shayna so even though it was a "sugar baby" photo set, I'd bet she was trying to pass it off as real. Especially the one with the hundreds because the caption would just be ironic and fucking retarded with fake money.

No. 1188666

No I think the old dude talks about his ex wife and grown up kids lol. This Nathan person does have stories for all kinds of stuff and a lot of the time seems to do backhanded compliments and tries to get her to do gross stuff and it all just seems like elaborate cowtipping to me. But who knows. Her few fans are stupid, nasty incels so it's hard to say lol.

No. 1188675

this is why sex work is dangerous, but women still claim pandering to the “male fantasy” is harmless. incels want to see women degrade and destroy themselves because it’s the revenge they never got to get on hot chicks irl. all these girls need to get out ASAP, whatever happened to young people wanting to be musicians and actresses? why not a youtuber or vlogger atleast. I understand doing what you gotta do but idk why so many women want to be a sex worker, it’s such a depressing life

No. 1188677

Holy hell anon that is definitely shayna in a few years. My sides

No. 1188680

Girls with nothing to lose and no prospects get lured into it by all those social media hoes showing how rich and empowered they are for taking guys money. It’s insane how easy it is for teenagers or young women to find out about these things.

No. 1188681

She's on mfc

No. 1188682

he’s trolling for sure, what with the constant poop talk and the undermining and the chargeback

No. 1188683

first potential twitter drama with a whole bunch of people dragging her and now she's live? ladies we are getting treated tonight

No. 1188688

did anyone else catch abrattypixie left after shayna kept repeatedly sitting on her chair making a farting noise?

No. 1188694

File: 1616212868291.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 389.28 KB, 750x782, 1CEE86C4-CD50-422C-9BAE-77FABC…)

sorry totally forgot spoiler, the back of her legs are getting really ripples from her weight gain though

No. 1188695

File: 1616212908376.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.93 KB, 1124x629, BAE83032-F03C-441F-BD06-F778A8…)

Kek the sheer sex appeal

No. 1188696

File: 1616212921969.jpg (323.92 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20210319-235959_Sam…)

she puts on makeup to "work" but leaves the after-nap turd bun untouched. high class bimbo!

No. 1188697

Kek these chatter names, guessing most of the blue names are farmers

No. 1188699

womack tipped shay 500 tokens to eat edibles on cam. the feederism begins

No. 1188703

I know we say it a lot but goddamn her whole backside looks like it belongs to a dad or just a certain type of dude

No. 1188704

Shayna, don't drink alot of wine. 500 mg and wine??? Dear god. Gl

No. 1188710

She constantly messes with her 1 floppy tit.

No. 1188713

Stream is pretty boring tbh, she’s just talking to her coomers about bongs and pot

No. 1188714

Anyone else notice she’s sitting on a towel? Kek she put it there after a farmer mentioned how nasty it was in her last stream huh

No. 1188716

“Id film just about anything Unless it involves nonconsenting parties, children, or animals”

You rp as a child in half your videos. I can’t.

No. 1188719

I can’t with the EXCESSIVE huffing and puffing from her. Jesus.

No. 1188721

File: 1616214934622.jpeg (83.6 KB, 1124x607, 3EA7AD19-DD85-4FE0-8F1D-3F512E…)

That skin texture tho. Yikes. Wash your face, shayna

No. 1188725

jason r womack has already dropped like $50 worth of tokens. men shouldn't get a stimulus

No. 1188726

Everytime she opens that door I want to scream. Fatty’s apartment has be extra disgusting since this stream started! How tf do you even live like that???

No. 1188727

kek wasn't he literally homeless not long ago

No. 1188730

This whore obviously lurks here. The majority of points she made were clearly parroting things said itt. Pathetic.


No. 1188741

and as a dog. and she films in public.

No. 1188747

Rose petals still on the ground lol

No. 1188748

There is a guy trying to take her private and she intentionally ignored him for a second and said “okay since there’s no one here with tokens you gotta keep me entertained or I’m just gonna fucking leave”

No. 1188750


No. 1188751

File: 1616218657835.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.12 KB, 593x828, 47313037-BF6A-422A-B983-30AD8F…)

she tries so hard to open and close the door quickly to hide the mess she refuses to clean up. her packing to move will probably be the first time she’s tidied in years.

No. 1188753

rare sighting of bigfoot in the trash forest

No. 1188755

she really does look and walk like a drunk toddler

No. 1188757

Haven't been here in a while and I'm not surprised that she's this selfish. Fucking bitch.

No. 1188758

She set it to where only accounts with purchased tokens can chat, so her conversations next time are going to dwindle into nothing.

No. 1188759

ew, this is so disgusting. Shay please learn to clean, there is no reason to have shit laying floor. you are living like an actual pig.

No. 1188762

She said her skype was like, 200-300 dollars for three minutes. You are not worth that Shayna lmfao

No. 1188764

Christ, is that a massive pile of clothing? I’d bet her pillow cases are at the bottom. The smell in her apartment has to be ripe.

I wasn’t able to catch her stream this time but sounds like she’s been going down hill since her first stream in January kek. She’s so boring.

No. 1188765

holy SHIT her house is a wreck

No. 1188766

she would take that as a compliment

No. 1188768

File: 1616221514480.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 797.07 KB, 1284x1202, E623F040-404F-4007-82BD-5DB6B4…)

if you actually loved your body you would take care of it and buy clothes that fit. instead you insist on squeezing into medium size clothing when you’re at least an XL. stay delusional, shayna.

No. 1188770

At first I was like, "it's probably not too bad" and then I opened the thumbnail lol. Like, just turn off the light if you're not gonna bother to clean.

No. 1188800

This may be the most cursed image of her in every way and that’s saying a lot

No. 1188825

Instead of dabbing and napping and spending an hour on your bad makeup, try cleaning up your space a bit. Even the floor in her "work space" looks trashy and that clutter on the desk is horrible too.

And like other anon said, turn the light off in the other room because that was embarrassing kek

No. 1188832

I wish I grabbed a screenshot of her showing off that stain-spotted Barbie blanket. She says she “has to cum on Barbie’s face” and that she’s used it for a while, but it looks like it’s never been washed.

No. 1188836

What emotion is she trying to convey

No. 1188850

why only post smoothed/edited pics of it then, shatna?

No. 1188852


No. 1188861

Shayna’s porn and this thread has made me completely disgusted by the industry all together.
I used to respect sws to an extent, but seeing how they treat one another, their bodies, and then fetishizing children, animals, rape, kidnapping, murder, it’s disgusting, and it’s all of them who act this way.
Porn has never been decent but girls in the 60s-00s were usually being taken advantage of by companies. these women are doing this shit to themselves it’s so fucking retarded. then society gives them a gold star for fetishizing toddlers for the sake of “feminism”. Even sex workers judge and mock other sex workers yet fail to see they’re all on the same boat begging for money on twitter, it’s pathetic.

No. 1188895

Same, anon. Like, I used to respect the whole "stripping to pay for college" cause it can give good money and they were working toward an actual career. And I'll even still respect SWs that DO make mad money. But this new technology, social media-dependent age has kick started the whole Only Fans and Premium Snapchat shit so you have THOUSANDS of these sorry, broke ass, one-emergency-away-from-homelessness, degenerate losers like Shayna who are barely scraping by putting out questionable content and have NOTHING to show for their "career" other than debilitating mental illness, drug addiction, and them being entitled fuck hats to others. Shay can pretend she's living her best life while literally living like this >>1188751 on a bare ass mattress and pillows with no car, no relationship, no friends, and no family. She could straight up kick the bucket and her animals would be steady eating her corpse before anyone would even notice.

No. 1188901

The difference between >>1188768 and >>1188751 is crazy. No wonder she doesn't stand up and take pictures. She has NO curves and her tits look like lopsided fat boy tits. She has a inch worth of ass crack too.
I actually feel bad for her because her weight gain has been so unflattering. No wonder she has men who are chubby/troon chasers. They really think Shayna's the girl next door and they have a chance with her.
If I was a scrote there would be nothing that'd attract me to shayna, no ass, lopsided tits, she's basically admitted she hates sex and she's very basic.

No. 1188923

Personally I’m ok with strippers since, aside from a handful of loudmouths on the internet, they usually mind their own business. A majority of strippers are in and out and don’t stick around unless they need to.

These snap/cam/OF girls have no shame though, trying to convince girls they’re living the high life and suck them in. Most of these girls start when they’re underage and try to convince other minors to try it out too. A snap girl tried convincing me to join the ranks when I was 14. They have no boundaries and I can’t wait for them to become washed up and completely unemployable for that shit

No. 1188927

File: 1616254123921.png (39.22 KB, 608x506, ee.PNG)

I know it gets said endlessly but why does she post every fucking move she makes? Does she really think people care she took a edible? And she has to be on something EVERY time she does anything. She was just talking about sex workers promoting healthy lifestyles but she can't do anything without getting high.

No. 1188928

File: 1616254142862.jpeg (408.07 KB, 1158x1744, E8E766E0-1CA1-4FA7-985C-F6C9E1…)

derail but I was curious about the girl who dragged her last night and don’t call me retarded if I got this wrong but it looks like she only has 21 fans right, or does that mean friends or something?
anyways she tweeted this too after the money stuff. this chick can’t seriously be jealous of shayna and her bought followers and play money kek I think this is the first person who’s actually been jealous of shayna since 2017

No. 1188931

she doesn't sound jealous, just sounds like she's trying to brag about how good she's doing. They are all the same anyway.

No. 1188934

also can we talk about her seeming to do some editing on her boobs but leaving her razor bumbs on her pussy?

No. 1188936

I’m just happy to see less of the scary vein

No. 1188937

Shayna…they’re the ones paying you to entertain….

No. 1188950

Or maybe not get high to go to the clinic. Jfc. There's so much wrong with that.
She acts like she either has chronic pain, which she doesnt or that it's so cool and quirky, which it's not.
I've never seen someone talk and flex about being stoned all the time since pre-legal highschool days. She documents every dab, edible, puff, etc as if anyone cares. Shes supposed to be a sex worker selling sex, not a bum talking about drugs and food all day.

No. 1188966

File: 1616258330730.jpeg (361.25 KB, 1242x1274, 4880BCDC-A491-4614-A937-EBA3A2…)

Kek she probably looked homeless and retarded so he was just making sure she knew

No. 1188967

File: 1616258356357.jpeg (117.1 KB, 1201x676, B668D2F2-8D44-4F9E-8251-B7919C…)

The dirty ass bag and stuffed animal.
But she’s thriving

No. 1188968

The fact @Gnotold gets off to her acting like a retarded child is disgusting. And considering he has children, which he talks about to the women he jerks it to, makes it even more disgusting

No. 1188971

that stuffed animal is so crusty. unless she had it since the day she was born, i don't understand how it just gets like that with no use whatsoever.

No. 1188972

File: 1616258659363.png (8.57 MB, 1242x2208, 1D3313D5-4F91-4443-B98D-F24C35…)

ugh her bag probably smells so musty

No. 1188977

File: 1616259048205.jpg (840.61 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20210320-115040_Twi…)

She looks fucking stupid

No. 1188982

File: 1616259494690.jpeg (240.08 KB, 1242x845, B25F21AB-A005-422B-9744-5594D7…)

Such an attention seeker if anything you’d die of obesity fatty

No. 1188985

I swear to god, this is a biotrans woman. Like Kikomi-chan. What a frightening existence

No. 1188987

Probably wine in that water bottle

No. 1188989

What really happened-
>Driver made a corny ass joke about her slippers and Shayna tacked the Blue Lives Matter shit on for more attention.

No. 1188990

Ok Miss Medfet. It's a shot what are you 9?

No. 1188991


Yeah, nothing says Bad Bitch, Barbie Bitch, High Class Snob like carrying around a filthy stuffed animal in an aliexpress bag

No. 1188995


A man with a job, actually contributing to society and likely paying his fair share in taxes, had a sticker supporting police? ALERT THE INTERNET! What if his dad or grandfather dedicated their lives to being police officers or detectives?

This fat pedophile pandering bitch should stick to tweeting about doordash, crying about her ex and bragging about weed because her commentary on social and political issues is not it.

BITCH, THIS IS NOT YOUR TICKET TO FAME/NOTORIETY/TWITTER ASSPATS, you literally support pedophile coomers and your ass doesn't pay taxes to even help support your fellow man

No. 1189009

Calm tf down redditor.

No. 1189011

it says a lot when you manage to be the most cringe one in a Shayna thread.

No. 1189014

File: 1616262940954.jpg (380.96 KB, 1043x1329, Screenshot_20210320-125533_Twi…)

And? Do you want a cookie?

No. 1189015

“Dedicated their lives” lmao shut up.

The issue is that she shouldn’t be posting about this shit or sharing her political opinions on her sex work account.

No. 1189016

>Do you want a cookie?
Now anon, you know her fat ass would jump for a cookie, kek

No. 1189025


What did she do? Get diabetes?

No. 1189050

"a heckin vaccinate" i cannot express enough how much i hated reading that with my own two eyes

No. 1189059

maybe the accomplishment is that her arm is officially as big as a leg

No. 1189086

File: 1616269100827.jpg (306.16 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20210320-143829_Twi…)

No. 1189091

her personality at this point is literally just eating

No. 1189102

Who cares.

No. 1189105

Wonder what shitty clinic she got this done at, its way to high up on her arm and she's gonna be in pain from it tomorrow. Needs to be centered in the muscle not in the damn shoulder bone

No. 1189107

it is, it’s just how she’s angled. also her fat blob arms don’t help.

No. 1189108

lmao okay, dr. lolcow

No. 1189120

Since she blames a flu shot for her zombie tit, I wonder in the next few months what she'll blame the covid vaccine on

No. 1189121

File: 1616271321984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 465.55 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20210320-151524_Twi…)

More like dry as a bone

No. 1189122

yeah wait a minute…. why would she not be more hesitant to get this vaccine when she allegedly had such a bad reaction to a flu shot when she was younger that her tit when necrotic??

No. 1189123

Rapid weight gain.

No. 1189130

because it never happened. if it did it would have been all over the news. maybe not national but at least local & state. she claimed she had a very serious rare reaction that affected her entire right arm muscle & pec muscle, which is clearly a lie as both her arms are the same size with no sort of muscle loss or deformity. she claimed her mother took her to “children’s hospitals all over the country” which is another obvious lie because as I said, someone would have reported it. if a flu vaccine gave a child a rare serious reaction, people would know about it. she just wants attention.

No. 1189134

i'm aware of the story, anon. i'm just wondering why she hadn't mentioned it in regards to the new vaccine.

No. 1189135

she clearly has bpd and can't get her story straight on the tit thing because she simultaneously believes every lie she's told about it as she makes up more lies. every time she lies about something she makes up 4 different stories for it to keep us (and I'm pretty sure herself) confused about the truth. it's so manipulative.

No. 1189143

She is the personification of a logical fallacy.

No. 1189165

Forever laughing at this whole elaborate ass story when it's just simply…how her body is. Some people have more prominent veins in their chest. Nothing more, nothing less. But I guess that gives her less attention. Just like how high school anon said she always came to school with a new mental/physical illness. Just another narcissistic pathological liar.

No. 1189205

File: 1616280807699.png (167.4 KB, 206x343, ooo.PNG)

Ot- but whoever bumped that old shayna thread, scared the shit outta me when I saw this picture. I thought it was a new cow who looked like skinny shayna.

No. 1189216

you mean you don't recognize the clothes she still tries to squeeze into?

No. 1189224

Comparing the Shayna in the bumped thread and this one is pretty interesting. She still does the same retarded faces and poses, but you can really see how being skinny can make some poses look somewhat sexy even when they're stupid (as long as you don't see her face) compared to how they look when fat buu do them.

No. 1189232

Sexy is a stretch lol. But yeah, before it was closer to young & silly cute but now she just looks deranged and worn out somehow kek.
It was a low bar and yet somehow she just absolutely sunk it into the ground by bloating up and losing herself to porn brain rot and weed/booze.

No. 1189241

yeah, she’s still trying to do skinny girl expressions with a fat girl face. pushing her mouth out like that now only makes her look autistic and constipated.

No. 1189243

I hope when she lurks and see this, it kicks in that she's either gotta change something quick or start saving up for a heckin mobility scooter.

No. 1189244

Damn, from the bumped thread the only improvement is that her mom bought her a bed so she doesn't have to sleep on the floor. SHE'S A SEX WORKER AND SHE CAN'T AFFORD A BED!!!!

No. 1189254

anon please, even SHE retweets/reuses pics from when she was this size. there’s no hope for an epiphany.

No. 1189258

Nice Squidbillies trace.

No. 1189262

wow she even had to bring in an old raggedy one. I could see if she brought like a small hand sized one they may just think she's odd or something but damn this is overkill for a otherwise normal person who's acting like a child. Like girl put the vodka water bottle down!

also I like how she made sure to eat an edible because she's going in claiming asthma as if her entire being aka greasy ass hair, skin, clothes, and belongings don't reek of weed. They get plenty of fakers tho so I'm sure they dgaf

lmao I spit my pizza out over this lmao

No. 1189263

kek cant wait for her to whine on twitter when the vaccine side effects hit her in some hours. they can get pretty nasty but they last like 2 days max. bet that will be her excuse not to “work” for the next 3 and a half months

No. 1189271

File: 1616292618288.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x3072, FA21424F-87A5-4820-B94A-BF1017…)


No. 1189273

She's ugly in both pics but the fact that she's bursting out of her clothes in the second one really doesn't help!

No. 1189282

Can’t tell if her head got bigger, or her eyebrows got smaller. We thought her eyebrows were bad before, this comparison really just showed how much worse they have gotten.

No. 1189283

her drawn on eyebrows have always been god awful

No. 1189285

I know she gained a shit ton of weight, but she did herself super dirty with the angle/clothing fit on that second one. She looks straight up obese.

No. 1189292

for a girl whose “career” consists entirely of filming herself, shay has for some reason never put any effort into improving her makeup.

i shouldn’t be surprised since she’s been a “successful” sw for five years and yet cannot suck a dick to save her life.

No. 1189297

imo her makeup is usually super nice, i actually have wanted to copy it from time to time lmfao. but yeah her eyebrow skills remain lackluster

No. 1189301

what about her makeup is super nice? lmfao. she wears huge lashes to cover up her thick uneven liner and cakes on foundation with nothing to add dimension to her face then tops it off with plain dry cracked lips.

sorry to sperg out about makeup but this is the funniest and most confusing comment I've ever seen

No. 1189302

anon please….other than her terrible brows, all she wears is a layer of crusty foundation and thick black eyeliner that accentuates how beady her eyes are. what about that are you planning to copy

No. 1189303

File: 1616301606917.gif (1.1 MB, 300x226, no.gif)

what the fuck…?

No. 1189322

her arm is colossal tf. she built like a titan

No. 1189323

love yourself anon

No. 1189324

kind anon is lying to make shayna feel better when she's reading this thread

No. 1189335

Nice?! What was nice, her buttlips? Her eyeliner reaching to the sky? Spider lashes? That’s all she ever does. No blush, no eyeshadow.

No. 1189339

Even her nose got fatter kek

No. 1189351

I hate shayna but she seemed like a dumb bitch too. it’s pathetic she posted that after dragging her like having to assure herself she isn’t like shat when they’re exactly the same, minus poop of course

No. 1189352

tbf someone has to. If she reads this I hope she buys just dance, or a ring fit. it will help her a lot it’s a fun way to exercise and she doesn’t need to clean her house to do it

No. 1189363

She’s seriously never had anything