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No. 1421281

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise. Keeps coming and leaving YouTube ad nauseam.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)…

>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: Chase. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan, Short lived photographer boyfriend
>Ryan 9: aka CharmRyan/GhostRyan. who got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.
>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214
>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesnt think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115 >>1288582 >>1289256

Other Characters
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them. Currently still living with Mom and Stepdad.

Last thread:
>started eating junk food and drinking booze after her last breakup with a Ryan. Is now too doughy to do the Boudoir part of her cycle and doesn't post thirst traps anymore >>1255775 >>1254780 >>1254346
>Heather announces she's changing her social media handle to Haunted_Butterfly, with a whole new attitude! She will be posting work-only statuses, nothing personal >>1270901
>immediately starts posting personal shit to her new account >>1271087
>is getting increasingly worse at dressing herself. Has decided that she likes wearing frumpy grandma clothes and curtains. >>1277098 >>1291201 >>1316539 >>1285969 >>1287782
>still looking for love
>got a bad haircut >>1387827
>became unhealthily obsessed with creepy antique dolls >>1276088 >>1269713 >>1401771 >>1312567
>did basically nothing for months except driving around crying about snow ruining her EXTREME urban exploration, how strangers want to kill her because she's a dainty woman, and how lonely she is.

[shit thread] but nobody else was doing it.

No. 1421284

File: 1642594171111.jpg (184.91 KB, 1080x1919, 1642276878403.jpg)

No. 1421285

File: 1642594201517.jpg (224.98 KB, 720x1279, 1642121075629.jpg)

No. 1421288

File: 1642594370213.jpg (37.99 KB, 363x582, 1642550094567.jpg)

another anon posted this in the cow requests thread, idk which ryan this is

No. 1421296

The dude looked so faggy in her stories, there was one where the guy's chest was shown (clothed kek) and for a second i thought it was a troon

No. 1421305


Thanks for making the thread anon, for some reason Heather is my favorite cow despite repetitive and sour milk

No. 1421352

her big announcement is that she is dating? i give it 3 weeks

No. 1421368

Huh. I would have bet money this guy was gay. That does explain all the frantic lovebombing (calling him 'bestie' constantly, waxing poetic about how grateful she is that she didn't let the haters tear them apart, etc) she's been doing in her stories for the last month though. No screenshots because frankly it wasn't that interesting, but hindsight, you know.

No. 1421397

It's PapeRyan from a few threads ago.

Thanks for the new thread nonnie!

No. 1421478

Could have sworn he was gay too. Well she'll have to settle with a gay man because she ain't getting anyone with how she is.

No. 1421717

File: 1642623333044.jpeg (221.3 KB, 1080x1919, h.jpeg)

the happy couple

No. 1421766

well, good for them. he seems pretty nice at least.

No. 1421803

Yeah, I agree. Finally, someone that matches her energy. I wonder what took her so long to date him.

No. 1421880

Wow, they actually kinda match in attractiveness too. Finally, hope this chills her out like when a pregnant rat finally makes a nest.

No. 1422084

can I just say, I love how she said we’re obsessed with her yet none of us could even be assed to make a thread for like three weeks

No. 1422563

They actually look very cute together>>1421717

No. 1422895

They def looks-match. Kind of happy for her, hope this dude is "the one" for her so she can finally shut up and move on.

No. 1423168

File: 1642782604212.png (524.29 KB, 750x1334, C81D34FE-EDE0-4E1F-96C5-E81002…)

Thank you for the new thread, OP. Came here to start a new one, mainly cause the old Adam Tax Saga is about to start up again. How the fuck has this utter woman child still not sorted out her tax return? Ffs.

No. 1423194

Waiting for her to blatantly ignore the fact that as of 2020? PA no longer overwithholds earned income taxes so most pa residents don’t get any or very low returns. But she’ll claim it’s a personal attack and not just a new tax code. Kek

No. 1423241

That made me laugh too. I wonder if she missed us?

Am I being a dope when I say I think they’re just friends still? I think they’re a great match, but she still thinks she looks like Sharon Tate so I imagine she’s still holding out for someone better.

No. 1423251

They look almost identical in the face. Put some lipstick on him and I couldn't tell them apart. Honestly a perfect match for her since she's a narcissist.

No. 1423269

wait… after the epic, sobbing, week+ long meltdown about this last year, she hasn't taken steps to prevent it this year??? get a fucking divorce, girl!

No. 1423291

It made me squeal with delight that she’s so fucking disorganised and ineffectual and still have the gall to blame, no, accuse other people of financial abuse. I’m no WK for that schlub Adam, but she’s off her fucking rocker if she thinks this is gonna fly.

No. 1423301

why would she need to make a big announcement about how she's still friends with the dude she's been calling 'bestie' for a month? they're definitely dating.

No. 1423320

If you just signed the divorce papers when he asked you to, you wouldn't have this problem.

No. 1423373

Yeah true, but was that the statement? A photo of them together holding hands? My bad nona if I am being thick as fuck.

No. 1423421

Unless I missed it she never said what her exciting news was. She also hasn't officially announced she is in a relationship with PapeRyan but it is nice to speculate. Especially after the picture of them holding hands.

No. 1423464

Wow, she's so frustrating.

No. 1423727

I'm pretty sure the picture of them holding hands WAS the announcement.

No. 1423974

oh kek! it was so underwhelming I didn't realize it was the announcement.

No. 1424066

It’s not official until she does the one where their boots are almost touching while they sit on someone’s headstone

No. 1424072

boots touching on headstone pic - 1 week from today
constant soul mate posting and publicizing caps of their private conversations - in 2 weeks
video of new Ryan looking like he'd rather be dead as she drags him through an antique store and forces the camera in his face - 2.5 weeks
crying and forever alone - 3 weeks
thirst pics to try to bait him back - 3.5 weeks
allegations of abuse or fuckboi-ery - 4 weeks

No. 1424445

File: 1642909822430.jpg (296.26 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220122-211912_Ins…)

She's already dressing him up.

No. 1424457

File: 1642911325857.jpeg (176.56 KB, 1284x2282, download.jpeg)

please her stubby little legs kek
the boyfriend selfies in the mirror beings.

No. 1424732

I get having go-to date spots or whatever but it’s funny to see her do the exact same stuff with each Ryan. Okay, let’s go to target. Now let’s go to the antique store. Then we’ll hit the cemetery! Those are the only three things I like to do, other than complain online. Isn’t this fun?

This one seems more patient than most. He’ll tire of it sooner or later.

No. 1424748

Someone should make a collage of all her mirror selfies with past ryans.

No. 1426286


Honestly they look cute and happy together.

No. 1426321

I second this. She’s also been quiet on social media. Seems to me like she’s grown, it’s been ages since she went on a real rant. Good for her honestly!

No. 1426363

Her public facebook profile officially shows "in a relationship."

No. 1426503

I’m not saying we should all start a-logging but I’m surprised by all the comments suddenly praising her. She went on a rant about her tax bullshit just a couple days ago, I don’t think this cow is leaving the pasture just yet. Still, it’s nice that they both look happy.

No. 1426523

Wouldn't be surprised if he's made some kind of boundary regarding her crazy rants and letting this thread get to her. Wonder how long she can keep it up because it seems like it'll be a problem in the relationship if she goes back to her dumb bs.

No. 1426626

I know the milk will flow eventually but it is nice that she is with someone who matches her energy and still wants to be with her after seeing her wild rants, crying, begging people to date her. He knows what he is getting into and still wants it.

No. 1426798

saying "good for her" is hardly praise.

No. 1427471

we’re nitpicking over word choice now? maybe she really is less milky now.

No. 1427710

File: 1643238044028.png (707.06 KB, 750x1334, F602735C-F17A-44AD-BCE2-9616A2…)

Here we go. Rinse and repeat. FFS Hag, this is on you. Adam is a creepy douche, but I really don’t think the following apply
>sexual and psychological abuse
Sorry was that when you were out fucking other scrotes, or…?

No. 1427711

File: 1643238120073.png (341.94 KB, 750x1334, ED3604E5-57F7-413D-BC70-57F3AA…)

I think you might be having some recall issues

No. 1427769

her followers must be so confused to be constantly accused of "supporting a predator" and "standing against" her. like imagine following an account because you like cemetery photography and then looking at her stories and getting told you're a bad person for conspiring against her.

No. 1427862

File: 1643247455994.gif (963.2 KB, 450x252, same old same old.gif)

>ran out of society
oh Heather

No. 1427874

the milk is flowing. that didn't take long at all.

No. 1427885

So I was searching Heather on youtube and this video popped up, it was posted today


No. 1427910

KEK holy shit Heather! Imagine having a hissy fit while your husband tries to help you film. And in front of their friends too.

No. 1427929

I do not for a second believe you just so happened to “find” that video after 20-30ish mins of it being posted.. but that being said holy shit. She was pretty damn bad back then

No. 1427931

She pulled a credit report. If they had any shared cards that he closed, removed her from, or paid off, then it would show a change on her credit report. It kinda sounds like she’s once again making things up to be a victim. I’d like to see more of it before assuming anything.

No. 1427940

She is a idiot. Shows how much she known about real world stuff

No. 1427951

While dramatic, I think it’s fair to be upset about him using her SSN. I read older threads in one go and I wouldn’t defend her ex-husband at all.

Just casually searching and just as casually, stumbled upon this, kek

No. 1427955

Hopefully that’s the case, he sounded like a piece of shit, not that this excuses her behaviour now. Her threads have a weird vibe to them

No. 1427974

While this is an obvious self-post seeing as this comment was made at the exact time the video went up I still found it interesting to check out Heathers and her ex's videos from that day to see how their videos turned out. I don't see a video from the person who posted this one and it is obvious they got the footage from Adam. One thing Heather and Adam have in common is they both live in the past.
Heathers vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFa6wpJkxvY
Adams vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7lzwZlwbT0

No. 1427988

as the OP, i will say all that I did was go on YT, search for"Heather Explores" and i sorted by newest. i cant help it that a video was posted right before I searched but you cqn think what you want. Heather has some major issues and that video made me shake my head which is why i shared it.

No. 1428004

>I’d like to see more of it before assuming anything
This. Heather could be exaggerating like always or she could be an actual victim of identity fraud.

Aren't they still technically married because she never signed divorce papers? Doesn't she file her taxes through her ex husband for the sake of paying less?

No. 1428007


Thanks for posting the edited videos as well. Sage for excessive rambling on my part, but I also smell a self-post, especially since it immediately followed the new Ryan announcement and a bunch of farmers congratulating her, but regardless it's always interesting to see how she casually talks to people she's comfortable with on video - she aims for such a curated "likeable" personality in most videos that involve others, especially since most of them don't hang around long or post much personal themselves. I have noticed that eventually she drops the baby voice and gets really biting and insistently cold, and doesn't let the other person talk, which leads to a lot of frustration I sense from Adam in their old videos. I imagine it's how she gets with all her Ryans eventually.

I don't care enough to look for the link myself, but I remember specifically the video where she's reaming Adam out for not knowing if a shelf extension would fit her shelves, and then gloating and bullying him into admitting on camera that she was right, multiple times. I got the willies from that vid; I'm not on Adam's side at all and will admit the time the video went up and was posted here is sus af. But I gotta say, Heather scares me a lot and I gotta wonder how much she twisted that dude around her finger after years.

You can kind of see it when she goes into rant mode too. Even if she only freaks out like this during bad moments, that would drive me insane being in a relationship with her.

I sense some hostility behind this video and the editing of it and timing, makes me suspect a post from Adam or a buddy of his, but I won't deny it offers some more perspective on the aggressive manner she treats those closest to her.

No. 1428008

I believe back somewhere between March-may she posted pictures of finalized divorce papers saying shit like “I’m free” kek

No. 1428009


samefag but just wanted to add, I don't know where the poster would have gotten this footage unless it was sourced from Adam, or more unlikely, Heather herself. Does anyone know if it was posted anywhere before? It doesn't seem like the kind of footage you'd release casually

No. 1428012


Looks like it was footage gathered from 2-3 different cameras so maybe that group of explorers shared their footage with one another? Just speculation since some of it has him in it rather than from his perspective. I honestly have no clue. Maybe it was in response to her constant claims that she’s such a nice and calm person and how she has such a good personality

No. 1428014

It is Adam filming most of the footage so it came from Adam. When? who knows but the timing is suspicious as hell. I looked at the original posters channel and they don't have a video from that trip but they were there.

No. 1428016

it appeared after >>1427710 and >>1427711
someone's calling her out

No. 1428018

Interesting! Adam must have had that video made and ready to go at the first sign of her calling him out. I wonder what it is like to act like children when you are both in your 30s.

No. 1428067

Hahaha wow more please I know you have more

No. 1428075

This thread ain’t nothing but the same shit over and over but I gotta agree
I too, want more

No. 1428185

it's a revenge video but still, the footage is real. she is acting batshit crazy

No. 1428280

She is completely unhinged. If she acts this way when all those people are around she is surprised when no one invites her to explore bandos?

No. 1428282

Thanks for this, even if it is a self post or an indirect self post (honestly, if you’re gonna do this you might want to make the video public, not ‘unlisted’ so only the OP and people who are given the link can view it - dead giveaway).
Nonas, cast your minds back. The poster of the video is Ashleigh, one of Hag’s old friends, still friends with Adam. Ashleigh and Hag had a bust up years ago, which led to Hag sperging hard about Ashleigh and Ashleigh accusing Hag of stealing her camera, lens or something.
That said, this video is great. Shows how fucking bizarre and unpleasant Hag is. That doesn’t mean that Adam is decent though - he’s clearly goading her and winding her up beyond her emotional intelligent level or any capability to cool her batshit jets. While it’s hilarious she is being outwitted at every turn. Other than that, fuckingKEK at the true colours.

No. 1428288

Is any of this in the past threads? I genuinely don't remember this ashley chick.

No. 1428299

lmao wait so who was abusing who? Adam is clearly winding her up but she's the one constantly berating him and calling him names.

No. 1428300

Definitely in thread two and three. Not sure how much was spelled out and how much was gleaned from Hag’s videos. Ash Fox is the troon friend of Adam.
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951

No. 1428301

Samefag to say you can absolutely see from these mini hysterical meltdowns how she was carted off to hospital. Her behaviour was unhinged, no matter how much Adam and co wound her up. She needed serious therapy and still does. End of story. As I said earlier, her recall is poor at best, delusional at worst.

No. 1428362

Looool this is funny to watch, I wish there was more. I don't think Adam is innocent but in this video he's not even provoking her. She could easily tell him 'let me go film this while you film yours' Miss Independent.

No. 1428420

>miss independent
Right? Just go off and film your own shit. If you need to do a piece to camera just set the tripod up and film yourself. This is beyond embarrassing to her, and I hope Ash or whoever put this video out there make it public. It’s hilarious.

No. 1428440


Holy fuck, she's on the verge of a bpd breakdown the entire time because the whole situation isn't smooth sailing and revolving strictly around her.
I get why she was institutionalized now. If this is how she acts here, imagine the situation where someone calls her out on her shit behaviour to her face and demands responsibility from her. She'd literally fucking melt.

Hilarious revenge milk Ash, thanks!

No. 1428479

Exactly. She claims she does everything herself but she is beyond pissed that no one cares about her video or filming her. She keeps telling Adam to film her but flips out the moment he starts talking. She should have taken time to herself to film her "explore with Josh" copycat shots and then once she was done she could get a b-roll of someone filming her walking around.

No. 1428481

File: 1643312597163.jpeg (184.15 KB, 1080x1920, 1.jpeg)

Heather responds! 1/12

No. 1428482

File: 1643312644647.jpeg (128.53 KB, 1080x1920, 2.jpeg)


No. 1428485

File: 1643312771722.jpeg (157.95 KB, 1080x1920, 3.jpeg)


No. 1428488

I love how she’s sperging and making more accusations to try to take the attention away from her rather than just staying quiet or saying something like ‘that was embarrassing and I regret ever acting so childish’ like any normal person would.

No. 1428489

File: 1643312894294.jpeg (133.52 KB, 1080x1920, 4.jpeg)


No. 1428491

I love her lack of shame admitting that she lurks here.

No. 1428494

File: 1643313017775.jpeg (121.67 KB, 1080x1920, 5.jpeg)


No. 1428498

File: 1643313110652.jpeg (133.9 KB, 1080x1920, 6.jpeg)


No. 1428499

She will always lurk here because, you know, she has to "prove" us all wrong, 3 years later, she's still repeating the same behavior.

No. 1428502

File: 1643313227773.jpeg (82.25 KB, 1080x1920, 7.jpeg)


No. 1428503

File: 1643313333958.jpeg (139.32 KB, 1080x1919, 8.jpeg)


No. 1428504

File: 1643313450810.jpeg (117.45 KB, 1080x1919, 9.jpeg)


No. 1428505

I love how she uses Credit Karma. That uses VantageScore not FICO… her score is probably way lower.

No. 1428506

>part timer at Target (maybe still?)
>panic attack every car ride
>same 3 hobbies cycled
>unhealthy obsession with finding the ‘perfect’ spoopy BF
>growing hoard of ‘antiques’ in her mothers home
>continue playing victim under ex she cheated on but refuses to divorce fully

“i work hard, my life is light years ahead”

No. 1428507

File: 1643313545737.jpeg (200.08 KB, 1080x1920, 10.jpeg)


No. 1428509

File: 1643313668965.jpeg (128.89 KB, 1080x1920, 11.jpeg)


No. 1428510

File: 1643313796108.jpeg (175.16 KB, 1080x1920, 12.jpeg)

12/12 surprisingly she still has this rant up. Let's see how long it takes for her to delete it.

No. 1428515

Real love?

What’s the longest any of her recent relationships lasted? A month or two tops?

No. 1428517

File: 1643314184227.jpg (70.68 KB, 500x532, 62xwth.jpg)

No. 1428520

clearly her true love is PapeRyan. The dude she has been dating for a week tops but previously allowed "the haters" to ruin their friendship while she kept him in the friendzone.

No. 1428522

Anons ilysm. I was going to take the time to deconstruct all the bullshit delusions in her stories, but this sums everything up. No other explanation needed.
>zoo crew, look it up
Okay Hag. Here goes. Btw, we clearly think Adam Scrote is a douche, along with his troon buddy, but you also suck. Heavily.

No. 1428533

Wonder if she’ll finally get that lock of hair she’s always wanted - to fully christen the rusting locket she’s held in reserve for ‘the one. Kek

No. 1428547

Love how she's bitching ….the Hag doesn't even have any collection accounts

No. 1428551

File: 1643316902245.jpeg (99.86 KB, 640x1138, 13.jpeg)

No. 1428553

>your mother gave you the means to buy your own car.
>you live rent free or at the very least pay peppercorn rent to your mother

No. 1428558

Samefag sorry just noticed that Ash is definitely lurking as she’s made the Hag video public, rather than unlisted, and has now turned comments off. Someone had left a comment on the video earlier, but it wasn’t visible. Wonder if hag’s been commenting?

No. 1428614

But you do stay in your room . . . Playing with those dolls you buy baby clothes for . . .

No. 1428646

"Zoo Crew"? is that why they are all furries?

No. 1428671

File: 1643323725167.jpeg (945.2 KB, 1284x1920, C9F94FF4-EB24-4BB8-B593-279815…)

Boo hoo time

No. 1428674

This is always her threat. She will immediately delete all of her accounts and disappear into the abyss. She won't. She will come back "stronger" and "better" every time.

No. 1428677

I give it 16 hours if she even goes through with it.

No. 1428678

what does she mean by “set up”? jfc this just makes her look even worse

No. 1428683

I think what she meant to say was "they showed my true personality and how much of a monster I am" but she used "set up" instead kek

No. 1428707

Oh here we go. Same as it ever was. How many times is she gonna come back to say “and one more thing…” having already said gOoDbYe.
Kek anon spot on. In fairness they were clearly running rings around her in that video. You can hear it, setting her up and baiting her with either dumb questions or comments, then playing innocent themselves. But - a massive but - she’s totally emotionally stunted and pretty verbally aBuSiVE and aggressive herself, so…to quote Hag herself, she really should GTFO.

No. 1428725

File: 1643326470980.gif (4.29 MB, 270x480, 1573593566940.gif)

>How many times is she gonna come back to say “and one more thing…” having already said gOoDbYe.

Bringing this back

No. 1428732

Thank you nonita, this gem always shines. From the good old days.

No. 1428742

Heather posted some Instagram stories explaining everything. She confirmed that PapeRyan is her boyfriend and she said that Ash and those people wear diapers KEK. I believe it honestly. She didn't say anything new but she was calm and said she was tired of her ex manipulating her and messing with her taxes.

No. 1428743

>trying to find a new hobby

This is her issue - she can’t just have a hobby and personally enjoy anything.

She always needs people to know what defines “Heather”, based on her looks and mannerisms - she can’t even join something simple like a photography or collectors club, it’d have to be in line with her ‘spooky’ dramatic needs.

Even her taste in guys has to match - i understand shopping with/ for your boyfriend, but she has the creepy need to dress them up to match her vision of a relationship.

No. 1428749

I wouldn’t say she was calm, just calmer than her usual crocodile tear-screeching.

No. 1428764

They have the same crazed grin and awkwardness, I have high hopes for these two

No. 1428781

Seems like an ex friend who was going through footage to make a salty compilation, here's an old video with Heather on their channel and they refer to "fellow" explorers in the caption. Can't be bothered watching it but I assume that means the OP is in the video too.

No. 1428782

Just in case the video gets pulled or it goes offline, I archived the video for safekeeping


No. 1428809

I'm actually on Heather's side here, it's clearly harassment to put up a compilation of Heather being baited years ago, post it here as unlisted confirms the OP was the one linking it. Can't remember much about Adam other than the tidbit that he would jerk off in the living room in the middle of the day with no respect to what Heather wanted.

Wouldn't be surprised if Adam and the video OP are frequent posters here and Adam in particular was incensed by the new boyfriend and tax callout posting. Honestly why the fuck would you file someone else's taxes other than to piss them off?

No. 1428816


Why would Adam be incensed over the Hag's new Ryan….what the hell are you thinking, they are divorced. Kinda wondering if you are either heather or Her current boyfriend. Quite a sus post if you ask me…

No. 1428827

Says the unsaged newfag…

No. 1428846

She is cringe and she whines about the most asinine shit but her ex seems like a fucking asshole. At first it was kinda funny to see what kind of car related whine sessions she would get into this week but now that there's all the tax shit and the furry shit floating around again, I honestly just wish she could maybe move the fuck away from her old circle of people and start fresh. Yeah, milk may dry up but her ex scrote seems more disgusting than heather is milky.

No. 1428855

They very obviously goaded heather into it, but she’s still absolutely unhinged in the video.

Everyone “picking sides” is sus imo. They’re both dumbasses. Fault is on both sides and neither is worse than the other lol

No. 1428869

Both are assholes but I think he’s worse
Oh c’mon, as if a divorce would stop a moid from obsessing about someone they have no control over

No. 1428873

God you are so fucking stupid(no u)

No. 1428967


thread got derailed a bit. sage for tinfoil and long post but it seems like this video and recent thread activity rly got to ol' Heather. seems like she's watching closely, since it seems she found this thread right after it went up, even though it took a few weeks for someone to bother making it. She's probably been frantic the last few weeks looking for a new one. TBH I wouldn't be surprised if Adam keeps an eye on the thread too, even though it seems he does wanna separate from the mess a bit more lately. It does seem like it's full of people from her past too, so I don't necessarily get the vibe it's him right off the bat, could be other old friends.

Regardless, Adam seems like he sucks too but these videos really make the crazy-bitch siren go off in my head, and I want to run away. I don't know if most of it can even be considered goading after years, H looks for any possible reason to start getting upset and it builds from there. Like she goes into a mode where you're the enemy no matter what; it's intense and frustrating and I can't entirely blame Adam/others for throwing his hands in the air and just antagonizing her back.

I wouldn't be surprised if Adam was involved in the vid being posted or made, but I also know H has burned a lot of bridges in psychotic ways with most people she's ever known. Definitely a revenge video and not great to post, but I can see why they wanted to expose what a screaming banshee she turns into when things don't go her way every second. It seems like even when people are trying to be reasonable with her in the vid, once the switch has flipped there's no making her happy or turning things around. I can see how hanging around that energy for years can start to fuck with your perception of what's goading and what's just interacting, since once she flies off the handle it seems like she doesn't give two shits which you're doing. She doesn't what to hear what others are trying to tell her - especially if the words or tone are reasonable, it seems like it pisses her off even more.

Gotta wonder who's wk'ing this hot mess kek

No. 1428991

She keeps posting on fb about how she’s giving up photography and huge tinfoil here but I feel like the real reason she is is because she’s finally given up on Ryan z. It’ll be paperyan’s hobbies next

No. 1428996

can you post caps? PapeRyan is a spooky photographer too though.

No. 1429043


Looks like ClayRyan's ex and her long-ass psychoanalysis posts are back

No. 1429184

File: 1643369086200.jpg (17.64 KB, 510x601, 1636972324843.jpg)

No. 1429197


lol sorry to disappoint but no, just a farmer who's been around these threads way too long and is procrastinating homework, plus there's so much milk the last two days it's tough not to read into it. I did go a little hard lol, one of those times you don't realize how much you typed til you press submit

No. 1429384

File: 1643395108993.jpeg (471.51 KB, 750x1242, 1CAF2715-D534-4BB8-8212-09DD56…)

So I went back to listen to Hag’s story again. She accused the ‘zoo crew’ of various things, stalking her, recording her etc, but specifically, she said
>Ashley Zoe Fox works for evil. She will do anything to be popular. She worked for Kero The Wolf who fucked his own dog.
Lo and behold, Hag’s ex-friend has their own thread over at KF.
Saged because not Heather, but absolutely relevant, especially as it’s Ashley Fox that posted the ‘Exposing Heather’ video, so pls no ban, mods.

No. 1429402

This is a good find, nonnie. I tried googling zoo crew and I couldn't find anything.

No. 1429409

I had no idea about this, despite snooping on her circle before. I feel like Hag really dodged a fucking bullet, even with these threads here. Imagine being involved in the Kero shit.
Why doesn’t she just spill the tea on those furry fuckers? What’s she got to lose at this point?
Incidentally I screen recorded her stories from last night, might split into smaller videos and upload to streamable, or make webm if I can convert.

No. 1429474

kek what a loser. Although the video of Heather freaking out was very interesting to watch why would this troon get involved in someone else's drama?

No. 1429506

I guess just desperate to be relevant. All these losers have channels that no one watches - apart from they obviously did watch Hag for a bit. Been digging around Adam’s gfs cosplay account, which I haven’t ss cause derailment, and they are all fucking losers kek. It’s weird cause Hag is still a massive cow but I feel like she’s our cow, and I hate the other people more. Like other anons, I’m pleased she’s found a new Ryan in Pape.

No. 1430198

I think it's funny some people are clearly coming in here because they posted the video and got mad when we're not 100% on adam's side lmao as if these threads haven't already been us ripping on heather but also trying to give her advice

we already know heather is emotionally unstable and really needs fucking therapy, that's not news
but it's hilarious if anyone wants us to pick a side, they're both shit
and this zoo crew shit just makes everything even better, can't believe they'd try throwing shade like that with their own glass house

like, yeah she's unstable and stuck in her own groundhog day 99% of the year, but she's our crazy groundhog

No. 1432260

File: 1643740230202.png (3.45 MB, 1242x2208, CC82AA5E-8D50-43CC-9195-E73684…)

I think PapeRyan really is in for the long haul.

No. 1432326

I mean, he has been around long enough to witness several of Hag's online meltdowns and he still somehow hasn't run away. I think he is too.

No. 1432530

Yeah he knew what he was getting into. I think he's sweet, honestly.

No. 1432540

ik this sounds like something a scrote would say, but how many guys has she shagged before she finally found someone willing to deal with the crazy? i've lost count, but more so i'm honestly impressed

No. 1432573

aw jeez, I really hope that isn't wasted on her – but I feel like it might be, pape.

No. 1432654

ngl I'm rooting for Pape.

No. 1433021

Same, I only occasionally lurk this thread to see the madness but I'm happy for her, no doubt something ridiculous will happen in time, I hope he can handle it

No. 1433366

This post is sus to me haha
Adam, Heather & the Ashley chick are all lurking this thread And I guarantee Adam and Ashley are both posting. A few of the recent posts sound like it could be them .

Clearly Adam didn’t like her call out posts about the taxes and had his buddy upload that video so he could post it here and cause drama for Heather. Idc how crazy she is, he has no right to commit fraud and file her taxes. Heather needs to get some legal help against him.

I also find it weird how this drama breaks out and then Heather goes on a rant about how she needs to find a new hobby..as if a ton of explorers are involved on this board or something? It can’t be just because of Ashley and Adam…they’re absolutely no body in exploring. So why does she need a new hobby? There are tons of explorers or don’t know any of the people she has talked to

No. 1433376

She needs a new hobby because she can’t enjoy anything without making it her entire living personality.

She can’t just enjoy ‘spooky’ or urbex things - every fibre of her being (including her relationships) need to involve and encompass an obvious theme to it. Since she insists she’s just so unique and ‘weird’ - just her usual ‘not like other girls’ schtick worn thin.

No. 1433383

I guess I just don’t understand why she’s making it seem like her finding a new hobby is because of Adam and his crew. And why she can’t just continue making exploring/spookiness her whole personality like she has been? Are you just saying she wants to change it up and is using the Adam drama as an excuse ?

No. 1433419

File: 1643855971649.jpeg (235.67 KB, 1080x1919, download.jpeg)

No. 1433430

Yea I saw her rant too. I’m still really confused as to who she’s talking about that’s so against her because this thread was quiet for 3 days and no one posted anything til her ranting in her story. Not to mention recently a lot of ppl on this thread have been wishing her and pape well.

No. 1433498

Go to the police Heather. He's a scumbag. I wasn't sure it was legit but I'm on Heather's side now. Absolutely not OK for Adam to use a joint account that should have been closed because his credit is too shitty to make another one.

No. 1433513

But why broadcast this online? Why not just deal with this as a private matter, instead of running to socials to rant and type out paragraph after paragraph of word vomit.

This isn’t really a healthy reaction from someone claiming her life was - “light years ahead”.

No. 1433540

she often seems to imply that people send her messages directly, i guess this isn't the only place she gets criticism from.

No. 1433563

File: 1643870720647.jpeg (257.91 KB, 1080x1919, 6.jpeg)

future youtube video coming I guess 1/2

No. 1433564

File: 1643870878060.jpeg (236.29 KB, 1080x1919, 7.jpeg)


No. 1433606


That is really sweet. Heather needs to get of the internet and get therapy. It's a vicious circle she is in and she needs to break, therapy would help her with that.

No. 1433679

Can't be assed to make videos unless she's whining to the camera it seems

No. 1433772

File: 1643908187588.jpeg (3.82 MB, 2956x2616, 3449A594-D2C8-4327-B036-A91D77…)

Here’s the whole set of stories from last night.

No. 1433805

Bless you anon

No. 1433843


You would think after all these years she wouldn't air out her business online. How many instagram accounts has she made because she's a "new person" She's had about 6-7 different accounts in the coarse of 4 years.

Her drama with her ex husband needs to just stay offline. He doesn't post anything about her on his account, why does she feel to post on her account and all these new followers are confused as fuck as to what the hell is going on.

New people are going to eventually google wth she is talking about and stumble upon this page. Yes, the guy is a douche, but you're an adult, handle your shit already and stop making the same mistakes over and over and posting this on social media.(sage your shit )

No. 1433896

if she wants to get Care Credit to get her off that account, she needs to get a lawyer to make it happen

No. 1433897

The account was closed. That’s the statement that showed up on her credit report that made her spiral to begin with.

No. 1434183

File: 1643943627341.png (639.2 KB, 578x910, Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 7.49…)

She hasn't gone a single day without posting since she quit.

No. 1434307

Now that she actually has a bf she is posting even more revealing photos go figure.

No. 1434416

>Her drama with her ex husband needs to just stay offline. He doesn't post anything about her on his account, why does she feel to post on her account and all these new followers are confused as fuck as to what the hell is going on.

Simply put she's crazy and she LOVES the attention

No. 1434442

Her not so perky 30 year old booby lol

No. 1434457


that's nasty

No. 1434466

This retard has never seen a 30 year old topless apparently. Her boobs look fine.

No. 1434594

This is just bizarre behaviour - her threads died down, the community wished her well, even Pape was trying to soften the blow of her meltdown.

But instead of calming down and reassessing her life - she went manic a month i to 2022 and is posting odd thirst trap threats to . . . Who?

Farmers? Her Ex Husband? This response makes the least sense - she never left social media, actually has been super active the last week. What’s the point of flashing some side boob and throwing out middle-schooler retorts?

No. 1434806

File: 1644013274472.jpg (260.71 KB, 642x1389, 2022-02-04 16.00.16.jpg)

Wow she called off because of a bit of ice on her Mirrors, its called an ice scraper

No. 1434807

File: 1644013301743.jpg (272.89 KB, 642x1389, 2022-02-04 16.00.50.jpg)

No. 1434808

File: 1644013356145.jpg (485.4 KB, 1284x2778, 2022-02-04 16.04.15.jpg)

Annnnnnd back at ripping on Adam and hid friends again. She is such a Broken record

No. 1434809

File: 1644013407602.jpg (356.13 KB, 1284x2778, 2022-02-04 16.04.22.jpg)

No. 1434829

>i don’t like being alone

We know - put the phone down and go hang out with your new bf then? Or did he dump her and she’s melting down over another breakup?

No. 1434854

most people would pull some extra hours and get a damn lawyer, but Heather’s gotta Heather

No. 1435073

She's just beginning to shine

No. 1435469

Personally I think Adam and his friends need to get attorneys or at the very least file a civil suit against her.

No. 1435751

>It makes me sick that so many people are against me on this one

It’s her fault ‘so many people’ know about her messy divorce in the first place. Nothing is stopping her from logging off, privately seeking advice and taking steps to resolve this, but acting out the high drama of Heather vs. the world in front of her phone is much more important to her.

No. 1436041

Exactly she loves to air out her "Dirty Laundry" online for all to see she loves to be the "Centre of attention"

No. 1436721

I mean if these are legitimate manic episodes she doesn’t really have control over when they happen.

No. 1436725

I think it’s the other way around? Adam is committing fraud. Claiming her on his taxes or whatever, he had also stole her stimulus check and ran up care credit that she’s connected to…as well as upload that video onto YouTube and posting it and more on here. Heather is the one who needs a lawyer frfr(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1436888

Even if you are just talking to yourself, pls learn to sage. Go read the board rules, link is above.

No. 1436946

THB she really needs to see a shrink

No. 1436984

File: 1644250084855.jpeg (790.71 KB, 1284x717, A08B1D3E-2758-4E21-9417-AD1CE9…)


Been waiting to post this but here’s her admitting to lying about never getting her first stimulus

No. 1436999

Even if Adam is committing fraud, she needs to keep the details off the internet and see a lawyer. Who the fuck posts about their legal issues in detail online, especially at age 30? Oh wait, Heather isn't going to see a lawyer because she is so bad about blowing her money on random knick knacks instead of saving for emergencies.

No. 1437028

Thanks for this nona.
iirc Adam proved that he sent her the first 1200, which she eventually acknowledged but yea she fucked up then tried to gloss over it by saying he owed her another 600.
Got any more caps of anything else? What’s your story with her?

No. 1437035

if what she is saying is true (I doubt but if) she needs to get a lawyer who works on a sliding scale and work this out, not whine on Instagram

No. 1437371

File: 1644278485386.jpeg (521.98 KB, 1284x1284, 36A8B3A3-C959-4703-979C-293906…)


Apologies if these are hard to read. They’re snippets from conversation and I cut out the boring/irrelevant stuff.

Basically I reached out to her trying to help. I didn’t really care what the truth about the past was, I just wanted to help her move on because I thought if she had a friend to support her through the divorce and everything, maybe she’d stop word vomiting all over Instagram.

But patterns started showing how she would tell me one thing and twist the story in an entire different direction on her Instagram stories and it got to a point where she starting calling those of us who were trying to be genuinely helpful ‘spies’ and liars.

The more ridiculous the accusations she posts, the more insulting it really becomes to women who were actually abuse and assault victims and I feel like a shitty person for ever trying to help her.

Sorry for the long rant btw.(cowtipping)

No. 1437889

cool, so gore and cp can stay up for hours, but we're handing out bans for people who have come to share milk from past conversations from when they were friends with a cow? how is previously being friends with someone cowtipping?

No. 1437951

Especially considering if you look at the first screenshots, they’re over a year old

No. 1438022

Oh good a cowtipping ban, wouldn’t want this forum to be entertaining or anything.

No. 1438057

Farmhands staying retarded, I see.

No. 1438856

File: 1644431367777.jpg (191.25 KB, 720x1261, Screenshot_20220209-114609_Ins…)

Ashley sent Heather a cease and desist. Incoming rant.

No. 1438857

File: 1644431418873.jpg (177.19 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20220209-132643_Ins…)


No. 1438860

File: 1644431513167.jpg (277.54 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220209-115630_Ins…)


No. 1438862

File: 1644431663578.jpg (163.26 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20220209-132648_Ins…)


No. 1438863

File: 1644431804844.jpg (261.68 KB, 720x1306, Screenshot_20220209-132652_Ins…)


No. 1438865

File: 1644431954686.jpg (171.88 KB, 716x1272, Screenshot_20220209-132656_Ins…)


No. 1438872


Its about time they went after her. Hell, I'm surprised they didn't file a cyber bullying/harassment report. Maybe, just maybe this is a wake up call for her to stop posting her bullshit online and be an adult already.

No. 1438941

I can't help but feel sad seeing her apologize to Ashley. Frankly the video reflects just as poorly on Adam and Ashley as it does on Heather. Why did they need to make that video in the first place, seemingly out of nowhere? It just looks like they were poking at Heather for fun. People who are happy with their lives and have moved forward don't randomly make exposes on exes/old friends. They could have much more easily ignored her and not stooped down to her level of publicly airing personal issues. Plus, I don't have any sympathy for diaperfurs or whatever Ashley and Adam are.

No. 1438946

ah, the “fuck around” to “find out” pipeline

No. 1438976

wishful thinking. she will never stop using instagram as her diary, it's pathological at this point.

No. 1438983

I don’t think this is real kek

No. 1439032

She won't stop but she will stop mentioning Ashley and whoever the hell Van is. She will surely continue talking about Adam and his abuse.

No. 1439128

File: 1644448225406.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2703x2599, F16289E3-A8B2-486C-9CE1-74A88D…)

Kek anon came back here specifically to mention this, in response to picrel
>I was sent a legal letter

No. 1439510

File: 1644498320255.jpg (337.03 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20220210-070436_Ins…)

No. 1439526

If this is the ending to the Heather story, I’m here for it. It’s sweet, even if she is a cow.

No. 1439564

My thoughts exactly. She's annoying and definitely needs therapy but she isn't an evil monster. Although I guess we will see, she might ruin this in the future, who knows.

No. 1439575

I doubt it. Even if this guy is willing to stick around Heather hasn’t shown like he’s been willing to change her behaviors at all. She needs therapy which she refuses to get

No. 1439974

This is most certainly not the end. Hags has done zero self work, and still refuses to admit her emotions are out of control. She still blames everyone else for her problems. Just give it time.

No. 1440058

How is she apologizing to Ashley, aren't they the one who uploaded the video and linked it here, clearly in bad faith? Did they threaten her with a lolsuit? Kinda looks like it. Nice of Ash to play victim with a likely false claim of I was harassed/doxed when they are the one firing the shots.
The typos and bringing up cheating as if it's of any relevance after she left him makes this sound as legit as the one creepshow cooked up. Lawyers don't care about personal relationships and they are not a legal issue outside of divorce proceedings.

No. 1440074

Insane tinfoil because I'm not mega invested in this cow.

Did her ex trick her into publicly confessing to cheating to cite adultery for any future divorce proceedings? Doesn't make sense that this gal would upload a video on youtube taken from Heather's ex perspective meant to "expose" Heather's shitty personality just to cry she was doxxed to the extent that Heather needed to publicly address her to avoid legal action. The chick uploaded it under her own damn name?

No. 1440166

Yeahhh. I don’t wish ill on her but finding the right partner does not magically fix a person who isn’t working on themselves.

No. 1440248

yeah it sounds like total bullshit and Heather thinks it's legit because it was printed on a piece of paper.

that's a really good tinfoil but the divorce was already almost finalized but Heather didn't sign. Also, Ashley is a big fat bald MAN who calls himself a woman and wears diapers and jacks off to beastiality porn. Wouldn't want you to think he's a chick.

No. 1441002

File: 1644620116859.jpg (846.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220211-175331_Ins…)

You know she's going to slip up and mention Ashley's name and that crew. She's gonna spill more adam drama. She just can't help herself. She can't go a day without mentioning her past and those people. She gonna mess up, and Ashley is just waiting for the payout.

No. 1441085

Ashley can't do anything about someone saying his name on the internet. It's all empty threats. Men love trying to manipulate women into submitting to their whims. The revenge video would negate any "harassment" suit he thought he had cooking.

No. 1441093

File: 1644625652861.jpg (168.46 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220211-181906_Ins…)

Kek this cow is so predictable.

No. 1441513

Not true. Also Ashley is trans mtf. She doesn't pass but no need to be an ass.

No. 1441613

"Ashley" is a fucking dude. A scrote. A male. Even if he passes, it would just be a chemically-altered male in women's attire. Fucking learn where you are and realize that we despise trannies here and don't abide by their gendered-language rules.

No. 1441616

Shut the fuck up retard.

No. 1441639

>The man larping as a woman

No. 1441714

File: 1644695534194.png (763.5 KB, 750x1334, E47DE24A-5F8C-40DA-86D7-0FECE8…)

Honestly, I don’t buy this. She’s shifting the story to include PapeRyan and bring him onboard as Victim 2.

No. 1441738

Look in the mirror retard, look who's talking, retard. Fucking kiids talking shit behind keyboards. Really tough aren't ya

No. 1442021

Just close the laptop and walk away anon, it’s just the internet.

No. 1442160

He's only got clout because he's with her 3 posts and and he's got 441 followers, yea i bet most of those are heathers brainwashed fans

No. 1442177

he actually used to have a tonne of photos up, I think he's just trying to create a cohesive look for his feed (hence only three photos suddenly).

No. 1443509

File: 1644905418728.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 811AADAD-10F1-4552-A399-A32E55…)

No. 1443575

trouble already? she posted pics with the boyfriend earlier in the day. maybe it wasn't a picture-perfect valentines day for goths.

No. 1443637

KEK I know she'd boring as hell but this is an iconic line that needs to be on a banner ASAP

No. 1443876

She is so miserable that at this point she enjoys it. Probably the poor bastard had to work on a Monday and couldn't see her. I notice she's not posting or showing him off as much as her last ex Ryan's. Deep down inside I bet she doesn't care about him.

No. 1443908

File: 1644944606412.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, E4A87205-E4E9-4E63-A4AB-EC1B66…)

I think you’re exactly right nonita. He wasn’t available for Valentine’s and has thrown a pity party.

No. 1444158

there are women in fucking solitary confinement
there are widows who have lost husbands of 50 years or more
but you, Heather, are the loneliest girl in the wooooooorld

No. 1445295

I think she feeds off of her loneliness, she enjoys the attention her "Adoring Fans" give her with those posts. Typical mental health issues

No. 1450166

Love the big ME and MY on these. Very on brand.

No. 1450266

what's with all the thirst traps she's posting lately? Paper not giving her enough attention? (sorry for no caps, it's just the usual cleavage shots)

No. 1450302

Just her classic need to larp as “The one that got away/ too good for you” pick-me - she has a pretty overblown narc ego for someone who cheated, and expects way too much from partners.

She wants someone to be ‘obsessed’ with her to the shallowest degree - if Pape is still around, kudos for putting up with middle school antics. But no one with self respect would stay much longer, especially if it’s someone in their 30s crying on socials constantly.

No. 1450504

he's still around, trapped in the perpetual groundhog day of antique shop mirrors and target dressing rooms. pray for him.

No. 1450579

File: 1645663090800.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 69F8AE3D-CAF2-4A8D-94B3-6F5E49…)

You said it, nonita.

No. 1450608

File: 1645664552388.jpg (584.38 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220223-200012_Fac…)

Ruh roh

No. 1450613

dun, dun, dun, and another one bites the dust

Hags. Literally everyone will keep on leaving you if you keep acting like a damned lunatic. Get off insta. Work on yourself. Ffs.

No. 1450614

it’s incredible that she manages to run off every person she meets within a matter of weeks

No. 1450627

speedrunning dating, she should do it on Twitch and make some coin

No. 1450634

I feel a little bad, but.…kek. Get it the fuck together, girl.

No. 1450666

well, she finally had a boyfriend for valentines day. Onto the next one! I thought PapeRyan was going to be the one. He is perfect for her but I guess not. Pape tell us what happened.

No. 1450741

Still 98% sure he's gay.

No. 1450818

didn't even make it two weeks, jfc and he was trying so hard

heather you're just impossible

No. 1450953

Kinda been wondering that too, maybe she's his Fag Hag

No. 1450971

File: 1645708259125.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 5E548716-BD51-4035-9E37-8C4DA4…)

So is this what’s got her panties in a bunch now - she’s going to this thing and Pape can’t/won’t commit to it? Imagine the histrionics. Poor guy.

No. 1450975

File: 1645708444128.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, F7EFC7D7-FD25-443E-A2D0-BDE73D…)

>heard it’s best not to go to Philly alone.
Where tf does she think she lives? This is nuts.

New beginnings again…but for how long? I bet Pape will just ride this shitstorm out and she’ll come back apologising for being a psycho.

No. 1451003

File: 1645712822685.jpg (78.08 KB, 720x823, Screenshot_20220224-083111_Ins…)

I went to PapeRyan's profile and maybe he hasn't logged in in a while, but she's still in his bio. And she's still following him which is the weirdest part to me. Doesn't she usually unfollow and block these Ryans as soon as they break up?

No. 1451017

>one of the witches you forgot to burn
The histrionics with this one.

No. 1451030

She lives like five hours from philly

No. 1451032

Yeah it’s a smart move for her to go with someone. Don’t needlessly nitpick

No. 1451036

So she broke up with him for not going with her to this thing? And turned around and claimed it's because no one wants her to be her TrUe SeLf and repress her hobbies? Because that's the vibe I'm getting from "one of the witches you forgot to burn" bullshit.

No. 1451111

ooh, daytime on 23rd and Chestnut, so scawy

No. 1451198

Genuinely wasn’t nitpicking, not an amerifag, perhaps that accounts for it. There are bad places everywhere, sure, but… a white woman has to be accompanied to drive to another city in America in 2022? Seriously?

No. 1451201

Sure she can drive there by herself, but as a fellow white woman, I would not go walking around Philly alone at night. Daytime though, she would be fine.

Heather also likes to spend long, extended periods of time inside her car, which is pretty dangerous in a metro area like Philly. People who do that in my city get carjacked all the time.

No. 1451238

Not sure if going with a random off insta would be safer than going alone, frankly.

No. 1451385

NTA, is it really that bad? I'm living in one of the biggest cities in my country and I've never been afraid to walk around alone in at night. And I never heard of a carjack in my city.

Just asking, in case I will ever be able to visit Philly.

No. 1451410


She makes up paranoid excuses not to go anywhere. I've been to Philly alone a ton of times, walked to the bus station after 11pm, even stayed there overnight a few times.

Basic rules apply everywhere you go. Stay aware of your surroundings, walk in well lit areas, don't walk where people can hide if you can, keep your belongings close, ignore the catcallers.(sage)

No. 1451422

Historic Philly is a huge relatively sanitized tourist destination, and it’s definitely not sketchier than Pittsburgh. People will holler at you which can be scary, but 90% of the time the interaction ends there. I imagine that’s what happens to Heather and she shits her pants about being “almost kidnapped.” If you can learn to adopt a body language like you belong and know where you’re going, people will leave you alone.

No. 1451423

I live in Philly and it's fucking fine, especially the area this gig is in. Don't be buried in your phone when you're walking and you'll be fine. The car jacking isn't as endemic as the national freakout news is making it sound, either. It's a big city…of course there is crime. There's also over a million people who come in and out of the city every single day and DONT get carjacked or murdered.

No. 1451449

File: 1645753875658.jpeg (146.59 KB, 640x1137, 1.jpeg)

No. 1451450

File: 1645753978004.jpeg (147.15 KB, 640x1137, 2.jpeg)

No. 1451451

File: 1645754082832.jpeg (129.81 KB, 640x1137, 3.jpeg)

No. 1451462

there are parts of Philly I wouldn’t walk around in alone at night
a big event at 23rd and Chestnut is fine, there is zero to worry about

No. 1451469

Of course anon, again, it's a big city. Heather won't be going or even driving through the "not alone at night" parts to go to this shit though.

No. 1451472

"adult meals"
you know this bitch eats lunchables

No. 1451517

File: 1645762122076.jpeg (96.77 KB, 640x1137, 4.jpeg)

No. 1451520

She was literally just antiquing with him like 2 days ago..wtf happened

No. 1451523

When is she going to grasp that she is the common denominator here? It isn't her hobbies, it's how she behaves. PapeRyan is into all that spooky shit, yet things still didn't work out. I don't get how she doesn't see that.

No. 1451563

What the fuck, Heather. PapeRyan was literally perfect for you. I cannot stand this dumb bitch.

No. 1451640

I have a feeling Heather actually is the one who ends each relationship since she's had a string of walkover men who seemed keen, and men will put up with a lot for sex/companionship.

I think she wants it to be a 100% Heather adoration at all times, and when the guy wants something back in any way she throws in the towel.

No. 1451766

she's out of the bio now, and i doubt he'll be following much longer considering she's flooding her stories with woe-is-me i'm-so-misunderstood shit.

No. 1451784

I think she always has a huge problem with a partner who wants to stay independent and do stuff alone, not with her all the time. She wants a relationship where they dress the same, go everywhere together, eat the same food, go to bed at the same time, etc. and if that won't happen, the guy isn't good enough for her.

No. 1451806

It's been said before but what she's looking for is a woman. I've only ever seen lesbian couples do that kind of living in each other's pockets twinsies deal.

No. 1451829

agreed. too bad she's a fake bisexual.

No. 1451906

File: 1645812762357.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1571x2543, B903CFE1-DDCC-47F3-A81B-77BC76…)

Back to being a total fucking sap, running to insta to cry about regular grown up boring shit, seeking attention. She needs to give in and become the full blown Karen that she truly is. Picrel.
Me neither. She’s a total fucking plank. Part of me thinks they’ll be back on again, she’s just pushing buttons and seeing how much she can get away with.

No. 1451998

Maybe stop spending money on antiques/ Sheetz food/ bland clothing/ etc?

She complains about the most preventable things - an adult who claims their life is “lightyears ahead” would have some savings for these situations.

This is beyond dumb, and wasting energy typing out paragraph after paragraph of self pity. Grow up Hag.

No. 1452185

File: 1645835070120.jpeg (107.22 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1452196

well, dickbait like this is definitely going to bring all the Ryans to the yard
“mmm, lonely and friendless, eating snacks in the car, looking like a depressed Sunday school teacher, can’t wait to ask her out!”

No. 1452235

This is pathetic. Just proves she never enjoyed her hobbies, everything is an act for the “i’m so different” pick-me routine

No. 1452339

god, what has she done to send this ryan running? he seemed to be really invested even after his initial spoonful of heathershit? so many men, and not a single one willing to stick around longer than 4 weeks. surely they must be the problem?

No. 1452696

I think she freaks out, pretends there’s an issue, then dumps them. Simple as that. I couldn’t screen record but after her car rant she said something like
>I’ve got some pretty fucked up personal, spiritual, physical stuff going on
Which says to me
>actually I’m making problems where there aren’t any cause I’m a fuck up

No. 1452879

File: 1645926873256.png (6.39 MB, 1125x2436, 666D3E14-DF2B-41C1-933A-24B62D…)

Annnnnnd the tits are out.

No. 1452893

File: 1645928409098.png (697.37 KB, 676x1102, Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 7.18…)

fucking shocked. This is her next instastory. It is always the same thing. "I won't give up who I am" Bitch PapeRyan is you in male form! maybe he just wasn't a whiny little bitch.

No. 1452894

File: 1645928580426.jpeg (81.59 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

more boyfriend bait

No. 1452897

File: 1645928942815.jpg (213.47 KB, 720x1253, Screenshot_20220226-202047_Ins…)

Here's another one from tonight she deleted pretty quickly.

No. 1452900

Tinfoil- PapeRyan gave her some genuine advice like "maybe you shouldn't buy knick knacks every single day" and she kicked him to the curb

No. 1452937

Nice catch. I assume this means papey-boy is religious. They were friends for so long, shouldn't she know about this?
What is up with her mouth in this?

No. 1452997

So we’re gonna loosely imply Pape is not a good person, that he made her feel “not worthy of love or a real relationship” and more, a little over two weeks after he was your “light in the darkness”? >>1439510
>Always calming, always kind, patient, gentle, silly, someone I can finally trust and believe in
>You make me feel safe

Yeah, nothing strange there. If I had to guess I’d say it was over sex/modesty since those are things she’s gotten indignant about in the past. You’d think she’d know he was Christian and that his religious beliefs would make them pretty incompatible from the start, but I guess he was nice and she was desperate. She went full euphoric wiccan (or whatever) over something. and here we are.

No. 1453112

Came here to post this, and say, I notice she has booted him off her main so she can do the tits out and talk shit on there about him. Honestly, she’s a fucking pig. Have no sympathy at all for her, once again. Thought she and PapeRyan made a cute couple, and this might be the end of her as prime cow. But no, she’ll never, ever learn. Suck it up, Hag.

No. 1453124

I think it’s safe to say she wanted to have sexy time & Pape Ryan didn’t want that. He is obviously not hung up on the Halloween & demonic related stuff as he’s into all that (as some Christians that is totally taboo) he was perfect for her. He was her spooky boy, holding hands through their whimsical adventures through cemeteries & dressing him like a custom hot topic Ken doll. He even looked like her (don’t they say soulmates look alike) she does sound as if the relationship she wants has to be all one sided - all attention on her all of the time - he couldn’t make something she wanted to go too probably due to work or other plans - a normal reasonable person would be like no worries, I understand we can rearrange it another time - Heather - it’s over, you don’t want to be with me, you are just like the others. I doubt she will ever break this cycle of self destruction. It’s the same story over and over & she’s the common denominator. The pushed up tittie pics are …. sad. I’m happy being single & will focus on myself then next post is look at my tits. Also this you didn’t burn me witch crap… this is standard “white woman instagram” she got a couple of crystals & sage & thinks she’s was descended from a witch.

No. 1453171

She already posted this image with a different caption months ago. >>1374363

No. 1453224

Kek that's hilarious, great catch

No. 1453420

She finally found a guy who seemed to genuinely like her beyond her buying them things and being an easy lay. A guy who was willing to stick around through her outbursts and anxieties, who was a spoopy boy with the same interests. And she still managed to bomb out the relationship in just a couple weeks? Heather is going to have to move states in order to find a new dating pool of spoopy boys at any rate, she's had to have run through all them in her area by now.

No. 1453641

Pape was never cute enough for her. She wants a tattoo'd bad boy like the Damien type. She loves the fuck boys but hates that they treat her like shit.

No. 1453894

don't we all.

No. 1456099

File: 1646262593674.jpeg (154.29 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1456166

File: 1646268999527.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 8294D26C-9490-4E56-A1E4-75D3BD…)

This fucking idiot. Honestly, I just cannot with her. She did the ‘looking back at old photos’ snooze fest last night. Counting down to the inevitable boudoir shoot, but, before that, we have this disaster…

No. 1456224

She’s been single for like 5 minutes - What a snooze fest, just the same old whining by the same old Hag. She wants a care taker, not a relationship. How stunted can one person be to constantly self sabotage at every turn?

No. 1456338

kek okay, so far the reason she broke up with PapeRyan is he is religious and her doll didn't like him.

No. 1456885

I wonder how she determines what they do or don't approve of.

No. 1457100

as if believing in speaking dolls isn't the same as believing in Jesus… she should have stayed with him, he cared about her, but whining about being single is so much better for her.

No. 1458222

File: 1646450632365.png (1.01 MB, 740x952, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 10.5…)

No. 1458770

that person does look A LOT like her

No. 1458863

File: 1646526287553.jpg (260.43 KB, 863x776, comparison.jpg)

heather vs. other instagram.

No. 1458877

Putin definitely invaded Ukraine to make Heather's life harder. She won't let no man get in her way though! She will keep going on adventures.

No. 1459029

File: 1646543448302.jpeg (100.91 KB, 640x1137, 275275382_952492772293411_4629…)

No. 1459030

File: 1646543470529.jpeg (103.36 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1459229

Complete and utter boner killer, Jesus heather.(scrote)

No. 1459272

>Complete and utter boner killer, Jesus heather.

Fully agree…..

No. 1459491

The poor me posts and playing the martyr just puts people off straightaway.

No. 1459714

She doesn't pay rent or utilities. As a 30 year old woman can't save anything. Can't live independently except for her "passions" which you better be 100% on board to support financially and emotionally. ‍♂️(don't use emojis)

No. 1459868

she loves to think random things are actually significant and special and all about her, and now she’s projecting her identity onto some woman in a picture as a ‘past life’. literally just making shit up to seem interesting.

No. 1460086

she’s 32 I believe 33 this year which makes it a tad worse.

No. 1460241

I’m confused, anon is right, can women not even say the word ‘boner’ without getting banned now? Farmhands have taken the no men rule to such a weird extreme it’s come full circle and we’re just policing women’s speech.

No. 1460382

her birthday is in January Anon so whatever age she turned this year is her current age. I have no idea what age that is tho kek.

No. 1460635

>’being single is hell’
>’all these ~boys~ waste my time’

Being this bitter daily must be exhausting - such an undeserved ego for someone practically useless in day-to-day society.

No. 1460747

she is such an incel
not even a femcel, she’s just an incel with a vagina

No. 1460888

File: 1646710135737.jpeg (127.69 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

same old thing

No. 1461026

Heather, no one wants a bitter, self pitying, sack of sad in their lives.

No. 1461105

this is the best way to attract a new Ryan
desperate is just sooooo hot

No. 1461261

imagine just admitting you can’t make friends and have no idea how to occupy your time, just flat-out saying you are (at least currently) a boring and unlikeable person and then wondering why people aren’t drawn to you. It’s possible to get out of a rut like this but waiting for someone else to sweep you off your feet and change everything DOES NOT WORK

No. 1461596

File: 1646783213316.jpeg (91.92 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

eat your heart out spooky boys

No. 1461617

Heather - just . . . Seriously, do something different.

Pape dumping her must’ve been a true shock - considering how much he tried. Probably actually liked her a little, before her usual self sabotaging. She’s dropped her hobbies/ persona again out of petty spite and just whines into the void daily.

Go hang with your mom - and apologize for being a 30+ year old burden. There’s a good start.

No. 1461749

I'm not sure it wasn't Heather who initiated the breakup.

No. 1462523

You’re right. It was Heather who did the dumping.

No. 1462653

File: 1646881116224.png (804.66 KB, 696x1118, Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 7.33…)

kek ok Heather

No. 1463054

God this is so embarrassing. She really thinks self-love means publically writing these cringy tributes to herself, whereas if she actually loved herself she wouldn't be so desperate for male validation.

No. 1463088

those eyeglasses are so much better than her current monstrosities
that said, nothing is more attractive than complete rigidity and refusal to change or compromise in any way, the Ryans are just going to flock to this enticing bait

No. 1463586

File: 1646968360178.jpeg (72.2 KB, 640x1137, 2.jpeg)

How many times a year does she post these throwback photos? She has to prove she was goth.

No. 1463961

File: 1647011393152.jpg (870.08 KB, 2088x1516, imgonline-com-ua-collage-YVo4R…)

Can't wait to see this modern-rustic-fresh-old-geometric-girly-Victorian-creepy-gold-farmhouse room makeover.

No. 1463990

I’d bet anything this was because of a cute spooky goth boy in her class

No. 1464087

File: 1647020015431.jpeg (153.37 KB, 640x1137, 1.jpeg)

Heather: I won't ever give up my passions for a man! You have to accept me for who I am.
Also Heather: pic rel

No. 1464096

File: 1647020345761.jpeg (149.42 KB, 640x1137, 2.jpeg)

No. 1464101

>I don't know what to do with myself so I just sit in my car for hours
>I'm wild, free, creative, and ambitious! You can't tame me!
>I'm thinking of taming me for a spooky boy
>I have nothing going on
>It's my passions that are the problem
Can you really say you're ambitious, creative, and passionate about something if you have nothing going on besides sitting in your car? How can she look at her own posts and not see how mental this is? Why doesn't she go DO any of the things she's so passionate about? All she does is shop and cry in her car. You can do activities without a bf.

No. 1464134

What I don't understand is why she can't still enjoy the things she does, but also sometimes do other things. Like collect oddities, but maybe also go to a movie once in a while? Photograph cemeteries but also go see a local band in Pittsburgh and maybe take some photos of them? Read a spooky book, paint a spooky picture. Her interests can intersect with more than just consumerism and shallow aesthetics. Why does it have to be all or nothing with her hobbies?

No. 1464139

I really think this is her biggest problem. She claims her ADHD is so bad that she can't sit through a whole movie. She could also greatly improve her social life if she was willing to hang out with people at normal places like a bar once in a while. You don't have to drink alcohol to hang out at bars, Heather! I think she also mentioned once that she even hates going on dates at coffee shops. So fucking weird.

No. 1464237

She seemed fairly happy to be on little coffee/dessert dates with PapeRyan, but it's definitely clear that she would rather eat Sheetz in her car than go to a restaurant. I can't wrap my head around it. Could she be on the autism spectrum or something, to have this kind of inflexible fixation on only ever doing the same three things?
Also, do we know if she's actually been diagnosed with ADHD? Because she could be getting treatment, either pharmaceutical or in the form of learning coping techniques, etc. I want her to help herself.

No. 1464246

I don't know if the ADHD has been confirmed, but she always claims she has only watched one movie in the last ~5 years because of it.

I doubt she's getting help for her ADHD if it is real. This is the same girl who avoids therapists because "they want to change her".

No. 1464269


She announces these retirements from her hobbies as if she even made an impact in the communities involved - she’s not a big name on any social platform nor has much of a real following.

No. 1464717

How about not buying a bunch of dumb shit and working on moving out of your mom's house

No. 1464891

Anon you know she is never actually going to move out she just likes to bitch and moan she is going to when she is having a meltdown.

No. 1465662

Let’s be real - she only posts this I’m giving it all up/coming off social media for good to wait for the pity party & don’t go messages. People get addicted to attention of any kind. She posts this I quit/I give up shit every few weeks.

No. 1466031

>7 days ago: I'm not buying anything but food for the next two weeks

>2 days ago: buying overpriced and ugly hobby lobby decor for her already cramped room at her mom's house

lmao never change heather

No. 1466255

>this guy perfectly combines my Victorian obsession with old farm house vibes
>ugly painting of cow on a couch


No. 1466542

For a second I thought you were talking about some dude she was going on a date with LMAO.

No. 1466630

Why does someone who proclaims to be so unique, who loves antique shops and thrift stores…shop exclusively at Target? EXCLUSIVELY. I like their shit too but having everything you own come from one store gives your place/wardrobe real dorm room vibes. Even factoring her discount she could still get nicer stuff for cheaper. I also don’t get buying mass produced art from stores like this, that’s so weird and impersonal to me. To me it’s just more evidence that once she drops her persona du jour she’s left with no taste or style of her own.

No. 1466785


Gonna try not to blogpost here, because I've worked retail

It's probably a combo of working there, discount, and poor impulse control. IME, being in and out day-to-day and handling product can infect you with the capitalism I-Need-This bug pretty fast, and watching people buy things willy-nilly can hyderdrive that. Even working with clothing, which I personally don't care about at all, handling certain products that do catch your eye, day in and day out, it can get really hard not to buy them, especially when you have a daily idea of sale price. And when you're not paying for your rent or cost of living in your parents' house it helps lol, it's a real slap of reality when you start completely paying your own way.

Also working retail you tend to get a bit numb to the sheer amount of merchandise moving through, and things can catch your eye that you wouldn't have paid attention to just wandering through the store once in a while. I found my standards lowering a lot until I was convincing myself to buy the stupidest shit, but I got good at pulling back. With even a small discount it can feel "worth it", but when you have bills to pay it's usually not. It's almost like target fixation (no pun intended), just when something is in front of you for a while and stands out, you tend to subconsciously aim for it.

Anyway I don't know, she seems to spend just as much time and money buying shit antiques anyway. It just seems like she doesn't go into literally any other stores except that and Target. I could see her getting super fixated on items, it's become pretty obvious that she's materialistic beyond any other personality trait.

No. 1466938

File: 1647230271610.png (256.64 KB, 815x729, cowoncouch.png)

This isn't even Target though. This is a Hobby Lobby. Which is pretty much just as basic as Target I guess, but she also doesn't get an employee discount there. They just constantly run 20%-50% "sales" on their stuff because it's all very cheaply made and often overpriced to begin with.

No. 1467249

holy shit i thought it was some super quirky thrift store find, like an old lady painted it, one of a kind sort of thing. I cannot believe someone decided to mass-produce this. that really takes away all the charm.

No. 1467257

It was a rhetorical question, my first job was at target, you don’t need to multi-paragraph splain me how retail works lol.

fair enough, the red/white price tags threw me

No. 1467299

I know, it's ultra kitsch kek

No. 1473727

Didn't she just talk about hating religion or something? Does she not know that hobby lobby is ultra religious and anti-choice?

No. 1475604

1. She definitely doesn't know. Do you think she pays attention to anything besides when the next Taylor Swift album comes out?
2. Even if she knew, she would probably ignore it out of convenience. I don't think this girl has a single strong conviction about anything (except that she's owed the big-tiddy goth bf of her dreams).

No. 1480126

File: 1648154827703.jpg (225.47 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20220323-224552_Ins…)

"It's so flattering!"
Bitch where?

No. 1480271

File: 1648162284233.png (7.68 MB, 1125x2436, 24A22E1A-D10C-4C54-A4C6-E1F54F…)

No. 1480423

That guy did her a favour, although this story sounds… embellished, if not totally fake. What kind of retail person refuses to make a sale based on their own personal taste?
Also I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what a panic attack actually is.

No. 1480495

Yeah I find it hard to believe too. And then she went on to complain that she might need a new eye dr. all because she couldn't buy the frames? I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't let her walk out without the prescription. Has this bitch never heard of Zenni before?

No. 1480678

The doctor literally gives you the prescription, which you get to keep and use at any retailer.
Poor dude in the store probably just didn't seem super excited about how they looked because retail and dealing with a dripping mess of lunacy while working. She took it super personally, tore up the prescription and left. I assume everyone clapped.

No. 1480948

File: 1648215326487.jpg (1006.02 KB, 1079x1928, SmartSelect_20220325-083329_In…)

She is terrible at picking glasses that actually suit her face. These do not look good on her at all.

No. 1480971

this didn’t happen, but if it did the guy was just doing his job and subtly nudging her towards something less fugly. She had an ‘hour long panic attack’ trying to make a decision but how dare he try and help by making a suggestion!

No. 1480987

She only wants them because they're gray.

No. 1481038

she probably couldn’t afford them or her insurance wouldn’t cover them so she sperged out

No. 1481098

She did day she buys $1,000 frames..

No. 1481106

>wanting something fashionable

No. 1481203

but why can't she keep her current glasses? You can just change the glasses in the frame you already have and everything is fine, did she never hear about something like that? Those glasses look ugly and uncomfortable…

No. 1481572

She's quickly morphing into a Karen. Feels appropriate given her behaviors.

>aren't as nice or flattering as my current pair
Honey, no. Her current pair are hideous and unflattering.
>made me feel bad for wanting something fashionable
Again, no. These are hideous in all ways. Dude was trying to do her a favor if he recommended another pair. I don't get why she thinks these super thick cat eye glasses look good on her.

No. 1485809

File: 1648553293712.jpg (211.5 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220329-072421_Ins…)

No. 1486045

Why is she like this? I'm sincerely rooting for her but the red flags are overwhelming.

No. 1486075

File: 1648577227018.jpg (170.54 KB, 1080x1920, 1581223848523.jpg)

As a refresher, this is the dude she's referring to

No. 1486283

I thought her number 1 lover was Ryan Z. This bitch is nuts. This is is the type of shit you keep to yourself not on IG.

No. 1486314

I can't even remember what happened between her and Clay tbh. I always thought her true love was Ryan as well

No. 1486330

I’m mad that I have to look at this guy’s dumb ugly face again. Also, wtf Heather, that’s bizarre and not in a cool dark romantic way.

No. 1486345

They dated for around two months and were long-ish distance. Iirc they they only met up one day a week. When he dumped her she posted a crying rant saying she would never love again. I remember thinking how dramatic her reaction was to such a short relationship, considering how little time they actually spent together in person. And the relationship was like two years ago, and she still keeps this picture because she thought it looked like it could be his baby? That's not how you get over someone, it's like she doesn't even try. But such dramatics are on brand for Heather Indoors.
He is impeccably ugly.

No. 1486363

So basically they hung out 8-10 times and she was already imagining what their baby would look like. Got it. Cool.
Also, saying Clay was the last guy she "truly" loved? Why does she tell all these other guys she loves them as soon as they agree to a second date, in that case?

No. 1486392

He basically said she is negative as fuck and didn’t want to be around her.

No. 1486396

Tinfoil but I think she finally gave up on him since he’s been with his gf for a long time, and he posts her on his socials a lot. So took heather long enough but 4 years later she finally gave up on Ryan z and is now projecting that “true love” onto the last tatted, moody, “spooky boy” she dated.

No. 1486403

she always looks so fucking matronly

No. 1486407

if that’s true that’s really unfortunate. Instead of giving up on Ryan Z and moving on with a clear head she just transferred her obsession to someone else. She’s not gonna learn.

samefag as >>1486330 if it matters

No. 1486588

It doesn't. Read the rules and don't announce who you are, newfriend

No. 1486977

been here for years and been banned for posting too close together without announcing myself. It’s insurance against retarded farmhands.

No. 1488921

File: 1648817336394.jpeg (492.2 KB, 1121x1936, AAA9BC28-BF8D-4FF8-9AD2-95F540…)

I thought some dude took her on a date and she was showing us. Nope. That dude is her. Yikes.

No. 1489493

speak for yourself, bitch. just because some folks on here feel that way doesnt mean everyone does. a cows a cow and not all trans are created equal u fucking moron.(idiot fights a month old post and loses)

No. 1489512

I can't tell if this is in defense of Ashley, the furfag(?) who uploaded a video compilation intended to upset Heather and then linked it in the thread, and subsequently threatened her with a lolsuit and silenced her for complaining about the bully video, but maybe not someone you should be supporting regardless, unless you are said furfag.

No. 1489871

File: 1648897645434.jpeg (174.83 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1489977

>my biggest goal is to find love without ever having to do any honest self-reflection or work on my issues

No. 1490049

why is she such an idiot? she would never have to give up her stupid boring hobbies to have a relationship, she would just have to do some things her partner liked to do as well

No. 1490056

I think nonnie is just saying lolcow isn't a hivemind and she'll use whatever pronouns she wants to

No. 1490070

Compromise? I think you mean abuse.

No. 1490086

>she would never have to give up her stupid boring hobbies to have a relationship, she would just have to do some things her partner liked to do as well

Literally, she in fact expects her boyfriend to abandon all his hobbies in favour of hers, like the smidgen of self reflection needed for her to see the thing she's so afraid of happening she actually does/insists of with every guy

Like if giving up your hobbies and lifestyle is such a terrible thing why would you immediately demand it of others?

No. 1490904

She definitely sent this question to herself so she could post the caption and pretend that someone actually cares to hear this broken record. God she's so insufferable with the constant pining for asspats and validation.
No one wants to interact with such a miserable and self absorbed woman who wallows in self pity like pigs to mud. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if her own inner monologue is trying to find a way out of association with her.

No. 1491595

why is she always so extra? she needs to get off social media, maybe keep a journal to project these thoughts too as posting this cliche nonsense sounds like a teen girl on tumblr 2010, she’s 32, it’s just embarrassing.

No. 1496544

File: 1649461638261.jpg (364.63 KB, 1080x1938, 20220409_024456.jpg)

Didn't she already have covid, went out anyways and now she's having symptoms again but her shitty little trip still has to happen? Dense mf, you really shouldn't travel even with just a cold when it's the goddamn pandemic.

No. 1496552

And she deleted it, fucking idiot

No. 1496709

File: 1649477017564.jpeg (81.99 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

I try to not judge her spending because it's not my money but who the fuck spends $45 on three photos? Each photo was $15. How will she ever move out? 1/2 to show the price tag.

No. 1496712

File: 1649477134411.jpeg (115.39 KB, 640x1137, download (1).jpeg)

price tag

No. 1496979

I've been taking some screenshots of her antique spending over the last couple weeks. She's been buying stuff and doing these "hauls" like 3-5 times a week. I'd estimate she's spending a minimum of $100 a week on these little knick knacks.

No. 1497115

it baffles me, where is she even keeping this stuff? her storage unit is already full

No. 1497635

File: 1649578675785.png (34.44 KB, 510x304, Screenshot 2022-04-10 041352.p…)

This whole post is just…cringe.
Bloody picture?
Cemetery, dinner, her talking for hours about herself.
Antiquing…which is more than likely her doing.

Pretty sure it's not because you're interesting, Heather. Already foresee dude just trying to get laid and bouncing. Just curious if getting laid is enough of a reward for putting up with her narcissistic rambling.

No. 1497873

>he gifted me a Polaroid art piece with his own blood on it
uh, what

>we went to a cemetery

>we went to dinner and talked about me
>we're going antiquing tomorrow
>me me me me me

I'm already exhausted

No. 1497921

This is like two teenage goths dating with those "gifts."
Good luck as always, Heather. She's dated so many suitable-for-her nerdy weirdos then dumped them the first time they said no to a date idea, so gonna just assume it will happen again.
iirc she doesn't actually sleep with them. Maybe she just loves the lovebombing early dating stage and hates all the other stages so she just does that over and over. She seems smart enough to be aware of her patterns, it must be intentional at this point.

No. 1497967

Isn't she in Gettysburg this weekend? Maybe this guy lives there and won't see each other as often, similar to ClayRyan, so that the relationship will last longer.

No. 1498003

>he gifted me a Polaroid art piece with his own blood on it
cool, a new lolcow.

No. 1498021

a gift with your own blood on the first date? Even I would be crept out by that. This might be an interesting time we have ahead of us, hope the relationship will last a little longer than the ones before, kek.

No. 1498322

Tbh her spending would be whatever if she wasn't literally hording overpriced antiques and target clearance clothing in her free room at mommy's house. Meanwhile all her shit from the first horde is left to rot at the storage unit for years now. It's pretty obvious she's trying to fill the void with material objects, even going as far to assign them names and personalities sometimes.

She's not even very good at antiquing. It's easy to find photos like this at flea markets for a few bucks a piece.

No. 1498733

I think she would get a panic attack if she had to go to a flea market, as far as I could see it, she always visits the same stores, that will have stuff she knows she might like. A flea market would be to adventurous for her.

No. 1499141

tinfoil cuz it might not be related but knowing heather probably is. but for awhile I thought maybe she was getting her own personality finally. then ryan z’s gf posted about getting a polaroid cam a week ago and suddenly she’s obsessed with them. unless it’s a coincidence and new ryan is why, but it’s weird timing

No. 1499905

Nah - it’s her usual MO. She has no legit interests of her own. She’ll always re-mold her (lack of) personality to suit whatever man she’s trying to impress - or compete with other women.

She can’t enjoy photography as a general hobby - would make her less ‘unique’ in her mind to the ‘spooky’ boys. Getting older and being this obsessed with having an obvious character persona is pretty sad and pathetic.

Wonder if she has any genuine interests at this point - or if she’s just adamant about finding the right character trope to live out her mental narrative.

No. 1500349

File: 1649855113379.jpeg (390.4 KB, 1283x1991, 6E9F3C7F-C5B6-4EC9-A96B-8394CE…)

No. 1500356

Ah, I was wondering why she was buying so many owl figurines lately. Turns out this guy adores owls and semi-recently got a tattoo of one.

No. 1502302

File: 1650043399062.jpg (242.55 KB, 720x1255, Screenshot_20220406-220525_Ins…)

Lmao I just remembered I had this ss from a couple days ago. 32 years old and just now discovering how to iron clothes.

No. 1502750

File: 1650076526330.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220415-214123.png)

First glimpse of the newest Ryan in her stories.

No. 1503504

Wonder how long until that look of genuine happiness is erased from his face when he realizes she has the maturity of a pigmy goat and the emotional self-awareness of a rock.(wonder how long until you learn how to sage)

No. 1503802

File: 1650213723662.png (1.39 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220417-120223.png)

Of course all of her "biggest flaws" are things that are either completely out of her control (scars, past, how others perceive her) or are relatively minor and manageable (a bit of extra weight). She really is completely blind to her actual issues.

No. 1503879

File: 1650221317176.jpg (390.18 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20220417-143553_Ins…)

On her way back to Gettysburg again already.

No. 1503887

I imagine she will be heading there a lot now that her new Ryan lives there.

No. 1503907

think about how overwhelmingly creepy it is that dozens of photos just like this have already been posted by Heather but with different dudes. i would be so terrified of becoming a Ryan skin suit at this point.

No. 1504780

File: 1650322159182.png (1.22 MB, 686x1052, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 4.29…)

A glimpse of the new Ryan. What are we calling this one?

No. 1504828

OwlRyan? BandRyan? GettysburgRyan? PolaroidRyan/PolaRyan? StrixRyan?

No. 1504876

Idk he seems genuinely into her and she’s been quiet on social media. Milk might’ve run dry

No. 1504899

File: 1650329573627.png (540.21 KB, 689x749, Screenshot 2022-04-18 204835.p…)

Which "the one" are we on now? 5?

How does she get this serious this quickly. Like…wut.

No. 1504901

I say bloodRyan

we said the same thing for the last one before it dissolved a week later

I think we all just want her to stabilize, but she's incapable without some kind of therapy which she will reject every time

No. 1504908

Her last two (as in this one and that other guy) have seemed genuinely happy with her in their photos so I guess that is progress if nothing else. It suggests she's chilled out a bit more and is becoming better company, perhaps.

No. 1504914

File: 1650330777291.jpg (185.49 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20220418-204836_Ins…)

No. 1504926

part of me wants to know if he's crazier than her, this'll be interesting

maybe they're truly a match made in heaven

No. 1504958

Definitely one of the uglier Ryans, but hey, they seem happy together I guess? If the dude gifted her his blood on the first date and is already posting cringe like >>1504914 it might actually be meant to be. kek

No. 1505046

Whenever she sees a guy more than once he immediately becomes "the one" until a week later when they split up and suddenly she never really liked him at all.

No. 1505068

I second bloodRyan. That was cringe and crazy even for her standards.

No. 1505426

BloodRyan seems like a weirdo incel. Perfect for Heather. Let's see how long this lasts. She can't claim " he's not unto me and my weird hobbies boohoo" She'll avoid going to Gettysburg too.

No. 1505488

File: 1650384046789.jpeg (544.15 KB, 828x775, F65D67D9-9F81-4459-ADF3-E17E96…)

I just see this guy

No. 1506640

File: 1650458869943.jpg (319.63 KB, 1080x795, SmartSelect_20220420-074626_Yo…)

Heather, is that you?! Lol

No. 1507956

File: 1650562787035.jpg (244.66 KB, 720x1266, Screenshot_20220420-220303_Ins…)

Lmao yes Heather, go move in with your boyfriend you literally just met.

No. 1507983

stupid move on her part if she does. leave your secure job that you need & go move miles away with a man you barely know in real life, then when things go tits up which they will sooner or later as it always does in Heathers life, she’ll be on IG crying in her car claiming he’s kicked her out & she needs to go back home & she’s frightened.

No. 1508146

does she know that she will have to look for a new job and pay rent herself? I understand and support the idea of moving, but if you are such an anxious person like her, you should think about it for a long time. Also, thinks don't change just because you move, you are still the same person and if you don't change nothing will change at another place.

No. 1508276

as much as I want her to succeed, go where and do what heather? surely you have greater aspirations than Target, and moving will mean you have to start paying rent, you know

not to mention leaving that storage unit full of shit behind

you really need to sit down and start selling your shit

No. 1508756

File: 1650641213520.jpg (326.31 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220422-064227_Ins…)

Already deleted. Not sure who she's talking about "chasing clout". I've noticed she goes through this pattern of wanting to throw away her hobbies and become a "normie" when she's single. And then as soon as she finds a boy who likes her, she's all of a sudden proud of them.

No. 1509142

Kek how far up her own ass she is - start placing your bets for how long BloodRyan will last with her consistent “you just don’t get me” bullshit.

No. 1509505

File: 1650733240617.jpeg (51.25 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

It doesn't matter how "happy" she is. Her husband lives in her head rent free.

No. 1510213


wow move on already

No. 1510490

It’s because those were her “glory days” as soon as some people get a substantial online following it changes the way they think about themselves, suddenly she thought she was relevant in “the internet” & “famous” she misses the attention as she doesn’t have the same reach she once had & it bothers her so I am convinced her way of making her feel like she’s still in that place is by acting as if the stuff that happened 5 years ago is still her life & it just isn’t. She comes on here & gets all fired up & her followers must be like where is all the drama? What is she going on about?

No. 1510814

File: 1650853673432.png (813.29 KB, 572x920, Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 8.24…)

so romantic

No. 1510950

File: 1650868624920.jpg (229.82 KB, 828x1472, 1650868394606.jpg)

BloodRyan's name is Dustin.
When she said she wanted a spooky boy, I didn't realize that she meant she wanted to date someone who literally looks like one of the Munsters.

No. 1511100

tbh Heather ain't that cute either, beggars can't be choosers. Also that personality of hers isn't doing her any favors.

No. 1511386

You're right, she's looking especially grandmotherly in the photos from this trip, too.

No. 1511404

File: 1650910316306.jpeg (412.86 KB, 2048x2048, 8F05A42E-99E8-44E0-B69D-412039…)

I’m dead! This isn’t a dog against him, but he just does! Like Lurch’s offspring.
Heathers not a looker but there’s plain and then there’s that.

No. 1511405

File: 1650910413296.jpeg (619.83 KB, 828x1365, 8A325C8B-E2D2-4A01-A0BA-6D9579…)

Bring me brains. Ahhahooo
All he needs is a bolt through his head.

No. 1511512


It looks like his eyes are social distancing

No. 1511524

He’s a strange looking specimen. Hills have eyes comes to mind. The photograph covered in his own blood - Heather heed the warnings. He looks like a cannibal.

No. 1511878

File: 1650948056236.jpeg (153.66 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1511879

File: 1650948169198.png (428.99 KB, 564x890, Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 10.3…)

Heather is making a move to be with BloodRyan very soon.

No. 1512039

No Heather I wouldn’t mess with Lurch either as he’ll come after me shouting “Brains”

No. 1512045

what's up with this nitpicking? seems pointless to insult the poor guy's looks, he's got enough to deal with now these next couple weeks (or however long this relationship will last).

No. 1512078

Dude looks like a woman beater, is setting off red flags with the blood gifts, and heather wants to isolate herself from her family with him.

Wasn't a big aspect of her divorce gofundme "I'm away from my family because he isolated me. Plz donate so I can escape"? This is going to end in tears.

No. 1512092

>>1511878 he looks better than frumpy heather, let's be nice to him because he'll inevitably end up here spilling the milk once they are done

No. 1512108

why are we pearl clutching over a fugly creep

No. 1512118

how long does she know that guy? A week, two weeks? And she is considering moving because of him, if I understand it right. I like creepy stuff, but blood gifts on the first date is too much, even for me and I feel like nonna above, he sets up some red flags. That picture he gifted her is something you would see in a true crime show after both of them are dead.

No. 1512206

File: 1650984309374.jpg (148.41 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20220426-090447_Ins…)

But nonnies they are in love! What could possibly go wrong??

No. 1512237

File: 1650986359778.png (889.43 KB, 560x892, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 9.18…)

kek why did he use a pic of Heather looking like Nigel Thornberry?

No. 1512289

I mean - the Munsters house vibes.
He’s taking her to meet Grandpapa in the basement & he does look like Lurch for those getting offended on his behalf.

No. 1512291

Imagine how that convo went -
Heather - oooh what about here? Take a pic of me yeah here…
Lurch - Okay.
Heather - remember to tag me on your stories
Lurch - Okay
Heather - this will be so cute.
Lurch - Yeah
Heather - I’ll smile & look cute k.

Just wait for Heather to post to her stories a similar pic of him - something along the lines of “I’ve waited my whole life for you & there you were, my light in the darkness. I knew my dark Prince was out there, someone who loved the same weird things as me & be a soulmate for this lonely misunderstood Queen. We will overcome anything together.”

No. 1512296

File: 1650991089702.jpg (443.75 KB, 720x1360, Screenshot_20220426-123714_Ins…)

She kind of already did, kek.

No. 1512446

Honestly, I think BloodRyan has cow potential himself, at the very least, is willing to be cow-led. I didn’t ss at the time cause I thought this would be another two day fail, but a few days ago he shared some salty meme about people talking shit on the internet. He’s fully Team Hagther and I am here for it.

No. 1512449

God, she's so cringy.
I hope Lurch knows that an "I love you" from Heather means absolutely nothing. She probably even says it to the mailman since he's the only guy who keeps coming back.

No. 1512611

This would be cute for teenagers in their first relationship- but she’s in her 30s. Heather has the most stunted views on romance - every relationship is the same cycle.

>boohoo so lonely and misunderstood

>meets some guy with one shared interest
>”He’s the one! Fuck you haters, my life is light years ahead!!!”
>couple weeks pass
>she gets dumped for being a stubborn bitch about something petty
>boohoo so lonely and misunderstood

No. 1512659

>fearful symmetry
Abusing William Blake's musings on the nature of God, as demonstrated by the beauty and horror of the tiger as his creation, to write a pretentious Instagram caption about her boyfriend of one week. She lives to abuse quotes from more intelligent writers.

No. 1512749

File: 1651029580119.png (5.66 MB, 1242x2208, 1BF6CF0E-3C9F-45D7-962D-6B29E1…)

She looks 100 years old

No. 1512843

Is it just me, or does she look way better in his stories vs her own? These are the exact same day, is he editing her or is it just that he's a better photographer and is using a flattering lens? I'm not a photographer at all so I don't know why she looks way less frumpy in his pics.

No. 1512923

I think it’s the angle, he’s a lot taller & taking the pic from higher up & from a distance makes for a more flattering pic of her.

No. 1512994

"She probably even says it to the mailman since he's the only guy who keeps coming back" lol this anon is on fire

No. 1513153

this is fucking amazing
I want them to get married in an abandoned church with Heather’s creepy dolls as her bridesmaids

No. 1513370

It's absolutely fucking hilarious to me that she is posting stories of melodramatic love songs over pictures of herself.

No. 1514401

File: 1651178389111.jpg (133.49 KB, 720x1280, 12LopAVIW1_exported_1500.jpg)

No. 1514448

File: 1651181011663.jpeg (334.24 KB, 644x996, 4EA7D719-0517-4057-87D0-8E21CC…)

fixed it

No. 1514453

File: 1651181281163.jpeg (248.11 KB, 588x768, 7794DC2B-85D4-471B-8AFA-DF6890…)

No. 1514502

Also the bolts should be in his neck, he's not Shrek lmao.
Otherwise, excellent work.

No. 1514519

File: 1651186728625.jpeg (332.16 KB, 648x988, 2B81FB46-BE50-4F7E-A7C1-AD25EE…)

revision always strive to be better

No. 1514520

File: 1651186752248.jpeg (237.74 KB, 562x774, 18FB14FC-B081-42FD-BBC5-6880EC…)

No. 1514526

File: 1651187082080.jpeg (217.02 KB, 808x796, 14EEB014-49CE-464E-8667-EF7DA5…)

No. 1514619

Lmao nothing says #gothiclove like Drake- Best I Ever Had.

No. 1514641

>drake and taylor swift songs
>both of them dressed like your standard small town, middle aged, married couple with three kids
heather truly has no clue what "gothic" even means does she? l m a o

No. 1514693

The green teeth are a great touch.

No. 1514995

he looks like he has a constant allergic reaction - possibly to heather's bullshit

No. 1516711

File: 1651387475571.jpg (344.56 KB, 1080x1919, x8iooyYRxL.jpg)

Applying for a job in Gettysburg, maybe?

No. 1516846

Lmao my first guess is a Target in Gettysburg.

No. 1516929

What's hysterical is she actually drives 3.5 hrs each way to see him. The desparity is pathetic. She has to move to be able to afford the gas.

No. 1516936

BloodRyan's first appearance was 21 days ago. I think we all know how this will unfold.

No. 1516979

god I want it to NOT be target, please be somewhere different

>21 days ago
jesus is she in manic mode or what
also, do we know if she's moving IN with bloodryan or just finding a place to live? I dunno what the rent prices look like in Gettysburg but I don't feel like a Target transfer would cut it

also good to know she's just abandoning the storage unit lmao

No. 1516983

It’s scary that she couldn’t make this move on her own but as soon as a man comes into her life she really doesn’t know that long, she immediately is ripping up any stability to move with him (assuming) & giving up her job (assuming) & if things go bad, she’s on his turf & is putting herself at major risk. She’s got no savings, no back up plan, she’s just throwing caution to the wind, & it’s so careless

No. 1516991

To be fair, she lives with her parents so it's not very convenient for him to stay with her. If he has his own place, it makes a lot more sense for her to go stay with him.

No. 1517078

after 21 days though? yikes

No. 1517082

still - she can go back home but why move in with someone so soon before you even know a person?

No. 1517160

Oh I'm not justifying her moving in with him AT ALL, I'm just saying in terms of visiting each other it makes more sense for her to go to Gettysburg than the reverse.

No. 1517538

according to Trulia, you can rent a 1 bedroom in Gettysburg for under $1,000 and a studio for under $900.

No. 1517709

I 100% guarantee her posting about wanting to make a move because"Pittsburgh" had nothing to offer her, is her way of baiting/manipulating him into ask her to move in with him. She has no plans of getting her own place. And we know he didn't ask her because there'd be a shit show of stories about it…

No. 1517871

File: 1651513616499.jpg (147.08 KB, 720x1280, 5pnUGlYXcu_exported_0.jpg)

Trying to seem dark for her black metal boyfriend. Not sure if she knows what an incubus is. I wouldn't personally describe getting raped by a demon as "pretty cool" but to each their own.

No. 1517970

get your own personality Heather instead of changing for every guy you meet.
I knew a girl like this who would change her whole identity for each dude she got into a relationship with - was adamant she didn’t want kids & was super into witchy/demonic things & then met a vanilla type guy & it was I want kids & shopping for floral dress’ (this was in a few weeks of each breakup) my point is it’s not real & her saying this with an incubus to seem edgy to impress Lurch is embarrassing. As anon said a demon that rapes you (did anyone see that movie The Entity??) Heather has a lot of problems, Lurch sounds like he’s a wannabe vamp boy with the blood rituals & is into probably some weird fetish kink sex where he probably dresses up as a fang boy with the leather straps & all black eye contacts & likes women to melt candle wax on his pale & unseemly torso while chewing the air shouting Brains (okay maybe not that last part but the rest… I’m sorry for the visuals) Heather probably dresses up as a naughty nun chasing him around the room with a plastic crucifix screaming “be gone demon” she thinks an incubus is a kinda cool nightmare, translate to she doesn’t actually know what is it & showcasing when hobbies & persona is hollow.

No. 1518211

target salary though, eugh

like legit heather, I want better for you but you have to actually want it too

yeah, this might just her waxing poetic for the 10000th time, I'll believe it when I see moving boxes and her hemming and hawing over deciding what pictures of dead people she doesn't know to bring

then it'll be a countdown of
>brought here on lies, trapped here in gettysburg, woe woe

No. 1518305


kek I gotta say every time I read Lurch I think I have the Luna thread open

No. 1519460

File: 1651683184455.jpg (75.92 KB, 720x1280, 75yfr1MT2m_exported_133.jpg)

Lurch posted this today. Wonder how long before we have to move these two over to the 'Trve Vikings Only' thread.

No. 1519493

I met her on tinder a few years ago. I definitely left with the impression that she’s bipolar or something. Sad, despair at one point then hyper sexual and crazy in another. She wanted to bang almost immediately and insisted that I not wear a condom. Tried to guilt me into finishing inside of her without clarifying if she was even on BC. Ghosted her pretty quick. I visit my sister in Pittsburgh a few times a year and a small part of me dreads that I might bump into her, but judging by these posts and the guys she’s gone through, known and unknown, she probably wouldn’t even remember me. I have talked to a guy who did sleep with her, but she didn’t ask those things of him. He said sex with her is very vanilla, like almost boring. She just laid there and moaned, like a bad porn. Great body (at the time) but didn’t seem to know how to use it.(scrote)

No. 1519499

Kys male no one wants you here

No. 1519520

Ew, no one wants to read your gross fanfiction. Go away.

No. 1519593

And on things today that didn’t happen….
a) how did you find the thread?
b) you just happened find someone else that slept with her?

No. 1519781

File: 1651702784446.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, E6D5DFBF-6F9F-400C-85DC-7889C7…)

She’s already deleted the story that basically said she’s so burnt out from working non-stop that it’s time for her to become self-employed. She also blames her weight gain on work related stress.
Basically she’s quitting her job - her only source of regular income - and planning to move. Amazing.
Here’s the second part of the story…

No. 1519787

File: 1651702915858.jpg (346.29 KB, 720x1262, Screenshot_20220504-165311_Ins…)

Poor Heather can't handle the stress of a 40-hour work week and having hobbies.

No. 1519824

>self employed

The fuck does she plan to do for income? Retry her failed youtube? Become a photographer for hire and take critique professionally? Mythical OF saga feat. her terrible cleavage?

Cue eventual paragraph on paragraph of “no one will hire me cause i’m too weird and spooky!!”

No. 1519828

what a surprise, a guy who’s more interested than the others enters the picture and she’s already taking steps towards financial dependence on him.

No. 1519871


If he’s the sole breadwinner if they are moving in together, watch the new romance being to burn as financial stress takes hold, Her quitting her job is a big mistake - she needs money to live, we all do. Her YouTube channel is dead - to make it as a photographer takes years … she’s so delusional & I agree she’s already prepping Lurch to be her caretaker & provider. But is he gonna be in on this? Doubt it when he’s the one paying all the bills, food, gas, spending money, she’s a spaz, I have zero sympathy for her.

No. 1519889


I am sure he is completely okay with it. He seems like the type of dude to trap her like her ex. This whole situation is not going to end well for her. Again.

No. 1519901

she’s moving so fast and this is going to blow up for all the reasons you listed, but this is what she’s been chomping at the bit for. her autistic meltdowns and constant “woe is me” sessions that have piled up over the years were all caused by the fact that she couldn’t get a scrote to fall in love and take care of her IMMEDIATELY. forget letting a relationship develop naturally and seeing what happens, she wanted a live-in slave and wanted him stat. it’s not just outstandingly pathetic, but dangerous too. desperation? zero financial independence? isolated from family? what can possibly go wrong!

No. 1519910

incoming Hagther tradwife saga?

No. 1520005

Living for a scrote is the definition of pathetic and depressing.

No. 1520008

So Heather's existence in a nutshell.

No. 1521477

Being self-employed is often more work than just having a retail job, but whatever you say, Heather.

No. 1521530

Being self-employed to Heather's mind is spending a man's money on trinkets, under the guise of growing her "social media brand". Doesn't surprise me that both her and her ex husband are still in debt, hope Lurch has good credit.

No. 1521555

Yeah wait until she finds out she has to file and pay her own taxes.

No. 1521559

I'm assuming that was part of her whining when Adam did her taxes and she got no money from it, and she threw a hissy fit because she thought she would get money if she did everything herself.

… because she was self employed the previous year, and wasn't paying taxes on her income all year round.

No. 1522434

File: 1651943206810.jpg (232.72 KB, 720x1280, AgCRsZfSCt_exported_33.jpg)

Someone sends her a wholly positive message and she still can't resist proclaiming "YOU SAID I WOULD NEVER FIND ANYONE BUT YOU'RE WRONG, HATERS!!!!" at the end of her reply. Relax, girl.
Didn't she say all this same stuff about PapeRyan, by the way? We saw how long that lasted.

No. 1522477

File: 1651945937668.png (502.74 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20220507-134846.png)

Posting again to add some tinfoil: Lurch has been posting Instagram stories heavily featuring music from artists like Death in June and Der Blutharsch. These are both known neo-facist bands, in some cases banned from performing in certain cities and recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as "white power music." The singer of one of these groups recently died and Lurch posted a story saying RIP (picrel) so it's hard to imagine he's just a casual listener and doesn't know anything about the band itself. We also know he loves Norwegian Black Metal (and posted about his 4% Norwegian ancestry). Many bands in that genre are famously white supremacist and violently homophobic.
Nonnies… I think Lurch might be a neo-facist.

No. 1522565

File: 1651953720307.jpeg (121.59 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

No. 1522912

Heather / if you are lurking on here - dump your latest beaus ass. He’s a Neo Nazi. Your choice in men is questionable but this just takes the bucket - you have e decided the one is a white supremacist.

No. 1522922

>sloppy cutie
lmao what is this even supposed to mean?

No wonder he's trying to make heather his lil trad wife. Heather must be seeing all this as a true gentlemen spooky boy here to rescue her from the haturz and mend her broken heart. Instead he's your typical backwoods, inbred looking, white supremacist. kek

No. 1523764

File: 1652090684970.png (5.86 MB, 1596x1740, ryan#53.png)

she's been nonstop lurch posting. Really wonder what the shelf life on this one is going to be.

No. 1524010

Further tinfoil, a lot of her dates are put off by her having a chan thread (even if it's femcel girlchan) but if he's a neonazi he's definitely also a channer. And he probably complains about how people are put off by his interests kek.

No. 1524016

I give this one max of 3 months purely for the fact he lives 3 hours away. That tattooed gun-slinging Ryan, I can't remember what we called him, lasted longer than most because he lived farther away.

No. 1524132

I'm saying 6 to 12 months, he seems to like her personality and that she would do everything for him, even move and stay at home. Guess it won't be easy to get rid of him.
And kek to his outfit, he looks like one of those black metal guys, being able to tell you every little boring detail about Burzum, even every date and every location of every single church they burnt and how long it took til the church caught fire.

No. 1524450

Wow, a neo nazi lol

No. 1524578

Burzum is one guy. He didn't start Burzum as a project until after the church burnings.

You guys know that lots of people like Black Metal and aren't nazis right? Same with bands like Death in June. Douglas P is literally homosexual so many natsocs are put off by him actually. This dude seems like he is likely apolitical and edgy as fuck.

No. 1524593

I’m not gonna assume he’s a nazi based solely on his music taste, but I’m still gonna watch with interest. Something is off about this dude and I wanna know what it is.

No. 1524597

You're right, he definitely could just be ignorant/edgy and not actually have fascist beliefs himself. I just thought it was enough of a theme in his very public taste in music that it was worth bringing some attention to.

No. 1524626

He gives off very obvious incel vibes, so fascist tendencies would fit with that.

No. 1524687

I agree, I'm interested in where this'll go

he's already done weird blood stuff but maybe that's the worst of it, but then again maybe not

No. 1524733

sry, meant Mayhem and I, personally, nowhere said he is a nazi, I just compared him to the black metal guys I've met along my way. Well, after all I don't have to date him, just here to see how long this will go on.

No. 1525315

OT but Mayhem had nothing to do with the church burnings, it was just Varg, who was barely apart of the band to begin with. Burzum is his project. I think its wilder that he is both a convicted murderer AND church arsonist than anything. He's entertaining now to say the least his YouTube channel was a source of comedy. I think he has or had a LC thread.

No. 1525319

He's out of shape and is hanging out with Heather I think he's just mentally ill and edgy and black metal is a magnet for weirdos like that. I've interacted with a fair amount of fashy dudes and the majority of them have a "look". Skinfade, in decent shape, militant dress. Most of them aren't heavily tattooed, even the ones in the alternative scene. This guy just strikes me as as try hard "trve kvlt" black metal nerd.(learn2sage)

No. 1526009

File: 1652298363286.jpg (203.73 KB, 720x1267, Screenshot_20220511-093739_Ins…)

I agree with other anons, I think he's got a lot of cow potential himself, I think he's gonna stay around for longer than average.

No. 1526030

Please sage your black metal sperging or take it to the Trve Vikings thread. No one cares about the boring drone music you enjoy or the "fashy dudes" you hang out with itt.

No. 1526050

I can’t stop laughing at this.
Who posts cringy lyrics like this to a photo of you & your partner kissing? Lurch looks like he’s in his late twenties (27/28) both of them are too old for this teenage angst.

No. 1526130

For someone obsessed with being seen as ‘goth’ - Heather has the fashion sense of some prairie Amish. Makes all her terrible thirst posts ironic, as she constantly looks like she’s just left a church service.

No. 1526144

The choice of never be found as lyrics to attach to a photo of you (awkwardly) kissing a woman you essentially just met in a desolate area, yeah I got some alarm bells ringing

No. 1526285

Go fuck yourself(sperg)

No. 1526307

Kek you a Lurch-type simp or something? What an odd topic to in-fight about on a Heather thread. Sit down and breath nonny - no one cares about what defines black metal. Let’s just sit back and watch Heather suddenly claim in a week how ‘hardcore metal’ she is.

No. 1526416

Hey anon, type sage in the email field so you stop bumping the thread for non-milk.

No. 1526494

The go fuck yourself comment was not me, I'm the black metal sperg anon. Either way he strikes me as a run of the mill edgy boy that's all I was getting at. I've just dealt with a fair share of ideologically possessed music weirdos and he doesn't strike me as one at all. Doesn't strike me as a Paul Waggener fan boy to day the least.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 1526512

I think they're cute together, heather was pathetic but seeing her smile with this guy is heartwarming, i hope he's not a weirdo and just likes edgy stuff to feel like he has a personality

No. 1526556

This is a nice song, though, Life on Venus makes very pleasant shoegaze, nothing particularly original, but still nice to listen. The only problem with this band is their origin country (Putinland :< they seem to not support the war, tho)(:<)

No. 1526648


I definitely don’t think they are cute together. They both seem desperate and it’s mostly cringe. I think it will last a while, but end horribly. He seems like the type that once he’s latched on, he won’t get her go easily.

No. 1526739

and Heather is the exact same so that's why they're good for each other

No. 1526786

Please learn to sage nonnies. Type sage in the email field.

No. 1527622

File: 1652456883918.jpg (322.24 KB, 720x1271, Screenshot_20220513-001210_Ins…)

Incoming mini-rant from Heather last night. She posted it around midnight and deleted early in the morning. I'm saging because it's the same old rant we've heard from her before

No. 1527629

File: 1652457357938.jpg (241.89 KB, 720x1244, Screenshot_20220513-001217_Ins…)


No. 1527637

File: 1652458020645.jpg (265.86 KB, 720x1246, Screenshot_20220513-002257_Ins…)


No. 1527640

File: 1652458328457.jpg (315.15 KB, 720x1261, Screenshot_20220513-002332_Ins…)


No. 1527645

“It wasn’t me” she says, as if she didn’t air out all her dirty laundry and publicly defame all her exs. Or as if she didn’t full on STALK a man. Who am I kidding though, we already know she isn’t capable of taking responsibility for her part in everything that happened to her in the last 3-4 yrs

No. 1527669

Oh god is she going to rant this stupid shit every month. Get over it. No one gives a fuck about you and your hobbies. If lurch isn't with her she goes on these rants.

No. 1527681

You’re a victim we get it. Boo boo. The only person still going on with this narrative is you. These are all your insecurities you are projecting as that’s what you think about yourself. That’s why you can’t just shut up & live your life. Not every thought in that head of yours needs to be broadcasted. She probably had a wobble posted it & then took it down. If it’s such a fuck you to all of those ‘haters’ why do you keep deleting these as soon as you post them?

No. 1527888

I always laugh when a girl falls in love with a guy she’s known for 6 seconds. The whirlwind romance will end and she will post a pic of herself in a low cut shirt by July 4th. Calling it now.(sage your shit)

No. 1527904


SEE THE EMAIL - TYPE SAGE in there before you post before I take an aneurysm(just report it and move on)

No. 1527963

Are you a teenager nonna? Because there's nothing "cute" about lovebombing a guy you barely just met and basing your entire identity around him, it's pathetic and rarely ends well.

No. 1527987

kek any time a guy can tolerate her for more than a week she hops on Instagram all fired up about hobbies and wearing black and her love quest is over and she’ll show us all!!! She’s so convinced other people are actively keeping happiness from her…all anyone ever has to do is wait and she’ll fuck things up all on her own.

No. 1528217

I think the way she smiles when she's with him is cute. Have you seen most irl relationships? Women pretending to be into sport and videogames? I find how happy she looks to be cute even though it's kooky and fast and probably not going to end well. Hence my hoping he's not a weirdo.

No. 1528286

File: 1652499141177.jpeg (83.19 KB, 640x1137, download.jpeg)

She's back at it. Posting her old high school photos claiming she has always been an outcast. Is this Heather's "happy in a relationship stage" or are things getting rocky and this is the first sign?

No. 1528290

File: 1652499312461.png (480.08 KB, 400x704, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 9.31…)

No. 1528347

File: 1652502397088.jpeg (186.32 KB, 736x1140, BE3CA3CD-F367-48D3-A9D5-6463F6…)

If she was going for "vintage clown/pierrot" makeup, she finally hit the mark

No. 1528351

File: 1652502930847.png (399.1 KB, 394x702, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 10.3…)

kek here we go

No. 1528370

>Dont let anyone act like they dont know your story.
She meant *you dont know your story but this made me laugh because its so stupid.

No. 1528658

While she seems to have a victim narrative, I do believe the stuff about her ex is true, he used to lurk and post in these threads years back, and recently his troon degenerate friend made that video of old clips of heather and linked it here.
I don't really believe the rest of her victim narrative (why would youtube conments call you evil for wearing black and tell you to take pills?) and as someone in the doll community, literally nobody ever and I mean ever mentions her, like not once over years have I ever seen her name mentioned in a comment or dicussion or even "where did x go" - so if she was getting shit comments it wasn't from the doll community (maybe her ex and some sockpuppet accounts? We've seen this shit before with creepshowart)
So yeah she is a victim but from that specific man and his degen friends.

No. 1528972

I don’t really know what is going on with Heather. But either way she shouldn’t air her dirty laundry on Instagram. She needs to stop buying crap and speak to a lawyer or law enforcement if she really has a problem.

No. 1529611

He was born in 1994, so you're spot-on, nona.
>only one person who's opinion matters now
God, that's pathetic. She's known this dude for a month, maybe? Everything in her life is secondary to having some dweeb who gives her attention.
Can't wait to see how their full-week vacation together turns out. Taking bets on if spending that much time together triggers the beginning of the end.

No. 1531024

I don’t feel like reading through 10 other message boards to find the answer, but does Heather have a dad? I’ve read so much about her living at home or with her ex, but have never seen anyone mention a dad.

No. 1531302

No clue about her real dad, but she lives with her mom and a step dad.

No. 1532809

File: 1652907167426.jpg (687.64 KB, 1079x1190, SmartSelect_20220518-155134_In…)

She's driving so I bet this new Ryan doesn't have a car..

No. 1532826

girl get your hand on the prndl

No. 1532881

Why does she never go for older men? Someone in their late 30s/ early 40s - maybe a divorce under their belt - would have a car/ career/ hobbies/ money in the bank. She keeps latching on to young-ish men, then whines about the lack of maturity when the inevitable break up happens.

No. 1532940

It's an automatic and she's on the highway. she's fine

No. 1533021


it made me chuckle to imagine Heather behind the wheel of a standard. Girl regularly panics at the smallest parts of driving, mostly rural areas, in an automatic. It would be chaos

No. 1533422

File: 1652968053621.jpeg (953.38 KB, 1283x2240, E00F4F2F-D0F3-4A1E-97E8-37A16D…)

Still breathtakingly bad at fashion, I see.

No. 1533437

That awkward pose she always does at 3/4 angle with the leg always pointed out gets me every fucking time.

No. 1533459

Hot Topic Grandma rides again

No. 1533594

This whole aesthetic ages her so poorly - literally the trope of ‘divorcee raiding a teens closet’ crisis.

No. 1533600

she looks poorly photoshopped into the thumbnail version of this kek "bloodryan sent me in here for a cask of amontillado, isn't he romantic"

No. 1533608

She looks like the apprentice medieval stable boy in those leggings and skirt. She’s short but needs to learn to dress herself better. She has man shoulders.

No. 1533675

So hilarious to me she put those fuckin leggings on and went “perfect, perfect, perfect”

No. 1533704

it's just too much, the dress with another cardigan with nice tights and at least black, more feminine boots would have looked okay. Or the leggings with an little bit oversized t-shirt and again, black boots. This just looks like she tried on every single printed piece in a store and thought "oh, nice".

No. 1533812

Why is she wearing winter boots in May? Also, this mix of every single pattern… tragic.

No. 1536052

File: 1653226753857.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, 6FE218A0-7464-4856-BC7B-BEBFB1…)

What the fuck is she even talking about.

No. 1536169

Lol my first reaction when I saw this was "this bitch is unhinged."

No. 1536200

What's unclear about this, nonnies? The lighter lady understands her.

No. 1536217

she lives in her own delusion. I wouldn’t say world. she most likely submits her own questions to answer from a burner account. That’s when you know someone is sad & desperate when they have to find a reason to bring up something like this. She’s lonely. She’s got no friends & starts putting meaningful ties to old pieces of junk.

No. 1536231

She’s deleted all of these. Including the one where said social media is an illusion and she’s in the darkest place she ever has been in her life.

No. 1536249

Whoa whoa whoa, did anyone get a screencap of this?

No. 1536294

>darkest place she's ever been in her life

all her stories currently are about a cemetery shoot and another vintage shop haul, I wonder what that was about

maybe she had a spat with bloodryan or something, god forbid someone has a different opinion

No. 1536310

maybe he wanted to watch a movie or go out to dinner
the absolute ABUSE, she’d be traumatized

No. 1536577

Maybe he told her he thinks Liquid Death is a gimmicky waste of money and he'd rather just drink tap water.

No. 1537641

File: 1653360307043.jpeg (380.79 KB, 1284x2282, download.jpeg)

No. 1537671

Absolutely no one "bullies" her for her extremely common, very tame hobby. People react badly to her because she's a terrifying stage 5 clinger with zero emotional regulation. But keep blaming the cameras and the clothes, I guess.

No. 1537898

Of course, but acknowledging that would mean accepting some responsibility.

No. 1538469

File: 1653397801599.jpg (284.56 KB, 1074x1613, Screenshot_20220524-090748_Ins…)

Yeah fucking right Heather. The only thing your good at is adding more clutter to your existing clutter and eat shit from gas stations.

No. 1538618

Firstly her followers tried to have her committed? How does that work giving her followers are spread all over the world & online… I don’t know where she got the trope people thought she was mentally ill because she likes cemeteries & alternative clothes. Maybe that’s something she’s cooked up to help her deal with reality & not tell people it was because she was violent & assaulted a police officer who was called during one of her manic outbursts or the promiscuity that often goes hand in hand with bipolar.

She struggles with admitting she is a flawed person with mental health issues & possibly an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. That’s why I think she regresses back to acting much younger than she is in her approach to relationships & the way she talks. She needs professional help, that doesn’t mean throw you in a mental institution & lock the door & throw away the key mentality. Talking therapy to identify your issues & help move on.

No. 1538991

File: 1653437537668.jpeg (320.15 KB, 1125x1923, 8C52E709-CB0F-4C12-90EF-C8BD42…)

Girl. No.

No. 1539058

>replace clutter with plants
>spend less money
How?? Collecting plants is expensive as fuck.

No. 1539139

Uh oh, is it another personality overhaul? Possibly to conform to some boy's interests? Kawaii → Pseudo-goth → Lots of Succulents?

No. 1539251

Wanda wants her vision back

No. 1539338

File: 1653487674974.jpg (1.25 MB, 1800x1800, Collage 2022-05-25 10_07_12.jp…)

That lasted all of 24 hours. Think it might be a new record.

No. 1539372

ngl I actually really hope she starts making videos again. Heather if you’re reading this do it!

No. 1539405

there is nothing outstanding or unique about her, why does she keep referencing her clothes? they are just black and frumpy, even in a small village no one would give a fuck about that. it's not like she is wearing a mohawk with clown paint, face tats and klaus nomi type suits..and even then, her problems are mental not physical

No. 1539481

she is the embodiment of frump. she keeps proclaiming the alt fashion is her real self but she always drifts back to this middle-aged office worker look.

No. 1539514

it’s the mile-wide part for me

No. 1539519

What even is that facial expression? She is giving me major dead fish vibes.

No. 1539527

File: 1653501821856.jpeg (14.48 KB, 275x183, A31C60A8-1E75-4DF9-B77F-493590…)

she’s the queen of the desert

No. 1539529

File: 1653501857649.jpeg (439.12 KB, 2048x2048, 5686814C-E6A6-4F90-B53E-F2EEF1…)

I’m sexy

No. 1539538

File: 1653502056062.jpeg (221.31 KB, 1124x1308, F668E86C-AC40-40D5-A472-3ABAC3…)

Heather in 20 years still posting the same thirst traps

No. 1539541

File: 1653502269638.jpeg (205.68 KB, 1125x1191, CB762B41-FD6C-473B-826B-6A59F2…)

What Heather thinks she looks like

No. 1539547

File: 1653502646249.jpeg (226.47 KB, 828x749, 50399115-D5C2-4AC7-9215-1A641D…)

If they were an Instagram travel couple

No. 1539549

File: 1653502905105.jpeg (571.45 KB, 828x1080, 439C515B-5472-4ED4-90A1-F5AECE…)

If Heather & Lurch were one person(stop with the autistic fan art)

No. 1539596

Stop posting fan art, fucking sperg.

No. 1539670


She should really go with this hairstyle. Would suit her better.

No. 1539763

It’s not fan art. You missed the point completely.

No. 1539778

not that anon, but posting edits you made yourself is classified as fan art and against the rules here. It just wastes time for people looking for actual updates.

No. 1540766

File: 1653572574973.jpg (338.6 KB, 455x833, SmartSelect_20220526-084153_In…)

The outfit
The pose
The facial expression

No. 1540855

this is the worst shes looked

No. 1540884

Now imagine it with the new glasses.

No. 1540893

She's trying waaaaay too hard to be goth. Heather, just wear some plain black clothes instead of these childish patterns, you'll look a thousand times better.

No. 1541098

Wasting time? You speds literally live online making fun of people. It's funny as fuck. STFU(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1541099

Learn to read the rules, newfag

No. 1541138

this is so autistic kek but she would look really good with her hair and makeup done like this

No. 1541170

File: 1653598978884.jpeg (572.89 KB, 1283x1884, AB604FD1-266C-4220-8B1B-1BB436…)

This dude actually seems really good for heather. I hope he can help her get to where she wants to be!

No. 1541177

I wish, but I just know she's gonna fuck it up in the next month. Heather, PLEASE prove me wrong, at this point I'm begging. This circle of misery is exhausting to watch, I can imagine how tiring it must be to live like this.

No. 1541190

You're the only one making autistic AF edits. Posting snark on LC while on the toilet =/= living online. Go touch some grass.

Cautiously optimistic that they'll be good for each other. She really does need therapy for her cyclic behaviors and persecution complex though if she wants to keep him.

No. 1541202

Never believe what you read on social media. He’s a former addict. Hasn’t she made it clear she hates drinking & people who just want to get ‘fucked up’ that won’t go down well. Not saying he’s a bad dude but he’s got issues & might be on a path but could self destruct as any moment especially with Heather along for the ride aswell. It’s just doing to take him to say no to her one time & she’s going to post a 30 page story time on IG how she’s meant to be alone & she’s so lonely & then dirty delete.

No. 1541211

Isn't a sober person the ideal match for someone who is trying to stay away from substances?

No. 1541235

Yea a sober person is exactly who a former addict would want to be with. Also it’s a stretch to even say he’s an addict. He just said he stopped doing drugs. Could be as simple as he stopped smoking weed. And just because he chose to stop drinking doesn’t mean he was an alcoholic

No. 1541259

he said “recreational/abuse of drugs” which sounds like he had some kind of problem with them at some point, but yeah, a teetotaler like Grandma Heather is honestly a good choice for someone avoiding substances

No. 1541543

Although at first glimpse Heather would be a good match, I'm now afraid she will add drama to his life and that's just not what this guy needs when he seems to be on the right track after some trouble. I'm afraid she will fuck him up.

No. 1542095

Yeah, we can't forget that she is still unstable as all hell and hasn't done an ounce of self work or gone to therapy ever.
Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she's better. She'll throw tantrums, she'll call disagreements "abuse," she'll flop around helplessly and force him to play saviour over retarded shit.
Then he'll run away and she'll blame her leggings again. We just have to wait.

No. 1542153

File: 1653702263085.jpg (230.76 KB, 1080x1919, xLrNgW4rji.jpg)

Weighing in on topics she has only the most shallow understanding of. Can someone explain to me why Heather brings up Sharon Tate so often?

No. 1542376

she thinks she looks like her.
she doesn’t.

No. 1542553

She posted she was excited about Stranger Things last night. I thought she didn’t watch TV? Assuming her boyfriend likes the show then.

No. 1542567

sad, just adopting someone else’s personality… I thought she was all about never changing yourself for anyone.

No. 1543531

File: 1653847917896.jpg (172.6 KB, 828x1472, hBo1R2fBkw.jpg)

Lmao Lurch is going to bring our little prairie goth to see Cradle of Filth.

No. 1543540

it feels like she is adjusting towards him. I think I never saw her mentioning anything about music she likes, but I could have missed something.

No. 1543582

The only music I've seen her reference is Taylor Swift. Who knows if she genuinely enjoys metal, but she definitely got into it recently because of Lurch.

No. 1543616

It's been all Taylor Swift and Halsey with very very occasional Type O Negative when she's trying to prove what a goth she is. She has never expressed the slightest interest in metal.

No. 1543648

Taylor Swift and Halsey, very close to the band she will be watching. Oh, it might be fun how she will post about Cradle of Filth after that concert, kek

No. 1543748

I can't wait to see her outfit/makeup for the show.

No. 1545300

File: 1654029202832.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1774, SmartSelect_20220531-153245_In…)

No. 1545341

He sounds just like her.
Also why does this look like a webcam pic from 2006 with a crappy sepia filter over it.
Like at least take a decent pic.

No. 1545451

Lmao. She really managed to find someone just as desperate and cringe as she is.

No. 1545561

I would never think of goth love looking at that pic. How is either of them goth? kek

No. 1545615

They look like they're the middle-America normie parents of 3 rambunctious young boys.

No. 1545808

File: 1654080739349.png (7.44 MB, 1125x2436, 7D91C2BB-5F4B-495F-87A1-718373…)

Already deleted. Yikes. Hah

No. 1545826

Heather posted that?

No. 1545829

She did, I also saw it. She posted it the day after her boyfriend posted something similar on his.

No. 1546054

File: 1654105842606.jpeg (351.35 KB, 1284x2282, download.jpeg)

Cringy couples stay together I guess 1/2

No. 1546055

File: 1654105916159.png (374.26 KB, 390x684, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 11.4…)

Lurch's version 2/2

No. 1546058

File: 1654106108876.png (390.02 KB, 392x692, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 6.10…)

And big strong woman against the world

No. 1546062

Can't they text each other? This is so performative.
I'm actually proud of her for this. That shit was basically a physical manifestation of her emotional baggage, I hope this helps her grow.

No. 1546115

File: 1654111459637.jpg (204.92 KB, 720x1267, Screenshot_20220530-000400_Ins…)

While we're uploading cringe pics from the happy couple, here's one from this past weekend that made me wanna barf.

No. 1546118

Why does she looks like his mother here?

No. 1546206

why? Just why? Why is he shirtless & why are they photographing themselves like this?
I know it’s for IG but if you have to ‘prove’ your relationship to the world by doing things like this - it’s not real.

No. 1546288

kek i love when she rewrites history like this. Acting like people weren't begging her to sell her collection, but she wouldn't do it just to spite them all

No. 1546293

this is so fabulous
they are perfect for each other
I want them to have a hilariously cringe wedding and live sappily ever after

No. 1546433

They’re both so doughy looking kek - Heather side eyeing her phone just ups the performance of this relationship. Her ex husband still lives rent free in her head - just can’t help but act like a teenager online with every new guy to prove she’s “happy”.

No. 1546440

giving huge “embarrassing prom chaperones” vibes

No. 1546468

high key want her to list them only so I can maybe buy something but she probably took them to good will or something damnit

No. 1546588

Both of these make me want to die. I hope they stay together forever but this screams red flag to me for whatever reason.

No. 1546605

Giving me maternity photo vibes except that instead of the woman being shirtless it is him but heather still has the belly.

No. 1547115

Because she's still a broken record about her melodramatic underdog narrative … instead of just posting about being happy with her boyfriend. (Or not posting at all).

No. 1547155

Excited for this plant collecting era. Rare plants sell for hundreds up to literal thousands of dollars, and we know Heather loves to impulse spend on her collections.

No. 1547217

I can only assume her newfound love for plants is because Lurch likes plants?

No. 1547331

I give those poor plants 3 weeks. If that.

No. 1547524

Nah, all three of those are hardy af. They are exactly what get recommended as "beginner" and "unkillable." The snake plant and ZZ plant especially both thrive on neglect, the only way she could kill them is if she goes the opposite direction and overwaters, etc. Sorry for plantposting.

No. 1548358

File: 1654294624595.jpg (220.68 KB, 720x1264, Screenshot_20220603-151602_Ins…)

I'm excited for this phase too.

No. 1548468

File: 1654305792326.jpg (923.62 KB, 1079x2090, Screenshot_20220603-202527_Sam…)

Overworked working part time. Pay check to paycheck with no rent…k

No. 1548501

whoops, somebody spilled a bucket of Not Like Other Girls

No. 1548506


says the girl whining about one of the Tate murderers being up for parole. You don't listen to celebrity what now?

No. 1548723

But I’m not like other girls….
When the f where you into plants & owls? Oh yeah when you met your latest squeeze.

No. 1548762

File: 1654344166208.jpeg (965.43 KB, 1125x2005, 40DE2CDF-1B7C-4290-86B2-654B1E…)

I thought she was done spending money?

No. 1549273

No one in an actual relationship would post something this mundane. "So I bought this toothbrush to brush my teeth at my boyfriend's house". Could she make it any more obvious that she's trying to compensate for all those cringe lonely posts and trying to prove that 1 person can finally tolerate her for the time being.

No. 1549369

She’s trying her hardest to make sure everyone knows she has a boyfriend. It’s pitiful actually, she’s that insecure in her relationship she needs to prove every moment. If it’s not the need to share his hobbies probably in a desperate deeply rooted attempt to make him like her more, or the constant need to post him or getting him to post her (that’s what teenagers do) I do feel terribly sorry for her. She’s so insecure. One moment it’s I am never going to change for no one & curb my spending, next moment she’s changing her interests & spending money. Stop posting every thought & experience on social media.

No. 1550575

File: 1654481560536.png (1007.24 KB, 860x968, 29348FHDE2.png)

They are one and the same(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1550586

sage your autism

No. 1550698

Yeah I don't even understand the comparison

No. 1550712

Autustic edits anon is probably one of her exes who thinks she aboosed him (please, she can barely fight her way out of a paper bag)

No. 1550724

the fact they even bothered to warp her photo to fit properly shows entirely too much effort lmao. definitely reeks of vendetta posting.

No. 1551045

File: 1654533158689.png (1.43 MB, 692x1176, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 10.3…)

No. 1551095

Kek what the fuck does that even mean?
>knowing what I’ve lost
>choose this path again
This is on par with women that use the up “Can’t handle me at my worst/ Don’t deserve me at my best” quote as a cope.

No. 1551118

File: 1654537603383.jpeg (762.89 KB, 1283x2253, 617FE6A7-95A1-4831-9E4A-2FDA0D…)

Girl you aren’t even engaged yet

No. 1551131

She posted an ugly couch the other day saying it was the kind of furniture she and her boyfriend want when they live together. She moves so fast.

No. 1551202


Remember when she said she wasn’t ever going to get married again? This is going to end tragically.

No. 1551220

Her taste in aesthetics is hilarious - full tilt granny core shotgun wedding.

No. 1551264

File: 1654544683179.jpg (254.53 KB, 717x1265, Screenshot_20220606-133000_Ins…)

She posted this today too.

No. 1551292

Fuck - if it wasn’t for the ‘Flour’ text, legit thought these were cremation urns based on the caption.

No. 1551574

File: 1654560195656.png (41.33 KB, 682x354, Screenshot 2022-06-06 200142.p…)

"Asking for a friend"…yep. Thought you didn't have those, Heather? Already talking marriage with Lurch?

No. 1551660

holy shit lol. she’s seriously going to make the same mistakes all over again.

No. 1551669

It's her ex husband's tranner friend. He's in love with Heather's ex husband so he comes here to dog on her. Likely the same one with the stupid "big bird" posts.

No. 1551683

No fuckin way! I can’t wait for this saga: Lurches lil spoopy wiferoni

No. 1551901

Wait what
>I'm not going to be apart from the love of my life forever
>our kitchen

Betting she doesn't even know his grandma's first name

No. 1552035

They went on their first date just one month ago. The fact that they're even considering marriage already is fucking wild. But I'm here for this mess.

No. 1552055

I'm thinking it will be a late summer, early autumn wedding and pregnancy around the end of spring 2023. Except they go to Cradle of Filth and she hates it and they split up.

No. 1552771

holy fuck, history’s first documented Stage 6 Clinger
what a time to be alive

No. 1553263

She’s such an attention seeker.

Does anyone know of any good places in Gettysburg… spez’s like her can’t just either keep their personal lives personal, but can’t come out with it outright either. It’s just hint hint wink wink. You are not getting married anytime soon Heather so stop with the freaking dramatics. 50% of the world’s population are coupled up. Being in a relationship isn’t a new thing so why the fuck are you spazzing so hard. Oh yeah creating a false reality cause you can’t just enjoy things, it has to be broadcast all over your socials.

No. 1553273

I'm starting to think that reality is less real to her than social media is.

No. 1554276

File: 1654770403690.webm (4.29 MB, 720x1280, Moving in together so we can b…)

Some little clips of Heather being happy and completely deadpanning this announcement about moving in with the "love of her life" and applying for a "dream job" close to him like it has not been only 4 weeks. I can't imagine thinking all these serious things about a guy I met one month ago and completely seriously wanting to move in with them, but I'm glad she's happy and positive for once.

No. 1554278

File: 1654770491367.webm (4.34 MB, 720x1280, and to be with the love of my …)

No. 1554280

File: 1654770615427.webm (3.81 MB, 720x1280, I think it will be amazing.web…)

No. 1554303

Oh, that Heather.

No. 1554319

What do we think her "dream job" is nonnies? I'm guessing the HR department at Target.

No. 1554320

I reckon it's something to do with civil war cemeteries. Heather unfortunately isn't really qualified for anything, so I'm not sure how she's going to make herself an attractive candidate… anyone know if she went to college at all?

No. 1554332

I also think it’s just something at Target.

No. 1554494

Do we have to bait her this far?

No. 1554597

Sorry to derail but is that a massive portrait of herself behind her?

No. 1554603

It absolutely is.

No. 1554809

Kek she’s so desperate to be a ‘wife’ and online personality again. Her ex-husband and previous lifestyle continue to live in her head rent free - but she refuses to just let go and move on (ironically from issues of her own doing). You have to feel a little sorry for Lurch - being used for a manic social media fantasy is pretty sad.

No. 1554841

If it's a retail job that doesn't offer worker discounts I'll eat my own foot. Knowing how inconsistent, fidgety and lackluster she is, there is barely a way she'd get a job level above retail, too.

No. 1555277

I agree with you that she's being positive, which is a rare sight, but no part of me can say Hags is actually "happy." She really, desperately needs professional help. This is going to turn into a milkfest, I'm almost certain.

No. 1555384

I hope so. I miss the days of ryanz

No. 1555590


She had a real Freudian slip in her last round of videos and referred to lurch as “the person I’m in love with right now” so maybe there will still be more ryanz for us yet

No. 1555867

I'm throwing my guess that some local funeral home/cemetery is looking for a part-time receptionist.

No. 1555989

don’t say that, Lord imagine your nearest & dearest have died, & she greets you, with goggle eyes & witchy chin, the faded blonde side part hanging limply off her head like an extra zombie in the walking dead.

No. 1556017

and in her breaks she will take pictures on the graveyard and of the jewellery you gave your loved ones to wear on their way into the grave. Nothing wrong with loving graveyards and all that, but I think she isn't mentally suited for such a workplace.

No. 1556042

Don't worry nonnies, I really doubt it's that. She said there were only three positions available in the state, which sounds either corporate or government… definitely not a small funeral home.

No. 1556372

Her latest story dump she said she hoped her other teammates are cool. It’s target.

No. 1556804

Definitely target. She mentioned "transferring" in one of her FB posts. I'll have to scroll through to find it though. I'd bet money it's the customer service desk or shift lead at Target.

No. 1556814

Target dream job? I wonder what that is supposed to mean. A specific department?

No. 1556832

Omg you guys maybe she's going to work at a SUPER target, that's what all regular target employees dream of…

No. 1556876

>she greets you
GoOd MoUrNiNg!

No. 1557182

File: 1654962871284.jpg (116.72 KB, 828x1472, JER8MzLSC2.jpg)

Lurch is a plant guy, confirmed.

No. 1557223

She's so predictable, of course she's suddenly sooper interested in collecting plants. Empty-headed automaton parasite.

No. 1557564

it's nice if you try to understand or share your partner's interests, but changing everything about yourself for a guy? That isn't healthy and if this relationship might end, she might get a visit at a psychiatric ward, cause she won't be able to handle that.

No. 1557702

File: 1654988045472.png (8.38 MB, 1125x2436, 729DE633-E3DF-4767-ADC7-B67CDF…)

This is absolutely hilarious to me. Owls, plants, bad music. What a time to be alive.

No. 1557773

>wearing a bands shirt to their show

No. 1557778


yeah, he calls himself a musician and he is that type of person.

At a cradle of filth show.

No. 1557851

Dude's haircut says special needs

No. 1557991

That's not the only thing

No. 1558311

File: 1655054137471.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 849C4347-963C-4405-9E87-6E361D…)

Do we think the relationship survived the concert?

No. 1558331

She basically filmed the entire fucking thing and took a million selfies in the crowd, so I guess she had a good time and all is well.
Of course she's one of those people who will not put their phone down at a show. It always surprises me that people don't realize that both the band and the rest of the audience hate those people who have their phone held up through the whole thing.

No. 1558343

File: 1655057053281.jpg (136.47 KB, 720x1281, Screenshot_20220612-075221_Ins…)

Lmao anon I took a ss of the exact same story because look at that face.

No. 1558364

I couldn’t believe how long she kept the same exact face, like she was on a roller coaster kek

No. 1558365

I noticed he was filming too so hopefully they both weren’t doing it the ENTIRE time

No. 1558376

I will casually knock into those people.
OOPS sorry I headbutted your arm? I didn't realize your hand was RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD with a phone camera?

Also she didn't get the jesus is a cunt shirt. :((((:((()

No. 1558960

It's as though she thought she was taking a photo lol

No. 1559592

Very off topic - but the led string lights hung on the ceiling sprinkler system are fucking hilarious.

No. 1560325

I hate women who change themselves completely for a man. She is claiming to love heavy music now and her plants piss me off so much. She truly has no idea who she really is.

No. 1560422

Same. The one thing we do know for certain about the "real Heather" is that she's an endless black hole of neediness. That will become apparent soon enough, as soon as they settle in and she doesn't feel like she needs the fake personality traits anymore.

No. 1560499

She’ll post a rant soon enough how she’s always loved plants & heavy metal music (cue the reposting of her goth photos as a teenager to PROVE it) it will be so out of the blue to her followers who don’t know this thread exists but she’ll do it as she can’t resist the endless need to show us this is her ‘true self’

No. 1560519

No screencap (sorry) but she was saying in one of the million insta stories during the Cradle of Filth show that it was a "teenage dream come true." Clearly she's already spinning that narrative.

No. 1560531

Yeah see that’s not normal if you feel the need to justify every thing you do to strangers.

No. 1560619

>teenage dream

Her obsession with her teen years as justification for every personality shift is just sad. She has developed zero legitimate hobbies or interests in well over a decade - what a hollow way of living.

No. 1560631

I feel the same. I can understand that you might look into the hobbies and interests your new partner has, but she just dropped everything and does what he likes. A month ago she was listening to Taylor Swift, now Cradle of Filth and those types of music are so far away from each other. I've seen Cradle of Filth years ago, can't imagine one single person at that show liking Taylor Swift or something similar. If she would have mentioned the band only one time before, I would believe her. As it is right now, she is morphing into the perfect wife for her new partner.

No. 1560654

Exactly. It’s totally cool to find new things, and I’m sure he’d still like her with her other interests. Lurch is weird to me, too, but he has no idea who he is dating. The three hour distance is the only thing keeping their relationship “strong” cause there is no time to discover the crazy.

No. 1560664

Yeah, I'm sure she's on best behavior for the limited time they spend together. He's in for a rude awakening if they really do move in together.

No. 1561305

Which is a bit sus. It's not like cradle of filth hardly perform for public. She could have seen them numerous times since her teenage years. Bit weird she never saw them before if she is such a fan.

No. 1561963

It’s cause she was never a fan - she’s a bland pickme that latches to the basic interests of whatever man she’s clinging to. Lurch is the fan - Heather is obsessing over projecting an image of “gothic romance” on a Hot Topic budget.

No. 1561986

I think it's not about "she could have seen them", as there are many people that haven't seen their favourite band even if they, from an outward position, could have seen them, it's more, she never mentioned Cradle of Filth. She shares everything on social media, but did she ever mention liking them or even used music from them in one of her posts?

No. 1562040

Is Lurch the most recent Ryan she has morphed her interests for? Usually, she is all about herself and refuses to budge because of her "weird interests". The last one seemed to be Ryan Z or the Ryan before him, Damien or something.

No. 1562603

File: 1655387171440.png (8.61 MB, 1125x2436, C5254255-C3AA-4EF0-8570-598D93…)

Can she not. And those glasses are terrible.

No. 1562666

She's giving all these plants the exact same humidity levels and lighting area. Can't wait to see half of them die in a month. Also I'm pretty sure she has some that are toxic to the family cat.

No. 1562785

File: 1655401239195.jpg (152.33 KB, 720x1280, q9af4HnhFw_exported_6533.jpg)

Goths of Walmart

No. 1562964

His teeth are fascinating, like they’re very small for his face & his mouth curls in the middle, I’ve never seen anyone with a smile like that, he is odd looking, he’s got American doll teeth, & Heather just looks like a 35 year old soccer mum here.

No. 1562966

Kek she looks like she could be his mom - her eyes are the biggest tell how fake her approach to relationships are. Lots of ‘me me me’ type of quotes along with the hobby shifts, how “lucky” and “happy” she apparently is - never feels like she truly cares about any of these men she cycles through.

No. 1563214

Heather’s my fav cow, so when I’m bored I like to reread previous threads. Most of the links to her rants don’t work anymore and it so disappointing

No. 1563488

100%. All the proof of this I need is how she lovebombs each new Ryan on social media, and then as soon as things go south she turns around and announces that she never cared in the first place.

No. 1564382

Wow, she really genuinely loves plants, they've been her secret favorite hobby all along, she just needed the right boi to come along to let her be her true self. And that true self loves the heck out of plants, Cradle of Filth, and shortbus haircuts.

No. 1565158

File: 1655583037540.webm (3.83 MB, 720x1280, AJMHzyo1Mc.webm)

Appropriate that she looks like she could be his mom, because this is a face only a mother could love.

No. 1565619

I am really rooting for LurchRyan, but in this video he looks slow

No. 1568479

The other night she posted a pretty long HeatherExplains about how she bombed her first interview for the dream job. Confirmed that it's a merchandising position for Target. I'm the anon who thought her dream job would have something to do with civil war cemeteries, and honestly now I feel dumb for giving her that much credit. No screencap because I don't know how to screen record and it was part of a big ramble.

No. 1568915

File: 1655917041624.jpg (757.86 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20220622-115542_In…)

She's so corny!
Never a single mention about plants until LurchRyan came into the picture. She talks so much about being her true self but she's as fake as they come kek

No. 1568958

Can’t wait for her next stories detailing her lifelong love for plants accompanied by an old middle school photo of her standing by a tree kek

No. 1568970

The phrase "plant mom" is making me want to a-log. It's like she's trying to be cringe.

No. 1568974

File: 1655921285477.jpg (424.17 KB, 720x1312, Screenshot_20220622-140543_Ins…)

Lmao she got the most expensive potting soil possible. The only people I know who use this brand are cannabis growers. What a funny coincidence.

No. 1568988

Oh my god the plant t shirt, what the fuck heather, I'm begging you to get a grip

No. 1568995

It continues to amaze me how immature Heather’s approach to relationships are - everything is constantly surface level. Already wearing plant themed shirts and full 180 on hobbies after almost 2 years of ‘spooky’. She’s so obsessed with being in a themed coupling - it’s sad she has zero motivation to connect with anyone naturally.

No. 1569003

>stupid hot
Dramatic af. Ban me for nitpicking idec but a bitch should read the room, or the news for 30 seconds.

No. 1569079

This is why the comments about Lurch looking slow and being weird are so funny to me. Her approach to relationships is so clingy and shallow, is anyone expecting her to be swept off her feet by some handsome gigachad? kek no if this sped-looking metal guy treats her well that’s pretty much her best case scenario. It’d be almost cute if it weren’t so fake.

No. 1569243

Came here to say this, i work in the industry and that soil is not cheap and also not super necessary for her style of plants. I live where the literal soil is made and it’s still $$$ here so I can only imagine how much it is there

No. 1569319

kek, the plant tshirt suddenly now that she's a "plant mom". She's like Abby Brown lite.

No. 1569402

She also got a plant mug she was drinking out of in front of her plants the other day. It also said plant mom. I didn't screenshot it tho.

No. 1569467

Right?? She's got a couple of basic pothos, a ZZ and a snake plant… plus a calathea that I'm sure won't last. That soil is way over the top, but it feels very Heather to substitute overspending for actual knowledge.

No. 1569728

Part of me thinks she bought it because of the colorful packaging.

No. 1569926

I can't wait for her to sperg out about people not liking her plant content and that they should just leave because this is who she really is.

No. 1569981

there's no way she's not going to kill all of those plants. i've never seen someone act like such a fucking know it all and a helpless idiot at the same time.

No. 1570339

So what I want to know where is she putting all this shit. Her room can't be that big. She is going to need 3 storage units for her new hobbies. How is she going in her cluttered room with all her shit sprawled out everywhere and thinking " this is fine!"

No. 1570383

wtf happened to the spider…

No. 1570509

It's a bug, it died.

No. 1570867

File: 1656093270580.jpg (212.4 KB, 720x1253, Screenshot_20220613-075130_Ins…)

This is what her room looked like a couple weeks ago I think. I can't remember if she's gotten any more plants since this ss.

No. 1571674

File: 1656166650112.jpg (267.82 KB, 1080x1919, pB8FLeSA0D.jpg)

She's really got all her eggs in one basket, huh.

No. 1571698

she is totally forgetting that no matter where she goes, she will always take herself with her and that's the problem. A new city changes nothing if you can't change yourself.

No. 1571762

Tbh she doesn't have anything to lose. She's living with her parents and working at Target in bumfuck,PA

No. 1571773

He'll yes I am so ready for this shit show.

No. 1572210

File: 1656208492620.png (6.76 MB, 1284x2778, CD540E33-B6D0-4694-91CA-27F3C3…)

This isn’t just cringy, it’s straight up weird. And not in the quirky, good way.

No. 1572235

It’s awful. This plant phase is one of the worst.

No. 1572267

File: 1656213679196.jpeg (483.86 KB, 1284x1629, B73E0C98-BAD7-458F-90A3-EA662E…)

Same vibes

No. 1572268


Sooo did she just jettison all of her victorian witchypoo goffick shit overnight?

No. 1572271

>>1572268 not only that, but she hardly posts new photography anymore. Sometimes I wonder if she has a “plant mom” account somewhere she puts all her time into now.

No. 1572272

There's nothing wrong with buying plants but it's bizarre to see her get into it so quickly. I think part of the reason she did is because she is a shopping addict

Wonder what kind of "big girl" job would interview her. She has no experience or credentials

No. 1572275

She ranted about it a few days back. It’s a merchandising gig with target.

No. 1572284

have to say she's looking quite well recently

No. 1572293

I agree. This aesthetic suits her way better. She’s still just going about it in a weirdly obsessive manner.

No. 1572949

I can't wait until one of the "rescue" plants she always insists on buying gives her whole collection a fungal infection.

No. 1573620

I’m so excited to see her transfer the same insanity to an all-new identity, it’s about time

No. 1573774

she’s so fucking hilarious, with all her “I will NEVER change for a man! I will NEVER do anything other than shop and mope around graveyards! Going out to a movie is DEATH to me!” and now here she is going to shows and binge-buying plants, top o’the kek

No. 1574010

>”big girl job”
>kissing plants and calling them ‘babies’

She’s both regressing to cope AND having a mid life crisis at the same time - amazing. Grasping to feel like an accomplished adult , yet refusing to grow up.

No. 1574875

File: 1656452324164.jpg (752.07 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20220628-163815_In…)

No. 1574926

File: 1656454267804.jpg (200.95 KB, 1080x1919, drfQATxsij.jpg)

Lmao she's really out here using undiluted neem oil on her plants. "White residue" sounds like powdery mildew, so I hope she's keeping an eye on the rest of her plants. This is why you quarantine new plants when you bring them home.

No. 1577949

File: 1656704064606.jpg (329.12 KB, 1080x1919, fzIUEahonK.jpg)

Pack it up ladies, Heather doesn't care about social media anymore.

No. 1578002

Lmao we were all literally counting down waiting for this post. So predictable. Never change, Heather.

No. 1578069

File: 1656713656834.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1125x1983, A9AE56A2-5ACC-4BF0-81B4-7D8195…)

here we gooooo

No. 1578077

Kek. She looks so dead on the inside.

No. 1578086

Look…whatever your job is, if you show up and do your thing and get your bills paid that’s awesome, but it’s just…target was my very first job as a dumbass teenager, I totally fucked up the interview and they took me anyway, and having someone talk about it like it’s extremely aspirational in their thirties kinda bums me out.

No. 1578141

On Heather's defense, she interviewed for a merchandising position. That's a bit of a step up over being a cashier. I wonder if she would really get the position since she's only been working part-time for Target though.

No. 1578148

Honestly she's perfect for the job, literally no one else in the world would ever be this hyped to be moving up in a shitty big-box department store. Target got lucky in finding someone boring and tasteless enough to be truly passionate about their brand.

No. 1578193

File: 1656723242704.jpg (181.26 KB, 720x1280, 3bXqS8mYRM_exported_133.jpg)

From Lurch's stories.

No. 1578316

how can a picture smell faintly of pee

No. 1578419


dying(sage your shit)

No. 1579192

Fuck you.(no u)

No. 1579235

What's up with his face? Waardenburg syndrome?

No. 1579239

Not everything has to be a syndrome, anon. Some people are just weird looking.

No. 1579477

>weird looking

No. 1579721

File: 1656883773883.jpg (1014.13 KB, 1079x1890, SmartSelect_20220703-162837_In…)

I can not wait for this chapter!

No. 1579746

I'm surprised she got the job because I don't think she's worked full-time for Target. I guess they must be desperate for people

No. 1579749

In this >>1578069 picture her name tag says 'Trainer' so she obviously had some seniority.

No. 1579770

Anon, I was a ‘trainer’ as a 19 year old who had worked there for 10 months. It’s really not that hard. All it means is that you learned your job well enough to train some other idiot who decided to get a job there. They hand them out to half of the team members.

No. 1579784

would someone please be so nice to explain to me what a merchandising position is? I know, I could google it, but I'm too tired and I don't know shit about Target and stuff like that.

No. 1579795

Merchandising involves creating appealing displays for products in the store. I'm not sure if there's more to it than that, but that's the main part of the job as far as I know.

No. 1579850

She calls it her dream job, but from the text it sounds like she has no idea what it even entails.

No. 1579869

What "dream job" actually means is "get any job close enough to Lurch so I can move in and we can be together forever"

how long have they been dating now?

No. 1579871

Do you know if they get much creative freedom or is it basically following a directive from corporate? I know some places have people who’ve already designed the displays and the store employees just basically have to put everything in its place

No. 1579889

in a corporate store like target, the store merchandising team will get the corporate merchandising plan. for each section and subsection, down to the tables, they’ll have directions on what to put there. if that location doesn’t have a specific item, say a green ditzy floral shirt, they can use their judgement and sub something else. or they can choose to like roll up a sleeve.

if they do a big re-set, they take pictures and send them to district which is sent to corp. it can actually be a good job with mobility to corporate, it just depends on the company and, of course, the merchandiser.

No. 1579919

I randomly follow a (different) young woman who does merchandising at target, it means arranging the displays. Generally that's what merchandising means in a shop context.

No. 1579972

File: 1656910918429.webm (11.7 MB, 720x1280, 2874493776326498655.webm)

Attached is a 50-second video of classic Heather showing everyone how through all of the torture she has risen to be this amazing person. Ain't nobody bringin' her down, kek.

No. 1580027

She's so confrontational. She can never say "I'm happy" without adding "so take that, haters!!!!"

No. 1580159

thank you all for explaining it so well

No. 1580256

The nest on the top of her head was so distracting I didn't hear what she said the first play through.

No. 1580784


my knowledge of merchandising comes from stores that are smaller in size than target, but in my experience floorsets were usually done overnight. I’m curious if she’ll be executing the floorsets with a team and working odd hours. it’s very physical work and the novelty wears off fast when your sleep schedule is constantly messed up

No. 1582828

So she won't actually be designing any displays/layouts, just executing other people's designs?

No. 1582882

So the big girl job/ career is just glorified shelf stocking . . . Her bar of achievement is set so low.

No. 1582893

To be fair, I'm sure there's upward mobility to the position if she's happy staying with Target.

No. 1583533

That, and it’s clear she enjoys doing it. She did it with her toys and still does with her antiques. Say what you will about her but I always think her cabinet looks really nice when she shows it on her stories, tbh

No. 1583640

That's very true anon, she definitely has an eye for it. It's just too bad to learn that she likely doesn't get to design the displays herself, but maybe in the future.

No. 1584974

File: 1657474448715.jpg (182.92 KB, 720x1280, 68GeqQEenv_exported_33.jpg)

>I'll finally be with my amazing sweetheart
Just a reminder that this >>1497635 is the first ever mention of Lurch. They've been dating for three months. A few days prior to that date she was nostalgia-posting about her imaginary child with ClayRyan. A month prior to that date she was with PapeRyan.

No. 1585352

File: 1657522848065.jpg (176.53 KB, 1080x1919, nST0YAohay.jpg)

Follow-up to this. She thinks they're going to spend their lives together.

No. 1585353

She makes it sound like he proposed or something. If so this new Ryan is as insane as her, impressive.

No. 1585357

He honestly seems like he's never had a girlfriend before, he approximately matches her level of clingy desperation.

No. 1585469

File: 1657545001200.jpg (823.38 KB, 1079x1894, SmartSelect_20220711-080859_In…)

No. 1585471

File: 1657545023472.jpg (593.99 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20220711-080910_In…)

No. 1585475

File: 1657545054342.jpg (663.17 KB, 1077x1918, SmartSelect_20220711-080919_In…)

No. 1585476

File: 1657545084327.jpg (706.3 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20220711-080927_In…)

No. 1585477

She has the same unfortunate proportions as Lillee Jean.

No. 1585479

I thought this was a current photo with a filter or something, she's looked the exact same age since she was 15

No. 1585499

she looks much better with dark hair, atm she looks so mousey and yet still believes people ostrasize her for her outfits and "style" when she is the same as any mom shopping at target

No. 1585513

Weirdly proud of her for this, I thought she'd keep the hoard forever

No. 1585533

She did it! It’s a Christmas miracle!

No. 1585538

I don't honestly believe she got rid of everything. My bet is on she moved a good portion of her hoard to her mom's house. Like who really believes she donated all her MLPs or her high end vintage plush toys?

No. 1585606


This! She definitely just brought everything to her moms, no way she got rid of it now, she had years to sort through her storage and never did until now?

No. 1585673

She looks so much better and goffic with dark hair

No. 1585739

Looking like a sad dead fish? Cool I guess.

No. 1585757

bets on when they break up? I'm gonna say 6 months and she's moving back in with her mom. so thats Jan 2023

No. 1585831

I think he is batshit insane, worse than her. I think it will develop into a toxic relationship for at least a year.

No. 1585869

I can see it going 2 ways. Either they crash and burn within 3 months or they're gonna become codependent overnight and stay together for years and years.

No. 1585934

Either that or there'll be a pregnancy announcement lmao.

No. 1586023

"Really quite regularly guise" when the pics are obvs taken on halloween
LurchRyan seems like he might be kinda slow and he has probably never had a girlfriend … so he might just be her simp for a year or longer before he realizes what he's gotten into

No. 1586122

Right? The girl standing behind her is wearing wings lol.

No. 1586325

simpRyan is the best possible outcome, Heather is the kind of girl who needs a servant more than a partner. i don't see it going this way though

No. 1586360

I'd call this look Karengoth

No. 1586586

File: 1657648449662.jpg (133.83 KB, 720x1280, K9MOLPFpok_exported_133.jpg)

>i don't see it going this way though
Lurch? A simp? It's more likely than you think.

No. 1586651

kek, same nona, how else could you classify being oh sew goffiku, rocking out to that Avril Lavigne / Kelly Clarkson / Taylor Swift playlist any way but Karengothcore. I can honestly say I’ve never seen such a thing, but that’s not really a compliment.

>Knew my whole world was gonna change
Because you found someone equally desperate, codependent, and at the same level of arrested development. You don’t fully know shit about a person after 3 months. I’m holding out for the piranha toothed SimpLurchRyan to bring the milk.

No. 1586999

This looks like prom or homecoming. The only thing remotely "goffick" about this are the hottopic clearance bin arm warmers. kek

Like another anon said, obviously halloween? Funny how she only seems to have like maybe 4-5 photos of her dressed "goth" and half of them are a halloween costume.

No. 1587172

I even think Heather will be more likely to be tired of the relationship then LurchRyan

No. 1587267

And then she’ll need to get out of the abusive relationship and become obsessed with another Ryan, like when she got tired of Adam and became obsessed with Ryan z

No. 1587987

File: 1657816318201.jpg (279.09 KB, 1080x1919, 293101860_447710133883289_3983…)

She's been actively counting down in her stories for two weeks, but she didn't think to book a U-Haul until 3 days before her move.

No. 1588000

Been here since the first Heather thread. I stopped checking in a few months ago because of how boring the cry on the internet, bitch about twin flames, and binge at sheetz cycle was, and there hadn't been a new Ryan in months. It's such a delight to come back to whatever the fuck this goober is.

No. 1588038

huge girlboss energy
great look for an up and coming Target star

No. 1588427

I still can't believe she actually found a matching Ryan for longer than a week or two.

No. 1588598

File: 1657882040931.jpeg (610.39 KB, 1283x2240, F360484D-BE33-457A-9BE3-1BBD69…)

Heather, if you still read this thread, this is NOT healthy. If you love your job and are going to miss your coworkers it’s okay to be sad you’re leaving. But it’s extremely unhealthy to cry for 8 hours straight about moving in with “the love of your life” and starting your “dream career”. You’re supposed to be excited and happy when you do those things, not sad. You might wanna figure out why you’re crying for 8 hours straight instead of being excited, and then work on it…

No. 1588599

I thought this was about the moving trucks and stress

No. 1588619

Even if it is, it’s still not healthy to cry for 8 hours about it

No. 1588623

that's true, she comes across so unstable online, I wonder how she comes across irl or in the workplace

No. 1588632

Never met her but I used to be friends with one of her Ryans. She’s just as unstable irl

No. 1588701

Umm can you give us some specifics nona?

No. 1588740

Take it with a grain of salt. She's still able to pose for ~aesthetic~ selfies to show off how emotional she is. I sincerely doubt that someone who's actually been crying for 8 hours straight is gonna pause to do sexy pouty lips at their iPhone.

No. 1588744

she hasn’t been crying for 8 hrs straight.
It’s done so Lurch sees it & calls her up/love bombs her ‘aw my sweet baby girl - don’t worry I’ll make it alright’ or ‘sweet baby girl it will all be worth it, if we just hold each other for a while’ him and his very small front teeth & huge Neanderthal jaw.

No. 1588933

I think she has a mood disorder and her feelings are not actually related to real life events, if she's otherwise, logically happy about the changes as she seems to be, the 8 hours of crying suggests simply a mood or hormonal disorder she should look into.
However, perhaps she's afraid of these changes and some part of her is like I just met this dude and he seems a bit crazy - maybe a mix of the two things.

No. 1589147

File: 1657937075958.jpeg (125.29 KB, 640x1138, 1.jpeg)

No. 1589148

File: 1657937142635.jpeg (88.66 KB, 640x1138, 2.jpeg)

No. 1589150

File: 1657937222343.jpeg (83.21 KB, 640x1138, 3.jpeg)

No. 1589151

File: 1657937292508.jpeg (92.86 KB, 640x1138, 4.jpeg)


No. 1589189

>i don’t live here anymore

Kek - but continues to post every meaningless detail available, self stroking her own ego hard. I swear she’d implode if she legit couldn’t access social media to bitch about the smallest inconveniences of normal life. The continued hypocrisy.

No. 1589200

Didn’t happen.

No. 1589221

wow, employee of the month at a Target
a breathtaking honor that even people with actual Down Syndrome achieve on the regular

No. 1589224

Wouldn't put it past her ex or the tranny friend to call her job and try to get her fired tbh. They've been known to post here and still seem to keep up on her. She's paranoid if she thinks lolcow wants anything to do with the troon or her scrote ex husband though.

No. 1589404

Yeah it has been made clear that the troon and her ex legitimately have it in for her, they made that shitty video of old clips of heather only recently and linked it here.
lolcow is just a bunch of women gossiping. She should be careful identifying too much about the new job since I bet her ex and his degenerate friends are seething

No. 1589677

If this did happen - why would they tell her about it now? Surely they would have had a meeting & told her for her line manager to have addressed it as they were aware of Heathers ex possibly being vindictive. Honestly this feels like an excuse to post another I’m the victim so she can throw out yet another I’ve got my life together, the internet is not real life (Heather you are a hypocrite given you live on the internet) blah blah blah. You do seek validation by posting every detail of your life out there.

No. 1590990

File: 1658178548289.jpg (92.87 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20220718-170350_Fac…)

Oh boy

No. 1590996

Don't leave us hanging like this Heather, did she find his torture basement or what

No. 1591003

lol - the dangling bait to get the everything okay hun comments? Message me babes.

No. 1591030

I’m betting her first day as a VM was a lot harder than she expected

No. 1591050

What do the comments say?

No. 1591135

Let there be milk, I'm on the edge of my seat nonnies

No. 1591275

Gonna say Lurch found the thread

No. 1591289

Please post the comments before she dirty deletes!

No. 1591424

I checked both of her instagram accounts and there are no pictures of LurchRyan. Where they before?

No. 1591452

Seconding this. He nuked his insta

No. 1591495

the milk is fresh and flowing, guys. this def has to do with lurch, not her job

No. 1591496

Gonna say she felt secure and confident enough (((Heather self-sabotage mode))) to tell him about this thread and he ran off with his phone to read all our anonymous bullshit kek

He was gonna find out sometime, but telling him on your moving day/first day is just self-sabotage. Maybe she got cold feet. However I think (based on my feelings alone) that he stands a chance of getting over it and putting it in the past, we'll see.

No. 1591498

I didn't know what his insta was but he's still in her tagged photos, his insta is still up, the couple photos are still up on his account. I can't see much sign of him on her account however, just one photo.
His stories from the past 12 hours are just two photos of hicksville.
So idk what's going on, hmm.

No. 1591505

his aerendraca_119 insta is gone, not sure which one is tagged in her pics

No. 1591534

He changed his name to echoesfromthepast_ weeks ago

No. 1591547

Yeah that's the one I saw, he also had a photo of himself and heather up on stories from before that facebook post was made. If there was really trouble in paradise he'd have deleted it (probably)

No. 1591771

She still has her "Love 🖤" insta story highlight of them up, too.

No. 1591814

I'm seconding this. She wouldn't miss an opportunity to shit up her accounts with sadposts if BloodRyan finally booked it. I'm guessing she'll either post again trying to publicly reassure herself or double down on how super stressed her brand new position already is.

No. 1592162

File: 1658307625310.jpg (214.2 KB, 1080x1919, newaddamsfamily.jpg)

the co-dependent train is still well on course … posted 8 hrs ago

No. 1592179

His head looks tiny and his arms are too short for his frame. He looks like a claymation figure.

No. 1592183

It’s giving love on the spectrum

No. 1592202

I thought the same. Maybe the image is stretched, because heather actually looks tall here.

No. 1593819

Even a stretched image doesn't explain why his hands don't reach past the hem of his sweatshirt.

No. 1595056

My bets are on Heather not actually getting the job but telling lurch she got the job so she can move into his house and spends years trying to find "the perfect job" but being unemployed. Before she was acting super manic over her new position she straight up said she didn't get the promotion.

No. 1595173

Proof? I didn't see her say she didn't get it, and nobody posted it here.

No. 1595361

“my bets are on” something means it’s a guess
people don’t have proof of guesses

No. 1595403

Further up the thread >>1568479 an anon text posted that she did a live saying she bombed the interview for the position but no caps or archive to back it up. This was before she started claiming that she got the job.

No. 1595513

>she straight up said she didn't get the promotion
This statement is what I'm asking for proof of.
I'm the anon that originally posted that, in that rant she said the interview went really badly but that isn't the same as saying she didn't get the job. A day or two after that rant she said she got a second interview, so it obviously didn't go as badly as she thought.

No. 1595798

You half-wit retards need to get a fucking life of your own. You talk so much shit about this girls every move as of you're superior somehow, when in reality it's pathetic that you actually make the time to do it. Millenitards at your finest!

No. 1595800

You half-wit retards need to get a fucking life of your own. You talk so much shit about this girls every move as if you're superior somehow, when in reality it's pathetic that you actually make the time to do it. Millenitards at your finest!(unsaged wk-ing )

No. 1595805

maybe this anon >>1591275 was right kek

No. 1595817

Does her Herman Munster look-alike found the thread ?

No. 1595879

I am surprised it's taken her this long to mention lolcow to him. I guess she wanted to trap this one before he found out who she really is.

No. 1595949

> Millenitards
Why not just go with "Karens" at this point and seethe about it on twitter lmao

No. 1596155

Hi Lurch, take a day off & sift through the entire threads, grab a strong drink as you are going to need it, take this as Gods will trying to save you from yourself & the life that is ahead of you if you do choose to embark on a life of crazy with your beloved jamjar witch.

No. 1596224

If I'm a half wit retard Millenitard that means I'm two kinds of retard which does, in fact, make me superior.

No. 1596558

He will go the way of all the Ryans before him. It must be an unnerving experience to see the pattern of Heather's lovequest spelled out this way if you're a part of it.

Wonder if she's got his hair into that locket yet? You know, the one she bought five Ryans ago and wanted to use on all of them.

No. 1596580

He is going to have a harder time getting rid of her because she moved into his place. She has attached herself to the host Ryan & he is stuck. They moved at lightning speed compared to past Ryans.

No. 1596784

Solid point

No. 1597155

File: 1658762847557.jpg (939.93 KB, 1079x1890, SmartSelect_20220725-102717_In…)

No. 1597157

Heroically ugly top. And most of us just call it a job, Heather

No. 1597229

I applaud her for being one of very few cows with an actual job, but the way she talks about it straight up depresses me. Girl, it’s still working at Target, and not as CEO like her level of smugness would imply. Plus, it really means nothing when all of her effort is immediately squandered in the dressing room on marked up sweatshop clothing. Never change, Heather!

No. 1597512

File: 1658788827891.jpg (243.6 KB, 1080x733, Screenshot_20220725-183921_Fac…)

Oh boy

No. 1597533

Ran for the hills after reading the thread, mayhaps? This is why you don't male major life decisions a few months into dating. Moving back in with mommy before she ever really moved out sounds embarrassing af.

No. 1597536

He deleted her off his Instagram

Heather, you should keep the new target position and start a life there! Get your own studio. Start your online store. You’ll find new guys and friends!!

No. 1597538

What to do?? You finally moved out of your mom’s house and got a new job in a new town, maybe try living your life?

No. 1597545

She's kinda fat for her height. Looks like a barrel.

No. 1597546

File: 1658790471559.jpeg (321.04 KB, 1242x1273, D976B274-2441-42C2-964A-897A00…)

Absolutely this. I’m kinda hoping it was just some stupid argument and it’ll all be back on again. Maybe he just had a lil freak out.
They are still following each other.

No. 1597547

It's insane how she keeps thinking a moid is gonna be the answer to her problems, Jesus christ Heather fucking live on your own.

No. 1597647

Is there anything else to her life besides hopping from fugly dude to fugly dude? Maybe she can take this opportunity to try something – anything – different. But she probably won't. Back to mom's house in defeat.

No. 1597673

File: 1658799014041.jpeg (151.05 KB, 750x1184, DA9A507D-3F7A-4D53-8DF3-458AA0…)

his insta is gone

No. 1597687

Yeah, I definitely believe now he found the threads lmao.

No. 1597695

He blocked you because it shows up for me

No. 1597701

that’s wild bc I rarely watched his stories and never interacted with him. clearly paranoid after finding this thread.

No. 1597736

I can still see it

So we think it’s from the thread? I hope we find out

No. 1597740

Nope it really is gone, checked it on a browser logged out. I think he found the thread, or rather Heather told him about it because she loves to self sabotage

Idk if they were trying to live together but she could stay out there and rent, seems like bumfuck nowhere to my european eyes so I bet rent is cheap

No. 1597747

You outed yourself by not knowing him. Simple explanation.

No. 1597763

I think if it was the threads that caused the breakup she would have said that instead of it being “a stupid reason”

No. 1597824

File: 1658811814690.png (2.25 MB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20220726-005454.png)

Well, you're wrong. Searching it through the insta app shows me this.

No. 1597890

Yeah he’s blocked you. He definitely found the thread as there was that comment calling us millentiards, he’s probably thought I don’t want any part of this & told Heather some line of bullshit or she told him about the thread again hoping he would come to some sort of defence to her as she likes to feel wanted & protected & it’s backfired as he’s probably read through the last few pages

No. 1597991

>over the stupidest shit ever
so not from reading this thread, otherwise it would be
>my evil haters spread lies about me to my boyfriend
Wonder what happened, I am deadly curious.

No. 1598072

Heather can’t ever keep her mouth shut, I’m sure numerous stories are incoming on how toxic and abusive he was. She needs to use this as an opportunity to move into her own studio or small 1 bedroom

No. 1598083

Maybe he did find the thread but didn’t admit that’s why he wanted to break up with her, hence making up a ‘stupid reason’

No. 1598190

File: 1658859316925.jpeg (560.07 KB, 828x782, 63999C67-3215-4B56-BAF8-2DAD37…)

Actual representation of Lurch trying to escape Heather (old photo)

No. 1598191

Admittedly, it is pretty bullshit to let a person move a few hundred miles to live with you after a few months of a relationship and then break up with them just as easily.

No. 1598213

Wow they’ve been living together for only 2 weeks and he dumps her at work? Ngl thats extremely shitty. Especially since she moved for him. I hope she stays at this job though, it seems good for her

No. 1598220

Not that this means anything but her fb still says in a relationship. My guess is they’re going to “work it out” for now, but it’ll be a toxic on and off again thing, regardless if they continue to live together or not

No. 1598231

The rot has begun. It was quicker than I thought. It just shows all this lovey dovey & love bomb posts are just to convince other people of their relationship. My opinion is of two people at happy they don’t need to keep proving it to others around them. Moving in together so quickly has shown each other their true colours & possibly him either being told about this thread or finding it after googling her out of curiosity.

No. 1598237

Extremely shitty behavior from him. Heather's got issues but she doesn't deserve this. Clearly forethought isn't a strong area for either of them.

No. 1598309


Is this post still up or did she delete it?

No. 1598339

Any rants/news yet? She blocked me so can't see her stories.

No. 1598344

She's been silent on instagram. They both archived/deleted each other off their grids but they still follow each other. I agree with the other anon that they are probably trying to "work things out". I really doubt Heather makes enough to afford a studio apartment on her own.

No. 1598351

Thank you anon for the update!

No. 1598362

He definitely deleted her from the grid, but she still has her story highlight and at least one picture of them together up. The desire for reconciliation might be a bit one-sided here.

No. 1598392

Honestly, even completely legitimate reasons like "you're crowding me" or "stop stealing my hair while I sleep" would be stupid reasons according to heather. She's unstable and clingy and demanding, and there are plenty of reasons to break up with her.
Having said that, I do agree with the other anons that encouraging her to relocate in order to live with himand then dumping her at work is an absolute dick move, and one she didn't deserve. I hope she gets her ownplace to live and keeps this job.
It's a catch 22 for Heather. Because she refuses to work on herself and adress her problems, the only guys who will put up with her long term are assholes like Lurch, who can't do any better. But those guys are unstable and selfish too, and will only aggreviate the problems she refuses to deal with. She needs therapy, not subpar dick.

No. 1598410

As of a few hours ago she posted that he kicked her out, she'd have to find a hotel, and he'd have his mom call her when she can pick up her stuff

No. 1598434

Can you screenshot for us?

No. 1598436

What an absolute shitheel. I bet he thought it would be sex on tap when she moved in and it wasn't, agree with other anons that letting someone move across the country for you and then dumping them after two weeks (at work, via text) shows what kind of guy he is. Anyone decent would hold on for a couple of months at least so she didn't totally waste her time, and give her a better shot in her new job

No. 1598439

>you're crowding me
>stop stealing my hair while I sleep
Fucking KEK.
But if it wasn't the threads, it was probably something like that, related to her disregard for personal boundaries, or uncontrollable emotional outbursts.
The truth is that Hags is probably a nightmare to be around. She's unstable, a screamer and a clinger. But being dumped for erratic behavior is something she'd consider a "bullshit reason."

No. 1598453

prick move

No. 1598458

While I agree she's got to be unbearable, he knew damn well who she was before having her move all the way out there. It's not as if she masks it or tones it down and it's all over her social media. And he played into it too by gushing about spending their futures together. Fuck Lurch. You don't encourage a woman you know is clingly and unstable to uproot for you and then kick her to the curb less than two weeks later. At least give her a