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No. 1662925

Kiwi Farms is back on .net and Tor. Since it is back, we can hopefully expect this thread to move at a much slower pace. Endless circular discussion about the same topics has become boring and repetitive. Feel free to discuss any Kiwi-related or Kiwi-adjacent drama here that is actually interesting.

Kiwiscrotes and kiwitroons, now that your site is back, please utilize it.


Josh is using new DDoS mitigation services and is getting hit intermittently pretty hard but the site is usable in both forums with a few hiccups.

Biggest issue currently is many people were locked out of their accounts who used "burner" emails or didn't remember their passwords, due to Josh forcing a hard reset of all passwords after the data breach.

There is still no evidence of leaked data from the breach, it seems like vandalism (changing user pfps) was the problem. Who is responsible is unclear, thee's a rush to blame the troons, but the lolicons of poast (to which logo user pfps were changed) are very possible candidates too.

Kiwi telegram (a cesspit)

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE BAIT, there is a schizo tranny who in between spamming CP and gore likes to harass this thread. Report and ignore.

Old threads:
>>>/snow/1627717 (Keffals shit starts here)

Archive KF thread on lolcowfarm (in case if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread:1

No. 1662932

You know that's a bot that spams the CP right?

No. 1662939

There's another schizo

Yeah I'm locked out of my account I've had for a couple years. I'm only upset because I had two or three posts that ended up on the front page lmao. It's retarded Josh's answer for being locked out is it's our fault we didn't forward everything to an actual account.

No. 1662943

How in the hell does he hit so many sites? Wtf is that retard on? It just looked so much like bot spam that I used to see way back in the day that I went with my best assumption, that is on me.
>Yeah I'm locked out of my account I've had for a couple years. I'm only upset because I had two or three posts that ended up on the front page lmao. It's retarded Josh's answer for being locked out is it's our fault we didn't forward everything to an actual account.
Why does he always punish oldfags somehow, I just, what monkeypaw did he use to steal kiwifarms from the original creator in the first place? I wasn't here for that part I had college at the time kek.

No. 1662948

> what monkeypaw did he use to steal kiwifarms from the original creator in the first place?
As in the original CWCki forums from champthon? I'm not new by any stretch but not that much of an oldfag to be around for that but the way I understand it is the owners getting tired of it and him first sliding into offer technical assistance/server space (sound familiar?) and then just sort of taking it over by default and molding it into what it is today.
> cp spam
Nobody's denying that there are bots that do this, but the tranny does too, I was unfortunate enough to see it and it's not advertising some site, just purely him trying to upset people. Gore, too, but I was enough of a pick/b/ back in the day that I'm desensitized enough to that. He does the same routine of schizoposting and then CP/gore on other sites, too, but here he has the bonus of bothering women without even having to find a ladies' room.
But lets not talk about this guy anymore. There's really nothing to discuss. He's just a nearly Vordrak-tier lunatic when he gets a vendetta in his mind and when he's not doing that he's getting off on bothering women. He's not even interesting as a lolcow.

No. 1662950

>I understand it is the owners getting tired of it and him first sliding into offer technical assistance/server space (sound familiar?) and then just sort of taking it over by default and molding it into what it is today.
Makes sense to me, I know another scrote site owner with the same exact M.O.
>Nobody's denying that there are bots that do this, but the tranny does too, I was unfortunate enough to see it and it's not advertising some site, just purely him trying to upset people. Gore, too, but I was enough of a pick/b/ back in the day that I'm desensitized enough to that. He does the same routine of schizoposting and then CP/gore on other sites, too, but here he has the bonus of bothering women without even having to find a ladies' room.
What a faggot bundle of douches, maybe some day I will actually hunt them down but for now there is not much I can do because for some odd reason jannies on the sites he spam refuse to release any info. I think it's because they only know how to pull from his VPN but who knows.
>But lets not talk about this guy anymore. There's really nothing to discuss. He's just a nearly Vordrak-tier lunatic when he gets a vendetta in his mind and when he's not doing that he's getting off on bothering women. He's not even interesting as a lolcow.
Agreed, if he is doing it for attention, even negative attention only keeps him around.

Thanks for letting me know the details on that one, I was very confused for a long time about it lmfao.

No. 1662970

So, do we have a suspect in the ddos attacks? I'm inclined to believe DingDong is the one behind it, but I wouldn't put it past Vordrak to be the one doing it, he's been a fucking little shit since day 1

No. 1662972

Okay I gotta hear your theory on this, please!

No. 1662975

ntayrt but LFJ has some level of tech knowledge and claims to be independently wealthy (Google severance + rich family who basically threw money at him to go away), simple as that

No. 1662978

No-Dong Fong is probably the ringleader, but I'm guessing it's a bunch of wealthy trannies in tech doing the grunt work behind the scenes, they love to close rank on stuff like this.

No. 1662979

Yeah. Basically this. That's why I said I'm inclined to believe DingDong is being a little criminal and hiding it behind his troon status

No. 1662980

I'd believe this, Corey resurfaced to clout chase at the same exact time.

No. 1662981

Sorry I deleted it but I think Corey may be just one of the people, I suspect LFJ too. Mainly because path network is trying really hard to cover up the fact he worked there and that their entire company is basically a fed ring. But I think several actors may be at play

No. 1662983

I mean, if he's contracting DDOS-for-hire services and working with decent opsec (only using encrypted comms, paying with crypto etc.) there's little to find. It's not an easy crime to nail anybody down on.

No. 1662984

Oh it is most certainly more than one person at this point yes.

No. 1662985

I know. But he's still a little criminal who point fingers at others while being absolute scum himself like all troons do.

No. 1662986

I hope its troons working together on the DDOS, because you know one day they will have a falling out and they will turn on each other and we will find out exactly who was behind it.

No. 1662988

Okay so this will sound schizo but bare with me, what if Josh is behind the DDoS?
It's been going on for years now.

No. 1662991

Truly you are retarded.

No. 1662992

DDOS much not be that bad, because the site is working and fast. Whatever josh is doing, he's finally doing it right. I really hope Kiwifarms is left alone, He who shall not be named, thinks he's won. Kevin Gibes is front page again, while keffals screams he won. Everything seems to be going fine. I just don't want them to win, I don't hate KF but yeah, seeing that weirdo gloat was so annoying.

No. 1662995

Pls no bulli, it's a decent enough theory simply because it would be an easy way to have an enemy to stop all your boards from infighting since kiwifarms was and might still be, 4 sites crammed into one is all.
I'm retarded for forgetting to sage my posts, not for this silly theory that probably isn't true but popped into my head.

No. 1662998

DDOSing hurts the site. Every time the site is down for a long period of time the site loses users. Some of those people don't come back. Solving the DDOS issue costs money. Trannies have literally petitioned Cloudflare to stop providing DDOS protection from Kiwifarms BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DDOS IT MORE EASILY. There are hundreds of people who want Kiwifarms gone and who would DDOS the site. You are retarded and this theory makes no sense. Null isnt even grifting off this. There is no donation drive to safe the site, he is gaining absolutely nothing from this but gains a shit ton of trouble and work.

No. 1663003

Just like any time he tries to fix a problem, if it was anyone else other than Josh I would never think such a thing but he literally locked out half the accounts is all.
I'm sorry.

No. 1663012

forgot greentexts + link to the manure thread on josh, you had one job op

No. 1663017

Is dingdong the guy with the rabbids or whatever the fuck that is pfp

No. 1663018

>Josh : zero motivation to take down the site in such a fucked way and spend all this time trying to get it back

>Trannies : all the motivation to erase current and future archives of their predatory and illegal behaviors because it could rightfully probably peak anyone who stumbles upon those threads and have been DDOSing the site for actual years

Your "decent theory" is retarded. Troons have been trying to DDOS and take the farms down ever since they made fun of their programmer socks and spinny skirts. That level of 5-d chess is even too autistic for null. Trannies on the other hand have perfected using their weaponized autism to do exactly what's happening now. They're like a collective hivemind when it comes to protecting predators within the troon shield.

No. 1663019

Yeah not him, some anons are just way too wild with their idiotic retard nick names.
Ah okay I see you have no actual discussion to bring to any theory, good day.

No. 1663028

shut up retard

No. 1663042

You are also retarded for that stupid theory that doesn't make sense.

No. 1663046

Ouch. Having a bad day sweaty?

No. 1663049

They're a troon, is any day a good day?

No. 1663052

tl;dr There was some drama involving a bunch of members including a furry, a stripper, a British guy, and one of the moderators. The mod doxxed the stripper so the furry reported the CWCki Forum to its host for cyberbullying/harassment. This was actually the second time it had to be re-hosted after a TOS violation and champthom was sick of dealing with it, so Null offered to to host it himself. The rest is history.

No. 1663056

but the question is out of all these people who would you fuck marry or kill

No. 1663061

wise choices tho

No. 1663106

File: 1664573174871.png (924.3 KB, 1206x2538, 4a6dde54-6654-4781-bd88-a25b32…)

They're starting to pretend Kiwi Farms is truly gone and block anyone for simply stating it's still up. KEK

No. 1663120

Lol, great. Please continue ignoring and go after Walsh and Calrson. the milk will be endless.
At this point Fong Dong cares about KF way more than Keffals

No. 1663121

To mount a DDoS attack, you need money more than you need skill, although skill helps, especially if he is going the route of a botnet. Josh is vague about the technical details but has in the past contrasted simple floods to more sophisticated attacks, not sure which one this is.

No. 1663137

Gives another meaning to cope and seethe here kek

No. 1663146

Lucas is pretending that KF is really down, Kevin Beaumount is very quiet (remember when he made a chain of tweets saying that the hack was successful and KF was VERY VERY OWNED? lol), the other trannies are making some tweets here and there about KF being gone because they're dumb and don't know better and FongDong isn't sucking on Lucas horrible tits anymore. Nature is healing.

No. 1663160

File: 1664577884573.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.85 KB, 720x576, DqIU1stWoAAmSl5.jpg)


No. 1663166

Both are utterly repulsive and if you pick a side on this you're mentally ill.

No. 1663168

it's the tranny, anon, he's learned the old trick of calling ever enemy "pedo" (although in this case some of his enemies actually are pedos) the solution for both is one and the same though

No. 1663183

The best thing about KF being back is that this thread is mostly the pedo, schizo tranny talking to himself.

No. 1663186

Way I see it Lez dong schlong is probably funding this op. The actual ddosser might just be some true believer (tm) retard.
There's also post idiots or a third option of someone trying to stir shit (like the MTG swatter).
At the same time, I wonder if null is telling truth on the ddos, we know from the havk he is retarded at ITsec.
I can't wait to see Lucas think he can pick fights with someone powerful enough to off him in his arrogance. It would be funny as fuck

No. 1663204

He already kinda started. He's posting about Tucker Carlson and Libs of TikTok and retweeting people agreeing with him, as usual. The person behind the Libs of TikTok account already said that if Twitter bans them, they will sue. So I think Lucas' next targets are really, REALLY into getting into the spotlight and fight back, while KF was more of a wait and see kind of thing, with Null working quietly in the background.

No. 1663226

People keep shitting on slobbermutt's skills, but he's kept his site up through this and however many previous attempts to de-platform us all, through sheer cussedness. That's admirable. All the doomposting about how many users are going to bail because of lockout or DDOS doesn't take away from that.

No. 1663230

Maybe the situation is a little bit more nuanced than "Josh is good" versus "Josh is evil" but I wouldn't expect an imageboard autist to grasp that.

No. 1663231

As I said, props to Null for working autistically on his own thing quietly, even if sometimes he slips and makes a big mess. I'm not a Null fangirl but I also don't hate the guy. You can't help but feel a little sympathy for him because let's be honest, this whole troon campaign must be very annoying to deal with first hand.

No. 1663233

He lives for this shit though. Not in the sense that it directly makes him happy the troons are trying to make his life difficult, but that he gets to rally 'round the flag and have the Sherris of the world praise him. I agree with one thing though: some of his most obnoxious qualities, the stubbornness, are what suits him to this, but also he'll turn 30 shortly and have nothing but that kingdom of dirt (internet clout) and a ruined life to show for it. Am I glad he does it? Sure, I like Kiwi Farms well enough. Do I respect him for it? No, when he's gone it will smell less like unwashed scrotum. Do I have sympathy? Hell no. He brought this all on himself. And not by having a based point of view on trannies, either.

No. 1663235

I think Josh is a bit of an idiot but I'll take him over the troon menace.
I'm grateful that there are people out there who will do things like this out of sheer stubbornness. Dedicating your life to running KF is not a particularly smart thing to do, but we're all better for it because it keeps sites like Kiwifarms up and running.

No. 1663237

But the spaces we enjoy are made possible by people like him. Doesn't matter if the dude is 20, 30, 40. The forum only exists because of it and a lot of people are able to give their uncensored opinions because of it. Again, I'm not a fangirl, but this IS an accomplishment in my eyes, since a lot of people here use KF and enjoy the threads posted there. I think It's a little ironic to shit on Null and say he has nothing to show for the big 30 when we all benefit from KF one way or another.

No. 1663239

Just don't think for a second it is out of sincere conviction, though. It's all personal, whether driven by ego or spite, the very last thing any of it is is something that is driven by caring about women, much less feminism. He doesn't hate the trannies because they troon out kids or force themselves into women's spaces, he hates them because various troons have done life-ruination to him over the years. Which is fine. His hate is pure and I can see where it comes from and that is useful enough. But when he tries to do other stuff (like the short-lived naming of his new forum "Gender Critical") to pose as having actual convictions he doesn't, it is very obvious and insulting, too. I'm happy to leave him to his vendettas as long as they benefit me, too, but I just think people need to have both eyes open here.
He has Kiwi Farms and he has his simps. Other than that some cryptocurrency I guess and–to me the best thing–he does have the experience of having done some world travel. But in normal person terms, the terms he himself wants to judge stuff by at least going by some stuff he's posted, none of that counts. He can't take it with him, and it's not real, it's the internet. He knows this which is why he is so melancholic about this shit.

No. 1663244

I think most posters here are cynical and jaded enough to not trust men with anything feminism related. With Josh it is an ego and a spite thing, but as long as the end result is good (KF up and running) I don't really care about his motivations.

No. 1663249

File: 1664585636195.gif (1.62 MB, 498x281, im-doing-my-part-serious.gif)

Tweeted this fucking loser with my alt acct. that Kiwifarms was back up, and like all the others got blocked

Worth it

No. 1663250

Nice word salad. I guess it’s supposed to be some armchair psychology shit, but it doesn’t make any sense

No. 1663253

ok non-saging Sherri

No. 1663255

Yeah, "knowledge" is probably a better word (security practices such as paying through crypto, other posters have explained it better). Just saying, but most tech troons don't actually seem that tech savvy. They're mostly good at getting big severance checks from corps like Google.

No. 1663362

Kawaii desu

No. 1663367

josh's eyes look like he's fukken blazed off that chronic og gelato cakes

No. 1663371

File: 1664599150158.jpg (149.86 KB, 1242x1381, 20220930_233806.jpg)

The audacity of this scrote

No. 1663404

He says this after ebegging 100k CAD and the boot scootin' to europe for vacation frolicking.

No. 1663408

File: 1664603585225.png (466.52 KB, 1080x1908, 14686478558843.png)

Apparently one of Lucas's many accounts was stolen according to a twitter user, but they've gone private.

No. 1663410

File: 1664603705331.png (617.78 KB, 1080x1894, 256845894680442.png)

here's the tweet that kicked it off + the thread. Hopefully someone comes through with screenshots.


No. 1663412

correction, they gave Lucas the account for free but now want money.

No. 1663416

File: 1664604222546.jpg (107.49 KB, 1241x887, 20221001_010308.jpg)

samefag, sorry for the spam. I'm posting as I find bc work. here's the rest of the caps https://twitter.com/DreadedJai/status/1575895652869246977

No. 1663431

File: 1664605907421.jpg (58.6 KB, 600x328, 20221001_011133.jpg)

Last cap I could find of the user who claimed to give Lucas the account now known as keffalstwt. If this is true it would make sense why Lucas has a huge following on twitter that isn't reflected elsewhere.

No. 1663450

Peak clown world. Multibillion dollar cyber security business is susceptible to…. a few angry faggot's with bot's brute forcing they're way through state of the art minds and techno i mean spamming the CEO's twitter account to shut down a website they dont like.

No. 1663509

I think it's down again. I was browsing the Nexpo/Horror YT thread and it suddenly stopped letting me change pages

No. 1663511

Works fine for me. Press control + f5 or change your VPN.

No. 1663516

Nexpo has a thread? I know he’s a little cringe sometimes but I didn’t figure him for a cow

No. 1663523

Sage. It’s an all encompassing horror/true crime YouTuber thread.

No. 1663597

The horror community is very cowish. It started out as a discussion thread for horror content so people could share their favourite horror YouTubers but very quickly became a gossip thread. Actually, that Plagued Moth guy started getting attention there first which lead to his graduation to cow status. You should give it a read if you're interested in that side of YT you'd be surprised how funny they are to gawk at

No. 1663606

File: 1664634734391.png (24.41 KB, 617x202, troons mad.png)

not real development but that dkf tranny is loosing his shit now that it's clear his movement is rapidly petering out

No. 1663608

for some reason i need to type in the https:// part or it doesn't work. otherwise it's running great and has the halloween theme. cope, sneed and dilate troons

No. 1663720

File: 1664640472280.png (102 KB, 612x376, Screenshot 2022-10-01 11.57.00…)

So Luna "Joshsexual" Moon is married and pregnant, and going on dates to get picked, and wants to give Josh a blowjob. inb4 she is into polyamory or something degenerate but maybe she just talks a lot of shit?

No. 1663730

You ever just want to grab these people IRL and go "Dude! LOG OFF. Look, no more KiwiFarms."

No. 1663784

Damn, why isn't Null snatching up this trad waifu? Kek

No. 1663873

You wish, tranny

No. 1663886

Destiny doing a stream on keffals. Also anyone find it funny how Keffals kiwifarms person stream is still up? This dude has no power outside of Twitter and whining to people on Twitter. The movement doesn't exist off of Twitter. I'd think he try hos hardest to get shit off of YouTube but that's the only platform he barely tries it with. Also, I'm not going to watch and don't want to give the scrote views, but maybe 1 non of Will take one for the team or I'll lurk kiwifarms and find a recap

No. 1663889

Lol, I was baited by this video but the rug pull was amazing. I've been watching the stream from the beginning and could give a quick rundown if anyone wants, but it is worth noting that Destiny will be posting the manifesto at some point after the stream.

No. 1663898

i watched a bit of it, i wasn't sure which website he meant with the website zero shit there were multiple that it could be

No. 1663899

Is it just the Keffals thread pretty much?

No. 1663910

He means that Doxbin website, he's not saying the name because he doesn't want to send people there and keffals will use that to claim he's doxxing him and putting him in danger. Did he go into the deaths? Like all of them and explain how kiwi literally didnt do it? I saw someone on kiwifarms mention be talked about Byuu

No. 1663914

It's a sort of "pastebin" like website where doxers dump and share dox. I don't know if the name can be posted here but it has come up on the KF thread around the time of the Uber Eats/Hotel Dox 2 arc.

For the most part but Destiny has included testimonies from people that he's reached out to such as an ex schoolmate of Terryberry and the person who called the Belfast police to EFNO's (Keffal's Irish friend) flat because there concerned about that pol poster kid's threatening message. So far, the manifesto has been decently balanced and well organized. I appreciate how he is focusing on the lies, GFM Scam and DIY HRT website rather than the less clear cut claims.

No. 1663915

ah thanks, he did go into the deaths and explained there was no proof kiwifarms did it, and also gave examples of other factors in their life that likely contributed to it instead of kf

No. 1663918

Fucking kek. Bobposting is messaging Destiny and insisting that he's never shared links to sketchy grey market hormone sources on his website.

No. 1663923

And yet every single keffals stream both on YouTube and twitch have that diy link every 10 seconds. And of course we have the receipts. God they are dumb.

No. 1663926

Did he ever manage to get his info wiped clean from Way Back? Not that this would help but way to be obvious about wanting everything incriminating wiped away and not talked about.

No. 1663928

File: 1664652171388.png (174.55 KB, 1474x486, otokonoko.png)

They are trying to rewrite history after deleting this from the HRT directory. Too bad it's archived.


No. 1663930

Destiny is reading through the discord convos he had with Bobposting and Keffals. Keffals was subtly threatening to wield his "MSM connections" if Destiny didn't back off.

I haven't checked but it's safe to bet that archivers backed up the info on archive.ph.

No. 1663956

If troons are on the right side always no matter what, why they are so desperately trying to hide their totally legal and moral activities? Makes you think!

No. 1663957

Destiny is already hooked up with a Canadian lawyer who is going to send Keffals a Cease and Desist Notice. If Keffals refuses, Destiny will probably sue.

No. 1663958

Cease and Desist letters doesn't mean anything.

No. 1663961

And whoever loses will deserve it. Can't say the same for whoever wins.

No. 1663963

said he's trying to contact all the journalists that posted about kf incident to try to change or retract their misinfo story
good luck on that

No. 1663965

They won't do it, they are all friends with Taylor Lorenz, who is friends with Keffals. They simply don't care about facts.

No. 1663968

apparently the hentai hormones have high levels of benzene in them because they're made by people who don't know what they're doing or don't care or both.
pretty sure there aren't any bathtub cancer cures, so great job being evil, troons.

No. 1663977

Elliot NomoreDong is still pestering services and trying his hardest to kill KF instead of seeking professional help for his shit colored teeth

No. 1663980

The video is already down.

No. 1663985

Trannies mass report it like the cowards they are.

No. 1663990

I come bearing gifts: the manifesto.
It might be a good idea to backup some of the evidence included in the above document because you know that Keffals and crew and going to DFE.

No. 1663991

File: 1664656807487.jpg (312.03 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20221001_133227.jpg)

Got this from Kiwifarms but this is people under one of Keffals posts. The tides are turning

No. 1663992

File: 1664656866335.jpg (368.82 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20221001_132401.jpg)

I love how it's someone whose not pro farms doing this. Because they can pretend Destiny is a farmer but everything he's posted is facts and he's not pro kiwi. Nor does Null even like him.

No. 1663994

File: 1664656938618.png (48.59 KB, 739x449, keem.PNG)

No. 1663995

Correction: It seems that the video has been private'd for the time being.

No. 1663996

You are probably right. I won't post things unless it's from someone more relevent

No. 1663997

> Nor does Null even like him.
E-daddy shit, more importantly, he has a thread and generally gets shit on by the entire site.

No. 1663998

Damn, I was about to watch the stream when it got privated or deleted.

No. 1663999



No. 1664000

yeah I was about to say seems more like he bent the knee in fear of mass-reporting than he was mass-reported

No. 1664001

File: 1664657147240.jpg (188.16 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20221001-134031_Twi…)

Keffals is goijng to make a fool of himself. I hope Destiny asks him live about the kiwifarms suicides

No. 1664002

I saw two streams of him agruing. One was with a woman, he was calling her dumb, a bitch, and yelling over her before ending the stream. Then with that Hunter scrote where he did the same thing. He's only going to scream over Destiny and leave when things get hot

No. 1664003

I hope this rotten motherfucker eats shit and eats hard

No. 1664004

We are drowning in milk today, nonas! This is going to be a complete trash fire and I am here for it. Thank goodness this all going down on a Saturday.

No. 1664006

Reminder that Destiny is pro "sex work", has spoken of "ethical CP", has questionable interactions with minors, etc, etc., e-dates some e-thot who hates him and sleeps with other men, and is the epitome of a creepy "male feminist" bad ally. KF thread is there. Enemy of my enemy and all but please nobody start hero worshipping this scrote.

No. 1664007

I dunno nonna, I just looked at his grotesque face and the DingDong word came to my mind one time

No. 1664009

File: 1664657589644.png (27.03 KB, 552x208, bait & switch.png)

pretty sure Destiny is not going to be on Lucas's stream.

No. 1664010

Nobody here is doing that, fuck him and Keffals, but it feels good to see someone finally speak out and get attention on the misinformation about KF. I see it as if Keffals can do that to kiwifarms then it can be done anywhere. Fuck Destiny but I welcome the milk

No. 1664011

and here I thought it was getting a bit dry after KF's steadily back on.

No. 1664012

kiwifarms.net is stuck on the bot check thing for me, anyone else?

No. 1664013

Hold on. I've heard about rules on Twitch against streaming content from banned users but does this rule still hold if Destiny appears in a streamed discord call?

No. 1664020

> does this rule still hold
no clue but I'll bet it will be construed in whatever manner benefits trannies

No. 1664021

File: 1664658174301.jpg (2.63 KB, 460x79, 3705798-9068ea2671ed22140492cd…)

Nevermind Keffals lied. Either way it'll be fun to hear the lies he tells in defense

No. 1664024

File: 1664658252689.jpg (56.71 KB, 960x416, IMG_20221001_221753.jpg)

For the love of God, where can I see a VOD or some clips of the Keffals manifesto? Even Metokur was in the chat kek

No. 1664047

No. 1664052

Lucas lies too much. He breathes, he lies. There's no way it will all come down some day. I don't want to sound cliche but when you lie so much, there's no way some of it won't be uncovered, especially if you're a public figure. It's only a matter of time before Lucas' house of cards come down. He WILL get what he deserves, if not now in the very near future.

No. 1664063

There is a certain kind of narcissist that almost always gets his eventual comeuppance and Keffals is one of them. He lies and manipulates and he seems genuinely awful to be around.

No. 1664114

File: 1664663414809.png (225.34 KB, 1541x988, log1.png)

Destiny released his discord logs with Keffals and Bobpostinf

>literally zero evidence I made bathtub HRT

Except for all those tweets you made bragging about it

No. 1664116

File: 1664663462409.png (251.82 KB, 1533x1085, log2.png)

No. 1664121

File: 1664663617355.png (325.7 KB, 1531x1150, log3.png)

No. 1664126

File: 1664663744117.png (208.54 KB, 1498x950, log4.png)

No. 1664127

File: 1664663789406.png (335.42 KB, 1004x486, Screenshot-2022-08-29-at-17.20…)

Troons lie

No. 1664148

Did Keffals even try to defend anything? It's weird, he will bitch about Destiny on Twitter but it seems like he barely said much (nobody has said much). I think he's tired. Kiwifarms is still up, he can't mention it, Destiny's still had 17k people watching the stream, he had 2k and less. I guess when he can't defend he hopes people will forget

No. 1664152


Yep, I get stuck there too. Probably should try a different device or….well, do anything. It might be something really obvious.

No. 1664156


Samefag. Works on different device. Clear cache and it might work better?

No. 1664187

I suppose he realizes it's not going the way hethought it'd go as ppl are turning against him, and it's only downhill from there. kiwifarms is up, destiny made a video/doc, troon squad biting his hand suddenly, HRT directory related people are more or less in trouble and freaking out.
i think he'll continue to spit out his delusional shit kicking back and screaming, but no wonder he's done, when the things aren't going the way he wanted. not so bold anymore huh. 5 minutes of fame is over, all that shit and for what

No. 1664197

Lucas will no doubt win the coveted “cow of the year” award on kiwi farms at least, the first thing he’s ever actually won in his life.

No. 1664199


Here’s my possibility about the DIYHrt thing being memoryholed (lol yea right) - we know that craps dangerous, what if, just maybe, someone ordered that crap, tried using it, parents found out after they got sick, and are pursuing where exactly it came from? That’s really all it would take to shine a light on these idiots in the mainstream and it’s not much of a tinfoil really- it’s bound to happen sometime sooner rather than later.

No. 1664200

watching Destiny's video and seeing excerpts from clips of Keffals streams genuinely grinds my gears. A doughy guy with tits, trying hardest to make his voice sound like a woman, but in effect he sounds unlike man or woman. a strange mix of idk what, talking typical scrote shit with an empty oily punchable face. fuck it can't even describe properly, who tf would watch his streams willingly.

No. 1664202

I'm so glad ll this shit is unfolding in so many fronts. Some troons are mad at him, the black community is mad at him, kiwis are mad at him, doxers are mad at him, conservatives are mad at him, dudebros are mad at him, shitposters are mad at him, women are mad at him. He lost his partner and said partner must be finding himself right now in hot water with the HRT directory shit crumbling down.
Lucas and his supporters screaming in agony as I type this but still trying to save face. Eat shit Lucas. Eat shit Bobfucker. Eat shit Elliot.

No. 1664210

File: 1664668073270.jpg (151.24 KB, 629x825, Screenshot_20221001_163236.jpg)

He lied about Destiny coming on his stream for a debate (having a banned streamer on would get Keffals banned) and then just claimed victory again.

No. 1664212

Apparently keffals was gloating about Kiwifarms being dead. At this point he's just lying. He knows the farms is still up, he just doesn't know who to scream at to get it down. Like even his thread is opened again. He'd rather lie and pretend to win then admit the truth

No. 1664217

He's delusional, he can get all the bot likes he wants, but his thread. Kiwifarms and Destiny all kick his ass when it comes to attention that's NOT mindlessly clicking the like or retreat. What did he win? He's just like Ralph. He pretends Kiwifarms is gone, he pretends Destiny didn't shit on him to 17k live viewers. He pretends He's a woman. All he does is pretend

No. 1664218

That's what you get when the only way you know how to go through life is by kicking and screaming and pointing fingers and crying til someone comes running to coddle you. Keffals thinks the world is just a big Cuckflare and various Matthew Prince will come running at his rescue if he screams hard enough. TOO BAD the world isn't just a big Cuckflare and we aren't Matthew Prince. Sucks to suck.

No. 1664220

Damn it, this is so pathetic. it's actually laughable. he's going down completely.

No. 1664221

Someone said he sounds like a boy hitting puberty shouting at you on Xbox live and I think that's what he sounds like. Also he's huge, with a hunch back, and he's big up top, he doesn't pass at all. It's magic what framing a camera a certain way can do for you.

No. 1664222

File: 1664668511103.png (18.78 KB, 592x206, lol lmao even.PNG)

Right? Watching this thing unfold today has been a treat. I would laugh so hard if Lucas were to get his fat ass deported because some UKfag reported him for illegally working on a visitor's visa.

Delusion and narcissism are off the charts. DuncanCantDie, who you may remember from the Rekieta's "debate" stream, is also upping the narc levels with tweets like pic related. Birds of a feather and all that.

No. 1664232

It's only a matter of time before shit really hits the fan for him and his followers. You can't defend immoral and illegal shit and side with criminals and liars and leave unscathed. Life doesn't work this way. Sooner or later the consequences will knock at their door and they will contort themselves into pretzels trying to justify why they did all the shit. Just wait nonna. Wait and see.

No. 1664235

You can absolutely defend immoral and illegal shit and get away with it. People do it all the time. What you cannot be is to defend immoral and illegal shit and be a huge narcissist who thrives on attention. Which is what Keffals is.

No. 1664242

If you're referring to the law, Yeah I agree. Some people do wrong shit all their lives and never face legal consequences. But there are other kind of consequences that they will eventually face. Being estranged from family, losing friends, losing jobs, provoking the wrong dude and getting gutted, losing themselves to drugs, becoming ill, ending up alone pissing and shitting their pants, etc. It's impossible to live among scum and being scum yourself and never face ANY kind of consequences for your acts.

No. 1664245

Duncan is a troon in the making for sure.

No. 1664252

Yeah, I'm naive. A troon with an open wound screaming into the void, after losing their partner and currently being dogpilled and facing other problems being unfolded as we speak is what I like to call consequences getting to them. Or you consider Lucas' current situation ideal? You live by the sword you die by the sword, never heard of that?

No. 1664254

Samefag, but for a narc like lucas, losing his social clout is worst than death. And he's losing it. And it is a consequence of his actions.

No. 1664259

Keffals is probably talking to Taylor Lorenz right now to have the journo scum squad write up a bunch of bullshit about Destiny. And he's also talking to his youtube friends to have Destiny banned off YT I am sure.

No. 1664260

> write up a bunch of bullshit about Destiny
Ironically they'll not have to go further than his Kiwi Farms thread. His associations with Nick Fuentes will come in handy, too.

No. 1664263

I get all my updates from KF because I'm not watching any of these scrotes. Someone told Keffals that KF is back up and he says "so what" and it's like a dying cancer patient.
My thing is the reason he went on this journey is because Kiwifarms was killing and dangerous yes? Yet its back, its fast and the numbers are coming back, and he's like "do what". I thought he was doing this for the dead folx? Kek, keffals tells his audience exactly who he is and what he's about everyday but they still stand beside him. The few who actually watch his videos/streams.

No. 1664265

so what not do what, sorry

No. 1664266

> I get all my updates from KF because I'm not watching any of these scrotes.
This anon gets it. Even the KF thread is obnoxious. I hope they all eat each other.

No. 1664268

> two x's in "doxxers"
I thought I hated DesTiny already.

No. 1664281

>Keffals on breaking up with his ex-fiancé (please stop feeding the delusion by writing the feminine form: fiancée):
>"I initiated ending the relationship and wanted to be on my own, I felt it was unfair to everyone involved."
Translation: I-I was totally the one to end it because I am never the one to be dumped. I've extracted everything I could from Alex and it wouldn't be fair to me to keep him around anymore.
>"It allows me to focus on my emotional development and career. I'm not going further on that, it feels weird"
Translation: I have someone else in my sights who can potentially boost my career and like a monkey, I am migrating to the next branch. I'm not going further on that because your attention has to stay on me.

In case anyone was wondering what Keffals sounded like pre-feminization laryngoplasty (vocal feminization surgery), someone on KF found this interview they did at age 19:
Just scroll down to the audio file on the linked post.

No. 1664288

How many keffals are in the room with you?

No. 1664290

>"they did" was supposed to be "he did"
Oh shit. My bad, nonna.

No. 1664312

File: 1664673743815.png (110.9 KB, 600x782, Screeny.png)

I think he’s making the opposite point to what he wanted, we obviously need MORE sites resistant to “deplatforming”

No. 1664332

.net isn't workng for me
Stuck on "Checking for Robots"
Maybe because I'm using Waterfox Classic
I dunno

No. 1664337

God bless you nonna but also I hate hearing Keffal's strained voice so much in that video.

No. 1664346

File: 1664675440449.png (67.89 KB, 628x189, Screenshot 2022-10-01 21.49.24…)

someone's data went poorly

No. 1664387

It's also down for me on Waterfox. It works in Edge though.

No. 1664393

assume the attack has ramped up?

No. 1664397

You're just getting a dead node. Hit ctrl + f5 or change your VPN. On mobile it also helps to close the tab and re-open a new tab.

No. 1664404

I don't know if it will. But its not that much of a bother to just refresh the site.

No. 1664407

When the trannies get bored. nta

No. 1664445

Easily the most pathetic thing he’s done so far. Now Destiny should just ignore him as the final insult.

No. 1664521

What’s going on here?

No. 1664576

Nuclear grade autism

No. 1664602

Did he actually make a response or is he just memeing? I don’t want to go through the hellscape that is twitter, let alone his twitter, to check.

No. 1664650

File: 1664714651443.jpg (113.05 KB, 584x429, 20221002_070628.jpg)

not on twitter, no, but one of Lucas's supporters finally saw through the shit kek

No. 1664653

Holy fuck, the NPCs are overcoming their programming!

No. 1664654

was that the nonna that was here posting his information a few threads ago? so it was really him, I hope she's still reporting him to the authorities.

No. 1664658

He did say that four cops showed up at this door >>1664116 so perhaps nonna did report. I like how he brags how they've got nothing on him because he's not the one manufacturing bathtub HRT. lol you're still a distributor dumbass and extremely complicit

No. 1664659

No. 1664682

Keffals manifesto stream is public on youtube again.

No. 1664689

No that was the guy who owns Otokonoko Pharmaceuticals or whatever it's called.

No. 1664700

File: 1664720930748.jpg (72.72 KB, 1893x1124, twittermademedoit.jpg)

twitterfags and cloudflare ceo when they realize they got bum rushed

No. 1664702

they wont care

No. 1664703

>black and white thinking a symptom of autism

No. 1664705

I am sure Matthew Prince already knows its all bullshit. They host actual CP websites and ISIS sites. They won't suddenly go "oopsie I guess we were wrong, our bad". They made their choice because of public pressure from troons and probably boomer shareholders who don't unserstand that twitter trannies are irrelevant. They won't make things right.

No. 1664710

it remains to be seen if going from 'we are free speech absolutists' to doing a frosk rant the next day is going to affect cloudfare's bottom line

No. 1664712

She's Always A Woman (Keffals Parody)(self-post)

No. 1664829

File: 1664731217139.png (65.83 KB, 150x260, C98ADC96-EB6E-465C-B3CB-9567E2…)

>> he's huge, with a hunch back, and he's big up top, he doesn't pass at all.


No. 1664833

It seems like the document is here if anyone wants to go through it with links:

No. 1664941

File: 1664739587222.jpg (100.66 KB, 819x545, 20221002_123723.jpg)

what about the cleavage though huh??
look at the obvious womanly cleavage
look at it!

No. 1664950

The combination of the dead eyes/soulless voice + cutesy shit all around is so unsettling.

No. 1664951

How can anyone look at that and think anything but an exceptionally greasy D&D moid?
>inb4 he claims it's his italian ancestry that causes him to look like a 250lb puddle of grease

No. 1664971

File: 1664741563188.jpg (54.67 KB, 750x604, tumblr_2781d92d529310570818e2f…)

Is the site down again or is my internet fucky? I was just browsing right now until the site stopped working.

No. 1664991

He has to press those moobs together so hard cause they long to be in their natural 2 miles apart state

No. 1665013

File: 1664743361909.jpeg (421.98 KB, 1405x1423, E1B56C18-0FA3-44C1-8F65-D2BE19…)

Works fine for me, I was able to log in just now with no problem. Currently 2400+ online. And I’m not on Tor, just the regular old internet, Kiwifarms.net. I would have no idea how to get on Tor even if I wanted to.

No. 1665022

>light theme
do nonnies really…

No. 1665058

Light theme in october no less when the nice spoopy orange theme is on… Smh you demon

No. 1665124

It's okay OP, I use light theme for most things too.

We are truly an oppressed minority

No. 1665151

Did anyone suggest making a Keffals exclusive thread? Because he's definitely worth it and this thread is basically that now anyways. I know we can't lump Lucas into the tranny thread because of shitters so just give him a dedicated

No. 1665342

File: 1664768762793.jpg (228.56 KB, 1180x2048, 20221002_224550.jpg)


No. 1665405

Totally agree, Keffals is a legit cow and now Kiwifarms seems to be up and healthy (thank god), it's time to milk this bitch

No. 1665431

Lucas pissed off black Twitter with his absolutely self-centered takes then doubled-down. He also pissed off his own allies like Elliot Dong Gone, the girl who got KF pulled from Wayback, and hotwheels. Matthew Prince blocked him after cucking. Other less-famous trannies are turning on him either for optics or envy of his 100k. Dumped by his fiance. Bobposting thrown under the bus. Leftists are pissy about his "run a train on an autistic girl" Tweets, among other ones. He's rattled about targeting other GC sites. I think he may also have rattled about 4chan? Kiwis obviously are pissed. Content creators that rely on KF are pissed. He got Metokur, Rekieta, and Destiny booted off their respective platforms…

Wanting to see how a "Most Hated Man on the Internet" arc will play out. Some people gave Josh the title, but the wide variety of people coming together to devour Lucas is inspiring.

No. 1665450

File: 1664782400193.jpg (91.1 KB, 629x907, august19.jpg)

Keffals was getting a lot of pushback on Twitter for refusing to elaborate om how he is handling the GFM money. After snarking and "ratio!" did not take the heat off, he changed to a more professional tone and shared picrel while explaining that his lawyers told him not to discuss it. Except… this totally legitimate lawsuit/consult dates from before his "swatting".

No. 1665457

During times where Lucas is probably googling himself to find more places to take down, that's a bad idea. I give it a whole 10 hours before he self posts his own doxx and starts crying about it. You think he's bad fighting kiwis? Imagine him being given the opportunity to fight women. He's too stupid to know this thread is about him so best keep it tucked away safely

>Elliot Dong Gone

No. 1665460

No. 1665465

My sister brother done burned too many bridges, and there’s nothing I can do for him now.

No. 1665486

>Except… this totally legitimate lawsuit/consult dates from before his "swatting"

Wait seriously? I'm hazy on the timelines of this whole drama but holy shit lmao. Big if true.

Does Keffal do anything with his life but dilate and lie?

No. 1665522

He probably talked to a lawyer as soon as his Kiwifarms thread was getting some traction, to see if he can somehow get it removed by suing Null and Kiwifarms and the lawyers told them there is nothing he can do.

No. 1665524

>this totally legitimate lawsuit/consult dates from before his "swatting"
The original "swatting" happened on August 5th according to the police report.

No. 1665552

Keffals is actually spastic. One of his biggest enemies is Rekeita Law, what kind of retard would flash crap false law stuff when a lawyer with a huge platform to call you out has his eyes on you?

No. 1665559

The type of retard who thinks it's a good idea to lop off their penis, and then LARP as a woman

No. 1665563

Agree with latter anon, don't bait the idiot. he'd immediately make a stupid droplolcow campaign and post his own doxx, and while Shaymin took precautions, i don't think she has time or devotion to fight troon squad like Josh every second of her life. at the very least, he'd bring the unwanted attention (more troons) to this site.
Keffals will probably be still on his kiwifarms related victim arc for a good while, post him here.

No. 1665601

His whole existence is a lie what did you expect. Troons are malignant narcissists.

No. 1665607

Keffals was (and still is) a terminally online edgelord incel. Everyone has seen the pic where he's crouched over a stationary computer in his mohter's basement with filth and trash laying around. In his KF thread, his cousin who he used to hang out with is a neonazi, and they still hung out after he trooned out. Keffals has never been a SJW-feminist-simp archetype of troons, he's made from the pornaddict-incel/prisongay-pedophile-misogynist-troon pipeline and he's obsessed with femboys, which his cousin now claims to be.

No. 1665617

He couldn't hack it as a man, just decided to become a """woman""" (there aren't enough quotation marks in the world) instead.

No. 1665622

>Coulnd't hack it as a man
You're on lolcur you don't need to handmaiden them here, men have life on easy mode newfag

No. 1665632

Congrats on missing the point

No. 1665633

That's not what Incels like Keffals believe tho, they think life as a woman would be easier thats why they troon out.

No. 1665637

I know why this is worded this way, I doubt few others will, keep your secrets fellow wise woman.

No. 1665640

And someone who DID get the point I was making, thank you

Anyway yeah, that's why IMO Keffals is the definition of a failmale - just went 'this is too hard, no girl wants to fuck me, may as well troon out'

No. 1665641

She said the same thing that I did.

No. 1665643

Neither of the anons, you did, some people are just that spite filled and dumb. Don't even bother trying to teach those, they're not worth your time. Focus on others that are as smart as you are.
She doesn't even know how to italics lmfao what a retarded trog
Also does nobody else know UH is the very first post in this thread?

No. 1665644

>Keffals has never been a SJW-feminist-simp archetype of troons, he's made from the pornaddict-incel/prisongay-pedophile-misogynist-troon pipeline and he's obsessed with femboys, which his cousin now claims to be.
this is it, his "appeal" (ugh), aside from troons blindly supporting their own, is that he's basically the chapo trap house of troons. he does the cool, irreverent "i fucked your mom" schtick.

No. 1665647

File: 1664809434287.jpg (192.3 KB, 960x866, b0efb7c2-5beb-58df-963d-08bd99…)

In which category do we place Keffals? Organic strap?

No. 1665650

Lol Keffals is a mix of what you said and robot, he's no 6'1" chad and he doesn't even pretend to be a sub with that fart shit.
As an aside the Hist, I noticed the pet troon commie dick guy say he's one but like he passes less well than any other tranny that has ever used this site so why isn't he just admitting he's a clear hon and stop coming here?

No. 1665656

Definitely 'Ms Robot' category, if you combine it with one of the overweight Italian guys from The Sopranos

No. 1665658

Probably catching a ban for an off topic youtube video but;

No. 1665663

Fucking kek, so good

Dunkey can be hit-or-miss but when he hits he can be funny AF

No. 1665726

>"i fucked your mom" schtick.
Keffals is gay with a preference for teenage boys. In the Winter discord exchange he bragged about being a HSTS and that he was going to marry a PhD moid. I'm fairly sure his (now ex) fiance is also a pedophile, but backed away bc Kefflas can't stop reacting to everything said about him (thus creating more drama).

No. 1665730

Tbf it is kind of funny to keep people worked up, but Keffals is sitting in a house of glass not in a forest filled with rocks and bushes to hide in.

No. 1665790

This has to be a joke or troll

No. 1665899

Keffals is the interesting case (Brianna Wu/John Walker Flynt is another) of a HSTS in terms of orientation, early effeminacy, etc. who is also a huge AGP pervert and would unambiguously be a gargantuan hon if he transed a little later and liked women. Goes to show that it is a spectrum not just black and white difference. The HSTS love to claim they are better than the AGP though but Keffals and Wu both clearly want to wear women's skins and are as inveterate misogynists as any AGP troon

No. 1665958

That may well be, I don't want to think about that disgusting troon's sexual preferences, but he loves being le edgy troll and saying stuff like "I don't have a dick anymore but I still stretched out your mom last night," plus the stuff about autistic girls.

No. 1666095

The reverse might be what Blanchard calls pseudobisexuality, where the ultimate AGP thrill is for the troon to get fucked "as a woman" even though he is not gay.
And he does date t4t. I wonder if this is preference or a jailhouse gay situation.

No. 1666105

Definitely jailhouse - no straight man is gonna wanna have sex with that greasy, balding weirdo and no cis woman is gonna wanna go anywhere near him either

No. 1666134

Too much time in the tranny sideshows thread
Screws coming lose. And yes Kiwis will get that this is a metareference to some guy sperging out a few years ago, but yeah this is just unhinged of him to post. I wonder if he is getting into the drink/drugs or if he is just snapping under pressure but this is really dumb.

No. 1666144

I'll remember this and laugh when his enemies use this idiocy against him and another company drops KF. Josh really can't help himself.

No. 1666148

Look at all the stickers his sycophants are giving him too

No. 1666171

The irony… And multiple posters were warning others not to fedpost not too long before. You can bet blockhead and dropkiwifarms are already screencapping as an example of Josh personally threatening violence. Dumbasses, the lot of them.

No. 1666189

File: 1664847772330.png (288.03 KB, 1054x546, Capture.PNG)

This isn't true he was laughing at Keffals bald spot.

No. 1666214

it's fake and gay, anon

No. 1666394

File: 1664866978430.jpg (274.81 KB, 1080x1340, Onion.jpg)

Onion Farms and Schizo tranny working together to make up fake fedposts cause they are seething that KF is still online. How utterly pathetic.

No. 1666396

It might just be partially roots showing but seriously, people aren't kidding when they say it looks like Keffals is balding

No. 1666434

File: 1664872126507.jpg (110.56 KB, 1280x720, I see no difference.jpg)

This picture of Keffals finally helped me know who Keffals reminds me of: Fucking Gargamel from the smurfs

No. 1666563

Correct, and soon he'll look like George Costanza

Keffals keeps losing hair, Kiwifarms keeps gaining threads. And yet Keffals views this situation as a 'win'. What a retardo.

No. 1666633

This is so funny. Gayops is the true sign of a failing campaign kek incredible

No. 1666635

to the feds, there's no such thing as fake fedposts so it's going to end well

No. 1666705

I stole his joke, that's not working together.
Furthermore I don't see how me playing a prank is me being on one side or the other? You're a fucking bottom dwelling sports player, I refuse to engage in such, why was I not banned, I feel gaslit.
I wanna make the smurfs into Kiwis now, damnit this is good.

No. 1666707

Nah seriously bro, stop taking shit so seriously, I am a troll, I am on the side of the funny.
Unlike you, you're on the side of the angry pissbaby who gets angy and plays team sports online for no raisen.
I got better shit to do than care and so should you.

No. 1666799

>autistic girls
Troons have co-opted autism in girls and women just like everything else. Search "autistic girl" on twitter and it's just a bunch of troons going "i'm such an autistic girl owo, headpat please, can someone suck my dick". Lucas was referring to these sick troons. What's ironic is that autism in girls does not involve obsession with trains or objects like autistic males, autistic females are into reading fiction, like Harry Potter, and obsessing over bands, like those K-pop nonnas.

No. 1666976

Is there a way to get your locked account back? Or atleast change the email? I know it’s not worth it but that account of mine has been with me for a a while.

No. 1667081

I'm sorry that you've been locked out of your account, nonna. Josh was pretty clear about not accommodating members in this situation unless they are staff. You could email him but I think it is safe to say that he'll either ignore your message or reply in a curt and not so kind way. It looks like your only options would be to wait until registrations reopen or hope that someone can send you an invitation.

No. 1667263

File: 1664935498046.jpg (130.67 KB, 634x731, 63106603-11279745-image-a-1_16…)

Caroline Farrow from TERF Island gets swatted for posting mean things about troons on Kiwifarms. Cops van her in front of her children, examine her socks for weapons, and put her in a cell. She is asked questions about anti-tranny pics on KF that she doesn't know about. They eventually let her go.

No. 1667285

I got the pic from here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11279745/Devout-Catholic-mother-arrested-series-malicious-posts-uploaded-chat-forum-KiwiFarms.html
I searched this site for her name and only got a few posts from 3 years ago but nothing about not posting her pic.

No. 1667528

Can you maybe photoshop Keffals face onto Gargamel's face? There is a photoshopped bald Keffals in the Kiwi thread

No. 1667530

But nonna, I already did. Lol yeah tomorrow I will work on that.

No. 1667538

Oh I am so using the bald masc one though, and probably a different image, gonna work on this one for more than just ten mins this time lol.

No. 1667787

Tbh, I think an invite or a registration is my best bet but I’m still holding out.

No. 1667973

Is the onion site down? I'm stuck on a perpetual "checking your browser for robots" page

No. 1668214

File: 1665015669772.jpg (33.29 KB, 903x421, IMG_20221006_013218.jpg)

This is weird for someone who is living in fear of Null spawning an assassin in their vicinity or deploying his drone armada again

Who's mum is this? I can't imagine anyone looking less like a kiwifarms user

No. 1668295

How is a homeless person traveling across seas for a luxury convention?

No. 1668304

How long until he blows his 100k "legal fund"? I feel like with Keffals there, it would like walking around on eggshells if any streamer associates knowing that his lackeys will cancel them if they don't bend the knee

No. 1668396

Sneedchat is back

No. 1668464

>if anyone wants to meet up
I hope Sam Hyde finds this tweet

No. 1668469

rip they still haven’t cease assessing my browser for robots

No. 1668470

File: 1665044997577.png (171.08 KB, 768x768, unnamed.png)

Rekeita Law just caught a ban and the general consensus is that Keffals did a mass report on his channel for speaking up against him

No. 1668472

File: 1665045452613.jpg (84.15 KB, 1284x699, IMG_20221006_095336.jpg)

On top of that, people in Keffals group lodged legal complaints to influence his irl career…

No. 1668473

File: 1665045484958.jpg (89.45 KB, 1284x705, IMG_20221006_095342.jpg)

… using their legal names and judging by the censoring their doxxes too. I'm calling it now: they're going to post their own doxxes on KF and claim it was Rekeita. This is advanced gayops

No. 1668475

File: 1665045611224.jpg (111.67 KB, 598x626, IMG_20221006_095917.jpg)

No. 1668476

File: 1665045644934.jpg (156.46 KB, 883x558, IMG_20221006_095915.jpg)

advanced gayops indeed

No. 1668547

serves him right for being a lawyer and an edgelord at the same time. choose one.

No. 1668554

Absolute peak retarded comment

No. 1668557

I think you misunderstood the situation slightly.

No. 1668561

yeah imagine being a lawyer and believing in the first amendment, how cringe

No. 1668676

He doesn't really have an irl legal practice anymore he makes all his money (quite a bit of it too) streaming. Still though on the principle of things this is fucked.

No. 1668703


No. 1668713

>a lawyer and an edgelord
By upholding the first amendment, an actual law

No. 1668714

can you go back to KF now pls you scrote WK

No. 1668722

Null is so weird. He's going aggro on people making fun of rackets or the response to what's happening yet those people are part of the same underbelly of users who hate the site and it's culture, constantly try to sow division, and had the exact same responses to Null whenever he would complain about journalists or the hardships the site was facing. He's let these people fester for years and is now suprised they're happy or don't care that his friend lost his livelihood?

No. 1668736

Wtf are you talking about schizo? One poster was being stupid and literally everyone shat on him for it.

No. 1668753

Trannies are scrotes and shouldn't be here. Only a tranny would disagree with this statement.

No. 1668754

Absolutely typical Josh behavior tbh. He is sperging out all over the place. Here he is in the Ukraine thread being typically lazy by asking others to minimod for him and admitting (somewhat indirectly) that he does not communicate with his jannies and doesn't even know which of them have left forever. What an absolute joke. The only reason the site survives under such management is that there is no alternative or at least that all the alternatives are way more toxic which is saying something (oh and that he tries actively to undermine any "competition" to begin with.)

No. 1668756

File: 1665073229070.jpg (170.25 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20221006_121643.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 1668757

People who constantly cry about "muh good users" and "muh site culture" and "Kiwifarms is being ruined! What about the good old days?!" are so fucking cringe. You are way too invested in an internet gossip site. Go outside and touch some grass.

No. 1668760

Go back to your padded cell, Blaine.

No. 1668764

The pure moid rage and troon seethe is unmistakable, sorry you still don't fit in.

No. 1668830

Sorry for bothering but does anyone here know how to contact josh? I logged into my account on kiwi farms, got the message for password resetting, logged into my email but no message is there. I checked spam folder too, but nothing.

No. 1668833

It literally says at the bottom of every page on Kf. admin@kiwifarms.net

No. 1668836

Oh, thank you! I am visually impaired, I sometimes overlook things.

No. 1668987

I hate kf because the men who post there are so mysogynistic. They justify rape, abuse etc. because it happened to (female) lolcows so it must be funny. They're quite sadistic too. If, hypothetically, lolcow was down, I would go to reddit, not KF.

No. 1669059

Are you not aware of the absolutely vile shit that’s regularly said in Shayna’s thread? Clearly she’s a fucking idiot but it’s nuts to see anons hope she gets murder raped to death. She’s a bad person but I still don’t want bad things to happen to her and that might make me a minority ITT. Wishing violence on people is wrong and it happens here too.

No. 1669081

You’re a retard, how about that?

No. 1669094

Stop responding to Blaine. His new attempt at pretending to be a woman is to fake outrage about misogyny on KF and calling Null a misogynist. He thinks by using that buzzword enough times he will sound like a farmer instead of a crazy troon.

No. 1669097

One of the upsides with KF being up is that Blaine is relegated to talking to himself in an empty thread.

No. 1669109

Have you seen what they post about us on their lolcow thread? They bitch and moan about us and it's so fucking ridiculous, especially a few of most recent pages. all combination of these:
>they all must be zoomers!
>omg they hate us
>bunch of femcels
>they constantly say "moid" and "scrote" reee
>they hate 4chan moids but use the same 4chan language!
>thinks that all women are just one and the same person, and they all post in every thread, instead of different women with different interests & stories posting in select threads
>they all hate men so much but akshually post about wanting to suck incel dicks and thirstposting in /ot and vent thread
>I dOnT kNoW wHy tHeY aLL hAtE oUr JoSH!!~
>omg did i mention misandry how non progressive
>we here at kiwifarms are so fucking progressive, as opposed to misandrists. we don't actually hate women either. why don't they realize
>continue to mock women, generalize and post sexist shit underneath
I'm overall fine with KF and read some there but some of them seriously pretending to be better in any way is peak comedy.

No. 1669213

>> for a luxury convention
3-day ticket is $199. Hardly a “luxury.
(For reference- Disney World is $109/day.)

No. 1669230

NTA but having the ability to travel to go to a convention is a luxury regardless of the price. Homeless people definitely don’t have that luxury lol

No. 1669296

File: 1665122941880.jpg (369.19 KB, 1080x1457, IMG_20221007_080619.jpg)

Vordrak has done his usual harassment of uninvolved family members and got the wife of the guy who runs the datacenter that houses KF fired from her real estate job by claiming she's a pedophile. Thats also what he did to Joshs mother. The troons are celebrating.

No. 1669297

File: 1665123004999.jpg (130.28 KB, 720x903, Uno.jpg)

"she is listed in some documents as an employee so its ok to ruin her life"

No. 1669299

File: 1665123093622.jpg (112.62 KB, 720x691, Twono.jpg)

"When you share this make sure you lie and say she wasn't an uninvolved family member"

No. 1669503

this kind of thing is sure to endear people to troons

No. 1669537

One day they are going to fuck with the wrong people/person. This is so fucking dangerous and this is what Keffals has caused. What's funny is they claim Kiwifarms has killed but I truly think the Dropkiwifarms movement might legit get someone harmed. Attacking not even the person, but their family loosely involved is sick.

No. 1669571

Troons are just incels and incels regularly commit mass shootings so I wouldn't be surprised. Also note how they once again went after a WOMAN. Josh's mom, the wife of the fiberhub guy… they will always find a woman to harass no matter how uninvolved.

No. 1669664

'only themselves to blame' sounds like optimism for these wannabe life-ruiners of twitter.

No. 1669673

File: 1665167789451.webm (2.03 MB, 852x480, 3721054-be49dd9490453a295ebe28…)

Can't confirm but saw this on KF apparently this dude claims Keffals went up to Destiny's wife angry. We will see if Keffals or someone responds, I don't know if I believe it and not saying I'm do. I'll just post though just in case.

No. 1669674

It's also on live stream fails

No. 1669682

cant 'misgender' troons as a content creator nonna troons will try to get your channel banned for troonsphobia

No. 1669683

Who cares if this moid doesn't want to misgender him. It's what he's saying thats important. Nobody would even take what he's saying as real if he was correctly calling Keffals what he is.

No. 1669693

Not to defend the moid but it could have been the Terms of Service thing. You can get banned just for stupid shit like misgendering

No. 1669694

File: 1665169220197.jpg (33.74 KB, 713x454, Screenshot_20221007-145832_Chr…)

This is from Destiny's chat thingy, unless it's edited this is his wife confirming it. I hope it goes viral, I really do if true. How many women vaguely related to this situation has Keffals & Co gone after??? Mind you Keffals is taller and bigger then both these people. He went up to a man's wife about some youtube shit. That's crazy.

No. 1669701

If it was in the UK, his wife will get arrested for upsetting the big mad bloke-in-a-dress and be sentenced to Thought Reform.

No. 1669755

The entire island upended with a screaming Keffals atop it as it slowly sinks into the sea? And the last thing that will be seen is that fugly screeching as the waves close over his gigantic man head…

Works for me.

No. 1669804

a nonna after my own heart; yet another reason not to watch youtubers

No. 1669974

File: 1665194241572.jpg (80.3 KB, 987x485, lol.jpg)

No. 1670001

they are so awful at optics and can't hold back their sheer vitriol for actual women.

No. 1670007

File: 1665197093578.jpeg (536.99 KB, 1125x1653, DF1BC8CA-691A-40F9-B3E1-DC2E9F…)

Detransitioner and GC advocate @TullipR claims they are in contact with someone who was groomed by Keffals as a minor

No. 1670008

File: 1665197121997.jpeg (59.72 KB, 720x729, 3443B378-33AD-4969-91C9-570310…)

No. 1670043

People are saying these are faked but is it really a stretch? re: catboy ranch

No. 1670055

File: 1665200939135.png (135.81 KB, 326x425, 1665199498212188[1].png)

Male pattern hair loss

No. 1670061

File: 1665201436621.jpeg (272.58 KB, 1125x784, CCD67340-CF3E-4EBF-AD78-FD8479…)

this is a picture keffals posted in his reply attempting to debunk/deflect/deny like we’ve seen in the past, just like his involvement in catboy ranch, the hrt directory, fart porn, etc


No. 1670067

k-keffals-kun… I…

No. 1670071

>yeah anyway you got some crack?

No. 1670079

>it's not a good experience to realize you're groomed and you won't be keeping it selective to one person, you would tell everyone if you told anyone.
I have no first-hand knowledge, but from what I've read victims of exploitation are often so ashamed of it they hide it from everyone, e.g. victims of clergy sex abuse not telling anyone for decades.

No. 1670080

Samefagging to say I agree with the rest of your post, the bits regarding caution and skepticism.

No. 1670084

My apologies, you were quite clear but I replied in haste. I do still think confiding in one person only doesn't really add or remove legitimacy in my eyes, but as you say we'll see what (if anything) comes of it.

No. 1670089

File: 1665204253156.jpeg (553.05 KB, 1125x1444, 4723B1AC-4DE1-4375-B565-921C93…)

I agree that skepticism is probably healthy but I imagine any minor keffals might have interacted with would be scared of the inevitable horde coming after them. I would not be surprised such a person would want to stay relatively anonymous. Supposedly Ritchie directed them to law enforcement. Big if true, we’ll see how it plays out.

No. 1670091

While it would be funny if he was balding, those are clearly just light brown roots growing in. He dyes his hair darker.

No. 1670095

>easily staged twitter convo case
hearkens back to the Dimensional Merge and the fake-ass Bella BDSM texts throwing everyone off the trail for a while. Not to be forgotten.

It is more apparent from other angles that the hairline matches the age and the genetics (especially the last couple chromosomes).

No. 1670182

This credulity about screenshots is newfaggotry on crack.

No. 1670385

"sneed" is such an ugly word, I don't mean the meme it references just the word itself is aesthetically unpleasing

No. 1670471

Nonna, Reddit? That cesspool is also full to the brim with disgusting misogynists. Did you know you cannot refer to women as biological women besides the pornographic subs? Women are only allowed to exist as women if they're being used as meat slabs for these coomers. I wish I still had the screenshot that showed that, but yeah not better by any means. If anything it's worse there because they claim to be Nice Guys ™.

No. 1670533

Reddit literally has a subreddit called /r/rape and others such as /r/degradingholes and /r/deadeyes. 90% of reddits traffick is for pornography. Its a million times worse than KF.

No. 1670684

KF is down again?

No. 1670696

Looks like it. Thought Telegram would have something, but maybe's it's very recent.

No. 1670700

Still up via Tor, fyi.

No. 1670702

I want to force Reddit mods to allow trans porn in all of the porn subs that show women being degraded. According to their definition, Reddit is being twansphobic. Not even the trannies really complain about it (because coom) but it would be a good “campaign”. Also male redditors deserve to lose their hardons

No. 1670714

Ironically porn is the only thing you're allowed to be transphobic about on reddit. They all say "AFABs only" On their woman degrading subs. Suddenly they know what a woman is when they want to jerk off to our suffering.

No. 1670805

Lmfao it’s true. I remember once seeing a tranny try to post itself on one of these subs and it got removed because “sorry women only”. Those subs won’t go down ever, of course.

No. 1670929

/r/deadeyes actually got BTFO, I think about two years ago

No. 1671540

What was that sub for? Never heard of it

No. 1671584

Keffoon is so gross, he operates on creating fake rumours "as a jOkE" because he knows rumours spread faster and further than the correction/truth following afterwards. The crack line is added so he can say "it was obviously just a joke you idiot cunts" when it's too late and damage has already been done, he always does this.

No. 1671671

File: 1665413585598.png (195.67 KB, 1082x650, mail.png)

This is when it all started newfags and zoomers.

No. 1672394

God, why is this greasy fuck so obnoxious

No. 1672503

File: 1665502268702.png (91.57 KB, 612x279, Screenshot 2022-10-11 11.23.50…)

Josh coping and possibly admitting to violating xenForo's IP rights: it's not clear what legal position he is in w/r/t his license being suspended but my understanding is he can keep running the site but is not entitled to any support, patches, etc. going forward such as this one. I'm not sure if it's a violation for him to find the patch (not hard) and apply it but posting about it openly is … idk. On the other hand, he'd catch flack if he didn't or was perceived not to. He is not wrong that xenForo contributed to the problem (I have not researched specifically but I bet the patch involves adding a Content-Security-Policy header. This would have at least ameliorated the disastrousness of Josh's fuckup with the chat, but does not absolve him of responsibility in the slightest for allowing a brain-dead injection attack in the first place.) The Chat is back, btw, for any skript kiddies to fuck with. Josh knows a bit about network infrastructure and should sty in his lane and stop trying to code. His dropping this subtle externalization of blame is not really a good look, either: I liked when he said (words to the effect of) his confidence in his coding was shot after the breach, I don't like that now he's trying to shift blame, but I'm not surprised, it's very in-character.

No. 1672510

He's been open about using software he doesn't have a license to use and now he's crying about the security patch. Very much on brand of him.

No. 1672512

Allegedly he is in the clear to continue using the forum software but the patch is flying awfully close to the sun. I doubt anything will come of it but still, he leaves himself wide open. I guess the worst they could do realistically is for some tranny from xenForo to send mean notes to his hosting provider/upstream but at this point I don't know if they'd care given everything else they've put up with.

No. 1672516

Desperate a-logging troons, kek. You going to whine to Xenforo? I'm sure you already did.

No. 1672519

>everyone who speaks poorly of the lolcow who is the de facto subject of this thread is a troon
It's not even about not liking him or whatever, I'm the anon who posted it initially and also said he'll be fine, point is, he's flailing around like an idiot and documenting such milk ITT is why we're here. Try to see some nuance, Sherri.

No. 1672521

You're the only person still a-logging Null in this thread, Blaine. Everyone has moved on. Also the only person who calls people "Sherri". You will literally NEVER fit in, kek. It's so sad.

No. 1672526

Not blaine (although >>1672510 probably is), but OK

No. 1672527

File: 1665504100345.jpg (87.55 KB, 768x719, 1624322281776.jpg)

>I'm not Blai- ACK

No. 1672534

OK, I totally agree trannies should kill themselves? Don't be stupid. Blaine's behavior and typing patterns are quite obvious especially after a post or two, and "posting negative things about Null" is not even in the top ten. It's silly black and white thinking to accuse anyone who says anything bad about Josh as being a tranny. Josh is being dumb and/or delivering news relevant to KF, documenting it on the Kiwi thread is appropriate. You should really check yourself as to why you simp for this moid to the point of losing common sense.

No. 1672538

Troon seething that everyone can pick up on his typing style with only a single post, kek.

No. 1672542

Fine, if you think I'm him, report, I'm really not though, but it's not like I'm going to identify myself and prove it. The paranoia around him is understandable as he's a fucking menace but come on, anon. Blaine posts are obvious and those are obviously not Blaine posts. It's the last I'll say on the matter though. Report and let the mods do their thing.

No. 1672545

>Thread has been dead for days, suddenly three new samefagging replies after each other
>a-logging Null and complaining about coding skills (literally nobody cares)
>awkwardly trying to work lolcow slang into every sentence in hope to blend in

Too obvious, try again Blaine.

No. 1672547

Your several personalities don't count as people

No. 1672571

One of the better Blaine tells is that he loves talking to himself about himself. Which is pretty scrotery if you think about it.

No. 1672583

Also excessively bolding words is a pretty great Blaine tell. As much as his relentless samefagging since nobody actually wants to talk to him.

No. 1672588

Because someone started "hi, cow"-ing him (incorrectly, but who cares) however he's definitely here now (see: post about himself where he can't bring himself to call him "he") and probably is some of the posts sperging about who he is and is not so I fear this conversation is useless.

No. 1672595

Whenever this thread suddenly has 10+ new replies you know Blaine is here and still seething about Null and KF.

No. 1672640

File: 1665510453641.png (79.67 KB, 696x360, r4gf5dpq.PNG)

Sorry to interrupt whatever schizoposting is going on ITT. But Josh said this in Dropkiwifarms tranny thread.
What do you think?

No. 1672745

Still more of a woman than Keffals will ever be.

No. 1672789

He means that Cloudflare is able to obscure who your web host is, and, I think, the rest of it is saying that he has configured something (context would help in interpreting this, WHOIS server maybe) to give out bogus information?

No. 1673360

The boogie thread is just depressing. Kill all fat nerds

No. 1673424

Wtf, he’s using a fat filter to look even fatter now? He just gets more retarded by the day.

2022 is truly the year of the lolcow. All we need now is Onision doing something retarded too.

No. 1673427

there is a thread for youtuber lolcows you know

No. 1673485

File: 1665581339999.png (350.42 KB, 543x576, b1tch1.png)

So there is this crazy attention whore doing Josh collages now apparently. Not sure if this is a joke or if she is just desperate for e-fame.

No. 1673486

File: 1665581384052.png (505.07 KB, 550x753, b1tch3.png)

No. 1673491

File: 1665581584243.webm (7.44 MB, 404x720, umd1yl.webm)

I know this says PornHub, but it's just her fondling a picture collage, SFW

No. 1673492

File: 1665581608404.png (244.3 KB, 1380x617, b1tch2.png)

No. 1673567

File: 1665587491857.png (383.57 KB, 656x642, journo_lies.PNG)

journalist doing a research by typing url in any web browsers before publishing article challenge (failed)

No. 1673576

Keffals fell badly in the foam pit but his large, fleshy hump cushioned the impact.

No. 1673581

He started Myspace

No. 1673897

I swear I can see the shadow of a moustache on keffals face in that pic lmao

No. 1674271

He has a very strict no e-girls rule and has completelx ignored her so far, very sad for her kek.

No. 1674281

She’s out of his league tbh

No. 1674409

be thankful you didn't nonna. i only saw it a couple times and i'm happy to hear it was taken down. it was a bunch of videos and pictures of women in pornographic scenes dissociating to escape what was going on, or looking empty, sad or "dead" inside, sometimes drugged. monsters really hate women and they fap to our pain and destruction.

No. 1674417

She looks like she's probably fat if you saw a full body pic and also she's clearly completely insane.

No. 1674443

She's a 10 in bongland, a 2 compared to eastern european women.

No. 1674570

>simping this hard for a fatass

No. 1674929

Do you retards not see the stars of david and darwin fish? It’s obviously a troll.

No. 1675043

Site's down and null's poa.st is gone. Weird.

No. 1675058

>Trannies attacked the DNS server, which is why the site would not load for most people for about an hour and a half.

No. 1675064

The .net is up right now, along with the tor, and telegram is there. No idea if poast is, wouldn't touch that pedo platform with a bargepole.
Even here in England, she's not a 10. What's with that try-too-hard boob squish too? unless she's going for the builders bum on your chest look.

No. 1675073

One day Null is going to hitch with an insane Hyojin tier woman and it's going to be some of the milkiest things ever. He'll be in a middle of a MATI stream and she'll smash a vase on his head like Link smashes pots against a wall

No. 1675099

I doubt it. I'm sure he has had plenty of chances to bag some e-girl BPD-chan, but he said time and time again he doesn't want someone like that.

No. 1675123

.net is still down

No. 1675152

No it's not

No. 1675219

clear cache (ctrl+F5)

No. 1675300

I love how people who don't get the in-joke with the stars of david and obviously don't watch MATI think they are smarter than the rest of us lol.

No. 1675414

Yes, because KF aficionados would never ironically do things a la Sam Hyde, like call themselves incels or brag about Israel superiority on a Killstream cameo

No. 1675638

> obviously don't watch MATI think they are smarter than the rest of us lol.
yeah, I think those of us who don't watch MATI probably am smarter just for that fact
he has said time and time again he doesn't want an egirl but as time goes on I can see him thinking he's picked the right one
there are certainly enough very unironic incels, Nazis, and Nazi incels there. overt pedos do tend to get chased off, I will say that for the community.

No. 1675640

*are smarter
shut up lol

No. 1675651

Shut up Blaine

No. 1675685

I'm not touching the pedo platform either but I'm assuming his poast is down because the owner (graf) is having an extended tantrum about various things including being called a pedo and "doxing."
this isn't even
> everyone I don't like is the tranny
at this point it's
> everyone who doesn't like Josh is the tranny

No. 1675704


No. 1675791

File: 1665812619221.jpg (219.1 KB, 1536x2048, FfAXxPeXwAA8497.jpg)

those sausage fingers

No. 1675793

File: 1665812762038.jpg (128.6 KB, 1080x1472, FfAXxPeXkAAOKh8.jpg)

and an AGP smirk for the collection.

No. 1675804

He's upgraded to the classic hide the thick waist behind a cardigan trick to give the illusion of a thin one yet still does nothing to his hair, nails, or anything to hide that humongous hand. lol

No. 1675877

Is there a surgery where they transplant a fashion sense into troons yet? Because they all dress like clowns all of the time.

No. 1675972


he’s just doing that because he feels recent smugness from looking at the balding detrans female and the agp feels make him feel “at least I look like a woman more than a cisgirl on T now”.

Too bad he still looks worse than her, even if keffals was born female, he would be a 2/10 femcel, just look at his womanface now, even Gabbie Hanna is prettier than him. Gross.

No. 1675975

File: 1665837715544.jpeg (262.01 KB, 371x1018, AC6FD55D-350D-4CB1-8EA0-D60EE4…)

for luke, that is post-FRS.

No. 1676412

Nonzero chance it is Josh himself camping this thread to call everyone who even mildly criticizes him Blaine.

No. 1676648

What kind of outcome did you expect when you went on your weeks-long schizophrenic rampage here? You can't play the "HAHA I TRICKED YOU AGAIN FARMERS! IT WAS ME TROLLING THE WHOLE TIME!" game over and over and over again and then be surprised when everyone thinks you are constantly lurking and trolling still. You did this to yourself.(stop)

No. 1676782

lol now you have Blaine posts to compare the non-Blaine posts to, he took a few days off (maybe he was hospitalized for mania or something) but now you have a corpus to compare the posts to. I don't even thinking Blaine was going after Josh that hard, not ITT either, in this case he's a scapegoat for people who don't wanna see anti-Josh posts, he usually posts bullshit about Elaine or his personal enemies (or gore or CP when he's excited) not news of Josh being a faggot

No. 1676784

> sweaty gamers
Blaine tries so desperately to fit in (this is the wordfilter for 'pedophile' on alogs.space/cow) but it is painfully obvious it his him just grasping at straws to sound like he is in the in-crowd(stop)

No. 1676991

if i was josh i would kill myself on sight

No. 1677149

be careful before you get accused of being Blaine (who's posts were deleted, btw, and those that weren't … weren't.)

No. 1677160

The confidence to keep those caveman brows

No. 1677840

Is anyone else unable to access KF? I get stuck on the robot verification, then after like 5 minutes it fails.

No. 1677960

File: 1666047022613.jpg (361.13 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20221018-012234 (1)…)

Attention horses!
This is how you get your nudes removed from Kf.
1) Claim Josh commissioned you as his personal prostitute
2) Cry 2257

No. 1677963

File: 1666047097489.jpg (97.99 KB, 1080x592, 20221018_012318.jpg)

3) Spend time on your knees???

No. 1677969

I am once again saying this: it is shocking that Elaine is a character from the Lillee Jean Truman cinematic universe. It would have been funnier if Lillee was doing this but I guess Elaine is still funny too

No. 1677983

Elaines nudes are still on KF tho.

No. 1678078

Is this a selfpost? How would you know this or have this? Gross.

No. 1678087

screencaps or you are full of shit

No. 1678099

>Well I cant show you the janny forum
Yeah ok, full of shit then.

No. 1678102

Onionfarms sperg once again making shit up, yawn. Stay on your shitty scrote site.

No. 1678108

That's obviously not her.

No. 1678119

Cause she's a middle aged housewife

No. 1678123

Is that you, Elaine? Are you really this jealous that some boomer housewife is stealing your attention away?

No. 1678191

take your meds Elaine

No. 1678280

Who is this? I only lurk KF and don’t know the regulars

No. 1678287

SevenEightNine is an old woman who posts in KF chat and for some reason Elaine is extremely bothered by her just because she is also a KF e-girl, even if she is literally like a mother of 5 who is like 40+

No. 1678292

Elaine, there is zero reason for you to feel threatened in your position of resident e-girl by an old woman. You are being schizophrenic again.

No. 1678305

She’s in her 40s? With a twin bed and those bangs? Is that her kid’s bedroom, then?

No. 1678313

She lied once and claimed to be a middle aged housewife, she is younger than that and spends all her time on kiwifarms until she got banned and went to moderate banned member farms. 7 is likely in her WK'ing for Josh and now that she got banned for calling everyone Blaine she switched to Elaine. Fact is she is a known Josh simp, even wrote him an apology letter to try and be unbanned.(troon hands typed this)

No. 1678324

Lol I wonder if she’s the one in here salty over “Sherri” as a term for Josh simp. Must have touched a nerve

No. 1678344

thats not her

No. 1678345

shes not banned, thats you elaine

No. 1678350

File: 1666082684805.png (160.46 KB, 1496x464, seven.png)

This is why Elaine hates SevenEightNine, notice how calling her a "Null simp" is literally just Elaine going "NO YOU!!"

No. 1678524

This actually makes sense as the anon sperging out over getting called Sherri (idc, I like that meme, even if Blaine uses it) was clearly not from around here and had trouble distinguishing Blaine's writing style, as this 789 chick would probably. I know her vaguely from KF and she seemed alright but it seems that she has gotten into the orbit of Mike/AngryCanadian and other degenerate discordfags. Who don't like Josh, so idk, but she was known as a big Josh simp. If he gets wind of her being in contact with those freaks and particularly Elaine she'll be out of favor quick if not banned.

No. 1678525

samefag to add 789 has been posting revenge porn of AC's ex on OnionFarms which AC originally posted on lolcow.org, jealousy probably. supposedly 789 is fat and Mike likes big girls. it all makes sense.

No. 1678553

it's the tranny and elaine, nonna, pay them no mind, and the n00d is of some random thot not even the one they're talking about

No. 1678556

Hey Nonnas Blaine is here vendetta posting about 789 again. Please use VPN and be safe as they like to post Cheese pizza

No. 1678781

All of the shit Keffals caused now he won't even mention the site, seems to be going throw some kind of crisis, flirting/thrist posting and it's just all so dumb.
Kiwifarms works better then it did before and seems more active. His thread is just filled of dumb ass weird posts. All of this didn't do shit, but entertain everyone. Countless streams on youtube with thousands of views about Keffals now.The destiny thing etc.
I guess Keffals got money from it, but it's such a 'Blah" conclusion. I do love to see troons pretend like kiwifarms is dead and someone comes and says, "Nope it's been back for a while."I'm still waiting for the troons with threads to start shitting on Keffals.
He literally did nothing for them and now won't even answer to it.

No. 1678796

>Kerflapffles winning
The only "Win" it (Keffals isn't a human being and doesn't deserve respect) has was getting kiwifarms dropped from Google SEO Nonna. Not sure if that's significant but I think that was one of it's goals. Wanted to get rid of any of the "bad information" that could be quickly googled on since the farms was first on Google SEO for keffals.
I wonder who keeps ddossing the farms. I want to do say Lez dong wrong but it might just be the dropkiwifarms autist.
Is anyone able to connect to the farms right now? I am getting error connection refused over TOR and clearnet.

No. 1678863

It definitely doesn’t work better than it did before but you’re right about everything else. Embarrassing for Keffals

No. 1679007

File: 1666148301701.png (24 KB, 912x108, Screenshot 2022-10-18 22.14.40…)

Josh can always be relied upon to give condescending yet incredibly basic takes

No. 1680508

i know these threads were mostly about lucas' fartageddon, but i want to know what everyone thinks of some of the power users/whatever they're called on KF. here's my tinfoils, i have more if you want:

1) constellationzero is a racist male, probably a troon, pretending to be a lesbian, right? his frothing rage at The Blacks that he shoehorns into most posts is bizarre and his prescriptivist speeches about lesbianism are very LARPY

2) mirnaminkoff is a suburban gay man in his 50s who everyone knows is a man but they all just let him play his female character on the forum because…why?

3) diet coke 4 life is a low-ranking NCO, possibly even a reservist, who isn't retarded but really overstates what his job is/was/requires

No. 1680603

why does kf not load for me im Stuck on the checking for robots page

No. 1680841

Jesus, just go already. No one's reading all this schizoid nonsense.

No. 1680866

>schitz rambling continues
I'm not coping, you incoherent faggot, I'm annoyed and disappointed that you said you were leaving but somehow you're still sitting here typing nonsense.

No. 1681812

I also believe that constellationzero is male due to his obsessive need to mention his BLACK wife. Anything is possible but it seems like a weird LARP with a lot of totally unnecessary blogposting. Mirna, however, strikes me as female and I don’t understand the head cannon about her being a gay man so many here believe.

No. 1681822

Feline supremacist is a great one if you lurk the Russia Ukraine threads. There's several cows on there simply from the propaganda baiting but she (?) takes the bait.
>Makes fun of all Ukrainian conscripts
>Demands American men to be drafted
>Then goes "but no me I'm a woman!"
>Proceeds to call whoever called her out on the hypocrisy a "Ukraine shrill"

No. 1681862

There isn't a single user of KF worth speculating about on another site. Disgraceful, nonnies. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

No. 1681867

Is the site down for anyone else?

No. 1681880

I agree but anons have been insisting Myrna Minkoff is a gay man for as long as I’ve been reading these threads and I just don’t see it so decided to voice finally my disagreement lol
Yes, for a few hours now.

No. 1681920

File: 1666495300436.png (170.72 KB, 1339x707, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 11.2…)


No. 1681925

i just really hate that tone he uses.
assuming that's dong-gone every word sprung from his revolting fingers is in that fucking tone.

No. 1681929

No, it's the schizophrenic, unimportant one.

No. 1681937

was going to ask you to be more specific but they're all the same so…

No. 1681943

“abuse reports,” lol.
>>they use bad words and say mean things about us!!

No. 1681957

So which victory lap are we on now that’s premature and retarded? Sheesh.

No. 1681958

…So they just have to find a new host? Am I getting that right?

Does anyone even still care about taking down KF except the asian troon?

No. 1681965

Apart from every self-obsessed lunatic on the Internet, I guess not.

Long-Moans seems to believe its a demonstration of his technical genius, but it just appears to be that they organised e-mail spam at Zayo. At least they learned from last time and are acting grateful.

So either they just annoyed another company with their whining, or the Farms are down for a different reason and they're high from their own farts.

The Telegram chat is far more interested in pets and beer.

No. 1681994

This always happens on the weekend..

No. 1681996

>Downing the farms
Pretty sure Dropkiwifarms retard, Greer and Melinda Scott are some to name a few nonna. Although latter two are too dumb electronically to do it….

Below is the telegram message Josh sent earlier today/yesterday. Can someone explain to me why this ISP kicking josh off problematic aside from another one? My only guess is somehow his server is being connected by them?

>Hello! You might notice the site is down. This is because Zayo, the ISP that I have been trying to get online since December, was serving requests for less than 12 hours before succumbing to a few angry emails. They claim that 1776 Hosting violated their AUP by hosting the Kiwi Farms. A copy of their AUP is attached. You can read through it, the entire thing is a single page, and we did not violate it.

>The site can still come back but it might take a day just because this happened on a Saturday night (as 1am GMT on Sunday seems to be when everything happens). Simply getting the Kiwi Farms back online is not my main concern though.
>Zayo is an Internet service provider. They are a big company with presence across the world. If Zayo is arbitrarily blocking entire networks because of individual sites, and they are doing so with no recourse, the Internet is doomed. We are watching in real time as the very foundations of our interconnected world buckle and fold.
>I am reaching out to see if this decision can be reversed. I am going to ask that network engineers do the same. If you are in the industry and are concerned that this ISP you do business with behaves like this, contact your account manager immediately and say so.
>As we are a US legal service, I believe we should enjoy a direct connection to the Internet. The complex routing I do is stupid and only needed due of a few complainers harassing the right people. Unless the good guys also band together and provide countering pressure, it will remain easy for these crybullies to isolate individuals like this at any given time.
>See you soon.
Sorry for any format issues on greentext. I am not sure how he thinks any network engineers are going to standup for KF when they will just get canceled too.

No. 1682000

File: 1666508643588.jpg (76.69 KB, 505x783, lbjkiXo.jpg)

AFAIK they filled the same/a similar role for KF that Cloudflare did? Could be wrong.

Update from Null on his Telegram. Apparently LFJ knew someone at Zayo and got them to pull the plug. Not sure how Null got a hold of that email chain though.

No. 1682001

File: 1666508683167.jpeg (80.59 KB, 520x774, yQkLha2.jpeg)

Samefag. Image 2/2.

No. 1682003

Kiki Farms? The Ostrengas strike again!

No. 1682006

Finally Null nuts up and asks people to contact these companies (kinda, he still does it in the weakest way possible). It's almost like if you see a tactic that works you should try doing it yourself.
>B-b-but then the trannies will just accuse Null and the Kiwifarms of harrassment!
They do that anyways. Either direct people to protest within the bounds of the law- which is still totally possible- or tell them to go hog wild and don't get caught. Anything except rolling over and dying.
>B-b-but the Kiwis are just going to spam "nigger" at them
Good. Maybe if these companies have their inboxs flooded with bad words and wrong think they'll do what they need to to make it stop.

No. 1682012

>Maybe if these companies have their inboxs flooded with bad words and wrong think they'll do what they need to to make it stop.
Are you retarded? If they get wrongthink spams they'll just knuckle down even harder because now they finally have proof that kiwifarms is not only a harassment site, but racist too. All that'll do is justify them and give them a reason to keep dropping kiwifarms.

No. 1682016

Troons claiming they are oppressed is really such a joke when they have troon friends in every big company that they can call up to get whoever they want terminated immediately.

No. 1682022

Are you? These companies are one of two things- full of true believers who already think the site is racist, transphobic, and the devil incarnate, or full of lazy, cowardly fucks who don't want to have to deal with people screeching at them. There is nothing Null can ever do to deal with the first. The second, however, might cave in the sites favor of they get an overwhelming cacophony of being called niggers in their inboxs.

No. 1682038

That Dropkiwifarms tranny is now gloating and being general nuisance on twitter again. I take comfort in the fact that he will never be anything more than 50 year old man living in roaches infested apartment staring at the screen.

No. 1682042

The very vast majority just go with majority rule. If hating trannies became the norm tomorrow, companies would jump behind it.

No. 1682045

Looks like it’s down again.
>inb4 cache
Done already and tried different devices and browsers. It worked a few hours back but clearing cache doesn’t now.

No. 1682046

Anybody know if xenforo actually kicked those onionfarms faggots out? I know this is old news but I dont remember the conclusion

No. 1682047

I think we're capable of not spamming pro-Holocaust memes at least for business purposes.

The issue is, as far as I understand, that Hiss Shlong-Bones, in bad faith, got a contact of his at an ISP and got them to disable service for a customer based on the false accusation that the site actively harasses or harms people. To do such a thing is highly improper and negligent and sets an absurd precedent that a single person can order service can be rescinded because some protected class of cretin made something up with no evidence.


He's gloating because Null has said he will get it back up again soon and give him a reason to live. In the meantime, he's apparently a few directed harassment campaigns away from losing his Twitter account.


No, different weirdo. I think they actually started this Blaine fellows thread on the Farms. I'm guessing from the uniquely hideous colour scheme it's the onionfarms.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1682048

No. 1682053

Have you tried reading the past few replies to this thread, retard?

No. 1682100

I wish Liz-Fong Jones a very nice you will never be a real woman.

No. 1682113

Website updated.

No. 1682119

Sorry for my sounding dumb here but I don’t understand networking stuff. Josh says there are many options but wants it to stay US based; why is that? Or I am misunderstanding? It really seems like anything based in a western country will just fold at the first signs of tranny rage.

No. 1682135

Because the US is the only country with constitutionally protected freedom of speech. All European countries have hate-speech laws and countries like China/Russia don't allow you to criticize the government so content on KF would have to be heavily censored.

No. 1682154

I browse the ALR thread sometimes and there's this user Xenomorph who posts a lot. She (I think it's a she) is edgy and annoying.

No. 1682163

What is this neo-nazi site they keep mentioning?

No. 1682169

File: 1666537873714.jpg (728.41 KB, 1080x2449, Screenshot_20221023-110627_Chr…)

Current front page of KF/Josh announcement
The stilted and artificial way this "leak" is constructed and the fact so much is attempted to be squashed into one line makes me think it is faked, probably by Blaine going on the writing style and the fact this is another person he hates (justifiably this time I'll grant him.)

No. 1682174

Some obscure far right party in New Zealand (I think) is one of like 2 customers of Josh's now defunct web host (1776 Solutions) which always was pretty much a fiction to allow him to bypass running on a typical hosting service. They are nobodies and irrelevant in the scheme of things but the trannies thought it was a major own on KF to discover they were hosted there.
>>1682119 see >>1682135 but in all reality I think a Russian host would let him get away with almost everything with the possible exception of Ukraine stuff and having to say специальная военная операция and/or closing two threads with a note that says "in order to accommodate our generous hosts we'll not be discussing this" is far, far from being the end of the world especially since Josh likes to cry about that part of the site being cancer anyway. It's really just about Josh virtue-signaling and posturing as a warrior for free speech and he should get over himself. I have a feeling that this may end with him having to be on a Tor hidden service, also not the end of the world except for making streaming video off the site go from excruciating to impossible.

No. 1682180

I think Null said that if the farms can't stay up on the clearnet, he'd just shutter it.

Are there really no options left for him in the US?

No. 1682183

Samefagging to reply to multiple stuff but I don't know either why people insist on saying Myrna (who is alright in my book) is a man, either, she knows quite a bit about childbirth and babies that a gay man (or just a man) wouldn't, among other things, but some anons or maybe just one vendetta-chan have been accusing her of being male for a long time now (see the early, pre-Keffals, kiwi threads here) without any proof. The other user I don't know but this accusation gets thrown around without real evidence probably more than it should.
XF has indeed kicked OnionFarms off, and HostGator probably will too in the near future, especially given the fact they're overtly posturing themselves as the successor to KF and have started to dip their toe into hosting revenge porn now, too. Plus a lot of doxing, obviously.
> I think Null said that if the farms can't stay up on the clearnet, he'd just shutter it.
I'll believe this when I see it. KF is the only thing Josh has in life and the only place he has to get his ego stroked so I would be shocked if he closes it until the bitter end…why would he? Certainly not because he has a tendency to be consistent and because he said he would (lol)

No. 1682186

(Once more, sorry)
>are there really no more US options?
That will put up with the bullshit and that can accommodate a site of that size that gets DDoSed all the time? Other than those he mentions, which are likely to fold to the troons as well, probably.

No. 1682189


I've said this before and I'll say it again: I honestly think that Null should have kept the site down for a month or two, maybe until the end of the year, before trying to bring it back.

The notoriety isn't doing him any good and that would have given it some chance to die down a bit. I know it would have fucked with his ego, but still.

No. 1682204

If what Josh saying about LFJ being the one with connections to zayo is true then I don't know how much waiting would have mattered. He is honestly lucky that most of the heat died down after the site got hacked but there will always be a few of the most desperate clinger-ons trying to get services to drop kf

No. 1682207

File: 1666541007054.png (162.68 KB, 557x923, zhen elliot fong.png)

This is one dedicated tranny, kf is simply not allowed to exist in any form

No. 1682208


What the fuck do they have on LFJ lol even Keffals gave up by now

No. 1682210

The KF Telegram is a cesspit (although it's mostly just the dregs of KF saying "nigger, faggot, nigger") but Telegram hosts so much worse (CP, zoosadism) but it's telling this is what has gotten the troons motivated.

No. 1682222

how is this not considered internet censorship? lol wtf happened with 'don't like it, don't look at it' internet?

No. 1682223

That shit's dead. You're now in a monoculture. Love and tolerance won, so now you will love, and you will tolerate, precisely what you are instructed to, and nothing else.

No. 1682225

They expose that he lost his job at google for using his company email to harrass people. Dong Gone, like Sinseer or Vordrak also have nothing else in their life and endless time to dedicate to this vendetta. LFJ has been at this for years despite the fact that he didnt even have a thread on KF until two months ago.

No. 1682234

I just remember this shit hitting the fan extremely hard after Trump got elected. Sure, the seeds of it was there earlier but this shit went full throttle 2016. Something just completely broke a lot of these people
How does this "senior network engineer" not open the company up to a shit ton of liability doing this? I get defamation is hard to prove but assuming Josh gets an even remotely fair trial it wouldn't stand.
>Site alive
Ironically he is "fighting" for free speech. This feels like US Senate elections. You loose whatever you choose. Tranny or autist with anger issues take your poisom

I wonder how the Japanese providers are. They host pixiv and they culturally hate the cancel shit as far as I can tell.
At this point Josh would be better off asking the Chinese government to host him as their version of VOA lol. That or getting Liz don't whacked by a druggie.

No. 1682238

>How does this "senior network engineer" not open the company up to a shit ton of liability doing this? I get defamation is hard to prove but assuming Josh gets an even remotely fair trial it wouldn't stand.

(c)Protection for “Good Samaritan” blocking and screening of offensive material
(2)Civil liability
No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of—
(A)any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected;

if you have a "good faith" reason (a standard that has no definition in court, it can mean anything), you are free to delete or obstruct or deny anything you want from the Internet that you facilitate in providing.

No. 1682247

>I wonder how the Japanese providers are.
Japan has very strict laws on speech in general.

No. 1682249

Porn sites with Japanese audiences are also not hosted in Japan. Jim Watkins made his money before acquiring 2ch and 8chan by hosting Jap porn sites in the US.

No. 1682256

Thanks for the clarification nonna.
Surely at some point good faith ends and negligence/bad faith begins? I guess the venue becomes extremely important then.
(I am obviously not a lawyer or IT professional)

No. 1682257

If there is, it's never been found in court. Section 230 provides what is called a "sword and shield" for ISPs. They are immunized from civil liability arising from hosting the Kiwi Farms, but they are also immunized from civil liability arising from deplatforming the Kiwi Farms. In the past, ISPs would use the sword and the shield. Today, they only cut down with impunity, which is why people like Trump went after Section 230. Section 230 is a very good law, but when the zeitgeist of businesses lean so heavily towards anti-freedom, it makes regulation seem necessary (as was the case when Bellsouth owned almost all the Telephone cables in the US and monopoly busting laws were introduced to deal with them because they kept refusing to connect calls).

No. 1682258

yeah people forget that "section 230" is section 230 of the "Communications Decency Act" which was originally meant to get rid of internet porn but was struck down (too bad imo) but still has some elements that are in that direction

No. 1682263

isn’t this the same man who claims he suffers from autoimmune disorders and methotrexate knocks him out for days at a time? I guess someone didn’t take his methotrexate this weekend. Honestly it’s inspiring, I wish I had the motivation to do what I need to do like this man has the motivation to take down kiwifarms. What I want to know is how sites for cp, animal abuse, snuff films, anything else horrific my mind isn’t thinking of, get to be on the internet. Or even 4chan, where half of the white supremacist mass shooters claim to be from. But all of these internet companies (ddos protection, isp support, etc.) draw the line at KF.

No. 1682268

It’s not? You do know Europe and America are not the whole word right?

Inv4 everything else is a shithole cope

No. 1682269

Because those sites don't make trannies look bad. That is literally all there is to it.

It is. Name a country with US-style free speech.

No. 1682270

Null said he looked into every other country and none of them have free speech protectio like the US + section 230 protection.

No. 1682271

>Never been tested
It has but not in such a "grey" case like this.
9th circuit Enigma vs Malwarebytes (2019) has a good listing of 9th circuit court cases (one called Zango seems to be pretty interesting).
However this is a reversed and remand, not a complete reversal and dismissal.
Also in here are IP and antitrust issues.

No. 1682272

Why do tech companies stick up for troons so much? What do they get out of it?

No. 1682276

Less stick up, more like tech is the new version of the "good ole boys" club.

No. 1682277

this may be literally true but that's Josh's autism, there are also plenty of countries with don't-give-a-fuck, laissez-faire attitudes towards internet hosting which is how the likes of the Daily Stormer keep soldiering on

No. 1682278

Publicly traded companies are actively evaluated by an LGBTQIAP+ friendliness index. Multi-billion dollar companies can suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in valuation loss if some hook nose in Wallstreet decides they're gaybashers.

No. 1682281


Argentina. It’s in their constituIion in article 144.

The whole world is not burgerland.

No. 1682282

Good publicity for being "progressive" and "inclusive". I don't think any of them really give a shit. The infamous tranny pride flags every where but their Middle East accounts immediately come to mind. It's easy PR for their easily pleased and brain-dead customers.

No. 1682284


>BelIeving Everything Josh says blindly,

Because Null refuses to go to a country that isn’t an exotic place he can have free vacations. Pretty much All of Latin America has freedom of speech,

But Josh and the farmers will just say ITs A ShITHols ‘Murica Fuck yeah and conveniently ignore them.

No. 1682288

Argentina, Mexico, Peru. Pretty much everything south burger land….

No. 1682291


You do know he has bragged about changing countries right?

Yeap you are just Braine damaged tranny, sorry you will never be a woman,

No. 1682292

> KF goes down
> this thread becomes pick-me-Josh central again
like clockwork. the fact that Daily Stormer, 8chan, etc. exist is proof in and of itself. loads of Eastern European countries and Russia are fine choices, some Carribean and South American countries don't care, I think the Daily Stormer is hosted out of (highly ironically) somewhere in Africa … if you take a step out of believing everything your internet daddy says, there's a whole world!

No. 1682299


No. 1682305

The problem is that KF has allowed itself to be defined by these degenerate freaks, via lazy “journalists” who jump on the bandwagon with no attempt at fact checking, as a “far-right hate site that has tormented several people into committing suicide and threatens the very lives of others” with no pushback (outside their own community.) And since Cloudflare they can add “and has been kicked off several providers for hate speech” to that. That is what any potential provider that has never heard of Kiwifarms will see if they google ‘Kiwifarms.’

Nodong-Jones and his crew are winning the PR battle.

No. 1682306

I mean IIRC he's done it before. Isn't this the guy that was bragging about being able to just up and move to Ukraine or wherever the fuck after he got dropped by one of his old providers on short notice?

No. 1682308

This idiot has no idea what she/he/it is talking about. If they were serious, they'd name a country, state its fair use and safe harbor legislation so it can be reviewed, and also suggest an ISP which will tolerate the Kiwi Farms.

The US has no legal issues. The issues it has are with COMPANIES that are ran by RETARDS. There are RETARDS in Latin America and South Asia.

She/he/it is brown and speaks Latinx and thinks "ay dios mia… mi país es so libre!! Mucho better than Estados Unidos!", but they don't know shit, they're not in the industry, they don't know what they're talking about. They're just brown and indignant that nobody gives a fuck about Paraguay or whatever dumpster shithole they're from.

No. 1682309

it's not just about speech laws, if those countries don't have anything in place like section 230 that protects a website host from what users post on site they just aren't viable options

No. 1682311

No, it has not allowed anything.

The same people in tech are the same people in education are the same people in media. It's called the Cathedral. The press, the institutions, and the largest corporations and government form a symbiotic relationship which reinforce each other. It's a feedback loop. Normal people don't get to participate unless they're just reinforcing the feedback loop

No. 1682313

> This idiot has no idea what she/he/it is talking about. If they were serious, they'd name a country, state its fair use and safe harbor legislation so it can be reviewed,
nta but if we're talking about overseas hosts it's not so much about the laws of the country as whether they and the ISPs there just straight up don't care
> and also suggest an ISP which will tolerate the Kiwi Farms.

> The US has no legal issues. The issues it has are with COMPANIES that are ran by RETARDS. There are RETARDS in Latin America and South Asia.


> She/he/it is brown and speaks Latinx and thinks "ay dios mia… mi país es so libre!! Mucho better than Estados Unidos!", but they don't know shit, they're not in the industry, they don't know what they're talking about. They're just brown and indignant that nobody gives a fuck about Paraguay or whatever dumpster shithole they're from.

you what, anon?

No. 1682315

it's more than the BLACK part, it's the general language and way he talks about his wife and women, and the weird rage towards any of the lesbian cows on the site. he just talks like an old dude from a freeware games forum. and i have literally never in my life heard a woman, much less a lesbian, speak about black people and ONLY black people with such bizarre fervor. racist women tend to hate more than one kind of person, or hate everyone except their own race + their white boyfriend. CZ talks like an angry american man.
>myrna minkoff
a middle class suburban gay man would 100% larp as a woman who's had kids and show up in threads to be Le Expert on OBGYN stuff. also his posts only take the form of lectures. he's one of the ones where i just scroll past his posts. accept only substitutes is another, she's very boring and dumb yet posts speeches about her kids all the time.
it's a forum where people regularly brag about how much better they are than everyone else, i think two dudes pretending to be women in the supposedly more intellectual threads is very likely.
xenomorph and accept only subsitutes are both extremely sad (probably fat) NLOGs.
some people have also said that the name "1776 Solutions" is supposed to be a nazi reference rather than an american independence reference. which i think is stupid because jumping to "omg american patriotism = right wing" is kind of weird. i know the word "solutions" is in there, but many business use that word as a name, and it's just not enough for me to think he's trying that hard. it's just "oh i need a company name and i'm USA, ok, 1776, give me my tax forms now thanks."

No. 1682321

> some people have also said that the name "1776 Solutions" is supposed to be a nazi reference rather than an american independence reference.
allegedly it was once named "Final Solutions" but I'm not sure if that is real or not
> myrna minkoff
I know this user more from posts about Ethan Ralph including his girlfriends' (plural) pregnancies and babies and I still think it's a woman based partly on that and I just don't get male vibes but I guess ymmv

No. 1682322

unfortunately it seems like he really for real believes in free speech, and his personal belief (impractical as it may be - as a business owner he's not exactly choosing the most practical solution that would benefit the most and harm the least) is a hard constraint preventing him from making that compromise with russia.
he is giving me the idea to start a server farm on a reservation in the arctic though.

No. 1682324

this is the first i've seen his tweets and he sounds like a nerd-goth 13 year old girl in 2002.

No. 1682326

>he is giving me the idea to start a server farm on a reservation in the arctic though.
You still need an ISP. Zayo will just cut you off.

No. 1682327

> unfortunately it seems like he really for real believes in free speech
i.e. autism, he needs to get over himself for real, abstract principles don't work in the real world sadly and his martyr complex might get him asspats from his simps but it's not going to keep the site alive. personally I think Russia is going to be his best bet, they host all sorts of shit there far more "illegal" than KF, I'm not even sure that they'd care if some foreign site for edgelords talk about Ukraine and Russia but he might do well to stop that as a precaution and who cares?? that's not the point of the site. again Josh needs to get over himself. he got way too far into the free speech stuff around 2016 when everyone and their mother was overexcited about political shit, he just needs to focus on his site and core userbase, after all he talks about what a shithole the political parts of the site are all the time anyway

No. 1682328

kek ok she sounds more like a "he" larping as "muh hypocritical feministz"
that "larry david's crupto fund" guy is always making posts and ENTIRE THREADS dedicated to blaming lesbians and feminists for all of society's problems. it's weird. lesbians have like…no ability to influence anything, even if they're rich, so i don't know where he's getting this.

No. 1682331

> Feline Supremacist
always struck me as an actual woman, maybe an autistic one, but the posts in the Ukraine thread make me wonder but they're are almost parodies of being a vatnik/Russian shill, who knows…autism is real…

No. 1682335

If you think this isn't being attacked by three letter agencies at this point I don't know what to tell you. We're talking interventions and attacks on internet infra not seen on sites run by ISIS or North Korea. The Dylan thread was getting very interesting and it's only a matter of time that sick fuck gets outed for some perv shit and the Biden admin just interviewed him. Troons are being weaponized by the Democratic party as a way of dismantling the first amendment and free enterprise. Nobody actually likes troons, they just serve a political purpose to those attacking freedom, especially freedom of women. They are eunuchs that serve the exact same purpose eunuchs served in all historical societies. Dong-Gone could be dropped in as a Eunuch in imperial China and would get state honors for serving the court. Know this, the troon movement will collapse when the true feelings from Democrat insiders are finally revealed. It's not biologically possible to respect these people.

No. 1682340

more fake and gay Discord leaks probably by Blaine, of another Discordfag that Blaine hates, funny how that works

No. 1682342

Doesn’t this weirdo post ip2 shit on onionfarms all day after being banned from KF?

No. 1682344

yes, while not involved in Discord gayops and Elaine ops, but you're probably replying to Blaine who seems to have discovered "inspect element", the other leaks above are probably him, and in this or the last thread he was posting fake fedposts by Null

No. 1682347

> first person self-aggrandizement
there you go, definitely the tranny

No. 1682350

>> No, it has not allowed anything
Whether KF has allowed it or not, that is what has happened. Google ‘Kiwifarms’ for yourself and see what you get. It’s 100% troon propaganda spread by the very lazy media, jumping on the Hot Story about the brave Trans streamer forced to run for her life all over Europe by the far-right Hate Site Kiwifarms.

No. 1682354

File: 1666549081504.jpeg (151.62 KB, 586x765, B1BD1543-2F87-4B61-90E6-65576F…)


No. 1682356

>Pretty sure Dropkiwifarms retard, Greer and Melinda Scott are some to name a few nonna
i really, really, don't fucking understand why people who make thousands of public posts that anyone can read are blaming kiwifarms for people reading those posts
i hate to say this phrase but i feel like i'm taking crazy pills. how is anyone being harassed in any way when you are going online and publically telling everyone everything about yourself? looking at a public twitter photo isn't doxing or slander or anything.
can someone please tell me how any of this shit is getting traction? josh and his users are the same as some girls sitting in a circle and making fun of a guy who barfed in class. it's literally the same concept. how is that illegal or harassing in any way

No. 1682359

>Finally Null nuts up and asks people to contact these companies (kinda, he still does it in the weakest way possible). It's almost like if you see a tactic that works you should try doing it yourself.
jersh is a fat weirdo but i don't think he's a retard who solves problems via flying monke spam. idk why he should tell people to write angry letters for him. it's not a solution born of logic.

No. 1682363

Huge hypocrite (the draft) but it's hard to tell if they're serious or not. But they basically act like this boondocks scene and goes full nigga moment retarded the second dares to make fun of them or contradict them (no matter how rightfully so).
These are the same group of people who blame everyone but themselves for their problematic issues in life. If not Josh, then the government, or in Russle Greer's case, Taylor swift.
Think DSP but not cognizant enough to know when they've fucked up.
I am inclined to believe that we're deframation not such a high bar and the state protecting the "free" press, these sites should be sued into oblivion.

No. 1682364

why is KF not allowed to exist but all their diaperfur porn and "shoot the terf" videogames are?

No. 1682365

File: 1666549584015.gif (3.24 MB, 377x289, LargeFixedAfricanpiedkingfishe…)

>Double posting
Annnd it didn't post fuck my life

No. 1682366

>think there's only one consitution with free speech? well, the foollalooloo tribe of southern argentina has fourteen different amendments protecting the expression of personal opinions. i bet you feel pretty stupid now, you uneducated cultural supremacist

No. 1682369

encyclopedia dramatica is full of gore AND shits on trannies, and yet they do nothing to take it down. troons (aka men) only care about personal insults directed at them. they don't even really care about other troons (men)

No. 1682370

a protective stockade of smelly penises

No. 1682371

Encyclopedia is also irrelevant and shit. Half of it is pure fiction. The Kiwi Farms is simply better.

No. 1682374

> encyclopedia dramatica
was only relevant in the "old days" (not even so very long ago when the internet wasn't so censorious, and nobody goes there anymore. also I'm not sure who hosts it (and aren't there two or three splinters now?) but I wouldn't be surprised if it is in some eastern european country too.

No. 1682375

he's american though, i think for them it's a value the way separation of church and state is a value for french people. or like how the stuff in your holy book is a value for religious people. i just don't think he'd change his burger mind about that stuff, it's important to them.

No. 1682378

ED is hosted like DS. They both host on some cheap mainstream system like OVH/Hetzner and then reverse-proxy through random small providers from nowhere. That's what KF was doing too, but it sucks.

And unlike DS/ED, KF puts out a ton of traffic. A petabyte of data a month, sometimes. That isn't really achievable with a clusterfuck setup like that.

No. 1682379

Anyone willing to offer any bets as to what happens with all this? Do you think Null is going to find another way to host it in the US or is he going to resort to some weird eastern European ISP to meet his needs?

No. 1682380

how old is this pic, he's at least twice as fat as that now

No. 1682381

kills more men than cops and pork chops combined

No. 1682386

The KF has always been hosted in the US. He didn't move to Ukraine to host his site there, he doesn't have to live where he hosts. Once again, you are retarded and know nothing, but are loudly proclaiming what should be done. Be quiet.

No. 1682387

His mistake is falsely believing America cares about free speech anymore. It just doesn't. The US possesses no sacred virtues and it doesn't care about freedom. It's no different than China or Russia. If the state wants to infringe upon your "rights" they get to do it no questions asked. This should have been obvious to anybody with Guantanamo Bay, Snowden, etc… and the sins of Bush era neocons. There has never been a political dissident movement that didn't have to be hosted abroad. As Genderism is an exported American phenomenon he needs to ally with enemies of the US. That's just the way it is. But he's delusional and thinks some lawyers will sort out "rights" and contracts like gentlemen negotiating the declaration of independence in a country that holds the rule of law as a virtue.

No. 1682388

Ethan Ralph eats him live on stream.

No. 1682390

You have brain damage and don't understand the difference between the law and the reality of businesses.

The reality of the law is, the US is best.
The reality of business is, no company anywhere can host the KF.

No. 1682392

> The reality of business is, no company anywhere can host the KF.
Overly pessimistic, I think. Gore, CP, monkey torture, software piracy, drug trafficking sites, etc. all manage to get hosted. He just needs to give up on some of his autistic principles and fixations. This might involve moving full-time to a Tor hidden service, hopefully having someone who actually knows what they're doing setting it up because he doodled the pooch the last time and immediately exposed his IP. But you're overstating it, I think. You're correct though (and know better than Josh it seems) about the distinction of law and business and that's why he's not going to have any success stateside.

No. 1682395

No angry trannies.
>Monkey torture.
Trannies jerking off.
>Software piracy
Legal almost everywhere outside of the west.
>Drug trafficking sites
Mostly on Tor only.

Find an ISP that will host the Kiwi Farms or stop saying your brown shithole is actually freer than the US.

No. 1682399

>he doodled the pooch the last time and immediately exposed his IP
"he used his ISP to connect to the Internet, that was his first mistake"
jesus CHRIST shut UP

No. 1682400

Companies are not bound by the constitution, nonna. The government is. The first ammendment doesn't guarantee Null that companies have to let him say whatever he wants, thats never been its purpose. The purpose is that he can't get arrested by the government for the things he says. In most European countries you can go to jail for things like Holocause denial. There is no country like the US where you can say whatever you want without being arrested.

No. 1682405

>No company without glow backing can host KF
That's a fact, Nykkua!
Those sites aren't large enough to attract attention. Josh has the issue that there's shit ton of media around him (if it is preplanned to gayop him matters little). Some of those rape, chil porn sites are small enough to fly under the radar.
>False belief
This is why I laugh at "lobertarians" and probably what separates him from the "violence is the end all solution" overthrow the gov types.
The latter is also smart enough to generally stay off the net though.
Rights must be backed by force. So far nobody is willing to use force that isn't part of the state to back free speech.

No. 1682407

more like a pedobyte
(cause everyone with a thread there is a pedo)

No. 1682409

>Mostly on Tor only.
Which I'm saying he might have to resort to.
>Find an ISP that will host the Kiwi Farms
Josh's job, not mine, and from what I can tell he's not doing it, just looking at US ISPs and dismissing other countries out of hand because muh first amendment. If he uses an overseas bulletproof host coupled with going to Tor he will be fine. If he wants to remain on the clearnet his options will be fewer but they are out there. One thing he should be doing is networking with the unsavory folks who know this kind of stuff (Watkins/the 8chan people are right out because he has an autistic feud with them, but there are others, weev has a KF account and I think they're still friendly, Kuznetsov actually offered to help)
no, he made a major unforced tech error last time that made his whole use of a Tor hidden service basically useless. it is something that can be done correctly, and he did not do it correctly. I don't know what you're complaining about with me pointing this out.
> Those sites aren't large enough to attract attention.
This is true, though, and also "large" just in the sense of the amount of traffic he gets. It's an issue.

No. 1682412

Law and business culture are intertwined. If America ACTUALLY valued law then what KF is doing would be uncontroversial and business would operate smoothly if it is not breaking the law. The idea that companies relay communications of clients was uncontroversial until recent cultural degeneration of the US. No US-related business can host KF precisely because of the degeneration of caring about law. Instead businesses are staffed with commissars of American Ideology which seek to eliminate ideological enemies in spite of what the law actually says. Dong-Gone has filed no legal actions. Josh has received no legal complaints. All of this has happened extra-judicially backed entirely by appeals from the troons to law. All their bitching is about supposed ToS violations, illegal content, etc.. WITH NO LEGAL ACTION TO BACK IT UP. This happens because law is weak in the US now and takes back seat to culture.

No. 1682413


No. 1682414

It's like pottery it rhymes. Sure feels Roose Bolton in here all of a sudden.

No. 1682415

tbh i wish he would just go tor full-time. i've started using it for everything because it's less work than manually trying to stop LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU SIGN UP FOR from tracking you. you can't even apply for a chef job half the time without following the restaurant on instagram and getting updates from there.

No. 1682417

I might have been the first person who brought up Myrna Minkoff possibly being a gay man, mostly based on the use of Divine as their avatar but it wasn't really the point, I just think they're annoying, whatever they are. In any case a lot of other anons ran with the idea, probably bc being a moid is the worst thing you can say about someone on this site.

No. 1682418

>first person self-aggrandizing

No. 1682420

You dont understand the difference between the law and the constitution, embarrassing really.

No. 1682423

This nonnie is on the right track. The major benefit to being on the clearnet was that KF had good SEO, much to the chagrin of everyone who had a thread, but has now been knocked off Google, and additionally remains invite-only and probably will for some time, so going to a hidden service is not gonna be much of a loss.

No. 1682424

No gay man knows that much about pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. They are disgusted by the mere mention of vaginas. As a mother myself, everything Mirna says comes across as real knowledge from having children.

No. 1682425

cosigned as another mom, the whole gay man meme for her seems like vendetta-chan shit

No. 1682426

Co-signed as a third mother.

No. 1682427

idk you guys, ever met a male doctor who signed up just to deliver babies? i'm not the anon who posted all the tinfoil but she has me suspecting now.

No. 1682429

ayrt oh yeah i forgot about that. being unsearchable on google in a clearnet browser would probably shut most of them up. and it's not actually a hassle for most kf users to migrate to tor full time. the a&h and thunderdome would be decimated sure, but any thread that's actually good lunchtime reading is populated by people who don't seem to mind a bit of extra typing

No. 1682431

Obgyns know nothing about babies other than how to get them out of a woman. They don't do the actual baby care, thats what midwifes do and those are like 99% female. I doubt gay men have any interest in helping women with their postpartum vagina care and I think most women also prefer to have another woman as midwife.

No. 1682432

He's already said that he'd rather distribute the site than run it Tor-only.

>trust me guys in South America there's freedom and ISPs, but it's your job to find it, not mine.

ignoring you from now on. bait.

No. 1682433

File: 1666552220625.png (966.28 KB, 1030x568, tag yourself i'm supersexylisa…)

see this is what i don't get about the idea of kf people being picrel. i've always said it's at least 50% moms and older lesbians

No. 1682434

> He's already said that he'd rather distribute the site than run it Tor-only.
and you believe him

No. 1682435

The Daily Stormer

No. 1682436

i guess. but then i want to know why that user is always pontificating on shit they clearly just googled right before writing the post

No. 1682437

I'm the one in an anon mask, clearly.

No. 1682438

Which is why I maintain the troons won. Right now they are just trying to kill KF off permanently.
So long as nobody is willing to question because it's muh racist site and it's easily searchable to idiots, they have won the battle of public opinion against KF.
No, >>1682412 is right about the degredation of law. They (special interests and bankers) have started what appears to be the American version of Tiberius Gracchus's social war. This predates the internet all the way back to the Battle of Blair mountain and when Woodrow wilson decided to throw Eugene Debs I'm prison (or Lincoln and the war of northern aggression if you so inclined to believe). The US as a whole is still functioning because said special interests groups have ultimate interest in a functioning society, and the fact the US made less mistakes than their rivals (France, UK,URSS, 3rd Reich, etc.)
Time will tell if the new challenger (China), will make less mistakes then the US.
I think KF is just large enough to be troubled by retards, but not larg enough to be properly resistant to this shit.

No. 1682439

that anon means the neo-Nazi site that Josh hosts see >>1682174 the Daily Stormer is different but relevant to this discussion because they have managed to stay online with as much or more negative press that KF has gotten

No. 1682442

Just put her on ignore, idk what the big deal is. I have like 50 anime avatars on ignore so I dont have to see their dumb posts.

No. 1682444

it's self-aggrandizing to admit to possibly being the first one to bring up a completely pointless tinfoil? Do you not know what "aggrandizing" means?

No. 1682447

you would save yourself a lot of time if instead of autistically lecturing us with memorized keywords from your AP history class, you just slapped your dick on the screen a few times.

No. 1682448

>I think KF is just large enough to be troubled by retards, but not larg enough to be properly resistant to this shit.
The KF could make money hand over fist if it were allowed to monetize at all. That was the first thing taken, and when the site persisted via crypto, it switched to other more direct deplatforming.

No. 1682449

>you just slapped your dick on the screen
Scrote hands typed this.

No. 1682451

oh my god no, i was trying to say that >>1682438 was a scrote.

No. 1682453

My apologies, it was a creative way and I simply missed that.

No. 1682457

kek oh noes josh hosts a "political action group" with like four members. fucking troons.

No. 1682459

damn and so does cloudflare what a shocker

No. 1682460

What does a spider-man villain have to do with this?

No. 1682462

If that 50% is also spamming racial slurs, may god help us

No. 1682464

File: 1666553079688.jpeg (4.31 KB, 269x187, images (1).jpeg)

Noona, you made my day with that joke (once it clicked at least) since I pulling weekend overtime. I laughed so hard nearly choked on my dessert.

No. 1682469

Somebody really should but it will not be me as I am not coming within 5 miles of that shit show.

No. 1682471

canada may have different rules for that. "swatting" also doesn't exist there - they have ETF or ERT, and also no procedure that involve a person opening their door or waking up to officers standing around you with guns drawn and aimed at you.
basically the canadian cops may have literally nothing, so you might ask them for it, they will have nothing to give you, then the troon will be able to say "see you have no evidence against me"
and if his shit was taken because he was nabbed in an ongoing pedo/CSA investigation, the cops there may not be allowed to talk about it yet.

No. 1682475

Nona, I don't think this is about fart queen swatting anymore (there's Patrick Tomlinson alleged swatting but hardly anyone cares). Almost everyone (including Lucas himself at this point) already forgot about it. This is about 'hosting doxxxx and bullying people into suicide' lies and troons trying to cover up their degeneracy.

No. 1682501

What's with this new talking point about Lez wrong dong friend email being stolen? Pretty sure it isn't a one party consent state issue, if it was sent towards most people in the company (like it implies for reee transphobia), shouldn't it be considered non privileged so long as someone who received it handed it to Josh?

No. 1682517

you're completely right

No. 1682520

Dumping private discussions to get ahead in public is simply the American way.

No. 1682525

Just wait until Monday when the site is back up (one way or another).

No. 1682531

same. i don't think troons realize how this is going to cement a lot of women's support for jersh, KF, and other "scary" places. it's often said "never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose". women have been shown, after the keffals shitshow, that our bodies no longer matter, our last protections have been stripped, and anything less than duct-taping our lips around a "feminine penis" will be met with assault, defamation, and the loss of our jobs. at this point, we will be destroyed no matter which side of the troon debate we are on, so we may as well become "dangerously" radicalized.

No. 1682533

In the meantime you can always use Onionfarms where they clearly respect women…lol.

No. 1682534

me but back when cloudflare happened. it was pretty much "who radicalized you?" "you did" moment.

No. 1682543

File: 1666559389896.jpg (97.04 KB, 899x699, screenshot1.JPG)

it's funny how spamming companies and their employees twitter accounts and emails with abuse reports, posting the physical address of hosting companies located in a country that is an active warzone, and even getting some random woman fired from her real estate job for being associated with an isp that hosts kiwi farms is totally cool but mentioning a high level network executive for a major company will be attending a meeting and encouraging others in the industry to raise concerns about pulling the plug on the site without even giving a reason why is a step too far lol. these people are the biggest fucking hypocrites ever

No. 1682545

Earlier in the week, Null was teasing in the keffals thread that he had proof that everything on the first page would "shitter shatter" keffals. Guess we'll never know.

No. 1682547

File: 1666559547587.jpg (6.83 KB, 164x307, josh still wants to rape all w…)

Is this loss?

No. 1682558

"executive attends public conference" wow, such harassment.

No. 1682559

is that josh's old face? how do people gain weight that quickly? where do you find the time

No. 1682560

He eats because he's depressed, and he's depressed because he eats. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 1682569

Holup so dong-gone wants google to drop telegram because kiwifarms has an image in the telegram group? Telegram is where all of the UK-RUS conflict footage is shared. If this troon manages this cancellation they will prove to be literally more powerful than the CIA.

No. 1682575

That hasn’t really been true though, has it? Every US company he’s worked with has been kneeling to the troons. Free speech might not be a phrase you hear often in South America or parts of Europe but at the very least they would be indifferent about gossip about American trannies and autists. The fear of being unable to talk politics is also pretty weak since they really only discuss US and UK politics anyway, not what’s going on in Bulgaria or Chechnya

No. 1682578

Tis a silly place, best not to go there.

No. 1682593

I lol'd, nonnie. Just pictured a bunch of abe-lincoln-looking guys doing a musical number about never, ever laughing about islam.

No. 1682627

Feline Supremacist is clearly a man pretending to be a woman based on how he types

No. 1682631

yeah >>1682328 's explanation of that makes sense too

No. 1682692

>Abe Lincoln
Not the same (Jews in large hats singing here) but somewhat similar. Everytime I watch this saga continue it's like a badly written ace attorney episode, or for the normies, the new lord of the rings (hobbits wuz kangz) movie.
The true issue is that whatever equilibrium between the genders had is more or less destroyed right now so everyone's searching for answers. Trooning out is just one conclusion from a group of men who should be rightfully get a bullet in the head just like those South Korean abort all men terfs. But you are right, we must act if we are to live in a better world.

No. 1682712

I agree with everything posted except
> women's support for jersh
Josh is here by accident, please stop acting like he has principled opposition to troons, he doesn't, he just doesn't back down b/c autism and he has nowhere to back down to, and hates troons for good personal reasons but not because he has a feminist bone in his body, dude hates women (and everyone else) too, he'd bus-chuck you in a second

No. 1682718

i meant more like "jersh's hosting company" rather than the little chonk himself.

No. 1682732

oh, right on then, don't get me wrong I certainly hope Josh btfo's the troons in this confrontation, if only because the demise of KF would bode badly for other sites but this thread just has had a tendency to attract his militant pickmes. the best outcome tbh would be Josh and the troons both fucking off and 41%ing and the space that KF occupied splitting up into several different sites, something that Josh has done his best to undermine, but I don't see that happening without terrible precedents being set

No. 1682738

>his militant pickmes
k i support him in terms of the letter of the law, aka yes i am on the side of his BUSINESS. but on a personal level, women need to have standards holy shit. even if he wasn't a 100kg baby, he's still incredibly boring.
even if he wasn't ugly, a man whose entire identity is "businessman" who doesn't have a passion for any particular trade or calling, is what i would consider a low-quality partner.
sorry i just really think women are being taught since birth to have zero standards for men. you never see lesbian couples with such mismatched looks as you do with man-woman couples.

No. 1682762

>zero standards
I think its both. They either don't have standards or they are inexplicably high (with no inbetween)

No. 1682769

>> a 100kg baby
How do any of you know what he looks like irl or how much he weighs?

No. 1682771

oh it's the "how would you know josh doesn't have a suburban wife, 2.5 kids and is an absolute chad irl" pickme poster. we know josh is massively overweight because he's posted about it repeatedly for one, also we know what sort of scrote he is generally by observation.

No. 1682774

kek he streams all the fucking time, nona. look at all the pictures of him in this thread, retard.

No. 1682775

>inexplicably high
scroteposter too ugly even for the most insecure woman is sad

No. 1682785

I posted this in a prior thread but I 100% believe that if Josh was a jannie on, say, SA or resetera or whatever, he would have trooned out hard years ago. He's the type, and in addition to that is (despite his autistic stubborness) easily swayed by his environment see him taking his political views even down to his hatred of the British (and yes this was before Elaine) from /pol/

No. 1682797

Faceblind autist

No. 1682799

>le repressor
Fuck off tranny. There is no such thing as repressing being a tranny because there is no such thing as being the opposite gender. You are either normal or you have AGP from pornsickness. Nulls not a tranny because he's anti-porn and hasn't memed himself into getting a boner from wearing skirts unlike you. Only the weakest men troon out.

No. 1682811

> he's anti-porn
nta but…I mean, he says porn is degenerate when he's trying to appeal to radfems and tradcaths I guess, but to call him "anti-porn" is more than a bit of a stretch. He hosts plenty of it including, in case you want to quibble over the exact definition of "revenge porn", porn of women who did not consent to it's being released anywhere let alone Kiwi Farms. And still major AGP vibes. Not sure what that poster (tranny or not) meant about him posting troon shit in his Blockland days but it wouldn't shock me at all. And still won't pick you.

No. 1682833

maybe nool is just one of those people who would have trooned if they were a kid today. i've met both males and women who say that if they had been their depressed fat younger selves in 2020, they would have totally bought the "born in the wrong body" bullshit and trooned out. these people often get very emotional about ROGD because what they see is kids just like themselves getting destroyed

No. 1682882

He can't just ban porn from KF. Its important lore for a ton of cows. Also nobody is jacking it to Chris-Chans nudes. Things like dumping a womans onlyfans content without purpose of discussion is banned.

You'd probably agree that. Most nonnas here are anti-porn despite the fact that a lot of it is posted on here to discuss people like Momokun, Belle and Shayna.

No. 1682888

You trannies and your weird cult mentality have such a hard time accepting that other people just don't want to wear womens clothes and cut off their dicks, why is that? Is it cause you have autism and can't imagine that other people live experiences that are unlike your own? There is nothing stopping Null from trooning out, arguably it would make the issues with KF a lot easier if he would just join them. He's simply not AGP.

No. 1682889

He posted in a weight loss thread about being something like 5'6" and 260lbs, which probably means he's more like 5'5" 300 flat. Not that everyone in EE is tall, thin and beautiful, but his tubby American ass must look hilariously out of place in Belgrade, Bucharest, or wherever he's staying

No. 1682892

He is 5'11 and 240, he posted videos of him stepping on the scale when he did the weight loss challenge against PPP and Ralph.

No. 1682898

>>1682889 >>1682892
Holy shit he must have some severe depression. I know several americans his height and they aren't that bad.

No. 1682901

Like 60% of Americans are obese

No. 1682903

To be fair, I work a physical labor job. There's either fit, or extremely obese. No inbetween.

No. 1682906

you dumb retard i'm not a tranny. i was talking about people upset about rogd children getting surgeried and hormoned and how it's BAD so we feel BAD for them.

No. 1682909

Null should invest in African hosting. That way they can't claim that he's racist.

No. 1682914

They don't have the infrastructure needed for KF.

No. 1682921

there's no way nigeria doesn't have enough internet for kiwifarms. all they do there is buy this years model of cell phone, it's like the national sport

No. 1682926

So sub it for shoes and you got Murica?

No. 1682928

>enough internet
God, just be quiet.

No. 1682938

this makes him about the same BMI as Luna Slater lmao

No. 1682940

be nice or i won't share my sweet stash of internet with you. i'm drinking a tall frothy glass of it right now

No. 1682941

actually kind of. there's a similar amount of donuts

No. 1682957

It's a bit creepy that anons speculate about Josh's personal life, he doesn't share much of it, it's not like he overshares for attention like the average lolcow.

No. 1683023

Nta but I do and he doesn't really talk much about his personal life aside from the plant/pigeon era and or old stories from years ago.

No. 1683067

Yep, so many pathetic weirdos in here projecting, calling anyone who says anything remotely positive about Josh in passing a 'pick me'

It's like, no tranny, you're the one spending every second talking and thinking about him negatively, he's on your brain not ours

No. 1683075

god this place sucks compared to kf

there's a reason we have usernames and it's so you can just ignore the retards

No. 1683080

not everybody can and those people reply to them and it derails the thread. certain users on kf have reputations of being retards and they just get ignored implicitly. on here it's the same two fucking faggots derailing every single thread and nobody can do anything about it.

No. 1683105

Okay, troon, enjoy the Y-chromosome

No. 1683184

Did Null abandon his poa.st account? I'm not signing up for that Telegram hellgroup for updates.

No. 1683221

"Everyone who criticizes Josh is a (or the) tranny" is one of the stupidest takes going on ITT and that's saying something.
Go back then…oh wait…

No. 1683228

You will never be a woman, and apropos of nothing, Kiwifarms will be back up

No one lacking a Y chromosome would be happy KF is down, even if you think Josh is a dick (which TBF he is)

No. 1683232

Ayrt I didn't say I'm glad it's down, I'm not. I'm missing my fix on some of my favorite cows because of it. Other than that its not that deep. Josh is a lolcow in his own right and a scumbag and the anons here who hold him up as anything other than that are incredibly annoying assuming they aren't Josh himself (not saying they all are but some may be, especially the super angry one that has nothing to say but "you don't know what you're talking about!")
He was kicked off by the owner (prior to KF going down the last time) who is a bit of a lolcow himself. Josh ever associating with poast (full of pedo content) was a horrible idea in a series of horrible ideas. The subsequent chain of events that caused the spergout was actually pretty funny.

No. 1683261

He's still such a crybaby.
Never grow old, Null.

No. 1683265

I wonder what josh is bringing up to piss people off?
Be funny as fuck if he got the names behind MTG's swatting. That would kick up a hornets nest.

No. 1683279

File: 1666623783536.png (139.62 KB, 444x411, update.png)

Telegram update.

No. 1683281

File: 1666623821226.jpg (169.92 KB, 1251x376, screenshot.jpg)

No. 1683283

I wonder if he's talking about pissing off troons or pissing off his userbase.

No. 1683285

Probably both.

No. 1683295

Just some spergy, overly-optimistic musing, but wouldn't it be funny if the trannies finally triumph over KF just in time for Twitter to have all it's tranny jannies fired and discussion to be allowed again? Imagine No-Dongs rage when all his information that was in his thread is now up on multiple Twitter accounts and he's still being "harrassed" on his favorite former safe-space

No. 1683298

Moving to Tor full time maybe?

No. 1683303

I don't think it'll be anything intentional on his part, but if his plan to cut Twitter's staff to a skeleton crew goes through maybe they won't have time to autistically target terf and trans-critical users

No. 1683304

> He can't just ban porn from KF.
he can, as the baseline, and make exceptions of when it is relevant to a cow, which is sort of what you're getting at I think, only that's just not the case
> Its important lore for a ton of cows. Also nobody is jacking it to Chris-Chans nudes.
ewww, no, but plenty of scrotes were probably jacking it to June's or IP2 Alice's, neither of which was intended for public consumption (e.g. an OnlyFans), ever, but were sent to their S.O.s who then leaked them, textbook revenge porn. The actual nudes don't need to be there as lore, either, why? The lore for those two can just be like "some scumbag leaked her nudes, end of story" but I agree that in some cases it's murkier than that.
> Things like dumping a womans onlyfans content without purpose of discussion is banned.
only because it was causing Josh to get loads of DMCAs and fucking with his SEO. His posts about it aren't, "maybe you guys shouldn't be leaking the nudes of random OF thots for fap material" and are more "wink, wink, here's how to do it according to 'fair use' under US law". For obvious reasons I can't give you the actual post right now, but that was about the size of it.
> You'd probably agree that. Most nonnas here are anti-porn despite the fact that a lot of it is posted on here to discuss people like Momokun, Belle and Shayna.
for the likes of these cows, I totally agree, but they are putting themselves out there like that and their porn is part of what makes them cows. not all of the nudes/porn that are on KF are like that. the only case I'm aware of where Josh took something down for being something that could be considered RP was when it was of a KF user and fell under their rules about in-site vendettas/"halals" needing to be authorized. When it is a DMCA situation he actively fights them when he can because he is a contrarian with an autistic preoccupation with "free speech."
And again obviously neither of us can produce receipts right now but I'm pretty sure all of his anti-porn rhetoric was of the r/nofap variety not of the feminist variety.

No. 1683307


>The same coworker who introduced me to Liz would, several times, invite me to join them for lunch at "Club Z". I declined -

>I would only later find out that "Club Z" is not a lunch place - It's a (rather infamous) Gay Bathhouse here in Seattle.

Oh man, LOL. I feel sorry for this ex-Google employee for having to deal with tranny bullshit at Google from Liz n' friends, but it's hard not to have a laugh at this part.

No. 1683308

He may not make it super based, but he isn’t woke AF. True fact- he will fire you for looking at him if you work for Tesla. Because you’re supposed to be working. So what do you think he’s gonna do to some tranny jannie sitting around crying cause “muh mean words”? His existence makes them cry. And he really doesn’t gaf he’s got how many fuck you dollars?

No. 1683310

I don't like Elon but if he wants to unban Trump I highly doubt he is going to keep staff around who want to ban people for "misgenderment."

No. 1683311

>neither of which was intended for public consumption (e.g. an OnlyFans)
are you seriously saying that onlyfans isn't public consumption

No. 1683314

no, I meant the exact opposite, "they are not intended for public consumption, as in the case of an OnlyFans", sorry if it wasn't clear

No. 1683315

I don't care for him but Twitter unfortunately has a massive influence on on how information is received by normies and people are just hoping he will undo a lot of the censorship on there.

No. 1683323

ayrt in reality I'm less saying what Josh should do (although I think it is a pretty clear "I know it when I see it" situation that June, Alice, and Faith don't deserve to have their nudes out there) as I am saying Josh being anti-porn is a laugh and a half. the "other cows will try to claim" thing is a dog that won't hunt, it's not a legal precedent, Josh (and should) can decide in situations like those three that he doesn't want to host it
non-saging scrote

No. 1683326

No1currs about "muh revenge porn"

No. 1683336

> I don't think he cares about protecting women, most men don't.
quads don't lie … this is a big part of my issue with him and with anons here caping for him. his documenting the fuckery of troons and making them seethe is unreservedly based, the man himself is not, I don't see why this should be hard for people

No. 1683356

The only states with revenge porn laws are the same insane leftist shitholes that trying to make trannies a protected class and there are already cases making their way to the Supreme Court where those states are going to get their shit pushed in. Cry moar dumbass

No. 1683360

scrote hands typed this. go back to your kf telegram balding moid

No. 1683366

learning to sage doesn't make you less male, and "muh free speech" regarding porn is disgusting scrote bullshit, and "shit pushed in?" come on

No. 1683380

I would rather be a gender traitor or a man or whatever than pretend that dumbass' deserve special protection for their stupid decisions just because they're women. I'm especially not going to pretend their nude leaks haven't produced wonderful content and it's not funny as fuck when they leak. Lots of shit gets leaked when it was never intended to, your nudes aren't any diffrent than a conversation or a non-nude picture or anything else. Sorry not sorry girls!

No. 1683386

> Lots of shit gets leaked when it was never intended to, your nudes aren't any diffrent than a conversation or a non-nude picture or anything else.
yeah, male hands typed this for sure, I believe there are gender traitors/pickmes/Josh simps out there who would defend his bullshit in hosting it, but even they aren't dumb enough to make this comparison

No. 1683388

report and ignore the scrotoid nonnas, much in the way he cannot ignore his receding hairline every time he looks in a mirror

No. 1683395

> when he did his stream
That's your problem right there, he's best foot forward there and cognizant of his audience. His creepy incel rages and general scrotry are best observed in his less-guarded moments on the forum. He made a big thing starting a couple years ago about building his female audience and BP being the future of his site.

No. 1683398

Might just be secret TERF gf (I still subscribe to this theory cause it explains a lot) being a good influence on him and telling him to be less retarded, I don't think scrotes suddenly develop empathy for women on their own without reason.

No. 1683403

> without reason
He has plenty of reason, the same reason he went all-in on being alt-right in 2016 and around the time of the Christchurch leaks and when NZ tried to tell him to take it down, same thing with when more and more trannies started being mentioned on the site and when the trannies told him to take it down. Josh having any kind of gf let alone a TERF one is hilarious.

No. 1683409

Blaine exposes himself as a newfag again, kek. He would benefit a lot more from catering to incel KFers.

No. 1683410

Having trouble spotting one of the most obvious of obviousposters, lol. "Everyone who doesn't like Josh must be the tranny" again. Blaine doesn't even talk that much shit about Josh. >>1683383 is Blaine, btw, vagueposting (correctly this time) about his enemies.

No. 1683415

Still a newfag if you dont know this conspiracy

No. 1683417

> conspiracy
enlighten us, then

No. 1683435

What site is this screenshot from? I don't recognize the ui

No. 1683436

Hacker News. It's for startup and software engineering stuff, so while it has a similar comment/upvote/downvote system to Reddit, it's way more autistic and as such they generally don't buy into troon shit as much. Lots of older software engineers on there.

No. 1683437

looks like Hacker News/Y Combinator

No. 1683445

Noona have you considered that one can take a nuanced stance by both being against revenge porn laws and knowing josh is a autistic retard?

No. 1683459

Nobody is gonna spoonfeed you Blaine

No. 1683572

Twitter's been having a little bit of a good time over this and his talk of a "consent accident".

No. 1683574

Any news from the Telegram?

No. 1683577

Thread is auto-saged anyways calm down.

No. 1683591

What perverse twist of human nature makes it so that for any anonymous message board, there always seems to be one drooling abortion mishap that manages to become un-anonymous by means of being distinctively obnoxious and so persistent that it's obviously a lifestyle for them?


No. 1683598

Ah, gotcha. I'll pray they get sewn together mouth-to-anus and thrown in the sea, like a meat donut to feed the crabs.

No. 1683612

Troons try to not make everything about themselves and stop being obnoxious AF challenge: impossible.

No. 1683617

Anyone have screenshots? I can't find anything.

No. 1683625

File: 1666646722864.jpeg (46.88 KB, 360x640, 25D51E27-1112-442C-BE26-55DB7D…)

LMFAO I thought I recognized the name. It's a pokéstop!

No. 1683627

this post is the most autistic thing that will ever exist

No. 1683650

He’s indirectly and unintentionally helping though. He’s cutting the work force by 70% and is strongly against censorship.

He’s also a notorious shit poster so that’s also part of it.

No. 1683678

He will just replace them with his own people.

No. 1683784

>Debaucherously dumb
Noona, have you ever worked EMS or ER? The amount of debased and crazy shit exists across the gender gap…..

No. 1683797

On the off chance y'all nonnies didn't know about it already, reading this is a joyous new year tradition

No. 1683821

Excuse me while I wipe this drool off my face
That would be godly - sorry troons, your safe space of Twitter is safe no longer!

No. 1684244

File: 1666708733758.png (404.26 KB, 1014x1370, DrhTY4A.png)

Long update from Jersh on Telegram. Sounds like Zayo isn't gonna accept an appeal.

From the way he's talking about business relationships, I'm thinking the thing he did that'll piss people off might be that he entered into some sort of business agreement with someone?

No. 1684245

File: 1666708754191.png (339.19 KB, 922x1332, j9QTYb6.png)

No. 1684249

File: 1666708853199.png (98.51 KB, 912x320, klxmzHJ.png)

No. 1684255

No. 1684258

Looking at the twitter trannies' feed, it appears that voxility has dropped kiwifarms or even vsys host in its entirety.

No. 1684263

Source? AFAIK only Zayo has dropped them. Can't find anything about Voxility/VSYS.

No. 1684264

as someone who isn't a huge techfag how major is getting your isp dropped? by the way josh is speaking it seems even bigger than cloudflare dropping tds/8chan

No. 1684265

Samefag, nevermind. Yeah, seems like Voxility is going to drop them too.

No. 1684268


you can also try accessing / pinging kiwifarms, the 503 page is offline

No. 1684270

not major, but EVERY isp into fiberhub has dropped kf. It's like having a house but city council tears up all the roads so nobody can access your place.

No. 1684273

So he's going to have to move to a different datacenter altogether?

Realistically, what are Josh's options for staying on the clearnet? Seems like no matter where he goes he's going to get dropped.

No. 1684280

He has very few options now
>find a DC that will tolerate him (unlikely) that also have ISPs that will tolerate him (very unlikely)
>move to a different country and not get raped by the law (not going to happen)
>rent commercial property and lease a common carrier (no way he can afford this)

I'm really not sure what he can do now besides moving to panama or seychelles or some other safe haven

No. 1684282

Could Zayo lose common carrier status and be dropped as a T1 ISP? Or am I underestimating what a shithole the US has become?

No. 1684283


No. 1684284

I think he said on stream that if it comes down to it he will sell his hardware and ip adresses and just host kf on the cloud, but I'm not really sure what that entails

No. 1684290

I think the idea behind that is that the site data would be available for anyone who wants to try and revive KF the same way that Josh did when he originally got control of the site.

Looks like it may actually come to that after all.

No. 1684296

Sucks for Josh but for the trannie 1 Kiwifarms will now become 20 and several glowing green on the hilltop clones.

No. 1684301

This is a bleak take but I honestly don't think that'll happen. Any clones that exist are going to be shells of what was; I don't think they'll get the same amount of traction that KF did.

I don't mean to be a downer, and the site isn't dead quite yet, but I think that's really it. I don't particularly like KF but it going down would be the sun setting on any hope of resisting the corporate centralization of the internet.

No. 1684302

Samefag, but is there a way to use Telegram without giving them my phone number at all?

No. 1684305

File: 1666712409437.png (46.55 KB, 557x288, Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 02.39…)

Confirmed. Anybody wanna make me a drink?

No. 1684309

So why doesn't Josh just go to the authorities? On top of the DDoS, this is drawn-out stalking/harassment at the absolute least.

No. 1684310

How the fuck trannies gained so much power?
I refuse to believe it is just trannies, there is gotta be something bigger than that in the background. I have never seen such a witch hunt before, against a single website and its owner.
Or maybe I am underestimating the inbred nature of the tech industry.

I feel so bad whenever I read Josh's sob posts. I cannot even say he is overly dramatic.

No. 1684313

Someone earlier in the thread put it pretty succinctly. It's just an old-school good ol' boys club but for autistic tech workers.

No. 1684315

If you're an American then you need to submit a FOI for the swatting calls on the congresswoman and that faggy author (I forget his name).

Last chance might be proving our innocence

No. 1684316

So was Voxility just the ones providing their error 503 message or did they do something else that was important?

I don't think that the authorities can do anything, or would care enough to even if they could.

I think it's the other way around. Trannies and similar groups are useful idiots for tech companies to use to censor sites like Kiwi Farms in order to further consolidate power over communication.

No. 1684319

Timestamp 1:36:11 This was what I was referring to, it doesn't sound like he would be relinquishing control of the site to anyone by doing this - I think it's different from releasing the site archive as a torrent
lol fucking unbelievable

No. 1684320

File: 1666713342322.png (321.39 KB, 1200x545, Programmer_Socks.png)

I wonder what the internet is going to look like when this is all said and done. What kind of place are we going to be in five years from now? Any thoughts, farmers? I don't know myself.

I do know one thing though: letting a cabal of mentally ill perverted men in dresses get control of so many positions in the tech industry is going to be viewed as one of the greatest mistakes in modern history.

They've curtailed free expression, harassed and intimidated women, and groomed a multitude of children. All for a fetish. I hope all the cooming was worth it.

No. 1684322

the day normies see the shit for what it is and being trans stops being some protected class status cannot come soon enough

No. 1684323

What's fucked up is if you talk to the average American on the street they correctly identify trannies as weirdos who are clearly mentally ill in some form. But they have so much fucking power in tech that they can completely control online platforms so you can't criticize them anywhere on the internet.

I'm assuming that eventually the rubber band will snap back and people will realize we gave up the internet to save the feelings of insane dudes in drag but at that point the internet as we knew it will be dead.

It's like how everyone can look back at 9/11 and see just how much bigger and more powerful the government became and how surveillance of US citizens increased tenfold, but at that point you're powerless to stop it.

No. 1684326

I'm starting to feel like that day will never come.

No. 1684327

There was a decently written article on r/sorceryofthespectacle a while back about how the internet is already dead, and that everything we're seeing now with how it's becoming monopolized by a few companies/sites is basically the death throes of a passing fad (whether that fad is the internet as a whole or the internet in its current incarnation). I won't speak to the accuracy of it but it was a thought-provoking article nonetheless.

I've noticed that there's been a surge in/push for more independent sites and communities recently but I remain skeptical as to how effective that will be. I think we'll see one of the two extremes: either the renewed popularity of independent sites or more of a push towards the massive censored platforms. My money is on the latter.

No. 1684331

I hope so, anon but I'm not optimistic. If Musk deal really goes through and he 'fixes' that place, assuming he sticks by his words. The way I see it, twitter (and internet in general) is already fucked anyway.

No. 1684332

I expect there to be cringe advertising about the nu-internet. Instead of talking about censorship in general it's going to be like the crappy social media sites trying to replace Twitter. "Tired of being censored? come to (insert place) a safe haven for conservative speech."

No. 1684333

This. They're useful idiots. The power players at these huge companies are almost exclusively white, Chinese, and Indian men. There's a few women too, think Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Meyer, but no troons.
Hate powerleveling, but after about a decade in the industry, I've met a total of one tech tranny with any level of competence, who could hold down a job for more than like 2 years. The guys like Dong Long-Gone and Corey Ehmke lack the social graces to move up into a CTO or SVP role, where they could dictate long-term policy, anywhere aside a dinky little startup.

No. 1684337

and the cringe that comes with politicized advertising is going to be the thing keeping everyone away until they are eventually forced onto it by trannie jannies being trannies

No. 1684338

You say that but Bing Bong Dong clearly has enough pull to get a site that inconveniences them nuked from orbit.

No. 1684343

Bing Bong Dong himself doesn't have any pull, Bing Bong Dong has connections with people at companies like Zayo who have a conveniently aligned goal in pulling sites like Kiwi Farms but need an excuse to do so. BBD provides that excuse.

No. 1684347

Why do these people care?

No. 1684349

Yup, Elliot Dong-Gone is getting these W's from screaming at people on Twitter right now, but that's different than going in to work at Zayo every day and directly dictating their policy. The troons don't have the level of social graces or sociopathy, to get a senior leadership role at Zayo or Cloudflare or whoever. It'd be nice if Ding Dong Gone's KF thread was still up, it had all that nice evidence of how incompetent and unlikeable he was at Google…

No. 1684350

Reddit mod mentality. The only way to explain it without bringing up Thomas Jefferson and doing a glowie post

No. 1684352

We desperately need another war for men to die in. There are too many of then with too much free time to ruin the fucking world. If we kill off 60% the remaining 30% would have to man up again instead of diddling themselves in dresses and ruining things all day long.

No. 1684356

moid moment

No. 1684359

It may be true that the highest positions like CEO or head of an important department have few trannies, but there's enough of them in the lower ranks so they have a lot of weight when they act as a unified group to advance an agenda. The elite of any company are always outnumbered by the lower ranking people and need to placate them a bit in order to keep their power and ensure loyalty. When they don't, they put themselves at risk of a strike, mass resignations, or industry blacklisting from the employees. The French slave master "CEOs" found this out the hard way during the Haitian Revolution and, well, there aren't so many white French people alive on Haiti anymore.

As a group, trannies are relatively predictable for the kind of policies they would like to enforce. Adding a place for employees to state their pronouns on their profiles or referring to "pregnant bodies" in the parental leave policies is a small sacrifice to make for keeping the status quo.

Another key thing is that trannies are so reviled by larger society they will be willing to put up with lower pay and fewer benefits in exchange for a "safe space" to work in. If more of the salary money can go to a company's CEO, CFO, and board of directors, then it's a win.

No. 1684365

Also just like how they trick women into marrying them and then trooning out, they trick you into hiring them and then after they troon out you can't fire them anymore because thats transphobic.

No. 1684366

I wish Josh would be less autistically stubborn and move his business to a non-pozzed nation.

No. 1684367

People always tell him to do that, then recommend a place with less speech protections than the US

No. 1684370

File: 1666716122514.png (147.57 KB, 434x564, kf got the hose again.png)

minor update

No. 1684372

>place with less speech protections than the US

Yes, because he is so protected right now.

No. 1684374

Unless there is regulation requiring tier-1 ISPs and other major internet utilities to provide service unless given a court order, smaller platforms are going to continue to be shot down as soon at the ideas being shared there threaten the status quo. Allowing people from all over the world to discuss ideas and current events freely is just to much of a threat.

I think that most people are annoyed by the rules and abrupt banning that large social media sites do but won't venture out to using alternate platforms. And even if they do they don't really understand how the internet works and can't advocate for making changes that would fix it when those smaller sites get nuked too. rip

No. 1684375

Theoretically he has a strong FCC complaint but given how the US works these days nothing will happen.

No. 1684376

Not to mention he wouldn't even try to protect himself, because he is a stubborn autist, unwilling to seek/accept help.

No. 1684378

Good point. I forgot to mention that most of them were hired when they looked, dressed and acted like average men before trooning out later. This allows them to cry out both "transphobia!" and "sexism!" when companies try to fire them for poor job performance or bad behavior towards others. It's also incredibly easy for one of them who's facing an impending job loss to go crying to social media and set up a go fund me fundraiser. This will rally the troon troops to harass the company for being transphobic and firing a stunning and brave unwashed coder.

No. 1684401

Even if somebody risked their necks out to help him openly, they would be facing the full might of the media doing their worst.

No. 1684440

>he let a known nympho attention seeker run all over that site with a bunch of incel men

who/what are you referring to

No. 1684449

who the hell is this

No. 1684465

How is this a moid moment?? She's right.

No. 1684468


Like Tribel- which is getting fuckin roasted because its owned by scammers and will take all your info.

No. 1684478

I know this might sound in poor taste, but can't Josh get whoever is hosting sites like stormfront to help him?

No. 1684487

I think he should just let KF die for now and then bring it back under a new name once the heat dies down. The name has been completely ruined by tranny smear campaigns and they are sending the fake articles to everyone they are brigading to give their claims validity. They don't need to proof anything they can just say "they are cyberterrorists and here is the washington post saying so".

Just rebrand. Call it the Mango Ranch or Guntsville or anything else. Disguise it as a website about weight loss support and feature only fat cows on the front page, hide everyone else in a log-in only viewable off topic board. Ditch the politics discussion board. Word filter troon and tranny into shrimp and shrimpy. Make it absolutely cryptic and ridiculous so anyone talking about it sounds insane unless you are in on the joke. Also hide who the owner is this time. Maybe get someone else to be the official owner and have Null work secretly in the shadow.

No. 1684498

While it's easy to just blame everything on Josh, the website would be nothing without him and his ferociousness. Nobody else would put up with the shit he has put up with.

No. 1684501

Josh is far too abrasive for this to work. He will sperg out about his autistic absolutes or even "section XYZ of your faggot law", yes, a lot of this has to do with troons having too much power, but a lot of it also has to do with Josh's lack of people skills, and yet at the same time Josh's singleminded autism is the only reason KF has lasted as long as it has (I still think it has life left in it in some form), I guess you really can't have your cake and eat it too. What he might do if he doesn't have KF doesn't really bear thinking about, who knows.

No. 1684502


No. 1684509

Kiwifarms should become a Serbian BBS

No. 1684511

i actually seriously hope josh sees this thread and gets an ISP from africa. that would solve all his problems and finally shut up the "muh nazis!!" troons

No. 1684514

Fuck you Blaine

No. 1684515

Are you retarded? The daily stormer had a host in Rwanda and recently got evicted without due process. Why would KF be safe in Africa?

No. 1684520

You never win because you have to larp as a woman every day. Ralph won though, which means that he is better than you.

No. 1684527

Just make your own website Blaine. And then stay there and never come back. You calling other people autistic when you can't read the room and realize nobody wants you around to save your life.

No. 1684539

i think you need lowtax's peace

No. 1684545

He is never going to go away because he gets off on making actual women uncomfortable. He hates women because he knows that he can never be one of us. Hanging out in a woman-dominated space is his way of dealing with his seething jealousy.

No. 1684551

File: 1666725349556.jpg (101.79 KB, 500x464, 1666724651204823.jpg)

No. 1684552

>gets off on making actual women uncomfortable
many such cases
>taking the bait
just don't reply you fucking retards

No. 1684564

>rent commercial property and lease a common carrier (no way he can afford this)
weird how troons claim to be oppressed but we all know if jersh had a troon on his side they'd find enough money to pay for this option
weird how in practice troon's lives and jobs and resources seem eerily similar to those of heterosexual white english speaking males

No. 1684566

i hope he just goes back to tor. i wish andy yen would help josh with all his money but unfortunately taiwanese dudes seem way pozzed on tranny shit for some reason.

No. 1684574

Null should just fake troon out at this point tbh

No. 1684575

File: 1666726775514.png (46.59 KB, 585x96, Screenshot 2022-10-25 15.37.56…)

he's so grandiose it's obnoxious, not that he's completely wrong

No. 1684578

He's right

No. 1684583

> implying it would be fake
on a more serious note, he'd have to disavow everything, Cultural Revolution-style … the people who are going after him want nothing less
if KF goes down completely (it won't) it's been said before but i'd expect him to have a total breakdown … maybe we'd never hear what became of him but also he's so terminally online it would be something. potentially worrying tbh.
he needs to just pack it in and go on Tor hosted from some shithole, it will make the site less usable (forget about watching videos on site but it was never that good anyway) but that's going to be the price of going guerilla
unironically if shit gets really bad going lower-tech/more barebones is going to be the way to go, it's more censorship-resistant, problem with that being censorship-resistant tends to equate to wignats, pedophiles, and various species of fedposter. the fediverse, etc. is not at all a solution for something that is "KF-like" because part of what makes KF useful as it is is it's nature of being a centralized forum.
something will come about, not necessarily in response to the KF situation per se, but the current situation of censorship won't hold. I won't go so far as to go with the spergy techno-optimist scrotal dictums like "information wants to be free", that's a joke, but internet censorshp also fucks enough people with actual clout and money that I'm fairly confident we'll see something in the next few years, no need to be quite so doompilled as that
but still obnoxious

No. 1684587

Nool acting like he's some sort of autistic freedom fighter always gives me a good laugh. He cares about keeping Kiwi Farms around because becoming "Dear Leader" was the first and only time in his life he commanded anything vaguely close to respect. He has no family, no career, no life. He's convinced himself and a few useful idiots that he's devoted to freeze peach and protecting women from trannies when he doesn't care about either.

No. 1684588

Why do troons always project their suicidal tendencies onto everyone else? Null probably wouldn't be as fulfilled as he is now if he had to go back to working for some tech company, but he'd also live 20 years longer without the stress of running the forum.

No. 1684592

Onionfarms incels project even more than troons it seems, kek. Imagine thinking all this about Null genuinely and then dedicating your life to a-logging and obsessing over him. How sad does that make YOU?

No. 1684593

File: 1666727894174.png (1.01 MB, 886x633, Screenshot 2022-10-25 15.51.16…)

samefag as before but part of what bothers me about that statement is the whole 'freedom it has brought our species' schpiel, that's techno-scrote bullshit, it was always a mirage, picrel understood things better than Josh. the internet (Internet) is a net negative, not a force for freedom. don't get me wrong, everyone posting ITT is probably as terminally online as anyone myself included, but come on. Josh isn't even old enough to really remember the early Internet and he talks as if he is. he accidentally wound up in the position (by seeking clout on a forum about an autistic man's pokemon crossover fanfic), he is and it's not because he gives a shit about any of this, it's just as >>1684587 says, it's about clout and it's literally the only thing that gives his life meaning. as far as being a place to talk about the fuckery of the troons, he's a useful idiot. he's grifting the radfems like he grifted the alt-righters a few years ago
he never has, and never could, work for a tech company. he has neither the people nor the tech skills to do so, as has been demonstrated time and again, I don't know why his simps believe otherwise. his tech skills aren't even mediocre and he is abrasive and impossible to deal with interpersonally. he's living his best possible life right now, he loves this shit and being the master of his little kingdom, and I have no idea what else he could do. he'll find some other grift I imagine as he has his fanbase, but come on, anon, get with reality.

No. 1684595

He already works jobs on the side to keep paying for the forum and always has. Null being unemployable is a cope you need to tell yourself because literally all his a-logs are on government benefits lol. He probably has more job offers now than ever before.

No. 1684602

even Josh himself says he can't work a tech job due to his baggage. he won't admit that it's also because he has no skills and can't get along with people but that is also true. you're full of shit, like you're not even believing his line of bullshit, you're making up a fantasy where Josh is something that even he claims he's not. bet you believe he has a secret wife and kids, too.

No. 1684603

He talked about it on MATI.

No. 1684605

Whatever helps you cope I guess

No. 1684607

> to keep paying for the forum
also lol no, that would be from T&H memberships, a few "whales" giving large crypto donos (who are all from the political end of the site which is why while he cries about it he never just straight up bins those forums) and whatever crypto shennanigans he gets up to
highly doubt, unless it was some kind of scheme for people to indirectly donate to him. he is literally not good at this tech stuff, on par with sub-par outsourced randoms, and he's hard to deal with, why would anyone hire him? who actually believes this shit?
also once more an anon who's getting their view of Josh from his carefully-curated streaming persona, not from actually dealing with the guy and/or observing him in his natural environment
I think KF being taken down would be a major loss, I'm glad someone like Josh is autistically stubborn enough to go to battle with the troons, but the Josh simping in this thread gets utterly ridiculous at times, completely divorced from any kind of reality.

No. 1684611

>dedicating your life to a-logging and obsessing over him

I shit talk Jersh when I have some spare time. Speaking of projecting, I'm guessing you probably "dedicate your life" to white knighting him and assume everyone who dislikes him is similarly inclined.

You're either Null himself or someone who wants to suck his dick. Keep simping and he might let you, if you're twinky enough.

No. 1684616

This would be the smart choice and was originally Null's plan from what he was saying when all this started and Keffals was still involved, but his pride got in the way and he brought the site back immediately.

No. 1684620

Troon fanfiction is my favorite sort of information about peoples financials

No. 1684622

> dedicating your life to a-logging and obsessing over him
also this is literally a thread with the purpose of discussing KF and by extension Josh and notable Kiwis, on a forum that is literally for gossiping about eccentric internet personalities, what the fuck do you expect to see ITT, nonnie?

No. 1684624

Hit a nerve much? Kek

No. 1684625

I think the internet is doomed, and trannies are delivering the final blows. KF will die, if not now, eventually, because trannies will simply not stop. They've been given so much power in so many layers of society, that they're now unstoppable. There will be no "other shoe drop". the social pressure around trans acceptance and supremacy will continue even if every tranny realizes that they were duped and destroyed their body over nothing, because trannyism is like a fungus that thrives by disseminating as far and aggressively as possible, and forcing its host to infect others via social pressure.

Trannies themselves are victims of this ideology. Look at detrans people, they're relentlessly bullied and made an example of, to warn other that even if they start to question things, they have to keep quiet or else. Since they destroyed their bodies and relationships, all they have is trannyism. They're stuck in a Stockholm syndrome situation that they perpetuate because there's nothing else they can do.

Liz/elliott fong jones realises that he's not happy, that estrogen and surgery didn't make him happy, but being confronted with this information is too psychologically painful. He must destroy dissent to protect himself. He must also disseminate the spores of degeneracy so he won't be alone in his misery, and hopefully if such misery is normalized enough, hell stop regretting it. This is why he must control all speech pertaining to trannies: to keep infecting others, and to keep himself in a state of blissful denial.

Our first mistake as a society was coddling this kind of depravity. There is no going back now. Trannies will continue to bully, shame, and self martirize, to insulate themselves from all criticism, and the rest of society will go along with it because the individual is afraid of being ostracized. We are social animals. Our instincts will drive us to be accepted by our society, to the detriment of material reality and sanity, even bodily integrity.

Fuck trannies. Fuck this gay earth. It's over. Gg.

No. 1684626

I see we're back to
> only troons dislike Josh, no real woman could possibly want to say anything derogatory about him

No. 1684632

The entirety of your Onionfarms is dedicated to Null. Literally no other threads get used on there. He is your Chris Chan and Kengle is your Null. It's just much more sad and less successful Kiwifarms where every single user is a deeply invested a-log and scorned lover, kek.

No. 1684634

Daily reminder that Null is a misogynist and sexual predator who used his clout to threaten and extort female users(daily reminder that you need to sage your shit)

No. 1684636

Man hands typed this post

No. 1684638

Reminder that trannies know nothing but projection.

No. 1684643

ayrt I have nothing to do with onionfarms, but why would you believe me? as far as I know that site is nothing but a few banned Kiwi discordfags run by a pair of confirmed pedophiles. I don't see why everyone who does anything but unreservedly praise Josh has to be from one of a couple internet cliques.
Fuck off tranny, I'd rather lose an argument than have you as my backup.
> I think the internet is doomed
The "internet as a force for freedom" thing is a complete meme and should've been forgotten and mocked since circa 2010 the "Arab Spring" at the absolute latest. Peple will manage to eek out their spaces to communicate but it should be utterly unsurprising that any of this is happening.
> doompills about troons
I'm not quite so pessimistic as that, I think there's a reckoning coming but it's sure not from the radfems and it will come from people who are going to do other stuff we don't like. I actually think it's likely to get really ugly. But that's a topic for another time and another thread.

No. 1684663

File: 1666730207223.jpg (876.51 KB, 2048x1152, martin-wide.jpg)

>martin prince

No. 1684670

why would i know the history of the daily stormer's isp? how is a canadian being uninformed about rwandan servers "retarded"

No. 1684673

I haven't followed the Elaine saga closely, only in the beginning. I know she carved Josh's name on her thighs, but what's this about a KF mod covering up some sexual thing involving her? Did she get sexually abused by KF moids? Where can I read about it now that the site is down?

No. 1684674

threadpic please

No. 1684683

unfortunately the whole story is contaminated by the tranny posting his own schizo theories featuring whatever Discord weirdos he doesn't like that week see >>1684681 but the tl;dr of it is that allegedly Elaine was talking to someone who she thought was Josh and who encouraged her to cut Josh's name into her thighs. imo no way it was really him, a couple different suspects have been suggested to be playing the role, it's also possible that she faked it all for attention, and we'll probably never know. I believe Elaine is still insisting it really was the true and honest Josh or was at least the last I heard of it. it's a disturbing rabbithole and a consequence of Elaine associating with the absolute dregs of KF-adjacent Discords. really it is an excruciatingly sad story.

No. 1684687

Pay no mind to our resident schizophrenic troon and his tall tales. The voices in his head tell him to post CP and gore.

No. 1684697

Nothing new to add but as someone who don't usually frequent these parts often I thought all the deleted posts by the "resident tranny" were exaggerated but jesus fucking christ you have my condolences.

No. 1684706

After dealing with Blaineposting I now hate trannies even more than I thought I could.

No. 1684709

the next peak is always higher

No. 1684712

There is always a new vile man around the corner.

No. 1684766

you mean in her quest for attention and to force people to care for her? idk what that has to do with trannies but just in case you’re unaware, Kelly WANTED her own thread here and actively pushed for it.

No. 1684804

i don't entirely disagree with this, but the thing is, null is absolutely right when he says shit like "trannies will not accept any form of compromise, bending the knee to them isn't worth it" - what the hell's stopping blockhead and his clique from finding out the site is called "mango ranch" and pulling the same shit they are now after ctrl+f'ing every instance of kiwi farms and replacing it? the internet's rotting to death (just like blockhead's fake tainthole lol) and i doubt null will be able to reverse any of it, but as overemotional as he might sound he's usually correct about this kind of thing. although, he used to be very insistent about cloudflare and matthew prince specifically being this sacred upholder of free speech online and look at how fast that came crumbling down

No. 1684824

> Maybe get someone else to be the official owner and have Null work secretly in the shadow.
At that part why involve him at all, other than to satiate his ego and need for validation? He's a net liability. Other sites will arise (and I damn well don't mean onionfarms, where half the shit is made up for vendetta purposes and the admins abuse their powers in every way imaginable) and having more than one site in the "sphere" would actually probably be a good thing.

No. 1684833

> They've been given so much power in so many layers of society, that they're now unstoppable

They’re literally less than 1% of the population

No. 1684835

The problem is, the more sites you have the more the discussion gets spread thin

No one is going to use five, six Kiwifarms-esque websites at once - they'll just pick one, which sounds good but then you're dividing the gigantic userbase over these sites and content and posting will be too sparse

No. 1684842

> No one is going to use five, six Kiwifarms-esque websites at once - they'll just pick one, which sounds good but then you're dividing the gigantic userbase over these sites and content and posting will be too sparse
Not necessarily a bad thing, KF is practically that already. Let there be a site for Ethan Ralph and his orbiters, a site for the fatties, for the girlcows, if anyone wants the trashfire that is A&H let them have it…and one for the troons, which I guess is where it starts to break down because that is what would be targeted the most by the current adversaries of KF, but even that could be separated out a bit. There could also be different rulesets as to what the limits of what you can actually post are. Dividing it up in a sort of "webring" by interests and/or specific cows might have something to say for it. I'm more inclined to the imageboard format myself which would save the hassle of namefagging idiots pretending to be other namefagging idiots across different sites and reusing names, etc., there could probably be some happy medium reached though in terms of format, just spitballing here. The traditional forum aspect of KF definitely has it's advantages in terms of centralizing information and ensuring stuff is more credible, but I think that's probably a solvable problem. If KF really goes totally dark, which I don't think it will, things will probably not be the same but I don't think it would be the absolute end of "lolcow culture" for lack of a better word.
When I say "totally dark", even if it comes back to the clearnet, it's kicked off Google which means that it's no longer able to fuck with the troons (and others) SEO, and at that point why not go to Tor entirely, which even Josh has said is not likely going to be a problem for him to host. (Josh-anon, please don't post again saying "b-but he said he wouldn't continue to run the site on Tor," we all know he will.) That might present it's own problems in terms of the community becoming more insular and potentially toxic, but it's a bridge that will have to be crossed (it's already invite-only, I would imagine for the forseeable future.)

No. 1684844

File: 1666743400188.jpeg (292.63 KB, 734x1280, 505C3803-30C2-42DB-88B2-250AC7…)

Not if current trends keep up. We're finally getting real data about the proportion of trans people in the US, and the numbers are staggering.
From a May 2022 survey:
> Adults under 30 are more likely than older adults to be trans or nonbinary. Some 5.1% of adults younger than 30 are trans or nonbinary, including 2.0% who are a trans man or trans woman and 3.0% who are nonbinary – that is, they are neither a man nor a woman or aren’t strictly one or the other. (Due to rounding, subtotals may not add up to the total.) This compares with 1.6% of 30- to 49-year-olds and 0.3% of those 50 and older who are trans or nonbinary.
> The share of U.S. adults who are transgender is particularly high among adults younger than 25. In this age group, 3.1% are a trans man or a trans woman, compared with just 0.5% of those ages 25 to 29. There is no statistically significant difference between these two age groups in the share who are nonbinary or the total share who are trans or nonbinary.


No. 1684864

The US not the problem. The PoPs for Kiwi Farms have been in many countries but the companies responsible for DDoS protection are few and all American or English and very politically active. Companies like China Telecom don't want anything to do with shit like this.

It's not as simple as "GO TO PAKISTAN IT'S FREE THERE" and people need to give it up.

No. 1684865

The issues are all corporate and exist everywhere. They're the same companies whether you're in Moldova or London or Las Vegas.

No. 1684867


(c)Protection for “Good Samaritan” blocking and screening of offensive material
(2)Civil liability
No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of—
(A)any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected; or

ZERO civil recourse. Telephone companies are regulated common carriers. ISPs, at all levels, are NOT.

No. 1684869

and this is why Josh is a liability (and simultaneously why he is the only one who is doing this)

No. 1684870

*assuming this isn't fake but it sounds totally in character

No. 1684874

Sage but why are scrotes so addicted to their fugly wojak meme? Tired of the scrote newfags quickly flocking to this thread shitting it up wiping it with their unwashed dicks. Where are the mods?

No. 1684882

"Anyone who posts memes is a male, I am very smart and not at all a fucking moron"

No. 1684898

>the current situation of censorship won't hold. I won't go so far as to go with the spergy techno-optimist scrotal dictums like "information wants to be free", that's a joke, but internet censorshp also fucks enough people with actual clout and money that I'm fairly confident we'll see something in the next few years, no need to be quite so doompilled as that

I also agree the level of internet censorship we have now is unsustainable. Mainly because a much larger number of people are affected by it than 5 or 6 years ago.

The standards for what was considered "right-wing extremism" and worthy of censorship used to be pretty obvious. Things like spamming pictures of blacks being lynched or talking obsessively about how you want to torture Jews/Chinese/Arabs/whatever to death. Now "right-wing extremism" includes making comments questioning the treatment of the protestors who went into the U.S. capital on January 6th, whether or not people arrested for hate speech in Europe really committed jail-worthy crimes, and questioning the usefulness of the COVID vaccine.

Even people who aren't right-wing like TERFs, pro-free speech classical liberals, and moderates tired of everything being politicized are frustrated with the internet speech police now. When you have a large number of pissed off people, ESPECIALLY when they come from all walks of life and are willing to overlook other conflicts to unite, you have to give them something or you risk the angry energy blasting back at you hard. The economies of Western countries have also been a tough environment for anyone who's not rich for years. Inflation isn't helping. If people aren't gaining anything for their financial well being this only adds sparks to the fire.

I expect a dialing back of these policies. We may not get back to the "Wild West" of 2000s and early 2010s internet, but any censorship will be narrower in focus. There will also be a big demand for websites to describe what exactly constitutes hate speech, harassment, or threats. Some sites, mostly smaller ones or those with shrinking userbases, will fold to this pressure. We will all benefit from a concrete policy since the vagueness of what is and isn't considered "threatening language" got us here in the first place.

No. 1684918

Excellently put, nonna

No. 1684920

If you come across the article I’d love to read it. I can’t find it on that sub.

No. 1684952

Has anyone else been watching the general crying on Twitter about elon buying it out? His threat to clear out 75% of their employees isn’t really an idle threat- and he doesn’t respond well to “demands” (go look up Twitter employee demand letter). Plus with his starlink coming up maybe Josh could use that- pretty sure elon wouldn’t ban him for any reason. But yea if you wanna see some salt the troons are wringing hands over this lol.

No. 1684961

No. 1684962

honestly twitter as censored according to how elon feels each day would be a better website than how it currently is

No. 1684990

Tranny hands

No. 1685002

bait: gulped

No. 1685021

lol i: trol u

No. 1685034

If you’re so uninformed then why are you making posts like “ he should get an African isp” in the first place?

No. 1685046

are we supposed to be offering actual brainstorming sessions to devise business solutions for josh? i thought this was an imageboard for making fun of cows

No. 1685072

The difference between ole Teddy and Null is that the former could carry out what he wanted without difficulty. Had his own brother not been traitor he could be bombing tech companies to this day.
For some reason Josh reminds me of evaXephon (yanderedev) except he appears slightly more skilled and isn't banging dolls to our knowledge.

No. 1685095

elliot dong jones was indocrinated to trannyism as a teen, probably groomed by disgusting boomer and gen x trannies like keffags was. he was 20 when he got the chop, he's still mentally a fucking kid since his brain didn't have chance to develop entirely and he's full of teenage rage, he's fucking dissatisfied with his life and like miserable people he wants to bring everyone down.

trannyism is a cancer. their tactics of selling normies that they are "most oppressed" minority despite massive power grip they maintain on legalislation, free speech and internet but dumb people will buy it.

well put down, nona

No. 1685097

you reminded me about one essay whose author or title i don't remember, but it was from 1996 and said that internet seems to be very stalinist (sic) in nature and it will be more oppressive than a force of freedom.

it was different when it wasn't tied so much to real life, there's a massive mistake of putting everything into internet, extending it's scope and it will backfire. interet somewhat could be considered a "force of freedom" in very first years of it being common until early 00s, because later on it only fallen lower and lower.

No. 1685098

I hope you are right.
I think if the censorship is not lifted and no alternative rises, to take its place, most people will simply abandon the internet.
The censorship doesn't apply only to political topics, but all kinds of dissent. Don't like a piece of entertainment? Well you certainly cannot criticize it on official sites, on reddit you get downvoted and shadowbanned by diehards, on 4chan all discussion is drowned out by the screeching shills.
You cannot even make jokes anymore, because someone's fee fees may get hurt.
The internet is not a fun, free space anymore, where you can be whoever you want. It is at best boring at worst, even mote awful than real life.

No. 1685100

I dont think zoomies and younger generations will know how to exist without the internet anymore. I plan to raise my kids with as little internet access as possible.

No. 1685114

What are KF's chances now?

No. 1685119

most likely being banished to tor only. not feeling strongly that they will return to clearnet soon, i fucking miss my daily lolcow fix. fuck elliot dong

No. 1685123

The way zoomies use the internet is a far cry from how we used to. Instead of sitting in front of a PC, reading pages, using forums for discussion and search for whatever comes to mind, they interact with the web through shitty apps on their phones. For discussion they use Discord, where they are preyed upon by groomers.
Their idea of the internet is a disjointed collection of apps, instead of a vast virtual frontier.
The point I'm trying to make, new generations see the internet as nothing more than a fad factory. Some will get hooked for life, while others move on, as they grow out of it.

No. 1685143

his name is zhen btw, "Elliot" is the anglo name he adopted after moving to Canada

No. 1685144

Sucks but I agree, and I'm not using nonce-net Tor just for KF. My favorite cows had dried or become stale anyway.

No. 1685148

You can just use Brave browser to browse Tor websites. Its basically Chrome but with privacy and built in Tor browser. Its so easy even a totally tech illiterate like me can do it.

No. 1685165

Thanks nonna, that was an interesting read. It’s fascinating to watch the internet devolve the way it has.

No. 1685169

Brave is pretty decent, and you get rewarded in some sort of crypto money to give back to sites you like, or do whatever with I guess. I thought I saw lolcow on the list for payees at one point but it seems to have vanished since. And TOR browser isn't inherently bad, I assume it's if you choose to go off and visit places on purpose, you don't really just stumble into things I assume.

No. 1685188

I'll second this for people who are 50/50 on going to the effort to download Tor etc., you can literally just use Brave as a normal browser and toggle on and off an option to access onion sites

No. 1685227

I'm pretty tech illiterate but Brave is very easy to use and even the regular Tor browser isn't that bad. The two downsides to Tor are lack of the ability to phone post and out doesn't save passwords so you have to log in every single time which is annoying.

No. 1685265

I use it on my phone, there is an app.

No. 1685318

he's right. the internet has become too centralized by these gutless corporations who will instantly cave to these dickless men screeching. people got lazy with convenience and now more people are starting to see how dire the situation is.

No. 1685325

File: 1666802730259.jpeg (519.49 KB, 1076x1799, 58a0c732c0039bbb1b58b9a993a0e9…)

Imagine posting this and thinking it was some sort of own

No. 1685334

God he's so fucking GROSS

No. 1685336

look at that soggy chest lmao

No. 1685337

That's the tranny trying to astroturf against some Russian who sexually rejected him, anon, pay him no mind. Kuznetsov is right of course, and has offered his services to Josh before, I dunno if he heard back. He comes off as a bit of a grifter but is someone who Josh would do well to listen to as he's experienced with keeping shady sites up in non-U.S. jurisidctions.

No. 1685338

File: 1666804339832.png (129.46 KB, 595x852, 89c97ed0190529d7.png)

He deleted his tweets but it's archived:

No. 1685341

The thing about all these trannys is even if they were born women they would be low-tier, plain, just not that good looking women and the don't even realize it. Like this whole picture is what some 4/10 desperate for male attention would post in highschool once and then the combination of ridicule from most people and getting harrassed from fat, ugly, aggressively misogynistic men would make her never do it again. But Keffals is not a woman, his coom brain can't even see reality and he gets off to being sexually degraded.

No. 1685342

File: 1666804493290.png (30.6 KB, 611x357, 48813965385db32e.png)

Please don't try to identify the victim so I can say whatever I want.

So according to Liz-dude:
- Liz-dude has sex with someone
- that someone notices a few dog hairs on Liz-dude his clothes
- freaks out and accuses him of sexual assault.

Seems legit…

No. 1685343

>consent accident

No. 1685347

File: 1666804909116.png (48.52 KB, 590x462, ConsentAccidents.png)

Another one.
I wonder what his "risk-aware consensual kink" is…


No. 1685348

It's suspicious that we lack any account by the other person so Elliot can make a big show over…getting dog hair on someone. Makes what might be serious sound otherwise ridiculous while seeming to come clean about it.

No. 1685349

> please do not try to identify or deanonymize her
says someone crying about being followed by the evil doxxxxxxxxxxers of KF, this is absolutely an invitation to do so
> both of us to heal
spoken like a genuine abuser making it about him
> dog hair
tbh though only someone from wang dong doodle's circles would be deranged enough to have this much of a spasm over something like this so who knows
> consent accidents do occasionally happen … understand what happen
oh never fucking mind this is literally an apologia or rapists

No. 1685361

Yeah I feel like something worse occurred and Bing Bong is saying it's the dog hair thing to make it seem less serious. Basically this is him admitting to a minor wrongdoing to avoid something more serious coming out.

No. 1685362

If it's rape then he will get called out by the victim heirarchy.

No. 1685368

File: 1666806688994.png (86.34 KB, 590x630, ConsentAccidents2.png)

>Can I come over to your place to 'play'

No. 1685376

>Hurr durr I was only pretending to not be a rapist
Someone needs to queue up the Chris Hansen scene

No. 1685381

File: 1666807763920.jpg (172.36 KB, 1080x1064, bWVkaWEvRmY4cDI4SFhvQTRZVlVwLm…)

No. 1685383

File: 1666807790232.jpg (232.83 KB, 1080x1517, bWVkaWEvRmY4cDh4ZVhvQmt4ckF6Lm…)

No. 1685385

File: 1666807883312.jpg (210.27 KB, 1080x1518, bWVkaWEvRmY4cDItQVhvQWcxVHVNLm…)

No. 1685414

No. 1685434

File: 1666811459458.png (40.11 KB, 813x397, BetDup.png)

Here's an archive where the names aren't redacted: https://archive.ph/JicEI

No. 1685444

Thanks for finding that, nonna, I was about to complain that all the [redacted] make it worthless! I wonder if the ycombinator jannies have connections to LFJ themselves or just don't like dirty laundry being aired on general principle.

No. 1685451

I think the latter, they mostly want to just talk silicon valley and tech news. But the thread is revealing of Fong-Dong's connections and fairweather attitude to SA.

No. 1685473

being able to use photoshop doesn't make you a woman, fart boy

No. 1685476

is he wasted? why the hell does he think that story is believable in any way. if it was true, that chick would have been arrested (you can easily get women arrested for "harassing" you - trannies do it all the time) and we'd be able to look it up.

No. 1685481

With all the mentions of dog hair, my guess is this troglodyte tried to involve his dog into their "play" ie get his parter to fuck his dog.

No. 1685487

File: 1666814458097.jpg (177.6 KB, 1024x683, elliot's dog and deathmobile.j…)

No. 1685496

I know trannies can't dress themselves, but what is this kek

No. 1685497

yeah I'm wondering if he took too much xanax/painkillers/booze because just coming out and dropping all this shit apropos of nothing is fucking bizarre
this as well. the whole situation just doesn't add up. i feel like we're missing a huge piece of this.

No. 1685498

File: 1666815774915.png (91.92 KB, 954x1066, whining.png)

From his old blog, a few months after he had surgery.
It seems that all was going well…

A few archived links (there is lots of overlap)

No. 1685501

dressing like an awkward uwu anime gurl

No. 1685502

wow they're so normal and just like us

No. 1685508

Holy fuck, really puts the whole 'seethe and dilate' meme in to context

MTFs really are fucking weird…

No. 1685517

The look of despair in this dog's eyes.

No. 1685518

chinese weebs are so tragic

No. 1685595

If KF moves to tor, that’ll be the end for most people. Some countries (like my own) will flag people that use it and no way I’m having that happen just to read about lolcows.

It’s a shame since I’ll miss my favourite cow Pat Tomlinson.

No. 1685631

Weird how Josh hasn't posted anything all day today. I expected a massive ragepost.

No. 1685632

File: 1666825660442.jpg (86.47 KB, 750x998, FgBVvbYVEAEZK0E.jpg)

so who did elliot swat?

No. 1685633

you can go to the o&a forum if you want to discuss him

No. 1685635

Which kind of country flags tor? Granted people do say use a VPN before connecting to tor. Always wondered if that was like double wrapping with a condom, useless at best, but I guess not.

No. 1685637

Use bridges.

No. 1685643

Double wrapping is actively dangerous, it increases the chances of both condoms bursting by a lot.

No. 1685645

He's either working on something or he's given up and doesn't want to say it yet.

No. 1685680

That AGP smirk lol.

No. 1685694

kek. nta but it's actually not an entirely undue comparison as using an untrusted VPN to run Tor off of could be a security issue, not really unless your threat model is far, far more extreme from wanting to shit-talk troons though (e.g. you are doing something really, really illegal)

No. 1685706

as far as Kiwi-on-Tor goes, though, all that deep OPSEC talk is almost always going to be over-the-top, in the case of KF it's more about the need of the site to obscure it's hosting and not rely on troon-pozzed internet infrastructure than the user's need to obscure her identity, but in the case of the latter, using a less-than-completely trusted VPN might be a problem in that it would enable man-in-the-middle attacks perpetrated against Tor, even somewhere like the UK probably isn't going to go to that amount of trouble for using the wrong pronoun, more something to worry about if your threat model is glowies. if you just want to laugh at cows or even drop dox on a couple of troons it's way more paranoid than you need to be, but I love that shit so it's interesting to think about.

No. 1685713

Agreed that the OPSEC talk about accessing KiwiFarms is above and beyond what's needed.
No one is getting arrested for just accessing KF, it's not like using Tor to look up kiddie porn or something, unless you're actively doxxing people I don't think anyone gives a shit

No. 1685719

> actively doxxing [sic] people
even then, it's not illegal. the precautions that need to be taken are more common-sense stuff (not oversharing, reusing names, etc) so you don't get a taste of your own medicine. there's a KF random.txt about "truecrypting cwcki content and only logging in thru tor" which is played for a laugh for a reason. again the need for KF to be run over Tor is more about Josh and the troons who want to run him off the internet than the end user's.
to get closer to being back on topic >>1685595 and others raise the concern of Tor tagging you as a possible wrongdoer (of drugs, CP, etc) which is a legitimate concern and in that case if that is one's threat model (as opposed to the hypotheticals about VPNs man-in-the-middling Tor) it is probably a good idea to use a good VPN and Tor both, but still perhaps a little paranoid. even if Tor puts you on a list, it's unlikely to actually be translatd into law enforcement trying to fuck up your life unless there are other concerns at play.

No. 1685720

Is there a new Onion link for KF? The one in OP never works for me.

No. 1685721

Tor is seen as being the more extreme end for hiding your weird shit, while a VPN is the lower side of that. Tor has a rep for nonces and using it can get you flagged because of that association, in spite of Tor having genuine use outside of gross shit.

Part of KF is also staying on the clear net and not hiding away, since hiding away just makes them an echo chamber and doesn’t help in stopping the more dangerous cows. People forget that KF were a major driving force in getting people like Nick Bates charged and police even used links/videos in his thread to gather evidence.

No. 1685723


This is interesting because the soyjack.party site had some cross pollination with the baby monkey torture thread.

No. 1685727

it's not interesting, it's the tranny's vendettaposting bullshit, but you probably are too

No. 1685729

KF-on-Tor is also currently down

No. 1685828

Wait is he also the guy running the /japan/ board on anon.cafe?

No. 1686088

File: 1666882826858.png (16.82 KB, 596x298, null-fuckyouonions.png)

Onionfarms offered to take A&H off Josh's hands and/or help decentralize KF so Elliot can't finish off the site. it went about as well as you would expect.

No. 1686089

as per usual he's kind of a dick but not wrong

No. 1686093

>but josh is good at tech!!!!!
He can't even get an email without chimping out. He's almost as bad at the people stuff as the troons.
He's the only one stubborn enough to keep running KF for what is it, 8+ years now? The stubbornness is admirable but he's completely retarded when it comes to any sort of personal interactions. Why not just ignore Kengle?

No. 1686103

I've never even been on onion farms but Josh being an angry thin skinned retard shouldn't be news to anyone. Remember his meltdown at the NZ police where he went "fuck your faggot laws" or whatever? His entire self-worth is tied up in KF. No point in even acknowledging Kengle who's an even bigger retard than he is.

No. 1686109

Null has plenty of reasons to be angry tho. He deals with retards like Kengle and Onionfarms level spergs all day. He talked on MATI about how Kengle has been trying to find new ways to contact him for like 10 years now. He even bought a Kiwi coin just so he could send Null 10 e-mails a day about it. He's like a crazy stalker ex.

>his meltdown at the NZ police

Was based af. They tried to get information on forum users who didn't do more than comment on the incident so they could put them in prison by misappropriating a law that is meant for people who distribute CP.

This is all assuming the e-mail is even real. If OF is the source it's probably not. They are worse than ED with just letting users make shit up.

No. 1686110

Fun facts about Kengle btw, he's one of Chris Chans original a-logs and he's like a 60 year old man who boils his hamburgers instead of grilling them.

No. 1686112

Kengle should stop trying to make the site more relevant than it currently is (not at all). It's the only thing preventing them from being knocked offline with a single angry e-mail to their host by a troon. They somehow think they are invincible despite not even being self-hosted and having an admin who can't do the most basic things. He relies completely on pedophiles like Naught to even make the site functional lol.

No. 1686114

You know what Blaine, I am not even mad about it. Their bragging about being totally untouchable and how what happened to Null could never happen to them because Null is just a big dumbdumb and Kengle is a 9000 IQ genius has been getting quite annoying. I think they should get knocked down a peg.

No. 1686129

File: 1666887433129.png (11.57 KB, 615x113, media_FgFpT2YX0AAN0Y6.png)

DropKF retard is at it again. I did get a good laugh at the utter ability to be not self-aware.
>WHY? Well, sociopaths from kiwifarms don't just attack targets they want to destroy. They attack their families. Their children. Their friends. Anything to destroy their targets. It happens all the time, why did keffals family get threatening messages about being doxed? Sickos.

No. 1686159

I usually shit on Josh here but in this case he's not wrong. Kengle's site is hosted on boomer tier HostGator and doesn't even have CloudFlare set up last time I checked, it would (or will) fold instantaneously if (or when) serious pressure is applied. Also the site is a shithole where the staff don't take anything seriously, feel free to abuse admin powers, etc. and Kengle has a long history of variously fucking with and trying to get Josh's attention. "VOID" is Angry Canadian, 'nuff said.

No. 1686168

>literal pfp from an anime KnJ, where a virgin teacher in his 20s ends up ''being groomed by an elementary school student''

No. 1686176

File: 1666890070778.jpg (104.82 KB, 1124x1120, 111123546573.jpg)

>knowing this

No. 1686182

So he's trying to pull what Josh pulled on the original cwc form owner? Lol.
So basically he belongs on the firing line with the rest of allthefallen.moe toddlercons? Pedophiles and the internet, I swear are just an endless problematic void of bullshit.

No. 1686186

> So he's trying to pull what Josh pulled on the original cwc form owner? Lol.
And tried to pull here, let us not forget, but these people manage to have even fewer redeeming characteristics than Josh. Also stop responding to the tranny, he gets off on it.

No. 1686190

I, too, read the Chris Chan subforum when KF was active. The deck is already stacked against Null, no reason for him to continually chimp out at people online. He could simply not engage with retards like Kengle, it's all on the computer, but the curse of engaging with a tard like Chris Chan is you slowly start to become more like them.

No. 1686193

> He could simply not engage with retards like Kengle
nta but true, Josh threatening to call the cops on Kengle for keeping after him about the silver Kiwi Koins was pure lolcow behavior on Josh's part, thing is, everyone involved is an autistic idiot, there's no winning, just like everyone involved with the current OnionFarms-related drama the tranny is trying to manufacture except everyone involved with that, tranny included, is both an idiot and has a big folder for CP on their desktop. It's all like cockroaches surviving a nuclear holocaust.

No. 1686199

>criticize the schizo tranny
>post count increases rapidly
really makes u think

No. 1686200

yeah let's be real, while KF existing is a good thing, in that the actions of psychos like Keffals and Dong Long Gone Jones need to be documented and archived, he is doing his case no favors. Whenever KF goes down, the status/error pages insist it's just about observing and documenting, but on telegram and in his emails he can't stop himself from raging out at shit. Plus his weird stubborn refusal to talk to the media.
He's already at a disadvantage with the protected status troons enjoy in current day, the least he could do is step away from his computer whenever he feels a bout of tard rage coming on. But on the other hand, what sane person would want to run a forum that started off as a place for other internet autists to watch Chris Chan's antics?

No. 1686202

he also thinks because he's laid off his CP spam (going by a quick check of what's been mentioned on /meta/) people are going to forget about that and that by latching on to whatever the current drama is in his retarded circles and bringing "milk" about it people will appreciate him, it's pathetic little boy bullshit with an edge of abusive gaslighting. truly the most disgusting person to tumble out of this saga, and that's really saying something.

No. 1686204

I feel like not being able to log in and get dopamine hits off his sycophants is leading to something really quite like drug withdrawal for the poor guy.

No. 1686227

What exactly is A&H? I keep seeing it mentioned.

Also anyone else think Null has given up or do you think he's still working on stuff?

No. 1686229

A&H is the "Articles & Happenings" news subforums now called something slightly different. It's a shithole. And I'm sure Josh is working on stuff, at a minimum setting up a host from which to run a Tor hidden service (hopefully doing it right this time) … because what else is he going to do? He's not going to just get a job.

No. 1686230

I think he's given up at several points over the last few months, but being idle for a day or so generates new ideas and drives him back to it.

No. 1686240

He was always like this. Plenty of posts and chat excerpts have been shared in this and past threads showing it. Don't get me wrong I think KF should exist, I just also think Josh is an idiot who cannot stop shooting himself in the foot. Someone just as stubborn but a hair more socially adept would be able to navigate this better than Josh. But that person would probably have a real day job and the sense to not tie their name and face to something like Kiwi Farms.

No. 1686252

The OF guys are so pathetic. Nobody outside their discord circlejerk wants to use their site, not even while KF is down lol. So the only chance they see at getting some new users is if Null literally sends them over and since he won't do that they are now just going to steal threads from KF entirely and call it "preserving". Truly embarrassing. It's like the ugly girl in your class buying all the same things as you.

No. 1686255

Nothing good comes from talking to the media. They already have their narrative written out and are just looking to twist his words into something they can use against the site. The journos are literally personal friends of Keffals. You are a true neighborcattle if you think journos deserve anything but a bullet to the head.

No. 1686287

Bingo. It doesn't matter how presentable and respectful he would have been in an interview. The writing was on the wall. He was the internet bad boy who was killing trans people, and no sensible argument he could have made would have changed their minds.

No. 1686303

It's not about the idea that he could win them over, it's about not actively contributing as much as possible to the image of being a deranged incel future school-shooter that they already have of him. Scrote logic.

No. 1686309

They already think the worst of him. Not giving a fuck is the best thing to do.

No. 1686311

He does give a fuck though, it's why he chimps out. All his "die journofaggot" stuff is way worse than not responding, since most normal people of any persuasion think journalists are scumbags already. Not responding wouldn't immediately fix things but it would help his image in the way >>1686303 said.

No. 1686312

>it would help his image
Smoothbrained take

No. 1686314

> not seeing "die journofaggot" as a problem
scrotebrained take

No. 1686334

File: 1666903299481.png (13.53 KB, 566x150, thuoct27.png)

update about no updates

No. 1686352

What's this from? kiwifarms.net?

No. 1686368

I sense a disturbance in the retardation, as of suddenly thousands of "victims" cried out in terror before being silenced… Begun, the cope wars have
>Can't wait to see what happens. 75% of people laid off is already a "great start"
>Elon stans just want to spread misinformation and saying the N word unpunished, that's it. If that happens, Twitter will just become kiwifarm 2.0

https://nitter.net/HaydenGr3y/status/1585608341476282369#m(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1686408

Kengal is a complete retard to be fair, so I can understand why Josh would reject such an idea.

No. 1686457

Man, as much of a sped as Josh can be, I legit respect his levels of dedication and autism required to keep at this
If I was in his place, I would have thrown my hands in the air and given up but he's just grinding away. Jesus christ

No. 1686518

I hope he’s getting some help with this. When the site’s up there are around 2.5K users online at any given time, hopefully someone with some tech knowledge who hates what these freaks are doing and wants to help is among them.

No. 1686568

Someone should do a documentary on him. He moved to Serbia, right? That’s crazy. And now he’s in a fight to the death vs the Tranny Hit Squad.

No. 1686582

File: 1666922081201.jpg (110.96 KB, 635x737, Capture3.JPG)

Update from the KF Telegram page.

Goddamn I love his tenacity, even if he spergs out way too much
If he manages to somehow bring it back to the clearnet, I will donate some crypto purely for the principle of the thing