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File: 1667073624676.jpg (101.79 KB, 500x464, 1666725349556.jpg)

No. 1688140

Kiwi Farms is down again due to Liz Fong-Jones exploiting his connections in the Tech world to get KF's hosting pulled again. Josh is sounding discouraged but saying he has one last plan involving decentralization, details so far unclear.

This thread is absolute cancer and is autosaged by the farmhands for good reasons. It's full of kiwiscrotes, kiwitroons, and banned kiwi vendettfags agendaposting and vendettaposting all day but also it's a necessary evil to discuss the status of KF and discuss KF/KF-adjacent drama.

If you are coming from KF, please try to integrate. This board's culture is different than KF's. Moids and trannies need not apply.

- Josh simps, he won't pick you. However, a lot of people who hate Josh are doing so for their own vendettaish reasons, which is stupid.
- Josh haters, it's been said before, and it's obvious when it's OnionFarms faggots trying to astroturf; however, Josh simps are also trying to claim that anything critical of Josh is from trannies/OF which is equally stupid.
- In other words, the truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.
- OnionFarms is basically nothing but one retarded Discord clique of banned users at this point. It's run by shady characters who admit to exploting admin powers to check user IPs for doxing purposes, editing posts to make their enemies look bad, etc. It's one of the only places that you'll find critical discussion of Josh and KF but that is also a circlejerk of Josh enemies.
- The same tranny who posts gore and CP here is camped out in these threads constantly mostly posting bullshit about his personal enemy namefags nobody cares about. His posts contain gaslighting and textbook abuser tactics to try and position himself as a hero when with the other hand he does everything he can to manipulate and traumatize women. He's one of the sickest fucks in this sphere and it's saying a lot. Do not engage. Ignore and report.

Kiwi telegram (a cesspit)

Old threads:
>>>/snow/1627717 (Keffals shit starts here)

Archive KF thread on lolcow.farm (in case if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread, very enlightening:

No. 1688143

I read that AC is still abusing women? It doesn't seem like any are on Onionfarms, do you know who he is abusing currently?

No. 1688144

who knows at this point. Elaine seems to have escaped his clutches but right now he is riding high off a wave of OnionFarms clout with the small circle of retards from there. if there's ongoing fuckery on his part it's going to be confined to Discord and going to have to wait till someone leaks it.
on the other hand, the Blaine tranny hates AC and is probably half of the posts against him here. I really don't know which of them is worse, probably AC by a hair, but both of them should rope.

No. 1688145

Elaine is on Onionfarms, so is SevenEightNine and Ashley Whatsherface, that schizophrenic woman that thinks Harvey Weinstein is posting on Kiwifarms trying to rape her or whatever.

Nice job OP.

No. 1688146

Thank you for letting me know.

No. 1688149

I think out of all the Onion Farms posters the Frogninja guy has the biggest hateboner for Null. I'm thinking he might be Ethan Ralph. Also pretty sure the guy who keeps calling Null "Joshy" Is Vordrak himself.

No. 1688150

frogninja is some banned Kiwi

No. 1688151

A site filled with freaks, degenerates and clout chasers. Isn't that just a tard cage at this point?

No. 1688152

nta, yes. basically nobody but a little clique of Discord idiots who Mike (AC) somehow positioned himself as the leader. Naught (loli freak/pedo) was the other admin of OF but AC managed to chase him off somehow. Kengle is the owner of the site but he's an actual autistic 50 something manchild who is easily manipulated by these freaks and honestly thinks he's gonna make the successor to KF which could only happen if actually run by competent people. the trashfire circlejerk that OF has become makes any legitimate use of the site for discussing lolcows, etc. useless, it's mostly a place for them to shitpost injokes and attack their enemies. it's also not even behind CloudFlare let alone remotely secure against a concerted attempt to take it down so suffice it to say it is not long for this world and those idiots will scurry back to Discord

No. 1688153

I can't think of anyone else who is such a big Ralph fanboy who also hates Null other than Ralph himself. He brings him up constantly. Does Ralph have dedicated fans? I don't think so. Not even his babymomma simps for him, he has to tweet from her twitter account about himself.

No. 1688155

So they're all worse than Mike himself since they allow him to be leader. I'm glad to hear it's not long for this world then.

No. 1688156

Ralph absolutely does have dedicated fans, a lot of them are zoomer incels from America First. He still gets people who tune into his show and give him money. A lot of people who "gunt guard" at this point though are doing it ironically for the meme because it pisses people off and he's the prominent non-tranny Josh enemy.

No. 1688157

The America First zoomers aren't genuine fans tho, they only watch him because hes on Cozy and endorsed by Nick Fuentes. On Odyssee Ralph had like 20 viewers towards the end. Thats the extent of his real fanbase. Also most of his superchats are fake. I don't think anyone likes Ralph enough to consistently whiteknight him on some obscure forum. The simpler explanation is that it's Ralph himself.

No. 1688159

Also viewer numbers on Cozy are fake as well this has been proven many times.

No. 1688160


Archived KF Michael Thurlow/Angry Canadian thrad

No. 1688161

all of this about fake fans and inflated viewer counts is true but frogninja as a Ralph alt doesn't check out, he was a KF user with plenty of posts when banned

No. 1688162

Kek the gore and CP tranny is a kiwifag? He does have that redditor typing style

No. 1688164

> Kek the gore and CP tranny is a kiwifag?
Not really, he joined during the Bella Janke thing and got banned for being a total schizo, and he's been trying to infiltrate adjacent communities with his bullshit for the whole year plus it's been now. I don't know if you could call him a kiwifag, he had a kiwi account though, he more attached himself to the dregs of Kiwi-adjacent Discords

No. 1688178

Thank you for posting the gore and CP tranny thread.

No. 1688182

Nice try, lol, people aren't falling for that. Mike is a scumbag but he's not the CP-spamming schizotroon. Those two (or should I say, you and Mike) deserve each other.

No. 1688191

I got the two confused.

No. 1688192

Kek. This is the schizotroon thread: https://archive.ph/yI0m8

No. 1688195

Oh perfect that one's a shit show of people turning on each other.

No. 1688198

fair, lol, they're both degenerate schizoid AGPs with pedo tendencies who like to bother women online. the funny thing is they are locked in some year-long mutual vendetta and they absolutely deserve one another.

No. 1688199

samefag I won't pretend to understand the intricacies the creepy pics where Blaine is trying to look seductive were leaked by Mike which I think is self-explanatory, they wanted to dock their estrogen-shriveled dicks but Mike thought that making a thread on Blaine on KF would get him some clout

No. 1688203

Retard doxed a clown and got his own thread for it. Honk honk.
Purpose? It's funny.

No. 1688218

Ralphs biggest fans are unironically just metokur & metokurs audience. Nobody else outside of that are arsed keeping up with ralph

No. 1688220

File: 1667078296342.jpg (17.7 KB, 300x300, kengle.jpg)

Never bothered reading the Kengle thread on KF when it was up. Seemed really autistic even by their standards. Also this is what Kengle looks like and you can so easily tell he's retarded just from this picture.

No. 1688223

Gassing up Kengle to do retarded things is fun is the opinion of people in that thread so it's pure internet autism.

No. 1688225

it's Chris-related, so it's the biggest autism imaginable, I don't know all the lore either other than Kengle at some point was an unironic fan of Chris's and the people from the CWCki Forums were telling him to knock off his autism for his own good all that many years ago, and now we are today. the amount that Kengle triggers Josh is pretty funny though, ngl.

No. 1688233

File: 1667078847825.png (319.94 KB, 584x2280, never go full sinseer.png)

>mumsnet and ovarit need to be 'dealt with'

No. 1688268

This dude managed to get a thread even before all this. He’s one of those creepy 40 something autists that would sperg out in CoD and then hold grudges for literally years. He even set up some website of his own to grab IPs of people and try to track them down irl.

He’s harmless overall since all he does is rage but he’ll never ever stop.

No. 1688269

I hate this idiot so much simply because he's annoying. More then keffals, just reads everything Josh or that retarded Telegram says and talks about it 24/7. Also Josh is the chillest person in the Telegram which days a lot because he's legit autistic acting. I don't think we'll get a "Droplolcow" twitter user. Especially since we talk mostly about other women/sex workers. I'm happy they leave us alone for now

No. 1688275

His ex wife was a cute woman he did porn with (yuck) who had purplish blue hair. Every since he'd made every single character on every game he played or a avatar with her hair color. If Josh gets sued I'll for sure try to donate, I plan on tossing some of my change to lolcow as well.

No. 1688277

Yeah I forgot about that lol. His avatar everywhere is drawings of his ex (that he doesn’t even talk to anymore) and he uses a ridiculous voice filter on YouTube to try and sound female. Overall a really crazy dude.

I think he’ll eventually discover this place and he’ll just post over and over when he does. His autism is like none I’ve ever seen before.

No. 1688280

is meth a common thing in the tranny community? I wonder if they’re all on meth. That would explain how the uggo tranny that spams this site is always awake to do so in every thread. And how Liz Man-Dong can constantly rally against KF despite being alledgedy chronically ill. And explain the fallout tranny existence.

No. 1688284

His thread if anyone is interested. https://archive.ph/OZGl4
He was my personal cow even before he got a thread. Amazed how far (down) that little cow has come.

No. 1688308

I know some people ITT think this site is next and maybe they will try to take it down but I personally think they’ll try to go after Ovarit first.

No. 1688313

File: 1667085400181.png (556.74 KB, 998x710, 1667085094194.png)

It's over

No. 1688320

So whenever the website goes back up, people should start archiving their favorite threads. He says there will be a torrent but I doubt many can afford 7TB of space.

I for one am looking forward to the dedicated Ethan Ralph stalking laughing raging website that will come from this. Still think Jersh is fucking stupid for not keep the website up on Tor (which he can do) but that's just me.

No. 1688325

File: 1667086095943.png (115.24 KB, 580x955, the eff are nazis.png)

>troons starting a fight with the EFF
yes, yes, haha yes or whatever the sickos meme says

No. 1688326

File: 1667086200572.jpg (49.18 KB, 800x450, EOX-xFuWsAAjRJh_(1).jpg)

This is appropriate

No. 1688327

I guess he makes money from the site(?) and he keeps saying it's not illegal and I don't blame him because there's plenty of fucked up sites on the clear net. In a way I think he just wants to wash his hands of it, like if it's not on the net fuck it and he can go on with his life. I do hope he continues his streams or something. He says he gets a lot of offers for work. Gonna be sad if it goes down, but I'm just going to be hopeful and say it won't. Or if it does some miracle will bring it back up, I don't want to see the troons gloat. I don't want them to start doing this everywhere.

No. 1688328

So I guess the kiwifags will migrate here en masse.

No. 1688333

Didn't he say on the recent MATI that it would cost too much to keep up the tor site? I don't know tor costs, but it can't be crazy, I'm sure there's enough users who would donate if given the option to, like how we have so on /meta/

No. 1688335

Yep even when the site was up they watched us not many, but a few users would talk about lolcow, like Anonymous. Though, they seemed to be fine with their space and watching ours, now they won't have anywhere to go. I'm sure some cows with "fanbases" will have people who make sites or something. I'm just going to think positively and say the site isn't going down unless Josh gives up for other reasons.

No. 1688336

I didn't watch the whole thing got kind of sad from the beginning I kind of forget that Josh has been get money from somewhere. This is the first time I've ever truly paid much attention to kiwifarms/Josh. Does he live on Donations? How does he pay his bills?

No. 1688337

No. It would cost too much to keep up the Clearnet website. Hosting on Tor only is and always will be an option. Josh is just a fucking moron who thinks "muh website is legal" means jack shit when dealt with corruption and cronyism. The donations only stop when the website stops. Has nothing to do with being on the clearnet.

Even the Zayo deplatforming only happened "12 hours" after they started using them. I don't know all the details but that sounds like he was using something else before that.

No. 1688339

Yes, he takes donations and does merch runs.

No. 1688340

He seems slightly hopeful compared to previous posts
>Still think Jersh is fucking stupid for not keep the website up on Tor
Yeah me neither. I understand his "this is legal so I should be allowed to do it" stance but he said he genuinely likes his community, so keeping it on tor could keep it alive

No. 1688341

His reasoning is that a tor community would be stale and dying as no new people would join it, so it would turn into an echo chamber for increasingly unhinged retards over time as normal people drift away.

No. 1688342

donations, merch runs, and I'd assume he does some freelancing on the side

No. 1688343

So tor would be like the telegram? Kek.

No. 1688345

Pretty much, yeah. What keeps websites vibrant are the >110 IQ segment of society, not poltarded incels who use tor. Once polcels make themselves at home somewhere, the place nosedives until only they are left.

No. 1688346


Kiwis aren't normal people. That's just fucking arrogance. When a bunch migrated to Poa.st, they got their asses kicked out by the admin cause he got tired of their shit. And that's another place that is perfectly fine with making fun of trannies.

Also worth pointing out that the internet for just Zayo was $2000 a month. Whatever Josh's income is, it must be a lot to afford that and all the other shit.

No. 1688347

He should keep it up on TOR and make an alternate site with heavier censorship on the clearweb. No doxxing, no gore, no threats. Maybe he could call it peach farms or something.

No. 1688348


No. 1688349

I don’t know why nonnies subject themselves to that website and the majority male userbase always shitting up the threads with slurs and unfunny quirky jabs towards general groups they hate. They claim they don’t care about anybody’s politics but it’s pretty obvious who the fatty prefers on his website and it’s not for successful, hot, well-adjusted people who need a website to anonymously talk shit about people it’s for the ones on the spectrum kek

No. 1688352

We don't have a thread chronicling pamperchu's misadventures or the tales of the tranny alpaca ranch. To read about certain cows you have to go to KF.

No. 1688354

Most nonnies like me, stick to certain threads anyway. It's very easy to ignore scrotes when the site is organized and you can flip through highlights. Who cares who Josh wants on his site. Since he wants it on the clear net everyone of every color, gender and politics will be on there anyway. I know for a fact I'm not the demo but thats why I don't have an account and just lurk. It's just annoying whose trying to keep the site down and what it means for similar sites. Like mumsnet etc and Other female spaces.

No. 1688355

The issue with kiwifarms is really mostly that it hosts comprehensive posts on certain people with a lot of power. You can google their name plus kiwifarms and you'll find a well written article that details all their crimes and disgusting character with archive links, screenshots and videos, and THAT is why people want to take it down.

You'd have to specifically ban threads about scum and trannies in general (since so many of them are scum and powerful and it would be hard to vet every single screenshot) and it'd probably be able to survive, but that would be a big ask.

It's absurd that the site has a subforum for incel neo nazis, some of which are legitimately paranoid schizophrenics, who arguably radicalize each other in their echo chamber, but not a single soul in the world cares about that and no article even mentions it, but what makes people attack it is that it archives social media posts of men in dresses.

No. 1688359

File: 1667088140379.jpeg (26.64 KB, 428x469, 1666236024217.jpeg)

Men trying to force themselves on women's spaces, tale as old as time.

No. 1688360

This to, kiwifarms talks about male cows more and thank God. Because male cows bring other gossipy males here. There's even some women that I like to follow on kiwifarms like Royal Black, or random threads about random communities and of course Chris chan. Scrote gossip more then any woman and take their gossip serious. Which is why there's internet wars between troons and moon

No. 1688361

I don't really care about male posters on kiwifarms, many of their best posters are men. I usually read in the Beauty Parlour though, which feels like it has a majority female userbase.

I don't understand people who categorically refuse to use that site. Yes, some subforums are filled with incel nazis, but in many, many interesting threads you will never encounter one, because the populations sort themselves by interest.

Yeah, men love gossip as much as women, they just usually don't admit it IRL.

No. 1688363

Okay, here is one: The kind of people who will sign up on the fediverse are the kind of people who will stick with tor, so that post supported Null's idea.

No. 1688366

Doesn't the fediverse exist because level 1 infrastructure providers like Zayo let it exist?

No. 1688368

The fediverse isn't a single thing, but all the servers like poast or chudbuds are hosted like any other web service and are as vulnerable. People say the fediverse can't be censored, but that's nonsense, you can take down any of the offensive nodes with relatively little effort.

No. 1688371

True but everyone having the ability to set up their own nodes offsets that problem. When everyone can host their own kiwifarms/lolcow.farm/Banananslammer9000.wah, the game of whack a mole can go on forever.

No. 1688373

Please don't let them know about bananaslammer on here, it's a well kept secret for a reason.

No. 1688375

Ralph is known to have sock accounts on the forum. You think Ralph can't have an account other than his official one? Weak reasoning.

No. 1688376

ovarit doesn't name and shame anyone like kf does, they have not justified reason and it would be extremely poor optics if they did

No. 1688377

If clear net is off the table then a lot of people won’t even bother with it anymore. Hell, even I won’t.

No. 1688378

imagine living like this crybaby anon KEK

No. 1688379

He said he won't continue his streams. If KF is kill then Null will disappear from the internet.

No. 1688381

You really think the naming and shaming is what got KF in trouble? Liz Fong Jones didn't even have a thread until a month or two ago.

No. 1688382

Kiwis are not welcome on Poa.st because they cyberbullied all the lolicon pedophiles on there into self-deleting and Graf is friends with a lot of those pedophiles, get it right.

No. 1688383

exactly, people saying "he can keep it up on tor!" don't understand that doing that would defeat the entire purpose of the site, which is to make the information on it easily accessible to normal internet users.

No. 1688387

File: 1667091461794.jpeg (304.46 KB, 1122x1746, 754A4617-6584-4D0F-9518-FBE0B4…)

NoDong-Fong is extremely triggered by the concept that service providers (like Cloudflare) should not be policing content. “REEEEEE how DARE YOU! Marginalised communities will BE KILLED!!1!”

No. 1688390

yes it is a "bullying site" ovarit isn't and is strictly moderated. it will go over as well as when the troons attacked detrans

No. 1688391

Seriously, the EFF is the single most based charity of all time. They are complete ideology-free except for 'don't censor shit, allow the internet to be fair and open, you absolute tossers'
After seeing them copping an ton of abuse from people with trans flags in their Twitter bios (hmmm… makes ya think), I chucked some money EFF's way. They doin' good

No. 1688393

the info still needs to be around, brave makes it easy to use tor. jersh should ask daddy elon for some musk bux or to put him on twatters servers

No. 1688395

God that makes me sad, the only person who does his style of streams about random shit online without a filter is Mr. Metokur and he's sick,and…I don't know he's a lot more cruel then Josh. I hate this brand of autism is only connected to scrotes, but then again I know a woman would be chased off the fucking earth if she dared to do what they did. It really will feel like the "death" of true free speech online. Like 4chan can survive because it's a honeypot, Twitter will probably clean up their shit after a while. Lolcow hopefully will remain smaller and unbothered.

No. 1688406

Uhh nonnie, do you know what site you're posting on? If KF is a bullying site so is this one.

No. 1688407

it sounds dramatic but there really is an air of finality to all of this that's very depressing. like thats it. the internet was the one place where people could speak their minds somewhat freely, and now its only gonna keep getting worse from here, something something the world ends not with a bang but a whimper. idk i know im being very over the top right now but the implications that this has for the future are very sad and scary.

No. 1688409

I agree with this
I don't get the arguments of 'well people will use it less if it's not on clearnet', it's like yes but that means all the information on it can be readily accessed if need be

And as you say with Brave, TOR browsing is integrated into it and I think other browsers will add this function over the next few years

No. 1688417

File: 1667093886863.jpg (18.65 KB, 416x416, 0x0.jpg)

Getting Thielbucks would be more likely.

No. 1688419

>Is against policing content
>They're a fascist organisation!
You can't make this shit up

No. 1688426

The downside is that most people don’t use brave and even less use tor. In some countries, using tor will even get you put on a list. It’s just not worth that risk to most people.

Also saying “I have proof of this person doing thing” and then saying your source for it is on the deepweb is not going to go over well.

No. 1688428

See the Destiny steam exposing Keffals. He used Kiwi content that was sourced by other people. It's the same game journos play with wikipedia. You need to play the same games to get results.

No. 1688435

True, though I'd still argue it's a good place to have screenshots etc. archived/collated
You don't need to link to the website, just have a place where some of us can grab screenshots, the 'front page' on almost all lolcows is filled to the brim with chat logs, screenshots, images etc. that are of great utility when holding people accountable

No. 1688447

File: 1667096558995.png (88.86 KB, 585x414, AKATNN.png)

Johnny D wanting every single person with a KF account imprisoned again. yawn.

No. 1688458

> In some countries, using tor will even get you put on a list.

jfc, I bet is some "progressive" European country right?

No. 1688460

i can't express how much this image is making me laugh

No. 1688464

I like to think it's sinseer and the OP of his thread who kept triple and double posting in it until it took off lol.

No. 1688466

Probably the People's Republic of Canada or something lmao

No. 1688468

Maybe because I also hate niggers, spics, and kikes and leftist polices have directly lead to the tranny menace and over policing of speech? I wish people like you would neck yourselves, the "I want to make fun of people but without the nasty SLURS and in a space where my political peers won't find out I'm doing the naughty no-no thing" is so old and hypocritical.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688472

>Slurs are acceptable and I'll fucking murder you if you disagree.

No. 1688473

Maybe it’s because we don’t want to be fucking racist or have the reputation of being racist like kiwifarms does? Lmao

No. 1688476

No, not entirely harmless. This is a man who stalks children online in an open world video game, posted links to CP on his old website and is disavowed by his own mother, who says they displayed the same violent schizophrenic tendencies as his abusive father. No doubt he has his own darknet trove somewhere full of hideous shit just waiting to be unveiled the second the Farms are defeated.

If anybody has the archives of those posts that would be grand.

No. 1688478


No. 1688484


Nta but you are literally on a website thats an offshoot of 4chan, so there's that. Honestly i don't agree with the first few words of that anons statement, but its true that people on here are super annoying when it comes to their so called no-no words, especially when you take into account the fact that the entire goal of this place is to make fun of others kek. You can't have rules for thee and not for me, it's just not how it works.

No. 1688487


I wonder if and when someone will have the hilarious and cursed idea to create a female only ib for the truly politically incorrect, it would probably get insta-raided by maleposters and ruined within a day of existing but would still be very funny nonetheless.

No. 1688489

Nta again but that doesn't mean much when you consider that anything outside of the mainstream gets accused of being some kind of ….ist lol. do you think this site has a good reputation? if you truly give a shit about reputation then you should probably use websites run by multi billion dollar big tech enterprises with carefully curated PR teams that can silence all dissent and keep a squeaky clean "reputation" for you to sleep better at night.

No. 1688496

Classic moid accusation because you can't fathom that there are women out there with different views than yourself.

No. 1688500

>Ovarit isn't a bullying site so troons can't take it down
What do you mean? They are transphobic nazi bigots who bully innocent trans people into suicide. I dont have a source for this claim but it's true. Also here are a bunch of posts I found on Ovarit where threy are posting credible threats towards innocent trans people [insert fabricated fedpost]. And here is proof that they host CP [insert more made up bullshit]. Normies have never heard of Ovarit so they will believe everything I just said. They are cyberterrorist transphobes and they are bad. Here is a Washington Post article about it.

No. 1688501

Neck yourself Hulk

No. 1688502

Isn't that Crystal Cafe? Kek

No. 1688504

Ayrt, imo the posters on there are very tame except for the occasional unhinged male that shits up the board.

No. 1688506

He did just post to Onionfarms, you think HHH is posting here too?

No. 1688508

I guess we'll start the clock and see how much time it takes for the site to go down again.

I wonder if Josh is just doomposting again and he'll turn optimistic again later. It seems like he's gone through 3 or 4 of those cycles now. Thoughts?

No. 1688509

I go to very specific corners of tumblr for that. I feel like the unmoderated corners of a mostly dead site are the only venue for unhinged political takes from women because yeah maleposters would catch wind of anything new and just ruin it lol
I honestly don't get this sentiment that everything should be allowed on IBs since moderation is a thing for these sites. One of the reasons I prefer LC to 4chan, besides the userbase having comparatively more women, is that threads are way less likely to get derailed by annoying shit like racebait. Don't get me wrong, I'll read someone's short essay on /fit/ on why they're certain jews are ones orchestrating the fat acceptance movement, but most of the time it's just low IQ inflammatory shit meant to farm (you)s rather than convince anyone with a decent level of reading comprehension. I feel like KF was a good in-between in that respect and I hope the trannies don't win and completely demolish its existence.

No. 1688513

Who knows, probably?
For some reason a&h attracts retards who can't stop thinking and bitching about it 24/7

No. 1688514

I think I agree
People seem to think 'freedom of speech' means getting to post 'nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger" but it's like, that just spams shit up and as you say, it's like being on 4ch on /b/ or /pol/ or something, just absolute garbage

No. 1688516

Exactly, maybe I'm mentally a scrote but imo KF hit that perfect in between of politically incorrect but not annoyingly so (most of the time). I think racebait is retarded but honestly I hate how people get triggered over someone using a "bad" word on an anonymous post that will have a maximum readership of like 50 people, it's just annoying grandstanding, and the smug "yikessss" attitude really irritates me.

No. 1688517

Threads get derailed because jannies and mods hate the userbase and refuse to kick the schizos and even participate in the derailing itself. Like that faggot ABIB or the mod that ran a BBC spam bot discord.

No. 1688519

I wonder how much he makes on merch. I can’t imagine what kind of sperg would wear a KF t shirt in public

No. 1688520

> I can’t imagine what kind of sperg would wear a KF t shirt in public
apparently the most popular size on the first merch run was female, small, for whatever that's worth

No. 1688521

Ffs kiwifags still don't know how to sage.

No. 1688522

no it's me reading jay and corissa's thread

No. 1688523

He sold like 2.000 Chris Chan coins.

No. 1688524

kekkkk watch kiwifarmscore become the new hit sensation fashion microtrend on tiktok (never)

No. 1688525


It's nothing to do with 'bullying'. But there's a specific taboo against demographic insults, because those words carry with them a whole history of meaning and events. But how one processes the offensiveness to the word is entirely due to how you were raised to treat them.

If you've grown up entirely in progressive spaces, typing out the word 'ni**er' is probably akin to a shocking ideological declaration of restoring slavery and segregation and the most serious thing ever, which obviously means you're no different from a Nazi and all the other baggage. If you've spent time on the open spaces on the Internet or God forbid, with edgy people IRL, you'll probably just think it's a meaningless funny sounding word that doesn't really mean anything.

I don't think this has come out of any conspiracy, it's just because privileged white liberals have no idea how to help minorites beyond hysterically white-knighting the meaningless surface bullshit.

No. 1688527

no1curr also >>1688521

No. 1688528

I know a sperg that bragged about wearing one in public, I was so embarrassed to find that out.

No. 1688535


Damn I keep putting it in the wrong field. Sorry.

No. 1688536

And that's honestly all it takes once Google starts to manually curate the search results. It's surreal how bad things have gotten.
>Kiwifarms pops on vice
>Talks about CWC and paints him as a victimized transwoman
>Doesn't talk about CWC raping his own mother
Ovarit doesn't keep receipts or proof. That's the secret. As long as you have nothing hard or centralized, everything you say can be dismissed as an internet lie. KF committed the horrific crime of remembering exactly what a troon said and preserving it for others to see.

No. 1688538

Should we start preparing threads on here for some of the best cows? I would be so sad if I couldn't follow the exploits of Russell Greer any more. He has his quiet periods, but when he's milky it's just glorious.

No. 1688539

I curr, because its an interesting conversation thats relevant to the free speech issue that the erasure of kiwifarms brings up. Stop trying to shut down conversations just because they make you uncomfortable.

That's an interesting point you bring up, I'm probably biased because I hung out with a lot of edgelords in highschool so it doesn't impact me in any way. I only have an issue with words like that when they are used in a genuinely cruel way, and I would like to think that most people feel the same but that they're just afraid to say so. However, in the case of lolcow and other female only spaces, I also think women being taught to be self-sacrificing for the "greater good" has something to do with the lower tolerance for any language or behaviors that stick out from the norm.

No. 1688540

File: 1667103557606.jpg (5.78 KB, 254x198, images.jpg)

TBF, at home, I'd 100% wear a Slobbermutt t-shirt

No. 1688541

I get lots of compliments for my banana pepper dog shirt, people ask where I got it and I say a thrift store.

No. 1688543

TBH all you needed was
> reports Byuu's death with zero proof, blames KiwiFarms

No. 1688545

Goddamn Byuu/Near, that absolute fuck, faking his own death has done so much damage to Kiwifarms

No. 1688548

File: 1667103933060.jpg (224.71 KB, 820x1119, FVhzHcPWAAAC0ro.jpg)

Double/self-post, sorry but seriously… no deaths reported from a month before to a month after he allegedly died…

No. 1688551

how do you even get a hold of thiel anyway

No. 1688553

File: 1667104545866.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.48 MB, 3472x4624, bepppers.jpg)

>apparently the most popular size on the first merch run was female, small
Ayoo I bought one of those. Very comfy and holds up well in the wash.

No. 1688555

you need an invite to post to ovarit they can't plant bullying posts or cp on it. people think ovarit is like mumsnet

No. 1688556

That's actually pretty cute. Don't understand the hate.

No. 1688557

No. 1688558

And nobody knows its Kiwifarms related unless they also use the site

No. 1688559

kek idk why i love the idea of a (in this case literal) dog whistle like that

No. 1688561

Holy fuck that's adorable, if Josh gets the site back up he HAS to do another merch run
I want a Slobbermutt tee damnit!

No. 1688562

Yes me too I'm sending telepathic messages to Josh as we speak to make him sell this shirt again.

No. 1688563

With the EFF coming out in (tepid) support of KF and Null being able to find enough ISPs to distribute his hosting, do you think the site has a chance at staying up?

No. 1688564

Do people say anything or do you just wear it around the house?

No. 1688566

Real talk kiwifarms taught me how to drown out retarded scrotes in real life, so i don't care about their retarded slur screaming. I get more annoyed by scrotes in spaces they shouldn't be, like here then I do going into Marjority scrote spaces (like kiwifarms) acting retarded. I expect it. Plus I sent have an account so I don't see the part of the site that's really crazy. There's like 80% scrotes who make great points or good threads that don't turn into racists slurs being thrown around or whatever the fuck. There's some threads and feeling that can't be replicated. Even Josh's rambling on his streams is uniquely unhinged but grounded and entertaining. I'd rather he quit the site then be forced out. Someone being forced into submission because LFJ and fake suicides, murders and lies really annoys me.
In fact it's quit sick bow technically only two Trans were "killed" by kiwifarms. Yet the troons don't even card about these people so start screaming
>>How many Trans women need to die
>>How many Trans people need to be killed
>>This site has killed Trans women/people.
No. Two Trans people killed themselves, one is 95% probably not dead and the other was basically pushed out his community by his own community for scamming. He was also mentally ill and homeless. The young woman who killed herself passed because an abusive fucking relationship.
It pisses me the fuck off they parade these deaths they don't even care about. Don't Don't address them by name, can't even talk about who they were and what they did in life.
It's fucking sicker then anything kiwifarms has ever done.

No. 1688567

Okay that's actually cute

No. 1688568

What's the banana peppers referencing?

No. 1688570

Josh's grows banana peppers in his commie block.

No. 1688571

50/50 but I hope it survives

inb4 'not your personal army', seriously though EFF - probably the most normie and respectable charity in the world - giving some kind of lukewarm support to freedom on the internet INCLUSIVE of Kiwifarms… don't need to donate if you don't want, but liking or retweeting their stuff, it shows the tech community an example to follow re: allowing speech you don't agree with. Just saying

No. 1688572

Sadly the guy who was printing the shirts went out of business during Covid so unless Null finds another guy willing to print shirts for KF I don't think they will be back. He can't use redbubble or any of those other sites troons can take down.

Null couldn't find banana peppers in Serbia so he grew them himself on his balcony and pickled them. Two pigeons laid eggs in one of the pots. He documented this journey on his podcast.

No. 1688573

Josh grows peppers on his balcony and even had a bird give birth in his plants.

No. 1688575

Josh always orders them on his subway sammiches.

No. 1688576

If I donate would something like this help lolcow as well? I want to help KF but if this also could help Lolcow in any way I'm 100% into that. Sorry I'm retarded for not fully understanding

No. 1688577

Wasn't Josh going to do a patch merch run?

No. 1688578

Which lead to an interesting bit of tinfoil where he appeared to claim to have eaten a SUBWAY sandwich (American chain) which does apparently not exist in Serbia, this coupled with a couple of weird statements around time zone morning/evening etc. lead some to believe that he was no longer or never was in Serbia. I don't think that ever got resolved with definitive proof in either direction.
It doesn't really help either site in an extremely direct way, but EFF is definitely the premier organization for a "free Internet", one can quibble probably with some of their positions but they're definitely in the right here, as evidenced by the troons seething about it.

No. 1688580

I mean, I would say so - EFF are pretty normie/straight-laced so to see them go to bat for Kiwifarms and other sites (even if they do the generic "we don't agree with what this sites contain buuuuut" thing) is really nice

PS: My country's dollar is garbage these days, I donated "$15 USD" which equated to like $24 AUD from my account or something, goddamn it

No. 1688581

Yes, but he can't put up the site he uses to sell them on without infrastructure either.

No. 1688582

He named one of the babies after the love of his life, "Chantal" and the other I think, Jeffrey Eggstien. Chat chose the names

No. 1688583

Even if KF goes down, I hope that this has at least radicalized people to an extent with regards to how nuts troon shit has become and how important a free internet is. The EFF thing has me optimistic about that.

I hope the site stays up too and that if it doesn't, Null finds it in himself to keep going anyway. It would bode very badly for the internet for KF to go down forever.

I don't think it'll help either in a direct way but the EFF is willing to speak out against censorship despite the seething of trannies, and that's worth supporting IMO.

No. 1688584

Okay thanks, I'll help out and hopefully nonnies will as well. We deserve our spaces to be retarded in and other retards not having their space may fuck up ours kek.

No. 1688585

Do you think Chantal also has banana peppers on her subs? If so he has an in right there, I also ship JoshXchantal.
Which sucks as those are very good designs unlike the patches I saw.

No. 1688588

If she likes banana peppers they can beeze together but josh would have to convert to islam for this union to be 210% halal.

No. 1688592

>LipstickAlley for racist and misogynistic moids might go down forever because trannies complained hard enough
I hate troids so much. KF has shitty people sure, but it was still overall a pretty fun forum.

No. 1688593

Never heard of LipstickAlley before somehow, went on there for like two minutes, oh my god what a nightmare lol. Some true cringe posts

No. 1688595

They can be pretty based about trannies, but true.

No. 1688599

File: 1667107549201.jpeg (83.98 KB, 1125x801, FgPfowWX0AE9yQM.jpeg)

It's been a funny week, I hope jersh gets his shit together to top it all off.

No. 1688600

it's a site for black women, but has black scrotes. Somehow the scrotes on their manage to be more annoying and less informative then Kiwifarms while also being just as Antisemitic.
But when the topic is Trans the site is 95% based about it. It's okay if you are into celebrity gossip.

No. 1688602

Pretty sure plenty of gay white scrotes post too, pretending to be black women. They need to steal their slang from somewhere.

No. 1688604

>gay white scrote LARPing as politically-overactive black woman

Now that is a terrifying image

No. 1688607

yea, there's fonts who change their gender and race every topic. I feel like the troons wish they had a kiwifarms, LSA or Lolcow but they are stuck on reddit or 4chan. There was a tweet basically going,
"Why can't there be a site where we discuss weird people without doing what kiwifarms do" and it's like, Because if it's trans owned, it'd just be picking at "transphobes" and "Safe" people to talk about. It'd just be reddit. There's a reason why these spaces exist and are enjoyed. They want to come into these spaces and have people create the same expereince of watching weird people who overshare, but also these people have to check the "Safe" boxes to pick at. Thats not fun. Nobody wants to whine about JKR everyday but also not be able to pick at the weird trans who does weird shit, because "it's punching down".

No. 1688610

100% agree on all fronts there

Also: JKR, my beloved

No. 1688627

>Retarded 4chan posters
I'm 95% sure that nowadays 4chan is almost entirely bots and feds.
But the reasoning behind the whole slur phenomenon is two Three nonna!fold. First is that they seem to think everyone not themselves lack agency. Second is that if they can't say that in real life because they're too afraid of physical violence, be it real or perceived.
Finally is usually it turns out that it is projection. Case in point, old 8chan /pol/ board owner was a Turkish failure in life (Where remove kebab and calling people "turkroaches" was encouraged).
Being on tor won't save you either. One of the 8chan successors boards (16chan which came from /fascist/) hosted their own ib and got a knock from the feds. As to if that is from incompetence I don't know.
It would be interesting scenario if JKR posted a copy of the farms document on Dong-Gone to turn the average person against them. Granted she has fuck you money so she probably doesn't want to slapfight literal autists on the web.

No. 1688634

>Being on tor won't save you either. One of the 8chan successors boards (16chan which came from /fascist/) hosted their own ib and got a knock from the feds. As to if that is from incompetence I don't know

I mean, it has to be. Literal child porn websites are still knocking about on there, dozens of them, so if a Tor-hosted ib can get a knock on the door from feds, I feel like the site admins did something wrong

No. 1688635

Feds aren't the threat model, though, and KF-on-Tor would already be known to be run by Josh anyway. The only reason why KF needs to be on Tor is because troons keep kicking it off the clearnet either by leveraging their tech connections or outright DDoSing it, both of which would be ameliorated by running on Tor. It's not about the feds. The feds get you eventually, even CP and drug operations there wind up getting busted eventually. If feds start going after people for doxing and misgendering troons, then we'll have bigger problems than the internet.

No. 1688638

What disturbs me is that the data center Worldstream has apparently blocked Jersh, meanwhile getting them to block CP sites or sites which actively encourage people to harass people irl (like the actual point of the site, even selling merch to tag feminist professors houses that they're being watched etc.), is like an insurmountable task and they'll keep pulling "muh freeze peach" and will only do shit when served a warrant.

No. 1688645

File: 1667113700310.png (71.79 KB, 1282x290, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 1.52…)

Attached is what the report actually said, as reported by Business Insider.

Basically he's saying, retards gonna be retards, prepare to eat a whirl of shit for this semi-backtracked impulse buy, Mr. Billionare.


Warning: Telescope Psychology below.

>I also think women being taught to be self-sacrificing for the "greater good" has something to do with the lower tolerance for any language or behaviours that stick out from the norm.

I never went through that lesson, but I would have thought that would (generally) lead to avoidance rather than censure. I think the problem is, it became easy for the powerless nobodies, maybe at first mainly women empowered/inspired/grifting off the momentum of MeToo, to call out famous people for saying racist words or racist thoughts because it was under the protection of a self evident moral victory so long as nobody applied any critical thinking, a'la "Believe All Women". Because moral virtue online only works when it's absolute, holding even a lightly dissenting opinion about the 'mainstream' agenda began to be self-evidence of at a minimum being sympathetic to Nazi terrorist phobiphobia, because that association is all that can justify this maximum 'enemy of the state' censure.

I suspect in their minds, it's the only thread of logic that would make them think or do such things, as they are now on Twitter. "Why would you post 'nierfaot' unless you literally hate black people", I'm sure that's how these people think. One of them is probably Idubbbz, watching the word he made popular on his edgelord corner of the Internet be denounced as radicalised hate speech through the tattooed fingers of his Bald Not-Husband.

No. 1688649

Samefag, apparently I can't even censor myself because all the characters do weird functions and all the search results are about infiltrating and 'understanding' 4chan.

Rest assured I don't think you need fear an influx of idle Kiwis.

No. 1688652

1) we can
2) we do
3) we would keep doing it
4) Excessive use to slurs and racebait lead to low-quality posting, a-logging and fedposting. The proof is literally kiwifarms itself. Those behaviors are not welcomed here, we thrive on keeping a low profile after all.
5) the fact that you can use the words unflitred means that you can say slurs, just don't be retarded about it.

No. 1688653

This thread always surprises me by it's retardation.

No. 1688654

That's literally Stan twitter

No. 1688655

when the thread OP says "this thread is absolute cancer" …

No. 1688656

I haven't heard that one, is this pre or post Keffals and Dong Gone?
That company would probably bend just as easily if it wasn't "mainstream" IF someone decided to properly hook themselves to a common carrier for these "problematic" clear we sites that harm "victims", then they basically charge whatever the fuck they wanted, since it's either tor, their way, or the troons highway to being raped and murdered by fake women.

No. 1688659

File: 1667116003602.jpg (16.77 KB, 463x102, Datacenter_Worldstream.jpg)

Was in the Telegram update from the 25th of October. Mind you 50% of known CP is being hosted there, so it's not like they have super high standards.

No. 1688676

I don't get it, is this Fong Jones or some other troon? If so, what's his name, I wanna see the autism for myself.

No. 1688682

Forget his name but nah it's not Fong Jones, it's some overweight white weirdo

No. 1688686

It's sinsteer [sic]. Some autist who spent an inordinate amount of time in game for fallout77 (we're talking a year +).

No. 1688687

No. 1688688

Yep that's it, apologies for forgetting

For context for those reading who don't know, he would like grab IPs and try to psuedo-dox his 'enemies' in game. True autism

No. 1688692

We don’t do this here

No. 1688697

Europe, Australia, New Zealand (remember the infamous email Josh sent to them? Kek), Canada and I’ve no doubt America probably puts you on a list too but unofficially.

No. 1688698

Johnny something. He’s far more unhinged than most cows, he’s actually one of the more dangerous cows out there.

No. 1688699

File: 1667119969633.jpg (78.44 KB, 760x663, Capture.JPG)

As an Australian, this makes me uncomfortable I'm on a list but watcha gonna do

Also: picrel
It never stops with this faggotinis, does it?

No. 1688704

>As an Australian
Why aren’t you having sex with me right now?

No. 1688705

Being on a list in Australia is pretty bad anon, they take things much more seriously. ISPs down there even tried to block kiwi farms themselves after that NZ incident and I think 4chan is still blocked by some as a result.

No. 1688706

Gtfo scrote

No. 1688707

Looks like those posts about the troons coming for here have come true, in spite of the doubters.

Hi Fong!

No. 1688708


Yeah they do, 4chan not blocked anymore thankfully but it was blocked I think upwards of a year? Maybe two? Our government is cucked as all hell, both our conservative party and the centre-left one are as bad as each other with being total boomers re: anything internet censorship related

No. 1688710

These tweets have been a thing since the beginning of the Drop Kiwifarms shit, I don't know why people keep posting 1 like tweets from randos like they mean anything.

No. 1688715

I think they're too busy fucking spiders mate.

No. 1688716

Whatever you say, champion

We're too busy getting fucked by housing prices to worry about spiders, mate

No. 1688718

Stop being a fag and quit catastrophizing everything that gets said by stupid twitter users. When they actually start coming for this site then I'll start worrying.

No. 1688720

> We're too busy getting fucked by housing prices
Too fucking true. You’re fucked if you want a home within 2 hours of a major city.

No. 1688723

Whatever you say, champion, pt. 2

Yeah it's rough, I like Sydney but good lord, the median house price is like $1.6 million or something. At least we got the nice heat, eh

No. 1688724

I don't understand this: what exactly does his setup being interconnected entail? Did he buy multiple servers at different datacenters or something?

No. 1688730

I'm not I.T expert, far from it so please correct me if I'm wrong, people.
But I think the idea is instead of just having one server the website relies on solely, it's like a bunch of different servers all hosting the website. So if the plug is pulled at one company, there's say four other servers still hosting a mirrored version of the site

No. 1688732

Speaking of I.T, why the fuck did josh announce his ips? If he had left his mesh network for a few months the trannys would have moved on defeated.

No. 1688733

he has to

No. 1688736

Can you elaborate a bit more on this, for a non-tech savvy person?

No. 1688737

Kiwifarms had hosts all over the planet making it impossible to find and deplatform the original kiwifarm server but josh then announced the server ips via zayo (like putting up a sign showing people where your house is) at that point it was easy to take them offline again.

No. 1688738

IP announcement is a technical term, I don't know if I can explain it to someone who doesn't know anything about how networking works, but you can not connect your website to the internet if you don't announce your IP.

No. 1688739

Wait but why would he do that, is there some sort of benefit instead of doing the old method he was doing?

No. 1688740

You always have to announce your IP unless you use a service such as Cloudflare who lends you their IPs, which are already announced. There is no way around this without Cloudflare.

No. 1688741

Imagine it like this: you live at a house and you want to receive mail at your house, you have to tell the post office "this is where my house is" so they can send you mail. This also means that other people can now find out where your house is. Unless you never want anyone to come to your house and never get any mail you HAVE to announce it.

No. 1688742


Okay nonnas thank you for the explanation
Wow okay, that's B.S that Cloudflare can grab everyone by the balls like that, wish they had a slew of competitors

No. 1688750

Pretty sure that's not just a down under issue nonnas.
Where I am all the califags and boomers are buying land in swathes… I can't even keep my (small) family farm from running at a loss because fucking tax valuations on top of the current shitshow of labor issues, government fuckery, and the NIMBY bs (A problematic neighbor sued us over the fact I use fertilizer….).

No. 1688755

House prices are taking a nose dive because of interest rates.
T. Anon who got fucked selling her house

No. 1688760

RIP, I'm sorry that's happening nonna

Ye this is true, but it's almost a paradox because house prices falling is fucking people that need to sell, but it's not falling fast enough (or rather, the original prices were so high) it's STILL not tenable for single-income housebuyers like myself to afford to live within ~2 hours of our work. It's fucked

No. 1688762

File: 1667127802861.png (200.7 KB, 1572x350, dns.png)

Basically, all trannies like Dong Long Gone are doing is going to https://dnschecker.org/ and typing in "Kiwifarms.net". You get something like picrel. I typed in lolcow.farm for this one. You get all of this information and you can see our ISP is Cloudflare.

This is why it doesn't matter if Null talks about or announces what he is doing, because Dong Long Gone is literally refreshing the DNS checker 24/7 and immediately notices any changes.

No. 1688764

samefag to add that all this information is public because it has to be, your computer can only connect to a website if it knows what IP to connect to. Whenever you type in "lolcow.farm" it figures out "What IP do I have to connect to to get to lolcow.farm?" and if it wasn't public information that your computer could access then you couldn't connect to the website at all.

No. 1688770

Thank you for educating us less technically-minded
So it sounds like Josh' new plan is to distribute the services more broadly so if one goes down, the others don't


Like two people replied with his name under the person you're quoting. Learn2read

No. 1688774

It’s sad that Kiwifarms couldn’t push more troons to 41% before getting sieged

No. 1688779

Ayrt, it definitely has something to do with power, in my eyes, the instances where people dig up old shit to try and start problems is an obvious humiliation tactic. These types of incidents then bled into the mainstream and people have now been conditioned to be a lot more sensitive to things we didn't blink an eye at in, say, 2007, because we made examples out of the people who did. In my opinion, the world feels a lot more racist now, because people are so divided and reactionairies have that much more fuel to their fire, race relations in the US but even the rest of the world have only gotten a million times worse but these people on Twitter and other platforms still think they're making a positive change for the greater good or something. I hate how boomer-ish I start to sound when this topic gets brought up, but I just don't think censorship and dogma are the answers to build a fairer world, and the self-surveillance required to be morally pure according to these peoples' worldview just isn't sustainable in the long term.

No. 1688780

Couldn't agree more, and 'morally pure' is a good way to describe the way these creepy weirdos try to act
And of course, tear down anyone that doesn't adhere - even their own!

No. 1688781

Because the far left is getting more and more extreme and nothing is ever good enough for them. First gays got the right to get married and everyone was like "yeah that's fine I guess, they just want to be like us", then they started with the gender nonsense like adding 56 genders to facebook and everyone was like "that's a bit ridiculous but funny I guess" then they started instructing kids in school how to have anal sex and now like 30% of kids identify as some sort of queer or genderfuck and trannies are harassing women in changing rooms. Same with race, it used to be "black people are just like us except a different shade" to "black people are actually superior and you need to feel ashamed to be white, here are 20 new disney movies in which everyone is now black". It goes from making people accept reasonable things to more and more extreme things. The pendulum has swung too far left and its about to swing in the other direction again.

No. 1688785

Yeah and its difficult to discuss these types of topics because people immediately jump to "if you're ….ist/….phobic just say that" or some lazy variant of that statement when its so obvious that that is not the intention. You really just can't decouple the greater identity politics bullshit that's being shilled right now from kiwifarms being taken down, its all part of the same wave, and its going to create a strict binary where the only discussion spaces left will be either super left idpol focused or nazi right wing bullshit. The middle ground is disappearing more and more everyday, and kf being smacked down is a great example of that.

No. 1688794

A lot of those child porn websites are run by the feds as honeypots. Just look into Operation Torpedo and Operation Pacifier if you don’t believe me.

No. 1688795

Agreed on both, the only thing is maybe I'm a cynic but I HOPE the pendulum swings back but with the world continuing to be an embarrassing nightmare, IDK

No. 1688798

I'm >>1688785 this anon, and my fear with the pendulum swinging back is that it will just be cringe trad bullshit instead of lefty shit, with either one of these outcomes ending with women getting fucked over. I pray that we can just get back to some kind of normality, but it looks less and less likely. The only thing we can do is be as genuine and true to beliefs as possible in our day to day lives in the hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. Even if they won't admit it, everyone wants to be free, just look at how idpol proponents seethe when they see someone who doesn't care about that bs, or tradlarpers when they see a single woman with a cat, it's like an actual aggression to them because they covet that ideological freedom.

No. 1688812

Damn right, nonna

"Why can't be just get along, and stop being embarrassing political extremists" is kinda like, a corny thing to say, yet somehow large chunks of the Western world can't live up to even that basic request

No. 1688815

Yeah it sounds corny but we really do need ot get back to basics. I'm quite young and I feel so trapped with other people my age, I'm not trying to be an NLOG or "born in da wrong generayshun!!!!" stereotype but the atmosphere is just suffocating. I don't hate my generation, I just find it sad that we've been taught by the narcissists that came before us to be cringe like this.

No. 1688816

I think you’re almost there “we don’t have to get along but stop being embarrassing political extremists” is more correct as “civility” has led us to this censorship situation with KF.

No. 1688819

Nta but good annotation, I think that's the crux of the issue, people can't understand that not everyone needs to be included in every space, and that we don't all have to like eachother or agree to live together in relative peace.

No. 1688824

You should be censored for not saging

No. 1688827

No. 1688835

the sock account commenting on lolcow is Laur Trueman, Lillee Jean’s obsessed stage mom.

No. 1688838

File: 1667137485889.png (693.11 KB, 600x3192, twitter.com_dropkiwifarms.png)

Trannies not at all happy with the EFF

No. 1688839

>they doxed a 9 year old
Is this about the Nat Geo kid that was groomed into troonery? His Munchie mom doxed him by putting him in an international magazine.

No. 1688840

Hopefully they have enough of a backbone not to suck the girldick

No. 1688841

She also made up some insane story about how people were turning up at their house in the middle of a blizzard to harass her so she couldn't call the police or something like that. Of course she never mentioned that in the last 6 years, only now that she can get media attention, since, like all media trans parents, she is a munchie. That obviously fabricated story was on the reddit front page.

No. 1688850

File: 1667139078995.png (23.04 KB, 590x205, fuck these people.png)

>inane US free speech laws
these people are hopeless.

No. 1688856

I can honestly say, even at my dumbest, I never said shit like this. America is diving off a cliff and these people are enjoying the ride.

No. 1688858

I hate these retards who abuse the word "nazi" to the point where it's completely lost its meaning. Worse, abusing this word works because people are morons.

No. 1688882

File: 1667141234716.webm (914.41 KB, 360x270, clip.webm)

No. 1688890

>inane US free speech laws

absolutely insane take. i'm actually flabbergasted by this one.

where is this from anon?

No. 1688892

I've seen this clip several times, but I've never been able to figure out who the heck that man is or where it came from.

I can make an educated guess that he's an American man, and it's from a T.V. program in the 1950's or early 1960's, but other than that I'm lost. Anyone know for certain? I'd love to see the whole thing.

No. 1688902

Null/Jersh is getting desperate, and his technical skills are obviously not sufficient to implement a failsafe solution for his downtime issues.
He's still badmouthing other companies for ruining his ridiculous pigsty of a forum. How amusing!

No. 1688906

these motherfuckers talkign about entryists

No. 1688907

he's doing ok for a turbo autist, which let's face it is the only type of person who could hyperfixate enough to get this far.

No. 1688908

I went to /pol/ earlier today just to confirm my theory that it's mostly populated by trannies now due to all the porn-spam and astroturfing they do to brainwash the incels into trooning out and I was not disappointed. The sentiment in the KF thread I found was almost entirely against KF and saying they deserve to be deplatformed because they are a "gossip site". There were also a ton of threads in the catalog with obvious porn-bait thumbnails as well as threads like "Why do we hate trannies again?" accompanied with pictures of passable troons from porn or tiktok and threads like "Would a femboy make a good tradwife?". It's very funny because trannies first insult is always to call people Nazi, when they are literally all /pol/tard incels.

No. 1688914

I still find it hard to believe he was never diagnosed with autism.
Last time I saw a KF thread on /pol/, a baby monkey snuff fanatic was spamming it with his conspiracy that KF users were flooding his favorite monkey snuff site with CP. /pol/ is truly a low IQ, schizo-infested shithole.

No. 1688925

It’s now knock off time in Serbia, where’s our update josh?

No. 1688927

If he only would take a real job instead.

No. 1688929

fuck off tranny

No. 1688946

Projection is one helluva a drug.
More like I want my god damn country back. 99% of the extremes are idiots and should be mocked for their lack of IQ. I understand the whole idea that Dobbs overturning Roe was because "it wasn't properly legislated", but what does the GOP go do right after that? "Let's go ban abortion wholly!"
Both parties are fascistic scum, the difference is that the priority for one is to force you to allow men to be women and to let any nigger eg: Gangbanger get away with anything, while the other wants to turn the US into a theocracy that the US was specifically founded against while forcing perpetual war on everyone. Both of them want you to be a perpetual serf by importing third worlders so that you become a foreign in your own country.

I hate this gay earth and want off. I just hope all here agree that troons need to be skydiving without parachutes alongside our retarded politicians and the majority of populace.(racebait)

No. 1688951

It's back up on tor, Josh is still rebuilding search and it's kinda funky. I haven't tried it yet but I'm watching updates in the retarded telegram chat.
manifesting kiwifarms lives as long as Josh wants to manage it.

No. 1688952

Im not using tor but any nonnies on KF want to let me know about what’s being posted on the vinesauce thread telepathically thanks much

No. 1688953

THANK YOU for actually putting effort in. It’s amazing how many of you retards are unable to stick to the topic without slinging shit.

No. 1688954

>>manifesting kiwifarms lives as long as Josh wants to manage it.

That's because he fails at anything else in life..?

No. 1688956

Ok there’s no new milk on patty locke for everyone waiting

No. 1688959

Troon tears like yours will make Halloween extra special.

Werk, Null! Werk!

No. 1688962

what's the onion link?

No. 1688963

Question is there any apps with tor I can use for kiwifarms?

No. 1688964

I keep trying to log in but getting a message about not having cookies accepted. Very janky right now and not much activity at the moment.

No. 1688970

thanks, and apologies for not sage-ing

No. 1688975

He hasn't properly configured it yet. Try using azure or snowflake instead of obfs4.
Brave, tor (modified Firefox), has a mobile very for iPhone and Android available on their site.

No. 1688979

I downloaded the tor browser from Google play. Loads okayish only like 18 people logged in and 60 guests, kek. So I guess use the tor browser if you are on mobile?

No. 1688983

File: 1667149308148.jpg (57.17 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_102583618-stock-…)

What's funny to me is a decent amount of kf users are normal joe schmoes who otherwise have lives outside their stupid gossip website. So losing kf would be a bummer but at least they have a life to go back to unlike chronically online trannies. I only used the site myself to keep up with a few specific threads and the loss would be minimal on a personal level. Obviously in the grand scheme of things I want kf to live on even if it's only to spite these mentally ill men. I hope these fuckers realize the tranny day of reckoning will come whether kf is here or not.

No. 1688984

There’s a few tech anons itt but for what’s it’s worth, I wouldn’t sign into KF with a rando app from google play if I were you

No. 1688985

Kek I don't have an account, so I just lurk. Is it bad to access it via tor app?

No. 1688987

man i want one, such a good secret signal to other shitlords

No. 1688990

There's an official app from the tor project NOT the app store,but I don't trust Tor over phones due to the retardation of some phone companies and their code. I had to return a phone because it would not allow taking screenshots it deemed "to contain personal information" like this site.

No. 1688991

As long as nonnies don't log into their kiwifarms accounts they should be fine to lurk it over tor via the official app is my question? I'm not a account carrying member of the kiwifarms but I've been lurking for years.

No. 1688999

It's probably a best idea to lurk. You can login but I would keep said account Tor only.
If memory serves, the feds go after people by finding who has the app installed, and try to pin people as the only one using the app in the IP address to convict them. They can't see what your doing supposedly but they can see your connected.
If you're extremely paranoid take yourself to a coffee shop, pay with cash, and grab a baseball cap and use their wifi on a burner phone/laptop or something

No. 1689000

File: 1667150248532.png (112.36 KB, 446x460, 1560976814259.png)

>official app

No. 1689002

Even before all the deplatforming stuff, you can see that the regular users was around 500 with 1000+ guest users. Most people don't donate, don't participate in threads, and just laugh at their lolcow of choice.

Nice that kiwi is back up but all you figs better start archiving while its up. Not saying it will go down but it can.

No. 1689005

idk it's possible, he re-ran the void one

No. 1689006

What? There were like 5000 to 8000 on the site before Cloudflare dropped the site.

No. 1689007

because of course black positive media means someone is saying they are superior to whites. this is why i don’t get involved in these handwringing discussions about politics anymore as someone, somewhere, inevitably has to bring up black people (it is always blacks, never asians or jews) and how anything that portrays them as something other than beaten, broken victims getting shot by crips or hustlin’ on the street is denigrating to whites.

i was going to say something mean but you will probably just cry about it as proof that negroes are banana munching danger chimps.

No. 1689008

uhh, sorry nonna i made that. thanks for taking credit for someone else’s art i guess

No. 1689012

Nonna, I can tell you basically right now most East/Southeast Asians are basically treated as basically white, it's more about unsuccessful people (who trend black) being avaricious and trying to justify their actions against more successful ones. I assure you Chris Rick gives no shits about whites or asians

No. 1689014

I'd be willing to bet that most of those were spectators who left when Keffals and the media declared victory and stopped screeching about the site. It was still averaging ~2500-3000 during peak hours before this last takedown.


Uhh actually I made that. Thanks for taking credit from a starving artists guys…

No. 1689015

Nowhere near close to those numbers unless I'm mistaken. Maybe DDos bots being mistaken for guests? I don't know.

No. 1689019

>7 TB of pure unfiltered autism
wow. we really live in a society.

No. 1689020

Kiwifarms has had 2k-3k users daily since the drop. More people viewing/using the sites then a keffals stream, but I think he gets more live viewers on his streams. All things considered it was fine. Also I hope josh does another shirt run, I do like some of the designs. Wish we had cute shirts

No. 1689021

You are all schizo. I made it

No. 1689022

The Keffals thread and the thread on that british woman with the braindead child drew in a lot of traffick. There were 8000 people on the site when they pulled the plug on that kid. I regularly look at the numbers and most days at least 3000 people were signed in.

No. 1689024

KF is up on tor for now.

No. 1689025

>Braindead kid
Was that Archie and his former pole dancer mum?

No. 1689032

File: 1667151673136.png (7.74 KB, 485x85, txtr.PNG)

Good to see it back (in a way). No new milk on my favorite cow but still.

No. 1689033

No. 1689034

No. 1689036

You're right, but this thread is full of retards from KF, so you can expect nothing but bullshit, nonny.

No. 1689042

lolcow.llc email server website is up.

No. 1689045

>because of course black positive media means someone is saying they are superior to whites
Those were two different unrelated examples of the way that the far left is accelerating racial tensions. You either lack reading comprehension or are intentionally misrepresenting what was said to make a strawman argument.

No. 1689048

Dkf tranny is already tweeting up a storm

No. 1689053

are you referring to dong long gone

No. 1689054

Nah shiteater behind @dropkiwifarms

No. 1689056

Zhen is still autistically screaming ibto the void about the eff kek

No. 1689063

Kek. Johnny the wifewalker is mad at the internet. Very on brand.

No. 1689064

File: 1667153117585.png (16.05 KB, 592x155, dfk.png)

No. 1689065

No one is saying black people should be degraded in media kek. People just find it cringey how shoehorned social issues are in media nowadays, with poor narrative and cinematic quality that can't make up for the cringe. Lots of people enjoy watching cool black characters that aren't "beaten, broken victims getting shot by crips or hustlin’ on the street", which explains why movies featuring african american characters like Jackie Brown (although Pam Grier does kind of 'hustle' in this movie but shes portrayed in a very dignified way), Django, Blade, Pulp Fiction, MIB, etc… are all beloved by audiences around the world. Audiences only have an issue with it when its done to in a preachy and moralist way or in an obvious bid to fill a diversity quota.

No. 1689067

lol, lmao even

No. 1689070

File: 1667153514028.png (836.13 KB, 640x984, exciting.png)


No. 1689071

I like how they trust their mortal enemy to be completely honest at all times in places he knows they're constantly monitoring for his posts.

No. 1689075

kek amazing this one's on my watchlist now

No. 1689080

>(Sounding totally dejected) I have onnne group…. which has made an offer and with the sentiment behind that I believe they will try their best, I believe they will have a very good shot at keeping the site up, however if I am wrong (if they are wrong) …
(MATI Stream)
It's really crazy to believe we're at the end game stage for a legal website that did literally nothing wrong.

No. 1689081

File: 1667153966290.png (2.58 MB, 750x1334, A228B587-3B62-4A5B-A55C-D88EFF…)

I wouldn’t say I’m “normie” per se, but kiwifarms is a good time waster. I can avoid the moids and it’s easy to navigate. But I definitely do things outside of the interwebs and the other friends I have who casually brows do too.

No. 1689092

File: 1667154443973.png (258.82 KB, 488x1081, t.me_s_kiwifarms.png)

No. 1689114

I feel like when he mentioned it was two women who wrote this the telegram which is full of the worse of the kiwifarms user base instantly started acting odd about it. It's weird Josh is clearly a mommas boy. Regardless of what his relationship is with his mom and he seemed to really "tone down" on his misogyny. It still still exists don't get me wrong. Clearly he felt what they wrote and stand for is worth listening to.

No. 1689122

Reminds me that one MATI stream where he was talking about how he he was having a mid life crisis of sorts, that he wanted to get married and have kids but couldn't because of his autism and the whole media painting him as literally Hitler.
This guy's like DSP and it stops being funny after a while.

For all the Nonnas' in the know, what happened to spooky bones for the ILJ fourm? I was told they got outed for being a man masquerading as a woman or some shit but never saw concrete evidence posted.

No. 1689130

Tranny hands typed this, yet another person Blaine has a demented vendetta against. See also >>1688914 etc. It's incredibly transparent and he's bad at it, kek.

No. 1689153

File: 1667157038272.jpeg (171.56 KB, 385x1023, tropical-splash-1.jpeg)

For me (and probably most people) the issue isn't black positivity, it's the way it's done. Like, why would you make Ariel black instead of giving one of the existing black mermaids a backstory? Raceswapping will always bother people, there's no reason to do it unless the point is to cause division.

No. 1689158

jeez your guys' dollar is even shittier than canada's. we're at 0.67 right now and 15/24 is 0.62.
i blame the reptoids.

No. 1689159

they would need a new sticker for "feels", instead of a heart make it two kissing poop emojis because they're both shaped like one

No. 1689193

You are aware that Ovarit gets labelled as a hate website and compared to neo-nazi communities

No. 1689208

Contrary to the assertions that he's Gator or some other e-celeb that have flown around for the past year, thefrogninja is actually banned Kiwi Farms user 4str4staleatherbelt. He had an embarrassing public downfall and then got swept into the dumpster and hasn't stopped crying about it in the year since then.

No. 1689209

File: 1667161436366.jpg (125.92 KB, 1118x719, AC.JPG)

Problematic victim latina lawyer (also a pedo and supports dick/breast chopping) is coping that the EFF supports freespeech and that Kiwifarms is back up.

No. 1689215

>Reminds me that one MATI stream where he was talking about how he he was having a mid life crisis of sorts, that he wanted to get married and have kids but couldn't because of his autism and the whole media painting him as literally Hitler.
This literally never happened. He wrote one forum post in which he stated he will probably not run Kiwifarms forever because he wants to start a family. He never said he couldn't do it.

No. 1689219

Lmfao what a loser.

No. 1689221

I still think he is Ralphs alt. I know he had that Kiwifarms account, but why do you think that couldnt be Ralph as well? We know he socks cause he reads the gunt chat despite it being log in only. I just can't believe Ralph has a superfan like that, since he is so gross and unlikable. What kind of turbo incel would be that much of a stan for Ralph? Only Ralph himself.

No. 1689224

>What kind of turbo incel would be that much of a stan for Ralph.
What kind of turbo incel would name himself frog ninja and keep that from .org to Onionfarms?

No. 1689227

> I just can't believe Ralph has a superfan like that, since he is so gross and unlikable
Really, you'd be surprised. Sometimes it's ironic and in this case I bet part of it is just to piss Josh off.

No. 1689231

>> regular users was around 500 with 1000+ guest users.
Nope. When it came back up last time there were 2,500-2800 users online at any given time, consistently.

No. 1689233


No. 1689236

Not while I was there. On that note, current totals right now are: 746 (members: 207, guests: 539)

Kiwifarms does have bot detection but who knows if that works.

No. 1689237

not that anon and you are probably some retard, but multiple people (me being one) has said this. Everytime I got on kiwifarms after cloudflare I've always checked the userbase, it's always at least 2k users sometimes it'd even hit 3k. Right now tor is at 756, but I'm sure when the .net comes back on it'll be at 1k-2k until it's shut down forever (I pray it's not but..you know it's a possiblity).

No. 1689239

*userbase count

No. 1689240

>I just can't believe Ralph has a superfan like that, since he is so gross and unlikable
He isn't really a Ralph fan, he's ironically espousing fandom for Ralph because he thinks that it gets under the skin of Josh and the other users of the Gunt subforum that he dislikes. All he did when he was still on KF was sit in the Gunt chat and pick fights with people (mainly Josh and 1-2 others) anyway.

No. 1689242

File: 1667163432026.png (129.1 KB, 583x880, eddie gorcenski.png)

>kiwi farms existing is just as bad as unite the right

No. 1689243

Ralph has no redeeming qualities and doesn't almost everyone who hates him (Josh/Mister Metakour etc.) always have more viewers then he does on his streams even thought Ralph streams for hours at a time? Even the clips I see of ralph from MATI he seems boring and weird.

No. 1689246

>everyone hates him
Pretty sure Fuentes tolerates him only for viewers.

No. 1689247

He isn't human so he doesn't count.

No. 1689248

This Caraballo creature was on MSNBC the other day whining about “trans women” being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST by women’s high school and college sports programs when they object to men in dresses trying to compete in women’s sports.

This thing needs to be ostracized and ignored until it goes away.

No. 1689250

Ralph is entertaining when he spergs out and attacks people and pretty much at no other time. I don't know how many people actually watch his content but people do root for him like his internet fights were professional wrestling or something. But to me the most interesting thing is his trashfire of a personal life, it's too bad his thread here >>>/snow/1418508 pretty much died out, he's a great lolcow.

No. 1689253

File: 1667164114188.jpeg (479 KB, 1508x1492, C1599F9E-5EEE-44EB-BE56-212B3F…)

Here is one screenshot I took, last month (with timestamp at top.) I have more if you want.

No. 1689259

File: 1667164313420.jpg (113.93 KB, 1020x1073, 6152b7a7f460cb086866ad72e7df99…)

God damnit Josh stop killing yourself.

No. 1689260

NTA but you can just tell that everybody in that screenshot is having a great time. Sign of a good community is how much they can laugh at themselves

No. 1689263

is that an old screencap? I thought he was kicked off pedost

No. 1689264

Ralph's fan boys are metokur and kiwis

No. 1689265

>kicked off
No, I'm pretty sure other "problematic" farmers (the ones getting into fights with the poast pedos)

No. 1689266

I saw this. I think it worked which is why he deleted it.

Still using Poa.st, funny story is that Graf asked him about banning kiwis and he gave the okay.

No. 1689269

Nobody on metokur likes Ralph unironically it's literally just praising zcelebs based off which ones doing the worst currently.

No. 1689271

IIRC Josh finally came around to shit-talking Graf et al. in the Poast thread? Maybe not I guess. Kind of telling though that Josh is willing to associate with those people in a pinch when he needs a platform but anons in the earlier thread were trying to say he is "anti-porn" and he likes to talk a good game about pedos when it's someone he doesn't like (e.g. Corey Barnhill, not to praise him, he's a creep, but just to show Josh being "flexible")

No. 1689273

Can confirm my account lasted two whole hours lol.

No. 1689283

File: 1667165116991.jpg (97.27 KB, 885x507, 551yyy5.jpg)

Really making me dig through the timeline.

No. 1689287

vidrel is why people like Ralph tbh
so he runs defense for a site that's full of pedophiles when it's useful to him, but he likes to use the "pedophile" accusation against people he doesn't like, that's all I'm saying, it's gross and shows his "principles" are malleable. >>1689283 is a different anon but the context is the KF thread related to Poast started going after them hard for the loli/pedo shit that was hosted there, and here Josh is basically disavowing it, while he would go hard with the same types of accusations against someone that he doesn't like and/or isn't useful to him. it's very revealing for those who think that any of his stances are principled is all, he's operating out of self-preservation on the one hand and vendetta on the other. he's only human and no I'm not against him or KF but it's just a fantastic example of him not being the guy his simps try to present him as.

No. 1689288

*disavowing the kiwis attacking poast, I mean

No. 1689289

File: 1667165528704.jpg (170.9 KB, 941x787, piuounsp564.jpg)

Man, was that a long fucking time ago.

No. 1689293

it's so annoying. I want to talk about the kiwifarms community but the obvious weirdos are obvious. It's not even kiwifarmers it's, We Know Who and some idiots from the splinter site or something else. Just go the fuck away

No. 1689295

We have and Ethan Ralph thread and it's never updated. How the fuck do we have so many active Ralpharmers but no thread activity?

No. 1689296

No comment.

No. 1689299

because they have kiwifarms. Male cow threads don't do well here unless they are in /w/ or onision or just general male shit talking. Thats another reason why kiwifarms being taken down forever is a issue. They'll scatter everywhere to talk about their favorite scrotes.

No. 1689300

we have a kevin gibes thread here as well. And didn't we have a thread on the catboy that Nick went on a date with? They all die or get absorbed into bigger general threads. I would'nt know who ralph was if I didn't watch the kiwifarm streams

No. 1689301

> He specifically says banned users are trying to cause fights between Kiwis and Poast users. Nothing about disavowing criticism of Poast.
come on, that's just grasping at straws, also, not onionfarms, lol. the issue is Josh not having an issue with the absolutely disgusting shit that is on poast and people here trying to present him as something other than what he is, and the broader context is that at the same time the thread on Poast on KF was really taking off and it was getting Poast people upset. really, go read the thread. the idea that it was banned users trying to stir shit is cope. the most prominent drama was around KF user "Jack Awful" (not banned, and I don't think with any onion/tranny connections) who got spammed with absolutely horrific drawn-CP images for pushing back just a little. the Josh defense anons here are so tiring, are you honestly cosigning him cosigning (in effect, if not explicitly) the kind of shit that gets poasted on poast?

No. 1689306

Go back to Onionfarms, tranny, he doesn't run defence for pedos you fucking idiot
If you had more than three brain cells you'd understand the idea of being pragmatic - troons have made us bedfellows with strange people but that doesn't mean Josh doesn't despise pedos

No. 1689309

More brain-dead takes from tranny hands and/or Onionfarms vendetta-posting

No. 1689312

the twitter comparison is so dumb. poast is actively run by loliposters and pedo shit is very prominent there, it's somewhat notorious for it in fact if not synonymous, twitter is full of degenerate shit but it is a mainstream platform. it's not like Josh was lacking any platform at all, he had his telegram, etc. the point is more than anything that he did not see a problem with the pedo shit on poast, but that he went along to get along because it was useful to him. Zoom/Corey Barnhill is a (disgusting) guy with a pedo scandal with whom Josh had a personal beef and Josh would make a point of pointing this out whenever possible…because Corey was not useful to Josh.
fair enough (also, still not a tranny, everyone who has any issue with anything your e-daddy does being a tranny has to be the most retarded take that comes up here repeatedly) as far as "pragmatism" goes. he absolutely "ran defense" for poast, and poast is full of pedoshit. because it was useful. which, fine. I just hope you aren't the same hands that were typing in the last thread that he's anti-porn, etc.

No. 1689331

Graf and a bunch of mods linked CP before in their matrix group. The only people who defend Graf are as dirty and sketchy as he is.

No. 1689335

And if nothing else, Graf is a lolcow in his own right. Really, go read the KF thread if you haven't already. His site is full of lolicon and wignattery but he threw a huge tantrum over an image of some woman's nose (as part of a Jew joke) but not because it was a Jew joke but because it somehow constituted "doxing", which Graf is presumably opposed to because left-wing antifascist types were steadily doxing idiots from Poast who would overshare about their personal lives in between praising Hitler and posting anime porn of little girls. Even if you don't have an issue with Josh associating with these people, his spergouts were cowish.

No. 1689336

Unless Josh is posting or liking loliporn on poast none of this is relevant

No. 1689339

ayrt, not saying he is, he's not, but it's relevant because of the difference between pedos that are useful to Josh and pedos who are not useful to Josh, it's hypocrisy on his part. I never said Josh was into that stuff himself (old chatlogs aside) just that he is willing to overlook it when it's a friend but willing to make a point of attacking it when it's an enemy. I have an issue with that personally. if you don't, fine. I'm not saying it means KF should be taken down or some idiot shit, I use the site myself, I just think it's outrageous how people make excuses for some of his nonsense.

No. 1689342

>anti lolifags trying to make null a pedo

No. 1689346

Saying Loli isn't pedophilia kind of ruins your point.

No. 1689350

I, too, have trouble distinguishing between reality and fiction
I remember the time I shot a whole bunch of people IRL before realising "wait, this isn't Grand Theft Auto, it's real life! D'oh!"

No. 1689356


No. 1689357

Actually, you are both retarded, cause you can't sage

No. 1689360

"Anyone whose logic I can't refute and arguments I can't rebuff is a scrote"
Says more about your opinion on women than it does on me TBH, kinda sexist NGL

Correct, this is the most important thing lel

No. 1689369


No. 1689372


Good to see KF is back on TOR BTW, and glad he's taking his time trying to get it back to the clearnet and not rushing like the last few times and getting knocked back down. Better to leave it off a little longer and secure it more, than race to get it up the quickest and have it tumble down a week later per previously

No. 1689380


No. 1689391

>His (Graf's) site is full of lolicon and wignattery but he threw a huge tantrum over an image of some woman's nose (as part of a Jew joke) but not because it was a Jew joke but because it somehow constituted "doxing"

It wasn't just "some woman's" nose that Kiwi Farms members used a photo of for the emote :jew: on the Kiwi Farms Fediverse node (kiwifarms.cc), it was the nose of the wife of a popular white nationalist/Nazi podcaster who goes by Borzoi. Borzoi is part of The Right Stuff's (therightstuff.biz) podcast "network." The Right Stuff has been one of the most followed white nationalist sites for years. They were early adopters of poa.st and most of the hosts and lots of listeners have accounts there. They hold lots of sway and several of them have made financial contributions to keep poa.st running.

Obviously, you can see why suggesting the wife of one of the Big Names is a Jew would cause division in a group of Nazi sympathizers. Borzoi also tends to be overly sensitive to criticism and later deleted his poa.st account shortly after posting a rant about how negative social media is. (He'll probably be back, he's made dramatic exits and comebacks before).

Sage for off-topic and because I know way too much about the whole mess of the white nationalist internet sphere.

No. 1689395

thanks for the context, I knew it was something along those lines, that's pretty damn funny tbh. but it just goes to show that these characters aren't about "free speech", that's a cope as much as they want to use that to justify their drawn CP collections. I have a lot more sympathy for concerns about censoring white nationalism than that garbage, actually, but I don't know why it has to go together, other than it says a lot about the political movement and the autistic scrotes that constitute it that they get autistic about "free speech" when it comes to fap material and nigposting but take issue when it hits a little home.

No. 1689415

File: 1667173994465.jpg (153.23 KB, 976x367, Xenforo licensed revoked..jpg)

Onionfarms is dead in the water.

No. 1689421

late, and not likely to have any impact on them tbh, not immediately, they have more to worry about the fact that they're hosted from a total normie/boomer host and no cloudflare

No. 1689424

kf has also had its license revoked and they're still up and running. Not an expert but I think that means they're no longer entitled to any support or upgrades from xenforo? If they were getting hosting from xenforo onionfarms would be kill already.

No. 1689428

Yes and Kengle will try to patch in pirated version and bring his own site down just watch.

No. 1689433

>thanks for the context
You're welcome.

>it just goes to show that these characters aren't about "free speech", that's a cope as much as they want to use that to justify their drawn CP collections. I have a lot more sympathy for concerns about censoring white nationalism than that garbage, actually, but I don't know why it has to go together

Nationalist movements in general attract people who are disaffected and frustrated with society. This is true whether it's White nationalists, Hungarian nationalists in the 19th century, or Kurdish nationalists. People who are disaffected for other reasons (poor social skills, low status jobs, family outcasts) will join these movements to give meaning in their lives and (hopefully) a chance at success if a nationalist movement draws enough support. At the same time, nationalist movements will attract well put together people who have genuine grievances with the system and people with strong political and public speaking skills. The challenge is to utilize the support, dedication, and numbers of the lower status members of a nationalist movement without being offputting to "normies." The anime and loliposting comes from anime being a popular past time for nerds and other men who feel socially rejected and outside of the mainstream. This does cause friction with the site owners and content creators who are more social, better adjusted, and have barely watched anime, but they have to let it slide to avoid losing a noticeable chunk of their audience.

The other thing that feeds into the anime/lolicon-white nationalist connection is that white nationalism has been considered an edgy belief for a long time in the West, and 4chan's giant anime loving userbase likes to collect edgy beliefs like other people like collecting albums. This is how you end up with white nationalist-trad Catholic-anti gay people who regularly post weird, offputting fetish porn.

No. 1689451

I'd rather get gunted, knocked up by Ethan Ralph, than deal with loliposters. It makes sense though that people want to advocate their pedo shit and their wignat shit both because they are edgelords but it does not do a lot of credit to them as a political movement than they tolerate that stuff.

No. 1689455

how do all the 123movies type sites stay up? You would think hollywood lawyers would be more powerful than twitter troons…

No. 1689459

They don't I have to find their new domains all the time.

No. 1689463

yea see >>1689459 I'm not even sure if it's the same people who keep doing it again and again, probably several, and it's not about maintaining a user base per se just getting ad revenue, it's really a different category really. they do use overseas hosts with decent bandwidth which is something Josh should consider but they are getting kicked off their hosts constantly and it's not a big deal to them because they'll just start the next one, it's totally different to try to maintain a forum

No. 1689468

The commies are inside your walls nonna.

No. 1689471

Repost because I think I found the full version. Not embedding because it's reasonably OT but here you go anons: https://youtu.be/p32eI61-kqk

Kek, not from burgerland

No. 1689472

Lol you know I couldn't help myself.

No. 1689475

I respect that anon

No. 1689481

File: 1667179011958.png (1.45 KB, 293x28, Capture.PNG)

the spookiest timeline

No. 1689483

conservative men watch pornography in droves and lament modern age of consent laws as being too high, too. not all conservatives are libertarians and vice versa, but it has to be your second day on the internet if you sincerely believe what you typed here

No. 1689484

The Halloween spirit truly is among us

No. 1689485

File: 1667179309054.jpeg (28.25 KB, 472x431, 5d9410eee45e4.jpeg)

No. 1689495

Then they're not real conservatives.

No. 1689499

Thank you so much! I've asked several times over the years about where that clip came from when I've seen it embedded on image boards and forums, but until your post no one's answered.

Even more off-topic but still interesting: the man in that video is still alive and writing and speaking publicly at 90 years old. Pretty impressive.

No. 1689501

trad men are usually ultra-religious nutjob incels and who the fuck wants to be traditional?

No. 1689506

Traditional men are married with 6 children and go to church on the weekend. You probably never met one since you probably live in some hellhole city surrounded by niggers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1689507

anyone under 40 who is a "trad" who posts on Kiwi Farms or /pol/ is guaranteed incel religioius nutob

No. 1689509

But the spastic you're replying too will cry 'no true Scotsman fallacy!' cause that's all they've got

Also correct, my manager is kinda like this, the definition of living life on the 'straight and narrow' in the most generic way possible (not that there's anything wrong with that, at all)

No. 1689510

None of those guys are trad. Trad men spend their free time hunting, fishing or building something. Nobody on KF or 4chan is trad.

No. 1689513

Then why are so many incels and religious nutjobs posting on /pol/ about how they want everything to be theocratic and how they're "trad"?

And why would you want to be "trad"? Lolcow sites aren't for boomers

No. 1689518

Because they are incels and it's a cope. It's literally just putting a positive spin on their situation, they are not unlovable disgusting incels who will never have sex, they are "trad virgins who are saving themselves for marriage to their trad virgin wife". That way they make it seem like it's their choice not to have sex and that it's societies fault that virgin women are not throwing themselves at them. Sadly the right has a lot of idiot LARPers like this trying to attach themselves to it, but it's entirely people online and doesn't represent actual conservatives and traditionalists in real life, because the internet and social media in general is a very poor representation of reality. Just how most liberals are not represented by trannies screeching on twitter.

No. 1689521

Yeah, if someone wants to live that life, more power to them, I don't give a shit. But when the retards on /pol/ want to force others to live that life by wanting to outlaw birth control, abortion, etc is pretty retarded

No. 1689522

/pol/ nowadays is entirely made up of bots and trannies, there is no real people on there

No. 1689523

I'm not a fan of trads but do you think all trads are boomers?

No. 1689526

They sure act like them by wanting everyone to live according to the bible

No. 1689529

Are you a teenager or something? The bible has existed for thousands of years and is followed by people of all ages. It's not something baby boomers invented.

No. 1689533

Right, but wanting everyone to be forced to live under biblical law, like boomer conservatives do, is indeed boomer behavior

No. 1689534

>>>/snow/1683795 tradthots thread is here and there will be somewhere for this shit in ot too

No. 1689535

No they want to follow some made-up American bible not the actual book, none of them act like Jesus.

No. 1689537

correct, but they're still conservatives and act like boomers. Jesus would be pissed at Republicans claiming they're christians(derailing)

No. 1689539

He'd likely braid a whip over it yes lol.

No. 1689542


Babylon Bee literally wrote a satire article about you people
"Man Who Doesn't Read The Bible Also Chief Authority On What Jesus Would Do Today"

No. 1689543

Self-post, I'm not even religious but this 'if Jesus was around, he's be a Communist' shit is played out

No. 1689548

If Jesus was around, he wouldn't be screeching about tax cuts for the wealthy, deporting refugees or not funding public healthcare. most of us atheists have read the bible, sorry that pointing out your hypocrisy upsets you religious nutjobs so much

No. 1689551

No. 1689552

Again, if you think Jesus would want tax breaks for the ultra rich, to deport refugees and to not have national healthcare, it's obvious you didn't read the bible

No. 1689553

Jesus hates money, you can't serve both mammon(money) and God.

No. 1689554

I agree that the mindless accrual of wealth is as anti-Jesus as it gets, but I also don't think if Jesus was here he'd be wearing a hammer-and-sickle and starving capitalists to death in gulags either, which is more the point I was making

I agree that hoarding money isn't very Christian

No. 1689556

He wouldn't be a commie, but he would absolutely be against Republican policy

Yep. Jesus said to give away your possessions to the poor and to love your neighbor. Republicans are the opposite of what Jesus said and they get really upset when you point it out

No. 1689558

Yeah that's reasonable I don't think he'd be a capitalist or a communist and instead probably would support a bartering system,the man part of him certainly wouldn't comprehend global economics and the God part would probably cry over what we chose to do with free will.

No. 1689581

The worst part of KF v. trannies is the amount of male opinions being posted here. Scrotes ruin everything with their ballsack smelling fingers.

No. 1689592

I really wish he’d just say it’s tor only and then just randomly have the clear net appear in about a month when everyone has forgotten about it.

No. 1689599

Shut the fuck up, femcel, plenty of us having boyfriends
Take your cringe shit walking back to reddit

No. 1689600

File: 1667187373136.png (281.13 KB, 1080x1874, cap1.png)

Catching up on Jesse Singal's podcast & he had an update on the 15th about the 4chan note. Saged for old milk (1/3)

No. 1689607

File: 1667187807201.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2146, cap2.png)

allegedly, some tard who was (used to be? still was?) did it as a shitpost & thought it was obvious.

No. 1689608

File: 1667187979903.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2160, cap3.png)

claimed they apologized to Null for it. Anyone know if Null acknowledged this at all, whether to debunk or not? (3/3)

No. 1689614

It's a clear shit post.

No. 1689632

I honestly don’t know what this is supposed to mean, can someone explain?

No. 1689633

Samefag, nvm I didn’t see the first image

No. 1689634

Lol no he wouldn't, he fucking talked about people should be capable of helping themselves if they wanted god's help(Jesus would want you to stop derailing)

No. 1689650

The bottom pic in >>1689608 was a purported threat against Keffals. The other text seems to be someone claiming it was all a joke.

No. 1689657

f you've spent time on the open spaces on the Internet or God forbid, with edgy people IRL, you'll probably just think it's a meaningless funny sounding word that doesn't really mean anything.

if it's am meaningless term then it wouldn't have the history or shock value it has. In a better world, this word would not exist

No. 1689685

Stfu you dumb bitch

No. 1689686

Does Chantal get discussed anywhere on this site? I'm going into withdrawal. Bitch is wearing niqab now just as kf goes down.

No. 1689689

I don't think so, but I believe Kiwifarms on the clearnet should be up in the next ~24 hours if you don't want to use Tor

No. 1689690

I hope so. I won’t be touching tor, it’s not worth the risk.

No. 1689691

I'm out of the loop, what's risky about Tor?

No. 1689692

You get put on a list. Your ISP will see you’re on tor and then report it to your gov, it’s one of those “they must have something big to hide if they’re using this” kinds of things.

No. 1689694

If I can use it for years in a shithole like Canada without feds kicking down my down, you're not going to have any problems either. Please stop fearmongering and discouraging women from familiarizing with this kind of shit because it's only a matter of time until our spaces are kicked off the clearnet too.

Nothing unless you're buying drugs or browsing cp.

Pure tinfoil. If hypothetically they did that they can't do shit unless you're actually doing something illegal.

No. 1689695

How do I increase my ranking/score on the Tor watchlist?

No. 1689696

Nothing, it's just the tranny lying to scare people into not using it.

No. 1689697

False, completely false, unless you live in some absolute shithole like China or Iran or something where the govt. has complete control of the internet


No. 1689700

Oh shit so it's up on Tor now. Missed that in all the autistic squabbling from earlier.

No. 1689702

Yeah it's up, people can sign in and post now (seemed to be read-only for a while but I could be wrong), so it's a great start but it's pretty slow ATM

No. 1689703

Josh handed sevens dox information out as revenge. Vettis bragging about it everywhere. Josh will do anything he can to fuck over someone he thinks is an enemy.

No. 1689708

>Josh harasses and doxes dozens of dudes and dudes-in-wigs-LARPing-as-women

>Josh doxes one solitary woman

"Ugh he doesn't stand with women, he's not an advocate for them, SUCH a misogynist!"

Why are people like this

No. 1689712

Blaine, just do everyone a favor and kill yourself already.

No. 1689716

Hi Vetti, not the tranny just a lurker.(hi cow)

No. 1689732

> If hypothetically they did that they can't do shit unless you're actually doing something illegal.
Well for one, they do. And that “so what” attitude is not a good attitude to have.

No. 1689733

europe and Aus/nz keep track of who connects to it. it’s not that hard to do at all, isps know that you’re connecting to it but just don’t know what you’re looking at.

it’s a lot like fingerprinting. you stand out from the crowd when you get on tor whereas you blend in more on clear net and regular vpns.

No. 1689741

On the flip side of that coin, if less people were chickenshit to use it, it would be a non-issue
If ~1% of the population are using Tor, yeah, great for fingerprinting
If it's 50%, 70%, 90% - a little less so, no?

No. 1689746

Exactly. But very few use it, vpns are only just getting more mainstream and tor is the next level from there and doesn’t have the same adoption yet.

No. 1689754

"Anyone who makes me look like a moron and proves my points incorrect is a scrote"
Such low-self esteem, jesus

He/she is right tho, no one gives a shit if you use Tor unless you're doing some degen shit like looking at CP which, obviously, don't fucking do that shit

No. 1689758

No it was the language used.

No. 1689780

I really miss the days before schizo tranny found this place. Sure, sometimes a troon came by to post gore or CP or to attention whore in the MtF thread, but they would leave again and go back to /tttt/ where they belong. This faggot has developed an autistic obsession with this site and will never go away. I really hope he kills himself soon.

No. 1689782

Oh god, /tttt/ what a fucking nightmare
Before I realised that it was a troon shitshow, I went there like "sweet, a place for a bisexual to talk about shit on 4chan"

Noppppppppppppe. Just MTF being their usual histrionic, pathetic selves

No. 1689803

interesting to have a thread where people are openly kiwifags, I haven't seen it this much before.
to males, please don't be obviously male (or better yet, just leave)
to women, please be less scroteish. saying slurs and alogging is more annoying than anything
you're tolerable when you integrate, please proceed to do so

sorry for mini-modding (pls no ban) but it's so jarring when you guys post here. make the effort if you want to be accepted

personally I can't wait til kiwifarmers leave us in peace but I respect the refugees to a point. we had the same thing happen and cc wasn't too happy about it but they let us in.
do your due diligence please. unless you want to be universally hated and not just on surfaceweb.

tl;dr don't shit up here cause your latrine is out of order. we have a system(troon hands typed this)

No. 1689806

No. 1689811

Screen cap please, this is an image board

No. 1689812

Not going to sage either fuck u(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1689815

As Fong and that other autist said, this place is next when KF is wiped from the clear net. We best hope their clear net version stays up and proves trannies aren’t invincible or else this place will get hit hard.

No. 1689823

I hate to beg here, but could the people using TOR please take screenshots of the threads or posts they're linking to for the rest of us? As discussed upthread, there are many people who are hesitant to use it for one reason or another.

Back on topic: I'm going to really, really miss the community if Kiwi Farms does go down forever. I've drifted more to the off-topic boards as some lolcows I follow have become less funny or active, and I like the straightforwardness, humor, and intelligence of the posters in that area. The young adult/general literature thread is awesome. A few posters in the Western animation thread are surprisingly informative, and who doesn't love shitting on modern Hollywood dreck?

Agreed. People are too confident on us on lolcow being invulnerable because we don't host doxing information or have affiliation with a mass shooter incident. To trannies,any place that shatters their fragile delusion of being a woman is a hate site worthy of destruction. I think the current admin and mods are very good and much better than the mods of the recent past who were MIA too much and the old admin who was overly sensitive to criticism and controversy. Though I doubt they have the experience, preparation and tenacity Josh has in keeping Kiwi Farms up and its data from being deleted. I wouldn't blame them for pulling the plug either if this place gets the Kiwi Farms treatment.

No. 1689824

File: 1667214845300.png (387.23 KB, 1918x782, Final Sneed.png)

No. 1689826

Damn, nearly enough to make me misty-eyed

I agree with him things look bleak however, I think as the adoption of Tor takes off (see: Brave integrating it in a normal/regular browser so anyone can use it with no setup) we may regain some of our freedoms
I know it sounds like copium but if the internet keeps contracting what we can and can't say, I genuinely don't think it will be uncommon for people to start looking into Onion services to access sites like KF (if it's around) or Lolcow. Just my two cents

No. 1689828


No. 1689832

Onionfarms moids should all eat a bullet. We are hostile "femcels" Because we DONT WANT YOU AROUND! Seriously why are men so fucking gross and predatory and can never leave us the fuck alone? Can't have a single space in this world without men wanting to be included and swinging their nasty cock n balls around. Even boomer Kengle is lurking here. Literally a gross old man creeping on women. Disgusting. Of your website is so great why the fuck can't you just stay there? Oh thats right, nasty scrotes don't even enjoy each others company.

No. 1689833

If Firefox and Chrome integrate tor, there might be a good chance of that happening. It’d be Web 3.0 and hosting of sites would be free to users once again.

If you go on the deepweb currently, you can actually find a lot of personal blogs and sites that feel like 90s era personal pages. So in a way I hope censorship at least helps the world move to the deep web.

Can KF survive on there though? Do you still need a host like cloud fare?

No. 1689838

File: 1667217126348.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.6 KB, 480x548, 1627930361470.jpg)

I think we need to up the hostility quite a bit

No. 1689840

Settle down lmao, this is gossip site, not a shower room where people are peering at people naked.

No. 1689842

File: 1667217347622.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.56 KB, 464x279, 1640964672387.jpg)

this is a site for women. gtfo.(derailing)

No. 1689858

File: 1667219100871.png (470.07 KB, 1488x1664, update.png)

update from Null

No. 1689863

Seriously though, lmao

Based Josh, at this point I really don't give a flying fuck if people call me a dickrider/pick-me/whatever-the-fuck-else, I have respect for the sheer autism of this guy to just keep pushing that fucking boulder up the hill every time it gets pushed to the bottom again

No. 1689864

Why feb 3rd? Am I missing a joke?

No. 1689866



No. 1689871

Kiwifarms will turn 10 years old on that day.

No. 1689873

Thanks but how do you guys remember this shit lmao?

No. 1689874

>purged of user data
So all usernames will be anonymized or just ips/emails? I’m retarded and don’t know how this works

No. 1689875

Probs just IPs/emails/password, usernames and profile pics will probs remain as part of the package

No. 1689880

Kek, I'm so sleep-deprived I was halfway through typing to tell you to fuck yourself before I realised you were mocking them

No. 1689891

File: 1667222062768.jpg (52.21 KB, 676x328, Capture4.JPG)

More updates from the Kiwi Farms Telegram page

Personally, the Tor site has been kinda slow but actually somewhat stable, all things considered

No. 1689892

Any threads you want to see archived in case the site goes down permanently? Josh has been threatening to release this archive for ages (I don't know why he hasn't done it yet) and there's no clue as to whether it will be separated by forum/thread. If/when the site gets back up, try to archive your favorite thread.

No. 1689894

>be me
>install brave
>site blocked by client
>uninstall brave

No. 1689895

What the fuck are you talking about, I'm literally on it RN on Brave

No. 1689896

fucked if i know whats wrong for me then

No. 1689900

Sounds like at least Josh has finally snapped out of his doomposting I guess. Glad he's telling other people to follow suit.

I don't use KF very much but when I tried to visit on Tor yesterday it was about as fast as previous downtimes.

No. 1689901

File: 1667222499067.jpg (115.65 KB, 2560x567, Capture44.JPG)

Just confirming
You're on Brave - you open a new private window with Tor
Wait like thirty seconds for it to connect you, then you bang in the URL


I literally just closed Brave, and did it again, and it worked again so…?

No. 1689903

Tor Browser always worked better than brave for me to be honest.

No. 1689904

Me too, but after hearing about Brave I wanted to try that method, and I think it's great regular browsers are implementing Tor

Kinda getting regular people redpilled on it something

No. 1689905

i did have it working on tor browser so it's not that i'm particularly retarded

No. 1689906

File: 1667222758513.jpg (27.25 KB, 560x137, Josh.JPG)

Josh edited the Telegram post I posted a few posts back to add the following

No. 1689907

No yeah I agree. Tor being made more accessible to the layman is a very good thing.

No. 1689908

He's obviously not going to release it before he gives up on the site. I know you Onionfarms fags are drooling at the thought already, but nobody will use your shitty site even if you poach all the best threads.

No. 1689914

Screen capture scrolling the tranny threads and share them with torrent magnet links. No malware risk for the sneeder.

No. 1689920

Who is this? He looks like a sex offender that is trying to flash children at the pool.

I think Ovarit is far superior in terms of alignment with female empowerment but I will always support KF for thoroughly documenting troons and trying their best to put names to their disgusting faces. I cringe to think of 10 years from now when all these moids have detrans'd and try to pretend their crossdressing sex pest behavior never happened. We need more sites like KF to make sure that scrotes are documented in full.

No. 1689921

Which should have already been the case, wtf?
I respect null a lot for what he's been doing. It's been said before, but I don't think anyone else would be so persevering on this issue and it's a really thankless job.

No. 1689922

I'm like 99% sure that's Sinseer (I've heard some people in previous threads say that they were DKF) but I'm not up to date on who that is so I don't know for sure.

No. 1689925

the 50 year old troon behind the DropKiwifarms twitter account

No. 1689926

fuck man i just wanna laugh at weirdos

No. 1689943


Has anyone tried including his controversies as a section on his wikipedia? Catboy ranch might be a bit too far but we could try putting some lesser obvious things that explain how he is a groomer

No. 1689945

Thanks anons, I stand by what I said he looks like though (and I'm probably right kek)

No. 1689946

Theres no point. Wikipedia is run by trannies and they only allow you to add things if you have a newspaper article as a source. Which is why they can add all that inaccurate bullshit and lies to the Kiwifarms article, but we can't add anything to Keffals article cause journos would never write about his grooming.

No. 1689949

Disguise it as pro tranny?
>clara announced her support for “diy.hrt”, a service that assists teenagers access live saving medicine without the need of parental approval [citation]

No. 1689951

They won't accept it unless you provide a shitty newspaper article as a source for the information. They don't accept primary sources, only secondary. It's all sorts of retarded which is why Wikipedia sucks ass.

No. 1689954

Moid commentary is worthless though; they have the most braindead takes because they never consider any other viewpoints other than their own. It shows. I'm in academia and even the smartest of scrotes write some embarrassingly retarded papers based upon their limited perspectives/ignorance, simply because they lack common sense and basic logic as the privileged sex. We need to keep this site higher IQ than the brain rot takes that KF and Onionfarms are used to. /Pol/tard smegmoids and troids will never blend in here and I will be hostile to them. They may claim to be a woman and claim we're being "sexist for thinking women can't have different opinions" but we know you're not a fucking woman and never will be. Even if anons stop responding to you, I hope you know that the fact that you keep getting clocked as a moid and banned is a sign that you will never fit in here. Even the terminally online, unemployed smelly tranny who stalks the fuck out of this board all hours of the damn day cannot fit in here, KEK.

No. 1689964

File: 1667227987683.png (109.1 KB, 1504x526, dumbasses.png)

Holy shit these dudes are retarded, lmao. Kengle will fold like a lawnchair if a tranny threatens him. I can't wait for them to get what they deserve.

No. 1689970

Kengle is a retarded boomer with a room temperature IQ, as soon as a tranny threatens him he will dump you all, lmao.

No. 1689971

thread is absolute cancer

No. 1689975

You have literally no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

No. 1689977

He might also die of a heart attack any day now since he is like 60 and fat as fuck. You are basically using a website run by a geriatric Chris Chan and think that he is a genius. It's just so pathetic, you gotta laugh.

No. 1689980

Point me to where he publishes his negotiations with hosting providers? You are full of crap, go back to Onion Farms, if it was so great you wouldn't be here shitting up the place.

No. 1689984

You are a retard if you think he talks to people he has a business relationship with the same way he talks to scumbag journos trying to write a hitpiece on him. Holy shit Onion Farms niggers are retarded.

No. 1689986

Have you ever seen Null interview a lolcow like that schizo woman or the ex-gf of Lowtax? He can be very diplomatic and friendly if he wants to be. He just doesn't want to be friendly to journos because they are subhuman.

No. 1689992

>Kengle will fold like a lawnchair if a tranny threatens him
No, he'll write another prattleing old man letter about how they're totally not likeKF and they don't harrass people and they're not transphobic so don't worry about it, okay? and then be totally shocked and be suprised when it doesn't work, just like with XenForo. Meanwhile AC will be shitting up this thread insisting everything's fine because OF doesn't host shooting videos and Kengle is so diplomatic.

No. 1689994

This is the impressive amount of autism that gets you banned off KF of all places. All those people are just so unlikable and insane.

No. 1689995

AC posting my little pony pictures while he's into toddlercon is so gross.

No. 1690000

It's literally a lie made up by the schizo tranny.

No. 1690001

Id never hi cow you.

No. 1690002

It's on met for all to see, double checked.

No. 1690003

>I imagine women that don’t like me as ugly/old
Kek, of course you do, standard sad moid cope.

No. 1690007

If there was anything there you would have posted it. All you faggots can do is make up lies, create fake screenshots and never post and proof. This is why you got kicked out of Kiwifarms, your posts are shit and you try to stir shit for fun.

No. 1690008

Is that really HHH? kek he's even more cringe than I thought

No. 1690011

Probably not. Most people on Onion Farms just take prominent Kiwifarms users names and LARP as them. They have a guy pretending to be Null too.

No. 1690013

Yeah, I've watched a lot of his streams, as disgusting as he can be, I've seen him talk to a few cows without acting like a huge bitch. The schizo woman is one, my memory is foggy but he didn't spaz at Tommy Tooter much, I think he even was on someone's stream and spoke with a black dude no issue. When you watch these fat gossipy fucks, you realize that a lot of them aren't really "aggressive" face to face/voice to voice, as they are when they are typing online. Mister Metakour is a lot more explosive but he actually goes into conversations to agrue and insult so it makes sense. I could be wrong though. This whole thing has really made me interested in Scrote Gossip culture. A lot of them just want to say whatever but don't want to be fucked up in person (fair). However, theys say a lot of fucked up hurtful shit, that makes ragers like Ethan Ralph.
I think either they are shit talkers online who don't leave their houses and are so far removed from the people they are shit talking (Josh/Mr.Metokor who is sick).
or they are like Ralph. Josh can be quite friendly and his cracky squeaky voice and soft flabby body makes him hard to take serious.

No. 1690031

or consider that he knows deep down that he’s just as much of a loser as they are
which still makes him better than kengle, who is constantly campaigning for the job of king of the idiots

No. 1690033

File: 1667232989285.png (59.43 KB, 837x306, Screenshot 2022-10-31 12.16.20…)

> skimmed through the HostGator TOS
let's do that…picrel. borrowed time, kek.

No. 1690035

> Nulls voice
voice modulator lol, his real voice sounds more like you'd expect tbh. the modulation dropped on stream one time, someone did find it in the Elaine thread but the YouTube archive channel got yanked. it was in an episode around the time that Chris Chan went to jail.

No. 1690046

> as much of a loser as they are
don't degrade Terry (RIP) like that
> better than kengle
I'd say Kengle is a harmless creep, but what OnionFarms has become isn't that. He lets himself be led around by the nose by some of the nastiest scrotes in the sector.
> Josh always wanted to run a big website
explains a lot
> starting to test the waters on walking back his claims he'd shutter the site if forced to go Tor-only
called it

No. 1690053

I don't understand this. If Josh just wants the information out there (both so people can find it and so it'll poison the google SEO), why doesn't he just mirror the kiwifarms on static archives? Buy some url like "Cowjournalism.com" and let just be a read only mirror of the kiwifarms threads? Not only is there now more than one website to DDoS (which I assume ain't cheap), but the information is on the Clearnet via a separate source.

Is that not why they got kiwifarms removed from the wayback machine? And don't tell me stories about "growing the website" when it's invite only. The donors will gladly use Tor.

No. 1690059

>Trannies will take everything down

That's some defeatist logic there. Dem trannies can't take down shit like doxbin and the fucking world governments can't take down piratebay. Where there's a will, there's a way to make people seethe.

No. 1690060

NTA, but someone earlier itt was talking about 123movies and how they hop around different domains/hosts as they are taken down. That could be done with a static KF archive (maybe minus several terabytes of A&H scrotes being retarded because who cares about that), perhaps should. It would present issues trying to maintain an active forum like that but a static archive like that might work. and would present more of a moving target for SEO purposes too.
On that note, I'm the anon who several threads ago was talking about making an archive of this site in case anything happens to it. It's done now (about 600GB worth and updating new content daily) and accessible, not sure if posting the URL right now would be helpful or if it would be counterproductive, but it's there. I hope we never need it.

No. 1690066

God bless you nonna

No. 1690067


The employees of the ISPs were in favor of the Pirate Bay staying up. They want to smother KF. That is the difference.

For all the talk of Net Neutrality, there are no actual values involved with these people. It all just boils down to "I get what I want, when I want it."

No. 1690074

And yet doxbin stays up despite being raided by the FBI.

It doesn't matter how many come after you or what they try. Take an archive, put it up on "Donglonggone.com", by the time they realize, the google SEO has poisoned it, internet archive has archived it, and a backup is ready elsewhere.

Sure, this may cost money but what is it they say? It's about the message.

No. 1690076

Go right ahead. Nothing stopping you.

No. 1690086

I'm dreading the day when some politician decides VPNs and Tor should be illegal. What have you got to hide, citizen?

No. 1690094

the day that happens is the day i fake my death and build a shed in the woods

No. 1690096

Where do you live? If it's not some 3rd world country I doubt it will happen any soon.

No. 1690117

For those who wish to remove Onionfarms, Contentcomplaints@godaddy.com is the email to submit information to.

No. 1690134

File: 1667240738156.png (39.98 KB, 1500x256, dumbasses2.png)


No. 1690136

And no more protection now either, lolcows really do shoot themselves in the foot.

No. 1690148

File: 1667242151191.jpg (111.78 KB, 847x800, 1667204145676506.jpg)

On the bright side, the DIY HRT website endorsed by Keffals is also getting censored. Or maybe the owners are going in delete fucking everything mode because they're in legal trouble.

No. 1690153

words words words words boohoo im crying over words

No. 1690156

The word fuck used to be too shocking to say is public. Women showing their ankles used to be considered shocking.

No. 1690157

why are women banned from saying slurs kek sounds pretty sexist to me

No. 1690166

i don't know why you're trying to act like all women are as retarded as you are. i'm tired of anons like >>1689803 lumping us into twitter bullshit. this site is for women who aren't normies, if you can't deal with that then fuck off.

No. 1690167

I genuinely think it would be better for the black community to let edgelords devalue the no no word. If everyone uses it to mean something unrelated to black people, the idea of black people being that word will just die.

No. 1690172

????? it makes me sad that you automatically assume that anyone that doesn't like postmodern politics is a male. i'm not trying to tell anyone how this site is run, that's what the anon i was replying to was doing, but i hope that you realise that just because you are a woman doesn't mean that you get to decide that all of us should be cringe like you.

No. 1690174

>speaking for black people

twitter user spotted

No. 1690179

but that word isn't banned on here? if you actually used this site you'd see that its written absolutely nowhere in the rules that you can't use slurs. now fuck off newfag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1690191

Racebait is against the rules retard

No. 1690195

No. 1690216

Okay but racebaiting and saying slurs are not the same thing.


I'm retard, i didn't notice the redtext, my bad anon.

No. 1690220

anyways is the clearnet back up now?

No. 1690221

Well i suppose that i was referring to the use of certain words in a joking/colloquial context, not in a racist context.

No. 1690222

It was a bit niggerish to assume your intent, fair.(racebait)

No. 1690228

Mods absolutely ban you for racial "slurs". I once got banned for using the word "chinky" not even refering to a person.

No. 1690243

No, not yet.
We love you Josh please get up.

No. 1690254

This kind of premature gloating is hilarious regardless of where it happens. Maybe fecal-Queefals will repost this searing hot meme on twitter. That would really activate my almonds.

No. 1690271

that sounds like cowtipping with extra steps

No. 1690278

Onionfarms is giving me nostalgia to one of those shitty invisionfree or phpbb forums from the mid-late '00s. That screenshot instantly tells you it's just as filled with retarded power tripping mods as those places were.

No. 1690279

Is anyone tired of the Dropkf retard Twitter sperging? I get archiving is important but fuck me if I need to archive his several dozen tweets a day.

No. 1690291

Site is not on clearnet but going in and out on Tor. Managed to catch up on a few threads. Hilarious clown post in KF lolcow.farm thread from the dude who wandered into this thread here and shit it up. He was genuinely offended at being called a ballsack by you ferocious nonnies, hilarious

No. 1690296

He doesn't belong in KF either then lol. Lurk more lol.

No. 1690297

Kek I saw that too. Was wondering why lolcor thread got bumped, he sounded like he's genuinely fear for his life.

No. 1690301

yep, i got a good laugh out of idiots in that thread crying about 4chan language, men-hating and lack of love for "huge feminist" Josh here lmao
Doing the god's work anon, i thought about you when LC went down for maintenance awhile back. perhaps post it here/LJ/bunker if it's ever needed. thank you

No. 1690302

2022 accounts don't know shit about shit

No. 1690306

site on Tor is being finicky for me. no screencaps?

No. 1690309

File: 1667253773112.png (239.81 KB, 1070x591, Screenshot 2022-10-31 18.02.35…)

nvm got it working

No. 1690310

samefagging to say THE ASTONISHMENT of women wanting a women only space is just amazing, and as if that characteristic of this site isn't well known and extremely obvious after the briefist bit of lurking. retards.

No. 1690324

In all fairness, the hospitality shown to poor wayfaring kiwi strangers around here has been much appreciated, provided we don't make a nuisance of ourselves.

No. 1690326

that's the only recent post in the thread but i bet some sperging will spill out there in the near future

No. 1690328

Really at the end of the day I think that's the one unwritten rule here.

No. 1690336

Yeah, It’s not like people get accused of being the tranny for no reason. If he would’ve integrated and not been annoying he would’ve never had those insults hurled at him.

No. 1690337

you're talking about someone who posts images of children being raped (while denying it and asking to be made a jannie so he can solve the problem and spare the poor women from having to see it) and characterizes his relationship with the site as being a lovable "clown", come on, anon. he loves this shit.

No. 1690339

If only he learned indeed nonna, who knows what laughs could be had. Oh well.

No. 1690375

You seem to have poor reading comprehension.

No. 1690388

seriously, all things considered nonnies have been pretty chill about Josh and we KNOW whose shitting up this thread/those threads. Honestly a lot of us don't wish bad on kiwifarms because we use the hell site, kek.

No. 1690419

Guess clearnet's not coming back up today

No. 1690421

Probably not and Tor isn't working for a lot of people either currently.

No. 1690430

try again. it literally just went up.

No. 1690431

>Joined: August 6, 2022
He's probably shitting up KF since I doubt he lurked there either. Newfags who don't lurk deserve the wall

No. 1690436

There's a lot of overlap between lolcow.farm browsers and Kiwi Farms browsers. Both sites also have a lot of overlap in their culture. Blunt, occasionally crude, honesty and a fond nostalgia for the old internet is a marker of both sites. New people do add some novelty, and I've noticed conversations here have been less stale than they were in the first half of 2022. The key thing is to respect that this is a woman dominated space and avoid pointless edgy posting.

It's up now. It's about 1:53 A.M. in Serbia right now, so Josh is probably finishing up his marathon of working on the site before going to bed.

No. 1690440

I think there's a tranny and/or onionfarms faggot who thinks it's funny to constantly post that it's not working, same thing was going on last time.
my bad, esl
and even a esl it is so incredibly easy to determine who has posted this

No. 1690444

It goes both ways.

No. 1690448

Working for me now look at slobber mutt go, really respecting his dedication and hussle as time goes on. I never expected him to be pushed this far honestly.

No. 1690451

File: 1667264733316.png (1.54 KB, 320x37, Capture.PNG)

this just makes me understand why josh doesn't want the site off the clear net (besides it not being illegal), it was like 600 people on tor (decent I guess) and look how many are on now. I really really hope the site lives on. I may actually sign up instead of lurk

No. 1690452

>The key thing is to respect that this is a woman dominated space and avoid pointless edgy posting.
Indeed. Been keepin' 'em tucked waaaay back.

>I never expected him to be pushed this far honestly.
No shit, it's been heartening.

> it was like 600 people on tor (decent I guess) and look how many are on now.
It hit a couple thousand on Tor earlier in the troonami. If the worst should happen and slobbermutt was willing, it'd live on.

No. 1690453

Just don't slapfight any Nazis if you do.

No. 1690454

i'll just stick to beauty parlor or random threads. Hopefully he does another merch run or something, I plan on donating my pennies to Kiwifarms and Lolcow when I get the funds.

No. 1690456

File: 1667265099576.jpg (81.14 KB, 888x757, Capture5.JPG)

Noooooo, don't say anything nice about Josh, that instantly makes you a scrote for some reason - even though… lots of women use Kiwifarms? So..?(you forgot we can see your post history, idiot)

No. 1690458

Ditto, I would definitely buy a Slobbermutt t-shirt or something

No. 1690460

it's very clear (by the kiwifarmers gloating) a lot of scrotes where in this thread. Stop ban invading and go back to kiwifarms while it's around. You probably are a scrote or That ftm who hangs out on the telegram

No. 1690461

This is the way.
Oh cry me a fucking river, also that's not saying something nice about Josh it's a backbiting compliment and really do I need to say it?
You will never be a woman.

No. 1690462

A message to stick to the containment thread, brotherman.

No. 1690464

Again, you understand that lots of women use Kiwifarms right

Troon and/or Onionfarms hands wrote this

If I was a scrote, I wouldn't be half as offended TBH

No. 1690466


No. 1690468

Josh also likes banana peppers on his subway and that's a bond that's deeper than blood so I too would buy a design as cute as the one posted a few days ago despite shitting on him.
Which fuck me I thought that's what people did just in the thread about people but nooooo apparently alogs poisoned the well so much that you have to be careful these days.

No. 1690471

I was taking the piss? How can anyone ever take that phrase seriously?
Genuinely my bad on going with that joke instead of something else.

No. 1690473

imagine being from australia

No. 1690474

Soz… just frustrating getting banned for complimenting Josh, the mods on this site are so schizophrenic sometimes. There's no rhyme or reason

Don't have to imagine it, live it every day, it's hot AF RN

No. 1690477

I know your pain and will not rag on you at all for reacting defensively, I believe it's natural when the staff and user base seem hostile to you to react in kind.
That's why talking things out is always the best option.

Back to a bit on topic, seems most kiwis ripped that moid apart in the thread about this site. Nice to see people getting along after this weird couple of months.

No. 1690484

This is not a doompost, be aware that it is still clunky on the clear net and won't load everytime. Seems Josh went with Haltdos which I know nothing about but just a general fyi to get out in front of people saying it's down again.
It's not, just wait 5 minutes and refresh again if you have issues. My retard guess is that the bandwidth or whatever got overloaded with unique visitors so it's a bit slow.

Again just nipping anything in the bud before people worry or try to use that as proof it's all over. Josh might be bloody but he's still standing in that ring.

No. 1690485

File: 1667266236800.png (175.46 KB, 1072x364, Screenshot 2022-10-31 21.29.43…)

I don't know if this is parody but s(?)he is correct [1/2]

No. 1690486

File: 1667266282628.jpg (149.28 KB, 599x874, rapejaw.jpg)

DKF moid is seething on Twitter, getting a whopping 15 to 20 likes on his tweets at most. Everyoners favorite Robert Z'Dar cosplayer is at it too. I guess it's true, evil never sleeps.

No. 1690487

Normally i wouldn't care to buy kiwi merch, but slobbermutt & yellow peppers t-shirt is cute and looks comfy. Josh do another merch sale
maybe try to appeal the ban idk

No. 1690488

File: 1667266327196.png (146.34 KB, 1102x340, Screenshot 2022-10-31 21.31.17…)

and this is some FtM detrans weirdo if memory serves [2/2]

No. 1690490

File: 1667266530748.png (204.79 KB, 620x493, Screenshot 2022-10-31 21.35.01…)

fresh from Josh on telegram

No. 1690492

This chick is so fucking obnoxious, narcissistic, and oblivious. I wish she’d be banned from the internet itself. She shits up everywhere her fat ass posts and looks like Sapphire Crimson Claw . She has a containment thread on KF and should never be allowed out.

No. 1690493

Inb4 'not your personal army' but myself and a few other have actually been tweeting replies at this Robert Z'Dar looking motherfucker to try and provide context for these hosts at what a creepy sexual pest Liz is before they make decisions. If you want to join us, please do!

No. 1690496

Could just send all the weird stuff to his partner like I assume someone did with Kefflas?

No. 1690500

Ye, possibly
I got in a few good body blows and screenshots of his 'consent accident' before he blocked my alt, hehe

No. 1690501

can't he just shut up already and pull a fucking Keffals. pulling Keffals = LARP as kiwifarm slayer, have your triumph dance and then forever pretend KF never came back, forget and move onto next thing to whine about.

No. 1690505

you can say "haha no likes" but unfortunately the past has shown that the right people are listening to him to have his way

No. 1690507

because keffals needs attention and he's still sort of getting it. dong long gone needs power.

No. 1690509

given Dong Long Gones past workplace conduct, I assume people are caving to his constant bitching just to get him to fuck off and not because they believe anything he says. Or he has dirt on the right people but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do this smug jerk a favor.

No. 1690510

Awesome! I wish more people had put up a strong defense for Kiwi Farms earlier in this series of debacles instead of chatting with each other on the forums about how troons and the media are getting the facts all wrong. If there was a "DropElliotFongJones.com" website to link to with details about Elliot's problematic sexual history, his use of his work email to threaten a private website, and his recent "consent accident," then it'd be great to see the link spammed in response to every one of his tweets. It'd make him and Sinseer so mad.

I also think people should send emails to the various internet service companies Null uses and express thanks to them for hosting Kiwi Farms and not buckling to a vendetta campaign. I'm certain raging troons are sending them angry emails right now, so a counterweight against that could convince these providers to continue supporting the site.

No. 1690513

Most of the cow tippers were busy it seems.

No. 1690518

Null needs to lock down the LFG thread asap before his retarded userbase starts fedposting

No. 1690525

>Null needs to lock down the LFG thread asap before his retarded userbase starts fedposting
KF is already being treated as if it's nothing but terrorism, I can only conclude that you're posting in bad faith.

No. 1690527

I agree with this. I was kind of passive last time (other than sending a snippy/rude tweet to anti-free speech MTFs whenever I stumbled upon them)
Never again, we need to play defence a bit more for both Kiwifarms and Lolcow, the way their community plays defence for men-in-skirts raping people

No. 1690528

No I'm posting as someone who likes the site. All it takes is one young account with no post history to post a death threat and then they have a real reason to bring the site down.

No. 1690529

Horse shit. Look at what has happened in the last month and tell me there's some "real reason" that hasn't already been bandied about falsely.

No. 1690531

>they think we're bad so we should just be bad
scrote logic

No. 1690532

You disingenuous dense motherfucker. Think tactically, the truth doesn't exist to these people. They've been told by the media that KF is a terrorist organization, do you think they need a screenshotted fed post to sell that narrative now?

No. 1690533

No but it helps bring in more people who wouldn't care otherwise

No. 1690534

Is this a joke? Unless Josh has explicitly asked for you to contact businesses on his behalf you probably shouldn’t bother them. All this will accomplish is providers getting tranny spam AND kiwi spam.

No. 1690535

There have been plenty of those and it's also clear that the troons doing this aren't doing it to save poor hurt lolcows(to be fair some people are shafted a bunch) but instead for their own personal power and glory.
Think about it, when do they pass the puck? Dick long gone and Fartbox Queen are out there every game hording puck time with very little to show for it.
I honestly agree though I can't say I'll do anything as that constitutes tipping but if I did do it I would like to find long dongs or sinspergs private group chats to raid.

No. 1690544

PA shit is cringe but doing anything because "Josh explicitly asked" you to is even cringier.

No. 1690547

>I honestly agree though I can't say I'll do anything as that constitutes tipping but if I did do it I would like to find long dongs or sinspergs private group chats to raid.

Yep, it's a spectrum. I understand not everyone is gonna donate to KF or Lolcow or even the EFF charity. I understand that. But most people here, it seems, want to do more than absolutely nothing so yeah, screenshots and stuff that prove our point, if we can put that in front of faces and make sure anyone glancing at whoever, Liz Fong or Keffals pages, see the actual truth, that's absolutely helpful. Even when there's a hundred trannies angrily tweeting at a service provider to drop KF, why is there only four or five people saying "Well actually, thank you for upholding free speech, I respect that" etc etc.?

No. 1690552

I don't know if I can do that but I think I can annoy Eliot Jonez'dar into submission if I had a good lead. Twitter isn't the best route though with Elon if I get creative I might have a few ideas but the issue is blocking, he can shut anyone out of his account and there's no centralized place to force him to see what you write. If he was active on some other place you could constantly bombard him. I think it really comes down to that.

I've personally seen quite a few people be mixed on this issue honestly and it usually boils down to Kiwifarms being too big too fail being too close to the bank thing for comfort. Purely ironic imo considering how much Null likes to hate on those.
Honestly I wish he'd just at least let someone handle IT and PR for him. Three leaders sort of thing, it would really just allow him time to relax and also really destroy any logical argument over him having too much sway in picking and choosing who is and is not a lolocow.

No. 1690559

How the fuck do No Dong and his ilk afford to stay up 24/7 doing this all day? Do they not have jobs or something? Are trannies just trust fund kids?

No. 1690565

Yeah for sure, he's a spineless weasel who uses the block button as easily as he embarrasses himself
I will say, Twitter is easy to create alts - yeah its one and done if he blocks you, but a lot can be said in that time frame (as I've learnt from experience)

Most MTFs seem like NEETs on govt or family bucks, but I know Liz No Dong apparently got a big payout from Google after he was fired

No. 1690567

They'll be getting tranny spam anyways. Might as well try to counter it.

No. 1690570

File: 1667272585152.jpg (14.52 KB, 624x366, 5e455f9c497a5.jpg)

They are unemployed.

No. 1690574

Now who is misrepresenting! Yes, I said Josh should be more diplomatic with third parties BECAUSE THESE THIRD PARTIES ARE CUCKS WHO NEED SMOKE BLOWN UP THEIR ASS TO DO THE RIGHT THING. That's not a reflection on Josh being bad, it's a pragmatic observation that these companies he deals with are narcissists. Nice try though misrepresenting what I said. I'm no Onion Farms friend, kid

No. 1690575

no, but your currently-being-evaded ban probably resulted from srotery related to some other post than the one posted. the need for attention if nothing else reads as scrotish. the Josh simping that goes on ITT is grotesque and honestly if nothing else the general leaning of the thread is way too much in that direction vs the other so I don't believe you got banned just for that. nta.

No. 1690576

Finally some good news

And I agree with this. If we are polite, level-headed and not screechy (unlike the troons) a lot of these providers will at least consider a different perspective

No. 1690582

That's a bad employment rate in general, oh dear.
Very good points, nta.

No. 1690585

Jesus self-posts, relax

No. 1690587

What does self post mean?

No. 1690588

I love this game of "actual femcels or troons-LARPing-as-femcels", but either way you fucking weirdos are seeing scrotes where they don't exist, and it's cringe AF

No. 1690590

are you new or something? accusing each other of being scrotes is a lolcow institution

No. 1690594

A sacred tradition.

No. 1690601

File: 1667275053453.jpeg (137.52 KB, 1501x963, F68D8CB6-2F0C-444D-928A-7581C0…)

A Kiwifarms user submitted a complaint to Terrahost, the provider that Dong-Jones and his cabal have been spamming since KF came back up. He got this reply:
“We already know and we do not care.”

No. 1690605

File: 1667275192969.png (275.36 KB, 500x660, 1657086027073.png)

Happy Halloween everyone.

No. 1690606

As in they don't care about Elliot's complaints?

No. 1690611

>> As in they don't care about Elliot's complaints?
Yes, exactly this.

No. 1690617

No. 1690628

Hell yeah another Shivers thread. I was wondering what Trent's anus was up to.

No. 1690636

The entitlement of this faggot is maddening

No. 1690644

nonnas how are you guys creating alts on twitter so easily? any new account I've made locks me out and demands a phone number before unlocking.

No. 1690652

File: 1667278668063.jpg (270.33 KB, 1629x879, ytunft.jpg)

To be fair, some of those are robots from google and the like.

No. 1690656

Can somebody do me a favour and tell josh that the anti ddos thing is too sensitive? I keep getting blocked.

No. 1690666

i just sign up with tor on the onion link of twitter, takes a while but it worked for me

No. 1690667

Try whitelisting the site on your adblocker.

No. 1690669

Idk I think this is bigger than Gone Dong at this point. He’d lose some supporters if he’s “exposed” but the larger trans community will probably never let go of their “cause”. Not trying to doompost but I don’t think they’ll abandon their desire to censor the internet just bc one of the movements leaders is a freak.

No. 1690674

File: 1667280895103.png (200.11 KB, 1059x372, Screenshot 2022-11-01 01.34.40…)

fat man understands the situation

No. 1690680

What thread is this pic from?

No. 1690687

No. 1690737

Is Liz Fong whatshisname Chinese? If so, ain't it poignant that we have a Chinaman trying to censor the internet like a CCP commissar? That can't be a coincidence.

No. 1690742

So what's the status report right now? I can't access the clearnet link right now. Is my isp blackholeing the site or is it a problem on the farms side?

No. 1690746

Clearnet is currently up fine and fast. Try clear cache or vpn.

No. 1690751

Did mods delete the DNS suggestion? What the hell?

No. 1690756

Well I tried clearing my browser data and changing my DNS server and the clearnet link still doesn't work. I'm not actually interested in using the site, i just want to know how trannyfied my ISP is.

No. 1690764

File: 1667293444446.jpeg (90.29 KB, 639x517, 165FF369-D408-49B0-BFC2-BA385E…)

KEK love you nonnies
get fucked kiwiscrotes

No. 1690812

No-Dong Fong Jones also has some sort of family wealth aside the Google settlement and ping ponging around different Bay Area tech startup companies, iirc his folks (his dad is a big name California lawyer, dunno what his mom does) gave him a ton of money to fuck off or something. cba to go on the other farms to look it up

No. 1690818

File: 1667300727867.jpg (295.85 KB, 1080x1576, Nuke Africa.jpg)

No. 1690819

This dude is giving real never-touched-a-woman /pol/tard vibes. Men with pretty women avatars are the worst degenerate coomers.

No. 1690881

He reminds me of the one who tried to shoot up a school and shot himself. I bet he signed up to KF with his sped school email.

No. 1690886

Just read an article in Bloomberg News about the changes Musk wants to make to Twitter. This sentence stood out like a neon light:

Musk has also asked the team to review Twitter’s hateful conduct policy, according to the people, specifically a section that says users can be penalized for “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.”


The tide IS beginning to turn.

No. 1690895

It will hinge on how they define 'targeting'. If it's not aimed at the specific troon it should be protected opinion like even terf island has accepted through case law.

No. 1690900

Bad news for Lucas and his five-sockpuppet-a-day habit

No. 1690960

File: 1667318314567.jpg (49.85 KB, 550x550, kiwi green.jpg)

Is the Ethan Ralph forum now only visible if you are logged in or something? It's not there…wtf I need my updates. Pic not related but it's cute and I want one.

No. 1690967

Yes, it's paypig only content. Josh needs the money to pay for the new hosting, so open your wallet and buy an account on ebay.

No. 1690972

File: 1667318920389.png (28.41 KB, 654x156, gunt board.png)

i'm not logged in and I can see it

No. 1690973

oh, he changed the name in another one of his stupid fits of whimsy I guess, and I'm blind, ty

No. 1690976

No, everyone is doing "No Ralph November" where we aren't going to pay attention to him for the whole month. Why? Just to see what happens.

No. 1690981

File: 1667319670602.jpeg (193.85 KB, 2046x1297, 6F3BEF7A-68A7-46E9-AC50-FD0205…)

picrel is from the Dong-Jones thread in the Stinkditch section. P.114, post #2,265

Post in thread 'Liz Fong-Jones / Elliot William Fong / @lizthegrey'

Summary: Terrahost knows about the Dong-Jones cabal and their campaign and does. not. care.

No. 1690989

In the name Jesus, Mary and all things holy fuck the dropkf dotard Is still going at it. I get that troons don't have anything to do but this takes no life twitter posting to the next level.

No. 1691016

File: 1667324458256.jpg (81.07 KB, 379x559, 5544685ugs.jpg)

>Total: 3,193 (members: 1,004, guests: 2,189)

Looks like things are back to normal…For how long, cannot say. I don't think the site is even being DDoS anymore (or the mitigation is so good that no one notices it). Assuming the plug doesn't get pulled (which tend to happen before the weekends), looks like Jersh has one this round.

No. 1691018

i feel like even after all the downtime they didn't lose any users or any interest in the site. it's shocking and a bit heartwarming.

No. 1691054

why do so many of these dipshits try to get clout from discord retards and keep stepping on rakes

No. 1691058

I've been here for years and never posted but the is the most cringe sad thing I've ever seen outside of Ralph himself.

No. 1691060

He did it for no Ralph November. No talking about Ralph all month

No. 1691065

File: 1667327695302.png (69.58 KB, 1047x312, Capture.PNG)

I saw this and hes right. All the whining about Nonnies talking shit to the obvious Kiwifags/scrotes/Weird troon. Another interesting thing about scrote gossiper-
>>When women come to majority male spaces we try to get into the culture
>>they come into ours, where we aren't outright hostile and act shitty but get mad about it.
The conversations about Kiwifarms/Josh has been really fair on here. Nonnies wanting to help or even buy merch.
I don't get it, then again, i'm not a brain dead scrote. I'm surpised to see this much "respect" given though by a user. We aren't dumb, we know whenever Kiwifarms down they run here to discuss it or lurk.

No. 1691068

AnOm gets memed on and is terminally online to a retarded degree but he has some surprisingly balanced and insightful takes and this is one of them.

No. 1691069

i don't know much about him and 90% of the board sucks Josh's dick, he's right and this is the kiwifarms thread so I posted it.

No. 1691070

That's the tranny, anon, like it is almost every time someone is posting bizarre shit about namefags, he's malding at AnOm because AnOm posted on KF about his activities here.

No. 1691082

As usual he's seething but correct

No. 1691085

one of the most intelligent and tolerable kiwis except when he's in a tard rage about how barbara chandler deserved it and chris chan and cole smithey should both be rotting in a ditch somewhere. he's not wrong about chris chan, tbf

No. 1691090

the telegram has some insteresting characters, a lot of "Women" who simp for Josh kek, I say 'women" because you never know.

No. 1691093

There's a couple confirmed IRL women who simp for josh, teaclips even stalked him to the point that he made a statement on stream telling her that it makes him very uncomfortable and to leave him alone kek

No. 1691094

well maybe only one, i haven't looked in a while

No. 1691099

Is that "Luna Joshsexual" girl that was getting posted a few threads back still around? I tried looking and I think she must have changed her name.

No. 1691100

I don't know, last I saw Josh was saying something about that user, I forgot what though. They may have changed their name

No. 1691101

A lot of them seems like the same kind of girls who get into serial killers/Columbine/whatever because of the edge.

No. 1691102

File: 1667329794209.png (127.99 KB, 1074x268, Screenshot 2022-11-01 15.09.34…)


No. 1691105

it honestly feels like they aren't truly attracted to josh but want the attention of his community. You'd think Josh would have a LOT more female simps, but I guess his community is largely male and most the women, like I said, try to fit into the community. Unlike males who come in here wagging their dicks around and being jerks.

No. 1691106

> You'd think Josh would have a LOT more female simps
lolwut why you would you think that?

No. 1691109

Not his looks, but parasocial reasons, I guess. Owning a gossip board, not being a gay dude (thats what most men who own gossip site), I don't know. I'd think i'd hear more stories about crazy female kiwifarmers wanting Josh.

No. 1691123

File: 1667331156663.png (1.39 MB, 3840x1688, non stop schizo.png)

Jesus christ. Sinseer has been going on and on non-stop about some non-sequitur in KF telegram chat. How does he not know that he's basically their playtime cow at this point? Or worse, he does know but that chat has grown to become the only human interactions he can get and he's clinging on to it for dear life. For all his rage, kiwis might actually be saving him by giving him false hope of someone actually cares about him.

No. 1691218


No. 1691254

Speaking as someone who found this site through kf and really enjoy the discussion here people really need to follow the "don't talk shit if you ain't willing to get slapped" rule.

No. 1691268

My interest in KF has only grown during the downtime. Before this shitshow I used to check the site just a couple of times a year, but now I'm pretty much a daily lurker. Thanks Keffals, this wouldn't have happened without you!

No. 1691273

right, this is the pink elephant theory in action kek

No. 1691359

I think there aren't many Josh simps because he looks like a potato and is running gossip forum on the internet.

No. 1691381

I am pretty fond of Josh's autistic stubbornness and will actually consider throwing some money his way if he manages to keep Kiwifarms on clearnet. He is still not simp worthy in any shape or form.

No. 1691384

Same here. I even considered maybe signing up, but I think I'll just continue lurking for a while longer.

No. 1691389

This. Some of his worst qualities are actually his best qualities when it comes to keeping the site up and keeping the site up is good but the simping is absolutely out of control.

No. 1691392

File: 1667355882065.jpg (54.7 KB, 387x395, 60440355_10157323744763829_643…)

get rekt moids kek

No. 1691437

>He is still not simp worthy in any shape or form.

you lie

No. 1691452


No. 1691457

take your shit to the unconventional male attractions thread or something; also I find it funny that the direst simps in this thread always call him "Null" and his detractors or people with a more neutral opinion tend to call him "Josh", I have no idea what this means but I've noticed it repeatedly

No. 1691458

>3D male
>this specific male

sweaty pls love yourself

No. 1691486

It’s just some troon baiting and trying to get more people to shittalk null because it makes their troondick hard. The general consensus here is already that most people here are rooting for kf but the guy looks like undercooked dough, both of these can be true

No. 1691490

Try harder troon

No. 1691495

He's confident and in a position of power. That's always attractive.

No. 1691572

You're fucking retarded if you think the poster(s) who constantly complain about Null is the same schizotroon who posts word salad rants about random Discord namefags and constantly inserts himself into the conversation in the first person.

No. 1691575

No you're right, there are a couple of Onion Farmers whining about Null too, because somehow having an entire website dedicated to doing that isnt enough.

No. 1691584

I wonder if Blaine has a new KF account but hasn't been found yet.

No. 1691657

The man he fistfuck his own son all the way to the death even. Sorry for esl but it is silly to not be of thinking was him whole time. I thought was meme? Clearly has been angry Canadian.

No. 1691660

Yeah anyone saying otherwise is likely staff at Onionfarms at this point. Let's all be honest with ourselves, each of them has been gunning for the same person. Just look at the thread they post to the most. I'm ashamed at everyone including the jannies for letting them do something so obvious.

No. 1691670

I know who wrote this and he's calling himself cowboy now after being forced out of Kiwifarms. What's it like losing mod over sucking angry Canadians dick and Mastermind Null blowing your schemes open?

No. 1691675

Thankings of God, from now on will always stop people from blaming others for clear Onionfarms propaganda shilling. My country knows what to do to propagandists, line up against wall and be of shooting.

No. 1691677

Of course Regina has been working with Mike the whole time, why is people thinking otherwise?

No. 1691678

Nobody posts Mike's picture please, I don't want to puke today.

No. 1691688

The guy who released a bunch of revenge porn did it instead of the one who is actually funny?
I'm not shocked at all, other people are clearly retarded or Onionfarms posters.

No. 1691689

Theory? No that's a fact.

No. 1691690

And now the tranny is here, pretending to be different people and attacking Discord weirdos nobody cares about. I don't see why it's hard for people to tell the difference.

No. 1691694

Michael thurlow is retarded yes but his trick has worked before so he will keep trying it. Don't let him nonnie.

No. 1691695

Don't even respond to any posts claiming you're some boogie man Mike made up, everyone knows AC is a problem.

No. 1691721

File: 1667404886200.jpg (45.82 KB, 640x640, 3dvQRBG.jpg)

>open thread to see 22 new replies of schizo troon talking to himself
Just having a normal one, aye. In the end it doesn't fucking matter if its a troon scrote or an Onion Farms scrote, all these scrotes are fucking pathetic and their vendettas and grudges against Null are all motivated by the same jealousy that he has people (especially women) who admire him for his character and commitment to a good cause. It just makes these incels insane with rage, they clearly all have fucking mommy issues and that's why they constantly invade our spaces and can't stay the fuck away, because they are desperate for female approval.

No. 1691762

Ironically if the schizotroon posted a lot negative about Josh it makes me sympathize more with Josh (who I don't like) because it show the kind of shit Josh has to deal with. Hell, the troons gayop almost make me want to sympathize with Mike and the other stupid namefags he keeps raging against but Mike has a KF thread and is pretty clearly a scumbag. The troon manages to muddle everything with his schizophrenia, receiptless samefagging, fake receipts, and vendetta bullshit, which I guess is his intention.

No. 1691772

ayrt, for real. I got called the troon for talking shit about Josh (because let's be real, this is a gossip forum and we shit talk people) but when you start seeing the troon imply Josh posts CP/grooms Elaine/whatever my feelings that Josh is a cringe incel and has been for years just sort of feel less important kek

No. 1691796

Blaine kill yourself

No. 1691798

You’re the only person who cares about “wogglebug”
Drink bleach tranny

No. 1691799

Kek, how many lies have you seen about kiwifarms since all this shit?
My favorite was-
>>Someone claiming the site was taken down by a lawsuit
Like the site is so fucking dangerous and killed so many, yet the people talking about it can't even bother to see if it's still up. Then when they find out it is they go, "oh well it's dying or "it's on tor". Again, if this site is so horrible and shouldn't be allowed, you'd actually know if it was down or not. You can say anything about the Kiwifarms and people will believe it. I think thats my favorite part of this and anothe reason why i want the Farms to live. I love seeing people declaring it dead, but someone goes-
>>actually it's not, sadly
>>Oh well it's on tor, so that helps
>>nah it's on the clearnet
>>Oh well the user base is smaller and it's on it's last legs
>>Nah the userbase is normal and I guess we'll see about that
It's so disingenuous. Even if I hated Kiwifarms I'd never get behind this movement because it's full of fucking lies.
Josh said that when he found out people found pictures of him online he was scared (or something like that) can someone tell me where these pictures/gifs come from? Kek, this is the only one where Josh looks kinda hot to me, the reast he's just average fat boy who needs a haircut

No. 1691802

Oh okay, the one with his mom is cute though kek.

No. 1691803

Hey Blaine I have a screencap somewhere of you saying you will eventually kill yourself can you just do it now?

No. 1691807

I think the most recent pic of him is the one with hotwheels (aka not that recent) where he is fat and awkward looking and the rumor is he has only gotten fatter since. I agree the old pics of him he wasn't bad if he took care of himself a bit more but he clearly did not. Nonnies are simping for ancient pics.

No. 1691809

He always talks about how he'd do things with his mom and her friends. His mom probably would be a farmer tbh, I hate the lies out about her more then anything. All she did was give birth to a fat scrote who runs a gossip site.
Yeah the one where he had some beads on or something? And his hair is longer and he looks sloppy I still think he's cute, but in a sloppy New Balance old man shoe wearing way.

No. 1691811

Inb4 the new balance meme becomes real and Josh tells us about how much arch support they have lol.

No. 1691815

The troons posts belong in a psychology textbook. Such a constellation of personality disorders and psychosis. The gaslighting/abuser dynamic is very blatant, too. A lot of these idiots who are involved in online drama you'd probably pass on the street as insignificants but Blaine is the type who I would legit worry about harming someone physically or at the very best being an extremely distressing stalker to have, which is practically what his relationship with the site is like. What a genuinely disgusting human being.

No. 1691822

I also find it so telling what this all was for Keffals, nobody is going to pretend he did'nt "Do anything" to Kiwifarms, but that Liz guy is the biggest threat as of late. Keffals is depressed, doesn't mention the site and now tries to thrist stream with his moobs hanging out his shirt and hunched over even more to hide his true form. Liz has more power then Keffals ever could over actually getting Kiwifarms to go away.
And he doesn't even get much twitter attention.

No. 1691824

sa, forgot to add, that even though Keffals got attention and money from this, he doesn't seem like he's happy at all, and he comes off extra depressed and like he lost more then he gained. Meanwhile Liz is foaming at the mouth every hour of the day

No. 1691829

Keffals just happened to be in the "right" place at the right time and I think it will come out was used by other people as a front because he had his audience of simps at the time. He rode the wave of clout and when that crashes it crashes hard. Of course he's depressed.

No. 1691836

People really don't like Keffals outside of Twitter, like he did a interview with some youtube drama channel and all the comments were negative, or full of how much he lies. Apperently one of his mods confirmed that he went up to Destiny's wife but Keffals lies about it. On youtube, Keffals isn't liked. On Twitch he's not popular, only on twitter with his bots is he even given attention.

No. 1691838

Sorry nonas but what's the name of that mega autistic tranny with the weird feet who always holds his arms against his body?

No. 1691839

isn't that every troon ever though?

No. 1691841

Beat me to it.

No. 1691846

File: 1667413179908.png (6.22 MB, 2048x2045, Untitled.png)

No, the most recent pic is the one he posted on 9chan where he is wearing a red checkered jacket. I don't have that saved so I have to refer you to the collage made by that crazy bitch, kek. It's the biggest picture in the middle. He's also been losing weight consistently and posting about it on the forum with weigh in videos.

No. 1691847

She was clearly a troll lmao

No. 1691848

She's till going on her tumblr (b1tchs1tch) and making more Null fanart.

No. 1691870

File: 1667415125100.jpg (817.08 KB, 2048x1401, tumblr_565c4bbebebb8a312f0b8d6…)

Nrt but thank you for pointing me to this. I've been looking for the OP. Even if she's trolling it's still very autistic.

No. 1691874

kek did he used to dye his hair black? Or is his hair naturally black? I thought it was brown

No. 1691875

lol is he filtering? he really does look that different from pic to pic sometimes.

No. 1691889

These are over like 15 years. In some of them he is only a teenage boy.

No. 1691903

I'm not telling this one there's only one null, lesson learned.

No. 1691960

File: 1667421457210.jpeg (840.77 KB, 1668x865, BF51C213-AD95-458C-BACD-E82527…)

is it Fong-Jones's snake"wife"?

No. 1691967

In other autism, Feline Supremacist is back at shitflinging on anyone who is against glorious Mother Russia in the Ukraine-Russia thread. I am ever more inclined to think this is a male pretending to be female.

No. 1691969

Everyone who posts in or reads A&H is a male, including you.

No. 1691971

File: 1667421988103.jpg (94.01 KB, 548x534, Screenshot_20221102-164701_Tel…)

No. 1691974

Mt. Kiwifarms approach to the summit is littered with frozen troon corpses.

No. 1691976

I just had an insane lag spike in a video game so it might just be the internet shitting itself. The Clearnet site works for me.

No. 1691978

Down for me but hoping you're correct here. Poor timing universe, poor timing.

No. 1691979

The clearnet doesn't work for me right know. Just for reference, I'm in the U.S. I got a weird, brief, bit of lag too on another non-KF website I was using. Something funky is definitely up.

No. 1691984

so people are saying that Liz Don alledgely did some kind of Nepotism "I know somebody" type shit, and what he did is illegal? I'm very confused can anyone tell me whats up?

No. 1691988

I don't know whats what but I expect a "thats it, we're done, tor only until I figure out what i want to do by feburary." from Null soon.
Also does he think that just getting rid of the Kiwifarms will stop people from talking, they are going to talk more and create more.

No. 1691989

I imagine the bigger players on the illegal net are looking at this and weighing their options.

No. 1691992

So Dong-Long Gone can knock out anything just by complaining?
Telegram post was edited by Josh. At first he said he suspects the worlds biggest ISP buckled, but now he is just investigating. I hope this is just a coincidence and noy tranny intervention.
Oh, who am I kidding? KF is toast, the internet is dying rapidly. Fuck trannies and their mindless supporters.

No. 1691993

Clearnet is fine for me (Eurofag). A little slow sometimes but not as bad as the last DDoS. Seemed to be US only.
They are mad in the chat and on Dong Gone thread, he probably did something again idk.

No. 1691999

>Illinois is a two-party consent state, which means that it in some circumstances it is illegal to record a conversation unless all parties consent to the recording. Under the original Illinois eavesdropping statute, it was illegal to record police officers in public without their consent.

Hrmmmmm, what may have happened here with certain state laws? Was looking this up for something else and I don't know what state LFJ is in, just bringing this up while we tinfoil that it may have been used as justification.
The law is slow, tricky and messy. This might be back from byuu times even if this random guess has any basis in reality.

No. 1692000

>Seemed to be US only.
I'm in the US and its down on clearnet for me, so you're probably right.
I hate trannoids so much it hurts. I just want to check the forum and have a giggle.

No. 1692001

im on tor and it works great, can't get on clearnet though.
Somebody really needs to make a list of everything hosted on the clearnet by people who dropped kiwifarms that hosts crazy shit. So far I know some host animal abuse. You cannot convince me kiwifarms is so dangerous because it talks about trans people, that it doesn't deserve to be on the clearnet, but 4chan and worse sites can. No issue.

No. 1692004

I am europoor and it is down.

No. 1692005

Looks like it. Never mind all the websites that do actual illegal stuff like arms trafficing and Cheese Pizza, Kiwifarms is somehow a problem.

FYI, use Tor or Brave browser with tor enabled. No need for the Onion address, just use the regular kiwi.net one. That or a VPN to bypass this shit.

No. 1692009

Gone-Dong says this is their doing. Is this lies or truth?

No. 1692010

There's sites for literal terrorists like ISIS and Hamas members. There's tons of white supremacist sites and sites where people buy illegal drugs.

No. 1692011

I find it so odd that female Josh Thrist posting always seems so thristy to doompost in the telegram.Also the, "Stop telling them everything Josh" is annoying. Even if he doesn't tell Liz, that dude will find out and has money to blow to find what he wants and connections. Josh keeping his userbase informed makes perfect sense. I feel like for some of them they don't understand that this is life changing for Josh. It's not just some troon slap fight. I'm sure our admin has shit going on and she's anon.
Josh isn't and is clearly passionate about this and worked hard to build what he has, it feels like it's been his life for a large chunk of his adulthood.

No. 1692019

I hope Piratebay is paying attention to this.

No. 1692021

File: 1667425367508.jpg (25.57 KB, 250x465, 3785064-eb81a48152504c45bbd856…)

This blockhead must have some serious skeletons to be this desperate.

No. 1692025

Sounds like even Dong doesn't know if it was his doing or not. Hopefully we find out what's up soon enough.

No. 1692030

If you have a VPN, you can access it on clearnet.

No. 1692034

It wouldn't be the first time they've prematurely celebrated though. I'm holding out hope until Null speaks up again.

Netherlands and Israel work best for me.

No. 1692038

I'm using Switzerland right now with no problem.
ProtonVPN has a free version with a limited servers list. You can give that one a shot.

No. 1692041

Tested connecting to several US locations and only then I got an error page. Loads immediately when VPN is disconnected. So yeah, I think this is pretty much US only problem.

No. 1692042

File: 1667426100725.jpg (32.64 KB, 1491x258, r8fVmIP.jpg)

Kiwi brings up an interesting point.

No. 1692047

File: 1667426281731.png (171.56 KB, 914x780, Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 23.37…)

So basically greedy piece of shit monopolies fuck us once again.

No. 1692049

File: 1667426417868.jpg (135.14 KB, 1497x850, QFarQ84.jpg)

He edited this line out so I don't know that that's what it is. Seems like it might be another issue.

No. 1692051

No, doesn't work here in east europoor shithole.

No. 1692054

I feel like if this kills the site, it's not going to be a victory lap for LFJ. Keffals already has taken credit for "ending kiwifarms" so it's not going to trend. If anything, the only thing keeping the kiwifarmers autism low, is Josh/Kiwifarms. If LFJ's thinks that he's not going to have thousands of angry scrotes fucking with him (on twitter) then, yeah. I imagine they'll start imploring the same tactic, of annoying everyone until they budge, or flat out lying. The thing that was stopping that WAS kiwifarms and the "Don't touch the poop" situation. Not a head on LFJ's head has been touched and he's caused the most harm to kiwifarms. That should say a lot about this movement agaisnt the "dangerous site". One man possibly may end it and he's just chilling, could literally not go to kiwifarms and never see any shit said about him or have any consequences.

No. 1692059

sa- and he's already rich, clearly the people don't care about any of the background when he can call in favors. Literally he can just close his eyes. Nobody wants a site to shit talk them, but LFJ is in a situation where it won't effect him in anyway. He's set for life, the people around him don't care. Even the rape accusations, that was shit he put out there and nobody cares. It's just him flexxing and Keffals will still go around claiming he ended the site, like he was doing when the site was still around and lying.

No. 1692070

What does this mean exactly? Idk anything about tech stuff but it sounds like he’s taking credit for nothing or hyping up something small.

No. 1692072

He's hoping that this outage is due to a provider having taken action against KF. May or may not be, no one really knows yet.

No. 1692080

I don't know if this specific type of outage has happened to Kiwi Farms before or not.

It's happened to other sites I've used IIRC; there are multiple reasons the outage could be happening.

No. 1692081

IT’s intermittently coming back up for me and Josh says it’s a server issue from ddos or something. The host is already working on it.

No. 1692082

Apparently Terrahost is being DDoSed according to one KF user so you might be right.

No. 1692084

I saw some people speculating that it might be a bgp hijack, hopefully it isn't because of any isps dropping service

No. 1692089

Where did he say this?

No. 1692093

kiwifarms.net works on Tor strangely enough. This is weird.

No. 1692094

Most relay and exit nodes for TOR are in Europe.

No. 1692102

This entire thing is weird and I might honestly just go to bed and see what's up tomorrow instead of F5-ing to see if Kiwitards have any new info.

No. 1692104

I wis LFJ would fuck off, so KF could at least have a few months of peace.

No. 1692110

Does he even have a job currently? He always seems to be able to jump onto Twitter in less than 20 minutes to crow about how Kiwi Farms is doomed whenever it's down. I know he got a big severance payout from Google and a large chunk of inheritance from his parents. He also likely has personal savings from his years of employment, and his MtF "girlfriend" shown here >>1691960 has a well-paying tech job and could throw some money in if needed.

This all adds up to enough money to live comfortably and hire lawyers if he is out of the work force. I hate to say it, but Elliot could be a menace FOR DECADES with the kind of money he's got. If Kiwi Farms does go down forever, I doubt he'll stop. He'll go after Ovarit, mumsnet, here, and more.

No. 1692117

dong jones should try to get twitter shut down it's full of terfs.

No. 1692145

Looks like Dong gone Jones and drop-off is claiming they got GTT a tier 1 ISP to blacklist the farms? I will post screenshot when I finish cooking.
Cto at some tech company and dust speak at industry events.

No. 1692151

File: 1667433036816.jpg (221.62 KB, 1080x1135, liz.jpg)

Yes, he does.

No. 1692155

Someone else already posted it above if you're referring to what I think. The way it's phrased with a question mark makes me think that they don't really know if it was a success or not.

No. 1692158

I think it's possible deniability just in case so they can't get sued.

No. 1692159

I mean he's taken direct credit before and there's nothing sue-able with regards to spamming a customer service line and asking them to not peer a website. There might be another reason it's phrased like that but I don't think that's it.

No. 1692160

At this point I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone fedposted Dong Long Gone in real life. His smug bragging about ruining the internet through tranny nepotism is really enraging and I am not even a moid so I wonder what kind of rage they must be feeling.

No. 1692165

Fair enough.
I think it would be really funny If Josh became a tier 1 ISP via kf somehow, he just decided to fund a major ISP in like sub Saharan Africa or some shit.

No. 1692171

Thanks for the answer, nonnas. He certainly isn't "on the clock" at his job since he's so quick to respond to Kiwi Farms' troubles with his unwanted, narcissistic comments and often makes tweets during 9-5 working hours. The bosses I've had would breathe down employees' necks to make sure they were working, and I've only had low level jobs. It's bizarre to me that someone in such a prominent position gets so little scrutiny for productivity.

No. 1692173

You'd be surprised how much downtime one has working in tech

No. 1692178

He's clearly a nepotism hire and not there for his skills. Trannies in tech all know each other cause they all bum each other on the weekends in their weird BDSM clubs and follow each other on twitter. Everyone knows that troon hires don't actually do anything and don't have any skills, they always just make things worse while filling some quota and allowing for the company to say they are putting "women" in positions of power.

No. 1692181

I think if there was a way for Null to fundraise a lawsuit he should absolutely do it, just for the hell of it. Doesn't matter how the chances of winning are, we need to fight back somehow. The issue is that lawsuits are very expensive and he would be kicked off any crowdfunding platform. What we need is a rich KF user whale to fund this shit.

No. 1692182

I hate that this is all happening while Chantal is literally Kuwait beezing. I thought I had more time to start a Chantal thread but I guess I should just make it now.

Also mildly upset that the anglo internet is just turning into 5 heavily censored websites. The idea of a free internet was too naive. If I ever see blockhead in real life I'm going to give him the most back handed compliments he's ever heard, not that his Y chromosomes will let him understand it

No. 1692186

I would just call him a trannyfaggot.

No. 1692240

I am eagerly awaiting Nool updates. He was still online just a few minutes ago so he's not sleeping.

I feel like if it was as simple as "we got dropped again" he would have said so already.

No. 1692241

>uses the exact same profile pic EVERYWHERE
Idk it’s so funny to me

No. 1692244

File: 1667442574332.png (181.55 KB, 2236x504, vxC71CJ.png)

Ok speaking of updates. Does this mean KF did get blackholed? What's he saying here?

No. 1692247

It’s 3:30 in the morning in Serbia.

No. 1692249

And yet he's somehow still awake.

No. 1692250

Well yeah, KF is his life.

No. 1692251

>Rich whale
Unless you got elon Musk on speed dial…..
I'm not sure he'd win a lawsuit. Judges are retarded old faggots who would just go "It's not really harmful" (See, parler lawsuit). Jurries would just go "BUT ITS A HATEFUL WEBSITE".
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

No. 1692269

I admire Josh's autistic convictions, but I can't believe he let his life get consumed by a website made to laugh at retards and for /pol/ refugees to say the n-word. It's really not worth ruining your life for that

No. 1692282

Bless his autism.

No. 1692284

It’s a temporary issue for US servers, nowhere else in the world. It’s down to ISPs to fix it though.

No. 1692286

I just want to laugh at Jack Scalfani for fucks sake. Can someone knock the blockhead mongoloid Jones off his high seat? The fact it's continously him is annoying.

No. 1692291

Jersh fighting the good fight. I admire his conviction and autistic drive.

No. 1692298

It means that some (but not all) ISPs or more importantly the infrastructure between ISPs is blackholing traffic to KF, mostly in the US. He made a post earlier about how this is more of a problem in the US than the EU because of ISPs being more centralized in Burgerland. Using a VPN will mostly ameliorate this especially if you set it to being somewhere in the EU.

No. 1692313

Wonder if we'll start seeing European ISPs block traffic to the farms once the sun rises over there.

No. 1692316

I must say, I'm amused that even though the trannies are gloating about taking down KF, Elon took over Twitter and they have no control over what policies he changes. Apparently he wants to review Twitter's rules about misgendering. Suck it, troons.

No. 1692339

Jesus, shut the fuck up

No. 1692356

Nothing will change on twitter. Elon is already cucking

No. 1692380

Aussies, it appears to be working from Iprimius, aussie broadband, tpg and vodaphone but appears to be broken on optus, telstra and superloop. VPNing to any European end-point should work.

No. 1692384

Yep, can confirm - works on Kogan and Vodafone (who Kogan use as their backbone)

This is so fucking strange how random these blocks are and how they're distributed…

No. 1692387

No. 1692390

File: 1667462536515.webm (1.67 MB, 405x720, tumblr_rj7cl62ri41tfldg1_720.w…)

No. 1692398

File: 1667463573906.png (138.14 KB, 740x1373, lowendtalk.com_discussion_1822…)

Holy shit dutch companies are based. Can you imagine anybody else making tranny jokes on a website designed to sell services?

No. 1692399

Absolutely based Dutchmen

As much as I hate the block function for how it gets misused by troons to silence dissent, if troons start screeching at these guys I'd love if they just blocked them, didn't even reply just banned them the fuck out lmao. Maybe some of these goddamn tech companies need to try that tactic with these weirdos

No. 1692402

Wtf I love the Dutch now

No. 1692403

>accessing kf without a vpn in roo land
Anons, no. Nz and Au ISPs keep track of that shit and report it. They have seriously cucked ISPs.

No. 1692405

Why is half the internet down for kf? And when is it coming back up?

No. 1692407

Unknown. Fong Dong got the US side ddosed since ISPs there work as one u it while Euro and other countries don’t work in a centralised way. Idk when the US side will return but Europe and Souther America will stay up.

No. 1692413

Terrahost's status page mentioned a DDOS attack affecting their infrastructure around the same time Kiwifarms went down in the US.

The notice is gone but the website is still down.

No. 1692458

So, how long until someone files a lawsuit against theses ISPs? With the "common carrier" defense gone, I imagine the ADL can sue them for allowing "harassment" against minorities to happen on their service.

No. 1692469

They've fucked themselves now. Good luck arguing with governments when Fong Dong's word is good enough.

No. 1692506

Onionfaggots are already spamming this thread. God how I fucking loathe those retards. It really makes me want to give them a taste of their own medicine.

No. 1692512

My guess is that the trannies are impersonating the Treasury and are sending false reports they are serving an individual/org on the OFAC sanctions list. US corps responds to that faster and it's what I could see working here. That's like life sentence shit if they are caught doing it.

No. 1692513

Fedposting means threatening violent action with time and date. Where did I do that?

No. 1692528

It seems Onion Farms has no rules about harassing cows off-site, unlike Kiwifarms. Could present to be quite an issue to Kengle that he facilitates this behavior.

No. 1692539

File: 1667485041646.jpg (545.26 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_2022-11-03-09-17-09…)

Is this like some shitty dkf copycat? Hard to tell if it's not dkf retard himself.

No. 1692566

Probably an Onionfaggot.

No. 1692592

File: 1667489310323.png (14.58 KB, 294x214, c71cf274-9f6e-402d-95e6.png)

DKF has Endkiwifarms email and shares this weird obsession with wikipedia as the paragon of truth. Sinseer's sock to like his own tweets probably.

No. 1692603

>Neurodivergent Kiwifarms Victim
Fucking LOL. These people who drink the social justice juice seem completely unaware of how pathetic they come across to the wider world. What's next, Neurodivergent Road Accident Victim and Neurodivergent Bee Sting Victim?

No. 1692623

They are precious delicate flowers and must be protected at all costs.

No. 1692653

File: 1667491679868.png (121.67 KB, 934x299, Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 03.07…)


No. 1692676

File: 1667493881674.png (32.33 KB, 1500x214, pootoucher.png)

Kengle really enforces no rules at all, it's going to bite him in the ass eventually. If you want to pretend you are a "discussion/gossip" forum you should really discourage people from actively fucking with the cows. You know, going beyond discussion. On KF you get banned for that so they at least have plausible deniability in that regard. It's also important for 230 protection that you enforce some moderation on your website, otherwise you will not be protected, could be very interesting in that regard. Letting all these retards run wild like it's the wild west worked out really great for lolcow.org… oh.

No. 1692677

Kengle is a bitter fag who will allow anything directed at KF/Null because he knows nothing will happen to him as a result. He won't get sued and law enforcement won't ever help. He's way more picky about any other thread.

No. 1692681

Well if KF goes down and Null has nothing else to lose.. what's to stop him from wasting his time to make Kengle's life a living hell like has been done to him in the past? Just like the cows who sue him he can just do it himself with no legal representation and Kengle then has to hire a lawyer for his site because he can NOT represent himself. Just like cows do to waste Null's money. Is he that petty? Probably not… but you never know if he doesn't snap when he loses KF. If you can't beat em, join them and all that.

No. 1692683

Kengle got dumped by a mail order bride. He is utterly worthless and when he kills himself it will be very funny.

No. 1692684

He did? I need details

No. 1692687

>"one of the current admins at Kiwi Farms"
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Josh is currently the only admin. There are plenty of moderators, though. Josh used to have some co-admins years ago (including one who trooned out several years after leaving Kiwi Farms, hilariously enough), but I cannot think of anyone else currently working as an admin there.

No. 1692690

Wagglyplacebo is mostly inactive and Ride is a silent workhorse. Both know and hate Boingo. These retards think they're clever by throwing out misdirection like that. It only tricks really dumb people.

No. 1692695

it will be hilarious to watch onion farms implode because kengle lets lunatics run wild

No. 1692697

Kengle being driven to suicide by the same lunatics he's given safe harbor to only because he wants revenge on Kiwi Farms would be the funniest possible ending to his fucking sad, pathetic life.

No. 1692702

Kengle also can't afford to defend himself from a lawsuit at all. Unlike Null he doesn't have the userbase to pool money together. They also don't care about the site the same way KF users love KF. It would be so incredibly easy to completely fuck Kengles shit up for any lolcow who wanted to do so.

No. 1692705

MATI stream on Kengle if anyone is interested to learn about this lolcow that runs Onion Farms

No. 1692710

I won't treat this as real unless you actually do it, faggot tranny. You talk a lot of shit when the day is long.

No. 1692714

That's what I thought, already walking it back. Pathetic.

No. 1692736

File: 1667497312741.png (51.88 KB, 890x253, 1111.PNG)

I don't think AC is seething. He makes a really good point. The troon has injected himself into the center of every community he can. He makes multiple sockpuppet accounts to talk to himself. He's unavoidable (unfortunately) and starts random drama with everyone.
How can you harass someone who makes it crystal clear they want the attention?
Evidence: I've had to try 6 VPNs so far because the tranny has gotten each of them banned

No. 1692737


No. 1692738

Blaine at this point is like a cockroach on the internet, it's not even just lc or of. He needs to go outside badly.

No. 1692743

Blaine how many tabs do you have open right now?

No. 1692756

Looks like in burgerland they might actually be fixing the blackholing. Went from address unreachable to timed out error now?

No. 1692785

It doesn't matter if the lolsuit has a chance of success. None of the lolcows who sued Null won, but they wasted his time and money with little investment on their side. Because they can represent themselves and Kengle/Null have to hire a lawyer for their LLC. Vexatious litigation is so very easy in the US. Kengle has no way to crowdfund money for a lawyer so he would just have to give in and give the lolcow suing him whatever they ask for. Very big weakness right there.

No. 1692845

I had high hopes for Kiwi Farms this year. I was hoping that one day Rachniqueen, ericgl1996, joshuat1306, and The Loud House community would have their own threads. But now, Keffals decided to deem the whole forum so that he could protect other lolcows such as Jonathan Yaniv. That was not the main focus. It was supposed to cover Christain Weston Chandler and people
just about as perverted or schizophrenic as him.

No. 1692847


No. 1692860

No. 1692922

Oh, nice.
The only thing that seems to work, is unintentionally pissing him off. Like when some anons suggested he take his meds (sent him into a rage and he fucked off for a bit), or when an anon mentioned he got whipped by a bunch of discordfags and Elaine (went real quiet when that dropped). I feel like just transcribing the parts where he admits to being a pedophile so he can fuck off again.

No. 1692926

BGP routes were suppressed following breach of AUP. The rest will follow suit sooner or later by setting of the latest example. Game over and good night. It was entertaining to say the least when this went down last night causing mass panic between the site supporters. There always someone bigger in the room watching. A visionary with extremist ideas is no more than a dictator of terroristic views and hate. That's not freedom of speech and people need to understand were the line is drawn.

I would say get a life wtf is society like now anyways gone to the dogs because of keyboard warriors have nothing better to do with their pathetic time.

Do something productive and meaningful everything else is just BS and in a few months/years forgotten trash.

Like another Hunter Moore situationbto become to most hated person on the internet, young visionary thinks he can change the rules of the game only to be later educated that's not going to happen.

Textbook case maybe one day Netflix will do a limited series o it after they put null through the ringer.

Time to retire from this poison, my one and only post that I will ever share on here. It's been entertaining watching justice being served.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1692928


No. 1692931

>A visionary with extremist ideas is no more than a dictator of terroristic views and hate.
This is not coherent, let alone persuasive. Crawl back into whatever shithole splinter site you crawled out from, scrote.

No. 1692934

>WTF is sage

No. 1692943

File: 1667515704148.jpg (221.51 KB, 1080x1573, 20221103_154518.jpg)

>around the 3hr mark of pure autism
>schizo tranny apparently in the budget IBS server offered to show his dick despite knowing there were minors in it
>apparently half a year ago he was talking to some 16 year old on twitter
>On discord went by 'uwuuselessweeb' kid's actual name was Damien
>schizo troon apparently groomed him
>the twitter dms might actually be in his tiny KF thread
>schizo tranny tries to play dumb, until one discordfag posts a cap of his (schizo troons) DMs with said minor
>gets pissy when the discordfags won't let him use "I didn't know" as an excuse
>like the feminite woman he is, threatens to shove someone in a locker
Oh, and daily reminder: this is the beautiful and feminine woman that's constantly shitting up the place.

No. 1692952

Fuck Blaine for making me like Mike.
icthulu has never doxed anyone in his life, and self-doxed to Mike like an absolute moron resulting in his own dox floating around. He made a nuisance of himself on KF and then made himself scarce after getting told by Josh to go fuck himself for gloating about ordering food to AC's fat "wife"'s house in California.

No. 1692974

this man is uglier than the disabled child anons were making fun of in /ot/ earlier

No. 1692987

Back to the actual topic of this thread. In the Rekieta livestream just now (at >>1692860) Josh says he’s still working to resolve the issue with the upstreams not connecting or whatever, still making tickets and waiting for someone to respond. He offhandedly said “once we’re stable again” he’ll look into opening registrations again, so there’s still hope.

And wtf is all the bullshit about Blaine and Elaine and whatever, you all should stfu and quit shitting up this thread.

No. 1692988

Did he say specifically what the deal is that’s causing this?

No. 1692989

is KF as a whole down again? even with my VPN it won’t load for shit

No. 1692991

Switch VPN’s countries. Things have been going up and down intermittently.

No. 1692992

how's the situation today eurofag anons? is the only countries that connect to KF successfully still switzerland and netherlands, or anything else? I see ppl tell burgers to switch VPN to anywhere in europe. but east europe here and it won't load. it was like that already yesterday around midnight

No. 1692993

He also said if you want to do something useful to contact your ISP and complain that KF is not getting through, if enough people do that it might help (similar to the mass complaints from the troon hitsquad.) One superchat commenter said he just got off the phone with Comcast lodging a complaint.

No. 1692996

No, he has been very cagey about what is actually wrong. He suggested people complain to their ISPs about being unable to connect to kiwifarms in the hope that business to business complaints will have an effect.

This stream is pretty uninteresting. There's nothing new and Rackets is his usual black void of a personality. If you've been even vaguely following the last months and read this thread it will be the same old and you can skip it.

It's been consistently online for me on my lame ass home internet (EU).

No. 1692998

It’s all Greek to me, I have zero tech knowledge. Something about local ISPs not connecting with each other because something ‘upstream’ is blocking or not allowing them to connect.

No. 1693003

I didn’t get the impression he was being “cagey” at all. He also sounded in pretty good spirits and able to laugh at how ridiculous this thing with Dong-Fong is. He read one of his tweets bragging about “how efficient they were getting at this and laughed because the goon sounds like a comic book villain.

No. 1693008

I mean he didn't say "this is the exact technical problem", though they talked about ISP filtering content. I think he doesn't know for a fact what is going on and doesn't want to say something that may end up not being the case because it is such a big deal.

No. 1693036

Nta you're replying to but he said in a forum post that he knows what's going on and is trying a diplomatic approach first before he spergs out about it.

No. 1693045

Makes sense, thanks.

No. 1693066

I watched 90% of the livestream he did with Nick and it was okay. I was going to ask, "Whats going on" but then I saw you guys talking about him knowing what was up but not freaking out. I'm actively cheering for Josh and will probably look into my ISP thing, because holy shit, what his site is vs. the sheer amount of shit he deals with blows my mind. You'd think he was a legit criminial the way he's treated, but he's just a fattie wanting to run a gossip site. I'll probably get some hate but through all this, I've grown to like the fast talking idiot. Regardless, the site is working really good on tor for me, on my phone and computer, userbase has been around 1k+ all day, but I assume because people are using VPN's.
Also it was funny that Nick basically described the thread picture word for word.
I assume it's because Josh is well spoken or at least goes on this no spaces, long drawn out rants, where he word vomits and it all comes togeather to something understandable that makes him a good listen.
He said something I said on here, but it's common sense, "If kiwifarms was so dangerous how come mulitiple troons, with their real faces/ names online, doxxes posted, constantly gloat and brag about how they are going to stop it/will stop it?"
Because it's not, and anyone with a brain can see that.

No. 1693083

He can be funny, but I think he's afraid of doing so, because so much of his income is from online stuff.

No. 1693116

Wtf, why does he not shave his beard?

No. 1693120

It’s a turn-on for some of these freaks, obvious men with beards wearing makeup and wigs. Just another paraphilia/kink or whatever.

No. 1693135

File: 1667529148252.png (156.05 KB, 1287x347, blaine.png)


No. 1693142

Was he actually a /pol/ mod?

No. 1693143

I'm in Brazil and haven't been able to access it for a couple days now. Any nonas having the same problem?

No. 1693148

Try a European VPN or the TOR version of the site

No. 1693168

The only VPN that works for me is GB Southampton… I feel disgusting disguising myself as an anglo. I guess they really are the based TERF island tho.

No. 1693174

Same in Peru. Use Tor. It's really easy.

No. 1693243

Someone I know from KF says it's now back up on clearnet in Vancouver, Canada after it was down earlier - which means No Dong Liz can also see it on clearnet now

'Kek' doesn't even sum it up

No. 1693247

It's still down for me in burgerland without a VPN. Cheering on Jersh to fix it, I genuinely miss it when it's down

No. 1693309

The fact that Josh have not posted a depressing tl;dr rant about how the internet is dead, explaining how trannies did this, makes me think Dong-Long Gone may not be behind this weird outage.

No. 1693311

Apparently the outages are not caused by a company dropping Null but by a large scale attack directly at the infrastructure.

No. 1693314

And nobody is investigating the origin, because everyone is in on it and troons could get away with murder.

No. 1693319

Terrahost mentioned a major DDOS attack affecting their infrastructure around the same time Kiwifarms went down in the US, although apparently it's resolved now. What else would be keeping the site down besides fuckery from Dong-Long Gone? Attacks on upstreams?

No. 1693322

schizo theory
The resolve to the DDOS was to block the routes(most from burgerland) to the destination(kiwifarms).

No. 1693329

That’s most likely but they’ll work on fixing it. The US system is mostly centralised unlike Europe, so when that part goes down, it goes down for most of the country. So Dongs method had changed but it will be less effective long term since a fix will be put in place and it will be investigated.

No. 1693377

File: 1667564088361.jpg (123.39 KB, 618x853, Capture.JPG)

Latest Telegram info from Josh/KF

No. 1693381

Wasn't it illegal for ISPs to do that prior to net neutrality going away?

No. 1693392

comcast are total bitches are this

No. 1693409

I am 99% sure it’s GTT (a tier 1/backbone network) that’s messing with the traffic

No. 1693411

So it’s not a DDOS attack then?

No. 1693442

Of course he fucking wasn't, he probably made that thread himself to give off the impression he was. Part of his deal has been trying to get on staff of every other forum he infects, so why not just pretend?

No. 1693449

Sounds like he still has hope that this can be fixed and he sounded okay on Rekeita's stream yesterday.

No. 1693458

Before grooming anyone, he might want to groom himself.

No. 1693471

His entire job is literally to read about lolcows all day. You ain't special Blaine. You're just another cow to him.

No. 1693540


Hello, this is Void. His account has been restricted. He can't upload attachments, change his profile, or send private messages.
He claims he has a thread on KF. I won't ban him until I figure out who he is. He's free to overshare until then. Stop being retarded. Naught isn't banned either, just restricted so they can't post anything deviant or degenerate. It's the double edge sword of our policies that exist to allow the 99.9% of normal people to say whatever they want, also allow the 0.1% to say what they want too. Being a degenerate isn't a cause to ban someone. Removed their ability to attach files to their posts resolves the problem.(XY)

No. 1693542

Elon Musk just posted this on Twitter:


“massive drop in revenue due to activist groups pressuring advertisers…they are trying to destroy free speech in America.”

Sound familiar?

No. 1693545

This is the new normal. The left are going full totalitarian regime, ironic.

No. 1693563

Cool now both Mike Thurlow and his best friend Blaine are here.

No. 1693583

Do you think this is partially due to reports that Musk will “review a number of the platform’s hateful conduct policy, including the portion banning ‘targeted misgendering or deadnaming’ of transgender individuals”?

I do. I think this issue is way bigger than what the troon squad is doing to KF.

And where are the @mods? Can’t you ban the assholes like >>1693544
etc. that are shitting all over this thread?

No. 1693584

Well, good thing he's fired all those people. Going to be much cheaper to run now.

On the kiwifarms question, given this is an American thing, shouldn't people be filing FCC complaints over this?

No. 1693590

Null is streaming and talking about the current Situation right now


No. 1693596

He keeps saying it's "funny" if it ends but he sounds sad and/or tired.

No. 1693600

It's like a sad clown moment you autist. Sometimes something sad is so ridiculous you just got to laugh.

No. 1693603

calm the fuck down. I get it.

No. 1693647

>be null
>auction to be the one to ban null from KF
>be banned + bitcoin winner
>do not lowtax self

No. 1693670

Nobody would pay enough for that for Null to agree to that.

No. 1693676

Null said that the ISP provider is willing to talk to him and reverse their decision if he removes some content from the site.

No. 1693684

Null mentioned the farm here in his stream in passing~

No. 1693685

No he didn't.

No. 1693686

Yeah when a mod asked him could they move a thread to stinkditch, he was saying how Lolcow.farm has MTF/FTM's separate threads. I think he reads here, he seems to be online 80% of the time and doesn't shit talk us, so whatever.

No. 1693690

Wonder if he'll do it. What content did they ask him to remove?

No. 1693700

He didn't say what content they asked to be removed. It could be anything.

No. 1693704

I see. Hope we get more info soon.

I think it might be in Jort's best interest to just take a break, not to get No-Dong off his back but for his own sanity. He seems exhausted and I don't think keeping the site up on Tor or something for a bit while he rests would be a bad idea.

No. 1693707

I dont think he can rest while the site is down, that's his issue.

No. 1693708

Hopefully it’s a reasonable request and they didn’t ask him to remove Dong Gone’s thread or something retarded.

No. 1693714

Could just be they ask him to remove things like the Christchurch shooting video

No. 1693738

I mean people/providers look at KF and see the N word, F word etc. all over the place and it just feeds into the HATE SITE! narrative, can’t have that! Likewise when they were doxing keffals in real time from his fucking hotel bedsheets and posting tha address of the fucking hotel he was staying at, and they wonder why in the world are they saying our little site poses a threat to life?? That shit is just handing over ammo to the troons’ campaign that KF is a HATE SITE and threatens our lives!

Why not just ban certain words and no doxing of contact information? Would that really be too much to ask to keep the site up? I think not.

No. 1693745

None of those things are illegal in the US so ISP providers should not be able to remove content from the internet that does not break the law. Since when are ISP providers in charge of content policing? It's bullshit.

No. 1693748

Josh said on the Rekieta livestream yesterday that it was KF exposing Trans Lifeline for embezzling funds years ago that first got them in Dong-Fong’s crosshairs back then. They could still do stuff like that, publicize these freaks’ criminal activity and messy pasts without throwing out nigger kike etc every other word and posting their physical addresses. That shit is gratuitous and unnecessary and only adds fuel to the BAN KF fire.

No. 1693752

>> None of those things are illegal in the US
Doesn’t matter. These providers have in their TOS vague references to “hate speech” that customers agree to thus they can ban anyone they choose (this from the Rekieta livestream also.)

No. 1693753

Banning words because they offend people would go against the idea of freedom of speech, if kiwifarms were to bend to that then the website would be as good as gone. No matter what, people are going to see it as a hate website because it goes against the mainstream narrative, making it more palatable to twittards won't change that, it will only alienate the already existing userbase.

No. 1693769

KF is supposed to be fun tho, the purpose is not to go on moral crusades, although they sometimes dox bad people and get them put in jail (like the Zoosadists) it's primarily a gossip forum where people want to have fun and talk shit. If you sanitize it then the spirit of the site is gone.

No. 1693772

You can't please these people. If you agree to ban the bad words from the site they will ask for something else. There is nothing that is good enough or would appease them unless you turn KF into yet another liberal shithole like twitter.

No. 1693779

I pointed out that nobody cares that kiwifarms has racists anti Semitic weirdos on it. They only care that it talks about troons. Josh says whatever he wants and nobody whines unless it's about Trans. These people are bending not because kiwifarms has racism or seismic. But because it talks about Trans and in particular Trans with an brought twitter followers or connections in tech.
The whole campaign against the site has focused on it being transphobic and killing twanswomem by Two Trans people. Whatever they want taken down I feel like it's not about n words or other shit but something else. Possibly to do with troons or an Troon. If that's even true. I watched most of the live stream and Josh said he got news early on but never said what it was

No. 1693782

Already happened tbh, all the fun has gone from the troon threads since they've been taken over by hectoring mumsnet types, or crusading terfs serious posting and uninvited lecturing.
It's all just moralizing and finger wagging now.

No. 1693784

exactly, i hate this new age idea that everything that is "problematic" (vomit) needs to be neutralised. the rest of the internet is already a boring politically correct circlejerk, we can't lose the few fun places that survived.

No. 1693796

Sounds like the whining of one of the KF dudes who routinely gets his shit kicked in by TERFposters.

No. 1693806

tbh I think at this point everyone is fed up with them, they've turned a few threads into perma moral-fagging. They don't post new content and seem to driven the older users that did find content away.
The trannie threads are all boring these days.

No. 1693816

Josh doesn't complain there's a whole thread you can whine about terms, and people really dislike troons on there, so I don't think thise threads have been "fun" for a while. Even Josh can't talk about troons without his cranky voice shaking with anger. To blame it on the terfs or mumsnet is crazy. Especially since Josh seems to pander and claims to want a "space" for female posters/women to shit on troons. You can't discuss them terf or not without it being "serious" because 90% of the topics is about disgusting dumb shit, not just goofy trans

No. 1693824

Are you the same autist as >>1693596?

No. 1693832

You are embarrassing.

No. 1693844

File: 1667596071953.jpg (22.96 KB, 436x365, 1618239596920.jpg)

TOS are not recognized by law you dumb fuck, if the site isn't breaking the law you cannot just randomly decide to force other companies to stop providing kiwi farms services, this isnt a fucking monopoly (in theory anyways, in reality these company's commit more incest than fucking alabama, and the only reason they get away with it is due to nobody wanting to spend years fighting them on court)

No. 1693858

Watch Rekieta’ stream from yesterday, you dumb fuck. He addresses this issue directly. These providers can boot whomever they want to (and they have, obviously.) It doesn’t have anything to do with what’s “legal” or “illegal.”

No. 1693869

>watch dogshit funny man lawyer that has no idea what dumb shit he spews

No. 1693872

Lots of information in just the first 8 minutes of today’s MATI stream (thanks to >>1693590 for the links.)

- KF current ISP, Terrahost, is committed to keeping KF up and they are not bending to the troons’ mass complaints. This seems like a major win. (Shoutout to the Nordic descendants of Viking Warriors.) However, having failed there, the troons have now targeted the ‘upstream’ company.

- the problem is that the company that controls the cables that allow ISPs to connect to the internet may have caved and is currently blocking anything getting through (in the US and Australia, Europe still has connectivity.)

- Josh not naming the company yet bc he is still in the process of trying to work this out with them. If that fails then mass complaints to the company is the next step.

- This company is “lying to their employees” (what that means I don’t know.) Something shady that involves Dong-Fong probably.

- One hopeful note- there is a “huge datacenter” in Dallas that a friend there is trying to help Josh get on their system. Equinex(?) If that works out it might enable KF to get back up in the US.

So jersh has been talking to a lot of companies working on this, and has “friends” (just like Dong-Fong does) that want to help.

No. 1693877

They could just take a bit more of a 4chan approach and use their rules system. Racism is still rampant but mods will come down on people for being too extreme, which is maybe something kf could use (if only to control some of the autism there at least).

No. 1693884

I understand what you mean but there’s no reason people can’t post funny tranny screenshots alongside the relentless effortpost moral sperging. The people who only show up to the tranny sideshow thread to bitch are at least as annoying as the moral spergs themselves imo

No. 1693886

so basically capitulation then.

No. 1693943

File: 1667601260970.jpeg (223.82 KB, 1242x593, DA0946B8-DE49-4213-BD7C-C04D82…)

This anon already posted it but I think the actual post is funnier(this cp spamming moid being a kiwiscrote, not suprising at all.)

No. 1694012

The current issue appears to be that not only is a fiber backbone refusing to carry KF traffic, it is openly advertising they to do and that they have a very efficient route. This attracts maximal traffic, and when they get that traffic they just reply that the host is terminally unreachable. This ends the routing process and everyone gets error pages.

This is very dubious activity to me. I can see how they can refuse to do business with someone, but I can't see how they can defend luring traffic and then explicitly spiking it.

If they don't want to carry KF traffic, just drop the route announcements. Easy and done.

If the traffic causes them problems, blackhole it and let some other network handle it. Happens every day.

However this wouldn't accomplish the goal, since machines would just route around them. There are other paths, as half the world knows. This is why the TOR browser can reach KF when Chrome can't. TOR doesn't believe their lies.

So it seems pretty blatant that they're not content to have their network clean, they want the site shut down.

I have a hard time seeing how this is even baseline legal. The key point isn't that they're blocking traffic on their network, the point is that they've gone out of way to prevent alternate routes from emerging. It seems like direct interference in KF's business, to me.

No. 1694017

maybe u have the same ip as the cp poster, unlucky

No. 1694024

Had the same thing happen to me, the staff is just bad.

No. 1694031

Thanks for the updates. I assume you're the same anon as >>1693872 due to the writing style, so thanks for that too. The way this ISP is behaving is extremely slimy and definitely would qualify as interfering with someone's business and not providing equal treatment under their own policies.

A legal case can be made on Kiwi Farms behalf. The problem would be winning the lawsuit. The ISP's lawyers could probably find some stupid loophole to argue in favor of a fiber optic cable company being able to ban the content transferred over it. The vile regime in charge of America is also deeply invested in people able to censor people who oppose it, so they would want to avoid a precedent being set at all costs.

No. 1694064

>> The vile regime in charge of America is also deeply invested in being able to censor people who oppose it

Indeed. This is playing out on Twitter as we speak.

Elon Musk on Twitter yesterday: “Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring the advertisers…They’re trying to destroy free speech in America.”

Musk just now responded to a tweet urging him to “Name and shame the advertisers who are succumbing to the advertiser boycotts, so we can counter-boycott them.” with this:

“Thank you. A thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues.”

This is bigger than KF vs the troon squad. This shit is happening on a national scale.

And >>1694031, I’m not that anon.

No. 1694076

Site Is back up on the clear net, just checked I'm in the US Woot Woot!

No. 1694089

EL OH EL get fucked cock waffles

No. 1694093

Nonnies is the site working for you on the clearnet? Trying to see if it just came back up for me or everyone

No. 1694097

Nothing on my end. If there's a big enough change, I'm sure Josh will say something on Telegram or Poast.

No. 1694098

kf is back up for me on clearnet too

No. 1694099

Nevermind Josh announced on telegram that the site is available to everyone. I hope it stays up for good this time

No. 1694100

What did he remove?

No. 1694102

File: 1667610044228.jpg (134.38 KB, 495x853, Screenshot_20221104-210055_Tel…)

Don't know but must not have been a big thing because nobody noticed. Along ekth keffals announcing his depression and "killing kiwifarms" again today has been a interesting day

No. 1694103

File: 1667610209036.png (12.32 KB, 857x215, dddddd.png)

i still get this trying to load the farms

No. 1694107

Same here.

No. 1694110

They're on meth.

No. 1694111

He edited the telegram thing to say changes may take a bit for some people. Thats all I know. Some have issues others like me don't

No. 1694117

Null edited his most recent Telegram post with the sentence "(Changes may take time to propagate. Just wait a bit.)"

I'm in the Midwestern U.S., and it's working for me right now. I'm seeing reports on 4chan of lots of other areas of the U.S. which are now able to view the site. If you're from a rural area it may take longer to change since your local internet provider company (who is downstream of the big tier 1 ISPs) likely has a smaller number of staff and cannot quickly make updates.

I also don't know what the status is for South American users. It may take longer for them to catch up. South America seemed to come back last or near last in past KF outages

No. 1694120

Anyone who wants to see the changes live can just look here.


This is much better than it was earlier today.

If you're retarded, red=bad.

No. 1694124

>San Francisco currently has 100% loss of access to Kiwi Farms.
Please keep it this way, Josh. Absolutely nothing of value was lost.

No. 1694125

Josh only keeps young, supple male staff…idk why.

No. 1694126

he resigned as a mod after some politisperging (maybe in A&H?)

No. 1694127

What exactly did Josh do here to get the site working again if GTT has still dropped them?

No. 1694128

File: 1667612134305.png (152.29 KB, 2242x512, evIBvSh.png)

Samefag. Guess he resolved things with GTT after all?