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File: 1667626202883.jpg (354.85 KB, 600x450, A. kolomikta cv. Krupnoplodnay…)

No. 1694270

Kiwi Farms is back up again despite Liz Fong-Jones exploiting his connections in the Tech world to get KF's hosting pulled. Time will tell if Josh has stood firm in what is likely to be the farms' darkest hour, but for now it seems Jones has cut of a head of the hydra only for more to take its place.

If you don't like this site, you should probably go back to where you came from. If you want to stay, you should probably try to assimilate.

- Proper resolution of the blackholing issue appears to be mostly (still not fully) resolved in the USA at time of posting.
- Josh simps and detractors are both present and most take a binary dogmatic view. Think critically before reaching conclusions.
- Liz Fong Jones continues to go after the companies who owner the majority of the physical wire that the internet runs on, known as "Tier 1" ISPs by complaining while seething.
- Josh appears to have reached some sort of resolution with Hurricane Electric who was not returning an proper IP to kiwifarms.net.
- It came out that Liz Fong-Jones had sexually assaulted someone, but what they termed a "consent-accident" instead of something more problematic.
- Josh has said that he intends to talk to the media, it is uncertain if this will blow up in his face or work sucessfully.
- Expect further downtime since Josh specifically posted to bookmark the telegram.
- Troons managed to "blackhole" the farms by a tier 1 ISP(s) to not return an address, a real world analogy would be your government removing your street address.
- Before that, they managed to get farms kicked off by a tier 1 ISP.
- OnionFarms is basically a dedicated anti-Josh site where the host allows and encourages touching the shit.
- Dropkiwifarms is a lolcow in his own right and has been non-stop posting about the farms just like his old habits in Fallout76. You may find his posts repetitive and asinine as e is literally off his medications when not skinwalking as his ex.
- Report and ignore gaslighting CP/Gore poster Nonnas. Poster seems to be also arguing with themselves.

You can check if KF is blackholed here: https://ping.pe/
As of writing, it appears the only ISP that are still blackholing are Digital Ocean (USA), Prometeus (Italy), Binaryracks (Egypt).

Kiwi telegram (Beware, suffering awaits all who enter)

Josh's podcast "Mad at the Internet" telegram (Source of some of his info):

Kiwifarms on Tor (Semi-down to to DDOS at time of this post):

You'll need the tor browser or brave to view these. WARNING It is known in certain countries you will/may get watchlisted (NZ, UK, US, CAN, FRA) or get in trouble (P.R. China, Russia, Iran) for using Tor, just because it is encrypted doesn't mean the government can't find out it's you by proving you're the only person using Tor over an IP. Discretion is advised and is sometimes the better choice over valor.

Last thread:

Old threads:
>>>/snow/1662925 (Tier 1 ISP stuff starts here)
>>>/snow/1627717 (Keffals shit starts here)

Archive KF thread on lolcow.farm (in case if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread, very enlightening:

No. 1694275

>video begins talking about how he was the victim of a massive news story that was initiated by himself

No. 1694277

>kiwis can't climb
Not if you're talking about kiwifruit Nonna <3

No. 1694286

Lol this is so dramatic. Who's going to take one for the team and watch the video?

No. 1694287

File: 1667628479105.jpg (221.51 KB, 1080x1573, 1667515704148.jpg)

Reminder that this is the face of the schizo tranny who regularly spams these threads.

No. 1694288

File: 1667628612081.png (1.01 MB, 643x787, 1634423549571.png)

And this is the face of the DropKiwiFarms guy.

No. 1694295

Null is adorable, the funny thing is that he would probably pass pretty well if he trooned out. He has very pretty eyes, no caveman brow, no permanent five o clock shadow and a very round cute face. It must make trannies seethe that he isn't mentally ill enough to join their cult despite ticking a lot of boxes.

No. 1694296

File: 1667629199389.jpg (48.01 KB, 379x379, 2.jpg)

Even compared to Liz he's a paragon of normalcy. Liz is a brony and a plural (thinks there's multiple people living in his head).

No. 1694301

He's normal compared to most other terminally online moids into programming. If he has any weird disgusting fetishes he's not talking about them, he's not a troon, femboy or homosexual, he doesn't post his dick and bumhole on the internet, he hasn't had any "consent accidents" And doesn't whine all day about women not having sex with him. He seems to have hobbies outside the internet with his gardening stuff and he travels a lot/moves across the globe so he touches grass at least occasionally. It's a lot more normal than can be said for his enenies.

No. 1694303

File: 1667629970612.jpg (466.52 KB, 1005x1036, Screenshot_20221104-231927_Twi…)

This one calls himself Liz's right hand.

No. 1694304

File: 1667630362715.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1…)

Someone should make a collage of every troon involved in this saga.

No. 1694308

File: 1667631171822.png (485.12 KB, 1020x574, keffals_unfiltered.png)

Can't forget the one who started it all.

No. 1694309

idk you guys i feel so inadequate comparing myself to these very feminine beauties. look at their pretty hair and omg those dresses!
'fraid us biowomen just can't compete!

No. 1694311

File: 1667631389082.jpg (124.59 KB, 250x340, keffals4.jpg)

truly beauty and grace

No. 1694312

File: 1667631747723.png (546.28 KB, 484x642, LA CREATURAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

lest you forget this lovely, extremely female facade

No. 1694314

How will biological women recover /s

No. 1694315

can't even feel bad for someone so pathetic and ugly that willingly imposes themselves on to the world as a nuisance. ywnbaw

No. 1694318

The fact this incel has as of today officially "stepped away" from the internet (i.e ran away with his tail between his legs) is so golden

No. 1694319

its all a ploy for something they can add to the emails to try and get kf taken offline

No. 1694321

I hope he sticks to that claim. It would probably be better for his mental health to spend less time on the web.

No. 1694323

Kek. Didn't see this arc coming. When the e-thots skinwalking play didn't pan out, he went back to the classic. Playing victim.
I hope you're wrong but deep down I can already see the seethes "they harassed a trans streamer off the internet!!1" when most likely this is about doxbin. (didn't watch his vid)

No. 1694327

While this is true, he's too terminally online to actually give it up. He thrives on the attention. I give him a week.

No. 1694332

File: 1667633826769.jpg (59.07 KB, 680x510, f8e.jpg)

>wearing a literal dog collar

No. 1694337

Null already said he won't host in Russia because the feds will not like it and his website will be painted as anti-american terrorists even more. Some ex FBI guy already threatened it on twitter.

No. 1694347

>that like to retweet ratio
Bots don’t watch videos, Lucas.

No. 1694348

Imagine going to jail because of kf
Lol if trannies didn't exist this wouldn't even be a discussion.

No. 1694371

What is the current tor address?
This one isn't working rn:


No. 1694373

Medieval bread thief phenotype (trooped out due to cowardice and to avoid medieval war)

No. 1694377

Spine like a damn question mark

No. 1694385

Except he already had a Russian VPS that deplatformed him due to a "Ho Ho Holocaust" joke.

No. 1694386

thread is well written but the picrel is shit lol

No. 1694388

sage faggot

No. 1694389

I think it's a kiwi plant?

No. 1694395

gardening stuff ? damn yall gonna make josh look like a cutie pie kek

No. 1694400

nonna i laughed but i have don't have the right gif to express the level of laughter
something between a chuckle and an lol

No. 1694401

File: 1667645763309.png (397.7 KB, 1050x1228, SanFrandicko.png)

Looks like the only holdout is one company in San Francisco. Why am I not surprised?

No. 1694402

he grows cute little peppers on his serbian shithole balcony and i believe he tried to take care of a couple of pigeons that nested there
which is kinda nice tbh

No. 1694406

Not just peppers, he also grew peas and herbs for cooking, which he also does apparently. He even baked his own bread to recreate a subway sandwich with his banana peppers because they don't have that in Serbia.

No. 1694409

>on the sharty

No. 1694413

Spine identifies as a swan's neck.

No. 1694419

File: 1667648892465.jpg (125.72 KB, 1080x715, 1662307896690328.jpg)

No. 1694420

File: 1667648945940.jpg (352.55 KB, 2048x1356, 1502155177885.jpg)

Here, have some more.

No. 1694421

>Daintily gripping the consent knife.

No. 1694422

File: 1667649059183.png (2.03 MB, 1194x1157, pigeons.png)

He has a hunch just like Keffals, lol. The troon hump.

No. 1694425

beautiful, elegant, graceful

No. 1694426

>pets you don't have to take to the vet

No. 1694431

I thought it was a rose bush at first glance and was like tf. Kek at the nonny saying josh will seem like a cutie pie because of that

No. 1694438

that cake looks so fucking tired lmao

No. 1694441

File: 1667651480058.jpg (64 KB, 501x651, p.jpg)

The priest too.

No. 1694450

File: 1667652265438.jpg (435.21 KB, 1080x1795, eevee.jpg)

No. 1694451

Could be me, same experience, y'all fucked with too many people and now you're finding out.
Faggot bitches hahahahahaha

No. 1694457

File: 1667652707905.png (60.25 KB, 1652x274, wtf.PNG)

No. 1694468

i got you

>starts off by victimizing himself and how tough this year has been for him

>ego strokes himself about taking down the kiwifarms
>but it came at a cost!! so much harassment!!!
>2:03 "Intentionally, for the success of the campaign, was make myself a lightning rod. I egged kiwifarms on. I wanted them to attack me because by doing that I was able to show the world how fucking vile they are. That's what did it that's what made us win that campaign."
>says he cant turn back to normal because of all the harassment he received
>behind the scenes everything was so hard he even had depression boohoo
>meets all criteria for PTSD??? (according to his psychologist)
>wants to get back to streaming and doing political commentary but it has been so hard
>he has regrets!!! he has been combative for no reason and says sorry to everyone he ever lashed out at
>it has been difficult because people see him as a spokesperson now for the trans community and he never asked for that
>12:04 claims that the drop kiwifarms campaign succeeded because "they are struggling to stay alive ever since cloudflare dropped them" fails to mention his lego head friendo who is literally pulling strings behind the scenes which is causing the kiwifarms to be unstable but gives himself all the credit because ofc
>joshua moon is terrified! it is the end of kiwifarms!!!
>12:56 "As was said in the last statement of the campaign, the point was always just to remove their biggest providers. It wasn't to completely de-platform them from the internet because that's something that's almost impossible to do."
>the things he has gone through fucked with his brain so hard!!! ptsd is so difficult to deal with!!!
>talks about getting lash extensions
>i zoned out at this point so idk if he said anything interesting, probably not
>he will still stream but his schedule will be sporadic
>avoids getting into confrontation cause he cant handle it right now
>"people compare me to chris chan but we have nothing in common except for being transgender"
>zoned out again because his voice is literally auditory ambien even at 2x speed
>after the 20 minute mark he mainly keeps repeating himself
>he wanted to take down kiwifarms cause he knew that as long as the site exists, his life would be hell
>claims that internet harassment is normal, but it's not normal how much he got harassed

i want to alog so hard especially about his ptsd claim. if he got ptsd over anything it would probably be over cutting his dick off, but no, people saying mean words on the internet made him lose his shit?! i cant with this guy.

No. 1694471

Also its been over 12 hours since null made his last telegram post and I still can't access the clear net link

No. 1694474

It works fine with a VPN.

No. 1694490

Anyone else still having clearnet issues?

No. 1694496

i can get .net via tor but nothing else

No. 1694501

No. 1694506

which thread is yours?

No. 1694509

The TiM thread, obviously

No. 1694513

No. 1694527

Thank you anon! Sounds like he made a long video to say mostly nothing again

No. 1694530

That is some serious schizo shit.

No. 1694533

That guy is actually way more crazy than I thought he would be. Might be one of the more unhinged troons I've come across. Explains a lot.

No. 1694554

He's extra angry because he just got doxxed kek

No. 1694566

We have to be prepared for extra spam then. Hopefully he doesn't bring out his CP/gore.

No. 1694571

Why do troons still insist on posting ugly ass wojacks that no woman ever saves or uses?

No. 1694577

Don't be too hard on him nonna, alongside his unmedicated schizophrenia, schizo troon probably has severe autism so his damaged brain assumes his mental illness filtered through stupid 4chan memes is peak "comedy" instead of the actual retardation it is.

No. 1694579

Kek at the cope he hasn't lived at the doxxed address in 5 years when the license was issued in 2020. What a retard.

No. 1694580

god these people look visibly retarded

No. 1694584

This is a huge part of why trannies rule over online spaces with an iron fist. They know that people irl are repulsed by them on a visceral level. Even people who support their rights have to put on pretend smiles and act like they aren't threatened by their grotesque presence. The only place they can truly live out their delusions of womanhood is the internet.

No. 1694587

It's fairly rare for autism and schizophrenia to present together. Autism and bipolar is more common. Either way meds would probably help him some.

No. 1694595

I never meant to be funny, I went off on a tangent about mental illness. Learn2read.

No. 1694598

How long until Blaine 41%s himself? It feels like its taking an eternity. I will pop a bottle of champagne on the day it happens.

No. 1694601

File: 1667662749429.jpg (428.92 KB, 1080x1891, tism.jpg)

Nta but.

No. 1694606

I would like for him to get better. Proper medication, detrooning and limited internet access.
My bad then. Let's go with an autism + schizophrenia combo as an explanation for the Blaine phenomenon. Either way, he should definitely go outside more.

No. 1694609

>I would like for him to get better
The only thing that would fix him is a noose

No. 1694611

I have hope for most cows, but this one is a pedo so maybe you are right.

No. 1694613

If by go outside you mean wander unsuspectingly onto a busy highway in the middle of a delusional mania, then yes it should go outside

No. 1694624

Is KF down for anyone else?

No. 1694626

Been working fine for me the whole time. I have a good VPN and I can always access clearnet.

No. 1694629

He was doxed over a year ago, wtf are you talking about "just got doxed?" Guarantee you he made that thread himself, think about it, it claims he's a jannie, something he desperately wants to be.

No. 1694686

Works fine for me, on regular internet (no VPN, no Tor.) Currently 2K online.

(I’m in SE USA)

No. 1694690

I haven't been able to access it on clearnet for a while

No. 1694691

you forgot this specific part (where u zoned out lmao)
>i cant live without internet lmao
>if i have a notification i have quickly to see it otherwise my heartbeat race like crazy
>i cant live far from my phone anymore
>when i was getting lash extension i had to close my eyes for 2h (since the procedure works like that) and when i heard a notification i couldnt see it so i stressed out like a bitch
>talks about his vacation in northen ireland w the other troon and when his friends told him via messages to not go near the poutine shop bc of a fake bomb alert and that he was getting stalked lmao

No. 1694731

File: 1667676147705.png (141.99 KB, 819x771, enemies.png)

This made me laugh so hard. I got this from the "drop kiwifarms" thread. It's like none of these people even know what's going on.

No. 1694733

i've never been to oovoojava

No. 1694742

So he was actually a /pol/ trannyjanny? Don't you need to dox yourself to the head admin to become a janny? Did they not bother to google his name lmfao

No. 1694744

it's cute

No, and he probably made the thread himself

No. 1694758

no correlation w the drama

No. 1694799

File: 1667682009032.png (726.73 KB, 1080x804, cursedimage.png)

someone posted another keffals exposé & does a good job at getting to the key points about his unhinged behavior concisely.

also apparently Destiny says there's a cease & desist in the mail for lucas. and idk if any nonnas watched/noticed but on Rekieta's Null stream he was allegedly "swatted" on stream. Swatted in quotes because the police seem to be aware this is an occurrence.

No. 1694814

I saw that, when he saw that Keffals said he was leaving the internet he let out a evil laugh. Said he's going to recieve some mail soon-
>>nobody likes you (keffals)
>> your whole internet presence is agruing with people
It's hilarious coming from destiny but it's still true. Keffals is extremely unlikable. It's crazy he was literally on CNN, alleged he was swatted and still in the end. Nobody really cares outside of his twitter followers. Every single person he's agrued with or tried to get deplatformed, not only came back, but in some cases with more support.
Everyone he's talked about gets more views on every platform. Josh rants about dumb shit and gets like 3k viewers metakour is very very sick and gets thousands of views. Nick got kicked off youtube, got opened onto another platform with open arms somehow gets 20k viewers on one stream and got back on YouTube. Destiny has always had his audience.
Meanwhile nobody cares about Keffals. It's kind of crazy he's the perfect victim for this kind thing, but no everyone is shitting on him. Even with the 100k he doesn't seem happy. Keffals really lost

No. 1694815

Also, yes I say that I guess they just call him instead of running in like crazy people. It's very ironic. While talking about the evil swatting site that kills. No gets swatted and its not from a kiwifarmer…

No. 1694823

No. 1694834

Still can't access the site from eastern Canada

No. 1694837

no luck in west coast us either

No. 1694849

>"people compare me to chris chan but we have nothing in common except for being transgender"

I bet Fong is pissed he can’t lash out over Lucas taking credit since Lucas going offline works best for the narrative of being bullied off the internet.

No. 1694880

is it even up for anyone? i'm in europe and it doesn't work for me

No. 1694882

I think people are trolling I've tried every VPN and it's been down all day.

No. 1694888

idk about the free ones but Surfshark + Netherlands server seems to be working just fine Nonnita. I'm in Dong-Gone's thread right now laughing at their low-poly ps2 graphic tier/Minecraft block he calls a face.

No. 1694891

It's working for me, albeit slowly.

No. 1694898

File: 1667691150757.png (219.83 KB, 2250x512, zSzOVqm.png)

Update from Null on GTT.

No. 1694938

It works for me and has been since the site cane back up yesterday

No. 1694948

What thread is this from? Sounds like things are being “sorted” but I want details as to how.

No. 1694957


Doubt we'll be getting any details until things are sorted out.

No. 1695000

I don't understand how the farms can be down in Europe. Don't they have common carrier laws in the EU. If they refuse to route can't they be arrested?

No. 1695002

Call their manager.

No. 1695004

It works for me with Private Internet Access from all US IPs.

No. 1695006

File: 1667702589491.jpeg (573.04 KB, 1743x1449, 32603117-3AF7-4262-A153-B9FC12…)

What part of Europe are you in? According to this, there’s a server down in Italy but the rest of the EU is all up.

No. 1695040

Are you changing the VPN location? Changing to TX worked for me, but CA and the PNW were down.

No. 1695047

josh lives in serbia?

No. 1695083

>almost unfortunately
he really wanted to go on tucker huh

No. 1695099

Great watch. Was concerned cause Willy is pretty left-leaning I was worried he was gonna use kid gloves on Keffals, but other than calling him “her”(lol), he actually goes pretty hard

No. 1695121

i think libshits are reveling in the fact that they can finally shit on an annoying tranny without being cancelled for transphobia, they cant say what they really think about disgusting troons so they have to be all "well SHE is a valid beautiful stunning brave woman, BUT SHE did a bad oopsie". Pathetic really.

No. 1695134

Or they aren't an inhuman freak like you who judges others like that. Your views are not normal and held by less of the population than are trans. Less than five percent lmfao.

No. 1695143

a lot of people still view trans people as weird and abnormal

No. 1695156

I'd go farther and say most people off the internet are still repulsed by the sight of trans people. Few look passable and the stench is genuinely pretty bad, and this is before you factor in their actual behavior in public.

There's a reason a lot of trans people choose to spend most of their time on the internet.

No. 1695159

File: 1667729612279.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

>inhuman freak like you
>like you

fuck off revolting tranny, this forum shits on moids and skinwalking moids, if you're that bothered by it you can migrate to 4chan or something.
There exists an entire mainstream for you to dickride in, but lolcow farm ain't it.

Shitting on Nonnas for being rightfully disgusted by these goblins ain't it either. This is weak bait at best. If it's not, learn to integrate, this is not the pro-troon audience you seek.

No. 1695203

File: 1667738319676.png (31.86 KB, 658x284, 8998.png)

the irony of a troon referring to anything as a hate cult after their devastating cruelty to their own like KC Miller and detrans is big kek


I guess this hate cult that celebrates the body you're born into is the bad guy these days. Enjoy your seethe!

No. 1695216

Is that a schoolbus?

No. 1695222

By Serbian standards, Josh is a leftwing globalist

No. 1695223

I never understood how anons were able to access the website until I switched from United Kingdom to Chicago and it works fine now.

No. 1695238

Lovely. How long until Turkey Tom and Kira TV do their own videos cause views.

No. 1695267

Still not loading on my end (SE US).

No. 1695268

No. 1695270

People who don't use VPNs to browse KF are actual retards and probably don't deserve to be on it anyways. Get a fucking VPN. There are free ones.

No. 1695272

Why would you need a VPN to browse KF? Serious question.

No. 1695277

To practice basic internet security. You should always use a VPN, on any site. It's like having sex with a stranger without a condom if you don't use one.

No. 1695278

i bet you use condoms too lmao

No. 1695279

I don't know, I'm just laying bait.(baiting)

No. 1695281

What a fucking nerd lol.

No. 1695351

Did the Telegram chat get switched to private? I can't view it via "preview channel" anymore.

No. 1695353

Yeah I think so. I can't see it either. Did he post something new and substantial in it?

No. 1695354

So does anyone actually have any more news on when this site is ever going to go back up? I can’t even find the website archived on the wayback machine.

No. 1695355

File: 1667756568257.jpeg (119.05 KB, 2022x363, BABF3F0E-870D-48CD-BFEA-6E739B…)

The latest update from jersh:

Where are you located? It’s been up and 100% functional for me (SE USA) since Friday night.

No. 1695356

Not him, but it doesnt work in eastern Canada with Rogers

No. 1695375

Not that anon but western US is still borked

No. 1695379

Not functional on West Coast Crapcast internet.

Took a look at the HaltDOS that the serial harassers are going after right now. It's not going to work cause it's "Software" i.e. if they pull the license, Jersh could theoretically keep using it on his own hardware just like with Xenforo.

It's also a Pajeet outfit so the likelihood of them giving a shit is next to none.

No. 1695384

Wayback Machine wiped them not long after Cloudflare happened due to troons reeings.

No. 1695385

Here in bongland, it's a requirement for ISPs to record the domain name of every site you visit, and any random piece of shit like the local council refuse department can apply to view it.

No. 1695389

Being a west coaster I must be forced to use Digital ocean because KF has never come back up since it's been down for me.

Also I cant access telegram for some reason.

No. 1695406

NE-ish and I still can't bring it up on clearnet. Ho hum.

No. 1695409

Red 5, can't access the clearnet, standing by.

No. 1695438

I’m in Nevada and it’s coming up just fine clearnet and no VPN. So yea I dunno what’s up with that.

Again I’d like to thank LCF for allowing us a space here even if it’s annoying at times.

No. 1695441

Belgium using nord works for me. Are there even Belgian troons?

No. 1695460

Troons come from the Belgium/German border.

No. 1695486

Explain it in actual networking terms, not a condom analogy please. I do want to understand.

No. 1695490

I’d use a vpn everywhere if I could but a lot of sites know and will block you. Even 4chan somehow has every vpn blacklisted (at least from nordvpn, Mullvad and express vpn).

No. 1695496

any of you nonnas make a kf account since all of this started? i kind of want to but idk with all the issues the site is having rn it doesn't feel like the right time. can any internet safety anons confirm or deny that i am schizo?

No. 1695498

wait i thought registrations are closed for now

No. 1695500

I thought about it, but as far as I can tell, its still invite only.

No. 1695502

ah shit really? thanks for letting me know, i hadn't tried yet so i wasn't aware.

No. 1695506

ayrt nah, i just didn't realize they reopened, sorry. old news

No. 1695518

nice so my original question >>1695496 still stands, IT nonnas itt plz

No. 1695520

Still need an invite code, just checked.

No. 1695521

ah shit, i glanced very briefly and haven't noticed. hasn't Josh said he plans to reopen more broad registrations sometime later? (prob much much later considering drama is always ongoing)
ayrt i thought about it. but idk, i always lurked and still can lurk without logging as well, and kf is more fast paced than here. recent drama made me think about joining finally. but anyway, invite only for now.

No. 1695523

-DNS server is the first point of contact that your browser makes when you try to access information over the internet.
-The servers receive a request to resolve a domain name (e.g. lolcow.farm) to an IP address when you enter a website address in your browser.
-The DNS server therefore knows which pages you are visiting and which resources you are looking at. (every URL, every file downloaded, every image that loads on a website, ads)
-The owners of these servers have the ability to associate your personal IP address with the names of all the sites you connect to and store this data indefinitely. This does not mean that they do log or store it indefinitely but they may and they can so you need to trust whatever their policy says.

There are some countries that ISPs are actually required by laws to store said information. Like bongland as >>1695385 attested. VPN (depending on providers policies and country they're located in) can alleviate this problem.

No. 1695526

ayrt and i agree, i love this site but it's too slow, kf seems much more active. sucks that josh still hasn't reopened registration.

No. 1695551

Guy who felt real comfortable sharing sexual materials with teenagers on some old forums. Got called out for an entirely different situation where he and his wife were sexting a teenager? It’s happened like three times and he claims they’re all lies, then they blamed it on the wife’s real husband. I was on a forum with this guy and he was a weirdo, 19 year old talking about sex and fetishes on a forum full of pre teens and early teens. I don’t know if the kiwi shit is true but this guy 100% was too comfortable with talking freaky sex shit with people way younger than him.

No. 1695596

> The DNS server therefore knows which pages you are visiting and which resources you are looking at. (every URL, every file downloaded, every image that loads on a website, ads)
Not quite, the domain name isn't resolved for every page you visit, but every domain you visit and the association between the domain and IP address can be cached between multiple visits. The DNS server definitely has no idea of what pages or URLs you visit, just what domains you lookup.

No. 1695601

There are still a bunch of threads on archive.is though

No. 1695653

Random musing, but I just want to know why Keffals, Dong dun Gone and all the rest of these mutants thought "take the stereotypical worst aspects of men (boorish, intractable, always right and shouts down any dissent. Aggressively imposes his will physically, mentally and emotionally) and those of women (nagging, humourless and spiteful, uses passive aggression) and thinks THIS! This is what I want to be!"

They're not men. They're CERTAINLY not women. They're not even your ordinary tranny who just wants a quiet life and recognises the fuglies are shitting the bed. Its like the worst petty aspects of humanity all shoved into an external skin which is just as ugly as the internals, cos all the worst troons are nightmare fuel as either gender. Just who the fuck wants to BE this?

No. 1695659

All that's what you get when trannies try too hard.

They were likely shit people before the transition, but post-op they make their whole personality trying to be female, shoving it down everyone's throats as much as they can. They post edgy shit like "I'm a bad bitch" or "I'm a queen," they act aggressive on Twitter and seethe at anyone telling them otherwise. They become twenty times more obnoxious than they ever were before, all to keep their minds off the cold hard truth that they refuse to face: they aren't women.

Many of them don't function in society at all and live off NEET bucks of some kind, or they're like Keffals and grift for cash. People rightfully scowl at them offline, so they take themselves to the internet because they see it as their only escape, which further exacerbates any mental health issues they have.

No. 1695665

They are all severely mentally ill and instead of treating them psychologists have decided to just reinforce their mental illness.

No. 1695666

Its like the nurture/nature debate writ extremely small and who cares what's writ anyway because we're forced into RightThink. I look like a man, I certainly act like the worst sort of man BUT.I.AM.WOMUN! Are ye feck.

I do wonder how realistically they see themselves as women and if the very obvious disconnect tips them into troonrage. No amount of FFS is ever going to help ones like Wu or Dong dun Gone but do they see that realistically beforehand then have typical incel-rage when they don't turn out to be the princess they envisage themselves? Or do they know they aren't and are furious about it so behave like the worst men and just force it on the rest of us? Are they going to end up shoving the terribly damaged down the queue for face-transplant just so they get a real woman's face? (I think I mean that as a joke but…)

I'm not a trans hater at all tho I really do understand why some women are. But these fuckers…its sort of fascinating but any conversation is moot because we see instant masculine rage patterns shutting us down and then they can just fuck off.

No. 1695671


Samefag, but yep. And when/why did that happen? It never used to be the case, transitioning was a psychological marathon with pushback all the way. Then suddenly MH professionals just rolled over. Insanity.

No. 1695695

liz dong gone has gone private

No. 1695696

File: 1667796972049.png (232.99 KB, 599x618, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 15.55…)

Man down! I repeat, Man down!

No. 1695700


Did something specific happen to prompt this?

No. 1695702

unsure, looking at his mentions on twitter some guy seems to be bringing up his "consent accidents" to the isps hes tweeting at and that they should disregard his false accusations

No. 1695703

File: 1667797605696.png (57.4 KB, 806x182, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.05…)

Minor update. I hope you're keeping an eye on this admin.


No. 1695708

skimming the last couple pages of the LFJ thread on KF, it seems like a combo of his "consent accident" with another Googler in their Zürich office getting more well-known, and being pissy over Elon's takeover of Twitter. Probably gonna take a day or two to figure out how to spin it as le evil kiwifarmers lying and literally doing stochastic terrorism on him.
Keffals is of course still posting every couple of hours despite announcing he's taking a break from the internet.

No. 1695791

Guess who used to work for Epic, what a funny coincidence.

No. 1695815

His final tweet was bitching about twitter and saying “I’m done I’m done I’m done” because of Elon, so it’s a classic “I’m quitting twitter forever… see you next week” deal.

No. 1695817

File: 1667815764097.png (37.31 KB, 508x634, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 21.08…)

Something big has happened re. ISPs

No. 1695818

File: 1667815791597.png (16.63 KB, 875x354, Fgw5lQgUoAEYu9v.png)


No. 1695819

thats a lot of boxes

No. 1695821

Good or bad though?

No. 1695822

What happened to the 1299 node?

No. 1695824

Very good, a tier 1 ISP is now serving KF. No idea if 1299 caved due to pressure or if it's now unnecessary though.

No. 1695829

File: 1667816494236.png (49.51 KB, 487x555, img_zhmVPauM.png)

No. 1695830

File: 1667816522270.png (270.28 KB, 787x921, img_e8HkWDKY.png)

I'm thinking that it might be time to celebrate.

No. 1695831

this is the second time you have btfo me by a few seconds.

No. 1695836

So is the product of Josh's new amicable approach of actually communicating with ISPs instead of depressing telegram spergposting?

No. 1695837

based on my limited knowledge it looks like more isps are willing to connect with them now

No. 1695838

I think Terrahost is flexing its muscles ( >>1695703 ). Could be wrong but he'd be spergposting everywhere if he sorted it by himself.

No. 1695839

yeah it turns out if you just use your inside voice and communicate clearly you look way more sane than a bunch of screeching dudes in dresses.

No. 1695840

west coast u.s. comcast and finally back on not-tor

No. 1695842

i'm on the east cost and can finally connect on clearnet

No. 1695843

File: 1667817665557.png (28.77 KB, 1206x94, lol.png)

this made me chuckle for some reason

No. 1695845

I don't know. Who did?

No. 1695848

Didn't he say he was going to sign on with a billion small European ISPs on his last stream?

No. 1695850

He always did that though. Do you think he is always sperging like a retard at everyone?
It's just that he doesn't publish his business interactions, he never has. He only posts his interactions with obnoxious retards and he responds in kind to them. He said he gets a lot of normally worded takedown requests too and he doesn't post them to mock them or responds rudely to them either, he just says "no" and that's it.

No. 1695880

Yeah exactly. I think Null definitely can be diplomatic, we have seen him interview people and play nice with other streamers like Rekieta etc. He can absolutely appear personable with other adults if he wants to. He just publishes the angry replies cause people celebrate them as being "based" and because he thinks its funny.

I think this narrative of "Null is an unhinged raging lunatic" is spun up mostly by the banned users who got chewed out by him for acting like spergs, kek.

No. 1695896

fug I think I got it wrong ( >>1695824 )
https://cohost.org/lizthegrey/post/221751-as1299-arelion-is (Scroll to bottom)

Can an IT anon explain properly?

No. 1695899

I'd assume it's around the same time the American medical establishment realized they were a market instead of a burden. I'd guess there was some discovery that made the pills easier and cheaper to manufacture at some point, but that's the least tinfoil of what I think and this isn't the thread for it.

No. 1695901

What? Then why is it so easily accessible on the clearnet now?

No. 1695905

so what's the deal with as1239? Why can't it sustain the traffic?

No. 1695906

The trannies are writing angry emails again.

No. 1695907

Shit just changed again but I'm not commenting this time because I could very well be retarded kek

No. 1695908

File: 1667827977635.png (40.31 KB, 561x653, Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 00.33…)

No. 1695918

File: 1667829970311.jpg (45.57 KB, 582x333, Fg7sWqyUUAAABop.jpg)

Last Dong Gone tweet before going private.

No. 1695920

I was wondering what a tweetdeck is and dear lord imagine being so addicted you have stock trading software but solely for twitter.

No. 1695923

Not just that! He's making a big deal out of closing it. He's so addicted to his computer that closing a single tab is a big deal to him. Everyone's addicted to the screens these days but Elliot Dong Gone is on another level.
>"will need to continue to threat monitor for a few weeks"
In other words he's going to start tweeting obsessively again in a day or two's time. Mightn't even delete his tweets about leaving Twitter.

No. 1695927

I thought tweetdeck was just a desktop client

No. 1695949

they can pound all the sand they like but twitter was the only place that gave these losers the hope of a potential global audience.

No. 1695990

>kf back on clearnet
>this place becomes a ghost town

really makes u think

No. 1695994

Well the drama is over for now, what is there to post about, retard?

No. 1695997

All the traits you listed are basically "traits of moids who can afford to be violent chimps without repercussions" vs "traits of moids who may face consequences". I know it's a common kiwiddit cope that troons are somehow "differently" degenerate from the average kiwifag (if I were a moid I probably wouldn't be able to make fun of troons without feeling offended on some level), but they're 101% men. They're you, except with slightly different porn exposure patterns. Just thought I'd remind you.

No. 1696004

File: 1667843679075.jpg (670.22 KB, 1628x1274, 1842d3f56cae8fb9dc63ea723a082e…)

This picture now needs a sequel.

No. 1696007

Not for another year please, please.

No. 1696077

File: 1667851479719.jpeg (228.16 KB, 1830x806, 500134F2-C050-471E-BC4D-81AB77…)

Update from Dear Feeder.

Announcement re future plans upcoming.

No. 1696087

> Dear Feeder

No. 1696089

it’s quite obvious there are kiwifags and moids in these kiwi threads lol what is this useless post

No. 1696090

Can someone explain this? Is No-Dong being retarded or is this correct?

No. 1696095

Anyone dumb enough to not use a burner email on the farms is just asking for trouble.(learn2sage)

No. 1696096

File: 1667853901686.jpg (54.14 KB, 642x346, Screenshot_20221107-154220_Tel…)

Didn't someone day that Josh changed the removal thingy? Has he ever spoken about it anywhere? He posted this in telegram

No. 1696102

Someone on the last thread did mention the page getting changed, but not by much.

Null hasn't said anything about it on the Farms as far as I see. If this was part of the changes needed to keep Kiwi on clearnet, it might mean no more posts on the take-down notice subforum as well.

No. 1696104

Question, I often see people post announcements or things I cannot see when I use kf. I don't have an account, are there some announcements that you only see when you have an account?

No. 1696111

Kek whats that? And how do I get an account? I can't ask in the telegram (you get banned for it). I want a referral code

No. 1696112

True and Honest Fans, people who actually gave money to Josh. Make of that what you will.

As for getting a referral code, you gotta get one from a Kiwi. Good luck with that.

No. 1696113

Another member has to give it out which is funny when you think of how many people got locked out of their accounts recently, registration has been locked since so it has to suck to be in that boat.
Paypigs are people who pay for content, the true and honest tag is I believe ten bucks a year but Josh has pay whales who pay more. Most hate spoon-feeding but this thread is a shit hole anyways so I don't mind chewing up that post count.

No. 1696115

josh did say on the Nick Rekita stream to email him and if he likes you he MIGHT give a code, if you tell him what you are interested in. Honestly I think I may try that rather then, a random kiwifarmer.

No. 1696118

same anon, also Josh's autism for coins is kinda cute kek, Made me get into coins Anyway, anyone ever asked Null for a referral code? And did he give you one? Or should I just wait until whenever the site opens up registration? (if ever)

No. 1696121

File: 1667855792066.png (1.08 MB, 904x1152, t09ald5ad4o0.png)

Just don't accidentally use the same phrases, writing style, grammar, etc as one of his many trolls or 'enemies' or you'll get a nasty response. Wish I had a referral to give out but I just have no need to use the site really and I don't like shutting off my glow.

No. 1696124

Has anyone really left twitter though? I’ve been seeing that threat from various people and even cows, yet they all remain and post the same shit as they would any other day.

No. 1696127

Some of them have made Mastodon accounts and started sperging out there. Taylor Lorenz made an account and instantly got shat on by a bunch of users for shit journalism.

It's definitely temporary though. They'll be back on Twitter once they get this ree out of their system and find another thing to ree about.

No. 1696130

>> announcements or things I cannot see when I use kf
I couldn’t see the update at >>1696077 when not signed in

No. 1696134

The funniest thing is I saw some long inactive celeb accounts came back to join in 'trolling Elon' campaign. My tinfoil is this was a mass manipulation of FOMO and Streisand effect by muskrat.

No. 1696135

this is exactly what im talking about, i could'nt see this

No. 1696180

josh says he plans to start selling the patches this week and shirt in the "spring run". He wants to open the registration by christmas. Says he has to see how many mods are around, make sure he has a 24/7 clean up crew and maybe in December he'll open up. Im getting this from the telegram for nonas who care

No. 1696181

also that the site is "almost back to full retard strength" it has 3k users but i think it was pretty close to 4k today. I don't know what it used to look like pre-keffals though.
Hopefully he can do what he wants with his site because KF being up is a win for everyone. Nonnies like me who like to lurk and *less scrotes scrotin' it up around here

No. 1696184

File: 1667862829506.jpg (281.07 KB, 1012x743, Patches.jpg)

And here's the patches

No. 1696188

You have to log in to see any updates posted at the top of the page.

No. 1696195


Except I'm female. Sorry for not fitting your preconceptions.

No. 1696215

does he go by ding dong now?

No. 1696227

This is what I want to know, I’m so confused. Is the retard slap fight over now? Have the troons officially lost?

No. 1696280

File: 1667869983883.png (101.56 KB, 586x501, you can still hear the impoten…)

elliot's still going, just not on twitter.

No. 1696283

I'd like to hear more about these plurals lmao. Are they all retards with drill holes too?

No. 1696316

Yeah he needs to get more mods in every time zone so troons who join the site to fedpost can be jannied immediately. Also would be good to develop a report system where reports for fedposting get priority and show up on top of the stack for mods maybe.

No. 1696325

The true and honest fan tag is $20 once. Not yearly. Also a lot of people who want to support the forum buy it for posters they like. I logged in one day and noticed I could use the extra stickers it gives you, I never paid for it myself.

No. 1696351

i want one but my autism isn't strong enough yet to go through with buying one of these kek

No. 1696382

We would be able to look up the differences in 10 seconds if the fucking troons hadn’t nuked the web archive. Yes I’m mad.

No. 1696384

No. 1696386


No. 1696421

They will be sold only as a set for $25 I think he said. I am getting them just because it might be the last merch from KF ever if things take a bad turn afterall.

No. 1696441

>not even 10 likes or retweets

No. 1696444

Looks like something happened, can no longer load the site anymore but it works on a EU proxy

No. 1696455

Works fine in Burgerland, and bgp.tools and ping.pe are showing everything's good. The site is a little slow though.

No. 1697519

>site being slow
Pretty sure its just the start of month DDOS brought to you by some random lolcow or their orbiter.

No. 1697599

Wow, so I copped a temp Twitter ban after I (and a few others actually) tweeted at No Dong a few days ago about being a creepy sex pest including a screenshot of his creepy “consent accident” tweet. I decided to appeal it even though I know 99% of bans are upheld but decided to just go for it cause I was bored. To wit:

“Good evening,

I would like to appeal my temporary suspension under the grounds that nothing that was stated was untrue; the person in question whom the Tweet was directed at (@lizthegrey) has confessed to committing sexual indiscretions, made all the worse by using a euphemism of a 'consent accident'. Though it is not particularly difficult creating a new account on Twitter (a matter of ~60 seconds with a throwaway email), there is a bigger issue that Twitter is apparently playing defence for someone who committed sexual harassment. If you have a mother, sister, daughter, female partner etc. you might understand how galling it is that someone can commit sexual offenses (sorry, 'consent accidents') and be upset that something rude is being Tweeted at them. Just interested to see where Twitter sits on this.

Thank you for the consideration.

[My Twitter handle]”

11 minutes after I submitted my appeal, my suspension was fully lifted with an “we apologise for the inconvenience” email. Nonnas, are there still sane people in the tech world!?!?! Is it possible there exists non-NPCs at big tech..?

No. 1697616

neet bucks being put to work inconveniencing me for a grand total of 10 seconds, epic job trans community

No. 1697632

Liz "Consent accident" Fong-Jones has deleted (or hidden) any thing Dropkiwifarms related from his CoHost. Lucas is having a meltdown of epic proportion. There's John Sinseer but that guy's probably hearing voices and proved to be an all bark no bite. Other minor troons are just ambulence chasers and of no consequences.

The end of 2022 saga…?

No. 1697782

The Streisand effect is the closest Dong Jones has come to feeling like a woman.

No. 1697916

great justice

No. 1697995

On MATI, Josh talks about how he'll go on a retard war if the site goes down, he has nothing better to do.
He read some weird fan fiction between him and Liz Dong Gone. Mentioned a few times, how he was sad while the site was down. Seems to be in better spirts and will probably fight like a idiot if the idiot site goes down.
Thats really it.

No. 1697999

also he thanked Lolcow because he stole some shit from the MTF thread for the "trans dating site" segment.

No. 1698034

Josh has been on a retard war a long time now. Might as well continue.

No. 1698099

>read some weird fan fiction between him and Liz Dong Gone

No. 1698101

File: 1668209233122.png (61.21 KB, 1056x251, Capture.PNG)

It was from some troon on twitter and it involved Josh getting his head chopped off for "Harming my trans sisters!" or some shit. Anyway here's some information on LFJ's harassment campaign. I'm happy this thread is so slow rn.

No. 1698116

by fanfiction i thought you meant gay fanfiction KEK i was prepared to read the most nightmare inducing piece of text but it's just twitter LARPing.
>i'm happy this thread is so slow rn
yes it's a good sign, i thought kf was a goner for a little while there

No. 1698124

>by fanfiction i thought you meant gay fanfiction KEK
Lmao same here

No. 1698152

Elliot got on a plane and headed towards Serbia. He broke into Josh's apartment when he landed. Josh was sleeping deeply after spending all day trying to get DDoS protection running on Kiwi Farms. Elliot tied Josh up and woke
him with manical laughter.

"I've got you where I want you now, Josh Moon! We're going to have a little consent accident," Elliot sneered. He removed his dainty dress but struggled to pull it above his very manly jaw.

"What the actual fuck did your surgeon do to you? Have they never been to an Arby's before?" Josh questioned as he averted his eyes. This enraged Elliot and he tore off his ill-fitting panties.

"I paid good money for my vagina! You're going to touch it," Elliot said. He loosened the rope around Josh's wrist.

"I've never smelled necrotic flesh before, so thanks for that I guess," Josh said and tried to pull his arm away from Elliot. Elliot pulled harder and placed Josh's hand on his stink ditch. Josh managed to pull his hand
away but a chunk of flesh fell off of Elliot's groin.

"No, my clit! Why did it have to fall off at a time like this? Curse you, Joshua Moon. I'm going to harass all your business partners and tell them about you deeply transphobic behavior," Elliot struggled to put his clothes
back on. He stormed out of the apartment and returned to the airport with brand new resolve.

"Well, at least he didn't have a knife. Now I'm going to have to soak my arm in bleach," Josh muttered to himself as he freed himself from the rope. He saw he had 4782 new emails all from Elliot. The subject all said the
same thing: Now that you've given me attention, I'm determined to make you love me. We will be together forever.

No. 1698165

Turns out some shithead bought the domain "kiwifarms.expose" and it redirects to a gay telegram page.


Does nothing but repost stuff from the Kiwifarms Telegram. Is typical gay stalker shit.

No. 1698215

So I guess that’s why LFJ nuked the KF shit from his cohost?

No. 1698258

KEK thanks for the nightmare fuel. archive of our own would eat it up

No. 1698369

jersh taking up 90% of the king sized bed

No. 1698451

File: 1668263272107.png (195.78 KB, 447x701, 18015CF5-B265-448C-9EA8-ED88E9…)

Josh might be allegedly chunky IRL, but he’s a good man - which is more than I can say for psycho No Dong

No. 1698461

he is a wholesome big chungus

No. 1698472

File: 1668268463651.png (138.11 KB, 1048x470, Capture.PNG)

No. 1698473

File: 1668268573455.png (229.92 KB, 1124x1195, 451-en sp.png)

No. 1698474

> he’s a good man

No. 1698475

nah he aint alledgely chunky he is but I think he's cute, no ban pls
Kek, he's an man, not a good one. Just an autistic fat idiot who fights for his site and the right to gossip. I admire his retard ways but he's not a "Good man".

No. 1698476

troons triggered

No. 1698477

File: 1668268898262.png (45.86 KB, 1051x255, Capture.PNG)

for anyone who cares this is whats going on the site

No. 1698494

File: 1668270187635.png (366.47 KB, 666x631, 1625849767934.png)


No. 1698495

you called Josh a "good man", I don't think your ability to assess anything is solid let alone whether people are trannies

No. 1698497

That wasn't me, schizo troon. Do the voices in your head ever tell you to rope? Maybe you should listen.

No. 1698498

Speaking of troons, supposedly Blaine the tranny got kicked out of the couch he was sleeping on and is now homeless and/or in the mental hospital. Just rumor so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1698505

I wish it were true, but you always spread so much fake shit around that nobody can believe this crap. It's always the same ITT

>someone says something nice about Null

>REEEEEEE DON'T YOU KNOW HE IS A MISOGYNIST??? (unlike me who terrorizes womens spaces and gets a boner from wearing a skirt)
>no I actually don't think that
>fuck off tranny
>HAHA! It was me the tranny trolling you again! I totally fooled you! You fell right into my trap! [shitty_anime_image.jpg]

No. 1698510

interesting, crazy that apparently the german police have the time and budget to be witchhunting edgelords on the internet

No. 1698513

You keep posting the same shit over and over again and it's fucking boring. Weather you are a trany or not (you are), you need to get some new fucking material because your grudge is as pathetic as Long Dong Gone if you really can't stand someone saying something nice about Null without your fingers itching to a-log immediately. You monitor this thread 24/7 probably just so you can swoop in and post the same triade again.

Post milk or fuck off. If Null is such a huge misogynistic prick there should be a lot of new milk of him shit-talking women every day right? Lots of funny haha incel rants? Oh yeah, there isn't. Nothing you can post that isn't years old. Because that's how long you have held on to this pathetic internet vendetta.

No. 1698514

No. 1698515

Given that we're on an anonymous imageboard you don't know what "I" have said. I've said nice things about him, just not absolutely retarded things like he's a "good man", kek.

No. 1698519

You literally just said that it's obvious which posts are yours and which are the trannies. Which is it? Cause you can't have it both ways.

No. 1698520

I said it's obvious which are the trannies:
> His writing style is very distinctive and it is not mine.
Reading comprehension.

No. 1698527

And you say literally the exact same shit every single time, just like the tranny who is totally not you, wow how curious.

No. 1698542

kek haven't seen him in a while. anons reactions in his thread to when his only fans and nudes got leaked here is one of the funniest things I have read here

No. 1698554

I got ptsd from this pic

No. 1698565

File: 1668275956492.png (16.86 KB, 656x190, plskys.PNG)

Strawman fallacy and main character syndrome.
Every news story out there is somehow all about him and his war on KF obsession.
The moment has passed but this man is STILL going.

No. 1698579

Silly Nonnie, don't you know that every single rapist is a Kiwi Farms user? It's automatically created the moment they touch a woman without her permission.

No. 1698618

File: 1668283123886.png (271.73 KB, 1124x1263, 451-de.png)

German version posted in full for archival purposes.
>German police
To be fair they have a long tradition of this by using the method known as Zersetzung, from the "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" racial supremacists to the "Schild und Schwert der Partei" athiest communists. So nothing new… Move along citizen.

No. 1698636

yeah idk why i was surprised considering the whole Stasi thing. ah well, the rest of the world will probably be following in their footsteps soon, it was nice to use our no no words while we could.

No. 1698640

Can't wait for the future, where you have to use a VPN and Tor combo to say 'tranny' or 'retard' on niche internet forums. Otherwise you get a visit from the feds.

No. 1698642

at that point I will stop using the internet

No. 1698643

I think you meant to say trnn and rtrd, knock knock.

No. 1698726

Honestly if you think that the only people who'd not like Josh are trannies, let alone schizo Blaine, who doesn't even post a lot about Josh, just his personal enemies or word salads about nonsense, then you're at best a newfag and not up on your lore and more likely being completely fucking disingenuous for what reason I can't conceive of. Like I genuinely don't get it.

No. 1698743

At this pont I'm convinced you're trolling tbh.

No. 1698763

File: 1668305356875.png (44.7 KB, 1053x258, O.PNG)

i think he should do this. Just allow them to look at the site but not sign up or be able to post. If they choose to do so in other ways that their faults. However, I can see how someone getting arrested or whatever for simply using the site, could be bad pr. Or maybe i'm retarded and don't understand all this shit. Just happy the site is stable and works for me

No. 1698766

I think his original point in blocking those countries was to protect users from exactly that, the government going after them just for accessing an evil "hate site", but that's sort of on them. But anyone not using a VPN to access the site is asking for trouble, regardless.

No. 1698790

He never banned me for being a sperg so I can't relate to your personal vendetta, it's true. You troons and Onion Farmers are embarrassing.

No. 1698791

I assume what happened is the German police asked him for user info for a guy posting some mundane shit that they consider hateful and the guy wasn't using a VPN. So forcing all Germans to use a VPN will protect them from having that happen.

No. 1698843

The pearl-clutching lmao. Stay precious, snowflakes.

No. 1698930

Been doing that for years in this bongland hell. Why risk getting a visit from the thought police?

No. 1698988

you are retarded, giving the government the right to fine people/legally intervene because people said bad words is the most snowflake outcome there can possibly be

No. 1699009

No. I fear I must politely insist that you are the retarded. Nta

No. 1699021

Noy ou are retarded.

No. 1699022

thought police exists in bongland too? bloody hell.

No. 1699027

Well this brings us to an impass, I fear the only way forward is to accept that perhaps we are both mentally deficient.(true)

No. 1699029

OK Retard(retard)

No. 1699044

I'm glad we could come to an agreement.

No. 1699051

woshua says that he wants to start streaming most days a week, since shit has settled down and he's not scared anymore of the site being attacked etc.
Also, why are scrotes throat so dry these days? I swear every scrote I watch, has the driest crackiest voices. Thankful the sound of Joshie's voice is nice to me, but drink some water. I feel like they been sippin troonshine and it's fucking with their voices. They must be putting that shit in the water. I guess he wants to be a streamer thot now, I personally loved the Life is strange, tell me why and other game streams. But he needs to drink some fucking oil.

No. 1699053

Fun history fact, the English used the printing press to instantly change the Bible and any block of history they could. They followed a late roman philosophy which stems back to scribes in the ancient era. As long as information is written power hungry men will have other men police people's thoughts about it. The key I usually find is just going around these men as they may be powerful but they are often not wise and without the attention kiwi tried to gain for itself they would have never cracked down. Just how the powers that be operate, as someone who wants to know the truth you have to play the game differently. Trying to stop this cycle is foolhardy and Josh is killing himself doing so, instead one should be like water and flow around the issue.
One example is word filters, everyone knows what you're saying except outsiders like those old powerful men who think they won. If Josh let others think they won then he wouldn't need to worry about a crisis cycle that's been around from the start but has been steadily ramping up and having less break time between each explosion.
Oh well, what can we do other than watch?

No. 1699057

>word filters
How did that work out at Somethingawful?
I've noticed the troons on KF biding their time. All they need to do is turn Jersh into Lowtax, shitting over a glass coffee table style.

No. 1699066

probably the dry air from heaters during winter time, temperatures are getting low in Europe

No. 1699067

Just an example of being open while also having deniability. I doubt the word filters were the downfall of lotex however as an aside. Not saying word filters are good more that it's an example of going around certain political issues the people in power choose to shine a light on for their own gain.

No. 1699069

Lowtax didn't give a shit about his site tho, I don't see how that comparison makes sense. Null is like the anti Lowtax.

No. 1699071

>How did that work out at Somethingawful?
not an oldfag so i only have cursory knowledge about SA, can you expand on this?

No. 1699073

josh cares deeply almost in a sexual sense about his site, I'm half way joking, I don't know. Josh seems like the type that'd go on his "retard war" and then go to a cabin somewhere, find a woman who'd have him and just live offline. He seems like someone who is either extremely ONLINE or OFFLINE. I can see him swinging the opposite way. Even though he expresses saddness about the site being down on his streams, I never get the vibe he's spiteful but in a different way.

No. 1699075

Yeah I get the vibe that he is pretty confident in his exit plan for if the site goes down. I know lots of retards hope that he would kill himself, but I think he's got more to live for than he lets on, he seems calm and collected when talking about possible futures. I'm sure he'd be sad if the site was done for good but he'd probably be happier living offline, lets be real. The site is a huge source of stress in his life.

No. 1699077

It so is and even as someone who he probably hates I'd rather see him in a happy, stress free life. Josh is more a product of the environment he finds himself in and honestly it sounds cliche but he'd benefit so much from an actual church family. Hopefully this chaos will bring about a happy garden for him in the future.

No. 1699079

The comment above you is really all you need to know, Lowtex makes Josh look hyper competent at public relations and even technical end issues.

No. 1699080

Honestly, there's a lot of scrotes I wish badly on, and Josh isn't on that list. The site brings him happiness and a community a fat retard would never have normally, but yeah a lot of stress as well.
I only feel he's depressed when the site down, i truly think it's his passion and something that he's willing to give up a lot for but it's worth it. At best he's a idiot, at worst he's a idiot retard, but he's better then ALL the troons that have ever spoken on him.

No. 1699090

Except maybe the blockland one but that's splitting hairs as I agree with your point to an immense degree. Josh isn't that bad a person and if anything most of his 'bad acts' recently come from a place of justified paranoia. Most of the people who truly hate him are worse and very few have actual reason to hate him and would not if he wasn't running the farms.
What I think it comes down to really is that Josh liked the initial community a lot more than the current one that he's forced to have because they'll cover the costs of the heat they bring.
He's trapped in a loop from how I see it and it may be projection but I think he'd rather laugh at retards than be some free speech moralfag crusading for the whole internet. Just fits him better to be the dorky guy who's a borderline cow himself running a place to laugh at cows, the irony was charming. The irony nowadays is sad usually, I feel like politics ruin every hobby as of late.
Hopefully things will get better across the board but honestly I don't see things getting better for Kiwifarms, too many people will want to push that final nail in just to say they did it. It's namefagged too hard.
The conversation quality in this thread sky rocketed today lol

No. 1699097

I feel like it's 5 nonnies and at least 2 are crackheads. I like to discuss the ends and out of the site, without just being full on retarded about it. You don't have to like Josh or Kiwifarms, to see that the shit hes going through is because blatant lies and nepotism. If you are going to take him down, do ot for shit he did. Not fake suicides, not consent accident haters flexing their power and lying about shit. Not a humpback scrote. I feel it's telling that Josh is a lot of bad things, but even some nonnies here have enough brains and self control, not to behave the say these idiots scrotes have these past few months.
What happened/happening to kiwifarms is fucking scary for discussion online, especially for gender critical women, because in the end, a lot of free speaking female spaces don't have a artists like Josh to fight for it.

No. 1699098

autist not artists.

No. 1699105

They really don't it's fucking weird, I went around everywhere to see and it honestly changed my tune because next to nobody tackles this kind of thing like Josh does. Sticking to pointing out his actual transgressions is what I would usually do but as of late I've just stopped. It's simply not the time to shit on the man. Too many people see lies and smear tactics work for that to stop, it's part of the issue I think faces a lot of these sites. The core issue is having gossip while also saying everything on your site is fact instead of individual opinion. Not as much burden of proof is needed now as I was used to at least, maybe I'm just being paranoid myself.

No. 1699271

Anyone else having trouble accessing kf?

No. 1699277

i got haltdos message but tried again and connected just fine.

No. 1699279

Yes u have to reload a few times, I also get the haltdos screen. It loads eventually. Maybe they are getting ddos'd?

No. 1699362

Fucking = loving was one. I haven’t logged onto SA in like a decade so I can’t remember the others

No. 1700461

File: 1668529383907.jpg (193.46 KB, 566x1065, Screenshot_20221115-112109_Tel…)

Update from Joshua

No. 1700462

File: 1668529437136.jpg (154.21 KB, 565x831, Screenshot_20221115-112115_Tel…)

I bumped just in case nonnitas who were having issues know what to do. If the farms is still down for you.

No. 1700468

I'm genuinely shocked that he came out of this on top.

No. 1700476

Null's love for his site trumps trannies hate for everything. God is good.

No. 1700480

Amen, sometimes male autism can create something decent. Now I can continue to lurk my favorite threads in peace

No. 1700520

I found the fanfiction I was talking about that Josh read on MATI, it's long

"9 Sep 2022

There were few days where Stephanie Wong was not angry.

It wasn't always like this. The daughter of Chinese immigrants who had moved to the coastal Californian city of Pacific Grove during the early 90s recession, she had genuinely believed in the promise of America. It gave her family a freedom to speak their mind they would have never had in China. The economy was good. Life, on the whole, was good.

And then she had been forced to watch it all fall apart over the course of 30 years. The fracturing of America between the indecisive, cowardly Democrats and the utterly reprehensible Republicans, the latter of which she despised with all her soul. But what could she do about it?

Her parents had died in a car accident 2 years ago, and the money she got from inheritance was enough to allow her not to work. But what was she doing with her time? Reading, playing video games, doomscrolling, and being completely powerless to stop what she was certain was an impending Civil War. She was at her wit's end.

She suddenly heard a "thump" on the ground to her right.

She looked down, and was surprised to see a black book with the words "DEATH NOTE" printed on it. Curious, she picked it up and flipped it open.

"Where the hell did this come from?" she muttered to herself. An answer unexpectedly came from behind her.

"From me, of course."

Stephanie turned around, and screamed. And screamed, and screamed, and screamed.

Before her was a monster. It was at least seven feet tall and had strange black spikes protruding from his shoulders. What was this creature?

"Relax, lady," the demon said casually after she had finally stopped screaming. "I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I'm here to help you!"

"Help…me?" She finally managed. "What do you mean by that…Sir?" She felt it appropriate to call this creature by Sir. It was clearly her superior.

"Sir? I like that. Anyways, that black book that you just picked up. It's called the Death Note. If you write someone's name in it, they will die. Write the cause of death next to their name, and that will happen too."

Stephanie stared at Ryuk for a solid minute. Then, she grinned. Viciously.

"Really." She said. "Well, isn't that interesting."

She turned to the demon.

"What do you require of me, Sir?"

"You can call me Ryuk," he replied.

"No." She was firm. "You are clearly a supernatural demon. You have given me the ability to kill human beings. I will treat you with the respect you are due."

She couldn't read demon body languages, but she thought Ryuk was taken aback. He had clearly not been expecting that response.

"…very well," he finally said. "I have come to this world because I am bored. I am a Shinigami - a Death God. Unfortunately, there is very little of interest in the Shinigami Realm. So I hope you will keep me entertained, which is why I have given you the Death Note."

Stephanie was silent for the next five minutes.

"Sir," she finally said. "I noticed you were eating an apple when you met me. Do you like them?"

"Yes, I do indeed."

Four days later, a truck full of canned apples pulled up to Stephanie Wong's house. After she had finished unloading them, they completely filled up her living room.

"Sir, there should be enough canned apple slices in here to last you for several decades," she said to Ryuk after the crates were finally done being unloaded. "There are several can openers on the counter, and while I apologize that they are not in the whole form that you prefer, I hope that you appreciate them regardless. If there is anything whatsoever you need from me, no matter how trivial, do not hesitate to ask for me. I am at your command."

Ryuk was very surprised. A human had never treated him like this before. They were arrogant, selfish, and did not realize what the Death Note truly represented. This one…she respected him. She gave him the deference he was due.

"Stephanie Wong, I am very glad I gave you the Death Note," he finally said. Then he decided to get to the heart of the matter. "Now. You have attended to my needs. Over the last four days, you have asked me unceasing questions on the properties of the Death Note. I admire your cautiousness and intelligence. But I must ask: who will be your first kill? You must use it eventually."

Without hesitation, Stephanie Wong walked into her computer room, pulled up Wikipedia, and looked up the entry for "Kiwi Farms".

"Sir," she said seriously as she got the Death Note out from her drawer. "Here is my first kill."

Taking out a pen, she quickly wrote the following into the Death Note:

Joshua Moon - Decapitation

"A perfect target," Ryuk said, pleasantly surprised. Over the last few days he had learned that Stephanie was an American leftist and a strong supporter of LGBT rights. This was a logical, reasonable target. He approved of her judgement.

"Now, Stephanie," Ryuk said ominously. "Watch."

It was hard go out in public these days. Everyone hated him. Keffals completely destroyed his life, and now he could barely go out in public without watching his back. Still, at least he could get a pack of cigarettes.


As he walked out of the gas station, three people rushed towards him. Before he could even respond, two of them hit his legs with baseball bats and forced him to his knees.

"Well, well, well." Joshua Moon's eyes widened in horror as he realized the man who said that was slowly walking towards him with what looked to be like a katana sword, all while the two other people who had forced him to his knees held his arms and kept him immobile.

"Joshua Moon," the man with the sword said slowly. Then he raised it above his head, as if to strike. "THIS IS FOR MY TRANS SISTER THAT KILLED HERSELF, SCUMBAG!"


Any further protests from Joshua Moon were cut off as the katana slammed into his neck, severing his head from his body and abruptly ending his life.

Ten minutes later, Stephanie Wong found a delightful message on Keffals' Twitter account.

"Holy shit…someone just executed Joshua Moon with a sword. Not kidding. Also not going to lie: he deserved it, thoroughly."

"Sir," she said, turning to Ryuk and smiling, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

I know a lot of people hate the 2017 movie, but I think it's fun in a turn-your-brain-off sort of way. Thanks to it for inspiring me to made the first kill decapitation :biggrin:

Also, if you're reading this, Joshua: you deserve worse than decapitation. I was being kind."


No. 1700541

I'm not reading all of that because then I'd be contracting aids.

No. 1700552

File: 1668536395894.webm (2.68 MB, 1280x720, ben_collins.webm)

Keffals accidentally revealed that Ben Collins, journo scum who wrote a bunch of hit pieces about the DropKiwiFarms drama in favor of Keffals, has personally sent him money. This is a huge violation of journalistic ethics that Ben Collins should immediately be fired from NBCNews for if they had any integrity, but alas they don't.

No. 1700554

File: 1668536515119.jpg (108.88 KB, 987x862, ben1.jpg)

Here is Ben Collins from NBCNews asking some very sussy questions about twitter DMs.

No. 1700557

File: 1668536664581.png (19.91 KB, 390x140, press_connections.png)

This is what Keffals said to the former owner of 8chan in DMS. Hmmm… really makes you think doesn't it.

No. 1700565

lmao the funniest thing is that apparently when he got caught, he was trying to walk out of this claiming the Ben Collins was just some unrelated trans that he (Keffals) just accidentally deadnamed (Ben Collins being a deadname). like what even

No. 1700568

File: 1668537227374.jpg (227.14 KB, 990x1350, natural conversation.jpg)

Yeah here is the bullshit lie

No. 1700572

hahaha the fucking backwards withdrawing Ben Collins does here is just topkek material. sure sure nothing suspicious here at all doesn't sound like a lie

No. 1700581

File: 1668538385593.png (283.4 KB, 579x551, conspiracy.png)

Ben Collins is so upset about this he went after a Fandom Menace guy who is "famous" for pissing on his basement floor during a livestream.

No. 1700585

"you know me bro I wouldn't do that" is the sure sign of a liar

No. 1700590

File: 1668539220656.png (59.79 KB, 589x440, libel.png)

No. 1700597

haha wow such a crazy coincidence that a guy who had his dox posted to kf had someone with the exact same name as them donate to someone who tried to take kf down.
small world amirite

No. 1700600

I have no proof but I want to believe Ben Collins is a chaser and there's sexts out there between him and Keffals.

No. 1700605

He's definitely been jerking off to trannie porn, you can tell with the troon white knights.
That seems to be a driving force behind a lot of liberal straight men who go out of their way to bat for the troon cause.

The "trans women are women!!! reeee" rhetoric is a part of this too, trying to convince themselves their porn addiction hasn't got so out of hand they've been jerking off to other men performing sex acts in a dress.

No. 1700615

MY SIDES. Ben Collins wants to fuck keffals when keffals even thinks his body's repulsive.

No. 1700624

Men have no standards, they fuck food, roadkill and couch cushions.

No. 1700758

File: 1668553356424.jpg (162.39 KB, 677x1259, Screenshot_20221115-180055_Chr…)

Kek went on kiwifarms and apparently they are tinfoiling that Ben may be a Troon.

No. 1700761

Omg he is actually retarded. He could just have said that it was someone impersonating ben, even tho that doesn't explain his weird shocked reaction when he accidentally says the journalist name. I don't understand how people can watch that clip and read that shitty explanation and actually believe it

No. 1700762

Sa, it's being shot down but it's pretty funny and you never know

No. 1700826

Anyone else having issues loading KF right now?

No. 1700839

yes everyone. Scroll upthread for a solution

No. 1700872

I can't connect again either. Is the site down for everyone? Sure would be nice if the Russians hadn't cucked out and blocked his telegram.

No. 1700874

Same here, reloaded a few times, nada

No. 1700878

yeah it's down. i'd assume it's a ddos or maintenance

No. 1700897

Kiwifarms clearnet is up and down and a lot of members are complaining in the Technical Grievances thread.

Site still seems fine according to ping.pe. Probably another DDOS.

No. 1700902

It's the Dong and his gang again

No. 1700907

Confirmed. The Dong nuked the DNS records for Kiwifarms hence why it's not resolving. Simple edit of the hosts file fixes it. kiwifarms.net upload.kiwifarms.net

No. 1700909

They always do this when they know its the middle of the night in Serbia and Josh is sleeping.

No. 1700916

The site works fine for me

No. 1700920

Same anon. Can people not sign in? The site has like 900 visitors as well. It works fine for me though. Loads up no issue

No. 1700925

File: 1668566480785.png (13.93 KB, 866x248, 2022-11-16_03-41-09.png)

It gives this error.

No. 1700932

Doesn't do that for me. I'm on the clearnet lurking the technical issues thread right now. Weird. Funny enough earlier the site would randomly give me that page and I'd have to refresh a lot. But right now I'm having no issue

No. 1700933

File: 1668566887912.jpg (102.86 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_20221115-214647_Chr…)

For example this is the last message on that thread

No. 1700935

> The site has like 900 visitors as well
It usually has more guests than logged in people and there used to be 2-3k people online lately, so it looks like something is up that affects the majority of users.

No. 1700946

can u explain this in retard terms

No. 1700947

Nta, but is it confirmed No dong? Again the site works for me on the clear net

No. 1700948

Up for me just now.

No. 1700951

DNS records make it so you can type Google.com and go to Google.com. It ties domain names to IP addresses so you don't have to remember that shit

Dong basically burned the roadmap to Ohio

No. 1700952

Users are back up to 2k, heard someone say site is working on clearnet. People should inform Null when he gets up though, maybe it was a glitch or something weird?

No. 1700953

Working for me now

No. 1700958

File: 1668569428139.jpg (50.61 KB, 720x380, Screenshot_20221115-223055_Tel…)

Must've been Josh fucking around or something

No. 1700980

He's probably fucking around trying to fix the spontaneous errors that the site has been having over the past 2 or 3 days.

No. 1701105

The trannies are also still DDOSing and trying different points of attacks. Null talked about how they constantly modify the attacks to test or weaknesses as soon as he changes something they also change the attack. I think some layers of the network are also not protected yet.

No. 1701115

File: 1668593208205.png (152.9 KB, 980x1120, girl_talk.png)

From KF chat

No. 1701123

File: 1668595683544.jpg (100.43 KB, 1035x584, Screenshot_2022-11-14-17-55-16…)

>hey lets have a girl talk

No. 1701299

I hope null is kicking a folder of this shit, because that literally pissed me off. I HATE how they go after the wives/women even Josh's mom. That shit pisses me off to no end, like fuck off you retard, stop calling these fucking people, I hope one day LFJ or Keffals fucks with the wrong person qnd get some charges against them.
>Girl talk
That shit is creepy, and these dudes barely have consequences because the people involved just day, "well ill get rid of my connection to the site and I'd be left alone." When the fucking site IS consequences that these idiots aren't used to having.
I hope it stays up forever

No. 1701576

File: 1668637674401.jpg (128.39 KB, 685x1092, Screenshot_20221116-172639_Chr…)

Josh's cointism strikes again, also when is his birthday and how is he turning btw? Or is he talking the birthday of the site?

No. 1701577

File: 1668637726724.jpg (59.42 KB, 720x390, Screenshot_20221116-172643_Chr…)

Same anon,how old is he turning

No. 1701588

I remeber his birthday's in December. He will actually turn 30 this year, I believe.

No. 1701589

somebody read his birth chart kek or whatever it's called. For some reason I thought he was younger

No. 1701597

File: 1668638639318.png (109.55 KB, 585x417, 1668638312908.png)

>man asks for silver coins for hos birthday because hes autistic and interested In the history of money

>>Troon: how dare he do this? And how can I make this meaningless bullshit about other men in dresses?

No. 1701615

File: 1668639468445.png (46.48 KB, 463x271, Screenshot 2022-11-16.png)

I thought he was around 24-25.

He's never going to stop, isn't he? This is the man who's like 50 and has nothing to show for himself but an ungodly amount of hours in a video game he's now banned from. He quite literally has nothing left in life.

No. 1701630

OMFG I didn't know he got banned from that shit game, how did that happen?

No. 1701631

>his cult
lol what

No. 1701638

He is never going to stop and I love him for it. Praise Autism.

No. 1701659

He stalked people around, recording their conversations to post on youtube. Then spamming report his enemies with the vids attached (much like he’s doing on twitter now). Eventually, Bethesda said what he did was ‘name and shame‘ and violated their ToS. They permabanned him too from the looks of things kek.

No. 1701685

That's hilarious, thank you!

No. 1701728

>that gut
>that color and dress
what a combo

No. 1701831

His birthday is december 19th 1992 so he is indeed turning 30 this year.

I honestly don't see a single way for him to reveive things in the mail in Europe of all places that troons can't fuck up entirely. They would send him bombs and anthrax and CP and then report him for it.

No. 1701930

> They would send him bombs and anthrax and CP and then report him for it.
Not even, they can just buy 30$ worth of heroin on the dark web and have it sent to his address and then report it to the police.

No. 1701931

I mean, he is not going to have it sent to his address, he will get a PO box somewhere, but they will report the PO box and harass the owners.

No. 1701932

Yeah I mean send it to his PO box and have the police steal all his mail and have it shut down.

No. 1702171

I honestly hope Josh's autism doesn't win in this case and he doesn't decide to give out some adress, even PO box, to send coins to because you know trannies would get him in trouble. that's just beyond all internet slapfight stuff, they would kill someone if only they could somehow convince that Josh is responsible.

No. 1702575

> I honestly hope Josh's autism doesn't win
never bet against the autism of a man who's only redeeming quality is his autism which keeps his site up

No. 1703015

File: 1668799557394.jpg (74.63 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

MATI recap (even though it's still on). Interesting bits-
>Nick Rekita posted some booty pictures on his private discord, showing his shayna like ass cheeks with a whisky bottle between this small cheeks.
Josh basically stutters and it all chalks up to, "I still like him, it's not a big deal, though he is hypocritical, he's a father, his kids will see his soggy cheeks one day." I think he was quite fair about it all. Plus Imo on the scale of degen it's like a 5, I don't like Nik, I also think it COULD become more, because why does he have spaces for people to post nudes? But he didn't insert the bottle. I really don't care about NR.
>Josh does a childish game of Fuck marry kill with Venti, Aiden (?) and Shoe.
Says his "Female" audience won't like this (I didn't fatass) but says he'd marry Venti, even though she's mixxed race she's the most "trad" and Shoe fucked a black guy. I find it odd, how he'd marry a woman whose mixxed with black but doesn't want Shoe because she slept with a black guy?? Scrote logic I guess. Black men intimate them

IMO, Josh deserves Chantel, Venti is too good for josh. I think because her eyes are far apart, he's attracted to that. I genuinely think he's into Chantel, I don't care what anyone says.
>Josh says he got drunk once on stream and showed his feet??
I remember watching a stream where he talked about drinking "under sink home-made alcohol" I do not remember seeing his self admitted, "Hairy toes"
>>Also he said he doesn't feature porn shit…
Didnt' he feature that one guy who got his face sat on??
Thats really it. I only pay attention to dumb shit.

>Liz Fong Dong Gong Long still does shit in the background even if he's not posting online about it as much

>also the "Frog God" poster is cute with his Frog-Tism.

> he goes on a rant about people shitting on him for using poa.st
I don't get it, Twitter is shitty and ran by idiots as well. Who cares as long as he isn't interacting with that shit.

Also you can tell Josh grew up around a bunch of women being in women's business, every memory he brings up from his past, thats "postitive" is about women, his grandma, mom's friends etc.
Josh is fat.

No. 1703017

Also, expanding on the Venti thing, he said out of the three women she's the most trad and shoe is fake trad. I think he said he doesn't talk to these people or something like that. I forgot. So don't start the Venti X Josh fan fiction disgusting scrotes who lurk here.

No. 1703047

Syd the Sloth x Chubby Pinocchio has to already exist.

No. 1703119

Playing fuck, marry, kill was really gross and immature.

No. 1703132

He used to always say how gross Venti was and how she looked stinky. I guess he is getting real desperate settle down energy now that he is almost 30. pathetic.

No. 1703134

It is and he knows it, at the very least he didn't say who he'd fuck or kill. and we had a thread like that on here where, I happily joined kek. He did one that involved Boogie, but I can't remember what was said other then Boogie was involved.

No. 1703136

I think he said he would kill Shoe, so that leaves fucking Aydin. And just like that all my good will for Null has disappeared again, lol. He is just a gross scrote in the end.

No. 1703143

Honestly, I don't kow why he thinks people want to know who he'd have sex with. It came off like-
>Fat boy blushing because he's talking about secks with his friends
Stinky and all venti is out of Josh's league, shit Shoe probably would date Josh, he's in "charge"of something. One thing I've realized in the months of really looking into the Scrote Gossip Community, is these men have "fake" high standards for women, none of them end up dating the "type" they talk about. Like Ralph takes what he can get. I'm sure Mister Metokur's wife isn't skin and bones (he has a huge seething hate for fat people/mainly women). Josh is going to end up with some average weighted, if not fat average looking white girl. I guess it was good scrote fun. He talks about Chantel with more warmth and protection then anyone. Even that schitzo chick who he called. Funnily enough both these women are unhinged

No. 1703145

An average weight white girl is way out of his league as well. He will probably settle for a third world desperate Asian like most libertarian dudes. He doesn't actually like fat chicks, if you look at old posts from him on the forum from a couple of years ago he goes on and on about how he is super into very fit/thin tomboy women.

No. 1703149

he said he's isn't into Asian women either, maybe we should stop talking about what Josh likes. I feel like he watches the thread and imaging him leaning over on the King Sized bed and taking notes as he watches this thread, to address subtly in later threads, creeps me out. I really don't know why he's been throwing little hints at who/or what he likes in women. I guess it is because he's turning 30. I admit, I do like Josh, but I have to remember "he's still a gross scrote".

No. 1703150

*later streams not threads.

No. 1703156

He probably doesn't even know what he likes, it's never been consistent. He used to simp a lot for absolute trainwrecks like Emily Youcis, Allison Rapp and Toopoor. He likes them mentally ill and terminally online apparently, despite what he says. Or maybe he has changed since and is now looking for a "tradwife" instead of a mentally ill whore. But that's his type.

No. 1703157

Thank god his dick doesn't work self admittedly.

No. 1703160

He said a couple of times that has since been fixed. I'm betting he just had deathgrip/porn addiction like most men nowadays.

No. 1703168

File: 1668810452072.jpeg (119.42 KB, 1080x1080, yjRnd4d.jpeg)

Why are all men so fucking gross?

No. 1703169

dick induced trauma

No. 1703171

Y chromosome.

No. 1703172

I always appreciated about Null that he doesn't make gross comments when talking about women and doesn't do smash/pass shit that some gross moids like Ethan Ralph do. I feel like he wants women to like him, so I really don't understand why he went full retard today? Is it midlife crisis or did he dip into the sink vodka? Since he is probably reading this I want him to know that I am disappointed and you suck and Brittany Venti wouldn't even spit on you.

No. 1703179

I thought you were supposed to be dead or in a mental hospital, Blaine.

No. 1703180

Why? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Gonna make this thread about me again and make it boring? Go ahead, make my day.

No. 1703184

He knew it was retarded, I doubt the women on his site are upset about it, I will say it was more "playful" then serious , it however was something that i didn't expect, at least not from current Josh. I will say that at the moment out of all his buddies, he's the least degenerate and he genuinely comes off…odd about women, like when he talks about it, I never feel malciousness from him, just retarded scrote who hasn't had much expereince. He needs NOT to play childish games like that though, I hope he knows how many lolcow women are on his site. I know they'll claim theres not a lot and all the kiwi-women are based, trad-pilled etc.
However, women know how to blend into communities more then scrotes do. We know he lurks here a lot and I low-key thinks he does asorb 15% of what we say here, simply because Lolcow is literally the site that got away from him.

No. 1703204

guys whatever idk why you're so surprised, he's a male. it's stupid so just skip that segment and move on (this is not referring to people laughing at him for it, just people who are genuinely upset and feel betrayed by him playing smash or pass KEK).

No. 1703212

>imaging him leaning over on the King Sized bed
kekk am I allowed to post the cc josh copypasta in here or will i get redtexted

No. 1703242

If this true it shows how unhinged Fong-Dong is becoming and how out-of-control his obsession is. He’s even posted this harrassment shit on LinkedIn, giving out email addresses of who he wants people to complain to. That’s crazy and reckless, LinkedIn is supposed to be for professional use and connecting to people in your profession, not directing harrassment to your ‘enemies.’ Donger is gone bonkers.

No. 1703251

File: 1668817764143.jpeg (292.15 KB, 1894x657, 8173B0EA-25DC-434D-9238-EBF899…)

>>girl talk
Just us girly girls.

No. 1703256

Josh did post that thing about enuch's (I don't know how to spell it) and how they also have humps on their backs. I wonder if it's true, because Keffals has it as well. I'm sure Jazz has one

No. 1703281

The medical term for that hump is Kyphosis. It’s a spinal deformity, one of the long-term medical consequences of male castration. It causes osteoporosis (brittle bones) like old people get. In this case the vertebral bodies in the spine collapse into each other causing the deformity. In old ladies it’s called dowagers hump.

No. 1703290

File: 1668820570100.jpeg (87.2 KB, 692x504, 9C1ACF9F-6040-4454-8889-58EF09…)

Keffals’ hump is worse, probably because he castrated himself at a younger age. He has old lady bones, like 80-year old lady bones.

No. 1703292

File: 1668820809776.jpeg (343.62 KB, 2048x1536, 48449C0F-E7E4-4627-9E21-B998CD…)

Let’s have a girl talk

No. 1703341

I can smell this picture

No. 1703486

File: 1668850196480.png (423.41 KB, 803x468, 1668505476743.png)

It's called kyphosis.

No. 1703489

File: 1668850550455.png (376.82 KB, 412x647, realwomen3.PNG)

Yeah, his hump is worse.
Elliot was 20 years old when he travelled to Thailand to get his stuff removed. Was in June 2007.

No. 1703694

Why does Josh talk about fat people like he's not a fatty himself who admits to stress eating and eating badly when the site is down? I don't get it, he went on some rant about how fat people and I'm like, "dude you are fat, you go on diets that you fail, you tell stories of your favorite foods from grandma nullie". Scrotes confuse me, like you are the low iq fat person you speak of. Just because you may be smaller or better portioned then some fatties and a scrote, does not change the fact that you are fat. Who knows how much fatter null really is.
Null comes off at times like a mean girl at times.
I notice this about fat men, they talk about other fat people as if they are separate. Also a lot of users hate fat people, null is fat?? Can someone explain those to me?? Nullita is getting real sassy kek. Im a fat scrote enjoyer but even I find it odd

No. 1703701

It's a dick measuring contest but with fat instead. That's all there is to it, less fat, more man, so when a fat scrote is mocking a fatter scrote just sub in my dick is bigger and you'll understand it completely.

No. 1703707

fatty spotted

No. 1703708

Nobody hates fat people as much as other fat people, except maybe former fat people. Null's been still talking about his weight loss on MATI, he's still losing weight apparently, maybe he feels like he can shit talk other fats now that he has made progress. I think he's lost like 50 or 60lbs.

No. 1703710

He honestly hates them out of a 'im not that big, they must be lazy/weak' mentality. It's really sad and just another way for people to divide themselves, it's why it's best to be around people who self deprecate even if it seems they shouldn't care(eg they're chubby but dump on themselves for not losing more but won't poke at other fat people). Those people aren't competing with others so they're less likely to contribute to some hate pile on.

No. 1703714

I hate that these threads make me consider what dating josh would be like, and how I know I’m his type. I keep having invasive thoughts about being his panic pixie artist gf who designs his slobbermutt coins and home made hooch.

No. 1703717

Josh is a witch, burn him!

No. 1703722

File: 1668876652203.gif (Spoiler Image,236.51 KB, 320x208, Untitled.gif)

>>Be You
>>Wake up
>>Josh is next to you taking up 90% of the King sized bed
>>"The sites down" he says his voice cracking with a quiver
>>"What? I thought you said you fixxed the issue-"
>>"Oh Nevermind, just a bad node" Josh says before putting his old laptop on the stand.
>>Josh turns to you his huge belly spilling over the side
>>"Fuck these trannies-" he begans, they are ruining the Uppercase Internet, I swear to god-"
>>"right? Always fucking over everyone-"
>>Be Happy

No. 1703723

He wants a tradwife now tho

No. 1703726

josh is speed-running the pinch of goodwill nonnies had for him, I think Keffals gunt-back, blinded me from the true nature of Null. When his enemies are so ugly and failed men, I guess chubby weirdo is…better for the moment?

No. 1703728

Does Nick deserve a separate thread? His wife basically said "I do it and it's fun and I'm definitely not a swinger!"

No. 1703729

nah it'll die I think it's fair to just talk about him here, he did say he reads his kiwifarms thread and addressed kiwifarms so he's related to the site

No. 1703730

Til the tide betrayed him and his empty elocution. The piper by and down the river kept on from the pounding waves of adoration though and it's plain to see Josh is what he hates. Nobody can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that him and keffals may have been in reversed roles in another life, that's how bad this was.
A douche and a turd sandwich, we need to do better.

No. 1703731

josh and keffals even have similar voices…have we ever seen them in the same room? Just saying..when is the last time we've even seen Josh?

No. 1703732

It has been a while, I'd be starless and Bible black if true.

No. 1703733

File: 1668877393491.jpg (131.47 KB, 1024x683, pepe.jpg)

I am like 89% convinced Null already has a girlfriend, here is what I have observed and what has been discussed on here before:

>he rejects all advances from women and never simps or thirsts

>suddenly turned into a feminist tuned in to women's issues and talks like a TERF
>doesn't really seem desperate to find a woman despite nearing 30
>is successfully losing weight despite demonstrably not knowing how to cook he says he has been eating homemade meals

And the most damning evidence:
>during the balcony gardening era he repeatedly said "we are doing XY"
>during one of the Life is Strange videogame streams you could hear someone in the background and I swear I heard a woman cough, those streams also conveniently disappeared from all archives and have been lost in time

Obviously he will never admit this because it would be ridiculously retarded, but I have been noticing these little things here and there that kind of give it away if you pay attention.

No. 1703735

null seems really lonely..but who knows maybe he does have a Nullette. Hope she slaps him for his childish "Smash or pass Game" if she exists. It's quite interesting how nobody knows much about Null despite for years him doing a friday stream.

No. 1703738

Forgot to add that he has been "busy" every single holiday including valentines day even if it was a stream day

No. 1703741

I think the whole "Oh poor Null he is so lonely" is mostly his parasocials projecting on him, he mentions sometimes he has friends irl and he travels a lot, I doubt he is doing it alone. He just doesn't talk about the people he's got irl because trannies would try to harass them.

No. 1703743

I didn't say "poor" Null, I just said he seems lonely at times, but I also JUST started paying more attention to him during the Keffals situation. I don't remember every single thing Null has ever said.

No. 1703744

It's slip ups like that and his general loneliness and mistrust that makes me doubt it. While maybe he has a gf who's fine with smash or pass why the feminist angle? I think he just hates trannies so much he slowly shifted to become more like the groups that also did, it's why he will say some feminist talking points but not walk them as well. I'd hope if he had a gf she would be better at keeping him on the line but instead every turn leads me to thinking Josh wants to be a feminist while retaining his former group of friends who are essentially nerd dude bros who are very anti feminist. The loneliness comes from being trapped between those two worlds and not fitting fully into either.
Might be projection on my end but either way he would certainly keep who he's dating a secret but I doubt with how Josh boasts about things he'd keep the fact that he was dating a secret. He lives too much like a bachelor for me to see him having a gf, or if he does she's low confidence and has pick meisms that allow him to objectify women on steam.

No. 1703745

He's never objectified women on stream outside from the weird fuck, marry, kill game tho. Which tbf he didn't say who he would fuck. If he wants to have a gf he would HAVE to keep it a secret, there's not really any other choice since there are so many people who want to hurt him. Vordrak already came for his entire family to the point they stopped talking to him.

No. 1703749

I don't know why people assume Null's views come from a woman, instead of the SITE he has that has women on it and men who hate troons more then women, so they also will say "based" things. Plus Mumsnet and him lurking here. All jokes aside, I don't care who Null is dating or not, but I feel like he just listens to what women are saying about troons in general because he's been getting constantly kicked by them. Also, he seems to want a bigger female userbase on Kiwifarms, so he knows saying things to show he's listening will do that.
I may joke a lot but who cares if he has a girlfriend or not? Do we really want to know whats happening on that king sized bed??

No. 1703750

It's fun to speculate

No. 1703751

it's not me so it doesn't matter He's dating Kiwifarms, I heard it from a source

No. 1703757

It's because he's an American. Last I read, he was 220 pounds which is obese but not "My 600-lb Life" level of obesity. Most people who laugh at fatties tend to laugh at the more severe cases.

No. 1703762

Not to that degree but he has in tiny ways that can easily just be chalked up to scrote talk honestly. He implies who he's going to fuck so he doesn't need to say it anyways but fair, he did not sink that low I will admit. A secret of who it is yes but not that it happened as he's not location doxed so if he never name drops or power levels about her she would be fine.
To quote a wise woman who posted this moments ago "it's fun to speculate". I don't much care either but it's a nice subject for downtime since this thread is about the farms and it's owner, may as well armchair about the owner.
Omg don't dox her like that nonnie!
220? Last I read he was 260 so that's fantastic to hear his weight loss is going well but I'd hope that would just embolden him to not rag on those with more lard than he, it's a very easy way to look better socially, just drop the weight and never dig on the flab. Ah well that's Josh, always playing true to himself no matter how unaware it may seem.

No. 1703763

It's way smarter to just never mention his private life at all as to not inspire people to dig into it.

No. 1703765

Be honest 5 nonnies that are here, how many of you developed a crush during Gashflare 2022?

No. 1703767

The "sad lonely incel" image really works in his favor since I'm sure most of his enemies are very happy to accept that as the truth, for one because they don't want Null to be happy and also because they don't want to imagine him having something they don't have (a family) because most of them are incels and troons. If I was him I'd just keep that image forever and eat shit for being alone rather than tell people about a family that could potentially be hurt.

Also Null is currently streaming Outlast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQNpC0Pr7KU

No. 1703769

They will anyways but you're probably right, I just see Josh shoot himself in the foot a lot so I initially leaned the other way but you're bringing me back to the fence of the 'phantom Josh gf' lol.
I didn't but I did gain a bit of respect.
Honestly once someone goes after family members and that's confirmed they get bitten back quickly even by once time allies. Anyone who went after his mother this last time was quickly turned on or kept it light for example but you're completely correct in that it's the better move simply because some people are unhinged psychopaths who would try to hurt his loved ones. People like that should be dragged out back and shot frankly, a feud either ends with the two people feuding or it never ends so just on principal alone people who go after family members or gfs or exes should be dipped in acid…in Minecraft.

No. 1703774

Just think of Vordrak who got several of Joshs family members fired from their jobs by threatening their bosses family and smearing them as pedophiles or the trannies who always go after women like Josh's mom or the Terrahost guys's wife. They would LOVE to target a potential girlfriend of Null. I'm sure there are some sick tranny fucks out there who would immediately start talking about raping/murdering her.

No. 1703776

I don't think he'd ever talk about that kind of thing as Null 1.5. This is why he should've never did the smash or pass, now people really want to speculate.
I genuinely hope he never ever talks about any personal anything, especially if it's a woman, like you said, the troons hate any random woman more then null.
It's sick what Keffals did posting his mother

No. 1703780

>he will say some feminist talking points but not walk them as well
Has he ever claimed to be a feminist? who cares honestly, he's just a dude who happens to be gender critical, I don't expect him to be andrea dworkin or anything. It's better to accept people as they are and not get disappointed than to be like the some of the nonnies ITT who have this image of him as a feminist scholar kek and then get mad when they find out that at the end of the day a moid is a moid.

No. 1703782

He's never claimed to be a feminist. Men can't be feminists, but Null is pretty based for a moid on feminist issues. I think you can't really expect more from a scrote.

No. 1703795

That's what I'm saying, moids can never be feminists and expecting them to is stupid and a losing battle.

No. 1703806

Yeah he is leagues above your average college educated liberal moid who pretends to be a feminist only to say "trans women are women tho UwU" and "sex work is real work!!" as he jerks off to creepy incest rape porn. I like that Null is against porn and also against anime, even if it's just the usual "it broke my dick" reason. There are very very few men who advocate against porn.

No. 1703807

Am the original non and I agree with you both I was speaking from his perspective for that post. Joshua/Null fancies himself as someone who can claim to be a feminist but lacks a deep enough understanding which yes, expecting such is a bit much but it's simply how he's portrayed himself. I think he probably believes he helps the feminist cause in protecting their voices so he's de facto feminist.
Without him doing that we wouldn't be armchairing about him on it, it was an unexpected and odd move from him but I personally chalk it up to his mask slipping. Not that he's an awful monster, just that Y chromosome showing itself.
Exactly for a scrote he isn't that bad and that's why some of us are honestly slightly disappointed he touched the smash and pass thing. He's not some paragon of virtue, we just all want to see a good ending for Null and don't want to see him slip off a cliff back into scrote sickness after legitimately trying to better himself in that regard.

No. 1703808

Well let's hope his secret TERF gf or whatever beat his ass for that one and he won't do it again.

No. 1703816

Fingers crossed, it was a faux pas.

No. 1703849

> Nick Rekieta
is one of the few who have actually gone to bat for Josh but Josh sees him as a bit of an e-daddy, the Nick thread is the only thread about a streamer that is in "Media" not "Internet Famous" and that didn't have his dox in the OP, it'll be interesting to see if this changes with Nick now in meltdown mode but I always thought it was stunning hypocrisy on Josh's part
> And just like that all my good will for Null has disappeared again, lol.
you bought into the hype nonnie it's OK, Josh is based for keeping up a site that trannies hate and it's about all there is to it, otherwise he is as gross a scrote as they come, but don't be too vocal about that or that one anon will accuse you of being a troon
> I feel like he watches the thread
he absolutely fucking does, remember a bunch of threads ago when he got called out for basically forgetting TiFs exist and then the next version of his statement magically changed to say "boys and girls" getting groomed? Josh's hatred of troons at this point is for obvious reasons that they have tried to fuck with his livelihood and do life ruination on him but also I think it stems from him being afraid he might fuck one
> Why does Josh talk about fat people
because he knows the fattie board brings him a female audience, he has more or less literally said this

No. 1703853

samefag but
> I think he probably believes he helps the feminist cause
lol no he does it for clout, it's the same as when he went all on-board with the meme right circa 2016, he will hop on board with whatever trend is popular on his site, plus the tranny shit has the added bonus of being a personal vendetta at this point, if he echos TERF talking points it's the same reason he echos WN talking points, he's absorbed it by being terminally online on his dumb site

No. 1703856

Completely I just think he's either deluded himself on the issue or thinks his current mask is perfect in which case we will see it crumble more leaving Josh in his constant state of shifting positions and crumbling foundations he's found himself on since well blockland but since commandeering the farms I would say. If only he could stick to a value rather than fall for the loud voices of opinion which are often half trolls gassing him up into isolating himself further. With Josh it's a fascinating study to me of if he would end up like this without the farms, kinda like how I wonder with Chris but Josh is worse as he's actually self aware, both are just trapped in a digital zoo.

No. 1703859

man hands wrote this post

No. 1703863

> if he would end up like this without the farms
Josh would be a shut-in loser NEET without the Farms or maybe worse shoot up a school or something. He is still a shut-in loser NEET but he has his site where people fellate him 24/7 and it gives him some kind of validation and purpose in life (having a place to terfpost is a side effect of this, not the cause, never forget this). It's interesting to note too that in one of his telegram cryposts in this thread or the last he explicitly said that from a young age he wanted to run a big website (referencing lowtax IIRC) which really tells you all you need to know.
I don't hate Josh for protecting his friends but he tries to pretend like he doesn't play that game and stays objective when he clearly doesn't. He played the same game for a while with Ethan Ralph until the Ethan Ralph meltdowns became too cowish to ignore and he very mildly made fun of Ethan (the infamous "corn joke") causing Ethan to totally sperg out which was kind of the point of no return.

No. 1703864

I think he's fair about Nick. He even picked fun at his ass in the current outlast stream. I think people need to be fair about people who Josh likes and helped him, of course he's not going to behave a way about Nick as he would someone else. It's not like he didnt/doesn't criticize him he did, I personally think Nick is a gross drunken coomer

No. 1703868

Can you tell me the corn lore? Also I don't see how anyone can be friends with Ralph. Everyone falls out with him. I watch some of mister metakours older streams and I always wondered what happened with Ralph

No. 1703869

kek, the Onion Farmers and troons have arrived to seethe about nonnies writing nice things about Null once again. I can't even imagine the amount of jealousy an Onion Farmer must feel for a guy who is not totally despised by all of womankind like they are.

No. 1703872

Ethan and Josh used to be friends and Josh wanted the Ethan Ralph thread on KF to be more of a fan thread (as was happening with Nick) but Ethan's deranged behavior started to escalate. Josh made a joke about Ethan "having to be sacrificed to the corn" for content and Ethan, as he does, utterly lost his mind and went on a spurned-lover BPD-chan rampage against Josh leading to a vendetta that lasts to this day.
Yes I'm sure it was Onion Farmers and troons who got offended at a misogynistic joke, lol.

No. 1703873

That's not who I am talking about, the unsaged seething about Null getting "fellated 24/7" is very obviously an Onion Farms moid. They are always whining about that.

No. 1703875

I don't know I think one nonna here is a bit leaning into the negative but I've been approaching him with the more nuanced view of him being neither infallible nor horrid so I fail to see what you do, could you provide more details of your claim so I can get behind it?
Ethan is a Mook and more degenerate than say Josh but to bat for him for a second it seems like a pattern of people trying to stab him for clout that once wouldn't. It's just men being men to me so I don't expect to fully get it but they're all a pile of snakes and Josh separating from that bunch was a good move.
Yeah that's the one I thought, disregard my earlier ask to clarify as it no longer applies and I agree.

No. 1703876

File: 1668887395186.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.6 KB, 480x548, 1627930361470.jpg)

Onion Farmers are literally crying about the same thing all the time, that we shouldn't like Null because he is a "fake feminist" and he is just trying to trick us or whatever and he is just the worst most horrible incel misogynist loser to have ever lived (never provide anything backing up these claims) and how it is just so unfair that his forum users like him and defend him and HE IS SUCH A HYPOCRITE FOR SAYING FREEZE PEACH BUT THEN HE BANNED ME REEEEEEE!!!

kek, delete yourselves

No. 1703878

> he is just the worst most horrible incel misogynist loser to have ever lived (never provide anything backing up these claims)
really I think the burden of proof is on the nonnies who think he is anything other than this, not the "worst ever" certainly but anyone who has watched him or interacted with him over the years knows this. hating trannies doesn't absolve him of being what he is and has always been and make him a based feminist ally

No. 1703879

post milk of Josh being a misogynistic incel or fuck off, but I know you have nothing, the thread on Null on OF is like the most pathetic a-logging I have ever read

No. 1703882

do you want me to go back through years of him posting "sneed, sneed" or whatever bullshit to find the gems? the incel misogyny all over the guy's entire existence and you can practically smell it. never really been on OnionFarms but I'm sure their seething about Josh is cringe, the thread on Josh at the now-dead lolcow.org had a lot of seethe but also had milk. but really I'd say the same thing to you, post milk of Josh being a based feminist ally in any way other than seething about trannies.

No. 1703883

>>Null on OF
Legit thought this was going to be some deep lore about Josh having a secret onlyfans

No. 1703884

kekkkk i'd give you a horrifying rating for that if we were on KF

No. 1703886

Even the .org thread was better than that mess. There is plenty of evidence but I'm hardly going to being milk to help onionfarmers trash on Josh.

No. 1703888

he probably was in the mental hospital, he seems calmer so probably got medicated which I earnestly hope he continues to take for his own sake but you know he won't

No. 1703893

But would you subscribe is the question? Also Josh's gaming streams are cool. They wanted him to play some anime wife desktop game and he said no, he says he wants to play Alien Isolation. My dream is a Sims 4 stream, but o fear it'd turn into a 3 hour while about ea fest.
my tinfoil is that if Chris Chan got into Sims games, he'd probably started making full length videos and sonic comics/got into modding and he'd never harmed Barb. Sonic causes autism and its multiples the autism in the already autistic

No. 1703894

A lot of the posts here are clearly seething moids from KF, angry that null has firmly come down on the feminist side on there and they've lost.
I guess he's got a finally woman in his life who's got him by the balls, (you can make men do anything for you if they think they'll get their nasty little dick wet).

Since we've taken over the trans discussions on there, now null's even given us our own section of the site that we can run as we please and put all the trans threads in there.
Kiwi Farms is a TERF site now, get wrecked scrotes, boohoohoo.

No. 1703895

whine fest sorry for my constant typos nonnies

No. 1703898

has he really come down on the feminist side, though? I don't watch his streams but I don't see a single sliver of feminism, just hatred of troons, which makes him a useful idiot at best, certainly not an actual feminist or ally

No. 1703903

Men can't be feminist, Josh just seems to be less of a unhinged seething woman hating retard then the rest of the scrotes he's around and a lot of his users, nowadays anyways. Having women on his site benefits him and Terfs hate troons as much as he does. Josh isn't a savior Jesus is. Josh just is gossipy and not as bad as other scrotes at times.

No. 1703908

There are plenty of scrotes on KF who aren't feminists or "allies," but have discovered reasons to be sympathetic through the experience of the troonami. While feminism's oppression fetish is the a contributing factor to the existence of the troon menace, seeing all progress towards female autonomy dragged under by men in dresses is still lamentable.

No. 1703911

He's set up a whole sub section of his site as almost exclusively 'women only, and then moved all the prominent troon threads there.
Then quite a few kicked off about it, he told anyone complaining it to suck it, and banned a few.

He's made sure only women are modding Beauty Parlour, and one or two are feminists, and have been banning any scrotes on there on sight, lol.

No. 1703913

>shit from years back
See thats how I know you are not a lolcowfarmer, but an Onion Farmer. Milk means FRESH NEW content. Not the dumb shit from years ago you moids obsess over day in and day out. Literally all you have is the Blockland shit, lol. 15 year old milk, almost as dry as your coom.

No. 1703920

Really don't get why Onion Farmers keep coming here just to get btfo. Clearly you are not welcome and we don't want to join your pathetic personal vendetta. You have your own website entirely dedicated to seething about Null.. How about you just stay there?? Men are so fucking annoying I swear. Harassing women who don't want you is second nature to you pathetic incels.

No. 1703921

Onion Farms is completely dead again now that KF is back up. They get like 5 posts a day, that's why they come here. Its almost like a KF clone run by an old autistic man with a userbase full of schizophrenics, pedos and jilted ex KFers doesn't produce any worthwile content.

No. 1703933

The only onionfarmer worth keeping tabs on is SIGSEV sheerly for his fedposting retardation.

No. 1703936

thank you. I'm not saying that Josh and the existence of KF aren't helpful to the TERF cause, but just that the anons saying he is feminist or a feminist ally are deluded. he has a based hatred of trannies and a hunger for clout, which is why he is useful. I like KF, I use KF, but Josh is a creep, and the simping in this thread is absolutely unhinged.

No. 1703937

and [VOID] a/k/a Angry Canadian, who has an extensive halal thread on KF. he's genuinely one of the most vile scrotes in that scene and that's really saying something.

No. 1703939

Knowing how much it makes troons and Onion Incels like you seethe just makes me want to simp harder for Null, kek. You clearly don't even watch MATI so you know little to nothing about the topics he discusses.

No. 1703947

No, I don't watch MATI, for the simple reason that I don't like fucking Josh Moon, so if you can provide a single example of how he has any feminist values other than a hatred of trannies and a desire for a female audience, I'm all ears.

No. 1703950

I want to thank you for introducing me to that flaming dumpster fire if a circus show that Theangrycanadian is nonna.

No. 1703952

Jesus is the only husbando anyone ever needs.
Beauty Parlor is the most independent board on that site and the culture there reflects it, different from the rest of the site as I've personally seen moids try their nonsense and get shut down there when they wouldn't elsewhere on the site.
Sigsev hasn't posted since being put into the onion version of the tard cage there.
Nta but he is rather devious and likely posting ITT, he's had a hate boner for very specific people for over a year now and it's rather easy to see who he despises even by glancing at the site he admins. Angycanuck always has the same motives and will always try to stab everyone around him for clout with people he will try to stab on his next cycle, it's amazing to watch him loop.

No. 1703970

> stab everyone around him for clout
true words, nonita, he has snaked on everyone he has ever associated with so I have no idea why his current bunch thinks they're any better. he probably doxed his current e-waifu seveneightnine by giving the dox to Elaine in order to gaslight her and point her at people he doesn't like, there are rumored to be nudes floating around which I'm sure we will all see once they have their breakup. it's not proven but he is likely the "second Null" impersonator who was abusing Elaine, it's very in-character for him. him and Blaine the tranny have a weird love-hate relationship, too. he event got involved with Rachel the Sephiroth-shipper, another shitshow also involving the tranny, which as far as lolcow goes is his second most grievous sin.

No. 1703984

>he probably doxed his current e-waifu seveneightnine by giving the dox to Elaine in order to gaslight her and point her at people he doesn't like
He didn't even try to hide it and Elaine thanked him and another person for the dox info. Truly ludicrous to think others wouldn't pick up on a pattern that the tranny exposed a few times, which explains the hate but I was not aware of the love part.
>he event got involved with Rachel the Sephiroth-shipper
Possibly still in her discord which is run by that aerith cloud weirdo. AC manages to dredge shit all over wherever he goes and thinks people can't tell when he has alts try to back up his main account.
He holds onto the rock of spite and lashes out at people who have nothing to do with his initial plots and wonders why people of all walks view him as a pariah.
It's too bad he got his grubby Canadian snow mittens on yet another woman's revenge porn for black mail but apparently he was not given enough attention for everyone to be aware of his true colors.

No. 1703987

Literally nobody calls him Josh Moon other than Ralph and his gunt guards. Its real fucking weird to refer to someone with a nickname but then also their last name. Say Josh or Joshua Moon.

Not spoonfeeding someone who doesnt even watch MATI. You have nothing to contribute to this conversation.

No. 1703988

> Literally nobody calls him Josh Moon other than Ralph and his gunt guards.
yes, exactly what I was ironically shouting out
> Not spoonfeeding someone who doesnt even watch MATI.
wtf are you talking about this is the Kiwi Farms thread no the MATI fan club, I know Josh from Kiwi Farms not his cringe side project, and if you know him primarily from MATI, then you don't know him, so still waiting on an example

No. 1703992

Consider suicide, scrote.

No. 1703994

you are so fucking unhinged, totally gone from reality, if you think no woman would ever have cause to dislike Josh

No. 1704001

Post your hand then. I'll wait.

No. 1704002

Very fair I'm sorry the other poster is acting like it's unheard of to ask for a clarification, nobody has the time or desire to watch all the MATI streams except Josh white knights of Josh alogs.

No. 1704004

Nta, fuck off that's not enough to demand that.

No. 1704007

lmao now we are at "post hand", not-my-nigel-Josh-chan, still waiting for a single example of Josh being a feminist, it shouldn't be hard

No. 1704009

Yeah that's what I thought, kek. Go back to Onion Farms.

No. 1704012

you are probably one of those crazy bitches who simps for serial killers too

No. 1704013

samefag I am legitimately willing to consider changing my opinion to "Josh has changed" from "Josh is a creep" if an example is forthcoming, but it clearly isn't

No. 1704015

Nobody ever said he is a feminist, we are saying he cares about womens issues and creates safe spaces for women to talk to each other (BP). He talks about trannies harassing women on MATI, he talks about cringy reddit husbands mistreating their wifes, he shits on incels, he shits on men who think women over 30 are barren empty egg cartons, he shits on men who want to marry 12 year old virgins, etc. He does this on his show and on the forum as well. Again, we already said men cant be feminists but Null is a better man than all you Onion Incels combined.

No. 1704020

someone literally said he is a feminist upthread. I've consistently said I appreciate him creating the space that he does but I don't think he cares about womens issues per se at all, but mocking scrotey lolcows doesn't mean he cares. at best I think he is pandering to his audience. you(?) said post new milk of him being a cringe misogynist and I don't know, I don't even read his posts on Kiwi anymore, lol, but I know the kind of person he consistently has shown himself to be for years.

No. 1704021

>Null is a better man than all you Onion Incels combined.
Anyone sane or rational can agree with this statement.

No. 1704022

anon she is replying to and I absolutely agree with that statement (other than the part where she is accusing me of being male), he's also better than Ethan Ralph and his degenerate circle, better than the average tranny, etc. but none of that is a high bar to clear

No. 1704024

Look at you move the goalpost as soon as someone provides what you have been begging for. Lol just fuck off seriously you are embarrassing.

No. 1704025

someone really was saying he was a feminist (I thought it was the anon I was talking to but I guess not) and that's the only reason I was harping on him not being one, I'm not moving anything, my take on him has been consistent

No. 1704027

Nobody was saying that, schizo.

No. 1704028

I wasn't the nonita you were talking with but I think you misunderstood the post where I said he fancies himself as a feminist.

No. 1704029

No. 1704032

Yes I'm your second example >>1704028 the anon who called you a schizo just seems to want to stir something out of nothing more than a misunderstanding.

No. 1704033

First one is being ironic, second one says thats what Null thinks about himself (I disagree with that but whatever) you are dumb.

No. 1704034

ok maybe, sry about that. I also (and was saying earlier) that I don't think he is really an "ally" either (certainly not a "de facto feminist") as some people were claiming. I think he hates trannies and has an instinct for what will get him clout and grow his site, same as it ever was.
the other anon camps here and accuses everyone who hates her nigel of being a tranny, she's nuts and I half suspect she doesn't even use KF and just simps for him on MATI
ok i'll cop to being dumb or maybe just a little tipsy

No. 1704040

Post milk or gtfo.

No. 1704044

T. probably joined KF recently, if at all, and believes the hype. You shit up this thread constantly with your cringey little crush on him, it's embarrassing and you clearly know nothing about him or his history. I don't need recent milk to know what kind of guy he is. I'd say meet me on KF but Josh is a vindictive little fuck and would probably ban me if he knew what my account was.

No. 1704046

I don't even know how to simp any harder at this point just to piss you off but I am glad it bothers you this much.

No. 1704048

It doesn't bother me, I feel sad for you and embarrassed and I hope you have better taste in men IRL or you're gonna be in for a rough life.

No. 1704053

You're fine as I said in an earlier post, easy mistake, glad we could clear that up.
He probably would but more out of paranoia of you being able to destroy his house of cards, just ignore the one line negative comments in this thread especially, it's often Onionfarmers playing both sides of the field to rile people up because they enjoy causing conflict even if it's as petty as just contrariness.

No. 1704054

And yet you whine and complain about it all the time instead of just ignoring it. Reeks of scrotal jealousy.

No. 1704056

yeah I'm done with that chick(?) she has nothing to say other than Josh uwu (Elaine tier) and everyone is a tranny (it's not just me she has accused either) and onionfarmers gayopping both sides is actually pretty believable tbh

No. 1704059

Srsly how badly do you wish you were in a position where women simp for you? Does it eat you up at night?

No. 1704061

This whole gay saga dragged on so long it's easy to identify the players behind each motive despite said actors efforts to muddy the waters. They talk about this site a bunch over on Onionfarms and it's the same tactics that got them banned from kiwi proper so overtime it becomes easy to pick up on which posts are likely theirs. Although it's never one hundred percent correct to guess that the shorter more snappy comments are theirs it's best to avoid those anyways to not derail the thread.
Your projection is rather clear to me and likely to lurkers and a few who read this in the future, why bother with this dance when it gives you away so often and so much? Genuine question.

No. 1704063

You're literally the one who always comes in this thread to infight whenever you feel the tone of the thread starts ro become to favorable to Null. I know exactly what you are doing despite this obvious deflection. You just can't take it that people like him.

No. 1704064

you're really bad at telling peoples typing styles apart, anonita

No. 1704068

This is also the exact same thing you say every time without fail.

No. 1704069

It's funnier how ignorant they are really, and I use they as a clearly passive aggressive way of stating the poster acts very scrotish. You know that but they won't unless I spell it out so forgive me for that.
Two different people, clearly.

No. 1704078

Null > Onionfarmers > Troons > Troons who are also Onionfarmers.

No. 1704079

Mr. Popo > Kami > The dirt > the worms that eat the dirt > Null > Onionfarmers > Troons > Troons who are also Onionfarmers.

No. 1704397

I'd put troons above Onion Farmers, Liz Song Gone at least has a job and, as surprising as it is, a partner and friends irl. Slightly less pathetic than the Onion Farms crowd.

No. 1704621

Women>Jesus/God>ReviewBrah>Ice cream>Beyonce>Null>Onion losers>Poo Poo>Troons

Also Null Is finishing outlast today

No. 1704634

beyonce sucks but i agree otherwise

No. 1704706

Can you pick a more disgusting harvestable than a fucking Onion to name your site after? Kiwis are delicious and at the same time are a cute bird. Onions are stinky and make you cry. I guess it is an appropriate name for the site but it just shows you that the owner is a total sped.

No. 1704740

File: 1668965010663.png (154.73 KB, 427x296, kiwi birfd.PNG)

Kiwibirds give their whole BODY to their babies. They are cute, they sacifice and they are a feminist birds (This isn't about Kiwifarms or null, just saying).
Onions legit make me cry. They are delicious. I'm not a fan of kiwi's but I love the birds. Onion farmers are objectively stinky, female Kiwifarmers smell better.Cows are objectively amazing and the sign of life, nutrition and the beauty of woman kind.

No. 1704746

File: 1668965198986.png (10.62 KB, 689x121, Capture.PNG)

No. 1704752

File: 1668965317127.jpg (4.93 KB, 222x149, download.jpg)

No. 1704819

File: 1668968503293.png (80.45 KB, 652x656, a bit dramatic.PNG)

Apologize for Sinseerposting. I checked in on my favorite random access cow today and this is the retard level he's at now.
>Twitter targeting hospitals, Kiwifarms targeting people - it ends in Death.
>Prepare for more deaths in the future - with Elon at the helm
kek wut

No. 1704828

>they hate everyone who is not a white male fascist
Well looks like our buddy Sinseer is going to be fine then

No. 1704830

and despite the seething hate kiwifarms has for people of color, most the cows on there ARE white and mainly men or failed men.

No. 1704835

This kind of shit (e.g. "WORDS ARE LITERALLY VIOLENCE") makes me MATI. I should stop reading that part of the board for the sake of my happiness, but it's almost worth it seeing these people slide into irrelevance and incoherence.

No. 1704854

Not to politisperg too hard, but that's the mindset of literally every Twitter troon and most lefties too, eg all the "twitter won't ban the nazis" shit

No. 1704876

File: 1668971671929.png (30.43 KB, 700x1162, PBF-Deeply_Held_Beliefs.png)

Part of my concern in getting too mad about it is its potential to shift my own politics. Interact with terrible human examples of a given political leaning -> generalize their behavior to all of them in your head -> drift in the opposite direction unwittingly.

No. 1704906

Useless stream update-
>talks about how he never had a Christmas theme on the site, so if the "fanzone" is listening to his ramblings he will be having a Christmas theme
>more moderation to be had
>plans to open the registion on December 1st

No. 1704934

File: 1668976661157.jpg (36.91 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_20221120-153755_Chr…)

Is this a glitch or did something happen kek?

No. 1704966

Bot inflated numbers.

No. 1705228

Who's the schitzo chick? Ig I'm missing out on cow lore

No. 1705329

Onion faggot cope. KF getting back to it's pre-trooncalypse numbers due to availability and no more errors. 6k visitors was average before.

No. 1705407

>remember a bunch of threads ago when he got called out for basically forgetting TiFs exist and then the next version of his statement magically changed to say "boys and girls" getting groomed?
If there is a secret Null TERF gf then she is almost 100% guaranteed a farmer and reads here. Probably sends him stuff from here too. He does often mention that someone helps him put together his notes for his streams and that he hasn't watched clips yet.

No. 1705425

He does sometimes do weird pauses during streams like someone is correcting what he said. Maybe he is just reading chat tho.

No. 1705496

nta but I think they're referring to the call with Pamela Swain

No. 1705606

malwarebytes doesn't like me going on kf on vanilla or tor. normal sites fine on my phone though. MWB part of LFJ gang?

No. 1705638

Yes, you should complain to them about not being able to access a safe site.

No. 1705756

My apologies I thought it was a very low effort DDoS bot spam, glad to hear it was not!

No. 1705803

I both like and hate when Josh goes on his no pause rants and then takes a deep breath, It makes amazing background noise. His streams makes me wish for a cozy Nonnie based stream, where a nonnie with a voice changer (to protect her from the TroonShiners) talks about our cows weekly and plays cute games.

No. 1705809

What kind of pick me would sign up to do that? Can you even imagine?

No. 1705810

?How would she be a pick me? Just a female ran "MATI" type stream. Not a team up with Josh, her own thing.

No. 1705811

You can make your own dream come true, be the change you want to see in the world nonna.

No. 1705817

Do it yourself and prove me wrong then.

No. 1706676

File: 1669131522539.jpeg (54.06 KB, 2048x472, FiKRlF3UAAAszDs.jpeg)

It's crazy that even though Kiwifarms still has people who believe the lies about it, everytime I look Keffals up on Twitter all his @'s are people shitting on him and it doesn't seem to be undercover kiwifarmers. He's just very unlikable. Like he portrayed kiwifarms as basically a Troon killing machine, which is still being repeated to this day, yet people can still be like, "Okay kiwifarms is shitty. But Keffals is so horrible ugh".
It's honestly hilarious to watch. Keffals legit made kiwifarms more famous than it ever was. I see people whining on twitter about twitter turning into "kiwifarms" kek.
Somebody asked Josh if he'd ever consider writing a book, and I'd love a fucking comic book of the situation. It's honestly hilarious when you look at the goofy cast of characters. Like a hunch back Troon turned failed Twitch that. A roblox chinned scrote with all these tech connections and money, some fat spaced out eyed pepper growing mother fucker and his cute bird/fruit site causing all this havoc.
It's the perfect anime.

No. 1706683

> If there is a secret Null TERF gf
is this a meme or do people actually unironically believe this

No. 1706715

read the thread

No. 1706731

Depends on the intellect of the poster, mines hidden behind many layers of irony, but this thread reeks of newfags who miss the point of satire so yes despite it being so clearly not real people will get defensive over the phantom Josh gf like it's some kind of religion.

No. 1706736

I'd do this unironically if it wasn't for the fact that becoming any kind of e-celeb is an open invitation to get doxed and have degenerates fuck with you. Nothx.

No. 1706740

I love how this retard brags about his 100K like he got it from Josh or KF directly. Bro, you scammed your own retarded fans out of money. You deplatformed a site that is up and running the same as it was before, if not better than ever. You're on streams, doped up on pills or drunk or both,talking about how depressed you are, while someone in the background tells you to stop.
Watching this cow crash and burn has been hilarious. The only person more deserving of it is Dong Gone himself.

No. 1706746

You have a point, you got money to sue people, not from Josh or kiwifarmers. That money is supposed to be used to sue the police or kiwifarms or whatever. He's literally bragging about getting money from people during this gift. He claimed his life was in danger and this was so horrible, now he's back to "winning ". He really needs a therapists he's painfully autistic and has no self awareness. Which annoyed me because for a while small bit some kiwifarmers felt bad for him and his bf broke up. We're even doing cringe, "come to kiwifarms bro, you want to Sneed like the reast of us" posts.

No. 1706747

> winning
he was sadposting a week or two ago about the let-down from the headrush of tranny clout, lol. he's looking for some more now by claiming a W. meanwhile even the trannies look down on him as just being useful to fuck with Josh and now since keffals gained nothing (well, arguably, the one tranny W was getting KF deindexed) he's trying to rewrite history to make him the winner

No. 1706750

*samefag and the deindexing isn't even a keffals W it's a lfj W so keffals didn't do shit lol

No. 1706754

Oh god, the "come to KiwiFarms, redeem yourself" posts are so fucking cringe and I'm glad to see other KFs pretty quickly responding to it, reminding everyone of what an irredeemable shit he is. He's a misogynistic piece of shit who groomed and sold drugs to minors. Fuck Keffals and any "redemption" some people may want. He's getting what he deserves.

No. 1706758

> come to KiwiFarms, redeem yourself
I think this might originate with the redemption arc of CommieDickGurl, who got a KF thread, sperged out, and then made friends with the Kiwis and decided to start calling out other more degenerate troons and was even quoted approvingly in the ReduXX article about KF. CDG is alright in my book but Keffals is a completely different situation. Irredeemable is right.

No. 1706759

Also you can still find certain threads via Google search if you search "Name + Kiwifarms" anyway

No. 1706776

Lowkey a lot of kiwimales want a based Troon so they can thrist for them and not call gay. I notice a lot of them are willing to call ones they think are attractive or "put in effort" she. The issue is all the based troons are ugly as fuck or Blaire White.

No. 1706777

* not calling blaire white based. he's just one of the ones who are meme'd into being based.

No. 1706781

Blaire white is ultra cringe and the moids who went with the meme of calling him she absolutely wanted to fuck him because with sufficient filters he looks like the silicon sex doll they can't afford. The thing with CDG is that he posted in his own kiwi thread and had a sense of humor about things and took the kiwi's side in the keffals situation and other things including slapfighting half of tranny twitter over it, which is why he is "based." The anon you are replying to is very likely Blaine projecting because he hates CDG because people like CDG and everybody hates the CP-spamming degenerate.

No. 1706788

He's at least capable of self reflection, however people always talk about how women bend the knee to troons, when I've seen a lot of right wing scrotes or scrotes in general respect the pronouns of certain troons depending on if they make their dicks hard or "effort". A lot would accept troons if they all presented like Blaires photoshopped self and are super gay and effeminate. While a lot of women who don't drink the diet troonshine (HRt not included but Handmaiden juice is) won't call any Troon a she. Not a big deal though, if Commie dick Boy is self reflective good for him.

No. 1706791

yeah CDG like I said is cool in my book, I'm eyes open on him being a crazy person but the current perspectives he presents about troonery are pretty fair and dare I say TERF-influenced which lead to a bit of an identity crisis on his part. If you asked him I think he would say he knows damn well that he is a man with mental health issues and that TRAs are an absolute cancer which is why I'm willing to give him a pass (plus the stock of anyone Blaine hates automatically goes up in my book, kek)

No. 1706857

One of the best things Keffarts and His Dong-Gone have done is they've made a number of kiwiscrotes turn against troons fully. I've seen a bunch of posts from men there where they'd confess to not giving a fuck about troons (because they don't give a fuck about womens rights). But the fact that these entitled failmales started gunning for their site (instead of their typical target of feminists), has pissed the locals off.

No. 1706872

File: 1669148032842.png (64.76 KB, 1053x306, Capture.PNG)

kinda wish I'd get over my fear of emailing for a invite, so i could make something with AI or something retarded for this.

No. 1706873

same anon, forgot to add, I'll just wait until the 1st of December, hopefully it won't be decided and then I can just register, if the re-opening actually happens

No. 1706876

if you don't care about credit you could post it her and someone could submit it saying it's from here, or you could just email him the art and not worry about the invite for now.

No. 1706931

Just e-mail the art

No. 1706932

>its sad but true that a lot of kiwi moids would find Lucas attractive
You have to be a troon, lmao

No. 1706934

File: 1669153792063.jpg (80.21 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

I want to clean this up but I have no talents or art, so if any artistic nonnie can make this nice then go ahead. It's just Ai though. It's also too big I believe. Just gonna post because it's cute, I don't care what happens to it.

No. 1706947

that's Blaine

No. 1707000

File: 1669160257845.jpg (92.22 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

I edited it more, I feel cringe and it's not that nice, but oh well, kek just going to share working on a lolcow themed thing, that'll be better

No. 1707569

File: 1669225456369.jpg (170.26 KB, 1169x645, mention.jpg)

Ben collins mentioned Kiwifarms/Keffals on msnbc yesterday

No. 1707570

File: 1669225540286.webm (6.74 MB, 1920x1080, cease.webm)

Destiny says Keffals got HIS cease and desist yesterday.

No. 1707579

File: 1669226248588.png (208.74 KB, 608x616, ED, the cyberbullying hate sit…)

today, he blames encyclopedia dramatica

No. 1707609

He is a special case of faggot even by NBC standard. Tinfoil but I think he's doing all these to lay a groundwork to finally pull a combined Keffals/Dong-Gones by using his 'NBC journalist' cred to get these websites dropped.

Of course, this autist plays Factorio.Kek. Hoping the lawsuit arc really becomes a thing.

No. 1707613

Now that the shooter has revealed himself to be "non-binary", you have journoscum like Ben making excuses. Maybe he can blame video games or heavy metal music next.

No. 1707644

File: 1669231091236.jpg (167.2 KB, 1080x754, Screenshot_20221123_110054.jpg)

Thanksgiving plans. Turkey hollandaise pizza? No gf terf or otherwise in site lmao, in b4 "that's why she's the secret terf gf", nonnies need to stop writing fanfic it probably creeps him out too, kek.

No. 1707715

Serbs don't celebrate Thanksgiving, kek. Amerimutts are so retarded I swear.

No. 1707733

File: 1669237202732.png (42.89 KB, 691x359, ao3.PNG)

Speaking of fan fiction. If the troon said so then it must be true. It's over, nonitas.

No. 1707739

File: 1669237624591.png (18.52 KB, 820x185, Capture.PNG)

josh responded to this, what is it with crazy women and thinking Josh is gonna troon out? Even the other schitzo was saying he looked feminine. The worse timeline I can think of-
>lolcow shuts down
>kiwifarms shuts down
>Josh transititions into Jessica Luna
>Makes a troon site that targets terfs
> bath and body works stops selling my favorite scent

No. 1707745

i fucking wheezed kekkkkk

No. 1707778

Troons know nothing but projection.

No. 1708259

That's a woman, anon. Believe it or not there are people other than troons who have issues with Josh.

No. 1708351

Apparently her husband is a troon

No. 1708360

File: 1669274787026.gif (8.11 MB, 500x278, 8oA.gif)

Late, but I find it curious that whenever this thread turns against Josh, someone brings up Onion Farms out of the blue like it's some hub of anti-Kiwi ops. The site is near dead the last I looked. I'm not gonna say it's harmless when it has full pedo mods, but there's always "someone" in this thread talking about them when most of the Anti-Null stuff is probably happening in those discords servers Joshy hates.

Literally no one gives a shit about Kengle's Kindergarten, most KF users don't even know it exists. Its as suspicious as that user who keeps calling people trannies randomly in here.

No. 1708361

Their threads on Null are still active (at least compared to the rest of their site). There are like maybe 10 very dedicated a-logs on there that are salty about being banned and they admit that read this thread and post here as well.

No. 1708427

I can't speak for the pedoweeb mods but archiving screenshots of Null's meltdowns and KF users saying retarded things isn't a-logging, even if they're seething ex-Kiwis. Null's a lolcow, people should be able to laugh at lolcows as long as they have drama.

No. 1708431

see, told ya they read this thread

No. 1708435

Posting and spreading fake fedposts by Null is not a-logging? They are worse than the Gunt board with how they overanalyse every post by Null, most which are not nearly milky otherwise they'd be posted here too. The seethe in those threads is absolutely insane.

No. 1708541

File: 1669302500501.jpg (531.42 KB, 1080x1856, pie.jpg)

That pizza is an abomination. The pie looks good tho.

No. 1708543

It is pretty obvious that there are a couple of onionfarmers here.

No. 1708546

He is confirmed mentally ill with that pizza

No. 1708547

File: 1669303424916.jpg (132.34 KB, 600x999, 5115263f0c5bc048550eb910eb8300…)

>homemade pie
>themed napkins
>cake server
>piping bag with homemade whipped cream


No. 1708561

It's very obvious who exactly posts here to me.

No. 1708576

Faked posts and overanalysing every post by Josh are two different things by far. The former is gayops, the latter is sperging and nitpicking about a lolcow but that is typical Kiwi behavior. NTA but it's really not that deep, Josh is a cow, always has been, go back to the early Kiwi threads here. He has an adamant defender with an unhealthy fixation on troons and OnionFarms. I get the sense this person doesn't really spend time on these sites that much, doesn't actually know the situaton beyond what s/he has picked up from osmosis, and has a gilded picture of Josh gleaned entirely from MATI streams. Blaine the tranny is obviousposting here now, too, but he's not even really anti-Josh, just schizo. I really wonder who the psychosimp is, some bitch from telegram maybe.

No. 1708580

Why do you keep saying the same thing over and over again?

No. 1708581

This thread is starting to be as annoying as Taylor R thread with obsessed nitpickers desperate for milk where there isn't any and schizos thinking there is ONE DEDICATED WK just because not everyone is as obsessed as you with someone who is totally uninteresting.

No. 1708583

Site seems to be down for me. Anyone else able to see it?

No. 1708585

Trannies paying for that Thanksgiving DDOS, sad.

No. 1708586

Because they're the issue here.

No. 1708588

Seriously you have posted this in basically the same words several times in every single thread now. We get it, you're upset that the tune of the thread has become more positive than negative. Touch some grass maybe if it upsets you that not everyone hates the lolcow you hate. The milk in this thread is Troons vs Null and the battle of Kiwifarms, not your personal grudge.

No. 1708591

File: 1669308923748.png (70.13 KB, 593x422, this is your turkey, sinseer.p…)

No. 1708592

I guess troons don't have family and friends to spend Thanksgiving with.

No. 1708594

Each page loads after a couple Ctrl + F5s here, Tor is working and fast.

Better slow your roll, Jonny-boy. Too much of this excitement and you're going to pop a vessel in that smooth-ass brain of yours.

No. 1708595

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Null.

No. 1708597

On fucking thanksgiving, I can't imagine caring more than just idly checking a thread on a holiday but I guess that's why he still is in it. Congrats Sinseer you care more about this than anyone else who is caring more about Thanksgiving today. It'd be easy to say you have no life but it's more truthful to say you prioritize spite so much you're negative every day of the year, Kiwi is so rent free for you that you seethe through the holidays.
Kinda like one person ITT lmao.

No. 1708606

File: 1669310390237.jpg (218.64 KB, 591x1184, Screenshot_20221124-121502_Tel…)

Null is feeling thankful. Ngl, maybe it's because my period is on but I got sorta sentimental, it's been a wild few months but Im happy the site is up. There's a lot of cool shit on Kiwifarms and lolcow

No. 1708608

File: 1669310417396.jpg (122.53 KB, 720x583, Screenshot_20221124-121507_Tel…)

No. 1708618

Its up for me now.
>mentally ill, autists, and trans people
You could have just said trans "people" bruh. You'd have all your bases covered.

No. 1708646

Pie looks cool but that fuckong pizza..idk.

No. 1708652

>t. banned from kf

No. 1708663

Oh no Null is eating a disgusting pizza, what a lolcow!

No. 1708672

That's how petty some of these issues really are tbh, yeah he's got gross pizza tastes but that's like, name me a jolly chubby white dude that doesn't? It would be more weird to me if he didn't eat weird ass pizza.

No. 1708701

Secret gf made some banging pumpkin pie. Ain't no way Null made that, what man has piping bags at home? That's something you own when you bake a lot. The last time he showed some of his food he was drinking coffee out of a dirty unwashed mug and now he's got an ironed, white tablecloth. But why are there three plates?

No. 1708706

I assume he has friends as well.

No. 1708712

It's for the two African American men he's discussing setting up a server for, Null actually did make that pie but it won't be the only pie those men are thankful for.

No. 1708719

Go back to Onion Farms, moid. How fucking embarrassing.

No. 1708723

Null made a secret pie we have no evidence of, get your head out of the gutter scrote.

No. 1708725

You don't fit in with your moid humor. Don't you have to post some "lul cockvore peepee poopoo" Jokes over on your dead site?

No. 1708726

Meta humor*

No. 1708728

I call this theory; the two null pie theory.

No. 1708752

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Kiwi Farms.

No. 1708947

There would be no more KF without Null.

No. 1708963

The funniest part is whichever mod is camping out this thread really does believe it's just one troon trying to derail this thread. I got banned for posting very tame criticism of Null here, not once but twice and it wasn't a-logging just "wow Null is still kinda autistic lmao". But the 1-2 combo of Blaine camping out here too and spamming lolcow with cp, and likely Null himself or one of his close simps wking him, has made it unreadable.

This thread is just sperging about some social media trannies who've already burned out into irrelevancy. But we cant bring them to the dedicated tranny thread because they hate you fuckers more than they hate the No Dong Galun Fong.(awwww :( poor baby)

No. 1708970

>Don't bully Null for being a fat fuck!

>Null totally has a gf this pie is too delicious
He bought it from a bakery you tard

Null has literally admitted on the site he has no rl friends

Shit bants

Lol but keep thinking Im one of these Keffals minions or Blaine or the Evil Kengle Korps or whatever. I'll just VPN and keep calling Null a faggot every few weeks

No. 1708971

File: 1669339197305.jpg (290.6 KB, 1080x1953, pizza.jpg)

Lol the discussion on Onion Farms is literally even dumber than that.
>he ate a lot of food on Thanksgiving!! Wow what a lolcow!
Truly, even the Ralph a-logs have more interesting things to say when Ralph posts a picture of his dry steaks. Like, can you believe someone overindulged on Americas national holiday for overindulging?? That's crazy! Someone lock this man up! Kengle boils the fat out of his hamburgers btw and is still a fat old fuck. The other person in this screenshot is an unironic furry otherkin. Every single poster over there is a lolcow.

No. 1708979

>he bought it from a bakery
Amerimutts really think Serbian bakeries sell pumpkin pie with KF logos on them.

No. 1708980

>Null has literally admitted on the site he has no rl friends
Proof? Because he even had his irl friend on MATI once. Love to see how a humble thanksgiving meal is making Onion Farmers seethe just by the mere implication that Null might not be as lonely as they are.

No. 1709023

There's someone with a weird hate boner for Null and the sillest of shit
>Kek look at this chubby boy, sharing a picture of his food on thanksgiving, kek he probably ate it all by himself.
It's not like Null's a fucking Kardashian, people literally have targeted his mother, people hate him, why would he ever post any friends or love ones online at this point? There's a lot of reason to dislike Null, but the silly shit that is being brought up does come off like it's from the stinky onion site folks or a certain person.
Everyone who dislikes Null isn't a troon/Blaine or an onion weirdo, though there's a big chance in this thread they are.

No. 1709051

I thought "autist" was considered a no-no word for them?

No. 1709096

>It's not like Null's a fucking Kardashian, people literally have targeted his mother, people hate him, why would he ever post any friends or love ones online at this point?

Fair play bitch. If he runs a gossip and stalking forum, he should deal with people throwing the same shit at him lmao

Also, the reverse farmcow.lol trick is p funny. +1 to the mods(ban evasion )

No. 1709112

They are just going to ban evade, but at least now we know where all the petty vitriol is coming from and they dropped the mask of "Nooo! I am totally a real woman who just hates Null cause he is a misogynist". Fucking ironic that males will invade and shit up our spaces and then call Null a misogynist with zero self awareness (and also zero milk).

No. 1709185

Bumpkin pies aren't that complex to make

No. 1709256

They are if you live outside the US and can't just buy pie crusts/dough and pumpkin puree in the store. I'm Euro and I like to bake and you have to make everything from scratch it can be hard to find ingredients. We don't have shortening either so you have to make a butter crust which needs to be pre-baked with pie weights to stop it from sinking in and changing shape too much. It's also pretty hard to not get any cracks in the surface of the pie, you need to get the temperature exactly right and know a couple of tricks like baking on the lower rack, having a waterdish at the bottom of the oven to keep it moist, warming up the filling etc. I will tell you whoever made that pie knew what they were doing and it was certainly not Null unless he is hiding a secret baking hobby from us.

No. 1709459

He bought it, relax.

No. 1709486

kiwi sisters, he confirmed, he ate the whole pie and pizza he's calling you ouy. It's not fake (kek). I assume he's talking to the Onion-tards who got mad about the pie and cake.

No. 1709495

Theres no pumpkin pies for sale in Serbia, Ameritard.

No. 1709496

He didn't say that he ate it all by himself.

No. 1709499

he could've gotten it custom made somewhere, he could have friends/girlfriend who knows? I don't know why it matters, he probably shat it out by now kek. We'll never meet mrs.moon if she exists or ever will exist, maybe when the site is gone or he retires the site. Maybe Null is the girlfriend

No. 1709505

I don't care who made the pie either, but it's hilarious that Onion Farms incels have to come up with any cope for it so they don't have to face the possibility that Null might have a woman in his life who makes him pie while they cry themselves to sleep every night in a puddle of piss and cum.

No. 1709521

Nah I said he bought it from a store because this is an insane discussion that bears little relevance.
Don't worry nobody likes Milhouse, I mean Onionfarms.

No. 1709532

Which is retarded because nobody celebrates Thanksgiving in Serbia and they don't sell pies in stores. Pies are uniquely American. This is why everyone hates Americans btw, you don't realize a world outside of your shitty country exists.

No. 1709542

He was born in America, he's celebrating an American holiday and I've traveled so I know you're lying. Plenty of places in Europe specifically have an American section, it's not crazy to think of that but ultimately I just can't give two fucks where the pie came from and just hope it went well for him.
Why are you always so negative?

No. 1709547

Some good no pause autistic rants and heavy stress sighs. I don't know if he's hopped up on coffee or what kek

No. 1709555

I've been to Serbia many times and live in Eastern Europe. Never seen a single pie in stores. There are sections in grocery stores with American items but they sell shit like Reeses Peanut butter cups and American popcorn, only things you can import with long shelf life. No fresh baked goods.

No. 1709562

Yeah he likely bought the pie frozen, great job Nancy Drew!
So you're negative because you lived in countries destroy by communism, America 1 Commies 0.
Josh is probably trying to fit all the rants he missed in the last couple months in, making up for lost time as it were.

No. 1709570

The pie has a fucking KF logo on it. Onion Farmers stay seething.

No. 1709584

I really don't care where it came from, I view it as derailing and will strive not to engage with you further. It's understandable considering your culture that you're so combative but it's still rude.

No. 1709597

I hope Null enjoys how buttmad the pie has made you retards, kek. I hope he keeps his gf a secret, but imagining the amount of seethe it would generate from retards like you is still fun. I think some Onion Farmers would legit commit suicide.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1709611

File: 1669402026884.jpg (61.27 KB, 729x546, 1646147383907.jpg)

thats right

No. 1709711

He's an American you retard, how dare he celebrat an American holiday. The America Derangement Syndrome on lolcow is so ridiculous it becomes comical.

No. 1709718

You're truly insufferable and I'll join the other anon in avoiding you, clearly you have many undiagnosed mental disorders.

No. 1709744

An American living in Serbia doesn't make Serbia American and suddenly sell American baked goods in their stores, are you retarded?

No. 1709776

That's three women you're going at over a dumb pie. Go touch grass and stop taking the internet so seriously.

No. 1709788

Serbia has pumpkin pie but it is usually made of filo dough. /trivia

No. 1709793

Also, there is an American bakery in Belgrade surprisingly enough. https://americkikolaci.wixsite.com/the-baking-room-rs

No. 1709805

File: 1669411446162.png (925.3 KB, 1226x730, Untitled.png)

their pies look like shit tho(derailing)

No. 1709816

Kek I can't believe you googled that. I just imagine you sitting there crying about this pie trying to come up with some cope that lets you sleep at night.

No. 1709819

FFS you’re STILL on about the damn pie? Does anyone have any actual milk?

No. 1709821

I think its mostly Blaine being back with his several personalities.

No. 1709838

Oh god here we go again

No. 1709839

Blaine always spergs out about how nobody can tell his "typing style" which is hilariously ironic cause you can tell its him just by that.

No. 1709844

Wait.. What? Where is the second pie?

No. 1709847

People ITT are unbelievably retarded I swear.

No. 1709849

Your joke still isn't funny

No. 1709861

You have to go back.

No. 1709876

>Seething response.
Pick up the phone and dialate.

No. 1709894

File: 1669416475469.jpg (49.36 KB, 540x592, 3urih890t1g71.jpg)

Fools, the pie was made of wood.

No. 1710033

Stuffing, like pizza, falls into the realm where even the bad stuff is fine, but greatness is a ton of thoroughly worthwhile effort.

In fact, great stuffing is how I learned to enjoy the taste of liver. Raw liver smells like low tide in New Jersey; I was gagging as I diced it up. The second it hit a hot pan, though…. good god. Instant pivot from nausea to hunger.

In any case, fuck troons (and blaine in particular), fuck onion farmers (angry canadian should die of thirst). Me? I'm thinking about some more goddamn stuffing. Maybe some water chestnuts for crunch. Fth fth fth fth.(autism)

No. 1710044

Please keep your fetishes to yourself or the containment thread on /ot/.

No. 1710235

File: 1669458940828.png (1.22 MB, 598x999, pie_autism.png)

Ok I have used my supreme autism to once and for all solve the mystery of the pie.

1. The pie has a Kiwifarms logo on it. This points to the pie not being bought in a store. The pie is also in a metal pie dish, not in aluminum like you would get if you buy it from a store. A bakery will not give you the pie in a dish, since they keep those to make more pies, duh.

2. There is a piping bag with a metal tip on the table filled with what I assume is whipped cream for the pie. Whoever owns this does a lot of baking and probably cake/cupcake decorating. This is also not provided for by a bakery.

3. The crust of the pie is very even and professional looking, as well as the surface of the pie is smooth and has no air bubbles or cracks. Therefore we can deduce that whoever made the pie is a talented and experienced baker. A beginner would have certainly made some mistakes here.

4. There is a cake server and 3 plates in the picture. Whoever owns the cake server probably serves cake or pie at least semi regularly. It also shows that the pie is intended to be shared by at least 3 people.

5. There are seasonal napkins on the table as well as a white, clean tablecloth. The same person who orders a sloppy disgusting pizza for Thanksgiving does not own a white tablecloth and seasonal napkins.

All of this points to the facts that 1. the pie was home-made and 2. the pie was not made by Null. The pie was likely made by someone who care about Null enough to make him something American for Thanksgiving since he is far away from home. A kind gesture. They also decorated and set the table to have a nice meal of disgusting pizza and pie together. Now whoever that person is I can't deduce from the image alone, it might be a gf or maybe a friendly Babushka, whoever it is put a lot of effort into the pie because as someone previously mentioned, you can't buy ready-made crusts or pumpkin puree in Serbia so they would have to make their own which is extra time and work.

No. 1710266

>The other person in this screenshot is an unironic furry otherkin
Neko Rights Activist is a Naught sock account. That's also why he got banned on KF, although he lies about that cause I don't think the Onion Farms guys know that he is Naught, despite it being obvious. Also a pedophile btw.

No. 1710285

Since will are still on this fucking topic I'm going to guess that Null is in the US right now. The pizza abomination certainly points to that.

No. 1710290

The Hollandaise sauce on pizza is a Euro thing, as disgusting as it seems it's actually quite popular here.

No. 1710292

I've never heard on hollandaise on a pizza and I am Eurofag. Could be a Balkan thing though.

No. 1710294

I am European and I can open the delivery app on my phone right now and every single pizza place will have Hollandaise as an option. Also it's delicious, fight me.

No. 1710296

Central or Eastern Europe? You guys are weird. We have béarnaise sauce on our pizzas here, which is also disgusting.

No. 1710362

Central European.

No. 1710410

Is there a reason why Null can't just make another twitter? I don't use twitter so I don't know how it works. I hope he gets his twitter back, I really want to see the drama that happens from that.

No. 1710526

That's a violation of the ban evasion rule. Then there will be no possibly of reinstate anymore.

By the way, Josh is streaming Alien: Isolation rn. He's kind bad at it.

No. 1710540

Thats why the channel is called Bad at Videogames I guess

No. 1710557

He went pee pee I wonder if he washed his hands?

No. 1710591

He said on MATI that it was homemade, so yeah. Either someone made it for him, he did it himself (I know this is the least likely option, but still not entirely impossible), or he's in the US. All the same, a weird topic to sperg about for several posts on here.

No. 1710617

Josh makes a lot of autism noises, it's nice. His voice reminds me of chris chan, who I strangely enough also finds has a nice sounding voice.

No. 1711096

sprays nonnie with a garden hose

No. 1711450

Ngl, posts like this are funny bc they make the trannies mad.

No. 1711669

Yeah you should all proclaim how sexy Chris Chan is and the trains with seethe on time or something.

No. 1711680

You can like something without being aroused by it. That nonnie is definitely weird though.

No. 1711775

That nonnie is as the zoomers say, hella sus.

No. 1712163

Is KF down for you guys too?

No. 1712170

Yep, just a blank white screen.

No. 1712173

Yep, getting nothing on clearnet over a couple VPN exits and nothing on Tor. Different than past outages - no 502, just a blank page.

No. 1712174

No. 1712189

People are saying it seems like Josh just fucked something up on the site himself this time.

No. 1712191

Imagine if Telegram wasn't a trash Russian service and hadn't locked his account so guests can't see it.

No. 1712205

He hasn't posted anything and apparently the telegram is getting bombarded with thousands of accounts being made. So that's odd

No. 1712206

Then the site must have gone down while he was asleep. That's ominous, if he had messed up something he would have stayed up to fix it or at least posted something about it. (it's 4am now where he lives)

No. 1712208

File: 1669607272259.jpg (25.43 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_20221127-224731_Tel…)

Normally has 4k users but it's clearly some type of weird attack, to clog up the telegram or something.

No. 1712210

not againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

No. 1712213

Interesting that these attacks always seem to happen during overnight hours in Europe.

No. 1712214

what would cause it to be all white like that?
apologies if that's a stupid question

No. 1712222

File: 1669608190029.png (8.23 KB, 552x403, 2022-11-28_05-02-54.png)

Must be a browser thing, I use Brave and it looks like this.

No. 1712296

They are clearly deliberately waiting for Null to be asleep to do this shit.

No. 1712303

Is this an attack or is this Null fucking something up on his end?

No. 1712306

I'm wondering if its just a fuck up. Usually the trannoids can't resist bragging on Twitter the instant they take the site down. But I could be wrong.

No. 1712308

Wouldn't be the first time. It's weird that the site is just a white screen, I'd imagine that if the site got dropped or something it just wouldn't connect.

No. 1712309

Hopefully over the holidays a bunch of troons will take care of themselves.

No. 1712310

Then why would it happen while Null is asleep with no communication from him?

No. 1712311

Girl I don't know what he might or might not have done, but it's not the first time the site's gone down at this time of night because of something on his end.

No. 1712313

Try to use your brain for once, how can Null fuck up the site when he is sleeping?

No. 1712315

I like how whenever their site goes down malding Kiwifarmers come here and and get angry when anyone suggests that their internet daddy could possibly fuck up anything on his own.

I have no clue if he did anything or not, but stuff has gone down on his end while he's been sleeping before (whether he actively did anything or not). You are retarded if you can't interpret or take offense at that simple statement.

No. 1712321

On his end meaning either an issue at the datacenter or upstream. Out of his control, you Onion Farms retard.

No. 1712322

File: 1669614980650.jpg (72.68 KB, 1080x662, IMG_20221128_065548.jpg)

Reminder that Onion Farms is completely and utterly irrelevant lmao.

No. 1712323

Sites back up

No. 1712324

"Anyone I don't like is from Onion Farms" I already said I have no clue if he did anything himself or not, keep sucking Null's doggy dick moid.

No. 1712325

Different anon, but I’m now able to occasionally load KF but it looks very janky. Other times I get 502 Bad Gateway.

No. 1712328

>doesn't know how to sage
>I am totally a lolcow farmer you gorlz!

No. 1712329

It loads normally for me now but I'm still getting intermittent 502 errors

No. 1712330


Same as >>1712329 the thread has been autosaged for the past 10 posts who gives a fuck

No. 1712331

The purpose of sage is so you can hide all unsaged posts and get milk only. Ofc an Onion Farmer wouldnt know how this site works.

No. 1712335

You are replying to the wrong person

It seems like the site is getting back to normal now. Would DDoS bots show up in the members section? It looks like the number of guests is about normal for recently.

No. 1712337

Null confirms its a DDOS attack. Something Onion Farms never experienced cause nobody gives a shit about their site. Even trannies don't read it, kek.

No. 1712340

File: 1669615860304.jpg (61.7 KB, 1080x416, IMG_20221128_071056.jpg)

No. 1712341


Does he have an alarm set for whenever the site goes down or something? It's like ass o-clock in Belgrade or wherever he is I thought.

No. 1712344

paternal instincts go off

No. 1712346

Well shit, there you go. I guess I just figured I'd see troons bragging, but then again, the most chronically online one, His Dong-Gone, has locked his Twitter and supposedly left the site. Yeah right.

No. 1712350

I thought Chinchink set up a fediverse blog or something after they left.

No. 1712353

It's like 7am you NEET fuck.

No. 1712359

You are calling me a NEET for not knowing the exact time in a country I don't live in, while discussing a man who wakes up at 7 AM not for a job but because transsexuals are DDoSing his controversial internet forum.

No. 1712364

Running the site is his job and it takes 2 seconds to google what time it is in Serbia.

No. 1712365

Stinks like male BO and axewound ITT once again

No. 1712366

you stink of desperation

No. 1712368

"Running the site is his job" lol.

No. 1712370

Yeah he pays his bills with it, unlike Kengle. Isn't it lights out at the nursing home already?

No. 1712372

Why are you people so paranoid about Onion Farms?

No. 1712373

Because they admit they post here/read here daily.

No. 1712379

Yeah I don't doubt that they do, but you don't need to be an Onion Farmer to say that running a gossip forum off of Bitcoin donations is a laughable thing to call a "job."

I'm not getting 502 errors anymore and the site is loading fine. DDoS over?

No. 1712380

File: 1669617818128.png (268.75 KB, 1640x1628, Onion_faggots.png)

Reminder that Onion Farmers read this thread and post here to seethe about Null, despite hating us for being "femcels".

No. 1712382

Why did they decide to go with purple and make their site the ugliest fucking eyesore I've ever seen

No. 1712385

It used to look a lot worse than that since Kengle is a colorblind boomer.

No. 1712390

File: 1669618602731.png (46.21 KB, 1253x195, kengle1.png)

While Null pays his bills with Kiwifarms, Kengle is desperate for money and his idea to make some money to afford running his KF knock-off site is… Chris-Chan inspired comics handdrawn by Kengle himself. Remember hat Kengle is a lolcow who is obsessed with Chris Chan and copies his drawings all with his "OC do not steal" Rosechen and Sonichen, based on Chris' Rosechu and Sonichu, lmao.

No. 1712392

File: 1669618649193.png (Spoiler Image,7.11 MB, 1113x10426, kengle2.png)

Kengle's art that he will sell to finance Onionfarms. Spoilered because its so ugly.

No. 1712428

Kengle is such an OG lolcow, lol.

No. 1712437

File: 1669625831698.webm (3.03 MB, Call.webm)

Found the original kiwifarms swatting call.


No. 1712465

File: 1669633830728.jpg (176.8 KB, 685x954, 1.jpg)

New Josh rant just dropped.

No. 1712466

File: 1669633857784.jpg (222.45 KB, 720x1040, 2.jpg)

No. 1712467

File: 1669633896083.jpg (132.99 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20221128-061042_Chr…)

And some retard response-

No. 1712468

File: 1669634014528.jpg (182.59 KB, 720x1030, 4.jpg)

And Josh's rants. Kinda wished hed saved this for mati, it would've been a nice no pause rant with a looking deep stress sigh at the end

No. 1712496

Wait, the guy that reamed up with the admin of wizardchan to make 8chan is a misogynist!? No way!!

Seriously, Josh and co deserve a dedicated thread on /pt/ but this is just shit flinging at this point in the KF thread. Why not go make a dedicated thread?

No. 1712504

>shitting on sex workers
kek, ok libfem, I guess we are all misogynists here then

No. 1712507

File: 1669640000343.png (317.69 KB, 712x1872, all_responses.png)

Why did you crop it so weird? I included all the replies.

No. 1712508

Radfems don't shit on sex workers and we don't hate sex workers. We hate johns. The buyers are the problem, not the women.

No. 1712510

He's correct except it's not sex workers who are at fault for the porn/sex industry and how it's hurting women. It's the men who run the sex industry and who encourage/coerce/blackmail women to get into it. Even the top Only Fans whores like Belle and Amouranth have pimp boyfriends who force them to do more and more degen shit over time. Belle was like 17 when she started thotposting on the internet and her older boyfriend pushed her to do more and more sexual content. They are still setting horrible examples for little girls who think they can become rich if they start their OnlyFans at 18 and should know better. Sex work and feminism can not coexist and libfems are dumb.

No. 1712511

Uhmm.. there is literally an entire sex worker exclusive radical feminist movement because you can't be a feminist and sell your pussypics on the internet.

No. 1712514

File: 1669640601590.png (457.46 KB, 944x960, 1616520026720.png)

love how jew scientists and their bogus studies have convinced men that women want to be raped

No. 1712517

No? Radfems don't sell sex on the internet because we know that it is destructive. We don't exclude sex workers from feminism, that is a myth perpetuated by the sex positive libfem crowd.

No. 1712529

Basically he is saying #notallmen kek, which I get it, he reads a lot of feminist stuff about men being disgusting horrible violent perverts and then thinks "Wait, this can't be truly how my fellow men think" then rants about it on the fedi and his fellow men confirm that they really just are violent disgusting perverts who think women want to be raped, kek. Taking the blackpill on men as a man must be uncomfy. Blaming it all on whores is COPE. Many men you interact with every day watch women get violently raped in their free time.

No. 1712537

I find it hard to believe Null hasn't been blackpilled about the nature of his fellow men yet after spending years on imageboards. I actually subscribe to the secret gf theory just because he seems to have discovered that women are people with thoughts and feelings sometime within the last 2-3 years.

No. 1712545

I'm phone posting my bad.
Side note besides the "not all men" shit. I don't get what's so bad about what he says? I only care about sex workers who are doing it for survival (very poor/uneducated etc) or trafficked. A lot of twitter sex workers are disgusting and will live shitty terrible lives, but still tell a freshly 18 year old girl that sex work is a real job and it's worth it

No. 1712546

My issue with his post is only this line
>the reality is simply that a whore's clients are going to be either mentally or physically mangled, because who else pays for sex?
Because a lot of normal men go to prostitutes. Married family men especially.

No. 1712549

No normal man goes to a prostitutes. You mean "Normal seeming men" also, I do feel he needs to talk to his fellow man. These women are selling themselves to MEN. They wouldn't have violent tales to to tell imo.

No. 1712556

Agreed. The issue is that men watch violent porn and then want to act it out, but they don't want to admit those fantasies to their wife/gf so they go to a prostitute to abuse her because they don't see them as people. Although when it comes to porn I don't think that the way they push violent and extreme shit is purely because that's what men want to see. I think it's more nefarious than that, but this is not the place to discuss that.

No. 1712558

if men weren't violent I forgot to add that.

No. 1712572

Another thing, prostitutes who warn other women by telling them about how violent Johns are are the GOOD ONES, Jersh. They want to prevent other women from going into prostitution. The ones you need to hate are the ones who glorify being a whore as glamorous/easy. I agree that OnlyFans whores are absolute cancer for that reason and fuck them.

No. 1712576

Most Onlyfans whores are young girls with bad self esteem who use sex "work" as a way of getting some form of external validation. It's pitiful and sad rather than hateable.

No. 1712580

The ones with threads here are very hateable tho.

No. 1712581

This as well. He was probably trying to say, "sex workers fuck it up for men and women" but he shouldn't only focus on the woman part of it. They wouldn't exist as successfully if disgusting scrotes weren't buying sex or buying porn.
Like I said. Those women wouldn't have these bad experiences to speak of if scrotes weren't violent towards women especially women they think they own for a few hours because they are buying sex. I do agree that this shit does harm us. Other women playing part, like Shayna, who could be in college right now paid for. Play a huge part and its fucked up. However, it cannot be forgotten scrotes huge part in this as well.

No. 1712582

Sure, but that's cows for you.

No. 1712609

File: 1669650006895.png (93.34 KB, 690x566, teaclips.png)

lol I wonder if Teaclips lurks/posts here. Probably. At least someone is saying the obvious, but ofc right away some incel in the replies. Fediverse is full of the worst spergs.

No. 1712668

Oh hey I know that incels pfp, retard always uses dogs.

No. 1712679

File: 1669654581292.png (158.56 KB, 716x1324, replies.png)

more retard incel replies

No. 1712681

>women who use sex toys are basically prostitutes
Incels have terrible madonna/whore complex, to them there only exists the pure virgin waifu (preferably 12 years old) and the "whore" which is all other women, especially those who don't want to have sex with them

No. 1712691

Oh hey look a pfp of a 17 year old boy a site owner used as a dox mask. Man so funny I know all the people who hate null, haha so quirky how we act like you weren't all told about this months ago. It's great acting ngl.

No. 1712699

It really pisses some scrotes off that we have female spaces like lolcow and Null allows a somewhat female space on his site. I hope he continues down this route because it pisses so many scrotes off.

No. 1712799

The part about sex work, or more broadly, the whole "sex posi at any cost" movement, being a negative influence on women is right. But then he starts not all menning.
He's also right here. Men loveto twist studies like this into thinking women want to be violently raped, when its more accurate normie women sometimes fantasize about an assertive man.
The most hardcore SWERFs I've ever met have been former sex workers.
He said in one MATI, I think it was the Mr Metokur one, that it took him a while, but he finally stopped placating lolicons, and he straight up calls them pedos now. I think his moid brain is doing the same thing here.

No. 1712877

That's because when he ran 9chan he could see that the same people who posted lolicon also posted real children.

No. 1713059

That's why it's suspicious he held the position about calling it Loli for a bit when he did, course you'll call me a tranny or onionfag for pointing that out I suppose.

No. 1713278

Take your meds, Blaine. They will put you in the padded cell again if you don't.

No. 1713653

You can't read, it's okay you're clearly retarded and we all know that by now.

No. 1714525

File: 1669817141123.png (310.56 KB, 1590x938, faggots.png)

Look how excited the OnionFaggots are to get back on a website they hate. Just to get banned again for being terminally autistic and then sperg out some more about how Null is just the worst. Imagine this being your life, kek.

No. 1714548

Imagine getting banned from fucking Kiwifarms. You cannot get lower than that.

No. 1714576

No joke, they always act like you just have to look at Null the wrong way to get banned, but I've been bantering in the chat with him and outright cyberbullying him at times and he's always a good sport about it and joking with us. I think the OnionFarms incels are just so autistic that they don't know the difference between friendly banter and being openly hostile. Like, someone without autism can tell that you are not just doing friendly ribbing and that you actually hate the guy and it comes across like you're a giant douche trying to cause problems. Plus a lot of them are banned for very genuine reasons like fedposting (SIG), repeatedly posting porn despite being told not to (Empresa), having multiple sock accounts (Naught), posting lolicon and "cunny" in the chat (Vetti), etc. They always act like it's just Null being temperamental, when they are just being spergs.

No. 1714593

And Kiwifarms is still full of spergs that manage to not get banned. You have to be a very special type of sperg to get banned. As far as I know Tommy Tooter is still posting. Which says a lot when you think about it.

No. 1714602

this is loser shit being honest. I cannot imagine wanting to join a forum just to start drama or act purposely act retarded. I hope for funny Halal threads and troon freak outs on social media. My dream is that Keffals or somebody involved in drop kiwifarms comes in like, "Kiwibros, listen, lets just talk"
When you first join the first few posts you make are under review anyway. Null should just use the MATI stream to look at new posters or something.

No. 1714652

File: 1669831033767.png (498.52 KB, 640x400, miketat1.png)

The average OF user

No. 1714659

Tommy tooter who sends CP in dms and still has DM privs?
Yeah great way to ruin your own point, the bans aren't the way to tell someone's dumb it's how they act after. Jersh gets a hair up his ass and thinks some people are socks of his old alogs, just like Chris Chan.
Onionfarms blow too but bringing up how he still let's a pedophile use his site and sneak around in DMs only makes Kiwifarms well….obviously not good.

All farmers suck, you're all moralless garbage, get over it hon.

No. 1714670

Like I'm sorry but why the fuck is everyone moralfagging for the past year?
Onionfarmers are dumb and bad at ops. So are a lot of kiwifarmers. Not defending either side just asking why in the hell it became some moral crusade when really lolcows are about laughing at retards. All of us are bad for laughing at retards c'mon.

No. 1714673

My point is that you have to be more retarded than Tommy Tooter to get banned from KF, not that Kiwis are good people.

No. 1714675

It's a faulty point as josh keeps him around for entertainment, fuck Onionfarmers just disagree on the way you're making your point is all. ♥

No. 1714678

File: 1669834015101.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, Alien_ Isolation (pt. 5) - Bad…)


No. 1714679

Oh fuck this is the kiss and makeup part, time for me to dip.

No. 1714792

I have never seen proof of this claim that Tooter sent CP in DMs. If there was proof he would be banned already. This is just a lie Onion Farmers made up like they regularly make shit up.

No. 1714823

Post proof then

No. 1714832

So you got no proof, just say you made it up. Onion Farmers are such faggots and nobody but them would defend them. You should kys, scrote.

No. 1714866

Josh says he has to worry about Nick Fuente's fans coming to the board to start shit when he re-opens, are they really that bad? I thought his fans were just hardcore trumpsters/gay men. My first thought was some random troons trying to post dumb shit in hopes they can pull another "Cloudflare" situation. The more you know.

No. 1715535

Yes they are "that bad", they are good candidates for the people who have been running around swatting people and are known for doing various kinds of gay ops.

No. 1715559

I already tried to look it up the first time someone made that claim and couldn't find a single shred of evidence that it's true. I don't believe for a second that Null wouldn't ban Tommy for posting CP to his site, that's absolutely insane and entirely made up and I have never seen this said outside of Onion Farms.

No. 1715796

Had no idea, I knew he was disliked on the farms qnd by Mister Metokur but didn't think he had much fans like seriously, I thought he was like a meme thing. Also no ralph November is over

No. 1715806

Nick doesn't have many followers, but his followers are active in the same scene as the rightoid lolcows kiwifarms talks about. There have been issues in the past when dozens of them would sign up at the same time with the same usernames and PFP and shit up the Nick thread.
Josh said one reason he wants nothing to do with Kino Kasino (back when it wasn't garbage and universally hated) was that he wants no part of their groyper audience.

No. 1715873

So what are nonnies predictions for what will happen when the doors are open?

No. 1715981

Mobile formated OPs designed to trigger Josh's autism.

No. 1716116

Anyone know why Josh stopped liking Nick or if he ever did like him in the first place? I want to know the lore, even though I still don't understand the whole "Corn" thing with ralph, i am notably retarded though.

No. 1716407

Rekieta or Fuentes?

No. 1716411

The corn joke is a South Park reference. There is an episode of South Park where Britney Spears is sacrificed "to the corn" to guarantee a good harvest for the town. It is implied that a celebrity must be sacrificed each year so that the harvest is good. When Josh made that joke Ralph was just beginning to burn bridges with a lot of people and made a lot of enemies, he was becoming a burden on everyone who was associated with him and Josh joked it might be time to sacrifice Ralph to the corn. Then Ralph went absolutely nuclear after that and declared Null his "blood enemy" and just downward spiraled even faster, he released the gunt-tape soon after.

No. 1716490

Nick Fuentes and Josh have never had a conversation.

No. 1716545

Oh okay thank you for explaining this, funnily enough I was a lurker of the site when there was the little gunt gif art thing on the bottom of it. I only remember the fight with that guy/troon over his now baby mama things or something. I think get Josh and Mister Metakours drama mixed up.

No. 1716644

You think Ralph is a tranny?
We lost if you're the next generation.

No. 1716655

No his baby mama was dating a Troon and he went over to the troons cave and got into a scuffle. Unless you are from the future, I do not think Ralph is a troon.

No. 1716686

Nonnies were shitting on me about the Chris Chan + Kanye connection, but Josh thinks CC and Kanye are similar. Like if Chris chan was a billionaire.

No. 1716697

File: 1670006182114.jpg (147.44 KB, 584x878, Screenshot_20221202-133442_Chr…)

No. 1716698

As high priestess of the merge I must urge you to not speak of it's magik in public.

No. 1716705

My point was there's more to this. It's not just Kanye being used and retarded as usual. Also the mati convinced me of Nick's ways, he has those catboy fucking brainwashed.

No. 1716706

My apologies I clearly got confused by your wording lol.

No. 1716707

File: 1670006955107.jpg (124.46 KB, 572x695, Screenshot_20221202-134744_Chr…)

Dropped my screenshot sorry

No. 1716709

This isn't the site for that discussion, I'd love to bounce your hypothetical around as the coincidences surrounding the merge are fascinating but you won't get much dialogue with those phrases here.
Most think magic isn't a name for the unexplainable but instead fireballs on a cool down switch. Nta.

No. 1716713

Maybe you are right. I just get excited when others notice what I did.

No. 1716720

I noticed it a long while back, you're not exactly wrong but what you're describing is simple manifestation, I wish I had a better place to direct you too because even just discussing it as a theory is fun and pokes a lot at human nature.
Just be delighted your eye saw what it saw, and remember as above so below, if you seek to affect others lives so will your be affected. ♥

Seriously don't bother trying to explain this to others I did for months. And even if you do it from a scientific perspective people still won't listen anyways.

No. 1716745

Horsegirlsupremacy sure is getting popular, kek

No. 1716762

? i think she's just a chick who spends all day in the chat, she's good at art though. I did find it funny when fake HGS made that comment about a "Based black man" Josh sounded like a Lipstick Alley user.
Also anyone know what the Tracer superchat was about?

No. 1716827

She just makes a lot of art for the site and is very good at it. I feel bad that people are starting to fuck with her now just because Null shouted her out a couple of times for making art. The splinter fags will immediately latch onto any woman who gets even the slightest bit of attention on KF.

No. 1716829

She seems nice, I wish I never said anything now.

No. 1716831

I forget about the idiots that lurk here +kiwi to fuck with everyone

No. 1716833

Yeah they did this with 789 too, they sent fake superchats to Null from her and also fake e-mails to try and get him to dislike her. I think it might be Elaine too who is always jealous when a woman other than her gets attention. Now 789 is banned from KF and joined the splinterfags. Being the resident chat e-girl is a cursed position that I would never want. That's why I just pretend to be a man on KF and nobody has ever suspected a thing. Don't tell people there you're a woman, just don't.

No. 1716850

I don't think she's a sock. She actually speaks danish and she is in European time zone, so she's not 789 if you're trying to imply that.

No. 1716872

I love when Null shits on the cringe incel Fuentes.

No. 1721029

Weird how once the troons lost interest in taking down KF suddenly this thread is dead and nobody is posting updates about Null being a "lolcow" anymore, kek.

No. 1721314

Or people just got tired of the slapfighting. Null being a lolcow can be easily observed several timed a day in chat, but the psycho tier of simp we have here will still make excuses so who cares? It's not even fun infighting.

No. 1721489

Never was really because most of us agreed except that unhinged fuck up you just replied to.

No. 1721559

I have a few stupid questions-
>What is lolcow email thing for?
Is it just a email sevice you can use for anything? for any kiwi's to send mail to eachother? Sorry, I'm retarded
>What is the DRINK! emote mean?
>What are the hidden boards?

No. 1721561

what happens in chat?

No. 1721792

I think the biggest hidden board is the articles and news one? I think its where they go more wild with their /pol/ tier sperging. Hidden boards open up if you register, except I think for that one people with the "true and honest fan" tag can post on.

No. 1721880

Lol if Null was doing anything interesting whatsoever it would be posted here. He's not tho, the only people who watch what he posts every day are troons and the scorned ex girlfriends on OF.

No. 1721887

Looks like OF is fucking dead btw lmao.

No. 1722203

Everytime I peep at the chat it's the same people talking all damn day. Nothing interesting at all, seems like Josh mostly stays in one of the chats talking to the same people. However I just peep in so who knows what happens really

No. 1722289

Josh pops in every now and again to seek attention and validation and tries to monopolize the discussion towards whatever he is interested in. Nothing crazily juicy but it's obnoxious.

No. 1722316

Kek imagine being you and just seeing the letters "Null" appear on your screen triggers your moidrage.

No. 1722320

File: 1670527691718.jpg (170.28 KB, 1080x1213, seethe.jpg)

Oopsie Onion Faggots expose themself again by seething about the same thing here and on OF. Guess you gotta come here because you're now the only active poster on Onion Farms lol. Talk about a ghost town.

No. 1722323

Pot calls kettle black for the millionth time, more at 11.

No. 1722340

Do you actually believe that finding Josh's intrusions into conversations annoying is a moid trait?

No. 1722344

Yes any real woman would lavish Josh with the attention he deserves and everyone who he's ever pissed off in the last decade and a half? All trannies, I am very smart.

No. 1722345

File: 1670529005655.jpg (20.71 KB, 299x300, f520c38d15782aa3f9f2154fc04ee2…)

I want Josh to put his baby batter in me to own the troons.

No. 1722356

There are no women on Onion Farms. Only trannies and pedophiles.

No. 1722359

Remember, simping for Null makes Onion Farms losers seethe like nothing else.

No. 1722364

They all ate each other, it's literally just frogninja, empresa and AC using the site now so why bother anymore is all lol

No. 1722365

What the fuck are you talking about? The weird people in this thread watching/ ready to insult to defend/trashing Josh are both equally retarded. Everyone who has negative to day about Josh isn't the stinky onion site and everyone who has nice things to say don't want to fuck him or coping.
Josh isn't perfect and this thread needs more moderation. Who cares what some retards on a dead site thinks about what we say about Josh or kiwifarms? We are here to discuss and gossip

No. 1722368

There's someone/people in here who says anything about Josh as being the onion site/scrotes. Just report overly aggressive posts.

No. 1722371

There's a non-zero chance it's Null himself which makes it funnier. Shoutout to the mod whom assumed I was a psycho tranny all because I want to laugh at a lolcow

No. 1722382

This happened to me too, I'm not psycho at all.

No. 1722394

Its literally so obvious Onion Farmers posting here cause you whine about the exact same thing on Onion Farms as you do here. See >>1722320

No. 1722403

Nobody started whining was like
>lolcow onion farmers not talking
After 6 days of silence. This thread was dead until the obession that some have with talking about that dead site started talking about it. If there are onion farmers here somebody literally summoned them because they weren't saying shit. The obession is crazy. There's a while thread on Kiwifarms to shit on the retards at that site

No. 1722531

Which just shows that Onion Farmers are easily baited cause of their tiny scrote brains.

No. 1722536

Out of curiosity I hopped over to Kengleland to see if their tards were talking about us or this thread. The only lcf thread is super dead like the rest of the place, search didn't bring up anything either. Considering the Onion Farms obsessive started reeeeeing immediately when Keffals started deplatforming Null (and banning anyone who fights back) I'm certain there's a crossover lcf mod between here and kf, or someone who really wants to get in tight with Null's inner circle. Which is sad because every mod at KF inevitably got fed up and left, and there has to be better friends to make online than a stalker weirdo with a massive target on his back.

No. 1722538

File: 1670538916705.jpg (22.4 KB, 500x381, c68202de44c3681e4b1fbf511d492d…)

>Unsaged onionscrote cope

No. 1722542

Oh god, its you Blaine, isnt it? You shat up this thread nonstop for weeks and put the jannies on overdrive, then went off to OF only for them to shut you out and now you have a vendetta like you do with any community that wont stand for your BPD troon anime spam.

Suddenly the OF sperging makes sense, Blaine fucking hates this site enough to pretend simp for Null just to fuck with us.

No. 1722552

You make the best schizo theories, I love you.

No. 1722556

Nah its you Blaine. You cant help but spam lame anime reaction pics from shows in the late 2000s/2010s. The fact you chose Black Butler and its resident tranny-bait character outs you immediately.

No. 1722564

That was the only accurate thing you said, you ate up some free bait and can't sage. Stop projecting on me and bring milk or no1curr.

No. 1722697

Literally go and search /snow on Onion Farms and you can see that they regularly read and post here. Even Kengle himself is mentioning it constantly.

No. 1722751

blaine do you have a job?

No. 1722762

Stop derailing.

No. 1722784

Kek pretending only Blaine could dislike a site full of pedophilic scrotes is the biggest cope I ever heard.

No. 1722790

This is correct the police also care about those sites.

No. 1723023

File: 1670597270636.png (211.51 KB, 722x866, last_stream.png)

Apparently Josh doesn't plan to stream for the rest of the year after this weekend.


No. 1723098

I'm kind of happy we are getting a stream like this, about everyone, I think Josh is the best when he's just talking shit about cows he's interested in.

No. 1723105

Josh being annoying in chat is hardly a unique observation. I've never really been on OnionFarms but if it is anything like Josh the thread they used to have on lolcow.org there are people bitching about Josh being annoying on every page, so this really isn't the killer piece of evidence you think it is.

No. 1723107

> Blaine fucking hates this site enough to pretend simp for Null just to fuck with us.
I was thinking of this as a possibility, just to cause dissension. I don't think anyone here in this thread has called Null a pedophile, brought up Blockland, etc. If you go to the early KF threads here (linked in OP) people have always disliked Null here. It's either Blaine, Josh himself, or one psycho simp like that Luna girl who I think does go on here.
>>1722536 claiming that there are lcf jannies in some conspiracy is 100% Blaine talk
I don't even think Blaine hates Josh is the funniest part when the psycho Null simp starts accusing people of being him.

No. 1723116

whats your predictions for Josh/kiwifarms next year nonnies? Kek

No. 1723122

Massive influx of horrible users due to the Kanye/Fuentes stuff, Josh locks regs again but not before all the retards each make a couple socks, trannies seethe and cope and the site abides. BP will probably be fine, RIP to the readability of the rest of the site once America First zoomers dig in.

No. 1723149

You are obsessed, kek.

No. 1723171

The coal burning shit isn't funny not even in a edgy humor way, I just find it very gay and odd.

No. 1723174

All men, no matter what political spectrum have an issue with that, just liberal men don't say it out loud.

No. 1723176

Josh is spending 500 bucks on Christmas shopping??

No. 1723177

Yes!! And it's all on me!

No. 1723182

>"Shoe was blacked and fake trad"
>"I'd pick Venti" (a mixxed with black woman)
Makes zero sense, so you are saying all men have a issue with random women they don't know and will never sleep with of their race sleeping with other races?
Thats gay and weird.

No. 1723185

Now some men do, I won't pretend it doesn't happen, but it's fucking weird to want to sleep/marry/date women who come from interracial unions as a man, but criticize women for sleeping with men of other races.

No. 1723189

Men have an issue with women who have been with black men before.

No. 1723191

Being half black and fucking black men are two very different things.

No. 1723192

tell me the difference?

No. 1723193

In one case the black penis has been inside her, in the other case the black penis was inside her mom.

No. 1723194

and tell me why it's a issue for women to sleep with black men 100% woman?

No. 1723198

I think men just find it gross to think about or maybe its an insecurity/inferiority thing.

No. 1723200

Last year Null was being a grinch who said he didnt care about Christmas much and never feels Christmas spirit, this year he is taking Christmas off, has put up a tree and Christmas decorations and is buying 500 bucks worth of gifts for people. Wholesome and Christmaspilled.

No. 1723204

I remember arguing with someone about how he is single and I now wonder whether they were right and he does have a secret girlfriend.

No. 1723205

I believe it

No. 1723218

wasn't going to say anything but during the stream when he was supposed to be pulling up pictures of Trisha's daughter, I heard giggling but it could've been Josh's retarded giggling.
He could easily hide a girlfriend, the girlfriend tinfoil is kind of boring, we'll never know unless the site is gone. I feel like the few anons here feel like they have to "prove' to the stinky site that, "Him not lonely! He has a life! He not like you" like not even Null is doing that himself.

No. 1723239

while you are retarded I do agree with this-
>ust alt right white guys, a buuuuunch are in BBC servers too.
They are more obsessed with black penis than anyone on this planet.

No. 1723247

The internet is for acting retarded and I have died on that hill. That said yeah cheap way to get any creep in this sector to leave you alone is just say you had a black ex at one point in time, they're that insecure.

No. 1723250

yeah that is Josh's residual wignat beliefs, he will still sperg about Blacks and Jews on occasion. but imagine thinking either of these women would give him the time of day (although both know who he is. I forget what June's opinion on KF is, I wouldn't blame her if it's a bad one due to her nudes being there, but Venti has defended KF's existence at least fairly recently)

No. 1723255

Wait why don't you agree with the calling your mother part?!

No. 1723284

>not even Null is doing that himself
Well he doesn't exactly have a choice if he wants to keep his private life safe from prying troons. I'm sure it bothers him that he can't talk about it like a normal person and just has to shrug off people calling him a forever alone incel.

No. 1723287

If he cares he's retarded, as much shit as he talks about people, I'm sure that he's not losing sleep because people think he's a lonely incel and he can't prove he's not. If he is then thats really weak.

No. 1723297

lol the girlfriend stuff cracks me up, such a weird tinfoil to have … impossible? no. likely? not at all. more likely he's alone in Serbia or back in Florida and pretending he is. and if he does have gf, I'm pretty sure that nearly a decade of bullshitting around on and not that much less of owning CWCki Forums/KF has made it so he doesn't take what people say that much to heart. If he did, he'd have lost his shit long ago. I think you're humanizing or at least normie-izing him far, far too much.

No. 1723310

He's in European time zone still. The whole "Null is in Florida still" Tinfoil from Onion Farmers is so dumb. You can hear euro sirens in the background of his streams.

No. 1723315

The tears from Onion Farmers over Nulls love life would be so delicious tho. They don't want to believe it cause they have to cope about him being an incel like them or neck themselves.

No. 1723316

I don't listen to him but if you say so that's pretty convincing (to amerimutts who don't travel yes you can hear the difference) … heard some interesting theories though (not on OnionFarms) regarding some things he's said that don't really add up to being in Serbia, honestly I don't remember it's been quite a while since I bothered looking into them. I'm not committed to any theory, if there was recently Euro background noise then he's probably still there.

No. 1723317

really beginning to think the anon who keeps bringing up Onion Farms is an Onion Farmer him(?)self. it's honestly really weird, nobody goes on that site except their retarded little Discord clique.

No. 1723318

samefag to add yeah it would be pretty funny if Josh did have a gf and mogged all those retards but I don't see it personally

No. 1723321

It's clearly one person constantly talking about >Josh doing this will make the onionfags seethe
If the site is as dead as you think, why keep bringing them up? Who cares.

No. 1723328

I really wonder who the hell it is. I don't think it is Josh himself, but who knows. God knows nonnies have simped for even worse on this site, kek.

No. 1723329

They talk about posting here constantly because they think we are on the same side (Null bad) and also because their own site is fucking dead.

No. 1723330

you mean onionscrotes talk about posting on lcf? receipts? not because I doubt you but because I don't really wanna set foot in that hellhole (and come to think of it I wonder why that anon does?)

No. 1723331

I have been accused of being a Null simp ITT for saying positive things about him and calling out troons like Blaine and I'm definitely not the only one. Thinking it's only one person who doesn't hate Null on here is such a retarded cope.

No. 1723336

Read the fucking thread. >>1712380

No. 1723337

I have been accused of both being a Null simp and a tranny onionfag depending on what I've had to say about him. There is one anon who is full retard with simping for him and accusing any critics of being trannies or onionfags. I don't think there is one anon posting negatively or one anon posting positively but there are some retarded anons on both sides plus Blaine the Tranny trying to cause as much trouble as possible.

No. 1723340

not very impressive tbh. nonna said or implied there were people on OF talking about posting here unless I misunderstood her. so if that is real, receipts on that? I don't doubt the scrotes from there are watching stuff here but I mean actively fucking with the narrative on here. those posts seem to relate to Rachel and Elaine if I'm not mistaken both of whom onionscrotes were involved in running gayops around.

No. 1723351

They have an entire thread dedicated to us. Do your own research.

No. 1723352

Check the Elaine audio in her thread there, they're still fucking with Rachel too. Elaine promised to pay her to sue this site sooo.

No. 1723355

They dont plan gayops on the site out in the open, they do that on discord. It's pretty obvious that they read and post here.

No. 1723362

Well I mean you are the one who likes to visit that site for whatever inscrutable reason, and I said I don't care to go on there, so perhaps you could indulge us with a cap or two that shows them talking about trying to manipulate the narrative around Josh. Which is your claim, right?
I did see the Rachel thread and was disappointed to see that they were still involved. Elaine is a lost cause at this point.
Well yeah but I'm responding to a claim anon made. It would not surprise me that they are planning gayops against us and they have done it before with Elaine and Rachel at least but it is quite a stretch to go from there to saying that everyone who doesn't like, or even criticizes, Josh is a tranny or involved with that bullshit. If you/that anon thinks that people disliking Josh is new on this site I'll say again just look at the early Kiwi threads here, and if she thinks that Josh shitting on trannies means that he's above criticism, she's retarded. Or running some kind of op her(?)self to cause infighting here which honestly feels totally believable for these people to me.

No. 1723366

Or "she" is from Onionfarms and muddying the waters for about four threads now lol.

No. 1723367

>but it is quite a stretch to go from there to saying that everyone who doesn't like, or even criticizes, Josh is a tranny or involved with that bullshit. If you/that anon thinks that people disliking Josh is new on this site I'll say again just look at the early Kiwi threads here, and if she thinks that Josh shitting on trannies means that he's above criticism, she's retarded.
This. It's clear I'm not dumb enough to believe the person is doing this is ONLY doing it because "Onion site' but also because they really like Josh and don't want people saying anything about him bad. Sometimes it comes off like a fanboy/girl rather then, "It's gayops/onion site beware".
I didn't start paying much attention to Josh until the drama happened I'm also one of the more meme-y josh thrist posters but I am reformed. You can kinda tell

No. 1723368

Angry Canadian and Elaine both expressed extreme lust and devotion towards Josh with both being from Onionfarms the pattern is a bit more clear.

No. 1723369

everybody knows about Elaine's Joshlust but now I'm curious about the Canadian's?

No. 1723370

who is angry canadian?

No. 1723372

It's screen capped in his thread here which is trash but Michael Thurloe, the cross dressing failed Nazi, was flirting with Josh in his DMs and that's why Josh held a poll on him being unbanned when he unbanned everyone else, AC is that disgusting.

No. 1723374

> Sometimes it comes off like a fanboy/girl
Sure does to me. I don't think it's Josh himself, and Josh has some downright psycho simps. They scare him too, kek.
One of the nastiest scrotes involved in this stuff. Some say he was the one gaslighting Elaine and pretending to be Null. Maybe. But he's a tranny Nazi with an arrest record for beating women. Somehow he manipulated his way to running OnionFarms, which is now dedicate to him gayopping and talking shit about people he doesn't like. Him and Blaine the Tranny have a weird love/hate relationship so be careful of any random shit you might read.

No. 1723378

I dont think it's josh, would'nt be surpised if it's one of the males from his site who never log off and really like Josh

No. 1723380

Exactly, that's why I think it's this angry Canadian guy. A real creep that one is.

No. 1723386

> flirting with Josh in his DMs
receipts? because that would be fucking hilarious. I know he has pretended to be a woman before (and "pretended" to be a tranny) in his gayops but this would be a laugh and a half
Could be a male from KF, too, some of their mentality (some of the females too) on that site towards him is downright cultlike. It's honestly not a good thing. Josh doesn't take well to criticism and people know this so the site fosters and environment of overadulation on the site, particularly when there was an external enemy (keffals, lfj, troons in general) to focus on. It's honestly tiring reading a lot of posts praising him and saying nothing and makes me cringe. moot, lowtax, and other people like that ran sites and took shit from their userbases but Josh manages to create an "us-vs-them" cult of personality with people who suck his dick constantly. Josh is to be appreciated for what he does but he is who he is and the level of e-daddy cringe that goes on is unreal. If possible it's worse than what goes on around Jim/Metokur and the like. He's got female simps too who all seem to be nuts but his scrotes worship the ground he walks on too.
He does hates this site. Not only because women made fun of his dick on here but because it's a woman's site and he hates women to a seething extent not even usually seen.

No. 1723392

There no receipts cause you are talking to Blaine who has a personal vendetta against Angry Canadian. Blaine is the only one ITT doing gayops, spinning up conspiracy theories and pitting people against each other. Look at him pretend he doesnt know anything about Onion Farms and then suddenly he knows everything about the admin there. You are so easily fooled, retards.

No. 1723393

Hi Mike.

No. 1723394

Take your meds Blaine

No. 1723395

Josh has a lot of fans from his podcast, a lot of them are women. Idk why they wouldn't be posting on here as well. It seems a bit like certain people are coping by spinning up some tinfoil about "one dedicated white knight" because years ago people on this site didn't like him? Opinions on him have changed since then.

No. 1723396

It's because Josh isn't just some owner of the site, he's passionate about it, he's given up shit for it, he creates "relationships" with certain users. He gets what he wants which is a bunch of retards to gossip with, who he can get rid of when he wants, where he's in control and he's seen as the "special" one. Even if Mister Metakour wasn't married, I legit feel like he'd always have a 99% male fanbase, he's a lot more mean spirted and all about laughs over everything.
What sets Josh aparts and makes his userbase so loyal (the ones who are) is how he communicates with them.
He provides a service people really like while also, doing weekly streams they can count on.
I do think its crazy how kiwifarms has like 80K members but only 3K is on at any time, Thats a lot of dead accounts

No. 1723399

His podcast is definitely a big factor I think. See the anon sperging out about "you don't even watch MATI." I don't. My knowledge of Josh is from his behavior on KF with also especially strong feelings about he acted towards this site in the past. It's a whole different context that not everyone has that informs how you think of the guy and whether he is trustworthy in a fundamental way, particular example being whether he is to be trusted as a TERF ally against the troons he is fighting with or whether this is a grift off of who he currently has beef with. I think you'd get vastly different answers if you asked people who watch his show primarily or people who know his forum history. It's almost like it's two different people. Or one person presenting a specific image.

No. 1723405

can someone explain how much of Josh's views on women changed? Because besides ragging on female cows, I always remembered him being throughly anti-trans and saying "terf" like things in defense of women agaisnt troons.
I did fall for them "Terf girlfriend maybe?" thing, now I'm trying to think of what was really so bad he was saying about women in the first place for his new way of speaking to be different.
Josh knows what his audience hates, they hate what he hates the most,troons/minorities/Ethan Ralph.

No. 1723407

To expand, I'm not saying, "he's never been misogynistic" I just want to know how misogynistic was he? I

No. 1723412

sorry if tl;dr
Anons will ask for receipts which I don't have on hand–and they probably won't be on OnionFarms either because the last thing they care about is misogyny–but I'll give you my general impression that he had basically a "red pilled" quasi-incel at best view of women when that was where he was focusing his sites. Before I don't really know, the same thing really but not as formulated. If you really wanna go back to Blockland he said horrible things about women but I'm willing to accept that as having been an angsty teenager and he got past being quite that bad.
In the era before his split with Ethan Ralph, though assorted with Dick Masterson/Dax Herrera etc and thought his views on women were based. But he also always pandered to a female audience and I believe his podcast always has parts to appeal to the female audience. He's put in work to make BP a comfortable space but Norman Rockwell (of the American Nazi Party) once edited a magazine for women, it doesn't mean much. He still speaks like this on occasion, he recently did fuck/marry/kill or smash/pass.
He hates troons for his own reasons but not for TERF reasons, the TE without the RF. It's kind of patronizing, even, the way he will frame it. Not about empowering women. Someone made a better post about it than I will in this thread or the last but he clearly has mommy issues some of which means he'll be agreeable to women and try to create a space, etc. and some of which means his attitude towards women as manifested throughout his career is actually totally fucked up.
At the end of the day, he is who he is, what can you do? Either use his site or not. Having a parasocial relationship with him or an expectation of him as some sort of ally is dumb, and it's equally dumb to seethe about him due to petty forum reasons.

No. 1723414

Love how this evolved from me warning about Onion Farmers and troons shitting up this thread to being gaslit about this and called a whiteknight to Onion Farmers and troons immediately exposing themselves as shitting up the thread.

No. 1723420

I just wanted to know more because the history of the site/josh is interesting to me. Nonas were like, "Wow he changed so much, must have a girlfriend" when I've watched streams and noticed the same basic attitude in all of them, Just with a little more sympathy in general and better thought out questions. I do remember him bragging about not seeing prostitutes like the other scrotes he was with. I cannot deseribe what it is about his streams that makes it's "female friendly" but it has become really popular with a lot of women. Not just because he hates troons either.

No. 1723426

ayrt not at all when you put it like that it sounds bad lmao…what I mean to say is humanizing an internet personality, a forum jannie and a "content creator" who is pretty careful about his public presentation. something like "parasociality" I guess.

No. 1723432

He was kind of cringe, even in his earlier streams. He used to simp for women and female cows (like Emily Youcis) all the time. I remember he once showed a cosplayer of Tracer and said that is going to be his future wife. I think last stream someone sent a superchat about that asking him if he still simps for Tracer and Null replied with something like "You're trying to get me in trouble", which I think fits with the theory of him having a gf since he completely stopped simping and thirsting for women and the superchatter bringing that up would get him in trouble with his gf.

I have also heard people say he used to hit on female forum users in the past, but I can't say I have ever seen proof of that. He keeps a distance and doesn't interact with his female fans at all now, I remember some nonnies on here saying they tried to slide in his DMs and he sent back a clip of Nick Fuentes saying "NO E-GIRLS! NEVER!". He definitely was more of a regular /pol/tard incel just a couple of years ago.

No. 1723433

The build up in their mind of josh as someone he may be but very well may not be and then the worship of the idea of the man, Josh finding it weird is one of his redeeming qualities I find in him.

No. 1723441

> "You're trying to get me in trouble", which I think fits with the theory of him having a gf
or he reads this thread, kek
> since he completely stopped simping and thirsting for women and the superchatter bringing that up would get him in trouble with his gf.
nah I think he is still who he is but especially in podcasting he knows very well he has and tries to appeal to a female audience, and I think that's who the "trouble" would be with. this thread included (maybe it's his barometer, you know he is reading) but generally.
I still don't see him having a gf but talking about it is fine to me, maybe he does, that's kinda what we're here for, as long as we're not being totally nuts in one direction or another. I won't lie, though, I find the image of him huddled up with a Serbian Emily Youcis lookalike tradwife making him pies totally hilarious. If so I hope they have a good Christmas.

No. 1723446

He did a smash or pass though saying who he'd marry our of three cows. I also want to point out again, how he claims the reasons Shoe can't be saved is her being "Blacked" and being fake trad. If simping would get him in trouble he would'nt be doing smash or pass

No. 1723447

he said his female fanbase (or whatever) would'nt like it when he did the smash or pass, kek. Also I 100% think Josh looks here at times