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File: 1670244449497.png (68.56 KB, 275x206, 1670185708246.png)

No. 1718961

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1718976

Anyone else gets second-hand embarrassment when FtMs fall into the Walmart boys' t-shirt "epic bugs stinky man xddd" meme? I've never met a man who talks like that, but yet somehow most FtMs think Boy Will Be Bugs by Cavetown is the peak accurate and honest reflection of real men. Honestly, it just makes themselves easier to clock.

No. 1718977

They don't want to be men, they want to be anime boys.

No. 1718985

File: 1670247583222.jpg (80.99 KB, 479x819, Untitled.jpg)

when an adorable girl is taller than you and her clothes fit better

No. 1718986

She needs to shop at the boys section, this looks ridiculous.

No. 1718988

maybe they are trying to emulate the edginess of teen boys? We have seen with shit like cavetown ftms try and skinwalk an idea of masculinity that only exists withing yoai fanfic or their warped view of boyhood.

No. 1718992

could you post examples

No. 1718997

File: 1670248071397.jpg (95.16 KB, 675x681, Untitled.jpg)

mass tranny death soon, ftm edition

No. 1718999

File: 1670248097660.jpg (39.96 KB, 437x600, 734284.jpg)

same energy

No. 1719002

They're being investigated by the Charity Commission, why is anyone listening to them?

No. 1719004

I have one of these types in my class. Always wears tacky wildlife and fantasy shirts from WalMart and has talked about how she barely showers. Less offensive than the fujo yaoi-loving FtM in my class but she tries way too fucking hard to act like a teenage boy. Yes, I have two walking FtM stereotypes in my class.

No. 1719006

I think that’s what many are doing and I think it’s driven not necessarily by society telling them “you can’t play in the dirt! Be ladylike” but because they fell into the moral purity hellscape that is post-tumblr internet (even reddit tells you to be woke and pc) and they want to allow themselves to he edgy and offensive but within limits.

No. 1719007

Isn't Mae also a gendie?

No. 1719012


I think you're both on the money. When most of them can't even call something gay without adding a "like me", there is absolutely no way they can speak like the average straight guy without upsetting online (and their own) moral sensibilities. It's the gendie equivalent of saying h-e-double hockey sticks.

No. 1719017

This is a pretty ridiculous claim. I think the only trannys this applies to is mtfs. I dont think mermaids clientele of 13 year old girls can navigate the deep web. Much less actually complete a purchase on there. The pedo charity will say literally anything to keep their supply of prebubescent children steady

No. 1719027

they can if they are taught, and that's what tras don't want to think about, who exactly told these kids that they can go to deep web to get hormones? and who sells them?

No. 1719032

So this is just Mermaids groomers saying that they will teach kids to use the dark web instead if they're shut down.

No. 1719034

She should let the others just smell her instead of declaring she doesn't shower. That's how real teenage boys do it.

No. 1719038

Yeah, non-binary. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1719040

How can you be a fag if you’re a “man” who likes pussy? They just keep telling on themselves, confused kids with internet brain rot

No. 1719043

Words mean nothing anymore and somehow they've gotten the idea that it's cool to call yourself a fag.

No. 1719045

You're right. I didn't think about it that way. In that light the tweet can be read as mermaids threatening to teach children how to purchase hormones on the deep web

No. 1719057

nothing of value will be lost

No. 1719092

If you search twitter for the word "stimky" I'm sure it will be 99% girls like that

No. 1719136

File: 1670259528497.jpeg (164.11 KB, 1920x1080, 45BD1E9F-08B1-48B6-B9C1-94CB0F…)


Beyond parody

No. 1719137

actually I'm rather interested in this, we could get some real insight into what bent her so out of shape that made her troon out

No. 1719175

File: 1670263796318.png (985.61 KB, 651x860, floorhurlbert.png)

Imagine telling people that your name is 'Floor Hurlbert' with a straight face

No. 1719184

File: 1670264961940.webm (6.47 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_716107874043142481…)

not once did she think how dystopian this sounds

No. 1719186

>just have an invasive surgery for a good bust of self esteem
fuck therapy am I right

No. 1719200

Woman on the left is hot.

No. 1719201

Imagine self mutilation just because men. This bitch is seriously damaged

No. 1719206

File: 1670267292022.png (1.05 MB, 828x2379, 860afabe-afdc-5b61-8043-87000a…)

you mean like this

No. 1719214

So she recognizes that men treat women like shit but instead calling out this behaviour, her response is to just … get rid of everything that she associates with being a woman and present it as some sort of self-love act? Wtf is up with this fucked up mindset

No. 1719216

It's a mega own to all the men when women mutilate their own bodies.

No. 1719229

Is this real? It looks like a meme a farmer knocked up in <10 minutes. May as well call it "rent boy" with the look she's going for there. Good grief.

FTD: Female to Dilbert.

Who's gonna tell her that men will still sexualise, fetishise and sexually assault her? Moids don't work like that, honey. They are actual demons.

No. 1719235

File: 1670269089643.jpeg (578.47 KB, 1170x1830, 6D94B7E4-531E-4CB4-AE87-585E89…)

Oh so you admit displays of masculinity are to make women uncomfortable?

No. 1719237

Nonnas what should I do, almost all the girls I used to hang out very closely have turned into TIFs… While there’s so much milk I could get from them, it ultimately just makes me sad to watch this to happen and some of them are so unbearable as friends that I’m close to just close my life’s door from them (of course it’s the milkiest ones. Choices, choices). I know it’d be better to subtly try to guide them to come back and support them if/once they do detransition, but how can I manage when I’m alone at this? Other people I’m friends with are handmaidens who also are deep in the cult delusions. It makes me feel depressed that I have no terf friends because years ago only weirdos accepted me. I could have almost transitioned too but thank god I never reached any of the radical waypoints like hormones and tit chopping. But what can one do alone against this craze?

No. 1719238

Wow, she is like grain-of-sand close to getting it. What she fails to take into consideration is that we should be trying to fix the source (male entitlement) instead of chopping our tits off. Doesn't she realize we lose even more in the long run by telling us to mutilate ourselves to avoid sexism.

No. 1719239

The FTM at my work spouts shit like this. Calls her mastectomy scars "warrior scars" but got extremely uncomfortable this summer when I unbuttoned my shirt lower than normal and my heart surgery scar was showing. The fucking gall to call that "kinda scary and gross" but glorify elective surgery scars. I wanted to punch her, ngl.

No. 1719241

I always had her clocked as a lesbian with extreme internalized homophobia who hated the intense pressure to perform femininity by marketing execs. Even after she wasn’t closeted she always came across as really ashamed of (or at least insecure about) being gay. I can see why she felt like trooning out would make her feel more accepted, she got love bombed for that in a way she never did for coming out as lesbian.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she did it during the pandemic, a shit ton of people did all of a sudden due to the anxiety and excess of free time to be spent getting brainwashed on the internet.

No. 1719242

>Female to Dilbert

No. 1719249

lmao no way, that can’t be the name she chose

No. 1719254

My group of friends has been the same way. Many of them just won’t hear it so the only thing you can really do is distance yourself or only talk about other things and just hope they eventually snap out of it.

No. 1719264

File: 1670270923341.jpeg (880.78 KB, 1170x1944, 26C891E1-AFFE-4F8D-BB48-AB7757…)

>>1719241 I forgot all the sexual harassment and assault. Picrel: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0jCgHKYKt1G6jbAGgcDNFxCgeuYY6eTQ3AsQ316qAHmMFuu53vZTckpvSDNjdvxBPl&id=21679407448&_rdr

I get that she’s a cringey TIF manlet now but she’s an obvious case of a transition that was fueled by trauma and self-loathing. Can’t help but pity her.

No. 1719267

As entertaining as it can be in the beginning, you’re better off just slowly distancing yourself from them because eventually they do start excluding you.I had a similar issue last year when the majority of my friend group started trooning out and those who didn’t enabled their delusions.

Thankfully I retained one friend who while she’s not terfy entirely, she doesn’t care about gender politics and pointed it out to me how we were both now being excluded because they seek out other TiFs instead.

This is really prevalent in fandom/art spaces where everyone is some form of enbie/genderqueer/bigender or whatever dumb legit they label themselves and I fear of more female spaces becoming scarce or difficult to find since just bringing up the idea of a female only space causes scandal.

No. 1719269

She's clearly trying to avoid being assaulted again by transitioning

No. 1719272

this is basically the same thing as "breast ironing" among women in Africa. google it, basically it's flattening breast of daughters when they hit puberty, beacuse grown up women believe, that it makes them less likely to be raped. it makes problems in future with breastfeeding. nightmare stuff, convergent evolution of similar concepts in different cultures and times. horrific.

No. 1719277

As if that would stop it. Men literally rape animals.

No. 1719278

>I so do not care about men calling me ugly I chopped off my tits

No. 1719279

I wish more women would learn this, but in all fairness being seriously mentally ill from unprocessed trauma doesn’t help you much in logical decision making

No. 1719295

I'm sorry nona, you should have called HHRR

No. 1719298


I've taught Jr high kids and the average Gen Z kid is about as technically literate as my boomer auntie. The playschool level of computer settings the average phone has means these kids barely know how to use a desktop to write papers, let alone shit like DNS and troubleshoot VPNs. The only way they're getting on the dark web is if a bunch of AGP groomer software moids walk them through it step by step via discord.


You can try and gently peak or inform anyone in the group that doesn't sound super enthusiastic, anon, but saving the TIFs is going to be a waste of your time. If you can't find any fellow terfs in hiding it may be time to close the door for your own well-being.

No. 1719302

File: 1670274910421.jpeg (617.45 KB, 828x1424, E72F47C3-8B02-4BBF-859E-D2F7A6…)

I couldn’t believe it was real either, but it is! Beyond satire

No. 1719304

Samefag but how can she try to sell how she’s so much more comfortable in front of the camera now? She always looks so awkward, sad and never knowing what to do with her hands since she mutilated herself

No. 1719310

I feel you nonna. Most of my online fandom circles are dominated by FtM and they/themmies. Even the ones who aren’t genderspecial chimp out over evul femnazis. Maybe I’m optimistic but in a few years time I feel like they’ll get over it.

No. 1719315

I had to give up some of my TIF friends because the gender stuff just consumed them to the point where they became completely unbearable. Finding TERF friends has proven impossible for me though because I am afraid of coming out about it (and also because the understandably paranoid radfem group where I live wouldn't accept me). I'm at a point where I am just content with being around other women who are at least not fixated on gender. I think it's best and more emotionally healthy to focus more on forming stronger relationships with women who are at least not obsessed with gender. Trying to be friends on the basis of being a radfem makes the process significantly difficult unless you're brave enough to be out about it.

No. 1719329

>because I am titless, straight men will not sexualize or abuse me
>completely forgetting that moids sexualize and abuse prepubescent girls on the reg
>Who's gonna tell her that men will still sexualise, fetishise and sexually assault her? Moids don't work like that, honey. They are actual demons.
Exactly. Because she comes off as more vulnerable and easy to manipulate, moids are going to see her as easy prey. Scrotes talk about how easy it is to manipulate fakebois all the time and the fakebois do not understand how men think at all.

No. 1719359

The absolute state of pickmes. How about you iron your sons' filthy dicks instead, you worthless fucking cuckqueans lmfao

No. 1719363


Listen for the silences, nonna. There's more of us out in fandom than anybody wants to realize, but we all have to keep it quiet or the TIFs will go for blood. Next time you're in a group, listen for the person who doesn't enthusiastically go YEAH FUCK TURFS when the TIPs do their crybully dance. That person may be on your side, or at least convincible.

No. 1719365

I agree and I think it's pretty obvious. I'm curious to see if she'll draw any ire for being an obvious afab4afab, and if she'll try to get around it by pulling the ole "t4t gay man" card. Maybe a pr relationship with some notable mtf, who knows. Being a famous rich white woman, she'll have to step carefully if she wants to keep the favor of her tra fan base.

No. 1719384

She would've been happier realizing that 99% of the men she passes on the street care so little about her they barely even process she exists. It's a kind of narcissism to think most men give a crap about you when they've got more important shit to deal with.

No. 1719388

File: 1670281868583.jpg (35.75 KB, 1200x978, 3ef3c904198fdf11122071ed90ee08…)

>. It makes me feel depressed that I have no terf friends because years ago only weirdos accepted me.
Literally me I also didn't want to be friends with homophobes so now I'm surrounded by people that form their opinions based on tiktok and viral tweets.

I swear I could have ghost written your post. Something happening today that made me want to yell to the internet talk to anyone that would lend me their time. I feel very fortunate to have different websites and communities where I could rant to my heart's content.

I don't want to say "ditch your friends" but talking to them about gender topics in any opposing way will be borderline impossible, it depends on their personalities and how militant/much of an activist they are, you could always give it a go but some people will just cut you out before you finish explaining your view points. Your friendship was built on something different but if you don't want to be too accomodating to the gender brain rot that's more than understandable.

I really wish there was a proper place I could lead my friends to to peak them or at least make them question the dominant narrative but I feel like regardless of the topic that's impossible nowadays, there is no middle ground. There's no way in hell that I will link them to lolcow, kiwifarms, or crystalcafe but on the other hand there's no point in waiting around for them to peak it will most likely NOT happen. This whole topic is stupid and I hate the fact that people lose their friends or loved ones over it especially the dumb as fuck enbie shit.

No. 1719391

This. I love finding a space full of based nonas kek

No. 1719392

Despite her whole point being "do surgery because men" she has an army of people agreeing with her

No. 1719403

I can't fucking stand how everyone talks the exact same way. Somedays I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind. Everyone talks the exact same.

No. 1719404

Honestly, you're right. I just rushed through my work and got out of there as fast as I could before I reacted in anger. I never stopped to think about filing a complaint. It took a lot for me to get to the point where I felt comfortable exposing part of my scar and to hear her so casually call it gross genuinely hurt me. I guess the "all bodies are beautiful" thing only applies to schlubby, unwashed troons.

I feel bad for her ex-wife. She had to post a request on instagram for people to stop asking questions/making assumptions about her gender identity and sexuality after Ellen came out (lesbian card revoked! your mentally ill ex now LARPs as a Victorian boy with tuberculosis) and now she's got this waste of paper being published that's gonna drag things up all over again and no doubt contains information about their marriage that she doesn't want in the public domain.

No. 1719451

Find a normie social group to join, like a hiking club, and make normal friends. I’ve been through what you’re going through and unfortunately there’s just no way to gently talk people out of the gender cult without getting cancelled for being a meanie TERF.

No. 1719505

biggest fucking mystery of our time. There used to be a famous post on tumblr that was a gifset of some of her quotes from a documentary on homophobia she made that were so incredibly insightful. Tumblr retroactively scrubbed all the gifs and replaced them with the "lost media" placeholder once she transed. I can't find those gifs on the internet anymore at all. Hauntingly metaphorical. It really freaks me out.

No. 1719509

File: 1670290913253.png (274.09 KB, 640x649, aC40KARNkCFdBcuLWj0bSU27dr6DfE…)

samefag, i think this was part of it. Read this conversation and then ask yourself why she trooned. What was the one way to escape, in her mind?

No. 1719514

Hmm this looks incredibly like she is choosing to look on her past of sexual assault and disrespect from the terrible men in the entertainment industry as page - er rent boy instead, as if that is any better. The wordplay of Page is now a Boy is like the 10th thing this title brings to mind.
That's so bizarre to scrub those gifs, the rewriting of the past the media do or enforce is so creepy.
Her face of hurt and disappointment. That guy (who is she talking to?) just saying he disregards her sexuality and would leer at her regardless.

No. 1719529

File: 1670292756789.jpeg (221.21 KB, 750x1113, 614913A5-1A2C-4141-AC3A-E80F2C…)

spotted on knitting. Wonder why there aren’t any knitting tims

No. 1719536

The doc is gaycation and it’s on Tubi for free if any anons want to watch

No. 1719543

why does mae have such serial killer eyes

No. 1719546

I slowly and quietly distanced myself from my TiF friend.

No. 1719547

>to no longer exist for straight male consumption

It's just in: bi men hate tits

No. 1719551

What kind of social inept retard call someone else scar gross in their face.

The whole Page shit really hurt like you wouldn't believe. I never really cared about celebrities but she was my first and only platonic crush. I clearly remember feeling sad when there were rumors about she dating a guy and then relief and happiness when she came out.

No. 1719568

>(who is she talking to?)
That’s Jair Bolsonaro, ex-prez of Brazil

No. 1719577

Nothing of value was lost with Ellen. She worked with Woody Allen.
I want these TIFs to be around actual men showing off their scars kek. The men will have got them all from fights or sports, while hers is just self harm.

No. 1719611

If men are so bad, then why does she want to be like one so bad, to the point she cut her tits off? I'll never understand these people

No. 1719629

File: 1670301467418.png (25.88 KB, 742x463, 1670223820098.png)

said cool scars next to actual men

No. 1719653

back to 4chan

No. 1719656

most men would fuck their family members if they got desperate enough. the vagina can be attached to anything. they will want to fuck it. you mutilated your body for nothing.

No. 1719664

please take your incredibly autistic drawings back to more heavily autistic imageboards

No. 1719763

your misogyny is showing, polcel

No. 1719771

Her mind would break from the ftm punished subreddit

No. 1719774

File: 1670320695761.png (665.99 KB, 450x600, naispenis-pienempi-450x600.png)

There are crocheting ones at least, and if you're wondering what they chorchet, well, it's exactly what you'd expect. Text says "female penis".

No. 1719794

They key word is "trying" kek real teen boy edginess is like… racism and misoginy

No. 1719800

My only problem with her now is how she keeps aggressively promoting transition specially to young people. She should know better at her age.

No. 1719819

wasn't this made by jiipu uusitalo? i wonder what happened to his troon phase he's grown his moustache back and stopped wearing skirts lol

No. 1719822

Even "tough guys" don't tend to show off pure surgery scars because all they prove is that you "were weak and needed help". It would have to be some kind of dumb story like "look at this scar I got because I jumped out the third floor window to impress my mates" not "look at my knee surgery scar".
Surgery scars on christmas cards is ridiculous "here are my cutesy hip replacement scars - love grandma". Your family doesn't want to see you sick or hurt because it's not fun or cute to them, it's only hurtful and traumatizing. Even worse when it's a vanity surgery done on an underage person because they are mentally ill - that IS sick.

No. 1719824

slicing off your boobs to avoid being sexualised by the same sex that rapes corpses, animals and sexualises hijabis & burqas is insane. like with the burqas you cant even see their bodies, only their eyes. shes a massive retard & an even bigger one for recommending it

No. 1719826

This… I wasn't aware of this breast ironing practice and its absolutely barbaric, right up there with FGM. holy shit. I bet these same moms and female relatives treat their sons like kings. IRON BOY'S DICKS SO THEY CAN'T RAPE

No. 1719832

I consider Ellen Page a lost cause for now. Now the good thing is this will be more proof for the future of case studying troonism. Will she admit she did it to avoid more sexual harassment from men, or will she avoid talking about it completely even though there's proof of it and her discomfort around it all on the internet? Will she acknowledge homophobia was part of it?

And isn't it fascinating that only 2 years after coming out she's already trying to monetize her transness and sold the book publishing rights for $3 million. She's feeling the need to "correct the past" the way all trans people do by insisting everything negative they ever felt was because they were trans all along! Retroactively if we take her words for it, anything positive and uplifting she's ever said about being a lesbian was all a lie, and that's a very shitty thing to lie about. Unfortunately for her this book makes it even more hard and embarrassing to detransition if she ever comes to her senses. Maybe when she sees that MTFs demand that lesbians sleep with them and how they call her a terf if she disagrees she'll start to figure it out.

It would be fun and interesting to read and debunk her book.

No. 1719845

I love that these pooner memes are mostly made by transmed tifs on /tttt/ and that tims encourage them. The tim version of the pooner is a goofy looking blocky tall guy with a wig, that tells you everything about the self-esteem of these insane narcissists: their kind looks barely human while their beloved trans wymyn look like people.

No. 1719846

File: 1670330581207.jpg (273.29 KB, 1280x1136, zMh2j0bFgYKFF7t.jpg)

Testosterone and its physical consequences

No. 1719847

OP did you really post a thumbnail as the OP pic

No. 1719855

I-I’m sorry was this supposed to be some type of transformation kek??

No. 1719857

I love how tif style is so grandfatherly and trying to mimic what a mid 80s tech company employee would wear. I don't know how to even put this into words but their fashion always looks like they are trying to emphasize their newfound freedom from womanhood (aka slutty disgusting sex object in their minds). It's like "look at me. I'm a human being now".

No. 1719867

Gotta love how they make absolutely zero effort to hide their disdain for GNC people; especially GNC women. If you dress like this, you are supposed to be seen as male. No woman would dress in something comfortable and functional. Women dress like bimbos and there is no room to think outside the box. Makes me wanna a-log.

No. 1719869

I don't think surgical scars from an elective cosmetic procedure count kek

No. 1719872

Looking like a depressed Hobbit with a serious case of meth addiction.

No. 1719874

Geez Ellen, all that movie $$$ spent on expensive hormones and OPs. Still looking like an SNL parody of Richie Rich…

No. 1719877

Why do you pity a woman that thinks only women deserve sexual harassment and since she didn't like being assaulted, she's a man now. There's nothing pitiable about someone thinking she's a man because she doesn't like abuse. There's nothing pitiable about someone who clearly thinks to be a woman means to invite and enjoy sexual harassment

No. 1719880

File: 1670334030549.jpg (32.86 KB, 592x350, alan partridge.jpg)

Elliot Page in a trans friendly reboot of Richie Rich where he learns to overcome the forces of capitalism by spending his fortune on dark web puberty blockers and hormones for children.

No. 1719883

She looks like a butch woman from the 80's, can these people not see themselves?

No. 1719901

Yeah it's from his blog. Maybe he's quietly detransitioning? Compared to your average rabid finnish tim, he seems almost sensible, so maybe he has realized how shitty troonism is but can't publicly say it bc his beloved anarcho circles support it.

No. 1719904

They've been brainwashed to think long hair, makeup and revealing clothes = women and short hair, no makeup and comfortable clothes = men. Their logic is so backwards. Clothes have no gender but certain type of clothes make you "masc" and a man apparently. They're deeply misogynistic yet think they're light years ahead with their ludicrous ideology.

No. 1719907

Okay but can we talk about the camel toe?

No. 1719909

yeah they always dress in clothes that no real men would never wear unless they were a sexual harasser in some niche music sub culture.

No. 1719917

Say what you want, I chuckled

No. 1719963

>When you watch "It's Pat" too much

Lol at the miserable eyes and pimple face, and the oh-so-female fat distribution on the thighs

No. 1720003

I could clock her from the bedroom alone

No. 1720011

i have long hair curvy body feminine face and wear makeup and dresses and i still have more masculine mannerisms and understand how men work than these tifs

No. 1720020

File: 1670345936215.jpg (142.89 KB, 800x892, 1619411077764.jpg)

Is this Kate Leth? Reminder that this happened lmao.

No. 1720069

File: 1670349093315.jpg (157.26 KB, 896x585, ihhu.jpg)

yes it's kate "i'm queer but can't actually bring myself to have sex with women because they're just ToO PrEtTy!" leth

No. 1720112

>Is this Kate Leth?
she really went off the deep end during the pandemic, anyone else have that comic where she sleeps with a dude in a lesbian bar and hates herself for it

No. 1720150

Reading these posts was a true "bruh" moment.

No. 1720192

Is this someone in the animation industry?

No. 1720201

No. 1720213

Wait until this retard finds out that men can get sexually harassed and assaulted by other men too. There's tons of gross old gay men harassing and sexually assaulting cute little twinks, I've heard many, many stories. Gay men are just as gross as straight men are. Also, she never hear about what Kevin Spacey did to all those boys and young men? It was a pretty big story, I doubt she never heard about it.

No. 1720264

A yes or no can suffice you cunt lmao

No. 1720268

nayrt You didn't sage dumbfuck, what did you expect?

No. 1720269

Who do you nonnies think is gonna detransition/express regret or kill herself first - Kate Leth or Noelle Stevenson?

Is there any hope that either of them will eventually become normal and 20 years from now release an autobiographical comic in which they deconstruct the internalized misogyny that drove them to troon out?

No. 1720296

A simple google would've sufficed too, newfag. Integrate or go back.

Probably Noelle Stevenson. I think she's gonna hit a point in her life where she's feeling lost, given that she basically trooned out because of the unhealthy poly relationship she's in. I think the high from chasing troon status symbols (coming out, hormones, surgery, legal name change, etc) will fade and she'll probably try going back to what she had before that; but just call herself "agender" or whatever to keep her TRA fans happy. She'll no doubt see it as a chance to get more attention too, via posting navel-gazing webcomics about it like what she's done with her transition so far. I don't know much about Kate Leth, but given that bat shit insane TikTok combined with the affair with a married man who died of cancer and the fact she's faking same-sex attraction to fit in with the kweer crowd makes her unpredictable, IMO. She might actually 41% if she continues to force a square peg into a round hole with this "I'm not a woman and I'm so queer" shit.

No. 1720315

File: 1670362900063.jpeg (949.57 KB, 3268x1707, C59A1F15-657F-4C20-841D-F75156…)

Some vintage troonery. Depressing.

No. 1720326

>straight as an arrow
>faked being a lesbian
>worried about losing her "card" to a community she never belonged to in the first place
>cooms to gay men
>mimics their culture: leather, bears, etc
>motherhood bad, fatherhood good
Tale as old as time.

No. 1720377

Noelle is the typical case of a depressed,self hating lesbian while Kate is narcissist, probably BPD, grifter so I say Noelle

No. 1720384

She seems pretty happy kek I don’t know how milky this is…

No. 1720390


No. 1720396

She is buttugly though.

No. 1720579

No. 1720588

>I failed miserably as a lesbian. I had sex with too many men.
I love that she went straight from "I have to be a lesbian" to "I have to be a gay man". Did it ever even cross this bitch's mind that she's a straight woman?

No. 1720591

File: 1670376880495.png (715.08 KB, 1747x850, preppy.png)

cool shein top.

No. 1720616

Meanwhile when you are gnc chad, grandma calling you her favorite granddaughter is a nice compliment that brightens your day! But I bet instead she went to her room for 40 minutes to make this tiktok and ruined the mood of the gathering while the cousins talked shit on their weed walk.
Literally no these women completely uproot their lives because life as a "butch" straight woman is so unthinkable to so many.

No. 1720625

File: 1670378503979.png (402.48 KB, 501x500, 850ce39f-3788-4eaa-9289-476c53…)

I have a suspicion that fakeboi-ism is tied with the (seemingly?) sudden demand of politeness and honesty thrust upon girls around 2015. Before, it was common to see both boys and girls like things such as Filthy Frank and offensive memes. I distinctly remember being a zoomer kid hearing about kids talk about him on the bus to and from school. After that, I rarely saw girls "act out of line" lest they be cancelled or openly share content that can be considered troublesome. There were no overly-confident girls sharing their self ships and calling others faggots, retards, etc. Being confident about being the Female sex was never easy before, but now it's almost a joke.
There's fakebois on Twitter and Tiktok who casually say shit like Fujoshi are these insane white girls who should've been aborted because they're evil fetishists who may as well be worse than Hitler. Meanwhile they can't even explain what a "Fujoshi" is or have seen one themselves. As much as lolcow has Fujoshi battles it's far worse in fakeboi circles if a particularly angry one gets riled up about it.
They just regurgitate what they hear because they've never had much of an identity to begin with. A fakeboi I know who's a few years younger than me admitted that she never "connected" with her birthname. I believe it's because being forced to be polite and silent during your teenage years, while you see boys saying the vilest shit without any of the same social shame, kills any sense of pride and identity you would develop if you weren't forced into being like that if you don't know any better. Most girls don't because many, many hear that feminism is bad and should be avoided when they're young. Few fakebois born post-2004ish that I know of say they're a feminist.
During the years I had a fakeboi identity crisis, I was jealous of boys who browsed 4chan and could tolerate being on that website. They were free to speak their mind. But I never admitted this to anyone or myself until finding anonymous, Female-friendly websites lest the people online who I considered some of my most treasured friends say I should've been aborted if I wanted to be so vile as to say retarded, hateful shit as an "anon." In the depths of social fakeboi-ism there's a huge fear culture that kills a child's sense of identity, though maybe that's just me.

No. 1720628

That "socially enforced politeness" you're talking about is literally just the SJW attitude of tumblr and early livejournal thrust into the public sphere. What's ironic is that those environments were predominantly female.

No. 1720632

>Literally no these women completely uproot their lives because life as a "butch" straight woman is so unthinkable to so many.
This is why even though I'm a lesbian, I support butch bi and straight women 100 percent. Butch lesbians are way too possessive over masculinity and butchness because they fear that's the only way to signal lesbianism in public or say that masculine dress is "lesbian coded." It's stupid.

No. 1720652

File: 1670379725254.jpg (14.22 KB, 194x259, d915ba62-67cc-485e-8799-3ac16f…)

I'm same anon as >>1720625
That sounds correct. There was a split within fakeboi-dom recently that I believe was an unsaid "rebellion" against the "SJW attitude". Fakebois know relish in appearing as edgy as possible with greasy hair and not caring that they're fat. The more "blue hair and pronouns bossy thin girl" stereotype isn't seen much with younger zoomers. It'll take several years but this trend will come and pass. It would be surprising if there haven't been some heated scuffles between the two I'm just not deep enough in the Discord mastectomy showcase pit to witness.

Bisexual women who've dated at least one woman are often called dykes anyway even by people who know them well. Straight women are called that by strangers. The label should be shared with experiences, not labels on your social media.

No. 1720671

i think what you said is really interesting but for some people it really is just like an alt subculture. women and girls troon for a whole range of reasons and it doesn't always have a sad backstory. we'll have to see how this all pans out over the next decade or so

No. 1720684

sorry kek, I will keep in mind not to do that next time

No. 1720723

>11 year old son whose actually her grandson
>has to refer to his grandma's spicy straight lover as "daddy bear"
>homeschooled in an RV

that poor kid, I hope he's safe

No. 1720763

Nonna I'm sorry for your trauma, but having bob and vagene did not stop me from browsing 4chan for years. Maybe it's a generational thing.

No. 1720802

Which alternatve dimension did you come from where women in pre 2015 internet were not ripped apart the second they were recognized as female? being a girl in the 00s being into "boy" things online meant you had to hide your sex like a 11th century crossdressing female saint

No. 1720838

Can confirm, being a girl in male spaces has always been the same, there's a spotlight on you, you get ripped apart for saying the same things some guy can say easily, catty women follow you around (irony noted as I post on lolcow.farm), and you get sexualised by the men. I never noticed respectability politics pertaining to women only, seems like a unique experience from anon.

No. 1720878

I always loathed (as a bi woman) that we "can't" call ourselves butch because there's other terms. I'm not gonna call myself a fucking doe or pigeon or "masc" or something that was invented in 2016 by a she/they/fae zoomer, no thank you

No. 1720904

Nta but why is masc bad? There's a history behind the term butch that ties it explicitly to lesbianism, and I'm not a lesbian but I don't blame them if they're exclusive about it

No. 1720909

I'd rather call myself gnc than masc. Masc is tied to trannies.

No. 1720933

A lot of it is from other women which is what hurts the most, I don't understand why you want to play police and push this degrading "women have to be morally pure" bs.

No. 1720936

Every social group has their vision of how their group "should" be and women are included. Feminism also adds being in a political group on top of this so of course it'd be policing by its very nature, all ideologies are.

No. 1720945

The masculine lesbian is a stereotype. I'm tired of seeing walking stereotypes. Masculinity and femininity are norms. Just be yourself, do what makes you happy. This way of thinking is the reason why we have women now hating themselves for being too masculine or too feminine. Being "masculine" should have nothing to do with being a lesbian or being secretly a man. Same thing with hating femaleness, hating your own sex doesn't make you the other one or a magicall being in-between.

No. 1721002

>The masculine lesbian is a stereotype. I'm tired of seeing walking stereotypes. Masculinity and femininity are norms. Just be yourself, do what makes you happy.
Being butch makes me happy. I do not force myself to be this way because I'm a lesbian, it's just naturally what I'm like and have been like my whole life. I do see young lesbians try to be butch because they think it's in The Official Lesbian Rules but quite a lot of us "walking stereotypes" are actually happy like this. Are you this scrutinous of feminine straight women as they're also stereotypes?

No. 1721003

I've heard that a lot of detrans women think their breasts will grow back. Did they think they'd have to go get a mastectomy again and again periodically for the rest of their lives?

No. 1721006

>I've heard that a lot of detrans women think their breasts will grow back.
Jesus Christ, how are people this stupid allowed to make such life-changing decisions?

No. 1721017

Tbh I get where you're coming from, though I feel like it's mostly an online culture thing. In the early 2000s, there wasn't that much of a difference between male and female dominated online spaces. Even on sites like DeviantArt and Fanfiction.net, which were predominantly frequented by women, people would openly talk about going on 4chan, link to ED articles, use edgy language etc etc. Then, around the early 2010s, there was a shift that hit most of the female-dominated fandom spaces and turned them into the SJW-like communities that we have today. (Though I actually feel like it calmed down a bit since then and the peak was around 2014/2015)

I do feel bad for young girls that are going online now and immediatly get hit with tranny shit, drama about language, pro/anti shipping discourse and what not. Early internet culture wasn't perfect either but I would still prefer it over what we have today.

No. 1721019

This. Sorry to blog, but I grew up in that time and now I try to use it to my advantage when it comes to my hobbies. At the time it was common to pretend you were a boy or not really care if people called you one online because it was easier than dealing with the harassment once they found out you were a girl. I’m terfy now but if anyone asks my pronouns online I say I don’t care or they can use whatever they want. It doesn’t matter to me, because it doesn’t change anything about the reality that I’m female. It also goes back to how I had to be online during that time, and now people end up treating you more nicely because they think you’re nonbinary or trans. It sucks having to be crypto but I want to participate in the interests I have, and it’s not like I have to actually engage in conversations about being trans or contribute any kind of content related to it because once people think you’re enby or trans they actually tend to back off or tread cautiously out of fear of upsetting you on that front. So I can remain doing what I like while not having to confront it with others at all. In a perfect world I’d rather be out with how I actually think and feel, but we all know how that goes. I know this is the coward option but like I said, hiding sex online really isn’t much different than it was back then, there are just different connotations now (like people automatically thinking you’re a person of gender).

No. 1721020

They obviously don’t grow back with the ducts and the way they were before, but I’ve seen instances of women who did start having more breast tissue again once they gained weight. Someone posted a girl a while back who had a mastectomy and scars, but had begun to get “boobs” again too. It was scary to look at.

No. 1721037

This is an extremely niche reason among many why women transition but it pales in comparison to the magnitude of social forces like women’s hypersexualization in mainstream media, aggressive beauty culture, and porn. And now that transition has become the more socially available option, as in, more people know about it, women just choose it more now than opposed to the past. Women have always had these desires of escapism, freedom, and alienation from their sex and gendered ‘role’ they’re supposed to fill in. It is only now that society tells them that they can find respite from it in transition. It is literally social plague.

No. 1721103

Sad blogpost
Will it be sacrilege to compare the troon epidemic of lesbians to HIV epidemic of gay men in the 80s?
We are losing so many lesbians and especially butches to this, and troonism can actually be deadly or at least extremely damaging long term.
I just want it all to end and it makes me sad I will be one of the few ones who avoided this trap. I am single and for now, all I have in my dating pool is depressed deformed fakebois and creepy men in cheap wigs. And when the fad will go away too many women will be harmed.
I guess I can identify as asexual now, at least I will have a valid reason to reject male troons and won't have to deal with they/them hamplanets.

No. 1721117

File: 1670430695736.jpg (460.09 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20221207.jpg)

Wake up besties new sexuality lore just dropped: being attracted to women but make it spicy. Again.

No. 1721132


Both are issues that are exacerbated by the homophobia of society, but it's not really an appropriate comparison, Nona. We Lesbians can be sad and disappointed and want to fight the scourge without minimizing what our brothers went through

No. 1721136

this is bleak. and why is she so proudly & publicly posting about it. not an ounce of shame or respect for her ""boyfriend""'s wife and children, fucking narcissist

NTA but I think most women (even those who are happily feminine) would agree that what is considered "feminine" is tied to some extent to men's expectations of women, beauty standards, etc. and for that reason, stereotypically feminine women are definitely scrutinized/criticized as well (or sometimes just outright mocked, because people shit on anything feminine for any reason, even the scrotes who want tradwives). anyway, ofc butch lesbians don't force themselves, but the belief that all lesbians are masculine and all tomboys are lesbians is annoying.

No. 1721174

I still don't get it, also WTF does this have to do with Neptune, the god of the sea

No. 1721190

Sorry for making you think about it, but what is inside of a neodick? I mean, they would have to stuff it with something. It's not hollow, right? RIGHT???

No. 1721202

Don't forget about "nonbinary" tims, so if you say "neptunic" is your sexuality males will still claim you are obligated to fuck them because they also can be """nonbinary""" just like tifs.

No. 1721211

I think they usually have some kind of inflatable rod inside, and I’ve seen where they put a pump in the “balls” to make the neophallus erect. I wish I didn’t have to type that out.

No. 1721233

I think it's pretty accurate. Some gay men kinda did it to themselves with their behaviour (before anyone calls me a homophobe, google "bugchasers") which is sorta a parallel to the butches were doing ok mentally (as well as you can be before trooning out) only to cash in their chips and get that sweet, sweet attention from coming out. They don't even care about throwing the rest of us under the bus when they parrot transmed talking points that imply all GNC people are troons. The others are victims of a homophobic society that doesn't care enough to intervene. It's hard as a butch seeing my GNC friends go through with it, especially when they know it's fucked up but they're cracking under the weight of the misogyny and lesbophobia and there's not a single thing I can say to soothe them because I've had those thoughts myself. It's brutal.

>women and non-binary people
So it's being attracted to women and mentally ill women then.

AYRT, I didn't mean to imply fem straight women don't get shit. I know it's brutal for them with ever shifting goalposts (ie: being skinny used to be the ideal body for a woman but now it's the insta baddy with a huge ass and bolt-ons) and men being… well, men. I agree it's dumb to assume lesbians must be GNC and any GNC woman is gay. I have quite a few GNC straight and bi friends and it's ridiculous how people seem to never fully buy they're into dudes. I think when it comes to younger millenials and zoomers it's mostly their own doing though. This is what happens when you try to force everyone into a box and say that only X people can dress like Y and call themselves Z.

No. 1721279

File: 1670438493937.jpg (176.33 KB, 1125x788, 112.jpg)

what too much yaoi does to a mfer

No. 1721284

That's some mood killin freak show shit. Like a meaty ballon animal.

No. 1721287

Which is weird because Neptune fucked men

No. 1721290

I don’t understand how that works practically. Do they have to manually pump it up every time and wait for it to get inflated like a balloon animal before they can have sex?

No. 1721297

your thinking of Poseidon and Poseidon didn't fuck men, he raped young boys

No. 1721298

Same difference

No. 1721304

no there isn't, there's a big difference between two men consenting to having a sex and an adult man forcing himself on a young child

No. 1721321

>implying girls can be just as awful as boys

No. 1721322

File: 1670440861461.png (1.49 MB, 1908x1146, implant_for_mentally_ill_women…)

>Do they have to manually pump it up every time
literally yes, they gotta do the ball squeeze pump every time

No. 1721332

The imagery of this in my head is so funny. Imagine you're about to get down with a dude and he says "one second baby" and starts squeezing his balls.

No. 1721336

File: 1670441791557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 476.49 KB, 962x695, 3770.fig.2.jpg)

Medical image of the "neophallus" being created during surgery. They use arm flesh and the head just looks like a deformed mushroom no matter what

No. 1721342

There are videos of a trans surgeon answering a young tifs question about if breasts can grow back after surgery, and he said yes. These children are being groomed and lied to about their own bodies, there is no way they can consent to any trans medical intervention. They think men actually grow normal looking boobs on estrogen as well when they just get a tiny bit of moob fat and then they all get implants.

>if anyone asks my pronouns online I say I don’t care or they can use whatever they want.
To me if anyone asks for pronouns it's a sign they are not mentally capable of understanding that the world doesn't revolve around their specific rigid made up gender roles. It's like a kid talking about santa as if he were real. I understand they'll have a mental breakdown if I say it like it really is and I don't want to have to deal with that, so I avoid it by doing the same as you and saying they can use "whatever you think is appropriate" because that's how pronouns actually work kek

No. 1721345

I'm a feminist but even I think this is an insult to men lmao

No. 1721346

Hopefully this whole trans phenomenon lowered your collective faith in the medical establishment. I see so many women peak but then they trust every word their doctor says. This phenomenon makes it clear that most medical "treatments" treat imaginary problems.

No. 1721349

ily for this reference nona

No. 1721361

File: 1670443864153.jpeg (426.28 KB, 1125x816, 560F0F99-87D1-4581-9142-F24B67…)

Transed at 13, double-mastectomy at 15. These doctors who massacre healthy girls need to burn.

No. 1721373

i sincerely don't understand how the parent(s) signed off on this, if only because of how big of a financial drain it is

No. 1721376

If any nonas here are medfags, there are other areas that basically turned out to be fraud laden fiascos (amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer's and serotonin hypothesis of depression). Many people built decades worth of careers on fundamentally false premises, so I wouldn't expect anyone involved to just admit they were wrong. Keep this in mind when seeking medical treatment that isn't immediately life saving.

Also, keep in mind that doctors aren't scientists or researchers, even though they think they are. Their job is to apply science, not question it - and yet they will ignore data that argues against their preferred treatments. It's not that they can't be trusted because of some crunchy granola hippy shit, they can't be trusted because they fundamentally don't follow any scientific principles.

No. 1721385

The key thread here is that these 3 medical hypotheses fell under the umbrella of neuroscience which is a ridiculously novel field of which we have very little understanding (and which has been corrupted by retarded nonsense concepts from the field of psychology). I mean for christ's sake we were just lobotomizing people like half a century ago

No. 1721388

File: 1670445197258.jpeg (1003.06 KB, 1125x1707, B6F1F95B-79C4-4957-BBC9-A8BA0C…)

And she blames herself. Sometimes I do feel sorry for these girls. At 13, you should not be able to make such drastic life-altering decisions that will impact you until you die. All the adults SHOULD be blamed ffs

No. 1721389

Nta but transgenderism is also arguably under neuroscience too though, the rest is just plastic surgery to "fit" the brain. There are still people who say they have the "brain of the opposite sex".

No. 1721400

Yeah I meant transgenderism to be included there, it's a great example of people corrupting neuroscience with flimsy psychological concepts and woefully misinterpreting neurophysiological research to back up ideology. You see it happen in almost every social science field, most researchers have no ability to parse any STEM literature but attempt to co-opt it anyway.

No. 1721405

I was going to say this story's fake, but indeed it's been around 5 years since doctors started handing out testosterone willy-nilly to minors. Who's the doctor? She should sue. No amount of informed concent can make up for a sheer lack of age and brain development needed to make an informed decision on the matter of testosterone. The minimum age should be 18.

No. 1721446

Transgenderism itself is an insult to nature.

No. 1721451

no it isn’t???? it just means masculine???

No. 1721453

>>I feel like everyone, no matter their age, should wait at least a year to medically transition after starting to figure out they're trans.
they should also be away from the internet and their troon friends, and live in the wilderness and do physically demanding work like landscaping or whatever because guaranteed 99% of people will stop being trans if they get out of their echo chamber and start reconnecting with their physical bodies and talk to other women who weren't troonbrained by tumblr or tiktok.

No. 1721454

Everything is tied to trannies if you choose to look at it that way. "Masc" is a perfectly good term that can separate yourself from the history of the term "butch" tied to lesbian identity.

No. 1721490

Kek. People really think preferences are whole new sexualities, same as they think personality traits are genders. These people will compartmentalise this stuff into micro labels, then turn around and say they're so wild and free.

No. 1721725

This looks like a cheap badly made dildo from the 80s

No. 1721789

sage for insane blogpost.
nonnies help me. I keep having thoughts of transitioning. I have a very feminine body with curves and all (which I hate) and very masculine personality and interests. tbf I don't hate my body in and of itself but I hate when men look at it. I've struggled with my weight all my life too and I've had body dysmorphia since the moment I've hit puberty. I've also almost been molested by my cousin and my brain kept that trauma hidden until a few years ago. despite that I've been in a long term relationship with a man for many years and I've finally gotten to the point that I can enjoy sex with him as a woman, but for ages I had to disassociate during it by pretending I was a man in my head or role-playing one of the male characters from our ttrpg sessions (yeah I know it's extremely cringe and I'm glad I stopped) (yeah I'm also a fujo if that wasn't obvious). I've peaked years ago and I've never bought into the sjw craze first, and the tranny mania later. even though I didn't have the words for it yet, I was never convinced by their arguments on gender, especially the nonbinary thing. despite that, I've always had the desire to become a man, and getting into cosplay really exacerbated that. I used to get so mad I couldn't pass as a man because of my very obvious curves. I've desisted early on in my wishes cause I know surgery can only do so much and my body type can't be changed (hell, even my cis brother looks like a tif because of his shape). I know all about the dangers of hormones and surgery and I make fun of trannies all the time and I know it's hard as hell to transition in my country and I would probably lose the man of my life if I did something like that but sometimes the desire comes back. I want to drink the Kool aid myself, I want to believe that women can truly become men and fit in with my peers online cause they seem to have so much fun on the surface. I don't want to be grossed out every time I see a character I like drawn with mastectomy scars. I want to make friends with people online without being scared of them finding out I have terfy views. I don't want to be constantly sexualized. I want to have male friends that don't say they want to fuck me just because i already have a boyfriend. i want to be respected and taken seriously in my family just like my deadbeat brother is for only virtue of being born xy. sorry for the very long rant. I lurk here all the time in hopes it will make me renounce these desires completely but I keep having intrusive thoughts about it. idk what to do, it's hard. can you suggest ways to love myself more as I am? or just share your experiences, if you have gone through something similar. thank you for letting me open up

No. 1721842

File: 1670471741394.png (98.09 KB, 206x275, DE7BB970-1852-4E0E-A8E2-7A3B57…)

I still have dysphoria too, from being a gnc lesbian. What dissuaded me is realizing that what I want to look like is totally impossible. I will never ever be a real man. I’ll never pass since I’m all of 5’4, I’ll never have a functional penis, I’ll never find straight women or even lesbians who want to date me after testosterone and surgery. i’ll only be able to date other broken tifs. If you focus on what’s actually achievable you’ll realize transitioning is totally stupid since it doesn’t work anyway. I feel a lot less dysphoria now than I used to as a teenager now that I see it as what it is, an impossible fantasy. If I could magically become the ideal man I have in my head I would have done it as a teenager,, but I’ve made peace with myself now. What also helped me was I started lifting weights and bulking up a little to be the best version of myself as a female. I found female role models who I could see myself living like. I believe in you nonna!

No. 1721843

yeah i too am jealous of the huge friend groups TIFs seem to have online, but then i look closer and i see that their social circles are nightmare realms of petty pronoun power struggles. realize that you're way cooler for just saying fuck it im a girl and i do this shit traditionally associated with masculinity. who cares. YOLO

No. 1721850

>social circles are nightmare realms of petty… power struggles
That's female social circles in general, it's not limited to just TIFs

No. 1721865

File: 1670473639891.jpg (745.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221207-230443_Chr…)

I know it has been a couple of months but I really wanted to share this. A peruvian fakeboi was smart enough to go to Harvard but wasn't smart enough to not go to Bali on her Honeymoon and with a weed grinder in her suitcase. She was arrested and died while on custody. I know her death was tragic but it kinda bothered me when my sjw university classmates bombarded everyone about how the world is against trans people and they shouldn't have been detained in the first place (despite the weed grinder and Indonesia's zero tolerance policy against drugs)

No. 1721866

it's just primate social circles overall

No. 1721936


I’m a detrans woman and I can tell you that transitioning doesn’t help. It doesn’t fix your problems. It might hide them for a moment, but underneath you still have all of your problems. Maybe you should focus on what your body can do, instead of focusing on what it looks like. I don’t know, I’m still myself struggling with my relationship with my body. I hope it gets better nonna.

No. 1721959

Working out helped me a lot. I started with yoga, followed 30 days of yoga with Adrienne and then started working out more seriously with dumbbells. Now I feel so much better with myself. Before I hated my breasts and now I love them. They don't hurt anymore. I stopped wearing a bra too. Reading and speaking with detrans women helped a lot too. /detrans on Reddit is a good place to start. Men are still men but now I hate them, not myself.

I hope it gets better for you nonna.

No. 1722037

Nta, sorry but yes "masc" is strongly tied to trans ideology, but using the full word "masculine" (or similar words like manly) is still fine. I had never heard anyone say just masc before the trans cult started, and I've still never heard anyone not believing in the holy trans use it. I've never heard a gymbro or bodybuilder use it for example, and they're all about looking masculine.

No. 1722043

I highly recommend looking into detrans content. There are lots of them on youtube that can help you not make their mistakes.
The trans happiness is an illusion, they all suffer from a cluster of mental illnesses that transition didn't cure (and usually made worse). The problem isn't you - it's the people (men) around you. Fixing yourself doesn't do anything to stop them, becasue you were never the problem.

No. 1722049

This.. It really felt like shit because the moment someone figured out you were a girl you'd get the famous TITS OR GTFO and kitchen jokes

No. 1722051

we could argue "masc" is pretty much similarly tied to the gay community as "butch", the only men I've heard using it were gay ("masc4masc" etc) so if "butch" is supposedly inappropriate for straight or bisexual women to use then so is "masc". honestly I've only heard this discourse online so whatever. i do agree male-partnered women calling themselves "femme" is especially dumb however, because being a feminine woman in a relationship with a man is as normative as you can get, while being feminine but female-partnered or visibly gnc regardless of orientation is usually not as socially acceptable. of course visibly gnc lesbians are going to get the brunt of this sadly but i haven't seen any butch lesbian in real life get particularly upset at non-lesbian visibly gnc women calling themselves butch as long as they are genuinely respectful about it (yes you can clarify that you like men as a gnc woman without throwing butch lesbians under the bus!). but also do keep the word dyke out of your mouth if you're straight.

No. 1722063

File: 1670499484094.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 725.68 KB, 1160x1249, D520C006-5693-4CA5-BAB9-3A4A13…)

If I had to see this shit, so do you. For bonus points, she draws zoo and guro shit.

No. 1722070

ayrt, thank you nonnies, I will try to follow your advice, especially on the working out bit. I know starting is the hardest part but at this point it's all that's left for me to try. I will also try to talk about this to my therapist. thank you again!

No. 1722073

NAYRT but as a butch who struggles with thoughts of trooning out, I would advise against talking about this with a therapist unless you really trust them. I got slapped with "gender dysphoria" diagnosis when I discussed my feelings (even though I said it stems from lesbophobia and misogyny) and I was told to try "living as a man" to see if it helps. Talking about these feelings is good, don't get me wrong. But most therapists will automatically encourage you to troon out since the research on these feelings is completely one-sided in favour of trannyism and a lot of medical professionals fear getting called transphobic if they don't enable your transition. Best of luck, nona.

No. 1722075

Stumbled upon this fakeboi who does absolutely normal things to show everyone "it's okay"
Imagine being so chronically online you get scared of every basic real world action

No. 1722077

ayrt, trooning out in my country is still very hard. I've already talked about my body image issues with my therapist without mentioning the gender stuff and she's suggested I try and embrace my femaleness (for example by leaving the lights on when I have sex), so I'm quite sure she will give me good advice. I'm sorry therapists in Anglo/Nordic countries are so morally bankrupt and skewed in favor of trannies

No. 1722079

Guess what, they'll still do that no matter how much testosterone you ruin yourself with. You think it sucks being told to make a sandwich, imagine how it feels after you mutilate your body and deny reality,only to still be told to go make a sandwich. Men know what women are.

No. 1722088

AYRT, I'm glad you've got a good therapist and a sensible healthcare system. It helps a lot having one sane person in a respect position in your corner. Ironically I've found my GP gives far better mental health advice than literally all the therapists I've ever seen, kek. She also told me to embrace my femaleness and it's the best advice I've had so far.

No. 1722104

It’s insane considering probably a year or two, or however many years ago these women transitioned, they’d walk by the pad aisle without a second thought, or everyone would use she/her on them with no issue. It’s only now they seem to have legitimate meltdowns. It’s literally self inflicted.

No. 1722106

I’m actually mutuals with this woman on her main account. I had no idea she looked like that nor that she drew bestiality kek. She called herself a “cis gay man” at one point so I just took her at her word.

No. 1722107

female to degenerate soyboy

No. 1722120

I think the allure of reinvention that trans ideology seems to offer women through transitioning is superficial and damaging. There is so much more wonder, personal growth and complexity to who you are now as a woman that transition cannot give you. I know that can be extremely scary to focus on in comparison to the fantasy to transforming into something else entirely but it’s worth it. Best of luck Nona!

No. 1722144

does anyone know what is tucute mogai and why they encourage people to transition when they don't need that?

No. 1722147

"tucute" = anyone can and should be trans, as opposed to "truscum" who consider themselves the only true and honnest trannies with real male (if TIF) or female (if TIM) brains. "mogai" was yet another tumblr-created and now fortunately deprecated term to use as a "more inclusive version" of the ever expanding alphabet soup

No. 1722156

>Bali on her Honeymoon and with a weed grinder in her suitcase
I'm sorry but Americans need to realise that the law of their country doesn't fucking apply elsewhere. They also need to go back into their perma fried brains and realise that just because they're of the belief that weed isn't a big deal despite being a literal drug doesn't mean that everyone else will agree if they whine hard enough (also in some American states you can go to jail if you're the wrong minority with weed in your pocket so this isn't even that foreign??). Before everyone else in the world visits a new country they read into the laws and customs of the country because nobody likes obnoxious tourists ignoring cultural decency and nobody wants to be arrested on their vacation due to cultural missteps like spitting in Singapore. Indonesia has absolutely dystopian drug laws and have been in the news repeatedly for killing their citizens on drug charges, this isn't some unknown secret. As usual a "woke activist" is completely uncultured and knows nothing of the world, can't believe it's being spun as anything other than a Darwin Award. Indonesia isn't right here, but this idiot could have blatantly avoided their death and enjoyed their honeymoon if they'd spent even two minutes googling basic facts about the third world country they just casually decided to spend thousands visiting

No. 1722160

Truscum: believe dysphoria is the only reason to transition. The name was created by the "tucutes", they usually prefer "transmedicalists" or things that make them sound rooted in reality instead of confirming delusions.
Tucute: modern trans agenda, if you want to be trans you just are. Dysphoria as unnecessary to being trans is their only real belief to allow anyone to transition. Usually only human genders (mtf, ftm, enby)
Mogai:includes the non human genders and weird other shit like catself pronouns. Not necessarily actual transitioners and is mostly filled with furries and the really weird enbys inventing very "special" genders for themselves

No. 1722163

We’re like the same person. I needed to hear this.

No. 1722166

File: 1670516276644.jpeg (219.08 KB, 1600x915, 70E28698-FA73-46E1-9B95-EA8A65…)

>turnip hairs

No. 1722168

It really is. The more you think about something and build it up as bad in your head, the worse it becomes. I speak from the dysphoria angle too. Finding things to replace those thoughts does wonders because otherwise you get so hyperfocused on the things that you find uncomfortable. Looking outside of yourself. They need to try it.

No. 1722190

File: 1670518226814.png (593.54 KB, 361x636, Screenshot_34.png)

Why can't they just accept that they are women attracted to women.

No. 1722197

wrong thread?

No. 1722201

she is talking about >>1721865 but forgot to properly reply

No. 1722258

Why does she look high

No. 1722305

I appreciate your insight, anon, but the fakeboi wasn't american, she was peruvian. And guess what, weed isn't legal in Peru either (you can carry a bit but just enough for personal consumption)

No. 1722308

Her profile pic alone screams fakeboi. These types of women are always the same in these circles
They use self inserts or their favorite characters for their strange degenerate kinks that either involves gore, self harm, or rape. The worst ones that fall into horrorcow artist territory usually love bestiality,vomit/scat, or shot/loli . The ones who use being trans as a way to peddle their shota art are especially suspect. Like that mtf "Aggy"

No. 1722423

She’s not American and from experience and observation people that smoke weed will complain about their countries have strict laws for obvious reasons and they will use the exact same arguments Americans used.

No. 1722424

File: 1670533883141.jpeg (289.56 KB, 1170x1433, 2D9810BA-16C4-4E6A-8A62-786E6B…)

I always look forward to their responses hoping that they something that isn’t sexist and misogynistic

No. 1722427

File: 1670533912971.jpeg (379.05 KB, 1170x945, 5E9C66AA-771A-4722-A324-5F634D…)

No. 1722428

File: 1670533939008.jpeg (139.29 KB, 1170x470, EAC57DC1-CEA2-40C5-B7B2-6A4E94…)

Brain rot

No. 1722436

>very masculine interests
>im a fujo if it wasnt obvious

No. 1722442

you don't have to practice "womanhood" to be a woman

No. 1722461

No. 1722464

yoai fanfics are one helluva drug

No. 1722474

>misogyny i can deal w, but i can't deal w womanhood
what does this even mean

No. 1722475

hairy styles in a dress is not seen as "masculine" just gross

No. 1722478

"i'm okay with people hating women as long as I am not women!"

No. 1722479

that's what a lot of them want though, when they say "other" like that it usually means looking completely unappealing, sexually or otherwise

No. 1722495

I feel bad for these girls mothers because the way they speak about motherhood like it's this icky, disgusting thing really pisses me off. Imagine carrying a child for nine months and then nurturing them for years and years only for them to grow up and say shit like this.

Pretty sure like 9/10 women have had that moment of "fuck me, I wish I wasn't a woman" due to sexism. It's near enough a universal experience.

No. 1722511

lmao i've always had a deep voice, to the point that i can't do high notes or scream in a "feminine" way and people literally don't care. it only repulses the weakest kind of men, but nobody compliments your low tone or even address it, because it gives you a mature aura by default

No. 1722523

I get your sentiment, but the whole “Indonesia is hard on drugs” thing became kinda funny to me when I remembered that tobacco and betel are very dangerous, hugely popular, and totally legal plant drugs in Indonesia.

No. 1722547

>Pretty sure like 9/10 women have had that moment of "fuck me, I wish I wasn't a woman" due to sexism.
does anyone have that "life is spoiled because i was born a girl" quote

No. 1722596

Thread winner

No. 1722599

still looks like one butt-ugly woman to me

No. 1722620

>Woman = mother and wife

I remember reading someone's hypothesis on how all these bitches are superstraight Midwestern Beckies with inherently inbred christian tardwife factory settings. They move to some metropolitan area for college and become ashamed of their provincial beliefs yet can't actually ditch them, so they become rainbow haired she-twinks to crudely emulate what they think a bohemian city bitch is without actually deviating from their inherent flyover mentality

No. 1722623


More like imagine listing all the ways moids poison your existence because they happen to be your parasites and then be like "I want to be one of them". Unimaginable levels of cucked.

No. 1722648

She can deal with misogyny but the vague idea and concept of womanhood (MUST BE WIFE AND MOTHER) gives her anxiety

No. 1722650

It’s amazing how social media activists went from saying “clothes have no gender!” To “actually I don’t want to be a mother therefore I am not a woman” and no one bats an eye
Fucking regressive

No. 1722786


For people who like research this is cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT can be a helpful framework for addressing a lot of dysfunctional thinking, including trans bs

No. 1722870

Yaoi is undoubtedly one of the big drivers is girls becoming troons but compeltrly unironically i think fictionkin contributed to it immensely too

No. 1722876

How come it’s not a thing in Japan? I think it’s more than just that fandom environment got so toxic because everything was politicised and being a woman/girl became boring

No. 1722877

File: 1670576807201.jpeg (570.92 KB, 1170x1046, 09725175-240B-4D42-A79F-34FE39…)

Damn if you do damn if you don’t. It’ll be really funny if it’s another gendie woman telling her that. I get what she’s saying and why it’s annoying her

No. 1722890

chronically online and retarded. People are gonna treat you like a girl regardless because you are one. Doesn't mean they are a tranny chaser. Just straight guys that stick their dick into anything that has a vagina. On tiktok you can get bullied for being a tranny but that still does not help these girls lmao.

No. 1722899

Japan is a conservative country. Despite tokyo banning Discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity back in 2018 it's still taboo in their society. There was also a guidebook issued by the education Education Ministry back in 2016 that gave a guidebook for teachers on how to treat lgbt students and also introducing ant-bullying laws in schools. But the bullying is still really fucking bad over there and they still consider being a tranny to be a mental illness over there. Not only that Japanese society gives priority to conforming and following the status quo. Unlike America and other western society that have an emphasis on personal identity.

No. 1722910

>they still consider being a tranny to be a mental illness over there
Which it is. I don't think calling it "gender dysphoria" is even doing it any good when it's all just a branch of body dysmorphia.

No. 1722913

She doesn't care other girls and women are being abused simply for being female, but she doesn't want to be abused for being a female herself. A classic "bad things are ok as long as they're not happening to me" mindset.

No. 1722922

I agree with you nonnie just trying to point out the differences between here and there. Also forgot to add the fact that you have to be 18 to transition and that Japanese school dress codes are pretty strict although a lot of schools offer the option to wear pants. A woman is not allowed to wear a male uniform in certain schools, and can't really pull the other shit that American teenage fakeboi's do when it comes to school fashion.

No. 1722970

You're right about the differences. This is anecdotal but I went to an anime convention where a Japanese street fashion artist held a Q&A event. A local tif asked something along the lines of "how do you deal with people at school saying your clothes are weird or bullying you" and the reply from the Japanese person was basically a perplexed "Don't wear it at school, of course you'll get bullied if you wear weird clothes to school, who does that" and you could just feel the tifs disappointment through the room when she didn't get the "fuck everyone else's feelings, wear what you want" reply she expected kek

No. 1722986

I got a deeper but not froggy voice after 7 months of testosterone (detrans) and I get complimented a lot by other women. In a way I like it because I look too young and I feel like a deeper voice makes me sound my age and more mature. I was scared it would sound unnaturally deep for a woman when I detransed but I guess not, just uncommon.

No. 1723001

File: 1670594699950.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1163x2125, BE280DFA-164E-4B50-984D-55739C…)

Her whole reason for becoming a man is because she wants to date women. This one is sad. She was a masc lesbian for a bit but liked wearing masculine clothes too much, i don’t get the connection or her leap in logic

No. 1723021

I'd laugh at the irony if this phenomenon wasn't so depressing.

No. 1723027

The ones with this amount of internalized homophobia are the ones that make me actually sad tbh.

No. 1723042

Sage for blogpost. That's what happened to my cousin. She was always masculine and as an adult she didn't even come out as a lesbian. She went right to living as a trans man.

No. 1723048


Yaoi wasn't an issue until it became all locked up with social justice shit in the Tumblr era. I'm an extreme oldfag and back in the early days of the internet everybody knew Yaoi was written by women for women. Yes there were plenty of younger girls going "ew yuck no women in my precious yaoi" but they generally dropped that as they moved out of being teenagers and there were plenty of normal straight and lesbian adult women who read it. This was back in the day when fanfiction was more popular than fanart and women liked slash for the same reasons.

The problem is on Tumblr you had braindead children equating yaoi with girlxgirl porn made by moids and equating the two in terms of being fetishization. Women and girls started getting attacked by each other for being "fetishizes" and liking a genre that "stereotyped gay men" even though bl/slash/yaoi never has characters actually acting like gay moids.

It was also the same time all the cultural appropriation stuff started blowing up. Subcultures that gleefully wore kimonos to conventions and all named themselves shit like "sakurachan" weren't just cringey anymore, they were committing hate crimes for liking things that weren't "for" them. That mindset got mixed up with the purity policing of porn girls liked and somehow we ended up with The only acceptable way to continue publically enjoying yaoi was to prove you were a gay man so it wasn't "fetishizing" it was content about yourself. And now the train's gone so far off the rails nobody even realizing the genre was originally for/about women at all.

Fujos have always been cringey and yaoi has had shitty tropes forever but it's not responsible for girls trooning out, at least not at the start. The culture of constantly critisizing girls for anything they liked and the purity spiral of misapprehended SJW language backed girls who liked yaoi into an idealogical corner so being a troon was the only "okay" reason to like it. And now troons use it as one of their fake "here's your sign" conversion tools.

No. 1723049

Holy shit, small world. Same thing happened with my cousin. Notably, she grew up in an extremely religious household. Like they were homeschooled and not allowed to watch Harry Potter or That's So Raven (because they contained witches and psychics) type of religious. Her mom and both of her sisters got pregnant before age 20. So I'm not shocked she trooned out to escape what womanhood meant in that environment.
I don't think she's on hormones (at least it doesn't sound or look like it) and she recently has taken down all stuff related to transition on her social media so I hope she's detransing. Good luck to you and your cousin. It's so sad to watch someone you love struggle with self hatred

No. 1723053

She grew up in a conservative small city. Her parents were okay with her being masculine, but I imagine that she was bullied at school for it. She tried to be feminine as a teen for a while, but switched back to being masculine soon after. In college, she came out as FTM. She isn't a huge trans activist (from what I can tell) but she still looks female.

No. 1723074

I know a couple of lesbians whose religious families wouldn't accept them. Then they transitioned and their families welcomed their "straight sons" back. Sad and fucked up.

No. 1723076

To be honest, I don't see the point you're trying to make. Yoai isn't fetishistic because the men don't actually act like gay men? With this logic, yuri isn't fetishistic either because the women don't actually act like gay women.

I've never got the sentiment of hanging on to fujo fanfics for dear life when we could instead promote the consumption of material that women can actually relate to instead of dissociating with two men. Especially lesbians, who seemingly wouldn't want to read about men but end up doing so, possibly for it being woman-for-woman material.(derailing)

No. 1723102

ntayrt, I think the point anon is trying to make is just that there was suddenly a massive stigma around girls liking yaoi unless they trooned out in some way.

>we could instead promote the consumption of material that women can actually relate to instead of dissociating with two men.

Young girls are incredibly insecure abut their own bodies (for many different reasons) and when you see any male x female ship… the female is cute, hot or beautiful, she's desirable in ways you as a hormonal kid can't ever be. One portion of girls project themselves onto her and thinks it's fine - but a smaller but not insignificant portion can't do that, and only see a female "better" than herself get the hot male of the story she's attracted to. It does nothing but fuel thier insecurity and remind them of beauty standards of women. And that's the majority of girls that only read yaoi.

>Especially lesbians, who seemingly wouldn't want to read about men

I heard a lesbian get asked about this and her reply was that because porn is made by men for men, including the lesbian porn, all she saw was two straight women who clearly didn't want to be there awkwardly going at it. Both lesbian and straight porn made by men is typically very degrading to women, and as a woman who loved women it hurt too much to see those women get treated like shit. The only thing left was to watch gay male porn, so that's typically what lesbians watch.

No. 1723142

Honestly, I see where you're coming from. I can understand the need to not compare yourself to a woman, fictional or not, that seems to be way out of a league you could never achieve. I also think that's inevitable with a genre (anime) that only really promotes one kind of style and body shape.
Moreover, I'm sure yoai could cause the same issues. With the female/male one, the act of relating to a woman with virtually no flaws made young girls insecure. But on the other hand, I feel inadvertently projecting oneself into male/male ships can cause the same insecurity, especially since the reader is not a man. I feel this might explain some of the TiFs we see, but I obviously can't say with confidence.

In regards to the lesbians' conundrum, that is truly bleak and I do feel for them because I've also gotten frustrated with the lack of solely female porn that hasn't been done by a man for male consumption. Evidently however – in regards to drawn porn anyway – this is the result of not enough women producing content solely for themselves in my opinion. If everyone, even lesbians, are producing and consuming male-featured fics or porn or whatever it may be, there's ends up nothing for lesbians or other SSA women to be adequately satisfied.

I hope this isn't too long and I hope I'm making sense!

No. 1723153

File: 1670610052642.jpg (84.16 KB, 640x936, dq089280zw4a1[1].jpg)

No. 1723165

>we could instead promote the consumption of material that women can actually relate to instead of dissociating with two men.
This is why I hate fujoshi writers so much. Instead of writing material that's pro women, they spend their time writing dumb shit that's incredibly fetishistic nonsense. They're all pickmes

No. 1723173

The insecurity issue is not an excuse either, I really fucking hate myself and hate how I look yet I still enjoy M/F content almost exclusively. Yaoi doesn’t do much for me, I don’t get the emotional catharsis because I can’t relate to the emotions of TWO guys fucking because I am a woman. Is it hot? Kinda yeah. It’s two dicks rubbing on each other. Do I get the emotional romantic raw feelings? No and that makes it worthless to me.
I’m not even very sure Fujos actually get as much romantic feels or whatever from yaoi as they say they do.
M/F pairings don’t have as much pornographic fanart or smut fics as yaoi shit does. Maybe it’s just bullshit they tell themselves to not feel like it’s a fetish.

No. 1723175

yaoi isn't fetishistic because I don't care how men feel
Trying to force women to create 'pro-woman' art or else be considered a pick me is an ovarit tier opinion

No. 1723187

It's a fetish because it's something you exclusively do to get off you moidette

No. 1723197

File: 1670613514362.gif (269.23 KB, 220x143, bye-im-out.gif)

Every time I come into this thread and see a bunch of retarded infighting about fujoshis, I want to blow my fucking brains out. Just… the sheer amount of time you autists waste on seething over this shit. Baffling.

It's not milk, for god's sake. You guys are never going to agree about this shit, so just give it a rest already.

No. 1723199

How dare they write things they enjoy instead of writing shit for the sake of representation! The audacity. I hate when people don't exclusively make things I want them to make!

Women aren't allowed to have fetishes or be aroused by things. TIL having a sexuality is for moids.

No. 1723210

Nta but yaoi sperg brought it up initially >>1723048 . Don’t mention it as a point if you don’t want anons to give their own opinion. Also, the SJW stuff is not the case because non SJW moids troon out and it’s not to be more PC but to fit a fantasy, while girls who troon out do it for the same reason too, to live a fantasy like in the yaoi media they enjoy as we’ve seen in these threads with the common thread of romanticising a homosexual men like in the media they consume.

No. 1723225

>yaoi isn't fetishistic because I don't care how men feel
Drawing yaoi is inherently pro-women

No. 1723259

>yaoi isn't fetishistic because I don't care how men feel
Congrats on not understanding what a fetish is.

No. 1723260

Someone needs to take this girl's phone and throw it into the Mariana Trench.

No. 1723267

+! to a fellow person who wishes she had terf friends. I totally get whee you both are coming from, especially with how back in the day "weirdos" were the only one who accepted me as well in terms of being really nerdy but trans fuckery has poisoned the nerd/anime/etc communities the worst and you can't go for too long without seeing retarded gender crap pop up even when you try to avoid it, especially if you're into certain fandoms where gender retards tend to flock to like moths to a lamp.

> don't want to say "ditch your friends" but talking to them about gender topics in any opposing way will be borderline impossible

I second this advice. If your friends aren't completely engulfed gender fuckery and you're able to talk to them without the topic coming up, try to hang on to them if you want to. I was in a situation like this with 3 of my friends and in the end I couldn't maintain the friendships. It didn't help that all 3 of them identified as "nonbinary" and were loud handmaidens. One of them wanted to get top surgery and I tried to remain silent about it but in my head I knew she was gonna make a big mistake doing that to herself. And they'd all talk about it and I would just remain quiet and hoping the subject would change.

But it all came to a stop when I retweeted the #LetWomenSpeak event a few weeks ago and they came at me saying I was being "transphobic" and that the TRAs that assaulted the women there were just "defending themselves" (are you shitting me?). Short story short, we're no longer friends and I've been pretty much on my own now.

No. 1723269

Being a disgusting coomer is 100% moid behavior

No. 1723279

So question, has anyone noticed how most TIFs/Aidens are usually a bunch of nerds/weaaboos? I was listening to this podcast and this woman's 3 co-hosts are all TIFs but they are anime/video game nerds. And yes it's cringe as you would think where the woman would say things like "she's hanging with her bros" and the just hearing he call them by he/him pronouns.

But as I listened to this and reflected on how it seems like so many TIFs are into nerd/geek culture, it made me wonder if there are any TIFs that are conventional? The only one I can think of is Buck Angel but she grew up in a time before nerd culture completely became mainstream. It's just funny to think about. Like have any of met or come across tIFs who were into things like Football or hockey or anything like that?

No. 1723285

I guess I’m a fetishist & proud of it. Should I also become a gimp and do the worm dance in front of a senior citizen?

No. 1723290

Yeah so many of them were obviously tumblr girls during the 2010s or were into geek culture. If you listen to them talking about why they transitioned it’s straight up “I don’t fit into the mold of ‘woman’ or ‘girl’, I think of myself as a person first” and the “I’m not like the other girls” getting completely torn apart online didn’t help
This video is based on an article which and has this specific quote as to why there are so many artsy/geeky girls into that culture.
Since way more girls are transitioning than boys that’s probably why you don’t see the “conventional transmen” model.

> Most people do not want to be the Weird Girl. It’s far more appealing to be the Queer Enby, or The Trans Boy. But look underneath these labels and see what’s there, the inner quirky, sensitive, artistic, weird girl. Being queer/trans/nonbinary seems like the perfect way to contend with every concern because socially and politically, these gender labels carry massive weight, social prestige, and meaning, that teens and young people are not mature enough to fully understand, but latch onto with fervor.

No. 1723294

TIFs into sports are usually lesbians, not NLOG pickmes memed into gender.

No. 1723298

They always confuse "womanhood (in society)" with "womanhood (biologically)".

No. 1723301

Talking to them is so weird given that they’re middle-upper class and most likely had a feminist phase.
Does it not cross their mind that you don’t need to conform to society’s expectations to womanhood. You don’t have to get married and have children. You can dress how you want. You can go into STEM. I just don’t understand what the fuck they’re on about. If they had gêner dysphoria I would understand where they’re coming from but they just don’t

No. 1723341

>How dare they write things they enjoy instead of writing shit for the sake of representation! The audacity. I hate when people don't exclusively make things I want them to make!

Literally fujos when they like your art style but you dont draw fujoshit. t. artfag

No. 1723343

>Drawing yaoi is inherently pro-women
Look if you wanna be a coomer then that's your prerogative, but quit lying like this. You're just making yourself look like even more of a degenerate trying to justify it, kek.

No. 1723344

Sorry a m/m ship is more popular than your het ship lmao

No. 1723348

NTA but you have to be 18 to post on here.

No. 1723406

No one is "allowed" to fetishize, it's just something you obviously shouldn't do. Also great job at completely missing the point. In conclusion, keep BAWWing

No. 1723409

It's probably because it's a lot easier to fall into adopting an identity/beliefs completely divorced from reality when you're heavily invested in escapist fantasy. Add onto that, that a lot of nerdy shit has really sexist portrayals of women, and that a lot of these girls were probably socially awkward growing up and may have had a hard time connecting with peers (and maybe even still do) so they don't have as much understanding of how real people are, and their understanding of men and women is gleaned from fictional characters (who are ironically often written to be relatable to the opposite sex) instead.

No. 1723448

I think not wanting to be the "weird girl" overlaps with the glorification of autism. They want a reason for why they don't fit in instead of feeling like broken misfits
>i'm a socially awkward loser with unconventional interests that ostracize me from my peers
>no i'm actually autistic
>i'm not feminine in the way society wants me to be and i feel that i can't keep up with the girls who fit society's mold
>no wait i'm actually not a girl i'm something different i'm something better

No. 1723469

>that's incredibly fetishistic nonsense
Who gives a fuck? Certainly not actual gay guys.

No. 1723476

Main reason I don't believe the majority of people who claim to have autism, they really don't have any traits of it outside of liking nerdy shit but even then it's more along the lines of being a seasonalfag who's into whatever is popular at the moment (ie: Genshin currently) over an actual hyperfixation.

No. 1723489

>Should I also become a gimp and do the worm dance in front of a senior citizen?
I don't care what you do. It just amused me that you used something that is one of the criteria for fetishizing a group of people (not caring about their feelings) as proof that you don't fetishize them.

idk, fujos probably are fetishizing gay dudes but it doesn't matter. It's bad for men to fetishize women because it makes them treat women like objects even more than regular moids. Straight women just annoy people when they do it, so I don't see it as big deal.

No. 1723492

based i love you nonna
Sorry to stray, but I'm so tired and angry that we are often compared to stupid tifs (I hate how fujos are treated here too), I just want to go back to the time when we could enjoy yaoi without feeling ashamed.
instead of shaming fujoshi women who just want to enjoy their shit why don't we just throw shit at tifs? I no longer want to be in the same bag as them

No. 1723498

>instead of shaming fujoshi women who just want to enjoy their shit why don't we just throw shit at tifs?
Because of fujo-to-tif pipeline and all which is just an observation anyway. Not to mention being a "fujo' has questionable properties and isn't absolved of being criticized.

No. 1723517

Personally I wouldn’t hate Fujoshi crap if Fujos weren’t so obviously repulsed by women. Shipping is dumb fun, it’s not activism, but I cannot help but feel like I’m seen as lesser because I don’t consume M/M shit and instead enjoy F/M pairings. Sorry for not having a fetish.

No. 1723521

You are not oppressed for being a het shipper

No. 1723530

Who the fuck said I was oppressed? Haven’t you heard about being excluded or being treated condescendingly in social circles? Not everything is oppression. This shit is just called elitism or being a scumbag to people who aren’t exactly like you. Go touch grass.

No. 1723541

I really do miss the days when you could easily find weird girl communities online. I never thought they would disappear

No. 1723542

go back to twitter until your brain develops fully enough to handle basic disagreements, retard

No. 1723546

>seen as lesser
Your own words retard. Stop shipping in general. Grow up

No. 1723549

I don't draw fujoshit either and this has never happened to me in all my years of posting fanart online. You must just be in shitty fandoms.

No. 1723550

>make the conversation about me
>look at me, look at me, I don't ship m/m I'm not a coomer because I prefer f/m
>bhu bhu i dont have a fetish cus i ship f/m

No. 1723556

Still not oppressed. You know you can be treated badly or be seen unfavorably for not fitting in, right? You seem very sour I think liking yaoi is a fetish, sorry to burst your bubble but it is. The sooner you accept it, the happier you will be.

No. 1723557


No. 1723559

>you will never be a grand mother

No. 1723560

That's it

No. 1723561

whatever u say tif

No. 1723562

File: 1670635924256.jpg (34.28 KB, 567x643, 49a.jpg)

The longer this autistic fujoshi argument gets dragged out, the more suspicious I get that it's a tranny intentionally detailing the thread.

No. 1723563

I never said you can’t indulge your fetish, it’s a free world. :^)( :^))

No. 1723566

NTA. I don't think you're in a position to tell someone else to touch grass when you just spend several hours sperging about shipping elitism or whatever the fuck.

No. 1723568

Let’s face it, if you post here you need to touch grass, myself included. But thinking someone saying they are being othered in a social circle is the same as claiming to be oppressed is bullshit.

No. 1723573

Imagine being sad because other shippers don't like you

No. 1723577

It's still really childish to even give a fuck. Anon tipped her hand when she started crying about how pairings she likes aren't as popular. That's the real reason she's chimping out at fujoshis, and all the other shit about women and fetishes is just a false pretense.

I can't believe grown-ass adults genuinely feel bullied over shipping of all things. Good fucking grief, don't you have more important shit to worry about?

No. 1723586

Lolcow zoomers are "adults" now kek

No. 1723596

I think it's just fun to catch a hypocrite and kek about mental gymnastics of "it's not fetish, it's just written better", couldn't care less about moid feelings if they have any

No. 1723610

in response to that quote, it's not only young people/zoomers who do this. i used to be close friends with a few millennials older than me, all in their 30s who trooned to some degree after college (either completely online or tit chopping without t) who are academically smart and successful so it surprised me that they'd be so gullible as someone without a college degree myself.

No. 1723629

It has been said before but there's a class element in transitioning. The more educated, higher income people are more likely to transition due to being in an individualistic, persona-based hugbox where someone who lives in the real world and its accompanied challenges is more likely to see things for what they are. In the real world there is no denying the differences between the sexes, and personality and interests (i.e. what TIFs thinks "makes them men" or "think like a man") have no bearing on how we interact as physical beings. A man can have identical interests to a woman but still lead completely different lives due to the body they exist in, which you can't opt out of however much troons delude themselves that you can.
The fact spoiled, isolated, middle class white people are the main proponents of transgenderism, via their iphones, comfy bedrooms and tiktok accounts, is no coincidence.

No. 1723680

File: 1670646837390.jpg (39.16 KB, 432x650, 51uYMUkRIJL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

>Sensitive, artistic, quirky, weird girl
This immediately reminded me of picrel, which was written by a GNC autistic woman who wasn't diagnosed until adulthood. This "movement" is preying upon the insecurities of autistic girls and it infuriates me that the world is more accepting of a woman who chops her breasts off than a woman who is autistic. I hate that the systematic trooning of autistic girls is predicated in part on the shitty assumption that autism is "masculine." The only symptoms doctors cared to observe were the ones in men, so of course with those criteria, most of the people diagnosed are male. Meanwhile autistic women struggle sometimes for their whole lives without understanding why they can't just "be normal," and magically understand everyone else's emotions.

I'm so unbelievably thankful I managed to avoid the trans fad. Even to this day, I have no idea how I didn't get sucked into the cult. I was the perfect target: autistic, geeky, tomboyish. I was super into yaoi and slash shipping, I was an avid Tumblr user. Yet I was never affected, somehow. Even when I was a TRA as a teenager, I knew on some level that it was a fad, and that's secretly how I viewed it when my friends started binding and changing their pronouns.

My three closest friends never transitioned, thankfully, and they're the people from my childhood I'm still in touch today. They're all content just being GNC women.

No. 1723697

I feel like Simon Baron-Cohen's Extreme Male Brain Theory is what inspired so many HF ASD girls to transition.

No. 1723745

"written better" often means written without misogynistic tropes and without a female character they can't help but identify with. this is a real thing for teenage girls who are uncomfortable with their bodies/sexuality. it becomes cringe when it continues into adulthood at unhealthy levels but why should we care so much? i'll care about women who "fetishize" gay men when men stop being so deviant and making women's lives harder.

No. 1723755

Have any of you actually been TIF identified and what made you think you were the opposite sez? I admit that while I didn't ever call myself a "transman", I did fall into the Nonbinaey fad. I thankfully didn't get my breaststroke chopped off but I remember the reason why I thought I was nonbinary was because of the usual which was I didn't have a lot of friends growing up but especially not girl friends, I used to get made fun of because I preferred short hair and I didn't have interest in makeup like my fellow girl classmates in high school were like. I spent a lot of time on tumblr and you can guess the rest lol.
The thing that peaked me was when I looked into what happens when you get your breasts amputated and how you will have phantom nipple pain syndrome which sounded like a nightmare. It was enough to help make me reconsider and ask myself why I hated being a woman so much and I realizes I just hated being bullied for being myself and wanted to escape it.

No. 1723756

no one's asking for your personal feelings and hierarchy. they are observing reality or making intellectual observations. learn to distinguish the two.

No. 1723797

>>>intellectual observations
lmao. the hate boner for fujos is not based on Facts & Logic either i'm afraid, and overusing the term "fetish" anytime some random teenage girl reads gay male romance is not going to change that.

No. 1723800

>I hate when people don't exclusively make things I want them to make!
unironically yes i do hate it. the fujo to troon pipeline makes sense when you consider that the majority of female-dominated fandom spaces (online and otherwise) are dedicated almost exclusively to writing about/analyzing/self-inserting as men. pure male identification in the second wave sense - males are the only ones with internal worlds, conflicts, desires, or lives worth thinking about. it's very tiresome.

No. 1723803

File: 1670661825350.gif (3.87 MB, 640x632, GET THE FUCK ALONG.gif)

Holy fucking shit I want to literally kill men and I would be happy to literally maim them with my own two hands in Minecraft, who fucking cares that IRL disgusting shitdicked bugchasing faggots MIGHT POSSIBLY BE HURT by shit that women enjoy. I don't even like yaoi and I actually do not fucking care and I think anything that angers men we should do more. who fucking cares if it's a fetish, if it makes them more mad they can bitch and whine and moan about it. Why do you care what men think in any capacity, you all should be ashamed.

The average man literally consumes porn that is women being ACTUALLY raped, beaten, degraded and tortured, animals being abused, and the most depraved unmentionable fetishes out there - some the layperson haven't even discovered yet. Women (whose sexuality are ALREADY policed and suppressed in ways men's sexuality IS NOT) can jack off to whatever the fuck they want and it's embarrassing you guys are still arguing about this. LET IT DIE and we can all laugh at fakeboys again Jesus fucking Christ

No. 1723809

wrong thread

No. 1723815

Maybe if you stop your chimpout derailment the thread will get back on track.

No. 1723853

File: 1670671463066.jpg (79.59 KB, 800x413, u8dfa.jpg)

No. 1723860

>I'm so unbelievably thankful I managed to avoid the trans fad. Even to this day, I have no idea how I didn't get sucked into the cult. I was the perfect target: autistic, geeky, tomboyish. I was super into yaoi and slash shipping, I was an avid Tumblr user. Yet I was never affected, somehow. Even when I was a TRA as a teenager, I knew on some level that it was a fad, and that's secretly how I viewed it when my friends started binding and changing their pronouns.
I could've written this, except for the tumblr thing, since I was always more of a lurker than a user. I too am thankful that I never trooned out, but I suspect that's why I'm also deadly fascinated by tifs. They're like me in so many ways, yet I'm not a troon and never thought I was. I need to know what separates me from them.

No. 1723863

This is exactly why fujos troon out, you act so defensive over your gay porn addiction

No. 1723865

There's way too many trans and gendies in horror fandom… At this point its better to just stick to normie sides of fandom or don't interact with 99% of people in them

No. 1723879

File: 1670677737620.png (666.71 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_20221208-141704~2.p…)

People like this don't make sense to me. You wanted your parents to believe in sexist stereotypes ?

No. 1723888

This is so sad and just fuels gender roles. If you like shorts and caps you are a boy! Tomboys don't exist, they are all secretly honest and true men. Shit like this makes me so mad and worry about today's tomboys.

No. 1723889

It’s misogyny all the way.

No. 1723891

Late-ass reply but I feel you on the roleplaying thing kek, one of my biggest turn-ons is when Nigel and me roleplay as my (male) dnd character and his boyfriend having sex with each other. However, I just see it as a purely sexual thing that doesn't translate into a desire of becoming a man IRL.

I think what people have to remember is that transitioning will not magically turn them into "real" men, especially not the pretty yaoi versions of men, since these don't even exist in real life. The best case scenario is that you will end up looking like your dad, your family will treat you weirdly (since they obviously know that you used to be a woman) and you will feel out of place when trying to befriend cis guys because you were socialized as a woman. I read so many posts by detrans girls that complained about not having been able to fit in with "the guys" despite passing well, so that they just ended up hanging out with other TIFs instead.

You have to ask yourself, is living as a woman really THAT bad that you would rather be a fake man instead and accept all the health issues and non-reversible body changes that come with medically transitioning?

No. 1723899

>They're all pickmes
lmao, you know what a pickme even is? Men are repulsed by BL unless they're gay fudanshi themselves, who are fujoshi even trying to attract by that logic?

No. 1723905

nta. and I agree pick-em is the wrong term, but self hating women does aptly describe many fujoshis, they despise their own womanhood and project those aspects onto figurative males and make them women in all but name

No. 1723913

I think instead of pickme they meant self hating NLOG. We need a new word to describe self hating women with pickme tendencies, but they don't hate themselves for male attention.

No. 1723926

It’s the overuse of the word “pick-me” edgy humor is seen as a boy thing so any girl being edgy must be doing it because she wants to impress men because humor is not subjective for women

No. 1723927

Sasha Baron-Chohen's concept of women having squirrel brains is also indicative of this. The small tiny mind and low attention span of the squirrel is the true expression of a male in a female body.

No. 1723940

Honestly, I look down on f*jos but it isn't because I care about men. I think when they revolve their consumption around (two) men, they're ngmi.
What this anon >>1723800 says is true; I'm sure this is a factor that causes troons.

No. 1723951

making men seeth is based, objectifying men is based. i cant believe there are "women" in this thread who think otherwise

No. 1723956

>majority of female-dominated fandom spaces (online and otherwise) are dedicated almost exclusively to writing about/analyzing/self-inserting as men.

the majority of the female population is also male-attracted

No. 1723965

I think it’s kinda the same thing with autogynephilic autistic men watching moe/slice of life anime with an only female cast and mistaking self-insertion as resonating with women and their experiences. Even though the moe anime in question wasn’t made by women and all the characters are just archetypes of girls that the author finds attractive. I think the same thing can apply to Yaoi and autistic women.

No. 1723969

And? Still doesn't make this statement
>males are [shown as] the only ones with internal worlds, conflicts, desires, or lives worth thinking about.
any less true. So many women are revolving their lives, hobbies, and interests around men and I can't fathom how no one sees it. Fapping to yoai isn't the based move you think it is; it goes deeper than that.

No. 1723995

Could you retards please take the fujo discussion to another thread already?

No. 1724002

YOU ARE COOMER, its like >>1723965 said, you don't actually objectify men, you just turn men into women cause you hate womanhood

No. 1724007

Its the fujotroons whining, they don't like being confronted with the fact that they will likely end up like most of the retards posted here

No. 1724020

>So many women are revolving their lives, hobbies, and interests around men
I'm not a fujoshi. I just think that whining about MALE attracted women centring MALE content is retarded.
Most fujoshi shit is heterosexuality on steroids. It is basically the same as the "dark romance" (rape & abuse filled garbage) straight women & their m/f content is except there is one moid & one pseudo female. There isn't anything new or different about fujos so why are some of you so upset they aren't writing "pro women" things? If these girls weren't writing fujoshi shit they'd be writing about being some italian mafia bosses sex slave. Some of you radfems need to understand that your separatist female centred fantasy will always be unpopular because the majority of the female population isn't into that shit.

No. 1724037

File: 1670690715081.png (125.58 KB, 920x800, png-transparent-sailor-neptune…)

Maybe they based the name on Sailor Neptune who has a gnc girlfriend.

No. 1724067

His methodology for the studies on babies was garbage too, and no one has been able to replicate his results. It's obvious that he was exercising confirmation bias– he decided before any research that autism is "hyper-masculine" and that babies are born with sex-based differences in psychology (as opposed to being socialized with it, which is the prevailing wisdom). He was just looking to confirm those assumptions, not actually test their veracity, which is how you end up with nonsense like how female babies are more empathetic because in his experiment they spent longer looking at faces (again, this could not be replicated.)

He's done more harm than good. His positive contributions to autism are dwarfed by the damage caused by his blatant neurosexism. Ladybrains and manbrains were proven to be a myth literally decades ago, yet this douchebag (along with a hoarde of trannies) keeps trying to resurrect that misconception.

No. 1724069

>I just think that whining about MALE attracted women centring MALE content is retarded
that's assuming the only thing worth writing about is coom fantasies. there are many other types of art. and for the record, i don't think of this as being a debate between "fujos" and "hetshippers." i think the fact that female characters are only valued in the context of their relationships with men is also deeply unfortunate. say what you will, but it seems clear to me that the fandom obsession of many tifs goes hand in hand with the extreme male-centrism of media and fandom in general. fujos are only symptomatic of the problem, not the cause.

No. 1724080

>fujos are only symptomatic of the problem, not the cause.

This. The popularity of Steven Universe among the Tumblr crowd is indicative of the fact that girls want female-centric sci-fi and enjoy shipping the characters in fandoms for those IPs. However, most sci-fi IPs are either a sausage fest or intended for the male gaze to an uncomfortable degree. It's no wonder that girls who start liking sci-fi from a young age get sucked into slash, because their favorite, non-objectified main characters are so often men. Then as they get older, they begin seeking out that sort of thing because it's what they're used to, which is how you end up with slash ships for really minor characters. Like other anons have said, it's a vehicle for women to explore their sexuality without the discomfort of seeing female bodies objectified (though obviously not all women feel that way.)

That issue of discomfort is also why TIFs tend to be fujoshis. The predominant reason women troon out is to escape the male gaze, to be seen as a person and not a female body. They're foolish to think that's how it works, but that's the main reason they do it whether they realize it or not. It's no wonder that women who feel a disconnect with their bodies because of rampant sexualization gravitate towards media where the sexualized female body is absent.

There absolutely is a correlation between fujoshis and FTMs, but the relationship between the two is not causative. Rather, they're two overlapping symptoms of the same problem.

No. 1724083

Some of you yaoi lovers really just have a porn addiction and you should definitely consider therapy instead of writing essays on why you can reclaim being a fujoshi lmao(fujo-derail)

No. 1724086

>unironically yes i do hate it.
If you actually hate when other women have agency and create whatever things make them happy instead of kow-towing to your interests specifically, you seriously need to grow the fuck up. Maybe stop participating in online fandoms, since they're clearly just pissing you off.

Again, if you're an adult (which you need to be to post here) then it's pathetic that you feel this personally aggrieved by fandom shipping drama. Get a job.

NTA but anon wasn't even defending fujoshis? She literally said that most FTMs are fujoshis. Stop accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being a tranny or porn addict, paki-chan.

No. 1724093

No, it's you too. You're also continuing this argument after multiple people have told you to stop. You can't go from replying to someone else calling them a coomer and then immediately cry about how it's not your fault that the argument is still going on.

No. 1724095

>Maybe stop participating in online fandoms, since they're clearly just pissing you off
i don't participate in online fandoms for the reasons i've described. it's not about any investment of mine "shipping drama," it's the fact that zoomer girls are so fixated on shipping drama at the expense of everything else that it depresses me in the same way i'm depressed by tiktok women kinning FOTM male characters like the riddler and putting he/him in bio.

No. 1724096


No. 1724110

I did, and honestly it was because I felt very NLOG then. Growing up I was made fun of a lot for being “weird”, most of my friends were male and had nerdy hobbies, that kind of thing. Eventually I snapped out of it and found groups of girls who liked the same things as me who felt similarly in that they couldn’t fit into the way women are so expected to behave and look. Connecting with other women is what really helped me, and seeing how much misogyny we’ve faced for our interests and differences, how the trans thing is just another facet of that misogyny.

No. 1724113

File: 1670697108182.png (23.2 KB, 981x182, da.png)

Okay lets back on topic with some actual TIF cringe, imagine being so self hating that your gen-x dad ends up being more progressive then you

No. 1724115

File: 1670697158069.png (70.31 KB, 1051x698, d2.png)

from the same thread

No. 1724118

Obviously I agree with her father, but in a way I get it. I grew up during the 90s when it was very “girl power”, and it got on my nerves because I never understand why girls couldn’t be considered powerful in the same way as men. Like why did someone have to be called “strong for a girl” instead of just “strong”.

No. 1724119

Nonas ITT talk about how SJW thought killed the ability to enjoy yaoi without mental gymnastics, but everyone here is forgetting another ancient type of cancer: the Mary Sue hysteria. Identifying with a female character (or god forbid self inserting as one) would inevitably result in screeching about how unrealistic and OP she is. This is all okay in male characters of course, because male wish fulfillment is great. Moids really felt cucked by the 2D Chad.

No. 1724123

It’s so annoying because every male action hero is a Gary Stu.

No. 1724125

Damn anon you unlocked some old memories for me. There were so many Mary Sue accusations flying around back when it was more popular for people to ship their OCs with canon characters. Admittedly some of those OCs were pretty Sue-y, like when people would come up with an OC that's half-vampire half-demon and ship her with Sasuke from Naruto. Good times.

No. 1724129

Lmfao how is yaoi "objectifying" men. It's over-humanizing them, literally no real life male has the same complexity as a yaoi character, and it gets even worse when fujos try to write them as more realistic and bro-ish. Fujos don't emerge from their starry eyed yaoi fantasies thinking men are worthless 1 braincell dicks, instead they think all men are noble princes with soft hands or some shit. Yaoi characters are women with dicks, giant hands and dorito chins.

I agree that objectifying men is based, buy yaoi is SO ain't it kek

No. 1724131

And you know what? I don't give a flying fuck. All male media is self insert media, and moids draw porn with some easy to identify with default_male fucking the female character they're into all the time. I simply do not see the problem. Mary Sues are a million times less pathetic than trooning out kek

No. 1724132

God damn it we were finally getting away from this shit. Is there no escape from yaoi discourse hell?

No. 1724138

No there isn't. Fujos thinking they're "objectifying" men is like sexpoz libfems thinking they're being "liberated" by being choked in bed, prove me wrong.

No. 1724163

Not even going to begin to unpack the fact that you just compared retarded gay drawings to sexual violence. Jesus Christ.

I get hating fujoshis, especially for their annoying behavior in fandoms. But everyone is clearly sick to goddamn death of this argument. For the love of Christ, just take it somewhere else, or post milk, or something. Is this fun for you? Is it fun to spend hours on end seething about something as inconsequential as shitty drawings of fags, or people's opinions of them?

No. 1724166

Nta but is it fun to spend hours on end seething about people's opinions of fujos? Kek, we could play the retard game all day but no one wants to do that. Anyway, fujos and TIFs are undeniably related. What's the point of discussing troons if observing symptoms of the problem is too controversial?

No. 1724169

I never knew this about Simon Baron-Cohen. His "Male-Brained" Aurism idea definitely effects women and girls with autism in a negative way. If we could get a write up on his bullshit to circulate on various social media we may actually see a change in the way Autism is seen in relationship with the Female sex. That would be a breath of fresh air.

No. 1724187

the purity spiral of radfems in this thread is hilarious, keep telling women what they can and can't do and how they are men if they dare have a higher sex drive, I'm sure it will do great for your movement kek this is peak female socialization and the reason why we can't never get shit done

No. 1724189

Shut up already

No. 1724193

>Fujo immediately assumes it's radfems
Budding aydenism spotted

No. 1724198

Liking seeing two gay dudes fucking is cringe.

No. 1724203

Not every woman who thinks cooming to Yaoi is weird is a radfem. I agree that the purity politics are stupid and overly dramatic. But I only seek to shove fujos in a locker; not make them read fucking Dworkin.

Self-hating Aiden's have been in this thread since the very start; same with the ones who are closeted and/or too peaked to actually go through with it. They've got pretty good at hiding but every now and then they'll say something completely braindead like that and out themselves kek.

No. 1724209

Soo.. how does it deflate?

No. 1724222

What the fuck? Literally none of what you're saying is happening ITT.

No. 1724233

>I need my facial hair
>Doesn’t elaborate on why being a masculine woman made her uncomfortable
Not all men have facial hair
Their view on gender is legitimately regressive

No. 1724274

The TiF in this video (who said she wants to do gender surgeries in the future) was clocked by the first lesbian immediately, even before she said that kek

No. 1724280

I think anon is probably a newfag assuming that literally everyone who posts in the TIF and TIM threads is a radfem. Honestly, I wish that were the case, but it's not. There are plenty of regular cow-watchers and (unfortunately) some trads mixed in.

No. 1724282

File: 1670712555129.jpg (341.49 KB, 853x479, 35223686-649bc3013cb30010495f8…)

Look at her reaction to the gay guy, lmao.

No. 1724296

she didn't seem sociopathic enough to be a gender mutilation surgeon. hope she wakes up and gets into reconstructive surgery instead

No. 1724403

File: 1670722220990.jpeg (552.92 KB, 1170x2118, B059F3D0-370E-4FF7-AC86-049E34…)

So she recognizes how absurd it is to say that if she became straight her problems will go away but she’s a they/them

No. 1724470

Not the signature choppy eyebrows too kek

No. 1724535

I see myself a lot in your post. I'm also extremely thankful I didn't took the troon bait. When I was a teen I was the tomboy of the class (or even the school) but it didn't got worse than that.
I feel so bad for these girls, I wonder what will they do when they come back to reality and realize the atrocities they did to their bodies.

No. 1724560

File: 1670736746426.png (Spoiler Image, 958.56 KB, 1080x1635, 2022-12-11 08-24-56.PNG)

Imagine only paying 60 dollars to have the privilege of drawing this masterpiece on your body

No. 1724572

File: 1670738076822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.38 KB, 1080x714, 315950399_1438322783360098_770…)

I like the art style, too bad she only draws fat aidens
Also, the bitch is "nonbinary lesbian", wtf does it mean? Does she understand that she is just a homo woman yet still wants to opt out of misogyny? She wants to be allowed to reject "transbians" because she is not akchualy a woman and therefore is allowed to say no? She chopped off her tits but still wants a girlfriend? Nonnas with pdf in female troonology please explain

No. 1724600

>he/him lesbian
>vagina hanging out of every outfit
why tho

No. 1724601

They (referring to this type as a whole not one person, don't lose your shit) want to use nonbinary as a synonym for gnc. Or because they transitioned already partially (the double mastectomy) they don't consider themselves full women anymore

No. 1724608

I hate how they are all generalizing terms now a days, lesbian and gay aren't dirty words but when you say stuff like fruity, even the new use of queer gets on my nerves, it feels like it waters everything down.

No. 1724637

Blogpost but I really understand why so many girls troon out now. Everything is about sexualized female body now, you see it everywhere you go. Naked women in build boards, on tv, r34 with every female character possible. In every tictok/video/photo where a woman is present you will find comments sexualizing her. It really feels like the only way to avoid it is to become male.
I know someone somewhere outside of this site is speaking about it, but can't find it. And I really feel alone in this opinion. I could have trooned out too, but unfortunately, I know that this will not work.
Maybe in 10 years we will hear people discussing this topic out loud, maybe nothing will ever change, I don't know. But now I can't even search for the hashtag "tomboy" in any social media and find anything aside from coomer shit. Life is bleak as a woman, I don't blame those girls ay all.

No. 1724640

Ugh I hate the term fruity. It also feels vaguely homophobic since it’s pretty much just gaydens & theyfabs (aka straight girls) who use it now.

No. 1724642

Kek imagine in the future the only "women" we will have will be mtf (who are obviously fine with sexualization because they are men) and all the actual females will be nonbinary/ftms. I mean, we already see men being called "woman of the year" so I don't think my crazy tinfoil is that unrealistic.

No. 1724648

File: 1670747778837.png (882.11 KB, 539x923, horse.png)

Yes this is a TIF and not a TIM. She was posted in the MTF thread because she passes, but only as a rapey looking homeless man.

No. 1724649

Genuinely thought this was the MTF thread when I clicked on the image

No. 1724653

File: 1670748086974.png (Spoiler Image, 912.57 KB, 862x913, ew.png)

I looked into her Instagram for more retarded trans takes but there's pictures of her eating worms. This is NSFL I'm serious.

No. 1724662

tifs hating on other women in a desperate attempt to separate themselves is tragic, truly tragic
also kek at how tifs always bend over to make troons feel better about themselves while mtfs always shit on ftms the way they shit on other women. How is it different from average interaction between men and women?

No. 1724667

those poor worms… they deserved better. #justiceforworms

No. 1724670

Dunno about anyone else but I definitely do this to terf signal.

Other terf signals I use
>Say famous troons' current names with an audible question mark like 'Elliot? Right, Eeeelliot Page'
>'accidentally' mess pronouns up
>toss some light bioessentialisms/biology references as innocent jokes
>never say the Fuck JKR litany
>never ever compliment troons, only ever give them suggestions or questions like 'you should try X product/color' or 'where did you buy that'

So far I've managed to stay stealth in my unfortunately handmaiden-y class friend group

No. 1724671

Finnish comic bloggers started trooning out en masse around 2015-2017 so it stands to reason the first detrans wave is coming around now. Before 2015 there was NLOG trainwreck Sorasusi and not that many other vocal troons

No. 1724685

What Cavetown does to a mf.

No. 1724762

Has anyone else seen those growupwithme transition videos on TikTok ? So many sexist stereotypes being enforced.

So many of these TikTok videos basically show how someone , especially a girl with undiagnosed autism , can end up trooning out.

No. 1724768

You pinch the other ball
Grandma judging on shoes know her shit

No. 1724770

Has this creature never heard of underpants?

No. 1724806

I have no idea how well known this is but in the “WHY ARE YOU GAY” meme the person being interviewed used to identify as a lesbian but now lives as a trans man.
I saw a reel that made me a bit confused, why was the interviewer asking “should I call you mister” and looked it up
I can’t stop laughing

No. 1724838

File: 1670773819206.jpeg (200.48 KB, 828x1370, 8337D713-8AB1-4CEC-BD57-F95C35…)

Faghaggotry and its consequences

No. 1724843

of course you can bottom all night, you have a female body that doesn't shut down and give out after you orgasm

No. 1724845

Is that "beard" fucking face paint kek

No. 1724852

Never forget when the anti gay pastor burst in the scene and ask her her tribe
It's not even face paint it's eye shadow, I'm crying

No. 1724877

File: 1670776553334.jpeg (100.32 KB, 636x636, IMG_2687.jpeg)

bump to hide bad image, dont scroll under

No. 1724904

That is really girly handwriting.
Also, embarrassing she wants to emulate having micropenis.

No. 1724967

I have. Never thought I was the opposite sex, but I wanted to transition anyways. I'm still trying to figure out what fueled my trans-ID to begin with. Autism probably kek. I wasn't even a tomboy.

No. 1725002

That sad depressing moment when GenX parents are more open-minded about gender roles than their kids.

No. 1725003

This is why young women need to be exposed to more man hate and pinkpill. It may prevent them from internalizing moid filth and blaming themselves for the behavior of the degenerate gender, thus assigning the blame correctly instead.

No. 1725010

Is is just me or is this thread full of retarded bragging about masculine features from women who call themselves dysphoric butches? Pretending to be saner than tiffies but unable to help themselves as they name everything manly about them? I don't want to encourage transition but if you're acting like this, it's suspicious and you obviously can't let it go. Kind of like I never trust people in Shayna's thread anachan-posting. They're probably fat and upset. Also whores.(bait)

No. 1725073

File: 1670790703726.jpeg (222.43 KB, 828x872, C61388FE-3556-489D-B579-EABEA2…)

this nasty tranny claims women are more twansphobic than men too. hope moids actually show her some real violent transphobia i don’t give a fuck. & i’m done feeling sympathetic to these degenerate women fuck them all

No. 1725077

Women's mean words are worse than moid beatings, rapes and murders!

No. 1725087

Men even troon out because they see women as sex objects like in their porn.

No. 1725111

Thank you nonnas. I really appreciate your answers. I have noticed that they have been excluding me over the years more and more. Feels like they have this weird circle of ass patting competition for activism and virtue signalling happening in their works, and more common folk like I am are just not interesting enough to keep in contact with as friends for them unless some special benefits are in question. Sad kek. Detaching at this point would save my sanity, even if it feels easier to go back for the old ’salt’ (that’s now been poisoned) instead of looking for new normal sane and based people to build friendships with, but I will try my best. I’m happy I could reach out to you nonnas here, it really means a lot to me. Know that my heart goes out to you too.

No. 1725114

Works, haha. By their works I meant in these tifs’ social media shared works/posts

No. 1725146

She is technically correct because if a moid would be to assault her it wouldn't be because she was trans but because she was a woman

No. 1725159

Autistic but I particularly hate when retards call the teenagers from Season 4 of Stranger Things "the fruity four." Literally all of them are straight except for Robin.

No. 1725197

YMMV Normie social groups are full of handmaidens and trannies these days unless you live in a conservative area

No. 1725212

File: 1670803658326.png (1.86 MB, 1040x758, judging.png)

i'm sorry but as a millennial eating worms is always going to remind me of phil and lil from the rugrats. they were raised by based betty though so i want to assume they'd grow up well

No. 1725217

You just wanted to escape misogyny and sexualization? Ist this is why girls who are not even tomboys troon out?

No. 1725226

Interesting how if a TIF is into guys, she's "a gay man," but if she's into women, she's a "he/him lesbian." I've seen some thinkpieces on Tumblr lately saying that some TIFs call themselves lesbians because that's the culture they're familiar with and fit into. Duh. They're butch lesbians, of course they don't "fit in" anywhere else. It's almost as though they feel kinship with women because they're still women.

Also "lesbian" is just the most fashionable thing to call yourself, so of course TIFs are going to shy away from the more "affirming" label of "straight man." Straight men call themselves lesbians, straight women, bisexual women, etc etc. The girl who bullied me in high school and slept exclusively with men is a "lesbian." The word has no meaning anymore. It's just something that's considered hip to be, so people without personalities decide to adopt it as an identity. If the trend was being retarded instead, these people would all be gleefully declaring that they're retards (which they actually are, in fairness.)

No. 1725228

Didn't Poopchan do this once, too? What is it with schizocows and eating dirt/worms?

No. 1725230

Former-enby here. I felt something similar. I always had "boy interests" like video games as a kid and never had a traditionally feminine look (flat, no hips, short hair since middle school) so when I learned about gender spectrum, I was like "ohhhh it all makes sense now". Turns out women can just be different from one another. Imo, it was comforting at the time and would never discourage a young woman to explore "gender roles" but we've gone way too far into self-mutilation for it to feel like a natural part of growing up. "Gender affirmation therapy" is cosmetic surgery and needs to be illegal for minors and stay off insurances.

No. 1725233

When is the septum piercing fad going to end? It looks retarded on literally everyone I've ever seen wearing it. I've yet to come across someone whose face was flattered or improved by one. Not to mention, it seems (and looks) unhygienic.

No. 1725255

Eh… I personally think the smaller ones can look okay on some people but if it looks good or not also depends on the rest of the person's appearance.

But I will the big septum piercings are just ugly on everyone. Absolutely ugly as sin


No. 1725268

Eh… I personally think the smaller ones can look okay on some people but if it looks good or not also depends on the rest of the person's appearance.

But I will say that the big septum piercings are just ugly on everyone. Absolutely ugly as sin

No. 1725318

sorry, what did you say your opinion on septum piercings were again? didnt quite catch that

No. 1725322

You took the time to correct your post but still didn't sage?

No. 1725346

hormones are the least expensive part of transitioning. And they're not expensive to prescribe, either.

No. 1725348

File: 1670813959750.jpg (561.17 KB, 2291x1080, Screenshot_20221211-215828.jpg)

It boggles my mind to see some zoomers who would legit look 40. This woman not only looks 40 but she sounds like she's 40, her voice is a hoarse.

No. 1725399

Jonathan Yaniv lookin mf, that's unfortunate

No. 1725406

The drunk thread is over in /ot/ anon

No. 1725407

Is this the same person? How old is she?

No. 1725443

What the fuck, I thought it was the mtf thread

No. 1725515

Testosterone ages you a lot, even male body builders taking it look 40 in their 20s. It also cuts your lifespan, which is why women live longer than men.

No. 1725535

File: 1670853458487.jpg (262.81 KB, 1080x1614, 20221118_182928.jpg)

Sometimes I wish TIFs had the level of forwardness as TIMs do, I want them to go to moid spaces and annoy men and make them uncomfortable and weird them out and I want to see them lose their shit over being called the wrong pronouns

No. 1725540

This might sound very stupid but what are they worried about? Someone continually ignoring their preferred pronouns?
Like are they worried about getting physically attacked?

No. 1725541

>That edgy villain
>Panics when someone misgenders her

No. 1725575

Speaking from experience (desisted), it was this fear of being mocked or belittled for asking or making other people uncomfortable, so a very socialized female way of feeling.

No. 1725594

File: 1670860585988.jpg (136.18 KB, 828x1321, FjyLblVXgAABQR-.jpg)

Thats not how that works miss

No. 1725600

It’s wild, TiMs post this same kind of thing. How they think they’re shrinking, their penises are acting more like vaginas (whatever the fuck that would mean), they’re getting weaker, etc.

No. 1725602

my girl here hormonally imbalanced

No. 1725629


Informed consent isn't real and this is proof. These teenagers know nothing about biology, yet they're making these permanent, life-altering decisions ffs

No. 1725630


The most delicate little flowers transition and demand you adhere to fluctuating rules. Grow some balls. Oh wait, you can't!

No. 1725638

i don't even get why they're allowed to do this. teens can't drink, smoke, go to war, have sex with adults, drive a car before a certain age watch movies with too much sex, drugs or violence, stay out past curfew, live alone, work a full time job. yet we think they should be allowed to do this?

No. 1725644


It's fucking criminal. But we're the ones on the wrong side of history

No. 1725657

100% this. I hope someone is compiling posts like this for future evidence that these kids didn't know shit about what they're doing.

No. 1725668

File: 1670866478549.jpeg (472.16 KB, 1538x2048, 7F0065AE-06CB-4C40-9DA4-DA9895…)

Why do these girls go out of their way to look as physically repulsive as possible

No. 1725679

I usually assume that the TiFs that want to look disgusting were sexually abused or harassed.

No. 1725698

Yep. Protective armor. Like how some SA victims eat to shield themselves from further assault

No. 1725729

I remember a detrans woman on youtube said exactly this. Even after detransition she got uncomfortable when she lost weight because that was "more attractive" to men than being fatter

No. 1725748

Maybe she has pcos

No. 1725820

rare VTMB jack skinwalker

No. 1725864

KEK nonna

No. 1725907

Funny you mention that, they rebooted the show and Betty is now a fiery latinx lesbian. If you're a GNC women you must be gay and if you're loud and obnoxious you must be non-white!

No. 1725917


nonna you get an award for maybe the most adjusted person on this thread. all the fujo sperging and trooning out is a direct result of women having weird sexual fantasies and not realizing they can just have those, and it doesn't mean anything deeper. if a woman wants to imagine herself as a queen or a fucking fairy or a dude while getting off all that means is she's got some weird crossed wires, it's not that she suddenly really is that thing and needs to troon out to enbody it. it's not like the average woman could comprehend the level of moid degeneracy to understand what it's "really" like to be a man anyway, fantasizing about being a man is fantasizing about a fake ideal thing.

my old old school fujo friends have the same philosophy as my granny who still reads cheap fabio romance novels which is it's just a fun fantasy that has nothing to do with real sex or real men. and then they go about the rest of their day being normal women.

No. 1725930

File: 1670886825016.jpg (216.24 KB, 1080x744, IMG_20221213_043340.jpg)

>My oldest child (11) has let me know they are transgender
>I am very supportive of them
>is hormone treatment available to someone so young?
And of course, majority of the comments are suggesting her puberty blockers. I really want to get off this fucking planet.

No. 1725937

File: 1670888776037.jpg (612.51 KB, 1080x886, 1.jpg)

Being an ugly woman liking gay ships doesn't make someone a man.. Based doctor kek but it flew over her head
Somehow this one is especially disturbing to me cause i knew of her doll blog back in the day. Now as a whole 32 old woman she's trooning out, isn't it embarassing to her at all?

No. 1725940

File: 1670889028417.jpg (646.17 KB, 1079x1011, 2.jpg)

Her drawings of her and the other tif she's dating and even a drawing about that doctor she made a video on which i find really funny

No. 1725949

That doctor interaction, jesus. He sounds like a real asshole, though acting that way is just what happens when you see these TiF types everyday.
Also the artist made sure to draw his bulge? And gave herself that weird thigh-fat spilling out of her thigh-high socks thing? This is not trangenderism this is something else. There is no "man-emulation" here.

No. 1725973

Lol. Based terf doctor

No. 1725975

>So many times I wanted to ask him, that if he wore a dress, did it make him a woman?
And just because you have short hair and look like you haven't showered in years, does that make you a moid? Kek

No. 1725997

I feel like many TiFs cope that they'll never look like actual men by transitioning into these aliens

No. 1726022

Sage for blogspot , I'm friend with a troon, it's not all that bad especially since she respect my Terf view I consider myself lucky. That being said, it baffles me how delusional she is? Occasionally she share her writing to me and I never knew how easy it is to out someone by their writing until i saw hers, I made a backhanded compliment saying "It sounds like Yaoi" and her response was "Haha that's because I'm a gay man"

It's okay to be a Fujo, no need to chop your tits over it.

No. 1726026

More likely just mentally unbalanced

No. 1726056


i've thought for a long time that boys transition for more sexual attention while girls transition to escape it.

No. 1726097

>how delusional she is
>I made a backhanded compliment
>talking about her in a cow thread
You're an awful friend lol

No. 1726121

You think your friends don’t talk shit about you behind your back? Kek

No. 1726122

NTA but countless people have blogposted here and in the other tranny thread about how their friends IRL have trooned out. Sometimes it's very hard to cut someone out of your life over this sort of thing, especially when it's obvious that they're just going through a retarded phase. Like if one of my long-time friends joined Amway or became a Scientologist, I'd clown on them behind their back about it, but I'd still be their friend because they need someone sane to stand by them for when they eventually come to their senses.

No. 1726154

Shhhh, you shouldn't point out the irony in homosexuals calling trannies mentally ill, that would be problematic of you sweety(bait)

No. 1726305

>This is beside the point but I love how almost everyone in this thread is suggesting therapy and maybe blockers, while transphobes keep insisting that our community push hormones and surgeries on kids lmao. Really shows how little they care to know about us
Comment on the thread. Since when are "puberty blockers" just a breeze in the park and not as harmful as hormones if used for the wrong reasons? Do they think it's like just pausing a video game? Retarded

No. 1726332

>I love how transphobes say that we do exactly what we're doing right now, they don't know us at all and should get to know us more.

The jokes write themselves.

No. 1726334

File: 1670936272661.png (129.79 KB, 1596x244, hormone blockers.png)

Lmao absolute idiots. Blockers ARE hormones.
>transphobes say we push hormones, but actually we all push hormones

No. 1726369

> This never happens but if it did happen there’s nothing wrong with it and is in fact a good thing .

No. 1726372

I’m sorry you’re going through this, I hope your friend at least calms down over the “omg I’m so gay and trans”
It’s probably been bothering her for a long time and honestly where else can you get this off your chest?

No. 1726375

He’s probably confused about someone transitioning to become a Man yet doesn’t do anything to reduce dysphoria/stays feminine. It probably goes against everything he’s been taught.
Reminds me of doctors or surgeons that are confused by trans lesbians or the ones that want to keep their dicks.

No. 1726391

Very interdasting how straight FTM's are practically nonexistent, they're all women desperate for male approval.

No. 1726392

All of these art troons should be forced to watch thehonestyproject's whole catalogue. She goes from detrans nb fuckterfs wokester to a balanced, strong lesbian terf in a beautiful arc.

No. 1726397


Interesting username choice for this post

No. 1726403

i don't even get the puberty blockers for females. like, if aidens want to pass and testosterone actually works with females, why would they insist into stunting their growth? they do really want to be a 4'11 womanlet with a beard?

No. 1726441

I'm a young millennial but i think this anon is onto something. I used to see lots of loud outspoken women online, but some time around the years this anon says this new wave of fake-politeness and passive aggressiveness among female communities online (specially geeky ones like fandoms) took over. The old female-dominated fandom spaces and websites also died off and they were replaced by places like tumblr where your speech was heavily monitored and politized so you didn't "offend anyone" (read: special snowflake-y geeky boys who would join the website, who also were the ones who would harass in anon asks the most) and that's how cancel culture and troon shit kinda kicked off. I remember in my casual fandom shit tumblr feed around prior to 2014 getting posts about how poor men were oppressed cause they couldn't cry uwuwu already, and thinly-veiled troon propaganda using goddamn pokemon memes lmao. Also you didn't see any women anymore telling someone simply to fuck off or shut up without an overly emotionally done walltext trying to prove someone wrong (and proof their anger right?). Like they had to constantly be justifying their own anger and themselves. I miss seeing women just being mean, specially mean to retards who deserve it.

Crazy fucking stuff truly. It's like we've gone back to the 50s and prior where just standing and walking unproperly was seen as unladylike.

No. 1726589

I knew someone similar though we weren't friends. Ex classmate tif who made everything about how gay she is as a nonbinary boi. Turns out she and her partner are lesbians who trooned together, plus she's a greasy furry weeb who wants to be an animator. What seemed to spur her on was her "cis" friends enabling her, so simply not giving attention to her tranny sayings, even just pretending not to hear in an airhead way, may make her give up saying those things to your face at least.

You also say you're friends so I hope yours isn't as far gone as the tif I knew, and that and you can continue to be friends over any non troon stuff you have in common.

No. 1726786

File: 1670978349055.jpeg (319.62 KB, 1122x1752, D882B9A6-C236-46D5-BFE1-6AD412…)

Found in an official publication by American Girl. Bleak.

No. 1726798

i kind of feel for people with gender dysphoria. i do believe it is a thing, whether you need to transition because you have it is another story. but they have had their condition stolen from them by the modern trans community, told that their state isn't a medical thing as all. i'm sure it would be difficult to talk about gender dysphoria with a therapist in the west w/o them suggesting you are transgender and should transition. ik this isn't really related to the american girl thing but that quote from jazz just got me thinking like bruh. you being transgender has been very very medical. why do you need major surgery to love who you are?

No. 1726805

Kek she failed the doctor's test, she admitted she doesn't really see herself as a man. She recounts the interaction and again it flies over her head.

No. 1726812

That Jazz Jennings quote when Jazz looks like one of the most miserable people alive. I bet all this trans stuff will get memoryholed and denied once another decade passes, and the serious health problems in 100% of medically transed people are impossible to deny. Right now it's all just middle-aged programmer trannies harassing media/websites/publications to include them, well meaning normie people doing so, meanwhile it's so insidious and pedophilic for stranger adults to try and interfere with children's puberty and health in this way. They've fooled the normies into thinking this is a genuine problem in any meaningful percent of the population, in the real world the tranny problems are nonexistent. Trannies stay online behind face filters because it's the only place they can 1. convince people they pass 2. throw their weight around and make their cause seem more prevalent than it is

No. 1726829

>Parts of your body might make you feel uncomfortable, and you might want to change the way you look. That's totally OK!
I know we’ve been over this so many times but can you imagine saying this in any other context where a part of someone’s body makes them “uncomfortable”? Like how ED patients are made “uncomfortable” by normal and healthy amounts of fat on their bodies? How can this possibly be okay to say to children? it’s so upsetting.
As a teen I had a debilitating insecurity about my looks especially my large jaw and would’ve done anything to get jawline shaving like a kpop idol. If I’d been encouraged to do that much less if it had been covered by insurance, I’d probably be fuckin dead by now from plastic surgery complications. And I’d never have accepted that a person’s worth is not stored in the jawline.
Imo ‘Gender dysphoria’ is only real in the sense of body hatred that’s related to gender stereotypes, i.e. hating your ‘feminine’ characteristics because they make you feel more exposed to, even deserving of misogyny. wanting to have the genitals of the other sex just seems like a paraphilia.

No. 1726830

it's within the same realm as body dysmorphia, phantom limb syndrome, etc. It is entirely societally induced and this must never be forgotten, to medicate people because of their fixations on certain body parts is completely deranged and i see no difference in encouraging eating disordered patients to starve or throw up to attain their ideal bodies. In fact I would honestly say that in a lot of cases starvation is healthier than puberty blocker/hormone intervention + the delusion that therapists impart upon their patients about being REAL member of the opposite sex

No. 1727033

Child abuse normalization all over again. This makes me sick.

No. 1727094

I still have contact with some girls I was friends with back in 2008-2010 online, now all women since we're all born between 94 and 98 and all of them are some flavour of gendie like genderfluid, NB, etc… BLEAK

No. 1727096

I have a friend who was actually put on blockers for very early onset puberty as a child (like hit puberty at 7 years old), and she skyrocketed in height, she's like 5"9. She also has a shit ton of mental problems and the hormone blockers gave her chronic depression like as soon as she was put on them.

No. 1727097

>Parts of your body might make you feel uncomfortable, and you might want to change the way you look. That's totally OK!
This is also dangerous because it assumes "cisgender" people don't feel uncomfortable with their body parts.
I know women who feel uncomfortable about their breasts for various reasons, myself included. When I was a preteen I thought I was the only one who didn't like developing boobs, all my other girls classmates seemed to be ecstatic and feeling "grown up" about it and I was dreading everything. If this was today I'd probably be told I wasn't a woman because I was uncomfortable with my breasts

No. 1727101

File: 1671018921389.jpeg (271.38 KB, 1170x723, DBD79FC5-80B4-4C23-859C-5617E8…)

A comment left underneath Demi’s song “eat me”. They’re very stupid

No. 1727105

File: 1671019217014.jpeg (188.89 KB, 1170x897, 37A6EC95-E5BC-4005-A9DB-279DA2…)

Perpetual children

No. 1727106

File: 1671019339017.jpeg (246.64 KB, 1170x877, 05FE5EE5-0382-461E-B7E0-4DF453…)

Basically the video had a woman saying “i knew i was a transman and not an enbie because someone asked me if I was born a cis-man would I still transition”
The comments are filled with attention seeking vibes

No. 1727109

I understand that most of the ftm/tifs who transition are usually autistic but why do they say things like this ? Plenty of autistic people understand gender…well I suppose these types probably use their autism as an excuse for the way they are and don't want to look deeper into why they say they aren't a girl.

No. 1727110

Yeah, loving your body might feel a bit different when your goal is to mutilate it so you can better pretend to be something you're not kek

No. 1727112

"I'm not like other girls" syndrome the sequel

No. 1727113

What fucking teenager ISN'T uncomfortable with their growing body and emerging sexuality? It's literally abusive and manipulative to say this means the persons body IS wrong and that they simply need to change it or they will kill themselves.

All these girls are saying is that they hate females. Once they grow out of their NLOG phase they'll see how pathetic they were behaving.

No. 1727114

So they're admitting they just like the idea of being "trans" as sort of rebellious/alt statement thing rather than actually wanting to be whatever gender they're identifying as?

No. 1727117

>Parts of your body might make you feel uncomfortable, and you might want to change the way you look. That's totally OK! You can appreciate your body for everything it allows you to experience and still want to change certain things about it.
In a different context this could be great advice. Depressing.

No. 1727133

And ironically they only want to "rebel" this way because its a trendy way to be rebellious, which means it's not rebellious at all kek.

No. 1727143

The poster sounds like a typical self-diagnoser. However:
I had the gender question when I was young (before trans became a known thing) and I did think I was supposed to be born a boy. I'm fine now but recently found out I'm autistic and it makes a lot of sense.

I can explain but it's blogposty.
When I was young, the girls rejected me for being weird and the boys played with me. When the boys discovered cooties I got rejected from that too. Because I'd always played with boys and the girls made it very clear I wasn't one of them, my retarded child brain assumed I belonged with the boys instead of understanding the girls were being unfair. Once the cootie phase was over teen boys accepted me again, but the teen girls never fully did. (Women are fine with me.)
I suspect the autism-trans connection is often caused by this experience growing up. Getting kicked out of a friend group because of your sex, when you're too young to understand why, is always going to sting. It's not like this is unique to autists, but we lag behind socially and may not be able to figure out the cause as well as normal children, and are much easier to push to the wrong explanation. Many of us aren't tomboys or butch either, which usually gets the safer pushes into sports or lesbianism, which do no permanent damage if they're a bad fit.

The autists who get into the trans pipeline have a hard time getting out, and it lets them stay teenagers forever. "When I transition I'll finally feel like a grown up" is probably the logic behind it, but since I was too early for the trans pipeline I don't know how they feel directly (and autistic trannies wouldn't admit it anyway). It's surely easier to talk about a second puberty, say you're waiting for medical treatments, and justify your failures with discrimination instead of admitting to yourself you're disabled and can't live fully as an adult on your own. (Every autist I've seen get evaluated as an adult has been explicitly asked about transness as well, which is disturbing and makes it even easier to slip into the pipeline.)

There's also a physical component to autism that isn't talked about as much in context with trans, the sensory side of it. Autists often feel more uncomfortable with things like sweat, hair growth, body odour, and arousal, so puberty is extra hellish. Most relevantly, this can affect sex-specific things like periods, discharge, erections, and ejaculation. PMDD is so common in autistic women that it's a reason to get evaluated, and the only adults I've known who never masturbated once were autistic men. It can be very easy to mistake this general discomfort with your body getting worse during puberty as sex-specific, and come to the (obviously incorrect) conclusion that the other side wouldn't be as uncomfortable.
This general body discomfort can be one of the reasons autists can get fat, since exercise can be so disgusting with the sweat and the breathing and the impact pressures, and we're generally less coordinated so more likely to injure ourselves or be bullied in sports, plus a lot find showering overwhelming and don't want to get dirty enough to have to clean up. Unsurprisingly though, the few autists I've known who questioned if they were trannies stopped feeling that way once they lost weight, and would start feeling that way again if they gained. Gender dysphoria seems like a convenient way to explain general body discomfort that requires no work to fix and gets sympathy instead of mockery. It's depressing because a bit of counselling on how to deal with the discomfort of exercise would be easier and better for them than transitioning, because they'll still be fat and hate their bodies.

I've noticed with autists you get either genderspecials or transphobes more intense than typical terfs. It's polarized, like how some will be neat freaks and some will be revolting slobs. Or how some will be obsessive fetishists and some will be effectively asexual. It seems like everything about trannyism is designed to capture autists because of how it's structured and aligns. Or maybe I'm just thinking in black and white again and seeing patterns that don't exist.

No. 1727152

they dont get that you dont need to "understand" gender. most people dont go around constantly thinking about how manly or womanly they are. they just live life.

No. 1727162

Your blogpost would look less annoying if you didn’t spoiler it

No. 1727166

Why can’t these people just accept that they are themselves and they can have any combination of interests/styles and still be a man/woman because man and woman describe objective reality not an individuals feelings.
So sad to see people unable to just live, so fixated and wrapped up in gender nonsense because they’ve got nothing more important going on in their lives.

No. 1727175

I wasn't sure about etiquette for these things and I've seen nonnies do it before. Now it's too late to change it. My bad.

No. 1727245

I don’t think it’s 100% misogyny (but it obviously plays a part) I think it’s also just a fetish.

No. 1727255

Had to reply 4 days after just to say you are 100% right, everyone is acting so retarded on Lolcow these days.

No. 1727261

Not special or Rebellious enough

No. 1727370

I was this and I was close to chop off my tits until I saw how botched all my tif turned friends’ chests looked like. Like some droopy craters.

No. 1727479

File: 1671059059385.png (89.9 KB, 648x470, Fi70vMzXgAASko1.png)

No. 1727483

Wait, I'm lost. At first I assumed that the surgery she's referring to is a mastectomy, but now I'm not sure. On the one hand, it makes no sense that her parents would be for a tit chop if they don't enable her delusions, but on the other, if they're refusing to help her with an non-troon surgery over pronouns after agreeing to it, that's genuinely really shitty.

Is there more context for this, anon?

No. 1727486

life saving surgery is some troon surgery so probably mastectomy.

No. 1727493

>acting like 1k is a lot of medical debt in the US
silly child. it definitely wasn't a big surgery or one that actually saved her life, then.

No. 1727496

File: 1671060399983.png (46.39 KB, 717x405, surg.png)

I looked into it and it's not a titchop. She implied in picrel that it's some kind of feeding tube.

No. 1727498

File: 1671060526486.png (36.66 KB, 635x273, so close.png)

God damn it, some of them are so fucking close to getting it. The absolute cognitive dissonance of acknowledging socialization and then doubling-down on still being ~a man trapped in a woman's body~.

No. 1727510

File: 1671061808735.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.95 KB, 749x1213, 16CB77FF-EE36-4B0D-AB55-798165…)

Why do they do this to themselves

No. 1727511

Then that’s pretty fucked up from the parents

No. 1727522

I don't get what's so crazy about this? It's their money, she's not a child, she's 19 years old and if she has the guts to live outside of her parents' home, then she should have thought about saving some money to pay for some, probably, unavoidable surgery, if it really isn't a troon surgery.
And what about her "partner"? Why can't his/her family help her? That's so dumb.
I get that parents should help their kids as much as possible, but if your kid is an ingrate little shit that surely left your home while acting like an asshat, then you can't just throw your money at him/her.
Plus, she will surely get all of the help she needs from the troon cult, since she talked about her ebil twansfobic parents.

No. 1727526

how could you look at this and not immediately go to the ER? I get healthcare is shit in the US but holy fuck.

No. 1727531

I wonder how old this “kid” is

No. 1727534

Yeah it's shitty that they reneged on the deal because of some stupid shit she did on Instagram. If she's telling the truth, the agreement was to leave troonshit off of official documents with no consideration given to social media.

However, if she lives with her mother, that means that this TIF isn't paying for her own living expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc.) which can easily add up to a thousand dollars a month. Hormone shots and these bills are literally her only expenses, and you can easily make a thousand dollars in less than a month even if you're just working like thirty hours a week. Like… Crohn's and anorexia suck, but they shouldn't prevent her from doing the bare minimum of working part time, especially when she claims that getting the feeding tube solves the main problems caused by both.

Even if it takes her longer than a month to scrape together a thousand dollars (which, come on, she's a fucking adult) medical bills don't accrue interest or hurt your credit, so it's not like there are any consequences for taking a few months (unless she put the expense on a medical credit card, which I'm going to assume she didn't.) Like… I've been fired from multiple jobs for acting like a literal autist and I still managed to buy a fifteen-hundred dollar computer when I was a senior in high school. This TIF can manage.

I'm not crystal clear on how it works, but for whatever reason, doctors strongly encourage people who had cosmetic work done to see that same plastic surgeon about any complications. Doctors "refusing to touch another doctor's work) is a common refrain when it comes to troon surgeries and other cosmetic procedures. Like unless you're literally about to die, they're reluctant to treat you.

19. An adult.

No. 1727541

Kek based parents. 1k isn’t shit in reality. they’ve probably bankrolled their whole life and then some so it’s tHe eNd oF tHe wOrLd. I say this as a poor person who also grew up poor so don’t come for me about how 1k is a lot of money. It’s probably 1k because they’re on mommy and daddy’s insurance still, I’ve never had insurance.

No. 1727591

Why don't you get a job instead of posting on lolcow.

No. 1727620

I have two you miserable bitch. I’m not as poor as my family was but I’m comfortable. Still not rich by any means and idc because I’m happy. Glad I never grew up sucking mom n dads tit. How about you stop being such a cunt. Hope your shitty surgeries make you want to kill yourself even more.

No. 1727630

Never thought I'd side with a tif over her parents, but damn. Even if she was the worst type of troon, if I had the money, I'd pay for surgery to keep my kid from dying a slow shitty death, cause no way would I trust a tif to keep her anorexia in check.

No. 1727667

this is similar to how i was before i detransitioned after reading a bit about radfeminism. apart from "cherishing girlhood".

No. 1727674

NTA but how is this an even remotely logical response to what anon said? Like from where I'm standing this exchange went:
>I'm poor and I think this girl has no concept of money
>Fuck you anon, get a job

No. 1727680

You're assuming she told the story accurately. She's about to fish for sympathy and maybe money, you can bet she'd cover up some shit like saying she was glad her transphobic grandma died.

Nta but American jobs often cover medical insurance, which the anon said she didn't have.

No. 1727729

File: 1671079014697.jpg (828.72 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221215_042027_Ins…)

Sure jan, the first time he saw this slender feminine woman he literly thought it's a man. And you look and sound like you're microdosing t so don't get too exited about anyone helping you with shots.

No. 1727777

>she hasn't realized that men will say whatever gets them access to easy pussy

No. 1727803

I can believe that man gets off on extreme bodymods, so of course he'll act supportive

No. 1727836

imo both the social and sensory things make sense and i can relate to a lot of it t. autist who could've trooned but somehow avoided it

No. 1727865

File: 1671101286999.jpg (794.31 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_2022-12-15-10-41-11…)

Audio: if you don't let me suck your dick, I'm gonna fucking kill myself! Take your fucking pants off!

This pandering bullshit makes impressionable ftms think they can actually grow a dick down there. What is the point! (Double troon moment, this is a mtf)

No. 1727868

How did we go from
>rape culture exists and is bad
>blackmailing others to get sex is totes cool

No. 1727872

File: 1671102703234.jpg (790.17 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_2022-12-15-11-09-30…)

It's a trend apparently

No. 1727875

400k likes the fuck

No. 1727897

just seeing his possessive pose with his arm over her neck is enough evidence to know his moid doesn't and never will see her as a true and honest man

No. 1727941

at least it will make all tifs insecure because they had too little growth

No. 1727946

Slightly off topic, but every time I read "bottom growth" I have to remind myself it's troon speak for an enlarged clitoris and not some kind of anal fungus because that's what it sounds like kek

No. 1727961

someone's never touched another person apparently lmao

No. 1727970

do lesbians and gay moids take pictures like that? this is something only straight couples do, seethe aiden

No. 1727980

Nta but I'm sure that lesbians and gay moids have taken pictures like that before, what is this incredibly autistic nitpick lmfao.

No. 1727986

Nona might have two part time jobs. Those usually don’t come with insurance, it has to be full time. Otherwise you have to pay a ton to have shitty insurance. American work and insurance shit sucks.

No. 1727989

This. I don’t really get what >>1727961 means. The picture looks like a controlling man holding a naive woman.

No. 1727998

Wow does anyone know where this dress is from tho

No. 1728006

It's because it no doubt is a controlling man holding a retarded woman but the pose in and of itself is not a problem. Body language analysts itt atm I guess.

No. 1728031

Ew, reminds me of my ex-friend who trooned out and started dating middle aged goth men.

No. 1728051


please watch this. hopefully a kind nona who can post videos will upload it because its the worst thing ive ever seen

No. 1728057

Idk how to post videos here either so here's a summary for those wondering

>tif holds out some pills while audio says "would you like a bonbon"

>tif mimes her tit speaking, while audio says "yes I would, it tastes great"
>audio says "no eating in my class" and tif mimes ripping of her tit, and shows mutilated chest


No. 1728115

File: 1671133542754.jpg (3.15 MB, 4096x3072, InCollage_20221215_122956858.j…)

All ftms are the most infantile consumerist people I've ever seen. The irony of buying cute little pins and stickers with he/him pronouns is lost on them every time

No. 1728124

She looks like Lainey/Kai

No. 1728132

I wish nerdy girls realized you can like frogs without trooning out

No. 1728143

my sincerest thanks for preventing me from having to actually view this atrocity

No. 1728195

Yaa sure you totally fooled me right, you're so masc right…..
A binder is what makes you a man, riiiiiight

No. 1728202

I don't know a single woman IRL who is as feminine as these fakebois.

No. 1728243


Wonder if this is the work of dr shshsggsgkk from a couple threads back?

No. 1728251

>doctors strongly encourage people who had cosmetic work done to see that same plastic surgeon about any complications
I think part of the reason for that is that only the original surgeon knows what exactly was done and it's not very straightforward to understand what is going on with cut to pieces infected soft tissue after the fact.
This doubly applies to troon surgeries which are without exception completely experimental with no standard or universal procedures.

You'd think mastectomy would be an exception since that's a fairly well developed surgery, but it actually isn't because good surgeons tend to not want to spend their limited time mutilating children and insane people, so trannies end up with psychopath butchers anyway.

No. 1728275

>dr shshsggsgkk

Never not going to be funny top kek

No. 1728277

Look at that naive girlish posture and smile. She should have become a Disney ho

No. 1728288

Jesus Christ how bleak
Horror writers are seething with envy. They only wish they could dream up something as despair-inducing.

No. 1728307

Isn't liability an issue as well? As in, if one does a butcher, another tries to repair, proving who did what is impossible so they're both held responsible for the damage?

No. 1728311

I’ve heard multiple TIFs claim this as well as lying about being intersex. It’s not going to make me accept them, and it’s disingenuous as fuck to try and lie when every behavior of theirs betrays their claim. I’m so tired of it all.

No. 1728319

Why is it always frogs? Leave frogs alone

No. 1728342

File: 1671155360295.jpg (239.97 KB, 1200x1200, 9a308719e487d413cfe031e531989e…)

for real, if you look up nonbinary or transgender frog like a million different designs show up on redbubble and sites like it. same with possums and garfield, they pick the most random mascots to incorporate into their identity. any guesses for what the next animal they cling to in 2023 will be nonas?

No. 1728353

File: 1671156690736.jpg (335.85 KB, 1651x2048, comic1.jpg)

incoming comic dump

No. 1728355

File: 1671156735549.jpg (323.87 KB, 1651x2048, comic2.jpg)

No. 1728356

File: 1671156791534.jpg (265.36 KB, 1651x2048, comic3.jpg)

"i like guys so i wanna be one"
No becca, you're a straight woman

No. 1728357

File: 1671156844348.jpg (290.85 KB, 1651x2048, comic4.jpg)

No. 1728359

File: 1671156954600.jpg (207.2 KB, 1651x2048, comic5.jpg)

No. 1728361

File: 1671157078225.jpg (259.92 KB, 1651x2048, comic6.jpg)

No. 1728364

File: 1671157381699.jpg (311.34 KB, 1651x2048, comic7.jpg)

No. 1728372

All this shit just to justify… wearing a variety of clothing styles.

No. 1728380

this feels hallucinogen-induced, like a really bad concept album lmao

No. 1728385

You don't understand! I have to slice my tits off to dress like a middle school boy for 6 months.

No. 1728390

All that metaphor to say she sees everybody else as single-trait boring people and herself as nuanced and fluctuating. Maybe if normal people were pretentious enough to describe their gender expression in color they'd use green shifting as the sea or black as a night sky full of sparkles. Self-centred mong, this is the girliest nonsense I've read in these threads.

No. 1728394

so many women go through this (the last 3 panels). puberty can be traumatizing af. it's clear most TIFs just hate themselves/gender stereotypes/the fact that they're gay. even their own blogposts/comics that are supposed to defend and explain transgenderism make it so painfully obvious what the real issue is. why tf are we pretending in 2022 that struggling with femininity & your body is a brand new concept.

No. 1728397

If there was any liability for what they did it might matter, but I have never heard of a successful lawsuit against any butchers. Some of them ghost their patients after botching them and get away with it

This is the end result of obsessive navel gazing but complete lack of real introspection or self awareness

No. 1728400

File: 1671160693211.jpg (111.85 KB, 1600x900, maxresdefault.0.jpg)

Because chemicals in the water are turning the frickin' frogs gay!

No. 1728404

I love this KEK it's like reading something that kids say about their eyes turning different colors depending on their mood and the weather.

No. 1728424

deadass looks like if repzion were a troon

No. 1728467

Sorry for O/T but coming in to bemoan a quasi-celeb turning FTM.

When I was in my late teens/early 20s I read Poppy Z Brite's books and loved them, but rereading last year I realised that she wasn't so much "appreciating" gay male relationships and sex (often violent or not fully consensual) as I'd naively thought back then, but more fetishizing them. Sometimes very obviously. A google the other day revealed to me that Poppy Z Brite is now "Billy Martin". Oh dear. The pipeline was real, even without anime.

No. 1728475

Very sad i hope she can accept herself someday and that being a woman isnt confined to a box of pretty and dainty and for mens pleasure. Hate to blogpost but I was the same way for awhile a masc lesbian who wasnt comfortable with being a lesbian but it felt much more freeing and even "euphoric" to finally face head on and accept that I am a gnc lesbian and not the gender I wasnt born as

No. 1728502

Lizards maybe ?

No. 1728514

Already taken by detrans people who are more mostly women.

No. 1728533

goo goo ga ga giws are piwnk and boyws awe bwue
lmao, that’s true
oh, of course she is
ber books are nlog fujo slash fanfic, so what to expect

No. 1728547

File: 1671179485818.jpg (79.83 KB, 1024x768, downloadfile-3.jpg)


i can already tell what the TiF's next fav animal will be, deep sea fish. i see them butting into marine bio circles on twitter and the like all the time. they like deep sea fish for the same reason they like possums and frogs (creepy quirky animals with sharp teeth/slime/scales are the fakeboi go to, abyssal fish have all of these) and they can make stupid jokes about it (saw one fakeboi make some joke to the effect of "my favorite animal lives under an immense amount of pressure and so do i! my heckin anxiety right?!"). sorry for fishsperg, pic tangentially related

No. 1728552

File: 1671179787873.jpg (26.05 KB, 387x268, downloadfile-2.jpg)

samefag and saged idk how to edit, my bad. meant to say, pic tangentially related, when will fakebois realize males are parasitic dependents like anglerfish?

No. 1728558

Literally humans spiritually

No. 1728560

Damn, this panel explains the vast majority of TIFs. It’s either some stupid confusion about their attraction to men or a result of trauma, any sort of escaping the identity of a girl or woman because they subconsciously view men as better… Excuse my rage + minor sperg but this is so sick. When I was a younger teen I didn’t have a clue such horrors will become so popular. And my own country doesn’t even have this as a trend, yet I can see it growing online and it scares me. Dark times are coming.

No. 1728561

This too shall pass, once it ends in the west it will end in other nations like that

No. 1728564

I hope this ends soon because shit is insufferable. I even got to see my then-friends lose their minds to this circa 2013-2016.

No. 1728565

are you in Eastern Europe ?

No. 1728567

>any guesses for what the next animal they cling to in 2023 will be nonas?
They're all just blindly following the same trends and think that's a unique identity when they're all exactly the same. Whatever they pick they will ALL switch to be into it, none of them have a personality on their own. It will likely be something small, but definitely something that's kind of ugly-cute so they can relate. It's never something that is JUST cute like a rabbit or squirrel, that's too girly and not nlog enough. It's always animals like pugs, frogs, snails. I could see some small ugly-cute monkey be the next one, but that might be too exotic for the west. Maybe pigs?

No. 1728585

File: 1671185322261.webm (5.98 MB, 576x1024, KDYoRWA9.webm)

Here's the video

No. 1728593

Wouldn't the video get taken down, for the close up of her repeatedly squishing her boob kek

No. 1728596

NTA but I'm from Eastern Europe and I witness fakebois on a daily basis in fandom/art spaces, even irl I've seen a couple. Never saw a tim however, probably because I have girly interests with mostly female fan base.

No. 1728599

>she sees everybody else as single-trait boring people and herself as nuanced and fluctuating
This. I think it applies to a lot of them. So self absorbed and close minded that not only do they think every little personality trait or interest is an entire new identity, they think they're the only ones to do this and the only ones who don't like traditional gender roles. Which means they must be special. Ironically that means they believe in said gender roles way more than the average person, and are so lonely and boring that they didn't know one person can have several facets.

No. 1728612

File: 1671190087021.jpeg (87.99 KB, 888x499, 34B6DCD2-FAAB-4C3A-9962-2375E3…)

every fucking time i s2g

No. 1728616

if that ever happens, she'll probably cry that they're discriminating against her since she doesn't identify as female and therefore her boob is actually a moob kek

No. 1728627

I'm from EE, and am actually somewhat acquainted with a T-right activist FtM, she's pretty well known in those circles, becoming some sort of minor spokesperson on their issues. They don't have much media support, the most you get is some very sappy transition stories by the liberal media, so they aggregate on Tumblr and other blogs (I assume Discord too nowadays, but I'm not with the times). She's also schizophrenic, and almost murdered her little sister and their pets when she was just a child. Even before said little sister shared those stories with me, I suspected she must be very autistic, just the Savant type. So a fitting representative, indeed.

No. 1728663

(desperate for pussy voice) here's your hormone shot, bro

No. 1728677

Why do they torture themselves so much with this kind of shit? Everyone feels varying levels of masculinity and femininity (or whatever you want to call it, I guess you know what I mean, I just know some nonnas are iffy about those words). The idea that any of that has any deep deep meaning confounds me. Just act how you want and wear what you want, fuck what other people think about it. If being GNC is your thing, you do you. They make all this shit sound so quasi-religious and all it does is just drive them to the brink. Of course there are some struggles you go through figuring out how you see and identify yourself, but they take it to a point I’ve never even seen kids in the past do. Like everyone else said, it’s so self-absorbed, they act like they’re the main characters, the only ones to ever experience these feelings, and everyone around them are just NPCs who are totally 100% comfortable with the status quo. If they actually talked to other people about these things, they’d realize how not alone they are in those feelings, but then I guess they wouldn’t feel so special anymore.

No. 1728690


I'm begging all of Gen Z to please learn what fetishizing actually means. Writing something sexy and unrealistic is not fetishizing. Fetishizing is applying those unrealistic, dehumanizing sexy standards to real people and removing their humanity in favor of viewing them as a vehicle for your fantasies. Writing gay fanfic isn't fetishization unless you go out into the real world (so gen Z is already excused) and great real life gay men like they exist for your sexual thrills.

No. 1728701

It’s weird. It feels like people these days think you aren’t allowed to have any normal fantasies that you acknowledge during your own time but that you don’t bring out around other people in public. It’s either they 100% jump into them and actually begin fetishizing people (like TiMs and TiFs taking it next level to where it’s all-encompassing) or they think you can’t enjoy any kind of fantasy at all and if you do, the wrong-think police are going to find you and lock you up. It’s not a crime to read erotica if you want, just don’t expect real life to be that way and don’t let it influence how you treat other people, like this nonnie said. You have to always have a balance between what is fantasy and what’s reality or you start becoming like the people featured in these threads.

No. 1728707

File: 1671204738731.jpg (156.99 KB, 1080x466, Everyone-agrees-enbys-dress-li…)

My woke friends shilled this trans organisation so I checked their twitter, even trans people know enbys dress like shit kek

No. 1728713

Ironically it's actually gaydens who do fetishize gay men by this logic and most regular non-trans-identified m/m fanfic writers don't.

No. 1728718

As cringe as this shit is, these explanations of TIF's gender feels always make me sad because it's so obvious they would be happier if they just did what they liked doing and dressed how they wanted and didn't care about finding a special label for it or making sure other people perceived them as whatever identity they've picked. And the tragic irony is that their suffering is 100% self inflicted and it's clear as day from an outside perspective. It's like watching someone beat themselves with a stick while going "why oh why am I so bruised and beaten all the time? It must be because I need to cut my boobs off"

No. 1728741

kek, the crystals

No. 1728785

It’s like they can only view womanhood through one lense and if they can’t comfort to that then they’d rather jump ship instead of break down stereotypes.

No. 1728839

Literally most girls go through this. This is quintessential female puberty
So she came out to her parents as trans then found out about the word later on? I don’t get it
Main character syndrome.
Everyone is a normie npc meanwhile im the enlightened masc fem queer and will not be easily defined because im so special

No. 1728844

Why are theyfabs always the girliest one’s trying to convince you “im not a girl i swear in masculine as well!!”

No. 1728854

In our current culture, it's much easier to be trans than to defy gendered stereotypes. That would take actual work with little praise. Instead, these special little frogs can get heaps of praise and adoration by just conforming to even more rigid stereotypes. It's all so fucking backward.

No. 1728855

File: 1671218032798.jpg (361.12 KB, 1200x492, 20221216_125825.jpg)

Oh man, Poppy Z Brite. I came across her once when I was looking for horror novel recs and inadvertently stumbled upon her weird pre-yaoi era fujo tif shit. What's funny is what first caught my attention was the little about the author blurb on the listing for the book I was looking at using male pronouns and I was like "Poppy's a man?" then saw the little thumbnail of the author's photo and even in a tiny image that had part of her face covered it was instantly obvious she was a woman. Then googled to confirm she was really a tif and found her blog post about being a gay man trapped in a woman's body that is… honestly the whole thing is milky as hell, but picrel is one of the highlights
(Link for anyone interested in reading all of it https://www.poppyzbrite.com/rope.html)

No. 1728867

As long as it's not chinchillas, they can like a slugs and that ugly potoo bird and I wont care

No. 1728874

While I don't agree with the subject matter, that is very well done. The color switches are excellent, the pattern flows beautifully, and if she designed the pattern herself, she's a really good fiber artist.
Ugly, hideous, and poor craftsmanship. Unless he made that lace himself, I would give this an F if it was turned into me as a project.

No. 1728887

Sometimes anons come up with the most retarded nitpicks on earth, then chimp out and accuse anyone who disagrees with them a tranny. Bizarre.

No. 1728891

Aw damn you beat me to it. I was also gonna say that the next fakeboi animal mascot would be the anglerfish because it's "uwu spoopy" and being obsessed with it would make them seem oh so different and interesting.

No. 1728892

The fuck is going on with her eyebrows? It looks like she tried to make them larger looking with pencil.

No. 1728896

Are you nonnies feeling very orange today? I'm feeling more yellow than usual. Does this mean I have to get my teets yeeted?

No. 1728898

even the font choices on her site are girly as fuck lol

No. 1728903

Probably axolotls

If they come after chinchillas I will riot in the streets. But they probably won't, because chins are too ~girly~. Frogs and possums are slightly gross and therefore "androgynous" in the minds of gendies who feel the need to categorize everything.

No. 1728914

just pure internalised misogyny, they have to be NoT lIke OthEr gIrLs because deep down they know they are stereotypically feminine and they hate it

No. 1728954

i will be joining you if they ever go after manta rays/stingrays, they've always been my favorite and i bet they could get coded as "androgynous" by that crowd

No. 1728975

File: 1671228366600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 733.6 KB, 1125x1552, F1587421-2AE5-4362-929D-20EEDF…)

on her way to becoming a registered sex offender

No. 1728978

I've had period clots bigger than that, puppyboys420

No. 1728989

Alternative TIFs are the worst type. Anyone got more examples? They’re my fave to make fun of

No. 1728999

I know that car reeks of onions

No. 1729000

File: 1671231789091.jpeg (595.48 KB, 1125x1707, 176B37C6-B556-4DF5-85E5-EDB06F…)

I am so tired of tif fujo shit creeping into the classic BL and manga community. Even this post had some clearly confused ESL in the comments asking why tifs were so obsessed with yaoi when it originated as porn written by women. Female mangaka used to write male characters because of the obsession with male European child actors during the 70s and current tifs are too gone deaf to realize they’re doing the exact same shit (fetishising cute males) to the extreme.

No. 1729014

Kinda nitpick but kinda not because tifs like to fake being Jewish for some reason, it's spelt Hanukkah, aiden.

No. 1729028

Axolotls was the 2013-2016 fakeboi mascot

No. 1729041

Kek she's imitating male behavior well. But why

No. 1729050

Honestly I could get behind the OP post if it was exclusively about women who don't troon out. I'm tired of people allowing politics to determine what they should like. Regardless of how you feel about BL, allowing internet social justice to pick your interests for you based on what is or is not problematic is peak NPC behavior.

No. 1729062

I am dying of embarassment reading this. The sad truth is that the majority of YA comics feel like this now in the wake of Steven Universe. I know I was a vitim of the tumblr trend to self pathologize, and I can't imagine what kids are going through now. Adults write this drivel to try to deal with their own shit but peddling it to children is criminal. They don't need these thoughts brought into their minds.

No. 1729064

wtf is the thought process behind scripting a tiktok and filming it pre and post operation

No. 1729089

i have always wondered about this. i feel like this is the final puzzle piece to me understanding the zoomer psyche.

No. 1729155

File: 1671244146125.jpg (37.12 KB, 1242x1141, b8e7qw3q6ou41.jpg)

frogs are too cute. i wont let them appropriate one of my fav animals

No. 1729287

File: 1671252114758.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.52 KB, 1250x796, tumblr_d9b693ac70bb0a89cf62cc5…)

I feel you nonna, since I am a massive bug autist. Hopefully people will at least stop squishing them that way if they like them more though. I'm spoilering not to scare people but this is one of my wallpapers right now.

No. 1729288

that pic is beautiful

No. 1729344

did rebecca sugar write this? what in the steven universe is this shit

No. 1729364

I've noticed some older fandom people, ex friends and old tumblr guard are all going through this phase for some reason kek. Knew some people who would go up and down saying yaoi was the devil that came out of straight women (but they're different because they're TRANS!), had literal years saying yaoi and BL was the worst crime you could commit against reeeaall gay men, now just as suddenly they're going "happy yaoi christmas!" like nothing happened. Even older millenials are going through this pipeline for some reason. I see the excuse a lot that yaoi and BL have grown as a genre so it's more okay now or whatever. Even like you said in your post, seems like normal BL readers don't seem to like and/or these people either. I would be mad too if someone spent literal years bitching about and calling me hitler for something I liked then out of nowhere wanted to cozy up.
(no infighting pls. I just think this particular switcharoo is funny and sudden for both sides.)

No. 1729407

Yes, I am from that region.

I’m similar to you, I witnessed fakebois online (sometimes even finding their profiles to have a laugh), had a misadventure to know closer some of them irl and online. In recent weeks I even stumbled upon some in a certain public space.

Never met a TIM aka MTF in my life (thankfully).

I believe I commented something like that in other thread or on another site but I wonder if that’s some reason for “acceptance”, one of the reasons at least: fashion-wise women turn out better in masculine clothing that men do in feminine clothes. People who mostly meet TIFs are more eager to accept them and empathize than if it was some bulky comer TIM with cringe dress and makeup. I know there are a lot of enablers of the latter type too but my point is, some people are so used to perceiving girls as harmless or victims that they might gladly accept whatever harmful tactics they will use (in this case, trans identity to cover up their real problems).

Not to sperg or blogpost but sometimes I feel like I need to talk about what I noticed myself in these girls I used to know in teenage years, I know no one around me is there to listen, it’s easier to share it anonymously or in some similar spaces to that one. This shit is super damaging and even traumatizing. Maybe I am dramatic but thanks to these few years I feel like I’d like to erase all my memories associated with people who were massively traumatized, sometimes even borderline horny and dumped me when they realized I’m not woke enough and gave me bad memories of keeping up with people using their fake identities on a normal or semi-normal basis.

What’s worse, there are schools in my country who allow this fuckery (attended a school with a TIF where the teachers were using “chosen name” of that girl aka male name + always spoke of her as if she was a man - and yet my country is thought to be homophobic).

No. 1729427

Who the fuck does this shit in public and then posts it online, with her own face no less!? Shame is not a familiar concept to trannies apaprently.

No. 1729457

They don’t care about shame, all they want is gender euphoria kek

No. 1729468

YouTube keeps throwing this NLOG in my recommendations

No. 1729471

The cool proud GNC lesbian of my friend group is now asking if "Tyler or Oliver" suits her better and is referring to herself with masculine pronouns. Being a lesbian was so much of a part of her identity I'm genuinely shocked to see troonism getting to her. Also she was sexually abused as a child and deals with mental illness. Bleak. She's barely 20, I don't even know if she knows I'm detrans

No. 1729477

> Being a lesbian was so much of a part of her identity
That's a red flag in itself.

No. 1729511

Don't be a wuss and let her trans without even talking to her about how you detransed.

No. 1729514

I think making anything like that a major part of your identity is a red flag, and these people do it often, jumping from one thing to the next and letting it become all-consuming when it’s often a phase and not actually their sexuality or whatever else. The anon’s friend still sounds very young at least, so maybe she’ll grow out of it at some point and hopefully get therapy for the abuse.

No. 1729527

every doll, bjd etc. hobbyist I've met has been a fucking weirdo so that itself is a red flag

No. 1729585

>makes being a lesbian a big part of her identity
> sexually abused in childhood, now troons out

Why it doesn't surprise me.

No. 1729587

I thought she just seemed "proud" of being a lesbian and she's always been one though so I knew it was not a fad for her and she's only ever been with women. That's why it was surprising, despite thinking she shouldn't attach so much of her identity to her sexuality
Well she left our group chat saying she doesn't know if she's a lesbian or "non binary person" anymore and that she's been just happily existing as a lesbian woman until now. And said she'll return some day lol
I'm a little more relieved because non binary usually doesn't mean shit other than being a nuisance to others with pronouns and changing your wardrobe. But still it sucks that people who are already mentally unwell are caught in this shit. So much overthinking for nothing, nothing in reality changes

No. 1729625

not even five years ago people were sperging about that shit. it wasn't uncommon to find gay men online who were dedicated to their frankly misogynistic crusades against women who committed the cardinal sin of writing/drawing yaoi fanfiction/fanart. now it's okay as long as you drag out the transmasc card.

No. 1729626

Just looks like shes wearing a sports bra without the context. This is so delusional

No. 1729627

i've noticed that as well. they're obsessed with saying they're converting to judaism. two months into their supposed "conversion" they act as an authority on it, which is not how the jewish religion works lmfao.

No. 1729634

I've noticed that sportsbras without built-in cups have disappeared from some places, but reappeared and are now listed as binders. Even though it's not any more binding than a regular sports bra and I'm pretty sure it's literally the same product. They even call it a "sports binder", because you can safely wear it during sports, i.e. it's literally just a regular sports bra.

No. 1729640

File: 1671309129887.jpeg (284.75 KB, 750x670, 695F3240-7566-4469-90AD-5F88C6…)

From r/gay trans guys.

No. 1729651

I'm going to guess no one in the thread suggested that it's straight guys and tifs searching for ftm porn.

No. 1729654

No no, PIV with a FTM makes the man putting his penis in a vagina gay. No straight man would look at a penis going into a vagina. Homosexual men only

No. 1729657

kek, notice she doesn't say the sexuality of the men now "Open to trans men". I bet it's not gay men, it's bisexual/straight coomers who have realized "Oh shit, I found a new fetish".
Just like with TIM porn, I bet most the weirdos watching it, like it because the person has their OG genitals.
Trans woman with penis, trans man with vagina. They aren't watching elbow dick socks or dick holes

No. 1729664

>we are desired kings!
>won't mention that it's mostly/all straight or bi men
Oh this is so pathetic kek I almost feel bad

No. 1729665

sorry for blogging but i hate how TIFs are so obsessed with being tortured gay bois. obviously there's a lot more that i hate, but i like browsing my country's casual posting subreddit (i have a boring office job and i have to fill my 8 hour day somehow while still looking like i'm busy on my computer) and sometimes people post about their love life. eight out of ten times when a user talks about having a crush on a male coworker and they add "we're both men", you KNOW that op is a TIF and just larping as a tortured gay boi, catholic all boys boarding school dark academia style, and trying to garner sympathy. also in all cases i witnessed so far, the other guy said he just wanted to be friend and wasn't interested in dating anyone. girl, these men aren't into you because you're a gay boi, they're not into you because you are a visibly mentally ill woman. and that's saying something, considering how moids love to take advantage of mentally ill women.

No. 1729673

Men online talk about pursuing ftms because they guarantee easy pussy due to lack of attention from other men or because they have low self-esteem/mental issues, like when guys target women with EDs etc. It’s like if women started marking themselves as easy, of course you would get a lot of sexual interest, it’s just not for the reason they think and is really sad.

No. 1729710

>you are a visibly mentally ill woman
reminds me of this tif on Hidden Brain https://hiddenbrain.org/podcast/relationships-2-0-the-power-of-tiny-interactions/
Around 41:45 (there is no transcript to screenshot)
>a trans man named Lysander (kek)
>his social interactions changed
>"It made me realize how difficult it was to socialize as a male because everyone around me was perceiving me as a threat"
the delusion, people are avoiding you because their "oh shit a crazy person, avoid" instinct is kicking in if anything

No. 1729735

File: 1671321303053.png (616.74 KB, 1838x984, whatthefuck.png)

Same anon, my friend just sent me this piece of twisted wonderland discourse and apparently while tifs accept yaoi they still hate women that like it? I don't get it, it's like 20 layers of self hatred stacked on each other.
>i hate women
you Are women and you Are fujoshi too my good sister. That female mc is going to fuck your precious gay yaoiboys.

No. 1729739

>old scrote dad
It’s his autistim-filled old sperm that caused this kek

No. 1729745

>a trans man named Lysander
I hope she named herself after the Pokemon villain

No. 1729761

Kek, my first though too.

No. 1729784

Nonnie same thing here. One of my closest friends who is a proud very normie gnc lesbian is now going with he/him and a masculine name this was all after she started dating a gendie and another friend also came out as a gendie, both are very chill about it (for now i guess).
Im so annoyed because she was very confident being herself.
It just makes me so sad and angry to see how this vs spread.

No. 1729786

I'll get hate for this, but it's also because these tifs are manly and ugly

No. 1729787

Imagine using porn as a way to prove men respect your identity? Just ask lesbians how well that works

No. 1729788

File: 1671326366402.png (54.81 KB, 588x348, lol4.png)

This critter has been a personal cow for a while.

Alcoholic TIF larping as a dirtbag male stereotype. Has a gore/slasher fetish and wants to make a comic based on her gross self-inserts.

Twitter: @easymeatco
Tumblr: hellbraiser.tumblr.com
Instagram: @hellbraiser

(Sorry for any posting errors, am new to actually posting on imageboards)

No. 1729789

File: 1671326418251.png (2.09 MB, 1106x2042, lol3.png)


No. 1729791

File: 1671326483438.png (338.07 KB, 932x598, lol5.png)

Publicly admitting to sexually assaulting someone lol

No. 1729794

if i saw this pic without context i would think it could be either an mtf or an ftm, it fits both

No. 1729795

File: 1671326548775.png (Spoiler Image, 166.62 KB, 597x858, lol2.png)

No. 1729820

this retard really named her fat ass after a twinky genshin character kek

No. 1729828

File: 1671332457090.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, sensiblechuckle.gif)

At risk of coming off like a scrote here, but this guro is just so ugly, lazy and anti-erotic in the complete opposite way of scrote made guro. It's almost hilarious; the skill would suggest someone older than 12 made this, but it might as well literally be a crayola stick figure to my brain.

No. 1729860

Why do you like art where women get raped and murdered?

No. 1729863

Just mentally ill women things.

No. 1729884

>Why do you like art where women get raped and murdered?
when did I say I did? Exposure isn't liking something.

No. 1729888

Imagine drawing this and thinking it looked sexy. Some art styles just do NOT work for porn

No. 1729899

File: 1671344143812.jpg (84.37 KB, 542x537, funnyrodent.jpg)

chinchilla enjoying terfies rise up !!!

No. 1729947

This made me physically recoil. Who thinks this is even remotely sexy?

No. 1729974

Trannies are so utterly repulsive.

No. 1729976

File: 1671360404108.jpg (65.49 KB, 608x425, tumblr1.jpg)

Saw this nice piece today
It has almost 3K likes and it's not much but I'm glad at least somebody understands where fakeboism is coming from

No. 1729977

File: 1671360516271.jpg (85.79 KB, 608x446, tumblr2.jpg)

Didn't cut the source in case you will want to find it on Tumblr

No. 1729980

File: 1671361291353.jpg (30.37 KB, 514x174, tumblr3.jpg)

I actually feel bad for the fakebois, they are just lost girls who don't know any better
If only they could understand this simple truth

No. 1729981

Literally classic, weird edgy girl trooned out because she thinks girls can only like nice and cute things.

No. 1729990

Absolutely beautiful comic. For those who couldn't/can't realise this themselves, this needs to be put out there as a think piece for all those women and girls.
I imagine that when the troon high is hitting its end, this trauma will be highlighted.

No. 1730007

She's really trying to larp as a dirtbag alcoholic male. LOL The only difference is that a man wouldn't have those moments of self reflection and self awareness and make drawings about it to vent.

No. 1730012

Did she pierce it?

No. 1730015

She's been talked about in the altcows threads. She's inspired by poppy z brite to write gay vampire fanfic, she does a lot of videos on her ana and druggie past, believes she can speak to and fuck ghosts, and yeah thinks she's an nlog nonbinary.

No. 1730018

I knew more than few 'tehms' whose entire personality was screeching about fujos. Get a real problem

No. 1730026

>just larping as a tortured gay boi, catholic all boys boarding school dark academia style, and trying to garner sympathy

Yeah the type who really likes Heartstopper and The Secret History (both written by women btw), and probably superwholock. Their boring asses want secret romances too but as a tif you'll never get it kek. Maybe I personally find it funny because I was a closeted bi in a "dark academia" all girls school in europe, and sure there were thrilling moments but mostly it was just lonely. Like a lot of things that are romanticised, the hurtful things are left out unless it furthers the fantasy. But fakebois still wish kek, my first time secretly kissing a girl in the school grounds was better than any fantasy they'll read. Sage for blog.

No. 1730048

File: 1671379804909.jpeg (289.36 KB, 1198x1800, 97CBEED5-03CE-4343-840C-028FED…)

I saw this on tumblr the other day, I think people are starting to wake up see this movement for what it really is.
I’m not in the gendie sphere really but so many of my friends are “theys” and I almost feel ashamed of proudly calling myself a women or posting feminist takes on my social media.
I just hope women, girls and feminism in general can bounce back after all this “I’m not a woman, I’m a person” they/she bullshit

I’m really worried

No. 1730060

Both sides of the troon coin are rooted in deep misogyny. I used to be part of the alphabet cult, and I believe it’s possible to deprogram this nonsense. It’s going to take a lot of time, but I think it’s starting to happen that people see through it. Fads come and go. Hopefully, that’ll apply to the trans trend too.

My concern is how interconnected mental health and trans issues are. They must be disentangled and the mental illnesses treated. It’s wild that the mentally ill are being sold lifelong medical experiments as treatment, rather than therapy and psychiatry.

No. 1730089

File: 1671384267040.png (1.1 MB, 602x1304, EEC92DCC-980C-4E48-AFDE-73A563…)

The art style is very 4chan to me.
Love the woman is makeup and skirt, misogynists

No. 1730091

What the hell is this from and why the fuck do you have to put on lipstick to be a lesbian?

No. 1730094

I really want to know what compels a person to draw genderbent Steven Universe getting her clit bitten off

There's no way the artist actually found this image hot, right?

No. 1730116

Your discomfort with it is what turns her on. She's a sadist but too much of a wimp to actually hit anybody.

No. 1730117

A lesbian is a woman who is sexually and romantically attracted to another woman, saved the flowchart

This is so ridiculous. And I suspect there has been some mistranslation of "lipstick lesbian" to result in lipstick featuring in this flowchart. The internet has been catastrophic for queer youth's understanding of their own sexuality, and it's entirely due to perverted males trying to incercept people's natural understanding of themselves to try and include the perverts

No. 1730130

artstyle shows clear sings of being a fojoshi

No. 1730151

> why the fuck do you have to put on lipstick to be a lesbian?
If you don't wear make up and skirts you aren't a woman, because gender is defined by adherence to cultural stereotypes. If you aren't a woman, you can't be a lesbian.

No. 1730201

All of the types sbown hate women and yet want to claim the term lesbian. Does lesbian have a better status than woman foes be abuse last time I checked it really doesn't. Unless it gets these pick me bitches male attention of course.

No. 1730229

File: 1671396564417.jpg (926.01 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221218-105316_Ins…)

Have you guys heard about this TiF? At first I found her little comics fun and adorable about a little tiger with a dissability and autism. Now is about a "gay trans" worm on a string, and introduced themes like trans children, judaism, non verbal autism, deaf people, foster homes, wheelchair users, evil homophobic christian parents and some spanish words and phrases. Her comic is like the wokest most inclusive shitfest I have ever witnessed. She is also obsessed with Paul Dano's the riddler and headcannons him as an autistic trans man.

No. 1730238

File: 1671397508699.jpeg (269.41 KB, 1045x828, 5D058BB2-7EF4-465E-A553-948BC8…)

The delusion is insane because there’s no way she sees herself as those first two drawings

No. 1730241

that's the ugliest fucking face I have ever seen.

No. 1730254

Yeah that happens when you take testosterone. That fakeboi is only 28 years old and looks ugly as sin

No. 1730269

>some spanish words and phrases
no me incluyas con troons, gringa

No. 1730276

Sí, a mí también me empezó a cagar cuando sus personajes dicen una que otra palabra en español como "hola" o "mijo", solo porque quiere ser una pendeja "inclusiva"

No. 1730301

Nah, comics like >>1730238 where the tif draws herself like a bishie despite looking like shrek in the same getup IRL are far more fujo tinted

No. 1730302

Incidentally, I've heard before that a large portion of gay porn stars are just gay for pay since male actors get paid more for that than for straight porn since they aren't the main attraction in that. I wonder if """gay""" porn pays the same because I'm sure the straight men doing that would jump at the opportunity to have sex with a delusional woman instead of another man kek

No. 1730303

Female alcoholics also die much faster than males, so she’s heading down an even worse path of self destruction if she keeps it up. Trooning out doesn’t give any woman the alcohol tolerance of a scrote.

No. 1730305

She… she knows yana toboso herself is a woman right?

No. 1730312

If I could get a dollar for every time Aidens do their mental illness dance around male characters made by women I’d never have to work again.

No. 1730319

>the missus
and of course her “gf” is a tim.

No. 1730337

Kek not to sperg about twst, but basically the cringy discourse is TIFs and other assorted retards getting mad about the (majority female no doubt) twst users making female OCs for the game. A lot of them get buttmad because "but it is set at an all boys school! it wouldn't make sense for there to be a female MC!" This is mega retarded because none of this matters in the first place, but also because in the actual game the MC is basically a blank slate that randomly got plopped into this world. The interactions are very gender neutral and there is no romance, so you can have your twst yaoi fantasies or yume reverse harem fantasies on your own time. There is an associated twst manga, and recently it was announced that the MC for the second volume(?) of it will be a female. FTM sperg meltdown ensues, which is why the FTM in the picrel is coping with "y-yeah well I'm going to make her a transboy." It is yet another example of the hilarity of watching so-called true and honest "men" engage with female-majority fandoms for media that clearly has a female demographic in mind, but have a meltdown at the females in the fandom having a good time. Usually they are mad about female (actual) fujos with "muh fetishization", but now this one is mad that these fans aren't doing that but are instead engaging in some yume reverse harem fanworks. The irony and lack of self-awareness of these FTMs is chef's kiss and I wish more people in fandom would grow some ovaries and remind these true and honest men where they are and what they are doing.

No. 1730345

Yume on yume violence

Now that I think about it is nothing out of the ordinary

No. 1730350

>voice maturing
>thickening body hair
>face becoming less neotenous

She's literally just going through female puberty lol. No wonder, she looks about 14.

No. 1730391

>A lot of them get buttmad because "but it is set at an all boys school! it wouldn't make sense for there to be a female MC!"
Yet ask them what their favorite qweer manga is and they’ll say Ouran High School Host Club

No. 1730398

I wish tifs would at least try to pass as men and keep the fuck out of the fandoms for female target demo shit because I hate trying to enjoy my stupid girly hobbies and being confronted by these bitches constantly coping by lashing out at the normal, non-delusional women just trying to enjoy the shit that's literally made for them. No moids are into things like this- no, not even gay ones. Shouldn't it be giving them """dysphoria"""" or something?

No. 1730413

No. 1730425

yumejoshi, nonna

No. 1730428

Derived from the japanese word for dream, "yumes" are people who wish to marry anime characters and produce a surpluss of how to draw manga tier art of them (or their self inserts) doing various things with said anime characters. They have a habit of developing terrible jealous streaks which leads to a lot of infighting. Currently fakebois are mad because they can't self insert as a girl, another set of yumes are mad because they feel cucked by the fMC, and the rest have joined forces with the "mommy step on me" she/they crowd to fight with the aforementioned groups of yumes in the fMC's honor because her existence makes them feel like they have a chance. Very harrowing stuff. Yana is trolling hard.

No. 1730431

OHSHC is more radfem than kweer in every way imo

No. 1730436

these words mean nothing to me
no idea what you're talking about

No. 1730441

File: 1671418122936.gif (6.65 MB, 392x359, tumblr_025037bc017b33defa07028…)

Maybe it's better you don't know…

No. 1730452

Don’t worry about it, it’s just thread fujos coping that any retard fujo discourse is everyone else kek.

No. 1730455

No. 1730457

The only reason I know this is a woman is because of her small hands and feet. Otherwise, I would think this was a TIM

No. 1730458

You dumbasses cope hard all the time. Fakebois can have fujo art foldeds and fics from years before they troon yet fujos in this thread still cope about everything being yumes (something no one even really calls themselves kek) because of the retards who post in the twisted wonderland thread being retarded about feeling the need to justify their love of yaoi as being different and not cringe instead of not giving a fuck, all the while reeing about female characters. Gay yume is fujo >>>/ot/1449849. For a history on the cringe, checkout the fujo cringe thread in ot.

No. 1730465

You can reply to multiple posts at once unless you're just trying to make yourself look like several different posters.

Fujo is fujo, yume is yume. Whether you self insert as the guy or the girl, you're all deranged and needlessly aggressive towards other women, hence the perpetually unstable community. Let's leave it at that. Won't be seeing you on /ot/ because it's a cesspool.

No. 1730469

I have no idea what any of you are talking about

No. 1730493

unrelated this is the ugliest vtuber i’ve seen in a long time

No. 1730506

The frequency of fujo discussions that happen in these threads makes me laugh every time

No. 1730514

yeah i was completely oblivious to the concept of fujoshis and their fiery discourse before coming to these threads but now i am extremely well-versed in the inner-politics of female weebs who like gay porn lmao

No. 1730540

Truly. Used to be neutral to fujos and sometimes defended them but lc Bl/Yaoi thread fujos came from twitter and definitely act like it. There was a big spergout early this year or last by newfag twitter fujos who came for the twisted wonderland thread who are very autistic.
Not really? Multiple posts can just be for explanation, and only two of those posts were to the same person, one was to an entirely different anon kek. You must be an adult to post here and this retarded posting about ‘no true fujo’ has been taking over the threads and is ironically just like the tranny ‘no true trans’ stuff. It’s also no wonder fujos in this and the bl thread always specifically mention they/them nb troons and de-emphasise fakebois. I suspect some are detrans and in denial of bl having any influence on transition, or are just typical twitterfag types who are only willing to shit on nb’s but think ftms are legitimate because ‘at least they are cosplaying something real’. There’s a reason the fujo cringe thread has so many posts kek.

No. 1730619

Ah, wasn't the Supernatural fandom the same way? A bunch of fangirls obsessively campaigning for all female love interests to be killed off.

I'm sure some other fandoms are the same. Nothin new under the sun, and all that.

No. 1730630

Yeah, fujos who shipped destiel hated the female characters and even the actors girlfriends because it got in the way of the ship.

No. 1730637

Many fujos aren't willing to confront the fact the reality that they will be FTMs at some point as well

No. 1730645

File: 1671448817253.png (362.86 KB, 666x500, 1647009154560-1.png)

I take offense to that

No. 1730649

They don't need to because they won't. Non-autistics are able to consume media without inserting themselves into it.

It's a topic male lurkers and pickmes can't hold their tongues on. They cannot fight the urge to jump at an opportunity to sperg about fujos.

No. 1730661

File: 1671451751459.jpg (322.6 KB, 1729x1238, 1671448763108.jpg)

wish you a happy and safe future transition

No. 1730663

>happy and safe
hell no we need a new 41%

No. 1730668

the fujo-to-troon pipeline is a real thing, but still not inevitable. you sound like a fakeboi who is mad about non-delusional women

No. 1730671

So many of these annoying inceldoms of peoples all boil down to:
>oh no the thing I'm doing is bad and even if I stop now I still did the bad thing in the past and it will haunt me forever
>must find a way to justify why that thing wasn't bad when I did it so I can be free of this guilt
She asked for it, I was actually trans the whole time, it was the child who seduced me, fatphobia is killing more people than obesity, i'm a victim i'm a victim i'm a victim

No. 1730686

You repeating that in every single thread only makes it sound like you're afraid you'll troon out yourself.

No. 1730710

I knew a lot of girls like this when I was in the Homestuck fandom a decade ago. Very edgy "I'm super macabre and I like BLOOD and ORGANS" types, and their art and fics were always rapey and offputting even if they weren't outright guro. Despite the content they produced, they were super gentle and shy in any kind of interaction. They also literally all trooned out and most of them were early adopters of troonism who converted around 2010-2012.

No. 1730716

>to sperg about fujos
but it is the fujos who are constantly sperging out. like can you just admit that you are fucking annoying

No. 1730722

File: 1671461271120.jpg (1.82 MB, 3266x2048, TDpInI7Xh1HQETM.jpg)

Choose your fighter

No. 1730742

File: 1671463400857.png (46.56 KB, 637x355, 112.png)

>decide to become pregnant
>have kid, he calls you 'mama', which is probably the first word he's ever said
>this gives you dysphoria
>later cry tears of joy for the fact that your son has been taught to call you "he" for reasons he probably doesn't understand after conditioning him enough
mental illness

No. 1730757

I will never understand TIFs who decide to give birth, it's literally the most female thing biologically possible

No. 1730760

>right pic
jesus christ they both look like someone maxxed out all the sliders in the character creator.

No. 1730776

Has any non-trans person ever experienced "gender euphoria?" I legit don't know what it's supposed to mean. Happiness derived from other's validating your delusions? Idk…

Right. How does pregnancy not cause dysphoria?

No. 1730784

They like the disphoria because it gives them a reason to be upset and troons dont know how to exist without perpetually being miserable. Every good thing that happens to them is 10x better because their mode of existence is to feel constantly oppressed and targeted by "cis men/women" aka most people on the fucking planet. It's the same reason why people with BPD are so volatile and their thought patterns are so black and white. They genuinely don't know how you just exist without being "euphorically" happy or being "unfairly oppressed" by the world and people around them. It's such a clear mental illness it's crazy to me how much TIFs personalities especially parallel to people with personality disorders. Just replace bi polar or BPD with disphoria and you have a patient who needs treatment not validation.

No. 1730787

It’s supposed to be the opposite of dysphoria, so instead of being depressed because your body is wrong or the wrong gender you’re happy because you’re doing gender how you want to do it. Obviously this means absolutely nothing as none of the words I used have any proper meaning. It’s just a shorthand for “omg I’m happy because I followed a stereotype!”
It’s hilarious to see a term that was invented on tumblr spread as much as it did

No. 1730788

File: 1671468038552.png (941.92 KB, 1500x1200, 2734B76A-A770-4D3C-9B30-D46271…)

No. 1730793

I think for TIMs gender euphoria is code for boner, but I think there is an element of fooling/tricking people in euphoria too, and I wonder if they get a rush like people get when they steal or whatever, they know they are actually their birth sex but being referred to as their new tranny gender may generate a rush of "getting away with it"
In this case a woman who has done the womanliest set of acts: marriage to a man, intercourse with a man, carrying and birthing the man's baby, may have a rush at the extremely wrong presumption that she may be able to pass as male and convince people, such as her already long suffering toddler, that she is a man.
I think this is why TIMs are so keen to enter female changing rooms and bathrooms, they live for that rush of "getting away with it"

No. 1730796

My gender is the video game Portal 2

No. 1730808

File: 1671470885876.jpg (446.28 KB, 1536x2048, Fj9x27JWYAATSjD.jpg)

TIF and MTF couples are a horror show honestly

No. 1730809

>an entity that has no real gender but is trying to be male like how a robot can be male
So an autistic girl who never fit in, got in

No. 1730813

I just pray they never have children, like I don't give a shit what happens to them but the fact they can have a child that they can use and abuse worry's me

No. 1730814

So many of them are bog-standard abusive het relationships, but cloaked in a bunch of bullshit that makes it even harder for the woman to identify what's going on because she's "male" and "the oppressor"

God what happened to Mallory Ortberg still makes me so sad. She felt compelled to take her cheating abusive ""wife's"" last name when they married and still couldn't see what was going on.

No. 1730838

kek at the tim tying the dress like an apron

No. 1730895

File: 1671477272570.jpg (Spoiler Image, 530.52 KB, 896x1489, FkED-1lWIAEF6KV_jpg.jpg)

if i had to see this so do you

No. 1730901

She’s just an overgrown lady dwarf

No. 1730925

you're really not that interesting
siblings or dating

No. 1730979

Child abuse. Any person taking as many hormones as TIFs should not be breastfeeding. This is fucked up.

No. 1730994

>only males and pickmes don't like fujos
>all people who dislike my niche weird porn are moids or inferior women
You have the same NLOG complex as the ftms in the thread nonnie. Just accept fingering yourself to your chinese comic books is weird and enjoy yourself, you don't need to be misogynistic about other women on the way.

No. 1730996

I like how she’s clearly trying to sound eloquent, but all this is so simplistic and unimaginative - regular human experience

No. 1731000

This woman I follow on FB who I don't know personally but know for being part of a fandom group I'm active in, just announced on FB her 9 year old daughter is "demi-girl" with they/them pronouns. Where the hell would a 9 year old be learning this stuff? I mean, I know the answer… it's the off-the-deepend-liberal parents but it's just so disgusting to me that parents are putting this nonsense in their kids heads and confusing them.

No. 1731011

This type of shit is way past out of control now. I was browsing a mom group on Reddit (I know, first mistake) and someone randomly mentioned they have a non-binary 5 year old. They’re 5, their biggest concern should be thinking about what kind of juice box they want at lunch, not their “gender” or lack of it. Christ.

No. 1731041

It's the newest and most dangerous form of the indigo kids stuff, parents who want to be like 'see, my child is special and has such a hard time because they are special, doesn't their specialness prove how special I am?/how much of a martyr I am?'

No. 1731047

It's the new munchausen by proxy. Though you can't claim it's a form of child abuse since it's a protected cult at this point. We're going to have an epidemic of detrans kids in 10 years no doubt

No. 1731085

The blue hair is the cherry on top

No. 1731153

So she's seen how other trannies talk about their gender being so uwu special and intrinsic to them, feels the same way about her interests, and conflated the two. Either that or gender is the new word for personality, if not for pinterest moodboard.

No. 1731156

I feel so bad for the kids of troons. You just know they're gonna grow up with crazy emotional abuse (and probably sexual abuse if it's a tim) and feel like the parent/child dynamic is reversed and they've got to coddle their insane, emotionally needy parent all the time or they'll 41%

No. 1731160


i will protect the terf chinchillas at all costs

No. 1731163

File: 1671495200379.jpg (108.39 KB, 1170x1149, 20221220_011234.jpg)

The amount of likes on this gives me hope

No. 1731164

File: 1671495237202.jpg (47.65 KB, 1170x757, 20221220_011238.jpg)

No. 1731165

girls who like bugs are the most powerful girls on earth, god bless u

No. 1731171

File: 1671495607063.jpeg (175.06 KB, 1170x488, 9460DDE9-6ED0-47E3-BEF3-36B4F6…)

So a straight woman and at best a bisexual woman

No. 1731255

Now I want to crochet a little pussy hat for my chinchilla

No. 1731256

Soon they'll start complaining about being fetishized.

No. 1731257

I wonder if those mother's also have vegan cats kek

No. 1731260

>My gender is a feeling of nostalgia for the eighties
You weren't even fucking born yet. What she's describing is her current personal "aesthetic," not gender Jesus fuck. This is literally just treating rigid gender stereotypes like fashion accessories instead of abolishing that retarded shit entirely. The fact that she associates computers with maleness in particular speaks volumes about how adherent she is to harmful stereotypes.

Gendies act like the reason they can't say this shit to "cis" people is because we "don't get it," but the actual reason is because they want a hugbox where no one thinks critically about anything as long as you sprinkle some genderisms throughout whatever word salad you're spewing.

No. 1731269

Over the years, I've seen so many girls go from thirsting after Dave Strider to trooning out as a means of skin walking him. There's a lot of talk about how AGPs literally want to be their waifu, but the same shit happens with straight Aidens.

Also I've probably mentioned this somewhere before, but literally all of the hardcore Stridercest shippers I had the misfortune of knowing trooned out and became hardcore wokies over the last ten years. Some of them have even turned into "antis" which is fucking hilarious. Like you have degenerates who used to draw and write about a thirteen year old getting raped by his father now turning around and lecturing others about "abusive" ships. Wack.

No. 1731296

Just think of all the crazy stories we're going to get from these kids of trans parents once they reach adulthood. That's if their tranny parents don't groom them into transitioning of course.

No. 1731341

File: 1671817468574.jpeg (362 KB, 828x1047, 3219D518-C758-4D6C-9B4D-1F1B81…)

meant to post days ago but this place was down. the tweet is by a “nonbinary lesbian” & it’s screenshots from a based tiktok of girls realizing that their trans phase was just a trend and their embarrassment once they realized they were just larping


No. 1731344

i love how she does the anime hair stylized highlight thing that works for straight hair but absolutely not on messy hair. same with the neck shadows, it would be simple with her style but she never even paused and thought about light sources it seems
i'm convinced tifs have some kind of humiliation fetish at this point.
so creepy that this adult is mad at a teen for having escaped the cult, and even more worryingly she's doing it publicly. madness

No. 1731358

File: 1671820988880.jpeg (57.93 KB, 750x1290, 01880575-9931-4978-B7DC-2A0BB5…)

unfortunately her account got banned but bless her based soul. i know more takes like this will become more common in the future, especially with health lawsuits, just sad it has to be at the expense of mentally ill kids

No. 1731372

File: 1671825429185.jpeg (59.14 KB, 818x1109, C29E2269-C098-4C2D-A7D9-9D54D1…)

this is genuinely embarrassing lol

No. 1731405

this is good, honesty will peak the normies

No. 1731459

File: 1671841708479.jpeg (595.04 KB, 750x1121, 28428253-C1B5-4C71-9A4D-01B071…)

Audio is her calling them faggots. At first I thought it must be an MTF, but nope, genderfluid FTM

No. 1731577

Groomers don’t like when their victims break free.

No. 1731599

File: 1671878311434.jpeg (434.46 KB, 1170x1433, 74E10958-229F-4B46-A894-88D43D…)

No. 1731602

>Seeing yourself as a Pokémon and not the player character
Their self-perception is completely fucked

No. 1731603

As a weird adult woman I hate it and wish the Aidens will stop comparing genuine eccentricity to perversion and literal normie group identities. The TIFs are shortening their own existence anyway. I hate these morons for worsening a few years of my adolescence with their company like they did.

No. 1731610

>Woman is when dress, man is when pants

No. 1731612

File: 1671884097726.jpeg (854.53 KB, 1170x1648, 81777FB2-8D53-4C5C-BCB6-41E2E1…)

Weird self imposed suffering

No. 1731627

>they don't self-harm as badly as I do!!!!!

No. 1731639

>one of those female presenting kids
>shes not a kid shes 21
>but the trend is popular among kids
So… she knows that being a troon is a trend among children…
>wah fake binder
Binders are fake. It's just a size too small sports bra. Why is she wearing a binder to bed? It's like how TIMs wear bras to go to sleep.

No. 1731648

Terminal NLOG syndrome.

No. 1731669

>"leftist pro everything and don't you dare to question anyone if they give themself a trans label" vibes
This is what trannies wanted though. They're the ones that pushed the "don't question anyone's identity and always ask for pronouns" shit.
>username is satanicratboy
You know that she's of those crusty tifs. Makes sense with her nlog syndrome, she wants to be the grossest most speshul fakeboi.

No. 1731704

Their delusions are just as valid as hers. NLOGs troon out, and now that a significant number of girls have trooned out, they have to show they aren't like those other troon girls, they're true trans etc, when both are equally as valid, as in not what they pretend to be.

No. 1731803

I knew a girl like this from uni, she tells guys theyre gay and "fruity" for being into her because shEs a mAN. she was a regular fat black girl with huge tits/ass he/they pronouns. i knew that because she would say her name and then her pronouns any time she spoke in class. There are going to be zero gay men who are going to be into her. pure delusion.

its a shame, because she was pretty nice other wise and worked well on group projects but clearly deranged or at least miss guided.

No. 1731924

File: 1671977580822.jpeg (299.03 KB, 460x713, D7B8D99E-8E8D-4B6C-B9E3-687EC3…)

I know it’s a 4chan greentext but I saw this screencap posted somewhere else and it made me chuckle. Wonder how many TIFs would react with cringe if their parents did something like that or how many are so indoctrinated they would be somehow okay with it (since many are capable of supporting TIMs).

No. 1731944

Reminds me of this YouTube cartoon emo dad, where a dad pretends to be emo and embarrasses his kid out of being emo

No. 1732173

File: 1672046396664.png (36.04 KB, 590x243, toasty.PNG)

Not sure if this TIF has been posted elsewhere already but she's been having a mental breakdown over her boyfriend leaving her because "he prefers other girls" and like… what's not clicking to these people? If you're an overweight hairy FTM you're not going to be attractive to a straight man, or a bi man who prefers girls. She's currently trying to guilt trip everyone (and her bf too I guess) by saying she's chronically ill and she's falling apart and she's replaceable and no one wants to listen to her wahh wahh congrats, you didn't escape misogyny and your bf only used you for pussy and then dipped when you were too ugly in his eyes.

No. 1732176

File: 1672048854230.png (645.41 KB, 472x658, lol.PNG)

The delusion is strong

No. 1732177

pink cat ears headset is the new 100% masculine look? what do words even mean anymore

No. 1732178

Most of what she wears is literal little girl's clothes, so I guess by comparison?

No. 1732182

They want to be their idea 2d femboys instead of real women, their minds have been deluded by yaoi and ao3

No. 1732197

Ah yes the 100% masc look, pink cat headphones, black and pink hair, a tiny bit of makeup and half of your face covered to hide the fact that you have a completely female face shape. Even if she did look masc, which she doesn't, she would be clocked as soon as she opens her mouth.

No. 1732198

They both look 4'11. Why are they so small?

No. 1732256

File: 1672070198235.jpeg (18.75 KB, 224x225, E7BB0D3E-6963-4C0C-B4FE-1AAC2E…)

No. 1732290

i can't help but feel bad whenever i hear a black woman call herself anything but a woman. like she has internalized the racist stereotypes created centuries ago as reality, and if white people say she's not a woman, she believes it

No. 1732296

>Chest pain and difficulty breathing after sleeping in binder
I've seen TRAs post PSAs about "proper" binding and such. I could be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure there was some kind of time limit for how long you could wear a binder each day, and also that you shouldn't sleep in them.

Imagine damaging your lungs and ribs in an effort to "look" like a boy that will ultimately fail because you'll still be 5'2" with a moon face and tiny hands.


So an alt girl who likes rats. I feel bad for all the rats owned by TIFs.

No. 1732304

File: 1672078986481.jpg (258.56 KB, 1170x1642, FkcH5e6X0AA72pM.jpg)

autistic TIF experiences bleeding from her phallus, blood in urine (urologist gaslights her it’s “nOrMaL”) but the title of her question is for her LOSS OF SEX DRIVE. JESUS FUCK what is wrong with these morons

No. 1732326

Same vibe as when anachans rag on women who aren't as close to death for lacking commitment

No. 1732331

There's no way they will ever be able to get sexual pleasure from rubbing the fake arm sausage, right? I'm pretty sure scars and stitches would take away most if not all sensation. Plus they can't get hard without the pump system and even then they can't penetrate. I can't believe some of them are so delusional.

No. 1732335

tif phalloplasties in action

No. 1732366

This would be way more effective if the mothers of TIFs did this. Because, you're right, TIFs support TIMs like handmaidens. If "out of touch boomer Karen" started going around talking about how much of a true and honest boi she is, it would snap Aiden out of it immediately.

No. 1732371

If with "100% masc" you mean looking like a transbian faggot, then yes

No. 1732475

my sister who recently moved to connecticut came home for christmas and she caught the flu and my annoying mother is making her stay here so she can take care of her. anyways she’s been on the phone with one of her annoying friends for the past hour who i thought was a gay guy with a high voice but is actually a fakeboi, except she’s a grown ass woman who keeps mentioning her kids occasionally. she’s on speakerphone and she just casually mentioned that she’s an ex-heroin addict who used to smoke it, not inject. imagine your druggie mother telling you that she’s a man now kek. her froggy voice is nauseating

No. 1732480

>Help I can't feel sexual pleasure after I sewed my vagina shut and buried my clit under an arm sausage????
I can't believe how fucking retarded some people are.

No. 1732482

Lmao anon is your sister's friend my coworker? I work with a woman who could be described the exact same way: former heroin addict with three kids and facial tattoos who trooned out like a year ago.

No. 1732499

I genuinely dont get how frankendicks work. How can you stroke it and get any pleasure from it? Its literally just old grafted excised nerveless arm/thigh skin with no erogenous sensation. How do you orgasm from stroking a dead meat sausage thats been sewn onto your pelvis? How does it stimulate your clitoris in any way if you cant even access it anyway? Also do they have to leave a hole for discharge and blood to come out or do their periods stop with testosterone therapy? Is there a tube inside the Frankenstein dick that transmits urine from the inner female urethra to the outside fake pork sword urethra? Like I genuinely don’t understand any of this shit working anatomically it’s so unnatural and illogical

No. 1732501

they harvest an arm nerve and hook it up to the clit but somehow I feel as though the posts about it feeling good are just cope

No. 1732502

It's just them trying to cope and trying to convince others they didn't fuck up their arms. Also medical practitioners lying to them for money.

No. 1732594

>I genuinely dont get how frankendicks work
they don't
>How can you stroke it and get any pleasure from it?
they don't
>How do you orgasm from stroking a dead meat sausage thats been sewn onto your pelvis?
i'll give you 3 guesses as to what my next answer will be kek

No. 1732602

kek that would be hilarious if she is. i didn’t get to hear what exactly her job is but she mentioned her truck a lot, and said she wants to start doing carpentry again & that she likes painting, not sure if she meant artistically or not. they keep mentioning a friend or girlfriend named “cece” oh and she sounds white to me if that helps. they’re currently on the phone again at 4am and pissing me off

No. 1732749

Chest-feeds… so y’all agree women have breasts. Lol.

No. 1732902

If you think you look handsome when you have a mask on, that's just a self own kek

No. 1732904

They can't possibly have periods. They get their uterus and ovaries removed and their vagina closed before getting the skin sausage

No. 1732954

File: 1672186394580.png (19.26 KB, 367x359, 800px-FGC_Types.svg~2.png)

So what I'm hearing here is that FTM "bottom" surgery is basically just infibulation with an arm sausage sewn over it. Interesting how modifying a woman's genitals for cosmetic purposes is a crime (in Europe at least) except when troons do it. Like that's exactly how the laws describe FGM– surgical modification of the vulva or vagina for cosmetic reasons.

No. 1732957

No fucking way, source? I refuse to believe this is how it works. Doesn't the frankenweenie just go over the clit and mons pubis??

No. 1732960

I'm being hyperbolic, anon. That pic is a diagram of infibulation. FTM surgery presumably leaves the vulva and clitoris intact, but covers them with the arm corndog. From what I can tell, it's "optional" to sew your vagina closed, and also you have the option of pissing through your original urethra just behind the frankendong, or having it extended through it. Horrifying stuff.

No. 1732981

and yet all of these individuals scream about science and medicine and how we must 'believe the science'

in what fucking world is this much rearrangement normal… why are doctors permitted to do this???

No. 1732994

SRS vaginectomy is actually even more gruesome. There are two main methods- the first is colpocleisis, which is basically de-epithelialisation (removal of the first layer of skin) of the vaginal canal, with the vaginal opening completely sewn shut, allowing the skinned vaginal walls to fuse. The second method is total vaginectomy (I think this is more common?) wherein the entirity of the vaginal wall tissue is removed.
Pretty sure both of these would have to include radical hysterectomy (includes removal of the cervix) with oophorectomy or the postsurgical complications would be insane (as we know, many tifs dont entirely lose their cycles on T, i cant imagine a buildup of endometrium with no exit would be healthy, and additionally ovarian activity regulates discharge- imagine producing discharge in your flayed and fused vagina) but as there are zero surgical standards for SRS id put money on this having been neglected by at least one surgeon.
it's always way more gruesome than youd imagine with these surgeries.

No. 1733013

That’s honestly so terrible, I cannot imagine that feels good at all and the potential for infection must be massive. Gross.

I see that makes a little more sense but god what a terrible and dramatic surgery, it’s even worse than the neovagina one


No. 1733016

Oh my god.

No. 1733085

Yes, in a total vaginectomy the whole tract is removed (I'd assume they leave the structural ligaments and try not to interfere with the pelvic floor muscles too much but I can't really see how you'd get around that? Like idk how you could perform a total vaginectomy without disrupting the uterosacral ligaments, for example. I also suspect there have been cases of surgeons leaving one or both ovaries behind as a "just in case" measure or because the long term outcomes for radical hysterectomy + oophorectomy patients aren't really problem free, lots of predictable complications like bone loss/osteoporosis but also other stuff too like apparently increased risk of dementia)

No. 1733108

Sage for OT, but could you name-drop the major or the area you met her in? This sounds like my personal lolcow (though I know plenty of them pull the same bullshit).

No. 1733172

This is just voluntary FGM? Oh so the world is against us, united in woman hate. I see it now yeah

No. 1733261

File: 1672246919119.png (111.6 KB, 1064x566, Screenshot.png)

Posts like picrel really do emphasize how incredibly sheltered most TIFs are. like JESUS FUCK 400+ precious flowers think they wouldn't end up dying or permanently injured if a male ends up fighting them

No. 1733267

Lol no physical altercations? There's tiny women fighting all the time, really throwing hands and ripping hair, giving men black eyes and here's this terminally online little girl twiddling her thumbs thinking it's off limits to her. There are more macho women at the fucking nail salon

No. 1733271

An unhinged woman can actually hurt a man when defending herself. Your reply sounds like something written by an incel who thinks he's stronger because he's a man.

No. 1733278

you sound misogynistic too like why would the woman who defends herself be "unhinged"?

No. 1733280

Any woman can defend herself but an unhinged one(because most tif are unhinged) is more likely to be more aggressive while defending herself imo.

No. 1733282

File: 1672248873827.jpeg (124.88 KB, 1346x474, BIUZnp4.jpeg)

do you think someone like picrel has any idea about fighting or the reality of the world

No. 1733303

Dear "Ezra (he/they),"

You will never be a real Yehudi. You have no patrilineal Judaism, you have no descent from Moses, you have no Matzo balls. You are a degenerate "bindyboi" twisted by Discord and testosterone into a crude mockery of G-d's perfection.

All the “affirmation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your binders people mock you. Your single mother is disgusted and ashamed of you, your “mutuals” laugh at your dirt eating selfies behind closed doors.

Men of faith are utterly repulsed by you. Six thousand years of intelligent design have allowed Jews to sniff out fake converts with incredible efficiency. Even converts who "pass" look like goyim to a Jew. Your lack of a circumcised phallus is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk Jew to watch your idolatry, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your sausage pump.

No. 1733304


You will never do a mitzvah. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under testosteronejew's unbearable weight atop the flat and stationary earth.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your sacrificial chicken, and make a peaceful offering for Azazel at the Seder. Your Tavistock case manager will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment of knowing a "cripplepunk." They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with a Blue Checkmark, and every Rabbi putting a rock on your grave for the rest of eternity will know a member of the LGBTQP+ community is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably small-boned.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

Here's a peruta to give to charity!

No. 1733319

She's never seen a man eat oatmeal? Is she agoraphobic with lesbian moms who have no other family, don't read books or watch TV or speak to any men? Is she going ftm because there are literally no men where she is from? There's a picture of a man on the oatmeal box even.

No. 1733331

File: 1672255396158.jpg (388.54 KB, 2251x1731, theyrethesamepic.jpg)

Do your little HRT treats also make you delusional? You don't look like a dude and you never will.

No. 1733353

Kate gosselin is soooo gender

No. 1733366

File: 1672259084518.jpg (58.79 KB, 526x500, 1637584066224.jpg)

WTF does this even mean

No. 1733368

They put him on the box as a cautionary tale. He was the first male who dared to eat the oatmeal, whereupon his penis shriveled up and he died. He couldn't handle th feminine power of oats.

No. 1733371

So, you're basing your appearance off of what will please your boyfriend. How woke and enlightened.

No. 1733376

My sides. HRT could've saved the quaker oats man.

No. 1733390

Very masculine behavior for sure, not at all an extremely common thing for a woman with extremely low self esteem to do with her boyfriend.

No. 1733438

Jumping out of the male gaze and sexualization pan only to land back in the same pan

No. 1733452

File: 1672269045024.jpg (9.51 KB, 284x284, 844de9c373ad9fab296f13ca27ada9…)

Idk she does look like human shrek

No. 1733469

>hrt seller, I am going into twitter and I want your strongest hrt
>my hrt is too strong for you traveler

No. 1733477

KEK That is so true.

No. 1733559

Jesus fucking christ. How would this affect mobility? I assume now that there is internal scarring that is being pulled on by hip and leg tendons and muscles during movement. How horrifying.

No. 1733646

This reminds me of a TIF I knew when I was a teenager, she fantasized about being able to be in army as an adult (and trans man), said she wanted it so she can die there. I assumed it was maybe her suicidal ideation too.

No. 1733650

fucking kek

No. 1733716

men are generally a lot stronger and that's why they're so violent

No. 1733727

They are violent because of testosterone

No. 1733772

Male is when big eyeliner and pronouns, right?

No. 1733778

I once met a tif who was extremely violent towards her girlfriend (who also eventually troond out too, but she was already batshit crazy and on a lot of psych meds) to the point where she would cut off the head of all the plushies in her bedroom, kick her cats and even write "die fucking pig" in her bedroom with menstrual blood. They were always on and off, and the fucker even stole some clothes when I was living with them, fucking tif was real quick to make threats whenever she didn't get her way. But apparently you are the one misrepresenting them when you point out how T will make them violent lmao

No. 1733779

Can we report people for being unabashed low IQ here? I don’t want to share a platform with this person right here.

No. 1733780

why are they always named 'Ezra' lmao, one of my former friends also trooned in her 20s, after having her child and always dressing exclusively in frilly skirts and lolita dresses, and she now goes by "Ezra" as well. Always either Ezra or Damian

No. 1733781


KEK, absolute gold. Isn't Judaism matrilineal though?

No. 1733789

Yes it is, she will never be a real Jew. Fathers are meaningless as they might not even be the real dad. But she wants to cosplay as one for brownie points anyway. Sad!

No. 1733801

File: 1672336500821.jpeg (56.64 KB, 622x623, 68205399-62AE-497B-B7DC-9B6583…)

bump cp spam

No. 1733823

The inner arm is used as a harvest site because in theory it has the correct arrangement of nerve cells to produce a pleasurable sensation. Close your eyes, lightly stroke the inside of your forearm with your fingertips, you'll feel what I'm talking about.

Now imagine that (assuming you're lucky and the nerves actually lived) but on your crotch. This is what their "sexual pleasure" (again, assuming an OPTIMAL outcome) is top kek. Forearm tingles.

No. 1733826

>men are generally a lot stronger
>and that's why they're more violent

No. 1733859

Traditionally yes but you can get citizenship in Israel from having a Jewish dad so there's some nuance

No. 1733893

horrifying, thanks for the explanation! those floppy frankenstein balloon animals just feel like forearm tingles best case scenario? why would anyone willingly put themselves through that?

No. 1733899

This is the single most pathetic thing I've ever read in my entire life, and I used to follow Chris Chan autistically. All of that pain and mutilation for a floppy sausage that can't even go in a vagina and enjoy the experience? The women who do this need to be 5150'd.

No. 1733901

Tbh there are "psycho girlfriend" stories like this with women who aren't on T, but because trannies are usually mentally ill in other ways I'm sure the transing makes those come out more than usual.

No. 1733942

TiFs seem to go with names that end with a soft sounding syllable such as Noah. Other popluar TiF names I've notice are Finn, Aaron, and of course Aiden, Cayden, etc. A butch lesbian I use to work with has trooned out and now goes by Payton.

No. 1733946

>A butch lesbian I use to work with has trooned out and now goes by Payton.
I've only ever met women/girls named Payton and it's a completely feminine name at least where I live lol

No. 1733954

File: 1672353505152.webm (13.26 MB, 576x1024, socialtransition.webm)

The utter misogyny this TiF is spouting claiming that women are nastier to other women than to men.

No. 1733977

I could actually believe that considering internalized misogyny and patriarchal conditioning to coddle scrotes

No. 1733978

>everyone is so nice to me!
>taking the condescending tone that people take with mentally disabled children as genuine
>those bitches are so mean to each other
>assuming that women are wary of you because you're a totes real boy
>and not because they see you as a mentally unstable woman overflowing with internalized misogyny
And also
>yeah the patriarchy exists but instead of working with other women to make things better for all women, I'm going to exploit a faulty loophole and only make things better for me

No. 1733983

> women are nicer to men
Yeah no shit, because nobody wants to be harmed by a potentially unhinged scrote. It's completely fear-based.

No. 1734051

File: 1672365159287.jpeg (527.39 KB, 1170x1318, 279EF7B8-70AA-477A-A080-4A746D…)

I remember this used to bother me as well.

No. 1734191

You never see them pick names that were popular in the years they were born, like Josh or Brandon. They choose names that are popular with babies being born right now or name themselves after fictional characters, which makes them stick out like sore thumbs. Oliver, Elijah, Dave, Keith, etc. The other day, one of my friends pointed out that all the "Dave"s she knows are boomers or FTMs. No shit, lmao.

No. 1734269

She's kind of right though, depending on your luck you could be stuck in a pickme hell your whole life surrounded by women that will gladly backstab each other for crumbs of male attention. Combine that with the fact that she was most likely a huge nlog growing up due to being bullied - I do think her experience is likely to be true kek.
One thing she didn't want to say outloud regarding "people that knew me before transitioning treat me better now that I'm a trans man" is because she's trans not because she's a man. Clueless but well meaning normies like her professor that called her annoying when she was a woman will just tiptoe around her and be more kind as to not upset her now that she's trans. It's easier to criticize and shit on a mere "cis" woman than it is a trans person.

No. 1734459

>men move out of my way on the street now, how shocking its the patriarchy
People will move out of your way if you simply walk fast. They move for me, a woman, all the time. You're just retarded.

No. 1734483

>women that will gladly backstab each other for crumbs of male attention
This so much. Women's solidarity isn't that common. If it was, feminist wouldn't be used as an insult. We have extremely similar personalities with my boyfriend. People think I'm annoying and bitchy. Him? A natural leader, charming and funny. People don't expect the same from a woman or a man.

No. 1734531

I mean, shes right though. But
>As soon as i started passing suddenly professors loved me
That's just because you're a tranny and th