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File: 1674716337408.jpeg (217.95 KB, 1080x1345, queen.jpeg)

No. 1752617

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha's hometown.

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's husband.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate, Olivia Lopez: H3H3 crew members.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.

The H3/Trisha Ongoing Feud
>Ethan and Trisha had a very successful show called Frenemies. One of its high points was when Ethan and Trisha exposed David Dobrik and supported a rape victim, who was taken advantage by the Vlog Squad.
>During the last episode, Trisha was upset that she had no say in what happens in the show and how repetitive the segments were. It escalated into an argument where Trisha asked for the show to end because she didn't want to walk out while the cameras were still rolling.
>Trisha had an online meltdown and made a bunch of videos saying that she quits the show. Ethan accuses Trisha of wanting to fire the crew and made everything about her wanting 5% more from the profits.
>Trisha made more videos, attempting to explain herself but making herself look worse in the process. Ethan made content based on her responses, which got him lots of views.
>Ethan invited Trisha to record one more episode of Frenemies to promote the merch, but decided to not not air it once everything sold out.
>Trisha went to Keemstar's podcast after she called him out for dating a woman who is too young for him. Ethan took it personally and sent his fans to attack her. When Ethan's mother piled on the hate, Trisha defended herself and mentioned that Donna sent Moses a vile message. The message, which blames Trisha for a potential miscarriage, was read in Families. Outside of the H3 bubble, people sided with Trisha, which prompted Families to get cancelled to protect Donna from further scrutiny and drama.
>Ethan unlisted an episode of Frenemies and asked Trisha to clarify her sexual abuse. This started a shit show, which got drama channels and H3 fans riled up. Trisha's former classmates came forward to accuse the teacher of being inappropriate but H3 fans dismissed and harassed them. Trisha had a meltdown online and privated her Twitter. She eventually came back with a video thanking the classmates and admitting she made a mistake with the child porn charge but is still standing on her allegations against the teacher. Petty Paige's video >>>/snow/1331953
>Trisha stops giving Ethan and his fans attention. Nevertheless, she and everyone in her life continues to get harassed: Ethan's fans mass downvote every video that she makes, leave negatives comments in all her content, contacted her sponsors, called the cops on Trisha's mother, harassed Trisha's brother and his family, sent messages to Moses's workplace, doxxed Moses' former partners, etc.
>Trisha and Moses got married, which prompts Ethan to be "mask-off”, insult Trisha’s family and say “Justice for Mr R”, her sexual abuser. She made a video asking him to leave her alone. Ethan took out the portions of the video where he insults Trisha’s family out and complains about how much pressure he has been under after a fight with Hila.
>Ethan praised tea channels and people who speak negatively about Trisha. He is caught following/unfollowing Trisha’s Tiktok, visiting r/Trishyland regularly (a hate subreddit dedicated to Trisha) on his personal computer and continues to bring her up regularly.
>Ethan mentioned Trisha on his lawsuit against Ryan Kavanaugh and cried about the end of Frenemies to the judge.
>Dan makes a kill switch to cut off Ethan every time he mentions Trisha. Ethan still tries to bring her up almost one year after the end of Frenemies.
>Ethan showed his search history and Trisha is still on the top.


Trisha Paytas

https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions (Moderated by H3 employees)
https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies12 (Moderated by H3 employees)
https://www.reddit.com/r/TrishylandWifeys (New sub after Reddit banned Trishyland)

Past Threads
1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691
3: >>>/snow/1308812
4: >>>/snow/1344979
5: >>>/snow/1395559
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No. 1752618

Last Thread
>r/Trishyland sells merch based on their hatred for Trisha >>1535032, >>1535033, >>1535038, researches the possible schools that Trisha's daughter could potentially attend >>1537066, discusses getting in touch with Trisha's old classmates for gossip >>1541175, tries to sext with Moses >>1548314, track her tax payments >>1643403, harass her sponsors >>1643437, >>1672504, slut shame her for seducing her teachers when she was a teenager >>1669524
>Ethan monetizes the Texas elementary school shooting >>1540372. Teddy Fresh sells a special shirt and promises to donate the profits to the victims' families >>1542379. The $50,000 donation mysteriously disappears >>1543218 as they continue selling the shirt >>1543554 and no one in the H3 team addresses what happened
>The H3 Podcast channel gets suspended for a week because Ethan says that someone should bomb the NRA meeting >>1543210, joked about shooting up Walmart and said someone should go to Ted Cruz's home to shoot in the air >>1548720. He blames antisemitism for the YouTube strike >>1543619
>Ethan finally addresses the donation and calls everyone who questioned him a "lowlife" >>1544533 and eventually make the donation >>1552710
>Ethan has a meltdown over Texas Governor. He says that Abbott is in a wheelchair because God hates him >>1544991, >>1545224 and responds to haters by taking a selfie from the toilet >>1546583, >>1546743, >>1547368
>Ethan and Hila leave their newborn at home with the nanny to party with Post Malone and take drugs >>1548600, >>1548721, >>1549094, >>1552250. Shortly after, Ethan, Hila and the children get COVID >>1576243, >>1579245
>Teddy Fresh employees complain about the working conditions in Glass Door >>1554768, >>1588319, >>1588329, >>1589471. Ethan and Hila blame Trisha's stans >>1588995, >>1591235
>Ethan goes to the Howie Mandell show to talk about Trisha >>1568577. He then says that he was just testing Trisha >>1569702
>Daphney, Moses' accuser, calls Trisha a bad mother and her baby ugly >>1569201 and shows the email she sent to Ethan and Hila in 2020 >>1612041
>CDAN talks about a popular podcast co-host going "off the rails" due to his drug use >>1581455
>The r/h3h3productions top mod is a pedophile >>1584758
>Jimmy Lee and Ethan's dad make a podcast episode for members only >>1599229
>Ethan blames his past feuds on Trisha >>1601245
>Jeff Wittek, Mike Majlak and Tana Mongeau go to the H3 Podcast >>1606862, >>1607469
>Keemstar shows plagiarized Teddy Fresh designs >>1627140. Ethan doesn't dispute it and says that everyone in the fashion world does it anyway >>1610782
>Teddy Fresh issues >>1610885
>Ethan refuses to cover the Def Noodles drama >>1609575, >>1611221, >>1611999
>Ethan wants to bring Trisha's ex boyfriend, Jason Nash, to the podcast >>1612509
>MrBeard, the guy who uninronically made a video to call Trisha a literal nazi, says that making fun of Ethan's weight is fascist >>1613095
>Kat Tenbarge wrote an article for NBC about r/Trishyland >>1628443
>Ethan says that Trisha is about to have a baby, which is pretty insane >>1640565
>Keffals is invited to the H3 Podcast >>1641326, >>1644518
>Memes about Trisha's baby is the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth >>1642747, >>1642751
>Ethan makes a contest to let his fans make diss tracks about the H3 enemies, some which attack Trisha and Ryan Kavanaugh's ex wife >>1643152
>Trisha gives birth to a baby girl and names her Malibu Barbie >>1648898, >>1649886, >>1650206, >>1658443. r/Trishyland criticize her for having a c-section >>1649097, >>1649098 and ruining their birthday >>1649589
>Ethan gets kicked out from the Metaverse for simulating sexual assault in front of children >>1649357
>Tea channels and r/Trishyland claim Trisha is exploiting her baby for making videos with her >>1650599, >>1653257. People are being nasty to Malibu to hurt Trisha >>1654275, >>1656632
>Ethan re-listed the Frenemies episode where Trisha talks about her child sexual abuser >>1653998
>Ethan does damage control after he drags Alinity into the Twitch drama >>1655248, >>1655371
>Hila dyed her hair and eyebrows >>1666710, >>1670174, >>1706957
>Ethan and Hila diss Trisha >>1669811
>The Right Opinion made a 4 hour video on the Frenemies fall out >>1669699
>Ethan gets suspended for saying that if there's a second Holocaust, he wishes Ben Shapiro gets gassed first >>1679591, >>1680176, >>1680329, >>1680426, >>1680431
>Ethan and Olivia doxx the wrong person and get the fans to harass a stranger >>1680232
>Trisha was driving Malibu without buckles >>1683587, >>1683618
>r/Trishyland is banned for excessive copyright removals >>1693451, >>1693794
>Ethan gets suspended from Twitter for impersonating Elon Musk and calling him a pedophile >>1695857, >>1695960, >>1695962. Then Ethan ban evades and gets Hila's account suspended >>1707141
>Ethan jokes about bombing the Vatican >>1708729
>Ethan says that he misses Trisha. His YouTube search shows that he has been looking at Trisha's channels >>1714618
>Ethan buys Bowblax's plushies and lies about Bowblax sending an email praising him >>1721172, >>1721182, >>1721209. Ethan refunds the plushies.
>Trisha complains to Reddit about her hate subreddit reposting her OF content in her skincare website >>1741480
>Ethan defends his friends, Andrew Callaghan and Justin Roiland, who have been accused of domestic violence, pedophilia and rape >>1744485

No. 1752624

Ethan defended the men who are featured in To Catch a Predator
>says the show "entraps" the men
>says that the men are just lonely virgins who get reached out by girls

No. 1752627

I won't even watch the video, because I don't wanna get pissed off, but there has been such an obvious pattern of Ethan excusing pedos. Gross freak, I hope Hila divorces him and takes the kids.

No. 1752629

Didn't know there was an H3 thread here, cool. I don't watch them too often but jesus Ethan looks like shit these days! That's all I have to say

No. 1752633

>Famous men shouldn't have casual sex
>His famous male friends are getting called out for doing horrible stuff
>Ethan advises men to stop having one night stands because the girls feel coerced afterwards
>Fucking a bunch of women used to be a reason to become famous but now it gets you in trouble
>Women have been used and abused for a long time. Ethan says that it's weird that now men have to be held accountable
>Since men won't get away with it anymore, it's better to be careful. It's too risky nowadays
>These famous men are not bad, they just get caught in the moment and have regrets
>If you are a famous man who travels a lot, just jerk off or hire a prostitute

No. 1752697

File: 1674732742769.png (371.06 KB, 708x666, skincare.png)

No. 1752786

what a beautiful and civil response. motherhood doing good for trish i never expected this

No. 1754701

File: 1674914694688.png (93.26 KB, 208x230, Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 9.04.…)

Ethan Klein asks his dead-brain cult to vote on a poll to create the most anticipated episode of his podcast every year, steamies award.


Do with the link what you want.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1754706

File: 1674915564034.jpg (78.69 KB, 1080x1070, screenshot.jpg)

I hate this fat fuck

No. 1754716

These Trishyland retards make Trish herself look like a pillar of sanity, like wtf

No. 1754906

Shocker that “Worst Influencer Scam” doesn’t have Teddy Fresh’s overpriced sweatshop stolen designs as an option. And we all know who had the “Greatest Redemption Arc” this year. But of course Trisha isn’t listed

No. 1756880

Found this on LSF, for those unaware about the twitch drama. The girl in the clip is crying because of deepfake porn made of herself without her consent, ethan apparently thought this was funny?

No. 1756904

Learn2embed /post caps please

No. 1756910

>Couldn't make sense of the URL of the video you tried to embed.
Ask the admins to fix their shit

No. 1757043

Happened to me the other day because I tried to copy the URL from an external app like Instagram instead of opening in chrome. Worked fine after I copied from browser.

No. 1757228

File: 1675160041268.webm (6.34 MB, 960x720, 4375456-a4c458cfff8ad2039a6809…)

Ethan played a video of QTCinderella crying about deepfake porn of her and used by someone she knew, she looked visibly upset and traumatized. Ethan messages Zach to play a soundbite and burst out laughing (Olivia dies laughing too), Ethan then tries to put all of the blame on Zach playing soundbites for laughing at a woman crying for having deepfakes made of her.


What the fuck is wrong with him…ofc his dipshit fans are going enable this though. He keeps on going more and more downhill.

No. 1757229

No. 1757268

File: 1675166713590.png (1.51 MB, 1028x1064, o6a1l5qruafa1.png)

Their employee Sam looked ready to quit. She's been liking QTs tweets as well. Don't blame her one bit and I hope she walks away from this garbage fire

No. 1757328

File: 1675175748958.png (656.13 KB, 961x876, ew.png)

everyone but Ethan, the sound guy and the resident pickme looks so uncomfortable why the fuck would they even post this? I saw a thread on reddit earlier where someone was defending this and they got massively downvoted thank fuck although the H3 subreddit is already memeing it and making "funny" edits

No. 1757338

Jesus Christ. Those assholes laughing are absolute pieces of shit. I'm sure no one will care though. Because Ethan and his minions has the weirdest ability to be a completely vile and get away with it.

No. 1757346

I don’t get why anons think Sam and Ian are redeemable vs. the others. They’re still there through every single Ethan controversy. They’ll always have on their resume they worked and stayed working for a podcast that was almost permabanned for making terroristic threats. Ethan and Hila pay like shit as evidenced by AB and Lena’s dual income only being enough for Skid Row. Ian could make twice as much just being a video editor in LA and yet he’s still there. They clearly are only interested in leeching off Ethan’s dwindling fame like all the others. Made more obvious by the fact that now they’re trying to make it big on Twitch lol. Sam only cares about having her face on a screen

No. 1757531

I haven’t really watched H3H3 consistently besides a few clips like this. Ethan has always been ugly but is there a medical reason why he looks like a literal mutant lately? I feel disgusted whenever I look at his bloated frog face.

No. 1757860

Okay come on. These farms have some CGI girls in here. Make deepfakes of him fucking men, lots of men, spitroast style and post it as fact and then lets see who is laughing.

No. 1758189

File: 1675248033161.jpg (618.43 KB, 1079x1389, Screenshot_20230201-115624_Twi…)

I thought she was quitting?

No. 1758199

Same lol wtf? I love Trish but dayum ig she needs the money or smthn.

No. 1758201

she said she would quit doing porn, not bikini pics or nudity.

No. 1758204

Sounds bad but I just assumed she was bussin it wide open again ahaha

No. 1758209

also i recognize that look and that is a old pic from 2020. In one of her videos (too lazy to look for it), she said she would recycle and keep up her old content but she wouldn't upload anything new anymore. So this is just porn before 2022.

No. 1758224

She said that she would just upload old photos until she can find another source of revenue that is more reliable. I don't see this happening since the Trishyland weirdos will just sabotage any sponsorship she gets

No. 1758233

its honestly so sad that the psychos on trishyland dog on her for doing nudes/porn, but then literally create an environment for trisha where that is the only thing she can do to make money. although shes a major cow and has done so much shit in the past, i've seen her redemption arc lately, she doesn't do shit anymore. those women (and probably men too) are extremely unhinged to be harassing a woman who just wants to raise her baby and be able to have an income to live off of. she is lucky that she found someone like moses, his autism is very suited for her craziness. honestly who cares if she is recycling old content, its already been made and is out there, she might as well make bank off of it. i do believe that she can clean up her image a bit and one day her daughter could understand, i just hope trisha grows to be a bit more anti sex work and protects her daughter later on in life. i just don't see trisha as a complete degenerate, i think a lot of it came from the early 00s playboy culture she rose to prominence during…

No. 1758249

There's more than just money that keeps them from leaving imo. Look how Ethan hounds people that he sees as enemies. Sam and Ian must have seen how unhinged Ethan acted towards Trisha when she committed the cardinal sin of refusing to be his cash cow. I can't imagine all the batshit crazy stunts Ethan was pulling behind the scenes to make her life a living hell, which I assume his employees saw. It must be fucking scary to be working for a mentally unstable boss like Ethan and knowing that he can turn all his fans against you. If Ethan is capable of weaponizing his fans to attack his sister-in-law, he is capable of worse against someone in the crew. Like the time that Ethan went off on Ian once and said that he should be kissing the ground that Ethan walks for giving him money, a gf and a purpose in life or when Ethan and Hila let their fans send death threats to AB because he disagreed with them once.

Not saying that Sam and Ian are great but at least don't egg Ethan on when he is being a disgusting piece of shit, like Olivia or Zach.

No. 1758341

File: 1675269054245.jpg (212.03 KB, 1080x746, Screenshot_20230201-182920_Spo…)

New single release by Trisha Paytas on Spotify but it sounds nothing like her, not her style at all. She also hasn't promoted it anywhere else. Has she been hacked?

No. 1758373

Spotify is having a big issue right now with small artists pulling a scam where they using the names of bigger artists to get attention and listens, and make money off it. I'm assuming that's probably what's going on here.

No. 1758379

She was hacked last year. The guy who did it did an AMA on r/Trishyland

No. 1758387

File: 1675272107975.webm (1.98 MB, 640x358, qtcinderella.webm)

Ethan apologized in a members only video and QTCinderella said that he contacted her privately. She said it was fucked up and didn't forgive him.

No. 1758393

good for her for not accepting his apology. And he's 100% in the wrong, so he can't even try to spin it as "well she messed up too" like he did with Trisha to make himself feel better about rejection.

I hope this eats away at him, he has nothing else to save him after apologizing. No one (respectable) is going to defend him. I doubt he actually feels bad about it. Just feels bad about the backlash.

No. 1758397

File: 1675273138322.png (137.28 KB, 310x608, pos.png)

He knows he is in the wrong, which is why he is fishing for sympathy with these lame ass stories

No. 1758414

I hate Ethan so much. I don't even keep up with these threads but he's so fucking vile. Imagine becoming more hated and disliked by the general public than Trisha. I'm rooting for Trisha. I hope Ethan will die penniless and forgotten and wifeless with his kids barely speaking to him at all.

No. 1758425

What a whiner. She went easy on him. Too easy. All she said was she didn't forgive him but she didn't trash him or anything. But he's still going to use this as an excuse to throw a pity party and get his fans all worked up for him. He's going to milk this for a while.

No. 1758432

Not even Hasan is defending him. He's calling Ethan's "joke" very wrong and super fucked up.

No. 1758454

These YouTubers need to keep tearing him down. I’m so ready for his downfall

No. 1758464

good for her. she doesn't deserve this shit, i hope this is what finally gets ethan cancelled but knowing his audience i unfortunately doubt it

No. 1758488

Like nonna said here >>1757860 someones gotta deepfake porn of him. piece of disgusting shit laughing at women and turning it into a funny haha clip for his stream and then twisting it into an "oh im so sowwy im such a bad person teehee pwease fowgive me". Lets see how fucking hilarious it is when theres deepfake porn of him getting ass raped and people play meme clips over his breakdown - I would find it hilarious, personally.

No. 1758491

I want to do this as the ultimate revenge- deepfaking Ethan and all the other top male streamers, but men are so gross and fucked up they'll probably get off on it.

No. 1758521

Comments on that video were pretty understanding of Ethan, what a surprise

No. 1758559

Ntayrt but agreed. Even if she quit being an influencer I'm convinced that T-anons would show up to her workplace irl and continue to harass her with the argument that she doesn't get to move on because she hasn't repented for "what she did". Imo they literally will not stop until she kills herself in some dramatic, theatric fashion, screaming "FINE TRISHYLAND YOU WIN!!!!!", on screen. Then in T-anons mind, Ethan and Hila will swoop down and "rescue" Malibu from her abusive family and they will live happily ever after. It's insane.
The way to make moids feel violated is to do the DeepFakes onto some really gross porn of a gay twink getting "destroyed" and "pounded" by some huge macho man. Something super degrading but more importantly gay and emasculating. Ethan is very fat so you'd have to take that into account if you want it to be semi realistic.

No. 1759225

I'm going to deepfake ethan into so much disgusting degenerate shit (in minecraft) he'll be sorr– oh shit forgot he's a degenerate and will 100% hands down unironically unequivocally wank to his own disgusting scat deepfakes.

No. 1759338

Exactly wouldn't be surprised if its Big Fat Ethan (BFE) pushing this idea. Him getting a deep fake made is probably the only way he can have sex

No. 1759368

I’m sure it’s been talked about in earlier threads but does anyone have insight about the beef between Hila and Moses?

No. 1759668

Hila is distant from Moses because Ethan has an issue with Moses' wife. It's so stupid. Malibu is a cousin to ethan's kids you'd think they'd like them to socialise.

No. 1760108

Hila blocked Moses on Twitter and cut him out her life since he didn't immediately break up with Trisha after Ethan was done exploiting her mental health for Frenemies. Ethan told Moses on the phone that this is what he gets for choosing Trisha or something to that effect. I am not sure if the video where Trisha talks about this is still up on Youtube.

Moses and Hila had a good relationship prior to this since Moses brought the camera that h3h3productions used when they started out and supported them financially when Hila first came to LA.

No. 1764672

H3 team member most likely to commit a mass shooting, killing Ethan during the podcast?

My vote goes to Dan. He hates Ethan.

No. 1764678

i feel so bad for the kids who will suffer cause of Ethan and Trisha’s issues

No. 1764681

Youve gonna approach it differently nona. You need to deep fake him on a really fat guy and have him saying embarassing his like “im a fat fucking loser beta male who lost his edge and i jerk off to egirls cause my wife is a skeleton” or something. His face over nikacado avacado would hurt as well as deep faking him fucking trisha but id feel bad for involving trish.

No. 1764989

File: 1676025841944.png (147.35 KB, 648x528, lawsuit.png)

No. 1765001

So did they lose or not? In the podcast they used it as click bait and didn’t say they actually lost in the video

No. 1765009

Did you even read the article anon linked? All the info’s in there, little spoonfeed baby. They lost their anti-SLAPP motion, which have such a high burden of proof for the plaintiff to have ruled in their favor, that by winning the anti-SLAPP ruling, Kavanaugh will almost certainly win the lawsuit.

No. 1765508

yum, ty for feeding me nonna :3(:3)

No. 1766016

File: 1676153527426.jpg (328.41 KB, 565x889, 20230211_222754.jpg)

This episode is going to be tragic. Ew, this is horrific

No. 1766053

none of these people shower

No. 1766117

why are they dressed like that, is this what they think zoomers think looks cool lmfao

No. 1766119

Embarrassed to admit this but I used to think iDubbbz was hot, wtf happened

No. 1766139

In the last 'After Dark' Ethan pretty much retracted his apology to QT, by making excuses for himself.

He said he doesn't want to second guess himself with the jokes he makes, and that people can't want full "goblin mode" and still get mad when fucks up while going full "goblin mode"

Well I guess Ethan considers possessing common sense and decency as hand stringing himself, so no one should get mad when he fucks up, even when he disrespects a victim who's just had her dignity stripped from her.

We all know this is complete bullshit and that he premeditated the joke, as he messaged Zach to play the music and then once again confirmed that he wanted to play it, even after being questioned about it.

Hila once again supported him by being a pickme and "totally understanding where he's coming from". Unsurprisingly, most of the crew back him up too.

It's interesting how Sam never spoke during this segment considering how disgusted she looked when Ethan and Zach made that vile joke. I would have loved to have heard her opinion, but obviously that wouldn't have fed Ethan's overblown ego.

I can't believe Ethan keeps getting away with everything and his fanbase even allows it. He's apart of the problem and by him making light of such a situation, especially since it's still ongoing, he's encouraging people to take it less seriously.

No. 1766157

Nonny why did you space out your post like that wtf

No. 1766269

This photo gave me autism

No. 1766394

Nta but it's because you have to do that on Reddit for new paragraphs, that's how you can pick them out.

No. 1766397

I didn't have Idubbz skinwalking Kurtis Connor on my 2023 cow predictions. What the hell is happening?

No. 1766720

Well Hila finally looks cute next to this potato

No. 1766777

thanks for the summary, which episode number was it btw?

No. 1766834

It was episode #94 of After Dark.

Most of what I included was from the "It wasn't Zach's fault" segment. Also, 44:32 is "interesting" too

No. 1767165

what the fuck is going on on hilas arm is that a shoop malfunction? her arms and legs look all wavy?

No. 1768694

File: 1676475653049.png (213.64 KB, 595x362, herewegoagain.png)

Another baby who will be neglected by the Ethan and Hila, great

No. 1768723

What a disgusting thing to post about your wife

No. 1768745

File: 1676480675686.jpeg (105.81 KB, 349x323, 0EBBF6C3-C37F-45D9-B0A6-E5B102…)

Ethan announcing that they’re going to try for another baby. They both want a girl and Ethan would like twins

No. 1768748

God no, I don’t want him to have a girl. He’s so disgusting and perverted

No. 1768786

What a mature loving way to convey trying for another child.
Ofc the broke dick wants a girl. >>1768748 agreed. Bad enough he has a little boy he neglects. I don't even want to entertain any thoughts of what he would do if Hila gave birth to a girl let alone twin girls.

No. 1768787

They barely pay attention to the ones they already have

No. 1768859

This is insane. Coming from the couple who couldn’t even bare to spend a week with their son whilst their nanny was off at Christmas…

Hila already said she absolutely doesn’t want twins. But I understand it’s more likely with “older” eggs and IVF so I’m wondering what she’d do if she found out it was multiples….?

No. 1773075

Anyone see the podcast today? I don’t agree w the dude he had on at all but hoe stay it was so cringy ngl. Like if anything made me feel bad for the scam artist he was dunking on, felt like it was just redundant even tho the guys an asshat.

No. 1775090

File: 1677165591666.jpg (102.75 KB, 603x662, Screenshot_20230223-150933_You…)

In the latest episode of 'Off The Rails' a whole segment is dedicated to Phillip DeFranco asking Ethan to stop making fun of his weight. Ethan is visibly upset and offended by this, especially since Phillip didn't ask him via private DM. Ethan apologizes, but still goes on to redirect the blame and further insult him by saying he's sensitive and that his content is boring. When AB and Dan defend Phillip, Ethan gets mad at them, saying "I can't fucking joke that his content is boring!?". I'll also mention that Phillip spoke about having an ED and struggling with food in the video.

Later in the episode Ethan hypocritically brings up Candace Owens making fun of Nikacado for his weight (He has done the same thing in the past). Funnily, Ethan still goes to talk about Nikacado's weight, but then stops himself to have another dig a Phillip, sarcastically saying "As you guys know it would be totally out of pocket for me to mention his weight".

It's actually hilarious that Ethan can't take accountability, despite always expecting other people to do the same. He did it last week too when he backtracked on his apology to QT. Ethan is a perpetual victim, no matter how in the wrong he is. The other members don't help either, considering they're always sucking up to him.

No. 1777541

File: 1677399513991.jpg (436.49 KB, 1080x1844, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Hila is going through another e-thot mid life crisis and adds piercings onto her goblin face.

No. 1777555

theyre just stuck on rhinestones thankfully

No. 1777567

Still talking about fat Phillip deFranco and Shane Dawson huh? When is this bitch (Ethan) going to move the fuck on from Frenemies? As if Ethan has any grounds to talk about Shane’s gross jokes. Ethan’s The Quartering of “liberals” lol

No. 1777570

Oh nooo this heavy makeup is not a good look for Hila. Yikes

Kek this reminds me of that time Nikocado made that video responding to Ethan and shows a picture of young Ethan and goes “DON’T YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME??”

No. 1777583

She used to be naturally pretty and I always thought she was too attractive for Ethan. Lately she looks 10 years older than her actual age and rough. I think his ugliness is spreading.

No. 1777589

Ngl im not big on the makeup at all but I do think the bridge piercings look kinda cool. If she were to just do her makeup regularly and have her bridge pierced I think it’s look cool in her. The rest is idk lol

No. 1777593

>>1777541 cursed yassified hila

No. 1777626

I love the heavy makeup and fake piercings. Let women have fun with their appearance even if they're "old" (she's not old).

No. 1777633

I think it looks okay on her actually.

No. 1778126

a very appropriate metaphor for the kind of person she is.

Superficial and trendy. She wants all the looks of an egirl without the commitment or effort required to actually do it for real. That being said, I bet there's gonna be a plastic surgery arc in her life soon.

No. 1778129

The makeup is unflattering and she looks like she is trying too hard

No. 1778868

It's sad how much Hila tries to please Ethan, while she has to beg him to wear shoes or pants to go out because he couldn't care less

No. 1785277

she's trying to be ~~FASHUN~~

No. 1785279

File: 1678319836776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.97 KB, 680x680, my eyes.jpeg)

Dear lord, my eyes. Between this and that fat pig Bert Kreischer always taking his shirt off, who let men believe that is okay? Click at your own risk

No. 1785304

I think about that pic ethan took of his asscheeks for ~le meme~ and how his kids are going to grow up and see that online

No. 1785387

I am breastfeeding atm and my nips aren’t that far facing down

No. 1785438

Super old milk but I just saw that clip where Hila admits that they have nannies that help raise the kids, even on their days off work, because she gets “tired”. Like, ??? What do they even do all day? Sit around at home, and then sit around on the podcast?

No. 1785512

Stealing designs from Supreme and hiring/firing TF employees requires a lot of energy

No. 1786206

Natural selection decided that these two idiots shouldn’t reproduce for good reasons- they are rapdily approaching middle age, have shitty genes, Ethan is too grotesquely unhealthy to conceive, Hila too underweight to concieve and on top of that they literally have 0 parenting skills to the degree that their children are raised by Nannies almost 24/7.
Yet because they have money they can use “science” to have what would be impossible if they tried to have children the natural way.
God and the fact they are literally going to cherry pick their child’s DNA even down to the gender is just creepy. I cannot even understand why they want a THIRD child, like what is motivating these people??? They don’t even seem to have an interest in raising the ones they already have?

No. 1786230

File: 1678479669319.png (370.18 KB, 864x1403, Screenshot_20230310-141304.png)

Peeked in on the F3 subreddit and saw a screenshot of this post. Went to look at comments and not a single fucking one is calling this person out for being such a creep.


No. 1786621

File: 1678540141342.png (1.08 MB, 1221x610, midlifecrisis.png)

It just gets worse. What happened to Hila?

No. 1786631

Pickme-ism not even once. She looks bad because she's styling herself like the e-girls Ethan wishes he was fucking. Depresses me that she tries so hard to look like a typical white bimbo when she's really uniquely pretty. Especially her natural hair color but she'd rather do this.
(I don't want to race-bait or argue over whether jews are white, I just think she looks better when she leans into her naturally born features.)

No. 1786643

No matter how awful she makes herself look, and this is pretty awful, she'll always be way the fuck out of Ethan's league. It's like she tries to level the playing field for him, then he shaves his eyebrows and gains 40 lbs.

No. 1786650

While Hila has a tendency to make herself look absolutely retarded in any photo (her teddy fresh shoots) she does have a unique beauty from her natural features. That is one thing that is sad about trends now, is it's encouraging people to completely change themselves to unflattering caricatures that tend to look the same anyways.
kek so true.

No. 1786712

Damn that style really doesn't fit her. The lighter spots on her blush look like huge pimples. I agree with the other anons that her natural features are beautiful, and this is way too far from them.

No. 1786740

This bitch needs Kibbe, my god. How can someone be so clueless about how absolutely wrong this looks, while also running a fashion line. She could even pull off edgier looks but not this zoomer bullshit. I guess that's probably their main fanbase but fucking yeesh

No. 1787077

despite this H3 keeps losing subscribers kek

No. 1787278

Maybe it wouldn't look as bad if she didn't go overboard with the bronzer or whatever it is… it would probably look better without it, idk.

No. 1787561

File: 1678658910331.jpeg (206.79 KB, 828x1029, DFE490A3-AC14-4370-A89E-603D30…)

Wish she’d wear makeup that more suited her features. She looks so good here. 1/2

No. 1787562

File: 1678658940157.jpeg (140.05 KB, 828x1005, A9841654-F9A2-4EBA-A4B5-884AE4…)

No. 1787666

i wish she would get with someone who appreciates her natural beauty and doesnt leer at every woman who crosses his line of sight.

No. 1787779

God, she even looks better than the skinnier version of himself.

No. 1788486

I wish she'd stop imitating the appearance of the last ex-girl Ethan whacked off to in bed. She's actually pretty when she's not running around vying for his attention. He's turned her haggard

No. 1790568

File: 1679125467028.jpeg (82.93 KB, 629x683, 2195DF10-BF41-4F4E-A2C4-7FA304…)

Hila looked so pretty in the episode today today, it’s more subtle but it suits her. Picrel 1/2

No. 1790569

File: 1679125494453.jpeg (50.77 KB, 443x644, 13AE6662-8DCF-47B4-8F59-AC30D9…)

Picrel 2/2

No. 1791817

File: 1679281915014.jpg (321.61 KB, 1169x1419, 2ysgmtxodjoa1.jpg)

No. 1791818

is this edit-chan fucking with us or does she genuinely look like this?

No. 1791819

File: 1679282267257.jpg (329.67 KB, 1169x1430, wc2zvsxodjoa1.jpg)

No. 1791831

Sorry I can't tell if ur being sarcastic but this look is still bad. She looked better when she didn't try so hard but I think having the baby made her insecure. I remember when Ethan went thru his phase of simping for Belle Delphine and openly flirting with her, Hila would get noticeably uncomfy and like fake smile/laugh the entire time. I felt bad but always thought she would shrug it off knowing that Ethan is so disgusting that he should be grateful a woman like her chose him. But nah she went down this route. Sad to see.

No. 1791856

Anon dont make me call you a retard, i took this from her instagram.

No. 1791859

She does not have the features for that horrible bleach blond hair. Every time I see Hila I just think of the Emperor's New Clothes. She dresses like a preteen raiding the costume rack.

No. 1791861

To be fair her and ethan live in a echochamber of only yes men and fans who are enablers and hype them over everything.
Look at the comments on that instagram link i posted for those photos and all the fans are hyping up her looks so she probably genuinely thinks this is a good look and doesn't realize that others can see how sad and insecure she looks.
Like im sorry but her fashion choices are horrible.

No. 1791899

File: 1679295087694.jpg (202.37 KB, 1080x1350, Snapinsta.app_1080_336829628_1…)

Idk why i laughed at this pic Because i remembered the time when Hila said that women who show their cleavage deserve sexual harassment, criticized pregnant women who look good or show off after pregnancy and send harassment towards that reality star.

But isnt she now doing the same thing. Maybe she should apologize to those women.

No. 1791910

ngl she looks great here. Even the outfit isn't as awful as the usual she wears though it's nothing special.

Holy shit though these box braids are atrocious. Not uniform in shape, not even braided correctly in spots and fraying all over. It's giving midlife.

No. 1791969

File: 1679307768476.jpg (14.69 KB, 200x286, 743.4.jpg)

i don't follow them much but the blond hair on Hila makes her look like Melman i just realized.

No. 1792019

She looks like an unhinged mess you'd avoid at your local

No. 1792212

She used to look very strikingly pretty with her natural hair and no makeup. Hollywood has infected her brain

No. 1792485

she looks so much like ethens mom in these, it's creepy.
it's weird how she is getting all sexy now, she never seemed like the type to try and appear sexy. maybe ethens porn addiction is making it harder for her to satisfy him so she is resorting to all this?

No. 1792556

My turds look like her braids when I'm constipated lol

No. 1792816

grimes looks so botched these days

No. 1792857

she looks like gabbie hannah here kek

No. 1796126

File: 1679924459162.jpeg (311.66 KB, 1080x1920, 3FF6A85E-0DA9-4026-A4EE-5A0AF3…)

What LA does to a mf
everything down to the styling, braids, and makeup is an uncanny attempt at resembling a kardashian.
Hila just doesn’t suit the ig thot look at all. what a shame I think she’d look much cuter if she went the quirky 70s shelly duval way instead

No. 1796139

Why has this thread become just about Hila? She's nowhere near as milky as Ethan.

No. 1796277

File: 1679943171792.jpg (28.43 KB, 350x456, InsecurityABish.jpg)

because she is just as shit as ethan. Everyone who would be close to ethan is a bird of the same feather.

After her being a pickme for many years and bragging about being natural or not showing skin her now trying so hard to make herself look like what ethan considers pretty is laughable and sad to others.

No. 1796286

Is she getting fillers?? She looks like lady gaga

No. 1796288

apologize to gaga now.

No. 1796348

Honestly I thought the same, but yes, definitely cheek fillers.

No. 1796400

Gaga is nothing special, her personality is written for her as is her fashion put on her, a puppet.

No. 1797429

Hila lately has been a great example of why some styles don’t suit certain people and why going against your natural looks or vibe doesn’t pay off (unless you do it like Kylie Jenner and get literally everything on your body changed). If beauty standards weren’t so strict then women like Hila and Kylie wouldn’t be doing this imo.

No. 1800785

File: 1680402657952.jpg (105.19 KB, 640x1385, single-at-a-bigger-hollywood-e…)

This style does not suit her

No. 1800801

File: 1680407893633.jpeg (43.98 KB, 635x973, C569FB1B-1E7A-4B2D-B06F-D7EEA1…)

No. 1800809

he ought to get a deepfake of himself on his videos

No. 1800834

She looks like a cracked out version of Allison Janney in this picture. Desperation is a sad look.

No. 1800923

celine dion really messes around with fashion these days!

No. 1800971

File: 1680440718445.jpeg (307.36 KB, 1169x1468, 1D0E412E-B3B3-46F7-AB97-0CB813…)

Here, since only Hila’s bad style seems to get posted in here and picked on as if the cretin she’s married to isn’t so much worse

No. 1801005

Those are not real fashion shoes, and just a joke, right? Those are mega man cosplay boots and not Balenciaga, right?

No. 1801013

astro boy actually, anon

No. 1801015

Fucking hell, I'm normally a "if you like it I love it" type, but I don't think she likes it and I certainly hate it. She always had a cute sense of style that was her OWN whether other people liked it or not. The recent fashions scream desperately clinging to an idea that her fat gross husband wants and doesn't deserve. This is so sad to me jfc.

No. 1801016

So they're cosplay? And not something from a runway? That's the real issue here

No. 1801060

have not seen these on the runway yet anon, that i can recall, however you are so right to be afraid kek.
other anon is right. ethan is a fucking melvin, does not even rate in terms of style.
hila looks like a scary baba yaga skin walk a bit, but i like her recent looks just a little bit …. they are deliberately strange i think

No. 1801477

File: 1680505774074.png (291.42 KB, 450x535, big red boot.png)

They're an actual fashion shoe MSCHF released that's meant to be cartoony. I don't know if they cited any specific IP for their reference, but they look the most like an Astro Boy costume piece. They look equally as stupid on everyone as they do on Ethan.

No. 1801478

i hate the way they crease i think they would be cute if they were a stiffer material, not with an outfit like this though.

No. 1801612

Well that's disheartening

No. 1801899

You are going to hate me but I think they look cute here

material seems different, like foam and the color seems different, these seem like maybe a aliexpress knock off version. Obviously worn as a joke tho

No. 1802583

he seems to be developing that dark eye area look that some crazy people get deep into their illness, maybe it's all the medication he is on

No. 1805033

probably all the porn he watches

No. 1805107

File: 1680932173463.jpg (153.67 KB, 1080x1080, 20230408_073529.jpg)

Lol. She girlbossed herself to 620.000 of H3s money.

I feel empowered just reading that tweet

No. 1805110

Just think, if Ethan wasn't tight with the 5% or whatever the fuck from Frenemies for Trisha he wouldn't have lost this money or all the shit from when it ended.

No. 1805113

File: 1680933249987.jpg (135.46 KB, 1079x1079, SmartSelect_20230408_073843_Fa…)

Her Facebook aged like the finest wine chefs kiss

No. 1805155

No. 1805249

She should keep it. As a matter of fact, she should take more.

No. 1805254

Rooting for this unapologetic Stacy to rob him blind and leave him in the poor house kek

No. 1805311

The funniest part is she stated in the contract what he would and would not get revenue from. He just didn't have his lawyers fully read it over.

No. 1805317

can we get a tldr? whats going on, whos the woman, and why is she taking ethans money?

No. 1805331

tldr: he signed to an MCN (multi channel network) in 2017 bc his adsense account was registered in israel. since he moved he couldn't get adsense money. his genius brain thought to sign to an israeli MCN which would get his money and then transfer to him that way. instead of making a new adsense account like a dumb fuck bc it would take 2 weeks and he's ethan, duh, he couldn't wait. the contract states they would not touch his adsense money, only 30% of his other earnings. he started getting money from youtube memberships years later. now he's crying bawling because they've taken 30% and he never noticed. he never noticed! accountant didn't notice? since 2017 he could've made a new adsense account but no… water temp iq. this is gonna be (potentially) another lawsuit. contract semantics.

No. 1805333

here's a better summary

Ethan Klein from the H3 Podcast explains how he believes BroadbandTV (BBTV), a multi-channel network (MCN), allegedly stole at least $620,000 from him. He details how MCNs were originally essential for creators but have become less relevant over time.

In 2017, Ethan joined BBTV, and their deal stated he would get 100% of YouTube revenue. However, he recently noticed a significant discrepancy in the payment stubs from BBTV compared to his YouTube analytics. After further investigation, he found that BBTV had been withholding 30% of his sponsorship money, amounting to at least $620,000, particularly from membership revenue.

Ethan claims that BBTV tried to justify this by referring to a clause in their contract mentioning "other net revenues," but he argues that the contract clearly states that Google net revenue, which includes membership revenue, should be paid 100% to him.

After reaching out to BBTV and having a call with them, they allegedly refused to pay back the money. As a result, Ethan has paused his membership program and is in the process of creating a new AdSense account. He is deeply upset and frustrated with BBTV's actions and plans to sue the company.

No. 1805347

thank you kind nonnies!!! i hope she takes even more and i hope he loses!

No. 1805490

There’s no way frenemies would’ve survived, 5% or not. Trisha’s too unstable

No. 1805714

ethan uploads another vid regarding bbtv, dw it's super boring. just whining. bbtv potentially going bankrupt. ethan doesn't mention a lawsuit.

ethan mentions defy media (another mcn, had signed smosh, game grumps) and how they had gone bankrupt, stealing 1.7 million usd. i assume ethan's losing his 600k.

No. 1805735

You all are a bunch of hypocrites. Now that Hila is trying new things it's "she used to be so pretty!! sad!! she's disgusting now!" but before when she was all natural with her dark brown hair and no makeup on camera (not a lot of women online are capable of that, sadly), it was always "she looks like a dead horse, she should put some makeup on, why does she insist on looking the worst always?"

More bullying of Ethan, less bullying of Hila (unless she does or says some stupid shit again, ofc). She already lives with the pornsick fatty 24/7, have some sorority please.

No. 1805753

A lot of anons said they think she is beautiful, maybe some insulted her, but most were really positive, wtf are you talking about?

No. 1805758

Hair colour is not the be all, end all of attractiveness. She needs to sort out her expressions if anything.

No. 1805787

Was going to say you must be new here, but no, even if you are, it's mostly insults (we're on /snow/ anyway). Obviously on any given imageboard you never know if it's the same people saying one thing then its opposite, but those threads are popular enough to attract a core, static audience, and i'm talking to those who are actively being hypocritical just to incoherently shit on her. It's like she can never win regardless of what she does, and as women we should be familiar enough with that to avoid policing her because she's trying new things. When she didn't wear makeup she was trashed, when she cakes her face she's trashed, when she dressed like an overgrown toddler she was mocked, when she tries to be more conventionally feminine she's still mocked. Let the woman be, what she decides to wear is harmless. I criticize her when she spouts dumb libfem shit or defend her goblin of a husband, not when she's awkward in pictures and wearing an ugly top i'd never wear.

"She needs to", for what? for whom? Who the fuck should she try to appease with >her< appearance and expressions? She doesn't need to do anything except the things that make her feel good about herself. Not even her shitbag of a husband is entitled to anything about her.

No. 1805792

yup i remember the first post on here ages ago already praising her artsyness and her looks and wondering why she was with fupa in chief
hila looks fine, but ethan has been influencing her in a way i dislike and bringing her down with him

No. 1805838

This is a gossip site, the same people saying, "She used to be so pretty!" aren't 100% proven to be the same people ragging on her looks now. Even if they are, so? I think she looks a damn fool 95% of the time nowadays, also who are you?
And even if someone was like, "Ugh she needs to wear make up" i'm pretty sure they weren't talking about e-girl childish ass make up or dying her brows.
Again, who are you and what authority do you think you have?We can hate h3h3 and dislike his pick me misogynistic doormat wife at the same time you know

No. 1805960

Wow definitely not new here, i have been following the threads since the first one and a lot of anons said that they like her, how naturally pretty she is an all of that

No. 1806012

>she should put some makeup on
Maybe on reddit, literally no anon on this site would ever tell a woman to turn herself into a bimbo ethot for scrote attention. Anons have generally been saying how she needs to work with her unique features instead of her rotation of Ethan's spank bank from ethots to blondes. As for the unique stuff that gets shit on, most of it is just objectively bad even coming from anons who are a range of old school goth and punk to Lolita to butches and studs. They're not saying go and be a pick me, they're just laughing or expect better in that field like goth anons in the alt thread nitpicking shitty goth makeup wanting good ugly goth shit
>you must be new here
>reddit spacing
Being here since the pandemic started doesn't mean you know ib culture kek
maybe you're not one of them but there are a lot of terminally "school's off let's fool around the female 4chan site" anons since the pandemic started who've stayed and never learned the culture but act like they know since they've been here for like 2-3 years at this point

No. 1806074

based nona. lolcow should be a safe space for all women online, first and foremost. repetitive nitpicks about how hila styles herself shouldn't be encouraged. women don't lose the right to dress playfully after they hit a certain age, and i suspect a lot more women would experiment with their appearance if office jobs didn't require a standard professional uniform (and misogyny/ageism wasn't so pervasive). i'd even argue that as a fashion designer catering broadly to Gen Z, she should be following their styles. i do think the braids are tacky and potentially appropriative though i'm not black so grain of salt(do you know where you are)

No. 1806294

File: 1681129676640.gif (3.2 MB, 498x280, 1674346262761.gif)

>lolcow should be a safe space for all women online, first and foremost

Kek. Don't go read the Shayna thread, you're gonna have a heart attack, precious newfag.

No. 1806509

She's not experimenting she's imitating ethots and what her scrote is getting off to, literally noone was telling her not to go out and be unique and were in fact saying the exact opposite

No. 1806563

That coke energy..(learn how to post: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1806576

top kek

No. 1806859

>lolcow should be a safe space for all women online
To my knowledge lolcow literally started as a place to keep tabs on/make fun of Pixyteri, a woman.

No. 1807578

this is why i mostly lurk for milk and read posts with images
twitterfags/normiefags text are so annoying

No. 1807760

Does Hila actually have an only fans, is this actually her profile? Or is it someone pretending to be her? https://onlyfans.com/hilaklein

No. 1808168

File: 1681411865206.jpg (49.43 KB, 951x553, Screenshot_20230413-145016_Bra…)

Kek, maybe this is her final stage of pick-meism, become the porn star. Except Ethan would still sub to other girls because porn consumption isn't just because "men are visual", if you have a low value man he isn't in love with your body and would rather watch other nameless women even if he had countless hours of you fulfilling his favourite fetishes.
On a side note nonna how did you find this? I presume this isn't on her Twitter or anything

No. 1808310

File: 1681431444329.png (105.91 KB, 1079x1266, 340758117_204560545625831_8241…)

I assume it's because of this IG screenshot, I've seen it making rounds but I'm assuming it's a troll who also made the onlyfans page.

No. 1808540

lolcow is not a monolith. I always thought she looked naturally pretty, in a unique way. Obviously her heavy makeup style is terrible.

No. 1809975

File: 1681678277249.jpeg (329.24 KB, 2731x1098, 535C1091-C835-4E40-82ED-788814…)

hila actually looks stunning here, she has some nice gams. kind of resembles a young ivanka trump when she modelled here. she better shape up and leave ethan now before he gets even fatter and crushes her to death in her sleep.

No. 1809984

Holy fuck that's hila? She's been holding back what the actual fuck. Makes me sad this is going to change nothing about Ethan being a pig for e-girls.

No. 1810009

I hate the blonde hair on her, she's gorgeous when she leans more into her natural complexion with dark hair and light eyes like here >>1808310

No. 1810010

File: 1681682386673.jpg (53.35 KB, 1200x630, shahrzad-rafati.jpg)

Holy fuck she's so based and sexy, I love this woman. Actually girlbossing! Doubt she's into women as well but I would slide into her DMs.

No. 1810043

She looks great here

No. 1810079

I thought arrow de wilde had a glow up for a second

No. 1810170

The thing that frustrates me about Hila is that she could definitely pull off alternative styles just not this one kek.

No. 1810399

i miss her dark hair but wow she does look great here.

imo her, ethan and the crew have been cursed ever since posting that party pic with hookers and the passed out kids


No. 1810447

anon please i searched the thread and their instagram what picture with hookers are you talking about? i would love to see it.

No. 1810467

File: 1681759214153.jpg (401.15 KB, 2048x1536, ethanklein.jpg)

here you go

No. 1810486

this is absolutely cursed thank you anon. i can't believe they would pose for a photo like that with someone passed out behind them.

No. 1810556

Wtf would bring their kid to an adult party then act raunchy? I can't imagine what those poor kids must have been exposed to over the years just casually cause their parents think they don't understand

No. 1811454

File: 1681904648724.jpg (127.67 KB, 1080x1183, IMG_20230419_130830.jpg)

I don't know which instagram photo they took of her, but it seems like some autistic scrote made this elaborate rumor to milk the anisa saga

No. 1811457

File: 1681904906882.jpg (187.53 KB, 1080x1820, IMG_20230419_133709.jpg)

Nevermind, I just checked twitter and her instagram and posted here, now I saw that an anon poted that photo up in the thread

No. 1811458

>if she grows an ass
Men can never think of anything else.

No. 1811464

File: 1681905848279.png (46.82 KB, 673x547, 1681256787597.png)

This account who keeps posting autistic fake milk seems to be the source. The only weird thing is that Hila has deleted all of her tweets, not sure if that's a normal thing for her because there's only 2 tweets on her profile.

No. 1812128

They gave the money back

No. 1814629

Anyone else shocked by how much money youtubers and podcasters make? I get that popularity and advertising counts for a lot but its still crazy you can make ASMR videos or podcasts where you talk about shitting and clogging up toilets and take home a multi-million salary a year. It doesn't feel right…trained actors and entertainers take years to make that kind of money, people with actual talent don't even end up making anywhere near that kind of money. Does anyone else feel like the salary should be proportional to the actual work? Not only that but as a Jewish person I agree with people that Ethan is extra stingy. His co-hosts and producers contribute A LOT to the show not only in production but participation in the actual podcast I feel like they should get a much bigger cut and if they're taking a trip to Japan first class seats cost nothing for Ethan. It just blows my mind the level of greed and detachment from reality youtubers have its unreal.

No. 1820692

Did anyone catch Ethan's interview with Oli London? It was a cringefest that was mostly just them going back and forth about troon stuff. It starts at about 51 min in.

No. 1821663

I skimmed it, but I'm honestly sick and tired of troons and their antics. Imho the tranny issue is a solved issue: They're almost all perverts or sexual abusers and must burn.
Not at all.
>popularity and advertising counts for a lot
It counts for everything. Every cent they make is a cent a corporation invested on ads and sponsorships, and assuredly gained from. In this case they also have their own clothing company, so I assume that must be a significant part of their revenue.
>trained actors and entertainers take years to make that kind of money
You're a bit naive if you don't think a lot of technically prostitution isn't involved. Also millions are spent per movie in marketing, with AFAIK the formula being 20-50% of the budget already spent on production (e.g. if a movie took $100M to make, the marketing budget is $20-50M)).
>salary should be proportional to the actual work
In an ideal world sure? That way most of liberal arts majors, "journalists", influences/entertainers, etc. would be broke or in a ditch, where they belong.

The crude reality is that we already live in a post-scarcity world - more food is produced daily than what it's needed for the entire planet's population to consume in a week, and what people earn is dictated by the earning of the corporations at the top of the pyramid.

No. 1821715

>The crude reality is that we already live in a post-scarcity world - more food is produced daily than what it's needed for the entire planet's population to consume in a week, and what people earn is dictated by the earning of the corporations at the top of the pyramid.
nta and a little bit offtopic but it's bizarre to live in a world with endless food, land, where jobs can be automated to save people time and money, and instead we simply have mil/billionaire CEOs and normal people working three jobs to afford their shitty apartment and food. It's fabricated scarcity for the purpose of making those at the top feel like Big Men and it's utterly bizarre, millions suffering just so these people can feel like chads every day.
>You're a bit naive if you don't think a lot of technically prostitution isn't involved.
I think this is why I don't really enjoy most liveaction movies and series, the way women have barely any role or dialogue, the shoehorned sex scenes, same as the upper levels of the music industry where the level of prostitution is off the charts.

No. 1822429

File: 1683474626012.png (525.13 KB, 976x666, fkdsf.png)

Remember when Morgpie (apparently one of the most popular amateur porn stars on pornhub) called in to talk about an STD or something and AB admitted to jerking off to her? Ethan said he "knew her" as well but imo seemed a tiny bit less creepy about it than AB.
She went and watched his Creator Clash fight together with his wife, the three of them walked out together and she watched the whole fight sat next to Lena. Its completely crazy to me and I havent heard anyone talk about it

No. 1822432

File: 1683474821934.jpg (476.13 KB, 1536x2048, FtyeoUEX0AkmnHS.jpg)

From her Twitter

No. 1822473

He looks like he thinks he looks like Cillian Murphy

No. 1822479

AB’s just taking a page out of his master Ethan’s book by thirsting over a porn star in front of his wife

No. 1822492

I was wondering about this bitch mostly because why did she wear elf ears to a boxing match

No. 1823864

Ethan and Hila are having another IVF baby and they have chosen the gender this time

No. 1824375

What's the crazy part? That someone who thought AB was marriage material would hang out with someone AB jerked off to?
To stand out.
Now THIS is crazy. Why would they crave for another child when they're already so neglectful? I'm not saying it's impossible they are better parents than what they seem… but at least to me they've always come off as not really caring about the well being of their children beyond the bare minimum they could get away with. Is it Hila? Does she get satisfaction from being pregnant and giving birth?

>I think this is why I don't really enjoy most liveaction movies and series
Why? While a lot of the sex for trade is initiated by moids, which can results in nasty power dynamics that might end on rape… but I don't think a majority of the people (men or women) who engage in the "casting couch" are victims. Tons of people have quit acting because they didn't want to whore themselves out, so it's clearly a choice. You sell your soul for fame and money.
>women have barely any role or dialogue
Maybe watch less series meant specifically for a scrote audience?
>the shoehorned sex scenes
That's an interesting point, I'm almost thirty and I've heard men complain about this since I was a teen, saying that it ruins a movie.
>same as the upper levels of the music industry where the level of prostitution is off the charts
Yeah, that one seems worse because they (almost exclusively men) are super withholding about rights and deals, so the victim has to play their game. Pop music bands all over the world are practically entirely a prostitution racket from what I've read.

No. 1825543

Speaking of neglectful, Ethan and Hila admitted to “sleep training” their infant. It’s so clear that they don’t look into anything and probably just do it because their midwit nanny suggested it

No. 1826161

I don't see anything wrong with nannies. I wouldn't be surprised if Trisha used nanny services you just don't see it. Anyway, as weird and gross as Ethan can be at least he supports Hila getting some positive feedback from other men since he jerks off to porn all day. Its a weird dynamic but if it works it works.

No. 1826387

>I don't see anything wrong with someone else raising your child
Plenty wrong when 999999 out of 1000000 is a way for parents to be neglectful rather than temporary help with the workload.
>wouldn't be surprised if Trisha used nanny services you just don't see it
I don't see how that's relevant. People doing something wrong doesn't become right because someone else is also doing it.
>since he jerks off to porn all day
This I don't know how to feel. Would I be critical of Hila if she mentioned she masturbates daily? My mind immediately goes to "of course, how could this goblin satisfy her" but if I had to be fair, people tend to have varying levels of libido, and while Ethan is almost undoubtedly addicted to porn… would he masturbate just as often if porn was unavailable? I think yes.

No. 1826861

I don't get all the love for Trisha she literally broke down crying because she couldn't seduce Ethan. Imagine your entire sense of self-worth hinging on every man wanting you that must suck. She's not a good person.

No. 1828148

Apparently for a lot of "people", if you hate Ethan Klein and Co. then you must like Trisha, and viceversa. I hate both of them and deeply pity their children.

No. 1828814

>she literally broke down crying because she couldn't seduce Ethan

No. 1828833

I think one of the issue with a porn addicted spouse is that a lot of men become obsessed with certain porn stars, which could be considered cheating depending on what you tolerate in a relationship.
Does anyone remember when Hila asked Ethan not to talk about Belle Delphine anymore? I don't know if it actually happened or if I just made it up.

No. 1838448

File: 1685560645618.jpg (574.08 KB, 2274x2000, eeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

I'm surprised nobody's brought up all the Trishaverse happenings recently. Allow me.

Part 1 of E! Interview: https://youtu.be/FHfjvUT1G4I // Archive: https://archive.ph/qgcqw
In brief, a dude from E! goes to her house to discuss Trisha’s “drama”-free transformation in vague terms. Trisha talks at length but says nothing about motherhood’s impact on her life. She’s glad Malibu is a girl so they can be twins, but Malibu also has her own preferences for… stuff? Maybe she’ll be an emo!!!!
Trisha is visibly over it by the time Moses oozes in to tell the world how much they hated each other when they first got together. Now they like each other because marriage. Interviewer namedrops H3 and neither of them take the bait lol

Part 2 E! Interview: https://youtu.be/CEk0Ps0nTzg // Archive: https://archive.ph/ruSa2
Trisha shows E! man some IP debris she fished out of the mansion-shaped consoomer void.
The comments section of both videos are teeming with obsessed ex-trishyland users and a smattering of botty “wowee Trisha has changed” spam. Picrel.

Trisha also started a new podcast with Colleen Baringer for some reason?
Oversharing #1: https://youtu.be/n9rVe6TTo-0 //Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230531191205/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9rVe6TTo-0&feature=youtu.be
I don’t remember much from the first ep because I kept zoning out. It’s very boring and Colleen (the alpha in this equation) is too much of a self-adsorbed dullard for a group project. She gives Trisha fucking nothing to work with. Trisha is too focused on remaining inoffensive to bring anything of interest to the convo herself. It’s just aggressive fake giggling and agreeing with each other.
They have mismatched expectations for what this podcast is going to be. Kind of seems like Colleen feels pressured by how invested Moses and Trisha are? I've never watched this person so I don't have much of a read on her.

I’m not watching the second episode. It's out if you're curious.

No. 1838720

In one of the frenemy episodes she had a meltdown because Ethan didn’t want to wrestle her and she somehow equated that to being sexually harassed in high school. Not an H3h3 fan I think they’re equally terrible.

No. 1839954

I find the fact that she married an accused rapist much more troubling.

No. 1841098

this never happened.

No. 1841385

NTA and I get where you're coming from, but she could not handle Ethan unilaterally sexually rejecting her.
She freaked hard when Ethan said he didn't want to wrestle her, the audience sided with Ethan because she was being retarded, then she made a crying video to justify her tantrum. It was bizarre, she was obviously furious that he rejected her and threw a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what would stick: "he's sexualizing me the way I was in high school when I did wrestling," "boys never wanted to wrestle me back then so I got triggered," "my boobs arent sexual," etc. It felt like she was trying to make him the bad guy for not wanting to roll around on the floor in onesies with a woman even though he's married. It was incredibly manipulative.
There was another episode where she kept asking him to take showers with him on camera and kept badgering him when he said no.
Ethan is a massive pornsick freak creep but… so is Trisha lol. She has major boundary issues and hides behind trauma when she's called out.

No. 1847162

Ethan ‘debated’ justpearlythings yesterday in a cow crossover. It’s about 3 and a half hours long and I only watched 30 minutes before I lost interest, both of them are insufferable but Pearl is probably one of the only people who can make Ethan look semi decent.
>ethan asks Pearl what kind of message she’s trying to send
>Pearl states that she believes the family unit should be prioritized and we should abolish alimony, child support, and divorce to maintain families
>Ethan points out that 1/4 of divorce cases are due to domestic abuse and asks if those women are entitled to divorce
>Pearl states that no one should get married if they think they’ll divorce and that women lie in family court anyway so it shouldn’t matter

It’s hit over 500k views since it first streamed yesterday. It felt like watching two high schoolers debate with Ethan constantly glancing at his computer for notes and Pearl winging it and pulling shit from her ass. All it really convinced me is that Pearl is either a complete retard or a really poor grifter with how halfhearted she phoned her side in

No. 1847175

how does ethan still get so many views on his shit podcast, i don't get it

No. 1847188

File: 1686868092163.png (678.06 KB, 720x1023, IMG_20230616_002838.png)


That's his fanbase. They are borderline retarded.

No. 1847194

Does Pearl have her own thread? She’s so bizarre(sage your shit)

No. 1847234

Compared to a ton of deadbrained libtards, Pearl is the most agreeable. Truly a cow crossover. Honestly, how far will H3H3 last in the debate sphere?

No. 1847305

Nobody loves these guys enough to physically stop them from doing this. :(( :()

No. 1847312

Nontraditional weddings can be really fun but wearing ugly tie dye chinese sweatshop youtuber merch shit to your own wedding is just depressing.

No. 1855070

File: 1687990965065.jpeg (367.22 KB, 1125x1499, IMG_1581.jpeg)

lol since when did they start caring about their babies’ privacy?

No. 1855091

Listen far be it for me to disagree with a farmer but they haven’t shown their oldest face in years so idk what you’re on about

No. 1855145

Thats probably the closest she got to her kids all year.

Also does Hilas face look shopped to anyone else? It's got a weird airbrushed look to it.

No. 1855157

she’s got those shark eyes, like someone who’s killed for the IDF… chilling

No. 1855203

Still trying to look like the barely legal camgirls her husband stroked it to I see. She seems totally dead inside. I hope the kids have a nice nanny that can show emotions like love to them.

No. 1855274

Finally someone said it, she's one of the biggest lolcows there is and if Ethan never over-shadowed her with his fuckery I guarantee she'd have her own thread and get ripped apart.

No. 1855310

She did have her own threads but they’re dead.

No. 1857644

Trish addresses the colleen situation

No. 1857718

Can someone explain to me what Colleen supposedly did to Trisha? Something about sending Trisha's nudes to fans? Trisha is too dumb to explain what actually happened and I can not go on twitter to see what she is talking about because Elon Musk ruined it for everyone.

No. 1857734

apparently colleen texted trisha her ukulele apology video in lieu of an apology for sending her OF nudes to minors (including that adam dude) and making fun of her body with those minors

No. 1857739

I thought the minor sent Colleen the pictures of Trisha from her Onlyfans. Are there any receipts for this at all? I can't get on twitter.

Also I don't understand how onlyfans prostitutes like Trisha get mad when people share their nudes and make fun of them. You put those out there as a commercial product.(learn2integrate)

No. 1857741

Get over it, it's been 2 years and Trisha is no longer milky or problematic.
The only people she has left who are still obsessed with hating her are mostly middle aged failed sex-workers, weird religious women who post pictures of their face and family on the same account they use to talk about Trishas private parts and petty flaming faggots like Adam or rich lux.

No. 1857744

File: 1688430163750.jpeg (122.27 KB, 1170x723, IMG_1845.jpeg)

yeah this is kind of a mess to piece together lol

No. 1857749

Oh it's just this clout-chasing faggot as the source? I don't believe it then.

No. 1857754

It's honestly disgusting that Trisha is throwing Colleen under the bus for this shit when Trisha herself knows what it's like to be "cancelled" over trivial shit a million times over and Trisha did way worse stuff than Colleen. The only reason Colleen is getting this much heat in the first place is because she started a podcast with Trisha and all the total schizo Trishyland woman immediately targetted her, with the clout-chasing faggot who wants to get famous of this as their leader. Instead of sticking with Colleen against these insane people she is trying to save her own ass by disavowing Colleen. Disgusting.

No. 1857755

did you even listen to the fucking video dumb retard she literally says it in the vid

No. 1857760

I gave it my best try while I was cooking dinner, but Trisha couldn't keep a train of thought or explain anything at all if her life depended on it. It's like you already have to have the context to understand what she's even on about.

No. 1857761

someone showed the receipts of messages that they used to send i.e "just saw a squirting whale and i wasn't talking about trish" etc. in private to her(sage goes in the email field, this is an imageboard)

No. 1857764

Okay, but if it was that Adam McIntyre dude who sent it to Trisha I still wouldn't trust it. It's easy to fake DMs.

No. 1857773

Not surprised that this weird faggot has been obsessed with Trisha for years. I remember when Trisha was giving birth Adam literally tweeted calling trishas newborn baby a "Satan spawn".

Adam is one of those fagguettes who absolutely have nothing going in for their life so their whole life is bassically making drama clickbait videos, being on payrolls, biased clout chasing content.(redditspacing)

No. 1857782

File: 1688432491251.jpg (115.21 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Just one look at this gollum-on-HRT future-troon bitch ass tells you all you need to know. I can't believe people are falling for this stuff. I hope Colleen learned a valuable lesson about how being a faghag does not pay and these scrotes will smile to your face while planning your demise.

No. 1857787

I hate this slimy toady faggot I hope he kills himself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1857790

He has actually tried to cancel her for a long time. I actually remember him making expose videos about collen years ago and almost everyone in the community already knew these things about collen including me so seeing it now suddenly blow up and her getting canceled is weird because why didn't she get canceled earlier…why did people suddenly decide to cancel her when she started making videos with Trisha.
It really does feel like trishyland was trying to punish collen for collating with Trisha.

Also on the other hand Collen also is kind of a trashy person for making fun of Trisha while pretending to be friends with her to her face

It seems like everyone is kinda a bad person in this situation.

Like collen and Adam are both garbage.

No. 1857792

>Also on the other hand Collen also is kind of a trashy person for making fun of Trisha while pretending to be friends with her to her face
While believable, there is no evidence this happened. It's very easy to fake DMs and this snakey weasly faggot seems like the type to do this.

No. 1857810

File: 1688435603440.jpeg (173.45 KB, 868x900, IMG_5367.jpeg)

One of Colleen’s friends who has been in her videos

No. 1857811

File: 1688435630417.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.19 KB, 1096x1669, IMG_5364.jpeg)

(needs spoiler)

No. 1857812

File: 1688435658161.jpeg (389.4 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_5365.jpeg)

(needs spoiler)

No. 1857813

File: 1688435693988.jpeg (320.87 KB, 1170x1145, IMG_5366.jpeg)

No. 1857815

File: 1688436181090.webm (1.63 MB, 888x1920, Colleen Trisha.webm)

Do you think the video is fake too dumbass? These didn’t even come from Adam. They’re from Johnny Silvestri, a former fan of hers she hired to work on her previous tours

No. 1857816

This could literally be a conversation with anyone. What's the evidence that anyone involved in this conversation is Colleen? All the relevant information like phone numbers are censored. The only proof we have is that the guy who is allegedly friends with Colleen is sending pictures of him holding a laptop with Trisha's nudes.

No. 1857820

I could send my friend a video of Trisha Paytas naked right now and recreate this exact same video, dumbass. Since the phone number is censored and as far as I know Colleen's number is not doxed, how are we supposed to know it's Colleen sending this shit?(triple samefagging)

No. 1857841

I wasn't expecting there to be Colleen whiteknights in lolcow of all places

No. 1857842

Gay moid is shocked that women stand up for a woman being smeared by a faggot. Go back to whatever public toilet you get gangbanged on.(infighting)

No. 1857862

Take your meds. it was multiple people and there was a female fan who also accused Colleen, so it wasn't just Adam.

No. 1857878

File: 1688445098027.png (1.2 MB, 1400x778, Untitled.png)

The bumpirate was made the head of the Colleen-Cancel squad tho. Never seen anyone so desperate for clout and so obviously disingenuous. If there is any truth to any of these allegations they are being totally invalidated by the fame-seeking faggot making it all about himself.(ban evasion; calm down)

No. 1857970

lmao @ colleen defenders

No. 1858003

Influencers and online personalities are so retarded.
Like why would you tell everyone online that you got a innocent dog killed.

No. 1858087

I know it's harsh to think but I personally cannot stand Adam, he's a clout-chaser. His channel is literally a drama channel and it's been making me sick hearing people talk about him and describing him as some pure angel or some shit. No. He's a little shithead too, young or not, he has inserted himself into other people's drama plenty of times to get people to watch his boring content.

And then he has the stupidity to say that he was groomed by Colleen. Colleen is an idiot and made lots of mistakes in her career but "grooming" is not one of them. Was she manipulative? Sure. But not a "groomer" like this idiot and many others are claiming. I understand that "grooming" isn't always referred to in a sexual way but let's be fucking real here, when it comes to the social media sphere when you hear the word "groomer" your first thought is sexual manipulation.

Colleen sent him unused bra and panties and yeah it was not appropriate at all but it wasn't sexually motivated. He's a flaming gay even back when he was a kid and I'm sure she knew that which is why she didn't see the harm in it thinking of it as a gag joke. Again I'm not condoning her sending it to him when he was underage but I think it's pretty obvious Adam is making it into something more than it really was just to get more attention on his channel.

And him running her Miranda Sings channel. HE was the one who wanted to do it. Why should he expect to get paid for it when he's the one who asked to do it for her? It would be one thing if she said she promised she would pay him but she didn't, therefor she owed him nothing and he could've quit at any time.

I just can't with this bandwagon.

No. 1858091

It's funny how people are being so retarded with her latest video calling it the worst one ever. Sorry but James Charles still holds that title imo since he actually was being an unironic creep. Truth is that she addressed most of this stuff in her previous apology video from 3 years ago. Would it have been good if she just addressed things again? Sure but at the same time, she probably was over it. She shouldn't have said anything to be honest but hindsight is 20x20.

I agree that Colleen is not a great person. As much as we don't like Trisha, she was being fake to her with the podcast and as much as I don't care for Trisha, I have to acknowledge the principle that Colleen was being the definition of a fake friend.

No. 1858110

Not all of us are WKs. We just see Adam for the clout chaser he is. Like another anon said, he had been trying to cancel her for years instead of just moving on with his life like a normal person. He wanted an apology and she didn't give him it, move on. He doesn't need to associate with her ever again.

And you don't have to be a wk to see how she's not a predator or groomer like the bandwagon narrative is spinning. She's a manipulative person and a fake friend (regarding Trisha) but that's it.

No. 1858128

“Worst YouTuber apology ever!” “Worst YouTuber apology!” “Worst apology!”
It’s not an apology! It’s a response! Pisses me off!
Sage for nitpicking

No. 1858137

FFR. She already apologized 3 years ago and the only reason she's not apologizing to Adam is because she knows she didn't try to "groom" him and it's obvious to anyone who hears Adam's stereotypical gay voice that she had no sexual intentions towards him. He's not that special.

And it's just hilarious how people are acting like she's the worst YouTuber ever when there are much worse. Have people forgotten James Charles and how he's still existing on the platform despite being "canceled"?

And why should we feel sympathetic to Trisha? When you get into Onlyfans or heck, even when she was posting her nudes on her Twitter for all to see, it's a given it's gonna get leaked and some people will make fun of you, that's just part of the reality when you do that stuff.

No. 1858139

Yeah that's the problem
It should have been an apology

No. 1858434

No it really shouldn't have. Apologizing does nothing. She should have called Adam a trannyfaggot instead.(ban evading trannyfaggot)

No. 1858453

I don't think she should've said that because you that would've gotten her even more crucified. I think what she was already doing which was ignoring his clout-hungry ass was the best way to go. It was clear that Adam was the one obsessed with her, not the other way around.

Colleen knew he was gay, it was obvious that she didn't fancy him at all . She owed him nothing and with how obsessive he was acting with her, it should've showed to the audience that he really is an obsessive terminally online fucker.

I agree that her apologizing again wouldn't have fixed anything. What a lot of these clout chaser drama channels want is for Colleen to get off the internet forever.

No. 1858536

I don't even like Adam but are we really going to defend Colleen who is so retarded that she had children in middle school manage her accounts?

Like I get Adam isnt likeable but that still doesn't change the fact that having a 14 year old work as your manager and post for you…is weird and same goes for her texts with her female fans talking about who's a Virgin and some weird stuff about periods. I don't think she is a groomer but I do think she a retard or slow in the head since she thought children were the same as her mentally which is why she befriended them or made them work for her.
Don't like Adam but let's not forget that Colleen threw him to the sharks first years ago when Adam made a offensive tweet when he was her account manager and she acted like she was totally against that and putting the blame on adam despite her in private saying how the tweet was funny… like she is very fake mean person and a weirdo so idk why there are defenders here for her.(sage this nonmilk)

No. 1858537

They must be from the group chats

No. 1858626

Yeah like, are we glossing over the fact this weirdo sent him panties? And all the other weird degenerate shit she did at those live tours like where she spread that girls legs open in front of everyone? Including creepy old moids. I get Adam is an annoying little fag but Collen doesn't deserve to have such a huge platform if she's going to use it like this. Plus ain't her husband an actual creep? No dog in this fight but I feel like I've stepped into bizarro land, why is anyone defending her?

No. 1858644

Rachel Oates’s YouTubes about her books make it clear that Ballinger’s an inappropriate creep at best.

No. 1858660

This thread has always been a mess. Hating one person in the equation (whether it's Ethan or Adam) doesn't make the other person right. Colleen is a vapid creep. I watched Trisha and Colleen's joint podcast, and Colleen was so insufferable she made Trisha look good. The clips from her stage show are disgusting. The fact she was in a group chat with teenage fans is weird as fuck. Trisha calling for "accountability" is fucking rich, too, she preaches about muh accountability but hasn't actually delivered on it.
I don't get their simps, they're both deeply cowish people. Adam being a cow in his own right doesn't negate that.

Trisha's video was underwhelming. >>1857755 said it best: she didn't fully formulate any points and seemed checked out. The bar is so low people think anything short of her screeching at the camera is some revelation. I'm glad that she's not losing her mind on camera- that's a small improvement- but I didn't feel that this video showcased positive change in Trisha. If anything, it shows she's still really broken and miserable. It seems like she's been unhappy and stressed since she gave birth (that's not a comment on her mothering). It's kind of concerning tbh
Tinfoil but I think Moses is doing something weird behind the scenes. He's a scuzzy man with a comically unearned superiority complex. I could be way off base and this is entirely speculation, but I wonder if he thinks controlling Trisha is the same as helping her.

No. 1858669

AYRT and I'm not saying that she's a saint. I think she's a moron and it is weird that she didn't see how inappropriate it was to bond with her underage fans. But I'm just getting really tired of people calling her a "groomer", a "pedo", or a "sexual predator" and it all was set in motion because of Adam's clout hungry ass.

And frankly, he should've got the hint that she wasn't worth it the first time with the homophobic joke tweet.

I'm not defending her actions, I do think that at least for the sending of porn she should be punished for that but I'm just over the people calling her things that she isn't because it makes a mockery of people who are actually those things.

No. 1858674

Exactly. Those of us who are not speaking our minds on how insufferable Adam is not excusing Colleen being a inappropriate creep. She's done a lot of wrong and she needs to be punished for sending porn to minors.

And with all the BS Trisha has pulled, she's the last person who should be talking about "accountability". I'd say she's the even vapid version of Colleen, just in the opposite direction where even when Trisha says she learned something, she goes back to her old way or exhibits some of it kek.

>It seems like she's been unhappy and stressed since she gave birth (that's not a comment on her mothering). It's kind of concerning tbh

I feel like what doesn't help her situation is she really doesn't get out much and be in social settings outside of the internet. Even if it was simple as her working in retail just being around other people for awhile actually can soothe the mind. Trisha's life is all mostly online and her "friends" are all shady people who will throw each other under the bus when it's convenient.

No. 1858679

Idk, after seeing that shit in her book + the shit she pulled at her live shows (spreading that girls legs, having a little boy stick his hands down her pants for a "snack), you can't deny that it's some groomer shit. I truly hate to go "if that was a man" but, come the fuck on. But Adam can also be annoying and attention seeking, but still mostly correct in his stance about Collen. Like she had the kid lurking gossip forums to report back to her, even when those forums started trashing him. He was a minor and she was an adult. She doesn't deserve the platform she has and deserves to be "cancelled".

No. 1858682

Can someone confirm whether or not the Colleen hate train was instigated by the Trishyland and H3 fans? Those fuckers are literally unhinged and imo it’s no coincidence that this all came out right as Trisha started the podcast with Colleen (which would be a new potential revenue source for Trisha).
Colleen is a shit friend and immature but the “grooming” and “pedo” allegations for sending some OF pictures are making me enraged considering how much worse actual sexual abuse and pedophilia is perpetrated by moids and no one gives a shit.

No. 1858686

That's literally a crime to show a minor pornographic material. That's literally child grooming. People like you fuck up the meaning of words too because you think it just means sexual assault. Get over it, Collen is a creepy ass groomer. Trisha is an ain't shit flake, Adam is an annoying attention whore.

No. 1858693

sage for non-milk but i remember h3 having a joke on there channel that Hila was Ethans "carer". Back when they were making actual videos it came off as a self deprecating way for him to sweet and appreciative her, but seeing how ethan has a wandering eye, perhaps it had to do more with desexualizing her and making her more akin to a mother than a wife in his mind. i'd feel sorry for hila, but she needs to get a backbone and leave him. she's in a lucky situation where she has the means to do it and still thrive without him.

No. 1858695

>You can't deny that it's some groomer shit.
In a certain context I would but the thing that keeps me from saying that she is a groomer is because at least at this time, we haven't seen any evidence of her soliciting sexual content from her fans or sending anything that suggested she was trying to be sexually intimate with her fans. The butt thing with Adam, I'm pretty sure was a joke and she was just being a faghag but didn't fancy him in anyway.

Her stage shows are inappropriate but I don't think it was sexually motivated. I feel like her humor is just based in early millennial humor of being raunchy. It doesn't make it right but it does give a possible explanation on why she's not taking it seriously because in her mind, it was purely just comedy and not for sexual gratification. I think she just got lost in the character and didn't see how she was truly coming off. It doesn't help that no parents spoke out against her during that time (that I'm aware of).
So no anon, until it comes out that she was actually trying to have some sexual connection with her fans in a similar way that James Charles was doing with his fans, I'm not gonna be calling her a "groomer". Just a manipulative, inappropriate, egomaniac.

And yeah, I'm gonna treat old Adam like the teenager he was. His solution was simple. When he started getting backlash from the mob who didn't like Miranda Sings, he should've got off social media and touched grass.

>sending some OF pictures are making me enraged
Especially since she wasn't doing it to titillate him. She knew Adam was gay and he wasn't gonna be having any stimulation. She sent it to him just so she had someone else to mock her appearance with, not to get him off.

That being said, it still is illegal and she broke a law and for that she should be punished for it regardless of the (petty) context. But "groomer"? No.

No. 1858706

Newfags stop calling this tif a "he", it's making this thread confusing for people wondering who the fuck the dude is when this is a scenario of an adult woman using a young girl as a "friend" and pillow to cry on like they're Laineybot. Colleen wouldn't have sent these messages if the tif were an actual man and obviously saw them as a straight girl not a "gay boy". Sending nudes to a young girl to then mock the woman's body is gross and incredibly damaging. Giving a woman's body picture to a tif to then destroy seems like another layer of fucked up even if the intent wasn't there to make them hate women's bodies more. I don't know where the Colleen white nights are coming from but sending nudes to children isn't some mild oopsy or debatably fine if they're not the target of pedo fantasies. It's gross and damaging and pedo adjacent. Any adult would feel gross looking at porn with a kid, even to mock the people in it. I don't know why people think it's fine just cause she did it with a STRAIGHT young GIRL (them being a tif vs a gay moid does change things)

No. 1858707

Creative bait, nonna!

No. 1858712

Okay but at the end of the day she still sent a minor pornographic material. That's grooming it's illegal and it's not suddenly less bad because she was just doing it to mock someone. She's a predator and should be dealt with as such. The fact that he's gay doesn't matter. Adults know that it's irresponsible and creepy and inappropriate to send minors pornographic material for any reason. Quit trying to cape for this weirdo because you hate men or whatever, look at it for what it is. She told a little boy to stick his hands down her pants for a snack, she spread a girl who was wearing a short skirts legs wide open on stage for all to see, she sent a minor pornographic material.m. if it walks like a duck…

No. 1858799

Wait hold up, Adam is a TIF? This is new to me tbh.

No. 1858801


nah he's not

No. 1858802


chill with that "groomng" bs colleen's just a retarded wierdo who forgot adam was 14 and was talking to him like he was her gay bff or whatever

No. 1858807

I think by legal definition it is grooming because she sent him sexually charged messages (even if it wasn't the intention), but I wouldn't call her a genuine pedo like some accusers

No. 1858814


yeah no, totally i get what u mean, legally it is ig but most of the adam dick riders have lost the plot with the whole pedo narritve

No. 1858851


That's still grooming. Go suck colleens ass harder, she's into it. She's a 30 year old woman who HAS a grown man gay BFF, tf did she need to involve a teenager for? Stop excusing this sexual predator. You keep ignoring all of her other red flags to fixate on Adam. What about that boy she had put his hand in her pants? Excuse that I'm waiting.

No. 1858874

Actually she is 36 right now. Was 30 when she had 14yr Adam manage her accounts and work for her.

No. 1858915

Nobody here is riding Adam's dick, the comments here have been unequivocally negative towards him. Colleen won't add you to the weenie chat no matter how hard you post.

>this possible crime isn't that bad because nobody was horny and it was just millennial humor
You should copy and paste your post on social media your friends and family follow.

No. 1858952

Except that dude is fucking flaming gay which is obviously different compared to showing a child pornographic material that is clearly meant to arouse or teach them sexual acts. If this was a man the judge would see it as a joke and let her off easy but because she’s a woman you’re obsessed with holding her accountable.

No. 1858957

Does it matter if Colleen is a socially inept idiot with no sense of what is appropriate to share with children or an actual pedo? Either way her behavior had consequences for the kids who watched and interacted with her.

No. 1859025

We heard you the first time retard >>1858952

No. 1859176

File: 1688637142778.jpg (34.54 KB, 1024x740, NYPICHPDPICT000013640367.jpg)

No. 1859277

When did this turn into the Colleen thread?

No. 1859462

Who the fuck cares? lol

No. 1859481

Because her drama is also related to Trisha hence we are allowed to talk about.
Although I know you wouldn't be making this post if that other post was praise instead about her

This is the only place where you will find retards actually defending someone like Colleen.
I actually think their brains are destroyed from watching Colleens Miranda sings videos where all she does is make retarded faces and noises.

No. 1859496

Ive never posted about Colleen until now and have never defended her my lovely nonnie, she’s already been discussed in the Youtube hate thread so why post stale milk here that actually has nothing to do with Trisha. Not everyone itt is a Trisha fan who hates H3 or a H3 fan who hates Trisha, Trisha’s fans and foot soldiers do come in but you just look like a retard pointing fingers.

No. 1859805

File: 1688750475185.jpg (40.9 KB, 233x700, Screenshot_20230707-131843_You…)

Not bait just blind I guess, never watched them before their Colleen videos and assumed this pooner-looking mfer was a tif. They had an odd voice and style themselves like one. White guys with super pink lips trip my radar now I guess kek

No. 1859807

File: 1688751790434.jpg (66.5 KB, 460x615, kissing-booth-star-joey-king-7…)

fair mistake if true, he looks like if joey king trooned out, they both have that unfortunate bone structure that makes you resemble a toddler and a granny at the same time

No. 1859815

Trisha's individual therapy/Dialectal Behavioral Therapy is doing wonders for her. Wholesome to see that even one of the biggest lolcows ever can grow.

Another member of the Miranda fanbase (Kodee) made an expose video last month which revealed Colleen's behind the scenes manipulation in response to Adam's 2020 video. That started this cancellation wave anew. I don't like Adam either but I do think Colleen Ballinger genuinely fucked up the course of his life.

I hate reddit but I found a timeline there that helps https://www.reddit.com/r/ColleenBallingerSnark/comments/14soqgn/timeline_of_events_so_far/

No. 1859874

Including a summary of the disturbing things in Colleen's books

First book: Selp Helf (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YNIl3hN4cQ)
>Drawings of Miranda's crotch
>First date etiquette includes instructions of how to physically, verbally and emotionally abuse your date
>Photo of a boy in a leash and in all fours like a dog
>Photo of Miranda straddling a child
>Running gag of Miranda being molested by her uncle (her uncle takes photos of her and is making cp, photo of someone on top of Miranda while she looks uncomfortable is called "the uncle" cuddle, etc)
>Sexualized double entendre jokes, for example: "I love a sturdy crock", "Sticky parts are on my skin today"
>Photo of Miranda squeezing mayonnaise and a hotdog on her tongue

Second book: My Diarrhe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrCHHQJjlnI)
>Photo of a baby with a photoshopped vagina with a giant arrow on her genitals
>Photo of poop floating in a toilet
>Picture drawn by 6 yo of Miranda's camel toe
>More incest/pedophile jokes about her uncle (wearing her uncle's pants makes her feel good in all the good "creases")

No. 1859876

File: 1688766088667.jpeg (138.74 KB, 1080x1508, ivt2yrj8llab1.jpeg)

how does she go from asexual carer to this? is hila okay?

No. 1859893

Hila is a ridiculously insecure woman for someone with natural beauty (face, eyes, figure), that's what being married to a degenerate braindead homer simpson man with way too many fans and money for being such a living shitstain does to you I guess.
She's always trying (and failing) different fashion styles when she needs to simply ~leave her terrible scrote~ to improve her life immeasurably

No. 1859894

It’s so strange how so much of these “jokes” were allowed into corporate backed projects. Fred started out similarly where most of his audience was way too young for his style of humor but they cleaned up the jokes when he went on Nickelodeon. Fucking weird.

No. 1859895

Non binary Hila will happen. She looks a damn fool, why doesn't she get into actual modeling? It's only a matter of time before she's naked covered in shiny paint. I don't get her, she likes fashion and that's cool but something about this makes me feel it's something more

No. 1859944

Midlife crisis

No. 1859961

This is void of eroticism and I think it’s the point, which isn’t bad. It’s a pretty cool concept. I just hope she divorces him and gets to pursue her artistic passions on her own

No. 1860212

I’m not saying she’s old but it’s probably hard to get into modeling at her age. Like I think she’d probably be a great model but it might be difficult to find gigs seeing as the industry leans toward hiring the youngest people.

No. 1860284

This video actually made me so sad for her.. she said she feels embarrassed putting all of the effort she did into the podcast (she had custom American girl dolls done for them both and stuff) now knowing that colleen finds her disgusting.

Idk I just feel really sad for her

No. 1860331

I think your right. Maybe Hila doesn't see her natural beauty because she's been with her husband for so long now and may not see how others view her. She sees her husband get a lot of praise and it makes her feel insecure.

No. 1860362

Lmao both Trisha and Colleen can fuck off.

Those things that Colleen did was years ago, was it shitty? Yes, but that was years ago.
Lets not forget how trista was. A drama Queen years ago so you'd think she would be more sympathetic to someone's shitty actions in the past….(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1860374

Most of the Colleen stuff was only 2-3 years ago so really not that long ago anon

No. 1860376

I don't feel bad for Trisha. It's karma for being a shitty person in general

No. 1860447

>Trisha should just get over Colleen sending pornographic material to children and hosting watch parties for her OF content
Not only was it shitty, but it was illegal

No. 1860466

Is there any proof that Colleen did this tho? All I have seen are screenshots between two people who are sharing Trisha's Onlyfans content. Neither the receiver of the messages nor the sender are identified. There is no proof that it was Colleen sending them and there is no proof that the person who received them was a child.

No. 1860467

File: 1688849453149.png (205.89 KB, 269x413, kleinhila.png)

No. 1860468

I really don't feel sad for a prostitute putting out her googly eyed tits for the world to see who then gets embarrassed when people rightfully call her disgusting. Trisha clearly has whore's remorse, but she keeps producing new OF content because it pays the bills. Does she actually think people who know her don't all look at that stuff and laugh about it behind her back? I doubt it's just Colleen. You can't really look at Trisha Paytas naked and feel anything other than disgust and second hand embarrassment.

No. 1860469

from one nonnie to another, the OF thing is some unfathomable levels of mean girl shit. just sad.

No. 1860472

not defending prostitution, however retard males jacking off to you consenualy is different than your female friend hosting parties to literally laugh at you. Kek ridiculous to think she anticipated that, its beyond the pale

No. 1860485

Yeah, I don't care for Trisha, but I feel bad for her. She seemed like she was having fun with the podcast, and it looks like it hit her too close.

No. 1860495

Not to mention this was the woman who lied about a sexual assault of a teacher who is dead and how her story clearly didn't add up when people did some digging and could find no corroboration to what she said. Meanwhile that caused the family of the teacher to get harassed. She really thinks people will forget that? She can fuck right off with Colleen and Adam.

No. 1860500

Agreed. In the 2010s Trisha was an absolute menace. Whether she was trolling or not, you play stupid games, you win stupid prices and all of the unfortunate things happening to her in her life are karma as far as I'm concerned. That and bad consequences for some of her actions like with OF, there's always the high likelihood that your "content" is gonna be leaked and spread. This is more into relation when she was complaining about Trishyland making fun of her (that weren't making fun of her daughter, just her).

No. 1860501

Her classmates corroborated that the teacher was a creep who touched other little girls and watched porn with a classroom full of students

No. 1860527

Are you a former wifey? Why do you feel the need to defend that cesspool? Trishyland definitely did make nasty comments of her daughter >>1656632

No. 1860546

if you upload your nudes to the internet for people to view you get no say in who looks at them or what their reaction will be. Are you a camwhore also? You really got to be retarded to think people won't be making fun of your body if you show it to the whole world and sell it as a commercial product. You have no expectation of privacy. It's not like revenge porn where the nudes are sent in private to a trusted person. It's a product and people are going to review your product.

No. 1860611

i mean strangers and acquaintances is one thing but like. someone who you thought was your wholesome bestie who makes content for kids but was actually laughing about your naked body with those children is just insanely shitty and surprising. like, if shane or jeffree were doing it okay. but colleen was very much a wolf-in-sheep's clothing situation to the point where people were worried the evil trisha would backstab colleen lol. the plot twist aspect of it all is what's obviously upsetting to trisha. however shitty trisha was in the past you have to admit the whole glorification of mean-girl-ness back then is an element that would've clouded her judgement and made her think there was nothing wrong with what she did. obviously she's grown up and matured. personally i think it's fair to let her start on a clean slate for decade old drama.

colleen on the other hand pulled her fuckery like 2 years ago, and we're waaaaay past the point where no one really knew better. colleen is a whole fucking weirdo and the level of her deceit is just. icky lol. genuinely. very creepy.

No. 1860624

Again, there is zero proof that Colleen actually shared nudes of Trisha and shit-talked them. This could all be totally fabricated by that little clout chasing faggot.

No. 1860668

If you can feel the hatred through the screen then it's a wifey. Pray for their mental health. We seem to be getting an mild influx itt

No. 1860718

I'm sorry but I don't care what her classmate said. If a teacher like that was acting the way they were, it would've made headlines, it would've made some type of news train, especially with a faculty member that had been working for that long.

So I don't care about alleged accusations. And with as much of a pathological liar as Trisha is, I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

No. 1860736

> If a teacher like that was acting the way they were, it would've made headlines, it would've made some type of news train, especially with a faculty member that had been working for that long.
Teachers molest kids every single day and nobody cares. Unless it's a hot woman doing it to a teenage boy this shit never makes the news. Teachers molest like 10x more kids than catholic priests and yet nobody talks about it on the same level.

No. 1860753

I'm sure some did and I don't support or condone it. But not all of the comments were made toward her daughter, just toward her gross self and that to me is fine and she's fair game.

No. 1860786

Colleens Dad is a sex pest- had a whole public playlist on youtube titled "want" with fetish videos (inflation & furry shit). Colleens brother is sus af- an aiden came out with ss of talking with him when she was 13. He compared her to his ex girlfriend, kept begging her to come to California, asked her age repeatedly & counted down til 18, and confessed to the 13 year old girl that his family has had issues in the past with him DMing minors. It doesn't surprise me to see Colleen is a creep as well. She literally did groom minors- from the porn sharing, the "suck on tampons & send me pics lol!", the sexualizing kids on stage at her shows, etc. Honestly she's reminding me alot of Lainey at this point. Fuck Adam, He's a misogynistic faggot who hate obsesses over Trisha and Amber Heard. He's one of those nasty fake gays who constantly seethe & hate everyone around them but try to put on a happy face. I'm sure he's been like that from before Colleen but him being a bitchy faggot doesn't negate from the sus as fuck behaviors from a 30 something yr old woman.

No. 1860790

You are a literal retard. Are you a moid? That mentality reeks of Y-chromo retardation. Shit I had a teacher in high school who got me on selling weed and pills. A lot of kids knew she was the main plug and guess what? Nothing ever happened to the teacher. Never got reported, she didn't lose her job, nothin. Even though kids knew what she was doing. Wasn't until years after I graduated that she was reported by former students. Different highschool there was a rumor of the choir teacher fuckin a student, everyone talked about it. Student graduates and choir teacher leaves his wife and marries former student. Again…nothing ever happened to him even though a bunch of kids knew or heard about shit going down.

No. 1860945

Ntayrt, but jesus christ are you retarded? I'm sure you believe Moses is a rapist and Trisha abuses her daughter. I had a teacher in highschool who it was known would pass any the pretty popular girls in his class so long as they did shit like sit in his lap and nothing ever happened to him. He was even fucking another teacher and she didn't care. He was eventually let go for some kind of pass/fail incident dealing with a a few football players. Nothing ever to do with his inappropriate behavior with girls. Plenty of teachers get away with heinous shit.
Back to topic at hand - I wish she would just revert a tiny bit and show some texts. This friendship blowing up could give sooo much good milk.

No. 1860982

File: 1688921965194.jpeg (654.37 KB, 1170x1411, IMG_2776.jpeg)

If men never got involved with the idol, we could have had this

No. 1861054

Still don't care. How do we really know that the person was a student? How do we not know that the student is just Trisha using an alt or some super fan of hers trying to give credibility to her at all cost? I don't believe any of it and Trisha is a pathological liar who's lied and contradicted herself for a whole decade. I don't believe anything that she says.

No. 1861160

>If a teacher like that was acting the way they were, it would've made headlines, it would've made some type of news train, especially with a faculty member that had been working for that long.
This is why Mysterious Tea is dangerous.

Lurk moar, the proof is literally outlined in these threads.

No. 1861208

We should link this video to the intro posts so the wifeys stop pretending they don't know who Morgan is.

No. 1861567

I bet she will, this drama made her relevant again. She;ll milk it for all it's worth because once it stops, her views are going to go down again. She's boring as fuck since marrying Moses.

No. 1861688

File: 1689022585901.png (506.27 KB, 482x616, Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 21.55…)

finally, hila is back to dark hair. she actually looks vibrant and beautiful again. the bleached look really didn't suit her features or complexion. she actually looks younger when she's not cosplaying a 10 year old

No. 1861692

She looks really cute

No. 1861734

Waiting for the day that she leaves Ethan. I wouldn’t doubt that they keep having kids to try and save her marriage, or at least give Hila a bit of a distraction from what she’s tied herself down to

No. 1861742

sadly i dont think she will ever leave ethan, shes too autistic. i think she thinks whatever is going on with their relationship is normal and how it would be with any man despite their relationship being weird as fuck. aren't they trying for another ivf baby right now or was that misinformation in this thread? ethan is so creepy spending all day in the basement jerking off to ethots and eating pizza, hes literally a walking neckbeard stereotype. i have been rooting for her to leave him too but i think shes too far gone. at least her hairs back to normal now and shes not trying to mimic the "bimbo" look anymore. its weird because she used to say she hated wearing dresses and skirts and it made her uncomfortable but all of a sudden she started dressing like the run of the mill thot. definitely trying to suit ethans taste. he probably shows her porn he wants her to mimic.

No. 1861750

Looks 1000x better than any ddlg, pink clothes blonde hair shit which doesn't suit her at all, she looks lovely here

No. 1861762

Wow she looks so cute here!!! Best hair colour for her

No. 1861837

they tried egg retrieval recently, wanted a girl, but the only female egg didnt implant so Hila is currently not pregnant and AFAIK not trying again for a while (there has to be some time between egg retrievals) - imagine doing all that for Ethans sperm.. jesus christ

No. 1861965

If I was her hypothetical daughter I would be begging her to choose sperm from a guy who is better looking, more intelligent and has a better personality than Ethan

No. 1862126

Not only did Colleen copyright strike this episode where h3 interviews a bunch of the groomed children, but in this episode at @51:40 Hila talks about how she bumped into Jason Nash who was "very nice" and how they trauma-bonded. After talking about how "sweet" Nash was, Ethan suddenly remembers the existence of Seth, most likely by the chat. The whole way they talk about her in this video is bitter af and even their own comments are saying it

No. 1862205

Still looks like a horse.

No. 1862207

You're actually fucking retarded. Get the fuck out of here.

No. 1862217

File: 1689086696085.png (789.44 KB, 966x510, firefox_F1V7R7PnuZ.png)

Came here to post this, I can't get over how good she looks.

No. 1862220

Dedicated anti- and pro-Trisha people are way too credulous lmao
Trisha's a known liar and attention whore who will say anything to get pity and/or clicks. She says as much all the fucking time, and I know because I've watched this chick for literally over a decade. She also loves using an alt to argue with her antifans.
Mysterious Tea relied on hilariously paper-thin "evidence" when refuting Trisha's molestation claims. As much as I can't stand her, MT was correct in her videos discussiong Trisha's treatment of Daniel, Sean, and Jason. She relied on her good reporting in those stories to prop up her retarded victim-blamey shit like "He WaS a WeLl ReSpEcTeD tEaChUrR wItHoUt A cRiMiNaL hIsTorY so Trisha is obviously lying!!"
I don't know the truth either way, frankly I don't know how anybody feels confident declaring her a victim or an all-out liar wrt her stories about childhood abuse. Trisha made some extremely made-up sounding, retarded claims (e.g. "my theater teacher made me piss on stage during rehearsal and lap it up off the floor in front of everyone" lmfaoooo; claiming she went to court by herself at six years old- without either of her parents' knowledge- and was flagrantly victim blamed by a judge to her face). That doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't victimized by somebody. Her patho lying can arguably be evidence that she really had a rotten childhood.

No. 1862243

She looks fucking gorgeous as a brunette. She looks healthy and pretty, I hope the next step in her glow up is to divorce h3 and get lots of money and take her kids away and find a man who appreciates her

No. 1862264

I simply don't care. I've been watching Trisha for over a decade as well and yeah she's a fucking liar so I don't believe her. She only has her self to blame for people not believing her because even without the Mysterious video, I still wouldn't trust any word coming out of that hole in her face. I don't trust people who have a repeated history of lying. If it turns out her story was true then fuck me but as is, hell no. If it was any other person who had no history of patho lying, I'd be more inclined to believe but her of all people is not one of them.

No. 1862416

I bet my entire life savings that ethans rotten sperm is why she cant get pregnant and she would have gotten pregant easily with someone else

No. 1862601

File: 1689121195114.jpg (54.87 KB, 473x405, Screenshot 2023-07-11 222151.j…)

Trisha making thinly veiled fetish content lol.

No. 1862764

Don't be a neigh-sayer

No. 1862799

File: 1689155129877.webm (16.34 MB, 1260x720, traumabonded.webm)

Vidrel of Hila talking about Jason Nash and "trauma bonding" with him

No. 1862826


God they are both so off putting. How they have any viewers is beyond me.

No. 1862875

She's been doing this for a hot minute! The spit bath one was particularly gruesome.

Most of their fans are friendless teenagers who don't realize how dull the Kleins are. Their boring on-air staff make them look charismatic by comparison, I guess?
I used to like the h3 podcast because Ethan was an unpleasant, impulsive moron who didn't think before he acted (same reason I liked Trisha tbh). It was kind of refreshing to see people with some audacity among a sea of very image obsessed, fear-motivated youtubers. He'd just say insane shit causing Hila and Dan to die inside. He'd CONSTANTLY piss his very vocal edgelord male fanbase off. It was glorious.
Post-Fremeies, there's no unbridled stupid person charm left. Now they're just another set of banal influencers trying to stay in the good graces of zoomers.

No. 1862960

male obesity can cause low-sperm count so it makes sense lol.

No. 1863054

Trauma bonding isn't bonding with someone over having similar trauma, it's feeling bonded to your abuser because they emotionally manipulate you into staying, usually with love bombing… I see where Hila got confused but wish more people would stop misusing terms and google a bit because idiots hear it being used incorrectly and run with it, just like how narcissist became the buzzword of the decade for anyone you dislike.

No. 1863254

Okay, don't believe Trisha. Believe the people who corroborated the 7-Up molestation story. Morgan literally doxxed herself and her family just to be ignored smfh.

No. 1863799

fucking kek. Also side note but I always, always end up reading her username as "Blind Sun doll"

No. 1867389

File: 1689693376995.jpg (79.79 KB, 672x783, CRINGE.jpg)

No. 1867391

File: 1689693728516.webm (4.51 MB, 1280x720, rXaVbVnFgAxIctw0.webm)

No. 1867395

KEK who is surprised? so literally does everything that is ‘trending’ even if she doesn’t understand it

No. 1867398

Kek, never change Trisha you crazy psycho

No. 1867400

File: 1689694361409.webm (7.52 MB, 592x1280, otCE_rnbek-cPtd8.webm)

No. 1867406

I can't believe moids jerk off to this shit. Their brains are so broken.

No. 1867431

Her hypemen are functionally so much meaner than the people who outright criticize and hate on her. lmfao

Girl needs to work on her cardio, she sounds out of breath compared to the other girls that do this shit

No. 1867440

I tried to watch a little but I literally can't figure out what it's supposed to mean? She was just fast talking random words and tripping over her own speaking. It wasn't appealing or interesting or sexy kek. What's the point?

No. 1867442

Oh my god hahaah it's crazy seeing someone be actually bad at this

No. 1867443

NPC streams are the new tiktok meta

No. 1867495

no I get that, but what does it mean? Why does this appeal to anyone? I watched some clips of other tik tokers doing it and it's just annoying to listen to. I had no other reaction besides "this irritates me" kek Oh well I guess I'll never understand.

No. 1867508

are men really jerking it to this npc shit or did you mean trisha in general?
i dont understand it at all either unless like the other post i replied to its something that men are sexualizing? which even then i still dont get?

No. 1867536

There are more explanations about the npc stuff in the tiktok thread if ur interested >>>/ot/1637245

No. 1867551

ahhh ok i see now. men just like controlling women and them acting like dumb bimbos for them. makes more sense now.

No. 1868903

Adam McIntyre happened to be in the US when this was being recorded but chose to go to Disney with his mom instead of coming onto this episode. Surprisingly un-clout goblin behavior of him, but unsurprisingly deranged h3 fans went after him.

No. 1870781

or Adam wanted his own episode with H3 instead of sharing the spotlight with others

No. 1870787

not misinformation, hila vlogged the ivf process

No. 1875190

Ethan claims Trisha did blackface in her Kim Posible cosplay, his crew attempts to shut him up

No. 1875355

they’re neither attractive or smart to have that many kids, two was more than enough for them.

No. 1875514

File: 1691078976985.webm (4.92 MB, 640x360, 5235240-cf91d38aed50aa5f5249ee…)

Hila said in a recent podcast she is disappointed that she will only have boys cause none of the female fetuses they tried to inject into her womb took so instead she plans to troon out one of the boys. Told you all this bitch as just an evil robot without human emotions.

No. 1875543

This is an issue I have with most rich people trying for a specific kid, why not fucking adopt a girl already in the world without a family? Why spend all these resources on the dream when you can do something more realistic and potentially help someone living in hell. Sure the adoption system isn't that easy, but honestly it's more just difficult if you're poor and going through local agencies where rich people have already paid extra for the infants and all that's left are the troubled 10 year olds. If you're rich you can also pay for international adoption as the world has no shortage of orphans, and they could pay the extra for an infant if they require the baby stage. Rich people and their stupid lineages. Even more ridiculous when it's someone like Ethan going for a pure bloodline. Just save a girl somewhere in the world and give her a family of wealth at the very least

No. 1875607

They are not just rich, they are jewish. They would never adopt a non-jew baby.

No. 1875609

that is absolutely shocking, already wanting to troon out a fetus. i always wondered how hila could be with ethan but those horrible people deserve eachother.
wanting a girl/bio kid is not the weird luxury-belief outlandish rich people part, plus you have to be ready to deal with heaps more of shit with adoptive kids even if you do everything right because the abandonment/"lie" fucks them up in their teens
i actually doubt that, are they that religious ?

No. 1875611

This. They seem to be the types that want to follow their faith completely so there's no way they would adopt an orphan. They also value lineage a lot, which is ironic because there's nothing good to pass down.
In a way it's a blessing the female fetuses didn't take, a girl would have been absolutely miserable with Hila and Ethan as parents.

No. 1875613

whaaat really ? i loved classic ethan and hila and never got the impression they were that into faith, did they go full torah as well as full sjw ? how bizarre

No. 1875652

There is more to being jewish than just faith, nonna… It's more of a dislike for non-jews and being raised to only marry other jews and pass on their jewishness that is important to them culturally more than religiously.

No. 1875654

They met in a holocaust museum in Israel, Hila was in the IDF and they both lived in NYC before moving to LA. They are extremely jewish lol.

No. 1875663

right? I don't understand why some nonnas have any sympathy for her. You can tell she's messed in a weird way.. dead eyed bitch

No. 1876018

Excuse my ignorance but wouldn't passing on the faith/culture to an orphan be a good thing? Especially if that kid might otherwise not be Jewish or of faith? I honestly don't know much about Jewish people and adoption. Though if that was a restriction don't Jewish adoption agencies exist? I know it's mostly Palestinians dying but there might be some Jewish orphans around Israel (or stolen Arab kids kek)
Anecdotal but both adopted kids i knew never had issues with it. Maybe it depends on if you hide it, both kids were aware from childhood and loved and appreciated their families which were thankfully wonderful both were girls given up due to the one child policy, a lot were adopted in my city. Either way they're kids who need homes and tbh if kids want to be down during their teen years they'll find a way to do it, I kinda doubt the teenage turbulence we hear about adoptees is particularly unique, if they weren't adopted they'd have latched onto something else to be upset about from school to puppy love issues.

No. 1877040

File: 1691309425794.jpeg (378.08 KB, 750x540, IMG_0958.jpeg)

Just caught wind that Hila is officially pregnant, I cannot fathom why these two want a THIRD child as they seem to have 0 interest in the ones they already have. Why can’t two be enough?

No. 1877565

I'm starting to wonder if pregnancy is a fetish for one or both of them. Or maybe they do subscribe to the "we have to pass on our jew genes"-mindset because I don't see any other reason why they would go through the trouble of IVF again and again when they barely pay attention to their children.

No. 1877986

File: 1691480330997.png (165.33 KB, 640x661, teddyfreshcosmetics.png)

No. 1878036

At least they are not having a girl

No. 1878131

Why do you say they have 0 interest in their kids?

No. 1878137

Because they have nannies and Ethan said on his podcast how hard work it was over the holidays when the nanny was off. It gave very not very hands on with the kids and also when they announced Hila's second pregnancy live, it was very awkward. The crew had to tell ethan to hug his wife. He's admitted he physically can't fuck her that's why they did ivf. Hila seems like she cares about being a mom buy its really hard to read any type of emotion or anything from her face/person so who knows. Maybe it gives her a sense of purpose to have kids and ethan probably doesn't want his strange complacent wife to leave him.

No. 1878138

Sorry I haven't been invested in this thread cause H3 has dropped off tremdously but revisiting after recent baby news and holy fuck, these two sad cunts are so deluded over their BUISNESS partnership over a podcast. They're so traumatised that Hila confides in Jason Nash and maybe will reach out to him, but she feels better when Frenemies is never brought up, which of course makes ethan spasm into nervous ticks. Ethan made that entire relationship weird. He was so infatuated with Trisha.

Hila and Ethan both went in hard on the whole vlog squad, but because Ethan couldn't fuck his cohost and was far too invested in his brother in laws sexual relationship that it grossed out Hila. That's the fucking tea. How many bandaid babies are they going to have lol. Trisha called Hila a bitch cause she is

No. 1878414

>He's admitted he physically can't fuck her that's why they did ivf.
Whoa wtf?

No. 1878544

He said it either on a frenemies or off the rails podcast. Essentially he is so fat he can't pump his wife. He can't go on top and she can't straddle his circumference

No. 1878620

Lmao even tho he is a fat fuck, I don’t buy that. Somehow two pretty big fatties I am friends with managed to have two kids the natural way just fine so, there’s clearly something else at play here. It is funny to imagine Hila not being able to straddle his sheer girth tho

No. 1878770

tourette’s medication can absolutely cause erectile dysfunction in men, if he’s on something i’m willing to bet that it’s that and he doesn’t want to admit because the fat argument is a meme while people knowing his dick isn’t functioning would probably wreck his ego

No. 1879063

Two fatties could probably work cause they're both use to the weight and shit. Did you not watch frenemies and how he'd ask such personal invasive questions yo trisha about how her and Moses fuck cause of her size. He was fascinated. No wonder it upset Hila and then he was suppose to be losing weight and kept binging and getting fatter. Hila probably projected all that frustration against Trisha.

Like Ethans the dude and Hila has a much slighter frame. She's going to have a hard time getting to his dick. Plus he said his meds were causing issues too. So, he couldn't fuck his wife to conceive. That's true. And it was evident from all the invasive questions to Trisha and other cammer girls he gets to talk to on his show. Yet when it comes to his personal sexual relationship with his wife he wouldn't even lose weight to improve it.

No. 1879065

>My dick feels like a piece of wood, I have no sensations
Nonna, he has used his dick not functioning properly to garner pity

No. 1879095

I made the mistake of marrying a moid who gained to morbidly obese status after the marriage. I'm underweight. After a certain point he couldn't even rape me anymore. Once before it was the worst ever, he wanted me on top. I couldn't figure out how to do it. He literally threw me off him and said I suck at sex (probably true, I had no experience prior to him, but wtf he was already incredibly obese - did it never occur to him he was the issue?)

So I absolutely believe that he may be too fat to screw her.(holy fucking blogpost)

No. 1879149

>people buying that Ethan is too fat to fuck and not that he probably has the most common and even more emasculating issue that older men face–low sperm count or sterility
And his obesity would absolutely compound the quality of his sperm.

No. 1879152

He said it himself Hila can not stand him to get on top because he crushes her and she implied she can't ride him. This isnt unheard of, my friend who is small complained when an ex was getting too fat. She got drunk and exasperated and told everyone she can't go on top anymore cause he's too wide.

He said his meds also didn't help. Point of it is. He's a fat mess. Hr would ask Trisha if she can go on top and she would reply she can hold her own weight up she works out. That's how we got that video of them in the park having a fitness contest. Like, it was obvious Hila was wanting him to lose weight and mentioned its not as attractive. It's really common for people to lose attraction to their partners when the partner gives up. H3 fans gave him so many passes for his creepy sexual comments but it's probably trisha's fault for some reason.

No. 1879163

I'd believe it's both. Better for men to feign a 'reversible' issue like just needing to lose weight in order to fuck again as opposed to admitting they shoot blanks.
You'd just be surprised what embarassments they'd rather deal with.

No. 1879181

he has a small dick probably

No. 1880756

h3 cut a clip out of their podcast where hila admits to texting and driving + ethan defending it. god i hate them and their fsns(this is an imageboard)

No. 1881459

Probably a pregnancy fetish knowing Ethan or she becoming a age where it getting to late soon to have more so she pushing out as many she can

No. 1882853

File: 1692216702379.webm (4.2 MB, 853x480, hilatextsanddrives.webm)

This is the deleted clip of Hila admitting that she texts while she drives because she has too much shit to do and she can't disappear for one hour

No. 1882992

bitch if you can't afford to pay someone to drive for you, then you're not that big of a deal that you need to text and drive

No. 1884226

She 'doesn't have time' to drive, she 'doesn't have time' to take care of the kids, lol. I mean this honestly, what do they even do all day? They get dressed to sit and do their podcast while the nannies take care of and play with the kids, what are they so stressed about? I know they used to struggle back in the old days when they lived in Israel together, so I know they're not THAT detached but maybe they are at this point? It seems like everyone who moves to LA gets brainrot and becomes completely different

No. 1884228

Also I hadn't watched their stuff in a while, did Hila get her lips or other work done? Her face looks so different.

No. 1884387

I could understand if it’s a quick text or it’s at a stoplight, but what could be so important that can’t wait? Don’t they drive nice cars? Speech to text shit is literally built into nice, new cars these days. I don’t understand her thinking at all. If she’s this busy with her business, she needs more assistants or a driver or just to stop popping out children kek

No. 1884392

For a couple that prides themselves in being woke and progressive, it sure is fucking regressive to say the only way their son would be interested in dolls, dressing up, etc is if they troon him out. Or maybe they’ve never been progressive at all and are just obsessed with trannies like everyone else is these days so turning their son into a tranny is just a good idea to them.

No. 1884844

A comprehensive explanation of Mysterious' lies to defend Trisha's child molester teacher just dropped. Will Ethan face any repercussions for actively supporting Mysterious and the creepy teacher?

No. 1884860

Did you made that shitty video?

No. 1884866

No, found it on one the subreddits linked in the intro. I wish Swoop would cover the subject the way she comprehensively exposed the guy obsessed with Colleen Ballinger's ex husband for faking evidence.

No. 1886198

She was chatting in the live chat it wasn't even a text. Hila comes off ignorant and a bit dim but she's driving along and checking the chat and replying cause someone said something wrong or whatever. Hila a lot more calculating than she let's on.

Trish made a reply to this

No. 1886199

Shit my bad this video actually in response to Swoop

No. 1888029

Christine Quinn went on Trisha Paytas's podcast.

I wonder if her going there was indirect shade to h3h3 considering the gross things horseface pickme hila said about Christine and her pregnancy.

No. 1888067

I tried to watch the Swoop videos about Colleen but that woman is beyond obnoxious, how tf do you watch that shit? You have to be a twitterfag. She literally talks like the clapping hands emojis twitter meme and inserts so many unfunny reaction clips into her videos and all these "OMG Chris Brown on a crackerbarrel biscuit" shit is so embarrassingly unfunny. I turned it off when she started the false equivalent of "what if it was a MAN talking to a GIRL like this?!?!". Pick-me bullshit. My main take-away is that Colleen's main accuser is a british gay man whose dream is to be a "camp counselor" in America, probably to molest young boys.

No. 1888124

This drama has been around for so long now that if you still don't know what's going on you should probably just not comment on it lol

No. 1888133

I'm aware of all the accusations and it's literally all bullshit cancel culture.

No. 1888169

>people making a big deal over colleen getting a butt pic from a 14 year old and talking about sex with her husband with that same kid
while that's disgusting of her, am i fucked up for thinking that's nothing?
I'd send guys more explicit photos than that when i was that age, and have much more explicit conversations than what it sounds like they had. To claim to be traumatized by sending one butt pic feels a little ridiculous, since I did much more than that and it never affected me at all

No. 1888186

Not to be rude, but is this really milk? It's two deeply boring people "waooo"ing at each other

No. 1888207

> being groomed as a child never affected me
> am I fucked up for thinking that’s (a child sending naked pictures to an adult and having discussions about sex with said adults is) nothing?
Yeah, you were affected, thinking someone being groomed is “nothing” is the affect. You’re ok with kids being groomed because it wasn’t as bad as what you went through and you’re “fine”. That’s what grooming is for, to give pedos a pass because “it wasn’t as bad” “when I was that age I was X” “all children that age are hormonal and exploring so it’s not a big deal”. Sadly you get to carry the baton of normalizing sexualising/being inappropriate with minors for another generation.

No. 1888214

I'm not saying it's ok to groom kids, I think it's gross and bad that colleen did that. I am saying that it's weird to be so freaked out by just one butt pic that you have to make a massive scene out of it

No. 1888233

Nta, yes it’s still fucked up because in what world is it appropriate for a 30 year old to receive a butt pic of a 14 year old. Make sense yet. >>1888207 is right.

No. 1888425

almost everyone goes through a stage of thinking “my grooming and exploitation wasn’t that bad”
that’s part of how this shit gets perpetuated

No. 1888479

Grooming is preparing a minor to have sex with once they are of age. Colleen didn't groom anyone. Idiots like you use this word wrong all the time.(derailing/baiting)

No. 1888775

Colleen is a Regina George type meangirl, not a child-groomer/molester. Idk why Trisha and all the gay men on YouTube are pretending that they aren't all manipulative meangirls themselves.

No. 1889561

File: 1693229051858.png (8.1 MB, 2001x1125, 7A3554FC-D640-4AC6-AD32-AF3466…)

Iam laughing my ass off she looks EXACTLY like the meatcanyon caricature down to the saggy bitties.

No. 1890645

Ethan, Hila and the crew left the Streamies after they lost against Jay Shetty
>Hila and Ethan want to go to the Streamies after shitting on them for years
>Ethan talks with the organizers to make a bunch of demands, like being seated upfront and not announcing their category during the ad break
>People Magazine asks them about Trisha's baby on the red carpet. Ethan struggles to say something nice
>Ethan and his crew are seated on the back
>The H3 Podcast loses and this is announced during the ad break
>Ethan and the crew stand up and walk out of the event
>Ethan whinges and seethes about the Streamies on the podcast and being disrespected
>He says that he was tricked to go by the crew and the Streamies owe him an apology because they hurt the H3 fans
>Ethan talks about the interviewer who asked about Trisha's baby and how scummy it was. He jokes how everyone expected him to answer "fuck that baby"
>Hila shows up on the podcast to talk about her reaction about the Trisha questions and reacts to their subreddit's memes about the baby

No. 1890646

File: 1693379487332.webm (1.93 MB, 480x852, wereoutofthisbitch.webm)

Ethan and the crew leaving the event after losing

No. 1890648

File: 1693379899639.webm (2.88 MB, 854x466, fuckthatbaby.webm)

No. 1890649

File: 1693379996687.webm (2.31 MB, 640x340, hilareactstomeme.webm)

No. 1890651

File: 1693380136944.webm (2.62 MB, 640x344, soscummy.webm)

No. 1890654

Maybe he should be really glad they didn't air his reaction to losing kek. Also wtf does this man think everyone else who lost that night was wasting their time or being made fun of or something? "I had better places to be" no he didn't or he'd be there, if he wasn't mature enough to debate going to an awards show on the off-chance he'd win instead of a certainty that's not on the streamys it's on him.
Also I would bet my wallet that the people magazine question was because they didn't care about Ethan and just wanted any information about his more mainstream popular sister-in-law and her kid (or just didn't have anything to ask him). It wasn't like a reporter accidentally asking Brad Pitt how Jenifer is doing while he was with Angie, nobody cares about the z-listers except any information they have on people more famous than them. Of course the questions were going to be generic cause there was no need to spend the time researching ethan to ask anything beyond Trisha vs anyone else there who might be more interesting to People's audience

No. 1890658

File: 1693383298383.png (711.97 KB, 628x556, peopletiktok.png)

He is bland and insufferable, what else are they going to ask him? The tiktok of him talking about Trisha's baby reached 1 million views while the others aren't even close.

No. 1890671

Lol why is it scummy to ask ethan about his sister in laws baby. The whole h3 podcast are a bunch of losers, look how put out ethan and hila are by being asked about their NIECE

No. 1890748

It's not scummy but their reaction isn't insane considering what went down between the families and how they're likely still not friendly

No. 1890774

But Hila and Ethan have no issue talking about Trisha every week on their shitty podcast

No. 1890795

Agreed, I don't know what everyone else in the thread is watching but his response was totally reasonable.
I do agree him leaving the Streamys after not winning is kinda cringe kek.

No. 1890797

What are you talking about? I fucking wish they would talk about her, it'd be a huge improvement over their usual subject matter.

I thought this >>1890651 was going to be milky and hilarious based on this response. All Ethan said was "happy for her, babies are precious." You realize that's completely acceptable and Love having a stan moment isn't a reflection on the Kleins?

>more mainstream popular sister-in-law and her kid
Is anybody in this thread actually capable of hating on Ethan in a remotely accurate way? Asking because I would genuinely enjoy it. Trisha stans stay boring lol

Good shit. Really untenable that he's acting all hurt he didn't get his special boy treatment at a show he spoofed and shit on for literal years. He's managed to get more self-important since he started catering to his reddit zoomer audience and literally nobody is telling him to fuck off anymore. I thought his self-aggrandizement peaked after the fair use lawsuit, but… lmfao

No. 1890813

File: 1693413431572.png (181 KB, 684x774, justiceforh3.png)

their fans spammed the streamies socials and their comments are cringe. jfc i can't understand how they aren't embarrassed to publicly admit that they are holding back tears because some youtuber didn't win a stupid award

No. 1890816

>I fucking wish they would talk about her, it'd be a huge improvement over their usual subject matter
they do. the last time they talked about her was last week when they interviewed jacksfilms but it was still boring

No. 1890862

Hate to give this manchild any credit but damn, Ethan looks like he’s actually managed to lose a decent amount of weight from the last time I saw him. Good for him.

No. 1891061

It's not stanning trisha to point out she's more popular to a mainstream audience so obviously People (a trashy tabloid about "stars" to be loose with the definition) would ask questions about her over ethan himself and he's acting like a little bitch expecting anything different. Considering >>1890658 I was clearly right kek. also quit your reddit spacing then acting like you're not some newfag on the threads when you're sensitive to the neutral fact that trasha is mainstream because people like public trainwrecks over podcasting slobs
For all their bitching now they're probably never getting invited back and lost any shot at winning any form of legitimate award or nomination anywhere. Not that they were likely to go beyond streamy level awards, but after this fiasco what more legitimate award show is going to put up with such children with an audience willing to harass to defend their honour? Youtubers get black marks in the industry if their fans are unruly and this is the exact shit that gets you blocked out among high ups (Tana for example). Especially when you rile fans up by being such pathetic sore losers crying about the streamy's of all things

No. 1891098

I am not a stan either, but the birth of Trisha's baby was viral and it was talked about on many mainstream outlets.

No. 1891106

File: 1693455829466.jpg (1.11 MB, 1079x2061, Screenshot_20230831_002633_X.j…)

So Shredder died?

How did this happen again?

No. 1891116

File: 1693457446047.png (1.51 MB, 2224x1668, IMG_5815.png)

Kidney failure

No. 1891295

Losing a pet to disease is shitty, but wasn't Shredder the dog that would shit in the H3 office and was named "Shredder" because he would eat stuff? It doesn't seem like he was treated very well. How likely is it that the kidney disease was from neglect?

No. 1891378

Depending on what they admitted he ate probably pretty high. Dogs can have quite a lot of sensitivities can't they? And considering he died young… it's shit to speculate when it's someone who isn't a known animal abuser but neglect isn't too hard to believe with ethan considering he relies so hard on nannies for his actual kids

No. 1891558

They say here >>1891116 that Shredder had "behavioral issues" meaning they never bothered to train him so yeah.

No. 1891584

No, lack of care would be sudden. He had chronic kidney disease, likely genetic.

No. 1891676

I am sure Ethan and Hila loved Shredder but this eulogy shows what terrible dog owners they are. The dog was untrained, stressed and peeing/pooping all over the house. Their studio was full of flies from the dog poop that no one bothered to pick up. Shredder ate Theodore's poop and Ethan's adderall. They are so oblivious that they see all of this as endearing instead of huge red flags.

No. 1891685

File: 1693560185462.jpg (518.48 KB, 1080x2340, shredderkidney.jpg)

What a sad situation. Seems like fans were warning them at least 2 years ago that Shredder's frequent vomiting after eating could be a symptom of kidney failure, but it got brushed off.


No. 1892016

When did they say he ate adderall?

No. 1892060

And they just announced during their live the baby’s middle name is gonna be shredder. yeeesh

No. 1892198

Shredder, Malibu Barbie, and (eventually) Elvis. Maybe one day they’ll all start a podcast together

No. 1892331

I think they said the baby’s first name would be Scotty which was Shredders original name from the guy they got him from.

No. 1892428

No. 1892446

Is he taking Ozempic?

No. 1895248

File: 1694212439190.png (1.74 MB, 856x1046, Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 23.31…)

this boring bitch needs to leave h3 podcast stat. all she does is sit, complain, bitch and twirl her hair. she's gone from boring jew to boring and insufferable. the way she treats everyone makes me cringe. she's a massive downer and needs to be let go. go do your photoshoots sis, but please leave the 'comedy' podcast alone.

No. 1897698

File: 1694641664548.png (224.78 KB, 712x934, Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 22.37…)

latest h3 podcast comes on an hour late. PAYING members complain – why is the lateness not addressed? why is jimmie lee (boring) here? holy fuck, is this prerecorded? why are we ignored? the team responds by disabling the chat 10 mins into the broadcast. lmfao!

No. 1897699

File: 1694641715497.png (12.24 KB, 640x144, Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 22.51…)

serves you right giving these losers money

No. 1897711

I joined the members-only discord recently to see what it’s like and it’s full of trannies, like chock full. It’s insane, but nothing that interesting enough to be milk, just a lot of retarded fighting about politics

No. 1897723

The Ethan Ass Sniffers were raging hard against anyone upset or wanting H3 to acknowledge being an hour late. Mods and H3 staff were even worse calling chat weirdos then disabling chat. Glad I never paid to be treated like shit.

No. 1897732

Kek true. Literally what is even the point of giving these tards money.

No. 1897750

There was talk of their studio location being doxxed

No. 1897772

Just goes to show how money and fame shows you what a person is really like. Before everyone thought Hila was soft-spoken, shy, but she had an attractive quality to her modesty and down to earth attitude. Now she is just another self centered LA bitch. Just like a middle school girl getting into the "mean girl" clique and suddenly being nasty. Hila has no need to have any of the aforementioned qualities because in her head she made it, which gives her the right to look down on people and be "above" people, despite being in that situation herself. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what she was like with close friends, and now she doesn't care to hide it anymore.

No. 1897888

she’s unfortunately like most normie midwit women that get brainwashed by libfem social media and starts using drag queen slang and acting like a sassy mean girl for no reason while being married to a sweaty fat guy instead of a hunk lol

No. 1898086

I think that answers it, I think Hila is just straight up not smart. She always struck me as below average IQ like she has to spend extra time thinking about things that would take a normal person an instant. It also reflects in her lack of empathy and poor decision making. I know she talks slow sometimes which isn't always a signifier of low intelligence, but she never seemed like the most well spoken person. It makes sense why Ethan keeps her around. He probably is able to manipulate her pretty easy when there's not much going on inside her head. Especially seeing that she instantly became a stuck up bitch as soon as she didn't have to work hard anymore. All she has to do is "design" clothes and go to shitty photoshoots. She doesn't even take care of her kids.

No. 1898937

shes an autisticfag, i doutb she knows but it's 100% true. thats why shes so monotone, low empathy and retarded as hell. thats why ethan loves her.

No. 1900279

File: 1695043707831.jpg (48.65 KB, 517x405, joffreeshart.JPG)

Jeffree Star went onto xobunnie's podcast recently demanding an apology from Trisha for lying about him and hair by J. As if we don't remember J manically screaming vile things at Trish and showing up to her house. Jeffree said the way J handled the situation was hilarious.

No. 1900302

jeffree already apologized for the way he treated trisha so i’m confused why he’s saying that she’s lying now.

No. 1900306

File: 1695046483524.jpg (16.63 KB, 557x131, Screenshot9f882a74.JPG)

His excuse is that cancel culture was too popular and nobody wanted to hear his side

No. 1900754

File: 1695120864590.png (164.12 KB, 763x394, p6vkt41m3sob1.png)

he is trying to stay relevant

No. 1901936

He must have a new palette coming out soon.

No. 1902955

>>1901936 you called it Nona, new palette this Sunday

No. 1907360

File: 1696180376088.jpeg (456.88 KB, 828x1358, IMG_1022.jpeg)

What’s the drama with the tattoo? Does anyone know who Daniel Silva is? I saw our cow Jillian posted some comment on Ethan’s tattoo vaguely saying he’s a bad guy?

No. 1907403

I just looked it up - very first thing on his Wikipedia is that he killed someone in a drunk driving accident in 2020 and was in jail for a year for it. Yeesh

No. 1907416

Idk if I have some bad take here but like yeah it’s degenerate and it’s pathetic but why do people care?

No. 1907498

Idk I don't have extremely strong opinions on it but I could see the argument that there's enough tattoo artists to choose from that you wouldn't have to go with the murderer one lol

No. 1907526

He probably paid out the ass for it and will never go back for touch ups so it will end up looking terrible. All that detail work on the fur will be gone in a year. I hope it was worth it.

No. 1907865

Jill is so fake and annoying. Shouldn't she be cancelled for enjoying h3H3 since Ethan is pretty much against all her PC bullshit? He chilled out with age but back in his channels prime, him and Hila would have definitely roasted Jill for her DiD larping.

Also, the scrote got into a drunk driving accident and killed a person. Jill drove while high and killed a deer. She needs to get off her high horse lol

No. 1912436

Bumping so the anons talking about H3H3 in the YT thread will post here instead. One time bump mods don't ban me ily

No. 1912907

File: 1697180498158.png (709.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231013-173536.png)

Speaking of. I feel like people associating Hila with terrorist attacks honestly suck. As much as h3h3's team has been involved in, this tragedy has nothing to do with them and it's abhorrent that people would put this act on Hila

No. 1912944

File: 1697191428333.webm (4.26 MB, hilaidf.webm)

Obviously Hila is not directly involved with the terrorist attacks but she was not an innocent secretary working in an office. She volunteered and actively participated in at least one raid.

No. 1912948

File: 1697192216912.jpg (330.42 KB, 1391x1335, ethan.jpg)

Did someone else see what Ethan tweeted at a Palestinian activist? He had a mental breakdown and then deleted all his tweets up to 2021.

No. 1912953

File: 1697192748748.webm (2.34 MB, 1280x590, iamdenyingthat.webm)

>associating Hila with terrorist attacks
which terrorist attacks? according to hila, israel has never done anything wrong

No. 1912968

Are you retarded to compare mendatory military service and extremist 'religious' acts of terror?the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1913001

Yeah but military service there is still mandatory, do you understand that anon? Mandatory military service is a thing in more than half the world. A huge amount of Europe, quite a bit of the middle east, and a huge amount of one of the Africas if im remembering correctly. Hell, I know for fins and neighbor countries, they have to go and continuously serve just about every single year for about 1-2 weeks at a time so that all civilians are prepared for war should anything ever happen. There isnt a choice, and it didnt sound to me like they always get to choose a more cushier role. They need to be well rounded in training to be able to handle most everything. No matter how you look at it, Hila didnt do anything wrong for attending mandatory military service.

No. 1913009

There are people who served in the IDF who has condemned what Israel has done to Palestinians, Hila is still running defense for them today. She could have skate by with just an office work but she wanted the adventure (her words) and go arresting Palestinians "terrorists" in their own homes.

No. 1913011

She wasn't supposed to go to the raids, but Hila insisted to her superiors because she was bored in her office work.

No. 1913042

That clip wasn't about Hila's military service. She was denying Israel's crimes against Palestine, even Ethan disagreed with her.

No. 1913315

Is there a video of her saying this somewhere? Receipts please

No. 1913505

Anon scroll like a few posts up

No. 1913528

The full video from the H3 Hightlights
>0:49 "At first I was given a job in an office, somewhat close to my house in Tel Aviv."
>0:02 "It happened right after there was some kind of second war… where was it? Gaza. There was some sort of a small war when I was there. So my job was to, like, when they sent officers or like people to go serve, I had to like, logistically help with their hotel room and things like that but it was all on the computer."
>0:54 "I hated it, so I tried to change my role and it was something like you can apply for it and it's a form that you fill out and they're going to give you something else completely random. So I decided to do that and if I don't like the second one, I will just find a way to get out of the army."
>2:43 "I somehow ended up in a better place that I liked a lot more."
>3:05 "I did [like it more]. It was just more of an adventure, more of a different experience that I preferred than to just go to a boring job, sit in on the computer and go back home at the end of the day."
>3:25 "I was the secretary of the head of… like, I don't know the terms in English from the army. I was in the [in Hebrew], which is like a brigade, I guess, that's in charge of the area of Ramallah and that brigade has a main officer, so I was his secretary. It was nice, it was interesting.
>4:35 "Yeah, so my officers and like the soldiers in that brigade. They would go every night on a raid in Ramallah to arrest terrorists and so I always saw them preparing for it and leaving. I would stay in the base so one time, I wanted to go with them just to experience it. They took me with them even though they weren't supposed to."
>5:25 "As soon as we entered Ramallah, the people in the city started shooting at us. I heard a bullet hit the Jeep right next to my head. I mean, it was just interesting."

No. 1913723

KEK he's right though(sage your shit)

No. 1913754

>volunteered and actively participated
thats strong wording considering she said in this same clip that she didn't even have a gun. being there doesn't mean she "actively participated".

No. 1913796

This video has been going around for years. Ethan is just using this to play the victim like he always does.

No. 1913820

File: 1697360420008.png (231.98 KB, 320x449, hila.png)

I don't think a person who dresses this goofy is capable of hurting children

No. 1913843

Sometimes I think Hila is pretty and then other times I think she resembles Nicolas cage.

No. 1913868

Lol yes, this pic looks like the unholy child of Nic Cage and Marilyn Manson

No. 1913878

Are you baiting? Pedos and child abusers often have quirky style. Just look at Jimmy Savile.

No. 1913880

>actual, certified former member of the IDF
>incapable of hurting children
lol, lmao even

No. 1913940

She did desk work. I understand not liking her but why keep parroting this idea she literally took out some Palestinian boys or some shit. If every person is required to serve then yeah they’re going to get aspies too

No. 1913985

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/YmbtrKQIgd8?si=wZynukuBnmdRurtc&amp;clip=Ugkx8AUIXfy13nW_C75kTWh226rhTIx89hiV&amp;clipt=EPj1mAQYhriZBA" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1914023

She said that she could find a way to get out of the army but she didn't because she liked being in a place full of action. It seems like she had a choice.

No. 1914097

did you not scroll up and read? generous recapnon >>1913528 showed yes, she had desk work and could have literally chosen to stay there the whole time but "got bored" and decided to go out with the army for "fun". Even with hindsight she calls it pleasure seeking and considering what she did was against the rules, she clearly had a good talk with the army people into letting her sneak along for "fun". The main reason Hilla gets shit on isn't for the mandatory part, it's that and her attitude around it. She gets her funny video much like cooking with jack has the napalming palestinian kids thing for deserved reasons

No. 1914101

who tf keeps gassing this bitch up that she thinks any of this shit looks good on her. This look would maybe look good on someone 20 years younger, on her she just looks like an old woman that tries to go to clubs and pick up college kids.

No. 1914520

Honestly I don't even think its an age thing. I think it's just her picking the wrong aesthetics altogether.

No. 1914530

I like the bleached brows look on her but nothing else. This whole get up would only look kind of cute on someone in their early 20s. Even then it's a stretch.

No. 1914658

File: 1697488722035.png (439.16 KB, 871x491, raidingramallah.png)

This is the grin Hila had while talking about the raid

No. 1914998

Doja Cat skinwalker

No. 1915053

File: 1697549712734.jpg (357.77 KB, 1122x692, collage.jpg)

I am not that familiar with Doja Cat. Does she dress like this?

No. 1915088


No. 1915120

File: 1697553218698.jpg (442.41 KB, 1080x1350, therapy.jpg)

No. 1915251

oh my god it looks like aliexpress shit
do they steal designs based on e-hoes ethan is jerking it to? the fucking e-thot phrase and the stupid 10$ wish tranny skirt are killing me before you even get to hila eye fucking herself looking like a hot mess

No. 1918569

basically, yes

No. 1918895

I'm surprised this thread isn't more active especially with the recent meltdown that Ethan had and him possibly stopping leftovers.(post caps next time or sage your shit)

No. 1918901

she has dead eyes, like a sociopath

No. 1918907

Tell us about it then. I try to avoid looking at any of Ethan's content directly.

No. 1918958

Ethan said on his members stream tonight/last night (no screenie available) that he needs to step back from leftovers. Said they will probably come back for the election season in America, but his tone betrayed his uncertainty

No. 1918959

Same anon, there is no drama to it though, Hasan appears to be as understanding as a vacant himbo could be

No. 1918984

You can wear whatever you want at any age. Stop policing women, its very pickme and pathetic.

No. 1919064

File: 1698235814269.png (1 MB, 802x1188, Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 8.07.…)

damn this is embarrassing, Hila. not as embarrassing as proudly serving in the IDF tho

this, it’s not her age that makes her fugly, it’s everything else. she looks like a war-traumatized horse

No. 1919126

it's giving yolandi visser/die antwoord overgrown edgelord vibes

No. 1919129

it's like if doja cat actually became sam hydes' girlfriend and dressed like a demented member of pussy riot

No. 1919487

Is this due to him and hasan doing the israel/Palestine podcast. I was surprised no one mentioned it here. Hasan is such a disingenuous ass I've hated him since he got his start on his uncles channel Pop Trigger where all the other hosts couldn't stand his shite takes. Hasan faked cried too, Ethan was the far more tolerable one. Hasan wouldn't let him speak either.

No. 1921536

File: 1698652018130.jpg (375.88 KB, 640x1152, RDT_20231030_07465056686222881…)

New leftovers will be with Ethan's mom I guess!

No. 1921553

yard666sale but 10 years late. Unfortunate!

No. 1922684

File: 1698861884672.png (450.94 KB, 619x637, u81dj9euk7xb1 (1).png)


suprised nobody has talked about the recent discovery that Hila lied about her service in the IDF. She claimed to be "just a secretary" but autists on /r/h3snark have discovered she had at least a certain amount of combat traingin and rank that wouldn't be held if what she claimed her role was is true.

Here's the full post to most of the proof they have.


No. 1922689

God this makes her even hotter. She looks so good in that uniform.
You should not have posted this I have a giant crush on hila and also a military fetish.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922691

what the fuck.

No. 1922700

asspizza and drainers really ripped him off

No. 1922705

I hope this is a nonna and not some retard /pol/ moid because this made me laugh with how out of left field this was

No. 1922711

are you me? this photo has me fucked up. jewish women with strong facial features are my biggest weakness…then when you add on the military attire…hnnnnnnng(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922762

>suprised nobody has talked about
We're not on reddit and if you're the nonna in this thread who keeps saying this, please just post caps whenever you come across them because it seems like you're the only person on this thread who uses that site and sees any of this stuff. Also archive everything, reddit posts get taken down all the time and the reddit api being changed up means you can't just check removeddit or any of those sites anymore.
reading the post with comments though it seems there's still a high chance she didn't do anything combative but I personally doubt. especially because the story of her "sneaking onto fun raids" just sounded so ludicrous

No. 1922837

Ethan had a members only stream losing his shit about Hasan. Even though Ethan has gone full Facebook boomer denying that Israel bombed Palestinian hospitals, denying apartheid etc Hasan still defended him. Ethan and Hila also sperged about Olivia supporting Palestine, making her delete her tweets.

For Hasan to support Ethan this much, and Ethan saying this shit.. yeah leftovers is over and so is their friendship. Free Palestine and fuck Ethan

Link to video snippet (unable to find it on YouTube)

No. 1922863

OT but can't stand his disgusting lip smacking sounds in the mic
Well another burned bridge. Can't wait for the cycle of Ethan bringing up Hasan at every chance, fans feeding into the self victimization, tantrums when Hasan stays quiet, "Oh I guess I can't talk about Hasan now or else I'm the bad guy," and in a year from now fans reposting clips saying they miss the duo and MAYBE just maybe Ethan MIGHT have overreacted

No. 1922867

Funny how Ethan can't hold any public partnership. Everytime he tries to recreate Frenemies it all goes to shit. Well-deserved.

No. 1922912

File: 1698889135741.mp4 (3 MB, 1280x592, Ethan calling out Hassan.mp4)

Video for archival purposes.

No. 1922969

The terrorist group Hasan came out in support of Ethan? That’s crazy wtf(retard)

No. 1923047

Thanks anon
Lip smacking bald fatty literally seething over his young audience’s favorite leftist. He’s digging his own career grave

No. 1923081

Ethan looks like he's dying. He also looks like an autistic kid.

No. 1926200

Why does he look like he has cancer

No. 1926729

File: 1699668600332.png (146.51 KB, 879x709, Screenshot 2023-11-11 035145.p…)

stop believing everything you see on reddit, this post is basically relying on you knowing nothing about any army. this replay points out all the things they got wrong, powerlevel but I was in the IDF for about three weeks for basic training and I was supposed to be a fucking mechanic - so a non combat role, and this applies to most other non combat roles as well and even then we only shot at a shooting range ONE TIME, we mostly just carried a gun with us everywhere without any ammo (which you can see in her photos as well). The beret I would get would entirely rely on the base I was in, nothing else, if I ended up in a Golani base or whatever those redditers would think I was some fucking ninja soldier kekk god the way some people believe everything they see without a second of thought pisses me off to no end.

No. 1926989

File: 1699728893547.jpg (93.26 KB, 1080x1386, ethan.jpg)

>I was in the IDF
That explains who has been spamming and caping so hard for Hila in this thread

He has a rash around his eyes

No. 1927001

Ethan joins Hasan on his Twitch for an impromptu Leftovers episode
>Ethan calls his place depressing and bomb-shelteresque only to have his maid come later in the stream to serve him Mountain Dew in a glass
>Ethan says that the only way for jews to be safe is to have an apartheid (one-state solution)
>Ethan says that if Palestine is freed, they will start to suicide bomb Israel. It's more preferable for Israel to nuke Palestine
>Hasan says that Israel would accept a two state solution if they are subjected to a BDS (Boycotts, Divestments & Sanctions). Ethan thought that he was talking about the k-pop band BTS
>Ethan says the phrase "From the river to the sea" means that you want all jews to die and is equivalent to the Confederate Flag
>Ethan shills for Teddy Fresh anytime that Hasan left the stream for a bathroom break
>Ethan compared the organization Jews for Peace to kapos, jewish collaborators who worked with nazis
>Ethan tells Hasan "fuck you" because he thinks he is being condescending
>Ethan complains that Hasan's chat is being mean and antisemitic to him
>Teddy makes an appearance on the stream
>Hasan makes the chat emotes only
>Ethan goes off stream to cry and comes back with tears in his eyes. He says that he doesn't know why he is getting so emotional lately
>Ethan says to Hasan "lalalala I can't hear you" to shut him up
>Ethan runs out of arguments and says "Alright, whatever bro"
>Ethan leaves the stream saying that he regrets having this conversation because people will misinterpret what he said and call him a Zionist. He says that Hasan's mods and fans have been very hostile with him and he doesn't feel welcomed

No. 1927010

How did he get in contact with them wtf(sage)

No. 1927035

File: 1699736497618.webm (11.82 MB, 1920x1080, ethancries.webm)

Ethan having a Frenemies moment where he walks out of the show crying

No. 1927057

This picture looks like a 1930’s antisemitic propaganda poster. Kek.

No. 1927206

it's funny to read the difference between the recap in this thread and the recap in the twitch thread

No. 1928792

Hasan is still doing his best to make Ethan not act like an angry Facebook boomer. However, Ethan insists on destroying his career.

No. 1928808

Hasan's an annoying disingenuous vapid cunt, he sounds like he's close to punching the wall anytime someone doesn't pat him on the back for the selection of words he's pulled out of his ass. I never hear any conviction in his voice, he'll say any shite to win. Anyone that's not a retard knows there's a huge community of Jewish people in Israel that are so sensitive for whatever reasons to Palestine they see any criticism as an attack. I understand Ethan's point. He has criticised the Israeli government many times he's not a shill, but he's obviously a Jewish man with a wife that's family literally comes from Israel. He's going to k ow the complexities of the communities and tbh he has never supported any attacks on Palestine. Ethan is an annoying dude, but Hasan is a douche. He's more likely to be a gay shill with his come up being the nephew of the faggot that produces the young turks on YouTube

No. 1929060

Seriously fuck Hasan. He just says a whole lot of nothing. He doesn’t know half the shit he talks about.

No. 1929095

Tried to find his old obnoxious videos on poptrigger, he started as a host of a segment called popcrunch. Shockingly only 2 videos are still listed out of 65 or so, probably got his uncle to hide them since he was such an uninformed moron and the other hosts hated him. He would sometimes get on the main show but you could see how he brought nothing the hosts all worked in TV or comedians then there's Hasan who's uncle produces everything. Hasan use to really think he was something and shill his style and shit but most of those videos are gone.

No. 1929553

Ethan is still getting 1M views on the podcast. His career seems fine.

No. 1929813

I think Ethan is fucking up big time going against Hasan when it comes to political discourse. He made his career learning how to spin rhetoric and win over a group of slobbering idiots in twitch chat to his side. Ethan is getting way too emotional and getting walked all over because he isn't thinking about what he says. If he was smart, he would just take the L and stop trying to debate people about it, if he can't keep a cool head, then he will never be able to make his point properly.

No. 1930292

Totally agree. Hasan is a completely artificial person who believes in nothing. At least Ethan attempts to be realistic in their debate but Hasan can't budge from his completely phony "moral communist" rhetoric, obfuscating Ethan's main point that a two-state solution has minimal support in western politics and isn't something the Israeli population would ever accept without massive amounts of death. None of that matters to Hasan, who acts aloof for his viewers, unfairly comparing the situation to South Africa and pretending Hamas is some kind of paragon of virtue. Hasan did Ethan dirty with this debate seemingly on purpose since he's totally aware Ethan is not nearly as well-spoken or well-read as he is. Ethan deserves humiliation for being such a piece of shit, but Hasan deserves far worse.

No. 1930414

He's whiny voice when Ethan brought up the confederate flag and started going on about the BLM movement which is a fucking dumb movement by the black panthers adopted by Hollywood and celebrities to be performative. It's only stoked more division. That was Ethan's point. Everything discussed around israel/Palestine is so divisive with very few people talking about brokering for peace and just playing two sides off of each other while normal peace abiding citizens have to live amongst it while faggots like Hasan who have never been to Israel get slots on the BBC cause his uncle is trying to get into American politics and become the first naturalised presidential candidate.(stay on topic)

No. 1930803

>It's more preferable for Israel to nuke Palestine
>Ethan says the phrase "From the river to the sea" means that you want all jews to die
kek the projection
I don't like hasan, but ethan shouldn't have done this if he was gonna be so triggered that he'd call for the nuking of a country. And he especially shouldn't be surprised at being called a zionist when he literally calls for israel to own all of palestine and be a jewish-exclusive land. He also has to know that it wouldn't be a good look to say palestine should be genocided because hamas (an extreme group among their populace) exists when most can draw the line between hamas existing and israel being created through genocide and colonization. Ethan can probably look to the squirmishes between the native americans and the british colonizers and both sympathise with the killed settlers as well as the attacking forces understanding this as retaliation for having their country taken over forcefully (but obviously agreeing innocents shouldn't be harmed which israel doesn't necessarily due to the Hannibal Directive).
Like I get being upset your people were killed but fuck me I don't think he could have behaved worse as someone who should have known if he could handle this. It's not like this is the first time anything like this has happened in recent memory and I doubt he hasn't had to defend his one-state beliefs before.
Tinfoil but considering his comment of not knowing why he's so emotional lately, I wonder if he's gotten to a point in consistently eating poorly over the years that he's depleted his vitamin/mineral stores and his emotions are all out of whack. Basically turning into an uglier old-school trisha kek. Wonder if he'll declare himself a Matzah ball on his kitchen floor sometime soon

No. 1931292

Not trying to defend Ethan here, but I think he was trying to explain to Hasan the extent and intensity of Israeli propaganda that has convinced a large portion of the country that if a one-state solution were implemented evil big bad Palestinians will stop at nothing to kill all the jews, meaning the jews have to strike first in order to ensure the survival of their bloodline and that they would sooner nuke Palestine than risk losing Israel, even if that risk is totally unfounded. Seems to be he was trying to convince Hasan that his rhetoric and theory bring nothing of practical value to the conversation since Hasan's whole premise is based on what Ethan claims is a "non-starter" (basically saying Israelis are too brainwashed and pro-genocide to consider Palestinian life with empathy), but Ethan is an emotional baby and very inarticulate so he just ends up sounding like a typical jewish neocon.

No. 1931310

>(basically saying Israelis are too brainwashed and pro-genocide to consider Palestinian life with empathy), but Ethan is an emotional baby and very inarticulate so he just ends up sounding like a typical jewish neocon.
Wow yeah he really missed the mark there. I can't believe this man actually thinks he can run a podcast, and worse that there are people listening to him as a voice of reason. He can't articulate and loses himself in his feelings constantly and makes an ass of himself at every turn.

No. 1931674

File: 1700597136330.jpeg (681 KB, 828x1045, IMG_1029.jpeg)

No. 1931688

File: 1700599008999.mp4 (3.02 MB, 576x1024, v15044gf0000cleg8qvog65mr0kjsv…)

TikTok pregnancy announcement. She is 13 weeks pregnant and naming it Elvis. Which is funny because someone asked Ethan and Hila if they’d consider that name a few months ago and Hila was visibly disgusted and said it was a bad name for a kid.

No. 1931708

File: 1700601265316.mp4 (695.62 KB, 858x396, RecordIt-25D601F7-166E-4086-95…)

Here’s the vid of Ethan and Hila saying they hate the name

No. 1931713

Good luck to these kids. I can't imagine what it's like growing up in front of the camera with Trish as their mom.
Elvis is a terrible name. They're right about that.

No. 1931729

Great she’s gonna traumatize and fuck up another human

No. 1931748

Honestly her kid gets more motherly love than Hila ever shows. Both Moses and Trish are present in their child’s life, unlike Ethan and their nannies.

No. 1931796

It’s not a competition. They all terrible at parenting.

No. 1931822

How is Trisha a terrible parent?

No. 1931828

NTA but Trisha has BPD.

No. 1931837

Nearly every milestone in that baby’s life has been uploaded for content. Family vloggers are the worst and Trisha is no different.

No. 1931839

what has she done to be considered a terrible parent besides have a mental illness

No. 1931889

Trisha did intensive DBT therapy for her BPD and completely turned her life around you dumbass, come with actual receipts if you’re going to call someone a bad parent

No. 1931920

damn kiss her ass harder why don’t you

No. 1932060

I’ll repeat what I said since everyone is overlooking actual terrible parenting to argue about her mental health. You are a terrible parent if you fail to safeguard your baby from the Internet and create content to profit off her before she can consent. Trisha does this every day.

No. 1932384

trisha's whole thing is monetizing her life for money, what do you want her to do, get a job as a bus driver? i'm sure malibu stacy or whatever is going to be more traumatized by her mom's sex work than having been in a few youtube videos as a baby especially since the majority of people aside from us dorks don't know or care who trisha paytas is. do you get pissed off when you see babies in movies/tv too since they can't "consent"? get over yourself.

No. 1932778

She wouldn't even be able to keep a job as a bus driver because those Trishyland psychos would send photos of her OF to the employer

No. 1932925

Thank you for reiterating my point

No. 1933045

Ah yes because babies and kids playing paid scripted roles in movies and tv is exactly the same as having almost every moment of their private lives in their own homes, embarrassing moments and all, broadcast to the public. What a great equivalence

No. 1933059

Samefag, babies and kids who work in film/tv also have strict limits on how many hours a day they can work, what time of the day they’re allowed to work, and how bright of lights they can be exposed to and for how long, etc. Family vloggers don’t do that

No. 1933361

Ah yes, because child actors are historically known for being paid and treated fairly and are never taken advantage of by their parents or others in the entertainment industry. How many child stars didn't get their money stolen by their parents, how many can you name that received their fair and full compensation once they reached 18 and their parents no longer controlled their finances? Comparing Trisha to a "family vlogger" is bullshit anyway and you know it, she's not the Ace family that the H3 crowd used to dog on constantly, she's the equivalent of a terminally online facebook mom with a cosplay and musical theater fetish. It's embarrassing, sure, but calling it abuse or being a "terrible parent" is a total stretch. Are you mad your mom took corny photos of you at Sears and you never got paid for it?

No. 1933862

But children in movies and tv are often sexually abused. I don't think it's a great environment for them.

No. 1935266

Are you all mental midgets? Who gives a fuck about moral fagging about children on youtube and TV shows. It doesn't matter. Look at the parents. Look at Trisha. Look at Moses. You think those kids will grow up in any sort of healthy way? Fuck no. Trisha could live stream those kids 24/7 or hide them from the world until they're 18 and they would come out fucked up either way.
>b-b-but nonnie, Trisha has changed! See, look at this clip, she's making improvements!
Great, but you still have the retard father. And even if Trisha has been making positive changes, based on historical evidence only time will tell if those changes are permanent. I hope the best for Trisha and her children, but acting like them being in the public eye is important in the slightest when their parents are who they are is just delusional.

No. 1937631

File: 1701666455464.png (1.04 MB, 1001x1762, Screenshot_20231203-205411.png)

Wtf is this pregnancy post from Hila? She tries to be "cool and hip," but fails miserably.

Other news, sorry that it's a link
from reddit, a few days ago Ethan said there will probably be no more Leftovers. From the comments, it seems most has hopes they would cover the 2024 election, but it seems doubtful.


No. 1937688

this app looks so embarassing and it's so funny that she posted this thinking she's cool when she's just your average mom on facebook now kek
>it seems most has hopes they would cover the 2024 election, but it seems doubtful
oh god please let him, even if he just lasts a week before rage quitting over one reason or another I know this would bring in so much cream

No. 1941255

File: 1702262674696.png (16.94 KB, 602x149, ethan decline.png)

new drama with ethan and the podcast. they have this gay guy who has a foot fetish come on the show and ethan does his typical shtick of asking them creepy, invasive, sexual questions the entire time. ethan is obsessed with getting the guy to go back on saying he had a 12 inch penis one time because ethan found a photo of him naked in a porn video and it looked smaller (he forces guests and crew to look at it often). ethan kept pestering him to show his penis until C-man finally sent ethan a photo of his dick. There was some confusion here and C-man didn't realize Ethan was going to post C-man's dick on twitter for his fans (ethan did mention it a couple times but C-man never explicitly consented and is saying now he didn't know it would be posted). Ethan took it down, but now C-man is out for blood. He's was on the anti-h3 subreddit /h3h3_productions/ doing an AMA a few hours ago and saying what they did was close to sexual harassment and the hilarious comment in the picrel.

No. 1941259

File: 1702262929255.png (69.58 KB, 225x239, c-man.png)

oops my bad the AMA is in /h3snark/. C-man says Ethan and crew have not apologized yet and he's going to start his own podcast. He also revealed Ethan does not pay him for any of his appearances on the podcast.

No. 1941263

File: 1702263152691.jpg (148.03 KB, 1080x2340, c-banned.jpg)

C-man in the comments saying he got banned from the subreddit when he tried to post that he was uncomfortable with the dick pic being posted on the h3 official twitter

No. 1941275

had a good kek at the file name, ty nonna

it is sad how often ethan rabbits on to c-man about sexual shit even when c-man is getting super vulnerable. c-man was talking about how he lives with his mother as a carer since his mother is ill. ethan's first reaction was just "You live with your mom and do porn? Funny!" then he ran it back and actually got serious. ethan just lacks so much empathy, it is unreal. glad to see that c-man is actually standing up for himself and is done being taken advantage of by that retard.

No. 1941479

To be fair this is pretty mild compared to the normal milk
>some foot fetish porn freak is upset that ethan posted his dick to twitter
>people defend this weirdo just to spite ethan even though he's a disgusting gay coomer that constantly solicits feet pictures for his own satisfaction
I get hating the h3 podcast but if this is what's defended as a result then really whats the point lmao they're both disgusting freaks

>ethan doesn't pay him

Good, honestly

>starting his own podcast

>trying to do an ama
>trying to post on h3 sub
>posting on snark sub
Oh no the fame hungry foot coomer is upset and using this as his 5 minutes of fame! Anyways

No. 1941827

Right because feet and a genital part are equal right? Jfc I'm flawed, I have no dog in the fight but the two aren't comparable.

No. 1941864

Not surprised Ethan's coping with all his leftovers fallout by doubling down on his larp as a wannabe Howard Stern shock jock. He's a hypocrite and far too self-conscious to pull off his persona convincingly. He did the same thing after frenemies ended, getting his parents to constantly talk about weird sex shit that even Trisha was uncomfortable with. Nobody should have their junk posted on the internet without consent regardless, but this is par for the course now that he's trying to distance himself from leftcows. Next we'll see him go back to his roots copying sam hyde.

No. 1942264

a grifter through and through, only goes where the wind blows politically and monetarily for the least effort. I guess the israel stuff will probably push the issue though cause he gets legit triggered by pushback and trolls on things he has opinions on. Not the makings of a great shock jock though regardless of his wants

No. 1943306

File: 1702618570817.jpeg (691.42 KB, 1125x636, IMG_2122.jpeg)

Trisha with the fetish content locked and loaded for the next 7 or 8 months.

No. 1944469

File: 1702862468611.jpeg (226 KB, 1125x936, IMG_3008.jpeg)

Is Tana back on the podcast, even though she recently wished death on some wine lady and even Ethan had to condemn her? Jfc, I hate this spineless fat retard.

No. 1950737

Tana co-hosted this year's Steamies

No. 1952235

Surprised this thread isn't more active.

Here is a good video summary of the cman incident.

No. 1953332

I love trisha but you can telling she wanted a boy so much. She wants to be a boys mom so desperately but she keeps on having girls. You can tell she wanted her second pregnancy to be a boy so bad that she kept on making up any thing to think it will be a boy, she even named it before she found out the gender and gave it a boy name.
It's nice that Moses is there to reassure her and bring her back to normal aka make her more grounded and let her know that having girls is something to be happy about too.

Watching her talk about it feels awkward because you can see in the car video with Moses that she looks disappointed but keeps trying to look like she is happy with it.

To be fair she is handling this so much better thab when she had Malibu because I remember her being way more disappointed when her first Malibu was a girl.(sage your shit)

No. 1953464

take your insane rambling back to reddit

No. 1953492

She will fuck him over like she does every time and like he gets every time by every of his internet 'friends', can’t wait for it.

No. 1953503

I was honestly happy to hear it's another girl because having a situation with a big sister and a more favored little brother is never a good formula…so at least if Trisha does end up eventually getting her Mama's Boy she's got two girls supporting each other through it

No. 1953505

>she even named it before she found out the gender and gave it a boy name
You mean the name she said she was going to give to her child no matter what gender it is and is still going to name her daughter Elvis? If she wanted a boy so badly, maybe she should've done IVF like her in-laws so she could choose the gender or adopted a boy instead of letting her scrote's sperm decide

No. 1954637

Trisha enjoys having a sister too. Seems like they’re always doing things together, with mom. Idk I didn’t see any big gender disappointment.

No. 1954806

What are you on because I didn’t see any gender disappointment, stop reaching so hard.

No. 1962402

File: 1707025892910.mp4 (13.97 MB, 1280x590, bro_1acj3qe.mp4)

Ethan rolls his chair over his puppy

No. 1962405

File: 1707026451753.mp4 (13.76 MB, ricola.mp4)

Ethan and Hila are bad dog owners
>Ethan and Hila get a new dog from a puppy mill that looks like their dead dog, Shredder >>1891106
>Ethan donates $10k to an animal shelter to make up for the fact they didn't adopt
>They name the puppy, Ducky
>As Alfredo and Shredder, Ethan and Hila leave Ducky wander freely in the studio
>Ducky is not trained, terrorizes Alfredo and has behavioral issues
>Ducky bites cables and eats a microphone foam
>Ethan rolls over Ducky with his chair >>1962402
>Ducky yelps in pain and poops himself out of fear
>Ethan and Hila bring Ducky to the studio again
>Ducky is eating/licking Ricola
>Ethan and Hila are horrified that Ducky has access to it
>Dan is rolling his eyes
>Ethan confronts him
>Dan tells them that they shouldn't let their dog wander in the studio unsupervised
>Ethan asks Dan if he thinks Duckie deserves to die
>Hila says that it's Bruce's birthday as if it's relevant to the conversation
>Ethan blames Lena and the other employees for not supervising his dog. The reason Lena is not in the office is because she is running errands under Ethan's orders
>This entire segment is deleted out from the episode

No. 1962406

File: 1707026766264.mp4 (8.82 MB, 1280x596, ducky.mp4)

Ethan possibly rolled over the dog with his chair again but they deleted it before the viewers were able to see it. We can only see Hila carrying the dog away from Ethan as he looks behind his chair as Zack plays ducks soundbites

No. 1962408

File: 1707027108749.png (270.97 KB, 931x281, ducky2.png)

No. 1962409

>wow the bag is right here underneath the table where he is also laying i dont know how hes getting ricolas

No. 1962428

it's embarrassing that I ever was a fan of theirs back in the day. They're the actual, washed-up, YouTube assholes that they always made fun of. That poor dog.
Does anyone remember when Hila talked about how they "needed help with the kids"? Like - not even being shitty, but honestly, what the fuck do they even do all day? They literally just wake up, do whatever they want, lay around all day in their house, and maybe record once in a while. And neither of them have any day jobs or other responsibilities to commute to. Ethan just plops his fat ass down and bleats into a microphone while he rolls over his disposable dog and makes it scream in pain. The "old" Ethan would have roasted the shit out of whatever they're doing right now. Bleak.

No. 1962430

File: 1707035651844.png (881.46 KB, 964x1066, Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12.35…)

Imagine being 13 years old and your creepy manchild uncle shares your photo on the h3h3 subreddit for some reason

No. 1962458

>it's embarrassing that I ever was a fan of theirs back in the day. They're the actual, washed-up, YouTube assholes that they always made fun of. That poor dog.
I think LA legitimately rots people's brains. I don't get how they went from what they were back in israel to this. I hate how Hila went from a shy and gnc woman to such a pathetic tryhard. Ethan I can't even comment on, he's so horrible nowadays I'm speechless.

No. 1962519

File: 1707057381469.mp4 (3.13 MB, 1270x720, shredder_cheese.mp4)

Shredder had a terrible diet. Ethan fed him cheese for every meal because the vet didn't told him not to. It's always everyone's fault, except Ethan's apparently.

No. 1962564

>uh the doctor never told me not to!!!
Did you ever think to consult with google when you're sitting behind that PC all day, retard? God I fucking hate this faggot

No. 1962676

File: 1707082518716.mp4 (12.31 MB, 1airyi3 (1).mp4)

Sage because this answers an old question in the thread. Some former fans are examining how they treated Shredder and posting receipts since last episode when Ethan rolled over the new dog with his chair.

No. 1962683

How spoiled (or special ed) was he growing up that he expects everyone to give him a complete and total list of everything he should and should not do in everything he does.
Absolutely no self initiative, no desire to actually learn anything, and an inability to improve. His general awareness is worse than a retarded toddler on top of everything too. How can you own animals and not be paranoid about running them over with your chair when you have a bunch around your wheeels I don't understand

No. 1962707

Given how they treat their dogs it’s a blessing they have a nanny, those women they hire to watch their kids are probably the only thing keeping them alive.

No. 1965468

maybe its more like hila is not sexy and the picture is of a sexy version of hila?

No. 1965469

File: 1707806248678.jpg (141.8 KB, 1176x430, RDT_20240213_01300328850010073…)

Turns out Ethan's dad is a nasty pervert attracted to Hila
Redo cause wrong picrel first(tinfoiling)

No. 1965470

File: 1707806286529.jpg (359.07 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2024-02-13-01-29-41…)

collage fucked up again so two posts

No. 1965554

File: 1707837410855.jpeg (164.93 KB, 1125x622, IMG_1765.jpeg)

Ethan covered the Vaush loli porn incident on H3 while dressed up as a horse. He’s also been calling out Keffals for defending Vaush’s pedo porn causing him to seethe on twitter. For once Ethan is in the right for talking about how batshit it is to try and justify having naked drawings of children

No. 1965557

File: 1707837601538.jpeg (112.75 KB, 698x1176, IMG_1766.jpeg)

No. 1965559

File: 1707837970814.jpeg (60.8 KB, 703x1148, IMG_1767.jpeg)

No. 1965563

File: 1707838309750.jpeg (92.63 KB, 719x1052, IMG_1768.jpeg)

No. 1965564

I can’t believe Ethan is actually based about something. Anyways death to Vaush and other degenerates jerking off to loli.

No. 1965566

File: 1707839123173.png (4.15 MB, 2436x1125, IMG_3378.png)

It’s actually kind of funny. Not saying it’s his redemption or whatever since being against cp is basic human decency, but it’s crazy he’s the only one right on this.

No. 1965629

Same, this is my first time agreeing with ethan on something. Also i used to like that h3 snark subreddit but now seeing them all defend Vaush just because they dislike Ethan has made me stop visiting that place because its obviously filled with neckbears retards. Like i dont like Ethan either but that doesnt mean im goung to defend that freak Vaush.

No. 1965633

Ethan finally got a taste of his own medicine because bow he k ows how kiwifarms felt.
When breadtubers and troons were going after kiwifarms because kiwifarjs were exposing their degeneracy, Ethan instead platformed Keffal.

And now look, that same troon and otger breadtubers are now also going after Ethan because ethan dared criticize one of them.(learn to post properly on this site)

No. 1965644

File: 1707846482689.mp4 (18.05 MB, 1280x720, ethan_watches_cp.mp4)

Ethan watching and showing loli porn to his pregnant wife live on the podcast for "research purposes"

No. 1965645

There was also that weird hasan debate and his followers who attacked ethan for not uniformly siding with palestine

No. 1965647

I doubt they're gonna introspect about this at all. Kiwifarms is "ontologically evil" and it's "objectively right to hate them". Reconsidering their stance and simply looking into the "kf exists to drive troons to suicide" would be enough to mark them as nazi child's.
This fits into what I am talking about. In order to be in the Twitter left, you have to think and act exactly like them,follow all the behavior and thought directives, even if they're unrelated to each other or directly contradictory. You're not allowed to step even an inch outside the line, that's enough to ostracize and character assassinate you. Very much like a cult would do. Guilt by association is also enough to mark you, so it's imperative that you cut all ties with dissenters. The only difference is that there is no central figure, it's a self feeding hivemind where the public figures are constantly changing, mostly because it's impossible to be congruent with the ever changing, nonsensical ideology. There's no rhyme or reason to what is correct at any given time. Anyway this rant went on for too long and I forgot what my original point was.

No. 1965648

I would feel bad if Ethan didn't try to pander to them for so long. He was warned that his audience will eventually turn on him for not being to cater to their every whim.

No. 1965659

sage for nonmilk but it's so funny when they tell on themselves
>community contains mostly troons
>said community is justifying loli porn

No. 1965670

Vaush also tried to accuse Ethan of transphobia
>It's funny how he tries to call me a pedophile, is it because he knows my audience is full of trans people?
They are constantly connecting troons to pedos and instead of the troons being like, "Hey wait, whats the connection? Your porn folder has nothing to do with transgender people" they go, "yeah, you are right! This is a dogwhistle", kek.

No. 1965673

>I can’t believe Ethan is actually based about something
He is not. Ethan has defended and protected pedophiles and rapists multiple times like Bobby Lee, Chris D'Elia and Andrew Callaghan. Vaush's pedo and horse proclivities have been known for years. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that Vaush is getting called out but Ethan only doing this for easy brownie points amid dwindling irrelevancy and not because he actually cares.

No. 1965677

Gary pinned this on a site called sex.com https://www.sex.com/user/beetsc1/ next to a bunch of disgusting coom gifs. It's truly a blessing that Hila is not bringing a daughter into Ethan's porn sick family.

No. 1965818

Its been years now since frenemies ended so shouldnt we seperate trisha to have her own thread. Because sometimes i want to discuss her but then i see ppl treat this as the h3 thread. They have zero anything to do with each other anymore.

No. 1965823

They did run in to each other recently. I know Ethan said it was his first time meeting Malibu but I’m confused if Hila has met her. I can’t imagine not seeing my own niece just because my husband has a weird hatred/obsession with her mom

No. 1965895

>pissed at the vet for not telling him to stop feeding his dog human food
God they are so retarded. These are the people who literally let their first child starve because they were too dumb to just give him formula because the doctors didn't tell them to. How the fuck do they accomplish anything in their day to day when they apparently need the simplest shit spelled out for them?

No. 1966221

God I hate them sooo much, imagine donating money to a good cause like adopting animals to negate the fact you’re participating in why animals need help being adopted. Like imagine sending that message to your young child audience that you can buy righteous ness and if you have enough money the things you do aren’t totally selfish.

Side note but why the obsession with Yorkies? It’s not like they are breed with an amazing temperament that’s worth getting another one. Who tf you think you are ? Jeffree Starr and his Pomeranians?

No. 1969627

Left leaning creators are all about putting forth a tithe to prove they're a good guy. It's Catholicism 2.0. Every single person that criticizes them immediately gets shouted down because they think giving people money is what a good person is.

No. 1976854

File: 1710604594243.jpeg (390.87 KB, 1361x1080, IMG_3204.jpeg)

Rundown of what has been happening lately:

> Ethan has been making a point to mention r/h3snark here and there in his streams, basically advertising it to fans who may not be aware of it. H3snark is a community based on calling out his and Hila’s hypocrisies, discussion of sourced (sometimes deleted) video clips. It is highly moderated for a snark subreddit.

> Following Aaron Bushnell’s self immolation, Ethan makes disrespectful statements about his actions that cause controversy within his fanbase. Before this point, people were already being banned from the h3h3productions subreddit for the mildest criticisms of Ethan, creating a culty echo chamber. After this point, any discussion of Aaron Bushnell or Palestine results in a permaban and deletion of the post, even if you are just making clarifying statements to other members. Some users report being permabanned preemptively if it’s found they posted in h3snark.
> after attempts to defend himself, he ultimately tells people who disagree with him to “fuck off” and they do, to h3snark.
> r/h3snark, which has been growing exponentially since October 7th, grows even larger as numbers of users banned from the original subreddit flood into the subreddit to discuss their criticism or their permabans. User base of h3snark raises to over 10k members. It had around a thousand in October.
> Ethan extends an invite to h3snark’s “Hitler” (his terms, basically the leader) to debate him. H3snark declines. Users in r/h3h3productions suggest he should debate Hasan or Sam Seder on Palestine instead of wasting his time with h3snark. Banned and deleted.
> At the start of Ramadan, a post makes it to h3snark suggesting that their happy Ramadan post was deleted. There is some conspiracy about the legitimacy of this post and it’s subsequent deletion. It is generally agreed to be fake. Because of this, Ethan is able to run with the narrative that all h3snarkers are making fake posts, and all instances of censorship are faked.
> Ethan, despite being a self proclaimed free speech warrior and having a channel built on snarking and many documented instances of researching snark subreddits, calls upon his foot soldiers to brigade h3snark and get it deleted because they are spreading “lies” and “doxing” (hinging entirely on the Ramadan post and discussion of Ethan’s and Olivia’s parents, who are public figures)
> When this fails, Ethan threatens to sue Reddit if they don’t remove r/h3snark
> This all has an insane Streisand Effect that is still impacting his “fallen fans.” H3snark hits 11,500 members.
> h3snark is temporarily locked for a day or two. In the latest development, it returns with the caveat that all posts must be accompanied by proof and adhere to Reddit’s terms of service.
> Ethan has announced a temporary paternity leave.

I know this is an image board but I don’t really know how to put this in image form. If anyone is interested in following the drama I’ll post more

No. 1976857

He's such a hypocrite. When he browsed Trishyland he didn't think it had "lies" and "doxing", but when a snark sub is about him, all of a sudden it's the worst thing.

No. 1976861

> Ethan has announced a temporary paternity leave.
Meaning he’s going to cry and cope by jerking off and stuffing his face while a nanny watches his kids

No. 1976865

kek like the little bitch he is he can dish it out but can't take it. love to see this goblin looking ass pushed off youtube.

No. 1976868

Just the fact that he said he’s going to sue Reddit….lol

No. 1976919

KEKKK The H3snark subreddit, love to see the crowd he was catering to cannibalize him the way he did with everyone else

No. 1976929

File: 1710620775999.jpeg (554.05 KB, 1125x1496, IMG_3205.jpeg)

Also, since h3snark was down temporarily, its users splintered off to take refuge in r/h3h3_productions, a subreddit with over 50k members that has always served as an unmoderated mix of criticism, fans who got permabanned but think they’re too good for snark, and lost “fupa trupas” who think they’re on r/h3h3productions. Some also created r/H3PodcastDiscussion as a backup. So there are effectively three snark subreddits now when before there was just one. If he does successfully take down h3snark, at this point there are enough people to continue making and updating them with tea. The more he shuts down criticism in his subreddit the larger audience he creates for these criticisms. His fans are truly going to be his downfall kek.

No. 1976934

File: 1710621574067.png (563.7 KB, 612x408, image.png)

the cows are providing this season
the paternity leave won't last, they're too involved in social media and ethan will soon want to get his thoughts about the war out there again
also they will be the most insane hypocrites if they try to sue the subreddit considering their own lolsuit

No. 1976967

File: 1710627318697.jpeg (120.55 KB, 1164x1002, IMG_3206.jpeg)

growth of h3snark over 6 months. They hit 10k members 2 weeks ago and are about to hit 12k.

No. 1976970

File: 1710627991409.png (2.6 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_6697.png)

The milk is flowing ladies! Drink up, love this for H3, it’s truly been a long time coming for him, he’s been so nasty to everyone, and catered to the troons, I wonder what happened to that couple that had a teddyfresh wedding?

No. 1976973

File: 1710628370902.jpeg (529.49 KB, 1125x980, IMG_3207.jpeg)

Speaking of TF, Savy Writes Books was seen on the subreddits researching for a video on Teddy Fresh working conditions. She normally does mlm and scam content. I hope it’s only the beginning.

No. 1977319

I’m not the least bit suprised, the gossippy man Ethan is and mean girl wife, its public knowledge how they treat their family, kids, fans, friends, employees, and other YouTubers. I can’t wait till the people on their podcast quit and make “why I quit the h3 podcast”

No. 1979109

File: 1711183016967.mp4 (2.67 MB, 1280x592, Why_dont_YOU_be_more_careful_w…)

Ethan and Hila are still letting their puppy wander on the studio and get run over by chairs. This is from yesterday's stream.

No. 1979110

File: 1711183308411.mp4 (7.81 MB, Trigger_warnings__1bllhdx.mp4)

From r/h3snark: Ethan laughing at a rape victim sharing her sexual assault story. I don't know how anyone believed that he cares about women or has any empathy for us. His David Dobrik crusade was nothing more than virtue signaling.

No. 1979230

Again??? >>1962402 , >>1962405 , >>1979110
At this point it's just a blatant lack of care towards the dogs. Accidents happen but when things repeatedly happen you have to put on some safety. The dogs seem to sleep or rest right behind the chairs, just don't let them in the booth. Just going, "you gotta be careful around the chairs" to a dog isn't enough
Do they all just lack empathy? The poor kids

No. 1979269

You don't understand! It's the vet's fault, they didn't told Ethan that they are not supposed to let their dog get run over by chairs!

No. 1979413

I mean, their first child almost starved to death because they didn’t know you have to feed babies. A doctor had to spell it out for them. Fucking morons

No. 1980951

File: 1711742705539.jpeg (184.34 KB, 1170x874, IMG_3296.jpeg)

Cam is the first to leave H3

No. 1981669

Not shocked, he has a pretty easy way into freelance graphic design and also seems to have politics that clash with ethans. I hope Dan leaves too, but he seems to wrapped up in the company to ever do that.

No. 1982635

File: 1712248930311.jpeg (737.88 KB, 1125x633, IMG_3456.jpeg)

Hila looks sooooo much better with dark hair and more “streetwear” type style. Similar to when they first started she looks cute in boyish stuff like caps and big jackets idk why.

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