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File: 1491511405889.png (1.99 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

No. 285759

No. 285762

File: 1491511430450.jpg (130.99 KB, 654x902, ss (2017-04-06 at 01.37.17).jp…)

No. 285766

I am just happy she got her nails did honestly. I was tired of looking at her grimy old ones that desperately longed to be filled.

No. 285799

wasn't she supposed to upload a video yesterday? I thought her schedule was to upload new ones on Wednesday/Saturday

No. 285804

why is she holding a kawaii pastel shit

No. 285811

It's very obviously a Peep, you're retarded. At least come up with something better next time.

No. 285814

Took me a moment to realize it was a peep

Jill managed to make it look like a turqoise turd

Before reading the caption I thought she went full shitbrooch on us

No. 285815

>very obviously a peep

….Don't know, Anon, I thought it was a shit too…

No. 285817

Are Peeps even a thing outside of the states?

No. 285820

the blue on her middle finger and the yellow on her pinky are super patchy

why is everyone on pei so shit at esthetics?

No. 285822

looks like poop from afar

No. 285827

File: 1491519005787.png (534.24 KB, 495x612, LkdUyHD.png)

Jill is all for supporting spank and jay fashuwn ever since they posted her photo on their ig

No. 285901

I was actually thinking of other hauls where she said her mom paid hefty custom fees.

Maybe her parents just said no and it took her by surprise? Louise did spend thousands on Japan just a few weeks ago so maybe she put her foot down.

No. 285905

Thank you for using a proper image for this thread, OP.

No. 285907

I don't get this either, like if she's already impulse buying $300 shoes like that (not exactly classic or practical) surely an extra hundred wouldn't make a difference, especially after spending 3k in Japan, she clearly doesn't care about saving for school when it comes to instant gratification.
If she really was good with money she'd have estimated the customs charge and prepared for it, or she shouldn't have bought them at all knowing there was the risk of them costing that much. Either she expected her mom to pay the charges like she has in the past or she's really that irresponsible and stupid with her money that she didn't think of it at all. She really reminds me of those women in movies who get drunk and buy shit online when they're sad, only to forget all about the money and freak out when they get their credit card bills the next month. She's going to have a load of credit card debt when she's older, if mommy ever stops bankrolling her.

No. 285909

If you read the comments on instagram she's now saying that she probably will pay the customs fee and keep the shoes because she's getting more hours at work……

No. 285917

why does she need them anyway, to wear on shifts at claires?

No. 285924

She's keeping them? So much for college.
I can't understand for the life of me what she was thinking buying them in the first place, she takes awful care of her shoes, why would she spend $400 on such an impractical/statement pair. I understood for her prom but even then she wore them outside with her regular tacky outfits because she doesn't understand outfit coordination. I almost feel bad for the shoes knowing the fate they'll undoubtedly experience, they'll be filthy and black in a matter of weeks.

No. 285939

the design is pretty cute but for gel nails, the shape is really shitty. she should go to a diff girl who at least gives her a natural, seamless look

No. 285944

The bag would be cute except for the ugly ass red and white ribbon

No. 286002

File: 1491547987578.jpg (35.13 KB, 236x356, IMG_2662.JPG)

She used to be so stunning, why did she gain so much weight??

No. 286003

File: 1491548008626.jpg (22.33 KB, 236x464, IMG_2663.JPG)

No. 286005

she had an eating disorder

No. 286007

I live in Canada and can confirm we have peeps here

No. 286015

she looks fucking weird here so idk what you're talking about

No. 286016

Yeah I feel like her style was a little more put together and she doesn't have ""jowls"" but she still looks….off and a little scary

No. 286017

never heard of them, living in eu

No. 286023

>she used to be so stunning
Are you some ana-chan?, she looks sick and horse-like
Even then she raised her brows like that, thats why she looks more weird and scary, nowadays she looks just ridiculous
She doesn't need to go back to her ed, just fix her goddamn "style" clown kei doesn't fit anybody Jill

No. 286102

I love the pale blue and pink on her, so flattering

No. 286104

Do her teeth not hurt?

No. 286109

I hope so. If that's the case, good on Louise.

No. 286124

No. 286129

she's moved on from 'cheeky' and is now constantly calling everyone 'bitch.' How kawaii

>Louise encouraging Jill from a distance

This vid is proof Jill is special needs like everyone suspected

No. 286131

Jenna marbles did a full face of rhinestones last week. Is Jill trying to special?

No. 286132

File: 1491574702509.gif (549.18 KB, 500x287, tumblr_n1fhq8Jxex1sl9n08o2_500…)

Because she's essesntially lazy. All the thin girls I've seen who start to gain rapidly in their early 20s/late teens are usually girls who starve and then don't know how to properly diet with fruits/veggies and balance it all out. She eats sugary trash now for her 'aesthetic' and she probably doesn't care because tumblr and youtube are hugboxes where everyone is totes beautiful no matter how lumpy they are. See Snoozy and MooMoo.

No. 286134

She was never stunning. She was plain and average. She just wasn't a fatass, which helped a lot.

No. 286141

all the other youtube videos I've seen of people doing this, the person has glued shit to their face while giving funny commentary…all Jill did was put stickers on her face. Why is she such a fucking moron

No. 286143

The thumbnail looks like a cry for help

No. 286145

> "this is probably toxic lol"
I think the anount of toxic sugar crap you consume daily has already shown us you want to die Jill.

No. 286155

I agree, this is so dumb. To me it just seems like the easiest possible way for her lazy ass to hop on a bandwagon. I mean, at least rhinestones or googly eyes or whatever take some actual concentration and effort in terms of getting the placement right and covering your whole face… Jill just stuck stickers to her face like a 5 year old and didn't even bother to cover her entire face. I understand she was going for symmetry, but imo it would have been much better and cooler-looking if she had filled in all the gaps with smaller stickers. As it is, it just seems totally half-assed and unremarkable.

No. 286160

Everything about her is halfassed and unremarkable. What did you expect

No. 286161

She's probably saying bitch to seem "sassy" like Jeffree Star and other popular MUAs

No. 286182

Your skins showing whore

No. 286189


No. 286190

File: 1491584961537.png (212.14 KB, 415x223, Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 6.08…)

No. 286198

>10 mintutes long
w h y

No. 286222

I don't get the point of this recent youtube trend thing anyway. Can someone explain why people are suddenly sticking shit on their face?

No. 286227


No. 286243

File: 1491589339963.jpg (77.34 KB, 700x700, 4107-13b_2_1.jpg)

In the comments she said these were the ones she got. Shes going to try and contest the charges but I'm not really sure thats going to do anything.

No. 286245

She said they were gummy bears, didn't she? These look like rabbits to me.

No. 286247

File: 1491589463248.png (5.88 KB, 282x76, ss (2017-04-07 at 11.22.21).pn…)

Also lol isnt luigipony a friend of peachies?

Im not sure how it is back east but west coast school is expensive as fuck so… I dont know. I feel like if she really wanted to go to college she should have been saving up since her teens.

No. 286256

student loans exist for a reason

No. 286257

Alternate title: My Everyday Makeup Routine

No. 286258

Well yeah but if it was me I would want to preemptively save to make the burden of my debt a little less harsh. But Jill doesnt plan or think ahead for anything, not even customs

No. 286280

File: 1491593763689.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, QgixZj4y3TwnS.gif)

No. 286285

>Implying her parents aren't going to help her go to college

No. 286382

Let's be real guys, Jill isn't going to go to college. If she stayed on PEI for school, it would be inexpensive and easy for her to just live at home and go to school, as tuition costs aren't extremely high there and she wouldn't need to pay for living expenses. She could easily save money as well as get a loan, or even have parents help pay. But, realistically she won't. She has no plan for herself other than be a special snowflake youtuber and work in retail for the rest of her life.

No. 286403

-"Fashion design career is over!"(after she says she actually likes the stickers on her face.)
-"You can't say anything about my overgrown nails bc I'm getting them done in a hour."
-"I'm a fashion designer."

Those all sound like references to us.

No. 286434

jill's been really obvious about responding to us lately, it's pretty hilarious tbh. she's extremely defensive and unable to accept criticism. i think she just wants to be in the hugbox she created for herself forever, consisting of her family, colin, and all the tweens just starting out with self-expression who were tricked into thinking jill is stylish, or that she has enough expertise in anything to give advice.

No. 286436

Speaking of which, does anyone follow the party kei fb page? I've seen comments be removed because they were anti Jill

No. 286437

Did anyone else notice how Jill called her boyfriend her assistant in this video? Like man I know it was joke, but it also felt like a reference to some of the posts here calling Colin her bitch

No. 286440

I swear to god she just gets worse and worse. She acts like a toddler about everything. Staying she wants to do "her version of editorial" with this sticker shit is so stupid. She has no aesthetic that's ever going to work in the real world. She has no desire to work hard for a degree in fashion design. If she did, she would literally have her shit planned out - she is an embarrassment to herself and her mom enabling her to behave this way is gross to me. It's hilarious how she calls herself a fashion designer when she does NOTHING to become one. Fuck this bitch lmao

No. 286441

Also sorry guys I'm just tipsy and annoyed at this dumbass. Sage.

No. 286442

She didn't even cover all her face, and why stickers? it just makes her look like some wannabe decora twat.

I can imagine her going to college at some point, but I honestly can't see her staying/graduating. Maybe if her parents force her to move out (very unlikely) she'll have to stick to college but I definitely think she'll get tired of school/grow to resent it as soon as she starts getting actual critique on anything. She'd go on and on about ~doing what she loves #fashiondesignerrr~ for the first few weeks until she gets any criticism, then she'll drop out because college and fashion design 'just wasn't for her' and so on. She's way too fickle to go and work in any creative field. She couldn't even stick with the lolita community as soon as they didn't kiss her ass. Youtube is the perfect fit for someone as unmotivated and unoriginal as her. Only it won't last forever.

>the tweens just starting out with self-expression who were tricked into thinking jill is stylish, or that she has enough expertise in anything to give advice.
Eventually these kids will grow out of it (hopefully). Jillian seems to have the mentality of a 12 year old who just discovered Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and jfashion and thinks that they're so ~quirky~ and ~harajookoo~ for just wearing shit that's straight up tacky, so she appeals to these kids. But eventually most of them will grow up and raise their standards and they'll go back and look at Jillian and cringe that they idolised her as much as they do.They probably just think she has 'expertise' because she has a lot of money to throw around, but Jillian is living proof that money can't buy taste.

No. 286451

It's sad that for Jill putting 3 more stickers on her face than she usually uses on a daily basis is a challenge.

No. 286459

That was my thinking as well. And if it took her three years to save up for her trip (which amounted to the cost of plane tickets and $3,000 in shopping) then it would take her twice as long to pay for college. And that's assuming that she would be paying for everything herself, when we all know her parents would probably help as much as possible. It's just another excuse that she can make when people ask her what she's doing with her life, which is really nothing at all.
And honestly you don't need a fashion degree to make it in the fashion industry, but you at least need marketable skills and a willingness to work hard.
Jill is just afraid of failure. She's afraid to go to school and she's afraid to apply to relevant jobs that aren't retail. She's just hoping that she'll get a lucky break through her social media, but it won't happen.

No. 286704

Bizarrely I found Jill SO MUCH MORE LIKEABLE in this video when her face was covered in stickers - because her face was so stuck, she couldnt do all the annoying facial expressions/weird lip noises she usually does, and had to slow down her speech and actually think about what she was saying. I actually chuckled a few times. Sticker Jill is best Jill pls do this for every video from now on

No. 286707

tfw amy slaton puts more effort into it than jill

No. 286731

I wonder if Jillian has any realistic understanding of how expensive the cost of living is across Canada.

She is clearly going through a depressive rut post-Japan and an identity crisis realizing she can't sustain herself aimlessly buying junk the rest of her life.

But she also has no solid understanding of month-to-month living expenses. I can't wait until she realizes that the thousands she spends on tacky clothes would go towards her rent/phone/internet/cable/electric/car bill + student loans and therefore leave no savings for cheeky wacky impulse fashuwn.

She's previously said that she couldn't live in residence or with room mates because anxiety. So she needs to afford her own place. 1 bedroom apartments average 1k/month in the cities she's eyeing and she'll barely have any retail hours while in school. I'm already laughing at what's to come.

No. 286732

She can't have a roomate in college because anxiety?? I have friends in college that have terrible social anxiety and do perfectly fine with their roommates. They hardly even see them and they just talk when they need something cleaned or something because they are usually out with their own friends or at classes. If Jill can work at a cashier and help customers all day, she can live with a college roomate

No. 286735

I would feel bad for any girl stuck as Jills roommate, i think jill would be bitter and jealous of her cus of how socially inept she is

No. 286738

I know lolcow can be a bit extreme with aging remarks and i only know about her briefly from this site. However i saw a recent tabloid cover with kelly osbournes face and i swear i did a doubletake getting pixielocks vibes. For her to be so young and yet that comparable to someone so much older is telling. She sure is doing something wrong.

No. 286803

i just want to remind you all that her dad works at the university near her so she would receive discounted if not free university

No. 286812

>1 bedroom apartments average 1k/month in the cities she's eyeing and she'll barely have any retail hours while in school. I'm already laughing at what's to come.

if she's looking at toronto/vancouver/montreal its more like almost 2k for a 1 bedroom… she could get a studio/bachelor apt (no bedrooms) for 1500 in those cities, or live with a roommate in a 2 bedroom for 1000.

this is if she wants to be in a semi-decent "safe" area, of course. i assume she isn't gonna settle for being in a sketchy low income area, where you will indeed find 1k/month apartments. living in a dorm might be cheaper (1k/month) but chances are she will have to live with someone.

everything else i assume is also more expensive, groceries in the city, transporations, even regular things like coffee.

its a waste of money. 10k for school per year + at least 2k a month to live like a princess? no way she will afford that.

but yeah she really needs to stay in PEI, get a degree and then try and get a job in TO/montreal… that way she can afford to pay rent on her own instead of leeching off of her parents. but the kind of degree she is going for (fashion or whatever) LOL she will never get a job that pays enough to live in a big city.

of course she will never do any of this. it would just be way smarter for her to go get a degree at least in anything. but i guess she is going to be a NEET.

No. 286847

Video more than 10 minutes long gets more ads and therefor more youtube bux

it's nothing new, sometimes you even see youutbers only make 6 minutes long videos and then they add a picture with no music or anything just to get to the 10 minute mark

No. 286888

File: 1491652122521.jpg (205.71 KB, 500x472, hhh.jpg)

But that university doesn't offer fashion or design programs? There's only 1 university and 1 community college in PEI and she's not attending either of them.

She's talked about moving to Toronto, Montreal or Halifax for years, which is where she can study fashion or jewelry design.

I'm still laughing at the fact that she recently said she was going to study metalsmithing and jewerly design at an art school. But that school literally warns against weebs and anime-inspired art is banned from portfolios.

No. 286899

I don't you'll find a single art school that allows anime

No. 286950

Art schools are very open to illustration, though. As long as it isn't overtly weeby animu style, putting some illustrations in your portfolio can help show that you are skilled in that area.

Many of my classmates and I used illustrations (but not anime) in our application portfolios.

But we all know Jill has no skills or will to develop her skills in any area besides shopping.

No. 286986

Maybe she can continue her retail career as a mystery/secret shopper kek

No. 286991

For a second I thought, "maybe Jill can be a personal stylist," which would cut out all of the effort of creating garments or accessories since she's lazy, but:

>no personal style of her own

>makes fun of other styles, like shaming Collin for wearing a nice sweater, etc.
>is autistic about only wearing and doing things that fit her own aesthetic
>isn't creative
>no understanding of fashion


No. 286995

man I still can't get over Jill making fun of Collin's sweater back then because it was 'too normie', especially since it was a gift from his sister.
her dislike for anything 'boring' or 'normie' is so fucking ridiculous, does she think she's superior to other people just because she dresses like ~such a brave fashion designer clown baby bean uwu~ everyday or something?

No. 287011

I think you're exactly right. Jill is that much of a special snowflake that she believes her fashion sense is something to aspire to, and all the 13 year olds kissing her ass online help boost her ego. In reality she should've taken the time she got made fun of at Forever 21 more seriously.

On a side note regarding Collin, I imagine his family hates her and opposes the relationship based on him being her bitch-assistant and Jill never talking about his parents.

No. 287015

I don't think Colin's parents hate Jill, considering they (or at least his mom) got her a Betsey Johnson bag for christmas last year.

No. 287027

Jill's 'only' vice is her stupid style. She doesn't party, she doesn't do drugs, her internet behaviour is infantile but absolutly harmless. Colin's parents' problably have no trouble accepting her because she's on all accounts very tame. She's irritating, but she hasn't got her nudes online, she doesn't pander to pedos like Himeka and doesn't promote a druggie lifestyle like Luna.

Whereas she looks stupid and probably smells like a bag of candy that melted in a car, she's such a shut-in you don't see her much.

Also, I doubt she will pregnant anytime soon.

No. 287041

Did I miss something? When was she made fun of in forever 21?

No. 287047

I think she mentioned it during one of her huge haul videos, it was during her awful yellow He-Man hair phase.
she was in the line at Forever 21 and some girls were snickering about her, she got really upset about it

No. 287055

No. 287060

here you go. she starts talking about it 1 minute in

No. 287066

Aw I'd love to snidely comment on her awful appearance one day

No. 287069

File: 1491676247903.png (1.09 MB, 1136x640, image.png)

It dosent stop.

No. 287070

>those stickers

They're not cute.
Jill, those are the kinds of stickers that elementary teachers put on their student's homework assignments if they did a good job.
At least beg your mom to get you some kawaii stickers the next time she runs out to buy you burgers.

No. 287075

You're right, I forgot about that.

You're also right, but I feel like at some point, unless Collin's family is all deadbeats, they will see that Jill is doing nothing with her life and has no future. I think Collin goes to college so eventually the difference in their education will become an issue, and her leechy-ness will come out more

No. 287084

These screenshots of these of the stupid faces of hers makes me really uncomfortable since they look just like ahegao faces. Seriously Jill stop being gross.

No. 287088

File: 1491680742719.png (301.84 KB, 456x505, S6fyGRO.png)

absolutely disgusting

No. 287090

god her hair keeps looking worse and worse. Shes really gotta cut that shit out and let it grow out for a few years

No. 287091

File: 1491681003087.jpg (128.88 KB, 747x436, 1351185588565.jpg)

what i think whenever i see that face of hers

No. 287095

She said she didn't want to use good stickers for this challenge and I kind of agree that if you're gonna do something this stupid, cheap is the way to go.

No. 287119

I mean she is still only 19. Even if she has a shitty retail job it's still a job. I mean she still has time to go to school and figure things out. Even if she isn't doing as much as other people her age she's still doing something even if it is really lame and cringey

No. 287144

File: 1491687040606.gif (3.5 MB, 466x445, ohjill.gif)

Well thanks for that nightmare fuel.

No. 287147

stop stop oh noooo

No. 287163

what the fuck? why is she so fat, ugly and disgusting

No. 287165

Please please please someone make a banner of this!

No. 287176

This is how she sucks cock. I just know it.

No. 287204

File: 1491692327344.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170408-155722.png)

>open Instagram
>immediately greeted by this pink slimy shit

No. 287205

File: 1491692369567.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170408-155904.png)

No. 287208

File: 1491692434860.png (630.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170408-155952.png)

Is she going to try shilling homemade slimes now?

No. 287212

the glitter and stars on her middle part is just awful…. especially because her roots are so painfully obvious, it just brings more attention.. and the glitter looks like dandruff…

im surprised she doesn't colour her eyebrows or anything a bright colour like her hair..

No. 287216

glitter roots were a very big trend at one point

No. 287217

This is triggering

No. 287229


Don't you see, anon? She's working on her art school portfolio

No. 287230

gross. theres not enough activator in these or borax. it looks hard as shit and not stretchy at all like slime should be. she really does fail at everything she attempts. sad

No. 287234

how long do you guys think until her asmr slime video
this nitpick made me kek

No. 287240

File: 1491696682720.png (207.81 KB, 750x905, IMG_0501.PNG)

No. 287241

File: 1491696782524.png (166.75 KB, 750x1243, IMG_0502.PNG)

No. 287244

Princess Dildo

No. 287251

This is pretty cute. A good tattoo artist could clean it up so it's not lopsided and the text looks better, though of course it still unfortunately will look like a dildo to most people, and in general pop culture tattoos of series you like for a couple years as an adolescent are usually a bad idea.

No. 287253

File: 1491697909894.png (206.25 KB, 371x618, cuO0cOs.png)

jill, do this but with the wand just filled in pink without detail, then only TRUE precure fans will recognize it!

No. 287263

this looks like a glass dildo, good lord

No. 287266

She's heading into doublechin territory.

No. 287267

Omg this bitch. Please don't get a CCS tattoo. leave that series alone.

No. 287268

File: 1491699647069.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

fucking top kek

No. 287270

I know this has been said before but she legitimately looks like a special needs person they let wear colorful clothes and bright hair to make up for the fact they were born special needs.

No. 287271

She admitted to never finishing ccs so why would she get a tattoo of it? ugh

No. 287275

everyone in this thread is no better than the F21 girls making fun of her
its worse that even girls who shop at stores filled with 99% tacky items think her style is shit, she should take a hint

because its pink and she likes to play pretend-fan

No. 287281

i wonder if it has anything to do with lilymaymac getting her ass licked on insta for getting a CCS wand tattoo

No. 287299

Why is CCS even popular with bitches born way after it was created? I don't get it. Stick to sailor moon, Jill

No. 287309

…but Sailor Moon predates CCS.

No. 287317


1k in montreal gets you an apt in the plateau, which is an expensive mess. meanwhile, in other parts of the island (NDG/CDN) you can get a fully furnished, all expenses covered apt from 600$. montreal isn't that expensive, i've seen people living decently with 10$/hr wage.

sage for non relevant info

No. 287334

oh weird, because toronto the prices all start at 1650 unless you wanna live in north york. in vancouver its impossible to find something near UBC under 1500 aswell

No. 287346

montreal has rent control

maybe you shouldn't assume all cities are the same

No. 287484

And yet Pixie is none of these things kek

No. 287496

>seriously getting a tattoo of a series (or multiple) she doesn't actually enjoy beyond aesthetic reasons
Holy shit, she seriously cannot separate herself from her aesthetic. What is she going to do with a tattoo once she finds something else to fill the empty void of her life with?

No. 287535

No way she's going to get a tattoo.
She'll need to find the right artist (there are some that specialize in cutesy stuff like this so I guess it wouldn't be that hard), go see them for a consultation and for the actual tattoo sessions which means paying for transport and eventually lodging. Will she need to be accompanied by her mom in that case? And how many years to save for that too?
Or maybe she'll settle for a local tattoo artist but hell, I personally would never trust a regular tattoo artist who doesn't usually do cute magical girl style tattoos to do it on me. Unless an artist has several excellent examples of the style I'm looking for in their portfolio I wouldn't ask them.

I'm going to guess she's either not going to get anything (most probable option, that post seems more like a far-off delusion just to talk about how she's sooo committed to magical girl) or something kinda shitty that will be great to make fun of for many years to come.

No. 287545

Oh my god I can't believe she's actually considering a ccs tattoo when she literally said she never finished the show and didn't read the manga wtf

Again with the materialism too
>no actual girls or logos or anything

She really doesn't appreciate any aspects of the stories besides the damn magical wands that already collect dust on her shelf at home.

No. 287557

didn't she also mention before that she isn't able to handle any pain at all? like she was anxious about getting her ears pierced because she thought it would be super painful.
good luck handling getting tattooed then kek

No. 287579

I also doubt that she'll go through with it. Getting a tattoo can be intimidating and Jill wilts at even the slightest pushback. Imagine her giving the artist the picture and hearing them say, "Maybe we should change this or that." She would melt down.
Also, doesn't this come right after her excuses about saving money for college? Tattoos are expensive

No. 287679

The whole tattoo thing sounds like she's looking for another excuse to put off college savings for 'more important self love reasons.'
Taking a year off after high school is already the sign of someone lazy and undedicated (assuming they had no financial or other struggles), now it just looks like she wants to be a child for as long as she can before her parents finally push her into college.

No. 287725

I disagree with that. Taking a year or even several ones off to work and really choose your school options is sensible, especially if you need to put yourself in debt. It is bettt to be 100% sure about what you want to study than bounce from major to major.

Jill isn't taking any steps to become independent, that's for sure. Why doesn't Colin and her make plans to move in together? Imagine,if Jill would work full time she could be the one pulling the financial responsibility. She'd actually learn something. (I'd feel bad for Colin tho).

No. 287905

unnecessary salt and that doesn't change the original point anyway

No. 287938

ikr? Lor looks like a monster. She's seriously deformed and she collects bones: her friends teeth and her teeth as well as other bones etc! Ugh!

No. 287980

Lor is a polished and coordinated queen in comparison to Jill.

No. 288002

File: 1491781075571.png (229.45 KB, 728x909, IMG_6420.PNG)

No. 288006

A better comparison would be that Yumi King looks like a polished and coordinated queen next to Jill.

Lor is a good person and dresses well. They're not even in the same league here.

No. 288009

You mean her best friend who's actual job is taxidermy and is probably one of the best gothic lifestyle lolitas?

Such weird, much wow, ugh!

She really spent her entire paycheque on these shoes and chose the worst color combination available.

No. 288050

I hate irregular choice shoes so much. I can't imagine them ever looking good with anything.

No. 288056

>>I hate irregular choice shoes so much. I can't imagine them ever looking good with anything.
Here, here anon! I don't much like irregular choice myself, although I give them credit for being surprisingly affordable for such intricate designs. I wouldn't mind a shoe with overloaded intricacies, but can't stand the shapes of irregular choice shoes (the weird toe/heel shapes they use annoy me).

No. 288080

They look even uglier in this pictures than on their website. I know that irregular choice is meant to be quirky and intricate but the whole design of these shoes is just a OTT clusterfuck. They're perfect for Jill's crappy clown kei. I just can't believe she spent $400 on them, they're so OTT and hideous, I'm trying to imagine what shitshow of an outfit she's going to wear them with too, but it's just hurting my brain.

No. 288082

I cant appreciate the intricacies and how they seem to be well made, just I think they aren't thought out enough and the ugly gimmicky heels. Like the sprinkle cloud shit and flowers and then that random rabbit heel. It doesnt have to have a theme I guess but I feel like when you are going so ott it shouldnt look forced it should look like the busyness had thought put into it.
tldr; they're just too fucking much for me

No. 288086

They have a very old-granny like shape to them, intricate heel aside. There were a couple of ones that were initially cute for pastel/j-fashion coords, but the rest of their stuff is a clusterfuck of… bright OTT coloured shit. When louboutins do intricate colours/patterns/details that are "out there" and OTT no one cries because the shape of the heel is usually cute. IC shoes just always look like they came from a flea market.

I don't like how they look in person either, like >>288080 said. The fact that you can see thru the heel and see the metal heelrod… ugh.

Where is she going to wear them…?

>Why doesn't Colin and her make plans to move in together?

This would be a disaster. Can you imagine Jill doing any level of cleaning, cooking or housework, in addition to full time work? And Colin will be needing to work hard on studying, I don't see it going well when she constantly treats him like a slave. Plus I imagine that he won't be working the school year and his parents will be paying his way thru college since he's wealthy(?), do you think that Colin's parents would want to pay for Jill's living arrangements?

No. 288090

Why does she keep calling them gummy candies? I don't understand.

At first she said gummy bears, and I saw rabbits, and now I know they really are rabbits, but she keeps calling them gummies. I'm genuinely confused.

No. 288093

idk to sweet stuffing jill the clear blue bunnies remind her of a gummy candy

No. 288097

>They have a very old-granny like shape to them, intricate heel aside.When louboutins do intricate colours/patterns/details that are "out there" and OTT no one cries because the shape of the heel is usually cute. IC shoes just always look like they came from a flea market.

I've always wondered what it was that bothered me about their shoes, this is it. It's the weird granny/flea market vibe. The shapes of their shoes are so weird and almost stumpy looking, then whatever clusterfuck of ~quirky~ details they add on just makes them look cheap and almost pinterest-y grandma.

I think Jillian's other pair (the icecream ones) were pretty cute because they had a consistent theme and weren't the old lady pumps shape that these are. But these? Vomit. If I were Jill I'd send them right back, $400 for such a badly executed mess of shit that doesn't even go together. They don't even really go with her style, there's so many elements to focus on, but the floral embroidery doesn't really go with anything she wears, neither do the clouds and the rabbits. Only the rainbow sequins and pompoms do tbh. Also now that you've pointed out the heelrod I can't stop focusing on it. These are just terrible on every level, I am triggered by how fugly they are.

No. 288098

>"i couldn't say no to a gummy candy heel, rainbows, and pom poms"
even if they're ugly as fuck. she's so tacky and literally thinks like a child.

No. 288109

File: 1491787647783.png (8.67 KB, 403x37, dpMieJk.png)

No. 288112

What do people actually wear this brand of shoes with?

No. 288116

So she just sees all clear plastic as gummy? What the fuck?

No. 288122

Holy shit sage your talk about Lor no one gives a shit

No. 288124

Granny shape heels: Yep, that's what annoys me about Irregular Choice shoes. I don't mind OTT designs, but the heels should have a more refined/adult aesthetic.

No. 288129

She probably calls them that because IC have been calling them jelly bunny heels on their IG lol

No. 288136


I get the feeling a big portion of their clientele are people like Jill with shit taste and too much money, but I guess some people might wear them with a simple outfit as a statement piece or maybe for photoshoots?

I've seen people wearing their cuter simpler shoes to weddings, at least.

Some of their shoes are kinda cute but honestly the majority of their shoes fit Jill's rainbow grandma style to a T - they're tacky and clunky with a bunch of colourful ~quirky~ shit glued on.

No. 288153

All I can ever see them being is a collectors item. They aren't attractive enough to wear on a day to day basis, but they'll sure look pretty on your shelf (maybe not even then).

No. 288168

But jelly shoes are a thing, so I get that. I still don't get the gummy thing.

Jill logic.

No. 288189

File: 1491794473659.jpeg (165.15 KB, 750x1022, image.jpeg)

I'm a member of the party kei group on FB (just for lols) and it's amazing how much better everyone in there looks than Jillian. Pic related. This girl knows how to do eyeliner and eyebrows properly, and her face deco is simple and understated but still cute. It's hilarious to me that her "followers" pull off her style better than she does.

No. 288192

Lol baddie thot party Kei .

No. 288208

eye infection kei makeup

No. 288225

my bitch is bad and genki
watches jillian and starts sayin cheeky

No. 288258

i'm new to this thread, what exactly does she even define "party kei" as?

No. 288268

basically similar to a birthday party theme, i guess? she explains it here: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.ca/2016/02/party-kei-introductionstyle-guide-pixie.html

No. 288291

File: 1491805524520.jpg (8.3 KB, 333x500, crystalheartofglass.jpg)

No. 288306

While she explains it there, she took months of not defining it, saying she was preparing to do this big post. She finally posted it, and then everyone pretty much realized that her personal style is absolutely nothing like the photos or descriptions at all, and that "party kei" to her means wear neon and literal party decorations (one of her favourite necklaces is an actual paper party banner that she tied to some ribbon).

No. 288316

so a vomited version of fairy kei

No. 288345

Does Jill ever post on that group? Do her posts get a lot of reactions?

No. 288348

File: 1491814315246.jpeg (30.69 KB, 280x215, image.jpeg)

…long hair is better on her

No. 288352

Most of the comments are just kissing her butt. Ive seen people slag her off, but those comments usually removed

No. 288353

she never interacts with her fans anywhere lol she doesn't care about them

No. 288358

Right? That lipstick is fugly as hell tho.

No. 288362

I have some of their shoes which I wear as a statement piece in my outfits, so I'll pair them with a simple one colour dress. As IC has been rising in popularity their designs have been getting clunkier and more tacky but honestly I'm not surprised that Jill picked an ugly design that doesn't even have a consistent theme going on.
Sage for blogging.

No. 288391

She likes posts sometimes. That's about it!

No. 288395

File: 1491822645326.jpg (127.1 KB, 709x1024, IMG_6438.JPG)

Oh dear god

No. 288396

File: 1491822656456.png (21.7 KB, 750x156, IMG_6437.PNG)

No. 288398

File: 1491822694387.png (100.72 KB, 750x671, IMG_6435.PNG)

The cringe

No. 288399

File: 1491822722352.png (144.45 KB, 743x813, IMG_6434.PNG)

No. 288401

File: 1491823109820.jpg (83.29 KB, 574x610, IMG_6445.JPG)

Oh my fucking god Jill! What the actual fuck is your problem? I hope one of your goddamn followers does how blind do you can realise what a goddamn awful piece of shit you are. This is vile.

No. 288413

this bitch is irresponsible af, does she not realize how many children follow her and how she's basically encouraging them to put glue and other toxic shit near their eyes? shame on you jill

No. 288433

these are so ugly and they also look like a bitch to walk in, pretty sure Jill won't even wear them except for pics

No. 288434

Good, they'll stay clean

No. 288446

So she didn't upload any japan-related videos this week? Didn't post on Wednesday or Saturday/Sunday like she claims she would?

Maybe if she actually got her youtube schedule right, she wouldn't need to work retail jobs to compensate? If you're a succesful networker and have the ambition to climb the ranks of influencers, living at home with your parents is the perfect opportunity to make a business out of a youtube channel.

She should stop trying to spread her energy between retail jobs, college applications, online business ventures and start prioritizing what is best for the long term.

For someone so privileged, she sure overwhelms herself for no reason and ends up being a half-assed spaz.

No. 288452

Are you stupid? No one said anything about MD. Lor also collects teeth.

No. 288464

No. 288467

She looks better with longer hair so that's something, I guess. She should've worn her bangs with the beret like that though, her forehead looks kind of big without.

No. 288473

fuck I thought I was the only one. In theory they sound cute but in an outfit they look gaudy as fuck. The only way I could see someone remotely pulling off such a detailed shoe is if they had a very simple/toned down outfit to highlight the shoe. Which of course we know jill would never ever do lmao.

No. 288477

I think she was told like a year ago or whenever she started doing this that craft glitter was bad. You'd think she would have realized and got something better…
Like the chunky shapes I can understand using w/e because they are so much larger and harder to get in your eye. But even if they did it'd be so visable you could pick it out? But the fine craft glitter… just no. That is a disaSTER WAITING TO HAPPEn

No. 288479

Wow, she looks waaaay better with long hair indeed.

No. 288488

I really like the long hair and beret. She looks younger and more feminine with hair down.

No. 288509

I want that green sweater and wand bath bomb. She's so annoying in this video ugh so many mouth noises…

Why was she freakibf out about whet those girls said though?? I mean they just whispered about her? That's it? It's not nice when it happened but it's hardly worth mentioning:/ dunno why she made such a big deal about this..

No. 288514

I have a friend who is a irl Jill. She's a tumblr girl (everything she says is about tumblr or fandoms) she has rainbow hair then dyed it "blonde" and it was the exact yellow as Jill's (she died it her natural colour) she also comes from a well off stable family but like Jill is constantly causing drama from being spoiled af and she pretends to be so poor. She's anonymous and tame online or I'd have posted her here tbh. She even makes Jill's weird faces and noises! H e l p m e

No. 288522

Don't be friends with people that bother you enough to post about it on here?

No. 288526

I have a girl like that in my class, she's illiterate

No. 288528

Umm that's the wrong size shoe

No. 288534

Is she growing out her bangs?

No. 288544

agreed, it somewhat suits her headshape better

No. 288546

Lmaoo those shoes are way too big for her.

No. 288559

What irks me about the video soooo much is that when shes trying them on.. every time she puts her foot back down you hear creeeeeeak, like fuck the whole wrong shoe size thing.. that creak is causing me physical pain.

No. 288562

I like how it's subtle, yet goes together with the rest of her outfit. She'd look a lot better without the piercings, though…

I dunno, I think it looks nice with that sweater.

Eww, tacky!

I'll give her credit, she does look a lot prettier with longer hair and a beret. The rainbow hair has got to go, though.

No. 288588

Even with socks on, they are at least a full size too big. And she wonders why they're rubbing her feet. Yet she says they fit.

No. 288599


There was this long imgur post about the dangers of using craft glitter near your eyes that got popular two years ago.

The chick had to have surgery because the glitter stratched her cornea or something and now she basically only has one eye. Someone should send it to Jill.

No. 288636

>and this is what chicken nuggets are made of

No. 288663

I can't believe she's still using that stupid fur rug to show off her shoes on, pretty much any other kind of surface would be better.

Also, is she just done with Japan vlogs now?
I guess she did cover everything she did there (shopping, shopping, and that stupid amusement park), but it is pretty weird that her uploading schedule is pretty much non-existent now.

No. 288679

File: 1491856423730.png (73.59 KB, 640x692, IMG_1016.PNG)

No. 288680

This is literally the worst idea

No. 288685


One speck of glitter accidentally got in this woman's eye while she was cleaning up her child's crafting project. She ended up having surgery to remove the eye. Jill should be forced to look through this woman's imgur story.

No. 288692

Jesus christ thanks for this anon. Id never had seen this yet and work with glitter on a regular basis (not in my makeup, for crafts)
Im going to be extra careful now because what the fuck thats horrible.

And I cant believe jill still puts this shit AROUND HER EYE BALLS

No. 288766

Honestly people who have this attitude and do dangerous things to their eyes knowing the risks deserve to go blind. And lowkey encouraging her 12 year old fans to do it too? Just horrible. People who do this kind of shit with the "lul my eyes already suck" attitude piss me the fuck off.
I really hope Jillian sees >>288685 and reconsiders it because that shit is fucking dangerous and stupid, and she needs to stop encouraging her tween fans that idolise her to do the same. But knowing her she'll probably just have another dig at us "people are getting SOOO MAD that I'm using craft glitter but lul I'm already blind"

>shoes are uncomfortable and too big
This has to have been the worst purchase she's ever made tbh. $290 on impulse and then another $100+ for customs just for shoes that hurt to wear and don't fit her? But she's so good with money guys!

>Spreadshirt store is moving elsewhere

I remember her saying she got spreadshirt through maker so there's the confirmation they dropped her (if it wasn't obvious)

No. 288775

they're too big from the looks of it, which i don't get because the irregular choice shoes i had ran super small?? like i had to crush my feet in them.

No. 288788

File: 1491863248226.jpg (263.2 KB, 567x1008, theytoldmeicouldbecomeanything…)

Saw this tacky ass mannequin at F21 that reminded me of Jill.

sage for stupid contribution

No. 288820

All of these slime pictures make me kind of sad. I just imagine Jill coming home from her dead end job at Claire's and retreating to her basement room to make glittery slime…

Jill, we already knew you were blind based on how you dress yourself. But it pisses me off that she just immediately dismisses someone trying to help her

No. 288825

>>$400 for uncomfortable shoes
jill, you're a fucking retard. seriously.

she freaked out about getting made fun of because she limits herself to her online hugbox all day and never socializes with people who don't kiss her ass.

No. 288831

Replace the top with a pale, soft yellow shirt and it'd look a lot better (at least imo).

No. 288832

It couldn't be because US and UK sizes are labelled differently, could it? Like, a US 8 is a UK 6. But she can't have ordered a size 8 from the UK…you've got to do more research than that when dropping so much money…right?

No. 288837

i wear a UK size 8 and my IC shoes were and 8 and honestly they fit more like a UK 6… but it's so easy getting a shoe conversion site up, it takes two seconds.

No. 288841

In that case, maybe she read they were a snug fit and sized up accordingly, just went too far.
The heels are definitely cute. It's very her.

No. 288859

Irregular choice uses European sizes though. The listing for the shoes even has a conversion chart. If she's a US 8 she should've bought a European 39 which is a UK 6. I figured that out in 2 seconds just by looking at the irregular choice website. She's just fucking stupid for buying 400 dollar shoes that are too big for her.

No. 288902

Holyshit, with the pom poms and everything. This really can be Jill.

No. 288904

There is literally cosmetic glitter!! It has existed for a long time. Anyone this dumb deserves to go blind.

No. 288916

$400 SO well spent lol

No. 288920

There is literally an inch between the back of the shoe and her heel. And god that creaking. But please, keep going on about how you do not regret, Jill.

No. 288932

She is trying to convince herself more than anyone else

No. 288938

I thought they were cute until she put them on her feet. Holy shit. These are total bag lady, tacky grandma, hideous. Ughhhh

No. 288941

they are even crappier looking in person? at least online they look high quality. this just looks cheap…

No. 288955

File: 1491881463111.png (31.13 KB, 880x335, ss (2017-04-10 at 08.30.18).pn…)

No. 288957

File: 1491881526685.png (32.85 KB, 838x212, ss (2017-04-10 at 08.31.57).pn…)

No. 288980

she doesn't need to pay that. she could just refuse the package and it would be sent back to the company lmao

No. 289000

She would still be charged by the company for the shoes and likely fined and or possibly blacklisted from ordering from them again

No. 289006

no she wouldn't. she'd be charged for the shipping and refunded the cost of the shoes. it's no different than if she chose to return them herself, just that she doesn't have to pay the customs fee

even if irregular choice did have a policy to blacklist customers for doing that, it's not like she orders from them frequently. she could just get colin or her mom to do it

No. 289041

File: 1491892760064.png (219.6 KB, 496x348, Screenshot_1.png)

I hate to say it but pom poms are currently on trend for some god forsaken reason.

Pic related is one of the various items my store has in stock.

No. 289119

her summer look for when she gets her mom to pay for her to go to the beach for a holiday

No. 289124

File: 1491913472415.png (538.11 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

look who wormed her way into jill's comment section.

No. 289128

Yeah she comments on Jill's IG posts fairly often.

No. 289130

jesus, she's really going to milk that trip

No. 289137

Lol yep you could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

No. 289149

hey i remember Isaki Tahashi pyjama-rama-chan, she still alive?

No. 289151

jill and isaki have always kissed each other's asses

No. 289226

File: 1491931716595.jpg (160.92 KB, 665x553, s.jpg)

kek this comment thread on sharla's video

No. 289228

ah, excuse me then. i don't follow/check her instagram very often - it just seemed like chlamydia-chan slimed up out of nowhere.

No. 289250

Man, you know it's bad when even the mindless fans are noticing that they didn't get along. It was a super awkward video though, Sharla didn't seem comfortable at all and even the edit didn't make their day out look very fun. To be fair though idk how I would feel about having to hang around some random girl and her mom and deal with Jill's weird mouth noises for a whole day.

No. 289252

File: 1491934276422.png (944.77 KB, 1440x1948, Screenshot_2017-04-11-15-07-13…)

No. 289253

File: 1491934344349.png (266.89 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_2017-04-11-15-07-23…)

No. 289257

kek, her bullshit 'i'm fat and that's good also it's all about me!!!!' video got hit

No. 289260


No. 289267


No. 289269

I'm starting to like Louise.

No. 289277

wait did youtube remove monetization from her video because of swearing?
they do that now?

No. 289284

it's kinda weird to me that Louise is so reasonable here, considering how much she usually seems to support Jill's stupid childlike behavior.
still really appreciate it tho lol

No. 289285

Youtube wants family friendly nowadays,kinda sad ngl.

No. 289287

Usually all we see or hear concerning Louise is how she spoils Jill so much so it's nice to see her calling Jill out on something in public.

No. 289292

I understand this, like swearing is chill. But a whole video of it is just cringey

No. 289392

If anons shared more screencaps from her personal fb we probably would see Louise criticizing her more often.

Louise would comment on every single status all the time when I was still fb friends with jill and was always giving very mom-advice.

No. 289542

I really like Louise now
I already thought she looked cuter than Jill and adorable when she finally got the chance to be happy about something for herself in Japan (the frogs)

No. 289545

File: 1491955288220.png (267.06 KB, 1440x1590, Screenshot_2017-04-11-20-56-43…)

No. 289547

File: 1491955375560.png (509.44 KB, 1440x2141, Screenshot_2017-04-11-20-56-46…)

Il stalk her FB and try to find some. Louise did call out Jillian many times

No. 289553

Damn, this is embarrassing.

Bitching back at her family who provide everything for her, what a whiny cunt. Accept criticism and have some humility. She is absolutely insufferable.

No. 289559

My question is why are they arguing about this over social media where all their friends can see lol, if I do something on social media or anything wrong my parents would just talk to me about it in person

No. 289560

well jill is feral and has a cage on her door in the basement they probably cant get in to speak to her without an offering of underseasoned tendies

No. 289561

Oh man I would love to see more of that from anons who are friends with her.

No. 289570

The Farm has often criticized Jill for her random f-bombs that just come off as her failing miserably at trying to sound like one of the cool kids. This could only be an improvement.

No. 289591

oh i understand that, lots of kids watch youtube. i dont know any adults that use it but so many kids.

No. 289598

File: 1491961124571.gif (867.99 KB, 320x240, jada-foote.gif)

OOOOOOOH SHIIITTTT!! Mama Louise be dragging Jill's ass, LMFAO!

No. 289617

>arguing with your parents publicly on Facebook, and on an account that you use to promote a wider public image and hopeful business pursuits

I see now where she gets her unhealthy eating habits from though.

No. 289632

To be fair it is from her private facebook, not from her page, but it still is very childish

No. 289644

I agree with Louise so much!! I cuss like a Sailor at home, but at job, you must be professional and if youtube if a part time job for her, dropping the f bomb isn't a good look, especially for her 12 year old audience.

No. 289645

Plenty of adults use youtube. Plenty. I think that there can maybe be a rating system like PG-R? but seriously, when you make shit completely family friendly, it's irritating. Not everyone wants to babysit your kids and what they view online.

No. 289646

She's such a stupid lil shit. Both her parents gave her sound advice and she stomped all over it in her shit soiled boots.

No. 289648

That actually looks really cute, I have to admit. At least they know what subtlety is.

No. 289656

And they don't have to make it family friendly. They just won't get paid by YouTube for their content.

No. 289662

thats what theyre doing, you just have to turn on the ability to view R rated videos… you can still make them, they just won't be monetized/advertised.

you're aware this is normal? porn isn't monetized through mainstream ads and makes lots of money.

No. 289711


No. 289716

Jesus Christ, Jill's such a passive aggressive bitch.
Guess it makes sense though why she's so shit at handling confrontation/getting criticized, looks like her family gives up right away if she's just bratty enough.

No. 289789

Did anyone else notice that when Lor disagreed with Jill on Instagram she backpedaled and apologized immediately, but when her own family disagree with her she bitches at them?
Way to treat someone you don't know well more respectfully than your own family, Jill.

No. 289804

…are you even following the thread?

she also deleted the post immediately after replying to lor kek

Her vid schedule was fucked last week so safe to assume she won't be uploading today either, get your shit together jill and stop holding off on the japan vlogs.

No. 289815

She's CAD and had to spend like $140 for customs iirc, so yeah, $400

No. 289834

Yep, and ones that don't even fit at that.

No. 289838

File: 1492006657874.png (93.77 KB, 1008x314, jill1.png)

The video is of an instant translator.

Isn't this the same girl who went to Japan without knowing Japanese?

No. 289839

File: 1492006740656.png (1014.07 KB, 1008x884, jill2.png)

Also, her facebook is an absolute gold mine.

No. 289841

File: 1492007013726.png (89.09 KB, 749x693, IMG_0526.PNG)

She managed to lose her footage from the one day she needs in order to prove her trip wasn't just one big shopping spree kek. Way to go Jill

No. 289842

Wow Jill sorry not everyone's mom can afford to get them one on one Japanese lessons. This bitch is so sheltered it's sad. Some people have to travel for work and others just struggle to learn languages. Gosh all those poor lazy people who want to communicate and use pretty amazing technology made to help bridge gaps wow

No. 289843

Man Jill makes me so uncomfortable…
How is it so normal to her to just treat her partner like he's a fashion accessory?

No. 289844

Why can't she just do it to her own head if she likes it so much?

No. 289846

She complains about ppl going to Japan not knowing how to speak Japanese yet she went there and didn't even try a single Japanese dish…which is easier to do than learning one of the hardest languages…tbh I think it's kinda ignorant to say you are so obsessed with a certain culture but then when you go there you don't even bother to try the food (which is a huge part of culture)

No. 289849

Colin would be cute if he dropped this "them" crap and stopped letting Jill treat him like a Ken doll.

Then again, Colin would also do better to come out of the closet.

No. 289851

Holy shit the beginning of her harajuku haul sounds SO BITTER. Actual second hand embarrassment from how much of a cunt she comes across in that disclaimer.

>i'm not rich/spoiled/spending mom's money

Like that was painfully long and unnecessary. 100% projecting self-awareness that she buries deep down.

No. 289866

God this is so stupid. Not everyone's life goal is to visit a certain country like Japan. Some people need to go for work or to visit a family member and need a way to communicate for that visit. I have never used an instant translator, so idk how accurate they are, but I do think it's a fantastic idea. Sage for not really contributing about Jill.

No. 289870

She went to Japan and all she did was shop (except that one day she actually went more than 20 mins away). She doesn't know wank about culture. She can't even pronounce Shibuya right (it's not Shibbya Jill)

No. 289924

It really shows how sheltered Jillian is tbh. Not only did work/commitment never cross her mind, but she didn't consider that a lot of people travel to multiple countries at a time/in their life and learning 4+ languages is unrealistic; most people just learn basic greetings/niceties.

No. 289952

This just reminds me of those Americans who are like "this is America, speak English or go home". Not cool. Buying whatever device is featured in the video actually is manakins an effort to communicate.

No. 289987

I'm glad everyone is as annoyed about this as I am.
She's so self-centered that it never even occurs to her that people visit Japan for a variety of reasons and learning a language isn't always possible. Her assumptions show how narrow her way of thinking is.

No. 290006

File: 1492029199955.png (348.82 KB, 545x369, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 14.1…)

No. 290077

I really hate to sound like an sjw but it really is classist to expect everyone to have the means to learn a language the way she did. Not everyone's parents can afford them to get one on one Japanese lessons for their weaboo daughter. She's so sheltered it hurts. Either way, how good is her Japanese in the first place? Does she really have room to talk when she got lost on the trains?

To me, she just seems unnecessarily salty about this. People travel for different reasons and don't have time to learn a language, isn't that common knowledge? How sheltered is she that it didn't occur to her that people travel to more than one place? Maybe if she didn't spend the last 3 years saving up for her ~dream japan trip~ only to treat the whole country like a big mall and turn her nose up that everything that wasnt ~kawaii harajuku fashun and precureee~ when she was there, she wouldn't be so bitter about other people travelling and actually having experiences without being as "dedicated" as her.

No. 290080

>Either way, how good is her Japanese in the first place?

Bad. Listen to her pronounce any Japanese word, and it's completely off. Even if she were to technically learn the entire language, I doubt anyone would be able to understand her simply because of how she makes the sounds.

No. 290090


i agree anon! just common sense and not being a dick imo. like i REALLY don't want to say that she sounds "privileged"…but i can't think of another way to describe it. she's just spoiled and oblivious.

No. 290104


>To me, she just seems unnecessarily salty about this.

She is unnecessarily salty for sure. People who travel frequently to different areas aren't going to be able to learn and accurately speak every single language. Entitlement is going to another country and expecting them to accommodate you with no effort on your part. Having an instant translator means that you put in the thought/effort and you'll be better able to communicate without accidentally insulting people. I fail to see her issue with it.

No. 290115

The issue is that shes a cheeky cunt and is trying to nourish her superiority complex

No. 290123

What are the comments on this? Has anyone called her out/disagreed with her?

No. 290129

??? How stupid can this girl get? Using a translator is so much better than just going there and assuming everyone will understand English (as stated many times not everyone has the resources to learn the language). Having a translator would not only make it easier for you but also the person you're trying to communicate with?? Like a instant communicator would honestly be so good. Can someone please post the comments people have made on that post if any have. I want to see if anyone called her out on her stupidity.

No. 290131

I wish someone would. She needs a reality check, and if she won't listen to her parents than maybe she'll at least acknowledge when other people point out her stupidity.

Also, I love these sorts of translators. I work at a hospital in a big city and sometimes we get people from other countries who can't speak English. Having any sort of tool to bridge that language gap is amazing, and I assume it would be the same anywhere in the world.

Jill needs to take a step down off her high horse and realize that learning how to order a hamburger in Japanese doesn't make her superior to someone needing help communicating.

No. 290134

She doesn't think everyone should speak English. She thinks you should learn the language of wherever you go.

No. 290145

sorry anon but you should feel BAD AND ASHAMED for not knowing every language of every patient you get, LAZY!!!!!!!
in all seriousness, I don't think Jill has matured at all since she was a teen. Someone posted screenshots of her tumblr rants from when she was 14 in other threads and it sounded exactly as patronising and stupid as this bs

No. 290215

I'm laughing, a lot of people in early videos were asking if she did anything else but shop and eat american food.
She snarkily said to keep watching her videos to find out, and that she had definitely done cultural things.
Of course she's "missing footage".
Either it doesn't exist or it's 20 minutes of her complaining about wanting to be at the precure movie, or wanting to go shop at hairajookoo.

No. 290252

That double chin…

No. 290277

Collin, run now!! You don't deserve this bullshit.

No. 290281

Is she serious?? There's nothing fucking wrong with using a translator. Isn't that.. making effort? No one is going to become fluent in a language if they're visiting a place for a week or two. she sounds like a spoiled shitbag.

No. 290283

She knows deep down inside that her mom paid for literally her entire Japan trip. She is pathetic.

No. 290286

>difference between visiting a country vs living long term in it, eat your kimchi.

Come on now.

No. 290302

Yet you can bet that if a Japanese girl was visiting Canada and used a translator to speak to her she would think it was JUST SO KAWAII

No. 290309

File: 1492050602348.jpg (857.48 KB, 1422x2078, Screenshot_20170412-212416.jpg)

No. 290311

gurl… no…
you can tell she cut her sweater and skirt shorter herself smh, this poor girl is out looking like a dirty clown with matching heinous eyebrows all because of jill

No. 290313

At least she doesn't have glaringly obvious forehead lines and grandma jowls.

No. 290315

it could certainly be worse outfit wise. i actually really like that skirt…

No. 290321

I like the skirt too, but I'm not sure what about this besides the pastel colors it "party kei"

No. 290324

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is that skirt's edge left unhemmed as well?

No. 290327

UM It's called unhemmed kei anon, it's Pixielock's new harajookoo fashion.

No. 290328

I don't she means to post party-kei at all, she just wants an ego boost by posting her clones. 100% guarantee she won't post anyone who tries to pull off the look or is super attractive.

if that girl bends over at all in that skirt it would be a hot mess, how is that thing comfortable?

yes it is

No. 290332

holy shit scrolling through this is just depressing

No. 290346

File: 1492054313076.png (1.14 MB, 1137x1465, Untitled-1.png)

Hilariously enough, Jill doesn't thank or acknowledge non-chibi/accurate art of her that people post to the tag. top kek at the one with the double chin

No. 290347

File: 1492054322902.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1410x890, fgghjkljhgg.PNG)

Depressing is right, a bunch of teenage girls trying to suck pixie's dick/be her. But I found this diamond in the rough. Collins final form anybody?

No. 290396

File: 1492065795430.jpg (129.21 KB, 740x555, mannequin.jpg)


Reminds me of these kinds of mannequin's you'd see in the mall.

No. 290441

That tummy tho

No. 290449

File: 1492080933964.jpg (84.07 KB, 808x808, 17883826_1451602364905568_8772…)

Its funny she did't use the more attractive one

No. 290454

She's just trying to make out she's better than everyone else because she can mash together a few words of Japanese in a horrendously bad accent.

Did she go to any castles or museums? Did she learn anything about Japanese history or religion or social issues? Does she care that their government and economy are in a bad way? Does she have any empathy or consideration for the problems Japanese people are experiencing right now?

No. She only cares about cute and pink magical girl toys. Materialistic bitch. Get off your high horse.

No. 290463

that is a very -ahem- flattering jawline in the second portrait

No. 290468

Yep. The only good thing is this trip has made her realize that it's important to support more small brands if you actually care about fashion designers and want innovative Japanese street fashion to not die out, though how genuine her feelings are about it and if she will actually put her money where her mouth is in the future remains to be shown.

No. 290473

Ngl I kind of think her tummy is cute but I also have a thing for that. At the same time probably should wear something that fits.

No. 290491

Two girls that I follow who were into kawaii/jfashion type stuff hopped on the partykei band wagon and it makes me sad. How can bitches not see through this shit? Or do you think people tag partykei to try and get a wider audience

No. 290510

File: 1492096577791.jpg (215.17 KB, 593x591, Screenshot (21).jpg)

Just noticing the coords from swankiss that actually make that plaid dress so cute

I would never have figured that dress had any potential seeing the way Jill wears it, she makes it look so gaudy and granny that I couldn't wrap my head around why she was suddenly going for country grandma kei?

No. 290513


I really like this. Simple and cute.

No. 290519

those girls being skinny/cute/having nice make-up & hair helps the dress look a lot nicer too.
imo a ton of Jill's outfits would look cuter already if she had a natural hair color & flattering cut, and didn't make her face look like a 5 year old's craft project.

No. 290547

I feel like this is a good example of the saying, ''It's not what you wear but how you wear it.' I know that dress probably wouldn't suit me, but it still looks nice on the girls in the picture. It definitely doesn't suit Jill at all. Hardly any of the clothes she bought there do.

No. 290555

I think that a lot of the pieces Jill owns are typically meant to be like the "center piece" of an outfit. Like, in the case of the dress here >>290510
every other part of the outfit is subdued and the dress is what catches the eye. Whenever Jill styles an outfit it's just a literal cluster fuck because she tries to coordinate these loud, over-the-top pieces that don't mesh with each other.

No. 290633


>when your backyard is literally the woods

No. 290634


That cat knows you're trash Jill, don't patronise him

No. 290636

>walking a cat on a leash
>calls the cat "puppy"
Why not get a dog then lol

No. 290640

It would out smart her

No. 290642


This. Her "style" is just throwing on a ton of statement pieces and calling it an outfit. She needs to realise that if everything is a statement piece, nothing is. It just looks tacky and attention-grabby.

No. 290650

I think the cat might be on a leash because it's an expensive purebred and they don't want it to escape?
Our previous neighbours had this issue because our other neighbours would always take their cat, it would go to them because they fed it and then they would keep it in their house.

No. 290652

I know people do this in the city so they don't get hit by a car. But maybe they didn't get them spayed and they don't want them breeding with some common mog.

No. 290653

People in rural areas do it too so that the cats don't run into the woods and get attacked by animals.

No. 290655

Pretty sure the only animal that would attack it is Jill and the other snowflakes

No. 290683

This is Jill's problem, she turns her nose up at anything that isn't an OTT statement piece to the point where she literally has no basics that you need to balance a nice outfit. She doesn't own any plain skirts,jeans,tights,shirts,jackets etc. She only owns statement pieces but since she wears them all at once she looks like a completely un-coordinated clusterfuck. That's why all her fans that copy her 'party kei' style look infinitely better than her, because they're not such an OTT mess.

>this trip has made her realize that it's important to support more small brands if you actually care about fashion designers and want innovative Japanese street fashion to not die out, though how genuine her feelings are about it and if she will actually put her money where her mouth is in the future remains to be shown.

I doubt she'll start caring about supporting small jfashion brands tbh. She just wanted to jump on the 'harajuku is dying' video trend even though she'd never even touched said magazines that she was crying about in her life. Even when she went to Japan she did a lot of her shopping at fast fashion stores like spinns and wego, even forever 21. inb4 "why isn't she allowed to shop at those stores" She is, but if she's going to make a video sulking about innovative street fashion and subculture dying, she shouldn't keep being part of the problem.

No. 290686

Her idea of a "small" store it seems was WC, because they don't have a dedicated site and despite the fact they share an online site with WEGO.

No. 291382

File: 1492142984152.png (297.25 KB, 492x627, A5wgcmk.png)

she looks old as fuck

No. 291387

She looks thinner here. Shoop or camera angles?

No. 291388

She legit looks like a circus clown

No. 291389

Those glasses are so bad on her. So is that tons of blush and lip color. Something that really bugs me too is her not doing anything to her eyebrows but filling them in dark.

No. 291397

So this look is for fat white girls by fat white girls? It looks horrendous and tacky.

No. 291403

She looks mtf here.

No. 291409

File: 1492148180989.png (851.89 KB, 936x601, 0KnSPoY.png)

I didn't know Jill asked all her followers to draw Colin in that hideous outfit/makeup she put him in (and selectively thanked people for fanart). I wonder if he feels bad yet for being used by her and solidified as a laughingstock on the internet from her little experiment.

No. 291418

Oh my god those awful shoes. Late to comment but I wanted to share why those shows creaked when she moved her foot.

All shoes have a part in the sole called the shank, a long but thin piece that runs inside the length of the sole. Shanks can be made of wood, metal, bone or plastic and these days they are mostly made of metal and plastic. Shanks are critical to the structure of the sole but even more so when you are wearing heels or modified wedges like those rabbit shoes. If the shank breaks - which happens a lot with plastic shanks - or is placed crookedly and moves around, the shoe makes that creaking/low squeaking sound when you walk or shift your weight.

Shanks sometimes just break but when you get quality shoes it happens far less. A shoe that expensive should have a well-placed metal shank that supports the shoe structure. A pair of rope wedges from Walmart will begin to creak after a few wears but expensive clown car shoes came out of the box doing it. These shoes are super defective and she needs to get her money back asap.

No. 291443

I'm sorry, but she kinda looks like a washed up hooker here…

No. 291445

File: 1492159404154.png (1.08 MB, 900x900, shfjhgd.png)

does Jillian ever drink something like… you know, just plain water or tea? seems like it's just constant sugary crap
her boyfriend working at starbucks probably doesnt help either lol

No. 291447

She drinks tea all of the time. It's just full of marshmallows.

No. 291451

Jill looks mentally challenged by the very way she dresses. OMG. damn pleb if I ever saw one.

No. 291453

Jillian sometimes does things differently, because Jillian has autism

No. 291454

File: 1492162586968.jpg (121.34 KB, 1200x675, x.jpg)


I can't unsee pic related when I look at it

No. 291456


Jesus, she's super desperate to turn him into a kawaii tacky pastel mess like her. She really seems to hate how he usually dresses (which is actually a lot more fashionable than Jill) to the point where she was a huge bitch about the sweater his sister bought him he was wearing in that creepy "genderless kei" sissy video.

I hope Colin gets out of there quick because she really seems to treat him horribly in every instance we've seen, but he kind of has it coming for not standing up to her.

No. 291457

Maybe this is her revenge for all those sissy short stories about her. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Jill has a penis.

No. 291458

Colin can do sooo much better than this ugly pastel pork shank! Lol Run Colin run! Jill is grotesque, dirty and probably wreaks of sweaty armpit. She always looks unsanitary and used up. On top of premature aging.

No. 291459

Dirty granny hooker

No. 291460

you sound old lmao

No. 291468

I actually like the makeup on her but I like the heavy blush look in general. I feel it would look better if she didn't have those glasses on and didn't have such harsh contrast brows. But even so this is better than her usual throw-craft-glitter-in-eyes makeup.

No. 291503

so she's uploading on Thursday now?

No. 291519

Ugggh how does she manage to make fucking Akihabara/Japan look so boring???
I'm a weeb and usually eat up stuff like that, but her vlog is so bland and drawn out…
Honestly she could've fit all of the content in 3 minutes and it would've been a better video

No. 291522

oh my god, she acts like the most obnoxious autist in public and has the worst voice

>eating sugary pancakes with sugary drink

secondhand embarrassment galore

No. 291523

File: 1492179043822.jpg (63.9 KB, 846x430, sdjfndjng.JPG)


She was nervous because she didn't had a "story by story like layout in her head" for this day? how adventurous to be so spontaneous!11 she could honestly put this entire trip in just a 10 minutes video, so boring damn.

No. 291530

That cap is banner material kek

No. 291535


Samefag, but I meant "store by store" ….

No. 291540

File: 1492180842609.png (54.63 KB, 300x100, jillbanner.png)

maybe something like this?
I'm sure other anons would be able to produce something better, but yeah I agree that screenshot is pretty fantastic banner material lol

No. 291543

No. 291545

File: 1492181429286.jpg (15.7 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

The beginning of the video

No. 291546

I saw this on my insta and thought she was reposting from the party kei tag. This looks nothing like her. Her face looks more grandma-y than ever and she looks significantly thinner

No. 291548

her commentary is so cringe

>although I mainly love japan just for jfashion

>i'm actually an anime loving weeb-a-beeb
>can only compare akihabara to harajuku or toronto or new york bc never been anywhere else
>everything is sad bc not enough precure but look precure!!
>I don't actually read manga

No. 291553

File: 1492183074522.png (190.62 KB, 360x182, IMG_1830.PNG)

No. 291555

Whoa, didn't expect to see her here. She's quite the snowflake herself, Texas cos comm.

No. 291562

Her description of "Akeehabra" was so cringy. Jill claims to be a ~weeabaweeb~ but she only cares about magical girl shit, how annoying. Has she not ever watched a single anime that wasn't about magical girls?

because she's not into japan, she's only into harejookoo and pretty cure and that's a very small fraction of what japan has to offer so her videos are short and boring as hell. She walked through various stores without real excitement for anything she saw because she recognizes nothing in the shelves but magical girls.

Hell, in the maid cafe she only filmed her food, she didn't describe her experience with the maids or doing the cringy spells at all. She could have gone to any average cafe with kawaii shaped meals and the video would have been as boring

No. 291605

Her vlogs are so boring geez. She should just skip right to the hauls as showing off what she got would be an equivalent to her vlogging seeing as all she did was shop

No. 291618

Worthy of a spot in The Louvre.

No. 291655

new to this thread, can anybody tell me why ppl hate her so much?

No. 291664

her fucking content

No. 291670

Her mannerisms are just so irritating, I thought >>291548 was joking but no. How does she make a place like akiba seem so dull? Even random tourists that don't like anime/gaming/idols etc make it look really interesting but she just spent the whole video sperging about precure.

I remember in her old room photos she had k-on posters so I thought surely she'd at least watched music or idol anime that's popular right now? No. She literally only watches magical girl shows aimed at 8 year olds. I fail to see why she even went to Akihabara, let alone why she filmed it. Did she really not see how boring her trip was? I can't believe this is what she ~dreamed of~ for 3 years. What a shitty trip.

No. 291727

File: 1492206797884.gif (963.21 KB, 540x301, image.gif)

I think this girl was on project runway or something, and she's basically Jill.
>Obese (Even though Jill's just fat)
>~body posi marshmallow gal~ <3<3<3
>Appers to be a walking talking special snowflake.
>Pastel hair+gaudy clothes.
>Aspiring fashion designer.
>Project runway?

No. 291730

pretty sure jill's posted about this girl before

No. 291733

sage for OT but didn't she win? I never saw that season but I remember hearing about her. Only difference between her and Jillian is this woman might be somewhat competent at sewing.

No. 291739

Yeah, I looked her up, she's won Project Runway Season 14. She has a clothing line of plus sized clothing, but they're all normal clothes, not pastel like her.

No. 291746

I saw this on FB and was shocked at how thin she looks. WTF is this magic?

No. 291750


No. 291763

Sage for OT and disgust. is this real life Lumpy space princess? She looks annoying as fuck. Jill in 2-5 years, probably.

No. 291766

Jill looks like an autistic old granny off her meds and dressing in her 8 year old granddaughters clothes…lol

No. 291770

You sound like fat, sweaty weeb and maybe your brain is clogged with fat deposits inhibiting your brain function… weebtard. Hence the utter lack of vocabulary.

No. 291771

Is she have getchagasm? Lol

No. 291774


No. 291781

these are disgusting, i think the bunny is cute but i honestly couldn't handle feeling like i was stepping on it ;_; and the rest of the shoe is just ugly. besides, they're going to be rekt soon enough like all her other shoes

No. 291783

its so weird watching them being used as shoes… i think they would be better on display or something.

No. 291788

Cringe… Those shoes are violently awful

No. 291791


No. 291797


These are the ugliest shoes I've seen in my life.

No. 291807

How could someone spend so much money on something so ugly??

No. 291826

Read her past threads because it will really get you up to speed on everything.

No. 291839

File: 1492221644344.jpg (161.93 KB, 924x591, ss (2017-04-14 at 07.00.24).jp…)

No. 291841

File: 1492221705168.jpg (164.17 KB, 927x588, ss (2017-04-14 at 07.00.52).jp…)

No. 291842

File: 1492221780842.jpg (80.76 KB, 803x591, ss (2017-04-14 at 07.01.14).jp…)

No. 291852

her room looks chris chan hoarder level

can't wait for all the times she sleeps in makeup, the constant sugar consumption, shopaholism, and the alcoholism to catch up to her someday, she only gets worse.

the way she only eats pink foods is some sort of autistic tendency

No. 291878

No. 291946

Woah, when did she start hitting the hard stuff? I know the drinking age is only 18 in most of Canada so it's perfectly legal, but, this is the first I've noticed actual alcohol being mentioned. Did I miss early pics/discussions on this? Just thinking a buzzed/drunk Jill has got to take her whole act to 11.

No. 291953

she turned 19 this year which is the drinking age in pei. she got some coolers for her birthday and went to a bar once for an hour and played games on her phone.

it's been real wild so far.

No. 292001

I'm positive she only does that for insta points because she's said for years her favorite food is chicken mcnuggets?

No. 292040

That's some real hard stuff anon

No. 292045

Whoa dude, pink champagne?! She's hit rock bottom….

No. 292048

When she was 16 and dating Tristan in the Valentine's Day dinner they had wasn't their alcohol or wine or something??

No. 292049

Probably sparkling virgin something, he wasn't quite 19 at the time I think?

Whatever i'm pretty sure that dinner was in jill's dining room anyways

No. 292051

File: 1492264683128.jpeg (117.34 KB, 640x720, image.jpeg)

It was. I'm so confused.

No. 292052

Haha, those are all different anons. fuck off.

No. 292053

I'm pretty sure that's sparkling cider or something. rofl Are you 15? It isn't the 'hard stuff.'

No. 292054

The way she takes a photo of her alcohol and makes a big deal out of it every time she drinks makes it so obvious she's trying to be a "cool, cheeky gal"

All she's doing is encouraging her tween fans "bitches" to drink and blind themselves with craft glitter

No. 292055

that's literally non-alcoholic apple cider and raspberry spritzers anon http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/167748820

No. 292065

I knew people would give me shit about calling it "hard," kek. Of course Pixie's never going to stand there chugging a handle of Jack; it will always be overly syrupy sweet pink crap, but it's still alcohol. It just surprised me because, it's actually, like, an adult thing to do. It seems almost out of character for our perpetual 12-year-old.

Ah yes, good point, she's not exactly a responsible 12-year-old, is she. Considering she fantasizes that YT/IG is her livelihood, she really should know her audience and adjust her on-camera behavior appropriately.

No. 292067

5 people out of nowhere talking about her shoes that we stopped talking about days ago

i don't think so, tim

No. 292072

>I'm pretty sure that's sparkling cider or something. rofl Are you 15? It isn't the 'hard stuff.'

North America is the only country in the world where cider can be "Soft" Everywhere else, it means fermented apples with a decent alcohol content.

No. 292094

Oh, sorry. I don't drink, so all alcohol is the same to me.
It was kinda misleading how she put #gettingtipsy in the tags.

No. 292105

File: 1492272900327.png (119.34 KB, 750x919, IMG_6728.PNG)

No. 292157


Does Peeps taste different than normal Marshmallow stuff? idk I never saw them here in Europe and I don't understand why she is so into those when there are more cuter sugerish Marshmallow candy out there?

No. 292159

They're coated in this… film of micro granulated sugar and artificial food coloring, the texture is awful, like a stale crunchy millimeter of that shit on the outside with an almost foamy center. They're atrocious.

No. 292164

File: 1492278922103.png (49.57 KB, 812x289, pppp.PNG)

has this been posted yet?

No. 292178

"compare something man made to something like religion" lmao hoo boy, Jill's fans have an even smaller worldview than she does, which I suppose is fair considering they're all younger than her but this made me lol so hard

No. 292183

omg where is that screen cap from btb days when she claimed "Buddha would be happy for me" when someone questioned why she was such a materialistic 'Buddhist' brand whore top kek

No. 292189

File: 1492281508444.png (919.28 KB, 722x875, hgjnvis.png)

this looks so wonky lol

No. 292193

Is it bad I actually don't think she looks pretty in this picture?

No. 292194

samefag I meant I do think she looks pretty

No. 292196

I'm dying, Lor linked kammie to pixie's followers on IG a few weeks ago when she was dragging Jill for mocking Lolita. Basically told them ~check out kammie she does it better~ and we all know Jill deleted the post right afterwards.

And now Jill dyed her hair identical to kammie's signature hair style which she's had for years, this is too good lmao

No. 292201

The bangs are a good fit for her, they cover up her weird forehead and eyebrows. I think with a less retarded looking facial expression this could've been a cute picture.

No. 292204

File: 1492282701840.jpg (85.66 KB, 300x300, 47924_fac-2.jpg)


I mean it's not like Kammie owns the hairstlye, anyone can do rainbow bangs but yeah I wouldn't put it past Jill to copy someone

No. 292206

File: 1492282853766.png (1.45 MB, 1397x863, kammiejill.png)

Never heard of Kammie before, but I can see where anon is coming from.
Looking through Kammie's instagram they do kind of have the same aesthetic. I wish Jill would 'copy' Kammie more to be honest, she looks a lot more put together lol

No. 292208

why is she smiling like this its awful

No. 292209

I really hope she keeps bangs cause they suit her a lot better than exposing her forehead and eyebrows

No. 292214

Kammie is/was (haven't followed her for years) a lolita who was idolized by a lot of people and seen as a big paragon of what lolita is done right (similar to milkyfawn). Largely kept to herself and just kind of owned and perfectly did every subfashion she would try.

No. 292216

maybe she's still a little "tipsy" from all that champagne kek

No. 292225

She kinda looks like Lena Dunham tbh

No. 292309

i see it now

No. 292313

Anyone have a cap of that lor comment?

No. 292320

I really like her natural hair color, judging by those roots. She would look really cute with dark hair.

No. 292339

holy shit her roots, she could've at least done a style like Kammie that covers them if she was gonna copy the hair colour. I do have to say Kammie suits it infinitely more though, not just because I don't like Jill much, but because her hair looks so fried and faded and sad. The bangs are super cute though. I bet Jill would look really nice with long hair with bangs in her natural colour. It's a shame it isn't unique and snowflakey enough for her.

No. 292423


No. 292425

samefag but I kinda like this pic of her, the longer bangs suit her and you can't see her weird forehead wrinkles (cause I feel like she's still lifting her eyebrows here) Also even though the pose is stupid I think her eyes being closed helps, a lot of the time they look crazy

No. 292440

Huh. I guess bangs don't make everyone look younger.

She does look a LOT better with bangs, though, i just figured they'd make her look significantly younger and they just… don't. It sucks that she has such a jowly old lady face at 19.

No. 292445

That's sparkling juice.
Also the drinking age is 19 in most of Canada with the expectation of three provinces, I believe.
That's why we see her post drinks now. She's legal.

No. 292446

I think she got bangs cause we kept talking about her janky forehead.

No. 292600

kek Jill looks like a cheap knockoff

No. 292602

I thought Jill didn't like replicas

No. 292606

"Don't compare something man made to religion"

This chick sounds more dumb than Jill

No. 292622

No. 292623

She must be depressed

No. 292626

We'll she did lose the footage that was supposed to help prove she didn't just go on a two week shopping spree to her viewers, got dropped by maker (she even took it off her facebook job thing kek), and gave herself bangs again, so I'm guessing she's upset

No. 292631

I would be too if I had to spend my whole life defending myself to lolcow.

No. 292641

Of course she naps all day. Her best female friend is her own mother and her entire life revolves around fulfilling an ~aesthetic~ and watching anime targeted towards eight year old girls. Girl needs a life.

No. 292650

She mentioned in her "day in my life" video that she takes sleeping pills too… like girl you're not even 20 yet, shouldn't this be the time in your life that you have a ton of energy? Though I guess there's not much to do in PEI besides work and sleep

No. 292655

for some reason i get major vibes of period-drama from Jill. not colin firth pride n prejudice style - just full on OMG IM LOSING BLOOD AND DYING AND AM THE ONLY PERSON EVER TO HAVE HAD THIS SUFFERING.. in bed for days and having people bring her stuff.. totally just a feeling but i think i might be right.

No. 292660

i agree anon, posts like >>291839 give me the same vibe, aka
"merr im a sleepy sad babe take pictures of me being kawaii uguu with all my toys and kiss my ass more colin uwu"

No. 292661

She seems to over-dramatize things a lot in general.
I don't know if this has been confirmed, but right now I'm under the assumption that her Youtube uploading schedule is so messed up now because she lost some footage and wasn't able to make a video about her visiting shrines and such in Japan.
And yeah, of course it sucks to lose footage, especially if it's something you can't just rerecord, but you have to act professional about it if you claim YT is your job.
Just keep uploading regularly. She could've even acted all sad about losing the footage in her next video and gotten some pity points.
The majority of her fans would've never given her a hard time about not doing cultural stuff anyway, and we would've made fun of it regardless, because ONE day of cultural experience during a two week visit still really isn't that much.

No. 292676

Tbh I'm gonna agree with the anons who said she didn't lose any footage and is just lying about visiting shrines and other cultural places. If she actually went anywhere like that then we would've seen at least one photo, or she could make a photo compilation video about it from whatever she or Louise took.

She is probably still moping about how she's "meant to live in Japan" like in that one vid she posted a few weeks back crying about it, and since Jill is an uncreative lazy ass, she's making excuses for not uploading vids. I imagine she physically feels like shit from all the sugar, too.

No. 292681

surprised she hasn't uploaded some more obnoxious Peeps photos, considering today would be the most appropriate day of the year to do so lol

No. 292682

she's too unique to eat peeps on their actual holiday

No. 292683

tbh I think she went (albeit begrudgingly) but didn't bother take footage,
because we all know that Daibutsu is so not kawaii, right?

No. 292686

I believe her mom had a friend that took them sightseeing for an evening.

No. 292687

File: 1492370235576.png (191.16 KB, 600x288, 112734.png)

looks like this was the only 'proof' picture of her visiting any temples or shrines lol
I wouldn't be surprised if she did try taking some footage, but it probably was very boring/unspectacular so maybe she thought it'd be less embarrassing to just lie about it instead of showing how little cultural stuff she truly did?

No. 292689

she probably didn't film at all because she thought it was boring and when she was getting called out by even her fans for going on this glorified shopping trip, she claimed to have lost the footage of the actual cultural activity she did

No. 292692

Probably this. I imagine her thought process is "temples wouldn't get enough likes on instagram and aren't pink" so she didn't care at all about filming, then.

No. 292693

File: 1492370877716.jpg (20.16 KB, 517x157, 1322.JPG)

no interest into historical shrines but enough time to film her food because it's "cute".

No. 292705

Oh Jill we all know you're lying

No. 292747

Her number of subscribers grew quite quickly. Is this because of her Japan video's or do you think it's because she was on Sharla and Milkysomethings videos?

No. 292761

File: 1492378812511.png (18.87 KB, 534x88, xvmZN5G.png)

lol I decided to go look at the Sharla/Jill vid again and there are a lot of comments insulting Jill for being creepy/dressing ugly, or her followers coming onto Sharla's vid to show support. So I guess she probably gained followers from posting Japan vids?

pic related, a perfect summary of Jill's fashion

No. 292772

No. 292773


No. 292785

Yeah she's never uploaded any content as popular and fruitful as Japan videos. Even normie bloggers or influencers vlog their trips to Tokyo because it's probably some of the most viewed/searched travel vlogs on the internet right now.

And sharla's main channel has 500k subs so I mean, it's expected that Jill would benefit from that exposure.

No. 292888

Lmao I was the one who posted that question! Omg she answered it too!

No. 292898

File: 1492396260225.png (125.73 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-04-16-19-30-17…)

No. 292904

>lolol live a little xD
>aka slowly dwindle your life away with what amounts to a constant stream of mild poison, resigning yourself to the inevitable several times daily insulin-reaction blood sugar crashes and subsequent constant naps and lack of energy or motivation to do anything genuinely productive a la Jill

No. 292905

pointing out who you are is just going to make her respond less to comments because she will assume all comments like that are from us

No. 292911

File: 1492397618033.png (55.17 KB, 750x563, IMG_0791.PNG)

Getting the cardcapture. Jill please have it outlined in black or else it could bleed and look shitty after a while

No. 292913

Maybe it's because I don't have tattoos myself and don't really pay attention to them, but is the placement of this really weird, as in intrusive to the eye?

No. 292915

It is, it's so weird. It's also upside-down. And how lazy do you have to be to steal other people's tattoo ideas.

No. 292916

princesssu jill is the type of girl who would get all of their tattoos facing them

No. 292919

> admits she hasn't finished CCS
>buys replica merchandise
>now is copying someone else's tattoo to show what a big fan she is

I have no words really. She's clearly only getting CCS because it's well known, she might as well get sailor moon too since she's only going for generic tumblr mahou shoujo points. What happened to precure being her religion? Is it not trendy enough? She's so going to regret this.

No. 292927

yeah it would be "nicer" on your upper arm and not upside down

No. 292928

also isnt the one in the pic just a temporary tattoo? lol

No. 292929

Why the hideous plagiarized tattoos? Tattoos always look so cheap and white trashy…just like Jill.

No. 292935

>No solid lines
>upside down
>from a show she's barely a fan of

.holyshit, this dumb cow.

No. 292938

She just photoshopped it on

No. 292940

Wow, with her unnaturally colored hair, fashion sense, and obvious ~mahou shoujo tattoo~ Jill's going to have a very hard time finding a actual professional job to take her in. I hope she gets that removed bc it really doesn't look good, especially on her.

No. 292945

Really she's not. It's likely she'lo go into a creative field of work, and if she does end up living in a city no one will give a rats ass what color her hair is. We all know her biggest fear is to end up in some "basic" office job anyways, this just gives her a better reason not to

No. 292955

Tattoos should face away from you, and it makes sense anyway with this design because the main part of the wand is bigger than the stick, so it should be on the wider part of her arm.

How does she want to be a designer of anything if she can't understand flow of direction?

No. 292956

If anything would be stopping Jill from getting a decent job, it'd be her obnoxious public internet presence and her shitty attitude, not to mention the fact that her skills are mediocre and she half asses everything she does. Unless she actually wants to work in fashion, her shitty style might hold her back but that's about it. Shitty weeb tattoos and her weird hair probably wouldn't affect her too much.
Either way, this is all hypothetical. As if Jillian would ever get off her ass and be motivated enough to try get a serious job that isn't claires. I can't imagine her ever leaving PEI either, she won't even leave the nest for college, she has too much ~anxiety~ to live in a dorm or have a flatmate. She'd never end up in a city.

No. 292959

A professional tattoo artist would probably have her reverse the image so that it's facing upwards. So many people make designs that are upside down because "it's for themselves," but it looks awkward to everyone else and tattoo artists usually hate it. But they might not even know what it is. And yeah, she'll need black lining, even if it doesn't suit her aesthetic.
Jillian, please do more research about getting tattooed or you're going to fuck up your entire forearm

No. 292961

It's hilarious that she has too much anxiety to have a roommate, but she's ok with making videos for thousands of people. She will never leave her echo chamber and that's why she's not improving nor getting anywhere, stop being a whiny child and challenge yourself jill

No. 292963

It really pisses me off she wants to get a CCS tattoo when she hasn't even seen the whole anime or read the manga. Dumb bitch probably doesn't even know there is a new story arc

No. 292976

Pixie is sooo pretty.

No. 292978

Wasn't she going to make her own design? Or one precure related? Why cardcaptor sakura? She probably hadn't even finished it. Like precure I understand for her but not cardcaptor sakura.

No. 292981

She's said in videos that she doesn't want her channel to get too big, and I think she said she wouldn't want to get more than 100K subs. Not really the right viewpoint for someone who considers YouTube a job.

No. 293008


Hi Louise.

No. 293016

she is 100% dependent. I have anxiety this does not keep me from functioning like an adult. There is no excuse Jill. A tattoo of show she hasn't even finished…really now? Poor judgement will get her nowhere in life. Impulsive spending on useless stuff for the sake of keeping a 'fandom' image is just dumb. Seems like something a fake fan would do. There are collectors who are fans, yes. But not you, you are a spoilt brat

No. 293018

Tattoos can look great if done well and chosen carefully, not just for ~*aesthetic*~ that you'll grow out of in a year.

No. 293063

my thoughts exactly

No. 293143

>I only watch anime based on how cute the girls are
>I buy items/merch and then later feel guilty so I watch the shows
>I'll only cosplay magical girls for kawaii weeb points
>Cardcaptors is in my top 5, didn't watch it growing up, but I swear I watched it all recently!

This was literally two years ago.

No. 293145

>I've only ever watched half of the CCS dub
>That's it folks

She posted this last year. Can't even keep up with her own lies. We know she recently admitted to never reading any manga and there was a screencap in the last thread where she was complaining about CCS being all "filler" and discouraging to watch.

No. 293160

I don't know how she can even claim to like magical girls if she can't watch CCS.

No. 293207

Geez what's wrong with her? She is such a fake fan. No one would give a shit that she didn't watch CCS if she didnt buy all the merch for it and keep showing it off. She looks like such an ass getting it tattooed on her when she does not even like it. It's really sad how obsessed she is with her own bs persona and aesthetic that she s willing to permanently scar her body with a tattoo from a show she does not even like for the attention and praise of strangers online. I know it is nothing new but I really can't get over how warped her values are.

No. 293215

kek. This is gold. I find it oddly satisfying that she actually admitted to only watching magical girl anime to justify her purchases. I think that this, along with the screencaps from the last thread (where she's talking about having to force herself to watch all the episodes or whatever >>281638
>>281640 ) speak volumes about her mentality and values. I do believe that she's a 'fake fan' in the sense that she pretends that the actual shows mean a lot to her, when what she's actually a fan of is the aesthetic & merch.

Slightly ot, but her wig really bothers me in this video… The bangs are so uneven and that little piece hanging down in the middle was distracting me the whole time.

No. 293225


I'm almost positive she's going to a shitty PEI artist like >>287535 guessed. and as >>284278 and >>285377 in the old thread said, from what we've seen, everyone in PEI seems to be just as snowflakey as Jill.

I really hope Jill doesn't get this tattoo done at a tattoo artist as autistic as her manicurist and stylist but the fact she hasn't suggested to Jill to get it the right way up and with outlines says all we need to know.

Also, remember when she had to take out her gauges when she was in her lolita phase? Imagine Jill transferring to her next ~now I finally feel free~ phase with a big ugly tattoo from a show she doesn't even actually like.

I hope she doesn't go through with it because I'm sure she'll be miserable but there's some pretty great potential for milk here.

No. 293226

man Jill is so infuriating…

I hope she gets the stupid tattoo and afterwards just keeps encountering a bunch CCS fans who notice her tattoo and want to have an in-depth discussions about the stories or characters or something, just so she'd have to awkwardly admit to them that she never watched/read it lol

No. 293230

She does look nicer in this photo, probably because of her bangs and that her eyes are closed.

No. 293233

Every time I hear her say things about love and positivity it feels like a bully at school giving a speech about anti-bullying. It's so forced and mean spirited. I'd probably like Jill more if she opened up as her true swamp hag self.

No. 293238

Which replica merchandise does she have?

No. 293242

The Clow Book she shows in this >>293145 video is a replica iirc

No. 293243

Her clow cards are a bootleg.

No. 293247

File: 1492453517558.jpg (153.84 KB, 913x423, ss (2017-04-17 at 11.23.18).jp…)

Yup it was the Sakura clow cards/book. It was so damn easy to figure out it was a replica too. At the time she made the video/had bought them they hadn't re-printed the Sakura cards yet. The only other version was the like decade old version which these are clearly not (and are more expensive than the $100 she spent on a bootleg)

No. 293249

Sorry to add onto my comment.

I dont understand how she finds it so difficult to figure these things out. Im wary of anime stuff at cons for being bootlegs but if I see something that catches my eye a quick search of MFC will tell you or not there are bootlegs, or the information of the official release. She could have easily done this if she has data on her phone and saved herself the hassle.

No. 293252

That's a good way of putting it. This is actually a pet peeve of mine for youtubers in general who constantly feel the need to announce how they're all about positivity in the most passive-aggressive manner possible. It's like they're putting themselves on a pedestal while attempting to throw shade in the same breath- which seems quite hypocritical when you're supposedly preaching ~positive vibes~

No. 293253

I seriously wonder what booth sold that to her? I bought a bootleg sakura cards from a con a couple years ago for cosplay and it was only 25$ and I'm sure it's the same one.

No. 293258

File: 1492454409769.png (1.92 MB, 1196x1080, Untitled.png)

Right?? You can find the same thing easily on aliexpress and taobao. I cant believe she fell for such a scam.

Here I made a mock up of the versions available and the bootleg. Its so painfully obvious when the official version has that gold 3D part on the front

No. 293261

So she spent $100 on an impulse purchase of a bootleg for a show she hasn't watched? Wow. I wonder if she deletes the comments that point it out because I don't see any.

No. 293268

wow the original looks so much prettier than the replica.
I don't know why you'd even want that replica in your collection, it looks so bland and bad.

No. 293273

It's a booth that sells lots of bootleg merch. They had like 8-10 sets of those cards, and that should be a major red flag right there.

No. 293281

This collection is an actual shit show. She crams as many items as she possibly can despite being bootlegs or low quality second hand stuff that she grossly overpaid for.

I don't believe for a second that precure or doremi mean anything to her at this point. She's talked about getting a precure tattoo for years because the show is so ~life-changing~ (kek didn't she say the same about Angelic Pretty?) and now she's going to pull some sort of bait and switch with another anime that means nothing to her???

It's so clear she skipped sailor moon because it's too ~generic~ but decided against precure because no one would recognize the design. CCS is the middle ground. People will recognize it but it's not nearly as common as Sailor Moon tattoos. Ultimate weeb points.

No. 293285

samefag but lol that booth was selling tons of knockoff jfashion or random cutesy stuff at Hal Con. The vendor singled me out because of my coord and was overly confident I'd fall for the clow book. My first thought was literally: "do you think I'm Jill?"

Who else would fall for that sleaze?

No. 293319

File: 1492459290151.png (55.4 KB, 734x713, IMG_2936.PNG)

> actually worth $100

No. 293321

I heard that Aliexpress also sells bootlegs and things made in China, though.

No. 293322

She probably doesn't even know who Syaoran is

No. 293325

File: 1492459797997.png (44.58 KB, 750x265, IMG_2937.PNG)

This seems to be the only thing she hasn't deleted.

No. 293326

That's what they meant. She could've got the same cheap knockoff she got for cheap on alexi instead of $100 or whatever retardo price she paid

No. 293329

> claims CCS has too much 'filler'
> rates Jewelpet Twinkle in her top 10

Like I love Jewelpet for its cutesy side but my god it's marketed towards toddlers / elementary school children and not exactly action-packed. CCS has a new adventure every episode. Bluff harder Jill.

No. 293331

Sorry; misplaced my sage. Always mix it up with 4chans

No. 293350

Ahh. She desperately needs a class on how to manage her money better.

No. 293379

I'd go as far as to say she's not really a fan of the aesthetic or merch or values of any of those shows, she's literally just grasping at straws trying to find an identity and justify her spending addiction. PEI must be pretty boring to become like this.

No. 293405

File: 1492467613332.jpeg (79.4 KB, 640x420, image.jpeg)

I saw this and thought of Jill.

No. 293407

File: 1492467690741.png (44.12 KB, 732x236, IMG_6808.PNG)

Dangerous territory Jill

No. 293416

drag shows were actually started by the urban underground lgbtq+ community in the 80s as a form of entertainment so they could have jobs. since a lot of them homeless they started clubs and held shows there. if i'm not mistaken a lot of trans women start off dragging and find a supportive community there so really it's like. embedded in the essence of the lgbtq+ community as a whole. if jill's lurking maybe she'll read this and drop the topic lmao.

No. 293417

File: 1492468201133.jpeg (133.79 KB, 630x727, image.jpeg)

Just uploaded.

No. 293422

Why does this pose piss me off?

No. 293423

it's a very tumblr sjw pose somehow

No. 293425

I want to punch her

No. 293432

What was the original post she commented this on? I'm curious of the context, surely she can't be this dumb? Like up until Colin decided to be whatever gender, she had nothing to do with the trans community? Who is she to speak about trans issues at all?

Sometimes Jill posts some photos where her style is bad but she looks sorta cute, but this is just awful. Why does she keep dying her hair these weird colours that just make her look jaundiced? The green dye on her neck and forehead almost look like mould, and the rest is so patchy it looks like it was done with sharpie or something. And the ugly round grandma glasses, why does no one in her life tell her to stop?

No. 293439

Maybe Jill's realising she's an ugly girl, so she'll be an ugly guy.

No. 293450

File: 1492470013066.png (38.62 KB, 600x198, IMG_6810.PNG)

Thank you whoever made this

No. 293460

I feel as though if anyone pointed out that some items in her collection were bootleg she would justify it by saying that she likes it anyway or it doesn't need to be official, you just have to like it.
Also, since she lurks here I'm sure she's going to binge watch CCS and then make some fake-casual Instagram post to try to prove she's a real fan.

No. 293462

Since you're here, why not react to us on your channel? We'd appreciate it, we go to a lot of effort here just for you.

No. 293468

File: 1492471119347.jpg (31.91 KB, 720x406, IMG_5181.JPG)

When will people realise RPGR isnt the end-all be-all of drag? Jills so dumb she knows she could just google the history of drag and learn its background in like 2 minutes, right? What is the context of this anyway.

I bet you any money if she started watching drag race she would become one of the crazy trixya stans

No. 293484

File: 1492472184212.png (377.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0806.PNG)

>posting this
>had defended Jeffry star
Okay Jill

No. 293493

Classic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and other Disney ones wearing gloves came in part from minstrel shows too, and she had no problem being partnered with Maker.

If she can't even be bothered to watch an anime before tattooing it on herself, I'm sure she'll come up with hypocritical or vague, lazy excuses for why she won't watch anything else that isn't kawaii.

She just really wants the SJW points here. Or maybe she doesn't want to watch the show and be reminded her everyday makeup is basically drag.

No. 293496

Speaking of Jeffery star I was looking through her YouTube and I think Jill deleted one of her Jeffery Star videos. I don't know which one though. I think it was with the bullet looking lipsticks.

No. 293508

damn guys. granny-kei is starting to be a thing.

No. 293542

JFC "Paris is Burning" is probably half the length of that live Precure show she watched, and it's actually in a language she can understand. Why is she talking about drag and misrepresenting it if she's never actually researched or seen anything about it?

No. 293583

is she using wikipedia as a source

No. 293601

Wikipedia as a source is fine. You can see the sources inside of the quote.

No. 293606

Stay in your lane, Jill. Don't speak on the behalf of a demographic that you only associate with for the sake of ~*speshul snowflake*~ points.

No. 293609

How has she gone from defending the trans community to defending the black community, neither of which she has anything to do with, and has never really cared for in the past. If she truly cares so much for all these marginalised groups, she'd put them before her aesthetic and she wouldn't hand over her money to people like Jeffree.

She really has no business trying to speak for other groups that she knows nothing about and like >>293606 pointed out, only associates herself with for ~progressive~ sjw snowflake points.

No. 293616

Yeah it looks like she removed the video about the pallet and the lipstick one as well, I think she commented on the drama in both videos so it's makes sense she removed them to cover her tracks

No. 293622

Okay?? But obviously drag queens today aren't doing this. I am friends with quite a few and no one is putting on black face to mock black people. Jill needs to stop. She's a weird person where she acts all self-righteous and sjw, but actually knows zero about the world outside her bubble.

No. 293625

Fucking this. She needs to shut her mouth about things she knows nothing about it.

No. 293627

Jillian has always seemed like a faux-activist. There are countless resources for learning more about these topics, but instead of actually educating herself she puts in minimal effort and never applies critical thinking. That's how I know she barely gives a shit about lgbtq or black issues, because when you are really passionate about something you put in the work. It just drives me crazy because I get the feeling she uses these things as an excuse for putting down things she doesn't like / understand OR as a way to pedestal for herself.

No. 293659


Holy shit how much of a fucking moron can she be? Drag queens? Hurting trans people? She must know nothing about them… But I guess that's not surprising. Back off Jill. You'll lose SJW points and you'll only make a fool of yourself even more.

No. 293667

File: 1492483417800.png (160.05 KB, 750x1034, IMG_0808.PNG)

Jill passive aggressively using these Facebook stickers should be a crime

No. 293668

All drag is parodying now is womanhood itself. Though I guess you could also say that non-black drag queens are sometimes a little too obsessed with constantly using black slang and acting "sassy" but I believe that's separate from classic minstrelsy and more an issue of some gay men independently mirroring black women due to admiring female black performers (music/dance/etc) and just liking the idea of a cool, slightly catty feminine personality

No. 293671

why the fuck does she even post about her stupid 'controversial' opinions if she doesn't want to hear any different points of view or engage in a discussion with anyone??

No. 293680

>Her fans responding politely, not even directly challenging her opinion, just stating their own
>Jill being a passive aggressive bitch on purpose instead of ignoring or something

Jill, you are a shitty person and you should feel bad.

No. 293681

File: 1492484223341.gif (656.94 KB, 300x280, tumblr_inline_oo7a8398b21res4w…)

same with drag kings

Jill doesn't know what she's talking about

No. 293695

Does Jill ever know what she's talking about?

No. 293697

lol lots of trans women have spoken up saying that drag is harmful so idk why everyone here is so pressed

No. 293699

that doesn't mean jill is aware of that, she made it quite clear she's voicing a personal opinion with 2 seconds of reinforcement 'proof' and not something based off thorough research

No. 293700

I saw a post going around tumblr just today about drag culture and how it hurts trans people and has misogynistic undertones etc so maybe she saw that and this sparked this new topic for her. She's weighing which side will win in the sjw war.

No. 293701

i know y'all like to pretend that she's a complete fucking moron but she probably has that opinion because she is close with a lot of trans and queer people and some of them have probably talked about it

is she selfish enough that she only cares because her partner is genderqueer? yes. that doesn't mean she's just randomly spouting whatever comes to mind

No. 293705

hi jill

No. 293709

that's me, i haven't seen it used in the site anyway

assuming genderqueer is a real thing with Colin, and he's not just being overexposed to the tumblresque genders and jill's wanting him to be so edgy and different… alright

No. 293730

lots of trans women are whiny. big surprise!!!

holy shit, i didn't hate Jill before and was only amused by her juvenile antics, but she is so passive aggressive. i really dislike her now.

No. 293737

Trans women? Haha, okay. That seems funny as hell to me considering drag Queens aren't harming women or trans people by doing their gigs. But yes, let the transwomen cry oppression…somehow.

No. 293738

Honestly, what don't transppl cry about? They're always trying to get the most snowflake points.

No. 293747

how much can y'all hate trans people seriously

No. 293752

Transpeople? Oh, you mean those fetishists? Just men in dresses, it's silly

No. 293755

>close with a lot of trans and queer people

Well her only friends are her mom and colin so… :^)

No. 293757

If you've ever lurked this site outside of the Jill thread you'd find out that that is the opinion of the majority of anons here…

No. 293758



No. 293763

Guaranteed Jill will be posting another video about encountering transphobes bc of these last couple anons

No. 293769

I don't think Jill needed to go so full ana, but she could definitely work on her weight. She always looks really sallow with her hair colors and chunky in her legs these days. I think she's sort of starved looking here.

No. 293776

The only video Jill needs to make is explaining why the hell she thinks she has the right to try and speak for other people when she already had openly been supporting Jeffree and saying that he apologized, and now back peddling like hell. Go ahead Jill I'm sure you'd get all those views you care about so much

No. 293780

File: 1492495572740.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0815.PNG)

Jill watches/liked a video by the onion (so much for drama is bad guys~) and is moving her merch store to redbubble it seems

No. 293784

Uggg. I felt physically sick and personally insulted at her magical girl anime video. I really don't have words. Just feelings of anger and I can't roll my eyes back any further. Not even a mention of Sailor Moon. Wtf did I just watch

No. 293795

Why do her fans like her? She's awful!
This is like ranting about Lolita, and all you did was google the word and assume it's based on the book.

No. 293801

Jill is a pathetic poser with no self identity. Truly she has no self identity whatsoever. She looks garbage and acts like she's so original, when she is lame and a total fucking plebian.

No. 293822

Every time she butts in to a discussion on that page I know it's lost all credit

No. 293852

I wonder if Jillian plays the Precure mobage? You'd think what with how much she goes on about the series supposedly being her life, she'd be posting everywhere about the game, iirc I haven't seen her mention it at all.

No. 293854

Listen I'm in the same ballpark as you but cut back on the tumblr vocabulary.

No. 293858

At the very least, I feel like eating healthier foods will help her. I can't imagine all those sugar foods being good for her skin either. Maybe that's why she looks so jaundiced all the time.

No. 293870


I don't know if Jill's phone is Apple or Android but wouldn't that require making a Japanese account to play a game she wouldn't even be able to understand?

Also she doesn't strike me as someone who would enjoy puzzle games even if they were meant for young children.

I get what you mean considering it's the only anime she seems to actually be passionate about and not just a pretend fan for the aesthetic, but this is Jill who hasn't even finished half the series she claims to love so much.

No. 293880

She's got an iPhone so she can absolutely put the 5 minutes of effort in and make a Japanese itunes account for it, hell the entire game has furigana so since she supposedly can read kana there's no reason for her to not be able to read/translate whats being said in the game.

But yeah, my point was more to do with the fact that she plays the series up as being her one big passion and motivation in life, yet she hasn't even said anything about the mobage existing and wanting to play it in the first place

No. 293893

She does play the game. Someone on the precure forum thing explained to her how to download it and now apparently she's addicted to it. Or so she said on there.

No. 293903

No. 293911

She edited out some of her cursing.

No. 293913

File: 1492523157526.jpeg (102.64 KB, 640x693, image.jpeg)

No. 293925

File: 1492524897814.png (59.34 KB, 750x420, IMG_0817.PNG)

YouTube money is all that matters

No. 293931

> buys character she doesn't even like

No. 293932

No bangs? Those glasses make her look even older…

No. 293934

>refusing to take second hand items out of their box

No. 293935

Space buns is a dead trend, Jill

No. 293936

*are, my bad

No. 293942

I seriously was unable to watch that video. All I can think is WHAT is she going to do with that stuff when she moves out, and WHY would she buy thousands of dollars of dolls before she had her own apartment or serious job???!??!??!?!?!?!

No. 293943

>since youtube seems to be crumbling apart

Sweet jesus could you be more edgy

No. 293945

She's trying to ride on the wave of famous youtubers making videos about how broken youtube is, even though it doesn't concern her at all and she didn't get any unfair treatment from youtube.

No. 293946

There are a huge amount of drag queens who are trans women, and there are also definitely gnc queens (as well as a few pretty successful ones), so? If she (or any of her sjw friends) bothered to actually educate themselves om LGBT+ history they'd realise that drag queens (especially trans drag queens, who also more often than not were sex workers, which makes it even more ironic that Jill's faux-sjw self wouldn't eat that up) have been fundamental in the queer rights movement.

Also, close with a lot of queer people my ass. She only ever brings up LGBT+ people when she can shove her personal agenda in and/or it'll give her snowflake points (Colin).

Sage for saltiness and somewhat ot.

No. 293960

man this video was difficult to watch…
with her clothing hauls at least you know that she's going to wear that stuff no matter how ugly it is, but her just talking about how she won't even unpack half of these items and they'll just get swallowed up in her hoard is weirdly depressing…

No. 293961

>Jill responding to someone who said they would have thought she would be more excited in the store: I'm not a obnoxious person in public, and ~muh anxiety~ is why I didn't spaz out in the store.

>Also Jill: Was jumping up and down like a 3y/o before she ran into the store, and brought 29 precure items alone, from this haul.

No. 293962

I fucking died at that part. She really has no self-awareness.
Also, she spent like 150 dollars on figures and then says she doesn't even like them that much?

No. 293971

File: 1492533743165.jpg (86.89 KB, 681x960, IMG_2572.JPG)

Is this Jill?
Why do I get the feeling Jill had never even met a black person

No. 293974



No. 293976

The HD in this video does not help her skin at all.

No. 293977

Only .5% of the PEI population is black, so it's very possible she never grew up knowing anyone who was

No. 293978

She spent $20 on a mug. Jill are you ok.

No. 293980


No. 293981

If you've ever been to a con or event with her there. You'd know that's a lie. She can't sit through a damn panel without making little shrieks or jumping up and down in her seat. Also convenient that her anxiety dissipates when there's a prize or contest involved aka the costume contests but I've also seen her basically trample other girls just to answer trivia questions for cheap af prizes. She's the type to interrupt a panel just to humble brag. I'm not kidding. (You probably guessed it, she only attends magical girl-related panels).

If you try to talk to her, she'll quickly try to find any compliment ("nice earrings" "your hair is so cute") to get out of the interaction and scurry back to Tristan/Colin/mom. Sure, that's a trait of anxiety. But the weird thing is she literally goes after these interactions and does it to everyone, it's like she's begging for validation and once she hears "thanks you're cute too" she's good to go. It's as if she honestly thinks the point of human interaction is ass-kissing and feel-good comments.

She's always had Louise or the bf hand-holding her through these events but I find recently she's been getting even more reclusive. At the last con, she only hung out for a few hours to meet Angelina (footage from that is so awkward) and besides buying crap, the only con-related thing she did was her lazy costume contest entry which she passive aggressively bitched about losing in her vlog. The rest of the weekend, they were shopping at malls and taking naps at their hotel. At least when she was 16, she would ask her mom to leave for the jfashion meets or walks. So she's basically regressing at this point.

No. 293985

none of this is surprising at all tbh, it's pretty easy to tell that she's a fake bitch imo, but obviously the little kids who follow her don't get it yet. she's genuinely a shitty passive aggressive person hiding behind a 'girl power' persona to feed her own ego while shitting on other people.

its becoming more and more clear with every new video and every new screenshot of her interacting with people.

No. 293986

File: 1492535518235.jpeg (105.58 KB, 633x736, image.jpeg)

Jill..please calm down with the peeps.

No. 293987

File: 1492535573555.png (396.76 KB, 494x608, T4HmOo6.png)

Jill's fans being passive aggressive to each other in the comments

No. 293991

They are taking after their idol

No. 293997

>wears plush coin purse as neck accessory but keeps nippon money in it
>said she doesnt like tsum tsums then buys tsum tsum
>20 dollar basic ass mug
>keeping everything in the plastic boxes
>"i like them, they're plastic!"
>keeps literal garbage plastic wrappers from candy as backpack decorations
>lets cat walk through her beloved wand collection
>buys bag she doesnt know how to use or what to use it for because its cute

fuck it just goes on and on, stopped at 14 mins

No. 294008

lol why did she even dye her bangs?
looks like she always just shoves them back anyway

No. 294036

File: 1492542019660.png (1.39 MB, 1769x961, Jill.png)

No. 294038

I've been in panels with her, spoken with her multiple times, and seen her around cons for years. She's always kept to herself, is polite but reserved in conversation, and doesn't attract much attention (besides looking how she does which guarantees she gets some). She's honestly very sweet in real life. She's just got a weird internet persona.

No. 294046

I regret opening this.

No. 294047

Hi Kate

No. 294055

Heh, I kinda like that pout, but that's about it.

Better than sounding like Not Important.

And how do you know it's her? Some people just have different opinions based on their perspectives.

No. 294057

Hi Jill

No. 294072

I will say at least I can cut Pixie some slack for admitting she only likes things for the aesthetic.
I think some anons here get a little neckbeardy with their

"reeee she only likes things because they fit her persona!!!!"

Like yes she does but at least she admits to it? Honestly I think she's still trying to find herself and figure out exactly what her style/life goals/etc are.

Yes, she's incredibly spoiled and really needs to break away from mommy, but I honestly can't say I was much more mature than her at her age. Hopefully she can grow up a bit, get over her fear of moving out and going to school and do more with her life than spend money and make youtube videos. It's cringy now but everyone was cringy at some point, she just needs to step out of her comfort zone.

No. 294078

Also samefag but I think she's definitely trying to emulate Kammie.
From the bangs to the oversized glasses to the 'same smile for every picutre' thing it seemed she was doing in lots of her Japan photos.

No. 294132

No. 294134

Isn't funfetti a trademarked brand?

No. 294135


sage for stupid. but precure is shit and seeing someone obsess so much over a bad children's show drives me nuts. has this bitch not seen anything else? literally any other show ever? can't someone give this bitch a netflix account or something? JILL C'MON

No. 294139

Welp she watched Revolutionary Girl Utena before and made a review which pretty much just said that it was too 'weird and confusing' for her.
I don't think she gets much enjoyment out of shows/games/anything which isn't targeted at kids…

No. 294141

File: 1492550379432.jpg (2.4 MB, 425x234, 2ujrv4y.jpg)

Irrelevant but from 12.47 - 12.57 her mannerisms toward her cat remind me of Will from The Inbetweeners. Probably something to do with the glasses too.

No. 294144

File: 1492550481183.png (253.4 KB, 800x703, funfettidress.png)

only $65 for this beautiful dress!

No. 294147

All the obnoxious closeups of her face during this video… why Jill? No one wants to see your ratchet eye glitter that close up. Stop being fucking lazy and film cutaways of your stuff like every other vlogger.

wow her stuff is even more ugly and overpriced than I imagined. It's so cheap and wonky looking. $60 for that ugly dress and $20 for a phone case that's probably only worth $5. Her stupid fans will probably still buy them anyway because they're too blind to see how wonky her art is, and they know it's the only way she'll notice them.

No. 294150

Tumblr Kawaii Cute Pastel Cartoon Anime Art Sleep Robe Dress 100% Polyester

No. 294151

lol did she use frosting as under eye concealer

No. 294152

This dress doesn't even look good on the hot model

No. 294182


Anxiety is something that requires a lot of effort to manage. You kinda have to consciously put yourself out there whenever you can despite it being fucking terrifying and pretty much the last thing you want to do, but if you don't do it then your comfort zone becomes smaller and smaller until you've dug yourself into a hole that's much harder to get out of and you're practically a shut-in. It doesn't surprise me at all that Jill would be the kind of person to stick with what's comfortable and cling to Colin/Tristan/her mum which will just make her anxiety worse.

Anxiety is a real cunt but people like Jill who make no attempts to improve things for themselves are very hard to feel sorry for. Sage for kinda blog/armchair psychology.

No. 294200

Fuck her teeth are like gold nuggets on parade. Lol horrid makeup job. Nice going Jill clown it up any harder and you may actually succeed in being original. ;-)

No. 294208

That looks fucking disgusting. wtf

No. 294209

Did I blank out during the video or something? Like it didn't seem like she bought /that/ much from the Precure store but she somehow ended up spending like $200? I guess she left the shirts she got out of the haul but it still seems like way too much.

No. 294228

File: 1492561641196.png (138.18 KB, 635x388, wtf.PNG)

Why would she use that image for the mug if it had to be cropped like that?? https://www.redbubble.com/people/pixielocks/works/26017475-feeling-cute?p=mug&style=tall

No. 294255

Is she censoring herself so her videos don't get unmonotized? I guess that could be the only reason for it.

No. 294259

File: 1492564352850.png (437.83 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2017-04-18-18-07-00…)

My reaction to Jill's fashion sense.

No. 294261

Jesus since I'm from canada this dress costs $80. Who would pay that much money for a sheet with 5 mins doodles over it?

No. 294286

she looks bloated

No. 294296

The reason her cure black figurine doesn't say Max Heart and says limited addition unlike her cure white one is because it's from first season while her cure white one is from the second season. Like even the character design in slightly different. I though she was a super fan. Shouldn't she know this?

No. 294307

This bugs me so much!! How could she not notice. I mean the design change isn't that big (just small stuff like less frills and her stomach isn't covered in the first season) but the box literally says max heart for the other two. Did she even watch the show? How could she not know the difference? I fee this would be okay for anybody especially just a casual watcher but for someone who claims to be such a huge fan to the point where she says the show impacts her life this is kinda sad.

No. 294310

That looks more like a muumuu.

The Granny Look strikes again!

No. 294323

As someone who participates in artist alley it really seems… lazy that she chose redbubble of all the sites that do this sort of thing. She clearly didnt research her options or she would know that redbubbles direct to garment printing is sub-par to their competitors.
(unless they've recently upgraded. I havent looked into this for about a year)

From what I know Neatoshops has one of the best DTG printing and society6 also has decent printing.

If she really wanted to be a ~fashion designer~ though I dont know why she isnt trying to find a manufacturer for her own items and sell them on her own store front. She clearly has the disposable income to invest into products for her brand.

No. 294335


Also yes.

No. 294342

she has said she 'researched' it before and i think that probably just means 'which company will pay me more money if people buy my garbage'

No. 294384

Holy shit was her merch always that expensive?

No. 294394

Just by looking at her prices, I think she kept most things at the default 20% but marked a couple of items up to 30.

I agree that RedBubble is quite expensive. Even the base prices before the markup are rather high. (They do have sales almost constantly, though. It's usually a coupon code for around 15-25% off)

No. 294397

probably from all the peeps and sugary shit kek

No. 294398

That bugged as well… Especially since RedBubble allows you not only to directly scale and reposition your your image on the item once it's uploaded, it also has downloadable templates for each product so you can edit the layout of your design to fit specific items.

Judging by some of the other things she's been selling (such as her awful resin pieces) I'm fairly certain she just doesn't care about the quality of her merchandise, but I also have to wonder if she actually believed that the mug looked ok like that.

No. 294443

Even the model seems sort of reluctant to be wearing this shit kek

No. 294444

aren't these patterns just photoshopped onto the models? i doubt this thing has been printed already

No. 294460

Jill is clearly autistic

No. 294472

It's red bubble though. Not like she decides the price. But if she had any real fashion skill she would do it herself like Beckii cruel did instead of some tacky prints on generic Base items

No. 294483

You must be crazy anon, Jill is far to lazy for that. She complained in the past that making clothes takes too much time and effort to be profitable. If she make it herself she would probably charge a few hundred dollars

No. 294487

If Jill doesn't want to MAKE clothes that doesn't stop her from designing them though? Do an illustration course, make designs, most designers don't make their own clothes, but she's not even trying.

No. 294488


Why did she buy a doll for a character she calls a bitch that she hates? Shes so superficial. I can't say I'm surprised though.

No. 294496

Because she doesn't actually enjoy the process of creating clothing whatsoever. She only enjoys buying and wearing clothing.

No. 294498

Yeah, they are.

No. 294585

She reminds me of that woman from my big fat fabulous life. The kind of person that blames everything on everyone else and never attempts to fix herself.

No. 294589

File: 1492617950750.jpg (261.92 KB, 800x874, name_ana_01.jpg)

One of the things she bought is literally a patch to hang your toddler's name tag from…

No. 294610

well at least she admitted/acknowledged that's what it's for. "I'll probably hang a little charm from this because I'm not a Japanese preschooler"

No. 294612

well at least she admitted/acknowledged that's what it's for. "I'll probably hang a little charm from this because I'm not a Japanese preschooler"

No. 294613

well at least she admitted/acknowledged that's what it's for. "I'll probably hang a little charm from this because I'm not a Japanese preschooler"

No. 294615

Ah the heartbreaking effects of dementia

No. 294630

My sides

No. 294641

The small precure bag she bought was for preschoolers too. They out their shoes in those small bags.

No. 294739

it's my favourite anime so this physically hurts me. how could anyone not like it?? and then get a TATTOO? if she read the manga or watched the movies she'd probably appreciate it… or not because she has no taste

No. 294812

wow it's a magical girl show for small children. how could someone NOT like it???? lol

it's a prerendered image from redbubble tho

No. 294838

I love you anon

No. 294876

I watched it for the sake of magical girl stuff and kawaii. I got sick of it after the first few episodes. It truly is a children's anime. Loud, annoying, squeaky voices, songs, pretty colors, sparked and children's lessons of stuff like sharing. I think I lost some brain cells in the process. I'm a anime nerd yes, but I just couldn't stand it. She must have extreme patience. Because she truly seems to have the mind of a child thinking it's 'oh so amazing'

No. 294880

I felt the same way trying a couple different Precure series, though I did think Heartcatch was quite good despite having a lot of filler. I was surprised to see that Jill barely mentions it or has any merch from it because most Precure fans rate it extremely highly.

No. 294913

fuck you, I choked on my water. hahaha.

No. 294914

Definitely. The only reason she enjoys it is because she can relate to most 3 year olds, even though I feel this is pretty insulting to three year olds.

No. 294981

Laughing forever because redbubble pays shit to the artist. On that $65 dress she'll make maybe $5.

No. 295048

You know damn good and well Jill is a special needs autistic child. Lol

No. 295049

Did you try with Kirakira A la mode? It's pretty shit. If you have more time to waste I'd recommend trying Go! Princess, it's quite cool and my favourite. Heartcatch is the most entry-level one though because it's more edgy than the rest.

However there's no arguing her cult for this series is fucking stupid. The only people who are like this are the adult men who fap on the characters. Speaking of which I'd love to see what she thinks about the fact a big part of this anime's audience is that kind of trash.

No. 295054

Do people actually think she's invented a fashion? Or does everyone view it as crappy arts and crafts fashion. Like do people take it seriously?

No. 295056

PreCure has one of the lowest rates of adult male fans in the anime community. It isn't fanservice in the slightest.

No. 295061

>It isn't fanservice in the slightest.
It is sometimes when you squint, but that wasn't my point at all anyways.
Saying a big part of the audience was an exaggeration, but there still are loads of porn of it online and some mostly male communities, like on /a/.

No. 295068

Her fashion is an atrocious clusterfuck. No one for the life of themselves could ever buy into this lazy hacks failed forray into so called fashion. She doesn't even construct any of the garments she's slapped her tacky brand on. Truly a sad poser with no integrity for the quality of products she puts her name on.

No. 295187

Just because you love it doesn't mean everyone else has to. I don't really give a shit if Jill doesn't like it but her acting like she does when she hasn't watched it is what irks me. Like why the hell would you get a tattoo for a fandom you don't even care about?

No. 295189


This just looks like another decora or fairy kei shirt to me except much more tacky.

There are too many colors going on and the Funfetti text is too bright too read.

No. 295202

File: 1492699965211.png (118.36 KB, 750x1090, IMG_7009.PNG)

I assumed this was how Jillian treats everything she buys

No. 295207

what a fucking toddler
does she eat any foods that aren't beige or artificial pink color

No. 295229

File: 1492704542328.jpg (27.55 KB, 400x562, 1464403348056.jpg)

>buying merchandise of characters you hate
>planning tattoo of series you didn't like enough to finish
>photographing drinks you were disgusted by
>devoting your identity to shit you don't even like doing

No. 295231


i actually agree. it looks really pretty but it is wayyyyyyy to sweet to be good

No. 295233

File: 1492705168510.jpg (113.25 KB, 640x746, IMG_0859.JPG)

I'm so confused by her tattoo choice. Just the fact that she's said in multiple videos, and posted online about how she's wanted a precure tattoo for "years" and to just switch to card capture? Like sure do whatever you want Jill, but what happened to your "four years" of wanting whatever wand on your thigh?

No. 295243

She'd waited years to go to Japan to not visit a single Lolita shop. Even though she claimed to dream about it.

No. 295245

File: 1492707474859.jpg (20.15 KB, 736x984, run louise.jpg)

No. 295260

But she's way too young to have that yet.

No. 295263

File: 1492709379351.jpg (11.55 KB, 385x335, 1355331549061.jpg)

No. 295312

Laugh at my jokes or get out

No. 295332

Jill really seems to like her mum . Obviously because she calls her her friend and everything and talks sweetly about her (even though she treats her like garbage).

Do you think Jills mum feels the same way? She hasnt seemed too impressed lately with her daughters antics like the Japan trip and cursing all over the place

No. 295364

I think she really does love Jill and enjoy her company a lot of the time, just looking at how much time they spend together, they're basically inseparable. But she is still Jill's mom so will call her out on her shit and chuckle about Jill being immature

No. 295382

Of course she feels the same way? Both vessey kids have been spoiled their entire life and still live at home. What kind of armchair psychology nitpick is this?

No. 295403


No. 295405

File: 1492725280324.jpg (97.15 KB, 640x746, IMG_9332.JPG)

No. 295408

File: 1492725455167.gif (8.74 MB, 622x350, 2JrU4f6.gif)

No. 295410

Oh… oh.

No. 295414

Hooooo buddy.

No. 295415

I can't believe how many of us looked at that 6 hours ago without noticing smh

No. 295416

she is trying to incite drama for herself, tbh i thought this might be the case before, but the screenshot confirms (my) suspicions.

get a life jill. how long do you spend every day posting things just so people make fun of you more on purpose? thats just fuckin sad.

No. 295419


Seriously, before you chop of Colin's so he can be a true lady man.

No. 295420

i'm confused though this profile pic is from a while ago

>inb4 hi jill

I just looked up her current fb on messenger

I guess she could of screencaped it forever ago and only just posted? odd though

No. 295421

No. 295422

Sometimes it takes a bit for profile pic to update in small icons, not sure why.

No. 295423

Well I'm sure she changed it once she realized her mistake and tried to cover her tracks.

No. 295424

I got this off her tumblr, the post is from a few years ago, calm down

No. 295425

File: 1492726533611.png (797.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0862.PNG)

No. 295426

How could you lead us on like that, anon??

No. 295428

she probably still posts here anyway kek

No. 295429

File: 1492726688810.png (959.9 KB, 1003x613, lv.png)

Her mum had that profile picture back in 2015 alas it probably did come from Jill's tumblr

No. 295431


No. 295432

Gdi, and here I was thinking that we were about to get some delicious ass milk.

No. 295452

Seeing as Jill is friends with Kate I doubt she'd be as stupid as to self post

No. 295476

I'd be on good terms with my mom too if she funded my trip to Japan, let me stay at her house rent free, filmed me for my blogs, and took an active interest in my hobbies. She's the ultimate cool mom.

Her only downfall is being too naive and permissive since she raised a spoiled daughter who can't grow up.

No. 295610

I feel like that's more reason she'd be stupid enough to self post

they probably both post about each other, too

No. 295615

Seriously, she's so damn annoying! Everything is aesthetic to her. She has no personality of her own. She's fake af

No. 295624



No. 295687

Does Jill have a boyfriend? Like she just seems so stupid. I feel bad for her because that stupidity could land her in trouble. What if done bloke tried and take advantage of her?? Would she even know what to do?

No. 295697

She has a cucky non binary boyfriend who she plays dress up with

She's horribly stupid but too spoiled to ever put herself in any situation that'd be even slightly out of her asspats hugbox zone to have that happen

Honestly when I first started following these threads i thought we were all overexaggerating how awful she is. But as I've followed along she's my most hated/annoyed by cow. Or flake. Or whatever. She has literally 0 redeeming qualities. I have no life turn around hopes for her. I'd be fine if she simply ceased existance in this world

No. 295717

Jillian is literally the epitome of a classless mome with too much currency to expend of sweaty egghead weeb pastimes. Smh how painfully stupid she is

No. 295719

Do we know if she's getting help for her stupidity/disability? Or doesn't she believe in medicine? I feel like she's an untreated austistic who desperately needs treatment. Her mum seems to feed her bad habits too

No. 295727

She's mentioned in past videos that she takes medication but i dont know what for. It could be just birth control or something.
I don't think shes actually autistic. She just acts like a cringe lord to be specshul

No. 295728

There's no medication for autism, anon. I'm pretty sure she takes meds for anxiety.

No. 295731

Is there a source for this? I know she complains about "muh anxiety" a lot but I feel like she would be a spoonie about it if she ever got an official diagnosis or prescription.

No. 295733

She's mentioned taking meds in her past videos. Anxiety meds are basically handed out like candy so it's likely that that's what it is, and she talks about her anxiety constantly. It's probably a super low dose of something like Xanax or Ativan.

No. 295750

She doesn't have anxiety, she's just awkward and doesn't know how to interact with other people.
For all the times she talks about "muh anxiety" she's perfectly fine going out dressed like a clown (which draws attention), performing in musicals and complaining she's not the lead (stage fright is not like actual anxiety Jill), acting like a spaz in everyday situations, being loud on her YouTube. Literally nothing she's shown us proves she's anxious. Until she starts loosing weight from constant panic induced shitting, purging and has a panic attack I won't believe her.

No. 295758

That's kinda wrong, sorry for blogpost but I have anxiety and I live "normally" just some times I have a panic attack kek, suddenly, and there's no reason at all (might be that I see something violent etc)…
Just because she dresses like a clown and goes outside and has a yt, doesn't mean she doesn't suffer from anxiety. As much as I enjoy to laugh at her, we don't know for sure what "triggers" her

But I agree, she must take normal meds, like the ones you don't need a prescription for

No. 295765

before i was on actual anxiety meds i was on 'natural' pills with like, fucking fish oil and vitamins in them, she could be on something similar? (ps total bullshit they did shit all)

No. 295797

She started having appointments at her local mental institution at around age 13 or 14 I believe? She was forced to go for her anorexia and was probably diagnosed for anxiety around the same time. She's casually mentioned switching up different meds/doses for anxiety on social media tons of different times. I don't think she cares about keeping that private. She's complained about side effects of meds in videos too iirc.

I agree that psychiatrists give out anxiety meds like candy, it's a common mental illness so I don't doubt her history. But for the same reason, there's also an abundance of resources for managing anxiety in adulthood. Simply taking pills and bubble baths won't help someone re-integrate into a normal/productive lifestyle without lots of heavy duty self care (not the materialistic kind).

No. 295815

>just some times I have a panic attack kek
So you mean panic disorder. Jill is referring to generalized anxiety disorder.

No. 295839

why does every basic bitch have "generalized anxiety disorder" or they just say "i have anxiety"

what kind of anxiety? what are you nervous about???

No. 295853

I'd say Jill does have anxiety disorder based on how she can't go anywhere without her mother or Colin, only eats bland/sugary (safe) foods, freaks out about normally minor things like public transport. If she was socially anxious, she wouldn't want to draw attention to herself, but generalized anxiety is different. She definitely behaves like a person dependent on “safety" behaviours, and the only long-term solution to anxiety is exposure therapy which she won't do because it's too hard.

No. 295868

>Simply taking pills and bubble baths won't help someone re-integrate into a normal/productive lifestyle without lots of heavy duty self care (not the materialistic kind).

This is so true. Jill never does anything that really takes her out of her comfort zone and her shopping addiction and constantly eating unhealthy food are not proper/healthy coping mechanisms for her issues. Taking meds can be an important part of self-care, but you have to actually make the effort to be better too.

No. 295892

How to do IC properly

No. 295935

Most of them fake it so they appear "special" fucking idiots, living with that shit for real is not special or worth to brag about

No one cares about that butterface bitch, she's a horse in disguise

No. 295938

>denying people have a common mental illness
>spazzing about a youtuber who isn't even snowflakey enough for their own thread

Are you okay anon?

No. 295940

Jill get off lolcow

No. 296112

she's linked spreadshirt as her merch shop

No. 296118

This is very old news

No. 296346


was anyone else creeped out by her voice in this vid

No. 296364

File: 1492833906846.png (59.35 KB, 750x399, IMG_0872.PNG)

Looks like she's finally planning on moving

No. 296368

Maybe she was just humoring her.

Moving and growing up? Huh.

No. 296405

"we're gonna get"
is she gonna like pay bills?

No. 296434

>spazzing about a youtuber who isn't even snowflakey enough for their own thread

WHEN??? i said no one cares about her in THIS tread??? not the contrary, are you missing your glasses?

No. 296453

no, you know she's going to spend it on tacky 400 dollar a piece clothing, buy a 500 dollar professionally done precure tattoo, and buying 800 dollar liz lisa kawaii japanese furniture for her new pad

No. 296457

"generalized anxiety disorder" means that you have anxiety that may not be tied to any one specific thing. Sometimes you just feel anxious and cannot pinpoint why. It doesn't need to have a specific trigger.

No. 296464

Why is she moving out, I wonder? She spent a shit ton of time and money buying children's furniture for her bedroom and talked about moving in a couple years iirc, now all of a sudden she wants her own place.

I assume this really just means mum and dad are paying for her to get a single dorm at a school because muh anxiety

No. 296466

Samefag but she could also be moving in with Colin which would be hilarious to watch

No. 296480


she doesn't look disgusting here. uh?

also kinda creepy because you can tell that jill is going to age just like her mom. poor thing

No. 296490

Jill moving out into the exciting world of adulthood? What a commical prospect! She's incapable of financial management with her tacky impulse spending, lacks a formalized education and proper employment thus adding insult to injury by also exhibiting extreme familial codependency. She will fail.

No. 296563

Either she's saying "next year" as a broad indication of the future or Colin is graduating this year and she's planning to mooch off him. I mean, she's not committed to anything in PEI for the next year that is actual reason to stay.

Maybe she'll surprise us with an actual college acceptance. Curious to see where she plans to move.

No. 296576

Same. I wish I had a mom like that. I actually really like Louise, but she needs to do something about that monster she created.

No. 296577

Man, I would love to see Jill go to college because I know it would be an even bigger shitfest than what we normally see. I don't even know if she could really handle it.

No. 296579

File: 1492869562318.png (158.42 KB, 750x1032, IMG_0873.PNG)

One of the members of the party kei community is cruelly studying fashion design

No. 296582

File: 1492869797316.jpg (540.84 KB, 2400x1350, IMG_0878.JPG)

*actually whoops

But it is all Jill tier shit, just really poor construction

No. 296588

i also own a thesaurus

No. 296608

I'm not gonna lie these are freaking adorable

No. 296614

But you are lying, anon,

No. 296615

you serious? just look at the construction, it's no better than Jils

No. 296620


Sure if you've never sewn anything before in your life

No. 296623

File: 1492873396604.jpg (329.28 KB, 1361x2048, IMG_0876.JPG)

The concept is there but the construction is not. They're really poorly done and it's very surprising that this is the result of a student who has had training on this. I hope this is just her first year because she has a long way to go

No. 296631

nayrt but none of those are big words anon

No. 296635

i didn't say they were big

i'm saying the comment is written in a way that sounds like a first year college essay lmao

it's just unnecessary

No. 296641

Yeah I mean the construction is crap, but she has a clear understanding of how colour works.

No. 296645

what? but literally everything is pastel. i don't think it takes a lot of creativity to figure out pink goes well with purple

No. 296654

File: 1492878671289.png (1 MB, 1600x1141, party kei girls3.png)

To be honest I think it's really difficult to make 'party kei' look good because not even Jill actually knows what the hell it's supposed to be.
From her introduction post on party kei:
>Party kei is the style for a girl who loves to celebrate every day life. Adorning herself with pastel ribbons, confetti motifs, and yummy frosting perfume makes her smile everywhere she goes. Party kei has a kitschy, youthful vibe with lots of decorative jewels and accessories! She is a girl who looks like she could have just walked out of a 90's slumber party.
It's just such a flimsy concept that it's really difficult to design party kei pieces because it doesn't have any real guidelines to it.
When I think of any other trendy J-fashion I can instantly name some style points which make the actual garments used in the fashions unique. Jill just uses a bunch of bright and loud pieces and slaps them together. 'Pastel ribbons' and 'confetti motifs' really isn't enough to create an entire substyle around, especially when Jill doesn't even use those things in a majority of her outfits.
Maybe the style could work if she went back to her initial sketches of it and tried to make it a dreamy fantasy slumber party kinda deal again, otherwise she should just change the name to 'Clown Kei' imo.

No. 296665

Jill can't

No. 296668

I don't think I've ever seen Jill wear a peignoir with her current style

No. 296672

Wait now that Jill isn't part of maker does that mean she doesn't have access to the music she was bragging about earlier. I wonder what her lookbooks will sound like now.

No. 296673


are you the anon who was sperging over somebody making kailyn references in the last board? are you autistic?

this is pretty awful, but exactly what i'd expect from a person who thinks jill is fashionable or admirable

No. 296684

I think the idea is pretty cute actually but I agree the construction is pretty poor and it looks like there was little attempt to fit to the models.

These look a lot like something you could buy overpriced from dollskill, but with worse construction.

No. 296687

If it looked anything like these drawings it would be cute. They look airy, ethereal, and feminine.

No. 296688

From a fashion student, zooming in on those sad excuses of bust darts just gave me a stroke. What school does she even go too, is this the standard there cause Yikes

No. 296703

I agree. I don't know why everybody's shitting on you. Yes, the construction is off, but at least she's got some pretty outfits lined up.

NEWSFLASH: People have different opinions. No need to dogpile on anybody.

Depends on the color theory.

No. 296712

I actually like a lot of the clothes she buys/wears but once I see them on her I have to really reevaluate my tastes. But I can't tell if I have shit taste (probably do) or if she just can't style them correctly.

No. 296721

The later

No. 296746

File: 1492889349163.png (157.3 KB, 750x1053, IMG_7070.PNG)

No. 296758

tbh I don't understand how any vlogger puts out 2-4 videos in a week. Is there really nothing else to do? And if so how is there enough to fill 2-4 videos per week

No. 296759

File: 1492890447019.png (95.33 KB, 750x395, IMG_0882.PNG)

Apperently posting footage she's already recorded is too hard
Jill, you do realize YouTube will get you further then either of your current jobs? Either commit to YouTube and maintain the momentum you got from the collabs you did, or stop talking about YouTube like it's your job.

No. 296760

She also commented that she has six more Japan vlogs, and two more hauls, as well as the slime and sticker asmr videos she's already recorded.
She's got a planner, but she sure is shit about planning out her own videos that she's already filmed. That's seriously enough to not make new content for five weeks

No. 296776

Did she not pre edit her Japan vlogs in case something like this were to happen? Of course she didn't. Her fans are so easily impressed by those 3 minute vlogs of her just shopping and being a precure sperg, the least she could do is take a few hours to edit and upload them.
Maybe she just doesn't care to keep a schedule anymore since she got dropped by maker? Either that or she's working overtime to pay off those shitty $400 shoes and just cba.

No. 296785

I feel like the 'getting dropped by maker thing' might be a factor.
I mean lately she's actually been getting some bad feedback for once, the whole Lolita April Fool's thing, a lot of negative comments under that Sharla collab video. Even her fans started calling her out on some of her shit. I feel like Jill expected the Japan trip to be way more than it actually ended up being. Maybe she expected to get discovered as a 'fashion idol' or something while in Japan, but instead even her fans are starting to question her mindless shopping etc. and she still seems to be just as directionless regarding her future.
Also this lolcow thread has been pretty active lol And it's pretty apparent that she's a thin skinned person, so maybe all of this is getting to her?

No. 296787

I don't understand why she need to be a "youtuber"? The money obviously, but, if she quit youtube as a job and just worked her retail shifts she could jus post random videos and vlogs without the pressure.

No. 296790

I think Jill just really likes being able to 'label' herself in a specific way.
She always calls herself an artist even though she barely draws, calls herself a designer even though she seems to have no interest in actually sewing/creating garments…
I think for her 'Youtuber' is just another title she wants to be able to call herself, despite not actually putting the effort in

No. 296798

Are there other networks she could join now that she's been kicked from maker? Or do they all have much stricter requirements?

No. 296799

I honestly don't get Jill's obsession with labelling herself. I remember she made that weird 'fashion identity' video when she quit lolita and it was so strange, like she just has so little sense of self that she needs labels to even feel like she has any personality? She couldn't just be another person that likes cute clothes/jfashion, she had to create her ~own unique style~ which just means she can slap the 'party kei' label on all the trashy crap she wears even though it isn't a cohesive style at all. She can't just be a normal person with different interests or a changing style, she has to have a label.

She probably pressures herself to see YT as a job and live up to the "youtuber" label too. She can't just be a normal person who does YT as a hobby when she likes or as a secondary source of income, because then she couldn't go on about being a "youtuber" or brag how she works 3 jobs. She puts so much unnecessary pressure on herself to stick to labels and as a result of that she has no sense of self. It's a bit sad and pathetic really.

No. 296800

Sewing construction is not a subjective opinion, anon. I am also a fashion student and I can tell you my lecturers would make me take apart most of those pieces and either re sew them or alter the pattern. Aside from TERRIBLE fitting on the purple one, just look at the construction… look at the upper edge of the bustier. The bustier at least fits the model alright but she should have understitched it. Look at the hemline on the purple dress. Purple dress in general is horribly fitting, it looks like she bought it for $5 off of amazon instead of making it as part of a fashion course. She should have tried it on the model if she was going to use one that wasn't a standard size. The skirts are both too small on the models. The cut sew that the guy who looks like miley Cyrus is wearing looks terrible as well although I can't see it close enough to comment on why this is. At bare minimum she should have pressed those seams to the inside so they couldn't be seen through the plastic window.
And what is interfacing?

People have been saying that the colors are nice but they really aren't (I'm terrible at color theory though) - warm and cool purples all over the place and the printing on the t shirt doesn't look good at all.
I wonder where she goes to school. This doesn't look professional at all. Her lecturers either never saw these pieces (maybe she threw them together the night before the show) or it's a really, really shitty school.
I feel mean being so harsh but really there is a lot more to be said about these pieces and I'm sure she has heard most of it from her lecturers (assuming she hadn't shown them the construction prior to the show).

No. 296811

She never really had a proper schedule when she was with maker anyways, her posting has always been pretty all over the place, only sticking to her own plans for a few weeks before whatever tragedy happens that she has to sleep and whimper over.
I think >>296785 is right. She's had a lot of negative feedback and knows that she can't really save the legitimacy of her Japan trip without her footage of her non shopping day.

No. 296812

File: 1492896169545.png (107.76 KB, 466x457, CKJ0Xoz.png)

i thought i was in the holly brown thread for a sec with that art

>>every comment: "take care of yourself jill bean uwu"

any time jill posts shit about uncertainty (like buying those shitty irregular choice shoes), her followers spam her with comments encouraging to make bad choices. this is truly an echo chamber for jill

No. 296814

Gotta keep the milk coming somehow

No. 296826

will she comment on the too faced/tarte drama that jeffree's been snapping about? seeing as she loves too faced so much

No. 296832

she will now that youve mentioned it

No. 296833

I doubt it. She's been really reluctant to cut ties with Jefferee and I think that was only because of being pressured from people online calling her out. Jill likes to preach but never commit to what she's saying (ex: buying from fast fashion despite using the reasoning that it's ethically produced to justify buying from AA when they have their own fair share of problems)

No. 296837

File: 1492899089991.jpg (151.95 KB, 600x900, fairy kei.jpg)

The set on the left is a cute idea but the seams on everything look awful. The dungaree dress looks barely tacked together and the horror bust darts dress doesn't fit the model anywhere. Baby's first sewing project tier.

God I'm sure this has been discussed to death but I can't get over how Jill thinks ~party kei~ is somehow unique enough/ distinguishable from what's out there to even warrant its own style. This just looks like fairy kei or spank to me like you could get all these pieces at Nile Perch and Swankiss. The only unique thought I see is putting glitter and confetti everywhere and that's hardly a major design effort.

No. 296840

American Apparel from what I've heard tried pretty hard to get rid of the sexist CEO (almost bankrupting themselves buying him out or something) and was just never able to recover their image, hence them shutting down.

But we all know Jill bought whatever tacky trash she got from there because she's a materialistic shopaholic, not because she knew any of that or cared about how 'problematic' the company was or wasn't.

No. 296852

The party kei "community" genuinely get upset if you call them party kei.

No. 296853

Fairy kei*

Sorry it's the dementia

No. 296862


No. 296869

Who wants to put bets when the next video will be posted?

No. 296876

my bet is never

No. 296889

I like the way you think

No. 296918

When that's your job I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard, especially if you're passionate about it. The longest part would be the editing process.

No. 296926

File: 1492908903062.jpg (18.85 KB, 445x576, 3902e9333103812610da2ea39b593b…)

These look pretty decently constructed for student work, although the designs are intensely basic. The multicolored set needs a lining, there shouldn't be topstitching at the top edge. I see some wonky seams and things that could use more interfacing but I've seen much worse from my fashion classmates.

The only glaring fuckup is the lilac dress; the waist is too low, the armhole is too low as the racerfront is way too long, and the darts are too close together. I also think she had the model wear it without a bra because she didn't own a strapless one, but they should've just had her wear it and photoshop the straps out. Dresses like that need support garments beneath.

Black girl's makeup is a little too mature for the outfit.

Those are my nitpicks ; —— )

No. 296937

Mid next week, but it will be a video of her "defending" herself and explaining why she hasn't put up a video

No. 296967

>I've seen much worse from my fashion classmates
And where do you go to school? I'll make a note to avoid that shitshow too.

No. 297044

She still has access to it, her network just no longer gets her a subscription for free. She uses music from Epidemic Sound, which anyone can access for like $15/month. She just had no idea what she was talking about in that vid.

No. 297084

File: 1492931928314.jpeg (166.03 KB, 750x931, image.jpeg)

When other people start doing the Jillian eyebrow raise. Do you want premature wrinkles? Because that's how you get premature wrinkles.

No. 297086

Your nitpicks are spot on. I say this because I am a fashion design graduate myself and professional pattern maker by trade. I literally find poor construction execution to be my greatest pet peeve and a lack of textiles knowledge which often leads to the incorrect use of the the textile and the overall fit and drape being subpar.

No. 297087

Your nitpicks are spot on. I say this because I am a fashion design graduate myself and professional pattern maker by trade. I literally find poor construction execution to be my greatest pet peeve and a lack of textiles knowledge which often leads to the incorrect use of the the textile and the overall fit and drape being subpar.

No. 297089

Your nitpicks are spot on. I say this because I am a fashion design graduate myself and professional pattern maker by trade. I literally find poor construction execution to be my greatest pet peeve and a lack of textiles knowledge which often leads to the incorrect use of the the textile and the overall fit and drape being subpar.

No. 297091

so many design graduates, truly we are blessed

No. 297093

I can't tolerate filled in dark eyebrows anymore because of Jill. They look fucking awful and clownlike

No. 297102

Pattern makers are the masters of garments construction. Too many ego designers who know jack shit about the actual logistics behind pattern making and the level of engineering involved in perfect execution of a garments pattern and the specs they send to the manufacturer.

No. 297105

I've been staring at this since it was posted and I'm like 100% sure I know this girl irl

No. 297113

That girl is ugly

No. 297117

Oh, absolutely.

No. 297134

She'd be fine looking with bangs and less harsh eyebrows, and if she stopped dressing like a "cool mom" from the 80's. As it is I can't tell if she's 14 or 40.

No. 297136

in the first picture she reminds me of anything4views but as a girl.

No. 297177

She looks like a balding man

No. 297178

she looks like a middle aged man who lost his job and his wife left him so he said 'fuck it!' and started crossdressing. badly.

No. 297188

I feel so bad that all of Jill's mistakes are rubbing off on other girls. Premature wrinkle expression, complacency with crappy diet, unflattering mom jeans, poorly filled in brows, cheap jewelry, hairstyle sorely in need of bangs
This girl's appearance could be improved greatly just by an overhaul of her style into something more normal and figure-appropriate

No. 297198

File: 1492951837715.png (670.74 KB, 850x593, partykei.png)

You only need to spend a short amount of time in the 'partykei' tag to realize that these girls seem to be allergic to dressing figure-appropriate.
Seems to be a style point of the fashion to hike up your skirt way higher than you should.

No. 297205

Part of the issue is that when people are chunky the waistband of skirts sits at their 'natural waist', which is often higher up on the torso and determined mostly by where fat rolls and love handles are. But fixing that won't suddenly make 'party kei' look less like pastel neon garbage.

No. 297207

The one in the middle looks almost acceptable but man, that skirt's way too small

No. 297217

I also thought the middle was almost acceptable… until I enlarged the picture.

Those eyebrows are a travesty.

No. 297218

File: 1492955788813.png (487 KB, 920x404, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 2.55…)

No. 297221

She's moving in with her subservient gay best friend!

No. 297222

Oh thank god his hair is blonde now, looks slightly less faggy

No. 297250

You say this as he is posing on a pastel pink sofa

No. 297252

Hopefully they'll never breed

No. 297253

a tiny couch that looks pretty uncomfortable but its pink though right

No. 297255


I'm willing to bet that the person who made these is a first year student at a community college.

No. 297257

File: 1492961104230.jpg (670.9 KB, 2400x1350, IMG_0891.JPG)

Looking through more of these photos, just feels so much like they're just putting on an outfit they like and then adding some random jfash item and calling it party kei. Jill really should make a clear look book or updated guide because I feel like this fashion has no outline at all.

No. 297304


second girl doesn't look terrible imo. she's actually pretty. maybe that shit is photoshopped as fuck, right? that always seems to be the case.

No. 297319

She could be really cute if she lost a bit of weight and didn't follow Jill's trainwreck of a 'street fashion'. She looks like a chunky version of PeachMilkyTea to me.

No. 297329

Finally she's getting the fuck out of her parents' house. Wonder if Louise is helping Jill pay rent.

No. 297331

>it's free real estate

No. 297359

>the shoe choices
I wish people would just dress in their own styles or an actual style rather than some flimsily made up one.

I laughed.

No. 297375

Hahaha same. Or just about any instagram ho with black ass hair and sharpie marker brows to match. Who they fooling.

Why do basic bitches always upload selfies with their nasty ass klingon forehead. How are they not embarrassed

No. 297409

They're concentrating so hard on making their eyes look big and ~kawaii~ by raising their brows that they fail to realise how ugly it makes the rest of their face.

No. 297410

Do these people not realise you can widen your eyes without lifting your brows???????

No. 297512

"Next year" lmao. The couch is probably just for her room for now. I guess she's going to suddenly jump on a furniture/home decor never-ending spending spree to fulfill her shopping addiction since she's "adulting" now in preparation for college.

No. 297518

I was scrolling through the IG party kei tag and found this monstrosity…

No. 297519

File: 1492986419763.png (566.13 KB, 804x586, partykei.PNG)

Whoops samefag here, I forgot the image. Sorry!

No. 297526

Oh god, MySpace gothapotamus is back

No. 297770

File: 1492993878278.jpg (132.95 KB, 540x674, jc.jpg)

No. 297773

at least she's using a fannypack to cover her ever growing stomach

No. 297776

File: 1492994361724.gif (1.75 MB, 425x287, hrcwtf.gif)

I don't follow Jill drama, but one thing caught my eye as I was scrolling: those dirty ass shoes.

jesus fucking christ.

No. 297786


The background would have been so cute if she actually had a cute outfit. The jacket is cute but she styled it poorly (as she does with most items) by throwing a bunch of mismatched pastels together.

No. 297792

File: 1492995354744.jpg (261.05 KB, 900x900, 1427905584295.jpg)


No. 297803

the shoes combined with the jacket make her look dirty /:

No. 297817

she needs to stop with the rainbow hair ffs. you can't have rainbow hair and a rainbow outfit when the colours don't match because it looks like shit

No. 297819

This. Bangs can make a huge difference with big foreheads.

Come on guys, let's focus more on Jill rather than her followers. Yes, some of their outfits are coordinated decently, and some are arguably worse than hers. This isn't a witchhunt for which of her fans are the worst dressers; rather, the point of the thread is to laugh at Jill's delusions over her lack of taste.

No. 297827

Did she Photoshop herself into the background then.. blur her right arm..? Hwat? It also totally looks like she shooped out chunks of her thigh.

No. 297829

File: 1492999687570.jpg (564.21 KB, 1510x2048, 18121148_1780689685278352_6599…)

Got the high res off her facebook, it's just the design of the jacket and the low quality of instagram, but I totally thought that too

No. 297830

I don't think she understands that when you have these "quirky" hair colours, that is your statement piece. Everything else should compliment that but instead she wears all these colourful vomit clothes that look good by themselves, but on her they're just all fighting for attention along with the hair.

Her outfits alone are ugly but all her fans posted above with relatively natural hair colours don't look nearly as much of a clusterfuck as she does. They still look bad because the style is bad and whatever other reasons (eg. bad makeup, overweight, fried hair,skirts too short etc.) but none of them are nearly as OTT and uncoordinated as Jillian. As awful as they all look, they seem to at least have some grasp of colour theory and what looks pleasing to the eye. At the least they can fake it by diluting the rainbow vomit with neutrals, unlike Jillian's outfits which have no balance whatsoever. >>297770 is a good example, bright rainbow hair, bright purple lipstick and bright pink fanny pack, mixed with everything else being some sort of pastel. Every single thing clashes, tbh the only thing that matches in her whole look is the obvious dirt on all her clothes.

No. 297836

Did she color the bricks? All the colors are running into her clothes and hair scrunchie.

No. 297838

File: 1493000288562.png (878.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-221450.png)

I'm still not convinced, there's a weird shadow between her shoes and strange pixels outlining her legs.

No. 297839

She must have, it's on her ear and bleeding into the ground. For someone who's probably had photoshop her entire life that's pretty sad

No. 297840

File: 1493000349899.png (577.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-221551.png)

And her fuckin ear? Lmao.

No. 297842

File: 1493000396488.png (1.67 MB, 843x1027, 687544356743.png)

she colored the wall herself. She used the brushing tool in photoshop and messed it gorgoeously up with her jacket and scrunchy going violet and pink.
bitch couldve at least learned to use layers. it's really not that hard. some highschoolers make better use of photoshop.

No. 297843

I think she probably edited both the ground and wall, I don't think you could find anywhere that looks like that in Charlottetown

No. 297844

ahh fuck im too late with that >>297842 lmao
but the leg thing is usually what happens with the layer tool in photoshop. it cuts the edges out to hard. not gonna say she didnt chop fat off her leg, but could also be just from the coloring background.

weird though. why would she use layers for her legs and not for the jacket? If I think about it just selecting the parts with the magic wand tool and then reverse the selected parts would do the trick.

still weird and amateur-style.

No. 297845

it doesnt make sense. even if she didnt use layers at all and just tried selecting the floor with the magic wand tool…. why wouldnt she work the same with the wall?

im going for chopping fat off after all.

No. 297849


oh boy, that haircut isn't doing her ANY favours.

No. 297853

why would she do this and not edit out her dirty gross shoe stains

No. 297864

Did she recently only re-dye her bangs and not the rest of her hair…? Or did she just fuck around with them in ps. Because her bangs are super saturated but the rest of her hair is faded out

No. 297884

I think she cut and dyed her bangs recently, thus >>292189

No. 297890

jfc this is what happens when people who live on tumblr try to go to school. this is awful.

No. 297894

>an offering of underseasoned tendies

No. 297895

Are we sure Colin isn't gay? cuz my gaydar is off the charts with this one.

No. 297907

this is soooo bad…
the design looks weird imo just in the middle of her forearm, her artist would likely turn it around and hopefully add some filler into the piece to make it not look so…static…
i mean, you're getting a kawaii uguu magical girl piece tattooed, shouldn't it have a little more care and thought put into it?
she definitely needs black outlines to keep it crisp, some of that color is inevitably going to fall out during healing esp because i doubt she'll take care of it properly

also, healing that much pink/white/light yellow ink is likely going to take a lot of time, care, and patience and even after several months of good aftercare it may not look 100% and may need to be touched up

can you imagine jillian having the sense and patience to properly heal and maintain a tattoo, especially a large one covering one side of her forearm

No. 297908

sage for samefagging but i can also see her sitting horribly, being such a whiny little bitch and the tattoo artist getting irritated with her

No. 297932


i think he's gay too. probably just knows that jill has money so she's sticking with her.

No. 297966

She went through all the trouble of shooping, yet couldn't bother to make her shoes look less rank.

No. 297968

She can't use the excuse her shoes are dirty because the dirt on PEI is red on these. They look like she literally went stomping in filth.

No. 297969

Also why did she dye her bangs just to pin them up?????? Just grow them out you daft puke stain.

No. 298036

Looking back at her old videos, her spending habits were more understandable. She used to drop hundreds on high-quality, detailed clothing. Now she spends the same amount on ugly, overpriced, poorly-constructed fast fashion.

No. 298037

Also her videos were more creative although cringy. She hasn't made a single scripted video since ~party kei~

No. 298052

Sometimes I forget there was time I used to like her videos even if they were cringy. I really hate her new persona, she is so obnoxious now and it is so obvious she is trying to copy the mannerisms of graveyardgirl and other youtubers. It is just so fake her old persona was better even if it was just as fake

No. 298060

Both the dark hair and the red-brown wig look so much better on her than her current hair. Her makeup overall is just a lot cuter, even if the lipstick color still isn't quite right for her skin.

Also, lol at the description
> I never want to eat another donut in my life.

No. 298093

Agreed. I can understanding the difficulty of having nice shoes in a place where there's a lot of dirt everywhere, but the thing that irks me is that she obviously knows this and yet she still drops 100s of dollars on impractical shoes with light coloured soles made from materials that easily attract dirt and are difficult if not impossible to remove stains from.
If she weren't so impulsive maybe she could have held out to find something equally as cute that she could actually wipe the dirt off of? Especially since those seem to be her go-to everyday shoes.

No. 298103

Forgot to mention that this proves she was only putting out this type of content to keep up with Lovely Lor and Deerstalkers' comedy videos. She stopped diversifying her content when she felt like they weren't competition anymore.

No. 298108

I also think it's because in lolita, she had to do something to stand out. She had to be different or unique in some way, so she did skits and planned videos. But in party kei*~*~* she doesn't have to stand out because she "created" the fashion. Everyone already knows who she is.

No. 298112

File: 1493054046651.jpg (247.09 KB, 935x960, 93d816ac1be2483046a513cd806082…)

This could totally be Party-Kei, why is she can't she do what she used to do?

No. 298114

why cant she*

No. 298116

she actually looks really cute here.

No. 298118

Also Lolita has an actual history and sort of stories to play off of (brand vs off brand, waiting for taobao orders, etc), party kei has none of that. She would have to actually be creative to come of with some sort of plot for a party kei sketch, and it likely would end up being really self pandering and strange if she did make one

No. 298124

I swear Jill doesn't own a single pair of sensible shoes apart from those pom pom ones she apparently bought for Japan that I don't think she's ever worn. I don't understand how someone who works in retail doesn't own a single pair of comfy, sensible shoes.

This also goes for walking in Japan - I used to work 8-10 hour shifts and my feet would ache at the end, but it meant I could do an 8 hour day on my feet with a lunch break easily without bitching. How is she managing to work retail? Do her bosses let her have a little sit down every 15 minutes? Sage for blog post.

No. 298132

Probably. I mean she's a key holder at both places (in Canada that usually means she's the supervisor on duty, except the shops are so small she likely has no one to supervise). At freaks, all she does is stand at the cash and as for Claire's, I highly doubt she's unpacking heavy stock or anything more than cashier duties as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the shifts were short and she got away with sitting a lot.

Working retail in the city vs working retail in rural areas (no shopping district, less foot traffic) is probably two different beasts. Otherwise I agree she could never handle a key holder position in an actual busy store which can be very labour intensive and there's no way she has the management skills to supervise an entire team.

No. 298152

In her YRU haul, she said that she wore ugly comfy sneakers to work at Freak Lunchbox, but that at Claire's, they aren't allowed to wear running shoes, which is why she got those pompom shoes. Maybe she leaves them at Claire's?

No. 298484

She posted a photo of her wearing them in Japan, with the hideous overpriced nightgown dress. It's further upthread.

No. 298485

File: 1493096561966.jpg (597.19 KB, 1365x2048, 1490241376673.jpg)

From the previous thread

No. 298498

Jill changed her privacy settings on facebook, so no finding her old stupid posts anymore

No. 298508

This outfit still haunts my nightmares.

I still don't understand that fucking dress, those shoes, and pose–neither individually or together.

No. 298527

This outfit reminds me of trashy fat trailer park women who don't bother getting dressed so they walk around their yards in their night gowns

No. 298533

Jill lacks personality of any kind, she is a homely and mediocre person, therefore she has to expend all her income on trashy apparel that does nothing but garner attention for all the wrong reasons to compensate for her personality deficiency all the while looking like a total clown. Talk about attention starved!

No. 298538

Besides her Japan trip, she might still leave them at work. They look significantly cleaner than her other shoes.

No. 298540

I'm confused everyone seems to be treating "party kei" like it's a real fashion. It's not??

No. 298554

She just doesn't wear them as much because they aren't as "kawaii"

No. 298596

This is the genuine worst

No. 298604


The dirty pink shoes she wears all the time are significantly less "kawaii" than the pom pom shoes, and if like >>298540
said we are treating party kei like a real fashion, the pom pom shoes fit her supposed fashion and aesthetic way more than the filthy clown combat boots.

No. 298610

there isn't a single good part to this outfit.
I don't even know how it's possible to dress yourself that badly.
Jill would look infinitely better if she dressed like a 'boring basic bitch'.

No. 298951


No. 298952


No. 298955


how did she look at herself in the mirror and thought "this is a look".

No. 298956


this is clearly way better but does anyone else feels like theres something off about her face? like i can't pinpoint whats so weird about it. i thought it was a fat thing but now i see its just her face kek.

No. 298963

she's just ugly…lol like i think its her nose

No. 298966

Her nose is fucking weird, especially around the bridge. It's ultra defined like a badly shaded drawing, maybe it's shitty contouring. Her eyes and lips are weirdly big too. On the right it looks somewhat alright since she's pouting, making her mouth smaller, but on the left one her proportions seem off.

No. 298991

Probably just bad Photoshop tbh. Some people's faces change during puberty too.

No. 298993

Yeah, I'm guessing she tried making her nose smaller by photoshopping the bridge but it looks ridiculous.

No. 298998

File: 1493174344583.png (37.05 KB, 750x278, IMG_0962.PNG)

Anyone else get the feeling Jill is terrible at online shopping? It really seems like she has no clue about yahoo auctions and gets scammed often

No. 299011

A little late but sage
I've never seen her older content, but have followed these threads for awhile and I wouldn't even have guessed this is the same person. The overall editing and script is a whole lot more engaging and interesting. Jullian, if you're on drugs there's resources for that cause damn what Happened bitch.

No. 299024

was it jill who sold her lolita clothes and an anon said they came covered in cat hair?

No. 299034

sage bc not actually jill but im surprised that mystery.jpg was in the last couple of jillthreads a lot. just didnt strike me as her type of cow tbh

No. 299048

Post-Japan depression still seems to be lingering since she's barely uploading at all.

You can tell how naturally more jaded and bitter she's become over the years by her lack of effort in any projects yet she still seeks gratification as an ~artist~

No. 299056

I think it's partially coming back from Japan, but that most of her distance from social media is because of how much negative attention her Japan videos have gotten. I think she expected everyone to kiss her ass for simply going to Japan, and once everyone realized it was a two week shopping trip, they didn't care. Everyone questioned whether she did anything cultural, ate any Japanese food, went outside of Tokyo, and the answers to all of them were 'no'. This thread completely tore her apart, and we all know she lurks. Jill expected this trip to earn her a million brownie points, and all it did was alert her followers to how boring of a person she is. She has no substance, no real interests, no culture, no class. She's just a hollow person wrapped up in confetti.

No. 299061

File: 1493181419633.png (85.47 KB, 750x834, IMG_0964.PNG)

No. 299066

She also has weirdly defined nasolabial folds for a young person, and had jowls even when she was thin

No. 299067

Seems to me like she might just be bad at computers. She's had a mac since at least 2011, and probably has been editing with final cut that entire time.
Really it's like she believes that if she owns expensive software she'll suddenly be better at whatever she's doing (Like when she was trying to get something better then garage band for recording her songs), even though she still doesn't seem to really be good at anything she does

No. 299074

No. 299083

You don't need final cut to edit youtube videos, especially not as basic as hers are. Imovie is perfectly fine. It's not like she does any fancy effects or anything.

No. 299144

File: 1493202657432.jpg (906.23 KB, 1439x1813, 20170426_122755.jpg)

sage bc ot but holy shit, her fans are even cringier than her.

No. 299153

does jill have (or claim to have) bpd?

No. 299180

I've been following Jill since her Lolita days and never saw her claim that? She def had an ED and says she has anxiety but nothing more severe than that

No. 299182

She never has claimed it and I don't want to armchair but I don't see it. I've known several people in my family with it and she doesn't really have any trademarks of it imo.

No. 299207

I didn't really see her followers dragging her for any of those things? any caps?

Even if she lurks, I have a feeling she can't actually stomach half of what's posted here, especially the last few threads that were pretty active. Back when she would get posted on BTB she would always make a scene about it, then made a big announcement that she would abstain from all hate sites. Then later on she got posted to cgl and eventually lolcow because of the LACE fiasco. She would always make fb statuses about evil 4chan dwellers harassing her and Louise.

Almost two years later, I think she's remained pretty silent on the issue of hate sites. I don't know if that's because she does actually lurk a lot like anons claim. That being said, these threads are top results when googling her. So it wouldn't be surprising if she got curious every now and then.

Being with Colin might also have something to do with that? Tristan didn't tolerate jill reading hate sites and would scold her for feeding into it.

I'd be surprised if she grew the backbone to actually read and process all the criticism in these threads. There's a part of me that just doesn't think she lurks for that reason, but she likely knows a lot of what's written here due to kate or other friends.

No. 299227

Think this is two years old now, oh how time flies

No. 299240

This is so much more painful to watch than I remembered. Couldn't get halfway through.

No. 299247

Milo is that you?

No. 299261

Wow, I can't believe this was 2 years ago…

lol I love how the starts with 'we need to talk about the community' then almost immediately goes on to specifically discuss the things that were posted about her.

No. 299284

that people say….about LAWLitas

No. 299286

Not necessarily dragging her, but a lot of them questioned her motives for going to Japan. I doubt anyone straight up chewed her out, and most of them will probably continue to watch her content, but she didn't get the asspats she was expecting with this trip.

She definitely reads this thread (or has someone update her on it very regularly). On multiple occasions, the moment something is mentioned here, she addresses it without saying or in a very passive-aggressive way.

No. 299290

i honestly think that her face/skin is unfortunate but being anorexic must've fucked up her face. in her non-filtered selfies she looked sunken, which she was bc she was starving herself. that permanently ruins your face.

No. 299355

Thanks for finally making me realize who he reminds me of.

No. 299380

There were a lot of comments on Sharla's videos saying that she dressed badly, was a tryhard, and that Sharla didn't really seem like she wanted to hang out with Jill etc. Sharla didn't respond to any of them defending her either so it probably stung.

I still think she lurks, she references the things we talk about in so many videos, literally like a day after we talk about it, in a super defensive tone. I don't think she used to lurk when she was with Tristan, but now she can be petty with Colin and Kate who likely reads Jill's thread and talks about it with her. After it was revealed that Kate reads her thread, they both started posting about what close friends they were and how "The internet is so silly!" even though they'd literally never mentioned each other publicly for over a year, which imo makes it pretty clear that Jill probably lurks too and read what we said about her and Kate.

She used to say she'd cut off anyone who even mentions using hate sites (it was a tumblr post I think) because she didn't want to know them if they were that negative and if they gossiped about her or something. Clearly times have changed if she's still friends with Kate. I doubt she's any better at dealing with the hate though, now she just feeds into it and responds to it.

No. 299415

Part of me was initially surprised that Sharla wouldn't defend her, but then again imagine how fucking annoyed you'd be at the end of a day having to put up with a fellow young adult youtuber showing up with her mom and having her mom follow you awkwardly all day. Sounds like a terrible forced experience no matter how nice Louise is.

No. 299420

>not sure if dad is sarcastic or just dumb

No. 299423

>username is gendeeer

>has pansexual whatever bs flag as icon

>done making my bday candles into earrings

So, all her fans are basically dumb teenagers? Got it.

No. 299437

Or dumb adults. The amount of pure confusion on the Party Kei Facebook page when it comes to buying things online or asking about things you can google easily is amazing. Jill does not have intelligent fans

No. 299438

I think her dad's name is Blair and brother is Giles iirc. Chris must be an uncle.

No. 299439

Ah, thanks for the info, anon.

No. 299462


….thats the trans flag but ok

No. 299500

No. 299516

I think she didn't get any asspats was because she was showing how sheltered she truly is with this trip. She did nothing and most of it was mainly from the airbnb, a small trip out instantly called for going back to that room. She didn't go out for one japanese meal whilst she was there, eating mainly novelties and at western restaurants all because "muh anxiety". Hell, she didn't even weeb shop like most japanese vlogs show. No Pokemon centre, Akiba was made to look as boring as possible, no other trips to speciality stores. The painfully awkward video with Sharla and that other girl just showed how bad she is with people and the awkward shopping trips too where she recalls "the japanese girls all gathered round and said kawaii!!!!", Jill they are told to do that with Gaijins, they want your money you dumb bitch. Whats more she's lost the footage of her one day of actual sight seeing and I'm theorising a tantrum happened on the last day of Louise finally put her foot down because Puroland did not happen.
I think this trip has made the smarter fans of her realise she's a spoilt little girl who's not this chic ultra hip cheeky(click click tongue pop) gal. She's mentioned she'll be doing a video on the "awful tourists" in Harajuku(honey….you were one of them)so I'm excited to see how that will go over.

TLDR: Whiney Spoilt bitch had it coming.

No. 299517

>She definitely reads this thread (or has someone update her on it very regularly)

Yall know there is no way in hell she would let Kate lurk her thread and not read it herself.

No. 299645

No. 299649

wow, she makes sharla look good and well-dressed

No. 299655

eww I cant believe she makes those gross faces and noises irl. I feel bad for Sharla for having to spend a whole day with Jill acting like a twat

No. 299656

>the fake high pitched voice
>retard walk with children's backpack down the street (Ethan Klein style)
>making her mom film everything and leaving her out
>"I vlogged"
No bitch, your mum did.
>acting autistic throughout
>sharla trying her best to interact with her normally
>sharla and Louise interested in entering a cat owl whatever cafe, Jill refuses because she's scared of owls
>ignoring Louise in the cafe and forcing boring cat photos unto sharla

This made me think of Louise going to the make a wish foundation to request her mentally challenged daughter meet a celebrity. Jill makes it all about me, me, me though.

No. 299658

got some milo stewart vibes from her manner of speaking in the beginning section

No. 299664

>doesn't know Victoria is on Vancouver island
>has complained that people in Montreal don't know that PEI is part of Canada
Jill you're just as bad

No. 299665

File: 1493303953983.png (103.49 KB, 750x741, IMG_1041.PNG)

No. 299667

File: 1493303972176.png (67.44 KB, 750x391, IMG_1040.PNG)

No. 299668

Collin probably wants to live in a relaxed environment that doesn't look like he's inside a vagina, Jill.

No. 299672

Kek Jill is so just upset that she can't be entirely in control of everything.
I wonder if they're trying to move off the island or if they're staying? Colin goes to school there right?

No. 299674

I bet colin is into minimalism. I hope she lets him have control over at least one part of the apartment

No. 299685

I cringed.

No. 299687

Holy shit I called it. Shopping for useless deco a year before actually having an apartment or knowing where she's going to live >>297512

No. 299688

Why does she call herself pixie? Like she starts every video saying pixie
Minor thing that makes me cringe

No. 299689

The same poster in two different colours next to each other… why

No. 299690

I think it's just because she's kept the username and had an online image with it for so long including as a lolita, likely inspired by the fact that she has been dying her hair unnatural colors for a long time hence "pixie locks" like pixie hair.

No. 299691


"weird preferences" to her mean wearing a dark gray sweater

this is a children's playroom. holy fuck colin you dumbass, dump her already. you're letting her spend part of your money on this trendy garbage.

i cant believe she wants a fucking poster that says "CATS AGAINST CAT CALLS" as part of her living room decoration

No. 299692

Party City Fiesta- Kei

No. 299697

I refuse to believe Jills been cat called, maybe pig called

No. 299698

File: 1493306601884.png (102.67 KB, 750x882, IMG_1043.PNG)

No. 299709

>they have so many weird preferences
Implying jills preferences aren't weird

No. 299711

It's so apparent Jill, fuck off.

No. 299720

Is she for fucking real? Its BCs capital city, how is she this retarded.
>inb4 shes not from BC!!
We learn all the capitals of the provinces and I still remember some if not most of them. I'm around Jills age too so I'm sure our learning curriculum was similar

No. 299725

File: 1493310472373.png (613.8 KB, 544x868, sss.png)

how can she be so inconsiderate to her partners tastes… like yeah it sucks you cant live 100% how you want all the time but thats kind of what happens in a relationship. All she wants is 100% her way and for him to feel miserable. Jfc Colin abandon this sinking ship already

>>299665 Also that rug is giving me serious play room vibes. It really reminds me of pic related for some reason

No. 299726

File: 1493310568962.gif (14.27 MB, 428x390, jill.gif)

No. 299727


this neeeeds to be a banner in some way

No. 299729

File: 1493310835829.png (25.85 KB, 466x146, OEKlW3w.png)

weeaboos/japan fetishists are so embarrassing

No. 299730

>CCS on the TV
as if kek
now that she's getting that tattoo I guess she has to pretend that she actually cares for the anime

No. 299737



that rabit bag is so ugly

No. 299738

This would've been a whole lot less cringy if Sharla and Pixie were actual friends and traveled to Japan together. Or at least if Jill's mom didn't come along for their outing.
just feels so awkward…

No. 299739

>freeze up and forget

You mean you can't speak it, Jill?

I bet even Sharla would refuse another video if Jill was ever back in Japan

No. 299741

How much do you wanna bet that she uploaded this because of what people were saying about her and Sharla

Also it's weird to see her talk about how she doesn't like one of their cats. Must be one we never see in pictures.

No. 299743

must not be fluffy and kawaii enough

No. 299748

what the heck is she doing with her face! her mannerisms remind me of those poor kids who are raised by animals

No. 299751

File: 1493312832579.png (53.74 KB, 750x472, IMG_7183.PNG)

No. 299761

File: 1493314659068.jpg (295.61 KB, 2048x1365, 17505215_10154968251891405_779…)

I believe its this orange cat that is the one jill doesnt like

No. 299763

Jill says she doesn't like him because "he's annoying," to which her mom responded "he's a kitten." So "he's annoying" probably means "he requires more attention and interaction than saying his name at him in a dumb voice." He probably wants to play and run around and be silly, but that isn't what Jill wants in a cat, which is just a stuffed animal.

No. 299766

honestly curious to see if Jill will take one of the cats with her when she moves out or if she'll buy a new one lol

No. 299768

So ungrateful and cruel to make a comment like that about your own pet, if I was Sharla especially being a cat owner herself I would be judging her hard right there.

No. 299771

File: 1493315949502.png (12.77 KB, 396x71, kokoro doki.png)

her fans make me cringe really hard.

No. 299774

Is she planning on taking Colin too? I can't imagine her being able to live on her own, but I doubt Colin would be all for dropping everything and moving to a different country

No. 299786

i wish sharla would be honest and admit she doesn't like her lol like i hate how fake these people are oh lets meet up again, i miss you! i wanna be best friends. you guys met once and the only reason they could make conversation was because they were shopping

No. 299789

how can Jill claim that she isn't obnoxious in public cuz she's ~such an anxious shy bean uwu~ but then act like that??
I'd be embarrassed to be seen with her

No. 299792

File: 1493318131592.png (16.18 KB, 503x184, 7bcddb9d7fa10af0176ab1aa4e45bc…)

It's super surprising that jill seems to like anime with lolicon themes, considering the SJW vibes she gives off

No. 299794

huh, it is pretty surprising that she enjoys animu like that, especially because of how childish she & her taste in media are.
does she just not realize that a huge part of those shows is just fanservice for weebs to jerk off to? lol

No. 299806

She said on the post she loves Oreimo so she has to be somewhat aware of the type of plot in these types of anime… right?

No. 299810

hahah wow.
I totally don't buy that she watches incestious pandering anime just because she enjoys the ~cute aesthetic~ or whatever.
there's enough slice of life anime with cute girls doing cute things that don't have that much blatant fanservice in them.
Jill just keeps getting more bizarre to me.

No. 299813

File: 1493319465705.png (74.16 KB, 1219x414, IMG_7365.PNG)

Looks like she's bringing one of them

No. 299822

Did she get Nina because Kate got Pom?

No. 299840

Lol where is that anon who was trying to call my bluff? The Sharla vlog was a perfect example of why I hate Jill.

>shitty convo, only cares about compliments/asspats (even if cat pics is the only way she can get them)

>has an it-girl complex, always trying to be the centre of attention with other ~efamous~ girls
>genuinely believes her behaviour isn't obnoxious, will try to act cute or shy to your face but can't keep up the act
>fucking told y'all her mannerisms and voice/sounds are just as bad, if not worse in person, once you're around her for more than a few minutes
>selective anxiety that suddenly dissipates the moment anything goes her way
>mother butting in all the damn time
>mother always making more effort than Jill herself

No. 299843

Do you honestly think her being in a vlog is not part of her internet persona?

No. 299850

So you're the one claiming you met Jill and that she's been a misunderstood shy little saint all these years? I'm calling bullshit because if it hadn't been for those irl experiences with her, I wouldn't even be in this thread. I couldn't care less about antics for YouTube views. Her 'persona' oddly seems to coincide with her irl personality.

No. 299858

Poor Colin, he seems to have pretty decent style too but she's going to make him live in what looks like the kids waiting area of a hospital to me, gross. Unless they're both into ddlg or something I can't imagine why he'd put up with her shitty style, let alone having to live in it. I remember when she changed her style and dumped Tristan for Colin so I wouldn't be surprised if she did it again as soon as she gets sick of whatever tacky shit this is.

Watching this gave me secondhand embarrassment for Sharla and Louise. Sharla didn't seem interested at all in this pastel party kei vomit, in her vlog she said she bought pretty much nothing (party hats or something) and had to pretend she was into Jill's style. Jill was showing Sharla the windbreaker jacket and offering it to her in case she wanted to buy it, when she obviously didn't want it. She even said in the vlogs they looked expensive and like they'd fall apart but Jillian had to have one. Is Jill so socially inept that she couldn't tell Sharla wasn't interested in any of this stuff and was just trying to be polite?

No. 299885

This bitch is so lame and unoriginal.

No. 299886

File: 1493327818109.png (541.62 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2017-04-27-14-13-13…)

No. 299892

If Jill wants to live in a ~pretty pink apartment~ and refer to Colin as something sjw and dress him up, why doesn't she just. Date a girl instead. Wasn't she a try-bi a couple years ago anyway?

No. 299916

yeah she claimed that she's pan or bi or something and that she dated a girl before, but then I think a few threads back an anon posted an older tumblr post from her along the lines of "girls always just gossip and create drama, it's so difficult hanging out with them!" so yeah

No. 299938

"dated a girl" she was 13 and I doubt it lasted even a month

I think it also had something to do with her being a tomboy punk whatever at the time. Shaving her head down to a Mohawk and being a lesbian just went hand in hand I guess.

No. 299940

File: 1493333432675.png (146.87 KB, 750x1087, IMG_1049.PNG)

No. 299944

So is Jill forcing her poor mom to vlog/record her the entire time?? wtf

No. 299948

Is it just me or is Jill the perfect example of a youtuber who never has an actual human interaction outside their mom type of person?? Sharla looked so embarrassed half the video

No. 299953

Colin looks so depressed

No. 299958

I hate everything about her outfit…individually the pieces are fine, maybe even cute on their own but it just looks terrible together…. or it might just be because Jill is wearing it…yeah, it's both.

No. 299964

why do cows always talk to each other? kek

No. 299965

File: 1493335862182.png (141.81 KB, 750x1042, IMG_1051.PNG)

Jill I don't think you can use that word like that

No. 299966

File: 1493335886118.jpg (18.73 KB, 480x345, 11062257_488741864632007_60605…)

What is Colin doing? Literally no amount of free pussy is worth that. Abort the mission, man. Get a sane girlfriend and stop being a faggot.

No. 299968

File: 1493336071629.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)