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No. 131584


If you want to discuss the entertainment side of vtubers go here:


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead. If you see someone being retarded, don't engage. Report and move on.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN (Do not dox vtubers who were nobodies and have no milk. Do not dox the family members or friends of vtubers)
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Narratives
> Schizo posting
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes
> Obsessive doxing that leads to no milk whatsoever. We don't give a fuck if it's not juicy.

Remember to embed YouTube videos at a minimum. This is an image board, screencap or properly archive tweets and vods instead of linking to them directly.

Previous threads:

No. 131606

File: 1610303284949.png (91.08 KB, 1150x334, 3ACy5jF.png)

Take a shot every time an indie says some shit like this and cancels a stream

No. 131607

The indie scene has so much better milk than the bigger ones

No. 131611

File: 1610304724714.png (1.19 MB, 1176x1736, Untitled.png)

the indie scene is just full of virgin degens that are way funnier than obsessing over weird minor details of senzawa's personal life imo

No. 131612

IDK if it's because of Melody but I don't really care about vtubers being horny or taking advantage of simps. Get your money. Just don't be fake horny or fake pure. Fake is irritating

No. 131614

Indie vtubers most likely have a lot more milk cause they don't have a company breathing down their back and a bunch of obsessive idol otakus to cover their tracks for them.

No. 131616

Indietubers are plagued with people who still fall short of Twitch's 75 viewer quota for partner since adding 17 indies on top of any Hololives you picked up leaves no room for being in a better position than before HoloEN.

No. 131622

So ironically there's no milk on this one other than it probably being yet another ironic weeaboo tranny with fake horny humor.

No. 131627

Lol you’re not leaving many vtubers then. All of them force it to hell and back. Especially hololivejp new gen. I love how they get a free pass though and anyone who calls it out is a prude by their wks. I agree if it was genuine though, go for it. The fake act and repeat of the same skit is beyond cringe.

No. 131628

File: 1610317236264.jpeg (210.47 KB, 1283x828, 2A297CD8-8FB3-4DD1-9D04-72EC28…)

Holy shit, isn’t this illegal or something? It’s quite literally a reskin. https://www.twitch.tv/kulfiecreme

No. 131629

Not "illegal" but extremely copyright you better give us some money..able.

No. 131631

It is if you try to profit off of this but Cover's lack of chat mods say that they won't know this girl exists until (You) rrat her out.

No. 131633

not sure if this should be osted here or the MtF thread in /snow but supoesly Mayuzumi Kai is trans? https://iketog.com/mayuzumi-zense/

No. 131637

File: 1610319958696.jpg (114.33 KB, 675x697, ErUJ1DoUUAABHxL.jpg)


No. 131639

Seems like it's the only thing these threads have honestly. Other than your random weeaboo spregs venting in these threads against the holo en girls.

No. 131644

File: 1610325877520.png (429.49 KB, 648x367, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.41…)

She recently updated her model. Probably caught some shit from cover.

No. 131647

I'm sure in this case it's "ironic " but I love how 80 percent of indie retards use terms like seiso or wholesome uwu to describe themselves by being the biggest attention seeking hornybaiting aggressive cunts possible

No. 131649

File: 1610328199693.png (621.43 KB, 1440x1452, Screenshot_20210110-192209~2.p…)

I wonder how Gura feels about videos like this being made of her.
Same for covercorp in general.


No. 131655

did you report that account or are you a faggot anon

No. 131661

Your talking about Gawr “Put a spic on a stick” Gura here anon

No. 131662


"Put a head on a spic" when she clearly meant spike, don't try to create false narrative fucktard.

No. 131664

I was joking you dumb scrote. Although I have to say that defending your shark oshi here is pretty pointless

No. 131665

this shit is too funny kek how can a native english speaker say spic instead of spikes is beyond me.
Its like saying nigga instead of niagara it makes me ctfu

No. 131667


It was a png she put over her face for a joke because y'know, being a dog vtuber means you're a budget Korone.

No. 131668

How much of a faggot do you need to be to report someone on social media, especially over something like this.

No. 131669

This seems like a mix of accurate and just outlandishly made up. Luna specifically seems like a joke

No. 131684

Gawr "put a head on a spik" Gura lol

But seriously, why are weebs usually white male conservative? Litt Gura or vtuber in general has nothing to do with white supremacy stuff whatsoever. It is all japanese anyway~

No. 131688

File: 1610349976010.jpg (45.73 KB, 427x454, pitch.JPG)

used an audio plugin and Shifted the formant (effectively the larynx size) of senna's 2013 update from her soundcloud by 2.5. guess who she now sounds like:

Original soundcloud link:

No. 131690

so does that mean gura uses a voice/pitch changer during her streams?

No. 131691


No. 131692

A lot of white edgy alt right guys have raging yellow fever and want a demure japanese irl waifu and think Japan is based and redpilled, they forget that japanese women are often times ten times more batshit insane and jealous than western women. I guess even then they excuse it because "irl yandere so cute uwu"

No. 131694

i didn't shift the pitch. i shifted the resonance of her voice (formant). pitch shifting wont work esp with karaoke since you will be hearing your own voice + pitch shifted voice and that will throw off your singing. So i figured out that it was probably a formant shift.

tl;dr: yep it's a voice changer.

No. 131695

Holy shit and i thought her voice change natural since she was sen i guess that was bullshit kinda sad how she needa use a voice changer

No. 131696

ah but is it even possible for formant change in real time? i know about pitch changer vst plugins never seen a formant one though

No. 131697

if you watch different sen clips, her voice changes drastically esp vs earlier clips

yep. with hardware. Look up the tc helicon voicelive.

also sage your posts.

No. 131699


Nice wk/selfpost.
Defending a literal who is a dead giveaway. Don't use this thread to self promote your ugly models and boring ass debuts.

No. 131700

That just sounds robotic, and nothing like senzawa/gura. You're going to get laughed at for this.

No. 131704

>yep it's a voice changer.
I'm not convinced. I'm pretty sure a formant shift is doing something very similar to when you disguise your voice (without technical help).

No. 131706

I don't know a lot about sound engineering and all that but wouldn't a formant shift also affect any other sounds entering the microphone in a way that someone would have noticed by now? And would Cover really allow one of their talents to do that considering the potential bad press of being found out? It seems more likely to me that she can affect that voice consistently on her own if anything

No. 131709

It's not like as if she is with them IRL and holoEN travelling to japan would be highly unlikely. Mori lives in Japan for a long time and Kiara the white idolweeb was in Japan the whole time too, hoping COVER would allow her to live there with working visa, but they told her to fuck off. Ame, Ina and Gura are fine sittin at home in their countries.

I can see voiceediting trick happening because every communication happens through discord or other PC apps. But in order for >>131688 anon to fully convince us on that, anon (or someone else) should make more comparisons. Id suggest making a video with audio, throwing it on dropbox and uploading it here.

No. 131711

Yes, from BrownBeeTV to Senz to Gura, every tone is different. I guess that's for aesthetic as well as not to get recognized irl. Again, we need to separate her character from Senna Howard herself. Character =/= voice actor.

Ame also used it, you can see the vast difference between her twitch voice and vtube voice. The only one I'm sure not use it is Calli. Calli's voice is really similar to DemonDice persona and her irl voice in concert.

No. 131712

LOL, someone commented on 7 years old archive; a week ago. Looks like she would become self conscious more.

I noticed Gura sighed or doing tsch~ sound when there's some chats saying 'do chest reveal' on Today RDR2 stream. I wonder if she discovers this board too, since I also saw someone link this board in one of her comment section.

No. 131713


This is her singing voice 7 years ago.

As you get older, your voice would usually get lower too right so it doesn't really make sense your voice get 'lolier' by the time you reach 21 yo. Also, she still sings good.

No. 131714

Of course she's changing her voice, just like a lot of Hololive members do.
I don't see any indication that any technical help is needed for that though.

No. 131716

Wow I didn't even know Mori was living in Japan for a longer while. Consindering this her Japanese is pretty bad. Could've gotten some private lessons from Kiara kek.

No. 131717

Are we really going this route? Anyways here's senz era where she struggles to maintain the voice while singing

No. 131719

timestamp 1:40 for the major breaks of voice. Sounds quite robotic with some distortion, note "fuck" at 1:42. Don't doubt a voice changer is used in some combination

No. 131721

File: 1610374235314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54 KB, 640x1040, aaa.jpg)

Found it in reddit, is this Joel, the Gura's BF on RFA stream?

No. 131722

File: 1610374609873.png (3.76 KB, 589x206, 1413723642138.png)

In all fariness Kiara is not too good at it either, but she keeps stroking her ego and desperation to keep being "niihon idol". In the past she was a fugly white idol in Japan who was milky as hell, and throughout this day still remains to be one. She would talk a lot of shit about others in public, including Venus and would send anonymus hate. She also started sleeping her way to stay in Japan eventually, later then posting pay2get nudes and showing pictures of herself in bra. Most of the milk about her was on pull or old cgl boards so now its a bit hard to find everything, but that bitch still remains to be toxic and fake kek. She would make puppet account on pull to wk herself or wk herself on imageboards, so no wonder she started pretending to be a whiney menhera to earn the worst fanbase out of all holos (redditors who post gore to wk their queen and argue with jp, trying to turn people against other holos). She has such strong ego that she even made a wiki page about herself just to have it nuked later. And through all years shes always been known for doing "I CRY IM SO SAD I HATE MYSELF" for money and attention which she keeps doing now. She cant sleep her way to get more subs in hololive, so she leeches off yuribaiting and making her useless talk show instead, inviting only popular holos and making shitty interviews about things that even newfags know.

No. 131727

where is that screenshot from??

No. 131728

learn to fucking read the previous threads or go back to reddit newfag

No. 131731

Her Tumblr. Its an old screenshot (4ish year old lol) but I put it as an example. Kiwifarms had some recent stuff but the website is down.

No. 131733

whats the link to her tumblr?

No. 131735

File: 1610376672799.png (241.7 KB, 1242x1781, 1500561793697.png)

If you scroll past threads you could see her previous (and still existing) persona kek

No. 131739


but that twitter account is privated?

No. 131740

Any time any milk is brought up about the other girls you spergs always try to bring up old shit on Keeki to distract from them.

No. 131745

Literally says October 2014 in the picture.

No. 131747

The gura voice changer shit is such a reach

No. 131748

Doesn't sound like her at all. I even listened through the whole thing in case I missed what you were referencing. I don't doubt the possibility of Gura using a voice changer, but at least provide something real instead of patting yourself on the back for this garbage.

No. 131753

It kinda sounds like her, but you'd think that she wouldn't change her voice, considering that everyone knows she's senzawa by now.

On another note, do people not get tired of spewing the same bs about Kiara over and over again?

No. 131755

Exactly. The statement was about language skill and my dude had a whole ass irrelevant angry copy pasta ready. Starting to think that the other girls’ spergs use Kiara as a scapegoat to derail conversation from their precious oshis getting talked about.

No. 131761

File: 1610384029264.png (Spoiler Image, 839.89 KB, 1200x1200, temisfriend.png)

> newfags will never know how milky Keekity is because they never browsed cgl or jp idol internet
I have never contributed in Kiara posting in previous thread, but if you really want to do more milk research on Gura, please, go ahead. I just wanted to post what I know. I really do not mind and encourage more info about the new sharkgirl, but it looks like as if theres only one person who actually posts something interesting about her, while others are sitting there and waiting. Help poor anon out!

Picrelated is artemis's weird friend.

For oishi tinfoil I can't care less about their content because it all looks the same to me, especially half of holoENs being nothing but twitch girls with anime avatar.

No. 131763

If they wanna know about Kiara milk, they can just…you know…read the previous threads

No. 131765

It's only bad press on the EN side, JP folks don't care unless they feel betrayed it's a guy..and even then a lot of JP are into "traps". Literally on the application it says as long as you can play the character it doesn't matter.

No. 131768

Or like any of the previous Keekihime boards from the last 5+ years, the problem being, people blast Kiara for the previous antics of Keekihime.

It's kinda unfair and irrelevant a lot of the milkier stuff about her happened when she was a teenager. so far as Kiara she has been clean. People make mistakes but dredging someone through their past mistakes is pretty wack.

Also for her in particular, there's a lot of people blowing stuff out of proportion and running with narratives. People just hate her, its pretty tiring to look at.

No. 131772

I have 0 knowledge in sound engineering, but wouldn't a constant voice changer eliminate any possibility of off-collabs? Also wouldn't it mess up when she plays an instrument like the ukulele? She used to be a VA and used a similar voice so I think she could just be straining her voice

No. 131779

my opinion is she just got better at making the voice and singing. some of her covers are very good.

No. 131780

I mean, she is using a microphone into computer for streaming + using effects like reverb, possibly even some compression, noise gate ect…that stuff can happen even without use of voice changer.

No. 131781

Everyone is saying that Gura's Minecraft stream got chat disabled because of the accidental slur, and it's probably true, but I'd like to humor the idea that it was because when she started talking about how she thinks cosplayers use silicon boobs at ~36:30 her chat went "Kiara?" or something. Wasn't there during the stream, so can't say for sure, sadly.

No. 131786


Yeah they're just being a retard

No. 131788

Ina's voice is also the same as her neighbor when she's on air. A shame that one guy with the MEGA clips only has clips.

No. 131790

Do you have more clips of her? or may I have the MEGA link if you don't mind

No. 131799

kind of bad example since she's voice acting for the character, I saved this one someone posted with more natural speaking

No. 131800

Lucky for you the guy on /jp/ posted 2 links and only one died.
That being said Nagu's clips don't tell all that much since she's the opposite of milky and her artstyle isn't something that can be crammed into your arm.

No. 131802

why is it asking for shitty decription key if i try to link this to someone?

No. 131806

Legit “hide yo kids” shit

No. 131807

Suspended account. What was it? Is there a cache?

No. 131808

Watch this one vanish in a few more hours after being posted here.

No. 131809

Well, it could be, but losing a nice amount of weight can affect your voice decently, and if you're also a VA…

No. 131810

>hoping COVER would allow her to live there with working visa, but they told her to fuck off.
They didn't, Cover could help like with Mori but she admitted that she's very homesick and kept facing flight delays.

No. 131818

It was nothing related to Vtubers, it was just Gura put over some Nazi shit, from a user named "Jas the Gews"

No. 131819

it was just some gayass neopagan memeing with gura fanart on it, don't know why they even posted it

No. 131821

File: 1610409955477.jpeg (574.6 KB, 828x1427, EE5D464A-9CDF-473D-900D-86E623…)

I honestly don’t see the problem with this you’re going to look like another character just accept it. I don’t why they think it’s offensive to them.

No. 131824

If you're going to be this bothered by it then change it? Or just ignore it? So annoying. Everyone wants to be a shark or dog or whatever else/is inspired by other vtubers and anime characters but then cries when people point out similarities. If you lose your shit and need to be reaffirmed that you're uwu unique then idk maybe your skin isn't thick enough for this

No. 131825

God, these people get upset over anything

No. 131826


EN VTubers don't really appreciate that anime is derivative by design and the only way to set yourself apart visually is to be like a big troon elf or a dog or a devil like Nijisanji people do

No. 131836

I can go back and try to find it again but Gura mentioned using autotune in one of her streams before, not sure if she adjusts her vocal pitch but it would be really easy to do with that software.

No. 131837

She uses autotune constantly either as a joke or cuz it gets requested by chat.

No. 131849

Are you talking about autotune like the t-pain robot voice? Because I'm referring to the pitch correction software.

No. 131851

I hope the "Gura's got robot followers" and "Gura's got got a robot voicebox" theories evolve into something cool "like Gura is the first true AI ever built" sooner rather than later.

No. 131861

nijisanji's kuzuha's insults and discrimination towards people with disabilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__lPpnqMgoQ(imageboard)

No. 131868


No. 131870

File: 1610441031995.jpeg (490.58 KB, 828x1309, 2D0177C8-13EC-48DE-891E-532638…)

Half of the Vtubers responding do look like other characters from anime and other Vtubers. If you choose to be a dog Vtuber you know exactly who you’re going to be compared to.

No. 131871

> the most basic bitch / overlyused combo: blue eyes and pink hair
> is also a dog while Korone is one of the most popular holoJPs around westerns atm
And she's complaining? Really?

No. 131872

I wouldn't mind dog vtubers if they had just chosen a different breed of dog. Hell they could always do a chihuahua or husky design. I hardly see those. But it's always a similar design with the same ear shape as Korone. They have no reason to complain.

No. 131874

Pretty ironic if you consider the fact that Yuniiho was involved in a huge drama some years ago regarding her allegedly copying Yenkoes' artstyle.

No. 131875

why does gura play story heavy games when she never focuses on the story and never actually tries to pay attention to anything in the game?

No. 131876

Because game streaming is never about the games. It is about the person playing it, an entertainer.
If you are trying to get into the story, you play the game on your own.

No. 131877

Nta but it's stupid to not pay attention to a story if the game is story-based. FBK, Coco, even Peko and many other holos are always paying attention to a story when it comes to playing these kinds of games (eg Yakuza Undertale and many more) while also brining their personality, its that simple lol

No. 131878

Sen wants to be a cowboy. She's having fun just doing cowboy shit. Everyone enjoys games differently, thats all there is to it. Yeehaw.

No. 131884

Yea, but it would be painful tho. Eventually, the player would just get confused and make irrational decision or stupid question regarding the game that otherwise could be avoided if she's really into the story. The backseat gamer would inevitably increase because the streamer's action would get into their nerve.

Korone's did a pretty solid job on AC Syndicate stream. Ame also did a decent job at LA Noire's stream. For an experienced streamer, Gura should know better.

No. 131886


Ame had this issue too. She plays LA noire then spends half stream kissing her dog while plot is happening

No. 131887

>For an experienced streamer, Gura should know better.

is she though? afaik she's only ever streamed rythm/singing games, minecraft and spongebob before. maybe a horror game or 2. not games where story is all that important. I wouldn't be surprised if story in games is just generally not something that she cares about or is very familiar with.

No. 131890

What? She played a lot of games, indie or not. A bunch of random 'baby simulator' ones, spammed Dead By Daylight a lot, Eurotruck, etc. There were some story based indie games purely for cuteness factor, but I can't tell the names, you can always find on senz reddit.

She was making and streaming content for a long time, eg she started doing yt stuff in 2016 so she is still supposed to have knowledge. But then remembering how she always fried her brain off weed or beer…

No. 131892

From Twitch stats you can tell she started streaming in 2016, ditched streaming until the beginning if 2019 and blew up in 2019. But she started making videos in 2017 with uwu shitposting videos and blew up that way.

No. 131911

Ame already played LA Noire before, and
the game is already boring enough the first time.

No. 131913

Sen has to pretend she isn't experienced as "gura" though.

No. 131950

Someone in the comments said they're disappointed because they thought her voice was more natural of the hololive girls and people came in and said "oh its just the mic making her voice sound lower". Are people really that dumb lol

No. 131972


she did play it sure, but then she complains that she doesn't know what's going on. If the game is tbis boring why even finish it

No. 131980

Her character is a detective = the game is about doing detective shit. she probably wanted to play up her character at little bit instead of the toxic fps shooter that plays minecraft everyday

No. 131995

>la noire is boring
shut up

No. 132001

As you can see they got tryhard wk defending them everywhere. Dumb AND delusional

> Gura is pretending to be less experienced teehee!!

> Ame was being dumb because her character is a detective!!

You guys know you can criticize your fave waifus and still like them right? Both of them should stick with Minecraft videos

No. 132003

>Both of them should stick with Minecraft videos
Fuck that

No. 132009

The point is, they have past experience and streaming that we KNOW they aren't as shit as they pretend to be. Literally no one is whiteknigting, you're just salty for..some odd reason.

No. 132010

if that makes you feel better kek you know where you are rn right?

No. 132013

That literally means nothing. You can have all the past experience in the world and still be shit at it.

No. 132019

I mean how old are you?
You know you are still shit in life.

No. 132032

Most vtubers working under some direct well-known agency like cover and nijisanji never use their real voice. Usually a variation of it for security concerns in IRL. It's standard practice.

No. 132040

I mean every holo girl is like this more or less. They are playing a character. Though some of them have dropped the "act" after some time. We are, however, still looking at a glimpse of their life

No. 132126


out of all holoEN, the only ones who seem to remember their characters are Ina and Mori. Sometimes Amelia. But they are still shit at it, maybe Ina is okay-ish.

No. 132135

Ina is just more playful about it even while being laid back since her "character" isn't TOO wildly out there outside of the design. Compared to Senna jumping between senawa and gura essentially.

No. 132166

>jumping between senawa and gura essentially
Where are you getting this? Because she uses 'dude' and drops innuendos occasionally? I just take that as being part of Gura's character now, it's not like there's some break in character when she does it.

No. 132191


a bit of a stretch to call replacing "job" with "scythe swinging lessons/priestess duties" and "coworker" with "reaper/priestess" playing a character

No. 132216

Consistency. For Gura, "I worked at an animal shelter" becomes "I volunteered at an aquarium". Not that it mattered in the end.

No. 132223

Last time she mentioned animal shelter, she got doxed. If I were her, I would be cautious now too.

No. 132248

>Ame tries less because she knows that the chair Hololive gave her resonates more with people than everything she's done as Sachi.
Hololive's website describes Ina as an ordinary girl so there's not much of a conscious effort needed to fit the character. Mori's entry says she's a "gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say."

No. 132269

Do you still think that she uses a voice changer?

No. 132271

Yep. Idk how to do it but the anon that shifted the formant here >>131688
should do it with the audio of this video as well.

No. 132274

so uhh anyone got mel's nsfw asmr links?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132283

Sounds like she just got better at putting on the voice. Why use a voice changer to very subtlety tweak a voice you can already do?

I mean sure its possible..but it just seems like a lot of work for little reward. Especially since people will find out eventually on an off collab. I wonder if Amelia is going to figure out a way to use hers when the time comes or if she'll just bite the bullet and let everyone hear her real voice.

No. 132284


> I mean sure its possible..but it just seems like a lot of work for little reward. Especially since people will find out eventually on an off collab.

or if you did a stream cooking and all the utensils sounded off key…

No. 132286

Afaik pitch shifting changes the key, but formant shifting only changes the sound of the voice while maintaining the same key.
So the kitchen utensils wouldn't sound weird.

No. 132287

> I wonder if Amelia is going to figure out a way to use hers when the time comes or if she'll just bite the bullet and let everyone hear her real voice.

Except that she used the same voice as Felkey/Sachi so its unlikely she's using one

No. 132288

You know? It may be useless, but the thing is I'm realizing that search engines won't be enough to get more info easily and time is running. Some things are starting to get deleted. So I'll just ask to anyone who really went far enough… (not the /jp guys with the preg alcoholic Sena story)

Is she the chaotic Senzawa? Good nerdy girl? Innocent shark? Who is she? I'm not talking about names, nor family, I have that and it doesn't help too much in this case.

Something. I'm confused.(newfaggotry)

No. 132290

I found them on NicoNico, but they are members only.
Sage your post btw

No. 132308

File: 1610613185485.png (921.97 KB, 925x928, spoila2.png)

No. 132328

>So the kitchen utensils wouldn't sound weird.
Wouldn't some of the instruments she's used like the ukulele or party horns be affected? I can't imagine there hasn't been non-vocal sounds that wouldn't be effected by a formant shift.

No. 132347

Could you translate it?

No. 132349

She could easily use hotkeys, a streamdeck or a professional mixer to quickly switch between modes while playing instruments and talking.

Heck she could even use two audio-channels, the instrument one without filters and the vocal one with filters to change her voice.

No. 132351

Aka, what most streamers with any type of setup already utilize. Hell in Gura's Ring fit stream recently we seen her voice effect (that she turned on) freak out on her and she turned it off in real time, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. This is why them already doing this stuff before should be no surprise if they have tricks up their sleeves. Real collabs rarely matter because being friends prior to hololive etc aside none of them will rat out each other and it's something planned ahead where they could easily set things up prior.

No. 132352

And has soundproof board between hands and head so the sound of instrument doesn't leak?

It's funny how people can't comprehend voice acting….especially when 99,99% Vtuber fans saw anime, where are so many examples of voice actors making so vastly different voices for different characters.

No. 132354

This, plus people need to remember that both sena and rebecca were voice actress

No. 132365

I can barely speak moon but there's a lot of ranting about how people who don't work are abnormal (which, kek given his character is 'neet vampire'. Mentions being a student in the clip but does he have a real job now or is he just a streamer?) 3:28 he seems to be doing an impression of a kid he went to middle school with who couldn't talk properly/was retarded. The other guy makes a joke ("Wasn't that you?") then tries to shut him up, saying Kuzuha shouldn't say stuff like that.

Honestly I don't think you're going to get people to care about this. Japan isn't exactly known for caring about disabled people, and western fans would need someone to translate it properly to even know what he's ranting about. That combined with the clip being from 2018 means some people will brush it off as "he's changed!!1!!" because this isn't the first problematic thing Kuzuha has done and management will be on top of him to clean up any messes now that he's one of the top superchat earners.

No. 132376

So, were there any discussions on this? Digi has released another post about his work with Melody. Discuss? https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srhfuc

No. 132379


I've done formant shifting to the video via Melodyne, it doesn't get any more professional than that imho.
Used the same value as the other poster did before, for lack of a better idea - neither less nor more came any closer to Gura's voice. Note that the mouth sounds - pop, tchk - goes pretty out of whack even with this little editing.
As mentioned by this poster >>132352
, I find it highly unlikely that she has a separate mic always standing by, turned on, pointed at the ukulele, with no crossbleed.
For the sake of fairness, I'll say that actual pitch shifting is kinda close-ish to Gura, with not near as much distortion, except any background noise would be obviously pitch shifted in that case as well. No combination of the two came anywhere near to a satisfying similarity.

In my opinion, this is straight up conspiracy theory tier, and I feel like an idiot spending time on it.

No. 132394

Thank you. So this is not the only problematic thing he has done? This sounds milky, what else has he done?

No. 132407

Im neutral in that, But the fact that his big statement is a protected tweet, makes it so i dont really wanna read his big ass statement.

No. 132413

File: 1610659381981.jpg (281.16 KB, 1920x1200, 1610437647446.jpg)


No. 132416


No. 132418

It's a fake.

No. 132420

>It's real
It's real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 132423

This. It would have been reported on in a heartbeat given all of Gura's whiteknights.

No. 132427

yeah, its a re-edit of a fake post from at least 3 months ago.


No. 132441

Probably but since he's Nijisanji's golden egg neither the company or fanbase would let anything gain traction.

No. 132449

These fucking Gura voice changer conspiracy theories are hilarious

No. 132503

lmao thank you for trying and sorry if you wasted some time, it was worth it for the sake of clarity. At least now we can rule it out and move on.

No. 132509

He has a reputation for being toxic in competitive gaming, but like >>132441 says you're not going to get anyone to care. People are already aware of it, he was like that before he got hired by Nijisanji, and his fans will drown out anything that doesn't get covered up by management.

No. 132521

this is coomer's narrative lol. should turn the Gura's message into yellow if she left

No. 132522

naah, it sounds robotic. try again.

No. 132532

To be honest it's not anything new. Kuzuha is known to be trash and that's why his fans love him. Even a comment on that dumb video says he's scum but he's funny so who cares.

No. 132593

Now that we are talking about Kuzuha, does anybody know if his partner, Kanae, before getting into Nijisanji, actually impregnated a minor and made her abort?

No. 132605

If you're going to say stuff like that at least provide screenshots or links to the rumor or something.

No idea if the abortion stuff is true or not but here's his pre-Nijisanji account at least. The voices are pretty much identical.

And bonus Kuzuha, even if his identity was already obvious.

No. 132609

Why a deer specifically? Is that a reference to something?

No. 132610

Oh no they're both ugly

No. 132633

Already saw those links, I just don't know exactly where that rumour came from and those websites never specify exactly what happened or give you any evidences, so its hard to know if its true or not

No. 132670

this is very interesting, i wish there was more focus on nijisanji male members rather than the same hololive girls im guilty for wanting to know what these ikebo look like

No. 132687

How can it be interesting when the only "proof" is that he was away for 3 months and both pages are saying that these are unconfirmed rumors?

No. 132700

Watching you salty whales is interesting, thanks for all the info tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132701

Watching you trying to instigate a fight has been pathetic so far. Try harder

No. 132723

anyone here have the himepen nude(s)? cant find them for the life of me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132748

Uncensored Keeki wrestling video

No. 132749

Also the followup, according to the commenters she was told it was going to be an all-girls match.

No. 132751

File: 1610787781988.jpg (88.29 KB, 768x432, 55018cd518d12784b2fedafed4e22b…)

> jerks off to picrelated and believes that he is doing a great job by coming here and protecting his qweens
Do something useful instead, learn to draw and make your chunnis happy.

No. 132752

lmao dat bih is goblin-ass lookin

No. 132755

There’s a crazy amount of WK that keep wandering in here or any forum talking about vtubers. You can’t even discuss legit criticism, ESPECIALLY about the Hololive JP girls, without some weeb losing their shit.

No. 132757

> especially about jp girls
From what i keep seeing its more about holoEN girls, their whiteknights are pоkimane tier 3 wks. Same holoenfags always end up posting shitty gore and argue to protect their "waifu" on boards and forums.

No. 132768

File: 1610798354729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.45 KB, 338x600, avatar.jpg)

Some people on the other thread were asking about Kuzuryu Io's past life. She all but confirmed she's Teacuppity on stream talking about making graphics for AtoLive (who, by the way, have big mouths.)

A little more digging on the @teacuppity twitter gives you links to her past life as "saint * ル季", a Youtaite. The Youtaite's character looks the same as her Io character, with the same voice as Io's karaoke streams. https://www.youtube.com/c/saintluki/videos. Channel is also linked to the teacuppity account.

Googling the SaintLuki name gives you her old AskFM with face pics.

No. 132784

so this is all under the assumption that io is teacuppity?
the covers do strikingly sound like her though

No. 132786

on saintlukis soundcloud her bio is "sleepy teacup" which i guess makes sense that shes teacuppity

No. 132787

File: 1610810163441.png (101.83 KB, 756x568, unknown.png)

in one of the descriptions she refers to herself as teacuppity, so yep io is tea cuppity

No. 132790

File: 1610810651585.jpg (41.66 KB, 600x450, BwghkwOCQAEUOmV.jpg)

this picture is 7 years ago though

No. 132791

It doesn't take much digging to find her response video on Nico talking about how she didn't know what was going on, or the article saying she wasn't told about the real nature of the match and (poorly auto-translated) wanted revenge. Dunno if she was seeking to sue or anything, probably not, but she was certainly upset over it.

No. 132812

Huh..first time I've seen the uncut versions of Keeki's wrestling career. I knew it was a bunch of sweaty weirdos throwing her around, but I didn't know the dude was straight up rubbing his junk on her crotch. Being in a tight bodysuit..probably felt it too.

Puts her menhera personality into better light. I can almost feel bad for her now. Almost.

No. 132816

apparently ever since this vid https://streamable.com/ur7off
gura got drunk again and ragequit some stream and bailed on another? sena got blitzed and can't stay away from the bottle huh?

No. 132818


Stop regurgitating /jp/ schizo narratives and post proof. If she rage quit post the vod, if she ditched a stream post the cancellation.

No. 132841

I haven't seen all of her streams since new year, but doubt. As far as I know, she ditched one stream because of technical reasons and did Minecraft stream instead shortly after…and given the fact that quite soon after she stated that this ban thing wasn't meant seriously (also doubt), its obvious that both fans and management monitor her very closely for any "irregularities", hence it would already be here.

No. 132850

Nyanners has 1m subs? I'll never understand why anyone watches her. She reminds me way too much of past Senzawa and I'm pretty certain she has a piss fetish. Her model is ugly af too.

No. 132855

She got the subs by making the video where "youtube-kun killed her" because she havent gotten 1mil by the end of the year for which she was pushing after 7yrs of her career. People assumed that her Nyanners persona is actually dead but shes been waiting for 1mil to hit so she could give the "continuation" of this video.

I personally always thought she was always better than LilyPiсhu but after Nyanners became a vtuber she changed for worse. Still, as for yt ogs she was the best cause of her singing voice.

No. 132857

this is small vtuber shit and idk if i should dump it but a vtuber accused someone of rape, is that milk or no?

No. 132859

It is, post screenshots.

No. 132902

File: 1610856475164.jpg (36.45 KB, 581x245, Capture.JPG)

indie vtuber doxing coco? not sure if this is a joke but saw it on my timeline, post already deleted so screenshotted just incase

No. 132903

File: 1610857416174.png (53.31 KB, 599x603, Untitled.png)

Recently there was drama on my TL from hoshinochar and furuya mari for ripping popular vtuber designs without credit.

I read recent twitter replies to Mari and in a now deleted tweet, it accused her of running away from her past, which prompted tweets in pic related.

After digging through Mari's tweets, comparing the art and timelines, I believe this is the ex vtuber shunao who quit the internet last year for falsely accusing someone of rape.

No. 132907

She was a little tipsy and chat was calling her an alcoholic. If she used to be an actual alcoholic and people are spamming it in chat because she's had like 2 glasses of wine I can understand why she'd get salty. She didn't rage quit the stream and she's not back on the bottle, her content's still the same.

Different strokes? I don't watch her content but her Among Us with 8 Nyanners was pretty funny (It was all people using soundboards of her voice)

Until Coco riled up the Chinese Antis she was probably the girl in Hololive least worried about "Face dox" since she's got the exact same voice she had on Kson's channel and would do regular webcam streams in addition to her v-tuber persona. Like, I don't think Coco gives a shit outside of her contract with Cover not letting her mention it.

No. 132909

Kson also did no makeup streams too which is pretty much unheard of for most asian women. Like hell, Pokimane acted like it was this massive internet-breaking thing that she posted one selfie without makeup, Kson would start streams with a naked face and put it on during the stream so like I said, don't think Coco gives a single fuck about her face being out there, just autistic fans

nb for replying to myself

No. 132913


surprised Cover didn't take this whole channel down.

No. 132914

Maybe I'm deaf but it does sound like she says "Seriously, if you keep calling me a drunk…" i.e. not just calling her "drunk" but "A drunk". If she feels like she left that part of her life behind that probably does sting. Unprofessional sure, but I get why she'd lash out a bit

No. 132916

I think there's a line between posting clips from V-Tuber's past identities/public socials and literally stalking them to the point they've found out where they went to school and posted their graduation video from the school's website.

That's a whole level of fucked up, turbo autism that causes people to become IRL stalkers

No. 132919

uh the past vtuber threads were wrong, this guy finally found moona irl

No. 132925

Moona here doesn't look like a 'mix' tho…
I can find like two of that face in the local market in the first two minutes.

No. 132926

Did no one save that video of her from last year with her hair dyed purple?

No. 132936

Just like Rushia and Coco both doesn't look mixed so what your point?

No. 132942

That guy sounds a little unhinged, is that what a real life schizo sounds like?

No. 132947

It's Luna, who's in her right copyright striking, but she does do RL stuff on her other account/Fanbox/Twitcast. She's kind of like Coco in that regard prior to the Taiwan drama.

No. 132953

File: 1610889624163.jpg (51.06 KB, 600x800, rein.jpg)

possibly reine based off former twitter accounts that i got from iketog

YouTubeは「きむにゅ (Kimunyu)」
SoundCloudは「Kimunyu / きむにゅ」

No. 132954


formerly vtuber mia canasyna
formerly utaite on niconico
does art as well
possibly also does cosplaying on events

used to live in malaysia based on her twitter friends pre-2015

age should be around 27 years old as there are talks about her being in college back in 2011


No. 132975

Hey faggots give me Lofi irl pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132976

Fuck off jp scrote.

No. 132977

File: 1610895889318.png (227.02 KB, 832x193, chrome_jP505RLt2B.png)

howd the mods not immediately ban this kid

No. 132982

Because most mods don't care unless they comment on it and Calli herself dgaf people know much like Gura seems to stop being bothered by it.

No. 132983


Most likely just a mix of two different local indonesian ethnicity/tribes. Her english is a bit crappy

No. 132985

What's the point of posting drama of vtubers with 7 subsribers here. Who cares

No. 132987

who did that lol

No. 132989

posting their old social media that they hide for privacy reasons isnt milk
fucking intergrate you shizoid faggots

No. 132994

The only one I've ever seen annoyed (at best) at it has been Ame during I think a Members Only Mario Kart stream where someone had Sachiowo as their name and wouldn't leave.

Every person who's familiar with Sachiowo knows it's Ame, and the rest doesn't give a crap. Not sure what they try to accomplish.

No. 133005

It's better than talking about Kiara's past for the 1000000th time

No. 133009

File: 1610907864031.png (35.06 KB, 595x310, artemis.png)

classic Artemis causing shit

No. 133010


what happened??

No. 133012

Artemis announced at the end of her stream that she would send a red super chat to Kiara mid stream and her fanbase spammed the chat about Artemis which is obviously a big no no with Hololive streamers.

No. 133013

Also to be fair he did say "don't spam Kiara's chat please" over and over again but why would you feel the need to stream yourself giving money to her? It's an attention thing of course.

No. 133017


Yeah that is bullshit. It's a get out of jail free card that let's you do what you want and claim you are not responsible for the obvious result because guyzzz I totally said to not do the thing I caused you to dooo!!

No. 133043

god how does this shark still have fans

No. 133044

File: 1610920597449.png (1.26 MB, 1895x933, iThhOY8.png)

Artemis was caught watching Holofes pirated stream too, said they were there to read chat, but it was literally set to emote only mode. Only spends money when she get can attention for it, it's fucking pathetic

No. 133047

who care, that shit was way too fucking expensive anyway

No. 133051

No shit, but at least make up a better excuse

No. 133052

Timestamp at 1:42:53

No. 133053

Not a big shocker that an indie vtuber that doesn't have any kind of filter is dumb as fuck. Hololive have managers during every stream to at least reel them back in when they're off the rails and it's pretty rare you see any of them making drama on Twitter or in someone else's chat.

I think even that lewd group with Nyanners have enough collective common sense to stay in their lane

No. 133056

>Messing up a superchat of all things when Zenteya got her name read by Callie just fine.
Is there a part in here where the Ateliers decide to boot Walmart Gura? Dude's already an outlier as the only member without any warm colors in the design.

No. 133058

The funniest part is her retarded excuse if you’re gonna pirate own up to it. She’s still trying to make herself look good for Hololive for some reason.

No. 133062

This. Now his "uwu fans" will keep spamming asking hololive to collab with this retard, when hololive is always strict towards collabs. He really thinks he can collab with anyone all because pikamee accepted him once.

during the same day he said something about stealing / pirating others content, saying thats bad just to end up deleteing the tweet cause he got called out under it.
Makes it worse the fact that all the pirated stream (but one which was a russian one) were by Chinese trolls who streamed both days just to try to "kick out" Coco from Hololive. The only way you could get it was China-only spam on twitter so he had to actually spend time finding the stream and switching them.

No. 133066

File: 1610928842136.png (219.49 KB, 598x906, Screenshot 2021-01-18 081045.p…)

Hero Hei is currently under fire for calling out Kani Kanizawa for accidentally posting KSon's picture with no context, labelling it as her doxxing Coco. Even Woohoolad is shitting on this guy for allegedly spreading exaggerated information.


No. 133068

How is this even doxing? Anyone with half a brain knows Kson is Coco. And if Kani posted a pic of Kson without mentioning Coco, than aren't Coco's fans the ones "doxing" her by saying it's Coco?

No. 133073

This stupid faggot makes clickbait videos out of nothing and ignores real shit like the Uto drama thats made her stop streaming.

No. 133074

that's exactly what happened, fakkubu replied with who it was and then deleted after people told him how dumb he was being. now he's sperging out on twitter because he's fucked up Kani's reputation for the time being

No. 133078

WoohooLad made video calling Hero Hei out for the whole situation

No. 133079

He is annoying as fuck. Overly sensationalise every little thing. Kinda like a doomsday retard

No. 133089

Hero Hei is a literal retard who does these Misinformed "news" videos all the time, He just rides trends and truely doesnt give a fuck about anything that he covers, In one of his hololive videos he uttered the words " Im a MARTIAL ARTIST, i love hurting people" when he was talking about "haters" christ hes cringe.

No. 133090

>Im a MARTIAL ARTIST, i love hurting people"

lmao that's absolutely hilarious, I cant believe these spergs take him seriously

No. 133106

I didn't know she stopped streaming. Was that over that artist thing or did I miss something?

No. 133125

The artfag drama got people looking into her past where they found out she used to go by Aizawa. The group she used to be in as Aizawa had a falling out where she ended up doxxing another member and the leader of the group threatened to doxx Uto's boyfriend if she didn't stop. People have also brought back up the Hololive tags, thumbnails and constant mentions of Hololive she used to grow so quickly. Then there's another person, a musician, that has come out saying he also got ghosted by her. These autistic fucks kept digging and found that Uto might not be a real indie since Nabi, the character designer for Amelia and Uto, only works with companies not individuals.

Its gotten to the point that Narukami and other JP channels have started to cover the drama.

No. 133131

He removed the video. It was in Hero Hei's "artia betrayed Hololive" video. seems he removed it probably cause he sounded like a gigantic loser.

No. 133139

Face doxing Coco is the lowest hanging fruit, I don't even think Coco herself cares that her face is out there, it's not like she kept a low profile when she was Kson.

But here we are, people are beefing over who exposed Coco's face in 2021 even though people knew exactly who she was when she debuted two years ago

No. 133147

Both are equally stupid and annoying, trying to ride clickbait train. Who watches these two? Its a waste of time.

No. 133148

I can't believe there would be a time where two grown ass men having a serious beef with serious tone over an anime girl. hahahaha

No. 133150

Coco is also a cosplayer isn’t the point getting your face out there?

No. 133164

File: 1610973870098.png (184.58 KB, 1860x547, Infighting.png)

Some actual interesting Coco related stuff, that's not a complete non-issue like a picture of her being posted.

No. 133167


They are no different than us really

No. 133172

Stupid nationalist chinks still refuse to see they got played by Bilibili.

No. 133178

In terms of being crabby, sure - but no-one here really cow-tips or going through with plans of bot spamming an idol's chat.

Making fun of Artemis for being a dude on this forum where he's not going to see it unless he goes out of his way is a bit different from the months of non-stop harassment in chat Coco gets from CCP-fags, imo

No. 133189

It's absolutely hilarious how mentally deranged they are lmfao

No. 133211

temma from holostars has more subscribers and engagement on his irl channel (プテラたかはし), i wonder why that is. the content of both seems to be very similar.

No. 133216

Man why did it have to be Coco? She works her ass off

No. 133220

>Government funded 50-cent army dedicated to destroying people over calling Taiwan an independent country is no different from a gossip imageboard
Go hug your Winnie the Pooh body pillow Mei Ling

No. 133223

I mean, the whole Taiwan thing was just a means to an end. Their real reason for hating Coco was that she chose not to post on her bilibili account, the only JP member not to do so. And honestly, I don't blame her.

People who actually think that her mentioning Taiwan is what pissed them off are stupid, why do you think Haachama was quickly given a free pass.

No. 133225


the rationale is not so far removed from covid denying trumpian idiots. youknow, the kind that think it's a great idea to storm the capitol. both very similar level unthinking bugmen in my book.

the sheer unshackled weaponized autism on display though is very familiar. at least in chan culture at large.

No. 133252

>Hero Hei
Double cringe

No. 133270

File: 1611021278582.jpg (73.64 KB, 588x650, stopp.JPG)

Mini meltdown and tries to laugh it off.


No. 133272


No. 133273

Idk, this is the only place artemis is being called anything other than a chick lol can't blame anyone for saying as such still.

No. 133299


The only difference is the trumpiots didn't need to be paid 50 cents to storm the capitol.

No. 133302

A lot of the twitter circles they move in are kinda young, ergo hugboxy and liberal tho.

It doesn't matter what other people call her, you can tell from her voice she's trans. Your skull, your throat length and your chest cavity are immutable qualities that can't be changed. Vocal coaching mitigates them a lil but there's a reason a lot of trans people have a "husky" voice.

Think it was also mentioned earlier but she also talks rather gently and tries to avoid, it seems, sudden pitch shifts or massive shifts in volume, since it helps keep her "voice" consistent. (and stops her from accidentally dropping into a more masculine register)

No. 133316

It baffles me that this milk thread hasn't picked up the entire Uto scandal which led to her completely disappearing for over a week now. What's up with the fastest growing “indie” and why did she leave so suddenly?

No. 133327

Learn to read
Previous thread had other speculations her, such as art scam drama, her using hololive tags under her videos and copying holo thumbnails etc.

No. 133335

I want 1 minute of my life back

No. 133345

did i really get aot spoiled on a german cow milking forum

No. 133347


Vshojo is trash anyway.

No. 133353

Hero Hei quietly deleted his two videos on the dumb Kani situation. Doubt he's gonna address it other than that, he's way too much of a pussy to admit he was wrong

No. 133371

new info
found out amelia used to stream on an account called randytaylor69 using her true british accent which she dropped after her debut this year. pretty interesting stuff.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133382

No. 133397

Thread will be autosaged from now on, keep posting here and don’t make a new thread until this one is locked up, please.

No. 133412

File: 1611086197930.png (1.38 MB, 1453x1450, Uto.png)

Pic from the old thread.
>VShoujo expects to be treated seriously when they have a CGI Barbie model as one of their members.

No. 133419

Ontop of the fact their literal identity is sexual degenerates. They have no skill or talent.

No. 133427

There whole thing is just being lewd which I guess they think is unique. Hime Hajime so far seems to be the worst one. You can tell how forced it is in every tweet her design is also over the top. Considering it’s Sydsnap I can already tell she’s going to be the most cringy one.

No. 133438


Using the tags and thumbnails is such a non issue. Literally everyone does that on youtube who gives a shit

No. 133443

Are you that dumb..anon?

No. 133450

File: 1611107951249.jpg (1.23 KB, 47x125, 1610981654089s.jpg)

So Artia leaked some conversations between HoloCN Staff, Doris and Echo.

Supposedly some spicy stuff in there if you can read moonrunes. Cheating, talking shit about their fans, etc.

And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other. The only exception being Yogiri who stayed out of it.

No. 133452

do you have a higher res image? this is a picture for ants that can read chinese

No. 133454

No. 133459

Guess I’ll just wait for translations

No. 133460

File: 1611114070261.png (125.85 KB, 1240x398, Artia leaks 1.png)

Here is a summary from someone that dropped it in jp. Can anyone read bug to confirm, looks like there is a lot of milk in these leaks.

No. 133461

File: 1611114129607.png (111.17 KB, 1402x276, Artia leaks 2.png)

No. 133474

>And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other

Sounds like something all toxic groups do. If everything doesn't go well they blame everyone and everything. They can't handle being wrong in any way

No. 133481

Why. I hate you.

No. 133482


Ikr reporting doesnt even do shit kek we got cucked

No. 133483

What kind of stupid bait is this? Every oldfag knows Rose

No. 133485

Guys, searching I found this thread, I found it interesting so I followed it, until in part # 3 a video is mentioned where matsuri irl appears on a porn page, that piqued my curiosity but the video was deleted, someone will it have the name of the video or a clue where to start my search?

I'm sorry if my post offends you in any way, I just want to know if the video exists and see if it's her … I just need a clue where to start, Thank you very much

No. 133488

Probably fake spam

No. 133490

Probably a newfag from 4chan who thought it was funny

Not impossible but highly improbable. Likely just a troll video of some random woman that sounds similar to her. Retards exist in Japan too

No. 133500

File: 1611138466660.jpg (149.57 KB, 741x1082, m53454.jpg)

Keeki just disabled comments on her channel.

No. 133502


Hah, that said I want to ask the odd question here.
What if Keeki is not Kiara. What counter argument can be made?

No. 133503

I'm not a Kiara fan, I watch almost none of her content but I'd gander she gets a whole lot of targeted harassment over what she used to do and how she used to act pre Hololive and I'm sure it stings that anyone in the know harasses her more over that than anything she's done since her debut.

Y'all lying if you don't think you were cringy retards in the past. Milk the cow if she's still being one now but she's mellowed out since her debut and Ollie has the same obsessive personality and gets none of the hate because her life from years ago hasn't been dug up yet.

No. 133505

Some people are saying she's tired of her own fans who leave Hololive references on her Keeki channel.

No. 133506

I can't find the screenshot but she "accidentally" used the Keeki account to comment in the prechat of her Holo channel during the Marine holotalk and quickly deleted it.

No. 133508

That's going to happen to every v-tuber the second their identity is out. Fans think it's cool they spent 3 minutes on google and found a face dox and want to feel like they've taken a bite of the forbidden fruit

Just feels like pre-debut milk is the lowest hanging fruit, especially if it's years old but independent vtubers that are still squirting are so fucking stupid they're not worth talking about.

No. 133511

Tard-chan, the comments were nothing but people screaming ZOMG ITS KIARA, thanks to yt algorithm and everyone knowing that its her. I was watching one of her recent vlogs the other day, comments kept being hololive related.

No. 133530

File: 1611162294875.png (19.73 KB, 274x156, hhhh.png)

two days ago Artemis red superchat Aqua seeking attention but fortunately Aqua ignored it and jp chat sweep the EN comments calling Artemis name.

No. 133566

>The irony of a detective trying to hide evidence
>She didn't change at all, She is still a gremlin at heart
>Cursed with knowledge, I am. Regret falling into the rabbit hole, I do.
Literally all of EN has this on their tail end except for Nagu whose Discord only says her voice is familiar and that she's still an overworker.

No. 133596


Aza is gay as hell, I dont believe that for a second. Didnt read through much of the screenshots but Echo sounds like she's making shit up with how she's talking about it, it comes off like she's bragging and trying to start shit. Absolutely insane

No. 133633



Earlier last year, Keeki said that Fubuki, Pekora, and Marine are her favorite Vtubers, which is consistent with Kiara saying that Pekora is her current #1 favorite and Fubuki was her original favorite. Combine that with them both being from Austria and being major weebs, I think there's no way they're not the same person.

No. 133648

I keep seeing people saying during Ina's most recent stream she showed Minecraft chat, which had a chat between her an EnMa indicating that EnMa is Ao-Chan. Did anyone manage to get screenshot of that or a clip of that as it was scrubbed out when the stream was unprivated? I have looked but cannot find it anywhere.

No. 133659

The #12 drawing stream? No, that got edited because when she went to shift scenes at the very end she accidentally played an anime OP she was listening to, and it had to be edited out due to DMCA issues.

No. 133660

Shizo Guy who was cumming to luna striking him got his channel taken down with 5 community strikes with 1 from luna, 3 from korone, and 1 from rushia. He made a new channel posting a video with claiming to be moona dancing at some event.

No. 133665

This is the second one in less than six months
Does this has happened with other hololive members at least once?

No. 133668

iirc kiara got a cancer patient comment and cried as well

No. 133678

Thank you, but i meant people who commented in the chat that wanted to kill themselves before finding a vtuber. So far, i have found two clips about Watame

No. 133693

I mean don’t other Hololive members turn off comments on previous accounts? And the ones that don’t obviously don’t care why is this surprising to her? Either turn them off or don’t like everyone else no point in bitching about it.

No. 133700

It's really common with streamers, unless you're a literal sociopath you're probably going to break at some point. GDQ runners probably have it the worst.

No. 133704

Other hololive members, at least JP ones, don't give a fuck about it even if they keep their channel ongoing (eg Coco).

No. 133708

This is legitimately really creepy to me, like or hate Kiara, this is kind of sad to watch.

No. 133712

Watame just seems very empathetic, it honestly happens about twice every week. Not always necessarily about something sad like that though.

And obviously not counting this week since she's on a Manager enforced break due to overworking.

No. 133717

newfag here
something was happening on haachama latest stream but cant seem to get any milk

No. 133718

It's Haachama being Haachama. No one knew what was going on. Not EN and not JP.

No. 133719

There's no milk, it's the Aki Haato/Haachama persona. Trying to understand her is like trying to teach quantum physics to a deaf 1 year old.

No. 133730

Nothing really spicy from this chat log, basically just them trying to find the rat. Mentioned here >>133461.

No. 133771

It is incredible the level of retardation you are telling yourself just to entertain this stupid theory. It's just a voice she's doing

No. 133775

welcome to the haachama experience where no one, not even the JP, understand wtf is going on most of the time

No. 133810

>So Artia leaked some conversations between HoloCN Staff, Doris and Echo.
>Supposedly some spicy stuff in there if you can read moonrunes. Cheating, talking shit about their fans, etc.
>And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other. The only exception being Yogiri who stayed out of it.
as expected of holocn judas
yeah I remember reading that one of them was innocent RIP

No. 133812

Yogiri was the only one that stayed quiet during the whole China meltdown arc and choose to not reincarnate after being disillusioned by vtubers who were only in it for the money (the other CN girls).

No. 133816

wasn't spade echo the one who got suspended back in may/june because she threw a tantrum and insulted someone?
I archived one of the holoCN girls wikipage when I saw that, pretty sure it was spade
damn nana is cursed with only whores for daughters lmao

No. 133817

the vid was just some woman with legs who sounded extremely similar to matsuri
I don't have the name, but I'm certain I archived it back during the summer

No. 133818

Just her being autistic the usual

No. 133819

Doesn't help much that she lives in Taiwan. I'd love for Hololive to branch out exclusively to Taiwan and maybe bringing her back, but fat chance of that ever happening in the current climate.

Though at the same time I think Hololive is at the point where they don't give a single shit about China anymore. No more CN Branch and no more Bilibili videos (that I know of).

No. 133821

I mean wouldn’t surprise me if that actually was her.

No. 133831

did roa graduate? a bunch of people are saying she reincarnated as someone named shiroa

No. 133835

File: 1611274487976.png (613.61 KB, 968x528, 1611261399511.png)

No. 133839

From the time of her debut and like/dislike bar disabled its pretty much a given. The only ones that deny it are nijiniggers because that means Nijisanji graduated both Meiro and Roa and wiped their hands clean.

No. 133850

Honestly, out of all the Hololive girls, Watame's streams probably have the most love coming from the fans and the most fan interaction. They routinely send her messages thanking her for being her, giving her hearts, or telling her that she got them out of serious depression and she'll usually spend around 3 hours just reading that day's SCs at the end of the stream and talking to them. Those messages usually make her cry, because they look really genuine to her and it makes her happy. If she's faking it, she's really fucking good at it. She just seems like a genuinely good person from what I've seen.

No. 133858

No. 133859

Sorry that was retarded 1st time

Imagine a Vshoujo Collab with Holo

No. 133900

Da hell happened on Pekora's stream right now? 30m in, a bunch of times going on mute, sniffless, sorry this, sorry that, let's do it another time, video privated.

No. 133904

You appear to have forgotten links to said stream or clips.

No. 133905

Someone reuploaded, idk what happened

No. 133914

She forgot to turn the camera off when she was talking to a dude (that warned her)..literally only context we have.

No. 133915

Someone knows the context of this video and who is this guy?

No. 133922

She was doing private stripping video just to find out that he is recording it.

No. 133929


I think she was crying and holding in for some reason judging for the movement of her eyes

No. 133931

File: 1611335745382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.67 KB, 427x427, Pavolia Reine.jpg)

Apparently some Indonesians I know are scared to dig deeper into her infos because her parents got political and economical connections. Basically, she's privileged as fuck. Below is an information about her.

Keemuworks YouTube custom URL contains a name that links to an Indonesian forum account asking where to find someone that sells PS Vita.

No. 133947

Before that someone knocked on her door and she muted the mic. So it could be family-related.

No. 133948

here's iofi(doxxing)

No. 133952

bruh sister, mother and father names? Read the rules dumbass

No. 133966

Stop doxxing people's families. They're not involved in this shit show. Leave it that way.

No. 133988

What makes it worse for me is what someone told me about the arrangements for the event. Apparently she had been told it would be all girls before she signed up for it, and only found out it would be all guys (with promises that it would be totally fine) when she got there. I can't verify this myself, they didn't give me a source at the time, but I believe it.

No. 133991

there is alot of autistic baseless rumours on that comment section

No. 133998

File: 1611375545931.gif (1.98 MB, 290x190, d5a1054d9f87e586bd4cf70d3ad74f…)

No. 134000


Crying about Gura

No. 134001


Okay, racist

No. 134025

fuck off niggerfaggot

No. 134036

Pekora tweeted that she'll be back with a live stream hut didny really answer anything.. hmm

No. 134043

word except it fucking hilarious

No. 134054


conglomerate as in forbes 50 conglomerate? or just another chinese indo business family?

No. 134136

Link dead. Any reupload?

No. 134137

We'll never get to know what really happened. She won't divulge private stuff and would probably just says she's fine.

No. 134140

Creepy otakus. You know I wonder how many of the hologirls not blantantly but deep down feels this way about their fans.

No. 134143

Isn't that all female streamers?

No. 134153

Guaranteed all of them, save for the ones like Polka who have very little else in their life and have a legitimately unhealthy two-sided parasocial relationship with their viewers

No. 134156

Considering how good her English is and how she acts her being privileged isn’t surprising not in a bad way but it is obvious.

No. 134164

File: 1611474303353.jpg (53.13 KB, 982x494, reles1.JPG)


No idea where that guy got his source from, but following the breadcrumbs from iketog is a lot more reliable

No. 134165

File: 1611474326878.jpg (61.58 KB, 875x557, reles.JPG)

No. 134166

File: 1611474361049.jpg (43.68 KB, 637x248, reles2.JPG)

No. 134167

File: 1611474418526.jpg (44.97 KB, 707x438, rekim1.JPG)

No. 134168

File: 1611474553514.jpg (66.91 KB, 706x499, rekim2.JPG)


22yo 6 years ago, around 28 years old today

>>132954 so I was pretty much on the spot

No. 134171

that woohoolad faggot is starting shit with herohei for no reason in the comments and on twitter
his videos kinda went to shit in the past few months since I last watched him
guess woohoolad is trying to cling to some sort of relevancy/his former numbers

No. 134172

File: 1611480333958.png (87.04 KB, 1348x449, Capture.PNG)

if she really is a "real life ojousama" the first line here is pretty funny.

No. 134173

jesus christ this is cringe as fuck
do women really?

No. 134178


Who wants to tag Calli and see what happens?

No. 134179

No. 134180

What drives people to make this shit?

No. 134182

File: 1611485347925.jpg (74.54 KB, 585x589, Screenshot_8.jpg)

So for this claim about Froot/BSApricot has been showing up for the last couple of days as a consequence of Silvervale shitting on certain fan comments

If the thing about the Earth-chan store getting scammed really did happen, shouldn't there have been reciepts about that? Thats not even getting to the alleged cheating.

No. 134184

Froot/Apricot is guilty of whats in that comment, most people already knew she cheated on her military husband while he was deployed and that both of them scammed people out of goods. She's also involved with /k/ shit, and has ugly nudes of her out there, but most of this milk never got spread out of 4chan and lolcow.

No. 134191

What's the certain fan comments Silvervale shitted on?

No. 134199

Don't really follow that one myself since its a clear-cut case but here


No. 134200

As much as I don't really like his content anymore, but if he didn't make that post calling out hero, he would have been all over that pekora shit, but since woohoo did make the comment now he can just play it off like woohoolad is just weird, hero is a fucking loser who rides trends and needs to be called out more.

No. 134201

Becomes a streamer. Then is shocked that she has to interact with mongloids on the internet.

Christ grow a tougher skin, you don't see any actual professional vtubers bitch and moan about it.

No. 134203

Christ, what an actual bitch. Imagine getting actually angry at a comment as innocent as " hey you could go play with your " friend " it is an innocent comment but she goes ballistic

No. 134204

File: 1611497684211.jpg (104.48 KB, 601x796, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Also gonna be my last post about this since it seems relatively boring and mundane, but this archived thread is where lots of people were pointing at when discussing this.


No. 134207

Strange how single comments can get to people receiving thousands per day.

No. 134211

So, what's with the unfolding drama with Pekora rn?

No. 134212

File: 1611503702283.gif (671.07 KB, 487x265, unnamed.gif)

No. 134213


No milk. Something happened to her off-camera during her Pricon stream. When she unmuted, her voice was hoarse and she was sniffling audibly. Rig movements implied she was turning to talk to someone, and she quickly ended the stream.

The re-uploaded version has the tail end cut out, and ends before that point.

After a while, she posted on Twitter that she was alright, but there aren’t any more details on what happened.

No. 134217


She explained what happened in her member only stream. Content is not allowed to clipped so only paid nousagi know what happened.

No. 134239

Something about Management.

No. 134243

File: 1611517696056.png (148.28 KB, 1132x425, sc1.png)

What she's saying matches up with the translation

No. 134248

File: 1611522507706.png (45.81 KB, 1298x145, Pekora membership stream 1.png)

From those that watched and can understand her membership stream, they are saying Pekora's manager blocked her proposal for a gaming / prize stream she really wanted to make to give back to all her fans. Probably has to do with Japan's strict laws on gambling / prizes or her manager's retarded. She feels like she isn't doing / giving enough back to her fans and is thinking about turning off Superchats. Then she talked about taking a break until she feels better. *She also said that it wasn't a family death that made her cry and stop streaming in the last stream.

No. 134249

File: 1611522528378.png (33.69 KB, 1207x104, Pekora membership stream 2.png)

No. 134251

File: 1611523636650.png (538.13 KB, 568x640, 43765765346547.png)


Anyone have a clue what was in the SC that caused Rushia to meltdown?

No. 134254

This is true. I know a few /k/ guys who knew BSApricot/Froot and her husband personally, guys that do youtube or are part of The Kommando Store.

No. 134256

I believe the superchat said something about her being better back when she had fewer viewers/subscribers.

No. 134258

99% it's the manager, Japan's rules doesn't prohibit prizes (or literally NO ONE could give away say signed copy of their manga etc etc.) But i guess it depends on the way it was being handled.

No. 134261

once again the clussy reigns supreme

No. 134264

File: 1611528931038.png (146.95 KB, 1216x606, Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 22.51…)

Sage for shit milk, I just found this funny. Athena trying to clout chase, and comparing her saying nigga to Kani's stupid drama upthread.

No. 134268

File: 1611531132877.jpg (44.09 KB, 640x680, 142192862_3645733108870314_707…)

I kek'd

No. 134272

rushia cried back in decemeber and also did so on her personal twitter account
this was after meeting her manager
anyone have the tweet from her personal twitter account? it's probably nothing as serious as the pekora thing

No. 134273

nevermind apparently rushia hinted about being suicidal on her personal twitter account as well

No. 134274

It's hilarious how a lot of western Vtubers took what she said as an attack when Calli had said that she has seen a lot of great looking vtubers waste their potential tweeting or fucking around. What she said wasn't wrong.

No. 134275

Did she think it was that twitter saying it, or did she try to say Karen has no career?

Yeah, if you felt slighted by what she said you can't handle feeling called out. It was completely reasonable.

Actually, or concernfag narrative bullshit?

No. 134283

rushia actually posts menhera shit on her personal twitter just like matsuri and the others do

No. 134289

oh wow, that's fucked up. Poor Rushia

No. 134290

Please sage and post links.

No. 134291

Rushia cries about anything.

No. 134302

Anybody else still think the Gura dox is too much of a reach? I saw the process and everything about it just seems way too far off to make sense.

No. 134309

sage your posts dum shark

No. 134310

okay gura(hi cow)

No. 134320

ENVTUBER but uses 2434's Ange Katrina as an avatar?

No. 134321

You know the excuse he/she/it's another "Muh art isn't done yet" predebut clout chaser.

No. 134323

File: 1611586094365.jpeg (161.28 KB, 1620x2160, EscCzSYXUAAMnTs.jpeg)

Her design is budget Ollie

No. 134325

File: 1611586585783.jpg (49.64 KB, 680x551, 20210125_155515.jpg)

Reminded me more of Zon

No. 134326

its the hair and stitches that make me think Ollie over Zon

No. 134328

so pewdiepie is streaming with a shitty vroid model right now. i really cant help but wonder why the fuck?

No. 134329

Whelp, that means the EN scene is about to get infinitely more shittier.

No. 134331

And Coco took "meme review" format, so what? Vtuber community has always been shit ever since the start. There is at least one grooming allegation daily and shitty dramas.>>134323 this retards twitter account seems cringeworthy, looking at tweets you may think its a child who cries because hololive didnt accept them and now is trying to pretend to be niji fan. Before this kid changed pfp to niji, they had botan instead.

No. 134332

>why the fuck?
Easy attention.

No. 134334

an ugly tranny used a vtuber model back at AGDQ and the entire run was cringe as fuck even for speedrunning standards
things will only get so much worse from here on out

No. 134338

He made it clear in his previous video he was doing this for attention. It's a joke. TL;DW: people hidden behind avatars get a ton of views (CorpseHusband, Dream) - let's do that.

No. 134341

File: 1611593267967.jpeg (93.53 KB, 270x296, 8FE0C027-0CAA-4E5F-96D3-FB777F…)

No. 134349

Its just a joke. He pointed out how popular people are without face reveals so hes doing a "face unreveal". He'll be back to normal in a couple weeks

No. 134350

2D > 3D

No. 134366

With very few rare exceptions even still pngtubers are more acceptable than vroids.

No. 134399

drama on luna?
she said her recent absence was due to being sick and losing her voice but she was streaming on her other channel members only with monster hunter as usual
she did the same thing on christmas and new year's too

No. 134402

I mean…? If she is using her normal voice on her other channel, its okay. Her real voice and the voice she puts in vtubing are two different worlds, they are so bizzare that I can't imagine how much pressure she puts onto her throat, and she has long streams.

The only ~ drama ~ was that she left Nijisanji, rumored that happened because one of the cows from niji was bullying her (wouldnt be surprised because same cow shortly left niji just to come back again under same character, also known for being both normally and playfully rude), but that also could be many reasons. Luna is known for always leaving her companies and changing her persona for whatever reason, no one really knows why but she does that really often. So far she stayed the longest with Hololive, and tbh I think she will stay there because she seems to be comfortable there and found a bunch of good friends.

No. 134413

File: 1611616762513.png (220.29 KB, 452x393, vlcsnap-2021-01-25-17h17m19s02…)

in the last thread there was someone who posted a sachi mega but the link is down anyone managed to copy that?
and are there any Sachiowo full streams available? just want to rewatch them

No. 134417

I'm pretty sure that Monster Hunter Rise stream got cancelled once she got sick. And she was also talking about being sick on her non-Luna Twitter.

The only thing I know she's done is maybe like a Twitcast. So it'd be quite a stretch to call it drama.

No. 134422

Just some jp retards spreading narratives. On her roommate streams she barely used her voice because she is actually sick. Probably felt like she needed to put out content for her paying members.

No. 134459

File: 1611625223152.png (3.02 MB, 3264x1081, braproid.png)

Most of the time, yeah.
VRoid models can actually be pretty decent if you know how to draw or know what you're doing, especially with the default models and limited clothing that you get.

(picrelated lol)

No. 134479

So now if Gura did just say “nigga” on a live stream, what steps do Hololive take? Obviously deleted stream, but do they go further than that? Miko got a pass because she had no idea, but the 2mil shark knows exactly what she said.


No. 134480

Or you know they do jack shit because everyone who's not a twitter addict knows the context and doesn't care you retard

No. 134481

Sachi, Demondice and Senzawa have said nigga in the past. Gura hasn't. Nobody gives a shit anyways

No. 134482

where does she even say it? the song doesn't even have the n word in it. it's the san andreas theme by young maylay, you're brain dead if you think her saying "mo knee high" is the n word

No. 134483

Ignoring the fact that she didnt say nigga, shes really struggling to keep that voice kek

No. 134484

Everyone know the San Andreas rap, but I don’t here a ‘b’ in neighbours

No. 134485

File: 1611632151255.png (88.91 KB, 466x835, youngmaylay.PNG)

care to explain where you see it, and also where you heard it in the song? like give us time stamps on that audio clip if you really think it's real but these are the lyrics from genius.com, maybe you don't know the rap after all

No. 134488

NEIGHBORS clean your ears nigger. Its from a members only stream which is still up.

No. 134489

why do you people constantly grasp at weak shit, run with wack narratives and look for stuff that just aint there.

No. 134507


Haha, yea it's a joke just like how he dyed his hair like Jimin back then. There's a reason his model is shitty, generic, and doesn't really potray him physically. So he isn't really serious about it.

Yesterday he said that initially it was a joke but seeing everyone react negatively he plans to troll for a while.

No. 134509

I know the thread is already auto-saging but jesus fucking christ did 4chan do another ban wave? fuck off.

No. 134523

File: 1611658229112.png (20.99 KB, 198x648, 76h5gf.png)

Apparently a major doxxing Discord server (with over 5k members last I checked) got wiped and POKA_V2's mad salty about it on Twitter. Guy claims he wants to "celebrate past life accomplishments" but all of his uploads feel like he's just shitting on the talents.

Before the server went down the users were already investigating non-Holos like Pochi.

No. 134525

File: 1611658525947.jpg (607.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210122-012215.jpg)

>giving these kind of niggers attention

No. 134527

A literal autist who just skimmed JP and CN image boards for content

No. 134529

File: 1611659765111.jpg (197.45 KB, 828x1792, Discord Seaniggers .jpg)

This Poka,
https://twitter.com/POKA_V2/status/1353344561804787713 , faggot is the one that was bragging about getting copystriked by Luna. Their doxx discord server with 8k members got banned, so naturally they started spreading the doxxes everywhere including the official subreddit.

No. 134530

wtf is this bullshit, some weird SEA schizo

No. 134534

Cover doesn't seem to give two shits about what the girls have said under different identities. Otherwise they'd never have hired Karen.

No. 134535

Or you know, they don't give a shit what someone said 6 years ago as a stupid kid like any rational person.

But apparently, people still need to keep regurgitating that she said Nigga a lot on her Twitter that long ago.

No. 134541

Mainly, I hadn't seen an example of them using it in a derogatory way. I think that we can all agree, that cancel culture without any nuance is pretty shit.

No. 134567


Any white kid who grew up listening to Rap and hip hop said nigga constantly, its a fact. Most don't say nigga all the time anymore cause we grew the fuck up.

No. 134568

File: 1611681271086.png (110.15 KB, 914x677, qwwqwq.png)

Look at this fucking guy, he's Spamming Hero Hei of all people….. what is this timeline

No. 134571

I joined his discord servers the other day to see what was up, was in 2 of them that only had a life span of 2 hours each and he was talking in vc with people. the guys is a complete retard and speg and he doesn't know even the basics of how discord works and even setting up a server efficiently.
he kept talking about how if their info and pictures are out there then it's public knowledge and discord shouldn't censor him.

No. 134573

I assume they found nothing on Pikamee?
She’s a nobody who came out of working at a fast food chain

No. 134578

>he kept talking about how if their info and pictures are out there then it's public knowledge and discord shouldn't censor him.
…I..I mean yes this is literally how it works. Most vtubers have past lives that were very public. The only reason people are salty white knights are because they think it'll score points with their waifu/husbando that gives no fucks about them.

No. 134579

lol, there is no milk for Pika.
At least i hope there isn't.

No. 134580

public knowledge doesn't mean things should be spread, The entire gura dox was public knowledge and it was scummy as fuck.

No. 134582

I don't think calling people up at the place where she worked counts as public knowledge.

No. 134584

See the difference there though, people deep dove into gura's shit and started doxing her family. not even gura hereself but literally trying to get her family members info. I was apart of the initial discord for a week and nothing was ever released on the same level. The only "iffy" thing was relating to Korone's email.

People went in on gura, Poka is just literally reposting old PUBLIC vids/pics.

No. 134585

The VOMs are based around vocaloid so it's very..very..very unlikely to have milk for any of them. They're all just..run of the mil chicks lol.

No. 134587

so the whole gura dox was instigated by literally just people knowing where her family is from and that she volunteered at an animal shelter, any information is ammo for creeps. the fact that this dudes been flagged by korone and luna and more, just proves they dont want it up, he should just stop.

No. 134589

Plus it's not like Luna is hard to find, seriously just get a membership for her other account and you have a video. Or join her fanbox.

No. 134590


A work phone number is public knowledge, that what im saying a public knowledge doesnt mean knowledge that should be shared publically

No. 134601

what exactly happened? i always hear about this big gura dox but never what exactly the got but yeah bothering her parents is borderline stalking

No. 134604


They found hers,her parents and her brothers full names, adresses phone numbers, shit even how long her parents have been married for, Family photos, pictures from a local newspaper, obituaries .

all this was found out because they knew where shes from and that she applied for volunteer work at an animal shelter.

I honestly didn't even know hat these assholes called her parents, but it doesn't surprise me.

Im kinda sick of people using "Public knowledge" as an excuse for leaking shit.
Public knowledge can still be private, especially when dealing with somene who has a huge following

No. 134605

i guess that's why she rarely tells stories about herself or her childhood; last time she did her whole family got doxed

No. 134606

The girl was even terrified to open her save menu when she was playing Skyrim because she was worried it would show as much as a folder path.

No. 134608

but how come we only have one picture of her from years ago there should be more if you are correct

No. 134617

They found pictures of her but most of it got nuked by mods because they crossed the line

No. 134618

are the ones talking about no pika milk forgetting shes a literal lolicon?

No. 134619

shame i would have liked to see her face but it's for the better

No. 134620

Warosu is your friend in that case, don't doxxbait here. Thread got bad enough the first time around

No. 134621

File: 1611694783549.jpg (324.85 KB, 1096x1097, 126039895_4441195199283987_602…)

Wkwk ngakak aja gue mah kalau sampai saat ini masih ada orang yang pakai kata "ingfo".
Sadar dong bos, sekarang itu udah akhir tahun 2020 dan lo masih pakai kata "ingfo'? Haha norak banget sumpah gak bohong, keliatannya lo itu cancer banget, jadinya cringe.
Maaf-maaf aja nih ya, bukannya gue sok elit, tapi ya emang kenyataan gitu mau gimana lagi.
Udah lah bos, jangan pakai kata "ingfo" lagi, gak guna, lagian lo itu udah gede masih aja pakai kata "ingfo".
Kalau lo gak mau keliatan cancer lalu jadinya cringe makanya jangan pakai kata "ingfo" lagi.
Hey, sadar hey.
Apa mau lo hidup selamanya keliatan cancer jadinya cringe gara-gara pakai kata "ingfo" wkwk.
Pokoknya kalau gue liat friends list ada yang pakai kata "ingfo "bakal gue unfriend.
Dikatain sombong? Bodo amat lah wkwk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134623

Fucking kill yourself indonigger.

No. 134624

ok Indofaggot, no one cares about your family problems. post smth that worth it or gtfo here

No. 134625

no it seems they deleted a lot of vtuber dox stuff can't find anything about gura

No. 134626

Nobody gives a shit unless you're some schizo from twitter.

No. 134628

I don't think anyone around here any problem with a VTuber telling a nigger he's a nigger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134629

Does it hurt being so fucking retarded?

No. 134632

Uhh no, everyone who streams hides info relating to their PC/IP etc. It's an unspoken (common sense) rule. No need to try to make her sound like a woe is me princess you need to protect.
Okay? And matsuri is damn near a sex pest, your point?

No. 134637


Holy shit, mute your Discord

No. 134640

"Woe is me" she literally had her entire family doxxed, nearly to the extent of Aloe. Another "Woe is me princess" who jumped off a balcony shortly after having to leave Hololive due to a similar incident.

No. 134641

File: 1611704694533.jpg (11.26 KB, 654x260, 1606791754158.jpg)

>jumped off a balcony
I assume this is a metaphor or something. Isn't she streaming as Deltaya now?

No. 134642

Menhera bitch lived

No. 134649

There were rumors were she got too into her lolicon shtick in a members stream as she discussed about her preferences.

No. 134669

She's following a guy called "Skinny Nigger in Japan" to this day on her DemonDice twitter.

No. 134674


Link to some youtube channel or something?

No. 134678

>Following someone named anything on twitter isnt milk
Pretty sure if she was following a guy called "Gas the Kikes" it'd be milk, retard

No. 134683

He’s posting that stuff on the Hololive subreddit?

No. 134684

File: 1611724590551.jpg (115.68 KB, 640x1374, zpi6q1l4gir51.jpg)

I thought we all knew this by now,lmao

No. 134685

Did she really go on a rant about kids? I can’t tell if that was a joke or not Iofi reaction to it is funny tho.

No. 134687

Yeah she attempted suicide but lived, she talked about this on her fanbox and a members stream.

No. 134705


No. 134707

And they say lolicons are not pedos.

No. 134759

there's something ironic about failing at something that you're only doing because you've already failed at everything else at life.

No. 134767

>edgy teen pretends to be a slut on twitter
>talented enough to later join Hololive at minimum age
>gets doxed, "dildosashimi.jpg", narrative, quits Hololive
>actually a nice person, releases an album soon

You are welcome, faggot.

No. 134770

All she does is autotunes her voice like a vocaloid and calls it singing. Boring

No. 134773

It could be for Opsec reasons

No. 134778

she believes she isn't talented enough, but she's had plenty of good songs without the vocoding

No. 134780

Gee Anon, I hope you grow out of being such a stuck up cunt soon. If your only complaint about her is that she's "bOrInG," that's a pretty good sign that she's actually talented.

No. 134841

> wk train never stops
> during hololive time she literally did nothing but baited and bragged onto how lewd she is
> started talking shit about the other vtuber company with which hololive collabs the most
> jptards only watch her because she was their dream "lewd uwu" succubus

No. 134844

I think she uses vocoder, which does a wide range of transformations, not necessarily, and certainly not exclusively, pitch correction. I don't like it, but it's a style many people enjoy.

I'll never understand why Aloe is so popular. It must be some weird autistic obsession/social meme. She has such insane fans, it makes my skin crawl.
She wasn't that special and her lewd shtick is pretty annoying and uninteresting. I'm not sure how much of her backstory I buy either.

There's so many other streamers that are far more compelling.

No. 134845

I guess telling the truth months before being hired could be construed as "talking shit" if you had the inclination to dislike that person

No. 134847

Nice narrative.
She streamed to 2 digits of fans before Hololive, talking about her worries in regards to becoming a VTuber. Points of content are her mentioning "black practices" in unnamed companies (which are well known), and the circumstances of an ex Nijis retirement (apparently truthfully).

No. 134849

Aloe was given a succubus design for a reason, it's stupid to think the horny teenager wasn't going to go in on the coombaiting.

She talked about how black some of the vtuber companies are and then talked about the Chitsoe / Nijisanji situation. Where Chitose got doxxed and harassed by her hardcore niji fans and quit out of fear. She wasn't talking shit about Nijisanji, but the nijiniggers went full autist and wanted her dead after that twitcast was found. Keep in mind the twitcast video was made a year before she even got into Hololive.

The obnoxious discordfags, that I hate, are a big part in why she is still alive today.

Say what you want about the dumb menhera but she can sing, make songs and most importantly made into Hololive.

No. 134850

I'm confused, who are you quoting?

No. 134855

It is the instinct to protect weak innocent girl who did nothing wrong and got cancelled.

No. 134861


Just saw this video uploaded. Anyone know where the last pic holding the phone case came from?

No. 134863

Just read the CN leaks posts above. Makes me wonder if there is a single popular vtuber who doesn't think their audience are loser otaku they milk for money.

No. 134864

Are you suggesting that opinion is mistaken? Some of them really enjoy doing it, so do the cows. Win-win, no?

No. 134865

I mean Pekora literally broke down because she couldn't do something to return the favor. So even if she thinks they're loser otaku's she at least cares about them to some extent.

No. 134866

The whole business model is based on that so nope it is obviously the truth. Vtubers wouldn't be a thing if there wasn't an ever increasing population of lonely rejected men.
As you said, not mutually exclusive. I would guess it could also be guilt. I can imagine someone suddenly getting ridiculous amounts of money and adoration for realistically nothing in return and feeling guilty about it.

No. 134869

File: 1611838220304.jpg (497.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210128-074457_Twi…)

Apparently a 3k follower Vtuber has traced their model from someone else's art? This girl is popping off venting but refuses to state who it is.


No. 134870

File: 1611838286756.jpg (555.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210128-074503_Twi…)

No. 134871

I'll believe it once she can prove it

No. 134879

The fuck's the point of saying this if they're not even gonna drop the VTuber's name?

No. 134885

Getting attention

No. 134892

File: 1611851260504.png (41.56 KB, 584x445, 100pcent.png)

She can't prove it because it is 100% for attention and clout as
anon stated.

No. 134898

At least you know it isn't a guy with a voicechanger.

No. 134901

" i am smol " my ass. If what she's saying is true she should spread it with proofs. >>134892

No. 134917

Aloe fans are most definitely white knights who feel that they're standing up for someone unfairly wronged. IIRC a lot of the reason Towa was so big with western fans originally was because JP fans criticized her voice. So there's a definite strain of savior complex among western Hololive fans.

Call me naive but I'd think that there are plenty who genuinely appreciate their fans even if some times they can be annoying, can go overboard or there are some who creep them out. It's probably similar to the relationship a lot of small time indie idols have with their fans.

No. 134918

>a "literally who" is crying about a 3k "literally who"
I know people are joking about Gura defending herself here but you really are this Polaris Vanilla aren't you "anon"?

No. 134919

>So there's a definite strain of savior complex among western Hololive fans.
Pretty sure it is fueled by not being able to speak Japanese and not being able to dig enough to take the actually informed JP fans side.

No. 134930

Spreading Anti-narrative.
I still remember the fake ass "I'm JP, let me explain the problem to my clueless EN bros." post.
She was targeted because she seemed easy prey. Some Nijiggers jumped onto the bandwaggon, some JPs fell for the lies, ENs were confused.
But she always had the support of the vast majority of fans. Still has 200k subs, after a single proper stream.
Stop being a useful idiot. Even if you don't understand a lick of JP, everything relevant got translated. Even the twitcast was subbed.

No. 134973

The amount of people who still try to defend someone they knew for a week is just weird as hell to me. She moved on and you’re still trying to defend a avatar.

No. 134974

>IIRC a lot of the reason Towa was so big with western fans originally was because JP fans criticized her voice.

You misspelled "western fan don't give a fuck if she talked to a dude on stream." there buddy

No. 134979

People are defending the girl who was harassed into attempted suicide by crazy Japanese Nijisanji fans. The door is still open for her in Hololive, but for the meantime she wants to make music as an indie. Whats wrong with clearing up retarded narratives?

No. 134980

File: 1611881271877.jpg (721.4 KB, 1499x2280, 21-01-28-19-47-11-338_deco.jpg)

Speaking of literally who's talking about drama and not calling out who they're talking about


No. 134983

envtuber virtue signal tweets are low hanging fruit here, no?
>guys.. doing bad things is bad, who agrees?

No. 134994

Retard just took everything here and posted it on yt kek

No. 134999

Oh my god, you are such a creep. Do you not understand why you look that way?

Aloe streamed once. Sucked what happened to her, but it's not the worst thing in the world and there are many other streamers who get fucked by circumstance.

There was no time for people to get invested in her or build a relationship either. I would understand people being this obsessed over someone like Miko who they had years to become attached to, but Aloe obsession is based on fucking nothing. I think most of it is some kind of weird meme in the community. There is no way even 10% of the people who claim they cry whenever Aloe is referenced in some way actually give a shit or know about her beyond osmosis from other people who also don't know her.

And then there's the actually degenerate stalkers who spent months obsessively talking about her, while donating ludicrous amounts of money to her. And why? Like that other anon said, some kind of savior complex comorbid with other severe mental illnesses, I assume. It's not normal or healthy to be this obsessed with a person based on this little.

Their behaviour reeks of mental derangement and it makes me extremely uncomfortable to think about their existence.

No. 135012

Water is wet
Give me likes

No. 135019

so recently Matsuri cried that people didn't like her shitty apex vids AGAIN
Unsubbed from her back during fall
her pet cuck lyger is feeding her info about what people are saying about her like that whole luna thing
sums up mentally ill aloefags to a t

No. 135020

You're projecting your insecurities pretty hard, might want to look into that before calling someone mentally deranged lol

No. 135027

Everyone knows she's a menhera, she has outbursts all the time.

No. 135043

Nice try but he is absolutely right. There was nothing there to be attached to.

No. 135057

Not that it matters, but she was a promising new member and got stolen from us by the Antis.
Sure, the jaded response would be "Eh, VTubers are a dime a dozen.", but if you are that jaded you're not a Holofag to begin with.
EN fans also really like to "stand up for their values", in contrast to JP norms.
Anyhow, Aloe is gone. May that name rest in peace. So if you could cease your slander we can all shut the fuck up.

No. 135058

>EN fans also really like to "stand up for their values", in contrast to JP norms.

EN fans only stand up for the mythical & hypothetical stuff that hasn't got a value yet. Once it gets a value, EN fans do everything to cancel it.

No. 135059

I don't even know what the fuck you are trying to say. Is this a chatroom now?

No. 135061

Don't bother, the aloefags are all over this thread too

No. 135063

Defending a dead icon of a fake persona sounds like a new flavor of religion.

No. 135064

Boy, do I have news for you about this guy called Jesus.

No. 135069

The scamming thing I can do without, but it's so funny to me when military wives get railed when their husbands are away. BSApricot anti-imperialist hero

No. 135072

Damn, someone is over-invested in video games never seen that shit online in 2021!!!

No. 135089

File: 1611930817334.png (116.81 KB, 733x245, f72cd093b5824df699662ca05abdd7…)

/jp/fags are now officially /vt/fags LOL

The second half of the pictured mod post will 100% lead to /vt/fags coming here to shit up the thread with schizo posting.


No. 135090

Isn't this like vtuber reddit without usernames?

No. 135092

File: 1611931335986.jpg (512.14 KB, 750x972, 1611925543180.jpg)

looks like a fun place

No. 135099

I would like to recommend this thread: https://boards.4channel.org/vt/thread/35

It is a brilliant showing of what 4chan is right now. This is a "he is a tranny" shitstorm where the more sane part of the internet can't even point out he is a tranny since it violates the no talking about IRL rule and they get mass deleted. Absolute state of 4chan. Is it bought out by cover at this point?

No. 135100

I'm more interested in why people think it's somehow hololive's fault that people criticise the budget vtubers.
Holo has its fair share of issues, but EN vtubers are a cesspool through and through.

No. 135108

You could never do that there anyways. Probably cause Hiroyuki is getting cash from Cover for controlling the first place someone would go if they had anything negative to say.

No. 135117

Thread closed, kek

No. 135122

File: 1611946271545.png (52.46 KB, 376x72, muna.png)

Remember that alleged Moona dancing video? She made an oopsie in her last solo minecraft stream.

No. 135123

File: 1611947263275.png (463.42 KB, 686x531, 1611943499759.png)

No. 135124

File: 1611947763307.jpg (142.2 KB, 922x1200, Moona_Hoshinova_by_???.jpg)

lol nice try, watched the whole stream and she was clearly referring to her avatar. (pic related)

No. 135125

No. 135136

Here is what I noticed about the new vt board on 4chan:
-Artemis threads are solid gold where trannies defend the tranny and half the posts are deleted.
-Sachiowo and Senzawa threads stayed up for suprisingly long. Amelia even had a clip of her saying nigger and it didn't get blown up.

Makes me wonder how long it will take for rules: "no tranny shark thread / no previous life threads"
how so?

No. 135148

>how so?
Didn't you know?
You have to be a holodrone to criticise budgettubers. There's absolutely no other reason why one would do such a thing.

No. 135151

if you mention Sachi or Senzawa wait a few hours and your comment magically disappears believe me been there done that
it's been getting increasingly harder to just find old streams like i don't care where they live or who they really are i just want to watch their old streams they are way more fun

No. 135201

3 days not even a full week and you’re writing paragraphs about her… Jesus Christ. She moved on get over it she’s not in Hololive she’s not going back to Hololive.

No. 135269

Which is retarded because they literally have sena and sachi threads there ?? Whats the logic

No. 135288

I just realized Sydsnap debuts today I really hope she doesn’t try to force some milf ara bullshit. But I get the feeling it’ll happen anyway.

No. 135299

It's retarded and cringey as shit because en/en indie vtubers are abusing it to hell and back and none of them sound good doing it. I don't mind when like Lamy or Aki etc does it because you know..they can make it work but I PROMISE YOU Syd will do it or something similar (onee-chan)

No. 135302

File: 1612019039052.png (443.25 KB, 430x472, sefbgahwhyadsgh.png)


origin YT tittle :
Kepoin Kakak-Kakak ANIQUEEN!|ANIQUEENの先輩達を色々質問します!|#NANDAYO - Episode 23

yep it's gone, but i already download it

No. 135304

What's her vtuber called?

No. 135315

mind sharing dem video?

No. 135364

her name is hime hajime her debut is 6pm pst/ 9pm est but can't say 100% that it's her until debut

No. 135367

>can't say 100%
i'll say it 100% for you if you want

No. 135370

Why the hell this imageboard sunddly plague with indofag?

No. 135372

Cuz moona was brought up at some point.

No. 135382

Mods save us from the indogs

No. 135402

It works for Aki because she doesn’t constantly do it. Aki doesn’t try to force herself to act mature or older because she just is. It also doesn’t work if people already know exactly who you are.

No. 135404

Man this debut is starting off kinda cringy ngl.

No. 135405

This is just rough to listen to holy shit

No. 135409

Ngl hajime hime's design and backstory is god awful….

No. 135410

What's her backstory?

No. 135414

wtf are you doing here schizo rambling with your own language, you fucking retard? seriously just get a rope and neck yourself, you melt

No. 135415

Shes an alien cyborg dragon hybrid with a tentacle tail. A garbage fire with oversized tiddies slapped on that almost cover her waist. Something a horny 12 year old would make.

Lived on another plant and now Obsessed with taking over the world and have as many children as possible. Some cringy stuff…

No. 135417

File: 1612064321242.png (Spoiler Image, 1022.85 KB, 606x826, 128571028504.png)

is this really irl shark anons? why is she a whale? i thought she supposed to be small and has twig body but turns out she's just your avg fat american burger lover

No. 135422

We're not going over this again, read the threads.

No. 135423

Most of what She likes and talks about is just edgy shit.

It’s like she saw one Choco stream and thought this is all it was. If she doesn’t watch Choco in anyway I’ll be shocked.

No. 135443

and to no one's surprise sydsnap is an awful cancer to the vtuber community and medium as a whole

No. 135460

>Some cringy stuff
Name one example of a vtuber backstory that isn't cringe. Genuinely asking.
Go back to other threads. One anon nicely showed how she uses a voicechanger.

No. 135466

File: 1612084232901.jpg (37.63 KB, 504x800, 1611226580719.jpg)

No. 135468

risu you fat fuck…

No. 135474

> an alien cyborg dragon hybrid with a tentacle tail.
Sounds like a character a kid would make. Do they think it's funny?

No. 135476

She literally created it as a joke


No. 135480

holy fucking TDS lmao.

No. 135483

Yeah, we know what Gura and most of Hololive looks like already

We know Cali and Watson said "nigga" before.

It's all twice over pasteurized, this isn't the banned from 4chan refugee camp.

No. 135486

File: 1612093478518.png (22.59 KB, 385x196, Cunt1.png)

No. 135487

Drop your shit rap bars somewhere else

No. 135488

If theyre calling themselves a nigger its not exactly derogatory is it retard

No. 135491

pretty sure that's her in a really young age you know puberty can really change someone even if they dont't actively try to

No. 135505

This is what mental illness looks like

No. 135511

I am sympathetic to the guy and everyone who spreads around this "forbidden knowledge", but donating superchats to spread it is a bit far… And on the topic of that channel, it has real potential. By that I mean the guy probably received a dozen of corporate letters trying to scare him off that they will sue. I wonder what will be the next step.

No. 135517

I'm not, if people are curious they'll dig for themselves what these assholes are doing all the time is not good.

No. 135520

so far, his own discord chastised him, so as a punishment he did some loli asmr.
not even joking.

No. 135530

Just in case anybody else fell for the narrative that THHK dissed Demondice on " game of dice " like I did, now it might have been a diss but it seems it was in good fun because THHK is producing her next song that's about to come out.

No. 135537

File: 1612114084451.jpg (621.25 KB, 1272x2400, 4chan2021.jpg)

I really like the new 4chan board.

No. 135540

Matsuri strikes me as someone who's just too honest and open with their emotions and thoughts for her own good. Which sure is kind of menheray I guess but I imagine it looks doubly worse given how Japan is (the old idiom about the nail that stand up and all) combined with the confidence and self-esteem issues she has from being fat at a period of her life where her peers would be at their most brutal about that.

Oh boy so either the mod is someone with some kind of vested interest in Shartemis i.e. a tranny themselves or one of the troonshark's pals. For maximum hilarity the shark himself is a mod.

No. 135548

I miss when talking about this retard was bannable. I am not surprised if the new mod is a tranny, because this retard was spamming pictures of his model in jp threads before his "debut".

No. 135549

>can't make fun of trannies
Laughing at troonery is why I go to these anon forums in the first place. What a mistake of a board.

No. 135561

I joined that Discord and people keep saying don’t dig up info on Reine because she has a powerful family. You can get arrested and Hololive ID will get disbanded I can’t tell if they’re just being autistic or not.

No. 135563

It's just extreme levels of autism.

No. 135566

If kimunyu wanted to keep her previous persona a secret then she should've deleted her previous channel that had been innactive for a good while now. This is so retarded

No. 135571

I dunno about that at this point. I tried posting a positive post about how people can't see past him being transsexual and transsexual people deserve respect and I still got it deleted. Maybe I am too autistic to sound genuine though, so if anyone here feels like it do it yourself and bring back an example of undeleted positive tranny post. I would really love to see that. As to why it is being moderated to hell, I guess it really is the no IRL rule which is retarded but easily explained, if cover is paying jannies behind the scenes to keep that place away from wrongthink.

No. 135577

After stealing all his info from here, the discordfag schizo sends his regards

No. 135578

I'm wondering why is nobody talking about Melody? Look, she's THE worst of v-thots, but everyone seems to see her only in positive light. Let me explain.
>didn't delete her past online history, it's on full display and archived (you should archive it too before her simps start snitching)
>lies about her age and uses a voice modulator to sound younger (26, turns 27 this year)
>lies about her birthday and makes a point out of it by celebrating her made up birthday (actual is August 12th)
>has been camming and selling nudes/porn vids for ~7 years
>made hm porn of her fucking with her bf numerous times
>sucked up to all even remotely popular camwhores, dumped them the moment she couldn't milk more clout (the rest of v-thots should be vary of her because of that)
>an actual stoner, does bong frequently (maybe before streams, unconfirmed but very likely)
>despite earning thousands of bucks in tips every stream, thousands of Twitch subs, Patreon, merch and sponsorship deals still hides content behind a paywall
>scammed and underpaid Digi (look up his twitlonger from December 2020 with screencaps of conversations)
>her "shy and awkward" persona is fake, she is a fucking sociopath
>fake weeb that browses animemes to seem "relatable" and sucked up to anitubers because "ourgirl"
>pretends to be a lesbian when it's profitable, both before and after becoming a vtuber
>fake acting during streams, doesn't actually masturbate or use toys because she knows that her audience consists of virgin weebs and neets who would believe her act
>flat IRL and extremely insecure about it, overcompensating with avatar design and commissioned artwork
A lying, manipulative, greedy piece of shit whore with zero redeeming qualities. There's nothing genuine about her online persona and she's become a vtuber only for money and clout. If that's not milk enough, I don't know what is. Seriously, fucking cheating scammer Froot got more milk than her here it seems.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 135580

we now have not only the discordfags but the vtfags too here now?

No. 135581

Is that handicapped faggot going to commit Toyota soon? Remember: It's along the road, not across the street.

No. 135582

idk scrote she sounds pretty based to me

No. 135583

this is an image board newfag. Provide links to support your shitty blogpost

No. 135584

She's not going to suck your dick for simping for her, you know that?

No. 135585

No. 135588

Wait so you mean she's not actually a 3d anime girl???? She even has a life beyond vtubing???
She goes nude on camwhore sites as a vtuber and irl??? This is scandalous. What's next you're gonna tell me she doesn't look like her avatar?????

No. 135590

Didn't you read the worst of all?
She smokes pot. Pot.
The audacity.

No. 135591

Because melody is just a slut with a model, she's worthless and nothing noteworthy, she only has fame because anime tubers gave her a spotlight.

No. 135592

I assumed she was 40yo, fat and disabled. Not even joking.
Instead she's a random whore with a below avarage face. Does anybody care?

No. 135593

>>135592 >>135591 >>135590 >>135588
So a thread dedicated to going through dirty laundry of vtubers, savouring everly little fuckup they did x years ago before becoming vtubers doesn't give half a flying fuck about an actual piece of shit because "she's an irrelevant camwhore"? Are you fucking kidding me?!

No. 135594

>>135592 You don't understand anon even her PERSONALITY is fake on THE INTERNET. And that's not even saying that she's doingit entirely for money smh. I'm disgusted and this is the milkiest milk in a long time

No. 135595

What's wrong, Vendetta-chan? Your boyfriend started jacking off to Melody more than he did to you?

No. 135596

But… But she sounds so introverted…

No. 135597

>camwhore acts like a camwhore IRL
>uses a persona on the internet
I don't know why you think she'd be any different from a 3D streamer just because she's anime. The absolute cope from this scrote.

No. 135598

Digi you gotta let it go, everyone knows she's a camwhore. Only coomers think she's a good person.

No. 135599

Is anyone even surprised? Out of all vshojos, i think only vale and melody are okay. Nyann*rs with her hypocrisy and mouse are pure trash. Their new weirdo is not even better. Idc about Zen because its a guy who uses text 2 speech.

No. 135600

File: 1612134484177.jpg (52 KB, 918x389, it_is_a_they.JPG)

And I can never get hard to it again…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 135601

I used to think it is entertainment created by shrewd people intended for audience of complete losers who have money and no one to spend it on. But the more I learn the more I realize it is made by fuckups for fuckups. I guess only hololive top dogs are those shrewd guys who steal money from both the audience and loser women behind the avatar.

No. 135604

Are you looking for a pat on the back for your findings or something? Fuck off, no one with half a brain is surprised by any of this

No. 135605

>made by fuckups for fuckups.

That's the best part.

No. 135606

>fake acting during streams, doesn't actually masturbate or use toys because she knows that her audience consists of virgin weebs and neets who would believe her act
Now that one makes me sad. Is anything about vtubers real?
For what it is worth I am enjoying it.

No. 135607

Well, I suppose talking about miss "would suck dick for Japanese citizenship", "I'm a gay troon and that's my entire personality" and identity leaks of holos and nijis for the 1000th time is SOOO much more interesting. K, bye, have fun.

No. 135608

Hey don't throw a tantrum like that. Or at least come back with other new stuff when you have some.

No. 135609

Holy shit you're actually upset it wasn't treated like the scoop of the century? Please take your meds, for real

No. 135611

File: 1612136130912.jpg (27.26 KB, 625x626, rUODPboS.jpg)

What I posted was the tip of the iceberg nobody seems to care about. That is the information available from a ten-minute google search. And the lolcows of all people don't find it interesting at all? All the juicy fuckups of lying sociopathic camwhore? Shame on you all, anons. Shame on you.

No. 135612

I had a mild chuckle. But yeah her being a failed amateur pornstar is the second thing that comes to mind once you sit down to think about who is behind the avatar.
Go on. I am listening. The only thing I found is that it is a "they".

No. 135613

You now have somewhere to start digging from, and you completely ignore it? Is this Reddit or something?

No. 135614

You're professional diggers, I'm just a rando. All I wanted to do is to make you interested in something besides holo/niji/thotemis circlejerk.

No. 135616

You clearly have some sort of grudge here, so why don't you get your hands dirty yourself and come back with some actual milk? Also
>Professional diggers

No. 135617

The tweets seem to go as far back as 2013. In his twitlonger from December 2020 Digi mentioned her having a manager and someone else communicating with him via her account.

No. 135619

People who care are probably digging now so they can't answer you. And right now it is kinda raw… Now what will be fun at least to me is if it gets spread far and wide. Would be pretty interesting to see what happens to her audience once the cutsey nice introverted persona gets proven to be a complete fake.

No. 135620

I don't have a personal grudge. I'm just confused nobody brought up something that was on the surface for almost a year. Yes, I overreacted and made it seem like a big deal, but only to draw interest to it. Just because you specifically aren't interested doesn't mean the rest are indifferent.
Also yes. If anons have managed to find old and obscure info on vtubers, that's "professional digging" to me.

No. 135622

That's the basic idea, yeah. Sorry for being too dramatic.

No. 135623

File: 1612137831775.png (708.01 KB, 1368x2496, grow-a-brain-or-hide-your-powe…)

Stop screaming everywhere you go for someone to do your work for you, it's embarrassing. At least show some kind of evidence to support your claims. Good luck not being homeless btw, Tari, Marie, HPD or whatever the fuck. Saged for reeing at a 'literally who'.

No. 135624

Now that is hilarious. 10/10 anon.

No. 135626

shut the fuck up and come back when you have better milk, retard.

No. 135627

File: 1612138956471.png (74.9 KB, 589x550, seethe.png)

What a fucking dumbass

No. 135628

My sides are in fucking orbit thank you anon

No. 135629

This is some prime meta milk.
What? It is a tranny? And it is admitting it is a tranny? This is surreal. I hope it is it's idea of giving false information.

No. 135632

Yep, 100% tranny.

No. 135633

what hypocrisy this sounds interesting; care to elaborate?

No. 135637

Get this, Nyanners has been posting on the internet for a decade using the same name so I bet there has to be some skeletons in that closet that no one online Jamie’s about

No. 135642

Everybody knows her skeletons

No. 135644

i mean yeah i know that; pictures of her and general info are like two clicks to discover but still i would like to hear what the man is saying

No. 135645

> hypocrit sjw

There you go, that’s the same thing people have been circlejerking about for years

No. 135646

hates lolicons, makes lolicon content

No. 135648

File: 1612141362665.png (127.59 KB, 531x799, pomf.png)

Made a music video about some kid getting fucked by 3 adults, deletes it and says she actually hates lolicon, proceeds to make lewd content with a loli avatar.

No. 135650

Where’s HDP-chan and their top investigators? They’ve been so focused on melody they missed this juicy scoop that no one has ever seen before

No. 135652

okay yeah you guys were right this is fucking boring and repetitive; isn't there anything more interesting i mean given that she has been doing content for over almost 10 years this is really boring

No. 135654

To understand a cow one must become the cow.

No. 135657

are we not gonna talk about sydsnap getting banned within the first 24 hours of her stream or what

No. 135660

Talk about what? Nothing was posted here.

No. 135661

When it comes to Melody I just think her voice is bland it sounds boring and she sounds like an old lady. Also a lot of her streams is her just staring at a video and reacting every 2 minutes saying “oh.”

No. 135663

VShojo is like a mix of a freak show and a whore house.

No. 135665

hime hajime already got banned from twitch. under 24 hours kek

No. 135666

can't read?

No. 135667

There's no info posted here so you know.

No. 135668

Was looking for who did Hime's terrible model and it was drawn by froot
She really lazed out for it huh…

No. 135670

doesnt help that the design is trash, a polished turd is still a pile of shit

No. 135671

can people sage their damn comments especially that schitzo who hates melody, my god

No. 135673

newfag here, how can you tell whats saged and whats not? color of the name?

No. 135674


her mom is a CEO of a well known company but yeah the indonfags are just too damn autistic and too dumb to cover their own tracks

t. indon hiding behind 8970 proxies

No. 135685

She got a three day suspension, not a ban

No. 135689

Froot only drew it. The design is home's (sydsnap). I feel bad froot had to waste time drawing that god awful thing and the person who had to rig it.

No. 135697

Thread is autosaged you fucking retard. Kill yourself.

No. 135704

Soooo, Calli just dissed every Predebut/TBA in 3 minutes. I'm excited to see the hate in twitter

No. 135708

where?again or do u mean the vtweeters she mentioned week or so ago?

No. 135714

New song.

No. 135715

i dont like the song enough to listen into it, how did she diss?

No. 135717

she essentially told the people who think she only got success from brand recognition to fuck off. While simultaneously encouraging indies to work hard. The only vtubers that are going to take offense are the clout chasing perma TBA types who arent putting any effort "vtweeters"

No. 135718

She just drew the model pretty sure everything about it is sydsnap’s idea. It was in that Vtuber video she made

No. 135726

File: 1612165118436.png (95.31 KB, 599x773, 1612162893568.png)

>They spot the name, the fame, start shaming and raising their brows
>All like "Easy for you to say, Little Miss Company Hire"
>As if these moves did not take heartache
>And these tracks are not fire!
>As if this back did not break over and over? I near expired!
>As if a million skeletons hit that "Subscribe" for satire!

Target audience is already up in arms, completely missing the point. Hook line and sinker, masterful bait.


No. 135727

Lol they really miss the point, huh?
I mean look at Suisei's history when she was an indie.

>She made her own character

>Rigged the live2d model herself
>Wrote the lyrics of her first song
>Edited the video on her own

and these "vtweeters" just complain and can't even do half of what she did.

No. 135729

File: 1612167360567.jpg (105.16 KB, 720x1052, IMG_20210201_051359_416.JPG)

It already started, kek.
"Luck factor" my ass, it's not like they picked a rando in the streets and said, "Here you go, a million subs"
You start with a name, yeah, but you gotta live up to it, if you're not entertaining enough, you are fucked.

No. 135739

While vtweeters are mostly SJW subversive cancer I am pretty sure there are some indies there who are witnessing what market oversaturation is. And they are right. She did ride the brand to multiple thousand subs. Don't kid yourself. If she was an indie even with the same character and avatar at best she would be at couple thousand subs now. Tell me what is so special about her.

No. 135740

wasn't she literally indie and still successful before she was a holobitch, not sure what you're asking here

No. 135741

Doing music which is arguably her only talent even if you don't like the genre. Not to mention she has 10 times more subs than her previous account. There is merit to what she says that if you don't do anything, you won't even get off the ground but it is dumb luck and brand that got her on the top.

No. 135743

ok so corporation improve things by 10x i'd concede that sure
but saying "she would be at best at a couple thousand" when she already had over 100k seems a bit disingenuous

No. 135746


I am not saying you are wrong.
Luck also not a factor as well.

I would say opportunity might be a better word for this situation.

Talent only will not be enough to grass popularity.
Marketing, strategy, approach bring upon major contribution as well.

I do not deny, she is doing good in her field. But remember behind the scene people also helping with the progress.

If you can give one person who has pure talent, success in a very short period without any help from anyone. I will take my word back.

I am really interested to know that person.

No. 135747

>>135726 >>135729
Every vtweeter talking this like Cali popped up out of nowhere as if 3 minutes of digging won't reveal her work already being put out there before Hololive.

How many people do they think applied for the EN auditions? You gotta have at least something that makes you stand out from the rest.

No. 135748

Whats up with english vtubers having 50% of the shit they post be "can we please normalize this", " we need to talk about that", and then the other 50% of it being "haha let's kiss" jesus

No. 135749

Imagine being so talentless and lazy that you are not willing to learn at least a simple thing such as making overlays. This community is full of idiots.

No. 135750

It is women.

No. 135752

Suisei made her own live2d, song, video editing, debut all while streaming with a suboptimal setup. It probably took a while since she was working with a job, I suppose.

No. 135753


To be fair, she only had 11k followers back in March before holo en’s debut https://web.archive.org/web/20200323050227if_/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK0efN6mG-J8gv9Qq-MHGPA

Corporate makes things 100x Bigger

No. 135758

The music is terrible, if you can even call it that. But because she's a Vtuber now it must be called "Great music" or else you'll receive backlash from simps.

It's funny how a literal WHO band gets a modicum of fame through Hololive and suddenly that band that nobody cared for is suddenly great.

No. 135759

I don't care about Karen either way, but these people annoy me.

Success usually requires hard work, talent and luck. Saying Karen just got lucky is stupid, because she's been working on a career in entertainment for her entire adult life and sacrificed for her dream.
Of course there are many people who work hard and never get discovered, but that doesn't invalidate the effort of those who do. You can't succeed without at least trying.

>Debut TBA
An another Anon said, a bunch of vtubers who do make their own model and rigging, having no money is no excuse.

>she says there's people who produce no content, but I'm producing content
Then maybe she isn't talking about you?

Maybe other people simply have different tastes than you. I don't like her music either, but people genuinely love far worse things.

No. 135760

Nobody gives a shit about your music preferences, why the fuck should you give a shit about others?

No. 135763

Hard work allowed her to be lucky. It is still luck / brand that got her 1M subs. Sorry man world is cruel.

No. 135765

Its obvious that Calli gotten into holoEN because she was unique compared to others. Its not like as if every 3rd audition had "speaking both english and japanese, while ALSO rapping in both languages and mainly working with japanese people (collabs)". Even if you compare to all others who were chosen, she still stands out. I don't know who would not have chosen this kind of a person. I bet she could have even made it to Nijisanji.

No. 135775

Calli’s hard work allowed her to get into Hololive but everyone would be ignorant to ignore the fact that each Hololive EN got subs just because they were announced by Holo. Before even having voices revealed, Calli got 34k subs on the first day. For reference, Demondice had 54.3k in August. On September 12, that number jumped to somewhere between 58k to 59k. “Luck” has shit all to do with it. There was no luck involved with Holo.

No. 135776

I feel like all these people are forgetting that vtubing is just a different genre of streaming, and also youtubing. Most big names in the internet entertainment industry etc. when asked how to 'make it' says "Make content now and don't wait until you have expensive equipment".

For these TBA tweeters, I don't think tweeting "I'm sooo gay!!" counts as that. If you want to be a vtuber, you're wanting to be a streamer. All you need is a mic and some shit static avatar until you can get a model (and work on not being a bore).

iirc some holos started with bad laptops, so you don't even need some expensive gaming rig.

No. 135778

true as literally, nothing is stopping them from png streaming

No. 135780


This whole discussion about effort and luck is retarded just as it is in any area in life. HololiveEN might not have even blown up like it had if a random mutation in a pangolin hadn't disabled the entire world.

To think it's not luck to have happened to have auditioned for the English expansion in a franchise which would massively benefit from a pandemic which had not yet happened and virtually none of the average populace ever foresaw happening…

The only real way to approach life is to put a concerted effort into a creative project which has a small chance of being wildly successful, and no more than that. There's no more effort to it than that, since doing so is a waste of time.

The VTuber who is working at mcdonalds to pay her bills is retarded. Any VTuber who spends half her day tweeting on twitter is retarded. Any VTuber who starts without having money or skills to fall back if they fail, is retarded. If you don't understand this game, you're retarded. You might get lucky too, but at least I have a house/money/friends if whatever I'm working on in my free time does fail (NEWSFLASH most things fail).

No. 135782

reddit spacing kek, as far as I'm concerned Mori is dissing those vtubing fags who don't even put in the half effort required to even have a chance at getting lucky, instead shitting up Twitter. It's difficult to reach for a creative project when you've just got home from paying the bills. Twinged with a little bit of "my hard work and my hard work alone got me here, and I'm ignorant to how my success blinds me to the fact a lot of it was effort AND luck."

No. 135783

Abd by Sydsnap, you literally mean a character she designed on Koikatsu.

No. 135787

no offense, But she was grinding her ass off in a foreign country without speaking the language fully working multiple jobs for like 2 years before hololive, do you think hololive would have considered her if she didnt have latent talent?

No. 135789

All these dumb ass indie vtubers are missing their chance if at least one of hem doesn't milk this and makes a Diss track to cali in return.
It'll get attention for themselves, might get attention from cali and cali fans and could become a back and forth in good fun where everyone wins.

No. 135790

you'd need TALENT to write a diss track.

No. 135791

File: 1612196606693.png (66.6 KB, 853x327, Screenshot 2021-02-01 112257.p…)

this person thinks being a shit head with a wrong opinion will make them viral, hate =/= views , and i haven't seen anyone agree with their opinion.

No. 135792

File: 1612196860872.png (325.43 KB, 901x587, Screenshot 2021-02-01 112257.p…)

i have never interacted with this person lol, Blockchain Calli followers? how you gonna "go viral " if you alienate you're whole audience jesus.

No. 135793

Too much work, its easier to rant on twitter about Calli being lucky.

No. 135794

File: 1612197485236.png (69.48 KB, 597x378, lol.png)

This person didn't like being called out so all of a sudden their bullshit was just "an ad" for the stream, as shown here.

No. 135796

A lot of these indie VTubers don't really try much on twitter either, Ollie is a great example of connecting well with fans on twitter before her debut.

Speaking of Ollie and the other IND2 girls, how have they all had collabs with senpais before Gura has ever had a solo collab outside her gen?

No. 135797

File: 1612198806566.png (455.83 KB, 756x808, Untitled.png)

just checked their srteamsand jesus christ what a bad person, i maybe committing lolcow suicide but i don't care if a streamer is trans if their content is fun. but this kind of content is objectively cringe and not fun. Thier streams consisted of a hug box of about 4 people.

No. 135799

either language barrier or just conflict in schedule.

but we have seen pekora and moona collab and amelia collabing with both roboco and mel so it's probably the latter.

No. 135802

File: 1612202542073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.51 KB, 1876x727, selfpromoting.jpg)

Reading this OP it is hard for me not to think Sydsnap created that thread herself. At least she could have been subtle about it.

No. 135803

>If I call myself a slur, then it can't still be a slur!
Please don't pollute the gene pool with your low IQ

No. 135806

>sHe'S uNiQuE
She's still trash. Just because she speaks more than one language doesn't make her interesting or make her have any more personality. Everything about her is petty and straight cringe. Karen's not gonna suck your dick for simping for her (but she probably did to get into Hololive)

No. 135808

Her having no talent is why she had to grind her ass off for 2 years, before HL scooped her talentless ass off the streets kek

No. 135809

Meant to reply to this one

No. 135810

hey nice to know you're retarded. Imagine thinking not getting recognition means you dont have talent, Tekashi69 has recognition but makes dogshit music.

No. 135811

You people are so fucking annoying. You act like Karen is the only person who can write a song. She's so mediocre it's painful. And fyi, it takes absolutely zero talent to roast literal who's. Some might even call that a bitch move.

No. 135812

You almost sound like a TBA Vtuber, weird.

No. 135813

holy shit, you're stupid, not anyone can write music, especially not the mouth breathers that are triggered by Calli's song.

No. 135817

Not what I said at all, retard. I was saying she wasn't popular for a good reason: because she sucks. Popular people don't have to be talented or good, but if someone isn't popular and has been trying for years, it's probably because they're not good. Karen only got popular because she leeched off of those cringey man-children that sub to Gigguk, has big tits, and raps in weebanese, which the fucking weeaboos immediately put on a pedestal. She did not get popular because her music is good and there are many talented artists who go unnoticed. If anything, I hate her because she literally applied as a joke and got in, while being a talentless cunt with a huge ego, and filled a spot that people with actual talent could have filled

No. 135818


you are a Jilted VTWEETER .

Go actually fuck yourself.

No. 135819

You don't have to be a Vtuber to know this cunt is being petty af

Not triggered by Karen's "music," just triggered that a talentless bitch has this many brainless losers following her. Karen couldn't write good music if her career depended on it

No. 135820

lol fuck me you're retarded. Must be easy to write people off as whatever it is that you don't like, just to avoid realizing your cringe waifu is a trash-tier hack with no talent. Go eat some paint chips, I think you still have some left over

No. 135821

>a huge ego
Not a big fan of her but she must be hiding that ego pretty well…

No. 135822

She literally just made a song shitting on nobodies, because they aren't as popular as she is. Fuck this cunt

No. 135823

she doesn't have a huge ego, and is pretty well supportive of content creators. this perosn saying the hololive spot could have been filled by someone else who is better is kinda funny, considering im pretty sure they're an indie and i wouldn't see Calli ever spewing some of the vile shit they said.

No. 135824

she literally made a song about shitting on wannabe vtubers who dont make and effort. Not aspiring Vtubers who have goals.

you might be a bit too stupid, or the target audience of the song to realize .

No. 135825

Yeah, no, I'm not an indie. I'm not a vtuber and I don't want to be one. You can say she's shit and someone else would have deserved that spot more without being jealous of her. She's trash.

No. 135826

> I hate her because she literally applied as a joke and got in, while being a talentless cunt with a huge ego
Oh, so it's envy then. Imagine seething because a white girl rapper larping as an anime girl is popular and is telling lazy twitter clout chasers to apply themselves and actually make content. I've only watched her a few times but she seems very humble and almost shocked that she got so popular.
>but if someone isn't popular and has been trying for years, it's probably because they're not good
>and filled a spot that people with actual talent could have filled
By your logic, anyone who didn't make the cut or isn't popular are talentless hacks.

She's not shitting on indies at all, she's calling out the TBAs who spend months doing nothing but shitpost on twitter thinking they're gonna get tons of clout and whine and make excuses instead of actually doing something I honestly blame Shartemis for that mindset, but those types would still be lazy clout chasers anyway. She has said she's supportive of people doing anything as long as they're doing their best and making content.

No. 135828

oh god, even Artemis makes content, a lot of these fucks don't do anything.

No. 135830

If the cap fits…

She does seem an unlikely candidate for a VTuber, which makes her a fine addition to Hololive. They don't need 30 carbon copies. Call her a gamble, so far she is winning handsomely.

No. 135831

>Oh, so it's envy then.
Yeah, no, fuck you bitch. I'm just tired of seeing talentless losers getting famous. I don't envy the Kardashians and I don't envy this bitch. Try again.

>By your logic, anyone who didn't make the cut or isn't popular are talentless hacks.

NO. You absolute fucking moron. I'm saying people who spend years working their ass off for no crowds are probably not seeing a rise in fans because they're not good. I'm not shitting on people who are talented and not famous.

No. 135833

Just because she's different doesn't mean she's good. I could be a Mongolian throat singer vtuber. Does that mean I should automatically be accepted? Fucking dumbass

No. 135836

Are you this retarded? Watch one of her streams, there's tons of people enjoying themselves. You are not the target audience, get over yourself.

No. 135839

Jesus, I swear half of the posts here after Calli released her song are some butthurt wannabe Vtubers, if you seriously want people who share your shit opinion about not being allowed to get shit on because you're being lazy, go to 4chan's new vtuber board. I think that's a much more fitted safespace for you.

No. 135842

This argument chain turned around weirdly. Vtweeters argue that they should automatically be accepted - which is absolutely untrue. Nobody should be, and nobody is. Ergo, anyone that made it had to have done something right.

No. 135847

Concratulations, you faggots made me listen to the song.
Surprise, it isn't about you, you are irrelevant. It is a challenge to aspiring musicians/VTubers to "fight their way to the mountaintop and battle her for 3 days and nights" referencing some old samurai anime (I think). She is playing the villian. I am sure she is thankful for the free advertisement you lot provide.

No. 135849

of course, i have seen tons of vtubers on twitter who get it, its motivational and if you get offended by it, then you might be the target audience of the "diss'

No. 135850

You’re a fucking idiot. There’s literally a whole verse telling vtweeters off. The whole song is a diss. Don’t be dumb.

No. 135851


No. 135858

You still can't scrape enough money together to finally get that model can you, v-tweeter?

No. 135861

Literally 90% of Holo talents are women that put effort on those things by themselves before getting in the company.
go back to >>>/pol/ jack off to trannies incel

No. 135863

why u heff to be mad?

No. 135865

Now I really want a Vtuber Mongolian throat singer

No. 135869

Silvervale? with her public tantrums she deletes when she realises it doesn't fit her uwu wholesome lewd persona? Or the fact she blocks any medium sized vtuber who doesn't suck up to her? She's been mentioned on past threads several times for her bullshit

No. 135877

>Ya want a balanced following? Then start creating, stop tweeting.

No. 135896

the biggest lolcow is a vtuber who has to use other vtubers to grow herself. its really sad literally owns a youtube channel of vtuber clips from bigger english vtubers like Nyanners and uses that to endlessly promote herself. she grew herself to 4.2k on twitch in like 2 days. lmao

No. 135901

holy shit the milk is coming from inside the thread

No. 135906

Don't even need to pay money, Leon and Alice's old avatars were made from scratch and there's a Japanese indie whose live2d was drawn in MS Paint. PNGtubers are also a thing and Calli's "homiemoon" stream showed her as a cardboard cutout bouncing around when she talks to prove that you don't even need live2d to work.

The real lolcows were the posters we met along the way.

No. 135907

They need a good Live2D and rig to make up for their shit personality though, like Artemis.

No. 135910

>Leon and Alice
They have 100 subs and 20 views on their videos.. selfpost? You're not wrong, but weird selfpost none the less.

No. 135915

do you think iketog will include western vtubers in their doxx database one day? https://iketog.com/

No. 135916

Not a selfpost, I mostly remember them for their ads posted on 4chan. It's very "graphics design is my passion"-tier but the sheer QUALITY of their old profiles made them stick out in my mind. Their redesign feels off somehow.

No. 135930

Hey guys, just found this website and its like a treasure trove of forbidden knowledge.

Gotta ask whats "Milk"? I found it everywhere but it doesnt make any sense(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 135940

might as well throw the fucking fishing rod in too if you're gonna bait that hard

No. 135948

Also it's not like just because of working and making songs she was putting a 100% effort. She sucked at japanese too. And in the videos that she was showed as she is irl she didn't even bother to put make up or something like that, she looked like she just have woken up, and that was a months before debuting. People who think she puts effort should see real idols.

No. 135950

if she's gonna diss someone why she doesn't start up with clippers who do nothing but leech off creators

No. 135952

says the retard who watches those clips because they cant speak nihongo

No. 135953

because clippers bring in viewers dumbass

No. 135954

because they're still doing something? Calli's standards are rock bottom and if you can't even reach those then you are actual human garbage.

No. 135963

Fucking kill yourself anon. You're grasping at straws right now.

No. 135969

>she doesn't wear makeup so she's shit

No. 135970


I dont get why are you reacting like this.

The song was dissing are the vtwitters. If we compare it between Mori and vtwitters, even if its not 100% . . . Mori still put way more effort than them. I dont get why you are sprouting these useless stuff.

Why do I feel like you're being defensive and triggered.

No. 135971

Yeah if you say you don’t like the song because it’s about Vtweeters which I personally couldn’t give a single fuck about they all just scream about you not getting it. Personally I think that is her worst song the music is good but the lyrics are lazy imo. Like that whole Twitter thing lasted for a day and she made a song that included it. The whole Twitter part took me out of it.

No. 135982

No one cares about them. Make your own website.

No. 135983

Really? I havent seen posts like that. Tbh my bad. I judged her by the way they handled their lewd podcast where ironmouse was the purest attention starving cringeloid.

Thats the first post which screams " i am a jealous indie" lol!
> not wweawwing makeuppp
Isnt she a tomboy? Fuck off.

No. 135984

At first I was thinking that this is just an anon who hates both vtweeters and Calli (because that is also an option and I would argue it is the rational one). But based on how long this bitching is going on in this thread, you have convinced me. It is a vtweeter with a grudge.

No. 135986

>The actually useful MEGA links that had Sachi and Nagu clips die within minutes of being in anon hands while this site continues to live.
Also no, nearly all of the artists retain their original identity and the only disguised indies I can recall are Nerine = ValkyrieAurora and Fumiko Hoshi (a pre-debut) = Corimon.

No. 135991

lol ur right most western vtubers doesn't even have a previous life to begin with

No. 136000

fuck you guys, ruining vtubers for me

they we're all great in my mind and was the only thing I enjoy daily

fuck me for being curious too

now I have nothing to enjoy in life

i want to die(no one cares)

No. 136003

That's rough buddy.

No. 136004

What's preventing you from enjoying them?
The fact that they're human?

No. 136005

Bruh. They had lives before becoming vtubers. They have lives outside of being vtubers. What did you expect was gonna happen, they're not self-contained anime characters they're just normal ass streamers with anime avatars

No. 136006

I'm actually pretty thankful for it since instead of watching them I can shit up this lolcow thread

No. 136007

The whole business hinges on the 5% of audience who pays the bills. And for a loser guy to become part of this 5% he has to buy into the delusion that his waifu is free and he has a chance that one day his waifu will return his feelings. Meanwhile she is getting fucked by new dude every week while the money from cucks keep pouring in.

No. 136008

The idea that people donate just because they want to fuck an animated character is retarded.
If that's the case, then why do male twitch streamers get donations?

No. 136009

Use this opportunity to learn to appreciate and love actual human beings?
Does it really make a difference if she is 36 and divorced with children?

No. 136010

What gave it away?

No. 136011

I mean, if his favorite was Artemis and his voice wasn't a dead giveaway until he came here I can understand his reaction.

No. 136019

To all these vtweeters getting butthurt over this: get over yourselves. If you haven’t debuted in the six months you announced that you’re a vtuber, then you’re never going to debut. Just stick to larping and quit crying that the shoe fit.

No. 136023

its generally acceptable for black people to call themselves niggas and niggers, sorry to ruin your victimization complex

No. 136031

File: 1612280229808.png (75.49 KB, 612x690, y005D2wP.png)

Welcome to the bruh zone.

No. 136033

only reason why you are like this is if you have simped for Artemis. I looked at pretty much all previous lives of the hololive girls and I still watch the ones I liked before, because I watched them for their personality and gaming/singing skills.

No. 136079

I'd imagine language barrier, timezone differences and probably a lack of confidence on Gura's part. Even when she collabs with other ENs the only one she ever really seems truly comfortable around is Ame. Also Ollie is just freakishly extroverted and friendly. Honestly Ollie or Fubuki would probably be the best people for her to collab with to ease her into collabing outside of EN.

No. 136081

Probably multiple reasons. Due to sheer amount of viewers she has, there are a lot of Twitchtards which might not mingle well if it's on another channel.

And she might feel insecure about her Japanese, which if I were to guess would be on par with Ame.

But Ame doesn't really care about the language barrier. Which honestly outside of a few awkward moments has worked out well for her.

No. 136082

Judging from the collabs, Ame REALLY seems tired of Gura at this point.

Gotta be from when she just up and said her name in Minecraft right?

No. 136083

Butthurt nobody VTuber detected

You can relax, it's probably not even directed at anyone - Karen just wants to play at being a rapper

No. 136084

ame's mel collab came off as genuinely well intentioned and interesting. gura on the other hand is lazily riding off an octave singing range and a cute model. eventually she'll run out of songs she can actually hit the notes of. when she sings harder songs like gurenge or yoru ni kakeru she just stops midway because she can't hit any of the higher notes

No. 136085

For the love of god if you're gonna yap about nothing at least use sage

No. 136091

How does Nagu put up her singing voice for entire hours exactly? Doing that sounds more straining than any recoil her wrist has to take.

No. 136093

Thread is autosaged, dumbass.

No. 136096

oh really? cool then just shut the fuck up about your gay voice critique then

No. 136097

Wasn't even the anon you were replying to. You're just being an actual retard. Go fuck yourself.

No. 136099

a bloo bla bloo bloo bloo

No. 136106

> tfw its the only actually good ame x jp collab, other ones were complete jackshit.

No. 136108

none of the eng hololives should sing except gura, this is cringe

No. 136109

What gives you that impression? Genuinely curious because it seems like the opposite to me, they seemed to have a lot of fun together in the last collab for example

No. 136112

File: 1612304089809.jpg (352.81 KB, 719x785, furuya mari shunao 1.jpg)

No. 136113

File: 1612304125250.jpg (484.09 KB, 591x658, furuya mari shunao 2.jpg)

Furuya Mari talks about "unfortunate incidents" in 2020

"Saying 2020 was stressful is definitely undermining how much crap I went through this year"

No. 136114

File: 1612304154514.png (959.11 KB, 1001x800, furuya mari shunao 3.png)

No. 136115

File: 1612304189203.png (473.68 KB, 1000x1500, 1597306300324.png)

draws fanart of her alleged "rapist"

No. 136116

File: 1612304291097.jpg (274.37 KB, 1149x601, Furuya Mari Shunao.jpg)

She can start brand new, but she's still claiming to be a victim after almost ruining someone's life. For what reason? To impress her bf that she's small and frail?

No. 136117

Can confirm, https://steamcommunity.com/id/solariaqqqqqqq was her steam as Shunao and if you check Betadood's steam friend list, she's there.

No. 136118

nobody said she couldn't sing, just that her range is small, she strains to hit high notes and lowers them when she can't hit them. go whiteknight elsewhere. its not even harsh criticism

No. 136120

I'm skewed towards believing you but I'm gonna need an explanation on how a voice changer would make the Furuya voice.

>Admitting you're wrong about something when you've been surrounded by people who don't even have it in them to say you rush your art.

No. 136121

when exactly did that happen do you have a timestamp?

No. 136122

Don't bother, happened months ago and has never been even proven.

Not sure where he gets that they can't stand each other either, but considering he still lives in 2020 nothing would surprise me.

No. 136123

File: 1612305280422.png (139.95 KB, 600x1143, furuya mari shunao.png)

If you listen to Furuya there's a lot of static and tinny-ness. She blames it on a shitty mic but clearly it's a voice changer. If you compare their laughs, it's the same.

Unrelated but she last posted she would quit the internet, but that was a lie.

No. 136124

i kinda feel like management is stopping her from doing a lot of stuff she wanted to do she said she wanted to create little shitpost videos basically but management wouldn't like that

No. 136125

Because she can. False rape as a thing exists because women can do it and they aren't punished for it.

No. 136126

something like that normally is really talked about i was wondering why i couldn't find any mention of it happening

No. 136127

keeping Gura in a box where she only gets to interact with her own Gen seems like a waste of potential, i know the language barrier and time can be a be a hassle but they really should get her out there more

No. 136128

I don't give a jack's ass about Gura because her "milk" is so stale and boring. I'm literally just telling a retarded anon that the thread is autosaged.

No. 136129

Learn to search things on the internet.

No. 136130

how does this old clip prove ame can't stand gura? they just sang about each other to promote the amesame ship

No. 136131


OP has a bad timestamp but they've had countless great collabs since this happened. Ame didn't seem to care. Now fuck right back to /jp or whatever shitty board they call it nowadays with your month old baseless narratives

No. 136134

It doesn't have to. To me it sounds more like Gura being a grade A autistic retard and making it kinda like an in the know joke: "hey it is your IRL name but only we know it ha ha ha wink wink". After which she probably got properly shat upon by manager and rebeca behind the scenes. On the other hand regardless of this clip I also get a vibe that Amelia doesn't really like her, but can't resist her biggest subcount.

No. 136137

Tbf it doesn't feel like Amelia likes any of her gen mates mainly because she goes fucking stiff and quiet half the time in any collab that she's in.

No. 136141

So are you just regurgitating bullshit that people have constantly reiterated without any proof whatsoever or are you somehow magically the first person to corroborate that the name of Ame, who is half Latina, is Rebecca.

No. 136142

Did you really use an old clip to prove a point about them not liking each other? Are you retarded?

No. 136143


If Senzawa had doubled down at being a solo Vtuber, she could've still been more successful than any single HololiveEN talent. Granted she had the advantage of building up her brand for 2 years before then via top tier shitposting.

No. 136144

I seriously think people overestimate how popular Senzawa was outside of her Youtube channel.


No. 136145

File: 1612309366174.png (8.83 MB, 7500x2405, 045540.png)

Not sure what your plans are but here's the last bits of evidence you'd need when it comes to Shunao.

No. 136146

that's why shes constantly chilling in their streams , like all of their streams, must hate their guts.

No. 136148

Has this thread really fallen to the point of 4chan narrative posting and calling it milk?

No. 136149

Amelia has said that she's bad in collabs because she gets really nervous.

She was streaming to 1-2k viewers on twitch and her schedule was basically I'll stream every few weeks when I feel like it. She could have made it as an indie if there was someone to force her to stream and put out videos regularly.

No. 136151

She literally had 800k on youtube, sang shit for belle delphine and was one of the first "vtubers" in west and always had at least 1k viewers per stream. She straightforwardly "hinted" that its her before and during her debut, which is one of the reasons why she gotten 1mil so quick, not counting her
A) bein in holoen
B) being both loli AND a shark which japanese love

No. 136152

What did shunao do to corimon?

And shunao/Furuya Mari hasn't learned anything, she's still acting holier than thou. She's been accused of plagiarizing other vtuber designs but says "haters go away". She has a streak of self victimization and curating a "uwu loli girl" persona. She shouldn't taint vtubers with her impure dick sucking. She doesn't belong in the vtuber community until she realizes the severity of her selfish actions.

No. 136155

Not sure about the vtuber side of things but Cori is a physical attendee for FGC events so it's not hard to imagine their friendship falling apart along with Shunao's 25K to 19K follower drop.

No. 136156

this guy has a point you aregoing off of nothing; it's possible that ame is just burned out and needs a bit of stream time for herself but nothing really indicates that they hate each other or that ame hates everyone in holoen

No. 136157

oh damn it actually does exist thats one stupid way of having your name leaked gura most likely got shit from management after that

No. 136158

This “apology” sounds exactly the same with the gcyoshi twitlonger

A lot of deflecting and minimizing. Furuya Mari / Shunao /Lyn whatever fucking name she goes by now is a garbage human

No. 136159

No. 136160


No. 136162

File: 1612312485300.jpeg (279.61 KB, 614x1365, 77E21563-99BF-4AC8-95CA-232BCF…)

So betadood says Shunao “quit” the internet because of stalkers. But she is becoming a vtuber, which arguably creates simps and stalkers.

Is betadood a cuck?

No. 136170

Based anon
OH thats right she's half latina so her name must be Consuela instead right? kek
There are literally VA auditions with her full name credited, you're just shit at finding information it seems.

No. 136172

VA credits are from Gura, knuckledragger.

No. 136175

Ame's VA worked on some anime dubs and as a foley artist and her IMDB was found sometime during the amepocalypse, newfagchama

No. 136176

Can you even read? Damn you people are retarded

No. 136180

She's an abject failure as a human being and is incredibly socially stunted. It's her main draw to be honest, but it's also why she is shit in collabs except with Gura.

No. 136201

That was week 3 HoloEN, the fuck are you talking about?

Ame started it off by dropping a reference to a clip from Gura's original channel about multiple Mouse, Gura later fired back with "Does anyone call you anything weird, like Rebecca"

They've collabed a dozen times since, I don't think either of them give a care people know who their previous identities are. Neither do Calli or Ina.

No. 136202


No. 136207

Ano, anon-kun, but why do sachi clips fall off the face of the planet the second they're posted here then?
Ame clearly gives a shit about her previous life, because she was a classic example of 3DPD.

No. 136211

Actual anime or fandubs?

No. 136247

It doesn't matter if Senzawa wants it cause her subs clearly show that she is recognized (but she for sure doesn't mind that). Sachi probably doesn't want to be recognized. So still a dick move by shark.

No. 136250

No. 136252

Stop advertising yourself and disappear off the surface of the earth, faggot.

No. 136258

Why would you want this to die? It has incredible potential. I really want to see what cover does with this guy.

No. 136259

Absolutely nothing lol.
It's not self-advertisement, it's a white knight trying to rally people for some reason.

No. 136261

cover did nothing to iketog so why should they do something to this?

No. 136263

All this guy does is repost shit and advertise himself on imageboards / comments / superchats. Usually gets banned immediately. A bothersome, mentally ill person.
Nothing will happen, because nobody cares.

No. 136268

File: 1612368201891.jpg (369.93 KB, 1077x1057, 20210203_170253_790.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 136269

she did some stuff for actual anime but only small roles and while she liked the idea and process she didn't really seem to like the industry

No. 136272

> pegtuber
> REdebut

No. 136275

One one artemis's friends and constantly up his/her ass on twitter..are you surprised?

No. 136277

File: 1612371730040.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1400x1699, 15425260-CB38-4361-B721-0F1E13…)

She's the bitch that did the weird tummy trend too.

No. 136285


What do you expect from a "lesbian" who's dating trannyshark? They're a group of degenerates

No. 136286

I really like her normal voice, a shame that she nuked all her streams

No. 136288

She straight up has her face plastered on her old twitter with the text "Let me hold your hand, is this what you were looking for?", I don't think she's extremely upset.

No. 136290

Oh, so it's a troon too? That explains everything.

No. 136302

Fakeboi detected

No. 136304

Her twitter is gone and someone else took the name.

No. 136316

pretty sure she removed it but it definitely was there at one point; her steam even said something similair but it's private now as well i think

No. 136333

why are there clippers on youtube that then literally just self promote their own vtuber clips in the same clipper youtube for bigger vtubers. Then they pretend it isn't them ontop of that when the proof is so obvious with the way they talk on their vtuber and the way they talk in the youtube clipper channel. Imagine being so sad to have to use other vtuber's fame to get yourself known. Some may say its smart, I say its pathetic.

No. 136335

Which channels are you talking about anon

No. 136369

youtube clipper channel called Vtubers R Us

Take a look at their clips and watch how they only write on the clips of the Vtuber called carmenthemoomoo saying things like "GO FOLLOW HER now" "go get her to 5k guys" Even so silly to put her in "honorable mentions" along side other bigger vtubers like Nyanners and HimeHajime when there are dozens of other clips of smaller vtubers. its so obvious that they are the owner of that clipper channel just trying to promote themself. In the top 10 vtuber clips you can see the way the person writes with the heart at the end is exactly the same as carmen writes you can tell by her twitter. yet she tries to pretend it isn't her who owns the youtube channel.

No. 136423

Could just be a simp, could be whatever literal who you brought up, but it's warm milk and not real drama

No. 136425

File: 1612429727241.jpeg (790.26 KB, 1242x1676, 4FA5416F-D13B-4682-BB97-3101D2…)


Don’t know where you’re getting the idea that she had that many twitch viewers when the statistics are easy to find. She has 1 stream in her last 6 months that maxed out over 1k viewers and that’s the highest, not the average

No. 136440

Is Uto going to come back? Its been 3 weeks and I highly doubt, since she got called out with so much shit including recent past. That also knowing how japanese people just nuke / run away off social media the second they get called out. I wont be surprised if she is already commissioning a new character.

Shrk was always more popular on yt than on twitch for her shitposting.

No. 136443

Damn I was lied to. Senzawafags made her seem more popular than she really was. She was going nowhere with that type of discipline.

No. 136450

File: 1612439638409.jpg (31.51 KB, 720x347, 20210204_125206.jpg)

People mainly watched her youtube, no one really cared about her twitch. A month before holomyth debut she had 916k.

No. 136466

I don’t think I’ve seen anything more cringy than people getting off to a white girl weaboo saying “ara ara” every 5 minutes.

No. 136468

it's not that she was hugely popular the fan base was just really dedicated

No. 136469

The reason it's so attractive/sexy to people is because with JAPANESE women it makes sense and it's a mommy/being dominated kinda thing. The western Vtubers, especially vshoujo trash that spam it drove it into the ground and no one actually gets off to those idiots doing it, it's a meme at this point.

No. 136470

Even then most Hololive JP members ignore people who ask for that hell even Choco doesn’t do that. I don’t get how you can live in Japan for a year and still act like a weaboo.

No. 136488

Does Hime really have to stream with a bible over her chest??

Why doesn't she make it mature setting , I think it would solve her problem.

No. 136491

It was a joke. She says on the stream she was banned for zooming in on the boobs and shaking them around, not the boobs themselves.

No. 136524

She was certainly moderately successful on youtube, but she was nowhere near as "big" as senzawa retards make it seem.

No. 136550

File: 1612486424983.jpeg (1.94 MB, 4780x3138, File_000.jpeg)

No. 136564

I understand now why melody and silvervale stream with avatars instead of their faces

No. 136568

lmao all of you say that like you wouldn't be interested if they gave you a second of attention irl

attention whores or not these are all relatively attractive women, same as the holoEN girls

No. 136569

I don’t think that’s Melody, it doesn’t match her old cam girl Twitter

No. 136570

No. 136573

They look fine. How come no vtubers aside from Nijisanji girls look busted af?

No. 136575

File: 1612499955988.png (2.16 MB, 720x1829, Nijisanji girls.png)

forgot to link it

No. 136588

The craziest part? That all of this is made up and in fact never happened

No. 136594

don't be a retard and learn to dig deeper. I remember seeing the twitter one from the previous threads.

No. 136595

File: 1612508126961.png (1.62 MB, 1342x1991, 1606915081885.png)

ok anon

No. 136614

File: 1612518034986.jpg (146.16 KB, 900x1200, DwgS3StUwAACD-v.jpg)

Holy shit, Apricot looks like Zach (Sneaky) from C9 who ended up openly becoming a crossdresser after he accidentally got busted for having sissy porn tumblr account open. I can't find the exact photo but in his solo smiling selfies he literally looks like her, might have to dig deeper.

No. 136618

Samefagging, its not a tinfoil or anything but its hilarious to me.

No. 136619

File: 1612519890099.jpeg (669.63 KB, 834x960, 4343BF38-F103-465E-8719-030EE3…)

Her name isn’t a secret, there is a bunch of art online credited to her.

No. 136638

Yep certainly an oopsie by the shark but u can't deny the fact That ame started it first by saying the mooses shit. So their technically both at fault imo

Also wtf is this theory bullshits that ame hates gura ?? Stop asumming fags, can't even provide proof. Ame basically confirms gura and her are friends even before holo, they probably decided to join together.

No. 136641

It's not a theory so much as it's an observation. Holo/Agency girls "confirming" shit in identity doesn't mean anything, they're LITERALLY under contract, we seen what happens when they actually get personal about work relationships.

No. 136643

i wouldn't be surprised if they knew each other but i doubt they were friends or joined toghether

No. 136897

Ame = (asking what's the plural of moose.)

Gurafag = gasp wtf, that clearly snitch her prev identity. Everyone know that's senzawa thing!

No. 136898


Gura didn’t care. She put a fucking screaming cowboy hidden in the background of her debut streams thumbnail. She tweeted the ‘a’ thing which was another reference to the Country Roads video.

No. 136905

>Everyone know that's senzawa thing!
This also applies to ame and her name.

No. 136906

anyone else find it weird that keeki's been in japan for years but refuses to eat more traditional japanese foods and is uncomfortable with cultural things?

in the travel stream she just said she wouldn't eat anything at the restaurant (while calli ate whatever) and they had to make her mashed potatoes and pork because she refused everything

No. 136907

"Does Gura hate Ame?" is an all timer for dumbest narritive. HolloEN are free to collab with whoever they want now and Gura and Ame still choose to play games together. It's like the dumbasses who think Calli and Mori really hate each other.

Check your parasocial relationships at the door. Your speculations and narratives aren't milk.

No. 136908

> Calli and Mori
That’s the same person

No. 136909

Calli and Kiara is what I meant

No. 136915

Her Battleblock Theatre was originally planned to be solo as well, till someone mentioned that it'd probably be more entertaining if it was a collab. Wonder who she ended up asking.

No. 136922

I don't find it weird..she's a weeb that's living her dream and Japanese (asian really) food is very you need a taste for outside of the basics, she just wants to brag she knows some Japanese and living in Japan.

No. 136924

Why tf would she ask that in the first place, both are just fkin retarded.

No. 136925

So three of them actually has a background in vtubing https://youtu.be/oTzZsQhX5PU

No. 136938

Don't be dramatic, people don't like certain foods especially raw fish and sea urchin, she's been shown to like a ton of Japanese food including Ramen and miso and shit

No. 136939

How do you know its Risu?

No. 136946

Ramen isn't necessarily Japanese food. People legit mean ACTUAL Japanese food..to the point you try to have places cater to YOU.

No. 137000

Kinda feel sorry for Ame since she really must feel overshadowed by the others with their drawing skills…

No. 137001

Ame and gura are on the same level.


No. 137002

That's not really milk also
>Implying Gura is doing any better despite having 100s of fanarts in her visual library.
>Kiara messing up the head to body ratio when her Ame is genuinely promising otherwise.

No. 137008

Wdym her drawings stand out more and more memeable, She didn't even try. More like overshadowed by kiara BS. She doesn't even try to humor anymore.

No. 137014

Here is a spicy narrative. Senzawa is genuinely gay for Rebeca behind the scenes. Rebeca goes along with everything because Senzawa is the top dog and she wants to get sub and money scraps, otherwise she hates her. Now tell me this doesn't explain everything.

No. 137017

just looking at Gura's reaction when she thought people were saying it's already valentines day makes me think she's already in a relationship. I vaguely remember her already being in one when she was streaming eurotruck a long time ago. wouldn't be surprised if they're still together.

watson hanging out with her for the clout is certainly possible. gura being awkward around literally everyone because she really is that much of a nerd is also not that surprising.

No. 137018

Or maybe they are just coworkers

No. 137020

This is the true spicy narrative that no one here will believe.

No. 137021


No. 137022

She literally doesn't want her to be remembered as gura's friend. She also has done lots of collab with others. Gura might be the biggest but their supa chat earning ain't big of a gap

No. 137026

The narrative of them hating eachother is a reach and is exaggerated in a cringey level. Don't put ur shitty insecureties to others. Giv a real milk

No. 137029

Re: The Oekaki Collab Last Night

The reason that Gura and Ame seemed so low-energy compared to the others is that they had to stay up or get up early to be on the same stream as Calli, Kiara and Ina who are all in different timezones.

No. 137032

Doesn't Ina live in Canada? Also, Amelia and Gura have streamed at that time and even later this week, so it shouldn't be a problem for them.

No. 137033


Well she's tho…

No. 137034

File: 1612706036755.jpg (77.87 KB, 843x419, xx.JPG)

Ame is the one wins it tbh

No. 137035

i mean they could have just been tired in general; they don't really have a sleep schedule so they should be accustomed to staying up late/waking uo early

No. 137039

In addition to being tired, I think their chemistry as a group is awkward in general. As we've seen previously, Ame goes quiet during collabs, you can tell she is much more introverted compared to the others. Gura was pretty low energy at the start, but quickly picked it up. Plus they all haven't collab'd together as 5 in a while and its obvious how awkward they were with each other.

No. 137040

U pepega, Ina lives in Canada and Kiara is from Germany or Austria.

Mori is in jp but will fly back to canada sometime

No. 137042

She's Yagoo aproved, that's enough for me

No. 137043

Still not as bad as Zen melting down about the capitol thing though.

No. 137047

Uh I thought you guys would be talking about the tsunderia drama from 3 days ago, but now I remember that they're not famous enough

No. 137049

Or because no one posted it. Also you people need to stop popping up with "why is no one talking about" or "so everyone missed" type statements and post nothing along with it.

No. 137051

but what exactly did you guys expect idk what all of you have but their reactions are pretty normal they obviously have fun but it's not like they scream and wheeze every two seconds when i chill with my friends on discord we behave in a similaire manner

No. 137053

Kiara is from Austria you can hear it in her accent when she peaks German + her Private Twitter has the Austrian and i think ina is from the USA same as Ame and Gura because she mentioned in a qa that she could visit them but doesn't because of the Virus

No. 137054

Ina is Canadian with Korean ancestry. I think Gura is Canadian too but she lives in USA. And Amelia is American but with some latino ancestry.

No. 137055

Who here believes that she actually didn't mean that?

No. 137064

She said that she used to be a bully at school, so I'm not surprised

No. 137066


Mori is American and not Canadian. One of her older picture she shows her passport.

No. 137068

Mori is from Texas according to her last.fm

No. 137073

Kinda rich coming from someone who never worked a real job in her life and just leeched off her family (muh dead parents abloo bloo) until she won the vtuber lottery.

No. 137076

The spic blood is strong in her then.

No. 137082

Agreed. Amelia always had everything on silver plate unlike Mori, who worked (and keeps) many retail jobs (eg shed work at 2 places) while learning japanese and making not only music, but art and animations. Unlike Kiara and other holoens, Mori actually was passionate about making it in Japan instead of looking at everything with weeb glasses (or like Kiara, always beggining for money to get another japan ticket or do shit to stay).

No. 137084

Are her parents dead for real or is just some made up bullshit she said to gain subs?

No. 137085

ok mori

No. 137090

File: 1612743461450.png (792.81 KB, 1366x768, 8942948.png)

Sorry, I'm just new in this paparazzi board, and well I don't have that much, to know the full story I would have to go to discord and fuck that tranny hell hole
So in short, tsunderia is a "company" where Kana and Purin are members, for some context, Kana is Gura's sister and you could say that Purin is the lost sister of Korone, they had a gen debut this year and Kana announced her graduation to become indie again some days ago
This made one of her new ex coworkers cry on stream (probably because Kana was pretty much the back bone of the company and now she has to put more effort into it)

The next day, in the official graduation, I don't know if manager or Kana forced them to attend her graduation which you could tell no one wanted to be there and 2 of the members didn't show up

So… why was she leaving? there were some narratives in /vt/ that pointed that she wanted to fuck off since last year for reasons (probably money and restrictions) BUT, here is where there may be some milk, there is this rumor that things got heated on her discord before the announcement, something about a tranny mod named S-train, he allegedly got mad for some reason with kana and somehow dragged the whole mod team with him and that was the last straw for her and later on she announced her graduation, like I said before, it is in discord and I don't have an account nor want to have one, and I don't know if it's worth it now since probably everything should have been deleted at this point, but who knows, if you guys feel like digging there then those are the crumbs

No. 137094

noticed cover pulled the latest ep of holo grafiti. I did see it when it was up and while it wasn't very good I didn't see a reason for them to pull it either. anyone else noticed anything?

No. 137097

Did she literally just copy Korones complete stream design?
Man these indies have balls it's not even funny. Makes me wonder why crazy holofags haven't torn her a new one yet.

No. 137098

Mori is weird in that she doesn't really code as a weeb. Her dream to go to Japan wasn't to live out some weeaboo fantasy like Kiara or so many others. Instead she was obsessed with a subculture of rap that isn't even really popular in Japan. You could almost consider it a more ill advised idea than your typical "weeb moves to Japan" shit. So it's pretty impressive that she managed to gain the success she had. Although her nipponese is kinda weak and who knows what her life would have looked like long term if she hadn't landed Hololive on a whim.

No. 137099

Uh I saw some posts saying that she made that design even before korone debuted, but's hard to believe and I haven't checked that fact

No. 137101

i see where you're coming from but also talented isn't equivalent to entertaining, Amelia isn't good at anything but she's definetly the most funny when it comes to internet culture.

No. 137104

>Did she literally just
No, it's obviously a shop. She is assumed to be inspired by Korone and gets made fun of. Irrelevant.

No. 137111

She gets upset about people comparing her to Korone too saying her design isn't inspired by Korone, and immediately deleting the tweets afterwards.

No. 137119

Anya is the most mysterious one to me like did she luck out and get in without experience in streaming? Or have people just not found her past life?

No. 137121

So what's the deal between Pekora and Aqua ? I saw this video
and apparently after the collab the rabbit got jealous and doxxed onion. I'm honestly quite interested in this story, if someone has some links to share (like the apparently pubg stream where Aqua cried because of Pekora's raid or maybe an actual photo of her after the leak of her infos, if it's true)

No. 137122

I call bs on that. Its known that Korone drew that figure at the bottom of the screen herself, but if the picture is really a shoop it's irrelevant anyways.

No. 137125

No. 137131

File: 1612760231801.jpg (36.48 KB, 374x512, xx.jpg)

"Spic on a stick"
Gawr Gura, cozy minecraft stream

No. 137133


Silver plate and Ame doesn't really add up knowing that she said that she was homeless once, left by her parents, and one had nothing to it. But it shows, since her debut; she streams more frequently that the others. I think she work hard for it and not take it for granted.

That if we assume that everything she said is right tho…

No. 137147

File: 1612766918878.jpg (838.51 KB, 1000x946, 1605569567280.jpg)

reminder that rosuuri designed these ripoffs

No. 137154

Korone debuted on 2019 march, while no one seen or heard of this aliexpress copy of a dog until last year. I call it bs.

How many Ame stories are even true? At first I believed it but the more stories she added the less I believe her. They all are better than the other, and a lot of them sound like an internet bait "i licked an eyeball", etc. There is too many of them.

No. 137155

It is kinda wild how three of them from in Tsunderia look like Hololive members even tho Kana came first and isn’t in that anymore.

No. 137158

To be fair, we only know mori's a hardworker cuz she always brags about it and it's not even about vtubing, (unlike suisei who force her way with her own avatar) and She just somehow did it on a whim cuz of her peers influence, u can tell she doesn't even enjoy vtubing. We only know how much people have been through to some extent.

No. 137166

Inukai debuted more than a year after Korone so there's no way she thought of that design way before

No. 137167

Hmmm idk about haachama/char, most "human" blondes kinda look the same, I sometimes confuse fanart from haachama and nene when they only wear bikini

No. 137180

File: 1612791643201.jpg (615.38 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20210208-143853.jpg)

Purin said in her debut stream that she had this dog OC since 2015 and rosuuri changed things so yeah her mama was the one that ripped off korone

No. 137181

File: 1612793680882.jpg (131.22 KB, 720x924, 20210208_151442.jpg)

Tsunderia itself doesnt look like any brand tbh. To me it strikes as some weeb vtuber group full of cringelords and nobodies. Name itself is too weeby to take seriously.

Their new character acts like a tard on twitter. Inb4 its the troon
Both picrelateds are from tsunderia

No. 137182

Is being an "indie EN vtuber" literally about tweeting dumb shit?

No. 137185

File: 1612794031676.png (841.15 KB, 1531x803, char debut.png)

Chair said the character design is by @Xeph_Artworks the art beside her current avatar is Xeph's.

No. 137186

who even gives a fuck about tsunderia. now that kana left them they lost over half their fanbase, which wasn't even that big in the first place.
calling it now, that group is gonna fall to pieces and disappear within months.

No. 137187

well we definitely know that she had a small japanese/internet following with her rap and that she did push out a few albums and that she has been in japan since more or less 2016 which would mean that she had to work a normal job to pay rent and stuff

No. 137191

To be fair..we know mori is a hardworker because following her before her Hololive stint kinda….shows it. She wasn't exactly a private person and living in Japan, especially as a foreigner, is NOT cheap and to comply with visas etc requires not being worthless.
Yes..hence why calli roasted the shit out of them and they all got butthurt because it's true.

No. 137192

Eh, Purin is pretty big especially in Flipland's weeb community so I doubt they lost much.

No. 137199

File: 1612802036577.jpeg (277.95 KB, 1471x1021, download (1) (2).jpeg)

Vtubers love to whine about "don't say I look like this person it's really offensive!! Uwu" but literally how can you not compare these

No. 137200

File: 1612802074885.jpeg (219.59 KB, 1577x1020, download (1) (3).jpeg)

No. 137218

File: 1612814132308.png (481.71 KB, 636x486, tittystreamer.png)

>How many Ame stories are even true?
Her dream stories are fake for sure. And that is a good question. Would a tittystreamer make up some stories to get more money from her simps?

No. 137226

Don’t you need tits to be a tittystreamer

No. 137235

tbh the fact that she became a titty streamer and that she sold lewd pictures of her avatar on patreon makes them only more believeable to me; it's like a last resort kind of thing she did stop with the tittystreaming after a bit because you can see that she didn't like it she even mentioned her being one a few times

No. 137236

edit she made fun of herself being a titty streamer a few times

No. 137237

All of the clips i've seen her as a ''titty streamer'' had the goal to not be homeless. I assume that she had to pay past due rent or was behind on her mortgage and that she did this as a desperate measure to avoid losing her home. She probably went back to regular streaming shortly afterwards

No. 137251

Most Ame stories are probably rooted in some nugget of truth, but are grossly exaggerated. It's sort of her brand so she has to lie about her "terrifying" childhood and her fans eat that shit up.

No. 137293

Something tells me context won't help in this case.

No. 137294

No. 137295

The absolute state of chumbuds

No. 137296

File: 1612833882812.png (73.19 KB, 491x416, 1612819964900.png)

No. 137297

After each video
"This can't get worse."
>it gets worse

No. 137299


This can't be real. She's trolling. She's baiting. She's drunk or high. I refuse to believe this person is real because holy shit.

No. 137301

File: 1612834333648.png (129.86 KB, 1225x662, carol_en.png)

If this is her, she won't stream for a few days

No. 137303

Yep, that's her.

No. 137305

Are these all from the same stream or does she always just watch random youtube vids? It looks like her socials are pretty new.

Either way, what the fuck.

No. 137312

That Haachama outfit is new tho

No. 137325

she seems nice. I'll be looking forward to more from her.

No. 137327


What the actual fuck
Those are real kids

No. 137333


Eh, just screams try hard edgy to me, trying way too hard to appeal to the people who laugh at offensive humor without any actual effort. More annoying than anything my god that voice

No. 137334

She was behind on her bills because she never actually worked. She is the epitome of lazy. Becoming a titty streamer to avoid homelessness isn't noble if you are only at risk of homelessness due to laziness.

No. 137338

This bitch needs to be reported

No. 137339

The queen of based

No. 137342

Already was, twitch banned her account temporarily

No. 137343

She’s 13.

No. 137344

A quick look at her Twitter tells you she’s moved to Youtube.

No. 137345

I'm sure the pdf fileia is gonna be much more well received there, but hey, if she's 13 at least it's not weird that she's lusting after an 11yo, and it's only one count of being a retard on the 5yo clip.

No. 137347

Proof? I thought she claimed to be 16, and even then if she wasn’t bouncing off the walls constantly I’d have believed it was a LARP

No. 137349


If she’s 13 - 16 that explains the edgy teen shtick fairly well. Though honestly at the end of the day I don’t really think it’s all milk. Like yeah what she says is terrible but it’s so terrible it’s obvious she’s just trying to get a reaction/attention. Also who even lmao.

No. 137351


bruh if she’s really 13 then I think what is even more cringe here is that she has a lewd art tag and probably a least a weirdo or two following her

No. 137353

yeah she is
>go to her discord
>look at what the fuck she is saying
>"she is very weirchamp to me, pog"
I don't speak zoomer but most of her shit is like that

No. 137355

You were good friends with an 11yo?

No. 137362

These posts are all bullshit

No. 137376

Notable Relationships:

Fubuki – a collab partner, their relationship was especially strong during the time they started growing rapidly on Bilibili. They do not collab as much anymore, however.

Haato – an old collab partner, they used to do “girls talk” streams where they would answer marshmallows, with Haato playing the pure girl and Matsuri playing the straight man. However, this relationship fizzled out by late 2019, and they haven’t done a collab since.
>Matsuri and Haato play Switch Together - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkwNhOxewhI

Shion – similar to Haato, Shion used to collab with Matsuri a lot, especially in Minecraft. They had a cute sibling relationship w/ both making fun of the other. Unfortunately, this relationship dried up around the latter half of 2019. These days, they can barely talk to each other without sounding extremely awkward.
>Shion and Matsuri sing Shin Takarajima in Minecraft - https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Gt411x7BG

Tamaki – an old collab partner of Matsuri, they were extremely close from 2019 to 2020, with Matsuri frequently consulting Tamaki on matters, and Tamaki even showing up for Matsuri’s 200k 3D livestream. In August 2020, Matsuri cancelled a collab w/ Tamaki to practice with Happy Set , and they haven’t collabed since.

Hoshikawa – Matsuri adores Hoshikawa, stating that she looks up to her wishes she was a male just because of her. While Hoshikawa does not dislike Matsuri, she still keeps Matsuri at an arms distance, and for the most part ignores her except when Matsuri randomly donates a few grand on her livestream.

Luna – Matsuri and Luna got very close during the summer 2020, coinciding with Luna’s first 3D and Matsuri’s birthday celebration. However, like always, their relationship seemed to fizzle out by August, and while they still mention each other sometimes, they are much more distant from each other than before.

Suisui – Matsuri and Suisui make a very formidable duo, with Suisui’s vocals and Matsuri’s dancing skills. When you think of an “idol group” in Hololive, an image of these two always comes to mind. They frequently get paired together when Hololive needs to send people out to events.

Tenjin Kotone - A good friend of Matsuri. They occasionally have collabs where they chill on Kotone's Minecraft server.

Possible Future Relationships:

Lamy - They've been out together and shared a few beers, and they seem to mesh personality wise.
Noel - Matsuri and Noel seem to get along quite well, and work very together.
Ollie - She seems to be a genuine fan of Matsuri, but it can also be a ploy for networking.
matsuri has a bad track record, sasuga menhera

No. 137382


> Luna – Matsuri and Luna got very close during the summer 2020, coinciding with Luna’s first 3D and Matsuri’s birthday celebration. However, like always, their relationship seemed to fizzle out by August, and while they still mention each other sometimes, they are much more distant from each other than before.

Anonchaama, chill the fuck out. They had at least 2 collabs over past 3 months and Matsuri still was clingy towards Luna during minecraft sports games.

And this year she couldnt stream too often (especially right now with almost a month without streams because she had problems with her voice, and then surgery). I don't think that theres suspicious going on between them if you actually watch both of them, during summer of course she had to keep distance from Luna because she was developing feelings towards her by being overlyclingy, but few months later they still seem to be fine together. Luna found herself two good friends, Subaru and Choco and shes okay.

Imo i find Matsuri and Hoshikawa weird. Don't know if its that Nijisanji girl, but Matsuri used to have a huge obsessive crush on one.

> When you think of an “idol group” in Hololive, an image of these two always comes to mind.

Akshually, AZki and Sora are the ones who fit the idol image, with Sora being an ex idol irl.

No. 137417

That Keeki onlyfans though! Spicy.

No. 137418

any pics?

No. 137419

Doesn't exist, this is also an imageboard, post images/links.

No. 137421

Hi Kiara(hi cow)

No. 137422

File: 1612905176649.png (88.63 KB, 904x670, Kiara onlyfans.png)

No. 137423

That would be some nice bait, if she was hot. Or if we hadn't already seen her.

No. 137425

Not typing that in as I know based on hololive contracts I've seen she can't have an onlyfans lol. The only stuff she has is her old shit that's still floating around.

No. 137426

Now you have our attention.

No. 137427


It's a rickroll in 2021

No. 137431

still a helluva lot more entertaining than this board has been for a long time.

No. 137444

yeh no bro it's a rickroll in 2021 i thought that we grew as a society but apparently not
she has done the same thing as kiara as well and it wasn't funny the first time and it still isn't the fifth

No. 137447

File: 1612917847746.jpg (61.61 KB, 960x1280, 47580297_905938176405068_51333…)

She doent need OF cuz shes been doing lewd sets on patreon for years now

No. 137448

yeah no i am not mad about her not having an only fans i am not actually mad about the rickroll thing either it's just annoying and it needs to die

No. 137450


She apparently sold stuff on her Etsy store that was to lewd for Patreon.

No. 137471

I heard one of the reasons she took those down was because people kept refunding them when they realized those sets had no porn, as if it's the same thing as gravure.

No. 137477

File: 1612941753210.png (1.21 MB, 1312x743, unknown.png)


No. 137486

>zoomer being a cringelord
Every sixty seconds in Africa a minute passes.

No. 137491

Unironically Mori could do better with an only fans if she wasn't a chubby autist.

No. 137492

As if Calli is fat. Holy shit you're blind.

No. 137494

How is that supposed to work if you consider her both dumber and uglier?

No. 137496

Mori is skinny now actually, and she managed to preserve her tits

No. 137504

One of the most astounding feats a woman can achieve

No. 137544

File: 1612991030157.png (2.01 MB, 959x1348, Bilde_2021-02-10_220248.png)

since when was she fat, the last good pic I could find was from 2018 there she looks decently skinny tbh

No. 137545

She was never fat lol, lonely weebs don't know what real women actually look like or think anything over size 0 is "fat."

No. 137559


She dresses like a fat fag with her oversize jacket, couldn't blame people who think she's dat fat

No. 137560

File: 1612999899196.jpg (841.98 KB, 3045x3002, IwishIwasthisfat.jpg)

If this is fat..I'm obese, lmao.

No. 137561

>Callie looks more like Amelia than Amelia does.

No. 137594


The only people who call someone fat are insecure and projecting. It’s the default insult of the internet. Don’t worry anon.

No. 137598


this board is filled with losers who judge people by attractiveness or weight, but are fucking losers. I wonder how many of the people on here who think Keeki or Mori are ugly would not be given the light of day by them. lower your standards neckbeards.

No. 137612


You would be surprised. Sure, Kiara I don't really find attractive personally but I do find Mori attractive and she got a perfectly fine figure. I know I wouldn't have a chance in hell to get her attention.

No. 137617

Hope they see this bro

No. 137632

Appealing to the bottom of the barrel scrotes for views. Stay classy, indie tubers.

No. 137640

Man, Gypys are just built different.

No. 137645

Is she actually the most attractive HoloEN? I guess they are all somewhat decent looking.

No. 137675

It doesn't help that the in the US, 65-73% of the population is either overweight or obese. So if you know someone over the internet in the US, most likely they're fat. It's a default assumption

No. 137678

File: 1613030590275.png (484.68 KB, 526x837, Wooperfuri.png)

Depends on how much you like Nagu who is as straight A Asian student as you remember from school.
Kiara's face is as prone to nitpicks as she always is while whatever people have scraped for Gura is wildly inaccurate to the present.

No. 137692

Never said she was, it's just that i think people fatshame her cuz of how she dresses and it's kinda true at some point, the drip makes her look like one.

No. 137697

File: 1613044292484.jpg (269.4 KB, 657x1900, ZM1155413.jpg)

These are the newer pics after her weight loss. She wasn't exactly "fat" though, just overweight.

No. 137714

there is a diff between market oversaturation and not putting in any effort into your content.

a lot of indies who are offended think that holo turned her into a vtuber when in reality, holo (or any other reputable company) isn't going to pick up some nobody with no history of making content. yeah not everyone is going to get to a million+ subs but if getting to 1mill is your goal you're in the wrong market.

a lot of them brush off the absolute grinding that Mori had to do in order to get picked up by a company. She didn't just apply and they said here ya go, she had to have some kind of proof that she was worth them putting money into. The company will give you a reach and some equipment to work with, but other than that you have to actually produce and organize your own content for the most part.

if you can't even do the producing and organizing your own content, no one is going to follow you at all.

No. 137717

Vtuber market is oversaturated now, especially EN wise hell even when it "started" there were hundreds if not thousands in some format. So while Mori is indeed correct and we can ALL see it, it's hard to not admit that vtubers are now a dime a dozen compared to the days of Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, Mirai Akari and Siro. Hell I mean there's thousands sure, but in terms of "mainstream" we're definitely oversaturated.

No. 137730

Yeah, the market is definitely oversaturated, but everyone is so hyped to follow vtubers that as long as you start streaming and making content you'll get a steady fanbase coming in even if you're on the smaller end. creating content is the most frequent (and easiest) advice that any content creator will give someone who wants to make it in a field, even if it is oversaturated. no content = no fanbase. content = at least a small fanbase

i saw a lot of the tweets from when mori's song first dropped from the ones I followed. You could tell the ones who were motivated to get their asses in gear to make some content vs the ones who had their feelings hurt.