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No. 131584


If you want to discuss the entertainment side of vtubers go here:


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead. If you see someone being retarded, don't engage. Report and move on.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN (Do not dox vtubers who were nobodies and have no milk. Do not dox the family members or friends of vtubers)
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Narratives
> Schizo posting
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes
> Obsessive doxing that leads to no milk whatsoever. We don't give a fuck if it's not juicy.

Remember to embed YouTube videos at a minimum. This is an image board, screencap or properly archive tweets and vods instead of linking to them directly.

Previous threads:

No. 131606

File: 1610303284949.png (91.08 KB, 1150x334, 3ACy5jF.png)

Take a shot every time an indie says some shit like this and cancels a stream

No. 131607

The indie scene has so much better milk than the bigger ones

No. 131611

File: 1610304724714.png (1.19 MB, 1176x1736, Untitled.png)

the indie scene is just full of virgin degens that are way funnier than obsessing over weird minor details of senzawa's personal life imo

No. 131612

IDK if it's because of Melody but I don't really care about vtubers being horny or taking advantage of simps. Get your money. Just don't be fake horny or fake pure. Fake is irritating

No. 131614

Indie vtubers most likely have a lot more milk cause they don't have a company breathing down their back and a bunch of obsessive idol otakus to cover their tracks for them.

No. 131616

Indietubers are plagued with people who still fall short of Twitch's 75 viewer quota for partner since adding 17 indies on top of any Hololives you picked up leaves no room for being in a better position than before HoloEN.

No. 131622

So ironically there's no milk on this one other than it probably being yet another ironic weeaboo tranny with fake horny humor.

No. 131627

Lol you’re not leaving many vtubers then. All of them force it to hell and back. Especially hololivejp new gen. I love how they get a free pass though and anyone who calls it out is a prude by their wks. I agree if it was genuine though, go for it. The fake act and repeat of the same skit is beyond cringe.

No. 131628

File: 1610317236264.jpeg (210.47 KB, 1283x828, 2A297CD8-8FB3-4DD1-9D04-72EC28…)

Holy shit, isn’t this illegal or something? It’s quite literally a reskin. https://www.twitch.tv/kulfiecreme

No. 131629

Not "illegal" but extremely copyright you better give us some money..able.

No. 131631

It is if you try to profit off of this but Cover's lack of chat mods say that they won't know this girl exists until (You) rrat her out.

No. 131633

not sure if this should be osted here or the MtF thread in /snow but supoesly Mayuzumi Kai is trans? https://iketog.com/mayuzumi-zense/

No. 131637

File: 1610319958696.jpg (114.33 KB, 675x697, ErUJ1DoUUAABHxL.jpg)


No. 131639

Seems like it's the only thing these threads have honestly. Other than your random weeaboo spregs venting in these threads against the holo en girls.

No. 131644

File: 1610325877520.png (429.49 KB, 648x367, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.41…)

She recently updated her model. Probably caught some shit from cover.

No. 131647

I'm sure in this case it's "ironic " but I love how 80 percent of indie retards use terms like seiso or wholesome uwu to describe themselves by being the biggest attention seeking hornybaiting aggressive cunts possible

No. 131649

File: 1610328199693.png (621.43 KB, 1440x1452, Screenshot_20210110-192209~2.p…)

I wonder how Gura feels about videos like this being made of her.
Same for covercorp in general.


No. 131655

did you report that account or are you a faggot anon

No. 131661

Your talking about Gawr “Put a spic on a stick” Gura here anon

No. 131662


"Put a head on a spic" when she clearly meant spike, don't try to create false narrative fucktard.

No. 131664

I was joking you dumb scrote. Although I have to say that defending your shark oshi here is pretty pointless

No. 131665

this shit is too funny kek how can a native english speaker say spic instead of spikes is beyond me.
Its like saying nigga instead of niagara it makes me ctfu

No. 131667


It was a png she put over her face for a joke because y'know, being a dog vtuber means you're a budget Korone.

No. 131668

How much of a faggot do you need to be to report someone on social media, especially over something like this.

No. 131669

This seems like a mix of accurate and just outlandishly made up. Luna specifically seems like a joke

No. 131684

Gawr "put a head on a spik" Gura lol

But seriously, why are weebs usually white male conservative? Litt Gura or vtuber in general has nothing to do with white supremacy stuff whatsoever. It is all japanese anyway~

No. 131688

File: 1610349976010.jpg (45.73 KB, 427x454, pitch.JPG)

used an audio plugin and Shifted the formant (effectively the larynx size) of senna's 2013 update from her soundcloud by 2.5. guess who she now sounds like:

Original soundcloud link:

No. 131690

so does that mean gura uses a voice/pitch changer during her streams?

No. 131691


No. 131692

A lot of white edgy alt right guys have raging yellow fever and want a demure japanese irl waifu and think Japan is based and redpilled, they forget that japanese women are often times ten times more batshit insane and jealous than western women. I guess even then they excuse it because "irl yandere so cute uwu"

No. 131694

i didn't shift the pitch. i shifted the resonance of her voice (formant). pitch shifting wont work esp with karaoke since you will be hearing your own voice + pitch shifted voice and that will throw off your singing. So i figured out that it was probably a formant shift.

tl;dr: yep it's a voice changer.

No. 131695

Holy shit and i thought her voice change natural since she was sen i guess that was bullshit kinda sad how she needa use a voice changer

No. 131696

ah but is it even possible for formant change in real time? i know about pitch changer vst plugins never seen a formant one though

No. 131697

if you watch different sen clips, her voice changes drastically esp vs earlier clips

yep. with hardware. Look up the tc helicon voicelive.

also sage your posts.

No. 131699


Nice wk/selfpost.
Defending a literal who is a dead giveaway. Don't use this thread to self promote your ugly models and boring ass debuts.

No. 131700

That just sounds robotic, and nothing like senzawa/gura. You're going to get laughed at for this.

No. 131704

>yep it's a voice changer.
I'm not convinced. I'm pretty sure a formant shift is doing something very similar to when you disguise your voice (without technical help).

No. 131706

I don't know a lot about sound engineering and all that but wouldn't a formant shift also affect any other sounds entering the microphone in a way that someone would have noticed by now? And would Cover really allow one of their talents to do that considering the potential bad press of being found out? It seems more likely to me that she can affect that voice consistently on her own if anything

No. 131709

It's not like as if she is with them IRL and holoEN travelling to japan would be highly unlikely. Mori lives in Japan for a long time and Kiara the white idolweeb was in Japan the whole time too, hoping COVER would allow her to live there with working visa, but they told her to fuck off. Ame, Ina and Gura are fine sittin at home in their countries.

I can see voiceediting trick happening because every communication happens through discord or other PC apps. But in order for >>131688 anon to fully convince us on that, anon (or someone else) should make more comparisons. Id suggest making a video with audio, throwing it on dropbox and uploading it here.

No. 131711

Yes, from BrownBeeTV to Senz to Gura, every tone is different. I guess that's for aesthetic as well as not to get recognized irl. Again, we need to separate her character from Senna Howard herself. Character =/= voice actor.

Ame also used it, you can see the vast difference between her twitch voice and vtube voice. The only one I'm sure not use it is Calli. Calli's voice is really similar to DemonDice persona and her irl voice in concert.

No. 131712

LOL, someone commented on 7 years old archive; a week ago. Looks like she would become self conscious more.

I noticed Gura sighed or doing tsch~ sound when there's some chats saying 'do chest reveal' on Today RDR2 stream. I wonder if she discovers this board too, since I also saw someone link this board in one of her comment section.

No. 131713


This is her singing voice 7 years ago.

As you get older, your voice would usually get lower too right so it doesn't really make sense your voice get 'lolier' by the time you reach 21 yo. Also, she still sings good.

No. 131714

Of course she's changing her voice, just like a lot of Hololive members do.
I don't see any indication that any technical help is needed for that though.

No. 131716

Wow I didn't even know Mori was living in Japan for a longer while. Consindering this her Japanese is pretty bad. Could've gotten some private lessons from Kiara kek.

No. 131717

Are we really going this route? Anyways here's senz era where she struggles to maintain the voice while singing

No. 131719

timestamp 1:40 for the major breaks of voice. Sounds quite robotic with some distortion, note "fuck" at 1:42. Don't doubt a voice changer is used in some combination

No. 131721

File: 1610374235314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54 KB, 640x1040, aaa.jpg)

Found it in reddit, is this Joel, the Gura's BF on RFA stream?

No. 131722

File: 1610374609873.png (3.76 KB, 589x206, 1413723642138.png)

In all fariness Kiara is not too good at it either, but she keeps stroking her ego and desperation to keep being "niihon idol". In the past she was a fugly white idol in Japan who was milky as hell, and throughout this day still remains to be one. She would talk a lot of shit about others in public, including Venus and would send anonymus hate. She also started sleeping her way to stay in Japan eventually, later then posting pay2get nudes and showing pictures of herself in bra. Most of the milk about her was on pull or old cgl boards so now its a bit hard to find everything, but that bitch still remains to be toxic and fake kek. She would make puppet account on pull to wk herself or wk herself on imageboards, so no wonder she started pretending to be a whiney menhera to earn the worst fanbase out of all holos (redditors who post gore to wk their queen and argue with jp, trying to turn people against other holos). She has such strong ego that she even made a wiki page about herself just to have it nuked later. And through all years shes always been known for doing "I CRY IM SO SAD I HATE MYSELF" for money and attention which she keeps doing now. She cant sleep her way to get more subs in hololive, so she leeches off yuribaiting and making her useless talk show instead, inviting only popular holos and making shitty interviews about things that even newfags know.

No. 131727

where is that screenshot from??

No. 131728

learn to fucking read the previous threads or go back to reddit newfag

No. 131731

Her Tumblr. Its an old screenshot (4ish year old lol) but I put it as an example. Kiwifarms had some recent stuff but the website is down.

No. 131733

whats the link to her tumblr?

No. 131735

File: 1610376672799.png (241.7 KB, 1242x1781, 1500561793697.png)

If you scroll past threads you could see her previous (and still existing) persona kek

No. 131739


but that twitter account is privated?

No. 131740

Any time any milk is brought up about the other girls you spergs always try to bring up old shit on Keeki to distract from them.

No. 131745

Literally says October 2014 in the picture.

No. 131747

The gura voice changer shit is such a reach

No. 131748

Doesn't sound like her at all. I even listened through the whole thing in case I missed what you were referencing. I don't doubt the possibility of Gura using a voice changer, but at least provide something real instead of patting yourself on the back for this garbage.

No. 131753

It kinda sounds like her, but you'd think that she wouldn't change her voice, considering that everyone knows she's senzawa by now.

On another note, do people not get tired of spewing the same bs about Kiara over and over again?

No. 131755

Exactly. The statement was about language skill and my dude had a whole ass irrelevant angry copy pasta ready. Starting to think that the other girls’ spergs use Kiara as a scapegoat to derail conversation from their precious oshis getting talked about.

No. 131761

File: 1610384029264.png (Spoiler Image, 839.89 KB, 1200x1200, temisfriend.png)

> newfags will never know how milky Keekity is because they never browsed cgl or jp idol internet
I have never contributed in Kiara posting in previous thread, but if you really want to do more milk research on Gura, please, go ahead. I just wanted to post what I know. I really do not mind and encourage more info about the new sharkgirl, but it looks like as if theres only one person who actually posts something interesting about her, while others are sitting there and waiting. Help poor anon out!

Picrelated is artemis's weird friend.

For oishi tinfoil I can't care less about their content because it all looks the same to me, especially half of holoENs being nothing but twitch girls with anime avatar.

No. 131763

If they wanna know about Kiara milk, they can just…you know…read the previous threads

No. 131765

It's only bad press on the EN side, JP folks don't care unless they feel betrayed it's a guy..and even then a lot of JP are into "traps". Literally on the application it says as long as you can play the character it doesn't matter.

No. 131768

Or like any of the previous Keekihime boards from the last 5+ years, the problem being, people blast Kiara for the previous antics of Keekihime.

It's kinda unfair and irrelevant a lot of the milkier stuff about her happened when she was a teenager. so far as Kiara she has been clean. People make mistakes but dredging someone through their past mistakes is pretty wack.

Also for her in particular, there's a lot of people blowing stuff out of proportion and running with narratives. People just hate her, its pretty tiring to look at.

No. 131772

I have 0 knowledge in sound engineering, but wouldn't a constant voice changer eliminate any possibility of off-collabs? Also wouldn't it mess up when she plays an instrument like the ukulele? She used to be a VA and used a similar voice so I think she could just be straining her voice

No. 131779

my opinion is she just got better at making the voice and singing. some of her covers are very good.

No. 131780

I mean, she is using a microphone into computer for streaming + using effects like reverb, possibly even some compression, noise gate ect…that stuff can happen even without use of voice changer.

No. 131781

Everyone is saying that Gura's Minecraft stream got chat disabled because of the accidental slur, and it's probably true, but I'd like to humor the idea that it was because when she started talking about how she thinks cosplayers use silicon boobs at ~36:30 her chat went "Kiara?" or something. Wasn't there during the stream, so can't say for sure, sadly.

No. 131786


Yeah they're just being a retard

No. 131788

Ina's voice is also the same as her neighbor when she's on air. A shame that one guy with the MEGA clips only has clips.

No. 131790

Do you have more clips of her? or may I have the MEGA link if you don't mind

No. 131799

kind of bad example since she's voice acting for the character, I saved this one someone posted with more natural speaking

No. 131800

Lucky for you the guy on /jp/ posted 2 links and only one died.
That being said Nagu's clips don't tell all that much since she's the opposite of milky and her artstyle isn't something that can be crammed into your arm.

No. 131802

why is it asking for shitty decription key if i try to link this to someone?

No. 131806

Legit “hide yo kids” shit

No. 131807

Suspended account. What was it? Is there a cache?

No. 131808

Watch this one vanish in a few more hours after being posted here.

No. 131809

Well, it could be, but losing a nice amount of weight can affect your voice decently, and if you're also a VA…

No. 131810

>hoping COVER would allow her to live there with working visa, but they told her to fuck off.
They didn't, Cover could help like with Mori but she admitted that she's very homesick and kept facing flight delays.

No. 131818

It was nothing related to Vtubers, it was just Gura put over some Nazi shit, from a user named "Jas the Gews"

No. 131819

it was just some gayass neopagan memeing with gura fanart on it, don't know why they even posted it

No. 131821

File: 1610409955477.jpeg (574.6 KB, 828x1427, EE5D464A-9CDF-473D-900D-86E623…)

I honestly don’t see the problem with this you’re going to look like another character just accept it. I don’t why they think it’s offensive to them.

No. 131824

If you're going to be this bothered by it then change it? Or just ignore it? So annoying. Everyone wants to be a shark or dog or whatever else/is inspired by other vtubers and anime characters but then cries when people point out similarities. If you lose your shit and need to be reaffirmed that you're uwu unique then idk maybe your skin isn't thick enough for this

No. 131825

God, these people get upset over anything

No. 131826


EN VTubers don't really appreciate that anime is derivative by design and the only way to set yourself apart visually is to be like a big troon elf or a dog or a devil like Nijisanji people do

No. 131836

I can go back and try to find it again but Gura mentioned using autotune in one of her streams before, not sure if she adjusts her vocal pitch but it would be really easy to do with that software.

No. 131837

She uses autotune constantly either as a joke or cuz it gets requested by chat.

No. 131849

Are you talking about autotune like the t-pain robot voice? Because I'm referring to the pitch correction software.

No. 131851

I hope the "Gura's got robot followers" and "Gura's got got a robot voicebox" theories evolve into something cool "like Gura is the first true AI ever built" sooner rather than later.

No. 131861

nijisanji's kuzuha's insults and discrimination towards people with disabilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__lPpnqMgoQ(imageboard)

No. 131868


No. 131870

File: 1610441031995.jpeg (490.58 KB, 828x1309, 2D0177C8-13EC-48DE-891E-532638…)

Half of the Vtubers responding do look like other characters from anime and other Vtubers. If you choose to be a dog Vtuber you know exactly who you’re going to be compared to.

No. 131871

> the most basic bitch / overlyused combo: blue eyes and pink hair
> is also a dog while Korone is one of the most popular holoJPs around westerns atm
And she's complaining? Really?

No. 131872

I wouldn't mind dog vtubers if they had just chosen a different breed of dog. Hell they could always do a chihuahua or husky design. I hardly see those. But it's always a similar design with the same ear shape as Korone. They have no reason to complain.

No. 131874

Pretty ironic if you consider the fact that Yuniiho was involved in a huge drama some years ago regarding her allegedly copying Yenkoes' artstyle.

No. 131875

why does gura play story heavy games when she never focuses on the story and never actually tries to pay attention to anything in the game?

No. 131876

Because game streaming is never about the games. It is about the person playing it, an entertainer.
If you are trying to get into the story, you play the game on your own.

No. 131877

Nta but it's stupid to not pay attention to a story if the game is story-based. FBK, Coco, even Peko and many other holos are always paying attention to a story when it comes to playing these kinds of games (eg Yakuza Undertale and many more) while also brining their personality, its that simple lol

No. 131878

Sen wants to be a cowboy. She's having fun just doing cowboy shit. Everyone enjoys games differently, thats all there is to it. Yeehaw.

No. 131884

Yea, but it would be painful tho. Eventually, the player would just get confused and make irrational decision or stupid question regarding the game that otherwise could be avoided if she's really into the story. The backseat gamer would inevitably increase because the streamer's action would get into their nerve.

Korone's did a pretty solid job on AC Syndicate stream. Ame also did a decent job at LA Noire's stream. For an experienced streamer, Gura should know better.

No. 131886


Ame had this issue too. She plays LA noire then spends half stream kissing her dog while plot is happening

No. 131887

>For an experienced streamer, Gura should know better.

is she though? afaik she's only ever streamed rythm/singing games, minecraft and spongebob before. maybe a horror game or 2. not games where story is all that important. I wouldn't be surprised if story in games is just generally not something that she cares about or is very familiar with.

No. 131890

What? She played a lot of games, indie or not. A bunch of random 'baby simulator' ones, spammed Dead By Daylight a lot, Eurotruck, etc. There were some story based indie games purely for cuteness factor, but I can't tell the names, you can always find on senz reddit.

She was making and streaming content for a long time, eg she started doing yt stuff in 2016 so she is still supposed to have knowledge. But then remembering how she always fried her brain off weed or beer…

No. 131892

From Twitch stats you can tell she started streaming in 2016, ditched streaming until the beginning if 2019 and blew up in 2019. But she started making videos in 2017 with uwu shitposting videos and blew up that way.

No. 131911

Ame already played LA Noire before, and
the game is already boring enough the first time.

No. 131913

Sen has to pretend she isn't experienced as "gura" though.

No. 131950

Someone in the comments said they're disappointed because they thought her voice was more natural of the hololive girls and people came in and said "oh its just the mic making her voice sound lower". Are people really that dumb lol

No. 131972


she did play it sure, but then she complains that she doesn't know what's going on. If the game is tbis boring why even finish it

No. 131980

Her character is a detective = the game is about doing detective shit. she probably wanted to play up her character at little bit instead of the toxic fps shooter that plays minecraft everyday

No. 131995

>la noire is boring
shut up

No. 132001

As you can see they got tryhard wk defending them everywhere. Dumb AND delusional

> Gura is pretending to be less experienced teehee!!

> Ame was being dumb because her character is a detective!!

You guys know you can criticize your fave waifus and still like them right? Both of them should stick with Minecraft videos

No. 132003

>Both of them should stick with Minecraft videos
Fuck that

No. 132009

The point is, they have past experience and streaming that we KNOW they aren't as shit as they pretend to be. Literally no one is whiteknigting, you're just salty for..some odd reason.

No. 132010

if that makes you feel better kek you know where you are rn right?

No. 132013

That literally means nothing. You can have all the past experience in the world and still be shit at it.

No. 132019

I mean how old are you?
You know you are still shit in life.

No. 132032

Most vtubers working under some direct well-known agency like cover and nijisanji never use their real voice. Usually a variation of it for security concerns in IRL. It's standard practice.

No. 132040

I mean every holo girl is like this more or less. They are playing a character. Though some of them have dropped the "act" after some time. We are, however, still looking at a glimpse of their life

No. 132126


out of all holoEN, the only ones who seem to remember their characters are Ina and Mori. Sometimes Amelia. But they are still shit at it, maybe Ina is okay-ish.

No. 132135

Ina is just more playful about it even while being laid back since her "character" isn't TOO wildly out there outside of the design. Compared to Senna jumping between senawa and gura essentially.

No. 132166

>jumping between senawa and gura essentially
Where are you getting this? Because she uses 'dude' and drops innuendos occasionally? I just take that as being part of Gura's character now, it's not like there's some break in character when she does it.

No. 132191


a bit of a stretch to call replacing "job" with "scythe swinging lessons/priestess duties" and "coworker" with "reaper/priestess" playing a character

No. 132216

Consistency. For Gura, "I worked at an animal shelter" becomes "I volunteered at an aquarium". Not that it mattered in the end.

No. 132223

Last time she mentioned animal shelter, she got doxed. If I were her, I would be cautious now too.

No. 132248

>Ame tries less because she knows that the chair Hololive gave her resonates more with people than everything she's done as Sachi.
Hololive's website describes Ina as an ordinary girl so there's not much of a conscious effort needed to fit the character. Mori's entry says she's a "gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say."

No. 132269

Do you still think that she uses a voice changer?

No. 132271

Yep. Idk how to do it but the anon that shifted the formant here >>131688
should do it with the audio of this video as well.

No. 132274

so uhh anyone got mel's nsfw asmr links?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132283

Sounds like she just got better at putting on the voice. Why use a voice changer to very subtlety tweak a voice you can already do?

I mean sure its possible..but it just seems like a lot of work for little reward. Especially since people will find out eventually on an off collab. I wonder if Amelia is going to figure out a way to use hers when the time comes or if she'll just bite the bullet and let everyone hear her real voice.

No. 132284


> I mean sure its possible..but it just seems like a lot of work for little reward. Especially since people will find out eventually on an off collab.

or if you did a stream cooking and all the utensils sounded off key…

No. 132286

Afaik pitch shifting changes the key, but formant shifting only changes the sound of the voice while maintaining the same key.
So the kitchen utensils wouldn't sound weird.

No. 132287

> I wonder if Amelia is going to figure out a way to use hers when the time comes or if she'll just bite the bullet and let everyone hear her real voice.

Except that she used the same voice as Felkey/Sachi so its unlikely she's using one

No. 132288

You know? It may be useless, but the thing is I'm realizing that search engines won't be enough to get more info easily and time is running. Some things are starting to get deleted. So I'll just ask to anyone who really went far enough… (not the /jp guys with the preg alcoholic Sena story)

Is she the chaotic Senzawa? Good nerdy girl? Innocent shark? Who is she? I'm not talking about names, nor family, I have that and it doesn't help too much in this case.

Something. I'm confused.(newfaggotry)

No. 132290

I found them on NicoNico, but they are members only.
Sage your post btw

No. 132308

File: 1610613185485.png (921.97 KB, 925x928, spoila2.png)

No. 132328

>So the kitchen utensils wouldn't sound weird.
Wouldn't some of the instruments she's used like the ukulele or party horns be affected? I can't imagine there hasn't been non-vocal sounds that wouldn't be effected by a formant shift.

No. 132347

Could you translate it?

No. 132349

She could easily use hotkeys, a streamdeck or a professional mixer to quickly switch between modes while playing instruments and talking.

Heck she could even use two audio-channels, the instrument one without filters and the vocal one with filters to change her voice.

No. 132351

Aka, what most streamers with any type of setup already utilize. Hell in Gura's Ring fit stream recently we seen her voice effect (that she turned on) freak out on her and she turned it off in real time, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. This is why them already doing this stuff before should be no surprise if they have tricks up their sleeves. Real collabs rarely matter because being friends prior to hololive etc aside none of them will rat out each other and it's something planned ahead where they could easily set things up prior.

No. 132352

And has soundproof board between hands and head so the sound of instrument doesn't leak?

It's funny how people can't comprehend voice acting….especially when 99,99% Vtuber fans saw anime, where are so many examples of voice actors making so vastly different voices for different characters.

No. 132354

This, plus people need to remember that both sena and rebecca were voice actress

No. 132365

I can barely speak moon but there's a lot of ranting about how people who don't work are abnormal (which, kek given his character is 'neet vampire'. Mentions being a student in the clip but does he have a real job now or is he just a streamer?) 3:28 he seems to be doing an impression of a kid he went to middle school with who couldn't talk properly/was retarded. The other guy makes a joke ("Wasn't that you?") then tries to shut him up, saying Kuzuha shouldn't say stuff like that.

Honestly I don't think you're going to get people to care about this. Japan isn't exactly known for caring about disabled people, and western fans would need someone to translate it properly to even know what he's ranting about. That combined with the clip being from 2018 means some people will brush it off as "he's changed!!1!!" because this isn't the first problematic thing Kuzuha has done and management will be on top of him to clean up any messes now that he's one of the top superchat earners.

No. 132376

So, were there any discussions on this? Digi has released another post about his work with Melody. Discuss? https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srhfuc

No. 132379


I've done formant shifting to the video via Melodyne, it doesn't get any more professional than that imho.
Used the same value as the other poster did before, for lack of a better idea - neither less nor more came any closer to Gura's voice. Note that the mouth sounds - pop, tchk - goes pretty out of whack even with this little editing.
As mentioned by this poster >>132352
, I find it highly unlikely that she has a separate mic always standing by, turned on, pointed at the ukulele, with no crossbleed.
For the sake of fairness, I'll say that actual pitch shifting is kinda close-ish to Gura, with not near as much distortion, except any background noise would be obviously pitch shifted in that case as well. No combination of the two came anywhere near to a satisfying similarity.

In my opinion, this is straight up conspiracy theory tier, and I feel like an idiot spending time on it.

No. 132394

Thank you. So this is not the only problematic thing he has done? This sounds milky, what else has he done?

No. 132407

Im neutral in that, But the fact that his big statement is a protected tweet, makes it so i dont really wanna read his big ass statement.

No. 132413

File: 1610659381981.jpg (281.16 KB, 1920x1200, 1610437647446.jpg)


No. 132416


No. 132418

It's a fake.

No. 132420

>It's real
It's real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 132423

This. It would have been reported on in a heartbeat given all of Gura's whiteknights.

No. 132427

yeah, its a re-edit of a fake post from at least 3 months ago.


No. 132441

Probably but since he's Nijisanji's golden egg neither the company or fanbase would let anything gain traction.

No. 132449

These fucking Gura voice changer conspiracy theories are hilarious

No. 132503

lmao thank you for trying and sorry if you wasted some time, it was worth it for the sake of clarity. At least now we can rule it out and move on.

No. 132509

He has a reputation for being toxic in competitive gaming, but like >>132441 says you're not going to get anyone to care. People are already aware of it, he was like that before he got hired by Nijisanji, and his fans will drown out anything that doesn't get covered up by management.

No. 132521

this is coomer's narrative lol. should turn the Gura's message into yellow if she left

No. 132522

naah, it sounds robotic. try again.

No. 132532

To be honest it's not anything new. Kuzuha is known to be trash and that's why his fans love him. Even a comment on that dumb video says he's scum but he's funny so who cares.

No. 132593

Now that we are talking about Kuzuha, does anybody know if his partner, Kanae, before getting into Nijisanji, actually impregnated a minor and made her abort?

No. 132605

If you're going to say stuff like that at least provide screenshots or links to the rumor or something.

No idea if the abortion stuff is true or not but here's his pre-Nijisanji account at least. The voices are pretty much identical.

And bonus Kuzuha, even if his identity was already obvious.

No. 132609

Why a deer specifically? Is that a reference to something?

No. 132610

Oh no they're both ugly

No. 132633

Already saw those links, I just don't know exactly where that rumour came from and those websites never specify exactly what happened or give you any evidences, so its hard to know if its true or not

No. 132670

this is very interesting, i wish there was more focus on nijisanji male members rather than the same hololive girls im guilty for wanting to know what these ikebo look like

No. 132687

How can it be interesting when the only "proof" is that he was away for 3 months and both pages are saying that these are unconfirmed rumors?

No. 132700

Watching you salty whales is interesting, thanks for all the info tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132701

Watching you trying to instigate a fight has been pathetic so far. Try harder

No. 132723

anyone here have the himepen nude(s)? cant find them for the life of me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132748

Uncensored Keeki wrestling video

No. 132749

Also the followup, according to the commenters she was told it was going to be an all-girls match.

No. 132751

File: 1610787781988.jpg (88.29 KB, 768x432, 55018cd518d12784b2fedafed4e22b…)

> jerks off to picrelated and believes that he is doing a great job by coming here and protecting his qweens
Do something useful instead, learn to draw and make your chunnis happy.

No. 132752

lmao dat bih is goblin-ass lookin

No. 132755

There’s a crazy amount of WK that keep wandering in here or any forum talking about vtubers. You can’t even discuss legit criticism, ESPECIALLY about the Hololive JP girls, without some weeb losing their shit.

No. 132757

> especially about jp girls
From what i keep seeing its more about holoEN girls, their whiteknights are pоkimane tier 3 wks. Same holoenfags always end up posting shitty gore and argue to protect their "waifu" on boards and forums.

No. 132768

File: 1610798354729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.45 KB, 338x600, avatar.jpg)

Some people on the other thread were asking about Kuzuryu Io's past life. She all but confirmed she's Teacuppity on stream talking about making graphics for AtoLive (who, by the way, have big mouths.)

A little more digging on the @teacuppity twitter gives you links to her past life as "saint * ル季", a Youtaite. The Youtaite's character looks the same as her Io character, with the same voice as Io's karaoke streams. https://www.youtube.com/c/saintluki/videos. Channel is also linked to the teacuppity account.

Googling the SaintLuki name gives you her old AskFM with face pics.

No. 132784

so this is all under the assumption that io is teacuppity?
the covers do strikingly sound like her though

No. 132786

on saintlukis soundcloud her bio is "sleepy teacup" which i guess makes sense that shes teacuppity

No. 132787

File: 1610810163441.png (101.83 KB, 756x568, unknown.png)

in one of the descriptions she refers to herself as teacuppity, so yep io is tea cuppity

No. 132790

File: 1610810651585.jpg (41.66 KB, 600x450, BwghkwOCQAEUOmV.jpg)

this picture is 7 years ago though

No. 132791

It doesn't take much digging to find her response video on Nico talking about how she didn't know what was going on, or the article saying she wasn't told about the real nature of the match and (poorly auto-translated) wanted revenge. Dunno if she was seeking to sue or anything, probably not, but she was certainly upset over it.

No. 132812

Huh..first time I've seen the uncut versions of Keeki's wrestling career. I knew it was a bunch of sweaty weirdos throwing her around, but I didn't know the dude was straight up rubbing his junk on her crotch. Being in a tight bodysuit..probably felt it too.

Puts her menhera personality into better light. I can almost feel bad for her now. Almost.

No. 132816

apparently ever since this vid https://streamable.com/ur7off
gura got drunk again and ragequit some stream and bailed on another? sena got blitzed and can't stay away from the bottle huh?

No. 132818


Stop regurgitating /jp/ schizo narratives and post proof. If she rage quit post the vod, if she ditched a stream post the cancellation.

No. 132841

I haven't seen all of her streams since new year, but doubt. As far as I know, she ditched one stream because of technical reasons and did Minecraft stream instead shortly after…and given the fact that quite soon after she stated that this ban thing wasn't meant seriously (also doubt), its obvious that both fans and management monitor her very closely for any "irregularities", hence it would already be here.

No. 132850

Nyanners has 1m subs? I'll never understand why anyone watches her. She reminds me way too much of past Senzawa and I'm pretty certain she has a piss fetish. Her model is ugly af too.

No. 132855

She got the subs by making the video where "youtube-kun killed her" because she havent gotten 1mil by the end of the year for which she was pushing after 7yrs of her career. People assumed that her Nyanners persona is actually dead but shes been waiting for 1mil to hit so she could give the "continuation" of this video.

I personally always thought she was always better than LilyPiсhu but after Nyanners became a vtuber she changed for worse. Still, as for yt ogs she was the best cause of her singing voice.

No. 132857

this is small vtuber shit and idk if i should dump it but a vtuber accused someone of rape, is that milk or no?

No. 132859

It is, post screenshots.

No. 132902

File: 1610856475164.jpg (36.45 KB, 581x245, Capture.JPG)

indie vtuber doxing coco? not sure if this is a joke but saw it on my timeline, post already deleted so screenshotted just incase

No. 132903

File: 1610857416174.png (53.31 KB, 599x603, Untitled.png)

Recently there was drama on my TL from hoshinochar and furuya mari for ripping popular vtuber designs without credit.

I read recent twitter replies to Mari and in a now deleted tweet, it accused her of running away from her past, which prompted tweets in pic related.

After digging through Mari's tweets, comparing the art and timelines, I believe this is the ex vtuber shunao who quit the internet last year for falsely accusing someone of rape.

No. 132907

She was a little tipsy and chat was calling her an alcoholic. If she used to be an actual alcoholic and people are spamming it in chat because she's had like 2 glasses of wine I can understand why she'd get salty. She didn't rage quit the stream and she's not back on the bottle, her content's still the same.

Different strokes? I don't watch her content but her Among Us with 8 Nyanners was pretty funny (It was all people using soundboards of her voice)

Until Coco riled up the Chinese Antis she was probably the girl in Hololive least worried about "Face dox" since she's got the exact same voice she had on Kson's channel and would do regular webcam streams in addition to her v-tuber persona. Like, I don't think Coco gives a shit outside of her contract with Cover not letting her mention it.

No. 132909

Kson also did no makeup streams too which is pretty much unheard of for most asian women. Like hell, Pokimane acted like it was this massive internet-breaking thing that she posted one selfie without makeup, Kson would start streams with a naked face and put it on during the stream so like I said, don't think Coco gives a single fuck about her face being out there, just autistic fans

nb for replying to myself

No. 132913


surprised Cover didn't take this whole channel down.

No. 132914

Maybe I'm deaf but it does sound like she says "Seriously, if you keep calling me a drunk…" i.e. not just calling her "drunk" but "A drunk". If she feels like she left that part of her life behind that probably does sting. Unprofessional sure, but I get why she'd lash out a bit

No. 132916

I think there's a line between posting clips from V-Tuber's past identities/public socials and literally stalking them to the point they've found out where they went to school and posted their graduation video from the school's website.

That's a whole level of fucked up, turbo autism that causes people to become IRL stalkers

No. 132919

uh the past vtuber threads were wrong, this guy finally found moona irl

No. 132925

Moona here doesn't look like a 'mix' tho…
I can find like two of that face in the local market in the first two minutes.

No. 132926

Did no one save that video of her from last year with her hair dyed purple?

No. 132936

Just like Rushia and Coco both doesn't look mixed so what your point?

No. 132942

That guy sounds a little unhinged, is that what a real life schizo sounds like?

No. 132947

It's Luna, who's in her right copyright striking, but she does do RL stuff on her other account/Fanbox/Twitcast. She's kind of like Coco in that regard prior to the Taiwan drama.

No. 132953

File: 1610889624163.jpg (51.06 KB, 600x800, rein.jpg)

possibly reine based off former twitter accounts that i got from iketog

YouTubeは「きむにゅ (Kimunyu)」
SoundCloudは「Kimunyu / きむにゅ」

No. 132954


formerly vtuber mia canasyna
formerly utaite on niconico
does art as well
possibly also does cosplaying on events

used to live in malaysia based on her twitter friends pre-2015

age should be around 27 years old as there are talks about her being in college back in 2011


No. 132975

Hey faggots give me Lofi irl pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132976

Fuck off jp scrote.

No. 132977

File: 1610895889318.png (227.02 KB, 832x193, chrome_jP505RLt2B.png)

howd the mods not immediately ban this kid

No. 132982

Because most mods don't care unless they comment on it and Calli herself dgaf people know much like Gura seems to stop being bothered by it.

No. 132983


Most likely just a mix of two different local indonesian ethnicity/tribes. Her english is a bit crappy

No. 132985

What's the point of posting drama of vtubers with 7 subsribers here. Who cares

No. 132987

who did that lol

No. 132989

posting their old social media that they hide for privacy reasons isnt milk
fucking intergrate you shizoid faggots

No. 132994

The only one I've ever seen annoyed (at best) at it has been Ame during I think a Members Only Mario Kart stream where someone had Sachiowo as their name and wouldn't leave.

Every person who's familiar with Sachiowo knows it's Ame, and the rest doesn't give a crap. Not sure what they try to accomplish.

No. 133005

It's better than talking about Kiara's past for the 1000000th time

No. 133009

File: 1610907864031.png (35.06 KB, 595x310, artemis.png)

classic Artemis causing shit

No. 133010


what happened??

No. 133012

Artemis announced at the end of her stream that she would send a red super chat to Kiara mid stream and her fanbase spammed the chat about Artemis which is obviously a big no no with Hololive streamers.

No. 133013

Also to be fair he did say "don't spam Kiara's chat please" over and over again but why would you feel the need to stream yourself giving money to her? It's an attention thing of course.

No. 133017


Yeah that is bullshit. It's a get out of jail free card that let's you do what you want and claim you are not responsible for the obvious result because guyzzz I totally said to not do the thing I caused you to dooo!!

No. 133043

god how does this shark still have fans

No. 133044

File: 1610920597449.png (1.26 MB, 1895x933, iThhOY8.png)

Artemis was caught watching Holofes pirated stream too, said they were there to read chat, but it was literally set to emote only mode. Only spends money when she get can attention for it, it's fucking pathetic

No. 133047

who care, that shit was way too fucking expensive anyway

No. 133051

No shit, but at least make up a better excuse

No. 133052

Timestamp at 1:42:53

No. 133053

Not a big shocker that an indie vtuber that doesn't have any kind of filter is dumb as fuck. Hololive have managers during every stream to at least reel them back in when they're off the rails and it's pretty rare you see any of them making drama on Twitter or in someone else's chat.

I think even that lewd group with Nyanners have enough collective common sense to stay in their lane

No. 133056

>Messing up a superchat of all things when Zenteya got her name read by Callie just fine.
Is there a part in here where the Ateliers decide to boot Walmart Gura? Dude's already an outlier as the only member without any warm colors in the design.

No. 133058

The funniest part is her retarded excuse if you’re gonna pirate own up to it. She’s still trying to make herself look good for Hololive for some reason.

No. 133062

This. Now his "uwu fans" will keep spamming asking hololive to collab with this retard, when hololive is always strict towards collabs. He really thinks he can collab with anyone all because pikamee accepted him once.

during the same day he said something about stealing / pirating others content, saying thats bad just to end up deleteing the tweet cause he got called out under it.
Makes it worse the fact that all the pirated stream (but one which was a russian one) were by Chinese trolls who streamed both days just to try to "kick out" Coco from Hololive. The only way you could get it was China-only spam on twitter so he had to actually spend time finding the stream and switching them.

No. 133066

File: 1610928842136.png (219.49 KB, 598x906, Screenshot 2021-01-18 081045.p…)

Hero Hei is currently under fire for calling out Kani Kanizawa for accidentally posting KSon's picture with no context, labelling it as her doxxing Coco. Even Woohoolad is shitting on this guy for allegedly spreading exaggerated information.


No. 133068

How is this even doxing? Anyone with half a brain knows Kson is Coco. And if Kani posted a pic of Kson without mentioning Coco, than aren't Coco's fans the ones "doxing" her by saying it's Coco?

No. 133073

This stupid faggot makes clickbait videos out of nothing and ignores real shit like the Uto drama thats made her stop streaming.

No. 133074

that's exactly what happened, fakkubu replied with who it was and then deleted after people told him how dumb he was being. now he's sperging out on twitter because he's fucked up Kani's reputation for the time being

No. 133078

WoohooLad made video calling Hero Hei out for the whole situation

No. 133079

He is annoying as fuck. Overly sensationalise every little thing. Kinda like a doomsday retard

No. 133089

Hero Hei is a literal retard who does these Misinformed "news" videos all the time, He just rides trends and truely doesnt give a fuck about anything that he covers, In one of his hololive videos he uttered the words " Im a MARTIAL ARTIST, i love hurting people" when he was talking about "haters" christ hes cringe.

No. 133090

>Im a MARTIAL ARTIST, i love hurting people"

lmao that's absolutely hilarious, I cant believe these spergs take him seriously

No. 133106

I didn't know she stopped streaming. Was that over that artist thing or did I miss something?

No. 133125

The artfag drama got people looking into her past where they found out she used to go by Aizawa. The group she used to be in as Aizawa had a falling out where she ended up doxxing another member and the leader of the group threatened to doxx Uto's boyfriend if she didn't stop. People have also brought back up the Hololive tags, thumbnails and constant mentions of Hololive she used to grow so quickly. Then there's another person, a musician, that has come out saying he also got ghosted by her. These autistic fucks kept digging and found that Uto might not be a real indie since Nabi, the character designer for Amelia and Uto, only works with companies not individuals.

Its gotten to the point that Narukami and other JP channels have started to cover the drama.

No. 133131

He removed the video. It was in Hero Hei's "artia betrayed Hololive" video. seems he removed it probably cause he sounded like a gigantic loser.

No. 133139

Face doxing Coco is the lowest hanging fruit, I don't even think Coco herself cares that her face is out there, it's not like she kept a low profile when she was Kson.

But here we are, people are beefing over who exposed Coco's face in 2021 even though people knew exactly who she was when she debuted two years ago

No. 133147

Both are equally stupid and annoying, trying to ride clickbait train. Who watches these two? Its a waste of time.

No. 133148

I can't believe there would be a time where two grown ass men having a serious beef with serious tone over an anime girl. hahahaha

No. 133150

Coco is also a cosplayer isn’t the point getting your face out there?

No. 133164

File: 1610973870098.png (184.58 KB, 1860x547, Infighting.png)

Some actual interesting Coco related stuff, that's not a complete non-issue like a picture of her being posted.

No. 133167


They are no different than us really

No. 133172

Stupid nationalist chinks still refuse to see they got played by Bilibili.

No. 133178

In terms of being crabby, sure - but no-one here really cow-tips or going through with plans of bot spamming an idol's chat.

Making fun of Artemis for being a dude on this forum where he's not going to see it unless he goes out of his way is a bit different from the months of non-stop harassment in chat Coco gets from CCP-fags, imo

No. 133189

It's absolutely hilarious how mentally deranged they are lmfao

No. 133211

temma from holostars has more subscribers and engagement on his irl channel (プテラたかはし), i wonder why that is. the content of both seems to be very similar.

No. 133216

Man why did it have to be Coco? She works her ass off

No. 133220

>Government funded 50-cent army dedicated to destroying people over calling Taiwan an independent country is no different from a gossip imageboard
Go hug your Winnie the Pooh body pillow Mei Ling

No. 133223

I mean, the whole Taiwan thing was just a means to an end. Their real reason for hating Coco was that she chose not to post on her bilibili account, the only JP member not to do so. And honestly, I don't blame her.

People who actually think that her mentioning Taiwan is what pissed them off are stupid, why do you think Haachama was quickly given a free pass.

No. 133225


the rationale is not so far removed from covid denying trumpian idiots. youknow, the kind that think it's a great idea to storm the capitol. both very similar level unthinking bugmen in my book.

the sheer unshackled weaponized autism on display though is very familiar. at least in chan culture at large.

No. 133252

>Hero Hei
Double cringe

No. 133270

File: 1611021278582.jpg (73.64 KB, 588x650, stopp.JPG)

Mini meltdown and tries to laugh it off.


No. 133272


No. 133273

Idk, this is the only place artemis is being called anything other than a chick lol can't blame anyone for saying as such still.

No. 133299


The only difference is the trumpiots didn't need to be paid 50 cents to storm the capitol.

No. 133302

A lot of the twitter circles they move in are kinda young, ergo hugboxy and liberal tho.

It doesn't matter what other people call her, you can tell from her voice she's trans. Your skull, your throat length and your chest cavity are immutable qualities that can't be changed. Vocal coaching mitigates them a lil but there's a reason a lot of trans people have a "husky" voice.

Think it was also mentioned earlier but she also talks rather gently and tries to avoid, it seems, sudden pitch shifts or massive shifts in volume, since it helps keep her "voice" consistent. (and stops her from accidentally dropping into a more masculine register)

No. 133316

It baffles me that this milk thread hasn't picked up the entire Uto scandal which led to her completely disappearing for over a week now. What's up with the fastest growing “indie” and why did she leave so suddenly?

No. 133327

Learn to read
Previous thread had other speculations her, such as art scam drama, her using hololive tags under her videos and copying holo thumbnails etc.

No. 133335

I want 1 minute of my life back

No. 133345

did i really get aot spoiled on a german cow milking forum

No. 133347


Vshojo is trash anyway.

No. 133353

Hero Hei quietly deleted his two videos on the dumb Kani situation. Doubt he's gonna address it other than that, he's way too much of a pussy to admit he was wrong

No. 133371

new info
found out amelia used to stream on an account called randytaylor69 using her true british accent which she dropped after her debut this year. pretty interesting stuff.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133382

No. 133397

Thread will be autosaged from now on, keep posting here and don’t make a new thread until this one is locked up, please.

No. 133412

File: 1611086197930.png (1.38 MB, 1453x1450, Uto.png)

Pic from the old thread.
>VShoujo expects to be treated seriously when they have a CGI Barbie model as one of their members.

No. 133419

Ontop of the fact their literal identity is sexual degenerates. They have no skill or talent.

No. 133427

There whole thing is just being lewd which I guess they think is unique. Hime Hajime so far seems to be the worst one. You can tell how forced it is in every tweet her design is also over the top. Considering it’s Sydsnap I can already tell she’s going to be the most cringy one.

No. 133438


Using the tags and thumbnails is such a non issue. Literally everyone does that on youtube who gives a shit

No. 133443

Are you that dumb..anon?

No. 133450

File: 1611107951249.jpg (1.23 KB, 47x125, 1610981654089s.jpg)

So Artia leaked some conversations between HoloCN Staff, Doris and Echo.

Supposedly some spicy stuff in there if you can read moonrunes. Cheating, talking shit about their fans, etc.

And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other. The only exception being Yogiri who stayed out of it.

No. 133452

do you have a higher res image? this is a picture for ants that can read chinese

No. 133454

No. 133459

Guess I’ll just wait for translations

No. 133460

File: 1611114070261.png (125.85 KB, 1240x398, Artia leaks 1.png)

Here is a summary from someone that dropped it in jp. Can anyone read bug to confirm, looks like there is a lot of milk in these leaks.

No. 133461

File: 1611114129607.png (111.17 KB, 1402x276, Artia leaks 2.png)

No. 133474

>And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other

Sounds like something all toxic groups do. If everything doesn't go well they blame everyone and everything. They can't handle being wrong in any way

No. 133481

Why. I hate you.

No. 133482


Ikr reporting doesnt even do shit kek we got cucked

No. 133483

What kind of stupid bait is this? Every oldfag knows Rose

No. 133485

Guys, searching I found this thread, I found it interesting so I followed it, until in part # 3 a video is mentioned where matsuri irl appears on a porn page, that piqued my curiosity but the video was deleted, someone will it have the name of the video or a clue where to start my search?

I'm sorry if my post offends you in any way, I just want to know if the video exists and see if it's her … I just need a clue where to start, Thank you very much

No. 133488

Probably fake spam

No. 133490

Probably a newfag from 4chan who thought it was funny

Not impossible but highly improbable. Likely just a troll video of some random woman that sounds similar to her. Retards exist in Japan too

No. 133500

File: 1611138466660.jpg (149.57 KB, 741x1082, m53454.jpg)

Keeki just disabled comments on her channel.

No. 133502


Hah, that said I want to ask the odd question here.
What if Keeki is not Kiara. What counter argument can be made?

No. 133503

I'm not a Kiara fan, I watch almost none of her content but I'd gander she gets a whole lot of targeted harassment over what she used to do and how she used to act pre Hololive and I'm sure it stings that anyone in the know harasses her more over that than anything she's done since her debut.

Y'all lying if you don't think you were cringy retards in the past. Milk the cow if she's still being one now but she's mellowed out since her debut and Ollie has the same obsessive personality and gets none of the hate because her life from years ago hasn't been dug up yet.

No. 133505

Some people are saying she's tired of her own fans who leave Hololive references on her Keeki channel.

No. 133506

I can't find the screenshot but she "accidentally" used the Keeki account to comment in the prechat of her Holo channel during the Marine holotalk and quickly deleted it.

No. 133508

That's going to happen to every v-tuber the second their identity is out. Fans think it's cool they spent 3 minutes on google and found a face dox and want to feel like they've taken a bite of the forbidden fruit

Just feels like pre-debut milk is the lowest hanging fruit, especially if it's years old but independent vtubers that are still squirting are so fucking stupid they're not worth talking about.

No. 133511

Tard-chan, the comments were nothing but people screaming ZOMG ITS KIARA, thanks to yt algorithm and everyone knowing that its her. I was watching one of her recent vlogs the other day, comments kept being hololive related.

No. 133530

File: 1611162294875.png (19.73 KB, 274x156, hhhh.png)

two days ago Artemis red superchat Aqua seeking attention but fortunately Aqua ignored it and jp chat sweep the EN comments calling Artemis name.

No. 133566

>The irony of a detective trying to hide evidence
>She didn't change at all, She is still a gremlin at heart
>Cursed with knowledge, I am. Regret falling into the rabbit hole, I do.
Literally all of EN has this on their tail end except for Nagu whose Discord only says her voice is familiar and that she's still an overworker.

No. 133596


Aza is gay as hell, I dont believe that for a second. Didnt read through much of the screenshots but Echo sounds like she's making shit up with how she's talking about it, it comes off like she's bragging and trying to start shit. Absolutely insane

No. 133633



Earlier last year, Keeki said that Fubuki, Pekora, and Marine are her favorite Vtubers, which is consistent with Kiara saying that Pekora is her current #1 favorite and Fubuki was her original favorite. Combine that with them both being from Austria and being major weebs, I think there's no way they're not the same person.

No. 133648

I keep seeing people saying during Ina's most recent stream she showed Minecraft chat, which had a chat between her an EnMa indicating that EnMa is Ao-Chan. Did anyone manage to get screenshot of that or a clip of that as it was scrubbed out when the stream was unprivated? I have looked but cannot find it anywhere.

No. 133659

The #12 drawing stream? No, that got edited because when she went to shift scenes at the very end she accidentally played an anime OP she was listening to, and it had to be edited out due to DMCA issues.

No. 133660

Shizo Guy who was cumming to luna striking him got his channel taken down with 5 community strikes with 1 from luna, 3 from korone, and 1 from rushia. He made a new channel posting a video with claiming to be moona dancing at some event.

No. 133665

This is the second one in less than six months
Does this has happened with other hololive members at least once?

No. 133668

iirc kiara got a cancer patient comment and cried as well

No. 133672

File: 1611209293061.jpg (451.19 KB, 1279x716, Doxxbird.jpg)

Pic related implies EnMa and Ao-Chan are disjoint from each other since there isn't really a reason for EnMa to put up a charade in a private space.

No. 133678

Thank you, but i meant people who commented in the chat that wanted to kill themselves before finding a vtuber. So far, i have found two clips about Watame

No. 133693

I mean don’t other Hololive members turn off comments on previous accounts? And the ones that don’t obviously don’t care why is this surprising to her? Either turn them off or don’t like everyone else no point in bitching about it.

No. 133700

It's really common with streamers, unless you're a literal sociopath you're probably going to break at some point. GDQ runners probably have it the worst.

No. 133704

Other hololive members, at least JP ones, don't give a fuck about it even if they keep their channel ongoing (eg Coco).

No. 133708

This is legitimately really creepy to me, like or hate Kiara, this is kind of sad to watch.

No. 133712

Watame just seems very empathetic, it honestly happens about twice every week. Not always necessarily about something sad like that though.

And obviously not counting this week since she's on a Manager enforced break due to overworking.

No. 133717

newfag here
something was happening on haachama latest stream but cant seem to get any milk

No. 133718

It's Haachama being Haachama. No one knew what was going on. Not EN and not JP.

No. 133719

There's no milk, it's the Aki Haato/Haachama persona. Trying to understand her is like trying to teach quantum physics to a deaf 1 year old.

No. 133730

Nothing really spicy from this chat log, basically just them trying to find the rat. Mentioned here >>133461.

No. 133771

It is incredible the level of retardation you are telling yourself just to entertain this stupid theory. It's just a voice she's doing

No. 133775

welcome to the haachama experience where no one, not even the JP, understand wtf is going on most of the time

No. 133810

>So Artia leaked some conversations between HoloCN Staff, Doris and Echo.
>Supposedly some spicy stuff in there if you can read moonrunes. Cheating, talking shit about their fans, etc.
>And supposedly the reason for this is that after their graduation shit really hit the fan and they turned on each other. The only exception being Yogiri who stayed out of it.
as expected of holocn judas
yeah I remember reading that one of them was innocent RIP

No. 133812

Yogiri was the only one that stayed quiet during the whole China meltdown arc and choose to not reincarnate after being disillusioned by vtubers who were only in it for the money (the other CN girls).

No. 133816

wasn't spade echo the one who got suspended back in may/june because she threw a tantrum and insulted someone?
I archived one of the holoCN girls wikipage when I saw that, pretty sure it was spade
damn nana is cursed with only whores for daughters lmao

No. 133817

the vid was just some woman with legs who sounded extremely similar to matsuri
I don't have the name, but I'm certain I archived it back during the summer

No. 133818

Just her being autistic the usual

No. 133819

Doesn't help much that she lives in Taiwan. I'd love for Hololive to branch out exclusively to Taiwan and maybe bringing her back, but fat chance of that ever happening in the current climate.

Though at the same time I think Hololive is at the point where they don't give a single shit about China anymore. No more CN Branch and no more Bilibili videos (that I know of).

No. 133821

I mean wouldn’t surprise me if that actually was her.

No. 133831

did roa graduate? a bunch of people are saying she reincarnated as someone named shiroa

No. 133835

File: 1611274487976.png (613.61 KB, 968x528, 1611261399511.png)

No. 133839

From the time of her debut and like/dislike bar disabled its pretty much a given. The only ones that deny it are nijiniggers because that means Nijisanji graduated both Meiro and Roa and wiped their hands clean.

No. 133850

Honestly, out of all the Hololive girls, Watame's streams probably have the most love coming from the fans and the most fan interaction. They routinely send her messages thanking her for being her, giving her hearts, or telling her that she got them out of serious depression and she'll usually spend around 3 hours just reading that day's SCs at the end of the stream and talking to them. Those messages usually make her cry, because they look really genuine to her and it makes her happy. If she's faking it, she's really fucking good at it. She just seems like a genuinely good person from what I've seen.

No. 133858

No. 133859

Sorry that was retarded 1st time

Imagine a Vshoujo Collab with Holo

No. 133900

Da hell happened on Pekora's stream right now? 30m in, a bunch of times going on mute, sniffless, sorry this, sorry that, let's do it another time, video privated.

No. 133904

You appear to have forgotten links to said stream or clips.

No. 133905

Someone reuploaded, idk what happened

No. 133914

She forgot to turn the camera off when she was talking to a dude (that warned her)..literally only context we have.

No. 133915

Someone knows the context of this video and who is this guy?

No. 133922

She was doing private stripping video just to find out that he is recording it.

No. 133929


I think she was crying and holding in for some reason judging for the movement of her eyes

No. 133931

File: 1611335745382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.67 KB, 427x427, Pavolia Reine.jpg)

Apparently some Indonesians I know are scared to dig deeper into her infos because her parents got political and economical connections. Basically, she's privileged as fuck. Below is an information about her.

Keemuworks YouTube custom URL contains a name that links to an Indonesian forum account asking where to find someone that sells PS Vita.

No. 133947

Before that someone knocked on her door and she muted the mic. So it could be family-related.

No. 133948

here's iofi(doxxing)

No. 133952

bruh sister, mother and father names? Read the rules dumbass

No. 133966

Stop doxxing people's families. They're not involved in this shit show. Leave it that way.

No. 133988

What makes it worse for me is what someone told me about the arrangements for the event. Apparently she had been told it would be all girls before she signed up for it, and only found out it would be all guys (with promises that it would be totally fine) when she got there. I can't verify this myself, they didn't give me a source at the time, but I believe it.

No. 133991

there is alot of autistic baseless rumours on that comment section

No. 133998

File: 1611375545931.gif (1.98 MB, 290x190, d5a1054d9f87e586bd4cf70d3ad74f…)

No. 134000


Crying about Gura

No. 134001


Okay, racist

No. 134025

fuck off niggerfaggot

No. 134036

Pekora tweeted that she'll be back with a live stream hut didny really answer anything.. hmm

No. 134043

word except it fucking hilarious

No. 134054


conglomerate as in forbes 50 conglomerate? or just another chinese indo business family?

No. 134136

Link dead. Any reupload?

No. 134137

We'll never get to know what really happened. She won't divulge private stuff and would probably just says she's fine.

No. 134140

Creepy otakus. You know I wonder how many of the hologirls not blantantly but deep down feels this way about their fans.

No. 134143

Isn't that all female streamers?

No. 134153

Guaranteed all of them, save for the ones like Polka who have very little else in their life and have a legitimately unhealthy two-sided parasocial relationship with their viewers

No. 134156

Considering how good her English is and how she acts her being privileged isn’t surprising not in a bad way but it is obvious.

No. 134164

File: 1611474303353.jpg (53.13 KB, 982x494, reles1.JPG)


No idea where that guy got his source from, but following the breadcrumbs from iketog is a lot more reliable

No. 134165

File: 1611474326878.jpg (61.58 KB, 875x557, reles.JPG)

No. 134166

File: 1611474361049.jpg (43.68 KB, 637x248, reles2.JPG)

No. 134167

File: 1611474418526.jpg (44.97 KB, 707x438, rekim1.JPG)

No. 134168

File: 1611474553514.jpg (66.91 KB, 706x499, rekim2.JPG)


22yo 6 years ago, around 28 years old today

>>132954 so I was pretty much on the spot

No. 134171

that woohoolad faggot is starting shit with herohei for no reason in the comments and on twitter
his videos kinda went to shit in the past few months since I last watched him
guess woohoolad is trying to cling to some sort of relevancy/his former numbers

No. 134172

File: 1611480333958.png (87.04 KB, 1348x449, Capture.PNG)

if she really is a "real life ojousama" the first line here is pretty funny.

No. 134173

jesus christ this is cringe as fuck
do women really?

No. 134178


Who wants to tag Calli and see what happens?

No. 134179

No. 134180

What drives people to make this shit?

No. 134182

File: 1611485347925.jpg (74.54 KB, 585x589, Screenshot_8.jpg)

So for this claim about Froot/BSApricot has been showing up for the last couple of days as a consequence of Silvervale shitting on certain fan comments

If the thing about the Earth-chan store getting scammed really did happen, shouldn't there have been reciepts about that? Thats not even getting to the alleged cheating.

No. 134184

Froot/Apricot is guilty of whats in that comment, most people already knew she cheated on her military husband while he was deployed and that both of them scammed people out of goods. She's also involved with /k/ shit, and has ugly nudes of her out there, but most of this milk never got spread out of 4chan and lolcow.

No. 134191

What's the certain fan comments Silvervale shitted on?

No. 134199

Don't really follow that one myself since its a clear-cut case but here


No. 134200

As much as I don't really like his content anymore, but if he didn't make that post calling out hero, he would have been all over that pekora shit, but since woohoo did make the comment now he can just play it off like woohoolad is just weird, hero is a fucking loser who rides trends and needs to be called out more.

No. 134201

Becomes a streamer. Then is shocked that she has to interact with mongloids on the internet.

Christ grow a tougher skin, you don't see any actual professional vtubers bitch and moan about it.

No. 134203

Christ, what an actual bitch. Imagine getting actually angry at a comment as innocent as " hey you could go play with your " friend " it is an innocent comment but she goes ballistic

No. 134204

File: 1611497684211.jpg (104.48 KB, 601x796, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Also gonna be my last post about this since it seems relatively boring and mundane, but this archived thread is where lots of people were pointing at when discussing this.


No. 134207

Strange how single comments can get to people receiving thousands per day.

No. 134211

So, what's with the unfolding drama with Pekora rn?

No. 134212

File: 1611503702283.gif (671.07 KB, 487x265, unnamed.gif)

No. 134213


No milk. Something happened to her off-camera during her Pricon stream. When she unmuted, her voice was hoarse and she was sniffling audibly. Rig movements implied she was turning to talk to someone, and she quickly ended the stream.

The re-uploaded version has the tail end cut out, and ends before that point.

After a while, she posted on Twitter that she was alright, but there aren’t any more details on what happened.

No. 134217


She explained what happened in her member only stream. Content is not allowed to clipped so only paid nousagi know what happened.

No. 134239

Something about Management.

No. 134243

File: 1611517696056.png (148.28 KB, 1132x425, sc1.png)

What she's saying matches up with the translation

No. 134248

File: 1611522507706.png (45.81 KB, 1298x145, Pekora membership stream 1.png)

From those that watched and can understand her membership stream, they are saying Pekora's manager blocked her proposal for a gaming / prize stream she really wanted to make to give back to all her fans. Probably has to do with Japan's strict laws on gambling / prizes or her manager's retarded. She feels like she isn't doing / giving enough back to her fans and is thinking about turning off Superchats. Then she talked about taking a break until she feels better. *She also said that it wasn't a family death that made her cry and stop streaming in the last stream.

No. 134249

File: 1611522528378.png (33.69 KB, 1207x104, Pekora membership stream 2.png)

No. 134251

File: 1611523636650.png (538.13 KB, 568x640, 43765765346547.png)


Anyone have a clue what was in the SC that caused Rushia to meltdown?

No. 134254

This is true. I know a few /k/ guys who knew BSApricot/Froot and her husband personally, guys that do youtube or are part of The Kommando Store.

No. 134256

I believe the superchat said something about her being better back when she had fewer viewers/subscribers.

No. 134258

99% it's the manager, Japan's rules doesn't prohibit prizes (or literally NO ONE could give away say signed copy of their manga etc etc.) But i guess it depends on the way it was being handled.

No. 134261

once again the clussy reigns supreme

No. 134264

File: 1611528931038.png (146.95 KB, 1216x606, Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 22.51…)

Sage for shit milk, I just found this funny. Athena trying to clout chase, and comparing her saying nigga to Kani's stupid drama upthread.

No. 134268

File: 1611531132877.jpg (44.09 KB, 640x680, 142192862_3645733108870314_707…)

I kek'd

No. 134272

rushia cried back in decemeber and also did so on her personal twitter account
this was after meeting her manager
anyone have the tweet from her personal twitter account? it's probably nothing as serious as the pekora thing

No. 134273

nevermind apparently rushia hinted about being suicidal on her personal twitter account as well

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