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If you want to discuss the entertainment side of vtubers go here:


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead. If you see someone being retarded, don't engage. Report and move on.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN (Do not dox vtubers who were nobodies and have no milk. Do not dox the family members or friends of vtubers)
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Kiara bullying
> Narratives
> Schizo posting
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes
> Obsessive doxing that leads to no milk whatsoever. We don't give a fuck if it's not juicy.

Remember to embed YouTube videos at a minimum. This is an image board, screencap or properly archive tweets and vods instead of linking to them directly.

Previous threads:

No. 138440

Suisei still doesnt have her memberships or monetization back. And now I'm seeing spam posts on in her chat.

Am I missing something? Is this shit still from the Coco shit. Or is youtube just retarded

No. 138443

Multiple holos have been shadowbanned on their recent streams lately, Kiara, Gura, Coco, and now Kanata. There's a rumor that chinese antis have figured out how to trigger it on demand by restreaming the holos' streams and causing YouTube's automated "moderation" to bug out. The first one seemed to be Gura's PoV for her Savage Planet collab with Amelia, which was restreamed by some filipino dude (with the exact same stream title as well!). The video name is changed now after getting called out.

It's not a major issue for VoD viewers since the videos are still listed after the stream ends but I guess a portion of viewers would miss seeing it live (if they weren't notified some other way).

No. 138447

I'm surprised nobody has brought up an important post from Melody-Digi drama. On December 31st, Digi has posted a twitlonger in which he described his side of story, with screencaps of their DMs. Here's the link: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srhfuc If you can't access it for some reason, just ask and I'll post copypaste in bits, because it's too long.

tl;dr I'm not saying that Digi dindu nuffin, but Melody isn't innocent either and she did scam him. Or perhaps it was her "manager". It's really hard to tell whether she's a retarded stoner or it's just an act and she knows what she's doing, because she's a professional whore.

No. 138450


why is it always chinese? lol. i can understand them being mad at JP, but why fuck with EN?

No. 138451

Besides the attacking cover in general? You do know the American president (Trump) and his fanbase lead a whole "CHYNA VIRUS" crusade and attacked anyone who was chinese for quite some time, right? There's good reason for China to attack anything American/western based.

But seriously, it's mainly Cover itself being targeted.

No. 138458

What are you on about, Chinese citizens love Trump because they're not that fucking stupid that they don't know Trump makes the US look like morons on a global scale. They were genuinely rooting for him to win.

The actual reason why they're attacking Cover is that they genuinely believe that they were in the right and that Cover would be back them and drop Coco like a sack of potatoes. Obviously, they're delusional. Not only that but they shot themselves in the foot and Cover got rid of Hololive CN and no Hololive member has uploaded anything to Bilibili since. Which probably caused them to burst even more blood vessels.

No. 138459

Cont. Basically Cover compared the benefits of the increased revenue from the CN Market with the inevitable headache it would cause if things continue where something as small as saying Taiwan would set them off. (Obviously, anyone remotely paying attention knows it wasn't Coco saying Taiwan that magically made them hate her) And they decided it wasn't worth it, especially now that they've successfully (officially) broken through in the Western market with EN.

No. 138472

Kiara always bitches over being shadowbanned, but Chinas would never give a single fuck about holoEN. A lot of other holos were shadowbanned for some time (eg Ina), its youtube being a retard in their case. Its not just these three, other holos were shadobanned a lot before and still are.


Dont post weird tinfoils without proving shit. All they care about is Coco, they only thoughtof attacking Rushia but ditched the idea (cuz she said ath about coco).

Right now they are busy bragging about how they accidentally became coco chats mods and then got banned, but they will keep spamming and buying subs just to spam. They will also start masspirating the concert like the last time.

Because of idiots like you, this thread turns into shit.

Get some meds or shut the fuck up.

No. 138498

Kiara getting trolled hard with a superchat trying to do to her what she herself has been trying to do for years in japan with no success.

No. 138510

Doesn’t belong here:
> Kiara bullying
> Narratives
> Schizo posting
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes (Mini-modding)

No. 138512

sage your posts kiara(Hi cow)

No. 138535

it just showed digi isnt professional and tried to coerce someone breaking into an industry who didnt want longterm contracts
and it also showed that camgirls are penny pinchers i guess, who knew right. write up contracts to not have problems, nothing new here

No. 138544

I'm confused why people keep thinking this somehow proves Digi was right all along.
After having read read both their Twitlonger's, I have noticed that it's pretty much the exact same story, with the exception of mentions of Melody's manager and other things, which tbh just seems to be attempts from Digi to paint Melody as being less independent than her fans believe she is.

Digi confirmed a lot of things for us to be true, such as him copyright claiming Melody's twitch to get her attention.

The story seems to go something like this.

>Melody and her manager contact Digi to commission a 3D model for cam girl streams.

>The project goes far more viral than anyone involved expected, and gets picked up by VICE.
>Melody starts earning a lot of money. According to Digi, possibly more than 100 grand a month, though this could be inflated.
>During all of this, Digi involves himself further in the project, and does a lot of work that he doesn't want payment for.
>Digi seems to be under the belief that because he does all this extra unpaid work for her, that she owes him.
>Digi now tries to use this leverage he has over Melody, to get her to sign with Giga Music Group.
I don't know to what extent Digi is involved with this company, but it's likely he was given some offer of a high paying position in there, as his 3D modeling services is part of what Melody would be offered if she was to sign with them.
>Melody according to her Twitlonger had promised she would hear them out, but didn't promise to sign with them.
>Digi never mentions any promise by Melody to sign with them either, only mentions of how much he's done for her.
>Melody is offered various services, one of them being access to Digi's modelling, and according to her, this would cost upwards of $40,000 a month.
We don't know exactly why the price is so high, but it's possible that it would be a 40/60% split.
>Melody ultimately declines, which makes Digi angry, as he felt she owed him for all the free work he did.
>Melody offers to pay Digi, but Digi doesn't believe she would be willing to pay the full amount he wants.
>During this period, Digi stops working with Melody and she hires new people to replace him.
>Digi starts talking badly about Melody as seen in Discord screenshots.
>Digi at one point makes a public reply to Melody, saying that she used an asset he had made, in her Halloween render, without credit.
>Melody removes the asset and re-posts the render, without his asset being part of it.
>Digi replies again, angry that she removed it instead of crediting him.
Digi during this period seems very angry at Melody, and makes it a very public issue, frequently talking about it on Twitter and in various Discord servers.
>Digi makes comments on Discord that Melody "gets real quiet whenever anyone mentions taking a cut out of her $100,000 a month earnings."
>Digi launches a new music related VTuber named YFU.
Digi would later on claim that he is not the owner of YFU and was only commissioned to make the model, but during this period most people are under the perception that it is actually his project.
>Digi starts talking to Melody again, wanting Melody to collaborate with YFU.
>Melody declines Digi, because of their previous bad circumstances between each other.
>During this period, YFU tries to make connections with many big independent VTubers. Some respond, some don't.
>Digi believes that due to his and Melody's falling out, that Melody has told Ironmouse and Silvervale, among others, to not collab with YFU.
>Digi posts his thoughts on Discord regarding YFU and Melody, saying YFU has potential to enter the mainstream, while Melody is held back because of porn, so YFU has a better future.
>Digi also acknowledges YFU has not blown up in the same way Melody did, and theorizes that this is due to the lack of shock factor, and that it's just a matter of collabing with the right people.
>Digi finally reaches a boiling point, having convinced himself that he and his new project is being blacklisted from collabs with Ironmouse and Silvervale, due to Melody, strikes up conversation with Melody again.
>He tells Melody that he wants $45,000 for his model assets, to stop her "blackballing" of YFU, and that then he will acknowledge her as owning the assets, among them being her character model.
>Melody says she will think about it.
>During this period, Digi publicly registers the copyright for Melody's 3D model and character, citing himself as the full owner of her.
>Melody, likely not wanting to deal with Digi's toxicity anymore, starts deleting all assets that Digi had made, except her 3D model which she had paid for.
>Melody blocks Digi on Twitter.
>When Digi sees this, he decides to copyright strike Melody's twitch, likely using his copyright registration as owner of her character as his reasoning.
>Digi has claimed he did this to get her attention so that she would come back to the negotiating table.
>Melody's Twitch channel gets banned for copyright infringement of Digi's model.
>Melody writes her Twitlonger.

There might be some parts that are off here and there, but this is what I recalled.

No. 138548

This topic is being locked for being garbage. 5+ threads of zero milk.

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