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If you want to discuss the entertainment side of vtubers go here:


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead. If you see someone being retarded, don't engage. Report and move on.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN (Do not dox vtubers who were nobodies and have no milk. Do not dox the family members or friends of vtubers)
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Narratives
> Schizo posting
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes
> Obsessive doxing that leads to no milk whatsoever. We don't give a fuck if it's not juicy.

Remember to embed YouTube videos at a minimum. This is an image board, screencap or properly archive tweets and vods instead of linking to them directly.

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No. 124564

Oh Sorry this was supposed to be the 4th thread, my bad. Hope the changes I added to OP were okay and hopefully this thread isn't as much of dumpster fire.

No. 124570

Whats the deal with Kiara?

No. 124575

>>124570 there's 3 other posts linked, sage, and don't ask to be spoon fed.

No. 124582

What’s the deal with airline food?

No. 124584

No. 124586

Does anyone have any doxx on any of the new ID girls, or are were nobodies like Moona was??(do not ask for dox)

No. 124594

zombie = akuma momo

No. 124596

some people were posting pictures of this girl https://twitter.com/deamarella_p?lang=en as Anya but without any proof so not so sure about that(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 124618

I've seen a lot of people insist on this but I'm totally not hearing it.

maybe she's just that good.

No. 124654

It’s pretty clear whenever she screams

No. 124700

she's fat

No. 124703

lmao last thread was so fucking unhinged compared to this one. I guess that's what happens when the jp faggots don't get involved

No. 124718

Im new but what do you guys mean by "jp faggots"? i see that a lot in previous threads but i dont know what it means

No. 124722

"jp Faggots" = 4chan otaku board

No. 124738

Are there any developments with Melody's copyright issues? The last thing I read was that twitlonger page linked in a previous thread.

No. 124765

any milk on nakiri ayame?

No. 124767

there were some rumours about a recent hiatus being related to her giving birth around that time.
if that were ever to come out as true I wonder how the fandom would react to that …

No. 124779

Doesn't she still post rl porn as Mars Mayhem tho? It would be kinda hard to hide a whole pregnancy

No. 124782

fucked up the reference. was talking about nakiri ayame instead of melody.

No. 124795

i see, thank you for the info, and yes i am also curious to see if it turns out to be true

No. 124830

I don't know why I keep expecting vtubers to be very ugly, most are somewhat attractive.

No. 124833

I would imagine most people wouldn't care, but the crazy Japanese idol "fans" who cant comprehend their precious pure idols having or have ever had a penis inside them. Would lose ther minds . If true gratz to Ayame I guess.

No. 124838

Curious if anyone’s managed to learn anything new on Subaru’s face reveal; found the archived picture with a list of members but none with Subaru sadly

No. 124843

Does anyone know Kiara's name?(newfag)

No. 124846

lurk more

No. 124855

Go back, scrote.

No. 124870

Has Artemis' content gotten any better since her debut?

No. 124874

No, not really. There's never a game stream where he can show off something impressive and the streams for A Way Out and Phasmaphobia serve only to highlight problems.

No. 124877

She? Or are people really thinking a non high pitched voice = male?

No. 124878

File: 1607473415284.jpg (160.15 KB, 1080x939, EowK61wXUAMPTxk.jpg)


I don't know if this is for real but saw this on twitter (image is not a video despite the PLAY indicator)

No. 124879

File: 1607473705925.jpg (369.68 KB, 1536x2048, 1603603754594.jpg)

Troontemis has been a theory ever since debut day. Same goes for using bots for those YouTube numbers since the viewers on the debut stream canonically dipped from 11,000 to 5000.

No. 124880

A friend of mine posted it on my TL and the video's real, alright

No. 124883

Her account is keekihime on twitter

No. 124889

As somone who doesnt form parasocial relationships with vtubers and just watches the content, thats kinda hot ngl. Get itgirl.

No. 124890

Come on, anon. It's classic tranny voice.

No. 124894

ur a man right, no woman sounds like that even with a deep voice

No. 124897

No. 124898

>wet clapping sounds means it's real
Is this your first audio porn video? I'm asking seriously.
It'd be another story if the guy is actually heard at some point in the stream, but I'm going by that clip alone.

No. 124899

the fact that this is a youtube channel is fucking hilarious to me, and people get demonetized for saying some bad words lol….. good on her i geuss.

No. 124901

For the guy who mentioned her NND wrestling match, this is the youtube reupload (with some censors). You can tell by the thumbnail she's very uncomfortable. No wonder she's so desperate to reach new heights, she probably doesn't want to be thrown away and end up back here. Too bad she couldn't ride the algorithm like Gura did.

No. 124903

Why would you "tell" anything from a thumbnail, retard?
It's just otaku having fun in some dumb event, you really think she'd participate in that shit without knowing full well what it's about?

No. 124914

She put herself in that situation anon.

Anyone who thinks that they'll go to a wrestling match with sweaty old men and come out not being humped is an idiot.

No. 124915

Can someone provide some context for this video? Why is she in the ring and why is she being tackled? Hopefully she was paid for this cuz her screams made me legitimately uncomfortable.

As a side note on vtubers, is it too much to ask that people who try to become vtubers at least have some kind of talent? Whether it's gaming, artwork, or voice acting. Seems like even the vtubers that are purely pretty avatars are failing.

No. 124916

Look at the Kyuotto mess on Twitter, new “vtuber” got cancelled twice in the same day before she even got to debut.

No. 124917

So much indie Vtuber drama happened today.
Lyrica quote tweeted Mocca, leaving out pretty much all the context about what they were trying to say, made them out to be the bad guy, indie Vtubers are pretty catty.

No. 124918

Hard to feel bad for a vtuber that obviously tries to make their avatar as childlike as possible while claiming to be a succubus, predicting horny loli uwu voice and cringe act, FBI jokes, "im actually a thousand years old!" etc

Everyone cancelling her is retarded af though, especially the ones who sucked up to her only to cancel her right after because of the drama.

No. 124919

Can you at least give some details or caps? This is an imageboard.

No. 124922

File: 1607493294211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 881.47 KB, 4096x2752, EovSQLgUwAIFr57.jpg)

Looked her up and her design is actually disgusting to me. I can give lolis the benefit of the doubt when they're at least clothed like Gura but this is literally a toddler in lingerie.

No. 124923

File: 1607493695531.png (15.83 KB, 588x125, kyuotto.png)

Not OP but people on twitter are fighting over the sexy toddler succubus design. Of course, we have classic comments like, "Some adult women are short and have flat chests!" (because that's totally an adult woman) or "muh Creative FreedomTM"

This tweet from Kyuotto herself is pretty classic. "It's just 2000's anime style guyysss"

No. 124924

File: 1607493772214.png (57.09 KB, 1600x310, simpswildin.png)

Kiara may not have as many subs, but her simps do be wildin, wtf, 1 mill less subs , but comparable superchat earnings….

No. 124926

I hope she makes it through


No. 124928

File: 1607494972742.png (133.48 KB, 760x490, 1607491435174.png)

Honestly I'd respect her more if she doubled down on the loli thing, she talked about being "horny" on tweets before and is now claiming she's totally innocent.

No. 124930

File: 1607495256894.png (349.76 KB, 575x585, 2.png)

No. 124931

File: 1607496419462.jpg (148.69 KB, 1000x2165, Makaino_Ririmu_summer_2020_new…)

Even Makaino Ririmu's outfits aren't as intimate as this.

No. 124933

File: 1607496492444.png (300.25 KB, 598x734, indie-kek.png)

what happened, kek

that quoted tweets though

No. 124934

this design is cute, the other one has a toddler with exposed panties lol.

No. 124936

Idk I'm not normally on the "loli = pedo" boat but there is something incredibly creepy about making a loli character that is a sex demon but instead of being "sexy" she's "too cute and innocent uwu" while the design is revealing with panties.
And if the girl traced and did a bunch of other shit she could be potentially milky. Of course cumbrauns like Dimitri Monroe and Shizu are defending her though.

I'll laugh my ass off if she's actually some wannabe uguu kawaii voiced thot in her debut. Or perhaps it's Himeidol under a new persona kek

No. 124939

File: 1607498264878.png (108.84 KB, 342x521, Screenshot 2020-12-09 021750.p…)

Kyuuto is doing so much damage control on twitter claiming shes "resolved" the art theft issue and it was a long time ago and shes "learned" . its all bullshit, Im talking to the original artist right now, and Nothing was resolved, she never apologized, threatened to sue, and blocked the original artist. its all damage control before her debut.

No. 124940

File: 1607498317469.png (74.91 KB, 751x829, kyuutomilk.png)

Damage Control

No. 124941

File: 1607498757848.jpg (495.56 KB, 945x1444, MYXJ_20201208232450910_save.jp…)

More cope
>"I dealt with trauma so me playing a loli succubus character and talking about being horny isn't weird at all!"

No. 124942

File: 1607498822502.jpg (539 KB, 960x1325, MYXJ_20201208232517569_save.jp…)

>"I have a loli childlike body irl which is what I got my inspiration from! I want to combat societal norms by being a horny toddler in lingerie uwu uwu!!"

No. 124943

if it's not about being lewd, not about being horny or whatever, just make a character that isn't a succubus that is you know, a literal sex demon that feeds off of sperm maybe?

This is such an awful attempt at damage control to where I would almost respect her more if she stuck to her guns or didn't address it instead of trying to justify it by saying she has a loli body irl and how she is "totally not ok with being lewded" or whatever retarded bullshit.

No. 124944

Omg, she's so progressive, she's giving a voice to repressed people like those with dyed hair or people with birthmarks11!!! I take back my dislike, she is a true beacon of acceptance!

Lmao, what backpeddling. Most people who were sexually abused as a child choose to, uh, get therapy or read self-help books, not portray a sex demon toddler on the internet. Twitterers need to stop acting like "I was abused" is the end to any conversation.

No. 124945

File: 1607499619625.gif (26.39 KB, 300x441, Sawako.gif)

Somewhat ot, but does anyone else think if your "Totally Legal Petite Adult with Flat Chest" looks like a toddler, maybe you just have shitty art skills? I think it's possible to draw in a cutesy anime art style and still have your character identifiable as not a toddler? Sawako from K-on for example.

No. 124946

File: 1607500009067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.35 KB, 1448x2048, Enzy_HEUYAA_NNS.jpg)

More of Kyuotto's "mama's" work. It's okay, this is a 41 year old housewife with a mortgage, she just happens to have A-cups and be 4'0 tall. Nothin to see here folks.

No. 124947

File: 1607500242975.jpg (587.39 KB, 2700x2200, Eow7uPHVEAIBGH0.jpg)

Here's mama's model for her own vtuber

No. 124948

this model seems a ok. nothing inherently sexual about it, its kinda cute. no thigh high stockings or exposed panties in sight.

No. 124949

That would actually be pretty cute and innocent if it wasn't in context of the person who made these two:

No. 124950

"just as any other anime character" only works if you've never seen any actual anime, the proportions are obviously children's, even within anime restrictions

No. 124954

I dont believe her nor all the other people in the replies saying they're victims of CSA but dont feel triggered by her design. Its scary and disgusting how most of the degens who lewd lolis hate real children too, and are justifying this whole mess by saying media =/= real life.
A bunch of coomer brained 'tards.

"My platform was meant to be the opposite of what a succubus was" bitch you're STILL a self-proclaimed succubus while looking like a whole child. This makes no fucking sense.

No. 124958

she could have hit the gym or something instead of having those pitiful ass
I've seen hoes doing much more effort than her

No. 124959

File: 1607502458612.png (54.9 KB, 604x557, kyuotto2.png)

She is having a real-time twitter meltdown with some half-baked apologies. "I was YOUNG and showing my PROGRESS"

Maybe if your design requires extensive lore to not be mistaken as a sexy toddler, it's not a good design. Food for thought.

People need to stop using trauma/mental illness as an excuse to do whatever the fuck they want. If you were abused as a child then grow up and make the conscious decision to sexualize kiddies on the internet you're a pretty foul person.

No. 124962

File: 1607504443886.png (35.79 KB, 887x216, kyuutomilk.png)

I havent seen a single death threat, shes backhandedly accusing the artisit of sending death threats, "vile ones"

this particular Vtuber is fucked.

No. 124963

Guys relax, on her Twitter bio it says she's 1,121 years old. Although younger than Gura by 8000 years, she is still several times older than a regular human by a whole millennium.

Also I'm surprised people are even mad about the design when people should care more about why Hololive keep hiring lolicons/shotacons as a VTuber. Japan should stop normalizing that shit because it's gross.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 124978

Kiara's channel just got suspended right after (or in the middle of) her emote drawing stream. What caused this? Rabid Nijisanji fans? Tax evasion? Chinese antis? An actual mistake by YouTube staff?

No. 124979

Maybe it's her Imaginary Girlfriend bit?

No. 124980

Weird, if that's the case then Coco would- oh yeah she did get rekt multiple times before.

No. 124984

Nijisanji fans don't give a single fuck about Hololive, its western Hololivers being toxic towards Nijisanji fans. Holos and Niji used to collab fairly often.
Doubt it's China because China doesn't care about HoloEN at all, they only planned on switching to attacking Rushia recently.

Also post at least a screencap instead of saying shit without proofs.

No. 124985

File: 1607511791962.jpg (80.6 KB, 1080x676, 75257242.jpg)

she called herself a loli. so I'm not sure how she can claim it as "just an artstyle misunderstanding"

No. 124987

No. 124989

File: 1607513757452.png (140.89 KB, 1366x768, welp.png)

Can confirm

No. 124992

Great! Now let's hope it sticks.

No. 124994

File: 1607515366253.jpg (115.1 KB, 720x774, Numberfag.jpg)

Kiara is stealing Coco's meme review while Coco can't stream for her safety reasons (Chinese found out her, Suisei and Kanata's address and they are threaning to leak it if she goes live).

No. 124995

interesting theory. any evidence?

No. 125003

Wouldn't the chinks just leak the address if they had it

No. 125004


kiara might've just gotten caught by the auto filter, marine has been getting banned a lot lately too (vid related). banned by association?

although marine talks about being horny a lot.

No. 125008


Without posting evidence, the Chinese threat is just a narrative.

No. 125009

2020 is the year of the rrat after all

No. 125011

File: 1607518932439.jpg (226.23 KB, 2048x1020, EoU__r0VgAEaerN.jpg)

You guys can't help but suck at googling.

Chinks are stupid, they were the reason whyHolOCN graduated, so they always shoot in their own foot while thinking how smart they are.

No. 125014

that's got some pretty high levels of "stop bulli me. my dad works at microsoft and he'll ban you!"

no way they have that info and wouldn't post it everywhere.

No. 125015

Man, they're still at it? Chinks are really fucked in the head.

No. 125016

File: 1607522148017.png (18.82 KB, 785x298, 2.png)

does anybody have an archive of this guy's playlist?
apparently he purged his unlisted videos/playlist regarding the past lives of vtubers


No. 125018

with the exception of the art theft accusations, all this drama over a model lmao.

the state of indie is a mess. its so much easier just to block and ignore them if you find yourself so triggered and disgusted. the people canceling over the design are making so much more noise than whats necessary

No. 125019

in fact they not only failed to cancel her, now the uwu cutie generic wannabe loli vtuber has more than 3k followers

No. 125022

Someone turned West Taiwan's president as a Winnie the Pooh VTuber LOL

No. 125024

They really did.

The only accusations that were even worth anything are the art theft ones.

incoming blogpost but why do so many western indie vtubers that are like this care about who their mutuals are following? I've seen so many artist, vtubers, etc. be like "i'm breaking mutuals if you follow xyz" as if at the end of the day it matters. Why do they and mutuals care so much? I can't imagine having to be hyper-aware of who I am following at all times just not to piss one of them off and in fact, if i saw someone threatening to break mutuals over following/supporting someone or something that isn't illegal or straight-up map-apologism (and no, not loli shit I mean actual map-apologism like saying 6-year-olds can/should be able to consent) even if I didn't follow/support the person, I'd break mutuals and block them on principle.

same goes for one vtuber who was saying "if they change their design/do what i want then i'll unblock them". If I was kyoutto, I'd block and keep them blocked. there is 0 reason for anyone like that in the general vicinity of anyone they're saying it to. it screams manipulative and if i was following someone who did that, i'd unfollow and block them.

like i can't imagine being so confident in being that manipulative, petty, performative and vindictive that the loli-bait discourse overshadowed the art theft issue.

No. 125025

You don't know how this kind of thing works. I can drag up your info doesn't mean I'll post it, I'd want either a demand met or to scare you. Unless you're SPECIFICALLY out to hurt someone etc you'd post it then and there as proven by past incidents, it's real enough to prevent her from actually going live.
It's just the uptick in "LOL PEDOS EVERYONE IS A PEDO EVERYONE IS A SEX PEST ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE MALE" so like, people are on cancel everything even if we have to go beyond petty measures levels of bs. It is LITERALLY just over a model/2D image, you'd think the drama would have been over because they stole the design or something.

No. 125027

sage because samfag but semi relevant link


and i'm pretty sure they aren't the only organization that has had to deal with the problem of people thinking a 2d image = actual child. i get it, loli bait can be really gross but all of this is just performative and more detrimental than good cause no one will take a pedo accusation seriously anymore


it gives me flashbacks to when suspect_tweets posted actual censored CSEM because everyone was asking to see it after they said they found it. i wont be surprised if some similar shit happens again but this time in the vtuber community.

No. 125028

Kiara's channel disappeared
Was it because she finally broke or was it because of youtube again?

No. 125030

Scroll up, she got banned midstream. So youtube/mass reporting.

No. 125031

peacock = mia canasyna ?

No. 125034

quite likely. the laugh is rather unique.

No. 125038

I assume Anya has never streamed before?
She gives that vibe in her streams, too many technical difficulties related to streaming

No. 125039

File: 1607529471174.png (11.89 KB, 1297x144, Eowy1YsXMAI-i40.png)

Turns out this chick does sex work and teaches her audiences to touch their peepees.

No. 125040

File: 1607529766692.jpg (113.54 KB, 720x345, 20201209_170303.jpg)

No. 125041

When you get NTR'd so hard you fall into delusion.

No. 125055

File: 1607532922909.jpg (81.77 KB, 680x574, 20201209_175544.jpg)

No. 125056

Because they’re cosplay thots that switched to a new hobbie after the pandemic cancelled all of their conventions. You ever get involved in the cosplay community? It’s all drama about who is following who, who cosplayed what and with whom, etc, etc, etc. They found a medium where they can actually be their gajinka pokemon OC and they bring their penchant for drama along with them.

The non dramatic ones are usually just streamers that happen to be weebs or Vice versa

No. 125057

I think a sexual roleplay vtuber is like the exact last thing I'd ever want to watch tbh…

No. 125058

Coomers love it
Just look at Melody that shit sells

No. 125060

It's way more respectable than the legions of "horny is my primary personality trait" vtubers that keep popping up. If you're gonna use sexuality to attract fans, actually do it instead of playing coy

No. 125061

Yeah but melody keeps her degenerate shit on chaturbate at least

No. 125062

well seeing as said Mia , nuked her twitter, is followed by all of Hololive ID Gen 1, and has comments disabled on all her videos, seems to be the case.

No. 125065

Her laugh is exactly the same, it’s her
You can hear her laugh in the graduation stream at 27:55

No. 125078

i saved a few except for the last few ones including the fat matsuri dancing video. most of those stuff can be found in bilibili

No. 125091

No. 125092

Matsuri’s changed so much, it’s very impressive how much better she looks now

No. 125103

is that matsuri on that #62 video ?, if so she want that fat

No. 125111

Can you link the bilibili stuff?

No. 125128

No, and it never will. I know it's hard to, but it's time to accept the fact that his amazing model will forever be wasted on that vapid, boring, pointless tranny.
Even if the voice was convincing, how was "Artemis" not screaming "tranny name"?
>most of the degens who lewd lolis hate real children too
It makes sense. Depraved people hate innocence and want to corrupt it.
Not a fan, but I don't get why she even got suspended… there is so much trash in youtube that is much more objectionable (and does get reported). Is it because vtubers look like "children" in the eyes of youtube? Does anyone know?

No. 125130

>how was "Artemis" not screaming "tranny name"?
What. How is Artemis a "tranny name"?
It's literally the name of a Greek goddess, it's like saying Hestia or Athena.

No. 125132

Goddess and mythology names are a staple of drag queen and tranny choices.

No. 125147

An account doesn't just get suspended without notice from a human-managed process. It's gotta be something automated that flagged the account due to something shifty going on. View botting maybe?

No. 125160

From what I've heard, it's possible that her account got mass flagged with strikes that exploited a newly added election integrity policy that was added on the 9th to Youtube. It could explain the reason her channel was taken down for "misleading content."

No. 125162

File: 1607580152002.jpg (68.06 KB, 455x468, 1607578352599.jpg)

You still all hate Kiara after that amazing stream? Fucking losers. Kill yourself femcels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125163

shut the fuck up, scrote

No. 125164

Go back to /jp/ you fucking cretin

No. 125165

File: 1607580746942.png (212.13 KB, 418x421, 1607580571540.png)

You only dislike her because she's more loved than you will ever be.
Sure thing. Only came to dunk on you freaks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125166

tbh I dislike Mori more for her perpetual "how do you do fellow kids" way of talking and really hope that Ina makes full use of CSP's time-lapse update even though the secrets to her art is literally to just draw more.

No. 125171

File: 1607585296455.png (927.89 KB, 1974x2048, Screenshot_20201210-012151.png)

No. 125172

>Otherwise literal who with a bad mic and no real direction with her content defines herself by being "woke."
I'm getting real tired of this indie scene…

No. 125175

It looks like the VTube community is way more SJW than I thought. That's honestly sad because cancel culture is just a manifestation of all the Karen's we have made fun of.

Can't wait for Calli to get cancelled for saying the n-word. Oh wait, she's not getting cancelled because people want to protect their little sanctuary called Hololive.

No. 125176

Athena is such a moron. Remember when she outed herself by posting here in the first thread

No. 125178

What the hell is the “a word”? Asshole?

No. 125180

She meant "Soft A N-word" aka "Nigga"

Callie said Nigga a ton in 2014 when she was like 18, we all said nigga back then, it be like that. Especially white kids growing up listening to rap.

No. 125181

Lol isn't that the same 'muh autistic' deer who writes about how people scared of her for being traditional and right-wing? And a catholic nutjob.

Her nudes were leaked not because of n-word, it's just her ex being shitty.

No. 125182

Would anyone even be offended if an anime rapper girl says nigg**?

No. 125183

Based as fuck. Jealous, failed girls who froth at the mouth to tear down successful women disgust me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125192

File: 1607596183890.jpg (219.07 KB, 1785x870, EobUMibVQAAo3fb.jpg)

Had a good laugh at this

No. 125200

her 3d model is kinda ugly. Also what kind of good catholic waifu takes nudes?

No. 125205

File: 1607601248329.jpg (421.95 KB, 1125x902, 61V8WKL.jpg)

I don’t know about outright offended, but there would definitely be backlash. She’d get eaten alive. Athena isn’t even a chinese doing the shocking slavery bit, just some retarded burgerland vtuber. The only people that would come to her defense are equally brain damaged edgy incel types who call women “waifu” and like her for having an anime voice. Just look at the ongoing response to her saying the “lite” version of the word 4 months ago. Everyone else on twitter in the vtuber sphere including those who want to cull the competition would easily try to cancel her for that. And they’d probably feel even more justified for doing it.

This dunce also tweeted in support of the kyuotto for sympathy points. Getting canceled/ostracized must have broken the camel’s back, why is she trying to align herself with a pedo.

No. 125208

You sound like you want her cancelled, dont worry, it's not happening

No. 125218

Yeah cause she's a literal who, Let's face it, she's not relevant outside being lolcow-ish and sadly, that ain't enough for the scene to care for her.

No. 125221

she's just looking for pity follows from people who like kyuotto.

No. 125228

I agree with you, but the overwhelming majority of vtubers have it coming if it ever happens to them. It's a live by the sword, die by the sword thing. Practically none of them are "innocent" (and no, just because they don't have any milk around doesn't mean they are "good people").
Yes, but it's always white or asian girls. Most black people don't actually care if anyone writes "nigga/nigger", specially because they know it's often just slang and not an intentional attempt to be racist. Like "faggot".

No. 125230

>what kind of good catholic waifu takes nudes?
Nowadays seems to me that anyone saying they are "catholic" is nothing but pandering to right-wing incels that whisper deus vult before going to bed. If she was actually catholic and pious, it would show.

No. 125235

It's ugly because she made it in the free android app

No. 125236

Didn't know it was this easy. Maybe I should become a vtuber with BDSM persona so I can insult simps and they will still give me money.

No. 125237

What are you off about lmao

No. 125238

Her persona is that of a devout catholic. A devout catholic wouldn't have CP pictures of themselves. Just from a quick glance at her twitter you can see much of her behaviour is unfitting.

No. 125239

Kyuotto has gone an entire day so far completely radio silent. It seems she tried diffusing the artist situation but yesterday that artist fired back again refuting a lot of what she was saying and we have yet to hear a response from Kyuotto after.
She can’t be gone for good just yet right?

No. 125240

she amount of her simps beleiving her " im sowwy, i already apwologized" shit pisses me off, the artist pointed out shes lying the whole time.

No. 125249

Why does Athena just get a pass by incels for taking thotty nudes as a teenager? didn't she also have pictures of herself licking toilets and stuff like childish kids do? I'm sorry Athena but not all girls do that. Wasn't her boyfriend at the time her same age? Just disgusting

No. 125251


“noooo but you don’t understand if the person behind this anime girl i wanna simp for did something wrong then i can’t simp for them anymore!!”

Weebs are on a whole nother level. I always felt like so many people involved themselves in voice actor drama because they saw it as defending their favorite anime characters. It still cracks me up how many people hypocritically got angry at Cover for bending the knee to China but then would also be like “uwu let’s make sure to send Civia and Artia off with love and NO drama!!!”

No. 125256

Wait, what's the lie if you don't mind pointing me out?

No. 125269


Wtf you on? Most black people don't care if you write 'nigga' BUT nigger with the HARD R is frequently taken offense at – most racists use the hard R – especially on Twitter.

She was mocking/copying Miko, so it was cringe but not offensive.

No. 125276

Black Twitter here.

Don't care that Japanese girls sang nigga to Lamar, it was catchy as hell. Care less about Calli saying nigga when she was 18 in 2014, that really was how the internet was back then

Mostly just white people being offended for us that bring it up

Basic white girls or ABG's saying nigga in 2020 unironically is just cringe though. Grew up privileged but want to act like they had life hard because they knew one black guy in middle school

No. 125277

>>125256 she lied about the tracing initially, then threatened a lawsuit, then stopped talking to the original artist, then claimed that it was " resolved" the original artist said "what no it isn't, she didn't even apologize" It also came out that she claimed it was when she was younger and just practicing her style, that proved to be false and it was like march 2020. There's other less confirmed cases of her tracing art as well.

No. 125279

>>125276 These Japanese girls get the nigga pass , purely because of cultural ignorance.

the same cant be said for Athena. shes just socially inept.

No. 125282

She said at first the “issue was resolved and she already apologized” for it, then tweeted she couldn’t apologize because the artist allegedly blocked her.
Then she said she only threatened legal action because she was getting death threats (but didn’t say who from) , but the artist pointed out she said in her first message it was because the artist was ruining her reputation.
Then Kyuotto admitted and apologized for the tracing, but not once acknowledged the threatening of legal action.
Then like others mention Kyuotto keep saying “I did this when I was young and an aspiring artist” when it was in March of this year.
Artist compiled all her contradictions (Kyuotto’s tweet screenshots) and tweeted at her multiple times saying “kyuotto the main problem is you threatened legal action” and Kyuotto has yet to respond.
I think other small lies were included (like Kyuotto said she only blocked the artist for a few minutes, when in reality the artist was live tweeting her being blocked for hours) and maybe a few other things I missed.
The artists thread has about 6 or 7 hundred retweets so far, both supporters and simps are commenting. The main arguments from the simps is that this was in the past and Kyuotto was young, also “she’s already getting enough hate”

No. 125283

Can't be cancelled if you never really started.

No. 125284

Exactly indie vtubers think they can be like Miko, but they fail to realize people actually like miko.

No. 125287

Not being a bottom-of-the-barrel political correct mouthbreather isn't cultural ignorance.

No. 125288

Speaking of all this, it's hilarious when western people try to push their own political correctness and claim cultural superiority on Asian countries when they were never the intended target audience in the first place.

Imagine being a content creator in Japan and you have to think about the feelings of all those poor non-Japanese people across the pacific ocean. People legitimately complained about The Promised Neverland movie because they didn't have a diverse cast, a movie made in Japan, dubbed in Japanese, and made for the Japanese audience.

No. 125289

File: 1607645536708.jpg (632.91 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20201210-181130_Twi…)

His ego is gonna get even bigger. Ugh.

No. 125290

poor pikamee.

No. 125296

Oh no, not Pikamee. I actually like her

No. 125299

>Can't wait for Calli to get cancelled for saying the n-word.
Can't wait for Calli to get cancelled, period. Her and Kiara are just attention whore (and in Kiara's case, ACTUAL whore) shitstains in it for the fame and money. Calli's VA is just using Calli's character as a promotion for DemonDice. I don't think she gives a single shit about the character with how often she breaks character and especially not after that interview with those coomer mongoloids on the TrashTaste podcast.

No. 125300

Who hurt you, anon?

No. 125302

You're on a board that solely exists to shit on Vtubers and you're taken aback that someone hates a couple of notoriously horrible Vtubers? Are you trolling or are you actually that retarded?

For the record, I still love a lot of the other HL girls. Watame, Polka, Coco, Korone, Ame, Gura, Ina, etc.

No. 125303

Does Athena have GERD?

No. 125305

It's not a hate thread. It's a milk thread. I doubt people hate most of the cows, it's just funny to laugh at them at times.

No. 125307

t. doxxbrap

No. 125312

callie Notoriously Horrible? I kinda see that for Kiara. but i dunno about Callie, shes kinda clean.

No. 125314


Go touch some grass outside, anon.

No. 125321

They don't get an auto pass because they're Japanese, Lamar could've said anything in that sing-song voice and people would've repeated it. Don't blame any of them

I don't care what people said back then, don't care what people say now. Doesn't even bother me that people drop nigger on the internet because I'm desensitized to it but if y'all dropping niggas past 2015 and expecting a pass because you didn't know better you're dumb as fuck, and there's white vtubers still trying to claim they didn't know better over shit they said last year.

Either own to it and appreciate the culture or just admit you're a racist, nobody fuckin cares (except white people), both sides are gonna have an audience in 2020 anyway.

No. 125323

Gura and kiara are streaming right now and kiara literally cannot stop bringing up "pekora-senpai," she really is up holoJP's ass

No. 125324

This collab is painful to watch. Kiara is painful to watch. But at this point, saying that is pretty much saying "grass is green".

No. 125326

She said Pekora because there was a player with a name that was a pun on Usada.

Also you're crazy, they seem like they're having lots of fun. Also, not milk.

No. 125328

I mean, she just applied for the lulz and didn't even like Vtubers until she found out it makes money. That's pretty fuckin bad.

No. 125329

so that doesn't make her horrible, sounds like shes having fun now anyways

No. 125330

>She's having fun taking advantage of fans for profit, therefore she's not horrible

No. 125332

actually feel bad for pika

No. 125335

As if the rest of them aren't doing the same thing, kek.

No. 125337


At least the rest of them aren't putting on some shit fake fucking voice. Calli can't even be bothered to stream when she's not tired.

No. 125338


As long as she's delivering quality content, does it matter why she's there? Her streams are painful to watch because of her "I'm not a boomer" shtick and her "shit fake fucking voice" but the music's alright.

No. 125340

>but the music's alright
The hell are you talking about? Her music is shit. All she can do is rap fast. None of her lyrics are even slightly clever, she just adds random bits of weebanese and simps eat it up. It's also cringe as shit, which is implied by the weebanese, but mostly because she constantly has that generic "white girl trying to sound hard/ghetto" accent when she raps. Bitch wouldn't pass for a singer at a karaoke party

No. 125341

The yuribaiting is pretty cringe.
but then again, that's mostly Kiara doing it. Calli doesn't really like it, does she?

No. 125343


The yuribaiting is pretty cringe, you're right. It's mostly coming from Kiara but Calli plays into it quite a bit. It gives clippers something to instantly latch onto.


Honestly, don't take the music that seriously. I'm not expecting "clever lyrics" from someone mixing "kawaii" into their raps. It's pretty alright for what it is.

No. 125345

Zentreya proves you can do that without even being a woman.

No. 125359

Yes, because all other hololivers are vtubing out of the pureness of their heart and wanting to entertain and bring joy to the world, not because they need rent or groceries.

I don't see why it has to be one or the other, I assume most corporate vtubers enjoy their job and have fun interacting with fans/gaming but also appreciate making a good salary from home.

No. 125360

The Japanese don't know any better, they still think she's cool. They have no idea what's cringe, so anything awkward will be played off as gap moe.

No. 125361

Quit putting words into peoples mouth.
When does:
>just applied for the lulz and didn't even like Vtubers until she found out it makes money
>She's having fun taking advantage of fans for profit
These are two different statements. One is a no risk investment that ended up paying off creating respect for the hustle because of it and the other is finding joy out of exploitative practices.
As for this statement your leaving out quite a few KEY details:
> she hated Idols & Idol culture, not Vtubing
> she had friends that were Vtubers & idol Vtubers
> as much as Hololive attempts to give off a corporate seiso Idol agency vibe they give their talents the freedom to do whatever as long as it doesn't damage the companies image
> Callie still clearly dislikes Idol culture though she's gotten over her dislike of idols themselves
I will agree that her general awkwardness, shitty taste in off-collab choices, general nuisance to the Atlus community, and failure to properly collab pisses me off and there there could probably be some milk in that. In my opinion cherry picking to the point being utterly disconnected from what she's actually said is only going to lead us into a schizo maze of dead ends.

No. 125363

/jp/ scrotes just can't resist outing themselves with statements like these. They really believe their waifu is different from the others and they're streaming just to make their simps happy because they care about them as individuals. Vtubers might enjoy streaming, but implying they're doing it for some purely altruistic reason is just pathetic scrote delusion.

No. 125367

That goes for the majority of religious people, ESPECIALLY CATHOLICS. Let's not act like they ever had any semblance of morality to them.

No. 125370

> All she can do is rap fast.
So every Western Rapper.
>None of her lyrics are even slightly clever,
So every modern day western rapper and late 2000s rapper. So you're saying her music is shit for being current? I agree, rap is shit tier these days.
The difference between us and western people is Japanese knows better, we don't take it seriously to the point it seems to hurt us to enjoy it for what it is. Just like we know many vtubers are really guys or could be guys, doesn't change the fact we like the CHARACTER portrayed which is why you see many Japanese folks go insane on the support, its fucking stressful in our society that people enjoy things for what it is when they can. You guys just seem to take it as a personal insult someone is PLAYING a character.

No. 125374

From loli to Onee-san lmao>>125031

No. 125377

And this is another reminder how out of touch most people on sites like these are lmao.

In like 90% communities outside of chan sites and obscure imageboards you would 100% be banned/flamed for writing faggot. Nigga gets used a bit more from White people but still most of the time people care a lot if people use it. And Nigger being slang?? you need to step out of the house more lmao

No. 125381

she wouldn't have had so many simps if not for the fact that the pedo and loli accusations overshadowed the art theft ones.

No. 125386

Ame is annoyed at amesame shippers spamming her.

No. 125389

well, im not surprised, they have the 2 worst chats in all of Holo EN.

No. 125404

are there any pics of yukihana lamy?(stop asking to be spoonfed)

No. 125406

I wonder if she knows (or even cares) that the models in this app come from a porn game

No. 125411

Indeed. I really don't get how simps delude themselves in thinking their chosen vtuber (which might change on a the drop of a hat) is somehow a divine pure angel sent from heavens to entertain them specifically.
Fuck off, nigger faggot. Not everyone is a soy-guzzler scrote like you who whimpers in twitter hoping brainwashed mentally ill women will maybe some day consider the remote possibility of giving you the time of day. What are you going to claim next? That most people are actually pro-trannies? YOU get the out of your echo chambers and actually go talk to real people. Nobody is buying the agenda anymore, and people are sick and tired IRL of having to pretend so some faggot's feelings (e.g. you) won't get hurt.

No. 125420

Honestly, you either live in the most conservative country in the planet or have been living completely isolated and only browsing imageboards for the last 15 years.

No. 125427

who hurt you.

No. 125435

who hurt you.

No. 125441

Just because other rappers are shit doesn't make her less shit. Cope harder faggot

No. 125442

Calli literally has the pog emote in her chats

No. 125444

Sounds like she personally hurt you. It means all rappers are shit.

No. 125446

Shark aunt leaks onegai…(no)

No. 125447

No, I just hate the argument that someone sucks because they're compared to someone else. She sucks hard enough on her own and her being a new-age rapper has nothing to do with it. No need to bring other shitty rappers in to put her down when her own content is reason enough to do so.

No. 125452

I'm listening…

No. 125458

Dont be retarded, involving family members is a against the rules.

No. 125459


Except this shouldn't even be an argument since it's clear she's not making serious rap music. "Gang Gang, Kawaii", "Excuse Me Could You Please RIP", "Sick Outta Fashion". Do these sound like serious titles to you?

No, half of her music is meme shit. This is like complaining that McDonald's doesn't make fine cuisine.

No. 125470

I don't really think her music are made for the memes. Calli's songs are basically just Japanese songs but in English.

If you were to translate Japanese songs to English, you end up with some real edgy/cringe lyrics.

No. 125500

I think the worst HoloEN is Ame. She just seems bored all the time like shes not really into it, complains about her fans constantly, isn't fun to watch and has boring streams. My prediction is she will be the first to "graduate"

No. 125515

At least Live Again was good.

No. 125516

learn to integrate, faggot

No. 125517


I'm inclined to agree but for different reasons. The other girls all have something that gives you a reason to tune into them. Calli has her rap, Ina has her art, and Kiara is trilingual. Gura doesn't have anything but she doesn't need anything either. "Shark loli" carried her to 1.5M subs.

The thing Watson has going for her is her game choice. She plays slightly more competitive games, like Valorant, Apex, HoTS. I don't think that's enough to make her interesting.

So I agree. She's the worst of all of them.

No. 125526

Imo the worst is definitly the shark. Ame outs alot of efforts in her content and has over 12 streams each week. Gura is probably also a lazy NEET but she barely streams more than Ina who has 2 other jobs and puts little efforts in her stream. She just seems like she doesn't care

No. 125527

>Gura doesn't have anything but she doesn't need anything either.
Gura has an excellent singing voice. Have you listened to her karaoke streams?

No. 125531


Also, Gura interact a lot with her chat. Asking even mundane stuff when she's running out of topic like "do you have any interesting math law or formula?" or "have you eaten?"

Ame on the other hand… always toxic at everything, unprovoked. Always blaming other for her misfortune. Lag, ping, chat, etc. Only maso coomers like that i suppose.

No. 125532

> You guys just seem to take it as a personal insult someone is PLAYING a character.
LOL, Just like how yall went batshit when Mano Aloe have a boyfriend huh? yea, it's not her major issue that take her to graduation but yall really went full loco.

No. 125534


There's a time when Ame and Gura streamed minecraft at the same times, Ame's viewers dropped like almost half of it. Most of em even saying "Off, Gura streaming" "Gura streaming, bye"

makes you wonder how does it feel your entire existence is not Amelia Watson but Gura's friend lol

No. 125541

I do not think anyone from Hololive will graduate in the upcoming 2-3 years ahead. Hololive at the moment is the only popular agency rite now. No other agencies capable of challenging it. Unless Nijisanji, but I am not sure how they are going to grap western market to be direct competitor of Hololive.

It is like if they graduate, no other place like Hololive for them to continue their vtubing career. Except on certain cases like politics, security and so on.

Surviving as indie has more challanges than corporate supporting them. It is like starting over again.

No. 125551

On the other hand, Nijisanji are barely any popular in western community compared to Hololive. And >>125532
Anon, you are a retard. People went batshit on /jp/, becausethat happened long before the threads were made here, your cutie Aloe uwu Mano got doxxed by Nene by accident ( she followed all the priv accounts of gen5 on her Nene account), which Chinese and antis used against them by turning everything into…This. and no one cares if she has a bf or not, but she was cringe on her private account for sure.

These newfags i swear.

No. 125557

Not everyone here surf on 4chan too, scrote.

No. 125562

Anyone notice gura using her real name on stream? https://youtu.be/E7CRmvzB7l4?t=7747

No. 125563


No. 125567

> implying only men browse 4chan as a part of defense
Are you having a stressful day? Hope it'll get better.

No. 125570

> putting words into someone else mouth
Hi Newmann

No. 125571

…Her telling the cat to come to the item she's holding?

No. 125576

Is there really a youtube bug that's happening atm or is /jp/ just delusional?

No. 125578

Youtube JP confirmed it on twitter, it's affecting almost all channels but it's hitting V-Tubers harder.

All it does is just display lower active watches than there are tho. Sometimes by hundreds, sometimes by tens of thousands.

It hit the video game award's the other night too, maybe just the AI algorithms fucking with gaming related content

No. 125581

File: 1607782819660.png (53.79 KB, 1610x342, 1607576148406.png)

While it might seem like cope, there might actually be a bug in concurrent live viewer count.
>Youtube has commented on it and seems to acknowledge it.
>Overall large live viewer decline for a lot of the girls instead of a gradual fall out, even though they're still getting good sub growth/views every day.
>Indie vtuber made a poll for final song choice in a karaoke stream. She had 180~ viewers at the time and the poll had 250~ votes. She thought someone was cheating and tried again on a different poll site, with the same results.
>Likes seem to be passing the concurrent live viewers.
Generally likes are not really utilized much in youtube, so it's definitely odd to see likes outgrow the concurrent viewers. If you're going to leave a like, wouldn't you stay and watch the stream as well?
>The unique viewers when a live stream ends and the archive becomes available are similar numbers to previous streams unique viewers when a live stream ends, but the peak live viewer count are significantly lower. Similiar stream content (minecraft) and times
See image for unarchived karaoke example.

Ideally there is no bug, and we get to see nerds cry that their favorite vtuber isn't popular anymore, or the girls start having mental breakdowns on stream for 'low' numbers/rapid decline in viewership over the past 10 days. Guess we'll see.

No. 125583


People often stayed at home in previous months because of the pandemic. This contributed viewers as well.

I will not be surprised if the viewers decline now.

People are now busy rebuilding from what they had lost during the quarantine.

Anyways lets patiently wait what is the update from YouTube soon. Who knows really.

No. 125584

Look at the graphs in this tweet: https://twitter.com/2bpbHVoGr3FP5pE/status/1336445087560073219
I doubt 30-40% of the viewers decided to stop watching Vtubers and rebuild exactly 11:45 JST on the 3rd of December.

No. 125585

some people just dont care for rules, as we could see last thread

No. 125588


I am aware of the graph shows there Probably there were bugs involved on Dec 3.

I am not sure where to find credible site of their statistics.. But as checking on playboard. It seems they have healthy viewers in my point of view.

No. 125594

File: 1607793704025.jpg (31.66 KB, 480x649, 131238839_716292902349726_4070…)

Imagine being a matsuri simp, you are being double cucked

No. 125595

It's called trickle-down economics lmao

No. 125618

By all means prove me wrong, this could potentially be entertaining. Call someone a fag or a nigger on reddit or twitter and show us how your account is still alive five hours later. Do it at your workplace while you're at ir, since you claim retarded woke culture is dead. Also sage your shit.

No. 125621

It's possible that yagoo forgot to pay the hololive viewerbot bill.

No. 125630

Vtubers views are fine. Whether you like it or not they're here to stay for awhile to come and make plenty of money.
There was a legit bug happening, something similar happens to Twitch occasionally. Face it, they're a thing and will be.

No. 125635

People said the same about markiplier and ilk lol. Kizuna and the other 2 OGs has been around ages, they're not AS popular because they didn't market around a similar aspect. As much as we want this to die even the massive amount of copycats won't saturate the market because people will only care for the OG Hololive/NS/Etc agencies.

No. 125640

you're wrong, go back to reddit now faggot

No. 125644

Stop arguing over semantics, this is a Vtuber thread.

No. 125654

> Anime girls people can simp for will not last long at all. It will die out.

Anon, I want you to really think about that statement.

No. 125656

Things just dont die out, it will stay for a good while, hololive isnt the only vtuber company and stuff, if hololive dies that doesnt mean that the vtuber thing will die so yeah, better deal with it because oh boy this is only the begining

No. 125657

Hololive will probably be around for a very long time since it's a pretty successful idol agency. As for the talents themselves…
I expect more "graduations" to occur beyond just the failed debuts, harassment, and stress.

No. 125658

I dont think that any graduation will happen soon tbh, but in the future it will definitely be a possibility

No. 125661

And that's why you should be backing everything up at all time.

No. 125665

What do you mean?(newfag)

No. 125670

Gura probably does better from having a nicer overall design too

No. 125675

Japanese people love lolis AND sharks and thats widely known. When holojp saw Gura they talked only about her, always mentioning how much they love sharks. But the main reason why Gura got her sub amount so fast was because she wasn't even hiding that she is Senzawa, but even showing it in peoples faces on her debut background which was a reference to her most watched video.

No. 125676

her IRL personality also works quite well with her current chuba persona

a lot of little things went right/were done right with Gura

No. 125687

Speaking of Ame
I'm starting to believe she's a chronic liar or something. All her childhood stories are farfetched and the sheer amount of them is unrealistic. She's even starting to get caught in her own lies
> Played LA Noire entirely as Sachi and then pretends to be new at the game as Ame

> Told a story where she left Disneyland in a limo after getting hurt

> Told Gura earlier that she never rode a limo

Idk but really makes me wonder if any of her stories are even real

No. 125689

I don't see why people insist vtubing will die out, it's just a new form of vlogging/streaming, and those are plenty sustainable.

But I do agree that it's only a certain amount of time before drama and "graduations" go down. Hololive has like what, 30 members now or something?

And I hate to say it, but Hololive also has millions of fans, with at least a couple thousand fans who would gladly assault or stalk their idol irl. I don't wish this on anyone but I feel it's bound to happen, it seems like the girls all have normal living situations irl, no security or anything.

No. 125700

She has stated 3 times that she played LA Noire awhile ago but doesn't remember much also she played it as Buckets not Sachi.. the clip of her playing La Noire is from back in 2017. That's 4 years ago.
As for the limo story, don't get too attached to it, might mean she just was transported in a longer car.
You know you can have a pretty wild childhood you know? Especially in poor families

No. 125701

Fair enough

It seems the rrats will starve for another day

No. 125703

nijiniggers are really butthurt over here, huh? just admit your shitty company its being fucked by other shitty company

No. 125705

She might added one or two things to made the stories interesting. Everyone does that. Straightforward story pretty boring tbh. Like stand-up comedian, do not believe what they told you 100%. It must contain additional 2-3 things just making u laugh. Possibility of fake one as well.

>And I hate to say it, but Hololive also has millions of fans, with at least a couple thousand fans who would gladly assault or stalk their idol irl. I don't wish this on anyone but I feel it's bound to happen, it seems like the girls all have normal living situations irl, no security or anything.

This question actually circling me all the time. Most of Holo's talents are indoor/or never shows their faces on the Internet previously.
But what is their scouting department thinking of hiring Coco, Kiara?
Both of them actually popular outside, once they go out socialize in convention or otaku event which attract lots of greasy otakus possibility of unexpected thing bound to happen.

I do not hate them or whatsoever. Just cannot connect any valid reason.

No. 125706

Please learn how to sage, you retarded fucking newfags.

No. 125709

saw a clip from miko's stream before which said YAGOO himself scouted her so it's not like it was mainly targeting for indoors type of people
for the rest? probably hololive HR department aren't as strict as one might assume
one of holostar member even were allegedly was a pretty famous rapper on jp

No. 125710

try compare it with recent gura's version of same song
honestly, as long as they stick to the original trope of idol
and do actually show improvement in their personality from stream to stream
it is not that bad

No. 125711


Yea, simple is better. Also, blue color scheme indirectly increase sale. In marketing, blue color scheme reduce anxiety and gives sense of security thus increase deals. That's why a lot of financial and insurance sites uses blue.

This makes me wonder of shark's real intelligence capacity tbh. Is she rly faking those dumm shits like failing to count 9+11 or 2x2? Because it also produces clips which is free and reliable marketing for vtuber channel. No one went full skimming through 2-3 hrs archive streaming video.

Compare the design to Kiara…

No. 125714


Everyone with IQ above room temperature can sense if some of those stories are made up or at least half-baked. I mean for the clips. But yea, she's latina. They rly do have fck up childhood.

> Played LA Noire entirely as Sachi and then pretends to be new at the game as Ame

Perhaps she doesnt want to be associated with Sachi or she just want to spit to chat because apparently people in '40s uses nigger and hate jews on daily basis. Gee whiz what a surprise, isnt that the plot of the game; solving a fckin hate crime?

No. 125715

Those color association things are different in different countries tho so it's purely cultural. I mean I find Gura's memery amusing and the design cute (reminds me of a shark version of Umaru-chan but less annoying) but I don't even like cool color palettes.

No. 125717

Kiaras design is a little too cluttered. I think her face, hair and earrings are great. Her crazy face that she makes matches her personality on stream. The hats, her clothes and the sword/shield thing is fucking retarded

No. 125718


Naah, I don't think she's that dumb but I also don't think she's that smart. Senna Howard always plays character with blue color palette from her childhood. I think that's just her fave color. Whether it's also have a marketing benefit is just a side effect. But you are right, failing at simple arithmetic is just…

But yea, Kiara design really turned my fight or flight response. Especially the model of her holding two chicken. yuck.(samefaggotry)

No. 125719


Good take, what's the deal with that sword and shield? That's not even looks like weapons. Is it part of the lore? Coz i don't recall it. Her design and lore is so random like
"I'm a phoenix, with a chicken voice, armed with 'sword'-'shield that want to build a fast food restaurant, KFP (Kiara Fried Phoenix)". Gott, this german…

Compare this to Calli,
"I'm a grim reaper"

No. 125720

She seems to be half latina

No. 125729

File: 1607838634460.png (350.93 KB, 375x691, ddd.png)

I wonder if chicken got salty after seeing shark having 10x more viewers than her

No. 125730

File: 1607838707897.png (68.04 KB, 300x210, E89BFF90-9A59-45FD-BD85-669D1F…)

Ion the holostar side they have izuru who (while was a lot more unpopular) still was found out pretty fast from his utaite videos (and i believe was proven that he was actually only 17 when he joined),astel doesn’t even have a different character much except from just saying he’s an alien from his other account, but face wise rikka was an utaite that was very well known and performed live a lot.

who was the well known rapper?

No. 125732

tbf it's just a superchat reading for her karaoke stream and Amelia is streaming as well
I wonder how much their streaming schedules and views will be impacted enough once Hololive adds more EN vtubers
maybe Roberu?

No. 125738

At least Kiara's sword and shield have more personality than Ina.

No. 125747

File: 1607848120382.jpeg (200.67 KB, 1125x840, 2A545682-C4A4-4238-9280-8F0C5E…)

Kiara is actually about to overtake Ina in subs lol

No. 125748

Guess the JP Collab speedrun paid off.

No. 125755

Holostar actually has pretty good talent behind it. Somehow I wonder why they are not popular like their counterpart.

I think girls prefer BTS than pretty 2D drawing. lol

On side note, Rikka's roomate age almost reach 40 years old. Guess he is the oldest talent there.

No. 125758

Retard alert

No. 125761

timestamp 58:17

"yeah Gura is kind of a boomer"

"oki doki boomer"

and she wasn't reading that from chat or anything, that was all her. honestly, she's such an airhead most of the time I can't even tell if she realized what she was doing right there.

No. 125765

do you all know the identity of moona hoshinova? I found one more person and that means there are 2 people who are accused of being Moona. now i am very confused.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125767

She also gained a lot of subs after she got her account back. But it was only a matter of time before she got ahead of Ina.

No. 125774


Good point.

No. 125777


who's this bitch?

No. 125797

She probably makes things up for the purpose of entertaining, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is an actual pathological liar. Streaming in general seems to attract a specific type of person, and we know she was already a streamer before her current gig.
Same. I recall when Let's Play videos became streaming sessions and couldn't wrap my head around the principle and thought it would die. All these years later and it's stronger than ever. Vtubing is here to stay.

No. 125799

chicken has a sword and shield because of pokemon sword and shield.

No. 125801

I think she and Gura have the same artist or rigger, but don't quote me on that

No. 125810

same artist, yes.

No. 125825

Unfortunate. I don't hate Kiara as much as some, but she is by far the worst HoloEN IMO.

No. 125827

It's Japanese rap, the titles are usually like that and you can tell she's actually passionated about her music.

No. 125828

>Rikka's roomate age almost reach 40 years old. Guess he is the oldest talent there
So that's the reason why he's so fucking boring?
From the holostar guys the only ones that can actually be funny or try interesting streams are Aruran, Shien, and Roberu, though the last one is just a one hit wonder with his Winning Son meme.

No. 125838

>Vague neighbor business has Ina too busy to even use her Holo Twitter for a handful of days.
>This is what lets Kiara barely overtake her coupled with a conveniently free publicity stunt.
>/jp/ will continue to numberfag and falseflag when Ina realizes that she can finish her self-drawing and Ame off-screen then upload the CSP time-lapse which bumps up her sub count.
Sasuga chicken…

No. 125843

Yes I think at this point over half the population is pro tranny, atleast in the west lmfao

No. 125845

> Ina will always continue to earn money from her pure talent and keep working with game companies without caring about hololive
> Kiara will always have to leech off others and have mental breakdowns / cry about anything for pity to get superchats which she did since day 2, that including her neverending imposter syndrome and numberfagging
> all chickenstans are newfags who want to defend their leechqueen (always coming there to whiteknight or post gore) and assume that having subs means something
Damn. Chickenfags are the real idiots.

No. 125848

File: 1607891172601.png (77.88 KB, 425x592, 001.png)

>Indietuber rears their face into a Holo's chat and gets no (You)s.
There's no better feeling in the world.

No. 125852

File: 1607893364209.png (115.13 KB, 665x465, 1497540986643.png)

holy shit this place is fucking hilarious.
Seething at other women playing videogames using an anime avatar and waiting for them to do something to sperg about it. Imagine being born a woman and failing at life harder than a fucking /r9k/ incel (even them could find a dick to suck). I would tell you to kill yourselves but it's not like someone would care anyway. The absolute state of femcels(ok)

No. 125859

Haven’t seen her since her debut, does she have anything besides her singing?

No. 125860

I started following this board because I wanted to see what the vtubers look like, but it turns out it's just a bunch of human garbage crying over nothing, I saw the dogs titties though so that's cool I guess .

No. 125862

I like Ina. She's cute, comfy and normal.

No. 125863

Astel too, with his marathon streams and constantly chatting or being entertaining for so long (the unarchived singing stream from a week ago was great, I never paid attention to him before that).

Roberu seems like a one hit wonder with Winning Son/Cafeteria in my Soul but he's the first Holostar to hit 100k and streams several times a day (Arurandis has started doing that too recently), collabs outside of Cover, and knows how to hype up his chat with off-collab surprise sleepovers and reaching out to the overseas fans pretty often. Holostars streams can be pretty fun because the chat is a lot slower

It looks like several of the Holostars have taken a page out of his book and done language exchange or english only streams trying to get more of those sweet overseas subscribers. (I THINK he did the first Mario Kart English only, and then Korone and Matsuri did it too even though Korone's legendary English-only Mario Bros came first)

sage for no milk just extra info

No. 125867

astel is one of those rare cases i would say if he was in nijisanji instead of holostars he would have made it farther by now

No. 125870

this thread for some reason attracts a lot of malefags. wish farmhands would clean it up.

No. 125877

>for some reason
It's because of the subject matter lol. The primary audience for Vtubers is autistic males. Just report and ignore.

No. 125882

Kiara is supposed to be a part time restaurant owner/mascot and part time adventurer with an obsession with hats or something.
So of course she gets a sword and shield, Kamen Rider utility belt, Mascot hat, Turkey Frill Hat, Turquoise ribbon choker, Pheonix feather earrings, and 2 turkey legs.

The base design looks great but all the extra accessories really just ends up turning the visuals into an absolute clusterfuck. If her model ever gets updated I really hope they cut at least half of the accessories.

No. 125890


I sincerely hope that her model gets updated and made a lot less spastic. I honestly think that her design is the worst in HoloLive and that's saying something with all these basic ass "I'm an animal" designs.

No. 125896


Astel tweeted weeks ago that only 20% of his viewers was from Japan.

I assume the statistic was similar among their team as well.

Great thing they want to expend their audience by learning English.

No. 125952

I suspect that Kiara's meta-gimmick is that she'll get an overhaul at 1M subs. She would get a better costume, sing in her "real" voice and be less of a spaz.

No. 125954

I feel Astel is hampered a bit by his design, since it's really out-there compared to the others. It's why I slept on him for so long, and I've seen others dislike his design too.

No. 125965

>but if y'all dropping niggas past 2015 and expecting a pass because you didn't know better you're dumb as fuck

How are you supposed to know what you don't know if you don't know what you're supposed to know when you don't even live in the country where the word is used and have never in your entire life ever had to learn about foreign history to that extent?

You're just being ridiculous. They get a pass once.

No. 125975

I'm waiting for Kiara's Kamen Rider gimmick to pop off and an updated mech design looking boss asf with a huge ass laser sword… Maybe.

No. 125977

You've got to wait at least a year for that, chickenfag

No. 125983

File: 1607956696236.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1200, nemo.png)

>a bit
A lot actually, who the fuck decided to give him such an ugly design?
It looks like a character from a Latin America kids cartoon.

But I don't think it's all about design or marketing though. I watched some nijisanji top guys out of curiosity and they are simply way more charismatic and interesting than the HoloStars. I don't know who scouts for Holo but they need to step up their game.

No. 126014

Anyone catch Gura drunk on stream? Clearly slurring her words. Her Senzawa is showing.

No. 126017

Oh shut the fuck up everyone knows not to say nigger there's no excuse. You act like these gooks don't have internet access take off the cape superman and pull your head out of your ass

No. 126024

They're nips not gooks, get with the program

No. 126039


that yellow thing on his hair looks like a melted dandruff. And what's with that costume?

No. 126042

I don't get the people who say Hololive is the best at scouting talent, they've obviously hired a few duds personality and talent-wise.

This is an imageboard. Embed the video and give timestamps of what you're talking about.

No. 126053

File: 1608050763187.png (1.49 MB, 1395x2048, Screenshot_20201214-192446.png)

Think I found the ugliest vtuber design.

No. 126059

>I don't get the people who say Hololive is the best at scouting talent
They've got a great ratio of stars to duds. The number of stars should be much smaller. Beyond that their actual duds are very few in number, with many of those who people consider duds are earning 2-3x that of duds in other companies.

But more than that, it seems like they exclusively hire people who can coexist with other human beings without malfunctioning over the smallest thing. Compare that to other vtuber companies, and really compare that to any company you have worked at. Harder than it sounds.

No. 126061

>Compare that to other vtuber companies
So, do you have any milk on Nijisanji?

No. 126073

>with many of those who people consider duds are earning 2-3x that of duds in other companies
That's because of the brand image.

No. 126075


I'm kind of disappointed.

No. 126082

>That's because of the brand image
which they somehow earned despite their incompetence in almost anything besides picking out mostly the right people from auditions

No. 126102

Then you need to get out of your basement and stop reading twitter. I live in the one of the top10 most liberal and gay-friendly cities in Europe and even here I've seen trannies being stopped from entering women's bathrooms, as it should be.
There has been none since the Roa thing, afaik.

No. 126116

First mover advantage and the lowest common denominator.

No. 126192

File: 1608090359804.png (647.88 KB, 620x1003, 466c19819bba20dad79b7e3aac09e1…)

Oga also has a busy design even though I like him. A lot of Holostars' designs remind me of overdesigned otome game guys.

No. 126194

my goodness

No. 126198

If sexual predator was a design it be this.

No. 126219

Meant actual name, not previous nickname or handle.

In a previous collab Mori called her a wrong name starting with "T", and was thinking maybe she had slipped her real name.

No. 126220

You're asking at the wrong place. Her real name (which I'm not telling you) has nothing to do with milk.

No. 126222

I always find it funny how Kiara was the first one to be doxed that hard but her real name didn't spread much. Others names I have seen mentioned almost everywhere(ban evasion)

No. 126225

Found this on steam. It was released yesterday. Is Nagu the artist? the style looks similar but idk couldn't find anything.

No. 126228

That's blatantly her art, yeah. Her style is incredibly distinct. Also the kickstarter confirms it's her.

No. 126235

a kickstarter based in Taiwan and Nagu worked on it? that's actually a little bit interesting.

she's still the only one who has hardly ever collabed with any of her JP seniors, right?

No. 126240

So that may be why she hasn't posted or RT'd anything about it. Also the game's twitter don't mention her at all.

No. 126242

She collabed with Iofi twice (well, Iofi is HoloID, but still). Mori collabed with Korone once, Ame with Roboco and Haachama, and Gura didn't collab outside HoloEN at all (if you don't count her collab with Ame and Moona, and two Among Us collabs).
So, not only Ina, they all (except chicken ofc) hardly even collabed with someone outside EN.

No. 126244

It was already explained by both Marine and Ina that their schedules didn't line up. Marine is busy with Holofes and the time Marine probably COULD collab is when Ina's working. Ina also said she had a few jp collabs in the works less than 5 days ago, one of which is probably with Akirose.

No. 126245

I could see Polka being a potential collab as well.

No. 126258

Hindrance for Gura obviously the language barrier. But she seems to has a good relation with Shion. Probably just for the time being.

For Holo ID, I think just the timezone I guess.

No. 126269

Haachama was trying to send invite Gura and Ina for a collab in which she replied live (clip related) so we can probably see them collabing in the near future

for the timestamp at the original video it's somewhere around 44:20

No. 126273

HoloEN group doxx should leave Ina blank because it's either her collage photo from 10 years ago or straight out fake. She might not look much better than her friend being in her 30s however

No. 126275

Can't call that a relationship, when it was Shion who asked Gura to make a birthday video for her (she directly said that on stream, she asked Gura to make a birthday video) instead of Gura's intention, because again. Japanese love sharks and she is the most subscribed, while Shion - not really. They never interacted on twt or anywhere else, only this once.

No. 126285

I mean, they've both said that they talk to each other frequently on Discord and they also pop up in each other's chat on occasion.

No. 126287

Nah despite that it feels one-sided and Gura barely watches or cares about Shion

No. 126311

Her acting depressed on stream makes people think if they just try to cheer her up they have a chance with her.

Memes that revolve around giving her money to work for her

No. 126312

there's also that twitter pic from just 4 years ago though

No. 126315

File: 1608147750895.png (20.76 KB, 592x101, 8.png)

27 to be exact

Been wondering, will she have a table on anime expo ever again? She was there last year but now with meme virus + being a target because of hololive seems less likely

No. 126316

This. Shes been doing that ever since the beginning (even counting Pekora leech that started before debut, leading into Mori leech because Pekora was ignoring her), while always whining about numberfagging. Nothing about her is geniune, it really obvious that she wants to be as popular as possible, milking money. All she does is uses other people to desperately get subscribers and views (eg her talk show that is boring and pointless, where all she asks are the most basic things everyone know about others). She chose Marine and Fubuki on purpose, Marine is still big and popular esp among western, while Fubuki is one of the most subscribed Holos with million and a very loyal fanbase.

No. 126327

I doubt Ina/Nagu will appear at anime cons anytime soon, at least while she's part of Hololive. Plus, she seems the busy type to just send proxies/friends to sell her merch for her.

No. 126378

Her irl account is called keekihime and she's literally a whore. She fucked some guys for cash in japan.

No. 126383


i wanna the sources anon

show me(Thirst)

No. 126385

sage your posts and check the archives or fuck off.

No. 126402

take what people say on here about Keeki, shes done some wack shit in the past but nothing nearly as bad as the retards on here make it out to be. They have unseething rage towards her.

No. 126403

yeah i know that some people here talk shit a lot

No. 126406

Nothing's more infuriating when someone you hate is now living her dream and being happy. Nothing wrong with discussing whatever fucked up shit she did in the past though, if anything it only proves just how much she improved.

No. 126419

Gura claimed the other day that she lurks in Shion's streams a lot.

No. 126420

Once again, wasn't that all proven to be false rumors spread schizos and some crazy dude over in JP? If that's the case that just makes her more sympathetic, friend.(samefag)

No. 126433

Gura mentioned in her streams that she chats a lot with Shion, and Gura has commented on her streams quite a bit
Their relationship is pretty great, Shion said a while back that they’re trying to make a collab work

No. 126456

It's easy to leave a tab open. Gura can't speak Japanese and doesn't give a shit about Hololive.

No. 126468

shes kerning, and one of the best ways to learn a language is to listen.

No. 126469

No offense, but all you have is hearsay and your personal opinion compared to stuff that actually has happened.

Gura not being familiar with Shion prior to joining Hololive is basically the only stretch someone can make.

No. 126470

Yeah, I watched some Senzawa streams and the girl loved having Hololive music play in the background

No. 126492

File: 1608228478883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.53 KB, 508x867, froot.JPG)

found this in a random comment thread, can anyone confirm if this is froot/apricot?

No. 126496

File: 1608230339508.png (360.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201217-193734.png)

No. 126504

File: 1608232841969.png (81.32 KB, 592x463, trydsry54y467.png)

cmon it's not that hard

No. 126525

So far only vtubers I feel are what you'd considered cute/pretty are Korone, Marine, Pekora and Moona (if that pic was actually her.) The rest aren't bad but these are the ones I've seen outside of their vtubing days.

Given what we know of the EN crew and indies, none really seem that attractive.(no1curr)

No. 126528

Pretty High standards huh?
most Hololivers I have seen have been fairly attractive, if not very attractive.

No. 126551

i lost it there when you said korone

No. 126564

Korone is a bit chubby With nice tits and a cute face . i see the appeal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 126584

I ain't going to lie to you anon, I would not watch any of these girls if they had a regular face cam on.

No. 126587


PPT is cute

No. 126604

Shion also said early on that they talk quite a bit in Discord. I get the impression that Shion was basically the first JP to really reach out to and connect with Gura. IIRC Gura's said before she doesn't like commenting in other chats because it tends to put all the attention on her but that could also be pure rrat.

No. 126628

If ppl are really that desperate, she was known to frequent the 4chan boards there and post nudes of herself. Should be in the archives/request for it in the indie vtuber threads.

No. 126637

>This makes me wonder of shark's real intelligence capacity tbh
She's not that smart. For some reason people love to pretend she's some sort of 900-IQ ten-dimensional intergalactic backgammon champion and grandmaster meme artisan, but in reality her entire persona from Senzawa to Gura is literally just Kuina from Hinako Note (skip to 21s in the video).

No. 126640

as much as I like Senzawa/Gura, I agree with you. Everyone's acting like she is a mastermind genius, "dropping hints without telling us anything" etc. etc. but she literally just took an anime character's personality and ran with it. Shes just a normal girl that used to be a LPStuber and had a voice acting passion who made it big, attributing more qualities to her its a reach.

No. 126644

lmao even the design of the character looks like her senzawa persona, that's pretty funny

No. 126716

>"Skip to the point in this video where this character does a bit that she did for like a week"

Yep that's irrefutable proof and definitely not just a reach. Can't wait for the 39-minute video essay on this

You're right about her just being some schmuck, though. She's not popular because she's smart, she's popular because she's pedo bait

No. 126717

Do you guys have an archive with pictures of hololivers somewhere? I am curious as to what they look like.

No. 126732

no spoonfeeding, go back and read previous threads, they were posted there

No. 126733

Gotta admit she was undoxxable for a while, but that's over now.

This vid always makes me wonder how much input can Hololive girls have when they join the agency.

No. 126749

>a normal girl
Let's not get crazy here.

No. 126752

You sound like that butthurt whitechick that was all over twitter and made that youtube video about vtubers (and gura) because people prefered to simp for them over her. How is she even pedo bait? She doesn't even pretend to be a little kid/loli and when her weirdo fans ask/beg her to she's clearly bothered/hesitant to even say simple loli shit lol.
But she is though?

No. 126779

File: 1608318980093.png (507.14 KB, 1200x630, Sachi.png)

>Watson gets short hair like her previous life.
>Kiara shows off as much skin as Shimakaze and every other character who's troublesome for cosplayers.
>Mori gets to have a pale hair color and has the color red amongst her friends.
>Ina's almost black hair and hime cut fit the ideal Asian stereotype for the most successful pre-holo member who happens to be Korean.
>Literally all of Senzawa and Gura.
Honestly I feel like the artists are informed about who made the cut before drawing the model.

No. 126780

the info about her shows that she went through a lot that could have fucked her up but she is still a pretty normal girl by any standards

No. 126781

it's common knowledge that the holos have a say in the design. Pekora's NND persona was literally bunny themed

No. 126783

This was posted on jp yesterday, it will be pure gold for this thread if she makes it into EN:


No. 126785

that's like 7 months old if not more

No. 126786

You say that, but a couple of threads ago there was someone who claimed otherwise. If you ask me, it's more logical to let the girls have a say or straight up choose the characters, so that they can at least try RPing at them and getting in the lore.

No. 126789

never thought I'd ever see someone literally pant(su) on head insane.

I also suddenly have a lot of empathy for the people at Cover having to experience video after video with comparable levels of cringe.

No. 126800

There's this
https://www.hololive.tv/characteraudition (Pre-gen 5, probably not gonna be used)
Though I've read when auditioning you can autdition with a character.
Plus Artia was talking on her gradutation about how she kept giving pointers to the artist of hers but the manager was saying no to most of them.

No. 126820

funny that you say that


No. 126902

If her character was sexually dressed, coded, or if she acted provocative, I'd totally agree with you, but she literally doesn't?

No. 126903

What was senzawa steam? apparently she still plays with her male friends

No. 126904

She likes teasing people with feet jokes (e.g. when she rubbed them against glass), openly professed to sleeping without underwear, etc.

No. 126905

Oh. :/ Damn.

No. 126907

stop being an incel it's fine if she plays with dudes lmao
also learn to sage

No. 126908

She also masturbated live on stream.

No. 126909

I dont care if she plays with them, just wanted to confirm for myself

No. 126912

How does that video prove your highly autistic comment? Shes just saying oh god over and over because shes clueless on how to play any other game that isnt a rhythm game

No. 126914

their brains are broken by horny. she doesn't even make jokes about feet like they said >>126904 here. she literally just said she has this habit of rubbing her feet against the glass on her pc which sounds like she stims, i dont think sleeping naked is even sexual either, she just said it's how she's most comfortable. too bad about her fanbase

No. 126939

File: 1608374820363.jpg (451.19 KB, 1279x716, ah.jpg)

Split-second capture from the A Way Out stream.

Also, someone on /jp/ mentioned that JayDeeVA's real name was Joel (according to a Senzawa video) and they were chasing the wrong person the entire time (to the point that he had to Private his account). The "Jay" in Gura's stream could be the J-chan in the Discord.

No. 126948

I agree with this. Korone and Coco are p fuggable IMO ngl

No. 126949


Yep, that's going in my dox folder.

No. 126954

Gura retreats a fan art of gura in a swimsuit and people lose their Collective God damn mind there's nothing inherently sexual of a sleeping naked and there's nothing inherently sexual about a swimsuit

No. 126964

No she didn't
She's more jumpy to quash rumors nowadays, since one guy ruined her life back then

No. 126966

What are we suppose to see here, anon?

No. 126967

Lol I knew someone would try to find the random person that popped up on Gura's notification, like damn and people WONDER why these type of people will never interact with you.

No. 126971

Jesus Christ that poor girl went through so much shit in the past years
I'm so happy she managed to reach HoloEN, and all antis/narrativefags here and on 4/5ch are no better than that disgusting piece of shit

No. 126974

So many of them went through a lot in the past, I'm starting to think Hololive is really into damaged girls.

No. 126978

that whole thread reads like a swarm of whiteknighting scrotes

No. 126980

the only thing vaguely interesting in that picture is that it -kinda seems- as though their manager is using "ENma" (fan?)art as a profile picture - but the name is too blurry to read thanks to potato resolution. thanks anon.

No. 126984

No, the interesting thing is that you can run everyone in that discord through a service like namechk.com or something like https://github.com/sherlock-project/sherlock if you're a le cool hacker and hopefully find all their web profiles. Maybe it's just me though, I dunno.

No. 126987

Yeah sure let's try to doxx Cover staff for shits and giggles, what could go wrong? Fucking retard

No. 126990

Well, first of all let me say that I oppose any kind of cyberbullying and harassment - these things really have no place in our modern society. Having said that, I find that it's worth pointing out that acquiring and sharing publicly available information is not illegal in most Western countries, certainly not in the US. In light of that, perhaps it would be best for everyone in this thread if terminal retards like you stopped yapping about shit they don't know and shut their fucking mouths - or better yet had their mouths shut for them.

Also, it's 'doxing'

No. 126994

>>126990 while not illegal it's against the rules of the image board, like what they did with gura's family. Randomly doxxing a bunch of unrelated people would be bad.

No. 126995

I'm not saying anyone should be posting anything here. I mean, if they're any good they'll know that getting banned here is not worth it - and that there are established best practices for posting dox - for example using services such as doxbin or ghostbin. You know, the kind of services that give you a shareable, high-resilience URL that you can then send to as many people as you wish?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 126996

That Gura's family post got instantly taken down, maybe less than 20 people actually saw it

No. 126997

>>126990 Ah yes, justifying being a piece of shit by saying ''Even if its bad its not illegal''. These people are corporate employees who have nothing to do with the talents and are off limits

Also doxing and doxxing are both correct

No. 126998

Hey, I believe I mentioned being against it for moral reasons. Dunno what else you want fam.

No. 126999

I've seen enough of this board to know that people won't hesitate to Doxx unrelated and milkless people.

No. 127001

I've seen enough of you to know you're a retarded scrote.

No. 127004

Lol holy shit.
I hope they found this jrcah dude eventually and lynched him. If he didn't kill himself first.

No. 127010

>Watson's avi says that Ina hasn't had time to finish her other Ame.
>Kiara is especially proud of Hinotori.
>Mori runs adblock and probably forgets to turn it off when watching her Holo friends.
>Ina felt like sharing her whale money for more emote slots / better Discord audio.
>Ao-chan is physically there in the Discord.
Not sure what we can take away from this but desktop pics are always interesting.

No. 127015

>not ublock origin
Kiara confirmed for babby

No. 127028

I've been digging throw the archives trying to piece together Keekihime's story but posts are all over the place and often contradict each other.

So from what I gather the story is: she was an angsty teen with daddy issues and desire for attention who started dating a Japanese guy so he would pay for her ticket to Japan and let her live at his place. There she started whoring around with NicoNico influencers, including Jrcach, for exposure until she got noticed by an idol agency. Her bf found out about her whoring around and posted logs of their conversations and pics online which led to her idol group collapsing. She tried being a solo idol, but through the combination of fallout of that scandal and BS from that Jrcach creep her agency terminated her contract so she was forced to leave JP and started making whiny tumblr posts about how Jrcach ruined her life and occasionally stirring up drama on /cgl/.

Is this accurate? Did I miss anything of interest?

No. 127036

I think the characters and probably their designs are thought up first and whoever gets hired for them probably is able to offer some feedback and ideas to tweak it. Hoshikawa from Nijisanji outright said that she originally auditioned for Haato before going to Nijisanji and watched Haato's debut stream to see who wound up getting the role so that suggest to me that the characters and probably their basic design is thought up before anyone's even auditioned.

Yeah, Gura just seems like a pretty normal girl who maybe drinks a little too much every so often to dull away things like her mother passing away but coomers and other weirdo autisits have to read too much into everything.

She WILL retweet some pretty ero art but I'm guessing she's also reasonable enough to separate Sena the person from Gura the character.

No. 127061

I'm pretty sure Haato is Gen 1 so that doesn't tell us anything since we're saying that post-gen4 talents have a say in their design

>coomers and other weirdo autisits have to read too much into everything

That's been a big problem with idol culture as a whole for years. That said,I'll still be waiting for her to do something milk worthy though.

No. 127070

Because of the Doxx it's actually very easy to prove that her mother didn't pass away stop spreading stupid shit, she stated several times in her senzawa videos that she wasn't actually drunk.

No. 127078

>Because of the Doxx it's actually very easy to prove that her mother did pass away
ftfy anon, or post some proofs

No. 127088

The proof is associated with something that was removed because it broke rules, it's publicly available knowledge though.

No. 127093

Everything about her mother passing away was a baseless narrative spun by jp schizos

No. 127100

Turn on the EN subs, I think THHK's feeling a little salty.

>Like a dice with only sixes

>Escaping the underground pride Lord Have Mercy!

There's also a splitsecond where the screen text turns into "Karen" in Japanese repeated thrice.

No. 127101

File: 1608428251450.png (132.68 KB, 718x452, 1608412111403.png)

No. 127108

That does seem a little bit like shade, I hope it's not, it's really not that long ago she did a video for them.

No. 127119

Now that I see it more clearly, there's no way this isn't a call out of Demon dice for her success as Cali, kind of petty if that's the case.

No. 127131

it all started because Gura couldn't sing The Moon Song without crying, so people theorized it was because she lost someone close to her and they started going insane and doxing her relatives for no reason. Her drunk persona was just a shtick but people really want to believe she was an alcoholic for tragic reasons kek

No. 127138

"No way you don't know alias and ego wearing foreign emotionsand circulating the cyber battlefield
A case beyond all or nothing danger level SSR to put it mildly, an unmatched independent business"
Definitely demondice.
"Like a dice with only sixes but it's not cheating
What a amazing! Appearing like a twinkling shooting star a law-bending outlaw
Conquering extraterritoriality and timelessness easily in smart ways
Dumbfounded footsteps getting further away
compared to that we're old school
Fooling off daily and sometimes moving forward like the hare or grasshopper
The road ahead is super rough… the rebound after stopping is tough…"
I wouldn't call it shade though, at least going of the english subtitles.

No. 127140

It’s also called
>game of dice

everyone in the comments is asking why the dice themed song isn’t animated by her (although it seems like they switch between DD and the other animator regularly.) she usually retweets anything FT does on her DD twitter but she only “liked” posts about it. I don’t know how anyone could look at the lyrics and not see it as a diss track especially since she’s friends with them and is well versed in word play enough to see what’s actually being said. Must be pretty awkward having your idols be salty at you.

No. 127142

No, this timeline is really wrong. I've been following her for years so this is based on what I know, but the timeline is out there if you search yourself. The NND boyfriend/cheating stuff was way before her idol group, was when she went to Japan for the first time. Her past scandal with that NND streamer guy didn't really affect her idol career as far as I could tell besides a few haters, probably because he was like 26 or something when she was a teenager and so a lot of people agreed he was in he wrong. She absolutely didn't whore around with jrcach, they hated each other and when she didn't kiss up to him like the other girls he turned really fast. She auditioned for idol agencies, wasn't picked up by one randomly. After being in the idol group Tone Jewel she was forced to graduate because jrcach kept harassing the agency until they didn't want to deal with her visa anymore. There was some drama with a girl in her idol group that was also a NND streamer, but it's pretty common knowledge that her and her mom are crazy so her relationship with keekihime didn't have much to do with leaving the group and it mostly came out afterwards. She also never promoted as a solo idol with an agency, only whatever she did on her own afterwards.

No. 127161

>I don’t know how anyone could look at the lyrics and not see it as a diss track
Idk whether it's because I'm ESL but the lyrics are incomprehensible word salad to me. Sometimes two or three words in a row make sense, but most of the time they just don't.

No. 127162

File: 1608449504798.png (4 MB, 2371x2872, DD vs. THHK.png)

This has got to be Fake Type challenging Calli to a rivalry.

There isn't even any shit being flung other than THHK saying that Fake Type isn't going to sit around while Calli remains uncontested.

The real question is whether or not DEMONDICE was in on this. Seeing as how she's yet to respond when she's usually one of the first to signal boost and respond to a new Fake Type's new releases and she didn't even attend the after-party as a chatter.

No. 127164

I don't think she can afford to respond without outing herself.

No. 127167

As Mori Calliope probably not. Though she could probably respond as DemonDice.

No. 127168

holy shit lmao
you sound like such a fucking faggot

No. 127170

DD has not tweeted the MV yet even two days have passed. We can assume she was not involved in this.

I think there are a few possibilities:
1) Hololive restrict her to involve in any indie projects.
2) As you said, they are challenging her new persona as a healthy rivalry.
3)Every person success, they are always envious friends behind. So she was not invited.

No. 127179

the line about the eerie kawaii guillotine , familiar voice "karen,karen karen' is definitely a direct refference

it just comes off as petty and jealous, maybe they're just goofing and aren't upset, but its odd how DD isn't supporting them like normal.
and like someone else said maybe hes just challenging DD to a rap "beef" maybe she'll clap back, she has stated were getting some new DD stuff this year.

No. 127185

THHK is a salty bitch to begin with, pretty sure it's a diss track. He had his own stint as a proto-virtual idol filled with drama when people became obsessed with the "Princess" character featured in the MV Demondice animated for him. It could be him being either jealous or angry that Karen took the same route and is even rivaling Fake Type's production.

No. 127186

File: 1608466346476.png (12.64 KB, 556x94, 79f4c4481f67072dcf5128f4ec9041…)

Looks like she's going to fire back

No. 127196

It really sucks. Demondice was a huge fan of theirs and while it's true she did tracks in basically their style, "stealing" it (let's say), it's also true that she put her own twist to it, made all the visuals and had a lot of non-Fake Type styled tracks.
Besides, they were dead for ages. Looks like they put up with Demondice just because she wasn't popular, but when she reaches Spotify #1 as Mori doing essentially the same thing they did they go back to life mostly (or maybe only?) to diss her.
Must be a callout, since the world "karen" drops (means lovely, but they could've gone with anything else).

No. 127200

Rappers bite other styles all the time, logic made a career on copying the styles of artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Eminem and Nas … I don't necessarily see wearing your influences on your sleeve as a bad thing especially if you can put your own spin on it. I'm hoping Mori's new song will be a clapback

No. 127209

Neither do I, but that's how Fake Type probably sees it, mostly because they probably never reached Mori's levels of popularity.

No. 127213

There could also be some kind of IRL drama between them that we're not privy to. Maybe she's big leagued them since getting into Hololive, maybe they see her as a hypocrite sell out given her previous stance on idols and VTubers or maybe there's some other personal drama there. I don't know, rifts and hurt feelings can form over seemingly minor stuff. Especially if you feel like a friend is leaving you behind.

Although the idea that they'd be salty over Mori being "more popular" is pretty funny IMO. Their YT subscribers might be a fraction but their MV views basically match or eclipse her's.

No. 127216

Everything you just described is some petty High School bullshit.
Also a lot of their Newfound viewers are likely directly caused by Demondice, most people myself included didn't know or give a shit about her until the hololive stuff happened. Everyone benefited, so i dont understand the diss track.

No. 127217

How lovely, Kiara was bitching about her subscriber numbers again during the last member stream, despite having an obsessive fanbase that showers her with money.

Guess she got salty that she failed to get ahead of Ina.

No. 127223

Would you mind to timestamp that?
If she did say that, I might reconsider my membership of her in the next following months.

Somebody deserves my money than her. lol

No. 127225

It's probably not even bad, people constantly spin narratives about her.

No. 127230

Nta but you cant watch substreams of hers without paying as far as I know. Unless she does it like Mori, posting them after a week which I doubt.
She has always been whining and numberfagging on her member streamers, baiting people into donating her because kiara-chan is sad thou. Duringher early memb streams she would mention she browses 4chan n is so 'sad' about it, which also made Coco and Marine pay attention to her, because 'haters r bad'.

No. 127245

I'll hold my judgment until I see one of these streams myself, Kiara is my least favourite of Hololive EN, I'll take everything I hear on this site with a grain of salt.

No. 127246

Sub streams or member streams are for people who pay money to subscribe and watch the streamer. Think those Twitch sub streams that block you from viewing the stream unless you subscribe. You'd have to have someone archive the entire stream or moment to see it. Otherwise, you'll have to throw money at her just to see her whine and complain live.

No. 127247

File: 1608491219334.jpg (223.21 KB, 1278x831, sobfest.jpg)

idk who wants to sit through 2+ hours of "chatting" with kiara, but judging by the comments it actually did just devolve into more unhinged whining

No. 127250

>Muh algorithm
>In response to a Holotuber who inherently gets passive buffs from the way YouTube recommends clips to people.
Nice to see that none of the commenters there are YouTubers, or worse, artists.

No. 127253

I'm currently listening, it's a bit of a circle jerk and a little bit of a pity party but it's really nothing offensive. The way you guys kind of made it at the sound was that she was toxic towards her gen mates, that's where I had my reservations.

No. 127256

>Hololive doesn't feel like a normal job
>I'm starting to feel a bit tired.
>Started around holotalk and sponsorships
>I want to stream everyday and not really take too many days off because I don't want to fall behind
>but falling behind is a big concern for many members.

This is something that goes through every single streamers mind (not just holo girls/vtubers), taking a break can tank your support.

No. 127258


Like I'm not going to stay subbbed her but, I also don't think she's horrible. the only person I considered subbing to is Cali for a certain cursed emote

No. 127262


I don't think she's "horrible" either she can be entertaining at times and her singing isn't half-bad, I just wish she would stop whining.

Oh, and quit the whole "uwu, I'm inexperienced and innocent, I only like girls and don't want any men near me" act. It sounds extra cringe coming from someone like her.

No. 127266

I'm starting to wonder how much of her shit life is due to bad luck and how much of it is because she's so negative and self-sabotages herself. Like shit things are finally starting to look up for her and she's still so focused on the negatives? I mean sure she isn't breaking records like Gura but she's still doing fine. God damn girl use some of that hololive money to see a therapist that can teach you that it's okay to be happy sometimes.

No. 127267

These things that she's talking about aren't uncommon anxieties for streamers to have even very successful streamers think these things just not all of them broadcast it, more than should probably or as he said get a therapist to talk about it as opposed to keeping it inside

No. 127269

welcome to the keeki cycle

No. 127278

I don't think anyone thinks she's being toxic or acting bitter towards her genmates. She just seems to be unable to cope with the idea that she's not as popular as she thinks she should be despite the fact she's still really popular and about on par with most of the higher end JPs (before you start getting into the really big ones like Pekora, Korone, Aqua and such). The bigger question is whether she does it because she truly thinks that she should be that popular or because she knows it's an easy way to milk sympathy and superchats. Probably a little from both columns. When she's still hung up on numbers after Marine herself told her not to worry about it, I don't know.

No. 127279


Her family clearly had problems, has a tendency to date older men, a self-admitted attention whore.

Still denies that she has daddy issues.

No. 127284


I don't think she isn't jealous of the other HoloEN, it's Keeki we're talking about after all, but at least she's doing a decent job of holding it back. Because the moment she starts throwing shade at the other girls is the moment Hololive kicks her out and she knows it.

No. 127291


It's not like she was innocent in the whole NND drama thing. She essentially used the guy to set a foothold in Japan and dropped him the moment he outlived his usefulness to start sleeping with other NND influencers for clout.

No. 127292

Can someone post that pic that showed the faces of every HoloEN member? I remember seeing it somewhere.

No. 127294

Well, she now has perfect opportunity to change and only time will tell.

No. 127298

The other archived pages are at the very top of this list look there Ctrl + f is your friend.

No. 127300

I don't think it's "fuck other" type of jealousy, but "Oh no, why am I left behind" type.
Given her past failures and disillusionment with her carrier, it makes sense that someone as "high in neuroticism" as her would be afraid if/when it will collapse again.
If unprovoked, she is probably a nice acquaintance.

No. 127309

Oh I'm not saying she was innocent at all, just that it didn't really have anything to do with her time in the idol group. It is pretty gross that these older dudes slept with her as a teenager, but she didn't seem to have any issue with using everyone she could for clout or housing when she was in Japan and sure pissed off a lot of people.

No. 127322

> I dont care if she plays with them, but I care if she plays with them

No. 127323

>Play 50 hour long JRPGs
>Surprised when people don't hang around
Maybe pick a more streamable genre next time, Kiara.
Even Pekora played half of Xenoblade offline because she knew most of the content/grind is boring as fuck to watch, and she still got lower viewer numbers than usual.

>Source: dude trust me.
Go fuck yourself.

No. 127324

The only narrative I intend to follow, is the potential rap beef between THHK and FT with Mori/Karen, it could be fun.

No. 127326

NTA, but if you search ケーキ姫 カツトシ you can find that she definitely slept around with at least 2 popular streamers, there's your source.

No. 127332

I personally love watching people play long-ass RPGs that's my shit(no1curr)

No. 127374

Yo Keeki. I know you’re reading this. Stop lurking. Stop reading about yourself in gossip forums and sites. It’s pretty obvious that you are and it’s doing nothing but make you more insecure. The best thing you can do right now is just keep on working and improving yourself especially since half of the things that are said about you are shit from the past that you can’t change anymore. It’s not like you’re failing anyway, you have many supporters. Maybe just learn to keep a few things and feelings a little more private from your audience to avoid ruffling more feathers.

No. 127399

kinda wanna make fun of you but it's true though.

also, sage your posts newfag.

No. 127406

File: 1608538058315.png (250.18 KB, 912x3317, socialblade.png)


I don't get what she's whining about. By all metrics that matter, her channel's doing phenomenally well. Many YouTubers, even those with her channel size, would kill for this kind of growth and engagement especially seeing how many of them plateau and begin to lose viewers before long. Why is it so difficult for some people to be grateful for what they have, especially when it's this much? Does the dose of self-pity feel so good that even huge success needs to be interpreted as failure?

No. 127408

partly being highly neurotic by nature.
partly impostor-syndrome
partly whining because doing so makes money. she's actually clever only whining to members and not openly.

No. 127409

This kind of thing would happen to anyone who succeeds overnight.

She did not feel the struggle of how her previous generations had.

Hopefully one day, she will feel grateful before she lost it.

No. 127413

Shes made it I really don't understand what shes whining about man.
10 million views for most of her videos is phenomenal for someone who's only been streaming for 3 months

No. 127419


I mean it happened to most of them, every generation there is going to be someone whose last, and regardless of success, I don't think most people would enjoy that moniker. And I personally think Kiara is in a niche that kind of makes it inevitable honestly.

Gen 4 had Watame, bless her, for a while (even though, I don't think she was last per se) but talking to Coco seemed to really help her put it all in perspective. That they're all incredibly lucky to get any exposure at all in the first place.

No. 127420

I've always seen Ina as more niche. People who aren't artists take less value from her art streams; it'd probably be better for an average person to watch a general audience streamer like Kiara, Gura or Ame.
I feel like Ina used to have high numbers because her design and calm approach were both interesting to many, but Kiara's finally catching up to her.

No. 127432

File: 1608560413559.png (214.44 KB, 749x722, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 127433

File: 1608560539490.png (73.6 KB, 756x666, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 127442

The NicoNico scandal went down during her first visit to Japan when she was 15? That's… pretty icky. So then she left Japan after the scandal broke out and then came back later and joined Tone Jewel but was forced to graduate due to, mainly, harassment from jrcach?

Also, it seems like people were quite supportive of her after she graduated but then over the years people around here started really disliking her? At least that's the impression I got from reading the archives. What was the reason for that? The only things I've seen were the screen caps of her emo posts on tumblr.

No. 127448

kek what a fucking idiot, it was EMOTE ONLY mode the whole time ever since the start. Who is he trying to fool. It was also the only stream on twitch that showed holoFES illegally

No. 127466

Honestly, she seems to only shitpost more than doing…anything?

No. 127467

File: 1608567838149.png (46.65 KB, 597x348, Epw8kVyXEAAUapu.png)

The ticket was ~60$, it's not like Artemis can't afford it…

Also, she possibly defends herself from an alt account. Their only activity is attacking that person

No. 127478

Aingt, I am not a twitchfag here.

What was happen there? I assume "she" viewed the concert illegally on somebody's twitch?

No. 127479

File: 1608571921510.png (751.36 KB, 648x1304, 8_3_10.png)

She has always hated it when someone who she sees as being beneath her passes her by. Going into this I'm sure she expected to be a veteran compared to whoever else Cover picked to go with her. Hannah probably also assumed that her talk show and collabs would gain her broad support among the JP base; but at the end of the day, her fanbase + any new fans aren't even enough to keep up with EN's niche streamer.

No. 127482

Chinese Kiryu Coco antis made a plan on streaming the pay2watch livestream concert (it costs 40$) everywhere, in order to defame Coco. They've been streaming on 3 websites, but only on Twitch the stream was never banned. Twitter was filled with spam and links, even information of all streams (but twitch onebecause they didnt bother copypasting), saying that they are doing that in order to get rid of Coco.

And Artemis ended up being called out for a hypocrite, because she made a post, saying that everyone should support them instead of pirating the concert.

No. 127486

Turns out there is no bad blood, it was just a cheeky jab at mori, they still follow eachother and DEMONDICE liked the video and their posts.

No. 127493

Unlike youtube, on twitch you can see who's viewing a stream by typing their username on the chat searchbar. Artemis got called out for watching holofes illegaly, which he denied hilariously.

No. 127500

You can still do this on YouTube. You just type @ then the profile name you're looking for. If they're in the chat it will prompt you with an autocomplete option.

No. 127506

Only if they have typed in chat once. You can effectively lurk and never be found in youtube chat.

No. 127507

Yes, that timeline is correct. I'm not sure if there was one particular moment that lolcow started hating her. If I had to guess, I'd say that at first, despite the scandals, people admired her because she taught herself Japanese and managed to become an idol without the usual cheap tricks like visa marriage. Eventually her rotten personality and passive aggressive comments toward other girls like >>127479 just really turned people off when she didn't grow out of it.

No. 127515

It's only a matter of time before Artemis goes into a menhera melt down as is the tranny way. Looks like it may happen sooner than expected though.

I thought Holotalk was a good idea at first and wanted to give it a chance but instead of doing the obvious thing (shooting the shit and actually conversing with the other Holo, pre-recording and subbing it) she made it a basic interview with basic questions anyone who's watched a few clips or spent five minutes of reading would know. And instead of pre-recorded and subbed she just lets the Holo talk for two minutes and then gives like a 10 second summary that likely only covers a fraction of what was actually said and makes it kind of awkward and dull.

God bless Fubuki for trying to make her episode entertaining by basically taking things over but that's because Fubuki's a great entertainer and actually knows what she's doing.

No. 127516

Anyone know Aloe’s whereabouts nowadays?
Heard she’s back on YouTube, I’m honestly interested to see if she’s doing any better now

No. 127517

To be fair, this is from 10 years ago (she had to have been 14-15?) and I don't see it as a fair comparison unless it was something more recent.

How embarrassing that she can't just admit it and instead digs a deeper hole for herself lol.

No. 127526

File: 1608581642633.jpg (485.77 KB, 600x660, 20201221_141354.jpg)

No. 127528

File: 1608582148726.png (340.66 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2020-12-21-12h21m10s63…)

>The same girl who squees at HoloFES is also biting her nails about numbers on the regular.
How much of Kiara's numberfagging is pretend or exaggerated exactly? Honestly, measuring herself to Ina is simply dumb when the latter can unsheathe 3 different kinds of videos whenever to get ahead. If anything she should prioritize the music since Callie's 10 million view song got a lead on Watson from the start.

No. 127531

As someone above said, it's all about how she perceives someone relative to where she believes she should be. So when her senpais are doing well she can cheer them on but when it's someone that she thinks should be below her she gets jealous.

No. 127540

this is embarrassing and its completely a misinterpretation of the appeal of vtubers. the "2D>3D i am literally an anime girl guys!!! hehe uwu" act is a nice touch. go back to pretending you're not a cosplay thot because the soft girl jfashion well dried up for you

also i almost, ALMOST feel bad for her because man….imagine getting so much plastic surgery done and still morphing yourself into an alien "animay gurl uwu" in this pic and in your selfies anyway.

No. 127545

File: 1608588155308.png (121.66 KB, 313x163, 1608458407120.png)

domo is hideous. it legitimately looks like he has FAS

No. 127549

File: 1608590330329.png (38.08 KB, 579x275, Shadownbanne.png)

Alright, that's just funny.

No. 127554

yikes. wheres this pic from?

No. 127558

charity stream

No. 127561

I swear to god, its at least the third or fourth time she claims that her stream are being "shadowbanned". Sure, Jan

Also some idiots donate her 100$ asking if thats how you can get the ticket

No. 127568

The shadowban seems to be true. The stream doesn't appear in the subscription tab if you subscribe. I don't know about the other times though. Does youtube auto detect swearing? If that's the case she really shouldn't be surprised.

No. 127572

File: 1608602563353.jpeg (86.3 KB, 720x1280, received_212817530382625.jpeg)

apricot looks like a tranny(nitpicking)

No. 127580

That cleft chin is tragic

No. 127587

File: 1608610783233.png (23.85 KB, 703x169, Fake Type's Intent.PNG)

Welp, there's the answer to what Fake Type's intent was with "Game of Dice"

No. 127595

she's fairly active on fanbox and semi-active on twitter (even releasing a cover of KING recently). She does stream on YT sometimes.

Seems like she's doing fine now, though from what I can tell, she's still trying to keep it lowkey

No. 127601

So whats this rumor about Gura selling foot pics on net? Thats actually something interesting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127604

The thing is, the exact same thing has been happening to all the other HoloENs ( i watch all of them ). But in the end it still does show whenever you livestream, the only issue is that it doesn't show future stream's room. I am even subbed to this chicken, and never had any issues with not being able to see her streams on my tab live.

No. 127605

Delu/Aloe has big family issues. Abusive father, menhera brother caused by abusive father, and her mother is a manipulative bitch, as in she literally stole $20k off her fanbox account (aloe said it was 90% of her savings) and claimed it was for "rent over the years" and then ran off spending it somewhere for days without contact. When her mother returned they had a "chat" and she got some of it back. But most of it is gone (her mother paid off her personal credit card debt with like $12k of it and then used some of the rest for god knows what, that's the kind of mother she is).

Other than that she's doing well. Streams often on twitcast+youtube, but it's limited to fanbox members. Doesn't want to go public for now since she knows the antis are still lurking. Has a lot of fun in the streams, singing and chatting, and since it's fanbox-only the community is tight knit with EN/JP/CN members, she personally pops up in the fan discord once in a while. Also has music projects in production with some mysterious "big names" (people are guessing a Giga collab) which will be public on her youtube channel once done.

She has left the "idol" image completely behind and is fully herself on the streams. Openly talks about her past, her present and her future, including sexual experiences etc. So don't ever expect her to return as the "idol Aloe" again.

She still follows hololive stuff. One of her recent fanbox posts had a Lamy retweet visible in the background with some Lamy/Botan cosplayers. But it is unknown if she still talks with Holo Gen 5 at all. If she does, she probably wants to keep any contact 100% hidden to avoid an anti shitstorm.

Once she moves out of her shitty home in January and leaves her cancerous family behind, we can expect more activity and she has expressed interest in public streaming of some level. She has some issues finding an apartment though, that allows for both her 3 cats and her expensive sound proofing setup, and Japanese landowners don't seem to think of streaming as a stable income (even though aloe gets a few thousand a month from her fanbox simps).

TL;DR she's doing well but has some family issues. Next year will be good.

No. 127613

wow talk about rotten luck

No. 127615

Should have just stayed in Hololive. Could have been averaging 5k viewers and earn enough to feed 5 families. Whatever stress she felt back then would have been so trivial after the incident blows over. Also, 5th gen wouldn't have received their 3D model for another year so there really weren't any obligations to act as an idol either. From my perspective, leaving Hololive had way more cons than pros if she was just going to end up doing the same thing.

No. 127621

i'm not so sure about that. wasn't she doxxed completely? even if cover didn't fire her, the harassment she would have gotten if she stayed would have been too much, staying at that point would be self-harm.

No. 127622

I dont think cover would have wanted to keep her after she started talking shit about Nijisanji on stream like an idiot. (Her friend was an ex nijisanji, aloe didnt succeed in audition but her friend was a bit popular. So she started talking about how bad Nijisanji company is, saying the reason why her friend left the company. Meanwhile Nijisanji and Hololive have always beeb doing collaborations together, going on festivals through this day. She reacted to everything as immature as possible, but what to expect from a person whose whole personality on Twitter was her, being "addicted to sex"?

No. 127626

Moon faced as fuck lmao
What the fuck does it mean to feel like a bomboclaat this is almost as bad as shitty kpop rap lyrics. Culture vultures using slang wrong proudly and loudly is what makes the world go around.

No. 127635

tbh I'm really happy hearing this. Hopefully she can get a better dice roll next year.

No. 127642

Cover reached out to her, asking her to come back but the dumb menhera turned them down. The stuff she said about Nijisanji and Chitose turned out to be true, thanks to Roa's discord logs we got to see how fucked up the talents and the managers can be towards one another.

No. 127645

I don't even dislike her, but I just don't get why she chose to hop on the bandwagon now? She does regular streams already and I personally find it kind of boring to know, who the person behind the VTuber is.
That being said I'm curious how her debut turns out and how quickly she'll abandon it. Same goes for Riiri..

No. 127692

File: 1608657364381.jpeg (234.3 KB, 1920x1080, 83CB3FDC-7A56-48D0-8014-9DE65F…)

Because everyone and their mom does it. SwimsuitSuccubus and HayleyBaby also already have a huge following on their vtuber accounts. Can’t wait for Susu to continue her lesbianbaiting - will be some competition for Kiara's.

No. 127727


No not with the horrendous 3D model that she is using. These girls are rich as shit(They at least have followings to be able to raise money easy) why don't they just pay for a 2D rig? Or are they just that stupid?

No. 127729

Were these made in vroid? Also kek if that's Susu's on the left it looks especially bad, like a knockoff of Ollie

No. 127734

A bunch of small indie Vtubers are trending a show-your-face thing right now on Twitter.

No. 127737

To be precise, western indie vtubers.
They are growing like spores now.

Some of them literally face-cam streamers but getting a 2D avatar which I cannot find the reason why.

No. 127740

It's a flavor of the month thing so lots of people are flocking to it. Also a cute face can hide how bland your streams are, look at Artemis for instance.

No. 127751

It's a modeller named jjnomu, who also did silvervale, zentreya, veibae's models. All of her work just looks like reskins to me at this point, but people seem to fucking go crazy for them

No. 127756

A bit contradictive to the whole Keeki narrative that's going on. I'm not denying she's a numberfag, but atleast she's able to recognize that she's really lucky to be in the position she's in.

I'm honestly leaning towards the whole, sympathy = Superchats angle instead.

No. 127757

File: 1608679282245.jpg (138.65 KB, 1080x596, why.jpg)

Why are indies posting selfies? Are they that desperate for attention? This one hasn't even debuted and has meltdowns everyday on their roommate account about not being popular enough, they're so thirsty to get 1k

No. 127759

To be fair the indie vtuber scene is heavily bloated and the only varieties are artist or not being good at anything.
I wouldn't be surprised if this market crashed like vidya did back in the 1980s.

No. 127769

whats their roommate acc? how do you know its them?

No. 127771

why are you complaining about indies posting selfies yet putting an image of one that hasnt?
Also everyone always makes "ill do this at x number of followers" type posts. this is nothing new nor milkable

No. 127777

This is a rather foolish move on their part. This isn't even in argument that "it ruins the magic" of them revealing themselves. I mean they're just putting themselves out there while also trying to make a pedestal for themselves to stand on.
Unlike hololive or whatever the fuck other companies, them being indie leaves them vulnerable to having the autistic bunch of internet sleuths from the corners of the internet looking into everything about them. And they just hand one major element on a silver platter.
Fucking hate this generation of kids. They don't know the risks of eagerly putting info like that out there until it comes blowing up back in their faces.

No. 127778

dropped my sage

No. 127785

File: 1608685851082.jpg (237.03 KB, 1448x1045, hi xion.jpg)

It's on private so you can't really look them up but they deleted all their rage posts about being stuck at a certain follower count and getting angry newer vtubers being more popular

They are also in this thread

No. 127788

hey babe whats up ^o^? why are you so scared to dm me? if youre on my priv ur probably already very close to me. im not pissed but like, just own up lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127790

schizo samefagging or actual milk???

No. 127796

If you're actually not a samefagging schizo. You're literally proving their point. Instead of refuting or ignoring what they've said, you've chosen to react. Thus actually provided us with what we want, milk.
If they're your friend or a close associate then listen to what they're saying, stop wasting time worrying about pointless shit like who's gossiping about you or the number of followers you have and start focusing on building hype and a community. If you hadn't reacted then it wouldn't have gotten so much friction. If you had refuted what they said then there would have been people there to support you.

No. 127799

Not competing in numbers/popularity/content, but in the “I'm so gay guise!" act.

No. 127800

lets be real here buddy, you seem kind, but we all know if it was refuted people wouldve attacked harder

No. 127806

File: 1608692110686.jpg (478.08 KB, 960x1361, MYXJ_20201222185416962_save.jp…)

They don't understand the base appeal because they are autistic trend hopping attention whores, or are just that bad at maintaining a character, or both. Why play a likeable role or take on a persona to match your avatar/OC when you can just be drama hungry, jump down people's throats and do face reveals because your boring character doesn't get enough attention for you?
Like seeing this in the replies and is it really any wonder that shit gets posted here? Though tbh I'm sure they all post each other here too.

No. 127812

English learning stream soon?

No. 127815

This is why Western indie vtubers are a plague, literally only cloutchasers and never understand the point.

No. 127823

I don't think they're mutually exclusive. She clearly numberfags but she's smart enough now to not go the whole way and pull back and knows to do it just enough to make people feel bad and throw money at her.

Africat seems good about it. Just kind of does her thing with no fuss or clout chasing from what I can tell.

No. 127824

>people have different reasons for vtubeing

yeah and you're one of the vtubers that want to show their face to make up for your boring ass personality as an attempt to get clout since you're a nobody. I wouldnt know about any of these indie vtubers if it werent for this board- they should be grateful their "friends" post them on here kek

idk who the hell Africat is and dont care but learn how to sage

No. 127831

some of these Indies make Kiara look like a saint,

No. 127836

>vtuber comes here initially mad that the site exists then scrolls for a useful takeaway.
Unironically try to speedrun games. Atelier brought in way too many artists and if people wanted to hang around a girl, they'd go for Watson on Sundays.

No. 127865

Why are you stupid fucking whores raiding /jp/ again? Kill yourselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127870

File: 1608714299786.png (103.47 KB, 221x218, 1603955901304.png)

>this website

Damn, and I thought /jp/ was a shithole. Yikes.

No. 127871

anon I'm a dude i can benchpress 250, these boards are more civil than cesspool /jp/ so cope and seethe oggey(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127872

Cope scrotes, your meidos abandonned you and the board goes to shit under 12 hours

No. 127873

File: 1608714643312.jpg (148.89 KB, 565x575, Saten.jpg)

Keep raiding /jp/ please, I don't want shitty Hololive threads on there anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127874

File: 1608714946797.png (178.18 KB, 406x430, 1607510479437.png)

I don't even know what a "scrotes" is, could you explain your shitty irrelevant meme to me please? Thanks.

>2hu niggers made it all the way here

Amazing, hope this never ends you seething turbospergs.

No. 127875

>Implying that's a 2hu
>Who am I quoting?

No. 127876

No. 127877

File: 1608715568706.jpg (32.78 KB, 387x345, Sudo.jpg)

I've been shitting up /jp/ since 2008. I'm not mad, I just want to watch it burn.

No. 127878

imagine if there was an entire board of incels that spent all day trying to find images of boy band members and handsome actors from when they were younger haha that would be so cringe and pathetic wouldn't it

No. 127881

good pig, let the scrotes burn.

No. 127885

Leave it to nu-4chan /jp/sies to come here and post "reaction images" like a bunch of /v/ermin normalfags.

No. 127886

>site is called lolcow
>is filled with lolcows


No. 127887

Still better than the trumptards calling everyone trannies.

No. 127888

Just ignore the /jp/ faggots passing by and report.

No. 127892

isn’t this the person who said they would never think of streaming in front of a low audience as if that isn’t how 90% of all streamers start out

No. 127895

Anon she's thirty, that's why.

No. 127921

Yeah it was in last thread or the one before, something like "idk how people stream to 1-2 people, honestly I'd end the stream"

They would also spam Io hoping to get boosted

No. 127931

to be fair though she was just expressing her worries while praising those who were able to do it. she later tweeted an apology that people took it the wrong way and made it clearer. so this is just nitpicking

No. 127933

File: 1608742932597.jpg (209.47 KB, 1033x698, Screenshot_20201223-190134_Twi…)

(Ban evading)

No. 127934

so either someone is tipping or she reads these threads…

No. 127935

read up, she does read these threads. apparently someone on her private account who was supposed to be a close friend or something kept posting her shit here. honestly no milk from her, her reactions are really natural it just seems like someone with a personal issue with her schizoposting about it.

No. 127937

File: 1608743269430.png (14.14 KB, 602x114, gay.png)

So I'm curious, does artemis do…-anything- besides proclaim she's gay and shitpost on twitter?

No. 127939

She definitely reads these it seems like

Somebody posted about how she made her own simp account to RT her stuff and people instantly refuted it, like an unknown vtuber under 1k with an ugly ass model would already have fans. The rigging and art looks fucking terrible

No. 127942


LMFAO did she just out herself twice? This is fucking hilarious

No. 127943

No. He just spends insane amounts on art commissions and advertising, then asks surprised when his content goes viral because of it. His debut was so boring.

No. 127953

That's was $2700, not 20k. You probably messed up yen conversion somewhere.

No. 127962

Force a ship with Bao and make Domo seem more important than he actually is?
In all seriousness no since Artemis has minimal vidya competence and doesn't know how to play up reactions which, at the very least, Kiara was good at.

No. 127966

>His debut was so boring.
Which was a fucking shame since his model is great. Such a waste.

No. 127974


No. 127975

Are you seriously trying to pronoun police? Artemis is a man, being mentally deranged doesn't change that.

No. 127976

Is there any proof of that? I have seen any actual evidence besides hur dur voice.

No. 127978

I say her because I'm confused where the correction to "his/him" is coming from when I seen nothing on twitter. Since even mori calls herself 'ya boi' and we know she's a she lol.

No. 127979

>Since even mori calls herself 'ya boi' and we know she's a she lol.
This is bait.

No. 127983

Of course you won’t see it on twitter, since terfs know they can’t post their transphobic trashtalk without backlash. Lolcow is full of terfs who hate themselves, so…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128001

Mutilating your dick into a chronic wound wouldn't turn you into a girl.

No. 128018

File: 1608768928267.png (35.68 KB, 603x412, Capture.PNG)

"another channel"?

kick the kayfabe a bit harder, please.

No. 128019

It's vague to the point she might have been referencing another talents channel. But the vagueness is still extremely annoying.

No. 128023

Wait, what shit happened between the Nijisanji talents and managers?

No. 128059

Song A got cancelled, Song B is presumably the TakaMori duet to he posted in Liara's channel.

No. 128074

>I'm gay
Doesn't this just translate to "I'm a heterosexual male" in non-trans language?
I'm kind of amazed by the hoops these people jump through to get women.

No. 128077

It does. But as we all know MtF is a moment of the haste decision that's made because they feel "boxed in" without much consideration to their parents' opinion or continuing the lineage.

No. 128084

not only Artemis is a man, but he's a hideous greasy mess as you can see here >>124879

No. 128090

No. 128091

File: 1608800165359.jpg (135.88 KB, 600x381, 1608717560448.jpg)

No. 128099

Did Gura just drop her actual name on stream?

https://youtu.be/xOGu6Jcl7vs?t=2040(embed youtube videos)

No. 128101

>Doumo, Gura desu. Same desu.

Same is shark in Japanese.

No. 128102

from what I can remember, gura dropped her name twice in streams and amelia's name one time out of no where

No. 128103

ah ok, thanks for clearing that up!

No. 128104

File: 1608802872970.jpg (26.74 KB, 589x344, hitomi chris hololive.jpg)

No. 128107

File: 1608803373075.jpg (353.04 KB, 2048x1536, lulu.jpg)


No. 128111

huh whos that?

No. 128112

File: 1608805313061.jpg (161.96 KB, 720x906, hololive ina.jpg)

No. 128115

File: 1608806087229.gif (3.12 MB, 482x621, 1608655386767.gif)

lulu from nijisanji
nijikeks got too cocky

No. 128116

File: 1608806564429.png (1.02 MB, 1869x1039, 1608805972469.png)

>does a face reveal stream
>didn't even attempt to make herself look cute and everyone in China made fun of her for it to a point that she decided to never do another facecam stream again
a week ago, the archive is on bilibili if you know her new account name. It looks ridiculous, she is has her hair tied back really tightly which makes her forehead look like a 10head, the video has this gross yellow filter over everything, her room looks stupid, and in general she's just not very cute.
The one she does dumb shit on is 白蒜头
traitorous holocn bitch gets what she deserves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128118

No wonder she carries water for CCP. That face belongs in a factory

No. 128122

Now we know why she keeps capeing for scrotes, it's the only male who would be interested in a pick me chink with a built in plasma TV for a forehead

No. 128124

File: 1608810985118.jpg (33.22 KB, 599x331, Demon.JPG)

Might be unrelated, but looks like Karen is also going to release a song/cover next month as Demondice.

No. 128126

This is stale shit

>an average woman without filters and makeup looks like an average woman without filters and makeup
A shocking revelation, next you're gonna tell me the holosluts don't look like their online pictures

No. 128133

The bitch is ugly sage your opinion nobody cares about
Keep it we don't want another great value song

No. 128141

Artia's back/rebranded

No. 128148

>we don't want another great value song
I want it.

No. 128188

Jesus, no wonder she's always been toxic towards others on her alt and encouraged chinks to keep shitting on Coco and others.

No. 128204

Anyone heard of CodeMiko?(not milk)

No. 128208

Here's your milk. Nothing special aside from partial nude pictures when she was trying to become a typical boob streamer.


No. 128215

File: 1608863307215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.66 KB, 234x350, 1436442-b7159c1c7354712a0ee0e3…)

No. 128234

Off topic, but I hope all of you anons have a nice Christmas wherever you are

No. 128237

you too fella, you too

No. 128240

I really can't wrap my head around why people like HoloEN Vtubers, the voices are so obviously faked, they're boring, pretentious and their jokes is awfully forced.. especially how Gura is constantly trying to be somewhat edgy.

When they came on the HoloJP Minecraft server Gura was constantly looking for ways to force humoristic situations to happen, like how she jumped on Aqua on purpose in order to push her into the bushes that got her killed and several other situations.

It was like watching people from the Ghetto walk around in a rich people's neighbourhood trashing the place…

The only tolerable of the HoloEN branch is Ina, she seems the only one that seems genuine but for some reason people prefer the dumb Shark and the detective that faked an English accent for 10 seconds during her debut stream only to fall back to her regular voice as it was awful as hell.

Ever since I knew Hololive were starting up the EN branch I knew it would be trashy and it's just whiskers away from actual drama from happening.

Gura reaching 1 million subscribers wasn't much of an achievement either, she was constantly hyped up by plebians and she had a 900k~ channel before she became a Vtuber in the first place. She's awfully leeching from the growing popularity brought by the HoloJP streamers and if you look on Youtube there's a shitton of Indie "Vtuber debut" livestreams going on and even the likes of the trashy Pokimane went online with her Walmart Model.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128242

your blogpost is shit even if you are entitled to your own opinions.
>leeches of jp
> got famous because of her previous channel

choose one

No. 128243

Both are true statements. HoloJP was rising, with many of them having only 30k~ subscribers growing to 500k+ in less than 6 months.

That growing popularity + her already having a 900k channel = EZ Mode 1 million subs.

No. 128246

People will watch anime girls even if they only have one act just because they're anime girls. Also sage your opinion posts.

No. 128251

>waaaah Eng vtubers have such a fake voice and attention seeking behavior
Yes, because Miko definitely talks like a baby, Luna and Pekora voice actress definitely end sentences irl with nanoraaaa~ and peko, and all of the Hololive JP are DEFINITELY legitimately gay and have lesbo orgies constantly, its not put on for show for horny fanboys.

Come on, just admit you think girls being fake and uwu is only cute when it's Japanese.

No. 128254

(samefag but) I find it baffling that Hololive JP-only fanboys/girls think this is somehow natural adult woman speech and behavior. Anyone who thinks this isn't put on has never spent more than 5 minutes IRL with a woman, and/or thinks Japanese adult women are uguu animu lolis.

No. 128255

>like how she jumped on Aqua on purpose in order to push her into the bushes that got her killed

There was no way she could've known her health was that low. She didn't see her walking through the bush to begin with, she just saw her standing there. You're reaching for something that isn't there.

No. 128256

absolutely no one believes its her real voice anon

No. 128258

I'm responding to >>128240 who is calling out EN vtubers for their "fake voices" when I don't see the difference between them and JP.

It's totally fine to like or dislike either branch but I think it's dumb weebery to act like Hololive JP is somehow morally or intellectually superior to EN.

No. 128264

Luna is a meme, most people can't stand her baby gimmick which is why she is one of the lowest subbed JP Holos. She won't drop the character even after other Holos have told her it was annoying as shit.

No. 128265


You're comparing C/D/E/F-Tier English voice actors to JP Vtubers that are in likelihood A/B-tier voice actors.

Just compare any of the EN and JP streams, the HoloJP streamers embody their characters way better than any of the HoloEN streamers.

You don't need to be a fan to see how more streamlined/fluid the JP-characters are and how they respond to situations. If you watch the EN streamers they constantly pause during sentences(moments of silence), they constantly have to take a notch back to not break voice/character, they constantly revert to retarded wiggling (Gura) when they're out of content. Even their fucking laughs are forced, which is especially noticable with Gura. None of the EN-characters except maybe Ina comes across as a genuine believable character.

Besides that they constantly SEEK content rather than going with the flow like I explained in the previous post. They are not innately funny/entertaining or anything. They don't make an elaborate plan to do something and it ends up being a major disaster (Pekora Minecraft streams), no they skip all those steps leading up to that point and just make disaster. It's like saying the punchline of the joke before actually explaining the joke, it's not funny, it's not entertaining unless you're fucking 12.

If you don't see any of these then you're just blind/deaf and most likely retarded.

Regarding Luna it's a character she's playing and she's God-tier at playing it, not everybody digs it but you can't say she's bad at embodying her role.

No. 128270

While there are genuine things to criticize about Hololive EN and I'm not at all saying people should simp for them, i still don't know if I can agree with your argument?

For one, is there an English voice actor who you think is an "A/B-tier" anime voice actor? Because sometimes I think non-Japanese speakers make this connotation that "Japanese voice = kawaii anime, English voice = just boring american person." Sometimes I think people will be unnerved by a native English speaker voicing an anime face, no matter how good the voice is.

Also, Hololive JP has been around for several years, and has what, like 30 members? Hololive EN has been out for like 4 months and has 5 members, so they're still finding their groove imo. Like I said, Hololive JP has plenty of constant attention seeking - Marine's "IM HOONI", constant gaybaiting between members who probably aren't gay, other members slamming on desks and screaming and crying while gaming, etc

(btw mods please let know if this is too derailing)(took the bait)

No. 128271

> For one, is there an English voice actor who you think is an "A/B-tier" anime voice actor?
I don't know any A/B-tier "anime" or "Vtuber" EN voice actors. But if I were to name several English actors that would be:
Will Arnett (Bojack in Bojack Horseman)
H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer in Archer /Bob in Bob's Burgers)
Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher in Bob's Burgers)
Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher in Bob's Burgers)
Jessica Walter (Malory Archer in Archer)

Of those I would rank Will Arnett and Jessica Walter the highest and H. Jon Benjaming close after that. But all of them are very close.

No. 128272

I guess a better question would have been, is there a current youtuber who you would have been pleased with as a vtuber, or will you never be happy with hololive EN?

I can't help but feel a lot of people have a double standard, Luna's fake voice is "God-tier" acting but if Gura does a fake voice it's sooo fake and cringey?

No. 128273

Nice bait. Everyone fell for it like a fish in a pond as you are reeling in your fishing rod like a master fish catcher.

I'll be honest, it's omega cringy when Japanese mannerism gets used in English. That shit just doesn't translate well because we aren't used to that kind of behavior. You will RARELY see people in the west talk to others with honorifics or end each sentence with a catch phase. That's why when Gura or Ina says things like "pachi pachi" or "humu humu", it just doesn't hit right.

No. 128275

> I guess a better question would have been, is there a current youtuber who you would have been pleased with as a vtuber, or will you never be happy with hololive EN?
Of the current gen EN-streamers only Ninomae Ina'nis is one I actually watch now and then and actually like her personality. She seems wholesome, genuine and relaxing. The others are spergy and not in a good way.

I can't really answer your question as I don't really watch English Youtubers aside from random crime, science or nature channels and I wouldn't really see them as Vtubers/voice actors. I mean would it be entertaining to watch Vsauce, John Green and Hank Green as voice actors? You could possibly make a niche for it "Science Vtubers" and have them play games where they can experiment and explain the science behind it.

> I can't help but feel a lot of people have a double standard, Luna's fake voice is "God-tier" acting but if Gura does a fake voice it's sooo fake and cringey?

I named several reasons as to why Gura is fake, cringy and unfunny.Aside from Ina others are just cringy and come with random sex jokes to not go completely silent. Luna is God-tier at doing her yammering baby-voice. Likeable? Depends on the person watching her but you can't say she's bad at what she's doing.

No. 128276

Saying it feels unnatural to hear Japanese words tossed in English is a valid critique, but "some random 30 year old Japanese gamer girl is as talented as a voice actor as A-list multi-millionaire voice actors in the USA" is not valid argument.

No. 128277

If it's to be believed the "humu humu" is a thing that came from her not wanting to be dead silent in VC. Basically something she started so people can know she's actually listening in raid.

No. 128278

Sorry if I'm wrong, but the more you talk, the more it sounds like you're a scrote with an Asian fetish. Sounds like Hololive EN could do nothing to impress you, short of training actors from Bojack Horseman to game. You're probably not their target demographic.

No. 128279

The tiering I used in my post was mostly refering to voice acting in Anime or Western Cartoons. In Anime dubs the voice actors are all C/D-rank (unknown) voice actors, they're not on the level as Will Arnett/Jessica Walter in terms of voice acting. Hell they don't even come close.

I know these voice actors in Westernized Anime are Low-tier voice actors as it wouldn't be viable to hire an A-tier (voice) actor that would ask 200k+ per episode. Dubbed anime is usually made as cheaply as possible, that's why it also always sounds like they record the characters in a garage as their voices sound echo-ey/hollow and it sometimes seem they use different microphones per character.

The HoloJP streamers are good at embodying their characters and several of them would actually be viable to be voice actors for Anime and likely be at the top levels in Japan while doing so. Hence A/B-tier voice actors.

Some of the HoloEN streamers could be in dubbed anime or play a role in cartoons but knowing the voice acting in these are garbage-tier in general and their voices not being anything special I doubt they would be very well known if they went this route before Hololive. They would likely be cast as characters like the Nurse Lady in Pokemon or some random person they encounter on their journeys.

Didn't I just say I liked Ina multiple times and the reasons why I like her opposed to the other HoloEN streamers?(blogging, autism)

No. 128281

how did a single super obvious troll bait so many redditors to come out of hiding and gangrape this thread with opinionposts. you people are worse than the /jp/ raiders. the milk is curdling.

No. 128284

How somebody can like a streamer with personality like this… and also the awkward silences all the time. Yikes.

Also @ 2:04:20

She's actually angry and all the simps are just "LOL / LMAO OHMGY U SO FUNNY SHARK"

No. 128285

File: 1608884849104.jpg (331.01 KB, 954x2065, Kana leech.jpg)

Let's talk about this shameless leach. Kana no matter how many times you bring up Gura on stream and online, Gura and Amachiro will never acknowledge you. You're not her sister lol

No. 128288

File: 1608885493245.png (1.13 MB, 1000x1333, _Inukai_Purin.png)

>Tsunderia really is banking on Gura's artist and their bootleg Korone to succeed.
>Both of Kamikokana's life dreams have already been done by Klaius the artist who was verbally mentioned on a Gura stream and got an astronomical climb thanks to her too.

No. 128289

she would've done even better than senna if cover had hired her lol. she's just outright a better loli voice actress.

weaker meme-game, curious if that would make the big difference.

Kana and her neverending salt over signing up with tsunderia before holoEN was a thing is always entertaining, however. really hope to see her stab her current clan in the back and jump ship the moment she gets the chance.

No. 128291

>How can anyone like a loli character acting like a child?

No. 128293

Such a strange and bizarre concept. Next, you're going to tell me that I can put bread in my toaster.

No. 128294

More entertaining than people making theories based on someone only liking a tweet, bitching about kiara for the 100th time, or bringing up old shit.
A collab would be bring up the good old loli shitfest, which would be fun to watch.

No. 128298

File: 1608889391040.png (1.38 MB, 1453x1450, 1608881505614.png)

If you wanted to talk about a REAL leech, how about "Blue Ame" (Amatsuka Uto). She commissioned Amelia's artist to draw her character's design and put in a lot of Hololive names in the metatags so that she will frequently show up in the search results. She even played similar games as the hologirls and started pandering to her foreign audience HARD with Duolingo streams as well as reading the audience's pogchamp meme superchats (which Amelia wouldn't do). Once she hit it big she then nuked her old videos as she rode the fame of being Amelia's sister. It doesn't help that Nabi supports and also has a bad case of sameface.

No. 128299

she knows the game and plays it very well, just look at her recent growth and SC earnings. Her number of viewers beats a lot of lower tier holos

No. 128301

The fact that she knew better than to abuse the Niji tags tells me all I need to know. She's a cunning bitch and knows the fanbase will never call her out.

No. 128304

Some guy spammed her chat and then spent $50 shitting on TakaMori which made her go on a long tangent (starts at 3:40:39). Then she went silent a few minutes later (she's presumably crying with the mic turned off) before acknowledging a few more SCs followed by ending the stream. The chat replay's disabled and the comment section has turned into a hugbox. Knowing her she'll let this linger in her head for weeks over the dozens of red SCs praising her. Odd, she brushed this sort of thing off in the past, maybe it's because of homesickness, flight delays and a literal rat infestation in her house.

No. 128305

Ah fuck, typo'd the video link. Here's the right one.

No. 128307

Remembering how she cries about visiting 'bad imageboards', i think it's safe to say that you should try clipping it (eg through bandicam) and post it on streamable or youtube.

No. 128310

so sad.
alexa, play ina's unravel.

No. 128311

I think that one was referring to 2ch/5ch since she's more familiar with Japanese internet communities than here or 4ch.

No. 128316

Even pedophiles don't like yelling kids.

No. 128319

File: 1608896171561.png (31.5 KB, 599x260, 1608895670265.png)

Chat log is restored although I think it's been edited. Someone else found the message, at least.

>Kiara I must confess I don’t like Takamori. Wasn’t a fan from the start. Constant overexposure has only made it worse. Heresy for a KFP worker to admit, yes, but it was really messing with my head not telling you at some point. PLZ DON’T FIRE ME!

This is probably after several messages on chat.

No. 128320

Here's the follow up, he's a real piece of work
>I didn't send my previous SC to be mean or rude or anything, I just had to get it off my chest because I legitimately didn't know how you would feel about a fan who felt that way…

No. 128338


Well, he is just a fan who wants to be honest.
I do not think there were any harsh/mean words there. Don't it?

Honestly, hololive foundation was built on yuri-baiting, l3wd. Maybe somebody who do not like it will get unaccepted treatment.

No. 128349

How can you cry over such superchat? She obviously used it as manipulation for donations.

No. 128350

No. 128352


This just open my eyes, how strong Coco was when the whole country attacking her.

What is this?

No. 128355

More wrestling videos, there's also one where one of the wrestlers was humping her (albeit censored but clearly implied).

No. 128358

I think she's just had it after a bad day, that or she's really defensive of her real friendship with Mori outside the kayfabe.

It was more like a bunch of script kiddies in a forum. After the ROG Asus mishap that cancelled the collab with Fubuki and Botan, they suddenly lost steam shortly afterwards.

No. 128360

This woman was vent-baiting on her streams for donations for a long time now, while also having her neverending numberfagging. No need to wk.

No. 128362

They could play this for terrorists as a form of torture in guantanamo bay. Anyone who willingly watches this is severely fucked in the head.

No. 128367

File: 1608907557423.png (136.56 KB, 720x853, 1608906697596.png)

>claims that she was invited to a momotetsu collab
>actually begged for it instead

No. 128374

She's self posted on PULL to defend herself so it's safe to say she knows this place too. Also kind of implied she self posted the "what's good venus" rant here long ago about how she is so much better for not marrying for a visa.

This is the girl that asked her viewers on stream which was cuter, her or yukapon then had a legit mental breakdown when everyone said yukapon. She's either extremely good at acting or just mentally unstable.

what is with EOPs and having to tell vtubers things like this? Vtubers aren't responsible for your mental health and don't need to know how you feel about dumb shit like this. As much as I dislike Kiara, these type of listeners are the worst.

No. 128378

What kind of reaction was he expecting from her anyway? “Thank u for sending me money uwu dw I still wuv you even if you felt the need to tell me that you hate my recent content”? Write a blog, asshole.

To be fair, she already turned off her SCs at this point in the stream.

No. 128383

It's called parasocial relationships. An unfortunate side effect of being in the spotlight.

No. 128392

>had a legit mental breakdown when everyone said yukapon.
What stream was this? Do you have a link with timestamp?

No. 128398

"I am sorry that you don't like it, but I and many other people do" would do it.
It wasn't hate comment, and it was actually quite easily manageable…I mean, imagine what would happen if some asshole actually decided to intentionally hurtful. And being a public figure, which job is communication with random people, it's basically only a matter of time.

No. 128399

>it's basically only a matter of time
I can see it. Especially if someone has nefarious motives and use the comments as a sort of bait to provoke a reaction. Even if she doesn't react the first time around, if still affects her and she holds it up inside it becomes a pressure cooker situation.

No. 128406

Artia used to be a facecam streamer before vtubing. Now she put zero effort into her appearance/setup/surroundings for a face reveal, I wonder if she was rushing it out for some reason.

No. 128411

Are we going to talk about Artemis' tweet where he shows a photo of his eye?

No. 128412

Easier to start a new persona when no one will miss the old one

No. 128413

File: 1608922552632.jpg (335.62 KB, 750x659, yOILfEO.jpg)

She stopped using holo meta tags from today, she'll be carried by clippers now, so she doesn't need them. Interesting to see how high she can get.

No. 128415

File: 1608923156070.png (550.37 KB, 601x652, still dont see it.png)

Still not seeing where it was confirmed artemis is a guy..even more so by this, was the earlier picture posted even confirmed that was them?

No. 128420

It was a stream on niconama so no archive and i tried looking for a clip on youtube but there is none. She put up a poll asking viewers who is cuter while yukapon tried to stop her. When the poll results said yukapon keeki started bawling saying she knew she'd be hurt by the result but did it anyway. It was awkward af

No. 128421

Artemis is a guy. Get over it and move on.

No. 128423

Nothing to "get over" because I'm not upset about anything, every community is saying different genders lol. Where's the 100% proof if you don't want it questioned?

No. 128449

File: 1608926510422.jpg (534.95 KB, 1264x650, 1603597089706.jpg)

The earlier pic magically popped up in /trash/ or somewhere around Artemis' debut day and there was a tweet saying he wore that exact shirt that day.
Also this comment thread from the previous thread is rather damning about Troontemis being true.

No. 128462

He also posted the tshirt that he wore on the stream, and the tshirt looked the exact same as on /trash/ photo.

No. 128505

Clever girl

No. 128512

that is a dude lol

No. 128517

I'm sorry, but can we get this fucking thread cleaned up? There's so many pointless posts still up for some reason.

No. 128520

Kids like her because she's basically Nick Jr. the Virtual YouTuber who makes funny noises and speaks at a pace they can pretend to feel like they understand. Zoomers like her because she's bratty, obnoxious, shares their two-digit IQs and TikTok-sized attention spans, and because her speech mannerisms make everything she says sound like a meme. Millennials like her because of her parasocial appeal as a surrogate daughter/wife, endearing airheadedness, and her cute, high-pitched voice.

Blue is also the most popular color in the world, and its ability to subconsciously evoke feelings of calmness, compassion, security, loyalty, and trustworthiness has long been exploited by business and marketers (I don't think Sharkzawa is even close to intelligent enough to have actually chosen her color scheme purposefully for that reason, but it's still true).

No. 128553

File: 1608962683033.jpg (162.8 KB, 1302x1684, EjQIn4mVcAAJCv7.jpg)

Is there any milk about Mocca Liebeskind?

No. 128557


Don’t ask to be spoon fed. Go to /trash/ if you want information.

No. 128562

good luck on your farmhand application

No. 128578

Miko has a speech impediment (ankyloglossia) which causes her natural voice to sound weird and baby-like. She has to force herself when she wants to do other kinds of voices. I'm sure her voice off-stream is not the exact same but it's not that far off either.

No. 128580

honestly i'm sort of impressed. she actually leeched in a productive manner that helped blow up her numbers. instead of crying and bitching on twitter

No. 128588

File: 1608994128553.jpg (190.37 KB, 1200x1200, EqEmizKU0AAl777.jpg)

What do you think of HoloENs first merch? Imo its a flop compared to every other Holo merch.

A 40$ for picrelated tshirt (without shipping), and they are selling only one size - XL.

There are much better prints from fans out there compared to that. Imo it'd be better if they used original concept art. Not worth the price.

Sage for nomilk.

No. 128591

>and they are selling only one size - XL.
The tshirt sucks, but this is funny.

No. 128592

>they are selling only one size - XL.
holy shit lmao

No. 128608

I think they know their market well and it will sell, because only obese fucks like vtubers.

No. 128609

Funny thing is that it's likely to be Japanese XL, which means that it's gonna be too small for them anyway

No. 128611

>only XL
too small

No. 128640

christ you can’t still be of the mindset that being tongue tied causes a loli voice LOL. do some quick research and check previous threads. anklyoglossia effects speech through pronunciation not pitch lmfao

No. 128655

The artwork for it was done by Kiara, wasn't it? So it's art done by one of the members, in addition to being their first piece of merchandise. Probably would have been better to get an actual artist for it, but for the HoloEN member making the (second) most in superchats that was an alright move. If nothing else, Kiara makes people open their wallets wide.

No. 128658

Kiara drew it but Ina helped her with it too (eg with colouring and hair) still looks too bad for the first merch design in my opinion, because the chibis look more like a "western fanart" than actually like official merch of japanese company.

No. 128665

File: 1609031842618.jpeg (872.32 KB, 1200x1319, Eptw318UYAEtZsn.jpeg)

So why didn't they just have ina draw it? Her chibi style is cuter and she's already a legit illustrator.

No. 128685

One of them has the time to regularly check her hashtag and hit like on fanart while the other has to tend to leg it to "priestess duties" as soon as most streams wrap up. Don't be fooled by the fact that Ina outspeeds everyone at art.

No. 128688

Why is no one surprised Kiara want Hololive stop expanding now that she's a part of it.

No. 128691

Can confirm, that's me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128698

Why does Calli always sound like she's forcing it?

No. 128703

Because she likely is. I recall an anon earlier saying she was only doing this to bring attention to DemonDice and, honestly, I don't find it unbelievable.

No. 128707

She's not wrong, the JP girls are already overlapping on important events because there's too many of them. Cover is focused on overseas expansion because of this reason, we'll sooner see EN gen 2 before a JP gen 6.

No. 128708

Mori is autistic, she puts on the english dub voice when she's nervous. Her voice is a lot more tolerable when she's drunk or not in collabs.

No. 128740

XL cries in /fit/ that can't even be salvage into a fashionable crop top

No. 128744

Oh no, this looks like something you would have seen at that shady "anime store" in the mall in the late 90s/early 2000s or like your mom got you just because it's 'anime' but it's six ways to bootleg. Embarrassing.

No. 128767

I think even Cali's art, like her really stylized art, would make a better merch.

No. 128788

Distinct? In what way exactly? It's very rare to find a distinct art style in anime when done in this way because distinct usually refers to stylized. This is great, but not distinct in the slightest.

No. 128790

File: 1609091464718.jpeg (328.9 KB, 1553x2048, 7450112E-595B-4D3A-A1E4-D24B44…)

The comparison gets even worse when you take into consideration the fact that Cali is quite skilled at graphic design.

No. 128875

It's probably JP XL so like western M/L

No. 128948


But isn't holoEN's niche is western audience?

No. 128949


The size of a T-Shirt is Japanese XL, and it costs not only 40$ but you will also have to pay for shipping, and customs after if you will encounter them. Spending so much money for T-shirt with such shitty print seems ridiculous, there are better T-shirts from fans out there.

No. 128950

but you buy it to support those poor hardworking talents making 10x your monthly salary every week!

No. 128953

Reeeee why buy that movie or album, those people get paid 100x your monthly salary!


No. 128954

because, assuming I didn't just torrent that movie or album, it actually has value to me.


No. 128955

the japanese love gura

No. 128959

No, they have quite an audience here in Japan too, especially Gura to the point many are learning English just to communicate with her similar to how people learning Japanese to communicate with HoloJP etc.

No. 128964

File: 1609165705460.jpg (97.76 KB, 828x1061, thumbnail-1.jpg)

found this on ig, looks like we'll be seeing a rise in indie ENvtubers. Soon the vtuber scene is gonna be too oversaturated.

No. 128965


Everyone instantly started wanting to be vtuber the second holoEN auditions were released, and later during summer you could see nothing but "vtubers" everywhere, even now. And twitter along w others always had their stupid "guides" on how to become one. You seem pretty slow.

No. 128967

File: 1609166001334.jpg (104.2 KB, 828x739, thumbnail-2.jpg)

This artist's vtuber model is a femboy trap shark. Which is so funny considering Artemis.

No. 128970

File: 1609167216836.jpg (858.86 KB, 3512x2000, 20201228_155230.jpg)

Its a heavily inspired copy of trap japanese VTuber from this post lol >>128964
(behind the scene it is a girl roleplaying as her character who appears to be a trap, gladly the fully aware one)

No. 128994

Ahh.. soon vtubers gonna be cancerous. Promoting s3x, sexyness and so on. Like boob streamews have now.

I mean if you would like to be a streamer please do it properly.

Otherwise, audition for model or something if showing your asset is your main objective.

No. 129002

Did you just attempt to censor the word "sex"? How old are you?

No. 129005

File: 1609184004224.jpeg (530.77 KB, 2048x1834, 77FB18BC-87E1-4B74-A36E-57F700…)

This girl, @sharksprite has some small time milk potential. This isn’t the first time that she’s been pissy about design copying because she’s one of the people who thinks ocean = instafame and now that her “omg shark” following stopped she’s salty.

Sage because it’s still kinda powdery milk but she has a really big ego, potential to come back up. She’s part of Domos circlejerk

No. 129014

File: 1609185248540.jpeg (591.79 KB, 2048x2048, C2A9F72A-BCE2-43F7-A0D5-015DC6…)


>Tweets weekly about what snacks she’s ordering on Ubereats or what Skeb art commission she’s waiting for, while also constantly e-begging over her account being overdrawn. Cap is from a week or two ago.

>Her gf/friend is constantly posting selfie’s and then deleting them making a big deal about how everyone missed her face reveal while calling herself vain in her bio.

The two of them aren’t much now but the shark girl Mako was brought up in an earlier thread, and since then she’s definitely become way more dramatic and isn’t slowing down. Group that with being in domos circle and clearly being jealous of Artemis and I think she and the plant girl are a ticking milk bomb worth keeping an eye on

No. 129015


>gonna be


No. 129021

That girl used to brag about how every single one of her friends are too broke to order model/rig and have to do it themselves while she, quote verbatim, "just throws money around" (her model is -800-1000€). I wonder what kind of vtuber she's going to be

No. 129043

EN is already mostly trash because they see vtubing as just another avenue to peddle primitive sexuality to mentally ill scrotes. Hopefully selective pressure will squeeze them out, although unfortunately malignant cunts like Nyanners are probably here to stay.

No. 129050

No. 129053

>Hey, I have no idea on how to innovate the indietuber scene so I'm gonna instead tell people to dump somewhere between 500 to 2,000 dollarinos on a vtuber package that they can use on PrprLive.

No. 129072

The VShojo group is already pretty dead. Melody doesn't collab with the group and the red haired tts "girl" easily gets triggered by her chat when she can't be decent at a game. Not to mention they all have a one trick gimmick of being horny to the point where it gets weird.
The only good EN I've seen so far are the ones who already been streaming for a while and just randomly added a model with no debuting or personality shit added.

No. 129073

No. 129075

lmao I was going to post something from zentreya's latest VOD but she deleted it.
They were on a banning spree because a group of chatters were donating passive aggressive comments about her gameplay. She got so pissed about chat calling out her pay2win ff14 accounts. Was funny as fuck.

No. 129078

this is honestly just funny, hope you didn't post that thinking it was milk .

No. 129081

I posted it because I thought it was funny lol. If someone has the full stream of that I would love to watch it.

No. 129083

File: 1609206075603.png (36.79 KB, 601x324, Capture.PNG)

Of course someone who misleads their viewers with a shitty TTS program wouldn't be emotionally mature enough to handle when people ask to hear their real voice

No. 129086

Why is Mocca freaking about an article no will read?

No. 129098

File: 1609210282451.jpg (998.06 KB, 4000x2250, 0EpGGF6eUcAI-Tqm.jpg)

Why is Chiika on two sides exactly? I was hoping the unapologetic group names ending in 'Live' would have some degree of commitment to them.

No. 129103

I don’t get her appeal at all.

No. 129110

File: 1609214750270.png (69.88 KB, 600x547, 2820.png)

Following Zentreya is done to look like someone who supports indietubers without actually going to the streams.
Unironically watching Zen is for sub 18 year olds who have nothing better to do now that the chink virus canned school attendance.

No. 129114

Most of her existing fanbase is because of VRChat, which is probably why she's even relevant because of how long they've been active. Funny thing is that she only started using TTS recently, before she was 100% mute and only used poorly rigged body gestures to react. Even back then all the mutes had whiteboards and shit to draw on, but not her.

No. 129129

Is the person with her here Marine? She sounds like her at times

No. 129133

No. 129134

Is not like she's overly interested on anything related to hololive after all.

No. 129136

before tts she had a note pad on screen to type, it wasnt just hand gentures. Not sure how it was years ago, but as far as I know since February, she typed on stream to communicate

No. 129155

File: 1609239028125.jpg (70.32 KB, 615x846, yukibunns.jpg)

That is incredibly similar to yukibunns's old vtuber design.>>128967

No. 129165

What article? Also, she loses her mind every single day over trivial stuff. She’s so unstable and potentially a highly milky cow.

No. 129167

File: 1609249844242.jpeg (460.99 KB, 2047x1152, 3C413A88-8990-4E9A-9DE9-83E00C…)

this is so odd, did he not think about how weird this was beforehand or did he not care


No. 129171

Any ideas why Mocca keeps changing her name so often? This is at least third one, also is there any mentions of it that she used to be he?

No. 129175

File: 1609253789969.jpeg (214.75 KB, 750x407, F893A830-4ED5-419B-829C-3244D9…)

She’s made multiple tweets in the past saying how she isn’t a "real" VTuber, or doesn’t feel comfortable calling herself one because she’s "different". I think she’s trying to remove herself from the expectations people have of VTubers or something, or she has imposter syndrome.

No. 129179

File: 1609256733412.png (194.09 KB, 598x546, tr.png)

Ah..some more English Indie vtubing trash waiting to "debut", anons were right the EN scene is just oversaturated with garbage.

No. 129182

Men using female avatars is not really a novel concept. You'll come across many on twitch, Japanese and English.

I think Mocca is a man because of her voice which sounds a bit forced, and her weirdly obscure retro taste in video games, although that could also just be me being sexist. She also had this "just call me whatever the fuck you want" line in regards to her pronouns in her twitch description, which she removed recently.
In any case she seems to just want to chill out with other nerds and not be some loud over the top entertainer, and at that she is good.

Also what is that article she got upset about? I was checking out her latest stream but it's 7 hours long.

No. 129185

>I think Mocca is a man
I remember when I saw the youtube posted somewhere a while ago I thought it was a troon, but all the youtube videos are nuked now. I checked twitch and the voice sounds weird af, like a gay man voice run through a pitch filter that makes it sound higher.
If it's really a woman she has the most unfortunate voice, but in the current year I'll trust my heart and say it's a guy.

No. 129186

File: 1609259908830.png (607.33 KB, 1233x342, quickmaths.png)

Strike witches and Kancolle themed vtuber. Indie vtubers love relying on gimmicks.

I know that Gura/hololive don't own the concept of sharks in general, but all the shark vtubers that keep popping up just seem like they're doing to ride off her clout.

No. 129187

Sharks are a pretty obscure animal to choose, they're not cute or funny or culturally significant. It's very suspicious that so many girls pick one right after Gura made it big.

Gura chose a shark for her own personal reasons that go back years, she didn't pick it random. Do all the other people have a personal history with the animal? I doubt it.

No. 129188

File: 1609260931955.jpeg (301.63 KB, 750x858, 1091B8EE-9561-4AA1-BA37-D66908…)

Sheesh, I used to love comfyRana because I felt she was down to earth and chill. But ever since becoming partner, she’s just been e-begging and guilt tripping her followers. “I’ve been getting no support.” “I won’t be able to move because I didn’t get enough donations and now I may end up in a bad place!” I get she’s disabled(though it doesn’t seem physical), but just seems she’s lazy going by some other things she’s said(my caretaker usually cleans the house for me, because I can’t for reasons????).

She reminds me of an indie version of Kiara.

No. 129194

The common expectation for vtubers is that they shouldn't behave like common e-thots. This person wants to jump on the bandwagon but behave like a twitch tiddy streamer.

No. 129195

Mocca is pretty chill and plays really niche games on stream. But they're clearly unstable mentally and blow up at every little thing. Unlike certain trans or gender fluid Vtubers i don't want to off myself when i see their streams.

No. 129198

Mocca/Kurukid used to be small vrchat streamer and back in those days Kuru was "he", and if Im right he was part of erp group so there could be some interesting stuff if someone can find it up.

No. 129210

A big German news outlet called her the biggest German VTuber and she had a mental breakdown about it.

No. 129215

File: 1609270927675.png (29.66 KB, 523x358, pronouns.PNG)

>I get she’s disabled(though it doesn’t seem physical, but just seems she’s lazy going by some other things she’s said(my caretaker usually cleans the house for me, because I can’t for reasons???.
You clearly don't understand that part, she has multiple health issues and is on the spectrum, disabilities and issues which are being ignored in the place she currently lives. She can't access a doctor who is actually willing to help her figure out what's wrong with her health and her caretakers which she needs due to her health conditions have stopped coming because of the pandemic and she isn't a priority.

It's because she doesn't have access to the support she needs where she's currently living that she has been rushing to move as quickly as possible. Which honestly I don't get why you're complaining, it was a donation goal with a time limit that she'd talk about in her personal server and bring it up on stream if someone asked. Many other streamers have done the exact same thing and is completely normal in streaming culture.

If you're going to complain about comfyRana at least bring up some actual milk and the real reason why you're bringing her up a month after all of that took place.
>just today she fully came out on twitter as non-binary/agender and now wants to be called they/them
>recently did an IRL stream
>she commissioned a Live2D from Yueko which per her artstyle, while unique looks super uncanny
>recently broke up with her boyfriend, most likely due to how he might've lied about how much he had saved up to help her move and buy a house.
Which one of these is actually bothering you?

No. 129216

Yikes, can't wait for the multiple mental breakdowns when her followers misgender her on stream

No. 129225

i think the weirdest part is just the plot of "i am a grown man but i woke up in a little girls body in the virtual world and i'm trapped!!!"

guys being female vtubers (like artemis and mocca) is not a new concept of course, but warping into a baby is a concerning one for sure

No. 129227

LOL just when I was about to say that she should come out as a trannie / non-binary in order to get more donations because that's the only illness people care and shamelessly e-beg about. nice

No. 129229


Boo-hoo your e-waifu is sick and "on the spectrum" so no bulli her about dis! Probably shares the same illnesses as IronMouse. She isn't a priority because she probably doesn't have it THAT bad. She also deleted a lot of her discord shit begging for money to move in with her LD bf and guilt tripping her followers. Sorry that i hurt your fee fees talking about someone you can relate to.

And yeah, while that other stuff is most recent, she's been on this path since partner….which is why i brought her up now. Her L2D isn't milk as everyone who has the money is re-redebuting with animal themes.

Now, even with that image you posted you can see how passive-aggressive she is towards her followers. I don't care that she's "disabled" this is what this thread is for. Saged for ranting.

No. 129231

Imagine being this autistic, gatekeeping a fucking animal because only your precious 2D waifu has "a personal history" with it.
Gosh, the scrotes in here are retarded.

No. 129232

how ironic is it that the white knight is the one who brings the real milk

No. 129242

Its hard to feel sympathy for this Rana chick and her monetary issues when she drops 4K on a vtuber model. Yueko costs around 2K and then Brian Tsuii is another 2K minimum. Her current model seems fine for now, if she was that desperate to move I feel like a brand new model should be the least of her concerns.

No. 129243

think he has a point, ngl

it's not gatekeeping, just an observation

No. 129244

File: 1609279502957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.66 KB, 772x509, MYXJ_20201229140335029_save.jp…)

hate to agree with the wk but yeah yueko's art is SUPER uncanny especially the 2D models, not to mention pretty boring looking tbh

This reminds me of the anime girls edited with realistic mouths meme

No. 129246

Except his point makes no fucking sense.
>sharks are not cute or funny or culturally significant
Bullshit. People are all over that Ikea stuffed shark for example. Left shark. Baby shark. Tsundere shark edits.
Sharks have been very popular and memey for years now. "picked for her own personal reasons" my ass. Every quirky girl loves sharks because they THINK it's unique but it's not.

No. 129250

Ame's manager needs to talk to her. She's been fucking up recently.

No. 129251

how has she been fucking up?

No. 129253

Elaborate or gtfo falseflagger

No. 129254

Indeed she has, she's been consistently improving her streams

No. 129259

Personal reasons or not and memes aside, still convenient* timing.

No. 129261

Shark in Japanese sounds exactly like her name. That could be one of her personal reason.

Its unique in anime and manga. I dont think there are well known shark anime girls/boys aside from wadanohara, shark girl (manga) and Kisame (naruto). Its just weird that shark characters now poppin left and right after Gura got big.

No. 129283

Nobody denied Gura's influence on that matter tho. Ofc people will try to hop onto the shark hype. The only ridiculous thing itt was that one anon implying only gura has the right to use a shark avatar because it somehow has a deeper meaning to her.

No. 129288

Literally no one said she has the "SOLE RIGHTS" to it, it's because we KNOW the reasoning behind her choosing it when you can LITERALLY traceback all Vtuber/anime avatar tuber/streamer post Kazuna and see it was rare to see animal ones (like pure animal) let alone shark-girl/boys. What anon meant is, it's VERY obvious who's riding Gura's wave vs say Nyanners, and that's only because catgirl is generic anime.

No. 129295

File: 1609302113563.png (19.45 KB, 962x187, Untitled.png)

that weird unauthorized Hololive dating sim that was on kickstarter apparently was going to have r-18 stuff, no wonder YAGOO canned it almost immediately.

No. 129299

File: 1609302517733.jpg (29.41 KB, 643x477, images(1).jpg)

Ever since I was a little scrote, I've been waiting to live out my fantasy as shark boy. Now that the technology is here, I can live out my fantasy. I introduce to you…sharky boi.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129300

even without the R-18. People have no right using their names without permission.

No. 129301

oh for sure, but hes gotta keep the idol dream alive, its IP theft regardless how it is used.

No. 129305

Hmmm fuck you

No. 129318

They don't fuck around when they catch wind of people trying to profit off their IP. They shut that Hololive Clips or whatever channel down real quick when they caught wind that the dumb bastard was monetizing videos

No. 129320

Holy fuck Artemis is that you?

No. 129338

To be fair, they usually are though.

No. 129342

File: 1609323894696.jpeg (186.15 KB, 1012x2048, 88712486-FAA7-4079-A82A-B70CCE…)

I was watching a vtuber and they recommended another person to watch and I want to share this cursed design with you

No. 129345

File: 1609324885715.jpg (168.08 KB, 800x1200, 1609150901751.jpg)

kiara is an SJW whore who fucked men for clout(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129346

File: 1609324958672.jpg (147.23 KB, 730x1095, 1609264505364.jpg)

No. 129348

File: 1609326293123.jpg (3.49 KB, 187x35, htghghghggh.jpg)

this thing is literally a fucking giant troon, im gonna vomit

No. 129350

these panty look like diapers or is it just me

No. 129351

it looks like a bad asian beauty cam fitler

No. 129369

>need money
>spend 3k on a live2d
>troon out
>except not really, just enby which is meaningless nonsense that read "I want to be special but not actually do anything special"
>order people to use bullshit pronouns anyway
She might be on the spectrum, but what evidence is there for actual health issues? This reads as "too much time on the internet syndrome" combined with "spoiled rotten by orbiters syndrome".

No. 129371

Thanks, this was exactly my point. I don't care who uses sharks, but whether they have reasons for using them that don't reflect negatively on their character.

No. 129373

That's not milk, that's cheese at this point, anon

No. 129379

the one stream I watched of hers she was talking about how great NTR/cuck and ugly bastard hentai was and talking about how great asanagi's work is
Why are all these coomer vtuber girls so nasty

No. 129382

Anticipate some throwbacks, 4chan's mod team for their /jp/ board went through some drama of their own and people took the opportunity to rage/sling shit about vtubers, which meant a lot of really old drama got dredged up and some people think it's suddenly new and exciting again.

No. 129383

Snapping at her audience and technical problems for what, like 4 streams straight?

No. 129384

>4chan's mod team for their /jp/ board went through some drama of their own
got a quick rundown?

No. 129390

One of their mods, sharkmeido (yes, that was what he decided to be called), is obsessed with Gura and went out of his way to trim posts doxxing her while leaving behind anything that doxxed the other girls in the hopes that they'd suffer while Gura would be untainted. Someone finally caught wind of his obsessive behavior around the time that the Hololive threads began to branch off and splinter, and they put him through Hell while he threw tantrums in the thread discussing it all. Unfortunately I don't have more details than that, but hopefully someone else can fill in some more of the juicier details.

No. 129400

You do know that talking down to chat is kind of her shtick, right? The only time she's gotten legit angry was the whole Gwent debacle.

No. 129401

File: 1609346745205.png (532.78 KB, 429x934, hoshikawa.png)

Seems like a shit Hoshikawa Sara ripoff.

No. 129449

reminder that you will never be a real woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129465

Holy shit that is disgusting. Kill it now.

No. 129470

Go back scrote.

Go cry to your autistic board about how your garbage game threads are dying.

No. 129473

File: 1609364880404.jpg (114.12 KB, 900x598, asuka___7_by_soroche_d49nj67-f…)

If we doxxed every single poster on lolcows and /jp/ the result would be sad, so many ugly faggots. Kiara with or without makeup is objectively pretty compared to most women. Most women are brown statistically , and it is not lost on me that most people wouldnt even care if the vtuber isn't white or asian. People from all over the world obsess over white women, it must be stressful. You cant expect a teenager to realize what theyre getting into. Teenage Kiara just wanted to pursue a glamorous career in weebland like many kids . Unfortunately, by the time she realized how utterly disgusting and evil the idol industry is, it was too late. Entertainment visa or not, she had 2 options. Either make money by doing weird ass random lite fetish wrestling videos and and singing, and later lewd cosplay, or go on down to Kabukicho and get fucked to pay the bills until you cant handle it anymore and go back to osterreich a broken husk. She made the best of a bad situation. And the only reason people arent agreeing with these truths, is that /jp/ anything anonymous is and always has been schizo tier. As of right now, Kiara is objectively richer and better off and has a future more than 99% of us. And im proud of her, because I'm not insecure. There are 2 types of roommate posters. One does it because it's truly bizarre amd interesting (almost all hololive talent lived interesting lives prior to joining, and the company had to have known this but either didnt care or knew it would work out), and two posts because they lnow their youth is running out and constantly has to compare themselves and their problems to these virtual girls who are the flavor of the year. Regardless of malicious intent, studying it all as a whole has been exciting and the lessons can be applied to the future.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129474

Her audience loves being insulted by her. That's not out of the ordinary, her manager probably told her to lean more into being toxic.

No. 129475

nobody asked, shut up with ur dumbass opinion

No. 129476

Nice bait scrote, try harder and learn to sage.

The only people posting these rants are people who hate her trying to bait others.

No. 129477


The saddest samefagging in history.

No. 129481

dunno what that is, i just didnt wanna read an entire paragraph of coomer talk that filled up the thread??

No. 129552

Why does her face look like a fucking hamster?

No. 129587

I mean, Youjo Senki is a thing, it's not a rare concept, it's weird/creepy tho (at least for me)

No. 129588

umm chile anyways….


I cant handle these designs omg the short shorts with the thong showing is so early 2000 trash, it looks fresh out of a kid's deviantart profile

No. 129589

Tbh what even is Kiara’s personality other than Yuri Bait? Her whole personality seems to be Cali.

No. 129598

She is someone living her idol dream. A fighter who never gives up and fills your spirit with energy.

It is fun to see her struggle and then get better at stuff.

No. 129617

Genki. High energy, ridiculously cheerful, outgoing, and loud to contrast with her more chill and tame genmates. Also has high confidence but is an overall idiot that some people can’t help but root for.

Also sage your posts, newfag.

No. 129632

She is also desperately trying to get clout off inviting popular holos on HoloTalk, the whole show is a useless chunk created in order for her to get more views, because it doesn't give anyone an actual new information. Her appeal is that she is a mеnhеra dream for kissless virgins who watch K-on 8 times a day, throwing money whenever she starts venting for said money.

No. 129637

Blame the community since she crowd sources most of the questions. Her last guest Shion apparently volunteered herself and the next guest is speculated to be Subaru. Can we still say that she’s using them for clout when she’s already passed them in subs and popularity? Everyone in here hates her regardless though lol. She’s the easiest target.

No. 129659

>in order for her to get more views

Imagine someone on youtube trying to get… views. Crazy.

Kiara is the one that works the hardest for hololive, she took the initiative with her song, the voicepack and holotalk. Blows half the hololive roster out of the water. She tries to unite everyone and make everyone happy.

No. 129664

they've been a popular meme but not popular enough to see every e-girl/thot/streamer/whatever having a shark persona or for shark personas to start popping up.

either way its just an observation considering memeic popularity doesn't usually translate over into sona-popularity.

No. 129682

oh god, call the cops a youtuber is trying to get views! kiara haters is just a bunch of whiny babies trying to get attention, she is already spoiled milk at this point.

No. 129683

She's not gonna fuck you bro. If you actually kept up with all this shit it's hard to say:
>she is already spoiled milk at this point
When she herself keeps basically self-inserting herself into anyone and everyone's business lately.

No. 129690

saying crap like this dont confirm you point dude.

>When she herself keeps basically self-inserting herself into anyone and everyone's business lately.

You want her stop interacting with the others like everyone does? thats just dumb.

No. 129691

Fuck Moona & Iofi then too right? Since following that narrative they're both riding the tailcoats of people much more popular than them?

Or the JP members are just very hesitant on inviting other people for collabs, whereas the non-JP members don't have that stigma.

No. 129692

I think what the point was, there's a difference between collabing and clearly -tossing- yourself into other's fandoms. It's not like Pekora and Moona collabing for example, or Moona and Gura collabing, that's natural. The way Kiara goes about everything is just offputting and "please hand me views from your fans that normally wouldn't look my way or I'll cry" type.

No. 129695

Anons please see this

People hate Kiara because of her pick me personality. Doesn't help that her fanbase is rotten and will jump at any criticism of her.

No. 129696

> chickenfags are always the ones to screech and wk their keekiqueen instead of shutting the fuck up
> chickenfags are also the only ones who spammed shitty gore in this thread

No. 129697

This. Shes so fucking full of herself.
I remember the minecraft tour that pekora prepared for her. She was so self centered and didnt appreciate what pekora was showing to her. She was dismissive of almost everything pekora showed her.

No. 129699

U guys fight over vtubers?
Just ignore the haters. They will stop eventually.

Not worth milking HoloEN right now.
All those info were old AF.

Bring something original please.

No. 129700

tons of potential milk with all these new indie vtubers lying around waiting to be found

No. 129701

That isn't how I remember that collab going at all, I'm gonna have to rewatch it to fact check you on that.

No. 129702

She was upset because Peko still adored Moona more lol. People though Kiara was just putting on an act.

No. 129703

For every location she brings the chicken she just went. Uhh. Nice okay. Also pay attention specially when they rode the haachama coaster. She keeps on complaining its slow. Pekora says its great for sight seeing. But this fucking chicken just keeps on complaining about it being slow. Pekora said it a couple of times that its good for sight seeing.

Jesus learn to read the mood. It was for sight seeing not a thrill ride.

No. 129719

It's especially egregious because Moona and Pekora naturally became friends over the course of playing together and don't do cringe yuri bullshit (I don't think yuri baiting is something Pekora does at all, but I could be wrong), whereas Kiara immediately went for play acting Pekora's lover or stalker or whatever it is she's trying to do. You do this kind of stuff with people you know and are friends with, if at all, not with people you meet for the first time.
Her copying Pekora's laugh is downright skinwalker tier. She came across as very creepy to me.

No. 129720

Yeah, like Peko's laugh isn't unique perse (in the sense inhale laughs are a thing) but it was very apparent after awhile. Peko doesn't yuri bait purposefully, she's open minded that she'll play along like with marine.
This, anyone defending Kiara actually doesn't watch her content, know who she is or trying to score points from her knowing she lurks here.

No. 129723

Moona and Pekora did a little playful yuribaiting in the recent Minecraft collab, mostly from Moona, making Pekora say "Pekora loves Moona" in Indonesian, but it didn't seem forced or uninvited, just jest between pals.

No. 129726

i dont get why everyone likes ina in this thread, shes absolutely this most unentertaining and boring. More than kiara honestly

No. 129727

Because ina doesn't have to put on an ironically fake persona or jam forced catch phrases down our throat or screech like a banshee. She's just literally a chill person that's a great artist.

No. 129729

She is kinda boring but its not milk, the others have way more shit for people to dig up.

No. 129731

She is not for u then.
At least with her boring persona, she able to grap 7k-10k views in most of her live.

No. 129735

She's the polar opposite of Haachama personality wise and is weirdly competent at games compared to her friends (Gura and rhythm games aside).
Also her drawing streams are actually worth keeping since she doesn't relegate herself to Live2D model commissions or random OCs like most art streamers do.

No. 129736

Owowo calm down did i ofend your waifu? Sob sob

No. 129739

File: 1609449647449.png (71.92 KB, 646x419, Next time, don't assblast your…)

Already happened.
Apparently only a day after she switched pronouns she hopped into the VC that some of her mods were in or something and got misgendered.
Que her making a server wide announcement calling out her mod team, then the ones that were online at the time or suspected of being in the VC getting harassed by SJW white knights, and finally multiple members of the mod team resigning and leaving the server because of the harassment combined with the announcement.

Like clockwork.

No. 129740

Everytime her feelings get hurt she makes a server announcement telling everyone how their behavior has caused her to be "genuinely hurt/uncomfy/sad" followed by some statement to give her more asspats by her wks. She's always has a sob story.

No. 129746

this face does not look real to me at all??? has she had fillers or something

No. 129748

probably just filters
I was gonna joke that she looks like the white girl that tries to be a "baddie" and talk "ghetto/hood" and then I remembered….she does EXACTLY that kek

No. 129750

Is she really surprised and hurt over the fact her mods weren't happy that she started a witchhunt instead of taking it to DMs? Who would want to be her mod or support her when she's mental on top of being "enby", what a delusional bitch. The pig avatar suits her.

No. 129754

She's normal, extremely talented, good at games and very clearly far less fake than most other Holos. She doesn't have a weird past of being a hooker or getting stalked or freaking out on social media or any of that shit either.

No. 129756

ironically enough shes actually a cow vtuber, I guess all she can do is give milk

No. 129773

At least her design is pretty and she has something she's good at. There's a niche for art vtubers, at the very least.

No. 129774

Dear god grow a thicker skin. Switching pronouns is a habit, habits don't happen over-night for everyone. If you're gonna make a stink out of every single person who misgenders you even once unintentionally, you're just gonna suffer forever.

No. 129775

People who complain about that genuinely do it for attention and live in some dream world.

People go through what they are on a day to day basis and get disowned by family, friends, and the world around them. Yet take the brunt of it and keep going.

In no way shape or form can you compare them with that.

No. 129786

File: 1609469634725.png (2.92 KB, 276x99, ratioed.png)

some fuckin loser made a video basically spreading everything about Gura that was in this board including some of the dox stuff.
quite a funny ratio

No. 129790

link eet

No. 129792

No. 129794

>Not titling it as "They were famous before Gawr Gura"
>1,200 people would rather leave a dislike and maybe an angry comment instead of rratting out the video so it can be dusted.

No. 129797

File: 1609480023414.png (Spoiler Image, 170.49 KB, 900x900, Mocca.png)

not entirely sure if new so sage

No. 129798

Senzawa snapping on chat and threatening to ban them if they say she's drunk again. The gremlin creeps out once more.

No. 129799

Alright I put this dude's channel into my auto-dl script. Don't have the time to proactively keep up with this shit tbh

No. 129800

Shut up Keeki(hi cow)

No. 129808

How old is Mocca?

No. 129809

Not sure how old that post is but Kurukid was "she" at least 2018 when I watched her vrchat and retro game streams. She tweeted something about hormone treatments and stuff and she went pretty quiet after that before showing up under new account, cant remember was it Babukuru or Marieklein at that point.

No. 129812

Damn, it really struck a nerve on her, isnt it

No. 129813

relapsing alcoholics tend to be … touchy.

No. 129815

tbh i don't blame her, she hated that people always called her a drunk in her past life and it disrupted her image, i would be annoyed too after awhile it's like telling a girl to go to sleep when you're a rando

No. 129817


I mean her superchat banned word 'Senzawa', she clearly doesn't want to be associated with her prev persona. Too bad her fans feels too special for knowing the 'forbidden' knowledge.

No. 129818

It's seriously the most annoying shit when they keep bringing it up every 5 minutes.

No. 129819


But she bring the topic about her drinking champagne for New Years Eve tho. Fans might be annoying, but they won't just spam 'drunk stream' out of the blue.

No. 129824

watch more of her streams and read chat, randos will ask her if she's drunk on streams where shes just playing minecraft and isn't slurring because they find it exciting that they know her secret identity. it's shitty as hell of them

No. 129825


LOL rly? damn, that sucks. Randos treat knowing minor 'secret' of vtuber as if they just saw her pussy. Is it also happening to other member?

No. 129826

>she hated that people always called her a drunk in her past life
With video titles like "i got blitzed and sang country road" which is still online I'm not so sure.

>she clearly doesn't want to be associated with her prev persona.
She clearly wanted the subscribes from back then when she strongly hinted at her old persona in the debut stream. I doubt that changed much though, it would have turned out like that anyhow.

No. 129827

Yeah I don't think she's traumatized by her Senzawa act or anything, but the 'are you drunk Gura?' questions are basically shorthand for 'confess that you're Senzawa on stream!' something she's explicitly not allowed to do, so it gets really annoying when the chat is filled with nothing but messages like that.

No. 129829

holy shit, btfo by Cover within hours lmao

No. 129831

> she hated that people always called her a drunk in her past life
Girl, her whole personality was 'drunk / high loli stream'.

No. 129832

did the person who linked it embed it or archive it?

No. 129836

Not archived , it wasn't really milk, good to see cover ass blasted that dude.

No. 129837

I DL'd it as soon as I got my hands on it, but I am too lazy to share it rn.

No. 129839

The problem is she wasn't ever drunk in her "drunk videos" the description says so, and i imagine people spaming "hurr hurr drunk shark" from having a glass of champagne is annoying, they were doing it in Watsons stream too despite her saying "I could count the times i have had alcohol on one hand" and "im not drunk" people have a weird fascination with drinking, only one that has been tipsy or drunk on stream for EN is Calli, JP get fucked up all the time.

No. 129842

Cover actually had no right to copyright claim it, they don't own public information. They could easily be taken to court over that DMCA, it's been done before - and successfully. I just hope they eventually run into someone who's got the motivation and resources to make a public circus out of it, would definitely be very convenient(and hilarious) if all of the HoloEN's info is listed in a public court document.

No. 129843

It was incredibly bad coverage and somewhat offensive. It basically started off "so this streamer Gura had a channel called Brown Bee here's her pictures, she was into littlest pet shop, Canada and Nantucket, and she did some VA work LUL - BTW senzawa!!".

Completely omitted her room tour and also the detective work proving the claims.

It was up since Dec 25.

No. 129844

>It was up since Dec 25.
Which means we got /jp/ scrotes running interference again, great to know.

No. 129847

You see, they did though, Un authorized use of an intellectual property, with no transformative context, it didn't at all fall under fair use.

Just because information is public, doesn't mean you should be spreading it around.

No. 129848

I think he meant within hours of being exposed to this board.

No. 129849

>Un authorized use of an intellectual property, with no transformative context
This is false, that video exceeded the 'transformative' standard, by far.

>doesn't mean you should be spreading it around.

Oh really? Why don't you tell me more about what I should and shouldn't do. I love being preached to by random internet retards.

No. 129850

offtopic ish but what is a jp scrote, looked up but couldnt find anything? is it short term of scrotum? I get its an insult based on context but does the jp mean japanese? so japanese fans are being balls?

No. 129851

>Un authorized use of an intellectual property, with no transformative context, it didn't at all fall under fair use.
But except for the name Gawr Gura and a picture of Senzawa in a shark hoodie, there was nothing used in that Video that was an IP of Cover. Gura herself could maybe have claimed it for her old Videos, not Cover.

No. 129852

File: 1609519063261.png (1.36 MB, 1752x847, EGR.png)

small channels like this one have no idea how to youtube, you wont get viewers if you are antagonizing your target audience with BS.
Even Woohoolad stopped doing this crap when he realized it wasn't the way to go , now he's got 100k subs.

No. 129853

woohoolad put even less effort into his content than your average vtuber would. Most of his "NeWs" clips never even got above two minutes in length. Channels like his and Hero Hei's are clownshows

No. 129854

While I like Woohoolad , Hero Hei is a Retard, holy fuck that guy is a joke. I actually believe Woohoolad likes hololive, Hero Hei just rides the latest trends and spreads misleading un researched garbage.
No matter how much i block HH on socials and YT he always appears, i hate it.

No. 129855

HH is like a much shittier Quartering. Dude makes whole videos out of literally who tweets lmao

No. 129856

It's been posted on /jp/ at least 6 days ago, Cover took their time with this one.

No. 129857

So wait, you're saying they usually take videos down faster? That's interesting, got any examples?

No. 129859

I just checked KF and their HL thread seems to have at least the basic info - though I only skimmed through it. Those of you who are new and want to know, go there instead of asking to be spoonfed ITT.

No. 129860

Usually they get C&D first and the video owners usually comply quickly and private it, if ignored they get claimed like the video above.
Happened to a few dox youtube channels in the past (hlg lonely gossiping mother comes to mind).

Also for anyone interested, Gura's voice123 profile was just scrubbed 2 days ago to remove any personal info, it previously hasn't been touched in 4+ years.

No. 129861

>Gura's voice123 profile was just scrubbed 2 days ago to remove any personal info
Appreciate the info, but this kind of shit is unfortunately not very exciting at this point.

No. 129875

Kiara's members seem to keep her past life secret and then chatter about it among themselves, like they don't want the world to see her dirty secrets but they don't mind talking it over in private. It's kinda weird.

No. 129877

That is why japanese people always private their doxx videos (eg entire Pekora (before she was Pekora) stream) is privated on YT and just post links.

No. 129884

quick rundown on the whole aqua and pekora drama back from their NND days?
There are clips of pekora making aqua cry, pekora and her fans raidiing and killing Aqua in that battle royale game on her birthday etc
apparently they both liked the same utaite on NND or something but aqua was too autistic to realize he wanted to fuck her
the two have basically never collabed one on one and only appeared in large group scaled collabs such as sports day or that project winter game and even in that project winter vid, the two barely interacted, aqua spent the entire stream by herself while pekora was interacting with everybody
the curry video was one of their real first collab

No. 129890

Do you think Rushia dislikes her?

No. 129923

I don't think any of them bothered to report it to Cover lol

No. 129943

Is this for real or another fucking narrative.

No. 129945

I think Rushia is just an awkward dork who managed to chose a potentially bad conversion topic when she was trying to kill time.

No. 129949

Wait is there a recent drama? I'm seeing a small influx of dislikes on recent pekora streams

No. 129954

no that NND drama was a long time ago, those were just some things I noticed
the dislikes are probably from the chinks again, they dislike bombed pekora's vids back in april

No. 129956

No. 129967

Her response.

Personally don't really believe it as "just joking, i'm just drunk" in situation where she also nuked her voice123 account. Prob annoyed by massive doxxing but got scolded by manager because of her snapping might kill the vibe and confirm the doxx itself.

Also, she said that she's serious on New Years' Clip so…

No. 129972

yeah shes just doing some damage control lol its clear she got upset by chat saying that she was drunk which is weird imo. Being drunk or tipsy during NYE isnt uncommon. Must be the pressure getting to her.

Also her voice123 account lists her as a "male senior" now, I wonder if she did that to confuse people/squash the rumors even if everyones and their grandma know her past persona and real name at this point.

No. 129988

I don't know if I speak for other fans in wanting to see Gura get angry. Anger can be used positively to change yourself. If management told her to not get angry I understand it. Idols aren't supposed to get angry, lest they accidentally break the fantasy by showing basic emotion for 15 seconds

No. 129989

File: 1609578426284.png (15.29 KB, 494x177, omegalul.png)

this is right under her voice123 profile lmao

No. 129991

if that's someone trolling I'll take my hat off for that one.

No. 129993

not a bad way to make a soft copy of a profile

No. 130000

lets not make up schizo narratives, this profile >>129989 hasnt been active for a year and from the voice sample it doesnt sound like Senna in the slightest.

No. 130006

Thats some of the milkless milk. I watched the whole stream, she was too shy to talk to nijis. Eg all of them died including her but she was too afraid to join the 'dead crewmates' vc and then kept apologizing million times even at the end of the stream, which was really genuine.

No. 130007

File: 1609585836292.png (47.19 KB, 587x411, image.png)

No. 130010

I don't get it. This is the usual reaction to high-pitched anime voices in every normalfag stream, and from what I just saw that guy seems to be a reaction streamer with that kind of audience. They hate weeaboos and anything anime related and make fun of them all the time and call them pedophiles.
Unless of course this is just another oversensitive trans woman behind the anime avatar who thinks every mention of her is a personal attack.

No. 130014

This is why no matter how much of an asshole it makes me I just can't support the whole "coming out!" thing because of the droves of people like this. It's literally template and clockwork and makes it seem like a fad than a serious life changing event that it is for some.
>Unless of course this is just another oversensitive trans woman behind the anime avatar who thinks every mention of her is a personal attack.
This, virtually every time something like this happens its because it's a trans/NB person thinking they're being attacked or threatened.

No. 130017

Munibug isn't trans, but she's very melodramatic snowflake and spoiled by being fed unconditional money by simps.

No. 130026

Muni ALWAYS whines about 'nuh nuh PEOPLE COMMENT ON MY VOICE' for more than a year now, just to get pity and bigger viewership. She needs to grow a bone.
I remember in previous thread there were posted her own lewd artworks of her loli character kek

No. 130027

Anything you guys wanna ask/tell keeki. I live in vienna, would be pretty easy to contact her through my friends if she is vienneese(don't cowtip)

No. 130037

How about you don't be fucking weird and stalk people, I doubt she wants people especially people from this board talking to her in real life.

No. 130039

Is your Nintendo working dad a friend of hers?

No. 130049

u gots the milk?

No. 130050

Are idol fanbase this autistic? Taking everything out of context and running a string of narrative?

No. 130051

Hmm. I was wondering why Gura straight away went to Amelia's stream and chilled there for an hour+ after the ring fit adventure. Thought she'd be doing heavy editing and cuts for damage control. Kinda makes more sense now I guess.

No. 130053

what happened that made her run to Ame's stream? Was it just the general doxxing

No. 130055

She definitely privated the video for a good 20 minutes, unprivated and then decided to disable chat replay (even though chat is on screen)

No. 130057

As far as I'm aware he's in jail now

No. 130059

ask her if it was worth it

No. 130063

Chat is always disabled even if youtube themselves private it for a minute. The vod stays the same though. You can still see the name appear 5-10 minutes before the end of the stream. I remembered some of the holojp girls had to private their vods when even a boy's name appeared on their screen during a stream. Think one of them had to do an official apology.

No. 130066

File: 1609614950497.jpg (56.58 KB, 1410x194, Eqs_U0iXAAAJWIX.jpg)

Surprisingly none of Mocca, Mushi, or Lily were even bothered by the trans reveals. The only thing that's set Mocca off was some stalker trying to dox using it.

No. 130128

Mocca/Kurukid was talking about being trans on her own twitter couple years ago so it isnt "secret"

No. 130155

So what happened with Gura now? Some dumb fuck name dropped and everyone saw?

No. 130158

what are you talking about? give some context, not everyone watches her streams.

No. 130193

I dont fucking know. Hence why I asked. Few posts above me are talking about privating a video and doing damage control. No context given.

No. 130195

holy shit its the 1st RFA stream do your archive reps

No. 130204

kek these newfags can't fucking read

No. 130211

Yeah, I saw that one. Theres no chat anymore. I was asking what happened because its not actually in the video anymore.

No. 130218

>I saw that one
Are you sure?
>its not actually in the video
It is in the video.
>Theres no chat anymore
There is a chat (on-screen).

Can you try to sage your useless posts at least?


No. 130219

The threads turned into this because the vtuber drama #3 thread is on the first page of google if you look up any of hololive EN's names, and I never heard of this board before so it wasn't google knowing sites I've been to before. Not milk but people who made the first two threads entertaining deserve to know what happened.

No. 130228

just a popup saying some "Jay" is playing animal crossing? that's a big deal? wow.

I think she played minecraft together as senzawa with a Jay but big whoop. in terms of what could potentially go wrong this is quite nothing.

but then again Towa got in some pretty hot shit over totally nothing that one time too. eh.

No. 130238


No. 130240

They took it down with a copyright strike of all things, fucking lel

No. 130244

It reached 5ch though, so now they shitpost about Gura being fucked by this black foreigner named Jay (and his transatlantic penis)(>>>/jp/)

No. 130286

There is no fucking way Marine would agree to be in Kiara's Vlog. Kiara wouldnt even ask since Keekihime is basically public knowledge to anyone who wants to know…

Also I found this website with all of Holo JP Doxx. Does anyone have an updated one with EN doxx or nah? I don't know if this is new so I Saged…

No. 130287

Wait I'm fucking retarded and forgot to add the link, sorry >_<


No. 130292

And then there's the fact that her close friends in Hololive has stated many times that her voice on stream is her voice in real life to the point where it's actually kind of risky. That ain't her.

No. 130304

the fuck is up with this influx of newfags asking for doxxes? this isn't a doxx board and we don't want a redo of last thread. Gtfo back to jp if you want to beat your meat to the pictures of your oshi

No. 130323

File: 1609718051969.jpg (178.81 KB, 953x1464, EMVAD2yUcAAjuE8.jpg)

Theres also her Twitter with face pics and NND streams that have her talking in a normal voice.

No. 130330

hol up this is marine? sure looks different than the compiled picture everybody shares here

No. 130336

>>130323 none of which I have seen, I'm pretty deep in at this point, so I'm surprised.

No. 130341

I dont think it's her. I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed that Marine has pretty big boobs and it doesn't seem to be the case with this girl

No. 130344

No im pretty sure that's marine, that girls twitter is followed by marine and is a manga artist, what is stumping me is i haven't ever heard her "normal voice" . both voices have been pretty Nasally.

No. 130346

Marine's pen name is Mikarin. Your ''evidence'' seems pretty flimsy unless the twitter belongs to Mikarin

No. 130347

>>130346 it is pretty flimsy, I'm not sure i believe this as true, That girls voice is So much different than Marines, and the art is different as well. With 2 vastly different voices either character would break character at some point.

No. 130349

Here, this is her. She's on the left in both pics you can see there.

No. 130351

yeah thats her, for sure

No. 130352

Yeah if you compare the two voices of the girl from that link that the guy posted the pictures from and marine / mikarin, coupled with the fact that the art styles are way off and the fact that her friends in Hololive warn her to not talk so loud in public cause her normal voice is distinct. I was just kinda second guessing what i thought i knew cause the other info from that link seems on point.

No. 130383

File: 1609765719123.jpg (36.77 KB, 568x452, ayy.JPG)

She played minecraft with BorbieOnWeed. Which is streamer from Sweden that's quite known. Jay (JayDeeVA), on the other hand, was in Euro Truck Simulator 2 collab and actually named Joel. Both Gura and he are voice actor.

Joel was the man's voice in this clip from Senzawa

and this is their collab stream

From this stream, Joel called Gura by her real name and Gura jokingly admitted she's his prostitute(4:42). Pretty sure he's her bf. No big deal.

He's brits.

Lol, why is almost-nobody streamer is in the group full of holo-members? Anons in 4chan speculate that 'Jay' is Gura's manager, but it's just absurd to cut the video and take off the live chat feature just to remove the 'manager' animal crossing notification. Stop being a purist. 4chan anon need to learn that Gura is anything you imagine she is, but somebody that voice her is actual human being with actual human needs.

No. 130388

>cut the video and take off the live chat feature just to remove the 'manager' animal crossing notification
It was taken down for a potentially DMCA song. If you look the video up, the notification is still there at 1:16:11

No. 130398

> Gura jokingly admitted she's his prostitute(4:42).

seems pretty clear to me she meant "why are you talking about prostitutes in front of me". still clearly bf on some level. eh, nothing much interesting though.

No. 130409

It actually doesn't seem clear, that could be taken either way .

No. 130465

>Joel called Gura by her real name
Senna isn't her real name
>Gura jokingly admitted she's his prostitute(4:42)
This just came across to me as a spur of the moment lewd/vulgar joke. It feels like people taking it this way aren't familiar with that style of humor and just trying to force things. They may have been e-dating though, not denying that.

No. 130466

cope harder kek

No. 130468


Damn, you are right. I thought the 'damage control' was to cut off the 'jay' message part.

No. 130470


We are talking Senzawa here, anon. Do you really think 'prostitute' joke offend her?

No. 130473

Jay is a nothingburger, a failed VA who they harassed because of the switch notification lmao

No. 130488

I have a friend who is a full on sweaty neckbeard jap weeb who wants to live in japan and marry, thinks japanese people are superior to everyone else and that all jap vtubers act like their ugu kawaii anime characters irl while en vtubers are all larping fake whores. You sound exactly like him.

No. 130490

NTA but I agree with them. You can argue that we are weeaboos and jap fags all you want but if you actually compared the JP girls with the EN girls the difference is obvious; watching Pekora is much more entertaining than watching Gura, and its probably due to inexperience. No need to get so defensive luv xxx

No. 130492

I wonder how these holoJP fanatics watch those JP stream. If you really understand Japanese, don't shun people that don't use it on daily basis. To me, an english speaker, holoEN is pretty enjoyable. Maybe because the culture is the same, I can understand references, memes, and jokes they make.

Also, I personally prefer the much normal pitched holoEN voice than Japanese high pitched one. I don't care if you think that's 'boring' pitch. Hell, even when I met Japanese irl they don't talk with same pitch and tone as the these vtubers.

Also about faking laugh, faking personalities; isn't those personalities design are fake to begin with? O shoot, so I'm not talking to a real Yakuza Dragon? o noo
Also, how could people judge Gura's laugh is fake and Pekora's laugh is God-tier real laugh? Gura's laugh is fckin normie. It's not particularly unique or anime-ish.

No. 130494


Nobody is shunning anyone for not understanding Japanese, and nobody is saying the JP girls are less fake. Their job is to entertain, and their characters are a persona; of course their laugh and mannerism are exaggerated, that's what they have to do. It all comes down to how well they embody their character. I surely hope no one here thinks they're showcasing their true self because that's delusional and we can all agree with that, no? Personally I tried watching Gura play SOMA and I just couldn't, she kept talking over dialogue and didn't pay attention to the story and got a shit ending because of that, so I'd rather play the game myself. That's just my opinion though.

No. 130500

as opposed to us calling people trannies? whats your point

No. 130502

Thats just her being a brainlet, coomer

No. 130504


You are absolutely right. Streamer not giving attention to lore and story line is just frustrating.

No. 130512

Kek that reminded of holoJP minecraft collab which involved her and Amelia, they acted like the rude american tourists, never giving a shit over what the tour is saying and walking around and not looking at things that were shown.

No. 130517

The hololive EN members acting as if they're pure idols is so embarrassing. It seems they engage a whole lot more to thirsty comments than the JP members, it just reads as super messy and fake every time.

No. 130524

If you understood japanese, you'd probably know that lots of JP vtubers also do the same thing.

No. 130527

Awww did I offend your waifu? Sage your shitty opinions

No. 130541

Sorry, forgot to sage. But nope, I don't really watch HoloEN except for some of Ina's art streams, just saying that most of them do this sometimes, JP as well, especially if they are not used to streaming plot-heavy games in the first place.

No. 130548

As a Japanese native, no you're incorrect lol. Unless by "engage" you mean acknowledge they're there, yes. Play along and be perverted and ironmouse levels of degeneracy? No. Even the few that does (Marine for example) everyone knows it's MOSTLY just joking, I've yet to really see any of the JP scene act in the same manner aside being "lewd" occasionally in 3D stuff and that's mostly because it's expected of certain ones, e.g Coco.

HololiveEN make it their personality to the point they legit get jealous if their "ship" isn't canon.

No. 130559

Have you seen Mel’s lives? She’s straight up ero and she’s HoloJP. Neither Choco’s ASMRs weren’t chaste.
But yes Vshojo only talent as a whole is pandering to coomers.

No. 130560

Anon I agree with your other points but SOMA only has one ending, two if you count the after credits scene. You can do a few things very differently but the ending is always the same.

No. 130562

Anon, you should probably check what are people talking about before barging into conversation.
That aside, JP scene outside of Hololive has plethora of vtubers who make degeneracy their main point (Utako, Gundou, Gibara, Kagura Mea), and even Holo has Marine as you said yourself (even if she's joking, her recent I'M HORNY coomer pandering is mostly unbearable). Can't say much about EN girls, but yeah, Ironmouse and other VShojos don't seem much better to me. In the end, it's essentially the same as acting like a pure seiso angel, just on the other end of pandering spectrum.

No. 130579

I don't really understand the calling vtubers fake (with implication that they are "real" when they don't stream), surely you don't show the same side of yourself and don't act the same way when interacting with your friends/parents/distant family/ coworkers/clients/anons, which "you" is "real" and which is "fake"? I don't see how it's much different from vtubing

No. 130584

I still feel like there's a lot of weebs on this thread who will ALWAYS feel JP is superior, no matter who EN comes out with or how much they improve.

When JP plays a character it's "muh genius A-tier voice actress goddesses doing a brilliant, fantastic, stunning job of playing a character." When EN plays a character it's "fake artificial degenerate whores trying to cling to fame."

No. 130586

Probably because you forget literal decades of shit tier English voice acting. Not all JP stuff is superior but be