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No. 144045

Read lolcow.farm rules, follow them; don't cowtip, don't post old milk; if you aren't sure if something has already been discussed read the current thread & previous thread at least. If you're a pull refugee: learn to integrate.
We don't care about your views on sex work neither how much money you or your friend makes on OF; so don't waste thread's 1200 replies with thirst, moralfagging and autistic derailing, that's why the last thread got autosaged.

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo (a notorious cow in her own right >>>/pt/666399 ) created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community.

>At 19 Venus away from her mother to marry a japanese guy named Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. Marriage reason? visa of course. She did end up into a divorce and made a video badmouthing him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite). That concludes on how nobody thinks she really loved him.

>For a short time, she joined a v-tuber project under the name of MALICE, got a minor role in AbsoMetal theatrical play and was the face of some small media company -which she tried to claim as her own. Needless to say, her performace in all these projects was mediocre at best. During this time, she faked alcoholism, lesbianism, mental problems and suicide baited her followers for asspats.

>After divorcing (or splitting up, who knows) she began posting on IG about "business meetings", hotel rooms, riding cabs, showing off LV and Coach items along odd mentions of blowjobs and masturbation in her IG stories. Later, anons discovered her Pater profile under the identity of "Lilian". An unedited selfie she didn't posted anywhere before confirmed it was indeed hers and not someone else using her pics as a catfish.

>Enters "Ken" her new sugardaddy/boyfriend. "Ken", according to Venuses claims, did illicit things to a child. She made an entire insta story about it instead of reporting to the police saying "nobody would help her with the case". Sketchy? Incredibly. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.

>After this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic.

>At that time, Venus announced her Onlyfans and currently is doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been SOOO HAPPY!!! like she is at the moment. Her half-assed R18 content features cheap rental costumes, cheap dildos, cheap love hotel rooms, internet cafes strip-teases, sex toy reviews and so on.

>Enter Manager-san. Either Manaki kicked her out or she's fucking a new guy (aka Manager-san) for a place to stay, it's unknown. Manager-san seems to be the one behind the camera, planning the tip menus and streaming schedules since she's incapable of do something steady on her own.

>Venus went back to her habitual suicide baiting tactic, hoping it would make her worried simps throw pity money at her. The reaction wasn't well received and she had to apologize for it, trying to pass it as a prank. The latest live stream went awfully bad, confusing noises made the viewers worry about what was going on between Venus and Manager-san off camera.

+Recent milk
>Scary shoops are becoming more and more alien-esque
>Manic episodes of posting videos and off-putting live streams
>More possible bruises from Manager-san
>Trying to back-pedal from edgy sex maniac to kawaii vlogger
>Runs some suspicious e-girl ""company"" called Momonga
>Attempting and failing at cosplay by buying cheap taobao costumes that take zero effort
>Back to drinking and sucking down energy drinks to contribute to her downfall in health

No. 144048

No. 144053

File: 1617746577035.jpeg (781.37 KB, 1259x1242, 075FFCCE-7C39-4D5D-8609-D685A2…)

Think she’s using jirai-kei to cover the fact her eyes almost look like this normally?

From her stream 8 hours ago.

No. 144059

I guess her hair doesn't look greasy but the skin around her Eyed looks translucent(namefagging)

No. 144071

File: 1617755323804.jpeg (36.69 KB, 450x550, 8792C270-E1FD-456C-A8FC-6D9E02…)

No. 144076

Her fingernails look filthy. What is it with her and horrible hygiene? Repeatedly. Like basic cleanliness/bathing is too much for her to handle?

No. 144078

She looks so, well sad. Jeez… Her whole situation is just one big mess after the other. Girl needs to get away from all those toxic people and start a fresh life somewhere else. That might help her but idk. Is she still drinking heavily?

No. 144080

jesus her hair is so thin, did she lost even more weight since last thread? she looks ill.

No. 144086

I mean, she appears to be living in hotels so I'm not surprised

No. 144087

File: 1617786453626.png (2.86 MB, 2317x1169, ve.PNG)

yup. and shaking alot.

No. 144088

File: 1617786630426.png (1.48 MB, 1137x1158, ve.PNG)

No. 144090

I don’t understand why she is not just getting plastic surgery I mean korea is around the corner and she obviously has major body dismorphia

No. 144092

Jesus she's really slurring her words in this video

No. 144093

File: 1617791830150.jpg (357.16 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20210407-183721_Ins…)

No. 144094

girl this is horrid and that toddler blouse is way too short. i even prefer the tacky ank rouge over this shit.

No. 144104

on her most recent livestream someone asked her if she's still living at manaki's house and she responded that she's "always in the same house in the countryside". so i think she's living with him again

No. 144227

funny how she still pretends that she owns the house or something. She wouldn't get shit with her low income and questionable visa status (and if she's not living with him, why would anyone rent to a foreigner like her?)

The legs are so badly shooped and it looks like she didn't bother to wear the matching elementary school-costume trousers so she can make it look more slutty kek.
Btw does anyone know if her OF is dead or something?

No. 144232

WTH are u telling about? shes looking normal, wtf. first time seeing someone who is looking a little different then on the street? wtf

No. 144237

Everything is so blurred it looks like she's standing on liquid

No. 144241

You can tell she’s back at Manaki’s place from the background of her streams. Same splotchy walls and little pink curtains. My guess is she got kicked out by whoever she was shacked up with most recently and the poor doormat Manaki took her in once again like a stray puppy in the street because it’s either that or she’s homeless on the street and you wouldn’t want THAT, would you, Mana?

No. 144243

File: 1617840002609.jpeg (229.79 KB, 2026x1152, 6E9D05B5-2BD5-40DA-A8E7-F9EAFE…)

In this video fron yesterday she look like a literal hobo, drunk, dirty and disheveled. Who TF uploads a video looking like this? Seems like she’s on another one of those multi-day benders she goes on where she wears the same dirty pj’s for days at a time. Lucky Manaki.

No. 144245

File: 1617840094855.jpeg (239.55 KB, 2034x1157, 6BCE53FB-29A7-4038-8BA6-95FE98…)

At 38:14 she stands up and she’s swaying and struggling to keep her balance.

No. 144246

File: 1617840392646.jpeg (279.22 KB, 2048x1161, FE181696-AA28-43E3-8D2D-A957BD…)

Then she staggers back into frame and (finally) fixes the lighting. Which is not much of an improvement because you can see just what a sloppy mess she really is. A fucking drunken mess, leeching off that poor fool Manaki while simultaneously trashing and lying about him every chance she gets.

No. 144263


When she said she never had a broken heart that one time, I literally oofed out longneck. Poor Manaki, dumb bastard.

No. 144284

File: 1617870138575.png (1.24 MB, 1400x806, Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.18…)

Wow, skipped through the livestream, she really seems highly fucked up throughout it. It's crazy to see her look like this, and act like this, and think about how cultivated her image was in her most popular Youtube videos post-Margo. Here's a screenshot from a video where she speaks in multiple languages from 2016, just a random screenshot. She looks so much more polished and normal, it's hard to believe the girl speaking confidently about her language abilities would 5 years later in a cramped, cluttered room, wearing dirty clothes, slurring and falling over, and looking rumpled and completely "given up". She's definitely done some fucked up things in the past, the whole deal with the child abuse uh…thing on her Instagram, but I feel bad for her. She's one of the cows I genuinely think I can excuse a lot of bad behavior from because her childhood was so bad. Last thread some anon was trying to say how Venus was just as much part of her sexualization as Margo was, which is just ridiculous. Children can't consent to being sexualized, no matter how much Venus wanted to put her boobs on Youtube it was up to her mother to stop that, and instead Margo monetized it. And now Venus looks unkempt and unwashed, eating octopus and instant noodles for weirdos.

No. 144289

File: 1617874296774.png (6.28 MB, 1242x2208, 33ED5AB3-3249-482A-9EC1-59E819…)

Her insta story…

No. 144290

File: 1617874333201.png (8.77 MB, 1242x2208, 2EB48371-EDF4-487E-9AE8-0ED52D…)

I personally don’t think it’s funny but ok

No. 144291

…it's not a joke it's just mentally unstable girl fashion. it's the point but not the joke.

No. 144297

I don’t want to post all of the stories cause there are a lot but she says the whole outfit is a joke. And was laughing at it. Anyway, I understand your point.

No. 144307

My guess is she's on a new cocktail of meds, causing the sudden influx of social media "productivity." OR she was cut off from sugar daddy, back at mana-tan's, and forced to try to upload to make more jewtube coins.
Manic Pixie weeb girl era. Also, as anon asked above, does anyone know what's up with the OF? Is it abandoned?

No. 144364

This seems like she’s trying to cover up the sexualized kindergartener look with “haha you’ve all been tricked! i did this on seven layers of irony”

No. 144376

File: 1617907567173.png (463.53 KB, 861x436, venus.png)

She's looking haggard as fuck in her new videos. Can't understand much what she's saying, slurring a lot.

No. 144378

Did she take it down from YouTube?

No. 144379

No, it's there. I'm just watching it. That energy jelly gives me disordered vibes a bit since she has made a jelly diet video in the past and she's looking quite thin again

No. 144380

Wait, never mind, I’m an idiot. Was looking for something uploaded yesterday but she streamed two days ago

No. 144381

samefag, but look at the difference between that screen shot and the thumbnail. She should learn to use video filters if she wants to bullshit her fans to thinking she actually looks good

No. 144384

Wow her face is really bloated too. Wonder if she's purging..

No. 144387

Low calorie snacks, no sugar red bull, "light" cup noodles… This bitch is totally relapsing and is probably super happy about it since she has started flaunting her chopstick legs on ig again

No. 144391

File: 1617908886807.png (452.22 KB, 860x436, ertyuiop.png)

Stumbled upon an older video of hers from 2016 and she sure looked a lot better back then. This comment though.. If only he could see her now.

No. 144397

Pretty sure the general consensus in last thread was that no matter how bad Margo fucked her up, Penus as an adult actively continues making poor life choices and milking her ~tragic past~ for simp buxx despite all the chances she has at hand to not do so.

No. 144436

what even is she babbling about? i have that bag, i'm a normie and there is nothing special about it. i don't see any concept in her outfit…she just look silly. but what do i know i don't hang around the holy edgy kabukicho after midnight kek.

No. 144450

>> I can excuse a lot of bad behavior from because her childhood was so bad.

Trashing Manaki’s reputation and lying about him all over Youtube, that he “quit his job to live off HER earnings” when the exact opposite is true, she’s the drunken NEET leeching off him? Nope. No “childhood abuse” excuses that. That’s just her being a straight-up shitty nasty lying little bitch.

No. 144452

She has the shakes too, real bad. She keeps trying to explain it away by saying “I’m soo nervous, lol” but that’s not nerves or some benign “essential tremor” she’s had for years. It’s the shakes an alcoholic wakes up with after a bender.

No. 144464

Have you seen this ? They got so much wrong and missed talking about so much important things.

No. 144488

Well youtubers never get it right or just ignore some things to not get backlash for boollying this precious wittle angel

No. 144511

Has anyone suggested she's using meth (or any other type of speed) yet? Isn't it like THE drug in Japan for quick weight loss and her being involved in some shady shit only increases how easy it would be for her to find a dealer.
Alcohol as a downer, maybe? Would also explain shakes, nervousness and getting bursts of creativity from time to time.

No. 144549

Japan has extremely strict drug laws. You could get life for weed alone. She's an alcoholic and is clearly bulimic. This isn't drugs. Its lack on nutrition and alcoholism.

No. 144550

Didn’t she mention being afraid of being arrested in one of the recent streams? Could be related.

No. 144552

What reputation? He was a NEET otaku who fantasized of fucking underage Venus until she was able to be married to him and he is clearly not interested in her sexually, but as a commodity. Didn't want to do couple things at all.

I don't understand why you guys say he had some reputation. He was a nobody and we have no proof of who was leeching oof of who, but we do know he wasn't rich or anything and was a pedophile obsessed with Venus's realdoll esthetic. He wasn't a good guy to begin with.

No. 144569

i don't think he was obsessed with her looking like a doll. he was the one who told her to stop wearing lolita outfits in public

No. 144578

Because it draws attention. He doesn't like attention and he was lusting after her, admittedly so, through cam shows since she was 15 he se said. He liked her persona, but real people aren't just dolls. He was delusional and realized 3D2P

No. 144581

Anybody know if she’s still doing OF? I haven’t heard anything about that in a while, and it used to be all she ever talked about…

No. 144610

If she really took drugs, she'd most likely flaunt it on her social media accounts (like the hookah pics). Also she'd be so stupid and get caught by the police real quick and kicked out of Japan for good
But you may never know with Venus, she's nuts

No. 144644

She's defiantly a bit tweaked out. I heard from my friend who met with her in japan that she's been living at random hotels in Tokyo with her shithead boyfriend (the guy who took her only fans pics). He was also milking her for her only fans coin as a manager. Im not sure if shes still doing that but yeah…

to me sounds like she or her husband have debt or something. probably that is why she is doing only fans.

No. 144646

I should also mention that my friend told me she had a big black ring under her eye, and her eye makeup looked like it was cream glitter thrown on her face, along with shaking hands. it's a bit alarming.

No. 144655

just like >>144578 said, it wasn't because manaki was so virtuous, and his love for venus was so pure. It was because other people were looking at them when they went out. Trust that he was probably more than happy for her to keep those Lolita outfits and wear them in private…for him. He was a pervert, plain and simple. She said some vile things about him but I'm not going to WK a grown man who hatched a scheme to meet an underage girl who's camshows he liked, then married her. As far as I'm concerned Venus went from the frying pan and into the fire. I get the consensus last thread was she was now just milking her bad childhood, but I still disagree. Maybe I'm a sucker but I do feel bad for her. She had some innate talent with regards to language and now she's just drinking jelly and getting the shakes on Youtube live. She made her own bed to an extent but to draw an analogy to it's breaking point her mom bought the bed for her.

No. 144662

Doesn't stop every single rave I've been from having synthetic noids or ice readily available. You think with with how popular drugged up mentally ill culture is they give a shit about drug laws?

Her manager still controls her, posting about hard drugs would land them both in big shit. I know Venus is retarded, but flaunting something that WILL put her in jail or boot her out of Japan is too much even for a nut like her. Only being able to eat jelly or liquid foods and constantly jumping residences puts me into the "she's an addict" camp as well.
We just have to wait and see, I guess, once manager-san boots her, too, she might go full nuclear on social media from withdrawals, kek.

No. 144664

Even if she's not on anything yet, she's well on her way to it.

No. 144665

yeah, and I don't see how Japan's strict drug laws would really factor in, as the other anon says it doesn't mean drugs don't exist in Japan. Venus looks like she's in the margins nowadays, shady manager, living in hotels, I'm sure she can get drugs. and besides since when has she avoided self-destruction? A silly little thing like going to jail won't stop someone with this level of emotional retardation.

No. 144680

Anon, you're not some super secret inside info trader. Shut up. Produce receipts. This is an imageboard.

No. 144714

File: 1618066834422.jpeg (86.97 KB, 1242x414, A06ABFB7-DBBC-4134-BA36-0DA99E…)


Well, i doubt its because of that. Most japanese people cant tell a white persons age. With venus’s current looks she could pass for anything from 20s to mid 30s. She just wears brands like liz lisa which is a brand for younger people.
her husband looks like a child. So i dont think people would bat up of an eye with them.

I think the main thing is that venus’s boyfriend lives in a very rural area with his mom so she wouldnt be able to go to tokyo much living with him.

venus doesnt have a real manager. Its some twot having sex with her in love hotels, taking pics and getting 50% of her onlyfans. They take their photos in kinshicho which is city that has gang groups, sketchy bars, and casinos everywhere. Theres a high crime rate there.
If she had a real manager at a media company, they wouldnt be doing this. Many talent companies in tokyo have ties to groups like yakuza and wouldnt allow their talent to make shaddy porn like venus. Her photos are taken with out permission from the hotels for shooting so, no company would want to deal with that law suit.
I dont think it would be hard for her to do gravure for a cheap ass magazine like flash, if she was actually managed by a real agency.

This photo is a place i seen on her story. Its sara hotel in kinshicho.

Also she calls herself menhera (idk if thats how you spell it) which matches her clothes. Menhera girls usually hang around bars or nightclubs in tokyo. They are usually shady places. I guess menhera is a really bad thing to associate yourself with, i wouldnt be surprised if shes taking drugs or cutting if she calls herself menhera. Its what menhera is known for.

No. 144717

File: 1618067193563.jpeg (781.51 KB, 828x1432, 8A6F3DF2-4B8D-4688-9CCC-23F65B…)

Tell me venus is not complete nuts.

No. 144727

That post is months old. But “my fetishes are quite unique”…? Fucking kek.

No. 144762


I fucking called it.

I guess she is on a heavy backpedal binge now that she and her NEET manager got too close to the shady side of japan, and that's why she resorts to shitty mukbang videos looking haggard af

No. 144781


In one of the streams she claimed to be taking prescription Concerta…so kind of? lol Stims would explain the weight loss and shakes. If that's the case though sounds like too high of a dose

No. 144788

honestly, if I were to guess what is going on, I would think that her husband owes people money. which is why venus is going sex work to make the big only fans dollars. It's the only thing that would make sense, considering she still goes back to her husband's house with his mom.
That stuff happens in japan. Usually, girls go into gravure for with talent companies because they have debts to pay and venus is still in japan with a marriage visa, and they aren't considering a divorce. If venus was divorced, the only way she could get a visa is from youtube (I doubt youtube would give her a visa because she is a sex worker) or a talent company.
Any other visa requires an undergraduate degree.
I've looked into model-sponsored visas before. You must be making at least 6grand a month through a company; talent companies usually take 50% cut from jobs they provide, a gravure job pays around 150-300 dollars a day and tv jobs even for famous actors only pull a few hundred dollars per job.

If venus were to get an apartment, she would need a signature from her husband, and they both need to prove they have a workplace.

if venus and her husband were to split up, venus would either have to get into a language school or she would be on the next flight home.>>144762

No. 144789

File: 1618106163714.jpeg (380.05 KB, 1155x1536, CFD4BD2B-0A7C-43E5-B4DE-A3ECE3…)

>> considering she still goes back to her husband's house with his mom.

Where are you getting this shit from? She’s back at Manaki’s apartment in Yokohama, the same one he’s had since at least 2016. The apartment Manaki pays for with his wages from his legit job. The same apartment she ran to when she ‘escaped’ the evil momager. The same one she goes running back to every time she finds herself kicked out of wherever she’s temporarily shacked up at the moment and needs a place to sleep. The backgrounds in her streams now are the same as her videos from 2016-2017.

And Manaki’s parents live hours away from Tokyo/Yokohama, in northern Japan btw.

There is no “house in the countryside” anywhere but Venus’s wishful thinking. There’s Manaki’s apartment, cheap love hotel rooms and various sleazy guys’ rented rooms that she shacks up in, that’s it. Like this one (pic attached.)

No. 144792

Clearly her OnlyFans income isn't enough to have her own place and she'd rather sponge off men to live with them for free like a true run down escort. She's such a fucking lazy and entitled freeloader.

No. 144793

this is the same location of the corn dildo photos, right?

No. 144795

venus is .5% of only fans, she's making bank.
that's in the 10s of thousands of dollars a month (I guess from estimates from reddit, you can correct me if I'm wrong). she can afford an apartment. with all that money though she should be getting some cosmetic surgery done… her boobies are very sad.

No. 144796

oh yes. That's right. that thing haunts me.

No. 144797


I think once you get to 1% of only fans the income starts to go up dramatically.

No. 144798

It’s the bag 量産型 girls use so it’s become associated with jirai girls too

It hasn’t stopped people before, there’s always people on the news getting busted for all kinds of drugs

No. 144799

>> venus’s boyfriend lives in a very rural area with his mom

Again, where are you getting this from? Your fanfic?

What imaginary “boyfried” is this? Please share.

No. 144801

>> venus is .5% of only fans,
According to who, Venus? If VENUS said it it MUST be true, is that it? Like that “house in the countryside” that totally exists, and the “Company” she is the owner and CEO of, where she “hires employees” too!

Get a grip, anon. She’s a habitual liar with delusions of grandeur, just like her mommy.

No. 144803

File: 1618119726595.jpeg (112.03 KB, 828x378, 0A9A0538-9D1A-4C71-8C70-AD8CE5…)

Go look at her page…. it says .5%

No. 144805

True, its not hard to find drugs in japan.
People do pills in night clubs just like in north america. I know people who smoke weed in japan daily but its really expensive compared to north america.

There are a lot of japanese rappers who smoke in music videos. Its not like some taboo shit.

No. 144809

What happened to her bff June Lovejoy? June was stanning for her hard, then just dropped off the face of the earth. And that collaboration between then never happened either, afaik.

No. 144810

I'm not on OF anon so I can't say for sure but there must be some bullshit going on with it, because it seems like every girl on there is "in the top 1%", and I don't see any of them really living large? It's just like how strippers always tell you how much they make a night, how come they all live in shitty apartments? It's because they're trying to convince you and themselves they made the right choice in selling their body, and that yes they ARE worth something!

Venus is definitely not making lots of money. I think she was making more money, or at least was able to spend more freely, when she lived with Manaki and was doing normal YT content. She had new clothes from known brands, random shit she bought just for videos, whatever, If anything she seems thrifty now. Cheap booze and energy jelly in a nasty, bare apartment or sleazy hotel.

No. 144811

Isn't .5% better than 1%?

No. 144813

I didn't watch the whole video but this Jirai Cookie one seems depressing as fuck. Skipping around she barely talks and when she does, it is so slurred. At the end she takes a bite out of one cookie, undecorated, and that's it. Just the lowest possible effort. You can't tell me she's making bank on OF if she's hustling to get superchats on Youtube. Her demeanor and appearance both give off way more of an alcoholic vibe to me in these latest videos, just no energy. The menhara/jirai thing might've started out as kind of an act but now it seems pretty real. Funny thing is if she wanted to appeal to western weebs (who TF knows if she did though?) the jirai style seems way less known than just her general kawaii aesthetic of the past. I still think she was trying to get Japanese perverts on her OF.

No. 144814

File: 1618123401884.png (1012.5 KB, 1348x754, Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 2.37…)

samefag but here is a ghostly screengrab of her in that video, check the completely undecorated and boring cookie she took exactly one bite out of

No. 144815

Venus probably got a glimpse of reality into the unfiltered porn industry that June works in and bailed immediately. She'd rather lure in the perverts through OnlyFans with her heavily edited photo sets and lies. Any collaboration "projects" that she announces goes to shit within months and her friendships magically disappear in the process.

Classic narc pick up and disposal right there.

No. 144816

Manaki was simpin hard and being her top doormat, so I wouldn't be surprised he funded alot of her lifestyle then. Her YouTube "career" was just a side hustle. She got very comfortable being the NEET kawaii house waifu surrounded by pink & getting to do whatever she wanted with her manipulative tactics.

Now she doesn't have that luxury anymore and it looks like she's been struggling ever since. Even if she's had sugar daddies along the way according to other threads, she's still spiralling downhill. A grown ass woman hopping from one apartment or hotel to the next. It's only a matter of time before she really does end up on the streets.

No. 144856

>> Go look at her page…. it says .5%
See: “Well if WENUS said it it MUST be true!” as stated in >>144801

No. 144907

Where the fuck did you find METH in Japan?? There’s weed all over the place but I’ve never heard of meth.

Sage for off topic

No. 144908

Probably takes concerta. She has said she has adhd.

No. 144915

Are you retarted? She's had that 0.5% info written in her of bio since forever, when her doing sexwork was still something new and the simps wanted to see her naked. There's no way she's making a lot with OF right now, I mean she isn't even posting much nowadays.
If you're a newfag, read the previous threads and stop clogging up the thread with your dumb "Venus isn't poor uwu" crap.

No. 144924

the percentage isn't written by her, it is automated by OF. Can't really deny that.

Venus isn't poor, she should know better than to act like a child. Venus promotes mental health to her audience as being kawaii, that shit is fucked up. she needs to be set back down to reality hard.

where have you read about meth in japan? probably it's just her stomach surgery combined with her alcoholism + (possible) pill issue making her look so twacked out.

No. 144927

Yeah like lorena and she is still in japan

No. 144929

I've heard of bandmen getting caught with it, particularly Daichi from Psycho Le Cemu

No. 144938

I was thinking the same thing… it seems like every single OF whore is in the top 1% or some shit. Makes me believe that it's not actually true, and since OF is the only one who can see their actual numbers, they just hand out the 1% trophies to anyone to make it seem like an attractive endeavor.
"Hey, if this drunken washed up youtuber can be in the top 1%, surely I can, too!!"

No. 144939

Holy cow this makes Margo's shitty baking video look good in comparison

No. 144942

I would actually rather endure watching her old weeb cringe content than this half assed trash she expects her fans to enjoy.

Cooking With Venus shall never be the same again.

No. 144953

Many, many people have inactive accounts so that boost the numbers a bit. There's also a bit of debate over how OF calculates their top percents, but it seems to be based on activity and the amount of interactions your posts get more than money. In theory she could be in the 1% and not making that much money.

No. 144972

Korean BBQ mukbang live. Drunken edgy bullshit from start to finish, absolute gold.

No. 145079

>speaking confidently about her language abilities
Get out of your town one day anon. She is like any other gypsy scammer in europe - able to put out just enough patter in various languages to trick the simplest rubes.
She was never anything more than she is now. She never said/did/showed a single spark of charisma or talent or comedy in a single video. Most of them are in fact, incoherent. You just gave her a massive benefit of the doubt because you were 12 when you were a fan. Time to let go of your child's eye view

No. 145080

>it is automated by OF
well that's what I assumed to but maybe it's not. It seems very unlikely that she is in that group. Anyone actually know how OF works?

No. 145082

>>the percentage isn't written by her, it is automated by OF. Can't really deny that.
Cite your source for that and provide a link please.

No. 145084

>> What reputation? He was a NEET otaku
…blah blah fucking blah, yeah right Manaki was a fan back in her Living Doll fame therefore he must be a PerVerTed PEdoPhiLe forever and ever, right? Get fucking real. He’s a Japanese citizen with a stable job and living situation who now finds himself stuck with an alcoholic basketcase who is using him for a visa and meal ticket and using emotional blackmail to keep him from dumping her ass (“b-but I’ll be deported and homeless and die if you don’t take me in and it’ll be YOUR FAULT!”) He gets to come home from work every day to find her drunk, greasy and dirty dressed in the same grubby pj’s for days on end. Lucky guy, huh?

On top of that she never misses a chance to demean, ridicule, embarrass and lie about him. And yes, he does (or did) have a reputation as Wenus’s white knight, savior and protector from the evil momager (which he actually was.) She rewarded him for that by claiming he “quit his job to live off MY earnings” and has doubled down on that lie multiple times since the original. In short, she is a nasty lying little snake, actually worse than her psycho mother because she’s so sneaky and cowardly wirh her little smear campaign. Manaki has no social media presence and doesn’t even speak English which makes him an easy target for her. She’d never dare try that shit with any of her ex-pals, they’d roast her alive. So she targets Manaki because she’s a pathetic little coward, while at the same time leeching off him financially, emotionally and every other way possible.

No. 145092

Wow relax. Those are a lot of assumptions to get so worked up about. There’s not great evidence for most of that.

No. 145106

To be honest their options are exactly how I see things with Venus too. Venus is a master manipulator.
Yes, Venus’s mother is crazy as hell and venus was smart enough to see that too. She published this huge story about how she made this great getaway from her mother when in all actuality it was a part of just venus trying to live her dream Japanese life she’s always wanted in Japan with her easy meal ticket Manaki and doing this completely ruined Margrets image even more than she had done herself but the key point is Venus did it before Margret could defend herself or show evidence just like with Manaki.
Margret wanted to still have Venus as her daughter and this financial life they built together. Most Tiger moms are crazy like that. I know from experience but also I see how Venus manipulate that situation to benefit herself and make her look like “poor Venus “ just like she did with Manaki.
Venus’s YouTube content was actually well put together and she was on a schedule back when she was with her mom but as soon as she left her mom you can see that Venus just wanted to get away from the structure that margret had her under “aka” eatting welll, cleaning herself, schooling, travel, schedule YouTube videos and so on. Now Venus is a hoe/ pedo, who lost all her friends from trying to make them do illegal or weird stuff with her, she owes money, has a pimp who slaps her with no fear for all to hear on live video and she jumps from home to home, looks like she’s on drugs. How is this a better life ? How do people not see that Venus wants to get away from the people telling her that living this crazy life is dangerous. She has nothing now and looks absolutely horrid! I feel bad for her but this is also this life she wanted to lie for to get.

No. 145110

File: 1618310639063.png (130.76 KB, 269x243, 85640376957.png)

at least the weeb shit was hilarious to witness online, alternating with the occasional creepy vibes (did not appreciate those)

now it's just geriatric venus descending into japanese coke thot hell

No. 145111


This girl is going to get found in a ditch I swear. Her life is just sad.

I remember envying her during her blow
up but now at 27, in a good job, got a mortgage on a house and my life going well. There’s nothing to envy anymore.

Venus lives in another world at this point(nobody cares)

No. 145141

Yeah, my comment got deleted and it pissed me off. Summary: Poor wittle Venus has a crazy mommy but now she’s happy as a sex worker. She never lies, she doesn’t scam people, she’s not accusing guys of being monsters, and yeah just another YouTuber shitting out a short video on a person they don’t really know about.

No. 145250

>fantasized of fucking underage Venus
>he is clearly not interested in her sexually
Do you not see the conflict of these two statements? Not only did Venus repeatedly poke fun at him for (allegedly)being asexual who only likes 2D girls, but she talked about how she never had real sex until she was with another guy. After all this time, don’t you think she could have come out with some very damning confessions about his sexual behaviors or even his body?

>Didn't want to do couple things at all.

There were plenty of early marriage date photos and activities that they shared. Performing their relationship on YouTube is a completely different thing and not necessary at all. Especially the PDA some people kept demanding to see.

>I don't understand why you guys say he had some reputation.

With his family and coworkers, anon. The shit that happened would be humiliating for any “nobody”. Most people empathizing with him from this perspective. Who knows how many people in his life knew about this.

>was a pedophile

Again, where is the proof of him being a pedo or being abnormally sexual at all? It can be definitely argued that their prior communication when she underage was probably inappropriate, but what other proof do we have?

Anyway, all her shaking may not be due to meth but her prescribed medications interacting with her abused body and fucked up intestines. She can no longer absorb nutrients properly. Just imagine what how her brain is affected by the combination of meds and malnutrition. Plus, tremors are a known side effect of drugs like Concerta.

No. 145257

>fantasized of fucking underage Venus
>he is clearly not interested in her sexually
>Do you not see the conflict of these two statements?
no, because she's not 12 any more, duh

No. 145259

kek exactly anon, I'm not following this anon's insistence that Manaki is some pitiable character in this story.

> It can be definitely argued that their prior communication when she underage was probably inappropriate, but what other proof do we have?

You just gave proof? He arranged to meet up with an under-age girl who's lascivious cam shows he enjoyed, then later married that girl. if your point is that Manaki isn't the worst human being ever and that perhaps living with him was better than living with Margo than yeah, I guess maybe. But you don't need to act like he's not a pedophile, or at the very least a big creep who was a fan of watching a child perform vaguely sexual acts on NicoNico.

No. 145271

File: 1618411773694.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3213x1881, 5CCF557F-608C-4597-8D07-43D09A…)

She deleted the right image and replaced it with a cropped version because she didn’t realized her stomach scar was showing

No. 145289

File: 1618419269180.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 212.57 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2019_03_03_at_12.5…)

So much shoop she ends up looking like one of those Japanese creepypasta. Tbh I feel bad for her, she must have mad body dysmorphia for not looking Asian and like a meitu filter. Venus, try to take a step back and work on your issues…

No. 145297

If this picture didn’t have a watermark, I wouldn’t have known it was her. I don’t know how people can watch her dumb 5 hour streams, see her real face, and unironically think this is the same person.

No. 145318

Long face is mighty long…and creepy.

No. 145330

Her shady lifestyle is beginning to slowly become that of the protagonist in the manga "Metamorphosis".

No. 145381

Then he wouldn’t have agreed to marry her as an ADULT and take care of her after. That’s how it doesn’t make sense. Besides all of YOU here watched her videos and kept up with her every post for years too. People here have spent way too much time analyzing her body and spreading pictures of her stained panties. How are you special?

I’m talking about your insistence that he is an actual pedophile and somehow you know his exact sexual proclivities without evidence.
> lascivious cam shows
> vaguely sexual acts on NicoNico.

Wait, THAT is your proof? Because she made you uncomfortable, it means he must have been jacking off the whole time? That is not proof. And nowhere have I claimed he was some Prince Charming. It’s that there is no proof of your serious accusations of him being sexually attracted to kids, but there is plenty showing it is “Baby Beenos” Venus herself that is into loli, ddlg, rape play and has interactions with men who have Twitter accounts full of “child models”.

No. 145386

I don’t think she should be judged that harshly. It looks like she’s genuinely trying to figure herself out. Maybe we could post less but only when there’s actual milk, not her hair is greasy and her hands are shaking because we been knew.

No. 145392

No, I don't have concrete evidence of Manaki being a pedophile, or what I suspect is more likely a man with pedophilic tendencies because yeah he did stay with adult Venus too. Its hard for someone on the internet who doesn't actually live with a person to have complete, irrefutable evidence of their sexuality BUT I know that if a man in my life was spending any amount of time watching teenage Venus's content, then planning to meet up with her when she visited their country, I wouldn't trust that man around my teenage daughter.

Also I agree Venus is into that shit. I think as a child her sexuality was exploited by her mother, and now as an adult she is continuing the cycle in some way. It's no excuse but her sexuality is obviously distorted from her youth. Anyway what more evidence could anyone possibly provide? What interest would Manaki have had in Venus's pedo-baity cheesecake videos when she was underage if NOT sexual interest?

No. 145416

Her video thumbnails seem like just clickbait,because they looklike theyd be a professionally put together video but they are quite bad quality. i can't watch most of them and have still to catch up.

I'm not sure she is still in the same place from years ago when she was still with Manaki, she had a lot of toys around and this place now, from what we see of it, the little we see of it, looks altogether dingier, and more drab, or that's the impression it gives anyway.

Also did no one wonder about her karaoke video she did recently? I wonder why she chose to do a song made famous by Keiko Fuji, who had a tragic life, and chaotic when she was alive, and the song itself about a prostitute dreaming of a better life? I hope Venus is not identifying and getting influenced by that, if she read about how her life was, it 's all very sad, I wish she could identify with someone more positive if she wants to be influenced and inspired by anyone. But maybe I'm just worrying unnecessarily. Maybe she's not that deep.
At least it makes a change though to see her looking like herself in the videos instead of the horrible shooped photos on instagram.

No. 145417


I can't see any scar. Couldn't she just have deleted it because she wanted to upload it with the watermark and had forgotten to do it the first time? Or maybe she thought it showed a bit too much down below and that people might complain, there's a few prudes who comment on her videos most times she posts anything even a remote bit sexual.

It's not a very flattering picture of her face anyway, the red lipstick makes her look harsh and older, and she's trying to make her face look longer and thinner which doesn't suit her and also makes her look older.

At least she's trying different styles though so is taking an interest in things, which is a good sign.

No. 145474

File: 1618526137809.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 1430x886, scar.png)

> I can't see any scar.
I think it's where the line is. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 145532

What toxic people? Herself?

No. 145543

I think the creepy men she chooses to surround herself with. Still her choice kek

No. 145559


Might be just a bit of a shadow, but no one would really notice that. Daft that she deleted it, it's better, can see more of what she's wearing and that is maybe why, because it looks more sexual and there's always some prude in her comment going on about it whenever she posts anything even remotely sexy, as if no one ever does on Instagram!

No. 145560


They did do one video together. Venus still follows June on IG, tho June no longer follows Venus and hasn't done for a good few months now.

No. 145561


The video was nothing like this thumbnail. Thumbnail looks a clear picture, Venus is wearing a bra and has her own hair (or what looks like her own hair) and the cookies are decorated. In the video, the picture is dark and blurry, she's wearing a wig that gets in the way, and the cookies never get decorated, she never even mentions the decorations at all from what I recall. It grossed me out when she knocked the tray off onto the floor with her foot, - it looks like she exists in a really tiny limited space, and the cookie dough went down onto the floor, I thought once she picked it up, she might do the sensible thing and just scrape off the top layer, but no, she started wiping and dabbing at it with a tissue, so effectively rubbing in any bits of fluff and hair into the cookie dough. and then proceeded to cut out the shapes and cook them.

Why the hell doesn't she film her streams in the evening when she is probably more able to think straight, instead of when she just gets up, which obviously is not a good time for her?

No. 145562

Looks like she's abandoned her Q&A stream. No surprises there then!

No. 145636

At about 45 minutes in, someone asks her something about jobs and haircuts (can’t make it out because she talks like Google Translate) and then says “but I choose to keep my identity separate, because I’m kinda undercover wherever I go”. Weird.

Also talks about wanting tattoos and piercings, playing Twisted Wonderland. In the baking video, she talked about wanting to make new videos because she had “so many new hobbies to share”, but when someone in this video asked about them, all she could come up with was “bitching about Jirai kei on Instagram”. Can she even talk about anything else anymore??

No. 145640

If she has adhd she might be hyperfixatng on that jiraikei thing at the moment. Would also explain why she abandonds all her projects, she gets bored and finds a new thing to fixate on for a while. This won't last very long I predict.

No. 146304

File: 1619071293113.png (458.28 KB, 1090x834, 0909099.png)

No she's wearing circle lenses and makeup to make her eyes look puffy to look larger because she's a weeb with normal/smaller sized eyes obsessed with having larger eyes and following the newest trends (ie jirai), not because she's covering anything up.

She also (once again in her easter live stream) claimed he's asexual and then SHAMED him for it. She's a vile fucking monster. Even if he was asexual, so what? This girl is a fake, toxic bitch and I'm surprised at the anons who still pity her. Imagine shaming someone for their sexuality.

She also seems to be "close" to her photographer. He popped up on one of her streams saying these things (screenshot). The alleged friend who came here and said she tries to fuck her managers was probably telling the truth, given how unprofessional their communication is.

No. 146307

File: 1619071831772.png (313.76 KB, 933x543, Screenshot (5803).png)

In that same stream, she tried making a jab at Margo again. She claimed she was diagnosed with adhd as a child (I believe it was either a teacher who suggested or Margo took her to a psychologist) and then her evil meanie mutti didn't accept said diagnosis and ignored poor weenoos' mental health! It's all Margo's fault! Venus really is manipulative. Given that Margo always said Venus had Asperger's – meaning that Margo most likely got a second opinion, which lead to the Asperger's claim (Margo using it as some bad thing she has to expose is stupid though). In the screenshot, Venus lies about drinking and her ED and claims she doesn't have asperger's and that her mom said that. But in her live stream, she made it seem like Margo completely ignored her mental health (she doesn't have adhd, is normal and left at that) and didn't even mention the asperger's, which is very manipulative, given that Margo (or someone) clearly noticed something was wrong with Venus. You don't just randomly pull out Asperger's out of nowhere. Most of Margo's claims were grounded in some truth. Just another example of Venus spinning narratives and rewriting her past to further victimize herself.

No. 146308

Not surprised. Remember, she paraded Gaku Kitano's business as her own legitimate self-starter and shamelessly lied to her audience. She currently claims to have "a career" but when asked, wouldn't divulge. She then said her career was making her fans happy. Which is beyond ridiculous, given that she immediately dumped them when her OF was at its peak, shoved sexual content in their faces and posted a video where she claimed she respects them as consumers only.

Don't forget: claiming EVERYONE in her life was a vile abuser. Manaki is WORSE than Margo, which begs the question, just how bad was her time with Margo, given that her examples of Manaki's abuse were very weak (being against surgery, worrying about having kids, being uncomfortable with her always wearing lolita). We know Margo is a bitch, but Venus def embellished her story with Margo for pity. Let's not forget her vtuber manager is to blame for malice failing because he provided everything and gave her creative freedom, Kitano can "go fuck himself", her OF manager is "abusive" and Ken, an alleged pedo she dated for money "didn't put her mental health first" but she had no problem hyping up, doxxing and exploiting a child's alleged sexual abuse and spinning the story into a "pity me pls" story. She's a fucking bitch who keeps changing her story (including her story with Margo) that I don't believe Margo was even as bad as she claims. She's still shaming Manaki in her live streams for his supposed sexuality but we're supposed to accept that "she's gay" when it's time for her to use that an excuse to end an illegal visa marriage. Quite literally, everyone in her life is an abuser. She's not to be trusted.

She already said she stopped working with that manager and said so on discord. Now she's working with Kyrie/Momonga crap.

On a random note, in one stream Venus claimed she was going to go to school for something science related, one week later in a stream, she said, "fuck school." She also dressed up as Margo did in her baking stream and then Margo posted a selfie where she edited her chin into a dorito. Pretty sure they're mocking each other, but this could be a reach. She also said she can afford to buy anything herself, but is still going to capitalize off her fans and open an amazon wishlist because she's just that greedy, entitled and opportunistic.

No. 146310

the way she framed manaki being against the surgery as him being abusive was so odd to me. who would want their girlfriend getting unnecessary weight loss surgery?

No. 146312

Exactly. Margo was probably unemotionally unavailable and definitely overbearing and an irresponsible parent in many ways, but Venus weaved the story into something much worse to get her dream Japanese kawaii life. That was the aim. Notice how she claimed to have left because Margaret was mean to Manaki but she previously shit talked Manaki to her mom when they broke up and in her surgery email to Marge after she left. And she said Marge didn't want them to marry, then when she needed to demonize Manaki, she said that Marge forced her to marry him and she never loved him. But prior to that was pretending to love him to get away with visa fraud, yet later on, admitted to cheating on him (she claimed her second sexual partner was her husband, which means she cheated on him since she claimed it was when she was 19, it also supports what the alleged friend said here in previous threads that she repeatedly cheated on him). She does this with Manaki as well as her managers, and we have proof she lied about Manaki not working, as well as Margo forcing her to marry Manaki (Marge literally posted she thought Manaki influenced Venus to leave and she wanted to get her daughter back and went to get her at the airport). Venus is like Margo in that there are some truths sometimes in her story (although she lies more than Marge imo), but it's always aggrandized, spun into some mega abuse and woven into a woe is me narrative. She even did it with Ken and the child she exploited. It was all about how SHE is such a victim. Never mind that she admitted to dating a person she knew was a pedo, exposing that child's alleged abuse and it "only kept her up sometimes." She's incredibly selfish, self-absorbed and sociopathic. I remember she once said guilt was one of the emotions she felt the least by agreeing with a diagram that placed it the lowest. That's pretty telling.

I don't think she's with Manaki either. She talked about getting a home in the countryside a while ago (aka: crashing with someone once again like when she was with Ken, Kitano and her OF manager).

No. 146313

She considers it as controlling (telling her what to do) and thus, abusive, which is ridiculous. There's the possibility he threatened to divorce her then, but that'd probably just be a bluff to get her to not do something so insanely stupid. If he didn't try to stop her, the she'd just call him an enabler that never cared for her. Can't win with her.

No. 146324

>claimed manaki is asexual and shamed him for it

Do you have a timestamp for this? (I mean obviously this is a blatant lie since they used to make so many sexual innuendos)

No. 146326

File: 1619088236022.jpeg (109.94 KB, 785x782, C69289B4-004D-494A-9F2D-53B256…)

This is a screenshot from the live stream she did, I can’t believe how bad she looks here, someone in the live chat said why are you drinking alcohol if you have a problem with it and she replied that she doesn’t have a problem with alcohol at all, she also said she’s healthy, all she does is eat convenience junk food and drink alcohol, at this point I’m actually pretty worried about her

No. 146327

This looks like a horror movie scene kek. Is she trying to hide her face with that hideous wig?

No. 146328

File: 1619088679498.jpg (62.01 KB, 1200x900, The-Ring.jpg)

kek I was gonna say the same thing

No. 146329

When I look at her now, I feel like she would've been better off staying with her crazy mother. It's clear that she can't take care of herself and refuses to get help

No. 146340

>>claiming EVERYONE in her life was a vile abuser.
>>Quite literally, everyone in her life is an abuser. She's not to be trusted.

Don't forget though, this is how it could appear to someone who has never suffered abuse. It seems hard to believe. Sadly though, victims of childhood abuse can somehow attract more abusers into their life, and so the pattern gets entrenched and the abuse goes on, it's just the abusers who change. If the victim talks about it honestly, they are likely to be disbelieved, so making them feel worse, so they find more ways of trying to cope and spiral into other ways of coping. I'm not saying this is definitely what is going on in Venus' case, but it might be, and I would never discount anything said about anyone abusing her just because of thinking it can't be EVERYONE, because sadly, it can and in some cases, is.

No. 146341

>>I don't think she's with Manaki either. She talked about getting a home in the countryside a while ago (aka: crashing with someone once again like when she was with Ken, Kitano and her OF manager).

It gives the same sort of seedy vibes too, whereas the place with Manaki seemed more cheerful somehow. But it might just be because of whereabouts in the place she chooses to film, she only ever films where she only shows a small part of it, or looking like she's in a corner, and doesn't appear to have much space around her as she has to walk over things to get to where she's streaming from, and the quality of filming has gone downhill from when she used to film at Manaki's place.

Did anyone notice in one of her recent streams, where she was wearing pjs with one leg rolled up and said she always has to have one leg rolled up? I thought that was really weird, just why? i know people make jokes about freemasons having to do this as part of their rituals, but that can't be the reason with Venus. Also Daniel Lord of Hiding in my room channel, often shows himself similar in some of his videos. They watch each others videos too, so maybe it's some hidden code that no one knows about? Seriously though, it just seems weird and I'm surprised no one has commented on it before.

No. 146344


She might still be at Manaki's, it looks a bit like it on her latest stream. Not sure.

No. 146346


I thought her next live stream was supposed to be the q&A one? Maybe she didn't like some of the questions?

No. 146353

Why does she title all her livestreams with mukbang when she only takes 2 bites of food and leaves the rest of it never to be touched again

No. 146376

File: 1619108348670.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20210422-111658~2.p…)

Wtf is up with this new ig post? She looks like a cancer patient in a bad wig. All the comments are "R U okay???" Mixed with "guys it's just make-up/jiraikei style!"

No. 146380

File: 1619109660190.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, 5828523E-45BF-4A24-A64D-9B1252…)

Fucking horrifying

No. 146399

That is definitely Manaki’s apartment. Venus’ old video where she does a room tour at Manaki’s has the doll standing in exactly the same place.

No. 146420

New video. She looks like a junkie and her falsies are falling off but neither her or the cameraman care. Sad. It looks like some lost footage.

No. 146427

File: 1619115347114.jpeg (108.68 KB, 839x704, 1AEC2BD7-530D-4C7F-888C-17DCD3…)

She really does look like an old woman dressed up in young girl clothes, I really hope her looks are reversible and not permanent damage done due to alcohol, bad diet and the botched surgery, I always get a sad feeling when I see her now

No. 146428

Oh my god, I saw this on mobile on the front page and didn’t recognise her. This actually makes me feel sad…

No. 146430

god same. Watching the video is even worse. She seems so dazed and lost.

No. 146442

File: 1619117039463.jpeg (90.45 KB, 626x686, 24B8C5EA-4887-4951-88F3-DEC1E6…)

Oh my good lord does she take meth or something? Those eye bags are HARSH

No. 146455

File: 1619118333856.png (765.37 KB, 610x652, 489568485.png)

>mfw therapist telling me meth venus can't hurt me

No. 146456

Yeah, the curtains and the walls are the exactly same from her videos in 2016. It's so creepy to think that she's in such a bad state and Manaki is filming her like this.

No. 146457

She acted so out of it throughout the whole video that at this point I’d be surprised if she isn’t taking drugs.

No. 146472

it's crazy how much she's changed in four years

No. 146473

Same door, same small pink table (she also used it in her recent livestreams) and the white table with the drawer in the bottom, too. Also…same ex-husband. Sad af.

Looking at her older videos (like 2-3 years ago), she had a lot more stuff then. She also used to have an actual bed, not a futon on the floor. He definitely cleared out some of her furniture and things.

I’m no fan of hers, but to see her looking like an elderly dementia patient, shaking and slurring and showing off her unused-looking self help books, back in the same room where she at least used to look happy and cared for, still with all her pink plastic treasures, is sad as fuck.

No. 146478

File: 1619123296091.png (2.82 MB, 2048x1536, DDE9980F-43AB-4BD0-B6EE-01A6A7…)

>> She talked about getting a home in the countryside a while ago
Can you quit with this “home in the countryside” shit? There is no “home in the countryside.” She’s lying (big shock, I know.) She’s back at Manaki’s apartment leeching off him once again and has been there for months.

Anyway, she’s back to her favorite beverage, Strong Zero, the cocktail in a can. It’s cheap (about $1.80/ can) and packs a punch (9% alcohol by volume, twice that of beer.)

No. 146479

File: 1619123367675.png (2.56 MB, 2048x1536, 1DCE8AAC-E179-40A4-8994-71AD18…)

Wonder how many of these she goes through in a day?


No. 146482

File: 1619123552724.gif (83.38 KB, 200x257, 76c.gif)

Uuh is Manakay keeping her hostage or what? I mean I always thought he was a creep for thirsting over her 2011 niconico lives when she was 13 and he was 19… Why would they still live together when she's openly whoring herself now? Sure he doesn't know english but her raunchy insta and Twitter pics are telling enough right? So many questions, so few answers…

No. 146483

File: 1619123688010.jpeg (514.07 KB, 3099x1701, 1769F3B7-8388-4651-BE90-452A7B…)

Left is from a livestream just a year ago and the right is now, I’ve never seen anyone deteriorate so fast in my life

No. 146484

Short answer is she’s leeching off him and he’s allowing it because he’s an enabler and a doormat. He knows if he doesn’t take her in once again she’ll be out on her ass on the streets. They’re a textbook dysfunctional couple, a BPD alcoholic basketcaseand and her sucker mark.

No. 146486

> Why would they still live together when she's openly whoring herself now?
Because he knows that she’d be homeless if he kicked her out and can’t do that since he’s a doormat. Of course she still continues to verbally abuse him despite this because she’s absolute trash.

No. 146488

I’m wondering why Mana hasn’t had another partner/date/SO over to the house in all this time - wouldn’t it be weird to still have your ex(?)-wife’s creepy pink bedroom in your house while you were dating other people??

No. 146490

Why do I have a feeling that she exaggerated her symptoms and showed her mental health books as part as her ~jirai~ aesthetic. I mean this is the girl that admitted about lying to make others worry about her.

No. 146492

Do you really think a nerdy doormat like him would get a date or even go looking for one? Japan is full of men like him, that’s why Japan is said to be ”sexless”.

No. 146503

Freya also came to one of her previous streams

No. 146504

I mean… she's doing it on purpose isn't she? That's what Jirai is about

No. 146517

File: 1619133416955.png (371.09 KB, 646x454, wtf venus.PNG)

From her newest video. Looks like scars?

No. 146527

They're basically commiting visa fraud so maybe he's complying and letting her stay because he could get in real trouble if the authorities got wind of it?

No. 146548

stop repeating this false dream. see: >>145079

No. 146549

>She seems so dazed and lost.
She seems to think it's in her interest to pretend to be dazed and lost. It's completely contrived

No. 146550

You can see the gears turning while she calculates how to look 'not ok' with each move - "hmm.. i'll make my hand shake"
i don't think its entirely out of the realm of possibility that she thinks of the marina joyce phenomenon (youtuber girl overdoses and becomes half-vegetable, so obviously acts different in videos, fans don't understand and say she's being held hostage, blows up viral worldwide) and thinks maybe can i can get me that kind of hit
The way she acts in this video is quite like an impression of how marina joyce is in her vids post-zombification

No. 146554

File: 1619144176846.jpeg (192.63 KB, 750x1020, A1D30BEB-8B01-479E-A9DE-C855A0…)

New picture, the edited fake eyelashes are the cherry on top

No. 146558

wow actual motion blur haha

No. 146575

File: 1619155646329.jpg (27.12 KB, 502x374, 271185_213253425376782_7062921…)

What is with all the Manaki defense itt? Reminder that this is what Venus looked like (age 15) when he was her big fan on niconico, and arranging to cutemeet her at Disney. I think accusing the guy of being asexual rather than a pervert is doing him a favor, all things considered.

No. 146576

After all, there is no proof he was a long time fan and stalked her to Disneyland. Don't forget Venus and her mother like to twist reality.

No. 146579

Japanese girls look like that at the age of 30 lol. Doesn’t make him a pedo to be attracted to a girl who looks like the adult women in his country.

No. 146582

File: 1619157379324.jpg (90.04 KB, 360x360, Kasumi_Arimura-1993-p1.jpg)

kek what the fuck anon, Japanese women don't "look like that" at 30? What sort of weeb bullshit is that? Here's a completely randomly chosen popular Japanse actress, Kasumi Arimura, who is 28. She in no way resembles a 15 year old white girl? Besides, being attracted to women who look young doesn't make you instantly a pedophile, I agree with that. What does make you a pedophile is lusting after a teenage girl, regardless of how she looks.

No. 146583

Funny you chose a woman with the exact same face shape/childish chubbiness level as teen-Venus in the photo you previously posted.

No. 146584

anon do you have face blindness? One of those pictures looks like a European teenage girl, the other looks like an Asian woman well into her adulthood. I'm not going to get into a phrenology debate here because my main point is really that Venus was underage when Manaki was simping for her, regardless of what she looks like (which to you is apparently the same as an Asian office lady?)

No. 146585

File: 1619159628860.jpeg (78.87 KB, 506x410, 19F6D760-EAE3-4BA7-89CA-3D4F91…)

She looks like current day Patti Smith lmao

No. 146590

Does alcohol do this to you if you drink so much of it over a year?

No. 146595

File: 1619162789805.jpeg (160.43 KB, 750x952, DB423491-009B-4D48-BF81-F50E4C…)

She looks like a drug addict to me. Also, if she went for a surgery to look slimmer it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s now taking drugs for weight-loss. There’s no reason to assume she’s getting any better since she’s not getting any help for her ed.

No. 146605

I think her rapid decline in appearance is mostly due to her weightloss surgery. I don't think alcohol can cause that rapid of a change in only a year, whereas the gut strongly affects overall health.

No. 146615


Don’t you feel embarrassed defending a pedophile? Like this is truly bizarre.

No. 146628

I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence that Manaki is a pedophile. It seems like you have no clue about pedophilia at all. Here, have a quote from psychology today:
> Pedophilia is defined as recurrent and intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children—generally age 13 years or younger—over a period of at least six months.

So no, lusting after a girl who isn’t of prepubescent age is not a sign of pedophilia.

No. 146629


Well she is taking drugs if she's on medication.

Question is, who isn't on medication these days? Big pharma's plan and all that!

-And no, I'm not.

No. 146631


This doesn't look like the same place as what she's in now. Unless it's because it just looks so much brighter and cheerier, because of better film or something? i dunno.

No. 146632


This looks like somewhere more drab and dingy than in the earlier picture just now.

Anyway at least she looks decent here and like herself, not those terrible instagram pictures.

No. 146633


OMG. That's terrible, she looks really old. The red lips look so harsh and the skinny face does not look good at all.

No. 146634


You know that and I know it too, but I'm afraid some people think that anyone liking someone of 17 means they are a pedo if they are over 18 themselves. It's just ignorance and stupidity which seems to be on the increase in the world at large.

No. 146636

File: 1619185337288.jpeg (102.56 KB, 750x342, DCB6B839-518F-47B2-8C63-B8408B…)

This comment on her newest insta photo made me lol. Her fanbase is so easy to manipulate it’s not even funny.

No. 146645

File: 1619189434789.png (511.83 KB, 602x655, same doors.png)

it is the same place

No. 146646

Wow I haven't been on this thread in a while, and this is sad. Holy shit. I thought that pic was shopped somehow at first.

No. 146647

People who call manamat a pedo are the same people who call james charles a pedo. Both of them are literally kids/super young adults. Twatter is abusing the term pedo now and applying it to everything, making the term lose all it's meaning. How TF is a 21 year old who is attracted to a 17 year old a pedophile when they both look exactly the same developmentally? Whether it's right or wrong is another topic, buy it's definitely not pedophilia.

No. 146648


Manaki has said that he was a fan of Venus’ for a long time. He did not suddenly fall in love with her when she was 17 and I don’t know why you don’t think it’s weird that an adult went out of his way to meet her when she wasn’t even legal. This dude has liked her since she was still a child. That shit is weird. If you want to split hairs on phrases, then he’s a not a pedo but a “ephebophile”. Quit going to bat for this man, he isn’t going to date you.

No. 146651


Yes he might be that, but that is not a pedo, and that is the point.
As the other poster rightly said, the term has become so abused now, it's lost its original meaning and has just become a blanket term for anyone older liking someone younger, while still keeping it in the 'pervert' category.

No. 146654


James isn’t a pedo but definitely a predator. It’s still fucking gross that Manaki even dated her. What’s with these men?

No. 146661


It's the way they are. Nature seems fucked up as it's young females of any species that are valued the most by males of all ages. Usually. It's only human species that tries to make it different. I wish it was different as it is fucked up, but that's the way it is. The amount of old men I've seen eyeing up schoolgirls when they think nobodys looking, it's in their natures I guess and it's horrible.

No. 146665

Stop using the word pedophile for the wrong meaning. That is exactly how serious words lose their meaning (”nazi” is another example). Some words just shouldn’t be thrown around lightly.

No. 146671

>>146483 >>146420
My god what the hell happened to her! She has become a shell of herself she used to be bubbly and had a spark and funny personality, now she’s seems so lost and hurt. It hard to witness her videos.

Could she be taking drugs? Potentially a weight loss pill that makes you incredibly ill not sure if that’s a thing tho?

Oh yeah marina took it so far and pretended to run away twice it was so fake after first video,she could also be trying act like Eugenia cooney by acting controlled and being ultra thin

No. 146685

>#just jirai-kei things

No. 146691

In their first video together, the Q&A (now deleted, but you can watch it on bilibili) Venus explains that he "loved" her since her niconico days when she was 13 and he was 19 (they're 6 years apart). We're talking about a regular viewer that met her in person 2 years later when she was 15 and he was 21. Idk why all the Manaki defenders always conveniently leave out those facts when there's evidence, but hey. Imma just leave this here, make your own opinion, personally idc that ~east asian men prefer youthful and cute girls, it's just their culture uwu~ it's still creepy as hell. And him being a creep doesn't make Venus an innocent little angel either, she's fucked up too in different ways.

Boyfriend Q&A: https://m.bilibili.com/video/av11301284

No. 146694

Unfortunately, being attracted to young girls will always be a thing for lots of men. It has always been like this, even worse a few hundred years ago, when families were trying to arrange marriages of their own teenage girls to older, wealthier men for status/money. That was ordinary back then.
Obviously standards have changed since then, (and also there's the law) but we're talking about nature, or, "animalistic insticts" or however you like to call it.
In men's eyes, every girl that looks "developed" enough might be considered attractive, even if she's only 13.
And before you jump, Ofcourse im against this, im just stating facts, based on guys' opinions who are not pedophiles.
Pedophile - attracted to prepubescent children.
If I remember correctly, Venus already had a pretty developed body for a 13 year old. (even tho she had a baby face).

No. 146697

Wow i dont even know where to start with your post.
What even is a pedophile to you,seems like a guy could molest a 5 year old and he is not a pedophile based on your definition if he says she looks developed.
13 years old is still a child no matter how they look like.
Also sage your off-topic autistic shit.

Also you can call out Venus for being a piece of shit person or have sympathy for manaki without resorting to defending pedophilia.

No. 146711


No way. Prescription medications don't make you age that fast. Penus is clearly doing heavy drugs + making people feel sorry for her by overly shaking.

No. 146714

I don’t think she’s taking drugs - she has enough else wrong with her lifestyle. She doesn’t sleep well, she doesn’t eat properly, she wears too much makeup, she has half a digestive tract and drinks too much. And on top of that, she has untreated stress and trauma, genes for aging like a banana from her crappy mother, and whatever else. And she’s always had shaky hands, that’s nothing new.

No. 146715

anon is right. She also drinks heavily and I don't know why people don't realize it sometimes but drinking, especially heavily, ages the FUCK out of you. That combined with all that anon said here, would 100% cause her to lose fat on her face/dehydrate, and look like the mess she does now. It's been what, 2 years or more since she's left margo? Keep in mind she's always drank a lot (margo's said this before but we never know what's 100% true), and escaping her she probably started drinking HEAVY because she didn't have her mom watching her carefully. So that's at least a few years of heavy drinking alongside surgery/anachan shit, stress, genes, no sleep… Easy to see why she's the way she is now.

No. 146716

I am sorry that you're offended by the scientific term of pedophilia. I am not defending anyone, just stating facts, cuz seems like people don't know what it means. And my post was meant to the post above me.(pedo derailing)

No. 146730


shut your hole and dont drop school…

No. 146733

>she used to be bubbly and had a spark and funny personality
these retards i swear

No. 146753

Ntayrt but go back to reddit with this shite. This isn't a psychiatry conference, words have different meanings in casual conversation than in technical jargon. Everyone knows exactly what is meant in context by calling the guy pedo and no it doesn't damage the word's usefulness. The only reason to die on this hill is to defend creepy sexually deviant predatory men from being called a mean word.

No. 146778

The anons that think that a nineteen year old lusting after thirteen year old is totes ok are crazy. Reddit scrote and underage weebs who's got their brains fucked but watching too much hentai, gtfo.

No. 146780

Yeah def think there is some weird weeb Japanese worship happening in this thread. I like Japanese shit (why else would I be posting on a VenusAngelic thread on an imageboard?) but feels like there may be a few anons who feel bitter that Venus didn't keep her precocious life with an uwu Japanese boyfriend and a kawaii room all to herself. Its like their dream and seeing her throw it away makes them really angry. Not to mention the one who thinks adult Japanese women look like 13 year old white girls. Buffoonery, that dream Japan in their imagination where no one ages and they have some drastically different phenotype to other Asians.

Btw you can think Venus is ultimately a bad person while also acknowledging that Manaki was wrong to be her "big fan" when she was BARELY post-pubescent.

No. 146787

Wow, maybe you should calm yourself if the topic of someone going against calling men pedophiles without any evidence of pedophilia makes you so worked up. Geez.

No. 146789

She was doing okay with her getting a role in that Kamen Rider show, she would have had few small connections to work and get small allowance, possibly even have a tiny merch products if she keeps at it with positive background, but nope, being drunk is way more important cuz it's real (basically Gen Z and teens of any age stupid philosophy)

I'm not 100% sure that Manaki is still around, I mean lots of house can resemble the same room, if she is back with him constantly, dang, she can never actually do anything in life other than being a laughingstock all her life

I don't find it sad or pitiful but more towards being pathetically and wretchedly dull but addiction is an addiction, until she starts being 100% honest with her condition and what has happened to her audience, I will always view it at downward spiral to letting herself be pathetic and it's not even cute too

No. 146807

>>I'm not 100% sure that Manaki is still around, I mean lots of house can resemble the same room,

I thought that too, it looks the same in some ways but not others. Someone here who keeps going on about her 'pink' room at Manaki's. but the room where she films now, isn't pink.

Watching her latest video room tour, something seems so off about it. She looks quite scared at points, like she's being forced into doing it. Unless Manaki's forcing her to make some money off of Youtube if she wants to stay at his place? But I know I'm reaching with that theory. I did wonder who was filming though, I mean obviously someone else was, it wasn't Venus filming herself, and in some parts, especially in the bit where she gestured towards the doll, she looked quite scared when she looked at the person filming her, and I did wonder if it was Manaki, as she seemed afraid and wanting to make it look as though she really valued that doll, and wasn't it one he bought her?

I don't know, it's just all speculation but I do feel concern for her as it certainly seems as though something is wrong, and I hope she's not being coerced into doing something against her will.

The editing seemed a bit haphazard too in this video, like she showed her plushies but where was the big round black cat plushie? (was it called Pom?) that she had in her live streams recently, it seems odd that it didn't feature in her room tour, and I thought it maybe had but she edited it out for some reason, maybe because of something else in the video at the same time that she didn't want to show.

And what has happened to all her things? She's only got a tiny fraction here of what she had before. Unless she really has got two places, and so some of her stuff is here and the rest in the other place?

No. 146810

> She looks quite scared at points, like she's being forced into doing it. Unless Manaki's forcing her to make some money off of Youtube if she wants to stay at his place? But I know I'm reaching with that theory.
The doormat wouldn’t force her to do anything lol. I didn’t see her as being scared of something, though I’m sure if she reads this thread and the comments of her video she would gladly ride that theory to make herself look like a victim once again.

To me she looked like she was mentally unstable in that video, maybe under the influence of some drug. Drugs can make you paranoid or even psychotic which often leads to fearful/nervous behaviour. Ofc this might be reaching but looking at her deteriorated appearance I wouldn’t disregard this theory.

No. 146820

her old room at manaki's walls were never pink as seen here >>146645

No. 146825

Congrats, you fell for Venus' obvious "pity me, I'm in danger uwu" shit show she's pulling off on YouTube right now. It's the same room at Manaki's place, she's not being forced and just high on some shit. Don't turn this into another Marina Joyce situation geez

No. 146835

File: 1619276968282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.04 KB, 2160x1277, _20210424_222014.JPG)

This is just me speculating so if folks have better explanation or disagree its OK, but there is quite a stark time gap of her uploading videos, and during this timeline, you can see her post getting less and less umm porn-y? in her Instagram and Twitter account, while she does have that one funny af pic of her in pink bikini + cat ears, but generally since October, it has been toned down, I'm wondering she has to earn her keep if she wants to stay in that room or house since Manaki likes cute things, so she's back to doing kinda cutesy style videos and that makes her frustrated and looking like Ju-on's pink sister

I know folks call Manaki a doormat and cuck, but tbh if Venus herself that goes back to him and she had to earn her place there by doing these videos, he isn't loosing anything compared to her, it's like an obnoxious thot being forced to make videos for money according to what her simp want, it's a comedy

And no I don't mean Manaki threatened her or anything like that to make videos, more like he stands his ground this time, we know she's not afraid of him (and Venus is not bound to anything to make those videos, it's all her choices and decisions in the matter and actions) but we know she has this needs of wanting to excessively indulge herself with expensive food and items, she's even willing to flash her flap jack for it, and so far only Manaki has provided those wealth compared to other sugar daddies and her other side dick despite being a factory worker

Again, this is all just speculations since I'm still not sure of anything, Venus could have just living in another house that looks similar while having her original belongings moved there, the guy recording could have been anyone in that new video, or Manaki doesn't live there anymore, too many gaping hole for me to be sure of anything really‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ (Since Venus will never be honest)
Also, Jirai-Kei my ass, that's Ju-On Kei(emojis)

No. 146837

File: 1619278314960.png (505.29 KB, 602x648, v.png)

she's obviously living with manaki and don't use emojis

No. 146842


That's just sad, Manaki is a doormat but at least he's not looking like a dead 19th century grandma who just rise from the dead in 80s and sounds like one as well

Also, whoops, sorry, didn't know Emoji is your trigger button

No. 146843

Makeup doesn’t age you god dammit stop this old news

No. 146844

This might be a reach but I don't think manaki is a doormat or innocent at all, or that she is just faking it for attention. She is still very young and growing up was just controlled by her mother, poor hygiene is a sign of narcissistic parents, they will control you and not let you do anything, probably even on her late teens if she wanted to buy a snack she would have to ask her mom for 2 euros and explain what she was gonna buy, that's just how it works with narcissistic parents. She probably was never taught how to be a responsible adult (pay bills, keep money, documentation management) so when she escaped she was again controlled by this perv, if you look at the time she escaped she was starting to dress more like an adult, then started living with manaki and all the adult baby bullshit started, even her room he keeps it as a little girls dream. She probably just tried to escape again and fell for some perv lies again and when she did not have another choice had to come back to manaki, he is expressing his control over her like "see I am the only one that can help you". Honestly she is still pretty young to be so demonized as some mastermind manipulator, when other girls her age are getting their father to give them a ride because is scary at night and what is she supposed to be all mature just because she endured years of control and abuse? She is basically all alone in a foreign county, and there is a track of people just taking advantage of her is not all lies. If this was happening in England the police would be alerted. All her behaviour and degradation just screams abuse cooping mechanism.

No. 146849

you can tone down the cuntiness, it’s against the rules to use emojis

also sage your shit

No. 146850

Do you really think a swiss passport does shit? Europe is expensive as hell and there are not a lot of jobs going on, is not like you come here and someone just gives you everything, like yeah you can have entry to most countries in europe and that is it, I don't see why some people here thinks of a swiss passport as some holly thing that just makes your life super easy, if she comes back to europe she is definitely homeless in a week.

And all that thinking that she has the ability to buy herself a plane ticket and manage all the documentation necessary, manaki probably gives her an allowance, that is not enough to just move to europe. Think about it her bank account was set and controlled by manaki, do you really think that when she moved to japan she was capable of managing adult life?

No. 146851

you must be new to Venus'antics

No. 146855

Why does everyone think Manaki still lives there?

No. 146859

because this apartment ist connected to his job at the factory.

>her bank account was set and controlled by manaki
when did we ever have proof of this other than weird kappa marglish or drunken rants by penus

No. 146892

Why wouldn’t he live in his own apartment?

No. 146976

well she was barely an adult, very controlled by her mother, out of education, no friends, is not that crazy to think she would not know how to deal with that sorta things in a foreign country where everything document related needs good knowledge of Japanese (reading/writing) or having someone helping you. she is not some kind of genius either she has proven that

No. 146984


Venus jumps into any bandwagon that will get her fans, she knew the baby shit would get her views and fans. Look at how she collabed with Mikan and Piper, Jude. She even did the cat food gimmick. Or even the egdy merharu (menharu???) dressing and posting for awhile, that was popular in j Harajuku fashion and now this edgy style too. The girl bounces all over the place. I think honestly she lacks an identity, all she knows is getting views and attention.

No. 147015

Lmao this is the worst attempt ever seen to skinwalk Hanayo & other menhera chicks

Well, there's not much to expect from this womanchild's fanbase. If someday Penus decides to make scat porn or livestream herself jumping from a bridge, they'll be cheering on her no matter what.

No. 147027


Surely it's the lighting, and she makes herself up to look like the Jirai kei thing she's into and that's all part of it. She doesn't look like this in her Korean BBQ Mukbang video she did a few days ago, in that video she looks young and cute and pretty. She likes to make herself look worse than her natural appearance for some weird reasons.

No. 147028

File: 1619346684926.png (221.91 KB, 742x557, Venus.png)


As in this random shot from the BBQ video. You can see she doesn't look any older than the example given of a year ago, and she certainly looks a lot younger than in the Jirai kei getup.

No. 147029


To be honest, I hear names thrown around like Marina Joyce and Eugenia Cooney in relation to Venus, and I didn't even know who those people were and had to look them up, and saw they both have youtube channels, but neither look of any interest to me and I don't feel inclined to watch any of their videos, so bear in mind not everyone is going to get the reference to these people.

No. 147030

i think people are exaggerating how bad she looks. she doesn't look any older or thinner than usual

No. 147032


Some really, really, like to do that, lol.

Also, the Whisper Chat ASMR video she did just a month ago, she looks fine in that.

No. 147034

I wonder why her video quality has gone downhill so much since the ASMR whisper video? There's been some really bad quality videos since then, compare to ones she posted ten years ago, they were good quality, it's like she's going backwards in video quality, and I know Marge was around then to oversee things, but even when Venus left her and was with Manaki, her video quality was always good.

No. 147044

Someone asked in one of her streams if she will get any pets and she said something about she would like to get one and probably will, but isn't there some rule about who can or can't have pets in japan? Or rather where you might be allowed to have them or not?
I hope she doesn't have any, I pity any poor animal that ends up with her, she needs to learn to look after herself properly before thinking about getting any poor animals to look after, she can't even look after a plant properly if those poor dead or dying specimens she dragged out to show people are anything to go by.

No. 147045

she had hamsters before didn't she?

No. 147064

She did and she kept them in poor conditions

No. 147065

JFC WTF happened
What happened
What’s going on

No. 147109

Venus snorting strong liquor and cbd

Time stamp at 0:40

No. 147129

So… her next addiction will be nasal spray, right? kek
What the fuck is she even doing anymore?

No. 147133

I have never been this happy before!!

No. 147142

that's why, at least twice, the situation with marina was written out for you in the thread, you fucking timewaster

No. 147163

In time where corona is more and more spreading in Japan it is not quite healthy using a nose spray which probably other had put in their nose before. I hope they desinfect those nose spray

No. 147170

File: 1619421048715.jpeg (78.92 KB, 828x343, 85E3EFB4-FC3E-4B95-8DBB-612A3E…)

I wasn't aware there was a thing like this, sniffing alcohol can’t be good for you but it’s not like venus cares about her health, looks like it just gets you drunk a lot quicker

No. 147171

I googled that bar, it sells all kinds of other shit like cannabis/peyote liquor, deer penis liquor (?!), magic mushrooms.

Experimenting with that stuff at her age is fairly normal, but it’s the kind of stuff you do with friends - she’s always doing these things alone and dressed in kawaii shit. It’s somehow just weird.

No. 147176

Cbd doesn’t get you high though. It’s mainly used to reduce anxiety.

No. 147179

I wouldn’t say experimenting with drugs is normal.

No. 147180

File: 1619432150882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.35 KB, 720x392, 20210426_121002.jpg)

I recently asked her in a live stream what's about that orange cat that used to walk around in her videos, because she was talking about getting a new pet and was asking the followers which pet she should get. So I was just curious and asked, she replied that she is not sure what I mean like that cat never existed but one can clearly see it in several of her streams. She is constantly just getting new pets like they are toys ‍♂️‍♂️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147186

Wtf. What does she drink

No. 147189

I hope they're someone else's pets and not hers

No. 147191

It was probably her sugardaddy’s cat. There’s no way anyone in Japan would rent a neet alcoholic gaijin an apartment, let alone one with permission to have pets.

No. 147192

>>she had hamsters before didn't she?

Yes, and look what happened to them!

(Which was kinda my point.)

No. 147198


I looked through the thread and only found one thing that said anything about the marina woman and that wasn't actually saying much. And you expect me to waste my time by spending ages looking back over the thread and throw out accusations of "time wasting"! Laughable. There was no need for rudeness or for you to say anything as you have contributed nothing to say about Venus in your post just trying to attack someone for rightly mentioning that comparisons to other people that you may follow and know a lot about doesn't mean that everyone else follows them and knows anything about them. This thread is about Venus and not everyone who follows her will know anything about them. If you wanted to make comparisons, you could at least have gone into proper detail about who they are and what exactly they did and the outcome and then compare it to Venus. That is just common courtesy, something you obviously are lacking in, going by your rude response to a harmless statement.

I could say that maybe Venus is really like "lonelygirl15" and that maybe everything she does is just an act, but then I'd explain exactly what had transpired with that whole lonelygirl15 thing and how it had been all fake from the start, but that all her followers had believed it. And no I don't believe that Venus is all fake but I have sometimes wondered if it is like that lonelygirl15 thing, though I only found out about lonelygirl15 a few years ago and so never followed her myself back when she was active.

What I'm saying is there is no need to make comments attacking someone just for saying something harmless.

No. 147199

For the god of all hamsters I hope she doesn’t get a pet. People who can’t take care of themselves shouldn’t be legally allowed to have children or keep pets.

No. 147200

File: 1619441051193.jpg (13.59 KB, 428x270, 9K3QZ3_iOdd04cmltlqAqKBmXISzsz…)

HIMR/Daniel Lord recently talked about wanting to meet Venus on his discord.

No. 147201

I think she had a breed that’s supposed to be kept alone but she kept multiple hamsters in the same cage, or she kept them apart when they had to be kept as couples? Something like that. Moral of the story is she’s not dependable about pets

No. 147202

Charisma man is going to cure her depression

No. 147205


Thought he'd got rid of his discord? Anyway, she's also said something in the past about wanting to do a collab with him. They follow each other so it would be good if they met. Might be a match made in Heaven. (Or Hell.) Whatever, they might get on really well, a win win for both of them.

No. 147206


They bred and she got inundated, and then word spread that loads of them had died, people had already told her they were kept in far too small cages and it was cruel, but she still kept them in the too small cages. Someone said she gave them to Manaki's parents to look after, but who knows?

No. 147209


Cat wasn't hers, it was her boyfriend's or whoever it was she was hanging out with at the time. and it produced a shitstorm of comments from people saying she wasn't holding it right and how it was trying to get away from her.

Was this the same cat that was called "Cream"? or is this a different one?

No. 147210

Seconding this, it is always strange that Venus is going this stuff alone and constantly being blogged by others who she doesn't really associate with or talk about on her half.
(Honestly maybe some mushrooms would do her good lol)
This video is so depressing, she's so young and used to be lively.. but now all she does is get drunk at bars.
I wonder if Venus had ever abused nasal sprays, (in my country/CA) many addicts fall under the radar because they abuse the nasal sprays you can get at the store. I'm sure they have this in Japan. Too reachy?
Savior syndrome lol, hopefully she won't take him up on this offer but I never know now.

It's sad watching her deteriorate, she could really turn her life around and be inspiring if she tried. She could have been an example that she was capable after she left mother, but the trauma runs too deep in both. Venus never seemed to maintain her friendships. Her mother was a pos but I'm sure it still hurts her to see Venus like this too.
I just wonder how things could've been different.

Also what's the update on Taylor and Venus? They claimed to keep touch before but I don't think they ever did?

No. 147211

File: 1619443560818.jpg (72.42 KB, 768x480, Venus and cat.jpg)


Is this the same cat? I can't really tell from the pictures, and I recall something being said on here about there being two cats who looked similar but who were different.

No. 147212


She could certainly do a lot worse than get involved with him. He might actually be quite good for her. Although I thought she preferred "cute girls". Well that's something they got in common, they could go hunting together. Fun times all round.

No. 147213

He doesn't have any friends and is addicted to oversharing his life on there. If he and Venus really meet we will get an abundance of milk. (Just look at the himr subreddit)

No. 147214


Can't wait! And when he described his perfect girl recently, he sounded like he was describing Venus. Even said something about how he'd like her to be a youtuber too so she'd understand what it's like, instead of being all shy about it and not wanting him to post any videos about it.

No. 147216

File: 1619445454023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.79 KB, 640x616, bv272z8xxcs61.jpg)

Well, Daniel basically looks like a middle aged, skinny woman. Venus just has to buy him a wig and put him into some of her tacky jirai kei outfits.
I really want to see those two socially inept, mentally ill weebs interact with each other.

No. 147225

I mean she clearly knew what I meant,but she didn't wanted to talk about it. She quickly answered another question out of the comment section to switch the topic.

No. 147233

Why is she acting like that all the time, I mean she grew up like this, nearly everything in her life happened in front of a camera and now suddenly she gets nervous when doing the exact same thing that she has been doing for years now? That shakiness and nervousness behavior seems like its just another made up attention seeking thing. (In my opinion)

No. 147239


She does that when she doesn't want to answer something. Evasiveness, acting innocent like she didn't understand the question or in this case didn't know what you meant or were referring to when she obviously did.
Why didn't she just say "oh yes, that wasn't my cat" and leave it at that, and if anyone had asked her whose it was, she could just ignore that question or say she'd rather not answer. To pretend she didn't know what cat you were talking about is just silly. I remember hearing that in the stream. I suppose it's just possible she might have taken it completely literally and so not fathom what cat you meant, (didn't you say "orange cat") but I expect she knew full well which cat you meant but just didn't want to answer. But there have been two similar cats so I won't condemn her too much for that.

No. 147241


She said her ideal man would be someone pale and introverted, something like that, so it almost seems like they both might be thinking about it, because he describes ideal girl, and it sounds like he's describing Venus, then she describes ideal boy and it could be Daniel.

No. 147287

The jirai kei look doesn't suit venus at all it looks horrible. I wish she just started dressing like a normal mature girl, even in japanese style i dont care but I wish she'd stop with these ugly trends she can't even do right or make look good.

No. 147327

File: 1619477471971.jpeg (464.35 KB, 750x912, B72C7254-07CB-4773-981C-22D0DF…)

Caption is “What sound do you make when you cry?”

Imagine basing your look off of mental instability… so edgy. I can see this landmine girl bullshit being attractive to teenagers but once your in your mid twenties I think it’s time to grow up a bit. Kinda cringe

No. 147377

File: 1619503589574.jpeg (180.33 KB, 768x1024, 40F9F7A8-4DF3-4A85-9AEB-A3B370…)

what is with this pointed nose/chin photoshopping she’s obsessed with at the moment? she looks like she belongs that 2014 short, Human Form

No. 147383

File: 1619505883069.jpg (161.21 KB, 720x1253, 20210427_084203.jpg)

I mean what's wrong with her? How can one not see that this simply not looks good. That pose and facial expression gives me nightmares

No. 147388

it seems like she just wants a narrower sharper face as opposed to her naturally rounder/wider face. i'm surprised she doesn't just get plastic surgery

No. 147391

Whats going on with her legs in this one

No. 147392

Maybe she got traumatized by the botched weight loss surgery and doesn't want to take such risks anymore?

No. 147401

File: 1619525434172.jpeg (23 KB, 645x475, D9EA5A32-B0BC-4A59-BB98-8B260C…)

Jesus sorry for hygiene autism but every cow on /w/ needs a tape roll for clothes, including Venus. Is it so damn hard to spend 10 seconds taping the garment before posing in your dirty ass dark sweater ? Why does every cow need help with their laundry? Is it a cow thing or depression or what

No. 147402

Even botched Korean surgery girls don’t have a pointy chin like that

No. 147404


Isn't that what it's meant to convey though? I mean isn't that the whole point? That it's meant to be unsettling in some way and not 'nice'. If she is deliberately setting out to make herself look as unattractive as possible, mentally unbalanced to the point of maybe being dangerous to someone in case she attacks them but not immediately apparent, but don't upset her too much or step on her or she'll go off and kill you, if that's the kind of look she's deliberately trying to achieve, then she's succeeded.

No. 147406


She seems to want to look like an ugly old witch instead of how she actually does look, which if you look at her in her recent ASMR whisper video and the Korean BBQ video, is actually still a very pretty girl, but she doesn't like looking pretty for some reason, maybe self loathing, I don't know, it's so weird.

Why would anyone sane want to make themself look worse? But then, she's meant to be not sane, she's meant to be insane, and has latched onto the landmine girl theme and the jirai kei shit, so I guess I've answered my own question.

No. 147408

I inwardly groaned when someone asked her if she'd get herself a pet and she said she would, poor bloody thing would have a terrible time of it.

Broke her puppy's leg, killed her hamsters, or at least let them die, gets plants she doesn't look after properly so they die too.

Any animal she got, she'd not get it so she could give a good home to a living creature, it would be to reflect her image in some way, as an accessory, to look cute, like a cuddly toy, like one of her plushies. Dealing with its needs, toileting, feeding, giving proper unconditional love to, and truly, caring about it, would be beyond her. Plus she would also lose interest in it rapidly, like she does with most things. Even if she tried to look after it, she'd probably forget to feed it or otherwise do something, or not do something, that would cause it distress. And then blame it on her 'condition', whatever 'condition' that happened to be at the time.

No. 147410

File: 1619530015512.jpg (188.44 KB, 720x1257, 20210427_152614.jpg)

Those pupils and eyelashes are everything

No. 147421

Her real hair looks better than that ugly wig she's been wearing a lot.

No. 147436


Her Instagram uploads have been so ugly of late.

No. 147440


True, and let's face it, any girl who really did have an ugly, sharp featured face like that, would be more likely to want surgery to make themselves look how Venus looks naturally.

She has such a cute face, with a very youthful shape, it's mental that she tries to turn herself into an ugly pointy chinned hag.

No. 147441


It doesn't even look edgy, just mentally retarded. But I suppose that's the look she's going for. Imagine putting a stupid image of yourself like this online for all to see. She'll probably cringe with embarrassment in a few years if this resurfaces and she's moved on from it all.

No. 147444

File: 1619543721656.png (1.25 MB, 718x897, Screenshot_2021-04-27 Venus on…)

Imagine deliberately making yourself look as ugly as this! She truly is retarded.

No. 147446


I wonder if she does it so that if anyone has only seen her on Instagram and then sees how she really looks, they'll be pleasantly surprised at seeing how much better she looks than in her pictures? Maybe it's a strange way of getting compliments, so that people will tell her how much better she looks in real life than in her instagram pictures.

No. 147454

File: 1619547409306.jpg (188.01 KB, 716x1228, 20210427_201332.jpg)

Caption is: 125 Retweets and I’ll post a spicy video of me in this outfit

No. 147455

did.. did she draw her eyebrows over her hair??

No. 147456

most lively it's a filter

No. 147457

File: 1619548459343.jpg (959.11 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210427-113059_Twi…)

From one of her most recent Twitter post, she has bruising in the inner of her arm..

No. 147458

before everyone jumps to assumptions, remember that she recently was at a mental ward, and they most likely took blood samples. She might of needed to go back to the hospital/take blood samples again for medication. I've gotten bruising like this from that myself.

Also, isn't it incredibly difficult to get drugs in japan because it's so highly illegal… Especially something like H?

No. 147478

the reason why that fool brought her up was because some troll on his live kept saying venus wanted to fuck him and do a collab and he took the bait. sage for obvious reasons.

No. 147501

LMAO. I just noticed the eye brows how did she think that was ok to post

No. 147510

> Also, isn't it incredibly difficult to get drugs in japan because it's so highly
If you get involved with the yakuza it’s incredibly easy to get access to drugs.

No. 147558

True. Also now Maggot's claims sound kinda close…

No. 147590

Why would venus be involved with the yakuza? Not very kawaii of her.

No. 147596

She needs money and a place to live in lovely nippon. Being a whore is the only way to survive if you're mentally ill in that kind of society without family and friends to support you.

No. 147600

The adult industry in Japan is very much controlled by the yakuza so looking at Venus’ sugaring and onlyfans adventures I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gone that route.

No. 147606

That's so fucking desperate and sad.. She should just go back to Europe. She'd do so much better, she clearly can't keep up with Japan's strict work environment

No. 147613

What would she do in Europe though? She has no education and 0 interest in going to school. She also doesn’t want to work.

No. 147614

She'd do the same as in Japan but without visa fraud kek. She's hopeless.

No. 147621


I've noticed in loads of her Instagram pictures, it looks like she has five o'clock shadow. It's quite noticeable in this one, especially when viewed in the smaller picture.
Is it her stupid obsessive editing of her lower face that causes that?

Why the hell can't she just show her natural face? It looks so much better than those ridiculous shoops.

No. 147720

File: 1619697475230.jpg (170.72 KB, 720x989, 20210429_135711.jpg)

Back at it again with the worst filter ever.

No. 147722


Bottom right is the worst, that stupid point on her chin.

No. 147724

Someone asked her about the bruise on her arm and she said she had an iv. They give those in Japan quite easily so I doubt she's shooting up anything.

No. 147726

File: 1619700650410.jpg (129.08 KB, 1080x1350, 1.jpg)


Someone commented on that post that she should wink in her next one if she needed help and so next post she did. So, was she messing about or does she really need help?

No. 147727

LOL at what she's written on her Instagram account.
Hikikomori pretending to be a cute girl"

No. 147729


At least she looks alright in this picture, although it looks like she's added something to her chin to make it more pronounced, but she might really have that prominence on it, so not sure, it's just something looks a bit off in that region, but she edits so much that it would probably look like she had, even if she hadn't.

No. 147730


Remember that parody video she did on instant plastic surgery? She did it like she was making fun of the idea and didn't agree with it or take it seriously, but maybe she has learnt how to mix up that stuff and apply it to her face, because even though in the video she's making fun of the idea, the way she makes up her face in it, looks like how she tries to edit her face today, but today her edits on instagram look even worse than how she looks in that video, she might look odd in the video but not really ugly like her edits on instagram in that hideous wig.

No. 147731

File: 1619702976707.jpg (41.05 KB, 661x367, 010.jpg)


From the video.

No. 147754

If she's just joking that's really fucked up.

No. 147762

File: 1619720541224.jpeg (114.5 KB, 827x786, AA39709D-5685-44CB-A558-CD5EA5…)

Found the comment

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did this to gain attention like she said she likes to do to worry people because she’s desperate for attention at this point

No. 147767

She's a scumbag

No. 147816

It is me or that nose shooping makes her look like Flan

No. 147859

File: 1619741923265.jpg (1.2 MB, 2160x3840, 20210430_021741.jpg)

I agree with everybody here that the editing is absolutely hideous, but the tinfoils and comments about it reach way too much at times. Her editing style is simply common for the alternative Japanese fashion she wears. If you go to the hashtag she keeps using, you'll see it used. It's really that simple!

No. 147927

don’t care. they look just as creepy and weird looking so don’t even wk here

No. 147935

When did Margo say Venus has Autism spectrum disorder professionally tested(I’m not calling it aspergers because it’s not good, you can google the history, and I have ASD)? She never said that Venus was actually tested for it. Screenshot it or link it please.

By the way, ASD is literally thrown on everyone that seems a bit weird. People throw around that diagnosis as if it’s nothing all the time.

No. 147955

I just watched her latest video. There is definitely something weird going on. Regardless if you like Venus or not, this isn't normal. She seems completely out of it. Watching the video was like watching a 90 y/o lady with dementia trying to give a room tour. She seems very unwell and whether it is medication, alcohol or drugs, I think she seriously needs a break from the internet and focus on her own wellbeing.

No. 147956

Venus fits the description of autism pretty well though. She has many typical characteristics - social awkwardness, lack of concentration but on the other hand also weird obsessions etc.

No. 147957

How can she ”take a brake from the internet” when her only possible source of income comes from the internet?

No. 147976

Wasn't she diagnosed with adhd?

No. 147977

Such vague descriptors. Stop armchairing.

No. 147978

Apparently, so she says. I’d believe that over ASD. Both share some characteristics, but also people are unique and nobodies diagnosis is going to look the same as someone else. That’s why it’s such a useless conversation to sit and try to diagnose her based on “being obsessed with things” and “not focusing”

No. 147980

File: 1619789272006.jpg (107.21 KB, 480x640, =.JPG)


Some guy called Mikaeel Sehemi commented to her on that picture about some sort of project they'd agreed on. I wonder what that is, or if it's just another thing that will fall through?

No. 147982

>Oh no! Poor wittle Venus can't have a job irl. She's too fragile and uwu autist for that.

No. 147988

She probably agreed to fuck him but then got second thoughts and ghosted lol

No. 147994

There’s not exactly a huge demand in the japanese work force for an alcoholic gaijin with multiple mental health issues and no education whatsoever.

No. 147996

Or maybe she’s been abused by psycho Margo growing up so her sense of self and social abilities are tainted. Shut up please

No. 147997


"psexpert" though, LOL.

No. 147998

if she cared about her health more she would give up her weeb dream and move to a country like her home country where receiving social and medical aid isn't as near-impossible as it is in japan. i think her family in hungary would also take her in.

No. 148000

She should move back to where she has legal citizenship and start an entry level wagie job there. She isn't entitled to stay in Japan and she isn't entitled to make a shit ton of money for possessing zero skills. But that would still be better than her being a sex worker.

I like it when projecting anons act like socially stunted, abused, and/or autistic women have never held jobs so the expectation is unreasonable somehow lol. Nope, she'll have to do some real work in her life.

No. 148001


Can we please stop hearing this shit over and over again.

No. 148004


And this.

This is what I’m talking about. You can’t diagnose someone just because you think they fit the bill. Autism can present itself as schizophrenia, adhd, ocd, etc. You literally can’t be socially awkward and not be autistic. Being “ social awkwardness, lack of concentration but on the other hand also weird obsessions etc.” is dumb as hell. You don’t know what you’re talking about retard.

If you actually knew about ASD, how could it possibly make sense that an autistic can know if they are really socially awkward unless people tell them? A lot of us autistic don’t know, and for the ones who do find out, they don’t realize what about their body language gives to other people. There are so many other things associated with ASD that you can’t possibly know. It’s more than social.(derailing)

No. 148005

This is me again. I accidentally worded something wrong. I meant to say that you CAN be socially awkward and NOT be autistic.

No. 148019

If she moves back to Switzerland, she might be as foreign as she is in Japan. She hasn’t lived there since she was eleven apparently (then moved to Spain after that).

No. 148023

Could be for attention. Maybe she wants people to see so we can all feel bad for her.

No. 148027

How do people not know the marina Joyce crap was obviously faked? She herself said it was a publicity stunt.

No. 148029

What hikkikomori leeches off her free visa (creep husband) and gets drunk every night? She’s literally not a shut in, she does photo shoots and smokes at the club w big crowds

No. 148042

Marina Joyce did not do that for publicity or ever “admit” to it being a publicity stunt she spent her entire teen years doing psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs until she gave herself psychosis and lasting damage like drug induced schizophrenia, one of her old friends made a video about it even saying they were one of the people who got her into the drugs and watched it all happen. I don’t know why she’s so afraid to tell her audience the truth but she didn’t do all that for publicity all the viewers just kept going with that narrative and her brain is too fried to understand how messed up the whole situation was. Even if you go to her recent videos she’s still weird and overly spiritual like she will never be her old self again.

No. 148056

File: 1619809648226.jpeg (706.4 KB, 1170x1430, 5DFCF1B0-4A9F-470F-A654-E04E6D…)

I figured you’d say that. I’ll believe what she said herself, and not other people’s opinions then. Simple.

No. 148060

>I’ll believe what she said herself
But you post a screenshot from a crap article from 2017 not her own words and no proof lmao okay. If you actually knew someone or were around someone who experienced psychosis from drugs it would be so easy to see it in her behavior in her videos, especially if you actually watched her content back in the day and saw the people she surrounded herself with. Venus could be pretending to be worse off in videos, or maybe she actually is not doing good but that has nothing to do with someone who has actual mental illness from frying her brain on drugs that the internet decided to just claim was her being kidnapped and I don’t want to derail the thread any further.

No. 148061

Is this the Marina Joyce thread now??

No. 148062

>I don’t want to derail the thread any further
Then stop talking about Marina.

No. 148081

How do people check an onlyfans’ statistics? There was a website like social blade, but I can’t find it. I want to know if Venus is losing or gaining onlyfans followers/subscribers.

No. 148088

I’m not sure, but she is losing followers on IG. Mikan now has more than her (231K vs 230K) which I’m sure she’s creaming her pants over

No. 148096

She openly admitted to make others worry about her on purpose, so yeah

No. 148135


Right. I don't know why people still persist in saying it. She's got everything she wants in Japan so why the hell would she want to leave it?

And seeing how determined she was in getting there in the first place, I'm sure if she wanted to go somewhere else, she'd be equally determined to go there too.

People should just face the fact that Japan suits her, it's where she wants to be and it seems like it's always where she wanted to be, and I hope people will stop saying she should leave, it's so futile and very, very boring.

No. 148136


She did say on IG that she'd had an iv and for people not to worry, in a reply to people commenting about it, so it doesn't look like she wanted people to worry or she wouldn't have bothered to reply to those comments. I should imagine she gets fed up with keep seeing the worry comments from people, and all the comments keep asking her if she's alright. No one wants to keep seeing that all the time, it's like being constantly reminded that they weren't alright in the past and like they're being dragged back to that time instead of being allowed to move on from it.
She seems to be quite happy at the moment, really into her jirai kei thing.

No. 148137

Sure she seems really happy in her last video. Stop projecting

No. 148143

It's her life. Let her live it.
Nobody's happy all the time.

No. 148154

Exact same Hello Kitty decorated air con unit and all. The comparison between these two videos is fucked. I hate to imagine what she'll look like or where she'll end up in the next 5 years.

No. 148166

She's most likely staying there illegally so I think she should be kicked out.

No. 148192

Kiwifarms that way >>>>

No. 148216

File: 1619926264905.jpeg (658.99 KB, 750x1163, E14313D4-C251-40F5-B72D-C6C150…)


No. 148227

File: 1619942231571.jpeg (311.03 KB, 828x1512, A0E0F70C-C908-4928-A1D3-B09F0F…)

She posted this then deleted it 10 seconds later, why does she always do this?

No. 148232

why did she use a beauty filter? it kept glitching lol

No. 148235


The chopsticks when she's eating ramen lol

No. 148236

Jesus Christ this is the most unenthusiastic cringe scripted voice over video she's done in ages.

No. 148242

File: 1619960084329.jpg (731.21 KB, 1874x1080, 20210502_145412.jpg)

Kek, what a mess.

No. 148248

Damn… the morphing is terrible. A glitchy nightmare and she doesn't give a shit.

No. 148251

I can't with the snow filter constantly glitching… her body dysmorphia is at the point now where she won't even upload a video without a filter. Every single thing about her is fake and half-assed. She would be better off with using the myspace angle in her videos like she used to instead of this unwatchable garbage.

No. 148255

She has explained in her last livestream that she suffered a panic attack in the street and that’s a bruise from the iv

No. 148256

No. 148257


Uh, because she's mental.


No. 148258

File: 1619969201206.png (1.01 MB, 1014x1062, Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 10.2…)

That could just be the ~uwu kawaii mental breakdown~ explanation, it's more likely that she was back in the hospital for ED related complications.

Also, major tin-foiling, but why does it looks like cigarette burns on her arms? (via recent live)

No. 148261

christ read the thread this is like the third time it's mentioned that the bruise is from an iv…

No. 148262

Her next public mental uwu breakdown is definitely on the horizon. Rinse, cycle and repeat as always then another 6 months disappearing act from Youtube.

No. 148263

Have to say she looks damn good in this live video.

No. 148265


At about one hour and eleven minutes in, it sounds like she's getting exasperated with all the is she alright comments. I feel sorry for her, it must be so wearing seeing all that crap over and over again. I bet she wishes she'd never shared anything about her mental health. Now no one will ever let her forget it.

No. 148267

It's her own fault though. First she acts out online, says she likes worrying people and now that people are worried she's being an ungrateful little bitch. No sympathy.

No. 148268

People wouldn’t ask so much if she was more open about what she was doing to recover - just showing off some self help books isn’t really enough. She should either edit her IV bruises out or be proactive and explain how she got them, rather than letting people speculate. That would be interesting content, rather than the 367456667th kawaii room tour. I think viewers would want to share in that recovery journey with her, and for her to let them hold her accountable might even be good for her, since she seems to have no-one else.

(And maybe if she gave up wearing makeup that makes her look even sicker than she already is…)

No. 148269


But she really shouldn't have to tell people anything she doesn't want to. It's none of their business as they are merely strangers on the Internet. They have no intrinsic right to know anything about her private life but they act as though they have.

No. 148270

That’s what I tell people. If she doesn’t want to go into detail with her personal life, she shouldn’t. This goes for everyone with their personal life. Seeing all of the comments asking a slight variation of ArE yOu OkAy VeNuS? is annoying. It’s all people ever say now. Most of those people over analyze everything with “oh so secret hidden messages”.

No. 148271

I wanted to take a screenshot, too, but she deleted it.
Maybe because you could see something that looks like bruises on her chest?

No. 148272


Horrible picture anyway. The makeup and editing does nothing for her and just makes her look old and ugly.

No. 148275

She enjoys the attention and sympathy she gets from milking her mental health. Venus knew talking about it will lure in more & more validation; and presto-it has worked.

No. 148276

I don’t understand the people who immediately assume she’s being abused with they see a bruise on her. Like give me a fucking break, when you are underweight/malnourished that shit happens all the time, and she’s pale af so it’s more noticeable. I don’t blame her if she took down that picture bc she didn’t want those comments. Must be mad annoying.

No. 148277

Venus isn't a victim she knows what she's doing and she's loving it. She loves to worry people and she loves to be cared after.

No. 148278

Kek relationship advice from someone who moved back in with a doormat simp ex. Genius.

No. 148279

That’s why I think she has bpd. Idk if they diagnose people with that in Japan but it makes sense.

No. 148280

More like a fully evolved manipulative narcissist. They love having a major victim complex. Without a doubt she has a range of mental health issues, however she uses it for her own selfish "pity me" game to get what she wants in life, as well as her ego stroked on a regular basis.

No. 148288

I never seen someone try so hard to fake shake their hands

No. 148289

More like she passed out in the street because she was drunk

No. 148313

Takes me back to when she was live streaming in a karaoke joint and rang Manaki to come & collect her mindlessly drunk self.

I wouldn't be surprised her "panic attack" was actually this to be honest. She has no self control.

No. 148321

A week ago she was sniffing alcool. Two days later she appears with a bruise because she passed out and needed an IV. Sus.
I know Japan give IV easily but for a panic attack?? Really??

No. 148329

Once a liar, always a liar. Venus is morphing into an alcoholic/drug abuser and everything else that comes along with it. Fortunately for her, her idiotic fanbase believes her "stories".

No. 148345

So fucking gross posting this OF shit from Manaki’s apartment where she’s apparently planted herself like the human leech she is.

No. 148346

I find it amusing that the sad struggle videos she’s putting out now get a fraction of the views her porn-y ones did.

No. 148347

>> when she was live streaming in a karaoke joint and rang Manaki to come & collect her mindlessly drunk self.

Here it is again, for old times’ sake.

I wonder how many other humiliating public scenes she’s caused the poor simp. No sympathy here, he keeps taking her back.

No. 148348

File: 1620002950951.jpeg (224.61 KB, 955x1536, 4D167998-BFBD-429B-B654-6FD77B…)

From the drunk livestream, after face planting in a bowl of ramen. Good times for Manaki having to show up and collect her drunk ass to take home.

No. 148360

>I want to kill myself I fantasize with dying in the worst ways possible I'm so mentally ill xdxdxd daddy plz fuck me or I'll commit sudoku. Did I mentioned I'm sooooo fucked up in the head and want to die? uwu uwu uwu look at my selfies in the mental ward with my new fake bffs <3 don't forget to suscribe to my OF

>guyz pls stop asking if I'm okay ;_;

You tell us, anon.

No. 148375

File: 1620023936760.png (771.42 KB, 952x826, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.36…)

the peanut head beauty filter trend has GOT to stop

No. 148377


Bless you anon for bringing it back. Simpnaki will be firmly wrapped around her finger for many years to come, no doubt about that.

Everytime she seems to have a mental health "breakdown", she returns to his apartment on way more than one occasion. Crawling back to the cuck again and again, playing the victim card so he feels bad for her on a never-ending loop.

No. 148387


Or something she's taking. She said she's on medication that contains amphetamines and i only heard recently someone talking about how amphetamine use to try and keep slim can cause someone to pass out.

Though I don't know why she would need that to try and keep slim, because wouldn't the surgery she had mean she will not be able to gain weight anyway, even if she wanted to?

No. 148388


Was that only fans then? I thought it was instagram.

No. 148389


Well that's hardly surprising though. Anything pornified will always get more views.

No. 148391


Ooh that's scary. It looks like a picture of some gross body builder guy with a girl's head.

No. 148392


Well he did marry her, for better or worse and all that. So in a way he is sort of responsible for her. He's her next of kin by law surely?

No. 148394



Q "Are you often jealous?"

A "No. I like myself too much."

No. 148395

File: 1620042354262.jpg (817.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210503-214337_Ins…)

Oh honey…

No. 148396

File: 1620042428214.jpg (918.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210503-214652_Ins…)

No. 148398

I mean, it's both. Alcoholism wrecks your body, the long term damage from the surgery on top of that plus her combini crap diet adds up to make sense.

No. 148399

Question in her live of What does Manaki think of her living at his flat and drinking all day and doing Only Fans?

She replied she didn't want to answer personal questions but she would answer that, and the answer was that He does the same.

So now you know.

No. 148402


And LOL at some guy in the chat asking Manaki has only fans?

Venus was fed up of being asked by people what she's studying, she said because of her situation she is unable to study so she has to find other ways of making money, she hustles.

Would she be an office lady? If in Only Fans terms, like dressing up, she would, but if she had to be a real office lady, then she'd kill her boss.

She also said she used to have body dysmorphia but since doing Only Fans, not any more.

She's getting good at answering questions from viewers, but I don't know how entirely honest she's being in the answers.

No. 148404

Good luck to her getting a job once she's too washed up for the internet after that killing boss comment

No. 148406

> she said because of her situation she is unable to study so she has to find other ways of making money

What situation? Being lazy? There is literally nothing stopping her from getting an education and improving her life, she has no kids, no job, no family to take care of, not even pets to take care of, there is literally nothing holding her back from studying, the reality is she just doesn’t want to

No. 148410

File: 1620050473870.jpg (280.96 KB, 1152x2048, E0RGg2sVgAMcCWL.jpg)

Makes me think of that old Sex Pistols song, Belsen Is A Gas.

No. 148411

we're kind of tired of explain it, she doesn't have a GED. she wanted to go to uni but she hasn't graduated high school because of margo's obsession with pseudo degrees. Please, before asking the same questions all the time search for info yourself.

No. 148412

She can still go to a technical school without needing a high school degree. Her Japanese is good enough to enter. There are no excuses.

No. 148414


But she doesn't want to. And it's her life. Why should she have to do something she doesn't want to do just because some other people say she should?

No. 148415

Kek but they're "divorced" because of his abusive behavior according to Weenus.

No. 148416

File: 1620052997064.jpg (74.11 KB, 640x800, it’s milk.jpg)

What's she drinking? people are saying in the comments it isn't milk, seems to be some sort of in joke thing going on with some of the posters, but I don't get it, someone saying she shouldn't be drinking it as it's nasty. Is it alcohol?

No. 148417


Didn't she say somewhere a while back they were still married?

No. 148419


Someone asked if she would film anything with June Lovejoy again and she said that June is busy with her AV work at the moment but that she will when they can. June no longer follows her on Instagram so I don't know if she feels the same way about filming with Venus again, we shall just have to wait and see.

No. 148420

File: 1620053756386.jpeg (362.68 KB, 1332x1536, D3636B82-148A-4F78-AD5D-664949…)

>> sounds like she's getting exasperated with all the is she alright comments. I feel sorry for her, it must be so wearing seeing all that crap over and over again.
Riiight, poor Venus must be SO TIRED of all this concern! Like she was when she posted this

No. 148421


That was then though, she's trying to move on from all that now, but how can she if people won't let her?

No. 148422

File: 1620054102291.jpeg (195.21 KB, 802x1406, E085E52C-7087-4166-82B4-5867EC…)

And this

Are you kidding? She fucking craves and loves and feeds on that shit. She’s a miniature version of her sociopath mother. Remember Margo’s repeated suicide bating? Meet Margo jr.

So how new are you to this trainwreck, anyway? Because you seem brand new, >>148265

No. 148423

Sweetie, she’s not >>moving on.
BPD people don’t “move on.” She’s just getting more sneaky and subtle about her sympathy baiting. Perfecting her skills as she gets older, if you will.

But hey, keep on keeping on with the oh noes, poor Venus! SO BRAVE! routine, anon.

No. 148424


People don't recover that quickly from trauma related problems, there are always going to be ups and downs, but she really does seem to be managing better now, she's going out and seems more in control. She seemed sensible and knowing what she was talking about in her latest live stream.

She was also going somewhere in a taxi or maybe someone like Manaki, or her manager, or freind or someone, was driving her. She'd done her nails nicely and was quite pleased about it, so she looks to be doing alright now. We can only hope for the best for her, it's nice to see her doing better. I know people like to laugh at her here, and that's fine, but I take no pleasure in seeing someone suffering and I hope she feels a lot better now than she did in those darker times.

No. 148434

Im very familiar with addicts because I work with them for a living. I think the deterioration suggests some kind of addiction, even if it's just alcohol and nicotine. However, for all the people saying she looks like she's on meth, I don't think that's the case at all. She doesn't have the sores that meth users get from digging at their skin. I wouldn't be surprised if she were abusing pills though.

No. 148451

Because she has no other option? You think she's bette being a homeless prostitute with addiction than studying or having a minimum wage job, just because she doesn't want to? Stop projecting anon, she isn't doing better, she won't.

No. 148455

yeah sure moving back in with her "abusive" ex husband is definitely "moving on".

No. 148467

You can get a ged at any age anon that is not an excuse, having not even a basic education is more reason to go and get one, I’m not talking about university, literally any education would improve herself but she chooses not to, she will never get a job nor go to school because she still fantasizes about making money online but that doesn’t work out for everyone

No. 148469

File: 1620060107859.png (1 MB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20210503-183831~2.p…)

Manaki's account is back up. it was renamed and set private for a while or do I remember that incorrectly? I mean that was what sparked the Kappa's last psychotic rant, wasn't it?

No. 148475

Another story she told while forgetting to spin the "we're divorced" narrative. Who knows really. What we do know is she's shacking back up with the simp because she probably played the "I'll be homeless please save me" card.

Instead of getting her own little place courtesy of OF bucks, she prefers being a leech. What a pathetic life.

No. 148500

sage but he's so fuckin ugly

No. 148503

Doing a live called "yandere gives relationship advice" and constantly reminding everyone how "jirai kei onna" she is is not moving on.

No. 148505

File: 1620075275269.png (1.93 MB, 1080x2186, Screenshot_20210503-184353.png)

what the fuck though

No. 148509

File: 1620077963844.jpg (204.12 KB, 340x617, tnDoBrw.jpg)

I wonder who's driving in those insta stories she posted.


No. 148510

File: 1620078000320.jpg (320.97 KB, 352x622, waanjfy.jpg)

No. 148514


Damn it's been such a long time since I've seen doormat-san, he looks even more like a beta loser otaku than I remember.

He's part of the large male population in Japan who are complacent with anime porn and don't bother seeking anything of substance. He won't even try to get Venus back or give her the boot. Truly pathetic.

No. 148526

Idk, I think he is much less pathetic than Venus. At least he has a job

No. 148545

Pretty sure that's a fake account. I followed his instagram account until he disappeared on sns and changed the name to poteto_100. You can see by the low follower count that manasenpai is not the real one.

No. 148554

It's a sake juice box. The sake in it is called Demon Slayer

No. 148578

> He does the same.
Yeah, sure he does, you ungrateful cunt.

No. 148579

File: 1620123628559.jpg (63.99 KB, 720x964, 20210504_121832.jpg)

She posted this a half hour ago, dunno what it should mean

No. 148582

It's the alcoholic drink she loves so much.

No. 148585

>"Strong Zero is a 'Chūhai' - a highball cocktail made with 'Shōchū', a Japanese liquor distilled from rice, barley, potatoes, or buckwheat. The name Strong Zero comes from the fact that they are very strong (9% ABV) and contains zero sugar."

No. 148587


Oh c'mon, he's really quite cute. He does look a bit like Suga after all, so hardly ugly, lol.

No. 148588


Isn't she meant to be a demon here?


Is it Manaki?

I thought at first she was holding up a false finger, it looks odd. It looks like she's indicating "That way, chauffeur" .


Oh lord, I hope those are not real tattoos.

No. 148589

File: 1620132382689.jpg (98.08 KB, 540x702, tumblr_88763e575d96b6e0ad9e8c1…)

jirai onna girls drink strong zero, that's why she likes it. It's like Japanese white claw.

No. 148590

What does she mean by "No is not an answer". ? An answer to what? We'd have to know what the question is. That statement doesn't make sense otherwise.

No. 148591


I wonder if it's being used in her cosplay in some way? Where she's dressed as a demon.

No. 148619

Watching this stream for nearly over an hour really gonna make you lose all those brain cells. This girl isn't able to talk normal just once so why is she giving others an advice anyways

No. 148622

Do jiari onnas have eds too? If so I think venus has finally found herself something permanent to identify with. Good for her.

No. 148646


is a character from the anime series "Darling in the franxx"…

No. 148678

File: 1620175677794.jpeg (348.5 KB, 1619x1491, 76DC0C1F-7F9B-41DE-A6AB-BAD33A…)

Strong Zero has been her fave beverage for at least the past two years now. It’s cheap and gets you real drunk real fast. She drinks cheap wine every now and again but she always goes back to Strong Zero.

So now she’s trying to make it look cool instead of pathetic I guess.

No. 148707

This thread is odd, or at least the anons who contribute are. I understand theorizing and debating but most of the anons here seem to state things as 100% fact. Like some of you seem to say and fully believe that "she lives with manaki" without showing proof or reason, other than the wall color (which isnt that great seeing as japan is known for its copy paste architecture) most of you say that shes "on drugs and pills" without really providing reason, when it could likely just be alchohol. And now shes supposedly being abused and held hostage by a manager (which is kind of contradictory to the manaki living situation) im not saying that any of these are wrong because i dont know venus, im just saying theres not alot of through line in this thread other than points that were made about 4 theeads ago. Maybe venus has moved out into another shitty apartment and is no longer living with manaki which would explain her room being different, maybe venus is working with someone else now or has a friend/housmate to help with the camera, venus has stated that she has been diagnosed with adhd or whatever recently so maybe she is prescribed something that could be making her act stupid, etc..

Tldr: lots of brash speculation with not alot of anons providing proof or information to support argument other than referencing past threads

No. 148708

She did confirm in a recent livestream that she lives with Manaki though. If you scroll up you'll find her quote when someone asked her about how Manaki felt about her getting drunk and doing Onlyfans in his apartment.

No. 148723

>other than the wall color

try harder

No. 148751

Can someone decipher what Venus has put on her latest story? Looks like a comment from Margaret in German, but I am unable to take any screenshots from a story on Instagram.

No. 148752


She said that, but if I remember rightly, she's in the same place where a few videos ago, she said was her place in the country. So at one point she made it sound like she was living in a place in the country, like it was her own place, where she preferred living because it was quiter, then when someone asked her the question about Manaki, she replied so confirming that's where she was. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I suppose we can say that Manaki must live in the country rather than a busy place, and as his wife I suppose she might naturally think of it as her own place too, and not just Manaki's place. It would be 'their' place, as a married couple, therefore it would be 'her' place and can be referred to as such, if they are still married, if they are, she said they were not long ago, even though at an earlier time she claimed she was getting divorced. I don't ever remember her confirming they had indeed got divorced, so maybe they were going to, but changed their minds.
At the end of the day though, I guess it really is her own private business and I can't condemn her for wanting to keep it private, just a shame that she put it out all over the internet to begin with if she feels now she wants it private, but maybe back then she never knew how toxic people could get about her own private life and so maybe has decided now she definitely does want to keep it private from now on.

No. 148753

File: 1620230342273.png (621.13 KB, 750x1334, 833597A0-5699-4A67-AEB6-D5110E…)

Here’s the screenshot (I don’t know German either)

No. 148754


I do feel a bit sorry for Margaret. Whatever's transpired, at the end of the day, Venus is still her daughter. Her only child. Somewhere deep in her disorderd mind, that must still mean something.

No. 148756


Thanks. I'm guessing the first part is asking something about why is this email in the spam folder? But apart from that, it needs someone who understand German to translate.

No. 148758


Venus i know im from grandpa and thats why my "Father" lies about his Father and tried to destroy you.
But because you are as crazy as them, nobody can help you anyway.
Today my father laughed that everytime someone tells you a wrong memorie, you believe them more and more.
Now they trying to tell you that you was never allowed to see them, but i laughed and told them there are the pictures and we rented a apartment from my parents. So what are they trying to do?
my parents hate me because iam not from my Father and remember me clearly
the are nearly 70, father has cancer und mother weights 120 kg - cancer too. They talking crazy all the time.

No. 148762

The translation is spot on, but the German in the mail is so bad, even my 10-years old daughter is better.

No. 148766

what?did she just say her mother cheated on her husband with his father?

No. 148767

She did not write it directly, so i dont know, but "my parents hate me because iam not from my Father" sounds more like rape. Or she ist just crazy.

No. 148768

True, it does sound more like rape…
If its true, then this is 3 generations of a fucked up family…
I hope Venus won't continue the line and will never have her own children…

No. 148769


She could become more wise and know what not to do.

Whatever, it is sad. I feel sorry for both of them. Venus and her mother.

No. 148776

Can't wait for Lori screeching

No. 148782

gahaha my sides… i cant. anon u made my night.

No. 148806

Even though I'm German I needed like 5 minutes to even understand the first sentence, good lord.
Does this mean Margo's a product of incest…? If so, why on earth would Venus post it? Or did Margo go full tinfoil-hat?

No. 148862

Probably full tinfoil-hat, lmao.
Maggot always makes word salads.

No. 148869

I’ll never understand why Margaret chose to make everything so difficult and unstable for them. She is still this bad at English and Swiss-German, but she never taught Venus her native language. Why would she do that? I always wonder how the inability to communicate fluently in either language to each other screwed Venus up even more than if she had grown up properly bilingual. Like she had to live always second-guessing everything her mom said even without the obvious lying or exaggerations.

Could it be that she hates her father enough that she doesn’t want to acknowledge their relation, but identifies with her grandfather more? She once insulted Venus by saying mental illness ran in her family but miraculously skipped over her and affected Venus instead.

No. 148873

Thought the same. I am German and it sounded so weird that at first I even had problems understanding what Margo is trying to tell….actually I am still not sure I get it. I understand the words, but not the intention behind them. It sounds like someoen used a poor translation program or like drunk rambling?

No. 148874

No, I don't think she means to say that she is the product of incest, but that her mother cheated on her partner/husband with another man, so her mother's husband was not her father?

No. 148882

If Margo wasn’t loved in her early childhood, because she was the result of infidelity, maybe she didn’t develop some social skills. That could explain why she’s a sociopath, or how she views parenthood (as a business contract), and why, in general, she’s angry at everybody.

No. 148885

Damn, what's wrong with they're German? I could hardly understand anything. Now it makes sense that venus speaks the way she does.

No. 148887

I interpreted it that way anon, not incest, but she is a product of her grandfather's genes rather than her father. Then she says to Venus that she is more like HER grandfather (Margot's father) and that is partly why they are distant, and why Venus's grandparents take her side. She then tries, I think, to suggest the grandparents are crazy because they're 70 (not even that old) and fat (120 kg is pretty big, guess she knows Venus won't respect a fatty) do wonder what the extent of the relationships are in her family. That email makes it sound like Venus communicates with her Grandparents and her mom doesn't like it/tries to make her think they're crazy and can't be trusted. I assumed Venus just cut her whole family off.

No. 148908

>>her sociopath mother. Remember Margo’s repeated suicide bating?

I wonder if her mother was doing that when Venus was still a young child? That is incredibly damaging to child's psyche. It becomes like the child has to feel responsible for the parent's well being and to feel like they have to be responsible for the parent (usually the mother), I know three cases of this and it screws up the kids minds as they can't be carefree, have to always be worrying about what state of mind the mother is in and sometimes have to be like a carer for their mother when it's the mother who should be caring for them.

If Margaret was having these depressive thoughts back when Venus was a young child it's a shame she couldn't have reached out for help to someone, like a therapist or someone if her family or friends didn't help her, maybe she did but didn't get proper help, but whatever if she was like that back then, then it's no wonder that it affected Venus' mental health.

No. 148911

>>sounds like rape

Why? It's not unheard of for women to have sex with their husband's or boyfriend's father. Doesn't mean it's rape. Things can get complicated with people, women can have sex with their in-laws, sister's husband, husband's father or brother or uncle or nephew or whatever, if a child ensues as a result, things get even more complicated.

So it wouldn't have to mean there was any rape, if Venus' grandmother had sex with her husband/boyfriend's father, she wouldn't be the first woman in the world to do so is what I'm saying. In this case though, we don't even know that is the case as it is not clear what Margaret meant.

No. 148912


What exactly is Margaret's native language? Sorry I don't know much about these things. I thought her native language would be German or Swiss German, not that I know anything much about either or what the real difference is. I've never been taught anything about other languages except French, a terrible failure in English speaking schools I think.

Is her native language Hungarian? But she lived in Switzerland? It's all very complicated.

No. 148917

Venus said in her recent live when asked about Manaki, that she didn't want to answer questions about her personal life but said that she would answer that, just to say that he does exactly the same as her, (look at porn, go on Only fans, and get drunk all day). But, she said she didn't want to have to answer any questions about her personal life, which seemed sensible and I thought good for her. But now, what does she do? She goes and posts publicly online, for all to see, a private email from her mother to her, obviously not meant for anyone else to see.

I have conflicted thoughts as to why. Why would she do this?

Is it because she is bombarded with this sort of thing from her mother every day and she doesn't know how to deal with it, and is posting online hoping to get some sort of help or advice from someone there?

Surely Margaret wouldn't want this to be made public? So why would Venus do this? Especially when she so recently said she didn't want to answer any questions about her personal life, indicating she wanted to keep her private life private.

But then she posts online this private email from her mother to her.

Venus knows that everything she says or does ends up here in Lolcow, so has she done this to make her mother feel worse? It seems cruel. I actually feel really sorry for Margaret right now. If the speculation that has ensued over it here, is true, Margaret can't be blamed for any of that, it is not her fault what happened before she was born. She can't help who her parents are. Maybe she only found out recently, or maybe she always knew, or maybe it isn't how it has been interpreted here and it is just her jumbled way of writing that has made the meaning ambiguous. Whatever the truth behind any of it is, the fact remains that it is a private email from her to Venus and should have stayed private. It just makes Venus look bad for posting it online, when she knows it would get reposted here, and now on Kiwi farms too, and probably elsewhere where people gossip. Awful.

No. 148950

Yes, at first I thought the same, but the fact that she said both her parents hate her because of her being the daughter of her grandpa, kinda suggests that this maybe wasn't something her mother wanted to do…that's why maybe there was rape involved.
Anyhow, keep in mind this is Margaret; she rarely says 100% truths. Maybe its just a good excuse for Margaret to explain why her parents are against her now days and that in reality, maybe they did love her when she grew up with them, but had change of heart when they learned what she did to her own daughter.
Because from this email it suggests like her parents are trying to contact Venus and also go against Margaret, so her motive is to try to defend herself (in a poor way..)
Who knows. All what Margaret says are lies sprinkled with some truth to make it sound real…It's called manipulation.

Venus learned best from her own mother.

As you said, there's a reason why Venus decided to make this public. And I believe its not from pitying her, or for trying to help her mother, its to ruin her reputation.
Venus doesn't realize that this ruins her own reputation as well. Margaret and Venus are bonded; this action Venus made will reflect badly on herself as well.

Well, she's not that intelligent, as we all know. I'm actually not surprised she made this public.
She's rotten just like her mother.

No. 148961

By Venus’ own admission, she likes shit stirring and “making people worry” about her. She’s a mentally ill edgelord.

And Margo is just as crazy. She’s said ridiculous stuff before, like Venus murdered Manaki and she’s involved with the yakuza, and that she was never anything but a loving supportive parent. She can’t form a coherent sentence in any language.

But suddenly this random screenshot is 100% word for word truth…? Okay.

No. 148970

Rotten woman. I think it’s fucked up when people put all of their family’s business out there on social media. Venus is turning into her mother

No. 149001

She already has turned into her mother. Posting nudes online, scamming people, etc

No. 149018

File: 1620351155411.jpeg (741.06 KB, 1125x1081, B74F43E1-54AC-451D-BA60-7FA4D5…)

I think the decline was a lot more gradual than these pictures suggest… she just used to be less exhausted and put more time into editing away any signs of aging in the past (now she slaps on a filter or let’s herself look haggard). You could more realistically see her aging in other people’s pictures, like this one from 2017 (I mean she looks fine, but less flawless than her own content)

No. 149030

File: 1620353988408.jpeg (782.93 KB, 1125x2436, BFE45283-A330-47AC-9C61-C32132…)

H er “secretary”/Kirie is basically the same person as her but male. He is frequently on Discord justifying lack of content on OF and asking people how to upload files because his “brain turns off” when he works with technology. His Momonga thing seems abandoned and his discord plans are a “bust” according to him.

No. 149037

She claimed while she was with her ex-husband, that he didnt let her teach Venus Hungarian. Although, she could have taught Venus (assuming Venus even wanted to learn which I doubt) upon leaving him. But at that point, Venus already knew German from hearing her mom/dad speaking with each other and Margo spoke German to an extent, so it wasn't really necessary. Margo was the one who had to take the initiative to learn German in the first place, the father never bothered to learn Hungarian to better understand his wife, so there may be truth in what Margo said. Probably laziness as well, or Venus not caring to learn.

No. 149038

Ferenc used to post nasty shit about Margo on his insta, probably translated by Zsu, who also did the same (and made a new account using her 2 dogs names where she made a few more jabs at Margo after she left/or was kicked from Korea). Zsu pretended their family was perfect/loving and blamed everything on Margo, just like Margo blames everything on Venus/ex-husband and Venus blames everything on Margo/Manaki/all her managers. One of the things he said was that Margo kept Venus away from them (which isn't true as Margo says since she literally had pics of young Venus with her family), which is likely why she says they're crazy. Basically, she's calling them liars. I'm assuming her grandparents are messaging Venus saying shit about Margo and she's trying to defend herself. Margo had somewhat recently said she was on better terms with her family after Venus started thotting because they saw Venus as the liar she is, but I guess that went south. I remember Ferenc made fun of Margo when she got detained, talking about a prison book she translated for him and offered a house to Venus, who did NOT need one, given she was leeching off Manaki, had ALL the YT money and was well of. Ferenc is a piece of shit, no matter how shitty Margo is. I assume Venus shared this message to deepen the wedge between Margo and her parents because she's a vindictive piece of shit herself.

No. 149040

She technically didn't confirm. Someone asked how Manaki feels that she leeches off him, gets drunk/does OF, and even though that's private, she jumped at the chance to berate/slander him once again. All she said was he does the same – ie: gets drunk/sits at home/leeches/does OF. Not to white knight, but he definitely doesn't do the same as her and is much more stable. No where did she "confirm" she lives with him, but looking at the room color/walls/window/closet position, it does look like her old room with him. I wish the dude would tell her toxic, manipulative, abusive ass to fuck off already and kick her out. But she probably has leverage on him. Like maybe she threatened to report him for their visa fraud or something. Or maybe he's completely unaware of the extent to which she slandered him and continues to trash-talk him. I assume it was him filming then in her room tour. She seemed uncomfortable, like there's bad blood between them, which begs the question, why is he allowing her to live with him? Is she maybe paying him this time, since no one else will rent to a person whose "job" is YT or "internet sex work."

No. 149041

>who are complacent with anime porn and don't bother seeking anything of substance. He won't even try to get Venus back
You have no idea if that's true. Venus used to complain that he looked at her ass all the time/wanted her, but once they break up, he's asexual only into anime girls. Yeah right. He might be into hentai, but I doubt he's asexual and not interested in real girls. Or maybe Venus was so abusive she put him off from dating. She was already caught lying about him in her slander video, lying about being "forced" to marry him, changed her stories 4939220 times and even admit to cheating on him "playing around with girls" + her first time having sex wasn't with Manaki, he was the second person she named, and you're going to state that as fact. He's pathetic for keeping her around and would be even more pathetic to try to reconcile anything with her, you're right about that. But Venus is a manipulator, so who knows what she said to get back, assuming that really is her old room when she lived with him.

No. 149044

She didn't want to go to uni and not being able to graduate high school has nothing to do with Margo getting degrees. Yeah, keep blaming her mommy. She could get one now if she wanted. Margo also claims she did get her GED. Venus chose to COMMIT VISA FRAUD to go live out her dreams in Japan and take all the YT income for herself, despite it being a shared effort, instead of going to university in Korea like Margo wanted her to. Margo claimed she was torn between marrying Manaki and going to university and ultimately chose visa fraud for the easy way in Japan (instead of getting educated and immigrating as a skilled worker). Venus initially claimed this as well (minus the visa fraud) before changing her story to evil mutti forcing her to marry and do everything mutti wanted. Get out of here, white knight.

No. 149045

And just recently she was pretending she moved and got her own place and escaped her once again, abusive manager. Poor weenoos, everyone is always soo abusive to her and doesn't put her mental health first! /sarc. Makes sense why she's making videos again when Manaki is there to mollycoddle her bitch ass.

>That was then though, she's trying to move on from all that now, but how can she if people won't let her?
Yeah, let's just let her "move on" from destroying people's lives and taking no accountability. How convenient for her.

Don't forget when she literally admit she likes to make up abuse stories/suicide bait to worry people and didn't clear up the OF manager incident, which to me, seemed like she was so drunk she fell down, and not necessarily being hit by him.

No. 149047

>She's getting good at answering questions from viewers
You think her answers were good? You have incredibly low standards then. She was straight up an asshole half the time.

No. 149048

They specifically said leeching from Manaki and getting drunk. It's okay, white knight, you can say it. You can say the L word.

No. 149050

Which part does she look good? Black doesn't suit her at all. Her hairstyle is abysmal. Fringe is ugly. Nails too long. Hair too dark it washes her out. If she had the crazy hairstyle, she'd look like Robert Smith. Wonder how long it takes before she gives up her "jirai kei persona" and moves onto something else?

No. 149055

File: 1620365359071.png (89.13 KB, 263x275, 1619969201206.png)

>has such a cute face, with a very youthful shape
KEK. Never change, pointy-chin sperg.

No. 149058

you're comparing a shitty webcam video with a ring light (and possible beauty filter) to a better quality camera that shows her skin texture/grooves off better. Terrible comparison. A lot of her videos have facial blurring/smoothing and/or filters/ring lights. The room tour one probably didnt.

Same for this one. She's streaming off a webcam and ring light on the left so you can't really see her skin texture (it doesn't even really look like her ie: no jowls on webcam so I'm betting there are beauty filters or facial smoothing in addition) to a video with a higher quality camera and no ring light. She's always had bad jowls, and the puffy eyes are due to the double eye lid tape she sticks on there (see her 'How to look like a drunk girl' makeup video). She doesnt look like herself in photos or on webcam. When she uses a better quality camera, so you can see what she really looks like, you call it, 'deterioration', when in fact, it's just how she looks and has looked for a while. Also, she puts her hair on her cheeks to make her face look slimmer. Aegyo sal tape/makeup/lenses to enlarge eyes and facial blurring/filters to fix skin in videos.

No. 149087

>>the fact that she said both her parents hate her because of her being the daughter of her grandpa, kinda suggests that this maybe wasn't something her mother wanted to do…that's why maybe there was rape involved.

Or maybe just another case of a woman giving into temptation and having sex with someone which she later regretted doing? Maybe they don't always foresee a child coming from an illicit union. When a nasty little thing like getting pregnant gets in the way, the deed has been done and all can see, whereas if no pregnancy had resulted, no one would have been any the wiser if the participants had aimed to keep it secret what they had done.

Of course, none of this could actually apply in this case, because we don't really know what Margaret meant.

No. 149092

Margo literally wrote: "Venus, I know I'm my grandfather's and that's why my "father" lies about his father"
"they hate me, because I'm not from my father and I can clearly remember everything"
Her grandfather had sex with her mother and her mother got pregnant with her, according to that email, with or without consent is unknown.

Margo's not really trustworthy and I doubt that it's true what she writes, but that's what she, allegedly, literally wrote. There's not much imagination needed to interpret what she wrote.

But I also don't trust Venus, so who knows, if that email was actually written by margo.

No. 149097

File: 1620398610720.jpg (25.86 KB, 426x240, snapshot.jpg)


I think it's all just different light and angels making people look older or younger at times. I mean, look at her most recent videos, in the spate of videos posted in the last month, she looks a lot younger in some and older in others. In the Whisper ASMR video from a month ago, she looks lovely, also in the most recent video on Yandere relationship advice. Pic is from the recent ASMR video, she looks lovely in that. (Looks aren't everything though, she's still not that great of a person, but just saying.)

No. 149099


I thought someone asked her in the live chat how does manaki feel about her living in his apartment and doing only fans, getting drunk, etc? and that is when she said she doesn't want questions about her private life but that she would answer that and said what she did. She did not say actually I don't live in his apartment, she more or less confirmed that she does by not denying it.

No. 149103

This post is kind of a low blow, this video was recorded when she got very sick from the illegal surgery. I remember she mentioned in her Instagram that the day she meet Taylor was already sick.

No. 149106

>>light and angels

Light and angles is what I obv meant to say, lol.

No. 149108

File: 1620400388379.jpg (235.3 KB, 750x1208, 1.jpg)

Kinda cute I guess.

No. 149109

File: 1620400796343.jpg (151.22 KB, 1749x1183, E0w2mVfVoAcfCCh.jpg)


No. 149150

Holy fuck, if Marge is the product of incest that explains why she looked like a fucking gremlin and so out of place in her childhood pics.

No. 149170

There's no incest involved. Stop spewing false rumors.

No. 149173

That looks 0% like her. Who is she trying to fool kek

No. 149198

Not intended to be a low blow, I meant this “rapid decline” people refer to isn’t real - she’s been aging the whole time, like a human does. To your point about the surgery though, she’s likely always going to be sick and have physical effects from that

No. 149205

File: 1620441906480.jpeg (300.13 KB, 1902x1134, 80D30FFA-F5E3-4A5B-AAB6-2A8725…)

You think she looks “lovely” in that video, really? Whatever, dear.

No. 149231

Anon, you're not proving anything by using the same video, but catching a still in bad lighting compared to the other image where her face got more light in the same video. You sound retarded. I dint understand you anons who get so mad when people don't completely think any cow is unsolvably ugly.

No. 149243


Agree with this. That particular anon has been here for years plugging away at anyone who even dares to put forward the slightest suggestion that Venus can look really good sometimes. It's so retarded and tedious and is the main thing that shits up this thread.
That particular anon hates her, we get that, (if we didn't by now, we never would) and they get frothingly enraged by Venus's appearance and at anyone who occasionally comments, quite rightly, that actually she looks good sometimes, as in that video.

No. 149244


It's cosplay! With filters, yes. So what? Who says she's trying to "fool" anyone? It's just cosplay. And for once it's a nice picture, don't care if it's Venus, don't care who it is, it's still a nice picture.

No. 149284

I like these and appreciate her face shape wasn’t dramatically changed

No. 149287

>what’s an opinion?

No. 149322

File: 1620536327020.jpg (181.49 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20210509-125518_Twi…)

Venus into crypto now. Reminds me of daniel hiding in my roon

No. 149338

Holy shit time to fucking sell

No. 149342


There's lots of little similarities between them. They've just got to meet and do a collab at some time.

No. 149348


Haha, Zero Two the Partner Killer ! Surprised Margo hasn't had some snippy comment to make about that! I wonder if Venus had it in her mind cosplaying that character and it's a little sarcastic dig? I get the impression that a lot of mind games go on with Venus and her mum.

No. 149363

Oh course she would cosplay as this anime thot. Isn't this the show where the boys have to simulate doggy style on the girls to "pilot" a robot? What is it with thots and this character? At least her wig looks marginally better.

No. 149436

Yeah, her regular face shape is way cuter, if only she’d keep it like that. The pencil chin style she has is just weird and deformed looking.

No. 149440

so yall act like her zero two cosplay looks more like "her"?

doubt that screen-caps are edited here and each time it's bad light. There is many screenshot from live streams posted here and she doesn't look in any like her zero two cosplay lol what are you guys tripping at?

No. 149445

File: 1620673037707.jpeg (307.13 KB, 1378x1532, B57A8B71-1333-4AC5-AED8-176FF9…)

Oh yeah, her “regular” unedited face is sooo cute!

No. 149451

Stfu already holy shit

No. 149455

Shut up. Like seriously. No one cares if you think she looks like a wet rat or not

No. 149458

Hating on her face is so boring and cringe now like go get a massage and a facial anon, u poor thing.
Anyway. Has there been an update on Margaret Palermo with her weird "I fucked my grandad" email or whatever. I know Margo land is a long shot but I can imagine venus blowing it up at some point

No. 149468

Margo has her own thread still.

No. 149469

Her bone structure look less edited, that is what I liked about the picture. Also, I think everyone gets that you don’t like her face, why do you comment that constantly?

No. 149480

File: 1620696839056.png (6.06 MB, 1125x2436, 6FA6EBDD-3C75-482B-AD09-4C80C0…)

OF has been pretty low key. Her schedule now is that she posts once a week. Each week there are a few pictures and a PPV. She sticks to it relatively well. There are complaints that you pay $6.99 to get maybe 12 pictures each month, and that’s all you get unless you buy PPV.

I bought one PPV for $35 and it was a video that was less than 1.5 minutes. I think a lot of people have left because of this, she used to get 200-300 hearts, now around 40-50.

No. 149481

Her arms are freaking me out in that pic. What kind of pose is that?

No. 149484

Hater alert. If you’re going to bash other peoples opinions about Venus, why are you here? I can imagine how much of a monstrosity you are compared to her, even in her most worse.

No. 149511

You’re reaching so hard now anon, you’re using pictures where she actually looks ok. Venus can look really shitty but that pic isn’t an example. Why not of the ones where she looks like a Dark Souls witch?

No. 149529

File: 1620720068403.jpeg (129.42 KB, 827x665, 44444B94-8E89-4310-9BD4-93A6DA…)

Oh good lord please tell me she’s not getting another pet, not from what happened last time to those poor hamsters, she can barely look after herself let another another living thing

No. 149538

What did she do to her hamsters? >>149480
She’s to lazy to do anything thought she was like ultra kinky sex positive as it was her dream to do this, this just looks like a regular photo she would post on instagram

No. 149540

She might just be at one of the hedgehog cafes. In general, they tend to be quite exploitive towards animals but that's basically it. Hopefully, she's just visiting.

No. 149563

Imagine if they started dating… there would be a lot more milk, for one

No. 149565

In her story is a video of the hedgehog cafe, it’s not a pet. But the video is so damn shaky it’s hard to watch.

No. 149573


You know, where Venus seems to hate her naturally cuter face shape so much, (going by her horrendous edits where she tries to look like an ugly narrow faced old hag. - Because apparently, that's 'better') and every single time that anyone dares to say that actually her natural face is way cuter than the ugly edits, this weirdo is there, straightaway with their hate hate hate, so now, I'm even wondering if the weirdo is Venus herself, who hates herself so much and hates her naturally pretty face so much, for some really weird reason, and loves ugly narrow-faced hag looks with long skinny chin and wants to force the idea onto everyone else that actually that is better. Because honestly, with the level of insanity, that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 149574


I doubt that anyone thinks the zero two cosplay looks more like 'her', she doesn't have pink hair in real life, and horns, it's just that her face looks better because it is a better shape. And I think you know damn well what people mean.

No. 149575


At first glance this looked like another ugly hag picture, but then I saw that it's her shoulder pushed up to obscure part of her jaw, still it makes it look like the ugly shape face she likes, and what the hell is this on only fans for anyway? People paying for this shit must be well and truly pissed off.

No. 149576

>>You’re reaching so hard now anon, you’re using pictures where she actually looks ok. Venus can look really shitty but that pic isn’t an example. Why not of the ones where she looks like a Dark Souls witch?

That particular anon would probably think the ugly witch looked better, it seems to be a look they prefer, I'm even wondering if it's Venus herself, seething with self loathing.

No. 149578


She can't even keep plants alive, if those poor dead or dying specimens she dragged out to show people recently are anything to go by.

No. 149579


It's just got to happen at some time, he's a sex addict and she's…. the way she is, so it's got to happen, I mean he is intending to go back to Japan and i doubt his ex wife will be stupid enough to take him back and he has said he wants to meet Venus and she has said she would like to collab with him, so it probably will happen sooner or later.

No. 149612


Oh I didn't know that he's out of Japan. I stopped watching a while ago. How can he return tho, isn't visa like 3 months gratis only

No. 149623

Manaki's mother took them in

No. 149632

It’s pretty common on OF for the first picture of a series to be very tame, and they “undress” as you go through the series. That’s the case here

No. 149633

My honest opinion is you are equally insane. You two are really similar and both constantly say the same things.

No. 149662

fuck offfffff chin-chan. How many times do you need to make the same exact post about venus shopping her face? Are you a literal sped?

No. 149707


Well he can't get back in just yet, (owing to the restrictions on travel) but he'll probably just be able to get a tourist visa once restrictions are lifted.

No. 149710


People had complained in her videos that she was keeping them in too small cages, and all crammed in together, but she took no notice, then she complained that she was inundated with babies once they started breeding, and then apparently, according to reports here, loads of them died, and so then they were offloaded onto Manaki's mother. Apparently.

No. 149711

>>Her bone structure look less edited, that is what I liked about the picture. Also, I think everyone gets that you don’t like her face, why do you comment that constantly?

Too right. Why are they still here? All it is from them is constant nitpicking about her looks. At this point it just seems like their own personal vendetta. Nothing to add to the thread at all, except their own same old same old, hate how she looks etc boring etc.

No. 149713

File: 1620824529471.jpg (63.83 KB, 1080x717, 0.jpg)

Appealing to foot fetishists again?
At least it's a cute lil pic tho.

No. 149714

File: 1620824961427.jpg (108.49 KB, 1080x716, 1.jpg)

It's good that she's putting some effort into her cosplay pics. This is a real improvement to most of what she's posted of late.

No. 149715

File: 1620825209484.jpg (63.8 KB, 1080x717, 01.jpg)

“You don’t call people merely living together a family.” - Sagiri Izumi from Ero-Manga Sensei

I wonder if she's making a little dig at anyone thinking that she and Manaki are still a family if they live together?

No. 149725

I think venus looks ok and not ugly but for sure nothing like het cosplay photos she post lately. Those editing skills are far from her own and obviously done by the photographer or she paid someone to edit it

No. 149846

Its a popular show cuz Zero two is supposedly a "Yandere", aka unhinged jealous GF type, that will go to the extreme to get her boyfriend all to herself.
Completely not the personality type that Venus is… I don't think that cosplay suits her, Zero two is supposed to be a badass bitch, Venus doesn't know how to portray someone like that..

No. 149856

>>Zero two is supposed to be a badass bitch, Venus doesn't know how to portray someone like that..

But, but, there's pages & pages here from anons saying just what a bitch Venus is.

I think that cosplay suits her, not because she's a bitch, but just because she looks good in it and very much looking like the character she's portraying.

No. 149858

I've not seen this video before. Just over a year ago, Venus looks fine here, certainly a lot better than how she looks in most of her edited pictures on Instagram.

No. 149874

old milk

No. 149883

No. 149886

you do realize we have a youtube link feature dumbass.

No. 149888

I can’t be bothered to watch this, what mental illnesses does she claim to have?

No. 149889

Probably the ones mentioned in the thumbnail. Just a wild guess, won't watch it either because I won't understand her slurry uwu speaking anyway and it annoys the crap out of me

No. 149890

I counted and she says she take 13-16 medications a day, is that a normal amount for having adhd? That seems like an awful lot

5 pills morning
5 pills night
1-3 pill drinks
2 other pills

No. 149891

Uhhh with adhd you take like one a day unless you have other mental health issues that need medication. Venus what the fuck

No. 149892

i don't think adhd is her main problem. bpd seems more likely

No. 149893

You can go and kill yourself now you incel cunt faggot

No. 149898

No. 149902

she said that she takes:
1. adhd medications
2. mood stabilizers
3. anxiety meds
sometimes doctors perscribe few small doses during the day instead of one big that's supposed to be taken in the morning or before bed so it's possible that she takes that many (keep in mind that with ADHD meds you can get tics or just become shaky and maybe she takes meds for that as well)

No. 149903

oh, and also from what I know in Korea doctors like to prescribe many meds (f. ex. when you get sick) and you get a big sachet with many pills for each day, maybe Japan is similar :/

No. 149904

are venus' teeth alright ? they look weird in last video

No. 149928

All the "symptoms" she has just sound like personality quirks, does that really warrant being doped up on a smorgasbord of pills? All the struggles she has can be managed with a little self discipline. But that actually takes effort, it's much easier to swallow a bunch of chemicals daily. Obv mental health medications are necessary for some people, but ADHD just seems like such an abstract "illness." Oh wow you daydream a lot and are disorganized? Time to slap on a bunch of labels to yourself and medicate!

No. 149950

>>"My mom is a little bit of a difficult person"


No. 149951

surely the "medication" is part of the cray girl subculture/fashion that she's doing that the thread is named after?
Like she just pretty blatantly looks at memes and fads and starts saying that she does the thing from it but everyone thinks that she really does it ?

No. 149963

I like how she tries to blame mommy for all her problems again. Any parent would be opposed to having their kid be put in special ed classes. She's such an eternal victim scum like her mother, always spinning the narrative in her favor for pity. And the comments validating Venus' complaints at being asked if she's okay. This is the girl who literally posted and admit that she fabricates abuse stories for attention to worry people and blasts her private life out there because it's easy to be a keyboard warrior (she's a cowardly scumbag IRL) and then goes off on people/gives attitude for them asking her personal questions, BUT she'll never fail to answer "personal" stuff if she can, once again, berate Manaki.

No. 149964

She doesn't even hate her face, chin-chan. She's OBSESSED with staring at her self in the view finder, like Eugenia. In her streams, she'll randomly just stop everything to stare at herself for 10-20 seconds and when someone pointed out she was acting weird, she got bitchy and rude. You're a fucking retard, stop posting the same shit over and over again.

Hopefully not, Venus is one of those scum bags that only gets animals for the aesthetic and not because she wants to care for a living feeling being and provide unconditional love.

God she's so dumb. I hope none of her fans take her seriously. She can't even use a computer properly or start a live stream, now she;s giving investment advice. Laughable.

No. 149965

Not that anon, but you can say the same about yourself and pointy-chin sperg (which is probably you) who comes in here, claiming she's sooo pReTtYyYyYyY (even in pics she genuinely looks busted af) and push your view on all other anons, then project claiming the other anon is doing/starting it. You're a joke too.

No. 149966

She looks older in general (I have actually seen her IRL), and haggard for whatever reason and has excessive fine lines due to double eyelid tape abuse under her eyes to make them look puffy/bigger, since her actual eyes aren't that big. She looks better there because it's a stream off her WEB CAM. When she has better quality footage, like in >>149055 or in some of her videos and she doesn't run beauty apps/smoothing, she looks aged. It's not surprising given she's smoking/drinking/ED issues/possibly eating like shit and not sleeping/surgery/genes (margo looks older too). There's a big difference IRL versus camera. People always look better on camera and can edit/filter too. She does not look like that image you posted IRL.

No. 149972

tfw dogecoin just tanked kek

No. 149976


True. Don't forget also the medical profession (I.e. Pharmaceutical industry) has medicalised just about every single slightest variation in personality as a justification for subscribing 'medications'. Marry that to the societal dictate all over the world of "You must do what 'the doctor' says. You must take your medication. Have you taken your medication today?" etc. Social workers even ask their clients what medication they are on, not even stopping to consider the possibility that actually, not everyone is on meds. It honestly seems as if anyone not on something is in a tiny minority. Big pharma controls the world.

No. 149978

File: 1620993600737.jpg (196.57 KB, 1080x1349, 184904969_115275483944021_5884…)

Don't know how she could think this looks good. It doesnt suit her at all. Maybe it's the pose or the editing, or the wig hiding too much of her face and looking like its swamping her.

No. 149980


She can certainly be obsessed with herself but it doesnt mean she loves herself, there are folks who obsessively study themselves because they are thinking how they want to change everything about themselves. There are lunatics in the world who have had limbs removed because they were obsessed with wanting metal legs or arms, and surgeons willing to do it, and the person threatening suicide if they didn't get their way.

No. 149982

Can we stop with these comments? It’s not milk, and your personal opinion doesn’t add anything constructive to this thread.

No. 149984

Holy shit, what a cocktail. And combined with alcohol, no wonder she seems so distant on her live streams. I'm not a doctor, but I don't think this is healthy at all. It's too much.

No. 149991


It seems to be common knowledge that doctors get perks and 'rewards' from drug companies for prescribing their products so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that doctors dish out this amount of medication.
Anyone presenting to a doctor with 'symptoms' they are describing are likely to get drugs, some other people with those exact same symptoms can look for better ways to find help for themselves and many do, but if you listen to advice from some people it will be along the lines of, you must see a doctor, so they listen to the 'advice' and go to see a doctor. Then, they are caught, and will have a lifetime of 'having' to take 'medication', unless they are strong and resist it and think for themselves and start by looking objectively at themselves and try to control their own thoughts. It can be done, but takes will power and self control, something that someone like Venus probably lacks.

No. 150029

She said she is taking resperidone which is a Antipsychotic It can treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability caused by autism. I was surprised she takes this cuz someone I know takes it and they are bipolar.

No. 150032

Sorry to blog but I got prescribed risperidone as a mood stabilizer once so it could be that too.

No. 150033

It's very true,doctors use pills to get bonuses and more money…
Don't believe in doctors completely. Its sad to say, but this is truth, especially with what is happening today with this Corona Virus going on.
I mean, Venus is getting all these 15 pills a day and I don't feel any progression with her mentality. Actually, I feel like she's getting even worse than she was 2 years ago.
All those pills don't seem like they make her get any better at all. I think they make her feel worse (as how she showed herself on latest streams)

No. 150047

She takes it to tone down the amount of thoughts. Those kinds of meds can also help with anxiety and too much over-thinking stuff.

No. 150068

>> are venus' teeth alright ? they look weird in last video

Looks like they’re turning brown again

No. 150070

Well there are 2 options:
1. she really takes that much meds (and it would kinda make sense)
2. That was just her monthly dose and she showed it off as weekly since meds are a part of jirai kei aesthetic lol
Both can be true, I suffer from similar issues as her and there were times when I had to take like 2-3 pills daily + pills that work ad hoc so sometimes it could be even 10 pills a day when I was really anxious, we'll never know probably

No. 150074

Today she looks like she's well. She doesn't look tired and exhausted like usual. I hope she's doing better, it seems so :/

No. 150075

I caught some of her live stream about an hour ago, just for few seconds and daniel, hiding in my room guy, was in the chat telling someone not to ruin his chances, can't be arsed to go back and look now.

No. 150078

and then she basically said "go fuck urself" to him lol

No. 150098

Im ADHS and suffer from panic attacks and depression since 26 years. I am on several meds a day, depending on severity of my symptoms. I tried nearly everything thats out there the last decades. In between i "medicated" myself with alcohol when i tried to live without meds for some times. I can clearly say that her behaviour is clearly that of alcoholic abuse. The tremor and slurriness of speech is that of beeing boozed or off booze or hangover (my dad was alcoholic and i have been 10 years), when i am on various meds i shake a bit but not that my legs give by. But i am totally stable, despite being tired a lot. I am not acting in slow motion like she does when shes boozed. People shit talk about poor venus having ADHS dont know nothing. I used those excises myself "being nervous" or on meds when i was in my worst alcohol phase. Just right medication got me off alcohol, stable with ADHS and depressions. Noone notices when i am on meds, i sweat more easy, tired, lesser emotions, thats all.(no1curr)

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