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No. 60254

Well, we got a cosplay board, why not use it?
>Cosplay Questions/Help
>What are you working on currently?
>Dream Cosplay?
>What cons are you going to?
>What region are you in?
>Regional Conventions/Cows/Dramu
>Convention Horror Stories
>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk
>Etc Etc

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No. 60257

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Let's set the scene with some aughts Cosplay Gothic:
>The year is 2008…or something
>You add everyone you can on MySpace and scour their con pics for a picture of yourself
>Gotta get those hot new cosplay pics to your Cosplay.com account
>You follow all your favs on deviantART
>You talk shit about all your favs on /cgl/
>Word is that cosplayer didn't make their costume…they BOUGHT it. They're just doing it for attention!
>PikminLink uploaded a new pic, he’s sooo hot
>Can’t wait to upload that pic of you with the Pedobear cosplayer to your MySpace lololol
>Don’t believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you!
>You hear the crack of a yaoi paddle echo across the dealer’s room. You don’t have to look, you know it’s (Naruto/Kingdom Hearts/Death Note)
>You walk past a line so long and dense you can’t even see what’s at the front. You don’t need to, you know it’s Vic Mignogna.
>Your Hatsune Miku wig is tangled
>Where did this grey bodypaint come from?
>You've saved EVERY tutorial from the Tutorial thread. You might need them someday!
>You’ve saved all those scans of wig and makeup tutorials from Japanese magazines. They’re in Japanese. That’s fine, you’ll just follow the pics.
>Muffled sound of Caramelldansen from somewhere in the distance.
>You practice Hare Hare Yukai in your bedroom. Y'know…just in case it comes up.
>There’s a /cgl/ thread about the con you were just at. You refresh the thread hoping someone posts your pic. Maaaybe you self-post.
>That L cosplayer isn’t wearing shoes. That L cosplayer is wearing flip-flops. You don’t know which is worse.
>Handcuff sales skyrocket
>The person who glomps you hasn’t bathed all weekend.
>The middle aged man who you've seen at every con in the tri-state area, wearing the same costume every time
>Don't make eyes contact Don't make eye conta- he asks for a pic with you. He puts his arm around your waist without asking.
>The Nigri reckoning is not yet upon us

No. 60264

i dont really have any insane stories. i think 2008? 9? when I was still in middle school i was trying to go into a panel room and the volunteer at the door stopped me then opened his arms for a hug before he would let me in.
i was 14 and really flustered so I did it. he was very fat and sweaty and smelled of BO. i wish i had an adult with me.

No. 60266

Shouldn't this be in /g/? /w/ is for cows/flakes that are weebs.

No. 60277

Moved to >>>/g/120388.

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