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No. 1821[Reply]

With the admin's verdict on /2X/ (and pink pill related topics as a whole) announced, where should farmers who want to discuss female politics head to?
The current options seem to be:
>New imageboard
>Migration to other, existing imageboards
>Migration to Reddit
As far as the first option goes, we may be able to create a space on https://8kun.top/ or https://endchan.net/ using their board creation functions. The only downside is that both places are also home to all sorts of unsavory males (virulent racists, pedophiles, pornography junkies, manosphere users, etc).
We could also create our own standalone board/site, though we'd need someone with the proper skills for that. Post any thoughts/suggestions on /2X/ migration here.
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No. 3717

Okay, where are the links then?

No. 3718

if the invite's expired, feel free to ask for a new one in the chat!

No. 3721

No, it's mostly one butthurt anti-gc/pp anon falseflagging like a lunatic.

File: 1576671614730.jpg (19.89 KB, 768x512, Knna2Lf.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

This is a test-board to assess if a female space for politics will be sufficient in giving everybody what they want while removing some tension in /ot/.

This is not currently permanent but, it can be.
If this board works out then I will make it a permanent board next year. For now you all have the choice of posting in the /ot/ thread or making new threads here. It's your choice.

No. 2

/ot/ rules apply for now. If you have rule requests or any complaints then you can post about it here >>>/meta/11760
Don’t make threads targeting specific nationalities, ethnicities, or races. You can discuss policy and government all you like but don't racebait. It is a global rule violation, this isn't /pol/.

File: 1648663380053.jpeg (411.01 KB, 1206x1761, 242F09AE-982D-407E-81BA-14EDA8…)

No. 4446[Reply]

Post your memes here, or request for others to make a meme for you.
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No. 6889

File: 1669853252217.png (451.9 KB, 1550x511, feelsbadman.png)

No. 6890

the slippers is a beautiful touch

No. 6898

>the permaban farmcow flip??

No. 6906

File: 1670133803503.jpg (430.95 KB, 799x720, 1669467959493570.jpg)

No. 6914

File: 1670259215931.jpg (62.09 KB, 646x800, FjJdALOacAINSG_.jpg)

File: 1647693606032.jpg (39.88 KB, 511x338, p.jpg)

No. 4378[Reply]

Help. I'd like to argue against transgenderism to convert my female friends. I don't want to alienate them and I don't want to sound conservative or cliched.

Here it is, plainly: for sex (biological) and gender (social) to mismatch, you have to accept the inherent differences, not of the sexes but of the social norms built onto the sexes. Sex changes are cosmetic. You HAVE to indulge in stereotyping and socialisation for there to be a disconnect. Being gender essentialist, manness is male and womanness is female, the sex must be changed to fit. But womanliness doesn't come from a male's femaleness, where did it come from? It comes from the society he lives in.
Trans people are either essentialist or hypocritical.

This doesn't sound talk about women's spaces or sports, or about how well they pass, or about anything that already has a stock rebuttal. Could I rephrase this almost socratically? Could I even hide that I'm talking about trans people, and phrase this as being about antifeminists, who they are against outright?
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No. 6876

nta, always kick or punch their balls in as hard as you can, they'll fall to the ground long enough for you to escape and hopefully call for help. If they're a serious enough threat either stomp their genitals (or head, or kick their lungs in) further once they're down. No reason to be nice or spare a person if they're trying to kill or harm you or your children. Self-defense is legal in most places.

No. 6879

My friend is nearly 40 and says he's trans now. I think this is a way to avoid dealing with his actual self-induced life problems. And wouldn't you know it, he "discovered" this because a TIF suggested it to him; despite years of friendship with other TIMs now it suddenly occurs to him? He has always been creepy to women and hates our boundaries. I avoid talking about him now because of the pronoun issue. It is so obviously an AGP midlife crisis, even the handmaidens are quietly skeptical I think, and I hate that I'm supposed to play along with it. It doesn't even feel like the nice thing to do: he is always going to be miserable if he doesn't deal with his glaring personal flaws instead of inventing a fantasy to hide away in.

No. 6885

Tried lightly peaking a male friend and he's in way deeper than I thought, I was hoping I was wrong and part of it was a facade. He fully thinks trans women are women and won't listen to anything else and I now suspect he will troon out sooner or later. But on the bright side my second peak target male turned out to already be a terf, he was hesitant to admit it at first until he realized I'm not a handmaiden kek
Only bad side to it is that I didn't get to find any working peaking tactics from it, but I'll take the win.

No. 6894

that's social contagion right there

No. 6913

This is kind of the opposite of the thread in a way, but what would you say to nicely unfriend someone who you failed to peak? I just can't take it anymore and I've been disagreeing enough that it probably wouldn't seem like it came out of nowhere.
I want to tell them that I can no longer be their friend becasue their trans ideology views are misogynistic, homophobic, harmful and illogical. Their cognitive dissonance hurts me to see. I don't want it to start a discussion about gender because I know they aren't open to it and I'm leaving specifically to not have to talk about it. At the same time I don't want to seem angry or like I'm accusing them of being satan himself when I know they're just ignorant and brainwashed (like I also used to be) and if they peaked I'd happily be friends again.

File: 1652095529688.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

No. 5125[Reply]

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.

Previous threads:
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No. 6904

File: 1670106838801.jpg (321.19 KB, 2078x920, Fi8OSEKXoAEvz1o.jpg)

For some reason today I keep bumping into stories of young boys killing women and girls and may sound extremest but I understand why some feminists are now saying to stop birthing males they are a fucking plague!

No. 6905

Currently here because of the moid raids on cc goddamnit why can't they leave us alone. They get mad we are in their spaces, but then get mad when we make our own. The internet would be 10X better if we could just have some spaces to ourselves for once.

No. 6910

Ok. Rant incoming.
How the fuck is is so hard for people to understand that homosocial fascism is the norm among men in most countries and this is why there's so much destruction in them? "Woke" men? They often assimilate what ought to be progressive into a male supremacist friendly framework, so they often externalize secular issues. It operates much like a hivemind, aggressively trying to design reality around itself.
So…addressing the mass commodification of women, sexual violence, and human trafficking - > supporting sex workers
Male loneliness because of men being taught to devalue dyadic long-term connections - > male sexlessness crisis caused by women having too high of standards
Criticism of incel rhetoric/school shooters and their entitlement - > crying about mens' mental health, blame mothers and women having too high of standards, etc.
Vulnerable men suffer over not meeting hegemonic homosocial standards - > screech about mens' mental health and how society does not care about men…again. Blame womens' standards; expect women to sacrifice ourselves for these men.

No. 6911

Even the most progressive men tend to associate themselves with the most evil men and promote antisocial values, and expect women to pick up the pieces, essentially. They fold their opportunism and greed into what's socially acceptable and would maintain the status of men, as a collective. Hell, there's even evidence showing that men are more likely than women to lie for self benefit, be Machiavellian, and make false allegations, but many men are incapable of acknowledging self-serving deceit among one another unless it's a man in an oppositional group (i.e., politically), it is insane. I used to be so much more "not all men" until it clicked that through history, men were apathetic to mutuality. Women were a resource to be raped, a punching bag for frustrations at society, and the glue that cared for others. Modern day men might not be as randomly barbaric, but are trying to fold this animalism into…making it normal and ok to sexualize unwilling women while muddying the nature of sexual abuse. It is common for average to claim men should have unconditional access to his partner's body. The sex positivity movement in my country is a neurotic shitstorm because it puts all the emphasis on the woman and her feelings in what is a broken system full of men that want to consume women regardless of the context.

No. 6912

File: 1670187241897.jpeg (120.99 KB, 750x396, 3DFA9E58-A1FA-4508-879E-03AC43…)

What a based male feminist!! Just as useless as any other man lol, never liked this fuckers annoying music and how hard people shill him as an ultra talented cool good guy.

File: 1648973794950.png (166.66 KB, 540x332, maleapprovalpoints.png)

No. 4526[Reply]

A place to discuss and vent about pickme or fake self-serving feminist behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, online or IRL, to post cringe screenshots or memes, theories and tinfoils etc.

This is separate from the tradthot general as it’s not just for discussing particular women with particular belief systems, as there are many kinds of pickme out there. However, trad-thottery can still be discussed as it is classified as pickme behaviour.

Pick Me General #1 >>>/2X/627
Handmaiden Thread >>>/ot/398608
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No. 6721

File: 1666405127280.png (979.38 KB, 844x1340, Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 03.18…)

This is beyond pathetic. Are we going to get to the point where men will accuse us of 'lying' about DV and rape/battery because we "consented" to rough sex beforehand? How is that going to be disputed in a court of law if it becomes public discourse? Rape is already at an abysmal conviction rate because 'women can just lie about it when they've changed their mind'. Men are also getting away with literal murder en masse by claiming the 'rough sex' defence. It's just so blackpilling seeing women perpetuating our abuse and making it even harder for us to hold these fucked up men accountable. I really do feel like there is no hope for us at times.

No. 6752

I think feminists need to trying to stop save idiot retards when they don't want to be saved, and focus on general action and legislation that helps all women out, even idiot bitches if/when they wake up (abortion, DV shelters, working towards = pay, better workplace conditions for moms who want a career etc). There is no amount of feminism on the planet that will replace self-respect and a spine. There are plenty of non-feminist (not anti-feminist, mind you) women that would never let themselves get treated like that and actively live a life that displays more empowerment that these braindead pickme retards.

No. 6776

You’d think tradthots would like the coastal grandma since its modest clothes mostly but unlike cottage core that tradthots fucking ruined, coastal grandma doesn’t have any focus on being trad. It’s like they’re triggered over the use of the word grandma in it

No. 6794

why do so many mothers defend drag queens around young children? why are they even willing to risk their kids being molested just to be woke and cool? anyone know the psychology behind that one?

No. 6909

I wonder if any of you have noticed this. This is something that I have noticed that is very common with tradthots, but also with even self-proclaimed feminist and progressive women of all strands. Part of this anti-"girlboss" trend has got to be because of average, unambitious women feeling self-conscious about their decision to live an ordinary life and lean in to what is expected of them, essentially. With tradthots it is very obvious, but with these phony-feminist types it is like we cannot acknowledge brilliant, ambitious, glass-breaking women without all these lame ass bitches reacting in 1 of many ways: "yeah being a neurosurgeon is great and all, but remember that SAHMs are JUST as important" or they seem to act like feminism "promoting" the surgeons or CEOs of the world is an attack on the SAHM types. That SAHM types need a similar girlboss style type promotion.

You do not see male-manual laborers acting like they need to be seen in the exact same light as a male nobel peace prize winning astrophysicist. Or need to be reassured that when said astrophysicist is praised that they are just as important as him uwu.

File: 1642960622915.jpg (54.52 KB, 500x532, Tumblr_l_42527481055129.jpg)

No. 4098[Reply]

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Previous threads
>>>/ot/221232 01
>>>/ot/231926 02
>>>/ot/248302 03
>>>/ot/267773 04
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 6716

so let me get this straight, satoryuga - a korean woman who is not even a confirmed radfem - blocked a troon male or a few troon males who were sexually harassing her, then the trannies doxxed her and got her assaulted/beaten irl by korean moids while also writing out graphic detailed racist rape and killing fantasies about her all because she blocked/didn't want to be sexually harassed by troon mra incels
what the actual fuck? how can anyone want to associate with an ideology that is supportive of this disgusting behavior?

No. 6826

I'm clearing up my watch later list and I had her vids up before I peaked.

She mostly got the terf beliefs right (19:57) , except the part that 'non binary people have no agency' but I guess she staunchly believes in pink blue brains that she cannot correlate that misogyny is born from gender expectations.

but I have a pipe dream that she's peaking people by even introducing radfem even in a negative light because it feels so hopeless otherwise kek

No. 6827

nevermind, she's braindead. And so am I for prematurely linking this. At the very least I got to see where the terf = nazi argument came from.

No. 6872

All the trannies I know irl all had very easy lives, they either come from money or are spoiled regardless. Trooning out just gives them something made up to complain about

No. 6903

File: 1670102914105.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x1440, gncwomen.jpg)

Sorry for blogposting about the obvious but I guess something just hit me today. I was trying to find a list of gnc woman to share with a friend who is questioning if she is an enby. I have tried subtly peaking her and she “sees my point” on a lot of stuff but is still quite far into the gender ideology and thinks it’s a positive thing.

Today I find out that, according to google, “gender non conforming” has now been completely replaced with non-binary, as a term. And all gnc people throughout history are now described as enbies, such as Grace Jones and David Bowie. I always thought those two concepts remained at least somewhat separate so am quite upset to see that’s not the case. How can you be gender non-conforming when you either don’t have a gender or change your gender to accommodate the stereotypes you conform to? How can you, as a woman, think so little of women as a whole that you identify out of womanhood (your material reality) because you didn’t want to conform to made-up stereotypes? How is that a cool or alternative thing to do?

When lesbians and feminists have historically been gnc - rejecting mainstream female beauty standards and stereotypes, these same women-centered women are now not women at all! I'm so sad about what this means for the future of women.

File: 1659079085038.jpg (246.67 KB, 800x800, Tumblr_l_502072421667743.jpg)

No. 6232[Reply]

All day every day in radfem, gc, terf, feminist, pinkpill what-have-you spaces you can find the phrase "no hope for women". I've typed it myself. And sometimes it feels good to acknowledge that despair, almost comforting, but in reality it just paralyzes us. Let's talk about what gives us hope instead.

>What gives you hope for women?

>Are there any women who inspire you? Not just feminists or in a feminist way, but admirable women in general
>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
>Can you think of an action anons could take today to advance the liberation of women, however small?
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No. 6762

I used to never see anything but ass kissing for troons on every platform and anyone who opposed it got reported and mass bullied, but now I see people oppose it even on troon-centric places like reddit and twitter. I think the world is actually peaking

No. 6847

File: 1669176442790.png (595.88 KB, 539x528, iranian.PNG)

the protests from young iranian girls in the thousands removing their hijabs, cutting their hair, and risking their lives for a better tomorrow is what wakes me up in the morning. Makes me pissed about the "nationalist" thread that makes comments like nuking these countries and that the girls are worth the "sacrifice."

if you can't believe or form solidarity with women you can't see everyday, then you don't actually stand with women, you stand for yourself. they're living and breathing a reality that can befall any one of us in due time. they fight shit no women should have to fight, but they do it anyways for their daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmas..

No. 6892

Yeah we shouldn't just cut them off and abandon them; nationalists who think the men of their country are inherently better than other cultures are deluding themselves. It's way more to do with the conditions of advanced capitalist economies than the quality of the men or the culture, and those economies rely on the existence of so-called third world shitholes to advance so quickly.

I was served up a youtube video about the British in India outlawing the practice of throwing widows on their husbands' funeral pyres and everyone congratulating the British moid who legislated that, saying "at least the British were against burning women alive" but they weren't, they burned thousands of women for treason and heresy. They did it for reasons that benefitted those in power until they moved on to new methods and pretended to be above the barbarism.

No. 6893

exactly. i can’t even really begin to understand why any woman on this board would think moids of any particular culture are worse than others, it’s all just about access, power, and context. men in the US can do any of the things in iran with the right circumstances.

No. 6902

>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
Celibacy and single parenting. It's more likely for women and girls to be raped, beaten and murdered by men they're close to than strangers.

File: 1669637694015.jpg (56.39 KB, 800x533, black-girl-embracing-comfortin…)

No. 6864[Reply]

Family member trooning out? Boyfriend talking about "dysphoria"? Best friend wants to become a boy? Has someone important to you drunk the kool-aid, and you're unsure as to what to do?

Come here to grieve, give advice or just vent.
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No. 6880

I’m so sorry

No. 6881

A very good friend of mine from highschool is going back and forth on whether he is trans or not. He is just gender nonconforming, which has always made him an interesting person, but he moved to Portland and is surrounded by people who encourage transition. I'm struggling with accpeting it.

No. 6882

My little sister (seven years younger) claims to be dysphoric and is even seeing a therapist specialized in that kind of issues, a former (hsts) classmate saw the same therapist so I guess he/she is pro-transition.
My parents had a difficult divorce three years ago and she started to identify as non binary around six months in.
I am a CSA victim (that played a huge role in the divorce because my mother always tried to hide it from my dad) and developed an ED and dysphoria right after, among other coping mechanisms (my unhealthy love for that kind of military history), and I think my sister is trying to copy me, I don't think I am paranoid or something because she used to roleplay as me on children's games and later on more adult websites, she even took compromising pictures of me to share to the people she talked to, she was around 11-13 and she's now 18. I had to tell her online boyfriends (that were my age) the person they were talking to was in fact a middle schooler and that they should fuck off and never contact her again.

No. 6887

One of my friends wants to get a penis and troon out and the like and I want to tell her it's because of her trauma (she was severely sexually abused as a child to the point where she can't remember half of it due to dissociation shit) but I'll obviously lose her, she's been a great friend to me for years and it would really sting if she left. Sigh.

No. 6900

One of my close girl friends says she's "enby" for cutting her hair short, growing armpit hair and feeling good in loose clothes in contrast of over sexualized dresses
I am so sad.

File: 1652719199311.png (129.34 KB, 672x456, FS32wxXWYAIrWr2.png)

No. 5309[Reply]

a thread for those who identity with strains of feminism while also holding cultural or political right wing and or nationalist beliefs, please don't come here for the purpose of infighting
58 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 6784

I dont know what the fuck you're talking about because my state has like ~3 women's lands right now and I did non-profit work to help open another one out of state last year. Separatists are extremely politically conscious and putting in effort to this day, even if they don't have the numbers for a radical turnover. Despite living in bumfuck nowhere they are still providing housing for women and raising funds to donate to women's causes.

No. 6883

Some european countries have right wing feminists groups, mine is collectif nemesis, I think they're pretty good even if I don't agree with everything they say and do.
They're seen as very islamophobic because they oppose some kind of clothing associated with islam (burqa, niqab, that kind of stuff) and absolutely want dangerous male immigrants deported.
They also despise troons but we have a different set of feminists there that are specialized in, well, being terfs. One of them had sex with men in refugee camps so pretty different views overall.
Most of the foreign criminals there were already told by the government to leave but nothing is done to kick them out.
I love my country and its history so I would be considered "right-wing" by most people but also hold socialist views, but many right-wingers do.

No. 6899

>to be accepting of both violent immigrant males
I know this was months ago, but I'm echoing it because everyone seems to think it's some sort of controversial right-wing view when I say the same thing irl and it's annoying - you know, the whole "m-muh not all muslim b-but the women are in charge of the house aychkually so it's progressive!"
I have a lot of left-leaning political views but this is something I've been firmly adamant and consistent on for years and it's that I really do not want immigrant males from extremely misogynistic and violent cultures coming to western countries and then not even trying to adhere to the policies, rights and rules here.
Isn't it funny how when the women of these cultures immigrate to western areas, they almost always seem to just get on, get jobs contribute to society and are generally pleasant people? I know a lot of them and they're pretty generous and kind, and you can tell they're happy to be here.
The men are a completely different breed, and I don't trust them the same as I don't trust any other moid but at the same time, I'm even more distrustful because they clearly cannot adhere to the fact that women have more rights over here. More specifically, they cannot fucking keep their hands off young white girls in particular because they're look at as whores or "slags" as they like to call them.

I don't want men like this in my country, they are a danger to women and girls - of all cultures and races. They should be forced to stick to the values of this country or they can fuck off back home - the women and girls seem to follow it just fine and are nice, so what's stopping the men? Oh right, the fact that they're degenerates and when they're caught out trying to molest children or organise the grooming of poor/working class white girls they want to cry racism or Islamophobia.
It feels like you can't even mention this shit though because then every libfem and every scrote in a 5-mile radius will bring up the one Token Nice Immigrant man they know and how that must disprove the multiple child grooming scandals and high sexual assault rates perpetrated by immigrant men. Didn't they even have some sort of "lessons" in Norway that were teaching these immigrant moids that rape is actually a bad thing? Why the fuck are we letting these scrotes come over here? We do noPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 6907

Tell that to the spergs in the mtf thread. I'm sick of reading them cannibalising each other over political differences like that's not playing directly into the hands of anti-women legislators and big pharma. The greater good for women will always be the most pressing issue and we should welcome all the help we can get without falling prey to one dimensional labels and black and white thinking. It's the same brush troons paint JKR with for wrong think and we're doing it willingly to each other.

No. 6915

i agree

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