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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1706363979563.jpg (84.45 KB, 879x1313, 1682799374511.jpg)

No. 22361[Reply]

A thread to discuss ways in which we uplift women and put men in their place, in order to create a better society through little actions. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but the little things do count. I'll start:
>every time a woman i know enters a relationship i remind her that a pregnant woman's highest cause of death is her bf/husband
>never buy or recommend any media that is neither written by a woman or doesn't have mainly female leads
>don't listen to music by males
>make sure to mention male crime statistics in mixed gender groups (in front of men and women) when possible, do it naturally, like "oh that reminds me of something i learned in law class"
>when men complain about anything, i like to describe them as "very open about their feelings", "senstive", "emotional", etc
>when men are visibly angry, i ask them why they're feeling so emotional
>always give the woman the benefit of the doubt
>never give the man the benefit of the doubt
>stay celibate and never date or have sex with men, only get them to give you money (they are not good at sex and not worth using for that)
>i never make friends with men. i avoid more contact than necessary (basically work related) and refuse any invitation to go out unless there are more women than men at an event
>donate time and money to women's shelters
>i do not argue with men, i simply ignore them
>stand up for women and take their side during arguments
>i do not do favors for men in any capacity, i just shrug or laugh if they struggle with something
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No. 22391

Nta but cheating on men isn’t wrong because they’re not fully human. Also there’s no way in hell you’re not a moid or at least a tranny. Thinking someone deserves to be beaten to death for cheating is fucking deranged and you are as vile as any of the animals in prison.

No. 22392

Also, yes we do need her. Men deserve it. They deserve worse. They deserve to be mutilated, killed and driven to suicide and if you’re gonna be a pickme like this, so do you. I don’t believe for a second you’re anything other than a larping scrote let alone a misandrist radfem that belongs here but if you are a woman you’re a worthless heifer who will get what’s coming to her in the form of the moids you bend over backwards to please.(alogging)

No. 22395

Cheaters deserve a violent and prolonged death. They are subhuman and should be dealt with accordingly. I will never stand for a cheater, regardless of their sex.(alogging)

No. 22404

>Only be a mentor for women
>Take positions of leadership. This will put you in a position of power to uplift other women, encourage women, and piss off misogynistic males

No. 22419

Nice thread. I had to vote representatives for my uni's student council and I only chose female candidates. I want to read more literature by female authors. I only buy second hand books but if I come across a recent author I like I wouldn't mind buying her book brand new, most second hand sellers in my country are men but the most important book shop in my city is run by women. I buy my tea in an independent teashop run by a woman as well. My family is quite big but I try to bond with my aunts and female cousins, male relatives are pieces of shit anyway. I'm straight but after I ended up my first relatioship 1 year ago I'm happy to remain celibate and I don't see that changing in the future.

File: 1655235770702.jpeg (163.48 KB, 1280x877, 505EF787-5D30-4A60-95D8-8C7D4F…)

No. 5945[Reply]

A thread for music, movies, shows, books, anything created largely by and for women!
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No. 14228

any topics in particular?
here are a few random links I saved recently:

https://sisteroutrider.wordpress.com/ - feminist blog that covers a lot of non-troon shit (but the gender debate is a huge feminist issue right now, so expect some of that)

an article about South Korean feminists 4b movement. very interesting.

https://4w.pub/tag/self-publish/ - feminist news site. again, expect some trans coverage but plenty of other topics covered.

No. 14229

specific request: does anyone have any recommendations for humour books written by women? preferably essays or short stories.

No. 19788

File: 1694415707508.jpg (120.14 KB, 255x378, PoliteSocietyPoster.jpg)

Martial arts film about a girl, and wannabe stunts-woman, saving her older sister from her (maybe maybe not) evil fiancé
I absolutely loved this film. The sisters are written realistic and given time together being proper happy crazy sisters, the movie is the right mix of serious and OTT and the action is pretty good. Also the fiancé is not actually a big part of the movie (maybe like 15 minutes of mostly background time? cause he's not the main villain), the movie is pretty much entirely around the sisters, the younger sister's friends at her female-only school (also being girls + OTT martial arts bully fighting), and the moms of both families. There is also one dad but he's a non-character.

No. 22333

If you like Kleenex/LiLiput, The Raincoats, The Slits, I highly recommend Marine Girls, another all-girl post-punk act. The vocalist and guitarist is Tracey Thorn, later known for the duo of Everything But The Girl. She is still developing her voice here but her signature vibrato is present. It started out as a duo but later on their sisters joined.

No. 22386

I love Dorothy Parker!

File: 1670969793728.jpg (350.15 KB, 500x535, Jhn7l24.jpg)

No. 7003[Reply]

For centuries the mainstream medical industry has ignored and mistreated women; we are underrepresented in clinical trials, our complaints are more likely to be misattributed to psychological rather than physical causes or dismissed altogether, and when we ARE given treatment it is often treatment/advice intended for males and can even be dangerous for women. We are not men and our health needs/concerns are very different.

Let's discuss here how we can take better care of our health! Please include scientific articles/studies as sources whenever possible.

(This is my first thread; constructive feedback/criticism is welcome!)
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No. 12864

File: 1680699933057.png (31.71 KB, 538x640, brast pain.png)

you've got to be kidding… the mayo clinic's advice for breast pain. despite mentioning mensuration, It only gives advice specifically to men and TIMS. most of the information on this page is geared towards men.

>it can occur in men, women and transgender people.

why mention men first on an issue that overwhelmingly effects women? why not just say "it can effect anyone" if you're gonna set aside how this is a women's health issue.


No. 13116

I don't have a source right now but women do experience more anxiety and depression than men. This obviously affects our physical health as well.

No. 22378

File: 1706445823892.jpeg (60.29 KB, 640x778, hpv vaccine.jpeg)

some good news!

No. 22385

Necro but I didn't know chia pudding kept that long in the fridge, I'll have to try this, I love meal prepping because I'm lazy lol

No. 22540

It isn't normal at all, not sure where the other anon is coming from. Sounds like either extreme cope or brainwashing to me.
Ignoring all the other issues women are at risk of from hormonal BC, the fact that it makes you more likely to find genetically similar men attractive isn't talked about enough.

File: 1646761113549.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x900, 1_CD6061239ROBERT-MAUDSLEYfram…)

No. 4319[Reply]

the holy mother goddesses has erased all human males from the face of the planet however tasks you the choice to spare any male or group of males(you have to choose at least one)

My choice is Robert Maudsley
he had a childhood where he was constantly was physically and sexually abused and worked as a teen callboy, he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 more human cockroaches in there(2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death)
imo he's a better man then 99% of scrotes on this planet
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No. 22258

File: 1705809105092.jpeg (134.3 KB, 300x300, IMG_2383.jpeg)

If he weren’t dead and there was a gender war I’d sneak across enemy lines, kidnap him, and make him sing for us like a personal prisoner- of-war bard.

No. 22295

The stray cat that I pass by occasionally on walks. I'm not sure if it's male or not, but I will spare him just in case.

No. 22305

At least 3 members of EXO and a friend of mine.

No. 22308

I don't think it's against the rules to save male animals.

No. 22313

File: 1706035769509.jpeg (465.01 KB, 1119x796, 6478B63F-B239-40D9-B508-F17616…)

Well then I guess I choose the guy writing Spy x Family because I want to know how it ends. After he finishes he can be executed.

File: 1698656729383.jpg (436.58 KB, 1080x2462, Screenshot_20230715_115906_Chr…)

No. 20589[Reply]

I believe Spiritualism and Occultism is perhaps the greatest distraction/detriment to feminism, whether it be radical, lesbian separatist-based, or even liberal denominations. Radical Feminism is Marxian in origin, it's scientifically based, and the Marxian approach, whether one likes it or not, has its highly modern inner logic. Backwards divine feminine woo-woo doesn't. It always devolves into the worship of great goddess worship or some form of ancestor veneration.
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No. 21020

well don't end up like my brother, he just reads religious texts written by dead saints and is now super weird.

No. 21021

I've read a lot of shit during the past 10 years and nothing really changed in my behavior. It depends on the person I think. If I sense that something makes me weird, I simply stop doing it. I had only one experience with cannabis in my life and it was in a form of an edible and it literally made me psychotic for an entire day and gave me hallucinations that when described to others resembled more of a shroom trip. Like nobody believed me I only had one edible. I knew that I'm simply too oversensitive to cannabis so I never tried them again

No. 21022

I just think that the reading esoteric knowledge constantly will effect you, in psychology, manners, politics, attitude, worldview and even physically effect you.

No. 21023

I don't read it constantly, actually I don't think I have anything interesting left to read in that regard. And what does it even mean, constantly? Only freaks read this shit every day

No. 22238

File: 1705663174218.png (54.9 KB, 663x432, vrerfsd.png)

One issue that is inherent to all political movements that set themselves (or think of themselves) as apart from the mainstream, whether they're right or left, nationalists, communists, feminists, or anarchists, is that because they challenge(or think they challenge) the current system, they tend to accept 'out there' beliefs, regardless of validity, often spiritualism and pseudo-science but the eventual outcome, regardless of how it starts, is believing in a world run by a shadowy cabal who controls every narrative and are also transhumanist baby-eaters.

File: 1655867179755.jpg (9.52 MB, 6048x4032, 1654014593834.jpg)

No. 6015[Reply]

Have you ever tagged a public place with a feminist message? Wrote over troon graffiti with your own thing? Share it here! Sticker ideas and designing tags also welcome and encouraged. Help spread the good word
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No. 22203

I live in a city that's very well known across the country for being gay friendly, and so has a sizeable trans population too. You often see pro trans shit in the women's toilets and there's never really any backlash. I'm still doing this >>6037

There's a particular public toilet which is currently hosting a graffiti argument about TiMs. It started off with normal 'yay trans girls' slogans or something, I came back a week later and there was a part of the wall blacked out with markers, scribbled over with biro etc. like there was a lot that had gone on. Most of it was unreadable but I could see in the pen impressions in the wall the stats about TiM violent crime rates lol.

They put a big serious notice about transphobia over all of it, and there hasn't been any more writing since, but i'm so pleased to know my girls are out here somewhere!!

No. 22204

love how aggressive and evil the trans face looks, very accurate kek

No. 22207

"trans pride full of trans predators"

No. 22210

Is supposed to be the character of Noelle Cuckerson.

No. 22243

I don't want to share a pic due to identifying info, but someone close to me tagged "ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS" and it's glorious.

File: 1704730828401.png (54.66 KB, 614x1023, female.png)

No. 22074[Reply]

I need some links for radical feminist forums and blogs, so that I won't get propagandized by patriarchal junk.

No. 22126

File: 1704895030987.png (50.73 KB, 799x1556, wordpressblogs.png)

You might be interested in this list I found on someone's Tumblr post but I can't speak for the quality of all the blogs here (definitely check out TrustYourPerceptions if you haven't already though).

Other than that, my personal recommendations would be:
wlrnmedia.com (Women's Liberaton Radio News) + their YouTube is here: youtube.com/@WomensLiberationRadioNews
Sekhmet She-Owls archived content (audio): mega.nz/folder/IacEkJKR#JJA7qy4c5fYzvQLjzyZ59Q
Black Obsidian's archived content (audio and video): mega.nz/folder/MDdGRboL#lOe3Fwl0C7J768dO3SgWJw

File: 1648025523613.jpg (88.53 KB, 976x549, p06b69vl.jpg)

No. 4405[Reply]

ITT: female figures that you looked up to or were inspired by, but turned out they were either pick-me's or betrayed their ideals for one reason or another
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No. 21940

>They're not powerful women
they have more power than people who are not as wealthy as them, which is most people on the planet.

No. 21944

Kek is this FDS propaganda?

No. 21945

>underage women

No. 21965

>Naomi Campbell is the biggest example of a female celeb that helped pedos gain access to underage women which never gets talked
Wait, what?

No. 22055

It's known that a lot of female celebs worked with epstein and helped him gain access to other women but it never gets talked about

File: 1682677627522.jpeg (51.59 KB, 500x500, bookclub.jpeg)

No. 14399[Reply]

Thought it might be fun to have a reading club here, for books on feminist topics, if anyone is interested? We could pick a book and go through our thoughts on each chapter every week or so.
If this sounds good…
>Any book suggestions / requests for the club?
>What would be a good reading pace for everyone?
>And share any good books you've read recently here too
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No. 19888

File: 1694849068178.jpeg (25.7 KB, 322x500, images.jpeg)

My friend told me about this book and although it seems quite libfem, it piqued my interest. Have you guys read it? What do you think of it

No. 21281

someone uploaded the full thing to archive.org, if anyone is interested.

No. 21349

No. 21447

I read the Scum manifesto and it was alright up until the last 3rd. It sounds like a sissyhon’s forced fem doomsday goon fantasy. I know Solanas cozied up with femdom gooners.

No. 21670

That was the most bizarre and jarring part for me, like I wanna see men dead, I don't want to see a single man in a maid outfit, I would consider that more of a torture on my self.

File: 1685702385129.jpeg (16.36 KB, 275x244, 1620635678657.jpeg)

No. 15258[Reply]

Manifesto-chan was a lolcow poster who graced us with her keen and accurate insight. Part artist, part scientist and 100% misandrist. Post your favourite manifesto-chan caps here.

Some commonly used manifesto-chan words below if you want to do your own searching.
"false self"
"cuckoldry anxiety"
"mate guarding"
"sales tactics"
"artificial niche carving"
229 posts and 109 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 21624

File: 1702608921517.png (30.09 KB, 1833x153, IMG_3401.png)

Is this manifesto-chan too?

No. 21625

I think the prose is a bit too flowery to be her.

No. 21628

I wonder, was this actually her in the PP thread? The typing style seems a bit different, but the points are all aligned with many of these screenshots, especially these: >>17473 >>17476 >>17477
Regardless, the posts are really well-written and I hope an anon with more time neatly screenshots them and puts them here alongside the rest of the goodies.

No. 21629

In my humble opinion, no. Manifesto chan focused way more on male biology and genetics. I don’t think she would say “queue” instead of “cue”. Also, stylistically her posts were a lot more punchy and caustic. And she tends to avoid the 2X ghetto, probably because around three people actually use it.

No. 22312

It's exactly the kind of tone and vocabulary that sweaty little brainlets on reddit get big internet points for trying to emulate, except that it's effortless and breezy whilst still being laser-focused and very evocative. I think the way she uses chan lingo makes all these years of rotting my mind on imageboards almost worth it, because it's just delightful.

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