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File: 1679363425327.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x333, hexgirls.jpg)

No. 12034[Reply]

what are some actual, subtle radfem dogwhistles? the color lavender? the hex sisters? how do i signal i'm rf to only rfs
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No. 13581

>I don't know if that'd help hide the fact that you're radfem or GC from troons and TRAs, though.
it won't and it doesn't kek. they'll dm you like
>what does that symbol in your bio mean uwu ?
and if you're a coward like me you'll just say 'woman'

No. 13583

saying "not the fun kind of feminist" is usually a tipoff

No. 13720

Anything saying you're proud to be a woman I'd say? Female symbol and mooncycles etc are usually used commonly too.

No. 14081

I only list my asl plus whatever else my account is about. In interest discord servers, I never use pronoun roles or list pronouns in the introduction channel.

No. 14722

Seconding no pronouns too. And in situations if someone asks her about her pronouns, the reply "I'm a woman".

File: 1647633841004.jpeg (326.45 KB, 1170x921, 41B4451B-D416-41A7-AC54-820DB0…)

No. 4374[Reply]

It feels nice to know we’re not alone.
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No. 13924

NTA but were those people you talked to from Israel? Because I've heard Jewish people who live elsewhere don't agree with the treatment of Palestinians and don't hate them either. Obviously Jewish people aren't a hivemind so those from Israel may have different views in general. I've certainly read news and watched videos of Jewish men in Israel treating Muslim women in a horrible way. Though I wouldn't doubt there's like an ethnonationalist sentiment there that some Jews subscribe to and others don't, similar to many other countries.
Just curious, not trying to argue.

No. 13943

They were living in America, though I've heard some Israeli Jewish religion men speak up about a recent mosque shooting whilst no one else spoke up about it.
I think the clash between jews and muslims is similar to Ukraine and Russia, I doubt Russians or Ukrainians hate one another as individuals but media likes to portray them as hardcore enemies to further add fuel to the fire.
It's also worth noting that I live in a Muslim country YET most people in my country support Israel because of other political reasons surrounding our relationship with Palestine, things aren't as black and white as others think. I obviously don't think it's ethical to hold sides in a literal war and I'd like to add that seeing a jew person die makes me as sad as seeing a muslim person die, just because someone's government makes choices I disagree with doesn't mean I lose the ability to empathize with them as people.

The thint is I just get really mad when I see some random Christian act like this is a football match and they're cheering for their team. People are dying, holding sides isn't as easy when the dying people remind you of yourself and your family, share your culture and features.

No. 13944

Samefagging again to add something I just remembered.
We had a very big earthquake two Muslim countries recently and Israel sent financial aid to both. It really isn't that simple and Israeli Jews don't just hate all Muslims even though that's what some like to tell themselves. You guys should remember that Muslims weren't the ones that genocided millions of Jews.

No. 14110

Doesn't Israel not let black African Jews immigrate?

No. 14192

>Ashkenazi jews don't even come from Israel, they are of slavic ancestry
They're the result of a group of middle eastern Jews moving to Europe and mixing with Europeans over the centuries, not just a group of slavs who decided to convert one day

File: 1674852766792.gif (682.65 KB, 220x147, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 9498[Reply]

I just want to hear about the shitty scrotes you've come across in discussions or in Gender Critical Spaces. I'm sick of them and a lot of them aren't allies in fact, the reason there's so much racisim and "Good ones" is directly because of scrote inclusion. They hate women and troons, just hate troons slightly more. Yet, we get 99% of the abuse/hate from scrotes irl. While Troons just get talked about online.

No. 13291

This is some vintage radblr lore, but I think it was one of the tipping points where radblr stopped letting in straight gc males. Circa ~2017, there was some dude with a url that I think had lion or something in it, who was adding gc/ "radfem" commentary that was getting eaten up by radblr. Later it came out he was engaging in BDSM towards his wife, and claimed he was doing it "to help her overcome trauma guise, i don't WANT to do it, she NEEDS it!" and somehow everyone was shocked the moid was gonna moid and veryone had a meltdown about it.

After that it seemed like radblr stopped tolerating straight scrotes cozying up into the space, with the notable exception being a dude called wahbegan who I think gained entry through being friends with menalez. he calls women bitches, talks over women, and is generally insufferable, on top of very recently having an abuse allegation against him. Of course the male-pandering "radfems" (like the one who recently married a moid, just gave birth to his child, posts about it constantly) defend him as "harmless."

Similarly, radblr tends to be fine with gay gc males, but then acts shocked when they also turn out to be misogynistic. Recently there was a video of a female comedian doing a bit that got passed around radblr, and two of these gay moids added comments about it being proof women aren't funny. I think the problem is too many radical feminist women have sympathy for gay men for experiencing homophobia from society and the trans brigade, so they let them in. But a gay scrote is still just another scrote.

I get the impression that twitter might be much worse, but I don't set foot there because I think it would give me an aneurism with all the contrarian women larping as radfems as their Edgy Identity of the Day.

No. 13292

>there was some dude with a url that I think had lion or something in it, who was adding gc/ "radfem" commentary that was getting eaten up by radblr. Later it came out he was engaging in BDSM towards his wife
kek wtf that's insane. why do moids always use the "bdsm is okay because it's a cope for my gf's trauma" cope as if that makes it any better. even if it somehow was helping the woman and not just obviously retraumatizing her, it's definitely not necessary therapy for the moid who is getting off on pretending to cause the trauma in question. what does it say about him for wanting to pretend to be the abuser to an already traumatized woman? gross.
also true radfem twitter is much worse t. used to be on there i can think of multiple moids who got popular on there or at least orbit radfem spaces most of whom are extremely racist and just plain old right wing and only "ally" with radfems as an excuse to bash gender nonconformity in women.

No. 13293

wow, radtwt seems like an irredeemable cesspool. Are there even any real radfems on there or is it all those dudes and women who are 1 mental episode away from becoming tradthots and white supremacists (or already covertly are)?

People shit talk radblr a lot but it is truly no where NEAR as bad as twitter. It's comparatively a paradise.

No. 13295

there are some real radfems on radtwt but they usually end up doing their own thing and don't befriend many people because most of the popular people on there fall into the categories you listed imo

radblr is seriously so much better in comparison. i think it's because long-form posts allow for nuanced analysis in a way twitter does not. if you're a terminally online zoomer and your attention span doesn't permit you to read anything longer than a twitter thread you aren't going to have the mental capacity to read radfem theory and critically analyze what you are reading. also the women on radblr tend to be older and more serious about feminism in general. a lot of the girls on radtwt are teenagers or at least under 21, and it definitely shows. radblr wouldn't tolerate a right wing gc guy who makes racist jokes hanging around and gaining popularity.

File: 1679716536462.jpeg (45.78 KB, 1540x800, women-helping-women.jpeg)

No. 12240[Reply]

We live in a world that tells us to focus on male relationships, male economics, and male artists. Female-female relationships are a central part of feminism. What are you doing to live a woman-centric life? If you want to do more but cannot, what are the barriers stopping you? Including but not limited to:

- Only consuming art by women. Reading books by women, music by women, films directed by/cinematography by women, etc.
- Learning the history and stories of women different from you (in race, class, sexuality, other things)
- Prioritizing friendships and relationships with women.
- Businesses by women.
- Learning and teaching skills women have been excluded from. For example, plumbing, carpentry, shooting, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you nonas.
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No. 12747

I know some people attempting to start a friend house, I don’t see why you couldn’t do something like that but only inviting or accepting women. The harder part is making strong and long lasting female friendships where they don’t end up wanting to pair off. I think in the gay community it’s easier to find women who would be open to this idea.

No. 12752

File: 1680545276404.png (36.25 KB, 250x324, 4.png)

Get yourself a Jaiden

No. 13127

I’m trying to learn handyman stuff so I don’t have to rely on a mostly male population to do it for me, and hopefully I can do it for other women or teach them how to do it. I’m starting really small by learning the names of things around my place, but it’s genuinely empowering. Why didn’t jezebel and all those other feminist magazines talk about this? Instead it was all “makeup is empowering,” “sending nudes of your postpartum body is empowering,” like beauty is fading and knowledge is forever.

No. 13132

I love fixing and building things but my dad never wanted to teach me because he loves doing those things for me and likewise with my ex. Ever since I got my own place, I've been teaching myself and loving the feeling of accomplishment.
How are you learning? At the moment I am using youtube + winging it but want to take a course for basic home plumbing and electrics. I saw there are some woman-led DIY courses in my city but unfortunately very expensive.

No. 13245

What does that mean

No. 4635[Reply]

thought it might be cute to start a 2X related music thread… share any songs you love that are anti-moid! any genre, from light hearted funny songs to straight up murder anthems

i'll start out the thread by sharing a few of my favorites!

dixie chicks/the chicks - goodbye earl
>she held wanda's hand and they worked out a plan and it didn't take them long to decide
>that earl had to die… goodbye, earl
>those black eyed peas, they tasted alright to me, earl
>ya feelin' weak? why don't you lay down and sleep, earl
>ain't it dark? wrapped up in that tarp, earl?
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No. 12705

>Marrow made a wife of Eve
>But no one gave up a rib for me and mine
>My heart stayed exposed to the elements
>Calloused and untouched by a man's design
>Oh my ugly organs
>How lucky we are

>Time has changed the metaphor

>Now dust is not the origin of bone
>Little girl don't let them sell you any armor
>All your ribs are still your own

No. 12706

not this again, listen I's an atheist and will be the first tell you that bible is a misogynistic trashfire, but the way so many radfems and libfems seem to talk about religion makes me cringe, first no one wrote the bible with a specific intention, the old testament is a collection of myths and exaggerated historical events of a bunch of iron age Semites, regarding Adam coming from Eve through his Rib, In various Semitic creation myths, the creation of the first man and woman usually comes from the separation of a single joint genderless being by the gods
Adam and Eve is just one variation of this common Semitic creation myth, in the Babylonian version the first man and woman came from a two-sexed being (male and female) that was joined at the back like Siamese twins and the gods divided this being into two as an afterthought, despite this there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e our first parent was originally both male and female

No. 12707

>not this again, listen I's an atheist
I don't think anyone asked kek
>i.e our first parent was originally both male and female
I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion

No. 12709

File: 1680418918440.jpg (7.67 KB, 250x181, 10169466_10201977968797551_213…)

>I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion
Its not an opinion, most Semitic religions thought of the fist human being as a conjoined(though not dual-sex) human being, you still find traces of this with early Judaism, God did not create mankind, he created Ha’Adam(from earth) and from Ha’Adam (humankind) God made them Ish (Man) and Isha (Woman). its stupid but in a different way, you can only dismantle faith when you truly understand it.

No. 12711

Epic levels of autism, no offense. But it’s not that deep. It’s a metaphor. This is a song. Relax.

File: 1675675527697.jpg (77.25 KB, 1024x762, IMG_20230206_042413_504.jpg)

No. 9754[Reply]

Any nonas in the US depressed at the way things are going and how many people support a party that wants to force 12 year olds to give birth?
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No. 11882

I've always prayed and manifested for a tree to fall on him again to finish the job. Also that Ted's flight goes down next time he tries to leave the state or country during a crisis

Useless wastes of air

No. 11902

>Ultra late but given that a woman's body flushes out something like >60% of all embryos, wouldn't that make every woman who isn't celibate or homosexual a serial killer? Why don't these looney tunes ever call for research into miscarriage or failed implantations, since that kills way more "babies" than abortion ever could?
Lol what a dumbasss. That's clearly manslaughter.

No. 11961

I really don't trust men in my core anymore and don't know what to do with the feeling or where to put it. I mean when im really honest with myself. I live in texas. I try to forget it mostly but I feel deep revulsion more and more about the things I hear about my state, and countless other things im not even going to mention men are filth and if one ever touches me in my life I'll gouge out his eyes so help me God cut off his dick, shove it down his throat. Chop his head to pieces and pee on him when I'm done.

No. 12115

Pro-lifers always talk about abortion being aggressively pushed onto pregnant women when they were not planning a baby, is it true? I've always felt it was the reverse.

No. 12123

I was talking to a guy and he told me that if he were to get a woman pregnant, he wouldn't stay and that she should know better and abort it. All men think like this when it happens to them(hence how PROLIFE men and their sons got exposed for pressuring women to abort babies) but they still want to take rights to abortion away so they can oppress women, they're so retarded.

File: 1677266297423.jpg (418.72 KB, 2504x1338, tj7uu.jpg)

No. 10762[Reply]

Only for use of protection. Discuss what you're using, dangerous experiences with men/others, and share tips.

No. 10764

Don't have a gun, but I plan to buy something small. Does anyone have anything small they'd reccomend?

No. 11986

Isn't there a baby Glock (Glock 43?)

However the most important thing will be to train with it regularly. not just leave it in your bag and forget about it.

No. 12006

I consideredd filing for a shotgun license which you can do in the uk but the police basically told me you cant even use it in self defence if a fucking intruder is in your home, i hate this fucking country and wanna move to the usa asap

My home was recently trespassed on by some punks who tried to steal my fucking motorbike

No. 12012

if you do actually ever intend to move to the usa just make sure you know the gun laws in the states you look at. in places like nj you would also get convicted for “standing your ground” - you’re expected to retreat before using deadly force. i fucking hate this country

No. 12099

Remember to follow rules and regulations for guns in your area. If not, you're only causing more problems for yourself. Remember, the goal is self preservation and safety, and that includes being taken under custody from the law.

File: 1644693151807.jpg (57.04 KB, 819x815, f5052987ce13e5ebbd156561e8df66…)

No. 4157[Reply]

Can it be done? I'm dating someone completely different, yet I still find myself uncomfortable and anxious that it will happen again, despite having no evidence to suggest that it would. I alternate between feeling very comfortable and safe in bed to feeling disgusted with myself for letting someone touch me, regardless of how respectful it was. I can't imagine why anyone would like someone like me, and that leads to me feeling suspicious a lot, since low self-esteem makes me more likely to ignore red flags so I can get a crumb of positive attention. It's like I'm on high-alert looking for red flags. It feels unfair to subject someone to this. I'm still so hurt and angry over what the last idiot did to me; do you ever get over it? Share your stories
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No. 4689

Honestly I’m at the point where I don’t desire cohabitation anymore not only for safety reasons and avoiding unfair responsibilities but because I genuinely love living on my own. Being able to decorate exactly how I want, go to bed/eat/do chores on my own schedule, blasting loud music or having it perfectly quiet, walk around naked and do a stupid dance without being ogled, and just generally having my own little sanctuary is bliss. I’ve known a handful of long-term couples that don’t live together but are in the same neighborhood and honestly that sounds ideal to me. Being able to spend time together whenever you want but also having a separate sense of peace and security. If your bf has a goal of eventually cohabitating with a partner maybe it’s not a good fit, but it’s not “unfair” of you to prefer having your own space either.

No. 4690

That’s good to hear he’s so supportive! Just based on what you’ve written here it sounds like the desire to leave is coming more from that place of trauma rather than a well-reasoned plan. It would be one thing if you acknowledged you needed to do certain actions to heal which could only be completed alone, but obviously feeling suicidal is not part of a healthy outlook. Feeling good at least some of the time is still progress. You’re right that it’s not easy, but if the rational side of you knows you’ve got a good thing going on I think it would be a shame to throw it away because you don’t want to be a burden. It’s good to take responsibility for yourself but remember your bf is an adult capable of making his own decisions, and if he’s repeatedly saying you’re worth it to him, then he’s one of those good voices you ought to allow to stay to combat the negative ones.

No. 4700

You've described how I feel too. I've heard of married couples living across the road from each other and whilst I get it doesn't make financial sense, it makes sense in every other way to me. Now that I finally have my own space, I'm never giving it up for a man again.

No. 4747

Well my trauma stems from how my mom treated me and raised me (and the way it shows up looks very similar like on OP's pic >>4157 ) but I feel it also projected on my choice of love.

I used to be quite lovesick and when I would meet a guy that was attractive to me and also clicked with my personality and interests, I would fall in love fast.

But these scrotes (all two of them that I dated lol) turned out to be abusive and in way that reflected my own mother's abuse. Making me feel inadequate through various actions such as - small comments of comparing me to more attractive women, going hot and cold and withholding attention for no apparent reason (not answering text messages), gradually more criticism because I was not reflecting their flavor of the month, annoyed with me if I needed a bit more that day and then showering me with attention when I would shut down.

Anyway I went to a therapist and started processing all of that. As I was processing issues with my mother, my whole perception of myself and the world started shifting, I realized I didn't want to be in relationship for some time. As I was about to break it off, I found out he was cheating anyway so I guess the whole process was quicker. (He tried to reel me in back but by that time I was completely in a different mindset and I could see it for what it was).

And that was my last relationship which happened 3 years ago. In the meantime I stopped being lovesick and I am put off by the thought of getting back to dating world.
I feel like I am rebuilding my own life brick by brick and there is 0 energy to try and start something with someone. Maybe because both my experiences were bad, maybe because what I hear from friends and acquaintances relationships it is equally as bad or even worse.

As long as I have good platonic relationships with people around me, I'm fine.

No. 12048

literally this

i’ve neither the time nor mind to humiliate myself by gallivanting about market square with a member of the inferior sex and neither should you

File: 1639159957157.png (448.24 KB, 792x599, 46466.png)

No. 3937[Reply]

There is little that we can do as individuals to stop socially or legally sanctioned abuse of women in other cultures but we can raise awareness of new and ongoing issues and evaluate the work of charities where donations could make a difference.

This thread is for discussing new or ongoing women's rights abuses around the world.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 6531

Yeah, exactly. I associate the casualization of pedophilia more with Japan when it comes to East Asia, but it really is coddling men for everything which is the root problem everywhere. Explains why most men these days are losers kek.

No. 6538

The refugee males in my country eat the babyfood aid themselves because they think it will increase their “sexual prowess.”

No. 9513

It likely escalated fighting back an forth

No. 11469

File: 1678366849911.png (867.29 KB, 822x646, guardian.png)

feminist group in the DRC organising and fighting to protect women. “We want any woman who has been attacked to find her peace”
a great example of how a small oppressed group of women who band together can create a big change. they've got a long way to go but their voices are finally being heard


(fuck the article for calling it gender-based violence though)

No. 11744

File: 1678670149569.png (160.71 KB, 1440x2158, Screenshot_20230312-165941~2.p…)

bellingcat just released an article on how to identify signs of sexual violence esp. in videos/photos of conflict areas https://www.bellingcat.com/resources/2023/03/03/sexual-and-gender-based-violence-open-source-researche-osint-digital/

File: 1677183685772.jpeg (673.38 KB, 828x1420, B191C2E1-82CB-4EF7-8237-30AACD…)

No. 10637[Reply]

free her(Should have been a post. )
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No. 10663

I wish all women would do this when they find out their scrotes messages underage girls

No. 10684

>wonder which S.K. is her favorite
My guess is jodi arias

No. 10989

>serial killer
>Jodi Arias
God I wish

No. 11222

My bad lol

No. 12008

mfw i stayed with a guy even after he confessed to accepting nudes from a 17 year old . Massive L I wish I left then and there

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