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File: 1683526795678.jpg (3.12 MB, 3072x4608, DSC_0509_1.jpg)

No. 326451

Let's continue the fashion discussion here since the new thread will close soon! Here's to another good thread, nonnas.

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Pic: Womenswear designer Louise Clark.

No. 326452

File: 1683527176739.jpg (3.11 MB, 3072x4608, DSC_0703_0.jpg)

I recently fell in love with the threadpic designer and wanted to share her with all of you to highlight some women designers. This (and picrel) comes from Louise Clark's "Abstract Romanticism" collection. She is a UK-based designer who I sincerely hope gets the recognition she deserves! I think she's working for ASOS now, but in the future I hope she gets to make more collections. I love her feminine and modern silhouettes.

No. 326686

File: 1683576916535.jpg (417.63 KB, 1402x2337, p.jpg)

Is there a name for this type of bag? I like purses with short top handles, crossbody straps, and most importantly: top zop opening into abyss which holds a lot more than you'd think.

No. 326703

I have one just like the bottom bag, it was called a satchel. I'm not sure that would refine searches enough though.

No. 326720

I'd say a Boston bag is your best bet, that's what those look closest to to me. Most are pretty bulky though, so I hope you find one to your taste.

No. 326834

File: 1683617121515.png (256.66 KB, 803x1070, Capture.PNG)

What would you call the dress/style of dress Else is wearing in this photo? I would like to find an image of the actual historical equivalent (not aliexpress).

No. 326975

Well it's not really a historical style. That's a bustier/corset/stays/jumps/whatever over a regular dress

No. 327117

File: 1683688195051.jpeg (29.88 KB, 542x636, 36B1837B-22C4-4999-B517-A14E26…)

What would you pair this skirt with?

No. 327123

A trash bin

No. 327197

A long sleeve white shirt. Not a t-shirt.

No. 327218

I'd ship it back to china

No. 327223

Please don't wear this outside. This looks like the kind of shit only streetwalkers would wear. Anons really have autistic tastes, how can you guys look at a super cheap looking lacey skirt and buy it without even thinking of how/when you're gonna wear it?

No. 327229

The lace + denim combo makes it look like some shabby chic DIY abomination I'd have made in 2013, but you know what? If you're going for that old school gyaru look, it might just work. I used to see so many similar skirts in Popteen back in the day.

No. 327230

Probably a black sweater

No. 327239

I owned a skirt like this back in the y2k era as a 11 yr old, kek. Is it making a comeback?
If you do wear it, i would get textured tights, boots, and a longer sleeved top. But, really, its not that great of a option for women of age. Preteen fashion on adults is usually cringe.

No. 327242

File: 1683730080488.jpeg (479.67 KB, 2304x3072, 018C5896-F47F-478F-A7DA-EB5B5D…)

Something casual and in the same theme

No. 327248

>adults of age
Kek anon, how old do you think she is? 95 years old? Let her dress however she wants.

No. 327332

I meant the age to post here, 18 or up. An outfit like that is very middle school.

No. 327335

File: 1683764343994.jpg (53.77 KB, 563x706, outfit.jpg)

What everyday shoes do nonnas wear? I have heels for dressy occasions and sneakers for everyday but somedays I want something in between that's still comfortable to walk in. I find most heel-sandals pretty hard to walk long distances in, are there any that are pretty comfortable? Do I just find some fancy sandals?Picrel is an idea of outfits I wear in the summer

No. 327402

Nta but that skirt looks like a piece of clothing a middle schooler who can't dress herself would pick. If you're a literal woman, wearing that type of shit makes you look trashy and weird. Same as a 18+ yo dude wearing an anime shirt, it's cringy on a child but it's even worse on an adult.
Second one is actually cute, anon should go for something like that.

No. 327403

Jelly sandals and a gingham top. And a naked barbie with marker scribbles all over it and it's ears chewed off. And three bandaids on the knee.

No. 327411

Some kind of mary janes? Ballet flats(I personally hate them but whatever)? Clogs/mules?

No. 327419

kind of a look tbh… where's retardcore-chan

No. 327420

File: 1683795434073.jpg (159.61 KB, 1079x906, Screenshot_20230511_015538.jpg)

I have the bottom bag too! Fossil Sydney Satchel, right? I LOVE mine in hunter green from a few years ago but I recently bought one in black and the quality is literally half or less of the green one. What gives? Is the black one maybe an outlet version or something? This is what prompted me to ask about the name of this type of bag- I was looking for a better alternative to the Sydney & "satchel" was conjuring a lot of structured school/work-type satchels (which are super cute but I love slouchy leather). I also really wish the black and the hunter green Sydney came with silver-toned hardware but alas… What color do you have it in nonna? Side note I love how far down the zipper goes on the sides, it's so easy to find stuff in the abyss because it opens SO wide.

>Boston bag
THANK YOU! I just purchased exactly what I was looking for using this term. You rock!! Picrel is the bag (not my pic). The brand is HESHE on Amazon.

No. 327422

Samefag I will be removing the tassel asap

No. 327583

Zillenial here, born in 1998. My clothes feel outdated, and I’m really loving the casual “zoomer style”, especially the more relaxed office looks. I feel lost. While I love the new fashion trends, I have no idea what staples to buy or how to style the new shit. I’m used to wearing dresses with tights, loafers and blazers, but I’m looking for sneakers, dresses, pants etc. that don’t feel outdated, and trying to figure out how to style crop tops correctly

Can someone help me? What staple Gen z pieces should I buy, and how should I style them?

No. 327663

i'd prefer to dress like you do now than a fashion victim meme aesthetic zoomer to be honest
t. a 2002 zoomer

No. 327672

File: 1683907379559.png (144.78 KB, 530x830, cutest dress ever yall stfu.pn…)

I haven"t bought clothes in years and i want to achieve a cute, artsty and unique style. I'm thinking of buying this dress.
Honest but kind opinions please

No. 327678

Love the quilted texture on the dress. But is that neck piece attached?

No. 327683

I think this could be really cute but it's so hard to say without knowing what you look like (do not post pics). Need to know your vibe ~essence~ imo

No. 327695

personally I hate it but if you have art teacher energy you should be able to pull it off

No. 327698

I think it would look really cute if you dressed it up in a 60's mod kind of way. I think you should definitely wear some opaque tights with it, orange would be really cute.

No. 327700

I pretty much wear nothing but lace up boots. Ankle boots, boots that come up to the knee, and everything in between. I have boots with flat soles for subdued looks and walking long distances, boots with elegant heels for classy outfits, boots with chunky platforms for more alternative looks. They're so comfortable and I love how they look, I'd have no idea what to wear on my feet if it weren't for boots. During summertime it can get a bit hot and may look off with summery outfits but honestly I just power through it anyway because I hate sandals.

No. 327701

File: 1683915066029.jpg (85.94 KB, 700x855, 16570290_fpx.jpg)

i recently got a dress similar to picrel but nicer at a thrift store and its too tight on my chest and i cant button the last 3 buttons, is it retarded to wear something under it or should i just redonate it? its from an expensive italian brand too so i'd be sad giving it away but what's the point if i can't even wear it kek.

No. 327702

samefag but could a minimizer bra help with this? never worn one before but just losing 1 cup size would make it fit.

No. 327708

I love weird clothes, everyone dressing the same is so boring. this is cute

No. 327712

A white tank top would look fine underneath.

No. 327715

by the file name nothing we said is gonna swerve you to think otherwise but you'll end up looking a lá people of walmart. No amount of styling will save the overall poor quality of this dress.

No. 327720

It looks stupid imo, sell it and get one that fits. You could try not wearing a bra with it or wearing a bralette because then your boobs will get more smooshed and flat.

No. 327721

It looks like a bedsheet.

No. 327725

it's cute but speaking from experience you'll have to have a very specific body shape to pull it off

No. 327736

This only looks cute on petite and/or very thin girls, on everyone else it looks off. I don't think it's cute though. It would've been okay without the bib.

If it's obvious you're keeping it unbuttoned because it's too tight you should give it away, otherwise a white tank top is fine.

No. 327761

File: 1683931566780.png (357.15 KB, 424x424, Schermafbeelding 2023-03-31 om…)

I got this shawl secondhand, it's so pretty but I don't know what colors to wear with it aside from black/white. Any suggestions?

No. 327765

File: 1683934118930.png (1.89 MB, 1078x1487, Screenshot_20200325-201842.png)

Deep green, gold, cream! That's beautiful nonna

Does anyone recognize exactly what Charlotte is wearing on her head in this pic? It looks too soft and stretchy to be a cotton bandana. I need stuff to cover my hair on lazy days besides basic bandanas. I wish I could pull off a head wrap but it looks stupid on me no matter what I try. I cringe thinking about the time I wore one outside my house a while ago.

No. 327770

Sling back flats, beaded mules, dupe valentino rockstar flats

No. 327774


No. 327820

File: 1683968306117.jpg (20.81 KB, 720x817, quiz-bright-blue-tie-dye-ruche…)

Hey nonas, I got this QUIZ dress for a wedding about a month back, and I was thinking of wearing it to my graduation in July. Do you think it's too dressy?

I have some black kitten heels and a kind of flowy black wrap thing to wear with it but idk.

No. 327842

File: 1683976202604.jpg (130.19 KB, 1200x1600, 7221063706005-b-catone_normal.…)

Would layering a long sleeve tee or thin knit look stupid underneath this dress?

No. 327844

Congrats on your graduation nonna! Imo there’s no such thing as too dressed up for graduation but even if that’s not the case, that dress looks perfect for a daytime grad.

No. 327863

Nonitas, where do you buy your everyday staples and essentials? I just want to buy some basic shirts that aren't see through, I prefer a more boxy fit but at this point I'll take anything.

No. 327871

Same here, I want some nice t shirts and maybe a couple skirts that aren't sweatshop-thin and falling apart. No polyester. Strangely impossible to find unless you pay a fortune.

No. 327875

AYRT, this is the exact issue I'm having. I'm a britbong and the high street options here are just SHEIN quality with shitty fabrics. That or their shirts are all cropped and covered in autistic graphics. I just want a basic breathable wardrobe for the summer, I swear shopping wasn't this inconvenient five years ago.

No. 327878

COS? Uniqlo? Tbh Zara basics work fine for me

No. 327883

most of my shirts are cotton ones from Only but I'm not 100% sure if they have plain ones

No. 327901

File: 1684000811045.png (223.37 KB, 1125x1500, cute.png)

Checked out Only and the clothes look so nice, I can't believe I haven't heard of them before! The only thing I'm worried about is their reviews look quite mixed, especially in the UK (where I am) for returns and orders not arriving. Have you tried their pants or just shirts? I like picrel but I'm extra cautious buying pants online, especially considering the reviews.

COS looks really great! Their T-shirts are the exact fit and colours I'm looking for as well, if a bit pricey but they look good quality. Reviews on customer service look mixed but reviews on the clothes say they're good, plus there's a physical store not far from me! I'll go next time I get paid.
I've bought from Uniqlo before and still love what I have but I've heard that they've gone down in quality recently, when did you buy from them nona?
Thank you all for your recommendations! If I buy from any I'll check back in with a review.

No. 327930

I feel like if any dress can be layered with a thin long sleeve (or short sleeve) shirt, it would be this type of dress.

No. 327954

no that's cute i like it

No. 327960

I just don't want to give art mom vibes

No. 327991

then don't wear a denim dress

No. 327999

File: 1684024663497.jpeg (207.16 KB, 1101x1233, 93F186ED-F797-412E-AF0D-D563FC…)

if you’re a zoomer, lean into the girly y2k stuff. wear a trashy crop top w some corny/ironic text or imagery. maybe trucker hat too. bonus points if it’s camo

No. 328002

What vibe do you want to give off? Maybe we can figure this out together nonna

No. 328340

Neutral GGs, or the dolce vita dolen sneaker would be cute for every day. The metallic fp flipflops or similar sandals from princess polly/ ect with a bit of a wedge in a neutral color go with most things. Personally not a big fan of nicer sandals that are very flat because they provide 0 support when you're walking.

No. 328341

File: 1684101039110.jpg (342.69 KB, 1280x1671, 14092466-407C-4D31-A58C-EA12F0…)

Want this set SO bad but feel like I would never wear it

No. 328346

Where did you find this?

No. 328474

File: 1684148348251.png (109.98 KB, 386x684, Untitled.png)

I need some help finding websites that ship in the US that sell clothes that will fit a busty woman, I have a figure similar to picrel and I am constantly wearing baggy trashbags cause I can't find anything that is cute but fits a large bust without being baggy everywhere else. I do like the tradthot flower dresses that are in fashion currently, pls no bully. I want to look cute for once this summer instead of wearing XXL sweaters and baggy t-shirts all day.

No. 328475

forgot to bump, also forgot to add that preferably I would not have that buttons-about-to-pop look that she's got going on, so looking for clothes tailored for bigger bust and not clothes you can stretch to their limit technically

No. 328478

Her boobs are edited so hilariously

No. 328479

Well, some of us are very tall and skinny so anything looks good on us. We don't really need to think about things like that because our beautiful features make everything appear classy. I would recommend anon to combine this piece with a graphic sleeveless shirt!

No. 328480

sorry that I can give you a concrete answer but maybe try wearing a sportsbra underneath? I'm kinda busty for my body type and my boobs looks smaller when I wear a sportsbra

No. 328481

I feel like it's bullshit I should try to compress my boobs uncomfortably just to fit into clothes better. I just want clothes that are tailored for a bigger bust.

No. 328483

You could try just finding vintage dresses or shopping from those clothing stores who still make 1950s style clothing. My boobs are decently large but aren’t huge, but I have a pretty dramatic waist to hip ratio, and I find that most mainstream brand clothing is tight on my hips but loose around my waist and stomach, and that most coats and dresses are designed to be straight up and down which is very unflattering on me. I need clothing that nips in at the waist but has enough space for my hips, and it’s very hard to find fashion like that nowadays unless you look for specific stores. Even ‘curvy’ stores aren’t really for curvy women, just for plus size women, and they often feature a lot of the same unflattering straight up and down cuts. It’s definitely a struggle to find well fitting fashion if you have an hourglass or busty build.

No. 328484

Yeah it's kind of bullshit since supposedly this is a desirable figure to have, but the gay men who make fashion don't give a shit about that. Maybe I just have to learn how to sew my own clothes…

No. 328510

Fashion isn't made for whatever's the desireable figure, almost everything is made based on confection sizes created decades ago which hasn't been updated to fatter 21st century bodies nor does it take various body types /variation into account. That's part of why store bought fashion looks bad.

No. 328521

is 47€ too much for a dress? I found a cute dress in a vintage clothing store that usually sells high quality items. But this dress didn't have a tag that said it's brand or what material it was made off so I don't know what they based the price on. It's most likely handmade. I got it since it was cute and looked good on me and I usually struggle with finding summer dresses that suits my body. Its not going to ruin my budget but I have never spend so much on a dress so I feel guilty for buying it

No. 328527

Tailor your clothes. Buy a bigger size and just have some darts added where needed. If you're not in a huge city it shouldn't be too expensive.

No. 328528

It's not some kind of gay conspiracy, most women just don't have an extreme body shape. Straight up and down cuts are easier to produce and sell, and they fit most of the population. That's why they're the most common.

No. 328530

copied from reddit: PerfectDD, ASOS, Guess, & Other Stories, Monki, Theory, Ted Baker, Farm Rio, Zimmermann, Everlane, Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, Samsoe Samsoe, Vixen by michelinepitt, Calvin Klein

No. 328537

I think 47 euro for a complete outfit basically is fine.

No. 328540

I had to do a conversion to Burgcoin and $50 for a handmade dress is a steal nonna. Of course, it depends on your particular financial situation since everything is relative after all, but assuming you make an average amount of money, I think the price is good. Even if it's not handmade, 47€ is a good price for a dress, aka a whole outfit basically, like other nonna said. Don't feel guilty. Walking into a vintage clothing store on a whim and finding a piece that ~speaks to me~ is such a treasured experience for me. I wish we could see it! Can you describe it? I'm so curious now after typing this out lol

No. 328543

Came back to say I returned this. For context, my most used bags are a Fossil leather bag, a canvas messenger bag, and a nylon Kate Spade bag. The quality of this purse was decent but it was too big for my small frame, and I noticed in one of the reviews, someone posted that the black top layer of the leather wore off after a year. What the fuck. So I went to Etsy where I can get a beautiful custom leather bag for under $180, I feel like I discovered a lifehack.

Also this was me and I went to Etsy for this also and bought a gorgeous hand-dyed cotton bandana with these colors to recreate this look.
No one asked but here I am kek

No. 328546

Would a black bodycon dress be ok for a job interview? The skirt part goes down to my knees and my chest is covered. Would that be appropriate?

Also, is black opaque tights ok to go with that? I feel like it's not looked on favourably to have bare legs to an interview

No. 328550

99% of Etsy is Chinese dropshipping. Even the custom stuff. Be vary of what you buy.

No. 328563


No. 328571

You should embrace the art mom energy nonnie. Or not own a denim dress.

No. 328572

I'd avoid bodycon for office situations. There's a difference between fitted and bodycon, you shouldn't wear anything that hugs your shape as closely as bodycon does in an office imo. No one's ever went wrong w a pantsuit.

No. 328583

It's not office. Sorry, I should have clarified, I'm interviewing for a chef position

No. 328637

I used to have this kind of body shape until I got a breast reduction. Honestly a sports bra can only do so much minimizing, and it will be uncomfortable in hot weather and give you the uniboob look. I second buying a large size and tailoring if that's an option for you, nona.

No. 328668

Sorry if this is dumb, but what's wrong with something that is drop-shipped, yet custom-made? Thank you for the heads up nonna. This is the shop I was looking at ordering from: etsy.com/shop/leatherbykate

No. 328671

I don’t want a reduction

No. 328695

Anon didn't suggest a reduction.

No. 328723

It's still chinese aliexpres shit

No. 328724

I feel like I'm talking to millenials, long denim dresses and skirts have been all over runways recently.

No. 328745

ASOS' quality is extremely hit or miss, I like their variety in sizing and their shipping is reliable but they're super inconsistent with the actual clothes. I personally wouldn't recommend them for more than one or two items.

No. 328747

A lot of clothes are too tight in the chest area and too loose in the waist area for the average woman, you can get a larger clothing and tailor it like everyone else. The woman in your video also got her dress tailored I think, it fits really good because of that.

No. 328750

Not everyone watches runways

No. 328755

>I feel like I'm talking to millenials,
nta but well duh this isn't tiktok, a good chunk of this userbase is millenial, the majority until recently probably.

No. 328756

This skirt is so so so cute. Pair it with a small white, plain crop top (short sleeve) and brown cowboy boots. Cutest summer look ever!! Wear your hair in a braid or pigtails for added cuteness

No. 328757

If you are incredibly confident and your self esteem isn't damaged easily, go for it. But be aware that you will be stared at and possibly gossiped about and laughed at by some people. In my honest opinion, this dress is giving feminine clown and not in a cute, artsy, tiktok way - more like a strange, middle aged lady trying to be unique way.

No. 328759

this has to be bait

No. 328771

Why? We're allowed to like different types of fashion. I think it'd be a cute look for summer.

No. 328773

What kind of shoes are seen as "sexy" or "dressed up" that don't have heels? I'm tall for a female (5'8) and unfortunately most males in my country are manlets, so I cant wear heels.

I have a black minidress that's kinda ruffled and has a little bow in the front, it's so so pretty but none of my shoes match it's sexy vibe. What shoes would I wear with it that don't have a heel? Like to an upmarket restaurant or club?

I'm 22 and a bit immature acting and looks-wise, so please don't tell me to wear pointed-toe shoes, as I really don't want to look like I'm playing dress up in my granny's clothes.

Sorry if this is dumb, I've never been good with shoes.

No. 328774

File: 1684246731711.jpeg (92.58 KB, 960x1713, ppg1-765433.jpeg)

nta but she's going to look like this anon..

No. 328777

So? It's cute for a hot summer day, to the beach or a casual restaurant/cafe on the coastline. When you live in Africa its normal to wear very little because it's sweltering hot.

No. 328778

File: 1684247230108.png (51.6 KB, 352x465, bare all tank jd.PNG)

Does anyone know an alternative to Jaded London's bare all tank but just as an t-shirt? I don't like showing my armpits.

No. 328780

the cowboy boots and hair part with everything else made it sound like a hillbilly costume to me kek. but if OP's fine with that, then go for it

No. 328791

I think you meant "American folk costume" nonners

No. 328817


No. 328845

Why do you care what men think? 5'8 isn't that tall. But anyway, ballet flats? Kitten heels? Mary Janes? There's so many good options for flat shoes in this season, you just have to look.

No. 328865

File: 1684274334537.jpg (253.47 KB, 1324x1314, help.jpg)

As in, cheaper leather pieces which will be cut and sewn to my specifications? That doesn't sound terrible tbh because the Etsy leather (bottom picrel) looks nicer than the Amazon leather (top picrel) and I will get a custom size (and engraving). However I am realizing right now that I actually have no idea how to tell if leather is shitty, unless it's obviously pleather or really thin. I purchased a leather planner cover made by a Chinese guy on Etsy that definitely isn't plastic-coated leather, it seems pretty nice and like it'll last. The handbag I'm looking at (similar to bottom picrel) looks like the same kind of leather. I'll be looking into it myself, but do you have any characteristics I should look out for in quality leather? Does the Etsy bag leather look crappy to you? Thanks in advance anyone reading this

No. 328868

Samefag but top right pic is to show how the leather of the top bag wore away on that reviewer's bag

No. 328951

File: 1684300303918.png (247.41 KB, 1100x1652, H1245002-SATEEN-PLEAT-DRESS-JU…)

How would one style this

No. 328964

If it's "genuine" leather that's a red flag. Also every leather is plastic coated or processed these days. You won't find high quality minimally processed leather for cheap. Dude in vidrel has a whole channel dedicated to leather goods and how to check their quality.

No. 329004

>5'8 isn't that tall
depends on where you live anon, for all you know she lives somewhere where 5'6 is the average for women

No. 329105

First thing that comes to mind is paloma wool

No. 329120

Bootcut jeans and Af1s

No. 329148

File: 1684382219356.jpeg (40.96 KB, 700x855, IMG_8379.jpeg)

With some Frye bootie like picrel and some black tights probably. Leather black crossbody bag. Would probably wear hair down because a bun makes it look even more military-esque, a short hairstyle would be good too

No. 329164

where can i get that dress anon?

No. 329187

No. 329342

Any nonas know how to dress in 50s style clothing without looking costumey and tacky? I’m trying to find inspo. I keep finding cute pieces but then I think damn I would feel pretty dumb in public wearing this. And I also feel like the 50s nostalgia period already had its revival in the mid 2000s to early 2010s and it looks kind of tacky now. I tried to fight it for a long time but I’ve accepted this is pretty much the only aesthetic that really suits me. I do like the fashion and media of that period a lot and it’s my guilty pleasure, but I don’t wanna look like some corny tumblrina in cat eye glasses.

No. 329592

File: 1684535761280.png (624.1 KB, 790x508, belt.png)

what do you call those type of belts that goes over your stomach where the purpose isnt to prevent pants from sliding of but to be an accessory instead?all these years i thought they where called stomach belts but when i googled that all i get is results for training devices

No. 329595

Kek I wore one today. I don't know what they're called either. They used to come together with the dresses. Are they considered outdated? Never seen anyone else wear them in recent years.

No. 329597

I feel like they have become unpopular along with a-line dresses. At least where I live it looks like the only dresses available are super tight-form fitting dresses or sack dresses. I really miss a-line dresses. They looked feminine and mature without being sexy

No. 329607

They’re just skinny belts.

No. 329609

File: 1684539046941.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x1195, 05973_zoom.jpg)

Leather anons itt have been very helpful already but if someone can offer specific assistance it'd be appreciated, am looking to invest in a sturdy leather jacket but I don't like 80s cuts (too unisex and boxy) so vintage is off the table unfortunately. A lot of the modern ones are lined with polyester too which seems to cheapen them and would maybe be gross/sweaty? From reading online many people recommend Allsaints, anybody have other recs? I understand good jackets can run $2,000+ but I don't want a rag that's going to flake and fall apart in a year. Picrel is the kind of silhouette I'm going for.

No. 329693

It's called a belt and they're ugly and do nothing aesthetically

No. 329720

When I find a shirt I really like I try to find it on thrift store websites, because brands change their styles or fabric content over the years. So there’s one button-up by Uniqlo that I’ve bought 3 times and a supima shirt they used to make that I’ve probably had 6 or 7 of.

No. 329820

It's a normal belt. It's not trendy afaik. The belts I see being worn are usually black with a chain hanging from it. It's not considered like uncool or cringe to wear belts though. So go ahead and wear a belt with a dress if you want.

No. 329823

File: 1684663884113.jpeg (35.87 KB, 640x480, images (2).jpeg)

If we're being brutally honest, is it okay and not cringe for a 22 yr old to buy trendy clothes? I know some trends are worn mostly by kids and teenagers, but there's some I really like, like baggy jeans, plaid skirts, and corset tops. Is that cringe for a grown adult with a job and a kid (me) to do?

No. 329856

If we’re being real, all fashion is cringe in some way. 22 is very young, even if they’re “youthful” trends I’m sure you can pull it off. Wear whatever you want at home and on your days off. Wear work clothes at work if you’re worried about your image (if it’s the kind of job where that matters)

No. 329874

You ARE young you idiot, these trends are aimed at you.

No. 329875

I worry for you younger nonnies (and all younger women, yeesh). Are we now all crones after 25? Social media has fucked everyone so hard in these past 10 years.

No. 329885


holy fuck get some common sense, please. These trends are literally aimed at your demographic. Ban me for formatting, these posts piss me off.

No. 329890

Any nonnas have any advice for quality swimwear for bigger chests? Or could I cheap out and wear a cheaper swimsuit+old sports bra?

No. 329917

Besides what the other anons said, you are also still a zoomer, you're barely "grown" in the first place kek

No. 329930

look at Freya, Panache, Curvy Kate. they have some cute modern ones as well as stock standard as well as more coverage.

No. 329950

File: 1684711247692.jpeg (136.26 KB, 828x1375, IMG_5699.jpeg)

Oh how i wish i could buy your next coffee, or plant or whatever! I love this; going to measure and order this week. Thank you sweet nonna, I’ll look so cute in this one

No. 329986

File: 1684738912995.jpeg (15.69 KB, 235x309, images (3).jpeg)

What do you guys think of dungarees? I think they're so cute, comfy, and casual. There's so many ways to style them. Dungaree dresses are so so cute as well.

Pic is a random one I found on Google images. Not me.

No. 329997

File: 1684742165850.jpg (41.07 KB, 580x784, 25709072-f076-43fa-990f-034296…)

Love them, I want black shorts ones for summer

No. 330001

To be fair it is very confusing. You go from
>omg you're 23 you're still a baby!
>ew you're 30 lol that isn't for you, go wear a muumuu and pop out some kids you hag, tick tock
There isn't that much time in between those two ages. People (at least online) talk about under-25s like they're still in their diapers and teething, but young women over 25 already "look pretty good for their age". Make it make sense.

No. 330004

That's true, yeah.

No. 330071

Need your input and help, as I'm very, well, out of fashion at the moment. It's summer, I'm pale, I want to stay pale and I think I need a hat to protect my face and head from the sun, besides sunscreen. What are hats you would wear while it's summer living in a bigger city? How do I know what suits my face? And I mostly would like to know every other thing you do to protect your skin from the sun, kek, I'm just not made for temperatures above 20°C or sunny days in general.

No. 330101

Carry a uv-blocking umbrella and fuck the haters nonna. We can't afford skin cancer out here

No. 330144

kek, was thinking about that but I hate carrying an umbrella, I won't even carry an umbrella while it's raining cats and dogs. But if you have an umbrella you would recommend, I would be happy to listen to you as I'm not fond of skin cancer and my parents did enough damage to my skin already.

No. 330558

File: 1684952336385.png (2.89 MB, 1976x1350, vintage.png)

late response but there's a lot of fashion from the 50s that isn't your stereotypical "pin-up reddit polyamory-core" with bold tacky patterns and hoop skirts. I tend to dress a bit more androgynously with pants that fit round the waist but are looser around the leg. Pair them with neutral blouses, sweater vests, coats, etc, I'd just stick to colours that suit you but in plain tones or less gaudy patterns.
Shoes wise you can opt for heels, flats or loafers.
If you dress a bit more feminine pencil skirts are a great option that you can pair with the same blouses. The key to looking most authentic to the decade is through choosing items of clothing that are the desired shape. If you look at shapes from that area you'll notice distinct ways the body is flattered and curved. Picrel is some examples I pulled off pinterest, both from the era and more modern looks that suit the decade.

No. 330571

Hi nonnies! Low fashion ?, I have a pretty casual street style but I realized the sporty Nike black and white sneakers I wear look really awkward unless I wear sneakers or joggers with them.

Should I just get another type of more versatile sneaker? I really dislike plain flats and boots can be a bit heavy for the easy-going looks I usually go for. Also, I wear a lot of neutrals because I'm a soft autumn if that at all matters.

No. 330590

I just bought a pair of all black dad sneakers from asos and I think you should look into similar styles if you lean into the streetwear style.

No. 330592

What is a dad sneaker?

No. 330600

File: 1684960698389.png (280.1 KB, 1079x1349, Screenshot_20230524-163834.png)

These types. They're just chunky sneakers but they're so comfortable. They got the nickname because before zillennials decided they were cool only your dad would wear them. (Because they're comfy as shit if you buy the right pair)

No. 330615

Tigermist!! I ordered a dress from them last month and it was surprisingly good both quality and fit wise

No. 330616

I was thinking of getting a rent the runway subscription in the fall when I go back to college for events, has anyone tried it? I’m also worried I’ll accidentally ruin stuff, or things won’t be in great condition

No. 330695

File: 1684998435178.jpg (54.54 KB, 856x547, IMG_20230525_090504.jpg)

How do I style this skirt for A. family gathering and B. The mall with friends? What jacket should I wear with it if I get cold?

I'm buying it at the end of the month but honestly I don't know how to style it for the 2 occasions. Fashion wise nonnas please help!

No. 330697

Yesss Nonnies, do it! You'll look so good. Just make sure you avoid drinking wine or anything stainy when wearing your things. Definitely do it.

No. 330712

fitted long sleeve shirt in neutral tones. cute skirt btw. Ah, I can see this looking nice with some lace grey stockings too.
i am not a fashion expert though, I was once mistaken for a homeless girl and people brought me food. But this doesn't look hard to pull off.

No. 330714

Cute skirt, I would try it with a white/beige blouse or black top and a cropped jacket or trenchcoat (left open)

No. 330716

If but this in a more versatile color if i could. Brown is hard to style imo.
Don't listen to >>330712 wear sheer stockings if you really have to. Weird colors of stockings usually look childish imo.

No. 330718

Brown can also be matched with other warm colours, for an autumn, 70's look.

No. 330728

oh nice, that would be very 70s. i could see it going with saffron

No. 330805

i think its super cute as long as it suits your body type and you pair it with the right things. dress how u fucking want to, nonnas itt are boring as hell

No. 330849

Nonas, I have some picking scars on my legs and got tired of wearing only pants so I was wondering wearing dresses and skirts with sheer over the knee socks would at least conceal them a bit.

No. 330850

File: 1685062113757.jpg (176.33 KB, 1000x1500, 00444295-01.jpg)

sheer doesn't hide much. why risk showing the scars with over-the-knee sheers when you could get 60-80 denier tights and enjoy skirts worry-free? you can also get flesh-toned opaque tights and layer thigh highs of your choice over them (might get a little hot though).
a sheer with a pattern can work well and would be cooler in hot weather. I had picrel for a long time and something about the zig-zag hid all my body hair and any veins or scars but it was practically sheer. chevron pattern sheers are also nice.

No. 330940

File: 1685103485761.png (99.23 KB, 467x694, Untitled.png)

what kind of jacket would you style with this? i love this dress but i feel so exposed in it. i'm wearing it with white socks/babydoll shoes. i tried a flannel but it looked eh

No. 330941

>white socks and babydoll shoes with cheap dress
Ew. Why do all anons itt want to be adults dressed like kids?

No. 330952

Maybe long cardigans? Or you could layer it with a turtleneck sweater, maybe even a sheer blouse. The dress is very simple so it’s kind of easy to play around with, you can also try wearing it with denim jackets, blazers, boots, sandals, high heels, sneakers even.

No. 330956

File: 1685112186064.jpeg (58.16 KB, 900x1198, lbd.jpeg)

I think what you want to do is wear a white tee under it, short or long sleeve doesn't matter. not my style but it would go with what you have already.
If it was me I'd be wearing an enormous shawl or cardigan (like swimming in it) and black sheer tights with booties.

No. 330958

Nonnas, I can't dress myself to save my life. I want to start dressing pretty and take care of myself a little, but, I look like shit every time I try to dress up kek. I also have short hair and glasses, which makes me look like a they/them. What do?

No. 330966

Oooh cute. Definitely wear a moto style jacket with it and the white socks and baby doll shoes, black boots, or sneakers. It would also look cute with a long red fitted top, black see through tights, and the socks and babydoll shoes

No. 330968

most people simply haven't met enough genderspecials to have a frame of reference for what they dress like so i wouldn't worry about it. unless you live in a super liberal city like me.

No. 330970

Start slowly, perhaps start with just simple but dainty jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Also maybe grow your hair out because it's really difficult and rare to look feminine/pretty with short hair, especially since you have to wear glasses too.

You need to let your eyes adjust to your new feminine, cute style, so don't rush into it and replace your entire closet. Buy one or two things a month like a dress here, a pair of shoes there, a necklace there, etc. Also look on Pinterest for fashion/hair/accessory inspo and save your favourite pics. Tiktok has good inspo too but if you're looking more for the ultra feminine aesthetic without annoying voices and ads and lying, pinterest is your place.

Try going for soft, muted, pastel colours, and also colors like red, pink, and white. Clothes that accentuate your waist, boobs, and bum. Invest in a pushup bra too if you want to look more sexily feminine. Buy a pair of jeans and pair them with a skinny belt or a silver chain belt, any cute girly top you want, and white sneakers.

Aesthetics you can look into for good inspo would be cottagecore (a classic), old money woman, streetwear, coquette/dollette (just look past some of the weirdness bc they have some good looks), ballet core, bimbocore, soft girl, etc.

Try to avoid black sneakers because no woman has ever looked cute, dainty, or feminine in black sneakers. Avoid very baggy outfits until you have built a good closet because you might come across as even less stylish or kinda lazy. Avoid dressing in all black as well, unless it's specifically a very feminine silhouette.

I also look on Shein for ideas on what I'd actually buy and then find something similar at a local clothing store and buy it there.

Also! Get your clothes tailored! It's not expensive and it's a kind of life hack that the ultra rich do to make their clothes look like they were designed for them. It enhance your looks so much, I do it and it's so worth it.

This is just my own opinion and I hope this helps! I have gotten compliments/comments on my own femininity, cuteness, and fashion sense so I'm speaking from experience

No. 330971

All black sneakers are super adorable and way more classy than other sneakers

No. 330972

idk why i tortured myself by reading that entire post. no hate to u anon but jesus

No. 330973

i really want to wear one but i don’t want to purposely dehydrate myself to avoid having to pee. i imagine it’s awkward to take it off unlike with pants or dresses.

No. 330974

If you won't hate her, I will.

No. 330975

Honestly I hate nearly everything in this thread, but anons would hate the clothes I like too so whatever. But OP pic is cute

No. 330992

Nonnie, short hair can be very feminine and delicate. I can make some silly outfits for you as a reference if you want. Like, idk, summer, spring, autumn and winter outfits and formal occasions, it will take me a while, but I think they could be nice.

No. 330994

using feminine 50x you sound like a troon. going straight into suggesting anon buy jewelry and start dressing super feminine and even suggesting colors is bizarre, you know nothing about her. cottagecore is not "classic" it's a current trend aesthetic. i like some aspects myself but classic, no.

figure out what silhouettes/clothing fits you like and even more importantly don't, as well as start looking for fashion inspo. see what you own already and what you gravitate towards, and what your needs are. clothing first and foremost is a tool. other people will suggest insta or image-based sites but i like youtube for fashion talk because you actually see people move while in the clothes they wear.

i personally found kibbe and color season analysis helpful in thinking about what i like, but if that's overwhelming to think about don't worry about them. i'm not a super fashionable person, i was just sick of buying clothes i regretted and disliked.

you want to build a closet of clothes you enjoy wearing, fit your needs, and look good together. i personally found the idea of everyone having different closet staples a very helpful idea: everyone suggests having a plain white t-shirt for layering, but then I realized I dislike layering so that wasn't helpful advice. start thinking about what staple tops and bottoms you would benefit from and could use as the basis for multiple outfits.

if you have short hair leaning into a more masculine or androgynous style might be nice. but you can do feminine looks with short hair too.

No. 331015

Solely to piss you off obviously

>If it was me I'd be wearing an enormous shawl or cardigan (like swimming in it) and black sheer tights with booties.

I actually accept that gasp beauty and style are subjective… Imagine that. That being said I would love to know more about your style since I don't really personally identify with a lot of the fashion choices here either.

This is good advice for the direction the original nonny want to take her style in. I forgot we're not allowed to refer to femininity anymore though so fuck you I guess!

The world takes all kinds of people to go 'round nonnas, try dislodging the stick from your ass.

No. 331020

>youtube for fashion talk because you actually see people move while in the clothes they wear
I'm toayrt, I typically gravitate towards youtubers and what they wear because they seem more real to me kek
>i was sick of buying clothes i regretted and disliked
I relate to this a lot. I would buy clothes and I end up not wearing them because I simply didn't like it. It's weird. I can see that it's a nice piece of clothing, but I either lack the skills or interest in actually wearing it.

Ty nonny, I appreciate the advice. I do want to appear more feminine and grow my hair. I kept cutting my hair short because I realized that I didn't like myself and I thought if I cut my hair short, maybe I'd feel better. But, I don't. To keep the impulse at bay, I was thinking to express myself with fashion. However, fashion is kind of complicated because everyone has their own style and I think it's mostly subjective but I think there's concepts that generally define a well put together outfit even if it's something I personally wouldn't wear. So I guess what I'm saying is that I don't have a style I particularly like yet

No. 331063

For me what it sells as a troon it is not even the overusage of "feminine", it is saying that bimbocore is a good fashion style and troon love that

No. 331071

I'm literally a woman but ok weirdo. Sad that you let trannies do this to you.

No. 331080

>it's really difficult and rare to look feminine/pretty with short hair
1920s-1950s women would like a word with you
i think it's a lost tiktoker more than anything.

No. 331081

samefag, there's ways to dress feminine without any of that gross fetish shit

No. 331085

Fuck I forgot to sage
I'm starting to think I am just really out of touch because I didn't even think twice about that post being trooney but it kinda is… and I defended it upthread but I didn't notice the bimbocore suggestion smh

No. 331098

>Clothes that accentuate your waist, boobs, and bum. Invest in a pushup bra too if you want to look more sexily feminine.
Kek, what the fuck.

No. 331106

Yeah that's an incredibly scrotey sentence.

No. 331108

I won't read this shit but are you the cockette that posted this skirt >>327117 ? Because if so you're ugly with an ugly fashion style and should immediately stop giving weird advice. Ew.

No. 331116

>I have gotten compliments/comments on my own femininity
Dead giveaway kek. Noone compliments someone's 'femininity' unless they're lying to an oblivious tranny.

No. 331117

Didn't want to say it as not to start an infight when this was first posted but that's what I thought too.

No. 331128

It's hilarious, trannies will always be clockable. No matter how much plastic surgery they get, no matter what they wear, they will never have the mind of a woman and will always say the most male-brained shit without even realizing.

No. 331135

The padding advice is so weird, having large breasts does not make you look like the typical elegant and feminine look, anyone thinks you are a slut just for having them, no matter if you wear a turtleneck or a top that shows cleavage. That troon is not very smart kek.("typical elegant and feminine look")

No. 331155

I always assume black sneakers are nonslip work shoes like the kind McDonald's have me when I worked there

No. 331202

File: 1685218920695.jpg (88.3 KB, 563x685, 760eed71037446b43ec7dcb2879a49…)

Anyone know where I can find super long silver necklaces like picrel? I've tried googling it but I can only find ones with the basic type of chain (idk what it's called) or shorter ones.

No. 331205

You could try looking in a Joann fabrics. They have a jewelry section with different chains of different lengths. Then you could make a necklace similar to picrel, it would probably be cheaper than whatever you would find online.

No. 331403

File: 1685286680490.jpg (133.09 KB, 1080x1265, IMG_20230528_171150.jpg)

is it OK to swim with a sarong over a bikini? I've been looking for a cute swim skirt but can't really find anything so I've been thinking about getting a sarong instead but they're not made from swimsuit marerial.

No. 331410

File: 1685288980329.jpg (72.87 KB, 1050x1400, 1648006906000-MMWtiK.jpg)

I don't think that would be very comfortable. It would be cute af to wear a normal bikini top and pair it with matching swim shorts tho

No. 331411

I’m looking for this too. I want swimwear that’s a bit more modest than most, but still somewhat cute and fashionable, not like a full burkini or mom one piece. Was thinking maybe workout clothes would do the trick (sports bra and shorts?), but not sure how it would be to swim in them.

No. 331412

Not an expert by any means but I tried once and the dye leaked out in the pool kek so maybe wash it real good first. The sarong. Also its impossible to keep on, and a bit of a drowning hazard. I used to be a lifeguard and I would not have been able to 'allow' you in the pool with it on because it can tangle up on you and hold water that makes it hard to swim. 9.5 times out of 10 it wouldnt be an issue but one guy wearing a long thin dress type thing (sorry for the disrespect I know it is a religious/cultural thing but idk the name kek) he was allowed to keep it on due to the religion/culture exemption but dove in the deep end and had to be resued due to the sudden weight increase of wet fabric. If you are swimming at a beach or something I doubt its an issue for the 'avoiding lawsuit' perspective so by all means. I think it will be annoying and hard to keep on and move around in but if you are retarded wearing a sarong in water isnt wrong

No. 331413

Omg AREN'T* retarded, my bad

No. 331418

File: 1685290140859.jpeg (98.23 KB, 600x900, rashguardandshorts.jpeg)

you could get a rashguard surfer style top/shorts combo (or a real rashguard which is nice for colder water). plus it helps prevent sunburn which is my #1 issue with skimpy swimsuits.
I don't swim a lot so I usually just use workout clothes I already have if I'm camping or staying at a hotel with a pool or whatever.

No. 331429

File: 1685291154218.jpeg (483.96 KB, 1536x2048, AA794DEE-2EE2-40FC-85F7-4BE65C…)

i understand your point with black sneakers but i’ve seen people do picrel and it looks so feminine and adorable

No. 331432

I would really like something like this but I guess I’m worried about what people would think (which is stupid, I know) because everyone around here just wears standard bikini/one piece suits. I also get burned easily and would like some coverage on my arms and shoulders if I’m going to the beach. A standard full coverage wetsuit seems amazing but I also reeeeally don’t wanna get laughed at kek

No. 331435

If someone is weird to you about it just say i get burned easily and it’s not pretty lawl or whatever, long sleeve swim suits are amazing

No. 331439

Anyone got a term for a loose, flowy, super comfortable dress that bunches around the waist just a little to avoid tenting but could also be worn with a sports bra and very large breasts and sleeves that are either non existant or dont get in the way nor are tight? Like maybe I could work in my garage wearing this dress without pieces of it getting in the way of my hands and arms? Yeah I have no fashion sense but man would it be convenient to throw one single clothing item on aside from the sport bra and panties and have airflow in the heat kek. Maybe even look a bit more put together if I wore it somewhere? Idk. I dress like a tard.

No. 331444

I don't know if I'd call these feminine before child-like/pre-teenish honestly but they're cute.

No. 331445

Is wrap dress what you're looking for?

No. 331446

or drawstring shirt dress

No. 331451

This is so cute but when I search "tankini with shorts" fat lady swimsuits come up. Does anyone know a better search term for this, or a place that sells them?

No. 331455

Midi/maxi fit and flare 3/4 sleeve

No. 331456

Best swimsuit strategy is finding a sport that requires the style you want and getting it from an athletic clothing manufacturer

No. 331458

File: 1685297384423.jpg (357.35 KB, 1801x2600, short.jpg)

what material should bathing clothes be made of? I wanna get some bathing shorts(preferly something designed for women so I dont have to shop in the men's section) but the websites I'm looking at dont state whenever the shorts are suitable for being in water. They call them bathing shorts but for all I know they are meant to be worn over regular bikini bottoms and then be taken of when entering the water I know you can find cute bathing shorts for women on aliexpress and similar site's but I want to buy something that is located in my own country for shipping and other reasons I have also looked at stores specialised in sports clothes and they do have some I just want to expand my options and sports bathing shorts don't have cute prints

No. 331459

samefag but I just noticed that people already have been discussing modest bathing clothes in this thread, my mistake! thats what I get for not reading the previous posts before postingwhich I usually do I swear. But I still wanna know more about material that can stand water so I dont think this is too repetitive

No. 331461

sleeveless jersey dress?

No. 331466

mostly nylon and polyester with elastane (Lycra, Spandex are just brand names), as cotton and similar fibres would soak up too much water while needing a lot more time to dry and they might lose their shape over time. You can leave the elastane out of the fabric when it's not a swimsuit and/or the piece has a wider fit. The shorts in the picture are a good material choice with polyester and elastane. Most sports wear should also be suitable as swimwear, as they are mostly made out of the same material and have the idea of fast drying behind them.

No. 331468

“Midi skater dress”

No. 331472

File: 1685298730471.jpg (55.49 KB, 500x746, 1685134355980.jpg)

Honest and unflitered opinions on this look being worn in 2023.

No. 331473

Cute aside from the shoes.

No. 331474

way better than the crop tops and "cycling shorts" most wear today. I like it, except for the brown elements, but I dislike brown colours for clothes in general.

No. 331475

Same. Black boots would look much better

No. 331476

This is timeless to me. It's simple and will always be pretty.

No. 331477

I don't mind it, aside from the outdated booties.

No. 331478

Cute and comfy.

No. 331479

In 2023? It looks dated but personally I think this is way cuter and comfier than most of the trends rn. I just don't love the black + burgundy colour combination, I think defaulting to black + random colour is boring. I'd personally still be wearing the hell out of my old skater skirts if they actually looked good on my body type though.

No. 331481

This looks like something I saw referenced here recently as a controversial outfit but it’s a nice outfit aside from the shoes

No. 331483

It was controversial solely because of the ugly purse and boots. I also think the skater skirt is a bit juvenile, I associate it with tweens/teens of the early 2010's.

No. 331487

Tbh these look really tacky. The bulky ribbon mixed with the colours would take a really specific look to pull off without looking cheap.

No. 331488

Personally I wouldn’t wear a skirt that short because I get careless and flash; I don’t care I flashed crotch in opaque tights except it’s frowned upon.

No. 331490

I think it's cute. You can definitely tell what era this outfit was from, but it still doesn't look dated to me since it's composed of such basic, staple pieces. Imo if you got rid of the booties (which I personally actually think look fine) it would look more updated.

No. 331497

It's not ugly but it's super dated. Maybe individual pieces could work in a different outfit but as a whole look it's like a time capsule, all it's missing is a giant owl pendant and a burnt-looking instagram filter kek. If you dress like this in 2023 I'd definitely see you as an unfashionable millennial who peaked on 2012 tumblr. I wonder if this is what that "I don't keep up with trends" anon in the fashion discussion thread looks like kek

No. 331500

>If you dress like this in 2023 I'd definitely see you as an unfashionable millennial who peaked on 2012 tumblr.
And if like ugly trendy shit like >>327117 >>327999 >>328778 >>330695 I see you as an easily influenceable zoomer without personal taste. nta.

No. 331501

Nta but kek why the hostility.

No. 331503

thank you so much for such a detailed reply! now i actually know what to look for. I did see some bathing shorts that was made out of cotton which I thought was a bit iffy so good to know I can avoid that
this is sort of similar to how i dress on work days I just use more colours and different shoes and bags. I think it's cute but I can see why other call it dated. But for me I consider it more casual than a fashion statement. its just a skirt + sweater most women already have it lying around so expecting women to never combine them is a bit much. I guess the silhouette would look less dated if it wasnt an a-line skirtin my opinion a-line skirt looks best and I cant wait for a comeback. Im personally not fond of the y2k look and i think its weird I know many who never dressed like that who immediately went out and bought a new wardrobe as soon as Y2K became trendy. I do agree with the other anons though it needs more color and different shoes. Also I think it would look better if the skirt was a bit longer

No. 331506

not that anon from whichever thread but most trendy fashion of today truly is ugly. the fact that trendy clothes manages to out-ugly even the ugliest stuff from the 2010s is a feat.

No. 331512

I agree with you. There is something so half-assed about it too. It looks very… childish? For lack of a better word. Not in that a literal child would wear it but more like no thought was put into making it cohesive. Change the skirt into something a tad longer and a bit less flared, change the ugly brown booties for something black, and ditch the ugly purse, and add minimal jewelry and I think it would look a LOT cuter.

No. 331514

Nta but I think both styles are ok. Usually the older women(25-30+) on here criticize the recent trends because they miss the trends that were popular when they were younger.

No. 331516

25 is an older woman? kek

No. 331520

Nah I hated that tumblr shit too.

No. 331521

File: 1685305510831.jpg (71.81 KB, 560x524, 1610636131453.jpg)

I think all the discussion around that outfit is just the millenial/zoomer divide. If you're a millenial, you probably remember when that was trendy or still dress like that so of course you'll like it more than those of us who were too young to wear it back then.
Did I touch a nerve? I don't like the stuff you linked either. There's a lot of middle ground between y2k trendy shit and polyvore outfits though.
galaxy leggings, mustache pendants and all the neon 80's inspired shit from back then haunt me just as much as whatever the kids are doing today tbh. I like the look of a lot of styles from then like twee and tumblr grunge but it wasn't perfect kek

No. 331526

i think this is cute and prefer it over >>331472 because it looks less.. normie? like wearing the burgundy jumper outfit would be an attempt at looking put together and it just doesn't work now, whereas your example is dreamier and has a specific vibe that just carries over better.

No. 331529

File: 1685306113551.jpg (67.43 KB, 500x750, 250af0c178b1009667a715c40ad2be…)

samefag but thinking about awful 2010's fashion made me remember those cheap shitty "ironic" meme print sets like this that were EVERYWHERE

No. 331537

Nta but I feel the opposite of this, but only because I hate pastel colors kek.

No. 331542

I've never seen this but it does remind me of those black milk galaxy leggings and bodycon dresses that used to be popular on Tumblr and lookbook

No. 331545

I'm a zoomer and like it. It's just basic pieces, idk why that outfit was so polarizing.

No. 331546

Mismatched boots and purse.

No. 331547

The boots are pretty much the same shade as the lighter brown on the purse.

No. 331548

Samefag, unless you mean the boots and bad don't match with the whole outfit. I don't really see it, it's just red, brown and black.

No. 331551

Right, and it looks mismatched as hell. She looks like her electricity ran out right when she was deciding on what shoes to wear. The brown in the overall outfit is not really cohesive and so it looks random as fuck. It looks like the outfit should have been red and black and the boots and purse fuck it up. It looks very stale normie.

No. 331559

Ugly bag, shoes' colour doesn't match with the rest, weird proportions.

No. 331561

>weird proportions

No. 331617

something about the legs is so off

No. 331648

Nta but if the boots were black, she would have a nice 2/3 proportion going on. It would be cuter with leggings underneath the skirt tho

No. 331663

It's so basic that nobody is going to take notice of you. It's not outdated, it's kinda "classic" (idk if that's the right word) but very boring. It's feminine and pretty but in a boring way, kek. Maybe spice it up with a necklace and earrings and a cute hairstyle, or add a patterned piece somewhere. 7/10 cute but nothing special

No. 331669

File: 1685347645230.png (442.81 KB, 500x746, needs_more_ankle.PNG)

My main problem with this is the silhouette, booties can often cut off the legs. The girl is really cute though. Sorry if the editing is kind of choppy it was hard to match her pose.

No. 331677

Noo drop the nacklace. And why did you add different coloured metals? I agree with the shoes though.

No. 331678

I tried to make it the same color as the bag's metal but I just drew it on so idk lol

No. 331680

That specific black/brown/burgundy color scheme is really dated, literally even just going monochrome black would update it passably. As a geriatric zoomer, that burgundy color—or “marsala”— was literally everywhere for like 4 years, it started trending during the seafoam green and coral era and then peaked in 2014/15. It’s the millennial pink of the mid 2010s.
Trash the boots like everyone else is saying and get black chunky or dainty heeled balletcore style shoes. Match the bag to the black shoes. That’s just if we want to keep the core vibe of the outfit untouched. honestly skater skirts and cropped sweaters are both fine separately but together it does come across as if you’re wearing a millennial costume. Your best bet is probably to buy an uncropped sweater and drop the waist of the look by keeping it untucked or wear the cropped sweater with baggy high rise or midrise jeans. Other denim styles are on trend now as well but low rise bootcut for example would not work with a loose cropped sweater like this on 99.9% of people because it will visually fridge them

No. 331685

I have this beautiful jacket but it has dried acrylic paint stains in it. I've tried washing it many times, various cleaning solutions, nothing worked. Does anyone know of a stain remover that works miracles or is my jacket a lost cause?

No. 331692

File: 1685356244169.png (27.91 KB, 482x596, bag.PNG)

What do you think about that bag? It's cheap and made of plastic but it's cute and I have other bags I use all the time so I won't use it up to fast think if I buy it. It's also in black, white, pastel yellow and lilac but I like that color a lot. What do?

No. 331694

It's very 2012 Tumblr style but cute

No. 331699

It's okay? I personally wouldn't buy it knowing how little wear I'd get out of a colour like that but it's a cute bag.

No. 331702

I tend to wear very basic clothes and colors, and I have bags with more neutral colors so I was thinking that this would be a good opportunity to get something cute and more colorful for the summer. My favorite handbag is a bit bigger and it's black so it would be a nice change.

No. 331710

It was a very common and presentable look then, it might not be as common now, but it remains presentable as it used to be. I never liked the trends from back then so I obviously don't like it that much, but it's not exactly an eyesore, it's okay really.

If I saw a woman wear this in 2023 I would just assume she's not very fashionable/up to date on current trends. But not everyone needs to be a style sperg, it looks very clean and put together, there is no real bad assumption to make about someone dressed like this, she doesn't look lazy or obnoxious or anything.

Granted I look nasty most of the time due to my current job, so everyone else looks like a shining aristocrat in comparison kek. But even then, clothing store clerks often wear far more offensive outfits than that, I'd sooner get advice from a basic girl like this than from a piss haired themlet who dresses like a middle schooler at 29 like you often see on the street these days.

No. 331724

Just get it if you know you really want it

No. 331782

>heeled balletcore shoes
Nta but what would be an example of this? I cringe at all -cores but I can't imagine ballet having anything to do with high heeled shoes.

No. 331799

>I'd sooner get advice from a basic girl like this than from a piss haired themlet who dresses like a middle schooler at 29 like you often see on the street these days.
Where the fuck do you live.

No. 331802

>balletcore shoes
please… please just call it ballet flats. Idk how you can call a skater skirt and sweater a millenial "costume" when evidently everything is a core-costume to zoomers?

No. 331825

It would be pertinent to include the fabric content of the jacket nonna

No. 331897

File: 1685404455000.jpg (126.75 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

how would you guys style these blue bapestas?
pic not mine, i think they're really fun shoes but i don't want to splurge on getting a pair secondhand if it turns out they'd be ugly/unwearable and only good for shitty streetwear fits (i.e how most bape stuff looks to me)

No. 331903

Sorry to samefag but I'd appreciate any advice at all, even someone letting me know where not to buy from if your jacket was low quality or fell apart etc.

No. 331953

nonas what is the consensus on wearing long sleeves in summer if its cotton or linen?

No. 331955

No. 331957

A western european country where being basic is starting to be considered a crime, maybe it's just my area

It's a normal way to protect yourself from the sun but if you live in a place where being half naked is the overwhelming norm, if you're young they might assume you have self esteem issues or scars. Most people do not give a shit though

I can kind of picture them with khaki or light brown cargo pants, it would bring out the color and style nicely I think. And a baby tee or something like that but maybe that's too zoomerish for your taste. But they don't seem very versatile and would probably look weird with jeans outside of maybe a couple specific washes

No. 331967

Good for preventing burned arms

No. 331971


No. 331992

File: 1685450657417.jpg (142.15 KB, 1072x638, Untitled-1.jpg)

Can someone give me recommendations for business casual shoes to the office that are also good for walking in a lot?

I was eyeing either a pair of Toms or Vans Classic Slip-Ons. I have wide feet with heels that don't stick out so shoes like high heels, ballet flats or loafers fall right off my feet

No. 332006

If you’re looking for more of a sneaker I’d say the Stan smiths or any leather white sneaker can be dressed up. The toms could work or even a pair of keds

No. 332008

nta but as a zoomer, the general perception is that skater skirts are very synonymous with millenial/tumblr-era fashion. i think the last big boom of the cropped sweater was around the time that victoria's secret pink was popular iirc- 2018 at the LATEST, and even that was a cropped hoodie as supposed to an actual sweater; those died a lot earlier. cores might different in appearance, but they are by-and-large reflections of trends from now as supposed to 10 years ago. nobody's stopping you from keeping the skinny jeans, but the styling in that photo, especially the skater skirt with the black tights, isn't currently relevant.

No. 332010

That was a rhetorical question anon. Still your answer is retarded, obviously it's a dated look and "not currently relevant" that doesn't make it a costume or costume-ish.

No. 332022

in the case of it being a costume, that particular preppy look with those particular pieces used is very hard to divorce from the trends of the tumblr era. to someone who doesn't usually wear that fashion, it reads more as a time capsule than something to emulate 1:1, similar to how a generic "80s costume" usually has big hair and lycra because thats what people remember. part of it has to do with the way its photographed, but part of it is just the contents of the fit. hope this helps.

No. 332024

Nta, the outfit is dated but at the same time, way too basic and boring to come off as a costume

No. 332031

you know what? fair point.

No. 332048

Who said anything about skinny jeans?

No. 332064

Kek don't be so butthurt anon, I'm a millenial too and I still like that kind of style in the pic discussed, but the zoomer nonna is correct.

No. 332092

so wrong. never take fashion "advice" from this person.

No. 332104

>drawstring shirt dress

My eyes have been opened. Thank you.

The maxi/midi dress and wrap dress suggestions for my above comment were almost what I wanted overall…not quite but I think I could find something cut like that which might work. Happy to have terms to google. Thanks.

No. 332140

this is the obvious answer but there do exist stores that are specialied in selling authentic vintage clothes from the 50-70. Though they are usually a bit pricey because finding clothes from the 50 that is still in a good condition today is hard. If you live in a big city or close to one there might be a store like this. Try searching for something along the lines of "vintage clothes [city name]" on google. Etsy also has a market for vintage clothes so try looking there. Just remember to set the item type to vintage in the filters.
>I do like the fashion and media of that period
being familiar with the period is going to work in your favour if you want to by modern clothes meant to emulate the 50's since you will be able to see what actually looks authentic and what looks like poor imitations.
>>330558 posted some outfits that shouldn't be too hard to recreate using only modern normie clothes. Most stores sells those kinds of vests and shirts so you should be able to recreate them without having to buy vintage clothes or buy from special brands meant to mimic the 50's

No. 332156

This, god I’m so sick of ugly shapeless sack dresses

No. 332158

>having big boobs isn’t feminine
>it makes you look like a slut
Jesus, I can smell your scrotum from here.

No. 332176

I never see anyone wearing a-line dresses. They are classic and timeless, what is wrong with people? I'm sorry, but skintight dresses (or skintight anything, really) are so ugly on women. Nowadays its all about showing off breasts and ass which is boring and unoriginal as fuck, it's never about the actual clothing or designs anymore. A-line dresses are good middle ground between skintight and potato sack but apparently that is out of style now.

No. 332201

Potato sack is the superior silhouette.

No. 332247

I look bad in sack dresses and feel uncomfortable in bodycon so I still wear A-line dresses sometimes kek. I feel like the closest current trend is empire waists like those tacky selkie dresses, which also don't look good on most bodytypes imo

No. 332254

>With a kid

No. 332308

Nta but I have denim jeans that have a very thin acrylic paint streak on them and would like to know if other nonnies have advice for how to remove it.

No. 332316

File: 1685574313211.jpg (449.02 KB, 1000x1000, mended-knee.jpg)

Sorry I can't say much for removing it nonita, but depending on when you wear the jeans you could try incorporating visible mending to cover it up? It's mostly used for actual tears in clothes and can sometimes look trashy if you don't do it right, but it's a cute way to make your clothes more unique and only requires basic sewing skills. Maybe as a last resort if you can't get the acrylic off? Good luck nonita, as a former art student my strategy for acrylic stains was hot water ASAP and pray.

No. 332441

been on a brandy melville kick lately , the fabric quality seems pretty good (except for the tote bags , i bought one some months ago and its pilling horribly) and the designs are so cute. anyone know of any similar stores?

No. 332827

you should wear cute matching mother-daughter outfits!!!!!

No. 332832

wut. I like brandy design-wise too but all their fabris are so thin or even sheer.

No. 332853

File: 1685783196492.jpeg (133.77 KB, 736x736, IMG_1338.jpeg)

Does anyone else subconsciously give into trends without intending to? It’s like a lil robot takes over my brain and I end up buying things that I’ll probably hate in 6 months. It makes me feel bad. I’m talking about fairycore shit like picrel rn but I’ve done it in the past too. I try to stick to basics but I’m kind of a manic shopper and things happen. Thank god for depop

No. 332856

Yeah any fast fashion store like hm and bershka is similar to brandy. Though I think brandys style is very childish, it's catered to 11-16 year old girls.

No. 332858

>>332832 fr? ive got a couple of sweaters and ribbed long sleeves/crop tops and they seem pretty good to me >>332856
I dont think its too childish beyond the graphics section - there's pretty solid basics good for whatever ages but the general audience def skews more young

No. 332860

This is actually a pretty great illustration of how you can turn a dated outfit to something slightly more modern with minimal changes to the color palette and silhouette. Great work nonna.

No. 332861

Mary janes.

No. 332865

I normally dress on the more prep-y side but when y2k and "barbiecore" first gained traction I subconsciously bought clothes that matched those styles. Now I have a clothes that I don't like wearing and doesn't go with the rest of my clothes.
Nowadays I try to primarily buy my clothes second hand. It makes it harder to follow trends and "forces" me to only look after clothes that suits my tastes. It's also easier to avoid going on a shopping spree when you buy second hand because finding stuff you like (and in your own size) is more difficult so it's feels more rewarding when you find something you like

No. 332890

Imagine throwing away all your clothes every two years because the COLOR is out of style. Jesus frick please grow up.

No. 332903

Ntayrt but they're right about colors being in style at certain times. Seafoam green / coral were super popular in 2012-14 and I remember being upset when they stopped making everything in forever 21 those two colors. Just like how the past year or two blinding neon green is everywhere and people won't be wearing that soon.
Agree it's stupid though and obviously trends are rooted in overconsumption. No need to get rid of them.

No. 333114

File: 1685869821968.jpg (4.52 MB, 2326x1652, ALEMAIS Lou balloon top.jpg)

I need some advice with picking out a bottom for this shirt. The color is much more muted in person but I want to do something other than denim

No. 333116

File: 1685871735617.jpeg (67.47 KB, 734x1198, IMG_1343.jpeg)

Here’s an idea I saw. I don’t love this but it’s subjective so you might. Personally I think tucked into a skirt or slacks would be cute. It’s hard to say what color without trying different things though, maybe green or orange, or the right shade of tan

No. 333124

I'd wear it with an orange or green that's the same as in the top

No. 333129

File: 1685880334093.png (1.66 MB, 1903x1543, foranon.png)

I personally don't get the Alemais hype at all. But this is how I'd style it, depending on if you want to have it as a statement piece or lean into the flamboyance.

No. 333138

oh I'm jealous if you got something from that collection. I love that artist. I want a lot of it but I haven't spent hundreds of dollars on a new dress in years, it seems so expensive to me now. plus it's a brand I've never heard of from Australia… in my experience Australian brands outsource all their manufacturing to asia for cheap. is the quality of the stitching and fabric good? their whole mission is being sustainable and using quality fabrics that last but they could just be bullshitting…

No. 333143

File: 1685885603779.jpeg (34.2 KB, 1500x750, A1F10E2B-FDB8-4393-A6FE-864996…)

Not sure if this would be the best thread to ask, but does anyone have advice regarding glasses frames that are in style currently, or kind of timeless? I’ve been wearing the same ray-ban frames for a few years and I finally have an appointment in the summer, I can’t wait to try something new once I get my numbers updated.

No. 333149

You should probably just ask your optician tbh, they know about current glasses trends and can also advice you on what looks good on your face.

No. 333152

After I posted I went on Warby’s take home frames and took screenshots of the camera tester, seems like the rectangle type are the ones that work best. I wish it wasn’t so hard to pick frames but I agree it’s probably better to get an opinion at the office

No. 333156

just wear contact lenses

No. 333158

Nta but they're not for everyone. Especially if you have dry eyes so you have to use eyedrops and if you work in front of a screen then there's isn't really a point in wearing them.

No. 333164

File: 1685891243258.jpg (19.14 KB, 700x317, minnetonka.jpg)

I had recently been gifted these and I have no idea what to pair them with. They are cute, but none of my clothes match with them. Any outfit ideas?

No. 333166

File: 1685891617638.jpeg (181.3 KB, 1080x1080, Black Child print Gunne sax su…)

A long summer dress with a heavier fabric of some kind! I have a navy blue pair and they match perfectly with a dress that is very similar to picrel.

No. 333173

seconding this. when I had to get my second pair of glasses I gave a vague description of what I was looking for and my optician picked put a bunch that fitted that description. I would try them on and she would say if they worked or not with my face

No. 333176

I think you should just go for something that suits your face shape and feels comfortable, if you don't need to change your glasses frequently, there's really no point in going for something trendy. That being said, I like tortoiseshell pattern, not too bland, not too flashy, classic.

No. 333177

I think the best way to pick some glasses is to pick something in neutral colors, so you can always mix and match them.

No. 333216

Just wear simple and modest stuff, nothing shiny, or neon, or with flowers or crazy patterns. Pick neutral colors (brown, beige, gray, white even but not too much white) or just black, simple and small accessories.
Preferably don’t wear tight clothes, you’re going to support someone who is grieving or you’re goin to grieve, not going to a catwalk or a bar, which means you should also avoid cutouts or low necklines.
Dress comfortable too because you may have to walk around a graveyard or stand still for a while, so avoid too high heels or sandals.

No. 333217

File: 1685905672463.jpg (60.03 KB, 500x740, (108).jpg)

What the heck do I wear to a funeral? It always seemed simple but now that I'm in this situation I have no idea what to buy. A long dress seems so formal but a short dress seems inappropriate. I don't really want to do pants because then I have to buy pants and a shirt when I could just buy a dress. Idk idk idk pls help nonnas. To be fair, I was surprised at the last funeral I went to because a lot of the women were wearing denim with blouses and heels. Idk maybe a flowy skirt and a blouse would be nice, I already have some heels that could go with that. What would you do? My only guidelines are that I'm short, so I like to honor the rule of thirds, and that makes some lengths of skirts/dresses and certain types of shoes look really dumpy. I do prefer a defined waist. I tend to dress "edgy" but that's not a big concern for a funeral tbh. This is not someone I was close with so I don't really need anything super duper comfy or anything like that. And my peers and I are like, working class, so I don't need anything opulent or too dressy. Am west coast burger so if anyone has shop recommendations I'd appreciate it!

No. 333218

File: 1685906163460.jpeg (54.68 KB, 649x1001, E59294CE-8F51-460E-9D61-C1637C…)

2014 tumblr is really in rn, I would do dark stocking tights and docs for shoes or any dark combat boots maybe even Mary Jane flats, some dark skirt or florals (shorter skirt with dark stockings is more modest), a dark denim jacket and any dressy dark top. Nothing too revealing though. Picrel for the stockings and docs. Think that outfit but with a mid thigh skirt and a dark top.

No. 333220

>2014 tumblr

No. 333222

>A long dress seems so formal
It's a funeral, it IS formal.

No. 333227

Hmm, I think boots are a little juvenile for this purpose but I like the dark tights + skirt idea. All of my heels are open toe. It's stupid to wear tights with open toed shoes, right?

Touché. I guess I meant to say I would feel uncomfortable in a gown, it seems too dramatic for me personally but maybe I'm being weird.

No. 333229

nta but it doesn't have to be a gown, simpler dresses like a maxi one would be fine

No. 333235

File: 1685910402054.jpeg (120.31 KB, 1179x1923, IMG_9030.jpeg)

Don’t buy this from Amazon but just get something like this and be done with it. You’re overthinking it. If you have to go shorter than this, wear opaque tights. Shoe doesn’t matter unless you’re standing for a long time or it’s an outdoor funeral, whatever black shoes you have is fine.

No. 333242

Quality is great, not as good as Zimmerman but better than gorman or Sass & Bide.
I love the artist as well so I really wanted something from the collection.

No. 333275

File: 1685919924997.jpg (346.24 KB, 1600x2240, 3662ea939a920964d11f09a1f560cc…)

Think business/office wear but in black. Aim for covered knees and shoulders, which may mean incorporating tights, blazers, etc. Find something you could repurpose for a job interview or something similarly formal at a later date. You can't really go wrong with dressing "up" at a funeral but dressing down too much could be a bit of a faux pas even if you didn't know the person.

I would personally opt for a black shirt and trouser since it's easier to dress both pieces down for other more casual occasions.

No. 333573

This is my funeral uniform- literally any black dress in existence that isn't shorter than mid thigh, low cut, bodycon, or flashy. Heels (not super tall stilettos or platforms though), nice sandals/flats. Maybe tights or a cardigan in a muted color if it'll be cold. I'm not super stylish though tbh and I thrift everything. Like other anon said go for business casual/nice brunch outfit but in black.

No. 333579

Are you kidding me? You're considering wearing a mini dress and open toe shoes to a funeral? Just buy some pants, I don't know the autistic obsession you have with skirts and dresses but they don't go well in every occasion.

No. 333585

If you wear anything above the knee, wear dark tights.

No. 333593

There is literally nothing easier than dressing for a funeral. Something black and modest, if a long dress is formal and a short dress is inappropriate… get a mid length dress. It seems like you're more worried about looking stylish than just dressing appropriately but you don't need to impress people who are busy mourning.

No. 333596

Anything black with a little bit of cleavage works. Nothing too risque, of course. A little thigh never hurt anybody. I think you're good to go!

No. 333598


No. 333601

Fatties big jealous.

No. 333604

File: 1686039490474.jpeg (46.38 KB, 559x548, images (9).jpeg)

Something like this nonnie. Maybe add a silver chain like a belt around your waist to accentuate it and wear thigh high black stockings. Go with skull earrings to show how dedicated you are to the theme of the occasion (death, darkness, etc) hope this helps

No. 333606

File: 1686039716549.jpeg (18.41 KB, 495x619, images (10).jpeg)

You could wear these. They're formal without being too formal + they're spooky and black which fits the theme. Buy some croc charms that are like knives, weapons, spooky stuff. If the deceased person passed away from something specific try to find a way to I corporate it into your outfit like if they died from being stabbed, look on Shein for knife earrings. Or if they had cancer, wear a bald cap

No. 333609

I stg nonnie, I'm half asleep and was losing my mind reading "formal, but not too formal platform crocs". Made it all the way to "bald cap" before I realized. kek

No. 333610

Jealous of what? Risque isn't really appropriate for a funeral.

No. 333611

>what is a funeral

No. 333613

Keking at some of these responses. Nonita, it's really simple. Mid length black dress, maybe heels if you want, I usually wear a blazer if it's going to be cold. >>333275 is the most solid advice, you can reuse the pieces individually so it's a good investment regardless.

No. 333625

People are allowed to be sexy at funerals, it's not a crime. If showing cleavage and legs and being well dressed makes Anon feel better, she should do it. We all cope in different ways. I for one wore a black micro mini skirt with a cropped black tube top with a star in it made from those little fake diamonds. I was going for the y2k aesthetic and I pulled it off and it made me feel better about my aunt's passing. Yes I was showing a lot of skin but who cares. It was an opportunity to dress up and eat food for free

No. 333630

IDK if you are serious or shitposting but that's a massively egocentrical view. Funerals aren't to make the individual feel good, it's a ritual to honour the deceased and show respect to other mourners.

No. 333632

File: 1686053527693.jpeg (711.92 KB, 3464x3464, 1733210E-C749-4E48-B157-D8A22A…)

It’s a funeral. Anon also said she doesn’t really know the person that died, she’s a guest, not a person actually grieving.
>This is not someone I was close with
But I mean, here’s a nice outfit for you, anon, I hope you get to make it look nice. Have fun, drink a lot and maybe play some music while everyone is waiting for the coffin to get buried.

No. 333633

She is in love with herself…she likes the dark

No. 333634

>dressing sexy at a funeral is my coping mechanism
you sound like a zoomer who blame all their obnoxious behavior on their depression and self diagnosed personality disorder

No. 333639

Reminds me of the reddit troon who showed up to a funeral wearing a miniskirt and made it all about him.

No. 333642

If someone wears a "y2k miniskirt and tube top" to my funeral im coming back to beat their ass

No. 333647

Nta and it's retarded to be selfish in a funeral but wtf is up with the zoomerhate leaking here? Stop acting like an incel who hates young women and thinks anyone who's being a slut is 17-19.

No. 333649

we had a funny shitpost thing going about wearing ridiculous clothes to a funeral and some of you took it seriously. come on now… do you really think she wore a black micro mini skirt with a cropped black tube top with a star in it? Really, really?

No. 333652

Jokes can be tricky when some people/cows really are that narcissistic and would wear that.

No. 333653

you know that i dont think anon is slutty. im criticizing for her "it's a way to cope" pseudo-psychology wording that you see all over tiktok

No. 333656

Correction, jokes can be tricky when you're autistic.
Go back to your quarantine thread and post about how you hate young women there.

No. 333658

Not what she said, you sound personally offended.

No. 333661

my sister, she was being silly. she was making fun of that very pseudo-psychology.

No. 333663

File: 1686061810577.jpg (57.11 KB, 564x564, 6034e2a1beb3a53260e1ce3191b486…)

I think it's time to get back to fashion. What are you all actually wearing today?
My outfit is inspired by this picture, although with a less crazy waist and a modern blouse.

No. 333664

Kek. That anon is too out of touch to understand sarcasm or jokes.

No. 333676

I agree. This is a really cute and perfect outfit for a funeral. It's edgy but not too edgy, formal but not prude. You could add more black by wearing fishnet stockings and black fingerless gloves.

No. 333678

I'm sorry that I cope by being sexy at all times and you have no style and think we all need to be prudes at funerals. I've been to several funerals and was the best dressed at all of them. You're abnormal and jealous

No. 333680

I re-read op several times trying to understand what the fuck you're talking about, did you tag the wrong post?

No. 333681

It's alright, I get you, I'm a necrophile too.

No. 333702

Yes, considering the other outfits ITT.

No. 333742

>I've been to several funerals and was the best dressed at all of them.

No. 333752

Kek I love you nonnie

No. 333948

File: 1686160101563.jpg (53.47 KB, 1080x1356, IMG_20230607_194857.jpg)

How would I make this university-friendly? Specifically for my morning lectures. We aren't allowed to show huge amounts of cleavage due to a girl showing up in her bikini top and sweat pants after going to the beach before class. Kek. So I need to cover my tits up.

Atm I'm thinking of pairing it with my brown leather jacket, a black t shirt, and black kitten heels. Hair loose and a red hairband. Plain silver stud earrings. Is that fine or am I gonna make my lecturer blow his brains out haha?

Picrel isn't the exact dress I have but almost the same. Advice please yall.

No. 333951

Kitten heels? Really?

No. 333952

assuming the dress isn't ultra short that sounds like a perfectly reasonable outfit, and if the dress IS pretty short maybe add black tights? The tshirt underneath is really the key thing making it acceptable. I really like the tshirt under a strappy dress look, I feel like you see it a lot in kfashion. If you want even more of a dressed-down vibe for uni I'd consider maybe something like a short boot instead of any sort of heel

No. 333953

I think that's a bit prudish tbh, you're going to university not church. Pair it with stiletto heels and ditch the jacket.

No. 333954

Is this the same fabric your dress is made of? Because there's no way you can make that texture university-friendly. The fake-leather jeans strike me as an example of this. Fake leather, latex or PVC are too dressy imho. You would have to combine your dress with a lot of darker stuff, as you have already suggested, and I don't think that would do any justice to the dress. I'd save the dress for nightlife ocassions, anon.

No. 333960

you wouldnt

No. 333961

A latex/faux leather red dress with a deep cleavage? Really?

No. 333962

Thanks. I'll definitely add the black tights. The dress sits a few cm underneath my butt.

No need to call me prude. At least I don't show up to class in my bikini. Although I'll take your suggestion about the stilletos. Thanks

Aah tbh I'm not sure what material it is. My ex got it for me from his trip to Amsterdam. It kinda smells like plastic or rubber? Almost like the way a Barbie smells, hopefully someone knows what I mean. It's definitely not genuine leather unfortunately. My ex was a cheap ass.

No. 333964

File: 1686161966109.jpg (13.47 KB, 228x214, 76r.jpg)

>Although I'll take your suggestion about the stilletos. Thanks
is this thread just back-to-back shitposts now?

No. 333972

Do you have any better ideas? Otherwise shut up obesie

No. 333977

no fr stiletto heels to a morning college class is the most tryhard shit I've ever heard kek. but who among us can say she hasn't occasionally dressed like a tv character to go to the grocery store or something like that, so whatever

No. 333978

Since the only reason I leave my appartment is walking the dog, I'm almost always wearing dark yoga pants, a cotton t-shirt, a denim jacket and black shoes. Yesterday I wanted some yougurt and I put on a dress and sandals, but I just feel silly putting any effort on the way I look. Do you do your hair like that model, anon?

No. 333979

>sweat pants to the beach

No. 333980

It's normal here to wear heels in the morning. I'm competing with girls who could be models, like prettier than Ariana Grande on an average day type women. I need to look good at all times and if stiletto heels are the way, that's what I'll do. I own a pair of 2nd hand red bottoms which I'll wear with the dress + black t shirt + black stockings. I assure you that I'm not the only one putting in effort to my appearance at my uni.

No. 333981

A friend of mine used to unironically wear heels to uni everyday. Not stilettos but still chunky tall ones. She was tall too, over 180cm without heels, she towered above most men (and her own bf) it was great.

Glad I go to a down to earth uni where most girls don't even wear mascara

No. 333986

I actually bothered to wear something nice while going to work instead of sweatpants today! I wear a uniform so I usually just throw something lazy on before hurrying to catch the train.

I wore a black A line cotton dress, black tights, black leather sandals, an oversized 80s blue jean jacket, a black hat (a panama hat? I had to google hat types kekk) and tumblr weed smoker girl sunglasses uwu

No. 333996

File: 1686168708981.jpg (93.36 KB, 1079x1043, Screenshot_20230607_131231.jpg)

Picrel and nothing else

Also thanks for the abundance of funeral outfit advice, it's everything I asked for and so much more.

No. 334099

File: 1686206110162.png (281.02 KB, 767x1038, 1-modelinfo-Natalie-us2_f2e045…)

Tips for styling picrel? I have a job interview coming up.

No. 334100

uhhh what kind of job would that be? kek

No. 334103

You're going to want to keep it professional and classy, so pair the top with dainty gold hoop earrings, a micro mini denim skirt, thigh high white socks, and black platform crocs. Good luck for your interview, you're gonna be fine!

No. 334104

thong and nothing else. write "hire me" on your buttcheeks

No. 334114

Kind of, I wear my long hair and do my makeup in a vintage inspired style.
Don't feel silly making effort! Wear those nice pieces you have nonas, it always makes me feel better to dress nicely even if it's for mundane activities.
>tumblr weed smoker girl sunglasses uwu
Kek at the description, what do they look like?
Now that's an appropriate funeral top. kidding of course

No. 334116

File: 1686214737978.jpg (20.78 KB, 323x367, sunnies.JPG)

>Kek at the description, what do they look like?

No. 334117

This is even better than what I said. Anon should also walk in with a joint and a bottle of Prime to show that she's in with the kids and can bring new, fun, trendy ideas to the business.

Btw, omg anon, we should make a fashion/personal styling business together. Everyone is gonna be employed because of us. We could even run for government with the slogan "DRESSED FOR SUCCESS" and sponsor Mikayla Nogueira to speak positively of us to the masses

No. 334118

What is the Gen Z equivalent of the Tumblr weed smoking gf aesthetic? It looks so millennial/old. Also my ex literally told me that millenials have the best fashion sense and I laughed in his disgusting, dumb face because wtf. Gen Z and Gen Alpha are the best dressed generations to date

No. 334120

Aren't the oldest gen alphas like literal middle schoolers?

No. 334122

Anons ITT right now

No. 334124

So, random fashion thought but I sometimes notice younger girls in my area (like 18-21) strutting around in the most godawful, trashiest areas in our city wearing the sluttiest outfits imaginable. I’m talking looking like they just left work at a cheap strip club sort of outfits. They’ll walk into a crack den area strutting their asses off like they’re the hottest shit on earth - in the most dangerous, filthy places possible. Does anyone have any insight as to why younger girls act and dress this way for seemingly no reason at all, besides looking to get raped or attacked? I don’t get it…

No. 334125

Gen Z fashion is horrible, they just regurgitate y2k fashion as if it’s something new. And a lot of their clothing is formless or ill fitting if they’re not ripping off early 2000s fashion. They look like shapeless lumps lazily put together. It’s like they take pride in wearing the worst outfits from y2k era and if not, they seem like they want to look as if they just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever was closest to them. It’s awful fashion.

No. 334126

Also Gen alpha is 13 and under… so how do they have the best fashion? KEK. Are you 15 or something?

No. 334131

I like zoomer fashion, but every generation thinks they are the best dressed

No. 334132

This. Every generation thinks they’re the best one. Don’t like zoomer fashion myself though, and I am a zoomer lol

No. 334138

File: 1686229390286.png (69 KB, 635x463, 1672484769539.png)

You don't blend in

No. 334141

I think they glamorize those years (18-21) as the “sexy barely legal” years and by 22 are usually too traumatized by men or burnt out to continue. Not really their fault since it’s men who expect it from them. And zoomer fashion trends seem more provocative than millennials’, they might not see a problem with it since all the fast fashion stores sell it

No. 334142

File: 1686230265677.jpeg (57.27 KB, 822x989, IMG_8251.jpeg)

Eh not so much dressing for hot weather or wearing something short or with cleavage - I’m talking about full blown stripper outfits, and the girls I’m referencing are walking around at night (in the cold) wearing these outfits too, picrel. Men should have self control, but where I live it’s extremely dangerous for everyone (not just women) and I still see young girls out on the street dressed this way. There’s a lot of rape and SA in my city. I don’t know why they choose to present themselves this way for seemingly no reason at all, while doing casual things like grocery shopping or walking to a 7/11. Sure every woman should have the freedom to wear whatever they want - but dress for the occasion, not just for attention from the crackheads outside of 7/11 or your local grocer jfc

No. 334143

I’ve noticed this, a lot of zoomer fashion is shit on top of being just a stones throw away from going out in straight up lingerie. It’s really trashy and cheap looking, imo

No. 334145

Um… I work in funeral service quite literally, and this shit is so disrespectful, disgusting and seriously looked down upon. Dress conservative. Wear black but make it simple and tasteful. And no, “sexy” is not welcome at funerals kek. Unless you want glares from the grieving and heavy side-eyes and judgement from all of the funeral home staff. As someone who’s worked in funeral services from the ages 21-27 I can absolutely guarantee “sexy” outfits are very much looked down upon in any setting where grieving is involved. Have some respect, it’s not about you. Not one little bit. You’d be better off showing up in sweatpants and a t-shirt than trying to glamorize a fucking funeral kek

No. 334147

She's trying to pick up a date at her aunt's passing kek

No. 334148

Disturbing and unwelcome behavior… I hope she’s not actually and this is just a joke. Where I work we’d try to politely remove anyone dressing/acting that way at a funeral

No. 334151

The post you replied to was clearly sarcastic

As was the post you were replying to. Do we need to start using twitter tier tone indicators or something?

No. 334154

you should get a pass for not getting the joke because it makes sense that this would never come across as funny to you

No. 334157

This is more insane than the anon who grieves by dressing sexy to funerals.

No. 334163

So is this thread just for shitposting now?

No. 334164

People usually enjoy humor, it brightens one’s day to have a little laugh

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