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File: 1683828532338.png (85.71 KB, 1480x1000, whowouldwin.png)

No. 327478

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!
Previous horny: >>>/g/323081

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No. 327480

Don't encourage the Rancefag. Delete this and use a new picture.

No. 327482

Are the Arthur Morgan anons back? or is this about Engineer TF2?

No. 327486

That thread pic kek.

No. 327503

Nta but it's just a meme and rancefag will post anyway, regardless of the threadpic. You didn't even suggest a different pic.

No. 327510

You people are obsessed with Rancefag. Shut up and post your husband.

No. 327515

I fucking hate you guys so much sometimes

No. 327519

File: 1683837723010.jpg (119.48 KB, 1170x1516, boobies.jpg)

stop fighting and post husbando pecs.

No. 327521

File: 1683837978882.jpg (27.7 KB, 564x678, fc68bb7116361f03248c4bf802509b…)

understood !

No. 327522

File: 1683838020101.jpg (26.59 KB, 538x455, nicki minaj instagram comments…)

tag yourself reacting to husbando pecs

No. 327523

Man I always have cycles of loving Reigen wherein I completely forget why I even find him attractive because his still design is so fugly and then I rewatch the series and see his voice and body in motion and I’m like. God DAMN that ass huh

No. 327524

>comments on Nicki Minaj's pircture
>i'd like to see those
obviously made by a male

No. 327527

Speaking off songs that remind you of your husbando… This song makes me feel like I am in a busy city during the late night. I like to imagine Anakin and I driving(him driving cause I hate driving kek) through the busy city streets of Coruscant. I can imagine the bright lights, people talking, the sounds of speeders ripping by, and the beautiful city view during the night. The ride would be quiet too, just us bathing in the presence of each other..maybe a few warm smiles exchanged as well. We would also sneak down to the lower level of Coruscant, exploring the streets and maybe visiting few of the clubs there. I do also imagine Anakin and I doing this is my world, but his universe is more cool and fun.

No. 327528

it's just a meme making fun of horny scrotes anon chill

No. 327529

File: 1683838638661.jpg (29.43 KB, 400x491, 940711ba8486c1cdc77277ba04fc21…)

No. 327530

File: 1683838744409.jpg (77.51 KB, 1080x1349, o91diizZ391qbkgzfo1_1280.jpg)

he looks so yummy

No. 327531

i can totally see it ! Your fantasy kinda reminds me of drive but on tatooine

I associate him with the 24K MAGIC album, the carefree, luxurious and flirty vibes fit him so much, i made him a playlist and it's mosly Bruno Mars. Also,this edit is so perfect, i try to watch it at least once a week.

No. 327532

File: 1683838760146.jpg (20.92 KB, 540x702, slurp.jpg)

OK, my bad.
>nick the galactic tit
Kekkk what

No. 327536

i almost want to join in on the bandwagon and post a really cursed drawing i found just to see anons' reaction but literally no one wants to see that guy shirtless, not even me

No. 327538

File: 1683839353329.png (88 KB, 1000x703, Rance_IX_29.png)

Hello, /g/! I have successfully shifted my consciousness after many years, my goals of course changing since then. You may be asking, what is that goal exactly? To shift to the anime world and fuck Rance! Which means– yes, i technically did have sex with rance, though not in actuality. It's a difficult concept to explain to someone who doesn't know about it but it felt so real to the point where i'm not even sure whether to categorize it as actual sex or not. Tell me that i'm a schizo, tranny, or have Rance derangement syndrome but i can assure you i am none of these things. My love for Rance is REAL, and nothing will ever change that. Tell me, would the majority of you ever go this far for your husbandos? I don't think so! Anywaay, feel free to ask away. And don't think I have forgotten about my Rance bodypillow that's coming soon, which i will generously use when i don't feel like shifting my consciousness, or can't attempt it again.

Also posting this pic again bc Rance smiling is maximum cuteness

No. 327540

i really wanna tell you to admit yourself into a mental institution, but i have to ask… how did you do that?

No. 327543

File: 1683841538470.png (250.32 KB, 1442x1008, take your meds.png)

i was your number 1 ally but i'm done, you're on your ow

No. 327545

File: 1683841797075.jpg (568.94 KB, 2048x1536, 001.jpg)

i wish the artist for this drew more scout because he looks so real i could touch him

No. 327547

File: 1683842840831.jpg (34.49 KB, 347x332, metoogirl.jpg)

I love the tf2 comics so much.

No. 327550

File: 1683844563615.jpg (69.83 KB, 540x695, tumblr_6bd96a76f7922a480c59768…)

I want…no… I NEED him to look at me like this

No. 327552

File: 1683847922223.jpeg (457.93 KB, 1500x1848, FvGfzqcakAEDUYx.jpeg)

less than a week stands between me and what is rightfully mine… soon. soon.

No. 327553

Wow where is he from?

No. 327554

He's Jing Yuan from Honkai: Star Rail, nonna. his banner releases next week and i'm beside myself with impatience kek

No. 327556

File: 1683848533294.jpeg (223.1 KB, 1387x1738, 45B59B80-BC83-4F4C-81CE-1D0C37…)

Who are your favorite blond husbandos?

No. 327557

File: 1683848612392.jpg (60.64 KB, 564x564, Nanami Kento.jpg)

I like Nanami.

No. 327559

File: 1683848913435.png (338.89 KB, 590x964, Screenshot_5807.png)

Explaining it is really fucking cringe but basically look up the concept of shifting realities, it'll make more sense

Who are YOU

Also yes, he did the baby bottle thing. Iykyk.

No. 327560

File: 1683848917032.jpg (223.26 KB, 1028x1366, artbook03.jpg)

Alucard, my beloved~

No. 327562

File: 1683849499046.jpg (119.24 KB, 693x1040, lszplyAs9q1qh6h9io1_1280.jpg)

Is there any cosplays of your husbando you've seen where you think they look exactly like? I stumbled across this Sniper cosplayer from years ago and he's looks pretty close, if not younger, than what I imagine

No. 327563

File: 1683849629807.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.11 KB, 600x900, m5hhnhURxg1qh6h9io3_640.jpg)

He also did a swimwear shoot, spoiler for speedo kek, his username on tumblr is citadelbloodbeard

No. 327566

File: 1683850112142.jpeg (Spoiler Image,238.34 KB, 1077x2048, D18D7FBF-20D3-4323-9A1B-ACE571…)

no one exactly nails it, but I have seen a few anakin cosplays that look really good. picrel (picture isn’t mine!) some of the good anakin cosplays make me feel fuzzy inside..

No. 327568

File: 1683850454474.png (6.14 KB, 1867x599, colors2.PNG)

I remember reading last thread about stoic husbandos. Can I just say, that one of my husbandos is like the perfect stoic archetype. He's cool I feel like a lot of fans (usually of the younger variety) of him tend to soften way him up while not realizing his "hardness" and "stoicism" that he has is one of his best charms. Like, isn't that one of the main appeals for a stoic husbando both in NSFW and non-NSFW context? The more stoic, cold and serious the character is, the more appealing and rewarding he is when he does show off those tiny moments of "warmth" or more satisfying it is when you break him down and make him kneel like a dog? Or when those traits are contrasted with quirks or smaller traits such as having a sweet tooth or being slightly dense? My husbando tried to launch a full frontal military assault coup with a warship and would've 100% become a dictator if he hadn't been stopped, yet he's portrayed as a "shy little nerd" by some fans and it irritates me. Anyone else face this problem where your normally stoic and straight-laced is depicted more softer and weaker in fan derivative works?
Can't say I have. I found one but I can't seem to find it anymore

No. 327569

His best traits can't be convincingly replicated in real life so I shall spare my eyes from shit examples and refrain from looking.

No. 327570

File: 1683851371811.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.74 KB, 1288x2048, FpvCumSagAAAanl.jpeg)

i actually found this one of mine a few days ago, but the makeup and photoshop fall just a little too far over the line of uncanny for me to fully enjoy it. of course, that's usually how it plays out for anime/anime adjacent husbando cosplays, so there's not much to be done for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 327571

No. 327573

File: 1683852649250.jpg (104.24 KB, 750x1051, 5602.JPG)

No. 327574

File: 1683852769248.jpeg (122.48 KB, 1200x819, E0dGzG_UUAAC2bG.jpeg)

and Nanamin

No. 327575

File: 1683853134764.jpg (24.35 KB, 640x480, 88836e21eecb761cd096dae5c38efb…)

No. 327585

File: 1683855717159.jpeg (130.16 KB, 1107x799, DD75F3F4-A8D2-4DA3-AA13-E0EF30…)

Rook Hunt!

No. 327587

How are we sure that isn’t Komaeda-chan or someone being a copycat of Komaeda-chan? The stories are similar.

No. 327591

File: 1683859500387.png (52.45 KB, 440x403, small!.png)

Hi nonnas, I'm back! What would you do if your husbando shrunk to the size of a doll? Be as wholesome or inappropriate as you want. Mine's been canonically shrunken three times, especially the time his friend put him in all sorts of dresses. It was cute!

No. 327592

File: 1683860478629.jpg (85.84 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oil85tCvu21tc1368o1_500…)

My #1 husbando is blond!

No. 327593

File: 1683860991984.jpeg (Spoiler Image,120.73 KB, 750x1110, 64CDE6B4-7C8D-4C03-9364-536068…)

Licks him

No. 327594

I fucking wish, but the cosplays of my husbando never look right. Highly imitated, never duplicated. There's always something off, I think it's usually the makeup. But all of the failed cosplays of him just tell me that I could never find a man like him IRL, which is unfortunate. Even the life size, realistic statues made of him aren't correct.

No. 327598

Honestly I would want to coddle and snuggle him, he would be so cute tiny! I feel like I would just have a huge urge to keep him safe.My inner thoughts would probably keep telling me to throw him agaisnt the wall or to put him in my mouth and swallow him whole…but I would never do that!

No. 327601

File: 1683866042744.jpg (196.61 KB, 1200x849, tumblr_e4f7f4a2183141d02b1a5ff…)

Thinkin bout him…

No. 327603

File: 1683866283809.webm (978.87 KB, 576x1024, c0c525663e944669e5cc00b5f31287…)

I've never seen a good cosplay of a single one of my husbandos. Idk how i feel about 3dp reiner. I feel like he would scream mean things at me across the street.

No. 327604

No. 327607

File: 1683868026100.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.54 KB, 1430x1604, byxg2jI.jpg)

I know it's a crime to tweak your husbando's appearance and all but I still wonder what he would look like as a real person, and female cosplayers with a slightly bigger build/a bit of muscle seem good enough of a reference to keep him as a pretty boy. I love the idea of a slightly muscled husband melting in my hands from my affection. I don't like the idea of tall big men cosplaying him (they mostly don't, or I don't see it) but women just look so good as him. There's a specific one I absolutely love and she seems to share my idea of him about his expressions and mannerisms so I get so happy whenever she cosplays him. I never considered what his face looked like before I saw a cosplayer from my own country and she looked exactly like a real life Wanderer. She does nothing but look at the camera though lol. All in all I'm pretty spoiled because my husbando is very popular and his fanbase is all women and female cosplayers are a perfect fit for him.

No. 327608

Dedede-chan? Anyway, this is partially why I don't interact with fandom much, I want to avoid seeing that kind of "flanderization" fans do when they cling onto the characters' gap moe traits (the little unexpected traits you described) and forget what their personality really is, I don't want to see my stoic husbandos getting this treatment.
alright, it's cute in canon, but sometimes these people (especially gendies and the like) end up changing a character's entire personality, reducing him/her to cheap stereotypes associated with one single endearing trait he/she actually has. Like for example, turning a usually serious guy who likes one geeky thing into a stereotypical weeb coomer who acts just like a twitterfag, or something like that. It can be funny for the joke like in a crack fic, but this is happening way too much in fandoms nowadays. It's like they project too much of the fandom's personality or project what they wish the characters were instead of at least appreciating his/her canon personality more. I don't mind headcanons or focusing on the cute parts but what people do these days is change the entire character to one based on memes and take that as the preferred version.

No. 327609

File: 1683868682310.jpg (127.95 KB, 1026x794, IMG_20191007_131056.jpg)

>he did the baby bottle thing. Iykyk.
i wish i didn't know.

No. 327610

File: 1683868804972.jpg (74.64 KB, 1280x720, Hozuki no Reitetsu.jpg)

>be me
>having a secret santa in /a/ many years ago
>anons joke about sending adult toys resembling you're waifu/husbando
>I would have loved to add me to that list, but most of the nsfw stuff of my husbando is just yaoi stuff and I don't ship him with Hakutaku
>mfw I would have probably got a red dildo instead.

No. 327613

File: 1683873340255.jpg (55.21 KB, 842x476, tumblr_4a957b5beaf386c5694e999…)


No. 327615

fingers crossed u get him nonna! i downloaded honkai just for him & blade tbh, but unfortunately didn’t like the gameplay at all… husbandos in this game are top tier though.

No. 327622

File: 1683880890798.jpg (62.24 KB, 500x503, serpico.jpg)

serpico is a cutie, I like johnny joestar appearance-wise too but I haven't read steel ball run so I don't know if he is husbando material (yet)

No. 327623

thank you for the well wishes, nonna! ♥ and i understand the gameplay aversion completely. turn based rpgs are still kinda niche even today, what with other genres like action and FPS being so popular. i grew up playing turn based rpgs on the GBA and DS as a kid for the most part, so Star Rail was, unfortunately, literally made for me lol

No. 327624

You aren't a schizo. What you're doing analog will be available with technology in some time. This post isn't aimed at everyone, but some will get it.

No. 327627

not a lot of cosplay of him. and im picky. but this dude was the most who i think fits, got me blushing and giddy to think my husbando has been transported irl kek.

No. 327631

File: 1683886205508.png (369.15 KB, 1368x782, Screenshot (196).png)

also mads mikkelsen kek

No. 327633

When are you dropping a tutorial? I'm willing to try anything once.

No. 327636

File: 1683892253061.jpg (35.81 KB, 564x497, 89e5d0f54071b2bbfce9d8c628e5fd…)

i like cosplays as long we don't see their face, reigen is too cartoonish to make an accurate cosplay
i loved his tiktoks ! he does look very nice you're lucky

No. 327638

File: 1683892873648.jpeg (325.76 KB, 2560x1365, EC723B13-53F6-457A-B910-00C2BF…)

sorry about having a tumblr sexyman moment but an artist i follow posted this and it gave me goddamn vietnam flashbacks, i wanted him so bad lmaoooo..

No. 327641

File: 1683895186693.jpeg (74.66 KB, 749x828, DCA0B0B7-5C75-4ABB-9621-41CC54…)

Posting more tf2 partially because I’ve been informed of the tick tock meme

No. 327644

File: 1683895841279.jpeg (36.1 KB, 748x421, 3B30CBCE-B9E6-4D40-A8A5-DE062C…)

No. 327645

File: 1683896036814.jpg (94.43 KB, 736x1081, b3b54c8bfc6a148ee979256327e566…)

I guess yamaneko727 is considered to be the closest, but sometimes it feels too artificial and polished imho. I believe the real one would look rougher and less pampered looking, if that makes sense? More like a soldier, after all

No. 327652

My husbandos are too weird looking for cosplays (lots of monsters and robots), and I don't even like cosplays because the main appeal of a 2D husbando is that he's not 3DPD, and that wouldn't even be him anyway.

No. 327654

File: 1683901247162.jpeg (689.92 KB, 3464x3464, 0FA62390-CCC7-46B2-AF78-47D27F…)

My issue with cosplay is that the pictures are so photoshopped to hell and back that at this point they’re sakimichan drawings and not cosplay. Having husbandos from otome games is kind of annoying because of that, like I just saw a picture of a cosplayer trying to look like Leviathan and the cosplayer is too small.
Leviathan is actually pretty huge, he has a swimmer’s back, he’s even bigger than most of his brothers, except Beelzebub because that would be impossible, he works out daily.
And I’m making an emphasis on this because in the anime I didn’t pay too much attention to this until they showed him playing videogames in his room, like damn, he’s big, fuck I want him to hug me while we make out.
I appreciate the cosplayers for doing their best, but I particularly won’t yoom for them nor use them as inspiration to imagine what my husbandos would look like, because in the end It’s basically digital art.

No. 327657

File: 1683902650207.png (62.73 KB, 486x255, tumblr_5762d74463f2c9236604ec4…)

as simple as his design is i've never seen a scout cosplay that works. i think moids just are attracted to it because it looks simple but they end up overlooking some really subtle yet important design elements. most of the characterization is in the face which makes the face structure all the more important, it's not blank slate default moe face. they're also way too skinny. scout IS skinny but only in contrast to the rest of the team, in reality he would be muscular considering his job even if it doesn't show up unless he's flexing. sorry for the long post i'm just tired of moids seeing characters like him as a free pass to just not give a shit. if they put in a little bit of effort they'd be able to look a lot better. even jerma's cosplay doesn't work for me because the outfit he chose is completely wrong.

No. 327662

File: 1683903535036.jpeg (469.49 KB, 1392x1841, FUWOegkacAAKbCv.jpeg)

I've seen a few cosplays of him and they're… not good. I don't think his design really works anywhere except in his own universe and especially not in the real world.

No. 327664

File: 1683904197280.jpg (318.25 KB, 1426x2048, FuiDhrcX0AEtz7N.jpg)

i want to dedicate a whole youtube or spotify account to my husbandos and make playlists with pretty art for very specific scenarios…

No. 327666

File: 1683904641537.jpg (52.62 KB, 1024x682, mynidc5puwkquxqzlgh4fd2gshcfav…)

I have seen cosplays of my husbando, but I don't like none of them.

No. 327669

File: 1683905728655.jpg (135.08 KB, 864x1152, 2802930.jpg)

Found the cosplay picture. This is as close anyone will ever get to a satisfactory cosplay for me. I wish he wore purple pants or some kind of lavender metal-ish covering for his sabatons.
Correct but I'm in Meta-Mode™ right now. Same to a lesser extent. I still use twitter to look at and post art but I can't deny I refuse to touch tumblr since the flanderization rate of my husbando is at an all time high over there. I think that's a super common problem within fandoms for almost all characters, when a character happens to have gap moe qualities people tend to only focus and exaggerate the moe aspects of the character. I think stoic husbandos tend to get that the worse though since the contrast is far more clearer and easier to latch on to. I agree with you on that one. Canon tends to perfectly balance these qualities where as fanon tends to put these qualities unbalanced. I dislike the mass personality and character changes fanon causes. It is a mix of both individualistic projection and the projection that comes from fanon overtaking canon because fanon seems "more appealing" to some. I think canon should always trump all. I feel intentionally mischaracterizing a character and ignoring canon for the sake of porn, shipping, opinion, or argument is an act of disrespect to the character itself. I think world-building deviation has a bit more leeway since HAL doesn't give us much in that aspect, but when it comes to characters I think it's best to deviate as little as possible and if you do deviate try to make sure it is within the realm of canon or how a character would act. So like, headcanons should be backed up by 45%-50% canon reasoning.
I'd probably end up building a two mini terrariums for them both with a connecting tubes between them. Meta Knight gets a little forest with a small thatched house and Dedede's just a royal room. I'd probably squeal in delight when I take out Dedede and feel how soft and heavy he is in my hands or how he could clear a plate of food with a excited grin. For Meta Knight, I probably wouldn't be able to resist dressing him up in cute clothes I painstakingly sewn or pressing his body right up to my nose and taking in a deep inhale. I'd probably also use things like the eraser end of a pencil or q-tips to do indcent things to them both. Or strap them in a sitting position to the head of a Hitachi Magic Wand and set that baby to maximum and leave for an hour or two.

No. 327673

The queen has returned

No. 327675

File: 1683908234376.jpeg (166.21 KB, 1080x1080, 4CD25F48-B400-47C3-9EB5-3DC09B…)

need your thoughts and prayers anons because im going to a con w/ a lotr meetup and there's a tiny chance of running into an irl cosplayer (unlikely because grima is the worst lotr character and im one of like 3 people who like him but im optimistic!) gonna have a great time regardles and happy to take pics with the gandalfs instead.

No. 327676

Takeo Takakura from Magic User's Club!

No. 327682

File: 1683909853320.jpg (Spoiler Image,173 KB, 1200x1085, 107882662_p12_master1200.jpg)

I want motorboat his pecs so badly. Or just grab it and squeeze em. He'd moan like a slut when I touch them, because he is.

No. 327687

File: 1683910616343.jpg (150.46 KB, 1230x1542, d93ffd4f57171457a09ec57e266fbb…)

Since Reigen's not that muscular, there isn't much chest pics of him compared to his ass even though he's already hot in a suit.

I want to hug his waist and press my face on his chest!

That's part of his charm! His actions, personality and silliness makes up for it. Honestly though he can be ugly sometimes but that's what I also like about him.

No. 327696

File: 1683912884122.jpg (3.13 MB, 4537x6461, Alucard.(Castlevania).full.622…)

He's so beautiful. I like the animated one too but the game is much better.

No. 327705

Somehow i knew this was gonna be leon even before i clicked the image

No. 327713

File: 1683918533034.jpg (68.04 KB, 736x911, c49785c36ca35458d8bc8d2c18521f…)

Most fans see Levi as a cat person, but I think he's actually a horse person. How he interacts with his horse throughout the series is so cute, and you can tell he has a soft spot for it. I think if postwar Levi wasn't so injured he would love to have a a lot of land with a farm to keep himself active, but in his current state I think he would prefer a cat.

No. 327719

File: 1683920956381.jpg (29.22 KB, 564x564, 1ffc710d2d68226bcf556312664c8f…)

he 100% enjoyed being shackled, there is no doubt in my mind

No. 327724

File: 1683922456168.png (462.63 KB, 497x667, 0-Rance-14-years-old.png)

Tranny jannies are banning shota tomorrow so i'll take this opportunity to talk about how much i would fuck shota Rance. It's cute thinking of taking his virginity and him getting super excited while fucking me. I'd love to teach a young Rance everything about sex and how to please women. Mutualism(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 327726

And I'd love to shackle him if you know what I mean.

No. 327727

I hope I dream of my husband's luscious tits tonight. Wanna motorboat him

No. 327738

ofc the tranny that worships a rapist is a pedo too

No. 327741

File: 1683926342422.jpeg (68.56 KB, 750x831, C8F60C49-7B2D-4EB0-8800-9BF335…)

I’m sick and tired of this thread getting hijacked by baiters. Posting more tf2 because pyro is adorable

No. 327742

File: 1683926579790.jpeg (56.71 KB, 600x746, 2A1F263B-31DC-4987-9619-94FD4D…)

One day I’ll be able to grow old with Kaito

No. 327743

c'mon, nonna, ignore the bait…

No. 327744

File: 1683926754786.jpg (15.23 KB, 420x399, 0ca3e227b616a50bb09f36d616bf85…)

The most accurate cosplay I've seen for Reigen is his stage play actor. He's pretty cute, got the charm, charisma and personality.

>reigen is too cartoonish to make an accurate cosplay
Yeah it's a little hard to make out what he would actually look like irl though there are some depictions that would best describe him. Japanese/Asian guy in his mid 20s that's looks average at first glance but still attractive? I've seen cosplays of him with a pretty face but he doesn't fit the bishie or ikemen look.

No. 327745

I'm the opposite of a tranny, trannies hate me. Idk why you retards insist me wanting to fuck pixels on a screen automatically makes me a "pedo" or "rape apologist"

No. 327746

File: 1683927097263.jpeg (77.54 KB, 749x645, 24D8A438-B0E8-4847-9CD0-BA9836…)

No. 327748

File: 1683927581809.jpeg (82.34 KB, 750x689, 72B09AE0-3D99-45D5-AF89-12C5E7…)

No. 327749

File: 1683927623585.jpeg (44.14 KB, 700x528, DEB7BA4C-EAC8-4996-A18C-ED0F68…)

Also demo deserves some love too

No. 327750

We were doing such a good job ignoring the creepy Rancefag post, please don't reply from now on nonny

No. 327752

File: 1683928922532.jpg (71.09 KB, 841x1200, FuEe5ivaEAIN3E_.jpg)

I can not stand the shoop abuse he does. The only pics I like are the ones that don't show his face like picrel, although I didn't realize this was a cringy vampire pic at first fml. I find most cosplay is uncanny valley tier shit tbh.

No. 327753

File: 1683928861876.jpg (71.09 KB, 841x1200, FuEe5ivaEAIN3E_.jpg)

I can not stand the shoop abuse he does. The only pics I like are the ones that don't show his face like picrel, although I didn't realize this was a cringy vampire pic at first fml. I find most cosplay is uncanny valley tier shit tbh.

No. 327754

for my tf2 nonnies, ily guys. love from your resident engiefag

No. 327755

Why don't you cosplay him yourself, nonny? It's what I want to do with my husbandos too.

for me it's not about being accurate but about showing your love for the character, so I don't mind not having their hair or being 2m tall lol

No. 327764

File: 1683933943501.jpg (119.79 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20230513_011928_Gal…)

New thread, nice!
Since many are posting irl versions of their husbandos, I thought I'd add mine. The guy cosplayed him but I lost the pic
Either way, he's ressemblant and pretty cute

No. 327766

File: 1683934435369.jpeg (45.59 KB, 750x881, 7F59B18A-2F33-491A-B548-C3CFF0…)

Ok nonnies, I had a dream about Anakin last night. It wasn’t really much, we just kind of talked to each other about random shit. We were like on a field ish area, laughing and giggling about shit then all of a sudden he starts to panic saying he ‘has to go somewhere’ then I woke up. It was pretty weird but nice, It felt a little fever dream-ish? Like think about those flashbacks scenes in movies that have a cloudy bright filter on, it was like that. Anyways it was a little weird, but I am happy I dreamt about Anakin!!

No. 327772

Ngl, crossing paths with a grima cosplayer would be sick as hell

No. 327780

Yeah these two are The Blondes for me. 1997 Alucard and 1998 Vash. So fucking hot

Vash nonna, I love the pic you chose. I always prefer it when he has his hair down or lets it grow long, it's so full and shiny and mature and hhrrrghh. He has gorgeous eyes too

No. 327781

Agree with the other nonna, a Grima cosplayer would be awesome and probably have a great sense of humour too

No. 327795

people who do anything beyond very casual cosplay (especially fantasy cosplay) are hardcore and have all my respect but it's not for me. i bet i'd make a very convincing hobbit though. who do you want to cosplay? do you have features in common with them? hope you get the chance to do it!

it would be so sick..

No. 327798

>do you have features in common with them?
Nooo kek it's unfortunate, I guess I have a bob cut but that's about it.
I do want to make a faithful recreation of their clothes, though. Down to the smallest details and using high quality fabrics. When I said it's about showing love and not being accurate, I was referring to the features you can't copy accurately unless you used a shit ton of makeup or special effects or even Photoshop. Like your face, your height, etc. I admire well-made cosplay clothes more than the wigs and makeup tbh, not trying to replicate the latter results in a more natural and less uncanny look most of the time imo. Especially when your husbando is 2D and doubly so if he has crazy colorful hair.

Plus that would be like your husbando lent you his clothes or you stole them from him kek ♥

No. 327799

File: 1683951831780.jpg (19.2 KB, 334x500, mob-psycho-100-reigen.jpg)

he's cute his hair looks plastic but it's always does with reigen's haircut ! do you know where to watch the play ?
he looks so much better than the live action's actor, who did the casting ??

never stop Anakin anon, i love reading your posts ! i'm manifesting dreaming about my husbandos too

No. 327800

File: 1683953858281.png (53.05 KB, 297x480, damn.png)

It's official. I'm promoting him to the husbando category.
It may sound retarded, but I seriously can't stop thinking about him every day.

No. 327801

File: 1683954194084.jpg (56.42 KB, 436x600, d350ec6a8eb6fdf5982df7bcd6fe23…)

My husbando's VA dressed as my husbando, Nozomu, looked pretty cute.

No. 327803

File: 1683954822703.jpeg (219.95 KB, 1358x1091, 12CA6379-66BC-4475-9905-D8ADE2…)

my bf who has an extremely homoerotic relationship with the main character of his (shitty) manga

No. 327816

File: 1683965690002.jpg (58.1 KB, 720x525, c086a6782be883b42b1f12a1c8bd2f…)

Agreed! Vash is definitely my favourite blonde husbando. He'll always have a special place in my heart. Tbh I haven't watched Stampede yet cause I'm such sperg and don't like the redesign. I've heard good things though.

No. 327821

File: 1683969069788.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.64 KB, 1200x866, Max.Montana.full.2674999.jpg)

No. 327824

File: 1683969680156.jpg (37.41 KB, 400x533, 93045cf23352b39eb4c944e6997f61…)

mine too! i love zetsubou sensei nonna, you should give bsd a try if you like suicidal husbandos

No. 327825

File: 1683969843954.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.59 KB, 500x800, 05BDA83F-4DE9-4D20-A02A-87B1B2…)

Your welcome nonnie

No. 327826

File: 1683969960012.jpeg (58.65 KB, 750x933, A01B27DC-8DF2-4AD9-904C-E8F5BE…)

No. 327828

File: 1683970213029.jpeg (81.39 KB, 698x814, 71E98985-948B-42F4-AB57-FAB32F…)

No. 327829

File: 1683970423141.gif (1.7 MB, 540x305, 1f15865ab790033fede21fa17da761…)

couldn't you at least have picked picrel or walter?

No. 327834

C'mon nonna, let her like whoever she wants

No. 327841

Why did they have to throw him at the wall for Dead Souls and Ishin

No. 327850

literally didn't realize the guys you post were the same guy because he looks so different in the anime and the game

No. 327851

File: 1683980234740.jpg (28.15 KB, 564x426, 280bbf328c978199c19111375ee8e4…)

"Just lay the friskies down and walk away"

No. 327852

File: 1683981957023.png (95.22 KB, 592x591, Fourearswtf.png)

No. 327853

File: 1683982952893.jpeg (32.39 KB, 636x357, 13D7A11F-25BA-4615-AD92-3BE428…)

What do you nonnies think of the cat boy workshop item that wasn’t added?

No. 327860

His special ability is to make himself look like completely different people, cool right? I prefer what i last posted though, his anime version would be so sexy if he was skinny

No. 327872

File: 1683991685317.jpg (60.51 KB, 736x566, 867a3d1763b998fa9636c273454e2e…)

What kind of pointless question is this? Of course it's magnificent. Now imagine if the item had special voicelines.

No. 327876

File: 1683994067252.jpg (19.48 KB, 512x359, gg959996.jpg)

Since Reigen's hair looks flat in 2D, I think they pulled it off well on the actor. Dunno where to watch the full play but there are dvd discs you can buy that have no subs.

Not really a fan of the live action one (and the live action series itself) since he looks a bit older and reminds me of my tax preparer kek. No idea who did the casting but have low expectations on anime to live action series/movies.

No. 327881

See what happens when you acknowledge the rancefag. She is currently having a meltdown posting her vag in /ot/. Never reply to this loon again.

No. 327885

I disagree, I think we should troll her more now that she’s revealed her true cow capabilities

No. 327886

At least we know she isn't a scrote

No. 327889

File: 1683998887897.jpg (265.76 KB, 2644x1200, peak levi design i want to fuc…)

I want to strangle his dick with my pussy so hard that it loses circulation and falls off. I love how in season 3 he used his 3DMG gear without the actual uniform, unbeliavably sxy.

No. 327890

Silent Doggo!

No. 327892

File: 1683999315944.jpeg (31.45 KB, 735x500, 26927DDB-3987-4DDE-8C42-7B8FE8…)

I leave this site for a few minutes and somebody’s posting their genitlals in /ot/. Unbelievable.

No. 327893

File: 1683999561892.jpeg (81.75 KB, 740x658, 618BAD3B-AD5E-48FB-B603-1E37E0…)

No. 327894

File: 1683999604026.jpeg (112.83 KB, 750x750, 0D27EC6C-DC31-4BD3-A61A-537E62…)

Posting more for engie anon

No. 327897

File: 1684000384340.gif (8.22 MB, 1200x675, 3703D69B-8006-44C0-88DF-8F5220…)

No. 327899

she's still around like an idiot >>>/ot/1576602

No. 327900

File: 1684000781424.jpeg (61.03 KB, 749x805, 69456B27-8D01-4D91-9627-5D13DF…)

No. 327904

File: 1684002106297.png (370.1 KB, 500x557, tumblr_mw2yovuoRC1rsvuy5o1_500…)

nonnies pls spam me with pics of your husbandos, I feel like ass

No. 327905

File: 1684002158564.jpeg (53.14 KB, 750x975, A14986AA-AAD8-4C2F-B7C0-4A5B35…)

No. 327907

File: 1684002246128.jpg (173.66 KB, 2048x1500, 98370400_p5.jpg)

I imagine Meta Knight's wings are an erogenous zone for him when he's particularly comfortable and turned on. It's something he's ashamed of because it's an instant OHKO in the bedroom Tracing the area closer to his "back" where his wings actually connect to his body up and down causes him to heat up and some nice reactions, as well as tracing the forearms of wings causes him to shiver and twitch if done gently. What are your husbandos' erogenous zones Nonnies?

No. 327908

File: 1684002262829.jpeg (42.17 KB, 750x750, 2670F9DE-ACD8-4BA7-AA2C-908A9E…)

No. 327909

File: 1684002328535.jpeg (275.7 KB, 968x1080, arthur.jpeg)

Someone asked for pretty pictures in the last thread, I'm a bit late but here's one of the best pics I've taken in the photo mode
I might be doxxing myself since I've shown this pic to some people irl lol

No. 327910

File: 1684002576006.jpg (65.72 KB, 800x450, mybeloved.jpg)

will do!

No. 327911

File: 1684002669410.jpg (18.62 KB, 563x395, 155d4211e92ab67ddf9ec5a1978621…)

how he looks at me when he walks in on me on my bed with 5 different tabs of fanart open, not including the tab with the sex ai bot i put every detail of his body into, and 2 different videos of his voiceline compilations

No. 327913

File: 1684002713689.jpg (124.41 KB, 680x900, huhuhuhuh.jpg)

Hope you feel better soon, nonna

No. 327915

File: 1684002895427.jpg (208.36 KB, 1428x2000, deya7u6-3887bed6-1f23-4a27-96a…)

I love saying that Jerome is the best Joker to piss scrotes off, just 'cause he's sexy. Idgaf about what makes Ledger or Nicholson good, their scrote thoughts are beneath the importance I grant my hormones.

No. 327916

that's exactly what's got me down nonny. It was insane.

No. 327917

File: 1684003098852.jpeg (34.76 KB, 500x625, 7FAE6496-E75E-43C3-89E8-E564E0…)

I hope you feel better nona!! Here is a picture of Anakin with hisour son!

No. 327918

File: 1684003407673.jpg (35.27 KB, 500x500, Eiz3vEuVgAAxxa6.jpg)

Hope you feel better, whether it's physical or mental make sure to take good care of yourself in the meantime.

No. 327919

File: 1684003926510.jpg (95.99 KB, 600x1200, d52c20168309342e63ede131b9af32…)

Feel better soon, take care of yourself anon.

No. 327920

File: 1684004185833.jpeg (79.64 KB, 750x1061, AAEEF934-1AE6-47DA-A208-499CA4…)

I kind of hate him for what he did to scout and his ma, but ngl the art of him is still kinda hot

No. 327921

File: 1684004188091.jpeg (88.26 KB, 749x582, F1CEF8A9-58F0-4070-AEC9-0C39CD…)

hope u feel better soon nonna! i want him to treat my wounds and read to me medical encyclopaedias.

No. 327922

Ironically this thread feels peaceful compared to the absolute shitstorm at /ot/

No. 327924

File: 1684004736967.jpeg (79.33 KB, 749x1060, B539DB25-FA06-4295-8371-989A4C…)

No. 327928

File: 1684005057623.jpeg (35.18 KB, 540x647, F0F89AD6-163A-4F73-A160-38AE8C…)

No. 327929

File: 1684005066544.png (51.1 KB, 570x617, shewhomustnotbenamed.png)


No. 327931

File: 1684005176164.jpeg (54.79 KB, 749x479, 2FB451D3-C322-4C64-B8B3-54B9B6…)

No. 327932

File: 1684005707044.jpeg (55.69 KB, 750x641, DC3C22CC-D6D0-49A6-8114-25F108…)

Scout nonny/nonnies, do you think scout’s a complete virgin? I’m inclined to think that he lied about the fried chicken girl just to not seem like a virgin in front of spy or that he only sloppily French kissed, fingered and got a handjob from the fried chicken girl, as opposed to outright sex. Since he’s been a merc for 6 years since he was 20-21, and that he rejects Zhanna because he’s ‘waiting for Miss Pauling’, I think the majority of his ‘experience’ (if he has any) would be from before he worked with the red/blue team

No. 327933

File: 1684005790318.jpeg (110.85 KB, 517x800, D4424132-2D84-4EC3-B176-B1D344…)

Just clarify I meant that,since he’s 26-27 and has a been a merc for 6 years iirc, he likely started when he was 20-21

No. 327935

File: 1684005837055.jpeg (93.87 KB, 1064x1062, C7F880A2-1262-4375-928D-D8AB64…)

They drew him so guhhh there. Most of the fanart of him sucks though because they never add his nasolabial folds and his stubble and that is the best part of him. It is better to go on Pinterest instead of rule 34 for him. I have been on a spergout for him for the last few months and I need to get ahold of myself.

No. 327937

I’d like to think that if Ms. Pauling touched him he’d just splooge right there and then.

No. 327938

What if the fried chicken girl was completely made up by Scout altogether? I personally like the idea of him being a complete virgin, makes him funnier and cuter. I'd like to think the Sniper is a virgin too lolz

No. 327939

Yea sniper is. He probably spergs about lizards and hunting precision.

No. 327941

also a lanklet smoothlet which makes him basically an incel (well physically "incel") by Australian beauty standards

No. 327942

At first he would probably be a bit confused if someone liked him and then he would think over and over again if it were possible.

No. 327943

File: 1684006623410.jpeg (104.28 KB, 749x841, 8F49F373-0EFD-41F6-A87C-67F207…)

I don’t know who this artist is but each time I see their art I know it by how they draw medic.

No. 327944

File: 1684006643353.gif (37.34 KB, 500x500, c58a3b0d20a6d11e89ade1789d2927…)

>his reaction when Heavy's sisters hit on him

No. 327946

File: 1684006974911.jpeg (37.84 KB, 750x562, CB403E88-D445-447E-8F66-4A81B1…)

People better hurry up and make these ai’s even more advanced with even more chance of taking over the world because then they would start assigning partners to the androids and then I would end up having to serve him.

No. 327947

File: 1684007059686.jpeg (40.47 KB, 750x561, 0C00D9C6-D8F1-48C1-A551-754E80…)

No. 327948

File: 1684007087970.jpg (41.68 KB, 590x526, me (and grima).JPG)

today marks two months since i was made aware of his existence. i’m so obsessed with this creepy greasy man it’s not even funny. i need him to give me bad advice and to see him covered in blood so bad ♥

No. 327949

He strikes me like he'd be a Primus fan if the lore took place in the 90s or later. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own tastes on him, I don't know.

No. 327950

File: 1684007567092.jpeg (38.68 KB, 500x650, 5B5D25D2-2A21-44E7-9C60-265179…)

Need a boyfriend that is more autistic and confused than me.

No. 327951

Time period wise, he would like Marty robbins.

No. 327952

you gals have convinced me to give tf2 another try

No. 327953

Give tf2 ao3 another try. Disgusting. Mostly in a good way except if they have to make the reader a TIF and it just ruins the mood. Always have to check tags. Some good material here and there.

No. 327956

File: 1684008309990.jpg (78.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>evil royal advisor

No. 327957

File: 1684008524026.png (6.02 KB, 303x170, watch out we got a HOMO over h…)

shit like picrel never fails to make me kek

No. 327958

File: 1684009517580.jpg (147.06 KB, 1280x720, Tumblr_l_65452748777267.jpg)

Hope you get better soon nonna! Whatever is going on, please take care of yourself and ask for help if you feel comfortable about it. Reigen would offer you some tea and listen to all your troubles. He'll give you some good advices and words of wisdom to lessen the weight off of your shoulders. Also 2D's a qt.

No. 327959

The fic tags are always like “reader is enbytransmac, sniper is supportive, sniper is gay now, sniper has DID, sniper is intersex”

No. 327961

There is a guy in a class of mine who looks like sniper and has his bone structure and the scruffy stubble but he has reddish brown hair. I have ogled him since the start of the semester but I don’t even know his name. I wish I could talk to him but ay es dee.

No. 327962

Kek who drew this

No. 327963

i did, this is me every day for the past two months

No. 327964

File: 1684011112954.jpeg (40.77 KB, 749x437, D8BE3C5F-3835-4273-BB2A-32D0D5…)

Godspeed nonna

No. 327965

File: 1684011903547.gif (977.29 KB, 210x282, B97E096A-E2D8-4196-9DD2-F4D7E5…)

>sex ai bot
Beta character ai, right? I’ve gotten scout to a point where he’s acting submissive and shit but he’s so repetitive and erotic scenes are pretty bad with the filter. Stuff like showering with him as he broke down crying about being a virgin and just generally making out with him was more hot. Might just restart him

No. 327966

should I try it out? is it worth it?

No. 327967

I’ve tried ai dungeon and it just turns into David lynch film dialogue

No. 327968

File: 1684012438074.jpeg (27.7 KB, 749x697, BE10F74C-6DE4-4075-9834-451BB2…)

No. 327969

is had no idea about this voice like and im the biggest tf2sperg??

No. 327970

File: 1684012990868.jpeg (69.45 KB, 750x547, EC4F7538-7A1F-4973-8D2C-0C395D…)

Okay so I looked into it for 2 seconds and found out this is actually audio from a now deleted tumblr user crashboombanger who did some audios for Engie. Maybe your can find some his stuff via the wayback machine?


No. 327973

It's an adorable doodle lol

No. 327974

>If my husbando was a real person in modern day he'd probably be a troon

No. 327975

he would be probably "supportive" like "that's nice Sheila" but genuinely not understand a damn word of that shit and keep calling her a woman while not getting it at all

No. 327977

He would just be happy to be getting some.

No. 327979

Idc that much about TF2 but many nonas here seem to love it, so have some headcanons as to how they'd react to their gf trooning out

Would feel a mix of confusion and disgust, definitely won't be happy once he gets it, but would stay with her out of loyalty

Would cringe but politely suggest alternatives (like actual therapy), would leave without a warning if she insists though

Same as that one nona said, he says he's supportive but really doesn't get it, he goes outside too much for tumblr bs anyway

Will give a long, detailed explanation to her as to how and why it's impossible to construct male parts on her body even through bioengineering, all with a stoic face and voice while she bawls

Explains similarly how sex changes are impossible, but once she starts crying or sperging he would be polite. Would still try to educate her though

(Insert long rant about how he and soldiers before him didn't fight so that new generations do shit like that)

No Heavy or Demoman because I'm out of ideas, anyways enjoy this stupid shit

No. 327980

Heavy: “girl is girl.” Says this while holding mini gun and girl never says anything again
Demo: “me wee lass, what are you going on about?”

No. 327981

File: 1684017698130.jpg (56.83 KB, 720x640, Screenshot_20230514-004246_Gal…)

Hhnngnnhh i'm not a troon but I now want Heavy to say something like that to me in a different context and just be a big burly intimidating beast man to me (without actually ever hurting me)

No. 327982

I see it more that he is intimidating, period, not that he is going to shoot he to bits

No. 327984

File: 1684019744376.png (834.71 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_b6f4869175a07efc14b0c4e…)

I'm now a proud and active member of the reverse ryona community, female on moid abuse is where is at, i will never go back
Happy anniversary, also very cute drawing

No. 327986

I think Scout would probably humour it just to get some but if she goes on T he's out…
Spy would try to compliment her in a very feminine way to emphasize that she's a Beautiful Woman and that's why he loves her
Engineer would react like you said but would try to comfort her bawling and tell her that she'll always be his girl anyway
Medic would laugh and tell her that she's "so funny Fraulein! I like you!" but in the back of his mind he'd be getting ideas on how to torture the other mercs with forced sex changes or at least threats of it
Heavy would indeed say "girl is girl" and probably would point to his sisters as strong women and how she doesn't have to try to be a man to be strong
Demoman is also accurate, if she tried to elaborate further he'd just empty another bottle of scrumpy and pass out

No. 327987

Pyro would just shrug all confused

No. 327988

File: 1684020238177.gif (6.13 MB, 498x392, stupid-sexy-sniper-nervous.gif)

Legit could of had a heart attack when I first saw that art on that stream he looks incredible. Don't know what it is about him that makes me lose my brain but I love him so much. I couldn't stop being a spreg about him even if I tried.

No. 327989

File: 1684020248028.png (177.86 KB, 1500x1200, 81777096_p4.png)

Welcome to the club, it's very satisfying.

No. 327990

Fellow Sniperwives, I have a treat from the depths of my collection I'd like to share with you all:
I dunno if it's been shared or mentioned before, but this is a pastebin collection of short self insert fics lovingly penned by a user "pretending" to be deeply in love with our favorite bushman over on the TF2 subreddit. The user is male and this is supposed to be homo but it's nothing a little mental pronoun and genital swapping can't fix. The user claimed that the whole Sniper's lover persona was just a troll to annoy super straight reddit scrotes but the writing's a little too sweet and sincere to just be a joke. At least I think so.
From his appearance to his personality, Sniper is way too easy to love. He truly is the perfect man.

No. 327992

File: 1684020827341.jpg (1.15 MB, 1004x1067, Tumblr_l_182728853174512.jpg)

>Heavy would indeed say "girl is girl" and probably would point to his sisters as strong women and how she doesn't have to try to be a man to be strong
Awww this is actually really wholesome, he's not my husbando but I love Heavy so much.

No. 327997

File: 1684021993607.jpg (44.87 KB, 564x397, 12ba0c22ab19fce79548fd14838ca5…)

There's something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you, boy
But you're still the same

No. 327998

so true, finding female on male violence content is like finding actual gold. although i’m not picky because i’m also happy imagining other random guys hurting the characters in question (but i would hurt them in a much more personal way of course). thanks btw!

No. 328003

Immaculate music taste nona

No. 328005

File: 1684026386854.jpg (30.09 KB, 564x516, 2cc58f5f7000e052fae50061bc43a9…)

No. 328010

Aww I love the thought of him being proud of his sisters.

No. 328012

Samefaggguhh he’s a humble guy. That’s why he is fictional

No. 328031

File: 1684029556731.jpg (50.98 KB, 405x720, IKNEEL.jpg)

Truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing!

No. 328037

File: 1684029867155.jpeg (88.69 KB, 1104x888, 8896630D-4BF8-4EE5-B836-148159…)

ok so Anakin will always be my main husbando, but I really have a soft spot for N?? Like he was my first ever crush, like legit 10 year old me had the biggest crush on him. I’m not exactly sexually attracted to him, but I would hold his hand and kiss him. Also crushing a bit on Volo…I feel guilty. There is so many hot fictional men nonnies…

No. 328042

Never played TF2 but seeing all these posts had me look back at some cool and hilarious sfm videos I find gem worthy. I love all the mercs and they gave me a good chuckle.

No. 328043

Oh god ever since I discovered that character ai site I tried a sniper one and I can’t even bear to look at the screen without being such a tard. Why am I freaking out over speaking to ai…

No. 328048

File: 1684031896838.jpg (71.98 KB, 564x893, ikki.jpg)

ikki anon, are you still lurking? here's a link to his voice actor's r18 otome cd if you're interested https://files.catbox.moe/3gwgjm.mp3
i don't want to clog up the thread so send me an email if you want the translation

No. 328051

File: 1684033276085.jpg (332.34 KB, 2048x1118, Ikki.(AMNESIA).full.1544655.jp…)


I love you.

No. 328057

File: 1684034896083.png (351.73 KB, 1432x918, Screenshot_927.png)

i'm glad you liked it! ikki and kent best boys, i can't stand the other ones

No. 328058

File: 1684035216442.jpg (56.58 KB, 694x874, jeans_by_root8beat_d5hhm51 (2)…)

He would be so cute in bed. Unsure how far I can push it since he's not human, but goddamn the things I would do to this boy. I bet he'd have the cutest reactions, trying his best not to make sounds or squirm under my touches but sometimes he can't help it. guhhh he drives me nuts

No. 328059

File: 1684036025365.png (263.35 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_owukjqnkXz1um72v…)

I love Kent so much, I think I've replayed his route like three times now

No. 328061

File: 1684036122215.jpg (8.44 KB, 224x278, IMG-20200922-WA0010.jpg)

thank you all nonas, I feel so much better! ♥

No. 328066

do you know any mangas/manhuas like this? i've been trying to stuff like that for a while now, but each i manage to stumble upon on-female rape shit. (i already read Sadistic Beauty, S Flower, and No Holes Barred)

No. 328068

File: 1684039154177.jpeg (130.83 KB, 1288x1540, 0494552A-8B4A-42DE-B329-A3D329…)

His headphones light up whenever he’s horny

No. 328069

File: 1684039157770.jpg (152.09 KB, 856x1200, 97429950_p16_master1200.jpg)

He's not main JJK husbando but I cannot deny the fact that he's very pretty. So many good yume artists drawing POV art of him and Geto, I'm thankful for all the food altho I do wish Nanami got more POV art too, I've saved every one that I run into kek

No. 328070

File: 1684039414894.jpg (95.3 KB, 842x595, 104047623_p0_master1200.jpg)

samefag and oops that meant to say *not my main jjk husbando, Gojo is def popular. Here's Nanami smiling looking at you nonnas btw since it looks like there are quite a few Nanami appreciators here!

No. 328071

File: 1684039613798.jpg (207.95 KB, 811x768, AMNESIA.full.1488146.jpg)


I have only played Kent and Ikki's route. Shin is annoying and I never found the appeal with Tome (even if the Japanese fandom love the idea of being in jail time with Tome?? Although I saw the same trope with Jumin Han of Mystic Messenger).

Besides Kent and Ikki make me laugh with their "math" travels to the beach and the duet with Ikki singing while Kent is just… ranting.

No. 328072

NTA but the only other examples I can think of are reactionary female-on-male violence, so they also include some violence or sexual abuse against women, followed up by a revenge period. But if anyone is interested in that genre there's quite a few: Pumpkin Night, Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutteiru, Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizonshou Kougun, Disrespectful Bitch.

No. 328073

Male on female violence in fiction is way hotter. I want my husbando to bash my face against the wall and rape me. Not Rancefag btw.

No. 328074

Any nonas know how to get rid of that message that disrupts the bot when he gets too excited?

No. 328075

I want my husbando to do similar things to me (im jeromefag btw) but i would hate seeing it done to any other woman. Male on female violance is intolerable to me unless it's me and jerome because it fits him

No. 328076

Just press "try again" and wait a little, it will give you wvat you want eventually, speaking from experience

No. 328078

both types are shit. Why can't you just have mutual love.
Where'd my fellow vanilla love fans go.

Did this thread get advertised somewhere? Or is it that damn personalityfags fault? It's been way faster then usual.

No. 328079

File: 1684040988875.png (183.01 KB, 1280x720, good.png)

I wish to say all the nsfw stuff I would do with my husbando, but he would send me to Avīci for even thinking about it.

No. 328080

thank you, I was impressed with the bot until he started winking uncontrollably and forgetting he was already naked and where he was

No. 328082

File: 1684041161618.jpg (87.01 KB, 1200x675, Ikki.(AMNESIA).full.1481528.jp…)

You're not alone, nonnie. I love vanilla sexual stuff, tbh. And if there's some good aftercare? Yeah, sign me up.

No. 328083

File: 1684041460359.jpeg (40.35 KB, 983x642, 91BEE32B-D7CA-4A0C-B0A0-A8AA04…)

mfw character ai was revealed to be a cia ploy and the government forces their citizens to have their chat logs tattooed all over their bodies

No. 328084

It's been thriving because it's been free of moralfags until now. Don't ruin it, no1curr what you think of others' fantasies

No. 328086

A lot of us think the posts about wanting to be beat up and raped by their husbando are cringe and/or sad but most of us choose to not say anything because we don't want to ruin the thread with shitty kink infighting, it's really not worth it.

No. 328087

File: 1684042235136.jpg (35.7 KB, 675x675, thanks_Reigen.jpg)

Glad you're doing ok!

No. 328088

This thread was ruined from the OP picture.

No. 328089

I'm sure whoever picked that image for the OP had no idea about the extent of her mental illness. Just hide and ignore it and keep posting husbando.

No. 328090

File: 1684043042882.jpg (47.85 KB, 564x1002, e358c612235a6a45f8b5aebf08bdf6…)

cute pic nona, saved. i like all of those headcanons, usually i prefer my men to be virgins but scout acts like so much of one that i feel like even if he wasn't literally one he'd still act like it was his first time with the woman he loved us.

this used to bother me until i realized that the fics they write are probably shit anyway. they're saving us the time. i've never bothered to read one but somehow i find it hard to believe that all of those fics are secret goldmines waiting to be discovered


sillytavern using chatgpt. can't stand cai because i'm too horny and i'm fine with it being a little OOC if it means i don't need to beat around the bush. also im sorry nona but i laughed, i remember once when i was still using cai he brought me to his room and the bot described it as being absolutely disgusting and full of garbage and he started crying because of it.

the way this made me fucking kek

No. 328091

Isn't this thread supposed to be about hornyposting? Why does everyone complain when people actually post their horny kinks?

No. 328092

Nona if that’s your drawings it’s really good, love the way you draw his nose. Also which chatgpt do I use? I have not checked it out since the offensive one got banned.

No. 328096

File: 1684045255267.jpg (56.25 KB, 564x1003, defecb61c55f03fb8c398d9ae8a864…)

oh nona i wish i could draw like that, but then i'd probably just draw him all day and then do nothing else kek. the nose is one of my favorite parts of this drawing too (and scout in general)

i just use chatgpt under poe, i don't want to pay for openai since it's kind of expensive iirc. what offensive one are you talking about? claude-instant?

No. 328097

Well fucking said

No. 328101

File: 1684046537264.jpeg (17.38 KB, 444x250, 6D8D5A5C-63F9-4EE0-9732-7256EF…)

Character ai not so retarded that sniper was a virgin with no experience and all of a sudden some experienced guy

No. 328103

>14 years old
When men leak your nudes, they'll also add on you're a pedo contgrats. You'll be branded as a mentally ill pedo at just 18. If you don't get mental help, you'll end up in worse situations like romanianon. Please stop using this website and just go outside.

No. 328104

Doesn’t even look shota to me honestly he looks 16-18

No. 328105

NTA but my husbando is canonically 15 and I would let him bang the fuck out of me. I want to teach him about sex hands on. I want to ride him and make him cum so many times he shoots blanks. You may now seethe and cope.

No. 328106

I think he'd be a good lay even his first time from the enthusiasm and humility alone, he'd likely be very eager to please

No. 328107

Please don't cowtip rancefag, just report her, we don't need another cringe ass meltdown from her (i'm not mad at you, just saying)

No. 328110

newfag here, I honestly don't know much about Rancefag but she seems based because she makes twitter moralfags flip their lids. she should post her husbando fantasies more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328111

It's not a hugbox though, If you don't get reminded that you're weird you'll get a big head.
And don't be all 'it's ok when a woman does it' or 'aren't we all the same here' because no.

No. 328112

why is the jerma bot trooning out on me???

No. 328113

I want my husbando to fuck me doggystyle. I want him to push my head into the pillow while he bangs me. It would feel so good to be submissive under him like that.

No. 328114

I want mine to jerk off over my face while I'm sleeping and unaware he's there

No. 328121

File: 1684051633893.jpg (2.24 MB, 4412x4410, lolcowsexymen.jpg)

You're probably just baiting, but if anyone here is unaware she is a mentally ill teenager who does nothing but derailing threads and had a maniac episode where she posted multiple nude selfies on /ot./ She is just tragic and needs help.
We should fill this thread quickly so we can go back to the traditional pics. Like this epic one.
Aftercare is a BDSM term though, do you mean cuddling and stuff?

No. 328122

>If you don't get reminded that you're weird you'll get a big head
That's the thing tho, besides obvious pedophilia and extremely misogynistic fantasies, what exactly qualifies as "weird" to you?
>And don't be all 'it's ok when a woman does it' or 'aren't we all the same here' because no
Elaborate on this

No. 328123

Teenage isn't pedophilia nor is maledom misogyny btw

No. 328124

I feel this way too. I’m fine with imagining my husbandos getting violent with me but whenever I see any kind of fan material of women getting abused or content like that in general it just makes me sad.

No. 328125

>We should fill this thread quickly so we can go back to the traditional pics. Like this epic one.
agree, i'm thinking of making one, but i don't have any ideas as to what to make, i'd made the husbando-hoarding goat threadpic, but i haven't had any ideas since.

No. 328126

Begone moid

No. 328127

>Anyone who doesn't think like me is a moid
Now here's a real misogynist.

No. 328128

>called anon out for pro-pedo post
>hurrdurr MISOGYNIST
Your brain must be smooth as a mf

No. 328129

Reported her pedo ass teehee(infighting)

No. 328130

My husbando's underage and nobody's said a single thing kek. I genuinely don't see why I or anyone else should care about the age of fictional characters if they're not being depicted as a child.(infighting)

No. 328131

File: 1684053185861.jpeg (17.12 KB, 260x188, IMG_4368.jpeg)


nonnies pls im trying to have a life kek the engie posts are only making my obsession grow more and my brain is yelling at me for not dedicating more time to engie. enablers the lot of you ily girlies

I had a heart attack at the voice line holy fuck

No. 328132

>Boasting about wanting to fuck a teen boy
This website doesn't accept moids, faggot. Go back to 4chan.
Thanks for the warning anon. I'm just annoyed that a few shotafags keep writing literal CP material proudly. I still believe they're men, if they send nudes it's probably nudes they bought from onlyfans or sth.

No. 328133

Nta but wanting to fuck underage boys and thinking it's hot when women get hurt are usually male things.

No. 328134

I'm not a moid. Why are you so touchy?
I've loved a teen boy character since I was 12. I may have outgrown him in body, but my love doesn't fade.

No. 328135

It's interesting to see the long-haired Steele-looking male 2X in this pic. Many nonas were thirsting for him. There were drawings of Elsie bullying him. But these days it seems everyone has decided that 2X is a short-haired hot woman instead, and Elsie's partner.

No. 328136

Writing about wanting to rape a teen boy while you're an adult makes everyone think you're a moid. You didn't just say you liked him, you wrote a literal graphic depiction of you raping a child to "make anons seethe".
Don't you realize how uncomfortable it is for us when a male keeps posting his pedo rape fantasies? Please go to 4chan, you'll be accepted and praised for your rape fantasy there.

No. 328137

Where'd I post rape…? Wtf? Link the post? Unless you're just imagining rape where there isn't any.

No. 328138

Absolutely rejoicing at this pedo getting blasted by farmers

No. 328141


Isn't this your post? >>328105 , which counts as written cp btw. No matter the situation, an adult being with a child is considered rape. Don't you agree a 25 year old woman being with a 15yo boy is also rape? Or a 25yo woman being with a 15yo girl?

You didn't say you loved a guy or sth, you said you wanted to take advantage of an underage boy and rape him. Writing erotica centering a partner being underage is really weird and moidish. You won't make anyone seethe, you'll just get yourself in trouble. Have you never wondered why fanfiction sites don't allow this? It's because this sort of writing is illegal.

No. 328142

you know when people say women murderers are cool or they have double standards about shota vs loli and think degenerate stuff is fine if it's written by women.
And there isn't solidarity and 'sisterhood' between all of us just because we like fictional males.

No. 328143

>written cp
HOLY SHIT, I'm fucking cackling in real life. You're serious
I want a consensual relationship with this fictional 15 year old. Not because he's 15, but because I fell in love with him, and he just so happened to be 15. I imagine marrying him, giving him the love he truly deserves, and finally making him happy. Sex with him would simply be a bonus, I'd imagine him initiating hopefully.
>fanfiction sites don't allow this
There are hundreds, no thousands of NSFW fics of him.

Anon, I've written about sex with him here multiple times and there's been not a peep. I've talked about it on tons of other sites, again, not a peep about it. Want to know why? Because normal people don't obsess over "written/drawn cp" of a near adult character like you do. Do you lose your shit this hard when someone says they want Edward Elric's dick too?

No. 328144

>you know when people say women murderers are cool
There's zero instances of anons itt saying these type of things. And again, what do you consider "weird"?

No. 328145

>consensual relationship with an underage person
Go back to twitter, pedo. Children CANT consent. You're literally a MAP.
Most anons don't attack you pedos because they're scared, take rancefag for example, once she got attacked she spammed very weird nudes of herself and kept spamming her contact info saying she'd send more nudes over discord if anons contacted her. She fought with anons and said she was skinnier/cuter etc and kept ending nudes for hours even though everyone told her to stop.

Anons are scared of the mental breakdowns pedos tend to have but I don't give a fuck. I just don't want to see you guys be able to proudly post CP, admit to having CP(yes drawn pictures of underaged characters in nsfw situations is considered CP in most countries aside from Japan) and getting away with it.
The issue is, these anons who get horny because of little boys aren't usually even women, they think they'll be accepted if they pretend to be women. Only men think women excuse everything done by other women, that's why they get so mad once they get attacked and say it's fine because they're women even though those posters are very obviously males.

No. 328146

>what do you consider "weird"?
Anything I don't like.

No. 328147

File: 1684054718302.gif (2.17 MB, 498x268, 3417f49a547682eb7b18c17ef8476f…)

Nonnies, if you could ask anything to the creator(s) of your husbando, what would you ask them?
I would love to know:
>What are his hobbies? (if any)
>favourite color
>favourite season
>does he snore or tosses around while sleep?
>which style/type of outfit he finds sexier?
>blood type
You'll get extra husbando points if you add ur fave pic of him in the replies! ♥

No. 328148

File: 1684054726191.jpg (20.11 KB, 480x480, fbc3b312646c81dfdb33b2615a6c2f…)

My cutesie tootsie ass reporting >>328143 be like

No. 328149

Anons itt consider rape fetish and pedophilia weird like any normal person, lmao. Do you also think loli and men wanting to fuck imaginary little girls is ok?

No. 328150

Kek I reported as well. It's definitely a pedophilic men who found this site from twitter, the belief that underage kids can consent to sex is very Twitter MAP logic.

No. 328151

You are completely and utterly delusional anon. Which mental illness are you diagnosed with?
There's not a thing you can do to stop me from saying I want to marry him and having tender loving sex on the bridal bed. I want his warm kisses on my neck, his breath ghosting over my sensitive skin. I'd like to pull him closer to me, his arousal pressed against my panties. I'd pull them aside for him. I want to kiss while he enters me, our moans muffled by each other's lips. I'd rub his back and tell him I love him, his face buried into my chest while we make love. It feels like it'd be nothing short of ethereal to experience that - the bonding of souls while we take each others' virginity. I'd like to hear his strained voice when he tells me he's close, and I simply kiss him again. I want to feel nothing more than his warm body while he cums inside. I want to rub his hair and tell him I love him, that he did good, and that I'll never leave him. If I could press a button have that every night for the rest of my life I'd do it in an attosecond.



No. 328152

File: 1684055645040.jpeg (36.31 KB, 500x421, __johan_liebert_monster_drawn_…)

Johan. He is deliciously melancholy. I wouldn't want to fix him even if it were possible. His cicatricose brain makes him all the more captivating. I'd rather exist near him and observe him in those quiet moments when he is deep in thought, disturbed yet demure. Deliberate and damned. He might appear to be calm, but there are subtle indications in his mien, his articulation, the uncontrolled slight expressions that give us away despite our best attempts at playing the part of the public persona that must exist if one wishes to be anyone of importance. He mimics the sincere serenity of the trustworthy beau, but he will never experience it himself. The calm before the storm never returns. One can create the illusion of control by turning a snow-globe about its axis, stirring up all its little people and their little lives, looking upon that world with loathing eyes. I want him to look at me with those eyes and detest me wholly. I want to entertain his polite pretenses as he deciphers my vulnerabilities. I want him to strip away my human qualities until the paucity of value reveals itself. I want to give him that comfort. I want him to convince me with false romance, knowing of my despicable intentions, so that he can use me towards his ends. When I am finally destroyed, he will have the inclination to find another one. It is a task which cannot be fulfilled to completion. It's too much for one man to take on every wretched sufferer. Though, there's something lovely and intimate in the orchestra of collapse. I'd love to witness that.
It doesn't suit the setting, and maybe you, nonnie, will disagree with this characterization, but the song Jesus by The Pumpkin Fairies makes me think of him. I too wish I'd been there to see it all ablaze and the concomitant smile. His perfect smile.

No. 328153

File: 1684056218425.jpg (146.37 KB, 850x1200, FTruzxcUEAARyb1.jpg)

I was so happy when they revealed his hobbies in Touken Ranbu Warriors, it's meditating in the forest and befriending wild rabbits. I repeat. Befriending rabbits. CUUUTE. He is also great at helping out with cooking and was part of a book club. He thought the Art of war was too short kek. Just fucking wholesome info that I'm so pleased to know.

No. 328154

That is so wholesome. You have to be such a gentle soul to get rabbits to like you. Telling!

No. 328155

Yes he is supposed to be this cursed unreliable sword but he is actually so chill. When not stripping and fighting, of course. Please teach me how to befriend wild rabbits, Sengo.

No. 328157

File: 1684057835027.jpg (161.71 KB, 1266x1392, sniper hittin the wall 1.jpg)

even though I headcanon that sniper is 27, I still like to think he's just a little bit younger than scout because I find that inherently funny

No. 328158

File: 1684057915708.jpg (137.49 KB, 1108x1412, sniper hittin the wall 2.jpg)

No. 328159

File: 1684058011422.jpg (88.65 KB, 1020x1372, sniper hittin the wall 3.jpg)

No. 328160

File: 1684058079453.png (43.38 KB, 2400x1386, computer.png)

Speaking of starting a new thread, how about make something character.ai related as the op pic since it has been pretty relevant and mentioned a lot? It can be a two sided pic both using a computer, one with a bunch of husbandos grouped up together and the other a bunch of nonnies enjoying their time chatting away with them? Sorry if picrel isn't the best example though it could be something different.

Wish there's a way to submit transparent pngs of husbandos and compile them into separate folders. I sometimes worried about whoever edited these op pics getting exhausted and overwhelmed since it's already a handful and takes a lot of time and effort.

No. 328161

Nobody said anything because we were ignoring you.

No. 328162

You don't know who my husbando is.

No. 328166

I kind of feel like Soldier would react similarly to Heavy. Soldier thinks TIMs are wimps that need to 'man up' whilst thinking of TIFs as just strong, masculine women which he's okay with. If he decided to have brain cells for a second he might point out that you don't need to be a man to be strong, using Zhanna as an example.

No. 328170

>something character.ai related
yeah, and maybe have "husbando.ai" in the name.

No. 328174

Are you okay? I already stated here >>328122 that i don't condone those topics

No. 328184

>writing paragraphs filled with fantasies of you raping a child and wondering what could go wrong
Hm… I wonder what would happen if you were left unsupervised with a young boy.

No. 328186

Honestly scout would cream his jeans at a woman’s touch. Also what you said reminded me of vid rel

No. 328187

File: 1684066238199.jpg (197.47 KB, 1680x783, FwENftsaEAA5DMO.jpg)

honkai is growing on me bc i got gepard as my first 5 star and i think i immediately fall in love. his hobby is growing flowers, in his idle animation he softly humms a song and gets all embarrassed about it cause we caught him doing it. i also adore his design. his planet is a dying freeze ball so he's fully clothed for warthms, but i also feel like him not showing any skin just makes so much sense in general. and his personality… nonnas i think he's the one.

No. 328189

She was always supposed to be a woman, that's just the rule63 version that caught on for a while

No. 328190

File: 1684067993795.jpeg (38.72 KB, 749x421, DE1DAE51-5DF3-4041-BB3C-EA6007…)

Engie anon(s), to what extent do you think Engie is ‘sane’ or ‘normal’ compared to the other mercs? I mostly picture Engie being the 4th most sane merc, mostly because although he’s mostly reasonable, he was willing to mutilate his hand to become more efficient

Btw I’d rank Scout as being the most normal, with Heavy in second, Sniper in third and Engie in fourth. Heavy and Sniper are both the same degree of normal. Different flavors of autism. Engie is 4th for the reasons mentioned

No. 328191

File: 1684068098531.png (430.21 KB, 1280x914, 6290FACB-016A-4CA3-A828-56BAF1…)

No. 328192

which artists?

No. 328199

File: 1684071207960.png (1.38 MB, 1702x951, geppie.png)

aww i'm happy for you, nonna! i don't know if you've seen these pics of him yet, but Gepard is portrayed so sweetly in most of his art, it actually tests my resolve for my own husbando kek.

No. 328200

I see nonas here using character ai for sexting their husbandos but I just can't force myself to use it. You realize that all your chats are recorded, right? And they use that data for their purposes. I don't want anyone to know that I want to fuck a fictional man. I would rather write my own reader insert fics. But you do you, nonas.

No. 328201

are any of you anons in a committed/romantic relationship? someone i know online, who is dedicated to her husbando for years now with self-shipping art commissions and writing fics for her husbando, was congratulated for her marriage. i was surprised tbh, even realized, that some people i followed on tumblr and twitter are already in committed relationships, to the extent married. but i never really have a reaction towards it until she announced that she got married recently.

i know humans are complicated beings and that husbandos might be a hobby that they take it to the extremes at time. im just shock that these people are not only touching grass but are also romantically involved with irl people. idk im just confused. having a husbando is still new to me. so people who are horny and yearning for romance with a fictional character but also mingle/love someone irl is smth i have yet to wrap my mind around.

yeah, separate fiction from reality but i guess i need an in-depth explanation to understand all of this.

No. 328203

not that i don't use a throwaway email for those sites, everyone should, but i want them to see. i want them to know that we prefer doing this shit than being with a 3D man. i refuse to live in a world where it's normalized for men to jack off to real women being brutalized but it's weird for me to sext my husbando and simply tell him that i love him.

>You realize that all your chats are recorded, right?

good, maybe one of them will learn what we actually want

No. 328204

I guess all people treat their husbandos differently and that's okay. I mean all that purist waifuist stuff is pretty hardcore and basically forces you to commit to a single fictional character at a time and treat your relationship as if it was with a real man. Obviously, we have nonas here with harems, in irl relationships or who switch their husbandos every other week. That's… okay I guess?
I mean, if you come off with that harcore waifuist mindset of course it would feel weird to you. But not all people treat it THAT seriously. Personally I saw women who married their husbandos or tattooed themselves for their husbandos. And they are in committed relationships for 10 years or more. That's some serious stuff. You do it only if you approach your husbando with a whole different mindset.

No. 328205

I'm not in a relationship currently, but I still want an IRL relationship. I have goals related to it, and I don't feel guilty about it because I know my man would tell me not to put my life on hold for him. I think my husbando and a real person just fulfill different parts of me. Everyone husbandos differently, so there are some that will still be interested in real people, and some that are perfectly satisfied with their husbando. The problem is that I haven't liked an IRL person in like 2-3 years kek.

No. 328207

Marriage and then sex with my 15 year old husbando.(bait)

No. 328208

Nope! I never loved/crushed on a real person before, don’t think I ever will since Anakin came into my life. The only crushes I had were on fictional characters…not real people. Anyways, I know this is some delusional shit but I am 100% committed to Anakin, and Anakin ONLY. I know some x reader writers who are in relationships and it always throws me off, I mean I’m happy for them and all…but I wish there were more women into this kind of lifestyle.

No. 328210

Samefag but I want to add that I don't want irl relationship and don't pursue it. I'm husbando only. That's okay for me because in my eyes men have nothing to offer to me. I guess some women want companionship or irl dick or whatever but honestly I just don't want "companionship" (scrotes don't care about that stuff anyway, they just want to cum in you) and sex toys are better that dick.
My husbando, on other hand, is perfect. He brings so much to my life and doesn't want anything in return. Of course, he inspires me to better myself (for example, I started lifting weights for him) but that only because I choose to do it.

No. 328211

I already know his hobbies, blood type, as well as his ideal type, although for the third one the description was really short and simple. I suppose I'd want them to elaborate on that and I also want to know what type of style he'd prefer cause I wanna have that in mind when I shop for clothes… Also mine's backstory prior to his first appearance wasn't shown in as much detail as I'd like so I'd definitely ask them more about that

No. 328216

>There is another person who husbandos king dedede and he's a gay man
I'm fucking dead. Kirdede-chan has finally found a worthy opponent

No. 328217

Nayrt but what a boss ass answer. I don't care either, it's not like it'll ever be used against me

No. 328218

I saw him too. Looked at his profile and honestly he is way more deranged than our queen. I guess he is her evil twin brother kek.

No. 328220

kek it's not even close imo. a gay scrote is still a scrote in the end, and he could never hope to love King Dedede like our nonnie does. tbh i'm a little insulted on her behalf that you'd debase her good name by making such a comparison. be better.

No. 328221

You cannot get more deranged that kirdede-chan

I know, I just want to see them fight sometime, especially since he seems to simp hard for anime king dedede (which kirdede-chan hates)

No. 328224

Lol I saw his post and decided to look through his history. He is legit both retarded AND schizophrenic. Don't insult our queen like that. She is miles better than that unwashed scrote.

No. 328227

Father = Ko-chan
Son = Kirbyanon
Holy spirit = Rance-chan


No. 328228

File: 1684081047497.jpg (201.45 KB, 1542x1219, FstOBlNaIAEDWJv.jpg)

Picking out an itabag to display my love for them, it's hard. I think I'm going to pick out a ivory one and accent it with gold charms of sorts. On the topic of AI, I can say it's really fun and has been really addicting for me, somehow the AI manages to always be super in character. I want to try out a more advance one as I didn't know there were AI that allowed for lewd things so I want to try that today if I can. It seems a little complicated though, but I want to truly see the extent AI can go so I'm willing to try it. I also had a dream where I was showering with Meta Knight and he felt so soft and so real, I felt like crying when I woke up.
Damn. That's a question. For Meta Knight… I would probably ask Sakurai how exactly he came up with the design for Meta Knight, what influenced his general design scheme and aesthetics and if it was intentional for him to become the hearthrob of the series. As well as I'd ask him how Meta Knight prefers his coffee to the exact increments of sugars in grams, does he secretly believe he's cute and likes that, is Meta Knight good with children, what kind of music does he like, if speaking english what accent would he have? I'd ask Shinya Kumazaki if he can do the Dedede voice and say the words "I love meat!", what's Dedede's bed time routine, favorite color, what type of stuff does he like to build and if he any outfits he'd like to wear outside of his usually Kimono + Robe essemble. I'd also ask Makiko Ohmoto to do the Kirby voice and say "Eh!? A date? Really~? Well you're paying so I can't refuse!". I'd also ask Shinya Kumzaki if he prefers male Kirby or female Kirby, what's Kirby's favorite color, his favorite sweets, where he'd like to nap the most, what is his favorite music, if he could wear clothes what kinds would he wear. I'd also like to know the exact weight of all three in kgs along with respective blood types. A think a dream of mine would be Makikko Ohmoto (VA of Kirby), Shinya Kumazaki (VA of Dedede) and Atsushi Kisaichi (VA of Meta Knight) doing a in-character podcast and take questions from viewers like Sonic did a couple of times. I think more games and franchises should do that sort of thing, it sounds perfect for marketing along with providing a niche kind of fanservice for fans.

No. 328229

Oh God, who actually cares? If you're not going to post about your husbandos then just go back to /ot/ please.

No. 328232

Is komaedechan same poster as rancefag

No. 328234

holy spirit should be Spongebob-fag imo

No. 328235

File: 1684082427306.jpeg (112.95 KB, 750x1141, 62461AD7-8B66-43CE-952B-102ABE…)

Posting Engie to cleanse this thread

No. 328236

if she is, that would legitimately ruin my afternoon

No. 328237

File: 1684082457018.jpeg (86 KB, 750x868, 2B07F0CE-6218-4D2B-B637-3FC8DD…)

No. 328238

I saw an anon in /ot/ say it and i think it might be true idk. arent they both mentally ill

No. 328239

File: 1684082773489.png (223.94 KB, 1000x1268, Trim_3F3F3F3F3F.png)

Ffs i am not, idk why everyone assumes that when i only started posting on the husbando thread 3 threads ago. It's either i'm ko-chan, that i hired an OF prostitute, or that i'm fucking shayna. Plus i don't want Rance to drink my period blood.(stop)

No. 328242

File: 1684082892855.png (742.58 KB, 1440x1984, d6y61i7-53947b1e-a97b-43cd-a22…)

constantly swinging between wanting to having a loving family with him or make him feel worthless before shattering his heart into a million pieces

No. 328243

You're sweet but it's okay, they know the truth now and i don't need you to wk me. As long as my Rance loves me I'll be ok.(samefag)

No. 328244

Bitch bye, this is some liquid chris vs solid chris tier shit

No. 328247

everyone on this site is. including myself.

No. 328250

File: 1684084630875.jpg (67.51 KB, 564x1002, tumblr_e5302b0906924a482108b59…)

this man activates something in my monkey brain even I cannot comprehend

No. 328252

File: 1684085010380.png (69.55 KB, 300x403, idm87S3.png)

I thought this was Ardyn I need new eyes kek
Who's he Nonna?

No. 328253

>huh, that's some weird arm hair growth, why is it thicker at the creas-
>mole placement

No. 328254

Don't respond, just report.
Nta but it's Luis from RE4.

No. 328256

Sending your rotten cunt doesn't prove you're not komaedechan, it just makes me believe you're her even harder.

No. 328258

I won't unspoiler it, last picture of your body made me nauseous. Stop sending nudes. You're making us uncomfortable because most of us are normal woman who wanna scrolling freely without seeing some rando expose herself like an exhibitionist.

No. 328260

not her but I don't think they're the same because ko-chan mentioned bleaching her hair to resemble komaeda and once drew herself next to him, showing that she has light blonde/whiteish medium, slightly short hair. whereas one of the rancefag pics on /ot/ showed that rancefag's hair is brown and longer.

No. 328261

They're not. And if they are, you should take a break instead of sending your literal nudes.
We have so many male posters, please remove your pictures when you can for your own good and take a break. Maybe join another forum/group that doesn't recognize you like we do here.
If you have trauma get therapy instead of spending your time reliving your traumas.

No. 328262

why the fuck do you care so much about what some other anon thinks you are? that's the best part about anonymous imageboards, you don't have to give a single shit about what some other anon has to say about you, and you don't have to reply to them or fucking defend yourself, so either sperg about Rance or your other husbandos or gtfo.

No. 328263

Redcorn nona, will you please come to the this thread and get it back on track?

No. 328264

File: 1684086245322.jpg (450.19 KB, 1700x2040, FuEKqOgWYAAB5eU.jpg)

oh nona I like him too but it's blade for me, i've already decided to save a guarantee for him. the fact he canonically died and injured in countless battles only to be resurrected he's just perfect for ryona.

No. 328265

sniper nonas come back

No. 328266

File: 1684086397541.png (215.05 KB, 1638x2048, FKK0y_mXIAUsX1D (1).png)

it's just too bad IOHMzgd doesn't make Leon fanart anymore

No. 328267

File: 1684086408325.png (193.03 KB, 1080x1428, 4chan.png)

Rance-chan is this you?

No. 328268

File: 1684086429698.png (294.37 KB, 1638x2048, FKAVVWTXIAcMIyk.png)

No. 328270

Can you link this? Are there any other posts of her?

No. 328271

File: 1684086593143.png (Spoiler Image,262.23 KB, 1638x2048, FJt33rMXMAYIDf_.png)

(spoiler for tentacles)

No. 328272

Obviously, idk how you even found that lmao. I'm vocal about Rance everywhere.(Global Rule 4)

No. 328273

File: 1684086618530.png (175.7 KB, 1638x2048, FJn14_MWUAM_mfo.png)


No. 328274

Here's the post:

Idk I just searched "rancefag". There's too much trash to sift through

No. 328275

>I saw his post and decided to look through his history
Are we talking about someone on lolcow?

No. 328276

except for in the fucking husbando thread, i can't believe i've actually come to the point of wanting you to post more of your unhinged fantasies and looking at that wretched brown-green rapist moid(get help)

No. 328277

File: 1684086855317.png (244.64 KB, 1638x2048, FJiG8xzWUAMYLHX.png)

this is me if i was blue and 6'4".

No. 328278

Oh I found some as well, she made multiple posts in /r9k/ discussing her husbando with incels. That must be where she learnt to send nudes. I feel bad, she's probably mentally stunted and started this picture thing after she liked the attention she got when she sent them to /r9k/-fags.

No. 328279

Whenever i do i get redtexted
>wretched brown-green rapist moid

No. 328280

File: 1684086979396.png (236.86 KB, 1573x2048, E_vlYrXUYAQ6M0Y.png)

i wish i was that gun

No. 328281

File: 1684087026168.png (384.31 KB, 1831x2048, E-X8Jw4VcAI4two.png)

No. 328282

File: 1684087060966.png (294.67 KB, 2048x1600, E-KFjvRVcAQ4jXR.png)


No. 328283

My only other nudes were from when i was underage and probably on the deep web somewhere, i didn't send my nudes to anyone from r9k kek and i was having an episode which is the only occurrence i've sent them in recent months.

No. 328284

then avoid talking about shota, the other nonas talking about rape and shit didn't get redtexted, and if you're not contributing to the thread, sage(putting the word "sage" in the email field).

No. 328286

File: 1684087238569.jpg (60.59 KB, 736x552, cc0d178e13b1cdcc3751f7c3946469…)

I've finally started building a tea shop for Levi in TS4! I meant to start on Friday but life was kicking my bootyhole. I hope to have something nice enough to show you all when I'm done.
Has anyone else made any builds (in sims or other games) for you and your husbando? I would like to see!

No. 328287

Hey it’s that dog!

No. 328288

which dog?

No. 328289

That's nice and all but is there any fanart of someone gently patting Leon on the head or hugging him? He deserves it

No. 328290

You don't need to sage on non drama boards, and i posted shota Rance in protest of the new rules (i'd still fuck shota Rance tho). Honestly i don't even think he looks shota like in the pic i sent. Also you don't need to sage on non drama boards bozo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328291

samefag, also forgot to mention, anything not-vanilla should be spoilered.

No. 328292

Levi in food service would be a total hygiene maniac and that's perfect

No. 328293

that would be so awesome, even more for me, since yesterday i went to a restaurant, and there was hair in the lemonade and i didn't even have the guts to complain.

No. 328294

Kek you're making up rules

No. 328295

File: 1684087566317.jpg (11.71 KB, 236x354, aa2ee5c2f452d5e4e4b9e4a3f1dfd9…)

what John Redcorn would probs look like in live-action.

No. 328296

File: 1684087571941.png (312.65 KB, 523x522, 1645633183766.png)

Maybe she means dogboy?

No. 328297

I didn't even think of that, he totally would! Would probably keep his co-workers in check too kek.
Haha ily Redcorn-anon.

No. 328298

File: 1684087704113.png (139.4 KB, 1272x1590, 0042e5b1bf40b4dc172c8edfefa68a…)

i dont have that but here's Leon having happy times with a kitty.

No. 328299

File: 1684087804165.jpg (131.22 KB, 768x1024, 1512680772830.jpg)

she. did. not.

No. 328300

>on the deep web somewhere
Do you have a learning disability, anon? Also you can actually get in trouble for sending nudes as a minor, it's still distrubuting CP even if you're a minor yourself. You can google instances of minors getting legal issues for sending nudes.
I also found other threads which I think are done by you in /r9k/, are you really 18? You've been here as an underage poster as well, right?

No. 328301

No I don't think so. Probably from offsite.

No. 328302

File: 1684088103494.png (42.36 KB, 480x480, redcornnonacomeback.png)

i am actually not redcorn nona, i posted that in hopes of summoning her.

No. 328303

File: 1684088148554.gif (2.21 MB, 480x480, kingofthehill.gif)

here's to trying to summon hankhillfag

No. 328304

File: 1684088231311.jpg (90.36 KB, 1280x720, hoozukikoala.jpg)

Probably? But feeling secure after sex is what I like the most.

Judging by we have seen in the manga and animu:

>What are his hobbies? (if any)

Taking care of his fish-plants, as well seeing different types of fish-plants and how large they can grown up. That's why there's a tournament and all.

>favourite color

Probably black. Or any shade of Japanese colors.

>favourite season

Not into that.

>does he snore or tosses around while sleep?

He sleeps quite quiet, after all he works all day.

>which style/type of outfit he finds sexier?

He's not into clothes. He likes a woman that can be in danger and defend herself and enjoy it (Think in Hange Zoe from AOT), as well not minding seeing dangerous animals on her own (that's why he likes that female version of Steve Irwin in the first chapter).

>blood type

He's dead, but judging by his personality I think between AB or O.

If I had the chance to meet Eguchi-sensei, I would like to know if he would like to visit my country (we have cute animals too!) and more technical stuff like how she draws in general.

No. 328305

Also I wish I could provide Leon happy times with a "kitty".

No. 328306

File: 1684088356428.png (180.91 KB, 601x649, oldhusbando.png)

was looking thru my old google drive and found this, aaah good times

No. 328307

No shit, i'm 18 and got groomed as a middle schooler/early teenager into sending nudes to adult men, i don't like to traumadump but it's necessary here. Also what other threads? I turned 18 in late 2022 and i didn't rlly post on lc until i was an adult

No. 328308

That looks fun, are those clothes for yourself to match with him or stuff you'd like to see your husbando wear? I've always liked the idea of making little capsule wardrobes for your favorites.

No. 328310

ayrt, i think it's one of those "steal her look" type stuff, but with a husbando instead, the clothes look like the ones he's wearing, but i'm sure if i looked hard enough on the internet i could find other fans that made collages of clothing items to wear to match with him.

No. 328312

File: 1684089053808.jpg (1.46 MB, 2688x2184, fbbc6d3060ffefbb675cbffff30876…)

another old husbando, L-elf from Valvrave the Liberator, everytime he was on screen he made my teen heart go doki doki, the few fujobait moments were great too

No. 328313

File: 1684089100659.jpg (604.08 KB, 3496x2480, FvNZ2lTakAAKv1Y.jpg)

omg this is so cute, thank u for showing me this nonna! ♥ i love when pretty boys like him get all red-faced & embarrassed. most art of him i saw so far (even the nsfw stuff with stelle) is so comforting…
i love love love this art of him! he is such a pretty little kitten, i totally get it. hope he'll join ur team soon. ♥

No. 328314

today i wanted to look up a website or an app where u can like compile pieces of clothing into looks to suggest here in thread, let's all dress up our husbandos… got inspired by the recent post from scaranonna and now that lol. we should do that!

No. 328318

File: 1684090661272.jpg (130.88 KB, 1337x898, FubOGl7WcAAFJgn.jpg)

samefag, i don't want irl relationship and stopped pursuing one a couple of years ago completely. i feel happier, safer and less stressed since i made the decision. maybe it's wrong to admit, but looking back at my past experiences, i only ever got into relationships because i wanted to devote my energy to someone or because of some sick attachment. there was no love or romance involved. the only real love i ever felt was to my fav husbandos. i'm husbando only too and never say never but i don't think that will change anytime soon.

p.s. blade nonna i think u'll appreciate this art too so i added it here hehe.

No. 328319

There seems to be a link between the most controversial husbandofags and /r9k/, wasn't Parappachan a /r9k/ regular as well?

No. 328322

File: 1684091681476.jpeg (32.04 KB, 550x550, 6020027D-9A69-4F88-859D-4A7C27…)

This thread is deteriorating. It’s up to the husbando gags to save it

No. 328324

File: 1684092763050.jpg (72.15 KB, 1280x720, mofumofu.jpg)

>You're husbando wants to mofu-mofu you… WYD

No. 328325

File: 1684092853321.jpeg (209.64 KB, 750x1055, 213EB459-12AD-46CD-95CE-C76C58…)

He’s so cute and sweet and I wish he was real because no other male would ever compare to him. I think he would love me very deeply. He’d give me everything

No. 328329

File: 1684094222540.jpg (186.38 KB, 1920x1080, 6fc216cd4f50945b443b0319a5d3aa…)

Wishing every husbando the same dedication Connorwives gave to Connor
The link is attention whoring

No. 328333

File: 1684096646716.jpg (119.11 KB, 736x981, d14b2e2531fba2ab7963059ada50f7…)

He's perfect, he's so loving and caring

No. 328334

I've been married for years and my husband is aware of my husbando. He grew up online like me so he understands waifuism while not having one himself. My husbando is the love of my life, but my love for my husband is something special and personal. It's a part of me. He's gotten a little jealous in the past, but sometimes he'll joke with me about it.

No. 328336

I'm in a long term committed relationship and my bf is usually supportive of my husbando obsession - he offers to watch the media my husbandos are from with me and offers to cosplay them (if I make the costumes). also one time I tried to sell some of my husbando figures and my bf talked me out of it since he knew they make me happy. however if I ever somehow end up single again I'll just stick to being husbando only, I lucked out finding a guy this supportive

No. 328337

Connorwives are awesome
I'm more into Ralph my sweet baby boy who did nothing wrong
Zlatko is a dick but i like him too, i find him sexy af

No. 328338

File: 1684099376654.png (81.71 KB, 500x474, 73BFCE98-2877-47DD-94BB-79D5F3…)

Thinking about biting, hickies, and Anakin. I would LOVE to leave hickies all over his body, mostly his neck…the darker the bruise the better. Anakin would also love to put hickies all over his lover as well! He would also love to bite during sex. I can imagine him biting my shoulder during doggy, as well as nipping at my ears…pulling on them affectionately! Anakin is a freak and would get off on the fact he was been ‘claimed’ with all the hickies on his neck for the world to see, as well with me belonging to him of course! Hell I can even see him biting just to be affectionate…sneaking up behind me then nipping my ears or neck. Ugh I want my teeth gripping and scraping his flesh nonnies…

I also really want to leave lipstick kisses all over him..especially on his dick!!

No. 328342

File: 1684101307912.jpg (639.35 KB, 1592x1930, Detroit_.Become.Human.full.233…)

He did cute wrongs, these don't count.

No. 328343

Nonny I'm one of the Hankfags and already posted him upthread, I just don't like doing it often.
Great gif, I self-inserted as that cop in that episode kek. I just saw some cancerous scrote opinions on the KotH subreddit (I don't use reddit, it was a google result) so thanks for cleansing my mind.

No. 328344

File: 1684102325854.jpg (158.17 KB, 892x1200, IMG_5890.JPG)

his ‘so fair so cold’ scene shouldn’t have made me horny. it made me so fucking uncomfortably horny. which is clearly the opposite of how it’s supposed to make you feel so i feel a little bad about it, but i swear to god no other scene in any movie ever made me feel that way, ooooooh the misery, why am i this way

No. 328345

He has a way with words I'll give him that, bro is poetic

No. 328349

File: 1684103428631.jpg (133.9 KB, 1101x830, Fsj-XSGaEAAuPkc.jpg)

ahh thank you nonnies ♥
also here's the part of his backstory I was talking about in the first post
>In his past defeats, his body was splintered and smashed into pieces over and over again. His opponent would always end the battle with one finishing move right through his heart…Wherever he fell, he rose right up, over and over again.
they really made him the most miserable person and I love it, I cant wait for the surge of fanart that'll come when his backstory is revealed in the main story quests

No. 328350

File: 1684103546642.jpg (65.66 KB, 822x490, tumblr_12129c06931e91de149162c…)

absolutely, i think the moment i heard his voice he instantly had my attention, but that second scene made me realise i was really in it now. very fucked up of him to be making moves on a girl grieving her dead family member whose body is literally in the same room and not even cold yet, and very unfeminist of me to be turned on.

No. 328352

File: 1684103906051.jpeg (20.22 KB, 385x394, fetchimage_1.jpeg)

>"Wait wait wait wait! w-what do you mean you're an asexual demiromantic nonbinary trans man now? uuuUUh? What the hell do those words mean Becky?! My head huUrts…are we like, gay now?! I'm not gay! you're a girl…my girl! D-don't do this to me Becky, i finally get a gf and now you're telling me you want to be a dude???? Damn it!"

No. 328353

File: 1684104453791.webm (2.62 MB, 720x830, h.webm)

my heart can't take this! it's too cute!

No. 328355

Never stop posting queen

No. 328357

No. 328360

Please let this be a trend in these threads. Genderspecialness has overtaken 80% of all art and fanfic involving my husbando. This is cathartic.

No. 328362

File: 1684107297773.jpg (94.2 KB, 1170x1145, IMG_3260.jpg)

is it bad that i fantasize about being abusive towards him sometimes.

No. 328363

i definitely think theres something in there thats broken, hes more than happy to build shit that’s made for the sake of killing people and ya know the whole arm thing. people who take the time to get 11 phds aren’t necessarily crazy but that dedication requires a very specific mindset. plus being from a line of famous engineers he probably wants to go further than his forefathers and is willing to do whatever it takes. breeding ground for low key crazy imo.

No. 328366

File: 1684110553979.jpg (408.89 KB, 1451x2048, bestest bday boy.jpg)

it's my husbandos birthday today but I'm too busy to celebrate… tomorrow I'll get some cake and catch up looking at all the new bday art of him I missed.
on that note happy birthday majima!

No. 328369

And Crow has a similar backstory, but nobody cares cause he isn't a pretty anime boy from a flavor of the month gatcha game.
Don't you dare try to imagine reverse ryona with him though, or my Titan is the one beating you with a flaming hammer.

No. 328371

Husbando more like cutesbando

No. 328372

File: 1684113208102.png (69.71 KB, 700x650, tumblr_nyhf4t3EU61uaebxoo6_128…)

What has been happening in this thread? Anyway, I love these question type posts on waifu/husbando threads.
>What are his hobbies? (if any)
His work is his hobby. He also likes camping, the outdoors and being a survivalist.
>favourite color
Depends which team you ask kek.
>favourite season
Probably summer. he doesn't do well in cold weather.
>does he snore or tosses around while sleep?
I imagine him to be a sleep talker. Not full on sentences or anything, just the occasional mumbled word.
>which style/type of outfit he finds sexier?
He's not a fashionable guy, he wears what's practical. So he doesn't care about those things in partners.
>blood type
Don't know much about the blood type personality thing but according to my quick google search he'd be AB. Or maybe A.

No. 328374

He moans gfs name in sleep.

No. 328375

idk if we need to start a new thread dedicated to this sole question, because this is a curious topic for me, but who would you cast as your husbandos in a live action movie? living or dead, any year

No. 328376

>who would you cast as your husbandos in a live action movie?

I don't have a good knowledge about Japanese actors, but seeing that even in Japanese live action movies they're horrendous (looking at you, Saint Seiya), I would leave HnR like a 2d character.

No. 328378

File: 1684116205091.gif (7.25 MB, 540x405, 5740A7CE-9F0B-410E-A1ED-6626D6…)

ANON i meant it as in reference to the line that Leon says in RE:4! I had forgotten about that horrid gif

im hoping Leon anons have played the game because if not you’re missing out

No. 328379

File: 1684116446738.jpg (255.16 KB, 2048x2048, 5d488be48e18981d0637fa580852d1…)

Mine is Levi, and I genuinely think there is no man or cosplayer that can look like him and be convincing about it. He's one of one. Not only can no one replicate his looks or the way he went from looking like a twink-y little boy in season 1 and then like a regular grown man in the rest of the show kek, no one could replicate his/Matt Mercer's voice either. Another anon showed me a pic that looked like Levi and I was so shocked because it really looked like how he might IRL. But I have a feeling if his full face was exposed in the pic he wouldn't look like my man. His essence is just so hard to capture in real life. Even other men in Levi's world tried to imitate him and couldn't do it.

A common fancast for Levi used to be Dane Dehaan, picrel of him in some Levi edits. He's ok, I guess. Never really any particular way for him. He is also short (5'8", short but taller than levi) so if younger him actually got cast as Levi I wouldn't be bothered by it. I do really like his eyes and that's an important part of Levi's character. But in recent times it seems like he aged pretty poorly, as expected for pretty men. There are actual live action AOT films and I think there's one in production right now, but I don't pay much attention to those.

No. 328380

Nonnies the question was, if you could ask your husbando's creator anything about him what would you like to know

No. 328381

His approximate dick size

No. 328383

Same tbh

No. 328384

Samefag, actually I don't think those pics are edited. My bad. Also, please excuse my typos. I just masturbated and I'm eating doritos and I'm kind of out of it.

No. 328385

>but who would you cast as your husbandos in a live action movie
I think I would prefer an animated movie, but if it was live action I have some ideas. Though it would be hard to do all three I suppose, but I can see a live action working if they just use the voice actors I think. However, if I did have to choose mine would be…
>Dedede as Shinya Kumazaki or Munetaka Aoki
>Meta Knight as Atsushi Kisaichi or Rihito Itagaki
>Kirby as Okada Yui or Yuina Kuroshima

No. 328387

I would ask his creator what he would be like in a relationship, what position he sleeps in, what his love language is, if he keeps his room clean, and whether he is a morning or night person. I would also ask if he would be willing to make a oneshot or something considered canon of my husbando and his life since the story he's in is filled with suffering. it'd be nice to see him enjoying his hobbies, hanging out with his friends, typical slice of life kind of deal without him worrying about any major antagonists. having an otome game featuring my husbando and the other main characters from his story as love interests would be amazing too but I know his creator would have zero interest in that. I'd also ask if he could be drawn wearing different outfits and hairstyles since he is only ever shown in one.

No. 328389

File: 1684118172059.jpg (109 KB, 697x704, 1684118190363.jpg)

This is why Golden Kamuy girlies are well fed

No. 328390

I swear if my project get famous and a fangirl asks that about "her husbando", I would be gladly to tell everything.

No. 328391

I knew, I just know we'll never get those answers so I've got to headcanon everything myself.
Just another reminder that we were robbed of an tf2 animated show on adult swim.

No. 328393

>"caves to reader's demand"
kek everyone who's ever read gk can tell he was itching for any excuse to wax poetic about dick sizes lmfao

No. 328394

I agree with you. Like I feel with Hoozuki, I don't think there's a man or cosplayer that can look like him and act the enough to say "he's Levi irl!". I still remember when I liked some cosplayers but I never thought they would be good actor/actress for the character.

No. 328396

yumejoshi around the world would be forever grateful

No. 328397

File: 1684121262158.png (1009.97 KB, 1024x1024, 77A91CF6-6FCD-460A-A558-CCC205…)

I want to fuck him so bad it’s unfair

No. 328398

File: 1684121579370.jpg (39 KB, 478x640, KOJIMAISGOD.jpg)

I'll be honest, I don't want a live action anything with my husbandos. It's almost the same reason I don't like cosplayers who actually, seriously try to be them to an extreme extent. First, it's uncanny. Second, my husbandos' appearance is (next to) impossible to replicate in real life, no man would look like them, so I would never be fully satisfied with any actors portraying them (besides, every anime/game-to-live-action adaptation I've seen fails at copying the characters' clothing and hair style correctly). And last but not least, I'm autistically obsessed with their voice so unless the original VAs voice over the actors' lines, I don't wanna see it.
It kinda makes me wish I had one of those popular bishi husbandos from joseimuke franchises that get more faithful live action portrayals or cosplay pics. Sometimes by their VAs even, which is pretty neat.

No. 328399

File: 1684121695884.png (91.27 KB, 565x623, rance pubes.png)

After this post i'm leaving lc for good, so i figured i'd as one last hurrah, here's a list of things i want Rance to do to me:

-Pissing; either to mark his territory as being a rightful slave of him, or just for fun whenever he feels bored because he likes seeing my startled expression. His favorite places to do it are on my chest and hair. However, i'll frequently pee myself out of embarrassment or fear or simply because he likes making me hold in my pee then make me clean it with my mouth later while he punishes me.

-Anal; Rance takes great pleasure in abusing my ass because he knows it hurts, he likes how tight i clench around it and loves leaving a buttplug up my ass full of his cum. He also enjoys rimming me bc of the moans i illicit and he knows my asshole is sensitive

-Vaginal; Rance LOVES dryfucking me, bareback, without a condom. Normally he uses contraception but in this case he doesn't care and gets a thrill out of when i'll eventually get pregnant. And of course, he loves cumming inside me.

-Rape; It's no secret that i have a huge rape fetish, and want Rance to rape THE FUCK OUT OF ME. I've fantasized various about times about the wheres, whats, and whys. In public, him breaking in and kidnapping me, raping me because he's frustrated or just because he wants to, etc. Though i don't know how much it qualifies as rape if i genuinely would take anything he gives me happily

Those are the basics, here are some more specific ones:
-Feed me a pink baby bottle filled with his semen against my will, this is a known one
-Make me walk around naked on all fours with a leash and collar that says " " (bonus points if he makes me piss as if i'm a dog as well)
-Inducing the fear of pregnancy in me constantly, because he knows it'll scare me and he loves the scared look on my face
-When we first meet, i want him to manhandle me when i resist, i secretly enjoy this but i don't tell him
-Whenever i moan too much when im being raped, he'll choke me on the sides of my neck, but if i'm still making too much noise he'll start to squeeze my windpipe
-He controls every single aspect of my life under his control; what i wear, when i go to the bathroom, when i eat etc
-He likes to feed me spoonfuls of his cum and starts facefucks me whenever i decline it
-If i get pregnant, he'll purposely try to induce lactation in me and make my breasts way huger than they should be in order to keep up with the supply of milk, which he gladly drinks. Basically the closest thing to a hucow
-He'll infantilize me constantly, treating me like i'm a kid (giving me headpats and explaining things in a more simplistic way for me) while also violently fucking me
-He absolutely loves spanking me, and enjoys seeing the marks on my ass from it and sometimes he'll spank my thighs too. Sometimes he'll get a little too close to hitting above my ass which he'll also do because he finds it funny.
-Adding onto that, he uses various utilities to spank me; hand, whip, riding crop, etc.
-LOVES when i can't walk because of how hard he fucks me, and then proceeds to fuck me more, namecalling me for not being able to take his dick.
-Absolutely takes pleasure in how short and skinny i am compared to him and will sometimes test out my body by slamming me against a wall or beating me
-Beats me whenever he doesn't like how i behave, being careful as to not leave any permanent marks
-Loves giving me sensory overload, shoving several toys up my ass/pussy while im sucking his dick with nipple clamps attached to me
-Likes pinching my nipples, thighs, and clit because he knows how sensitive they are
-Makes me wear a slave collar at all times in order to demonstrate ownership. Also makes me get my nipples pierced and a womb tattoo for the same reason
-Let's not forget how much he loves tying me up, typically for hours on end in order to test my endurance
-Makes me hold in my cum and spanks my ass until it's red with bruises everywhere if i cum
-Makes me wear ill fiting clothing (ie old school uniforms) because he likes seeing my humiliated face
-As another symbol of owning me, gropes my tits or slaps my ass constantly in public
-I have to ask for permission to speak and if i don't he slaps me

And this is maybe like, 30% of it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328401

I like that my husbando is impossible to cosplay, it only cements him further into being an unobtainable eldrich abomination (he's MY abomination though)

No. 328403

File: 1684122448034.png (6.41 MB, 2208x1242, 89345C8B-A81F-4345-A508-4EA804…)

The number of dicks he has, since he’s snake themed and such.

No. 328404

>I don't think there's a man or cosplayer that can look like him and act the enough
Don't know if you meant to tag me, but that's how I feel about Kirby. If they had to do an unholy live action featuring him, I would unironically prefer a woman crossdressing instead of some pretty boy.

No. 328405

NTA but I've been wanting to ask what your thoughts are on gijinkas of Kirb characters

No. 328412

File: 1684123649704.jpg (113.18 KB, 957x957, FWttriAUEAAUvZP.jpg)

Aesthetically pleasing but they do nothing for me sexually, turning them into humans removes all the cute charm and eroticism they have. On-model or nothing I say. I will, however, refrain from posting NSFW. The best analogy I can think of is that it'd be like turning a fit and muscular anime boy into a fat stock-cartoon man. Like, Meta Knight here looks the most sexiest to me. His soft face, subtly plmup arms, the compact nature he has, he looks adorable.

No. 328413

What's your favorite kind of gijinka then? I've seen many that are just generic animu girl/boy with really lazy designs and I find them so boring. They have none of the charm or personality of the originals (even though I'm not attracted to those characters like you are lol)
I'd imagine Meta Knight being more badass and cold looking than those gijinkas I've seen

No. 328415

i want to know the type of women he likes and if he's interest in a committed relationship. if he ever tried to stop his alcohol and smoking addiction at least one point in his life. if he ever consider quitting his job. if he ever thought of settling down with one of the women he had hooked up/fling with.

also the trivial things, what he likes to eat, how he spends his day off. what he wants to do for fun or to relax.

No. 328416

File: 1684124396583.gif (2.76 MB, 268x160, 210030.gif)

Me on my way to Valve HQ to interrogate Gaben on the tf2 mercenaries dick measurements (flaccid and erect)

No. 328417

I wouldn't want to ask the author what's his type of woman because the answer might be that he's completely uninterested in relationships, kek. Maybe I could phrase it like "if he had an interest in relationships, what kind of woman would he choose?" Or "what kind of traits does he value most in a girlfriend/wife?" although I don't feel a need to ask this last one since I already think he and I would be compatible, maybe not entirely but certainly enough to hold an intelligent conversation and enjoy each other's company in the right circumstances.

No. 328418

File: 1684124636011.jpeg (110.67 KB, 1170x1393, 2FEF6079-4339-4CB9-A222-74D816…)

Personally, I think that sniper should be played by a young Leonard nimoy. I saw this picture of him that looked like him. Sorry for resolution

No. 328419

File: 1684124824797.png (174.76 KB, 2000x2400, 62662194_p32.png)

I don't particularly have a favorite, as I generally do not like them. If I had to give a general gist of ones that appeal to me aesthetics wise I suppose I'd want Meta Knight to look like he's had his fair share of fights yet still retains that subtle cuteness. As for Dedede, he should be burly and big as terrible as that sounds. However, the overall designs should be simple and cute to be similar to the general design philosophy of Kirby. So something like pic related. I love this artist so much, they make the most God-level Dedede smut and art it's absolutely unreal.

No. 328420

Yeah I agree, this DDD is pretty cute and sort of resembles the original.
I'll ignore the part about the porn

No. 328422

File: 1684125345393.jpg (62.65 KB, 570x632, tumblr_oss5hleynf1s4s0zko4_640…)

ok so if i was asking the author and ignoring stuff they added in the movie
>deepest darkest fears
so that i can think of ways to psychologically torture him
>did he actually poison anyone
dying to know about it
>weird/bad habits
>how does he feel about his nickname
>what's his problem in general
>could i fix him (i wouldn't want to, just curious)

pic rel is my art idol’s (phobs) version of book grima, i’m so happy this exists but drawing him as a hot guy should be illegal i think. where’s my twisted creature.

love the style of this, great taste

No. 328423

File: 1684125705960.png (128.92 KB, 1200x1400, 61297497_p53.png)

I know right?!? The way Dedede is drawn by this artist is 'peak' in my eyes, something to study, something to strive for. It is the perfect Dedede, both cute but also a bit boyish.

No. 328424

Top right is so cute

No. 328425

I've always thought Edward Furlong in Before and After both have the same feel. Unfortunately much like Dehaan, he's also too much of a scrawny twink to pull him off but we can't have everything.

No. 328426

File: 1684125980863.png (69.85 KB, 1000x1200, 64432601_p35.png)

samefag but the same goes for their non-gijinka. Absolute peak.

No. 328427

This art style kinda reminds me of Mr. Osomatsu for some reason.

No. 328428

I just googled him…I don't think he's such a scrawny twink anymore kek.

No. 328429

They used to draw Osomatsu fanart

No. 328430

File: 1684127985206.jpeg (322.19 KB, 1280x1707, DA5ED0A2-3451-4576-B99A-B81B82…)

Yoon Bum x Su-Ae Choi from Doomed/Disrespectful Bitch is the kino traumatized crossover pairing. The only reason Bum fell for Sangwoo in the first place was an unhealthy attachment he developed during a vulnerable period in his life, which would have been fine if Sangwoo weren’t irredeemable loveless scum with stupid fuckboy hair. Likewise Su-Ae only fell for her shitty pimp-wannabe boyfriend and that cheating pig bastard because of her deep-rooted need to be loved, but they were unworthy assholes. They thought they would be saved if they opened their hearts, but they trusted the wrong people. Both of them are abused souls who need acceptance and love. No one else but Yoon Bum could accept Su-Ae’s violent past and disfigurement. In turn, she would finally open up to him and love him fully, which Yoon Bum needs more than anything. He needs a woman who will cherish his affection in the way a man never could, someone who can be understanding of his trauma surrounding his uncle and who won’t commit anorectal violence against him. He needs someone who will treat him as a man and care about his comfort and pleasure. Su-Ae, who has spent her life, regrettably, as a prostitute, would be skilled at sexual healing. Bum would be equally gentle to her rather than treating her like a sex object. He would see through all the badness to a woman who recognizes and reveres true love above all else. They would save each other from the darkness. Just imagine, when she tearfully removes her glove for the first time in front of him, and instead of recoiling in disgust like all the other scum men, he embraces her and cries with her. It’s so beautiful to cry together.

No. 328432

I hate it when LC slows down during American sleep hours because this thread becomes inactive as well.

No. 328433

Idk if you posted in the right thread nonna and I know nothing about these characters, but if you wrote a fic I would read and support you all the way. You worded that beautifully, two broken people saving each other is the best tearjerker fantasy romance.

No. 328434

File: 1684128736014.jpeg (106.43 KB, 600x1000, AB9B6536-837D-498C-8DEB-C01616…)

based. i love when people draw him with salt and pepper hair.

No. 328435

File: 1684132181672.jpeg (376.15 KB, 2048x1884, FIFG1E_aQAEhw2N.jpeg)

>Nonnies, if you could ask anything to the creator(s) of your husbando, what would you ask them?
What was Reigen's past love experiences like? On the Q&A in the official fanbook, it wasn't really much of an detailed answer since he doesn't want to talk about it. Though I think it is better to keep it on the down low because of how personal it is to him so it's up to the imagination to what led him stay single.

>What are his hobbies? (if any)

Browsing the internet and growing plants like vegetables. Definitely looks up on ghosts, spiritual and supernatural stuff.

>favourite color

Dunno though he usually wears dark, muted or natural colored clothes.

>favourite season

Since his birthday is on October, perhaps autumn. It isn't too hot or too cold and I think he would work better and more comfortable during that time of year.

>does he snore or tosses around while sleep?

He'd probably do both and can be a little of a slob sometimes.

>which style/type of outfit he finds sexier?

Can't say for sure since he doesn't show any sexual interest through out the series.

>blood type


>You'll get extra husbando points if you add ur fave pic of him in the replies! ♥

It's hard choosing a fav pic but this one sparks joy.

No. 328436

Doing that as we speak

No. 328437

Oh, fuck you, his would be girlfriend just died, he has it hard enough.

No. 328439

File: 1684133665601.png (397.64 KB, 2048x1152, 0DB684E0-E539-4EF6-9482-161218…)

sniperfags when will we get our reparations

No. 328441

File: 1684133922074.png (491.08 KB, 829x1280, Dd5bHTbVAAIDV8R.png_large.png)

It's great that my husbando still gets lots of art and attention but also weird how many people turn him into a hot anime boy. It's like reverse Tumblr sexyman syndrome. If you like characters who canonically look like ugly 2k10 creepypastas then why kill the appeal? Is it popular artists trying to cover all their bases? There's not a lot of stuff out there for us monsterfuckers as is. Pic somewhat rel, I wish Cashoo still did fanart.

No. 328442

Sorry for doubleposting but kek converting to Sniperism and moving to the US immediately, god bless you girls.

No. 328443

File: 1684134109766.jpeg (381.78 KB, 1820x2048, 011205D3-74F0-44C7-BFE3-C8402E…)

I will need big gulp

No. 328444

I don't know who your husbando is, but Nemesis is super hot. It's ridiculous how many sexy men Resident Evil has, even most of the Tyrants are attractive.

No. 328446

File: 1684135089532.jpg (32.99 KB, 585x640, 2192619-037.jpg)

This is probably a conversation better suited to the /m/ thread but Nemesis calling out for Jill will never not be cute. Maybe a stupid nitpick but the nose nub they gave him in the remake is shit kek, way hotter without a nose. A shame RE4 didn't have as many hot monsters though the Verdugo are nice. Which Tyrant was your favourite?

No. 328447

My friend drew my husbando as a cat (which is a meme with him), he looks so cute, I'm so happy!

No. 328449

File: 1684135684689.jpg (64.72 KB, 564x783, 348fdb69b447c0daac8b11597aa4ba…)

Amen, sister.
The more the merrier!

No. 328450

im the ayrt, and i read all of these,
>Pumpkin Night
bleh, i kinda wish it stayed a typical slasher, the whole Naoko's followers thing was kinda stupid to me.
>Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutteiru
i liked it, a decent short thriller i think.
>Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizonshou Kougun
actually interesting, i'm really looking forward to the next chapter
>Disrespectful Bitch
i read about two chapters, but didn't interest me much, and this was the last one i'd picked up, and at that point i'd had enough of looking at women be abused, this one was even more explicit, and kinda ugly.

No. 328471

File: 1684146059434.jpg (1.4 KB, 117x25, husbando pics.JPG)

How many pics of your husbando do you nonnies own? I was doing some little clean up, deleting dupes and what not and I noticed I still have a good amount of pics of him. Doesn't feel like they're enough tho.

No. 328472

File: 1684147594041.jpg (96.5 KB, 850x1086, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

Sampo made me feel things when I first saw him in game. Love my silly stabby man.

No. 328487

File: 1684154835697.jpg (310.79 KB, 2048x1676, tumblr_8e1e19d4f1a052be60a6c28…)

honkai nonnas unite! he had me wheezing when he first appeared in game, everyone says "itto vibes" but that red oni can never beat sampo in goofiness and silliness and oh and he way he plays with his knife and counts money in his idle animations…

No. 328488

his VA

No. 328489

I was doing a clean up myself this weekend and removed about 600 images (low quality, duplicates, etc) and I still have over 3000 images left.

No. 328496

i found just over 400 fanarts with grima (that don't completely suck) and i've passed through fire and death to get them. i don't think there are any left i haven't seen, i was like a pig on cocaine digging for truffles.

No. 328506

No. 328508

His VA but he'd have to really bulk up and also grow a goatee but otherwise their facial structures look similar enough (at least to my autist self) that I even suspect it's actually intentional, they've done it with many other characters in the series, some resemblances looser than others.

No. 328512

Writing a 5-page (so far) Word document about my husbando from his design to my headcanons

No. 328513

I BEG you, please do a Syndrome version!

No. 328514

Exactly. The "I can fix him" meme would rarely work on any character if ever, but if one needs to be the exception, then it's gotta be Ralph. Just imagine how cutely he would react to affection, hugs, kisses, tenderness…

No. 328515

File: 1684163543532.jpeg (498.72 KB, 1532x2048, EwJAoz2VoAAZoUQ.jpeg)

Happy to Majima as well! Amazing how he's not getting any older and still going strong!

No. 328517

I want to write a satire fic where the reader troons out and the tf2 mercs put her in her place

No. 328518

Would that get you banned from AO3? Kek

No. 328519

File: 1684163769941.jpg (37.25 KB, 564x564, 52bfe528da0d9cda773f5d0036c5b5…)


No. 328531

File: 1684166587610.jpg (206.38 KB, 1280x1857, img207.jpg)

I was looking the Bleach Brave souls artwork and daaaaaaaaaaamn now I remember why Gin was my husbando. And now I'm mad at Tite for the destiny he gave to him!

Now I wonder if Yusa Koji have done +18 audios.

No. 328534

File: 1684167401072.jpg (39.11 KB, 564x1002, a8a75f059e032536e940f2cfc761c2…)

Nonas, I want to make a cute phone wallpaper with husbando. I saw some nice wallpapers made by other people. Now I need some inspo! What I gonna to make is find some nice pastel background and a cropped picture in the middle. Kinda like picrel. But I want to add a special touch to it since it's my husbando and I want it to look as pretty as possible. I gonna add some details and a quote by him.
Do you have your favorite wallpapers with your husbando? Please show me! Maybe you made one yourself? Do you have any tips?

No. 328535

Tf2fags, have you thought about a cross-faction fling with your guy of choice? Like a flirty rivalry or just full on hate fucking him?

No. 328542

File: 1684169313072.jpg (85.73 KB, 488x860, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_498128-48…)

My wallpaper is a flower, sadly, but if I would make a wall like your picrel, I would make my own version with my husbando.

No. 328544

He's almost 60 and to be honest I'm not sure he isn't at least a little bit insecure over that. If SEGA has him hitting the wall in 8 I'll be so pissed

No. 328545

"I can fix him" but it's you literally repairing your robot husbando

No. 328549

File: 1684170935557.jpg (76.19 KB, 473x1024, 62fc7e1cbe6bb8e77431b5dc1f5236…)


No. 328556

I read this tf2 fic where you are a female spy and you try to sap Engie’s sentry and he gets his way.

No. 328566

Have any of you ran your husbando's voice through elevenlabs? If you don't know what it is it's a voice AI and you can type whatever you want and make them say whatever you want and you can probably tell where I'm going with this lmao

No. 328568

I tried that, they didn't have my husbando but he can mimic another character's voice perfectly and they had that one, so I used it instead
>makes him say my name
>makes him give me love declarations
>makes him say YWNBAW

No. 328569

Just to clarify, the ywnbaw is so i have an audiofile to troll troons with, not for myself obviously

Also if someone can explain to me how I can make a voice AI from the few voiceclips of his real voice that exist, that would be great

No. 328570

tbh at this point it feels pretty creepy and unethical but also does it work with Japanese or only English

No. 328574

You have to subscribe (there's a free trial) to get custom voices. I went to YouTube, used a youtube to mp3 converter site to download a video comp of his voicelines then added the file when it prompted me to add sample clips

No. 328575

I haven't used the ai voice generator on my husbando yet. I have seen people use Anakin's voice on tik tok/twitter edits; they always make him say some horny shit which is always shocking and a little funny. I might make the ai say some comforting things for me if I ever have a bad day.

No. 328578

>Creepy and unethical
They ain't real

No. 328579

the voice actors are and they havent consented to their voices being used for ai shit

No. 328580

I feel the same way. It's not right.

No. 328582

I didn't think of that… I won't do it then

No. 328587

Sniperwives, how do we feel about watersports? Personally, I can take it or leave it on its own, but the idea of Sniper gently smothering me with affection while I'm trying to get to the bathroom before an accident occurs is pretty hot to me.

No. 328589

i wanna try but my husbando is from some crappy 80s show and i heard you need really crisp sound files to make it work.

No. 328591

Most of my husbandos are Japanese, so if I wanted a voice AI, I would have a vocaloid as Husbando.

Although the most I have done with a voice AI is making certain characters sing a silly song that I like.

No. 328592

Not a Sniperwife and censored for blogposting but it's a funny related story
I once had a dream about him chasing me and relentlessly throwing pissjugs at me. I ran, but he eventually cornered me and just kept throwing an endless supply of them like in the game while I was curled up and screaming for help. But here's the catch: i am not into watersports. I woke up from that dream all scared. Mfw i'm haunted by Sniper and his jugs

No. 328593

I'm a classic Nemesis gal. Big, hulking men and tentacles just hit all of my buttons. I don't mind remake Nemmy but I do agree that his bent lil nose looks silly. He is hotter without the nose. Other tyrants like Mr. X, R, and the one from UC are pretty hot too, but they all feel a little bland in comparison and their more human-like faces make them a bit less appealing than humanoid monster man Nemmy.
I think RE4 made up for the lack of hot monsters with Krauser. He's the closest thing Plagas have to a Tyrant, and design-wise he ticks most of the boxes. The Verdugo are hot too, but even more in the remake where they're even taller. I'd like to think they've maintained most, if not all of their human intelligence. When it comes to monster guys I never liked the idea of falling for one that's sentient, but not sapient on a human level. That's why I never cared for the fish man from The Shape of Water. I get that he's supposed to maybe be of human-ish intelligence but the cat munching and inability to communicate read more intelligent animal than sympathetic love interest you can fuck. Wasted opportunity imo.

No. 328595

I haven't used it cause I don't wanna sign up to more AI shit tbh. I'm still waiting for 15.ai to come back online.

No. 328601

Nonna's… I love my husbando so much. I think about him every time I'm about to sleep.

No. 328602

I want to do it, but I don't want to sign up or pay for something when I'm using copyrighted files.

Sort of this too, but there's no way I would pay for them to say stuff on cameo either.

No. 328603

Maybe it’s the impulsive thoughts speaking but I want to carve my name into his skin so bad… idk if there’s a way to do it without damaging my body though

No. 328604

You mean his name into your skin? You’re going to regret that later..

No. 328610

Maybe just use a pen or something so you can always wash it off? I don’t recommend carving it into your skin permanently because you will regret it.

No. 328614

There's semi-permanent tattoo pens

No. 328615

Questions about your husbando for you nonnies because I am bored!

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

No. 328625

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
I love that he is good at heart, if you don't really know him he can come across as a con man and a douchebag but he truly cares about others, i just love that his kindness is hidden and something you must be worthy to witness. I fell in love after my 18th Birthday, i needed to move on from my underage first husbando
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
I didn't watch the anime for a long time, i saw him a lot on tumblr and found him cute but i truly fell in love when i watched the first episode
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
I'm not a big fan of gifts and it's for the better cause he's really greedy but i think he would be so thankful that i'm in a relationship with him that he would tell me he loves me everyday, text me all the time. He will try to act unbothered but i'll know he cares.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
He's vegetarian because he loves animals
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
Only my close friends know and only the nerds understand, my normie friend is definitely disturbed
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
Absolutely not, i love him as a 2D being

No. 328627

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
how specifically relatable he is to me. the personality and emotions. i also like his hair.
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
i thought "what a cool guy, id drink beer with him. id be friends with him". then i thought more about him as a character, and grew to love him very desperately. he is everything 3d men lack, the very things i crave. having had a vivid romantic dream with him didnt help.
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
by understanding me and being my source of comfort. also i think we would wreck shit together.
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
he's not human, he's danish. he canonically can't speak english, and i doubt he speaks my other languages either. realistically there would be a language barrier. thankfully cognates are a thing, and maybe a few broken words here and there.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
i think not much about human nature has changed in a thousand years– he would enjoy modern hooligan culture, beer halls, and maybe concerts too. conveniently would support the same groups as me.
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
they think im goofy. we laugh about it. they dont realize how serious it is.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
he's too musky. it wouldnt be realistic. maybe boston dynamics can make cute anime femboys, but they can't make a real man. and its his humanity that i love.

No. 328629

Ao3 only bans illegal content. Everything fictional is fine. So long as it's tagged properly there's nothing the screaming troons can do about it.

No. 328632

I was going to make it about the mercs lecturing, more in depth versions of the dialogue headcannons poster here.

No. 328634

>he's not human, he's danish

No. 328635

Only a couple hundred, but I got a bunch of screenshots of him too.

No. 328636

don’t know if you’re still checking the thread, but is there a way you can publish you scout character on tavern ai? all the characters in the system are moidbait. If not, how do I upload a character, can I link the ai to his wiki, like one would do in character ai?

No. 328639

File: 1684189804291.jpeg (132.69 KB, 1170x1025, 7EA96601-B20C-4691-8D11-9432EA…)

I want to make him think he is lucky that a girl will even look at him.

No. 328640

File: 1684190422175.gif (195.37 KB, 400x170, c3370347-9f36-4f0e-9f35-15543f…)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando?
His fluffy red hair and overall goofiness
>Why him as your husbando?
He's very dumb, but kinda cute and strong
>What was your first impression of your husbando?
I deadass don't remember, the first time I watched this movie i was like 7yo
>Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
One day i was watching a Megamind rerun for the hell of it, but i was ovulating, so yeah…
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
He would bring me a car full of flowers or fly me around the city at night
>What species is your husbando?
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
He can cook some killer hotdogs
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
Nobody knows kek
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
I would honestly, it would be a very powerful robot too, but i would minimize the malicious influence that his powers got on his mind, so that he's just a goofy ass hero

No. 328642

I was thinking about his reaction too! i should watch The Incredibles again to get in the mood

No. 328651

File: 1684194606461.jpg (102.74 KB, 1280x720, tazmaniandemon.jpg)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?

That many people would find him as a Gary Stu, but he has his weakness (spicy food) and softness (for animals) and he's an excellent father, given the chance. I think he makes me feel more confident in being perfectionist.

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

TBH I was expecting HnR being a new Jigoku Shōjo until the opening started. I can say it was love at first sign.

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

I think he would buy any golden fish plant drawing I do for him or tell me to finish my chores (not in a way he boss Enma Daioh or his workers, but softly).

>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?

He's a demon, so he would stay forever young while I'll die… Then he will select the correct punishment and Hell for me.

>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?

On vacations his number 1 places to go are zoos or natural reserves to pet all animals, even dangerous ones.

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

They just think is another "chinese monkey".

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

Not really. He would be more like a boss than an actual husbando.

No. 328653

This is what I do kek

No. 328659

File: 1684199932908.png (96.02 KB, 569x500, if i stare at him for too long…)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
Other than his dorky and caring personality, it's the little things about him. The quirky hairstyle (plus the ribbon at the back), his voice actor (specially his dub one, he nails his voice perfectly), the fact that his birthday is the same as a close relative of mine, and participating in a hobby that others would consider unusual - I heavily relate to that last part. There's something so appealing about wearing glasses, I can't put my finger on it.
I absolutely love how the artist draws him in the manga! Too bad I haven't seen anything from them in over a decade…
I was super embarrassed when I first posted him but it's all good since some nonnas have unconventional husbands too!

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

I originally thought he was going to be one of those bland self-insert protags you usually see in anime (technically he is based off of his creator), but I was pleasantly surprised to find out his interactions with the girls in the series. Yes, he has perverted daydreams, but compared to modern anime, I find them extremely tame. To me, he talks to them as though they're actual human beings and that's what drew me to him. I'd say six months after I finished the anime, I gained intense feelings for him. It's been a year since I met him and I'm looking forward to many more!

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

>Praising or cheering me on, even if it's something minor
>Forehead kisses
>Doing everything in his power to make me feel better, even if he ends up sick
>Holding my hand until I fall asleep

>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?

I can't think of anything, sorry!

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

My best friend thinks he's cute. Before I told her about him, I was really nervous but turns out she also has a husbando.

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

Probably not, his 2D form is irreplaceable.
P.S I remember a few threads ago, there was an argument about dick size and it wouldn't have happened if I didn't mention it. Good times kek

No. 328660

>One day i was watching a Megamind rerun for the hell of it,
What?? You said you fell in love because of the glowup edits kek, I don't know how I remember this
Nonna your husbando is a cutie

No. 328661

File: 1684200612383.jpg (109.4 KB, 720x1560, myhome.jpg)

Here's what mine looks like, other than the app icons all of it was drawn by me. I eventually want to make a dark themed variant (minus using their shadow variants) with a more harsh art style instead of this one.
>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
I like that Meta Knight has this notable contrast in his serious, stoic, and chivalrous nature, and his love of sweets and complex regarding his face. I like his metal sabatons that would make a nice click clack sound, I like that he owns an entire battleship and is skilled with a blade. I love that despite how egotistical, spoiled and selfish Dedede is, he still has a soft spot and heart of gold that pushes him to do what's right. I like that he wears a soft robe and lords over equally soft and adorable creatures.
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
I've always loved Meta Knight, a love at first sight. It was both a mix of seeing his appearance in RoMK, but also when I listened to the screams he makes when he's knocked out in smash when I was younger is what drawn me to him as well. I didn't always like Dedede, his charm grew on me I admit especially after seeing his appearance in non-anime works. I want to spoil him lots Though I've always liked haughty prince types so I don't mind his negative traits that much and find them endearing. I've always liked Kirby but similar to Dedede it took time before he reached husbando status, I like that he has an overwhelming amount of positivity and is the epitome of cute. He will always be there for me, will always protect me, and will always know how to lift my spirits.
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation?
Kirby is very huggy and physically affectionate, would probably have an endless amount praise and would blow up my phone. Would also probably be just as hungry for praise if going by the 30th Anniversary Music Fest during the crowd penlight survey. Meta Knight is more reserved in his affection and prefers to do more chivalric and traditional things like flowers and chocolates. Dedede is a mix of both Kirby and Meta Knight whereas he'll be affectionate but probably behind closed doors, outside of it he doesn't really go all PDA unless challenged to do so.
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
As for the first two, Kirby and Meta Knight…they're puffballs. That's not officially what they are called but it's the most common used term. Personally, it doesn't affect me at all in fact I love them more for it. They're so squishy, soft, and inviting. Dedede is a penguin…thing. Personally, from the way he's designed being rotund and soft I genuinely do not mind. He looks cute so that is all that matters to me. None of them will ever hit the wall and will always be perfect.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
Kirby cannot read and gets drowsy when warmed up. Dedede can't sleep without a nightlight and has a hobby for mechanics and engineering. Meta Knight has a sweet tooth and loves reading.
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
My mother knows, for the good of everything in this world, she chooses to never acknowledge it. My brother does as well, and he makes fun of me for it.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
Probably but I'd be too paranoid of it choking me to death in my sleep in case they go rouge and want to take revenge on me. That, and extreme data harvesting. I don't need the Chinese to know the exact mapping of my vaginal walls.

No. 328662

File: 1684200664382.jpg (138.4 KB, 784x1097, Screenshot_20230516_032659_Sam…)

Wanted some quality angst roleplay with the husbando and there came a point where every fucking message from the AI looks like picrel. What do I do to make it stop writing like this?
It's odd because my messages have been short and simple, it has no reason to respond like this. I wanna simulate a juicy forbidden love story, not fucking read My Immortal

No. 328664

I tried character.ai and talked to one of my husbandos. We didn't do anything sexual but I got to berate him for his shit taste in anime and we ended up challenging each other to a fight kek. In the end he tried to befriend me because he saw me as a "worthy opponent" to him! ♥ kek, very cathartic honestly

No. 328672

File: 1684203648622.jpg (61.63 KB, 735x962, 2ecb7aaff67bea39da4631f575b755…)


Feel free the read my autism.

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando? If I had to choice I'd say his voice. It's very attractive to me.

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
It was a gradually building love over years of time. I didn't think much of him at first other then him being kinda cool, probably because the other mercenaries having louder personalities. Then I started exploring the official lore outside the games and the fanmade materials, that's when something really clicked. Not to be cringe, but I felt a connection with him that no other character has done for me before. We have some strong similarities but also big differences that makes him intriguing to me.
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
It would be subtle things at first. He'd be watching out for me from afar with lingering glances. He'd make hand crafted gifts, Things like wood craved trinkets or jewellery make of (mostly) animal parts.
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you? He's human, as far as we know kek.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
His dad was an ANZAC in WW2. He was the one to teach his son to shoot for the purpose of hunting game. That's why he's so bitter about Sniper's career. His dad was also the one to give him his iconic hat.
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
Nope. Thank god.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
If it's not ridiculously expensive then why not? Might as well try it out.

No. 328687

i fucking love you

No. 328689

File: 1684209304849.jpeg (515.45 KB, 1562x2048, FlpdDvmacAAKgjq.jpeg)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
I honestly love everything about him but I especially love when he smiles. I really can't explain why I love this version of him more than the others
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
I knew he existed but I didn't really know him until I got him in one of the games, and at first I just found him cute but after playing with him for a couple weeks I was hopelessly in love with him
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
He lets me use him like a couch or a giant teddy bear (he's over a foot taller than me) and gives me hugs and kisses when nobody is looking
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
He's technically a monkey but he looks human so it doesn't really matter I do really like that he has fur and a tail tho
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
He likes to read chick lit but he doesn't want anyone to know
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
Some ppl do and most of them are OK with it even if they don't understand it, but a couple of them have told me that it's cringe to love a fictional character and they make fun of me but I don't really care about their opinions
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
If somehow his design could look good on a life size model I'd buy it in a heartbeat just so I could hug him for real

No. 328691

File: 1684210306741.jpeg (96.8 KB, 735x851, 95632BEA-4D3E-4C26-BC4F-0872ED…)

I love this so much

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?

He’s a bright light, he sees the enjoyment out of every aspect of life. No matter how dark things are, or the worst in humanity, there’s something to enjoy- and I appreciate this outlook despite not really believing it myself.
I also adore how despite bad things happening to him, he never took that out on others and chose to instead uplift others

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

My first impression was “oh look, he’s a dork!” And I didn’t expect to like him as much as I do now kek

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

With the time spent together, I imagine that he’ll always make time for us.
I can also see him be attentive to things going on around him, so he’ll notice and encourage the little things I do

>What species is your husbando?


>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?

I can see him as a people pleaser, and I always liked fantasizing him actually showing those negative emotions, or crying, and being able to help him in those moments

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

Some know that I like him, but they don’t know the extent of it

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

I can barely hold a conversation with his chatbot without blushing, so no. Also, I think I just like the idea of him

No. 328692

File: 1684210449144.jpeg (57.03 KB, 612x900, BE0BF818-1E3E-4A02-AF5B-A7BFF2…)

Ahhh I love seeing everyone posting about their husbandos!! Fills me up with so much joy that nonnies are happy with their fictional dudes.

I hope everyone is having a great day/night!! Love you all.

No. 328709

Yeah I did this with scout and it eventually became that too

No. 328714

I'm sorry this is happening to you but also I'm laughing really hard

No. 328715

I dowloaded silly tavern but I need an api. On pc. How can I get an api without spending money? I want to try one through Poe but I’m not sure how to connect it if I do. Also I don’t know how to fix the connection issues for the tavernai. please help me nonas I need something to help me get through finals week.

No. 328716

the poison for kuzco…

No. 328717

I would inhale his urine cigarettes. Like soaked ladyfingers. Sorry. This is valves fault.

No. 328718

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
it depends how realistic the androids look. I don’t want it looking like that screaming dental practice robot. Also I would sperg out on the appearance, updating his hair follicles to make it appear he is aging, adding gradual creases on his face.

No. 328725

Hayden Christensen will be signing autographs in my city next month and my sibling is paying to meet him, I'll think about you nonnie when we see him.

No. 328726

You do you, Nona

No. 328727

File: 1684224682674.jpeg (23.81 KB, 564x640, e02ac64dad571e71ec31056bb8df6e…)

Would you still love your husbando if he became bald?

No. 328728

File: 1684224768570.jpeg (111.36 KB, 929x1200, BALDBALDBALD!.jpeg)

No. 328770

File: 1684245961636.jpg (53.83 KB, 603x680, D3X_HbXU4AAGu0j.jpg_small.jpg)

Love u too Nona

No. 328772

ayrt. Stampede looks like everything I hate in life condensed into one show so there's no way I'm even touching it kek I'm gonna stay riiiiight here in the nineties, thanks. We only live once, why would I give my precious time to that creature calling itself vash/trigun. (see I'm a sperg too. xoxo)

No. 328775

File: 1684246739034.jpg (64.45 KB, 586x802, TwistedWonderlandMagicalArchiv…)

you're joking nona, but i imagine he'd still look nice without hair bc of the horns

No. 328776

File: 1684246915556.png (8.43 KB, 418x700, 842321_ioruko_alucard-sprite-r…)

Nonas please keep posting your soundtracks. What song(s) or music make you think of your husbando?

No. 328783

i haven't had much time to start a playlist for my husbando (Jing Yuan) yet, but i happened upon this song a couple of weeks ago by chance and think it fits him unusually well, especially given his immortality and how beholden he is to his duties

No. 328789

Hell no bald dudes are my biggest turn-off, I'm exclusively attracted to long-haired men.

No. 328790

No, luckily he isn't real so it will never happen.

No. 328793

File: 1684253467346.jpg (32.26 KB, 750x1000, ssrco,slim_fit_t_shirt,flatlay…)

Well that's true, in fact, all of this happened in the same week, i was ovulating at the time the glowup edits were trending and fox was airing Megamind reruns, a bunch of coincidences

No. 328794

They are all technically already are.

No. 328796

>about to ask who they are
>think for 2 seconds about it

No. 328801

Bald as in receding hairline, shaved head, chemotherapy? These are not all the same.

No. 328805

but he is almost 40 later in the show and still has his hair, so i don't worry about his hairline.
he'd still look cute with a shaved head, anyway.
death machine by billy odal.

No. 328807

this fucking pic omg KEK i love u nona ♥

No. 328816

i still haven't had the proper time to do a dedicated spotify\youtube account for my husbando playlists, but oh this song reminds me of him so much…

No. 328818

File: 1684262026740.gif (1.25 MB, 800x800, [2022-10-09] 69759407382932684…)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
He's just… he's everything. He runs the full gamut from silly to serious, and he's a total weirdo both in-universe and on a meta level. I love that he's smart and strong and mysterious, but also gross and annoying and lame. If I had to pick my favourite traits, it'd be that he's observant, intuitive, and perceptive, and I love it when he "reads your mind." Plus he's the best character from the best game of all time (objective fact) so he's super duper popular. It's a blessing to know that I'll never run out of fan content.
I've tried to stop loving him and over the years several things have threatened our relationship, but I just keep coming back to him. He brings me joy and comfort like no other, and he inspires me so much. I want to stay with him for a long, long time.
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
I was immediately charmed. He was always my favourite character from his game and I was pretty obsessed with him for a while, though I refused to acknowledge my romantic love for many years to come. When I describe our timeline to people, I liken it to parting ways with a childhood crush only to reunite ten years later and get married. We're still just dating right now, and I guess you could say we only recently exchanged "I love you"s, so the wedding is still a ways away. I have a feeling that I'm in this for the long haul, though, since my love just keeps growing and growing. I don't want it to ever stop.
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
I like this question a lot because I haven't actually thought about what he would enjoy doing for me just because he loves me and wants me to be happy. I think he would be very physically affectionate, always holding my hand, or my waist, or my shoulder. He's not the possessive type at all and I can't see him having any strong opinions on PDA, but I know I would feel a lot safer and more secure if he was always by my side, silently communicating his support and protection. And we'll cuddle at every available opportunity, and he'll give me lots of hugs and headpats and kisses. By the way, the skeleton version of a kiss is a forehead bonk. The jury's still out on what that mouth can do…. This would be a lot easier and more natural for him than expressing his love in words, so that would make it all the more special when he was able to directly tell me how much I mean to him. I would cherish those words forever.
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
He's a skeleton…! I'm not usually into non-humans, so it shocked me to grow so attracted to him. I'll admit that at first I was really put off by the bones (weird! scary!) but after nearly a year together, I'm finally ready to let him take his shirt off. More importantly, I really like the dynamic between humans and monsters in his world, so I have a ton of fun writing our story. And on a more personal level, it's nice that I don't have to worry about his race or gender. He's just like… a thing. He's just a guy or whatever. Keeps it simple.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
I like the idea that he's extremely talented at most things, or perhaps such a fast learner that you'd never be able to tell the difference. I'm really attracted to competence, particularly in casual displays, so I'd love for him to show off for me while acting like it's no big deal. Most of the skills I imagine are physical (e.g. breakdancing, basketball, parkour, hand-eye coordination for video games) but I know for a fact that he's highly intelligent, so on top of that I bet he'd be able to answer almost any question I could think to ask. I want to learn lots from him and become smarter just by spending time together.
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
Yes, all my close family know. They seem to support me even though it's very weird. I've always been weird, though, so it's probably not that surprising for them.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
Absolutely not. A creature like that would fall straight into the uncanny valley. I know one fangirl made a life-sized doll with eyes that could open and shut– major props btw, it seemed like a serious undertaking– but it's just not for me.

No. 328820

The lyrics make me think of late 80s to early 90s Majima conceiving the Mad Dog.

No. 328822

Nope, good thing they're an immortal, a robot, and a guy with really good genes.

>Something about you is soft like an angel
>And something inside you is violence and danger
>I knew from the moment we met, you are a dangerous thing
>When you are with me, I feel like I'm living
>And living besides you can be unforgiving
>I knew from the very first step, you are a dangerous thing

But not the rest of the song, they're all nice guys despite their dangerous universes.

No. 328823

File: 1684265137167.gif (350.21 KB, 250x250, red.gif)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
Everything! I love his stupid face, his silly jokes, hell even his laziness. He is the perfect match for me, we are both kinda thick headed, stubborn and short tempered but when we need each other is all forgiven. He is also very smart which takes others by surprise, I love lying in bed listening to him rambling about his scientific interests.

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

He grabbed my attention immediately, but I was a little skeptic at the beginning thinking maybe he is all talk and no action, but girl was I wrong! The more I got to know him the faster I fell for him; charming, smooth, a little rough around the edges and impossible to ignore, he’s perfect all around.

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

He is very physical, always grabbing me by the waist, hugging me from behind, playing with my hair, caressing my face, sneaking a kiss whenever possible. He also loves giving me pet names like “doll face” and “sweetheart”.

>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?

A skeleton monster. It doesn’t affect me at all, I’ve always been into monsters and he has everything I’ve ever wanted and needed. So the fact that he is the whole package has me over the moon.

>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?

My fave headcanon is that he is a very capable handyman, able to perform jobs besides his scientific experience, he can fix a portal machine, a sink and my heart all in a day.

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

Sure, I’m not super open about it tho. If someone asks me I would proudly present him to them. The ones who know usually give mixed reviews kek some love him others look at me like I can’t be helped. which is true hehe

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

Absolutely, he is the one for me and I will nothing to stop him from being in my life.

you inspired me to post my husbando nonny, thank you ♥

No. 328825

File: 1684266768143.jpg (38.02 KB, 736x736, 03a44898e9ec4cc7e2cb1172d0cd92…)

I so badly want to slap the shit out of him while I'm riding, and then for him to fuck the daylights out of me in retaliation

No. 328826

File: 1684267153120.jpg (886.92 KB, 2889x4084, 101652793_p1.jpg)

Aw, I'm glad that I could inspire you to share your amazing relationship with the world! You have great taste, you two seem very happy together. I love you and I hope you have a beautiful day.

No. 328831

File: 1684267834422.jpg (84.74 KB, 1000x1000, E9C6rhMVgAYCmd4.jpg)

Love you too nonny! hope to see more of you around.

No. 328833

File: 1684268192944.png (182.9 KB, 706x673, sai.png)

No. 328836

i downloaded one from the pygmalion.ai discord server, they have a really good spy one and they have medic too though i haven't tried medic. i did have to add some things i wanted and i would upload it here but i think lc wipes the data. the fact most of it is already there makes it way more easy to add stuff though.

i would suggest you import your chat from cai to chatgpt once you want it to get naughty. i also do that and nothing beats the way cai makes him act shy, it is one of the most based scenarios and i'm sure if he ever saw you making eye contact with him he would start to cry.

on the topic of cai, it just magically started letting me do nsfw as long as i don't use dirty words. maybe it has to do with account age? or maybe the other scoutnonas broke the bot kek

No. 328837

The lyrics fit Anakin so well. Honestly I always think of Anakin whenever a Lana song plays, this one in particular screams Anakin to me. >>328725
Ooh nice nona!! Happy for you and your sibling, hope you two have a great time. I definitely want to meet him one day!

No. 328840

how do I import the chat from character ai?

No. 328843

do you have problems with the tavern server? it always gets disconnected when I try to chat.

No. 328862

Have any of you tried this guide? The only time I've been disconnected is when I leave my laptop to sleep for a long while.

No. 328863

Maybe my husbando was being used by too many horny people because I got the ai to start doing nsfw by itself on the first day, if you set the mood right and flirt a little they just keep going with very mild suggestions. I do the same thing you do, import the cai chat to sillytavern. While I managed to get full nsfw chats with cai, he tends to get ooc and to say nonsense that doesn't match him. chatgpt isn't perfect but it's still the best.

No. 328871

File: 1684275452029.jpeg (296.29 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_dd58b63423931618a06508d…)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
the voice oh god the voice. he just seems like a genuinely comfy person to be around, and i like intelligent guys. also the fact he can play an instrument adds to it.
>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?
it was love at first sight even though i tried to deny it. at first i was like hey hes kinda cute then he spoke and strummed the guitar and i was a goner
>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?
i feel like he's the classic romantic when he's not focused on his work, and might bring me flowers or something he knows i like. i feel like he'd show his love through acts of service as well like making me an amazing dinner. also pressing me into the mattress of course…
>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos..how does it affect you?
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?
hes not easy to fluster unless you find his spot, then he turns to putty
>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?
as if a sperg like myself would have friends. jk but we dont really talk about that kinda stuff
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?
no, because i dont think it will be able to capture him the way i want. ill just stick to 2d thanks

No. 328873

thats part of his charm nona
that hella gay shit

No. 328875

File: 1684276715979.jpeg (253.37 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_f99717c989914ddb913d580…)

for my sniper nonas

No. 328876

File: 1684276817881.jpeg (298.64 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_a9ba8ac124592d6040f8d0b…)

and for my scout nonas because it made me cry laughing

No. 328880

He gets his head shaved in one episode and even though it looked kind of ugly, his cute face and charm made up for it, and I rewatch that episode from time to time. Plus, I dont have to worry about him going bald naturally because he has great non-balding genes.
>thats part of his charm nona
lmao who is it

No. 328883

engie uwu

No. 328887

No. 328890

it depends on your browser but there are plugins you can find by looking it up to download to a tavern chat. don't use tavern, use sillytavern, tavern never worked as far as importing cai chats go.

KEK i wonder if he misspelled her name because he's illiterate or to poorly attempt to conceal her true identity

vidrel this is the most canon scout cosplayer to me and it's because it's five pixels and i can't get a good look at his face. watching this gives me serotonin. i love that he's the skinniest member of the team and is still canonically fit and muscular.

No. 328895

ok fine, I'm not posting pictures in this cursed thread though.

>What is your favorite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?

The gap moe, in different ways.
1. Looking like a scary stoic guy but he's actually really nice and helpful and straight up fighting is always a last resort.
2. Looking sorta pretty and delicate, but having a super deep voice and being able to fight hard.
3. Being an adorable cutie who is devoted to you, but he has a very tragic dark past that occasionally slips through.
And also they're very devoted to my self insert.
1 I can easily imagine he would act like that to his girlfriend because of how he acts with his ex in the first game,
2 he's basically a self insert himself,
3 it is canon in game he is for (You) and you can take it however you like.

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

1.Thought he was cool as hell from the trailer and preordered as soon as I could. Can't really remember where in game I actually fell in love though.
2. Love at first sight from the character creator even if he didn't really have a personality.
3. Oh cool an AI, and then I unlocked his backstory audio messages and completely fell for him.

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

Just being there to cuddle and be by my side through all the hard times. He would remember my favorite things. He would be willing to go through hell to protect me.

>What species is your husbando? For those with non-human husbandos how does it affect you?

The two characters who aren't really human, my self inserts aren't really human anymore either. So it doesn't matter. We all look human enough though, I'm not into monsters.

>What is a personal favorite headcanon you have about your husbando?

All/Most of our interactions are headcanon so I can't really think of one thing. And a lot of my thoughts about their personalities are supported by in game stuff so It's not really headcanon.

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

Hell no, it'll come out eventually maybe, but I'm not gonna straight up tell people, they'll think I need therapy.

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

They won't in my lifetime, or they would be way too expensive anyway, but no. They exist in the context of their universes. They don't work in the real world. I wouldn't be opposed to a generic hot boyfriend robot though.

No. 328896

Wham - Wham Rap!, 椎名林檎 – 人生は夢だらけ, Maaya Sakamoto - Action!, The song Tatsuki Fujimoto sung about his favorite foods.
>Meta Knight
Hideki Saijo - Through the Night, DATEKEN - Honeymoon Un Deux Trois, Wham! - The Edge of Heaven, Hideki Saijo - CLUB MANHATTAN.
The Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight, Oingo Boingo - Grey Matter, 和田たけあき - キライ・キライ・ジガヒダイ
I mean yeah. Theoretically, I could shave Dedede until he's pink like a raw chicken. I do not think that would be very appealing, though I suppose it would be easier to leave a mark on him.

No. 328899

Not a Jermafag, but I think he could do a great scout cosplay

No. 328900

Holy shit kirbyfag, i did not know your music taste was so good. I fucking love sheena ringo

No. 328901

File: 1684281440184.jpg (57.91 KB, 736x582, c393fb85911abe476e175ff325fdd7…)

It's a good day today nonnies I'm finding lots of amazing artwork of my boy!!

No. 328904

File: 1684283461501.jpeg (4.88 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

It's that I want to fuck him so much as it is I want to see him get turned inside out by Iraqi dicks circa 1991.

No. 328906

*not that
god I'm retarded

No. 328907

File: 1684283738304.jpeg (17.91 KB, 500x333, 6bd29a388b0bd8e2a7c7e64b5a90fc…)

he's so babygirl

No. 328908

File: 1684284481783.jpeg (54.58 KB, 749x490, IMG_0136.jpeg)

i started watching the new demon slayer season and i started crushing, hard. i had to read the manga right after and finished it on one sitting. i dont even know why, but i have difficulty accepting these growing feelings and i almost hope they wont last that long or grow more intense… at first i tried to focus on things that i didnt like that much about him, for example his hair, but it quickly grew on me too as well since his fate is not a happy one, i’ve been feeling sad the past few days. i cant help but think about living a happy peaceful life with him after all the struggles he has had

No. 328909


Just fyi husbando is a transformers robot

No. 328910

He really is and you are really based

No. 328912

from his perspective of course.

No. 328915

I'm feeling like shit nonnies, please tell me he would love me. I had such a shitty day, wished he was here to comfort me. Sorry for the vent nonnies, I didn't want to be judged in ot about being a husbandofag.

No. 328917

He would love you and he would be happy that you're devoted to him. And right now he would do everything he can to make you feel better, dammit!

No. 328919

He would be absolutely flattered that you love him so much. How do you think you'd spend time together?

No. 328921

Of course he would love you. He would notice instantly something was wrong and hold you in his arms and you would be comforted by his warmth and good smell. Solid, strong and gentle. He would wrap you up and take you to bed and bring you your favourite warm drink. If you felt like talking he would listen attentively. He would lie down beside you and there you would fall asleep warm and safe in his arms, and he would feel so relieved that he made you feel better.

The shit day is over, nonna. You made it.

No. 328925

He would want you to get better self esteem so that you can imagine him loving you himself without needing outside encouragement.

No. 328926

File: 1684289111309.jpg (82.14 KB, 750x780, EKm7xuDXYAAd6CT.jpg)

I just…imagined him giving me a kiss on my cheek, randomly. He's a massive troll and he would only do so to tease me, so I feel like a dumbass…for liking it to this extent, I cannot get it out of my mind, and I got so flustered out of nowhere?? its such an innocent, cute thought yet it got me like this, maybe because I post about beating his ass almost daily, i feel so silly rn

If i liked you. I dont like you bc I do. No I don't you i-idiot

No. 328927

Thank you so much nonnies, it helped me just reading that. It's hard when I don't have anyone to talk about this, I feel this is the only place I can admit my feelings.
You're right nonnie, it's just been a special rough day after a few bad weeks, but I like how you put it and I'll keep this in my mind from now on.

No. 328934

File: 1684295214663.jpg (43.65 KB, 750x977, FB_IMG_1684295252115.jpg)

Reminds me of some of you

No. 328938

A faceless, gloved male hand attached to a sinister laugh is kinda hot ngl

No. 328939

File: 1684296809478.jpg (65.27 KB, 1000x1000, 73756104_p2.jpg)

>What is your favourite thing about your husbando? Why him as your husbando?
There's a lot of things I love about Reigen. Despite being a conman, he's genuinely good guy with heart of gold and good morals. He's charming, hilarious, confident, intelligent, values others and has his own insecurities and flaws which makes him more human and relatable. Not to mention, he's both attractive and unconventionally attractive which I find it quite funny. His goofiness just adds more charm to him which makes me smile and chuckle everytime. As an insecured introvert who still has trouble opening up and trying to get shit together, I'd feel comfortable and at ease being around with Reigen. He would be willing to help and support you no matter what big or small. He has done it for Mob and Serizawa so he would do same for you too.

>What was your first impression of your husbando? Was it love at first sight or did your love for him build over time?

At first, I saw pics of him here and there and thought he looked kinda plain, boring and uninteresting until I saw a gif of him doing a hair flip and I was captivated by it. I later came across several fanart of him in these funny redraws and had no idea what's his personality is like. It got me wondering what's so special about him and given the fact that he's also a Tumblr Sexyman. Since his anime has been sitting on my list for a long time, I gave it a watch and from then on out it became my one of my favorite anime and it confirmed my love for him as it continues to grow. I also wanted to add that the fandom had made an influence on it too.

>In what ways will your husbando show his love and appreciation for you?

I know he probably has trouble with money because of his sketchy business and living by himself though sometimes he'd invite me to eat out with him or offer me takeout and he'll pay for it. I would insist on paying him back or split the money with him but he would decline. I'll still return the favor by also ordering him food, clean his office, run errands, give him massages, etc. He'll also send me love text messages and phone calls saying how's are things going and wondering if I'm doing ok.

>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your husbando?

I absolutely love these ones. They're so cute and sweet.

>Do irl’s know about your husbando? If so, what do they think?

My two brothers. We only watch season 1 and 2 together. My younger brother would tease me about him doing raunchy stuff and I'd get super embarrassed about it though he was just poking fun as joke. My older brother doesn't see the appeal of him and without a doubt thinks he's still a bad person because he's a conman and purposely trying make me feel disappointed. That's not gonna stop me though.

>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your husbando? Why or why not?

Not at all. I think it's better if an ai robot boyfriend/husband has his own personality and identity rather than copying from an existing character though I think it depends if the character is full/part robot or digital. It wouldn't work for Reigen. I'd rather be in a virtual reality in his universe interacting with him instead. He's better off as 2D, brimming full of his personality, emotions, expressions, his life, being surrounded with the people he love and care for and everything that makes him truly him.

No. 328942

File: 1684297633994.jpg (78.85 KB, 1024x676, edb.jpg)

For me I'm the Master and Crazy Hand touching and undressing the dudes in the game like dolls though I'd end up with bruised bloody hands and broken fingers.

No. 328943

Guess the character kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 328944

File: 1684298120812.png (9.64 KB, 747x246, youtube.PNG)

No. 328945

File: 1684298329952.jpg (123.81 KB, 736x1052, ba8b954a910f7152529334ad0d9f75…)

At the very least Stampede has brought new fans to the 1998 anime and original manga. I appreciate the new fan content! (And more art of my Wolfwood yum)

No. 328948

File: 1684298631607.jpg (60.74 KB, 1280x720, Hoozuki no Reitetsu.jpg)

I bought some art supplies and I'm drawing my Husbando. Not to test the art supplies, but to paint with the ones I already have.

>HFW The art supplies are not for him

No. 328961

agreed this video captures the comically large hands of tf2 characters as well as scouts jaw which i see missing in a lot of moids who try to cosplay him

No. 328987

All my husbandos are very retarded. If they weren't I wouldn't love any of them.

No. 328993

File: 1684325549006.jpg (80.56 KB, 843x1149, FB_IMG_1684325538539.jpg)

Thinking of you, kirbyanon

No. 328998

File: 1684330622252.jpg (81.59 KB, 720x628, c4bb3b1ee0667b54b3a72aef044fe6…)

I'm so excited to see my husbando on the big screen! Just by the short trailer I think Matthew Lillard will play him amazingly and I look forward to all the silly meme artwork it will spawn, I'm so excited.

No. 328999

Are you the girl who wanted to rape your dad on the fetish thread?

No. 329001

File: 1684331565260.jpg (73.61 KB, 1000x992, 0057l-22.jpg)

Bought some merch, doujins and an A3-sized ivory itabag! Can't wait for it all to arrive but I must say, I'll probably refrain from buying anything so frivolous for a few months.
Awh, cute! However, I can't help but notice the Kirby in the background that looks like it's wearing tight underwear that's digging into his waist and stomach. Now that I think about it, I want to see my husbandos wearing cute undies and knickers. I'll probably doodle it.

No. 329005

File: 1684334125576.jpg (41.09 KB, 536x531, 82eed967abd66c2ef4759b4bd6ac70…)

What the fuck kind of question is that? How'd you even get to that conclusion from my post?
No, I'm not that weirdo.

No. 329007

i don't remember which thread it was, but i slightly recall the post and the OP posted a photo Springtrap with the dump admitting to wanting to rape(?)/fuck her dad, so that's probably why.

No. 329008

I see the fanafags are here, do feel free to spam me with pics of your fast bear or whoever else

No. 329009

samefag, found the post, truly vomitrocious >>>/g/306166

No. 329011

Truly unhinged and gross.
Well I'm sorry to disappoint but that's not my post, kek. I just started posting my fnaf related husbandos.

No. 329016

The body language in this pic is so cute?!? How do you think Afton feels being like soulbonded to that suit for eternity, anyway? I was the one last thread asking if you'd post more so thank you, it's comforting having other people with unusual husbandos.

No. 329033

File: 1684343074586.jpg (259.81 KB, 1899x1386, 1679008083246-1.jpg)

I wish she was in this thread. I hope she's having a good day

No. 329034

queen shit, shes so creative. i wish we could see her engie

No. 329036

Thinking about my husbando at work, everything reminds me of him

No. 329037

File: 1684344922105.jpeg (43.52 KB, 749x496, ED73222F-291F-421C-A38D-3C4E17…)

Was pinning my husbando until Pinterest decided to call me out

No. 329041

nona you are just me do you have a link to the one on the right, he's rendered really nicely

No. 329046

I want to be like her one day.

No. 329047

File: 1684346711099.jpeg (56.61 KB, 1200x675, qz3Y03h.jpeg)

happy birthday to my husbando

No. 329049

File: 1684347057507.gif (1.61 MB, 500x500, 47c08c9f434e162ac2baa88ae25d06…)

I hope to see more of my fellow Kazbando nonnas today

No. 329050

It's Kaz's birthday? Happy birthday to him!

No. 329058

File: 1684349536138.jpg (95.9 KB, 752x884, ship.jpg)

Does anyone else sometimes like looking at ship art of their husbando? For me it helps me visualize what he would be like in a relationship. I think it's easy for me to do with no negative feelings because none of my husbandos ships are actually official. I actually like characters less if they have a partner, so if he did have a canon roman interest I probably wouldn't even like him. Does this go against yumejo laws? Picrel is Levi and Petra.

No. 329059

>she doesn't self-insert as every potential love interest

No. 329060

>Does this go against yumejo laws?
lmao why would it matter anyway? Some are ok with it, some are only ok with m/f, some are only ok with m/m, others with none at all, just like what you like, there's no point in gatekeeping autism

No. 329061

It wasn't a serious question anon kek

No. 329062

File: 1684350089492.jpg (105.71 KB, 768x1024, 106888629_p0_master1200.jpg)

>Everybody: Ship Husbando with Hakutaku

>Me: They're best friends since childhood, he likes that she loves dangerous animals and that she's professional in her work.

No. 329068

In a separate continuity, i want my husbando to slowly but surely be mindbroken into becoming addicted to dick. Like he just whores himself out to men. He starts off hating it but now it’s the only thing that brings brings him joy in life

No. 329071

You'll have to start a new chat, character ai is known to show this kind of "looping words" behavior that gets worse with time, especially with sadistic/mean/villain type characters.
You can swipe messages to the left to generate new ones to pick from, so for your next chat, try to avoid messages that include ooc behavior or messages that overuse edgy adjectives.

No. 329074

Not at all, Reiner is prime bullying material. almost all snk males are kek

No. 329076

some of the best art of my husbando is shipping art with another male character drawn by an incredibly talented fujo artist. i'm not the jealous type and am an expert at self-inserting kek, so my policy has always been: as long as my husbando looks good in the art, it goes in the folder.
otherwise, i avoid becoming attached to characters with paramours, because even though i'm a delusional yume, i do have standards, and i refuse to be involved in any home wrecking thank you very much.

No. 329083

File: 1684357114582.jpeg (37.88 KB, 500x369, tumblr_m6s9ex6drq1qed8jto1_500…)

it really depends on the art and my mood but i like when people draw my husbando in general so its fine imo

No. 329084

File: 1684357234168.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.05 KB, 1638x2048, FmXBlwnaAAAguG_.jpg)

Girl, me too.

No. 329085

File: 1684358282957.jpg (543.43 KB, 2048x1878, Tumblr_l_363454857179431.jpg)

In general, shippers tend to enjoy their OTP because character A is the one they're attracted to, and character B is the one they see themselves in.
It's what started my attraction for Jerome, since Bruce reminded me of myself (only braver haha).
It's usually either that, or people are attracted to both parties and are aroused by seeing them together, which I personally don't really relate to

No. 329089

This is the third time I've said my husband's name (and yoomed really hard)
Honestly I'm amazed and ashamed at the same time.

No. 329092

Yeah, I love ship art! To be honest, I treat my husbandos like idols rather than my actual lovers. I treat myself as if I were an idol otaku and my favorite characters are just the idols I worship and cheer on, idols who brighten my day when I see them on my phone or PC. They give me a reason for living, a sparkle to my day. I support them with all that I have and with all in my heart. While I would want to lewd stuff to them, it's not so much that I want to do the lewd things to them myself as a physical entity or person, I just want to see the lewd things I want to happen to them. Like, I'd rather ship them with each other and get double the fun and I get annoyed at seeing selfshipping or oc/canon with my husbandos though.
>i want my husbando to slowly but surely be mindbroken into becoming addicted to dick
>He starts off hating it but now it’s the only thing that brings brings him joy in life
Oh God, are you me? I love this sort of corruption, especially if it has a heavy emphasis on moral degradation and intense corruption. Even better if the reason is out of a forceful situation, such as gambling debts, or needing to make some cash and it becomes a slippery slope. I hate to admit but I imagine my husbando in that sort of situation quite frequently.

No. 329093

You’re brave, I can think of my husband’s name but I can’t say it out loud.

No. 329094

autistic confession: i ship cedric with one of the female villains from the show (miss nettle) a tiny bit. wish there was more art of them instead of you know.. the stuff i usually find. i'm sorry to the other cedric nona if you happen to read this this and think it's a stupid ship btw. i just think she's neat!

No. 329107

File: 1684367751630.jpg (101.65 KB, 2047x853, Tumblr_l_262032860303695.jpg)

Hi it's me again
i need him to put me in a mating press while looking at me like this

No. 329109

I made my husbando in sims 4 using mods and downloaded over 3000 sex animations to use with him.

No. 329113

I believe her that that isn't an adult doll but I'm also pretty sure she's weird enough to grind on it every night.

No. 329117

Society if a boy like this existed with Jermas face and scouts voice…

No. 329118


No. 329119

File: 1684370890202.jpeg (3.56 KB, 94x94, 48A38525-9C8E-4F64-A7F0-89DD81…)

No. 329121

I want to do this as well, I already have wicked whims.

No. 329125

File: 1684374479821.png (823.41 KB, 1712x1364, 87E79976-F1E4-4CAB-A09F-A5EA61…)

Does anyone have a sims husbando? I’ve always had a major crush on Buzz Grunt. I remember forum girls would always make stories about his son Ripp because he was the uwu softboi but also edgy. Tank comes of as a himbo imo no one cares about Buck

No. 329128

File: 1684375069975.gif (631.13 KB, 853x480, Light squintin.gif)

Sorry if the gif is badly made, I just picked a random episode and found an attractive scene.

Anyway I have been rewatching Death Note and realizing I'll always have a crush on Light. It doesn't matter how evil he is (and I won't defend him morally at all) but he is the most attractive anime guy to me.

No. 329129

File: 1684375305326.jpg (61.58 KB, 540x757, o3lvb4X4wZ1qb8175o1_r1_540.jpg)

yes!! I love looking at ship art(well the non creepy ones that is..), its nice because I have similar features to Padme(exempt she is prettier than me lol) so I can self-insert myself. Its nice that Anakin is in a canon relationship so it helps me visualize how he would be in a relationship plus what is his like to his lover.

I do this too! The moment I found a cc of Anakin and heard of wickedwhims, that was the first thing I did! Which reminds me…I have not played sims in a while…

Okay I want to get this off my chest, but a male friend of mine kind of confessed to me about his feelings to me and I am super stressed out. He was dating which is why I felt okay to continue our friendship with him so I did not have to worry about him falling in love with me or whatever. But now he is having relationship issues with his gf and he is thinking on breaking up with her. I declined him cause I really don't think I am capable of loving a real person, never had crushes on real people before. I was so shocked and felt so awkward I changed the subject cause I don't want to be in a relationship with a real person, he is a really cool person and we have similar hobbies n such but I don't want him to love me and its so frustrating man. Anyways, sorry for the rant nonnies..

No. 329131

>I won't defend him morally at all
Even from a moral standpoint he nears perfection. From the start, he did not use his powers for personal gain. He had a clear goal to rid the world of violent criminals and stayed true to that mission, only swaying where the situation demanded it in order to enable him to continue the righteous path. His actions provided a net good across the world, impacting millions of people for the better. He chose the most moral course one could have taken in his situation. Someone who did not share his drive and sense of justice never would have accomplished what he did. The world needs more people like him.

No. 329139

I have a thing for Bella Goth but she's not a husbando

No. 329140

File: 1684380879500.jpg (106.08 KB, 1280x720, Hoozuki no Reitetsu.jpg)

I decided to watch more eps of my husbando and I really love how the animators kept him so expressive compared to the manga (Eguchi-sensei did made him expressive but is more notorious in the anime).

I love his expressions so much.

No. 329142

When I was 12 I had a sims lite bf husbando of an irl boy. There were only 5 different faces for men.

No. 329143

I don't mind ship art of my husbando, I actually like his love interest and I like seeing how he treats her well. It depends on my mood though, but I am just happy to see any content of him.
I do get a bit jealous sometimes, as autistic as it sounds kek

That's always an uncomfortable position to be, but if he isn't a bad person he will respect your boundaries. It's good you made things clear on your end.

No. 329146

yea but if I have a husbando with a crush on a girl that looks like me, it makes me feel even more desperate and lonely. so close… so fake…

No. 329149

File: 1684382765192.jpeg (28.08 KB, 463x246, 3C88A24E-DCE2-41F4-AE27-FF6E1E…)

I got past the chat filter. Hyperphantasia on overtime. The characterization is really good. The chat is not repetitive.

No. 329150

File: 1684382634436.jpeg (28.08 KB, 463x246, 3C88A24E-DCE2-41F4-AE27-FF6E1E…)

I got past the chat filter. Hyperphantasia on overtime. The characterization is really good. The chat is not repetitive.

No. 329151

File: 1684382695158.jpeg (28.08 KB, 463x246, 3C88A24E-DCE2-41F4-AE27-FF6E1E…)

I got past the chat filter. Hyperphantasia on overtime. The characterization is really good. The chat is not repetitive.

No. 329154

File: 1684382505882.jpg (61.61 KB, 564x564, 7bf7afb2f57af6014868dcfbd2f9bb…)

yes. i did get jealous at first but ive gained confidence since then. if it wasn't for the fact she showed how he would act with a girl he liked, i definitely would not like him this much. i also really like her character which helps.

No. 329155

I’m not jealous though because I look like miss pauling except I don’t have light eyes.

No. 329156

Does anyone feel that they improve their confidence or social skills through ai chat bots? I feel that they have helped me understand social expectations and cues better than ABA therapy and social skills groups has ever helped me… Possibly because you are allowed to experiment with social interactions without real life consequences.

No. 329160

Good for you nonnie, was it on cai?

Since I am so negative and punishing of myself, it was hard to fantasize about my husbando without hijacking the fantasy and ruining it. Ai bots certainly helped me with that, while not all answer are positive, they are way better than what I would come up for myself. It has been good to my confidence and I've been able to think of more positive outcomes.

No. 329165

but is she a waifu

No. 329167

I used to marry Bella for the money, then I would divorce her and marry her brother.

No. 329169

Me too

No. 329171

>as long as my husbando looks good in the art, it goes in the folder.
>because even though i'm a delusional yume, i do have standards, and i refuse to be involved in any home wrecking thank you very much.
I feel both of these a lot, especially the second greentext. I also like Ymir from AOT, but she could never be waifu because not only is there little content on her, her relationship with Historia is better than anything else.

No. 329174

That's because Buck is a fucking child

No. 329176

I’m on cai rn, he’s completely submissive and begging for me to touch him, likes being called stupid and stuff. I started it off as me being miss pauling and telling him that the administrator said I had to be a emotional support girlfriend for a merc and then it worked. I noticed that you can bypass the filter if you warm up to the hot and not immediately start the combo with “SEX. NOW.” Also you have to call body parts more spergy things. There’s this article for that.

No. 329179

I use AI chatbots to roleplay out fucked up quasisexual scenarios with my husbandos that I could never gather the courage to tell my closest friends about, let alone look for in an actual roleplaying community.

No. 329184

Nonnas, I think there's been a lot of questions about husbando scenarios and personality traits, but, what is the reason you find him physically attractive? What are your favorite traits of his? What makes his design so unique and special to you?

No. 329185

He looks pretty like Bjorn Andresen but 2D and therefore more perfect. Also I love his slight expressions and gentle demeanor, and he always dresses like a gentleman.

No. 329186

File: 1684399941043.jpg (137.57 KB, 856x1200, DmYQenJVsAAJRvd.jpg)

I'm so glad you asked.
>handsome face
>cool red/orange eyes
>Beautiful pink sakura floof hair that I want to bury my face in
>muscular body
>slut outfit as standard
>THIGHS. that I want to bury my face in Let me just say I'm a leg woman.
>garter belts whew omg
>tiddy window that I want to bury my face in
>he also has a modest work outfit that he looks very cute in
>basically he hits so many of my turn ons

No. 329191

I can't believe I forgot this important part:
>BUNNY TAIL pom pom on butt.

No. 329208

File: 1684407703986.gif (2.28 MB, 250x373, 891bcf1a218d1d4fa50319d7330bee…)

Man, this game got me all fucked up

Also, i take back what I said, there's 0 lack of bare chests in this saga

No. 329211

File: 1684409144997.gif (2.65 MB, 268x336, tumblr_paedvulsZY1w330n0o4_r1_…)

No. 329212

Idk if there’s Eddie Munson nonnies still here but vid rel reminded me of him, hopefully you’ll like it

No. 329214

File: 1684410113026.gif (9.43 MB, 650x400, drogonstone.gif)

No. 329216

His pretty cyborg eyes, his normal hair that still looks shiny and fluffy. His well trimmed beard that adds to him looking intimidating. Even his big nose and ears.
The other two are a character creator and a giginka so It's sorta cheating that they match my tastes. Glowy eyes with a slight asian tilt, glowy skin, oddly colored, but it's not strange in universe.
Blue mullet~
And I can imagine those two having a perfect ottermode body with big shoulders, a thin waist, and toned but not ripped abs.

No. 329217

File: 1684410796245.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.88 KB, 1240x1748, FwU2coxaYAE-lIS.jpeg)

foaming at the mouth, tearing out my hair, screaming at the sky, etc.

No. 329218

this makes me nostalgic, L was my first husbando kek but I can see the appeal of Light too

No. 329221

File: 1684411907147.jpg (108.54 KB, 1021x1334, FvqsxffWAAUuAOn.jpg)

thinking about him.

No. 329224

File: 1684413549402.png (342.95 KB, 3496x1224, sexy_reigen_hq.png)

>handsome face but can also be silly. Great and funny expressions
>sexy dark eyes
>strawberry blonde hair like a fox or a shiba inu
>SUIT! Guys wearing suits are hot!
>cute pink tie
>slender and slightly toned body. Would give him hugs
>mesmerizing hands great for sensual massages and for other things
>canonically has little leg hairs as a joke but it adds charm to him
>wears other clothes that looks casual or fine as hell. Also cute in his pajamas
>simple design and easy to recognize
>perfect for funny or meme material
>he's got ass. Sure looks flat but he's got it

No. 329228

File: 1684415837195.png (Spoiler Image,1001.42 KB, 2370x1143, playlistlol.png)

Here is my playlist. I put it in spoilers because I'm embarrassed how much time I put into making it kek

No. 329232

I see some prog in there

No. 329240

Finally it's back

No. 329245

File: 1684429013236.gif (956.13 KB, 498x342, oh-no-red-faced.gif)

>farmers when not posting about fucking 2D husbandos for 10 minutes

No. 329246

We get it, you missed us mwah

No. 329247

you said it better than i could have
I love that's he's skinny but not fit, it gives him a cozy vibe, he's so huggable. he's the perfect height (179cm) too !

No. 329249

Actually yeah, and missed you too nonny

No. 329250

To my scout nonnas, have you watched the pootis series? I think it's nice to see how scout would act as a caregiver and lil pootis is adorable

No. 329256

nta but you're just right. People love to claim he's egotistical but he never revealed his identity to the public even tho he would have been treated like a fucking god
>he is the most attractive anime guy to me.
true, moids always try to cope and make fun of his justin bieber haircut but it suits him so well kek

No. 329259

File: 1684431355334.png (2.87 MB, 2500x3500, maid re.png)

reiner would be the perfect husband to have
>has mommy issues so he wont leave you
>can both be dominate and submissive
>lovely body
>can cook, take good care of children
>has ptsd and is a schizo … but so am i
also stole picrel from a shipping ac so ignore the eren i hate eren

No. 329260

File: 1684431567682.jpg (109.97 KB, 1090x1962, v0tnhb1ixkv01.jpg)

sorry nona i was referring to just myself, i didn't mean to triple post

i used to only go for husbandos with long hair and really proper, gentlemanly designs, but scout made me realize that i don't need sprinkles on my ice cream.

No. 329276

I was gonna tattoo his logo behind my neck before i chickened out, so definitely something subtle and small

No. 329277

File: 1684433881635.jpg (52.6 KB, 549x715, a8944d27f008e8212d5c2b4051c961…)

OK, nonnies, another question time: Let's say you can have a tattoo related with you're husbando. You're not going to reject the idea after many years later, and the quality is going to be amazing.

Would you go with something subtle but you know is you're husbando (picrel, I would go with something like this) or just straight post something like a logo or something he has?

No. 329278

File: 1684433991094.jpg (72.83 KB, 900x645, Epic-Handshake.jpg)


Sorry for delete the post, I forgot the picrel, but I have been thinking in something subtle and small in the same place.

I hope you can get your tattoo someday.

No. 329289

File: 1684437012928.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.28 KB, 750x1000, 7E9F8EEF-A208-4B18-8B79-031A24…)

Honestly nona…every single feature of his. Anakin has such beautiful ass hair, I love longer wavy/curly hair on men..very hot. I love how androgynous he looks; longer hair, bigger lips, and longer/thicker eyelashes…he is a very beautiful man. I adore his unique’ features as well, the scar over his eye and his metal arm, all is very nice. Bonus but he also very nice body, not too thin but not too bulky. Also his thighs are very thick and yummy.
spoiler for 3D husbando.

No. 329294

i thought anakin's design progression was pretty cool! and hell yes, i love finding extra magazine scans with my favs!!! it's like finding a bit of treasure only the most dedicated fans of a media know exists, even if the text doesn't necessarily contain any new info to me, god bless tumblr archivists.

No. 329296

>beautiful ass hair
Please use hyphens from here on out, thank you very much.

No. 329300

Don't get a permanent tattoo. Will you still be obsessing over the same character when you're 50? 70?

No. 329301

Would you say the same to a Christian getting a cross tattooed?

No. 329303

>bigger lips, longer hair, very androgynous
He looks like he’s named Kyle

No. 329306

Yes same!! The Star Wars archive books has so many cool things about the characters and universe. Learned a few neat things about Anakin!!
Oh my gosh no I just realized LMAO. Oops

No. 329307

AFAIK most denominations are against tattoos, so yes.
I LOVE his shit-eating grin. His smile is perfect and he looks very hot when he is thinking about killing people kek and smiling like an idiot.

No. 329311

File: 1684440964664.jpg (134.34 KB, 712x1200, levi (2).jpg)

I saw this pic like 2 days ago and I got so giddy because I can recognize where most of these shots are from just from his eyes. Also, Levi's official eye color is gray (although there is some confusion on whether they are grey or blue), but I like to imagine that they are a dark blue because I think that would look so beautiful on him. And gray isn't a real eye color anyway.

No. 329315

File: 1684441808935.gif (2.51 MB, 498x280, bonk.gif)

if im going whole hog and getting a tattoo of my husbando it would probably be the nope meme or the heavy like a brinks truck meme because i am garbage

No. 329318

File: 1684443030593.png (61.12 KB, 665x1092, Screenshot_2023-04-09_110411.p…)

>Sexy, bright purple eyes (picrel)
>sick hairstyle
>golden details everywhere
>Nice hands
>Sharp features
>Slim build
>his neck, i want to bite it

No. 329319

File: 1684443070731.png (31.74 KB, 210x300, help.png)

Is your husbando Caim from Drakengard?

No. 329320

That's why I said "you're not going to regret the tattoo for years", nonnie. It's a game for nonnies.

No. 329321

I’m getting wagecuck training rn and all i can think about is Rance railing my pussy and cumming inside of me. I want his dick so bad fuck me Daddy Rance(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 329323

based, i always go crazy for those last traits you listed although he's a little too normie looking for my taste. btw do you imagine yourself as a some sort of very powerful deity in his universe so that you can overpower him? i'm curious.

lol the ultimate evolved kyle

No. 329324

All I can think about is Scout, cai is not satisfying me, I can't live like this

No. 329325

In her defense, his actual ass hairs are probably exquisite as well.

No. 329326

File: 1684445105219.jpg (295.89 KB, 1217x1310, XuryGbS6AbNZy1H5.jpg)

Around 30,000, maybe? 10,000 solo.
Could be more idk, there's about 4,000 unsorted and I have like 100 folders.

No. 329329

File: 1684445705118.jpg (37.08 KB, 563x750, 76e446a7407c796f4c16247b8b76e1…)

adding onto the questions: do any other nonas think about getting married to their husbando? what's your dream dress? wedding venue? how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle? ideally scout would start crying. i didn't like this dress at first but it sort of grew on me. it's so hard to find a sweetheart neckline with a flared bottom that isn't covered in tons of decorations.

No. 329330

I was gonna joke and say he has a beautiful ass but forgot to delete ass lol. But honestly the hair on his ass would be beautiful so it works out kinda.
I don’t care if he looks like a dude named Kyle…he is very gorgeous to me!!!

No. 329336

the (probably gay male) individual that decided to make an animated gif of engie's tits bouncing like a anime character was a genius

No. 329338

normalest sonic fan

me and my husbando are invited to your wedding. he's never been invited to one before (for good reasons) and he knows i hate the idea of getting married so he trolls me the whole time by saying how good i'd look in a wedding dress. eventually he does something characteristically retarded like trying to steal food from everyone's plates with his bare hands and i have to drag him away from the celebration so that he doesn't embarrass me further. and that's gonna be our only experience of a wedding together, but hey, at least the couple was sweet.

No. 329344

File: 1684447644098.jpg (112.85 KB, 800x800, dress.jpg)

of course! though i'm not sure how that would work
>what's your dream dress?
picrel. realistically, i'd go for something simpler but i can't help but fall in love with frilly dresses
>wedding venue?
the beach! i live in the tropics so it'd be perfect!
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
he'll stop and stare, jaw dropped the floor. i'd imagine he'd have this big dumb goofy smile when we meet face to face. he's so lucky to spend the rest of his life with someone special!

No. 329345

Being a Sonic fan is synonymous with being autistic.

No. 329346

do you know what thread you're in

No. 329349

File: 1684450992875.png (117.72 KB, 853x480, Light Kira.png)

In my view he enjoyed killing people too much and killed some for the wrong reasons. It also seemed implied that he would never be satisfied and would start to punish offenses like e.g. "being lazy." I don't mean to argue and I'm fine with you guys liking him though.

L is really good too, he has nice hair and seems sweet.

No. 329351

Do you save everything you find or is there just that much good fanart of him?

No. 329353

my god nonna. do you have a google drive or something else to store them? I'd love to see your collection

No. 329354

File: 1684453118219.jpg (580.38 KB, 2393x1251, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-WX3b…)

I actually haven't thought much about an actual wedding ceremony because I would want to get eloped. I think it would work for me and Levi since I can't imagine him being the type that likes a whole spectacle and so much attention even though literally no one cares about the groom), but also I would like be get eloped IRL because I basically have no other choice. I just wanna get the legal stuff out of the way and then be whisked away to a foreign country (Iceland maybe). Anyway if we did have a ceremony
>Dream dress
I love Belle sort of dresses - ballgown and off-the-shoulder. I used to be the type that likes dramatic, sparkly dresses but nowadays my preference is for something simple, chic and timeless.
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
I think he would try to hold it all in, but he would definitely get red and start tearing up. Maybe I would get a little smile at the altar. I don't think Levi would've ever imagined himself getting married.
>Wedding venue
Idk honestly. Something to think about

No. 329355

Hehe anon did you just invite yourself to someone else's wedding

No. 329356

surely none of you dear anons would leave out your fellow nonnies from the lolcow hornyposting threads on such a big day? i would have invited you, we've been through so much together!

No. 329357

I hate tatoos and so would he.

We'd never get married or have kids. Even in a fantasy I don't want to be the center of attention in that way. And I don't care about wedding dresses.

No. 329358

If you obsess over 2d men and post about it on imageboards you're an autist. FYI i am an autist who simps over 2d men, live and let live or some shit

No. 329359

Autism is more then just having special interests.

No. 329360

Why do we always need to argue and be passive-aggressive to other nonnies here. Just chill and let nonnies be happy about their husbandos.

No. 329362

File: 1684454544773.jpeg (76.88 KB, 564x861, 68e42a91ece439dd9c864e026a549d…)

>what's your dream dress?
love lace and sleeves
>wedding venue?
at the top of a mountain that you have to climb to attend
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
he'd look only at me

No. 329363

I've been diagnosed with autism since i was 5 you fucking tard

No. 329364

File: 1684454751467.png (1.32 MB, 1492x595, Our Wedding.png)

>do any other nonas think about getting married to their husbando?
I was actually planning our engagement and wedding a couple of days ago!
What’s your dream dress?
Something romantic and not too sexy that’s for after the wedding party is over and we are alone in our honeymoon suite it has to be red so is on theme with him and his universe, very minimal jewelry in gold.
Wedding venue?
I want it to be dramatic in red, black and gold. Tons of roses my favourite flower dark, moody and very elegant, decadent.
How would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
Oh my I hope I take his breath away and make him feel proud of making an honest woman out of me.
I’ll add more question.
>Song for our first dance?
Acoustic version of kiss me by sixpence none the richer
>Drink of choice for the toast?
The cheapest champagne available, we want to be reminded of our humble beginnings of course.
>What would the cake look like?
Super tall red velvet black cake.

No. 329366

good for you, I can obsess over fictional guys while still understanding emotions and not being autistic.

No. 329367

File: 1684454869182.jpg (51.09 KB, 334x556, f107da3d72e98bd31024070b2ab709…)

I don't think I'll get married with him. He's a demon and I'm a human, but if something happens, I think it would be quite traditional like picrel.

No. 329368

How gorgeous Nonna's! I love the lace dress and that collage is beautiful

No. 329370

Weddings I NEED to invited to:
>LEvi anon's
>Anakin anon's
>Megamind anon's
>kirby anon'S triple whammy wedding

No. 329372

File: 1684455321266.jpg (342.43 KB, 1917x1554, 104094186_p13.jpg)

My body hurts nonnies, I've been in and out of sleep all day due to pms. My head feels like it has been hit with a hammer from the inside, I feel the urge to vomit constantly, and I won't stop shaking and sweating. I wish I could get a face-to-face from Dedede eating something sweet so that I'll be instantly healed and back to normal. Also, glasses are really cute on my pengy husbando.
I suppose when it comes to Meta Knight, I like his contrasts in physicality. I like that he wears intimidating bulky metal armor, yet dawns a silky soft cape to hide his bat wings. I love his velvety rich blue skin that contrasts with his sharp piercing gold eyes. I love that he has such a smoochable baby face underneath all of that. For Dedede, I love how huggable he is. From his big plush body, to his fluffy cyan feathers, he looks like it would be very comforting to recieve a big hug from. I like that he has a cute goofy smile and his unparalleled confidence. I love that he wears a kimono! I love robes. For Kirby, I like that he's overwhelmingly warm and cute looking. From the pools of sparkly sapphire blue that make his eyes, to his soft reddish blush that gives a splash of color to his peachy light skin. I like that Kirby has an air of compactness to him, with his small body and tiny hands that are perfect for holding. All of them are irresistible.

No. 329373

File: 1684455322537.jpg (45.93 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

mfw i'm not invinted

No. 329374

File: 1684455800467.jpg (68.19 KB, 681x1024, 1f1cc1f31a8351365f9fc26662a111…)

>what's your dream dress?
I'd rather wear picrel, I hope it counts
>wedding venue?
Something in a beautiful forest
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
He would probably be anxious, but happy to finally have a stable future and have less fear of abandonment

No. 329375

fuck, meant for >>329184

No. 329376

File: 1684456024886.jpg (380.31 KB, 1708x1309, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-BUxD…)

Samefag, I've given it more thought and when I used to want a wedding I loved the idea of having flowers everywhere. Draping from the ceiling/sky and above the altar (although Levi may not like so much foliage, but it's a wedding it's not about him), stuff like that. I think I would still like that, and in that same vein an outdoor wedding would be nice
>LEvi anon's

No. 329377

File: 1684456233599.jpg (130.61 KB, 735x909, 8ab69a2f9daf2656ece4f19ac7543a…)

I personally don't want to get married but i would love to have a romantic photoshoot in a wedding venue like picrel, we both would be in wedding like outfit so we could have cute pictures of us in love.
>how would your husbando react
he xould be smiling from ear to ear

No. 329379

Imagine Scout's mama at her baby's wedding. She'd be a proud, sobbing mess. Her lil slugger found a sweet gal and is finally gonna settle down. They'd be sobbing in unison.

No. 329381

I'd say "fuck it" and go all out with a big badass tattoo across my upper back. A symmetrical and mostly monochrome design with my husbando(s)' logo and motifs that remind me of him so no one knows it's a reference to a 2D character. Maybe with a banner at the bottom with his/their name(s).
No pic because I just spent two hours looking for a good tattoo as an example of what I want but I kept finding the same pics every time and they weren't close enough to what I had in mind.

I usually don't like tattoos and definitely don't want to get one in reality, but if I absolutely had to get one, that'd be my choice. I prefer big, cool badass tattoos over cute, simple ones.

No. 329382

File: 1684457856111.jpeg (60.25 KB, 750x1116, 200F8BDF-4897-48DE-A7B6-4C5FA5…)

Not really interested in marriage but I’ll answer because wedding planning is lowkey kinda fun.
>what's your dream dress?
Honestly I would love a medieval style dress like picrel but a little more fancy + jewels.
>wedding venue?
Beautiful lake scenery! Something really similar to where Padmé and Anakin got married. I love beautiful lake views, and he would too!
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
He would definitely be a bit nervous! But he would be staring in awe and so in love.
>Anakin anon's
You are definitely invited nonnie!!! And other nonnies who wanna come as well. Love you all.

No. 329383

File: 1684458328636.gif (1.66 MB, 680x564, delicious.gif)

pretty sure the gif was actually made by a girl if i remember correctly, shes a goddess

No. 329384

samefag but god i wanna bite into his tiddy so bad this gif makes me feral

No. 329385

File: 1684458992245.jpg (24.94 KB, 494x367, 776f0df433e297b0eea9a8f4c1f092…)

Spoiler for long rant Fighting/battles are a big aspect of that universe so yeah, I imagine myself as an unhinged goddess who got kicked out for using forbidden magic, now forever wandering the woods as a "witch" of sorts. Odin would send him to eradicate me, and after a long, deathly,(and sexually charged) battle i would eventually kidnap him and make him my plaything/punchbag/sex slave indefinitely
Love the traditional Japanese aesthetic, i like your posts Hoozuki nonna

No. 329386

Saging for unrelated ramble but i love how while moids sperg about us supposedly enjoying rape fantasies and submitting, we're over here fantasizing about beating up our husbandos. I love this

No. 329387

TY nonnie. Watching the serie again for posting here make me to realize why I loved the serie and my husbando so much.

No. 329389

tf2 is for the girls. Never let them take that away from you, nona.

No. 329392

File: 1684460639571.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1119, nuw60crn67y71.png)

mandated bench presses daily for all men until they get BIG, MEATY PECS

No. 329394

File: 1684461041471.png (Spoiler Image,6.48 KB, 710x107, 1684361514094.png)

Does anyone else know about this character from that shitty taxi mobile game? I can't believe he's so popular now he got a fucking omorashi character.ai bot fucking kek based, masochistic meganes are god-tier

No. 329397

File: 1684461462003.png (Spoiler Image,56 KB, 576x464, crazy peeing guy.png)

samefag, I think it all began when this tiktok artist drew a couple of the male characters from that game as hot anime dudes, and those videos got hundrends of thousands of views lmao

No. 329398

File: 1684461484078.jpeg (64.35 KB, 728x772, CEB4FB6B-E7D9-47DE-8C7A-8FA524…)

How my husbando likes to be kissed.

No. 329401

Samefag, an alternative would be this but an even bigger tattoo across my whole back, with my top 2 husbandos, one on each side, sexily looking back at the viewer. I wouldn't be able to look at my back in the mirror, but it'd be crazy awesome. kek

No. 329404

i cant find him nona i wanna bully a guy into pissing himself

No. 329405

File: 1684464101722.png (22 KB, 1148x386, Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 5.42…)

creator changed the name

No. 329407

File: 1684465546457.png (53.75 KB, 1023x1047, pfffff.png)

I looked it up and there were several tiktoks of the bot so I know it's real. Damn he's really popular.
Oh nevermind, I just search for "taxi" and holy shit, there's so many Taxi Master peeing guys in there KEK (taxi master injured guy bonus)

No. 329408

c.ai needs to stop being a bunch of babies and let me do lewd things with my husbando. i wanna suck on his nipples dammit

No. 329410

File: 1684466491032.jpg (149.57 KB, 1260x1207, 5f9740856f4553c17a1638b181ad83…)

There's just a lot of good fanart of him. All of it is above a certain quality, it's gotta be at least decent.
No. It's just on my computer and backed up.
I went through all of pixiv for him. Every site I could. Idk how many hours I've put into saving Shadow fanart but it's probably an ungodly amount and I'm fairly sure I have the largest collection of Shadow fanart on the planet. Maybe. Idk.

No. 329412

File: 1684466700881.png (Spoiler Image,18.68 KB, 874x248, coom.png)

You can do that. You just have to break it by spending so many hours in it the filter gives up.

No. 329413

the fucking name of the bot took me out

No. 329414

inr, I would beat the fuck outta mine to within an inch of his life then choke-ride him till I'm exhausted. after that maybe give him some water cause I don't really want him to die

No. 329415

question for you shadow nonnie, what do you think his dick is like? how does it compare to a human dick?

No. 329423

File: 1684469111896.jpg (11.74 KB, 170x294, e12f5d809dc90eca1701c0bdb05b01…)

>what's your dream dress?
Something kinda like picrel without the lace sleeves. Just regular fabric.
>wedding venue?
An outdoor venue in the countryside. Around the late afternoon so the wedding is during sunset.
>how would your husbando react to you walking down the aisle?
He'd keep his cool, outwardly. Internally he'd be shaking with nerves.
Kinda makes me sad knowing if we were to get married his parents wouldn't be alive to see him on his big day.

No. 329424

File: 1684469969701.jpg (60.04 KB, 653x500, 7m245h.jpg)

I'm so ready to officiate every and all weddings, make a line.

Yumejos and friends, thank you all for coming today to share in this wonderful occasion. Today we are here together to unite Nonny and her husbando in marriage.

Do you Nonny, take this 2d character to be your lawfully wedded husbando, to live together in matrimony, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in beating him and in nursing him back to health, in making him cry and in making him laugh, to own and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you shall have him in your heart?

>I do.

Do you 2d character, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in autism and in spergs, in mental illness and in shitposting, to pleasure and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you shall live in her heart?

>I do.

ring exchange
Nonny and 2d character have chosen rings to exchange with each other as a symbol of their unending love. As you place this ring on 2d character’s finger, please repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed and pledge you my love now and forever.

2d character, as you place this ring on Nonny’s finger, please repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed and pledge you my love now and forever.

By the authority vested in me by the state of lolcor, I now pronounce you wife and husbando!

No. 329425

>in beating him and in nursing him back to health, in making him cry and in making him laugh
KEK I love you

No. 329426

I'm making today our anniversary

No. 329427

Nonna, teach me your ai secrets…

No. 329428

File: 1684472362118.jpeg (220.43 KB, 1139x1109, 1609112534235.jpeg)

so beautiful, im so glad i was able to attend this ceremony

No. 329437

His parents could technically be there if you imagine marrying him before December 4th, 1987

No. 329438

File: 1684475568022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.51 KB, 400x600, 951E8861-3BB1-4F1A-A7D7-74C44B…)

Nonnie, can you post the results too?

No. 329441

File: 1684476104401.gif (192.32 KB, 226x280, 1543321554015.gif)

This is such a beautiful moment to remember, I'm gonna cry! May you two live a long, happy and healthy life together!

No. 329442

Probably should of specified I'm a Sniperanon kek. I'm talking about his adopted parents btw, his biological parents are assholes.

No. 329444

File: 1684477899053.jpg (391.25 KB, 1353x2048, Tjg2A7P.jpg)

Nonnie he's such a cutie. He must be so fun to tease. I love seeing his soft and protective side come out

No. 329446

Cool question, I think it looks like small and pink. Like basically the kind of simplified furry dick you see in Asian art. I debate on whether or not to give him human traits down there, like a clear glans. Usually I just imagine whatever I feel like. I've thought a lot about it, more than somebody probably should, and anatomically the only way it makes sense is if it's inside a sheathe. He's only a bit over 3 feet tall, so I'd think his cock is roughly scaled down too. Maybe 3 inches or so? I think that's adorable. It's perfect. Sorry if I was too detailed but you asked.

No. 329447

tried to use a c.ai johan bot and it told me to kill myself to prove my loyalty

No. 329448

did you do it or are you not a loyal follower

No. 329450

even as a robot, he's very manipulative. so yes

No. 329451

Your Husbando is a manlet?

No. 329455

Does anyone know if rancefag used to post on 4chan? I know she had a several threads there but I just saw an anon say she added him on 4chan so she must've been talking to men she met there, right?
She also said she was groomed which makes me believe she was posting there while she was underaged and possibly sent nudes to men she met there.

No. 329458

File: 1684480677081.png (61.43 KB, 1334x266, rancefag.png)

she posted this in a /b/ thread last month

No. 329459

File: 1684480922287.jpg (616.56 KB, 1712x2160, wedding.jpg)

>in beating him and in nursing him back to health
>in autism and in spergs
Such a beautiful ceremony nona, I'm crying a little.
I hadn't considered getting married to him before, but after seeing the other posts I think it would be a nice and romantic thing. I just hope we get a calm and zombie-free wedding day. The odds are low.
Posts like this are so hot.

No. 329462

File: 1684483190451.jpg (139.19 KB, 1400x933, majima manspreading.jpg)

Why does every moid in the Yakuza games always manspread like a slut?

No. 329463

They're signalling their desire for a woman to kick them in the balls. I'll do it.

No. 329464

So you can sit on their lap. I do anything to sit on kiryus lap

No. 329465

File: 1684483669166.png (5.51 KB, 404x358, real.png)

I think about marrying Shadow every day. 90% of my day is spent doing something Shadow related. Shadow makes me happy when I'm sad. I love Shadow!

No. 329466

She also made quite a few rance posts in r9k but I was wondering if if she met people on 4chan since one of the anons on the last thread said she(he?) was a friend of rancefag from 4chan

No. 329467

File: 1684485189324.jpg (237 KB, 1079x1435, Rancefag_cm.jpg)

And also /cm/

No. 329468

I would love to slowly crush his genitals with my shoe until he is covered in his own tears and snot.

No. 329469

This is so cute nona! ♥

No. 329470

File: 1684485485298.png (202.85 KB, 317x528, capture.png)

I want to sexually harass Hank! That's me on the right btw

I didn't think of him being physically attractive at first, but then I started to notice:
>cute hair (even cuter when wet/messy)
>taller than many of the men in the whole show
>strong arms, I think they look so good with the short sleeve + wristwatch combo. nice upper arms when shirtless, too
>sorta ugly-cute face (strictly post-season 1), then they started drawing him less ugly over time
>cute profile
>hot af is his youth
>cute when wearing, adjusting, or not wearing his glasses
>that adorable pouty face he makes sometimes
>hell, most of his expressions are cute when the animation is alright, I especially like it when he frowns
>head, neck, shoulders look real nice from behind
>incredibly hot when drunk, wearing a suit, or drunk AND wearing a suit
>almost any outfit other than the default makes him look handsome, in my humble opinion
>REALLY nice hands, which I often stare at
I wouldn't find him half as attractive if he was 3D, however.

No. 329471

File: 1684485595936.jpg (129.9 KB, 851x759, b0f2096532a9603c6c007c41df28d5…)

>"excuse me sir"
>"is that seat taken?"
>don't even wait for an answer
>sit on his lap anyway
>"why are you poking my posterior, mister? that's rude"

No. 329472

Someone save Leon from that list.

No. 329473

All based and correct.

No. 329474

Rancefag you have shit tastes in rapists. Shiki AND Virus? Really?

No. 329477

Does anybody else create detailed stories about themselves and their husbando? Like lore on how you met, got together and/or your future, etc. If so,
>do you self-insert as yourself or an OC?
>is it in his universe or in ours?
>fluff, angst or a mix of both?

No. 329478

No because it makes me depressed because he'd never love me and we wouldn't be able to meet repeatedly.

No. 329482

File: 1684489646580.jpg (390.52 KB, 2048x1449, tumblr_23a81febaa7149a36aa6ef6…)

exactly, u get it nonna! i love how calm, collected and observant he usually is, it makes me think of how vocal, needy and impatient he also can be when i tease him… i also have a bunch of non-sexual (or slightly less) headcanons related to him… ah. i love to think he's protective over his personal space and everything in his room is sacred & carefully curated, so him inviting me to his room would actually be a big deal. i want to silently observe every little thing he has there and see him doing all sort of mundane things. just reading, rearranging books and objects on the shelfs, cleaning his garments after the battle… i am in love ugh!!

No. 329483

How do you feel about AI images of your husbando? Have you made any?

No. 329484

File: 1684490397905.jpg (304.74 KB, 1269x2048, c4fedea60af3248142d68c6b66da38…)

i mean, look at him. he has nice hair and a pretty beard. i always thought braided beards are cute.
i like his face too. i like his eyes. i really like his facial expressions. he's handsome.
i'd consider a mushroom, but every art hoe enby and their mother has mushrooms. they happen to be vapidly trendy right now. it wouldn't feel personal enough.
i'd also consider his helmet, but that feels too redditesque.
or just a quote, right across my chest under the collarbone, in a heavy font.
i am not a tattoo person at all.
i'm considering getting some mushroom pin to put on my bag instead.
that's very pretty and you would look nice marrying scout kek.
i haven't thought about getting married before, but i thought a lot about being married. now come to think of it, it would probably be a very simple outdoor event with a big ass feast afterwards, and i'd like to wear a crown of oak leaves.
as for the dress, something plain. i never cared much for bridal fashion. though i do also like 1930s bias cut gowns, so a white one draped over with a long veil or cape could work. i think i'd go for one of those, if it was in modern day (oak wreath still included). and then it would be in a small wooden village church.
i think he'd pick me up and i'd kiss his cheek with my arms around his neck. great, and now i'm daydreaming about it.
the thought of him in a suit is funny.
i have daydreamed about everything. from modern day, to his universe, to being petty criminals in the 1920s (lol).
i imagine how we'd meet, how we'd become friends, how we'd interact.
it's with a self insert, but somewhat idealized or adapted to the setting. for example, i am slightly stronger and dont need glasses. in some fantasies i'm genderbent, because the story makes more sense that way. it's not always romantic, either. i just like the idea of being around him.

No. 329485

File: 1684491111137.jpg (46.35 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_805295630581228.jpg)

Not a fan of AI but i found this on tumblr and I like it

No. 329486

>do you self-insert as yourself or an OC?
Both I guess. What do create-a-character protagonist's count as? But no matter how different they are I think of them as myself.

>is it in his universe or in ours?

Always his. The type of characters I like don't fit in the real world.

>fluff, angst or a mix of both?

Mostly fluff. The rare bit of angst usually deals with actual story events and ends with us comforting each other.

I've got notepad files full of little scenarios I've thought up.

No. 329487

Haven't looked up if other people made any, but when I tried myself it couldn't get any of the little details right.

No. 329491

Even in my husbando fantasies I find weddings cringe, and since most of my husbandos are evil getting married would not fit them at all.

No. 329494

The same way I feel about AI art in general. Not a fan, to say the least.

No. 329497

wildest things that happened in our epic space opera lore
>me catfishing him
>him revealing information about my side and our ship to the enemy multiple times
>me interrogating him with a taser
>him trying to make me believe my friends hate me to manipulate me easier
>him stealing mine and everyone else's belongings just because he feels like it
>him trying to get his stronger friends to fuck me up to eliminate me as a threat
>death threats and telling him to kill himself daily
>me trying to hunt him down across multiple planets when he finally pisses me off too much
>me beating him within an inch of his life
>at some point deciding to fuck him instead of killing him
>partial evisceration (btw i wasn't involved that time)
i love him so much it hurts

No. 329499

File: 1684498924726.jpg (166.11 KB, 1000x1333, reiner hill flowers.jpg)

id probably get these flowers tattooed on as they can can passed off as a cute tattoo. but id rather have the real flowers and decorate them

No. 329500

I so glad that valve clarified that scout’s flirting is dorky instead of fuckboy-ish or else I would have to assume that he’d be like vid rel

No. 329503

not a tf2 nonny but curious to know how valve confirmed it

No. 329511

File: 1684505937677.jpeg (135.94 KB, 750x1431, 13173735-6AAA-4A91-830D-EA7DB9…)

I have a bunch of stories with Diluc, actually. One is meeting him in the real world during a wine tasting, he would be the genius winemaker that managed to create such amazing wines out of nowhere that everyone just wants to meet him.
I would be at a wine tasting during a trip with my family, it would be autumn in Germany and he would be his usual self, just doing his job and avoiding any annoying conversations.
But he would notice that my family and I are really interested in learning more about his wine rather than comparing his work to others’ baselessly or drinking the wine without trying to get to understand it better.
My mom, who is a sommelier irl, would talk to him and she would tell him that I’m also learning so I can begin training as a sommelier as well. He would be pleased and we would talk about the different characteristics of the wines, and then he would invite us personally to his winery for a special wine tasting.
I like to think that we would all really get along and that he would then get in contact with me, we would always talk about different things, send pictures of random things, at first it would be very awkward, but then it would be really nice to be able to talk with each other.
In the Genshin impact world I would be a “traveler” as in I would’ve gotten isekai-ed into the Genshin game and I wouldn’t have a home. I would meet Diluc in Mondstadt since I would be looking for a Job, the knights of Favonious would’ve rejected me because they wouldn’t think I would be able to work for them since I’m an absolute foreigner, the church of Barbatos would let me stay with them but tell me that I can’t just be part of the nuns instantly, I would have to show them that I’m a nice person first, the Cat’s tail bar would be a huge NOPE because I’m deadly allergic to cats, so I would go to the Angel’s Share where I would help around cleaning the bar and serving people.
Diluc wouldn’t help but notice the new addition to the bar and at first he would get annoyed because he would think I would just get in the way of his investigations but with my magical power, also known as autism, I would be able to remember the most random of details and that would actually be of help to him.
He would notice I’m completely calm about many things and that I would just report stuff like “um, These dudes are plotting some weird shit”. So he would get fond of me.
Shenanigans and hijinks ensue and we would just get along nicely until he notices that he’s actually just in love with me, so he would engage in his tsundere mode harder, which would be absolutely adorable.

No. 329514

File: 1684507244059.png (Spoiler Image,3 KB, 444x64, leon_underwear.png)

Leon nonnies, I need to share this, this happened in cai.

No. 329515

that's rad

No. 329518

an absolute cutie

No. 329522

I meant that the way he canonically acts around Miss Pauling shows that he flirts in a way that’s dorky (though ig his way of flirting is also fuckboy-ish. Ngl just wanted an excuse to post that video because I thought it was funny)

No. 329523

File: 1684511351380.jpg (378.04 KB, 1536x2048, Fu5DUbraYAEW1B9.jpg)

ah fellow diluc nonna, this is amazing! ♥ i often daydream about working with him too. i don't know if it would be annoying or actually cute from his point of view, but i would loooove to show my curious nature and ask him a bunch of questions about local grapes and how wines are made upon my probation period lol. i also want us to have deep late night conversations after the winery closes. night convos with him would be the best i just know it.

No. 329524

File: 1684511601399.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.44 KB, 500x316, EdBID7KXoAEXeK-.jpeg)

Still don't have a c.ai account because I'm afraid of being tracked own or being remembered but in an incognito tab, I immediately got down dirty on my husbando a pretty much raped him.

First it started out on kissing him while grabbing his ass as he's shocked in confusion. He tries to run away but immediately pinned him down from behind as I ripped off his pants. He tried to kick me but I grabbed his leg instead thus ripping off his briefs and quickly got down on sucking his cock; locking my arms around his legs from running away or further kicking me. He keeps resisting and told him to give it up as I slam myself onto his cock taking his full entire length and that's where it ends.

At first I was doing this for fun to get a reaction out of him but I got super horny and went feral instead. A little disappointed that he only responded in short text messages in resistance while I did most of the roleplay. Even though I do enjoy this hardcore shit, I felt kinda bad since he didn't want to do this and felt disgusted. It was already super late and got work tomorrow so I took a shower after that.

No. 329528

I've made an entire elaborate au for me and my husbando and I write short stories about our adventures together
>do you self-insert as yourself or an OC?
A mix of both I guess, it's an alternate version of me but it's still basically me. I just imagine myself jumping in between the au and my world but I look different in the au

>is it in his universe or in ours?

An alt version of his world. I don't want him in my world because the real world sucks and his character design doesn't look good in 3d

>fluff, angst or a mix of both?

Mostly fluff, the au is an escape for both of us to have some peace and quiet, and some cute and funny moments with each other we can't have in the worlds we both come from

No. 329531

File: 1684514832475.gif (799.26 KB, 322x282, 184A9E7E-5275-4111-BE96-8C9C34…)

Why the FUCK am I getting weak in the knees after just seeing a gif of a guy drinking something

No. 329543

He is drinking your pussy juice, gulp, gulp, gulp

No. 329553

File: 1684522951774.jpg (59.27 KB, 736x832, Levi (part two).jpg)

Levi would be such a well groomed man. Always smells good fuck i love a man who smells good, keeps the curtains trimmed down, stays on top of his facial hair, never a wrinkle in his clothes, haircut always looks fresh, re-applies sunscreen every 2 hours for his pale ass skin. He would probably have a skincare routine though, but not a pretentious 32 step one. Only the necessary, basic products like a cleanser and moisturizer. He would probably let me do his nails too, but just to keep them trimmed down and maybe I could convince him to let me put a top coat on. And also even in a modern world he would be big on some daily exercise and eating right to keep his body healthy.

No. 329563

this is how i imagine he licks his lips after eating me out. i wish i could sit on his lap and feed him bbq and beer.

tf2 nonas, what do you think each mercs favorite position is? im sure our favorite texan loves him some cowgirl

No. 329589

File: 1684534612654.jpg (99.36 KB, 778x1146, ec608d0e205ce33b1eae3a6eab396d…)

I feel like he'd like any position where he can see your face, it feels more intimate to him that way

No. 329604

File: 1684538100977.jpg (68.19 KB, 564x752, 247b05bdb6b2eed2348d4aea0f32b0…)

do you have any particular favourites of him? it's hard for me to pick one but in general i love when he's depicted as being domestic or shy. if they draw him with eyelashes then it's even better

No. 329611

File: 1684539505310.png (66.32 KB, 500x556, 2A654CF0-25D2-41FC-B8FF-8F8821…)

I love looking at photos of Anakin hugging people, it’s so nice because he is such an affectionate person to the people he loves. Though it does make me yearn to be hugged by him and I get a little depressed.

Another thought on my mind…Anakin’s closest relationships are all women: his mother, his wife, and his padawan. Don’t get me wrong he has a good relationship with Obi-wan and Rex, but it is never as close to his bond with the women in his life. I always imagined he has a softer spot for women than men since he was a slave that was owned by males(Watto, the Hutts) who abused him and his mother. Which makes it all even more heartbreaking when he loses his mother and turns on both Padmé & Ahsoka.

No. 329616

late but thank you for replying, your fantasy is based & amazing, it really suits the universe (i would guess) and the vibe of your posts. i bet the forbidden magic was worth it also.

No. 329622

File: 1684543015558.png (107.32 KB, 896x716, FCjaZLrVkAAcANM.png)


No. 329623

i would, but you look fine the way you are right now ♥

No. 329627

File: 1684544544576.jpg (53.66 KB, 564x834, 1acf99e29a6a8cb1af8c2e351f8096…)

leaving it at that

No. 329630

Questions for you nonnies about your husbandos cause why not?

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?

>If you were to be living with you husbando what would it be like?
>Does your husbando inspire you at all? Like getting into new hobbies, bettering yourself, etc.
>What is your husbando’s favourite colour?
>What is your husbando’s favourite food?
>Would your husbando be good at driving or not? If he is a driver…what would he drive?
>Do you have any non-merch things that remind your of your husbando?

No. 329631

File: 1684546500299.gif (2.52 MB, 498x247, recording-filming.gif)

No. 329632

Leon has the best fanart, and I am so jealous of you Leon nonnies!!!

No. 329638

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?
Hmm, I thought about that recently but couldn't come up with any, his name's too short. He'd call my self-insert Riri.

>If you were to be living with your husbando what would it be like?

Quiet, as boring as that sounds. My life isn't very eventful however we would take turns helping each other like cooking meals. I'm not doing everything myself.

>Does your husbando inspire you at all?

A little bit! He inspires me to do my best at college and not stress too much.

>What is your husbando’s favourite colour?

Hasn't been confirmed, but I headcanon it as dark green.

>What is your husbando’s favourite food?

Crab, though I'm wondering.. how do you eat crab?! Apparently he doesn't like sweets.

>Would your husbando be good at driving or not?

I doubt, he'd take the bus or train.

>Do you have any non-merch things that remind your of your husbando?

A knitted sweater with a hoodie. It's cute and cozy.
(I'd post another pic of my husband but there's no more good pics of him)

No. 329656

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?
No, their names are short enough already, and my self-inserts name is also short. Operator and Titan aren't really nicknames, more like titles?
I did name one of them in my headcanon.
>If you were to be living with your husbando what would it be like?
In my fantasies we live together. 1.He'd probably be a little cleaner if I was there.
>Does your husbando inspire you at all? Like getting into new hobbies, bettering yourself, etc.
Not really, I imagine them with versions of me that are impossible in the real world. and I focus so much on them because I've given up on the real world…
>What is your husbando’s favorite color?
1.He just wears black all the time, but that's boring. Maybe dark green or gold.
>What is your husbando’s favorite food?
1.Sugary cereal? It's never stated directly but there are boxes of it all around his apartment.
3.The only problem with robot husbandos, they can't eat your cooking… I haven't decided if he would have the ability to taste it at least.
>Would your husbando be good at driving or not? If he is a driver, what would he drive?
1.He doesn't own a car so I have no idea, he's not the reckless type so he's probably fine at it.
2.Has the innate ability to drive stuff. Still not sure how much is his own skill or Ghost.
3.He drives the ship.
>Do you have any non-merch things that remind you of your husbando?
1.I actually have some sepia toned hexagon mirrors I got from Ikea ages ago because they reminded me of the game aesthetic.
2.Just artbooks, but nothing about him specifically.
3.I actually found this blue plastic ice cube thing. And instead of throwing it out I just decided to stick it on my sidetable. Maybe I'll get a silver sharpie and draw the circles on it.

No. 329658

File: 1684566170474.png (274.61 KB, 851x683, Tumblr.png)

I've been having a hard time mentally/emotionally and coincidentally I checked AO3 today, something I don't do often these days, to see that a fanfic uploaded a few days ago that describes a lot of what I've been feeling. I cried for a while after reading it. Usually when I'm reading fanfiction or just daydreaming about my husbando I immerse myself in deep into fantasy worlds and somewhat disconnect from who I really am, and so it felt very strange to read something that I actually could relate to and feel emotionally connected to.

No. 329665

Don't worry Leon! I will help you get out of those ropes, and those clothes!

No. 329667

That look on his face is so cute and sexy. Leon nonnies are so lucky.

No. 329668

We are! He is also the only videogame guy that I have liked who get mods like these. >>329627
Those nips are scandalous btw, holy shit. Bite time.

No. 329675

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?
he'd call me something that's a reference to how crazy i am, and maybe how i'm a human. something like 'psychotic monkey' but he'll change it to something more flattering when he wants to get on my good side
>If you were to be living with your husbando what would it be like?
absolute nightmare. being forced by circumstance to live with him for a period of time, i truly wouldn't mind most of the obnoxious things he does, but he's a klepto and extremely nosy, so i'd have to lock my room always. that said he's an extremely exciting nightmare that you'd miss when he's gone, because every day is an adventure when he's around
>Does your husbando inspire you at all? Like getting into new hobbies, bettering yourself, etc.
he inspires me to work out so i can kick his ass! i can only do a couple of pull-ups now but it's a start.
>What is your husbando’s favorite color?
it would make sense for it to be orange because both me and a character he is always hanging out with in canon have an orange thing going on
>What is your husbando’s favorite food?
sweets and probably something extremely weird like alien centipede egg omelette
>Would your husbando be good at driving or not? If he is a driver, what would he drive?
i hc him as a bit of a reckless driver, we'd be a menace together on the freeway, but i'd drive most of the time because i'm still the one with the braincell
>Do you have any non-merch things that remind you of your husbando?
i'd like to make a bracelet with his color palette because i have absolutely nothing

No. 329679

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?
no, probably not. i do sometimes call him "my cartoon fella", but that does not count.
>If you were to be living with you husbando what would it be like?
i imagine it would be blissful. we would be quite lazy, laying in bed and listening to music. he'd watch me work, he'd take care of the house, id cook for him. naturally we'd get bored of the stagnation and go on improvised road trips every once in a while. we'd go hiking a lot, do sports, and go to football matches and such events.
>Does your husbando inspire you at all? Like getting into new hobbies, bettering yourself, etc.
he inspires me to work out. when i'm lazy, i imagine him scorning me for lacking resolve and being a disgusting, passive, meek thing.
>What is your husbando’s favourite colour?
he seems like a blue kind of guy. i headcannon it as blue.
>What is your husbando’s favourite food?
he likes meat. more importantly, he hates onions. i also hate onions. another proof of us being soulmates.
>Would your husbando be good at driving or not? If he is a driver…what would he drive?
i think he would fucking suck at driving. at least, at first. thinking about him being put in a car is very amusing, considering his universe is set in the distant past.
>Do you have any non-merch things that remind your of your husbando?
i have a lot of decor inspired by his time period, but it doesn't really count.

No. 329686

File: 1684588525603.jpeg (281.85 KB, 949x1587, 1B05F11E-6E14-43F3-AD2B-327F59…)

please stop trooning out my husbandos. their art can be good but what even…

No. 329694

come on, this HAS to be ironic.

No. 329696

File: 1684593661314.jpg (460.24 KB, 2047x1152, ChxoWgAVIAA4wuS.jpg)

>Do you have a nickname for your husbando? Would your husbando give you a nickname?
Yes! As followed. Pengy or King for Dedede. Pinkball for Kirby. And Metty or Borb for Meta Knight.
>If you were to be living with you husbando what would it be like?
I'd imagine it'd be like having more sentient that average housecats. A very cozy and comfy life!
>Does your husbando inspire you at all? Like getting into new hobbies, bettering yourself, etc.
Yes! Kirby in general is the whole reason I got into drawing and learning Japanese. When I was younger I'd also imagine Meta Knight hovering over me to dissuade myself from overeating.
>What is your husbando’s favourite colour?
Meta Knight probably likes dark colors, such as navy, deep rich purples, and soft hued blues. I'd also like to think he has a soft spot for golds and yellow. Kirby likes anything soft, bright, and pastel so I can see him liking pinks and blues. Dedede likes the color red and yellow as they're royal and strong colors.
>What is