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No. 283524

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

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No. 283536

>1181 posts
>(the ones who dont show up got nuked when m/ had a error last year, you can still access them by copy pasting the
/res/20688.html into the lolcow url)

No. 283540

i never could get into wuxia/whatever. doesn't help that i know this annoying arrogant enbie really into it all

No. 283584

File: 1679090576990.jpg (57.48 KB, 564x564, 59f49a0d6ecb3b4318db46888facd6…)

I stay away from genderspecials and I'm happy.

No. 283589

favorite danmei that arent of the xianxia/cultivation genre?

No. 283590

File: 1679092650586.jpeg (107.29 KB, 600x1268, AECDE7DF-4E2D-4B7E-9D29-7F54B3…)

Join the lolcow fujoshi server!

Also tag yourself

No. 283592

File: 1679093555086.jpg (91.15 KB, 1223x622, 0000000031002.jpg)

why are they're always trying to shove in their mediocre heterosexual pairings in yaoi and you can't say anything or they'll chimp out about how you're being biphobic

No. 283593

File: 1679093600913.jpg (110.11 KB, 636x900, EPM_hJyUcAMk8Bf.jpg)

I don't read anything other than wuxia/xianxia.

No. 283596

dramatic uke > clueless uke > innocent uke
> flaming uke >>> "badass" uke

No. 283600

everything here is mid though
barring vash i guess

No. 283612

File: 1679099059638.png (337.17 KB, 444x720, Train01.png)

The only valid black cat

No. 283619

Ew nona

No. 283629

….is he wearing fucking donuts?

No. 283639

File: 1679109894488.jpg (16.14 KB, 256x256, 794003-be221.jpg)

please tell me im not the only one liking this

No. 283642

I really loved this one but haven't kept up with it. The concept is so fun and insane lmao.

No. 283650

a convenient source of calories on the go

No. 283691

I liked the main couple and concept, all the other couples sucked though.

No. 283719

File: 1679134940871.jpg (1.18 MB, 1463x2048, sUt9Qbu.jpg)

The dynamic in sha po lang was my favourite, too bad it barely had any romance in it. Despite that it was really sweet though. Any nonnies who can recommend a danmei with younger top x older bottom who's still more powerful/respected in the relationship? I can't find the word, not exactly more assertive, but does hold his ground when the top starts being more assertive instead.

No. 283728

I can't get into it because I'm retarded and can't remember names

No. 283754

I love xianxia and wuxia, but I admit it's harder to get into because the reading is longer than a lot of visual novel or mangas from Japan (which I also love). I think the longest I read was legendary master's wife, which ended up being 700+ chapters. It was okay, not my favorite novel but I love You Xiaomo.

No. 283792

wasn't it mob_hwan the genshin fujo who posted loli futa or am i mistaking her with someone else

No. 283800

File: 1679163087729.jpg (229.63 KB, 1200x1701, hyperventilation-2.jpg)

Part 1 of my yaoi anime/Ova ratings and reviews. hope you enjoy my ratings anons.

Love Stage 6/10
Some people may be shocked by that rating since many people love that series, but i just did not feel a chemistry between mc and ml, it was not interesting. Also of course no consent at always since it is a mid 2000's show. I honestly was more interested of the possible relationship between the caretaker of the mc (the one with glasses) with the older brother of the mc than the main couple.

Enzai falsely accused OVA 4/10
This story is not for the faint of heart or people who are sensitive to graphic things. The whole Ova is just a story about a minor getting violated in prison over and over again. I feel that there is cognitive dissonance in this story because the villain of this story is a ped0 officer who abuses that boy and puts him in prison…but then the male lead and the boys savior is also…a ped0 so like…i dont know.

Yarichin Bitch club OVA 7/10
This is one of those storys where i cant give a accurate rating because of how short the Ova's were, its a shame how many yaoi animes and ovas are so short or get postponed. But from what ive seen the story seems interesting and funny, again its a shame its so short and was never turned into a actual series. I was really into the pink haired guy from the ova ive seen and wanted to find out the reason why he pretends to be dumb when he is not.

Marudase Kintarou 0/0
So i have no idea what i just watched…so im unable to even give it a rating. I have no idea if this story is supposed to be a parody of yaoi or not because the story is so weird and bizarre that i actually started laughing. They fight by having sex with each other and the male lead wears no pants. There is also a manga of this story too but i am not able to find a english translation of it, if anyone ha s a english translations of this weird story let me know because i am interested in reading.

Viewfinder 6/10
This is one of those stories that would be so much better if there was a actual series to show everything instead of the 2 OVA's.
there was so much story and information to process that was all put into too episodes only. You didnt have time to look at character development or relationship. I wonder why these sadistic huge semes were so popular in the early 2000's. If im going to be honest i got bored and didnt even view the last 15 minutes remaining of the 2nd episode.

Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita OVA 7/10
Good beginning, disappointing ending. The mermaid suddenly acting distant at the ending and wanting to go his separate ways makes no sense with how attached he was to the main character.
Im only giving this story a 7 because its not toxic but in my opinion i feel like it is a 6.

Koisuru Boukun OVA 6/10
Yeah this is also another story where i cant give a accurate rating because i feel like it needs to be longer. Its a basic homophobic str8 guy becoming gay for his friend type of story after his friend gets him drunk with a aphrodisiac.

Reincarnated into Demon King Evelogia’s World 7/10
I really liked this story and recommend it. the reason why i gave it a lower rating is because the seme is a literal child. Why is japan so obsessed with ped0shit.

Titans Bride 5/10
i feel like it could have been longer. The reason why im giving it a 5 is because there is one furry scene and i hate furry shit.

Ai no kusabi 5/10
So this is a rating for both the Ova and the series that got cancelled. This story gives me you know what vibes…all the people at the top are literally please blue eyes blonde people and the people at the bottom of the class have darker hair/eyes/tan idk but this gives me you know what kind of vibes also the ending is so disappointing in my opinion.
The series had potential its a shame that it stopped airing and it never finished.

Junjou romantica 5/10
So i haven't watched this anime recently so i am only able to give my thoughts from what i thought when i watched it 10 years ago. From what i felt was that i hated the main male lead so much and he gave me such gross pervy slime vibes and i thought the MC was a unlikable retard too.
I only liked one side couple since they were the only normal adult ones. I also hated that couple in this story that was literally a 35 yr old and a minor their story was also lame too.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather 7/10
I like this one, unfortunately there is no actual ending in this OVA because the manga is still ongoing when this OVA was made so if you are expecting to see how this story ends by looking at the OVA that ain't happening

Not going to rate since this isnt a anime nor a ova but im stil putting this here since it is animated. It is really short like only a couple of minutes.

No. 283812

>no consent
>graph things
>yaoi animes
is this satire kek

No. 283814

File: 1679165933601.jpg (261.5 KB, 2000x1344, 25146.jpg)

>Marudase Kintarou
It's 9/10 from me. Best yaoi pastiche out there.

No. 283818

>Toshiyuki Morikawa
Picked the fuck up

No. 283824

are you able to find a eng version of the manga?

No. 283836

Why do you keep coming to these threads, genuine question

No. 283839

Thanks for the ratings yet again, anon!

>Enzai falsely accused

Wow, that takes me back. The OVA is a complete joke like most 00's yaoi OVAs tend to be but the original VN is surprisingly fine for what it is, it has plenty of dark themes not suitable for the easily disturbed, revolves around noncon sex a lot and yeah, pedo stuff since the main villain is a child molester. The sex scenes are very rough if it already wasn't clear.

No. 283843

The Viewfinder OVA wasn't really an OVA though (I can't remember the exact term they called it), it was more of a collection of different panels from the manga in animated form. It was meant as promotion material and for fans to see choice scenes with voice acting and limited animation so you definitely wouldn't get anything out of it if you didn't read the original manga first.

No. 283861

i dont understand what you want me to do, ive been into yaoi and bl for a long time yet if i give some criticism for a series that means i dont belong here. Paki-chan wouldn't write that shit you moron. Im not her.
i see alot of people say the Ova does the visual novel no justice. Maybe ill try the VN.
Ah i see i didnt know that, i guess thats why it felt a bit low-quality.

No. 283866

File: 1679178711176.gif (1.7 MB, 430x316, last kiss.gif)

lmaoing @ this pleb getting filtered by Ai no Kusabi

No. 283916

I've always loved the art style in the OVA.

No. 283923

File: 1679188856377.jpg (23.18 KB, 300x263, 1420977234926.jpg)

She got me hollering too. How does someone get filtered by such a classic?

No. 283995

>on paper love Heaven Official's Blessing, its leads, and Hualian
>watch the entire anime, it's pretty good I guess
>try to read the novel and manga
>just can't get through it
Nonas, is there just a point I need to get to? I'm a sucker for ultra simps/their obsession so this should be right up my alley, but I can't get into it.

No. 283996

I'd like to know too because I dropped the anime halfway through lol.

No. 283997

Where did you read up to because honestly the first volume/season is the most boring part of the story imo, but maybe I have fatigue because I've seen it so many times between all the adaptations.

No. 284020

it gets really good after the banyue arc, like right where the anime ended the ghost city arc and the arcs after are super good. tgcf has a lot of low and high parts unfortunately because of long the story is and mxtx hasn't fully edited it and she kept a lot of filler garbage but the good parts are really good imo
just try to push it a bit more

No. 284021

>Oh no Ai no Kusabi is just like H*tler!
Seriously, people need to stop moralfaging so much. Not being able to enjoy fiction without constantly comparing it to real life must be tiring. No wonder she can't enjoy anything.

No. 284022

yeah the banyue arc is kinda a slog outside of the cute hualian moments. that ling wen mini arc near the end of the story and anything involving cuocuo was shit too and could have been shortened. she really needed a good editor lmao

No. 284023

Lmao we hate the exact same parts. If anyone's put off by it I really do recommend pushing through it because the gambler's den/ghost city scenes in the next volume are some of my fave parts of the story.

Also speaking of danmei has anyone read Tianbao Fuyao Lu? I watched the first two seasons and I like the side couple a lot and I was wondering if it's worth reading too.

No. 284039

I honestly prefer mdzs, so maybe try it, it also has an obsessive ml (altough tbf a bit less)

No. 284041

>are you able to find a eng version of the manga?

No. 284056

oh shut the fuck up, on previous threads there were also anons who would criticize ai kusabi and say that it reminds them of a nazi love story.
People dont like the same garbage you like.

No. 284068

File: 1679238494395.jpg (61.78 KB, 800x600, Togainu.no.Chi.full.2030789.jp…)


No. 284070

in their defense, they look quite dapper

No. 284073

File: 1679239572176.jpg (64.73 KB, 300x761, Togainu.no.Chi.full.1211838.jp…)

Are you shit-talking the best TnC ending by any chance?

No. 284079

shikis endings were awesome

No. 284108

>i dont understand what you want me to do, ive been into yaoi and bl for a long time
>seethes at the sight of age gap/shotacon/rape/dubcon/anything mildly offensive
>types like a twitter user
>a long time

No. 284116

the fact that you are saying that its a bad thing for someone to dislike shotacon tells me everything i need to know about you.

No. 284119

>seethes at the sight of age gap/shotacon/rape

No. 284123

it is a bad thing. why don't you, as a woman, enjoy watching a cute guy suffer?

No. 284126

Stop replying to yourself.

No. 284153

File: 1679252720152.jpg (167.23 KB, 1084x1080, e8038ebgd2181.jpg)

I'm kinda bored even though there's more bl out there than ever. There's even japanese, korean, thai and chinese live action, so many danmei, manhwa, manga but i feel like part of me wants something… more entertaining i guess? Like the last time i had so much fun was in 2019 after watching untamed and reading tgcf and svss because it was scratching that itch but i feel like the content that came after was kinda lackluster.
I think it's because i love anime as a medium the most, but in terms of high quality anime bl it's severely lacking. Also i don't mind live action but even though untamed was great most of chinese dramas are heavily censored which sucks because the korean/japanese/thai bl dramas don't have the same amount of plot, they're more focused on a simple gay romance. For those that are seeking porn we have unlimited content, but as someone who gets more invested in plot and prefers animation i don't have much to choose from. Even most fantasy bl manhwa/manga is more focused on simple romance scenarios (or just fucked up situations with dubcon) rather than making it feel like it has a bigger plot. I like when characters have sexual tension and fall in love while they have to save the world or solve a mystery or a crime, which is why i liked the untamed so much. Like two characters who have their own thing outside of just romance

No. 284162

Yeah, I can relate to this a lot. I also really like horror shows and series, but it just feels like there's no really great horror bl series. Someone told me to watch ghost house, ghost host, and so I gave it a try but it was just so borning and no horror at all. I wish I could love more things like that, but idk. I'm just so tired of (especially in love action) the same highschool/college romance plots over and over. Like, give me some wack shit, not slice of life. I know it's harder to make but man…

No. 284163

File: 1679255326434.jpeg (18.88 KB, 459x667, awoooga.jpeg)

Oh no, I'd never.

No. 284174

>there's no really great horror bl series
Have you read Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu? It's decent, and it's been published online, but only in Japanese with a few episodes occasionally having to be paid for.

No. 284177

Nevermind, it didn't register that you were talking about bl shows not manga/manhwa, completely ignore what I said.

No. 284192

Here with hikaru ga shinda natsu i notice a common problem, whenever someone wants to make a horror/crime/mystery show (let's say hikaru ga shinda natsu gets adapted one day) they tend to make the bl elements just vague or baity instead of being honest about the real nature of their relationship. I know a lot of series that are in the same vein, they have a cool plot, some nice sexual tension sprinkled in but they never go further than that! It seems like the bl genre must be limited to 90% romance, relationship drama or porn cause if the author has an interesting plot idea they're encouraged by the editor to turn it into a sanitized series for the general audience instead. It's the same thing with shoujo, when was the last time someone wrote an action packed shoujo? They're all just re-directed to shounen magazines instead. That's why we're stuck with the same high school/college stories again and again, because the genre limits its authors. Danmei stories tend to be more creative cause they're not actually published, as long as they follow the rules and censorship of the site that's hosting their work they can write anything they want. I don't have an excuse for manhwa though kek

No. 284193

You can criticize the actual story all you want, but pearl clutching about how bad because it's totally like "the unnamable you know what" is fucking stupid.

No. 284196

>on previous threads there were also anons who would criticize ai kusabi and say that it reminds them of a nazi love story
I'm gonna need some proof on that. I just looked into the previous threads and have not found anyone saying that. Do tell me, what if both MCs had black hair? I think you were assblasted by the ending and the only criticism you found about the series is "muh nazis waaaah waaaah"

No. 284197

I'll take any suggestions, not just bl shows. Thanks for the rec, nonnie.

No. 284215

File: 1679262370104.jpg (75.79 KB, 1920x1080, s2e13.jpg)

Hannibal (the TV show) is BL in all but name. I don't usually watch live-action, but I had to make an exception for this show. BL anime doesn't typically come close to this level of character writing.

No. 284216

File: 1679262448539.jpg (217 KB, 1920x1080, becoming.jpg)

It also has some…unusual gore, so be warned.

No. 284218

Shiki's endings all seem like pure shitpost. That's why Keisuke's route will always be superior.

No. 284220

File: 1679263188497.jpeg (88.99 KB, 634x971, 56CA84CA-C9AE-40A4-82B4-5B121B…)

Seconding Hannibal for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it itches such a specific scratch and has so much homoero subtext

No. 284221

File: 1679263728342.gif (1.77 MB, 350x350, 5e6485d060edc1c0759a826a66ac91…)

based, excellent taste

No. 284222

File: 1679266072722.jpg (347.17 KB, 1600x1800, Fp4c-pVaYAAEYPG.jpg)

I am not shipping anybody from Trigun myself but I enjoy all the great shipper fanart the two anime and the manga are getting right now.
Picked the fuck up. I started this ages ago but stopped when I got a new PC and somehow forgot about it, time to change that.

No. 284223

I can stomach shota and noncon and other degeneracy but posting crusty 3DPD actor moids is just crossing the line. Gross.

No. 284227

I checked hikaru ga shinda account now and she really just calls it YOUTH horror comic yikes

No. 284229

It never stood a chance as a BL once men in japan started showing interest

No. 284230

File: 1679271596973.jpg (111.02 KB, 1000x775, 82788334_p0.jpg)

NTA and I'm not sure where the thread falls on 3DPD, maybe it doesn't belong, but I have to back the Hannibal poster up because it's a genuinely good recommendation and a delightful watch and good fujo material.
I like to look at the pixiv fanart.

No. 284232

File: 1679271861819.png (6.91 MB, 2048x2048, 88886268_p0.png)

No. 284233

File: 1679271924692.jpg (131.07 KB, 1207x1000, 79739116_p0.jpg)

No. 284234

i'm happy for it too but i fucking hate vash's new look. he was such a cute 90s punk, now he looks like a boring soft eboy.

No. 284276

oh, then i guess you could try Interview with a Murderer by KJK, or Stalker's Game by TAN.

No. 284280

File: 1679291168264.gif (1.68 MB, 500x373, spoonfeeding.gif)

No. 284289

Yeah first time I've ever had to hide posts in this thread kek.

No. 284306

No. 284365

Fuck you mads is hot and you’re gay(derogatory)

No. 284375

Stop samefagging.(report and move on)

No. 284377

File: 1679342030540.png (411.33 KB, 1200x846, 77787513_p37_master1200.png)

I just wanna talk about these two and Square Enix being terrified of gay. The English translations neuter the fuck out of Layle and Keiss and how they interact with one another. I get in the late 00s the English translation team were probably worried about making things too gay but Dissidia Opera Omnia flat out changes Keiss' and Layle's dialogue to be less personal about each other (while the pair still insist they're "parters") and it's so fucking annoying. They keep the parallels between Ignis and Keiss but try to cut out the gay because Keiss' game came out a decade ago. Just admit you did a hack job back then and move on, SE.

No. 284403

Half of this is barely gay except trigun

No. 284556

File: 1679448740949.jpg (315.33 KB, 1994x2048, Fn5EflUaEAYU-8c.jpg)

i wonder why traps aren't more popular. or why there isn't more bl, featuring traps.

i mean, if they are, it's in some obscure niche of the jp web i can't access because of the language barrier. i know lily hoshino has some good stuff but kek most of it is woefully untranslated.

…actually as i type this i recall lala no kekkon which has, apparently, sold five million copies? anyone know if that's considered exemplary for a BL

No. 284563

File: 1679452016622.jpg (192.39 KB, 746x1043, 65176084_p0.jpg)

I honestly see them in straight hentai more than in yaoi. Even the word "trap" is totally moid language. Do a search for "trap" on a site like mangago and see what shows up compared to searching for "crossdressing". You're going to get more/better results if you're searching the right tags. I also see a fair amount of stories involving characters mistaking their childhood friend for a girl only to find out they were a man when they reunite as adults.

But for you, nonna I will list some of my favorite manga that feature crossdressing:

Moon and Sun
Suda-kun no Himitsu
Nise x koi boyfriend (picrel)
Can an otaku like me really be an idol?
Boy meets maria
Crossplay Love
and my absolute favorite "I Didn’t Ask You to Make Love to Me! The Man I’m Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star" absolutely incredible work of art.

No. 284567

Because traps were a psyop to get pornsick scrotes to accept trannies.

No. 284574

File: 1679457446259.jpg (285.26 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

Traps are just "flat chested moeblob girls with Schrodinger's dick being called boys." They're popular and memed to death by coomer moids that only jack off to whatever's feminine as long as they find them submissive and breedable. Those who like traps might be into futa as well. Of course girls and fujos aren't into that shit. Better choice would be pretty androgynous boys.

No. 284579

File: 1679459443687.jpg (75.36 KB, 550x628, 64631862_p0_master1200.jpg)

So fucking sick of retards in /snow/ saying that all of us are future Aidens. It's really no different to trannies accusing random people of being "eggs." I love BL and nothing disgusts me more than the idea of chopping my tits off. Aidens colonized BL when it got popular on Tumblr. Normal women were here first, and we'll still be in the fanbase long after the trans fad dies down.

No. 284580

someone recommend me some yandere bl (i already read sadistic beauty, warehouse, color recipe etc)

No. 284586

File: 1679462341745.jpg (168.04 KB, 975x1024, Josei.jpg)

anon this aint about aidens or stuff like that. This is people getting mad at women for having a sexuality and preferences.
Just look at how people bullied women back in 2010 if they liked twilight and boybands.
People dont give a fuck at the fact that 90% of josei content is drawn by men or pickmes who make the woman hot and the guy ugly and the two of them have mediocre sex where the focus is on the womans body and you as a women are supposed to be okay with that and shut your mouth.
A extremely small amount of josei actually has media that women actually find appealing meanwhile the rest is porn garbage or is boring.

Its no surprise that pickmes like pakichan want us to read porn of women being objectified instead of yaoi.

No. 284588

File: 1679462545641.jpg (250.94 KB, 1135x1600, JOSEII.jpg)

You either become asexual or read shit like this. Because if you try to look at hot men then you are a fujotroon!!! its sarcasm btw.

No. 284595

File: 1679464940246.png (447.1 KB, 1000x1463, Untitled.png)

>Nise x koi boyfriend
peak fiction so far. but,
>Can an otaku like me really be an idol?
this seems to be straight up genderbend. have i found the wrong comic or is the otaku not actually becoming a girl?
also i think 'trap' just maps out to the term 'otoko no ko'; it's like slang for the draw a girl/call it a boy concept

No. 284609

Traps are a male fetish first and foremost because as it is it's always borderline pedophilic and based on a fantasy of a cumslut little boy being the perfect lover to a faceless self-insert MC, i.e. modern day pederasty or then a "i-it's not gay but it's different and exciting because she has a dick" setting. BL has its own crossdressing trope but in works like Lala no kekkon it's used more as a tool to underline how beautiful and delicate the man is that he passes for a woman.

What makes it particularly tone deaf is that Aidens are more similar to yumes in behavior than fujos as they fully self-insert and demand top surgery scars and vaginas on male characters all the time while writing down their lewd sexual fantasies of personally being pounded by their fictional husbando. Fujos are observers, not participants.

No. 284621

It's actually really weird how despite being meant for women in most straight josei porn the focus is still on sexualizing and showing off the female body and she's always a 10/10 bombshell with huge porn star breasts and a curvy frame while the man is an ugly (or very mid at best), abusive piece of shit. I don't know if it's meant to be some kind of a power fantasy for women to imagine themselves to have a body like that and getting turned on simply by the thought or something. Either way yeah it's garbage.

No. 284666

File: 1679497477038.jpg (79.6 KB, 1080x672, from pakichan to you.jpg)

No. 284674

very cute that she thinks it's only fujos who hate her here. by all means pakichan, post another verification picture, im sure farmhands will make an exception just for you

No. 284675

>derails several threads to talk about herself and her family
>thirsts after her cousin and varg
>keeps posting pictures of her hands
>goes in threads she doesn't like (like this one) and shits it up, then acts like a victim
>"proud jatt", faked being a mixed black woman for a lot of time
>brings her personal hate for fujos and obsession with tifs and that one child actor everywhere
>posts borderline cp, denies it and says people are "making things up about her"
>"Haha see how I make them seethe?"
She's really very far up her own ass, isn't she? All of this over some women liking two hot men kissing.

No. 284683

Considering how much she knows about Kuroshitsuji and other BL-slanted series I guess she's a fujo in denial and wants to hover around the community while seething about being too insecure to join it, then spergs about fujos being pornsick pedos as a cope.

No. 284685

Yes, this was always my problem with josei or otome shit. Just recently I saw a lady character (can't remember from what) who actually looked tomboyish/ kind of cute IMO, and all of the comments were tearing her apart, saying she looked like a little boy and a child. How? She didn't have big enough breasts I guess. I was so salty, kek. But yeah, this is why I'll always be a fujo

No. 284686

doesn't matter how much we try to analyze this behaviour, it's either "power fantasy cause no one wants an ugly protagonist" (and fujos are the misogynistic ones shitting on women allegedly) or they have coombrain from years of indocrination so they get off more from the naked woman with big booba. i remember this girl who i knew was straight, with a bf, saying that you're supposed to look at the woman in the porn not the man, it really made me think lol some people don't wanna hear this but the truth is… you can't make real femgaze hetero porn where the male is the focus unless it's taken directly from the pov of the woman because at the end of the day everyone will pay more attention to the woman, especially if she's very sexy or if they're both equally sexy it's gonna be something like "wow what a hot couple". another thing is that women aren't like men, a generic moid character like what you see in a harem isekai will be relatable to 90% of men unless they're obese, disabled or a turbomanlet, but women come in so many different shapes and sizes, it's just not that easy. a woman with large breasts might not see a booba protagonist in the same way a flatchested woman does, who might be tired of seeing the same body type again and again but for the large breasted woman that's just her reality

No. 284692

Pretty sure the person seething about Black Butler last thread and paki-chan are two different people. One is just a moralfag who got her BL taste from twitter

No. 284696

Seriously, any time they try to make a josei protagonist more tomboyish, androgynous or at least not super ultra femme she gets shot down immediately for looking "like a man" and "ugly". It's so tiring, and exactly why them calling fujos misogynists is full on projection.

Well said. This is honestly why I can't get into femdom either no matter how much all the seething antifujos try to claim it as the best feminist porn out there. Good point about women having much more variety too.

>i remember this girl who i knew was straight, with a bf, saying that you're supposed to look at the woman in the porn not the man

I know so many women like this, in porn they just focus on the woman because they've been groomed to only sexualize the female form through a male lens, the only time they can feel satisfied is when the woman turns the participating man on. Can't count the times I've heard the "women just aren't visual like men!" excuse defending this shit.

No. 284706

a lot of them want to be strongly desired sexually, like the guy always chases the girl, notice how not only in shoujo/josei but western YA very often the guy is obsessed with the girl and she's always either in denial about her feelings or oblivious. like a prize to be won and it doesn't matter if she takes a submissive or dominant role, she's always the focus of sexuality while men can simply exist as "neutral". it's why so many regular gnc women become aidens, because no matter how much they fight for female diversity and feminism or whatever, deep down they still feel uncomfortable with the oversexualization of their bodies

No. 284711

Alright I'm only replying now because I saw some retarded takes here from the first page and even some things are are straight up lies, I promise this'll be my only post in this thread about this. Sorry to interrupt.

>Aidens colonized BL when it got popular on Tumblr
Aidens were normal women and girls once. If you had been a fujo 10 years later you would've been one of them, most likely. It's retarded to think this is a problem that comes from the Aidens and not a problem with society.
Also, Aiden fujos already existed in Japan. One of the many reasons women might be drawn to yaoi is that they hate the way women are depicted everywhere and treated like an object in both fiction and real life, hell the reply chain to your post is literally about that so don't try to deny it. By extension this means that some of those women are going to hate being women, and yaoi/BL only leads to them idealizing male/male relationships enough that they'll want to become men. If you think Aidens in BL fandom are a new thing you're a fucking idiot, many young fujos in the 2000s and probably earlier already wished to be men, they just didn't know trooning out was an option. And in Japan there have always been actual TIFs into yaoi, it's not something new or western only, nor is it just a problem with individual girls who are "mentally ill", it's a problem with the misogyny that we all experience. If misogyny wasn't so rampant in all cultures maybe BL wouldn't be as popular as it is now, because women wouldn't see a need to create stories where no women are sexually or romantically involved. And if you think self inserting is so bad and shameful that you think it's an insult to say Aidens are fujos that self insert so you try to deflect by saying they're not true fujos, maybe that's just your problem, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it and even in these threads there are fujos who admit to doing it.
And no I'm not calling all fujos Aidens like other posters do, I'm just saying the truth about Aidenism and yaoi, so you have no reason to feel offended as this isn't an attack against you (or an attack against anyone really).

Nice cherry-picking the one example with a bald monk, meanwhile you can't criticize this >>283580 It's literally the same kind of shit only one of them is from a BL manga.
>People dont give a fuck at the fact that 90% of josei content is drawn by men
I genuinely don't know what you're talking about, as far as I know men don't draw josei. And I'm pretty sure the shitty porn you're referring to is not just called josei, I believe it's called TL or Teens Love, and most of it is drawn by women who have internalized the moidgaze and don't know how to draw porn without focusing on and pornifying the woman the most. But it's not drawn by men at all except maybe a few examples of moidporn someone is trying and failing to pass as TL by using the wrong tags on DLsite.
Also stop giving Pakichan so much attention, she's clearly obsessed and addicted to imageboards. You know what she says is retarded, you don't have to come up with equally retarded accusations against otomefags or yumes or just any woman who prefers straight content like saying we all like shitty TL manga with malegaze (even some of the women who read that crap online complain about it, but they think it's better than nothing).
Literally just ignore Pakichan, treat her like a retarded underage poster, report her for not remaining anonymous and move on.

Not saying this kind of manga is acceptable femgaze material, in fact I hate it, but there here are plenty of examples with hotter guys than that. A lot of the guys in TL manga look just like any other bishie, even like BL characters. On the other hand, BL sometimes has male designs and art that are just like this.
The good examples of straight femgaze are very rare and hard to find unless you know where to look, and cheap TL manga is not it. Everyone who prefers het on this site knows that. And believe me, there are a lot of women who would like more female protagonists that don't look like a generic sexualized big boobs, thin, pale nice girl in their straight content, but they don't usually hang out in the comments section of these manga or aren't very vocal about it.

No. 284713

>I'm only replying now because I saw some retarded takes here from the first page
>Translation: Lurks around the thread to write a seething wall of text to prove >>284579 's point

No. 284732

And if you look at shit like the tl;dr post above, it's pretty clear they're just overall uncomfortable with women liking BL but frame it as faux concern of it brainwashing them into trooning out and a symptom of structural misogyny, something to fix and eradicate from existence instead of being enjoyed. Hence the constant begging of fujos to stop indulging in this degeneracy and start producing "good straight content", as if it was the exemplary female end game to write m/f romances. While the traumatic misogyny plays a part in BL's popularity, the number one appeal is the all-female community creating a constant stream of creative content catering to women and women only. The truth is, even if we woke up tomorrow into a world of female supremacy, BL would still exist and not be replaced with straight content because it's an exotic setting for women of all sexualities and backgrounds to experiment in thanks to the invisible barrier of the characters being not women. They don't act or think like real men, but physically they're not women, men in BL are like a fictional masculine gender that doesn't exist in real life and that's not threatening to us at all.

To me it's always felt either like a deeply rooted form of jealousy of what fujos have (a vibrant community churning out more fanfics, fan comics and fanart than you could even dare to consume), insecurity over knowing how abysmally most straight romances are portrayed (no depth, pining, conflict, development or chemistry) or more commonly a complete misunderstanding of the genre and why so many women are drawn to it and having their opinion manipulated by the two aforementioned types telling them that fujos are all pedophilic Aiden egg NLOGs cooming to rape porn.

No. 284754

>I don't know if it's meant to be some kind of a power fantasy for women
That's the author's self-insert, how she wishes she looked. The love interest is abusive because the author finds it hot. There isn't really any depth to it or consideration of 'what the target audience would prefer'.

No. 284755

>I saw some retarded takes here from the first page and even some things are are straight up lies
According to who? Are you an expert in BL and how women see it? Do you know the thought process of every woman consuming BL? Why do you feel the need to come here to say "actually not all straight porn is bad"? We know all that. We just prefer BL, that's all. Some of us genuinely don't want to look at women when consuming porn because we're not attracted to women and we don't self-insert in the characters.

No. 284756

File: 1679517669278.png (70.79 KB, 480x600, doubt.png)

>Aiden fujos already existed in Japan
[citation urgently needed]

No. 284757

I wish traps were actually drawn like cute, girly looking boys and men instead of "draw a girl call it a boy". I've seen so called fujoshi loving the latter online and once you scratch the surface and find out how these people are, you find an obnoxious gay MTF otaku.

No. 284759

I think that anon is conflating the girls who larp as anime boys but don't transition or take it seriously as the same as actual troons.

No. 284769

File: 1679522204364.jpg (20.43 KB, 312x321, dumbest shit.jpg)

In other words, cosplayers are trannies, according to that anon.

No. 284784

want lc normalfags to shut up about yaoi already
you don't know what you're talking about retard

No. 284785

File: 1679529190498.jpg (106.12 KB, 604x849, 64783749_p0.jpg)

i got you, nonna. this thread deserves more discussion of BL and less talk about trannies. for you i will list my favorite yandere in BL.

Painter of the night and killing stalking obviously if you haven't already

Sweet Heart Trigger
Sakura Gari
Mantis Cage
Chou to Kumo no Su
Last Seven Days how to Defile an Angel
Mitto mo Nai Koi
Dear Crazy Monster
My God (but also ALL of Asada Nemui's stories are about stockholm syndrome and are worth reading if that's what you're into)

And read more of Harada's work, including the gintama doujins even if you're not into gintama.

and just for fun you should read Numu's Trapped in the Dark it is deeply terrible in the best ways

No. 284815

Given will get a sequel film.

No. 284817

File: 1679554788529.jpg (714.33 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_20230323_015652.jpg)

what do you guys think about this upcoming game? you can choose the gender of the mc and there is some hinted relationships/sexual tension between the love interests so it's clearly not some generic otome and can be interpreted as BL if you want. the only problem is that half of the team working on it are they/themlets

No. 284820

Kek I thought this was the new hades game. The artstyle is way too similar to it

No. 284825

it's the popular western vaguely anime inspired style lmao

No. 284826

I think the designs are pretty but I don't like their westernized faces and it seems like a full on otome dating game, even if you could play as a male protagonist it would still be an otome game and not a BL game. I like witnessing a well-written relationship between two characters, not playing as the protagonist myself trying to make out with a bunch of pixels on the screen.

No. 284833

File: 1679570737282.png (15.98 KB, 1059x256, topkek.png)

i'm personally interested in it, but this description is kinda stupid, "gothic"?

No. 284834

>My God
I wanted to like this but I simply could not enjoy seeing a skinny drug addict dominate the handsome, masculine, larger priest. Call me old fashioned I don't care. Do they switch at some point? Some pics I saw gave me that impression.

No. 284839

gothic fiction is something like a 19th century novel with horror and romance elements

No. 284841

i know i shouldn't be giving you the attention you crave but you wrote a whole essay and then said that we cherrypicked some josei examples meanwhile you are cherry-picking yaoi and fujos. Again you don't see the double standards.

> I'm pretty sure the shitty porn you're referring to is not just called josei, I believe it's called TL or Teens Love, and most of it is drawn by women who have internalized the moidgaze and don't know how to draw porn without focusing on and pornifying the woman the most. But it's not drawn by men at all except maybe a few examples of moidporn someone is trying and failing to pass as TL by using the wrong tags on DLsite.

You are so biased that its hilarious, i literally consumed mostly josei so you dont get to tell me shit or pull this crap ''oh just because i dont like it its not that genre'', those stories are published and categorized as josei wherever you like it or not. Most josei is literal crap where the male leads for some reason all have the same mediocre faces with the basic black hair meanwhile the female mc's look like goddesses. With how basic the ML look like in Josei they look more like the MC than the MC herself.

>You know what she says is retarded, you don't have to come up with equally retarded accusations against otomefags or yumes or just any woman who prefers straight content like saying we all like shitty TL manga with malegaze

No way did you get butthurt and write this whole essay because you got mad at anons for criticizing josei. Also no one said anything about otomefags so idk where you pulled that one out of.

No. 284842

File: 1679579630030.jpg (59.65 KB, 434x626, santa.jpg)

For any anons interested in a short manhwa with good art i recommend this one. Let me know if you liked it.


No. 284852

>enby character (of course he is the most feminine amongst the cast)
>90k+ for a visual novel with no combat elements

No. 284859

This is just an otome game, including some type of pseudo love triangle doesn’t really change that.

No. 284869

Josei sucks in general, there’s a reason why most stuff for adults gets categorized as seinen even when it’s girly as hell.

No. 284873

File: 1679589912783.png (73.24 KB, 499x493, 6E65C099-3631-422D-874C-B730DB…)

I don’t like games where the protagonist’s gender can be chosen, since it’s clearly still just for self inshitter purposes, they’re games not for fujos at the end of the day, but games for yumejos and tif yumejos.

No. 284876

File: 1679591101868.jpg (18 KB, 400x333, HNI_0007.JPG)

No. 284882

>cutest boy is a themlet
Gross. Why would you bring up this game nonnie.

No. 284894

on one hand i'm glad that chinese shows like the untamed and the tgcf anime are liked by normies too because it can help the bl genre expand outside of its niche in asia and that means better high quality productions but the downside is that we get a flux of yumejos, hetbenders and "it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs

No. 284904

File: 1679603464740.jpg (204.52 KB, 1080x4219, 150426_27822474.jpg)

lmao i dont know why but i was reading the new chapter for Jinx and was expecting for Jaekyung to atleast care a little bit or show some shock….but nope he just beat those men up because they pissed him off and not because they tried to rape dan.


No. 284909

>flux of yumejos, hetbenders and "it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs

This is exactly why i could never get into 19 days or semantic error because most of the hype i saw surrounding it was spergs who hates yaoi tokenizing those series and treating them like the exception because they were clean and sterile aka couples did not look like couples and there was no sex.

No. 284917

File: 1679605103767.jpg (209.94 KB, 1600x1200, 439129.jpg)

>gothic fiction is something like a 19th century novel with horror and romance elements
In other words, Sweet Pool.

No. 284920

i don't know about 19 days but semantic error is not sterile?

No. 284930

there is sterile version and there is a adult version. They made the smut chapters separate and those chapters were released after the story was completed.

No. 284965

>"it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs
I truly don't get these people. Even in series where there's nothing ethically problematic about the leads having sex(both are adults, not related through blood/marriage/adoption, no dubcon/noncon at play, etc) they still treat sex like its something that sullies the integrity of the work. The vast majority of adult relationships involve sex to some degree, it's not like it's something unheard of or dirty. Literally what is their problem? Are they all 15 or something?

No. 284975

Honestly speaking I'm pretty sure it's just because it's BL and being scrutinized harder, if it was m/f nobody would bat an eye even at the most degenerate and unironically problematic settings.

No. 284978

NTA but I felt like the priest did that to be nice and could easily overpower him, if not for being stuck in that situation. his background also sounded kind of sus because he said he used to use drugs, plus the duct tape in the boot of his carKind of like how in Sleeping Dead the MC tops for Mamiya even though he was a bottom in previous relationships

No. 284983

I personally think the hypersensitivity to “problematic” content that spawned almost ten years ago has forced people to just generally be more prude and even puritanical at times. Their fear has genuinely turned them into sex repulsed weirdos, to the point where even words like “fetish” have negative connotations to them

No. 285419

File: 1679735725198.jpeg (53 KB, 700x514, B458AD0B-D0F5-45E0-95B4-560345…)

Does anyone know of any good legend of zelda yaoi? Preferably one without Ganondorf and child Link…

No. 285508

I am begging to see Ganondorf in TOTK. His clothes in the mummy tomb trailer look promising. I want another hot Ganon like in Hyrule Warriors

No. 285683

That's a pretty weird reach, anon. He beat them up because they started attacking him and threatening violence when he tried taking Dan with him away from them, not because they "pissed him off". And seeing how he paid all of his debts off to get them to fuck off it's pretty clear that he cares.

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