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File: 1658077247621.gif (987.59 KB, 500x700, ca82af6d99d7791a77909aa098582a…)

No. 1265906

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disrupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>1142485

No. 1266301

Shayna fat=Lucinda skinny

No. 1266372

I think Kiki is very pretty

No. 1266382

You can tell who's ugly and poor in Taylor's thread.
You don't have to like her but she's definitely come far since her Dakota phase and does nothing but boring mommy vlogs now, she's living her life and that's it. The pulltards are always fighting over nothing. Like literally her hair strands. I wish I was joking.

No. 1266435

I think Belle Delphine's actions and how she glamorizes SW are trashy and in extremely poor taste, but the insane people in her thread make me want to soften my view on her. It's literally a bunch of raging coomer scrotes who still pay for her OF and hate-fap to her, and less successful camgirls/OF thots/wannarexics who nitpick her body to ridiculous levels. You can tell the latter do it because they're frustrated that they (probably) try that much harder to pander to disgusting scrotes, but don't reap the same rewards. There's even one poster who constantly photoshops her to look worse and then pretends they're her "real" photos.
The only sane anons are those who criticize her pedo-pandering, but those almost seem fewer and fewer with each thread

No. 1266449

Belle's thread definitely has a sizeable amount of people who are jealous of her

No. 1266451

Her thread shouldn't even exist at this point, it's all insane mommy nitpicking. She's not even remotely a cow, even for being a cringy rich 'influencer' she's incredibly bland.

No. 1266523

I think lucinda is selfposting… A ton. She also posts in real opinions about cows thread in the same format whenever her name is brought up. She says we're evil and sociopathic for not believing her lies and daring to say anything critical.
She's probably also self posting in her own thread defending her lies and she was caught making posts disproving anon's claims on her social media which proves she's here.
I don't understand why anyone would believe she's totally a schizo even though. I've actually known diagnosed schizos irl and she'd be wayyy worse if she actually had that diagnosis. She's just a stupid girl with a stupid belief that starving herself will fix everything. It won't, now she's left with loose skin and damaged organs.

No. 1266528

i dislike her and find her insufferable but i also kinda pity her. i remember seeing decade-old try-hard posts where she was trying to become tumblr famous at like 13. she finally got her attention but had to become an infamous whore everyone dunks on. it's masochistic and disturbing.

No. 1266544

She was too ugly to be tumblr famous. She’s always looked like a horse.

No. 1266630

I feel like it’s still just Kiki talking to herself

No. 1266631

Get help.

No. 1266662

She definitely does, that post about how kiwifarms treats her soo much nicer than us meanie farmers who dare to question herin the previous thread made me kek. And yeah, I think everyone who ever experienced actual schizos off their meds will smell the bullshit from a mile away. I noticed her using it as an excuse for her lying a few times in the snow thread.

No. 1266697

I dont like belle but there's literally moids in her thread who come to seethe at her and also fap at the stuff posted yet all the pulltards seem okay with that. There was a moid posting wojacks from 4chan pol and calling anons roesties yet i think only two anons called him out.

You can hate belle but you can also see how her thread is filled with incel men and pull girls who mainly post autism and get mad when others in the thread tell them its not milk. Also the moid in the thread is probably the one who makes those autistic edits too considering he told a anon that she has a ''arbys roast beef vagina'' because she called him a moid for his weird edits of belle that he posts.

No. 1266700

Bell Delphine's thread is the funniest one on the site right now it just hits the spot. People are barely criticizing her but anons are foaming at the mouth defending her.

No. 1266701

and….here comes the sperg like clockwork

No. 1266703

I don't see half of what you are complaining about above me maybe try the tinfoil thread

No. 1266710

because half of the posts are autism random no-context pictures, edits of her, and nitpicking if you think disliking that means defending then you are too retarded for imageboards.

Lol imagine spending your free time editing pictures of belles vagina or eyes, literally mentally ill.

No. 1266713

I see a retard in that thread accusing a pic from her sm as being edited when it isn't

No. 1266715

there's someone editing her pictures since the last thread, and theyve been doing it in the current one too and everyone tells them to stop, i mean can you really blame that anon for asking if its edited when someone posts edited pictures of her there all the time.

No. 1266739

I agree with the anon from the last thread, ultimately the Belle, Venus, and Lucinda threads are made up of very unhealthy posters and encourage more low quality posting on the site overall. There are other threads with a lot of shitty posters like the Jill thread, where the subject in question brings enough milk to make up for it, but that just isn't the case in those three threads. They're just full of vendettafagging and attract undesirable posters and even moids who want to watch these women suffer to the site.

No. 1266793

Liz Bruenig is absolutely fascinating to me. As a worker she's had quite possibly the easiest career progression I've ever seen, and in a competitive vanity career no less. She's never had to engage in any real struggle, she never had to wonder what she would amount to and how, she never has to think too hard about how and what she can do to change the world because she moves in the right social circles and has a large following of nobodies who also serve as an easy source of validation when she is feeling insecure. She married early and so never had to suffer through dating and has kids whose rearing she can easily balance with work because she's paid a hefty sum to churn out one think-piece a week. Appearance-wise she's inherently incredibly average but surpasses most americans by virtue of being not an obese with diabetes sores. And there's really nothing wrong with being average if you have literally anything else to offer beyond your body.
Despite all of this, she makes it incredibly clear through her actions that she's deeply insecure and probably quite unhappy. Has the ease through which she's coasted through life left her unsatisfied? Is having an ugly husband really that miserable? It's puzzling tbh
Nothing that already hasn't been said ad nauseum but I think it's a little bit of selfposting and mostly a small group of literal children (i'm talking 11-14) who haven't had any experience with chronic liars. That's the only excuse I can come up with for why multiple people are still uncritically swallowing her bullshit, given that it's passed from absurd to soap opera-tier at this point. A cardiac arrest, really?

No. 1267017

Kek most of those pictures aside from the funny arbys edit and stuff were uploaded by belle herself, the whiteknight even accused someone of editing a pic her friend just put on Twitter kek absolutely unhinged tym

No. 1267329

OK "anon". Will you post your usual tinfoil hat pics? Maybe some little racebait/a-logging ?
Go eat a sandwich or something.

No. 1267358

File: 1658173483419.jpeg (167.54 KB, 473x694, 2FCC7046-048A-4DD2-9E7D-C2AF5D…)

Kek the SECOND the new thread was made an anon posted “no new milk from this cow” despite the fact that she literally jammed a whole bag of pick n mix up her twat, filmed dungeon port, sucked the feet of an obese YouTuber etc…
The state of this.

No. 1267400

liz bruenig has an absolutely miserable life. it could've been great given she has coasted and been provided everything to her and somehow was given platforms she absolutely has never deserved being she's an idiot and a huge asshole pretending to be a decent person. you can tell she's agonized by her shit mommy life and marriage to her tubbo autismo privileged husband. it wouldn't surprise me if she cried on the regular despite her constant catholic "milf" and precocious "esteemed" writer shtick.

No. 1267409

Liz B is one of those people who mistakenly believes that opportunity correlates directly to importance and speaks far too highly of herself because of it

No. 1267433

Taylor is incredibly boring, her thread has one or two WKs, four or five nitpicking insaniacs, and one or two racespergs. It really doesn't have any place on /w/ anymore because she is barely weeby anymore, and barely milky. She's boring, she's had a lot of filler migration that she fixes every few months, but ultimately she's only guilty of being a tryhard mommy blogger at this point.

Belle is milky but her thread is a trainwreck of again, WKs and nitpickers. /w/ in general is pretty rife with those types.

No. 1267471

Tay's thread is full of migrated Pullfags

No. 1267586

I can’t even look at the Venus thread image tbh. She looks.. She looks the way she is and I find it terrifying I hope she finds the help she urgently needs

No. 1267601

File: 1658184586588.png (251.56 KB, 328x590, ooo.png)

this woman is jill in the future

No. 1267640

If the Asian caricature babysitter in Cat in the Hat and Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda had a baby it would be her

No. 1267649

I think she's the prettiest cow. I'm ashamed of being attracted to her though.

No. 1267673

you can look at someone and recognize 'pretty' at the same time as recognizing 'batshit insane', anon, don't feel bad for it.

No. 1267840

Chris and Sharla make a cute couple.

No. 1268251

I had a very vivid dream that Stevie announced he had a soul connection to Rarity from MLP. I don't even frequent Jill's thread that often, wtf

No. 1268820

I miss the busdriverfag thread. I miss her. I wonder if she still posts about him, she went private and dead. Does anyone remember who I'm talking about?

No. 1269143

The one that was romantically infatuated with some middle aged bus driver?

No. 1270645

File: 1658371665174.jpg (222.94 KB, 897x697, 1524769684140.jpg)

I kind of miss Vicky's delusional spergs/lies and shoops (like picrel).

No. 1270647


I love this gif OP

No. 1270649

omfg I actually thought this was Jillian KEK

No. 1270651

File: 1658371796542.jpeg (573.13 KB, 818x1215, DE960493-2BE5-480B-A4F0-E41206…)

This pic is funny

No. 1270666

She looks like she's in Ed Edd and Eddy

No. 1270667

I felt like throwing up looking at this shit

No. 1270668

She looks very British

No. 1270685

Kek. Or most euros.

No. 1270720

nona be careful, the brit anons are going to find this and freak out

No. 1270751

File: 1658377636919.png (362.47 KB, 640x480, i wish he'd repair my curtain …)

Some Ed Edd n Eddy characters are hot.

No. 1271152

File: 1658412731995.jpeg (471.72 KB, 640x713, 6E51FA0F-426D-40EB-B787-201BA2…)

I genuinely really like this outfit. What a shame she’s such a disgusting person.
From the Nemu thread.

No. 1271184

I miss nemu’s thread. She was gross but she fascinated me.

No. 1271244

Is this a recent pic? Is this style getting back in fashion again?

No. 1271255

I deeply miss these shoops, classic Vick was the funniest

No it's an old pic

No. 1271474

The fridge vs pearchan debate in Shaynas thread is so weird because shayna is neither a pear shape, nor a skinny rectangular shaped girl

No. 1271479

I swear to god the deerspergs in Jill's thread are too much. Try living in the woods and see how easy it is to stop for a retarded animal that jumps in front of you and freezes. I get that you hate Jill but this is the dumbest nitpick. Unironically touch grass

No. 1271495

nemu’s was one of the first threads i read here, why is there no one as crazy and gross as her? gonna reread that mess now.

No. 1272013

I really, really feel bad for the family that owns the Airbnb Luna and Lurch are moving into. I would never cowtip nor do I think anyone else should, but I think people’s concerns for them are legitimate. Given the way Luna lives there’s no doubt in my mind that even if they’re in that room for a month it will be destroyed by the time they leave. I also think they will put off other guests who stay there, leading to the Airbnb potentially not getting as nice reviews. There is a selfish part of me that knows the milk will be entertaining but I hate the idea of any collateral damage. Particularly if it actually does devolve into another squatting saga, it’ll be a young family missing out on legitimate income. I wish cows could exist in little bubbles where they only fuck themselves over, but alas we don’t live in a perfect world.

No. 1272025

If cows just fucked themselves over, I would pity them rather than laugh at them. The best cows for me are the ones who are a bit evil. I like seeing a little chaos.

No. 1272125

Shayna is a whole ass pedophile and deserves the worst.

No. 1272331

So does Belle Delphine

No. 1272542

Jill anons love to harp on the most retarded shit, I can't even drive and even I know how common it is to hit deer by accident. The area she was likely driving in is especially bad for it, too. Jill is insufferable but she likely did nothing wrong in this situation

No. 1272662

Then you have the ones saying
>Why doesn't she feel bad for the animal why does she only care about wrecking her car?
>Why isn't she going vegan RIGHT NOW if she's such an empath?
Like she is only allowed to do one or the other? Fuck I love animals but of course I'm going to be more upset about totaling my fucking car and potentially dying.
Also I've been in a bad accident before and the airbags didn't deploy on my side. Have any of these anons even lived in the real world before? They try to play detective but just prove they're as braindead and childish as she is.

No. 1272807

Britney Spears is one of the biggest cows, I mean even compared to the average "celebricow." The only difference between her and someone like Shayna is money.

No. 1272809


No. 1272818

Lmao what has Shayna ever gone through, though? Her parents never whored her out.

No. 1272827

I mean she is the person who said she cries and feels "hyper-empathy" watching videos of people's pets dying so I was surprised it took so long for her to post about the deer kek

No. 1274047

Most of Chris-chan's trolls were literally no better than Chris himself (at least at the time).

No. 1274529

File: 1658605969304.png (1.07 MB, 1088x532, shite.png)

I unironically think pixielocks thread conserves the most oldfag energy in this website and besides the few unintegrated newfags, it is one of the best threads at the moment. At least for me it is the only thread that makes me want to come back to this website, /ot/ doesnt make it for me anymore, and the cesspool happening in /meta/ right now is making me abandon all hope for this website.

No. 1274550

Yes, the good oldfag posts are great and the shitty newfag posts are really bad. It's the most interesting cow thread imo but there are two very polarized types of posters there

No. 1274920

I have no idea who these people are but you're probably more unhinged than them. Holy shit.

No. 1276204

Tuna is so fucking stupid and entitled. She had 2 YEARS of squatting and she thinks she should get another week just because?? Hopefully we get some good milk next week.

No. 1277050

The thoughts i have about Alice would make the actual Anthony Logatto blush and i'm not ashamed of it. "B-but she's a mentally ill woman" shut the fuck up

No. 1277152

Kathy Park Bench Pinup is really a textbook narcissist and she shows up the career narc cows like Vicky and Mariah. Any anon who tries to armchair dx a flake as a narc should look to Kathy as an example. Absolute spectacle. Truly a cow for the ages.

No. 1277189

Anons in Heather's thread and Heather herself talk about how she should get back into making YouTube content and debate what kind of content she should make, but I think her unhinged love quest is her best content yet. She should find a way to capitalize on it. I don't know what company would sponsor such a person but there are others who have turned being manic into their brand and making money from it. I sometimes wonder whether it's an act because for how dull her life is she is really over the top, but it makes no sense for it to be an act if she's not gaining anything from it. Imagine if she was able to really put her all into documenting her quest for a true and honest spooky boy, sharing target goth fashion advice, teaching her viewers how to gather Intel and reinvent yourself to attract your new target Ryan. I would love to watch it.

No. 1277543

>more unhinged than a man who turned his dick inside out
Yeah, no. I doubt it.

No. 1277741

I know it's a super unpopular opinion for the thread because so many people these days just think any woman who is a raging asshole has BPD automatically, but I honestly think Jill's BPD is as much a product of her munching as all her other "illnesses" and serves as an excuse for her in the same way in her own mind. Anons are so quick to say "she's mad here, she's being bitchy here, it's her BPD!" when really she's just a spoiled brat from birth. There are really good examples of cows with glaring personality disorders, as >>1277152 points out since Kathy is a perfect case, but I just don't buy it with Jill. I have met too many spoiled brats from her area who act exactly like her to trust it all being beepeedee, unless every rich kid from PEI also has it.

No. 1277975

Omg I thought I dreamed that thread. It was so long ago now…

Does anyone have a link to the archive of it?

No. 1278091

I said this once in one of the threads and got reamed for it. I don't see why it's so hard for them to believe that if she's faking a laundry list of psychiatric issues, then she is probably faking BPD too. Some of those anons come from Twitter and Reddit (via r/fakedisordercringe) where it's usually a cardinal sin to doubt someone's "diagnosis" and obviously have no idea what BPD is besides
>oh em gee what a narc!!!!
It's pretty clear for anyone who has ever witnessed/interacted with a BPD-chan that Jill is nowhere near the same and has likely never had a severe mental illness at all, besides "normal" (re: uninteresting) problems like depression and anxiety. Everything she does is for attention because she knows she's losing her audience and she's had a public online presence since she was a teenager so that's all she knows.

No. 1278094

Samefagging but I remember when she first came out with her "BPD" claims and everyone in her threads doubted her. Now, you can't even so much as imply that is the case. What changed?

No. 1278159

i don’t keep up with this cow but faking personalities and disorders is pretty indicative of some form of personality disorder kek

No. 1278167

That's a reasonable claim. But the same could be said for many other symptoms in isolation, for several different psychiatric disorders. Hence why psychiatrists base diagnoses on a list rather than a single symptom.
You don't need a PD to be an attention seeker. Likewise, not all people with PDs are attention seekers. They are not mutually inclusive categories. The rate at which anons repeatedly accuse female cows of being BPD over relatively minor slights is like when 19th century doctors labelled women with hysteria.

No. 1278203

Blog somewhat related to the happenings on the Tuna thread. I know a personal cow of mine who moved into an apartment with a mid-sized dog when the lease said no pets. This delusional cow was convinced he could "charm" the landlord with his winning personality and that the landlord would make an exception for him and his clearly wonderful dog. Within 2 weeks he was kicked out, didn't get his deposit back of course, and ended up living in his car. Anyway, this guy wasn't even on drugs. There's just a certain type of narc who thinks the rules shouldn't apply to them and sadly this type of person is everywhere. I am sure that Tuna thinks she can "get away with" having a cat through sheer narcissism because she's that entitled. They are so screwed and I can't wait to watch it …

No. 1278244

what is going on in meta? please spoonfeed me i don't go there so i may have missed it

No. 1278315

Out of bordom I've been binge watching Chris Chan's Documentaries, I started with the newest one (got annoyed at him being called a "She" but got over it) and I decided to start from the top.
A lot of people hate Barb and are softer on his father, uh..they both were shitty. Both were kinda deadbeats and the child they did "care for" they didn't give correct care. But this isn't my unpopular opinion.
I feel like regardless of if the internet found Chris Chan, he'd ended up the same way, probably worse. I think the "trolls" keeping him busy, kept him from doing darker things. Some of them were VERY cruel but it's not the autism. He got his parents personalities which are very shitty. When Bob was defending him from when he got kicked from the gameplace and was mad at Megan for some reason,, it showed that he's just as shitty.
Also, he got a lot of his racists/homophobic views from his dad I believe. It wasn't JUST trolls or autism. I honestly enjoy how chris talks, not his voice but the way he strings togeather sentences and some insults. It's very childish but sometimes he comes up with something thats strangely "good" I can't describe it. Had no one "trolled" chris, I legit feel like he'd ended up raping a woman on his own or ending up in jail, waaayyy before it happened.
No i'm not saying the "trolls saved him". I'm saying someone like CC with parents like he did, with his autism and shitty personality, would've found fucked up people OR done something fucked up on his own. I also hate how…smug some of the trolls seemed. Like you aren't a cool good guy because you are trolling an autistic weirdo.
the whole "bluespike" shit was so disgusting and everyone involved needed to be investagated. The whole thing is so odd.
I have very little sympathy for Chris because I genuinely believe his personality is to be a disgusting entitled sex pest. I hate how Barb is seen as so evil but Bob isn't. Both were shitty parents. Sorry for the rant, I don't have anywhere to put this. No matter how much people try to "Softly" justify or explain with happened with Barb, I believe even if she was like bob, he'd still did what he did. She is weak, she's old, loosing her mind and they are isolated. It wasn't about Barb, it was about Chris needing a nut, feeling entitled to sex and loosing his mind from isolation.

No. 1278403

Schizo troon thinks he will be accepted here and is trying to “warn” about some retard man spamming here with shit. It’s fucking retarded and literal nothing.

No. 1278410

Schizo pedo troon as some people had the unfortunate experience of seeing on /meta/ this morning

No. 1278412

This is why we don’t fucking accept troons. They’re all the same.

No. 1278437

>It's pretty clear for anyone who has ever witnessed/interacted with a BPD-chan that Jill is nowhere near the same and has likely never had a severe mental illness at all, besides "normal" (re: uninteresting) problems
ayrt and I agree with this and it's part of what prompted me to say it, and the things anons say are indicative of her having it aren't even good examples

It went from being a desirable disorder people faked from the tumblr era because it signified going through some form of trauma and therefore oppression, to a highly stigmatized one. Probably through the way it is presented in media and popular culture and seen as applicable to women who don't meet the criteria at all, it's like its used as a synonym for unlikable

No. 1278593


Late, but completely agree with these takes, especially about her thread's demographic. Instead of focusing on her actions (the bdsm, pedopandering, rape fantasies), they focus on nitpicking extremely normal parts of her.

For instance, someone was nitpicking her NOSE CRINKLES when she winks and her back rolls from posing. I'm not even a whiteknight- I used to read her thread on PULL and on here about her beginnings and how milky she was. Now, it seems as if her thread only attracts women who want to nitpick her completely normal body and scrotes who get off to humiliating her.
Her thread is borderline unreadable.

No. 1278723

I agree with you, Chris is a low IQ moid far out on the spectrum and a narcissist on top of that so his grip on reality was questionable already from the start and with parents like Barb and Bob on top of that it was just a matter of time before he did something heinous. I don't think he would have straight up raped someone but the likelihood of him harming and/or molesting someone was extremely high already from the get-go, when I first started reading up on CC years ago I kept worrying that the next paragraph would be about him molesting the girl he made porn art of.

No. 1279297

I have to blog, Heather Steele’s current predicament is extra funny to me because in my early 20s I got myself into a similar situation, except I flew to the other side of the world to stay with this guy I barely knew. It lasted about a month before he texted me while I was out saying to come get my stuff off the porch. It was all embarrassing and dumb as fuck, but at least I had a backup plan and savings and tried to make something of it. So watching this 32 year old womanchild freak out about being ‘homeless’ because she got dumped a couple hours from her mom’s place after a week is just hysterical to me. Yeah, I have a twinge of sympathy for her because I’ve been similarly retarded, but it’s so sad that a relationship is her only goal in life and she can’t see this for the growth opportunity it is.

No. 1279413

Yeah, though I agree that it was a dick move on LurchRyan's part, I have hardly any sympathy for her. I asked a scrote to move in with me because I thought he was hot; I'd known him for a month. It was horrible. He was disgusting and unclean and a cokehead.
Cohabitating with someone you've known for less than a year is retarded and if it blows up in your face you deserve it for being a retard. I don't feel sorry for her because she has a cushy safety net. Your experience was much scarier, nonnie, and you probably didn't flip out about it as melodramatically as she has, talking about angels and devils and shit.

No. 1279740

lmao I was naive to think that the chrisxsharla anons in the jvloggers thread would chill out when their obsessive ship turned out to be real, I feel kinda sorry Chris and Sharla now that anons that are so hung up on their parasocial feelings towards them that they can't talk about anything else but their relationship to the point that they're desperately implying there have been cheating involved just to keep the conversation going. Are other jvloggers really that milkless?

Also, I think Kelly's drapery phase is pretty interesting. I think she has a good eye for aesthetics and could probably make a good buck as a home stylist if she studied it instead of now trying to make it as an artist.

No. 1279772

File: 1658957270723.png (595.52 KB, 2378x556, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 5.26…)

i'll never forget the septic tank post, that gave me a major kek but also convinced me that the thread is filled with previously unseen levels of unmitigated autism

No. 1279889

The pear vs fridge thing is so weird and should be moved to another thread and it’s in shayna’s thread so you know it’s probs two camwhores going at it about who moids like better “you have to have a high iq to appreciate a flat ass”
how do you not feel embarrassed when you admit that you are insulted at someone else insulting a cow?

No. 1279923

KEK that's still going on? I haven't checked Shayna's threads in awhile. The camwhores in there are milkier than she is

No. 1279960

I always report it. It's not funny, it's just derailing garbage.

No. 1280416

KEK what the fuck? This is insane

I thought one of them was supposed to be (c)rap-chan?

No. 1280796

I completely stopped checking the jvloggers thread for a few days after Sharla announced they were dating, just assumed it'd mostly be crowing anons saying they told everyone so and denier types just being completely silent. I was surprised to see how many people are STILL talking about Chris and Sharla. Did they cheat, are they already married, are they going to move to England, et cetera. It was really fun to figure out if they were dating but now that we know the thread is completely milkless imo. If someone could really put together a solid timeline that established whether or not they cheated on their partners, I guess that's milky, but I don't think it's going to happen. Instead its just anons rambling.

No. 1283090

It’s creepy how obsessed anons are with those two, and the way some acts as if their opinion is fact is almost psychotic. I wish mods would let them have their own thread because of the way they drown out any other discussion.

No. 1283523

Compared to the average discord moid Bella Janke isn't that bad, I genuinely think people only hate her so much because the shock of her acting this way while being a woman. The "she made chris fuck his mother" claims are outrageous too. You expect me to feel bad for a deranged troon with a history or near-raping women and making them feel uncomfortable? She's obviously not good or innocent at all but people act like she's some criminal mastermind and not a 4chan brained tard with their whole cringe "The internet never forgets." cyberpolice shit they do.

No. 1283552

i miss boyega-chan's posting in celebricows

No. 1283555

I miss the replies to her posts more

No. 1283559

Ban the celebricows thread

No. 1283614

Sometimes I wonder how is Cryaоtic doing now (i am not concerned for him, i am just curious) and why some anon tried bumping the threads to lock it.
t. Discovered lc during the early cry (more like Chey at that time) threads

No. 1284388

I think it's really strange how lately in the Pixielocks thread anyone who tries to ask questions or speculate about Jill and her behavior (and thought process) without immediately opening with demonstrating how much they hate Jillian or how much they think she is a nasty manipulative mental illness faking cow is accused of whiteknighting or shit on for not agreeing with all the other anons about her being some sort of mastermind trying to use fake mental illness to her advantage to be Teh Best and Most Important. Anons, there are people out there who think differently from you, and still hate the cow. I know it's shocking.

No. 1285474

I 100% believe Lily is browsing and posting in the Jvlogger thread, a lot of Chris and Sharla posts reeked of bitter ex energy already before the reveal and even more now with the cheating tinfoiling. Her tweets in general gives me the impression of someone that reads a lot of gossip forums.

No. 1285527

There are just a lot of really deeply spergy Jill anons who pick different things to rage about all the time, this is the current form it's taking. I was pissed when the thread had tons of new posts and it was just that shit flinging. I honestly can't help but wonder if they're ex confetti clubbers, because they're really pretty special even for an imageboard.

No. 1286478

I unironically think shoe0nhead is a really funny person. I used to be subscribed to her in my anti sjw phase. even though I no longer agree with her on almost anything I still think her older videos are really funny. it's a shame she uses her whole internet presence to pander to men and has 0 self esteem.

No. 1286655

she's deeply unfunny

No. 1286690

I feel bad for your sense of humor, her whole shtick is just poorly aged "xDDD squirrels so randum xD sporks!" shit where she thinks anything counts as a joke if she screams it at the camera loud enough

No. 1286753

File: 1659456950219.jpeg (771.24 KB, 1045x1088, 9AB0A38E-6E71-4129-BFF6-E74CAE…)

Shayna was really pretty when she was skinny. She looks like Natalia Dyer from stranger things.

No. 1286755

Nta but she kind of has a charisma, I like her voice. and she’s cute

No. 1286788

There're a lot of cows that at first weren't nearly as ugly as anons make them up to be, but then time passes and their looks (and health) just degrades, like a curse.

No. 1286817

It makes me sad.

No. 1286823

She does look pretty good here. Shayna is a pathetic person but to act like she was always ugly just isn't true. She could've had an abysmal future in more mainstream porn, probably, but she threw it all away for some scrote. Now she has an abysmal, even worse future in OF porn. Either way ends the same, no money and no dignity, and in Shayna's case, 60 lbs.

No. 1286834

When I first found Shayna I could not figure out how old she was because of those goddamn barrel curl bangs that I haven't seen since '95. I thought maybe she was a 42 year old that somehow didn't have any wrinkles.

No. 1287037

That's how I started lurking too. I hope he's rotting somewhere in Florida. Surprised he didn't try to make a comeback yet, after all that manic talk.

No. 1287324

Weirdly she reminds me of Leftcows Dasha in that picture

ayrt, I honestly can see thinking she's cute so I guess that makes more sense. Her voice isn't bad either but as I said before, can't be bothered to sit through all her screaming even if what she was saying were less cringey

No. 1288211

I hate the KiwiFarms Lucinda thread. They are so weirdly shameless about acting like she's a pure uwu angel.

She is so incredibly selfish, I can't imagine how her family is coping. But oh, she pretends she is a unicorn so it's uwu and A-OK, the purest soul. She's no different from other awful EDfags who refuse to get help and are major attention seekers.

No. 1288255

Hmm. I've never really understood the hateboner people have for Lucinda. Not to argue - you're free to feel however you want. The anons in her thread are just as off the rails as she is, if not more. Plus, generally they're very bad at keeping up. This has lead to all sorts of conspiracies.

No. 1288273

It's not so much a hateboner, but surprise for the support she has online when I feel like she's the same as many other people with anorexia.

No. 1288486

People who have done worse than having an ED have supporters. Today I saw a wk in the Luna thread. It's partially luck and partially charisma. I like Lucinda.

No. 1288520

That anon seems very obsessed with Lucinda and is starting to worry me, she literally pops up everytime someone says they like her, creepy

No. 1288587

Can someone please explain why Luna is considered pretty? I mean, even in her old days, how is she by any means attractive? Even Shayna looks more conventionally attractive when she was thin than Luna ever did. But everyone talks about how beautiful and talented Luna is and I genuinely don't understand it. I actually think Luna looks way better with the red hair than she ever did blonde - she looked pasty and more doughy because it washed her out. But I still couldn't call her attractive even if she was at her lowest weight. Like, what facial features make her have this effect on people or is it all self posting or odd wks?

No. 1288613

idk either. i’ve never posted this anywhere because i avoid cow boards but when. i was 15 (in 2014-2015) i saw luna on fb randomly because she had a ton of “friends” and inevitably someone i knew would have her added, so she’d pop up in recs. i remember being horrified and not understanding why someone would make themselves look like that. i legitimately could not understand if she was a troll or just a severely mentally i’ll person. her posts screamed bpd and i promptly forgot her.

flash forward to lurking lc for some reason a couple years later and i see a luna thread. i was not in the slightest surprised. but i couldn’t and still cannot understand why she does that to her face.

No. 1288616

samefag. wow i just looked at some recent threads. to be fair she looks so so so so much better than she used to. those 40 layers of dry, caked on nude lipstick with the dryest thick foundation and middle school eyeliner did not look like the work of a sane person. she looks average to me now and not glaringly mentally ill and 60. i’m shocked she dropped the bleach

No. 1288670

imo luna just has a pretty face, not really much else to it

No. 1288701

She was fine. I think anons like to gang up on Shayna to feel better about themselves and like in many threads on /w or /s if you dare suggest that the cow is average, pretty, anything other than absolutely hideous looking, you’ll face backlash from the screeching haters kek.
If she took a different route, got a good hairdresser, went to gym, and ate healthy she had the potential to be attractive. I’m afraid that ship has sailed. Something is wrong with her as her makeup wasn’t as bad as it currently is. It’s like her brain-hand coordination is fried. Either depression or weed

No. 1288707

shayna could still be attractive, her biggest problem is that even when she has any motivation or interest to better herself, she still has 0 clue how to dress herself. she's stylistically on the level of an actual autist honestly.

No. 1288758

Now anons are saying Jillian and Shayna used to be pretty when they were thin. But I don't agree, both their faces have always looked grandmotherish to me. I've just always found them unnatractive. Luna was cute.

Anyway, I hate what the Luna thread has become. Farmers used to laugh at her but ultimately wish her well, they wanted her to turn her life around. Since then, she has shown disgusting and unacceptable behaviour towards others, and naturally farmers stopped rooting for her. But wishing her to become homeless and cheering it on? Too far man, too far. I stopped reading that thread when anons were rooting for her to fail at that one "job" she had.

No. 1288817

She needs help, it’s obvious she’s suffering from mental health issues. Nobody who sexualizes minor and especially babies is normal, they’re mentally ill.

No. 1288818

A deranged anon on Venus thread is claiming her crusty old sugar daddy is being abused by her. How the fuck can a 45 year old man can be “abused” by a girl in her twenties that he has HIRED as a sexual companion? The math doesn’t math. The power dynamics don’t add up. People say anything to shit on cows

No. 1288823

What the fuck is wrong with you anon. I’m not a pedophile. Can you read tho. I said people who sexualize minors are not normal and they are mentally ill, what part of that makes me a pedophile could you please explain

No. 1288831

It's the tranny most likely

No. 1288832

Lmao you’re delusional. Get help for your anger issues

No. 1288837

Pointing out that although she has potential to be attractive she is a shit person because she sexualizes minors, that she’s probably mentally ill and needs help is being a tranny now? I still don’t understand what part of that makes me a tranny, a pedophile and as one of you disrespectfully suggested, “a whore”. I am not a tranny and neither I am attracted to minors. You guys really need a break from lolcow and stop accusing everyone of being a tranny and pedophile and infighting with zero basis.

No. 1288844

So it’s a compelling reason to call me a tranny, a whore and a pedo? You guys are like the annoying wokies on twitter analyzing every single word and in urgent need of a reality check tbh.

No. 1288845

Also you’re disrespectful and rude to another woman for no reason other than her word choices anon

No. 1288851

No. 1288859

Wellbutrin is no good for you I see

No. 1288861

It's because 3/4 of the thread are her fellow twitter bone rattlers who don't understand that this is a gossip website, including the person who keeps calling every single minor doubt or criticism "hate boner" or "tinfoiling".

No. 1288867

Congrats on ganging up on me with that other anon. You two are bullies, by the way do you know who else collectively gang up on women? Men. So hope you enjoy acting like a moid with your newly acquired sense of superiority because you don’t agree with someone’s word choice. Any mature mentally sane person can see for themselves that you are overreacting and reaching too far. I’m done with you two.

No. 1288886

nta but what..

No. 1288888

It's the tranny who is so triggered,he can't even quote properly anymore.

No. 1288903

Jill's initial threads were unnecessary and her eventually becoming milky with the DID saga is basically just luck.

No. 1288991

The exact same thing happened in the gyaru thread recently with someone claiming that Yukapon was exerting power over and abusing the weird old groomer men who were after her when she was in her late teens, it's pathetic that there are so many anons on /w/ willing to cape for the grossest scrotes because they dislike some woman

No. 1289815

File: 1659667373803.png (11.34 KB, 792x196, kf.PNG)

Why the fuck are the Kiwifags on Lucindas thread there so creepy? This post just reads groomer to me. I prefer the hateboner anons to this weird shit.
Yeah her initial threads were really not needed. She was a spoiled girl who lied, she was a cow that belonged in a general thread imo.

No. 1289822

Samefag but all the calling her a "muh sweet kind angel of the world" how? Because she's nice online? I don't hate Lucinda, I actually quite like her but the worshipping of her is so fucking weird.

No. 1290263

I agree completely, I like Lucinda and really, really want her to recover, but the tone of the KF thread is gross to me. The glorification is so OTT that it’s almost dehumanizing. She’s not an uwu pure innocent baby, she’s a deeply mentally ill 25-year-old woman - with good and bad qualities, like anyone - who is progressively destroying herself and making her family’s life a living hell. I have compassion for her, but yeah, it’s weird to me that no one there acknowledges the part of her that gets off on disturbing and alarming people via grotesque selfies and visible self-harm

No. 1290427

I wouldn't doubt a lot of the men in Lucindas kf are anorexia fetishists, or just men who get off on sick/mentally ill girls. If you've ever seen any of those communities they use really weird babytalk that's dehumanizing and creepy. Take a look at a lot of Eugenia's comments and you'll see what I mean.

No. 1291095

ayrt Makes sense. I once knew a woman who reminds me a lot of Lucinda (same constellation of mental illnesses, including the schizophrenia), and she (sadly) received little sympathy from anyone, even though she was also a nice/sweet person (in a normal way, also like Lucinda - nice but not saintlike by any means). She wasn't a cow, just really ill, but if some of her crazier antics had been posted on KF I'm certain she'd receive little compassion - because she wasn't as cute, young-looking, or openly vulnerable as Lucinda. They treat her like she's some woobie anime character and it's really weird.

No. 1291111

sa I also hate how they keep calling her a "girl" or "young lady" when she's a 25-year-old adult who has behaved somewhat inappropriately with minors in the past. I don't mean that she's done anything horrible, I'm not moralfagging here, but it is kind of fucked to be a grown-ass adult and post emaciated selfies in a community frequented by eating disordered young teenagers, and then have people act like she's the one who's a literal child

No. 1291401

To your first point, I agree. In my opinion, neither Shay nor Jill were attractive when they were skinny. For Shayna, I thought she was unattractive both then and now, but in different ways. Maybe in some pictures she was marginally more attractive than she is now, but skinny!Shay was ugly in a scrawny, rodent-like way as opposed to the Yaniv grin that she pulls off in every picture. As for Jill, I thought that her features looked too big for her face when she was thin. Like, weirdly bulbous or something. I honestly think she looks better with more weight on (though not as much as she's got now) because it fills in her face and makes those features more harmonious.

No. 1291434

25 is a young lady though

No. 1291452

ayrt Yeah you're right, I just meant I find it creepy how they act like she's a little girl, and in my experience "young lady" is usually used in reference to children and teens. Of course, she is a young woman, and she is vulnerable, she's just not a child

No. 1291469

What did she do? I'm not asking to mock her just curious.

No. 1291474

I feel like "young lady" is almost always used for teenage girls/preteens from adults tbh, I never hear an adult being referred to as a "young lady"

No. 1291482

She had terrible paranoid religious delusions, hallucinated, starved herself, purged constantly, abused laxatives, cut herself, many many suicide attempts, etc. She was a lot like Lucinda but not as childlike, more jaded, more serious. Had a really sad trauma background. She also dressed and styled herself in a bizarre way. I'm very glad she was low-key online and that no one ever made fun of her. But she was also not as visibly self-destructive as Lucinda is. I really felt for her. I hope she's still alive but I don't know.

No. 1291504

Same sort of person I once knew, she was very kind and sweet when I was going through some pretty horrible things after I was a teen and I think about her all the time. I’m too scared to see if she’s alive still, and also if she’s recovered I want to leave her be and not remind her in any way of her past. She was a really intelligent and special young woman and so thoughtful and caring, and she never made me feel terrible for the things that happened to me. She’s the only person I have ever spoken to online about CSA. I wonder all the time if she’s still here and knows what an angel she is, she was way ahead of her time.

No. 1291513

ayrt That's really touching, nonny. I hope you're doing much better today, and of course, that the woman you speak of is alive and well <3

No. 1291517

She sounds similar to what you describe, including dressing a bit odd. Did her name start with an A?

No. 1291522

It did not, unless she used an alias I was unaware of. Did you know her from tumblr?

No. 1292281

Crumps and crumpsfags from leftcows are so annoying, a lot of what is being called his influence is just twitter nobodies making obvious observations about that scene

No. 1295818

Luna's thread is so sad now. I don't feel bad for her, it's not that, it's just that Luna is pathetic and not fun.

No. 1295875

yes. I also don't really like his writing and it's annoying he insists on calling it "art"; one of his substacks was good & hit the perfect tone and the rest are dogshit. crumps needs to stick to his day job as a copyeditor

No. 1295992

I agree. I followed her for a long time, she used to have a lot of milk but now the most 'milk' we get is her laying on the sidewalk and holding her cat wrong. The biggest reason I still follow her threads are because of chief's twitter, that man he talked with about his 'memoir' made me cackle.

No. 1296588

To be fair, I do think that most of the people with years-long threads have a Cluster B PD because someone usually has to have engage in some notably shitty behavior over a long period of time for a thread to sustain itself (ofc there are a lot of exceptions to this), and if they are failing to grow out of it, especially as an adult, then chances are that it's just a part of them.
I think Jill has Histrionic Personality Disorder rather than BPD, same with Taylor (the pet hoarder one), Lucinda, various minor cows on the pro-ana thread, etc that regularly get called BPDchans. The munching, shocking self-presentation, and/or regular one-person dramatic sagas really make it come across as excessive attention-seeking rather than BPDshit, but in general, lolcow has always had a tendency to speculate about BPD on nearly every thread (unless the cow claims that they're diagnosed, in which case they're totally faking, lol) as if it's the only thing that can can cause chronic bad behavior.
Neither of them were very attractive from the start, but they've deteriorated so much that their old pics look gorgeous in comparison.
Crumps is an insufferable psued trying to make a living off of writing about insufferable pseuds, but his agonizing self-involved purple prose really elevated his recent blogpost into a primo piece of drama imo. Really just drove home how empty and uncool the entire post-left influencer ecosystem is.

No. 1297274

Shayna's thread is so stale when every other post is just autism, calling her fat for the thousandth time, or retarded infighting.

No. 1299999

I think Shayna might get monkeypox from this con because she is always sitting on surfaces with her whole bare ass and vagina and there are other degenerate people around her who don't seem the cleanest either, and plus she is also getting on wrestling mats all these other people have sweated on while they sweat grabbing all over each other in minimal clothing. This is all after they've come inside from Florida in summer, too. And now also getting her bare ass handled by strangers. This just seems like the worst time ever to be holding a huge fetishist fuckfest.

No. 1300408

Venus anons are so gross, she is clearly sick

No. 1301038

Weaboo cows get such insane whiteknights and it puzzles me. I was reading the old Peenus threads and a ton of scrotes invading and calling her cute. You'd expect weebs who talk about "3d pig disgusting" to hate grifters but they shamelessly fall for any girl who is into their hobby.

Also lolcow 5 years ago had a lot more obvious scrotes even though nowadays /w/ is full of autistic defenders as well

No. 1301105

Idk much about Venus but I know that she's not cute. At all.

No. 1301569

I feel like I’ve matured to the point where cows don’t even make me mad anymore, I just find them weird. Shay use to piss me off so much but now she’s like an old friend who i you watch unravel from the sidelines. I almost admire her dedication in still constantly posting despite having over 100 threads about her frankly milkless antics nowadays. Most cows would’ve taken the hint by now and just nuked their socials but she’s still going strong.

No. 1301664

Most cows won't restart from 0 because
1. They'll lose an established following, even if it's 5 people
2. They'll be found again

Cow threads have an inverse effect where the cows decide to piss off the haters more instead of growing up and when they notice everyone got bored of them they feel bad.

No. 1301678

The "troll" cows are the most entertaining, mainly because they're just hurting themselves.

No. 1301696

I don't think many cows have actually made me mad before, I always kind of keep the watching an old friend spiraling on social media attitude toward them. I always thought that was the whole appeal of a cow like Vicky, for example, or even Shayna. The ones that do actually make me mad are ones like Onion or the various gross male troons

No. 1302100

File: 1660451045975.jpeg (68.08 KB, 251x275, blerghhhh.jpeg)

Shayna is literally making me gasp with the pictures she's posting recently. Sometimes I think anons are really harsh on her, but the fetcon pics are rough. She looks horrible and I'm personally horrified she wore one of her skirt belts out in public with her gut sticking out.
Does she not have eyes? Look at her tummy jutting out of her clothes.

No. 1302108

Do you have a higher resolution photo, nonnie? This is really grainy even after clicking on it

No. 1302115

File: 1660451654067.jpeg (456.51 KB, 2048x1152, icky.jpeg)

This may work. I still don't know how anyone who isn't blind can go out in this outfit. There is literally no need for pants/coverage since she's so fat her skirt can't cover her vag OR ass…which is the whole point of wearing clothes.s

No. 1302121

You know men literally don't care? Shayna is my heartcow because the fact she can live off her whoring is proof that men are degenerates and there is a fetishist for everything. The adult baby arc has been my favorite. I suspect she'll end up doing really degrading BBW in a few years. And honestly, good for her. I wouldn't want her life, but she clearly has an easier time making rent than me some months.

No. 1302129

Sucks to be you

No. 1302132

Nta but why would that suck lol this response makes no sense, anon is saying she wouldn’t personally do it but it’s funny to see how low scrotes will go (and pay for the privilege) you really don’t agree with that?

No. 1302166

Also NTA but I'm guessing they were responding to her having a harder time paying rent than $3 onlyfans shayna

No. 1302171

Ayrt and yes it does
Her grift definitely goes beyond OF though. I haven't been keeping up on her since she moved to Seattle, but she clearly hasn't been evicted and it's not cheap to live there. Farmers always dunk on her for begging for money from her Womacks, but that is literally her job. Its sort of comforting to know she won't face real hardship no matter how fat she gets, because moids will continue to bankroll her as long as she is somewhere in the realm of their fetish.

No. 1302172

unnecessarily rude

No. 1302177

Nta but this is lolcow and it’s so hilarious that you summerfags will be talking about a cow in the most vile of ways but when an anon doesn’t speak to you cordially it’s “wow that’s so rude omg you don’t have to be a cunt”

No. 1302185

i don't visit drama boards anymore and i've been here for like 7 years

No. 1302188

I kinda agree. I really doubt most of the people going to “fetishcon” are that amazing looking themselves, I’m sure she looks just fine for the venue. No I wouldn’t personally wear her outfits, but I don’t get all the hate tbh.

No. 1302191

And you’re still on a drama board. Do you hear yourself?

No. 1302197

File: 1660457340370.jpeg (172.06 KB, 1024x683, 1660281078049.jpeg)

>I really doubt most of the people going to “fetishcon” are that amazing looking themselves
She's positively a Stacey compared to them kek.

tbh I don't care about Shayna at all but I'm living for fetish con proving, beyond a doubt, that polyamory and bdsm/kink is for uglies who have to go to extremes in order to manage orgasms in each other's presence. Normal people don't need that shit.

No. 1302200

you think /ot/ is a drama board? ok, sure. whatever makes you feel better about being mean to anons just saying they struggle to make ends meet some months

No. 1302201

My point is that she isn't dressing to appeal to farmers or normie women, she's dressing like a fat whore fantasy for men with fetishes. She literally pees in diapers kek It kills me how anons will post about her gut and homegrown fupa and reminisce about her teenage years when she is financially benefitting from her appearance. I have a soft spot for Shayna, she was always just pathetic enough to affect me. It was probably because she was living in Oklahoma and sadposting between white zin binges and I could fix her, idk. She is never going to clean up, lose weight, and get a real job (as is everyanon's helpful suggestion), but at least she can stay afloat, you know? And she seems like she can bear it, because she craves male attention just enough to want to appeal to the third rate moids that normie women find objectionable and rightfully refuse to touch.

No. 1302202

The imageboard is a drama board. This isn’t 4chan. It’s a small niche gossip board built entirely on gossip. Get your head out of your ass and just ignore comments like that instead of whining like you are somehow exempt just because you only hang out on /ot/. At least act like you know where you are.

No. 1302204

kek thanks for trying to defend my honor nonnie but it's not that deep.

No. 1302205

shayna could look better and have a better life, no doubt, but as you say, it doesn't matter because men will pay for women to degrade themselves. imposing women's standards on shayna is pretty ridiculous. i don't know why women do it, because it's senseless. men don't have such standards. they may pretend to to seek points with other men or to shame women for the sake of shaming and negging women, but realistically they're getting hard, jacking off, and paying for tons of shit that wouldn't impress their "bros".

No. 1302207

for a lot of anons this literally replaced 4chan for them and not for the gossip-centric aspect of the site? i'm honestly tired of anons pretending that doesn't exist for people.

No. 1302210

Nta but The drama on this site is shit honestly, and the best boards at this point are the random topic ones

No. 1302213

It existing for you doesn’t change where you are any more than a moid using 4chan for purposes other than perversion or racism doesn’t change the fact that he hangs out on a board that perpetuates perversion and racism. Just don’t be stupid.

No. 1302261

Same. I'm having more fun observing these stinky degenerates than Shayna and it's been the highlight of my weekend. I just wish the sex workers who hate her religiously attended, but let's be real, they're probably just sitting in the thread instead kek. I at least look foward to puppi's freakout over her not one, but two new black besties

No. 1302297

How has this become just another Shayna thread? Out of all the cows she gets mentioned constantly on numerous other threads the most

No. 1302304

She has the most threads on the whole site and is still going strong despite being uninteresting as fuck. It's just the same salty sex workers complaining about her and then other farmers pointing out that Shayna is boring. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1302311

It’s embarrassing. They’re so obsessed with her that they let the fixation trickle in all across boards. Get a grip.

No. 1302322

Tinfoil but Repzion's thread seems like one person obsessively posting his new gf and nitpicking the dumbest shit. Both repzion and his new gf are trailer trash now but the posts just aren't milky at all. Is this his ex? Or some ex friend bitter about him? I get a female vibe from the nitpick type and how the thread is about the new gf now. But like posting that she photoshopped her knife to be a different color as if it's a milk and obsessively proving she edits out her fat sometimes… Reeks of vendetta.

No. 1302324

Yeah, it's Onision

No. 1302348

What thread is fetishcon being talked about in?

No. 1302997

The onlyfans cow thread in /snow/

No. 1305225

File: 1660674828216.png (2.69 MB, 1763x1423, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 1.32…)



No. 1305249

there's usually something redeeming about the monsters you're intending to fuck. not with these guys.

No. 1305279

lurch would be a circus freak in another timeline, i am 200000% certain of this. i can't bear to look at his face, it looks like it was put on a torture rack and stretched to capacity. how luna does, on top of him backstabbing her, is unreal. she could do so much better honestly. so, so, so much better.

No. 1305282

being a monsterfucker, in my mind, does not equal wanting to fuck genetic freak retards

No. 1305337

That’s because those men aren’t monsters. They’re radically fugly failed men. Kek

No. 1305338

These are just ugly humans

No. 1305379

Squidward's house

No. 1305414

No. 1305486

Basically what >>1302304 said. She's the most popular/prolific cow on the board, for good reason or not. For the amount of milk that she produces, I honestly don't understand the rate at which new threads are created for her. Yeah she's hideous and gross, but there are many cows on this board of a similarly hideous caliber; and yes, I know it's infiltrated by malding fatty Twitter "sex workers" who have clearly exemplified their ineptitude by complaining on Twitter about how hard they "work" despite the dearth of shekels and attention they acquire from their "fans" while seemingly having enough time to seethe in the Shayna thread about how much they hate her.
I just don't understand why these retards can't STFU when there's no milk rather than regurgitating the same nitpicks every time. The fact that she has the highest number of threads on the board in spite of being one of the most boring cows as of yet is enough evidence for me to believe that we should start banning "sex work"/OF cows (ie cows who are only known for creating shoddy porn) to reduce activity from jealous hamplanet twtards because I think the drama boards are suffering from nuisance posters. Hopefully whenever the admin "finishes" those updates they claim to be making on the website after which they can hire more jannies rather than let the board fester with summerfags, troons/moids, and twtards

No. 1305545

What I find really funny is that Shaynafags will talk about how horrible her life is and how she's a shut in loser but she's been on what, like 3 trips in the last year alone? She's going places.
Currently there's discourse about sex worker hate in that thread but honestly I feel they're all just salty sex workers larping as non sex workers. How can anyone pay this much attention to her? She isn't interesting. And the Vivi drama is a stretch too considering if it were anyone but Shayna they'd be upset that someone was trying to force a woman to have sex on camera when she didn't want to.

No. 1305569

I don't care what anyone says about Lucinda, I genuinely love her and she's my favorite cow. The ambrose saga was a perfect representation of her character. She's funny, witty, and so much smarter and more self aware than the other jealous fat girls on ed Twitter. She never let people tear her down and she ultimately came out on top whenever somebody tried to "cancel" her. Yes she's terminally online and schizophrenic, but she has so much charm. If she's dead I think I would genuinely cry.

No. 1305987

I really want Kat Harlowe to piss someone off publicly, she has the narc potential for some serious drama but currently she's just ebegging and going on pilled up instagram rants about who she's not in community with.

No. 1305991

Heather isn't a cow, she's a traumatized woman who has been abused by moids her entire life. Shame on scrotes her for calling her crazy

No. 1306023

There are so many anons who openly go to the thread just to post that they are better than her, as though the bar is set super high. It makes me wonder what could be up in their lives that they need to make direct comparisons to her to feel better

I could totally see Kathy ending up in a filmed public confrontation someday

No. 1306100

I remember some anon mentioning that they open her thread in the morning to read updates like a newspaper. I think they've been going on for so long that at this point some anons are just emotionally attached to her even though she's boring. The ones who drive the threads are unhinged though.
>witty, and so much smarter
But I thought she was diagnosed with an IQ of 65!!! Could she be lying?

No. 1306776

I definitely think she lies about a lot of her disabilities, but I think a lot of the more speculated on ones are true. She's definitely not IQ of 65 though, that's lower than most birds I'm pretty sure. She's still my pathological liar queen tho.

No. 1306928

Kek it's definitely one of her orbiters or a self-post. What farmer says this shit about any cow on this board without irony?
>She's funny, witty, and so much smarter and more self aware than the other jealous fat girls on ed Twitter.

No. 1306943

As a casual reader of her threads, the biggest appeal for me is how fast they move. If I'm bored and just want to read some stupid shit, I can pretty reliably find new replies there. She really never changes, any criticism made about her now probably wouldn't be out of place ten threads ago, which is boring for a lot of farmers, but it also makes it really easy to read even when you haven't kept up to date on them because you probably didn't miss anything that hasn't happened before. Shayna also tweets constantly so you never really have to wait on her to do something, like I've never gone to her twitter but I assume everything she tweets gets posted in the thread for everyone to react to the same way they reacted to the previous million bad tweets.Truly the junk food of /snow/ threads.
It's also just funny seeing the OF freaks shitflinging in there, you're absolutely right that it's primarily populated by other failed twitter whores.

No. 1307261

>It's also just funny seeing the OF freaks shitflinging in there
That's probably the only milk in the thread, tbh.

No. 1307427

Shayna is boring and her thread is annoying because of her. I also feel like long time sex workers who lurk. Are jealous because Shayna has a plan B in her family. Yes she's miserable and admits it, but she has a well to do family that despite all her flaws will take her in. Plus as far as we know she's able to get money from scrote to live her life.
It's basically a slap in the face to SWs who lose their families, look better but are unsuccessful and the ones genuinely with fucked up situations/pasts and don't have much of a choice. I don't think it's all diaper shitters mad at the competition. Shaynas interesting because she probably will do all this but end up with a name change and a life funded by her parents. She'll have no true consequences.

Also, that thread about Repzion is 100% one person shit talking. A vendetta

No. 1307441

I hate how there's plenty of "based" commentary channels who use the N word or openly hate women, but draw the line at picking at troons. All of them are white. It's very telling these men will use the n word but won't call a troon a man. Some ordinary gamer did a video where some roblox person pronouns where, "goddess" or something. He was like, "basic respect" and then he used to publicly misgender Chris chan, but when he did the video on what CC did to his mom, apperently he started whining about not misgendering him. Idk, the commentary channels or shit talk channels are full of weirdos.

No. 1307526

See: thread title

No. 1308642

Heather makes me feel crazy because I have around 50 houseplants and no guy has ever given a shit. If anything they thought it was cool. Granted I have a career and a life so when I bought a house I was able to buy it big enough that my plants are mostly contained to my office. She’s genuinely so insane that the next guy who wants to hit will be like “yeah baby plants are dope” and she’s going to be like “I found soulmate number 202” for something so banal and even typical for your average millennial.

No. 1308782

she wouldn't be a cow if she didn't post her entire life online, that's what makes her one

No. 1308795

Seeing Ethan Ralph join forces with Keffals to take down kiwifarms only makes that America first guy look gayer. I don't know who I dislike more out of everyone involved. Keffals & Ethan I hate equally and I don't like Josh, but at least Kiwifarms has some good threads and I do (ashamedly) enjoy 80% of the Friday streams/people streams. They are all obessee with eachother. The three plus Metakor should all go fuck somewhere. Everytime I think of Josh, Ethan, Keffals and Metokur I think of that tweet going,"think of the messiness bitch you know, I bet it's a man".

No. 1308797

*Messiest I apologize for my fat shaky coffee fingers

No. 1308800

I never really gave it much thought, but can you imagine her bringing all that bunny food to a small apartment? Or was it lurchryan's family house idk, but that shit could have easily been too much, I like a plant or two but whenever I've gone to someone's place that is small and there's like 40 plants, the whole place has this earthy smell and you can't sit without some plant touching you. I sound kinda unhinged, but what I'm saying is I would get someone being kinda iffy on suddenly receiving 10018917 plants in a small place.

No. 1308813

I once again have to talk about how much I love Kathy. Yeah I'm definitely too online and too addicted to lolcow but god damn, reading the Kathy thread genuinely brings me joy in a weird way. She's just so fucking goofy. She overestimates her crafting/designing abilities, she overestimates her ability to put together cohesive outfits, her makeup is always weird as fuck, she fails so bad at her rich burlesque findom larp it's just so fucking funny. She's not even that much of a lolcow, she's just fucking goofy. I will get a good hearty kek out of every new selfie posted. She's definitely my favorite cow atm. Jill's thread gets kind of annoying and PULL-like, Stef's thread moves too slowly to really get into, etc.

No. 1308821

Ngl, I wish that our admin or a woman did the kind of streams about lolcows like Josh/Metokur did. But I know they'd be chased off the platforms by troons. Even if they don't use slurs like "tranny, troon etc.".
It kinda makes me sad.Josh/others have so much content on YouTube using all kinds of language and it's honestly shocking they haven't been banned completely.
But all they essentially do is gossip and bitch at eachother.Its like the bigo app where a bunch of trans/guys sit around all day coming eachother homophobic/transphobic slurs. Except it's three fat man and one sick man doing it. Yet they all have issues with women. Then again, I'm happy a woman isn't having her life ruined in that way.

No. 1308836

File: 1660934592743.jpg (119.11 KB, 720x1083, Screenshot_20220819-144218_Chr…)


No. 1308883

Josh and Metokur only don't get banned off youtube cause they delete all their streams right after they are done. The archive channels you can find regularly get deleted for hatespeech and harassment.

No. 1309596

youre right nonnie and you should say it. i really hope she is not dead but i know she is suffering. i hope very much she gets better

No. 1310645

NTAYRT but it's weird that someone with a dying thread has so much "fans" among farmers.
Feels like bad astroturfing.

Try to hide your Twitter-speak better next time ""anon""

No. 1310981

Her first thread was very active, and farmers who don't hate her don't go to /snow/ to mock her obviously

No. 1311352

The layna autism is off the charts in the JC thread. I’m convinced 80% of the posters are JC fan girls in their early 20s plus Sydney. It’s beyond cringy. She’s just a boring nobody but farmers go REEEEEEEEE because she made a tiktok in the same shorts she tanned in?

No. 1311366

nta but I don't hate her so why would I post in her thread kek

No. 1311403

Um, because I am waaayy more attractive than her? And how dare someone think she is attractive at all when way more people think someone else is more attractive than her?

No. 1311406

I think it is because Shayna is representative of the disdain many have for OF girls. She also represents a fat, flailing girl we all want to laugh at for trying to be pretty, but failing. Pretty much anyone has a better life than her and can laugh at some aspect of it.

No. 1313563

I don't get the Belle Delphine thread. It's such a shit fucking thread. I tried to read it but you must be fucking braindead to think it's entertaining. It isn't. She's just some twitter sex worker that got big.
None of this is entertaining. Sure, it might be milky if you're dying of thirst in the middle of the Sahara, but I feel like your average cowfag would not give a single shit about any of that. Why? Because the picture stealing happened so long ago (yes it was incredibly wrong of her to do, she's a shitty person for that) and the herpes thing is like… okay? Personally I just don't find herpes entertaining. Like sucks that she's got it I guess but really? You are all entertained by some ugly-ass butt herpes for weeks? Also, the pedo-baiting is gross and weird but reposting every fucking update she makes on social media because she has pigtails or whatever is not fucking milk. She's a fucking twitter sex worker with an onlyfans, uh no fucking shit she's going to be wearing that retarded shit. Moids on twitter consume lethal amounts of anime every day and, well, you know anime. She's pandering hard to unfavorable scrotes which is what every sex worker does in general. I'm not excusing it and I think it's gross but come on you retards, it's not entertaining in the least. God, she's so fucking boring. You have to be retarded to regularly post in there. It's like Shayna's thread except more psychotic because they'll bark and snip at you and call you a fucking whiteknight for pointing out these blatantly obvious facts. Also I've never posted in that thread before or posted about it on /meta/ so inb4 all the YOU'RE A FUCKING WHITEKNIGHT REEEEE, I'm not. I don't like her but I hate milkless, pointless threads more.

No. 1313581

This is going to sound crazy but…it's stunning and brave how Jeffree fits the "non binary" mold to a T and he never trooped out. He may, but you'd think he'd been the first person to Troon. It's like that collab with Shane + his brak up with Nate ruined Shane/Jeffrey. They are very irrelevant. Nate is probably knee deep in vagina/Troon ass and isn't Jeffrey raising animals on a farm or some shit? Once upon a time I was so into what Jefree had going on to hate on him, now I don't even care enough.

No. 1313630

you forgot lolcow is made for vendetta or for other cows with pathetic lifes that make threads on other people. The Belle Delphine thread is filled with BPD chans that wish they got attention and other e whores

No. 1313717

I know it was mainly vendettaposting but the vo1dchan circle of egirls could have been insanely milky if they werent terrified of confrontation. Too bad every single one got scared and is private or MIA now.
Say what you want but finding out that one calf had went back into archives, found out vo1dchan’s and her friend’s old usernames, and then made accounts to larp as her and her friends was fucking deranged and hilarious. The fact that it wasnt even instagram and it was some highly customizable blogsite that she carefully crafted each profile with makes it even funnier.

No. 1313973

I think Rudis either found Luna’s thread on here or was cow tipped. There’s no way Luna or Lurch would have been dumb enough to let the previous eviction slip. Luna might just be unfortunate enough to make a name for herself in landlord/real estate circles. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

No. 1313984

There’s a part of me that feels bad for cows whenever they say their parents are abusive and no one believes them because they have a lot of material things. Blogpost but my parents were also very much like that and were super abusive in a multitude of ways but because we presented ourselves as a well kept suburban family no one believed me despite being an absolute nutjob during that time.

No. 1313997

He's gross but I agree, I always thought that was based of him.

No. 1314963

Samefagging to say I feel so vindicated after current revelations in the thread kek

No. 1315000

woooowww just noticed this op picture moves!!!!!

No. 1315017

god damn I thought you were baiting for me to scroll up but it actually does move kek

No. 1315122

File: 1661382951174.png (20.67 KB, 442x398, kekk.png)

kekkk. Glad to see them sassy farmhands doing their job, clap clap

No. 1315447

i can’t tell if anons are joking about dasha red scare having FAS because of how retarded she looks and acts or if it’s for real

No. 1315954

Kiwi Farms is having a lot of drama atm and I can't find an active thread to talk about it with other nonas. Maybe I'm blind tho.
An alleged trans activist swatted Marjorie Taylor Greene and then confessed via computer generated voice on the phone and said they were a KF mod, username AllisticRight.
Meanwhile trans streamer Keffals was also swatted after being doxxed on KF and is running a social media campain to get CloudFlare to drop the site. It's having some success and their hashtag was tranding for a couple of days.
It's all very entertaining

No. 1316164

Fuck scrotes, fuck null,fuck the troons that are on the site, but if Kiwifarms goes down because of Keffals and the troons,im going.to be sad. I don't even have an account but it just means every single space is going to be like reddit. Will lipstick alley be next when they find out its anti Troon? I know lolcow will be a target. One Troon gets a thread, suddenly people are squatting in kiwifarms members names, ddos'ing and Keffals flat out accuses kiwifarms of whatever he wants and people believe him. He wouldn't care if he didn't have a thread. It's not just "haha drama between scrotes" I seriously believe this could effect a lot of small spaces. Once troons know all they have to do is lie, tell Keffals, dox in hated people/persons names and everyone will believe it? Nowhere will be safe. We already have disgusting raids here, imagine how they can spin that?

No. 1316348

I don't think we doxx people here though? I might be mistaken but I thought it was against the rules and posts containing doxx info were deleted asap by farmhands. Like it's not just that KF is anti-trans, it's that doxxing is allowed and encouraged there and that info is then used to harass and swat people irl

No. 1316391

I already watches a video on creepshow art where they claim we done and harrass people. The point is is doesn't matter what actually goes on here, when people see that we talk about troons they'll say whatever they can to shut us down. However, maybe it's too much doom posting, we aren't that known or infamous as Kiwifarms. It's just if you can say/do anything to take down your "enemy" and it actually works, it makes me fear for any spaces. This wasn't just about a dox it was because Trans people were involved.

No. 1316393

Same anonymous, Ugh, where people claim we dox/harass people, my bad my auto correct

No. 1316427

Late reply but I agree nonna. I don't like him but as you said it's pretty cool and above all, surprising.

No. 1316430

Which is hilarious because the Twitter troons are deliberately doxing people like that college girl Jess. Troons needed to get beaten up by the other dudes more in school maybe they would have learned fear since they’re clearly too stupid and selfish for respect and decency.

No. 1316585

I'm going to be honest, if anything ever happens to lc and it will stop existing because of troons, I will posted my social media handles in case some anons would like to stay in touch with some of us. I doubt it'll happen anytime soon though, as you said we're a more niche platform. As for LSA, the users can accuse anyone of racism to make troons shut up and go away (in this case they would be correct since trannies are very racist), and it's full of unhinged normies, I'm not too worried about them yet. What about ovarit? I stopped checking months ago but is it currently at risk?

No. 1316594

I tried checking out Ironmouse thread in w and it was very similar, dumb nitpicks and vendetta. Everyone complaining that she’s too old to be playing a young character (why? That’s what being an actor is) and that she’s a bad mother without there being any actual proof of that, she apparently has an older teenage daughter that imo doesn’t need her 24/7. Idk sounds to me like Anons are just jealous that didn’t think of doing what she does and jealous she could get scrote money without even showing herself. And keep in mind I never even watched any of her videos, I just checked the thread.
Most of w seems like dumb vendettas to me. I miss that one Rey impersonator milk, she became a boring horse girl but she was like the only milky person w had.

No. 1317022

I just think it's fucking disgusting how her (and most vtubers) are pedo-pandering with their
>uwu look at how high pitched my voice is and how tiny my avatar is!! im also so short irl guisss im a little baby hehe!! nooooo im not thattt young hehe!
Shit. They're all grown women who should know better.

No. 1318446

What the fuck is happening to the pixielocks thread?

No. 1318454

i have no idea think the anon sperging about bpd may have it. she won't stop sperging about nothing. we need to put a disclaimer in her next thread about her having bpd, it's not a point of debate.

No. 1318455

Stef's thread is still pretty entertaining imo.

No. 1318460

Pixielocks is literally the Shayna of /w/ as evidenced by the constant derailing and simultaneous lack of milk
More than one anon can disagree with you.

No. 1318484

yes but there's only one anon sperging, and she's not correct.

No. 1318568

A ban evading samefagging retard calling everyone who disagrees with her a Twitterfag won't shut the fuck up

No. 1318607

How can you call pixielocks the Shayna of /w/ for not having milk when she's been starting shit with people daily and has her did larp. Belle delphine's thread is the most similar to shaynas imo
Speaking of, I'm suprised shayna hasnt tried to pander to weebs yet.

No. 1318637

The amount of self-posting by Luna Slater is reaching new heights and nonnies keep taking the bait

No. 1318719

>simultaneous lack of milk
Do you even read the thread? Pixielocks went completely off the rails over the span of one year and currently has a more steady steam of milk than she had for the past few years. She's constantly one-upping herself kek.

No. 1318759

This. every fucking day she does something or posts something ridiculous. Like i’ll check back in on that thread once a day or so and there’s always more going on. I think there is nitpicking obviously in every thread but pixie’s is just,,, ongoing because she’s ongoing in her behavior i feel like

No. 1319201

NTA but Pixie is not that milky. Like Shay, her behavior is highly predictable. Sure they both get into spats on Twitter. But that doesn't constitute milk IMO. I don't see how people can find someone doing the same terminally online shit everyday to be entertaining. It's worse that both threads are constantly getting derailed, and I suspect it has much to do with the overlapping communities—probably people who have interacted with either cow reeeing about how they're so toxic/BEE PEE DEE à la sex workers and Confetti Clubbers (it's pretty obvious). Almost every thread in /w/ and /snow/ has devolved into shitflinging and autism, like editfag in Belle's thread and the yellowfever weeb in Venus' thread. The only thread I keep up with on either board these days are Altcows since every other thread is either stale or infested with unintegrated spergs, and even that thread is going stale because all they ever talk about is Snake/Skat/Kaya.
You don't read the Shay threads enough then. There's nothing in her constitution, besides liking pink Hello Kitty shit, that even aligns her with the weebs. She has no interests outside of smoking pot and Twitter.

No. 1319204

Samefag. In my opinion, /pt/ is the only good cow board on this website, and I think the threads on it are only saved by the fact that the history of each cow is so long and extensive that it's harder for newfags to get caught up and participate.

No. 1319221

i said that i think lillee jean has a nice body in her thread and everyone instantly got pissed and accused me of being Laur, lol. they're so highly strung in that thread. i honestly think her body is cute, she's petite and a little chubby and soft in the right places. it's so funny when bitter nonnies try to point out specific things that make her "dumpy" or ugly. like, yes. i have been around since the first thread. i am fully aware of what she looks like, and still i think her body is nice.

No. 1319231

Kek I really don’t get it but you do you…I don’t think you’re laur or whatever but I do wonder what makes people feel compelled to compliment the cows in their threads, it’s always such a weird tone shift

No. 1319234

I agree that her body isn't as bad as some anons make it out to be. I do see why some anons feel a certain way about some of her flaws, but I honestly think that some anons are too harsh on Lillee. She's socially and emotionally (maybe even physically) stunted by years of neglect by Laur. Even on KF, it's not Lillee who has a thread but Laur. Most issues that Lillee has is a direct effect of Laur's influence, and Laur is probably one of the few cows on this board that makes me so upset because of how much she took away from her daughter. It will take Lillee years to even touch the idea of having a normal, independent life.

No. 1319393

threads are for discussing cows, not just shitting on them. i usually don't bother but something about the way some anons were being so OTT critical over the latest bikini pics made me snap. calling her "flabby". it's just moid tier bullshit.

No. 1319399

Sometimes I feel like lolcow would be a lot more fun if it was just a board for ladies to talk and fuck around instead of newfaggy self-poasting lipstick alley esque gossiping about people who don’t know they exist…I found out about lolcow in like 2017 because I was in some group chat Cyr made with a ton of other underage girls and one of them told me they were talking about things I said in the group chat on lolcow, which turned out to not be true, but still exposed me to the world of NEET farms. I love ot and 2x but sometimes I’ll be looking on snow and it’ll feel like I’m back on PULL.

No. 1319414

the drama boards are totally uninteresting to me now and i don't get the drama board users nowadays. they were good for kiki, raven, and onision drama and a few other recent cows/sagas like bella janke and other horrorcows that aren't funny or interesting but just trainwrecks you have to keep track of. i just don't get the appeal of visiting the drama boards now that all the good milk has dried up anyways, it's just people who are extremely petty because it's not like it was before at all. i love our other (non-drama) boards, they're so much more fun.

No. 1319678

>i just don't get the appeal of visiting the drama boards now that all the good milk has dried up anyways, it's just people who are extremely petty because it's not like it was before at all.
I think this is because there are more users overall, especially Twitter-type anons, troons, summerfags, and other users who have not yet learned (or won't learn) to integrate. The lack of moderation also makes this extremely apparent. But the fact that there are more users now than ever before means that the overall quality of threads has gone way down and threads don't die as easily or quickly because everyone thinks something is milk when it is not and they constantly contribute to an otherwise stale thread. And when these newfags who clearly haven't integrated influence even newfaggier anons, the newfags think that their way is correct when they haven't been here long enough to know the difference and the culture of the board will continue to shift from the way it used to be. Unless we can get more jannies (preferably oldfags) and have another hellweek.

No. 1319684

What exactly is hellweek? Sorry for the obvious newfaggotry but I’m just curious because I’ve never actually been present for it

No. 1319685

File: 1661733968621.jpeg (393 KB, 1536x2048, 1660141767971.jpeg)

When I see nonnies talk sbout how the drama boards are not interesting anymore… All I can think of is, perhaps we've all grown up and matured, drama isn't as fun anymore as when you were in highschool. Discovering the other boards counts as a lolcow graduation in itself.

No. 1319693

I've been here on and off since 2016 (maybe that's bad) and pretty much exclusively use the drama boards for troon threads at this point

No. 1319694

Man… Why is everyone so new
Anyways, hellweek was a thing that farmhands did where moderation would become increasingly more strict and mods were really active and present. It made everyone act more in line with the rules and anyone who didn't integrate or broke them was immediately banned. A zero tolerance policy

Man I can't believe I'm saying this in the past sense

No. 1319705

I've been here since 2017 yeah and at first I had one particular cow, eventually moved to /ot/ and /g/, over time I was turned into a terf, now I pretty much only look at MtF general. I sometimes wonder how many have that same path.

No. 1319738

Honestly this happened to me. I discovered lolcow in high school and now am an adult in college and I just don’t have time to sit through snow threads and read on cows anymore. I occasionally look at Shayna or the MTF or YouTuber general now, but I’ve loved being on the other boards and wouldn’t mind having an imageboard with just noncow topics. They’re chill.

No. 1319743

In the JC and Syd thread its so blatant that Syd is just posting her stories on the thread bc she knows JC is so self absorbed he will seen it. She is such a psycho its unbearable

No. 1319754

AYRT yeah I like the troon threads and also the spicy straight thread because there aren't many other places you can be honest about your terfism while remaining anonymous. They're cathartic threads to post in and worth having around

No. 1319769

I have more fun on ot more than anything. However i still really enjoy the troon threads and had a great laugh at all the fetish con pictures people have been posting.

No. 1319863

I unironically think Anisa has made iDubbbz into a better person. I think they’re dumb and fairly boring nowadays but looking back at Ian’s old videos he just completely oozes angry unstable terminally online manchild who used the over the top anger schtick to hide the fact that he was actually austically ranting. I know a bunch of his old fans cry and white about how he’s been turned into some limp wristed libtard but at least he doesn’t seem like he mutters derogatory names to himself when the female barista mishears him anymore.

No. 1319981

File: 1661759289065.jpg (35.87 KB, 598x598, 92mvm.jpg)

I unironically think momokun is hot. Idk shit about her as a person but she looks nice. Some cows also are really not as bad looking or fat as nonnas make them out to be. The posts are so dramatic and the pic attached is just a perfectly normal photo of a normal human kek

No. 1320105

Every drama board I used to lurk through on snow is filled with so many “hi cow”s and “post reveal when” that it’s become pointless to even check them. Maybe someone is self-posting, but it’s possible that they’re not, which would explain the lack of post reveal.

No. 1320111

I find you brave and admirable to find her hot after watching her terrible attempts at porn

No. 1320225

who is the cow on the left?

No. 1320334

i agree with you

No. 1320477

i wish the pro ana thread was just wannarexic fat girls and their delusions. the actual skellies just make me sad, plus none of them are even entertaining. even cece is just depressing to look at

No. 1320549

I agree anon.

No. 1320555

>wannarexic fat girls
that'd be so much more fun

No. 1320564

what do you mean?

No. 1320752

the anons in that thread are sad cows themselves, just a few examples i've seen summarized

>"wow, this girl looked great when her bmi was about 14/15. now that she's relapsed even more and it's probably about 10 i think she looks awful. what gives?"

>"a bmi of 9 is VERY VERY low but it isn't the lowest of all time"
>"eating oatmeal every day is enough to cause obesity"

No. 1320773

I notice it a lot too, or girls who are obviously thin by mainstream standards (16-18 BMI) but not exactly full anachan, and anons will rip on said girl calling her fat.

Also I know that /w/ is already a dumpster fire of newfags but the gyaru thread is another level of cancer.
It’s obvious it’s the same 4 people trying to ”cancel” on who they deem “problematic” but LC isn’t akin to twitter where people legitimately care about shit like fatphobia.
That isn’t to say you can’t talk about cows who are racist/sexist etc but we’re literally just here to laugh and discuss, but not lead a moral crusade.

No. 1320827

Why not just make an offshoot thread of ana cows with that?

No. 1322140

I don't really understand her thread at all - most burlesque/findom practitioners are as cringey as her, she's nothing special

No. 1322535

Luna and TND sympathizers make me kind of sick, but I'm also envious of the gentle sheltered Nonas who have never had a drug addict hand grenade their friendships/families/lives first hand and can't recognize their shitty behavior for what it is. Some Nonas really believe these people are redeemable and worthy of sympathy and I just feel like a heartless hag because I do not.

No. 1322582

I need to stop browsing the Shayna thread I was watching monsters inc with my little cousins and I couldn't stop laughing at the fucking hug scene

No. 1323728

I hope that Luci actually is in the states at a medical center. Some (probably) fake obituary was posted in her thread and I'm hoping it isn't so. She has been a very special horror cow to me.
It does give me a good kek that the obit was called out as fake so brisky but Soren's was accepted. Is there any chance of her thread re-opening after the depop of it all?

No. 1323751

If pixielocks wasnt such a lying piece of shit, i would have believed that she was having a psychotic episode when she said that had a "4 days long panic attack". If you're feeling paralyzed, avoidaint and paranoid for days there is a high probability that you're having a frist psychotic episode. But yeah, being her its probable that she was feeling just anxious and maybe a bit sad. Still, with all her insolation and drug intake i don't think a psychosis saga is that far.

No. 1323878

Her burlesque and findom larps are just bonuses. How she is as a person is what makes her a cow.

No. 1324020

I don't think Null is that bad and just think he is a ridiculous wignat manchild. I couldn't care less about his supposed attempts at taking over this site. It just makes him seem more ridiculous for trying to take over this janky ass site in his attempt to be King of the Autists. I commend him at least in being so fucking stubborn and autistic that he continuously makes trannies seethe. I already know of one tranny IRL who has fallen for Keffals's dumb campaign and believes Null is some sort of Hitler for trannies lmfao.

No. 1324826

File: 1662169195993.png (112.23 KB, 320x340, image_2022-09-02_204034884.png)

I don't get why this dude and micky moon get constantly bumped on /w/, they don't seem thaaaaaaaaat interesting.

No. 1324827

>It just makes him seem more ridiculous for trying to take over this janky ass site in his attempt to be King of the Autists.
>I already know of one tranny IRL who has fallen for Keffals's dumb campaign and believes Null is some sort of Hitler for trannies lmfao.
Fuck. It won't be too long since this shit gets translated to spanish then. Rip

No. 1324828


No. 1324863

>Is there any chance of her thread re-opening after the depop of it all?
I want it to reopen yet don't at the same time. I feel like other anons could dig a lot more to find out what she's doing right now other than liking pants and polo shirts on depop. On the other hand I feel like the amount of insane tinfoiling would be annoying. Remember that one anon who claimed to be friends with her and said she visited her grave? KEK

No. 1325154

The way anons talk in the OF whores thread is so weird to me. They sound like scrotes. For example just shit like
>Disgusting landwhale bpd whore
What woman talks like that KEK it makes me feel like I'm on r9k.

No. 1325214

The ones that still lurk that site.

No. 1325948

why do the anachans love the alice thread so much

No. 1326478

I don't understand people that are defending Lily tooth and nail, is she really worth the effort? Is it projecting? Is it Lily herself? I don't really care that much about her, since I don't give a rats ass about most things related to Chris and Sharla, but I think it is pretty obvious that Lily is opportunistic and slightly unhinged - just like any other person that would willingly date a youtuber.

No. 1329723

i was excited for there to be a thread for lolitas after /cgl/ has gone to scrote hell, and i’m far more comfortable with LC to begin with… but now the thread has become a complete infighting waste zone.

someone made an OP pic for the next thread, and one of the cow defenders removed jokes about a cow in defense of them. it’s clear it’s their fans.

worst part, any mention of a different cow (despite it being a thread meant for multiple cows) will get you a “hi cow, nice derailing” reply.

i’ve never seen so many newfags congregated, and it’s all in defense of one attention seeking bitch. DDZ defense squad completely ruining what we had.

No. 1329865

It was bound to happen. I am very sure most lolita's know about that thread so idk. I just appreciate having a lolita thread in /g/

No. 1329876

Not so towards the topic but I am having fun everytime Shalra and Chris obsessive fans (or probably Sharla herself, i remember during PULL days she actually made an account there) are writing their fan fictions and simp over an obese vlogger. Other than that idgaf about anyone outside japanese vloggers other than Juns Kitchen.

No. 1329976

I'm so bored of the Sharla and Chris simps and critics, I wish mods let them have their own thread. I'm not too much into jvloggers in general but I enjoy reading gossip about them, but S & C are boring as fuck

No. 1332828

>hurr durr Null doesn't hate women
Riiight. Unless they're black in which case they're dumb niggers, or unless they date a black guy in which case they're coalburners
Some of you are really lobotimised

No. 1333189

Do you all think that Amberlynn killed Gracie, Destiny's cat?

No. 1333196

his anger towards black americans is super cringe. plus, he REALLY loves to dump on asian women for some reason saying they look like pugs and shit. no matter how much he wants to appeal to gender critical women, he is still a massive /pol/tard at heart.

No. 1333218


No. 1333590

File: 1662765091013.png (788.81 KB, 734x462, sTOP.png)


No. 1333591

I hate this so much she's literally so nasty but yet I feel something when I see her like this wtf help

No. 1333597

I seriously feel like I want to kiss her just by looking at this picture gahhhhhh I hate this so fuking muchhhhhhh. Never felt this for this ugly retarded bitch before. Self obsessed narcissistic twat

No. 1333603

He is only sucking up to gender critical "white" women just so he can possibly mold them into his trad wife fantasy. The only women who will date him are lib-fems with no sense of self-respect. He is fucking trash and I hate him as much as i hate keffals, they can both rot in hell.

No. 1333625

not true, brain damaged tradtards will also date him.

No. 1333641

Anyone here who doesn't think he's a misogynist just needs to go listen to any of his previous streams about women. He's playing up the "I love my mommy" angle and trying to appeal to the edgy radfems who are really angry about trannies right now.

No. 1333644

Ah, how could i forgot. But to me trad thots are barely different from lib-fems in terms of their pick-meisms.

No. 1333672

Anon those tiktok filters are working overtime, please don't fall for this shit that filter could make anyone cute.

No. 1333683

I fucking hate when anons prop up a cow’s moid just to make her look bad. Alice is annoying and a bad mom but that doesn’t mean her malnourished grand wizard husband didn’t groom her.
So many anons are so quick to dismiss any abuse allegations cows make but people aren’t born bpdchans. Cowish behavior usually is learned IMO.

No. 1337799

I was watching a reaction channel go over some of amberlynns old content. Guess she's don't nothing interesting lately. I was ready to click off but then.. wait I forgot that before the becky break up there was a false alarm. 2 months before the actual split there were rumors that they were done. She comes on camera
>Guys I've never been happier, things are perfect, I'm engaged and I love my big rock of a ring. You're so dumb for thinking anything is wrong. Don't you know relationship bliss when you see it. No becky isn't trapped with me. Trust me if she didn't want to be here she'd be gone already. You guys are ridiculoussss
2 months later
> We were actually miserable nearly the entire time. I didn't feel anything when she proposed to me. During our relationship becky tried to break up with me several times and I said no baby I'm not giving up on you so she stayed. We never had any intimacy, well maybe one time in 4 years. Living with her was the lowest point of my life. I wouldn't even call what we had a real relationship
The rewriting of history is insane. Every gf is the most amazing love of her life til she blasts them 2 seconds post break up and entirely rewrites years of her life

No. 1337807

I quite like momo’s nose job.

No. 1338259

File: 1663098033455.jpg (374.37 KB, 1440x1920, 20220913_153540.jpg)

Sometimes I still keep up with PnP and I thought she was doing alright but this is fucking hilarious.

No. 1338270

Good god lol. What a shit look. Did her and Matt really break up?

No. 1338277

I respectfully disagree on one of those points - Alice doesn’t seem to be acting from a place of malice but a place of trauma. If homegirl got some therapy I think a lot of it would mellow out; in addition, I live near her and the doctor who ‘delivered’ her first is being sued for malpractice by other families, so I’m a bit more sympathetic.

No. 1338283

wait, this made me realize i haven't seen a PnP thread in a while. i tried looking for one but didn't find anything. am i retarded/blind or are there no more PnP threads?

No. 1338468

The retards are taking over Kathy's thread. It was fun while it lasted.

No. 1338494

Aubrey O Day could never

No. 1338525

they’re probably autosaged

No. 1338756

No, a new one never got made

No. 1339345

wow, did her thread really rely on one single autist who made all the threads or what?

No. 1339510

She got smart and stopped oversharing as much so she became too boring for a whole thread for herself.

No. 1340034

They can't take a joke anymore. Everything is serious.

No. 1340061

I think many anons in the Pixielocks thread are either young or sheltered. An anon brought up that a lot of zoomers aren't actually "mentally ill" but just immature and many anons went on the attack, but I frankly agree. The brain doesn't stop developing until 25, and by the most liberal definition of the word the oldest Gen Z'ers have only just turned 25, and much younger are the core TikTok group. The reason that Jillian acts out the way that she does is because she's been coddled her entire life, so she's emotionally immature. People like her are a dime a dozen and I've seem them myself as I attended an Ivy League university not trying to sound smart nonnies just giving context ♥. And I know this one has been beaten to death already, but I don't believe she has BPD either because she really present with many of the symptoms. Again, I think the population of that thread is young or sheltered, because a lot of the explanations they dole out in favor of her PD are fairly mild things like smoking weed and giving people the silent treatment when they upset her (or being rude/overly defensive) and dressing like a rainbow. None of these constitute a BPD diagnosis alone, and psychiatrists in theory work hard to obtain as much context as possible before making a diagnosis. IMO there are worse cows on this board for whom I've never seen as many people call them BPD, and especially when BPD is just a modern-day version of a hysteria diagnosis for women it's so wild to me how quickly anons will call other women BPD-chans.

Agreed. Also agree with >>1333683 because Caleb is ugly and a groomer, now he can reap what he has sown.

And honestly if you want a better idea of how a person suffering from trauma usually acts just look at Alice, Venus, and Nika and Jaelle. They all vary in horrorcowness (some more than others) but the underlying sense of trauma/un-wellness is pretty similar

No. 1340153

It's because they're ex conffeti cunts. They still believe that mental illness is just like the internet says and jillian is just particularly evil!! And fakers like her are isolated cases instead of the majority

No. 1340201

Which Ivy did you attend? It's so impressive. I'm guessing you went to Brown based on what you said

No. 1340261

Glad to see there are other reasonable people on the Pixie thread kek

No. 1340265

Kek nonna, I pick up what you're putting down here

No. 1340356

File: 1663214361854.jpeg (441.95 KB, 828x996, 1659212722807.jpeg)

The reason nonas found it insufferable is because its a Pixielocks thread. Not a "is mental illnesss real???? DAE" thread on fucking reddit. Theres no doubt zoomers fake illness all the time, we dont need someone to post a fucking book about it, the fucking existence of Pixielocks is enough evidence that fakers for attention exist.

people dogpiled on that nona cause no one gives a shit about her opinions on zoomers, its derailing regardless if its correct or no. and she keeps doing it again and again and again so i dont see how you cant see that the issue is ruining the fucking thread? not that we all disagree? PIC RELATED; THIS IS THE COW WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, YES WE KNOW FAKERS EXIST

No. 1340365

Kek, and to think I just read she “is no longer a cow”
They did.

No. 1340377

did they get divorced or just separated?

No. 1340430

tbh im starting to feel bad for a lot of cows and how they get treated on this site sometimes.
i still like lolcow cause of the other boards but i don't go into any cow threads very often at all anymore cause it's mostly dry as fuck with only nitpicking appearances.
there are some cows that are honestly not bad looking, not actually fat, etc but they get dogpiled if they look like they gained a lb and stuff like that.
i get that some anons are probably doing it cause the cow themselves might lurk and they wanna trigger them, or they themselves are fucked up and disordered but I've just had enough of it

No. 1340436

You're right nonnie. It's already a proven thing anyways from the haydur thread, the anti-os, the sex workers crying about shayna being a nazi or sex workers flexing about their bikini cafe jobs. At the same time, most of these lolcows hurt themselves more than lolcow can ever hurt them. I just have a hard time feeling sorry for them because all they have to do is log off, touch grass or/and stop being cunts. With so many of them being sex workers too, they really do open themselves up for heavy scrutiny on their bodies since it technically is a commodity they are selling, but at the same time I don't really think someone being ugly or fat is good milk or entertaining.

No. 1340441

File: 1663219373355.jpg (40.48 KB, 600x600, 1663115379605.jpg)

The person who posted this on the pixielocks thread was probably well intentioned but also it just made me think of all the times I was told my depression and adhd wasn't real and that I should just get more discipline.

No. 1340545

I think she probably was just fed up with fakers and accidentally came out a lot more condemning and crude than she actually meant to, at least that's how I read it.

No. 1340690

AYRT >>1340061 Maybe I'm too autistic to understand if this is a joke, but what makes you think Brown?

No. 1340722

Samefag >>1340690
No need to yell fren
>so i dont see how you cant see that the issue is ruining the fucking thread
No, what's ruining the thread is people who cannot hold their (metaphoric) tongues and just report the user for derailing rather than arguing with them for 50+ replies. Again, I don't think Jill has BPD, and many other anons would agree with me. Saying such isn't necessarily armchairing though armchairing usually follows and there is plenty of reason to believe that Pixie would be lying about having it, especially when considering that she has the resources to doctor shop if she wants a particular diagnosis plus a history of doing so. You can't slap a term like BPD onto anyone just because you don't like them/think they're mean; it is an actual diagnosis with an actual meaning.

No. 1340740

It’s interesting how much more active and talked about the Pixielocks thread has become. I feel like if she keeps up with her antics she will end up on /pt/.

No. 1340744

Tbh I just see her as the queen of /w/

No. 1340753

I see anons say that pretty soon so-and-so cow will be moved to /pt/ but when has that happened recently? /pt/ is a boneyard. Shayna's thread is still in /snow/ after like 7 years of consistent threads.

No. 1340973

No, she's not worthy of /pt/. Someone like Shayna, sure, but who, of those who actually use /pt/, wants a bunch of Shayfags shitting up perhaps the only decent visible board on this website?

No. 1340985

File: 1663262238437.jpg (121.1 KB, 2048x1024, ed06b2138012c4c11207b13c7497c7…)

Cows are the silent jury in the trial of humankind

No. 1341034

I don’t understand people thinking like this. She’s clearly trying to become more relevant and be noticed by more people and she has skin as thin as rice paper. She’s shopping for diagnosis, hitting up bigger content creators, is already openly filthy. I’ve followed her since /cgl/, no one saw her being an actual cow but here we are. The snowball keeps getting bigger and everyone chooses to ignore it which is fine, but completely dismissing the possibility seems silly.

No. 1341085

Yeah but the thread works in /w/, farmhands don't want to move it anyways

No. 1341109

>She’s clearly trying to become more relevant and be noticed by more people and she has skin as thin as rice paper. She’s shopping for diagnosis, hitting up bigger content creators, is already openly filthy.
Kek this is literally every cow on lc, none of these things stand out or make Pixie uniquely terrible enough to be moved to /pt/. She's simply not legacy cow material. Anyway, Pixiefags are almost as bad as Shayfags, so the threads should stay in /w/

No. 1341113

This pic and quote goes so hard

No. 1341292

I said the possibility, not move her right now lol what’s with the fear mongering of her leaving /w/? It’s all speculation lol relax

No. 1341363

No one is fear mongering. We're just saying that it's a stupid idea. We're all well aware that there's not a snowball's chance in hell that Pixie gets moved to /pt/

No. 1342974

File: 1663589013595.jpg (470.52 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20220919_080116.jpg)

I don't feel like she was told I think she still lurks lolcow and assumed it was gone for good kek.

No. 1342976

KEK honestly i don't even care about her but i lowkey hope someone makes a new thread now for this

No. 1343006

When LC was down there was a raid on CC from that soy imageboard, and the tranny spammer was online too, people say the tranny told them to raid (it doesn't matter though). At the same time there were so many posts about how you're evil if you use the cow boards, one every 5 minutes or less. Weird timing.

No. 1343010

post this on meta too so more people see it. I'm sure it was on purpose too

No. 1343012

some of those replies were deleted on cc too

No. 1343028

I mean this genuinely- none of the cows worth watching are milky anymore. Luna, Lillee, Shayna, Lucinda, Slutcasino, Shane Dawson and co., the pro ana scumbags, and Elaine have been the only interesting cows for a long while and they've died down in terms of interest significantly. The only milk now is sporadic bursts of insanity like Lurch being a foot fetishist on Twitter for a few days or Elaine carving Joshua Moon into her thighs. Lucinda was the last one and she is non existent, so the already dead /pt/ and dwindling /snow/ have essentially no appeal beyond the MtF thread now since that has very steady milk. I wish we could focus on someone interesting like that fat guy who was caught eating hotdogs and making turkey noises, stabbed his dad, and tried to sue rogue internet man

No. 1343040

It's because of the economy
I agree though

No. 1345952

File: 1663741874389.jpg (220.33 KB, 713x1071, 1663741236371.jpg)

Searched lolcow.farm on duck duck go on accident and found this, wtf? Who did this?
also I guess golden kamui is the most representative topic on this website at the moment

No. 1345954

File: 1663741907327.jpg (243.7 KB, 720x1375, 1663741154905.jpg)

No. 1345955

File: 1663741988230.jpg (251.32 KB, 720x1205, 1663741183182.jpg)

are people actually using this when lolcow goes down? When did I miss this

No. 1345957

File: 1663742027470.jpg (30.16 KB, 707x295, 1663741211579.jpg)

No. 1345961

File: 1663742207995.jpg (388.71 KB, 720x1391, 1663742173746.jpg)

No. 1345962

Pretty sure a nonny in the kiwi thread made it due to the worries that we'd be next to go down. No idea if anyone is using it though.

No. 1345964

I saw an average of 5-8 comments per post

No. 1345965

yeah because apparently LJ is hosted by Russians, so safer from TRAs

No. 1345981


No. 1345985

can someone eli5 me on elaine doing what with joshua moon what did I just read

No. 1345990

im pretty sure when kf went down i saw nonnies on here (dont remember what thread) saying we need to join up on livejournal if lc goes down

No. 1346095

Spring1 was genuinely one of the funniest threads here. A bot necrod the thread with links last night and I was crying laughing at the posts where Spring1 actually found her thread and started answering questions in the single most unhinged response to lolcow we've ever had

No. 1346104

This just reiterates that manga series is for the women only

No. 1346135

Link? searched it through the lolcow search function but couldn't find it

No. 1346181

I'm warning you this starts off mundane. If you don't want to read her big ass reviews, just scroll down to where she starts announcing herself and engaging with farmers


No. 1347931

I'm ngl, sometimes I envy cows' confidence/complete lack of shame.

No. 1348163

Oh definitely same nonnie, but also I'm grateful that I'm not a disgusting loser kek

No. 1348245

Some cows here motivates me to keep going and do better like nothing else could. Sometimes though, they make me seethe because they have things I want so badly and just take it for granted or throw it away.

No. 1348456

Shayna's current threadpic causes some sort of primal rage in me, I don't understand why but I just start fuming every time I see it. I don't usually get the "what a punchable face" reaction or care too much about the looks of a cow but holy shit that picture makes me want to punch my screen.

No. 1348516

File: 1663919355792.jpeg (56.73 KB, 500x500, 423DD818-2414-47C0-834E-79D090…)

It’s just cause she has a smug looking face like she’s smelling caca

No. 1348523

i thought this was shailene woodley when i saw this pop up

No. 1348530

No. 1351073

File: 1664050402004.jpg (830.2 KB, 1080x1872, hk.jpg)

She's only on the farms because of her retarded husband really, but Hila Kleine's clothing line and general style gives me the vibe of a 40-year old facing her childhood abuse trauma with the guidence of some really quirky therapist. She must at least have some issues with not getting enough attention earlier in her life, her instagram makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1351077

I'm asking this out of genuine curiosity- what is it that gives you such a specific vibe?

No. 1351080

I can't describing it specifically, other than the style itself is based on intentionally 4-year old level drawings and her poses looking like she's being forced to be there

No. 1351087

I think she's cute and her style is cute

No. 1351093

It's her poses not the outfits, when she's not making the fish eyes and weird poses, she looks cute. Oh and when she's not doing weird e girl hairstyles. She has a pretty mature face. No she doesn't look old but she has a face that would suit more…preppy or boho looks imo. I think she pretty and waaay out of fat boys league.

No. 1351213

it's definitely the clothes and the poses. none of it works.

No. 1351312

A woman dresses out of the norm and can't pose for shit and people diagnose her with trauma. You truly can't get such nuanced analysis anywhere else on the internet.

No. 1351344

I used to think people overreacted about how shayna ugly truly was, but now that I’m so busy lately I can only check lolcow during breakfast or lunch break, I’m having to expand my interests onto other threads because turns out shayna’s make me literally nauseous even if it’s just the sfw stuff. just the thread pic was making me lose my appetite

No. 1351504

no one said she was those things, they said she APPEARED to be those things by the way she dresses and poses. they're kinda accurate barbs, not analyses.

No. 1351581

idk if this counts as an opinion but god ethel cain makes me actually miss nicole dollanganger. if you're gonna sing about southern gothic my dad molested me shotgun white trash at least make it sound nice. and you know, be an actual woman kek

No. 1351724

It's because of the bone structure of her face, she's doing nothing but accentuating her neanderthal appearance by dressing like Tommy Pickles. If she dressed like an adultnshe would look just fine.

No. 1352789

File: 1664178971443.jpg (193.03 KB, 691x920, 1664178706348.jpg)

Fucking tired of the racebaiters on Jillian Vessey thread

No. 1352800

Hard agree. At this point it's literally just coomers, pullfags and I suspect some of her sw friends or boyfriend who shit post from Facebook to incite even more derailment. I'm glad it's calmed down now but there's still this insane anon who tinfoils on all the other boards about "the Bellefag" when I'm pretty sure it's just them trying to create the conspiracy by IP hopping. I genuinely feel sorry for her cause if that's not someone close to her trying to discredit the already abysmal thread, she's got some seriously dedicated stalkers.

No. 1353798

I actually really love and am rooting for Kaya to succeed in life. I used to think she was so annoying but I realize I mostly just hate Jake so much because he is a true piece of shit. Kaya’s not an angel or perfect but none of us are so nonnies pretending like she should die for the worlds benefit need to check themselves. Imagine thinking you’re so much better than EVERYONE on this site. I’m sure some cows turn out ok or end up bettering themselves. What got me is her post about how easy it was to get over Jake. I’m about to blog a little but I just got out of an emotionally abusive situation that lasted way longer than it shouldn’t have and when he walked out on me again for the last time I shrugged my shoulders and said oh well!!! It’s your loss you fucking loser!!! And I feel absolutely nothing for him anymore, it’s only been a couple weeks. Way to go, kaya. FUCK. NARCISSISTS. FUCK. SCROTES.

No. 1353800

Samefagging sorry. Dude she was in the IDF and probably killed Palestinian children. Trauma my ass, fuck that ugly fucking cunt.

No. 1353809

Really enjoy how instead of confronting the fact that they are legitimately casually racist they’d rather call anyone who points it out burgerfags, it’s totally not pathological denial at all

No. 1353811

It's definitely satisfying to see female cows get a redemption arc and improve their lives, especially at the expense of a garbage moid ex. There's very few I wouldn't support if they tried to turn their lives around, because it's rare they do anything as irredeemably evil as an average male cow (who always, always have some sort of degeneracy/abuse/misogyny in their history). I'm rooting for Kaya too, I'm also still rooting for Heidi. Not that she was an actual cow but because it's great seeing her have a nice life.

No. 1353812

Agree completely, I love how once he unhinged his leech self from her arm it became so clear he was the problem. I have been irrationally hating Jake for years and was right all along, Kaya is absolutely thriving without him and I hope she continues to succeed. He was literally sucking the life out of her and people thought she was "lazy"

Also loving how much he continues to fuck up his life without her guidance. My favourite cow turnaround of the year.

No. 1353838

like she had a choice to join or not

No. 1353920

I'm neither defending or against her but you don't get to choose being in the IDF. It's required or you go to jail.

No. 1353925

She could’ve not been a pussy like that Taylor Swift Stan but she chose the path of cowardice.

No. 1353933

>not been a pussy like that Taylor Swift Stan

No. 1353939

File: 1664254441287.jpeg (145.08 KB, 1080x1350, 1F54E10A-DAE5-43AC-AFC2-5D22F4…)

No. 1353947

This made me burst in laughter and i feel really sorry for that

No. 1353949

honestly she's brave

No. 1353958

a degenerate materialistic coward, she's not brave she's a coward for not serving the only bastion of civilization in the middle east

No. 1353976

Sure Jan

No. 1353978

Desensitizing teens to kill poor Palestinians is so civilized

No. 1354037

Anon the idf has such a large choice of jobs that it's very unlikely she was in the combat unit. The pictures of her with a gun were from training judging by the uniforms.

No. 1354744

I truly could not give less of a shit if Yumi was scamming Scott while being with someone else the whole time, although I don't personally believe that was the case and think she actually was better to him at the start than he ever deserved. Dudes like him are begging to get fucked over by whichever women they seek out for their fetish for foreign women who they see as impressionable and vulnerable, who cares if she wasn't an uwu victim with good intentions the whole time when he has the integrity of chewed gum stuck to a urinal. I hope if he ever tries this shit on a third woman it's even worse for him.

No. 1357511

It's so jarring to see how much pixielocks has changed, I was reading her threads again and she's basically unrecognizable from even just two years ago.

No. 1361044

The way Jillian Vessey speaks makes her seem like she stinks. The way she shapes her vowels and consonants makes me think that she could be fine maybe standing a few feet away from her but if she starts talking to you and gets close you will realize that she smells like earwax.

No. 1361060

Her vid saying we’ve run out of things to talk about is ironic because 2-3 years ago I would’ve agreed. She had zero good milk for a while and her thread was kept alive by the nitpicking of PULL refuges and bitter ex con club members. Now though? Girl/girl/boy/boy/child/man/sandwich, you’re as milky as they come.

No. 1361670

File: 1664754239615.jpeg (79.17 KB, 828x288, a full grown adult tuna wrote …)

the fact tuna threads exist and remain very active is insane. ive been lurking her threads for years. i didnt get it at first. shes not interesting and lurch is braindead. but now that im older and have worked shitty jobs and moved out and had shitty landlords and shitty everything alwayss. i lose my mind with tuna shit. she buys new nails and expensive fucking fenty makeup and complains when daddy doesnt take her shopping even though shes a grown adult. she doesnt have a job, has done nothing in years. just squats and contributes NOTHING to society… and then buys fake nails again.

all her threads are the same, but thats what makes it more infuriating. lurch is a pedophile with no job and shes a junkie thief with no job. they get to live in New York nodding off and stealing every other day. You're not a teenager anymore, stop relying on your dad and sephoras shitty securtity. If they put a fraction of the time they spend ebegging or stealing into an actual job they could actually pay rent for once. Its BONKERS. Her threads have aged like the finest wine to me.

No. 1361838

I'm convinced a vendetta chan just sits in the OnlyFans thread refreshing it every day. That whiny whore with the pink and black hair and weeb name that always gets posted is annoying as shit, but the constant comments about her being too ugly for sex work convinces me it's just a jealous fellow whore. She isn't ugly by any means.

No. 1361846

nona that thread is barey active, legit no one cares? weird that you think someone does, it goes days without any posts

No. 1361877

Just waiting for Stefany to come out that she has DID and every single one of her phases was just her "alters" or "fictives" trying to protect her. When lolcow found her she was so traumatized that the star wars chick and the girl from Game of Thrones aka her fictions would front to protect her.
It literally makes more sense for her to claim DID then Pixie.
It's going to happen.

No. 1361902

Idk she's barely milky and she's posted constantly, and the fact it's really dead other than her being posted convinces me further

No. 1361906

Yeah it exists solely to degrade her and her body

No. 1363453

I feel really bad for Bree McGee. That's probably the point of her thread, since at least half of it seems to be her selfposting, but it must be exhausting to have self induced crisis after self induced crisis. I just want her to make some good friends and get into like, making birdhouses or something. And go to AA.

No. 1363481

Fucking same anon. That tiktok of her crying about being isolated because of her addiction hit me hard.

No. 1364076

I have a really strong stomach and have seen a lot of messed up stuff on the Internet but somehow Shayna's thread is making me feel fucking ill with her deciding to be so open and gung-ho about doing full service prostitution all of a sudden. I've followed her since before the Fupa saga and seeing her life go from shit to worse, seeing her double asshole and the disgusting man she fucked makes me want to puke and die. Maybe it's just me getting older and actually processing this with a more developed brain but it's actually genuinely repulsive now

No. 1364570

Jill/Pixielocks is such a typical Pisces woman - a manipulative crybaby perma-victim who thinks she deserves more than everyone else. Sage because I know astrology is retarded but damn sometimes it just hits.

No. 1365775

I've always been kinda whatever to Kelly Eden, I was a lolita when she had her AP drama back in the day so I had this instilled annoyance with her that made me return to check her threads from time to time but not enough to really give that much of a fuck about her shenanigans. But her retarded inputs about the war makes me want to a-log so fucking bad, especially as someone that lives in a country uncomfortably close to Russia.

No. 1366475

The Vangelina/Pixie slapfight going on right now is the stupidest shit I've ever seen
Like watching two retards fight
I'm not defending Pixie or anything, but Vangelina should not even be entertaining her, especially as a drama channel, as she's only digging herself into a deeper hole by arguing over stupid shit and giving Jill more ammo
It's still entertaining I guess, I just hope the newfags in that thread don't do a shoddy job of capturing the fall out over the next few days

No. 1366485

This. All I see is 2 chronically online BPDchans flinging shit at each other. Jill is obviously shittier but they're both giving me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1366662

Syd is a queen. Yes she’s insane. Yes she posts cringe. But she ruined Johnnys life in ways we could never have imagined. She stood up for herself, handed it right back to him, at least. He absolutely deserves everything she’s done, I am glad she is his babymomma so she can continue making his life hell. I support her and I fully endorse her BPD batshittery.

Queen Cuntress Syd

No. 1366664

Shut up

No. 1366742

Not to defend Vangelina but she seemed chill on her stream aside being all "uwu I shouldn't fakeclaim people", meanwhile pixie went full retard

No. 1366750

i love it this is the best pixie milk ive seen in a while

No. 1366754

I think everyone who partakes in cow culture is really just a loser themselves but they laugh at others as a cope. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a loser

No. 1366758

It doesn't matter how Vangelina acted on her stream if she's also flinging shit without any regard for the repercussions that would come out of the slapfight
That was the whole point of >>1366475

No. 1366783

Nail on the head nonna

No. 1366785

No. 1366789

Samefag the more I’ve been having a normie lifestyle the less interested I get in cows. I still follow stuff here and there if it’s juicy enough like the try guys stuff or some big drama but when it comes to someone like Shayna who I followed for a while, I just realized I could do something better with my time especially because even though her life is bleak she does the same things over and over and nothing is new or laughable about it to me personally. I will still go to the cow boards now and then of course lol

No. 1366815

I agree and I do follow cows. Idc, I'm in it for a laugh.

No. 1366824

True. There have been times in my life when following cows stopped me from killing myself. It gave me a distraction, other anons would sometimes make me laugh and it reminded me that while my life was shit, I wasn't a cow with zero self awareness.

No. 1366831

Where do you think you are?
I think anyone who feels like their last righteous cope is "the people on lolcow are losers" has sunken quite low lmfao

No. 1366840

File: 1665153177414.png (251.13 KB, 400x386, bait.png)

girl this is low quality bait

No. 1366853

I've said before that I think alot of people drawn to cows have had their own moments where they've been tards in similar ways. That seeing a tiny bit of yourself in the cow is part of the draw. But then I think most have avoided going full cow and that's why its interesting to watch people who spiralled over the years. Cows double and triple down on the same old behaviours. Its like seeing how bad things could've got if you hadn't caught yourself sooner.

Or some just treat it like an online soap opera to catch up on.

No. 1367000

Pixielocks reminds me so fucking much about someone I used to know irl it's almost eerie, I wish we were still friends so I could discuss the current happenings with her to see if she would recognize her own behaviors but I doubt that.

No. 1367010

I think Jill backed herself into a corner with her extremely one-note public personality to the point she can't grow and evolve like a normal person. Most people just live a multi-faceted existence, it seems like it'd be much easier to do that than a DID LARP but what do I know.

No. 1367050

Dont misunderstand me this is the most milk /w/ as a whole has seen in a while and im enjoying it but if jill's drama keeps escalating then this is the end of lolcow. We have no mods or admins to keep the influx of newfags checked and troons would try to pull a kf 2.0 (even if kf is still up, whatever, but unlike them we have no admins or mods) if this becomes a creepshow art 2.0. I for one dont want farmhands to reveal jill or steven's post story, if they have one. There are too many cowtippers now too, its a very delicate situation that can go wrong quickly.

No. 1367239

Does it bother anyone else that anons in the threads of diagnosed BPD cows will sperg about them ACTUALLY being obvious NPD cases instead, because BPD isn't evil enough anymore? It's so obnoxious to me.

No. 1367241

File: 1665186323159.png (63.9 KB, 175x275, LOL.png)

i agree! but not only that nona, she also surrounded herself with only yes men. she has no friends other than her mom

in the old threads she changed friend groups constantly because she was a shitty friend. but nowadays she has no idea how insane she comes across cause she pushed away anyone who questions her. so now shes alone, depressed, and more unhinged than ever.

No. 1367425

For some reason the current Pixielocks Milkmas is just quite boring to me. I prefer when we're quietly observing and not a part of the bullshit. It gets too meta and weird. But everyone else seems so fucking in it.

No. 1367438

I'm intrigued, nona. I looked it up bit don't get the rel. Please help.

No. 1367492

The thread got all shat up by Jillian's white knights and Steven calling himself Jesus.

No. 1368045

The thread is contaminated with wks, trolls, and vindictive ex-Confetti Cunts, hence why the Jill threads are so spergtastic

No. 1368104

i mean, are you new to her threads? check the old ones. the Japan trip and whatever are nonas circlejerking about absolutely nothing.

but jill finally starts acting like the retard we all know she is publicly and now the threads are shit? seems like youre either nostalgic for the boring nitpick threads or like you havent followed her threads at all

No. 1368128

Except I never said the old threads were any better, retard. I just said that they're shit, and they are. You're quoting two different anons; reading comprehension clearly isn't part of your skillset.
The only difference from her old threads is that there are more users now so they move faster, and the fact that nobody doubts/is allowed to doubt her BPD anymore

No. 1368646

aw the Alice Glass thread makes me sad. She's always held a special place in my heart and i didn't know she was cow-like. Granted I could kind of tell by her traumacore posts, but i never saw her stories.

Iirc, alice did give grimes the mob fairy idea for kill v. maim, but it's nothing she can pursue legally, and she should just give it up. also my jaw dropped when i found out grimes was older (just by 5 months, but i thought alice was years older).

Alice was so fucking cool. Her clothes, stage presence, interviews, etc. I know that it was all tainted by ethan and she probably doesn't look back on it fondly at all, but it was so seminal for me and my friends

No. 1368721

I think yumi king should not get a thread after the current one runs out. Her days of being a cow are over for now. It’s not funny to laugh at someone who genuinely wants to turn their life around.

No. 1369275

I feel bad for cows because they live in horrific conditions just so we can get milk and cheese. Vegans are right about everything but I don't have enough of a backbone to be consistent about my morals. Sorry cows.

No. 1369481

The ironmoise thread is so strange to me. Yeah it’s annoying hearing a grown woman talk like that but I never see any actual milk. Also
>daughter might be rape baby
isn’t milk it’s just sad.

No. 1370059

I was reading through Luna's old threads and sad as it might be I'm kind of jealous. She gets to sit around, do what she wants, no stress about money and get high. If I could only have her old life for 1 or 2 weeks (minus the dirt).

No. 1370081

Do they… really discuss that likes it’s milk???

No. 1371704

>>1370081 considering how absolutely batshit a lot of vtuber fans are (especially men) anything that isn't their ideal perfect waifu or animuu enough gets considering milky

No. 1371861

Putting this here cause I dunno where else it'd go. I'm usually of the opinion that if you dislike a thread or board, you should just ignore it, so when anons say that /w/ should be ended, I disagree even tho I never go there, plus i have a bit of an attachment cause my first cows belong there. But I swear to God, everytime I visit meta some retarded infight from /w/ has spilled into the complaints thread. There are people seriously having arguments about jvloggers in the wrong board in the year 2022, people don't even use the term vlogger anymore. I feel kinda bad for mods.

No. 1372042

I wish the altcow thread wasn't completely taken over by Jake talk. He's so boring

No. 1372061

I like laughing at Jake, but it kinda sucks that discussion around anyone outside of Jake/Kat/Kaya immediately dies off.

No. 1372118

File: 1665589910829.jpeg (126.72 KB, 700x698, EA301CAA-3EBD-411F-B8EC-C1DACE…)

Same. Cows are friends, not food.

No. 1372167

This isn't towards any particular cow but just trannies in general. I used to really despise MtF trannies and still do but they're getting boring to read about. Their behavior is just almost always rooted in extreme fetishism and narcissism. I thought FtM trannies were more sympathetic and less harmful than the MtF ones but now I see how they can be just as bad as their MtF counterparts. Their massive dogpile on that one detrans woman who lost her hair really just said it all. I still find MtF trannies worse overall but the FtM ones are not that far behind in how shitty they can be. It's fascinating how deep the internalized misogyny goes and how oblivious they are of their own terrible behavior.

No. 1372300

Agreed, those three need their own thread.

No. 1372935

I think the polycule thread is the funniest cow thread on /snow/ lately even though it's a little slow moving, when anons were reacting to that Spencer guy and calling him a jumpscare I couldn't stop laughing

No. 1373339

IDk what schizo bumped the grav3yardgirl thread but what a whole lot of nothing I got excited for a split second I'd have a reason to dislike her aside from her annoying orange sized mouth but nope. Just slackjawed infighting from 7 years ago whoopdee doo. fuck you for making me read that shit retard that bumped it

No. 1373341

KEK it was a bot or something, they bumped the threads with a post that had a bunch of spam links. your post made me laugh out loud though

No. 1373501

I know it’s been awhile but Holly and Jared finally ending their miserable relationship had given me peak shaudenfreude. Some of my favorite milk ever. The news broke right as I was supposed to go to bed that night and I ended up saying up till the wee hours of the morning just to take it all in. My ex had a big crush on Holly and I irrationally hated her for it so getting a real reason to dislike her was sooo satisfying. Sucks they ruined some marriages but they both got what they deserved. I know people will think Jared got off scot free but behavior like that just means that person is living in a never ending hell inside their own heads.
I hope Heidi is doing okay. I think she’s fallen off the face of the Earth now but I hope she’s found someone who actually cares about her.

No. 1373660

I'm just kind of stunned that so many anon predictions from the old threads came true completely about their relationship and breakup. I had stopped wondering about them long ago and yet since the thread has been active again it's scary how accurate a read everyone had on Holly and Jared from the start

No. 1373669

I feel pretty bad for Venus and don't believe she deserves a thread.
Her abusive mom pushed her into internet fame, and so she's an alcoholic e-thot who keeps saying she's better then relapses? Almond milk status.

No. 1373688

Once you prime your bullshit detector it’s so easy to see the patterns people fall into. Jared is a self obsessed husk who had to get constant sexual validation from his desperate fans just to feel something and Holly is someone who would rather wallow in sorrow than appreciate what they have. Holly was a massive downgrade from Heidi in every single way while Jared is literally every woman’s rock bottom. People who are so willing to throw away stable relationships are almost always so deeply insecure that they’ll burn rubber with any 2/10 that can sweet talk their insecurities in the right way. Obviously this was ultimately for the best for Heidi and I have no idea what Ross and Holly were like behind closed doors, but once the excitement of the affair wore off I can almost guarantee you that whatever relationship those two had was not worth the pain they put everyone through. They loved huffing their own farts about how compatible their DND characters were and too autistic to realize that their role play would never translate to real love.

No. 1373702

yeah, the poly thread and spicy straight thread are becoming my new favorites and like the ftm thread they feel cathartic after spending so much time around those kind of people in the past.

No. 1375984

That Gaassuba weird beard lady has a pretty nice body, no I’ve never seen her “infected holes

No. 1376177

The Brat Gurl Kink lady thread scarred me, like honestly what a sad existence, her pictures of her debasing herself are still online and she’s just disabled…

No. 1376195

I third this. I browse r/polyamory when I need a good laugh. There's so many threads I've had saved for their pure retardation and hope to contribute, though a lot of them have been deleted. I never even bothered with /snow/ until these threads popped up tbh.

No. 1376280

I don’t have “cows”. The Lucinda thread is pathetic, the camgirl thread is ran by nothing but jealous e-prostis in the bottom 70%, the belle delphine thread is autistic men crying about her asstags, and the anons obsessed with Shayna are like a cult that have to crosspost about their special interest in her constantly. People don’t even make funny jokes anymore, it’s all unbearably negative about the most benign shit without the humor, which was the only saving grace in the first place. Anyways, I’m still haunted by that one woman who literally picked the NERVES out of her legs, genuinely haunted. I don’t remember her name and this was years ago but she genuinely would dig into her legs and smear them with shit so she could stay in the hospital. The pictures of her with the slimy nerves picked out of her skin make my entire body lock up omg.

No. 1376707

sexworker cows regularly remind me of my mother and trigger my savior complex, especially Amouranth recently, her husband sounds like my dad too with threatening to kill the dogs

No. 1376737

Kelly? She got her legs amputated so you don't have to be scared of seeing her picking nerves anymore.

No. 1376751

What the heck, what thread?

No. 1376755

Everything about Venus just depresses me. She doesn't deserve all the shit that happened to her and all I wish for her is for someone in her life to genuinely care about her and help her

No. 1376758

I've literally never looked at a pic of Kelly's legs (avoided every spoiler post) and it STILL haunts me, like just the descriptions from anons are enough to have disturbed me for life. It's both horrifying and a relief that she got amputated.

No. 1376764

I think kf has a detailed thread on her but I actually first stumbled upon her on r/illnessfakers

No. 1376769

>that one woman
I love how no one can ever remember Kelly's name kek

No. 1376866

Genuinely one of the worst images I’ve seen online. I had phantom pains for weeks whenever I thought about the pic where she pulled out one of her nerves.

No. 1376914

I haven't visited the Lori thread since Kevin's court drama kicked off because his antics are really the only reason I ever read at all, but now I feel so weird because one of her reply guys an anon screencapped is someone I have met before in a context that had nothing to do with internet shit. Bizarre feeling.

Agreed, I really genuinely want her life to get better

No. 1376935

The starcrawler/arrow de wilde thread makes me cringe every time I see it bumped because OOF imagine being a nepo baby and failing so miserably and pathetically at making it big. I have never heard anyone in real life or online mention starcrawler except on this site, even redditors don't give a fuck about them which surprised me because there's an actual thriving imagine dragons sub top kek. I wonder when they'll hang it up.

No. 1376942

Her mom seems genuinely cool and I feel like Arrow could've been a really good model. I think she feels she has to do something big because her parents. She's cringe but the scrotes in her band are cringe, everytime I go past her thread I look at them and they look so fucking dead, ugly and generic. They look to be trying harder then arrow is.

No. 1376954

Not too late for her to become a model. She’s got enough photos to get a portfolio going.

No. 1376966

Are you telling me that woman rubbed her feces into her legs enough time that they just cut them off? Oh my god

No. 1376994

What’s her thread

No. 1377022

Kek, you just described why i love her thread so much. It's just pure unadulterated cringe that never ends. I also think that watching one of their performances before progressing further in starcrawler lunacy is a MUST. It makes everything make total sense and to help you realise that the nonnies don't just have some kind of vendetta or anything.

No. 1377036

I still cannot understand the point of the cam-girls thread, such a dull thread filled with blatant vendetta. How haven't the mods just shut that shit down by now? There has never been a single drop of milk in that thread every time i have passed by it, just a bunch of pathetic bikini baristas seething by the looks of things. It's just a boring version of the onlyfans thread and that thread is really funny sometimes.

I feel terrible for her too. I don't think she deserves to be mocked, I will only go to her thread once I know she is gone back to her home country to get help. I just want her redemption arc to happen, she is not a bad person to me, just a broken one. I also hate anons who nit-pick her body too, idk it just seems really mean spirited considering even a bulk of her nasty coomer moids abandoned her when she became too depressing, says a lot anons who continue to mock her and find entertainment from her suffering.

No. 1378525

I'm a traumatized edgelord too, but fakeboitherottengirl has pickme taste in horror movies. You'll simp for fucking A Serbian Movie, show it in class, but you don't like "Audition"? I don't see any long manifestos about "I spit on your Grave". "American Mary" barely gets an honorable mention in a reblogged list. MS. 45 (Angel of vengeance)? Nothing. Has a degree in art but never mentioned the movie "M.F.A." or even watched it. The only reason you don't like Salo is because it's not extreme enough, not because it literally has naked minors in there, so much for being such a RF. You think the animal cruelty in Cannibal Holocaust is a plus, even though the movie is boring af with or without. And suuure, you're not fangirling about Manson with your tinfoil that he's your grandpa. Oh don't forget, your obsession with Shirley Temple is creepy af. You're so kind to other women right, as a response to trauma? Yet you admit you abused and gaslit your sister for years. You somehow are such a massive pickme that you think fatphobia is worse than rape. You want Aileen Wuornos to come back? She'd laugh in your face over that. Yet at the same time you use it as an excuse to let scrotes simulate rape on you and cut you. You still protect your uwu so mentally ill nazi father, while pretending to be such a leftist. I don't understand why any nonna ever sympathized with you.

No. 1378981

Can you think of one nice thing to say about Shayna? I really really can't, and I've been trying. Yes I'm bored. PNP has made plastic surgery her personality and project, which is something. Pixie has created things despite what you think of the quality. TND ex could sing, Luna has some drawings I like, tries to create poetry. Chris Chan made comics and mixxed characters togeather to make more generic characters. Jeffree Star is interesting when you look at his past and ugly face, Shawn Dawson had a personality people used to like, with a lot of cows there's something.
Something they autistically REALLY and obess over. Something they collect. one or a 1/2 a talent. With shayna? I can't think of one damn thing. It's honestly kind of crazy when you think of it. Even the pink shit she collects, she does for background for her pictures. Its not things she really likes or uses, it's all for likes.
I just can't imagine living life like that.

No. 1379003

They’re performing nearby this week at a small venue and tickets are still on sale, I’m thinking of going for fun

No. 1379009

Since Gimpgirl lives in Poland I really want her to 1 v. 3 battle the spicy straight throuple from the kweers thread. As soon as I saw them I was thinking about the kind of rant videos she would upload if she saw them in public without context.

No. 1379839

I miss when spoony would pathetically coast /r9k/ for scraps of scrote attention insisting her eyebrows were totes natchural. I'm glad she became a fat hag

No. 1379856

Are they underage per chance? All of the movies you listed are ones you watch from 15 to 17 and then never think about again

No. 1379859

This is less of a sign that Shayna is at fault and more of an obvious indication that you need to find a hobby that doesn’t revolve around obsessing over what she does and getting mad that she isn’t entertaining enough for you. Move on.

No. 1379939

She's a 30 year old woman who thinks a Serbian film is an "anti-porn masterpiece" and she showed it to her little sister and class. She says the reason she likes those movies is because of her trauma, yet she has 0 interest in the revenge subgenre, which seems to me more logical to appeal to traumatized edgelords. The movies she likes are boring misogynistic and pedophilic goreporn with no purpose. Meanwhile movies like "I spit on your Grave 3" give a great idea of what should happen with pedo's and is something I'm reminded of when seeing shit on the news or online.

No. 1379944

Yeah I happened to see her thread for the first time a little bit after I asked that. I’ve never been involved in any of that. It’s really weird because it feels like she’s stuck in 2013…? I haven’t heard anyone mention Slaughter Vomit Dolls in like 8 years. Very odd person. Also I haven’t watched Serbian Film since I was a teenager but I remember it being scary to me, and I tried watching it the other day and immediately turned it off because right off the bat it showed a little boy watching his fathers porn video. I might give it a try again because I keep seeing it mentioned but I remember it being really terrible so I can’t imagine what about it was anything anti-porn or like radically thoughtful…

No. 1379956

I was once dared to watch the movie when I was a teenager for €20,-. A Serbian Film is pretty OTT, especially notorious for the inclusion of the Newborn Porn scene. The director claims it represents how Serbian people are fucked from birth to after death, but he spent most of his time outside of Serbia on his daddy's dime and knows jackshit about the hardships in Serbia, then comes back only to slander the country's name with a pedophilic goreporn horror movie. The plot revolves around a retired porn actor having to get back into it and being forced to do fucked up shit, including to his own family that son you saw in the beginning gets raped at the end by the father and she thinks that because it was so outrageous and OTT, while including the retired porn actor trying to get out angle, that it is anti-porn. Considering the director's other work, no. He had no other intentions or ideas other than wanting to make a movie about the most fucked up shit he could think of (and since it's as scrote, let's be real, he gets off on it and there are probably lots of scrotes who watch it as porn), like Tom Sixx who created the Human Centipede based on a joke he heard.
Don't watch it again, it's not worth it.

No. 1380050

Absolutely disgusting that anyone would try to say “oh yeah it’s an anti porn film”. It’s a disgusting shock-value film that depicts a man raping a baby fresh out the womb, has a man brutally rape his young son, and then in the end as he kills his wife, child, and himself it shows the film crew instructing another man to rape his dead young son. I’m sick oh my god. She’s just saying “Um horror porn is anti porn because it depicts the horrors of porn.” I really wish I would have saw your synapsis before I decided to skim through it again, no wonder I forgot the whole thing except that it scared the shit out of me. Now I’m mad as hell for no reason. Also Serbia has a very high number of sex trafficked children and cp is rampant there so that just makes it even worse. I just willingly pissed myself off.

No. 1380140

File: 1666223878629.png (96.2 KB, 207x275, C14B4823-0B03-4E99-BFD6-C0EB63…)

I was really hoping Dylan Mulvaney was a troll. I’m not terf-y tbh (I simply have a different philosophical standpoint), but definitely fed up with some of this bullshit.
Some anon suggested that Dylan is an industry plant, so I’m believing that now.

No. 1380144

I was thinking earlier some man could fake all this bullshit for fame and asspats, it’s so fucking easy. That freak cryptid serial killer eyes Dylan is already reaching heights of celebrity just from his retarded girl larping tiktoks, I’d expect more shitposting troll males to get on that train.

No. 1380145

I saw discussions of SVD and the director pop up in some corners of the internet last year and tried going down the rabbit hole of the director guy. Seems legitimately insane and predatory? There was a warning going out to people in eating disorder communities since he allegedly likes to prey on that sort of person. Are there any anons with much info? I haven’t watched the films, but the descriptions are disturbing at times.

No. 1380147

>Dylan is an industry plant
I think it's extremely likely. How can he go from being some rando troon tiktoker to having brands sponsor him, interviews about him, even being invited to a women's summit and not even in a year? It stinks of industry plant to me.

No. 1380156

An Aiden would never get this level of attention so fast. I’m gnc already and have taken a “if you can’t beat them, join them and call out their bullshit” route (idc about pronouns, and if “gender” is this now, then fine cool let’s abolish stereotypes, it might lead people not to seek invasive surgeries) but if you look like a gnc girl you’re just a gnc girl who gets mistaken for a teenage boy sometimes. Therefore no moneys.

No. 1380311

Are they not a troll?

No. 1380313

Sorry but getting a brand deal with products for vaginas was weird as hell

No. 1380327

I never watched SVD (like ew) but I knew a couple girls obsessed with it, and yeah at least at the time guys in that community in general were known to go after girls with eds because they consider them easy to control.

No. 1380445

Jill's thread is so full of retards. I was reading it just now and someone seriously said 'inb4 gender is a spectrum' like ANYONE on this website thinks that. She didn't even get called out.

No. 1380473

I haven't watched it either and I'm surprised I never heard of the director or series until recently, because I did know about the Soska sisters (American Mary was pretty based, sad that they're apparently some sort of cows too) and apparently they starred in one of his movies at one point, disavowed him and don't want to be mentioned in the same sentence as him ever again (sorry kek). Here's an excerpt from someone's blog
>For some backstory, Lucifer Valentine is the director of the infamous Vomit Gore Trilogy (there are five films now) that depict really graphic scenes of women being mutilated and legit vomiting. Think a pretentious horror movie version of Lars Von Trier that’s very fetish pornographic-like. I first discovered Lucifer Valentine years ago right when I turned 14 (I will be 20 next week). At the time, I didn’t think anything of his controversies (re: allegations of sexual abuse and him just being creepy). I was fully immersed in the eating disorder scene of Tumblr (given that I had a battle with bulimia at the time) and was recommended to watch his movies by a friend, given that his movies revolve around eating disorders. I knew they were made for adults but as a horror fan, I thought he was pretty cool. I wish I had better judgement at the time but I was also young and at an incredibly vulnerable age. Despite his movies being borderline pornographic, we became very close and he would always contact me asking if I’d want artwork from him or if I’d want to star in one of his movies when I turned 18. I was estatic that a director I loved was reaching out to me so I did anything he asked. There was one instance where he asked me to purge on camera while holding a box set of one of his films. I obliged to his request, despite me being 14. I realize that asking someone underage to puke their guts out on camera is not illegal and I’m NOT insinuating this - but it’s another story if someone much older than you with a vocal puke fetish asks you to do that. I later found out he asked various women, both underage and of legal age, to do these things. While I was in various VGT related FB groups, I spoke with girls who told me very disturbing stories about how he groomed them. They told me how he scouts female fans right after they turn 18 and manipulate them into starring into his movies. Most of the women who are fans of him have eating disorders and throughout his films, he depicts his fetish for women having bulimia. Pretty fucked up.As I’ve gotten older, I’ve left that part of my life behind me. However, there have been some pretty disturbing allegations against LV on Twitter in the past few months. This twitter thread brings into question the safety of the actresses involved in those films. As someone who watched all the behind the scenes features, all the actresses looked very incoherent when talking to LV in the middle of shooting. People are speculating that something very sinister was happening on set and I believe it. This comment on YouTube really unsettled me in particular:“I’ve met people in the sex worker industry saying he is an absolute monster and breaks contracts and goes after minors. They were genuinely shaken up and scared even mentioning him.”Even more disturbing, The Soska Sisters (American Mary/See No Evil 2) starred in one of his movies way back in 2008. They completely deny that they were in the movie despite them being credited. I had a friend who reviewed American Mary years ago and when he mentioned that they starred in one of his films, they begged him to remove it out of his review. I also heard that they were stalked by a LV “hater” at a horror convention, asking them for his personal information which brought them to tears. I hope that more information comes out about him and that we find out the real truth. It must mean something if all the actresses that starred in his film have gone without a trace (no social media pages or anything) and that the Soska Sisters, who are very famous in the horror community, have disavowed their involvement in his films. I just hope all of his victims find justice and peace. I’m still trying to find mine despite being groomed at such a young age.

No. 1380476

Well a lot of them are new because Jill brought a lot of attention on herself recently. And calling out that anon would just be derailing. Just chill out.

No. 1380658

>man with a bulimia fetish
They can really sexualize anything can’t they

No. 1380781

Thanks for the rundown nonna.
>>1379944 picked my curiosity but browsing through gross pics of abused women on Google made me sick and I was unable to keep searching.

He's a stupid edgy mood, with a ridiculous edgy alias (Is he a 12 year old on Vampire Freaks or what ? Kek) and belongs in jail.
Abusing women under the guise of ~muh art ! I'm so deep !~ is still abuse. God, I hate scrotes.

No. 1380783

I still have to remind myself that Jillian actually is trying to push that her DID is real and that it's not just a really big joke. The fact that someone with an already set public persona is trying to claim she has multiple personalities is just so outlandish to me I can barely believe it's actually happening, she's a PR nightmare. It all would sound like a parody of the uber woke movement if you tried to explain it to someone without any proper context.

No. 1380928

File: 1666292464218.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.73 KB, 1280x720, qm0D7s4vlE3wMe1TKaFUjiNB302.jp…)

What is even more baffling is that there are lots of radblr orbiters apparently who are into this kind of shit. I'm not against all edgelordism, I don't think you're a bad person if you like horror movies other than the Exorcist. I understand being into gorey movies, there are lots of revenge movies where rapists and other scrotes get their just desserts, which you can think is cringe or juvenile. However these types are always into movies where the focus mostly is on women and children being hurt, involves actual nude minors (in the case of Salo), actual animal abuse (Cannibal Holocaust), actual abuse of actresses (SVD), or just completely OTT subject matter (A Serbian Film etc.) and they're other wise boring movies too which aren't worth watching. It's like they want to watch women, children and animals actually suffer, I just want to watch scrote pedos and rapists suffer, we're not the same (picrel).

No. 1381035

I don't really think Ironmouse is a cow or care about her that much, but I have read the thread a couple times out of curiosity and I can't get over how gross the viewers of hers who stumble upon the thread are. Like, they're not simply mad at the idea that she might be different in real life than she is online, they're raging at the very idea that she is a grown woman and claim there's no proof (in spite of the video of her saying she has a ten year old child being a webm in the thread) because they are just that incensed that she might not be an underage girl. They just go ahead and say the quiet part out loud with no shame. Their fantasy is that some little girl is sitting there entertaining them day and night and they are so into deluding themselves about it that any threat to that delusion makes them freak out. What a sick bunch of individuals.

She just treats DID like it's some gender identity thing, she uses it completely interchangeably with her stupid nonbinary shit in terms of how outlandish it is and how she will tantrum if others do not validate it

No. 1381212

Nothing came up in images when I searched his name but I remember him being bald and fat, am I wrong?

No. 1381743

When some cow posts on social media about anything, and some anon comments "no one cares, get a diary!" it's annoying, because what are you, the content police? They post on their own accounts, they don't force you to look.

No. 1381748

I wish they would stop with the blog posting and the obvious jealousy lol.

No. 1381883

I saw someone ask on kiwifarms "would Keffals still be a lolcow if he was an actual woman" and I realized that if Keffals is a woman he would'nt have gotten far, swatted or not and more people would GLADLY call him annoying, retarded and problematic. A lot of those commentary channels would've posted videos within weeks of the first Swatting and Go fund me thing.

No. 1381886

*if keffals was a woman

No. 1381919

Who is the hottest cow in your opinion? momokun for me

No. 1381936


No. 1381965

File: 1666375323458.png (105.3 KB, 195x211, lmaook.png)

>>1380783 Since it was mentioned on Jill's thread to write about DID on here, I'm going to. I'm going to keep some details vague despite this being an anon board just in case this info I throw here does get thrown around on other parts of the web I don't want to have myself exposed. Major blogpost, so I'm saging

I know Jill and many other tiktokers DID is bullshit due to the sheer fact it is my own boyfriend who suffers from DID. He doesn't even touch social media, and I haven't even attempted to ask him his thoughts on what bastardization is going on since he really hates his DID being brought up at all. It's stupidly complicated and he only has one alter, they fucking hate each other. I don't even think I could fathom how hard it is for anyone else who actually has DID. My boyfriend did get an official diagnosis due to his alter and doctors there were even baffled. We can't even find professionals in our area who study and know DID at all, so getting help is near impossible, therapists here aren't exactly trained so they can't do much either except help with any other mental issues that aren't DID. There are several details I know I don't know about my boyfriend's life, but both of us agree his DID probably stems from his birth father, who is physically abusive and heavily addicted to drugs. His mother also has untreated bipolar disorder, so that certainly doesn't help.

When it comes to switches, thankfully it's been over a year since that has happened at all, but it would take a huge physical toll on his body. He would often faint and/or get excruciating headaches. Sometimes the switches just suddenly… happened. It's so strange. Once some of his longtime friends even saw a switch happened they didn't recognize him anymore. Physically he looked the same, obviously, but the way he talks, walks (hell the POSTURE for some reason) general attitude, taste in food/drinks and even voice would change, we also found out his handwriting changes and even tolerance to cold showers. (My bf will never ever take them willingly, only hot) It's incredibly strange, and I know he wouldn't be offended by me saying that because he's been very loud about that and how much he hates that this is something he suffers at all. I also want to note, yes, his alter absolutely retains whatever knowledge my boyfriend has. But whatever his alter does, my boyfriend will not remember a thing, but his alter remembers things my boyfriend does. It's weird, and seeing how bastardized someone like Jill makes this disorder makes me so fucking sick. It is not a quirky disorder, it's so fucking serious. And I realize me posting all of this won't convince people DID is real, and honestly, that's fine. It's hard to believe it over the internet (anything I've found that seems genuine at all I take with such a grain of salt because it's so complicated and under researched) I didn't even think anything like this was real until I met my boyfriend and it started to actively ruin his life for awhile. It's wacky as fuck and complicated. Jill and all these other bitches can genuinely go fuck themselves

No. 1381979

Anisa, TND and I think that black girl from /w/ is cute in a chunky girl way.

No. 1382030

Momokun for me too, I admit it. Her body is pretty much my ideal woman and she’s cute. Yes I know she shoops but I don’t care, I love curvy fat women like her, cellulite or rolls or whatever ppl usually shop away is just cute. Idk anything about her personality though and I don’t follow her or really care to.

No. 1382041

I think she's pretty cute too

No. 1382093

Jill's thread is a mess and I don't touch it with a 10 foot pole anymore. I do believe DID is real and very debilitating. Sorry that you and your bf struggle this way anon. I can't imagine that someone with such a horrible mental disorder would want to make headmates and brag about it online.

No. 1383976

I wonder what kind of people post in the heather thread, Because Heather is a very boring normie person and her drama is mostly old and wasnt that cowish to be honest.
Also dont get me started on the fact that its obviously her ex-husband and some other vendetta fags from her personal life using that thread to trash talk her, personally for me even if i hated heather i wouldn't feel comfortable using that thread knowing moids post in it.

No. 1384010

agree with momo. her face is kinda botched and she's annoying but her body is cute especially after her weightloss. I hate when anons try to argue that she's still obese or they grossly over estimate her weight saying she's 300 pounds or something. she clearly is genuinely working hard to lose weight and she looks good. she's just curvy and chubby.

No. 1384449

File: 1666576152678.jpeg (232.49 KB, 1125x1499, D6391734-AE31-4FEF-9097-54F4AA…)

I can’t believe Foodie Beauty is pulling a full Kanadajin3. What in the hell is up with these women from progressive, Western countries leaning into hardline Islam. I really wish Chantal had a thread here because her current arc is shaping up to be even milkier than her time with Nader

No. 1384459

File: 1666577441939.jpg (173.91 KB, 1262x623, Screenshot_20221023-210958_Fir…)

western women do this after a random muslim guy on Facebook messages them "hello beautiful you are blue eyes yes I love you yes very much" and their whole world is changed

No. 1384460

Chantal loves abusive guys, just like most love self steem women sadly they confuse narcissim with confidence

No. 1384466

Is there a milky cow at the moment that's like Chris Chan type unhinged, but isn't fucked up like him?

No. 1384468

The Koopa troopa guy?

No. 1384471

KingCobraJFS although he’s a bit beyond his peak now

No. 1384475

File: 1666579025843.png (81.2 KB, 1879x348, why.PNG)

He's beautiful.
I'm already in shock. Good suggestion, nonny.

No. 1384560

the poly thread is so disgusting to me. i want to read it because i'm sure it's milky but for some reason the people ranting about polyshit gross me out so badly

No. 1384569

Damnnnn. I followed her thread when it was first made and tapped out when she moved in with Peetz. I’d pop in occasionally to try to catch up but it got hard keep up with Chantal because of all the excessive and long winded posts in the thread. Has this new guy even been confirmed as being real?

No. 1384576

Yes insofar as he is a human being who does exists but that’s about all. I’m waiting on bated breath for her need for attention to kick in and for her to reveal more

No. 1384592

This is so true and depressing

No. 1384639

For me it's equally entertaining and depressing, so many mentally ill people trying to meme themselves into hurting themselves more against their best judgement. Wish there was some specific polycules to follow more closely and not just tragic reddit posts, it would be interesting to see all the developments and inevitable drama (inb4 "be the change you want to see in the world", if I find any oversharing polys I'll be sure to post)

No. 1384694

I relate to Lillee Jean more than I'd ever admit publicly. My mother also wanted me to be a model and constantly tried nudging me in that direction as a child. When I made it clear to her that I would never even try modelling the weight of her disappointment felt crushing. Only difference is that my mother was a model herself and not a Glenn Danzig impersonator like Laur. I also relate heavily to the emotional incest and Laur trying to keep Lillee reliant on her. It's like being shown what my life would've been like had I not fought for my independence and cut her my mother off. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand LJ as a person, but I would still love to see her get far away from Laur and actually thrive. I think she'd have a decent shot at getting some authentic engagement if she publicly spoke about this very specific form of abuse. It's never gonna happen, but a former mummy's girl can dream.

No. 1384703

Yeah, I know it’s going to be cringe and fun but I just get so icked out by poly stuff, it always seems so predatory and it makes me sad. I just want to be able to laugh at dummies

No. 1384726

File: 1666620111361.jpg (388.74 KB, 2000x1333, polyamorous-pregnancy-13-1-953…)

I wish there were updates on this polycule. Any news of them stopped though once it was reported that one of the men beat the woman's newborn child.

No. 1384729

why not make a thread then

No. 1384747

Its getting real hard to tell whats real and whats trolling atm. She was crying about antipsychotics not being available to her if she moves to be with him.. since when is she on antipsychotics?

No. 1384782

Holy shit, before I saw the username I thought that Mira just got bigger. I don't really follow Chantal aside from occasionally seeing videos about her, but this makes me feel like now is the time to start. I never wanted to scroll past every single kiwi's longwinded descriptions of how unattractive she is because yeah no shit, if you or another anon who knows more about her history made a thread here that would be excellent.

No. 1384791

A lot of western women are heavily manipulated and emotionally abused by other western men, whom are also usually playing lots of mind games and act very distant towards their own girlfriends, so when a man actually puts a few seconds in the day to act interested towards them then women think he's prince charming since all he did was not ignore her text messages or gawk at other women and call it foreplay

No. 1384796

To add to this, western women get their looks torn apart. Basically just having a face as a woman is an invite to nitpicking whether you're a Kardashian, Angelina jolie or anywhere in-between. Western women wanting any bullshit excuses to cover their face (mask obsessers and fake Muslims) doesn't shock me if they're that desperate to stop the constant comments on women's appearance

No. 1385260

>one of the men beat the woman's newborn child
who are they and where can i read more

No. 1385283

what are you talking about? I remember a story about a Polycule where one of the scrotes abused a child, it was a viral one, the woman was pregnant i believe

No. 1385285

nevermind scrolled up and saw it lol

No. 1385288

Kek, I was never vaccinated but have worn a mask outside for the past 2 years now. I've felt so much more confident with it on.

No. 1385405

File: 1666663883997.jpeg (693.92 KB, 3264x2374, 1666311962641.jpeg)

Moo for me too. Like you said, I don't really care that she photoshops, pretty much anyone who posts pictures online for a living will use Photoshop and make their skin clearer, ass fatter and whatever. At one point she was too fat to get aways with it, but it looks like she lost weight so it's hot again. Good for her, I guess I'll go back to lurking her threads again. Stopped caring when she got obese

No. 1385838

know how you (and LJ kek) feel nonnie, my mom was similarly emotionally co-dependent in a very unhealthy way, often I felt like I was being treated as a child, a spouse, and a mom. it's fucked up and I feel bad for LJ because that's absolutely what is happening to her and what can she do when it's the only life she's known? I also wish she'd get away and just be a chubby short girl working at a Starbucks or something.

otherwise I feel like Lori Lewd from /w/ is actually quite pretty, both filtered and not, and is still really skinny. Her thread is full of insane nitpicking and I never see anyone get redtexted for being deranged over her fat rolls, meanwhile you can't say shit about Belle Delphine on /w/. It's weird but long story short I feel like the shitting on Lori is over the top given she's just one of a million ethots. The shit with Kevin is milky though, but talking that level of shit about her appearance is crazy to me.

No. 1386684

Gawddayum I haven’t seen her recently, I liked her when she was chubby too.

No. 1387251

always really funny to me how in shayna's thread all of the white girls are always ugly, yet the black girls are too pretty to be there etc. I bet black women aren't even writing these comments. I don't find any of the women there particularly attractive, especially considering what they're partaking in.

No. 1387258

It’s absolutely weird how they put the black women on a pedestal. They’re all dumpy degenerates regardless of how much melanin they have.

No. 1387260

i completely agree, every time i see something there by chance it's so weird. like from what little i know she seems like a totally normal woman who maybe has some bpd/trauma and overshares on social media. all the "milk" is stuff like her getting a job at target or posting stupid quotes on social media. like what? how is that milk? i didn't know that there were people who know her irl in that thread but that makes so much more sense.

No. 1387261

To be fair, people treated Vivi like she was hot and she is definitely ugly. It was enough people I don't believe it was people just trying to get the calf to guide us to a teat, as some anons believe.

No. 1387264

I'm not going to lie, I feel a bit sorry for Heather and that is part of why I follow her thread. She's milky in the way everyone is milky, i.e. lazy, too idealistic, unselfaware, etc.

Basically, pretty normal. She might have bipolar or something because sometimes she acts maniac from my pov.

No. 1387268

whenever I look through photos of leftcow Dasha & Anna, scroll their insta or media tabs etc looking for a particular image or some specific facial expression for a photoshop… all my annoyance with Dasha evaporates. when only looking at what she posts or makes or does, I feel nothing.

I think she acts out on purpose because she has to. she's honestly a little boring. she doesn't do anything original. if she shit posts and pisses some people off then her fans and haters squabble which makes it seem like something interesting is going on when there's really nothing there.

lefcow Anna still annoys me though. what a hateful woman, she believes some really gross dumb things lol

No. 1387329

No judgement (I swear!) but I have always wondered year after year where any possible genuine follower of momokun could come from and to see that it's other users here is rather obvious and not shocking.

No. 1387355

File: 1666816619938.jpg (119.01 KB, 1072x1440, 1594588869024.jpg)

momokun looks like an ugly turtle. I'm surprised nonnies. Her body was ok before all the lipo and plastic surgery. ngmi

No. 1387519

Yess queen slay! Get spanked by some dumpy old lady for like $300 and make weird gross porn! #melaninmagic

No. 1387586

Wait is she done with Nader? Like forreal done? I stopped following her because it was boring seeing her whine about DeeDee. But if she's turning to islam I might just have to take a peek at her lives again kek

No. 1387630

i am kind of jealous of dasha because i wish i could just sit around and say stupid things and get paid for it, then get invited to cool social events and to be on television for some reason. and to have everyone around you pretend youre pretty and a fashion icon no matter how bad you actually look. ngl i think that would be fun and yes i would like that life.

No. 1387742

True, all the really crazy stuff comes from Anna

No. 1387872

>a fashion icon
that part is always wild to me because she has zero fashion sense. you can picture the dark/light academia moodboard she got her clothing from and it's so funny. her big event outfits are so random and horrific looking, I don't know what she's thinking. she doesn't have style. her clothes almost never fit!! she doesn't know what her hair looks like, ever. she can't look in the mirror and see what she looks like? she def has some kind of self-image dysmorphia.

but yeah, totally, I would also like a job that only requires me to produce 2-6 hours of content per month and pays 300k/yr. don't know why she even bothers with trying to do acting, Anna seems happy doing shit all with the rest of her time.

Not all the dumb shit is from Anna, but only dumb shit comes from Anna. Dasha has some neutral projects to look at and a lot of them are homages to something, even her movie, so it's like you're not even really seeing her so what is there to get mad at her for (maybe that's her trick). Anna's actually sincere opinions (and occasional shitposting when it suits her to call it that) about serious things she posts on twitter are all she has to show and all of her opinions are dogshit. When she tries to clarify on the pod you find out her opinion is even worse than you gave her credit for. Plus she has a nasty and haughty way of conversing with people which is maddening because she's obviously dumb as a brick, I understand why Azealia Banks immediately turned on her. I think she cozied up with incel-internet dudes because it's not hard to be smarter than those guys and it makes her feel good about herself.

No. 1387937

I don't care if Anna made up the sex trafficking story. She's an online figure with a public persona, nothing she does is actually real anyway. this is the person she plays for her audience. As far as I'm concerned it's 100% true and part of the Anna canon now. She's a traitorous cunt for trivializing it and trying to lord her stoicism over women who have the gall to be publicly upset they were abused. As if what you should do is keep your mouth shut and move on like Anna because it's totally normal and part of life or something. she literally says women only talk about their abuse for attention / social gain. the fuck?

I understand if someone thinks anna made it up because it sounds too crazy to think of one's own abuse that way, but I've met real life women who are like that and have even found a way to NLOG to their own literal biological sisters in regards to their own dad molesting them. These women are real. It's a cope, it's sick, but they grow into adults and do real damage and perpetuate abuse against women and they need to fuck off, get help, get bent, whatever.

Anna pretends to be a critic of crazy wammin stereotypes but she literally is one.

No. 1388031

right? like that shirt she wore with the armpits cut out. wtf was that? also knowing how much she makes makes me mad lol. i have only listened to red scare once and she just shit on every group actually trying to change things or do anything at all. something about an uber rich socialite making money doing nothing then shitting on people with actual jobs and deeply held beliefs is so offputting. i still want to be rich and have everyone pretend they like me tho kek

No. 1388329

do you guys think pixielocks or shayna is fatter now

No. 1388343

>and to have everyone around you pretend youre pretty and a fashion icon no matter how bad you actually look
just looked her up and despite her flaws she has conventionally attractive bone structure and that's 80% of fashion

No. 1389035

Pixielocks, and Jill has some of the most unfortunate fat distribution I've seen in a while. Her jowls make me want to die.

No. 1391393

Tradthots number 9 was a mistake, everyone is just blogging their political takes which are sometimes just factually inaccurate. These threads always attracted some blogging but this one has been full of derailment and moralfagging right from the start, just as insufferable as the actual tradthots.

No. 1391683

pixie is bigger but is shaped better then Shayna and has always looked better/cleaner then shayna. Now that I think of it shayna has always been crusty/dusty looking. At least Pixie had a cute face when she was smaller (jowls and all, who cares about those).
Anyway, am I the only one who can see Katherine Harlow going full on terf? Every other day she's talking about man hate and yes I know she kisses TIM as, but so did Phobe Thicner. I don't know. Maybe she'll become anti sex work, her hate for scrotes seems to be building up and seems to be geniune.
Shayna is the only female cow, I think will never get out of her pick me-isms

No. 1391767

Pixie is bigger but she definitely "hides" it far better, wearing clothing that actually fits. Shayna seems to be allergic to clothing that isn't at least 2 sizes too small which actually extremely accentuates her fat, ironically making her look fatter.

No. 1391783

no, katie would have to be willing to give up "mutual aid" and other e-begging techniques, as well as general attention whore behavior. no one outside of tranny sympathizers care about instagram story whining to that degree. hating scrotes is common in those circles, except they put a billion asterisks to clarify they're "pro-femmes", "pro-nonbinary" and not at all talking about trans men, only evil "cishet men".

No. 1392379

Shayna's thread is literally like 90% nitpicking at this point. I get that for years the threads have been mostly nitpicking but it seems like it has gotten much worse lately. Anons are just making gifs and compilations of random women vaguely related to Shayna and adding useless "she's ugly/haggard/fat" replies to each one or hyper-fixating on close-ups of Shayna's body parts which ambiguously straddle the boundary of the "no nitpicking Shayna's boobs/vagina" rule. There's not even any good milk for the thread to move as fast as it does!

No. 1392412

Shayna is like autism catnip. I still follow her thread even though it’s literally been dead for years kek

No. 1392647

They are OBSESSED with her. It’s crazy because she isn’t even reactive and somehow manages to annoy how unhinged these people are and they still spend time making tons of edits about her. They aren’t even funny and they constantly feel the need to crosspost about their special interest in her and expect other people to laugh. We don’t care.

No. 1393425

the pixielocks thread isnt good anymore. the reading comprehension is below zero, and anons are constantly getting things wrong from the posts they reply to which leads to other nonnies having to explain over and over which clogs up the thread (lots of people confused about flora and berry when it was explained so many times and is in the previous threads recap) it's like the dont even read what jill writes which is fine because she pulls so much shit out of her ass but when we are documenting and criticising her for stuff it actually makes no sense. also some nitpicks are actually insane (like someone said her putting a plushie on a chair during her toronto trip was disturbing)

No. 1393460

This is always the issue when either former fans starts posting or anons hateboner for a cow is so strong it makes their eyes glass over whenever they see ANYTHING related to said cow, which takes out the the enjoyment of the thread.

No. 1393529

That thread is chock full of people from her real life, I remember the early threads being support groups for her ex friends and flirts to whine about how evil she was or how she was ~disrespecting witchcraft~. Her husband and his troon friend were constant posters. They kept getting redtexted back then and probably learned to blend in the slightest bit better or mods just stopped bothering, but it's obvious it's still that same bunch being way too overly invested.s

No. 1393917

I won’t lie. I just scroll past it at this point. Wish there was more control over the nitpicking cuz the tit spergery has been going on for years. Let it die. PLEASE.
Speaking of shaynasty. I realized recently how long I have been following this cow. The threads are always a hot mess. The infighting and nitpicking is so so high but god, they are some of my fave anons too. She doesn’t care about them but bitches about the haters sometimes (aka us and sw Twitter).. Like the other anonnie said… autism cat nip. Shayna is just a train wreck that I can not stop watching. Trying to slap mental health diagnosis on her or call her privileged due to her upbringing doesn’t cut it. She is just a hot hot mess. Like… a bomb made of hot Cheeto dust, mayochup and ghost pepper spice. She’s up in that air head. No coming down. Hate that I have spent time watching this go down… yet I can’t look away now.
Also have been thinking about Luna. Girl was fucked from the start. You could easily find more Luna’s on any junkie Reddit or even in your own area if drugs are big enough. She’s sad to watch. Like sad… at the same time she does the weirdest dumbest shit that it’s hard to feel bad for her. I would normally feel bad for a person who had a life like Luna but acted like her and act the way she does? No. Between shayna and her? They are biggest train wrecks I have seen and can’t look away. I stopped getting mad at them. Stopped feeling bad for them. Now I can’t help but laugh at it. Aboutta block lolcow from my browser. These threads ate my brain I think

No. 1396127

File: 1667425164650.jpg (81.26 KB, 736x937, 9799a89e37de6e1759c19efb78dade…)

Belle Delphine is pretty as far as cows go. Yes, she's a shill, but it's not like she's ugly. She should have embraced her height instead of embracing something that doesn't suit her as well (uwuness, smolness).

I also think that Taylor R had such a modelesque face before the fillers. I can she how she modeled for Chanel and such. She somehow looks girl next door, but I've also never seen any other white girl with a face like hers. Her face is very unique to me.

No. 1396133

To be fair anon, we don't know what belle looks like, she lives under a filter all the time.

No. 1396178

Cherry Crush is who Belle wants to be.

No. 1396194

She’s pretty, belle isn’t.

No. 1396983

I think about that one schizo cow KT Price now and again. Her thread has been dead for a few months but she was losing more and more grip on reality. She was the one obsessed with a Game Grumps moid and was convinced that he made Neil Gaiman copy her for the Sandman comics. Wonder how she's taking the Netflix series.

No. 1397320

Ehhh I take this back. Someone make a new Yumi King thread.

No. 1397336

File: 1667515839837.jpg (83.1 KB, 680x656, Fef5ZmqXEAEknqM.jpg)

Yumi has a way of being quiet for a very long time and emerging with barrels of milk.

No. 1397532

im glad elaine miller's thread is dying because she's just pitiful now in an unfunny way, and i appreciate lcf's dedication to not giving mention to the revenge porn of her. anyways, i think she is hot in some photos and if i did not know anything about her i'd be attracted to her

No. 1398733

Her before cosmetic procedures face looks a lot like mine, cept she has a cuter nose cause it's tinier

No. 1400491

File: 1667774488939.jpg (97.6 KB, 933x668, too retarded even for snow.jpg)

I saw a video of dasha's boyfriend and my instant revulsion surprised me so much I started laughing and then had to make this but it's honestly too stupid to post even in the leftcow thread

No. 1400512

I mean the fact she cheated and had a baby that wasn't Splendas was major milk and then that was all. I just wish there was more saga or other anons exposed more milk than to just leave us on that cliff hanger

No. 1400530

Yeah it totally sucks when people want to keep their private lives private and just raise their children instead of being trapped in a relationship with an old autistic pedophile

No. 1401051

I'm a regular on the MTF threads and hate AGPs etc. but I really like Blaire White. I feel like we'd be friends.
no problem with calling her "she". she genuinely reminds me of one of my female bffs (like, uncanny) and I agree with a lot of her takes.
I also like her style and think she's very pretty.

No. 1402979

File: 1668062614466.jpeg (490.69 KB, 688x988, DE3B637C-C4B3-4893-B4C6-EB5D14…)

Robert is that you?

No. 1406098

I just find it kinda weird how in the Belle Delphine thread you can't say you think she looks bad in a pic without anon(s) coming in to tell you that no she is actually gorgeous. Idk, different opinions, tbh I don't even think she's ugly. But damn if you mention that she looks bad in 1 pic there will be multiple anons who have to let you know you are wrong. I just find it weird. If anyone tried doing something like that in the Shayna thread they'd get torn to shreds kek. Is it because because a lot of anons like her and feel the need to defend her on lolcow of all places?

No. 1406100

They probably look like her. She looks very run of the mill and generic. If it makes you feel better, I don't think she's a very good looking girl myself.

No. 1406188

Checked the thread and the amount of coping over the posted video is insane, they really go bananas over the possibility of Belle being botched (hard to tell in the video imo) or anyone criticizing her, while at the same time just mindlessly hating her every breath.

No. 1406226

Pre surgery Taylor was gorgeous and modelesque. Even after the fillers she’s still pretty despite looking botched time to time depending on the filler injections.. I just don’t get people who call her average or unattractive.
Her husband is weird but at least he’s rich.

No. 1406246

Reading Jill's thread is starting to put me in a bad state of mind by virtue of how wretched of a person she is; she's pretty much the opposite of my vision of a good/respectable person and she's getting worse over time. I hope I don't turn into one of the deranged anons on the Venus or Belle threads and start genuinely wishing her harm

No. 1406251

i think chronically online anons have a different idea of beauty than sane people. its like how egirls are so popular on the internet but irl no one thinks they are as pretty as madison beer type of beauty

No. 1406261

Madison Beer is the egirlest egirl of all time

No. 1406270

File: 1668258518113.png (1.87 MB, 1250x798, ugg.png)

nahh you cant convince me these two have the same type of beauty. you are coping and probably looks like the bpd low self esteem egirl

No. 1406272

nta but they're both completely artificial girls with nose jobs. the only difference is that belle is more colourful

No. 1406277

style belle like madison and you've got carbon copies..

No. 1406278

so by your logic scarlett johansson is a egirl too since she is kinda artificial and has a nosejob? i dont even like madison beer but saying she more egirl than belle is madness. i dont know what is happening to anons here, yesterday someone said that swedes are more fattie than americans? what?

No. 1406281

>you are coping and probably looks like the bpd low self esteem egirl
NTA but it seems like they're both BPD low self-esteem girls. Why are you taking this so personally?

No. 1406283

>Why are you taking personally?
what are you implying? that i'm madison beer?

No. 1406284

but I'm Madison beer

No. 1406285

No, that you're weirdly defensive about something that doesn't even concern you. It's like you're some kid from TikTok who wants to look like Madison Beer or something. They're all fake, stop being embarrassing.

No. 1406310

>you cant convince me these two have the same type of beauty
Yeah Madidon looks old, conventional and not fun.

No. 1406333

All of you nonnies just proved >>1406098 point

No. 1406334

No. 1406337

Okay anon. Keep making yourself believe the average person would find Madison beer to be an ugly old boring basic bitch and belle Delphine is the epitome of youthfulness and beauty kek

No. 1406339

We’re all Madison Beer

No. 1406341

right? its obviously a girl who has the same aesthetic or similar and is coping. anyone that actually leaves the house knows that this type of beauty is not popular outside of 4chan borders

No. 1406342

Belle Delphine could be cute but she styles herself so ridiculously and most people want to avoid talking about her because cringe. With e-girls, they're usually better at taking more aesthetic and "different" photos of themselves and thus gain more attention and don't need to have completely attractive features where as the "basic" hot girls usually have other people take pics at uncontrolled angles or they just take normal pictures of themselves and those require having attractive features but they don't look as good/different/emphasizing neotany features as much as the pictures e girls take do.

No. 1406346

madison looks ''old'' for not pedobaiting and trying to make herself look short unlike belle.

No. 1406361

>you’re coping
And they’re both egirls, and they both have plastic surgery. Do you need to be consoled

No. 1406439

you don't know what e-girls are, do you?

No. 1406524

I don't think she's "gorgeous", I think she's pretty in an accessible way. She looks like a version of Madison Beer. I think her beauty is overstated for sure and she's nothing special. I'm certain she looks bad in some pictures, but to be fair, everyone looks bad in certain pictures. I don't think Belle Delphine is as universally unattractive as Shayna so yes, you'll have more conflicting opinions.

No. 1406629

If her candids are anything to go by, she's not much to look at irl, but her pics/videos check off all the pedo coomer boxes, which to her is what's important because she isn't making money off of being pretty to women. And that is why she has a thread. Everything about way she presents herself online is a calculated attempt to attract paypigs and as such incredibly boring, so her thread's kept alive by seething, jealous pickmes and farmers who caught their scrotes wanking to her.

No. 1406857

As someone that isn't into either style, they just look like different flavors of the same type of girl to me. "Snatched" eyes, small nose, sharp chin with small face and long hair. Doesn't mean the other is more attractive than the other, just different styling of the kind of face that is more or less the current ideal.

No. 1406869

It's cringy when farmers make self-righteous posts in 2nd person in case the cows read. I mean…no one here is some moral authority but some nonnies think they are.

No. 1406874

Belle is above average looking. It’s just her style makes her look frumpy and weird.

No. 1406897

Madison Beer and Belle Delphine both got their fame from the internet and would be nothing without their swathes of online simps, sorry to tell you

No. 1406915

e girl doesn't mean just anyone that becomes famous online though

No. 1406997

>farmers who caught their scrote wanking to her
Damn not my bf but my heart dropped when I saw my crush followed her on Instagram, I still don’t follow her thread because it’s pretty boring.

No. 1407404

that's not what an egirl is. you seem to be conflating it with efame but is not related. look it up.

No. 1407747

You don’t have to have nose blush to be e girl. Madison Beer is one of the OG e girls. They are all different strains of the exact same thing. Madison Beer is pretty but there is nothing to her she’s just a husk of a person wearing the same amount of makeup with the same amount of photoshop and plastic surgery doing the same kinds of tiktoks.

No. 1407940

I feel like this is who grimes is trying to look like. effortlessly ethereal.
both of them have botched themselves into being almost unrecognizable, it is so sad tbh

ayrt kek was waiting for this reply. notice I'm not in Blaire's thread wking I'm in the unpopular opinion threads 'cause yeah, it's unpopular. like I said I have a female bff so similar to this it is uncanny and I just like her. considering how openly of a terf I am it even feels weird to me but like, she's not doing much wrong. we have the same views on the troon shit so she doesn't bother me.

No. 1407978

File: 1668353925503.jpeg (877.94 KB, 828x1466, 90CC4A98-0F5D-4E36-AF03-471032…)

I don’t keep up with her thread much mostly because I never check /pt/ anymore but tbh Luna’s hair looks pretty good and healthier than it has in a while right now and anons sperging about how it looks horrible and ~soooo dead~ are nitpicking. The rest of Luna is a hot mess don’t get me wrong, but I actually think her new hair works for her (at least in the most recent photos, the red looked a bit clownish at first).

No. 1407984

I thought this too. There's only like a handful of genuinely ugly cows and belle isn't one of them. At most she's had shitty outfits/unflattering pictures but it's better than cows like Beyonce or Kardashians having mental breakdowns and threatening lawsuits just because someone posted an ugly photo online. It's so weird too since so many farmers will complain about how they look ugly in photos but hot irl but then somehow act like it magically doesn't apply to other cows and a couple of ugly pics mean the cow is ugly

No. 1407988

i also thought it looked bad at first but tbh now she has bangs again i think she looks really cute. but i've always had a small crush on luna so maybe my opinions don't count bc of bad taste kek

No. 1407991

I love Moo’s esoteric nonsense and sometimes I’ll buy the woo woo shit she “swears by” like reishi coffee or whatever because I also like trying wellness crap that doesn’t work and she’s the only person truly retarded enough to shill this garbage without sponsors/ads.

No. 1409679

Anachan Shaytards:
>Shayna ate a cracker, here's the math showing why that's equal to over 9000 calories a day

No. 1412876

I think Yumi King is leaving out something huge in her current life story she’s telling online- it just doesn’t add up to me that her family has now kicked out out twice and she no longer is living with her son, just based on the information she’s giving in her videos you can’t put a coherent story line together. I could be totally wrong about this but I keep getting the vibe there could have been something like drug use going on, but that’s just what I know from life experience trying to fill the gap in what’s she’s been saying

No. 1412892

Yeah I agree. She was getting loads of help from her parents and now all of the sudden they want nothing to do with her? That’s why I requested a new thread because I have a feeling something will come from this.

No. 1413361

File: 1668792276700.png (228.7 KB, 550x346, 8sjrmoq1eby91.png)

Since they do not have an active thread here anymore, I thought I share the fact that tammy slaton is getting married tomorrow to her fiance caleb of a few weeks.

No. 1413365

I saw her arm and thought it was an AI generated image.

No. 1413538

Wish all the nonnies bitchin about how tall and large shayna is would find something else to complain about. Shayna is nasty, but tall women are based in general. Plus she doesn't even look THAT tall. About 5'7 tops.

No. 1413551

People were saying someone must've called CPS on her. I wonder if it was her parents, but who knows, maybe it was a viewer.

No. 1413553

As a tall woman I agree kek, but for Shayna it's more about her attempts to infantilize herself and be ~smol~

No. 1413556

i made a comment about her being tall, I thought it'd be understood that it was in COMPARISION to everyone else. Plus her pictures/apperence sadly enough is the milk. Tall women are great, This may be unpopular but so are chubby/fat women and they dont' deserve hate just for being those things. A lot of the time, the pictures/videos from her porn, there's little else to talk about but her apperence. She DOES look large and tall compared to the women she's with. Plus her baby larp etc.
Though I understand it. I just think people's opinions on some aspects of certain female cows looks doesn't mean that EVERY woman running around with those things should be hated on.
Like Shayna's breasts are unfortunate but if she was'nt Shayna, flaunting them, and being a disgusting retard, I'd never ever pick at a woman with that issue.

No. 1413558

I think it's crazy how based and radpilled uwu this site is supposed to be now, but the people mocking Shayna and other cows are fucking RUTHLESS. Or like whining about Lillee's leg hair lol. So feminist.

No. 1413560

Oh whatever, Shayna's gross and her apperence is apart of the expereince/milk. Whining about Lille's leg hair is retarded, I'm not in her threads. You can be a feminist and pick at women like Shayna who are known woman hating retards, who'd sell their own mother for a ounce of male attention and 300 more followers on Onlyflops.
People can Mock Shayna all they want. You can support women and want the best for women, but there's also a limit to that shit. I feel using Shayna as an example isn't the best choice.

No. 1413575

Kek why are you taking this so personally

No. 1413583

because it's real life bitch
Sorry Nonnie I don't know, I just drunk a bunch of coffee., sorry

No. 1413593

you do realize the users on this site are not a monolith right?? The userbase on ot/ g/ snow/ w/ pt/ etc all have a different userbase from each other. Each board has a slight different userbase.

No. 1413594

you can post about it in the amy slaton thread in snow.

No. 1413596

Is that just excess skin? I thought Tammy and Amy lost weight after their show

No. 1413609

Amy almost gained all her weight back during her second pregnancy. Tammy is now in rehab for morbid fatties like her since a few months now. What tammy really lost over the past few months is def more hair and teeth. Idk about the weight because they are not allowed to talk about it yet. New season starts in january tho.

No. 1413612

so why are you here? You brought up feminism and hating on Shayna of all people in the same sentence.

No. 1413620

I doubt it was CPS personally, because if that was the case it’d be a lot harder for her to get her son back rather than just being able to get him back when she has a living space of her own. My tinfoil is that her family kicked her out for whatever reason but are currently taking care of her son until she has a little more stability

No. 1413723

File: 1668816381403.png (81.3 KB, 725x651, 1668750412476.png)

I'm posting this here because the Holly/Projared thread hit limit.

>I'm so sorry actually I lied I actually liked it(because I need to keep my income)!!!

I don't even doubt her story but why does she do this? I know she's mentally ill but she should have put some thought into the consequences of posting that tweet BEFOREHAND and not immediately afterward. She makes it sound like she's being threatened directly by someone when in reality she's only threatened by the possibility that her income could be affected. She needs to stop doing this wounded bird "I'm so sorry please don't hurt me" act because people are just going to think she's lying and trying to manipulate them. It makes her look ingenuine and I don't know if she understands that.
Like I guess being cancelled sucks and all but she keeps coming back to the internet for validation when she can't force everyone to like her. She really needs to do some self-reflecting in her own time, she recognizes the whole projared thing wasn't healthy, but is she going to learn anything from it? She's still salty as fuck about being cancelled like it's even what matters in this whole sequence of events, like her ex husband may have been raping her and she walked into the arms of a slimy scrote that pretty much pumped and dumped her, but after all that all she cares about is empty platitudes from twitter randos.
It's pretty obvious that the only way she knows how to get people to be nice to her is to manipulate them, which may work with friends or family but isn't going to work with thousands of strangers on the internet. I'm sure she's exhausting to be around irl but I still feel sorry for her for lacking any self awareness at her age. It doesn't feel like she's changed at all.

No. 1414032

kek, anon.

No. 1414075

Seems like you were correct, anon. She got her child back quickly. Man, we need that thread.

No. 1415669

Seems like her parents kicked her out. She admitted it on Instagram.

No. 1415675

I gotta stop looking at the Holly thread, it’s taking my mind to such a dark place. I know why people are skeptical of her but a lot of the things anons are saying itt are things that I had said to me when I had a mental breakdown and publicly said i was raped. I’m just trying to remind myself that I am not Holly, that I was a child when i had a mental breakdown like this and Holly is a grown woman. It just hurts to see mental illness being used as a reason to not believe someone was raped. She’s a horrible person and is a liar. I get why people are skeptical. I think I need to hide the thread because it’s triggering. I’m just sick in bed and I’ve been looking at lolcow way too much. I need to find something else to do. Also no I’m not the sperg itt calling everyone scrotes and moids. I’ve been refraining from posting in the thread because I know my emotions and tied up in this subject way too much. I just needed to say something somewhere and vent because I can’t really talk about this situation with anyone I know.

No. 1415677

Sorry that happened to you, anon.

No. 1415683

File: 1668972002572.jpeg (698.86 KB, 1600x1600, 1EFEA297-BEF7-4A07-83D3-9B8ED4…)

Thank you anon, I appreciate it

No. 1415686

I love you anon and you are valid, cows are cows for a reason, and your life is not hers, hide it if you need to because at the end of the day e-drama isn't real except for the people involved and you're not, so if it's causing you distress just don't read.

No. 1415709

anon…those cows are actual human beings too (surprising and shocking wow), just because they create drama (milk) or have shitty personalities doesnt mean that some anons dont take it too far.

No. 1415711

I agree and I'm saying they shouldn't, nothing good comes from getting emotionally or otherwise involved with cows (just view it like reality TV but more degenerate) and if it connects to a personal trauma it's understandable but her hiding the thread is a good idea.

No. 1415744

Nta, but I can see why she's upset, she said she had a mental breakdown too. The same people who hate the 'cow' would hate anon too if they met her.

No. 1415761

I mean, yeah those anons might hate me. But I was a 14 year old girl having a breakdown, not a woman in my 30s. As an adult, posting about my sexual abuse on a platform attached to my real name is just not something I’d do. I guess I just feel like I have to say this because I know it’s not healthy for me to relate my situation to hollys so much because they are very different and putting myself in her shoes too much is bad for my mental health. I will say that I believe her.

No. 1415858

>It just hurts to see mental illness being used as a reason to not believe someone was raped.

There's one angry anon in the thread who is either Heidi, someone who knows her, or a moid. They went straight for REEEing and kneejerk reaction even though marital rape is so common, and only recently outlawed in many places. Literally the most believable thing, she only spoke out about it because at the time everyone on Twitter was panicking and doing their goodbye posts, seems the site is still going as of now but I understand her motivation.
Anyway I would be suspicious of some people in their thread because the reaction seems unnatural, I think it's a samefag with a vendetta personally.

No. 1415862

samefag, it could even be Ross for all we know, but I found that anon's comments to be bizarre, they seem super invested in a way a normal viewer or lolcow reader or whatever wouldn't be. Also I'm sorry about how people treated you in a similar way.

No. 1415889

>even though marital rape is so common, and only recently outlawed in many places. Literally the most believable thing,
I said basically the exact same thing (that it's very common and typical and therefore believable) and some retard responded calling me a moid for saying that "it's normal so it's fine". Like where did I say that??

Anyway yeah I had to take a. Reak from the thread, I've been a staunch Holly hater from the start but what she's talking about is not the wild, dramatic story we need to be suspicious of that anons seem to think it is. It happens in many marriages, she isn't embellishing it or playing the victim, it's so easy to believe because it happens easily in reality too. She might only be posting about it for her own benefit but I don't feel an ounce of suspicion with regard to the story itself. But she's an imperfect victim and anons responses bother me.

No. 1418247

File: 1669154488648.jpeg (37.67 KB, 400x400, 356E0636-56C1-4118-9E3F-AB1C7C…)

Anisa is the reason I found LC and she used to make me seethe because I had a parasocial crush on iDubbbz. I think those two are still kinda dumb but they’re leagues more functional than when they got together. I think the mildly alt style suits her really well. The basic bitch style was extremely unflattering. I know all of her tattoos are just traditional flash pieces but I like them a lot too. The short hair is a lot better for her face shape too. Also I’m happy she got rid of the tits, they looked like they hurt.

No. 1418251

>I had a parasocial crush on iDubbbz

No. 1418257

cant get over the fact she posted nudes the same day of idubbbz's birthday, what a stacy

No. 1418264

I got over it when I saw how badly he treated her KEK

No. 1419696

I've come to really like Layna, which makes her relationship with Jonny Craig all the more frustrating to me. I know no cowtipping, but I started watching her streams a while back and interacting with her. She comes across incredibly sweet and incredibly… normal. Most of the people that frequent that thread are far bigger cows than she is.

No. 1424638

On one hand I fucking despise illness fakers and malingerers because I had someone in my personal life grift me like that. On the other hand I get it, some of my most precious memories with my parents was when they'd tend to me with such affection when I was ill. Because of that I understand why they choose that angle, like Ellen (mysteryelles) just seems to be marinating in that infantalisation and fawning

No. 1424675

Makes sense. I can't sympathize with munchies though, not being healthy sucks, and they chase exactly that lol. When I was a kid, I used to get ill often, and I remember going to the hospital and getting injections, meds. My mom was worried but also angry.

No. 1424964

>also angry
This. From my pov seems like an insultingly privileged LARP when to my knowledge lower class people's parents (American at least) tend to treat chronically ill children like shit because they're a time and resource burden when they show irrefutable symptoms. They tend to put off care and ignore/punish for reporting symptoms. They are much less likely to get help and tend to grow into people who struggle to ask for it or believe they are worthy or will get it, and even make their condition worse by trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps or whatever.

No. 1430751

The word "skirtbelt" from the Shayna threads is hilarious to me. Her genitals are showing so there's no need for the skirt in the first place. The term is so accurate because it can't even be considered bottoms. Call me autistic but I laugh every time.

No. 1430760

File: 1670052496657.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1640x2247, 0740502A-F37D-4FA1-9ACC-6563EF…)

No. 1430976

I think we should refer to it as a "belly curtain" henceforth.

No. 1432902

I'm irritated the leftcow thread got flooded with off-topic sperging about gay moids etc until it reached the post limit and locked without a new thread, which is what always happens lately because a bunch of the people who post in it are terrible and can't go 2 hours without milk so they just flood it with inane derails. There is no milk sometimes. Let the thread sleep!
Now we're in a situation where Anna & Dasha literally just had Ann Coulter on the podcast which is the first milk in weeks but there is no thread to discuss it in. (Literally happened hours after thread lock, I swear I'm gonna put on my tinfoil…)

No. 1432955

No one treated me like shit? You're making too many assumptions.

No. 1436647

That crimmy bitch is so disgusting, but at the same time we havent had a horrorcow in a long time.

No. 1436658

i opened one spoiler in that thread and noped the fuck out. i'm sitting this one out.

No. 1436689

her moid incel wk are now spamming her thread

No. 1436702


same, i've never wished this upon a cow but i kind of wish she had a kiwifarms thread in conjunction with a LC one, i hope a kiwifag decides to make one for her and her orbiters. KF is shit but you have to hand it to the spergs on there, they fucking love acting like vigilantes when it comes to shit like this and would do a pretty good job at gathering milk. the one advantage they have when it comes to cows with overzealous wks/incel orbiters like hers is the fact that registration gets in the way of retarded spammers trying to cover shit up. it'd be funny to watch them scramble. we need an exchange program kek

No. 1437129

Projared has got to be the ugliest cow on this site

No. 1437131

FR, he's repulsive

No. 1437298

Anons I miss Cece from the proana scumbags thread…she was an idiot and a heretic and I'm glad for her if she's actually recovering this time, but I do wish I'd kept in contact with her enough to have been added to her private instagram tbh we had a bit in common.

No. 1437398

The anons who hate shay's brown eyes are so retarded. Even going as far to imply she looks mixed race..you can say she's ugly without going full hitler youth on her

No. 1437399

I never understood the obsession with her. What made her an idiot?

No. 1437430

Dude I agree. It’s their pickmeism shining through.

No. 1437616

true true, goblin lookin ass.

No. 1437652

Shay back in the day was an edge lord who posted about how she loved Hitler and ran a stoner blog as a minor that the second she was 18 became a ddlg nightmare mess that exposed her following of half minors to her porn. She also had highlights like using a black dildo while wearing a fuck trump hat, public nudity and shit. She’s a terrible fucking person but as she’s gotten older it’s not interesting at all tbh.

No. 1437745

I wouldn't say I was one of the obsessed anons, I just found some of her posts relatable; and imo what made her an idiot were things unrelated to her proana-cow status. She gave me big Kelsey Osgood vibes the way she was going about totally converting to Judaism u guise

No. 1437758

I agree the brown eyes sperging is retarded but how is it "pickmeism". Not everything you disagree with is that

No. 1437773

you can't read

No. 1437802

Is it multiple anons? I always assume it's the same person everytime they sperg about it. I wonder if it's some self hatred that they themselves have brown eyes and hate it or they're like you said, going full hitler youth. It's such an autistic thing to nitpick over and I wish it would be bannable in the thread just like the tit sperging or pussy sperging is.

No. 1437817

Most people have brown eyes so I never got the hatred of hers. She's got beady little rat eyes but the color isn't the issue. It's just her ugly ass face. I'm assuming some anons do that because she's spoken about how she wishes she had blue eyes like barbie

No. 1437897

There's still so much tit sperging, at this point I don't care if she has an implant or whatever

No. 1439832

Mariah’s bf is so ugly now I’m glad I’m single. Mariah I’m rooting for you fuck his life up

No. 1440553

Most posters in the FtM thread are misogynistic. I think it's hard for most to discuss the subject without using harmful stereotypes about women or red pill ideas.

No. 1440555

what do you mean? its the most radfem thread

No. 1440560

can you elab?

No. 1440585

I only started following the shoe0nhead thread because I thought she was hot when I was 14. Now I’m 21 and I still do but its funny to see anons either nitpick and shit on her for no reason other than she has bad takes lol

The thread is dry imo and the only good milk was when she was still with skeptic. Seeing her with her new bf could be interesting but nothing has happened so idrc anymore

No. 1440610

i used to look up to her and almost became a clone of her, i am so, so glad i didnt

No. 1440612

Her bad takes are the milk though

No. 1440615

True, oh my god his penis is ugly too

No. 1440659

Theyre really not all that milky tho. At best they make you roll ur eyes. In her early threads there was so much milk from her and skeptic (him and his ex wife/Her old history when she got an LC mod to remove her threads on here)

Now the only good milk is coming from preggory especially with his pathetic community posts and leaving his partner after a cancer scare lmao

June has been boring tbh

No. 1440678

I agree and I think she's cute but anons don't wanna hear what we all think

No. 1440685

i just pity vicky at this point.

No. 1440695

ngl i dont rly care abt the cowposting aspect of the site, i just lowkey hope they all get better bc they wont even have the financial safety net of celebrities when theyre in their 40s 50s and above. very kumbaya hand-holdy of me i guess. also i still rubberneck that the cow threads as morbid curiosity/superiority complex/cautionary tale to myself that that's what my future can be if i dont keep struggling to change and improve myself

No. 1440719

>they wont even have the financial safety net of celebrities
I don't feel bad for them because so many cows become cows as a direct result of refusing to get a normal job. They can't let go of their e-celeb status (god forbid they lower themselves to working retail or in an office or w/e like the rest of us), so they do extreme shit for attention/e-beg/scam/do porn/prostitute themselves. Or they become terminally online NEETs with absolutely no comprehension of the outside world.

Some are genuinely too mentally or physically unwell to work, but most of them just think they're too good to work even though it would do wonders to make them better people and leave them financially secure.

No. 1440731

And that’s why you’re what this site needs and not ayrt. The ones that only go on ot are the fucking worst, g and m are dead so you know they don’t go there unless they’re fujos or talking about ugly men they want to fuck. Ily

No. 1440732


No. 1440736

No. 1440743

No. 1440745

Nothing you said makes any sense I don't speak LSA sis

No. 1440747

You need to get off this site sis if that doesn’t make sense you don’t belong here you baiting newfag sped. Dumb piece of shit bitch, I hope your worst fears come true for ruining this former sanctuary

No. 1440765

My real thoughts are that everyone who uses this site is cow worthy but they just chose to stay anonymous

exhibit A) >>1440747

No. 1440770


but also does that include yourself?

No. 1440776

No. 1441595

This is a thread for real opinions and people are attacking you for yours? Wild. I like you nonnie. No one has to agree with you (I don't know if I do or not) but it's always great to see people being nice or empathetic on this hellsite.

No. 1443753

File: 1670916846226.png (509.7 KB, 1080x649, 1670766398190.png)

Kiki is honestly slaying in life. Pretty and skinny NEET who spends all her time playing dress-up, eyefucking herself, hooking up with guys and shitposting online. Um hello dream life.

No. 1443800

Well, true. A lot admit it here: >>561095

No. 1444978

Honestly I love how crazy she is. I just can't hate Kiki.

No. 1444989

I'd be the most boring cow ever. I think if i posted on social media 90% of the thread would be anons nitpicking my appearance and the other 10% would be them mocking me for not having irl friends and projecting their own fears of loneliness on me.

No. 1444993

>Pretty and skinny NEET who spends all her time playing dress-up, eyefucking herself, hooking up with guys and shitposting online. Um hello dream life.
that's like 30% of the people who post here (wish it was the 70% though) the rest is jelly normie fatties

No. 1444995

>Self-hating anachan NEETs hooking up with 4chan discord daddies they met on /soc/
Why would anyone be jealous

No. 1445017

Any woman can dress up and hook up with men. She's pretty but most normal women would rather be jealous of rich or successful women rather than camwhores. You're projecting your own jealousy, no normie woman wants to be a neet and hook up with randos.

No. 1445053

Oh now you are deluuusional

No. 1445127

I can't tell if you two are joking but she literally fucks hobos. It's sad, I actually think she's super pretty and could do far better than literal HOBOS who give her stds and beat her up.

No. 1445212

No, that would be a sad life, and devoid of meaningful experiences.

No. 1448320

Shay's bangs are cute.

No. 1448589

File: 1671221888132.jpeg (624.02 KB, 828x970, 668D1951-00FC-4D90-9415-54A5E1…)


No. 1448653

File: 1671223913062.jpg (8.12 KB, 275x185, 1671147340969.jpg)

Say sike rite now

No. 1448965

I agree!

No. 1449040

I want to save Heather from herself. I'm a very overly care-taking kind of person and she's the exact type of person that would activate that dynamic for me. Let's just get ur life together, sweetie!!

No. 1449069

Idk maybe I just have bad taste but I like them (and the way they cover up her eyebrows)

No. 1449288

I want her to read radfem books so bad. Her fixation and dependency on moids really isn't worth it.

No. 1449296

yes. she needs self-respect, badly.

No. 1449354

File: 1671253505661.jpeg (745.98 KB, 828x1345, 62984850-F06A-479A-8C95-040307…)

>Shay’s bangs are cute

No. 1449367

If you aren't a ryan, she doesn't want to hear from you (no matter how much she pretends she wants friends)

No. 1450016

I am growing more annoyed at this new generation of "farmers" who can't even bother to learn to use a computer if they so badly want to engage in a cow's thread.
For example, I lately saw a picture in the Shayna thread that was literally a photo of the anon's screen rather than an actual screenshot.
Like ???? How can one not know how to do something as simple as taking a screenshot?
Even worse is that those anons keep pedalling the "SHATNA SHAT HERSELF ON CAM" nonsense yet none of them could bother to record the stream for evidence like anons did in the earlier threads.

Her thread is the most egregious since it's the most active, but I've seen this display of newfaggotry in many other threads as well.
Too many anons refuse to archive on local servers rather than leave the evidence to the whim of Dropbox or YouTube.
The pure laziness of it all is frustrating. These newfags want to participate in the threads so badly but don't want to put in the effort involved in documenting a lolcow. They rather spam the thread with 300+ replies of the same "she's fat/ugly/gross/etc. etc." instead of being useful.

I'm not saying that early lc was any better (the golden years of lc were 2016-2018 imo), but I'm starting to see how this new wave of lolcow watchers are mostly mindless Twitter/TikTok/gen z weens that cowtip constantly and launch fail troll attempts while refusing to learn proper cow etiquette.

No. 1450024

>I am growing more annoyed at this new generation of "farmers"
It's actually kinda cute that you put it this way, since most old farmers did graduate this year

No. 1450026

I basically have to read thread summaries in the shayna threads because of these retards. I’ve grown tired of the nitpicks.

No. 1450028

File: 1671295978663.jpg (79.54 KB, 673x900, cow-chemist-children-vector-il…)

>I am growing more annoyed at this new generation of "farmers"
now that you say it, there's some "generations" when it comes to lolcow farmers and lore. First gen was from like 2015-2017 which was the gen that probably was the ruthless times and came /cgl/, plus males were allowed as long as they didn't announce themselves. Second gen was from 2018-2019 when GC, PP, and KpopCrit threads were allowed on the site. Third gen was the Nonny gen 2020-2022 which made it the pandemic gen too, and things were really fun and lightheated although the raids were what dwindled it down. Now we're in the start of the new gen, and the userbase seems to be shifting again to accommodate people who come from twitter and tiktok. It also feels like a "silent generation" of some sorts since the core userbase has really quieted down and people don't use threads as much as they did before.

I also feel like the overall cow behavior of the internet has shifted. We don't get cows like PT anymore, everyone is hyper aware and with a sanitized brand, cyberbullying is frowned upon, and nowadays most of the things that are cancellable are simply just cringe and not the milkiest.

Trust me I'm a scholar when it comes to lolcow history kek.

No. 1450036

2014-2016 more like. 2017 is when some kind of demographic shift happened and people started calling out trannyshit. if you go back and look at some of the threads there were aidens announcing themselves in threads and anons being like well akshually you're trutrans i only believe TRUE and HONEST trans people like you obviously. like the whole transmed tucute debacle or whatever the right terms are was really big in those two years and was taken more seriously, by 2017 it was getting tired

No. 1450044

AYRT. There definitely are still cows out there that are less anger inducing and more cringe in a schadenfreude way (e.g. Cyraxx, Lucas Werner), but they're becoming rarer for sure. To find those less hyper aware cows requires looking for people who have 1. a small-to-non-existant following and 2. are extensively online. CWC was not particularly well-known when people started glomming onto him, for example. People with larger followings sort of have to be sanitized to maintain their internet presence, which is one reason I kind of dislike the minimum follower rule, even though I see why it's necessary.
Agreed with this. LC started in 2014 after Stamina Rose shut down and was still /cgl/-lite. 2017 had a definite shift and 2018 became strictly "no male" (I think this is around the time the previous admin came into power?).

I also think the Twitter/TikTok overlap started slightly earlier too, like around 2021, when admin announced that she was "hiring a new admin" and started becoming more hands-off, so there was no incentive for newfags to integrate. We haven't had a hellweek in YEARS at this point. How many anons even know what hellweek is?

No. 1450049

nta you're correct, 2014-2016, afterwards I remember the peakening and pink pilling of oldfags happening naturally over a longer period of time. Which was a welcome change for me. Then suddenly oldmin decided everyone was from reddit and banned man- and troonhate. Well not exactly suddenly, she held a poll, then didn't get the result she wanted and went ahead with her plans anyway. I get that it attracted some raids, but it was nothing on the scale of what we're dealing with nowadays and we don't even have the threads we used to have. If anything, I think the redditfags were attracted after the ban here got reversed and r/gendercritical got banned.

No. 1450050

2017 is also when cc was made, so the userbase probably changed when some anons migrated there and never returned

No. 1450051

I talked about a bit here >>1446769, the banner thread is a fun cross section of the site through the years. You really see how the userbase and culture has changed

No. 1450056

I don't even remember why CC was made, I just know from the beginning everyone here said it was full of trannies

No. 1450058

I sometimes visit Shayne's threads to see if she has sunk lower or finally doing some genuine self-reflection, but all I always see is infighting or some scrotey takes. Last time I checked it anons in there were literally claiming tall women can't be kidnapped or raped and called them ogres. At this point I don't know if Shayna's thread should stay as a containment area or they should be nuked all together because of these anons.

No. 1450066

I think it's because we had no /ot/ back then (not sure if /b/ was created by then either) and farmers wanted a more casual place. CC started off really well, but then was very obviously flooded by moids/troons 1-2 years in.

No. 1450069

People should just hide shaynas thread then. I'm thinking of doing so because not only does she annoy and disgust me but the "milk" is nothing most of the time. It's like groundhog day and I feel guilty because I was the one who saw the shattering but I couldn't record it. Legit didn't k ow you couldn't screenshot MFC until last night.
I also am guilty of not adding much to the thread.
I do like how kiwifarms has a rule kind of like, "archive everything " but at the same time I love the freedom and being able to post little things without it being put under scrutiny if it "adds " anything.
Maybe I'll just try not to post in her thread

No. 1450072

File: 1671299477159.jpg (177.35 KB, 1479x1080, 1485807944813.jpg)

I'm trying to remember but I kind of have alzheimers in my oldfag age kek. I remember someone posting about making a comfy drama-free alternative to lolcow(as in just general discussion and no cows), it wasn't really necessary per se because /b/(board that was split into /ot/ /g/ and /m/) was bumpin back then, but anons just wanted a imageboard that was defined by being for women and not by being for cow milking.
In hindsight making an anonymous website that is blatantly for women was not the best idea because it just attracts trannies, incels and male trolls, which is pretty much why cc gets raided WAY more than lc, and also why asherah's garden had to be shut down after nonstop gore raids. Maybe if someone wants to make a comfy site for women they should just make a plain forum and at least make it a little easier to moderate and track users.

No. 1450073

the ones posted very recently are the most low quality disgusting ones I've ever seen too. There's literally one with cum and anime eyes.

No. 1450075

I am more aware than ever of eating healthy and drinking more water than ever thanks to Terry's dry skin. Whenever I enter his thread I feel this instant need to put moisturizer on my face and hands.

No. 1450076

Also why should her thread be nuked? I don't like the idea that just because you don't like a cows thread instead of hiding it, it shouldn't exist. No its should be monitored more. Admin is a shay head. I'd think she'd be in that thread a lot

No. 1450082

>I kind of have alzheimers in my oldfag age kek
ayrt same, every year starts to blend together. I also left for a while and then suddenly came back to /b/ being split up. So I guess that's why I missed CC's creation.
>also why asherah's garden had to be shut down
wasn't the existence of that also always on shaky grounds? I remember that a scrote helped set it up and the ownership had to be transferred or some shit like that. If anyone wants to make a comfy site again, just pls don't involve scrotes again if possible.

No. 1450088

>I remember that a scrote helped set it up and the ownership had to be transferred

Yep I remember now but I never really got the full story with what happened there. All I remember is someone calling out the anon who set up and linked to AG as being male, then that anon admitted that he was male and groveled and said he would give AG to a woman but he just wanted a radfem imageboard soo bad for some reason. It was very weird and sus but apparently he did hand it off and moderation seemed fine after that. It didn't help it's fate that it was dead as fuck though.

I sometimes wonder if it was the anorectal violence guy kek

No. 1450138

Some threads seem to have a very different culture to the rest of the site. The Belle Delphine, Blaire White, aliceandfern, Proana Scumbags, and more recently, Grimes/Elon Musk threads all "feel different" than the rest of Lolcow.

No. 1450218

sometimes nonnas are nice to the cows in the proana thread (just stuff like wishing them well when they actually recover a little) and I like it.

No. 1450287

You forgot Celebricows, the worst thread on this site

No. 1450691

File: 1671331167374.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.24 KB, 707x1000, tumblr_a5f6f7a2cb8a37b0eec679d…)

Lately I've been wondering if Jillian reads Khale McHurst's comics. Khale went semi-viral on tumblr years ago when she was depicting her struggle with ED and her bumpy road to recovery in I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder (I'm sure some anons recognize the title), and she has also released other autobiographical comics such as one about her struggles with her polyamorous ex and now with the current one depicting her severe PTSD from several accounts of sexual abuse, being victim blamed by her mother and generally the lingering shame of being homosexual after having grown up in an extremely religious household and community. She suffers from flashbacks, prone to panic attacks, self harms and has a clear cut phobia of men. She has the past Jillian wishes she had, she has the emotional scars Jillian wants without having to actually go through it all. I might be overthinking it and Jill probably just steals her ideas from movies, but it also wouldn't surprise me because of the way she relishes in other people's suffering.

(Context for pic rel: Khale getting flashbacks after accidentally triggering herself a couple of hours after her wife's cousin spouted misogynistic bullshit while giving them a ride)

No. 1450745

iirc the scrote got doxxed on the hidden board but then there are screens of ex lc mods claiming to know the creator of AG.

No. 1450750

I can't stop thinking about this

No. 1450754

cows haven't been the same since the pandemic

No. 1450762

Maeve and Ruby were some of the most promising horrorcows and in a way I'm glad their thread died off because I always felt really bad for Maeve. Both are insane but Maeve seems like she's more unaware of her mental instability and illness than Ruby is, it feels like she operates the way she does because it's what makes sense to her and it seems like she doesn't give it a second thought, or doesn't know how. Ruby operates like she knows what she's doing is wrong but thinks it's funny or cool, which is definitely some kind of mental instability in and of itself. And the drugs. Can't forget the drugs.
Anyway, I pity Maeve. Something about her endears her to me and I wish I could pick her (and Ruby) up out of their little cracknests and drop them off somewhere safe, no pedo boyfriends/drugs/instagram allowed. Keep them separated too so they can shed the codependent tendencies.

No. 1450847

I love celebricow thread for all the strokes it has caused me. Genuinely one of the most unhinged corners of this site.

No. 1451141

I've just looked at their thread and they're lame, horrorcows sure but not entertaining. More like an even sadder version of Luna or Soren.

No. 1451296

In the pro ana scumbag thread someone posted pictures of a girl they personally took. Absolutely disgusting and unhinged. Gives me serial killer vibes. I don’t even want to call this girl a cow anymore to not dehumanize her further. This with the psychopath scrotes in Venus thread is my breaking point with the drama boards.

No. 1451389

Pro ana thread is filled with cows itself. Most posters are as deranged and mentally unstable as the cows they post because they starve themselves.

No. 1451392

I always hide that thread because those posters are fucking crazy

No. 1451396

Right. One time a poster sent a picture of a dead bulimic girl like it was nothing. There was also a pervert who admitted to stalking their two underage relatives and mocking their body because they had anorexia. The posters are more mentak than cows.

No. 1451398

No. 1451404

Maybe the proana threads should be banned. This is over the top bad.

No. 1451406

Many such cases. This is a female space but still is a imageboard. People will be autistic and weird.

No. 1451420

Absolutely, I remember scrolling past it and there was a teenage girl posting about another eating disordered teenage girl "cow" who was treated at the same clinic as her.

No. 1452345

No. 1452629

Someone please illuminate me once and for all on why Shayna and her 3874623786784563673 threads are still not on /pt/ and why are there even 652342534625346725347523473 threads on Shayna in the first place

No. 1452641

Shayna is the quintessential /snow/ cow. Number of threads is irrelevant.

No. 1452643

>the quintessential /snow/ cow
how so

No. 1452670

She produces only skim milk. The most milky thing that's happened in her 1,000 threads is when anon noticed Fupa reflected in her sunglasses. 99.9% of the posts in her threads are nitpicking.

No. 1452673

but she has like 854623274637484823478234873783 threads. don't anons get bored?

No. 1452698

Anons love to get mad at her for posting sexual fantasies about getting raped and molested as a toddler and then saying that it's ~just a kink~ just so she can post pictures wearing diapers and stretched out children's clothes.
She also tends to interact with disgusting moids like Pedo gray hair who molested his daughter and buys his daughter's porn as well. And with Ellen Dressel, who stole a baby's pacifier and then used it to take pictures of herself semi-naked.

No. 1455852

File: 1672105761973.jpeg (237.84 KB, 845x1451, 6FE29EFB-0872-4C0B-8E84-6107DB…)

Compared to a lot of burgers Shay isn’t that fat it’s just the XS clothing and terrible angles that make her feel so much bigger.

No. 1455879

She looks like the average southern American woman who works at Walmart. I can see the uniform already
but yuh, average
I think she's still clinging to the time she was thinner

No. 1455888

i dont follow shayna's thread, but when i do pop in it bugs me how anons there refuse to acknowledge anything positive about her, ever. not that there's much positive to acknowledge kek. but anyone who says something as simple as "oh her hair looks better that way" is jumped on.

No. 1455895

I’m going to Seattle in 2023 I wonder if I’ll see Shayna and Ellen in the wild.

No. 1455930

It's hilarious that as Kathy's threads began to die, she pulled away from social media. Her destructive narcissistic personality truly thrived off the little negative attention her dull life got by being posted in /snow. The milk was funny at first but her threads should've died back when she not so subtly tried to get the attention of KF who literally who?-ed her. I hope her current thread is the last thread because getting cut off here means no more attention for her narc ass to get off on.

No. 1455960

It annoys me when anons call Luna 'Tuba' because my sister plays the tuba and it breaks my immersion in gossip and just makes me want to go hang out with her kek

No. 1455961

Tuna is sooo much better

No. 1455964

If she wore clothes that did not accentuate her fat she would look so much better. The whole baby bimbo aesthetic is so wrong for her. The stoner gurl 420 69 aesthetic was way better, and I think she would be more successful with it, and possibly less deranged customers. I mean normal clothes and leaving porn would be best but if she wants to pay rent with that career the stoner stuff would be more successful imo

No. 1456281

File: 1672178856683.png (675.05 KB, 586x459, 56.png)

I don't understand why anons call Grimes, Dasha, Anna etc "anachans" when they look like this

No. 1456283

You think she looks fat here?

No. 1456285

Grimes is not an ana-chan. Dasha is borderline. Elaine is also not an ana-chan (just skinny and does a lot of coke.)

No. 1456286

*borderline as in an edge case of being an ana-chan, but also borderline borderline, kek

No. 1456289

No I don't, but I don't think she looks very underweight. I'm not even sure what constitutes as being an anachan according to lc

No. 1456291

fuck off blaine you obese tranny

No. 1456293

You're dead wrong. Read grimes messages to azalea banks, she calls her fat. Elaine also eats mushy pasta like a bunch of the anachans eat mushy cereal.

No. 1456294

Venus is insane, but the anons always trying to defend the men in her life as poor victims are retarded.

No. 1456385

File: 1672206640423.jpg (80.09 KB, 1024x576, _81405266_81401982.jpg)

>Compared to a lot of burgers Shay isn’t that fat
Yeah, just because she doesn't look like picrel, it means she is hot and skinny. /s

No. 1456579

Apparently all you gotta do is call someone else fat >>1456293
That said idk why they call Dasha an anachan. But I don’t follow that thread.

No. 1457876

I can't believe Ashley Isaacs is going to live to see another year. I remember anons on her thread from like 2016 going 'this is the last Halloween she's going to see'.

No. 1458034

I’m not a foot fetishist or a scrote but I think Mina’s big ass feet are kind of sexy.

No. 1458044

She's called ana chan because she talked about her eating disorder on her livejournal back in the day. She's skinny enough for it to be believable, it's not some term reserved for the spoopiest of spoops.

No. 1458083

I feel so bad Venusangelic. When I fist learned about her abuse ages ago I was really rooting for her. My heart sank when I saw she has a thread on here. I don't read it because I know it will depress me but from the few posts I have read from it it seems like she is not doing well. I don't keep up with internet celebs so I don't know who any of the cows are except Venusangelic. So I guess that's why her thread feels more "personal"

No. 1458089

for a much kinder read on her situation than what you'd get here i do recommend aline dessines video/s on youtube about her. it's in french but turning on subtitles with the translate to english option is good 90% of the time, occasionally it forgets to swap a sentence or two but you'll still get it. it's hard not to feel bad for her considering everything.

No. 1458094

Dasha from redscare has a history of saying cringey pro-anorexic shit

No. 1458916

Venus is an awful person but I also feel bad for her. Her life is tragic. Bad personality aside, she reminds me of Lucinda.

No. 1458951

Honest opinion? I really don't see what farmers are talking about when they say Heather Sparkles/Steele looks "old" or "matronly." I've seen a some outfits here and there that look unflattering and or matronly on her. But physically? She looks like any other early 30s woman. To me, I'd even say she looks slightly younger than her age, if just going by her facial features. I think she's an attractive woman tbqh.

The obsessive attitude and hope for new Ryans is what keeps me coming back though! I hope she finds a nice one

No. 1458973

It's the hair. She has 68 year old suburban divorcee hairstyles

No. 1459151

File: 1672490868924.jpg (60.24 KB, 680x425, e7e.jpg)

imo cyraxx is probably one of the best examples right now of an og lolcow, he has all the elements: autistic dedicated trolls, extensive terminally online history, genetically fucked up to point of being almost pitiful, blissfully arrogant, can't stay offline for more than 2 seconds despite ragequitting constantly or getting banned for being disgusting, and the frequent overlaps in the real world when the police get called and you see the confusion on their normie faces when they see him and listen to his spergouts. plus the fact that he somehow has managed to shack up with women despite looking the way he does, and his family is the epitome of american white trash incest carnival show.

No. 1460639

File: 1672629213317.png (2.2 MB, 2952x2424, lmao.png)

Say whatever you want about lolcow but at least I'm glad this site ain't choachan

No. 1460748

what is it about kpop that makes people terminally retarded?

No. 1460799

Are these the Discord spergs that went to war with some other server and got the friend finder threads here locked? No wonder they're so cancerous and obsessive about spamming their kpop shit here. Hope they stay on that site.

No. 1460803

kpoopers have the worst type of humor, its like they are trying to be like the twitter stan normies but also want to 'shitpost' because they are NLOGs, so they end up with the unfunniest that of humor, like the female version of 14yo men spamming racist slurs and saying penis and poopoo

No. 1460827

File: 1672664510343.png (10.52 KB, 901x103, 1672653817750.png)

That's literally happening on the /m/ thread right now, some choachanners are camping. They posted lolcow on their website so they're basically raiding us now.

No. 1460829

File: 1672664552734.png (653.97 KB, 2331x961, 1672633750872.png)

No. 1460841

File: 1672666314539.png (24.34 KB, 499x85, 1672626076088.png)

No. 1460843

File: 1672666384149.png (5.59 KB, 428x152, lol.png)

Ok this one made me laugh kek

No. 1460876

this looks like something a boomer would post on facebook. I didnt know some of our farmers here were literal boomers.
Top quality meme if youre over the age of 50.

No. 1460941

Over 50? You mean gen x, Nona. The baby boomers all died of COVID.

No. 1462925

I don't want to add to the infighting, but whoever in the JC thread is using "Wiggles" and sometimes "Wigglepussy" to refer to Layna needs to stop. There has been a ton of infighting about it but some nonas continue to say it. Like how can they not see how cringe it is? When I read it it makes my skin crawl. It's like a pet name that a nasty scrote would come up with. Do better, nonas.

I should really just stop going to that shit thread, tbh.

No. 1463111

I unironically really like Brittani Venti. She's funny and comes off as a real "girl's girl" I feel like would be friends irl not even some retarded streamer parasocial way. I don't watch her content very often but she gives me good vibes other that the retarded bimbo larping but I think its irony tbh

No. 1463820

The lengths that some anons will go to deny that a cow was victimized or subject to abuse just because they don't like the cow is astounding. I don't understand how you can go through life as a woman without realizing at some point that it's usually not stable, put-together women who get abused by scrotes. Just look at all the Jane Does that have been getting identified lately; nearly all of them are runaways, addicts, sex workers, and/or clearly cluster Bs. It's kind of gross tbh, especially with cases like Venus or Shayna where they hate the cow so much that they paint the scrote out to be a victim or accuse the cow of lying.

No. 1463827

It's infuriating how anons hateboners for certain cows really cloud their judgement, a cow could breathe the wrong way and they will somehow twist it into something malicious. And forget even taking a neutral stance to something they said or how they look.

No. 1463927

is it possible to be a girl's girl when you have a majority male fanbase? i like her too tbh but i do feel she panders to moids

No. 1464618

I think that 90% of the posters in Shayna's thread are her fellow camwhores, because at the level at which they nitpick her looks. For example they believe there's such thing as age appropriate or inappropriate hair dye colors (I mean natural colors not blue or w/e). It's on the same level as the nasolabial folds meme

No. 1464636

I like Shayna's new hair.

No. 1464701

Considering how a number of posters/lurkers have been outed it’s no surprise really, especially with how porn sick some takes are (“tall/fat women can’t be raped”) it’s pretty clear a majority is either moids or other whores.

No. 1464917

Shayna infuriates people because her history is known. What fucked her up was probably her parents divorce and being exposed to DDLG on tumblr. She has loving parents that have offered her a way out of sex work by paying for her to go to college. It's more than likely that there are other sex workers in her thread that regret getting into sex work and they will never be given the same opportunity that Shayna has to turn their lives around. I get why it makes people angry.

No. 1465122

People know why Shayna bothers people comparing Shayna to Venus makes zero sense. I'm getting annoyed at how we're supposed to find understanding for someone who clearly doesn't want it from us. I don't care why Shayna is how she is now, it's been years. She's an adult, people explain over and over why they feel the way they feel about Shayna. Nobody besides retarded ass retards will "defend" the scrotes involved in Shayna's story. They are also called out.

No. 1465137

oh and another thing, same anon, I think i get the most mad when anons talk about their own expereinces that Shayna threads brings forward. I know, they shouldn't be reading Shay's thread but it genuinely bothers me. She doesn't care she's called a pedo, but that she's called ugly. I'm invested because a lot of people aren't camwhores but women in failed abusive relationships, or know people, or have been through those things. Maybe years ago I'd want Shayna to get it togeather, now i don't. Maybe i need to stop reading

No. 1467379

>Anyone here who doesn't think he's a misogynist just needs to go listen to any of his previous streams about women. He's playing up the "I love my mommy" angle and trying to appeal to the edgy radfems who are really angry about trannies right now.
>He is only sucking up to gender critical "white" women just so he can possibly mold them into his trad wife fantasy. The only women who will date him are lib-fems with no sense of self-respect. He is fucking trash and I hate him as much as i hate keffals, they can both rot in hell.

I wish I could create another me and slap the shit out of myself because I read this shit and was thinking, "nnno Josh changed! Nooo he cares about all women, he just has some fuck up weird views". I'm retarded. I've realized that the trans conversation for me is very important, even if I don't always comment on it, It's something I feel strongly about. I watched the Kiwifarms shit very closely, I realized I was cheering for this fat ass not realizing that he's said many of times that certain people, are benefit him and I'm one of those people (POC), I saw another anon on Crystal Cafe say this back when the site was down. I just feel really stupid. I still believe the site should exist, I also believe people should say what they want, but I'm learning to listen to what these idiots are saying.
They aren't joking, when they say extremely misogynstic or racists shit. You aren't exempt because you hate troons and they do as well.

No. 1467597

I love this music video, it's so stupid and funny and awkward eye-candy

No. 1467603

I love so many of her MVs and songs ngl, the cringe is part of the appeal

No. 1467612

I think people are salty that Heather's new Ryan is actually hot.

No. 1467621

I've always said Heather is a pretty girl so I'm not surprised she scored a decent looking guy, it's more shocking to me that her personality is so bad she can't keep one.

No. 1467636

I unironically love her music so much. She's so talented and I just feel that women really aren't allowed to be eccentric without being ridiculed mercilessly. Let Women be Weird, please.

No. 1469052

File: 1673385834181.png (62.04 KB, 1841x540, bruh.png)

There's some kind of scrote or tranny haunting the Grimes/Musk thread.

No. 1470240

She's a fraud anon. It's been extensively discussed how she takes credit for things others have done for her. Stan Hana instead.

No. 1470410

Shayna is definitely the type of female pedophile that would abuse/SA a child because of a male. There’s a case I’m familiar with and at this point the similarities are frightening.

No. 1470689

Maybe it's because I've also recently gone through a breakup but I kind of feel bad for Shay. I think her breakup with the brony guy was inevitable and also entirely caused by her BPD, but I cant imagine her ever getting into a relationship with a normal guy and it staying for more than a week. His name would be plastered all over the threads within seconds of her posting half of his hand and who could cope with that? The same goes for Luna, or any other legacy cow. There's no way to live a normal life even if they did somehow fix everything, farmers are just too dedicated.

No. 1470698

She gives me the same vibes as mothers who let their scrotes abuse their own daughters (and blame them for trying to “steal their man”)

No. 1470705

hm i think that's why shayna annoys me

No. 1470925

I somehow find Shayna even bleaker than Luna. With Luna you at least know she's so fucking benzoed out 100% of the time she doesn't even know what's going on or remember what happened yesterday. She's just forever stuck in her filthy groundhog day world but ultimately seems comfortable with it with barely any awareness. She's really not too far from a vegetable.

With Shayna you can tell she's in constant deep emotional turmoil with no real escape and pics of her vagina plastered all over the internet. The combination of severe BPD and e-whoring is just too bleak for me to follow.

No. 1471063

id feel more bad for her if she wasn't such a horrible person.
youre right that her life is INCREDIBLY bleak to witness as an outsider, but whats worse is that this is the life she chose for herself. she pushed her family away to pursue sex work and they still offered to pay for her education, which she also refused. and for what? so she can play out her pedo diaper fantasies and cry on twitter about the newest fupa replacement thats broken up with her.

i feel the same about a few cows actually (shay, jill), in that i'd have so much more sympathy for them if they sat down and were honest with their audience about their lives. instead of just lying, and manipulating the truth to make everyone in their lives look like villains, and crying constantly to their twitter followers about the often justified hate they get instead of taking even an ounce of responsibility.

No. 1471082

I don't think Venus mentioned DID just to jump on an online trend for special clout like Jill did, I think she's so mentally ill that she's actually schizophrenic and so believes that DID is only way to explain her extreme behavior. The shit she does isn't part of some big scheme to trick her followers, just the result of her extremely unstable behavior.

No. 1471135

I watched a true crime case about some woman who was into DDLG and was trying to give her daughter to some freak, I think he killed her. Shayna and Ellen gives me that vibe, especially Ellen.

No. 1471139

I'm willing to change my mind but Luna doesn't seem like a "Bad" person, just someone whose became kind of sad and "bad" because of addiction and just a shitty life/being groomed. I can feel bad for Luna, I cannot feel bad for shayna because she could be in college. I also 100% believe she's into the DDLG shit and not sexually but mentally will put up with any kind of scrote as long as he promises to treat her like a baby. Including turning a blind eye to abuse or possible abuse of others. I do not think she'd join in, she's more of a passive criminal. Someone who sees something but says nothing because it benefits her not too.

No. 1471202

OMG I LOVE THIS! Saved! I have literally started imagining people in my daily life as Soy Jacks to help me cope with the every day. Everyone poor enough to wait for the bus with me is a raging Soy Jack. All the pigeons are Soy. I imagine myself as the Coping Soy Jack, or the 'It's Over' Soy Jack when something goes wrong. They really make my day. I will make a plushie of one soon.

No. 1471209

nta but luna did this stuff to herself too during her courtney love obsession. it all stems from that. and she's a shitty person to her family, and don't forget what they did to roger.

No. 1471552

Her family are literal drug addicts, her mother lives in supported accommodation for junkies, like tf are you talking about? Hardly possible to be dealt shittier cards in life than junkie parents.

Shayna's family is rich at least.

No. 1471906

Luna is a terrible person, but >>1471552 is right. Even if she didn't have an obsession with Courtney Love, the chances of her not turning out a junkie were low. Shayna literally has no excuse

No. 1472208

File: 1673643515889.gif (764.93 KB, 498x298, its-always-sunny-in-philadelph…)

I'm so tired of seeing nonnies blogpost about their own rape or sexual abuse stories on Shayna's thread, and wish mods would actually ban them.
I'm just here to laugh at Big Shaynus larp as a little girl baby bimbo when she's anything but.

No. 1472210

samefag but Do I believe she's a genuine pedophile? No, but I agree she contributes to pedo fap fodder and that Ellen is a pedo or should at least be on some registry seeing as she actually works with kids.
Still adamant she's asexual and only going with it because it's the only way an ugly pick me like her can get a crumb of male attention, plus pretending to be a baby gives her more of an excuse to just have someone do everything for her because she hates putting effort into anything.
I'm just so tired of seeing essays of this shit.

No. 1472862

Yumi is a cow but her thread is now full of raging misogynists who nitpick why she doesn't want to send her son to daycare. I don't know why she should do that unless it will pay off financially? Good childcare is hard to find and expensive.

The posters in her thread are now blogposting and medfagging about how a toddler being bullied and abused by older boys is some kind of learning experience. I clicked over from meta (someone tinfoiled that moids were posting) was horrified that this is literally what they are saying. How is this the opinion of women? I have a niece and if she were getting shoved and hurt at daycare, I would see red. And she's not even my child.

No. 1473043

Just wondering, why doesn’t PnP have a thread anymore? Did the milk dry up?

No. 1473047

yeah pretty much, she privated her shit after breaking up with doormatt. she's still a stripper, still addicted to plastic surgery, still painting ugly ass wood slabs. i look at her ig stories occasionally and besides new surgery there isn't much milk to make a new thread. funny that she still follows shatna and decided to comment on her shit, she most likely knows that we will see it and talk about it here. maybe she misses being a topic of discussion

No. 1473059

it's funny that cows like pixie or shayna complain about being 'stalked' by lolcow when cows like phoebe tickner or PnP have successfully managed to graduate from having threads here by privating their socials and learning to stfu

No. 1473061

Damn, I thought they just got married.

No. 1473064

File: 1673717924125.webm (3.15 MB, 576x1124, 9222dd81107c801eae85606af99547…)

Pnp stopped over sharing which she kind of tried telling Shayna to do but Shayna is actually retarded and has no friends except for online kinksters so she won't listen. Ariana is still delusional and very obviously a full time stripper/escort/prostitute now but she doesn't post about anything except for working out and flexing her johns money.

No. 1473282

Yeah didn't she and Doormatt get married >>1473061 very recently? Also I thought in the past PnP had problems with keeping a stripping job down. Her life is obviously a mess but it seems to have improved somewhat and she looks good, so good for her. Shayna could really learn something from her

No. 1473308

File: 1673745912749.png (333.38 KB, 647x340, pb with lookalike.png)

I'm convinced Phoebe Bridgers is still redeemable and with the right intervention could even peak and become openly gender critical within the next few years. But I have to acknowledge this is unlikely because of her handmaiden fanbase.

No. 1473898

they got married when the threads were still going, but they broke up and she went private. that's also when the threads died down. i think she's scary looking but ok

No. 1473921

Even worse when they bring their actually kids up, no one cares that you’re giving your toddler daughter a bath or your infant daughter has the same pacifier, why are you telling us on an e-whore thread. Mods need to go harder on the blogposts, hiding unsaged posts doesn’t work either because no one does it right anymore

No. 1474437

is it just me or does Phoebe Bridgers definitely have FAS

No. 1474563

I never thought about it before but she kind of resembles my little sister with FAS.

No. 1478037

It's straight up goofy when anons try to pinpoint Shayna's vomiting/nausea on anything besides her alcoholism. It's that simple.

No. 1478038

it's from weed you newfag, she got chs before, it's not a tinfoil.

No. 1478042


No. 1478044

it wasn't that long ago, so you must be new. don't act like you are and no one will call you that.

No. 1478592

File: 1674336503100.jpg (799.21 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20230121_135909.jpg)

At least she can now admit we were right saying she looked like a crack head kek.

No. 1478599

Good for her for being sober

No. 1478600

She used to look like crackhead T'Pol
junkie Vulcan > sober Human

No. 1478610

i'm kind of impressed that shayna wakes up every day and doesn't kill herself. she doesn't even seem that depressed. i wish i had that kind of unearned confidence. shayna has the confidence of a mediocre man. she has unlocked it somehow. i wish i could.

No. 1478661

She used to say she was sober all the time then drank, smoked, took pills, and psychedelics. She’s a lying cow, cmon now. I Don’t believe fro a second she’s sober especially after her and Matt separating so she’s probably stripping and escorting even more now. Those aren’t jobs you do sober.

No. 1479510

I'm so baffled as to how Heather can't keep a relationship down longer than a month.

No. 1479541

File: 1674424730493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.62 KB, 1170x1963, 1662946563146.jpeg)

wait. i hate when people compliment cows but now that she has no thread… she actually looks good, i did not expect that. honestly fuck her, but the whole matt stringing her on for years, then marrying her after a huge breakup, to then divorcing her in less than. a year. as much as i hate how she used to behave, that sounds fucking awful mentally, id relapse so fast. she spent her whole adult life with that man living with him and being his wife in every way except legally. to then being completely by yourself as a hooker who looks like jigsaw from excessive plastic surgery… i dont know, from the bpd mess she used to be i did not expect her to be doing fine and now im low key rooting for her.
fuck that mail man. i 100% expected her to end up exactly like charms, with the same soycuck while destroying every inch of her body. spoiler for horrific

No. 1481252

One of the most amazing things about Jill’s current saga is learning there is a whole DID community with lore and rules lmao if they had any ounce of self awareness they would just change one of the letters to an n so they could have a different outlet for their larps instead of dragging other idiots into it

No. 1487904

I ship @count-incel/Mr. Cool ICE and @fakeboitherottengirl

No. 1487911

Someone should make that fat idiot a thread. all she does is whine in the lolcow.fsrm thread on kiwofarms and gets told to shut the fuck up

No. 1487914

100%, they're made for each other

No. 1487920

How is she doing well if she's gotten further down the rabbithole of escorting/stripping?

No. 1487943

If bimbo lips and filters are your things, sure, I guess she looks good.

No. 1487947

She has one on /snow/

No. 1487952

count-incel doesn't

No. 1487963

I had a bit of a soft spot for her. She seems like someone who could have lived a decent life and developed her creative talent if she hadn't been raised in shitty circumstances and developed a personality disorder. It's been years since I read her threads but she also seemed to have a hint of self-awareness too.
Who's count-incel?

No. 1487974

See the vocaloid thread

No. 1488005

Erin Painter still selfposts, all the posts in her thread are extremely whiteknighty

No. 1488023

there's a lot of cows that are genuinely pretty/cute or not as bad as people make them out to be…
idk if it's just crazy body dysmorphic people nitpicking, jealously, thinking/hoping the cows read it or what
some people are conventionally attractive even if you don't like it or their not your personal taste, get over it.
not to mention that you could also be hurting other nonnies here giving them dysmorphic thoughts.
it's no better than some porn sick scrotes nitpicking a woman for her tits not being big enough or something, stop already.

No. 1488028

name them?

No. 1488029

I cn'r find mr. cool ice's thread can someone link it? I've searched it and everything

No. 1488030

Nta but irrelevant you just want to start a fight.

No. 1488035

I was genuinely asking because I'm trying to think of cow I follow that i find attractive but I can't (and considering I follow Shayna, MTF's and thats really it thats my problem). I want to know what cows they are. I wasn't trying to argue or start a fight

No. 1488037

yeah i agree like i'm aware of what site we're on but some anons have to be delusional in calling certain cows the ugliest abominations when they're obviously not. shitty behavior is evidenced and all but what does that have to do with those women's appearance? nothing

No. 1488057

Whiteglove/Mr Cool Ice/Count Incel doesn't have her own thread yet but she's frequently talked about in the vocaloid thread >>>/w/195091 She admitted to posing as somebody else to defend herself, which is the sort of thing that can get your post history revealed. I'm curious where this'll go, maybe with active admins now we can get the first reveal in a while. that would be really fun

No. 1488129

Nta, but Heather doesn't look like a llama or matronly.

No. 1488131

Is heather the girl that some nonnie said breasts looked like a "baby butt" which was the most retarded nitpick i've ever seen towards a woman with perfect fine breasts/clevage? Then yeah, she's very cute, I think I complimented her once because I often see her threads. She seems to be a serial dater/hopeless romance, but she's definetly pretty

No. 1488141

the fact that her ex-boyfriend posts in her thread is reason for me to not post in that thread. I dont know how other anons are okay posting in the same thread as a scrote that is vendetta fagging over his ex and wk himself.

No. 1488144

so lucinda thread confuses me, is it a bunch of anachans? Why is she likable? Do people "cheer her on" with her mentall illness or what? Im genuinely asking, why is she so "Liked" on here

No. 1488145

she used to self-post in her thread.

No. 1488148

but people seem to genuinely like her or maybe I'm confused? I just slide past her thread and see postitive things toward her, I didn't know she self posted, did she do it to whiteknight herself?

No. 1488154

She doesn't hurt anyone but herself. She's different from the majority of cows who abuse, scam etc. people. Also she has defended her friend against Ambrose (it's a long story).

No. 1488160

so why did she even have a thread in the first place? To watch her harm herself? Im trying to understand, is the thread rooting for her to get better?

No. 1488164

I've only kept up with the first two threads when she first became a cow and I genuinely found her a bit amusing and endearing but i didn't sperg about it like some anons did. They took it a bit too far which ended up with me losing interest in her threads.
Her style of typing cracks me up and shes got some intentionally and unintentionally funny posts here and there while looking like an absolute horror cow - that's her appeal imo. Usually I can't stand anachans and girls that larp as edgy but there's something about her kek

No. 1488167

Nta but she’s abby brown tier. Where a cow is only a cow in terms of being entertaining and not them being assholes. Lolcow shifted from laughing at cows to only talking about people you have to hate and its only allowed if the cow is a shitty person. Lucinda literally shitposts on twitter and says she wants to a unicorn so its just keeping tabs on someone so absurd

No. 1489778

nonna I laughed at this post

No. 1489782

I kind of think Dylan Mulvaney deserves his own lolcow thread but I'm afraid I will end up a-logging there. No cow has ever disgusted me the way he does and I hate him so so much. He treats anyone who disagrees with him in a condescending fake nice way. In German, scheißfreundlich. I hate him oh god I want him to be revealed as something horrible and for everyone to shun him
I'n sorry but I'm sure he's done something, he's the type who would have fucked an underage boy or flashed someone or idk something. He's so up his own ass.

No. 1489790

I hate him but mostly I hate the handmaidens who coddle him. Like what is he doing that deserves this much adoration? Being a stunning and brave troon is sooo amazing. Anyways I hope he does do some vile shit and get cancelled.

No. 1489797

He's so creepy and spindly looking. I want some beefcake bodybuilder to roid rage and pick him up and break his back over his knee like Bane did to Batman.

No. 1490016

I was watching a documentary about child prostitution and the men who buy them call them “dolly” I hate shayna and the pedo pandering ewhores seriously, this shit makes me retch

No. 1490020

He singlehanded produces so much milk in that thread and has showed no signs of slowing down because he is so obsessed with validation and attention. I think he needs one. I hope he will find the thread and kermit.

No. 1490088

I know Stefany lies about everything but I do genuinely believe she's a lesbian.

No. 1490336

yeah, I agree, I think she likes attention from men but has no attraction to them. though thinking about her having sex disgusts me. I pretend she has no genitals.

No. 1490377

Someone please make it, there's so much to talk about with that retard

No. 1490638

i agree but i also have a hard time imagining her having genuine feelings for anyone other than herself. she strikes me as such a raging narc, the fact that she's stayed with her current gf for so long is kind of shocking

No. 1491069

I would absolutely love to see his live reaction to lolcow. Whenever I see him confronting da haterz it's always these really sanitized, normie tier twitter takes and tiktok comments. Nothing to really seethe about, it's nothing he doesn't know already. But the mtf thread is ruthless. No one's trying to win any arguments or get the moral high ground, it's just a place to dunk on moids. I don't think he'd be able to make one of his teary-eyed condescending pity-me tiktoks about it. I think he'd go full mask off incel rage and peak his whole following.

No. 1491889

i never watched a shoeonhead video in my life, just saw her cringe takes on twitter and followed her threads. just decided to watch her most recent video out of pure curiosity…and…she's not that bad? lol. i even laughed at her jokes. i thought she would be way more annoying somehow

No. 1491891

I think her current videos are pretty tame. 90% of the cringe on the channel comes from the anti-feminist era were moids and some pickmes got their panties in a twist over crazy lib fems.

No. 1491904

She was only really milky while dating Preggory. Now she’s just kinda fallen off by being a baseline annoying online person.

No. 1491992

Even though there's been infighting at times, I've really enjoyed posting in the first spicy queers thread on /snow/. When it was more active it felt really cathartic to laugh at some of the people being posted there, especially as a bi woman who can't really say anything negative about spicy straights or they/them women around my libfem friends. I loved the poly thread when it was more active too, sad that it's not at the moment but maybe that will change in the future considering how many more people are becoming poly because they think it makes them more woke

No. 1493463

I wonder who the people who defend Venus in her thread are. I mean what how their lives look like. Are they old fans? Random farmers who stumbled upon her thread? What do they do in a day?

No. 1494056

I genuinely like Jill's ott rainbow style, minus the makeup it's cute. It's too bad she's how she is.

No. 1494179

File: 1675873016803.jpeg (127.92 KB, 787x542, 01F520CC-DF93-41B7-9431-74C9B6…)

No. 1494183

holy shit they look so young, I never realized how young they were at the time

No. 1494224

at the opposite end of the spectrum, the one a-log who overuses quotes and italics and mocks everyone is a fucking nutcase

No. 1496077

I used to roll my eyes a little at anons who were dipping out of keeping up with Shayna because they got too disgusted. But now I think it's getting genuinely upsetting with the piss and shit FSSW. Even as I type this I'm looking at the "thriving" banner and I feel nothing but disgust. I need a new cow kek but I've followed Shat since the pre-fupa days so I feel like theres some sunk cost fallacy going on

No. 1496202

Shayna and Venus are the only last two vaguely interesting cows left but they're too tragic, disgusting and disturbing for me to follow. I miss blonde Luna, holy shit lol, at least she was funny.

No. 1496577

I feel sorry for Venus. She's a product of her abuse and it's unfortunate that it's all being recorded online.

Not to mention the hate she receives for it on here. I'm pretty sure she reads them too, since she did a live a year or so back reacting to a thread about her over at Pretty ugly little liers.

Her decline is shocking to me, especially as someone who used to really enjoy her content growing up.

I hope one day she is able to overcome her struggles with substance abuse and quit her OnlyFans

No. 1496718

I feel bad that she probably has never had a meaningful deep relationship in her life that wasn't based around some sort of abuse, other than a few shallow friendships with other influences in Japan.

No. 1497287

I got into watching Jack Scalfani videos and I was surprised by how pleasant his voice is. It’s like Lolcow cooking with a touch of ASMR.

No. 1497395

I agree with this

No. 1497879

I hate /w/ and everybody on it. It's like a totally different planet

No. 1499993

I’m so excited for the Veronica and LSMark drama. My life sucks right now but at least my friend group isn’t this retarted. I hope it’s the Projared drama part two.

No. 1500003

anon i hate to say it but you might be one of the only people to have thought that about jack.
granted, i can maybe see it with his older videos. he was overall a lot more cheerful and easier to like back then.

No. 1500044

I think the "burlesque" girls heart nipple tattoos are cute as shit I want those too