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File: 1650565884739.jpg (94.43 KB, 640x571, descargar (1).jpg)

No. 1142485

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1013176

No. 1142503

File: 1650566415706.png (19.72 KB, 1244x328, shit.png)

I sometimes hate some anons here. I understand it's 420 and all but there was nothing sexual implied here. Stop being so schizo. I mean, I don't blame you, a lot of scrotes post disgusting shit all the time. But this is too much

No. 1142510

N2F (pro ana scumbags thread) has become a whore because slutting herself out is a new cope for whatever bulimia was helping her cope with. Sad, because she otherwise seems like a lovely person with a sunny personality. Shes the only pro ana cow I feel badly for

No. 1142521

Some anons will go scream scrote to anyone they disagree, they're dumb and think all women are hivemind… Ironically like scrotes.

No. 1142795

Lainey isn't at all close to being as bad as Onision.

No. 1143180

I genuinely wish death on the pedo and pedo pandering cows

No. 1143432

I think the twitter/tumblr/instagram e-girl thread has a lot of potential but it's obviously full of a bunch of e-girls vendetta posting and talking about their own drama in that thread. I feel like you can really tell when they insult someone because all their insults sound like they think they're really sassy and hard-hitting when they just sound like they came straight from twitter/tumblr/instagram.
On a sorta related note, the Ruby and Maeve thread is similar, it's just a bunch of e-girls who know Ruby and Maeve who are posting. Maybe in the beginning there were actual farmers because the thread seemed like the new horrorcow thread but it fizzled out and now you get anons going "Ruby/Maeve posted on insta can someone post the pic?" Or whatever.

No. 1143535

Same a lot of the female pedo panderers are a pregnancy or situation away from aiding a scrote or passively allowing a scrote to harm childern/other women.

No. 1143666

File: 1650658853493.png (19.71 KB, 275x234, jillian.png)

I thought Pixielocks was boring and not worth having a thread for years because the only "milk" in her thread was that she went somewhere and acted cringy or she bought a bunch of plastic shit for the 34098148917th time.
Obviously her whole DID saga is milky, or at least it would be, but now that I'm actually invested in the milk her thread slogs by because she's too fucking lazy to even post any videos larping as her alters. I think she didn't expect so many people to notice her bs and now she's scared to go all out with her larp and only provide people with more evidence that she's faking.
I was legit excited when she started the DID arc because I thought it was gonna be nonstop milk, instead she continues to bore me. Wasted potential.

No. 1143675

>I think she didn't expect so many people to notice her bs and now she's scared to go all out with her larp
I agree with this 100%, I think she was expecting to get some cred in DID tiktok and twitter (hence the "can I join your club?" stuff) and maybe a more consistent if not necessarily larger youtube audience for something she doesn't need to put as much effort into as making clothes. But then tons of people started to notice how crazy and munchie she was being and it backfired so now she barely posts

No. 1143727

Rachel Leeds says a lot of dumb shit, but I don't get why farmers try to talk to her seriously because she's clearly retarded or has severe mental issues.

No. 1143824

I was saying this in the consoomerism thread but I miss the animecore cows and it's too bad the thread died. Last time I checked up on Campanella it looked like she finally learned her lesson and was improving her art too. Glad she's doing better for herself but I do miss her bpd spergouts

No. 1143846

I get so annoyed with Chantel's "Foodie Beauties" ex , Pee or whatever his name is. I watch KF's owners stream and everytime he comes on my screen this man is SHAKING with angry about troons. Anything you say agaisnt troons will make him visably shake and shiver.
Like he literally YELLS at chat whenever they go agaisnt troons. I guess he's "Questioning" his gender, but hasn't done anything yet? Seeing how mad he gets, gets me mad. Calm the fuck down dude. I guess Chantel told him to make the channel, I feel like she told him to make it so he'd stop ranting to her.
She clearly doesn't care, I watched a clip of him spazzing out about politics and chantel couldn't give less of a shit. It actually made me like her.
Can someone into Chantel tell me what she's actually done wrong? I kinda like her, she seems to live her fat gross life.

No. 1143847

She's just a typical cow that lashes out at people when they tell her that she's a hypocrite. She has a huge thread on KF, so take a seat, grab some tea or coffee and read through it a little bit. I'm sure there's a summary of the most important things on the first page of her thread.

No. 1143875

She lies to her subscribers (who cares?) and makes a mess out of her life. I kinda hate her for not taking care of her cats properly but everything else is kind of dumb/entertaining.

No. 1143900

Tbh a lot of the anons in that thread sound like kiwifags. They are a special kind of mean vs the anons in other threads

No. 1143903

She's just a gross arrogant stupid bitch, but in a mostly self-contained harmless kind of way. On the last night of her recent Cuba trip she went on an unhinged multihour rage stream, it's pretty kino if you care to dig it up on the farms

No. 1143983

File: 1650678004862.png (116.63 KB, 1440x650, Screenshot_2022-04-23-06-26-19…)

Tired of the blatant twitterfags in the Jillian thread, reee.

No. 1144094

File: 1650688990044.png (1020.31 KB, 1080x692, wfefgeeg.png)

the tranny supporters in the jillian thread are making me want to go feral

No. 1144111

She's insanely gross kek. Always trying to flash her fans during her livestreams. Also notorious for shitting out the side of her van on the canadian highway. Doesn't give a shit about her cats. Does drugs with a disgusting moid and lies about it, then whines he's abusing her, while then going back to him and coping hard. Lets him completely use her, degrade her sexually, constantly gives her stds and then blames her and she goes to her audience saying she somehow just magically got the clap in her throat somehow. One time ran over a bunch of frogs with her car giggling about killing them. She's just foul imo

No. 1144223

No. 1145021

File: 1650748670860.png (15.06 KB, 578x152, imagen_2022-04-23_161659927.pn…)

Holy shit, the TRAs in the pixielocks thread are getting obnoxious. I imagine it's gonna get worse when stewiewie troons out. Can mods ban them?

No. 1145026

It's very funny to me, because that anon called herself a retarded ftm or something while trying to sound pseudo-intellectual. Then she freaks out and calls others "self hating trannies" kek the projection

No. 1145042

That anon is so fucking annoying. She's on a cow board and decides to martyr herself for the troon agenda like what a retard.

No. 1145122

Im not interested in that creepy black guy in /w/ so imma just ask, what does he do and how can he afford to buy all that cosplay shit? Every few days I check /w/ and he's always dressing up.

No. 1145213

File: 1650752580023.png (2.08 MB, 2112x2012, moids.png)

>l-lolcow is just a gossip imageboard haha! it's an offshoot of /cgl/! your terf ideas are not welcomed because we're not a hivemind!!!
Whenever someone mentions this, I cringe super bad. I've been lurking and posting here and there full time since 2015, before that I was a seagull myself. Trust me, lolcow's entire board culture has changed a lot since then for the better. We actually had men roaming free everywhere only 6 years ago. Here's a /r9k/ thread, for example:
And it wasn't just in this containment thread, a lot of older threads have blalant males not even trying to blend in just posting their shit opinions and they never got banned. They were part of the scene, back then the rule was as long as they don't ask for nudes they wouldn't be banned. Somehow a lot of people tend to forget this was a thing.
If you benefit from the current lolcow culture, then you have no place to complain about terfs, radfems, pinkpilled anons, etc. This place is way better thanks to them.

No. 1145259

Yeah i would always be happy for pinkpilled anons because they got men/troons/genderspecials at bay and if i wanted to interact with them i would be on Twitter, not here. But sometimes the derraling is kinda annoying because even if this is a mostly gc board threads exists for a reason, not every topic should be related to gc discussion.

No. 1145277

Most of the people who say that are just newfags from Twitter, but some of them are "women" who think the rule against maleposting should be lifted because they secretly want the entire board to look just like that picture (or like /lgbt/, with the amount of tranny-defending they do). Scary stuff

No. 1145408

I think you forget it's the tranny supporters the ones who derail in the first place. Anyways, I rather have 5 farmers keeping trannies on check than 5 trannies telling me I'm a scumbag terf for not believing in their fetish.

No. 1145517

If they want troons or men shitting up every possible thread, they should go to crystal cafe. Most anons there are also boycrazy(probably because they're men larping kek) they'd fit right in.

No. 1145530

>>1145408 nah you clearly aren't on /g/ & /m/, 9 of 10 times a nonnie can't say that they have a werid fetish or their like x kinda male-dominated media without being accused of being an scrote/pickme/brainwashed/whatever. Not every women have the same tastes goddammit. Is ok for me tho, is a small price for forcing moids, troons and enbies to hide and lurk in silence. Again, if i wanted to interact with those i would be on Twitter kek.

No. 1145540

Go to the Pixielocks thread and see for yourself them, it's full of TRAs right now.

No. 1145544

I think belle delphine white knights herself in her thread.

No. 1145561

About the anon in the other thread talking about jill's autism larp and the "trend" of bpdfags usurping the autism label because is more sympathetic… Where there are some bpd women who are doing it consciously and with that idea in mind, i think there is an actual overlap between the two. Because bpd is mostly caused by inadequate relationships with the parents and & CSA/sexual trauma, and both are very common within autistic women. I think that you can have both, but no therapist in the world would want to say it lol, writing that in soneones medical history that they have both bpd & autism is almost like handicapping them, so they flip over diagnoses to focus on the most prominent pathology at time.
And that is what makes jill's situation even worse. She's not an autistic, not a bordeline, and definitely not both. She's just a cunt. She doesnt have any qualification for claming any mental disorder except addiction. She can larp all she wants but her actual personal story doesnt match. And even if you don't know it, her attitude to life doesnt match. extremely mentally ill women usualy live on survival mode by default (This can manifest in different ways, and is because the personhood of mentally ill women is questioned by fucking everyone) and is painfully obvious that Bill never had a single difficulty on her life. Is so retarded that i get why some anons are trigged by it.

No. 1145566

>Because bpd is mostly caused by inadequate relationships with the parents

Please explain

No. 1145572

I think bella delphine isn't as milky now. The ones shitting in her thread are mentally ill vendetta-chans, didn't they also doxx a family member of hers or something too?

No. 1145577

When Belle Delphine started fucking the ugly guy it was over for her. Her moment is over and only the "simps" who felt "trolled by her" (aka, gross entitled stalker moids) are the ones who want to keep making her into a thing. Wish she would do a 180 turn a became a cottagecore bitch or something, I remember her room tour covered in fairy shit and I think she would fit that style better anyways.

No. 1145582

You're so right. She'd look so good in such an aesthetic but she has always been an awkward weeb starved of male attention so it's not hard to imagine her ways would change. I agree, simps and some pickmes who are probably jealous she earnt so much doing retarded stuff are the only ones keeping her relevant.

No. 1145647

Nta but BPD's core issue is the extreme fear of abandonment. As such there's a high correspondence between childhood abuse and BPD, often because at least one of the parents either literally walked out, ran hot and cold (acts caring then completely withdraws affection/is dismissive toward child), and potentially physically abused them in addition to the emotional abuse. They self sabotage a lot because often the neglectful parent would only pay attention to them when they were considered to be "misbehaving" and even bad attention was better than being abandoned by the parent as a kid, which less helpfully carries over into their adult life as well. Not everyone who has an abusive parent develops it, there are genetic factors too, so it ends up being a perfect storm of sensitive kid in the worst possible scenario.

No. 1146052

Not to armchair or WK Jill but neglectful parents can show up in different ways from that too. For all we know Jill may have had some incident in her life where she felt unsafe and felt her parents didn't do enough. That could mean school or another relative or neighbor, whatever. And maybe her being such a spoiled brat is exactly for that reason. A lot of parents will try to make up for it by getting the kid whatever they want or never saying no, which just breeds narcissism and entitlement. Not saying this is exactly Jill's case but I'm trying to say that a child growing up rich or getting what they want with parents still in the picture doesn't mean that abuse or neglect didn't happen.

No. 1146598

I really like her. Her scrotepandering is annoying. But I always watch her videos like vidrel, also the ones on manners and what not before job interviews, they're very helpful for an autist like me lol.

No. 1146673

I know right! It has really helped me figure out proper outfits and behavior in formal sotuations like job interviews and what not. I hate that she panders so much to moids but her advice is so useful. She also seems like a fun friend lol. just the type to drink wine and gossip with.

No. 1146776

I can’t believe the posts about Yumi’s child being the result of an affair were true holy shit. She used to be my favorite cow, I really thought the milk ended at the divorce

No. 1146787

Literally came here to say the same kek. I’m so curious now about who her son’s father is, and how her and Splenda’s private life actually was because I did have the idea many of us had that he was potentially keeping her very socially isolated. I’m not trying to cape for Splenda one bit but I can’t help but wonder how she lives with herself, she knows practically all her viewers take pity on her now because they figured he just up and dumped her after getting pregnant.

No. 1146802

Hahah holy shit. A creepy old yellow fever dude getting cucked is fine by me, it's what he deserves.

No. 1146855

I feel bad for the kid, but he definitely deserves it, and I'm glad the baby isn't his.

No. 1146959

Belle Delphine returning once again is a really grim reminder of what happens to e-thots. You degrade yourself always going further and further, completely selling out your pride and dignity, get hailed for being a "based business woman genius cucking simps out of their betabucks", then suddenly everyone just gets tired of your shtick and forgets about you entirely. In 2022 nobody is amused by Belle's lolsorandumb edgy shock stunts straight from the 2018 Shadman fandom when the current incel ideal is being the soft mommy gf bangmaid. The shelf life of an OF prostitute is so short and once it's over it's over, you're left to pick up the pieces by yourself. It's enraging that these stories never make it back to the young impressionable women who would benefit from knowing the nature of the beast and maybe think twice about their dreams of becoming the next internet princess. You can't put a price tag on your entire being.

No. 1146962

Who is the father, and is he in any shape or form more attractive than splenda?

No. 1146966

I think she just should accept her moment is over and keep the last remaining strands of her dignity and just focus on something else.

Wish she got pinkpilled or had a better support group. The incels are gonna run her into the ground because women degrading themselves is their fetish.

No. 1146969

>BPD's core issue is the extreme fear of abandonment.
>at least one of the parents either literally walked out
>ran hot and cold (acts caring then completely withdraws affection/is dismissive toward child)
>in addition to the emotional abuse.
>They self sabotage a lot because often the neglectful parent would only pay attention to them
>there are genetic factors too, so it ends up being a perfect storm of sensitive kid in the worst possible scenario.

Ayrt and holy shit thank you. This makes me understand my own BPD better.

No. 1146970

>neglectful parents can show up in different ways from that too.
Also very true, the infantilization is at least there.

No. 1146979

Tbh the cause of her downfall was that she started doing actual porn. Like it was cool and honestly respectable she got sent so much money only for doing faces and some teasing along with being such a memester. I genuiely thought she was a marketing genius and btfoing all the e-whores who actually show everything. As soon as the teasing became selling actual intimacy, it was just gross and nothing special.

No. 1146984

>Tbh the cause of her downfall was that she started doing actual porn.
That was the fault of the scrote she was dating. I honestly wish he died.

No. 1146985

This is interesting advice, not that I want to look expensive or anything, because I really don't care. Good advice though, but why is she a cow?

No. 1146994

>I genuiely thought she was a marketing genius and btfoing all the e-whores who actually show everything.
What are you talking about? That's in literally every OF girl's playbook. It doesn't take a master's degree in internet thottery to realize that you need to leave simps wanting more, that's 101 level shit. Jessica Nigri never showed anything that would get her banned on Instagram and Momokun was adamant about not showing her nipples or labia for the longest time until she caved in during her bipolar manias. It's not like Belle did anything that wasn't already done by a billion other people in means of marketing, she was just in the right place at the right time and her much older puppetmaster pimp most likely had connections. What was left for Belle was to work her aesthetics, she's undeniably a very beautiful girl who has unique facial features in a good way and she knows how to put her best foot forward regarding that ground.

I can't wait for Belle to dish the dirt on him when she eventually sobers up. I always felt that her act was like it was scripted by a moid and after I learned that she's actually dating a guy who also owns half of the company it all made sense.

No. 1147000

>this and that looks cheap
>looks cheap herself

No. 1147011

How so? I'm interested please explain (that kind of fashion is not something I'm super saavy on)

No. 1147015

LMFAOO not this whore. Shes an escort and scams her viewers into shitty courses. Her videos are to attract rich men yet shes not married to one kek her husband isnt rich and her style is so tacky and ugly. All those fillers yet she looks like a prostitute. She also lies about her ethnicity

No. 1147017

You said a whole lot of nothing. No one expects sex work to last forever. You do realize men degrade you whether youre a sex worker or not? Who gives a shit? Smart women do it till they save up to quit kek

No. 1147019

Shes literally rich as fuck. I dont get the pearl clutching. Who cares if she wants to keep doing sex work? It doesnt harm you or anyone. Its easy money for no efforts and she can quit anytime she wants

No. 1147036

>me trying to decide if this is a scrote, bait or a teenager who fantasizes about being the sexy girlboss hustling her paypiggies

No. 1147044

I don't think it's smart anon, it's kinda super sad and not very empowering

No. 1147045

Does she have a thread??? I'm very interested now

No. 1147056

Definitely a fellow sex worker taking it personally that people don't actually think prostituting yourself online is impressive or enviable

No. 1147058

If Yumi's kid wasn't splenda's, wtf was her plan? I thought she wanted his kid and get a permanent money source like she seemed to work towards in her entire threads. I'm so confused

No. 1147140

File: 1650886739208.png (297.78 KB, 1028x470, poo.png)

they sell belle delphine shit on aliexpress

No. 1147160

This, it's actually fortunate for the child if he doesn't have Splenda's genes. I hope the thing about her getting an std from it isn't real though, since it could be bad for her or the baby's health.

No. 1147184

Well she's not really a cow on here but see >>1147015 She's also very much into 'do what the man says' which irks a lot of people (me included, I watch her video's when I need to look a bit more neat than usual lol). I remember she said in some video that classy women shouldn't eat onions, garlic or spaghetti or some bullshit.

No. 1147224

Any milk or actual info about her being an escort?
I agree. I thought bella was a troll for selling bath water or trolling incels by posting videos where she did mundane tasks but named the videos as porn. She shouldn't have gotten to porn, everyone kept degrading her, making fun of her, etc. and it's disgusting her bf pushed into it. She seems like a bit of an autist who always had low self esteem so I can only feel bad for her.
She's not a based troll anymore, she's a poor girl who got pimped and dumped by her bf who probably took a portion of her money.

No. 1147259

Tbh, Belle, Doja, and Poarch all remind me of the same kind of "sexy troll girl" that is terminally online. So far, all three of them tried to get into a music career but only Doja was passionate enough to make it.

No. 1147265

doja was doing music since 2014 and was popular in niche music communities. She never intended to be in mainstream music.

No. 1147274

doja is actually funny and talented though and it wasn't her main goal to just get male attention in general. i'm sure it was a perk for her though

No. 1147286

>her goal wasn't male attention
Wasn't she in racist incel chatrooms just to talk to men? I like her music but she's weird imo.

No. 1147318

>save up to quit
well let's hope they'll be able to save enough to get over all the trauma and shit caused by prostituting themselves. imo not a smart move though.

No. 1147575

>it wasn't her main goal to just get male attention

No. 1147672

I think quite there are quite a few anons that are pick mes that are just looking for reasons to pick on women, and I get some of those vibes from Yumi Kings thread atm. Same with Taylor's thread.

No. 1147804

Doubt it. She now raps about wearing designer with your friends and shit. Also if she wanted to stay underground then why is she mainstream now? nobody forced her to sign to big labels and shit.

If she was I don't blame her because it reminds me of how easy women are to groom on the internet (like bianca devins for example) and this proves she would had been a victim. Plus she used tinychat and tinychat wasn't only for racists, that was a rumour.

No. 1147841

All of those women were also groomed if Doja was. Doja stans are delulu, she was flirting with white men who were shitting on blacks, sure she's not racist and most likely only did it for male appreciation but that still makes her an attentionwhore.

No. 1147865

I do believe Doja has or had internalized mysogyny and racism but I don't wanna demonize her tbh, she's retarded but so many pickmes are. I do hate this song though

No. 1147869

i was under the impression she was referring to all men with this, but i suppose it could be seen as a dogwhistle or something. i wish she would've used different wording because otherwise it's a based song and very true.

No. 1147871

I getchu anon, the lryics are fine except for the n word, but her racist controversy really made this song shitty to me

No. 1147872

Should've been
>men ain't shit
But that'd be seen as more controversial somehow, kek.

No. 1147914

(racebait) ain't shit, come up in your crib
All up in your fridge, can't pay rent
Look at what you did, listen to your friends
When they say, (racebait) ain't shit, 'cause
(racebait) ain't shit, come up in your crib
All up in your fridge, can't pay rent
Look at what you did, listen to your friends
When they say, (racebait) ain't shit, 'cause

No. 1148192

File: 1650931482846.png (76.45 KB, 445x450, Bhad Bharbie.PNG)

Bhad Bharbie (rapper and Dr. Phil girl) posted about how much she made on onlyfans. Not sure if this is true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if she made a couple of millions, since scrotes weren't even waiting until 18 to be attached to her or try to get with her.
When I saw this I thought this was why Shayna was flipping out, seeing a young girl actually profit off of yuck gross scrotes waiting for her to be legal. I'm pretty sure this is what Shayna thought would happen with her. She'd go from a weed blog to a super star pornstar just because she turned 18 and is showing her body now.
Anyway, it's just a gross thought I had. I feel bad for BB. I know shit like this makes other onlyfans girls seethe and makes younger girls wonder if they can make bank by doing this kinda thing. Someone told me they once saw a girl doing a "countdown until 18 only fans" thing and it had a lot of likes. I hate scrotes. I dislike Shayna.

No. 1148820

sex work is so easy and totally not damaging to your mental health and women as a whole! It’s heckin wholesome to shove dildorinos up your butt! boop your nose mlem!

No. 1148841

Honestly wish she never became a SWer and was just a regular YouTuber who did comfy vlogs.

No. 1148955

Jill is not autistic, I cannot believe some people are actually entertaining this when we all called her an autist as a joke

No. 1149108

She has regular old bpd and with the 'identity disturbance' aspect of that she's susceptible to reading about disorders and convincing herself she has them.

People with identity disturbance or an unstable sense of self need to stay away from the parts of social media where they 'educate you' by basically teaching you how to mimic other disorders. That and gendershit spaces.

No. 1149113

File: 1650990741590.jpg (63.64 KB, 540x508, stunned.jpg)

>Rachel makes a bunch of creepy tweets about interacting with children that basically turns into a whole groomer manifesto
>It gets posted to her lolcow thread
>"Hehehe I baited you into talking about me, just like I wanted!"
I know she's actually challenged but it's just shocking to watch someone go out of her way to have her damaging tweets attached to a thread with her full name in the title, and not only that but to be giddy about it because it gives some desired attention. That's just… wow.

No. 1149145

askamortician has no milk. Being an annoying NLOG isnt milky. She also isn't troon looking or obese. Shit thread

No. 1149156

No. 1149571

Rachel Leeds from /snow/

No. 1155375

I miss when Holly Conrad and Jared the space worm where at their milkiest. While I felt sorry for Heidi and their stubborn white knights annoyed me to hell I still kinda enjoyed the pure chaos that kept going on and on.

No. 1157407

Just saw there's a new Jill thread. Why do people even care if she's on /w/ or /snow/? Though I guess it's sad that /w/ has always been dead, I know some weaboo cows but the problem with them is that they eventually private all their social media.

No. 1157410

No. 1158067

that rachel woman seems unhinged.

No. 1158315

I remember telling my sister the week before I liked her stuff and to check her out… Kek

No. 1158464

I don't think Mikan is necessarily that milky honestly but her race sperging really annoys me. Does she think East Asian people will care that she considers being Kurdish "asian"? They see her as a different race from them regardless. And she calls americans and their concept of race retarded when she's the one hyper fixating on this shit.

No. 1159165

I can’t believe Shayna has so many threads. Sure, she is unattractive and airheaded, and the pedo pandering is gross, but still. So much discussion about some dumb girl when there’s tons of other unhygienic idiot e-thots out there doing the same thing. She’s stuck in a cycle and I’m surprised nonna’s aren’t bored by now.

No. 1159618

Lucinda genuinely creeps me out. Every picture of her makes me nauseated and freaked out. I hide her threads whenever I see a new one pop up.

No. 1159621

same anon, i hide her threads too kek, the pics always scare me

No. 1159623

I started following her in thread 60 something because so many other threads died and I was like “why not” there was so much lore I missed out on and I don’t have the energy to catch up.

No. 1159624

She just makes me sad, I really don't know what anon find funny there

No. 1159760

Shaynafagging is addictive somehow

No. 1159994

The final fantasy rp sperg is amazing, I can’t believe someone can spend their days tweeting the same shit over and over again.

No. 1160740

can I have a link please? god I hate not having the time to farm

No. 1162567

I'm totally team "Mariah bought a realistic dildo and is passing it as a real dick" team. After seeing how real looking these prosthetics can get, and she got the money to drop… honestly, vidrel is actually way more realistic than the thing she had on that pic. If it's a real dick, sucks to be that guy. But I'll only believe it when I see the whole thing.
Obviously nsfw video

No. 1163547

I'm glad that the Holly and Jared thread died out on the current thread picture, I think
>I'm the top kek
was probably one of the best Holly lines we ever got and now it will always be at the top of the current thread (unless these two start dragging their shit back onto the internet again later)

No. 1164143

Jesus christ Ive been rereading the pixielocks japan thread and the anons back then were so annoying. The entire thread is just anons coping about how theyre "totally not like the other weebs!" and talking about how they deserve to go to japan more because they'd eat ramen or whatever instead of sweet shit.
Half of the thread is
"W-well I like precure b-but I'd just buy that online instead of wasting money to go to japan just for precure!!"
Insane levels of cope in those threads, making fun of her for being a weeb while desperately trying to defend their own weebness

No. 1164166

Also as annoying as she is it makes me sad she spent her entire japan trip very obviously lurking. It probably ruined a lot of the trip for her.

No. 1164203

Kek I found pull before I found LOLCOR and this was what every single thread turned into any time the subject visited Japan. Sometimes continuing for months after the trip was over.

No. 1164219

self hating weebs deserve to be mocked more than the weebs who are cringe, free, and don't damage anyone tbh.

No. 1164415

I’ve only ever been in any way passionate about them when I was isolated or unmedicated. I know I have said things in the past that would make me full body cringe now, but it is what it is. Outside of like, voluntary horror cows or predators that are harming people I don’t really have any bone to pick with anyone. I am glad I don’t have strong opinions on anyone anymore at the top of my head. Dunno if that means I graduated from #lolcowuniversity or whatever cause I do come around at times to check up out of bored curiosity. I’m still endlessly entertained by Amanda tho, but it isn’t like I wish her or anyone ill will. I still want the ostrenga sisters to make a comeback.

No. 1164597

Jill threads have always been full of anons who are kind of special. It's been a little disappointing during her DID milk because so many of them fill the threads with pointless weird rants and it drowns out the good contributions

No. 1169018

File: 1651870565460.jpg (84.77 KB, 1200x675, twice-memes-memes-reaction-Fav…)

I think Shayna is going to end up murdered by a scrote. She panders to the kinds of people who are predisposed to sex-based violence and extreme misogyny. That paired with her newfound love for pedophiles on its own is increasing her risk. Add to that she meets them in person sometimes, it multiplies. On top of THAT the PNW in the US is notorious for having a crazy amount of serial killers and cold cases and almost all the victims are women and children. Namely, women who were homeless, naive or sex workers. I've known families of victims who's lives were shredded by serial killers in Oregon and Washington. It's so consistent you barely even hear about it because the sheer amount of femicide in the States can barely be kept up with as is. Shayna to me screams highly at risk because she will do anything for drugs and cheap pink crap. Every day I wonder if it's gonna be the day where she goes to meet up and never makes an update again. All her simps look like some Green River Killer motherfuckers. Part of me would be unsurprised and a little entertained due to morbid human nature but also I'd be mortified and pity her in a way. The longer she stays on this trajectory the stronger this feeling gets. Anyone else ever think about this? I'm sure other ewhores on here are just as at risk but something about Shayna and her endless retardation really makes me think she will be butchered and dumped in the Puget Sound before anyone else.

No. 1169206

> her newfound love
But she’s been doing the “I’m baby” shit since the beginning?
> she will do anything for drugs (…)
Nona, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, you need to stop listening to crime podcasts. While I get the sentiment and you sound nice, Shayna is not at more risk than anyone one of us. Her circle of “friends” is very small and she doesn’t even leave her apartment that much? I don’t think she does any other drugs besides alcohol and weed, so I don’t get the “she’ll do anything for her next fix” concern. The odds are Shayna will only continue to be a victim of her own actions and decisions. Unless she starts escorting or prostituting herself, of course.

No. 1169404

I don't listen to podcasts I just know that it happens cause I've had real life experiences that reaffirm these things. I know tweakers off meth or something are far more likely to do anything but Shayna quite literally can't function or go multiple days without being drunk or high. She eats shit and pisses herself to keep the drugs flowing. It doesn't take leaving your house much, of course the more you're out the higher the probability, but who you leave with and why is important to consider. In this case she's going to secluded areas prime for bad situations and gives her address to these freaks. She won't vet these men so long as they give money up front and call her baby. And yeah she's always been doing daddy's girl shit but the diaper stuff and medical torture fetish have ramped up a LOT. Far more extreme than the content she was making years ago and that's really irrefutable. She has only gotten worse in that regard and many more. I try to be level headed and objective but my gut is just like "Girl. This won't end well."

No. 1169632

no, most of us are not sex workers that meet up and have sex with unknown mem from the web. Statistically speaking, Shayna is more at risk of being killed than some average woman browsing lolcow

No. 1169643

I think Katherine McMahon should get a pixie cut. She looks like a child drag queen atm but would actually be really cute with gamine styling

No. 1169658

I think so too, even with her massive nose I think she could be cute, her current styling and clown makeup does her no favors

No. 1169729

She'll look like a balding old man. Her mom was posted in one of the threads (got deleted obviously) and Kathy looks exactly like her. Her mom in one pic had a pixie cut and uh, not cute. You have to have some semblance of youthfulness to pull off gamine styling. Kathy doesn't have it.

No. 1169823

It’s not an impossibility but tbh I don’t think she’s as desperate for drugs as some people make it out to be. I think it was really telling that she high-tailed it out of Vivi’s house.

No. 1171198

Not really an opinion but im going through pixielocks old threads and two years ago she said shes well over 150 lbs, (i just put 155 in the bmi calculator) which already made her nearly obese so I wonder how much she is now, 200?

No. 1172563

The pixielocks thread bores the hell out of me now, she was the only cow I've constantly been following since the hayday and now everything she does is just the same bleak retard shit and I'm tired. Waiting for Steven to troon out or something.

No. 1172572

i'm bored with her too, anon. she just adopted every stupid internet persona all at once and she's so uninteresting all she does is the most basic stereotypes. it'd be more interesting to read the thread of an actual one of those cows.

No. 1172681

Shayna’s #1 Twitter simp following his own daughter’s nsfw Twitter is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Fuck.

No. 1172702

File: 1652072016466.jpeg (13 KB, 200x200, 0E67CD9F-1EEA-4415-9A47-7A4FD0…)

It’s suicide fuel for me tbh. I know sick people do even sicker things every single day but… fuck. It’s the fact she had no idea it was even him that makes my stomach twist. I hope she’s okay my heart is broken for her.

No. 1172711

How do you even come back from that? How do you live the rest of your life knowing that happened? I hope she wasn’t close with him.

No. 1172729

Same, I can’t imagine what the fuck is possibly wrong with someone to do that and so blatantly. I’d want my memory wiped and forget all interactions with him. And the way it just happened to be found makes me wonder how many of these other porn addicts do similar things, it’s terrifying to imagine this isn’t just an outlier incident. Everything is pointing at shay to fucking STOP THIS SHIT but she’s so lazy and morally bankrupt

No. 1172742

These are the people Shayna deserves. Kek.

No. 1172748

Ngl if i was in her place and found out my dad was jerking to it to me i’d straight up kill myself.

No. 1172762

I’d just kill my dad. It’s easy to murder coomers because they’re fucking brain damaged.

No. 1172881

No. 1172893

File: 1652081723678.gif (938.14 KB, 400x225, B5AEC821-D5F9-47D6-A174-9DFF94…)

Bump for men being their repulsive selves

No. 1173038

File: 1652083928216.jpg (246.34 KB, 1125x1316, EuhDcmBXYAIKbtb.jpg)


No. 1173581

What the fuck does one even do after this? I wish I didn't read Shayna's thread I feel fucking ill. That post about her asking if anyone wants to see her porn bloopers and him saying yes and her posting herself naked doing, who the fuck nows I really wish I fucking died. It's too much.
She literally has daddys girl tatted on her

No. 1173739

File: 1652113619735.jpg (64.66 KB, 1080x354, insurance.jpg)

shat's thread has the lowest quality posters

No. 1173764

File: 1652114537818.gif (1.75 MB, 376x376, E823D67E-62ED-424D-AA64-144763…)

No. 1173781

Sort of related but the devils advocates in that thread rn are grossing me out.

No. 1173806

Do you mean people who are pointing out how hypocritical and moralfaggy anons are being for constructing the whole molestation thing while simultaneously being on a gossip board where they make fun of other e whores including shatna?

No. 1173848

You got it, you genius!

No. 1174054

File: 1652123981230.jpg (60.97 KB, 389x600, 55f4f6da61d0c2554934aef4379b0e…)

I never wanted to cowtip to the police more in my whole life. It has to be illegal right ? The fact that she doesn't seem to hate him is somewhat even more terryfing.

No. 1174057

it's not illegal, unfortunately. not technically incest.

No. 1174087

Why would she? She talks about wanting to be raped by her mommy and dada. To her it's probably hot that he "supports" his daughter while maintaining his incest fetishes. She's as disgusting as she is. I do not believe anons who say she fakes all her kinks. She has clearly gaslit herself into actually liking it because it's what's selling the most on her sites. She wouldn't be able to keep the charade up for this long if she was cringing and gritting her teeth at the thought of being a raped baby. But I don't know maybe she just can withstand it because she gives herself a chemical lobotomy daily with booze and marijuana.

No. 1174501

I think there's no way Shayna hasn't gotten caught up in watching this Mike Slack shitshow play out in her own thread. She lurks all the time anyway, even when she isn't on her ass in the hospital for days on end without any of her substances to distract her. If she happened upon it while trying to alleviate boredom I bet she's thrilled she isn't the one in the hot seat for once

No. 1174721

I wish romanianon directed her hate towards someone who deserves it like Jillian Vessey instead of some random imageboard anons. I have very similar angry feelings towards Pixielocks that she does against anons

No. 1174744

Does anyone else immediately skip over the walls of text that involve Rama ion or paki anon, like who literally gives a fuck about random users

No. 1174749

It’s hard not to a-log shayna. she had such a cushy upbringing she has no idea what it’s like to have someone you trust be sexual towards you as a child and yet she chooses to fetishize it knowing she encourages men like grey hair. I actually hate her.

No. 1174800

At first I didn't but now it's boring.

No. 1174834

I started reading Jill's thread last year because I found how cringe-inducing she is funny, but holy shit the way she uses her following to bully others while holding up this "sweet wholesome uwu mentally ill angel" charade disgusts me.

No. 1174855

The anons having to remind everyone every five posts that Jill is larping DID is more autistic than Jill's own autism larp.
WE KNOW, EVERYONE ARE VERY MUCH WELL AWARE, it's just fun to break down her character's inconsistencies and ask questions about her intentions with them to figure out wtf is going on in her head. We don't need to be told that she is pretending everyone time an anon questions any of her supposed alters. Her thread could be so fucking hilarious if some of the autists in there didn't turn it into such a shit show.

No. 1175014

it's because we have zoomers who actually think real DID is like fictionkin shit and not a trauma response that should be treated.

No. 1175025

The otherkin trend really did some damage to the mental health movement

No. 1175182

I don't really know anything about moomookun and have no interest in learning more but the anons in there discussing her sad porn and debating if the dick ("dick") she slorped is real and ugly or a 500+ dollar hyper realistic complete with dry skin and cum chute dildo is cracking me up. So I just wanted to say thanks.

No. 1175190

Speaking of inconsistencies, I've been thinking about how retarded it is that she has had two of her adult personalities be tech illiterate when the whole narrative is that all the parts are supposed to be able to "mask" as the host (like she now claims she is doing on tiktok because of the boolies) and her "job" is social media and content creation. So they are all supposed to be able to live your life without anyone noticing if you switch, but they can't do any of your work and therefore participate in what should be your daily routine?

No. 1175284

Lmao I just find that whole Schrödinger’s cock discussion autistic and annoying, I’m almost willing to believe the tinfoil of one of them being Moo trying to throw people off simply because the obsession is too real

No. 1176017

It's honestly just baffling how she managed to throw her entire future, big majority of her fanbase, and opportunities down the drain in such a short time because she.. wanted to dress emo and needed an excuse?

No. 1176035

moo or some defending her has also been in the thread vehemently arguing that moo's porn in her business is totally legal and not violating anything even though proof has already been posted. they literally replied to every post almost pleading with anons to believe it was totally fine. they keep mentioning police too, because moo and her cronies don't know how this stuff works. that plus dick sperging makes me really suspicious. moo clearly never looked into any of this and is probably scared that the anon who took down her insta will get her in real life trouble

No. 1176067

Right, I was thinking last time I checked her thread that I will have to remember to follow up with her sometimes even if I stop using lolcow eventually. I really wonder what she is going to do/what she will be like as she gets older with this stuff. I think she's going to get way more munchie before she gets better, personally, because she is addicted to being coddled and forever being mentally or physically invalid would help her accomplish that.

No. 1176218

I want to a log shayna so bad. At first I just liked laughing at her because she is so retarded that it’s funny but honestly now I just… hope her implant explodes. Camwhore chicks are the absolute worst.

No. 1176347

She knows. There's no way she doesn't, she lurks hard every fucking day and we all know it. I've been spectating those threads for probably 4 or 5 years now and I've never felt so sick at heart about something I've seen on this site. This is up there with that vid of Luna on the phone with her dad or when greg tweeted that shit about the window from the hospital. Just some dark shit

No. 1176728

>when greg tweeted that shit about the window from the hospital
Ugh that was one of the sickest things, Greg is definitely a cow I can say I just hate without hesitation. I've also been lurking Shayna threads for a few years and feel like the thing with Slack and his daughter took threads that had already dipped into horrorcow territory a few times all the way

No. 1176980

I hate the camwhores thread. Why is that anorexic women being posted? She doesn't have milk and she is not doing anything bad. The last posts are especially bad because posters are literally harassing her for standing up for herself against men. What if she's a sex worker? Does that mean she should allow scrotes to kill or abuse her. I hate this place.

No. 1176982

Stop going in cow boards like 90% of us here on /ot/, because all of them are full of shit like that. Just hang out over here and in /m/ with us nonners.

No. 1176993

I actually like these posts and think they ar based. What if she's a sex worker? Should I dehumanize her even further because she ended up in such a position? IDK it feels like this place actually has no empathy towards women or doesn't truly understand how women end up being in certain situations. Even anons on /ot/ seem mysoginistic as fuck just hiding behind the radfem title

No. 1176994

File: 1652288185708.png (1.52 MB, 1936x1452, 1652208788316.png)

forgot to post pics

No. 1177000

the last post really hit me.

No. 1177001

Meh, speak for yourself, some threads are entertaining occasionally.

Kek don't act like you didn't post in that very thread yourself.

No. 1177003

Then just leave? If you're not going to actually have a conversation about it and just complain about how everyone here is a big meanie, obviously you should be spending your time elsewhere. The women who use this website aren't a monolith, either. So kindly shove it.

No. 1177004

No. 1177005

I don't think it's that much. Whenever references to cows are dropped here, they quickly get picked up.

No. 1177006

she's absolutely right in these tweets. very relatable

No. 1177007

probably because we used to browse but stopped at some point

No. 1177010

I've spoken to a lot anons in the movie room and this is what I'm basing it on. A lot of users are also just lurkers. Besides, I'm not saying it like it's an actual real number, I just mean that from my experience with anons majority used to use cow boards and now avoid them.

No. 1177013

kek, anons keep trying to convince themselve "w-we're totally different from those drama board bitches!". the thing could be, no one is keeping up with all the cows, everyone goes to like 2 threads to check on Their cow and just move on but seeing it all, makes it seem much like, larger

No. 1177015

Uggghhh why are you like this??

No. 1177018

That thread is just bitter sex workers gossiping about each other imo. If i was a mod i would lock it and force everyone to use the superior onlythots thread. It reeks of vendetta. Who outside other sex workers would even know who she is? The other lolcow sex workers theads have a very different vibe.

I wouldn't take that thread as representation of all anons on this site. like i said, i really think only catty sex workers use that thread. She had no milk imo. So what if she is skinny.

That being said, I hope she is able to get away from sex work as being in such a line of work only makes it so she is constantly having to entertain these nasty scrotes and receive scrutiny of virtue signalling bpd sex workers.>>1176994

No. 1177019

sorry nonna. my snappy, mean alter came out.

No. 1177026

You know I'll always forgive you

No. 1177048

how did i get so lucky

No. 1178420

File: 1652380298940.jpeg (214.18 KB, 750x702, D8D0A022-FB40-4F65-A2C7-314F97…)

I don’t wanna post this tinfoil in Shay’s thread because she definitely lurks and if it’s true I don’t want her to catch on by reading anons debate it, but I’m curious to hear other anons’ opinions on this.
I think her family/mom might actually be planning some sort of intervention situation with her upcoming trip. Whether it’s sending her to rehab or just trying to get her to move back home, the fact that they’ve convinced her to be away from Washington for basically a month is fishy to me. Considering their current relationship, unless her mom has suddenly radically accepted Shay’s lifestyle despite everything degrading drastically, I don’t see why she would take Shay on a 2 week trip like this. The only way I could see it being anything else is if it’s a graduation present for Shay’s brother and she’s just tagging along, but I really want to believe this tinfoil bc her family needs to stop enabling her.
They’re making sure Shay has arrangements to have her pets and everything taken care of in Washington for basically at least a month ahead of time… the 6 day gap in the middle sounds like a possible lie just to make sure that she doesn’t catch on & think that she’d be gone from ‘home’ for too long and not agree to go. I think it’s a way to get her home for something. There’s no way Shay would normally block off almost a month of her ~busy~ schedule to spend time with family and they know that. They know the only way to get Shay to come spend more than a day or two (which are usually just holidays) with family is if they bait her with a family obligation (graduation party) then something big that benefits her, like a trip to Ireland.
Maybe they’ll use actually going on a family trip to Ireland as a reward for after she actually goes to some sort of treatment for a while. Idk, definitely tinfoil, but I’m curious if any anons think it could be possible. It’s what I would do as a parent.

No. 1178425

File: 1652380473784.jpeg (16.57 KB, 275x270, E964FB16-0269-4783-AC10-CAAFE4…)

Samefag, just to be clear I’m not a parent kek I realized the last sentence sounded a bit high and mighty or something, I should’ve said “if I were her parent”

No. 1179346

I seriously can't believe people are still ragging on Dakota. I saw a new thread for her being made in /w/ and thought some new drama surfaced but literally nothing has happened, yet anons keep coming back to photoshop new hairstyles on her and talk about how she's getting fat and failing at her modelling career. You've been saying this shit for a decade now, get over your obsession. Just because she's not making big announcements about visiting her home country in the US doesn't mean she's "hiding" being kicked out from Japan or whatever lunatic tinfoil shit you regurgitate over and over again. It's actually unhinged.

No. 1179447

I always felt the anons that typically post in /pt/ are kinda odd, but the ones posting in Moo’s thread has been REALLY weird as of late. Guess the moids lurking have stopped trying to integrate and it doesn’t mix well with some of the autistic seething some anons do

No. 1179457

What do you mean "as of late"? Moo's thread has been full of scrotes and a-logging e-thots jealous of her money and the attention she's getting for at least the past 3 years. Besides cringing at her embarrassing amateur porn there's really nothing about her that's milky anymore.

No. 1179530

I actually hope you're right, anon. I've been thinking for a while that the only way she's ever going to possibly change would be an intervention, if even then.

No. 1179710

I dont get how shayna can smoke as much weed as she does and do the degenerate things she does. Whenever I smoke, I feel calm, I get very introspective, I don't feel sexual at all. I just calmly analyse my life and I feel more understanding of others and myself. I can't imagine anything I would like to do less than whore myself out while being stoned, or go on angry twitter rants and attack others. Just boggeles my mind.

No. 1180005

Going into shaynas thread used to be funny but now it’s actual fucking suicide fuel. The older she gets, the more bleak her present and future look and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m not even joking I would rather be a refugee fleeing war or a child working in a sweat shop. At least they can still have some pride in themselves, some dignity and some way to tell themselves it’s not their fault, that life can get better. Can Shayna do that? No. Because not only is it 100% her fault but the only way she can go is literally down because she’s a pedo baiter. What is she going to do when shes 30? 40? The thought absolutely terrifies me.

No. 1180164

Rachel's threads could have come back if kiwifags hadn't gotten involved. It was kind of funny that she got a thread there too so fast but now they are just inserting themselves into this whole thing too much. I don't care about all these scrotes who orbit Elaine, I don't even care what Elaine does as long as she isn't here. This is why I am so glad that cowtipping is frowned upon on lc even if some anons do it anyway, kiwifag attentionwhoring is unbearable.

No. 1181047

File: 1652544499304.png (45.04 KB, 1856x482, hi cow.png)

I don't want to get banned for hi cow-ing but I can't help but wonder if this is Jill, anon didn't really post anything wrong and was just posting as someone that does stim and the perceived damage Jill does so this reaction was pretty unprovoked imo.
>inb4 anon was a-logging and Jill is larping
I'm aware, but at least I find it interesting when I get to read snippets from people living with these things and compare it to Jills attempts at them, and unlike DID autism actually exists.

No. 1181893

File: 1652615012297.png (539.33 KB, 832x823, 1640342875136.png)

There is no other horrorcow who disgusts me as deeply or viscerally as Matthew/Aggy. The way he acts is verbatim how pedos always act in interrogation tapes, thinking they can manipulate other adults with their stupid "uhm pedos are hardly even real and if they are aren't you kind of the bad guy for hating them?" nonsense. It's so infuriating how they all use the same smug manipulator playbook but because of whatever shared type of retardation it is they have, don't get how transparent they are to everyone. It's so disgusting that he is an obvious danger to children and is most likely abusing his dog with all the bestiality dog shit he posts and nobody can do anything to stop him. I don't condone cowtipping and wouldn't want anyone from here doing it, but if someone told his family he was pedoposting so they could intervene or someone from the internet got his ass in minecraft I would not feel even slightly bad.

No. 1184917

File: 1652792169947.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, 1650667246319.png)

Lucinda was 100% correct here

No. 1184942

>proceeds to go to her thread and calls everyone who doesn't worship her fat and jealous

No. 1185003

it was autismo blogposting, very annoying.

No. 1185313

Lucinda keeps hating on anyone who doesn't worhsip her rotten body in her own thread. She literally even made posts saying men and incels were better because kiwifarms treated her better, kek.

No. 1185339

I guess it’s time to quit weed cause if Shayna can do something I can’t I should probably neck myself

No. 1185342

I mean, Lucinda has a very pitiful existence, if kiwis can understand that better than the schizos that lurk her thread I understand why she would think so

No. 1185394

So shayna did lose weight then she looks so funny in the Oklahoma threads. Especially that gif of her jiggling in the black lingerie. Anyways I hope that pedo scrote follower of hers’ actions come to light of him following his daughter and have a bunch of sex workers rebuke him or something unlikely cause those thots wouldn’t care if hitler was buying their shit despite cancelling their fellow sexworkers

No. 1185400

She's not nearly as sick as she claims. A few weeks ago she says body is falling apart, she cant get up from her chair, she can't walk, she can't keep food down, her kidney failed, she can't control her bladder, she's balding, she's anemic, she can't bathe by herself, and on and on and on… but just yesterday miraculously she has none of these issues and is working at McDonald's? Only one set of circumstances can be true here, and I find it more plausible that her parents forced her to get a job after her most recent hospitalisation. Yeah, she's pitiful in the sense that she's weird, isolated, and spends an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter. She's also a mean, two faced, drama hungry liar. She is constantly self posting, especially now that fewer and fewer farmers frequent her thread. (Tbh I believe the tinfoil that she's the one who made this most recent thread since the OP is so shitty.) Of course she prefers being gawked at by ~sympathetic~ kiwis. Here there are people who see straight through the uwu pure and wholesome super sick guro girl image she wants to portray. Believe what you want but there's no doubt Lucinda is a cow through and through.

No. 1185408

KEK I've been thinking the same thing all week. Honestly I'm kinda proud of her. God I need help.

No. 1185442

Shayna quit weed???
Damn I quit following that thread around the time it was obvious she was with fupa again due to all the shitty posters around then, wonder what she's up to. I don't know why but I always held some hope for her. She was one of my favourite cows cause she 100% caused her own pain and is so hilariously fixated on a porn career unlike anyone I've ever seen (even in a post onlyfans world). If she really did quit weed that's honestly impressive considering it was like half her personality

No. 1185772

Why do you always write down these long ass paragraphs every time you perceive someone feels bad for Lucinda? neurotic asf

No. 1185816

She has to quit weed because she gave herself CHS and kept putting herself in the hospital with the vomiting

No. 1185832

Ahh, Shay claimed to have CHS 5 years ago and began eating edibles and then full on smoking and dabbing again within a month or 2. Honest opinion? This is exactly what's going to happen again, Shayna doesn't learn ever nannies!

No. 1185943

She’s only gotten worse honestly. She’s done absolutely nothing to improve her life. There’s no hope for her. She’s only quit for less then a week now and only because doctors told her she has to and she can’t stop bitching about how shitty she feels. She’s gonna be back on it any day now.

No. 1186001

I know a scrote who is the perfect spooky boi for Heather Sparkles. He writes shitty dark poetry and songs, likes creepy dolls and cemeteries. He gets relentlessly obsessed with the women he dates and asks them to move in within days, which scares them off. He's also intellectually deficient and lacks self awareness in this way that complements her perfectly. I wish they could meet, he is the male version of her.

No. 1186077

Anons who pretend Margo isn't a psychopath are delusional, I remember when she used to constantly harass young girls in the online idol community for the most innocuous comments 10 years ago. Even then everyone knew Venus was trapped, it was impossible to even start a conversation with her without Margo hovering nearby and she scared away anyone who tried to be friendly with Venus. I don't think Venus has handled it well and isn't immune to criticism, but the anons saying that Margo and Manaki aren't that bad must be new.

No. 1186377

I have no idea how anyone can even slightly defend Margo or give her the benefit of the doubt, she's fucking disgusting and ruined her child's life

No. 1186389

It's just anons who legitimately want to skinwalk Venus and are bitter about her fame, you see them bitching about what an ingrate she is for throwing her internet fame as a living kawaii doll away and wasting her life despite getting expensive brand dresses to wear as a teenager. In order to cope they cooked up this whole scenario of Venus being the abusive mastermind at 17 manipulating Margo and not the other way around.

No. 1186497

>more than two sentences
>long paragraphs
Sh is completely right with everything she mentioned, twitterfag. All of that, plus the obvious weight lying lmao.

No. 1186498

This is my first post ITT schizo-chan. Sorry I didn't contain my criticisms to 140 characters

No. 1186730

File: 1652893025895.png (554.37 KB, 682x442, 1652892697867.png)

if you saw this on the wild without knowing Jillian you would think this is just a meme but no they're really like this.

No. 1186970

I really can't stand that weird PULL behavior, their view of Venus as some evil mastermind is ridiculous

They transitioned into a poly boardgame couple

No. 1187023

File: 1652905964822.gif (9.67 MB, 224x400, ewwww.gif)

Jillian is fucking creepy. This is the most disgusting shit I've seen her pull out ever.
>They transitioned into a poly boardgame couple

No. 1187236

What’s his @

No. 1187240

This, used to lurk edtwt and all of the super edgy fatphobes are 19-25 bmi girls who have never lost or gained a significant amount of weight in their life, oblivious to how eds actually are considering their only knowledge comes from black and white posts of malnourished girls telling you to "starve fatty"
Every girl on edtwt who gets to spoop status gets a large following, which just goes to show how fucking rare anorexia actually is on fucking "EATING DISORDER TWITTER"
I remember some girl called a slightly chubby girl fat, then got exposed for being overweight, sorry for sperg it's just insane how edtwt is just projectiontwt.

No. 1187320

File: 1652927315889.gif (1.02 MB, 220x158, kasamhse-indian.gif)

I can't stop laughing

No. 1187519

This is seriously how I see all the most aggressive ana-chans. I never see actual mentally ill spoop skellies do the petty fathate and nitpicking of each others' bodies, it's always fatties and normal weight girls larping.

No. 1191045

The retarded bone rattling in the e-girl thread is hilarious to witness. I'm convinced no actual farmers participate and it's just the same vendetta chans going at each other

No. 1191065

I browsed both LC and PULL threads and the only people who blogposted and kept infighting with people over how much of a victim Venus is were PULLfags. Venus is mentally ill but I wouldn't claim that she is a fragile little flower PULLfags claim her to be. Trauma or not, a person should still be held accountable for their own fuck ups.

No. 1191076


No. 1191633

I think Red Scare Dasha is really hot, aside from her personality and when she dresses in those 2012 Yesstyle type outfits. She could have real futch energy; I'd love to fix her.

No. 1191830

its literally just the same schizo ban evading though. she started by shitting /w/ threads and now wants to expand her shit nudes empire. but this is not new and she is not a farmer.

No. 1191851

I still can't believe after all her money blowing pixie never got a nose job. Even when she was skinny it didn't look good.

No. 1191859

Her nose literally looks fine? What are you on about? Are there now ana chans for noses or something?
If you wanna nitpick noses go after Shayna

No. 1191912

there are always 20 bitches calling themselves "Pixie" unironically on social media. you have to specify cause they all always look the same too.

No. 1191915

i assume pixielocks

No. 1191919

Since this is a thread about cows, I would assume it's about the only cow here named Pixie

No. 1192264

I'm surprised no one has made a thread about enya umanzor yet. She's been outed as a really horrible person multiple times and her sense of humour is cringey.

No. 1192281

>Are there now ana chans for noses or something?

No. 1192318

you can make one

No. 1192324

>She's been outed as a really horrible person
are you a twitterfag? cows don't get threads because they're problematic or whatever, they do because they're retards on the internet who are fun to hate

No. 1192886

Calm down autist. We've been making fun of shitty bitches since Stamina Rose days. You're obviously new so why are you acting like you've been here for long and other anons haven't? Pathetic.

No. 1192991

File: 1653270771810.jpeg (825.11 KB, 828x1792, IMG_F21921225461-1.jpeg)

im happy kelly is back to posting dumb shit.
>goth friend shows me dre and kelly shit many years ago
>think its cute and follow her
>realize she has a few threads on here
>never read them cause i dont want to ruin how i see her
>she disappears deletes all her shit, says shes done with social media
>i read every single kelly thread in like a week
>shes so fucking annoying and scummy, shes pixielocks level insufferable for me now
>hit the current thread and barely anything gets posted
>sad cause i didnt get to live the sagas when they happened
>now shes larping as a communist for her scrote
>few nonas still care
>life good

pic related one of my fave kelly autism moments.

No. 1193128

You’re right

Trying to take out your stamina rose card like a flex when you sound like a dumb, touched bitch is tragic

No. 1193446

File: 1653301107490.png (45.67 KB, 1846x721, firefox_u0xIp2lgMX.png)

The fat shat threads are just full of bone rattlers, kek.

No. 1194042

I hate that Shayna's parents don't just cut her off. In fact I feel like ALL parents who have childern like Shayna or Stefany, who talk so much shit, while depending on them or still being loved and cared for by them.
It just pisses me off. Shayna talks about going shopping with "momma" on the same account she talks about being drugged and raped by "Mumma and dada"
It's unfair that such shitty disgusting people, who don't appereicate what they have are blessed with at the very least, financially well off parents. It makes my eye twitch, that Shay can put out some much gross shit into the world, but still have sweet seeming parents.

No. 1194050

File: 1653333217591.jpg (89.43 KB, 712x821, 1653331605261.jpg)

This is some of the shit people search for when typing lolcow.farm on their browser

No. 1194052

Isn’t she the girl that goes to house parties of streamers/YouTubers/celebrities just to upset them and steal things? That’s the only thing I know about her but I like her tbh.

No. 1194053

File: 1653333261817.jpg (68.92 KB, 720x697, 1653331575273.jpg)

No. 1194063

It’s so embarrassing. Shay is one of my favorite cows but the thread quality is in the shitter

No. 1194078

File: 1653334511723.png (41.36 KB, 893x467, 23434242.png)

No. 1194090

I dislike her attitude and personality, but really don't think Mikan is as ugly as a lot of anons make her out to be. I think she is pretty and the features they point out are so insignificant. If you saw someone on the street with her features, it is unlikely you would notice all of those things pointed out in the threads. In reality, I personally think you would see she is a normal, somewhat attractive girl. Sometimes I wonder about the standards anons have on lolcow, as they're very strange to me.

No. 1194094

I agree, her nose looks retarded. Honestly, pixie is an ugly girl, skinny or not. It doesn't matter what she wears or does, she simply is unattractive. Her parents aren't lookers either, so it is not so weird. It is strange to me when anons try to act like she was cute or whatever when she was thin/not in her DID sage. In reality, she was just "cute" because she was young. But she is actually rather ugly imo

No. 1194103

Her nosejob is shit but otherwise agreed as shit as her personality is she’s not that ugly

No. 1194106

Pixie was really cute when she was smaller. I don't see the issue with her nose now or then tbh. The only cow who I feel has a weird nose truly is Shayna. When she was thin she was average/sometimes cute though to me.

No. 1194111

I think you might be forgetting Katherine "Beaky" McMahon but you're right about Shayna's nose. Doesn't help that she does that weird smirk constantly which makes it look ridiculous kek.

No. 1194114

Her face looks fine during her live, average sometimes chubby cute. Remember that livestream she did, where you can literally see her facial features change the moment she started taking pictures?
It's kinda like how Saweetie does that side smile, i hate those kind of smiles. She looks normal with her normal face. Also, I wish she'd stop with the open mouth pose as well.

No. 1194552

Fucking hate the pugsielocks thread, god!

No. 1194756

To me Jill literally looks exactly like her mom and always has, they just have that kind of face some people do where they always look surprised.

No. 1195211

File: 1653422598842.png (93.82 KB, 735x475, e3e.png)

I'm not all that into the jvlogger thing, but I know of some names so I have been strolling by the dedicated thread every now and then, and oh dear lord, the ChrisxSharla tinfoilers are on another fucking level and creepy as shit. Could someone enlighten me on why those two possibly dating would matter? Why is it so important that a couple of anons are having aneurysms trying to convince everyone in the thread? Are they even slightly aware of how unsettling they are? Like the obsession is beyond mindless gossiping at this point. Maybe I'm not invested enough in the community to understand.

No. 1195366

not to be weird but you probably have a nose like hers if you don't see the issue. it is just so unfortunate and kind of pointy and weird. it is also attached to her funky eyebrows, which she for some reason can't bother to pluck or style. but she has a generally gross face, she looks like a washed up version of that moon emoji

No. 1195378

What a weird comment to make kek

No. 1195382


No. 1195739

Yeah I think this is personal for you, and unhealthy. I suggest you step away from her thread.

No. 1195742

Probably just tkyosam

No. 1196758

File: 1653519144509.jpeg (65.65 KB, 170x275, DFE8F6DE-1B70-4979-A639-E2E11A…)

Can we take a moment to armchair what exactly is wrong with this woman? She’s so weird and like inept. She comes across as very very idiotic almost clinically retarded.. is it just all the drinking that fried her brain?

No. 1196762

Not every woman needs to look like an Instagram baddie filter face

No. 1196765

pure money incentive. she can't coast on just anal now she's not thin so she has to get into more and more niche categories. abdl is what she chose (though the alcohol probably didn't help kek)

No. 1196768

Attention and money. This is probably the most success she has had with sex work in recent years.

No. 1196772

What the anons said above but her brain is also fried from her drug and alcohol use, especially since she started at a young age.

No. 1196776

She's someone who will do anything for attention from moids. Her self esteem is very low when it comes to her looks, which is why she acts crazy whenever she gets a lil male attention IRL. She got the most attention while thin and doing this, so she's going to try to capture that vibe again. She's mentally ill and off sure, but she doesn't enjoy this shit or get off to it.
Honestly thats what makes Shayna the most fucked up to me. It'd be one thing if she genuinely enjoyed every moment of this shit. She doesn't. Women like her who are willing to make a fool of themselves for pennies and scrote attention are dangerous because I truly believe they could be agaisnt truly abusing or harming other women/childern, but if the right scrote comes along and they don't think they can get in trouble, they'd turn a blind eye to abuse.
They'll just let it happen.

No. 1196783

Everyone’s saying money and attention and like yeah, that’s a given, but something is wrong with her mentally. That “nude bed making” video really showed it. She purposely acts stupid but she also has literal sped mannerisms. Her face also has that “look”. IYKYK

No. 1196822

This like obviously she does it for money, but… just how she refuses sex but acts “slutty” comes off as weird too

No. 1196831

Bullshit, she’s at her lowest she’s ever been, she reached her peek OF subscribers 2 years ago at 1.1k and now she doesn’t even have half of that. That’s why she’s doing such weird niche shit to try to hook more fans but it’s not working

No. 1196843

i used to be more neutral about Shat and just think she was stupid and mean but since her main scrote was exposed for abusing his daughter I genuinely believe she is capable of assaulting children if she ever had the chance/was persuaded by the right scrote, she is the worst form of female in my mind

No. 1196849

no one will ever top Kelly Ronahan in the fucked up cow contest. She literally picked off her own legs kek

No. 1196869

speaking of Kelly and to preface this is really fucked up but I kind of relate and emphasize with her a lot. I was using LC at the same time she had a thread but I never came across it and ended up finding out about her through YouTube and the imgur pages so maybe her cow natures have been misconstrued to me, but I’ve also been abused, had an eating disorder, was involved in competitive figure skating and dealt with self harm, and I feel like her tale is really relatable to female athletes and women in general, imo i think she felt her legs/lower half were the vessel of her suffering (sexual abuse, dancing, disliking her size etc) and she subconsciously or even consciously thought removing them would make her life better.

No. 1197044

I genuinely believe she is a full blown pedo or pedo leaning. like the kind that wants to the the child. she openly fantasizes about being a kid who is abused by an old man and now she's lurking the side of Twitter with loli hentai. probably why she's never actually horny for adult men. she also has an extremely unhealthy obsession with male attention.

No. 1197350

I agree, but even started to feel this way after we found out Ellen "accidentally" stole and used that pacifier from the children she nannies for, for fetish purposes, and made fetishistic posts about being a nanny/actual babies in general. From the second I realized Shayna was willingly close friends with someone like that, it occurred to me that she is probably an actual danger to children in a way we had not at first assumed. She's fried in the head, desensitized to it all, and escalating in her fetish fantasies all the time as well as associating herself with obvious actual pedos.

No. 1197788

I'm still so sad about lilboweep being gone. She was one of my favorite cows, even though her threads went to shit after the first two. I haven't been able to find a proper replacement for her from any of our current threads (besides Luna, but she's missing the 'artsy' zoomer-isms that bo weep had). I pray everyday that someone will find a cow similar to her so that I can continue to laugh at their incompetence. I also hope that the tinfoil about Soren still being alive is true, I also sorely miss her threads

No. 1197812

I think the one girl from the anachans thread is very pretty, I think her name is Hannah, she has such a pretty smile, I don't go to the cow boards very much but when I see her it brightens my day

No. 1197979

Abby brown is my fave. I always enjoy her unhinged antics. Nourishtoflourish's recent chaos has been good too, I'll never forget her telling some random insta hater to 'sort hersen out'

I miss phoebe tickner. she was the first cow I followed.

No. 1197980

Nah she just found one of the only niches she can make money from. It was probably either this or scat, and apparently she finds this less humiliating for some reason

No. 1200168

I'm a bit late to this, but Scott, the ex who posted in Lori's thread, is a cow too. Holds a grunge since 2004, inserts himself into lolcow drama, responds to everyone because he loves attention. Don't get me wrong, Lori is evil. But still.

No. 1200171


No. 1200213

who is lori

No. 1200311

I agree, Scott is a total cow. As bad as Lori is, he's always had the vibe of similar traits and being willing to excuse hers (which is why they dated in the first place kek) and the fact that a guy would focus on his ex gf for such a long time and lurk and post in her thread on a women's gossip site is pathetic. I hate the way some farmers were asskissing him, he's not worth having a crush on or whatever it is that compels people to wk him. The only reason he doesn't justify Lori's behavior now is because she personally wronged him and he's bitter, not because he's some bigger person and a standup dude. The only reason Kevin is really a downgrade from Scott is because he's a complete sperg who thinks he's an irl anime boy, the bar is underground for men in Lori's life.

Usagi Kou/LoriLewd from /w/

No. 1200446

I guess this technically belongs here since it has a thread—I don’t understand why people are so weird about KF. There’s some good threads, the beauty parlor is mostly women, occasionally you’ll read some dumb shit but you just…scroll past it? Anything really nasty usually gets loaded down with bad ratings anyway. Idk I’d say I spend my time equally between here and there, anons act like it’s this terrifying fringe forum and it’s just not.

No. 1200663

You can't be anon on KF and it leads to attention seeking behaviours from the users whom all blog endlessly.

No. 1200667

From what I've seen, it's less that KF is scary (to seasoned farmers) and more so people complaining about the moid culture on KF in general, not so much places like BP. In fact, there's a fair amount of cross-over between both farms. What I personally dislike about KF is that certain female cows attract more scrotes than others, which can get annoying to read after a while. And some of them like to sperg out over stupid shit like da jooz or leftists, especially in the I Am Jazz thread. But KF has a wider selection of cows so I lurk there often

No. 1201241

I have lurked KF for years, I just don't like that it's not anonymous and I don't want to make an account. I dislike the blogposting, sticker farming, powerusers, leaked emails, and many more stupid shit that comes with it. A lot of farmers use both, particularly since Null made BP. The bitching about KF here is mostly because we think imageboard >>> forum as a gossip platform

No. 1201266

Samefag, while we're discussing it, BP went to shit after that one good mod left. She used to keep the blogposting, medfagging, armchairing, etc. at bay, now it's running wild and drowning out actual milk and discussion.
Take a look at the Fit Vegan Ginger thread for example. It used to be one of the most entertaining cow threads ever, now it's totally unreadable.

No. 1201282

This. Also at least a couple years ago the tranny threads were full of "totes trootrans" trannies and scrotes defending them.

No. 1201403

Not to sound edgy, but onion is the only cow that I wish he would drop dead. That would make the world a better place.

No. 1201543

It’s not scary or anything, it’s just infested with autistic moids and troons, and users regularly get outed with their faces revealed just for funsies. It’s usually because they were not being smart and sharing too much personal information, but it doesn’t make me feel safe using the site. Especially as a young woman, there’s too many creepy moids. The anonymous imageboard format is just inherently better. Also, the stickers remind me of Reddit updoots and it’s fucking cringe.

No. 1201603

op and yeah this is all fair, I think strictly lurking and picking out a few good threads to keep up with is why I don’t completely hate it. I’d rather participate in discussion here. I also don’t really care about the doxing because I’m not dumb enough to register, and because I’m an asshole

There was one thread I found that devolved into one autist dutifully posting the cow’s onlyfans pics for like years to an audience of two or three other moids, so I’m not denying some of the site is absolute shit kek

No. 1201838

>op here
you didn't make the thread

No. 1201865

File: 1653858995571.png (381.19 KB, 1766x722, god awful thread.png)

Today on shit lolcow used to allow:
Pedo loli/shota thread.

No. 1201869

Why did I read that… I need eye bleach now

No. 1201874

ew. but it was somehow better "before the 'radfems' came", yeah ok.

No. 1201877

Did LC go through such a culture shift? I was around here 5ish years ago and don't remember it being that much different but maybe I didn't browse often outside a few /snow/ threads enough.

No. 1201884

there was a point when males were allowed, so yeah, I'd say so.

No. 1201888

it definitely did around 2018 it shifted into the current LC culture we have now.
Although i have to say 2019-2020 was my favorite lolcow era because anons hated men too then but also would post about other things and alot of offtopic threads were active without mentions of politics and tinfoil or talking about scrotes.

No. 1201898

It was.

Glad they got rid of the containment thread at least. That was overdue.

No. 1201901

File: 1653860856743.png (1.27 MB, 1524x1780, ew.png)

Here's another one:
>How do I get a gf into dd/lg

No. 1201912

the way it was allowed for males to be openly ped0 like this as long as its a ''kink'' even on normie places 5 years ago was so weird to me.

It was everywhere, every social media was filled with that ddlg stuff and even youtube.

These men didnt even sexualize teenagers either (since some people want to defend that) they were objectifying girls who were like toddlers or in primary/middle school.

No. 1201916

It literally was. Letting the femcels and the transphobes roam freely really brought down the quality of LC.

No. 1201921


No. 1201925

KEK so predictable, go wash your beef curtains.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201929

File: 1653862214388.png (187.65 KB, 1400x1104, ew.png)

huh, you sound like picrel, from that thread.
Perhaps the robots never left and are just lurking.

No. 1201930

Aww so sorry that you cant ebeg here about wanting a gf anymore incel.

No. 1201934

I'm a fucking cis woman, you stupid morons. Why is "dilate" acceptable while "beef curtains" is not? You're making fun of someone's genitals either way.

No. 1201937

Go back.

No. 1201941

You know why

No. 1201942

File: 1653862688626.webm (7.77 MB, 1080x1080, I AM A WOMAN.webm)

>I am a cis woman!!!!
>hates """femcels""" and loves trannies
don't make me bring this back

No. 1201943

But does this belong in this thread?

No. 1201946

no cis woman gets offended over the word "dilate" and then mentions "beef curtains" as an offense. You should had just not replied. Sucks to suck fam.

No. 1201947

Yeah, because you're transphobic.
I have nothing to prove to a bunch of unhinged freaks.

No. 1201948

Yes, because they're threads and this thread is to talk about threads.

No. 1201952

It's to talk about cows, the OP actually says to not talk about threads

No. 1201954

Why are you even here? Dumbass. This place is only going to rile you up if you hate muh transphobia so much. Find another imageboard if you hate in here.

No. 1201956

>you're twansphobic!

No. 1201957

>you're transphobic
Um, yeah? Do you know where you are?

No. 1201958

Why not go to 4chan, Twitter, Reddit, etc to hang out with the rest of the pick-mes, transphiles, and autogynephiles? What's your obsession with this place?

No. 1201959

File: 1653863069043.png (357.33 KB, 652x828, ew.png)

In the complaining sense that we have on /meta/, yes. Otherwise, you can complain about anons inside that thread. I wrote the OP originally.

Anyways here's more from that robot thread

No. 1201960

I mean, I guess. I was just confused because it didn't seem to fit.

No. 1201963

Because this place actually used to be cool.

No. 1201965

It does though, we use these threads to talk about this website, but not in the "OMG MODS COME FIX X" way. It's ok in my book.

No. 1201967

>this place used to be cool
>right after the pedo and ddgl threads are mentioned
That can only mean you're pro tranny pedo scrotes. kek. Even back then some robots were hestitant about hanging out here because it was a female-only space.

No. 1201968

Leave then. It's going to continue being as transphobic as it currently is. (Thank you mods for letting us be transphobic!)

No. 1201972

Beef curtains is the go-to /r9k/ incel response, they really tell on themselves so plainly it's pathetic

No. 1201973

??? It's always been anti-tranny, the biggest difference being that more users had obvious body dysmorphia/EDs, the infights were more vitriolic and any woman or girl that got posted on /snow/ was bashed 500x harder. Just how new are you? Please, just go back. Old Lolcow would've eaten you alive, it's literally more civilized now compared to back then lmao

No. 1201977

Exactly. Literally no biological woman loses her mind at the word "dilate". The average woman who doesn't know shit about trannies would just be confused, while anyone else would just laugh or say she's not a tranny. If you start screaming about "beef curtains", all you've done is expose you don't have a vagina lmao

No. 1201979

File: 1653863754348.png (36.21 KB, 1230x270, ew.png)

Here's some more history on how lolcow came to be! I only knew about /cgl/ and staminarose.
anyway it's a lot of brainrot in this thread, so I'm leaving it here if anyone wants to check it out. Be warned though.

No. 1201981

If racism is a bannable offense on here then why not transphobia? Sorry you cannot just pick and choose which minorities you support.

No. 1201982

File: 1653863841076.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg)

No. 1201984

>sexually degenerate males
>a minority
That's literally the majority, nice try kek

No. 1201986

but only one of those are real?

No. 1201987

Nigga please.

No. 1202005

File: 1653865125682.png (91.36 KB, 1230x420, 239047792307432.png)

>??? It's always been anti-tranny, the biggest difference being that more users had obvious body dysmorphia/EDs, the infights were more vitriolic and any woman or girl that got posted on /snow/ was bashed 500x harder.

Yes, basically this. Lolcow has always been critical of the trans movement.
This is from the earliest trans thread I could find on lolcow, from 2015

No. 1202008

Gender shit is just repackaged misogyny and it’s fucking obvious to anyone with a brain. This is not unique to lolcow.

No. 1202011

File: 1653865543900.png (248.38 KB, 1098x572, 239047792307432.png)

Thread from 2016
>this is why I became a terf
Terfs have always been part of this website.

No. 1202013

File: 1653866093231.png (54.43 KB, 1186x460, 239047792307432.png)

Here's another radfem as early as 2016… only a year after robot containment threads were a thing.
I think radfems have always been here and the narrative that they only came here during 2018-2020 is absolutely wrong.

No. 1202014

File: 1653866194699.png (62.64 KB, 1236x506, 239047792307432.png)

and another based radfem lady. I wonder where she is now. I hope she's ok. She would be my nonny.

No. 1202015

I honestly don't get the Ironmouse thread. Most things feel very much like pure speculation and otherwise her biggest sin is what, being popular? I feel like there's personalities that are a lot more interesting that have actually done provable shit.

No. 1202016

Radfems have been here but the board didn’t use to be entirely femcel rhetoric

No. 1202017

>femcel rhetoric
oh shut the fuck up

No. 1202018

Crystal Cafe is there for you to use if you don't like manhate.

No. 1202019

File: 1653866517856.png (6.86 KB, 939x112, everytime.png)

>Troonsphobia bad!
>Refers to real womens anatomy as beef curtains.
>Femcels reee!
Is it the male autism which causes them to fail to blend in? Femcels never going to catch on the way incel does because women don't commit violent chimpouts on the same scale as moids when rejected romantically. Go cry over a Gervais comedy special.

No. 1202021

Some of her fans seem like cows but she herself isn't particularly interesting at all

No. 1202022

>the board didn’t use to be entirely femcel rhetoric
I see this term used more and more after Kaitlyn Tiffany's visit.
Wrong reply I'm assuming.

No. 1202025

Yeah. Tiffany's curse strikes again.

No. 1202028

Yeah I meant to reply to the FEMCEL RHETORIC REEEE anon, don't know why it linked your(?) post kek sorry

No. 1202029

The term femcel? Literally just search through the board and you will see constant mention of femcels because they’re always trying to turn this into nu-asherahsgarden

No. 1202032

Men want to pretend they are oppressed so bad to deny how they treat women. They want to pretend saying a man with long hair who wears a dress is a women is anything other than sexism to make sexism harder to fight and allow their to be an acceptable way to be sexist, and want the word femcel to become a thing to pretend that pointing out how men treat women is on the same level as incels who think rape should be legal, age of consent lowered, and women are whores for rejecting them. If anything a "femcel" is volcel in incel vocabulary. They just can't take we don't care about them rejecting us the same way they rage over us rejecting them because we don't use men as status symbols to gain the respect of other men.

No. 1202034

>>1202019 100% it is. An autistic male trying to cosplay as a woman is like a bull in a china store. No matter what they always would be clockeable.

No. 1202035

Your the man from before. Boys really are coddled and need to be raised more strictly.

No. 1202036

you’re the same retard shitting up the husbando thread with your femcel talk arent you? go wash your ass and get a job male

No. 1202038

Kek there too? Same guy was reeing about an anon saying men shouldn't be coddled so much in light of the texas school shooting.

No. 1202039

Oh so you're the male who always calls women "femcels" and mentions asherasgarden. Got it. Now fuck off.

No. 1202042

Kaitlyn's article really gets around, huh?

No. 1202045

Kek, it got posted on reddit.

No. 1202048

I bet Kaitlyn Tiffany is very happy with herself for writing an article skimmed by more than 10 people.

No. 1202050

Any anon who compares some of the embarrassing seething in /ot/ to asherahsgarden is a male. If that helps you feel better about being autistic ok.

No. 1202053

Tinfoil: It's her and she took farmers advice to try and integrate kek.

No. 1202056

>Beef curtains
You aren't fooling anyone. Comparing women who fight sexism to Nazis didn't work, so why do you think comparing them to incels will work? Why do I even ask, it's male autism. Difference between us and the ones they try to compare us to, is that one is moids who are violent and retarded, while the other is women they want to hate kek.

No. 1202057

Anyone who uses the word femcel unironically IS male or a newfag at best.

No. 1202061

it's nice to know terfs were here right on this website as early as 2016. Sadly by 2018 people (men) were already seething about it because their unhinged faggotry was contained and then banned altogether.

No. 1202062

Your argument doesn’t hold up because the term femcel has been used both casually and seriously on this board since it’s inception. The severe whiplash it’s giving you just shows it makes you feel insecure for whatever reason.

No. 1202063

>I just wanted to complain about embarrassing seething!
>Rees about femcels.
>Rees about women not pretending men are women if they say so and vice versa.
>Compares real vaginas to beef curtains.

No. 1202064

Sorry you can't control women in every online space aspiring tranny janny. Perhaps go cry over Harry Potter?

No. 1202065

Link proof that isn't maleposting or ironic.

No. 1202066

>Your argument doesn’t hold up because the term femcel has been used both casually and seriously on this board since it’s inception.
Except it hasn't. When do you think the term "femcel" started existing and spreading? Hint: Lolcow precedes it and its colloquial use. Begone revisionist newfag/scrote, your bullshit won't work here

No. 1202072


No. 1202077

File: 1653869202840.png (140.72 KB, 1300x908, 234423423234.png)

Nah. I did see people say "fembot" but not femcel. You're dumb. People back then were either from /cgl/, pull, or trolls from /rk9/. I think you're just larping as an oldfag.

Anyways reminded that men were shoo-ed off this websites by jannies since at least 2016. It was only during a brief period of time where males ran free on this website.

No. 1202084

>Begone revisionist newfag/scrote, your bullshit won't work here
This. Basically, all the scrotes here who cry "MUH OLD LOLCOW" haven't been here from the start to begin with. They don't know shit and don't even care to lurk, but somehow they want to overthrow this website or whatever when male gossip imageboards already exist. It was only during a very brief period of time when men were allowed on lolcow until all signs of maleness was banned on site. Before lolcow operated on a "don't say you're male" rule until it became clear it's more than outright saying you're male that makes it clear someone has an XY. Unfortunately this does make the scrote accusations go offhand but also it's quite obvious when someone just doesn't fit in here.

Like always… males want to erase our history as women and claim it for themselves. Even on a microscale like this website. I'm starting to think it's something inherent to their brains now.

No. 1204666

ugh, bumping the thread because I can and I will. it's enjoyable to read honest opinions on the cows here.
pardon my reddit spacing, but as one who has lurks the anachan thread (scumbags or something) I don't see the milk in that kid Zara. seems like she only got hate 'cause she was/is/can be pretty. nonnies like to sperg out when anyone mentions having been inpatient, a their lowest bmi, anything, and say "most of us had eating disorders too!!" but then they can't comprehend why any skelly would be displaying symptoms of an eating disorder. tinfoil, but if those who contribute to the thread over on snow had or have an eating disorder, I don't think it's anorexia, or they've never had BDD, and probably just had BED or something. Zara isn't milky, like, at all. relapses are normal. denial of dangerous weights is normal. not milk.
aside from anachan ranting: I have to hide every Shayna thread because the threadpic usually grosses me out. nothing against her, because I haven't gone down the rabbit hole and do not want to.

No. 1204717

Where'd you hear a tinfoil about Soren being alive? Don't get me wrong, I've had (or hoped) for a tinfoil since her assumed demise but haven't seen anything recently.

No. 1204800

people were talking about it in the previous thread a few months ago, ctrl+f soren's name there.
i still think she's alive too

No. 1204815

Wtf, I was just going to come here to talk about how I want Soren to make a comeback since the tinfoil was posted
Every thread discussing an underweight girl with anorexia is always filled with jealous anachans, without fail.

No. 1204959

I think Soren is dead. And on the off chance not, I genuinely hope they got some sort of help and cleansed themselves of their internet addiction.

No. 1205041

File: 1654066515890.jpg (212.33 KB, 750x1624, 1654045917828.jpg)

Fucking pixielocks being surrounded by actual normal people KEKKKKKK

No. 1205044

File: 1654066542606.png (357.74 KB, 930x851, soren.PNG)

Haven't seen this posted so here it is, her pinterest was edited 13 weeks ago, her depop was added a few months ago, she's coming back soon.

No. 1205046

Pushing out her jaw to try to look more like a drag queen is peak insanity

No. 1205052

Holy fuck I truly cannot believe this. Do you have caps of the depop…? I have a very hard time believing this especially after getting such mutilating and grueling bottom surgery that was rejecting.

No. 1205060

praying he makes a grand return, i've missed soren milk

No. 1205064

File: 1654066949334.jpg (247.59 KB, 828x1792, sorendepop.jpg)

It's in the last there but here you go, it's confirmed her depop.

No. 1205065

File: 1654066974800.jpg (140.56 KB, 828x1792, sorendepop2.jpg)

No. 1205067

The model is a thin white person, are we sure it wasn’t just handed over to a friend?

No. 1205073

Soren is my favorite cow, it would literally be like christmas if she returned, would rival how I felt after erin came back after a year
It's not her, you can add listings on depop to separate lists in your likes, those listings were in her list called rad, and were all listed recently, well after her supposed death
Also, jesus christ I said "list" so much KEK

No. 1205077

Oh shit sorry, I’m not a depop user so I assumed that was the selling feed. My head will be reeling if this isn’t just a prank of some kind.

No. 1205083

No worries, and yeah, it's all so fucking weird to me. She went through so much effort to fake her death, even getting her family involved; why would she go back on her accounts? Sure, they weren't her most known ones like instagram or tumblr, but still.
Imagine faking an obituary, RIP posts, and having to explain to your family members that your daughter has a history of being laughed at online, so you have to fake her death, only for her to ruin it by liking pants on depop and adding shit to her pinterest board for her fake dead snuff ring gf kek

No. 1205087

Why not make another email and account at that point?

No. 1205112

Hilarious to me that she could have joined this event as an artist or to promote her "fashion brand", but instead she's choosing to embarrass herself with her mentally ill drag larp.

No. 1205118

File: 1654070892305.png (1.58 MB, 3684x1080, soren.png)

i just checked for myself and indeed the pinterest was updated 13 weeks ago… how bizarre.
if soren is the one who added to the pinterest board, that means she actively went to the effort of faking her own death, bought a fake obituary, got her sister to write a fake RIP post to convince lolcow soren died so she could escape online scrutiny - and then she went back to the online accounts she ditched when faking her own death, the accounts that got her in trouble in the first place? why would she do that? maybe she thinks enough time has passed that they're safe to use again, but still it seems very risky if she did go to those lengths to begin with? why not just make a new account?
but if it was someone other than soren who updated the pinterest boards, why would another person (family member? friend?) log into the long-dead pinterest account of their deceased friend/relative, just to add an aesthetic pic to a board? the pics are all the artsy aesthetic post things that soren would pin, so it seems more plausible for it to be her. either way, what the hell kek. jannies if u see this can you please unlock her thread or something

No. 1205149

VERY invested in these, I wish her thread was unlocked bc this is pretty damning

No. 1205166

File: 1654074095977.jpeg (66.47 KB, 402x512, truth2.jpeg)

i think this evidence is better than the depop one. cause one could argue depop could be a friend hacked since she liked trendy tik tok shit. but this pinterest is obviously soren. no fucking relative of hers (or friend) would login to her old accounts to add more kingdom hearts pins. no one but soren is this autistic. youd get nothing out of it. i cant believe she didnt just make another pinterest for fucks sake.
i believe all the nonas know. the truth really is out there. ITS ALIVE!

No. 1205188

you can ask in /meta/ for her thread to be unlocked

No. 1205376

I follow a few different DID cows to keep tabs on milk, and honestly I think Jill might have met her match with this community. They have been pushing back more and more in recent months about how every new person who joins their space is fake and they are totes the real og ones, and I think eventually Jill is going to get eaten alive because she didn't get in on the ground floor of this trend. There's also the fact that when she joins a community, she loves to present herself as an authority and special, but from what I see something interesting about DIDfags is that they all want to be the authority, or the face of the disorder, or the most unique one. I think she fucked up by choosing to insert herself among so many people who act like she does online, it's going to come back to bite her in the ass. That said, looking forward to the milk when it happens.

No. 1205386

Wasn't her gravestone posted? Or am I misremembering?

No. 1205418

fyi, pinterest boards can update automatically when a pin on a board is removed by a site admin for copyright or violation of policy. it doesn't mean that the board was updated by the owner.

if the account's all pins section is still showing it was updated a year ago, that's the last manual update. so this might not be that big a gotcha

t. pinterest user who's marooned an account before

No. 1205476

Rachel Aliza Leeds Minkin >>>/snow/1538415 is one of my favorite new cows but the people responsible for bringing the milk are probably as bad as she is and I can't wait to learn more about them.

No. 1205799

Jillian gives me female pedo vibes. Just the whole bright colors, kid aesthetic, being very into drag and defensive of the predatory and misogynistic culture, her young alters, her splitting her sexual side into its own alter. It all just screams setting up to avoid accountability for the next big fuck up. She's so creepy and self absorbed. All she does is consume children's media, smoke weed, fawn over herself and chase her teen years. Arrested development can make women go one of two ways, learned helplessness but they actually grow a little bit and partially accept aging physically and mentally or they go full age regressing psycho borderline and pretend they're 17 forever. I don't think Jill will ever be made to face the music and that's going to enable her baby bullshit even more. Like if she went full diaper clown weed smoking kawaii baby faggot for attention I wouldn't be shocked even a little bit.

No. 1205837

>Like if she went full diaper clown weed smoking kawaii baby faggot for attention I wouldn't be shocked even a little bit.
Same, especially since Steve is into all that commie trans catgirl twittershit. They're teetering on the edge of even deeper degeneracy constantly

No. 1205845

Damn, nta but I got my hopes up about this and now I’m bummed. Soren was my gateway to lolcow and I have a lot of nostalgia for her threads, especially the first few. This was probably like 7 years ago now. What a wild fucking ride.

No. 1206022

I would welcome a Shayna arc for her, honestly. Gross but the DID larp is already getting old

No. 1206294

Can someone like Jillian truly become a pedo just by exposure? I always just saw her as a retarded coddled immature adult and it's not like she's into loli or shota shit even when she likes anime. How do pedo women usually act? Wouldn't it be more like self infantilization?
I honestly wanted her to get better but I'm slowly losing patience so maybe it's for the best that she becomes a worse cow.

No. 1206318

>Like if she went full diaper clown weed smoking kawaii baby faggot for attention I wouldn't be shocked even a little bit.
I do agree her an Steven give me groomer vibes a lot recently. Plus she actually thinks giving weed to kids is fine (prolly because she sees herself as a 6 year old or something).
I think she believes her larp a bit too much to the point she might actually become crazy. Like, I wouldn't want to fuck with drugs + belief that the voices in my head are real kek. She's dumb.

No. 1206453

I can give a psych perspective on female offenders. Can I ask to clarify are you asking how someone like Jillian specifically becomes pedo involved or actual women offenders? Sorry you can be a pedo with about an active offender and women especially can be offenders without being pedos. I think you’re asking the first one but don’t want to derail.

No. 1206672

If extreme content is normalized for the person I absolutely think that over time they would likely break down and just accept it or at worst lean into it and develop a paraphilia. Whether it be pedo shit or psychotic abuse fetishes if your reality affirms that it's normal and you can consume it without guilt, you're far more likely to acquiesce to it. She has a troon carboy tolerant doormat of a man as her comfort blanket and shes into anime that has degen fanbases that aren't kids despite it being aimed at that age group. That's the kind of environment something like that can steadily grow in.

No. 1206675

I meant catboy but carboy is so fucking funny I refuse to delete and repost

No. 1206807

The feet nitpicking in Lori's thread is egregious and I genuinely wonder where these anons live because the average women's shoe size in the US is 8.5-9

I don't know. It just seems weird or like covert footfagging shit. Her thread is known to attract anas so maybe its people who haven't eaten in a week and their brain is rotting.

No. 1206822

It’s always women who hate themselves projecting. They’re truly awful

No. 1206835

File: 1654124204822.jpeg (110.94 KB, 700x891, 73045F90-B1D1-4C7A-9C14-4ADDB8…)

No. 1206858

Pinterest no longer displays the date on individual pins, but you can still view page source and search 'created_at' to see when the pin was first created. I checked a couple of pins in the b and wolf girl boards, and they all seem to have been created on 12/11/15 (it looks like they were shared from her tumblr account). I want to believe that soren's still alive too but I don't think there's actually been any recent activity on her pinterest account.

No. 1206882

You can't make more than one depop, I tried and it got banned within a week.

No. 1207063

Tbf Lori is around 5 feet so she's not exactly proportionate with a size 9-9.5 despite it being near the average. 8 is the average though.

No. 1207145

No, I'm asking if she can suddenly become a pedo even if she never exhibited that behavior in the past. But please do tell me anon, what are the warning signs? I need to know

No. 1207285

Ayrt I'm 5'3 and my shoe size is 8, kek. I just think its really weird how spergy people get in her thread about things which are relatively benign. She's not Robert Wadlow.

No. 1207654

You just reminded me of my fucking seething anger at depop over this shit kek

No. 1208347

Kiki Kannibal was not a cow originally. She was bullied and harassed by scrotes and pickmes. Even her rape was mocked by now-radfem farmers. After long years of tormenting she’s truly become one. And even then, her milk is bitter.

No. 1208448

Yes she was lol where have you been? She was one of the best cows we ever had.

No. 1208633

What’s funny about the mentioned tragedies actually?

No. 1208687

I'm sorry for the insanely high level of autism but how did Shayna manage to fly halfway around the world just to find a bathroom with the same greyish floral wallpaper as the single occupant bathroom she fingered herself in at a restaurant in Oklahoma? Is the universe bending so physical surroundings and objects can follow her ass wherever she goes like that monsters inc hug gif?

No. 1209804

I genuinely don't understand how some anons delude themselves into thinking that other women can't and don't take shit too far at times, while simultaneously being on a gossip imageboard where the majority of subjects have been women since inception and even prior with staminarose, /cgl/, etc. Shayna's thread, for example, has some of the weirdest anons and I don't see them in any other threads which I frequent. They're specifically the ones who want to protect Shayna from KF moids and posturing that what we all do isn't so bad and how 'oh women don't go as far as men do!' Bro, are you new or in Lechuguilla Cave levels of denial? This site has documented other women doxing, stalking, and going utterly batshit at times on other women and farmers even have personal stories in /ot/ and /g/ about their own experiences dealing with fellow unhinged women.

As if there are not women with KF accounts. As if there are not women who are deranged and do things to others, sometimes violently.

inb4 I'm accused of being a scrote for pointing this out, but its been chapping my ass for a while because not only is it a blatant lie, but it perpetuates this narrative that we're all uguu uwu soft uwu pinku cottagecore demure whatever and it stops people from being held accountable for their actions. Like I pointed out in Shayna's thread, it also reeks of troon logic because they have this unrealistic idea of what it means to be a woman and what some anons say in her thread lines right the fuck up with it. Women are always soft and floral and smell good and don't curse and whatever other arbitrary nonsense is gleaned from media and aesthetics as opposed to real people having flaws and doing things as a result.

I don't know if Shayna's thread is frequented by troons as well or just young anons who slithered over from twitter who feel personally slighted whenever someone points out shit that Shay does that they must also be guilty of doing. Its just weird all around to me. Shay pedopanders, is horrible towards other women, and deserves whatever she ends up with. Not sure why some nonas try to be Vivi 2.0 and think she can be saved.

No. 1209814

Kek wtf? Can you post both pics here? I don't follow Shayna's thread

No. 1209830

File: 1654279485013.jpeg (221.42 KB, 1118x2048, wallpapersperging.jpeg)

I kind of don't want to go digging for the wallpaper in OK because I have no idea what thread it was in, I just swear that it was exactly the same as this wallpaper with different lighting

No. 1209840

Both can be true, anon. She was abused by scrotes growing up because her shitty mother never set boundaries, but she was always a delusional cow. The whole keekweek posting is completely unhinged, her obsession with Taylor R was completely bizarre and had more to do with farmers posting about kooter than about kiki. I feel bad for her for growing up in that household, but she's also psycho.

No. 1209846

Wut lmao, is it a completely different bathroom and not in Oklahoma??? This is some Mandela effect type shit

No. 1209876

most of the "DID" youtubers and twitter accts are sooo secretive about their "littles," I always found it interesting that jillian doesn't care at all. I can genuinely see her going for a teenage boy, she might not go for a literal minor but i can see her (and maybe steven) grooming an 18 yo

No. 1210009

Yeah, this one is in Ireland. I really feel like she might actually be living her own version of Groundhog Day.

No. 1210015

File: 1654285854880.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1242x2168, RlzMu98.jpg)

I think it's this one from thread #36

No. 1210043

Aw, thank you for digging it up for me anon! I guess I was wrong, although they both have gold botanical print on a purple wall the OK one had those butterflies and is a more solid pattern. Now that I can be sure we aren't in a simulation I will sleep better tonight

No. 1210053

They might be new and don’t know the scope of her scene antics. While her behavior was nursed by her mother she spent her whole teenage years cyberbullying kids behind sock puppet accounts and being incredibly racist and ugly on stickam for like six hours a day.

I think you’re missing a lot of the lore and that’s why you see her as nothing but a victim. Nobody thinks it’s funny that her and Dakota were groomed by their parents. They call them Monstrengas for a reason. Her brain is totally broken but she has genuinely been a demented vitriolic bully her whole life and that is why she is considered a cow.

No. 1210068

Her body used to be so nice, I would quit if I were her.

No. 1210089

this place can be very creepy, it's not on the level of a moid imageboard but the creepy obessions thread made me very scared of women and this place. Also, not to mention most of the women mocked on this website are legitimately mentally ill and are not hurting anyone but it's just other mentally ill and vile women obsessing over them and mocking them which probably also contributes to their further mental degradation. The internet is actually filled with narcissistic sociopaths that paint themselves as good and virtuos people and they could be dragged on here and exposed but this place chooses to mock and harass mentally ill women that were victimized by society. Ironically, it is a bunch of self hating mentally ill women that browse this place and that love projecting or bullying women that are in a similar position to them. I've seen it in bullied women before…they become sort of evil and literally dedicate their entire adulthood to being bullies because they got bullied in middle school or high school. My favorite thread is the Jake Munro one, he is a narcissistic asshole with a fake image that was abusive and he deserves to be dragged on here. The other threads like Luna thread, Shayna or Lucinda thread make me feel uneasy and honestly I find the anons posting in those threads more entertaining and cowish and insane than the "cows" themselves.

No. 1210126

You either own the fact that you keep coming here or you stop altogether. Welcome to anonymous imageboard culture, which has been this way since their inception. You will not change it on a soapbox. There are far worse places on the internet and none of this is even remotely comparable to the fetid shit on 4chan and if you think it does you have not seen much of anything.

No. 1210128


No. 1210166

Nona, women have been on the moid imageboards, too. lc has only been around for a few years, so I don't know what you think other women did prior to it, but we've always used imageboards in conjunction with lj and other sites. This is just a really weird take from you and I feel like you completely missed the point of my original post.

No. 1210197

I haven't posted here that long (less than a year) but it's interesting seeing cows lose popularity and interest over time. Lucinda was always the top bumped thread during that arnold saga (whatev i cant remember the name) and now she's got and lost a job and nobody gives a shit. she barely even had a new thread until she made it herself. even the morbid ones get boring if all they do is get skinnier and post about the same shit i guess.
and now alice is dropping way down when she was one of the main bumped threads, i guess everyone just goes to the subreddit instead? this is what i get for only reading a few threads and not all of them, now i gotta catch up on some weird lore for some camgirl idk anything about

No. 1210243

Stop yelling you raging crybaby basketcase

No. 1210336

File: 1654300085807.jpg (55.58 KB, 1024x640, c341a44c51ab2b98b13c20d9892c27…)

With the new hair and constantly wearing the extreme push up bra+black shrug combo, Luna looks like Rangiku if she lived in a trailer park

No. 1210432

Stating the facts

No. 1210710

I will be forever grateful to the cows like Momokun and Shayna because now I do a bit more than the bare minimum and my life has been a bit less bleak than usual. Drinking water, taking my pills, doing some exercise and eating healthy food really helps with the depression.

No. 1210731

Shay threads really helped me learn to love myself kek. If I had her life I would kms

No. 1210788

Oh god I thought you had finally taken your meds, a job and got help. Disappointing.

No. 1211383

That jesse sulli thread gives me the fucking creeps. The fact that this woman was taking modeling pictures of her daughter, the fact that their relationship is obviously more of a sister or friend relationship than a parent-child relationship, the fact that sulli obviously influenced or even groomed her daughter into aidenism, the fact that she's capitalizing off of her and her kid's shared delusion… it's so fucking weird and bleak. Genuinely a bit disturbing.

No. 1211424

Momokun is hot and yes I’ve seen her cellulite ass idc still sexy in my opinion I don’t follow her threads much but when I see the cosplay banner of her with her big ass popping out I get a little turned on. Do not follow her I’m sure she is milky but cmon now you can’t call her ugly

No. 1211426

I've always preferred women with middle eastern features and I like thicker proportions so I've found her attractive, but after all that plastic surgery she does not look good. I hope you're not a scrote though kek

No. 1211427

No. 1211439

No I’m not a scrote if I were I’d probs subscribe to her kek jk I didn’t know she had a bunch of plastic surgery

No. 1211478

The thread pic that keeps getting used for Lori looks like she's squeezing out a fart and I laugh every time I see it

No. 1211486

I agree BUT I do think she did go overboard with the face fillers. That shit is legitimately ugly.

No. 1211667

File: 1654390154373.jpeg (60.96 KB, 660x660, FF44F9CF-8CA2-4877-A2B4-C1A7BC…)

She was never particularly ugly when she first started out, but she had some unflattering features (like everyone else) and just needed to learn how to pose/photograph better and learn how to do more flattering makeup.
She ruined her face with plastic surgery, and lack of general self care (skincare, proper diet/exercise, sleep) really fucked her over even more.
I always disliked her but can admit this photo set was cute. Even if it is retouched, you can still tell it’s her

No. 1211692


I always found moo kinda hot when she first came out. She's too fat and botched now though.

No. 1211723

File: 1654395691833.png (22.47 KB, 1862x156, toppestkek.png)

Not a Belle fan, still think she's a piece of shit, but this anon's comment is wild. As if all women are destined to be born pear shaped with massive tits. A woman isn't necessarily underdeveloped just because she's not Kim K.

No. 1211749

I really don’t think I can take anything from that thread seriously.
I hate the pedopandering she does along with her face edits, but she’s a conventionally attractive girl.
It feels like a lot of other failed e girls who don’t want to let her go live in that thread, like other sex workers in Shay’s threads, or bitter weebs still trying to talk about Dakota.
She’s not exempt from criticism and being discussed/made fun of but a lot of that thread is shitflinging.

No. 1211750

I feel this way about belle, she's so pretty to me whenever she posts a pic that isn't pedopandering, I wish she'd be normal KEK.
I feel like her boyfriend is the one controlling her other accounts too because she seems way different on fb

No. 1211751

She used to be hot. I really like that one overwatch cosplay she did tbh

My opinion is that I never really understood the arrow thread until i watched a live performance. Holy fucking shit. in my opinion their recent performances should be at the very top and nonnies going there should be forced to see them before continuing or else the thread just seems nitpicky.

No. 1211887

I know anons like to post normal unedited photos of Belle to prove how 'ugly' she is irl, but I think she looks really cute in them. It's too bad her whole life revolves around pandering to cumbrain scrotes. I feel like a lot of these anons forget what women irl actually look like and instead think if they don't look like a filtered Instagram pic they're ugly and haggard.

No. 1212009

She's ugly-hot but I read some of her threads and it's nasty. I wish she'd stop this act but she's too deep into it.

No. 1212023

>she’s ugly-hot
Ewww go rate women on Reddit or something

No. 1212557

The rabid seething nonnies in Shay's thread kind of scare me. The ones who aggressively reply to any selfie she posts pointing out how revolting and disgusting she looks and how they are throwing up and shitting from seeing her disgusting beady rat eyes and horrific swamp goblin nose. In a lot of those Dublin selfies nonnies are lamenting over she looks pretty normal to me kek. Like if it was anyone else it would be something super normal to post. I wonder if nonnies are angry that her Ireland trip hasn't been milky at all so far and she's behaving and dressing very normally.

No. 1212711

She's legitimately hideous though, anon. Not even one of those anons, but considering she is 24 looking twice her age it's pretty jarring.

No. 1212723

wtf she's only 24? i'm not a shaynafag but i occasionally skim her thread, i'm so shocked, i thought she was at least in her late 30s…

No. 1212728

kek and here you are

No. 1212730

she looks so much cuter with a big nose

No. 1212919

I think the fact that we all witnessed her balloon so fast and she insists on destroying her beautiful curls is what triggers anon. I think she has potential to be quite cute as seen in her skinny era, if you excuse the period of time she insisted on having the hideous barrel bang thing. I'm honestly was more triggered by that hairstyle then her being fat right now, at least my eyes have adjusted her obesity. I just wish she would love herself more, or let somebody give her a makeover.

No. 1212930

File: 1654455770073.jpeg (140.21 KB, 1200x1200, 6B3DBEB0-586D-4F6C-A82A-3E5C1E…)

Personally her face disturbs me because of the alkie bloat. She looks like if you poked her face, your finger would leave a divot like this

No. 1213001

I think her styling is just so atrocious it really does make her look really unfortunate. Anons calling her morbidly obese are fucking unhinged but she insists on wearing those godawful cropped tracksuits with no bra and it really does make her look trashy, and not in a chic way. She has horrible taste.

No. 1213016

Idk, I don't consider her hideous. She looks very average for where I am from. She does look older than her age for sure though. I just don't 100% understand why it makes anons so angry when she posts a normal looking selfie.

No. 1213216

Yeah, here I am. Someone who frequents this type of thread. Amazing how several people on the site can share the same opinion yet not be who you're reeeeing over. Touch the grass. Its summer.

No. 1213218

Mostly because it has all the energy of when dumpsterfires think they're attractive when in reality shay looks like she'd be an always sunny extra for a bar scene.

No. 1213280

File: 1654471131147.png (5.41 KB, 785x77, lmao.PNG)

You struck a nerve, kek

No. 1213281

Anyways on the topic of Shayna, the sister posts are weird, they seem like a selfpost and if they aren't it's just creepy. Yes, we get it, she has average normie sisters, enough.

No. 1213461

A lot of the cows are boring. I wish we had threads on more male cows like the ip2 crew and Nick Fuentes.

No. 1213654

I know but that’d be wild if shaynas stepsister were here.

No. 1213661

i think the anons over there are just too excited to finally see someone other than fupa, her old man fans and other cheap OF whores. it's the lolcow syndrome where they end up praising average people just to spite the cow

No. 1213691

Wasn't a camwhore outed to be mocking a fat girl when she was much more obese herself? I think rabid shayna-fags are broke sexworkers who cope by trashing on her so they feel less trashy. That thread is a dumpster fire and for most I'm sure they are much uglier than Shayna.

No. 1213701

There's been anons in her thread talking about being ex or current addicts/alkies or estranged from their families.
If the offerings from the camwhores spinoff thread are any indication, the fact she's not morbidly obese or severely mentally ill (and therefore "attractive" to moids) and has an enabler family must sting for a lot of people.
I had to avoid her threads when I went through a period of hardship because the fact she could pay rent by fantasizing about being a raped toddler while I had to scrounge every penny made me see red kek.

No. 1213823

Its wild that you're talking to yourself and trying to convince everyone that a cow isn't a cow.

No. 1213868

Speaking of cows/attractiveness, I think that Taylor Nicole Dean is the most attractive cow on the board. The only attractive one, actually. Every other cow is somewhere between hideous and averagely cute. TND is the only one I could call beautiful. And yes I know she's had PS and is a junkie now.

No. 1213869

Taylor R is the prettiest, I wouldn't even refer to her as a cow though.

No. 1213874

I think that Taylor R is OK/maybe averagely cute but not beautiful; I could see why you'd call her pretty though (and she does look pretty in certain photos). She looks like someone I could pass by walking down the street or a teacher at my old elementary school. I'd probably put her on the same level as pixielocks when she looks normal/relaxed. I would not call her hideous, though. Probs unpopular, but I'd say Kat Paine from the altcows thread is another person that I think is above average in (facial) attractiveness with respect to other cows on the board.

No. 1213875

But this one of the many reasons Shayna is a cow. Her entire situation is her own fault. She could run back to her parents, stop being a pedo pandering whore and have a normal life but she won't. Her delusions are so deeply embedded in her mind she still believes that she can find fame and success by shitting in diapers and gaping her asshole for $3. Everyday the gap between who she is in her mind and who she actually is gets wider as she gets fatter and more haggard.

No. 1213879

Shit even i'm jealus of Shayna's sister life (I grew up poor/ugly and I can only dream of having parents care about my education and take me on trips).
There's no doubt in my mind Shayna isn't. However it's kinda makes me smile, to see that her brother and step sister are living their young lives and doing something with it.
The issue is 90% shayna. I say 90% because maybe her parents dropped the ball somewhere.
It's honestly kinda cute to see something positive and healthy in Shayna's thread.

No. 1213881

I agree. KF has cows that are loads more entertaining than the garden variety twitter sw that are so often dicussed on /snow/ that pedopander or scam coomers or whatever else every other sw on twitter does. It would probably open up a can of worms however with the kind of people those threads might attract.
Shayna could be average facially if she took better care of herself and lost a bit of weight. She's one of the few cows imo that can slide between being average and being hideous, but I think part of the reason is her attitude and personality making her "look" even uglier than she would have looked if she weren't a shithead

No. 1213886

File: 1654526627143.jpg (62.49 KB, 640x960, 812123_orig.jpg)

I miss this bitch.

No. 1213888

Recanting the pixielocks statement to say that Taylor R is definitely more attractive than her. I still think pixie does look cute sometimes when she doesn't have the clown makeup and looks even better facially than when she was skinny because the weight helped fill in her features

No. 1213893

i don't because i'm distantly related to her.

No. 1213897

>PixieLocks when thin
>That woman with the black hair, who shat on camera and is a dead beat mother
>The catboy that Dick Fuentes went on a date with
>Moo before she was really chubby (But I thought she was okay while chubby)
Are all attractive/cute/non-ugly cows to me.

No. 1213904

controversial but anisa's pretty to me too. only thing is her awkwardness and dumb personality make her completely uninteresting

No. 1213914

The catboy looks like a cross between a five-year-old boy and a caveman. Poop lady is pretty without filters but in an "old lady" sort of way and not because she's like 30 or whatever I think her features look harsh sometimes. Agree with everything else on the list and I'd probably add Lillee Jean when she was still Thaeyeballqueen and not giving crazy eyes

No. 1213915

Sabrina Nellie looks better than Taylor R honestly

No. 1213918

Lillie Jean has a nice shape, I know she's short but I think her body is kinda nice, or was last I checked.

No. 1213971

Nta but I genuinely think she's pretty. Her hair and eye color is cute and I think chubby girls are pretty so I might be biased but whatever.

No. 1213977

I agree, she's a little chubby but her actual shape is nice. And as short as she is it's hard not to be a little chubby if you don't eat really well, because she just burns less calories in general being alive (and living in an attic kek)

I think she's a cow but I feel really bad for her. I think something is definitely very strange with the relationship with her mom. It's like emotional incest, they're way too enmeshed. Her mom is the entire reason she's fucked up, from her weird teeth to her weird attitude. Same with Venus Angelic, another cow I just feel bad for. Maybe it's because my mom sucked too kek

No. 1213978

I feel like Shayna’s thread is currently full of women with body dysmorphia projecting onto her

No. 1213979

I think Shayna has an awkard body but only because we've seen her naked. In some clothes she looks fine. Like the black sweatpants outfit. I also think Shayna always wears a jean jacket out. She's insecure about her arms, she always wear long sleeves. People really dislike Shayna so they over do it with the views on her looks.

No. 1213981

Like if I saw her anywhere, I would'nt be like, "WHOA LOOK AT THAT CRUSTY ASS PIG, IMMA ABOUT TO VOMIT!" like some anons are.

No. 1213982

People definitely judge her body super harshly because she poses naked all the time. If she wasn't a cow she wouldn't be remarkable at all, physically. Her thread is definitely full of women projecting their insecurities and anger out on her, because she seems so confident in her pretty average body and most of us aren't like that. But nobody should want to be anything like Shayna, her personality and style is garbage. Her body is just a normal woman's body that doesn't workout much and doesn't eat well, with some unfortunate genetics regarding her butt. But if she was just a worker at a coffee shop or something, nobody would think what a fat ugly freak that just made me a latte.

No. 1213986

She's not confident though. She just doesn't give a fuck, there's a difference. Confidence is being who you are and carrying yourself with pride. Taking care of yourself.Not needing validation to know you are someone or pretty.
Shayna is the exact opposite of that.Her worth is literally based on retweets/likes and money. If she stopped getting attention and money today, she would'nt show her body anymore and give up.
Though people do a lot about her body. I think it's a mixture of anons hating her and overdoing it and women who legit project insecurities. I know I do both sometimes.

No. 1213987

Or some of us are /fit/fags and its funny to watch a vile pedopandering fatty struggle.

What's with the sudden influx of 'farmers' trying to change the narrative about shitty mcshat and make it about how everyone in her threads are just as bad, if not worse? I get that some camwhores browse her stuff, but some of you are acting like there's nothing physically and ontologically sickening about this woman. Are you the same twitter anon who got banned for sperging about how everyone here is mentally ill and we can't make fun of them?

No. 1213990

Take your meds

No. 1213991

>everyone who disagrees with me is off their meds

No. 1213994

Seriously, what's with the fucking influx of "anons are too mean about shayna's body" posts? fucking hide the thread fatass, nobody's making you look at it.

No. 1213995

No, you just sound unhinged af. I dislike Shayna, I don’t think she’s pretty by any means and the trashy outfits she wears doesn’t help her case. But people who sperg about her body like this clearly have problems and it shits up her thread

No. 1213998

Well she's the one showing it, we've been saying it over and over again. If Shayna was a normal woman, nobody would act the way they do. People who follow her have seen every single flaw and angle of her body. She puts that out there to be judged/jacked off to and looked at.
It's not unprovoked. And we've watched her go from a very slim girl, to what she is now. I do find it to be intense but it is what it is. Also, I don't know if she's lost weight or not. Shayna always does angles, the only way to see her body is when she's doing the live streams. She does look smaller but who really knows until next camshow.

No. 1214000

I sound unhinged for asking a legitimate question? At least once a week, some anon from twitter comes crying over here about how mean we all are. They were just itt a few days ago. >>1210089 But, go off, I guess.

I mean, if we apply their own logic to the situation? Probably fat, other homely looking girls who accuse other random anons of being the fat camwhores.

No. 1214005

If anything, it’s the people who are sperging about her body who probably look like her and are insecure about it.

No. 1214007

while we're on the topic of shay i think she's going to quit sex work after she gets home from her trip. i've seen the intervention tinfoil but i think it's going to happen voluntarily

No. 1214011

I feel like you've never had a family member or former friend who was an utter dumpster hog like shayna is. The ire for some is personal, but not in the way that you think.

No. 1214037

File: 1654535696315.jpg (44.2 KB, 693x344, 46XFcFv.jpg)


No. 1214056

No ones like your pedo rapist prophet.

No. 1214064

KEK not that I don't agree anon, but I think they were just memeing.

No. 1214088

Hard agree! She's pretty even despite those lips kek.

No. 1214158

File: 1654539578815.jpg (37.87 KB, 600x900, uAxaiR0.jpg)

Of course I was. It's like some pf these nonnies have never used a non-normie website outside of lolcow >>1214056

No. 1214168

File: 1654539822318.jpeg (219.64 KB, 441x555, D001C4DC-18CE-47B6-B897-4CF082…)

She looks like every average soccer-mom looking white woman I’ve seen every time I go outside. I would have to say Shayna tops her in attractiveness all the way so stop lying please

No. 1214174

This has to be a troll, fatchan, or Shay herself because there's no fucking way somebody would say TND is less attractive than fucking shat unironically

No. 1214175

>I would have to say Shayna tops her in attractiveness all the way so stop lying please
I was one of the anons saying people a-logging about Shayna’s body sound psycho but this is too far. You have to stop

No. 1214203

File: 1654541122516.gif (1.71 MB, 500x281, 8A0363F7-5F4F-4FC5-A36C-07447A…)

No I’m dead serious. Both her and shayna look similar in beauty ranking, one is just unkempt.

No. 1214213

brought this on yourselves since you wanted to act like shat doesn't look like a complete frog kek

No. 1214220

I can think Shayna is a smelly uggo while still thinking some of you sound fucking insane, retard.

No. 1214384

I do not like Shay but there are nons in her thread who act like Trisha's "haters" who a-log and tinfoil about her constantly

No. 1214387

And her family rn. It’s so weird and cringe

No. 1214434


Put the crack pipe down, shaynus. Not a lot of women manage to be fuglier than fat Shay, Taylor isn't one of them sorry.

No. 1214468

Shayna's thread is developing a really weird energy. Not sure if it's Shayna herself trying to stir shit but I feel like there are nonnies are poop touching too much or something. It was cool to see fatty in the wild but they started digging in, like wtf is wrong with y'all that think her stepsister would care enough to shade Shayna on Halloween? She's got friends and a social life, she doesn't care about her degenerate step sister. It's like there are people ITT that are jealous of the girl and most of us haven't even seen her face.

No. 1214487

I'm getting the same vibes, nonita. Must be a full moon tonight

No. 1214490

Nonies are going crazy from lack of milk I think. We got a couple of lulzy pics of her with her gut out in ugly tracksuits and that retarded plastic hair clip she got was funny but aside from that, not much milk has come out of this so far, probably because she’s having too much fun to get drunk alone and go on sad, embarrassing twitter rants where she overshares about her life.

No. 1214498


Well then, I wish they'd just stay off her thread until she does something funny instead of shitting it up with halfbaked, unhinged conspiracy theories. The milk will flow when she comes back home and doesn't have to pace herself while drinking. There's no way she's leaving this trip without a couple major hits to her pride and ego

No. 1214510

File: 1654552494903.gif (2.17 MB, 640x360, cYmmS3P.gif)

I pray that it isn't just nonnies submitting to lunacy and that Shayna is actually selfposting because the milk would be endless

No. 1214538

It honestly reads like Shay selfposting. One of them even typed the autistic way she does on the birdy app. I thought it was weirdly timed and suspicious that suddenly all these farmers were trying to create backlash against stepsister discussion.

No. 1214551

File: 1654554450603.png (10.93 KB, 1293x102, Screenshot 2022-06-06.png)

>Not sure if it's Shayna herself trying to stir shit

I think it is.

No. 1214557

I want to believe it's Shayna, bored and miserable and more isolated than usual, desperately trying to get people to dog pile on her family so she feels less bad about herself.

And because even she's aware that half the posters in her thread are retarded jealous sexworkers who fall for the bait everytime, it wouldn't be her dumbest idea.

No. 1214561

File: 1654555185140.png (12.43 KB, 1866x115, weirdly protective anon.png)

To add now an anon is doing really weird pity posting about how they might be being mean to shay. This is just a really weird take to be having acting as if shayna didn't bring everything upon herself, but we have to not talk about the stepsister because.. why? I don't think 'anons' care about someone cowtipping. I think some anons are jealous of the stepsister and I think that shayna is selfposting and trying to twist things into her being the victim during this trip.

No. 1214575


Yeah, there are definitely some jealous nonnies. Once one of them called her anorexic before the trip started, I knew. They're trying to hide it but they've flung so much shit at that girl and it's what, day 3 of the trip? So far she's anorexia, her mom's a mail order bride and she's a alchy like shayna. All of these have been proven to be bullshit, but if it's not Shay herself saying shit to see if it sticks, it's some jealous sex worker/NEET type poster

No. 1214576

I meant anorexic, but I'm leaving it as is. It's amusing to me and my own personal autism.

No. 1214577

Oh I think its shayna full stop. She's been allegedly off weed for how long now? I feel like anons forgot that and she's probably extremely cunty to be around as a result. And when they're back at the hotel I doubt she has anything else to do but lurk.

No. 1214581

If it is Shay then she did a good job at figuring out how to integrate compared to the last time she got caught. Too bad we'll probably never know because jannies are dead and so is admin and there will be no one to make a post reveal

No. 1214591

This is the only reason I have doubts. She'd be like one of the best integrated cows I've ever seen post on here. Still has that fishy Shayna scent on some of the posts, but it's probably the best job she's ever done at anything since she left highschool.

And I also definitely think she lurks all day. Probably too embarrassed to open up her diaper dolly account, but unless you know what you're looking at (or you unspoiler something by accident/play a video by mistake) lolcow is fairly inconspicuous. And I doubt anyone other than maybe her mom is ever going to ask what she's doing on her phone, so no awkward explanations to be made on her part.

No. 1214594

Shayna's dog is NOT retarded!

No. 1214598


No. 1214605

Do you have proof it IS retarded?

No. 1214631

It's shaynas dog it was never going to be smart

No. 1214634

File: 1654560467925.gif (949.39 KB, 244x192, mine-whitney-houston.gif)

No. 1214636

I was thinking it was shay posting family to try and get her thread deleted. We recently talked about it (her first thread)and now tons of family photos and info is being posted.

No. 1214650

I just stumbled on the Taylor R thread, and the anon pretending to be American is hilarious kek

No. 1214658

What are they saying? That thread is unreadable to me

No. 1214661

File: 1654561512381.jpg (32.13 KB, 367x550, gmB0DOB.jpg)

Crazy tinfoil but I'm willing to believe it

No. 1214738

File: 1654568270819.png (9.36 KB, 1217x100, 1.PNG)

It was only two posts but it was funny to me kek

No. 1214739

File: 1654568319165.png (5.69 KB, 838x73, 2.PNG)

No. 1214749

She got caught before? Deets?

No. 1214752

Yeah I've read her threads for years and don't remember this. I honestly think it's just other sex workers who are so nitpicky and active in that thread projecting, Shayna is too retarded to use an imageboard

No. 1214754

I think Shayna's stepsister is really not very attractive. No idea how she's considered a Stacy by anons here, I suppose this reveals how low the standards of this username are. She just wears proper makeup and clothing. I really can't stand the hype phenomenon in cow threads where anyone but the cow is gorjusss and whatnot.

No. 1214762

I found her socials too thinking anons might've been exaggerating and I think she's pretty/conventionally attractive. Maybe not drop-dead gorgeous without makeup, but she's easily between a 7/10 and 8/10

No. 1214785

It's in one of the earlier threads but Shay had beef with a tumblr user named littlesativabug and it is speculated that she was the one who posted the thread because of how shitty it was and the constant samefagging >>>/snow/361655 There was also a series of unsaged spergouts in one of the earlier threads about getting the cyber police to take down the threads but it would take a bit of digging around to find it

No. 1214804

Ouille, that was more painful than I was expecting. Fortunately my autism was stronger. Here is the beginning of the cyber police shit that I was referring to >>>/snow/527687

No. 1214995

There are several cows you can say so much about, but for some reason anons get so hung up on how fat a cow is. Like I get that most of the nonnies that repeats how fat a lolcow is over and over again are either anachans or projecting fatties but it shouldn't it get a bit old for them too? There is just so many ways you can rip into a cow for being fat instead of talking about the actual issues with them. Like I get excited every time I see Aki's thread in /w/ get bumped to see wtf she's done now to annoy people but instead 9 out of 10 times it's just another anon doing some borderline female version of "aki is fat and i would not have sex with her" kind of post instead of actual milk.

No. 1215058

Right, it's crazy to me that Rachel for example is a complete pedophile groomer but some anons main issue with her is that she's fat

No. 1215319

Shaynus is a loser but all the anons writing these coulda-woulda fanfics are weirdos.

I get it, she’s a pedo-pandering freak pissing in diapers for quarters and it’s weird that she’s extremely privileged but chooses to live the life of a trailer park meth queen, but she will never give up sex work. And nonnies need to just accept it or seek help kek

No. 1215328

I find it so weird and cringy when anons write fanfiction about lolcows. I see it a lot on kiwifarms too, people will write walls of text about what would happen if this cow did that or went here or there, or how they could turn their life around. Like, what’s the point?

No. 1215332

I agree, it's super cringy. I think it is people who find themselves similar in some way to that particular cow, so they are playing through the scenario of like, what would THEY do or what they did to be a 'better' person. It's always some retarded shit like Shayna quitting sex work and becoming a waitress, or Luna not doing heroin and losing weight, whatever. You get a lot of it on the deathfats on KF and elsewhere, sperging about how Amberlynn eats too much food. No fucking duh retards. It's like if they didn't do the cow thing that they do, they would cease to be a cow. Then what the fuck would we be talking about? Why bother discussing it. It's like if a time machine existed we could all go back and save every single one of these retarded fuckups but why would you?

No. 1215336

Shayna’s thread is just not fun to read right now. I’m thinking I might take a break from checking it until she’s back from vacation. She’s a cow because in spite of the countless opportunities she’s had to build a successful life, she chooses to punch herself in the face for pennies and post photos of herself in a fucking diaper on twitter. If she did any of the things that these anons are fantasizing about, then she wouldn’t be a cow. She hasn’t been very interesting to me while she’s on this trip to be honest because she’s doing very mundane and normal shit that people usually do on vacation. Feels like a filler episode.

No. 1215345

AYRT and I haven’t really been enjoying her threads for a while. I used to die laughing at her expense and anon’s roasts but it’s been bleak overall and boring(and bordering creepy with all the family posting). But nothing else really interests me in /snow except the JC/Syd thread and that’s been slow lately too and also full of fucking weirdo anons. I’m waiting for Admin to reveal BBP and skidmark’s selfposting honestly kek

No. 1215401

I hate this, "it reveals how low the standards are…" like what? God forbid people actually find someone attractive or goregous and you don't. Has nothing to do with other nonnie's standards, looks are subjective.
And half the time anyone BUT the cow is better looking anyway. Most the cows on here don't take care of themselves, so normal dressing acting people do look better then them.
The only time I felt nonnies were overdoing praise when it came to TND and Syd, when SYD first came around. Nonnies were acting like she was so much better looking and better then TND. When to me they were about equal in looks (TND being more my speed) and both were/are/did suck the same dusty dude, so doesn't matter.

No. 1215463

Having such a vested interest in cows lives like that is just mental illness

No. 1215755

Agree and the ayrt sounds like one of the bitter bitches who were insisting that the stepsister was an alcoholic/ana-chan/daughter of a mail order bride/etc. It was wild to see farmers seethe over a normie girl, the exact shit so many of them say shay could've been, and when its presented before them they're pissy and threatened. Of course they had to find something to nitpick about and now an anon with the bingo card refers to compliments (you know, a NORMAL THING) as worship.

Give me a fucking break. Some people on this site need to take their own advice and touch the grass if they think that genuinely finding someone to be pleasant to look at is wrong. The stepsister clearly brought up a bunch of nona's repressed memories of high school when someone prettier than them received all the attention. The projection and trauma dumping is real.

No. 1215758

Samefag but also top fucking kek at how shaythreads are filled with anons talking about how awful shay is towards other women and yet so many of them collectively shat on that stepsister for no reason other than speculation brought on by jealousy. Wild. Truly.

No. 1215761

Honestly everyone going all Dr. Phil on the cows is one of the reasons I have a hard time with kf, I'm glad it's at least less common here outside Shaynafags

JC/Syd thread seems like it can only be dead and full of nitpicks or on fire and moving at the speed of light when drama is going down and there's hardly any in between

No. 1215876

I’m personally excited for their Court milk. I seriously hope they see jail time. It’ll kill the thread after a bit but god do they deserve it.

No. 1215887

I've seen "shmegeh was/is a pedo" posted several places recently and it's weird as shit. That skelly bitch fucked off years ago where the hell did this come from.

No. 1215962

File: 1654665401455.jpg (5.93 KB, 208x242, images.jpg)

>Mfw I realize I've been following both the Shayna and Luna threads for over 5 years

No. 1215966

The young ones want to feel included so they trawl through old stuff to catch up with milk they were too young to be a part of and then flip out over has-been cows nobody cares about anymore because it’s fresh in their minds.

No. 1215977

File: 1654666102253.jpg (27.91 KB, 563x561, 9c7bd832fc9576fca8c3badb735dbf…)

I think that's really the key to her cowdom. It could all be so easy for her to just not, but she does.

Same, there is not milk right now and I don't expect her to act out whilst in the presence of her family and in another country.

No. 1215982

i miss the older lillee jean milk, she is my all time favourite cow but the retarded trolls and detractors spoiled the milk so much and pushed her away from most of her social media accounts. wish she never got called out and we got more shaniqua or james dee content. fuck the twitter callouts who think it's funny or righteous to shut down the milk valves.

No. 1216007

Maybe unpopular opinion, but I was really hoping for a change of attitude from LJ. I truly feel bad for her, especially with the dental neglect, that shit is terrible and stays with you forever. I really wanted to see her grow up and own up to being a stupid teenager and start anew, ditch Laur and all the fake accounts, etc. Instead she seems to have double downed on everything. I still do feel bad for her. I definitely think she has some kind of disability and her mom sheltered her in the extreme, making it difficult to foster real relationships or do anything irl. I still hope she comes to a realization one day.

No. 1216015

I kind of want to start a thread on Lena the plug and her ugly faggot husband but I don't think I have enough info on them to start one, also it would probably die immediately

No. 1216019

There's tons of milk but it's mostly soured. Like do we really need a re-cap of an abusive man making his pregnant wife do porn?

No. 1216020

> jealousy
Get another cope

No. 1216106

pixyteri was absolutely based for her posts about 9/11. i would've done the same if i wasn't literally a small child at the time.

No. 1216110

i mean did he "make" her do it or are they just both degenerates willing to expose themselves at any time?
i also don't get how she's popular, she's so average looking imo. is it all residual clout from adam + his networking allowing her access to high value porn productions?

No. 1216153

It’s old milk but he’s the one that had her do the campout magazine softcore porn shoot when she was ready to pop. Everything that was published also had to go through him. Source is trust me bro at this point which is the problem with having a thread on them.

No. 1216201

Kek, I haven't been saying any of those things, what I said was purely about my perception of her appearance. That's all I can judge her on, not who she is. I found her socials and was disappointed, if that is what farmers consider attractive, then it makes sense they shilled Vivi and others. My main point was how people overrate people on cow threads who aren't the cow, it wasn't about the stepsister in of itself.
>The stepsister clearly brought up a bunch of nona's repressed memories of high school when someone prettier than them received all the attention.
Lmfao it is hilarious that you are upset at unhinged anons who making assumptions about the stepsister's life and then you go claim this about multiple different anons.
>top fucking kek at how shaythreads are filled with anons talking about how awful shay is towards other women and yet so many of them collectively shat on that stepsister for no reason other than speculation brought on by jealousy.
First of all, anons overall are collectively praising her stepsister and it is people who aren't so sure if she's all that that are getting shat on. So I don't know where you are getting the idea the stepsister is being collectively shat on. Second of all, you have no idea why people are saying what they are saying. I brought up the sister's appearance because in my opinion, it's a phenomenon that happens on this site that I dislike. It isn't personal against her.

No. 1216209

Sometimes I really miss the June threads, she was my favorite cow for years when she was with Pregory and when anons ask who everyone's favorite cow is now I just feel at a loss as to who to name. Maybe Gimpgirl or Kevin from Lori's thread, but both of them are pretty quiet now too.

No. 1216214

The shayna threads are creeping me out now. The anons who post her dad and stalks her step sisters snapchat are unbelievable unhinged, more than shayna is. Literal psycho behaviour

No. 1216237

i concur. it feels like anons are living out their own fantasies about themselves being the hot sister and having to hang out with their ugly lesser sibling. it's also odd how they illustrate what the sister feels and how she behaves in the sorority. i also agree that shaynus is disgusting but her family members aren't important to the cow, even less creating fanfic about it

No. 1216269

I'm so excited about new posts in the tsundebolt thread, seriously she was my favorite

No. 1216296

Is TND actually dead? I don't follow her threads and only really lurk JC/Syd but someone in their current thread said she's probably dead, I couldn't tell if they mean her or her threads/internet presence.

No. 1216384

I just caught up with Tuna's thread, and the dick sizing contest between Lurch and that random internet guy is for some reason one of the funniest things I have ever read. I cannot believe people exist who do that, it's so god damned retarded and hilarious. I'm dying over here.

No. 1216401

The people complaining about Shayna's thread are more annoying the the tinfoilers. Am I the only one who notices everytime we have something like this happens, it's HUGE push back and almost always gives me samefag vibes? Like we get it, it's weird. But people are acting like it's more than what it is.
It honestly comes off like the same 1 or 2 people whining about tinfoiling, in shayna's thread, this one and the meta thread. Or am I tripping? I'm not even seeing the big deal.

No. 1216405

Maybe bc people think its crazy behaviour, deranged-chan

No. 1216422

It's crazy how quickly the Rachel thread devolved into retarded kiwifarms shit. Kiwifarms is so fucking autistically cancerous it's not even funny. Emphasis on autistic. I bet Rachel is happy it's turned into a shitfest. What a shame.

No. 1216423

It probably is the same anons. One screamed at me in here for stating the obvious change in behavior.

No. 1216428

Yeah that thread's been unreadable for weeks now and the supporting cast is convoluted.

No. 1216498

Kek. That's exactly what I was talking about. Those nonnies are so enraged and seem to really freak out constantly about how ugly she is. I don't think she's any prize but anons react to a really normal looking selfie as if it was a picture of her shitting on their mom. It can't be healthy for them.

No. 1216744

It’s not tinfoil- it’s straight up fan-fiction. It’s cringy and weird and the threads have been full of it since shat went to Ireland. I only came here to bitch about it but it’s not just one or two anons in the thread disliking it. Your weird stories about how step sister’s bratz halloween costume from 2 years ago was a totes jab at shaynus. Or step sister is an Ana-chan alcoholic with a mail-order mom.

Truth is, shayna’s family likely doesn’t think about her or talk about her. Her dad and mom of course think about her, but what would they possibly talk about in regards to shay? “Oh we have a daughter and she lives in Renton. What does she do for a living? Oh uh…..graphic design. “ the end.

At first I thought it was funny because shay reads her threads and it’s a way to get under her skin. She’s clearly enjoying herself in Ireland with her family and there’s no milk. So anons have to make shit up. It’s weird and creepy and some of you need to touch grass.

No. 1216825

How is that a cope? Its like you regurgitated a buzzword for the gotcha effect without understanding what it means. There's nothing to copey or whatever you wanna call it about noticing the irony after years on this site and over a hundred threads, Shayna's thread regulars making up theories about the stepsibling when a good portion of them are usually chastising Shayna herself for being wantonly cruel towards other women. Its hypocritical. We've had anons on here admit to being jealous of other women themselves, one in /g/ a while back even admitted she is jealous of teenage girls because she isn't young anymore, and loads of spergy vents and rants in other threads on the site where there's admitted envy from OP. You really think that its outside the realm of reason that some are jealous? Get real. That's how some people are and they can admit it here without consequence.

It was literally in the previous thread, anon. You can go back and look after you learn to sage. The same thing I said above also applies to you since you and one other anon are seemingly embarrassed that your behavior was called out on an anonymous site where nobody knows who you are anyway.

No. 1216902

craziest anons in order:
>moo milkers
>lori loons
>tuna sympathizers
worst threads:
>egirls which is just kaliacc twitter moids now
>photoshop horrors
>moo and the thirsty scrote anons
>belle delphines shitshow

some threads just attract the lowest common denominator and its palpable. nothing pisses me off more than scrotes asking for more porn or calling cows hot. they need to an hero before i find them myself and make sure they dont have access to any technology ever again

No. 1216930

I think the Mae and Ruby thread also deserves a place in the worst thread category. It's nothing but unintegrated newfags posting in there because either they personally know those freaks or it's Mae and or Ruby selfposting.

No. 1216933


Yeah I miss when June was a cow. Anyone remember Amanda baggs? The monobrow autist? Is she dead or did she just stop being terminally online? Her thread made me sick sometimes, but my God was that some surreal milk.

I miss cows like her.

No. 1216934

She actually did pass away. Her LARP was fucking crazy.

No. 1216935

That and the pixielocks thread with all the infighting happening right now
Amanda Baggs? She's dead, Jim.

No. 1216939

I'd honestly put Shay's thread in the worst thread section too. Half of the time it's borderline unreadable between the fanfictions, infighting, newfags, and selfposters

No. 1216946


Damn, that's depressing. Now I don't want to go through her old threads, knowing how it ends for her is kind of to grim for me. She really died pretending to be autistic, huh? That's dedication to the craft of munchie larping. Jillian could never

R.I.P to an O.G.

No. 1217012

the stepsis worship in shatna’s thread is so fucking annoying, her sister is just ur ordinary frat girl and this is the first time she’s seen shayna in who knows how long, nonnas are nuts for genuinely thinking she cares about her at all or knows a whole lot about her, let alone throw shade at her on halloween

No. 1217025

Anon, how the fuck does this:
>I think Shayna's stepsister is really not very attractive. No idea how she's considered a Stacy by anons here, I suppose this reveals how low the standards of this username are. She just wears proper makeup and clothing. I really can't stand the hype phenomenon in cow threads where anyone but the cow is gorjusss and whatnot.
give jealousy? I am talking about a phenomenon as a whole that I believe the step sister is a part of. I never mentioned anything about the character of her stepsister whatsoever in this post. It's about anons' responses.
>The same thing I said above also applies to you since you and one other anon are seemingly embarrassed that your behavior was called out on an anonymous site where nobody knows who you are anyway.
Once again, you are making blanket assumptions. Have you considered that it's possible for me to think the hype for Shayna's stepsister is overblown, but that people who are making all kind of assumptions about her drinking habits, relationship to Shayna, etc. are also wrong and out of line?
To address part of your response to the user above me
>You really think that its outside the realm of reason that some are jealous?
No, I don't think it's beyond the realm of reason, but it's ridiculous to immediately point fingers at anons who are not hyping up Shayna's stepsister and are critical of said hype as some jealous hag.

No. 1217049

samefagging to add that >>1216930 and >>1216939 you're definitely right on that. i should have added the sam hyde and camgirls threads too. same hyde one is just his cronies trolling and anons taking bait. camgirls one is just so fucking dry they just post screenshots of some woman talking about needing a plan b or cheating on someone. they're literal whores irl and online of course they will take plan b and be completely degenerate. it's redundant like shaynas thread. so milky to post "bet the fat pig will have an excuse to not cam" and snapchat selfies for years straight. crazy how water is wet.

No. 1217160

The pixielocks thread is a shithole with the amount of infighting and general retardation happening there. It's like Shatna 2.0. Summertime came too quickly

No. 1217162

Samefagging for something different. Pixie and Shay always reminded me of each other for some reason. I don't know if it's because they both went from skinny to blown up or there's something in their physiognomy. They're also both spoiled and are terminal twitards

No. 1217179


It's cuz they're both spoiled brats who could have gone to (an accredited) college and made something decent of themselves. But they'd rather ruin themselves online. Shayna just dived headfirst into sex work and Jillian chose mental illness TikTok as her poison.

No. 1217197

Yeah, it's funny that their personalities seem so similar to me it's almost like they're the same person. And when Jillian doesn't have the clown makeup on she kind of reminds me of Shayna

No. 1217232

File: 1654740324105.jpeg (297.92 KB, 1440x1800, 01DDE5EE-6942-468C-9668-93BA29…)

Anisa would be hot if she had taken care of her implants and could actually be sexy on camera. Her body is nice and definitely a lot better than some other cows. She’s terrible at be sexy on camera but I don’t think she’s actually ugly.

I’m also thankful for her as the beginning of her relationship made me realize what a terrible boyfriend iDubbbz would be and broke me out of my freak parasocial crush on him. I found LC through her and I ended up disliking both of them kek.

No. 1217234

…I honestly like her tattoos. I know they kind of look cheap but I love how bright and saturated they are kek.

No. 1217243

I also had a stupid fucking crush on idubbbz from like 2015-2017. Then he got rid of his hair and got that gross mustache kek.

No. 1217244

I finally watch the iDubbz/Sam Hyde documentaries. I didn't know really anything about either of them. iDubbz came across as a pathetic whiny loser and Sam came across as a deliberate retard. It would have been a lot funnier if they actually stuck to the iDubbz gaslighting document they mentioned.

No. 1217315

I'm gonna sound retarded going back to this shit but I was the infighting sperg in the pixie thread. All I said was that Jillian probably doesn't have BPD and I get the same 1-2 anons harping on about how Y0u d0N'T kn0W th4T!!!1! while simultaneously saying that Jillian has BPD, because everyone acts the same way in real life as they do online I guess kek. Like a year or two ago everyone in that thread would have said the same thing, guess I didn't catch the memo that questioning her '''diagnosis''' became an unpopular opinion. It reads like the Lucinda thread or something and it's full of a bunch of twitards or underaged mongs based on the fact that they rather act like spergs and post dumb memes instead of coming up with any decent argument against my points

No. 1217436

the only good pro ana scumbag was that one girl who deleted her twitter after she talked about how much she loved asians, told a girl in recovery she shouldn’t do it and told another one that a bmi of 15 was way too high. i was entertained by her i wish she had posted more, everything else in those threads is so boring, even georgia got boring real quick

No. 1217595

what did she post

No. 1217665

>>egirls which is just kaliacc twitter moids now
So that's where they went after they got chased out of Leftcows

The Jillian thread becomes unreadable when all the twitter troons get in there arguing about how they are valid fakebois or have real DID or whatever. I get why a lot of twitter users lurk there, because those are her (ex?)fans, but none of them even try to integrate or consider that if reading criticisms of their own cowish behavior is triggering they should just not lurk here

No. 1217949

This child had to cover herself with the blood of her classmate to not get shot be the Uvalde killer. She mentions horrible shit. This really puts in perspective someone like her vs someone like Pixielocks who really pretends to be traumatized.

No. 1218034

Lmfao I find this so unhinged.

No. 1218074

Both of these posts are honestly kind of insensitive

No. 1218182

I see how >>1218034 is insensitive but how is >>1217949 ? I thought she made a good point.

No. 1218209

I honestly just thought that using a child who went through a shooting just to disprove something about a cow was a little tactless. Maybe I'm just being sensitive or I don't get it because I don't browse the cow boards enough to care that much about Pixie, but I think it's insensitive.

No. 1218272

You are insane, literally psychotic to even think of some nobody internet personality when you hear a poor girls personal story about a school shooting. Log off and get help.

Fuck there are a lot of anons who would be full fledged cows if they weren't anonymous

No. 1218406

File: 1654800221740.jpg (540.3 KB, 2550x2400, 1654194088949.jpg)

Someone did some Pixie fanart on June 2nd which referenced something like this, maybe this is why anon made the connection. Seeing the headline about the poor child actually reminded me of the fanart earlier, so just an unfortunate coincidence/gift of prophecy from another anon.


No. 1218424

Wanting to survive during a shooting or trying to draw the comparison to “gotcha!” Pixie? I find the latter unhinged personally.

No. 1218573

you can't just say that then not even post caps , damn nonnie

No. 1218578

How is this insensitive? I was saying it's incredibly unhinged to compare a child survivor of a shooting to a cow to put her in her place. It's funny in a sick way to me that an anon would actually think of pixi when watching such a video.

No. 1218619

My apologies anon, I thought you were calling the girl unhinged. Sorry for the misunderstanding

No. 1218893

pro ana thread is so weird, those who aren't bone rattling are always seething at nothing. i used to follow it because i liked the eugenia cooney discourse but most of the girls in there are just… being normal anachans? like yeah they're spoonies but reposting their instagram story of their meal saying its not healthy enough is so weird

No. 1218902

So did anyone post any actual proof of Parappa-chan being a /pol/tard or are we still basing it on "he said she said" speculation?

No. 1218931

File: 1654816183138.png (64.6 KB, 605x628, Capture.PNG)

Lucinda retweeted some really thin girl and these are all the comments, why the fuck do edtwt fags treat anorexia like some diet? Not posting in her thread because its half edtwt users but jesus.
>"i wanna be anorexic! but not THAT kind of anorexic just like, the edited aliexpress models hehe"
They do realize they can reach the slightly underweight look they want without having to fake anorexia with it right?

No. 1218936

but that's literally what pixielocks is comparing herself to when she says she has a super traumatizing disease like DID. She clearly is using this shit to be lazy, not to solve her ~~~~trauma~~~~

No. 1219757

Who is Parappa-chan

No. 1219852

You seriously need to log off and pay a visit to a mental health professional.

No. 1220670

Not an anachan, but I used to follow mostly for n2f updates, and the nitpicking in that thread is insane. I guarantee the anons regularly posting are more cow-like than the ones they post about.

No. 1220698

Nta, but she is an anon who husbandofags Parappa the rapper. Some time ago, someone on the Pride thread said that she was in a Discord server with her, and Parappa anon used to have /pol/tard like rants about the jews. This information got extended across the farms but no one has posted screenshots.

No. 1220756

I thought that the nazi was the anon who likes seals

No. 1220773

Seal-chan? Yes, there are actual screenshots of her Discord messages. Parappa anon is another person, but we still have no proof about her rants.

No. 1220774

I'm the one who made those claims but I cannot back it up as I'm not on the server anymore. It was just an off hand "name the problem" (iirc) comment about jews, not necessarily a "rant" in itself but a very strong red flag for /pol/tardism. She us also the anon ranting about fat people being immoral lmao. Personally I don't really care if you hate fatties (being one myself) but the fucking moral manifestos she goes on about it is quite hilarious.

Again, if someone is in a server called "Moo" you can search "parappachan" and you will see what I mean. Not sure if that is her handle anymore mut still. You can also just ask parappachan herself, she will tell you her views.

No. 1220778

And to add, I do have receipts of her fat sperging but I do not know if that is anything nonnas here are concerned about, as it is a quite popular view after all (not totally unjustifiably)

No. 1220903

Nta but here you are friends, some of her greatest hits: >>>/m/198208
She also appeared to rant about hating radfems because they consider the work of 'fat subhuman jewish women' like Dworkin: >>>/2X/5676

No. 1221619

Most threads on snow are boring and nitpicky as hell. I want proper milk, not people being annoying. Pixie gets a pass because she became milky as time went on but really wasn't initially. The newer trashtalk thread has absolutely 0 milk in it other then popular people being cringe.

Agreed, at least focus on the actual issues rather then talking about how some average looking girl is actually an obese whale with a melted face. Seriously it's annoying.
Unless we're talking deathfats and the like, I just don't care.

No. 1221633

>if someone is in a server called "Moo"
What the shit are you talking about. Caps or GTFO.
You can post those if you consider them spergy/extreme enough.
I admit I have only seen her in passing doing her Parappa avatarfagging and I do not really remember the content of her Parappa husbandofagging posts, can someone post them side by side with her anti-radfem sperging so we can compare the writing styles to see if they really could be the same person?

No. 1221686

LMAO at being a "based pee oh see radfem" and calling Andrea Fucking Dworking fat subhuman in the same breath. Thank you kind milkmaid

The server is/was some server that came out of /g/ iirc, it's closed and I left so I cannot bring you the milk, pardon nonna. I'll post the mild fat sperg later when I'm on my pc again

No. 1221727

All I know about papaparawhatever chan is that she posts on the r9k waifu threads

No. 1221936

wow, that's sad

No. 1222085

>Shows one lack of will and natural inclination towards consumption
This is funny coming from someone obsessed with consooming media meant for children about a dog who raps.

No. 1222104

I think it started with the celebrity threads sperging about being fat and black people, then in the coquette thread repeating the same thing (maybe where rapdog was brought up?), then sperging about dworkin being fat (I think it's the same person, never asked), and then in 2X. I think everyone assumes its the same person due to the autism about fat people and use of the word 'subhuman' to describe everyone she perceives as somehow immoral (and the added poltard black people and jew sperging).

No. 1222109

is she also (c)rap-chan or are there multiple spergs with "subhuman" as their pet word?

No. 1222118

i left that thread when they forced that elzani girl into cow status, just cause she was kinda autistic and clearly dealing with the aftermath of extreme anorexia, there was genuinely no milk besides her recovering and documenting it yet they persisted with her for threads upon threads. the golden age of ember/emily/aly is looong gone

No. 1222134

Its the same person in my opinion, since they always have a crossover of autistic topics and the same general typing style. If it was anons joking or aping her I think they would be more comical with it.

No. 1222136

That is (c)rap-chan and she is half black. They can't be the same person.

No. 1222140

Parappanon denied being (c)rap-chan, for what it's worth. That was in the Kaitlyn thread IIRC.

No. 1222163

Someone in the Moo server post caps please

No. 1222169

I won't even lie I never get the milk of those threads. I always scroll past it and it's always seems like…nothing much is going on or to be talked about. Just some mentally ill women struggling with Their mental illness. Not even on a interesting way. Maybe I just don't get it.

No. 1222170

Ah. I thought she was parapa-anon.

No. 1222197

Proana is filled with wannarexic jellies and bone rattling retards who get off on calling recovering ana-chans fat so they feel better about their disgusting bodies and failures to recover. All of them also have a superiority complex to cows itt but they're really no different. Both are pickmes who starve themselves for attention, aside from the ones who became anorexic from trauma but I don't know think any of the posters are in that category.
Lately we had an ana-chan poster here derail a thread and she turned out to be the dykehater namefag, kek. It's so weird to me that most ana-chans are obsessed with beauty and mocking women's looks when most of them look like grimes instead of the models they inspire from. All of that threads posters are mental and I can't stand reading the weird stuff they write. They're no different than deathfats.

No. 1222207

Yeah I followed Italian Aly and n2f because they were kooky. No other skellie interests me.
The anachan thread has always been a mess. It even got closed by mods once then reopened.
They're seething because they're constantly hangry

No. 1222210

TBH I only used to follow aly/the anorexic cowa threads years ago because I was trying to trigger an ED again. Anorexic cows really aren't interesting at all except to wannarexics and hangry anachans lol

No. 1222228

I think TND is dead. I hope I'm wrong.

No. 1222237

What cows do you think browse their own threads?

Also, what cows do you think browse /ot/?

No. 1222238

All leftcows apparently do and post in it like speds, probably why sometimes there is complaining about women mocking scrotes. Lucinda did once. Rachel/bertha definitely does.

No. 1222249

Pro Ana thread would die without self posters lol. That being said I think cows don't lurk as much as some anons think, it's always a sign of needing to log off when a farmer says
>Look, we were just talking about [worldwide news event] and she posted about it! Proof she lurks!
And they write long first-person lectures to the cow as if they're legally obligated to read their own thread no matter what's in it.
Makes us all sound a little too Trishyland for my liking. I think cows are best left undisturbed for wholesome organic milk.

No. 1222250

What makes you think that?

No. 1222311

As anon said, >>1222238 leftcows do. I also honestly think Lauren Southern lurks the tradthots thread if she doesn't post in it. Way too much weird PR for how based she is now in there over the last few months. And then there are the other ones who have totally outed themselves as lurkers like JC and Syd, Shayna, etc. I do miss ultimate lurker Holly Conrad who would try to compare her youtube comments to how lolcow anons talked to say every criticism of her there was only from lolcow, kek.

No. 1222388

File: 1655040410222.jpg (52.28 KB, 1069x339, dfvaef.JPG)

Here. This identifies me to her to but honestly I do not care that much (I'm not the only one posting about your antics btw). Again, not that serious in itself but it ties into the claim that >>1220903 is her. I just thought it was funny she randomly messaged this to me without knowing I am a huge lardass, I think she thought I can't be fat because she thought I was nice or something idk (?).

No. 1222403

I like how she's saying fatties are immoral but she keeps tearing everyone else apart like it's nothing, kek. Why are all unhinged bitches delusional wannaroexcis?

No. 1222445

File: 1655042860269.jpg (45.71 KB, 296x320, 1601323581570.jpg)

>tfw you realize the only difference between most anons and the cows we follow is that we don't post our personal shit online

No. 1222448

File: 1655042935884.jpg (91.78 KB, 1121x1004, 1598553052894.jpg)

No. 1222505

i don't keep up with the tradthots thread very much but the thought lauren was the type to post on lolcow about herself did cross my mind.

No. 1222515

File: 1655044269797.jpg (155.34 KB, 724x1225, Screenshot_20220428-231142_Fir…)

This has always been the way. Take a moment and reflect on the threads you read the most - that's you, bitch. It honestly can help prompt a lil self-reflection that might actually benefit you.

No. 1222516

took you a while

No. 1222524

no not me i am silently autistic. my thread would die faster than any suicidebaiter ever would

No. 1222547

Anons, what are your favorite cows / cow threads nowadays and why? Looking for something interesting to read and I haven't visited any of the cow related boards in a while skinwalker type cows are always interesting but I'm open for any recommendation

No. 1222559

Chantelle/oddynuff if you don't mind horrorcows

No. 1222560

Nah I'm an average joe, just a sour gossipy bitch sometimes. I'd say the weebs on here are most likely to have issues and cow tendencies in person, I'm sure.

No. 1222567

both troon threads for the horror. also shayna, not so much because of the milk (although there has been some not so long ago) but because the infighting and sperging is funny

No. 1222599

Stefany, Jill, Soren, Ginger Bronson, the first three Rachel threads or so (before her kiwifarms thread was approved), Abby Brown, all the fakeboi/tif threads, annnd that's all I have in mind.

No. 1222608

Samefag; meant to reply to >>1222547

No. 1222623

Sorens threads were always my favorite due to the sheer unbridled insanity that was way too grim and genuine to even make fun off. I will never forget everyones collective horror upon unearthing her "trauma narrative". As obviously fake as it was, I think soren was maybe the single most genuinely mentally disturbed cow ever. May god rest her soul

No. 1222630

Thank you nonnas! I've been reading Soren's threads in the past and yeah, that was some unforgettable stuff

No. 1222838

Hi nonnas I'm here from the detrans thread with my controversial take, that cluniac guy has been a favorite cow of mine lately. I want to tease him and humiliate him about how dramatic he is and embarass him about his gross paraphillias that I know he struggles with because he's so male and porn sodden. I want to force him to embarass himself in front of me so he always knows he's inferior.Completely dominate him and make him my little bitch. I want to make him cry and make him beg me to stop teasing him. Id probably be nice to him for a little bit here and there to really fuck with his mind and make him get attached… then I'd go right back to bullying him like a mean girl. Most of the women/handmaidens following him want to coddle him and fix him but I want to torment him(consider therapy)

No. 1222867

Get help

No. 1222868

This is 100% the detrans moid himself

No. 1222876

Just leave, don't even try to fit in.

No. 1222890

he's not even worth it at this point.

No. 1222891

If you're an actual woman and not the detrans guy himself, you just sound like you've been tricked by the long hair. I thought he was kind of cute before he went off the rails, and then he uploaded this video and showed how ugly he really is.

No. 1222893

agreed. the hair really hid a world of fugly.

No. 1222931

And here I hoped that he was going to get mental help and continue looking like a longhaired alt guy, but instead he decides to go even more apeshit, be misogynistic and uglify himself. Ah the moid brain.

No. 1223025

File: 1655063292332.webm (3.18 MB, 720x1280, 1654991831305.webm)

I can't believe she calls herself hot in this shit

No. 1223027

Where is the racist cap

No. 1223060

your theory is blown because i only keep up with the shayna thread and the camwhores thread and i hate (this type) of whores and don't interact with moids, i'm just flabbergasted by their trashiness and retardation.

No. 1223092

I'm screaming, she's going for cutesy prancing but what she's actually getting is drunken lumbering.

No. 1223113

Unrelated but I love it when unconventional women call themselves hot. It makes everyone seethe. She's also not ugly aside from her fattiness but everyone hates it when a fat woman calls herself hot, especially fat and ugly men. Glad to see someone with so much confidence.

No. 1223115

Yeah, okay nonny.

No. 1223125

I wonder can you even be a lolcow, if you acknowledge that you might be one. Lack of self awareness seems like an essential trait of a cow to me.

No. 1223137

I'm just here to support that anon's theory because I go to shayna's thread because she's pretty much me if I was less self-aware and didn't stop seeking moid attention

No. 1223174

But there's no chance she genuinely believes it, she's insecure af and bravado about being hot is one way it manifests. It's much sadder than if she was just like 'yeah I'm pretty average looking and chubby, but that's fine because looks aren't everything'. That would be real confidence.

No. 1223212

I love every new picture of Kathy's repulsive redditor boyfriend because he is just genuinely so ugly and smelly-looking that it takes me aback every time! It really puts everything into perspective. It's obvious that Kathy isn't some big wig burlesque star but then someone will post a pic of her boyfriend and then it hits you… these are just your average homely alt kinky facebook people. The type that repost countless infographs on how kinky people are an oppressed minority. The picture of Kathy's boyfriend with his second girlfriend looks like the average alt facebook couple's selfie; shitty makeup, cheap jewelry and clothes, no sense of style, etc. Very fun.

No. 1223306

euuuugh makes complete sense considering they're larping as internet autists. their whole image is dependent on imageboard culture, their transparency is a dying shame.

No. 1223345

File: 1655083981085.jpeg (157.81 KB, 1413x221, AC1357FE-3ADF-41E9-80C7-C80832…)

Belle delphine doesn’t look like a rat and this is unhinged most of her thread seem like PULLfags. I don’t like her still because she’s a disgusting pedobaiter

No. 1223356

Do you think Soren actually did meth or do you think she was lying? I honestly believe that she did but I know that a lot of anons didn't/don't believe her because she was such a crazy liar.

No. 1223362

belle isn't very interesting these days and boring cows seem to attract the most autistic posters to their threads

No. 1223363

Coming back to add, yeah she is vile. A lot of us need to accept the fact that this isn’t a Disney movie. Some bad people are pretty. I saw candids of her and yeah she looks different but she’s still pretty cute.

No. 1223378

The shit she posted didn’t look at all like meth to me, a lot of junkie anons said it didn’t either so i dont know, she was probably abusing pharmaceuticals

No. 1223386

Anons in shayna thread get mad obsessed. Shes interesting to observe but people out there are taking her existence personally, it makes it less fun

No. 1223395

Some of them seriously need to take a break. It's like they don't even realize that, if they're so bored, there are more cows than Shayna kek. Shayna going to Ireland really caused the thread to deteriorate so fast.

No. 1223460

They're taking it personal because her threads have been overtaken by other e-whores who are either just as bad or worse than her. Can't say she's lost weight without ten replies screaming she hasn't because if she did, that means she may be/may be becoming skinnier than them. They are cows themselves.

No. 1223512

It's the Halo effect but in reverse, kinda. "Beautiful people are all good! If she's bad she's not beautiful."

That and not wanting to accept a cow has qualities too.

No. 1223527

Exactly, and it shows what anons value- they think being pretty and skinny is the most important, worthwhile trait a person (woman lbr) can have, and it makes them SEETHE to think that a bad person is fortunate enough to be attractive. They tell themselves that certain people are ugly and fat because that's the worst punishment in their eyes. You can tell how knee jerk and compulsive it is by the nit picking, someone will see a pic of a cow looking good and find any tiny flaw to criticize they can.

No. 1223532

You can't. It's those two things that make a cow: lack of self-awareness coupled with an urge to attention-whore. Whether funny or horrorcows, all cows have these two attributes.

No. 1223535

If you connect that pic with an anon claimed to be Parappachan, it's pretty clear she is the one calling Andrea Dworking a fat ugly subhuman (=jewish I think?)

No. 1223543

File: 1655107712281.jpeg (220.99 KB, 1371x243, 4CC55B63-3561-418A-930C-14CA24…)

The Cherry chick in the Onlyfans thread is hilarious, she calls shayna “shat” and literally uses the same expressions from the shay thread like “ captain save a hoe” on top of being morbidly obese, she calls shayna “fat shat” this is from the OF thread 1/2

No. 1223545

File: 1655107756735.jpeg (166.91 KB, 1496x247, 4AF2E689-B7B0-458E-8D38-B49DED…)

I thought I saw “captain save a hoe” somewhere else. Kek this is from Shayna’s thread 2/2

No. 1223549

File: 1655108250635.jpeg (997.47 KB, 1158x1743, 630BAFA7-DA31-43B7-988D-D728C4…)

No wonder she gets offended at anons pointing out ass boils and wonky tits. This person looks like she is melting, like a giant mound of flesh. She is literally unhygienic cause of her size. It is beyond me why these people make porn of themselves

No. 1223682

People who look like this literally make a killing by doing humiliating fat fetish porn. The bar is so low that literally any obese woman could offer pictures or videos of her eating and gaining and a whole bus full of fetishist moids would pull up showering her with money

No. 1223810

Tuna's threads are honestly my main reason for wanting to get clean. I might be druggie now but if I ever turn into a lying scamming stealing leeching elderly abuser like her I'll just overdose on purpose, god if I ever become like her. no no not actual suicidebait

No. 1224044

Kathy is truly one of my new favorite cows since feebz's disappearance. Karma truly will not stop letting down on Kathy to the point where I might start to feel some pity, but the second I do, she posts something that reminds me why she was posted here to begin with. She's locked herself in a cycle where she tries to get up on her high horse and is immediately kicked off every time, face first into the dirt. Try and try again as she might, she's kicked off every time by something of her own doing. It's like with every breath she takes, she's slammed with instant karma. She really is a one woman show, except her only audience is us. I love her.

No. 1224116

File: 1655146757436.jpg (124.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sage because niche and not lcf related but the super best friends thread on kiwifarms is the most dry i've seen any milk. posts get like 3 reacts at best and it's just a bunch of autists nitpicking other autists' vidya opinions. a lot of "cows" who are just cringe content creators are like that tbf.
matt's retarded, liam's a bitch and woolie is boring but none of them are interesting enough to sustain a thread imo. i still enjoy pat's presence on paige's streams even if he gets a little retarded on twitter sometimes

No. 1224261

I agree, I can't look at girls like Lucinda or other ana-chans without feeling a deep sadness for them. I know most of them are knee deep in seeking out emotional validation but watching them literally kill themselves, especially a young and mentally disturbed women is disturbing. I don't find it funny.

No. 1224271

I never even watched their lets plays but I still use the subreddit cause its a chill place where I can discuss all the stuff I find interesting without worry

No. 1224388

this so much anon. i support all women considering themselves beautiful. they will always look better than 99% of moids.

No. 1224447

I personally don’t get what people have against kelly kirstein. I saw a really nit picky thread about her once awhile ago. I’ve been following her for a long time, and from what I’ve seen theres absolutely no milk.

No. 1224468

Did they ever figure out why they broke up? I used to be a fan of them back in the day

No. 1224489

Well put, nonny. I feel like despite not being attractive or talented, she could be mildly successful at what she does if she wasn't constantly burning every bridge she comes across. I read her thread guilt-free because she's not as horrifying as other cows, but is still awful enough to deserve what comes her way.

No. 1224577

Then why does it look like she lives in a maintenance closet in a basement

No. 1224730

they're pretty good about keeping drama hush-hush. imo since they were never best friends, they just started getting annoyed with each other and broke it off, probably nothing too bad

No. 1224949

You're so right, but Kathy is so deep in her cope that she thinks every face full of dirt she eats each time her neckbeard cheats on her or ignores her publicly is an epic win. Actually, you just made me realize how much like June she is.

No. 1225082

See >>1205418

No. 1226303

There's still the thing about Soren's Depop being updated with items that were listed this year, it was posted in the last thread I think. I still have hope nonnas

No. 1226331

I'd fuck Steebie

No. 1226377

It's a skinny white person with blonde hair, it's not soren

No. 1226384

Oh wow I almost forgot about all that crazy shit

No. 1226391

You can do it Nonnie, it's worth it.

No. 1226494

She doesn't have a thread here but I've been keeping up with ShannyforChrist, the bleakness and horrorcowness of her life fills the hole in my heart soren made when she passed away. Amberlynn used to be my favorite cow simply because she was always so unintentionally funny to me but since she got cancer I backed off and haven't kept up with her. Chantal is just boring and I can't stand nader he makes me want to alog.
I somewhat keep up with Ethan Ralph.

No. 1226529

You 100% watch Null's streams

No. 1226740

Oh I only watch his streams when something happens to Ethan

No. 1226785

Does anyone know why the spoonie/munchie thread ended up dying so long ago?

No. 1226821

IIRC admin/mods banned the topic so we can't make any new threads
Unless they've forgotten, of course

No. 1226843

Why did they ban it? it was a fun one.

No. 1226854

I think they even banned the topic twice, but I'm not completely sure on the reason. Probably some combination of medfagging, infighting, selfposting, and possibly some KF crossover? I know they also have a spoonies/munchies thread (that is currently active, too). I didn't read the threads often enough to know how bad it was, I only went there for Jacquie.

No. 1226857

File: 1655325787309.jpg (555.63 KB, 719x900, 20220607_185340.jpg)

I feel too old to follow the current Elaine/Mike/Regina drama, the thread just reads like none of those words are in the bible. My tinfoil now is that it's just a bunch of kiwis circlejerking because literally who cares about a discord of autists trying to troll each other. It was funny when anons photoshoped the ugly guy's pics tho.

No. 1226861

File: 1655325866508.png (316.83 KB, 518x437, h3.png)

How come Shoe0nhead's thread is autosaged?

No. 1226866

wait i was wondering why i never see her thread in snow. So this is why.

No. 1226877

Shoe is cute

No. 1226916

??? Because it's near 1200 posts already and is about to be locked since it's near post limit. It's not autosaged on purpose. Someone has to make a new thread.

No. 1226920

That’s not how that works

No. 1226927

Yes it is. Her thread has actually reached past the point of 1200 posts which then autosages it. Make a new thread and stop asking the same question over and over.

No. 1226936

It was autosaged before that and I’m not the same anon lol I don’t care about June and am glad I don’t have to see her thread

No. 1227360

You know the milk is dry in Lori's thread when anons are autistically obsessed with how many bedrooms are in her apartment. I wish her and Kev would go to a con and do something interesting, I miss the Facebook spergouts

No. 1228100

Anybody else hoping they get Bianca’s law through? It would absolutely cripple true crime YouTube I think. The vultures might have to get real jobs outside of exploitation

No. 1228109

it already passed, i highly doubt that hochul won't sign it. definitely needs to be a thing though. that should've already been a law. needs to spread to other states now.

No. 1229232

Shayna's thread is cringe. She is milky but there's something wrong with the farmers tbf.

No. 1229239

File: 1655498582239.gif (6.08 MB, 480x476, EC931ABB-A13D-41E9-A254-9038E5…)

Michael Slack of Minnesota after retweeting some women he admitted to being homely in pedophillic fantasies and molesting his own daughter.

No. 1229292

Can someone spoonfeed my on why we have a thread on some fat nazi neckbeard? I'd look myself but I get the heeby jeebiez when I see that ugly moids face on the main page. Not to be too high brow, but it's all just so disgusting… Are they actually lulzy?

No. 1229294

What fat nazi neckbeard?

No. 1229312

Kek I couldn't tell if anon was talking about Varg or not

No. 1229344

Why hasn't the egirls thread been autosaged already? It's a complete 180 from what it was and now it's just filled with infighting egirls, the last time there was milk was over half a year ago when the vo1dchan private groupchat/grooming discord was exposed
>umm…? nonny y arent u admitting tht vo1dchan literally invented sugarbunnies aesthetic? like u look like an idiot kek it's obvious ppl wanna be her…?
>um lol she didnt invent sanrio- ppl hav liked sanrio wayyy longer than her u look stupid i…
Usually unsaged as well.
That's not soren's listing. It was a listing that Soren added to her liked list on depop.
To explain it if you haven't used depop, you can make lists of item listings for some reason. Say you wanna keep track of stuff you might buy or something, you'd add it to a list in your likes.

No. 1229366

Thank you for that recap but sad to say I wouldn't question Varg's cow status in the slightest and at least he used to be a legit famous person. I meant this thread >>>/snow/1557779

No. 1229431

i still maintain 70% of posters in shayna's thread are camgirls. she's cringy but she's not cringy enough for those threads to be so active.

No. 1229512

Now that the lolita thread is discussing that Lara, I'm really curious if anyone itt can fill me in on what the thing with her picture on cgl she alludes to was. I don't know much about her or have a strong opinion on her either way, but I have been recommended her videos about the cgl thing and haven't had luck trying to figure it out on my own.

No. 1229550

It makes me deeply sad that Shayna wasted her best looking years on Fupa only to be dumped after she got fat. Maybe there’s more to it but it makes me just feel a weird hollow pity towards her like she could’ve dated a cute guy her age, I know she wasnt the best looking but nobody deserves a fat ass older scrote with baggage. I guess it’s a lesson learned you can fulfill a mans fantasy and be leagues above him and he’ll still leave you high and dry. I think Fupa doesn’t deserve a new fiancé, especially one with kids. He doesn’t even deserve to see his own kids. He’s disgusting

No. 1229655

shayna could look just as good as she once did if she decided to get her act together. but yeah never date fat ugly men with the expectation that they'll treat you well. he's disgusting.

No. 1229785

Hoooly shit. Guess I was right to stay the fuck away. Thank you for the spoonfeed.

No. 1230031

I agree that he shouldn't be around kids, and it really is shitty that he gets to just start over as a father again with these stepkids when he's not even a good father to his own children

No. 1230411

Christ Almighty, I've been following the Shay threads for a long time, but it feels that the discussion that goes on in that thread has been getting worse and worse, probably a lot to do with the limited moderation going around on this website. Yet it's not even the infighting that's bothering me most, but the fact that so many of those tards don't even bother to integrate while they sound fresh off of Twitter. I bet a lot of them can't even tell the difference between the two. There's so much spergery and infighting going on across the site underneath all of the raids we've been getting that lolcow is sizzling with this pervasive sense of irritability. Like as the weather gets warmer, anons become more hotheaded and ready to pounce on each other. I guess all of this is to say how sorry it is that this site became more popular over time and as a result is slowly losing its culture.

No. 1230461

When I said this nonnies were like, "it's always like this" no it's not. Sometimes I wonder if it's because the 20 million creepshow videos that were made and still are being made, thats brought some people over here.
Certain threads have a "twitter/youtube brought me here" vibe, like Pixie's thread constantly is attracting troon defenders. Shayna's thread is full of sex workers revealing their sex working. In fact it's kinda weird whats going on in shayna's thread. It's not like she's super popular as a cow, I wonder why she has so many new fags. Like what made people go, "Damn, heard about Dolly Mattel?". Usually you can point to a video or something (Like Pixie) or an event, with Shayna it's newfags/bold sex workers who are new or been around for a while and thinking they can finally reveal themselves.
Her thread is more like a chat room loosely based around Shayna then a thread about her.

No. 1230474

God I hope no, I love to love it here and hate to hate it here but love hating it here. I don't know what I'd do. I think maybe the admins Mods are just a lil busy. I'd cry and be depressed for years if this place didn't exist.

No. 1230476

>it's always like this
Surely those who say this are newfags who think being on here for a year makes them an oldfag KEK. Any oldfags around here now would say the same thing as you. I think the creepshow disaster definitely played a role, and any other YouTuber that namedrops lolcow. This website simply isn't what it used to be. I've got a feeling it's gonna close down soon, or something internal is gonna happen in the next 6 months-1 year

No. 1230485

Samefag >>1230476 (deleted and reposted) but the dearth of moderation and admin response over the last 6+ months is telling. We haven't had hellweek this year, the last time admin responded was in February, raids have increased a thousand-fold, etc. etc. These are just the most perceptible changes. The infighting and shameless newfaggery is more subtle if you haven't been here awhile. Even the redtexts are different from what they were many years ago. I think the administration change played a big role, but I don't blame the lack of applicants. Lolcow is too big a burden for most socially-adjusted people to maintain, and it's too risky to pass off to just anyone. Imagine all of the cows that might've responded. Not to mention the expenses involved. It's a horrible shame.

No. 1230491

It pisses me off because Kiwifarms is a lot more controvesial then this place, but sometimes I feel it'd last longer. Like Josh puts his face to the madness he does and yes, he's getting Ddos'd and sued every mintue, but he wants to keep the site going.
I can't imagine what the admins go through to keep this hellsite going.

No. 1230506

Absolutely. Null, for all of his cow-ish behaviors, has proven his dedication to running KF, and that's reflected in how proactive he and the forum staff are in maintaining the usability of the website. Even though KF culture has definitely changed from what it was years ago, at least Null closed registration for June (and May and April, I think) to keep newfags and politispergs out. The fact that lolcow is unable to do the same only proves how important the requirement for heavy moderation is, considering that we are an anonymous imageboard and have less selectiveness over who gets to post here.

No. 1230530

File: 1655595920193.jpg (131.27 KB, 1211x330, Dz51o1u.jpg)

Samefag but this thread >>>/ot/1230404 has literally stayed up for an hour proves our point. Picrel are some choice quotes

No. 1230568

Null fans gtfo

No. 1230594

No one is a null fan for stating that he is more active on his website than the admin of lolcow kek

No. 1230610

File: 1655598327343.jpg (504.16 KB, 1080x1920, gg.jpg)

My power my pleasure MY PAIN

No. 1230613

what does this signify

No. 1230616

I can't believe someone actually saves this lockscreen kek

No. 1230619


No. 1231167

wtf? How many insane stalkers does Null have?

No. 1231209

File: 1655642943999.jpg (223.12 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20220619-083720_Twi…)

Sometimes I miss pnp having a thread but she learned to not blab about everything that happens to her online.

No. 1232016

Sooooo whats next for Shayna? Nonas swore that this trip was going to be dripping with Milk. Nothing much happened in fact people made their own milk by Digging into her sisters life a little. Now she's back and nothing is happening. I'm at a weird point where I'm realizing Shayna was never "entertaining" at all. Just gross and crusty. Even the most milk she's had has always been…blah. Drama with Fupaul, Agruments with other idiots that end up with nothing happening.
I feel like i'm waiting for something to happen but it's like, "What?". I have a feeling Shayna's going to end up like those cows who just fade off and stop posting shit online.
It'll just be nonnies posting her gross porn or random identical disgusting "Imagine if-" tweets. She seems just as drained as we are.
Also it's so weird to even be writing this, like i'm complaining another persons life isn't interesting enough for ME. I need to touch some grass and eat some glass.

No. 1232376

I also miss Ariana. Do you have any idea why she locked everything?
Nonas who thought the trip would be milky are as delulu as she is. When has she ever been milky when she’s with her dad? Never! Her birthday “show” this Friday (if she does it) will probably be entertaining. She’s probably still riding high from her vacation but you know soon she’ll kick off again.

No. 1232378

i miss her too but im glad shes graduated. kinda think that soyboi faggot matt had something to do with her insanity because she's really relaxed on the posting now he's out of the picture

No. 1234032

Ariana was one of the original lolcows that got me regularly visiting this site. My theory is she had some kind of mega bpd life-splosion where she scrapped her latest life/identity, and is going to re emerge in some surprising way. Or not. Maybe she got like an office job or something.

No. 1234949

I’m kind of concerned about Dasha from Leftcows and her new zoomer boyfriend. I remember he was talked about when he was Honor Levy’s bf and people said he was abusive to her. Dasha seems seriously unhinged now and it’s coincided with them starting to date. She’s a huge pickme and cow in general, and I guess a lot of anons won’t have any sympathy, but I do feel sorry for her and hope this is all just speculation.

No. 1234956

I found it kind of funny to follow her during the tulsa saga, because there was such a clear downward spiral going on, with her descent into alcoholism, fupa bpd meltdowns and living in a filthy apartment. But it seems her situation has mostly stabilized since she moved, so she’s not very fun to follow. However people like her do continue to get worse over time, so i predict she has the potential to become a very obscure foodie beauty style cow some 10-ish years down the line.

No. 1234968

I want Holly Conrad to be more unhinged. I fucking love her woe-is-me self-pitying tweets. I fucking LOVE them. She's just so… unaware. I definitely think she has the tism. There's just no way. I want her to post more and more unapologetically. Maybe we'll get that when Jared goes out and fucks some better looking, younger woman. Fingers crossed!

No. 1235108

You sound unhinged too.

No. 1235113

Fucking duh, anon. I never denied that!

No. 1235120

File: 1655919205047.png (337.68 KB, 720x720, 1646953327164.png)

I urge you to get help anon

No. 1235127

I sort of get you anon, unhinged Holly posting is both hilarious and infuriating at the same time and I would love to see her get the same treatment as what she did towards Heidi (though we know that's not going to happen since she seems to keep other women at a distance now, bitch is fully aware what the risks are) but I also want Jared to stay away from women forever and always.

No. 1235139

Why are you moralfagging in the real cow opinions thread over the pinnacle of pickmes?
THANK YOU. You get it!! I also want Jared to get hit by a semi in minecraft. Men like him will never change their ways and they'll always go and fuck over the women who throw other women under the bus to be with them. It's only a matter of time.

No. 1235206

I can't look at Venus' threads. Knowing the shit her mom put her through, every milky thing she does in my eyes is just a consequence of whatever that batshit insane woman instilled in her. She's one of those cows I just want to get proper help and a ton of therapy.

No. 1235229

Venus's thread makes me so sad, I watched her in my early teens (she's a few years older than me) and it has hurt so much watching her downfall. I know deep down she never wanted this for herself

No. 1235571

She might have autism, but I think attributing the way she acts mainly to that would be a mistake. Holly's real issue is that she's just a huge asshole with a victim complex the size of planet earth.

No. 1235782

I know it's being discussed in the Lucinda thread already and I don't want to shit it up but I am really worried about her. She has never gone this long without posting. I'm hoping it's just because she's in treatment and didn't have time to post her usual ambulance pic. Kind of morbid but if she did pass away would there be any way we would even know? Unless her brother or someone updated?

No. 1235784

I'm so sad too Nonny, it feels really weird that she's gone this long but she seemed 'okish' before. I really hope she's alright and forced IP or maybe working… I actually threw up when I saw the memes of her death posted. I love our farmers but was definitely not needed.

No. 1235791

That new ana cow hole is probably the ugliest woman I've ever seen. No eyebrows, giga chin, and beady meatball eyes. Unfortunate.

No. 1235804

>ana cow hole
male or retarded?

No. 1235832

Her username is wholefoodswhatever the fuck and her nickname in the thread is "hole". Sounds like you need to lurk moar

No. 1235842

No idea why >>1235832 assumes everyone participates in the same threads. Anyway, I think she’s referring to happyhealthywhole1 on TikTok. Who’s not only rather unfortunate but also seems to be a predator.

No. 1235896

Someone on KF said that they noticed Twitter removed one of her tweets for being in violation of ToS or whatever and that restrictions can last between 24 hours and a week. I personally don't consider someone going offline for a week to be very problematic for said reason but also since one week isn't a huge amount of time. It's more like if it stretches into 2 weeks or more that I think silence can become off putting.
Speaking of which, does anyone else think TND is dead? I'm not sure myself, but I've been reading that some anons think so. Her mom hasn't posted since May, and I think Tay was last active around that time too.

No. 1235903

Belle Delphines thread is filled with psychos. She's not a pedophile for having Brittney spears posters on her wall, her having a long labia isn't milk ffs

No. 1235931

Fr I saw someone call her vag rotting and grey like it’s filled with underaged pullfags and moids

No. 1235965

File: 1655966191982.jpg (276.78 KB, 1080x1793, 013426_Instagram.jpg)

Not sure why both Tay and her mom have been silent, but an anon in the Syd/Jonny thread found a friend that's been recently posting pics with her in them, picrel is the most recent. No proof that these pics aren't old though I guess.

No. 1235966

File: 1655966332009.jpg (92.74 KB, 1077x948, 013750_Instagram.jpg)

Samefag, I just saw that she commented recently, so I guess that answers that.

No. 1236013

No she’s a paedophile for role playing as a child and doing sexual things and saying “I like the idea of something big and gross dominating something small and cute” and also for watching Loli. Don’t be dense she’s a groomer in the making.

No. 1236016

having britney spears posters on the wall doesn't make her creepy or a pedopanderer, but are you missing the millions of times where she deliberately dresses up as children and sexualizes them?? and the wording she uses??

No. 1236026

The Britney posters are whatever but I agree. Idk I think she was terribly groomed herself, and since she's deep into weebshit there's no way to help her understand that what she does is icky

No. 1236119

I noticed this too, my tinfoil is Taylor is in a mental hospital or forced rehab. Because she's clearly talking to this tiny lungs girl, an active user, a lot but the girl only shares a handful of old pics they took. And Taylor also changed her twitter pfp to an old pic of her with the red hair, so she's obviously idolizing those days while incapable of actually seeing her current bestie in real life.

I have no idea why Mama Dean is quiet though, usually she's got plenty of passive aggressive comments to make even when Tay is in hiding. Maybe they got a social worker/ family therapist order them to stop tweeting because neither have been silent so long before. But if you check their profiles they can't help logging in to like tweets.

No. 1236157

Admin changed a few months ago. New admin is probably still busy learning the ropes and assembling a full-time staff. Usually during admin change some mods get the axe and some quit. This is a huge issue when you have mods who are veterans with years of moderation experience leaving, so moderation quality stops as new mods take way longer to work through the same amount of reports as a veteran. Add in summer newfaggotry, tranny sperg videos about lolcow and the reports queue is overflowing.

No. 1236161

>tranny sperg videos about lolcow

No. 1236162

She's a pedo panderer,but you're right it's not because of whatever posters she has on her wall. It's cuz she got "famous" for appealing to lolicon scrotes

No. 1236168

I cant believe that the chick who got vendetta posted in the lolita thread is still making tiktoks and insta posts about lolcow. She must have made 20+ different responses to the thread by now. I was a little curious about her but didn't really see why someone would post her in the first place, then wham holy shit unhinged multi-day spergfest

No. 1236190

Lucinda’s thread has the weirdest fucking culture. It doesn’t even feel like lolcow in there. They worship her but also it feels like a vendetta thread? Riddled with twitterfag sperging and Reddit-spacing, fanart and unsaged theory crafting. Everyone takes whatever Lucinda says in her cry typing twitter posts at face value, I am 99% sure she posts in there too to fuel speculation and self-harm. Jannies just kinda let it happen. Take a peek sometime, ladies, it’s wild.

No. 1236193

Then say that?? Anons are claiming she was grooming Pinterest 15 yr olds all because "her posters look like something on a teenage girls Pinterest board". Not saying she's not pedo but when you use reasons such as Brittney spears posters it wafers down the meaning

No. 1236257

It's because her thread is 50% her selfposting and wking herself and 49% her calves.
>tfw post reveal never ever

No. 1236280

File: 1655998501438.jpg (126.55 KB, 689x655, 1648846280384.jpg)

>I actually threw up

Get help.

This. That thread mainly consists of Lucinda selfposting (look up the many, many "I think she said…" type of posts where that ""anon"" seems to know everything about her, even very intimate details like her period flow and stuff like that. Also there's proof of her posting in the 1st thread, like picrel) but also some 9f ther edtwt friends (like Moogle or whatever her name is).
I mean yeah, there's some farmers shitposting here and there but that's pretty much it.

I'm sure that this ~OMG! She's dead for real guyzz!~ is just her last stunt in order to revive the thread.
I really hope mods would look up into her post history and bless us with some real Munchie milk.

No. 1236317

I don't post in the Lucinda thread, because I genuinely think she's sweet but I do lurk and get very annoyed by the anons there. they're truly the worst at keeping up sometimes.
I hope Luci is okay (not dead that is, I know she's ill). tbh I think most of the alleged "self posts" are particular friend of hers, who is a known farmer iirc.

No. 1236395

I don't understand the triggeredness overtaking the pro ana thread. I came across it when they were arguing over BPD vs cPTSD and there's a woman named "Ro" talking about her cPTSD (which isn't yet a valid diagnosis anyway) and I see things like
>Pretty Traumatic Sandwich Depression
>Everyone's brains respond differently to trauma
>Stay in your lane anon, (C)PTSD is very much a real thing and many people struggle with it
>So much trauma! Very pity!
It reads like a bunch of Twitterfag preteens got lost and ended up on lolcow. Cows lie for attention all the time kek

No. 1236396

>isn't yet a valid diagnosis
Not at least in the DSM

No. 1236402

She literally was harvesting nudes from underage girls and selling it to perverts over Facebook so that she could save money and go to Venice. She was 17 at this time but the girls she got pics from where often much younger. She’s a pedo and we don’t care if she was groomed. She was not groomed any more or less than most of us here. Get the fuck over it. Maybe Shayna was groomed? Maybe P&p was groomed? But you don’t care about whiteknighting them because they’re both fuggos. Fuck off and go worship that buck toothed nonce on Reddit.

No. 1236473

Lucinda is (or was) not a munchie or a faker. She probably fibbed about her weight and stuff because she's mentally insane and childish but anybody who thinks this is/was all an elaborate plan where she's only pretending to be retarded must be crazy.

No. 1236496

late reply but I'd like this bitch more if she wasn't so demeaning towards these items of clothing that other people wear. People are trying to make it into "she's just saying what's elegant and what's not!!", but she isn't, she's literally saying X item looks like trash and she has no idea why anyone wears it. Doesn't mention anything about it being about specific elegance or whatever. Her attitude is not elegant at all.

No. 1236573

I miss lilboweep. She was infuriating to follow, but I liked diving into her threads from time to time to see what kind of stupid shenanigans she got into. The fake pregnancy saga was iconic.

No. 1236596

I don’t think any of this matters. Also just bulimia alone doesn’t get you down to that weight.

No. 1236610

Watching this and a lot of other "femininity" YTers make me feel like the target audience is newbies at high class escorting who need to fit in at the restaurants or hotels that wealthy moids are taking them to. She seems very "madam", maybe it's just the lip fillers

No. 1236642

Well said and agreed.

No. 1236643

Her fillers look cheap

No. 1236671

It's cringe when people say things like "can you imagine if [cow] did this" or "I would love if she did this", I mean you know it will never happen. It's just fanfic.

No. 1236863

She mostly b/p, but I think she alternates between that and restriction + overexercising. Doesn't stop her from being a munchie though

No. 1237129

I honestly don’t get why Katherine McMahon has her own thread. She’s an annoying sjw sw but like okay she’s so boring. It’s the same shit as everywhere else. She’s not really that ugly like shay level of ugly or botched like tnd or pnp idk, I don’t get it

No. 1237189

AYRT and honestly I never got the allegations that she's larping because of her writing style. I'm retarded myself and typing normally does take effort, like I can (try to) do it but when casually texting I mostly type very weirdly in a lot of ways and if I had a private social media account like hers I would probably do the same there.

Like you could either write down your idiot feelings or you could write down your idiot feelings and then spend an additional 10 minutes making them more coherent to the general public (and failing anyways). I'm not a schizo and maybe she's not either but when you're a sperg or severely mentally ill chances are you start giving less of a fuck about how coherent and normal you appear to others. Being that flavor of retarded makes someone more likely to type like an idiot, and/or less likely to be able to grasp how stupid they come across, and/or less able to give a shit about all of that. (Being ESL doesn't help either)

Idk about the other stuff you bring up though. Her being hired anywhere sounds extremely unlikely given the state she appears to be in, but she got fired immediately iirc so that's pretty believable. I haven't watched her videos but I believe you when you say she comes across as less retarded than through text. I don't know. Maybe you're more right on this than I am but either way I don't think it's right to call her a munchie. I don't think bpd attention seeking is her main incentive either but who knows.

My biggest issue with these theories is she would have to be good at this LARPing stuff. She would need enough brain power and self-restraint to fake all this including her death without fucking up due to stupidity or a need for more attention. Like she didn't even vague-post about going to the hospital before allegedly faking her death, she's not fucking up by logging into her other sm accounts, resisting the need for attention for that long etc. She is definitely not able to believably fake all this stuff IMO. But it's whatever I guess. We'll see, or we might never know.

No. 1237310

She never faked her death, people on the thread are claiming that she died without any evidence. The most proof we have at the moment is that she probably got a restriction on tweeting because Twitter had recently removed one of her posts. Otherwise it's not really difficult to fake things like typing and other mental illnesses on the internet, especially in a hugbox like Twitter where no one will dare to question you for fear of reprisal by wokes. But having lurked in munchie and spoonie threads before, I'm pretty cynical about claims like this without solid proof.

No. 1237334

Aren't munchies obsessed with mysterious symptoms, diseases, doctor visits and how no one's worse off than them? I don't understand how Lucinda really does any of that. She needs care takers but that doesn't necessarily mean she's indulging in her self-destructing behaviors because she wants more attention from them.

No. 1237364

Agreed about the typing style not indicating schizophrenia. If you know a schizophrenic they usually type and spell okay or comparable to how they did before their break. The content of what they type is the issue. It’s usually just stream of consciousness and weird circular reasoning where they’ve convinced themselves it makes sense. Honestly if any of the Lucinda-is-schizo-believers need a more accurate look at what schizophrenia on social media looks like Lurch’s tweets and Reddit posts in the Alina thread sound much more convincing. Lucinda types like she has a Homestuck typing quirk. Also can’t help but notice that a lot of the farmers who hang around the Lucinda thread still never Sage and use Reddit spacing even in here! Newfags also don’t know what a munchie is. Everyone who defends Lucinda rushes here, posts unsaged usually and just says “she’s very insane” and “clearly unwell” but they fail to explain why. I will remain unconvinced. Munchies are also insane in their own right, just not in the uwu delicate flower, poor creature way they wish they were.
Kathy is funny because she may be the most malignant hyper-narc I’ve seen since Onision. If she behaved like a regular human being in public nobody would have much to say about her appearance—she isn’t that ugly, just poorly styled. It’s her self-aggrandizing twitter posts that make her milky!

No. 1238041

For me, she's like light reading. Nothing horrifying or overly depressing (like Luna, for example), her delusional narc behavior just gives me a chuckle. Out of the context of lolcow I probably wouldn't even notice her.

No. 1238046

Munchies don't always pretend to have physical symptoms. Wiki says
>those affected feign or induce disease, illness, injury, abuse, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves
What we see a lot on the farms is Munchausen's by Internet, which is slightly different from regular Munchausen's. While many of these munchies also seek attention from medical personnel, it's only necessary to harvest sympathy points from digital strangers. There's also a huge overlap between munchies and ed cows, so it doesn't seem out of the realm of realism for an edtwt user to also be a munchie. In any case, someone pretending to have a mental illness online for attention has some factitious disorder, but factitious is too many letters so munchie is the go-to.

No. 1238094

>I'm retarded myself

No. 1238104

A lot of oldschool cows weren't exceptionally problematic and got threads for the same reasons as Kathy. It's probably why their threads end up dying after a while.
But I agree to an extent, it gets tiring reading about SJWs/camwhores/anachans. I prefer more traditional lolcows who provide cringe or schadenfreude instead of general annoyance, like Chris Chan, Laur Trueman, or Cyraxx on KiwiFarms

No. 1238119

>I don't think it's right to call her a munchie.
Homegirl literally claimed to have drunken bleach, I'm begging you retard nonnie.

No. 1238128

Again, none of that matters. You literally just have to take one look at her to tell she’s very ill and just because she isn’t some homeless schizophrenic doomed to be murdered by a moid doesn’t mean she isn’t ill and in need of serious treatment. People who share their lives with an audience are still people even if you only view them as monkeys in a zoo. It doesn’t matter if her self harm and ed are some sort of performance, it really doesn’t, because she’s visually obviously disturbed and sick. I will never understand why you need to write entire dissertations justifying why it’s okay for you to dehumanize her like this. I don’t see the point you are trying to prove.

No. 1238135

Okay, so she’s a munchie. Now what? What’s your course of action? She’s sick either way. She needs help either way. She has some sort of serious deficiency either way, are we supposed to pretend that she doesn’t because it “flatters her” or something?

No. 1238140

same. he's bad news. just a feeling I have but it's a strong one.

No. 1238141

>lucinda is not a faker and if you disagree you're insane
>here is an elaborate recollection of reasons why anons are doubting her
>t-that doesn't matter anyway!!
lmao okay "anon"

No. 1238155

Did I stutter bitch? No. Everything I typed was very clear. Her life is very sad and she is going to die and the only argument you have is that she’s somehow morally corrupt for being mentally I’ll and some tinfoil about her being some carefully crafted larper like it fucking matters to anyone except you self-righteous spergs.

No. 1238165

Very weird to get this mad over some nonnas who don't buy the muchie antics.

No. 1238177

That was my third post, and they’re all much shorter than any in the debate at hand. Don’t think you know what “mad” means.

No. 1238269


It's really weird to put the tinfoil hat on the moment someone disagrees with you.

No. 1238288

Hey look, another unsaged and Reddit spaced comment right after someone accuses Lucinda of being a munchie. Crazy how you all keep showing up this week.

No. 1238289

That word doesn't mean what you think it means.
Anyway, we used to have entire threads on munchies/spoonies. We have a thread for anachans. Most cows are mentally ill because normal, well-adjusted people don't become cows for the most part. Are we just gonna nuke the whole website to protect your fee fees from big fat meanie anons?

No. 1238292

Tbf you don't need to sage on /ot/ but I see why you brought it up. The Reddit spacing is pretty sus though

No. 1238303

Dammit nonna you didn't have to make her aware of that.

No. 1238349

I never said to nuke the thread, I don’t really care about it’s existence. I saw that stupid manifesto-length sperg and replied to it, very simple.

No. 1238371

>simple detailed answer
You couldn't make that twitter heritage more obvious if you tried.

No. 1238382

Regardless, feeling this defensive over a cow is unneccesary. You saying
>none of that matters
when anons are explaining her cow-ish behaviors comes off as whiteknighting. I think you don't understand that one can arouse sympathy while also being a cow, those two characteristics are not mutually exclusive. But yes, Lucinda is sick. So are many other cows. Many munchies are anorexic too! Some have even lower BMIs. That doesn't stop them from being cows.

No. 1238408

Been here seven years, don’t have twitter, just tired of looking at that woman’s mutilated naked body every day with the same old song and dance about how she’s some sort of cold and calculates sociopath actress like this isn’t about to be a very short-lived spat of entertainment if she continues down the path she is. I’m just not bothering with the semantics of what she is or isn’t because I have no interest in making a woman who is slowly killing herself my special interest.

No. 1238470

nta but
>just tired of looking at that woman’s mutilated naked body every day
you've been here seven years and don't know how to hide a thread?

No. 1238588

>just hide the thread
This is the thread for your real opinions on cows, which is what I just gave. You might not like it, but that is what an opinion looks like.

No. 1238639

I know exactly what you meant. I don’t actively pursue the thread, I was sharing my opinion in this thread. Now you’re just being condescending.

No. 1238660

Just let it go, that anon is on some advanced backpedaling and obviously very personally invested.

No. 1238683

That "anon" is very personnaly invested, indeed.
It reminds me the tard rage of Kelly Rohanan when she went to her thread to defend herself and shared her journal.

No. 1238689

I hate that all the cows who base their personality on their style can't be like Abby Brown? She's the most "put togeather" in most of her "Styles". Like you can look at her and know what she's going for. Even though she has all those weird tattoos she's still cute to me and has a nice body.
She takes care of herself more then Shayna or Pixie and she has a cute enough nice body. Her parents seem really sweet.
She doesn't seem like a bad mentally ill person, like Pixie, Shayna, and that Stefany weirdo.
I hate her choice in scrotes but I don't know. I really like Abby and wish her the best.
Stefany is a piece of spoiled shit, with her crunchy ugly hairI can't stand her. Treats her parents like shit and is weird.
Shayna..it goes unsaid, she's been on this bimbo shit for years and it's melted her brain along with other things.
Pixie is disgusting mental ill but not in the way she thinks and just a very annoying person with zero personality.

No. 1239440

I shared an opinion in the opinions thread. Oh god, I must be on the edge of my seat just frothing at the mouth then. Where the hell was there any backpedaling btw? 4 posts is hardly invested.

Yeah because anyone who disagrees with you is just a specific person you’re totes capable of pinpointing with your acute highly gifted intuition

No. 1239545

You know you have a very distinctive writing style, right ?
We don't have to be geniuses to know when you're the one posting and seething. Can't wait for your posts to be marked like those of Kaka, Vicky and the bunch of selfposting cows.

I really hope you're the cow herself and not some edtwt-retard, because being so emotionally invested in someone else munchie charade, a stranger online at that, can't be healthy.
Touch grass or eat it, like a true unicown kween, and hide the thread.

No. 1239552

NTA but I'm one of the people who defended Lucinda before, and posts like this are so funny because yes… other people who like and defend her exist.

No. 1239559

Yes we know, her twitterfags already announced themselves in the thread several times.

No. 1239633

Nta but I've been here for several years and I like Lucinda kek she can be kinda funny sometimes.

No. 1239745

When you say anything to them, they aren't gonna stop. You can tell one of them crawled over here because they also call any posts of considerable length "manifestos" in the luci thread, but they probably organize themselves on Twitter to know where to strike kek
It's okay to like a cow, but defending them over retarded shit like this and denying any bad traits makes you look like a whiteknight, not a farmer
Anyway, it still feels weird sometimes to see another cow in a different thread, like interacting with them on Twitter or something. You never expect them to be there. It's like seeing your teacher at the grocery store or something kek

No. 1240037

It's not about those who simply like lucinda, but those twitterfags straight from her follower list who visit this gossip website to obsessively whiteknight her.

No. 1240079

File: 1656171252880.png (96.63 KB, 922x144, Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 11.3…)

she's literally a former escort kek, her entire "femininty course" that she sells is just plaigarized escorting tips

No. 1240950

Sorry but you’re very off the nose with this one, take your loss and go schizo. I’ve made maybe three posts in all of her threads since the very first. I’m sorry to tell you that you’re just going to have to accept the fact that just as you are obsessed with demonizing her, other people think you and her both are crazy.

No. 1241084

Kathy has gotten way less fun to farm in the last couple months. I'm not surprised she actually started getting finsubs because she's too stupid to quit her schtick.
I used to think she was classic cow material but now I see she's not a true cow who lives off attention, but a more garden variety narc who's satisfied abusing and exploiting people in private if it gets her money, which is her first and perhaps only priority.

Milk is so dry on the farms. Its almost enough to make you engage with the real world.

No. 1241385

I wish the pro-ana scumbags threads were shut down. I love me some boney skeleton milk, but the amount of twitterfags those threads attract is fucking astounding. That plus summerfags, now there’s people unironically saying shit like “sewerslide” and “sussy baka” on the board.

No. 1241995

File: 1656283362311.jpeg (Spoiler Image,345.15 KB, 640x668, 3035C62F-E3E7-43B9-A4B7-CA372E…)

Belle delphine is going to look like Shayna in a few years due to her miserable lifestyle. Just look at her poorly airbrushed assne

No. 1242038

They all do and never learn. Their buddies tell them buying an Asian wife will make them submissive and extreme levels of faithfulness unlike those roastie western women, and then they all get cucked and laughed at

No. 1242067

Her plastic surgery looks awful. Although it's disappointing that even coomers were able to recognize fake boobs but anons can't

No. 1242082

>abusing and exploiting people in private if it gets her money,
I don't read her thread but please, please fucking tell me you aren't talking about her 'finsubs' being abused and exploited lmao

From what I see as I scroll past she just seems cringe af and that's the milk exclusively

No. 1242109

I'm not trying to stand up for her because Belle is a pedo panderer and I can't stand people like that, but this just kind of looks like a shaving rash and is probably a result of her excessive shaving to appear uwu hairless to her disgusting fans

No. 1242181

This isn't about Venus Angelic but about the anons in her threads. Why are there some really weird people in there? You can tell who they are just by reading their posts. They can't form sentences correctly and sperg over random shit

No. 1242206

I know exactly what you mean. I'm pretty sure at least one of them has been haunting her threads for years at this point. It's fucking weird

No. 1242209

the deluded internally misogynistic twitter whores in shayna's thread seriously need to go. it's so tiring dealing with their shitty zoomersque typing styles and self-hating opinions etc

No. 1242256

File: 1656299335360.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1547, 1656233231929.jpeg)

Mikan's actually quite pretty in this picture

No. 1242259

I think her nose is kinda weird and droopy, but she has pretty eyes and mouth. The hair is stringy and dry as fuck, though

No. 1242267

I've always thought she was pretty and that her ugliness is overblown. But I admit I'm a nosefag

No. 1242268

I really don't know why she specifically attracts autistic ESL anons, but I notice a lot of them in her thread, even when it's autosaged.

She seems like she has maybe 2 actual 'finsubs' and they're all degenerates who deserve it, 'abusing' and 'exploiting' is an exaggeration kek

No. 1242278

Nta but the only finsub of Kathy’s who I have felt bad for was that one mentally ill woman finsub who was hospitalized, and Kathy threw a fit on social media after the finsub finally woke up and turned on her. that situation left an awful taste in my mouth. Male finsubs I don’t think anyone gives a shit about so long as they are only hurting themselves with their degeneracy.

No. 1242290

File: 1656302717264.jpg (52.86 KB, 680x678, b94.jpg)

kek, I didn't know that it was a thing, where have you been all my life nonnie (picrel is me btw)

No. 1242291

That's fair, I do agree that she's the only one I feel bad for. I will agree with the other anon's point that Katherine's milk is pretty dry though, she just does the same ebegging/lashing out/posting cringe pics and nothing else. She's too much of a coward to instigate drama irl, unfortunately.

No. 1242296

Nonnie, oh nonnie my beloved

No. 1242309

i still can't believe lainey had all of these girls thinking she was cool and interesting

No. 1242329

I kinda hope she just goes into hiding if she gets bigger. Like Betty Paige

No. 1242331

> shayna looked good when she was skinny she should go on a diet

>no she looked like a little boy go rattle somewhere else! You’re probably a fridge!

>well sorry I’m not a ghetto BBL obese Chan . Having a small as is classy!

No. 1242392

Those are freckles.

No. 1242418

The amount of "well actually men like this and not this!!" is so fucking annoying.

No. 1242419

Shay had no hips but she definitely didn't look like a little boy, she actually had nice boobs before she fucked them up

No. 1242422

>those are freckles
Bollocks. What kind of freckles are red and inflamed and only on the ass cheek? Kys white knight.

No. 1242423

I used to think Shayna was cute KEK. She didn’t have an hourglass figure but she did have a great body.

No. 1242466

Ayrt and yes as other anon said I'm talking about the female finsub she had, who was literally hospitalised and psychotic but continuing to buy Kathy pink plastic shit from Amazon. I felt really bad for her.
Kathy's a huge misogynist and as soon as she got a speck of clout from performing burlesque she tried to use it to wreck the reputations of other women too. She has asked for "female, disabled, queer" subs in the past, I think she only puts up with men because she has no choice.

No. 1242482

Shaynas thread is so shitty right now. Nobody cares what body type you like or don't like. Sometimes I feel like it's some kinda conspiracy like nonnies purposely act shitty in hopes it'd get the thread banned or something. Like it's the same few anons, I know I'm annoying but the dumb shit that drags on for days is ridiculous.

No. 1242500

A savvy anon picked up on the fact that one of the body shaming-anons was (c)rap-chan cause she said something like
>only poor scrotes who listen to rap music like pear shapes!!!!!

No. 1242513

It really is. One of the only posts that got redtexted was the one that I had reported, so I assume mods are sort of letting it fester as a wasteland.

No. 1242532

The thread feels like full of obese ewhores that take every criticism aimed a Shayna personally because they know they're the same as she is if not worse.

No. 1242552

Fatties, alcoholics, methheads, fridge bodies, etc. etc.
Very few actual farmers remain in that thread.

No. 1242576

I seriously do think she's pretty, I find her personality annoying since she seems like a total twitterfag, but don't really read her thread except for the occasional glance if it's at the top of /w/

No. 1242755

Every time I see the Jvloggers thread pop up, it's just full of retarded nitpicking. None of that shit is even remotely milky, these seem like normal people. Are the weebs just seething because they want to be in Japan instead or something?

No. 1243226

File: 1656371855284.png (1.4 MB, 852x1027, 7CF6D581-E2C9-4D8B-A220-BA679B…)

I didn’t want to derail the thread but I watched some of the YouTube videos by this person posted in Pixie’s thread and she’s bordering on a cow herself.* She has 3 actual, real life kids she roped into her DID, saying that they know her different alters and such, and apparently when one of her “littles” is fronting she actually has her husband/caregiver take care of her diapers…..also her husband looks like the guy from SBSK if he went to Burning Man kek.
*I say bordering on a cow because it seems she actually does have significant childhood trauma, definitely has a more legitimate claim to DID than Jill ever had

No. 1243253

the poster who relentlessly replies to everyone calling them "fridgechan" needs an IP ban for weeks, the people replying should be banned too but i can tell its just bait at this point lol. i'm definitely guilty of a little infighting in the autistic shayna shitshow but wow, the last week has been nuts

No. 1243263

The female finsub was also trying to be a findomme. She's actually still trying lol she's not a poor baby that needs to be protected… she knows what she's doing.

No. 1243415

I know this has been said a million times before but the last few shayna threads have been pure, unbridled autism. It also seems like there are several posters in there who are obviously bitter SWers or schizos who have been shitting up various threads and need an IP ban. I think we just need to accept that shayna has no milk right now and she's gotten very boring and predictable, no need to fill her thread with a bunch of random shit just to keep it alive. maybe it's just time for her thread to die.

No. 1243462

i miss ember whann she literally personified the word ratchet and i miss it so much

No. 1243470

File: 1656393185661.png (146.03 KB, 776x418, khn.png)

Was scrolling through /snow/, saw this boob picture without realizing who it was, thought "Slutty, but looks kind of nice", then read the actual text of the post and started laughing. It's honestly unreal how hated Shay is, anons won't ever let her rest kek. Bitch could be in a grave and farmers would be like "And her headstone's raggedy too, makes me sick"

No. 1243483

Farmers would be checking her body at various stages of decomposition and commenting on how much skinnier they are than her

No. 1243485

I agree, but this photo is obviously cropped for a reason, anon….

No. 1243513

I didn't picture Chris Broad as a guy into gigantic asses. Though I guess I never thought what he might be into at all kek

No. 1243519

I'm not surprised, there had to be a reason he wasn't dating Japanese girls

No. 1243525

I'm so confused why Lucinda's scars aren't raised. She has so many but none of them are raised, they are all flat. Why is this? She must not be cutting deep, is my guess.

In some way, I envy her. I eventually had to turn away from cutting/ed/drugs/alcohol, etc. because I actually wanted to heal. But I remember, and still am, very interested in extreme bodily experiences. For me, the trick is to do more socially acceptable bodily experiences because I have no desire for others to know I was mentally ill literally. I miss cutting, though, it's so visceral and there's so much to look at and feel when you do it, and I miss ana because I miss the predictability of my life when it revolved around not eating. Now I am really into piercings even though I dislike how they look because there's the experience of having them heal and that can be interesting to experience each day. If you get a lot on your ears, it's not too alternative, either, though personally I still think it's ugly as fuck. Tattoos are another good alternative though I don't love how they're permanent and they don't always hurt enough. Working out is good, but you need to let yourself eat. What helped with that was learning to taste so you enjoy food as an experience in a luxurious, slow way, not a desperate, obsessive way. I think plastic surgery is yet another experience I want to go through, though I'm not sure where to start. I just like the experience of my body going through something and physically healing or being affected. I still wish I were ana and could cut. The most I let myself do now is smoke cigarettes on vacation. I wish, in a way, I could let go of my adult life and be a helpless baby that just fucks around like Luci.

For the record, I find her pathetic and awful. I just miss the parts that remind me of myself.

No. 1243529

This post is genuinely pathetic and awful.

No. 1243534

On a related note, I hate how that thread is infested with reddit moods/newfags. Fuck off, please.

No. 1243536

File: 1656399719906.png (257.91 KB, 549x400, 1576072615006.png)

I swear all the anons in lucinda's thread are just as batshit twitter brain rotted as she is

No. 1243538

extremely mentally ill post but it's an interesting perspective i guess

No. 1243542

You normally couldn’t waterboard this kind of weird disjointed confession from someone

No. 1243772

File: 1656426643087.jpg (13.27 KB, 480x330, gv.jpg)

Well, everyone hates this post, but there's something about the raw, ugly honesty of it that I actually somewhat appreciate. I'm personally not into Lucinda's thread, but when it's explained like this, I feel like it makes sense to be drawn in

No. 1243835

It's probably been said before but I don't think that Shayna is physically ugly. The fact that she straightens her curly hair and wears bad makeup and clothes that don't flatter makes her look way worse than she could. I actually think she has the potential to look averagely pretty. I don't think it's her as much as it's her awkward and atrocious styling.

No. 1243849

I always find it wild whenever anon say she isn't disgusting looking to them as she is one of the only vois that is actually vile looking to me

No. 1243851

*cows not vois

No. 1243864

I really disagree. Her styling is atrocious but she's not inherently ugly. She doesn't have the features that are trending at the moment are popular with zoomers (either insta lips, angular face, insta butt or doll like and Loli anime waifu looking). She has the potential to be pretty in a natural and unique way. If you just imagine her in more flattering colors and silhouettes with her natural hair texture and color after she has looked after it properly.

No. 1243888

She has awful hygiene and that increases the ick factor. She just looks dry and dehydrated and unwashed most of the time. Sometimes I think she has potential but then she posts a picture of her sticking out her thrush covered unbrushed tongue and all hope is lost to me.

No. 1243970

I want to be friends with this anon. You have an interesting worldview.

No. 1244168

No I get what you mean that she could have that natural thing with her actual natural hair and all but even when she was thin and had nicer hair, she had a dry gaunt feel to her. Her face is just very primitive looking to me, she's always looked unwell and it just triggers something in brain to get grossed out by, not even luna does that to me. I do wonder she would have looked if she did lead a healthy life, I do agree that she wouldn't have been gross, maybe not major beauty but average maybe, possibly even cute.

No. 1244195

Idk I’ve cut to subcutaneous fat a couple times and bone once and my scars have never raised

No. 1244264

You're obsessed with changing the way you look, instead of going with the most invasive options pick up other interests like makeup or hair styling if you can't get therapy. It's still harmful to be obsessed with those but it's not nearly as bad and from the looks of it, you will go down the surgery route otherwise you put a stop to this soon. Don't ever get plastic surgery for the sake of it. You'll feel like a monster and keep wanting to get more and more procedures once you start. That's the kind of patient you'll be and I don't want to imagine something like that happening to you.

No. 1244273

It's not about my appearance, it is about the experience. There's not a lot of intense bodily things you can do that are socially acceptable.

No. 1244274

nta but you really missed the whole point lol

No. 1244319

She looks cute sometimes. In my opinion

No. 1244568

I don't know who Elaine is and I don't give a fuck. She is probably the one cow I care the least about. I see "Elaine" and my eyes glaze over.

No. 1244574

OT but have you tried getting really, really scared? Like smacking a cop on the back of his bald head and running for your life. Being an adrenaline junkie is mildly socially acceptable.

No. 1244629

You don’t have to dickride weird anons that say stupid shit you know

No. 1244812

Do you know what thread you’re in? Not arguing with someone doesn’t mean you’re dickriding them lmfao

No. 1244817

I'm glad she took all her bullshit to kf so I can just completely ignore her now

No. 1246443

Whats the obession with Lucinda? I always scroll past her thread and I wish her the best, but it seems like a lot of anons like her or…cheer her on? Maybe I'm out of the loop? That thread vibe seems so weird to me.

No. 1246452

Basically from my pov: I found luci's thread and was fascinated by our little unicorn who went through living in a fat body to never being happy in her smaller one. She seems sweet and mentally gone enough that I just want her to live a good life. But we all know she probably won't be able to.
Tldr; saviour syndrome

No. 1246476

No. 1246500

Phoebe update >>>/snow/864285 the thread is on autosage but I know a few anons mentioned she was their favorite cow so I wanted to share what I found

No. 1246512

Could be migrants from kf, they’re really weird about her

No. 1246545

not a cow but personally i think newfags aren’t necessarily a bad thing. if i never like found lolcow i’d still be a handmaiden deep in the trenches of convincing myself against my better judgment. i know there’s rules but maybe if there was like a newfag thread in OT for like advice idk posting etiquette or something because i’m glad i peaked and more ppl probably would if they knew how to navigate the cow

No. 1246583

I think she was so cute during fupa era.
Keloids don't happen in everyone and Lucinda also doesn't cut very deep. Not invalidating her but she just cuts a lot and never goes deep enough to get stiches.

No. 1246697

Newfags are fine once they understand they need to lurk/read the rules before actually posting. Imageboards have to be gatekept, retards who can't blend will ruin it.

No. 1246772

I really miss the Mishkali fake amnesia saga. I still struggle to understand how a 25 year old would think the story was at all believable but ultimately it was kind of harmless as far as lies go and I wish she was still milky. A lot of cows like Venus or Lucinda are honestly too depressing for me to want to keep up with.

No. 1246828

File: 1656640716632.png (579.46 KB, 590x633, capture.png)

I don't want to bump her thread with useless bullshit and I don't even know if anons who followed her even consider her a cow anymore but bros Eva Hazen/acidburnbaby is not longer doing the radfem larp.

No. 1247049

Well this is a turn I didn’t expect from her, I expected her to literally die on that hill she was on.

No. 1247221

I remember when she was spamming her own thread day and night, that was so crazy

No. 1247257

Every time a Shaynanon calls her shaynasty I read the post in my head in a Danny Devito voice because of ShaDynasty

No. 1247660

Other anons have pointed it out, but what are some of the reasons cows are getting boring?
My theory is the woke-ification of the internet. Someone could literally tweet about how they like watching kids play on the playground and get turned on, and if someone calls it out and calls them by the ~wrong pronouns~ and it turns into an entirely different thing. Chris Chan raping his mom is a perfect example. I’m just so tired of seeing they/thems and trannies randomly flooding into a section of ridiculing a random person like
“Ok???? Let them cope???”
I also think people are way more scared to be doxxed or cancelled so of course everyone is gonna have BLM and TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN in their bio and parrot it randomly.

No. 1247670

How long has she been 'on the verge of death about to die any day now omg' at this point? iirc she had totally 100% stopped eating and drinking about a year ago. It's hard to believe that anons haven't gotten wise to her incredibly OTT munching but I guess one should never underestimate the limits of stupidity.

No. 1247793

this might be super controversial but the belle thread is even worse than the shayna thread in terms of nitpicking and gang mentality. belle has rat teeth, yes she's too tall for her pandering, she's fucked in the head and isn't nearly as rich as she claims, but its at the point where if you don't think she's a 7 foot tall linebacker shouldered chubby slag then people freak out lol. posters there need to relax and admit she doesn't have a bad body and she's 5'9 max if not a little shorter. there is way more important shit to post about..

No. 1247816

actually i'm gonna add onto this, the infighting and provoking that's going on in that thread sounds just like the type of bitter insecure shit that goes on in the shat thread as well, newfags and summerfags are just shitting up the low hanging fruit threads that focus on whores in my opinion. practically unreadable because of the pickme nitpicks and insecure babbling and attacking each other instead of focusing on actual milk that goes days with 0 replies

No. 1247854

She's not the uwu smol girl she advertises herself as, but she's also not even remotely ugly or massive like half of the posts in her thread say. Maybe it's the newfags, but they really do focus on the most asinine things when she acts legitimately embarrassing online. I'm also tired of the pedopandering argument, it's been done to death and just results in infighting every single time. The whole thread should be nuked because anons can't behave even on autosage, I don't think it's ever been good despite her always being milky.

No. 1248535

wow the scrotes in the belle thread are so oblivious. never seen so much redtext over dumb bullshit like emojis and saging. they just don't learn. further proof to me that all these e-thot threads are full of men that pay for their OF content and then come here to talk shit to make themselves feel better after their post-nut clarity

No. 1248547

its PULLfag and scrote behaviour, i like browsing belle's threads purely because it's like watching a flaming circus

No. 1248548

Basically a combination of what you described and other factors like information theft means that people are being more self conscious about what they post online. Cows are only fun if they aren't self conscious enough to have self awareness, so to be a true cow at this stage in the internet someone has to be seriously delusional (like Chris) which means when real drama does arise it tends to be more disturbing and not funny compared to how it was before, because the only people who are still active cows are so out of touch with reality that some are genuinely unpredictable in nature.

No. 1249095

I've been following Luna since the first thread, through most of my 20's and now into my 30's. Reflecting on how much has happened in my own life since that first thread, and how much I've changed, has really put into perspective just how stagnant Luna is. The only person I can think of in literally any context who's changed just has little has she has in the past 70 years is Ash the bonelord.
What's the point in living if you're just going to relive the same miserable day over and over again, experiencing no personal growth, for years on end? It's grim if you think about it.
I remember an anon from one of the older threads saying that she wants to slap her because her bf is attracted to her or something. There are definitely a lot of jealous women in her thread trying to tear her down to make themselves feel better, as seems to be the case with most threads where the cow is popular or attractive.

No. 1249213

No, never tried that. I like more personal type of adrenaline stuff, but you have a point, if I become less self aware and become okay with doing shit in public, that could act as a fix for me.

No. 1249216

I don't understand the support for her because imagine the living hell she is enacting on her parents and family. It's got to be insane. At the end of the day as positive as she makes herself appear, she is wrecking the lives of those around her. Imagine excusing a drug addict because of the ~ positive vibes uwu ~ they post online. It's hypocritical and psychotic.

No. 1249423

I think Jill is very possibly going to legally fuck herself over the more she makes these trauma videos, it's very naive of her to think that she can say serious things about people when she's made it so easy to connect the dots of who she is talking about, and that she can just make money off of that with no repercussions or anyone relevant finding out

No. 1249432

File: 1656836585775.jpg (219.67 KB, 1170x730, 0958B08E-8936-451A-9C69-70E111…)

I cannot believe Jillian is being forreal… she's legitimately insane so, congratulations Jill, you ARE mentally ill and fucked.

No. 1250962

I would pay someone to make a deep dive/expose video on Jillian. It amazes me that someone who has been on the internet since their teens has the audacity to try to claim this entire time they've had a super debilitating condition while they've been documenting themselves going to school, having a regular social life, and managing an influencer career on top of that. I seriously wonder how she hasn't gotten any attention from commentary youtube channels yet, there's so much evidence at this point of all the times her DID larp has contradicted itself.
I honestly really doubt it would happen. Jillian has been so vague about who her abuser was she could always invent a fake person like a summer camp teacher or babysitter or something like that.

No. 1252096

File: 1657044096135.png (282.08 KB, 320x374, firefox_rhbjhxy7Ro.png)

I can't post about this on snow because some circlejerk involved in this drama will accuse me of shifting the attention from the main cows involved, but I find the spookybones situation absolutely hilarious.

>guy pretends to be based wine mom on kiwifarms for attention
>sucks tranny dick heavily and promotes content from someone called "commie dick girl"
>thinks he is a 200IQ criminal mastermind and makes his own discord to stirr drama
>gets fooled by several people, Null takes away his moderator status
>in his discord he makes everyone's names pink and calls himself Regina
>Regina is also the name of an admin leading a dead gossip site called burnbook
>he asks null to change his kiwifarms username to regina
>null gets triggered at him leading a rival site and bans him for his secret plans
>spookybones then gets involved with more drama autists

Something is incredibly funny to me but also pathetic about an adult man trying to live his mean girl fantasy so badly.

No. 1252101

I think Jill is gonna panic when her parents stop giving her so much money (we know her patreon and youtube numbers dropped a lot), I don't get the vibe they like steebie either. For now they're probably supporting her and being considerate because she's "just 24" and they think she'll grow out of the phase, but boy oh boy would I get a reality check if my daughter suddenly started claiming she was raped as a child