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File: 1432283088471.jpg (63.04 KB, 640x480, 1432277207303.jpg)

No. 106778

Ashley Isaacs / ghostxperfume thread #11 –
Wheelchair edition!

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Tumblr (2): http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled (both)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Current events: Ashley dishes on her father and it’s not that juicy. She continues to answer self-sent asks on her Tumblr, but also shockingly answers non-self-sent asks! Finally, we continue to investigate ED Instagram lolcows because Ashley has started to bore us!

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No. 106780

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Ash so much, I had all her penpal letters and care packages
>I binge and purge to Ash every night before bed, thanking her for all those triggering messages on her tumblr
>"Ash is love" I say. "Ash is death"
>My mom hears me and calls an ambulance
>I knew she was just jealous of my devotion for Ash
>I called her a fat cunt
>She slaps me and sends me to recovery
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and its really cold
>A figure is limping towards me
>I feel something touch me
>Its Ash
>I am so happy
>she whispers in to my ear, "I can't wait to see you stuffed with fat"
>She grabs me with her weak, skeleton hands and puts me on my hands and knees
>I'm ready
>I spread my ass cheeks for Ash
>She penetrates my butthole with her bony fist
>It hurts so much but I do it for Ash
>I can feel the krispy kreme rise up my throat as my eyes start to water
>I puke against her force
>I want to please Ash
>She rasps a mighty croak as she fills my butt with her love
>My mom walks in
>Ash looks her straight in the eye and says. "It's all over now"
>Ash flies through the window
>Ash is love, Ash is death

No. 106782

File: 1432284393107.gif (205.79 KB, 500x500, 1421879366949.gif)

Holy fuck that fucking OP picture
I'm dying
Based anon

No. 106784

woah, should have spoiled that, I don't wanna trigger anyone. how ableist of me.

No. 106828

evidently i'm the only one who thought the pokemon video was actually kind of cute…

No. 106829

yes ashley

No. 106830

i don't find anything cute about a grown ass woman with obvious mental illnesses doing pokemon impressions but you do you

No. 106887

File: 1432304698658.png (15.51 KB, 526x346, bitchyskelly.png)

Her askbox link is BE KIND TO THE WORLD. yet she's this much of a cunt. God damn.

No. 106894

I thought it was really embarrassing to watch. I cringed big time and couldn't finish all of it.

No. 106896


in reply to


No. 106897

There are people online who genuinely care about her and she's ruining that by being rude af.

No. 106900

She probably doesn't relate to people who care about others because she's incapable of that emotion herself. Has she ever written anything online where she shows even a nth of concern for others? #today's_challenge

No. 106901

(I'm not including her advice that we go seek help ourselves) ;)

No. 106904

The whole thing about her wanting to stay alive so she can watch her mom suffer makes me so mad. What a fucking miserable cunt. I would never wish death on anyone but fuck I had a flash of her mom pushing her down the stairs in her wheelchair and it was damn satisfying.

No. 106905

File: 1432308000342.gif (546.25 KB, 300x291, giphy.gif)

I imagine if you did push her down the stairs the result would be akin to the end of the movie Death Becomes Her.

No. 106911

No. 106912

Bitch is genuinely evil. Makes you wonder if all this illness she has is some cosmic karma for being a wretched monster.

No. 106913

She talks about karma even though she said she's agnostic so I wonder what she figures happened in her past life to make her a fuck up in this one.

No. 106914

I thought she was still alive because her mom rubbed a bar of chocolate all over her skin so she can live forever.

No. 106915

Not chocolate, lotion. Lotion makes you fat because it has calories that get absorbed into your skin, remember?

No. 106920

File: 1432311425587.jpg (22.31 KB, 400x224, ashley.jpg)

I'd just dump her beside a river.

No. 106921

File: 1432311481901.jpg (14.24 KB, 400x224, ashley.jpg)

Or shove her out of the car at the side of a road in the middle of nowhere.

No. 106929

File: 1432313258870.jpg (79.41 KB, 894x595, jeez.JPG)

This ED girl can't believe her previous account was deleted. People actually post pics like this wtf.

No. 106930

File: 1432313286300.jpg (226.25 KB, 821x665, image.jpg)

How I imagine a surprise family visit looks like

No. 106931

Excellent likeness.

No. 106932

File: 1432313431933.jpg (16.89 KB, 334x526, image.jpg)

This is all I see tbh

No. 106933

are those self harm scars all over her?

No. 106934

File: 1432313624291.jpg (65.27 KB, 1024x763, B8skApYCAAAY5r_.jpg)

Live forever you say?

No. 106936

No. 106940

No. 106941

you just can't wait for me to die!


No. 106954


No. 106962

I always have to remind myself she is older than me. The way she acts and looks (of course, not youthful looks but starved demon child looks) make me forget it.

No. 106964


Means "Be kind to me and accept my bullshit, I am free to do whatever I want."

No. 106966


No. 106973

i cant breathe

No. 106992


Her face reminds me of OrganizedLikeJen's.

No. 107005

Erika is back at home… now what?

No. 107007

File: 1432325684432.jpg (7.22 KB, 180x200, fuck.jpg)

"just because it LOOKS like i'm dying from a crippling disease, doesn't mean i'm unhealthy :-)"
uh, yes it does..

No. 107011

Did she get kicked out of treatment or something?

No. 107013

She'll continue recovery by herself. She's determined as fuck. Fuck, if I lived near her I'd offer her my spare room and let her and her daughters stay until she could work out what to do.

Yustas sucks with $. Dump the fucker.

No. 107014

Ran out of money.

No. 107016

Agree. I reallllly hope she gives this her all. God damn I'm rooting for her hard

No. 107018

is she still actually in denial?
i thought her "sorry for my fat" picture captions were being ironic. does she really think her physical condition is ok?

No. 107019

welp, that hashtag certainly isnt helping advance opinions towards the mental illness community

No. 107026

Aside from the gross self harm scars, she has a nice body. Too bad she's going to ruin it by not eating.

No. 107028

Yustas must be autism.

No. 107038

File: 1432329079884.jpg (34.5 KB, 296x577, m.JPG)

This girl huffs aerosols and posts pics of her doing it on ig. She's also one of the skinniest people I've seen on ig.


No. 107040

File: 1432329398071.jpg (80.19 KB, 1010x577, Capture.JPG)

this guy again

No. 107042

guys that like these chicks are usually really insecure about their dick size and that normal girls wont feel them, and that they think anorexic girls will enjoy it more (i actually asked on a pro-ana forum to the guys and why they liked it and they all said this). its the most pathetic fetish i have ever seen in my whole life

No. 107048

File: 1432330252036.jpg (6.79 KB, 194x259, omg.jpg)

JESUS WEPT! I never thought of that. Mon dieu! Oh god, this world we live in…

No. 107050

File: 1432330353614.jpg (156.27 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

she got forced inpatient from the looks of it

No. 107051

samefag but why do people take pictures of themselves crying and post it on social media? Is it an attention thing or is supposed to be cathartic or what? Because this girl's IG is full of pictures of herself crying and it annoyed the shit out of me.

No. 107052

Helpful comment by _pathxtic_ there. Hate to say it, but I can feel she's either going to an hero or die because she's totally suck in her illness. Sad case.

No. 107053

Same here. The one where she's in the bath covered in blood and crying…like WHUT? That post sex pic made me cringe also.

No. 107054

W-what? Link, please, if you are posting in the correct thread.

No. 107056

She said it was her third time going inpatient to the same facility. Who knows.

No. 107057

No. 107058

No. 107061

Wow, that's really embarrassing.
How do these people manage to post pictures like this? Fuck, I can't even stand to post a simple picture of my face before freaking out and deleting it minutes later.

No. 107068

I know! I'm the same!!!

She was doing the crying thing two years ago.

No. 107069

Yeah, I don't like this girl. She must be a nightmare for her parents.

No. 107074

Ashley mentality and she's only 16.

No. 107075

Because she's a retarded 16 year old

No. 107076

File: 1432331992719.jpg (32.12 KB, 408x212, ash.JPG)

Hit the nail on the head as to why I think Ashley doesn't want to recover.

No. 107078

Embarrassing little shit.

No. 107079

At least this girl is honest about that. She's still obnoxious, but she's not pretending to be some secret special case.

No. 107080


No doubt she's skinny (she mentions on one of those pictures at her worst that her BMI was "under 14"), but that picture you posted is liquefied.

No. 107081

Ugggghhh she's unbearably annoying. She has like 200 sad face/crying pics…
What is the thought process behind that?
"Omfg the world is ending, I want to kill myself…but first, let me take a selfie"

No. 107082

She's been saying she wants to kill herself for years. Not wanting to sound nasty (but probably will), but if she wants it so badly, why doesn't she just do it?

No. 107083

Must learn photoshop. Damn.

No. 107084

Because teenage attention seekers say it without meaning it for years.

No. 107085

She most likely won't. She's a total emo teenager but admittedly I don't know anything of her backstory. Her cutting pics are pretty intense though

No. 107088

this recolapse girl appears to have been posting on instagram since december 2012, i feel like the years of praise, support and validation have certainly not helped her ED

No. 107089

She brags about fooling the hospital staff and it pisses me off. She gets FREE treatment and treats it like a joke.


No. 107091

Definitely not and I think all recovery centers should ban any social media sites

No. 107093

No. 107094

Yeah, but she was also in a normal hospital so I can't imagine it would be that hard

No. 107095

Same. I never understood why people on this site ENCOURAGED Erika to keep coming back, going on instagram, etc, while in treatment. It's insane to ENCOURAGE recovering ed sufferers to go online.

No. 107097

These people typically don't mean it. If anyone does, they actively plan and keep it to themselves. She's just crying for help…which she has, so at this point she's just being an attention whore.

No. 107098

i agree, i can't believe she's permitted to take all these hospital selfies, it's blatantly her just obsessing over her body in reflective surfaces

No. 107099


"I asked my mum if I looked fatter and she said 'No, you look thinner' and I said 'Thinner than when? When I was in hospital?' And she said 'Yeah, probably' which is absolutely the most triggering thing ever said to me, because now I know that if ever I AM forced back in to hospital and forced to eat again then I won't look thin anymore, I won't be thinner because of the food. So thays just destroyed every single little tiny chance I did have to start eating again. "

SO IT'S ALL HER MOTHER'S FAULT. Clearly child abuse.

No. 107100

christ eyeroll
>"You are 19 and you've just pushed iver a mentally ill 16 year old girl and made her bleed, i hope you are happu you inmature cunting prick of a brothrr"

No. 107101

If someone is in recovery are there therapy programs for the people that have to take care of them? I imagine they'd have to be walking on eggshells and censoring a lot of their own speech for fear of triggering the person in recovery

No. 107103

Does she actually outright blame her mom though? Considering this twat was forced into inpatient SOMEONE cares enough to try and get her help

No. 107104

Also I know you were being sarcastic, just had a genuine question

No. 107106


From what I've seen, many, if not most, inpatient ED treatment facilities in the US have restrictions on laptops, internet usage, devices with computers, etc. It's a matter of patient confidentiality, for one thing - they don't want people snapping photos of other people in the treatment facilities as much as they don't want people doing things like taking ~NG tube selfies~ and ~emaciated hospital bathroom selfies~ and shit (or going on pro-ana sites). I am always really surprised to see people posting these types of photos online. It seems like the rules are generally more lax in the UK, though. Maybe I'm wrong.

No. 107109


Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.

No. 107111

You have more patience than me. I gave up after like, the 85th crying selfie. It was either that or slam my iPad onto the floor

No. 107112

File: 1432334424389.gif (686.2 KB, 233x200, magnificent.gif)

small cuts dont bleed like that hahahahahahaha bitch, i used to cut pretty bad and it never bled that much

No. 107116

From her facebook:
I swear to god if one more fucking paedophile looks at me or my legs I'll go fucking mental at them. Filthy cunts.

No. 107119

she doesn't even know how bad EDs age people
she looks like an elderly woman
its a honest mistake

No. 107121

I used to cut really bad too, this bitch is covering herself in fake blood from a costume shop i s2g

No. 107122

File: 1432334835529.jpg (23.72 KB, 326x434, yup.JPG)

Seems she shops at one anyway.

No. 107123

Makes sense. Back in my 13-year-old mallgoth days I used to exaggerate my cuts by smearing myself in fake blood and posting photos on DeviantART.

No. 107124

No. 107129

gdi I hate this bitch now, wtf, grow the fuck up you pissbag

No. 107130

File: 1432335388519.jpg (165.96 KB, 870x594, g.jpg)

in order to look really special and make people feel sorry for you, you must have at least one post with the following sentences copypasted: "anorexia ruined my life" (at age 16), it's a "living hell", it's "not a lifestyle or a choice", "it's not pretty or glamorous"
and yes it might be true, but they always use exactly the same words…

No. 107133

Fake as hell, 16 is too old to be acting like that, jesus christ.

No. 107134

>keep fighting
>stay strong

No. 107140

>isnt pretty or glamourous
>let me post 100 photos of it
they are REALLY sending mixed massages

No. 107145

She's skinny, YES, but she's got all those poses that make her look skinniER down to a tee.


No. 107146

they just want to show you the ~terrible truth about anorexia

No. 107150

Costume makeup, taking mirror selfies in public places and sucking in your stomach. The horrors of anorexia.

No. 107153

File: 1432336303388.jpg (6.55 KB, 183x275, ug.jpg)

I blame Marilyn Manson.

No. 107158

File: 1432336739546.png (45.95 KB, 375x379, minimaud.png)

No. 107159

The cult of Minnie Maud.

No. 107160

I blame My Chemical Romance

No. 107163

Someone tell that Vicky person to shut the fuck up about that Minnie Maud bullshit

No. 107164

I blame my parents

No. 107167

I blame borderline personality disorder.

No. 107170

File: 1432337393410.jpg (27.33 KB, 385x195, huh.JPG)

Is Yustas a shady character or simply an autist? He's hesitant about Erika going home, he's spent their $ on fuck knows what…

This person - how can she not know there's already a funding page?!?

PS I blame Bill Gates

No. 107173

Probably an autist but tbh he's spent their $ on treatment or she would've been kicked out of it a long time ago.

No. 107192

Yustas is probably reacting like a typical reserved Russian male.

No. 107198

My treatment center banned social media. I was mad then, but now I can see why it needs to happen.

No. 107202

No hate on Erika, but she's in a relationship with the wrong type of person. Erika is highly emotional and needy, and Yustas is just a stereotypical Russian dude. She needs someone who will get upset with her and react enthusiastically and help build up her confidence. Yustas isn't an idiot, he's just not the right person for Erika.

No. 107206

AGREED. I don't like seeing people saying terrible things about Yustas because I think he IS trying, but as you said, he's a stereotypical Russian man, there's a certain emotional detachment. I think with their personality types, even without the addition of Erika's ED and other issues, they're quite incompatible. I'm sure they love each other dearly so it's sad, but they just aren't right for each other.

No. 107207


Yustas is a Russian child who has not adapted well to life in the US. Erika needs to be alone for a while so that she can figure out who she is. Did she go to college or otherwise get a chance to be independent or did she throw herself into a relationship with Mai's dad?

No. 107208

She's highly educated iirc.

No. 107214


I've been a psych in patient and hate the idea that if I ever have to be admitted again, people have phones with cameras. The privacy issue really worries me.

As for Erika's relationship with Yustas, she needs to get the fuck out. It really is a case of being wrong for each other. She needs someone supportive, but you don't even need a "romantic" relationship to get support. I'd concentrate on getting myself well and get some independence from men before thinking about getting involved with anyone for a while.

No. 107215


I wasn't talking about education. She seems like an autodidact. She seems to know a lot about some things but very little about common sense things. I just said college because the college experience usually involves being away from home and being exposed to new things. I said "otherwise get a chance to be independent" because living on one's own can also provide for the same opportunity for personal growth and understanding oneself.

No. 107217

This for troof.

No. 107218


Can you go somewhere that doesn't allow phone cameras? I had to use a tracphone where I was. I hope that doesn't discourage you from getting the help you may need in the future.

No. 107224

I'm really not sure what the rules are for phones. Last time I was in was mid 90s and we only had a payphone. Hopefully I'll stay out of there forever, but I wouldn't let it stop me if I knew people were allowed to use phones. It'd be an issue though, like I can imagine I'd avoid the social areas and hide away behind the curtain screen of the dorm compartment.

It was so long ago, we were allowed to smoke in the communal area!

No. 107227

(there was even a person who came around the wards in the morning selling snacks, magazines and cigarettes!)

No. 107244

Cigarettes? Times sure have changed

No. 107255

Only psychiatric patients allowed to smoke. Can't imagine what it's like there without. It killed the boredom and calmed the nerves. I suppose they get issued nicotine patches now.

No. 107261

File: 1432341039860.gif (947.81 KB, 500x370, 1423839484541.gif)


Funniest fucking thread, oh my god.

No. 107267

I was a moron and briefly landed myself in an IP psych ward a few weeks ago. They had a guy who went around asking smokers if they wanted "gum, patches, or both." It was also a locked unit with no outdoor area, though, but I imagine it's probably the same at most places now.

Oh, and personal electronic devices and anything with a camera were considered contraband. They had phones and a restricted computer that you could use, but you definitely couldn't keep any of your own shit.

No. 107268

File: 1432341370895.jpg (537.3 KB, 500x281, zLGL1n7.jpg)

No. 107269

How could you tell? It looked legit to me.

No. 107273

I'd probably stuff an e cig down my knickers and have a sly vape in the toilets.

There's only one locked ward at the place I was in. If you're not sectioned you're not ward based. I was voluntary, so it was easy to go outside. The psych part is stuck right at the back of the hospital grounds near a nice park. I used to piss off and climb over this wall and spend time in the park to get away from the ward.

I stashed some extra sleeping pills from home under the matress (not for OD, just because I needed extra in there), but they disappeared. The cleaners must check for contraband.

I'm photoshoop retarded, but I suspected some kind of image manipulation on the pics where her legs when she's wearing black leggings were made to look thinner. They look a lot thinner than the ones where she's in her underwear.

No. 107276

also on her upper arm is a bit blurry
idfk know why, she's already skinny af

No. 107279

I'm retarded, I just noticed the wonky wall behind her arm and how weirdly the sleeve seems to merge with her arm, and also how it's way too tight to fit the rest of the shirt.
That's some weird shit.

No. 107285

File: 1432342636665.jpg (220.48 KB, 736x1000, blurrybendy.jpg)


Blurry and bendy walls/tiles/lines next to the green marker.

No. 107288

This one looks odd to me. She appears to have hardly any abdomen area, but her arms and thighs don't look as skeletal as they should if she was so thin around the stomach.


I'm amazed she still has breasts. Her hands aren't all bony either.

No. 107291

Looks like she cut out her abdomen with the clone stamp and drew on her ribs with burn.

No. 107293

What a dumb bitch. Smdh

No. 107294

Yeah. That whole area's too dark.

No. 107299

She's a minor and she's posting naked pics? No wonder creeps are drawn to pro ana Instagram accounts

No. 107302

This one is really good at photoshop but really bad at anatomy.

No. 107303

If she's 16 in that pic, she's not a minor in the UK. Still young to post shit like that though.

No. 107304

That looks like a foreshortened fire of that mirror in the background and one of the areas you marked is not the mirror but her raggedy hair. I'm not certain that it's shopped.

No. 107305

Foreshortened view*

No. 107308

She gets out of the clinic on Wednesday, so prepare yourselves for more fake blood and histrionics.

No. 107312

Former cutter here. Fucking cringing so goddamn hard. This is embarassing. What an attention whore. :/ have some fucking decency and cut on your legs and don't take pictures. rabble rabble

No. 107319

This is weird. I've been in wards where they confiscated your cigarettes when you got in, and if you were old enough you could go smoke twice a day (under supervision, when we were at lunch.) but we weren't allowed any calls except to our parents, and only once a day. We weren't allowed our phones at all, in any psych ward I've been in, which thank god for that.

I guess it's just a little different everywhere.

(Ash doesn't even look real to me anymore. I'm too high guys.)

No. 107321

File: 1432345191277.jpg (119.88 KB, 498x666, image.jpg)

So I dropped my pic

No. 107323


Crazy that she ISN'T photoshopped huh

No. 107325

The only thing not allowed were razors. If you wanted to shave in the shower you had to have a member of staff watch you. I became a yeti for several months.

No. 107327

Also, at that time I don't think anyone was under the age of 20. Pretty much older mentals.

No. 107329

File: 1432346358070.jpg (692.87 KB, 1280x1707, image.jpg)

Haha yeah no razors, we weren't even allowed shower curtains. Also no makeup and no pens. :,( I was in an under 18 group next to an adult ward so the rules were different for eaCh of us. They also kept the real disturbed ones in the same building.. I think they are what convinced me to never be in a ward again (well so far, haha.)
Sorry to ramble.

Ash remains the spoopiest. That's not a compliment.

No. 107332

She'd take it as a compliment

No. 107333

File: 1432346588508.jpg (60.98 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

Mostly because of her ghoul face.

No. 107334

Personal blog ahead!

A lot of times people <21 – particularly girls, as we tend to look younger – are sent to the pediatric wards instead of the adult wards.

It happened to me when I was Baker Act'd twice at the age of 20, at two different facilities. I didn't speak to anyone, but everyone I observed was 12-16, mostly ages 15-16.

I was there, a grown adult, as the doctors were asking me in near baby-talk 'what my parents think of my appearance and means of expressing myself' and 'if that causes tension in my family' – which, hilariously enough, was referring to my (natural!) black hair and tiny nose stud piercing, as if that's a huge rebellious statement – 'are my parents divorced,' 'what year of high school am I in,' and no matter how many times I insisted that I was a sophomore physics major in university several States away from my family, they just kept on nagging me about THE FAMILY ISSUES THAT PLAGUED ME or even 'what my family did to me to make me go to school in another State.'

Then I had to go and watch a bunch of early teenagers waddle around in drug-induced hazes and get out their goddamned colouring books and a bunch of whiny girls talking about how they self-harm their tiny papercuts because they don't think their daddies love them, and how they totally tried to kill themselves fifty times already.

It's really fucking unbelievable how abysmal the mental health care here is. I wasn't even committed for a good reason, just 'suspected of being suicidal' for the most ridiculous reasons. The same type of thing I mentioned has happened to other people that I know as well.

No. 107335

Sorry, I just meant her face is what spooks me. It looks like a corpse.

No. 107338

These assholes who try to shoop themselves skinny don't seem to know much about human anatomy.

It's weird reading about what some psych wards allow patients to have. The one I end up in occasionally is very big on privacy and on taking away just about anything that anybody has ever tried to harm themselves with (excluding eyeglasses). No phones or any electronics (or a million other things irrelevant to this thread). Also, no smoking. The hospital this psych unit is in is huge, and the no smoking within x feet law is actually enforced. There are always groups of of healthcare professionals and other hospital employees smoking across the street from the hospital.

No. 107339

It was so lax when I was there. Only razors, alcohol, drugs not permitted. That didn't stop non ward based patients smuggling stuff in from the local shop though.

Don't know what it's like now. I don't want to find out from first hand experience, but I'd be interested to hear how it's changed.

Oh, there's the no smoking anywhere on the hospital grounds thing now. Up until the smoking ban here you could smoke on the premises outside and in the communal area inside the psych unit.

No. 107343

Oh yeah, they were weird about videos we could watch. Someone put Falling Down on and it was confiscated!

No. 107372

I wanna know if Ashley was sent to one of those kids' programs where they hold your hand and blame problems on your family or if she's actually been to a state hospital

No. 107382

i've been sectioned twice and it's a joke really. you could smoke in the showers easily, i smuggled my phone in, traded real coffee (they only allowed de-caf) for cigs.

No. 107383

I would def not last in there without real coffee

No. 107387

No. 107390

We were allowed one cup of caffeinated coffee a day. There was this one patient who would get non-coffee drinkers to order coffee and give it to him, and he would hide all the cups behind his bed until he had a chance to drink them all. His blood pressure was so high, it wasn't even funny.

No. 107571

File: 1432362972888.jpg (205.17 KB, 750x1101, image.jpg)

This girl has lost a ton of weight over the years and used to run a blog about her struggles with anorexia, but now denies she has an eating disorder at all if anyone questions her.

No. 107608

File: 1432365635156.jpg (34.26 KB, 393x565, 8v67Nbqcm8M.jpg)

She gained some weight since last year, she used to look way worse. She always said she had orthorexia not anorexia I guess because anorexia is too mainstream nowadays on tumblr. She isn't a genius and she used to be very pro-ana, but I don't think she is a lolcow.

No. 107651

i dont' get what she does with her life? she just takes photos of herself? she even has photos of herself all over her walls that she's clearly taken herself? does she have a job? she doesn't look like she has any friends

No. 107674

All those pics she takes of her hands ate annoying. I sense she is in love with herself. Model and fashion blogger. Lel.

No. 107675

Omfg I remember that shit
My first IP I had a migraine the whole time
Caffeine withdrawal sucks

No. 107676

are annoying*

Soo many annoying rexics

No. 107677

I couldn't live without caffeine and nicotine. Fact.

No. 107680

Ashley's quiet. Probably working on that poem.

No. 107683

Spot on with Yustas. I agree we are incompatible. I truly believe he's just lost. Dealing with a girl with as much baggage as I have would be an adventurous feat for even the most accomplished of white knights. He loosely tries, he does; as counter productive and enabling as he is oblivious. He likes to sleep and be as is. He takes life for granted, but who is to say most dont? I know I have. I get angry, but I allow plenty of room for understanding and meta analysis, in the end, he was just a kid who discovered the opportunity of English communication, while still lost in a world of poor translation. I ache, but I forgive, and I hope he can too.

No. 107692

Ich lese hier eigentlich nur, möchte aber trotzdem kurz mein Schweigen brechen, um dir zu sagen, dass ich dir und deiner Familie alles Gute wünsche. <3 Gib nicht auf.

No. 107693

Ich werde nicht. Ich hoffe, dass das Leben gut zu dir. Thank you.

No. 107696

is the aly thread dead now

No. 107706

I don't get the Erika love. I feel like the only reason anyone likes her is because she's pretty. If she was some black girl struggling in the ghetto, no one would give a shit. At the end of the day, she has an eating disorder, and is just as narcissistic and self-obsessed as all girls with EDs are. Her instagram is 95%+ selfies, some of her crying. She is far too old to be acting that way. I think it's funny, she wants Yustas to "play the game" (live in constant chaos, build his life around her, drop everything at a moment's notice for her, etc) and he's NOT PLAYING RIGHT. And that is why she hates him. He may be a douchebag, but good for him for not being sucked in to that mess. The true victims at the end of the day are those poor kids who get bounced around like ping pong balls to whomever has an open bed and some room to spare.
Erika is just as mentally ill as Ashley is. Maybe she's a nicer person at her core, but it must be frustrating to live with someone who needs constant attention and validation and care.

No. 107710

100% agree.

No. 107713

i dont find her pretty
i think its just that she is a average anorexic suburban white valey girl with ~issues~ and with heavily romanticized eating disorders

No. 107714

Amen amen amen

No. 107717

Damn. No, it's not like that. My kids have never bounced around- this was the first time I could manage to trust anyone with them. I do not separate well, not because of over attachment, but because the world isn't always fair and I'd like to protect them from anything I endured as a child. Don't even touch it. That is a disgusting presumptuous opinion. I made sure my children were safe when I went into treatment, you really want to poke fun at that? Fuck off.
And Yustas, for one, he's just not used to being an adult. He had a lot thrown at him. Manipulated? Game? No, sorry. I have stood by him and accepted some pretty hard to forgive shit, addictions (non chemical), and you know what? I still get excited to cook him dinner and surprise him with stupid projects. Don't assume things about relationships, they are not all equal, we are different people from different parts of the world. Yustas was born in the USSR and it's a big-fucking-change for him to come here and be thrown into adulthood. I vent. I'm allowed to vent as you are allowed to criticise. I just wanted to throw some words out there. One thing that seriously pisses me off is bringing my children into criticism. Don't go there.

No. 107725

It's already on ashley's blog…

No. 107730

No. 107732

ok erika

No. 107733

Oh look, an influx of trolls.

>I feel like the only reason anyone likes her is because she's pretty

Not everyone is as shallow as you, dear.

>If she was some black girl struggling in the ghetto, no one would give a shit

Again, that's what you think.

> She is far too old to be acting that way.

What? Blogging about her stages of recovery? You expect it all to be happy, happy, joy, joy fake crap like aly_realrecovery? It doesn't work like that.

She doesn't expect her husband to play any game. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for some support, and it seems that there isn't very much coming from him. Yes, he has his issues, but the coldness he's showing towards her, even it's because he's not good with emotions, isn't good at all.

Her daughters are victims? You think they LOOK unhappy? The love they feel for their mother is so evident. Jesus, every day I see mothers dragging their kids around, swearing at them, not giving them any attention and they don't even have eating disorders to deal with. Erika's doing a great job. They're healthy and loved.

>Erika is just as mentally ill as Ashley is.

You what? Ha. Yes, both have eating disorders. One wants to rot, the other is fighting to recover. You see, big difference there.

>it must be frustrating to live with someone who needs constant attention and validation and care

How do you know Erika needs "constant attention and validation"? All she needs is care and support. Marriage is all about supporting the other in the union.

Congrats on your ability to agree with yourself.

No. 107734

wow ashley at least you could try being less obvious. Took you literally 5 min to post it on your blog pretending it wasn't you who wrote that pile of shit.
deep down you know erika deserves all the love and support
and that makes the bile inside you boil
doesn't it?
pls quit being so pathetic

No. 107735

ashley u salty

No. 107736


Oh dear, Ashley. You fucking clown.

No. 107737

Ashley: "Attention, plx"

No. 107740

No one doubts how good of a mother you are to your babies. The fact that you're as wonderful as you are in a role which constantly demands 100% of an individual, with what you're going through and have gone through, is what's most indicative of who you truly are as a person.

No. 107741

>black girl
Compassion for black girls, it must not be Ashley. :cough: she just contradicted herself.

No. 107743

Tagged as #truth.
I wish I could say I was surprised… but at the end of the day, it's Ash we're talking about.

> Maybe she's a nicer person at her core
Yeah, a big "maybe" on this one. /sarcasm

No. 107746

Nah, she implied black girls are ugly with that comment. Probably Ash.

No. 107748

Weekends must be lonely when you only have your Beanie Babies to hold.

No. 107750

She was saving the bile for a retarded post on lolcow. What a fucking waste of the little energy she must have. Poor little thing.

No. 107752

File: 1432399460420.png (226.34 KB, 338x439, omfg.png)

and there i thought, you couldn't embarrass yourself more than you already have, ashley.

this is way cringeworthy.

No. 107753

Pretty sure restrictions considering personal belonging vary between different wards. In my experience, at the ward I was in, the patients that were considered a danger to themselves couldn't keep any personal belongings, but then people like me who were there voluntarily and weren't self-destructive could have phones and even laptops. I had both and my internet usage was never monitored in any way.
Similarly, the ward doors were locked 24/7 and some patients were only allowed outside with supervision, but I could come and go as I wanted.
I guess they used this sort of system to motivate the less cooperative patients into cooperating. /slithly ot

No. 107754

not OT, i wrote of my experiences up there ^

fortunately i've always been in a rational frame of mind where i knew that if it comes to sectioning vs. voluntary in-patient, voluntary is best. i'd hate so much to be sectioned. ward based eurgh.

No. 107755

She doesn't want to die alone. She's attempting to provoke a relapse.

No. 107762

She won't though. Erika's got the love of her daughters and that's stronger than any pissy attempt at knocking her spirit.

Phone call didn't work, so an immature comment here won't do much. Sorry, Ash - you die alone :(

No. 107764

This is what I meant by this thread enabling Ashley. She's so predictable. Sometimes, I feel bad for her but then she does this stuff. Wow.

Go back to your chair.

No. 107765

I don't think you should respond to negative criticism like this. It lets it get to you. Posting here in the same forum as the rest of us makes you kind of 'one of us' and therefore a more acceptable target, because you're thought of as more on our level. You know this, I'm sure; just don't waste your time defending yourself.

No. 107768

What's on her blog? Does anyone have screen caps?

No. 107769

File: 1432401735732.jpg (3.41 MB, 3312x4416, img_2100.jpg)

No. 107771

Hahaha, oh man, you know you're really wrong when Ashley praises your comment.

No. 107772

You are all so deep in Erika's ass you see nothing.

No. 107773

It's just a screen cap of her post here with #truth #personal #lolcow hashtags on her gutsthrowingup tumblr.

No. 107774

I agree. I don't think it's a good idea to post here and esp not in response to Ashley. She's probably getting off right now in her chair-grave on all the responses she provoked with her nastiness.

No. 107776

You're so pissed off she didn't want YOU deep in her ass, now go and play with your Pokemon toys. There's a good girl ~head pats~

No. 107777

She's got nothing else going on in her life, let her have her brief moment then we'll move swiftly on to something more interesting than a stinky little kid.

No. 107778

File: 1432401954397.jpg (375.41 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Usually anons will say they're not Ashley if accused of being her so it's pretty clear that was her…

No. 107779

Shoulda been skull pats but ok

No. 107780

if only you stopped being an obvious salty ass skeletal bitch, Ashley

No. 107781

Someone needs to reply to all the black girls that follow Ashley on Twitter with screenshots of her racist shit.

No. 107782

File: 1432402161643.jpg (10.67 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

with ~professional glitter glue~

No. 107783

Please try to be less fucking obvious, you god damn rattling wheelchair corpse. You're a self destructive person that's mad Erika is getting better while you continue to wither I your pool of ceaseless misery and pain. I'm not a fan of Erika, but she's trying to do something better for herself, and that's at least something.
You're nothing but a nest of lies and you don't even need a trip to identify yourself. We all know, especially when you post it on your blog 30 second after it was posted on here. Faggot.

No. 107789

Maybe Rebecca should know about lolcow

No. 107790

I think the poor woman suffers enough. Her minging daughter would only take it out on her.

No. 107791

If her mom googles her, she'll find it

No. 107793

because it's fun to watch how butthurted you become when somebody criticizes Erika

No. 107796

At least I have a butt

No. 107798

File: 1432403152597.jpg (10.2 KB, 350x233, immature.jpg)

Yes. It's fun.

No. 107799

So why don't you admit you weren't Ashley if it was jut some random anon who said that..?

Oh wait.

No. 107801

so you admit it was you, Ashley

No. 107802

Ugh. She's just getting what she wants. I'm guessing that Jackie is too busy to text right now and she needs attention from someone else atm.

No. 107804

yes it was me. I'm so ashley.

No. 107805

Sure sure. It's just your pathetic attempt to discredit her and make people side with you.

You always say shit is different than we perceive it to be but you never show up with proof. Shut the fuck up you retarded shithead.

No. 107809

Well, you could have look at th IP address if you want to prove you're not Ashley.

No. 107810

You should tell me why she is more special than the other dysfunctional borderline anorexic attention whores in this thread… except she is a decade older than them and made 2 children.

No. 107811

Have the admin*

No. 107812

I don't care that much, but I'd be surprised if Ashley had a hungarian IP.

No. 107813


No. 107814

It's not Ashley who wrote that about Erika. I discovered Erika's instagram because of Ashley. I don't doubt Erika loves her kids, but she's kidding herself if she thinks her behavior isn't traumatizing to them. I grew up severely abused, and I made it my mission to give my kids the best upbringing possible. I wouldn't have had time to have an eating disorder, because I have a child with special needs, and was too busy trying to deal with her problems.
I understand that eating disorders are a mental illness. I think it's wonderful that Erika is trying, and she looks better. I hope you make it.
But I don't understand what makes her better than Ashley. Both have eating disorders, both cause a tremendous amount of stress to their families. They spend far too much time looking inward, and not enough time looking outward at the world and people around them.
I hope you recover Erika, and can be the GREAT mom I know you can be. Your babies are beautiful, and they deserve the best.
I hope Ashley can recover as well. It doesn't seem likely, but every life is precious, and I hope by some miracle, she chooses life over the hell she has sunk herself in to. She deserves a chance, too.

No. 107815

I live in Seattle, WA, so IP address away.

No. 107817

File: 1432405127307.jpg (111.87 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

She's in treatment. She's eating. She says she wants to change for her children and be a better mother to them.

Please tell me how this is not different at all to what Ashley or aly_realrecover (who continues to lose more and more weight and ignore treatment) does. I'm listening. So what if she posts pictures of herself on her own fucking Instagram? All she talks about is how she wants to gain weight and not be a walking skeleton as much anymore. Don't expect people who have been sexually abused to never be sad or damaged, bro,

By the way, I really don't care too much about Erika. She's obviously a person with a lot of demons who probably hasn't made all the right decisions in life. But I think that she's actually making a real effort to get away from her eating disorder, even if it's not quite perfect I gotta say she's doing more than Ash has ever done.

While Ash chan continues to make videos at Target and embrace her triggering appearance.

No. 107818

>I made it my mission to give my kids the best upbringing possible….I have a child with special needs, and was too busy trying to deal with her problems.

But not too busy to post here? Go look after your kids. Judgemental shitface.

No. 107819

Lol wtf? That post is nothing like the original one you made dude. She knows her appearance and what she's done has been terrible for her kids. That's why she's trying to get better.

You just think you're better than her, you're acting pretty high and mighty about it tbh.

Oh and by the way, please point out to me all of the plentiful accounts of 'ghetto' black girls with eating disorders. Oh wait…

No. 107820

I also love being manipulated by Ashley who had me write shit about Erika so she could post it on her tumblr page.

No. 107821


My kids are teens, but thanks for asking!

No. 107822

Maybe read the threads bro? Ashley glories her eating disorder and up until pretty recently would post about all her binges and purges in detail. Ashley's a pretty disputable person who hasn't done anything with her life in any way except for waste away on the recliner while her mom supports them both.

No. 107823

>I wouldn't have had time to have an eating disorder

That's really how it works.

No. 107824

Lol yup, this just in, an eating disorder is something to you choose to have in your spare time, just for funsies.
How old are you? This isn't the yahoo comments page. You don't need a name, that's the reason why it's anonymous.

No. 107825


When you have kids, they always come first. It's no different than an alcoholic choosing alcohol over their kids. And addiction? Yes. A mental illness? Perhaps. But you put your kids first. Period.

No. 107826

No. 107827


Jesus. GTFO.

No. 107828

Lol and you are telling them to step outside their own perspective….
Bitch you don't know shit about what it's like to have an ED/mental illness. Go back to your "kids".

No. 107829

Hmm..fancy ~stumbling upon~ lolcow and making a post which Ashley reposts on her tumblr a few minutes later.

No. 107832

Exactly. Haven't you wondered why there are few, if any, black girls with eating disorders? It seems to be a predominantly white middle to upper middle class white girl thing. I think the black girls are too busy dealing with real life problems, not worrying about how big their thigh gap is.

No. 107834

Yeah and she keeps posting. Like someone is holding a gun to her head and forcing her to read these threads.

No. 107835

If we ignore Ashley/meema it will go away eventually.

No. 107836

My parents are great people and they didn't always put me first. My dad battles with alcoholism and my mom struggled through 3 divorces.

You have to realize that people aren't perfect and they won't always do what's best for their children. That's just how people are. When you have a mental illness, it doesn't just go away when you have children. You can try to be the best parent you can be to them, and still you might fuck them up anyway.

You're being a judgmental asshole who is too proud because she raised a retard and scorns Erika for not being ~perfect like you~ but doesn't see anything wrong with Ashley languishing on her mothers recliner chair while she wastes away before the age of thirty all while contributing nothing to her mother, not even love. Gtfo

Also, grandma-chan here confirms that Ashley furiously f5s this thread 24/7

No. 107837

Oh, for sure. She doesn't sleep either. Probably has a tab open on her phone and computer at all times.

No. 107838

> I think the black girls are too busy dealing with real life problems, not worrying about how big their thigh gap is.

Uniting the blatant racism of your statements, I don't think you understand how eating disorders work, grandma. You have to be privileged enough to have access to food in order to refuse it, but legitimate illnesses are not about thigh gaps. Put on your reading glasses and do some research.

No. 107839

Racist grandma-chan

No. 107840

How about you educate yourself now your kids are in their teens. Feeling a bit lonely now they don't need you?

Read the youtube comments also.

No. 107841


No. 107842

Yes, because all black people live in ghettos, struggle financially, and don't have mental illnesses.

No. 107843

??? I've met quite a number of black girls who had eating disorders for different reasons:

1 was sexually abused as a kid and had an eating disorder all throughout elementary, middle and high school

1 was really depressed and had body image issues

1 was in an abusive relationship

like… wtf American black girls are affected by all of the same mental issues as everyone else who was born and raised in the U.S.

No. 107845

Especially those Obama (Osama!) sisters. They don't know their place, if you ask me.

No. 107846

File: 1432406789096.gif (2.03 MB, 371x331, whatif.gif)


TWIST: Grandma chan is actually ashley's mother and ashley is the child with special needs.

No. 107847

Opposition based on the article that was posted above about the 40 lb anorexic, we can assume that Ashleys "abusive" mom bathes her, lifts her in/out of cars/the tub and basically is her slave the same way that woman's boyfriend is. Sick.

No. 107848


No. 107849

TWIST: Ashley is actually Rebecca's mom. She doesn't have an ED. She's just really fucking old.

No. 107850

File: 1432407108238.jpg (245.46 KB, 800x800, natracare-dry-and-light-incont…)

Stop, stop. Too much lel.

No. 107852

PS Sorry your spawn chose to have special needs :(

No. 107853

File: 1432407495421.jpg (51.24 KB, 347x475, image.jpg)

Basically ash and her moms relationship

No. 107854

"who continues to lose more and more weight and ignore treatment"
Erika has been doing the same in the past years. But anyway I wish good luck for her, I honestly hope she will recover.

No. 107855

File: 1432407678649.jpg (64.21 KB, 306x470, NOWIRECOATHANGERS.jpg)

although Ashley would probably say otherwise

No. 107857

Yeah. And I know someone's probably going to "okay Ashley" me for this but I think it's silly to pretend that Erika, in the past, has been inherently better than the other anorexics. I'm glad she's attempting treatment now and I truly hope she does recover, but I'm not wedged up her ass either. I don't think her posting here is, in the long run, going to be a good thing for her.

No. 107858

No. 107859

Yeah, but my point was about the actions of people right now.

Not a fan of Erika either but just sayin I have to admire her for getting help. That's all.

No. 107860

I don't think that Erika or her supporters have said she's "different". Ash is the only anorexic who thinks she's "different." Erika is just a foil to Ashley on this board.

No. 107861

The irony of that is that Erika IS different because she's the only anorexic who doesn't act like an emo teenager. Rightly so - I mean, she IS an adult woman, but so are some of the other anorexics and that doesn't stop them from acting like spoiled brats. Erika is a mature woman who is under no illusions that the path she was on only had one ending. Ashley apparently wants to survive? Doesn't show it.

No. 107863

Nah, she's posted horrible cuts and self-mutilation. Which she's said she's regretted. Erika isn't perfect but she's much better than Ashley. It's a mental illness and people do u rational things when they're ill

No. 107864


No. 107868

Ah, I missed those. Still, I feel like her moments of self-awareness span a lot further than the moments of self-awareness a lot of these others do.

No. 107869

Yeah, she acknowledged that it was "disgusting" (her words). She's trying to get better, so I give her credit for that. I've never thought that she was perfect and I don't like the way some people here practically worship her. It's not good for Erika. She has enough pressure.

No. 107873

No, it's not good the way they do it, but they'll deny that they do it too even though it's blatantly clear. It's NOT good for her and it's actually kind of creepy I think.

No. 107876

Please kill yourself.
Eating disorders among black people is not that less prevalent, it's just that among African-Americans going for actual mental help is discouraged or not even considered because the mental health community is very central to helping white people.
Self-harm rates are also higher among black children than white ones, and autism is more prevalent in black boys than white ones, but I bet you didn't know that.

No. 107881

File: 1432410505324.gif (177.56 KB, 500x375, alone.gif)

i love how tried to make black people look more oppressed. but ended up tripping on your words and saying all black people are poor and in the ghetto.
this is like tumblr trying to show how NOT racist they are and failing miserably

No. 107882

the CLEARLY FAKE cuts you mean? with the fake costume blood?

No. 107883

File: 1432410985657.gif (60.24 KB, 320x240, Fred friendship.gif)

cant we have a erika circle jerk somewhere else? i want to laugh at girls with EDs and how delusional they are

No. 107887

File: 1432411193549.png (8.41 KB, 652x235, creep.PNG)

Ashley is the only one assuming that these boards are a competition between her and E in regards to where they stand in relapse/recovery, when that is not at all what is being discussed and evaluated.

The eating disorder is just one more aspect where Ashley's rotten personality is shining through, and since she is preoccupied with and trapped within her ED world, there are obviously a lot of overlaps.

Ashley was the one who brought E into all this, and it doesn't even matter whether or not she or grandma-chan posted that, because the fact that she reposted it on her tumblr applauding it speaks volumes.

No. 107891

did TFC like Ashley's tumblr post bashing E?

No. 107892


To the surprise of no one, nobody liked that post.

No. 107899

Is Jackie her only friend besides that brussels sprouts child she follows and encourages on Instagram?

No. 107911

I'm going to say my peace and then be done.

To the person who called me a judgemental shitface…look in the mirror. Everyone here is a judgemental shitface.

As far as what Erika posted on her instagram about her photos…I feel like this desire to be liked, to be pretty, to be approved of, just feeds the problem. You shouldn't care if others find you attractive. All that matters is how you feel about yourself. No matter how beautiful someone is someday they will be old and wrinkly and gray. You need to learn to love who you are, not what you look like. Once you are no longer worried about whether or not you look fat, half your battle will be won.

This website is internet bullying at its finest. I hope every person here takes a long, hard look at your life and why you are here. People who are happy and have fulfilling lives do not spend time on the internet saying horrible things about people they don't even know, photoshopping their heads onto skeletons, making fun of them. Your behavior says more about YOU than it does about the person you are making fun of.

Ashley if you read here…you shouldn't. What a bunch of internet strangers think about you should not define who you are, or how you feel about yourself. These people don't know you, are never going to know you, so why do you care if they approve of you? Ditto for you Erika, even though your comments are more positive, your self esteem should not be based on what a bunch of strangers think about you.

Turn off your computers, power down your tablets, turn off your smartphones, and go rejoin life again.

I wish you all peace and happiness.

No. 107915

SIX brussel sprouts kid. SIX sprouts. Important detail you forgot to include there.
I didn't know she was a friend of that child. She's a friend of the other child who's in recovery, but I forget her name. She's "sold out" now though, so Ashley probably defriended her.

Fuck off then. Bye.

No. 107916

File: 1432413713141.jpg (8.61 KB, 253x199, oprAH.jpg)

No. 107918

File: 1432413905161.jpg (61.25 KB, 507x338, joy.jpg)

No. 107919

File: 1432414039083.jpg (55.32 KB, 480x480, positivity.jpg)

God dammit. Life is sweet!!! :)

No. 107922

Take your sanctimonious, racist shit and leave. People here have tried to help Ashley. You'd know that I'd you'd read the threads.

Anon was right, if Erika chose to be mentally ill, then by your logic your kid chose to have special needs. Ridiculous.

No. 107923

This exactly. It's not because there's a lack of POC suffering from EDs, it's that the subtext which revolves these issues differs from culture to culture. Sometimes that means that seeking help or even admitting you've got a real problem is seriously stigmatized, which later reflects upon the statistics gathered on the subject. It's the same way boys are often ashamed of having an eating disorder and so won't seek treatment since it's a "girl's disease" – which I think is slowly changing now, at least

Eating disorders are all consuming and they don't discriminate based on things like education, status, or race.

No. 107928

File: 1432415178639.jpg (15.9 KB, 587x125, 1.JPG)

Meanwhile…aly's still deleting negativity from her comments (ie people telling her she's not gaining weight because she isn't).

No. 107932

File: 1432415286129.jpg (27.04 KB, 285x607, gaining.JPG)



6 hours ago
Are you all thinking it will help aly if you all are saing 'you Look every day smaller..' An something like this?! It's very hard to gain. I'm gainig not very fast too. I belive aly that she's gaining stay strong @aly_realrecover

yeah, ~stay strong~

No. 107948

~internet bullying~
You don't have to read this site you know. But glad your fucking off. Bye racist grandma.

No. 107952

File: 1432417401850.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x370, image.jpg)

If Ashley hadn't posted here and created a blog solely to interact with us the threads would have died a long time ago. She's a self-milking lolcow

No. 107970

File: 1432420517335.png (460.12 KB, 262x1152, REAL RECOVERY b4 shot.png)

Are you blind? She's CLEARLY gained since she started her ~real recovery~!!!1 (see pic for proofs; it's from near the beginning of her Instagram account when she claims to have started recovering and gaining)

I hope she does have to go to IP and they don't put up with any of her shit there and she's ACTUALLY faced with having to eat 3,000+ calories a day.

No. 107972

I hope so too, but she'll probably go to one of those spas that masks as a treatment center

No. 107975

It would be funny if she went into a treatment center and came out even thinner claiming to be ~weight restored~. "Yeah, I know I look even more like a skeleton than ever, but I swear my BMI is 20 and I'm totes healthy!"

No. 107980

Weren't you just attacking someone ITT, then acted condescending for no reason, then spewed racist bullshit while trying to show off how "not racist" you are? You are literally no better than anyone here (you insulted a mother recovering from an ED that almost killed her, what the fuck?) and the fact that you took the time to type out that bullshit lecture is just proof you're fucking delusional.
I feel bad for your kids if they have to deal with someone as neurotic as you, lady.

No. 107981


I can see her being uncooperative and getting kicked out, tbh

No. 107984

Ashley's portrayal of her mother:

Ashley: You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I weren't still in this chair!
Rebecca: But you are, Ashley. You are.

No. 107989

File: 1432424706284.jpg (58.75 KB, 448x473, Nofun_robot.jpg)

Ashley needs to be put down like the rabies-infected screeching demon she is before she hurts any more people. Expunge the ghoul!

No. 107990

Bye, bitch!

I hope that person really leaves, but I'm still posting this for future reference.

First of all, even if everything here was bullying, it still wouldn't be bullying, because for something to be "bullying," it must involve an under 18. When only adults are involved, it's called harassment. You can go ahead and Google that.

Second, it's not harassment to gossip and talk shit about someone on a website (unless you're doing it on the person's own website). Posts here aren't sent to any of the cows' inboxes. They're not intruding into people's lives; people have to search for them. If they read these posts, they're choosing to read it.

No. 107991

I still think an exorcist's in order.

No. 107992

or an anorexorcist.

No. 107994

Why are they even here? If they think this is bullying that's all this site is
why go on here?! It's like going to pot hub and getting offended by the porn there

No. 107996

File: 1432425458130.jpg (80.66 KB, 426x639, 10154324_10152414825833176_395…)

10/10 this gave me a really scary chuckle irl


No. 108007

I haven't seen TFC post anywhere after she was called out for being a triggering autist.

No. 108009

Erika is actually younger than/the same age as a lot of the cases I've seen on Instagram.

No. 108010

Meena sounded way too intelligent to be Ashley.

No. 108013

oh idk maybe its different for you? Even my smaller cuts bled a lot and ran down my arms. her scars are worse tho. Mine healed great but I rub them with oil.

No. 108015

I think you're misremembering bc nothing that is cut the way she cuts would bleed so freely.

No. 108021

~*sounds intelligent*~

speaks of shit she has no clue about
is racist

No. 108023

If you're in a hot bath they'll bleed more especially if you get water mixed in with the blood.

No. 108025

Sorry, Meena was too well spoken to be Ashley.

No. 108057

Some of these anorexic fucks have big rib cages, they're not as underweight as you think. I just noticed that.
>is a fatass and you can still see part of her ribcage

No. 108067

NO i was a deep cutter
and if anything it made it look like i wasn't even bleeding
you clearly NEVER cute before

No. 108069

No. 108072


No. 108075

lol no, test that theory, cut yourself and put it in the bath
water washes dirt and junk off. blood aint like fake costume blood, sweetie

No. 108081

I'm sure I've been cutting myself for longer than you've been alive. I wasn't talking about putting your whole arm in the water and having the blood wash off. I was talking about being in a warm environment like the bathtub and getting water splashed on your arm.

No. 108082

Are you fucking retarded? Being in a hot bath is not the same as rinsing a cut, ffs.

When you're submerged in warm/hot water, your body begins to heat up. Without evaporative cooling, your body is forced to compensate. Blood vessels and surface capillaries dilate and blood is diverted away from the vital organs to the skin. Your blood pressure drops so your heart rate increases to compensate.


No. 108083

lmao what happened to this thread

"I'm sure I've been cutting myself for longer than you've been alive" holy shit

No. 108085


Ikr? It's like the BPD Olympics.

No. 108086

File: 1432439727575.jpg (73.74 KB, 800x800, bpd4.jpg)

No. 108092

>I was talking about being in a warm environment like the bathtub and getting water splashed on your arm.
then she is obviously doing that to show off with pictures

No. 108093

File: 1432440045925.gif (659.66 KB, 300x180, 5554855 _ea2192c43a72f66d3f131…)

oh you mad
are you who i think you are?

No. 108094

lol. tell me how edgy you are

No. 108095

No. 108103

Doubt it? I've commented once about nine threads ago.

I'm not edgy. I've never cut or anything. I just have a basic grasp of human anatomy and physiology and I like making fun of people who are being all righteous in their ignorance. shrug

No. 108105

>i never cut or anything
then you dont know
>I just have a basic grasp of human anatomy and physiology
lol, then prove it. link your "facts" and dont make shit up

No. 108112

exactly, you have no proof
faggot :^)

No. 108119


You… You want sources on shit as basic as 10th grade bio? Seriously? I am so sorry the public schools failed you so badly. You poor thing.

Here's a basic Wikipedia entry on vasodilation, you can start there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasodilation

>Vasodilation occurs in superficial blood vessels of warm-blooded animals when their ambient environment is hot; this process diverts the flow of heated blood to the skin of the animal, where heat can be more easily released to the atmosphere.

The issue in the bath is that it's a warm environment (and thus, vasodilation occurs) but the heat cannot be released into the atmosphere because sweating (which cools use via evaporative cooling) doesn't work underneath the water. It doesn't work particularly well when we're just in humid air. That's why we sweat more in humid environments. There's a page on MIT's site that discusses that neatly. http://engineering.mit.edu/ask/why-do-we-sweat-more-high-humidity. Being submerged in pure water means it doesn't work at all.

Here's a little thing from the Cleveland Clinic about being in a hot bath: http://health.clevelandclinic.org/2014/07/hot-tubs-can-land-your-heart-in-hot-water/

If that doesn't manage to clear it up for you, maybe you should try heading back to school. Just not whatever one you came from, that place was clearly terrible.

No. 108120

It's this kind of fucked up thinking that makes a lot of people sound ignorant. My MEXICAN BROTHER suffered anorexia at 15-16 years old and he went into treatment and my family was informed that if we waited any longer, he was going to die, possibly. Mental illness knows no ethnicity or gender.

No. 108124

ya, so she is purposely trying to make her cuts seem worse by taking pictures of it and she is a attention seeking cunt

No. 108126

wow, someone has had their jimmies rustled

No. 108127

she is taking pictures of herself cutting
its already attention whoring
because she is trying to show off how *~damaged~* she is>>108103

No. 108128

File: 1432443903992.jpg (57.2 KB, 500x354, heh.jpg)

a picture of her BF

No. 108130


No. 108132

Two of those comments were the same anon (me), one wasn't.

No. 108139

No. 108143

If I cut myself shaving my legs in the bath it looks like a massacre occurred even when I dry it. This is why I prefer a Ladyshave.

I'm going to start an Instagram account showing shaving cuts on my legs. I really need some attention and ~stay strong~ support.

No. 108146

I might even do a cry face.

No. 108151

i really hate people who romanticize cutting
and dis including her bath pictures
this is obviously fake blood look at
she clearly is using cheap dollarstore fake blood. real blood doesn't pool like that

No. 108153

Why does she list her mental ilnesses like work experience on a resume?

No. 108155

File: 1432447819889.png (556.32 KB, 720x600, 101010.png)

crawwwwwwwllllinnnngg in my skin
this blood it isnt rrrreeeeaaaaaaaallll

No. 108156


No. 108161

Yes it does…

Y'all need to look at more self-harm pictures. I'm quite sure she's not using fake blood at all. Some people bleed more than others, and yes, blood pools.
However, she obviously smears her blood around, probably to make it look worse than it is, but she's not using fake blood. (For an example of smear, see the blood on her cheek in the bathtub picture. Also https://instagram.com/p/1qvwWLofxw/ )

No. 108162

how is it not fake?
fucking stop defending yourself

No. 108163

no it doesnt you dumb skeleton :^)
nobody is buying your lies

No. 108165

recolapse confirmed

No. 108167

Actually, I agree with anon, but I didn't want to be the first to say it because, you know, the usual.

>fucking stop defending yourself

>no it doesnt you dumb skeleton :^)
nobody is buying your lies

I was really into that shit when I was like 14, and my cuts weren't very deep but they sure as hell bleed a lot.

No. 108169

File: 1432450601486.png (171.33 KB, 500x489, crawlinginmyskiiin.png)

>agreeing with yourself
4u BBY

No. 108171

why are you defending her? suck her asshole somewhere else

No. 108172

File: 1432450874103.png (20.98 KB, 300x169, Spooky scary skeletons sends s…)

No. 108173

It's not fake because my blood does the same thing. I think the blood pools because it's where the edge of the razor cut slightly deeper or something. I mean, it pools when they prick my finger to test my blood too. But fuck…

I guess I'm recolapse now. Better start working on my photoshop since I currently suck at it.

And lastly,
Good point. I just wanted to correct people with their misconceptions about blood, but what's the point? There's literally no value in knowing this stuff.

No. 108174

so shut up about it

No. 108178

File: 1432451515051.jpg (217.69 KB, 1015x598, SIX.jpg)

I made two posts about it, and yes sir!

Hey look, questtorecovery's "must be six" bullshit has spread to her cheese cubes.

No. 108182

i didnt even say you were all of them
i just said that everyone going on about it needs to shut up she cuts for the asthetic and how ~beautifully tragic~ it is

No. 108183

how about we talk about you recolapse :^)

No. 108184

Ah okay. I thought it sounded like I made many.

That's cool too, but no more blood/cutting discussion. Too much disagreement and arguing!

No. 108189

That's some really intense OCD.

No. 108213

You haven't seen anything, anon

No. 108219

File: 1432473431132.jpg (55.82 KB, 552x571, six.JPG)

and the crackers.

No. 108220


No. 108221

File: 1432473673941.jpg (106.34 KB, 1920x1080, bloodspo.jpg)

No. 108235

He has the flat (non sharp) part of the blade on his skin too. What a retard

No. 108236

File: 1432479892762.png (513.74 KB, 1090x550, dumb eyebrows.png)

No. 108237

I honestly don't think ketchup looks like blood at times. Use red food coloring.

No. 108238

File: 1432480236031.png (550.21 KB, 600x610, drug addicts.png)

a friendly reminder that EDs age you faster than meth

No. 108244

File: 1432481639213.jpg (38.29 KB, 599x588, bawbaw.JPG)

You made Emily cry (again)

No. 108245

File: 1432481770037.jpg (44.93 KB, 587x572, bawbaw2.JPG)

and again…

No. 108246

She dances good.

No. 108247

Honestly, imagening how this picture was taken is cracking me the fuck up.

In what scenario is that even on your mind when you're crying? I'll admit i used to cry a lot more when i was her age (she looks 15/14?) but even then i, and I thought most people, when pushed to the point of actually crying would be to preoccupied with, well, crying to fucking pull their phone out, open the camera app, take a picture, like i know it's not _that_ bad but it's still a process. And then posting it on the internet? Haha I can't

No. 108249


Young people are alien to me. Digital cameras/phones have a lot to answer for. #nonracistgrammachan

No. 108250

fuck. ignore the video reposting. or watch it again if you were as impressed as I was!

No. 108251

Out of all the pictures she posts, I can deal with the cutting and the spoopy skeleton but I don't like the ones where she's huffing gas from hairspray cans. Idk, it's something I thought died in the 1980s and people are asking her what she's doing and what it feels like.

No. 108252

i like to imagine how she took this pic
like her pose means that she hit the timer on the camera and posed like this awkardly waiting for it to click

No. 108256

File: 1432483978094.jpg (54.28 KB, 596x604, 1.JPG)

Bitch can't even cover the fresh cuts up when she's taking a nice picture with her dog.

No. 108261

honestly ashley is the abusive one treating her mother the way she does and putting her through all of this

parents who actually care about their kids and have to watch them kill themselves slowly don't deserve that

No. 108264

Why hasn't Instagram deleted cutting chick's account?

No. 108267

She cut the wrong way.

No. 108275

This girl is a fucking attention whore. Fuck her. She is only doing it for likes.

No. 108291

They're too busy taking down anti-proana accounts that get reported for "harassment".

I reported some of her pics anyway but don't expect anything to happen, except maybe one of those stupid "your friends are worried you may have a problem" things replace an image.

No. 108297

>Y'all need to look at more self-harm pictures

Um. Uh.. Nah, I think I'll pass. I'm just not edgy enough.

No. 108301

Can't avoid them with all the attention seeking twats on instagram/tumblr.

No. 108319

naa, probs yet taken down. My account got deleted because of a picture of me in my bikini. I am over 18 and and skinny, but I wasn't pro anything yet it got me suspended "for promoting eating disorders" wtf. Instagram is ridiculous.

No. 108326

haha omg i'm that awful body type that's average but with ZERO boobs and i got a stranger commenting that only people with EDs don't have tits -________________________-

No. 108342

Fuck, my spelling went out of the window in that post..
Pretty much the same haha.

No. 108351

Yes I have dude, I saw that giant picture with the six brusselsprouts exactly in very meal. Shut the fuck up you are all fucking faggots

No. 108356

Ugh why… Why do people do this… Just pull down your sleeve why :/
I will sorrowfully admit I have posted pictures of my sel harm on tumblr ears ago because I thought it was edgy. What a stupid fuck I was. It's just unneeded and doesn't help anything and just made people sick or more competitive to cut deeper. So stupid, man. I'm still cringing.

No. 108357

I took a picture of myself imitating Ashley and I am scared to post it

No. 108360

Please don't.

No. 108361

do it

No. 108362

Do eeet.

No. 108367

Is this another stupid skeleton pic? Because that joke is fucking stale (and never really was funny)

No. 108373


No. 108374

File: 1432502744602.jpg (6.61 KB, 300x168, spoopy.jpg)

Some of these anorexic girls have got bigger tits than me. I don't know how that workds. They have to wear bras and I'm in vest tops?

I still laugh at it.

No. 108431

Depends on where you carry weight. Peoples bodies are different.

No. 108444

It's not even that, breast tissue is not fat. You carry some fat there obviously, but people have different amounts of breast tissue even before you start considering fat distribution.

No. 108448

How much longer iuntil ash throws a fit in a bid for attention?

No. 108449


No. 108450

How do you check to see the IP address / information of answered asks from someone's Tumblr blog? I want to get definitive proof that Ash's asks are all self-sent.

No. 108451

You can't see them unless you own the blog. You can see who's asking you questions, that's it.

No. 108452

There was an anon in kadens first thread who claimed to be able to do that

No. 108464

I think Rebecca's been the target of Ashley's tantrum today judging by her latest tweet.

24 and complaining about her parent.

No. 108476

File: 1432512855770.jpg (104.66 KB, 619x841, image.jpg)

No. 108477

File: 1432512930955.jpg (122.65 KB, 640x863, image.jpg)

No. 108540


>What the Media Missed in the Rachel Farrokh Pleading Anorexic Story

No. 108546


2. I know of several places that have minimum %IBW that they wont admit under. She might not be able to fly out to a place like ACUTE to stabilize. Many anorexics wont go to hospitals to stabilize because they don't know how to treat severe cases.

3. He probably gets disability $ as her caregiver.

4. She might have a deductible she can't afford, although if she's on disability or medicaid then idk about this. She's going to need a lot of medical care, and I wouldn't be surprised of insurance/medicaid didnt' cover anything. I have a friend on medicaid with a 40k bill from a treatment center. It happens.

5. Many caregivers aren't savvy enough to pursue this option

No. 108561

Silly anon, doing the Ashley look is easy
All you gotta do is suck in your cheeks and darken under your eyes

No. 108572

uhhhhhhhh………..? is that you? if yes then i'm embarrassed

No. 108573

yes but i was going for the ashley look
don't ask anymore, i sucked in my cheeks and look like a fish

No. 108574

no one asked you to post a picture of yourself on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 108575

Lrn 2 sage in email field, anon.

lolcow stinks of selfposting recently

No. 108576

it was jk and since i smeared my mascara and did the freaky expression it looks nothing like me man
i wouldn't post a pic that rlly looks like me

No. 108581


Being ~recognized~ is not the issue.

Personal life stories and revelation of identifying info disrupts the purpose and flow of a clearly anonymous board.

See BMI-12, who-the-fuck-is-J, and grandma-chan.

No. 108584

i just googled grandma-chan and i am really sorry if i came off like that oh my god

No. 108595


Nah, it was a recent 40yo anon with retarded teenage kids who lectured us on internet bullying.

No. 108634

ermegerd sew prettah

No. 108637

Which of Ashley's former attention whore wannarexic tumblr friends are you?

No. 108654

huh? these anons did ask her:

No. 108655

No, they didn't. She baited them and yet wanted to see her humiliate herself. Dumbass.

No. 108656

why you so butthurt?
that's me for one:

and i wanted to see some funny OC. not that the results were as good as anticipated.

No. 108659

Troll harder fag. Not anyone's problem.

No. 108722

questtorecovery has eaten something in a multiple greater than six. I repeat: questtorecovery has eaten something in a multiple greater than six. this is not a drill

No. 108726

I don't understand how she's too sick to go school but she's allowed to stand all day and walk around at work. Her account is depressing. She only eats frankenfoods.

No. 108759

yes, my dear, a person with arms like that is a wannarexic

No. 108761

Please. You're not trying to say this girl isn't wannarexic.

No. 108814

Are you the same anon that insists that no one but you cuts themselves?

No. 108815

File: 1432569888452.png (59.28 KB, 763x581, uhoh.png)

What's up with Ash?

No. 108817

She's not getting enough attention.

No. 108818

Learningtoacceptmyself is the only person liking any of her posts. Poor bae.

No. 108820

Losing friends for being shitty. Not getting things for free. Arguments with her mother.

Anon who posted her pic here looks healthy. Not a wannarexic. Why is she getting so much hassle? She reminds me more of Scamanda in that pic - the sucked in cheeks and "natural pout". Don't be harsh on anon.

No. 108825

Just because a woman doesn't have bingo wings doesn't make them anorexic.

No. 108826

That's the point. She's not anorexic, her arms look perfectly healthy, like plenty of other wannarexics.

No. 108828

it's not possible to self post and not be a wannarexic?

No. 108830

Might be, but it's very attention seeking.

No. 108831

I looked at questtorecovery's Instagram and she's not commenting on pics recently. I'm glad that kid is free of her clutches.

Ashley is probably mad because mom wouldn't take her to Disney World over th break.

No. 108833

Did she ever comment on her pics though? She stopped commenting on stronger_than_ana 's account thank fuck.

No. 108834

She did, insulting people who were trying to help the kid eat more than 6 sprouts.

No. 108836

Can you see who follows a person on insta?

No. 108837

If the persons account isn't private, yes.

No. 108843

The people being followed must be god tier.

No. 108846

A single serving. That's all she eats of anything. A single serving.

No. 108849

File: 1432572868209.jpg (655.3 KB, 919x989, selfpost.jpg)

Still don't get this, but w/e.

idk why, but those plastic spoons really piss me off. i wonder how long it takes her to make sure that it's EXACTLY level?

No. 108850

nice hands. Some of them aren't even level, so maybe that's her "recovery win" luls

No. 108853

File: 1432573289988.jpg (100.52 KB, 1019x570, calorees.JPG)

Thanx ;)

I wonder how she feels when she brings herself to tip the spoon onto the plate?

If she doesn't want to gain how is she in recovery?

No. 108856

She desperately needs to be IP. Her mom has her hands full; her brother has special needs. This girl needs all control taken away for a while to have any hope of getting better.

No. 108857

I read on one of her food pics (maybe one with 6 sprouts), that her mother said she'll pay her to look after her brother while she's at work instead of sprout girl going to work. $100 a week.

No. 108858

She's probably too young to be making those decisions on her own. It's easy to fool the scale if someone's watching you weigh. But my guess is that both of her dads are only watching what she eats and she's willing to eat enough to maintain her weight. I dunno. I haven't seen a new photo of her in a while to know if she's losing or not.

No. 108860

Yeah, I thought it odd she isn't posting any pics of herself.

No. 108861

I saw one from March on her FB (no weight gain, seems to have lost from her photo from the year before). But we all know how badly things can spiral in a 2 month span (aly_realrecover i'm looking at you)

No. 108864

And also to add: she has two dads.

No. 108865

same sex marriage, or bio dad/step dad?

No. 108866

She has three parents she's bullied into submission?

No. 108867

Same sex marriage. 1 mom (assumed divorced since dad is with a man) and 2 dads

No. 108868

aly's freaking out about going IP. loads of ~personal blog~ comments~


No. 108870

She's right to freak out. I only hope she goes to an ED IP center and not a general one with an ED protocol for her. If she goes to a general IP psych unit…well…good luck.

No. 108872

Sounds like she's scared of being tube fed, which is going to happen because I can't see her being very co operative.

No. 108873

Is that why they use tubes?

No. 108874

Some comments:

You only get tubed/ensure if you refuse food and because you are such low weight they'll probably say no moving/wheelchair

It depends, sometimes they tube feed and do normal meal shedules but put you on night feeds so you get a bit extra in other than that you won't have ensure or tube feeds unless struggling or refusing meals :) as you're very tiny they may do night feeds to begin with

No. 108876

She seems more afraid of exercise restriction

No. 108877

you can see who's sending you anons on your blog if you install StatCounter. it makes it a lot easier if you enable email notifications for asks, that way you just line the "time sent" up with the time whatever IP address was on your blog and there you go.
as far as finding out the IP of an anon sent to someone else's blog, i think you're shit out of luck there.

No. 108878

>There are other nurses and doctors and outpatient methods that may take a little bit of the edge off of recovery and that's all I'm kind of suggesting- From Aly's reports she's gaining what she typically would IP anyway and um….

How dense is this person?

No. 108879

No. 108882

some people arrive at ACUTE via air ambulance, so i don't really believe she "can't get there". And as a social worker, i know i could get her medicaid and medicare if she doesn't already have it. A hospital legally can't turn someone away for inability to pay, and lets just pretend she has no insurance (fucking nonsense, the ER social worker would apply for emergency medicaid and it'd be approved), but lets pretend she racks up 40K+ in medical bills. she can always declare bankruptcy and start again…and again and again, because this is the US. the only debt bankruptcy won't clear is student loans.
Can't file for bankruptcy if you're dead though.

The media coverage on her was awful and truly only served to further stigmatize eating disorders. typical.

No. 108883

Everyone involved in her care, including the bf, should be ashamed for letting her get to that point. It's absolutely appalling.

No. 108884

Good. I feel like lolcow has a lot to do with chasing away the shitty people. They all know we talk about them, so keep talking.

No. 108886

Three parents and yet Aly is in charge.

No. 108888

I wish there was a way to kick out the male fetishists. I saw this group on facebook, but it's inactive now. Looks like they tried to call out the perverts.

No. 108889

At least they tried.

No. 108890

well she is… one… person…?

No. 108892

She has toe thumbs

No. 108895

Honestly the girls/women cheering each other on are way more harmful than the creepers masturbating in private. The ones who actually dare to speak to these women are a different story.

No. 108898

You wouldn't be able to do anything to get rid of their accounts though because they're being ~supportive~

I agree with you, though.

No. 108899

Normal people will eat like 0.5 - 3 approximate servings of something instead of measuring out one exact serving. It's disordered to think that you need to eat exactly what the package says a "serving" is.

No. 108900

Single servings are a joke. If I get those individual sachets of porridge oats, I have to use 2 because one wouldn't feel a sparrow.

No. 108904

File: 1432577046595.jpg (107.14 KB, 800x857, food pyramid.jpg)

It's a guideline based on the food pyramid. It's not "this is all you're supposed to eat". It's "this is how many nutrients in this amount, do the math for how much you actually eat"

No. 108905

Maybe you only want one serving. Maybe not and you'll eat more, or less, who knows. The point is she's eating exactly one serving for a purpose. Not because it's all she wants. SErving sizes are pathetic anyways lol everything's low cal when you change the serving size on the back of the box. Even pasta seems low cal per the label
when you eat…… ONE SERVING

No. 108907

What's the stuff in a red bowl?

No. 108908

Food pyramid is hilarious

No. 108910

Toothpaste. You'll need it with all those carbs.

No. 108911

I think it's supposed to be pasta.

No. 108916

Do we know where she lives? some places are very "tube happy", and by that i mean they tube people who really shouldn't be tubed. Some places have a protocol where if you refuse food/supplement x amount of times, you're tubed..regardless of medical status/weight. There are definitely girls who refuse just so they can have the ED "status symbol" of the ng tube and post pics of it all over social media. I see this more from the UK/Aussie girls as for some dumbass reason they are allowed to keep electronics with cameras/internet access on the unit.

some places in the US allow electronics time at night, but most of them don't, and for good reason. and most ED programs in the US don't use tubes. If its really necessary, they'll send you out to a medical hospital to be stabilized until you're ready to come back sans tube.
sorry, that was way too long. If i knew where Aly lives, id have a better idea of what she should expect from inpatient.

No. 108917

Aly's from Italy.

No. 108918

more like "food pyramid for a carb-loading marathoner" wtf

No. 108920

Milano specifically

Yeah, WHAT?

No. 108921

lmao I just typed "kawaii food pyramid" into Google and saved this image.

No. 108922

There was another one, but it wasn't shaped like a pyramid..

No. 108923

I avoid carbs. They make me bloat. Speaking of…sprout girl must make some disgusting smells with all those gases her system's goin to be creating.

No. 108925

"from what Aly reports" lmao. if you believe what the emaciated anorexic reports, well, then, i have a talking puggle id like to sell you.

No. 108926

So would we say she has an eating disorder? I'd say yes

No. 108955

I'm not a wannarexic, thanks. I imitated an anorexic for fun.
Never have been one. I'm not an anorexic, or a fake one. I'm healthy as can be unless you count low blood sugar.

No. 108956

your arms are fat though

No. 108957

If healthy is fat to you, you may have issues yourself. (not the selfiequeen who posted ze foto)

No. 108960

Awww, an actual anorexic. How cute!
Go the fuck away btw
Nobody wants you here.
Average weight, baby.

No. 108965

Agreeing with this.

No fat on those arms. Case closed.

No. 108966

Her arms are not fat, Ashley.

No. 108968

File: 1432583146909.png (20.84 KB, 630x230, sp.png)

Her arms aren't fat at all but self-posting is embarrassing and continuing to identify herself too.

No. 108969

Who cares about anon's arms? Why is anon bringing up this shit again?

No. 108970

It'd be great to be as thin as Ashley. No, really. Imagine all the fun clothes you could buy in the toddler's department. Toddler's leggings don't make you look a a twat at all.

I posted my hand. FOR ATTENTION. Anon called them nice. You can all go back and check on my hands if you like. I'm bringing up my hand again and I'm not at all embarrassed.

No. 108971


Do you think aly will go IP?
c) OTHER (if you choose this you have to say what OTHER is to you).

I say C. She will chicken out.

No. 108972

C. She dies.

No. 108973

before Ashley or after?

No. 108974

File: 1432584128896.png (21.34 KB, 518x280, transgending.png)

BREAKING NEWS: Ashley hates niggers but loves trannies.

No. 108975

Aly dies before Ashley.

No. 108976


I also like how she makes it an incredibly unsubtle reference to herself with 'YOUR BODY, YOUR DECISION!!!' Yes, Ashley, transgender people are exactly the same as you starving yourself to death.

No. 108978



No. 108979

they are, they are dumbasses who mutilate their genitals in order to feel more like a stereotype of the sex they fetishize.

No. 108980

Her hair looks more wiggy than usual in that tumblr profile pic. Has she had it dry cleaned?

Ashley's a genetic mutant, so yeah.

I'm staying out of the ~transgendering~ argument. It bores me too fuck.

No. 108981

to with one O*

No. 108982

Anon who called your hands nice. I looked at them again and agree with my previous statement. Nice hands

No. 108984

Why would anyone even care what she thought about transgendering? Oh, self ask nvm. I guess she needed to put the YOUR choice thing out there again.

Thank you. Please feel free to tweet or fb the picture. Let's get this thing viral!!!!1

No. 108986

She posts pics of the Olsen twins. I wonder if they were her thinspo at one time?

No. 108989


She's said that they (esp Mary-Kate) were

No. 108994


Wants to be Mary-Kate
Perfect weight, eighty-eight
She's never good enough

No. 108999

Perfect weight, 38.

No. 109000

Ash is probs near that anyway, seeming as that woman who is an 'actress' in the news is 40llb. She and Ash look same weight wise.

No. 110564

I don't even wear a bra bc I'm flat as fuck and 19 lmfao
I'm not even an A. Probably an AA.

No. 110585

why hello there, i'm flat as fuck too and 21.
i wear a bra bc i don't want people to see my nipples. that's basically the only reason

OT but i don't think i can do boobie tricks, the sad tiny bit of fat that makes for my tits cannot possibly be squished together to make a cleavage of any sort. even drag queens get nicer cleavages lol wtf.

No. 110588

Your brain is fat. hurry, spoon it out, you crazy bitch.

No. 110590

whoa so edgy

No. 110591

i keep wondering what would happen if ash stubbed her toe or bumped into a door frame or something like would her bones splinter at this point

No. 110627

File: 1432607630060.png (45.96 KB, 544x371, jackiesstillhere.png)

~*her last remaining friend*~

No. 110687

This is actually really sad. She's all alone now.

No. 110707

I'm sure she has some minions still sending binge food.

No. 110723

idk she hasn't posted about that in a while

No. 110743

Her previous followers could've lost track of her because of her ever-changing blogs/instagrams and they forgot about her or didn't bother to look for her. But damn.

No. 110754

Why are we assuming that is her only friend again? Other people liked the post, she has thousands of followers on Instagram and is active on Twitter.

No. 110803

weight gain aside, I'd honestly love to see her have a nice filet of real fish with herbs, some fresh steamed veggies and quinoa or something. just some REAL food, you know?

No. 110812

Can't have that! Might be more difficult to measure out the exact serving size.

No. 110813


followers ≠ friends

To me the whole concept of "followers" is more like "spectators".

It's like walking/performing on a street and getting stares, either for doing something fun and creative, looking unique, looking ~trendy~ or ~pretty~, or looking like a freak accident.

People will want to look and follow your act, but that doesn't mean you automatically have friends.

And just from having observed her react immediately to our posts almost always, it really does seem like she invests too much time in refreshing these boards, I can't imagine there could be an actual, substantial relationship going on as well.

No. 110823

Does anyone know anything about this learningtoacceptmyself? I've seen her around a lot. Is she just another one of Ash's wannarexic followers or….?

No. 110892

File: 1432656819794.jpg (66.49 KB, 590x592, 3edgy.JPG)


I know she has tacky taste in jewellery.

No. 110893

Those look painfully heavy (also tacky af)

No. 110895

File: 1432657326002.jpg (111.59 KB, 1016x604, oo.JPG)

edgy as fuck

No. 110897

My point was that she has minions she can make friends with as she has done in the past. I agree that she has few to no friends in real life.

No. 110901

I also don't think it's a case of having no friends as much as having alienated every person who has ever showed her kindness or attempted to help her. So no pity from me.

No. 110902

That and the fact somebody like her couldn't have a permanent friendship. It's not like she could call on someone, they'd have to go to hers or she'd have to rely on her mum for a lift.

With all her mental it'd be difficult to keep friends anyway.

No. 110910

my aunt gave me a real rabbit earmuffs and I feel so fucking guilty and I can't wear them, instead I usually wear the fake fur ones I bought last Christmas. I'd feel like a murderer with that hat. And I'm not vegan btw

No. 110911

Gia used to drive her to buy binge food and would also bring her binge food. She's very adept at manipulating weak people. I'm not sure if she's capable of true friendship when she's this sick. It's all just a con to her.

No. 110917

File: 1432660071953.jpg (361.29 KB, 607x659, chickensout.jpg)

Had to delete this last time because it made me non anon. It showed my name and I don't want to be an attention whore.

Anyhow, aly's not going IP

No. 110920

>an happy joyful child

No. 110921

File: 1432660235649.png (728.07 KB, 1205x316, Capture.PNG)

No. 110922

Why is she acting like they're "rejecting" her? That's standard policy for very underweight anorexics to go to a regular hospital for stabilization. Obviously she's too skeletal to be admitted straight to residential. She's just going to use this as an excuse to get out of treatment altogether.

No. 110923

File: 1432660332735.jpg (18.92 KB, 595x124, ash.JPG)

I think Ashley has a sock puppet account. Or maybe someone from here, idk.

No. 110924

Something I like about that comma.

Well spotted. >>110921

No. 110925

sock puppet account? like that's her? What's the point of that? thin validation for herself and reminding others that she's #soskinny ?

No. 110926


They told her to go to the FUCKING ER and she's vacillating. Wow.

No. 110928

What happened to all of those posts about her being a happy child and gaining weight? Surely she cannot have lost weight and gone below the %IBW if she eats so much? Is…is this all a lie?

No. 110930

She was just waiting for any opportunity to get out of having to go inpatient. At least a couple people have commented that it's medically necessary to go to a hospital before the ED facility instead of crying "so unfair, how can they turn you away!!?!"

No. 110931

No, she's going to keep up the good work [emoji]. She's gaining [emoji]. She's staying strong [emoji]!!!

No. 110932

It was obvious she had no intention to go IP.

No. 110936

Usually, when a doctor who treats EDs tells you to go to an ER ("first aid") it's because they think you're near-death. So…she should get her shit together.

Are all of her stans telling her bullshit like to work OP?

No. 110938

Definitely looks like Ashley with the anime picture and "transparent" in the name. Wonder if she sees the hypocrisy of trying to expose someone's bullshit when her entire existence is nothing but lies and manipulation. Making a sock puppet account that's not even trying to hide her identity lets her still get attention while trying to make other people look worse than her.

No. 110939

Delete what? your instagram screen name? You're afraid to post it here?

No. 110940


She has to be the thinnest on social media. There can only be one.

No. 110941

No. I took a ss on my laptop and didn't crop properly. A google tab had my name on it. Real name.

No. 110943

Only first name, but still…I can't ss her on instagram because she blocked me so have to look on that ink site.

No. 110949


You can also go to instagram on your laptop using your web browser and view people with open profiles. You can't see all the comments like you can in the app, but if she's blocked you then you wouldn't be able to see them anyway. Does Ink let you see all the comments?

No. 110953

Yeah, all comments. It's a bit annoying how you have to hover over the pic with a mouse to read the person with the account's photo caption, but she's the only person who ever blocked me anyway, so meh.

No. 110982

I haven't been on here in months, the fuck happened? Why is Ashley suddenly all open about herself?

No. 110986

She isn't though

No. 110989


Well, true. I guess I mean why is she suddenly not deflecting as many questions as usual, or maybe I just haven't paid enough attention. Something about her seems different now, but not in a good way. Does that make sense?

No. 111019

She's been talking about being more open but she's only used her blog to attack people

No. 111136

She had a moment and a half of awareness, but it's all been downhill from there. I honestly have a weird feeling that she's either (judging by her latest tweets and text posts) being forced into some form of help, or she is actually dying this time.

No. 111144

Maybe the APS finally checked up on her.

No. 111156

It sounded more like she just had a fight with her mother.

No. 111159

File: 1432674692017.jpg (417.51 KB, 960x1280, asho.jpg)

She really needs to go to the hospital.

No. 111160

Someone please hydrate this bitch. :(((((

No. 111161


Wow, it's been in the 90s where she lives. I can't imagine wearing all that clothing.

No. 111163

Ash loves the 90s.

No. 111164

Just looking at her face I can feel her dehydration headache.

No. 111165

The wig does.

No. 111192

i really wish she'd post a pic of natural hair

No. 111199

Pretty sure she's been wearing that wig and drawing on eyebrows since hs though?

No. 111205

Are we sure her eyebrows aren't tattoos?

No. 111211

i was about to say that if the eyebrows are tattoos, the tattoo artist needs to be shot, but then i remembered her OTHER tattoos and it wouldn't surprise me much

No. 111220

File: 1432680663018.jpg (87.46 KB, 352x299, 1432674692017.jpg)

What's the puffed up thing under her nose? Is it normal face fat that just looks weird because it's the only fat on her face?

No. 111230

File: 1432681698764.jpg (12.3 KB, 463x83, fat.JPG)

No. 111232

File: 1432681827468.jpg (37.97 KB, 685x236, ha.JPG)

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…etc

No. 111241

So then Gia drove you to the grocery store so you could buy your own binge food. Yawn. Why didn't you let her help you get public assistance, Ashley?

No. 111247

Notice she leaves the word "binge" out. Strange when we were talking about "binge food".

No. 111253


But Gia herself said she did those things. They're screenshotted in earlier threads.

No. 111257

Gia, talking about Ashley, for people who weren't around for that drama:>>31127


I might have missed some but Gia basically refutes

No. 111260

Gia to Ashley in the text: "even driving you to buy you food to binge and purge on even though it makes me worried sick"

Yeah, Ash, you're lying.

No. 111264

File: 1432683347382.jpg (28.11 KB, 248x243, huh.JPG)


You got it :)

No. 111265

Ashley's a bad liar and Gia's a complete moron to buy her food.

No. 111266


Maybe she did it to avoid a tantrum? Shame SUT isn't still posting.

No. 111267

Nothing about buying or giving food though, just driving. It's not like Ash would say in advance "I'm going to buy binge food" or else she wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt.

No. 111268


I used to lurk on Gia's account. Girl has serious issues. Hyper sensitive. I'm not surprised she got taken in by Ashley.

No. 111269

>Gia used to drive her to buy binge food

This was the point, not the fact she paid.>>111267

No. 111270

The USSR was 20 or so years ago, a lot of people are fine and living 'normally' k
now. What on earth are you talking about?

No. 111271


He was probably born at least 20+ years go.

If this is to start a US v. Russia wank then take it to /b/

No. 111273


She bought her stuff on her credit card. I'm sure Ashley was buying food online.

No. 111278

She's talking about the culture shock involved in being a poor, young Russian moving to the U.S. with a rich asshole as s step-dad

No. 111287

She wasn't referring to him living in the USSR now. He was born there.

No. 111298

Well color me extremely un-fucking-surprised. I was waiting to see what excuse she'd come up with to get out of going inpatient or to a similar type of program where she'd actually be heavily monitored and would have to eat her food instead of just photographing herself posing with it. I bet the most she'll agree to is some outpatient appointments so she can continue to do what she wants unsupervised.

I'm just kind of blown away that she seems to have so many people conned with her "I'm totes recovering and gaining lots of weight guys look at me eating all these rich foods and REALLY RECOVERING!!" act. Are her family members and friends all blind and stupid? I don't know, maybe things are just really different in Italy with regards to ED treatment and how it's handled as compared to in the US.

No. 111300

File: 1432685605343.jpg (111.14 KB, 595x166, Untitled-1.jpg)

She followed up with this (pic)

No. 111302

It's not fair to call the family and friends stupid. It's a lot easier to be objective and call her out on her lies or force treatment when you're not emotionally attached. And maybe they just want to believe her because they're desperate.

No. 111305

File: 1432686555281.jpg (30.99 KB, 1280x361, IMG_20150526_224144.JPG)


We believe you, Ash.

Pic related.

No. 111316

Borderline personality disorderrrrrrrr

No. 111319

where do people get these old screenshots from?

No. 111321

The Internet.

No. 111348

Okay. That recolapse girl's instagram page is TERRIFYING. What a fucking mess.

No. 111362

Meh, another crying selfie bloody cutting pics girl. She's a mess but she's only 16 and hangry so she could potentially change a lot as she ages. If she were older she'd just be a typical BPD case but it's hard to say at this point.

No. 111372


Wayback Machine

No. 111378

Meh, I did that shit when I was a teenager, but I grew out of it pretty quickly.

No. 111387

Well, I'm a child of the 90s. We didn't sit around posting pictures of our cuts all day and tantrums. So it's still a bit shocking for me to see someone this young so angry.

No. 111390

Haha, nope it's me, so "someone from here" is correct.

No. 111392

People still cut and had dramatic teenage tantrums in the 90s, there just wasn't Tumblr and Instagram.

No. 111393

Are you blocked yet?

No. 111396


True, but I've spoken to a few professionals in adolescent tx centers asking about the prevalence of cutting and they all said it's increasing. I think social media provides an audience for kids desperate for attention, which only encourages them in their cutting.

No. 111398

Nice catch. I was trying to do a bit of… parody? Probably giving myself too much credit there though.

Oddly enough, no! She deleted the comment though.

No. 111401

I agree. I think it's also that the massive amount of pictures/mentions of self harm on the Internet kinda normalizes it. I went through a period 2 or 3 years ago where I cut a lot and I didn't even see it as a problem (although my arms are goddamn covered in scars now) because it seemed like hurting yourself must not be that big of a deal if so many other people do it.

No. 111402

I didn't say the behavior was obsolete. However the Internet attention seeking and satisfaction they get through said attention has brought mental disorders to a whole new level. It's become almost a posh thing to do.

No. 111405

I agree. Some people even have this idea that as long as their cuts aren't as bad as some they see online, it's not an issue.

No. 111418


Yep. The inpatient hashtag on instagram is a shitshow.

No. 111488


Not glamorizing at all.

No. 111530

These fuggin' bitches are perpetuating some shitty stereotypes.

No. 111697

This girl is pretty obnoxious. I wonder why she's all over Ash.

No. 111733

File: 1432738923908.jpg (74.89 KB, 750x561, human_skull_side.jpg)

That is bone

No. 111738

at least she didn't refer to herself as a "child" this time. i assume a big part of her ED has to do with her desire to remain a child, as is true for many with anorexia.

No. 111742

They've been friends for a really long time. Most likely Ashley did something shitty to her at some point like she eventually does to everyone. If this girl were mentally healthy she'd have left once Ash showed her true colors.

The only ones who stick around that long after being mistreated by Ashley are seriously damaged. Either low self esteem or mentally unstable. Like Jackie who still kisses Ashley's ass after the "I cut that bitch's friendship bracelet off" drama. Erika was even at risk of going back because of her tendency to stay in toxic relationships but fortunately she got stronger and got away.

No. 111743

Thanks. I've learned more about anatomy in these threads than I ever did at school.

All those emojis piss me off so much.

See this?

No. 111744

File: 1432740068750.jpg (19.59 KB, 466x221, yeah right.JPG)

Image didn't post…

No. 111754

Lol what. She'll never be a mother regardless of whether she wants to or not. Which is for the best. Can you imagine how messed up her child would be?

No. 111757

Probably a self ask to give her an opportunity to rip into Rebecca. "Give it a loving home I never had, etc etc".

No. 111793

File: 1432744457857.png (15.06 KB, 747x216, quepasa.png)

>walking down the street
>suddenly see a skeleton wheeling its way down to Target
>mouth agape because holy shit a skeleton
>it sees you staring
>turning its wrinkled head toward you, bottomless pits for eyes hone in
>the jaw separates into a ghoulish grin
>"QUE PASA???!" it belches out as stray flecks of vomit spew themselves from its rotten teeth
>using hellfire itself to propel the chair Ash wheels away, cackling to herself while taking selfies and cursing her mother

No. 111838

This needs something about her breath being the foul stench from the bowels of hell.

Otherwise, A+

No. 111843

i apologize anon, i need to improve my descriptive story telling skills

also i'm tw: hungry (kek) <3

No. 111847

Different anon but noo that was beautiful. I had to restrain my laughing since there are other people in the room.

No. 111935

So she's lost, what, gum fat? Nose fat?

No. 111939

I've seen Jess around. I always thought she was more mature than Ashley's other two/three friends, but maybe not.

No. 111942

Subcutaneous fat. And teeth. And probably bone in her jaw due to receding gums from the purging.

No. 111950

No. 111954

File: 1432753597461.jpg (12.92 KB, 236x314, fuckinnasty.jpg)

No. 111969

She definitely has some kind of mental issues otherwise Ashley wouldn't be drawn to her. Ash discards people once they get healthy. And Jess has stuck around for at least a couple years.

You'd think if you had a friend with a pattern of shitting all over everyone close to her, you'd maybe question your relationship or you wouldn't want to be around a toxic person. If someone always talks shit about people behind their backs to you there's a good chance they're doing it to you as well.

It's not like she isn't aware of Ashley's drama. She liked Ashley's repost of an anon talking trash about Erika and her kids.

No. 111981

No. 111983

maybe ashley uses these girls as "reverse thinspo"

No. 111985

It's possible. TFC is pretty chubby, so I really have no idea why Ashley even keeps her around.

No. 111988

Maybe Ash bought one of her stupid owls.

No. 111993

File: 1432756582050.png (207.03 KB, 768x457, autismspeaks.png)

She supports Autism Speaks, so she probably thinks she's being ~*a good person*~ by being Ashley's ~*friend*~ even though she's ~*mentally ill*~

No. 112010

Because sooner or later anyone with half a brain will see through Ashley's facade and she needs minions. She's good at manipulating, hell she even fooled a bunch of people here of all places when she came asking for help, but only someone who's totally lost their mind or is retarded doesn't catch on eventually.

No. 112012

There it is.

No. 112016

Holy fuck this bitch is FAT.

No. 112021

I just looked at that post and I'm scratching my head wondering how she could be underweight. Huh? Looks like she just went on a diet for a year and some of her weight came off. She does NOT look anorexic.

No. 112023

That space needle tat is out of proportion.

No. 112036


Oh god yes. And it's not just distorted by her leg either.

No. 112038

She claims to have a "Restrictive Eating Disorder" although she did tag that post with anorexia recovery. She must have done Minnie Maud, they use the same language referring to "REDs" and say anorexia and bulimia are the same as yo-yo diets and fad diets and should be treated the same way.

No. 112040

File: 1432759479484.png (595.75 KB, 744x496, teamashley.png)

I was just going to do Jess & Ashley. Then I stuck in TFC although I couldn't find a full body pic and I think she's sitting in this one. I decided to stick in Aly for good measure. I think I got their heights about right.

No. 112042

File: 1432759612243.png (245.07 KB, 315x428, alyashcomparison.png)

Proportionally, Aly is smaller than Ash.

No. 112043

Minnie Maude would explain the cellulite. She should be a poster child against it.

No. 112045

yea at her "before" pic, she looks skinny fat at most.
to be fair, some people's bodies react much worse to EDs i think,
like some people can be a healthy weight then drop dead from electrolyte imbalance, OR some people can become to spoopy skeletons and live forever. its curious really

No. 112047


Jessica claims that she used to be underweight for her height which clearly isn't the case. Why is she trying to justify/ proof it by saying she was constantly cold and had blue lips? That stuff can have a lot of reasons, not just eating disorders.. I mean yeah, you can have an eating disorder and not be incredibly thin (e.g. overeating) but she's not underweight in that picture.

No. 112048

Their legs remind me of spider legs it's so gross and entirely unattractive which is kind of funny when you consider how they think anyone heavier than they are is ugly by default.

At least Aly still puts an effort into her outfits I guess. Can't hide dem spider legs though.

No. 112052

Her skin looks really bright and healthy, that just doesn't happen to people with EDs - a lot of people with anorexia look like they're mummified. Their skin is grey and papery.

No. 112053

Maybe she was cold on her pantsless subway ride because she had no pants on and it was cold out.

No. 112054

because tumblr is a hug box and if you struggled that one time for 5 minutes then you get a diagnosis and a hug

No. 112059

"I didn't eat well for a month and a lady said I looked cold that day I ran around downtown Vancouver with no pants on I HAVE ANOREXIA."

No. 112061

"I'm better now though because I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's every night."

No. 112062


That's so true. I hate that there's a lot of self diagnosing going on - I know that not everyone has access to doctors and that it can be helpful for yourself to name what you have etc. I self diagnosed myself with anxiety because I am constantly anxious and it's a problem.

But I keep that to myself and tell people only that I tend to get anxious. That's it. You don't have to make a big deal out of things that might not even be true.

But oh well. Jessica isn't that interesting anyway (although I don't see many people being married at 21) so she probably has to make something up.

No. 112089

File: 1432761748630.jpg (132.43 KB, 612x612, tumtum.jpg)

24 months ago…

No. 112093


Autism Speak is such a scam.

No. 112095

File: 1432762018793.png (303.28 KB, 766x458, jesssss.png)

Jess went on a diet but didn't exercise which is why her legs were so skinny but not the rest of her and why she was cold, then she decided she didn't want to be on a diet anymore and got fat and now she's pretending she was ana for snowflake points. Jess go ahead and try again but lose weight with diet AND exercise this time and your legs will not look so disproportionate. U gadda do some squats.

No. 112096

She's a wannarexic. My guess is she wanted to lose some fat so went on a calorie controlled diet, which is what most people do. She lost some weight and thought she'd diagnose herself as being "restrictive" because she restricted calories…which is what you do on a normal diet.

I'm maintaining what I lost by restricting as in NOT EATING 3000 CALORIES A DAY or something like that. That is not an eating disorder.

Idk, this girl just pisses me of for wanting to be so edgy. You can tell she hasn't been married long because she writes MARRIED in her "about me" blurb and still posts lovey dovey photos. Give it a few years…

No. 112098


She fits into OFSED - maybe atypical anorexia. People use a BMI of 18.5 as the cut-off re: "healthy weight" so maybe she was hovering around that? Idk.


I'm so tired of people acting like anorexia nervosa is the gold star of eating disorders.

No. 112099

She probably didn't LIKE her diet either and probably stressed about it which made her think she was anorexic.

No. 112118

She looked to me like she had a mid healthy range BMI tbh like 22 or something.

No. 112122


"I didn't wear pants. I was cold. I didn't wear pants but I had gained weight. I was less cold."

No. 112154

i feel kind of like an asshole saying this but last night i legitimately had a dream that my town got shut down for a zombie infestation. we were all hiding in an underground carpark and we could see a shadow coming towards us through the tunnel really slowly for ages and then when it came to where we could see it, it was ashley. she got really offended that we shut down the whole town because of her and insisted she wasn't a zombie.

No. 112179


But it wasn't a dream

No. 112215

i'm the redhead's size and she's not fat she just has cheeks and is wearing a kigu i doubt she weighs more than 120lbs…

No. 112221

comparing ash and aly to slightly overweight and average girls also likely to kill someone who sees herself in the "larger" girls…

No. 112223

I think the "larger" girls look great, especially in comparison to the spoopies actually. If someone looks at that graphic and thinks "man I wish I looked like the crypt keepers on the end" then something else would've set them off if they hadn't seen it.

No. 112253

Wow, holy shit. Looks like she should have stuck with ""anorexia"".
Those massive thighs look like they're literally made out of cottage cheese.

No. 112274


I can't enlarge the photo enough to tell whether or not she has cellulite. I think she still looks better than ash and aly.

No. 112277

The no-pants in public thing is weird and kind of gross.

No. 112281

So are her pants. The red things look like an old man's Y fronts

No. 112282

atleast we can sleep safe knowing that nobody human could have found it attractive. i wonder if ash has even had a relationship since she turned into a skeleton. because i am really disgusted if she is trying to dress skimpy to catch herself a man

No. 112283

Was Neckbeard a relationship. or only in her imagination. She hasn't mentioned him since their weekend together.

No. 112285

hm, are there romantic pics. because i just know she would have taken hundreds if there was a BF so she could show off that a man actually would consider being with her. if its just a few selfies with him, he could just be a friend thats she lied about.
that or he has a tiny dick and wants a anorexic girl to make it feel bigger

No. 112292

All we saw was one of them together and she'd blanked his face out with a sticker.

No. 112296

that sends off red flags
i bet he just made a pity-friendship with her
and she asked for a selfie. then she turned around and tried to mak it look like a boyfriend because a guy actually was able to be within ten feet of her

No. 112303

File: 1432777499408.jpg (111.61 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 112306

That's some exceptionally shitty photoshop. Can I have a sauce?

No. 112309

Not the anon who posted it, but it's one of hers:

No. 112314

There is no way in hell she is underweight. She's as fat as I am, and I'm bordering on overweight.

No. 112366


Jess and TFC are by no means stunning, but I think if anyone were to come across that image they'd look at it and think "wow I'd rather have a tiny bit of chub than be a disgusting meth skeleton"

No. 112369

Failed attempt at shooping spoopy ash knees.

No. 112372

I actually wrote >>112366 before I saw >>112303

Maybe some people really would rather look like a dead grandma.

No. 112374

This girl obviously really likes being sick.

No. 112376

her weight was fine before, maybe her eating sucked, but certainly not calorie wise. Now bitch is just another fatass

No. 112377


It's how she gets attention

No. 112378

Recolapse reminds me of the twins from The Shining.

No. 112384

File: 1432787179743.jpg (52.71 KB, 640x640, zithead.jpg)

look at my sweet ~*Z.I.T*~

No. 112386

Also notice how she wears her bangs down all the time EXCEPT WHEN SHE HAS A HUGE ZIT.

No. 112416


I looked at her Godforsaken IG, but I didn't read the captions; did she say it was a zit? I was under the impression that she'd been banging her head on something and posted the results to show how ~damaged~ she is.

No. 112424

The captions didn't say what it was, maybe that's it.

No. 112437

I know Ash was a camehore but I wonder if she's ever had the sex before

No. 112447

I highly doubt it.

No. 112459

File: 1432796743723.png (124.63 KB, 512x726, Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.03…)

Oh boohoo.

She knew what would happen, there are enough people who were born without the ability to have children.

No. 112466

And the crazy train just keeps chuggin' along.

Does she realize she could, you know, adopt?

But Ash won't recover so there's no possible way she would get approved to adopt a child. (Not that I would honestly trust her with one.)

No. 112474

She could recover and adopt.

No. 112477

Oh please - "the one thing that made a being a woman real.. That made a woman powerful.. To create life.."

First of all, Ash, an ellipsis contains three small dots, not two. Your writing is appalling.

Second, I hate to break it to you, but the ability to "create life" requires more than just a woman. Good luck trying to make babby with no sperm.

Third, if you really think that being able to bear a child is THE defining feature of a woman, basic biology would like a word with you; if you think it's the defining feature of a powerful woman, history and the real modern fucking day world would like a word with you.

Also, boo hoo, actions have consequences. You knew this could happen if you starved yourself enough and you starved yourself anyway. Mental illness or no mental illness, you can't deny that you have SOME agency.

No. 112483

I'm kind of relieved she can't have kids. Someone as sick as her will have way, waaaay too many issues even if she did recover enough weight to have a kid. I mean, look at Erika. She gained enough to have her kids and then spiraled down. Erika seems like a very loving mother but you're kidding yourself if you don't think her kids will have residual issues from this. It's not just the ED, it's everything that comes with it, like anxiety and OCD. The weight can be restored but the underlying shit is chronic and would take IMMENSE work to maintain. It would be nearly impossible to not be affected in some way as the child of someone with so many serious mental health problems. And with Ashley there is some obvious personality disorder and that shit is pretty much impossible to treat…her offspring would be so fucked with such an unstable mother. Not to mention the genetic vulnerabilities you're likely passing on.

No. 112484

File: 1432805554002.jpg (35.71 KB, 624x344, image.jpg)

No. 112485

File: 1432805634337.jpg (47.91 KB, 640x553, image.jpg)

No. 112486

File: 1432805680359.jpg (85.17 KB, 640x665, image.jpg)

> I love the 90s!

No. 112501

File: 1432813446993.png (66.23 KB, 501x450, Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.41…)


I really wish she would stop saying that trans women and women that aren't able to get children aren't real women.

No. 112502

File: 1432813537170.png (50.09 KB, 705x306, Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.41…)

That's not really interesting but I always like it when people screenshot that stuff so I thought I'd do it.

No. 112504

If that grandparent comment is another attempt at being a snowflake, I hate to break it to you, Ash, but tons of kids are cared for by their (often retired) grandparents so that their parents can go to work and make money without having to pay for childcare.

She mentioned that her infertility is permanent and she's mentioned before that the muscle loss in her legs is permanent. I mean yeah it's obvious her body is fucked, but I wonder if she'll ever talk about any medical exams she's had, if any.

No. 112505

>being that is alive reporting in
Sorry, but I don't starve myself until my ovaries shrivel for the same reason I don't stuff myself until I'm a planet and have five labia for a crotch.

If she's so worthless since she can't breed anymore, then by her logic she ought to go die since she's just a waste of space. Of course she wouldn't, because deep down she knows there's more to living than reproducing. Her problem is that she doesn't know how to live. It's just easier to blame her lack of control on her infertility.

She's irresponsible.

No. 112506

>also fancying herself as a parent
Lol, I would call CPS in a new york minute. If she's a danger to herself, she is a danger to an innocent child. No less a baby, and babies require selfless sacrifices and are needy 24/7.

No. 112507

GOD i hate it when people say that your period/the ability to bear children is what makes you "a real woman." ffs.

No. 112529

I thought she was stuck in the 1990s, not 1890s. Fuck that attitude.

No. 112531

Ketchup fixation = inability to menstruate :(

No. 112532

Yeah. It pisses me off how over here women can get £1000s worth of IVF treatment just because they're infertile when people with cancer can't get drugs because they're "too expensive".

Still, let's keep the little ladies in their place. Motherhood is what they were created for while the men rule the world.

No. 112536

> They are expensive is an immature reason
> Immature

So not wanting a child, because you have either other priorities or you know you can't care for another life of your own because you are poor is immature? I think it is mature to consider the costs that come with a child and immature to just go like ''But i want babby'' You are going to take care of a life for 18 years or more, it is good to consider the costs that come with it.

No. 112537

no way, she is not. her legs still have some scrap of dried out muscle on them, ash is only bone and paper thin skin

No. 112578

File: 1432829051594.png (230.57 KB, 500x345, tumblr_mmob8t8stx1qmt85zo1_500…)

No. 112609

remember when this was a popular ~*poetic*~ post on tumblr

No. 112616


I have a friend who was pretty severely bulimic, and she was obsessed with ketchup because it apparently 'lubed' up her throat to make purging easier. I wonder if Ash is obsessed with it for the same reason?

No. 112624

File: 1432835802865.jpg (883.57 KB, 1341x1650, IMG_20150528_125419.jpg)

No. 112626

File: 1432835915872.jpg (246.17 KB, 1394x396, unnamed.jpg)

really sad

No. 112630

i wouldnt say it lubes up your throat, but bulimics go crazy for condiments because the food kind of soaks in it and get softer, thus easier to uh.. eliminate.

No. 112634

File: 1432836442259.png (9.18 KB, 355x85, kreeplord.png)

New creepster?

No. 112642

File: 1432836710090.jpg (51.94 KB, 750x562, ashtoy.jpg)

I'm sure someone would fuck her.

No. 112644

I still kind of like the interpretation in >>112531

Because then it implies something humorous about why she is eating the ketchup.

No. 112646


There's a femur where the left arm should be.

No. 112667

Nobody's perfect.

No. 112686

I agree. A guy with an extremely tiny dick probably.

No. 112717


jen is going to ip again and this time it's one without tubes. she's freaking out obvs.

it's fucked that these treatment places use tubes and get women/girls hooked on them when it's really more effective to just take away privileges and readd them as people finish their meals.

tubes should just be used for cases of refeeding syndrome, that's what almost all the literature on ed treatment says. tubes and long ip stays breed institutionalization and revolving door patients.

No. 112737

Well I never thought to use balloons in that way. How inventive!

No. 112739

Because tunes make everything easier. You can't really expect a facility that puts tunes into everyone to actually give a shit about their patients. it's really unfortunate because it takes a lot of courage for some of these patients to admit themselves

No. 112742

Lol uh tubes. Tunes can make certain things easier too I guess

No. 112750

File: 1432846080323.jpg (12.48 KB, 250x250, tunes.JPG)

They certainly make it easier to breath if your nose is blocked up.

(sugar free!)

No. 112832

I can't understand why she's so in love with having a tube. I had to have one for like three fucking weeks when I was a teenager and it was awful and traumatizing and seriously one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced.

No. 112840

Can you still purge with a tube? Maybe that's why? Or maybe she is legit terrified of actually eating food

No. 112862

Can you point to the literature? I've never heard of tubes being used for refeeding syndrome, just electrolytes and smaller meals with regular labs. Are you talking about hypermetabolism? Because you don't need tubes for that, you just need to eat a shit ton. I ate 7000+ calories per day at one point all in food/ensure products. No tube.

No. 112866

They're a status symbol. Getting tubed means you're a good anorexic. Look at all the tube selfies on IG of people showing off. Like they actually think it's an achievement.

No. 112867

Yep, with both/either an NJ/NG tube or a PEG tube it's possible.

No. 112869

I also see a lot of pics of the actual tube feeding machine and stand. And bragging about being on disability and needing a nurse to help with the feeds.

No. 112870

Some people prefer being tube fed to make up extra calories because eating large meals on a weigh gain plan can feel like binging. That might be her problem.

No. 112888

File: 1432853716946.jpg (136.31 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

this is slightly off topic at this point, but this is the swelling constant purging produces. It doesn't really occurr in the cheeks, but rather the glands and jaw area.

No. 112890

lol, bitch is trying this hard to suck up her neck and cheeks to look even more like a skeleton

No. 112896

Yes, another anon pointed this out

No. 112944

Having an ED is like a subculture thing to too many of these people. Like, years ago you'd be punk, goth, mod, w/e but being eating disordered is now like a little club wannas want to belong to. Instead of Doc Martens you get a nasal tube. Maybe emo started this. Cutz were required as part of your outfit. #armchair youth culture observer.

No. 112947

Social media and pro-Ana boards started this.

No. 112951

I'm not going to say anything nasty about this girl because she's only 14 and in recovery, but what she's eating looks so unhealthy.


No. 112954

Not good moving from music or political movements to actually wanting diseases. The world is so fucked.

No. 112955

No. 112972

File: 1432861728529.jpg (53.77 KB, 491x392, facepalm.JPG)

Ashley dappled.

I wonder if she'd ever dapple with transgendering people?

No. 112974

Maybe she wants to transgend since she can't have babies.

No. 112976

Because that means she's not a true woman? Maybe she'll dapple with that then.

No. 112978

File: 1432862242889.jpg (80.04 KB, 640x640, littleoldlady.jpg)

This picture was taken the day before her 14th birthday. Poor thing is already aging prematurely. I really really hope she gets better before she looks like Ash.

No. 112980

Same. One of the requirements for recovery should be to stay the fuck off the internet.

No. 112981

Isn't she too young for instagrams ToS?

No. 112982

It really should. Or at least no cameras, no cell phones.

No. 112983

Nah, the required age is 13.

No. 112988

A bunch of places have that rule

No. 113000

File: 1432865135274.jpg (17.65 KB, 280x280, 1420850619470.jpg)

>we end up decomposing anyway,(so why bother trying to get better?):DD

I see what you did there.
Excellent life advice, ash.

No. 113001

>dat leathery skin

I wonder how many wallets could I make with ashley?

No. 113006

You'd have to do put some intensive rehydrating product on that on that worn, cracked hide before you could work with it.

No. 113018

File: 1432866787421.jpg (86.59 KB, 600x905, f896edf18fd8bfd65899c59a11d4ba…)

OT but OMG she looks like a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No. 113027

File: 1432867669930.jpg (109.46 KB, 640x640, 11265744_1398624347131783_4708…)

It's…interesting how she's fine with eating complete junk like poptarts, yet this is what her "dinners" look like.

No. 113042

Because of Brussel sprout girl now I'm counting how many pieces of carrot are on this girl's plate. I probably would have lost my mind if there were six pieces

No. 113049

I'm gonna guess poptarts are like a safe food for her…something that fills her up but isn't actually that caloric, and probably keeps other people off her back.

Also her diet looks a lot like mine growing up…I didn't have an ED but I had working parents in a poor rural area so I was left to my own devices for food a lot, so I usually went with endless amounts of pre-packaged junk. The only veggies we had would have been from a can so I would just eat cookies and chips and toaster strudels til I was full.

No. 113346

In case anybody who's been following these threads for a while remember gummibearprincess talking on her insta about a fellow anorexic mother she was friends with who died…

here's that friend's insta.

No. 113347

Awaiting the link ;)

I was checking out gummibear the other day. She'd started eating better things a while ago, but I notice now that it's all crappy cereal again :(

No. 113348

No. 113350

thank you :D

No. 113353

Oh dear. 7 kids. Sad.

> Girls, it catches up with you and it's a nightmare!

Oh, man

No. 113354

File: 1432919069682.jpg (90.48 KB, 990x405, fucker.JPG)

Him again.

No. 113370

Fuck that's so sad. Her oldest daughter (?) had to give her CPR until the medics got there before she was admitted to the ICU. Her poor kids.

No. 113377

I'm so grateful for having a normal mother.

No. 113387

File: 1432922823334.png (530.91 KB, 552x633, wut.png)

she is a mother of 7! this can't be real. someone's trolling.

No. 113394

File: 1432923490884.png (1.08 MB, 1038x622, 96ca5b25e8[1].png)

She's dead?

No. 113398

File: 1432924017408.png (341.71 KB, 892x341, Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 2.26…)

No. 113399

Yep. Anon who posted the link said it's the friend of gummibearprincess who died.

She was 38 and has 7 kids.

No. 113402

I feel bad for her kids. It's okay for her now, she's dead. Idk, I know it was a mental illness, but shit…

No. 113403

File: 1432924419714.png (103.13 KB, 410x613, sad.png)

She thought she had more time, apparently. Sad.

No. 113405

It's similar to the arrogance a junkie has. They never think that one day they'll OD, but they do. The skeletal people never think they'll die.

No. 113407

It's so disgusting that people commented on this woman's account with things like "goals" and "I want your ___" wtf.

No. 113409


Not arrogance so much as delusion.

No. 113410

File: 1432924834175.jpg (91.45 KB, 921x531, like this.JPG)


She should've known better to stop posting pics like this.

No. 113411

File: 1432924937882.png (502.49 KB, 1022x613, glamorizing.png)

Wow. Considering the people who followed her…this type of content is no bueno. But I guess her thinking became irrational towards the end.

No. 113415

File: 1432925356625.gif (974.72 KB, 350x185, tumblr_n8de0tlol61skn2pno1_400…)

Is one of her kids … SammyClassicSonicFan?

No. 113416

File: 1432925407170.jpg (45.58 KB, 521x409, 1.JPG)

I'm guessing these are implants?

No. 113417

Oh my god…her thighs are like the size of my upper arms this is terrifying.

No. 113422

Mega thigh gap.

No. 113427

File: 1432926877030.png (755.14 KB, 860x595, Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.14…)

ana lyfe xo

No. 113433

Someone: What is your favorite flower?
Ash: Well back in my sad sad childhood days where sad sad things happened and I my disorder my disorder I'm sick sick sick STORY TIME blah blah and that's why lilies are my favorite flowers :D :D

No. 113437

AHAHAHA, that's the same food my 7.5 month old gets.

No. 113442

she still looked much younger than ashley lol

No. 113443

"Ghetto" Black girl with an ED here. Please curl up in your own shit and rot there, you racist sack of shit. Don't use my race as some bullshit stance in your argument. I know this is bait but wow 10/10 I mad.

No. 113445

She hasn't been back as far as I can tell. We drove her away. We are excellent at detecting BS here, so don't let woman with kids too busy to have an eating disorder get you all grr.

No. 113459

There is no doubt in my mind that yes, those are implants. Even naturally gifted, they're too round and perky for her age.

No. 113498

I'm guessing her ED started/got severe in her 20s or early 30s, so she actually had time to age enough to look young if that makes sense.

No. 113499

At the very least maybe her followers will see that this killed her??

No. 113502

She said she was bulimic since 17 but that the anorexia didn't start until ~6.5 years ago - after the birth of her last kid. So she didn't get super sick until she was in her 30s.

I don't think she's young, I think her face is swollen. She could've had kidney problems or some health complication that caused the swelling.

No. 113514

She mentions renal problems.

I think the swelling is the thing that makes her look younger than Ashley. You don't get to see her skull.

Yeah, but there're going to be some who think she's ~heroic~ because she died to be skinny.

No. 113517

File: 1432933736308.jpg (107.22 KB, 455x604, deadskinny.jpg)

No. 113520

You're right. My bad, should have lurked more before I posted. TY lolcow.

No. 113523

Don't feel bad, I did the same.
I guess my race disqualifies any mental illness I might be suffering from currently :]

No. 113525

It WOULD be good if mental illnesses were prejudiced against non-whites, but unfortunately…

No. 113526

Well, that depends on how much money you have. It's scientifically proven that money cancels out the protective effect that skin color has against developing an eating disorder. Something to do with chemtrails, I believe.

No. 113527

I heard it was fluoride in the water, but w/e.

No. 113528

i still think that meema person was ashley. the stupidity of her posts and ashley being so quick to post it on her blog hint towards it being ash.

No. 113529

Plus you realize like- skeletons, are white? And donuts- are brown esp. chocolate- so like, it makes sense.

No. 113530

She had a much firmer grasp of the English language than Ashley. Maybe it was Rebecca.

No. 113531

Meema said she came from Ashley's instagram, so just look at her 38 friends and find the racist grandma.

No. 113532

I'm actually middle class and Hispanic .-.

No. 113536

Hmm, in that case I guess you can have an eating disorder. Better ask Racist Grandma-chan to be sure though.

No. 113538

If Ash could only get rid of those pesky organs and that skin covering them, she'd be so perfect.

No. 113540

Have some kids, preferably a retard and then you won't have time to have worry about a thigh gap anymore.

No. 113546

I'd think a thigh gap would be easier with a retard. You'd have to run around all day and you'd have no time to eat.

No. 113570

File: 1432937894395.jpg (78.58 KB, 569x548, 3.JPG)


23 hours ago, questtorecovery had only THREE sprouts on her plate!!!

No. 113571

File: 1432937942665.jpg (70.38 KB, 578x591, 6.JPG)

No need to panic, however…today she was back to SIX.

No. 113574

She had to give up three for a chicken nugget (or whatever those things are)

No. 113575

No! What the fuck? How could this possibly happen? That's awful. Absolutely awful. Everything is ruined.

No. 113578

I started to feel a wave of anxiety when I saw it. I managed to hold off a full blown attack, but I feel very uncomfortable looking at the 3 sprouts. WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO DO TO US???

No. 113580

SHE DIDN'T EVEN GIVE A #trigger warning

No. 113581

that missijulia had 7 and she still had plenty of time to worry about her thigh gap

No. 113584

im shak inggim shaking

No. 113585

Yeah, but were any of them retarded?

No. 113590

File: 1432939740142.jpg (219.27 KB, 1021x606, ohgodonly3.jpg)

People, read! Kek. So we have an explanation. Now someone please explain to me how cutting out veggies/fiber helps at all with recovering from a stomach flu.

No. 113601

I keked. Maybe with having stomach flu her farts were extra potent.

No. 113604

Hm, it's actually recommended that people take it easy on fiber right after having a stomach flu, fiber is pretty hard to digest and could make stomach flu worse since it helps you poop.

No. 113606

File: 1432942522322.png (873.08 KB, 1440x2103, Screenshot_2015-05-29-19-11-12…)

Poor dead lady's instagram makes me feel so uncomfortable. She was very proud of her bones and I'm sure she inspired an army of proanas (and those fetishists, fuuuuck… the bone pics make me a little angry tbh, buuut her disease killed her, which makes me feel pity.

No. 113607

She was no better than Ash.

No. 113608

Wouldn't the lactose and fake sugar from the diet yoghurt irritate her tummy as well? Or do the probiotics in yogurt make it a good choice?


No. 113609

This shit needs a trigger warning, just threw up in my mouth

No. 113611

She was way too proud of her sick body. I feel bad for her kids. I can't imagine what that was like for them. I guess this is what it would have been like if Ash had kids.

No. 113612


LUSH big but super OILY AND DELISH <33 pint party OMFG <333 BEN AND JERRYS MUMIA FLAVOR ice cream <33 i feel like shit

No. 113613

Oh yeah, definitely, I was just answering about the fiber thing. Any dairy will obviously make you shit in 2 seconds if you've got diarrhea. She's obviously lying (or wants to shit like there's no tomorrow)

No. 113616


Artificial sweeteners can cause issues in the intestines in larger amounts, namely diarrhea. I don't think they're a problem for the stomach though.

No. 113617

Ah, the good old "stomach bug." A classic food-avoidance excuse. I used it many times back in the day.

No. 113619

Wait, is there a Mumia Abu Jamal ice cream flavor? Or is it Mumia Flava themed? XD

Has anybody here ever imagined what a hybrid of Aly and Ash would sound like? "This joyful child just finished these 24 giant, LUSH Krispy Kremes, no thanks to my mother, who made me take a taxi. Enjoy delish foods! My toilet is going to hate me, lolol"

No. 113630

She was proud of her legs. I found it difficult to feel pity for her. She liked to show off her body and my only sadness is for her kids. She should know better than to post those pics, especially considering the usernames and the comments of people who liked the pics.

She's dead so no longer suffering, but shit, those kids have no mother and they're so young.

No. 113633

Imagine aly's wishlist though. I don't know where the euro sign is, but imagine I've put loads of them here >

No. 113635

File: 1432945122601.jpg (121.62 KB, 1011x597, pft.JPG)

This made me think of Ash. Okay, it's wrong if people go up to her and ask if she's anorexic, but if you look like that on a beach people are going to be curious.

Also…that fucking fetishist.

No. 113643

At least we know p.s.henriksen has a tiny beni.

No. 113644

…and who this belongs to

No. 113650

fucking henriksen

No. 113669

Why does Ashley keep wrinkling her face when she takes selfies like?? Is she trying to show off her wrinkly old lady wrinkles??

No. 113670


Kek, "taking it easy".
Having 3 Brussels sprouts instead of 6 doesn't impact the stomach one bit.

No. 113689

This is the oldest daughter of the woman who died. She's 17 so she isn't particularly well-spoken but this is honestly really, really sad.

No. 113691

In her posts she mentions her teenage daughter is the one taking those revealing photos of her bones. I cannot imagine having your child do thinspo photo shoots with you grinning and flashing your body parts at the camera. Horrible. That is inexcusable, period.

No. 113702


She doesn't want to smile because she's missing teeth

No. 113707

It's kawaii.

No. 113743

Right? And she keeps saying things that imply that her daughter likes her bones. What the fuck even is that?
"When Emileigh is taking pictures of my bones!"
"Emileigh loves me and my bones!"

Like what the fuck. Is it part of her anorexia to imagine her daughter loved seeing her mother emaciated or what?

No. 113744


Brain damage

No. 113755

Definitely. Physical brain damage plus delusion. She must have totally lost her mind. I've heard of psychiatrists prescribing antipsychotic drugs for anorexia, maybe off label? It makes sense because in severe cases their perception becomes so distorted it really is like being out of touch with reality the way someone with psychosis is.

This woman only developed anorexia seven years ago and died. Maybe because she got it later in life her older body couldn't handle that kind of stress. I wonder if the fact that Ashley started young might mean her body got used to enduring chronic starvation from an early age and adapted somehow. But even she won't last much longer. Usually the famous long term anorexia cases die by their 30s or earlier.

No. 113771

"My daughter should be a photographer for anorexics". She's Ash with kids.

No. 113773

No. 113783

File: 1432962033889.png (22.12 KB, 707x318, whoasksthat.png)

I feel so bad for her kids.

No. 113786

Ash hasn't been as bad as she is for very long. She's also delusional and thinks she's invincible. So did this woman.

No. 113791

File: 1432962571265.png (21.31 KB, 729x228, elissa.png)


No. 113793

hahaha oh wow go back to tumblr you crazy bitches.

No. 113796

i had a panii c atta ck i ww as s sshakingg so hard fuck yo ouu i wa s sha kingg

No. 113798

the joke

your head

No. 113799

my bad. I guess I'm used to reading tumblrettes hi-jacking threads like the whole salmon fiasco. fucking ridiculous.

No. 113800

File: 1432963438525.png (22.71 KB, 526x396, elissa2.png)

this is missijulia's 14 year old daughter. this is what i'm scared of for erika's kids.

No. 113818

She gets so angry when she mentions her mom. That poor girl is so clearly fucked up.

No. 113824

There's a huge difference between having a mom who's sick but trying to get better, versus a mom who's sick and is like, "LOL hon come take pictures of my spine."

No. 113826

She has every right to be angry. That reaction to her situation is the most normal, healthy thing In this thread.

No. 113831

so the whole fish tw thing went over your head as well.

besides, which one is it, are you saging or are you this grandma chan?

No. 113834

Racist grandma-chan is too busy running around talking care of her kids to be triggered by fish.

No. 113847

Her reaction is totally reasonable, but she's definitely not mentally healthy, because OF COURSE SHE ISN'T. No normal person could be expected to be fine and dandy after going through what she's been through.

No. 113901

They prescribe it a lot, there was a study going on on a unit in one of Ottawa's larger hospitals. IIRC, they're still prescribing olanzapine and studying it. Also, dr Bissada is a nasty prick. I'm totally not biased or anything, LOL. http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/drug-helps-anorexia-patients-gain-weight-feel-happy-1.308679

It's not just there, but this is an example where they're prescribing ALL the patients olanzapine. Not for any delusions, though (those kind of go as the brain gets starved). Of course antipsychotics make anorectics gain weight and "feel calmer." They make most people gain weight and feel calm in the sense that they're sluggish as hell. The happiness part? Maybe from the brain getting more nourishment from more eating and weight gain. But if that's what it takes to start recovery, it's not useless. The side-effects are troubling, but that could be said for a lot of drugs.

That lady's kids will be fucked up for life. I hope they're doing what ash is always telling us what we should be doing: seeking professional help.
That shit with her thinking her kids loved her bones is nightmare fuel.

No. 113924

Someone had a humour bypass.

YOUR body, YOUR choice. Heard that somewhere before.

No. 113928

File: 1432982077252.jpg (11.71 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)

I had a dream last night that both Quirky and Ash died of heart attacks.

No. 113942

does ash know that she's gonna die soon? like i cannot see her living to the end of the year. do you think it scares her? what a waste of a life, honestly. i get upset sometimes because i'm 25 and have a whole heap of problems that have stopped me from going to uni and holding down a job for more than a few years at a time. i don't have a career and i see people my age moving forward and getting married and having babies and here i am renting a house and struggling to get by. but ash? she has accomplished nothing in her life. doesn't that make her sad, knowing that she's gonna die and she did this to herself and has literally accomplished nothing?

No. 113948

All she knows is her mum doing everything for her. If there was a miracle and she woke up healthy, she wouldn't know how to live a life.

She has these deluded plans to travel and have independent living but it'd never happen. She's too lazy.

No. 113952

Holy shit. How was anorexia NOT the reason she died?? Of course it was! She may have had heart problems, but they were almost definitely inflicted or worsened by anorexia.
Poor girl is going to develop an eating disorder just like her mother with that attitude.

No. 113960

I think Aly will die before Ash honestly. Aly lost a lot of weight in such a short time compared to Ash's slow starvation.

No. 113962

I kind of admire how they're dealing with their mum's death. I think I'd feel a lot of anger towards her initially. Idk. Must've been one helluva dysfunctional family set up. Did she even have help looking after them?

As for Ashley, I stand by my theory she's a genetic mutant.

No. 113965

people say that every year, that she'll die before the year is out, but she never does and never will. She's some kind of amazing separate entity from this world, she'll continue until there's nothing but cockroaches and smoke left and then fly off into space to be Kawaii with her true people on whatever planet she came from. She survives only on light and air now.

No. 113974

This reminded me of an old wife swap.

What’s more Jackie is an avid “sun gazer,” staring at the sun twice a day for 8-10 minutes at a time. She believes the practice suppresses her appetite, allowing her to consume fewer of the earth’s resources.

So Ashley is saving the world. Duh.

No. 113976

It's admirable that they're able to handle it, but at the same time, it seems they fell for some of her delusions (such as her death not being due to anorexia). I know they're going to be fucked up forever due to their mother, but I hope they get more knowledgeable as they grow up. I hope they don't continue to believe the delusions.

No. 113977

They over-prescribe antipsychotics to all mental patients, not just eating disordered ones.

No. 113978

Anger is a normal reaction during the grieving process. Google it.

No. 113979

I agree. Hopefully Aly is actually going to day treatment though and will actually start recovery. If not, yeah, Aly is going to die before Ash for sure.

No. 113980

Let's not fuel ash's delusions. If you look at her tumblr pics from even a year ago she looked "better" than she does now. The writing's on the wall.

No. 113993

i could not be more against giving olanzapine/zyprexa to anorexics. i did a study at NY psych institute, in exchange for free treatment (medical monitoring and therapy) i had to take a olanzapine or a placebo. I got olanzapine and id never felt worse in my life. it made me gain weight, but i wasn't "happier", i wanted to kill myself and i couldn't wake up in the morning to save my life. "sluggish" didn't cover it. i had to drop out of the study, or i was going to have to drop out of grad school. fuck zyprexa, terrible drug.

and yea, doctors prescribe antipsychotics "off label" too much. every inmate on rikers island is offered seroquel, its absurd.

No. 113996

Yeah, Drs give it to anorexics to force weight gain. Because it's all about the weight, obviously. I could see maybe doing that if someone was at risk of losing her job/school due to low weight and the associated loss of cognitive functioning but ugh. Not good.

No. 114002

They put CHILDREN on it in the hospital I went to as a young teen. I think it was their general policy to put everyone who needed to gain weight on it because weight gain was a side effect. I am still angry about this over a decade later.

No. 114003

They do it to all psych patients to make them easier to control.

No. 114035

i took zyprexa in hospital. isnt it an anti-psychotic/anti-schizophrenic? such experimental bullshit, but if you are in treatment, how can you conclude that the pill is causing weight gain? after all, they ARE making you eat 3000 calories a day.

No. 114051

I don't think zyprexa is what necessarily makes people gain weight, it just gives them a huge appetite. My brother is schizophrenic and takes zyprexa, he eats all day long but when he goes on vacation with my parents he loses a shit ton of weight cause they're busy visiting places and shit so he doesn't eat as much as he would at home.

So yeah, you're right, they can't. They just stuff patients with olanzapine so they can coerce them into doing what they want more easily since it makes people much slower, I doubt they use it only to increase their appetite since there are much better drugs (with less side effects) to do that job.

No. 114056

All of the anti psychotic/anti depression drugs I've been on made me gain weight because as >>114051 says they all gave me the munchies. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and stuff my face with cakes I had stashed in my drawer in the hospital (not ED). I found that after a while you lose the increase in appetite, but fuck yes, they make you want to eat.

No. 114064

I knew a 13-year-old boy who was on seroquel for oppositional defiant disorder. It was awful.

No. 114067

Yep. One of the neuroleptics -Seroquel- I took made me take 7 kilos in the span of 2 months. All I wanted was to stuff my face with sugary food I don't even like without the meds.
It's a weird side-effect. You're just always hungry whatever you eat, to the point of stomach pains and wanting to barf. Basically it was a long binge session.

No. 114069

File: 1433011834247.jpg (77.67 KB, 516x404, atleastihavechicken.jpg)

Oh gosh, we're back to being harassing bullies, I guess.

I think the sad thing about this is that it makes Ash's brain damage very obvious. We already know that she doesn't know what "confession" means, but this shows she doesn't know what "coward" means either.

Mocking someone in a wheelchair is an asshole move, not a cowardly one. Though we mock her wheelchair because she's the idiot who put herself in it.

My favorite part of this is that she says "apparently there is a group of anonymous users on a forum" as if she doesn't F5 this as fast as her boney finger allows.

No. 114095

She just gets more and more pathetic. Fuck you, Ashley. We don't 'harass' or 'torment' you because you put yourself in a wheelchair and you damn well fucking know that. And don't act like you dislike being in one - if you did, you'd be doing something to recover. Even if the damage can't be 100% reversed you'd seek better for yourself.

No. 114102


I thought she was perfectly health though?

And who's said anything about the wheelchair?

No. 114103

I guess it's because of OP's pic.

No. 114104

Ashley's mad because no one's talked about her in a while. Maybe she's trying to get the disability community on tumblr to come after lolcow, lol.

No. 114110

File: 1433015985857.png (105.9 KB, 501x660, Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.53…)


Oh, look whose back.
Just search for the word wheelchair in this thread… we didn't say anything really.

I don't know, Ashley just became boring. I'd rather talk about Aly.

No. 114111



No. 114116

>stop reading lolcow

That's the least retarded thing that kid has ever sad.

No. 114118

Last night I had a nightmare that I had anorexic legs and couldn't walk.

No. 114125

File: 1433017881808.jpg (64.56 KB, 537x399, image.jpg)


No. 114126

Oh stfu, Ashley. You're just too boring.

As for your wheelchair and ~disability ~ my uncle has been paralyzed from the neck down for three decades. He can't even get up to do selfies in department stores. We laugh at you because you're a fucking clown and not because your leg muscles have atrophied because you refuse treatment.

Sorry there's not much talk about you going on here but you're so incredibly dull and not at all special as you seem to think you are.

No. 114140

Not even the SJW truth blogs support ash, which says a lot.

No. 114143


Yes! Usually everyone gets supported from all sites as soon as something happens and with Ashley it's completely quiet.

I mean I know she has tons of followers but they don't care about her, they only care about her illness. Also, she doesn't really have friends anymore and stopped posting pictures of things people sent to her.


No. 114180

Thread is sage.

Anyone have an idea for the header image?

No. 114182

Oh wait, it did not sage that time.

No. 114188

Use the walking dead one lmao

No. 114189

We have like 300 more posts before this thread sages.

No. 114200

File: 1433023776303.jpg (11.26 KB, 377x61, she didnt miss you.JPG)

Yeah, I think the farm was ignoring Ashley too. Thread was stuck on page 3 for a while.

Looks like a few people aren't paying her much attention recently.

No. 114204

Oh god no, leave the poor sprout alone.

No. 114220

I wonder what Erika thinks when she sees what has happened and will happen to that woman's children. I hope if anything it's more inspiration to get better.

No. 114226

Erika's kids are going to be damaged, but I think they'll be better off than Julia's.

No. 114227


So creepy.


I don't understand why Erika keeps on being brought up. It only makes Ash attack her when she's discussed here.

No. 114232


That's not fair. No kid grows up without hardship of some kind. Some parents drink, some parents are emotionally/physically abusive. Erika has an ED. So what? We can't predict the future and that's a pretty shitty thing to say about a stranger's kids.

No. 114244

It's not a shitty thing to say - it's the truth. Speaking as someone who had an eating disordered parent and a parent with addiction, the eating disordered parent was so much harder to deal with. NO kid could have a parent like that and get out of it without lasting issues. Erika's a nice woman, yes, she's a good person and she does what she can to be a good mother but the fact is, as a parent, your actions have repercussions for your children. There's no 'better' anorexic mother and I'm afraid the fact that she's great in other ways doesn't negate the fact that those kids are going to have issues.

No. 114257


"Damaged" is a harsh word. Everyone has issues from childhood. I'm not an Erika stan, I'm pretty neutral towards her, but I don't think her kids need to be brought into the shitstorm that is the Ashley thread.

No. 114260

No, you're right, I'll give you that 'damaged' is a harsh word but I don't think I used it (I didn't write the post you were replying to with your other comment, just the one in response to what you said) and I do think that the issues people have from parents who suffer from things like this are kind of deeper than the issues people have from other things. But yeah, I'm sorry, you're right, we're here to talk about the spoopy skeleton, not innocent babies.

No. 114280

the wheelchair post reminds me of an ex-friend who has some kind of personality disorder…when she felt threatened she would fixate on like, some small detail of whatever she perceived as the conflict, and use that one detail (however irrelevant) to justify herself. Like if someone didn't respond to her text it was a clear indication that the person didn't want to reach out to her and therefore was wrong. I think the wheelchair thing is like that for Ashley…it's a weird detail she can latch onto to make herself look victimized. The context of the discussion of the wheelchair doesn't register with her because it would cause too much cognitive conflict. It's easier and safer for her to look at this page and say "look at these bullies. They mock me for using a wheelchair" instead of "they mock me for being deluded."

No. 114283

Plus she's reminding people who ill she is that she needs a wheelchair, hoping for more pity = free gifts.

No. 114285


No. 114298


Yes, "the bullies" she comes to for advice, "the bullies" who tried to get her help, "the bullies" who donated to help another person get treatment, "the bullies" who warned her about a guy who preys on people with EDs…yes people here are the worst.

No. 114348

Aly has had her own thread for a while now:

No. 114357

File: 1433036336406.jpg (4.26 KB, 150x148, f4491aad38724be8598c24166b00c8…)

No. 114358

File: 1433036384414.jpg (61.22 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

No. 114361

But she needed her pity fix! Plus, we haven't been talking about her as much.

No. 114363

I'm in a wheelchair. My hips dislocate if I try to walk. Ash being in a wheelchair pisses me off as much as fat people in scooters. She's not physically disabled in a natural way. She was born with a healthy happy body. Get off my crippled bad wagon ash. We don't hate you for any illness we gate you cause you sUck.

No. 114364


THANK YOU. I'm so fucking pissed off because she's throwing in this wheelchair thing like she didn't CHOOSE THAT LIFE FOR HERSELF. Those of us who ended up in wheelchairs through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN would do ANYTHING to be on our feet but this LAZY SELFISH SHALLOW WASTE OF BONES AND BREATH says people bully her because of her wheelchair. Well, Ashley, if you're reading this, I was paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash that wasn't my fault and if I was told I could potentially walk again I would do it over hot coals. You are a selfish wicked cunt who doesn't deserve the time of day. How dare you relate your 'struggles' to those of the disabled community's struggles? They are MILES apart. Get fucked.

No. 114370

No. 114371


Yeah, but also bilateral hip dysplasia caused by coxa vulga I think it's called. Femur bone is deformed and mixed with eds they kinda just fall out. Sage for ot

No. 114383


I'm sorry, that sounds awful :(

No. 114388

Neuroleptics are the devil. Especially when used as "chemical restraints." I've never experienced it, but I've witnessed it.

I support prescribing them to people who are prone to florid psychosis, but I feel sorry for them for having to take them, with all the side effects and that one one.. was it seroquel? That was shown to cause diabetes. At my county's CMH, a lot of the schizophrenics have to go in and get the shit injected so they bypass the pills altogether.

So many psych ward patients are so drugged up that they never leave their rooms. I was in a hospital where they weren't neuroleptic happy with the ED patients unless they also had BPD. They always get it. A nurse told me that the ED patients were lucky because they never got the "bad" patients as roommates, because they never left their rooms, and the ED patient rooms were locked for hours after meals.)

I'm surprised that Remeron/Mirtazepine isn't pushed on ED patients more often. I gained 20 lbs both times I was on it. One doctor claimed that the hunger goes away at higher dosages, but I wasn't willing to find out. Veterinarians prescribe it for pets who won't eat.

No. 114391


My dr (ed patient) tried to give it to me for weight gain.

No. 114397

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, shit sucks

No. 114427


Anyone see the intervention episode with the delusional pain pill addict who claimed to have EDS (Linda?) omg.

No. 114473

No. 114481

Oh hi, the infamous Jess here. Stumbled across those anon tumblr asks and remembered this Ash dramu over here on lolcow. Wave
Also not sure what that owl IG account is, because it's not connected to me. Surprise, lots of people have the name Jess?
Not that anyone cares, but I never claimed to have anorexia. Sure, I tagged anorexia recovery on tumblr, but that's because the symptoms of anorexia are closest to my symptoms with EDNOS (because professionals like to make catch-all diagnoses that aren't actually descriptive). And yes, a BMI of 17.8 is underweight, thanks for the professional input of what my weight is ;)
If you couldn't tell, that post is rather old, and I've been doing other things since then, so 'grats on lurking through random tumblrs. Way to prove you've got a fulfilling life.

No. 114482

~*tHaNkS fOr ClEaRiNg ThAt Up*~

No. 114485

cool story, bro.

No. 114487

Why would Ash answer the ask about having a DNR (she said she does not have a DNR order) and then take it down?

No. 114491

it means she has to acknowledge her mortality to think about that

No. 114495

Idk who you are but I guess you like attention?

No. 114497

What a ghoulish ask.

No. 114499

I wonder if Jess has BPD too.

No. 114500

> a BMI of 17.8 is underweight
Barely. Stop pretending to be speshul, fatty.

No. 114529


right, because the BMI is completely accurate in determining whether you are under- or overweight.
judging by your pics, it looks more like your lack of musclemass tipped the scale in that direction.

>the infamous Jess

is that what you're trying to be? that's sad.

No. 114531

no on cares.

No. 114535

Lol, no1curr fatty. Protip: don't come her to defend yourself, it only makes you seem like a pathetic, attention seeking twat. Or were you too busy sucking Ash's shriveled up skeleton clit to lurk before you posted?
She's just trying to get more people to feel sorry for her. "Oh this awful anonymous forum that I JUST FOUND RIGHT NOW is making fun of me for using a wheelchair! abloobloo!" When in reality she's the one who put herself in a wheelchair and this thread is obviously focused on her damaging and self riteous delusional behavior more than anything else.

No. 114537

My child psychiatrist must have really hated me then. I was at a normal weight but talked constantly about how fat I thought I was and how unhappy I was with my self image.
She prescribed me both seroquel(sp?) and remeron. I gained 40 pounds and spiraled even deeper into depression and self loathing. (I still haven't lost all the weight and I still hate myself. BDD anon here.)

sage for OT

No. 114569



I don't even remember a Jess being discussed here.
Was that the one who was desperate for some "before and after I went on a crash diet" attention?

No. 114575

This just in: lolcow is comprised of just ten users!

No. 114582

Lmfao TFC was way off when she said that

No. 114589

It's still there.

No. 114594

I always imagine ashley sitting on her chair grave screeching REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at her mother whenever she doesn't get her way.

No. 114603

"Way to prove you've got a fulfilling life"

*obsessively likes every last thing that spoopy skeleton posts on tumblr because ~~ana goalz~~*

No. 114607

who even does scene hair like that

No. 114631

Maybe there's actually an empty compartment on the hair, and she hides food in it.

No. 114632

Agreed. Like she is all fat, no muscle. Especially when "recovering" from her crash diet.

No. 114797


No. 114798

i'm sorry but if jess thinks her bmi is 17.8 she's using a messed up calculator.

No. 114811

In a year Jess goes from slim to hippo. I just can't imagine how much money that cost. She's like three sizes bigger, if not four? How do you buy four separate wardrobes of clothes in a year?

Like damn girl quitting exercise and munching on Cheetos all day doesn't equal "recovery" from your "eating disorder" read: desperate grab at attention.

I've never had an ED but I feel like someone with one, even recovered, would relapse if they realised their BMI classed them as obese.

No. 114848

Muscle weighs more than fat. Bitch just didn't have any muscle, she was all fat.

No. 114849

Yeah, but she still has huge thighs in her ~~~recovered~~~ photo. There's no way she's underweight no matter how much she wants to pretend she is.

No. 114851

But but but her BMI!

No. 114852

File: 1433119056700.jpg (507.24 KB, 1026x612, bikinis.jpg)

Miss Sprout bought bikinis but still feels fat in them. Full caption:
"Here are my bathing suits I got yesterday! I was literally so excited ?
I would've never even glanced at the pink suit before I relapsed, because my body type would've never looked good in it. But my mom saw it and said "you never know until you try it on", and thankfully it fit! So now I'm set for the hot Texas summers. It'll be a challenge to wear these but honestly, I don't think I would feel good in them if I weighed 0 pounds so I'm just gonna wear them like any other teenage girl.
Hope yall are doing well!"

This girl is annoying as hell but I really feel bad for her and her mother for having to put up with Sprout's ED and her brother's Down Syndrome. And I think her mom is single?

She's been posting new stuff like Frapps (albeit the mini size) and some different stuff in her grocery hauls like Trix cereal and Cheerios which made me think she may be actually making steps to recover, but then she admitted to starting to restrict and revert to a lower daily calorie intake. Maybe having only 3 sprouts will become a thing now?

No. 114853

Jess probably overestimated her height when she calculated her magical BMI.

No. 114855

File: 1433119540643.png (625.86 KB, 785x475, cookiebutterwtf.png)

No. 114858

File: 1433119845247.png (57.25 KB, 900x705, 3074154 _d1048a708a9a092dc9474…)

breakin the rules

No. 114861

Thank god Ash doesn't self-harm, or if she does, she doesn't take photos of it or brag about it.

No. 114873

Why doesn't Ashley ever selfie in her apartment? It's always in a car or in Target or some store mirror.

No. 114883

We've already decided that this is because the apartment is a hoarding mess.

No. 114886

One cookie. One fucking cookie. The serving size is 2-3, missy! (Depending on if it's chewy or regular. It looks like chewy.)

No. 114888

I am more bothered by her habit of putting a random blob of nut butter on her plate. What the hell does she do with that? She also never eats a full serving (2 tbs) of nut butter. She's said those blobs are 1/2 tbs each.

Her mother should sneak into Sprout's stash of pb when she's asleep and stir in some protein powder or something. Anything to get some extra calories in that girl.

No. 114889


I'm so fucking curious about that as well!

No. 114897

i actually really like the pink bikini…wonder where it's from?

judging from the photo that was posted a few threads back of her by the door with the wheelchair in the background, i have no doubt that it's because it is a mess. just from that small shot alone, we saw heaps of shit piled up by the door with just enough room to walk through. i figure the whole apartment is like that.

No. 114905

File: 1433124824634.png (104.14 KB, 412x610, wtf.png)

Who the hell is this chick giving sprouts girl advice on how to be a better anorexic??

No. 114906

it's from target, anon

No. 114925

hard telling. i can't keep up with half of these damn girls anymore. there's so many of them out there.

should've known. none around me so here's to hoping i can get it online, but thank you!

No. 114937

Google "fittiefeverr". She seems soooo annoying.

No. 114971

wtf erika's shit molester dad is trying to contact her??

No. 114989

No. 115046

How do you know? All i know is that she is upset and it gonna call her lawyer..

No. 115052

I cba to look through all her captions, but recently she posted about how whatever she eats has to have x% of protein, x% carb etc. She isn't only obsessing over calories, it's all the nutritional content she thinks about. Maybe a full serving of peanut butter would have too much protein.

She can severely reduce calorie intake by leaving out 3 waterlogged sprouts! (In her head anyway).

No. 115053

She said "My bio made contact".

No. 115110

Looks like Ashley told Little Sprout we're talking about her, so she set her ig to private. She also posted some anon asks. Oooh, cancelling out the competitors so we have to talk about her. Sad, sad.

No. 115111

File: 1433169307644.jpg (21.85 KB, 481x328, 7.jpg)

…what a bitch, lol.

No. 115116

Time to find someone else to pay attention to (that isn't Ash)

No. 115118

I hope questtorecovery comes here and realizes the stupidity of receiving "support" from a 40 lb anorexic. Girl, Ashley just wants to drag you down. Read all the threads

No. 115119

Let's ignore Ash lol

No. 115121

We are. Her tumblr asks aren't even worth commenting on. Zzzz. Oh, there're lots of neurotic Ash types out there waiting to be found.

No. 115122

File: 1433171576417.jpg (352.92 KB, 1029x616, cps.jpg)

Was lolcow even mentioned? This was posted an hour ago. Seems someone got CPS involved. Was it an anon from here who did it? Sprout seems to think it was from Instagram, but I don't think she's ever given out enough information about herself for someone to be able to contact them.

No. 115125

I don't know if anyone here would bother to call them. It's not like she's in immediate danger. There must be people on ig who're concerned though? How does she know it isn't someone who knows the family irl?

No. 115126

Probably someone who knew her irl, honestly. I mean, it's clear she needs help she isn't getting. She left her job and her boss is a bitch she said.

No. 115127

Plot twist: It was Ashley.

No. 115129

I'd be more concerned about her Down's brother getting adequate care without her mother having to deal with Sprout as well.

Sounds like someone who knows her irl.

No. 115130

I just remembered, my friend was a severe anorexic and CPS almost got involved until someone gave her parents a talking to and got her into treatment. It happens. I doubt his girl will go into foster care when she has another parent who can take her.

No. 115131

Also, I think the combo of severe anorexia and homeschooling might suggest abuse to a casual acquaintance. Although it does seem abusive to not medically treat a medical illness.

No. 115132


She might still post on here when her ig's gone

No. 115133

Yeah it's way more likely that it was someone who knows her IRL. I know she had to tell her boss at work about her ED so maybe after she quit her boss made the call?

She's mentioned she lives in Texas and she's said where her mom works (But it's a huge company) so I don't know if that's enough information for someone from lolcow or IG to get CPS involved.

Which begs the question… why the fuck is CPS immediately jumping on Sprout but it's taking an act of God for APS to check up on Ashley?

No. 115134

Good question. I think FL social services are probs overwhelmed with elder a use and Ashley is an adult and her refusal to get threat meant might be seen as a choice.

Is the anon who faxed a report still reading? Maybe she/he can follow up?

No. 115138

Just posted on Sprout's IG:

"Ok, so here's what happened.
To all of you saying that it can't be someone from here- The cps guy blatantly told me it was someone from Instagram who called. That is such a violation of my life. Yes, I put everything out here for 5000 people to see. But I make it clear that my mom is aware of what's going on, that's she's doing her best, I'm doing my best, and I'm working through this. I am literally shaking with anger right now. This has always been my therapeutic outlet and now an idiot ( I'm 99% sure I know who it is) who is just as disordered as me decided to take that trust and safety away. I literally have nothing now. I have no friends and tbh I can't trust anyone until the person who called decides to buck up and tell me it was them. I just want to know who it was so I can trust everyone else on this account again.
I am fed, I have plenty of food and water and I have a roof over my head. I have a closet full of clothes and tons of electronics and books. I am well taken care of. It offends me beyond belief that someone took the time to decide to interfere. None of you (Except the one person who I met in person that I love beyond belief @muscularmermaid and the girls from treatment) know me or my mom or my situation. You assume and fill in the blanks in your own head, which is totally stupid to me. Only asses assume.
This may sound very arrogant, but imho, this was not well intentioned. We all know how competitive these illnesses are, and I believe that the person that did this is trying to get back at me, either for my weight or calorie amount or me not being in treatment.
Both my mom and I were shocked. Now she's late to work and upset, I'm upset, and I honestly feel so alone and frustrated right now.
My dad may get called, which in turn, could result in him filing for sole custody. So even if this was well intentioned, it can very well have screwed up my life.
I will no longer post on this account until whoever did this decides to grow a pair and come tell em. I won't be mad. But i cannot be open and honest here anymore until I know who did it and their reasons for it. Continued ⬇️ This is awful and I'm feeling so many emotions right now- shock, anger, sadness, hurt. I also love the fact that some people told me its my fault- that I brought this on by posting on this account. The only thing I have posted is basically that I have an ED. I don't think that warrants anyone calling child protective services, do you? Yes, my mom and I have fights. But that's normal for a teenage girl. Same with my brother. My mom has done everything in her power to help me and I know that if she had a magic cure, she would make this all go away.
Whoever did this, please tell me. I won't make it public, I won't say who you are, hey, I may not even respond. I just want to know so I can trust using this account again.
I thank everyone for the kind comments, messages, and texts/calls. For now, I can't use this account. I don't want to have to watch and over analyze everything I say for any possible interpretations of abuse or neglect.
Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me. I'm always just a message/text away."

No. 115142

She's not thinking clearly if she thinks that a CPS official with little to no knowledge of EDs is going to think that having a 70 lb child with fluid around her heart and not getting her IP treatment isn't going to assume abuse.

No. 115143

I was going to post something like that. She just isn't getting the point of WHY someone should be concerned.

Maybe it's the best thing that could happen to her in the long run. She isn't dealing with her ED by herself.

>We all know how competitive these illnesses are

speaks volumes

No. 115145

I hope she gets treatment. She's talking about competition? Wow. She really is in a cognitive fog.

No. 115149

File: 1433173731063.jpg (54.75 KB, 249x171, sprout.jpg)

Until you return, Little Sprout, we hope your quality of life and health improves. ~stay strong~

No. 115151

Her underweight stature might be an issue, but honestly, I think she makes a good point in that a CPS agent is going to see she has food, water, and clothes and say she's fine. I really doubt they're going to do more than talk to her once.

However, if her father does sue for sole custody, the investigation will help his case. No idea what the issue with her father is though.

No. 115152

Her dad has a husband. I don't know if she has an issue with that.

No. 115162

Not getting medical care for your kid constitutes abuse. They'll make her get s higher level of care at the least. I think her dad would probably be successful in petitioning custody because she's gotten to this state.

No. 115168


CPS only removes children when it is necessary to protect them from abuse or neglect. This happens when there are no reasonable efforts that will keep children safe in their homes. With a court order, CPS can remove children when they are unsafe and the family is unable to make the changes needed to keep them safe. Depending on what is going on with the family, CPS may get a court order to remove children or it may remove children before getting a court order.

Sounds like CPS thought it was pretty serious.

No. 115172

but mental health is another ball game really.
people tread around it. no one wants to be the guy who intervenes on someone else's kid, because they are fucked in the head. thats just insulting to the parents
im not saying its right, but it happens.
the people closest to the issue are the last people to grasp the severity of it

No. 115173

"why the fuck is CPS immediately jumping on Sprout but it's taking an act of God for APS to check up on Ashley?"
Assuming Ash hasn't been deemed terminal.. id imagine its bc Sprout is a minor, and Ash is an adult. CPS responds much faster to calls about minors under 16. Its all underfunded and understaffed, and it varies by state when it comes to response time and how much they give a damn.
However, most states have 2 phone #s to report abuse. 1 for the general public, and 1 for mandated reporters(doctors, teachers, psychs, etc). I happen to be a mandated reporter. Im in NY, not FL, but if you guys feel that it might make a difference, i'll call the mandated reporter line for Ash, give them my license # and info, and they might take it more seriously. I believe it was said a few threads ago, the more reports made, the bigger her case becomes, the more likely something will be done about it. If the general consensus is that a call from a mandated reporter who's willing to give APS their license # and explain why they're extremely concerned will help, i'll do it. But i need specific info laid out for me to make the call. Obv i have her name, but address, and any/all other relevant info to illustrate abuse/neglect. I suspect mom is her rep payee, and if she's not getting her REAL psych/medical help with that $$, that should put some wheels in motion, bc it'd be considered welfare fraud. Sad they'd care more about welfare fraud than ash's life, but whatever works, i guess.

No. 115175

Why are cows so thirsty for us lately? Raven begging our attention again, Ash eliminating her ED competitors.

Little sprout, if you are reading this my mild OCD gets very happy that you have exactly six sprouts all the time. Its beautiful consistency just like the OCDelicious pics that Aly takes.

No. 115176

someone should give Ash's info and pics to the Daily Mail. They love shit like this

No. 115178

Ash is making this like the hunger games

No. 115184

its possible she wants to stay with mom because she knows dad will force her into a higher level of care…where she belongs.

No. 115186


Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Mom is overwhelmed. She has the other kid to think about and it's easier for her to tip toe around the ED than to address it. I'm wondering if that's why sprouts girl hates her dad.

No. 115188

Possibly. It'd make a change from the 70 stone teenager/obese benefits stories.

Definitely this. He probably wouldn't pander to her BS like her mum does (understandable if she has a Down's child too).

No. 115190


And it's fucking fantastic.

No. 115192

Good, Sprout needs to stop taking advantage of her poor mom and get some fucking help

No. 115193

Still wanna know who made the report. Was anyone whining about her decreased caloric intake w/in the last few days?

No. 115195

Didn't notice anything out of the ordinary like that, unless it's someone she DMs.

No. 115196

A lesson to be learned in all this. Giving away too much information on a public ig account and assuming your "followers" are your friends.

As Little Sprout said herself
>Only asses assume

No. 115199

A year ago, her BMI was 20.6

No. 115203

File: 1433180076135.jpg (40.14 KB, 693x151, assuming.JPG)

No. 115217

She was such a cute girl at a healthy weight, though isn't that the case with all these ED bitches?

No. 115240

File: 1433185656380.jpg (103.76 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nndgmdfbej1tpkttho1_500…)

I don't know if anyone here has seen her around, but there's a girl named Amy (littleamycat on Insta/Tumblr) who's at a BMI of, like, 11 and constantly glamorizes her ED – saying she feels positive/her life has improved since she lost weight, she "doesn't even feel tired", etc. Also used to post thinspo of herself under the URL teenie-tottie.

She has/had thousands of followers but was extremely public about her issues too, including mentioning the exact names of her treatment team. She even bragged about how she's "really good at hiding things and lying" (faking her weight and not admitting to anyone that she's overexercising and not eating) so I made a throwaway email and linked someone from her team to proof that she's lying to stay out of inpatient. She remade all her accounts after that, oops.

I just hate when girls are offered a shitload of help (she's been with ANITT in Scotland for a year or two) and take it for granted and lie to people trying to help them.

No. 115242

Why is erika private now?

No. 115243

Possibly because of her bio dad drama

No. 115248

She's one of mpa's favourite tumblr ED people isn't she. Let's see how "glamorous" she looks a few years down the line with that fucked old face and brittle bones.

No. 115250

File: 1433186977311.jpg (165.86 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Saw this posting on Erika's account lol

No. 115253

File: 1433187155276.jpg (264.08 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Ew, she has a lot of sick followers based on their names

No. 115254

I noticed that on the dead woman's comments. All the likes had names ana something or skinny something. I think Erika follows everyone back?

No. 115255

Yah she's too polite for her own good. She doesn't need trash like that in her feed

No. 115257

She probably doesn't check her feed because she's pretty busy. They should get rid of certain hashtags on instagram. Only imo, but if someone couldn't share their #selfharm or #starving with others, maybe it'd put them off taking endless shots of their cutz n bonez.

No. 115258

(although the hashtags make it easier to find accounts to report)

No. 115261

#thinspo #thinspiration and hashtags like that have already been banned from IG (and I think Twitter, etc) but there's way more they need to nix.

No. 115266

They would just make up some other word to use

No. 115274

> now an idiot ( I'm 99% sure I know who it is) who is just as disordered as me
> I believe that the person that did this is trying to get back at me

sounds like something ash would do. remember that vile phone call from florida that erika received shortly before entering treatment?

No. 115278

Ash did it. On the plus side, if one of her ana friends really needs help we know we can employ her to get it for them.

No. 115284

Why do you say that?

No. 115285

Not the other anon, but evidently if we talk about someone else enough, Ash gets jealous and tries to remove them from our view. Hence why she doesn't MEAN to do anything positive, she has shitty intentions, but ultimately getting help for her friends is the outcome.

No. 115289


I guess we'll get some sort of "confession" from her blog soon.

No. 115290


I guess we'll get some sort of "confession" from her blog soon. I will say that I don't think that an ordinary follower would know to call CPS. I'm guessing with all the talk of APS, Ash figured out what to do.

No. 115292

the thing is, she doesn't do it in an attempt to help. she solely does it to cause trouble, hurt and embarrassment to the people she calls her "friends."

No. 115295

I don't even think an ordinary follower would have enough information to supply CPS with, but Ash and this girl seemed close so it's plausible that the kid was one of Ash's pen pals and so she'd have an address and phone number possibly.

No. 115296

I think it was her boss. There wasn't enough information on her instagram to make anyone suspect she was being abused. Her "mean" boss probably knew what was going on and was worried when this girl quit because s/he couldn't keep an eye on her anymore.

No. 115300

Here's something pretty fucked up, since we're going in that direction. I went to school with a girl who so obviously had some kind of eating disorder (kids called her Skeletor, natch) but who always insisted she didn't, of course. She was very nice and quiet but also worked really hard and I think she was 1st or 2nd in her graduating class. Then she went to college and apparently stopped talking to all of her friends, and no one ever heard from her again, until she died a few years ago from pneumonia. So I'm gonna assume the ED was pretty severe and weakened her enough for pneumonia to kill her. When I heard she died I went hunting for any trace of her online to get an idea of what her life had been like since high school, and the only thing I could find were her entries in this suuuuuper fucked up diet forum, where dieters do "80/10/10" vegan dieting with 80% calories coming from carbs in raw fruit and the remaining 20% from raw plant-based proteins and fats. Except in her profile she noted she was going "90/5/5" which I assume means she was trying to survive on nothing but raw fruit essentially.

Real sad that she died, she was a really bright and nice person. Her profile on that diet sight offers a lot of insight into how fucked up the disease is. And I think the fact that she closed herself off after high school (and I'm not even sure she held a job after she graduated, her obit didn't say anything about what she did after college) speaks to how isolating it is.

No. 115304

Oh, that's sad. Her cheeks were so puffy too.

No. 115307


80/10/10 is not fucked up, though. Not even 90/5/5 if done correctly. It's also more of a lifestyle than a diet - the thing is that every diet can be unhealthy if done incorrectly/ restricting/ etc. You get the idea.

I feel sorry for this girl, but please don't go around saying it's fucked up when you have obviously no idea of the concept! I'm happy and healthy and eat 80/10/10 and so do a lot of other people.

No. 115308

i dont see how people can lose weight on 80/10/10… eating 15 bananas and 12 mangoes is still well over 2000 calories a day

No. 115310

i agree. i dont think the diet is fucked up. its extremely restrictive, yes, and its not for everyone. and can be damaging since you're basically eating a full sugar diet (fruit has some complex carbs but also a lot of sugar. bad for your liver)

No. 115311

I mean, I guess it's fucked up in that she used it to hasten her ED, is what I mean.

No. 115313

yeah her face had always looked like that as long as I knew her. It could be purge-puff but also it could just be that she has a very square jaw and no fat to cover it so it really stuck out.

No. 115319

I'm hella allergic to bananas, but that diet actually sounds really appealing otherwise. I don't think I'd lose weight, I'd probably just shit a lot.

No. 115323

>probably just shit a lot

which can cause you to lose weight actually

No. 115330

Idk how anyone can plan what they eat so meticulously. I couldn't be arsed unless I was a weight lifter or into sports. Food is so boring and I only think about it when I'm hungry.

No. 115331

It must take SO much energy to make those plans. That's probably a major reason why ED is so isolating, because if you're so committed to maintaining that food planning then restaurants and bars will mess it up for you, so it's easier to stay home.

No. 115337

Totally. I mean, I eat well and have some idea about calorie content (which is all I care about really) so I know how much a person should eat in calories a day. If I go to a veggie cafe I know I can order pretty much anything because it's not fried and there're lots of things like bean salads. If I was ED I'd have to think about protein and all that shit. Is there any need? Should those diets really be promoted - this 300 bananas thing or MM. Thankfully I don't know the hell of having to plan. It's too extreme to think about.

No. 115339

File: 1433196230672.jpg (13.46 KB, 410x84, twit.JPG)

Sprout's had daddy issues for a while it seems.

No. 115341

Anorectic here, yeah it's fucking exhausting and definitely overtakes my days. It's barely even a body image thing for me anymore (I'm really underweight obviously but I don't think I look fat or make a conscious attempt to lose any more), obsessing over food is more of just really stressful, rigid compulsion. Planning what to eat is annoying because everything feels like it's "wrong."

No. 115342

Since my diet, there're things I avoid like ice cream and cakes but I think that's healthy? Not a ~fear foods~ thing. I avoid fried food, but there's so much you can eat that won't make you gain weight.

I hope you get to deal with it. I get exhausted even looking at the energy others put into planning.

No. 115345

File: 1433196598635.jpg (18.53 KB, 580x110, twit2.JPG)

This makes me think eek

No. 115361

File: 1433197816445.jpg (54.39 KB, 473x570, lol.JPG)


There you go, Ash. A mention for today.

No. 115365


Iniciele was Carmen on PULL and she used to suck Shmegeh's dick.

No. 115378

she doesnt want to recover but doesnt have the nuts for suicide

No. 115383

Yesss, does anyone have any dirt about Amy Jane? I stumbled on her about a year ago and I'm hungry for info because I'm a total creep.

No. 115390

Her dead is gay. Literally.

No. 115392

True true
The food becomes everything, even more than body image
The ocd aspect of it takes over. The first thing I think on waking is -food- followed by -I'm so fucking tired of this I don't feel like the rituals I'm about to do for 3 hours-

No. 115395

Idk, but her boyfriend is fat.