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File: 1431391896546.jpg (331.57 KB, 800x500, 1430884311507.jpg)

No. 99602

Ashley Isaacs / ghostxperfume thread #10 –
Attack of the Ash edition!

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled
Tumblr (2) Confessional/Q&A: http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Current events:
Ashley didn't purge the doughnuts, just tossed them at cars from an overpass! Erika got accepted to her treatment facility and is in the process of recovery! And many exciting new ED Instagram lolcows and false recovery accounts being investigated!

Previous thread #9: >>94146
thread #8: >>89979
thread #7L >>81899
thread #6: >>76718
thread #5: >>66250
thread #4: >>40939
thread #3: >>34685
thread #2: >>32362
thread #1: >>21279

No. 99605

No. 99609

>myproana isn't pro ana
>shares pics of "binge hauls"

No. 99611

File: 1431392406052.png (385.99 KB, 691x518, Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.58…)

>watching Sharing the Secret
>mfw it's literally teaching you how to become bulimic
I mean, shit. Isn't it pretty irresponsible to make these kinds of films, especially since they show them all the time in public schools?

No. 99613

The typo in the header pic bugs me.

~Happy 10th thread y'all~

No. 99614

I don't get it…like, what kind of idiot needs
a step by step guide on how to become bulimic?

No. 99617

Is there any way to disable the posters' signatures on mpa? Their thinspo gifs and GW shit is really annoying.

I haven't seen this. Didn't know it was used in schools. What a fucked up world. It's like showing school kids how to safely inject heroin.

No. 99618

its a tribute to the autistic nature of our dear lolcow


No. 99621

File: 1431392627161.png (972.48 KB, 652x953, hershpurge.PNG)

>totally not promoting or glamorizing EDs

No. 99622

see farmers, don't you ever accuse her of purging the donuts!!! they food goes straight to the toilet.

No. 99623


Probably under settings when you're a member, which I don't recommend.
Or read it on mobile.

No. 99624

Come on, would you really come up with the idea of sticking your finger down your throat to make yourself throw up the food you've eaten on your own? I'm sure some people would, but most people definitely wouldn't have.
It's like the people that end up anorexic because of ~body image~ stuff and peer pressure. I don't believe that's the natural course of the illness in the slightest, and I'd go so far as to classify that as an entirely different type of disorder.

We saw For the Love of Nancy at my middle school. It made a really big impression on me and augmented the habits I was already forming. Like. When I first got internet access a year later the first thing I did was get involved with pro-ana communities. Part of the plot is that when the girl gets her wisdom teeth removed, she uses it as an excuse not to eat for two weeks without her parents realising the truth behind it. Guess what I did when I got mine removed? Lol.
Sharing the Secret is even more fucked so far because I'm pretty sure the lead character is glamourised completely throughout its duration.

No. 99625

hadn't seen that. i wish i'd known of her earlier so i could've seen more of this crap.

No. 99627

i've only been there on a laptop, so thanks, I'll try from my phone.

I'm watching it on youtube now. I'm preparing to be #outraged.

No. 99628

It doesn't come natural. I wouldn't think of it. Not at that age at least

No. 99629

Well i was an anorexic so no, i wouldn't have
even put it near me. But i get what you're saying.

i agree, bulimia seems like a whole nother animal.

No. 99630

what age?

No. 99631

File: 1431393243149.png (1 MB, 759x624, donuts--exhibitA.PNG)

No. 99633


how could we ever trust you again :'(

No. 99634

Y'all have to watch Starving in Suburbia. That is hilarious.

No. 99638

I don't know, how old are those kids? Like 12 ish? 13? I guess I can see having the idea at an older age. But I restricted, never binged. And like >>99629 would not put any of that food near me.

No. 99639

I just think that's something you'd have to be taught to do

No. 99641

Screaming at OP pic!!

No. 99653

But i think its quite natural to eventually think of it yourself. Like, i was a gifted kid, but even then, the easiest thing to think of is "food fills your belly, makes you huge…no food, no fat."

And for those that are bulimic, i'm sure they try to restrict for like a minute, then binge, feel sick to the point that puking sounds like relief.

I mean, i watch my bf eat till he feels sick sometimes. I think thats what binging does.

No. 99657

I was by no means a slow kid but I didn't know that sticking your finger down your throat made you throw up. I learned from others. That's that that anon means.

No. 99667

I once threw up when the doctor used that stick thing to look at my tonsils. After that I was over cautious about my gag reflex. I must've been 7, so from that age I knew that something being stuck down your throat makes you sick.

There were girls at school around the age of 12 who'd act like dicks and have a competition who could eat the most Mars Bars (and I didn't even go to a special school). Afterwards they'd barf it up because it made them feel sick.

I've never thought of doing it because I hate being sick and it's just not in me FORTUNATELY to want to binge and purge.

Watched just over half that film on youtube and had to stop. It's boring more than anything.

No. 99668

At least she was halfway honest at one point, eh.

No. 99675

Here's two from the last thread that have been posted about most frequently:

Jen Batschelet:
Tumblr: http://starchil-d.tumblr.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/starchild702/
Info: >>94824

Claire Fredericks:

No. 99681

File: 1431398191742.jpg (25.35 KB, 450x320, stock-photo-closeup-portrait-o…)

Idk isn't it kind of obvious that sticking your finger down your throat induces vomiting? I mean, even little kids make this motion to indicate disgust.

No. 99684

File: 1431398381888.jpg (100.39 KB, 397x603, Ashfat.jpg)

Ashley calling herself fat.

No. 99687

i can't fucking handle her arms

No. 99688


I agree. I actually inquired as a small child about why doctors put a stick on your tongue when examining the throat, and then of course it's also very common on TV and in movies that depict an overdose by pills where the person is found by another, who then dramatically sticks their fingers inside of the unconscious person's mouth to make them throw the pills up.

But still, there's no denying that depiction of EDs in movies or documentaries may affect someone who is prone to it.

No. 99689

not only that but brushing your teeth and tongue.
my boyfriend still gags like a pregnant chick
while he brushes his tongue.

Not to mention, some people can do that shit on command.

It doesn't have to be fingers, you just become aware of the body's visceral responses.

No. 99692

you niggas just googling her old shit.
find the shit where shes calling her mum hitler/satan.

No. 99701

File: 1431399194342.jpg (88.47 KB, 449x624, Ashfat 2.jpg)

And again.

Yup I am.

No. 99702

File: 1431399372283.png (22.26 KB, 484x177, sperg.png)

plz stop just stop holy shit stop

No. 99703

Keep the old shit coming.

No. 99707


Wow… I did think she meant well before but no this time she's trying to trigger her.

No. 99709

BPD just like the rest of them.

No. 99716

>that "walking through a jail cell" look
What a fucking bitch. I don't really give a shit about Erika, but that's a horrible thing to say.

No. 99717

File: 1431400434876.jpg (19.08 KB, 527x162, ashmom 1.jpg)

I didn't find her calling her mother Hitler or Satan but I did find some posts about her mother.
Here she is insulting her mother.

No. 99721

File: 1431400488205.jpg (59.22 KB, 511x289, Ashmom 2.jpg)

Here's Ashley trying to make herself seem like a victim when it's clear that her mother is at the end of her rope.

No. 99722

File: 1431400526559.jpg (59.48 KB, 689x340, Ashmom 3.jpg)

Not sure what to make of this yet.

No. 99724

I'd slap the donuts out of my kid if she said that about me.

No. 99726

I believe her mom has an ED too.

No. 99729

In Ashley's case, she'd probably like that.

No. 99730

Perhaps her mother is growing increasingly disgusted by food due to living in a fucking disgusting mess and having to smell the vomit and decay on her daughter and having such a negative connotation to eating and food now, esp. having to listen to her puking and binging constantly.

Then her daughter, the source of all this trouble, comments on it in a crass, heartless way, and she just snaps.

She probably felt terrible about it later, too, but there's nothing more she can do about it than wait.

No. 99733

Maybe Ash learned about eating disorders from her mom.

No. 99735

File: 1431401011129.jpg (170.29 KB, 536x587, karma.jpg)

No. 99737

>I almost could have called the police on her lolol.

She thinks that scenario is funny? You know what would have been funny? If Rebecca WOULD'VE thrown her out of the house.

How ugly?!! Jebus.

No. 99739

I don't know how to feel about that.

No. 99740

Fuck this bitch. How is this not intentional? Even if Erika had cancer and not an ED,none of that shit is okay.

No. 99742


No. 99743

Keep a timeline collage~ So you can see how fat you're getting~ Teehee beautiful Eriiiika~~~ ILU. Be my mom? ^___^;;;

No. 99746

Seriously. Who the fuck tells someone their face is getting "fuller" when they have an eating disorder? Bitch is mad jealous because her own face is so swollen.

No. 99747

Erika, I know you want to be "nice," but know that you're within your rights to tell this birch to fuck off.

No. 99749


No. 99751

If she's making this up, she's really good at it.

No. 99752

>stumbly and awkward with my words

Yes. So stop.

No. 99753

I second that. Nothing she's said to you is ok. She's way over the line.

No. 99755

Like a Hitchcock film, smh

No. 99757

She came back from the dead? So she really is a zombie?

No. 99760

>walking through a jail cell face
If I had the balls, I'd post this on all of her selfies.

No. 99761

theres nothing to feel. its all just some exaggerated or most likely made up exchange.

and fuck, i dont care who you are looking at, if you see someone puking up and wasting food to kill themselves slowly, and look like a spoopy skeleton, youre gonna feel disgust.

No. 99763

*joltography's selfies, not Erika's.

No. 99765

File: 1431401692268.jpg (9.6 KB, 268x188, images.jpg)

>the secrets I have to hide from you

So she continued to give her address to old pervs so she could service them for half a dozen donuts?

I found the perfect accessory for Ashley.

No. 99766

No. 99767

like she died but was revived due to her suicide attempt i believe… i think the coma followed that….or was the coma from her anorexia?

No. 99768

File: 1431401799801.png (290.87 KB, 500x375, glazeddonut.png)

I wonder how many dicks she's sucked.

No. 99771

~*punk rawk*~

What is 'grell'?

No. 99773

She posted some entry about feeling like she was hugged by some presence in her old tumblr I think

No. 99777

File: 1431402072816.jpg (32 KB, 518x665, bleurghhhh.JPG)

She's demented.

No. 99782


No. 99783

File: 1431402213647.jpg (43.22 KB, 543x474, hot.JPG)

No. 99784

looove this movie series, they're all so naive and always with a happy ending.

No. 99786

That left leg should've been thinner, agreed
god, disgusting, so fat

No. 99790

idk if it's because they're like kids shoes, but they actually suit her

No. 99792

File: 1431402647201.jpg (4.22 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

but they don't even look like legs

No. 99794

Maybe she somehow reminds me of barbie dolls with those shoes.

No. 99802

File: 1431403078309.jpg (114 KB, 640x640, bj.jpg)

Why are all these girls obsessed with eating pints of Ben & Jerry's?

No. 99804

ice cream is delicious? idk

No. 99807

It's a cute, childish brand that comes in attractive packaging. Lots of interesting flavours too. It feels more gourmet or cool to eat that than something like Haagen Dasz, which just has a reputation as 'fatty indulgent shit.'

No. 99808

For once you make a point.

No. 99809

It's an ED fashion brand, like Starbucks.

Easy to come up as well, I suppose.

No. 99810

Easy to purge

No. 99812

Do you have to be a rich kid to be ig ED cool? if it's going to be barfed, why not buy some generic ice cream. How can they afford Ben & Jerry's and Starbucks? I take it most of them don't work, so how do they afford it?

No. 99816

File: 1431403697429.png (691.17 KB, 670x955, fatlegsobvs.PNG)

>I'm such a nice person.

No. 99817

If they can afford smart phones, then a few pints of Ben and Jerry's isn't that bad. Plus their parents are desperate for them to eat so they probably indulge their whims when it comes to food.

No. 99818

food stamps are easy to get too.

No. 99819

What a cunt.

No. 99820

>normal person perspective
Oh Ashley, you're so damaged.

No. 99822

what does that even mean?

No. 99824

it means she has aspergers

No. 99828

She's saying Erika looks like a person who has been in solitary? Idk

No. 99829

Is she comparing Erika to an emaciated POW?

No. 99830

Those legs are way too skinny.

No. 99833

Nah still fat lolol.

No. 99834

B&Js isn't that expensive.

No. 99838

I'm actually curious - can you post a photo of someone you think is skinny?

No. 99839

>that "walking through a jail cell" look

It's one of fourassedcat's Erika fantasies where she's locked in a prison cell with her. Probably showering is involved at some point.

No. 99840

Yeah. If I wanted to puke high-end ice cream I wouldn't go for B&Js.

No. 99844

No. 99845

File: 1431404484839.png (788.33 KB, 773x952, boooring.PNG)

No. 99849


No. 99850

Yay, the 'fat legs' post! I failed in my attempt to find it. Bless you, anon.

No. 99851

>no hate
>only I'm allowed to hate

No. 99852

Not me.

No. 99858

File: 1431405167380.jpg (98.27 KB, 588x422, fourassedjail.jpg)

No. 99862

File: 1431405334601.jpg (199.82 KB, 870x960, image.jpg)

No one is going to believe your posts unless you are a confirmed trip, skeleton-chan.

No. 99863

It's a weird competition bragging thing. Like "I'm better at recovery because I ate the whole pint." Some girls imply it and some actually say rude shit like "lol at people eating salad while I rock at recovery."

It's also turned into a kind of clique thing where they want to be part of the pint club. Some girls admit to starving all day to save calories so they can post their "pint challenge" on Instagram and get compliments from the other girls doing pint challenges. It's not recovery minded at all, no healthy person would feel compelled to eat something to prove a point or to get praise. And it has to be Ben and Jerry's like it has to be Quest bars and Justin's almond butter.

No. 99865


its not an "ED fashion brand, like starbucks". Its a stupid Minnie Maud thing. some recovery method made up by a quack with no credentials where people basically binge their way to recovery. Its stupid and dangerous for someone who's actually anorexic. fortunately most of the idiotic MM warriors who do these "pint parties" of ben&jerrys don't actually have anorexia. Don't include all ED sufferers in that nonsense.

No. 99868


post your tripcode on your tumblr

No. 99877

File: 1431406488680.jpg (104.89 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

So meta

No. 99879

She talks in circles.

No. 99881

My attention! Give it to me!

No. 99883

Her brain is starving.

Ok, why the fuck speak in third person and refer to yourself as a when your blog is about "being transparent no more" & ~confessing~ your ~truths~ if you don't ever actually acknowledge the truth?????

Eat something nutritious and get your brain functioning again Ashley…that sugary crap is just empty calories.

No. 99884

Excuse you? That's MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy attention.

No. 99885

no me

pls respond

No. 99887

I hope you get obese and you drown in your fat rolls and crisco comes out of your rolls and makes your best friend fat and your mom fat and your dad fat and your brothers and sisters fat.

No. 99888

WHO IS 'A'???
Isn't that the plot of a TV show?

No. 99900

should be a board game

No. 99909

Can someone please explain to her how to use a tripcode

No. 99910

People have tried. Perhaps it's best that she stops posting here.

No. 99913

Let's just stop acknowledging anything/everything she does IMO.

No. 99918

All she does is try to hurt Erika with her confessions blog. Next thing she'll post about is the time Erika farted and left a room. "See!! She's not perfect!!!"

No. 99926

Ash participates in these threads just as much as we do now. As funny as it is to see her post, we're just encouraging her narcissism and making it enjoyable for her to try and stir up fake bullshit with Erika.

No. 99929

I agree. It's weird that she keeps on coming here since she has 10k Instagram followers. But I guess any attention is good attention.

No. 99935

>put a donut on his dick

what the fuck, can you say yeast infection?

No. 99937

No. 99940

well yeah. because Ash is super boring, yet she hates the idea of being irrelevant to the ~ana world~ so she'll do whatever it takes to get attention. that's why she's taken an active interest in posting here so regularly.

we've already discovered all the dirt there is to dig up, and we're over it. now there's nothing left. how interesting can you be when you live with your mom and lay in bed all day covered in vomit? her relationship with Erika was the best thing to happen to her in ages (in her mind), because it gave her some sort of fucked up platform to be interesting again.

that's why she won't let it go.

whatever. no one gives a shit what you have to say about her, Ashley. Erika's doing something positive with her life and it infuriates you. too bad, so sad. go cry to your Tumblr fans; we don't care anymore.

No. 99944

File: 1431410847834.jpg (121.44 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

This is the last time I post on the Internet, I promiz

No. 99952

I wonder if Ashley farts

No. 99954

To be no pun intended, but, gut wrenchingly honest, Ashley did help me find myself quite a bit. Even when I was tired, too anxious, too sick to leave home, I was always excited to visit, if even for a few minutes. I started to realise how much love I had to give and how badly I needed the strength to give- in this case, a mother's heart. Ashley was never triggering to talk to, if anything, it just broke my heart more to "see" from a caring mother's angle how painful and controlling a mental disorder can be-totally not realising I was falling fast, but this had absolutely nothing to do with Ashley. That sleezebag millionaire Texan with the metaphorical wet sandstorm-mud stained trail of Russian divorcees and obsession with a false perception of `beauty. I was promised recovery, when I dare turn down my already bruised past with sexual encounters, his offer~though, he thought I was perfect. The red manlet. That's what I refer to him as now; throwing my apathetic sense of humour to lighten my memories. Ashley re taught me how much I love and live to care. If you put me in your house as a guest, I will surely leave it in a politely spotless manner. I can't hold grudges anymore. I refuse to carry the pain. Focusing on aquired knowledge, I've been able to let go and still hold on to positives from negatives. I never wanted to stomp on Ashley and have her feel, for example: "Ha, Ha, I am recovering and I am better than you". I didn't want to hurt her more, just offer support and empathy. I know how shitty eating disorders are to their habitats, no matter what-the phone call, I don't care. Even though IKEA has the best kid's cutlery, I still can't go without pain. I truly hope one day her head can be less cruel to her and let her the fuck go. I follow my gut and my heart(both metaphorically) and know when to let go. Like a child saying goodbye to a pet they can not care for, sometimes things just are.

No. 99955

Wrench? Wretchingly. Huh.

No. 99961


>If you put me in your house as a guest, I will surely leave it in a politely spotless manner.

Nooo. You ~triggered~ my spilling coffee on my host's carpet anxiety. How I function in society, I'll never know.

Erika, I really do believe that you've seen Hell and you know what to do not to go back there. (I don't mean Ashley, I mean the ED). Wishing you the best as always.

No. 99962

gut-wrenchingly is correct, unless you wanted to imply something else.

No. 99964

She knows not to go back to either – Ashley or the ED.

No. 99971

If you've forgiven Ashley for how she treated you and bare no grudges, I hope that some of the anons here can to. And I hope that Ashley can move on as well. She needs to. It would be a step towards moving away from the past and to a healthier future.

But, fuck your father-in-law.

No. 99972


It's not surprising Ashley targets younger people. I've noticed it's women in their 20s and upwards who get wise to her ways eventually. She should have a parental advisory warning stamped across her forehead.

No. 99975

Er, just thought of the context more and that'll at sentence is weird. I meant like, your father in law can go to hell. Buying people is disgusting. I hope Yustas mom can be brave and leave him one day. But you owe him nothing. He is not entitled to visit is with you and your kids.

No. 99977

Ashley will continue to stagnate. Moving on isn't an option. She has no intention of changing the person she is.

No. 99979


We'll see about that.

E still reads and comments on these threads, threads that are ultimately about the one she "let go", and so does A.
Both talking either about each other or hoping descriptions of their actions somehow reach and influence the other (one of them in a positive, the other not to positive way).

Both she and Ashley keep the other in their life without having them in their life.

No. 99983

There is a strange telephone aspect to this whole thread. I also hope that Erika makes friends in real life after treatment (be careful of the ones you make in treatment you will find a few Ashleys there, believe me) and becomes less dependent on social media and lolcow.

No. 99985

I'd say it's more a case of Erika knowing that she has friends here who aren't all disordered people that follow her on instagram.

Erika's only being polite when she mentions Ashley. She's said she feels guilty for letting her loose.

You don't go back to a broken friendship if you're moving upwards. Erika's going to have stacks of friends and they can mutually benefit from each other in some way.

Idk, I'm not Erika, but I honestly can't see her making the same mistake twice.

No. 99997

I think treatment will be helpful in terms of learning to identify unhealthy relationships

No. 100013

I've been looking through Instagram (#edfam #edwarrior #vomit) trying to find more of these chicks but most of them are ~recovered~ (probably never had an ED in the first place), uninteresting, and post 99% pictures of their fucking boring-ass food.

Anyone know if there are others (who actively post) in the actual skeletor range like Ash? I'm morbidly curious, and things have been kinda boring since shmeghmeh stopped being active and crazy.

No. 100015


She probably farts nerve gas
bitch is death incarnate

No. 100020

I'd guess her breath smells like farts.

No. 100023

No idea. Most of them aren't attention whores like Ash.

All I find is girls lying on a bed sucking their stomach in so their ribs stick out. God, that's so boring.

No. 100027

And the girls are usually not even thin…like everyone looks thinner when they're lying down and sucking in, no shit.

No. 100039

morbidly obese*

No. 100060

It might be time to let this die a bit.

No. 100063

Well I do know that this chick > http://www.instagram.com/aly_realrecover is quick on her way to becoming a spoopyskele like ash

No. 100066

This stuff tastes terrible.

No. 100069

When they post photos of eating a whole pint I just assume they've purged it up. That's such a red flag, because if you're practicing normal eating you aren't eating a whole pint on the regular. Either that or it wasn't eaten at all.

No. 100070

aly_realrecover just posts pictures of her pints with a little bit scraped off the top. I'm sure she doesn't touch the rest of it. She is the biggest liar on IG.

No. 100073

Yeah I don't think she eats any of the stuff she posts. One of her recent posts was a photo of her with ice cream out in public, with a caption of "mom asked me for proof" so maybe she's doing all of this to deceive her mother. I do think she is suffering and doesn't want to, though. She doesn't seem like a vile person. I hope she gets help. It seems like her family cares about her

No. 100088

anyone ever check out @thefitveganginger on Instagram? emaciated, in deep denial about her ED, crazy fundamentalist Christian, eats the worst food I have ever seen

No. 100090

File: 1431440510814.jpg (181.61 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_2015-05-12-09-18-57…)

there's also this chick–p. sure she denies having an ED as well. she's definitely approaching spooky skeleton territory but unlike Ashley she leaves the house. she's just overexercising herself to death

No. 100092

File: 1431440677135.jpg (87.91 KB, 640x640, 11024162_1378407322457766_6448…)

wtf @ her ass bones

No. 100093

You can tell by her face she's anorexic. There's ~that look~

Yep, you can tell by her ass bones too.

No. 100094

Orthorexia is a helluva drug

No. 100095

Loads of the Russian anorexics and their fetishists are into this gymnastics thing. I heard a rumour when I was a kid that Russian gymnasts were fed hormones to keep them small, like bonsai people. Now I guess it was anorexia all along.

No. 100096

File: 1431441036388.jpg (167.72 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_2015-05-12-09-28-27…)

MMMMM raw, uncooked oatmeal + corn!!

No. 100097

>inb4 Russia v America AGAIN

No. 100099

File: 1431441201336.jpg (283.48 KB, 1074x1332, Screenshot_2015-05-12-09-31-53…)


And the fact that she's losing her hair. Much yoga such health wow

No. 100100

#majesticshits #poopfordays

No. 100101

File: 1431441541091.jpg (413.97 KB, 575x1024, Empower-1.1.jpg)

This is a recent from her blog and omg she looks even worse!

No. 100103

Her body fat is so low, jaysus

No. 100105

I wonder what would happen if I kicked her femur

No. 100108


No. 100110

This girl is arguably even more dangerous and ED-promoting than Ashley. At least Ashley acknowledges that she's dying and has retreated from the world to a degree.

This Rebecca girl on the other hand will probably just keep exercising and posting gym selfies until she dies of a heart attack. She attacks anyone who questions her diet/exercise regimen and represents herself as some sort of authority on health and fitness. meanwhile her body fat % is so low that she is almost certainly not menstruating, her hair is falling out, she has no life outside of the gym and her weird "recipes."

No. 100112

Not to mention she's self diagnosed Celiac. Hence the gluten free thing. LBR, she's just claiming to have Celiac's so she doesn't have to eat anything with regular flour.

No. 100114

File: 1431442636996.jpg (77.77 KB, 960x669, 1235882_10202332975226566_4221…)

She's the picture of health.

No. 100115


Yeah, that makes my blood boil. It's a legit allergy for many people, and then you have these fuckin self-diagnosers.

No. 100118

such edge

No. 100121

i think the mentality is like this:
normal people SOMETIMES eat the whole pint (or whole big chocolate bar, or whole bag of chips) or whatever, and yea they feel a little guilty, but they dont throw up or something, they just get on with it.
i think thats what the ED community is going for, with their #pintparty and what not. i just highly doubt the legitimacy

No. 100122

Rebecca is an ice skater at least. Notorious sport for being underweight

No. 100125

Yeah that's qwhat I meant; hence the "on the regular". my bad

No. 100132

i got you.
and anyway a good number of ED clinics i have heard of really pressure patients to eat junk food, assuming it is the ultimate fear food for everyone, which is true in a sense, but i feel doing so can easily cause a person to "trade" disorders.
the constant encouragement of JUNKFOOD IS FINE can just make an anorexic into a bulimic or binge eater.

No. 100133

so many fine lines in ED treatment its ridiculous. its really possibly the worst psychological disorder…

No. 100139

you're right, the "edfam" "edwarrior" etc tags have a lot of girls who don't actually have anorexia. disordered eating maybe, but more a case of they went on a crash diet for attention, now theyre "recovering" for attention.
if its more people like jen and ash you're looking for, try #inpatient #ngtube

No. 100144

you think fucking wrong. unless by "ed community" you meant retarded minnie maud warriors who never actually had eating disorders to recover from? for the 10th fucking time. people who do "pint parties" follow minnie maud, and the majority of people following MM NEVER had anorexia to begin with, they just want attention.

No. 100146


I know quite a few people with real anorexia who did/are doing MinnieMaud. Idk where you get the idea that it's only for wannarexics, but lots of people can't afford treatment. They turn to whatever resources they can find via the internet, which includes MM. I'm not saying MM is legit because it's not (the woman who started it lied about being a doctor, lacks credentials or ed expertise, etc), but you're going to have to specify how you know the ~majority~ of people who follow it don't actually have eating disorders. There are certainly a lot of girls with ED-nos or just plain ole binge eating who try it as well.

No. 100147

Rofl ignore this dipshit. They were preaching about how evil minniemaud is in a different thread too

No. 100149

ew, those arms

No. 100152

It's fucked up that she actually looks remarkably healthier in that photo than she does now.

No. 100153

I agree that it has to be one of the worst psych disorders. I remember an episode of Ellen when Portia was on there talking about her past anorexia. She said when she was at her smallest weight and people would say she was soooo thin or "too skinny" or that she looked unhealthy, she just ate all of those comments up as if they were the greatest compliments in the world.

So in a way all these people that comment on IG recovery accounts saying these girls are too thin, begging them to gain weight, etc are just feeding their egos and enabling them to continue their gross behavior.

Ashley, make no mistake about it, no comment here about your weight is meant as a compliment. You look sick and grotesque. You COULD have been an attractive girl based on your old photos, but you choose to be disgusting, ill, and completely void of energy.

I don't get EDs.

No. 100154

File: 1431448703704.jpg (43.9 KB, 444x596, bs.JPG)

No. 100155

File: 1431448716299.png (223.68 KB, 387x398, Untitled.png)

#edrecovery #realrecovery #fightana #anawho #edsoldiers #eatingdesordersrecover #beatana #food #foodforlife #anorexiarecover #edworrior #recoveryispossible #anabitch #keepfighting #fight #noproana #kickana #beatingana #beatinged #edfree #noana #fightingforfreedom #ednos #togetherwecan

No. 100157

Thank you, artist. Now I know how.

No. 100158

GIMP is the acrostic for someone's instagram.

searches gimp on google to see what it means

deer god
the irony….

No. 100159


I have one and I don't get them either. I've been half-assing recovery for years and years and am (physically) finally healthy, but psychologically the obsessions over food still haven't gone away. I don't know that they ever will.

No. 100162

Excuse me, I made this in MS paint. Seek help.

No. 100163

do you really mean "acrostic"…?


No. 100164


I regret commenting this.

I said the irony because the first search that popped up said "Manipulation Program". Commented that. Then scrolled some more to find the definition on Urban Dictionary.

Now I feel terrible

No. 100165

File: 1431449432398.jpg (217.57 KB, 992x1740, Screenshot_2015-05-12-11-45-13…)

just chillin in the dirt on the side of the road in my sweatpants and moccasins!

No. 100167

File: 1431449523231.jpg (233.64 KB, 1070x1536, Screenshot_2015-05-12-11-46-16…)

I think your sports bra is a little big

No. 100169

MINNIE MAUD IS FUCKING DANGEROUS. seriously.one of its rules is ''no excerise. ever'' and it promotes unhealthy eating. trust me, i did it, and i ended up in a hospital. check this blog out http://whyminniemaud.tumblr.com/

No. 100176

Can someone please explain what the "extreme hunger" thing is? Is it about trying not to binge?

No. 100177

No. 100178

It's a legitimate thing. When you're so starved that anything you eat causes your blood sugar to spike and crash and you're ravenously hungry. This girl's in such bad shape like no shit you're extremely hungry, but I think it's dangerous for her to binge. She could die. Hospital required

No. 100179

between the your eatopia community, the amount of MM idiots who "don't believe anorexia should have a weight criterion" (bc they never met it but want to feel validated anyway), and the simple fact that someone genuinely suffering from anorexia usually can't just start eating minimums without actual help, i know the MM community is mostly wannarexics.

the few actual anorexics who attempt MM often end up in the hospital due to refeeding syndrome. i know a few of them. someone is going to get serious hurt from MM one day, if they haven't already. GO should be held accountable when it happens, though I'm sure she won't be.

No. 100181

why would someone with binge eating disorder try MM when its specifically for "restrictive eating disorders" ??

No. 100182

Its hardcore adherents seem like they're part of a fucking cult. I guess it basically is a cult of personality with Queen Olwyn as the supreme leader. Black-and-white thinking. No dissent allowed. Constant repetition of catch phrases. Use of "in" jargon ("minimums," "quasi," "pint parties," etc.). Belief that their way is THE ONLY WAY to "real" recovery. I'm scared for the world that this woman is taken as the #1 authority on ED recovery by so many vulnerable young people. Also, I just fucking hate Gwyneth Olwyn.

I assume you're talking about the MinnieMaud "Extreme Hunger." MinnieMaud teaches that, if you have had a restrictive eating disorder, you are absolutely incapable of binging. Ever. A binge isn't a binge - it's a GOOD thing, even if you feel totally out of control and KNOW that you're eating emotionally instead of because you're hungry! Even if you sit down and eat 10,000 calories of chocolate frosting in one sitting, it's because your body NEEDED some specific vital nutrient that's only found in chocolate frosting. Eating until you're uncomfortably full or even sick is encouraged because you're "just honoring your cravings."

Experiencing extreme hunger when you start eating again after restricting is totally normal. MinnieMaud's "Extreme Hunger" idea is dangerous.

No. 100185

Also eating a diet that consists of only, say, chocolate, or only white bread, and being 100% sedentary is totally great and you don't need fruit or vegetables or anything (those are disordered choices, why aren't you eating Ben & Jerry's?).

No. 100186

more than one person was posting against MM in a different thread, bc its terrible, dipshit.

No. 100188

Just stop shitting up the thread with your SJW shit

No. 100189

File: 1431451323184.jpg (26.12 KB, 640x480, johanisdisappoint.jpg)

> mfw people are starting to tripfag

can we not plz

No. 100190

are you sure you don't mean "autist" instead of artist?

No. 100192


No. 100195

Why are people tripfagging though? Is it to keep track of what you yourself wrote? I am confused

No. 100200

attention whoring, my friend. its always attention whoring.

No. 100201

You guys are cruel. I'm new to the internet and learned about tripcodes last night and thought they were #neato

No. 100202

Aaah. Yes, i can smell it now. The sickly smell of desperation.

No. 100204

File: 1431453313203.jpg (544.21 KB, 1030x613, haha.jpg)

All right, fess up, which one of you assholes is this? It seems like a fake account made just to comment on her (other ED chicks too?) profile. There were other comments too but Aly deleted them before I could screenshot.

No. 100210

I doubt anyone here did that, but wtf at that instagram

No. 100211

>implying that the only people who can smell bullshit are coming from here

No. 100213


>new to the internet

No. 100216

Yes you can electronically mail me at noteveryoneisfrom4chan@hotmale.com

No. 100221

Those sunglasses make her look like an alien.

No. 100223

File: 1431455541387.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-12-20-29-40…)

what a shame

No. 100224

File: 1431455547380.png (56.96 KB, 713x274, spergingout.png)

fuck me she's dumb

No. 100225

almost makes me sad

No. 100226

Amazing how wretchedly ugly her face is now compared to pre-ED. She was a beautiful girl.

No. 100227

but her face is very punchable anyways

like her more now

No. 100228

At least she doesn't do this stupid thing with her lips anymore.

No. 100229

Nah, she did it to her stupid self and she could undo it if she wanted. But, again, like Jen, she's spoiled as fuck and seems to love the attention she gets from her ~frail sick girl~ image, so she'll probably just ride this train for as long as she can.

No. 100232

She seems genuinely ill to me, not attention seeking.

No. 100233

you can still be ill and attention-seeking.

No. 100235

No. 100236

She seems upset. :P :/ :c ;_; xP

No. 100237

True. Her teeth have taken a turn for the worse in the past few months

No. 100238

Oh god, can you imagine if Ashley attempted MM?

No. 100240

death by chocolate

No. 100244

So what's the story with this con artist? Does she just throw away the food she posts or is she a full on binge/purger? She's mentioned in the past that she has episodes of binging.

No. 100245

We think she just poses with food and then throws it away.

No. 100246

I think judging by her teeth maybe she purges the things her friends and family watch her eat. Other than that I think she throws things away

No. 100247

and her body was literally great before o_o

No. 100248

man her hands look dry as fuck

No. 100249

Remember, lotion has calories

No. 100276

She should take her own advice and fuck off

No. 100282

She's either going to delete fucking everything or have a huge meltdown soon.

No. 100285

File: 1431461778893.png (447.58 KB, 807x609, lotionmakesyoufatproof.png)

It's ~science~

No. 100287

The more I see from this chick, the more I think she's secretly bulimic or something.

No. 100288

"See mom? See, I'm fucking eating it. God."

No. 100292

File: 1431462545747.png (556.83 KB, 768x459, chocolatealy.png)

I wish this rich bitch would stop wasting food for photography.

No. 100293

File: 1431462742103.png (487.82 KB, 767x461, deliciousnes.png)

It makes me angry to think of this amazing meal in the trashley.

No. 100294

What if her tongue is not touching it?

No. 100297

Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 100298

File: 1431463102743.png (589.31 KB, 767x437, iamnotamodel.png)

omg i didn't even notice he was taking my #picture, i always smile like this when i'm eating #foodforlife :):) stay strong #edfamily

No. 100299

No. 100301

what a worrior. a definite worrior.

No. 100302


This. She posts amazing, beautiful food that is most definitely not cheap. Fresh prepared seafood and meat dishes, all of the pastries and ice cream she buys at school, all of the name brand treats, etc. If I were here mom (paying for the groceries) and found out she was wasting food on top of bullshitting me about recovery, I'd be livid and throw her ass inpatient. I hope she follows through on forcing her into treatment, since she obviously isn't going to make her "huge gaining goal" by June.

No. 100304

It makes me irrationally angry that some of these girls actually have people conned into thinking they're eating thousands upon thousands of calories a day and gaining weight while they're visibly wasting away. It also portrays a false image of what you can realistically eat in recovery - if anyone actually ate like they pretend they eat, they would NOT be progressively becoming more and more emaciated, unless they had some sort of serious medical condition (aside from an ED) or something.

No. 100306

Seriously. I would kill to be able to afford food like that. I wouldn't care if she was wasting dollar store shit, but this is good, real, expensive, nutritious food.

No. 100307

Also she lives in Milan, Italy, which is not exactly a cheap place to live. Quite privileged

No. 100308

Her clothes look fucking nice too. Maybe I'm actually jealous, I'm not sure, but something about this rich bitch makes me raeg.

No. 100310

File: 1431463739007.png (616.13 KB, 771x458, mommy.png)

Her poor mother must have no idea what to do. I feel no sympathy for Aly's privileged ass, but I do for her mom.

No. 100315

I'm almost positive this bitch will manage to con her way out of it or that her mom will cave. There are plenty of ways to fool the scale, and I'm sure by now she's a master at convincing people that ~this time she's really going to get better on her own!!!~ and shit. I'm SO hoping she will get forced into treatment, though, because I'm a bad and spiteful person.

No. 100317


It's not your money to count them, stop.

No. 100318

I meant it, not them.

No. 100320

Shut up, Aly. Go pretend to lick some ice cream.

No. 100321

This doesn't make sense.

No. 100322

It's because her first language is Italian.

No. 100323

Same to you, buddy, go dream about spending other people's money.

No. 100324

At least dreaming about spending someone else's money isn't going to eventually kill my mother with stress.

No. 100325

Her English in her captions is pretty good. Funny, where is the European anon to lord over us with her amazing English skills?

No. 100326

I speak two languages, and sometimes when I'm severely butthurt I mess up.

No. 100327

Did someone send her the link to this thread or something?

No. 100328

tfc did it

No. 100333

I really dislike Aly's fakeness (she ~could~ be hypermetabolic af, but I doubt it or she'd mention other symptoms, but you must admit that she has a good eye for food presentation. It gets repetitive, but it's still prettier than most recovery and fake recovery foodblogs.

No. 100336


the fuck? Good to see someone finally calling her out for her bullshit

No. 100340

I thought she was hypermetabolic until someone pointed out she's been losing for months. If she were hospitalized, she'd be gaining ~1.5 kg per week, even if she were hypermetabolic. The solution to that problem is to eat more food.

No. 100341

I posted that screenshot - assholes is a term of endearment on this site, love.

No. 100346

Why does Ashley love Atticus finch if she's racist?

No. 100347

WHy don't you guys like trip codes?

No. 100348

*attention whores


No. 100350

Because this is an anonymous board. The use of tripcodes in an anonymous board is attention whoring. Nobody cares about your personal story, who you are or where you came from. We are here to milk the cows for the lulz and entertainment. If you don't like it, go back to tumblr.

No. 100351

So fiesty! Wow! I will never use one again

No. 100353

What is a tripcode?

No. 100354

Something to not use

No. 100356

Hypothetical: if you knew you had to gain a certain amount of weight, what would you do/how would you do it? Aside from the obvious, like eat more and not puke it up.

Like…would you eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's every night? Use weight gain supplements? "Eat clean" but increase how much you were eating? Just curious.

No. 100357


No. 100358

I'd do IIFYM and follow a +250 cal surplus. Probably lift eventually.

No. 100359

Increase protein and healthy fats

No. 100360

I must live under a rock, I'd never heard of IIFYM before

No. 100363

I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet. A lot of calorie counters graduate to IIFYM in "recovery"

No. 100367

I didn't mean it in the strict sense of only counting macros. I meant have a calorie goal, 250 above what I burn in a day, and meet my macros through whatever. Obviously with some healthy shit so that I CAN shit. I like shitting.

No. 100370

Yeah, you aren't doing it for the wrong reasons. A lot of girls do it as a more socially accepted way of strictly controlling their intake. I feel like there are tons of lolcows in the fit community on Instagram. Especially crossfit.

No. 100377

Yeah, "fitspo" is often "thinspo" under the thinnest of veils

No. 100379

File: 1431469863241.jpg (27.16 KB, 300x600, uhoh.jpg)

Oh fuck, makeup has calories.

No. 100380


No. 100390

interesting that she keeps referring to herself as a child, "happy excited child" and "a little happy child", and I'm sure theres more. How old is she?

No. 100393

She's 19.

No. 100397

Wow, she really destroyed her looks. She was beautiful.

No. 100402

Tall, sporty, cute face… yup she fucked herself up.

No. 100403

shes like 25, where the hell have you been

No. 100409

I'm not that anon but I read that she was 19 on her instagram so I don't think they're wrong

No. 100410

She's 25 and her parents are still supporting her and giving her money to flush down the toilet?

No. 100413

Still a kid if you ask me

We are talking about aly_realrecover since ash is being boring as shit

No. 100415

shes 23-25 but portrays herself as younger, probably to get more sympathy from younger ED followers

No. 100417

uh proof??

No. 100424

19's still a kid, but most 19-year-olds don't call themself "child".

No. 100447

File: 1431473670510.png (26.23 KB, 697x314, erikaphone.png)

No. 100451

erika post the #

No. 100456

please post the god damn number so we can get over this ordeal of did she do it or didn't she because for once trashley's right, it would take one second for erika to post the number and end that particular aspect of these threads

No. 100457

But Erika's BPD enjoys the drama.

No. 100458

It's probably a Google voice number

No. 100459

Ashley's BPD isn't that smart.

No. 100461

Mmkay, Ashley. You're the one who keeps on bringing it up.

No. 100464

Erika's in Denver.

No. 100468

Wouldn't it be an interesting plot twist if the caller turned out to be Rebecca?

No. 100485


I didn't want to have to share this, but I have it on good authority that it was Adam. Yes, Adam, the rabbit. She is trans. This is all revenge because Erika didn't use the correct pronouns (she/her).

No. 100494


No. 100496

LOL why is still being debated, we all know it was you so shut the fuck up ash.

No. 100497

File: 1431475681615.png (14.26 KB, 281x129, topkeksperg.png)

I think it's dead now.

No. 100498


Because she will stalk and harass Erika until she acknowledges her. I saw a movie like this once. Fatal Attraction? I hope no bunnies are boiled here though.

No. 100501

actually not ash so go fuck yourself, just someone who's sick of this debate getting reiterated time and time again

No. 100502

Also not Ash. Also wish Erika would just post the fucking number.

No. 100504


Why is she bitching at Erika? Sheesh.

No. 100505

Borderline personality disorder.

No. 100507


So stop talking about it?

No. 100509

it wouldn't do any harm, we'll find out conclusively that ash did it one way or the other (either it was her mom's number or google talk or whatever) and then she can stop making posts on tumblr about how she didn't do it

No. 100510

what's the point of posting the phone number? so everyone on this thread can call or doxx? In any case, I am team #ashleycalled

No. 100512

File: 1431476177807.jpg (38.33 KB, 640x480, bpd1.jpg)

All these bitches.

No. 100513

i'm also team #ashleycalled i just want her to stop posting about how she's innocent

No. 100515

ideally eat clean. but clean food is usually not calorie dense and so it would require a huge volume of food.
much food = much full and much money

No. 100516

team #fatherinlawdidit

No. 100517

that bitch will deny she called until her last dying purge. she is mental

No. 100523

It was probably some black swan shit. She called and doesn't remember she did.

No. 100524

Erika has more important things to worry about than this bullshit from attention hungry drama queens who are trying to stir up petty shit while she's literally fighting for her life.

Anyway it's obvious it was Ashley, we don't need the phone number and if Erika posts it that'll lead to worse harassment from Ashley. Erika was probably trying to avoid Ashley's wrath by not naming her specifically, and even that has pissed off Ashley for not "defending her." Posting her number will piss her off even more. There's no way to win with Ashley. No matter what anyone does Ashley's sick mind will twist it so she'll always feel wronged.

The safest thing for Erika is to go no contact, at all, including talking to her indirectly through here. Report her for harassment to law enforcement if it continues, but there's no resolving it with her.

No. 100525

File: 1431476416604.png (222.68 KB, 677x381, bpd2.png)

Black and white thinking - now she thinks that Erika hates her because Erika is on lolcow and lolcow hates her. Lolcow hates her because lolcow doesn't love her and the opposite of love is hate so therefore hate is the only option.

No. 100528


This. Plus, if people here want drama there is plenty in the other threads.

No. 100529

File: 1431476674935.jpg (225.04 KB, 600x486, oooaaaa.jpg)

>Ashley's wrath

No. 100536

File: 1431477060623.png (215.93 KB, 2400x747, bpd.png)

No. 100539

I just can't get over how selfish forestcat and Ashley are for trying to squeeze attention from Erika while she's currently in the process of getting intensive treatment.

Caleigh, do you really need to word vomit all over her Instagram about boo hoo, I didn't mean to be triggering please forgive me, Erika? Erika! Like is that necessary? Just learn from your mistakes and move the fuck on.

You're making it all about you and that's not what you do when you actually care about someone on a deeper level than BPD manic obsession. This some Fatal Attraction/Single White Female creepiness.

No. 100542

She probably broke down in fucking tears after reading ~*the mean stuff*~ on lolcow. Her and Ashley are the same kind of disgusting waste of life, and I hope both of them die alone.

No. 100544

~*u should have told me i was being autistic boo hoo how dare u be polite 2 me*~

No. 100549

> Erika posts it that'll lead to worse harassment from Ashley.

Ashley literally has no means of harassing Erika.

No. 100551


It's appalling and embarrassing. TFC really has no idea how to be a considerate friend and not a sychopant. Erika has enough of the latter.

No. 100554


I think we all thought that before but then there was the phone call.

It's weird, when I break up with a friend, I don't bitch about it 6 months later with a group of strangers.

And yet she wonders why people stop talking to her without notice.

No. 100560

I think she unfollowed her. Victory both for Erika and Ashley!

No. 100562

This is a common thing with autistic people.

No. 100569

File: 1431478951409.png (37.49 KB, 560x854, suchmartyr.png)

Eat your words.
I promise they don't have calories.

No. 100578

Did we ever get a confirmed age for how old TFC is?

No. 100585

I was just checking out that Rebecca girl and stumbled upon her website… http://strengthandsunshine.com/about-me/

She keeps talking about living a ~healthy lifestyle~, her ~life journey~, and how much she loves to cook…

This girl really needs her own thread…

No. 100598


Oh jeez, TFC. You didn't have to be so dramatic. People just asked you to choose your words more carefully.

No. 100618

I really don't think she's interesting enough for that.

No. 100653

or that single white female movie…

No. 100656

yeah, everyone here is so hell bent on not feeding ashley the attention shes starving for but youre all taking the fucking bait. this will only satisfy ashley if anything, so who gives a fuck. let the baby cry for its bottle.

No. 100770

Ashley, if you're reading, why didn't you accept the invite from Dr. Phil?

No. 100776

That's a really good analogy for BPD.

No. 100806

Because that man bugs me; also, what good would it do? It doesn't even matter:

No. 100808

Damnit, ignore the 'A', I forgot to take it out of the field

No. 100851

File: 1431495172879.gif (2.22 MB, 320x213, 1431491175512.gif)

I thought of Ash when I saw this gif.

No. 100852

Most people would. I'm glad I can infiltrate your minds now.

No. 100858

File: 1431496179925.jpg (67 KB, 522x779, barf.JPG)

omg I need to show you guys this, it's by thefitveganginger.blogspot.com and it's SO GROSS and she's so obviously masking her ED with ~veganism

No. 100859

No. 100860

jfc that sounds awful. But then again I'm not a vegan so maybe this passes for edible among vegans.

No. 100862

File: 1431496480162.jpg (80.85 KB, 722x908, why.JPG)

she doesn't eat salt, oil or sugar, and she's also a raw vegan on top of that

which somewhat explains her disgusting meals

No. 100863

File: 1431496580250.jpg (50.61 KB, 630x759, jesus.JPG)


As a vegan I'm telling you that this really isn't the case

No. 100864

File: 1431496822309.jpg (130.03 KB, 753x914, yup.JPG)

also, in one day she runs, does yoga, then skates, all for at least an hour each

then takes photos like this

No. 100865

Sounds like Giuliana "I'm naturally skeletal!" Rancic. Can't stand that bitch. She's even had the nerve to share her "diet secrets" in the past.

No. 100871

She's 15 or 16 iirc.

No. 100872

I think she flipped out about the lolcow thread more than anything.

No. 100873

What a punchable face.

No. 100874

Fuckin nasty.

No. 100875

as a vegan/ raw vegan, aren't your meals supposed to be HUGE. Real vegans I've seen on Instagram eat huge bowls of stuff that looks way better than that

No. 100876

That looks like it would smell musty and awful..

No. 100877

File: 1431499212836.png (19.31 KB, 319x503, gagging.png)


No. 100878

File: 1431499349407.png (19.07 KB, 339x368, gaggingagain.png)

This sounds like it would hurt to swallow.

No. 100879

File: 1431499526123.png (31.24 KB, 333x565, cryingandgagging.png)

No. 100881

What's with her mixing veggies and stevia? Fucking disgusting.

No. 100884

I don't know, but reading about it makes me feel physically unwell.

No. 100885

Looks like Ham-chan.

No. 100887

Nope tfc is in her 20s. An anon thought they'd found her on mpa as methspider, who was 16, but wrong Caleigh.

No. 100888

This girl makes the grossest food ever. Even starving, none of that shit would enter my mouth. Good god.

No. 100890

I'd guess she's restricting so much that her body is dying for flavor. It probably tastes good to her malnourished brain.

No. 100892

File: 1431502370024.jpg (18.05 KB, 200x214, 1312915044363.jpg)


Why does she make sweet stuff with vegetables and then savory things with oats? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

No. 100907

Shit like this makes me rage. She gets expensive food and throws it away. I come from a family were money wasnt always flowing steadily. So we ate as cheap as possible. People who splurge money are fine, but don't just throw away your food or other things without even looking at it twice. Appreciate what you get.

No. 100912

PB and corn is actually good. Think of putting PB on cornbread. Plus oats. Delicious. Hers isn't very appetizing looking though

No. 100918

Savory oats are actually a thing. They're not my favorite and I prefer oats with sweeter things like fruit.

But this right here is just straight up disgusting. Ugh.

No. 100919

those recipes man. I don't want to eat anything ever again. I want to puke. maybe that was the point.

No. 100922

File: 1431519768694.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-13-07-21-48…)

"Zucchini nachos" plus oatmeal with hot sauce. I'm gonna throw up

No. 100923

File: 1431519963574.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-14-25-05…)

"You are what you eat"

No. 100924

File: 1431520352978.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-14-31-45…)


No. 100925

fucking creepy ginger

No. 100926

She's scary as fuck. No vegan I know is like this no fit person I know is like this. She's like the crazy side of each community personified.

No. 100927

I ate chicken oats recently lol

No. 100930

WTF is a chicken oat?

No. 100931

with chicken

No. 100938


That sounds really, really gross. No offense.

No. 100941

This actually reminds me of this crazy orthorexic on-off nraw vegan girl on tumblr who is always putting stevia where it doesn't belong. She has a particular thing about putting it in mustard.

She's also constantly talking about chemtrails and the Illuminati, considers herself a "modern-day sage," and thought she could grow cinnamon on a discarded shipping pallet.

(Will name names upon request, she's just kind of boring, doesn't really get involved in drama, and recently remade her blog and deleted the one with most of the amusing stuff on it.)

No. 100942

Don't knock it til you tryu it. It's like chicken and rice

No. 100944

kill it with fire

No. 100955

File: 1431528529300.jpg (153.29 KB, 612x607, ialwayssmileatfood.jpg)

Apparently she always smiles at her food like this. Once again she's claiming she didn't know someone (her mom this time) was taking a picture. Yeah okay.

No. 100956

the bigger problem here is that she's not in a fucking hospital

No. 100959

You know how people with babies always hand them to their friends even if said friends are trying to politely avoid holding the child? But since they don't feel comfortable/maybe they don't like babies, their smile always comes across as super awkward and how uncomfortable they feel oozes from them. Anyway, that's the way she looks at food - like someone who's been forced to interact with something that scares them on a big level. There's nothing 'real recovery' about that.

No. 100960

you know them chopsticks were shaking

No. 100961

All she's thinking is 'take the damn picture already'

No. 100962

Also that meal is MAYBE 120 calories at most

No. 100964

Oh my God, her breast bone is completely visible as are each of her ribs. I didn't even know the upper ribs and side of the sternum could be visible like that. Horrible. And she was eating that (TINY) meal with her mom, her mom was staring at those bones sticking out… bitch needs to be in a hospital.

Yeah, a few pieces of grilled shrimp on some lettuce leaves, real ~recovery win~ for you, Alice.

No. 100965

Honestly, yeah.

Holy crap, you're right. I didn't think of it that way, but that is the perfect description.

No. 100966

I didn't know that either. I wonder if Ashley's chest looks like that.
I feel bad for anyone who's in public with her. She should know better than to wear low-cut shirts but apparently not.

No. 100967

It's intriguing that she will wear a low neckline like that but when she wears skirts, she always wears tights, even when she says it's hot outside. She probably has flamingo legs like Ashley but at least has the good sense to keep those things covered.

No. 100968

No trace of lipstick on chopsticks to be seen.

No. 100978

>says it's hot outside
>winter jacket spotted beneath her

No. 100994

I googled that Aly girl and found this on myproana: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/335631-the-ben-and-jerrys-pint-challenge/page-5

proof that she's making anorexics/wannarexics jealous of her "hypermetabolism" but reassuring that some of them see through the bullshit.

No. 100996

Actually page 4 of that thread has a lot more proof that she is causing harm to other people with EDs: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/335631-the-ben-and-jerrys-pint-challenge/page-4

"I hate that I'm admitting this but her photos make me feel like crying.. I'm in the same BMI range and I think she makes me look like a whale.. & I quite probably couldn't eat like she does and stay at this number.. I don't understand.. :("

No. 100998

OT but Erika mentioned that she had to stop breastfeeding because she left for Denver and was worried about mastitis. I was under the impression she didn't BF at all because of her low weight and all.

No. 101004

Thay child is way too old to still be nursing, period.

No. 101005

The human body is amazing if it can maintain a milk supply at that low of a weight. Regardless, she doesn't have to worry about mastitis unless she typically has an oversupply of milk that needs to be expressed, which is highly unlikely given her condition and the age of the child.

If she doesn't have a breast pump (insurance covers them, I got mine for free) she will be able to hand express enough milk to keep her ducts from getting clogged, but it's more likely that her body will just adjust and reduce/stop the supply as a response to natural weaning. If she gets mastitis, or even a simple clogged duct, I'll be really surprised.

No. 101007

Well since everyone blamed Russian influence for Erika not seeking help sooner, can I add that I know a lot of Eastern European mothers who don't stop breastfeeding until their children start school? So it might be family influence this time too.

No. 101008

Anyone think maybe she kept breastfeeding because it supposedly burns so many calories??

No. 101009

Absolutely. I think quitting it was probably another facet to her recovery.

No. 101011

Funny because I never bf and my boobs never became hard. Nothing also came out either, from the start, so maybe that's the difference. My sister complained that hers hurt a lot when she stopped bf'ing.

No. 101012

bleh that myproana site is just pathetic. blacklisting it on my router

No. 101013

I agree that site is a thinly veiled pro Ana site, despite the claims of its members. What does blacklisting do? Are there people in your household you don't want to access it?

No. 101014

i don't know how anyone can pretend mpa isn't a pro ana site when most of the threads are about bragging about purging or restricting

No. 101017

it makes it so you can't go there. I don't ever want to be tempted basically. and I'm sure some people in my household would be like wtf @ it. at least the lolcow community wants people to get better as vile as this place is lol

No. 101020

any site whether pro-ana or pro-recovery is still pretty much pro-ana, because of the totally twisted nature of the disorder.
even if someone is posting recovery, or anything about food, weight, anything is just going to trigger someone
> inb4 tumblrina;
not all TW posts are BS
(like scopophobia is lol)

No. 101021

That's why I dislike her. I would otherwise feel sorry for her but when I see her post shit like:

>teehee I ate the whole pizza and later a whole cake and a box of m&ms and a sandwhich and I'm feeling GREAT (btw I've been eating 10k kcal a day consistently for a year I only went one point on the BMI scale) yay! recovery!

just makes me raeg. Bitch, I can see nail marks in your sandwhich. I know you want to prove that you are better than other girls with ED and make them feel like shit with your "hyper metabolism" lies. I read the posts on the forum and really feel bad for the girls who are having hard time with recovery while our Ms. Hypermetabolism pretends to enjoy whole pints of Ben&Jerry's.

No. 101022

yeah i agree. therapy is so important. this aly chick's mom is obviously too lenient with her. that whole "gain serious weight by june" thing is a joke. she could die before june, that's a long ass time away for someone whose heart could stop tonight while she sleeps.

No. 101023

and to add she could die gaining "serious weight by june" on her own. i don't get why she isn't in a hospital. maybe those people are somehow better off (internally/organ-wise) than most people who die or have complications earlier in the process

No. 101024

That Aly girl's face bothers me so much

No. 101025

She won't be alive long.

No. 101026

Aly is far fucking worse than Ash. At least Ash doesn't pretend she's recovering and post clawed up sandwiches on her Instagram.

No. 101027

She has the same fucking pose in ever picture

No. 101028

File: 1431538892359.jpg (9.83 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Nah. Both are as bad as each other.

She needs to stop doing the pused lips thing. She's getting wrinkles already. NINETEEN. Anorexia is so ageing.

No. 101029

I have this horrible urge to just smush a soggy sandwich into her fake-ass smile.

No. 101032

File: 1431539253450.jpg (137.28 KB, 640x640, O_O.jpg)

I heavily get the impression she's a poor little rich girl.

She lives in Milan. MILAN. You need to take out a second mortgage to even buy a cup of coffee there (that isn't Starbuck's).

Idk what made her this way, but she's had a privileged life. Whatever she thinks of herself, judging by those old photos of herself, she would never have been called fat or ugly then.

Parents pay for anything she likes.

No. 101033

File: 1431539369539.jpg (102.6 KB, 397x600, ash_makeover.jpg)

Looking back at all these old posts, has anyone noticed how Ash doesn't call herself "fat" anymore? Could it be… she finally reached her goal of being a decaying smelly corpse?

No. 101034

does she purge? Because her eyes are a purge away from popping out of their sockets.

No. 101035

Heheh I'm sorry i do agree she is ridiculous but starbucks doesn't exist in italy js

No. 101037

Didn't know that. Kind of figures seeing how Starbucks would've been laughed outta town if they took their dishwater there. I was confused because aly drinks out of a starbucks glass.

No. 101038

>has anyone noticed how Ash doesn't call herself "fat" anymore

she will when she takes a look at aly_REALrecovery's breastbones stickin out thar

No. 101043

Can this chick just take a normal selfie? Jfc she's horrifying.

No. 101046

File: 1431541458573.png (94.47 KB, 495x579, skeleton_hell.png)

just read the last thread and found this fucked up shit:

>vulnerable suffering girl posts a bad relapse picture

>other people respond with supportive positive messages
>suddenly ash flies in
>ash feels "excited" at another girl's suffering
>"we should form a death club so we can continue to kill eachother ^_^"
>suffering girl accepts
>"lol am I going to hell?"

Yes you are, Ashley.

No. 101047

Look at her body language. The hand that isn't holding the chopsticks is braced against the table like she's pushing herself away from her plate because she's so repulsed. Like, I get she's sick and whatever, but I want to punch her in the fucking face so bad.

No. 101048

Probably picked it up on vacation in another country or ordered it off of the Internet? IDK but I hate her.

No. 101049

Everything about her screams "rich bitch".

No. 101050

I've noticed that in all her photos with food, she looks stiff and unnatural.

No. 101052

File: 1431542199750.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-34-16…)

And it's always "A friend/mom took a picture of me eating and I didn't even notice! Look how happy I am to be eating this!"

No. 101053

no shit. it's a full time job to pretend to eat.

No. 101054

File: 1431542256305.png (651.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-37-06…)

No. 101055

Yeah. If I'm eating a sundae sitting down in what is presumably a food court, I'm probably going to put the container on the table.

No. 101056

"spontaneous smile"

No. 101058

Should aly get her own thread? She seems to be doing worse and worse and her "doing great" front is getting stronger

No. 101064

Ashley posted a new video

No. 101065

I'll wait for a summary. Watching her makes me squirm.

No. 101067

She opens it up with "konnichiwa" then she tells the viewers that she's at Macy's, shows them her wheelchair, her neon running shoes, the phone case she decorated herself (bonus: she growls while she shows it off) and then she says "byee"
Idk it was like 25 seconds long

No. 101070

and a side shot of her bony legs

No. 101071

Thanks anon. I guess people did ask to see her wheelchair. I don't know why though.

No. 101074

Wow, such transparency. Such openness. Lol at everyone who sent her a question thinking she would actually answer it in a video.

No. 101075

I sent one. She surely won't answer it if I don't

No. 101078

Ok so if she can't stand on her own or walk for a long amount of time, I'm sure she doesn't have the strength to wheel herself around on her own. Which begs the question, who does wheel her around? Mommy dearest?

No. 101079

Not to defend Ash but just to correct your misreading. Ash is not excited about the girl's suffering. She's saying she's excited about purging.
So basically that's a big worse.
>"Wow you relapsed but omg remember how exciting purging is? Keep it up and form a club with me!"

No. 101080

*bit, not big.

No. 101081

That wheelchair isn't even designed to be wheeled by the person in it. I'm guessing it's mommy dearest.

No. 101082

I mean she could feel excited about it in the sense that someone is reverting back to the ways that she knows, there's a common bond. Remember, she can't support any of her friends that recover.

No. 101085

What? No… read what she says.
"Sometimes it almost has me… excited?"
She is talking about purging. I'm sure she's excited about someone else relapsing too, but in that sentence, she is talking about purging.

No. 101087

Her arms are even weaker than her legs, there's no way she could push herself across a shopping mall.

It's her horrible abusive mother driving her to the mall pushing her around the whole time. I bet the monster didn't even take her on a binge food shopping spree. How selfish of Rebecca for buying anything that isn't for Ashley.

No. 101095

It is the equivalent of talking about your struggles with addiction recovery, then Ashley coming in saying "man I love heroin, doesn't it feel great?" Her way of "supporting" is to try to keep people sick so she has someone to make her feel normal. If all her friends recover she'll be reminded of her own failure. It's why everyone close to her who recovers leaves.

It's like junkies trying to get their recovering friends to use with them so they're not alone. That's why you gotta cut those toxic people out when you get clean. Same with the ED stuff.

No. 101101

> she's had a privileged life
thats plenty enough reason to have an ed tbh
arent MOST ed patients white women
if they havent has childhood abuse and seem to have some lovely privileged life, it probably means that only relationship with their parents revolved around STUFF and MONEY, not things like oh, idk… love ?

No. 101102

Oh yeah, and I agree it's horrible of her, but I'm just saying she's not directly saying that she's excited for someone to relapse like the original anon said.

No. 101103

Absolutely fucking bullshit.
If you're poor, you don't have your parents sitting around all day picking you up from school in minivans and chatting with other mommies to arrange you playdates. No, then your parents are out working to put food in your mouth, and you learn to actually respect the effort being put into the food you eat.
Of course, now everyone gets free lunch and shit from their schools, so that isn't really the case any more.

No. 101105

In the video caption Ashley said she was watching her mom shop, so her mom actually does wheel her around in public looking like that. I bet strangers feel pity thinking she has some horrible disease. But no, Ashley did this 100% by choice. Disgusting.

No. 101106

I mean, EDs are a first world problem anyway.

No. 101109

Speaking of, where do you guys Stand on the issue of "EDs are a choice"? Like anon said, she chose to do this to herself

No. 101115

you can choose to fucking eat like a HUMAN BEING, or you can choose to starve yourself. that is a choice, and a stupid and selfish one at that. honestly the vast majority of people with "eating disorders" are, in my experience, some of the most obnoxious and privileged people on the planet.

No. 101117


Eating disorders are a mental illness (DSM-5, anyone?).

It's not your choice to GET SICK with a mental illness.

But it is your choice to STAY SICK with a mental illness by refusing available help.

No. 101120


No. 101122

This. I think there is definitely a sect of people who claim to have ED but just starve themselves to be thin/be part of a community though. Ash isn't one of them.

No. 101123

I agree with this. This is somewhat different but my mom knew a woman with cancer who refused to get treatment and just laid in bed and eventually died. What I'm saying is with any illness, physical or mental, it's up to the person to try and work to get better. Unfortunately, there are some people hint hint who use their illness for their own benefit. Which is truly sad.

No. 101124

Yeah, she's sick, but that's not the reason she deserves a punch in the face. She deserves a punch in the face for her fake fucking instagram and all the people it's hurting.

No. 101125

I think most people w ED are white or Asian and I think it has more to do with beauty standards typical within those races than privilege/etc.

No. 101129

I have a devious urge to somehow flood Aly's account with comments, link to this thread, etc making her realize that the gig is up and people are onto (and sick of) her bullshit.

No. 101130

You don't choose for that "light switch" to go off one day and start fearing every bite you put into your mouth. A lot of this disease doesn't even have anything to do with food. If you ask an anorexic person trying to recover "why don't you just eat?" a lot of them will say "i can't". Why? "I don't know".

No. 101135





No. 101136

No. 101137

I am guessing she has a nurse who also takes her shopping for food.

No. 101138

I've been stopping myself from doing this exact thing, that and fucking with TFC.

No. 101140

I don't know why TFC was so butt hurt by the thread when she posted here herself.

No. 101141

Why not just make Aly her own thread, since you know she'll google her name

No. 101145

She's prob embarrassed.

Good idea. What's Aly's last name?

No. 101148

I don't thinka ly is her real name honestly. I tried to find her on facebook by looking for Alice, Alyce, Aly, Ali, Alyssa, Alissa, etc in Milan italy. No dice.

No. 101149


No. 101150

I mean, she is fake as fuck.

No. 101153

I said this in a really early thread and got shot down.

for sure

No. 101156

She isn't even interesting. There's nothing about her that makes her stand out (except her spoopiness). She's like a blank person really.

No. 101159

No. 101162

Maybe that's why she has trouble recovering. Her ED is not only the reason for her online fame, it's her life.

No. 101164

She says in the photo of her and her little brother that her father is the reason for her ED.

No. 101170

I've also restrained myself from calling this Aly chick out on her bullshit, but she'd just delete her comments and block me bc she doesn't want her followers to know the truth. She wants to keep up this *~recovery~* act.

No. 101177

how come all these pictures are just as she's about to take the very first bite?

i really doubt she's even with someone in this photos. she SAYS a friend/her mom was there and took the photo, but she could have just propped her phone up on something to stage this pics while shes out by herself. then she throws away whatever food she posed with.

if she was really eating and enjoying these meals, why are there no half empty cup/container or messy empty plate pics? why no pics of the food actually in her mouth (obviously biting into things / lumps of food in cheeks while chewing etc)?

shes a fucking liar and goes through all this trouble to hide it

No. 101181

that is the saddest thing i've ever read

ashley pls stop being a spoopy skelemtin you were really cute before you got all fucked in the head

No. 101184

Aly thread! Thank you!

No. 101200

Very deep, Ash-chan.

Also wtf is this alyrealrecover girl doing, buying expensive food, taking pictures of I and then hucking it in the trash? What the actual fuck. Spoiled piece of shit spooky skeleton.

No. 101202

File: 1431552578106.jpg (71.34 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lol dropped pic

No. 101203


Where did she post?

Ahhh, the post above popped up.

At this point I think I might desert ship. Ashley's dull as fuck. That video. WTF? Showing off some hideous shoes in a store full of repulsive nylon clothing. Fuck that.

At least aly has a better dress style…and breastbones.

No. 101204

Yeah, like I thought Ashley was the sickest person I've ever seen, but looking through these other girls, she's not only just one of many, but she isn't even the most skeletal.

It's also funny how Aly's a lot prettier than Ashley even though she's skinnier. I'll be moving to that thread too.

No. 101205

Most of the extreme skinny girls are still pretty. Ash is really unfortunate for getting hit with the ugly stick.

No. 101206

It's weird, Ash isn't even ugly enough to look interesting, she's just really bland. The kind of boring face that's so unremarkable you never even notice them. Not even going full skeletor could change that.

No. 101208

Oh dear, she IS so very unfortunate lel.

No. 101209

Aly is way more interesting than Ash ever was, that's why we resorted to talking about her friends and then vaguely related women.

No. 101210

R.i.p Ashley threads

No. 101212

>>101158 >>101158

ABANDON SHIP! The Aly train will take you to a field of greener lulz.

No. 101214

Is Ash in here or something? Trying to get us to stop discussing her?

I'm not going to forget about you until you die, spoopy.

No. 101217

Ash doesn't want us to stop discussing her.

No. 101218

Spoopy's being boring so people are hopping on the Aly thread

No. 101237

Excuse me. I am gonna eat a big steak and a hamburger. Since that vegan meal looks disgusting.

No. 101254


NO (super interesting LOL) POKÉMON IMPERSONATIONS? Ash, I am disappoint.

No. 101266

Her…therapist…must be really proud of her soul searching videos she's posting. All that ~truth~ she's putting out there in Macys. Powerful.

No. 101270

I mean…the confession that she doesn't go running. I found her honesty inspiration. ~stay strong~ pro Ana Chan.

No. 101271

File: 1431557544243.jpg (261.24 KB, 1280x1280, 1419552298105.jpg)


Here you go, Anon.

No. 101273

are you sure Aly's skinnier? i think she may just appear that way because she intentionally flaunts her chest bones. And as for being prettier.. Ash has been a spoopy skeleton a lot longer. You see how fast Aly's beauty is fading, especially compared to her before pics.. she'll be ugly or dead soon enough if she continues on this path.

No. 101289

That picture is really disturbing, ugh. It makes me want to vomit. But I never, ever want to look like that, so vomit I will not.

No. 101297

I think Ash might be the skinnier one, based on legs. On the top, they appear similar, but Ash's face has sunk in more.

No. 101302

Ash is definitely skinner, who the fuck thought Aly was skinnier? Aly is inching towards SkeleQueen II but she has a way to go to reach Ash.

No. 101303

Ashley is definitely skinnier. Aly will get there eventually, though.

No. 101304

If she makes it that long.

No. 101305

Ashley is fucking loving hearing that she is indeed still the SkeleQueen.

The only reason Ashley is more jaundiced, has lost her hair, and generally has a more shockingly ill appearance is because she has been sick longer. Aly will get there.

No. 101309

Aly is definitely thinner, it's just that Ash is a fuckton uglier. She has shit bone structure, so her face looks more sunken.
Also, this: >>101305

No. 101314

have you seen Ashley's body shots from 2013? She was Spoopy back then and has only gotten spoopier.

No. 101316

You can't compare who is ~skinnier~ when one of them has only been sick for a couple of years, while the other has been withering for almost a decade.

Ashley's muscles have probably completely atrophied, hence the wheelchair. That's one of the biggest reasons as to why it's even "possible" for her body parts to be way they are, since there is no fat left to lose.

Aly can still walk around fine, it seems, so there must be muscles to "cushion" her physique.

Ash is skin and bones, while Aly is skin, bones, and some muscle.

No. 101322

I wonder is ash has that old people smell

No. 101331

I think this discussion of who's thinner is actually gross because you know if either of them see it they'll take it as motivation to lose even more.

Girls, the spoopy skeleton contest is hereby a draw. I declare whichever one of you actually gets help the winner.

No. 101334

Good point. Not to mention, Ashley has put her body through more hell than Aly. Aly claims to have purely restricted and not purged. (Which may be one of her many lies, but since there's no visible symptoms, I'll believe it.)

No. 101338

ashs bones are probably hollow and shrunken too

No. 101352

File: 1431561695678.jpg (34.04 KB, 468x436, rip.jpg)

Got that Amy Winehouse forehead goin' on

No. 101355

Agreed. It's really gross and actually provocating i think. That's just feeding their sick minds.
Why in the world are their Families and Friends (even if they're not close)not pushing them hardcore into treatment?! That's so surreal to me! Even if relationships are shattered or you grow apart, how can you just watch someone actually die and don't help?! bugs me big time.

No. 101395

Totally agree with this. Also, the reason why Ash hasn't attempted recovery is because she doesn't want it for herself. I've never had an ED but I used to struggle with self-harm a lot. I kept trying to quit, but I wasn't really able to make a go of it until I decided that I was doing it for myself and not for my family or boyfriend or whoever.

No. 101411

I was diagnosed with anorexia at age 10. However, I did not want to stop eating in order to lose weight. I suffer from emetophobia (fear of throwing up). Essentially I thought that if I stop eating then I will never throw up because there will be nothing in my stomach. Cases like mine are definitely not a choice. Thankfully I have gotten somewhat better over the years.

No. 101418

thats some of the spoopiest shit i've seen coming from a living being

No. 101462

That's how mine started too.

No. 101540

But that's not a typical case of anorexia an you still chose not to eat due to being afraid. What they try to differentiate between is those anorexics that choose to stay sick and reject help an those that choose to get better and seek recovery.

No. 101542

Are they "choosing" to "stay sick and reject help," though? At a certain point, the disease basically hijacks your brain. I've seen stats (http://www.state.sc.us/dmh/anorexia/statistics.htm is one reputable source) that say only 30-40% of people with anorexia ever "fully recover." The majority of them will stay sick, to some extent, for the rest of their (probably much-shortened) lives, or they'll die from the disease or from suicide.

No. 101548

Holy shit. She has the remnants of a breast.

No. 101550

Woah, holy shit. It's on her left hand side. It's like a huge bulging walnut trapped under her skin held up with some stringy pieces of flesh.

No. 101553

Honestly, I subscribe to the idea that
you don't initially/consciously choose
to do these things. Its a progressive disease.
Eventually things come to a head and you come
to that fork in the road— recover or die.
Thats the choice you have to make.

And yes, it does hijack your brain. I have been recovered for three years and I still
have disordered thoughts.

No. 101749

File: 1431617151940.jpg (187.1 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I noticed questtorecovery ate a new kind of Greek Yogurt instead of her usual 80 calorie "light and fit" which is the lowest calorie yogurt you can find. I looked up the calories on the kind she ate today and NOPE… It's 80 calories. Guess that's why she bought plain instead of a flavor.

But she gets so pissed when people call her out on that and says she just likes the lowest cal one better than all the others!

No. 101750

File: 1431617154344.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-14-10-25-10…)


No. 101752

File: 1431617198335.png (710.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-14-10-24-36…)

No. 101753

Damn, my proana teeth ain't even that bad.

No. 101755


Ugh her meals are all low-calorie. She's eating just enough to stay alive but not enough to actually gain substantial weight. That is not recovery!!

No. 101788

Have you guys ever had Fage 2% (I sadly cannot find the full fat kind anywhere)? That oikos non-fat shit tastes like congealed water

No. 101790

Also I get that low cal shit is easier mentally, but in MY own experience with eating more, I prefer calorie dense foods because it gives me less of a "full" feeling.

No. 101791

File: 1431622057894.jpg (91.97 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nocmkmsuHx1s4ks8ao1_500…)

she is always so full of shit
"inb4 you always eat diet foods; maybe I ACTUALLY PREFER the taste of weight watchers cheese, portion control flat bread and 80cal yogurt"

No. 101798

1. buy full fat/non-diet whatever
2. add aspartame
3. add shit tons of sodium
4. enjoy the diet-food flavor

No. 101819


She smokes weed, but her face something harder. I really do wonder if she's on something else. That's not only an ED face, she looks like she's on heroin.

No. 101820

The 6 sprouts thing is doing my fucking head in.


No. 101824

File: 1431624593728.jpg (71.16 KB, 874x440, a.JPG)

He gets everywhere.

No. 101829

>be in recovery
>eat 90% diet foods
this girl

No. 101831

i agree that only percent truly, truly recover.
again taking the often used addict analogy, an addict can stop using but do you think if he sees a bottle of booze he will ever forget "oh hey i was an alcoholic once".
people that recover may be weight restored and may not have ED behaviors that interfere with life, but due to comorbitiy with other mental illness (depression, OCD), i highly doubt they are ever 100% better. they just deal with it better.

No. 101872

A lot of these girls look like heroin addicts, though.

No. 101878

What does a heroin addict look like?

No. 101881

I like eating Fage but whenever it goes on sale all the gymbros go nuts and buy all the stores out.

No. 101883

skeletal with bad skin, bad teeth and looking prematurely aged.
ED, not even once.

No. 101888

THe only store that sells it here is right next to our YMCA. I feel you

No. 101895

hello meth face

No. 101907

> what is google
couldnt resist

No. 101911

They're all either exaggerated shitty stock photos or shit from documentaries where the person is already homeless and gives 0 fucks to hide their addiction anymore - sores all over, passing out, hair all fucked up

No. 101930

Erika needs more money.

No. 101979

File: 1431639691028.jpg (74.28 KB, 600x399, bpd3.jpg)

No. 101987

File: 1431640349242.jpg (19.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She looks awfully similar to Junkyard Dog from Twisted Metal.

No. 101995

Someone should challenge her to put 7 sprouts on her plate next time. Just one extra fucking Brussel sprout. I wonder if she could muster up the ~courage~ to do it.

No. 102000

I need to make an instagram account just for trolling these cunts.

No. 102006

Yeah, I've had to stop myself more than once from doing that very thing.

No. 102014

It's just so tempting. All of them have such poor attitudes.

No. 102015

Like a velociraptor!

No. 102052

Fage <3

No. 102111

File: 1431660869645.png (26.58 KB, 476x362, standing.png)

No. 102113

File: 1431660919748.png (13.96 KB, 670x185, recovery1.png)

No. 102117


>voted on a ballet


>continue proving us all wrong

But nobody doubted that she was using a wheelchair and would stand up for pictures, in fact that's what we were repeatedly saying on here.
Keep sending yourself asks.

No. 102118


>I've been ill for soo long.

She's still mad at us calling her camwhore pictures "pre-ED", I see.

No. 102120

File: 1431661499100.png (44.05 KB, 695x234, what.png)


Does she not remember this "confession" in which she says it was a choice?

No. 102125

Do you not see the age she posted along with the confession? Wear glasses pls. Obv growing up she got a smack in the face that anorexia is an illness and not a OH I LUV ANA~~* decision.

No. 102130


14 is old enough to know better.

No. 102132

I disagree. I was dense at 14, so was everyone else I grew up with.

No. 102133


You keep messing up your own timeline.
At 12-14 you attempted self-recovery, which requires introspection, clarity, and understanding about the illness one is suffering from, yet later at 14 you reverted back to thinking anorexia was a choice?

No. 102134

She decided to recover because she thought anorexia was a choice. Later she realized it wasn't.

No. 102135

Fuck off forestcat, you have bulimia teeth.

No. 102136

Is it worth arguing over whether or not she's consistent? Her brain has been starved. She's totally irrational in many aspects of her life. Why should we trust her timeline and her interpretation of those events at this point given that she's clearly demented?

No. 102139

This. I wouldn't be surprised if her memory of her own timeline is distorted or spotty.

No. 102140


Yep, and she has a great reputation for telling the truth. And not posting in the thread to defend herself. /sarcasm.

No. 102141

I'd love to see her actually walk.

No. 102143

The way she says her legs will never be 100% again makes it sound like she's planning to recover.

No. 102147

No. 102149


Sounds more like she's repeating/exaggerating what doctors have told her, for dramatic effect.
She might as well cry about having lost her fertility.

No. 102183

If she does want to recover, she should go to one of those fancy, schmancy places. Make Dr. Phil pay.

Ashley, which places have you been to?

No. 102190

I hope she will recover, but I don't think she's brave enough.

No. 102192

I don't think she's strong enough to recover. And I know it sounds like I'm picking at her by saying that but I'm really not. She thinks that strength is in being the best ana and the most spoopy of skeletons so she'll follow her idea of being strong, unaware of the fact that if she was actually strong, she'd be able to choose recovery.

No. 102193

I agree. The easiest thing to do would be to rot in her own misery. That's not strength, it's pathetic.

No. 102195

To her, and to other sufferers of anorexia, I'm sure it doesn't seem pathetic. It seems like some high honor to be so thin you can barely function. I don't believe her recent asks where she tries to put across the idea that she doesn't personally think ana is a good thing: it wasn't so long ago that she was at the ghostxperfume account and glorifying girls who were just as thin or even thinner. She doesn't see this as rotting or that choosing not to try recovery is easy, she thinks that the path she's choosing is truly the hard one. Then again, I'm skeptical of anorexia sufferers who suddenly seem so anti-ana to others when every other single thing they do promotes it. I mean, I'm not articulating myself well here, but I think they do it because ana is their thing and they don't want the perceived competition. Recovery is great for others, they'll promote that, but turn down opportunities of their own? It doesn't add up.

TL;DR Ashley's so far down the rabbit hole that she doesn't understand recovery is strength, what seems to imply she DOES want to recover is thinly veiled manipulation, and she's not the only ana sufferer who behaves this way it just manifests in many different ways as we've seen in the various members of the ~ED family~ and ~real recovery~ ladies of instagram.

No. 102196

File: 1431667442851.jpg (2.6 KB, 275x183, voteno.jpg)

I vote NO to this.

No. 102197

Reeks of self sent. Please bitch, nobody chooses to have a mental illness, but one can refuse to accept treatment for a treatable disease/disorder. What a dumbass.

No. 102198

File: 1431667726361.gif (990.95 KB, 375x211, giphy.gif)


She dances to the music in Target.

No. 102207

File: 1431668987188.jpg (27.6 KB, 391x238, 1.JPG)


onefixation still hanging around.

No. 102210

ew wtf

No. 102212


This level of self-importance and entitlement despite having been blocked just reeks of a cluster B personality disorder.

Fucking creep.

No. 102214


This is Erika's IG? She didn't block his other account then? Weird.

No. 102215

yeah why didn't she block his other account?

No. 102218


Maybe she thought he would leave her alone the way anyone with consideration and basic understanding of social skills would. When you block someone, you don't expect them to make a dummy account to continue to attempt communication. This is harassment at this point. She's already made it clear via the first block that she doesn't want to speak to him.

No. 102223

I also thought she didn't block this account because you'd think he's go away.

Someone needs to say something to him or Erika though.

He's fishing for her address to send things. I feel ill.

No. 102224

the joking about kidnapping her and her kids really makes me uneasy. many a truth are often said in jest.

No. 102233

and now he's trying to talk to her like they're friends, as if she DIDN'T already block him once before.

it's not just creepy and disrespectful, but scary too IMO.

No. 102236


Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for her. Erika, you reveal too much personal information on social media. Not everyone has good intentions. This guy is creepy.

No. 102237

~*people who don't fucking get it*~

No. 102238

I think we chased away the wrong autist.

No. 102242


No one chased her away. Actually, I'm not sure why TFC was mad at Erika, who was extremely polite and accommodating of TFC's weirdness. Maybe TFC was expecting some sort of defensive posting on her behalf from Erika, who was getting ready to leave her family to to fly more than half-way across the country to save her fucking life.

No. 102246

Where was she mad at Erika?

No. 102251

Maybe onefixation is Ashley's male alter-ego.

No. 102253

Not even Ashley is that level of creepo.

No. 102258

File: 1431671480048.png (17.36 KB, 375x157, pistachio.png)

What's she talking about here?

No. 102261


This flounce post

Which came after this

And this

No. 102263


She is at risk for re-feeding syndrome so her food intake has to be decreased and gradually increased. She will likely be taking Neutra-Phos-K powder or something similar to help with labs.

Stale pistachio = a metaphor, I assume? Idk.

No. 102265


Oh, were you referring to the earlier part? I'm guessing that her clinicians were tipped off to her social media presence and she's not allowed to mention her location/address for safety reasons? Maybe she posted something earlier.

No. 102267

E didn't block his other account bcus she wants things obv. Kinda funny, yeah? Once someone says they'll bestow free shit, you keep talking.

No. 102269


What is she going to do with "stuff" that isn't cash? This makes no sense. Yustas can't handle his own life, I doubt he can manage re-selling stuff online. And she cant' do that while in treatment.

Creepy dude just wants her address. That's why he's offering to send stuff.

No. 102271

Shut up Ashley.

No. 102272

It doesn't seem like it's Erika she's mad at, but who knows. It reads more like a butthurt outburst / cry for attention than anger at Erika.


Yeah, I meant the earlier part. Maybe the staff there are used to onefixations fixating on their patients.


Either that or she was busy, Ashley??

No. 102273

I'd say "look at the pot calling the kettle black," but in this case, the kettle is much classier than you, AshPot.

No. 102274

He wants something he can use against her later. "I was so nice to you, I sent you [blank], now you have to send me nudes."

No. 102275

>Either that or she was busy, Ashley??

This. When you're actually dealing with getting your life back and you have kids and a useless husband and your mind's full of confusion (and not just Pokemon), you can forget to block an account on Instagram. Either that or you don't give a fuck that someone's being a weirdo on instagram at the moment and just don't respond.

No. 102278

I thought his family was mega rich. Why can't they help buy him food, etc.?

No. 102279


"omg i saw that people think i'm retarded. I GUESS I'LL JUST LEAVE THEN. bye. guess no one cares boohoo."

No. 102280

Because his stepdad doesn't give a fuck about Yustas and his mother is being abused.

No. 102281

>blasts Linkin Park from bedroom

No. 102282


Yustas mom is a mail-order bride. Yustas step-dad is a rich, abusive guy who keeps Yustas in-line with promises of helping with his citizenship. Yustas is not wealthy.

No. 102284

I knew he was a sex pest, but didn't understand the financial thing. What a heartless cunt.

No. 102285

I hate when you're eating a bag of nuts and you get that one that tastes disgusting. Good metaphor.

No. 102286

If he died, would Yustas' mother get all the money?

No. 102297


Depends on Florida law and what his wishes are. No one here can answer that.

No. 102299

Sorry, meant to tag the anon asking about the will

No. 102320

It makes sense that yustas is fucked up. I don't think he deserves erika at all, but i also think that erika expects too much of him sometimes considering how shitty his situation is too.

No. 102322

Kind of agree, even though a man with a wife and child should be less useless. She must feel frustrated being in a shitty situation, so bad mouthing him is venting, I suppose.

I hope that she chooses wisely in future relationships. I wouldn't have even given him a second date if I'd known his family situation, let alone married the guy.

No. 102367

I think it's unfair to say that he doesn't deserve her. I know she's a nice person but you guys do tend to act as though she's absolutely faultless - he IS married to someone with an ED, living with someone with an ED is absolutely no walk in the park, especially not when they have a personality disorder to boot. His life isn't something I envy in any way. Too much blame placed on him, too little emphasis on the fact that he's trying and he's standing by someone who a lot of people would abandon in a second.

No. 102390

He prevented her from getting help in the pasr

No. 102402

She hasn't always wanted help, either. Both of their points of view changed. I don't see the point in holding someone's past against them for the rest of their life when they've realized their mistakes and learned from them.

No. 102420

I guess it remains to be seen whether he changes. I don't think he'll be ready to deal with post treatment Erika. She'll be more independent, confident and assertive, which is great.

No. 102425

I think that'll be better for him too. If he really loves her, though, and he was able to be with her before, he'll find it much easier after treatment, even if it does take adjusting. Either way, her life's heading in the right direction, it's beautiful to see her growing stronger.

No. 102448

File: 1431711167530.jpg (14.81 KB, 727x108, da fuck.jpg)

No. 102464

"look at meeeee! Acknowledge me!!!!"

No. 102480

I know you read this thread, so here's some advice: disappear forever.

No. 102484

But her name's Caleigh Cassidy.

No. 102487

Cassidy might be her middle name.

No. 102488

File: 1431723483324.png (544.03 KB, 908x451, weight loss fourassedcat.png)

How long until this bitch goes full skeletal?

No. 102489

Wouldn't she use her full name on linked in though? It's odd that she has some kind of online resume, but she doesn't use her last name.

No. 102490

She's got the shitty eyebrows already. I can't see any weight loss, just a change of angles. (And bad eyebrows).

No. 102491

>weight loss
More like Photoshop and a better angle.

No. 102493

She looks mad retarded, like down syndrome retarded.

No. 102495

File: 1431723781512.png (545.45 KB, 908x451, shoopdawoop.png)

Photoshop is fun.

No. 102499

What am I looking at? I admit, I'm retarded. i don't understand photoshop and what I'm meant to being when red circles are pointed out.

No. 102501

Places where she made herself look skinnier with the liquify tool.

No. 102502

Yeah I honestly just think it's the angle. I use Photoshop daily for work and I don't see any red flags in that image except MAYBE the tilted edge of the door under her arm, if that's even what that is.

No. 102503

Not that anon, but I'll also point out that she used heavy use of the blur tool on her neck and face to remove details and wrinkles. You can see the overlap where she sloppily edited her neck; there's a piece of her hair on the left that got swiped in with the blur, and her hair on the right side touching the neck is also blurred on the edges. She didn't do the background, making it extremely obvious.

No. 102505

I'm probably just autistic then, disregard my post. I don't trust anything that women post online these days.

No. 102507

I don't see anything here.

No. 102508

I used to Photoshop the shit out of myself; I can confirm that she Photoshopped her face there. There's a certain way her right eye is distorted that makes it obvious she pinched her cheek in and up to make it look like she had a cheekbone; then the way she made her chin stick out on the bottom and have a thinner line on the side.

No. 102512

… Although I will say that some people can have that appearance naturally. Now that I've lost a lot of weight, I look exactly the way I used to Photoshop myself to looking. But the PS identifiers are very clear on the picture IMO – besides, just looking at it, I can tell that it isn't how TFC really looks.

No. 102514

I should learn PS. I've had it for years but I can only adjust the brightness and contrast. I can't even hide a zit with that stamp tool thing.

No. 102516

PS is awesome, just don't turn yourself into Johanna Herrstedt.

No. 102529

It's also very obvious that she has buck teeth lol.

No. 102543

Look at how the door frame wobbles under her arm.

No. 102554

i bet tumblr will need to send out another suicide watch squad after she reads this thread

No. 102586

C'mon. You guys are being petty as fuck.
Hurr, bet that bitch has buckteeth~
Y'all must've been juicing lemons with you cooch, cuz that puss is sour.

No. 102595


Why are you so offended by people who point out photoshopping, TFC?

No. 102603

Maybe if you'd stop being a triggering, enabling wackjob, we'd have nicer things to say.

No. 102610

>calling someone out for Photoshopping their pictures is 'being petty'
Not in the slightest. I personally don't mind people Photoshopping their pictures as long as the result still looks like them and isn't done for malicious purposes.
I actually think Photoshop is a very good resource. There are a lot of people who look much uglier in photographs than in person. By using the liquify tool and other features, they can make the photographs look more like themselves at their best.
However, Photoshopping yourself to look thinner, or completely altering your facial structure, or to look unattainably gorgeous? That's fucked.

Regardless, if you Photoshop your pictures for any reason, you should admit it. Trying to pass yourself off as an image you created on your computer is lying, and it deserves to be called out.

No. 102615

caleigh, you need to leave erika alone. she's trying to recover, and your words are dangerous and triggering. since you don't know how to regulate yourself socially, it's safest for erika and many of her young, vulnerable followers if you go away. if you really care about her, you'll leave.

you need to leave ashley alone. you might think your saccharine comments and little gifts are helping her, but they're not. you're perpetuating the idea that her behavior is normal and that her actions are to be celebrated. if you care about ashley, you will disappear, because you are killing her with kindness.

you should stick to taking cute pictures of animals and stay far away from women with eating disorders. i don't know what your story is and i don't care to know. you are harming these girls.

No. 102619


I donated anonymously. The fact that she put her full name and aliases means she wants recognition. And that's fucked up after her little fit. Is she still Ashely's friend? I hope Erika keeps her at arm's length.

No. 102622

$10 is sure going to help yustas feed the kids lol

No. 102625


Yep. And the fact that she cheers Ashely on when she makes posts on that vile "confessions" blog is sick.

No. 102633

if she really wanted her little friend to live, she'd be encouraging her to seek help.

No. 102668

I'm more curious as to where Dr. Phil would send Jen, considering she's been fucking everywhere already.

No. 102670


She doesn't need Dr. Phil to pay for treatment. She needs a better clinician to head her treatment team. One who can get her a medical guardian who wont let her get to this point. They usually hospitalize the patients in their charge before they get anywhere near Jen's current condition. If her parents are her guardians, she'd be better served by the court appointing someone else.

No. 102674


People donate what they can. I'm not going to knock her for that, but I will say that her behavior re: the instagram drama is very childish as is her asking for recognition for her donation.

No. 102688

right. maybe i should've said I'm more curious about what Phil would do with Jen. who would be the better guardian if not her parents? and yes, obviously she's well under the weight residential programs would require her to be, so shed have to start at ACUTE like Erika. Clearly her medical admissions to Yale are not helpful.

No. 102710

File: 1431737206056.jpg (429.85 KB, 1031x605, sixsprouts.jpg)

We have another classic meal from questtorecovery tonight. 6 sprouts, her 80 calorie yogurt, and that dry-ass flatout wrap with lettuce and feta.

I wonder if she weighs her lettuce leaves? Omg someone please ask her.

No. 102719

I did the math, and that entire meal is right at 300 calories if she's using the light Flatouts, which come on we know she is. And she probably puts barely an ounce of feta cheese in there (~75 calories) Sprouts are 10 calories each.

No. 102725

Honestly I know it's not in the spirit of lolcow to admit but I really pity her, that's so terrible.

No. 102737

Oh I pity her too and I'm the anon who posted the photo. She's a huge brat but she's not a bad person, just really really sick. But somehow reading her feed is still maddening to me.

No. 102744

I understand it. I think it's infuriating to us because she PRETENDS to know what's up and want to recover but all of her meals show otherwise.

No. 102746

Ashley has big dreams like traveling to Japan and stuff, no? Why can't that be motivation for her to recover? I mean, she'd probably be one of those obnoxious Americans that screams broken Japanese at every Lolita, but c'mon

No. 102747

It's an irrational illness.

No. 102755

Erika just posted a video: http://youtu.be/NcIzDw0wvR0

Ashley, take note, THIS is how you make a video. Erika is genuine and candid. People are interested in you too, Ash, if you'd be willing to open up. It would be very therapeutic for you. No one gives a shit about Pokemon or phone cases. We DO give a shit about your life, how you're feeling, what you do over the course of a day, etc. Your ED is what makes you different, and if you choose to recover, your recovery would be AMAZING to witness. You could be so encouraging to so many people suffering with EDs. You could probably even be beautiful again.

C'mon Ash, I'm not trying to pick on you here. Think about it.

No. 102758


Her ED doesn't make her different. It makes her the same as millions of people. That is what is so sad about her situation. She's not unique but she thinks she is. Go to any inpatient place and you'll see at least 2-3 Ashleys.

Recovering and becoming a normal person with interests outside of her eating disorder would give her a chance to be a unique person again. Not a shell.

No. 102759

I want to second this. I think Ashley views us entirely as enemies and always has but that's not true at all.

Ashley, we might not be nice people, but for the most part I honestly think that we all would love to see you recover. To thrive. To live the live any person deserves. Even those who are mean about you want it FOR you, they're just convinced that you won't choose it for yourself.

Please do. I know some other farmers might think I'm a fan for this but I'm not, I'm just someone who really wants all involved to live the life they should. Even your pet bunny would be much happier if you were healthy, Ashley.

No. 102760


She could probably make a lot of money as a speaker, too.

No. 102761

Easily! But more importantly, she could make a difference. And I think it's there, somewhere in her, to do that. I just think that at the moment she's busy trying to bury herself in her ED and I really hope that she can find inspiration to overcome it.

No. 102770


She's too far gone to have the rational thinking it would require to make the decision to recover. She needs to be hospitalized involuntarily. The illness has made the capacity for that sort of decision impossible for her.

No. 102821

Obviously she can think rationally.. Or else shed be declared incompetent. So yeah. What she does with her life doesn't impact any of you so.. Why are you even interested in her if there are 'so many like her'?

No. 102834

Oh look, another one.

No. 102835

>Obviously she can think rationally
lel okay Ash/Ashminion

No. 102838

Someone messaged Erika about him being the same guy. She blocked him after bitching him out.

No. 102839

No. 102840

6 fucking brussel sprouts.

No. 102841

File: 1431749405045.jpg (322.06 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

He remade a third time???

No. 102842

Oh my god, he is a perv for sure.

No. 102843

Ffs, he follows enough vulnerable, skinny young women, why must he e-stalk this woman?

No. 102845

I wonder if Instagram staff can block his IP. She should write them. She doesn't need this bullshit in her life.

No. 102847

Did he change his typing style so she wouldn't know it was him? Wtf

No. 102848

Ugh, what a fucking piece of shit slimeball. Wish we knew his real name/identity

No. 102850

File: 1431750490991.jpg (359.96 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)


No. 102855

I don't know if they really are the same person.

No. 102862

Daniel123Texas is Adam.

No. 102864

Reposting the Intervention episode with the anorexic twins from the previous thread:
This is really interesting stuff.

No. 102865

People who are ill and vulnerable attract real creeps, huh? Even if it isn't one fixation, it's probably some depraved dude she doesn't need in her life.

No. 102866

Not as good as the bulimic who stripped for cake so she could binge and purge it.

No. 102870

Could you link to that one, please? That sounds interesting as well.

No. 102871

File: 1431751516461.png (5.03 MB, 1440x2155, SixSixSix.png)

No. 102873

It's season 2, "jessie and Laurie " should be on Hulu or A&Es site.

No. 102874

fucking hell she is insane. I feel kind of bad for finding it hilarious

No. 102880

hahaha obsessive compulsive disorder

No. 102890

If you want to understand how people with EDs monopolize households and why their parents feel powerless, Intervention is a good place to start.

No. 102899

holy FUCK that's a lot of brown

No. 102905

No. 102907

She doesn't eat a lot of real. Food. Lots of processed stuff. I'm sure she must ingest a ton of caramel coloring, fake sugar, and wood ("cellulose fiber").

No. 102910

File: 1431756741925.png (38.65 KB, 412x291, sixfuckingsprouts.png)

#recoverychallenge that she won't do because sticking strictly to serving sizes is not disordered at all.

No. 102914

I think she blocked the wrong person. It's seijaku.kun that's onefixation. The texas guy is a creep so deserves a block, but oh no…wrong person.

No. 102915

I actually want this. And it's not expensive. Thank you for showing me :-)

No. 102919

We're not all evil people.

No. 102920

She'll figure it out. I'm sure someone will tell her.

No. 102940

Of course they will. Gotta protect mhysa.

No. 102941

I can't watch Erika's video, what's it about?

No. 102953

How refeeding syndrome affected her, why it happened and symptoms. Pretty educational really for a non ED person.

No. 102955

What's the deal with most "recovering" anorexics and bulimics who in reality just swap their ED for orthorexia?

No. 103034

she doesn't look like she has gained weight at all imo (going by her recent pictures as well), maybe i'm just bad at spotting that.

No. 103039

It's a step towards recovery for some. Although there are some who stay that way. shrugs

No. 103040

I took it as 'thin enough to walk through the cell bars' but idk.

No. 103041

File: 1431777100260.png (21.97 KB, 488x933, alright.png)

She reblogged this. Like she's gonna answer the first question.

No. 103063

I took it as the cuntiest thing you can possibly say to someone in recovery, but idk.

No. 103073

Erika and her daughter are just so precious. I'm happy she is making progress and I wish her the best in recovery.

No. 103076

She'll never gain, obviously. It's easy to manipulate.

No. 103078

You can tell she is getting better, especially by the wrinkles around her mouth being less prominent and her cheeks being rounder. I can't imagine how hard this is to force herself to break the habits of her illness. She's so sweet.

No. 103083

i get scared for her when she talks about how it doesn't feel worth it (unless i an interpreting what she's saying wrong)

it totally is worth it! YOU'RE WORTH IT!! your daughters are worth it, and all the progress you made so far is worth it, and life when you're healthy again will be worth it.

No. 103097

She's still at a weight under what the clinic usually require. It's not like anyone's going to see a big difference so quickly.

The look of her body has changed for the better, even if it's difficult to see the weight gain. She's got more of a softness to her body. Difficult to describe, but it's like her face is beautiful, but being underweight, her bone structure makes her look harsh in a way. In the pics where she's at a healthy weight her face looks softer. Youknowwotimean?

No. 103098

File: 1431795537072.jpg (2.67 MB, 3968x2976, Sand-NHDOT-304.1.jpg)

not questioning that
talking about the expression used

No. 103122

File: 1431799701664.jpg (17.02 KB, 390x145, uh.JPG)

ashley's friend. what does she mean she's too fat for recovery? i know she's special needs, but I don't get it.

No. 103123

She means that she isn't thin enough to actually have to 'recover,' she'd just be a complete poser, since she's really not thin at all.

No. 103125

she's an odd one

No. 103143

I think as saying, "to the pro anorexia girls who follow me, this isn't worth it, whatever you think anorexia is worth `getting," is NOT ever worth it."

No. 103152

I love this so much, so nice to see her happier and getting better. She looks so much softer and is beautiful to see her smiling.

No. 103200


No. 103285

Am I the only one who wishes she wouldn't post photos like this? She's too early into recovery and the comments being made could possibly be upsetting. For example, "That's such a big difference" might register in her mind as "I have gained a lot of weight" when she hasn't… she's still very, very ill and very, very underweight.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled for her, but I think she should be careful with social media until she's healthier.

No. 103294

I think she's stronger than a lot of people give her credit for.

No. 103318

Call them out.

No. 103320

I thought it was a Walking Dead reference for some reason. IDK.

No. 103323

She craves validation. She needs it. It's important.

No. 103325

File: 1431819659992.png (22.88 KB, 628x312, fightingrecovery.png)

No. 103328

File: 1431819886572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.4 KB, 590x457, patrick.jpg)

TW: Animal abuse
Ashley- if Patrick survived, you can survive.

No. 103330

Everyone craves validation; it's called being human. Hell, even my pets crave validation. Try harder next time.

No. 103332

I wasn't insulting her. Jesus.

No. 103347


Sorry I thought you were this asshole below

No. 103411

Come on Ashley do something crazy entertaining for us all. Binge and purge. Or die!

No. 103484

No. 103494

Calm the fuck down.

No. 103496

Probably ash boneself trying to stir up some drama.

No. 103533

File: 1431851705204.jpg (93.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

But like, don't you realize you're already failing at life? You're an adult with a basic high school education who has never had a job or real responsibilities living in your mothers apartment for free and not even pursuing anything worthwhile like a job, recovering, or being in school.

No. 103534


I did a little googling but thanks to Facebook stopping searches on age/gender/location I've hit a wall on this one. All I found was that he lives in Buenos Aires, has a cat, works (or worked for) xda developers and is 31 (d.o.b: 31/12/83)

No. 103535

But like, don't you realize that just because you view those as admirable achievements, doesn't mean she does. So like, get your head out of your ass and like, step down from your high horse.

No. 103540

Okay but Ashley has literally done nothing with her life. She is devoted to binging and purging and wasting away in her chair. I'm sorry, but no matter what view you take, she is failing at life.

No. 103573

I guess she's the only person alive who has been stuck in a rut? Maybe I'm cutting her some slack because I can relate being in a bad place/situation for a while, until finally 'breaking free'. But you shouldn't only judge her by what's going on now. The ED isn't her life. She wasn't always like this.

No. 103589


> intact shrimp in an oily pasta dish

Good luck peeling that shit without it slipping out of your bony fingers and onto the floor, moron. Of course, since she flung it in the trash, it doesn't matter anyways.

No. 103592

She's 26 though, that's not stuck in a rut, that's being a complete failure.
Stuck in a rut excuses you until 20 for doing nothing imo.

No. 103595

not the other anon but seriously i think i'd excuse her from being a failure until now if it wasn't for her attitude. like, if she didn't think she was somehow successful (like what the fuck did she mean "what scares you?" "failure" then you're doing a good job at confronting that fear) and didn't think that her ed was somehow an achievement it'd be different. but no, she might piss and whine all over tumblr but ultimately she's too content with her situation to change a single fucking thing about it.

No. 103598

I don't fault anyone for getting stuck in a rut IF they have put forth a REAL effort into getting out of that rut.

Sitting around and having a fleeting thought of "Oh hey, I could change my situation… but nah, I'm different and special" does not equal effort.

If Ashley checked herself into treatment, changed her attitude, and still struggled, then that just makes her human. No one said it would be easy, but sitting around doing fucking nothing deserves no respect or pity.

No. 103604

Her voice is really sweet and pleasant to the ears.

No. 103605

Omg for a second I didn't know you were replying to something and I thought you were talking about Ash's voice, I was like REALLY? REALLY?

No. 103607

No haha. Sorry i am tired, should have been clearwr that its about Erika. Ashley sounds like a screeching banshee

No. 103608

I read her self ask reply as meaning failure to be the skinniest person ever when she dies, or living longer than anyone else as a human skeleton. I'm not even being a cow for being a cow's sake here. From things she's said in the past, about BEATING THEM ALLLL!!! that's genuinely what I felt she meant.

No. 103613

>So like, get your head out of your ass and like, step down from your high horse.

no need to be upset, ashley. you have to know by now, that your viewpoint is one of an unbalanced mind. it's clear that your definition of achievement is askew.

No. 103622

Ay, me too.
I'm taking college classes one at a time, but other than that; nothing

No. 103644

This is beyond being stuck in a rut. This is giving up on life.

No. 103646

At least you're trying something. Don't be too hard on yourself.

No. 103655


said. Stuck in a rut is doing nothing. My life's shitty that way. Done the education thing, had a job, live alone, but illness has left me unable to do very much compared to others. That's not my fault and I'm not going to sit back and fester.

Even self education's doing something if you can't afford to take classes. Taking selfies at Target for years is the definition of stuck in a rut. There's always something to do, even if you have to force yourself sometimes.

No. 103674

File: 1431885369088.png (22.04 KB, 581x559, fail.png)


>She's not her ED

>or a failure

No. 103675

A los of adulthood is forcing yourself to do what you don't want to do. Opposite to emotion (doing the opposite of what you feel) is a DBT skill that is useful in those instances. Feel depressed and like sitting at home and watching anime all day in a recliner? No, do the opposite; do something productive. Go outside, write a blog post, apply to jobs, etc.

The thing to remember is that the shitty anime, the recliner, the bed, etc will always be there for you at the end of the day if you choose to wallow in self-pity. But opportunities that can change your life (a job, the chance to meet a SO, etc) won't always be around. Put yourself out there, take a risk. It won't be fun, but it's progress.

No. 103678

You are absolutely on point.

No. 103681

only in the beginning it won't be fun but the progress will change you as it will change your habits.

No. 103707

File: 1431888919981.jpg (428.8 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

This bitch is always posting pics of her ass lmao "relapse" account. She has the fugliest butter face I've ever seen,

No. 103709

And her profile pic is of her lopsided tits go figure

No. 103710

Already private lol

No. 103715

File: 1431889542687.jpg (382.27 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Isn't this technically cp?? She's posting it for everyone to see

No. 103717

File: 1431889590936.jpg (573.17 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

No. 103726

So can people not be allowed to show their depression? She is obviously depressed here. She is venting in her blog. People tend to do that sometimes?? Like- isn't that the purpose of having a blog..

No. 103731

So she's talented at having a disease? Catch all what? Diseases?

No. 103732

The purpose of having a blog is to review cosmetics. Therefore, she fails.

No. 103740

Go eat some lipstick or something.

No. 103741


> gotta catch all the diseases.

nigga, it's a pokemon reference.

No. 103747


The oil in cosmetics makes you fat-
Didn't you ever wonder why beauty gurus never show anything below their neck?
Caveman looks 5ever~

No. 103756

Yeah, because I watch Pokemon. Not my thing, dude.

No. 103758

No, dear. You don't eat lipstick. You apply it to soft lips. This is why you don't have a beauty blog…and other reasons.

No. 103759

Get out.

No. 103760

speaking of 'beauty gurus' check out leighann says on youtube she looks like she def has an ED

No. 103769

If I did gaf about Pokemon before, I wouldn't now. Ashley would've crushed the interest.

No. 103772

Jeeeesus, her voice is annoying.

No. 103774

File: 1431894187927.jpg (33.28 KB, 459x468, o.JPG)

She's too annoying. She talks about eating and dining out and wanting to "eat more healthy", but her arms are really thin.

No. 103776

yea that boney upper shoulder thing freaks me out, i like her vids and i like her but i just cant get past this. she always talks about pigging out but eats like 1 slice of pizza or just a small amount of food and is 'stuffed'. she does suffer from a med condition though, some skin lupus but that cant be why shes so stick thin. she's also like 5'11

No. 103783

um what? I'm this this as well (upper body is super thin) and I get full super fast (never grew up eating alot). She looks normal to me not ed at all.

No. 103788

I read she was tall and thought that might have something to do with it.

I often wonder if the idea of being skinny to some ED people is wanting to look like the skinny girls who're tall. Their thinspo is of thin legs but these legs are really long. Like, you can lose all the weight you like but you're NEVER going to get that look because they're tall and you're not.

No. 103792

File: 1431895001936.jpg (131.48 KB, 640x623, FullSizeRender.jpg)

No. 103794

She looks perfectly healthy to me.

No. 103798

No. 103799

File: 1431895804614.png (628.41 KB, 485x511, um.png)

oh yea totally healthy

No. 103800

File: 1431895821231.png (821.58 KB, 596x534, umm.png)

No. 103801


ok this one looks potentially sick

No. 103804

her IG is leighannsays like her youtube. her boobs are implants btw, I once saw a really old 'modeling' pic of hers and she was pretty flat

No. 103851

There's nothing wrong with implants :s

No. 103855

why is this bitch here again?

No. 103857

i know the feels
5'2" here
jelly of the tall people that can eat more calories
jelly of the tall people that are my weight but way thinner because tall

No. 103859

tbh she doesn't look sick to me. Skinny? Heck yeah, but not dying from an ed sick.

No. 103860

inspurashnal anon thank you

No. 103885

There is an intervention episode on right now with a wannarexic and her pro Ana friend she met on an ED website

No. 103888

Oh man, I really really want to see that. Can't wait until it hits the Internet now, do you know the title?

No. 103890


S14E 20 "Cassandra"

They weigh each other and binge/purge together. Friend's name is "Trudy" but they're not showing her face.

No. 103891

Sorry, Season 15, Episode 20

No. 103903


I remember that episode, it's a little older.
They both have/had tumblrs afaik:


No. 103907

No. 103909

sounds familiar lel

No. 103910


This is her maybe? and that phone screenshot that says "Cass" is probably Cassandra?

No. 103911

It took a lot of searching, but I finally found the Cassandra/Trudy episode on the Internet.

Uploaded copy here for download, if anyone would like to see it:

No. 104026

What the fuck? Cassandra and Trudy are not wannarexic or pro-ana. They may have bonded through their EDs but neither of them are faking or promoting it. FFS.

No. 104028

Why do you type "she" when referring to Ashley when you so obviously are Ashley? Your typing style is too obvious.

No. 104042

We have already established that lotion makes you fat. You don't have to be Ashley to know that. Just google it ffs. It's true.

No. 104043

damn, that is one fine ass.
i really hope she doesn't ruin it.

No. 104048

Oh my god nobody cares. I'm saying that the typing style is obviously Ashley's, not what is said.

No. 104049

ayy lmao you have to be one sad cunt to be paranoid over fucking lotion hahaha
enjoy your gross as fuck skin, then

No. 104055

Have you even read the fucking study? Phthalates is the ingredient that causes hormone changes, just use phthalates free shit and not shitty dollar store lotions you imbecile.

No. 104057

SUT here, looking for someone to take over my blog until I have time for it again, inbox me if you want to do it x

No. 104067

Still looks fine to me.

No. 104068

I thought this was Gigi ngl.

No. 104117

~professional glitter glue~ banner. Ha.

The beauty blogger. I don't think she looks like she has an ED. Those shoulder bones are odd though

No. 104151

File: 1431967796876.jpg (34.96 KB, 716x275, ashselfsent.jpg)

Obviously self-sent ask is obviously self-sent.

No. 104152

sorry but i wouldnt take my daughter anywhere either if she had chosen to slowly die, and looked that part

No. 104159

Omg don't judge. She probably going to **~therapy~~**

No. 104162

no one mentioned the taxi ride bc no one cared, look at how OT these threads are getting. the only ashley news we care about now is when she is actually dying

No. 104163

That's because we established in the last thread that we would make it a general ED thread with some ashley antics thrown in for the lulz.

No. 104164

I'm not in a position to take a screenshot at the moment, but Ashley just posted a photo of her looking even more skeletal than usual and called herself a "fat ass".

No. 104167

Is this Ashley desperate for more hits on her blog?
Because unless it's on her Instagram, there are no new photos of her on either Tumblr.

No. 104169

WHat is a chocolate mono? Seems to be an ED thing:

No. 104171

File: 1431971370009.jpg (219.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She looks the same. She's just adducting her limbs.

No. 104174

Only eating chocolate…? That is my guess. I know raw food people follow "mono diets" where they only eat one thing

No. 104175


It'd not an ED thing, it's a pro ana "diet".

They believe they can lose weight by only eating one type of food in a random amount, completely disregarding the fact that weight loss happens because of a calorie deficit.

No. 104176

trigger warning trigger warning trigger warning trigger warning trigger warning trigger warning
what the fuck who would put his on youtube??????

No. 104177

Wasn't this made by Ember Whann or one of her friends? I definitely remember seeing this on Tumblr a while ago.

No. 104178

Why are these bitches so dumb. We humans need a well rounded diet to get all the essential nutriënts. Restricting calorie intake is one thing, living on only chocolate wth. I would feel sick after half a day. Ew just imagining it makes me nauscious.

No. 104180


I love how she implied that looking at shmegeh's instagram ~triggered~ her purge.

No. 104181

The cat is the real star.

No. 104183

File: 1431974190393.jpg (71.1 KB, 833x616, log.JPG)

No. 104184

I've seen that shit before. I thought it was boring.


No. 104185

i guess i'm supposed to know who that is

No. 104186

Her head looks fucking huge.

That store she's in is really depressing. It's like a place old people go to die.

No. 104187

I know not of these people either.

No. 104196

Ember Whann is some tumblr wannarexic/Wiccan/pretend substance abuser

No. 104206

She takes taxis to buy binge food. Wouldn't a responsible mother not enable her disordered actions? You act like a heroin addict, ash.

No. 104213

I'm surprised her legs let her go places by herself. Anorexia plus a sedentary lifestyle has not left her much muscle.

No. 104217

File: 1431979321868.gif (1.98 MB, 472x284, fuckthisshit.gif)

lol, she seems jelly
jesus though, fucking EDs age you 10x faster than meth

No. 104222

Ashley, just accept the help from Dr. Phil. At the very least it'll get you away from your mother for a few months.

No. 104225

File: 1431980464121.png (452.23 KB, 480x672, wp_ss_20150518_0003.png)

Ain't that the truth.

No. 104228

Yeah, you can probably scam the viewers out of some money too, at the very least.

No. 104234

yea man, you'll get a juicy check from appearing on the show you can use however you please, who the hell would turn down free cash?

No. 104237

These guys are right. Ashley, seriously. You have literally not a single thing to lose. You act like your life couldn't get any worse than it is but you don't want it to get better. So go on Dr. Phil anyway, your life doesn't HAVE to get better, you can keep being uncooperative if you want, but you won't walk away from that show with less than you have right now. You'll get money at least. You can buy more things.

No. 104240

Or maybe,you know, help out your mom with the rent money. If she's not already getting SSI for you.

No. 104243

If only she thought that way.

No. 104250

Ash if you accept the help from Dr Phil you don't need to get better, but you'll get tons of money and get to go to residential. You'll be with other women and girls with eating disorders who you'll be able to relate to and who will want to be your friend and they might like Pokemon and shit too. Even if you decide not to recover the friendships you will make with actual people in real life are worth it.

No. 104258

I think that Asley don't want to go to Phil because she don't want attention of non-ed peopl and that she don't want the show to find out about her past as camwhore

No. 104261

I can't believe that she doesn't want attention

The viewers of the Dr. Phil show probably aren't savvy enough to dig for details on Ashley. She just is afraid of change.

No. 104263

She won't go on Dr. Phil because her story is vastly different from how she portrays it to be.

No. 104266

Does she care though? She has no shame.

No. 104268

Lol right, cause she so different an exceptional. Dumb ass.

No. 104280


Exactly, because she is just like everybody else.

She would have to spell out those things she so desperately tries to ~keep a mystery~ because she knows the real story behind it is unspectacular or embarrassing.

Just like her "confession" blog where she doesn't actually confess or fess up to anything.

She would have to show the real ugly side of some things without the option to add stickers and instagram filters and distract viewers with Pokemon stories.

From where she currently stands, she thinks all she has to do is vehemently shout "BUT YOU DON'T KNOW ME, YOU DON'T KNOW MY STORY, THINGS AREN'T AS THEY SEEM" without ever actually explaining anything, but on the show she would have to, and she would have to admit that she doesn't have explanations for a lot of things other than "I don't want to" or "I messed up".

No. 104293

Why is it that so many of these bitches get hospitalized for being unhealthy yet nothing bad has ever happened to ash and certain others?

No. 104295

I think her mom doesn't want to lose her SSI money so she doesn't put Ashley in the hospital

No. 104297

Yeah but i mean a lot of people with EDs seem to have more health complications. Like dangerous electrolyte levels, heart attacks, passing out, etc

No. 104299

I guessing it's losing slowly over time instead of quickly within a short period of time, and her age. She's relatively young. Plus she is very inactive.

No. 104305

No. 104306

I'm a pretty sure it has to do with the timeline in which you start and definitely there is a genetic component. Ash starved hella young….your body is extremely adaptable …..she just got lucky that she could restrict and b/p the way she does and her body will fight to stay alive. Not everybody has the genetics
To survive genocidal circumstances.

No. 104307

Which is why she must have some Jew in her.

No. 104313

How do you know Ash doesn't? I mean…she's really yellow so she probably has some liver damage. I'm sure if she got a proper work up, a lot of problems would be found.

No. 104314

Probably. But she might go to the hospital on a regular basis to address that stuff. We don't know because she doesn't talk about it. Maybe that is "THE TRUUUUUTH"

No. 104319


that cat is fucking making me lose it lolololol

No. 104337

File: 1431988712630.png (1.06 MB, 641x951, ibet.PNG)

>her life's philosophy

No. 104338

I feel like throwing up. Ashley and her victim complex are too much to fucking tolerate.

No. 104340


Those "pants" are so sloppily sewn together. I wonder whether mother dearest does her sewing.

No. 104347

When your knees are the biggest part of your legs… fucking insane.

No. 104352


Fucking hell! True definition of knots on cotton!

No. 104353

Her mother has put her in treatment before, hasn't she? Ashley mentioned the pictures we thought were "pre-ED" (the ones dragged up from HamChan days) were after a "refeeding"? I'm sure she's mentioned something about treatment before, an obscure reference at least.

No. 104355

She said five weeks, which isn't very long at all and isn't enough time to put on significant weight.

I feel like if she'd been in treatment numerous times before, she would brag about it. I don't think any of her friends on social media are from treatment either.

No. 104364

She nor they have ever mentioned that they were friends via social media only… but I'm sure they are since Ashley hasn't been in treatment for forever and she only lives online.

No. 104369

Id agree, but treatment friends are extremely hard to get rid of. They stick around. You unfollow them and they re-follow you. You delete and re-make and they find you. It's weird, but I'm sure others can attest to this.

No. 104370

Who are you agreeing with? I have been following her for awhile and haven't really seen anyone who has lasted long…her main people were Gia, Erika, and Jackie… And they are all out of her life due to her own volition.

No. 104374

Maybe I misread anon's comment

No. 104384

They're toddler's leggings bc it's all that fit her.

No. 104388

You'd think her anorexia would make her feel too cold to dress like that..

No. 104390


No. 104469

Jackie's still around.

No. 104476


i cant imagine having a thigh the size of my wrist. i really want to see her irl.

No. 104484

Yeah, I just noticed that on her retarded blog.

No. 104591

File: 1432025171507.jpg (41.27 KB, 654x358, 3.JPG)

"my own menus"


No. 104606

Unless she's buying vegan mac cheese and pizza she's eating rennet.

No. 104655

Not really. A lot of cheese doesn't have rennet in it, but those veggie shreds aren't vegan. IIRC, they have a small amount of casein in it.

No. 104656

Should've added that I'm vegetarian and avoid rennet. It's easy to find rennet free mozzarella and cheddar. It's the harder cheeses that contain it more.

No. 104658

lol meat is cheaper?

No. 104672


No. 104673

meat requires chewing, and I doubt her three teeth are up to it

No. 104675

pro ana diet IS "an ED thing" lol
mono diets are good for people with black and white thinking
of course it works as long as you are still at a calorie deficit
of course if you pick the least nutritious food you'll get leg cramps and stuff from vitamin deficiency. but honestly it only happens after like days of the diet

No. 104676

so in conclusion basically let's just eat chocolate like normal people with other food too.

No. 104680

for fetishists

No. 104682

File: 1432041884691.jpg (15.58 KB, 521x121, ffs.JPG)

I've never been into twitter, but why am I surprised there're tumblr/ig style wanarexics there as well?

No. 104683

File: 1432041908613.jpg (91.17 KB, 640x480, tumblr_noa48v1EoF1qegcl7o1_128…)

some vegan #foodporn from her blog

No. 104684

File: 1432042093574.jpg (62.88 KB, 585x603, lel.JPG)

That meat looks totally vegetarian.

Seriously must investigate twitter some more.

No. 104685

Pretty sure the expensive Japanese food she threw up had seafood in it.

No. 104689

Menus in the hospital, you fucking nitwit

No. 104691

Not Ash, I swear, but I'm just wondering, why is that funny? That's generally how it works in ED treatment…you progress from having to follow a rigid meal plan (you usually choose from a few options on a menu) that's determined for you to having more say and freedom in your meal plans, shopping for and cooking your own food instead of having it served to you, etc.

No. 104739

wow, calm down, ashley. that wasn't even the point anon was making.

No. 104740

Almost funny how Ashley's anonymous asks always seem to align with what people are talking about in here. Yesterday people were wondering if she'd ever been in treatment and then she got an ask where she just happened to be able to drop that she had.


No. 104742

yea, i agree, that's a huge indicator that she gets inspiration for her self asks by lurking this thread.

No. 104743

Ashley attempts to become relevant again in a thread where other people are becoming more interesting.

Strange how ~positive~ asks are anon. If they're nice, why would the account person choose anon. That is, if they aren't self asks which they are.

No. 104749

Where's this fucking online shop of hers? I might want to buy something.

Where are these mental health ~reveal~ videos?

No. 104750

Ashley eats dominos. I doubt that they do sufficient quality control to prevent the sort of contamination a vegan or vegetarian would be concerned about.

I don't know that I buy that she has a history of many hospitalizations. I think once she turned 18 everyone gave up on her.

No. 104752

There are no mental health vids and none are coming. That would require some accountability. Instead you have her TROOF blog.

No. 104765

Another interesting intervention subject


No. 104794


She followed that up with another passive-aggressive mac'n'cheese ask saying "I NEVER SAID I STAYED VEGAN AFTER HOSPITALIZATION", yet… that was exactly what the first "anon" wanted to know, whether she is vegan, not what her hospital menu looked like almost 10 years ago.

No. 104797

Ash, please go to IP while you still have legs

No. 104799

File: 1432060239160.png (1.27 MB, 906x736, glam.PNG)

Back to your regularly scheduled non-vegan donuts.

No. 104800

Ah, such a lying liar; that's our Ashley! ~pats Ashley's skull~

No. 104801

No. 104811


No. 104812

No. 104814

fake and gay

No. 104831

File: 1432062588311.jpg (49.21 KB, 579x397, bacon is an animal.JPG)


Pigs aren't animals (apparently)

No. 104833

it's okay to eat pigs cause they don't have any feelings

No. 104834

No. 104835

This is one great, she immediately gets better when her parents threaten to cut her off financially.

No. 104836

I looked her up and she's seems to be doing really well now

No. 104837

File: 1432063021476.jpg (48.57 KB, 520x356, chicken is not an animal.JPG)

Chicken is not an animal either.

No. 104839

In Ashley's defense, she didnt say she stayed vegan gosh

No. 104840

File: 1432063279098.jpg (56.92 KB, 434x494, ....JPG)

She said she's VEGETARIAN

No. 104842

Is it technically meat if animals are vegetables of God?

No. 104843

Well they do beat the pigs in the head before they kill them, so they're technically vegetables before they die.

No. 104844

Who the fuck knows what she thinks. Although she's agnostic, so she doesn't believe in a god.

No. 104845

File: 1432063496631.jpg (39.87 KB, 343x451, M.JPG)

No. 104846

No. 104847

retards in fancy dress usually are

No. 104848

File: 1432063594610.png (776.36 KB, 819x848, veganduh.PNG)

>Ash + Mr. Toilet otp

No. 104851

Really? I found her fb and her gofundme for school tuition and she was skeletal. She has a ~therapy~ dog now too I think

No. 104852

All of her ranting about how strong she is reminded me of Ashley.

No. 104855

She was discussed in the last thread. I think most people thought she was up herself.

No. 104858

No. 104860

Wow. She does seem better. Looks older than her years, though.

No. 104892

Ashley's new video is so awkward… I feel embarrassed for her.

No. 104894

Jeez. She's 24? 25? That was more embarrassing than I had anticipated.

No. 104896

Then don't watch it. What does it say about you if you've got time to spare just to sit here and make fun of her?

No. 104897

We sure she doesn't have ashburgers?

No. 104901

How is that anon making fun of her for stating the obvious?

No. 104902


>Therapy is not about Pokemon

Why does she need to do it during therapy anyway? It's not like she's doing anything at home.

No. 104903

File: 1432067892544.png (208.75 KB, 500x281, Ashley the orator.png)

No. 104904

File: 1432067894027.png (335.41 KB, 709x473, erikassad.png)

Guys shut the fuck up about ashley erika is sad go cheer her up

No. 104905

At least Ashley did the videos jeez

No. 104906

File: 1432068011503.png (210.5 KB, 500x281, YOU'RE NEXT.png)

No. 104907

Has she ever filmed from home?

No. 104908


Yes, just checked. But only close up of various things, not herself or her surroundings.

No. 104909

Because her mom's a cunt and will yell at hr.

No. 104911

This is depressing. She's an adult and her life is reduced to trolling internet trolls and posting pathetic videos like this. Ashley, don't you want more for yourself?

No. 104912

There really is no reason to let your "therapist" film you when you are not moving around. A tripod or hell even a stack of books would be sufficient.

She could film herself sitting on a bench or under a tree and spend some time with nature if she were ever so inclined to "escape her ED world", like she says.

No. 104921

Holy shit. I've been lurking her blogs for about 2 years, reading her threads here since last November? This video fucking did it. This is so fucking sad.

No. 104935

File: 1432069570935.jpg (40.56 KB, 220x284, SHE COMES.jpg)

No. 104945

I fucking SQUIRMED watching that video. For fuck's sake…like…Jesus. Getting her "therapist" to film her reciting some cartoon shit. Isn't she embarrassed by ANYTHING? Christ.

No. 104946

No. 104994

No. 105000

File: 1432074086355.jpg (218.14 KB, 900x898, 11013243_10155505705175459_860…)

mustve had the wrong girl because this is her as of 2 days ago

No. 105011

What point was the anon making then? Sounds like anon was leling over Ashley making her own menus. But she obviously cooperated with refeeding so of course she'd be able to make her own menus.

No. 105022

She looks like a rejected Gorillaz member.

No. 105031

holy shit that video was the most bizarre thing i have ever witnessed. why did she do that? why is she doing that? what the fuck does her therapist think filming her doing that? what is the point? why aren't they talking about how she's killing herself? i have so many questions but mostly i am just so embarrassed for her and what her life has become.

does she have a mental problem? not being an asshole, i mean … no one acts like that. no one. no one goes thru the effort of getting their therapist to film them reciting the theme song for some anime characters. it is just such a fucking weird thing to do, and to ask someone to do for you, and to do while people are witnessing … and to do as a fucking what, 25 year old? if she was 12 i would excuse her because we all have that embarrassing stage of non self-awareness in the lead up to puberty. but this is a grown ass woman. i just can't comprehend this.

No. 105036

Yeah she co-operated with referring OBVIOUSLY lel.

She was in for 5 weeks. Probably until she was kicked out for being a twat or medical insurance ran out.

Co-operated with refeesing…and lo! didn't that get her far.

No. 105041

Nah, it was the same girl. This was shortly after the epi aired a while ago. I can't find her site anymore so I'm guessing it's gone.

No. 105045

Jesus. My phone wont recognize referring. Much like ash.

No. 105046


No. 105048

i guess you mean refeeding

No. 105050

I can do this re feeding. Hurrah.

pS Report therapist for making dickhead Pokemon videos with the mental

No. 105056

Da fuck???

this cant be healthy??

No. 105062

what kind of shit therapist is she going to…

that video was awfully strange, i dont understand this situation.

No. 105063

The doctor's probably letting her do this wacko stuff as evidence to have her committed.

No. 105075

What if there is no therapist?

No. 105088


many of us suspect as much

No. 105099


Already been discussed to death.

No. 105116

Kinda very late to the party but how is this connected to Ashley? Does she have an account on MPA?

(Sorry for not keeping up, the Ash-threads are moving so very fast! Can't believe we're already at #10.)

No. 105124

She's boring so people use this as a general ED thread.

No. 105129

File: 1432080845509.jpg (23.79 KB, 342x326, image.jpg)

Accidentally got this screenshot while I meant to get her skelehands.

No. 105131

Gimme a kiss

No. 105145

That's what Erika saw when she kissed her.

No. 105149

Yeah, pretty much came here to post this. I was embarrassed watching Ashley's video. I seriously can't even muster up the desire to make fun of her… it's just really, really sad.

No. 105159

She sure is working very hard in therapy! If it really is her therapist filming those videos, it makes me raeg because my mental health clinic, if they deem you worthy of therapy at all, usually authorizes "consumers" for six to eight therapy sessions, often with clueless therapists who are straight out of school. We can't afford to waste sessions like that.

No. 105162

I can imagine the conversation they had prior

Ash: will you record me making bad imitations of Pokemon for the Internet?
Therapist: therapy is not for Pokemon
Ash: can I just do the team rocket motto then?
Therapist: sigh fine

No. 105165


After MONTHS on waiting lists, we only get six sessions also with really shitty therapists. I've had one who clock watches.

No. 105167

Video url should be sent to APS

No. 105170



No. 105172

that fucking video. so much fucking secondhand embarrassment. what the actual fuck.

No. 105174

Weren't there anons who faxed their reports to APS? Has anyone heard any news back?

No. 105178

Last I heard, they said they were 'building a case.'

No. 105181


I guess I don't understand what kind of evidence they need. Her self-neglect is readily apparent.

No. 105191

Video confirms she's lost the plot. No debate.

No. 105219


That happened about 30 lbs ago.

No. 105286

The only possible way for Ashley to lose weight is if she were to amputate her limbs or remove her exhausted organs. I could be wrong though.

No. 105287

*lose any more

No. 105293

Therapists take the opportunity to turn the most random things into a challenge or s therapeutic session. He could've agreed to film her for any of a variety of reasons. For example, They could watch the video afterwards and have a discussion about what goes on in her head when she sees herself. I've seen the craziest things turn into an opportunity to challenge a patient or use something fun as a way to work on something.

No. 105298

I love you, whoever you are. For once someone saw the positivity in what A was trying to post.

No. 105312

well, brains are made out of 60% fat, if she really wants to achieve skeleton goddess mode, she would have to get her brain removed. But, as you can see in her latest video, that will not be a problem anymore.

No. 105319


There was nothing positive about it. It was depressing. It makes me angry at APS for not intervening.

No. 105320

What is weird is, if Ashley's mom had an emaciated pet, it would be taken into care immediately. But because Ashley's case raises questions about autonomy and personhood, she's left to starve herself to death. Depressing stuff, man.

No. 105375


No. 105378

File: 1432095396438.png (239.21 KB, 403x460, erika2.png)

y'all show up to defend your goddess when some autistic girl makes a dumb comment, but when erika really needs a hug none of you are up for the gig

No. 105382

Neither are you, get over yourself.

No. 105384

oh but i am

No. 105385


Is anyone presumptuous enough to assume that she will be able to say something to Erika to magically make her happier? She's not just having a bad day, she's recovering from horrible trauma. She needs therapy, and she's in the place to get it.

No. 105389

According to the school of 'hugs and smiles will make everything better' thinking that the op comes from, nice comments here and on ig will fix it all.

No. 105391


People are so dumb. ~Stay Strong~ isn't going to fix Erika. She' just using her IG as an outlet, I doubt she expects her followers to be able to help that much.

No. 105395

I'm wondering if Ashley's mom got APS to stop investigating.

No. 105406

hi ashley

No. 105410


If this is where the rent money comes from, then maybe Rebecca isn't interested in Ashley getting help.

No. 105411

very good point..

No. 105414

File: 1432099616418.jpg (156.32 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Meanwhile in the spoopy troof realm, Ash spills the beans about her horrific child abuse

No. 105415

Trigger warning plz

No. 105418

Okay, hitting her mom, pregnant or not, is deffo abuse.

But the other stuff… Well, maybe it's because I was raised in a time/culture where kids aren't all spoiled and coddled and given awards for "participation," but they don't sound like abuse. They're not good things to happen to anybody, but don't most (or a lot) of kids experience such things, be it frequently or occasionally?

No. 105419

Especially the not having as big of a part in a kid's life. It's not normal for a father to treat a middle schooler the same way he treats a little kid!

No. 105420

For anyone else who wants to watch more interventions. Male with eating disorder.

No. 105428

I would agree, based on my own experiences, but everyone is different and has a different breaking point.

I thought he'd left sooner than that though?

No. 105432

she b/p-d her own father?

No. 105433

Eh having a lazy piece of shit father can fuck you up. What was his name again?

No. 105436

Needs to try harder if she wants that ~tragic life stories~ book deal.

No. 105440

Sounds like he was a deadbeat and a lousy parent no doubt, but it's like she listed sporadic shit he did to try and paint him as abusive a picture as she could

The "wahh he spanked my bum that's physical abuse to add to the list!" Vibe is extra strong

No. 105444

pfft, spanking is nothing. My dad used to whip out his belt on us and I'm fine. she got it easy imo

No. 105450

I grew up in a time (not too long ago) when we were beaten at school by the teachers. I used to have red hand prints all on the back of my legs for 24 hours afterwards.

I admit I was a naughty kid though.

No. 105451

If that's the worst she can come up with, she had it pretty easy imo.

No. 105452

So this is the big bad terrible guy that ruined Ashley's life?

Sounds like a deadbeat, yeah. And it sucks to grow up without one of your parents. But tbh it sounds like she pushed him out of her life, and it doesnt seem like (to me) he was necessarily all that abusive. Idk

No. 105454

There were poor kids in my class who couldn't afford school dinner and the ones with a packed lunch had to share theirs with them.

Meanwhile…Ashley complains because her dad brought hers to school late.

No. 105455

If we talk about how she hasn't posted any gifts from her "followers" recently, do you think she'll post her latest gift haul today or tomorrow?

No. 105517

I don't know if shmegeh has her own thread, but I looked at her blog and she looks healthily skinny on her latest photos and she posted some days ago about how she is embarassed now of her tumblr self.

No. 105521

If she's so embarrassed. taking down those retarded junkie skinny cutting pics would be a start.

No. 105523


Agree. It actually makes me kinda angry as someone who suffered horrendous child abuse and neglect that this is her 'excuse'. My dad yanked out half of my hair in one yank, fuck if anyone ever packed me a lunch or made me dinner, but that shit was more than 15 years ago but somewhere in that span of time one is expected to GROW THE FUCK UP no matter what has happened to you, or else quietly resign yourself to a life of misery without trying to sabotage young girls on the internet.

TL;dr Ashley's a ~*SpEsHuL sNoWfLaKE DESUDESU*~ except ew no if that's your sob story it's not

No. 105525

Boohoo he spanked me. I am from a time that it was normal. My mom even bit me back once because i tended to bite her (Mom called it monkey love, i wasnt being rude or mean just dumb) Her dad sounds lazy but not abusive

No. 105526

But here's also people who don't give a fuck about E. Wow, shocking, I know.

No. 105537

so that's why he disappeared..

No. 105540

File: 1432123884924.jpg (58.29 KB, 661x475, po.JPG)

Ash strikes back

No. 105545

Then stop talking about her?

No. 105547

She has a thread but she hasn't posted any recent pictures.

No. 105550


Look, Ash, no one should fault you for feeling the way you do about your parents or your past. Those are your feelings, they are real, and you are entitled to them.

The difference is that you are now an adult (and have been one for quite some years). You can choose to take the difficult steps to get better, get your body healthy, get a job, and MOVE OUT.

Don't you get it? No normal mid-20's adult sits around and complains about their parents like a teenager. They get their own lives and move the fuck out. I have a hard time feeling pity for you when you complain about your mom because you are 24 years old.

I had a shitty relationship with my parents as a child, too. My dad beat the snot out of me with a belt. My mother also compared me to other kids/teens and broke down my self confidence so badly that I wouldn't even go inside the grocery store with her because I believed I was unfit to be seen in public. So I got the fuck out of there as soon as I turned 18 and started college (lived on campus) and now, more than 10 years later, my parents and I have a great relationship. They don't control my life and I don't life under their reign. You can have the same, but YOU have to take the steps to do it.

No. 105564

I follow her on instagram. I check her posts regularly. I want to give her support and advice but feel like nothing I say will help. I'm also afraid to say anything triggering (sorry if you all hate that word). I want her to recover so badly. I just don't know what to say sometimes, and bad days are to be expected when she's in recovery

No. 105568

yes please

No. 105581

If everyone were capable of that, no one would ever have 'problems'. Kudos to you for being able to get the Hell out and make something of yourself.

No. 105583


Lmfao no bitch. No one is saying that's "good" for a parent to do. We're saying that that those are hardly traumatic and have prob happened to 99% of kids on a regular basis. Or worse. Mostly worse.

If you want pity for your super abusive upbringing…no.

No. 105585

Ash tries desperately to be the victim in EVERY situation.

No. 105586

werd. my dad drove my siblings and me to school wasted all the time. two times he projectile vomited all over the car and us. i'll trade forgotten school lunches

No. 105589


No. 105590

no, we're just over it by now and aren't destroying ourselves over our childhoods

No. 105592

Calm down, Ashley, it's the truth. If she can air her dirty laundry, so can these people and at least they're doing it anonymously.

That being said, I wonder how much of this shit comes from her idea that anime is somehow like real life? I'm sure some of her favorite characters are damaged anti-heroes whose actions are justified because of shit that happened in their pasts. The only difference is, in real life, your past doesn't justify your present status as a supreme cunt.

No. 105596

File: 1432136139763.gif (685.38 KB, 320x180, prettygood.gif)

> needed to be purged


No. 105597

I suspect most people were more "abused" than ashley. Didn't get her dinner some days :( Daddy hit her :( Her friend was made to feel more speshul :(

That's the past. Build a bridge and wheel yourself right over it.

No. 105606

why would we want to message you personally, when we know you'll get the message anyway. everyone's aware you're monitoring this thread. kek.
oh and posting also, some examples:

No. 105613

LOL ash, of course it's not ok, but you need to MOVE THE FUCK ON. You don't deserve special treatment or be coddled like a child just because your dad was abusive. Whatever happened is in the very distant past, you -have- to better yourself at this point, you are no longer a child and will never be again. You are a 24 year old woman.

You call yourself a "warrior" but you're the soldier that doesn't even show up at the battlefield. Let that sink in.

No. 105627

Kids these days.

No. 105652

File: 1432144322235.jpg (11.56 KB, 254x56, dad.JPG)

No. 105657

Kids these days are such cunts. The future's doomed when that lot are older. Lazy, ungrateful twats.

No. 105661

Who said that and what is the context of this? Just wondering because sometimes people do have to call the cops on their parents if they are being an asshole to the point of harming them

No. 105662

Why is she responding with that with a to a friendship bracelet?

No. 105663

No. 105664

Sorry tired and making typos. I meant why is she responding to a picture of a friendship bracelet with that comment?

No. 105665

still, wtf are you talking about

No. 105666

I think someone needs to get a good 8 hours under a duvet ;)

No. 105667

>>104904 ← That. Sorry it didn't appear in the post before.

No. 105669

she posted that photo herself, it's a description not a comment

No. 105670

There's fuck all to do at the clinic, so it looks like Erika's passing time making thing. She probably sends them to people who've helped her.

No. 105671

Learned a new word. I want a duvet now.

still I don't know the deal with the friendship bracelet

No. 105672

Make a new thread fags….I elect we use a photoshopped pic of ash and a couple of other members from the skeletor army as the walking dead zombies. Who is up for the task?

No. 105676

I'm a PS retard. Anon with the skillz will do it.

She posted photos before of bead necklaces she's made for friends. Don't read anything into it. She's bored and missing her daugter, so she's distracting herself that's all.

No. 105679

Please, though, not the ginger one. She makes me ill.

No. 105684

File: 1432147114540.jpg (35.79 KB, 370x390, neigh.JPG)

Please, though, not the ginger one. She makes me ill.>>105679

No. 105685

File: 1432147214135.jpg (18.24 KB, 571x120, LIAR.JPG)

My replies are fucking up - excuses me pls.

No. 105686

I thinks on was talking about the ana4jesus girl who eats stevia with veggies, not this one, lol

No. 105708

File: 1432150011635.png (573.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-20-14-26-02…)

you rang?

No. 105713

File: 1432150664133.png (1.15 MB, 863x955, ohjoy.PNG)

No. 105714

that video gave me physical pain

No. 105736

I think she is cute

No. 105738

Yeah, I said my replies were fucking up. I wrote this
then I posted horsey pic of aly
but it kept my text on from the post previously.

Has aly bitten her lip? It looks like it's bleeding.

No. 105749

Oh Ashley. My parents always compared me with other kids and they still do. Shitty behaviour? Yes. Abuse? No
I was insecure and still am, but my parents are not abusive, just a bit stupid.

No. 105758

I think we can all agree that she is extremely histrionic and unable to empathize with others or step outside of her own perspective. Jesus, if you can't get over the fact that daddy didn't bring you a sandwhich and beat the woman that you hate and call mother, after so many years….

No. 105761

It's so cute how she's always posting things on her tumblrs that are direct responses to what's said here. Equally cute is how she then encourages us to seek counseling. She cares about us so much! <3 <3 <3

I think with the spanking thing, she's trying to make like it's horrible abuse because he pulled her pants down to spanking her. Um, yeah, a lot of parents do that. Shit, my dad was still doing it to me when I was 15, but it didn't turn me into an insane, online attention whore woman-child.

No. 105795

She probably wouldn't admit that she deserved a spanking. NOTHING'S her fault. She's NEVER to blame.

Seriously though…because he didn't take her lunch to her. Is she fucking serious haha.

No. 105797

…and WHY would we want to send her a message on tumblr??? Is it this thing where she needs DIRECT COMMUNICATION from anyone who has a problem with her? Yes, we have backbones, they're just not sticking out like a stegosaurus like yours, spoopy.

No. 105819

After watching her latest video I feel dirty for posting on this forum. I'm all about gossiping about people who are just vile and/or lulzy, but that video makes me think that she is actually mentally impaired.

No. 105826

After watching episodes of Intervention, Dr. Phil, etc, these ED people don't even look sick, while Ashley is a shocking site to behold. Forget stupid daytime television shows, she could easily land herself her own primetime special on Dateline or 20/20 or some shit like that.

No. 105836

Does anyone else find it kind of funny how none of Ash's mysterious curious kind anons ever ask her anything where she could mention why she won't go on Dr. Phil, etc? Why is that the one thing she won't address? Because let's face it she takes every other thing mentioned in here as a prompt.

No. 105854

Can we just appreciate how far along Erika is coming?

No. 105857

shes going to be beyond beautiful soon. her face just needs to fill out a little more. she's doing great.

No. 105858

Agreed, she has always been stunning though.

No. 105863

Erika's got the talent to write a book about her experience. I know she keeps journals, so if at any point in the future she wants to use her words to help others she could do that. Even something in journalism…idk, it's easy to picture her doing well for herself in future. She just needs to avoid loser guys.

No. 105864

Same…but I'm sucked into the drama. I really want APS to do its job. Do you think it's worth faxing an updated report? What do you think should be included?

No. 105865

The Pokemon video link.

No. 105866

Douvets are the shit anon, as a scandinavian I can't picture life without it. You'll never want a blanket again!
If my father/parent/guardian did that to me when i was 15 I would be absolutely furious. I'm 25 so i am by no means old, and a 15 year old is very much a child in many ways, but pulling a 15 year olds clothes off and spanking them is not only wrong for a whole lot of reasons, amongst them the fact that you have reached a stage in life where if it is impossible to reason with you, you might need help in some way, but god damn if that doesn't sound inappropriate. Good on you for growing up strong. Sorry you had to experience something that must have at least felt very degrading. Jfc spaking a fifteen year old.

No. 105867

No. 105869

No. 105905

Spanking works.
It took me less than 5 times with the belt/hand/chancla for me to be a good child and start behaving. And if I got slightly out of hand, my mom would be like "want a spanking?" And I'd snap out of it.

No. 105925

It was the embarrassment that I'd been a twat who deserved a slap that hurt more than being hit. That and trigger warning (lel) being sent upstairs to my room in the dark - excluded from the family.

I'd always done something wrong, so I can't blame them. I learned a lesson from it, and didn't use it as an excuse for any ~issues~ I later developed.

They still used the cane at my school. That really fucking hurt, but the humiliation was worse.

No. 105927

No. 105949

When I was diagnosed with bpd they told me that it can happen from not feeling validated as a child or something so who's to say that ash's fucked up personality disorder isn't her father's fault?

No. 105955

Psychiatrists talk bollocks.

No. 105971

wow ash had it so hard. :'( her daddy spanked her. i know it's wrong to compare one persons' hurt to anothers' but … really? i know it's fucked but i was expecting that she was actually .. . you know, abused as a child.

No. 105977

apparently she may have been done in the butt a bit too

No. 105980

No. 105983

Psychology major here. That is true, and that is quite possibly a big contributor to Ashley's BPD.

Linehan's Diathesis-Stress Model is relevant here. It says that people with BPD, in childhood, had issues with emotional dysregulation and invalidation. There is a cycle: The diathesis is emotional dysregulation. The stress is experiences of invalidation (her experiences with her dad, for example). The interaction between diathesis and stress occurs when the emotionally dysregulated child makes enormous demands on his or her family (probably like she does with her mom). The exasperated parents ignore or even punish the child’s outbursts, which leads the child to suppress their emotions. The suppressed emotions build up to an explosion, which then gets the attention of the parents. So parents can end up reinforcing those explosive emotional behaviors.

TL;DR Ashley was already prone to emotional dysregulation, and her feelings of invalidation from her dad made this worse. She then explodes on her mom so she will notice her.

No. 106003

Does anyone have those posts about her mom being abusive? Maybe those should be sent to APS.

No. 106006

I remember a post she made calling her mom abusive because she went to a restaurant with a friend and ate "greasy food" like a normal person. I kek'd so hard when I first read it

No. 106007

Thing is…I think she is being abused by her mom. Her mom is a waitress and yet they live here:

"The median income for a household in the town was $88,809, and the median income for a family was $105,737. Males had a median income of $80,693 versus $37,321 for females. The per capita income for the town was $51,370."

Seems pretty pricy. They are most likely able to afford this place because mom is the rep payee. That is why Ashley wont get treatment. If she goes into the hospital for months, the checks will stop and her mom will probably lose the apartment. Ashley talks about her situation being "diffrent" and this is the only reason that really makes sense. It's fucked up. I"m def. sending a report with this in it.

No. 106009



Rep payee info for people who aren't familiar.

No. 106015

The way Ash is, not just with her ED or even her BPD but in general, just screams abuse to me.

No. 106017

I was watching the Intervention with the twins and I was like, psh, they're not that sick. Then I realized how skewed Ashley and Erika have made my pov of what constitutes "sick."

No. 106018

Except it's known that they live here: http://twelveoakswindermere.com/
Ash has said it is a 1-bedroom, so rent is $863 a month, which is $10356 a year. I mean, you have to add in electricity and internet and everything, but it's still entirely possible to pull that off on a waitress salary.

No. 106019


Cost of living near Orlando isn't cheap, though. And mom is old, I doubt she's pulling crazy shifts. She works at Chili's, not a bar where she can get huge tips.

No. 106020

nah, shes one of those extremely abusive ED
people that overwhelm and take the entire
family hostage. Ashley is the abusive one.

No. 106021


Their relationship was the most fascinating part of that episode. It was weird that they didn't look that thin. I'd like to know what they're up to now.

No. 106022

Even if Ash's mother is getting income from Ash's disability, can you really blame her? She has to live with a screaming chairghoul who refuses to get better or do anything productive. What other choice does she have, really?

Also I really don't consider that abuse. Ash has stated she's gotten treatment in the past, so I really doubt her mother is denying her medical treatment just to get money. She just has given up.

No. 106023

My dad is the same age as Ashley's mother (and weirdly enough I'm the same age as Ashley) and he pulls crazy shifts all the time. He's a workaholic though so I'm not sure if that's a fair comparison.

No. 106024

i agree….shes a grown ass woman that makes her old ass mom pay for most of her existence. if her mom takes aid from her to support her living situation, then its fair. shes literally a leech on her mother's life.

No. 106032


oh yeah the relationship was the juciest part. So much weird co-dependency. The way they held their whole family hostage to their disorder is, I think, probably similar to what ashley's family goes through.

No. 106034

honestly i think a lot of them end up that way. there was that other girl who was mentioned here that was also on intervention. she basically had her parents wrapped around her finger because she loved the attention they would give her. in the end they cut her off and her gravy train was over.

No. 106038

the cutting off is the MOST infuriating thing to see Ash's mom not do…ash would literally just go die in a gutter if her mom gave her an ultimatum. But also they probably can't afford long term inpatient anymore fo