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File: 1430871218470.png (77.48 KB, 275x226, 1430772459264.png)

No. 94146

Ashley thread #9.

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled
Tumblr (2) Confessional/Q&A: http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Current Events:
Ashley made a new tumblr that will show us what the truth really is!
Erika is about to find out if she's accepted to treatment.
We take a look at some other potential ED lolcows.

Previous thread #8 >>89979
thread #7 >>81899
thread #6: >>76718
thread #5: >>66250
thread #4: >>40939
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get your fat asses in here.

No. 94148

My fat ass is here!

Anyone notice how at the very beginning of her video she almost sounds… sweet? Like her voice was very soft and meek before she started talking "to the viewers"

No. 94149

Jesus you guys go through these threads fast.

No. 94150

It's because she wasn't yelling like usual.

No. 94151

File: 1430871690966.png (284.95 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-05-05-20-18-15…)

…fingers crossed.

No. 94157

She looks like she's testifying in court in that picture.

No. 94159

Eating disorders are interesting yo

No. 94160

When I first saw this pic on the other thread I thought that was exactly what was happening.

No. 94164

I don't think they let you take selfies in court.

No. 94167

>We take a look at some other potential ED lolcows

Good, good.

Fuck me, I've never clicked HIDE quicker on the header pic than I did with this one. Mon dieu!

No. 94170

File: 1430873547232.png (160.89 KB, 609x307, teeth.png)

the way her front 6-ish teeth stick out … do you think she got most of her molars removed or something? the teeth sticking out looks like thats all she's got

No. 94173

they fell out

No. 94174

File: 1430873825011.jpg (922 KB, 1430x1904, IMG_20150505_195616.jpg)

No. 94175

bitch be looking like an actual titan

No. 94176

File: 1430873976194.jpg (6.07 KB, 240x160, download.jpg)

That hand!!!!!

She looks a total cock. I'd complain about the late delivery too. THAT HAND!!!!!

ty for postin'

No. 94177


I hide all of them.

No. 94178


No. 94179

File: 1430874111038.jpg (2.08 KB, 300x168, demonz.jpg)

I admit, most of the other lolcows are hidden, but only 2nd time I've had to hide Ash. I thought I'd been desensitised to her.

No. 94180

No. 94181

jesus christ you're completely right

No. 94182

she looks like she smells really bad. i lived with this dude who had a missing tooth and every time he opened his mouth all i could smell was infection and butts. she looks like she'd smell like that but maybe with some vomit and not showering mixed in as well.

No. 94184

Yeah, pretty sure she's missing all of her teeth beyond the front ones. My dad is in the process of having his teeth removed and that's what it looks like.
Though it's weird how hers are… curved? Like the outer ones being so long and the front so short.

One thing I don't get is how does she have her front teeth but not the sides? Purging usually affects the fronts the most.

No. 94185

File: 1430874577708.jpg (45.31 KB, 500x500, anime-attack-on-titan-eren-jae…)

Her fellow #warriors are waiting for her.

(I imagine she smells of ammonia and bad breath).

No. 94188

File: 1430874706475.jpg (54.29 KB, 890x699, Fail.JPG)

I just KNEW the how old am I bot was visually impaired. What's that - 37 if you're a crack ho maybe.

No connection with reality at all, Ashley. Liver failing, brain failing. The prognosis isn't good.

No. 94189

I have a tooth in the front of my mouth that's curved because it's chipped. I chipped it on a piece of hard food. Hers are probably chipped as well.

Also, didn't some anon say she smelled really bad? I believe it.

No. 94191

File: 1430874935468.jpg (62.97 KB, 397x594, HT1GOxDFJVcXXagOFbXa.jpg)

Maybe her bone development was retarded because of her ED, so it left her with a jaw too small for her teeth.

No. 94192

The front teeth are worn down from stomach acid. It's the same effect that children who have juice in their bottles get.

No. 94196

Erika probably smelled the same for a while. Your body smells of ammonia when it breaks down.

No. 94198

fuck, that is so awful to visualize and think about

No. 94199

My ED housemate had a smell of ammonia, and so did the downstairs toilet which she used to puke and pee.

No. 94200

She actually cosplays AoT really well! She would be perfect for one of the rotting corpses at the end of battle. She never did really kill a titan, just turned into target practice for them to swing at

No. 94205

I submitted one of her photos and it guessed 27, hah.

No. 94209


Maybe she aged in her looks by 10 years in only a few days!!

It guessed 5 years old for one of the other lolcows in their thread. I like it though because it really is shit. It guessed me as considerably younger than I am. So, yeah, very inaccurate there.

No. 94213

My grandpa's dentures are worn down the same way but it is because he holds a pipe in his front teeth. I wonder if Ashley wore her's down from grinding them….

No. 94216

Erika looks so beautiful

No. 94217

Ash is my motivation to eat and recover from my own ED. Granted, sometimes I eat WAY too much, but at least I'm fucking eating.

Also, what the hell? Why have I been afraid of all of this amazing food for so long?

No. 94223

File: 1430880304496.jpg (164.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I love how she pretends she actually has hair that she colors. Sorry Ash, but we know you're lying about that too

No. 94224

YOOOO I spit out my drink

No. 94225

no 1curr

No. 94226


you might have been smelling the effects of ketosis.

No. 94227

So happy for her!

No. 94228


Yay! I am so happy that she got into that program. It's really a good one. I hope that she takes her time there and doesn't rush to get back home. The real work begins once weight restoration is over.

No. 94245

No. 94257


Not only does she look like she is in court, but she looks like she sounds like she is lying when she says "Doctor?" I feel like it's awkward…..:|

No. 94259

File: 1430884311507.jpg (331.57 KB, 800x500, attack_on_ashley.jpg)

No. 94262

i love you, anon

No. 94268


next thread starter!

good ol' farmers always providing true OC!

No. 94269

I bet she loves this. Maybe it will be her new Facebook cover photo ^_^

No. 94274

This is amazing

No. 94286

Lets start a new thread just for the purpose of using this picture

No. 94287

Give it a week and people sperging out about Erika and maybe Ashley coming here and both of them trying to duke it out for the most attention to feed their BPD and we'll have a new thread, anon. Chill.

No. 94295

Wait hold on what? 96 is min for admission?
I haven't been following these threads for a while, what is she applying for that has a weight requirement?

No. 94296

I feel like they shouldn't have a weight requirement. That doesn't take height into consideration. (Unfortunately) I am 5'2" and 96 pounds would probably not be unhealthy for somebody of my height.

No. 94297

File: 1430890895282.jpg (109.05 KB, 900x600, erika.jpg)

Erika doesn't have BPD. She's our ~*perfect recovering angel*~

No. 94298

File: 1430891070050.png (760.86 KB, 924x520, New_Survey_Corps_members.png)

why isn't she doing the salute?

No. 94300

She's trying to get into an ED treatment center called Denver ACUTE, I think she got in but I will check her insta.

No. 94310

erika if you ever have the time can you write a recipe for that lasagna? its sounds amazing

No. 94312

She got in.

No. 94316

but 96 lbs would be unhealthy for someone 5'2''. thats underweight

No. 94321

"Normal" BMI is 18.5-24.9. 96 pounds at 5'2" is 17.6. Slightly underweight. But BMI is shit. Many healthy people are considered "overweight" by BMI standards.

No. 94322

Erika is trying to go to ERC which is a residential treatment center. She is not 5'2"? I thought she was closer to 5'6"? In any case, residential treatment centers sometimes (but not always) have a minimum BMI/ideal body weight percentage. ACUTE is an inpatient place (actually, I think it's a specialized medical hospital - someone correct me if I'm wrong) that takes the sickest of the sick (they typically take single digit BMIs; Ashley is not unique) so they do not have a minimum BMI/ideal body weight percentage. ERC tends to be used as a step-down from ACUTE.

No. 94323

This article on ACUTE's media page and this part is interesting:

"The Acute Center treats the nation's most desperately ill anorexics—men and women whose BMIs are in the single and low double digits and who weigh 70 percent or less of their ideal weight. Often patients arrive here on the verge of death. Sometimes they are brought by air ambulance. Sometimes, as if to make a statement about their self-sufficiency even amid the ravages of the disease, they gather bags that weigh more than they do and fly to Denver all alone."


No. 94324

well if you are a healthy weight and BMI is calling you overweight, wouldn't it be alarming to be at a weight that BMI deems underweight?

No. 94331

New banner must be made from this!

No. 94355

File: 1430900378928.gif (128.34 KB, 160x128, lmao.gif)

No. 94356

someone do this plz

No. 94383

Oh my god anon marry me

No. 94386

I was released from acute when my phosphorous and potassium remained stable for a week! It's more about stabilising than improving mental health. Denver's ERC is an all day inpatient facility focused on mental health and healing, -it's very busy so I'm guessing you're not in bed all day like acute. The weight thing was specific to my height. They do however, treat even people who struggle with normal bmis as well as high bmis. It's like earning a gold foil star sticker in recovery to go there. I don't give a f about weight, I'm excited to feel even better, look even better, be an awesome mother-and healthy enough for Disney passes again, only this time, no hiding in bathrooms to be ashamed of. Just me as a person. A normal person. Oh and food- homemade hummus ($2 a pint to make) and thick, warm, fluffy real pitas. I'm a thrifty cook, fresh ingredients,(sorry but most aren't organic*) lovingly prepared for myself likes delicious bandage for the soul. The lasagna was a garbage-oh shit what's going to go bad thing, I didn't bother writing a recipe. :( But I could. I'm making beet soup today with stewed beet leaves and butternut squash in place of potato, some sort of protein, meat is still a little gross sounding to me so it may be a yellow tail or something abundant here. Think borsch by a non Russian foodie. Already baked Edeltraud and I almond flour, peanut, Apple with cinnamon cookies with kerrygold butter. Oh man. Kerrygold is like major splurge from the heavens. Esp the herb one on garlic toast. This is why recovery has been easy for me so far. I love food and being able to eat it!? And look better in the process?! Goes to show anorexia/bulimia/disordered eating are horrible. How could I do that to my girls? :(
The only way I'm going to beat my bio dad is to win. Be the heathy and "pretty" girl you've always been petrified to be. Go outside and play. Let go of the feared "losing something you,bugh worked so hard for" work hard to be good at good things, dying isn't glamorous and tragic. Fuck metaphorical pity sex, own it.

No. 94387

i think the 96 min is referring to erc. but they approved me under that, I'm confused.

No. 94390

Are you talking about swole people? Because you'd be right.

Are you talking about people with high fat percentage? Because you'd be fucking hilariously wrong.

No. 94392

I am so excited and happy for you I can't even put it into words.

Maybe if you feel the inclination you can write a cookbook or start posting recipes?

No. 94394

Huh. My understanding is that ERC is residential while ACUTE is inpatient? (I'm not trying to correct you, I just I think there's a lot of confusion here re: those distinctions). In any case I'm happy that you're happy and yes, ERC is a great program. I've only heard good things about it. So glad you're not going to the shithole that is Renfrew!

No. 94396

Oops, nm ERC has inpatient, residential, and partial it seems! My mistake.

No. 94397

No. 94446

Erika, since starting treatment, how have your seizures been?

No. 94447

She's insanely beautiful here.

No. 94453

Does it matter? That proves it's not accurate for health assessment. BMI favors short people

No. 94477

No. BMI's flaw goes both ways. If you're muscular it'll call you fat. If you're a hungry skellington that has a mostly sedentary lifestyle, but doesn't eat enough to get fat, it's going to call you underweight even if you're not in a risk group

No. 94478

Does anyone know where the thread about scammers like Taralynn and xblueeyedbarbiex is?

No. 94481

No. 94491

File: 1430935038180.png (246.23 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-05-06-19-43-33…)

No. 94492

Yes it is. We cant tell you if you are healthy or not from just numbers, but of course you are underweight. At 4'11'', my 'ideal' weight is 100. Obviously some people are going to be naturally thin but when you are at the 5th percentile you are on that line of it isnt healthy.

No. 94494

Sorry, I just saw it was already posted..

No. 94495

It was worth a second look.

No. 94497

I'm late to the party here, but when E mentioned the 96 lb minimum (so glad they accepted her anyway!), I immediately took to my calculator, and I couldn't remember her height, but I think that 96 lbs would put her at a BMI of around 15.5 or 16, depending on whether she's 5'6" or 5'5"… maybe one of those numbers is the minimum number normally required for admission. I'm not going to get into the BMI discussion, we all know it's flawed.

No. 94511

I'm not anorexic, but I was 95 lbs at 5'5", got a full lab done as part of annual exam, and was completely healthy according to doc.

General guidelines like the BMI aren't meant to be 100% accurate on an individual level. The same way it'll tell you that a body builder is obese, it'll tell you that you've got an "anorexic BMI" regardless of eating patterns or actual health. There are definite correlations between malnutrition and excessively low BMI, but except in severe cases (EDs), they don't always go hand in hand. Which isn't meant to say that you can be anorexic and healthy, because food restriction means drastic limitations for your nutrient intake, regardless.

No. 94513

>excessively low BMI

Sorry I meant underweight BMI.

p.s. does sage work on here?

No. 94542

I want more juicy details of ashley's suicide attempt.

No. 94544

it was 7 years ago

No. 94547

95/5'5 isnt healthy. maybe temporarily youll be okay but suffer in the long run

hmm i wonder what sparked it? anybody know? bullying? the stress of the move? when did her dad leave?

No. 94548

She didn't respond well to leaving Virginia.

No. 94549

did they move from VA to FL because of the divorce? when did that happen

No. 94551

I don't think they were ever married. And her dad is in FL, so they moved together.

No. 94552

hmmmm. so you speculate it was just the move that caused all of this clusterfuck downward spiral? i have a hard time accepting that. i guess someone with borderline would do something so destructive in response, but even then it seems intense. maybe due to her shitty family no one really stepped in to stop her from this shit? usually when you are visibly wasting away your family will intervene soon as they notice

No. 94555

My grandmother looked like this when she was dying at 89. Ashley looks scarily similar minus grey hair.

No. 94565

the random japanese? ''i can't see the goal''

No. 94579

>reporting for duty

Fucking hell. What's she going to do? Ride downhill at top speed in her wheelchair.

That serious loo on her face though. Lol.

No. 94581

File: 1430949653742.jpg (30.38 KB, 557x275, s.JPG)

No. 94587

Fuck off

No. 94592

Oh damn, we're both class of '08.

I look like a child compared to her.

No. 94593


how the hell is she class of 2008? I'll be 24 in a couple months and I was class of 2010

No. 94594


i'm not the other anon but i'm 24 and i was class of 2008 too

No. 94596

I posted this. I'm not even sure it's her, but I figured it was. I thought the dates added up to her graduation year.

No. 94597

Do you have a late birthday? I graduated in 2002 and my boyfriend graduated in 2003 even though we were both born the same year since his birthday is in December. Most schools have a cutoff month of November and December, though some schools have a cutoff somewhere in September.

No. 94605

bulimics have nothing on this guy

No. 94608

File: 1430954091600.jpg (152.7 KB, 480x720, p192792_b_v7_aa.jpg)

He's got nothing on Adam Richman.

Competitive eaters are fascinating

No. 94609

is he really a competitive eater? matt stonie is 2nd in the world

No. 94614

Adam seems like such a doucher though

No. 94615

He was for the show, taking on challenges. Not a full timer though. He lost loads of weight when the show ended. Sometimes I'd retch watching him eat. I read up on how they train themselves for eating all that food and its all eeeeeee. I really have no idea how it's done, even with the techniques they use in peparation.

No. 94616

it just seems so painful and dangerous. i love food but i couldnt handle that pain. ive eaten too much before, legit too much and its not fun til it passes lol

No. 94617

bulimia-fag here. i'm obsessed with watching competitive eaters on youtube, didn't realise how messed up it was until my bf commented on it lmao.

No. 94618

File: 1430954802658.jpg (43.99 KB, 615x409, Roswell-Slides.jpg)

How do they stop themselves from vomiting? I drink a lot (not alcohol), and can drink so much liquid and that's not pleasant either. I love my juicer and in a way I gorge on the juice. I can understand overeating that way. Seriously can't be good for anyone's stomach to fill it so much.

He does. I like when he only has finish half a slice of bread and can't do it and he fails.

The newly released Roswell alien picture reminds me of someone, but I can't think who.

No. 94619

File: 1430954908618.jpeg (31.34 KB, 300x438, Taxidermia_FilmPoster.jpeg)

Have you ever seen Taxidermia? The guy in it is a competitive eater. The people have a vomitarium type thing where they can purge before eating more. I would've thought that'd be cheating.

No. 94624

This is the scene. I'll put a trigger warning here. It's a gross film in a good way.

No. 94636

Uh, everyone just going to ignore this?

No. 94640

yeah lol. erika hasn't done anything to make fun of her. she hasn't convinced people to buy her gifts, done stupid pointless giveaways on instagram to gain a bigger following, made her therapist take a video of her to "prove the online world wrong". i mean, what is there to make fun of erika for? her recovery? being a genuine human?

No. 94641

What is there to comment on?

No. 94643

Agreed, there's nothing to be said about it.
Did you post it, or something? why bring it up?

No. 94646

Are we suppose to believe that's Erika or something? Even if it is, which it's not, so fucking what? It's either Ashley or one of her equally retarded friends trying to stir up shit. Brain damaged.

No. 94651

what… the fuck… is it real? wtf.

No. 94653

It's not real. It's from the film Taxidermia. The lead character's a competitive eater and I mentioned a scene where they have a place for the contestants to purge before going back to eating.

Couldn't find one with English subtitles, but it's just the coach giving them encouragement while they vom.

No. 94654

not erika

No. 94655

sounds like a fucked up movie i'd love. haha thanks

No. 94657

No. The girl's got a flesh tunnel in her ear for a start.

Yeah, it's a good film! It's really fucked up but good. I rewatch it a lot.

No. 94660


He has another vid of the same exact meal.


No. 94667

File: 1430958942902.jpg (36.2 KB, 410x435, ew.JPG)

I skimmed through the other one because it was less blurry. Who the hell is he?

That looks GROSS. Oatmeal is so filling. How can he eat all that?

No. 94672

Now I'm googling extreme eating

So far, this makes me feel the most nauseous to think about.

No. 94678

the most nauseating thing in this video is the fact that he bleaches his hair while looking like a falafel eating andre 3000

No. 94682

He's a cock personified.

Looks like he staring Ashley in the face.

No. 94684

(although it should technically be a yellow one)

No. 94686

No clue, I randomly came across it when googling for post lifting oatmeal recipes one day LOL

No. 94687

No. 94694

Saw the "vomit alert" so I didn't watch, but that had to hurt coming back up…

No. 94703

ED related question:

Anyone have a link to Aimee Moore's episode with Dr Phil? Part one is here:
I watched it all in high school, but it seems to have been deleted.

Also, any other interesting ED-related videos? Specifically with thin people.

No. 94717

No idea - but here's some more intimate info on her:
that medusa site is pretty good

No. 94719

No. 94728

He can't even speak after a few pints of drinking and puking it. Stupid dick.

That site was one of my favourite blogs. I wish it was updated instead of things posted on facebook, but I suppose the info's reaching more people if it's on fb.

Can't help with the Aimee thing.

Idk any other videos really apart from Caraline's Story. That and Thin.

No. 94729

Also heart problems. Current bulimic-in-recovery and my heart is shit right now.

No. 94732

The person who uploaded the Dr Phil part 1 has other anorexia videos uploaded on their channel (in case you didn't see).

No. 94735

This is about how one girl "happier" being a part of the pro ana community.

No. 94745

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story is a good movie. Potato quality but worth watching.

No. 94755

PPS: Sorry for turning this into ED general, but there seems to be a dearth of Ash drama right now.

No. 94758

I'm no use. I'm non Murican so have no idea what goes on on Dr Phil's show but someone's going to give advice.

Who the fuck is J?

Anyway. Yep you need help. That's a scary weight. Wait for an informed anon. Good luck.

No. 94759

Do it faggot. Just contact the show. You won't know 'til you try.

No. 94760

A special ED angel that we're ~*protecting*~

No. 94762

Don't worry about it. Non Ashley talk is mire interesting than her life. Even peanuts and drinking Tabasco conversation's more interesting than Ashley.

No. 94763


you should try to get into in-patient. Contact your insurance, see what the cost is, figure out an amount of debt that would be reasonable for you. Maybe look into switching insurance through your state ACA exchange if possible. Ask facilities about payment options and possible discounts. Do not let your recovery hinge on the beneficence of a tv producer. Take it into your own hands.

No. 94765

It's really annoying when talk drifts off to some fucker only three anons know of.

No. 94767

honestly i think at this point someone should just name "j" because it's not like everyone here is a merciless cunt anyway and we've seen that with how people treat erika. if "j" gets named, people will support her unless she behaves like ash.

No. 94773

Either this or stfu about her.

No. 94774

For real.

No. 94789


If you are really set on trying it this way, do not lose any more weight. I'm not from the States but have watched several ED related Dr Phil episodes, and to me it looked like they were simply going for more "unique" or just interesting/ridiculous cases.

They probably receive hundreds of deathly thin submissions, so you'd have to be inventive and embarrassingly histrionic.
Think back to the shouting matches between Aimee and her mother, the vomiting into trash cans; unfortunately that's what they want to see.

There was also a girl of normal weight who claimed to binge and purge 40 times a day, yet her mother who was also present had never once heard or seen her vomit. She also claimed to think that "calories are contagious", wore a mask, blamed her mother for her ED, etc.

tl;dr: You don't have to be a spoopy skeleton, just be dramatic as fuck.

No. 94790

I couldn't support anyone like Shmegma either. She's on the same level as Ashley imo.

No. 94793

If anon really wants to get Phil to help then I'm sure we could come up with a plan and contact him on her/her behalf. It probably seems more dramatic to the producers if others put people forward for help.

No. 94796


That sounded like some weird pronoun gender thing.

No. 94797

yeah its an anon board just fucking post the girls name

No. 94800

Oh god, that sounds hilarious and interesting. Happen to know the girl's name or episode title?

No. 94802

Nevermind, found it. "My bulimic daughter thinks calories are contagious."

No. 94804

No. 94809

File: 1430975899988.jpg (340.98 KB, 1280x1279, tumblr_nnwrlcChBg1uufc36o1_128…)

Ashley said she's going to impersonate Pokemon characters in a video.

Bitch looks better in black and white. Makes the wig look less tattered and the skin isn't sickly yellow.

No. 94811

It's not a wig, jeez.

No. 94812

lol stfu

No. 94813

There're things called irons. They get rid of creases. Learn to use one.

No. 94814

Yes it is, Ashley.

(As if Ashley had the strength to pick up an iron and take it to her wrinkly clothes)

No. 94822

pro-tip: if you can't see even a hint of scalp along a part like that it's definitely a wig.

No. 94823

Do you think she wears the hairbands to keep the wig more secure?

No. 94824

I believe the J everyone is talking about is Jen Batschelet (please correct me if I'm wrong). She's posting her emaciated self publicly all over the internet just like these lolcows, so I don't see why she shouldn't be named.

Tumblr: http://starchil-d.tumblr.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/starchild702/

She's not really a lolcow, though, more just a trainwreck. I don't think there's much drama to be dug up on her. She used to post super thinspo-y photos and shit on another Tumblr account, but it was finally taken down a while ago. Now she just posts more personal stuff and is allegedly """in recovery""", despite the fact that she's losing weight and is well on her way to Ashley-tier anorexia. She seems to reeeally love being in treatment and being the speshul anorexic girl with the NG tube. That said, I don't know her personally. She might be very nice. Somewhere she used to pitybrag about having been to 40+ different treatment centers, though, and that really rubbed me the wrong way. Some people are desperate to get into just ONE.

No. 94825

she looks like an emaciated ellie goulding

No. 94826

Oh right, thanks.

Just scanned her ig. Doesn't look any worse than others we've casually mentioned. recovery, my ass. Again though, seen it all before.

No. 94827

I know ~wanting to be skinny~ isn't THE reason for EDs (well, it is but you know what I mean), but thinking a skinny body is perfection is doubly fucked when you think how ageing it is on a persons face.

No. 94831

This combined with her awkward "konnichiwa" and "sayonara" and "representing L", I just don't even. The first video was SO cringey I physically recoiled. It sounds like it's only going to get worse.

Like, i get it. I play pokemon when it comes out. I like anime and manga. And I'm a grown woman. Which is why I don't make shit like that such an integral part of my identity and how I present myself. I grew up in the 90s, and seeing some of the shit she reposts #90s is "oh yeah, that!", but fuck.

She wants herself to be seen as a child so she can be coddled and hand-fed presents and esteem, but she really is one. She's stuck in the mentality of a 14-year-old, but worse. When pretty much anyone was 14, they WANTED to grow up. She doesn't. She literally has nothing else to claim as her identity but anorexia, depression, and liking weaboo shit and 90s shit, and the only one she's remotely unique about is how fucked up she is in terms of anorexia.

No. 94832

No. 94833


No. 94850

Her other thinspo-y blog where she posted more pics of her body was named some variant of "moonchild" before it got baleeted.

No. 94852

Oh yeah, I didn't mention that she's apparently obsessed with horoscopes (along with Starbucks, smoking, and, well, you know, being the sickest anorexic in town). I fucking hate horoscopes.

She also developed some sort of weird crush/relationship(???)/obsession with one of her therapists at a treatment center she went to, and then the woman wound up being deported, apparently without having talked to Jen beforehand. I don't know the full details, but Jen freaked the fuck out forEVER about this therapist. Her posts were pretty vague, so I may be piecing the story together wrong, but basically it seemed like she was in love with her therapist. Yeah.

I went pretty far back in her blog, I'll admit. As far as I could see, she has been like this for a loooooong time, getting hospitalized and going to treatment centers only to get released, relapse, and then start the process over.

Anyway, I guess there are some lols to be had, but mostly I feel bad for her parents. They've been watching their daughter die for years and years and years. They're probably in shit tons of debt unless they're really rich and/or lucky. And they have to deal with a dependent adult who refuses to stop killing herself in front of them, despite the efforts of probably hundreds of people by now to help her.

Sorry, I'm not feeling especially nice right now. I hope this girl IS able to recover, for everyone's sake.

That said, anyone know of any other amusing Tumblr or Instagram anorexics? I'm oddly fascinated by them. Oh, and, by the way, does anyone know why Russians seem to be so obsessed with anorexics and pro-ana?

No. 94857

kinda looks like Jeremy Renner here, lol

No. 94863

you'd think anorexic people are filled with self-hate, but it seems all these girls are doing is taking selfies, buying gifts for themselves and writing tldr posts about their ~struggle.

No. 94864

I agree it's stupid. Just keep the damn thread on topic.

No. 94870

Selection bias - you're only seeing the "girls" that act like this. The ones who don't take selfies, maintain social media presences, beg for gifts, etc. don't get noticed here, because why would they? There are plenty of non-lolcow anorexics; I'm guessing the ones we see make up only a small minority of the ones that exist and DON'T market themselves as an internet persona.

No. 94871

Sorry, meant to quote >>94863

No. 94878

ermagerd i know who this "j" is and i agree with 110% of what u said about her. "j" is muh best friend for 10 years.


No. 94879

PS, the quest to recovery girl, and sorry if this is something everyone knows, but she eats an exact serving of every item she eats.
3 oreos, 24 teddy grams, 17 pretzels, 1/4 cup cheese, 2 corn taco shells, 6 triscuits, 1 tablespoon PB, and the 6 brussels sprouts she always eats is a serving size.

I could really fuck up her day by telling her that all of those things aren't accurate to their serving size if weighed on a food scale. But I won't do that.

No. 94881

Yeah, I've noticed that about her. She also has other weird rules like if she has any kind of nut butter other than plain PB, she HAS to have plain pb with it (and she only eats 1/2 TBS)

She also keeps mentioning that she's going to increase her calories the next day because her dietitian is making her, but she has never managed to do so. She's said that if her daily intake is even 20-30 calories more than usual she has a freak out (and usually a giant fight with her mom)

No. 94882

Also going to add that it's a maladaptive response to recovering. An unhealthy control habit since one form of control has been taken away
INB4 "yawn no 1 cares fgt"

No. 94883

And I've noticed she prefers those packaged single serve things. Probably because she doesn't have to measure them and trusts the nutrition label/serving size. Whatever, I wish her the best.

No. 94885

File: 1431004515696.jpg (109.5 KB, 640x640, 10954823_653385944787511_99290…)

I think this one is my favorite. No one eats this way normally. A random slice of cheese, exactly half of a hoagie. They literally forget how to eat like a normal person.

No. 94886

> I don't have a really "sick"-looking face like hers
here is where you are wrong
and very very sick
you need help

No. 94892

thats not a hoagie. its a baked potato. far fewer cals

No. 94893

Oops. Point still valid though

No. 94900

its like he's eating ashley's face

No. 94901

It's a baked sweet potato, even fewer calories. And who the hell hacks a potato in half like that? I mean, my husband and I will share a sweet potato if it's one of those huge ones, but we cut it lengthwise.

My favorite are her "feta wraps". Literally a low-calorie tortilla stuffed with dry lettuce and a little feta cheese. How does that not dry her mouth out?

No. 94906

They're flat out brand wraps. I think a lot of us spot the bullshit because we've been there, lols. Most normal people don't understand calorie density. They see an anorexic person with a plate ~*FuLL*~ of food and think "omg good job" when really it's half or less the calories of a meal they SHOULD be eating.

No. 94910

I forget how much of a cunt dr phil is

No. 94911

I think the whole internet obsession with 'eating healthy' has people who need to gain weight severely misinformed. People are generally stupid when it comes to nutrition and thinks recommended daily intake is universal for everyone.
Like I see these 'cheap and HEALTHY!' meals that are, translated to normal English, basically 'dishes for losing weight and/or working out'. I am malnourished and anaemic due to an illness and have to eat those as well as very fattening foods, but occasionally I'll get a health nut classmate looking at my plate and going 'oh my god, DOUGH' or 'oh my god, RED MEAT = CANCER SUPER BAD 4 U'. I think that's why Ash herself is so misinformed, fatties have hijacked 'healthy' and made a bogeyman out of other foods they can't eat.

No. 94921


No. 94924

File: 1431015197054.png (237.72 KB, 1039x346, jen_shmegeh.png)

>Oh, and, by the way, does anyone know why Russians seem to be so obsessed with anorexics and pro-ana?

i was wondering the same thing. looks like jen's trying to cater to russians online as well.

No. 94926

Russians are weird, more news at 11

No. 94927


No. 94940

I think she meant eating coffee.

No. 94958

I snorted in bad humour. My husband and his
Mother came to the USA 5yrs ago…explains creep-I drunks obsession with me staying thin. I was doing so well when I first got to Boca Raton, but this shithole literally kept me from treatment. He wouldn't even allow me to see a psychiatrist(oh no! meds!?)….ugh sorry. Awful stereotype; Check.

No. 94962

great job anon! make sure you have support irl

No. 94983

>My husband and his Mother came to the USA 5yrs ago

that means he grew up there, which would explain that kind of mentality. i don't mean to be xenophobic at all, btw. i do know a lot of russian upstanding guys. they're not the norm though, unfortunately.
life in the US is a shitload easier than in russia for the average russian (not an oligarch maybe), state support, better infrastructure, more safety etc.
there is not nearly as much support for people with EDs as there is in the west. they are just now catching up in that regard.
and let me guess, he always puts his mother first in any matter.
the alcoholism thing doesn't surprise me either. it's really not just a stereotype in my opinion, but a statistic.
(i don't mean this all to be offensive towards any russians, it's just my own experience. especially in comparison with the west)

No. 94987

>it's just my own experience.
so anecdotal evidence?
>i don't mean this all to be offensive towards any russians
you obviously do.
>i don't mean to be xenophobic at all, btw
>proceeds to make xenophobic comments

I've lived in Russia all my life, now I live in the country next to it and while there's assholes you can hardly say being one is a Russian trait. I know a lot of assholes from America, but I don't go around saying American guys are pussified cheaters (which they are, but that's just my experience).

>more safety
top kek, you're just as bad.

No. 94989

Does ash sleep all day? It seems she is most active during very late hours

Take your tits, place them on the table, and calm them down

No. 94990

maybe it seems so because you are watching too much russian pro-ana sites

No. 94991

if you talk shit about someone's country, especially if you spew blatant xenophobic lies, expect to get shit on back

No. 94993

in my experience, all americans i've ever spoken to were extremely xenophobic. ignore them, they're not worth it.

No. 94999

america and russia have a long bitchy history and america has a lot of issues but russia..

>trans people cannot drive

>gay violence accepted
>an area is completely radioactively contaminated and no one gives a shit because the people living there are peasants
>USSR's oppression of eastern european countries
>labor camps
>russia attacks countries like georgia and ukraine
>extreme poverty, drugs like krokodil
>attention getting projects in favor or actually having basic infrastructure

this is to their own citizens or former citizens btw! crime, sadness, poverty, violence - produces assholes with little regard for others. it's a fact. america has many problems also. we have many bad people in many different ways. but does russia not deserve to have shit talked about it? no.

No. 95001

That's like pot calling the kettle black. Just fuck off, it's completely irrelevant to the topic.

No. 95002

>extreme poverty, drugs like krokodil
Speaking of krokodil - a lot of those users look way healthier than ash

No. 95003

america turns a blind eye to innocent black citizens being shot almost every day, you have no gun control laws, you have no respect for the rest of the world, you bombed the middle east for no reason whatsoever, you have many school shootings every year, even a black president isn't helping your issues with race.

No. 95004

russians love haku too

No. 95006

yes, we have a lot of problems like I said. they both deserve criticism. not that I would judge someone for being russian, it's an interesting place and huge, people are not all the same. but still.

also our problems with police do not start and end at 'innocent black people being shot'. police prejudice and violence has been a huge issue for a long time. the police have an insanely small amount of accountability. in fact, our whole judicial system is relatively fucked up. anywhere you get people in power who are only looking out for themselves and don't really give a shit about the ones they have power over it can really end up terribly.

No. 95007

kek, this >>94989 isn't me.
i know, what i'm saying looks like "talking shit", i don't mean to be rude at all though. i lived in russia before and am visiting from time to time and that's literally my impression (i'm living in germany right now, not america).

No. 95008


Take it to /b/ you guys are shitting up the thread.

No. 95009


No. 95012

No one cares about America vs Russia. You both suck in your own special, fucked up ways. Okay bye.

No. 95014

Jen and Schmegeh both look like they could be of Russian descent. Thus the Russian thing. They're not trying to "cater to Russians online", jesus.

No. 95016

How does one 'look like they could be of Russian descent'?

No. 95020

Same way someone looks like they could be of any other ancestry…

No. 95023

I hate to break it to you but this site is kind of bullshit. I'm from one of the other countries listed and they basically missed the mark entirely. 100% wrong.

No. 95024

It was a random result from Google, you get what I mean though. These chicks look like they could have Russian ancestors, that's basically all I meant.

No. 95025

I agree about Shmegeh definitely, I haven't looked at Jen enough to know but probably.

No. 95026

Fair skinned, light hair, high cheek bones, light eyes,

No. 95027

your stupidity hurts me

No. 95028

And "their great grandparents were Russian" is a sounder theory than "they want Russians to fetishize them", especially since Shmegeh has admitted to wanting to desexualize herself with her anorexia.

No. 95030

No one cares about your European pride.

No. 95031


No. 95033

what european pride? there isn't even such thing as "european pride", europe is made of different nationalities.

No. 95034

File: 1431026086072.jpg (819.99 KB, 1226x851, germanclub.jpg)

No. 95035

the heritage based on looks forums are crazy


I can't find the one I'm thinking of but it's like armchair psychology except 'her eyes look kind of asian maybe she has asian ancestry'

No. 95036

you can also look into free treatment at NYSPI. its not fancy, but its high quality.

No. 95037

I love having people guess my ancestry, because they're always super wrong.

No. 95038

do you really think an american cares about that?

No. 95040

They're trolling you.

No. 95041

sorry i can't see you through the obnoxious eagle aura you're giving off

No. 95042

jfc. its Jen. are we happy now? i think i should get a prize for the naming. hold on, ill go make an amazon wish list. jk. but yea, she's a sweet, albeit delusional, girl.

No. 95045

are there any pictures of her before she became a walking skeleton?

No. 95048

Ash needs to hurry up and make some videos so Germany-chan can stfu.

No. 95050

File: 1431026703186.jpg (74.68 KB, 640x480, Hamtaro Chan (30).jpg)

They're all myspace angles, but there are plenty.

No. 95051

where do you find them?

No. 95052

If it wasn't for the shitty undereye makeup, she'd look really pretty here.

No. 95053

No. 95054

Ugh, people who have no control over the situation in their country arguing with other people who are in the same position. Why. You're only making things worse.

No. 95055

Are her eyebrows tattooed on?

No. 95056

somewhat true but I think it's fair to say america doesn't have the same level of poverty that russia does


No. 95063

what's wrong with a slice of cheese…?

No. 95065

Michelle's last name is Levy. Could be a Russian Jew. It's a big Jewish last name for sure.

No. 95067

I have nothing to say against it, in fact I actually agree, but there's a perfect quote by Pushkin that says it all: "Of course, I despise my motherland from top to toe but it is a pity if a foreigner shares this feeling with me." I'm not a pacifist or anything, but I seriously don't get it when people start such arguments. It's no discussion, they don't discuss anything, just throwing shit at each other.

Lol, sorry, felt light butthurt for a moment. Already regret it.

No. 95069

It's just randomly on that plate. Not melted on anything or on top of anything. OCD Ed Habits very obvious. Ain't nothing wrong with cheese though

No. 95070

And it's one of those sargento 40 cal slices. Diet chz

No. 95071

eh sometimes i just put a slice of cheese on my plate b/c it doesn't go on top of anything and i just want some damn cheese ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 95073

Yeah but I doubt your plate looks so…… Disordered. I eat cheese randomly sometimes too. She's not eating it randomly tho. Let's be real

No. 95076

Russia vs. America shit goes here: /b/res/5287.html

No. 95079

yeah I think there is also a lot of ideological differences, but I don't mean to be hateful of russia I juat meant the possibility to produce the kind of people they were talking about exist imo
I could say bad things about americans if it would make you feel better but honestly it's a pretty common view americans are terrible in a lot of ways. lots of self centered people here.

fyi it wasn't me starting the tangent

No. 95080

jesus christ.

No. 95084

I agree that jen looks russian, but shnegeh? Not at all.
Btw, i find that ashley and jen are people who look totally shit at that weight. There are some who can still rock this whole emaciated look, but those two seriously can't (just speaking from a completely superficial point of view).

No. 95085

Lol i love you

No. 95086

Smegeh looks more scandanavian to me. any butthurt SJWs want to trash me for that?

No. 95087

I've been wondering for a while why the hell Michelle has this line in Russian.

No. 95089

SJWs don't believe in Scandinavian people silly anon. There's only "poc" and "white" to them, nothing else. Those two broad labels, nothing more in depth.

No. 95090


No. 95092

I always thought she did it because she has a lot of russian followers. She certainly isn't russian herself.

No. 95093

Or maybe because she likes a lot of russian/ukranian models.

No. 95095

No, wait, does this even make sense

No. 95102

yes completely. lots of people idealize russian models because of vlada, sasha etc

No. 95104

but what did you do this, I got sucked into that thread

No. 95106


No. 95114

She was such a cutie. She looked even better in the early stages of losing weight.
But then… yeah. Now we have spoopy skeleton.

No. 95118

File: 1431030927860.jpg (22.17 KB, 380x285, Hamtaro Chan (76).jpg)

anyone got a time stamp on this one? looks like she was losin quick at this point

No. 95121

I wonder to what extend it pisses michelle off to see her ~totally random key smash handle~ misspelled all the time. I mean gurl, we know you lurk
She mentioned norwegian ancestry once, I think it might be as close as her mother (as in michelle being second gen immigrant)

No. 95124

There are wankers of all races and nationalities. Can we leave it at that?

No. 95125

File: 1431031793257.jpg (19.05 KB, 213x217, m.JPG)


It was uploaded at motherless in Feb 2010.

No. 95126

Looks very similar to the wig she wears now. Just darker, I guess.

No. 95127

My file says June 2007.

No. 95128

File: 1431031966433.jpg (76.26 KB, 500x306, 0006564649.jpg)

Looks like the same wig she wears now, but less frazzled.

No. 95129

>dat nose

No. 95130

Probably is then. That's only the date this obsessive neckbeard uploaded all the hamtaro-chan pics.

No. 95131

Americans are hilarious.
'Oh you look Irish. Are you Irish?'
I have red hair but I'm 100% Hungarian. You can't tell what people look like based on eye and hair colour or facial features, people even look worlds apart within a single country and there's too much variation. Plus everyone always guesses the popular countries, nobody that 'can tell really well' ever guesses something like Lithuanians or Macedonians.

No. 95132

Ah, I checked a couple of other pictures, some are from September, some from March.

No. 95137

The half Hungarian here. My dad's dark. Dark hair, dark eyes, swarthy complexion, epicanthal fold, broad facial bone structure. My mum's British. I get the watered down darkness, the eye fold and the bone structure. People guess I'm of Chinese origin.

You can't rely on sterotypes written online. There's too much mixing of blood in 2015 to say Oh you look Irish, or w/e. I don't even like those sites. It's too much like eugenics to me.

No. 95141

I'm 100% Irish with dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. People I've met online have always assumed I'm hispanic but no, I'm not, and a lot of Irish people ARE really dark and yet have no ancestry from other countries. You really can't guess someone's ancestry by their appearance, if you happen to be right it's only pure luck.

No. 95144

I'm 100% Irish with dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. People I've met online have always assumed I'm hispanic but no, I'm not, and a lot of Irish people ARE really dark and yet have no ancestry from other countries. You really can't guess someone's ancestry by their appearance, if you happen to be right it's only pure luck.
Feckin this, thank you.
Not all Irish people look like Little Orphan Annie, red hair is mostly a Scottish trait anyway and even they have a considerable amount of people with dark hair and eyes (see: Princess Peachie).

Besides, a big Celtic tribe, the Picts, were known for their dark hair and eyes. Many people from Ireland and Wales are like that still. One ridiculous thing I heard is that those that are darker are such because of "Portuguese sailors coming to the Isles and breeding with fair maidens". Wut.

No. 95146

So, what ancestry do you think Ashley is? Skeleton? Zombie? Corpse? Mixed?

No. 95147

I used to drink at an Irish pub. I'd say most of the customers had the dark look, as do a lot of Welsh people. A couple of red heads.

This just popped up. Yeah, the Picts.

No. 95148

well, I'm 100% nobodygivesashit, and sooooo tired of people telling me I look Jamaican.

No. 95150

Someone in the last post said she's part Latina? I think at this point she's probably not in a state where anyone could guess.

No. 95151

My guess would be Spanish/English.

No. 95152

Based on my expertise, she looks about 50% skeleton, 20% corpse, and possibly the remaining mixed.

No. 95154

with a liberal splash of Brat

No. 95155

I'm positive that there's a little nether lich in there for good measure.

No. 95159

It's because Jamaican me crazy, bbgurl

No. 95163

File: 1431034973498.jpg (99.19 KB, 700x420, 1217-walking-dead-amc-3.jpg)

so, this?

No. 95164

She might be about 16% granny too.

No. 95182

File: 1431037838653.gif (3.26 MB, 320x240, HoUboSC (1).gif)

No. 95197

Haha what? I think you missed the point, that was a post answering a question about where she came from, not about whether that was a good thing or not.

No. 95222

Can someone explain why it was a big ass deal to name "j"? Am I supposed to already know that chick or something? Her IG feed is boring and we've already been talking about and naming other fake recovery girls on IG… why is she special?

No. 95223

i expect to see ash shopped into this pic by tomorrow. don't disappoint me anons

No. 95224

Because she's a special ED snowflake angel princess, not a lolcow, duh. We need to protect her.

No. 95225

Because anons kept saying "J" as if there was a real reason to keep her identity secret. She's definitely no different to the other fake recovery girls.

No. 95230

File: 1431044019104.jpg (77.09 KB, 700x390, walking-dead.jpg)

Cheers for the idea, anon.

No. 95236


J is what the original anon referred to her as when they explained about having submitted her story to Dr Phil producers, iirc.
Anon implied that J was a (former) friend and didn't want to reveal her identity, but didn't do a decent job at making it hard to guess who it was, having hinted at J being a stoner, obsessed with NG tubes, Starbucks, and social media.

The following Anons probably thought it was cool to have ~figured it out~ without naming her under the pretense of showing respect for Original Anon.

No. 95248

I told y'all she want lolcow worthy. Why are you disappointed? You hyped her up lol. Not everyone with an ED is interesting or posts crazy stuff.

No. 95252

And what anorexic with a public social media account isn't obsessed with coffee and tubes? Just look at Instagram.

No. 95256

That's absolutely perfect
Oh man, the sheriff guy pointing the gun at her while the woman and child look in disgust is a really nice touch

No. 95259

I am not Irish or Scottish but I am a ginger. I do have some Nordic ancestry which may explain it. The Vikings spread that gene around quite a bit.

No. 95297

can someone just say her name i wanna check her out

No. 95302

Maybe look in this very thread? >>94824

No. 95338

kek someone needs to try to make this into a new banner.

No. 95366

I'm the anon who, several Ash threads back, said that i can't spot "bulimia cheeks" and that I don't know exactly what they look like.

I know now.

No. 95374

I wonder what he would say to ashley if she was on the show…

No. 95394

Oh my god if you look at her teeth in her recent smoking videos they are all black and nearly corroded.

No. 95399

I'm wondering if the blackness is the lighting.
Here I see what you mean: https://instagram.com/p/2J-eERPmRe/
But here they're just severely corroded: https://instagram.com/p/2PJUfkvmQI/

No. 95400

She does look a tad more filled in lately compared to her older photos.

No. 95404

I meant Scottish trait in the Isles, as Hungarian anon pointed out above other people can have red hair too. Not even only Scandinavians. Hell, I've seen a ginger Turk.

No. 95411

Sarah Smith also follows her account. Ugh.

No. 95417

I think Ash said she had a granddad who was half-Peruvian, or something, which was why she said that it wasn't racist of her to make fun of Latin accents.

One time, and I think this was another case for her non-racism, she listed her full list of ancestral nationalities. In addition to the Peruvian or whatever, she said she had some "American Indian" in her, but she didn't know which "tribe." Call me SJW-Chan, but that's pretty fucking racist to me.

No. 95423

'American Indian' is still a really common term. I'm 19, and it was used throughout the duration of my time in public education, so I imagine it was the same for Ashley. We also did all these really terrible projects where we'd get 'Indian names' and build totem poles and shit. That kind of indoctrination doesn't really fade fast unless you're super active in SJW type stuff.

So no, that's not racist, it's just the equivalent of your grandmother making a casual remark about how their 'Negro neighbor' is doing a lovely job with their horticulture.

Pls no more racist shit, I really don't think it's at all relevant to the pile of abomination that is Ashley Isaacs.

No. 95424

I really really wish Ashley would make videos like this. No Pokémon nonsense.

No. 95425

so because its common doesnt mean its racist?
the way she said it was racist imo
ashley is just a racist

No. 95431

feck off

No. 95433

In other news, Ash is really starting to resemble Gollum the worse she gets. Cosplay suggestion

No. 95439

File: 1431058298334.gif (62.02 KB, 400x200, 14878_horror-now-apocalypse-ap…)

You fucks are comparing Russia and America when our entire fucking borders are being crushed by the Ana-Titan as we speak!

Wall Russian! Wall America! Who cares when these fucking THINGS are eating us alive then purging us. They don't eat us for nutritional reasons, they purge every single person they've consumed. Get back to your fucking posts before I charge you fucks and shoot anyone on sight for desertion you fucking derelicts!

No. 95442

File: 1431058553647.jpg (238.15 KB, 800x1215, shingeki-no-kyojin-2529623.jpg)

*Wall Russia

No. 95445

My sides are in the fucking stratosphere. I love you, anon.

No. 95450

YES!! amazing!

No. 95456


No. 95461

I love tits of all colors and sizes. I asked ash once what did she think about tits and she blocked me. Triggered by tits!!

No. 95530

File: 1431072177795.jpg (7.23 KB, 275x183, cupcaketits.jpg)

No. 95531

File: 1431072213676.jpg (5.49 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

Maybe she's triggered by vaginas too.

No. 95551


Suddenly hungry for baked goods.

No. 95567

Go get some

No. 95580

do it for the girl ashley could have been :^)

No. 95583

That vagina dentata cupcake's got more teeth than Ashley.

No. 95585

I tried, but since the banners are so small it's hard to either get a decent portion of the background or to be able to clearly see Ashley.

No. 95588

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that this is the same girl. Even if she's an insufferable miserable cunt I still feel sad for what she could have been.

These threads are depressing the fuck out of me.

No. 95593


No. 95611

File: 1431095667006.jpg (90.53 KB, 640x640, 11142846_1403771123277501_1477…)

Why do bulimics teeth always go up in the front? Like this: __/\__

No. 95627

I've noticed that, too. It's like what happens to toddlers when they use a pacifier for way too long.

No. 95629

the thing i am most concerned about are her eyebrows

she looks healthyish here but she still doesn't have any??

No. 95630

Probably the acid from throwing up etching on the teeth?

No. 95632

That would be my first guess

No. 95651

she might have a hair pulling nervous habit, lots of ed sufferers have nervous habits like that

No. 95662

it was also a fashion thing around ten years ago, which is when I'm presuming this was taken, to pluck eyebrows really thin. Could be that also?

No. 95663

I wonder if ashley has split seconds of clarity where she realizes how much she has destroyed her body. Is this possible in an ED patient?

No. 95666

I'd say it was plucking. She still over plucks now, unless they never grew back properly. That happened with me.

No. 95677

you could make a "wheres ash" series, like Where's Waldo, but with zombies

No. 95683

File: 1431106636718.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1431106340237.jpg)

No. 95684

File: 1431106678677.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1431106375054.jpg)

No. 95686

I bet if you did that and someone didn't know of Ash, it'd be really difficult to pick out the real live human.

No. 95688


No. 95695

She bangs on about weed and cigs like a 14 year old would.

No. 95697

File: 1431108315418.png (993.04 KB, 604x608, 233453.png)

holy fuck, she actually looked pretty once. a bit like scarlett johansson in the first pic.
she'd look heaps better if she gained some weight. right now she looks like a sickly middle aged woman trying to be ~trendy~ and ~hip~.

No. 95698

>a sickly middle aged woman trying to be ~trendy~ and ~hip~.

…or a crack ho

No. 95699


Jesus fuck her teeth look wretched.

Also, those fucking smoke-blowing videos irritate me so much. It's like some annoying child breathing right in your face. Coupled with the image of her breath smelling of rotten food particles, I may just vomit.

Why does she take so many?

No. 95703

File: 1431109426638.jpg (92.05 KB, 640x640, 2105164221_n.jpg)


Even just a year ago her face and teeth looked considerably better.
Lightning-fast decline.

No. 95705

Christ, those are some of the worst bulimia cheeks I've ever seen.

No. 95707

I just love people who feel the need to share their love of weed every five minutes. I mean, I like it too, but why would anybody else care? Unless they're "out of weed help!"?

No. 95708

File: 1431109742554.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1431109641980.jpg)

Looks like her teeth have been nicotine- and acid-stained since High School age. But the wearing on the enamel has definitely gotten way worse in the past 1-2 years.

No. 95710

It's the parotid glands that swell on the underside of your face. Not the apples of your cheeks. A good example is actress Charlotte Coleman in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I recognized it immediately and looked her up to discover that she suffered from eating disorders during life. Not everyone with a cheeks has "bulimia cheeks"

No. 95711

She was so pretty, dang

No. 95715

Both Jen and Ash would have been so cute without bulimia.

No. 95722

Can you circle it on some pictures? I'm having a hard time picturing what it looks like.

No. 95726

File: 1431111803875.jpg (151.3 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

It's more on the underside of the face

No. 95728

Thanks, anon.

No. 95732

Does she have Trich or something that caused her to wear that wig before becoming a skeleton?

No. 95738

I didn't Charlotte Coleman had an ED. Sad that she died so young, she was a good actress.

No. 95748


jesus.. just googled her

No. 95760

File: 1431114047228.jpg (63.98 KB, 521x239, tumblr_lklk2nEsMV1qcxckwo1_128…)

I agree. This was Jen just 4 years ago. Such potential…

No. 95762

File: 1431114146510.jpg (50.07 KB, 400x300, tumblr_lklk2nEsMV1qcxckwo2_400…)

Also this.

No. 95764

i would say maybe it helps her eat, but it doesn't look like it.

No. 95765

definitely got the scarlett johansson thing going on here.

No. 95767

Oh holy shit, that's such a wonderfully horrible idea.

No. 95769

Not sure that's the reason because she's obviously not eating. Smoking normal cigs helps stops you eating.

How much is a coffee in Starbucks in the US? I'm wondering why a lot of the ~recovery~ girls are all Starbucks crazy. Over here it's too expensive (for a poorfag who doesn't work at least) to spend so much on what they drink there. If they're after sugary drinks, they could make their own coffees and put shit loads of sugar in them.

No. 95770

I know! I'd actually do this if I could do more than crop on Photoshop.

No. 95774

File: 1431114912280.jpg (84.98 KB, 607x598, bb.JPG)

All I'm seeing are photos of her with a tube up her nose bitching about the particular clinic she's admitted to at the time.

I'm a smoker (although switched to ecigs mostly now) and I didn't realise how disgusting smoking looked until now when I saw this. Cigarette and a nasal tube. God.

No. 95775

File: 1431115056282.jpg (85.28 KB, 588x594, bb.JPG)

No. 95777

Who the fuck is this and why are we talking about her?

No. 95778

So is the point of the tube to just keep her alive, or to actually give her enough nutrition to gain weight? Because, fuck… If I was going to be forced to gain weight anyway I'd rather enjoy it and eat pizza and burgers and ice cream.

No. 95781

Another whiny person with an eating disorder. Some anons were talking about her but wouldn't say they were talking about.

Talking about her now because Ashley's dull as fuck.

I think that's a feeding tube. I'm with
If they're loading you up with calories, might as well enjoy it. Ahh, but we wouldn't understand.

No. 95782

File: 1431115519717.gif (570.03 KB, 250x250, buschemismoke.gif)

No. 95783

No, but I think Steve Bucemi is hot. You just made smoking look sexy again.

No. 95784

When they get that thin they just can't jump into eating pizza and ice cream, it has to start slowly. NG tubes can help with that

No. 95786

File: 1431115675441.jpg (110.89 KB, 1016x602, 00.JPG)

Here she's saying the clinic's refusing to feed her real food. Her facial expressions kill me.

No. 95787

You can still purge with a tube so I don't get why she's at home with one

No. 95788

She likes wearing them for selfies.

No. 95789

So we should start a thread about her then instead of filling this one with more OT bullshit?

No. 95790

Do you get pissed when people talk about Erika here too?

No. 95791

"They didn't let my parents bring me Starbucks! What the fuck! I need my Starbucks!"

No. 95792

Apparently she's not a lolcow. Kind of agree in way because the only people she's hurting is herself and her parents.

This thread's changed to more off-Ashley so we talk about others as well, seeing how Ashley can't hold our attention for too long. That's why we go OT for long. I like it this way tbh.

No. 95793

Maybe she has a fake one she uses when she's not getting enough attention lel

No. 95794

edit: I do think she's a lolcow, but she's friends with someone here or sthing and we're not allowed to take the piss out of her.

No. 95795

I bet she does. It's like when I was a kid, I used to like wearing bandages when nothing was wrong just to talk about it ha

No. 95796

i like you, anon. and i agree.

No. 95797

I don't think anyone should be off limits on this site tbh

No. 95798

Put a blonde wig on him and it's Jen.

No. 95799

Are you fucking serious? Does this "friend" know what site this is?

No. 95800

Nope. That doesn't work.

No. 95802


This is why she was referred to as 'J' for ever so we didn't know who it was. It's not like having a thread about her is going to hinder her ~recovery~ because that's obviously fake. If she saw a thread about her, it could be a slap to the face and she'd wake up and realise what she's doing.

No. 95803

Jen is too speshul you guys. She's sick and her parents buy her Starbucks and she's a precious little ED angel.

No. 95806

I bet she's constantly got the smell of cigarette smoke in her nose if she's smoking wearing a tube. That'd knock me sick.

No. 95807

ohhh, so this is that J bullshit

No. 95810

I can't remember why she's being ~protected~ and I can't be fucked to look over the old thread to look.

YESSSS that's her. That was the big secret.

No. 95811

I hope Jen finds out about her Dr. Phil "friend" posting her here.

No. 95812

She's probably so used to it that it doesn't bother her

No. 95813

She actually has/had two tubes. I don't think she has one currently (??? Does anyone know?) but for a while she had an NG (nasogastric) as well as a port into her stomach. She never gained more than a few pounds with them because she couldn't "tolerate" the amount of feeding– aka she won't stop purging.

No. 95814

oh yeah, that's it - the Dr Phil thing. i remember now.

No. 95816

Sounds like she DOES need her own damn thread

No. 95817

Sorry, but I'm convinced she needs her own thread.

No. 95818

No. 95820

i don't know enough about her to start a thread. she needs our help.

No. 95821

Anyone who posts this shit for attention IS a lolcow, I don't give a shit what anyone (this friend of hers) says

No. 95824


It was suggested in the old thread that a separate thread for eating disordered lolcows be created, but that would be a hassle, so this one was meant to combine that and Ashley bullshit.

From the thread's intro:
>We take a look at some other potential ED lolcows.

No. 95825

just make one. if it's removed then idk

No. 95826

Damn girl. She's made me crave coffee. I'm going to make some. It's good stuff and it cost less than the cost of 2 cups of a Starbucks for a big bag. Tastes better too.

On one of her igs there's one of those 20 things about me things. She mentions the 40 plus clinics she's been at and is all "ask me if you need info on any of these places". Jesus, you know?

No. 95827

Imagine the both of them on Dr. Phil at once….

No. 95828

>>our help
Not what this site is for.

No. 95829

Better log those 5 calories in MyFitnessPal

No. 95831

I was j/k, anon.

Okay we could keep her here, but expect Ashley to crash the thread lots so she get more attention in "her" thread.

No. 95835

Looks like we're not the only ones annoyed by these fake recovery accounts:
latest photo is bashing on aly_realrecover

No. 95836

lel - more than 5 with the amount of cream i'll be adding to it.

No. 95837

fuck, it's private

No. 95838

Fuck that was fast, I should have taken screenshots.

No. 95839

confession #003
The photos that have surfaced of my ‘past’ are not what you think they are. They are not of my body and lifestyle at ‘pre-ED’, they are after a refeeding. I had just been released from a 5 week long duration of intensive care. Before my admission, I was suffering from Anorexia only in terms of eating disorders. I developed Bulimia after the discharge, and when those photos were taken. The year was [the end of] 2006 to 2007. So please refrain from calling them ‘pre-ED’ photos, when that isn’t what they are. It is offensive to me.

lel wat

No. 95842

It's public now.

No. 95843

wait is this ash?

No. 95845

sorry i dont know how to internet

No. 95846


J is clearly more ~successful~ at her ED than Ashley, because she goes from hospital to hospital yet still doesn't gain any weight whatsoever, and she doesn't have to sleep in a recliner chair.
Maybe she even sneaks free binge food from the lunchroom.

Ash is doin it wrong.

No. 95847

File: 1431117339872.png (1.61 MB, 1200x675, meh.png)

Eh, it's hard to get decent photos of her where the top of her head isn't cropped out or she isn't holding her phone up in her face.

Anyone have that shot of her in the car park outside her apartment?

No. 95848

File: 1431117344215.jpg (100.69 KB, 500x667, unnamed (1).jpg)

Ask and ye shall receive

No. 95849

NO! The top one's me.

that's from Ash's tumblr (yawn)

No. 95850

Holy shit, I wonder which one of us runs it.

No. 95852


No. 95853

not me, but i like the hate in the comments. they're being all ~protective~

No. 95859


Bless ya, Anon. It really is like Where's Waldo.

No. 95860

This is so good. I can't stop laughing!

No. 95861

wow so those pics of her past are from post-refeed. well, i mean we knew she was bulimic in those photos so i guess it isn't a shock to me

No. 95862


Yeah, everyone commenting there is a potential ED-lolcow. Makes the job easier.

No. 95866

I had this thought - imagine if Ash came Trick or Treating at your door.

No. 95867

"I'm not fat!! I never was fat!!! YOU'RE OFFENDING MEEEEEE!!!!!"

Ash's should probably stay off lolcow.

No. 95868



No. 95870

File: 1431117817854.jpg (26.29 KB, 753x365, nooooo.JPG)


No. 95872


I was the one posting the Ash Update but last time I checked I wasn't her so

No. 95873

That was good though while it lasted.

No. 95875

This is very interesting to me. She is offended that we are calling those photos "pre-ED" Is it because by doing so we are invalidating all of the "hard work" she did to lose weight before those photos were taken? The minds of these ED chicks… I just can't understand it.

Ashley, you looked WAY better in those post-refeed photos, and I'm sure you looked even better than THAT in photos where you are truly pre-ED. Right now, you look like death, and it's scary. And sad.

No. 95876

that aly_realrecover has definitely lost weight if you compare a few months ago to today

No. 95877

yep. her legs could snap and she's starting to get the cheekbone tearing through her skin look.

No. 95879

And her looks cause involuntary bulimia in other people.
She's a threat to society.

No. 95880

why do people comment how she's doing amazing when she isn't?

No. 95882

i mean aly_realrecover

No. 95884


That, and she just has to let us know that we haven't seen any pre-ED pictures of her.


No. 95886

What did Ashley look like before the eating disorder?

No. 95888

File: 1431118362032.jpg (23.8 KB, 407x182, moreofthis.JPG)

She needs more of this

No. 95889

Apparently her mom is making her go inpatient if she doesn't gain serious weight by June. I don't think either of those things will happen. She's still taking extreme close-ups (thus skewing the size) of tiny miniature cupcakes and itty bitty pizzas and saying she ate THE WHOLE THING!!

No. 95890

She says she eats 6000 calories a day.

No. 95891

File: 1431118539775.jpg (111.8 KB, 640x640, 11208252_1387545704907800_5770…)

I don't believe she even eats the things she posts photos of anyways. Do this look like bite marks to you??

No. 95892

Rofl "take care"

No. 95893

Since the person who runs this is obviously reading this: Fuck you for deleting it, you total baby.

No. 95895

>>95889 >>95876

Well idk but maybe she really believes she's ~recovering~ ? like in denial about everything and stuff and those follower comments telling her how brave she is make her feel like its all true

No. 95896

File: 1431118698273.jpg (68.29 KB, 516x606, v.JPG)

She takes pictures of the food, pictures of the food being spooned into her mouth, but you never actually see pictures of her where she looks like she's going to put the food into her mouth.

Here she's looking at the dessert like it's the fucking bubonic plague.

No. 95898


Yeah, there was a picture in an earlier thread of one of her sandwiches which showed clear fingernail marks on a slice of cheese.

She's pulling her food apart for the pictures then probably trashes it.

No. 95899

Hahaha oh jesus.

No. 95901

It's still there. I think Instagram is just glitching up.

No. 95903

Oh my God her entire sternum is visible. Yeah, she eats 6k calories a day. Right.

What a liar. She talks about her dad and brother yelling at her about her ED. If she was really eating everything she says she eats, why do they have reason to yell, huh?

No. 95904

File: 1431118962820.jpg (16.46 KB, 214x200, image.jpg)

No. 95905

This fucking bitch, what an asshole

No. 95906

File: 1431119021795.jpg (41.52 KB, 429x516, h.JPG)

this one?

No. 95907

File: 1431119154291.jpg (84.79 KB, 640x640, 11240355_1419979358321938_2135…)

That can happen if you don't perform an enema.

No. 95908

I've always wondered, would she just send the food back? Somehow I feel like ordering that kinda food just to leave it would be… idk kinda embarrassing?

No. 95909

File: 1431119211248.jpg (78.47 KB, 573x580, h.JPG)

You can imagine her just bashing her mouth with the ice cream to make it look like she's had some.

No. 95910

ahahaha - that's probably where she shoved it because that banana certainly never entered her mouth

No. 95911

maybe her friends are in on it. she'll have devious plans. ways to excuse herself from eating something. i expect she mashes it up so it looks like she's eaten a lot. that type of thing. unless she crashes someone's table when they're at the restroom.

No. 95912

Hmm. Wasn't ash the one bitching about Aly and calling her a "speshul ED angel"? I'm wondering if she's posting all this stuff here about her and the other people with EDs

No. 95914

File: 1431119569452.jpg (186.58 KB, 640x1136, 1429720743869.jpg)


This one.

No. 95916


I posted those, and I'm not Ash.

No. 95918

oh. fingernails. i see.

No. 95919

She wears lipstick. No trace of lipstick on these things she's cough bitten into.

No. 95921


I would not be surprised in the least.

No. 95923


You're right, Anon, she probably shoves all her food into the wrong orifice.

That picture up there of the chocolate ice cream smeared lips does look like a prolapsed anus too.


No. 95924


If your BMI is 12 you definitely look more like Jen or Ash than a normal,healthy person. You should, um, really consider recovery.

No. 95927

Haha oh jeez. I hope she at least feeds it to a dog or hobo after she's done taking photos.

No. 95929

Um 12 BMI is insanely low. Please get help soon.

No. 95930

File: 1431120159556.jpg (310.61 KB, 596x603, preed.jpg)

I'm not Ash, this chick just pisses me off. Here's a pre-ED photo of her. She used to have such a pretty face and her body looks fantastic. Now she's all skeletal and her face is all caved in and awful looking.

No. 95931

And then furiously washing her lips and the skin surrounding them after the pic was taken in fear of absorbing leftover calories. Probably googled to see if sugar can be absorbed through the skin. Source: been there

No. 95932

No. 95934

She was beautiful. If she would just admit relapse it'd be different. Has she?

No. 95937

Fuck her and her low cut top to show off her sternum bones.

No. 95939

File: 1431120534549.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-08-23-25-43…)

and this was her 36 weeks ago.
If she was eating 6000 kcal a day, pizzas, chocolate and general fast food, she wouldn't look like she looks now.

No. 95941

Or just tosses it away. She doesn't look poor.

No. 95943

Your decision. I hope some day you'll change your mind before it's too late.

No. 95944

You sound like Ashley. Get help or you will become a spoopy suffering skeleton.

No. 95945


Interesting, that picture is photoshopped.
You can see fuzzy outlines especially around her stomach, arms, and lower legs.

No. 95946

>I'm not down with the whole gaining weight part of "recovery,"

How else you gonna recover?

No. 95948

But all that WASTE of food. It'd be criminal to throw it away.

No. 95949

Was this taken before or after the one in the restaurant? She looks a teensy bit better if this was after the restaurant one

No. 95952

it was taken like 6 months before q

No. 95953

gaining weight isn't what happens with a ~pro ana lifestyle~

No. 95954

File: 1431121047197.jpg (85.88 KB, 640x640, 11143038_432709040221910_10420…)


She also cuts open her chocolate.
Look at that sad trial piece in the background.

No. 95955


No. 95956

Anyone know where to find that phone case?

No. 95957

Honestly if someone told me to choose between

1) Being fatty/chubby but having enough energy to enjoy life, be able to work and study and hang out with friends


2) Being skeleton afraid of food yet thinking about it 24/7, not having energy for anything, lying in my bed all day doing nothing but hating myself

…I would definetely choose the first option

No. 95958

At least she doesn't publicise it like these lolcows here do. Maybe she does, idk.
But yea, it is a form of slow suicide. Like reckless driving, smoking (oh hey, isnt that what jen glamourises?), or getting into physical fights. Be it in a conscious or subconscious way.

No. 95959

Need a link to the pic or a bigger shot to see it

No. 95960


>I don't care whether I live or die, but I really care about letting you farmers know that I wish I knew how other people see me at my 12 BMI.

>Did I mention my BMI is 12 and I am a fascinating spoopy skeleton?

No. 95961

great. go back to sleep, and when you wake up, spend your hours on myproana or another site instead.

this isn't a thread about what you look like at a certain bmi. get off my internets

No. 95962

But you could be envied by women everywhere if you were a skeleton!

No. 95963

HOW DOES SHE STAY UPRIGHT? I know we've all seen her a hundred times but it still baffles me, she shouldn't be able to stand up, people are starving in third world countries and can barely lift their head and they're bigger than her

No. 95964

she probably borrows Ashleigh Realdoll's metal stand.

No. 95965

File: 1431121534394.png (30.08 KB, 891x713, subtropical-storm-ana.png)

It's just barely missing me lol

Mia isn't currently a possibly name for tropical storms and hurricanes, unfortunately. Maybe when another "m" name gets retired.

No. 95967

Nice how it skipped over Florida. I guess it felt there was too much competition over here.

No. 95970

I love extreme weather, but…yeah…I'd rather watch it on tv than be there. We'll probably get the afterblasts in the UK. always do with tropical storms.

No. 95972

It annoys me how Ana and Mia make me think of eating disorders now. I used to like the name Mia.

No. 95973

She stands for about 1 minute while her mom moves her wheelchair and takes her picture. She doesn't stand upright, she leans slightly.

No. 95974

Aly doesn't give a shit about recovering. She puts that overly-positive bullshit in her captions to keep her account from being deleted.

She loves the attention and frequently remarks about the number of followers that she has. She is most definitely lolcow material. Thousands of ED sufferers follow her, see all of the food she posts, and then they see her daily selfies of her getting more and more skeletal. Think how horrid it makes someone feel who is REALLY recovering and eats what Aly claims to eat but actually gains weight (as they should).

She has probably caused many anas/mias to relapse. Pisses me off.

No. 95975

Ana used to make me think of eating disorders. Now it just makes me think of bondage and Twilight.

No. 95976

I'm still surprised she can stand long enough for the wheelchair to be out of shot. Like that 50 stone woman who had a show and started crying and freaking out trying to get into a car because she couldn't see her wheelchair. Just as fatties have the risk of falling and dying she does, but the opposite end of the scale.

No. 95977

File: 1431121973815.jpg (11.33 KB, 389x77, this.JPG)

fourassedcat posted this on one of Erika's latest pics.

you'd think she'd have the sense to stfu. erika needs to fill out her face ffs.

No. 95978

Her and Ash are definitely going to be responsible for killing some of their followers and white knights.

No. 95981

Most people with severe EDs probably dont know what they're missing out on. Especially when it has started in childhood/their teens.
Maybe i'm being way meta here, but it seems like they're destroying/minimising their own existence instead of creating/building. Which is a truly selfish thing.

No. 95982

I want to punch this bitch. She's being triggering on purpose.

No. 95984

she (tfc) also looks like she's lost some weight in her recent pics

No. 96194

Selfish in a horribly self-destructive way.

No. 96195


Just yesterday I came across a YouTube video of a girl who had recovered who said the instagram ED recovery community initially helped her, because she realized that the praise she got there made her feel similarly accomplished to how her anorexia had previously done so.

In the case of aly and other ED lolcows, they want both worlds: the weight loss "achievement" and tons of pro-ana followers, while also getting popular and being praised and patted on the back for supposedly "recovering".

No. 96196

No. 96197

…and for the family/friends.

No. 96198

All these bitches are hard to keep track of. We should make a directory.

No. 96199

I'm sure Ashley can make one for you kek

No. 96203

What's the kid called who eats 6 sprouts?

No. 96204

No. 96208

Lel, nooooo. The one who eats the same amount of things and the Weight Watchers stuff. She's a brat to her mother etc. On ig, she takes pics and there's a bit of peanut butter on a plastic spoon. herrrrrr?

No. 96209

We definitely need this.

No. 96211


No. 96212

File: 1431122898103.jpg (75.19 KB, 609x517, mmm.JPG)

I believe that Erika's good at food. That last pic looks gorgeous. This is my kind of food.

I scribbled the salmon out because ick.


she goes on the list. gummibear woman, she goes on the list.

No. 96213

trigger warning: salmon

No. 96217

nooo. i'm veggie is all.

No. 96222

I actually have an extra stupid phobia of fish, even when it's dead and cooked, so I thank anon for scribbling it out. I might have been triggered otherwise.

No, but really I can't even hold tins of canned tuna. It's ridiculous.

No. 96225

That's not stupid. Fish are weird looking fuckers.

No. 96227

Do you know why?

No. 96233

No. 96237

I looked at her blog.
First pic: Pop Tarts
Second pic: Starbucks

Difficult to pin an age on her.

No. 96238

File: 1431124768008.jpg (36.21 KB, 354x480, tgiving2011019.jpg)

No kimchi was eaten that day

No. 96239

Didn't vibrant-oxymoron have a thread? She's another Ed lolcow but now she just eats junk food and she's a drug addict or something and looks like fucking shit

No. 96240

She did. She's a tumblr friend of Ashley's. I don't think there was much milk to have at the time.

No. 96250

There's also this thread:
But I'm pretty sure she just faked having an ED altogether.

No. 96252

God, you can really see how horrible she looks with this pic. Straight up mummified corpse, freshly plucked from the Halloween isle at the store.

No. 96255

Not entirely sure. I talked to a psychologist about it once and we figured out that it might have been due to trauma from seeing Titanic in a theater at age 6. I became afraid of boats and the ocean and then it became fish as well. It's a possibility, since I remember eating seafood before that age but idk.

No. 96258

Christ, 6 years old. I was 14 when Titanic was in the theater.

No. 96259

I was even older, but I found it a traumatic experience too. I hated that film and it's so long it had to have an interval groaaaan.

Btw, I've never travelled overseas because I'm phobic about water/boats and also flying. I can't even do the chunnel because I think it's going to leak water in it.

I'm fine looking at f**h though.

No. 96260

deep water, not water in general.

No. 96262

No. 96264

yeah. i'm sensitive to anon's phobia.

a f**h triggering free zone

No. 96266

playlist for the bored people with no social lives tonight

No. 96268

Purges bread and mustard. Eww.

No. 96270

I like looking at people's binge foods? Idk like the ashley sushi thing.. instagram's binge tag is just all emo razor blade pics lol

No. 96272

Are there any instagram/tumblr people on Dr Phil?

No. 96277

I found this girl, her name is Kaila Bentinck. Seems to be doing better

No. 96278

I like where the sidebar suggestions are taking me.

This person seems interesting: https://www.youtube.com/user/tayllor2900

I think a trans guy? Identifies as male anyway. I can't quite figure out what his illness is.

No. 96279

Wow, thanks anon, I've never seen this one before. I was the anon looking for more ED-related shows or YouTube videos earlier in the thread. I'll watch this one before finishing Sharing the Secret.

On a completely different note, Sharing the Secret actually has the same cinematographer as all of Christopher Nolan's films, who then went on to direct Transcendence. I imagine that's what makes the quality so markedly better than the other Lifetime ED films. The more you know!

No. 96281

"She gets a sense of power and entitlement from being so close to death."

No. 96282

If I clicked the right facebook, she looks like she's doing really well.

No. 96283

Ugh, she's so annoying. "I'm defying nature. I'm stronger than you."

No. 96284

I'm glad someone else noticed this too!! She also calls everything huge/big. "I had this huge plate of pasta!" "I had this HUGE DELISH sandwich." It was a normal size sandwich! I pointed that out, but she deleted my comment hah.

No. 96285

I find it difficult to feel anything towards her, but it hurts me to see her parents and brother so fucked up by it.

All that cash they spend on her treatment and she can't even be bothered to take sodium tablets.

No. 96286

She just seems so stuck-up to me, I guess. But yeah, her poor family. Hopefully if she's doing better, her attitude improved with her health.

No. 96295

Thanks, guys. I'm trying to get better. Buy me some Rice Krispie Treats off my Amazon wishlist. ;;

No. 96305

With her professional glitter glue. I shouldn't pass that up.

No. 96321

Definitely trans. I've come across him before. I used to be obsessed with trans people

No. 96329

File: 1431134870862.jpg (93.33 KB, 510x622, thatswhatthesefreakscallit.JPG)

>implying I am ~pro ana~ and that actual anorexia nervosa (not "Ana") is a ~lifestyle~ top kek

No. 96352


is this you?

No. 96386

File: 1431139629158.jpg (37.56 KB, 400x348, salivary_glands.jpg)

I know that no1curr, but nope! You're confusing the parotids with the submandibulars, which are the salivary glands under the jawline.

The More You Know ミ★

No. 96405

File: 1431141137991.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, heyguise.jpg)

how is the cheese and bread "bitten" but not the meat? lol embarrassing

No. 96412

File: 1431142282206.jpg (123.53 KB, 640x807, image.jpg)

Did we post this one here yet? I feel like with her pre-Ed is anything before she got so extreme. I am super curious to see actual before pictures tho~*

No. 96428

you're veggie so you can't even LOOK at meat? lmfao.

No. 96441

do you like looking at gore photos of mutilated humans? that's how it is to me with any meat. fucktard.

No. 96445

I kind of want Admin-sama to implement something where every time someone types fish it's actually censored, it would be hilarious

No. 96451

This chick is in court-ordered inpatient. She must not be from Florida.

No. 96465

Maybe because she's been in trouble with the law for drugs? Maybe treatment was part of a sentencing? Or she's under 18 or tried to kill herself. There's actually lots of ways to get court ordered rehab/recovery

No. 96474

im not sure which time she was court ordered but she says her most recent inpatient stay was voluntary

I'm too lazy to go through all her shit though

No. 96477

This one is a wreck.

No. 96486

She def has a Lot of issues. It looks like she got worse after going into treatment

No. 96487

She really just looks like she has cancer.

No. 96492

File: 1431146719367.png (838.42 KB, 611x609, feedingtube.png)

It's…not hooked up to anything?

No. 96497

File: 1431147040028.jpg (158.51 KB, 600x800, ngtube.jpg)

It looks like she just put it in for the photo. It doesn't always need to be hooked up, but hers is way long.

No. 96501

No. 96503


they don't insert a new one every meal you have one in for like a week or more. getting something shoved down your nose makes you gag and isn't slightly conformed. The little clip on the end is what they will put the either bag or seringe in. It like how up. Of course it has a cap to stop out getting dirty and such but unless it's meal time is just a wire on your face.

No. 96504

Why does she look worse now than before she went in for recovery? Is it the shaved head? Why is she styling herself on a chemo patient? Why do they want to make themselves look dead? Why do they brag about hoe many times they've been an impatient … And more questions.

No. 96510

It shouldn't be that long in >>96492 though. >>96497 is a diff chick with the tube in properly.

No. 96511

I think that's just her 2edgy4me style. It does make her look like a cancer patient though.

But I also think her wanting to recover is legit, sure she looks like she got worse once she got into treatment but her most recent pics show her slightly filled out.

No. 96515

File: 1431148947141.png (44.48 KB, 234x238, 2036en.png)

>rice krispie
>not mentioning a treat that's veg*n

No. 96543

It's really her face that looks really thin. Her body looks underweight but not dramatically. That hairshave makes her look ill. Good luck to her though if she's serious.

No. 96547

She has such a fucking ugly face. I can't stand it.

Fat people don't really have good energy either, though.

No. 96573

Aly is trying, ok?

No. 96595

LOL no she isn't. As one of her followers said, don't be naive.

No. 96596

She really does, especially when she's so thin. It looked better when she was a bit heavier.

No. 96609

She's trying harder than all these other girls.

No. 96610

I just don't think you need to talk about her. She has a lot more problems than you might expect.

No. 96615

And yes, she pulls apart her food. AND THEN PUTS IT IN HER MOUTH. Not everyone likes to bite. Some people have sensitive teeth.

No. 96616

I guess this sudden influx of samefagging means she found the thread!



No. 96618

File: 1431153783591.png (103.7 KB, 887x502, Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.41…)

… And this one too!


Screencapped all in case she deletes any more of them.

No. 96632

File: 1431155244101.jpg (305.22 KB, 1204x1200, Body 1 - Copy.jpg)

Again, LOL. Let's just compare the evidence.

No. 96633

File: 1431155318944.jpg (86.17 KB, 1209x580, Face.jpg)

And her face. These pictures show obvious weight loss. As they say, sorry not sorry. She's bullshitting everyone, perhaps including herself.

No. 96637

Also using dessert forks so her sweets look bigger than they do.

No. 96638

No. 96640

where the fuck do people actually get jeans this small? I fit into a size 0 ffs and I'm not even underweight

No. 96641

Tailoring them themselves.

No. 96644

I think they're jeggings.

No. 96649

You know the only way to get over it is to expose yourself to it, right? You can't possibly expect the world to coddle you like a fucking child. Grow up.

No. 96662

No. 96667

I'm pretty sure f–h phobic anon doesn't expect the world to scribble f–h out of existence in reality.

>Some people have sensitive teeth

Ashley has sensitive teeth!

Trying to what, because it's certainly not trying to gain weight.

No. 96674

File: 1431161010671.jpg (12.5 KB, 387x67, 01.JPG)

No. 96677

File: 1431161075997.jpg (25.77 KB, 393x285, personal_army.JPG)

baw baw

No. 96681

I've got problems coming out of my ass, but that doesn't give me an excuse for not dealing with them, or lying that I am when I'm not.

Stop pretending you're eating 6000 calories. You've obviously lost more weight. You look terrible. We strongly support recovery, but yours isn't recovery. It's not even a good attempt at pretend to recover.

No. 96684

I wish someone could show this Aly girl's parents her Instagram so they could see what a little brat she is and realize she's conning the fuck out of them. Same with Ash, Jen, etc. It makes me wonder if their parents enjoy the attention they get from their children being ~sick~ or if they're really just that fucking blind.

No. 96692

I agree.
Aly once said her mother blind-weighed her weekly, which I think is just bullshit. Firstly, how could she have missed that her daughter was not gaining weight for MONTHS? Secondly, why would her mother have tears in her eyes over seeing her daughter eat a meal and dessert if she thinks she's eating enough to gain? Something just doesn't add up.

No. 96694

Read https://instagram.com/p/zQb2EOSqTG/
Her life has literally been just dandy. She's just a perfectionist and that trait seeped into her diet.

No. 96696

>my labs and EKG are all pretty much fine


No. 96701

Or they're enabling her because they don't want to hurt her. Making things worse for her in the short term is the best way to make things better for her in the long term, but it's so much easier to enable her instead. And even if they do stop babying her and playing along with her bullshit, there's a chance it won't help, and she'll plummet further into her ED and wind up dead.

No. 96703

Oprah clip on a woman named Rudine. Does she have the swollen glands everyone talks about here? (During recovery)?

No. 96717

another lolworthy person "in recovery"

No. 96718

Jesus at the selfies.

No. 96721

searching that "edfamily" tag is gold

No. 96722

'WTF??? I have never self harmed!'

hope she's just taking the piss.

No. 96733

ew she lives close to me

No. 96739

might be long so she doesn't see the food when it goes into her body? or so they can put it far enough out of her reach so she doesn't try and pull it

No. 96740

she looks like an older, suburban house wife form of graveyardgirl

No. 96750

probably because she was purging it all and forced a tube in her

No. 96766

She's pretty in this one though

No. 96769

>do you like looking at gore photos of mutilated humans?


No. 96770

Are you infuckingsane? Jesus, that is one of the worst pictures of her on that account. Her face is turning into a skull like Ashley's.

No. 96787

Wtf is wrong with you? ~*ShE's iN rEcOvErY*~

No. 96794

this is #realrecovery as she likes to say. it's a shame. her poor mom seems lovely.

No. 96815

lmao, dude, it's fine when someone likes things you don't like. The girl has nice eyes and I find her pretty in general, get over it.

No. 96818

now thats what i call bulimia cheeks

No. 96819

careful you don't cut yourself on all that edge

No. 96833

I remember seeing that epi on YouTube. I think Oprah did and update show and it turned out that she died of her disease.

I kinda wish Oprah would do an update on the woman behind Montreux, Peggy Claude Pierre. She was on a few episodes of Oprah and 20/20 in the 90s. She ran a treatment center without any sort of license and had former, still ill patients (some who were suicidal) "take care" of newer patients. She got closed down. The old episodes with her are still on YouTube and there are some articles floating around.

No. 96908

File: 1431200424338.jpg (85.28 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

wanna see the worst bulimia cheeks I've ever come across?

No. 96917

Now you all think that any cheeks are bulimia cheeks. So many things cause it, like really.

No. 96924

File: 1431201432946.jpg (94.04 KB, 640x641, image.jpg)

I mean, it's undeniable af but ok

No. 96926

But that's it, back to Ashley or whatever the topic of the moment is

No. 96932

Yes, thank you. Some people just have such cheeks and that's it.

No. 96934

File: 1431202390207.jpg (388.51 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_no3e5gXOzH1upnbl4o1_128…)

No. 96947

Ashley would kinda look like Isabelle Caro if she had light eyes, prominent freckles and a new wig.

No. 96980

Long time lurker, first time poster. I found out about Ashley's existence in late 2013 through a Facebook post making fun of her and I saw her Instagram username (at the time) dearatticus (I think that was it?) and I was intrigued by her looks and life and stuff that I started following her on tumblr (I don't really care for Instagram tbh) and I thought she was cool because she liked a lot of things that I did and I wanted to befriend her because I wanted her to feel wanted and I legit wanted to have weeb conversations with her, and I felt bad because apparently she was poor and had an abusive mother. I followed her again on sealed-up-tight bc still intrigued and I sent her a few anon asks about wanting to befriend her and complimenting her, but she never replied to them, but no big deal bc she's not required to reply. I checked her blogs often bc I liked her and wanted to make sure she was still alive. I was legit scared that she was gonna drop dead at any moment. I tried to check up on her, but sealed-up-tight was taken by someone that isn't Ashley and I freaked out because I had no idea what happened to Ashley and stuff. But the blog eventually led me here and I was quite shocked at what I found out about her. And hallelujah here I am woo. That's my story, for anyone who cares lmfao.

No. 96984

I think Ash wears the children's clothing because her age is indeterminable otherwise. I know people who are small who have to wear kid's clothing, but it's not screen-printed t-shirts and the like. Funny, she wanted to stay a child and yet she doesn't look like one at all.

No. 96987

I wear children's screen printed shirts but only bc they make wonderful pajamas…

No. 96989

who did that tattoo
wouldnt the needle basically puncture her lol

No. 96991

I wear the clothes I do because it's what I like; sorry it's not expensive Hollister.

No. 96993


No. 96995

File: 1431207977137.jpg (103.1 KB, 625x722, img_0071-0.jpg)

cant be natural

No. 97002

if i was a tattooer she would definetely NOT get tattooed in my shop whatsoever.

No. 97005

File: 1431208584821.jpg (71.81 KB, 415x475, image.jpg)

Holy fuck she looks like a dummy with her pink cheeks and face structure.

No. 97015

I know it's unlikely but I can fucking dream

No. 97025

I'm dumb, who dat be

No. 97029

No. 97031


I feel bad for laughing at this, but yes, that's probably it.

No. 97036

Thanks, I should have thought of that.

No. 97037

Her Instagram is the same. Almost everything is Russian so good luck. And she's like a network for other anorexic Russian chicks.

No. 97106


No. 97109

You know nobody wears Hollister any more, right?
Holy shit, do you think you live in 2005 still?

No. 97120

The Russian language didn't bother me, but I couldn't deal with her facial expression. God Jesus.

No. 97127

File: 1431220652439.jpg (67.07 KB, 425x282, cooked-salmon.jpg)

could this thread be anymore tumblr with this whole FISH PHOBIA shit? holy fuck this is stupid

no news from ashley? wonder if shes pissed her thread is filled with other ana lolcows.

No. 97128

Ashley replied to someone up there.

No. 97129

I'm looking at the ED girls on that vk site more than on ig or tumblr. No idea what the fuck they're saying, but it makes me wonder which are the vk ED lolcows.

Nobody's even making an issue about the fish phobia, except a few anons keep bringing it up. Calm down, dear.

No. 97131

File: 1431220926390.jpg (57.6 KB, 550x412, sushi-zanmai-gurney-paragon.jp…)

Oh hahaha what a stupid thing to respond to. She must be desperate to keep us ~on topic~

No. 97134


Is that a shot at Gummibear person since she only wears Hollister? lol

No. 97141

I'm not even fish anon but this is kind of gross.

No. 97145

File: 1431222935277.jpg (75.88 KB, 640x640, 11195607_419958528175871_19492…)


Yeah, but these are the swollen glands from that same girl.

No. 97147

File: 1431223204110.png (306.88 KB, 645x714, fatbones.PNG)


#fat #bones everywhere, man.

No. 97151

i honestly think that of everything ever posted in these threads, pictures of ashley's upper arm freak me out the most. it's far too thin. i know her whole body is, but her upper arm looks like you could snap it like a twig.

No. 97152

Yeah, she's 100% offering herself as ~thispo~

Oddly she tags some of the numerous photos of her legs either #skinny or #fat.

I hate veins. My fat distribution is so odd that my hands and arms are really veiny even though I'm not underweight. It's really ageing and makes me squeamish.

No. 97158

I hate veins too, to the point where people who know this touch my wrist veins if they want to really upset me. Hand veins are the worst things ever, mine are so obvious too and it freaks me out, but if my forearms were like hers I don't think I could live with it.

No. 97160

File: 1431223843423.jpg (16.76 KB, 500x184, really..JPG)

Probably could. Her bones have got to be brittle as fuck…

…and she complains that she has arthritis. That's pro ED lifestyle for ya, Ash :)

No. 97166

Me neither. Can you watch your pulse pulsating? That knocks me sick. Might have do a Madonna and bring gloves all year around back en vogue.

No. 97172

File: 1431225077633.jpg (48.13 KB, 631x587, lel.JPG)

This one's probably a lolcow.

No. 97175



No. 97369

How do you function in the real world?
Do you cower in fear when you walk past a butchery?

No. 97409

Ash hates that bitch now.

No. 97411

I wish Mark Pfenning would die.

No. 97420

Not fear - disgust.

Strop trolling, cupcake. I function just as well as everyone else ;]

No. 97422

I don't cower either. You and your silly little ideas - eeeeeeh.

No. 97431

They had a falling out? Gummi stopped sending cookies?

No. 97433

He's the vk equivalent of onefixation.

Yeaaaaaah, how do you know Ashley fucked up another friendship. That's so unlike her.

No. 97442

File: 1431237780099.jpg (88.93 KB, 640x640, 11245654_1408661252790514_8397…)

Gummybear looks like she's actually gaining weight! She's got some way to go, but to me she looks less skinny. Ash probably hates her being a "sellout"

No. 97443

Wow, she's looking so much better. I'm actually really impressed.
I wish more people would break away from this toxic fake recovery culture to follow her example.

No. 97446

She's still eating fro yo but she's eating vegetables, salads and bread. She doesn't look stuck in the fro yo/cap'n crunch diet.

No. 97460

Idk what happened with Gummibear but I imagine that being friends with someone stuck in her eating disorder while trying to recover is like being an alcoholic and hanging out with a friend who drinks constantly.

I gotta say, I wonder how these kids' parents would feel if they knew that Ashley, who is almost 10 years older than they and seriously ill, is talking to them.

I'd be furious.

No. 97466

It's no coincidence that eating disordered friends of Ashley only really manage to progress when they cut ties with her.

I can't even think of another anorexic on social networks who operates in the appalling way Ashley does.

I'd be SO wary of any other "ED buddy" my kid would have, even if they're genuinely supportive and trying to recover. I'd want to know all about them before I'd even allow them to communicate in any way.

No. 97473


This is why everyone I know who is recovered has purged (heh) her facebook of treatment "friends."

No. 97476

Good. Recovery's got to be hard enough without that thing posting "MORE WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!" on a post where you talk about feeling the need to binge.

No. 97521

File: 1431241842143.jpg (235.07 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

I'm going to hell for this, but

No. 97522

File: 1431241883991.jpg (195.16 KB, 640x1002, 1430242410489.jpg)

omg, is that her >>96908 ?

whenever someone asks what bulimia cheeks looks like,that should be used as a prime example.

it looks like a tattooed penis.

No. 97526

Nah, different girls, same illnesses.

No. 97529

The blonde girl has to have fillers. That can't be natural. She looks like that girl Taylor (?) who has a thread; the one who had all those trendy surgeries and is a model in Japan.

No. 97532

That "FALL RISK" bracelet is like the must-have accessory for any anorexic. Even shemehemgeh was sporting one back in the day.

No. 97564

Ashley is mentally stuck in 2005, that's why she acts like a retarded MySpace cunt in 2015.

No. 97565

I actually logged onto IG one day, and noticed there weren't any posts from 'gummibear'. A day turned into a week. I then checked people that I personally was following and noticed she wasn't there. I was indeed hurt, because I hadn't done anything to HER or to hurt HER. She is an adult- a mother. I would have appreciated her at least sending me some sort of personal message explaining uhh.. Anything? I still don't even know [at this moment] what happened. I am expecting rude and disrespectful replies from the herd of cows here, but I am just stating my point of view from the accusations.

No. 97569

No one owes you shit, m8. Why would someone message them telling you what they don't like about you before unfollowing? That would give you time to spew more toxicity at them and make them feel bad for 'abandoning you,' when they really just wanted to ditch you for their mental health.
Man, the more you talk, the more I hate you.

No. 97571

Really? That's the first one I've seen; I certainly never received one in the hospital even when I was definitely a "fall risk"…damn!

No. 97573

Go eat a yummy sandwich, digest it healthily and go to bed, ash.

No. 97577

>herd of cows

We're farmers, not cows. You're supposed to be the cow, but you're pretty much beef jerky at this point.

No. 97580

when you type, does your keyboard make extra tap sounds from where your bones hit the keys?

No. 97581

Will ashley make ik to 2016 i wonder

No. 97583


But that is exactly your issue; you seem unable to step out of your point of view (which generally leans towards perceiving yourself as a victim), and at least try to objectively evaluate a situation.

As an adult older than you are I can also tell you that from my own experience with manipulative traits due to personality disorders, both in myself (managed, because I've taken responsibility) and others, that it's best to simply cut toxic people out of your life without engaging in "negotiations", or as you call them: explanations.

Do you genuinely believe that you enrich people's lives when you reject life?

No. 97594

she's got [i]that[/i] facial expression
very punchable

No. 97595

well I fucked up

No. 97635

File: 1431253956567.jpg (141.1 KB, 720x1127, IMG_20150510_123033.jpg)

No. 97637

>beef jerky

lmao, so true

No. 97647

Not being "mean" or "hater" but when people delete you for no reason it says something is up with you that they don't like. Whether it be your selfies bore them to your feed has a negative impact on their thoughts… They don't owe you an explanation.

Please get help. You are dying! You WILL die an awful death pissing and shitting yourself on your bathroom floor I wish that on no human. This life is all you will ever have. don't throw away starving.

No. 97683

I'm waiting for an anon to pop up saying that those aren't swollen salivary glands they have, and that some people just have faces shaped like that. And while it's true that some people do just have faces like that, it seems awfully coincidental that so many of these girls have cheeks like that..

No. 97684

Last I heard, Peggy Claude Pierre had opened a clinic in Portugal.

No. 97689

Check out Ashley's following list. She unfollowed theforestcat kek.

No. 97690

maybe sick dying animals trigger her since she has a rabbit

No. 97697

File: 1431269678546.jpg (103.73 KB, 640x640, 11236274_782167081903421_17247…)

Ah, irrelevant to Ash but look at how well Erika is doing.
Seriously, it's like watching her reanimate back into life.

No. 97715

File: 1431273409449.png (38.13 KB, 1185x470, vibrantlurker.png)

They all b lurkin like mad.

No. 97717

I'm sorry but… 20 pounds of what? Wishlist items?

No. 97718

She only follows 38 people??

No. 97721

20lbs of oedema in her swollen bulinia cheeks.

No. 97722

I don't even see the swollen cheeks you faggots are talking about. She's skeletal all over. No fat to be seen, nor swelling

No. 97724


We weren't even talking about cheeks, but swollen glands.

And this post was by vibrant-oxymoron, who was only mentioned here once very briefly for being affiliated with Trashley.

But apparently that was enough for her to make a passive-aggressive tumbaaaw post.

No. 97726

I'm retarded. I thought it was ash's confession blog~

No. 97736

Bitch ur cheeks r swollen as hell. Everyone knows.

No. 97745

I'm so proud and happy for her. It's amazing how someone with legit severe trauma can rise up from the ashes like that and recover. I hope she lives a long, healthy fulfilling life with her daughters.

It makes me mad that ash's "reasons" for killing herself are so fucking petty. Instead of using erika as an example she chooses death and arthritis. Oh- but don't forget she wants to live forever like this. :^D

No. 97747


vibrant-moron needs to calm her bound tits.
no1curred about you when you were mentioned here, so obviously the tumblr post was to garner moar attention.
those 20 lbs must be water weight because you thirsty as hell.
grade a lolcow behavior.

No. 97768

File: 1431276881521.jpg (276.82 KB, 835x629, eattttttt.jpg)

Ash, this is for you.

No. 97780

You're right. She's an adult and a mother and she's choosing life. One of her friends with an ED on Instagram died recently. She was also a mother (she's posted it about it on questtorecovery's account). That might have been a wake up call for her.

Asking for an explanation is the same thing that creeper did to Erika. Do you really want to descend to his level? It's an extremely manipulative thing to do. Move on.

No. 97788

Well put anon

No. 97795

Who died?

No. 97801

She didn't say. She commented on quest's stuff with that tidbit a few weeks ago

No. 97820

File: 1431280858291.jpg (441.82 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

No. 97834

Could be full of shit too.

No. 97835

Like a lot of these lolcows in this thread if we're being real

No. 97837

Like most of them.

No. 97840

Maybe, but at least she's not "defending" this sick kid against "haters" ( people who tell her to eat more than five sprouts) like Ash

No. 97843

Are we still waiting on that video #1? Typical Ashley, doesn't see anything through…except well, killing herself.

No. 97850

I think she likes that number. When she follows one account, she unfollows another. She has a lot of friends whose accounts she posts on, but whom she doesn't follow. I don't think she ever followed TFC.

No. 97853

File: 1431284703533.jpg (961.38 KB, 2199x2990, Cannibalism_during_Russian_fam…)

No, but really, you can't blame the people for the choices the government makes.
Also, about the whole krokodile thing, it's gained momentum because the mob controls the heroin market (seriously, it's like $90USD for a single-dose bag, addicts need like 5 for a good buzz), and gets prostitutes addicted to it so if they want out, they have no way to supply their addiction. Krokodile is crazy cheap and crazy strong. Withdrawing from it takes months of bed-ridden convulsions, passing out from pain.
Don't judge Russion, you couldn't possibly understand the things they've had to do just to survive.

No. 97856


Not this again.
I thought a separate thread was made for those who still wanted to drag it out.

No. 97859

No. 97865

There is a thread on /b/ for this Russian bullshit. Heroin is not 90 for a single dose bag, wtf. Educate yourself and stay on topic.

Me too, Erika is fantastic. I've spoken to her in the past and she is just the sweetest person.

Bahaha, this is fantastic. What does overdosing have to do with swollen cheeks??

No. 97867

I know, right? We're waaaaiting.

No. 97868

>Heroin is not 90 for a single dose bag, wtf.
Maybe in russia it is right now. Here in the US it's 20 ish

>Bahaha, this is fantastic. What does overdosing have to do with swollen cheeks??

Depending on what she overdosed ON, it could lead to bloating. Plus sometimes they'll pump your stomach. But let's be real, she probably didn't overdose

No. 97871

File: 1431285987823.jpg (21.85 KB, 392x300, cheburashka.jpg)

>extreme poverty, drugs like krokodil

Dear stupid naive American friend, sorry for disappointing you, but krokodil is one of "designer drugs" (dat term, kek) which are generally sold only to you, Americans, so you could die in agony by your own wish. I've never even heard about this shit before I googled "designer drug" in English. But I read about "designer drugs" before. Anons on Russian internets always crack up discussing how you guys fall for this "omg russian designer drug" shit.

Thank you for your attention and goodbye~

No. 97872

Yes, but I'm doubtful she would still be this bloated. I've had my stomach pumped as a child and the swelling was minimal and was gone before I was released. I can't imagine what she OD'd on that would make her face swell.

No. 97874

No. 97876

Haha. Yeah, I'm finding no correlation between the facial bloating and an overdose that would persist than more than a few days/a week.

No. 97878

Stomach pumping would not cause facial swelling, lol. Maybe abdominal swelling but….

No. 97879

20 sounds sorta steep. Round here, you can get it five buck a bag on the beat. It's starting to become a problem for ignant kids from the suburbs. Fucking CT
Really? I was under the impression it was some sort of unGodly meth-lab creation of codeine pills, paint thinner and gasoline. Why import the product when the only thing that is hard to get a hold of in the US is the codeine?
Strange that you haven't heard of it; it effects a lot of young people. Is the internet in Russia censored?

No. 97882

Does she have an IG?

No. 97886

Well, she has to come up with a new plan, now that we have pretty much gathered that the guy behind the camera is not a therapist/DOCTOR.

Go troll in the /b/ thread.

No. 97902

Maybe if you've been intubated for a few days

No. 97928

бля, чувак, остановись

No. 97930

>>Why import the product when the only thing that is hard to get a hold of in the US is the codeine?
I dunno, I'm not a dealer.

>>Strange that you haven't heard of it; it effects a lot of young people.

None of any people I know or ever knew, or those who I read about on the internetz, ever, kek. Stupid Russian bydlo currently fall for as called spice (not sure if you have this thing in your country), it's very popular lately.

>>Is the internet in Russia censored?

Not to this degree. Yet.

Че это?

Hey, I wasn't the one who started this.

No. 97932

Prob an OCD thing.

No. 97933

каз итс ноу юз

No. 97934

If you want to talk about Russia vs. America, make it about a Russian ana lolcow vs. Ash.

No. 97935

>a Russian ana lolcow

Which one? At least two of them were mentioned in this thread.

No. 97936

20 is for bth balloon. at least was 6 years ago

No. 97939

Not uncommon with EDs

No. 97943

File: 1431290398578.jpg (74.8 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Did someone say Russian Ana?

No. 97953

File: 1431290686462.jpg (82.48 KB, 640x668, image.jpg)

And here's another (I'm not gonna post her Instagram bc major trigger warning)
Can we make a thread about Russian anas? Because there seems to be quite a lot.

No. 97959

File: 1431290842804.jpg (351.21 KB, 500x1024, 506575.jpg)

Oh yeah.

No. 97960

Actually, Ashley, here's a serious competitor for ya. Be careful.

No. 97963

File: 1431290958727.jpg (78.83 KB, 590x776, ksyusha_bubenko_dieta_01.jpg)

Just remembered her and got too excited, so I forgot the pic.

No. 97995

Seconded. I have a lot of russian ana followers and they are just fascinating.

No. 97996

Fucking fuck off with the trigger warnings, post them, this isn't Tumblr. Russian anas don't get their own thread, an ana is an ana.

No. 97999

this thread actually helps me recover, because we're always looking at the most extreme. Normally I would just steer away from them and ignore it but now I have to read them because milk

No. 98000

I'm not an asshole. I won't be responsible for fucking up someone's recovery because some of the people who read these threads are trying to recover.
Why are you so bitter lmfao. You sound hangry.

No. 98001


No. 98003

You don't need to bubblewrap lolcow. We're responsible for our own choices. Just post the link. Trigger warnings are patronizing as hell, and yes I'm in recovery.

No. 98006

Except when Erika gives a salmon trigger warning. Cute as fuck:]

No. 98007

she is too fat to ana :/

No. 98009

you are the reason people don't recover.

No. 98010

Ah, the dead girl. She named her "diet" victory.

No. 98011


I agree. It keeps me accountable. I don't want to end up like the people posted here.

No. 98013

questtorecovery has 2 dads. source: truth
relevancy? zero whatsoever

No. 98015

She's not dead, she's recovered:

No. 98016

but really, look at her forearm

No. 98019

File: 1431295761213.jpg (97.08 KB, 604x604, 7749f33b1018d25534273c06bdf00e…)

God, she's beautiful now.

No. 98026

This whole thread (including the previous ones) is getting so ridiculously funny really!first fishing for stuff about that "a" chick including making really awful shoops;getting bored..start bashing at eachother..then finding that "e" chick fascinating and making her so much better than the other one (when there's actually not that much difference exept one has kids and trys to recover and the other doesn't..)and pretending to be so nice and supporting,making her your stong fighter and whatsoever (not saying that's not a good thing- support is a good thing 4sure..) getting bored again..then giving "a" tips for fucking youtube and selling stuff…finding new sick girls to take apart, damn fish phobia crap and other stuff..then russia vs usa shit.. for real people, thanks for the entertainment! you should probably get help and think about yourself tho, this crap here has gone beyond bullying and gossip at times. just saying. (no need to tell me to leave this disgusting site btw)

No. 98027

No. 98028

>Ashley and Erika are totally the same
>Except for all the very important ways that they are different

u wot m8?

No. 98029


If you take the time to read all of the threads and post, you're no better than anyone else here.

No. 98030

>you should probably get help
theforestcat confirmed

No. 98031

Thanks for the laugh, you should probably go read a book on grammar though. That might help you a lot in the future.

No. 98032


Also, WTF at TFC complimenting Erika on her bone structure days before she is going into treatment for her severe eating disorder?

No. 98033

If Erika is triggered by any of this crap I know she will be able to work on it in one of the best centres out there and develop strategies for handling things like that in the future when she's closer to recovered. Because, you know… she's actually trying, and making an effort, and did the work to get into Denver.

No. 98034


Oh excuse me, "facial structure." Same difference. Erika is emaciated.

No. 98035


Yeah, but you'd think that since TFC is into ED people she'd realize that complimenting someone on something like that is not helpful.

No. 98054

File: 1431298112350.jpg (104.16 KB, 640x642, image.jpg)

Yeah, obese

No. 98060

You're a shit-smeared ass, never post again

No. 98061

>finding that "e" chick fascinating and making her so much better than the other one (when there's actually not that much difference exept one has kids and trys to recover and the other doesn't.

Yeah, not much difference there then.

No. 98065


Is this the same as bulimia totally natural hamster cheek girl?

No. 98069

No. 98073

No. 98075

Bollocks. I meant cheek girls is

No. 98078

I'm guessing that was Ashley. Minimizing the difference between wanting to recover and not. The fact that they've read all of the threads.

Using "that 'a' chick" and "that 'e' chick" and shitty typing like "4sure" makes it seem like they're trying to cover their natural typing style…

No. 98079


Thanks anon, they're all starting to blur into one tbh.

I did check that profile, but it's only visible to members, and why would one register for VK, unless they wanted to look at ~Russian anas~?

No. 98081

I registered ages ago for another reason totally unrelated to a eating dosorders. I know of a Russian psycho/lolcow in a music community of fans for a particular singer. That's all over now, and not worth going into.

No. 98083

File: 1431299461472.jpg (85.88 KB, 647x667, ss.JPG)

No. 98085


I actually had the same thought re: trying to adopt a different writing style to cover up her identity, because there are still certain things like 2 ellipsis instead of 3, and the annoying hyphen instead of punctuation.

No. 98086

> a eating dosorders.

Ashley in disguise has given me shitty spelling and grammar too.

No. 98087

Oh it was Ashley alright.

No. 98089


I feel really bad for her. https://missythings.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/my-brother-lived-today/

Her brother died a few years back. If my brother ever died I don't think I'd be able to survive the devastation. Explains the circumstances of the 'alleged' ED at least.

No. 98096


>My brother’s co-workers told us that he complained of fatigue and a tight chest the day he later died of a heart >attack. I cannot help but wonder what might have happened had he went to the Dr. or ER/ED that day.

No. 98101

Grief affects everyone in different ways. I wouldn't be surprised if his death could've started her problem. A neighbourhood friend of mine killed himself on New Years Eve around 8 years ago at 20. His two younger sisters dealt with it as well as could be expected, but it's totally destroyed his mother.

No. 98118

She has admitted to an ED. But yeah I wouldn't recover if any of my siblings died at this age either. Especially not something that could be foreseen. If ash was my sister I'd be beside myself.

No. 98136

Ah, thanks Anon. I was distracted by all the new faces.

No. 98145

If it was a heart attack, that could be even more reason for her ED. Even if she wasn't overweight before she might have become hyper aware of heart disease in people who are and wanted to make sure that she never ended up that way.

No. 98146

That's a really great point tbh.

No. 98155

Naw, it doesn't type like that. Not enough hearts.

No. 98161

Seemed to me like she was trying to tell Erika the weight looked good.

No. 98162

I hadn't read the blog entry when I wrote that but I'm reading it now and yeah, I do think it's possible that she got very hung up about heart disease at the time. The poor girl. Losing her brother must have been horrendous.

No. 98163

Lots of reasons, the site has way more than just ana chicks.

No. 98179

This is true. It's more fucked up than facebook. It's like all kinds of neo Nazis and really vile people can post anything and vk dgaf.

No. 98181

Back to Ash, what do you think she did for her mom for Mother's Day?

No. 98182

I think Erika is a pretty cool girl. Seh eats calories and doesn't triggered by anything.

No. 98183


I understand the intention there. I think she was probably trying to be supportive, but in a way that could backfire. She should've given more thought to how it could be taken.

No. 98185

Ruined her day.

No. 98195


Ash left a cute little smelly present originating from her orifice of choice in the toilet without flushing.

No. 98198

No. 98200

She invited her mom to purge with her.

No. 98201

She's autistic, she was just sperging on her idol.

No. 98204

File: 1431305653095.jpg (30.67 KB, 485x256, lel.JPG)

She said sharing your love should be enough, so looks like Ashley isn't even bothering with the minimal effort.

No. 98205

She sat her mom down on the couch, sat next to her, and took her hand. Then Ashley looked at her mom with tear-filled eyes and said, "Mom, I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sick of being sick and in pain. I want help, I need help. Will you help me?"

Hey, we can dream, right?

No. 98224


Does anyone know where I can get the full episode of this? This case seem really interesting, but I can't find a lot on it.

Anyone can help?

No. 98227

No. 98237

Do you guys think Ashley might be a sperg too?

No. 98242

Honestly? no. I think her brain just stopped developing when her anorexia set in. She's mentally 14-15 at best. She understands socializing enough to manipulate.

No. 98249


I actually had to turn the "fucking computer" on in order to ~share the love~ with my mother, whom I exchanged emails and pictures with today.

And I sure as hell don't need a toxic person such as Assh to remind me of my ability to cherish having been cared for, but I suppose she would because it sure doesn't come naturally to her.

No. 98254

She does seem very young and naive, but it's probably more what >>98242 said.

No. 98360

Hell to the no. She's too good at manipulating. Just because she likes kid stuff doesn't mean she's on the spectrum. She likes to talk to teens because teens with EDs are most active within that community. And they're the easiest to manipulate.

No. 98362

Idk the answer to this particular question, but the intervention episodes with eating disordered people are fascinating. Esp the one with the twins, Sonia and Julia.

No. 98366

does anyone remember when ash would post pics of her spoopy skeleton body and caption/tag it with "excuse my fat legs". i think that's the moment i realised i hated her. even if you have body dysmorphia why would you post something as stupidly triggering to other people, when the majority of your fanbase are people with eating disorders as well?

No. 98367

While we're e-diagnosing her, does anyone else think she's more histronic than borderline? Erika's clearly borderline, and I feel sorry for a lot of borderline people because they don't actually mean to be burdensome or manipulative, but Ashley's more intentionally vile.

No. 98369

she's borderline.

No. 98374


>shallow and labile affectivity,

>exaggerated expression of >emotions,
>lack of consideration for others,
>easily hurt feelings, and
>continuous seeking for appreciation, excitement and attention.

No. 98376

She might meet the criteria for both. But I get more of a borderline vibe from her.

No. 98453

I remember that, and yup, that's when I realized I hated her too. Just wanted to punch her.

No. 98470


lmao, agreed

No. 98508

Definitely borderline

No. 98743

File: 1431330005781.jpg (5.66 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

I know a diagnosis is handy for the professionals, but I'd be surprised it they labelled her EITHER/OR one of these personality disorders. Her symptoms seem to me to overlap too much to say one or the other. I think that's why it's difficult for some of us to decide which pigeonhole she fits into.

No. 98749

I remember that. I also remember her ALT. thinspo account where she posted pictures of her mouth filled with blood after violently purging. She seemed pretty proud of those pics, since she was smiling with a mouthful of blood.

No. 98750

File: 1431330283050.jpg (38.7 KB, 620x387, nocchio.jpg)


PS. Confession #4. LMAO.

No. 98839

Histrionic more so in my opinion. Like someone said, everything seems very intentional with this bitch. Hell, she could have both, and she even fits most criteria for Narcissitic personality disorder.

No. 98851

For what it's worth, I'd say histrionic.

She's craving our/erika's attention with that last confession post. She WANTS it to be posted here so we talk about her because she knows Erika reads here.

No. 98854

Well no shit I want it spoken about here. She needs to fess up already.

No. 98856

Why the fuck would E go out of her way to defend such a shitty person even if A were innocent? E doesn't owe her shit. I've had this happen with my own abusive ex-friends and more-than-friends and it's classic fucking narc behavior. No matter how vile they are, their victim still owes them something. No, cunt.

A is so far up the decayed cavern that is her own ass that it never occcurs to her that oh shit, her victims may not want to directly engage with her. They know it goes absolutely nowhere and that the petulant pissbaby that is A will feed off anything like SHE'S the one suffering the most.

And that Mother's Day post…lol, bitch, no. That feral ghoul of all people telling anyone to get off the computer and/or appreciate their mother is laughable as fuck.

No. 98857

You are beyond acting vile. If there is so much hatred for this single person, get help/therapy. No one asked your specific opinion. Stay anon, no one gives 2 shits.

No. 98858


Personality disorders overlap very often (hence "Cluster B") but there's distinct traits that in the end define them.


This link is pretty basic but gives a good "starter outline" for personality disorders. In every damn psych class I took it was frequently expressed by my profs how difficult it is to get a Cluster B diagnosis down pat, and some practitioners in fact do say "fuck it" and just slap Borderline down on the chart. The reason BPD is so dreaded a diagnosis, well one of the reasons, is that it IS an indicator of a prior professional going "yeah fuck it."

Back to the overlapping, in terms of Antisocial, A definitely has the disregard for others feelings, scanning/conning/lying, lack of remorse, and aggressive behavior down. But then there's the unstable relationships, "splitting," abandonment issues from Borderline, the attention seeking and overblowing of the intensity of relationships from histrionic, and well, fucking everything from Narcissism. See what I'm saying? It's a fuckin' mess.

No. 98859

File: 1431348557784.png (339.04 KB, 600x450, Untitled.png)

No. 98860


I fuckin' LOLd, thanks Oprah.

No. 98861

you clearly give more of a shit than your body's able to even produce in the toilet since you were uppity enough to make a "confessions" blog white knighting yourself, Ashley Anne.

maybe it's time to get a real medical professional instead of a "christian counselor" who you have to lie about being a "doctor" while he records your youtube videos

No. 98862

whaaaat… gross. are these archived anywhere?

No. 98871


Well, BAHAHAHAHA. You ridiculous clown.

Baw baw, Gummibear dumped me SHE HAS TO TELL ME WHYYYYYYYY…Baw baw Erika didn't defend me WHYYYYYYYY????

You seriously can't think of a reason why these women who are taking serious steps to recovery have wisely removed a toxic dropping like yourself from their lives? Oh, and I thought you were smaaaaaaart.

Listen, don't go using this site to communicate with people who OBVIOUSLY don't want to communicate with you. Stay out of their lives. Gummibear is making some good progress since she dropped you.

The reason they don't want you in their lives is the reason you have these threads on lolcow. Sort yourfuckingself out.

Thanks for this, TW. Going to read up on this. When I saw the numerous diagnoses my doc had on his screen for me, I caught BPD, but I'm the least needy person on the planet. Too independent I've been told. People have tried to explain the cluster thing but I only have a GCSE in psychology so meh.

No. 98872

(anyone else ever get the Madonna song stuck in their head whenever BPD is mentioned or is it just me?)

Here, have some nostalgia.

No. 98873

Lel, Twatwaffle gets their name in flashing red lights <3

No. 98896

File: 1431355859001.jpg (11.71 KB, 284x177, download (1).jpg)

No. 98905


oh wait self importance is a sign of a personality disorder. shit. but so is quickly shifting self image WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

No. 98907

we're all disordered somehow, TW, embrace it.

No. 98912

I'm clutching my Cluster B with all my might.

…oh no, that came out wrong.

No. 98915

OP of the past couple of threads here.

Let's say it wasn't you. Let's say Erika made it up. Either way, maybe people wouldn't THINK it was you if you didn't act like the kind of person who would make a phone call of that nature. Stop this rivalry with Erika, she's moved on, you should too. You're not going to convince anyone, especially us, that she's some horrible person and that everyone has it all wrong.

Maybe, you should spill everything you know. What happened? Without leaving anything out what is YOUR side of the story? And I mean the entire thing, not just the phone call. I'm talking about your relationship with her, how it ended, what she allegedly did to wrong you in some manner. These tidbits of your confessions are things you've already said and things we already know. If you want our opinion to change of you, tell us what happened.

Until then, you're just being uncooperative and that leaves more room for us to speculate and get the 'truth' wrong. How about you fess up, Ash? What is the 'real' story? Unlike some anons here, I will hear you out and I'm not going to directly antagonize you.

My email is in my name field if you want to share it off this board. Take up the offer or don't, it's up to you.

No. 98918


email security, dammit farmers.

No. 98920

omg i'm sperging so bad.

daviddavidson853 @ gmail . com

sorry for the triple post, going back to anon in embarrassment.

No. 98921

I believe Ash about the phone call.

No. 98922

No. 98923

Yeah, sure you do, Ashley :^)

No. 98927

Me, too, actually. Feel like she's a wuss even for this anyway. She'd rather make someone do that for her.

No. 98929

Because Erika has other people in her life that dislike her and/or are jealous of her. Ash is not the only one.

No. 98932

I believe her too. I also believe the blue hair was dye and not a wig and that withering wangs blog wasn't her even though the blog owner had Ashley's atticusweirdo ID. She never lies. Ever.

No. 98933

I didn't say I believed her about everything. I just don't think she made the phone call.

No. 98934

If Erika really cared, she'd just call the number back.

No. 98948

I'm confused, who is twat waffle

No. 98949

Erika would have recognized her voice.
Hell, the call could have been related to her pervy step-father who apparently wanted her to stay sick.

No. 98957

Erika said the caller was a female. I think it's a bit of a stretch to assume her father(-in-law? i thought) roped in a woman to do it. I mean, he may have a high voice? idk.


can you expand upon the phone call if you ever feel comfortable enough? Who do you think it was? I totally get it if you just want to leave it the past though.

No. 98963

Don't drag Erika back into the phone call shit. This is exactly what Ashley wants. She wants to drag Erika back to have more 'negotiations' with her to make her feel guilty.

No. 98967

Okay Ashley.

No. 98970

Agreed. It will only make ericka focus on vapid pointless shit when she's doing such a majorly amazing thing right now.

And ashley why the fuck do you care if we know it was you? It's not like the internet police have come to your house and made you pay the consequences.

No. 98972

The best thing you could so for Erika is to let her move on with her life. If it wasn't your number, I don't doubt that it was your home phone number, your moms cell, or google voice. If someone wants to make a call from an unknown number, there are too many ways to do it.

No. 98976

No. 98977

Hey, I love Erika too. I said if she ever feels comfortable. I know, I'm a huge fan of her too but this IS lolcow. It's a gossip site. I don't want Erika to ever communicate with Ashley again, I don't want them to speak about it to eachother here but I'm just saying if she ever /wants/ to talk about it, it's something I'd at least want to hear about.

The caller was from Florida… Orlando area code if I recall. I suppose you could fake that but it's just as likely it was Ashley imo.

No. 98980

Seriously, how many anorexics in Orlando had Erika's number and would insult someone in a way only an anorexic would? Why is Ashley acting like this is up for debate? Lol

No. 98982

Are you sad that she didn't call you back?

No. 98992

File: 1431365541092.png (73.47 KB, 919x646, a&e.PNG)

This is what E posted regarding A in the previous thread.

>Such negativity, much bad-mouthing, wow.

Seriously, Ash, you have the nerve to demand her ~defending~ your anal-fissured butt, when YOU were the one who (even before the break between you two) got hangry about her being liked by many farmers, contrary to yourself, and you kept hinting at how Erika was "good at pretending" and is ~fooling everyone~, and bad-mouthed her for the sole purpose of making your own unlikeable seem relative.

No. 98996

What would you want to hear about from ericka? I don't think there's much else to say on her end.

I know it's lolcow but I also know what it's like to be in recovery and I don't know what ericka's "triggers" are so I guess I'm just thinking about her progressing and keeping on

No. 98997

Yeah the post about target and shit. You want to bring Erika down and all she has is compassion for you. That is so,sad.

No. 99006

Ash, please look up the definition of the word "confession", since your withering brain can't come up with it by itself.

It's even in the word: to fess up to something, to reluctantly acknowledge something (like a flaw, a crime, or a sin) the person would prefer to keep hidden, not desperately wanting to clear your name by throwing attention on yourself.

No. 99014


After following her for awhile, I really think she's a lot stronger than we are giving her credit for. She reads the entire collection of threads we have and there are a lot of shit said that is worse than a simple question.

I just think she can handle deciding to answer or not. I've been in ~recovery~ too, she knows she might be triggered here, she's not stupid.

No. 99020

I think she can too but it's just a manipulation tactic on Ashley's part. Like onefixation-style.

No. 99024

File: 1431366952660.png (8.93 KB, 630x254, wat.png)

right, because an ED doesn't kill you. it makes you live(?).

great example of an actual negative aspect of an ED: it impairs your cognitive function.

No. 99026

It won't be turned into a manipulation tactic though if she only speaks to us. I would never encourage them to engage in conversation with each other. Erika is extremely gifted and I think by now she can see through Ash's ways.

Was onefixation the creepy guy? Anyone see if he's still posting on her Insta asking why she blocked him?


No. 99027

I'm guessing he's probably made a dummy account to lurk

No. 99029

He did and asked why she unfollowed him in her comments. I don't know if she ever responded or what came of it though.

Creepy fuck.

No. 99042


Yeah! I love intervention, but i cant find this one.


No. 99044

No. 99053


No. 99055

Don't patronize Erika with trigger warnings and censorship.

No. 99057


theforestcat thinking she's oh so sneaky

No. 99075

So ash and forest cat had a falling out i'm assuming

No. 99080


I don't think that's her. TW says she has an ED and is not white. Plus TFC was commenting on her stuff pretty recently.

Also, are we sure that TFC wasn't posting on MPA? How many people name Caleigh like death metal? Maybe she lied about her age to throw people off.

No. 99084

Could be her, but tfc or other chick could also be lying about her name. Who knows.

No. 99085

TW/TFC could also be lying about being not white because white people are the devil.

No. 99087


Their writing styles are completely different.

TFC has been so high and mighty all this time. I also don't think she's that close to Erika or Ashley. Erika is mostly polite to her and I don't think Ash has talked to her through SM (where it can be seen publicly, at least)?

No. 99088

File: 1431371419191.jpeg (61.24 KB, 475x356, bustertelllies.jpeg)

No. 99089

Pardon my ignorance, but what's SM?

No. 99091

social media

No. 99092


Social media.
Only practiced be the depraved.

No. 99098

Ash unfollowed her, but she might've unfollowed her to keep her follower count at 38lbs.

No. 99099


No. 99100

MethSpider lives in Murrica, tfc lives in Canadia.

No. 99104

TW disappears every time someone says that she might be TFC. It's her.

No. 99105

File: 1431372860241.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, tumblr_ljh0puClWT1qfkt17.gif)

No. 99108

File: 1431373154344.jpg (74.25 KB, 538x955, unnamed (2).jpg)

From Ash's latest IG post.

No. 99113


Lol, she called someone fat after she pointed out the obvious?

No. 99114


any ounce of sympathy i had for her is gone. 'obesity' shut the fuck up ashley we all know you were trying to pretend that girl's fat because she had a point and you're well aware. i did think it was sad that you were letting yourself die but now i see you're trying your hardest to drag everyone else down with you.

No. 99116

Inkonstant is a fatty. From her profile picture, she looks like she weights 115-120lbs. Fatty.

No. 99117

(Before you shout at me and call me Ashley, that was sarcasm.)

No. 99121

Still blaming the effects of severe malnutrition on stress, or more specifically, the #cyberbullying that is causing the stress.

I used to feel sorry for her but now I literally couldn't care less if she continues to destroy her body.

No. 99123

#malnutrition doesn't look as cool

No. 99136


But look at how happy these "obese" people are!

No. 99142


Seriously just go. You wont regret it if you stay step down through to IOP. If you go and end up leaving after a few days, then yeah, you will have failed and you'll be in the same place. Why not do something different this time? You're on your way to Ashley's way of "life" otherwise.

No. 99146

Like, I'm sorry for saying this but you look down on Ashley (who admittedly is a terrible person) but…….. you're not in a hugely different state than she is. You are actively refusing treatment while humblebragging about what a fascinating spoopy skeleton you are as if there's actually something to be proud of about that fact. Ash's issue is definitely related to a delusion of grandeur but so is yours. Even when you say you have nothing to live for, no reason to recover, etc etc all it comes across is you saying you're "better" at this disease than someone who HAS chosen recovery.

No. 99148


don't take it. if youre not wanting to recover you're just going to take a bed that someone else who wants to recover is going to need.

No. 99151

I was about to respond with this same thing. Don't waste a bed if you're just going to be one of those fake recovery bitches who hide food or find sneaky ways to cheat the treatment. There are people out there who actually want to and are ready to recover that need that spot.

No. 99152


That is true, but many, if not most, people who go to treatment don't want it at first. After they get to a better state physically they start to recover mentally.

But yeah, this anon is pissing me off. I know plenty of people who would give their two front teeth for a spot at ACUTE/ERC (ostensibly that is what the step-down would be).

No. 99155

File: 1431375548874.jpg (45.06 KB, 500x420, whatarewords.jpg)


>#struggling but #fighting

No. 99159

get your own thread, geez
it's your like what, third message here, but you piss me off

No. 99160


Okay, I just found this

And yeah, you're really annoying and humblebragging about your BMI. You're not the first person to get to a low weight, nor will you be the last. You wont be around long unless you get help. I'm not interested in reading your diary here.

No. 99166

You actually HAVE claimed to be interesting and the way you keep volunteering information about yourself just confirms it. Nobody's stopping you from continuing to do it but don't expect anyone here to coddle you when you're basically saying what Ashley does about recovery. If you had a different attitude you know damn well you'd be supported. You're being given an opportunity very few people are lucky enough to get and you're spitting on it.

No. 99167

should I be playing the world's smallest violin for this moron or what?

No. 99168

Either try to recover or die, you're not better or different than Ashley.

No. 99169

You're the only person who has the opportunity to change your life. You can't expect us to be supportive when you decide to go down the same path as Ashley.

No. 99171

lololol are we the ones assigning usernames to people or are they doing that by

tl;dr new to internetting

No. 99172

nevermind i am a genuine ruhtard

No. 99173

In other news, here's Ashley's latest victim/friend of the week. She goes through them fast. And of course she's targeting another binge purger so she can use that to act like they have so much in common.

Gummybear recently quit purging, which might be why she couldn't stand Ashley anymore.

No. 99174


Stop whining about how much you suck. Take the bed. Change your life.

No. 99178


Did you mean to attach a screenshot?

No. 99179

I'm sure people on Tumblr and Instagram would love to read about your struggle.

No. 99182


See latest post with discount sandwich platter.

>I've never met anyone who could relate to me

Fucking hell, literally thousands of your followers can relate, but yeah, this'll make her feel real special. A+ manipulation.

No. 99183

It'll be fun to watch her turn into a spoopy skeleton.

No. 99186

File: 1431378262786.jpg (31.41 KB, 267x435, Disney-Anna-2013-princess-froz…)

Erika looks like Anna from Frozen with that wig.

No. 99187


She's not Ashley's type. Not blonde, not a mother.

No. 99189

Ash only likes ~Aryan Master Race Anorexics~

No. 99190

Ash only likes women that remind her of her mom.

No. 99191

Ashley's type is vulnerable, mentally fragile. Once any of her friends gain strength and clarity it's time to burn that bridge and find someone weak because they're easier to manipulate and they don't make Ashley feel bad about herself like successful people do.

No. 99192

File: 1431378668272.png (14.26 KB, 414x111, doll.png)

Ana hivemind.

No. 99193


Gottay say, reading that comment thread on the sandwich platter post surprised me. I don't think I've heard Ashley directly reference her b/p sessions outside of that Japanese food haul. She admitted to being at Wal-Mart buying binge food.

Say Ashley, you gonna fess up about puking up those donuts now?

No. 99195

File: 1431379039776.png (15.4 KB, 413x62, onefixation.png)


Lol, she writes a long, angsty post about the racist people in her family and Ash's response?

No. 99198

I did not purge the donuts- I sat on an overpass and threw them at cars.

No. 99200

You're absolutely terrible. This is coming from someone who defended you in here before - you are not a nice person. Calling someone at a healthy weight obese is disgusting.

No. 99201


there is no way you have enough strength to rip up a tissue paper, much less chuck donuts at cars.
fucking die already

No. 99202

She used to mention it frequently, just not as much lately after people called her out on it. Now she goes around to ana/mia accounts and talks about it in comments.

https://instagram.com/slimy__fork/ is another one Ashley's commented on a couple times. There's a photo of a huge pile trash from binge food containers and Ashley says it's just like her life.

Lol at Walmart though. I guess the shortage of Whole Foods gift cards means downgrading. At least Walmart has scooters.

No. 99203

whats with the obsession with pickles among ED people? i can see someone severely anorexic liking them because they aren't calorie dense. but for binging purposes i don't understand it. she said affinity for pickles but maybe she thought that word meant something else because she still ordered a whole plate

No. 99205

>eats trash food
>wonders why they can't lose weight

No. 99206

could this be…. twatwaffle?!?!?

No. 99207

"I'm not sure if im losing or not…One of my co-workers (a chef) kept asking if I was hungry last night (he flirts with me non-stop) but kept bringing it up wanting to cook for me/ me needing food bc I'm skinny and I'm not sure if he was being nice because look at me -___- but it made me feel so bad because I already planned to bp and I couldnt his kindness…my social bullshit."

Types like her.

No. 99210

Right. But I thought you needed help buying food? Can you please explain why you wouldn't eat the donuts yourself in that case? If you need help with food purchases, why would you waste 2 dozen donuts that YOU/your mom paid for?

No. 99211

stop you are harassing her
#bullying #internetbullies #negativity #fighting but #struggling

No. 99217

Because I'm out of control, lol like don't you get it???

No. 99223


Throwing ingested food at cars with your mouth is still purging, silly.

No. 99228

~ana made me throw the food at cars guise~

No. 99230

the faster the internet forgets about Trashley the better. If we take away all the attention on her she can just rot and die knowing no one truly gives a shit

No. 99232

She's not even vegan. She binges and purges cheese pizza and ranch dressing. Maybe in her mind it doesn't count because she threw it up?

This girl is not in the right state of mind to be vegan. Gotta take care of your damn self first. This is even worse than just straight up eating animals because she's not eating them to at least nourish herself, she's just using animal products to satisfy an addiction and wasting it by puking.

No. 99233

I think it's a sodium thing. Some people tend to crave pickles and/or mustard because their malnourished bodies need sodium.

No. 99234


Yeah, she used to post about "having a date with Mr. toilet" or that "Mr. toilet is going to hate [her]" on her old accounts a lot.

Ambivalence regarding ED behaviors is pretty normal, but going on public social media accounts unabashedly discussing it, or giving their illnesses/tools pet names normalizes those behaviors for everyone reading it who is affected, and can practically be considered enabling, and cheering each other on.

No. 99238


Yet she wonders why her friends drop her…?

No. 99243

for me it's hot sauce

No. 99255

Oh my gosh, Erika looks like a fashion doll <3
10/10 would buy if there was a doll made made in her model

No. 99325


No. 99334

I wish I could deal with wigs, but they make my head feel so hot and itchy.

No. 99338

You fucking cunt. Stop

No. 99348

File: 1431383363619.jpg (55.47 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

No. 99353

Or you can eat like a normal person and not be too fat or too thin. What a fucking novel concept.

No. 99357

Did…did Ash just yell at herself?

No. 99358


She won't stop because she wants to keep playing this self-defeating & frustrating game:

We don't have much info on her life, so we make educated guesses & conjectures.

She starts yelling about how no one knows the REAL TROOF! NO ONE!

So, we ask for the truth. Giving her the opportunity to clear things up and let the truth be known.

And she responds with highly sarcastic evasion, telling us absolutely nothing about the truth and possibly even complicating the picture further.

We don't have much info on her life, so we make educated guesses & conjectures.

She starts yelling about how no one knows the REAL TROOF! NO ONE!

Etc, etc, ad nauseum.

No. 99359


Uh huh. (Lel)

No. 99360

Those donut posts weren't me. I need a way to verify its my disgusting self posting.

No. 99362

or, stay with me, you could also incorporate exercise for a really well rounded lifestyle!!!

No. 99363

No. 99366

post noodz
you know, like you used to

No. 99371


No. 99372

Lol, this is some Black Swan level shit right hurr.

No. 99373

I made that call to Erika. I confess.

No. 99382

I believe you. But I ask again… did you purge the donuts?

No. 99386

why does everyone care about the donuts specifically so much? i'd rather know what she does all fuckin day. binge and purge all day?? seriously.

No. 99389

Those and the second helping I went back for :-)

No. 99391

No! I'm the real Ashley!

No. 99393

they trollin you nigga

No. 99394

kay it's old now

No. 99395

Of course I did lololol~

No. 99397


I'm the real Ashley too!

No. 99398

Seriously. Let's get over the damn donuts.

No. 99401

File: 1431384237147.jpg (11.72 KB, 280x144, images.jpg)

No. 99406

Because we commented on it, and she decided to turn it into a big ~mystery~. Rather than just admit she binged and purged them. Seriously they're fucking donuts. How desperate can you be for attention ffs

No. 99408

I don't specifically care about the donuts. I care about her actually admitting to one of her many lies. It's obvious she b/p'd them, I just want to hear her say it.

No. 99411

Use a tripcode.

No. 99415

No. 99423


Now if this is actually ash, post your trip code on twitter or tumblr.

No. 99424

I like this.

No. 99429

oh, that wasnt ash. i'm just a lurker with nothing to do on a monday night except learn about how the internets work

No. 99472

Nope, not me. My insta is private (and no, I'm not giving it out for reasons obvious).

No. 99474

File: 1431387208789.jpg (246.4 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_2015-05-11-18-31-28…)

inpatient again! it's only the 45th time or whatever

No. 99484


I respect her for trying and not giving up like "BMI of 12" anon and Ashley. Hopefully it works this time.

No. 99497

idk what to think of her. if i was a cynic I'd think that because her family have the income to allow her to sample whichever treatment centre she opts for, she treats the stay like she works for tripadvisor.

her mind doesn't seem geared towards recovery. it's more like she's become institutionalised and her life IS being an inpatient and when she isn't she can't deal with it.

No. 99499

why do anons even want to "out" tw? what would be the point??

No. 99501

fucking trip code, ignore that shit. sorree.

No. 99517

As for me "disappearing," I have employment and shit to do. I can assure you I am not some 'spergy 15-year-old from Canada.

I mean if people want me to GTFO I'm more than happy to, no salt on my ass.

No. 99528

sure honey…you're like the herpes that keeps coming back.

No. 99530


Why would they even want you to GTFO? I don't get some farmers. The info about your encounter with Ashley's the best first hand experience write up we've had. I don't doubt the things you said. Idk how anyone would hate you for your troof.


No. 99534

No. 99535


No. 99537

calm your tits.
i dont hate tw….but honestly every time they come back its like shit posting galore over them being on here.

No. 99538

Your presence infuriates ash too much for me to want you to leave. You're probably the reason why she made the confession tumblr

No. 99542

why does this girl have so many threads?
isnt she just a severe anorexic girl that uses her ED to make fans? how is she a lolcow im legit srs

No. 99543

I'm calming my tits as I type.

I get you. Anons are weird innit.

I wonder how many other of Ashley's ex friends are going to post here in future? We need people like tw, tbh.

Have you read any of the threads? Stupid question. If you had you'd understand.

No. 99546

just wanted someone to sum up everything about her
she has way too much threads

No. 99548

Read the threads. One of the reasons why there are so many is bc she posts here

No. 99555


Nah, y'all are clearly good without my input.

This bitch isn't going to change anyway until she finally dies.

As for "herpes," please don't project the state of your genitals on me. I'm already trying to get a handle on my germaphobia.

Best wishes. I'm out.

No. 99560

she was a b/tard in her early teens.
became a camgirl for b/tard neckbeards.
comes back as spoopy skeleton.
lies about everything, including but not limited to: financial situation, family relations, binge and purging habits, being an all around cunt to people that show her care, etc.

cons dumb tumblrinas and instagram followers for free shit…see amazon wishlist.
harasses her "friends".
sabotages people trying to recover.

and like she's just a hangry dick basically.

No. 99563

but herpes shows up on your face too. thats like fifth grade sex ed right there.

No. 99564

That sucks. You'll be missed. Good luck with your own #struggle. I hope you do return one day, but adios for now,

No. 99574

File: 1431390806093.jpg (38.05 KB, 433x1200, gallery_64669_12083_181922.jpg)

I like this thread on mpa

Bulimic shows how purging destroys her face and teeth. I always thought spoopy's cracked lips were because of dehydration and never thought it'd be stomach acid. Ick.

No. 99585

File: 1431391118004.png (1.23 MB, 996x996, Jen.png)

HAH right. She isn't "trying," her parents have guardianship over her (I'm like 99% sure she mentioned this at one point, can anyone back me up?) and they're probably like "RECOVER OR OR ELSE! WE AREN'T GIVING UP ON YOU!" So they send her to every single treatment center in existence to try to "fix" her, but they don't seem to be noticing the pattern. She says she wants to get better - she talks the talk, but she doesn't walk the walk.

Seriously, she fucking lives in hospitals and treatment centers and is a spoiled baby with no responsibilities…she just gains some weight and loses it again, gains some and loses it again, whines incessantly about how horrible everything is, etc. I think she probably likes the attention she gets from being ~sick~, given how much she's showed off and talked about her tubes.

Tell me that looks like the face of someone who is showing tons of motivation to recover.

(sorry, accidentally posted without picture the first time)

No. 99588

Aww come on Twatty, we were just playin'.

No. 99592


You could go back to posting anonymously for starters. Everyone appreciated those juicy deets, but posting under a handle outside of that just reeks of being thirsty for recognition. That goes for everyone here, including A and E and especially BMI-12, not just you.

No. 99596

anyone care to make a new thread?
im on mobile and this shit is saggin

No. 99597

I've seen this over and over with psych patients. Here in the UK, they dump alcoholics and drug addicts on psych wards but many don't want to quit at all. I know all the ways they sneak in booze/drugs, ways to get around urine tests.

Then there're the ones who really do feel it's better to be institutionalised because you don't have to take responsibility for anything. When they leave, whatever their illness, when they're kicked out they'll pull all kinds of stunts to get readmitted.

It's different on a mixed psych ward because I've never seen a competitive thing going on about who's the sickest as I presume you'd get with EDs, but being an in patient can be detrimental to recovery sometimes. Tbh, I dreaded being discharged because then I'd have to deal with life. I wasn't fucked up enough to not want to get my life back, but this starchild person…I don't get the feeling she wants to leave the ~safe space~ that's a hospital bed.

No. 99599

thank you anon

No. 99600

I'm too indecisive to choose the best pic header for a new thread, so I'll leave it to someone else.

No. 99603

No. 99606

Lel. That HAD to be the pic, although the zombies made me piss myself too. Thanks.

No. 99608

I picked it because it was the first picture to get posted.
Whoever makes the next one should pick the zombie one, I fucking love that one too.

No. 99775



No. 100086

So maybe I'm a little slow for just having picked up on this, but is it possible that A consistently only following ~38~ people is an indication of her (goal?) weight?? Is 38lbs even possible?

No. 111543

How the fuck do these girls with Anorexia have such beautiful, long shiny hair if they aren't getting nutrients and protein?

No. 111586

Kg and not lbs? Idk, as lbs she'd be deader than dead tbh… e en though she probs would be less than 38 kg I think

No. 119673


No. 119677


I guess everyone thinks Ashley is boring now. I still like reading about her, but nothing much to talk about at this point.

No. 119680

It's always the same old shit with her. Nobody can even be bothered to make a new thread at this point seeing how the old one saged.

No. 119706

No. 119820

Is she dead yet?

No. 119821

shes getting glasses

No. 119920

The reason I started coming to lolcow was because of Ash, now shes just really boring to me. Ive gotten attached to the other cows on here. I would go back to PULL because of the topics bit a bunch of them SJW flipped shit at me for making a small joke. Ash just whines about how her life is horrible and she exploits her fans. Im just wondering when she'll croak

No. 119921

She wanted this site to stop "harassing" her, but I bet she's still F5ing to see if she's mentioned.

We're all wondering how long she lasts, and that's the only reason I bother to see if she's still "active". The other ana cows are more interesting (if that's the word) because it's like the in between time we didn't see of Ash before she totally lost it. Like with aly, will she recover/won't she. With Ash it's just when will she die.

No. 140017

LOL I'm Russian and my name is Ana but I'm kind of fat so everything is gross :P

No. 140692

Holy shit, I'm pretty sure I saw this girl's mom at the hardware store today. I occasionally browse her threads and I remember seeing a pic of her and her mom a couple of days ago. When I saw her at the store I kept looking at her because I wasn't sure if it was actually her.. I came home and looked at the threads and it definitely was. She was wearing these tight capri thingies and her legs were so thin, which was what made me look at her in the first place. It wasn't an attractive thin either, it looked very unhealthy. Her body looked disproportionate to me. Does she also have an eating disorder?

No. 140693


According to Ashley, yes.

No. 140696

Yes, Ash has said that her mom will spit into napkins during meals and constantly talks about how fat other people are.

No. 140704


Ash got her tattoos at Ink Spot but Im not sure which one.

No. 140716

Oh my god. Fucking shop warning. They have such shitty work. The girl is ok ish. Ugh.

No. 140840

Someone should make a new thread. Threads 10 and 11 are past 1200 posts.

No. 140844

File: 1437373616704.jpg (11.27 KB, 251x242, exhausted pepe.jpg)

>"Care Tip's"
>so careless they literally left a typo on their homepage for the link on how to care for things
Jfc. If that isn't one sign to keep your skin from being permanently marked by anyone from this establishment, I don't know what is

No. 140854

Wow, haven't been on here for a while. Thought for sure Ash would be six feet under by now. How long do you guys think she has maximum? Assuming she doesn't make any attempt to recover, which we all know is how it's going to stay til her end.

No. 598335

You people… are extremely sick. I hope every single one of you get bullied some day. I hope your children get bullied so that you can see how sick it is. None of you have the right to talk about anyone! One of these girls are sick and in the hospital because they are bulemic. Maybe just maybe you should educate yourselves a bit on the matter. People often become bulemic because of bullying!!! Not feeling good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough! It’s not just an eating disorder it comes with a brain disorder! You can tell them they’re beautiful and they just never feel it! The tubes are to give them nutrients when their bodies have a rough time keeping food down because they’ve been doing this so long they have a hard time keeping it down! Their teeth constantly are affected by the regurgitating as well as any other substances they may be using to try to make themselves feel better. However, people like you don’t help the situation you only make it worse. The only ugly people here and those of you making fun of others. Do everyone a favor.. mind your business and grow up!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 598337

Apocalyptic level necromancy. We're are dealing with end times here.

No. 600823

How the hell is she still alive?

No. 600828

a place to ask your question >>>/snow/241927

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